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t {letter}  :: The 21st letter of the Spanish alphabet
{m}  :: tea
{interj} [Uruguay]  :: okay
{pron}  :: Second person pronoun in singular tense (informal communication in Spain and Mexico). you; thou (cognate)
T {letter}  :: The 21st letter of the Spanish alphabet
ta {interj} [Uruguay]  :: alternative spelling of
tía {f}  :: feminine noun of tío; aunt; the sister of either parent
tía {f} [colloquial, Spain]  :: woman
TA {abbr}  :: Tamaulipas (Mexican state)
tía abuela {f}  :: alternative form of tía-abuela
tía-abuela {f}  :: great-aunt
tabú {adj}  :: taboo
tabú {m}  :: taboo
taba {f}  :: anklebone
tabacalera {f}  :: Tobacco grower, maker, or seller
tabacalero {adj} [attributive]  :: tobacco
tabacalero {m}  :: tobacco grower
tabaco {m}  :: tobacco
Tabago {prop} {m}  :: alternative form of Tobago
tabanco {m}  :: stall, small area set off by walls for special use
tabanco {m} [Central America, rare]  :: attic, garret, loft
tabanco {m} [Spain, rare]  :: bar; place where alcoholic drinks are served over a counter
tabaque {m}  :: wicker basket
tabaquera {f}  :: tobacco holder
tabaquera {f}  :: tobacco grinder
tabaquera {f}  :: tobacco
tabaquera {f}  :: feminine noun of tabaquero
tabaquería {f}  :: tobacconist's, tobacco shop
tabaquero {adj} [attributive]  :: tobacco
tabaquero {m}  :: tobacco planter or farmer
tabaquero {m}  :: tobacco dealer
tabaquismo {m}  :: cigarette smoking
tabaquismo {m}  :: tobacco addiction
tabardillo {m}  :: tabardillo
tabardina {f} [archaic]  :: A type of coat
tabardo {m}  :: cloak
tabardo {m}  :: coat
tabarra {f} [colloquial]  :: bore; nuisance
tabasco {m}  :: Tabasco; Tabasco sauce
Tabasco {prop} {m}  :: Tabasco (state)
tabasqueño {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to the Mexican state of Tabasco
tabebuia {f}  :: tabebuia
taberna {f}  :: pub, tavern
tabernaria {f}  :: feminine of tabernario
tabernario {adj}  :: rude, coarse
tabernario {m}  :: taverner
tabernáculo {m}  :: tabernacle
tabernera {f}  :: feminine noun of tabernero
tabernero {m}  :: Owner of a tavern
tabernero {adj} [rare]  :: relating to innkeeping
tabescencia {f}  :: tabescence
tabique {m}  :: Thin wall, or partition
tabique nasal {m}  :: nasal septum
tabla {f}  :: board, plank
tabla {f}  :: slab
tabla {f}  :: table (grid or matrix, in a book)
tabla {f} [obsolete]  :: table (furniture)
tabla {f} [Spain]  :: skirt pleat
tabla {f} [in plural]  :: stage
tabla {f}  :: ability on stage, ability as a public speaker
tabla de salvación {f} [idiomatic]  :: lifeline
tabla de snow {f}  :: snowboard (board)
tabla de snow {f}  :: snowboarding (sport)
tabla de surf {f}  :: surfboard
tablado {m}  :: flooring
tablado {m}  :: stage
tablaestela {m}  :: wakeboarding
tablao {m}  :: dancefloor (for flamenco dancing)
tablao {m}  :: venue (for flamenco dancing)
tabla periódica {f}  :: periodic table (chart of the chemical elements by atomic number)
tablar {v}  :: alternative spelling of tablear
tablas reales {fp}  :: backgammon
tablatura {f} [music]  :: tablature, tab
tablazón {m}  :: planking; boarding; planks
tablazo {m}  :: strike with a bat
tableño {adj}  :: Of or from Las Tablas
tableño {adj}  :: Las Tablas District, Panama
tableño {adj}  :: Las Tablas, a neighbourhood in Madrid, Spain
tableño {m}  :: Someone from Las Tablas
tablero {m}  :: board
tablero {m}  :: checkerboard
tablero {m}  :: counter
tablero {m}  :: leaf (flat section used to extend a table)
tablero {m}  :: panel
tablero {m}  :: switchboard
tablero {m}  :: petrel (bird)
tablero {m}  :: long spine board
tablero chino {m}  :: Chinese checkers
tablestacado {m}  :: sheet pile
tablet {mf} [computing]  :: tablet
tableta {f}  :: tablet, pill
tableta {f}  :: bar of chocolate
tableta {f}  :: tablet computer
tabletear {v}  :: to rattle
tableteo {m}  :: rattle
tabléfono {m}  :: phablet
tablilla {f}  :: diminutive of tabla; small board
tablilla {f}  :: tablet
tablilla {f} [medical]  :: splint
tablista {mf}  :: windsurfer
tablita {f}  :: diminutive of tabla
tablón {m}  :: plank
tablón {m}  :: board
tablón {m}  :: signboard
tablón {m}  :: bulletin board
tabloide {m}  :: tabloid
tabloidismo {m}  :: tabloidism
tabloncillo {m}  :: wooden floor
Tabora {prop}  :: surname
tabulación {f}  :: tabulation
tabulador {m}  :: tabulator
tabular {adj}  :: tabular
tabular {v}  :: to tabulate
tabula rasa {f}  :: tabula rasa
taburete {m}  :: stool
taburete {m}  :: taboret
tacacho {m}  :: A dish from Peru made of crushed banana, butter and pork rind
tacada {f} [cue sports]  :: strike; hit
tacada {f} [cue sports]  :: break
tacaño {adj}  :: stingy
tacer {v} [archaic]  :: to keep quiet
tacer {v} [archaic]  :: to be silent
tacha {f}  :: fault, blemish
tacha {f}  :: any cross out sign (/, \, - or X)
tacha {f} [slang]  :: An ecstasy pill; MDMA
tachador {m}  :: faulter
tachadura {f}  :: crossing-out
tachadura {f}  :: correction
tachar {v}  :: to cross out
tachar {v}  :: to omit, leave out
tache {m} [Mexico]  :: a line or lines written to cross out something
tachirense {adj}  :: Of or from Táchira
tachirense {mf}  :: Someone from Táchira
tacho {m} [Andean]  :: bucket
tacho {m} [Andean]  :: bowl
tacho {m} [South America]  :: vessel
tacho {m} [South America]  :: dustbin
tacho {m} [Latin America]  :: pot
tachonar {v}  :: to stud
tachuela {f}  :: tack; a small metal fastener
tacita {f}  :: diminutive of taza
taciturnidad {f}  :: taciturnity
taciturno {adj}  :: taciturn, quiet, silent
tackle {m} [sports]  :: tackle
tacleada {f}  :: A tackle; the bringing to the ground of the ball carrier in American football
taclear {v}  :: to tackle
tacómetro {m}  :: tachometer (device for measuring velocity)
tacón {m}  :: heel (part of a shoe's sole)
tacón {m}  :: high heel
tacneña {f}  :: feminine noun of tacneño
tacneño {adj}  :: Of or from the city of Tacna, Peru
tacneño {m}  :: An inhabitant of the city of Tacna, Peru
taco {m}  :: peg (a short, thick piece of wood, metal, or other material)
taco {m}  :: dowel (a longer piece of wood, plastic, or other material)
taco {m}  :: stopper, plug, wad (small bundle of material made to cover, stop, or fill a hole)
taco {m} [sports]  :: cue (a stick used to play billiards, snooker, pool, etc)
taco {m} [Mexico, food]  :: taco
taco {m} [Chile]  :: traffic jam
taco {m} [Spain]  :: a curse word, a swear word, a profanity, a slur
taco {m} [Spain, colloquial]  :: a load, a lot
taco chino {m} [El Salvador, Costa Rica]  :: spring roll
taco de ojo {m} [colloquial, idiom, Mexico]  :: A good or pleasant sight; a sight for sore eyes
taco de ojo {m}  :: Pues acá echándome un taco de ojo, "So, here I am enjoying (literally, throwing to me, or serving for me) the sight"
taconazo {m} [usually in plural]  :: high heels
taconear {v}  :: to clack, click, tap (make a sound from the soles, or especially the heels, of shoes)
taconeo {m}  :: clack, tap (sound made by heels of shoes on the ground)
taconita {f}  :: taconite
tac-tac {m}  :: clackers (toy)
tacticismo {m}  :: tactics
tacticista {mf}  :: tactician
tactilidad {f}  :: tactility
tacto {m}  :: touch
tacto {m}  :: discretion; tact
tacuache {m}  :: alternative form of tlacuache
Tacuba {prop}  :: Tacuba (city)
Tadeo {prop} {m} [biblical character]  :: Thaddeus, the apostle. [biblical character]
Tadeo {prop} {m}  :: given name
tañedor {m}  :: player
tañedora {f}  :: feminine noun of tañedor
taekwondista {mf}  :: taekwondo fighter
taekwondo {m}  :: taekwondo
tañer {v}  :: to play (an instrument)
tañer {v}  :: to ring (a bell)
tañer {v}  :: to strum
tañer {v} [obsolete, archaic]  :: to touch
tafeta {f}  :: taffeta
tafetán {m}  :: taffeta
tafonómico {adj}  :: taphonomic
tafonomía {f} [paleontology]  :: taphonomy
tafurería {f}  :: gambling house
tagalo {adj}  :: Tagalog
tagalo {m}  :: Tagalog (language)
tagatosa {f} [carbohydrate]  :: tagatose
Tagle {prop} {m}  :: Tagle (locality)
Tagle {prop} {m}  :: surname
tagma {m} [anatomy]  :: tagma
tagmatización {f} [zoology]  :: tagmatization
tagua {f}  :: vegetable ivory
Tahití {prop}  :: Tahiti
tahitiana {f}  :: feminine noun of tahitiano
tahitiano {adj}  :: Tahitian
tahitiano {m}  :: Tahitian
tahona {f}  :: bakery
tahonera {f}  :: feminine noun of tahonero
tahonero {m}  :: baker
tahúr {m}  :: gambler
tahúr {m}  :: cardshark
tai {m}  :: Tai
taichi {m}  :: tai chi
tañido {m}  :: ring (of a bell)
taifa {f}  :: gang
taifa {f} [historical]  :: A small independent Muslim-ruled principality in the Iberian Peninsula, during the 11th, 12th and 13th century
taificación {f}  :: Thaification
taikonauta {mf}  :: taikonaut
tailandesa {f}  :: feminine noun of tailandés
Tailandia {prop} {f}  :: Thailand (Country in Southeast Asia)
tailandés {adj}  :: Thai
tailandés {m}  :: Thai
taimado {adj}  :: artful; sly; crafty
Tainan {prop} {f}  :: Tainan (a city in Taiwan)
taipeiano {adj}  :: Of or from Taipei
taipeiano {m}  :: Someone from Taipei
Taipéi {prop} {m}  :: Taipei
Taira {prop}  :: surname
taita {m} [Argentina, Uruguay]  :: valiant and handsome man
taita {m} [Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, childish]  :: daddy
taiwanesa {f}  :: feminine noun of taiwanés
taiwanés {m}  :: Taiwanese (person from Taiwan)
taiwanés {adj}  :: Taiwanese
Taiwán {prop} {m}  :: Taiwan (East Asian country)
Taiyuan {prop}  :: Taiyuan (a prefecture-level city in northern China)
tajada {f}  :: chop, slice
tajada del león {f}  :: lion's share
tajadera {f}  :: mezzaluna
tajado {adj} [heraldry]  :: divided into two equal parts diagonally, per bend sinister
tajalí {m} [Venezuela]  :: largehead hairtail, beltfish (Trichiurus lepturus)
tajalápiz {m}  :: pencil sharpener
tajamar {m} [nautical]  :: starling, cutwater (structure of pilings that protects the piers of a bridge)
tajamar {m} [Latin America]  :: levee, dike
tajamar {m} [Latin America]  :: mole (pigmented spot on the skin)
tajantamente {adv}  :: empathically
tajante {adj}  :: emphatic
tajante {adj}  :: categorical
tajantemente {adv}  :: emphatically
tajantemente {adv}  :: categorically
tajar {v}  :: to cut; to slice to chop
tajar {v}  :: to sharpen
tajita {f}  :: diminutive of taja
tajín {m}  :: tajine
tajo {m}  :: cut, slash
Tajo {prop} {m}  :: Tagus
Takayama {prop}  :: surname
takín {m}  :: takin
tal {adj}  :: such
tala {f} [forestry]  :: felling, cutting down
tala {m} [trees]  :: tala (Celtis tala, a South American tree)
talabarte {m}  :: leather good; something made of leather
talabartería {f}  :: leatherwork shop
talabartera {f}  :: leatherworker
talabartero {m}  :: leatherworker
talacha {f}  :: mattock
talacho {m}  :: pickax
talador {m}  :: lumberjack
talador furtivo {m} [logging]  :: poacher
taladrador {adj}  :: drilling
taladradora {f}  :: drill, a tool for creating holes in a workpiece
taladrar {v}  :: to drill
taladro {m}  :: A drill; a tool for creating holes in a workpiece
talalgia {f}  :: talalgia
talante {m}  :: way of being, way, character
talante {m}  :: outlook
talaq {m}  :: talaq
talar {adj}  :: covering or reaching the heel (cloth, garment or accessories)
talar {v}  :: to cut, cut down (particularly a tree, forest)
talar {m}  :: tala groove
talasoterapia {f}  :: thalassotherapy
talavera {f}  :: Talavera (pottery)
talco {m} [mineral]  :: talc
talco {m} [cosmetics]  :: talcum powder
tal como {adv} [idiomatic]  :: just like, exactly
tal cual {adv} [idiomatic]  :: as is, just like that
talega {f}  :: A slim bag made of linen cloth
talega {f}  :: 1000 pesos
talega {f} [also in the plural]  :: mint, money (amount of money)
talego {m}  :: sack, bag
talego {m} [colloquial, Spain]  :: jail
talego {m} [colloquial, Spain]  :: small wad of hash
taleguera {f}  :: feminine noun of taleguero
taleguero {adj} [colloquial, attributive]  :: prison
taleguero {m} [colloquial]  :: prisoner, crook
taleguilla {f}  :: A type of pants worn by a bullfighter
taleguito {m}  :: diminutive of talego
talentazo {m}  :: great talent
talento {m}  :: talent
talentoso {adj}  :: talented
talento voz {f}  :: voice talent
talent show {m}  :: talent show
Tales {prop} {m}  :: Thales (philosopher)
talibán {adj}  :: Taliban (attributive)
talibán {mf}  :: member of the Taliban
Talibán {prop} {m}  :: Taliban
talidomida {f}  :: thalidomide
talio {m}  :: thallium
talismán {m}  :: talisman (magical amulet)
talismánico {adj}  :: talismanic
talk show {m} [television]  :: talk show
talla {f}  :: size
talla {f}  :: height
talla {f}  :: carving
talla {f} [Chile, colloquial]  :: joke
tallador {m}  :: carver
tallador {m}  :: engraver
tallador {m} [Latin America]  :: croupier (person who collects bets and pays out winnings at a gambling table)
talladora {f}  :: feminine noun of tallador
talladura {f}  :: notch; slit
tallaje {m}  :: sizing; sizes
tallar {v}  :: to sculpt
tallar {v}  :: to measure
tallarinata {f}  :: feast with noodles
tallarín {m}  :: noodle
taller {m}  :: workshop
taller {m}  :: studio (of an artist)
taller {m}  :: repair shop, garage
tallercito {m}  :: diminutive of taller
tallerista {mf}  :: workshop facilitator
Tallin {prop} {m}  :: Tallinn (city in Estonia)
tallista {mf}  :: woodcarver
tallo {m}  :: stalk, stem
talludito {adj}  :: middle-aged
talmúdico {adj}  :: Talmudic
talmente {adv}  :: literally, so; exactly
Talmud {prop} {m}  :: Talmud
talón {m} [anatomy]  :: heel
talón {m}  :: heel (shoe)
talón {m}  :: check
talón de Aquiles {m}  :: Achilles heel; the weak point of a person, thing, or process
talónido {m} [anatomy]  :: talonid
talonador {m} [rugby]  :: hooker
talonadora {f}  :: feminine of talonador
talonario {m}  :: checkbook or other booklet with part that can be torn off leaving a stub
talope {f} [vesre]  :: ball
talosa {f} [carbohydrate]  :: talose
tal para cual {phrase}  :: two peas in a pod, two of a kind
taltuza {f} [Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua]  :: gopher
talud {m}  :: slope (of a structure, wall or terrain)
tal vez {adv}  :: maybe, perhaps
talvez {adv}  :: perhaps, maybe
tal y como {adv}  :: alternative form of tal como
tamagochi {m} [trademark]  :: Tamagotchi (toy consisting of a small cyberpet)
tamal {m} [Central America, Mexico]  :: tamal, tamale
tamal {m} [Central America, Mexico]  :: bundle, clumsy package
tamal {m} [Central America, Mexico]  :: embroilment, imbroglio
tamale {m} [dialect]  :: tamale
tamaleada {f} [Central America, Mexico]  :: A gathering of people to make and eat tamales
tamalera {f}  :: One who makes or sells tamales
tamaño {adj}  :: as big or small; equivalent in size; so big/so small
tamaño {m}  :: size
tamarindo {m}  :: tamarind (tree)
tamarindo {m}  :: tamarind (fruit)
tamarindo {m}  :: A candy made of tamarind fruit
tamashek {m}  :: Tamasheq
Tamaulipas {prop} {m}  :: Tamaulipas (state)
tamaulipeco {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to the Mexican state of Tamaulipas
Tamayo {prop} {m}  :: surname
tamb {adv}  :: abbreviation of también
tambaleante {adj}  :: shaky, rickety, giddy
tambalear {v}  :: to reel
tambalear {v}  :: to stagger
tambalear {v}  :: to wobble
tambaleo {m}  :: stagger
tambaleo {m}  :: wobble
tambero {m}  :: innkeeper
tambien {adv}  :: obsolete spelling of también
también {adv}  :: also, too, as well
tambo {m} [Mexico]  :: barrel
tambo {m} [Mexico]  :: prison
tambo {m} [Argentina, Uruguay]  :: milking yard
tambor {m}  :: drum
tambor {m}  :: drum-shaped piece, part or device
tambor {m} [architecture]  :: drum (wall that supports a dome)
tambora {f}  :: bombo, bombo criollo
tamborcito {m}  :: diminutive of tambor
tamborear {v}  :: to drum (to knock successively)
tamboril {m}  :: tabor (small drum)
tamborilear {v}  :: to drum (with the fingers)
tamborilera {f}  :: feminine noun of tamborilero
tamborilero {m}  :: drummer (one who plays a drum)
tamborita {f}  :: diminutive of tambora
Tambov {prop}  :: Tambov (a city in Russia)
tambucho {m} [nautical]  :: hatch
tameme {m} [Honduras, Mexico]  :: porter, carrier
Tamesí {prop} {m}  :: a river in North-Eastern Mexico, which flows out in the Pánuco river, by Tampico
tamil {adj}  :: Tamil; of or pertaining to the Tamil people of India and Sri Lanka, their culture, or language
tamil {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to the Tamil script
tamil {mf}  :: A Tamil person, belonging to the Tamil people
tamil {m}  :: The Tamil language
tamiz {m}  :: sieve
tamizar {v}  :: to strain, to sieve, to sift
tamizar {v}  :: to purify, to remove defects from
tamo {m}  :: fluff; dust
tampax {m}  :: tampon
tampón {m}  :: tampon (plug of cotton or other absorbent material)
tampoco {adv}  :: neither; nor
tampoco {adv}  :: either (as well)
tan {adv}  :: so, as
tanaj {m}  :: Tanakh
tanatofobia {f}  :: thanatophobia
tanatología {f}  :: deathlore
tanatorio {m} [chiefly Spain]  :: funeral home
tancredismo {m}  :: unflappability
tanda {f}  :: time, instance
tanda {f}  :: duty, turn
tanda {f}  :: task, work
tanda {f}  :: group
tanda {f}  :: session
tanda {f}  :: series
tanda {f}  :: shift
tanda {f} [colloquial, Latin America]  :: beating, bashing
tanda {f} [bullfighting]  :: series of steps taken by the bullfighter and bull before the estocada
tandem {m}  :: tandem
tandem {m}  :: language exchange
Tandil {prop} {f}  :: Tandil
tandilense {adj}  :: of or from Tandil
tandilense {mf}  :: someone from Tandil
tandoor {m}  :: tandoor
tandori {m}  :: tandoori
tanga {f}  :: G-string, thong
tangana {f}  :: ruckus; brawl
tanganazo {m} [Panama]  :: car crash
tanganazo {m} [Colombia]  :: punch, whack
Tanganica {prop} {f}  :: Tanganyika (territory, former country)
tangencial {adj}  :: tangential
tangencialmente {adv}  :: tangentially
tangente {adj} [geometry]  :: tangent
tangente {f} [trigonometry]  :: tangent
tangerina {f}  :: feminine noun of tangerino
tangerino {adj}  :: Tangerine (of or from Tangiers)
tangerino {m}  :: Tangerine (someone from Tangiers)
tangibilidad {f}  :: tangibility
tangible {adj}  :: tangible
tango {m}  :: tango (ballroom dance)
tango {m}  :: a style of music associated with the tango dance (used to accompany and set the beat for the dance)
tanguera {f}  :: feminine noun of tanguero
tanguero {m}  :: One who sings or dances a tango
tanguita {f}  :: diminutive of tanga
tanguito {m}  :: diminutive of tango
Tania {prop} {f}  :: given name, cognate to the English Tania
tanino {m} [chemistry]  :: tannin
taíno {adj}  :: Taino
taíno {m}  :: Taino (people)
taíno {m}  :: Taino (language)
tano {adj} [slang, Argentina, Uruguay]  :: Italian
tano {m} [slang, Argentina, Uruguay]  :: An Italian (a person from Italy or of Italian ancestry)
tanque {m}  :: tank (military vehicle)
tanque {m}  :: cistern
tanque {m}  :: large glass (for drinking)
tanque de pensamiento {m}  :: think tank
tanquero {m}  :: tanker
tanqueta {f}  :: armoured car
tanquista {mf}  :: tank driver
tantalio {m}  :: tantalum
tanteador {m}  :: scorer, goalscorer
tanteador {m}  :: scoreboard
tantear {v}  :: to grope
tantear {v}  :: to weigh up, to size up, to sound out
tantear {v}  :: to estimate
tanteo {m}  :: estimate
tanteo {m}  :: scoring
tanteo {m}  :: test, trial
tanteo {m}  :: trial and error
tanático {adj}  :: thanatotic
tantico {m}  :: diminutive of tanto
tantito {adj}  :: diminutive of tanto
tanto {adj}  :: so much, as much, that much
tanto {adj} [plural]  :: so many, as many, that many
tanto {adv}  :: so much, long, hard, often, etc
tanto {adv}  :: (un tanto) somewhat, to a certain extent
tanto {m}  :: copy
tanto {m}  :: poker chip, counter
tanto {m}  :: point, goal (in a game)
tanto {m} [Latin America]  :: portion
tanto {pron}  :: so much, so many
tanto monta, monta tanto, Isabel como Fernando {phrase}  :: It doesn't matter in which order things are
tantos {mp}  :: plural of tanto
tantos {mp} [Spain]  :: score
tantrismo {m}  :: Tantrism
tantísimo {adj}  :: superlative of tanto
tanzana {f}  :: feminine noun of tanzano
Tanzania {prop} {f}  :: Tanzania
tanzano {adj}  :: Tanzanian
tanzano {m}  :: Tanzanian
taoiseach {m}  :: taoiseach
taoísmo {m}  :: Daoism, Taoism
taoísta {adj}  :: Daoist
taoísta {mf}  :: Daoist
tap {m}  :: tap, tap dancing
tapa {f}  :: lid, cover
tapa {f}  :: appetizer (small portion of food)
tapaboca {f} [Cuba, Mexico]  :: surgical mask
tapachulteco {m}  :: Tapachultec
tapacubos {m}  :: hubcap
tapaculo {m}  :: tapaculo
tapada {f} [Colombia]  :: cover (action and effect of covering)
tapadera {f}  :: lid, cover
tapadera {f}  :: disguise, camouflage, concealing, cover
tapadillo {m} [colloquial]  :: falsehood, bluff
tapado {adj}  :: covered
tapador {adj}  :: guarding (connected to the guard, part of a machine)
tapador {m}  :: guard (machine part)
tapa dura {f}  :: hardback, hardcover
tapadura {f}  :: filling of a tooth
tapagrietas {m}  :: filler (material to e.g. fill cracks)
tapanco {m} [Mexico]  :: loft, attic
tapar {v}  :: to cover
tapar {v}  :: to close with a lid, put a lid on
tapar {v}  :: to fill a hole or pit
tapar {v}  :: to block, obstruct
tapar {v}  :: to hide, conceal
taparrabo {m}  :: loincloth
taparrabo {m} [colloquial]  :: small or skimpy swimsuit
taparrabos {m}  :: loincloth, swimming trunks
taparse {vr}  :: To cover oneself when naked
taparse {vr}  :: To cover oneself for protection from the elements, etc
tapasoles {m}  :: sun umbrella; parasol
tapatío {adj}  :: From, of, or relating to Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico
tapatío {m}  :: A person from Guadalajara
tape {m} [Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama, Puerto Rico]  :: Scotch tape, tape
tapear {v}  :: to have tapas, to dine on tapas, particularly from bar to bar
tapenade {m}  :: tapenade
tapera {f} [South America]  :: A ruin or an old, abandoned house
taperiba {f}  :: ambarella
tapersex {m}  :: sex toyparty
tapete {m}  :: runner, carpet, rug
tapete {m}  :: tablecloth
tapia {f}  :: adobe
tapia {f}  :: adobe brick
tapia {f}  :: wall made of adobe bricks
tapia {f}  :: enclosing wall
tapial {m}  :: rammed earth
tapiar {v}  :: enclose
tapiar {v}  :: wall up, brick
tapicería {f}  :: upholstery
tapicería {f}  :: upholsterer's shop
tapicera {f}  :: feminine noun of tapicero
tapicero {m}  :: upholsterer
tapioca {f}  :: tapioca
tapir {m}  :: tapir
tapita {f} [Chile]  :: A crispy slice of toast served with various toppings, especially avocado paste, cold cuts, and ensalada chilena
tapita {f}  :: A cocktail sandwich, a biscuit, cheeser
tapita {f}  :: diminutive of tapa
tapiz {m}  :: tapestry
tapiz {m}  :: carpet
tapizar {v}  :: to carpet, to cover with carpet
tapón {m}  :: obstruction
tapón {m}  :: traffic jam
tapón {m}  :: cap, plug, bung, stopper
tapón {m}  :: block (basketball)
taponador {m}  :: corker (person)
taponador {m}  :: corker (machine)
taponadora {f}  :: corker (person)
taponadora {f}  :: corker (machine)
taponamiento {m}  :: blockage
taponar {v}  :: to plug
taponear {v} [Chile, Uruguay, Cuba]  :: to plug
taponero {m}  :: corker (someone who makes corks)
tapujo {m}  :: secrecy
taquear {v} [Argentina, pool, snooker, billiards]  :: to hit
taquear {v} [Argentina, polo]  :: to hit
taquear {v} [Mexico]  :: to eat tacos
taquear {v} [El Salvador]  :: to stuff
taquear {vr} [Honduras]  :: to block up
taquería {f}  :: taqueria (restaurant specializing in tacos)
taquera {f}  :: feminine noun of taquero
taquero {m} [chiefly Mexico]  :: Someone who makes or sells tacos
taquero {m}  :: cue rack
taquete {m}  :: plug, bung
taquete {m}  :: a sports boot, especially a football (soccer) boot
taquígrafa {f}  :: feminine of taquígrafo
taquígrafo {m}  :: stenographer
taquicardia {m}  :: tachycardia
taquicárdico {adj}  :: tachycardic
taquigrafía {f}  :: shorthand; stenography, tachygraphy
taquigráfico {adj}  :: shorthand
taquilla {f}  :: ticket office, box office
taquilla {f}  :: takings, gate, proceeds
taquilla {f}  :: locker; locking file cabinet
taquilla {f} [Chile, colloquial]  :: something fashionable or popular
taquilla {adj} [Chile, colloquial]  :: cool, popular, fashionable
taquillar {v} [Chile, colloquial]  :: to seek popularity, to strut one's stuff
taquillazo {m}  :: A blockbuster
taquillera {f}  :: feminine noun of taquillero
taquillero {adj}  :: [of entertainment] box-office success, hit
taquillero {m}  :: box-office worker; ticket salesperson
taquión {m}  :: tachyon
taquirari {m} [Bolivia]  :: A traditional dance
taquistoscopio {m}  :: tachistoscope
taquito {m}  :: a rolled-up taco
taquito {m}  :: diminutive of taco
tara {f}  :: tare (empty weight of a container)
tara {f}  :: defect, flaw, vice
tara {f}  :: deficiency
tarabita {f} [Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador]  :: A type of cable railway that transports people horizontally
taracotomía {f}  :: thoracotomy
tarada {f}  :: feminine noun of tarado
tarado {adj}  :: stupid, dumb
tarado {adj}  :: faulty, deficient
tarado {m} [colloquial]  :: idiot, moron
tarahumara {mf}  :: Tarahumara
tarambana {adj}  :: crackpot, wacky
tarambana {f} [colloquial]  :: crackpot, nutjob
taranta {f}  :: A subgenre of flamenco
Tarantiense {prop} {m}  :: Tarantian
tarantina {f}  :: feminine noun of tarentino
tarantín {m}  :: utensil; thingy
tarantín {m} [Venezuela]  :: junk shop; odds and ends shop
tarar {v}  :: to tare
tarareable {adj} [music]  :: singable, catchy
tararear {vt}  :: to hum
tarasca {f}  :: feminine noun of tarasco
tarascada {f}  :: bite
tarascada {f}  :: a rude or disrespectful reply
tarasco {adj}  :: Tarascan
tarasco {m}  :: Tarascan
tarco {m} [Argentina]  :: jacaranda
tardíamente {adv}  :: belatedly, tardily
tardanza {f}  :: tardiness
tardanza {f}  :: delay
tardar {v}  :: to delay
tardar {v}  :: to last
tardar {v}  :: to be late
tarde {adj}  :: late
tarde {adv}  :: late
tarde {f}  :: afternoon
tarde {f}  :: evening
tardecita {f}  :: diminutive of tarde
tarde o temprano {adv} [idiomatic]  :: sooner or later
tardígrado {m}  :: tardigrade; water bear
tardón {m} [colloquial]  :: latecomer
tardo {adj}  :: tardy
tardo {adj}  :: slow, sluggish
tardo {adj}  :: dim-witted
tardío {adj}  :: belated, tardy, delayed
tardofranquismo {m}  :: The final few years of Francoism, from 1972 to 1975
tardorromano {adj} [historiography]  :: late Roman
tardísimo {adj}  :: superlative of tarde; very late
tarea {f}  :: task
tarea {f}  :: homework
tarefa {f} [Argentina, mainly Northeastern Argentina]  :: Harvest of yerba mate leaves
tarefero {m}  :: yerba mate farmer
tarentino {adj}  :: Tarantino
tarentino {m}  :: Tarantino
tarentino {m}  :: Tarantino
target {m}  :: target (goal, objective)
Targum {prop} {m}  :: targum
taricaya {f}  :: the yellow-spotted river turtle (Podocnemis unifilis)
tarifa {f}  :: fare (money paid for a transport ticket)
tarifa {f}  :: fee
tarifación {f}  :: tariffing
tarifado {adj}  :: tariffed
tarifar {v}  :: to price
tarifar {vr}  :: to fall out (stop being friends)
tarifario {adj} [attributive]  :: pricing, setting prices
tarifazo {m}  :: huge hike in a tariff
tarificación {f}  :: pricing
tarificar {vt}  :: to price (to fix the price of)
tarijeño {adj}  :: Of or from Tarija Department
tarijeño {m}  :: Someone from Tarija Department
tarima {f}  :: platform, stage
tarja {f}  :: tally
tarja {f}  :: plate
tarja {f}  :: shield
tarjeta {f}  :: card
tarjeta chip {f}  :: smart card
tarjeta de crédito {f}  :: credit card
tarjeta de débito {f}  :: debit card
tarjeta de sonido {f} [computer hardware]  :: sound card (hardware device that captures and generates sounds)
tarjeta de visita {f}  :: business card
tarjeta gráfica {f}  :: graphics card
tarjetahabiente {mf}  :: cardholder
tarjeta inteligente {f}  :: A smart card
tarjetero {adj}  :: card-operated
tarjetero {m}  :: cardholder (case for holding cards)
tarjetón {m}  :: voting slip
tarántula {f}  :: tarantula
tarope {m}  :: water hyacinth
tarotista {mf}  :: tarot reader
tarquín {m}  :: Mud and detritus resulting from stalled water (as in inundated fields, river banks, swamps...)
tarraconense {adj}  :: from the city of Tarragona
tarraconense {adj}  :: from the province of Tarragona
tarraconense {mf}  :: Someone from Tarragona
Tarragona {prop} {f}  :: Tarragona (province)
Tarragona {prop} {f}  :: Tarragona (city)
Tarragona {prop} {f}  :: The letter T in the Spanish phonetic alphabet
tarragonés {adj}  :: Of or from Tarragonés
Tarrasa {prop} {f}  :: Terrassa (Catalonian city)
tarrasense {adj}  :: of or from Terrassa
tarrasense {mf}  :: someone from Terrassa
tarrina {f}  :: small tub (for food)
tarro {m}  :: jar, pot
tarro {m}  :: shelduck
tarsero {m}  :: tarsier
tarsiano {adj}  :: tarsal
tarso {m} [anatomy]  :: tarsus (entire ankle)
tarso {m} [skeleton]  :: tarsal (any bone of the ankle)
tarta {f}  :: tart
tarta de queso {f}  :: cheesecake
tartaleta {f}  :: tart; tartlet
tartamudear {v}  :: to stutter, stammer
tartamudeo {m}  :: stutter
tartamudez {f}  :: stutter
tartamudo {adj}  :: stuttering
tartamudo {m}  :: stutter
tartana {f} [historical]  :: light carriage
tartana {f}  :: A type of small boat
tartana {f} [colloquial]  :: rust bucket; old banger
tartar {m}  :: tartar
Tartaristán {prop} {m}  :: Tatarstan
tartera {f}  :: cake tin
tartera {f}  :: lunchbox
tartín {m}  :: Small cake
tartán {m}  :: tartan
tartracina {f} [organic compound]  :: tartrazine
tartrato {m} [organic compound]  :: tartrate
tartrazina {f}  :: tartrazine
tartárico {adj}  :: tartaric
tartufo {adj}  :: hypocritical
tarugada {f} [Mexico]  :: barbarity
tarugo {m}  :: peg
tarugo {m} [Argentina, Chile]  :: dowel
tarugo {m} [colloquial, Spain, Mexico]  :: an ignorant person
tarumba {adj} [colloquial]  :: KO, knocked out, dazed
Tarzán {prop} {m}  :: Tarzan
tas {m}  :: small anvil
tasa {f}  :: tax
tasa {f}  :: rate
tasación {f}  :: assessment
tasa de cambio {f}  :: exchange rate
tasa de interés {f}  :: interest rate
tasador {m}  :: assessor
tasadora {f}  :: assessor
tasajo {m}  :: jerky, dried meat
tasar {v}  :: to appraise
tasca {f}  :: bar; inn; drinking hole
Taskent {prop}  :: Tashkent
Tasmania {prop}  :: Tasmania (state)
tasugo {m}  :: badger
tatú {m} [Paraguay, Argentina, Uruguay]  :: armadillo
tata {m} [colloquial]  :: daddy, a term used by children for their father
tata {m}  :: (colloquial, vulgar) (chiefly in the plural) breasts
tatami {m}  :: tatami
tatarabuela {f}  :: great-great-grandmother
tatarabuelo {m}  :: great-great-grandparent; great-great-grandfather (great-great-grandmother for the feminine form)
tataranieta {f}  :: feminine noun of tataranieto
tataranieto {m}  :: great-great-grandchild; great-great-grandson (great-great-granddaughter for the feminine form)
tataruga {f}  :: loggerhead turtle
tatatarabuela {f}  :: great-great-great-grandmother (feminine noun of tatatarabuelo)
tatatarabuelo {m}  :: great-great-great-grandfather
tatemar {v} [Mexico]  :: to roast, to grill
tatuado {adj}  :: tattooed
tatuado {v}  :: past participle of tatuar
tatuador {m}  :: tattoo artist
tatuadora {f}  :: tattooist; tattoo artist
tatuaje {m}  :: tattoo
tatuar {vt}  :: to tattoo
tau {f}  :: tau; the Greek letter Τ, τ
tau {f}  :: tauon (elementary particle)
taumatina {f} [protein]  :: thaumatin
taumatúrgico {adj}  :: thaumaturgic
taumaturga {f}  :: feminine noun of taumaturgo
taumaturgo {m}  :: thaumaturge (performer of miracles)
tauón {m}  :: tauon
taurina {f} [biochemistry]  :: taurine
taurino {adj}  :: related to bullfighting
taurino {adj}  :: taurine
taurino {adj}  :: having the Zodiac sign Taurus
taurocatapsia {f}  :: taurokathapsia
taurocólico {adj}  :: taurocholic
taurocolato {m} [organic compound]  :: taurocholate
tauromaquia {f} [bullfighting]  :: tauromachy, bullfighting
tautómero {m} [chemistry]  :: tautomer
tautológico {adj}  :: tautological
tautología {f}  :: tautology
tautomería {f} [chemistry]  :: tautomerism
tautomerasa {f} [enzyme]  :: tautomerase
Tavernes de la Valldigna {prop}  :: Tavernes de la Valldigna (city)
taxativamente {adv}  :: emphatically, unequivocally
taxativo {adj}  :: limited, restrictive
taxativo {adj}  :: exhaustive (accounting for every possibility)
taxcal {m} [Mexico]  :: A basket used to carry or store tortillas
taxi {m}  :: taxi
taxiar {v}  :: to taxi (drive a taxi)
taxi boy {m}  :: rent boy
taxidermia {f}  :: taxidermy
taxidermista {mf}  :: taxidermist
taximetrista {mf}  :: taxi driver
taxina {f}  :: taxine
taxista {mf}  :: taxi driver
taxímetro {m}  :: taximeter
taxímetro {m} [rare]  :: taxi
taxón {m} [taxonomy]  :: taxon
taxónoma {f}  :: feminine noun of taxónomo
taxónomo {m}  :: taxonomist
taxon {m}  :: alt form taxón
taxonómicamente {adv}  :: taxonomically
taxonómico {adj}  :: taxonomic
taxonomía {f}  :: taxonomy
tayika {f}  :: feminine noun of tayiko
Tayikistán {prop} {m}  :: Tajikistan
tayiko {adj}  :: Tajik
tayiko {m}  :: Tajik (person)
tayiko {m} [uncountable]  :: Tajik (language)
taylorista {adj}  :: Taylorist
taylorista {mf}  :: Taylorist
tayota {f} [Dominican Republic]  :: chayote
taza {f}  :: cup, mug
taza {f}  :: toilet bowl
tazón {m}  :: mug (large cup)
tazón {m}  :: bowl
tazo {m}  :: A small circular disk which is used in the game of tazos
tb {adv} [Internet slang, text messaging]  :: abbreviation of también
TB {abbr}  :: Tabasco (Mexican state)
tábano {m}  :: gadfly (insect)
Tíber {prop}  :: Tiber
Tíbet {prop} {m}  :: Tibet
túbulo {m}  :: tubule
tícher {mf}  :: alternative form of teacher
tácitamente {adv}  :: tacitly
tácito {adj}  :: tacit
Tácito {prop} {m}  :: Tacitus
TCM {abbr}  :: abbreviation of también conocido como (In english, a.k.a.)
técnica {f}  :: technique
técnica {f}  :: feminine noun of técnico
técnicamente {adv}  :: technically
técnico {adj}  :: technical
técnico {m}  :: technician
técnico {m} [slang, professional wrestling]  :: A wrestler whose in-ring persona embodies heroic or virtuous traits. Contrast with rudo (Spanish) or heel (English)
t/c/p {abbr}  :: también conocido por: a.k.a.
táctica {f}  :: tactic
táctica {f}  :: tactics
táctica de avestruz {f} [idiom]  :: The burying of one's head in the sand
tácticamente {adv}  :: tactically
táctico {adj}  :: tactic
táctico {adj}  :: tactician
táctil {adj}  :: tactile
TDAH {initialism}  :: ADHD
té de limón {m}  :: lemongrass
te {f}  :: letter: t
te {pron} [reflexive pronoun]  :: yourself
tea {f}  :: torch
tea {f}  :: firelighter
tea {f} [figurativelyco]  :: binge
teacher {mf}  :: A teacher of English
te amo {phrase}  :: I love you
teanina {f}  :: theanine
teaser {m}  :: teaser (a short film or quote meant to draw an audience to a film or show)
teatral {adj}  :: theatrical
teatralidad {f}  :: theatricality
teatralización {f}  :: dramatization
teatralizar {v}  :: to dramatize
teatralmente {adv}  :: theatrically
teatrero {adj}  :: theatrical, over-the-top
teatrero {m}  :: theatregoer
teatrero {m} [sport]  :: diver
teatrillo {m}  :: diminutive of teatro
teatrino {m}  :: small theatre
teatrino {m}  :: puppet theatre
teatrito {m}  :: diminutive of teatro
teatro {m}  :: theatre, theater
teatro {m}  :: drama (theatrical plays in general)
teatro {m}  :: drama, melodrama (exaggerated reaction to life events)
teatro de ópera {m}  :: opera house
tebano {adj}  :: Theban
tebeo {m}  :: comic, graphic novel
teca {f}  :: teak
teca {f} [biology]  :: theca
-teca {suffix}  :: Used for any kind of collection
-teca {suffix}  :: Used for various Mexican or Central American ethnicities
techador {m}  :: roofer
techadora {f}  :: feminine noun of techador
techar {v}  :: to shingle
techné {m}  :: techne
techno {m}  :: techno
techo {m}  :: ceiling
techo {m}  :: roof
techo a dos aguas {m}  :: pitched roof
techo de cristal {m}  :: glass ceiling
techumbre {f} [architecture]  :: roof structure, including the roof and the elements which support it
tecito {m} [colloquial]  :: diminutive of ; a cup of tea
tecla {f}  :: key, button (on a machine or instrument)
tecla de borrado {f}  :: delete, deletion key
tecladista {mf}  :: keyboardist
teclado {m}  :: keyboard (of a typewriter, piano, computer, etc.)
tecleña {f}  :: feminine noun of tecleño
teclear {v}  :: to type
teclear {v}  :: to type in
tecleño {adj}  :: Of or from the municipality of Santa Tecla, El Salvador, El Salvador
tecleño {m}  :: An inhabitant of the municipality of Santa Tecla, El Salvador, El Salvador
teclista {mf}  :: keyboardist
tecnócrata {mf}  :: technocrat
tecnecio {m}  :: technetium
-tecnia {suffix}  :: skill, technique
tecnicatura {f}  :: undergraduate degree
tecnicidad {f}  :: technicality (complicated or technical nature)
tecnicismo {m}  :: technicality
tecnicolor {m}  :: technicolor
tecnificación {f}  :: technification
tecnificar {v}  :: to modernise, update (with technology)
tecnóloga {f}  :: feminine of tecnólogo
tecnólogo {m}  :: technologist
tecno- {prefix}  :: techno-
tecno {adj} [music]  :: techno
tecno {m} [music]  :: techno
tecnocracia {f}  :: technocracy
tecnocrático {adj}  :: technocratic
tecnoestructura {f}  :: technostructure
tecnológicamente {adv}  :: technologically
tecnológico {adj}  :: technological
tecnología {f}  :: technology
tecnologización {f}  :: technologization
tecnosexual {adj}  :: technosexual
tecol {m} [Mexico]  :: The edible larva of the moth Hypopta agavis, used in traditional Mexican cuisine
tecolote {m} [El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico]  :: owl
tecolote {m} [colloquial, dated, Mexico]  :: policeman
tecomate {m}  :: A dry calabash used as a bottle or canteen
tectita {f}  :: tektite
tectónica {f} [geology]  :: tectonics
tectónica de placas {f}  :: plate tectonics
tectónico {adj} [geology]  :: tectonic
tectosilicato {m}  :: tectosilicate
tedio {m}  :: boredom
tedioso {adj}  :: tedious, boring, boresome, tiresome
te echo de menos {phrase}  :: I miss you
teen {adj}  :: teen
teenager {mf}  :: teenager
tefa {f}  :: A kind of tile
teff {m}  :: teff
Teófilo {prop} {m} [biblical character]  :: Theophilus
Teófilo {prop} {m}  :: given name, cognate to Theophilus
tegobi {m} [vesre]  :: policeman
Tegucigalpa {prop} {f}  :: Tegucigalpa (city)
tegumento {m}  :: integument
Tegus {prop} [colloquial]  :: synonym of Tegucigalpa
Teguz {prop} [colloquial]  :: synonym of Tegucigalpa
Teherán {prop} {m}  :: Teheran
tehuelche {adj}  :: Tehuelche
tehuelche {mf}  :: Tehuelche
teipe {m}  :: tape; masking tape
teñir {v}  :: to color, to dye, to stain
teja {f}  :: roof tile
teja {f}  :: A type of noodle
teja {f}  :: A type of chocolate from Peru
teja {f} [Costa Rica, slang]  :: A 100 colón coin
Tejada {prop} {m}  :: Tejada (town)
Tejada {prop} {m}  :: surname
tejadillo {m}  :: diminutive of tejado
tejado {m}  :: tiled roof
tejana {f}  :: feminine noun of tejano
tejano {adj}  :: alternative spelling of texano
tejano {m}  :: alternative spelling of texano
tejanos {mp}  :: blue jeans
tejar {vt}  :: to tile
tejar {m}  :: tilery
Tejas {prop} {m}  :: Texas, a state of the USA
tejedor {m}  :: weaver
tejedora {f}  :: feminine noun of tejedor
tejedura {f}  :: weaving
tejemaneje {m}  :: intrigue, scheme
tejemaneje {m}  :: corruption, graft
tejemaneje {m}  :: fiddle, shady deal (fraud)
tejemaneje {m}  :: knack
tejer {v}  :: to knit
tejer {v}  :: to weave
tejer {v}  :: to spin (a web, a tale)
tejería {f}  :: tilery
tejido {m}  :: fabric
tejido {m} [biology]  :: tissue
tejido adiposo {m}  :: adipose tissue
tejita {f}  :: diminutive of teja
tejón {m}  :: badger
tejón {m} [Mexico]  :: coati
tejón de miel {m}  :: honey badger
tejo {m}  :: yew
tejo {m}  :: A shard, tile or similar object used in various games
tejo {m}  :: Any of the games played using such an object
tejocote {m} [Mexico]  :: Crataegus mexicana, a species of fruit-bearing hawthorn
tejocote {m} [Mexico]  :: The small, yellowish fruit of this tree
tejo japonés {m}  :: Japanese yew
tejolote {m} [Mexico]  :: A type of stone pestle, often cylindrical in shape and used with a molcajete
tejuelo {m}  :: small disk, small quoit
tejuelo {m}  :: backbone title label [in bookbinding]
tejuelo {m}  :: pillow block, pivot bearing [in mechanics]
tejuelo {m}  :: sole of a hoof [in veterinary medicine]
teka {f}  :: alternative spelling of teca
tela {f} [fabric]  :: cloth (woven fabric)
tela {f} [colloquial]  :: task, difficult task
tela {f} [colloquial]  :: cash, dosh
telamón {m}  :: telamon
telar {m}  :: loom
telaraña {f}  :: spiderweb
telarañado {adj}  :: covered with spiderwebs
teldense {adj}  :: Of or from Telde
teldense {mf}  :: Someone from Telde
tele- {prefix}  :: tele- (1 and 2)
tele {f}  :: television
teleadicción {f}  :: TV addiction
teleaudiencia {f}  :: audience, viewership
telebasura {f}  :: trash TV, junk telly
telecajero {m}  :: cash machine; ATM
telecentro {m}  :: telecenter; telecentre
telecinquero {adj}  :: A TV program or series of Telecinco, a famous TV channel of Spain
telecinquero {adj}  :: A fan of Telecinco
telecinquero {adj}  :: Someone who works for Telecinco
teleclase {f}  :: teleclass
teleco {m}  :: telco (telecommunications company)
teleco {m}  :: telecommunications engineer
telecomando {m}  :: remote control
telecomunicación {f}  :: telecommunication
teleconferencia {f}  :: teleconference
teledetección {f}  :: remote sensing
telediario {m}  :: TV news bulletin
teledirigido {adj}  :: directed or controlled remotely
telefilm {m}  :: telefilm
telefilme {m}  :: television film, direct-to-TV film
telefónicamente {adv}  :: telephonically, over the phone, by phone
telefónico {adj}  :: telephonic; pertaining to telephones
telefonía {f}  :: telephony
telefonía fija {f}  :: landline (fixed telephone communications cable)
telefonazo {m}  :: Quick phonecall; buzz
telefonear {v}  :: to telephone
telefonillo {m}  :: entryphone, intercom
telefonista {mf}  :: telephone operator (person who operates a telephone switchboard)
telefonista {mf}  :: telephone operator (person who provides information or takes messages via the telephone)
teleférico {m}  :: aerial tramway, cable car
telegenia {f}  :: telegenic quality, good look on TV
telegrafía {f}  :: telegraphy
telegrafiar {v}  :: to telegraph
telegrafista {mf}  :: telegraphist
telegrama {m}  :: telegram
telegráficamente {adv}  :: telegraphically
telegráfico {adj}  :: telegraphic
telemando {m}  :: remote control
telemaratón {m}  :: telethon
telemedicina {f}  :: telemedicine
telemedida {f}  :: telemetry
telemedido {adj}  :: telemeasured
telemetría {f}  :: telemetry
telemáticamente {adv}  :: telematically
telemático {adj}  :: telematic
telemétrico {adj}  :: telemetric
telenoticiero {m}  :: news show (on the TV)
telenovela {f}  :: soap opera/telenovela
telenovelero {adj} [attributive]  :: soap opera
teleño {adj}  :: Of or from Tela, Honduras
teleño {m}  :: Someone from Tela, Honduras
teleobjetivo {m} [photography]  :: telephoto lens
teleológico {adj}  :: teleological
teleología {f}  :: teleology
telepatía {f}  :: telepathy
teleportación {f}  :: teleportation
telepresencia {f}  :: telepresence
teleprompter {m}  :: teleprompter
telepromter {m}  :: teleprompter
telepronter {m}  :: teleprompter
telepáticamente {adv}  :: telepathically
telepático {adj}  :: telepathic
telequinesis {f}  :: telekinesis
telequinético {adj}  :: telekinetic
telerrealidad {m}  :: reality television
telescopio {m}  :: telescope
telescópico {adj}  :: telescopic
teleserie {f}  :: TV series
Telesforo {prop} {m}  :: Telesphoros
telesilla {f}  :: chairlift
telespectador {m}  :: television viewer
telespectadora {f}  :: feminine noun of telespectador
teleteatro {m}  :: televised theatre
teletipo {m}  :: teletype
teletón {m}  :: telethon
teletrabajo {m}  :: telework
teletransportación {f}  :: teleportation
teletransportador {m}  :: teleporter
teletransportar {v}  :: to teleport
teletransporte {m}  :: teleportation
teletrasportación {f}  :: teleportation
teletsunami {m}  :: teletsunami
televenta {f}  :: telesales
televidente {mf}  :: television viewer
televisación {f}  :: televising
televisar {v}  :: to televise
televisión {f}  :: television
televisivamente {adv}  :: on television, televisually
televisivo {adj}  :: TV, television (attributive)
televisivo {adj}  :: televisable, televisual
televisor {m}  :: television set
televisora {f}  :: TV station, television channel, broadcaster
televoto {m}  :: televoting
teléfono {m}  :: telephone, phone
teléfono {m}  :: telephone number
teléfono celular {m} [Latin American Spanish]  :: cell phone [US], mobile phone [UK, Australia]
teléfono fijo {m}  :: landline (telephone connected by such a fixed cable)
teléfono inteligente {m}  :: smartphone
teléfono móvil {m} [Spain]  :: cell phone [US], mobile phone [UK, Australia]
telógeno {adj} [attributive]  :: telogen
telégrafo {m}  :: telegraph (apparatus for communicating between distant points)
telégrafo {m}  :: telegraphy
telitoquia {f}  :: thelytoky
Telémaco {prop} {m}  :: Telemachus
telómero {m} [genetics]  :: telomere
telémetro {m}  :: rangefinder
telón {m}  :: curtain
telón {m}  :: fabric (material made of fibers)
Telón de Acero {prop} {m} [Spain, historical]  :: Iron Curtain
telón de fondo {m}  :: backdrop
telo {m} [vesre]  :: love hotel
teóloga {f}  :: feminine noun of teólogo
teólogo {m}  :: theologian
telomerasa {f} [enzyme]  :: telomerase
telomérico {adj}  :: telomeric
teloncillo {m}  :: diminutive of telón
telonear {v} [music]  :: to support (act as the support act for another group)
telonera {f} [music]  :: support; support act
telonero {m} [music]  :: support, support act
telosoma {f} [protein]  :: telosome
telépata {mf}  :: telepath
telépata {adj}  :: telepathic
telúrico {adj} [inorganic chemistry]  :: telluric
telúrico {adj}  :: earthly
telugú {m}  :: Telugu (language)
telurio {m}  :: tellurium
teluro {m}  :: tellurium
tema {m}  :: theme; plot (of a book, film or other media)
tema {m}  :: topic; matter; subject
tema {m} [linguistics]  :: theme; topic
temar {v} [Argentina, Bolivia]  :: To have an obsession
temario {m}  :: program, agenda, syllabus
temascal {m}  :: alternative spelling of temazcal
tematización {f}  :: bringing up (a topic)
tematizar {v}  :: to bring up (convert into the topic of a discussion)
temazcal {m} [El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico]  :: A sweat lodge, traditionally one made from adobe bricks
temazo {m}  :: augmentative of tema; great song, tune
tembladera {f}  :: violent shaking
tembladeral {m}  :: quagmire (troubling situation)
temblar {vi}  :: to tremble
tembleque {adj}  :: shaky, trembling
tembleque {m}  :: shakes
temblequear {v} [colloquial]  :: to shiver, shake
temblor {m}  :: tremble, trembling
temblor {m}  :: earthquake; usually a light one
temblor esencial {m}  :: essential tremor
temblorosamente {adv}  :: wildly
tembloroso {adj}  :: flickering
tembloroso {adj}  :: shaking, unsteady
temer {vit}  :: to fear
temerariamente {adv}  :: rashly, recklessly
temerariamente {adv}  :: audaciously, boldly
temerario {adj}  :: reckless, rash
temeridad {f}  :: recklessness, fearlessness, temerity
temerosamente {adv}  :: fearfully
temeroso {adj}  :: fearful, distressed
temescal {m}  :: alternative spelling of temazcal
temible {adj}  :: fearsome
temita {m}  :: diminutive of tema
temor {m}  :: fear
temperamental {adj}  :: temperamental, moody
temperamento {m}  :: temperament
temperancia {f}  :: synonym of templanza
temperar {v}  :: to temper
temperar {v}  :: to soften
temperar {v}  :: to calm
temperatura {f}  :: temperature
temperatura ambiente {f}  :: room temperature
temperatura ambiente {f}  :: See: temperatura ambiente
tempero {m}  :: seasonableness
tempestad {f}  :: tempest, storm
tempestivamente {adv}  :: timely, seasonably, opportunely
tempestividad {f}  :: seasonableness
tempestuosamente {adv}  :: tempestuously, turbulently
tempestuoso {adj}  :: tempestuous, stormy
tempestuoso {adj}  :: turbulent
templadito {adj}  :: diminutive of templado
templado {adj}  :: tepid, warm, mild
templado {adj}  :: temperate
templado {adj}  :: tempered
templamiento {m}  :: obsolete spelling of temperamento
templanza {f}  :: temperance, moderation, sobriety
templar {v}  :: to temper
templar {v}  :: to cool down
templar {v}  :: to warm up
templar {v}  :: to cool off
templar {v}  :: to calm down, chill out
templar {v}  :: to tune (a musical instrument)
templario {adj}  :: pertaining to the Knights Templar
templario {m}  :: Templar
templete {m}  :: small temple; shrine
templete {m}  :: pavillion
templo {m}  :: temple
tempo {m} [music]  :: tempo
tempo {m} [chess]  :: tempo
temporada {f}  :: season, period, span of time
temporada {f}  :: [television] season, series (group of episodes of a television broadcast)
temporadista {mf} [Caribbean]  :: holidaymaker; vacationer
temporadita {f}  :: diminutive of temporada
temporal {adj}  :: temporary
temporal {m}  :: storm
temporalidad {f}  :: temporality
temporalmente {adv}  :: temporarily
temporariamente {adv}  :: temporarily
temporario {adj}  :: temporary
temporera {f}  :: feminine noun of temporero
temporeramente {adv}  :: temporarily
temporero {m}  :: temporary worker, temp
temporero {adj}  :: temporary
temporización {f}  :: timing
temporizado {adj}  :: timer-controlled
temporizador {m}  :: timer (device that activates something after a preset amount of time)
temporomandibular {adj}  :: temporomandibular
tempranamente {adv}  :: shortly, soon
tempranero {adj}  :: early
tempranero {adj}  :: early-rising
tempranero {m}  :: early riser, early bird
tempranito {adj}  :: diminutive of temprano
temprano {adj}  :: early
temprano {adv}  :: early
tempranísimo {adj} [of the time or a particular hour, usually, colloquial]  :: superlative of temprano; very early
tempura {mf}  :: tempura
temática {f}  :: subject, topic, theme
temáticamente {adv}  :: thematically
temático {adj}  :: thematic
tena {f}  :: A type of pepper
tenacidad {f}  :: tenacity
tenacilla {f} [also in the plural]  :: tongs
tenacilla {f} [also in the plural]  :: tweezer
tenacísimo {adj}  :: superlative of tenaz
tenamaste {m} [Central America, Mexico]  :: hearthstone
tenamaste {m} [in the plural, Mexico]  :: triplets
tenamaztle {m}  :: alternative spelling of tenamaste
tenante {m} [heraldry]  :: supporter
tenar {adj}  :: thenar
tenaz {adj}  :: tenacious
tenaza {f}  :: pincers
tenazas {fp}  :: pincers
tenazas {fp}  :: plural of tenaza
tenazmente {adv}  :: tenaciously
tendal {m}  :: clothesline
tendal {m}  :: tarpaulin
tendal {m}  :: washing (hanging out in the sun)
tendal {m}  :: fruit dryer
tendal {m}  :: place to hang things
tendedero {m}  :: clotheslines, clotheshorse (device or place on which laundry is hung out to dry)
tendedor {m}  :: clotheshorse
tendencia {f}  :: tendency
tendencia {f}  :: trend, fad
tendencialmente {adv}  :: tendentially
tendencioso {adj}  :: tendentious, biased
tendente {adj}  :: tending (to)
tender {vt}  :: to spread, to stretch out
tender {vt}  :: to lay (cable)
tender {vt}  :: to make (a bed)
tender {vt}  :: to hang up (clothes)
tender {vt}  :: to build (a bridge across an expanse)
tender {vt}  :: to extend (the hand)
tender {vt}  :: to floor (with a punch), to stretch out
tender {vt}  :: to cast (a net)
tender {vt}  :: to set (a trap)
tender {vt}  :: to coat (with plaster)
tender {vi}  :: to tend to, to have a tendency
tender {vr}  :: to lay oneself down
tenderete {m}  :: stall, market stall, stand
tenderete {m}  :: convenience store
tenderete {m}  :: clotheshorse
tendero {m}  :: shopkeeper
tenderse {v}  :: to lie down
tendido {adj}  :: hanging
tendido {adj}  :: lying
tendido {m}  :: cable, cabling, wire, wiring
tendido {v}  :: past participle of tender
tendiente {adj}  :: aimed at, with the purpose of
tendinitis {f}  :: tendinitis
tendón {m}  :: tendon
tenducho {m}  :: pejorative of tienda
tenebrismo {m} [art]  :: tenebrism
tenebrista {mf}  :: Tenebrist
tenebrista {adj}  :: tenebristic
tenebroso {adj}  :: tenebrous
tenedor {m}  :: fork
tenedor {m}  :: bearer; holder
tenedora {f}  :: holder; bearer
tenencia {f}  :: tenancy, occupancy
tener {vt}  :: to have, possess
tener {vt}  :: to possess (a condition or quality)
tener {vt}  :: to hold, grasp
tener {vt}  :: to contain
tener {vt}  :: to have, feel (internally)
tener {vt}  :: to make to feel
tener {vt}  :: to have (a measure or age)
tener {v}  :: [used with que] To have to
tenería {f}  :: tannery
tener a gala {v} [idiomatic]  :: to pride oneself on
tener agarrado por los cojones {v} [idiomatic, vulgar]  :: To have someone by the balls
tener algo que ver con {v} [idiomatic]  :: To have something to do with; to have some relationship with
tener buenas aldabas {v} [idiomatic]  :: to have friends in high places
tener chispa {v}  :: to be funnily clever, to be witty
tener conchas {v} [idiomatic]  :: to be a sly fox
tener cuidado {phrase} [idiomatic]  :: take care
tener cuidado {phrase} [idiomatic]  :: watch out
tener en cuenta {v} [idiomatic]  :: To take into account; to keep in mind
tener en el bote {v} [idiomatic]  :: To have someone eat out of one's hand
tener en palmitas {v} [idiomatic]  :: to spoil rotten
tener entre ceja y ceja {v} [idiomatic]  :: to find (someone) annoying
tener entre ceja y ceja {v} [idiomatic]  :: to have (something) on one's mind
tener ganas {v}  :: to feel like, fancy
tener ganas {v}  :: to want, desire
tener ganas {v}  :: to look forward to
tener gases {v} [idiomatic]  :: to be gassy, have a flatulence problem
Tenerife {prop}  :: Tenerife
tener la manga ancha {v} [idiomatic]  :: to be easy-going
tener la mosca detrás de la oreja {v} [idiom]  :: to smell a rat
tener la mosca en la oreja {v}  :: alternative form of tener la mosca detrás de la oreja
tener largas narices {v} [idiomatic]  :: To have a keen sense of smell
tener largas narices {v} [idiomatic]  :: To be able to predict the future
tener los labios sellados {v} [idiomatic]  :: To keep one's lips sealed; to keep a secret. (Literally, to have the lips sealed)
tener lástima {v}  :: to have pity (for)
tener lugar {v}  :: to take place, to occur
tener malas pulgas {v} [idiom]  :: To be shady; to have bad character
tener mariposas en el estómago {v} [idiomatic]  :: have butterflies in one's stomach
tener memoria de elefante {v} [idiom]  :: have a brilliant memory
tener más conchas que un galápago {v} [idiomatic]  :: to be a very sly fox
tener más cuento que Calleja {v} [idiomatic]  :: Be someone who continually makes up excuses
tener pájaros en la cabeza {v} [idiomatic]  :: to have a screw loose, to have bats in the belfry (literally, "to have birds in the head")
tener pluma {v} [idiomatic, colloquial]  :: to be camp (ostentatiously gay)
tener por {v}  :: to think; to be of the opinion
tenerse {v}  :: reflexive of tener
tener sentido {v}  :: to make sense
tener sin cuidado {v} [idiomatic]  :: to not bother
tener su miga {v} [idiomatic]  :: to be more than meets the eye
tener sus conchas {v} [idiomatic]  :: alternative form of tener conchas
tener sus más y sus menos {v} [idiomatic]  :: to have pros and cons
tener tilín {v} [idiom]  :: to have appeal; to have sex appeal
tengo calor {phrase}  :: I'm hot
tengo una pregunta {phrase}  :: I have a question
tenia {f}  :: tapeworm
tenida {f}  :: meeting, session
tenida {f} [Bolivia, Chile, Peru]  :: outfit (set of clothing)
tenienta {f}  :: feminine noun of teniente
teniente {m}  :: lieutenant
teniente {m}  :: deputy
teniente {m}  :: having, holding
teniente general {mf}  :: lieutenant general
tenis {m}  :: tennis
tenis {m}  :: trainer, sneaker, running shoe (shoe)
tenis de mesa {m}  :: table tennis, ping pong
tenismesista {mf}  :: table tennis player
tenista {mf}  :: tennis player
Tennessee {prop} {m}  :: Tennessee
Tenochtitlan {prop} {m}  :: alternative form of Tenochtitlán
Tenochtitlán {prop} {m}  :: Tenochtitlán (former city/capital)
tenofovir {m}  :: tenofovir
tenor {m}  :: tenor
tenor {m} [formal]  :: sense, meaning
Tenorio {prop}  :: surname
tenosinovitis {f}  :: tenosynovitis
tensar {v}  :: to tense
tensión {f}  :: tension
tensión sexual {f}  :: sexual tension
tensión superficial {f}  :: surface tension
tensioactivo {adj}  :: tensioactive
tensiometro {m}  :: tensiometer
tensionar {v}  :: to tense (to make or become tense)
tenso {adj}  :: tense
tensoactivo {m}  :: surfactant
tensor {m}  :: tensor
tensor del tímpano {m}  :: tensor tympani
tensorial {adj} [math]  :: tensorial, tensor [attributive]
tenísticamente {adv}  :: in terms of tennis
tentación {f}  :: temptation
tentacular {adj}  :: tentacular
tentadero {m} [bullfighting]  :: A pen or enclosure used during the tienta to decide if the bulls' are to become fighting bulls or used for breeding
tentador {adj}  :: tempting
tentar {v}  :: to tempt
tentar {v}  :: to touch
tentativa {f}  :: attempt, trial, experiment
tentativa {f}  :: endeavor
tentativamente {adv}  :: tentatively
tentativo {adj}  :: tentative
tentáculo {m}  :: tentacle
tentempié {m}  :: snack, refreshment
tentetieso {m}  :: roly-poly (toy)
tentullo {m}  :: dark cep, bronze bolete (Boletus aereus)
tenue {adj}  :: tenuous, thin, weak
tenue {adj}  :: faint, dim, soft
tenuemente {adv}  :: slightly, faintly
teo- {prefix}  :: theo-
Teobaldo {prop} {m}  :: given name
teobroma {m} [chiefly poetic]  :: cacao bean
teocentrismo {m}  :: theocentrism
teocinte {m} [Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico]  :: teosinte
teocracia {f}  :: theocracy
teocráticamente {adv}  :: theocratically
teocrático {adj}  :: theocratic
teodolito {m}  :: theodolite
Teodora {prop} {f}  :: given name, cognate to Theodora
Teodoro {prop} {m}  :: given name
teofanía {f}  :: theophany
teogónico {adj}  :: theogonic
teogonía {f}  :: theogony
teológicamente {adv}  :: theologically
teológico {adj}  :: theologic
teología {f}  :: theology
teologal {adj}  :: theological
teoría {f}  :: theory
teoría de conjuntos {f}  :: set theory (mathematical theory of sets)
teoría de grafos {f}  :: graph theory
teoría de grupos {f}  :: group theory
teoría de juegos {f}  :: game theory
teoría de la información {f}  :: information theory
teoría de la relatividad {f}  :: theory of relativity (special and general relativity considered as unit together)
teoría de nudos {f} [mathematics]  :: knot theory
teorema {m}  :: theorem
teorización {f}  :: theorization
teorizar {v}  :: to theorize
teosofía {f}  :: theosophy (religious doctrine)
teotihuacana {f}  :: feminine noun of teotihuacano
teotihuacano {adj}  :: Of or from Teotihuacán
teotihuacano {m}  :: Someone from Teotihuacán
Teotihuacán {prop} {m}  :: Teotihuacan
tepa {f}  :: tepa
tepache {m}  :: tepache
tepalcate {m} [Mexico]  :: potsherd
tepesiana {f}  :: feminine noun of tepesiano
tepesiano {m}  :: Someone benefiting from TPS (temporary protected status)
tepetate {m} [geology]  :: tepetate
tepezcuinte {m}  :: alternative form of tepezcuintle
tepezcuintle {m} [Mexico, Central America]  :: paca (Agouti paca, large rodent)
tepocate {m}  :: alternative form of atepocate
teporinco {m}  :: alternative form of teporingo
teporingo {m} [Mexico]  :: volcano rabbit
teque {m}  :: chestnut-throated huet-huet (Pteroptochos castaneus)
tequeño {m}  :: tequeño
te quiero {phrase}  :: I love you; I care about you
te quiero como la trucha al trucho {phrase} [humorous, idiomatic]  :: I love you so much
tequila {m}  :: tequila
Tequila {prop} {f}  :: Tequila
tequilazo {m}  :: A tequila shot
tequilería {f}  :: An establishment that serves tequila
tequilero {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to tequila
tequilero {m}  :: tequilero
terabit {m}  :: terabit
terafim {m}  :: teraphim
terapeuta {mf}  :: therapist
terapia {f}  :: therapy
-terapia {suffix}  :: Used to form the names of therapies, many of which are two words in English
terapia de hormonas {f}  :: hormone therapy
terapia electroconvulsiva {f}  :: electroconvulsive therapy
terapia física {f}  :: physical therapy
terapia génica {f}  :: gene therapy
terapéutica {f}  :: therapy
terapéutica {f}  :: therapeutics
terapéutica ocupacional {f}  :: occupational therapy
terapéutico {adj}  :: therapeutic
teratón {m}  :: teraton
terato- {prefix}  :: terato-
teratogenicidad {f}  :: teratogenicity
teratoma {m}  :: teratoma
terbinafina {m}  :: terbinafina
terbio {m}  :: terbium
terbutanol {m} [organic compound]  :: tert-Butanol
tercamente {adv}  :: stubbornly
tercera {f} [music]  :: a third (interval)
tercería {f}  :: mediation, arbitration
tercería {f}  :: The state of being a procurer
tercería {f}  :: pimping
tercera edad {f} [idiomatic]  :: old age, retirement age
tercera persona {f}  :: third person
tercera vía {f}  :: third way
tercerización {f}  :: hiring of a third party
tercerizar {v}  :: To hire as a third party
tercermundismo {m}  :: Third Worldism
tercermundista {adj}  :: third-world
tercer mundo {m}  :: Third World
tercero {adj}  :: third
tercero {m} [law]  :: third party
tercero {m}  :: mediator
tercer Reich {prop} {m}  :: Third Reich
terceto {m}  :: tercet
terciada {f} [medicine, also used in the plural]  :: tertian fever
terciado {adj} [heraldry]  :: tierced; divided into three parts
terciar {v}  :: to divide into thirds
terciar {v}  :: to mediate (to resolve differences, to intervene)
terciario {adj}  :: tertiary
terciario {m} [geology]  :: Tertiary
tercio {adj}  :: third
tercio {m}  :: third
tercio {m} [bullfighting]  :: tercio
terciopelo {m}  :: velvet
terco {adj}  :: stubborn, obstinate
tereré {m}  :: tereré
Teresa {prop} {f}  :: given name, cognate to English Teresa
tergito {m}  :: tergite
tergiversación {f}  :: tergiversation, misrepresentation
tergiversar {v}  :: to tergiversate
teóricamente {adv}  :: theoretically
teórico {adj}  :: theoretical
teórico {m}  :: theorist
teriología {f}  :: mammalogy
teriyaki {m}  :: teriyaki
terliz {m}  :: ticking (fabric)
termal {adj}  :: thermal, thermic
termalismo {m}  :: hot mineral water therapy
termalismo {m}  :: spa tourism
termalista {adj}  :: spa
termalista {mf}  :: someone who goes to a spa
termas {fp}  :: hot spring
termas {fp}  :: thermae
termas {fp}  :: thermal bath
terámetro {m}  :: terametre
termófilo {m} [biology]  :: thermophile (organism that lives and thrives at relative high temperatures)
termófilo {adj} [biology]  :: thermophilic (living at high temperatures)
termógrafo {m}  :: thermographer
termidor {m}  :: Thermidor
terminacho {m}  :: rude word; choice word
terminación {f}  :: termination
terminado {adj}  :: finished
terminador {m} [genetics]  :: terminator (DNA sequence which causes RNA transcription to cease)
terminador {m} [astronomy]  :: terminator (the line between the day side and the night side)
terminadora {f}  :: terminator
terminal {adj}  :: final
terminal {adj}  :: deadly
terminal {m}  :: terminal
terminal {m}  :: closure
terminante {adj}  :: categorical
terminante {adj}  :: strict
terminantemente {adv}  :: decisively, categorically, definitely
terminar {v}  :: to finish
terminar {v}  :: to end up
terminarse {v}  :: reflexive of terminar
terminológico {adj}  :: terminological
terminología {f}  :: terminology
termistor {m} [electronics]  :: a thermistor
termita {f} [chemistry]  :: thermite
termita {f}  :: termite
termitero {m}  :: termite mound
termómetro {m}  :: thermometer
termo {m} [container]  :: thermos, vacuum flask
termoacústico {adj}  :: thermoacoustic
termoclina {f}  :: thermocline
termodinámica {f}  :: thermodynamics
termodinámicamente {adv}  :: thermodynamically
termodinámico {adj}  :: thermodynamic
termoeléctrico {adj}  :: thermoelectric
termoelectricidad {f}  :: thermoelectricity
termográfico {adj}  :: thermographic
termoiónico {adj}  :: thermionic
termonuclear {adj}  :: thermonuclear
termoplástico {adj}  :: thermoplastic
termoplástico {m}  :: thermoplastic
termoquímica {f}  :: thermochemistry
termoquímico {adj} [chemistry]  :: thermochemical
termorreactor {m}  :: motorjet
termorregulación {f}  :: thermoregulation
termorregulador {m}  :: thermoregulator
termorreguladora {f}  :: feminine noun of termorregulador
termorresistencia {f}  :: thermistor
termosensible {adj}  :: thermosensitive
termosfera {f}  :: thermosphere
termosolar {adj}  :: solar-power
termosolar {m}  :: solar thermal collector
termostato {m}  :: thermostat (device used to control temperature)
Termópilas {prop} {f}  :: Thermopylae (narrow pass in eastern Greece and site of a historic battle)
termósfera {f}  :: thermosphere
terna {f}  :: set of three
ternario {adj}  :: ternary
ternera {f}  :: veal
ternero {m}  :: calf; young cow
terneza {f}  :: tenderness
terno {m}  :: set of three, trio
terno {m}  :: three-piece suit
terno {m} [Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Peru]  :: suit (set of clothes)
terno {m} [colloquial]  :: swearword
ternura {f}  :: tenderness
tero {m} [Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay]  :: terutero
terpeno {m} [organic compound]  :: terpene
terpenoide {m} [organic compound]  :: terpenoid
terópodo {m}  :: A theropod: any dinosaur of suborder Theropoda
terquedad {f}  :: obstinacy
terracería {f} [Mexico]  :: dirt track
terracota {f}  :: terracotta
terrado {m}  :: terrace
Terrado {prop}  :: surname
terraformación {f}  :: terraforming
terraformar {v}  :: to terraform
terranova {m}  :: Newfoundland (dog)
Terranova {prop} {f}  :: Newfoundland
terraplenar {v}  :: to terrace
terraplén {m}  :: embankment; fill (on a hillside, etc.)
terrario {m}  :: terrarium
terrateniente {mf}  :: landowner
terrateniente {mf}  :: landlord, landlady, lessor
terraza {m}  :: terrace
terraza {m}  :: sidewalk cafe
terraza {m} [heraldry]  :: compartment
terrazo {m}  :: land portrayed in a landscape
terrícola {mf}  :: Earthling
terregoso {adj} [of terrain]  :: Full of clods or lumps of earth
terremotín {m} [colloquial]  :: A child
terremoto {m}  :: earthquake
terrenal {adj}  :: earthly (of the earth)
terrenal {adj}  :: worldly
terrenal {adj}  :: terrestrial
terrenito {m}  :: diminutive of terreno
terreno {adj} [attributive]  :: ground; land; earth
terreno {adj} [attributive]  :: earthly
terreno {m}  :: land
terreno {m}  :: ground
terreno {m}  :: pitch
terrero {adj} [attributive]  :: earth
terrestre {adj}  :: terrestrial
terrestre {adj}  :: earthling
terrestre {adj}  :: earthly
terrígeno {adj}  :: terrigenous
terribilísimo {adj}  :: superlative of terrible
terrible {adj}  :: terrible (very bad)
terrible {adj}  :: terrific (very good)
terriblemente {adv}  :: terribly
terrier {m}  :: terrier (dog)
territorial {adj}  :: territorial
territorialidad {f}  :: territoriality
territorialización {f}  :: territorialization
territorializar {v}  :: to territorialize
territorialmente {adv}  :: territorially
territorio {m}  :: territory
terrón {m}  :: clod, clump of earth
terrón {m}  :: clump, lump [of any other substance]
terror {m}  :: horror
terror {m}  :: terror
terrorífico {adj}  :: terrifying, terrific, scary (causing fear)
terrorismo {m}  :: terrorism
terrorista {mf}  :: terrorist
terrorista {adj}  :: terroristic
terrorístico {adj} [rare, attributive]  :: terrorist
terroso {adj}  :: earthy, muddy
terroso {adj} [attributive]  :: earth
terráqueo {adj} [attributive]  :: earth; terrestrial
terráqueo {m}  :: earthling, terraqueous
terruño {m}  :: plot (area of land)
terruño {m}  :: homeland
terso {adj}  :: smooth, polished
terso {adj}  :: soft
tersura {f}  :: smoothness
tertulia {f}  :: a regular social gathering, a circle
tertuliana {f}  :: person appearing on a talk show
tertuliano {m}  :: Someone who goes to a gathering
tertuliano {m}  :: guest on a talk show
tertuliante {mf}  :: person appearing on a talk show
tertulio {m}  :: person appearing on a talk show
Teruel {prop}  :: Teruel (province)
Teruel {prop}  :: Teruel (city)
Teruel {prop}  :: The letter T in the Spanish phonetic alphabet
Tesalia {prop} {f}  :: Thessaly (region of Greece)
Tesalónica {prop} {f}  :: alternative form of Salónica
tesar {v} [nautical]  :: to sweat
tesauro {m}  :: thesaurus
tesela {f}  :: tile
teselación {f}  :: tesselation
teseracto {m} [mathematics]  :: tesseract
tesina {f}  :: thesis
tesis {f}  :: thesis
tesis doctoral {f}  :: doctoral thesis
tesitura {f} [music]  :: tessitura
tesitura {f}  :: position (combination of factors or circumstances)
teísmo {m}  :: theism
tesón {m}  :: tenacity
teósofa {f}  :: feminine noun of teósofo
teósofo {m}  :: theosophist
tesonería {f}  :: tenacity
tesoneramente {adv}  :: stubbornly; persistently
tesonero {adj}  :: stubborn
tesorería {f}  :: treasury
tesorería {f}  :: treasurership
tesorera {f}  :: treasurer
tesorero {m}  :: treasurer
tesorillo {m}  :: diminutive of tesor
tesorito {m}  :: diminutive of tesoro
tesoro {m}  :: treasure
tesoro {m}  :: thesaurus
test {m}  :: test
testa {f}  :: head
testa {f}  :: test (shell or endoskeleton of an echinoderm or certain plankton)
teísta {mf}  :: theist
testador {m}  :: testator
testadora {f}  :: feminine noun of testador
testaferra {f}  :: feminine noun of testaferro
testaferro {m}  :: front man, straw man
testamentario {adj}  :: testamentary
testamento {m}  :: will, testament
testar {v}  :: to compose a will
testarazo {m}  :: headbutt
testarazo {m} [football]  :: header
testarudez {f}  :: obnoxiousness
testarudo {adj}  :: stubborn, obstinate
testículo {m} [anatomy]  :: testicle
test de Rorschach {m}  :: Rorschach test
testear {vt} [Argentina, Chile]  :: to test
testera {f}  :: faceplate on a horse's bridle
testero {m}  :: forehead
testero {m}  :: bedhead
testicular {adj}  :: testicular
testificación {f}  :: testimony
testifical {adj} [attributive, legal]  :: witness
testificar {v}  :: to testify
testificar {v}  :: to give evidence
testigo {mf}  :: witness
testigo criteriada {f}  :: feminine noun of testigo criteriado
testigo criteriado {m} [legal]  :: eye witness
testigo de Jehová {mf}  :: Jehovah's Witness
testigo ocular {m}  :: eyewitness (person who has seen and testify about an event)
testigo pericial {m} [legal]  :: expert witness
testiguar {v} [obsolete]  :: to testify, bear witness
testimonial {adj}  :: testimonial
testimoniar {v}  :: to give testimony
testimonio {m}  :: testimony
testosterona {f}  :: testosterone
testuz {mf} [zoology]  :: forehead
testuz {mf} [zoology]  :: nape
teta {f}  :: breast
teta {f}  :: nipple
tetazo {m}  :: A political protest led by topless women
tete {m} [South America, colloquial]  :: mess, pickle
tetera {f}  :: teapot (vessel for tea)
tetera {f}  :: kettle (for boiling water)
tetería {f}  :: teahouse
tetero {m} [Colombia, Venezuela]  :: baby's bottle
tetilla {f}  :: diminutive of teta; small breast
Tetis {prop} {m}  :: Tethys
tetita {f}  :: diminutive of teta
te toca a ti {phrase}  :: it's your turn
tetrabrik {m}  :: plastic-cardboard container
tetracameral {adj}  :: four-chambered; having four chambers
tetracampeón {m}  :: four-time champion
tetracampeona {f}  :: feminine noun of tetracampeón
tetraceno {m} [organic compound]  :: tetracene
tetracloroetileno {m} [organic compound]  :: tetrachloroethylene
tetradecágono {m} [geometry]  :: tetradecagon
tetradimensional {adj} [algebraic geometry, physics]  :: four-dimensional
tetraedrita {f} [mineral]  :: tetrahedrite
tetraedro {m} [geometry]  :: tetrahedron
tetraetilo {m}  :: tetraethyl
tetraetílico {adj}  :: tetraethyl
tetragonal {adj}  :: tetragonal
tetragrámaton {m}  :: Tetragrammaton
tetrahidrocannabinol {m}  :: tetrahydrocannabinol
tetrahidrofurano {m} [organic compound]  :: tetrahydrofuran
tetrahidropirano {m}  :: tetrahydropyran
tetralingüe {adj}  :: quadrilingual
tetralogía {f}  :: tetralogy
tetranortriterpeno {m}  :: tetranortriterpenoid
tetrarca {mf}  :: tetrarch
tetrarquía {f}  :: tetrarchy
tetrasílabo {adj}  :: tetrasyllabic
tetraterpeno {m} [organic compound]  :: tetraterpene
tetraterpenoide {m} [organic compound]  :: tetraterpenoid
tetrazina {f} [organic compound]  :: tetrazine
tetrágono {m}  :: tetragon
tetrámetro {m}  :: tetrameter
tetrosa {f} [organic chemistry, carbohydrate]  :: tetrose
tetrápodo {m}  :: tetrapod
tetrárquico {adj}  :: tetrarchical
tetróxido {m}  :: tetroxide
tetuda {adj}  :: busty
tetun {m}  :: Tetum (language)
teucra {f}  :: feminine noun of teucro
teucro {adj}  :: Trojan
teucro {m}  :: Trojan
teutón {adj}  :: Teutonic
teutón {adj} [by extension]  :: German
teutón {m}  :: Teuton
teutón {m} [by extension]  :: German
tevé {f}  :: TV; telly
texana {f}  :: feminine noun of texano
texano {adj}  :: Texan
texano {m}  :: Texan
texano {m}  :: Texan trousers, made from heavy serge de Nîmes cloth
Texas {prop} {f}  :: Texas
texcocana {f}  :: feminine noun of texcocano
texcocano {adj}  :: Of or from the city of Texcoco, State of Mexico, Mexico
texcocano {m}  :: An inhabitant of the city of Texcoco, State of Mexico, Mexico
textear {v}  :: (cellular telephony) to text or communicate through the written form
textil {m}  :: textile
textil {adj}  :: textile
textilería {f}  :: textile industry
textilero {adj} [attributive]  :: textile
texto {m}  :: text
texto {m} [printing, dated]  :: A medium size of type standardized as 14-point
textual {adj}  :: textual
textual {adj}  :: exact, precise, literal
textualidad {f}  :: textuality
textualmente {adv}  :: textually
textualmente {adv}  :: exactly, precisely, literally
textura {f}  :: texture
teyberi {m}  :: tayberry
tez {f}  :: complexion
tezontle {m}  :: tezontle
thai {m}  :: Thai (cat breed)
thane {m}  :: thane
Thanetiense {prop}  :: Thanetian
tharu {mf}  :: Tharu
thatcherista {mf}  :: Thatcherite
THC {m}  :: initialism of tetrahidrocannabinol
theatro {m}  :: obsolete spelling of teatro
té helado {m}  :: iced tea
theremín {m}  :: theremin
theta {f}  :: theta; the Greek letter Θ, θ
thia {f}  :: alternative spelling of tia
Thiare {prop} {f}  :: given name, variant of Tiare
thinner {m}  :: thinner, paint thinner
thiomersal {m} [organic compound]  :: thiomersal
thriller {m}  :: thriller (film, book etc.)
ti {pron}  :: you, thee (declined form of used as the object of a preposition)
tiahuanacota {adj}  :: of or pertaining to Tiahuanaco, Bolivia
tiahuanacota {mf}  :: someone from Tiahuanaco
tiamina {f}  :: thiamine
tianguera {f}  :: feminine noun of tianguero
tianguero {m} [Mexico]  :: A vendor located in a tianguis; a marketeer
tianguis {m} [historical, Mexico]  :: An indigenous open-air market selling produce, small livestock and artwork
tianguis {m} [Mexico, US]  :: A modern street market or flea market selling a wide range of assorted goods
tianguista {mf} [Mexico]  :: A vendor located in a tianguis; a marketeer
tiara {f}  :: tiara (all senses)
tiara {f} [historical]  :: a turban, especially that worn by ancient Persian kings
Tiare {prop}  :: given name
tiastro {m}  :: half uncle
tibaseña {f}  :: feminine noun of tibaseño
tibaseño {adj}  :: Of or from the canton of Tibás, Costa Rica
tibaseño {m}  :: An inhabitant of the canton of Tibás, Costa Rica
Tiberíades {prop}  :: Tiberias
tibetana {f}  :: feminine noun of tibetano
tibetano {adj}  :: Tibetan
tibetano {m}  :: Tibetan
tibia {f} [anatomy]  :: tibia
tibiamente {adv}  :: tepidly, lukewarmly
tibieza {f}  :: tepidness, lukewarmness
tibieza {f}  :: warmth (of character)
tibio {adj}  :: lukewarm
Tibulo {prop} {m}  :: Tibullus (Roman poet)
Tiburcio {prop} {f}  :: surname
tiburón {m}  :: shark
tiburón ballena {m}  :: whale shark
tiburón blanco {m}  :: great white shark
tiburón de puntas negras {m}  :: blacktip reef shark
tiburón mako {m}  :: mako shark
tiburón martillo {m}  :: hammerhead shark
tiburón oceánico {m}  :: oceanic whitetip shark
tiburón peregrino {m}  :: basking shark
tiburón tigre {m}  :: tiger shark
tiburón toro {m}  :: bull shark
tiburón zorro {m}  :: bigeye thresher
tic {m}  :: tick, tic (movement)
tic {m}  :: tick (written mark)
tic {m}  :: tick (sound)
tica {f}  :: feminine noun of tico
Ticio {prop} {m}  :: Tytius
tickeadora {f} [Latin America]  :: receipt printer
ticket {m}  :: receipt
tico {adj} [slang]  :: Costa Rican
tico {m} [slang]  :: Costa Rican
tic-tac {interj}  :: alternative form of tictac
tictac {interj}  :: tick tock
tictaquear {v}  :: to ticktock; to tick
tió de Nadal {m}  :: tió de Nadal
tie break {m}  :: tiebreak
tiebreak {m} [sport]  :: tiebreak
tiempito {m}  :: diminutive of tiempo, little time
tiempo {m}  :: time
tiempo {m}  :: tense
tiempo {m}  :: weather
tiempo atrás {adv} [idiomatic]  :: some time ago, in the past
tiempo de más {m}  :: overtime
tiempo ha {adv} [idiomatic]  :: long ago; many moons ago
tiempo libre {m}  :: free time
tiempo muerto {m} [sports]  :: time-out
tiempo ocio {f}  :: free time, spare time
Tiempo Universal Coordinado {prop} {m}  :: Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)
tienda {f}  :: shop, store
tienda {f}  :: tent
tienda por departamentos {f}  :: department store
tiendecita {f}  :: diminutive of tienda
tiendita {f}  :: diminutive of tienda: corner store, superette, dairy
tiendita {f} [Mexico, slang]  :: A place where small quantities of drugs are sold on the street
tienducha {f}  :: pejorative of tienda
tienta {f}  :: probe
tienta {f}  :: smartness
tienta {f} [bullfighting]  :: trial
tiento {m}  :: sip
tiernamente {adv}  :: tenderly
tiernito {adj}  :: diminutive of tierno
tierno {adj}  :: tender, affectionate
tierno {adj}  :: soft, delicate
tierno {adj}  :: tender, young
tierno {adj}  :: tender (meat, etc.)
tierno {adj} [Chile, Ecuador]  :: green, unripe (vegetables)
tiernísimo {adj}  :: superlative of tierno
tierra {f} [geography]  :: land, as opposed to the sea or sky
tierra {f} [economics]  :: soil, earth, terrain
tierra {f} [geology]  :: soil, earth
tierra {f} [alchemy]  :: earth
tierra {f} [electricity]  :: ground, earth
tierra {f}  :: A nation or province
Tierra {prop} {f}  :: Earth
tierra batida {f}  :: clay court
tierra de promisión {f}  :: promised land
tierra firme {f}  :: terra firma
Tierra Firme {prop} {f}  :: A former province of Spain, spanning some of the northern South American mainland
Tierra Santa {prop} {f}  :: Holy Land
tiesecito {adj}  :: diminutive of tieso
tieso {adj}  :: stiff, rigid
tieso {adj}  :: starched, formal
tieso {adj}  :: strong-willed
tieso {adj} [colloquial]  :: broke, skint (without money)
tieso {adj} [slang]  :: erect, hard, stiff (having an erect penis; translates in some contexts to erection, boner, stiffy)
tiesto {m}  :: any earthenware fragment
tiesto {m}  :: flowerpot
tiesura {f}  :: stiffness
Tiflis {prop}  :: Tbilisi (the capital city of Georgia (the country))
tifón {m} [weather]  :: typhoon, tropical cyclone
tifón {m}  :: waterspout
Tifón {prop} {m} [Greek mythology]  :: Typhon
tifoidea {f}  :: typhoid, typhoid fever
tifus {m} [pathology]  :: typhus
tigre {m}  :: tiger
tigre {m} [Latin America]  :: jaguar
tigre {m}  :: angry or fierce person
tigre {m}  :: an energic or expert male lover
tigre asiático {m}  :: Asian Tiger
tigrecillo {m} [Bolivia, Mexico]  :: ocelot
tigre de Java {m}  :: Javan tiger
tigrense {adj}  :: of or from Tigre, Buenos Aires
tigrense {mf}  :: Someone from Tigre, Buenos Aires
tigresa {f}  :: tigress (female tiger)
tigriña {m}  :: Tigrinya
tigrillo {m}  :: Any small spotted jungle cat, usually referring to the oncilla or the margay
tigrina {f}  :: alternative form of tigriña
Tigris {prop} {m}  :: the river Tigris
tigrón {m}  :: tigon
tijera {f}  :: scissors
tijereta {f}  :: earwig
tijereta {f} [soccer]  :: scissor kick
tijeretazo {m}  :: snip
tijeretazo {m} [economics]  :: cut, cutback
tijerilla {f}  :: earwig
Tijuana {prop} {f}  :: Tijuana (city)
tijuanense {adj}  :: Tijuanan (of Tijuana)
tijuanense {mf}  :: Tijuanan (person from Tijuana)
tijuanenses {adj}  :: plural of tijuanense
tiki-taka {f} [soccer]  :: tiki-taka
tiki-taka {f}  :: clackers (toy)
tila {f}  :: linden flower
tila {f}  :: linden flower tea
tila {f}  :: linden (tree)
tilacino {m}  :: thylacine
tilacoide {m} [cytology]  :: thylakoid
tilapia {f}  :: tilapia
tilcoate {m}  :: alternative form of tilcuate
tilcuate {m} [Mexico]  :: A kind of black snake
tildar {v}  :: to declare or brand as; to stigmatize
tildar {v}  :: to tilde, to put a tilde over
tildarse {v} [colloquial]  :: hang (of a computer, to stop working)
tildarse {v} [colloquial]  :: to go into a trance, a stupor
tilde {mf}  :: tilde
tilde {mf}  :: accent mark
tilde {mf}  :: criticism, censure
tilma {f} [historical, Mexico]  :: An indigenous outer garment worn by men. Worn on the front like a long apron, or fastened over the shoulders as a cloak
tilín {m}  :: tinkle; tinkling
tilo {m}  :: basswood
timador {m}  :: trickster, swindler
timadora {f}  :: trickster, swindler
timalí {m}  :: babbler (bird)
timar {v}  :: to swindle
timar {v}  :: to fraud
timbí {adj} [Dominican Republic, slang]  :: full
timba {f}  :: timba (Cuban salsa-derived music)
timba {f}  :: a gambling match, an instance of playing a game of chance
timba {f}  :: an unofficial or illegal gambling establishment or casino
timbal {m}  :: kettledrum
timbal {m}  :: meatpie
timbalera {f}  :: feminine noun of timbalero
timbalero {m}  :: timbalero (one who plays the timbales)
timbalero {m}  :: timpanist (one who plays the timpani)
timbiriche {m} [Mexico]  :: small shop
timbrar {v}  :: to stamp
timbrar {v}  :: to postmark
timbrar {v}  :: to seal
timbrar {v}  :: to ring, to make sound a ring
timbrazo {m}  :: loud ringing (of a phone, buzzer etc.)
timbre {m}  :: bell
timbre {m}  :: doorbell
timbre {m}  :: stamp
timbre {m}  :: postmark
timbre {m}  :: seal
timbre {m}  :: timbre
timbrecito {m}  :: diminutive of timbre
Timbu {prop}  :: Thimphu
Timbuctú {prop}  :: alt form Tombuctú
Timbuktu {prop}  :: alt form Tombuctú
timeline {f}  :: timeline
timeshare {m}  :: time-share
time-sharing {m}  :: time-sharing
timidez {f}  :: shyness
timidilato {m} [organic compound]  :: thymidylate
timidina {f} [organic compound]  :: thymidine
timidílico {adj}  :: thymidylic
timina {f} [organic compound]  :: thymine
Timișoara {prop} {f}  :: Timișoara (city)
timón {m} [nautical]  :: rudder
timón {m}  :: drawbar
timón {m} [Cuba, Honduras, Colombia, Nicaragua]  :: steering wheel
timo {m} [anatomy]  :: thymus
timo {m}  :: rip-off, scam
timol {m} [organic compound]  :: thymol
timolol {m}  :: timolol
timonear {vt} [Latin America]  :: to manage, to guide
timonear {vi} [Latin America]  :: to steer, to drive
timonel {m} [rowing]  :: cox
timonel {m} [nautical]  :: helmsman, coxswain
timonera {f} [nautical]  :: wheelhouse
timonero {m} [rowing]  :: cox
timonero {m} [nautical]  :: helmsman, coxswain
timorato {adj}  :: shy; weak-willed
timorato {adj}  :: prudish
timorato {adj}  :: god-fearing
timorense {adj}  :: East Timorese
timorense {mf}  :: East Timorese
Timor Oriental {prop} {m}  :: East Timor
Timoteo {prop} {m}  :: Timothy [biblical character]
Timoteo {prop} {m}  :: given name
timpánico {adj}  :: tympanic
tina {f}  :: vat
tina {f}  :: tub, bathtub
tina {f}  :: large earthenware jar
tinaco {m} [Latin America]  :: water tank
tinaja {f}  :: an earthenware jar
tinaja {f} [Latin America]  :: a tinaja
tinamú {m}  :: tinamou
tincar {vp} [Chile, colloquial]  :: to think, believe, have the impression
tincar {vp} [Chile, colloquial]  :: to fancy, feel like, (would like to)
tinción {f} [microscopy]  :: staining
tinerfeño {adj}  :: Of, from, or related to, Tenerife
tinerfeño {m}  :: Someone from Tenerife
tinetense {adj}  :: Of or from Tineo
tinetense {mf}  :: Someone from Tineo
tinga {f}  :: A typical Mexican dish made with shredded meat
tinge {m}  :: Eurasian eagle owl
tingladillo {m} [nautical]  :: clinker
tinglado {m}  :: set-up, business, thing, deal, shebang
tinglado {m}  :: plot, intrigue
tinglado {m}  :: shed
tiniebla {f}  :: darkness
tiniebla {f} [in plural]  :: darkness
tino {m}  :: skill, ability
tino {m}  :: good sense, judgement
tino {m}  :: moderation, prudence
tino {m}  :: tact, propriety
tinta {f} [writing]  :: ink
tinta china {f}  :: Indian ink
tintar {v}  :: to dye
tinte {m}  :: dyeing
tinte {m}  :: dye
tinte {m} [colloquial]  :: clipping of tintorería; dry cleaner's
tinterillo {m}  :: penpusher; pencil pusher
tinterillo {m} [dialectal, Latin America]  :: shyster (lawyer), pettyfogger
tintero {m}  :: inkwell
tintico {m} [Colombia]  :: coffee
tintinear {v}  :: to jingle
tinto {adj}  :: dark red (wine)
tinto de verano {m}  :: tinto de verano
tintorería {f}  :: dry cleaner's (shop)
tintorera {f}  :: A species of shark, Prionace glauca
tintorera {f}  :: feminine noun of tintorero
tintorero {m}  :: dyer
tintura {f}  :: colouring, dye
tintura {f}  :: dyeing (the process)
tinturar {v}  :: to dye
tioacetal {m} [organic chemistry]  :: thioacetal
tioamida {f} [organic chemistry]  :: thioamide
tiocetal {m} [organic chemistry]  :: thioketal
tiocianato {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: thiocyanate
tioconazol {m} [organic compound]  :: tioconazole
tiofeno {m} [organic compound]  :: thiophene
tiol {m} [organic chemistry]  :: thiol
tiomersal {m}  :: thiomersal
tionato {m} [chemistry]  :: thionate
tiorredoxina {f} [enzyme]  :: thioredoxin
tioéster {m} [organic chemistry]  :: thioester
tiosulfato {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: thiosulfate
tioéter {m} [organic chemistry]  :: thioether
tiovivo {m} [Spain]  :: carousel, merry-go-round (pleasure ride consisting of a slowly revolving circular platform affixed with various types of seats)
tioxanteno {m}  :: thioxanthene
tioxantona {f} [organic compound]  :: thioxanthone
tip {m}  :: tip (advice)
tipa {f} [colloquial]  :: feminine noun of tipo, woman
tipazo {m} [of a person, colloquial]  :: a very attractive body
tipazo {m} [colloquial]  :: a physically attractive person
tipear {v} [Latin America]  :: to type
tipeja {f}  :: feminine noun of tipejo
tipejo {m} [pejorative]  :: jerk (ridiculous guy)
tipeo {m} [Latin America]  :: typing
tipógrafo {m}  :: typographer
tipógrafo {m}  :: printer
tipi {m}  :: teepee
tipi {m}  :: a typographical error
tipicidad {f}  :: typicality
tipificación {f}  :: classification
tipificar {v}  :: to classify, typify, categorize
tipiquero {m}  :: A típico musician
tiple {m}  :: treble guitar, a small plucked stringed instrument of the guitar family, used in the traditional musics of Spain and various Latin American nations
tiple {m}  :: treble guitar player
tiple {m}  :: soprano, treble (voice, singer)
tiple {m} [nautical]  :: single-piece mast
tipo {m}  :: kind, type
tipo {m}  :: rate, rate of interest
tipo {m}  :: composure, cool
tipo {m} [colloquial]  :: guy, dude
tipofaz {f}  :: typeface
tipografía {f}  :: typography
tipográfico {adj}  :: typographic, typographical
tipológicamente {adv}  :: typologically
tipológico {adj}  :: typological
tipología {f}  :: typology
tipologizar {v}  :: to typologize
tique {m}  :: ticket
tique {m}  :: receipt
tiquet {m}  :: ticket
tiquet {m}  :: receipt
tiquete {m}  :: ticket
Tiquicia {prop} [colloquial]  :: Costa Rica
tiquismiquis {adj}  :: fussy
tiquismiquis {m}  :: a fusspot; fussy person
tiquismiquis {m}  :: finickiness
tiquismiquis {m}  :: exaggerated courtesies, affected mannerisms
tiqui-taca {m} [soccer]  :: tiki-taka (quick one-touch football, involving short passes and movements)
tiquitaca {f} [soccer]  :: tiki-taka
tira {f}  :: tie, ribbon
tira {f}  :: strip
tira {f}  :: (comic) strip
tira {f} [colloquial, la tira]  :: ages; yonks
tira {m} [Chile, Argentina, colloquial]  :: cop
tirabeque {m}  :: snow pea
tirable {adj}  :: fuckable, shaggable
tirabuzón {m}  :: corkscrew (object for opening a bottle)
tirabuzón {m}  :: spiral, curl
tirabuzón {m} [diving]  :: twist, corkscrew
tirachinas {m}  :: slingshot
tirachinos {m} [Seville]  :: slingshot
tira cómica {f} [comics]  :: A strip cartoon or comic strip
tiracuello {m}  :: cross-body strap
tirada {f}  :: shooting
tirada {f}  :: throw
tirada {f}  :: edition, printing
tiradera {f}  :: slingshot
tiradero {m}  :: garbage dump
tiradero {m}  :: shooting range
tiradito {adj}  :: diminutive of tirado
tiradito {m}  :: tiradito
tirado {adj} [colloquial]  :: easy-peasy
tirado {adj} [colloquial]  :: dirt cheap
tirador {m}  :: shooter, rifleman
tiradora {f}  :: feminine noun of tirador
tirador en primera persona {f}  :: first-person shooter
tiraflechas {m} [Cuba]  :: slingshot
tiraflechas {m} [Spain, pejorative]  :: South American
tirafondo {m}  :: screw (tool)
tiragomas {m}  :: slingshot
tirahojas {m}  :: leaftosser
tirajanera {f}  :: feminine noun of tirajanero
tirajanero {adj}  :: Of or from San Bartolomé de Tirajana
tirajanero {m}  :: Someone from San Bartolomé de Tirajana
tiraje {m}  :: print
tiralíneas {m}  :: ruling pen
tiramisú {m}  :: tiramisu
tiranía {f}  :: tyranny
tirana {f}  :: feminine noun of tirano
Tirana {prop}  :: Tirana (city)
tiranizar {v}  :: to tyrannize
tiranizar {v}  :: to bully
tiran más dos tetas que dos carretas {phrase}  :: having breasts (i.e. being a woman) can get things done much quicker than by other means
tirano {adj}  :: like a tyrant; tyrannous; tyrannical
tirano {m}  :: tyrant
tiranosaurio {m}  :: tyrannosaurus
tiranosáurido {m}  :: tyrannosaur
tirante {m}  :: strap
tirantez {f}  :: tension, tightness
tiranuelo {m}  :: pejorative of tirano
tirapiedras {m} [Cuba, Dominican Republic]  :: slingshot
tirar {vt}  :: to throw
tirar {vt}  :: to throw out
tirar {vt}  :: to shoot; to launch
tirar {vt}  :: to take (a photograph)
tirar {vt}  :: to print
tirar {vt}  :: to knock over; to knock down
tirar {vti}  :: to roll (dice)
tirar {vp} [Spain, vulgar, prepositional]  :: to fuck
tirar {vi}  :: to pull, to drag
tirar {vi}  :: to shoot
tirar {vi}  :: to manage; to get by
tirar {vi}  :: to attract, to appeal to
tirar {vi}  :: to be somewhat
tirar {vr}  :: to throw oneself
tirar {vr} [colloquial]  :: to spend time, hang out
tirar de la manta {v} [idiomatic]  :: to let the cat out of the bag
tirar fruta {v} [Argentina, colloquial]  :: to blag, make it up as one goes along
tirar la caña {v} [idiomatic]  :: to fish for compliments
tirar la casa por la ventana {v} [idiomatic]  :: to push the boat out
tirar la toalla {v} [idiomatic]  :: To throw in the towel; to give up; to quit
tirar los tejos {v} [idiomatic]  :: to flirt with someone, to hit on someone
tirar los trastos {v} [idiom]  :: to chat up
tirar piedras contra el propio tejado {v} [idiom]  :: to cut off one's nose to spite one's face
tirarse un pedo {v} [colloquial, idiomatic]  :: to fart
tira y afloja {m} [idiom]  :: bargaining, give and take, tug of war
tireóforo {m}  :: thyreophoran
tiristor {m}  :: thyristor
tirita {f}  :: band-aid, sticking plaster, Elastoplast
tiritar {v}  :: to shiver
tirón {m}  :: tug, pull, jerk
tirón {m}  :: skill, string to one's bow
tirón {m}  :: pulling power
tiránicamente {adv}  :: tyrannically
tiránico {adj}  :: tyrannical
tiro {m}  :: shot (with a gun)
tiro {m} [soccer]  :: shot
tiro {m}  :: team (of horses)
Tiro {prop} {f}  :: Tiro (city)
tiro al arco {m}  :: archery
tiro con arco {m}  :: archery
tiro de esquina {m}  :: corner kick
tiro de gracia {m}  :: coup de grâce
tiroidectomía {f} [surgery]  :: thyroidectomy
tiroideo {adj}  :: thyroid
tiroides {adj}  :: related to the thyroid
tiroides {mf}  :: thyroid
tiro libre {m} [basketball]  :: free throw
tirolina {f}  :: aerial runway, zipline
tirolés {adj}  :: Tyrolean
tironear {v}  :: to yank (pull quickly and strongly)
tironera {f}  :: bag thief
tironero {m}  :: bag thief
tirosina {f} [amino acid]  :: tyrosine
tirosinasa {f} [enzyme]  :: tyrosinase
tirotear {v}  :: to shoot
tiroteo {m}  :: gunfight
tiroteo {m}  :: shooting
tirotropina {f} [hormone]  :: thyrotropin, thyroid-stimulating hormone
tiroxina {f} [hormone]  :: thyroxine
tirrena {f}  :: feminine of tirreno
tirreno {m}  :: a Tyrrhenian, a Tyrrhene
tirria {f} [colloquial]  :: dislike
tisú {m}  :: lamé
tisú {m}  :: tissue; tissue paper
tisana {f}  :: herbal tea, tisane
tisanóptero {m}  :: thysanopteran
tisanuro {m}  :: thysanuran
tisis {f} [obsolete]  :: tuberculosis, phthisis
tisular {adj}  :: tissular; of or pertaining to tissue
tití {m}  :: titi (monkey)
tita {f}  :: theta; the Greek letter Θ, θ
tiíta {f}  :: diminutive of tía
titanio {m}  :: titanium
titanismo {m}  :: Titanism
titanosaurio {m}  :: titanosaur
tithonia {f}  :: Mexican sunflower
titi {f} [slang, regional]  :: chick (young lady)
titilar {v}  :: to twinkle
titilar {v}  :: to quiver
titilar {v}  :: to titillate
titina {f} [protein]  :: titin
titipuchal {m}  :: load, ton, large quantity
titiritera {f}  :: feminine noun of titiritero
titiritero {m}  :: puppeteer
titiritero {m}  :: tightrope walker
titán {m}  :: titan
titán {m}  :: very large crane (lifting device)
titánico {adj}  :: titanic, enormous
tito {m} [colloquial]  :: uncle, unkie
Tito {prop} {m}  :: Titus [biblical character]
Tito {prop} {m}  :: the Epistle to Titus
Tito {prop} {m}  :: given name
titrar {v} [chemistry]  :: to titrate
titubeante {adj}  :: stuttering
titubeante {adj}  :: hesitating
titubear {v}  :: to stutter
titubear {v}  :: to hesitate
titubeo {m}  :: hesitation
titubeo {m}  :: stutter
titulación {f}  :: qualification
titulado {adj}  :: titled
titulado {m}  :: titleholder
titular {adj}  :: titular
titular {m}  :: headline
titular {m} [sports]  :: starter (a player who plays from the start a game)
titular {v}  :: to entitle
titular {v}  :: to title
titularidad {f}  :: ownership
titularidad {f}  :: holding of office, tenure
titularidad {f}  :: title
titularidad {f} [sports]  :: place in the starting eleven
titularización {f}  :: titularisation
titularizador {m}  :: granter of tenure
titularizadora {f}  :: feminine noun of titularizador
titularizar {v}  :: to grant a tenure
titularísimo {m} [sports]  :: guaranteed starter
titulitis {f}  :: An obsession with having a title or academic degree
titulización {f}  :: securitization
tiwanacota {adj}  :: alternative spelling of tiahuanacota
tiza {f}  :: chalk
tiza {f}  :: a piece of chalk
tizana {f} [Venezuela]  :: A soft drink common in Venezuela, consisting of diced fruits in orange juice or grenadine juice
tizón {m}  :: A stick which is burning or smoldering; brand
tizón {m}  :: Ergot, especially that which affects wheat, barley and oats
tiznado {adj}  :: Covered in soot; sooty
tiznar {v}  :: to blacken, to soil with soot
tiznar {v}  :: to soil, to stain
tiznar {v} [figuratively]  :: to tarnish
tiznarse {vr}  :: to become soiled or stained
tiznarse {vr}  :: to become tarnished
tiznarse {vr} [Central America, Argentina]  :: to get drunk
TL {prop}  :: abbreviation of Tlaxcala (Mexican state)
tlacoyo {m} [Mexico]  :: tlacoyo
tlacuache {m} [Mexico]  :: opossum
tlalcoyote {m} [Mexico]  :: American badger
tálamo {m}  :: thalamus
tlapalería {f} [Mexico]  :: hardware store, paint store
tlapalera {f}  :: feminine noun of tlapalero
tlapalero {m}  :: hardware dealer, the owner or employee of a tlapalería (hardware store or paint store)
tólar {m}  :: tolar
Tlaxcala {prop} {m}  :: Tlaxcala (state)
tlaxcalteca {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to the Mexican state of Tlaxcala
tlaxcalteca {mf}  :: An inhabitant or a resident of the Mexican state of Tlaxcala
tlayuda {f}  :: A type of tortilla from Oaxaca, Mexico
tlazol {m} [dialectal, Mexico]  :: trash, garbage
tlazol {m} [Mexico]  :: forage, fodder, especially that made from cropped cane
TLC {initialism}  :: Tratado de Libre Comercio
TLCAN {initialism}  :: Tratado de Libre Comercio de América del Norte; NAFTA
Télefo {prop} {m}  :: Telephus
Tláloc {m}  :: Tlaloc
TMA {initialism}  :: “tristeza y muerte de agave”: a blight that has reduced the production of the agave grown to produce tequila
tímalo {m}  :: grayling
tómbola {f}  :: tombola
tómbolo {m} [slang]  :: the police
tómbolo {m} [geography]  :: tombolo
tímbrico {adj}  :: timbric
tmesis {f} [prosody]  :: tmesis
Támesis {prop} {m}  :: the Thames river
tímidamente {adv}  :: timidly
tímido {adj}  :: shy, timid
tímpano {m}  :: eardrum
tímpano {m}  :: drum
témpano {m}  :: iceberg
témpano de hielo {m}  :: iceberg
témpera {f}  :: tempera
témporas {fp} [Christianity]  :: ember days
túmulo {m}  :: burial mound
Tánatos {prop} {m}  :: Thanatos
tándem {m}  :: tandem bicycle
tándem {m}  :: pair
túnel {m}  :: tunnel
túnel carpiano {m} [anatomy]  :: carpal tunnel
tóner {m}  :: toner (powder)
Túnez {prop}  :: Tunisia (Republic of Tunisia)
Túnez {prop}  :: Tunis
tángana {f}  :: alternative form of tangana
tángara {f}  :: tanager
Tánger {prop} {m}  :: Tangiers
túnica {f}  :: tunic
tónica {f}  :: tonic
túnico {m}  :: Woman's dress
tónico {adj}  :: tonic
tánico {adj}  :: tannic
túnido {m}  :: tuna (fish)
tántalo {m}  :: tantalum
Tántalo {prop} {m}  :: Tantalus
tío {m}  :: uncle; the brother of either parent
tío {m} [colloquial, Spain]  :: unknown male person, dude, guy
tío {m} [colloquial, Spain]  :: friend, mate, pal, man, bro
tío {m}  :: mister (title conferred on an adult male)
tío abuelo {m}  :: great-uncle
toalla {f}  :: towel
toallero {m}  :: towel rail
toallita {f}  :: diminutive of toalla; small towel, wipe
toba {f} [geology]  :: tuff
Tobago {prop} {m}  :: Tobago
tobaja {f}  :: archaic spelling of toalla
Tobías {prop} {m}  :: Tobias
tobera {f}  :: nozzle
tobillera {f}  :: ankle brace
tobillera {f}  :: anklet
tobillo {m}  :: ankle
tobo {m} [Venezuela]  :: bucket or container
tobogán {m}  :: playground slide (toy for children)
tobogán {m}  :: water slide
tobogán {m}  :: a kind of sled
TOC {initialism}  :: initialism of trastorno obsesivo-compulsivo
tocadiscos {m}  :: record player
tocado {adj} [colloquial]  :: peeved, ratty
tocado {adj}  :: off (of fruit, damaged)
tocado {adj}  :: out of shape
tocado {interj} [fencing]  :: touché
tocado {m}  :: headdress
tocador {m}  :: dressing table
tocamiento {m}  :: touch; touching;. fondle; fondling (action of touching, especially unwanted)
tocamiento {m}  :: revelation; Eureka moment
tocante {adj}  :: Only used in a handful of connecting phrases
tocante {}  :: touching
tocante a {prep}  :: as for, referring to
tocaor {m}  :: flamenco guitarist
tocaora {f}  :: flamenco guitarist
tocapelotas {m} [colloquial]  :: pain in the ass
tocar {vt}  :: to touch
tocar {vt}  :: to play (a musical instrument)
tocar {vt}  :: to be someone's time or turn
tocar {vt}  :: to knock
tocar {vt}  :: to honk
tocar {vt}  :: to ring
tocar {vt}  :: to touch on (mention briefly)
tocar {vt}  :: to touch (affect emotionally)
tocar {v}  :: to comb or dress one's hair
tocar {v}  :: to don a hat, scarf or other head covering
tocar a muerto {v} [idiom]  :: to toll (of a bell)
tocar la bocina {v}  :: To honk (the horn of a vehicle)
tocar las pelotas {v} [colloquial, idiomatic]  :: to bug, get on someone's nerves, be a pain in the ass
tocarse {v}  :: reflexive of tocar
tocaya {f}  :: feminine noun of tocayo
tocayo {m}  :: namesake (person having the same name)
tocho {adj} [colloquial, El Salvador]  :: mean (person)
tocho {adj} [colloquial]  :: clumsy
tocho {adj} [colloquial]  :: big, giant
tocinería {f}  :: A shop selling salted meats
tocineta {f}  :: bacon
tocinillo de cielo {m}  :: synonym of tocino de cielo
tocino {m}  :: bacon
tocino {m}  :: salt pork
tocino de cielo {m}  :: A dessert made from sugar and egg yolk
tocóloga {f}  :: obstetrician
tocólogo {m}  :: obstetrician
tocón {adj}  :: touchy-feely
tocón {m}  :: stump (of tree)
tocón {m}  :: stump (of a limb)
tocoferol {m}  :: tocopherol
tocopillana {f}  :: feminine noun of tocopillano
tocopillano {adj}  :: Of or from the city of Tocopilla in Chile
tocopillano {m}  :: An inhabitant of the city of Tocopilla in Chile
todavía {adv}  :: still, yet
todavía {adv}  :: even, still
todito {adj}  :: diminutive of todo
todo {adj}  :: all
todo {adj}  :: every
todo {pron}  :: everything
todo a cien {m}  :: thrift shop; discount store
todo avante {adv} [nautical]  :: full steam ahead
todocamino {m}  :: An all-terrain vehicle
todo cristo {m} [idiom]  :: any Tom, Dick, or Harry
todo el mundo {pron}  :: everyone, everybody
todo el tiempo {adv}  :: all the time; always
todo el tiempo {adv}  :: all the time; frequently; often
todo lo demás {pron}  :: everything else
todo o nada {adj}  :: all-or-nothing
todopoderoso {adj}  :: almighty
todos los caminos conducen a Roma {proverb}  :: all roads lead to Rome
todos los caminos llevan a Roma {proverb}  :: all roads lead to Rome
todos y cada uno {adj}  :: each and every one
todoterreno {mf}  :: ATV; four-wheel drive vehicle
todo vale en la guerra y en el amor {proverb}  :: all's fair in love and war
tofi {f}  :: toffee
tofu {m}  :: tofu
toga {f}  :: toga
togado {adj}  :: togaed, wearing a toga
togado {m}  :: magistrate
Togo {prop}  :: Togo
togolesa {f}  :: feminine noun of togolés
togolés {adj}  :: Togolese
togolés {m}  :: Togolese
Toñi {prop} {f}  :: A diminutive of the female given name Antonia
toñina {f}  :: tuna
toñina {f}  :: hit; bash; blow
toisón {m}  :: fleece
tojo {m}  :: furze, gorse (shrub of genus Ulex)
tokelauesa {f}  :: feminine noun of tokelaués
tokelaués {adj}  :: Tokelauan
tokelaués {m}  :: Tokelauan
tokelaués {m}  :: Tokelauan
Tokio {prop} {m}  :: Tokyo (capital city of Japan)
tokiota {adj}  :: Tokyoite (of or relating to Tokyo)
tokiota {mf}  :: Tokyoite (inhabitant of Tokyo)
tok pisin {m}  :: Tok Pisin
tokusatsu {m} [television]  :: tokusatsu
Tolú {prop}  :: A town in Colombia
toldar {v}  :: to cover with an awning
toldería {f}  :: camp of huts
toldo {m}  :: awning
toldo {m}  :: a lean-to or wigwam (a simple structure made by indigenous people as housing)
toledano {adj}  :: Toledan (from Toledo, Spain)
toledano {m}  :: A Toledan (someone from Toledo)
toledo {m} [slang]  :: toilet
Toledo {prop} {f}  :: Toledo (province)
Toledo {prop} {f}  :: Toledo (city)
Tolentino {prop} {m}  :: Tolentino (city)
Tolentino {prop} {m}  :: surname
tolerable {adj}  :: tolerable
tolerancia {f}  :: tolerance
tolerancia cero {f}  :: zero tolerance
tolerante {adj}  :: tolerant
tolerar {v}  :: to tolerate
tolerar {v}  :: to endure
toletano {adj}  :: From Toledo
toletano {m}  :: Someone from Toledo
tolete {m} [nautical]  :: thole
tolete {m}  :: bat; cudgel
toletense {adj}  :: From Toledo
toletense {mf}  :: Someone from Toledo
toletería {f} [baseball]  :: slugging
toletero {m} [baseball]  :: batter
tolfenámico {adj}  :: tolfenamic
tolina {f} [organic compound]  :: tholin
toller {v}  :: to remove
tollina {f}  :: beating, bashing
tollón {m} [plant]  :: toyon
tollón {m}  :: narrow pass or road
toloache {m}  :: toloache
Tolomeo {prop} {m}  :: alternative form of Ptolomeo
Tolosa {prop} {f}  :: Tolosa (city)
tolteca {f}  :: feminine of tolteco
tolteco {adj}  :: Toltecan
tolteco {m}  :: Toltec
tolueno {m} [organic compound]  :: toluene
toluidina {f} [organic compound]  :: toluidine
tolva {f}  :: hopper, chute
toma {f}  :: volume (of books etc.)
toma {f}  :: recording
toma {f}  :: conquest, capture
toma {f} [Chile]  :: an act of political civil disobedience through occupation protest that assumes control of a place, often a building or park
-tomía {suffix}  :: -tomy
-toma {suffix}  :: feminine noun of -tomo
toma de contacto {f}  :: contact (action of contacting)
toma de posesión {f}  :: inauguration; assumption; swearing-in
tomador {m}  :: taker, receiver, retriever
tomador {m} [colloquial]  :: pickpocket
tomador {m} [Latin America]  :: drinker
tomador {m} [Latin America]  :: drunkard
tomadora {f}  :: feminine noun of tomador
tomadura {f}  :: taking
tomadura {f}  :: leg-pull, fib, joke
tomadura de pelo {f}  :: leg-pull, fib, joke
tomar {v}  :: to take
tomar {v}  :: to drink, have (especially an alcoholic beverage)
tomar {v}  :: to take (travel by means of)
tomar a pecho {v} [idiomatic]  :: to take to heart
tomar cartas en el asunto {v} [idiomatic]  :: to step in, stand in
tomar cuerpo {v} [idiom]  :: to take shape
tomar el pelo {v} [idiomatic]  :: to make a fool of somebody, kid, wind up, pull someone's leg
tomar el toro por los cuernos {v} [idiomatic]  :: to take the bull by the horns
tomar en cuenta {v} [idiomatic]  :: To take into account; to keep in mind
tomar en cuenta {v}  :: to pay attention to, to mind
tomar la alternativa {v} [idiomatic, bullfighting]  :: to stand in (for the bullfighter)
tomar la alternativa {v} [idiomatic]  :: to stand in (for someone)
tomar la palabra {v} [idiomatic]  :: to take someone's word for it; to believe what somebody says
tomar por culo {v} [idiomatic, vulgar]  :: to take it up the ass
tomar por culo {v} [idiomatic, vulgar]  :: To fuck, screw (disregard)
tomar por saco {phrase} [idiomatic]  :: damn, to hell with
Tomasa {prop}  :: given name, feminine form of Tomás ( Thomas)
tomate {m}  :: tomato (plant)
tomate {m}  :: tomato (fruit)
tomate {m} [Mexico]  :: tomatillo
tomate cherry {m}  :: cherry tomato
tomate de colgar {m}  :: hanging tomato
tomate de árbol {m}  :: tamarillo, tree tomato
tomatera {f}  :: feminine of tomatero
tío materno {m}  :: maternal uncle (brother of someone’s mother)
tomatero {m}  :: tomato grower
tomatero {m}  :: tomato seller
tomatillo {m}  :: tomatillo (fruit vegetable)
tomatillo {m}  :: diminutive of tomate
Tomatina {prop} {f}  :: A yearly celebration held in Buñol , Valencia, on the final Wednesday of August, in which participants throw tomatoes at each other
tomatito {m}  :: diminutive of tomate
tomatodo {m} [Latin America]  :: sports water bottle
tomavistas {m}  :: cine camera
toma y daca {m} [idiomatic]  :: give and take; tit for tat
tombo {m} [slang]  :: cop
Tombuctú {prop} {f}  :: Timbuktu
Tombuctu {prop}  :: alt form Tombuctú
tomentoso {adj}  :: tomentose
tomógrafo {m}  :: tomograph
tomillar {m}  :: A biome of Spain in which thyme plants predominate
tomillo {m}  :: thyme
tomista {adj}  :: Thomist
tomín {m} [historical]  :: A Spanish coin equivalent to one third of an adarme or one eighth of a castellano
tomín {m} [historical]  :: A type of silver coin used in the Americas in times of Spanish colonialism
tomo {m}  :: tome, volume
-tomo {suffix}  :: -tome
tomografía {f}  :: tomography
Tomás {prop} {m}  :: Thomas, the apostle
Tomás {prop} {m}  :: given name
tonada {f}  :: tune, song (music to be sung)
tonada {f} [Latin America]  :: accent
tonadilla {f}  :: ditty, shanty, short song
tonadillera {f}  :: feminine of tonadillero
tonadillero {m}  :: someone who sings tonadillas
tonal {adj}  :: tonal
tonalidad {f}  :: tonality
tonalita {f}  :: tonalite
tonalítico {adj}  :: tonalitic
tonel {m}  :: barrel
tonel {m}  :: barrel roll
tonelada {f}  :: ton, metric ton, megagram
tonelada métrica {f}  :: metric ton, ton, megagram
tonelaje {m}  :: tonnage
tonelera {f}  :: feminine noun of tonelero
tonelero {m}  :: cooper
tonga {f}  :: coating (thin outer layer)
tonga {f} [Argentina, Colombia]  :: task, job
tonga {f} [Canary Islands, Cuba]  :: heap, pile
tonga {mf}  :: a member of the Tonga people of southern Africa
tonga {mf}  :: Tongan (someone from Tonga)
Tonga {prop}  :: Tonga
tongana {f}  :: feminine noun of tongano
tongano {adj}  :: Tongan
tongano {m}  :: Tongan
tongo {m} [colloquial]  :: fraud
tongzhi {mf}  :: tongzhi
tonificación {f}  :: tonification
tonificante {adj}  :: bracing, invigorating
tonificar {v}  :: to tone, tone up
tonillo {m}  :: hum
tonillo {m}  :: twang
tonina {f}  :: common bottlenose dolphin
tono {m}  :: tone
tono muscular {m}  :: muscle tone
tonoplasto {m} [cytology]  :: tonoplast
tonsilolito {m}  :: tonsillolith
tonsor {m}  :: tonsor
tonsurar {v}  :: to clip, shear
tontaina {adj}  :: idiotic
tontaina {mf}  :: idiot; crackpot
tontamente {adv}  :: sillily, foolishly
tontear {v}  :: to do or say stupid things
tontear {v}  :: to flirt
tontería {f}  :: something that is dumb
tontería {f}  :: something of little consequence
tontería {f}  :: nonsense
tontera {f} [colloquial]  :: nonsense, tosh (something that is dumb)
tontina {f} [finance]  :: tontine
tontita {f}  :: diminutive of tonta
tontito {adj}  :: diminutive of tonto
tontón {adj}  :: (augmentative of) tonto; very stupid
tonto {adj}  :: stupid
tonto {adj}  :: silly or foolish
tonto {m}  :: a fool, a stupid person
tonto de capirote {adj} [idiom]  :: completely stupid, dimwitted
tonto de capirote {m} [idiom]  :: dimwit, complete fool, total idiot
tonto del culo {adj} [vulgar, idiom]  :: thick as shit, fucking dumb
tontísimo {adj}  :: superlative of tonto; wonderfool
tontuela {f}  :: feminine noun of tontuelo
tontuelo {m}  :: dummy, dilly, nitwit (stupid person)
Toño {prop} {m}  :: A diminutive of the male given name Antonio
top {m}  :: rundown (of a list)
top {m}  :: top (clothing)
topacio {m}  :: topaz
topar {vt}  :: to come across, encounter
topar {vt}  :: to knock against, hit, strike, touch
topar {vt} [colloquial, Mexico, El Salvador]  :: to finish (a videogame)
tío paterno {m}  :: paternal uncle (brother of someone’s father)
tope {m}  :: butt, end, butt end
tope {m}  :: top, limit
tope {m}  :: stop, catch, snag [also figuratively]
tope {m}  :: collision
tope {m}  :: quarrel, fight
tope {m}  :: reinforcement
tope {m}  :: [railway] buffer, bumper
tope {m} [nautical]  :: masthead, lookout
tope {m} [Mexico]  :: speed bump
tope {m} [Costa Rica, Nicaragua]  :: equestrian parade usually held on the first day of a festival
topera {f}  :: molehill
topera {f} [rail transport]  :: buffer
topetada {f}  :: butt (sudden thrust from an animal)
topetar {v}  :: to butt (to suddenly thrust with the head)
topetazo {m}  :: butt (sudden thrust from an animal)
topógrafa {f}  :: feminine noun of topógrafo
topógrafo {m}  :: topographer
topicazo {adj}  :: clichéd
topicazo {m}  :: cliché
topillo {m}  :: diminutive of topo
topillo {m}  :: vole (any of various rodents in the Arvicolinae subfamily)
topiramato {m} [organic compound]  :: topiramate
toples {adj}  :: topless (exposing one's bare chest)
topless {adj}  :: topless (without clothes)
topónimo {m}  :: placename
topo {m}  :: mole (the animal)
topo {m}  :: mole (spy)
topografía {f}  :: topography
topográficamente {adv}  :: topographically
topográfico {adj}  :: topographic
topoisomerasa {f} [enzyme]  :: topoisomerase
topolecto {m} [linguistics]  :: topolect
topológicamente {adv}  :: topologically
topológico {adj} [mathematics]  :: topological
topología {f}  :: topology
toponimia {f} [linguistics, uncountable]  :: toponymy (the study of placenames)
toponimia {f} [linguistics]  :: toponymy (the set of placenames in a region)
toponímico {adj}  :: toponymic
topping {m}  :: topping (of food)
top ten {m}  :: top ten, hit list
toque {m}  :: whiff
toque {m}  :: touch
toque {m}  :: stroke
toque {m}  :: toke
toquecillo {m}  :: diminutive of toque
toque de queda {m}  :: curfew
toquetear {v}  :: to handle; fiddle (with)
toquetear {v} [colloquial]  :: to touch up
toqueteo {m}  :: touching; fiddling; groping; fingering
toqui {mf}  :: toqui
toquilla {f}  :: The Panama hat palm
toracotomía {f} [medical]  :: thoracotomy
torada {f}  :: herd (of bulls)
toral {adj}  :: main
torbellino {m}  :: whirlwind
torcaz {f}  :: common wood pigeon
torcedor {m}  :: spindle
torcedor {m}  :: bugbear
torcedor {adj}  :: twisting
torcedura {f}  :: sprain
torcedura {f}  :: crook, bending
torcer {v}  :: to twist
torcer {v}  :: to bend
torcer {v}  :: to sprain
torcerse {v}  :: to twist, to bend
torácico {adj} [anatomy]  :: thoracic
torcida {f}  :: wick
torcidito {adj}  :: diminutive of torcido
torcido {adj}  :: torqued
torcido {adj}  :: twisted; askew
torcido {adj}  :: winding
torcido {adj}  :: cross-eyed
torcido {adj}  :: unlucky
torcido {m}  :: twist or curl
torco {m} [Spain]  :: pothole, street puddle
tordesillano {adj}  :: Of or from Tordesillas
tordesillano {m}  :: Someone from Tordesillas
tordilio {m} [plant]  :: hartwort (Tordylium maximum)
tordillo {m} [plant]  :: hartwort (Tordylium maximum)
tordo {m}  :: thrush (kind of bird); species Turdus musicus
tordo {adj} [of horses]  :: with skin patterned in white and black patches, dappled
tordo renegrido {m}  :: shiny cowbird (Molothrus bonariensis)
toreador {m} [bullfighting]  :: toreador
torear {v} [bullfighting]  :: to fight a bull
torear {v}  :: to send the bulls to the cows
torear {v}  :: to yap (of a dog)
torear {v}  :: to banter, to tease
torear de salón {v} [idiomatic, bullfighting]  :: to play bullfighting; to fight a pretend bull
toreo {m} [bullfighting]  :: tauromachy, bullfighting
torera {f}  :: feminine noun of torero
torería {f}  :: bullfighters
torerista {adj} [bullfighting]  :: pro-bullfighter
torerito {m}  :: diminutive of torero
torero {m} [bullfighting]  :: torero, bullfighter, toreador
toribismo {m}  :: thorybism
toricantano {m} [bullfighting]  :: stand-in bullfighter
toril {m}  :: bullpen
torillo {m}  :: diminutive of toro
torillo {m}  :: buttonquail
torio {m}  :: thorium
torista {adj} [bullfighting]  :: pro-bull
torito {m}  :: small bull
tormenta {f}  :: storm, thunderstorm, lightning storm
tormenta de polvo {f} [weather]  :: duststorm
tormenta ígnea {f}  :: firestorm
tormentera {f}  :: storm shelter
tormentín {m} [nautical]  :: storm jib
tormento {m}  :: torment, torture
tormentosamente {adv}  :: tormentingly
tormentosamente {adv}  :: painfully, excruciatingly
tormentoso {adj}  :: stormy
tormientar {v}  :: obsolete spelling of atormentar
tornadizo {adj}  :: fickle, changeable, wishy-washy
tornado {m}  :: tornado
tornado {v}  :: past participle of tornar
tornamesas {mf}  :: turntable; deck (disc jockey's equipment)
tornar {vt}  :: to return
tornar {vi}  :: to come back
tornar {vt}  :: to put back
tornar {vt}  :: to change
tornar {vi} [tornar a + infinitive]  :: to do again
tornar {vi}  :: to revive (to recover from a state of unconsciousness)
tornarse {v}  :: reflexive of tornar
tornasol {m} [chremistry]  :: litmus
tornasol {m}  :: iridescence
tornasol {m}  :: sunflower
tornasolada {f}  :: purple emperor
torneado {adj}  :: shapely
torneador {m}  :: turner
tornear {v}  :: to turn (as on a lathe)
torneo {m}  :: tournament; tourney
torneo {m}  :: competition; contest
tornero {m}  :: turner (person who turns and shapes objects on a lathe)
tornillo {m}  :: screw (fastener)
torniquete {m}  :: turnstile
torniquete {m}  :: tourniquet (bandage)
torno {m}  :: a lathe
toro {m}  :: bull
toro {m} [geometry, architecture]  :: torus
toro bravo {m}  :: Spanish fighting bull
toro de lidia {m}  :: Spanish fighting bull
toro embolado {m}  :: a bull with balls of burning material attached to its horns
torofobia {f}  :: taurophobia
torogoz {m} [El Salvador]  :: The turquoise-browed motmot (Eumomota superciliosa)
toroidal {adj}  :: toroidal
toroide {m} [geometry]  :: toroid
torompe {m}  :: Jew's harp
toronja {f}  :: grapefruit
toronjil {m}  :: lemon balm
torozón {m}  :: annoyance
torozón {m}  :: worry
torpe {adj}  :: clumsy
torpe {adj}  :: dishonest
torpe {adj}  :: ugly
torpedear {v}  :: to torpedo
torpedero {f}  :: torpedo bomber
torpedero {f}  :: torpedo boat
torpedero {f} [baseball]  :: shortstop
torpedo {m}  :: torpedo (fish)
torpedo {m}  :: torpedo (weapon)
torpemente {adv}  :: clumsily
torpeza {f}  :: awkwardness
torpeza {f}  :: blunder
torpón {adj}  :: clumsy
torque {m} [physics, mechanics]  :: torque (a rotational or twisting force)
Torralba {prop}  :: surname
torrar {v} [cooking]  :: to toast
torrar {v}  :: to toast, roast (become unbearably hot)
torre {f}  :: tower
torre {f} [chess]  :: rook
torre {f}  :: skyscraper (high building)
torrecilla {f}  :: diminutive of torre
Torrecilla {prop}  :: surname
Torre de Babel {prop} {f} [biblical]  :: the Tower of Babel
torre de gradiente {f}  :: graduation tower
torre Eiffel {f}  :: Eiffel Tower (tower in Paris)
torrefactora {f}  :: coffee-roasting machine
torreja {f} [Latin America]  :: french toast
torreja {f} [Chile]  :: slice
Torrejón {prop}  :: surname
Torrejón de Ardoz {prop} {m}  :: Torrejón de Ardoz (city)
torrejonero {adj}  :: from Torrejón de Ardoz
torrejonero {m}  :: Someone from Torrejón de Ardoz
torreón {m}  :: tower (of castle)
torreón {m}  :: turret
torrencial {adj}  :: torrential
torrencialmente {adv}  :: torrentially
torrente {m}  :: torrent
torrente {m}  :: stream
torrente {m}  :: flood
torrentera {f}  :: waterway
torrente sanguíneo {m}  :: bloodstream
torrero {m}  :: lighthouse keeper
Torres {prop} {m}  :: surname
torreta {f} [architecture]  :: turret (a small tower on the corner of a building)
torrevejense {adj}  :: Of or from Terrevieja
torrevejense {mf}  :: Someone from Terrevieja
torreznito {m}  :: diminutive of torrezno
torrezno {m}  :: rasher (of bacon)
torrija {f} [Spain]  :: A dish made of bread soaked in milk or wine, dipped in egg, and covered with spices, honey or sugar
torsión {f}  :: twist, twisting
torso {m} [anatomy]  :: torso
torso {m} [arts]  :: a sculpture of it
torso {m} [photography]  :: a picture of a person, excluded legs
torta {f}  :: A cake
torta {f}  :: A tart, pie
torta {f} [Mexico]  :: A sandwich on a roll
torta {f} [Spain, colloquial]  :: slap in the face, cuff on the ear
torta marmolada {f}  :: marble cake
tortazo {m}  :: slap in the face
tortazo {m}  :: hit in the face
tortazo {m}  :: hit with a custard pie
tortería {f}  :: A shop / store which sells tortas
torticero {adj}  :: unjust, warped
tortilla {f} [Spain and most Hispanic countries]  :: Spanish omelette, tortilla
tortilla {f} [Spain and most Hispanic countries]  :: omelette
tortilla {f} [Mexico and Central America]  :: tortilla
tortilla de papas {f} [Hispanic Americ, Canary Islands]  :: Spanish omelet
tortilla de patatas {f} [Spain]  :: Spanish omelet
tortilla española {f}  :: Spanish omelet
tortillería {f}  :: A store which sells tortillas
tortillera {f} [Latin America]  :: female tortilla seller; tortilla maker
tortillera {f} [colloquial, pejorative, Spain, Panama]  :: dyke
tortillero {adj}  :: Of or relating to tortillas
tortillero {m}  :: A round dish used to store tortillas
tortillero {m} [Latin America]  :: tortilla seller; tortilla maker
tortillita {f}  :: diminutive of tortilla
tortita {f}  :: pancake
tortolito {m}  :: diminutive of tórtolo, little lovebird
tortosina {f}  :: feminine of tortosino
tortosino {adj}  :: Of or from Tortosa
tortosino {m}  :: Someone from Tortosa
tortuga {f}  :: turtle
tortuga {f}  :: tortoise
tortuga de carey {f}  :: hawksbill turtle
tortugo {m} [rare]  :: A male turtle
tortuguero {adj} [attributive]  :: turtle
tortuguero {m}  :: Someone from Tortugas, Santa Fe, Argentina
tortuguita {f}  :: diminutive of tortuga
tortuosidad {f}  :: tortuousness
tortuoso {adj}  :: winding, tortuous
tortura {f}  :: torture
torturador {m}  :: torturer
torturar {v}  :: to torture
torunda {f}  :: swab
torvamente {adv}  :: grimly
torvo {adj}  :: fierce, grim, wrathful
tory {m}  :: tory
torzón {m}  :: enteritis (especially, in certain animals)
tos {f}  :: cough
tosca {f} [geology]  :: tuff
tosca {f} [dental hygiene]  :: tartar
toscamente {adv}  :: roughly, crudely
toscana {f}  :: feminine noun of toscano
Toscana {prop} {f}  :: Tuscany (region of Italy)
toscano {adj}  :: Tuscan (of, from or relating to Tuscany, Italy)
toscano {m}  :: Tuscan (person from Tuscany)
toscano {m} [uncountable]  :: Tuscan (the dialect of Italian spoken in Tuscany)
tosco {adj}  :: crude
tosco {adj}  :: uncouth
tosco {adj}  :: coarse, rough
toser {v}  :: to cough
tos ferina {f}  :: pertussis, whooping cough
tosferina {f}  :: whooping cough
tosilato {m} [organic chemistry]  :: tosylate
tosilo {m} [organic chemistry]  :: tosyl
tosquedad {f}  :: crudeness
tostada {f}  :: a slice of toast
tostadita {f}  :: diminutive of tostada
tostadito {m}  :: diminutive of tostado
tostado {adj}  :: toasted
tostado {adj}  :: tanned
tostado {adj}  :: brown, dark
tostado {m}  :: toasting
tostado {m}  :: roasting
tostado {m}  :: tan
tostador {m}  :: toaster
tostadora {f}  :: toaster
tostar {v}  :: to toast; to brown by cooking
tostar {v}  :: to tan
tostón {m}  :: fried slice of unripe plantain
tostón {m} [obsolete, El Salvador]  :: a coin worth 50 cents of a Salvadoran colón
tostón {m} [colloquial, Mexico]  :: a coin or a banknote worth 50 Mexican pesos
tostón {m}  :: bore
Tot {prop} {m}  :: Thoth
total {adj}  :: total, complete
total {adv} [colloquial]  :: basically, so, in short (used to summarise)
total {m}  :: total
totalidad {f}  :: whole
totalista {mf}  :: totalist
totalista {adj}  :: totalistic
totalitario {adj}  :: totalitarian
totalitarismo {m}  :: totalitarianism (political system where the state wields absolute control)
totalización {f}  :: totalling; totalization; summation
totalizador {adj}  :: adding-up, totalling
totalizador {m}  :: totalizer
totalizador {m}  :: totalizator
totalizar {v}  :: to totalize
totalmente {adv}  :: totally
totemismo {m}  :: totemism
totémico {adj}  :: totemic
toto {m} [vulgar, slang]  :: vagina
toíto {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of todo
totoaba {n}  :: totoaba
totol {m} [Mexico]  :: turkey
totola {f}  :: feminine noun of totol; a turkey hen
totonaco {m}  :: Totonac person
totonaco {m}  :: Totonac language
totonaco {adj}  :: Totonac
Totonicapán {prop}  :: Totonicapán (department)
totopo {m}  :: A baked corn tortilla, especially in the form of a chip or crisp. This dish originates from Mexico
totoposte {m} [rare]  :: alternative form of totopo
totopostería {f}  :: A totoposte shop or stand
totora {f}  :: bulrush
totuma {f} [Latin America]  :: gourd
totumo {m}  :: calabash tree (Crescentia cujete)
touch {adj}  :: touch; touch-screen
touché {f} [fencing]  :: touché
touchdown {m}  :: touchdown
Toulouse {prop} {m}  :: Toulouse (city/)
tour {m}  :: tour, guided visit to a country, museum, etc
tour {m} [sports]  :: tour, a trip to another country to play matches
tour {m} [music]  :: tour, a trip to other countries undertaken by a singer or musician
touring {m}  :: touring car
tournaisiano {adj}  :: Tournaisian
tournaisiano {m}  :: Tournaisian
touroperador {m}  :: tour operator
toxicidad {f}  :: toxicity
toxicóloga {f}  :: feminine of toxicólogo
toxicólogo {m}  :: toxicologist
toxicómana {f}  :: A person with a pathological desire for intoxicants; a drug addict
toxicómano {m}  :: One who has a pathological desire for intoxicants; a drug addict
toxicológicamente {adv}  :: toxicologically
toxicológico {adj}  :: toxicological
toxicología {f}  :: toxicology
toxicomanía {f}  :: An irrational desire for intoxicants; toxicomania
toxificar {v}  :: toxify
toxina {f}  :: toxin
toxoplasmosis {f}  :: toxoplasmosis
Toya {prop} {f}  :: A diminutive of the female given name Victoria
tozudamente {adv}  :: obstinately
tozudez {f}  :: stubbornness
tozudo {adj}  :: obstinate, stubborn
tápalo {m}  :: a coarse-threaded shawl or mantle used in Mexico
tépalo {m} [botany]  :: tepal
táper {m}  :: Tupperware
típicamente {adv}  :: typically
tópicamente {adv}  :: topically
típico {adj}  :: typical
típico {m}  :: A dance and music style from Panama
tópico {adj}  :: topical
tópico {adj}  :: clichéd
tópico {m}  :: topos
tópico {m}  :: subject, topic
tópico {m}  :: cliché
TQM {phrase}  :: abbreviation of te quiero mucho (I love you a lot)
tíquet {m}  :: ticket
traba {f}  :: catch (concealed difficulty)
traba {f}  :: obstacle
traba {f}  :: shackle
traba {f}  :: hopple
trabado {adj}  :: blocked, wedged, stuck
trabador {m}  :: saw set
trabajador {adj}  :: hard-working
trabajador {m}  :: worker
trabajadora {f}  :: feminine noun of trabajador
trabajador sexual {m}  :: sex worker
trabajador social {m}  :: social worker
trabajar {v}  :: to work, labour
trabajar {v} [obsolete]  :: to suffer
trabajillo {m}  :: diminutive of trabajo; small job
trabajito {m}  :: diminutive of trabajo
trabajólica {f}  :: feminine noun of trabajólico
trabajólico {m}  :: workaholic
trabajo {m}  :: work, job
trabajo {m} [physics]  :: work
trabajo de chinos {m} [idiomatic]  :: A lot of work; difficult or long-term work. (Literally, Chinese work.)
trabajo forzado {m}  :: forced labour/forced labor
trabajosamente {adv}  :: laboriously, arduously, toilsomely (requiring much work)
trabajoso {adj}  :: laborious, arduous
trabalenguas {m}  :: tongue-twister
trabapalancas {m}  :: gearbox lock
trabar {v}  :: to connect, to join (pieces of wood)
trabar {v}  :: to obstruct
trabar {v}  :: to hold back
trabar {v}  :: to fasten
trabar {v}  :: to thicken (sauce, pudding etc.)
trabar {vr}  :: to get caught up, to get tangled up
trabar {vr}  :: to jam, to get jammed, to get stuck, to seize up
trabazón {f}  :: joining together
trabazón {f}  :: interlocking
trabilla {f}  :: diminutive of traba
trabilla {f}  :: clasp
trabilla {f}  :: belt loop
trabucar {v}  :: to mess up, muddle up
trabucar {vr}  :: to get muddled up
trabucazo {m}  :: shot from a blunderbuss
trabucazo {m}  :: wound from a blunderbuss
trabuco {m}  :: blunderbuss
trabuquete {m}  :: trebuchet
traca {f}  :: grand finale
tracalero {adj} [Latin America]  :: deceitful, dishonest
tracatera {f}  :: shootout (of guns)
tracción {f}  :: traction
traccionar {v}  :: to traction
tracería {f} [architecture]  :: tracery
traceur {m}  :: traceur
Tracia {prop} {f}  :: Thrace
traciano {adj}  :: alternative form of tracio
traciano {m}  :: alternative form of tracio
tracio {adj}  :: Thracian
tracio {m}  :: Thracian
track {m} [sports]  :: track
trackpad {m}  :: trackpad
tracoma {m}  :: trachoma
tracto {m}  :: tract
tracto {m}  :: a stretch
tractocamión {m}  :: tractor unit, prime mover
tractografía {f}  :: tractography
tractomula {f} [Colombia]  :: tractor unit
tractor {adj}  :: driving
tractor {m}  :: tractor
tractorista {mf}  :: tractor driver
traída {f}  :: bringing
tríada {f}  :: triad
Tróade {prop}  :: Troad
trader {m}  :: trader
tradición {f}  :: tradition
tradicional {adj}  :: traditional
tradicionalismo {m}  :: traditionalism
tradicionalista {adj}  :: traditional; traditionalistic (observant of tradition)
tradicionalista {mf}  :: traditionalist (person who adheres to tradition)
tradicionalmente {adv}  :: traditionally
trading {m}  :: trading
traído {adj} [mainly of clothing]  :: used, worn
traído por los pelos {adj} [idiom]  :: far-fetched, unlikely
traducción {f}  :: translation
traducción automática {f}  :: machine translation
traduccional {adj}  :: translationary
traducible {adj}  :: translatable (capable of being translated into another language)
traducido {adj}  :: translated
traducir {v}  :: to translate
traductor {adj}  :: translating
traductor {m}  :: translator
traedor {m}  :: bringer; bearer
traedora {f}  :: feminine noun of traedor
traer {v}  :: to bring
traer {v}  :: to attract, to draw, to pull
traer {v}  :: to bring about, to cause, to occasion
traer {v}  :: to make (cause to be in or have a certain condition or state)
traer {v}  :: to wear (short form of traer puesto)
traer {v}  :: to bring forward, to advance, to adduce
traer {v}  :: to make, to compel, to oblige
traer {v}  :: to persuade
traer {v}  :: to have, to carry (in a publication, in stock)
traer {v}  :: to include (have as a component, part, accessory or ingredient)
traer a colación {v} [idiomatic]  :: to bring up; mention
traer de cabeza {v} [idiomatic]  :: to make nervous
traer el fresco {v} [idiomatic]  :: to not mind, couldn't care less
traer puesto {v}  :: to wear
Trafalgar {prop} {m}  :: Trafalgar (peninsula)
traficante {adj}  :: dealing
traficante {mf}  :: dealer (drugs)
traficante {mf}  :: trafficker (illegal)
traficar {v} [Latin America]  :: to smuggle
traficar {v} [Latin America]  :: to traffic (illegal trade or exchange of goods)
tragador {m}  :: swallower
tragador {m}  :: cumslut
tragadora {f}  :: feminine noun of tragador
tragafuegos {m}  :: firebreather
tragahumo {m} [colloquial]  :: firefighter
tragaldabas {m}  :: greedyguts
tragaleguas {m} [colloquial]  :: keen walker, or fast walker
tragalibros {mf}  :: bookworm
tragalibros {mf}  :: swot
tragaluz {m}  :: skylight
tragamonedas {m}  :: slot machine; fruit machine
tragante {adj}  :: swallowing
tragante {m}  :: gutter
tragaperras {m}  :: slot machine; fruit machine
tragar {vtrp}  :: to swallow (to cause to pass from the mouth into the stomach)
tragar {vtrp}  :: to swallow, consume, absorb (take (something) in so that it disappears)
tragar {vtr}  :: to gulp, swallow, devour (eat quickly and eagerly)
tragar {vtrp}  :: to buy into, fall for (easily believe something without questioning)
tragar {vtp}  :: to stand, tolerate
tragarse {v}  :: reflexive of tragar
tragasables {mf}  :: sword-swallower
tragedia {f}  :: tragedy, catastrophe
tragedia {f} [drama]  :: a tragedy play
tragicómico {adj}  :: tragicomic
tragicomedia {f}  :: tragicomedy
tragón {adj}  :: greedy
tragón {adj}  :: eating much food
trago {m}  :: gulp
trago {m}  :: (alcoholic) drink
trago {m}  :: booze
tragonero {m}  :: gas guzzler
traguito {m}  :: diminutive of trago
traición {f}  :: treason
traición {f}  :: treachery
traicionar {v}  :: to betray
traicionero {adj}  :: traitorous
traidor {adj}  :: traitorous
traidor {adj}  :: unpredictable
traidor {m}  :: traitor
traidora {f}  :: feminine noun of traidor
traidoramente {adv}  :: traitorously
trailer {m}  :: alternative form of tráiler
trainera {f}  :: trainera (boat)
training {m}  :: training
trajano {adj}  :: Trajanian
traje {m}  :: suit, dress
traje acuático {m}  :: wetsuit
trajeado {adj}  :: suited (wearing a suit)
trajebaño {m} [rare]  :: one-piece swimsuit
trajecito {m}  :: diminutive of traje
traje de baño {m}  :: bathing suit, swimsuit
traje de luces {m}  :: A traditional outfit that Spanish bullfighters wear
traje espacial {m}  :: space suit
traje seco {m}  :: drysuit
trajinar {v}  :: to transport
trajinar {v} [Chile]  :: to use (in everyday life), to wear
trajín {m}  :: work
trajín {m} [Chile]  :: everyday use, wear
trajín {m}  :: coming and going; hustle and bustle
traílla {f}  :: leash
trallazo {m}  :: crack, crackle
trama {f}  :: weave
trama {f}  :: plot (the course of a story)
tramar {v}  :: to scheme; to plot
tramitación {f}  :: proceeding, application
tramitar {v} [bureaucracy]  :: to request, ask for, solicit (through a paper)
tramitar {v}  :: to deal with
tramititis {f}  :: stress caused by paperwork
tramitología {f}  :: red tape
tramo {m}  :: section, stretch (segment of a journey or route)
tramontana {f}  :: tramontana (north wind)
tramoya {f} [theater]  :: The stage machinery, or a piece thereof
tramoya {f}  :: racket, scam, scheme
tramoyista {mf}  :: stagehand
tramoyista {mf}  :: con artist
trampa {f}  :: trap, snare (device to trap animals)
trampa {f}  :: cheat, trick
trampa {f}  :: cheating
trampa {f}  :: deceit, fiddle, fraud, scam
trampa {f}  :: trapdoor
trampajaula {f}  :: trap with a cage
trampantojo {m}  :: trick, deceit, sleight of hand
trampear {v}  :: to cheat
trampera {f}  :: feminine noun of trampero
trampero {m}  :: trapper (one who traps animals)
trampilla {f}  :: hatchway, trapdoor
trampista {mf}  :: cheater (dishonest person)
trampita {f}  :: diminutive of trampa
trampolín {m}  :: trampoline
trampolín {m} [sports]  :: springboard
trampolín {m} [gymnastics]  :: trampoline
tramposo {adj}  :: deceitful
tramposo {adj}  :: cheating
tramposo {m}  :: cheat, cheater (someone who cheats)
tranca {f}  :: thick bar of wood
tranca {f}  :: bar used to keep closed a door
tranca {f}  :: door bolt
trancadera {f} [Bolivia]  :: traffic jam, snarl-up
trancar {v}  :: to lock
trancar {v}  :: to stride
trancazo {m} [colloquial]  :: flu
trancazo {m}  :: a hit with a stick
trance {m}  :: trance
trancón {m} [Ecuador, Colombia]  :: traffic jam
tranco {m}  :: large step or jump
tranqui {interj} [slang]  :: relax!, stay cool!
tranquilamente {adv}  :: calmly
tranquilidad {f}  :: tranquility
tranquilizador {adj}  :: soothing, calming
tranquilizante {adj}  :: tranquilizing
tranquilizante {m}  :: tranquilizer
tranquilizar {v}  :: to calm, calm down
tranquilizar {v}  :: to sedate
tranquilizarse {v}  :: reflexive of tranquilizar
tranquillo {m}  :: knack
tranquilo {adj}  :: calm, peaceful, tranquil
tranquilo {interj}  :: relax!
tranquilísimo {adj}  :: superlative of tranquilo
trans {adj}  :: transgender, trans
trans- {prefix}  :: trans-
transable {adj}  :: tradable
transacción {f}  :: transaction
transaccional {adj}  :: transactional
transalpino {adj}  :: transalpine
transaminasa {f} [enzyme]  :: transaminase
transandino {adj}  :: trans-Andean (across the Andes)
transar {v}  :: to compromise
transar {v} [Mexico]  :: to cheat, swindle, defraud, trick
transatlántico {adj}  :: transatlantic
transbordador {m}  :: ferry
transbordador espacial {m}  :: space shuttle
transbordar {v}  :: to transfer
transbordo {m}  :: change (from one train to another)
transcendencia {f}  :: alternative spelling of trascendencia
transcendental {adj}  :: transcendental
transcetolasa {f} [enzyme]  :: transketolase
transclusión {f}  :: transclusion
transcontinental {adj}  :: transcontinental
transcraneal {adj}  :: transcranial
transcribir {v}  :: to transcribe
transcripción {f} [linguistics, genetics]  :: transcription
transcripcional {adj}  :: transcriptional
transcriptasa {f} [enzyme]  :: transcriptase
transcriptor {m}  :: transcriptor, transcriber
transcriptora {f}  :: feminine noun of transcriptor
transculturación {f}  :: transculturation
transculturización {f}  :: transculturation
transcurrir {v}  :: to pass by
transcurrir {v}  :: to elapse
transcurso {m}  :: course, passing
transdérmico {adj}  :: transdermal
transducción {f}  :: transduction
transductor {m}  :: transducer
transecto {m}  :: transect
transeúnte {mf}  :: transient, nonresident
transeúnte {mf}  :: passer-by
transeúnte {mf}  :: bystander
transepto {m} [architecture]  :: transept
transexual {adj}  :: transsexual
transexual {mf}  :: transsexual
transexualidad {f}  :: transsexuality
transexualismo {m}  :: transsexualism
transfóbico {adj}  :: transphobic
transfer {m}  :: transfer (between transport)
transferasa {f} [enzyme]  :: transferase
transferencia {f}  :: transfer
transferibilidad {f}  :: transferability
transferible {adj}  :: transferable
transferido {v}  :: past participle of transferir
transferir {v}  :: to transfer
transferirse {v}  :: reflexive of perdonar
transferrina {f} [protein]  :: transferrin
transfiguración {f}  :: transfiguration
transfigurar {v}  :: to transfigure
transfinito {adj}  :: transfinite
transfobia {f}  :: homophobia
transformable {adj}  :: transformable
transformación {f}  :: transformation
transformación lineal {f} [linear algebra]  :: linear transformation
transformador {adj}  :: transforming
transformador {m}  :: transformer (a device that changes the characteristics of AC electricity)
transformar {v}  :: to transform
transformarse {v}  :: reflexive of transformar
transformativo {adj}  :: transformative
transfronterizo {adj}  :: cross-border
transfuguismo {m}  :: State of being a faithless elector
transfundir {vt} [of liquids]  :: to transfuse
transfusión {f}  :: transfusion, blood transfusion
transfusión de sangre {f}  :: blood transfusion
transfusional {adj}  :: transfusional
transfusor {m}  :: transfusion device
transgenerista {adj}  :: transgender
transglutaminasa {f} [enzyme]  :: transglutaminase
transgén {m}  :: transgene
transgénero {adj}  :: transgender
transgénico {adj}  :: transgenic
transgredir {v}  :: to transgress
transgresión {f}  :: transgression
transgresor {adj}  :: transgressing
transgresor {m}  :: transgressor
transgresora {f}  :: feminine of transgresor
transhidrogenasa {f} [enzyme]  :: transhydrogenase
transición {f}  :: transition
transicional {adj}  :: transitional
transicionar {v}  :: to transition
transido {adj} [of a person]  :: Having a particularly strong emotion or state of being
transigente {adj}  :: compromising, conciliatory
transigir {v}  :: to give in, cede, yield, buckle
transilvana {f}  :: feminine noun of transilvano
Transilvania {prop} {f}  :: Transilvania (traditional region)
transilvano {adj}  :: Transylvanian
transilvano {m}  :: Transylvanian
transistor {m}  :: transistor
transitabilidad {f}  :: passability
transitable {adj}  :: passable
transitar {v}  :: to travel, transit
transitivamente {adv}  :: transitively
transitivo {adj}  :: transitive
transitoriamente {adv}  :: temporarily, transitorily
transitoriedad {f}  :: transience
transitorio {adj}  :: transitory, temporary
transladar {v}  :: alternative spelling of trasladar
translúcido {adj}  :: translucent (allowing light to pass through scattering it)
transliteración {f}  :: transliteration
transliterar {v}  :: to transliterate
translocación {f} [genetics]  :: translocation
translucencia {f}  :: translucency
translucir {v}  :: alternative form of traslucir
transluminal {adj}  :: transluminal
transmedia {adj}  :: transmedia
transmembrana {f}  :: transmembrane
transmembranal {adj}  :: transmembranal
transmetilación {f} [chemistry]  :: transmethylation
transmigración {f}  :: transmigration
transmigrar {vi}  :: to transmigrate (migrate to another country)
transmigrar {vi} [of the soul]  :: to transmigrate (pass into another body after death)
transmisibilidad {f} [medicine]  :: transmissibility, contagiousness
transmisible {adj}  :: transmissible
transmisión {f}  :: broadcast
transmisor {m}  :: transmitter
transmisora {f}  :: feminine noun of transmisor
transmitir {v}  :: to transmit
transmontano {adj}  :: transmontane
transmutación {f}  :: transmutation
transmutar {vti}  :: to transmute (to change one thing into another)
transnacional {adj}  :: international, multinational
transnacional {mf}  :: multinational
Transnistria {prop} {f}  :: Transnistria (breakaway country)
transnistriano {adj}  :: Transnistrian
transoceánico {adj}  :: transoceanic (beyond or on the other side of an ocean)
transoceánico {adj}  :: transoceanic (crossing an ocean)
transparencia {f}  :: transparency
transparentar {v}  :: to make transparent
transparente {adj}  :: transparent
transpeptidasa {f} [enzyme]  :: transpeptidase
transpersonal {adj}  :: transpersonal
transpiración {f}  :: perspiration, sweating
transpiración {f}  :: transpiration
transpirar {v}  :: to transpire; to perspire, sweat
transplantar {v} [rare, perhaps nonstandard]  :: alternative form of trasplantar
transplante {m}  :: transplant
transplante {m}  :: transplantation
transpondedor {m}  :: transponder
transponer {vt}  :: to move
transponer {vt} [music]  :: to transpose
transponer {vt}  :: to transplant (move plants from one place to another)
transponer {vp}  :: to disappear from view
transportable {adj}  :: transportable
transportación {f}  :: transportation
transportador {adj}  :: transporting
transportador {m}  :: carrier, conveyor
transportador {m}  :: protractor
transportadora {f}  :: feminine noun of transportador
transportar {v}  :: to transport
transportar {v} [music]  :: to transpose
transportarse {v}  :: reflexive of transportar
transporte {m}  :: transport
transporte público {m}  :: public transit
transportista {adj}  :: (of a person) transporting
transportín {m}  :: carrier behind a bicycle seat
transportín {m}  :: transport kennel of bag
transposición {f}  :: transposition
transposón {m}  :: transposon
transtornar {v}  :: alternative spelling of trastornar
transtorno {m}  :: nonstandard form of trastorno
transubstanciación {f}  :: transubstantiation
transustanciación {f}  :: transubstantiation
transustanciar {v}  :: to transubstantiate
transvaginal {adj}  :: transvaginal
transvanguardia {f}  :: transavantgarde
transvasar {v}  :: to decant
transversal {adj}  :: transversal
transversal {f}  :: transversal
transversalidad {f}  :: transversality
transversalización {f}  :: mainstreaming
transversalmente {adv}  :: transversely
transverso {adj}  :: transverse
tranvía {m}  :: tram
tranviario {adj} [attributive]  :: tram
tranzar {v}  :: to break, break off, cut off
tranzar {v}  :: to braid, plait (synonym of trenzar)
tranzar {v} [colloquial]  :: to snog, French kiss
trap {m}  :: trap (music)
trapacera {f}  :: feminine of trapacero
trapacería {f}  :: swindling, conning, defrauding
trapacero {m}  :: swindler, conman
trapalear {vi}  :: to walk around noisily
trapalear {vi}  :: to talk excessively and without making sense
trapalear {vi}  :: to act as a deceiver or charlatan
trape {m} [dated]  :: intermediate fabric used to make drapery
trapeador {m} [Latin America]  :: mop
trapear {v}  :: to mop
trapecio {m} [geometry]  :: trapezoid
trapecio {m} [skeleton]  :: trapezium
trapecio {m} [muscle]  :: trapezius
trapecio {m}  :: trapeze
trapecista {mf}  :: trapeze artist; trapezist
trapense {adj}  :: Trappist
trapense {mf}  :: Trappist
trapera {f}  :: feminine noun of trapero
trapero {m}  :: rag-seller
trapero {m}  :: peddler
trapero {m} [Latin America]  :: mop
trapezoidal {adj}  :: trapezoidal
trapezoide {m} [geometry]  :: trapezium (irregular quadrilateral)
trapezoide {m} [anatomy]  :: trapezoid (bone)
trapiche {m}  :: press, crusher (machine)
trapichear {v}  :: to fiddle, scheme
trapicheo {m}  :: trick, plot, scheme
trapillo {m}  :: diminutive of trapo
trapisonda {f}  :: hullabaloo
trapista {mf}  :: Trappist; a member of the Order of Cistercians of the Strict Observance
trapista {adj}  :: Trappist; of or relating to the monastic order
trapito {m}  :: diminutive of trapo
trapo {m} [cloth]  :: rag
trapo {m} [cloth]  :: any piece of cloth
trapo {m} [cleansing]  :: any fabric or paper piece for clean, wash or dry (tea towel, dish towel, dish cloth, dust cloth, car towel, damp cloth)
trapo {m} [figurative]  :: clothing, clothes
traqueador {m}  :: horse trainer
traqueal {adj}  :: tracheal
traqueostomía {f} [surgery]  :: tracheostomy
traqueotomía {f} [surgery]  :: tracheotomy
traquetear {v}  :: to clatter, rattle
traqueteo {m}  :: rattle, rattling, clatter, clattering
traquita {f}  :: trachyte
traquítico {adj}  :: trachytic
tras {prep}  :: after
tras {prep}  :: beyond
tras- {prefix}  :: alternative form of trans-
trasaltar {m}  :: retroquire
trasandino {adj}  :: trans-Andean (across the Andes)
trasanteayer {adv}  :: three days ago
trasantier {adv}  :: three days ago
trasatlántico {adj}  :: alternative form of transatlántico
trasbordador {m}  :: alternative form of transbordador
trasbordar {v}  :: alternative form of transbordar
trasbordo {m}  :: alternative spelling of transbordo
trascartón {adv}  :: Immediately after
trascendencia {f}  :: importance
trascendencia {f}  :: transcendence
trascendental {adj}  :: transcendental
trascendentalismo {m}  :: transcendentalism
trascendentalista {adj}  :: transcendentalist
trascendentalista {mf}  :: transcendentalist
trascendentalmente {adv}  :: transcendentally
trascendente {adj}  :: transcendent
trascender {vi}  :: to transcend, to go beyond
trascenio {m}  :: backstage
trascoda {m} [music]  :: A piece of gut that ties each string of a violin etc to the tailpiece
trascoro {m}  :: retrochoir
trascribir {v}  :: alternative form of transcribir
trascripción {f}  :: alternative form of transcripción
trascurrir {v}  :: alternative form of transcurrir
trascurso {m}  :: alternative form of transcurso
trasegar {v}  :: to move around
trasegar {v}  :: to transfer (liquid from one container to another)
trasegar {v}  :: to tope, booze (drink alcohol excessively)
trasegar {v}  :: to gulp (drink)
trasegar {v}  :: to smuggle (drugs)
trasegar {m}  :: travels, journeying
traserito {m}  :: diminutive of trasero
trasero {adj}  :: back, back-side, rear-side, posterior
trasero {m} [slang, anatomy]  :: butt
trasferencia {f}  :: alternative form of transferencia
trasferir {v}  :: alternative form of transferir
trasfigurar {v}  :: alternative form of transfigurar
trasfondo {m}  :: background
trasformación {f}  :: alternative form of transformación
trasformador {adj}  :: alternative form of transformador
trasformador {m}  :: alternative form of transformador
trasformar {v}  :: alternative form of transformar
trasfusión {f}  :: alternative form of transfusión
trasgo {m} [Iberian folklore, mythology, fantasy]  :: A mischievous mythological creature similar to a goblin, imp, or kobold found in legends of Portugal and Spain (viz. Iberia proper), with varying descriptions
trasgredir {v}  :: alternative form of transgredir
trasgresión {f}  :: transgression
trashumancia {f}  :: transhumance, migration
trashumante {adj}  :: migratory
trashumante {adj}  :: transhumant (moving from winter to summer pasture)
trasiego {m}  :: transfer
trasiego {m}  :: hustle and bustle
traslación {f} [physics, geometry]  :: translation
trasladable {adj}  :: translatable (capable of being translated from one context to another)
trasladar {v}  :: to move
trasladar {v}  :: to transfer
trasladar {v}  :: to translate
trasladar {v}  :: to copy, to transcribe
trasladar {v}  :: to transmit
trasladarse {v}  :: reflexive of trasladar
traslado {m}  :: move, removal
traslado {m}  :: transfer
traslado {m}  :: copy
traslapar {v}  :: to overlap
traslúcido {adj}  :: alternative form of translúcido
traslocación {f}  :: translocation
trasluchada {f} [nautical]  :: gybe, jibe
trasluchar {v} [nautical]  :: to gybe, jibe
traslucir {vt}  :: to show, to reveal
traslucir {vr}  :: to be translucent
traslucirse {v}  :: to show (through)
trasluz {m}  :: light (that passes through a transparent or translucent object)
trasmallo {m}  :: drift net (very long fishing net)
trasmigrar {v}  :: alternative form of transmigrar
trasmisible {adj}  :: alternative spelling of transmisible
trasmisión {f}  :: alternative form of transmisión
trasmisor {m}  :: alternative form of transmisor
trasmitir {v}  :: alternative form of transmitir
trasmontano {adj}  :: alternative form of transmontano
trasmutación {f}  :: alternative form of transmutación
trasmutar {v}  :: alternative form of transmutar
trasnacional {adj}  :: alternative spelling of transnacional
trasnochado {adj}  :: outmoded, outdated
trasnochado {adj}  :: decrepit, worn
trasnochador {adj}  :: awake at night
trasnochador {m}  :: night owl, night bird
trasnochar {v}  :: to stay awake all night
trasojado {adj}  :: haggard
trasoír {v}  :: to mishear
traspalar {v}  :: to shovel
traspapelar {v}  :: to mislay, misplace
trasparencia {f}  :: alternative form of transparencia
trasparentar {v}  :: alternative form of transparentar
trasparente {adj}  :: alternative form of transparente
traspasar {v}  :: to transfer
traspasar {v}  :: to penetrate
traspasar {v}  :: to pierce
traspasar {v}  :: to violate (rules, laws etc)
traspasar {v}  :: to overstep (limits)
traspaso {m}  :: transfer
traspaso {m}  :: passing, crossing
traspaso {m}  :: piercing
traspaso {m}  :: transgression, violation
traspaso {m}  :: trespass
traspatio {m}  :: backyard
traspié {m}  :: trip, stumble
traspirar {v}  :: alternative form of transpirar
trasplantar {v}  :: to transplant
trasplante {m}  :: transplant
trasponer {v}  :: alternative form of transponer
trasportación {f}  :: alternative form of transportación
trasportador {adj}  :: alternative form of transportador
trasportador {m}  :: alternative form of transportador
trasportar {v}  :: alternative form of transportar
trasporte {m}  :: alternative form of transporte
trasquilado {adj} [colloquial]  :: ruined, damaged, screwed up, fleeced
trasquilar {v}  :: to shear
trastabillante {adj}  :: stumbling
trastabillante {adj}  :: stuttering
trastabillar {v}  :: to stumble
trastabillar {v}  :: to stutter, stammer
trastabillear {v}  :: synonym of trastabillar
trastabilleo {m}  :: stumble
trastada {f}  :: prank
traste {m} [music]  :: fret
traste {m} [Latin America]  :: worthless thing or person
traste {m} [Mexico, in the plural]  :: laundry (dirty clothes)
traste {m} [Mexico, in the plural]  :: dirty dishes
trastear {v}  :: to move things around, to jumble up things
trastear {v}  :: to play up, play about, misbehave
trastear {v}  :: to manage, cope well
trastear {v} [bullfighting]  :: to toy with the cape
trasteo {m}  :: skillful positioning
trastero {m}  :: lumber room; storage room
trastero {adj}  :: of or relating to a lumber room
trasterrada {f}  :: feminine noun of trasterrado
trasterrado {m}  :: transportation (act of being transported)
trasterrado {m}  :: immigrant; refugee (especially those who went to Mexico because of the Spanish Civil War)
trastienda {f}  :: backroom (room located in the rear of a shop)
trasto {m}  :: piece of furniture
trasto {m}  :: utensil
trastocar {vt}  :: to upset, unsettle
trastornado {adj}  :: disordered, disturbed
trastornado {adj}  :: crazy
trastornar {v}  :: to upset
trastornar {v}  :: to drive crazy, insane
trastornar {vr} [trastornarse]  :: to get crazy, go nuts, snap
trastornarse {v}  :: reflexive of trastornar, to get crazy, go nuts, snap
trastorno {m}  :: disturbance, disorder
trastorno bipolar {m}  :: bipolar disorder
trastorno obsesivo-compulsivo {m}  :: obsessive-compulsive disorder
trastrabillar {v}  :: to stumble
trastrabillar {v}  :: to mutter; mumble
trastrocar {v}  :: to mess up; screw up
trastrocar {v}  :: to reorder; change the order of
trastuzumab {f} [organic compound]  :: trastuzumab
trasuntar {v}  :: to transcribe
trasunto {m}  :: copy
trasvasar {v}  :: alternative form of transvasar
trasversal {adj}  :: alternative form of transversal
trasversalmente {adv}  :: transversely, crosswise
trasverso {adj}  :: alternative form of transverso
trata {f}  :: trade, slave trade
tratable {adj}  :: tractable, sociable
trata de blancas {f}  :: sexual slavery (human trafficking for prostitution)
tratadista {mf}  :: treatise writer
tratado {m}  :: treaty
tratamiento {m}  :: treatment
tratante {mf}  :: animal trader
tratar {vt}  :: to treat (to handle, behave toward in a specific way)
tratar {vt}  :: to treat (to apply medical care)
tratar {vt}  :: to treat (to submit to a chemical action)
tratar {vt}  :: to address, to refer to as
tratar {v} [tratar de]  :: to try, to attempt
tratar {v} [tratarse de, tratar de]  :: to be about, to concern
tratar a patadas {v} [idiomatic]  :: to treat like dirt
tratativa {f}  :: initial step (of a transaction)
trato {m}  :: deal
trato {m}  :: treatment
trato {m}  :: behaviour
trauma {m} [medicine, psychology]  :: trauma
traumar {vt}  :: to traumatize
traumatismo {m}  :: traumatism, injury, trauma
traumatizante {adj}  :: traumatizing
traumatizar {vt}  :: to traumatize
traumatóloga {f}  :: traumatologist
traumatólogo {m}  :: traumatologist
traumatología {f}  :: traumatology (branch of medicine)
traumático {adj}  :: traumatic (related to trauma)
traumático {adj}  :: traumatic (that causes trauma)
traversa {f} [nautical]  :: stay
travertino {m}  :: travertine
travesía {f}  :: traverse, crossing
travesía {f}  :: trip, journey
travesaño {f}  :: rung of a ladder
travesaño {f} [architecture]  :: crossbeam
travesaño {f} [sport]  :: crossbar
travesero {adj}  :: cross-; horizontal
travesero {m}  :: bolster
travestí {mf}  :: transvestite
travesti {mf}  :: transvestite
travestido {adj}  :: disguised, in disguise
travestido {m}  :: transvestite
travestir {v}  :: to dress up in drag (as members of the opposite sex)
travestismo {m}  :: transvestism
travestista {adj}  :: transvestic
travesura {f}  :: prank
traviesa {f} [rail transport]  :: railway sleeper, tie
travieso {adj}  :: naughty, mischievous
travieso {adj}  :: playful; suggesting mirth or fun
través {m} [unusual]  :: bent
tórax {m} [anatomy]  :: thorax
trayecto {m}  :: route
trayectoria {f}  :: trajectory
trayectoria {f}  :: sequence of events of a professional career, artistic career, a social group, a war, etc
trayectoria {f}  :: course, path
trazabalididad {f}  :: traceability
trazabilidad {f}  :: traceability
trazable {adj}  :: traceable, trackable
trazado {m}  :: tracing
trazado {m}  :: layout (of a town)
trazado {m}  :: plan, design (of a building)
trazado {m}  :: route (of a path)
trazador {m}  :: designer, planner
trazador {m} [military]  :: tracer
trazador {m} [computing]  :: plotter (type of printer)
trazar {vt}  :: to trace
trazar {vt}  :: to draw
trazo {m}  :: line (writing)
trazo {m}  :: stroke (writing)
trébol {m}  :: clover
trébol {m}  :: trefoil, shamrock
trébol {m} [heraldiccharge]  :: trefoil
trébol {m} [card games]  :: club (a playing card of the suit clubs, tréboles)
trácala {f} [Latin America]  :: trap
tríceps {m}  :: triceps
tríceps braquial {m}  :: triceps brachii
tríceps sural {m}  :: triceps surae
trebejar {v}  :: to romp, frisk, gambol
trebejar {v} [rare]  :: to play
trebejo {m} [usually, in the plural]  :: tool, utensil, instrument
trebejo {m}  :: toy
trebejo {m}  :: chess piece
trebejo {m} [archaic]  :: diversion, pastime
trebejo {m} [archaic]  :: joke, jest
trece {num} [cardinal]  :: thirteen
treceavo {m}  :: thirteenth
trechar {v}  :: to cut open (fish)
trecho {m}  :: distance, stretch, extension (in space or time)
trecho {m}  :: way, trail, walk
trecientos {num} [obsolete]  :: three hundred
Trecén {prop}  :: Troezen
tregua {f}  :: truce
tregua {f}  :: rest, break
trehalasa {f} [enzyme]  :: trehalase
trehalosa {f} [carbohydrate]  :: trehalose
treinta {num} [cardinal]  :: thirty
treintañera {f}  :: thirtysomething
treintañero {m}  :: thirtysomething
treintavo {m}  :: thirtieth
treinta y cinco {num}  :: thirty-five
treinta y cuatro {num}  :: thirty-four
treinta y dos {num}  :: thirty-two
treinta y nueve {num}  :: thirty-nine
treinta y ocho {num}  :: thirty-eight
treinta y seis {num}  :: thirty-six
treinta y siete {num}  :: thirty-seven
treintaytantos {num}  :: thirtysomething
treinta y tres {num}  :: thirty-three
treinta y uno {num}  :: thirty-one
treinteañera {f}  :: thirtysomething-year-old
treintena {f}  :: thirty-some
trekking {m}  :: trekking
tremebundo {adj}  :: horrific, tremendous
tremebundo {adj}  :: ear-splitting (noise)
tremedal {m}  :: quag, quagmire
tremendamente {adv}  :: tremendously
tremendismo {m} [literature]  :: A technique using extremely crude realism in order to shock the reader, chiefly used in some Spanish novels of the 1940s
tremendista {adj} [chiefly literature]  :: Crude, foul or coarse as typical of the literary technique of tremendismo
tremendista {mf} [literature]  :: A writer using this technique
tremendo {adj}  :: tremendous
tremer {v}  :: to tremble
tremolante {adj}  :: trembling; shaking
tremolar {v}  :: to sway
tremolar {v}  :: to flutter about
tremolar {vt}  :: to wave
tremor {m}  :: tremor, trembling
tren {m} [transport, railway]  :: train
trenchcoat {m}  :: trenchcoat
trencilla {f}  :: diminutive of trenza
trencito {m}  :: diminutive of tren
tren de aterrizaje {m}  :: landing gear
tren de potencia {m}  :: powertrain
trending topic {m}  :: trending topic
trendy {adj}  :: trendy
trenecito {m}  :: diminutive of tren; small train
trenetiano {adj}  :: Of or relating to Charles Trenet
tren interurbano {m}  :: commuter rail
trentón {m}  :: thirtysomething
trentona {f}  :: feminine noun of trentón
tren ultraligero {m}  :: ultra light rail
trenza {f}  :: plait, braid, truss
trenzar {v}  :: to plait; to braid
treonina {f} [amino acid]  :: threonine
treosa {m} [carbohydrate]  :: threose
trepador {adj}  :: climbing
trepador {m}  :: climber
trepador {m}  :: social climber
trepador {m}  :: careerist
trepadora {f}  :: feminine noun of trepador
trepamonos {m}  :: climbing frame
trepanación {f} [surgery]  :: trepanation
trepanar {v}  :: to trepan
trepar {v}  :: to climb
treparse {v}  :: reflexive of trepar
trepatroncos {m}  :: woodcreeper
trepatroncos {m}  :: treecreeper, better known as the agateador
trepidación {f}  :: trepidation
trepidante {adj}  :: frenetic, intense
trepidante {adj}  :: trembling strongly
trepidar {v}  :: to vibrate
trepidatorio {adj}  :: trepidatory
treprostinil {m} [pharmaceutical drug]  :: treprostinil
tres {num} [cardinal]  :: three
tresañero {adj}  :: three-year-old
tresañero {m}  :: three-year-old
trescientas {num}  :: feminine of trescientos
trescientos {num}  :: three hundred
tres cuartos del mismo {mp} [idiomatic]  :: the same story; the same again
tres en raya {m}  :: tic-tac-toe, or noughts and crosses
tresero {m}  :: tresero
tresillo {m} [music]  :: triplet
tresillo {m}  :: three-piece suite
tresillo {m}  :: A type of card game
tresillo {m}  :: A type of Latin American musical rhythm consisting of three-beat units
tresillo {m}  :: An obsolete letter shaped like a 3 from colonial Mayan orthographies to indicate a uvular ejective
Tres Ríos {prop}  :: A municipality of Costa Rica in Cartago
treta {f}  :: trick
treudo {m}  :: tribute
treudo {m}  :: (historical) (esp. Aragon) emphyteutic canon; emphyteusis
treudo {m}  :: (historical) (esp. Aragon) cadastre
Treviño {prop} {m}  :: surname
treynta {num}  :: obsolete spelling of treinta
tráfago {m}  :: traffic
tráfago {m} [colloquial]  :: hustle, bustle
tráfago {m}  :: tiring activities, work
tráfico {m}  :: traffic
tráfico {m} [Latin America]  :: smuggle
trófico {adj}  :: trophic
trágicamente {adv}  :: tragically
trágico {adj} [drama]  :: tragic
trágico {adj}  :: tragic, distressful
trígono {m} [relatively rare]  :: triangle
triage {m}  :: alternative form of triaje
triaje {m} [medicine]  :: triage
triamputado {m}  :: one-limbed
Triana {prop} {f}  :: A neighborhood in Seville, Spain
Triana {prop} {f}  :: given name
Triana {prop} {f}  :: surname
trianero {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to Triana, Seville
trianero {m}  :: Someone from Triana
triangulación {f}  :: triangulation
triangular {adj}  :: triangular
triangular {v}  :: to triangulate
triangulito {m}  :: diminutive of triangulo
trianual {adj}  :: triannual
triario {m} [military of Ancient Rome]  :: triarius
triate {mf}  :: triplet
triatleta {mf}  :: triathlete
triatlón {m}  :: triathlon
triatomino {m}  :: kissing bug
triazina {f} [organic compound]  :: triazine
triazo {m}  :: triazo
tribadismo {m}  :: tribadism, a form of lesbian intercourse involving the rubbing together of two partners' vulvae
tribal {adj}  :: tribal
tribalismo {m}  :: tribalism
tribología {f}  :: tribology
tribu {f}  :: tribe
tribu {f} [taxonomy]  :: tribe
tribulación {f}  :: tribulation
tribuna {f}  :: tribune (platform for speaking)
tribuna {f}  :: gallery (uppermost seating area of a theatre, church, hall or auditorium)
tribuna {f}  :: eloquence; oratory (artistry and persuasiveness in speech)
tribunado {m}  :: tribune
tribunal {m}  :: tribunal
tribunalicio {adj} [attributive]  :: tribunal; court
tribunal testamentario {m}  :: probate court
tribuno {m}  :: tribune
tributable {adj}  :: taxable
tributación {f}  :: tax, taxation
tributar {v}  :: to render; to pay tribute to
tributario {adj}  :: tributary
tributarista {mf}  :: tax expert
tricampeón {m}  :: three-time champion; one who has won a championship three times
tricampeona {f}  :: three-time champion
tricampeonato {m}  :: third-time championship
tricapa {adj}  :: three-ply
tricar {m}  :: tricar
tricentenario {adj}  :: tricentennial
tricentenario {m}  :: tricentenary
tricentésimo {adj}  :: three hundredth
triceps {m}  :: triceps
triciclo {m}  :: tricycle (bicycle with three wheels)
triciclo {m}  :: Any three-wheeled vehicle
tricimoto {m}  :: motorized tricycle
triclínico {adj}  :: triclinic
triclocarban {m}  :: triclocarban
tricloroacetato {m} [organic compound]  :: trichloroacetate
tricloroacético {adj}  :: trichloroacetic
tricloroetileno {m} [organic compound]  :: trichloroethylene
triclorofluorometano {m} [organic compound]  :: trichlorofluoromethane
triclosán {m} [organic compound]  :: triclosan
tórico {adj}  :: toric; toroidal
tricofilia {f}  :: trichophilia
tricolor {adj}  :: tricolor (having three colors)
tricolor {m}  :: tricolour (flag)
tricoma {m}  :: trichome
tricomoniasis {f}  :: trichomoniasis
tricornio {m}  :: tri-corn hat
tricot {m}  :: tricot
tricotar {v}  :: to knit
tricotiodistrofia {f}  :: trichothiodystrophy
tricotómico {adj}  :: Pertaining to trichotomy
tricotomía {f}  :: trichotomy
tricóptero {m}  :: caddis fly
tricótomo {adj}  :: trichotomous
tridecágono {m} [geometry]  :: triskaidecagon, tridecagon
tridente {m}  :: trident (a three-pronged spear)
tridimensional {adj}  :: three-dimensional, tridimensional
tridisminuido {adj} [geometry]  :: tridiminished
trienal {adj}  :: three-year
trienio {m}  :: triennium; period of three years
Trieste {prop}  :: Trieste (town)
triestino {adj}  :: Triestine
triestino {m}  :: Triestine
trietilamina {f} [organic compound]  :: triethylamine
trifecta {f}  :: trifecta
trifenilmetano {m} [organic compound]  :: triphenylmethane
triflato {m} [organic chemistry]  :: triflate
trifosfato {m} [chemistry]  :: triphosphate
trifásico {adj}  :: three-phase
trifulca {f}  :: quarrel, row
trifulca {f}  :: punch-up, ruckus
trigal {m}  :: wheatfield
triglicérido {m} [organic compound]  :: triglyceride
trigémino {adj}  :: trigeminal
trigónido {m} [anatomy]  :: trigonid
trigo {m}  :: wheat
trigo limpio {m} [idiom, usually in the negative]  :: an honest thing or person
trigonometría {f} [mathematics]  :: trigonometry
trigonométrico {adj}  :: trigonometric
trigésimo {adj}  :: thirtieth
trigésimo {m}  :: thirtieth
trigueño {adj}  :: Resembling wheat, wheaten
trikini {m}  :: trikini
trilateral {adj}  :: trilateral
trile {m}  :: thimblerig (game)
tráiler {m}  :: trailer (vehicle)
tráiler {m}  :: trailer (preview)
trilero {m}  :: thimblerig
trilero {m}  :: con artist
trilingüe {adj}  :: trilingual
trilingüismo {m}  :: trilingualism
trilita {f}  :: trinitrotoluene, TNT
trilla {f}  :: gurnard (fish)
trilla {f}  :: threshing
trillar {v}  :: to thresh
trillizo {adj}  :: triplet; in a group of three
trillizo {m}  :: triplet
trillón {m} [cardinal]  :: a quintillion; 1018
trillo {m}  :: threshing board
trilobal {adj}  :: trilobal
trilogía {f}  :: trilogy
trimarán {m}  :: trimaran
trimestral {adj}  :: trimestral
trimestralmente {adv}  :: every three months, quarterly
trimestre {m}  :: trimester
trimetilamina {f} [organic chemistry]  :: trimethylamine
trimetilpentano {m} [organic compound]  :: trimethylpentane
trimetoprima {f} [organic compound]  :: trimethoprim
trimetroprima {f}  :: trimethoprim
trimétrico {adj}  :: trimetric
trinar {v}  :: to warble, chirp
trincar {v} [colloquial]  :: to nick, rob
trincar {v} [colloquial]  :: to kidnap, nab
trincar {v} [colloquial]  :: to screw, shag
trincar {v} [colloquial]  :: to take out, do away with (kill)
trincar {v} [colloquial]  :: to get drunk
trincar {v} [colloquial]  :: to bust (a felon)
trinchar {v}  :: to carve
trinche {m} [Latin America]  :: fork
trinchera {f}  :: trench, ditch
trinchera {f}  :: trench (in war)
trincherazo {m} [bullfighting]  :: A movement holding the muleta low in the right hand
trincherilla {f} [bullfighting]  :: A left-handed trincherazo
trineo {m}  :: sledge, sleigh
triángulo {m} [geometry]  :: triangle
triángulo {m} [musical instruments]  :: triangle
triángulo {m} [automotive]  :: control arm
triángulo equilátero {m} [geometry]  :: equilateral triangle
triángulo obtusángulo {m}  :: obtuse triangle
triángulo rectángulo {m}  :: right triangle
trinidad {f}  :: trinity
trinidad {prop} {f}  :: Trinity (in Christianity)
Trinidad {prop}  :: Trinidad (island)
Trinidad {prop}  :: given name, referring to the Holy Trinity
trinidadiano {adj}  :: Trinidadian
trinidadiano {m}  :: Trinidadian
Trinidad y Tabago {prop}  :: alternative form of Trinidad y Tobago
Trinidad y Tobago {prop}  :: Trinidad and Tobago
trinitaria {f}  :: feminine of trinitario
trinitario {adj} [attributive]  :: Trinity
trinitario {adj}  :: Trinidadian
trinitario {m}  :: Trinity member
trinitario {m}  :: Trinidadian
triniteca {f}  :: feminine of triniteco
triniteco {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to the municipality of Trinidad, Santa Bárbara, Honduras
triniteco {m}  :: An inhabitant of the municipality of Trinidad, Santa Bárbara, Honduras
trinitense {adj}  :: Trinidadian and Tobagonian
trinitense {mf}  :: Trinidadian and Tobagonian
trinitrofenol {m} [organic compound]  :: trinitrophenol, picric acid
trinitrotolueno {m} [organic compound]  :: trinitrotoluene, TNT
trino {m}  :: chirp
trinomio {m}  :: trinomial
trinquete {m}  :: foresail
trinquete {m}  :: ratchet
trinquete {m}  :: A variety of a Basque pelota court
trinquetilla {f} [nautical]  :: yankee (sail)
triosa {f} [organic chemistry]  :: triose
trip {m}  :: trip (hallucination)
tripa {f}  :: tripe
tripa {f}  :: intestine, gut
tripa {f}  :: belly
tripa {f}  :: inner tube
tripartito {adj}  :: tripartite
tripi {m} [colloquial]  :: LSD (drug)
tripita {f}  :: diminutive of tripa
triplay {m}  :: plywood
triple {adj}  :: triple
triple diosa {f}  :: triple goddess (any triune female deity)
triple diosa {f}  :: Triple Goddess (Wiccan Goddess)
Triple Diosa {f}  :: alternative case form of triple diosa
triple salto {m} [athletics]  :: triple jump
tripleta {f}  :: triple; treble; hat trick
triplete {m}  :: triple, hat trick
triplicar {v}  :: to triplicate; to do something three times
triplista {mf}  :: triple jumper
triploide {adj}  :: triploid
tripón {adj}  :: stout, potbellied
tripón {m}  :: augmentative of tripa; big belly, potbelly
tripsina {f} [enzyme]  :: trypsin
triptamina {f} [organic compound]  :: tryptamine
triptófano {m} [amino acid]  :: tryptophan
triptongar {v}  :: To triphthongize
tripulación {f}  :: crew of a ship, plane, or other craft
tripulado {adj}  :: manned, crewed
tripulante {mf}  :: crewmember
tripular {v}  :: to man
tripular {v}  :: to crew
triquetro {adj}  :: triquetrous
triqui {adj}  :: Trique
triqui {mf}  :: Trique
triquiasis {f}  :: trichiasis
triquini {m}  :: trikini
triquinosis {f}  :: trichinosis
triquitraque {m}  :: firecracker
triquiñuela {f}  :: trick
trirreactor {m}  :: trijet
tris {m}  :: crack
triscador {m}  :: saw set
triscar {v}  :: to leap about
triscar {v}  :: to stamp; stomp
triscar {v}  :: to mix; mix up
triscar {v}  :: to set (a saw)
trisecar {v}  :: to trisect
trisección {f}  :: trisection
trisílabo {m}  :: trisyllable
trisomía {f}  :: trisomy
triste {adj}  :: sad
triste {adj}  :: joyless
tristemente {adv}  :: sadly
tristemente {adv}  :: unfortunately
tristeza {f}  :: sadness
tristeza {f}  :: tristeza (plant disease)
Tristán {prop} {m}  :: given name, cognate to English Tristan
tristísimo {adj}  :: superlative of triste
triterpeno {m} [organic compound]  :: triterpene
triterpenoide {m} [organic compound]  :: triterpenoid
triterpénico {adj}  :: triterpenoid
tritio {m} [isotope]  :: tritium
tritón {m}  :: merman
tritón {m}  :: newt
Tritón {prop} [astronomy]  :: Triton (moon of Neptune)
Tritón {prop} [Greek mythology]  :: Triton (son of the god Poseidon)
tritonia {f}  :: tritonia
trituración {f}  :: grinding, trituration
triturador {m}  :: shredder
trituradora {f}  :: shredder
trituradora {f}  :: crusher
trituradora de madera {f}  :: woodchipper
triturar {v}  :: to grind
triumpho {m}  :: obsolete spelling of triunfo
triunfador {adj}  :: triumphant, winning
triunfador {m}  :: winner, champion
triunfadora {f}  :: feminine of triunfador
triunfal {adj}  :: triumphant, victorious
triunfalismo {m}  :: triumphalism
triunfalista {adj}  :: triumphal
triunfalmente {adv}  :: triumphantly
triunfante {adj}  :: triumphant, victorious
triunfar {v}  :: to triumph
triunfazo {m}  :: great triumph
triunfo {m}  :: triumph
triunvirato {m}  :: triumvirate
triunviro {m}  :: triumvir
trivia {f}  :: trivia
trivial {adj}  :: trivial
trivialidad {f}  :: triviality
trivialización {f}  :: trivialization
trivializar {v}  :: to trivialize
trivialmente {adv}  :: ordinarily; trivially; mundanely
Triviño {prop} {m}  :: surname
trivocalismo {m} [linguistics]  :: the notion that Quechua has three phonemic vowels, instead of five
trióxido {m}  :: trioxide
triza {f}  :: fragment
trímero {m}  :: trimer
térmica {f}  :: thermal
térmicamente {adv}  :: thermally
térmico {adj}  :: thermal
término {m}  :: end
término {m}  :: term
trámite {m}  :: procedure, step
trémulo {adj}  :: trembling, tremulous
tránsfuga {mf}  :: fugitive
tránsfuga {mf}  :: deserter
tránsfuga {mf}  :: turncoat, traitor
tránsito {m}  :: traffic, transit
trío {m}  :: trio, threesome (a group of three, especially for performance art)
trío {m}  :: threesome (an instance of sexual activity involving three people)
troca {f} [colloquial, Mexico]  :: pickup truck
trocar {v}  :: to barter
trocear {v}  :: to shred
trocha {f}  :: trail, narrow path
troche {n}  :: only in a troche y moche
trocito {m}  :: diminutive of trozo, small piece
trocánter {m} [anatomy]  :: trochanter
trocoide {f} [geometry]  :: trochoid
-trofa {suffix}  :: feminine noun of -trofo
-trofa {suffix}  :: feminine singular of -trofo
trofeo {m}  :: trophy
-trofia {suffix}  :: -trophy
-trofo {suffix}  :: -troph, -trophic
trofozoito {m} [cytology]  :: trophozoite
troglodita {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to subterranean life
troglodita {adj}  :: barbarous, cruel (of a person)
troglodita {mf}  :: troglodyte
troglodita {mf}  :: caveman or cavewoman
trogón {m}  :: trogon
troika {f}  :: troika
troilita {f} [mineral]  :: troilite
troj {f}  :: garner
troj {f}  :: A storeroom specifically used to keep olives separately before being ground
troja {f} [archaic]  :: garner
troja {f} [archaic]  :: saddlebag
troja {f} [archaic]  :: A slim bag made of linen cloth
trol {m} [fantasy]  :: troll
trol {m} [Internet]  :: troll
trola {f}  :: lie, fib
trola {f} [slang, South America]  :: female prostitute
trole {m}  :: trolley bus
trolear {v} [internet]  :: to troll
trolebús {m}  :: trolley bus
trolero {adj}  :: lying, fibbing
troll {m}  :: alternative spelling of trol
trolley {m} [anglicism]  :: alternative spelling of trole
tromba {f}  :: whirlwind, tornado
trombina {f} [enzyme]  :: thrombin
trombón {m}  :: trombone
trombo {m} [pathology]  :: thrombus
trombocito {m}  :: thrombocyte; blood platelet
trombocitopenia {f} [medicine]  :: thrombocytopenia
tromboembolismo {m}  :: thromboembolism
trombonista {mf}  :: trombonist
trombopenia {f}  :: alternative form of trombocitopenia
trombopoyesis {f} [biology]  :: thrombopoiesis
trombosis {f}  :: thrombosis
tromboxano {m} [organic compound]  :: thromboxane
trombótico {adj}  :: thrombotic
trompa {f}  :: snout (long, projecting nose, mouth and jaw of a beast)
trompa {f}  :: trunk (of an elephant)
trompa {f} [musical instruments]  :: horn
trompa {f}  :: proboscis
trompa {f} [anatomy]  :: tube (especially the Fallopian tube)
trompa {f}  :: booze-up; drinking sesh
trompa {m} [vesre]  :: boss, protector
trompada {f}  :: hit (by an elephant trunk)
trompada {f}  :: smack, bash
trompada {f}  :: beating, ruckus
trompa de Eustaquio {f}  :: Eustachian tube
trompa de Falopio {f} [anatomy]  :: Fallopian tube
trompa de los Alpes {f}  :: alphorn
trompazo {m} [colloquial]  :: bash, hiding, whack
trompe-l'œil {m}  :: trompe-l'oeil (type of optical illusion)
trompeta {f}  :: trumpet
trompeta {mf}  :: trumpeter
trompetear {v}  :: to trumpet; to play the trumpet
trompeteo {m}  :: trumpeting
trompeteo {m}  :: blast of the trumpet
trompetera {f}  :: trumpeter
trompetero {m}  :: trumpeter
trompetero {m}  :: longspine snipefish
trompetista {mf}  :: trumpeter
trompezar {v} [colloquial]  :: alternative form of tropezar
trompicón {m}  :: stumble, little trip
trompista {m}  :: hornist
trompo {m}  :: top (spinning toy)
trompo {m}  :: doughnut (skidding a car)
tron {m} [colloquial]  :: guy, dude, bro
tronal {adj} [rare]  :: related to a trone
tronar {vi} [impersonal]  :: to thunder
tronar {vt} [colloquial]  :: to bust, ruin (person)
tronar {vi} [colloquial]  :: to fail (not pass an exam)
troncal {adj}  :: core, main
tronchado {adj} [heraldry]  :: divided into two parts diagonally, per bend
tronchante {adj}  :: hilarious
tronchar {v}  :: to snap
tronchar {v}  :: to crack, to split
tronchar {v}  :: to shatter
tronco {m}  :: trunk (tree trunk)
tronco {m}  :: torso
tronco {m} [colloquial, Spain]  :: guy, dude
troncocónico {adj}  :: Having the shape of a truncated cone
tronco del encéfalo {m} [anatomy]  :: brain stem
tronco de Navidad {m}  :: a Yule log
tronco navideño {m}  :: yule log
troncopiramidal {adj}  :: Having the shape of a truncated pyramide
tronera {f}  :: small window; porthole
tronera {f}  :: pocket of pool table
tronido {m}  :: thunder
tronido {m}  :: fiasco
tronido {m}  :: roar (loud noise)
tronista {mf} [neologism]  :: The bachelor on a TV show that focuses on a competition to gain that bachelor's romantic interest
trono {m}  :: throne
tronío {m}  :: extravagance
tronquista {mf}  :: coachman
tronquista {mf}  :: teamster [US] (cargo truck driver)
tronquito {m}  :: little trunk
tronquito {m} [slang]  :: penis
tropa {f}  :: troop, crowd
tropa {f} [military]  :: army, troop
tropa {f} [Latin America]  :: flock, herd
tropecientos {adj}  :: zillion
tropel {m}  :: swarm
tropel {m}  :: mob, crowd
tropel {m}  :: squad, troop
tropelía {f}  :: outrage, abuse, barbarity
tropero {m} [Latin America]  :: cowboy
tropezar {vi}  :: to trip, stumble, bump into
tropezar {vi}  :: to get tripped up
tropezar {vr}  :: to meet (someone) by chance
tropezarse {v}  :: reflexive of tropezar
tropezón {adj}  :: stumbling
tropezón {m}  :: stumble, trip (act)
tropezón {m} [usually in plural]  :: bit of meat or other food found in a stew
tropezoso {adj}  :: falling, stumbling
tropical {adj}  :: tropical
tropicalismo {m}  :: tropicalism
tropicalizar {v}  :: to tropicalize
tropiezo {m}  :: setback
tropiezo {m}  :: blunder
tropilla {f}  :: team, group
tropismo {m} [biology]  :: tropism
tropo {m} [music, rhetoric]  :: trope
tropológico {adj}  :: tropological
tropomiosina {f} [protein]  :: tropomyosin
troponina {f} [protein]  :: troponin
tropopausa {f}  :: tropopause
troposfera {f}  :: troposphere
troposférico {adj}  :: tropospheric
tropósfera {f}  :: troposphere
troquel {m}  :: die (mold)
troquelar {v}  :: to die-cast
troquelar {v}  :: to die-cut
troqueo {m} [poetry]  :: trochee
trotador {adj}  :: trotting (of an animal that trots)
trotamundo {m}  :: globetrotter
trotamundos {m}  :: globetrotter
trotar {v}  :: to trot
trotecillo {m}  :: diminutive of trote
trotecito {m}  :: diminutive of trote
trotón {m} [equestrianism]  :: trotter
trotona {f}  :: companion
Trotski {prop}  :: Trotsky
trotskismo {m}  :: Trotskyism
trotskista {m}  :: Trotskyite
troupe {f}  :: troupe
trovador {m}  :: troubadour
trovadora {f}  :: feminine of trovador
trovar {v}  :: to versify, write poetry
trovar {v}  :: to misconstrue (figurative use)
troy {adj}  :: troy
Troya {prop} {f}  :: Troy
troyano {adj}  :: Trojan
troyano {m}  :: Trojan (person from Troy)
troyano {m} [computing]  :: Trojan (computer virus)
trozar {v}  :: to cut up, chop up
trozo {m}  :: piece
trépano {m}  :: drill bit
trópico {m} [astronomy, geography]  :: tropic
trópico {m} [geography]  :: tropics
trópico {adj}  :: Of or relating to tropes and their use
trípode {m}  :: tripod
Trípoli {prop} {m}  :: Tripoli (capital of Libya)
tríptico {m}  :: leaflet, pamphlet
tríptico {m}  :: triptych
tráquea {f}  :: throat, windpipe
túrquico {adj}  :: Turkic
tórrido {adj}  :: sultry, torrid
tórsalo {m}  :: torsalo (parasitic fly)
trásfuga {mf}  :: alternative spelling of tránsfuga
tróspido {adj} [Spain]  :: strange, zany, weird
tróspido {m} [Spain]  :: weirdo
tártaro {m} [poetic]  :: hell
tártaro {m}  :: tartaric acid
tártaro {m} [dentistry]  :: tartar
tártaro {adj}  :: Tatar
tártaro {m}  :: Tatar (person)
tártaro {prop} {m}  :: Tatar (language)
tártaro de Crimea {m}  :: Crimean Tatar (a Turkic language)
tórtola {f}  :: turtle dove (bird)
tórtola turca {f}  :: The collared dove, a bird
tórtolo {m} [colloquial]  :: lovebird (person)
trucar {v}  :: to tune up, soup up (modify a motor vehicle)
trucar {v}  :: to rig
trucha {f}  :: trout
trucha {adj} [slang, offensive]  :: queer
trucho {m} [humorous]  :: male trout
trucho {m} [colloquial, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile]  :: fake, counterfeit, inauthentic
trucho {m} [colloquial, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile]  :: something of low quality
truco {m}  :: trick (something designed to fool or swindle)
truco {m}  :: trick (piece of a magician's act)
truco {m}  :: trick (effective way of doing something)
truco {m}  :: catch (hidden difficulty)
truco {m}  :: a card game, a variant of truc
trucos del oficio {mp} [pluralonly]  :: tricks of the trade
truculencia {f}  :: savagery
truculento {adj}  :: truculent, cruel, savage
truculento {adj}  :: deadly, destructive
Trudeau {prop}  :: surname
trueno {m}  :: a clap of thunder
trueno {m} [rare]  :: privet
trueque {m}  :: barter
trufa {f}  :: truffle (tuber)
trufar {v}  :: to stuff with truffles
trufi {m}  :: A type of taxi
truhan {adj}  :: cunning, tricky
truhan {adj}  :: clowning
truhán {adj}  :: alternative spelling of truhan (before the 2010 spelling reform)
trujillano {adj}  :: Of or from Trujillo
trujillano {m}  :: Someone from Trujillo
Trujillo {prop} {mf}  :: surname
trullo {m} [slang]  :: prison
trumpiano {adj}  :: Trumpian
trumpista {mf}  :: Trumpist
truncar {v}  :: to truncate, to cut off, to cut on one side: "El nuevo edificio de la Tate Gallery presenta una fachada truncada."
truncar {v}  :: be disappointing to one's expectacions: "Sus ilusiones se vieron truncadas."
truncar {v}  :: to interrupt and not let further develop: "Una novela sobre unos refugiados que vieron truncadas sus vidas por la guerra."
trunco {adj}  :: truncated, shortened, incomplete
truño {m} [vulgar]  :: turd (excrement)
truquear {v}  :: synonym of trucar
truquera {f}  :: feminine noun of truquero
truquero {m} [Latin America]  :: trickster
truquito {m}  :: diminutive of truco
trusa {f}  :: briefs
trust {m} [finance]  :: trust
tryout {m}  :: tryout
tsantsa {f}  :: tsantsa
tsáchila {adj}  :: Of the Tsáchila people of Ecuador
tsáchila {mf}  :: A member of the Tsáchila of Ecuador
tísica {f}  :: feminine noun of tísico
tísica {f} [archaic]  :: phthisis (wasting disease)
tísico {adj}  :: phthisic (suffering from a wasting disease)
tísico {m}  :: a phthisic individual
tósigo {m}  :: venom
Tsjinval {prop}  :: The capital city of South Ossetia
Tskhinval {prop}  :: alternative form of Tsjinval
Tsuchiya {prop}  :: surname
tsunami {m}  :: tsunami
tétano {m}  :: alternative form of tétanos
tétanos {m} [disease]  :: tetanus
tótem {m}  :: totem
tótem {m}  :: totem pole
títere {m}  :: puppet
títere {m}  :: marionette
tético {adj}  :: thetic
tétrico {adj}  :: gloomy
título {m}  :: title
título nobiliario {m}  :: peerage
tu {adj}  :: [before the noun] apocopic form of tuyo your
TU {initialism}  :: Tren Urbano, the metro system used in San Juan, Puerto Rico
tuanis {adj} [El Salvador, Honduras, colloquial]  :: Of excellent quality; of a nice nature (said of a thing)
tuanis {adj} [El Salvador, obsolete, colloquial]  :: Of a good, kind personality (said of a person)
tuanis {adj} [Honduras, Nicaragua, colloquial]  :: Cool (fashionable)
tuanis {adj} [Costa Rica, colloquial]  :: Nice, agreeable, giving a general sense of well-being, cool
tuareg {mf}  :: Tuareg
tubería {f}  :: tubing, piping
tubera {f}  :: tuber
tuberculosa {f}  :: feminine of tuberculoso
tuberculosis {f}  :: tuberculosis
tuberculoso {adj}  :: tuberculous
tuberculoso {m}  :: a person suffering from tuberculosis
tubero {m}  :: tuber
tuberosidad {f}  :: tuberosity
tuberosidad isquiática {f}  :: ischial tuberosity
tuberoso {adj}  :: tuberous
tubey {m} [baseball]  :: two-base hit
tubing {m}  :: tubing (activity)
tubista {mf}  :: tubaist
tubito {m}  :: diminutive of tubo
tubo {m}  :: tube
tubo {m} [Latin America]  :: receiver (on a telephone)
tubo de ensayo {m}  :: test tube
tubo de escape {m}  :: tailpipe; exhaust pipe
tubo digestivo {m}  :: digestive tract
tubo lanzatorpedos {m}  :: torpedo tube
tubo neural {m} [anatomy]  :: neural tube
tubérculo {m} [anatomy, botany, pathology, mycology]  :: tubercle
tubular {adj}  :: Tubular (shaped like a tube)
tubulina {f} [protein]  :: tubulin
Tucídides {prop} {m}  :: Thucydides
tucán {m}  :: toucan
tucán {m} [Costa Rica, dated]  :: A 5000 colón bill
Tucsón {prop}  :: Tucson
tucumano {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to Tucumán
tucumano {m}  :: Someone from Tucumán
tucuruguay {m}  :: A type of gravel
tucusito {m}  :: hummingbird
tudel {m}  :: bocal
tueco {m}  :: stump; treestump
tuera {f}  :: colocynth, bitter apple (Citrullus colocynthis)
tuerca {f}  :: nut (for a bolt)
tuero {m}  :: wood
tuero {m}  :: firewood
tuerta {f}  :: feminine noun of tuerto
tuerto {adj}  :: one-eyed
tuerto {m}  :: one-eyed person
tuerto {m}  :: tort, injury, offense
tuerto {m}  :: Someone who is thought to bring bad luck to a person they see
tufarada {f}  :: froust
tufillo {m}  :: whiff (slight smell)
tufo {m}  :: foul odor, stench
tufo {m}  :: bad breath
tufo {m}  :: a wisp (of hair)
tugurial {adj}  :: slum
tugurio {m}  :: slum, shack, hovel
tuición {f}  :: guardianship, responsibility
tuit {m} [computing]  :: tweet (post on Twitter)
tuitear {v} [Internet]  :: to tweet
tuiteo {m} [computing]  :: tweet (post on Twitter)
tuitera {f}  :: feminine noun of tuitero
tuitero {adj} [neologism, Internet]  :: Twitter, tweeter (attributive)
tuitero {m} [neologism, Internet]  :: tweeter (Twitter user)
tul {m}  :: tulle (material)
tula {f} [vulgar, Chile]  :: penis
tule {m}  :: tule (freshwater sedge)
tulio {m}  :: thulium
tulipanera {f}  :: feminine noun of tulipanero
tulipanero {m}  :: tulip grower
tulipanero {m}  :: tulip seller
tulipán {m}  :: tulip
tullido {adj}  :: paralyzed
tullido {adj}  :: crippled
tullido {m}  :: cripple, handicapped person
tullir {v}  :: to paralyze, cripple, maim
tu madre {interj} [pejorative, slang]  :: A catch-all retort; shut the fuck up
tumba {f}  :: grave
tumbaburros {m} [slang]  :: dictionary
tumbaburros {m}  :: grille guard
tumbado {adj}  :: lying down
tumbador {m}  :: conga drummer
tumbadora {f} [musical instruments]  :: conga drum
tumbar {vt}  :: to knock over, tip (make fall)
tumbar {vi}  :: to fall
tumbar {vr}  :: to lie down
tumbarse {v}  :: reflexive of tumbar
tumbarse a la bartola {v} [idiomatic]  :: To hit the hay; hit the sack
tumblr {m}  :: A microblog created on Tumblr
tumbón {adj} [colloquial]  :: sly
tumbón {adj} [colloquial]  :: lazy
tumbo {m} [usually in plural]  :: jolt, shake, shudder
tumbo {m}  :: monastic cartulary
tumbona {f}  :: lounger (chair), sun-lounger, recliner, easy chair, deckchair, beach chair, chaise longue
tumefacción {f}  :: swelling
tumefacto {adj}  :: tumescent; swollen
tumor {m}  :: tumor
tumoración {f}  :: tumor, tumour
tumoral {adj}  :: tumoral
tumorcito {m}  :: diminutive of tumor
tumulto {m}  :: tumult, riot
tumultuar {v}  :: to riot, mutiny
tumultuariamente {adv}  :: very noisily
tumultuario {adj}  :: tumultuous
tumultuoso {adj}  :: tumultuous
tun {m} [musical instruments]  :: A Pre-Hispanic percussion instrument from Guatemala, consisting of a hollow wooden block with slits in the sides
tuna {f}  :: prickly pear, the fruit of the nopal cactus (Opuntia, especially Opuntia ficus-indica)
tuna {f}  :: nopal
tuna {f}  :: [Spain] a college singing group, wearing ornate clothes, called in the Americas estudiantina
tunante {adj}  :: loafing
tunante {adj}  :: tricky, deceptive
tunante {mf}  :: loafer
tunante {mf}  :: crook; meanie; baddie
tunco {m} [colloquial, El Salvador]  :: pig
tunco {m} [colloquial, figurative, El Salvador]  :: fat person
tunda {f} [colloquial, Colombia]  :: beating, blow
tundir {v}  :: to shear
tundir {v}  :: to mow
tundir {v}  :: to thrash
tundra {f}  :: tundra
tunear {v}  :: to be crooked or deceitful
tunear {v}  :: to tune (adjust)
tunecina {f}  :: feminine noun of tunecino
tunecino {adj}  :: Tunisian
tunecino {adj}  :: Of or from Tunis
tunecino {m}  :: Tunisian
tunecino {m}  :: Someone from Tunis
tuneladora {f}  :: tunneler (device for making tunnels)
tunera {f}  :: Member of a tuna (band)
tunera {f}  :: Someone from Las Tunas
tunero {adj}  :: Of or from Las Tunas
tunero {m}  :: Someone from Las Tunas
tungsteno {m}  :: tungsten (chemical element)
tuning {m} [Spain]  :: car tuning, modding, pimping
tunning {m}  :: alternative spelling of tuning
tuntún {n}  :: only in al tuntún
tupé {m}  :: toupee
tupamaro {adj}  :: Tupamaro
tupamaro {m}  :: Tupamaro
tupido {adj}  :: thick, dense
tupido {adj}  :: dim, clumsy
tupir {v}  :: to pack tight; to stuff
tupir {vr}  :: to stuff one's face
tupla {f}  :: tuple
tupper {m}  :: Tupperware container
turanosa {f} [carbohydrate]  :: turanose
turba {f}  :: peat
turba {f}  :: mob
turbación {f}  :: bewilderment, confusion
turbación {f}  :: embarrassment
turbador {adj}  :: disturbing
turbamulta {f}  :: swarm, pack, rabble
turbante {m}  :: turban
turbar {v}  :: to confuse
turbar {v}  :: to disturb
turbera {f}  :: mire
turbero {m}  :: peat bog
turbidez {f}  :: turbidity
turbiedad {f}  :: turbidity, murkiness
turbión {m}  :: downpour (heavy rain)
turbión {m} [figurative]  :: torrent, storm (sudden large amount of something)
turbina {f}  :: turbine
turbinado {m}  :: turbinado
turbio {adj}  :: turbid
turboalimentar {v}  :: to turbocharge
turbocompresor {m}  :: turbocompressor
turbodiesel {m}  :: turbodiesel
turbofán {m}  :: turbofan
turbohélice {m}  :: turboprop
turbonada {f}  :: squall
turbopropulsor {m}  :: turboprop
turborreactor {m}  :: turbojet
turbulencia {f}  :: turbulence
turbulencia {f}  :: turbulent times
turbulento {adj}  :: turbulent
turíbulo {m}  :: censer, thurible
turca {f}  :: Turk
turca {f} [Nicaragua, offensive]  :: penis
turcóloga {f}  :: feminine noun of turcólogo
turcólogo {m}  :: Turkologist
turco {adj}  :: Turkish
turco {m} [nationality, ethnicity]  :: Turk
turco {m} [nationality, ethnicity, Latin America]  :: An Arab or Jew
turco {m} [language]  :: Turkish
turcochipriota {adj}  :: Turkish-Cypriot (of Turkey and Cyprus)
turcochipriota {mf}  :: Turkish-Cypriot (a person of Turkey and Cyprus)
turcomano {adj}  :: Turkoman, Turkmen
turcomano {m}  :: Turkoman, Turkmen (person)
turcomano {m} [uncountable]  :: Turkmen (language)
turcosirio {adj}  :: Turko-Syrian
turf {m}  :: racetrack
turgente {adj}  :: turgid
turicentro {m} [El Salvador]  :: water park
Turingia {prop} {f}  :: Turingia (state)
turinés {adj}  :: Turinese
turinés {m}  :: Turinese
turismo {m}  :: tourism
turismofobia {f}  :: fear or antagonism towards tourists
turismo rural {m}  :: rural tourism
turismo sexual {m}  :: sex tourism
turista {mf}  :: tourist
turista sexual {mf}  :: sex tourist
turistear {v}  :: to visit as a tourist
Turkmenistán {prop} {m}  :: Turkmenistan
turkmeno {adj}  :: Turkmen
turkmeno {m}  :: Turkmen
turmalina {f}  :: tourmaline
turón {m}  :: polecat, weasel
Turín {prop} {m}  :: Turin
turnar {v}  :: to take turns
turnar {v}  :: to alternate
turnarse {vr}  :: To take turns
turnismo {m} [politics]  :: turn-taking
turno {m}  :: turn
turno {m}  :: shift
turno {m}  :: duty, guard
turolense {adj}  :: From Teruel
turolense {mf}  :: Someone from Teruel
turoperador {m}  :: tour operator
turoperadora {f}  :: tour operator
turpial {m}  :: troupial
turquí {adj} [obsolete]  :: Turkish
Turquía {prop} {f}  :: Turkey (country at intersection of Europe and Asia)
turquear {v} [Nicaragua, vulgar]  :: to beat up somebody
turquesa {adj}  :: turquoise
turquesa {f}  :: turquoise (gemstone)
turquesa {f} [uncountable]  :: turquoise (color)
turrialbeña {f}  :: feminine noun of turrialbeño
turrialbeño {adj}  :: Of or from the canton of Turrialba (canton) in Costa Rica
turrialbeño {m}  :: An inhabitant of the canton of Turrialba (canton) in Costa Rica
turrón {m}  :: A sweet made from almonds, similar to nougat
turísticamente {adv}  :: touristically
turístico {adj}  :: touristic
turulato {adj}  :: stunned, astonished
tururú {adj}  :: (to be) crazy, nuts
tusa {f}  :: feminine noun of tuso
tusa {f} [Latin America]  :: stripped corncob
tusa {f} [Latin America]  :: cigar rolled in a corn husk
tusa {f} [Chile]  :: cornsilk
tusa {f} [Chile]  :: mane [of a horse]
tusa {f} [Colombia]  :: pockmark
tusa {f} [Central America, Cuba]  :: trollop, bitch [woman]
tusar {v} [Latin America]  :: to shear
tusar {v} [Latin America, colloquial]  :: to trim, clip
tusígeno {adj}  :: tussive (caused by a cough)
tusilago {m}  :: coltsfoot
tuso {adj}  :: docked, cropped [tailless, short-tailed]
tuso {adj} [Colombia]  :: pockmarked
tuso {m} [colloquial]  :: dog
tuso {interj}  :: /ʘ/, tsch [a word or sound used to call or get the attention of a dog]
tustaca {f}  :: A honey tart, popular in Panama and El Salvador
tustaquería {f}  :: A tustaca shop or stand
tutú {m}  :: tutu
tutía {f}  :: tutty
tuétano {m}  :: marrowbone
tuétano {m}  :: marrow, bone marrow
tute {m} [card game]  :: tute (card game)
tute {m} [card game]  :: A trick-taking play in the same game, combining four kings or four knights
tute {m} [colloquial]  :: strife
tutear {v}  :: to address someone informally, with , to thou
tutela {f}  :: custody
tutela {f}  :: title
tutelaje {m}  :: tutelage
tutelar {adj}  :: tutelar, tutelary
tutelar {v}  :: to act as a guardian to, to supervise, to look after
tuteo {m}  :: The use of informal as opposed to polite pronouns
tuteo {m}  :: In Spanish dialects, the use of the pronoun as opposed to vos
tutiplén {m}  :: only in a tutiplén
tuto {m} [Chile]  :: thigh, leg, shank
tuto {m} [Chile, childish]  :: sleepiness
tuto {m} [Chile, childish]  :: security blanket (comfort object)
tutor {mf}  :: guardian (person responsible for another)
tutor {mf}  :: tutor (teacher)
tutora {f}  :: feminine noun of tutor
tutoría {f}  :: guardianship
tutoría {f}  :: tutorial
tutorial {adj}  :: tutorial
tutorial {m}  :: tutorial
tutsi {adj}  :: Tutsi
tutsi {mf}  :: Tutsi
Tuvalu {prop}  :: Tuvalu
tuvaluano {adj}  :: Tuvaluan
tuvaluano {m}  :: Tuvaluan
tuxedo {m}  :: tuxedo
tuxpeño {adj}  :: Of or from Tuxpan
tuxpeño {m}  :: Someone from Tuxpan
tuxtleco {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to the Mexican city of Tuxtla Gutiérrez
tuya {pron}  :: feminine singular of tuyo
tuya {adj}  :: feminine singular of tuyo
tuya {f} [botany]  :: (Thuja) thuja
tuya {f} [geology]  :: tuya
tuya articulada {f} [plant]  :: sandarac (Tetraclinis articulata Masters)
tuyas {pron}  :: feminine plural of tuyo Yours
tuyas {adj}  :: feminine plural of tuyo Yours, your
tuyo {pron}  :: Yours
tuyo {adj}  :: Yours, your
tuyos {pron}  :: plural of tuyo Yours
tuyos {adj}  :: plural of tuyo Yours, your
tuza {f} [Mexico]  :: gopher
tv {f}  :: (television) TV
TV3 {prop}  :: Televisio de Catalunya Catalan Public Television
TVE {prop} {f}  :: initialism of Televisión Española
té verde {m}  :: green tea
tweed {m}  :: tweed
tweet {m}  :: tweet
twerking {m}  :: twerking
twist {m}  :: twist
twit {m}  :: tweet (message on Twitter)
twitear {v}  :: to tweet (use Twitter)
twittear {v} [Internet]  :: to tweet
twittero {m}  :: alternative spelling of tuitero
tóxico {adj}  :: toxic
txistorra {f}  :: alternative spelling of chistorra
tú y cuántos más {phrase} [idiomatic]  :: you and whose army?
tzeltal {mf}  :: Tzeltal
tzompantli {m}  :: tzompantli ; alternative spelling of zompantli
tzotzil {mf}  :: Tzotzil (person)
tzotzil {m}  :: Tzotzil (language)