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jää {n}  :: ice (any substance having the appearance of ice)
jää {n}  :: ice (water in solid form)
jää {n}  :: rock; in the expression on the rocks = jäillä (adessive plural of jää)
jää {n} [slang, drugs]  :: ice (crystal form of methamphetamine)
jöö {n} [colloquial]  :: order, discipline
J {letter}  :: letter: jii
ja {conj} [coordinating]  :: and
-ja {suffix}  :: Forms agent nouns, especially human ones; -er
jaa {interj}  :: oh (when the speaker is surprised about something that s/he got to know; this has a slight nuance of the speaker being more or less interested in getting more information about it)
jaa {interj} [rare]  :: yes
jaa {interj}  :: um, well
jaa {n}  :: aye (only in singular; in voting)
jaa. {prop}  :: abbreviation of jälkeen ajanlaskun alun
Jaafet {prop} [archaic, biblical character]  :: Japheth (male given name)
Jaakkima {prop}  :: given name, cognate to Joachim
Jaakko {prop}  :: given name
Jaakkola {prop}  :: Any of a number of small places in Finland
Jaakkola {prop}  :: surname
Jaakob {prop}  :: Jacob [biblical character]
Jaakob {prop}  :: James [biblical character]
Jaakola {prop}  :: Any of a number of small places in Finland
Jaakola {prop}  :: surname
Jaakonsaari {}  :: surname
Jaakoppi {prop}  :: given name
jaala {n} [nautical]  :: A type of small sailing boat
Jaana {prop}  :: given name
jaanata {v} [dialectal]  :: to harp
jaa-ääni {n}  :: aye (affirmative vote)
jaardi {n}  :: yard (unit of length equal to three feet)
jaaritella {v}  :: To ramble, drone on; to talk on in length without a point
jaarittelu {n}  :: rambling (meandering talk)
jaaritus {n}  :: rambling (long meandering talk)
jaaritus {n}  :: waffle (vague or evasive language)
jaarli {n}  :: An earl
jaarun {n}  :: a knot on wood
Jaatinen {prop}  :: surname
jaava {n}  :: The Javanese language
Jaava {n}  :: The island of Java
jaavalainen {adj}  :: Javanese (of or pertaining to Java, its people or culture)
jaavalainen {n}  :: Javanese (person)
jaavanhevosenkenkäyökkö {n}  :: Bornean horseshoe bat, Rhinolophus borneensis
jaavankääpiökauris {n}  :: kanchil, lesser mouse deer, Tragulus javanicus
jaavansarvikuono {n}  :: Javan rhinoceros (Rhinoceros sondaicus)
jaavantiikeri {n}  :: Javan tiger (Panthera tigris sondaica)
jackrussellinterrieri {n}  :: Jack Russell terrier
jacksoninkameleontti {n}  :: Jackson's chameleon or three-horned chameleon, Chamaeleo jacksonii
jade {n} [mineral]  :: jade
Jade {prop}  :: given name
jadeiitti {n}  :: jadeite
jae {n} [chemistry]  :: fraction
jae {n}  :: passage, verse
jaella {vt}  :: To distribute
jaguaari {n}  :: jaguar (Panthera onca)
jahdata {vt}  :: to chase, hunt
jahka {conj}  :: once, when, as soon as; used to refer to an expected event in the future
jahkailla {v}  :: to linger / stall / procrastinate / hem and haw in the making of a decision, etc
jahkaista {v}  :: to state something bemoaningly
jahkata {v} [dated]  :: to insist, argue against, oppose (to fight verbally against something)
jahkata {v}  :: to bemoan, complain, regret (to complain and blabber about something without actually doing anything to the problem itself)
jahnata {v}  :: to harp on something (to repeatedly mention a subject)
jahnata {v}  :: to quarrel
jahti {n}  :: hunt, chase
jahti {n}  :: yacht
jahtimakkara {n}  :: A kind of sausage flavoured with onion or garlic, resembling the German Jagdwurst
Jahve {prop}  :: Yahweh
jääaika {n} [ice hockey]  :: time on ice (statistics: the accumulated time which a player is actually playing, i.e. on the ice during a game)
jääaika {n} [ice sports]  :: icetime, ice time, ice-time (period of time for which an ice is reserved for a particular team or individual for exercise or game)
jainalaisuus {n}  :: Jainism
jakaa {vt} [arithmetic]  :: to divide
jakaa {vt} [cards]  :: to deal
jakaa {vt} [figuratively]  :: to mete out, dispense
jakaa {v}  :: To separate
jakaa {vt}  :: To share; to distribute
jakaantua {vi}  :: to divide, split up (e.g. a cell, a group of people, or a group into subgroups)
jakaa oman käden oikeutta {vi} [idiomatic]  :: To take the law into one's own hands (literally: "to dispense the justice of one's own hand")
jakaja {n}  :: dealer
jakaja {n}  :: deliveryman
jakaja {n}  :: distributor
jakaja {n}  :: divisor
jakamaton {n}  :: indivisible
jakamaton {n}  :: undivided
jakaminen {n}  :: Sharing
jakamo {n}  :: distribution station
jakaranda {n}  :: jacaranda
jakardikangas {n}  :: jacquard (fabric)
jakauma {n} [statistics]  :: distribution
jakaus {n}  :: A parting (UK) or part (US) of hair
jakautua {vi}  :: To (be) divide(d) (up), split (up)
jakautuma {n}  :: distribution
jakautuminen {n}  :: dividing
jakelija {n}  :: distributor
jakelu {n}  :: distribution
jakeluauto {n}  :: delivery truck (light truck designed for delivery of goods, typically from wholesalers to individual shops)
jakelulista {n}  :: mailing list
jakkara {n}  :: stool
jakki {n}  :: yak (Bos grunniens)
jakkihedelmä {n}  :: jackfruit
jakkihärkä {n}  :: yak, Bos grunniens
jakku {n}  :: a jacket
jako {n}  :: The act of dividing, sharing or dealing (See various meanings of the verb jakaa)
jako {n}  :: The result of the same activities
jakoavain {n}  :: An adjustable wrench, or an adjustable spanner
jakobiini {n}  :: Jacobin
jakobiitti {n}  :: Jacobite
jakohihna {n}  :: timing belt, cambelt, cam belt
jakojäännös {n} [mathematics]  :: remainder
jakokarmi {n}  :: mullion (vertical bar between the casements of a window)
jakokulma {n} [mathematics]  :: long division
jakolasku {n} [arithmetic]  :: division (calculation involving this process)
jakomielinen {adj}  :: schizophrenic (of or pertaining to schizophrenia)
jakomielitauti {n} [dated, pathology]  :: schizophrenia
jakomielitautinen {adj} [dated, pathology]  :: schizophrenic
jakomielitautinen {n} [dated, pathology]  :: A schizophrenic person
jaksaa {vi}  :: To manage, have enough strength
jaksaa {vt} [auxiliary, + infinitive]  :: To manage, have enough strength (to something)
jaksella {v}  :: to be, to do; used when discussing somebody's well-being
jakso {n}  :: episode
jakso {n}  :: passage (paragraph or section of text)
jakso {n}  :: period
jaksoittainen {adj}  :: intermittent, periodic
jaksollinen {adj} [mathematics]  :: repeating, recurring, circulating, periodic (having a set of decimals that is repeated indefinitely)
jaksollinen {adj}  :: periodic
jaksollinen järjestelmä {n} [chemistry]  :: periodic table
jaksollisuus {n}  :: periodicity (quality of being periodic)
jaksonaika {n}  :: period
jaksotella {v}  :: to divide into passages, such as a scripture
jaksotettu {adj} [accounting]  :: deferred
jaksottaa {v} [accounting]  :: to carry forward (to distribute an expense, typically of an investment, over a number of years)
jaksottaa {v}  :: to divide into passages, such as a scripture
jaksottaa {v}  :: to periodize
jaksottua {v} [accounting]  :: to be carried forward
jaksottua {v}  :: to be divided into passages
jaksotus {n} [accounting]  :: A deferral (instance of carrying an expense forward in bookkeeping)
jakuutti {n}  :: A Yakut
jakuutti {n}  :: The Yakut language
jalake {n}  :: mount, stand, pedestal
jalake {n} [zoology]  :: cheta
jalallinen {adj}  :: Having one or more legs
jalan {adv}  :: on foot, by foot, afoot
jalanjälki {n}  :: footprint
jalankulkija {n}  :: Pedestrian
jalankulku {n} [as modifier in compound terms]  :: pedestrian, foot-
jalankulku {n}  :: walking, especially as form of moving around
jalankulkualue {n}  :: pedestrian zone, pedestrian area; [UK] pedestrian precinct
jalankulkukatu {n}  :: pedestrian street
jalankulkusilta {n}  :: footbridge
jalankulkutie {n}  :: pedestrian road
jalankulkutunneli {n}  :: pedestrian tunnel
jalansija {n}  :: foothold
jalapeno {n}  :: jalapeño (variety of pepper)
jalas {n}  :: runner (mechanical part in a vehicle or other structure intended to slide against a surface)
jalas {n}  :: runner, skid (runner of a sled)
jalas {n}  :: skid (ski shaped runner or supporting surface on an aircraft)
jalasmökki {n}  :: A hut built on runners like a sled, so that it can esily be moved from one location to another
jalaton {adj}  :: legless
jalava {n}  :: Elm
jalavanopsasiipi {n}  :: white-letter hairstreak, Satyrium w-album
jalka {n}  :: base, pedestal
jalka {n}  :: foot
jalka {n}  :: foot (unit of measure)
jalka {n} [fungi]  :: stipe
jalka {n}  :: leg
jalka {n}  :: the lower limb of a human
jalkafetisismi {n}  :: foot fetishism
-jalkainen {adj}  :: legged
jalkaisin {adv}  :: On/by foot, afoot
jalkajakkara {n}  :: footstool
jalkajarru {n}  :: foot brake
jalkajousi {n}  :: crossbow
jalkakäytävä {n}  :: sidewalk [US], pavement [UK] (paved footpath at the side of a road)
jalkalista {n}  :: baseboard, skirting board, skirting, mopboard, floor molding, base molding (board, often profiled, or molding between the floor and the interior wall of a structure)
jalkamies {n}  :: pavement artist (espionage: specialist in outdoor surveillance as a pedestrian)
jalkamies {n}  :: pedestrian
Jalkanen {prop}  :: surname
jalkapallo {n}  :: A ball used in that game
jalkapallo {n}  :: Football (mostly soccer)
jalkapallofani {n}  :: soccer fan, football fan
jalkapalloilija {n} [American football]  :: A football player
jalkapalloilija {n} [soccer]  :: A footballer, soccer player, football player
jalkapalloilu {n}  :: soccer (sport, business, activity)
jalkapallojoukkue {n}  :: soccer team
jalkapallokenttä {n}  :: football field (field on which American football is played)
jalkapallokenttä {n}  :: soccer field, football pitch, soccer pitch (field on which soccer is played)
jalkapalloliiga {n}  :: football league, soccer league
jalkapalloliitto {n}  :: A national football (sense: soccer, association football) association, especially the Football Association of Finland
jalkapallo-ottelu {n}  :: soccer match
jalkapatikka {n}  :: walking
jalkapiikki {n}  :: caltrop (small metal object with spikes arranged so that, when thrown onto the ground, one always faces up as a threat to passers-by)
jalkapohja {n}  :: sole, track (entire lower surface of a foot)
jalkapoimuvampyyri {n}  :: white-winged vampire bat, Diaemus youngi
jalkapuoli {n}  :: One missing a leg
jalkapuu {n}  :: stocks (device for delivering humiliating punishment)
jalkapöydänluu {n} [skeleton]  :: A metatarsal
jalkapöytä {n} [anatomy]  :: instep, metatarsus (part of the foot between the toes and the ankle)
jalkaraudat {n}  :: leg irons
jalkarätti {n}  :: footwrap
jalkaseksi {n}  :: foot job
jalkasieni {n} [disease]  :: athlete's foot
jalkasilsa {n} [disease]  :: athlete's foot
jalkaterä {n} [anatomy]  :: foot (part of human body)
jalkatuki {n}  :: footrest
jalkatuki {n}  :: kickstand
jalkatuuletin {n}  :: pedestal fan
jalkatyö {n}  :: legwork
jalkauttaa {v} [business]  :: to implement, put into practice, used especially of the strategy of an organization
jalkautua {vi}  :: To disembark and to move on foot
jalkavaimo {n}  :: concubine
jalkavarsi {n} [anatomy]  :: The human leg from the ankle up
jalkaväensotilas {n}  :: infantryman
jalkaväki {n}  :: infantry
jalkaväkimies {n}  :: infantryman, foot soldier
jalkaväkimiina {n}  :: anti-personnel mine
jalkeilla {adv}  :: On one's feet (being well again after a bout of illness)
jalkeilla {adv}  :: up, on one's feet (standing up)
jalkine {n}  :: A piece of footwear
jalkio {n} [music]  :: pedal (on organ)
jalkojen juuressa {postp} [idiomatic]  :: at the feet of (as a disciple, student, subordinate or worshiper of)
jalkopää {n}  :: foot of the bed
jalla {n} [slang]  :: diarrhea
jallittaa {v} [colloquial]  :: To con, cheat
Jalmar {prop}  :: given name
Jalmari {prop}  :: given name
jalo {adj}  :: fine
jalo {adj}  :: noble
Jalo {prop}  :: given name
jalofasaani {n}  :: common pheasant (Phasianus colchicus)
jalohaikara {n}  :: egret
jalohaikara {n}  :: great egret (Egretta alba/Ardea alba)
jalohaukka {n}  :: A bird of prey of the taxonomic family Falconidae, which includes eleven genera of falcons, falconets and caracaras
jalohaukka {n}  :: A bird of the genus Falco within the family Falconidae, which includes falcons, kestrels, hobbies, and the merlin
jalohaukka {n}  :: In plural (jalohaukat) the family Falconidae or the genus Falco
jalohome {n}  :: noble rot (growth of the fungus Botrytis cinerea which, in the right conditions, leads to a concentrated sweet wine)
jaloin {adj}  :: superlative of jalo
jaloitella {vi}  :: To stretch one's legs by walking around
jalokaasu {n}  :: noble gas
jalokivi {n}  :: A gem, gemstone, jewel, precious stone
jalokivihioja {n}  :: lapidary
jalokivioppi {n}  :: gemology
jalokuusi {n}  :: A common name for firs of the genus Abies
jalometalli {n}  :: bullion
jalometalli {n} [chemistry]  :: noble metal
jalomielinen {adj}  :: noble-minded
Jalonen {prop}  :: surname
jalontaa {vt} [gardening]  :: To graft
jalopeura {n} [archaic, biblical]  :: lion
Jalopeura {prop}  :: the constellation Leo
jalopähkinä {n}  :: walnut
jalosauramo {n} [plant]  :: A camomile, specifically Roman camomile, Chamaemelum nobile
jalosilikaatti {n} [in plural]  :: This group
jalosilikaatti {n} [mineralogy]  :: Mineral belonging to a group of silicate minerals consisting of nesosilicates, cyclosilicates and sorosilicates
jalostaa {v}  :: To selectively breed (to improve genetic qualities of the next generation)
jalostaa {vt}  :: To refine
jalostamo {n}  :: refinery
jaloste {n} [agriculture]  :: An improved cultivar or variety of a plant obtained by various selective breeding, cross-breeding and genetic techniques
jaloste {n}  :: Any material, but especially a foodstuff, obtained by refining or processing a raw material [sense "material in its unprocessed, natural state"]. Often used in compound terms and translated into English as "raw material + product" or "processed + raw material"
jalostua {vi}  :: To become refined
jalostus {n}  :: refinement
jalostus {n}  :: selective breeding, cross-breeding and other techniques for developing improved (usually from the point of view of human needs) varieties or cultivars of plants and animals
jalosukuinen {adj}  :: noble (of noble birth)
jaloverso {n}  :: A scion (detached shoot or twig containing buds from a woody plant, used in grafting)
jalus {n} [nautical]  :: sheet
jalussolmu {n} [knots]  :: sheet bend; a.k.a. becket bend, weaver's knot, weaver's hitch
jalusta {n}  :: plinth
jalusta {n}  :: stand, pedestal
jalustaa {vt} [nautical]  :: to sheet (to trim a sail using a sheet)
jalustin {n}  :: A stirrup (footrest for horseback riders)
jalustin {n} [skeleton]  :: A stirrup or stapes (bone in the middle ear)
jalustinluu {n} [skeleton]  :: stapes
jama {n}  :: A situation or state, especially an unfavourable one; normally used only in inessive, elative and illative singular to express being in, getting out of, or getting into a (bad) situation
Jamaika {prop}  :: Jamaica
jamaikalainen {adj}  :: Jamaican
jamaikalainen {n}  :: A Jamaican person
jamaikanhutia {n}  :: Jamaican coney, Jamaican hutia, Geocapromys brownii
jambi {n}  :: iamb
jamboree {n}  :: jamboree (of Scouts)
jamesoninkalliokaniini {n}  :: Jameson's red rock hare, Pronolagus randensis
Jami {prop}  :: given name of modern usage
jamit {n} [music, dance]  :: jam session
jammailla {vi} [music, colloquial, frequentative]  :: To jam
jammata {v} [music, colloquial]  :: To jam
Jammu ja Kashmir {prop}  :: Jammu and Kashmir
jamssi {n}  :: yam
jana {n} [geometry]  :: line segment
Janakkala {prop}  :: A municipality in southern Finland
Janette {prop}  :: given name
Jangtse {prop}  :: Yangtze
Janhunen {prop}  :: surname
Jani {prop}  :: given name
ja niin edelleen {phrase} [idiomatic]  :: et cetera, and so on, and so forth
Janika {prop}  :: given name
Janina {prop}  :: given name of modern usage, a Slavic type cognate of English Jane
Janita {prop}  :: given name
janitsaari {n}  :: janissary
jankata {v}  :: To argue, insist (continuously)
jankko {n}  :: hardpan (hard layer of soil under a soft surface layer)
jankkoaura {n} [agriculture]  :: chisel plough (a plough that cuts deep to the ground in order to break up ploughpan and hardpan)
jankuttaa {v}  :: To harp, often with on (to repeatedly mention a subject)
Janna {prop}  :: given name
Janne {prop}  :: given name
jannu {n} [slang]  :: man; dude, bloke (man, usually young)
jano {n}  :: thirst, desire, lust, struggle for ambition, greed
jano {n}  :: thirst (sensation)
janoinen {adj}  :: thirsty
janojuoma {n}  :: a thirst quencher, soft drink
janota {v} [figuratively]  :: To hunger (e.g. for power)
janottaa {v}  :: partitive + janottaa: To feel thirsty
janottaa {vt}  :: To make thirsty
jantra {n}  :: yantra
jantteri {n} [military slang]  :: pop-up target
jantteri {n} [military slang]  :: rank and file soldier
jantteri {n} [slang]  :: chap, fella (unknown male)
Jantunen {prop}  :: surname
jaoke {n} [anatomy]  :: segment
jaollinen {adj} [arithmetic]  :: divisible
jaollisuus {n} [arithmetic]  :: divisibility
jaos {n}  :: division, section
jaosto {n}  :: division
jaotella {vt}  :: to divide
jaoton {adj} [arithmetic]  :: indivisible, prime
japani {n}  :: Japanese language
Japani {prop}  :: Japan
japanilainen {adj}  :: Japanese (of or pertaining to Japan)
japanilainen {n}  :: A Japanese (person)
japanilaisuus {n}  :: Japaneseness (quality of being Japanese)
japaninankerias {n}  :: Japanese eel (Anguilla japonica)
japaninhirssi {n}  :: Japanese barnyard millet, Japanese millet, Echinochloa esculenta, E. utilis (type of millet grown in China, Japan and Korea both for food and fodder)
japaninhirvi {n}  :: sika deer (Cervus nippon)
japaninjänis {n}  :: Japanese hare, Lepus brachyurus
japaninjättiläisliito-orava {n}  :: Japanese giant flying squirrel, Petaurista leucogenys
japaninjättisalamanteri {n}  :: Japanese giant salamander, Andrias japonicus
japaninkielinen {adj}  :: Expressed in Japanese
japaninkielinen {adj}  :: Japanese speaker
japaninkurki {n}  :: red-crowned crane or Japanese grane (Grus japonensis)
japaninlakka {n}  :: japan (varnish)
japaninliito-orava {n}  :: Japanese dwarf flying squirrel, Pteromys momonga
japaninmakaki {n}  :: Japanese macaque (Macaca fuscata)
Japaninmeri {prop}  :: The Sea of Japan
japaninmispeli {n} [plant]  :: loquat, Eriobotrya japonica
japaninmispeli {n}  :: the fruit of that tree
japaninnos {n}  :: Japanese translation
japaninnäätä {n}  :: Japanese marten, Martes melampus
japaninokahiiri {n}  :: Ryukyu spiny rat, Tokudaia osimensis
japaninorava {n}  :: Japanese squirrel, Sciurus lis
japaninpaperi {n}  :: Japanese paper
japaninpeura {n}  :: sika deer (Cervus nippon)
japaninpika {n}  :: northern pika, Ochotona hyperborea
japaninpiparjuuri {n}  :: wasabi, Eutrema japonica
japaninpäästäinen {n}  :: Azumi shrew, Sorex hosonoi
japaninpunamyyrä {n}  :: Japanese red-backed vole, Wakayama red-backed vole, Anderson's red-backed vole, Myodes andersoni
japaninpystykorva {n}  :: Japanese spitz
japaninserovi {n}  :: Japanese serow, Capricornis crispus, Nemorhaedus crispus
japanintaa {v}  :: To translate into Japanese
japaninunihiiri {n}  :: Japanese dormouse, Glirulus japonicus
japaninunikeko {n}  :: Japanese dormouse, Glirulus japonicus
japanitar {n}  :: A Japanese woman
japanofiili {n}  :: Japanophile
japanofobia {n}  :: Japanophobia (fear of Japan or Japanese)
Japetus {prop} [astronomy]  :: the moon Iapetus
japsi {n} [pejorative]  :: Jap
jargon {n}  :: jargon
Jari {prop}  :: given name
Jarkko {prop}  :: given name, diminutive of Jarmo (Jeremy)
Jarmo {prop}  :: given name
Jarno {prop}  :: given name
jarru {n}  :: brake
jarru {n}  :: (colloquial) chemical castration
jarrukenkä {n}  :: A brake shoe
jarruletku {n} [automotive]  :: brake hose
jarrulevy {n} [automotive]  :: brake disc, brake disk
jarrumies {n}  :: brakeman
jarrupala {n}  :: A brake pad
jarrupoljin {n}  :: brake pedal
jarruraketti {n}  :: retrorocket
jarrurumpu {n}  :: brake drum
jarrusatula {n} [automotive]  :: caliper (part of brakes)
jarruttaa {v}  :: to brake (to slow down by operating a brake)
jarruttaa {v}  :: to filibuster (to use obstructionist tactics in a legislative body)
jarrutus {n}  :: braking (act of slowing down by applying brakes)
jarrutus {n}  :: filibuster, filibustering (delaying tactic, especially the use of long, often irrelevant speeches)
jarrutusjälki {n}  :: skidmark
jarrutusmatka {n}  :: braking distance
jarruuntua {vi} [rare]  :: to slow down, brake; especially as result of some type of braking action
jarruvalo {n}  :: brake light
jarruvaunu {n}  :: caboose (last train car)
jasidi {n}  :: alternative form of jesidi
jasidilaisuus {n}  :: alternative form of jesidiläisyys
Jasmiina {prop}  :: given name
jasmiini {n}  :: jasmine (color)
jasmiini {n}  :: jasmine (perfume)
jasmiini {n}  :: jasmine (plant)
jasmike {n}  :: mock-orange
Jasmin {prop}  :: given name of modern usage, cognate to English Jasmine
Jasper {prop}  :: given name of modern usage
jaspis {n} [mineral]  :: jasper
jassana {n}  :: jacana (wading birds in the family Jacanidae)
jata {n} [fishing]  :: A line of fishnets that are connected together
jatkaa {vt}  :: To continue, keep on, go on
jatkaa {vt}  :: To extend, to lengthen, to stretch
jatkaa sukua {vi} [idiomatic, of people and animals]  :: To procreate, reproduce, (of animals) to continue the species
jatkaja {n}  :: One who continues
jatkaminen {n}  :: continuing
jatkava {adj}  :: unending
jatke {n}  :: continuation
jatke {n}  :: extension
jatke {n}  :: prolongation
jatko {n}  :: addition
jatko {n}  :: continuation
jatko {n}  :: extension
jatko {n}  :: follow-on, follow-up
jatko {n} [in plural]  :: afterparty
jatko {n}  :: lengthening
jatkoaika {n} [sports]  :: overtime, extra time (extra period of play)
jatkojohto {n}  :: extension cord
jatkojohto {n}  :: power strip (extension cord with a block of electrical sockets instead of only one)
jatko-osa {n}  :: Sequel
jatkopaikka {n}  :: A place where some type of continued activity takes place, especially:
jatkos {n}  :: lengthening piece
jatkosota {n}  :: Continuation War, War of Continuation (war fought between the Soviet Union and Finland in 1941-44)
jatkotoimenpide {n}  :: follow-up (subsidiary action taken as the result of an event)
jatkua {vi}  :: To (be) continue(d), start again/over
jatkua {vi}  :: To continue, go on, last
jatkua {vi}  :: To extend, stretch, continue, (of a river; of a street) to run
jatkuminen {n}  :: continuation
jatkumo {n}  :: A continuum (continuous extent)
jatkuva {adj}  :: continuing
jatkuva {adj} [mathematics]  :: continuous
jatkuva {adj}  :: ongoing
jatkuvasti {adv}  :: continuously, continually, constantly, perpetually:
jatkuvuus {n}  :: continuity
jatsahtava {adj}  :: jazzy
jatsi {n} [music]  :: jazz
Jatta {prop}  :: given name and nickname
jatuli {n} [mythology]  :: A member of a race of giants in Finnish mythology
jatuli {n} [rare]  :: jotun (giant in Scandinavian mythology)
jatulintarha {n}  :: Troy Town (type of labyrinth built on the ground, made of stones in Scandinavia and of turf in Britain; their purpose is unknown)
jauhaa {v} [colloquial]  :: to jabber about silly or trivial things, or to talk about the same thing
jauhaa {vt}  :: to grind, mince, chew
jauhaantua {vi} [are]  :: alternative form of jauhautua
jauhaa paskaa {v} [idiomatic, vulgar]  :: to bullshit (to tell lies)
jauhaa paskaa {v} [idiomatic, vulgar]  :: to chit-chat, bullshit (to have casual conversation with no real point)
jauhattaa {vt}  :: To have something ground
jauhatus {n}  :: grinding
jauhautua {vi}  :: To pulverize (to be rendered into dust or powder)
jauhe {n}  :: grit (collection of hard small materials)
jauhe {n}  :: in compound terms in which jauhe is the head word, the English equivalent is often but not always powdered
jauhe {n}  :: powder (fine particles of any dry substance)
jauheliha {n}  :: ground meat, minced meat (of any animal)
jauheliha {n}  :: hamburger, hamburger meat, ground beef (of cattle)
jauhelihakastike {n}  :: minced meat sauce
jauhelihapihvi {n}  :: hamburger (ground meat patty)
jauhemetallurgia {n}  :: powder metallurgy
jauhennin {n}  :: grinder
jauhentaa {vt}  :: To pulverize (to render into dust or powder)
jauhentua {vi}  :: To pulverize (to be rendered into dust or powder)
jauhin {n}  :: grinder, pulverizer
jauho {n}  :: flour, milled grain or cereal
jauhobanaani {n}  :: plantain
jauhobanaaniorava {n}  :: plantain squirrel, Callosciurus notatus
jauhoinen {adj}  :: floury (covered in flour)
jauhoinen {adj}  :: floury (resembling flour)
jauhoisa {adj}  :: floury
jauhojalkahapero {n}  :: A brittlegill, Russula farinipes
jauhokoisa {n}  :: Mediterranean flour moth, Indian flour moth, mill moth (Ephestia kuehniella)
jauhonuppiseitikki {n} [mushroom]  :: A webcap, Cortinarius flavovirens
jauhopunkki {n}  :: flour mite, Acarus siro
jauhopuola {n}  :: A regional variant of sianpuolukka
jauhosieni {n}  :: miller, Clitopilus prunulus
jauhottaa {vt}  :: To flour (to apply flour on something)
jazz {n}  :: jazz (style of music)
jazzartisti {n}  :: jazz artist
jazzfestivaali {n}  :: jazz festival
jazzklubi {n}  :: jazz club
jazzlaulaja {n}  :: jazz singer
jazzmessu {n}  :: jazz mass
jazzmusiikki {n}  :: jazz music
jazzmuusikko {n}  :: jazz musician
jazzorkesteri {n}  :: jazz orchestra
jazztanssi {n} [dance]  :: jazz dance
jäbä {n} [slang]  :: dude, pal
jäädä {v} [idiomatic]  :: + jonkin alle: to be run over or hit by a vehicle
jäädä {v}  :: + illative, allative to stay, remain
jäädä {v}  :: + location in inessive, adessive + vehicle in elative, often with pois: to get off in the sense of leaving e.g. a train, bus, road
jäde {n} [colloquial]  :: ice cream
jäädä jälkeen {v}  :: to lag, fall behind (to not keep up the pace)
jäädä kiinni {v}  :: ~ + elative: to get/be caught doing something (present participle of a verb) or for something (noun)
jäädä kiinni {v}  :: ~ + illative: to get stuck in
jäädä rysän päältä kiinni {vi} [idiomatic]  :: to be/get caught red-handed
jäädyke {n}  :: sorbet
jäädyttää {vt}  :: to freeze
jäädytys {n}  :: The process of forming a thin layer of ice on a surface; the icing
jee {interj} [colloquial]  :: yeah!, yay! (expressing joy)
jeeppi {n} [colloquial]  :: jeep (small, military-style four-wheel drive vehicle)
jeera {n}  :: cumin, cummin (spice)
jees {adj} [colloquial]  :: good, great, awesome, fun (not declined)
jeesata {vt} [slang]  :: To help
jeesiä {v} [slang]  :: to help
jees-mies {n} [colloquial]  :: yes man
Jeesus {prop}  :: Jesus
Jeesus Kristus {prop}  :: Jesus Christ
jeesusteippi {n} [colloquial]  :: duck tape, duct tape
jeesustella {v} [colloquial]  :: to play pious
Jehova {prop}  :: Jehovah
Jehovan todistaja {n}  :: Jehovah's Witness
Jehovan todistajat {prop}  :: Jehovah's Witnesses (denomination)
jehu {n}  :: guy, fella, sport (normally with an attribute, man who behaves or reacts in an admirable manner)
Jehudit {prop} [biblical character]  :: Judith, the wife of Esau
Jekaterinburg {prop}  :: Yekaterinburg (city in Russia)
jekku {n}  :: A practical joke
jekkuilla {v}  :: to prank, trick (to perform a practical joke)
jekkupommi {n}  :: Jägerbomb
Jelena {prop}  :: A transliteration of the Russian female given name Еле́на
jellona {n} [humorous]  :: A lion
jelpata {vt} [colloquial]  :: to help
jelppiä {vt} [colloquial , + partitive]  :: To help
Jeltsin {prop}  :: Yeltsin (transliteration of the Russian surname Е́льцин)
Jemen {prop}  :: Yemen
jemeniläinen {adj}  :: Yemeni
jemeniläinen {n}  :: a Yemeni person
Jemina {prop}  :: given name
jemma {n}  :: stash
jemmata {vt} [colloquial]  :: to hide, stash, stockpile
jengi {n}  :: gang (as in street gang)
jengiläinen {n}  :: gangster (a member of street gang)
jengitappelu {n}  :: A gang fight, gang bang
jengiytyä {vi}  :: To gang; to become a gang
jeni {n}  :: yen
Jenisei {prop}  :: Yenisei
jenka {n}  :: screw thread
jenkka {n} [dance]  :: A Finnish folk dance similar to schottische
jenkkakahva {n}  :: love handle
jenkki {n}  :: Something that originates from, or relates to, the United States (when used eg. in a compound)
jenkki {n}  :: Yankee, usually refers to all inhabitants of the United States
jenkkifutis {n} [informal]  :: American (Yankee) football
jenkkikaappi {n}  :: A household appliance consisting of a refrigerator and a smaller (typically roughly one third of the size of the fridge) freezer on top of it
Jenkkilä {prop} [colloquial]  :: Gringolandia, United States
jenkkiläinen {adj} [colloquial]  :: An American (of or relating to the USA or its people)
jenkkiläinen {n} [colloquial]  :: American (a person from the USA)
jenkkirauta {n} [colloquial]  :: An old-style North American car
Jenna {prop}  :: given name
Jenni {prop}  :: given name
jep {interj} [informal]  :: yep, yup
jepari {n} [slang]  :: cop
jepulis {interj} [informal]  :: yes, yep
jerdoninpalmunäätä {n}  :: brown palm civet (Paradoxurus jerdoni)
Jere {prop}  :: given name
Jeremia {prop} [biblical character]  :: Jeremiah. Given name form: Jeremias
jeremiadi {n}  :: A jeremiad
Jeremias {prop}  :: given name of biblical origin
Jerevan {prop}  :: Yerevan
jeri {n}  :: jery (any bird of the genus Neomixis in Cisticolidae family)
Jeriko {prop}  :: Jericho
jermu {n} [by extension]  :: An old hand, especially one that is tough by nature
jermu {n} [military, slang]  :: An experienced and tough warrior
jerrykannu {n}  :: jerrycan
jersey {n}  :: jersey (type of fabric knit)
jerseyneulos {n}  :: jersey (type of fabric knit)
Jerusalem {prop}  :: Jerusalem
Jesaja {prop} [biblical character]  :: Isaiah
jesari {n} [colloquial]  :: duck tape, duct tape
jesidi {n}  :: Yazidi (member of a Kurdish-speaking people of northern Iraq, Armenia and Caucasus, whose religion is Yazidism)
jesidiläisyys {n} [rare]  :: Yazidism (religion of Yazidis)
jesidismi {n}  :: Yazidism (religion of Yazidis)
Jesse {prop}  :: given name, popular since the 1980s
Jesse {prop} [slang]  :: Jesus
Jessika {prop}  :: given name of modern usage
jessör {interj} [informal]  :: yessir (used to express assent, especially to a superior)
jessus {interj}  :: Jesus! (exclamation)
jestas {interj}  :: Jesus! (exclamation)
jesuiitta {n} [Christianity]  :: Jesuit
jeti {n} [cryptozoology]  :: yeti
jetsulleen {adv} [dialectal]  :: precisely, exactly
jetti {n} [colloquial]  :: jet plane
jetti {n}  :: short for vesijetti
jäähai {n}  :: Greenland shark, Somniosus microcephalus
jäähakku {n}  :: ice axe
jäähalli {n}  :: indoor ice rink
jäähdyke {n}  :: coolant
jäähdyte {n}  :: coolant
jäähdytellä {vt}  :: To cool (repeatedly)
jäähdytin {n} [automotive]  :: radiator
jäähdytin {n}  :: cooler (anything that cools)
jäähdyttää {vt}  :: To cool
jäähdyttäjä {n}  :: cooler
jäähdyttämätön {adj}  :: uncooled
jäähdytys {n}  :: cooling
jäähdytysneste {n}  :: liquid coolant
jäähdytystorni {n}  :: cooling tower
jäähdytysvesi {n}  :: cooling water
jäähilejuoma {n}  :: slush (drink)
jhk {pron}  :: abbreviation of johonkin
jähmeä {adj}  :: formal; used of atmosphere, behaviour etc., but not of things, e.g. clothing
jähmeä {adj}  :: stiff, inert, sluggish (slow in movements)
jähmetä {v}  :: alternative form of jähmettyä
jähmettää {vt}  :: To petrify (to immobilize with fright)
jähmettää {vt}  :: To solidify (to make solid; to convert into a solid body)
jähmettyä {vi}  :: To freeze (to become motionless)
jähmettyä {vi}  :: To petrify (to become immobilized with fright)
jähmettyä {vi}  :: To set, solidify
jäähtyä {vi}  :: To cool
jäähtyminen {n}  :: cooling
jäähy {n} [ice hockey]  :: penalty (punishment in the form of being removed from play for a specified amount of time)
jäähy {n} [sauna]  :: A cooling period between sessions in the hot room
jäähyaitio {n} [colloquial, ice hockey]  :: The penalty box
jäähylly {n}  :: ice shelf
jäähyväinen {n}  :: See: jäähyväiset
jäähyväiset {n}  :: goodbye, farewell (act of uttering departing words)
jäähyväiset {n}  :: valediction (act of parting company)
jiddi {n}  :: The Yiddish language
jiddiš {n}  :: The Yiddish language
jäidenlähtö {n}  :: ice run
jigi {n}  :: jig (type of fishing lure)
jihad {n}  :: jihad (Muslims' holy war)
jii {n}  :: letter: j
jiiktouvi {n} [nautical]  :: clewline (outermost of the ropes with which a square sail is rolled up to the yard)
jiirata {v} [nautical]  :: to sheer
jäillä {adv} [idiomatic]  :: on the rocks or with ice
Jimi {prop}  :: given name of modern usage
jäinen {adj}  :: icy
jinkku {n} [slang]  :: jingle (short tune or verse used to advertise something)
jippii {interj}  :: yippee! yahoo!
jippo {n} [colloquial]  :: A trick
jippoilla {v} [colloquial]  :: To trick
jäitse {adv}  :: (to travel) on, by ice
jk {pron}  :: abbreviation of jokin
jk {pron}  :: abbreviation of joku
jääkaappi {n}  :: refrigerator
jääkaappipakastin {n}  :: A household appliance that combines refrigerator and freezer, usually the refrigerator on top of the freezer, both roughly of the same size
jääkahvi {n}  :: iced coffee
jääkaira {n}  :: ice auger, ice drill; used mainly to drill fishing holes in the ice
jääkairausnäyte {n}  :: ice core
jääkala {n}  :: blackfin icefish (Chaenocephalus aceratus)
jääkarhu {n}  :: polar bear (Ursus maritimus)
jääkausi {n}  :: ice age
jääkenttä {n}  :: rink (a sheet of ice prepared for playing certain sports)
jääkiekko {n} [sports]  :: Ice hockey
jääkiekko {n}  :: The puck with which ice hockey is played
jääkiekkoilija {n}  :: ice hockey player
jääkiekkoilla {v}  :: to play ice hockey
jääkiekkoilu {n}  :: ice hockey, as an activity
jääkiekkojoukkue {n}  :: ice hockey team
jääkiekkokaukalo {n}  :: An ice hockey rink
jääkiekkomaila {n} [sports]  :: A hockey stick
jäkkärä {n}  :: cudweed (plant of the genus Omalotheca)
jäkälä {n}  :: lichen
jäkälikkö {n}  :: area covered by lichen
jäkäläinen {adj}  :: lichenous (covered in lichen)
jäkälistö {n}  :: area covered by lichen
jäkälöityä {vi}  :: To become covered with lichen
jäkäläkangas {n}  :: A boreal pine forest type characterized by podsol soil and lichen dominating the undergrowth
jkn {abbr}  :: of sb
jkn {abbr}  :: of sthg
jkn {abbr}  :: sthg
jääkolkka {n} [sports]  :: ice stock sport, Bavarian curling
jääkone {n}  :: icemaker, ice machine
jKr. {abbr}  :: A.D., AD (abbreviation for jälkeen Kristuksen, anno Domini)
jääkäri {n}  :: jaeger, one of the 2,000 Finnish men who obtained military training in Germany during the First World War, and became the core of the White Guards in the Finnish Civil War in 1918
jääkäri {n} [military ranks]  :: A private in the infantry
jääkäriliike {n} [historical]  :: Jaeger movement (movement born in 1914 among the Finnish students with the aim of separating Finland from Russia by military means)
jäksteri {n} [slang, military]  :: synonym of jääkäri
jäkättää {v}  :: To nag
jäkättää {v}  :: To yack (to talk incessantly)
jököttää {vi} [slang]  :: Of penis, to be erect
jököttää {vi}  :: To stay firmly in one place, to stay put
jääkuikka {n}  :: yellow-billed loon, white-billed diver, Gavia adamsii (largest species of loon, native to the the Arctic sea region)
jääkuutio {n}  :: ice cube
jääkylmä {adj}  :: ice-cold, freezing cold, frosty, stone cold (very cold)
jäälautta {n}  :: floe, ice raft
jääleinikki {n}  :: glacier buttercup, Ranunculus glacialis (a flowering plant in the genus Ranunculus)
jäälinnun päivät {n}  :: halcyon days
jäälintu {n} [mythology]  :: halcyon (in classical legends, a bird said to nest on the sea, thereby calming it)
jäljellä {adv}  :: left, remaining
jäljelle {adv}  :: left, left over, remaining
jäljelle jäänyt {adj}  :: leftover, remaining (which remains, especially after something else has been removed)
jäljellä oleva {adj}  :: remaining (which remains, especially after something else has been removed)
jäljenne {n}  :: copy
jäljennös {n}  :: apograph (exact copy, especially one with official status)
jäljennös {n}  :: replica, copy
jäljentää {vt}  :: To copy (to produce an object identical to a given object)
jäljentyä {vi}  :: To produce a copy; to reproduce
jäljessä {adv}  :: after, behind, lacking
jäljestää {v} [hunting]  :: To track, trace (to follow tracks)
jäljitellä {v}  :: To copy someone's acts
jäljitellä {v}  :: To mimic, mock
jäljitelmä {n}  :: counterfeit, fake
jäljitelmä {n}  :: imitation, knock-off
jäljittää {vt}  :: to track (discover location)
jäljittää {vt}  :: to track down
jäljittää {vt}  :: to track, trace (follow tracks)
jäljitys {n}  :: tracking
jälkeen {postp}  :: after (mostly temporally)
jälkeen {postp}  :: since; if the preceding event is expressed with a clause, the phrase sen jälkeen, kun (literally "after it when") is used
jälkeen {postp}  :: under one's belt (within one's experience)
jälkeenjäänyt {adj}  :: retarded
jälkeenjäänyt {n}  :: retard
jälkeenpäin {adv}  :: afterwards (at a later or succeeding time)
jälkeinen {adj}  :: following, post-
jälkeiset {n}  :: The afterbirths (placenta and fetal membranes expelled via the birth canal following childbirth)
jälkeläinen {n}  :: descendant
jälkeläinen {n}  :: in plural (jälkeläiset): offspring, progeny
jälki {n} [in plural]  :: aftermath
jälki {n}  :: trace
jälki {n}  :: track
jälki- {prefix}  :: after-
jälki- {prefix}  :: post-
jälkihehku {n}  :: afterglow
jälki-istunto {n} [school]  :: detention
jälkijäristys {n} [geology]  :: aftershock (tremor following the mainshock in an earthquake event)
jälkijuuri {n} [botany]  :: adventitious root
jälkikasvu {n}  :: aftergrowth (second growth, seen in plants like crops or timber after harvesting)
jälkikasvu {n}  :: offspring, progeny (descendants of a person colllectively)
jälkikirjoitus {n}  :: epilogue
jälkikirjoitus {n}  :: postscript
jälkikäsittely {n}  :: post-processing
jälkikäteen {adv}  :: afterwards
jälkiliite {n} [grammar]  :: postfix, suffix
jälkilöyly {n} [by extension]  :: aftermath (that which happens after, that which follows)
jälkilöyly {n}  :: residual heat; tepid heat obtained from the sauna stove (see: kiuas) after the actual bathing
jälkimaailma {n}  :: posterity (in general)
jälkimmäinen {adj}  :: latter, second (of two items)
jälkiäänitys {n}  :: dub, dubbing
jälkipoltin {n}  :: afterburner
jälkipuhe {n}  :: afterword, epilogue
jälkiruoka {n}  :: A dessert
jälkiruokalusikallinen {n}  :: dessertspoon (volume contained within a dessert spoon)
jälkiruokalusikka {n}  :: dessertspoon
jälkisanat {n}  :: epilogue
jälkisilmu {n} [botany]  :: adventitious bud
jälkiuunileipä {n}  :: A traditional Finnish rye bread of rather firm texture, prepared from sourdough and baked at low heat
jälkivaikutus {n}  :: aftereffect
jälkivaikutus {n}  :: aftershock
jälkiviisaus {n}  :: hindsight, wisdom after the events
jälkkäri {n} [colloquial]  :: dessert
jälkkäri {n} [colloquial, school]  :: detention
jälleen {adv}  :: again
jälleen kerran {adv}  :: once again (once more, one more time, but probably not the last time)
jälleenkäsittely {n}  :: reprocessing
jälleenmyyjä {n}  :: reseller
jälleenmyyjä {n}  :: retailer
jälleenmyynti {n}  :: retail, resale
jälleenrakennus {n}  :: reconstruction
jälleenrakennuskausi {n}  :: reconstruction era
jälleenrakentaminen {n}  :: reconstruction
jälleensyntyminen {n}  :: A reincarnation
jälleensyntynyt {adj}  :: reincarnated, reborn
jälleensyntynyt {n}  :: A reincarnated person
jllek {pron}  :: abbreviation of jollekin
Jällivaara {prop}  :: The Finnish name of the Swedish municipality of Gällivare
jllk {pron}  :: abbreviation of jollakin
jälsi {n}  :: cambium
jltk {pron}  :: abbreviation of joltakin
jääluokitus {n}  :: ice class
jäämä {n}  :: remnant, residue (amount of material or substance left after most of it has been removed)
jämä {n}  :: [usually plural] remains (of food etc.)
jämerä {adj}  :: firm
jäämerenseiti {n}  :: polar cod (Boreogadus saida)
jäämerenturska {n}  :: Arctic cod (Arctogadus glacialis)
Jäämeri {prop}  :: The Arctic Ocean
Jäämeri {prop}  :: The Southern Ocean
jämähtää {v} [colloquial]  :: to become stuck (somewhere)
jäämistö {n} [legal]  :: estate (collective property and liabilities of someone, especially a deceased person)
jäämistöoikeus {n} [legal]  :: inheritance law (area of law pertaining to passing on property, titles, debts, rights, and obligations upon the death of an individual)
jämäköityä {vi}  :: To become more robust
jämäkkä {adj}  :: assertive
jämäkkä {adj}  :: robust
jämpti {adj} [colloquial]  :: meticulous, punctual, dependable, precise
Jämsä {prop}  :: A town in central Finland
Jämsä {prop}  :: surname
Jämsänkoski {prop}  :: A former municipality in central Finland, now part of Jämsä
jänö {n}  :: hare
jäänajokone {n}  :: alternative term for jäänhoitokone
jäänaskali {n}  :: ice claw, ice pick (awl-like tool for getting grip of ice when hauling oneself up from the water after having fallen through the ice; often designed to be carried as a pair around the neck for immediate availability)
jne. {initialism}  :: et cetera
jäänhoitokone {n}  :: ice resurfacer
jäniksenliha {n}  :: hare meat
jäniksenpoika {n}  :: leveret
jänikset ja kaniinit {n}  :: The taxonomic family Leporidae (hares and rabbits)
jänis {n}  :: A stowaway
jänis {n}  :: coward
jänis {n}  :: hare (in general)
jänis {n}  :: In a running competition or similar, a rabbit
jänis {n}  :: mountain hare
Jänis {prop}  :: The constellation Lepus, the Hare
jäniseläin {n}  :: Any species in the taxonomic suborder Lagomorpha (rabbits, hares and pikas)
jäniseläin {n}  :: In plural (jäniseläimet), the taxonomic suborder Lagomorpha
jänishousu {n}  :: chicken, coward (one who lacks courage)
jänishousuinen {adj}  :: cowardly, chicken-hearted (not brave, lacking courage)
jänisrutto {n} [biology]  :: tularemia, rabbit fever
jänistää {v}  :: To chicken, lose courage
jänöjussi {n}  :: A nickname for a hare
jänkä {n} [archaic]  :: A large, longish chunk of any material such as stone, ice or even cloud
jänkä {n} [dialectal]  :: wedge
jänkä {n} [regional]  :: type of swamp; free of, or sparsely covered by trees, especially in northern Finland
jnk {pron}  :: abbreviation of jonkin
jänkäkoira {n} [regional, northern Finland]  :: jackfish, water wolf (nickname of northern pike, Esox lucius)
jänkäkurppa {n}  :: jack snipe (Lymnocryptes minimus)
jänkäsirriäinen {n}  :: broad-billed sandpiper (Limicola falcinellus)
jänölepakko {n}  :: Egyptian slit-faced bat, Nycteris thebaica
jäänmurtaja {n}  :: An icebreaker
jännä {adj} [colloquial]  :: cool, neat, interesting, groovy
jänönapila {n}  :: hare's-foot clover, rabbitfoot clover, stone clover, oldfield clover, Trifolium arvense
jäänne {n}  :: relic, remain
jänne {n} [anatomy]  :: tendon, sinew
jänne {n} [archery]  :: bowstring, string
jänne {n} [geometry]  :: chord (straight line between two points of a curve)
jänneluu {n} [anatomy]  :: sesamoid bone
jännetulehdus {n} [pathology]  :: tendinitis or tendonitis
jännetuppi {n} [anatomy]  :: A synovium
jännetuppitulehdus {n} [pathology]  :: tenosynovitis
jännite {n} [physics, electronics]  :: voltage
jännite {n}  :: tension
jännitekampi {n}  :: torsion wrench (L-shaped lockpicking tool)
jännittää {v} [bodybuilding]  :: To flex (to tighten the muscles for display of size or strength)
jännittää {vt} [figuratively, monopersonal]  :: partitive + 3rd-pers. singular = to feel excited, nervous; to feel unsure or enthusiastic and a mild fear connected to it
jännittää {v}  :: To tense (to make tense)
jännittää {v}  :: To tension (to place an object in tension)
jännitteetön {adj}  :: dead (of an electric circuit or device, disconnected from electric supply)
jännitteinen {adj}  :: live, hot (electrically charged)
jännittävä {adj}  :: thrilling
jännittyä {vi}  :: To tense
jännittynyt {adj}  :: tense, tensed up, nervous (showing stress or strain)
jännitys {n}  :: excitement
jännitys {n}  :: suspension (keeping of the hearer in doubt and in attentive expectation of what is to follow)
jännitys {n}  :: tension
jännityselokuva {n}  :: thriller (film)
jännitysfilmi {n} [colloquial]  :: thriller (film)
jännityskertomus {n}  :: thriller (sensational genre of story, book, play or film, used also figuratively)
jännäri {n} [colloquial]  :: thriller (sensational genre of story, book, play or film)
jäännös {n}  :: [often in plural] remains
jäännös {n}  :: remainder, residue, residual
jäännöslopuke {n} [phonetics]  :: (nowadays called rajakahdennus) gemination; in the Finnish language, the phenomenon in which the first consonant of the following word becomes geminated. If the next word begins with a vowel, there is a double glottal stop between the words. The tendency of a word to cause gemination in the following word is sometimes marked with [ˣ] or [(ʔ)] in IPA and the actual gemination of a consonant may be marked with [ː] or by doubling the consonant (see purje, vene, purjevene)
jännätä {v} [informal]  :: to feel excited for
jänskä {adj} [colloquial]  :: exciting
jäänsärkijä {n} [dated]  :: icebreaker
jänteikäs {adj}  :: Sinewy
jäntere {n}  :: alternative form of jänne
jäntevä {adj} [figuratively, of an activity]  :: productive; energetic, active
jäntevä {adj}  :: flexible (capable of being bent without breaking)
jäntevä {adj}  :: sinewy (possessing physical strength)
jäntevöidä {v} [figuratively, of an organization etc.]  :: to make more efficient
jäntevöidä {v}  :: to increase the flexibility of
jäntevöittää {v}  :: alternative form of jäntevöidä
jäntterä {adj}  :: sturdy
jo {adv}  :: already
jo {adv}  :: now (emphasizing word)
jobentsaamihappo {n} [pharmacology]  :: iobenzamic acid
jobinkyynelheinä {n}  :: Job's tears [US], Job's-tears [UK], coixseed, tear grass, hato mugi, adlay, adlai, Chinese pearl barley, Coix lacryma-jobi (tall grain-bearing grass native to Southeast Asia, grown for food)
jockey {n}  :: jockey (rider)
jodaatti {n} [chemistry]  :: iodate
jodi {n}  :: iodine
jodidi {n} [chemistry]  :: iodide
jodihapero {n}  :: A brittlegill, Russula turci
jodihappo {n} [chemistry]  :: iodic acid
jodioida {v}  :: alternative term for jodittaa
jodiseitikki {n} [mushroom]  :: A webcap, Cortinarius obtusus
jodittaa {vt}  :: to iodize
jodityppi {n} [chemistry]  :: nitrogen triiodide
jodlata {vi}  :: to yodel
jodlaus {n}  :: yodeling (action)
jodlaus {n}  :: yodel (song sung by yodeling)
jodoksaamihappo {n} [pharmacology]  :: iodoxamic acid
Joel {prop} [biblical character]  :: Joel
Joel {prop}  :: given name of biblical origin
jo ennestään {adv}  :: already
joenniska {n}  :: The point where river starts flowing from a lake
joenpenkka {n}  :: riverbank (sloped side of a river)
joenranta {n}  :: river shore
joensuu {n}  :: river mouth
Joensuu {prop}  :: Any of a number of small places in Finland
Joensuu {prop}  :: Joensuu (city)
Joensuu {prop}  :: surname
joensuulainen {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to the city of Joensuu or its citizens
joensuulainen {n}  :: A person from, or an inhabitant of, Joensuu
joentörmä {n}  :: riverbank
joenvarsi {n}  :: alternative form of jokivarsi
joeton {adj}  :: riverless, lacking rivers
joglisiinihappo {n} [pharmacology]  :: ioglicic acid
joglykaamihappo {n} [pharmacology]  :: ioglycamic acid
jogurtti {n}  :: yoghurt
Johanna {prop} [biblical character]  :: Joanna
Johanna {prop}  :: given name
Johanneksen ilmestys {prop} [Christianity]  :: The title of the last book of the Bible, the "Book of Revelation"
johanneksenleipäpuu {n}  :: carob tree (Ceratonia siliqua)
Johannes {prop} [biblical character]  :: John
Johannes {prop}  :: given name
Johannes Kastaja {prop}  :: John the Baptist
johdannainen {n}  :: A derivative (something derived)
johdannainen {n} [chemistry]  :: A derivative
johdannainen {n} [economics]  :: A derivative
johdannaismarkkinat {n} [finance]  :: derivatives market
johdanto {n}  :: introduction
johdatella {v}  :: To steer (discussion)
johdatin {n}  :: A device that is designed to guide the movement of something; a guide, a conductor
johdatin {n} [anatomy, archaic]  :: A duct
johdattaa {vt}  :: To lead (guide or conduct with the hand, or by means of some physical contact connection)
johdatteleva {adj}  :: leading
johde {n}  :: conductor (material)
johdin {n}  :: A conductor (a wire or other element designed to conduct electricity in a controlled manner)
johdinauto {n}  :: trolleybus
johdonmukainen {adj}  :: coherent; consistent
johdonmukainen {adj}  :: logical
johdonmukaistaa {vt}  :: to make more logical, coherent or consistent
johdos {n} [linguistics]  :: derivative
johdosta {postp}  :: genitive + ~ : because of, for, as consequence of; also other translations depending on usage in specific cases
johdottaa {vt}  :: To wire (to equip with wires for use with electricity)
johonkin {pron}  :: to somewhere
joht {abbr}  :: alternative form of joht. denoting johtaja
joht. {abbr}  :: johtaja
johtaa {vi}  :: To lead to, result/end in
johtaa {vt} [business]  :: To manage, run, be in charge of
johtaa {vt} [linguistics]  :: To derive, trace back
johtaa {vt} [mathematics]  :: To prove
johtaa {vt} [physics]  :: To conduct (e.g. electricity)
johtaa {vt}  :: To deduce, conclude
johtaa {vt}  :: To guide, conduct, usher
johtaa {vt}  :: To lead, direct; to supervise, superintend
johtaa {vt}  :: To lead, make, get, induce
johtaa {vt}  :: To lead, take, show someone the way to
johtaa {vt} [war]  :: to lead, command, be in command of, conduct
johtaa harhaan {v} [idiomatic]  :: to mislead, misinform, deceive, lead astray (to cause someone to believe an untruth)
johtaa harhaan {v}  :: to lead astray, misguide, misdirect, mislead (to misguide or misdirect)
johtaja {n}  :: leader, commander
johtaja {n}  :: manager, director
johtajaopettaja {n}  :: head (headmaster, headmistress)
johtajatar {n}  :: female leader, manager, director; directress
johtajuus {n}  :: leadership
johtaminen {n}  :: lead, conduct, governance
johtava {adj}  :: leading
johtava {adj} [physics]  :: conducting
johtava {adj}  :: premiere
johtavuus {n} [physics]  :: conductivity
johteinen {adj} [botany]  :: decurrent
johto {n}  :: administration, management
johto {n}  :: cord, line, conductor
johtoaihe {n} [music]  :: leitmotif
johtoasema {n}  :: lead (precedence; advance position)
johtojänne {n} [botany]  :: vascular bundle
johtokunta {n}  :: board (committee)
johtokyky {n}  :: conductivity
johtolanka {n}  :: A clue
johtolanka {n}  :: A hint (clue)
johtolanka {n}  :: A lead (information that allows any investigator, such as police or a journalist, to discover further details about an issue)
johtopaikka {n}  :: top position, leading position, lead
johtoporras {n}  :: management echelon
johtopäätös {n}  :: conclusion
johtopäätös {n} [logic]  :: subaltern proposition
johtoryhmä {n}  :: (the) management (of a company), executive board, executive committee, operating committee, executive council, executive board, management team, executive group, management group
johtosarja {n}  :: harness (set of wires)
johtosolukko {n} [botany]  :: vascular tissue
johtotähti {n} [figuratively]  :: guiding star, pole star, lodestar, cynosure (guiding tenet, that which serves to guide or direct)
johtua {vi}  :: To be conducted
johtua {vi}  :: To originate, stem, be derived from
johtua {vi}  :: To result from, to be attributed to
johtua {v}  :: johtua mieleen: To come to mind, to occur; to bring to mind
johtua mieleen {phrase}  :: to occur, come to mind, bring to mind
johtuen {postp}  :: due to, as a result of
johtuen {v}  :: infinitive of johtua
johtuminen {n} [physics]  :: conduction
joiata {v}  :: To yoik (traditional Sami form of song)
joiden {pron} [relative]  :: whose; of which
joiden {pron} [relative]  :: who(m), that, which
joikata {v}  :: To yoik (to sing in a traditional Sami style)
joiku {n}  :: yoik (song in this style)
joiku {n}  :: yoik (traditional Sami style of singing)
joikua {v}  :: to yoik
jointti {n} [slang]  :: joint, reefer
joita {pron} [relative]  :: whom
joitten {pron} [relative]  :: whose; of which
joitten {pron} [relative]  :: who(m), that, which
joiunta {n}  :: yoik
jojo {n}  :: yo-yo
joka {pron} [indefinite]  :: every, each:
joka {pron} [relative]  :: who, which, that
joka ainoa {adv}  :: Every single one
joka iikka {phrase}  :: everyone
joka ikinen {pron}  :: each and every, every single
joka ikinen {pron}  :: everyone
jokainen {pron}  :: every
jokainen {pron}  :: everyone, everybody
jok'ainoa {adv}  :: alternative form of joka ainoa
joka kerta {adv}  :: every time
jokamiehenoikeus {n}  :: freedom to roam, everyman's right
joka miekkaan tarttuu, se miekkaan hukkuu {proverb}  :: live by the sword, die by the sword (literally: the one who grabs the sword shall drown by it)
jokapaikanhöylä {n}  :: jack of all trades
jokapaikansara {n} [plant]  :: common sedge, Carex nigra
jokapäiväinen {adj}  :: daily
jokapäiväinen {adj}  :: everyday, mundane, ordinary
joka puolella {phrase}  :: all over the place
joka puolelle {phrase}  :: all over the place
jokapyöräveto {n} [automotive]  :: all wheel drive, AWD
jokarmihappo {n} [pharmacology]  :: iocarmic acid
joka sorkka {n} [colloquial]  :: everyone, every single one
joka tapauksessa {phrase}  :: at any rate, in any case, anyway, anyhow, regardless
joka toinen {adj}  :: every other, every second
joka toiselle kuoppaa kaivaa, hän itse siihen lankeaa {proverb}  :: If one tries to fool another, one often gets fooled himself; the idea is basically the same as in the English proverb "do unto others as you would have them do unto you"; but expressed through negative
joka vitsaa säästää, se lastaan vihaa {proverb}  :: spare the rod and spoil the child
jokavuotinen {adj}  :: annual (happening once a year)
Jokela {prop}  :: Any of a number of small places in Finland
Jokela {prop}  :: surname
Jokelainen {prop}  :: surname
jokellella {v} [of babies]  :: to babble
jokeltaa {vi} [of a baby]  :: to babble, gurgle (inarticulate speech)
jokeri {n} [card games]  :: joker
joki {n}  :: river
jokihelmisimpukka {n}  :: freshwater pearl mussel (Margaritifera margaritifera)
jok'ikinen {pron}  :: alternative form of joka ikinen
jokilaakso {n}  :: river valley
jokileinikki {n}  :: greater spearwort, Ranunculus lingua (a flowering plant in the genus Ranunculus)
jokimainen {adj}  :: riverlike
Jokimukka {prop}  :: Jokkmokk (municipality in northern Sweden)
jokin {pron} [indefinite, adjectival]  :: some, one, a
jokin {pron} [indefinite]  :: something
jokin {pron}  :: what have you, what-have-you, whathaveyou
jokin aika sitten {phrase}  :: some time ago
Jokinen {prop}  :: surname
Jokioinen {prop}  :: A municipality in the region of Tavastia Proper
jokipoikanen {n}  :: parr (young salmon during its first 2 or 3 years when it lives in the river where it was born)
jokirapu {n}  :: A European crayfish, noble crayfish, broad-fingered crayfish, Astacus astacus
jokisokeus {n} [pathology]  :: river blindness
jokiuoma {n}  :: riverbed
jokivarsi {n}  :: riverside (area at or in the vicinity of a river)
jokivarsi {n}  :: when used attributively, riparian
jokivene {n}  :: riverboat
joko {adv}  :: jo + -ko
joko {adv}  :: joko ... tai: either ... or
Jokohama {prop}  :: Yokohama
jokseenkin {adv}  :: somewhat
joksikuksi {pron} [indefinite]  :: Translative singular form of joku
jokto- {prefix}  :: yocto-
joktometri {n}  :: yoctometre
joku {pron} [indefinite, colloquial, adjectival]  :: one, a, any:
joku {pron} [indefinite, colloquial]  :: something:
joku {pron} [indefinite]  :: someone, somebody:
joku {pron}  :: ~ muu = other (not the one previously referred to)
joku muu {pron}  :: someone else
jokunen {adj}  :: some, a few
jolkutella {v}  :: To jog, trot
jolkuttaa {vi}  :: To jog, trot
jolla {n}  :: dinghy
jollainen {adj}  :: as, such as
jollei {conj}  :: (subordinating) if ... not, unless:
jolleivät {conj} [subordinating]  :: If they not, unless they, lest they
jollemme {conj} [subordinating]  :: if we not, unless we
jollen {conj}  :: if I ... not, unless I
jollet {conj} [subordinating]  :: if you (sg.) not, unless you (sg.)
jollette {conj} [subordinating]  :: If you(/ye) (pl.) not, unless you(/ye) (pl.), lest you(/ye)
jolloin {adv}  :: at which time, when
jollottaa {vi} [colloquial]  :: to cry
jolma {n}  :: A short river connecting two lakes
jomottaa {v}  :: To ache in a persistent and pulsating way
jomotus {n}  :: a persistent or pulsating ache or aching sensation
jompikumpi {pron} [indefinite]  :: Either one (of two things)
jonakin päivänä {phrase}  :: one day, one of these days, someday (at unspecified time in the future)
Jonatan {prop} [biblical character]  :: Jonathan (in the 1992 translation)
jongleerata {v}  :: to juggle
jonglööri {n}  :: juggler
Joni {prop}  :: given name
jonkin aikaa {phrase}  :: some time (period of some length)
jonkinlainen {adj}  :: some kind of a
jonkin verran {adv}  :: somewhat (to a limited extent or degree)
Jonna {prop}  :: given name
jonne {adv}  :: to where
jonne {n} [Internet slang]  :: a stereotypical teenage boy
Jonne {prop}  :: given name
jonnekin {adv}  :: to somewhere
jono {n}  :: line (straight sequence of people)
jono {n} [mathematics]  :: sequence
jono {n} [military]  :: file
jono {n}  :: queue
jono {n}  :: range
jononi {n}  :: ionone
jonoteoria {n}  :: queueing theory
jonottaa {vi}  :: To queue
jonotus {n}  :: queuing
jonotuslista {n}  :: waiting list
jonotusnumero {n}  :: queue number
jonouttaa {vt}  :: To cause queues
joo {adv} [colloquial]  :: yeah, yes
joo {interj} [colloquial]  :: yeah! (expressing agreement)
jooga {n}  :: yoga
joogata {vi}  :: To do yoga
jooko {interj} [colloquial, childish]  :: Used as fortifier after a suggestion or similar; English equivalent might be please, will you, shall we etc
jooli {n} [nautical]  :: A yawl (fore and aft rigged sailing vessel)
Joona {prop} [biblical character]  :: Jonah
Joona {prop}  :: given name
Joonas {prop} [biblical character, in older versions]  :: Jonah, Jonas
Joonas {prop}  :: given name of biblical origin
Joonatan {prop} [biblical character]  :: Jonathan, in earlier translations of the Bible
Joonatan {prop}  :: given name
joonialainen {adj}  :: Ionian
joonialainen {n}  :: Ionian
Joonianmeri {n}  :: The Ionian Sea
Joosef {prop} [biblical character]  :: Joseph, as characters in the Bible
Jooseppi {prop}  :: given name
Joosua {prop} [biblical character]  :: Joshua
jopa {adv}  :: as much as
jopa {adv}  :: even
jopa {adv}  :: Used as fortifier with no specific translation into English
jopa niin {adv}  :: so much so, even so (to such a great degree)
jopas {adv}  :: denoting surprise: look, well
jopas {adv}  :: jopas (nyt) jotakin: well, well, I'll be damned
jopi {n} [colloquial]  :: job
joppaus {n}  :: Any illegal trading, especially of alcohol or stolen goods
joppaus {n} [dialectal]  :: smuggling
jorata {v} [colloquial]  :: To dance
Jordan {prop}  :: Jordan (river)
Jordania {prop}  :: Jordan (country)
jordanialainen {adj}  :: Jordanian
jordanialainen {n}  :: A Jordanian person
Jori {prop}  :: given name
joriini {n} [colloquial, dialectal]  :: dahlia
jorina {n}  :: chatter
jorista {vi}  :: To chitchat
jorma {n} [slang]  :: penis
Jorma {prop}  :: given name
Joroinen {prop}  :: A municipality in the Southern Savonia region
jorpakko {} [idiomatic, colloquial, dismissal]  :: To get lost
jorpakko {} [idiomatic, colloquial]  :: To get lost
jorpakko {n} [colloquial]  :: A puddle
jorpakko {n} [colloquial]  :: The sea
joruba {n}  :: A member of the Yoruba people
joruba {n}  :: The Yoruba language
jos {conj}  :: [subordinating] if
Josefiina {prop}  :: given name
josetaamihappo {n} [pharmacology]  :: iocetamic acid
joskaan {conj}  :: even though ... not, although ... not
joskin {conj}  :: even though, although
josko {conj}  :: if
joskus {adv}  :: sometimes; (referring to the future) sometime, some day
jos Luoja suo {phrase}  :: God willing (barring unforeseen circumstances)
jos Luoja suo {phrase}  :: God willing (used to indicate acceptance of God's will)
jospa {conj}  :: maybe, if [in a hopeful manner]
joss {abbr} [logic]  :: iff
jossain määrin {adv}  :: to some extent
jossitella {v} [colloquial]  :: to speculate, hypothesize (to make an inference based on inconclusive evidence, to believe or assert on uncertain grounds)
jossittelu {n}  :: ifs, ands, or buts
jos tahtoa on {phrase} [idiomatic]  :: where there is a will
jostain {pron}  :: from somewhere
jostakin {pron}  :: from somewhere
jostakin {pron}  :: something
jos vuori ei tule Muhammedin luo {phrase}  :: if the mountain won't come to Muhammad
jota {n}  :: iota (ninth letter in Greek alphabet)
jota {pron} [relative]  :: who, which, that
jota {pron} [relative]  :: who(m), which, that
jotakuinkin {adv}  :: just about, more or less
joten {adv}  :: so, therefore, hence, whereupon
jotenkin {adv}  :: somehow
jotenkuten {adv}  :: somehow
jotka {pron} [relative, accusative]  :: whom, which, that
jotka {pron} [relative, nominative]  :: who, which, that
jotta {conj}  :: (subordinating) so that, in order that, for the purpose that:
jotta- {prefix}  :: yotta-
jottei {contraction}  :: jotta + ei; 3rd person singular and passive form of "in order not to"
jotteivät {contraction}  :: jotta + eivät
jottemme {contraction}  :: jotta + emme
jotten {contraction}  :: jotta + en
jottet {contraction}  :: jotta + et
jottette {contraction}  :: jotta + ette
jotuni {n}  :: Alternative term for jatuli (giant in Finnish mythology)
jotuni {n} [geology]  :: Ectasian (geologic period)
jotuni {n}  :: (mythology) A giant in Sami mythology, known as jiehtanas in Sami
jotuni {n} [mythology]  :: jotun (giant in Scandinavian mythology, a jötunn)
jouduttaa {vt}  :: to expedite, hasten, precipitate, speed up
jouhea {adj}  :: alternative form of juoheva
jouheva {adj}  :: alternative form of juoheva
jouhi {n}  :: A single hair of an animal, especially of horse
jouhikangas {n}  :: horsehair (fabric)
jouhikko {n} [musical instruments]  :: A traditional Finnish musical instrument, usually three-stringed Finnish bowed lyre
jouhimato {n}  :: nematode
jouhipaita {n}  :: hairshirt, cilice
jouhisara {n} [plant]  :: slender sedge (Carex lasiocarpa)
jouhisorsa {n}  :: northern pintail duck (Anas acuta)
Joukahainen {prop}  :: A database of Finnish words, maintained by the University of Turku
Joukahainen {prop} [mythology]  :: One of the main characters in Kalevala, the Finnish national epic
joukkio {n}  :: A band (group of people)
joukko {n}  :: group, cluster, band
joukko {n} [mathematics]  :: set
joukko {n} [military]  :: troops [usually in plural], force
joukko {n}  :: Used as modifier in compound term (joukko-); mass (involving a mass of people or things)
joukko {n}  :: Used postpositionally in inessive, elative and illative cases to denote among
joukkohauta {n}  :: mass grave
joukkohysteria {n} [psychology]  :: mass hysteria
joukkoistaa {v}  :: to crowdsource
joukkoistaminen {n}  :: crowdsourcing
joukkoistus {n}  :: crowdsourcing
joukkoitsemurha {n}  :: A mass suicide
joukkoliike {n}  :: mass movement
joukkoliikenne {n}  :: mass transportation, mass transit
joukkomurha {n}  :: A mass murder
joukkomurhaaja {n}  :: mass murderer
joukko-opillinen {adj} [mathematics]  :: set-theoretical
joukko-oppi {n} [mathematics]  :: set theory
joukkopsykoosi {n}  :: mass psychosis
joukkorahoitus {n}  :: crowdfunding
joukkoraiskaus {n}  :: gang rape
joukkosidontapaikka {n} [military]  :: dressing station at battalion level
joukkoteoria {n}  :: set theory
joukkotuho {n}  :: A mass destruction, a holocaust
joukkotuhoase {n}  :: A weapon of mass destruction
joukkotuhonta {n} [legal]  :: A genocide
joukkotuotanto {n}  :: mass production
joukkotuote {n}  :: mass product
joukkovelkakirja {n} [finance]  :: bond
joukkoviestin {n}  :: mass medium
joukkue {n} [military]  :: A platoon
joukkue {n} [sports]  :: A team
joukkuehenki {n}  :: team spirit
joukkuekilpailu {n}  :: team competition
joukkuetakaa-ajo {n} [cycling]  :: team pursuit
joukkuetoveri {n}  :: teammate
joukkueurheilu {n}  :: team sport
joukkuevoimistelu {n}  :: aesthetic group gymnastics
Jouko {prop}  :: given name
joukoittain {adv}  :: en masse
joukossa {postp}  :: (genitive + ~ ) among
joule {n}  :: joule
joulu {n}  :: Christmas
jouluaatto {n}  :: Christmas Eve
jouluaika {n}  :: Christmas season
joulukalenteri {n}  :: Advent calendar
joulukiire {n}  :: Christmas rush
joulukirkko {n}  :: A worship held in the morning of the Christmas Day
joulukoriste {n}  :: Christmas ornament
joulukortti {n}  :: Christmas card
joulukuinen {adj}  :: Pertaining to December
joulukuu {n}  :: December
joulukuusi {n}  :: Christmas tree
joululahja {n}  :: Christmas present
joululaulu {n}  :: Christmas carol
joulumuori {n}  :: The wife of Santa Claus
joulunaika {n}  :: Christmas time, Christmastime, Christmas season; yuletide
joulupäivä {n}  :: Christmas Day
joulupukki {n}  :: Santa Claus
Joulusaari {prop}  :: Christmas Island (non self-governing territory of Australia)
joulusesonki {n} [business]  :: Christmas season
joulutähti {n}  :: A representation of this star, used as Christmas decoration; often attached at the top of a Christmas tree
joulutähti {n} [often capitalized]  :: Christmas star, Star of Bethlehem (the star which, according to the Bible, led the magi to Bethlehem in the first Christmas)
joulutähti {n}  :: poinsettia, Euphorbia pulcherrima (species of the spurge family, indigenous to Mexico and Central America, widely used in Christmas floral displays)
joulutonttu {n}  :: Christmas gnome, elf
joulutorttu {n}  :: A star-shaped "danish" made with puff pastry and filled with prune/damson plum jam. Traditionally eaten at Christmas
joulu-ukko {n}  :: synonym of joulupukki
jouluvanukas {n}  :: Christmas pudding (dessert traditionally eaten at Christmas in Britain and other Anglo-Saxon cultures)
Jouni {prop}  :: given name
journalismi {n}  :: journalism
journalisti {n}  :: journalist
journalistiikka {n}  :: journalism
jousenjänne {n}  :: bowstring
jousi {n}  :: bow (a weapon)
jousi {n}  :: musical bow
jousi {n}  :: spring (a mechanical device made of flexible material)
jousiammunta {n}  :: archery
jousiampuja {n}  :: archer, bowman
jousiampujatar {n}  :: archeress
jousikvartetto {n} [music]  :: string quartet
jousimies {n}  :: An archer, bowman
jousimies {n} [astrology]  :: A person born in the sign of Sagittarius
Jousimies {prop} [astrology]  :: Sagittarius
Jousimies {prop} [constellation]  :: Sagittarius
jousiorkesteri {n}  :: string orchestra
jousipyssy {n}  :: bow (weapon)
jousisekstetto {n} [music]  :: string sextet
jousisoitin {n} [musical instruments]  :: string instrument
jousittaa {vt}  :: To equip with springs
jousitus {n}  :: Any arrangement with similar effect
jousitus {n}  :: suspension (system of springs, shock absorbers etc which absorbs the effects of the road to a vehicle and thus smoothens the ride)
jousivakio {n}  :: spring constant
jouskari {n} [colloquial]  :: bow (weapon)
joustaa {vt}  :: yield, bend
joustamaton {adj}  :: inflexible
joustava {adj}  :: flexible, elastic
joustavoida {v}  :: To make more flexible
joustavoittaa {vt}  :: To make more flexible
joustavuus {n}  :: The quality of being flexible, flexibility
joustin {n}  :: spring (mechanical device that absorbs shocks)
jousto {n}  :: As a term of economics, the elasticity
jousto {n}  :: The act of being flexible, flex
joustoaika {n}  :: flexitime (in flexitime arrangement the hours during which the employees are free to arrive or leave)
joustokangas {n}  :: flex fabric (any, often synthetic fibre functional fabric designed for high flexibility in addition to its main function)
joutaa {vi}  :: To be ready/fit (for a place (that is considered negative) = illative), ought to be (somewhere = illative)
joutaa {vi}  :: To make it (in time), arrive (in time), reach (in time) ((to/at/in) a place = allative or illative)
joutaa {vt}  :: (+ infinitive) To have/find time (to do)
joutava {adj}  :: useless, unimportant
joutavanpäiväinen {adj}  :: synonym of tyhjänpäiväinen
joutilaisuus {n}  :: idleness
joutilas {adj}  :: idle
joutoaika {n}  :: leisure, spare time
joutohede {n} [botany]  :: staminode
joutokäynti {n}  :: idling (of an engine: state of running at a slow speed, or out of gear)
joutomaa {n}  :: fallow
joutsen {n}  :: A swan (any bird in the genus Cygnus)
Joutsen {prop} [constellation]  :: The constellation Cygnus, the Swan
Joutsen {prop}  :: surname
joutsenenpoikanen {n}  :: cygnet
joutsenlaulu {n}  :: swan song
joutsenlisko {n}  :: plesiosaur
joutua {vi} [auxiliary, + active 3rd infinitive in illative]  :: To be forced (to do something)
joutua {vi}  :: To end up in (involuntarily, in a place considered negative)
joutua {vi}  :: To get (into a negative position or situation)
joutua {vi} [with koettaa, when commanding somebody]  :: To hurry up
joutua kilometritehtaalle {idiom}  :: lose one's job, get fired, get sacked
joutuin {adv}  :: quickly
joutuisa {adj}  :: quick
joviaali {adj}  :: jovial
jääpala {n}  :: ice cube (small piece of ice used for cooling drinks regardless of its actual shape)
jääpalakone {n}  :: icemaker, ice machine (appliance that produces ice cubes)
jääpalamuotti {n}  :: ice tray, ice cube tray (tray with indentations used to produce ice cubes in a freezer)
jääpallo {n} [sports]  :: bandy
jääpallo {n}  :: The ball with which bandy is played
jääpalloilija {n}  :: bandy player
jääpalloilu {n}  :: bandy (activity of playing bandy, bandy as profession, hobby etc.)
jääpallojoukkue {n}  :: bandy team
jääpallokenttä {n}  :: bandy field
jääpallomaila {n}  :: bandy stick (the stick used to play the ball in bandy)
jääpallo-ottelu {n}  :: bandy match
jääpeitteinen {adj}  :: ice-covered, icy (covered with ice)
jäpittää {v} [military slang]  :: To sit at attention, on commands: Minuutti! and Luokka!
jääpuikko {n}  :: icicle
jääpursi {n}  :: ice yacht
jääpussi {n}  :: ice bag, ice pack
jäärä {n}  :: alternative form of jääräpää
jäärä {n}  :: longhorn beetle of the family Cerambycidae
jäärä {n}  :: old man, especially one whose physical strength is high for his age
jäärä {n}  :: uncastrated ram, especially an old and stubborn one
jörö {adj}  :: sullen, sulky
jörö {adj}  :: untalkative, taciturn
järeä {adj}  :: sturdy, heavy
järeytyä {vi}  :: To become sturdy
järähdellä {vi} [of ground]  :: To tremble, quake (repeatedly)
jääriite {n}  :: frazil ice (loose, randomly oriented needle-shaped ice crystals in water; first phase in formation of ice cover on a body of water)
järin {adv}  :: very
järinä {n}  :: tremble
järistä {vi} [of ground]  :: To quake, tremble
järistys {n}  :: quake
järisyttää {vt} [figuratively]  :: to make a difference, to have a great effect on something
järisyttää {vt}  :: To shock, to send shock waves, to quake
järisyttävä {adj}  :: Earthmoving (of great significance)
järjellinen {adj}  :: reasonable, sensible, rational
järjellisesti {adv}  :: rationally
järjestää {v}  :: to arrange
järjestää {v}  :: to organize
järjestö {n}  :: organization (group of people or other legal entities with an explicit purpose and written rules)
järjestellä {v}  :: to arrange
järjestellä {v}  :: to organize
järjestelmä {n}  :: system
järjestelmäasiantuntija {n}  :: systems specialist
järjestelmäkamera {n}  :: SLR camera
järjestelmällinen {adj}  :: systematic
järjestelmällisesti {adv}  :: systematically
järjestelmällistää {vt}  :: to systematize (to create a system)
järjestelmällistyttää {v}  :: to cause to systemize
järjestelmäriippumaton {adj} [computing]  :: cross-platform (designed to work on various operating systems)
järjestelmäsuunnittelu {n}  :: systems design
järjestely {n}  :: arrangement, deal
järjestely {n}  :: setup (of e.g. a scientific experimentation)
järjestely {n}  :: The act of sorting
järjestäjä {n}  :: organizer
järjestäjä {n} [school]  :: helper boy, helper girl, helper
järjestään {adv}  :: consistently
järjestänsä {adv}  :: alternative form of järjestään
järjestyä {vi}  :: To be(come) organized
järjestyksenvalvoja {n}  :: security officer, bouncer, peace officer, order supervision person, proctor
järjestys {n}  :: order (as opposed to disorder)
järjestys {n}  :: organisation (quality of being organised)
järjestysluku {n} [grammar]  :: ordinal number
järjestyslukusana {n}  :: Alternative term for ordinaalilukusana
järjestysmies {n}  :: A former job title for a bouncer, nowadays replaced by järjestyksenvalvoja
järjestysnumero {n}  :: running number
järjestyspoliisi {n}  :: patrolman
järjestyssääntö {n} [often in plural]  :: regulation, regulations, rules of conduct, rules and regulations (administrative rule, issued by an organization, used to guide or prescribe the conduct of members of that organization, or people visiting the premises of that organization)
järjestäytyä {vi}  :: To get organized
järjestäytymätön {adj}  :: unorganized
järjestäytynyt {adj}  :: organized
järjestäytynyt rikollisuus {n}  :: organized crime
järjetön {adj}  :: mindless, preposterous
järjetön {adj}  :: senseless, crazy
järjissään {adv}  :: in one's right mind, sane, sensible, reasonable, thinking clearly
jöröjukka {n}  :: grouch
järkeenkäypä {adj}  :: reasonable, rational
järkeillä {vi}  :: to reason, cerebrate
järkeily {n}  :: reasoning
järkeistää {v}  :: To rationalize (to structure something along modern, efficient and systematic lines)
järkeistyä {vi}  :: To be rationalized
järkevä {adj}  :: reasonable
järkevä {adj}  :: sensible
järkevöityä {vi}  :: To become more sensible, rational
järkevän epäilyksen ulkopuolella {phrase} [legal]  :: beyond a reasonable doubt (legal set term meaning that evidence is sufficient for reliable conclusion regarding guilt or lack thereof)
järkevästi {adv}  :: sensibly
järkähtää {vi}  :: fluster, stun, startle, momentarily knock the senses from someone through shock or surprise
järkähtämätön {adj}  :: unflappable (remaining composed and level-headed at all times; unswayed by adversity or excitement; impossible to fluster; not becoming frustrated or irritated easily)
järki {n}  :: reason (ability to think)
järki {n}  :: sense (meaning, reason, or value of something)
järki {n}  :: sense (sound practical judgment)
järkiinnyttää {v}  :: to make one come to his senses (to cause to become reasonable, comprehending, or responsible)
järkiintyä {vi}  :: to come to one's senses
järkiperäinen {adj}  :: rational
järkiperäistää {vt}  :: to rationalize (to make rational)
järkiperäistyä {vi}  :: to become (more) rational
järkkyä {vi}  :: To be destabilised; to shake
järkäle {n}  :: boulder
järkätä {vt} [colloquial]  :: alternative term for järjestää
järkyttää {v}  :: To shake, take aback
järkyttävä {adj}  :: shocking, disturbing, outrageous, immoral
järkyttyä {vi}  :: To become distraught, upset
järkyttynyt {adj}  :: shocked, shaken, taken aback
järkytys {n}  :: shock, jolt (surprise)
jääräpää {n}  :: stubborn, persistent person
jääräpäinen {adj}  :: dogged, obstinate, persistent, pertinacious, resolute, stubborn, unyielding, hellbent
jääräpäisesti {adv}  :: doggedly, obstinately, persistently, pertinaciously, resolutely, stubbornly, unyieldingly (in a stubbornly resolute manner)
järripeippo {n}  :: brambling (Fringilla montifringilla)
järsiä {v}  :: To gnaw
jöröttää {vi}  :: To sulk
Järvelä {prop}  :: Any of a number of small places in Finland
Järvelä {prop}  :: surname
Järveläinen {prop}  :: surname
Järvenpää {prop}  :: A city and a municipality 37 km north of Helsinki
Järvenpää {prop}  :: Any of a number of small places in Finland
Järvenpää {prop}  :: surname
järvenranta {n}  :: lakefront (land or area adjacent to a lake)
järvi {n}  :: lake
Järvi {prop}  :: surname
järviallas {n}  :: lake basin
järvialue {n}  :: lake region
järvikaisla {n}  :: common club-rush (Schoenoplectus lacustris)
järvikorte {n}  :: water horsetail (Equisetum fluviatile, syn. Equisetum limosum)
järvilohi {n}  :: landlocked salmon, Salmo salar sebago, (subspecies of the Atlantic salmon)
järvimalmi {n} [geology]  :: bog iron, limonite (deposit of limonite found in the bottom of a lake)
Järvinen {prop}  :: surname
järviruoko {n}  :: common reed (Phragmites australis)
järvisieni {n}  :: A species of freshwater sponge, Spongilla lacustris
järvisimpukka {n}  :: duck mussel, Anodonta anatina (syn. Anodonta piscinalis)
järvisätkin {n}  :: pond water-crowfoot (Ranunculus peltatus)
järvisyyhy {n} [medicine]  :: swimmer's itch, duck itch
järvitaimen {n}  :: form of brown trout (Salmo trutta morpha lacustris)
järvitiede {n}  :: limnology
jäsen {n}  :: A member of an organisation
jäsen {n} [anatomy]  :: A limb
jäseninen {adj}  :: -limbed (only in compounds, having certain kind of limbs)
jäseninen {adj}  :: -member (only in compounds, having a number of members)
jäsenistö {n}  :: membership (body of members)
jäsenkortti {n}  :: a membership card
jäsenkunta {n}  :: membership (body of members)
jäsenliitto {n}  :: member association
jäsenmaa {n}  :: member country
jäsenmaksu {n}  :: membership fee, dues, subscription
jäsenmäärä {n}  :: membership count (number of members in an organization)
jäsennellä {v}  :: to analyze, especially a theme for a presentation
jäsentää {v} [grammar]  :: to parse, construe
jäsentää {v}  :: to analyze
jäsenvaltio {n}  :: member state
jäsenyys {n}  :: membership
jäsenyysneuvottelu {n}  :: membership negotiation
Jääskeläinen {prop}  :: surname
jässikkä {n}  :: A big, cumbersome boy
jössikkä {n}  :: alternative form of jässikkä
jssk {pron}  :: abbreviation of jossakin
jästi {n}  :: A person who does not engage in geocaching
jästi {n}  :: Muggle, a non-magical person in J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter series
jstk {pron}  :: abbreviation of jostakin
jääsukellus {n}  :: ice diving
jäätää {vi} [colloquial]  :: To freeze up, stiffen (in a thrilling situation, not knowing what to do)
jäätää {vi} [e.g. of weather]  :: To be freezing
jtak {pron}  :: abbreviation of jotakin
jäte {n}  :: waste, garbage, rubbish
jäteastia {n}  :: Any type of receptacle for waste materials; a trash can, rubbish bin
jäteauto {n}  :: waste collection vehicle
jäätee {n}  :: iced tea
jätehuolto {n}  :: waste disposal, garbage disposal
jätehuolto {n}  :: waste management
jäätelö {n}  :: ice cream (frozen dessert)
jäätelöauto {n}  :: ice cream van
jäätelöbaari {n}  :: ice cream parlor [US] / parlour [UK] (indoor establishment selling ice cream and usually offering seating)
jäteliemi {n}  :: waste liquor (liquid waste from an industrial process, usually with a relatively high concentration of pollutants)
jäätelökauha {n}  :: ice cream scoop
jäätelökone {n}  :: ice cream maker
jäätelöpuikko {n}  :: ice cream bar (frozen dessert on a stick)
jäätelötötterö {n}  :: ice cream cone
jäätelötuutti {n}  :: ice cream cone
jätemylly {n}  :: garbage disposal, garbage disposal unit
jätepaperi {n}  :: wastepaper
jätevedenpuhdistamo {n}  :: wastewater treatment plant
jätevesi {n}  :: sewage, wastewater
jööti {n} [slang]  :: A pile, chunk, etc.; a big piece of something, especially shit
jäätie {n}  :: ice road
jäätiköityä {vi}  :: To glaciate (to become covered with glacier)
jäätiköityminen {n} [geology]  :: glaciation
jäätikkö {n}  :: glacier
jäätikkökaivo {n} [geology]  :: moulin (vertical shaft carved in a glacier by meltwater)
jätkä {n} [archaic]  :: A lumberjack
jätkä {n} [colloquial]  :: A delinquent man or male youngster using to spend time in the streets
jätkä {n} [colloquial]  :: A guy, a dude or a bloke
jätkä {n} [colloquial, dated]  :: A stevedore
jätkä {n} [colloquial, offensive]  :: A man whom the speaker wants to be considered as a scoundrel or a bastard
jätkä {n} [informal, card games]  :: A knave or a jack
jtkn {acronym}  :: sthg; an acronym of jotakin
jätkänšakki {n}  :: tic-tac-toe (game)
jätkänsakki {n}  :: alternative spelling of jätkänšakki
jäätön {adj}  :: Having no ice, iceless
jäätön {adj}  :: Unfrozen (lake, sea etc.)
jätän päätettäväksi {phrase} [legal]  :: I rest my case (sentence that ends a lawyer's presentation of his case in a court)
jätös {n}  :: excrement (especially from a wild animal)
jätski {n} [colloquial]  :: ice cream
jättää {vt}  :: To leave (an item somewhere; a place; a person)
jättää {vt}  :: To submit (to enter or put forward for approval, consideration, marking etc.)
jättää {vt}  :: To take, drop off, deliver
jättö {n}  :: delivery
jättö {n}  :: filing
jättää arpi {v} [idiomatic]  :: to scar (to mark the skin permanently with a scar; also figuratively)
jätti {n}  :: a giant
jättihauki {n}  :: any exceptionally large pike, especially the northern pike Esox lucius, which is the only pike native to Finland
jättihauki {n}  :: muskellunge, Esox masquinongy (large freshwater gamefish native to North America)
jättiherkkusieni {n}  :: An agaric, Agaricus macrosporus
jättikonna {n}  :: cane toad, marine toad, Bufo marinus (now Rhinella marina)
jättikonnamonni {n}  :: African sharptooth catfish, Clarias garlepinus (airbreathing freshwater catfish found in Africa and Middle East)
jättikorte {n}  :: great horsetail, Equisetum telmateia
jättiläinen {n}  :: A giant
jättiläinen {n}  :: An ogre (brutish giant)
jättiläinen {n}  :: As a modifier in compound terms (represented by the stem jättiläis-) signifies giant, gigantic; sometimes also ogrish
jättiläisalbatrossi {n}  :: wandering albatross, Diomedea exulans
jättiläishai {n}  :: basking shark (Cetorhinus maximus)
jättiläiskalmari {n}  :: giant squid
jättiläiskilpikonna {n}  :: A member of the tortoise genus Geochelone
jättiläismajava {n}  :: giant beaver, Castoroides ohioensis
jättiläismanner {n}  :: supercontinent (very large continent that split into smaller ones in the Earth’s geologic past)
jättiläismetsäkarju {n}  :: giant forest hog (Hylochoerus meinertzhageni)
jättiläismäinen {adj}  :: gigantic
jättiläismuurahaiskäpy {n}  :: giant pangolin (Manis gigantea)
jättiläispanda {n}  :: giant panda (Ailuropoda melanoleuca)
jättiläispunapuu {n}  :: sequoia, redwood, Sequoia sempervirens
jättiläissaukko {n}  :: giant otter (Pteronura brasiliensis)
jättiläissimpukka {n} [colloquial]  :: giant clam (Tridacna gigas)
jättiläissimpukka {n}  :: Tridacna (clam of the genus Tridacna)
jättiläistähti {n} [astronomy]  :: giant star
jättiläisvyötiäinen {n}  :: giant armadillo (Priodontes maximus)
jättimäinen {adj}  :: gigantic
jättimuura {n}  :: giant antshrike, Batara cinerea
jättipotti {n}  :: A jackpot (large cash prize)
jättipotti {n}  :: A windfall (sudden large benefit)
jättiputki {n} [plant]  :: Hogweed, a plant of the family Heracleum
jättiseitikki {n} [mushroom]  :: A webcap, Cortinarius praestans
jättisumma {n}  :: king's ransom (very large amount of money)
jättämä {n} [technical]  :: lag, delay, latency (period between the initiation of something and the occurrence)
jättää oman onnensa nojaan {phrase}  :: To hang out to dry, to leave to one's own devices
jättää pulaan {v} [idiomatic]  :: to leave someone in the lurch, to leave somebody holding the bag (to abandon somebody and leave him or her in a difficult situation)
jättöpyörre {n} [aviation]  :: wash (turbulence left by an airplane)
jättöreuna {n}  :: A trailing edge
jättösarvi {n} [biology]  :: cast antler
jätättää {v}  :: To lose, to be slow (of a clock, to run slow)
jättää tyhjän päälle {phrase}  :: To leave penniless
jättövana {n}  :: condensation trail, contrail
jättää varjoonsa {v} [figuratively]  :: to eclipse, overshadow
jättäytyä {vi}  :: To deliberately lag behind
jättäytyä {vi}  :: To resign oneself, surrender
jääturska {n}  :: Atlantic tomcod, tomcod, tommy cod (Microgadus tomcod)
jäätävä {adj}  :: gelid, glacial, icy, frosty (extremely cold)
jäätävästi {adv}  :: icily
jäätyä {v}  :: to freeze
jäätyä {v}  :: to ice over (to become covered in ice, usually of a body of water)
jäätymispiste {n}  :: freezing point
jäätynyt olkapää {n} [pathology]  :: adhesive capsulitis, frozen shoulder
Juba {prop}  :: Juba (capital of South Sudan)
judanssi {n} [slang]  :: synonym of juttu
judata {v} [dialectal]  :: To wander, travel
judo {n}  :: judo
judoka {n}  :: judoka
Jugoslavia {prop}  :: Yugoslavia (Former country in the Balkans)
jugoslavialainen {adj}  :: Yugoslavian
jugoslavialainen {n}  :: A Yugoslavian person
jugurtti {n}  :: alternative form of jogurtti
Juha {prop}  :: given name
Juhana {prop}  :: given name, a cognate of John
Juhani {prop}  :: given name
juhannus {n}  :: Midsummer Day
juhannusaatto {n}  :: Midsummer Day eve
juhannussalko {n}  :: maypole
juhla {n}  :: celebration
juhla {n}  :: ceremony, occasion, function
juhla {n}  :: feast
juhla {n}  :: party
juhla-ateria {n}  :: banquet
juhlallinen {adj}  :: ceremonial
juhlallinen {adj}  :: festive
juhlallinen {adj}  :: formal (ceremonial)
juhlallinen {adj}  :: solemn (deeply serious and sober)
juhlallinen {adj}  :: solemn (performed with great ceremony)
juhlallinen {adj}  :: solemn (somberly impressive)
juhlallisesti {adv}  :: ceremonially
juhlallisesti {adv}  :: solemnly
juhlallisuudet {n}  :: festivities
juhlamekko {n}  :: A party dress (elegant dress designed to be worn in parties)
juhlapäivä {n}  :: holiday (A day on which a festival, religious event, or national celebration is traditionally observed.)
juhlapuhe {n}  :: oration (formal ceremonial speech)
juhlapuku {n}  :: full dress, evening dress
juhlapuku {n} [military]  :: mess kit, mess dress
juhlasali {n}  :: hall, banquet hall, assembly hall, function hall, reception hall, ballroom (large room for dancing, banquets, other festivities, or social occasions)
juhlat {n}  :: celebration, party
juhlava {adj}  :: festive
juhlavampi {adj}  :: comparative of juhlava
juhlaviikko {n}  :: A week dedicated for celebration of some kind. English translation depends on the case: week of celebration, festival etc
juhlaväki {n}  :: The guests or attendants of a party or ceremony collectively
juhlavuosi {n}  :: year of celebration (year declared to be a special period of celebration, usually to commemorate a past important event)
juhlia {v}  :: To celebrate
juhlia {v}  :: To party
juhlija {n}  :: celebrator
juhlija {n}  :: partier
juhlinta {n}  :: celebration
juhlinta {n}  :: partying
juhlistaa {vt} [ , + partitive]  :: To solemnise/solemnize
Juho {prop}  :: given name
Juhola {prop}  :: Any of a number of small places in Finland
Juhola {prop}  :: surname
juhta {n}  :: beast of burden
juhtaeläin {n}  :: A beast of burden
juju {n} [slang]  :: catch, hitch, snag, kicker (problem or unexpected difficulty in a deal, negotiation or task)
juju {n} [slang]  :: trick (effective, clever or quick way of doing something, the "secret")
ju-jutsu {n}  :: alternative spelling of jujutsu
jujutsu {n}  :: jujitsu (martial art originating from Japan)
jujuttaa {v}  :: To dupe, cheat, trick
Jukatanin niemimaa {prop}  :: The Yucatan Peninsula
jukeboksi {n}  :: A jukebox (coin-operated machine that plays recorded music)
jukka {n}  :: yucca
Jukka {prop}  :: given name
jukra {interj}  :: gosh, gee
juksata {v} [colloquial]  :: To pull someone's leg
juksata {v}  :: To fish cod with a lure called juksa
juku {interj}  :: gosh
jukurtti {n}  :: alternative form of jogurtti
Julia {prop}  :: given name
Julia {prop}  :: Juliet, the lover of Romeo
juliaaninen {adj}  :: Julian
julistaa {vt}  :: To proclaim, announce, declare, pronounce
julistaja {n}  :: proclaimer
julistamaton {adj}  :: undeclared
julistautua {v}  :: to declare oneself, proclaim oneself
juliste {n}  :: poster, placard
julistekangas {n}  :: A piece of fabric used to produce a commercial or political banner; fabric for banners
julistus {n}  :: declaration, bill, decree
Julius {prop}  :: given name
juljeta {vt} [literary, auxiliary , + infinitive]  :: to have the impudence/nerve to, dare to, can
julkaisematon {adj}  :: unpublished
julkaiseminen {n}  :: publishing
julkaisija {n}  :: publisher
julkaista {vt}  :: To publish
julkaisu {n}  :: A publication
julkaisukelpoinen {adj}  :: publishable (satisfying the quality criteria for being published)
julkaisuluettelo {n}  :: bibliography (list of books or documents relevant to a particular subject or author)
julkaisulupa {n}  :: imprimatur (official license to publish)
julkaisuvapaa {adj}  :: publishable (free to be published; in the sense of not being confidential or under an embargo)
julkea {adj}  :: Impudent, blatant, arrogant
julkeus {n}  :: impunity
julki {adv}  :: openly
julki {adv}  :: public (that what is visible, not hidden)
julkiasu {n}  :: appearance
julkikuva {n}  :: public image, face
julkilausuma {n}  :: communiqué, declaration, proclamation (official statement given out from a congress, meeting etc.)
julkilausumaton {adj}  :: unexpressed
julkilausumaton {adj}  :: unspoken
julkimo {n} [colloquial]  :: celebrity, celeb, star
julkinen {adj}  :: public
julkinen {adj}  :: unclassified (not secret)
julkinen edunvalvoja {n} [legal]  :: public trustee
julkinen hyödyke {n}  :: public good (good that is non-rivalrous and non-excludable)
julkinen liikenne {n}  :: public transport, public transit
julkinen omaisuus {n}  :: public property
julkinen osakeyhtiö {n}  :: public limited company (publicly traded limited liability company)
julkipanna {v}  :: To announce (e.g. a public notice)
julkisesti {adv}  :: publicly, in public
julkishyödyke {n} [economics]  :: public good
julkisivu {n}  :: facade, façade
julkisivutiili {n}  :: facade brick (high-quality brick intended for facades)
julkisoikeus {n} [law]  :: public law
julkisrauha {n} [legal]  :: A legal doctrine similar to kotirauha protecting other premises than homes from unlawful entry; no English translation exists, but the tort against the doctrine, julkisrauhan rikkominen, has been named "invasion of public premises" in English
julkissektori {n}  :: public sector
julkistaa {v}  :: to publish, announce (to make public)
julkistus {n} [marketing]  :: announcement
julkisuus {n}  :: publicity
julkisuustemppu {n}  :: publicity stunt (staged marketing event staged used to garner publicity)
julkkis {n} [colloquial]  :: celebrity, public figure
julkku {n} [colloquial]  :: celebrity
julli {n}  :: An oaf (person or similar animal)
jullikka {n}  :: alternative form of julli
julma {adj}  :: [person] cruel
julma {adj} [weather]  :: cruel
julmasti {adv}  :: cruelly
julmin {adj}  :: superlative of julma
julmistella {vi}  :: To show one's anger at somebody
julmistua {vi}  :: To become infuriated
julmuus {n}  :: cruelty, brutality, atrocity
jumala {n}  :: A deity (god)
jumala {n}  :: A god
Jumala {prop} [Abrahamic religions]  :: God
jumalaapelkäävä {adj}  :: god-fearing
Jumala auttaa niitä, jotka auttavat itseään {proverb}  :: heaven helps those who help themselves
jumalainen {adj}  :: divine, godly (gloriously good)
jumalallinen {adj}  :: godly (of or pertaining to a god or God)
Jumalan armosta {phrase}  :: by the grace of God, Dei gratia
Jumalan Karitsa {prop}  :: Agnus Dei (model or picture of a lamb with a cross)
Jumalan Karitsa {prop}  :: Agnus Dei (part of a Christian mass, or a music set to the text)
Jumalan Karitsa {prop}  :: Agnus Dei, Paschal Lamb (Jesus Christ)
Jumalan Karitsa {prop} [heraldry]  :: Agnus Dei, Paschal Lamb
jumalankieltäjä {n}  :: atheist
Jumalan kiitos {phrase}  :: thank God
jumalanmurha {n}  :: deicide
jumalanpalvelus {n} [religion]  :: service, divine service, worship
jumalanpelko {n}  :: The fear of God
jumalanpilkka {n}  :: blasphemy
jumalatar {n}  :: goddess
jumalaton {adj}  :: godless, impious
jumalattomuus {n}  :: godlessness
jumalauta {interj}  :: goddammit, goddamnit, goddamn it
jumalauta {interj}  :: holy shit
jumalinen {adj}  :: godly (devoted to a god or God)
jumaloida {vt}  :: To worship (e.g. a very attractive person)
jumalolento {n}  :: deity
jumaltenpuu {n}  :: ailanthus
jumalusko {n}  :: deism
jumaluus {n}  :: deity
jumaluusoppi {n}  :: theology, divinity (study of religion or religions)
jumbo {adj} [informal]  :: last (especially in a competition)
jumbo {n}  :: jumbo jet
jumbojetti {n} [informal, by extension]  :: widebodied aircraft
jumbojetti {n}  :: jumbo jet (B-747)
jumbosija {n} [informal]  :: cellar (last place in a competition)
jumi {n}  :: The state of being stuck
jumi {n}  :: wood borer, woodworm (any of several insects and their larvae in the family Anobiidae)
jumiin {adv}  :: jäädä jumiin: to get stuck
jumiintua {v}  :: alternative form of jumiutua
jumissa {adv}  :: stuck
jumittaa {v} [colloquial]  :: alternative form of jumiuttaa
jumittua {v}  :: To get stuck
jumiuttaa {vt} [colloquial]  :: To jam, block, to make something to stuck
jumiutua {vi}  :: To jam, to become stuck, to freeze up, to freeze
jumpata {v} [gymnastics]  :: To exercise
jumppa {n} [informal]  :: gymnastics
jumpperi {n} [electronics, colloquial]  :: jumper
jumpperi {n}  :: jumper (sweater)
jumpru {n} [historical]  :: An old measure of volume equal to 0.082 liters. Jumpru was used in Sweden and Finland before adoption of metric system
jumputtaa {v}  :: To pound, bang (to strike repeatedly)
jumputus {n}  :: A thumping; a dull, continuous noise, like e.g. the rhythm of rock or similar music heard from distance, or through a wall
juna {n}  :: train (railroad train)
juna-asema {n} [colloquial]  :: train station, railway station
junailija {n}  :: organizer
junailija {n} [rail transport]  :: conductor
junailla {v} [colloquial]  :: to engineer (to plan or achieve some goal by contrivance or guile)
junailla {v} [colloquial]  :: to fix up (to provide someone with something)
junailla {v} [dated]  :: to operate a train or a railway
junanrata {n}  :: railway
junanvaunu {n}  :: railroad car
junarata {n}  :: railway, railroad track (track)
junavaunu {n}  :: railroad car, carriage
juniori {n} [colloquial]  :: junior
Junnila {prop}  :: surname
junnu {n}  :: junior, youth (especially in sport)
juntata {v}  :: to ram (to pound something hard, especially driving it into something)
juntata {v}  :: to rig (of a meeting, to arrange in advance that one's proposals get approved)
juntta {n}  :: junta
juntta {n}  :: pile driver, ram
juntti {adj} [informal]  :: redneck, hillbilly, hick
juntti {n}  :: A redneck, hillbilly, hick
Junttila {prop}  :: Any of a number of small places in Finland
Junttila {prop}  :: surname
Juntunen {prop}  :: surname
juoda {vt}  :: to drink
juohea {adj}  :: alternative form of juoheva
juoheva {adj}  :: smooth (without difficulty)
juohtua {v}  :: To come up, arise
juoksennella {vi}  :: to run about, run around (to run hither and tither)
juoksete {n}  :: alternative form of juoksute
juoksettaa {vt} [dairy]  :: To curdle (to cause to form curds)
juoksettua {v} [dairy]  :: To curdle (to form curds)
juokseva {adj}  :: running
juoksija {n}  :: runner
juoksu {n} [athletics]  :: running (activity of running as a form of exercise or as a sport)
juoksu {n} [construction]  :: plate, wall plate (piece of timber laid horizontally in or on a wall as a support for a girder, rafter, or joist)
juoksu {n}  :: run (act of running)
juoksu {n}  :: run (pace faster than a walk)
juoksuaika {n}  :: Dog's heat
juoksuhauta {n}  :: trench
juoksuhiekka {n}  :: quicksand
juoksujalkainen {n}  :: A centipede
juoksukäki {n}  :: roadrunner (bird of the genus Geococcyx)
juoksumatto {n}  :: treadmill (indoor sport equipment)
juoksupoika {n}  :: runner, errand boy
juoksute {n} [dairy]  :: rennet
juoksutin {n}  :: A variant of juoksute
juoksuttaa {v} [dated, dairy]  :: to curdle (to cause to form curds)
juoksuttaa {v} [music]  :: to practice singing or playing an instrument by producing a quick succession of rising or descending notes; to play or sing a piece with such succession
juoksuttaa {v}  :: to longe [US], lunge [UK] (to work a horse in a circle at the end of a long line or rope)
juoksuttaa {v}  :: to run, draw (to make a liquid flow)
juoksuttaa {v}  :: to run, make run (to cause to move quickly)
juoksutus {n}  :: Action noun of the verb juoksuttaa (all senses)
juoksutusliina {n} [horsemanship]  :: lunge line
juoksutusmaha {n} [anatomy]  :: abomasum
juoksutusriimu {n} [horsemanship]  :: longeing cavesson [US], lungeing cavesson [UK]
juolahtaa {v}  :: Normally with mieleen, to occur (to come or be presented to the mind), see juolahtaa mieleen
juolahtaa mieleen {v}  :: to come to mind, spring to mind, cross one's mind, occur (to come or be presented to the mind)
juolavehnä {n}  :: couch grass, Elymus repens
juolua {n}  :: oxbow lake
juolukka {n}  :: A bog bilberry, Vaccinium uliginosum
juoma {n}  :: beverage
juoma {n}  :: drink
juoma-allas {n}  :: drinking fountain (device consisting of a drinking water tap and a basin for eventual splashes)
juomakelvoton {adj}  :: undrinkable, impotable
juomalaite {n}  :: drinking fountain
juomalasi {n}  :: tumbler, drinking glass, glass
juomalasillinen {n}  :: glassful
juomanlaskija {n}  :: cupbearer
juomapilli {n}  :: drinking straw
juomaraha {n}  :: tip, gratuity
juomari {n}  :: drinker
juomasekoitus {n}  :: cocktail (mixed drink)
juomauhri {n}  :: libation (act of pouring a liquid or liquor, either on the ground or on a victim in sacrifice)
juomauhri {n}  :: libation (liquid thus poured out)
juomavesi {n}  :: drinking water
juominen {n}  :: drinking
juomingit {n}  :: bacchanal, drinking party (party in which significant amount of alcohol is consumed)
juomu {n}  :: stripe, streak
juoni {n} [geology]  :: vein
juoni {n}  :: plot, design
juoni {n}  :: scheme, conspiracy
juoni {n}  :: storyline, plot
juonia {vi}  :: To scheme, plot
juonikas {adj}  :: sly, cunning, wily, crafty, deceitful
juonipaljastus {n}  :: spoiler
juonitella {v}  :: To conspire
juonittelija {n}  :: schemer, plotter
juonittelu {n}  :: scheming
juonne {n}  :: A vein (stripe or streak of different colour or composition in a material)
juontaa {v} [forestry]  :: to haul (to drag logs from the forest)
juontaa {v}  :: see: juontaa juurensa
juontaa {v}  :: to compere, present [British], to host (to act as a host or MC in a television sitcom or other type of show)
juontaja {n}  :: compere, presenter [UK]; host, anchorman, master of ceremonies [US]; speaker (someone who conducts a programme of varied entertainment, for example by introducing performers to the audience)
juonteikas {adj}  :: wrinkled (face)
juonti {n}  :: drinking
juontua {vi}  :: to come from, derive from
juopa {n} [figuratively]  :: gulf, gap
juopotella {vi}  :: To drink alcohol excessively
juoppo {n}  :: A drunkard
juoppohulluus {n} [colloquial]  :: delirium tremens
juoppokuski {n} [colloquial]  :: Designated driver
juopua {vi}  :: To get drunk, become intoxicated
juopumus {n}  :: intoxication (state of being under the influence of alcohol)
juopunut {adj}  :: drunk, drunken
juoru {n}  :: gossip
juoru {n}  :: spiderwort, a plant in the genus Tradescantia
juoruaja {n}  :: gossiper
juoruilla {v}  :: to gossip
juorukello {n}  :: gossip (one who likes to talk about someone else’s private or personal business)
juorukello {n}  :: telltale, tattler (one who divulges private information)
juorukki {n} [plant]  :: Wandering Jew (Tradescantia zebrina)
juorukompassi {n} [nautical]  :: telltale compass
juoruta {v}  :: To gossip
juosta {vi}  :: to run
juosta pakoon {vi}  :: to run away
juoste {n} [anatomy]  :: tract (nerve structure)
juosten kustu {adj}  :: half-arsed
juosten kustu {adj} [vulgar]  :: Badly made, shoddy, incompetent work
juostenkustu {adj}  :: alternative form of juosten kustu
juotava {adj}  :: drinkable, potable
juotava {n}  :: drink, beverage (any drinkable liquid)
juote {n}  :: solder
juotikas {n}  :: A leech
juotin {n}  :: A soldering iron
juotos {n}  :: solder
juotoskolvi {n}  :: alternative form of juottokolvi
juottaa {v}  :: To use milk to fatten, feed young animals meant for slaughter
juottaa {vt}  :: To give someone something to drink; to water (an animal); to make someone drink, to be pushy in offering something to drink, (often) to get drunk
juottaa {vt}  :: To solder
juottaminen {n}  :: soldering (method of joining two metallic surfaces)
juotto {n}  :: brazing
juottokolvi {n}  :: soldering iron
juova {adj}  :: drinking, one who drinks
juova {n}  :: streak
juovadelfiini {n}  :: Pacific white-sided dolphin, Lagenorhynchus obliquidens
juovagnu {n}  :: black wildebeest (Connochaetes gnou)
juovahyeena {n}  :: striped hyena (Hyaena hyaena)
juovainen {adj}  :: striped
juovakenguru {n}  :: banded hare-wallaby, Lagostrophus fasciatus
juovakoodi {n} [dated]  :: barcode
juovakuonopussimäyrä {n}  :: striped bandicoot, Microperoryctes longicauda
juovamaaorava {n}  :: eastern chipmunk, Tamias striatus
juovamangusti {n}  :: broad-striped mongoose, Galidictis fasciata
juovaniskamangusti {n}  :: striped-necked mongoose, Herpestes vitticollis
juovasakaali {n}  :: side-striped jackal (Canis adustus)
juovaselkäkärppä {n}  :: back-striped weasel, Mustela strigidorsa
juovaspektri {n} [physics, astronomy]  :: band spectrum
juovasureli {n}  :: mitred leaf monkey, Presbytis melalophos
juovatanrekki {n}  :: streaked tenrec, Hemicentetes semispinosus
juovatupaija {n}  :: striped tree shrew, Tupaia dorsalis
juovikas {adj}  :: streaked
juovittaa {vt}  :: To stripe
juovuksiin {adv}  :: drunk (to the state of drunkenness)
juovuksissa {adv}  :: drunk, intoxicated, under the influence, wasted (in the state of drunkenness)
juovuttaa {v}  :: To intoxicate, especially with alcohol
jupakka {n}  :: altercation (controversy; wrangle; wordy contest)
jupina {n}  :: mumble, grumbling
jupista {vi}  :: To grouse, grumble
Jupiter {prop}  :: Jupiter (planet)
Jupiter {prop} [Roman god]  :: Jupiter (god)
juppi {n}  :: yuppie
juppius {n}  :: yuppieness, the state of being a yuppie
juppiutua {vi} [colloquial]  :: To become yuppie-like
jurakausi {n}  :: Jurassic period
jurakautinen {adj}  :: Jurassic
jurakki {n}  :: The Nenets language
jurakkisamojedi {n}  :: The Nenets language
Juri {prop}  :: A transliteration of the Russian male given name Юрий
juridiikka {n}  :: jurisprudence, law
juridinen {adj}  :: juridical
juristi {n}  :: A jurist [expert in law]
juro {adj}  :: sullen, sulky
juroa {v} [rare, archaic]  :: alternative form of jurottaa
jurottaa {v}  :: to sulk
jurppia {v} [colloquial]  :: To annoy
jurrikka {n}  :: A stubborn person
jurtta {n}  :: yurt (nomad dwelling)
jurtti {n} [colloquial]  :: A sugar beet (the root)
jurtti {n} [colloquial, derogatory]  :: An extremely redneckish person
jurumi {n}  :: The giant anteater
jussi {n} [colloquial]  :: Midsummer Day
Jussi {prop}  :: given name, and a common diminutive form of names related to Johannes
Jussi {prop}  :: The letter "J" in the Finnish tavausaakkoset, a spelling system similar to ICAO spelling alphabet
Jussila {prop}  :: Any of a number of small places in Finland
Jussila {prop}  :: surname
Jussilainen {prop}  :: surname
just {adv} [colloquial, dialectal]  :: just, exactly, precisely, perfectly
justeerata {v} [colloquial]  :: To tweak, adjust
justeeri {n} [historical]  :: two-man saw (saw operated by two men, used for timber felling and sawing planks)
justeeri {n}  :: pitsaw (two-man saw for sawing planks, one operating in a pit under the workpiece)
Justiina {prop}  :: given name, cognate to English Justine
Justus {prop}  :: given name, cognate to English Justus
jutella {v}  :: To chat
jutku {n} [offensive]  :: kike, Jew
jutska {n}  :: thingy
jutsku {n} [offensive]  :: kike (offensive term used of a Jew)
Jutta {prop}  :: given name
juttu {n}  :: affair (that which is done or is to be done)
juttu {n}  :: anecdote (short often humorous account of an incident)
juttu {n}  :: article (story in a newspaper)
juttu {n}  :: case (legal proceeding)
juttu {n}  :: event (occurrence of social or personal importance)
juttu {n}  :: lawsuit
juttu {n}  :: preference, bag
juttu {n}  :: story (lie)
juttu {n}  :: tale
juttu {n}  :: Talk (conversation, especially an abundant one)
juttu {n}  :: thing, business, matter
juttu {n}  :: thing, object, item (vaguely designated material object)
juttuhetki {n}  :: a few moments to just talk with another person
juttuhetki {n}  :: a shared (private) moment with a person
jutustaa {v}  :: To chat
jutustella {v}  :: To chitchat
jututtaa {vt}  :: To interview
juu {interj} [colloquial]  :: yeah, yes
juudaksenkorva {n}  :: wood ear (edible fungus)
Juudas {prop} [biblical character]  :: Judas Iscariot
Juulia {prop}  :: given name, a less common form of Julia
juurakko {n}  :: The roots of a tree or plant, a root ball
juurehtia {v}  :: To grow roots
juurekas {n}  :: Mushrooms of the genus Collybia
juures {n}  :: A plant that is cultivated for production of root vegetables
juures {n}  :: root vegetable, root (edible root)
juureton {adj}  :: rootless
juuri {adv}  :: barely, narrowly, only just (in the phrase juuri ja juuri)
juuri {adv}  :: exactly, precisely
juuri {adv}  :: just
juuri {adv}  :: right
juuri {n} [analysis]  :: a zero of a function
juuri {n} [figuratively]  :: cause
juuri {n} [mathematics]  :: root
juuri {n}  :: root (of a plant, hair, tooth etc.)
juuri {n}  :: short of taikinajuuri
juuria {v}  :: To uproot
juurihoito {n}  :: root canal (surgical operation)
juurihuntu {n} [botany]  :: root cap
juuri ja juuri {adv}  :: barely, only just
juurikanava {n}  :: root canal (hollow part of the root of a tooth)
juurikarva {n} [botany]  :: root hair
juurikas {n}  :: The beet, Beta vulgaris
juurikassokeri {n}  :: beet sugar (sugar made of sugar beet as opposed to sugar cane)
juurikasvi {n}  :: A plant that is cultivated for production of root vegetables, e.g. carrot, beet, potato, onion
juurikääpä {n}  :: A fungus of the genus Heterobasidion
juurilaho {n} [biology]  :: root rot
juurimerkki {n} [math]  :: radical sign, radical symbol: the sign
juurimukula {n}  :: corm
juurimukula {n}  :: tuber
juurinystyrä {n} [botany]  :: root nodule, tubercle
juuri nyt {adv}  :: right now, just now
juuriolut {n}  :: root beer
juuripaine {n} [botany]  :: root pressure
juuriselleri {n}  :: celeriac (form of celery, Apium graveolens, having an aromatic taproot eaten as a vegetable)
juurisikuri {n}  :: root chicory (variant of common chicory or chicory cultivated for its root, which may be used e.g. as coffee substitute; Cichorium intybus var. sativum)
juurisilmu {n} [botany]  :: root bud
juurittaa {v} [rare]  :: alternative form of juurruttaa
juurivesa {n} [botany]  :: root sprout
juurruttaa {v}  :: To make take root
juurtaa {v} [figuratively]  :: Of phenomena, opinions etc., to have its roots in
juurta jaksain {adv} [idiomatic]  :: thoroughly, root and branch, exhaustively
juurtajaksain {adv}  :: thoroughly, in detail
juurtosara {n} [plant]  :: string sedge, Carex chordorrhiza
juurtoseitikki {n} [mushroom]  :: A webcap, Cortinarius argutus
juurtua {vi}  :: to take root (to grow roots)
juurtua {v}  :: to put down roots (to grow to feel like belonging to a place)
Juuso {prop}  :: given name
juusto {n}  :: cheese
juustohampurilainen {n}  :: cheeseburger
juustohöylä {n}  :: A cheese slicer (instrument for slicing cheese)
juustokakku {n}  :: cheesecake
juustokumina {n}  :: cumin, (cummin) (spice)
juustola {n}  :: cheese factory
juustoleipä {n}  :: A cheese sandwich
juustoleipä {n} [dialectal]  :: Same as leipäjuusto
juustomaito {n} [informal]  :: colostrum
juustonaksu {n}  :: cheese puff
juustopunkki {n}  :: cheese mite (Tyrolichus casei)
juustottua {v}  :: To curdle
juustouma {n}  :: curd
juustouttaa {vt}  :: To curdle
juustoutua {v}  :: To curdle
juustoutuma {n}  :: alternative form of juustouma
juutalainen {adj}  :: Jewish
juutalainen {n}  :: A Jew
juutalaissaksa {n} [dated]  :: Yiddish
Juutalaisten autonominen alue {prop}  :: The Jewish Autonomous Oblast
juutalaisuus {n}  :: Jewishness
juutalaisuus {n}  :: Judaism
juutalaisvaino {n}  :: Holocaust (persecution of Jews by the Nazis)
juutalaisvaino {n}  :: persecution of Jews
juutalaisvastainen {adj}  :: anti-Semitic
juutalaisvastaisuus {n}  :: anti-Semitism
juutas {n} [expletive]  :: devil
Juutinrauma {prop}  :: the Sound, Oresund; also Øresund, Öresund (strait that separates Zealand island of Denmark from Scania, the southmost county of Sweden)
juutti {n} [colloquial]  :: Dane
juutti {n}  :: jute
juuttikangas {n}  :: burlap
juuttua {vi} [nautical]  :: ~ karille = to beset, to get stuck aground
juuttua {vi}  :: ~ omiin ajatuksiinsa = to get lost in one's own thoughts
juuttua {vi}  :: To get stuck/caught/jammed
Juvonen {prop}  :: surname
jääveistos {n}  :: ice sculpture
jäävi {adj} [colloquial]  :: Unqualified (to do sth)
jäävi {adj} [legal, obsolete]  :: Challengeable, disqualified
jäävi {n} [legal]  :: Challenge (a reason for which a judge should not be allowed to sit a case)
jääviys {n} [legal]  :: Incapacity, disqualification (of a judge etc.)
jäävätä {vt} [legal, + genitive-accusative]  :: To recuse
jäävuori {n}  :: iceberg
jäävuorisalaatti {n}  :: iceberg lettuce
jäyhä {adj}  :: bluff (surly; churlish; gruff; rough; abrupt; roughly frank; unceremonious; blunt; brusque)
jyhkeä {adj}  :: robust, sturdy
jyhkeästi {adv}  :: robustly, sturdily
jyhkeys {adv}  :: robustness, sturdiness
jäykempi {adj}  :: comparative of jäykkä
jäykentää {vt}  :: to stiffen
jäykentyä {vi}  :: To stiffen
jäyketä {vi}  :: To stiffen
jykevä {adj}  :: robust, sturdy
jykevähkö {adj}  :: quite robust, relatively sturdy
jykeväleukainen {adj}  :: robust-jawed
jykevästi {adv}  :: robustly, sturdily
jykevätekoinen {adv}  :: robustly made, robust
jykevyys {adv}  :: robustness, sturdiness
jäykin {adj}  :: superlative of jäykkä
jäykistää {vt}  :: To stiffen
jäykiste {n}  :: stiffener
jäykistellä {v}  :: to stand on ceremony (behave formally)
jäykistyä {vi}  :: To stiffen
jäykkä {adj}  :: stiff, rigid
jäykkäkouristus {n} [pathology]  :: tetanus
jäykkyysmatriisi {n}  :: stiffness matrix
jäykästi {adv}  :: stiffly, rigidly (as in "to speak stiffly")
jylhä {adj}  :: Imposing with greatness, austerity, or gloominess; awe-inspiring, majestic
jylhä {adj}  :: [of landscape] rugged, rocky, mountainous
jylhetä {vi} [of landscape]  :: To become more rugged, mountainous
jylhistyä {vi} [of landscape]  :: To become more rugged
jylinä {n}  :: rumble, thunder like the one heard from artillery at some distance
jylistä {vi}  :: to rumble, thunder
Jyllanti {prop}  :: Jutland
jyllätä {v}  :: To churn
jyllätä {v}  :: To storm
jyllätä {v}  :: To take over
jymähtää {vi}  :: to thud
jyminä {n}  :: The rumble of a waterfall
jymistä {vi}  :: To rumble
jymäyttää {v}  :: to cheat, fool, hit, slam, swindle, take in, thud
jymäyttää {v}  :: to thud, thump (to make the sound of a dull impact)
jäynä {n} [colloquial]  :: mischief (vexatious or annoying conduct)
jäynä {n} [colloquial]  :: prank, a practical joke
jynkky {n} [slang]  :: pornography
jynssätä {vt} [colloquial]  :: to scrub (to rub hard, especially for the purpose of cleaning and polishing)
jynssäys {n}  :: scrubbing (act of rubbing hard, especially for the purpose of cleaning or polishing)
jyrä {n}  :: roll (heavy cylinder)
jyrähdellä {v}  :: To thunder
Jyri {prop}  :: given name
jyrinä {n}  :: rumble, roll, thunder
jyrisevä {adj}  :: rumbling, rolling, thundering
jyrisevä {adj}  :: thunderous
jyristä {vi}  :: to rumble, thunder, roll
jyristellä {vi}  :: to rumble
jyrkentää {vt}  :: to steepen
jyrkentyä {vi}  :: to steepen
jyrketä {vi}  :: to steepen
Jyrki {prop}  :: given name
jyrkistää {vt}  :: To steepen
jyrkistyä {v}  :: to steepen (to become more steep)
jyrkkä {adj}  :: radical
jyrkkä {adj}  :: steep, abrupt
jyrkkä {adj}  :: strict
jyrkkö {n} [archaic]  :: potato
jyrkkyys {n}  :: steepness
jyrkänne {n}  :: A bluff, or more specifically according to the kind of land formation, a bank, cliff, precipice or rampart (any steep earth or rock formation)
jyrkästi {adv}  :: sharply
jyrkästi {adv}  :: steeply
jyrsiä {v}  :: to gnaw
jyrsiä {v}  :: to mill (to grind, shape or process with a rotating machine tool)
jyrsijä {n}  :: rodent
jyrsin {n}  :: milling machine
jyrsinkone {n}  :: A longer expression for jyrsin
jyrsintä {n}  :: gnawing
jyrsintä {n}  :: routing
jyrsinturve {n}  :: milled peat (peat processed for power plant fuel by scraping it off the surface of bog and drying in situ)
jyrätä {v} [figuratively]  :: to steamroller, steamroll, bludgeon (to proceed ruthlessly)
jyrätä {v}  :: to flatten, level (with a roller)
jyrätä {v}  :: to roll (to press or level with a roller)
jyrätä {v}  :: to steamroller, steamroll (to flatten as with a steamroller)
jyry {n} [colloquial]  :: jury (group of judges in a competition)
jyry {n}  :: rumble, roll, thunder (sound)
jysähdellä {vi}  :: to thump (repeatedly)
jysähdys {n}  :: thump, thud (sound of a dull impact)
jysähtää {vi}  :: to thump, thud
jyskää {vi}  :: To thunder
jyske {n}  :: The rumbling sound of operating a steam hammer
jyskyä {vi}  :: To thump
jyskyttää {v}  :: to pound
jyskyttää {v}  :: to throb
jyskytys {n}  :: pounding, throbbing (strong beat)
jysäys {n} [onomatopoeia]  :: An explosion
jysäys {n}  :: Smoke in the expression: "Voi pyhä jysäys!" ("holy smoke")
jysäys {n}  :: The sound of an explosion, or other loud, abrupt noise
jysäyttää {vt}  :: To thump
jäytää {v}  :: To gnaw, eat away, wear (to destroy gradually as by taking tiny little bites)
jytä {n} [colloquial]  :: rock music, especially when played very loudly
jytinä {n}  :: A very low-pitch, rather strong sound or noise, like e.g. that of people running back and forth on a wooden gym floor. It's continuous or lasting some time, rather than being like one big bang. It is not dull like a thud or thump
jytke {n}  :: a rhythmic thumping, like square dancers on a barn floor
jytkähtää {}  :: jytky
jytkähtää {v} [colloquial]  :: to experience jytky
jytkähtää {v}  :: to fall; to crash heavily
jytky {adj} [dialectal]  :: huge, solid, mighty
jytky {n} [colloquial]  :: a surprising and unexpected event or news-feed that incites a strong reaction, a bomb
jytky {n} [dialectal]  :: kaboom, bang, smash
jytky {n} [dialectal]  :: lump, boulder
jytämusa {n}  :: synonym of jytä
jytämusiikki {n}  :: synonym of jytä
jyvä {n}  :: bead (small marker at the end of a barrel of a gun used for aiming)
jyvä {n} [botany]  :: caryopsis (fruit typical of the family Poaceae, such as wheat, rice, and corn)
jyvä {n} [common language]  :: grain (single seed of grain)
jyväinen {adj} [as headword in compounds]  :: grained, with grains
jyväinen {adj} [rare]  :: granular (consisting of, or resembling, granules or grains)
jyväiskudos {n}  :: granulation tissue (new connective tissue and tiny blood vessels that form on the surfaces of a wound during the healing process)
jyväissolu {n}  :: (anatomy) granular cell (cell of the stratum granulosum layer of the skin]])
jyväissolu {n} [anatomy]  :: granulosa cell (granular cell of the wall of an ovarian follicle)
jyvittää {v}  :: to allocate, to distribute (to distribute according to a plan)
jyvitys {n} [legal]  :: grading (act of determining the relative value of a property, see jyvittää)
jyvitysarvo {n} [legal]  :: grading value (relative value assigned to a property according to the Finnish Real Estate Formation Act 554/1995, see jyvittää)
jyväjemmari {n} [derogative]  :: hayseed, yokel, bumpkin, boor, hick, clodhopper (farmer, rustic person)
jyvällinen {adj} [firearms]  :: beaded (having a bead)
jyväluku {n} [legal, by extension]  :: assessed unit value (measure of relative value of property such as a plot of land or a flat, based on chosen utility function such as expected value of the crops in case of agricultural land or market value in the urban areas)
jyväluku {n} [obsolete, agriculture]  :: A former measure of fertility of soil or crop yield in grain production; the ratio of average harvest (in kg) to the amount of seeds sown (in kg)
jyvänen {n}  :: diminutive of jyvä
jyvänen {n}  :: grain
Jyväskylä {prop}  :: Jyväskylä
jyväskyläläinen {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to the city of Jyväskylä or its citizens
jyväskyläläinen {n}  :: A person from, or an inhabitant of, Jyväskylä
jyvässolu {n} [biology]  :: granulocyte
jyvästö {n} [legal]  :: cooperative granary, municipal granary (non-profit entity established by a municipality or farmers collectively for maintaining and operating a storage facility for grain)
jyvätuutti {n}  :: grain hopper (funnel-shaped hopper through which grain was fed to a pipe which led into the eye of a millstone in a traditional water- or wind mill)
jyystää {vt}  :: To scrub