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m. {abbr}  :: noon
m {abbr}  :: Used in SMS for me
{pron}  :: Declined form of yo used as the object of a preposition. Me
{abbr}  :: abbreviation of the given name María
M {letter}  :: The 13th letter of the Spanish alphabet
mía {adj}  :: feminine form of mío Mine, my
mía {pron}  :: feminine form of mío Mine
maña {f} [Latin America]  :: bad habit, vice, mania
maña {f} [Latin America]  :: bad temper, ill humor
maña {f}  :: Skill or ability
mañana {adv}  :: soon, shortly
mañana {adv}  :: tomorrow
mañana {m} [feminine]  :: the morning
mañana {m} [masculine]  :: the near future; tomorrow
mañanita {f}  :: early morning
mañanita {f}  :: shawl
macabeo {adj} [Chile]  :: henpecked, whipped
macabeo {adj}  :: Of, from, or pertaining to Macas (city in Ecuador)
macabeo {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to the Maccabees (Jewish liberation movement)
macabeo {f}  :: A person from Macas (city in Ecuador)
macabeo {m} [Chile]  :: one who is henpecked or whipped
macabro {adj}  :: macabre
macaca {f}  :: binge, drunken spree, drunk, jag
macaca {f} [Chile, vulgar]  :: masturbation
macaca {f}  :: female hobgoblin
macaca {f}  :: female macaque monkey; see macaco
macaca {f} [Honduras]  :: macaca, a small coin equal to one peso
macaca {f} [South America, pejorative]  :: Brazilian woman
macaco {adj} [slang]  :: ugly, misshapen, deformed, squat
macaco {m}  :: hobgoblin, bogeyman
macaco {m}  :: macaque
macaco {m} [South America, pejorative]  :: Brazilian
macal {m}  :: malanga, Xanthosoma
macanudo {adj} [Latin America, colloquial]  :: great, extraordinary
macanudo {adj} [Latin America, colloquial]  :: pretentious, ostentatious, magnificent
macaquitos {mp} [by extension, slang, derogatory]  :: Brazilians (often implying a perceived tendency to copy American and European fads)
macaquitos {mp} [literally]  :: little monkeys
macarrón {m} [colloquial]  :: pimp (prostitution solicitor)
macarrón {m} [El Salvador]  :: spaghetti
macarrón {m}  :: macaroon
macarrón {m}  :: sheath, sleeving
macarrón {m}  :: sleeving tube or pipe
macarrón {m} [Spain]  :: piece of macaroni
macarrónico {adj}  :: macaronic
macartismo {m}  :: McCarthyism
macedonia {f}  :: feminine form of macedonio
macedonia {f}  :: fruit salad
Macedonia {prop}  :: Macedonia
macedonio {adj}  :: Macedonian
macedonio {f}  :: Macedonian
maceración {f}  :: maceration
macerar {v}  :: to macerate (soften in a liquid)
maceta {f}  :: flowerpot
macha {f}  :: Chilean razor clam (edible mollusk)
machaca {f}  :: machada (insect)
machaca {f}  :: machada (meat)
machacado {adj}  :: knackered, exhausted
machacar {v}  :: to crush
machar {v}  :: to grind, to pound
macharse {v} [Latin America]  :: to get drunk
machetazo {m}  :: cut or hit with a machete
machete {m}  :: machete
machete {m}  :: mediocre method for obtaining somewhat accurate results; shortcut
macheteada {v} [feminine past participle of, machetear]  ::
macheteadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, machetear]  ::
macheteados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, machetear]  ::
machetear {v}  :: to chop with a machete
machismo {m}  :: machismo
machismo {m}  :: male chauvinism
machista {adj}  :: chauvinistic
machista {f}  :: male chauvinist
macho {adj}  :: male
macho {adj}  :: strong, brave
macho {m}  :: anvil
macho {m}  :: male
macho {m}  :: sledgehammer
machorra {f} [Mexico]  :: virago, tomboy
machorra {f}  :: sterile female
machorro {m} [augmentative]  :: male, big daddy, a pussyman
machucar {v}  :: to bruise
machucar {v}  :: to squash, crush
macis {m}  :: mace (spice)
macizo {adj}  :: massive, large
macizo {adj} [slang]  :: hunky, dishy
macizo {adj}  :: solid
macizo {m}  :: flowerbed
macizo {m}  :: massif
macizo {m}  :: mass, solid
macizo {m} [slang]  :: A hunk
macla {f} [heraldiccharge]  :: mascle
maco {m}  :: prison
macolla {f}  :: Stems, flowers, tillers, etc. growing in a clump or tuft, as with bunchgrass
macollar {v}  :: alternative form of amacollar
macrón {m}  :: macron
macro- {prefix}  :: macro-
macroeconómico {adj}  :: macroeconomic
macroeconomía {f}  :: macroeconomics
macroeconomía {f}  :: macroeconomy
macroelemento {m}  :: macroelement
macroglobulina {f} [protein]  :: macroglobulin
macroscópico {adj}  :: macroscopic
macrotienda {f}  :: superstore, megastore
Madagascar {prop}  :: Madagascar
madeja {f}  :: skein, hank, ball of yarn
madera {f}  :: makings
madera {f}  :: wood
madera {f}  :: wooden plank, board
maderería {f}  :: shop selling wood and wood products
maderero {adj}  :: related to logging
maderero {f}  :: A lumberjack
maderero {f}  :: A male woodworker
maderero {f}  :: An overseer of something wood related
maderero {f}  :: A wooden raft or log navigator on a watercourse
madero {m}  :: a piece of wood
madero {m} [Spain, derogatory]  :: a clumsy person
madero {m} [Spain, derogatory]  :: police officer, compare pig
madrastra {f}  :: stepmother
madre {f}  :: mother
madre {f}  :: riverbed
madreña {f}  :: clog
madreada {v} [feminine past participle of, madrear]  ::
madreadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, madrear]  ::
madreados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, madrear]  ::
madrear {v}  :: to look like one's mother
madrear {v} [vulgar, Mexico]  :: to damage, break or break down something
madrear {v} [vulgar, Mexico]  :: to strongly pound someone
madrearse {v} [said especially of wine]  :: to turn sour
madreselva {f}  :: honeysuckle, woodbine
Madrid {prop}  :: Madrid
Madrid {prop}  :: Spanish surname
Madrid {prop}  :: The letter M in the Spanish phonetic alphabet
madridismo {m} [football]  :: support for Real Madrid C.F., a popular football club from Madrid
madridista {adj} [soccer]  :: Of or connected to Real Madrid, a famous football club from Madrid
madridista {m} [soccer]  :: Madridista (Someone who plays for, works for, or supports Real Madrid)
madriguera {f}  :: burrow, den
madrileño {adj}  :: Madrilenian; of or from Madrid
madrileño {m}  :: Madrilenian; a person from Madrid
madrina {f}  :: godmother
Madriz {prop}  :: Madriz
madroñal {m}  :: grove of strawberry trees
madroño {m}  :: Fruit of the strawberry tree
madroño {m}  :: strawberry tree, Arbutus unedo
madrugada {f}  :: dawn
madrugada {f}  :: early hours of the morning, before dawn
madrugada {f}  :: period of time between midnight and before the sunrise
madrugador {adj}  :: rising or waking early
madrugador {f}  :: early riser, early bird
madrugar {v}  :: to get up early
madrugón {m} [colloquial]  :: early riser, early bird
madrugón {m} [colloquial]  :: early start
maduración {f}  :: maturation
maduración {f}  :: ripening
maduramente {adv}  :: maturely
madurar {v}  :: to mature
madurar {v}  :: to ripen
madurativo {adj}  :: Made mature
madurez {f}  :: maturity
madurita {f}  :: MILF (older sexually attractive woman)
maduro {adj}  :: mature, of relatively old age (said of people)
maduro {adj}  :: ripe
maduro {m}  :: short for plátano maduro - "ripe plantain"
mae {m} [Costa Rica]  :: guy, man
maesa {f}  :: feminine form of maeso
maese {m} [obsolete]  :: master
maeso {f} [obsolete]  :: master
maestra {f}  :: (master) craftswoman
maestra {f}  :: mistress
maestra {f}  :: queen bee
maestra {f}  :: teacher (female)
maestría {f}  :: mastery
maestre de campo {m} [archaic]  :: colonel (rank below capitán general in the Spanish Empire)
maestro {adj}  :: expert, master
maestro {f}  :: master
maestro {f}  :: (master) craftsman, handyman, contractor, construction worker
maestro {f}  :: teacher (male)
maestro de ceremonias {f}  :: master of ceremonies
mafia {f}  :: Mafia (any criminal organisation)
mafia {f}  :: Mafia (Italian Mafia)
mafioso {f}  :: Mafioso
maga {f}  :: female magician, female conjurer
magdalena {f}  :: cupcake
magdalena {f}  :: madeleine (cake)
Magdalena {prop}  :: female given name, cognate to Magdalene
magia {f}  :: magic
magia {f}  :: spell, charm, conjuration
magia blanca {f}  :: white magick, white magic
magia gris {f}  :: gray magick
magia negra {f}  :: black magick, black magic
magistrado {m}  :: judge
magistral {adj}  :: magistral, magisterial
magistralmente {adv}  :: magisterially, masterly
magistratura {f}  :: magistracy
magmático {adj}  :: magmatic
magnanimidad {f}  :: magnanimity
magnate {f}  :: magnate, tycoon
magnesia {f} [mineral]  :: magnesia
magnesio {m}  :: magnesium
magnetar {f}  :: magnetar
magnetismo {m}  :: magnetism (the property of being magnetic)
magnetita {f}  :: magnetite
magnetómetro {m} [physics]  :: magnetometer (instrument)
magneto {m}  :: magneto
magnetoestrella {f}  :: magnetar
magnetosfera {f}  :: magnetosphere
magnífico {adj}  :: magnificent
magnicidio {m}  :: assassination (of major political figures)
magnitud {f}  :: magnitude
magnánimamente {adv}  :: magnanimously
magnánimo {adj}  :: magnanimous
magno {adj}  :: great
magnético {adj}  :: magnetic
mago {adj}  :: magician (attributive)
mago {m}  :: Magi
mago {m}  :: magician, sorcerer
magra {f}  :: rasher
magrebí {m}  :: Maghreb
magro {adj}  :: lean, without fat
magro {m}  :: loin of pork
magíster {m}  :: magister (the possessor of a master's degree)
maguey {m}  :: maguey
magulladura {f}  :: bruise
magullar {v}  :: to bruise
Maguncia {prop}  :: Mainz (capital of Rhineland-Palatinate)
Mahoma {prop}  :: Muhammad (Islamic prophet)
mahometano {adj}  :: Mohammedan: Muslim
mahometano {f}  :: Mohammedan: Muslim
maicena {f}  :: cornstarch
Maine {prop}  :: Maine
Maite {prop}  :: female given name
maitro {f} [colloquial, El Salvador]  :: dude (or girl, gal in the feminine), man (or woman in the feminine), young or adult person of 15-50 years of age approximately, and of a similar status to the speaker in a hierarchy
maizal {m}  :: piece of land cultivating corn; cornfield
maizena {f}  :: cornflour, cornstarch
majaderamente {adv}  :: foolishly
majadero {f}  :: clown
majadero {f}  :: fool
majadero {m}  :: pestle
majar {v}  :: to crush
majar {v}  :: to grind
majar {v}  :: to pound
majara {adj} [colloquial]  :: nuts, loopy (crazy)
majareta {adj} [colloquial]  :: nuts, bonkers
maje {adj} [colloquial, El Salvador]  :: idiot, stupid (said about a man)
maje {interj} [colloquial, El Salvador]  :: dude! (said to a man)
maje {m} [colloquial, El Salvador]  :: guy (pejorative, slightly insulting)
majestad {f}  :: majesty
majestoso {adj}  :: alternate form of majestuoso
majestuosamente {adv}  :: majestically, kingly
majestuoso {adj}  :: majestic, majestical, august, grand
majestuoso {adj}  :: stately, pompous
majo {adj} [Spain, informal]  :: good-looking, handsome
majo {adj} [Spain, informal]  :: likeable, nice, pretty
making-of {m}  :: making-of
mal {adv}  :: badly; poorly
mal {m}  :: evil, harm; a bad thing or situation
Malí {prop}  :: Mali (country in Western Africa)
mala {f}  :: mailbag
mala {f}  :: mail, post
mala {f}  :: suitcase
malabar {m}  :: Malayalam (language)
malabarismo {m}  :: juggling
malabarista {m}  :: juggler
malacate {m} [historical]  :: A type of capstan or winch formerly used in mines to extract minerals and water
malacitano {adj}  :: of or from Málaga
malacitano {f}  :: person from Málaga
mala gente {adj}  :: mean (person)
malagueño {adj}  :: of or from Malaga
malagueño {f}  :: person from Malaga
malaguista {m} [soccer]  :: A person connecting with Malaga CF, as a fan, player, coach etc.
mala hierba {f}  :: weed (unwanted plant)
mala leche {f} [colloquial, Spain]  :: Bad intention when doing something harmful to someone
malandro {f} [colloquial, Uruguay, masculine only]  :: delinquent
malandro {f} [colloquial, Venezuela]  :: young delinquent
mala onda {f}  :: mean person
malaquita {f}  :: malachite
malaria {f}  :: malaria
Malasia {prop}  :: Malaysia
malasio {adj}  :: Malaysian
malasio {f}  :: Malaysian
mala suerte {interj}  :: bad luck; tough luck
malatión {m}  :: malathion
malato {m}  :: malate
malauí {adj}  :: Malawian
malauí {m}  :: Malawian
Malaui {prop}  :: Malawi (Republic of Malawi)
malavez {adv} [archaic]  :: rarely (not often)
malavés {adv} [obsolete]  :: rarely (not often)
Malawi {prop}  :: alternative spelling of Malaui
malayalam {m}  :: Malayalam (language)
malayo {adj}  :: Malay (from Malaysia)
malayo {m}  :: Malay (language)
malayo {m}  :: Malay (person)
malbaratar {v}  :: to squander
malcriada {f}  :: feminine form of malcriado
malcriadito {m}  :: A spoiled child
malcriado {adj}  :: misbehaving, badly behaved
malcriado {adj}  :: spoiled (having a selfish or greedy character due to pampering)
malcriado {f}  :: one who is misbehaving, badly behaved
malcriado {f}  :: one who is spoiled
maldad {f}  :: badness; evilness
maldad {f}  :: bad or evil deed
maldecir {v}  :: to damn, to curse
mal de coco {adj} [colloquial, idiomatic]  :: off one's head, off one's rocker (crazy)
mal de ojo {m}  :: evil eye (curse done by a malevolent gaze)
maldición {f}  :: curse
malditamente {adv}  :: very badly
maldito {adj}  :: cursed; damned
maldito {interj}  :: damn
Maldivas {prop}  :: Maldives
maldivo {adj}  :: Maldivian
maldivo {f}  :: Maldivian (person)
Maldonado {prop}  :: A city in Uruguay
Maldonado {prop}  :: Spanish surname
maleabilidad {f}  :: malleability, malleableness
maleable {adj}  :: malleable
maleable {adj}  :: plastic (capable of adapting to varying conditions)
maleada {v} [feminine past participle of, malear]  ::
maleadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, malear]  ::
maleados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, malear]  ::
maleante {adj}  :: malicious
maleante {m}  :: gangster, criminal
malear {v}  :: to corrupt
malear {v}  :: to make bad
malear {v}  :: to pervert
malecón {m}  :: breakwater
maledicencia {f}  :: gossip, slander
maleducado {adj}  :: bad mannered, rude
malentender {v}  :: to misunderstand
malentendido {m}  :: misunderstanding
malestar {m}  :: discomfort
malestar {m}  :: unease
maleta {f} [Chile, Venezuela]  :: trunk, boot (of a car)
maleta {f}  :: suitcase
maletero {m} [Cuba, Bolivia, Spain]  :: trunk, boot (space to carry luggage)
maletita {f}  :: diminutive form of maleta
maletín {m}  :: briefcase
malevo {m} [Argentina, slang]  :: ruffian, bad-ass
maleza {f}  :: underbrush
maleza {f}  :: weed
maléfico {adj}  :: evil
malfollado {adj} [slang, vulgar]  :: in need of a good fuck
malformación {f}  :: malformation
malfuncionada {v} [feminine past participle of, malfuncionar]  ::
malfuncionadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, malfuncionar]  ::
malfuncionados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, malfuncionar]  ::
malfuncionar {v}  :: to malfunction
malgache {adj}  :: Malagasy
malgache {m}  :: Malagasy
malgastada {v} [feminine past participle of, malgastar]  ::
malgastadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, malgastar]  ::
malgastados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, malgastar]  ::
malgastar {v}  :: to waste (squander uselessly, spend idly)
malhadado {adj}  :: burdened with bad luck
malhechor {m}  :: wrongdoer
malherir {v}  :: to injure fatally, mortally wound
malhumor {m}  :: bad mood; compound of mal and humor
malhumorado {adj}  :: crabby, peevish
malhumorado {adj}  :: sullen
Mali {prop}  :: alternative form of Malí
Malibú {prop}  :: Malibu
malicia {f}  :: malice
maliciosamente {adv}  :: maliciously
malicioso {adj}  :: malicious
maliense {adj}  :: Malian
maliense {m}  :: Malian
malignidad {f}  :: malignancy, malignity
maligno {adj}  :: malicious
maligno {adj} [oncology]  :: malignant
malintencionado {adj}  :: ill-intentioned, evil-minded
malinterpretación {f}  :: misinterpretation
malinterpretar {v}  :: to misinterpret
malito {adj}  :: poorly, sickly
malla {f}  :: mesh (cloth)
malla {f}  :: strap handle
mallar {v}  :: alternative spelling of majar
mallo {m}  :: a kind of game
mallo {m}  :: mallet
Mallorca {prop}  :: Mallorca
mallorquín {adj}  :: Mallorcan
mallorquín {m}  :: Mallorcan
mal nacido {adj}  :: ill-bred, mean
malnacido {adj}  :: disgusting, abominable (of a person or animal)
malnacido {f}  :: asshole, pig, son of a bitch, bastard
malnutrición {f}  :: malnutrition
malo {adj}  :: bad
malo {adj}  :: evil
malo {adj}  :: sick
malogrado {adj}  :: unsuccessful; abortive
malograr {v}  :: to ruin
maloka {f} [Colombia]  :: house
malos tratos {m}  :: domestic violence
malparido {adj}  :: disgusting, abominable (of a person or animal)
malparido {f}  :: asshole, pig, son of a bitch, bastard
malpaís {m}  :: akin to badlands, but of volcaniclastic origin
malpaís {m} [geology]  :: karst
malpensado {adj}  :: having ill thoughts, thinking bad of things/people
mal que te pese {adv} [idiomatic]  :: like it or not, like it or lump it
malsano {adj}  :: unhealthy
malísimo {adj}  :: superlative form of malo Very bad, dreadful
malta {f}  :: malt
malta {f}  :: malta
Malta {prop}  :: Malta
maltasa {f} [enzyme]  :: maltase
malteada {f} [Latin America]  :: malted, malted milk, milkshake
maltesa {f}  :: feminine form of maltés
maltitol {m} [organic compound]  :: maltitol
maltodextrina {f}  :: maltodextrin
maltosa {f} [carbohydrate]  :: maltose
maltotriosa {f} [carbohydrate]  :: maltotriose
maltratador {m}  :: abuser, beater, wrongdoer
maltratar {v}  :: to mistreat
maltrecho {adj}  :: badly injured
maltés {adj}  :: Maltese (from or native to Malta)
maltés {adj}  :: Maltese (pertaining to Malta)
maltés {f}  :: a Maltese person
maltés {prop}  :: the Maltese language
malva {adj}  :: mauve
malva {f}  :: mallow
malva {f}  :: mauve
malvadamente {adv}  :: wickedly, naughtily, mischievously, hellishly
malvado {adj}  :: evil, wicked, mean, bad
malvavisco {m}  :: mallow
malvavisco {m} [Mexico]  :: marshmallow
malvender {v}  :: to sell for less than cost
malvendida {v} [feminine past participle of, malvender]  ::
malvendidas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, malvender]  ::
malvendidos {v} [masculine plural past participle of, malvender]  ::
malversación {f}  :: embezzlement
malversador {m}  :: embezzler, grafter, peculator
malversar {v}  :: to embezzle
Malvinas {prop}  :: the Falklands, the Falkland Islands
malvinense {adj} [attributive]  :: Falkland Islands
malvinense {m}  :: Falklander, Falkland Islander
malvino {adj}  :: of or from the Falkland Islands
malvino {f}  :: Falkland Islander
malvivir {v}  :: to live badly
malévolo {adj}  :: malicious, evil
mamá {f} [colloquial, familiar]  :: mum, mom
mama {f}  :: breast, mamma
mamacita {f}  :: diminutive form of mamá
mamacita {f} [Latin America, slang]  :: babe, hottie (sexually attractive woman)
mamada {f} [Argentina, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Uruguay, colloquial]  :: drunkenness
mamada {f} [Latin America]  :: cinch, something easy
mamada {f}  :: milk; (of baby) feeding time
mamada {f} [slang]  :: blow job
mamada {f}  :: suck
mamada {f} [vulgar, Mexico]  :: an intentional mean action or statement; a stupid action or statement; a practical joke
mamadera {f}  :: baby bottle
mamadita {f}  :: diminutive form of mamada
mamado {adj} [slang, Mexico]  :: muscular (having well-developed muscles)
mamado {adj} [slang, Mexico & Nicaragua]  :: drunk (inebriated)
mamañema {m} [literally]  :: cocksucker
mamahuevo {m} [vulgar]  :: cocksucker
mamalógico {adj}  :: mammalogical
mamalogía {f}  :: mammalogy
mamar {v}  :: (blowjob) to blow
mamar {v}  :: to bullshit or fuck around
mamar {v}  :: to suck
mamar {v}  :: to suckle
mamario {adj}  :: mammary
mamarracho {f} [pejorative, colloquial]  :: buffoon, clown (ridiculous, badly dressed person)
mamasanta {f}  :: A licentious, hypocritical woman who assumes an air of decency and modesty in public which she lacks in private
mamasanta {f}  :: A woman who covers sexual excesses with the appearance of good behavior
mamba {f}  :: mamba
mambo {m}  :: mambo (dance)
mambo {m}  :: mambo (music)
mamey {m}  :: the mamey or mammee apple, Mammea americana
mamífero {adj}  :: mammalian
mamífero {m}  :: mammal
mami {f} [Central America]  :: mother
mami {f} [informal]  :: mommy
mamita {f}  :: diminutive form of mamá mummy
mamón {adj}  :: sucking
mamón {f} [botany]  :: shoot (of a plant)
mamón {f} [Chile, pejorative]  :: mama's boy, mommy's darling (person clinging to his mother)
mamón {f}  :: mamoncillo (tree and fruit), Melicoccus bijugatus
mamón {f} [Mexico, pejorative]  :: stupid person, dumbass, sucker
mamón {f}  :: suckling
mamón {m} [vulgar]  :: blowjob
mamografía {f}  :: mammography
mamoncillo {m}  :: The mamoncillo
mamotreto {m}  :: A huge object
mampara {f}  :: panel, small movable screen
mamparo {m}  :: bulkhead
mamporrero {f} [Spain]  :: Person who helps horses when breeding, by placing the colt's penis into the mare's vagina
mamut {m}  :: mammoth (animal)
mamut lanudo {m}  :: woolly mammoth
maná {m}  :: manna
maní {m}  :: peanut
-mana {suffix}  :: feminine form of -mano
manía {f}  :: dislike
manía {f}  :: mania, bad habit, obsession
manía {f}  :: mania (craze, something popular at the time)
manía {f}  :: mania (violent derangement)
-manía {suffix}  :: -mania
MANA {prop}  :: Movimiento Auténtico Nacionalista
Manabí {prop}  :: A coastal province of western Ecuador
manabita {adj}  :: From Manabí province, Ecuador
manabita {m}  :: An inhabitant of Manabí province, Ecuador
maníaco {f}  :: maniac
manacorí {m}  :: Someone from Manacor
manada {f}  :: handful (amount held in hand)
manada {f} [zoology]  :: herd, pride
Managua {prop}  :: Managua
manantial {m}  :: spring (water)
manar {v}  :: gush forth
manatí {m}  :: manatee
manazas {m} [colloquial]  :: butterfingers
-mancía {suffix}  :: alternative form of -mancia
mancebo {adj} [rare]  :: juvenile
mancebo {f} [archaic]  :: youth
mancebo {f} [rare]  :: bachelor
mancebo {f}  :: young servant, waiter
manchú {adj}  :: Manchu
manchú {m}  :: Manchu
manchú {prop}  :: Manchu language
mancha {f}  :: spot; stain; blemish
manchado {adj}  :: spotted
manchar {vt} [figuratively]  :: to sully (one's name, reputation, honour, etc.)
manchar {vt}  :: to spot, stain, mark
manchego {adj}  :: of or pertaining to la Mancha
manchego {f}  :: someone from la Mancha
-mancia {suffix}  :: -mancy
mancillada {v} [feminine past participle of, mancillar]  ::
mancilladas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, mancillar]  ::
mancillados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, mancillar]  ::
mancillar {v}  :: to besmirch
manco {adj}  :: defective, faulty
manco {adj} [figuratively, nautical]  :: oarless, without oars
manco {adj}  :: one-handed, one-armed, maimed
manco {m} [Chile, collquial]  :: horse
mancomún {adv} [de mancomún]  :: By common agreement, conjointly
mancomunadamente {adv}  :: conjointly
mancomunar {vt} [legal]  :: To require both sides pay jointly the costs of a lawsuit
mancomunar {vt}  :: to pool, to combine
mancomunidad {f}  :: commonwealth
mancuerna {fp}  :: dumbbell
manda {f}  :: vow
mandamientos {mp} [christianity]  :: commandments
mandamás {adj} [informal]  :: bossy
mandamás {m} [informal]  :: head honcho, boss, chief
mandanga {f} [colloquial]  :: slowness, sluggishness
mandanga {f} [familiar]  :: weed, grass (marijuana)
mandanga {f} [Spain, slang]  :: loving (sexual intercourse)
mandar {v} [dancing]  :: to lead
mandar {v}  :: to enjoin
mandar {v}  :: to lead, to be in charge, to command
mandar {v}  :: to order
mandar {v}  :: to send
mandar a freír espárragos {v} [idiomatic]  :: tell someone to take a long walk on a short pier; go jump in the lake
mandar a hacer puñetas {v} [idiomatic]  :: tell someone to take a long walk on a short pier; go jump in the lake
mandarme {v} [es-compound of, mand, ar, mandar, me, mood=inf]  ::
mandarín {adj}  :: mandarin
mandarín {prop}  :: Mandarin (language)
mandarte {v} [es-compound of, mand, ar, mandar, te, mood=inf]  ::
mandatario {f}  :: head of state
mandato {m}  :: mandate
mandíbula {f}  :: jaw
mandíbulas de la vida {fp}  :: jaws of life
mandil {m}  :: apron
mandilón {m}  :: coward, weakling
mandilón {m} [Mexico]  :: henpecked husband (powerless married man)
mandioca {f}  :: manioc plant
mandón {adj}  :: bossy
mandón {f}  :: bossyboots
mando {m}  :: command
mando {m}  :: remote control
mando a distancia {m}  :: remote control
mandoble {m}  :: blow delivered while wielding a weapon, usually a sword, with both hands
mandoble {m} [weaponry]  :: broadsword
mandolina {f}  :: mandolin (musical instrument)
mandonear {v}  :: to boss
mandril {m}  :: mandrill
manecilla {f}  :: doorknob
manecilla {f}  :: hand (of a clock)
manecilla {f}  :: pointer, needle, arrow (of an instrument)
manejante {adj}  :: bossy
manejar {v}  :: to drive (a vehicle)
manejar {v}  :: to handle
manejar {v}  :: to manage
manejarlo {v} [es-compound of, manej, ar, manejar, lo, mood=inf]  ::
manejo {m}  :: handling
manera {f}  :: way; manner
mangú {m} [Dominican Republic, ]  :: food dish consisting of mashed, cooked plantains
manga {f}  :: sleeve
manga {m}  :: manga
manganeso {m}  :: manganese
mangar {v} [colloquial]  :: to nick, pinch, swipe, nab (steal)
mangar {v} [colloquial]  :: to scrounge
manglar {m}  :: mangrove swamp
mangle {m}  :: mangrove
mango {m} [Argentina, Uruguay, colloquial]  :: cash, dough (money)
mango {m}  :: handle (part of an object which is held in the hand)
mango {m} [plant]  :: mango
mangonear {v}  :: to be bossy
mangonear {v}  :: to loiter
mangonear {v}  :: to meddle
mangosta {f}  :: mongoose
mangostino {m}  :: The mangosteen
mangostán {m}  :: The mangosteen
manguera {f}  :: A mango orchard
manguera {f}  :: hose
manguito {m}  :: armband (for floating)
manguito {m}  :: muff (of clothing)
mani {f} [colloquial]  :: protest
maniatar {v}  :: to place in manacles
maniatar {v}  :: to tie someone's hands together
manicomio {m}  :: an insane asylum
manicura {f}  :: manicure
manido {adj}  :: trite; hackneyed
manifa {f} [colloquial]  :: protest
manifestación {f}  :: demonstration
manifestación {f}  :: manifestation
manifestamente {adv}  :: obviously; self-evidently; manifestly
manifestante {m}  :: demonstrator
manifestante {m}  :: protester
manifestar {v}  :: to declare, express
manifestar {v}  :: to manifest, reveal, display, show
manifiesto {adj}  :: manifest, clear, apparent
manifiesto {m}  :: manifesto, pronouncement
manija {f}  :: handle, knob (of a door)
manija {f}  :: handle (part of an object that is held)
manillar {m}  :: handlebar (bar for steering)
maniobra {f}  :: maneuver
maniobrada {v} [feminine past participle of, maniobrar]  ::
maniobradas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, maniobrar]  ::
maniobrados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, maniobrar]  ::
maniobrar {v}  :: to maneuver
manipulación {f}  :: manipulation
manipulador {adj}  :: manipulating
manipulador {adj}  :: manipulative
manipulador {f}  :: manipulator
manipular {v}  :: to manipulate
maniquí {m}  :: mannequin, dummy (life-size model of the human body)
maniquí {m}  :: mannequin (person who models clothes)
manirroto {adj}  :: spendthrift
manita {f}  :: diminutive form of mano, little hand
manitas {f}  :: diminutive form of mano
manitas {f}  :: handyman
maniático {adj}  :: cranky, crazy
maniático {adj}  :: pedantic, fussy
maniático {f}  :: maniac
manito {f}  :: diminutive form of mano, little hand
manitol {m} [organic compound]  :: mannitol
manivela {f}  :: handle
manjar {m} [Chile]  :: fudge (sweet candy spread)
manjar {m}  :: food, sustenance (especially delicious food, or one of the types of foods listed below)
manjar {m} [obsolete]  :: suit (one of the four types of cards in a deck)
manjar {m}  :: sustenance (something which invigorates mind or body)
manjar blanco {m}  :: A dessert made with milk, almonds, sugar, and rice flour
manjar blanco {m}  :: A dish made of chicken breast, sugar, milk, and rice flour
manjar blanco {m} [Cuba]  :: A dessert made with milk, sugar, maize flour, and spices
manjar blanco {m} [El Salvador, Panama, Peru]  :: dulce de leche
manjar de ángeles {m}  :: A dish made of milk and sugar
manjar imperial {m}  :: A dish made of egg yolks, milk, and rice flour
manjar lento {m}  :: A dish made of milk, beaten egg yolks, and sugar
manjar principal {m}  :: A dish made of cheese, sifted milk, beaten egg yolks, and shredded bread
manjar real {m}  :: A dish made of sheep leg, sugar, milk, saffron, and rice flour
manjar suave {m}  :: manjar lento
manómetro {m}  :: pressure gauge
mano {f} [in a game]  :: round; hand
mano {f} [of a clock]  :: hand
mano {f} [of an animal]  :: front foot
mano {f} [of a person]  :: hand
mano {f} [of paint]  :: coat
mano {f} [slang, Mexico]  :: buddy, friend
-mano {suffix}  :: -mane, -maniac
mano a mano {m}  :: A corrida in which two rival matadors alternate in fighting several bulls each
mano a mano {phrase}  :: hand to hand (competition), or sometimes hand in hand (cooperation); on equal terms, close together
mano auxiliar {f}  :: helping hand
mano de obra {f}  :: labor (manual laborers)
manojo {m}  :: handful, bunch
Manolo {prop}  :: male given name
manopla {f} [baseball, Nicaragua]  :: baseball glove
manopla {f}  :: gauntlet (glove)
manopla {f}  :: mitten
manosa {f} [carbohydrate]  :: mannose
manos a la obra {v} [idiomatic]  :: Let's get to work
manosamina {f} [carbohydrate]  :: mannosamine
manoseada {v} [feminine past participle of, manosear]  ::
manoseadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, manosear]  ::
manoseados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, manosear]  ::
manosear {v}  :: to fondle
manosear {v}  :: to meddle with; to tamper with, or handle something ignorantly
manotada {f} [Latin America]  :: handful
manotada {f}  :: slap, hit (with the hand)
manoteada {v} [feminine past participle of, manotear]  ::
manoteadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, manotear]  ::
manoteados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, manotear]  ::
manotear {vi}  :: to gesticulate
manotear {vt}  :: to slap, smack, spank
manípulo {m} [literary, medicine]  :: handful
manípulo {m}  :: maniple (all senses)
Manrique {prop}  :: Spanish surname
manés {prop}  :: Manx
mansamente {adv}  :: quietly, meekly, gently
mansedumbre {f}  :: elegance
mansedumbre {f}  :: meekness
mansión {f}  :: estate
mansión {f}  :: mansion
manso {adj}  :: tame, meek, not threatening
manta {f}  :: blanket
manta {f}  :: manta ray
manta {f}  :: poncho
mantarraya {f}  :: manta ray
mantear {v}  :: to give (someone) the bumps (throw someone in the air, e.g. for a celebration)
mantear {v}  :: to throw up into the air in a blanket
manteca {f}  :: fat; butter; lard
mantecoso {adj}  :: buttery
mantecoso {adj}  :: mellow
mantel {m}  :: tablecloth
mantelería {f}  :: table linen
mantener {v}  :: to maintain; to keep, to preserve
mantenerlo {v} [es-compound of, manten, er, , lo, mood=inf]  ::
mantenerlos {v} [es-compound of, manten, er, mantener, los, mood=inf]  ::
mantenerme {v} [es-compound of, manten, er, mantener, me, mood=inf]  ::
mantenernos {v} [es-compound of, manten, er, mantener, nos, mood=inf]  ::
mantenerse {v} [es-compound of, manten, er, mantener, se, mood=inf]  ::
mantenerte {v} [es-compound of, manten, er, mantener, te, mood=inf]  ::
mantenida {f}  :: feminine form of mantenido
mantenido {adj} [pejorative]  :: a person who does want neither work nor study, either for laze or fun, being come of age and able, and is sustained by other (even parents) or a government without a merit (see huevón)
mantenido {adj}  :: Person sustained by alimony, kept
mantenido {f}  :: freeloader
mantenido {f}  :: kept man, kept woman
mantenimiento {m}  :: maintenance, support
mantenla {v} [es-compound of, manten, er, mantén, la, mood=imp, person=tú]  ::
mantenlo {v} [es-compound of, manten, er, mantén, lo, mood=imp, person=tú]  ::
mantente {v} [es-compound of, manten, er, mantén, te, mood=imp, person=tú]  ::
mantequera {f}  :: butter dish
mantequera {f}  :: churn
mantequero {adj}  :: of or pertaining to butter
mantequero {f}  :: butter maker
mantequilla {f}  :: butter
mantilla {f}  :: mantilla
mantis religiosa {f}  :: praying mantis
manténganse {v} [es-compound of, manten, er, mantengan, se, mood=imp, person=ustedes]  ::
manténgase {v} [es-compound of, manten, er, mantenga, se, mood=imp, person=usted]  ::
manto {m}  :: layer, surface, blanket, carpet
manto {m}  :: shroud, cloak
mantra {m}  :: mantra (all senses)
manual {m}  :: manual
manualmente {adv}  :: manually; by hand
manubrio {m} [anatomy, zoology]  :: manubrium
manubrio {m} [colloquial]  :: penis
manubrio {m}  :: handle, crank
manubrio {m} [Latin America]  :: handlebar
manubrio {m}  :: wheel
Manuel {prop}  :: male given name, derived from biblical Emanuel
Manuela {prop}  :: female given name, feminine form of Manuel
Manuelita {prop}  :: female given name
manufacturar {v}  :: to manufacture
manuscrito {m}  :: manuscript
manutención {f}  :: maintenance
manutener {v}  :: alternative form of mantener
manzana {f}  :: apple
manzana {f}  :: city block
manzana de Adán {f} [Latin America]  :: Adam's apple
manzana de caramelo {f}  :: candy apple
manzanar {m}  :: apple grove; place where apples are grown
manzana silvestre {f}  :: crabapple (fruit)
manzanilla {f}  :: a type of wine from Cádiz, Andalucía
manzanilla {f}  :: camomile
manzanita {f}  :: diminutive form of manzana
manzano {m}  :: apple tree
maoista {adj}  :: Maoist
maoista {m}  :: Maoist
mañoso {adj} [Latin America]  :: cranky, crazy (grouchy, irritable, easily upset)
mañoso {adj} [Latin America]  :: pedantic, fussy
mañoso {adj}  :: skillful, crafty
mapa {m}  :: map (sheet with geographical information on it)
mapache {m}  :: raccoon (nocturnal omnivore living in Northern America)
mapamundi {m}  :: world map
mapuche {adj}  :: Mapuche
mapuche {m}  :: Mapuche
mapuchino {adj}  :: asshole
mapuchino {adj} [pejorative]  :: Chilean
mapuchino {adj} [pejorative]  :: indigenous man, most likely mapuches that look like a Chinese
mapuey {m}  :: cush-cush; tropical herb
mapuey {m}  :: tuber of the same plant
maqueta {f}  :: demo
maqueta {f}  :: model (miniature representation of a physical object)
maquiavélico {adj}  :: Machiavellian
maquiladora {f}  :: assembly plant
maquillada {v} [feminine past participle of, maquillar]  ::
maquilladas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, maquillar]  ::
maquillador {f}  :: make-up artist
maquilladora {f}  :: feminine form of maquillador
maquillados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, maquillar]  ::
maquillaje {m}  :: makeup
maquillar {v} [figurative]  :: to disguise, dress up
maquillar {v}  :: to apply makeup or cosmetics
maquillar {v}  :: to fiddle, massage (numbers, data)
maquillarse {vr}  :: to put on makeup, to apply cosmetics
maquinación {f}  :: plot, machination
maquinador {f}  :: deviser, plotter, machinator
maquinador {f} [metallurgy]  :: Metalworker who works pieces with the use of machines
maquinal {adj}  :: mechanical (referring to the movements of machines)
maquinal {adj}  :: [of a person or action] mechanical, automatic (not having or showing thought or spontaneity)
maquinalmente {adv}  :: mechanically
maquinar {v}  :: to machinate, plot
maquinaria {f}  :: machinery
maquinista {m}  :: machinist
mar {m}  :: sea
mar {m}  :: seaside
mara {f} [colloquial, El Salvador]  :: people in one's in-group (e.g. at work, at school, in one's soccer team, who may or may not be friends)
mara {f} [El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico]  :: criminal gang
María {prop}  :: female given name, the Spanish and Galician equivalent of Mary
María {prop}  :: Mary; Miriam [biblical character]
maraña {f}  :: snarl
maraña {f}  :: tangle, muddle
maraña {f}  :: thicket
maraca {f}  :: A maraca, percussion instrument
maraca {f} [Chile, Argentina, pejorative]  :: A gay
maraca {f} [Chile, Argentina, pejorative]  :: A whore
maracayá {m}  :: The margay
maraco {m} [Chile, Argentina, pejorative]  :: A gay
maraco {m} [Venezuela]  :: The youngest son in the family
maracuyá {m}  :: passion fruit
mar adentro {adv}  :: offshore, out to sea
Maradona {prop}  :: Diego Maradona, Argentinian footballer turned manager
Maradona {prop}  :: Spanish surname
maradoniano {adj}  :: Maradonaesque
mar Adriático {prop}  :: Adriatic Sea
María Jesús {prop}  :: female given name
María José {prop}  :: female given name
María Juana {prop}  :: female given name: Mary Jane
María Magdalena {prop}  :: female given name
María Magdalena {prop}  :: Mary Magdalene [biblical character]
Mar Amarillo {prop}  :: Yellow Sea (Asian sea)
marañón {m}  :: cashew (fruit of the tree)
marañón {m}  :: cashew (tree)
maranta {f}  :: arrowroot
marasmo {m} [pathology]  :: marasmus
maratón {m}  :: marathon
maratoniano {adj}  :: Having the characteristics of a marathon
maratoniano {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to a marathon
maratonista {m}  :: marathon runner
maravedí {m} [historical]  :: maravedi
maravilla {f}  :: sunflower
maravilla {f}  :: sunflower seed
maravilla {f}  :: wonder, marvel
maravillar {v}  :: to marvel
maravillarse {vr}  :: to marvel, to wonder
maravillosamente {adv}  :: wonderfully, marvelously
maravilloso {adj}  :: wonderful, marvelous
mar Balear {prop}  :: Balearic Sea
marbellí {adj}  :: of, from, or related to Marbella
marbellí {m}  :: Someone from, or connected with, Marbella
Marbella {prop}  :: Marbella (city)
marbellero {adj}  :: of, from, or related to Marbella
marbellero {f}  :: Someone from, or connected with, Marbella
marbete {m}  :: label
marbete {m}  :: tag
mar Blanco {prop}  :: White Sea
mar Báltico {prop}  :: Baltic Sea
marca {f}  :: brand
marca {f}  :: mark
marcadamente {adv}  :: markedly
marca de casa {f}  :: hallmark, trademark
marcado {adj}  :: marked, pronounced
marcador {m}  :: bookmark
marcador {m}  :: marker
marcador {m}  :: scoreboard
marcador textual {m} [linguistics]  :: discourse marker
mar Cantábrico {prop}  :: Cantabrian Sea
marcapasos {m}  :: pacemaker (medical implement)
Marcapomacocha {prop}  :: Marcapomacocha
marcar {v}  :: to beat, make (a rhythm)
marcar {v}  :: to dial
marcar {v}  :: to frame
marcar {v}  :: to mark
marcar {v}  :: to mark (in sports)
marcar {v}  :: to show, read, say (of a measuring device)
marcar {v}  :: to write down, jot down
marca registrada {f}  :: trademark
Mar Caribe {prop}  :: Caribbean Sea
mar Caspio {prop}  :: Caspian Sea
Marcela {prop}  :: female given name, cognate to Marcella
Marcelina {prop}  :: female given name
Marcelino {prop}  :: male given name
Marcelo {prop}  :: male given name, equivalent to Marcellus
mar Celta {prop}  :: Celtic Sea
marcha {f} [colloquial, Spain]  :: mojo
marcha {f} [colloquial, Spain]  :: party (social gathering)
marcha {f}  :: departure
marcha {f}  :: gear (a particular combination or choice of interlocking gears)
marcha {f}  :: march
marcha atlética {f} [athletics]  :: race walking
marchante {adj}  :: dealing, trading, selling
marchante {m}  :: art dealer
marchante {m}  :: dealer, trader
marchante de arte {m}  :: art dealer
marchaos {v} [es-compound of, march, ar, marchad, os, mood=imp, person=vosotros]  ::
marchar {vir} [or]  :: to leave
marchar {vi}  :: to function, work, run
marchar {vi}  :: to go, travel
marchar {vi}  :: to march
Marcha Real {prop}  :: Marcha Real (the national anthem of Spain)
marcharme {v} [es-compound of, march, ar, marchar, me, mood=inf]  ::
marcharnos {v} [es-compound of, march, ar, marchar, nos, mood=inf]  ::
marcharse {vr}  :: reflexive form of marchar To leave, to go away
marcharte {v} [es-compound of, march, ar, marchar, te, mood=inf]  ::
Marchihue {prop}  :: Marchihue
marchitar {v}  :: to wilt
marchito {adj}  :: wilted, faded
marchosa {f}  :: feminine form of marchoso
marchoso {adj}  :: fun-loving, lively (enjoying parties)
marchoso {f}  :: party animal
marcial {adj}  :: martial
Marcial {prop}  :: male given name, cognate to English Martial
marciano {adj}  :: Martian (of Mars)
marciano {f}  :: Martian
marco {m}  :: frame
marco {m}  :: mark (money)
marco alemán {m}  :: Deutsche Mark
Marcos {prop}  :: male given name, cognate to Mark
Marcos {prop}  :: Mark [biblical character]
Marcos {prop}  :: the Gospel of Mark
mar de Azov {prop}  :: Sea of Azov
mar de Bering {prop}  :: Bering Sea
mar de Irlanda {prop}  :: Irish Sea
mar del Norte {prop}  :: North Sea
mar de Noruega {prop}  :: Norwegian Sea
mar de Timor {prop}  :: Timor Sea
marea {f}  :: tide
marea alta {f}  :: high tide
marea baja {f}  :: low tide
mareado {adj}  :: dizzy
mareal {adj}  :: tidal
marear {vr}  :: to get dizzy
marear {v}  :: to dizzy
marear {v}  :: to sicken
marear la perdiz {v} [idiomatic]  :: to mess around, to dilly-dally
marea roja {f}  :: red tide
Marechal {prop}  :: Spanish surname
mar Egeo {prop}  :: Aegean Sea
maremagno {m}  :: alternative form of maremágnum
maremágnum {m}  :: abundance, overabundance
maremágnum {m}  :: crowd, mob, multitude
maremoto {m} [geology]  :: seaquake
mareo {m}  :: vertigo, dizziness
marero {m}  :: gangster
marfil {m}  :: ivory
marfileño {adj}  :: Ivorian
marfileño {f}  :: Ivorian
margajita {f}  :: marcasite, white iron pyrites
margarina {f}  :: margarine
margarita {f} [cocktail]  :: margarita (cocktail)
margarita {f} [flower]  :: daisy
margarita {f} [flower]  :: marigold
Margarita {prop}  :: female given name, meaning Daisy, cognate to English Margaret
margarita común {f}  :: daisy
margaxita {f}  :: alternative spelling of margajita
margay {m}  :: The margay
margen {f}  :: river bank
margen {m}  :: margin, edge
marginado {adj}  :: ostracized, cast out
marginado {f}  :: outsider, outcast
marginal {adj}  :: marginal
marginar {v}  :: to exclude
margrave {m}  :: A margrave
mariache {m}  :: rare spelling of mariachi
mariachi {m}  :: A mariachi band
mariachi {m}  :: A musician in such a band
mariachi {m}  :: A traditional form of music from the Mexican state of Jalisco
mariachi {m} [by extension, Mexico]  :: An instrumental ensemble accompanying other types of popular Mexican dance and song
Mariana {prop}  :: female given name, cognate to the English Mariana
marianismo {m}  :: the concept, found in Latin American folk culture, that a virtuous woman should emulate the Virgin Mary as closely as possible (in terms of piousness, sexual purity, modesty, etc.)
Mariano {prop}  :: male given name, cognate to Italian Mariano
Maribel {prop}  :: female given name
marica {f}  :: magpie
marica {m} [slang, pejorative]  :: poof; fag; faggot (homosexual man)
maricantunga {adj} [pejorative, slang]  :: gay, whore
maricón {f} [Chile]  :: asshole, coward, irresponsible husband or father (mean or rude person)
maricón {f}  :: coward
maricón {f}  :: (effeminate boy) girl
maricón {f} [pejorative]  :: homosexual man, queer, faggot
maricona {f}  :: feminine form of maricón
maricona {f} [pejorative]  :: female homosexual, lesbian
mariconcito {m} [diminutive sometimes pejorative]  :: little faggot, fagboy
mariconeo {m} [pejorative]  :: gay sex
mariconería {f} [vulgar]  :: faggotry
maricota {adj}  :: effeminate
maricota {adj} [pejorative]  :: homosexual, gay
maridablemente {adv}  :: conjugally
maridar {v} [rare]  :: to marry
maridar {v}  :: to combine
marido {m}  :: husband
mariguana {f}  :: alternative spelling of marihuana
marihuana {f}  :: marijuana
marihuanera {f}  :: Female form of marihuanero; a female stoner, pothead, weedhead
marihuanero {f}  :: weedhead, pothead, stoner
marimacho {f} [derogatory]  :: tomboy
marimandón {adj} [informal]  :: bossy
marimandón {f} [informal]  :: bossyboots
marimandona {f}  :: feminine form of marimandón
marimba {f}  :: marimba
marimorena {f}  :: fuss, row, ruckus (verbal fight)
marina {f}  :: navy
Marina {prop}  :: female given name, cognate to English Marina
marinaje {m} [nautical]  :: seamanship
marinar {v}  :: to marinate, to marinade
marinero {f}  :: sailor, seaman
marino {adj}  :: marine, nautical
marino {adj}  :: sailor
Mario {prop}  :: male given name, cognate to Marius
marionas {f}  :: marionberry
marionberi {f}  :: marionberry
marioneta {f}  :: marionette, puppet
mariposa {f}  :: a butterfly
mariposa {f} [slang]  :: a male homosexual
mariposario {m}  :: A butterfly zoo, butterfly farm
mariposero {f}  :: butterfly catcher
mariquita {f}  :: ladybird (Commonwealth exc. Canada), ladybug (US, Canada)
mariquita {f} [slang]  :: queer, faggot (US), poof (UK)
mariscada {f}  :: seafood platter
mariscal {m}  :: marshal
mariscal {m}  :: quarterback
mariscal {m}  :: seafood dish
marisco {m}  :: edible shellfish or alga
mariscos {mp}  :: seafood
marisma {f}  :: saltwater marsh, tideland marsh
marisquería {f}  :: seafood store
Mar Jónico {prop}  :: Ionian Sea (European sea)
marmita {f}  :: pressure cooker
marmitako {m}  :: A stew made with tuna, potatoes, onions, pepper and tomato
marmolado {adj}  :: marbled
marmosa {f}  :: marmoset
marmota {f}  :: marmot
Marín {prop}  :: Spanish surname, meaning marine or sailor
mar Negro {prop}  :: Black Sea
marojo {m}  :: red-berried mistletoe (Viscum cruciatum)
maroma {f}  :: circus stunt
maroma {f}  :: rope
maromo {m} [colloquial]  :: guy, bloke, dude
marquesa {f}  :: marchioness
marquesina {f}  :: shelter, bus shelter
Marquito {prop}  :: A diminutive of the male given name Marcos. It is generally associated with a child and can be translated in English as little Marcos
marqués {m}  :: marquess
Marrakech {prop}  :: Marrakech (city in Morocco)
marrano {f} [colloquial, pejorative]  :: pig (disgusting person)
marrano {f}  :: pig
marraqueta {m}  :: bread type, common in Chile, Uruguay, Perú and Argentina
marrar {v}  :: to miss
marrón {adj}  :: brown (colour)
marrón {m}  :: brown (colour)
marrón {m} [colloquial]  :: bug; bitch (something annoying)
Mar Rojo {prop}  :: Red Sea (sea between Africa and Arabia)
marroquí {adj}  :: Moroccan
marroquí {m}  :: Moroccan
marrubio {m}  :: horehound (Marrubium vulgare)
Marruecos {prop}  :: Morocco (country)
marrullero {adv}  :: devious
marsellés {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to Marseilles
marsellés {m}  :: Someone from Marseilles
marshalés {adj}  :: Marshallese
marshalés {f}  :: Marshallese (person)
marshalés {prop}  :: Marshallese (language)
marsopa {f}  :: porpoise
marsupial {adj}  :: marsupial
marsupial {m}  :: marsupial
marta {f}  :: marten
Marta {prop}  :: female given name, cognate to Martha
Marta {prop}  :: Martha [biblical character]
marta cibelina {f}  :: sable (Martes zibellina)
Marte {prop}  :: Mars
martes {m}  :: Tuesday
martillar {v}  :: to hammer
martillazo {m}  :: blow with a hammer
martilleo {m}  :: hammering
martillo {m} [anatomy]  :: malleus
martillo {m} [athletics]  :: hammer
martillo {m}  :: auction house
martillo {m}  :: hammer
martillo de agua {m} [physics]  :: water hammer
martillo neumático {m}  :: jackhammer
martillo perforador {m}  :: jackhammer
martillo sacaclavos {m}  :: claw hammer
marítimo {adj}  :: maritime
Martina {prop}  :: female given name, cognate to English Martina
martinete {f}  :: a type of Flamenco chant
martinete {f}  :: black-crowned night heron (nycticorax nycticorax)
martinete {f}  :: hammer (of a piano)
martinete {f}  :: large forge hammer
martirio {m} [figuratively]  :: agony, torture
martirio {m}  :: martyrdom
martirio {m}  :: martyrium
martirologio {m}  :: martyrology
Martita {prop}  :: female given name
Martín {prop}  :: male given name, cognate to English Martin
Martínez {prop}  :: Spanish surname
martín pescador {m}  :: kingfisher (Alcedinidae)
marucha {f}  :: chuck beef
marucha {f} [colloquial]  :: instant noodles
Marucha {prop}  :: Pejorative form of María
maruja {f} [colloquial, pejorative]  :: housewife
marullero {adj}  :: alternative form of marrullero
marxismo {m}  :: Marxism
marxismo-leninismo {m}  :: Marxism-Leninism
marxista {adj}  :: Marxist
marxista {m}  :: Marxist
marxista-leninista {adj}  :: Marxist-Leninist
marxista-leninista {m}  :: Marxist-Leninist
Maryland {prop}  :: Maryland
marzo {m}  :: March
mas {conj}  :: but
mas {conj}  :: however
mías {adj}  :: feminine plural of mío Mine, my
mías {pron}  :: feminine plural of mío Mine
masa {f}  :: dough
masa {f}  :: drove (large amount)
masa {f} [physics]  :: mass
masacrar {v}  :: to massacre
masacre {f}  :: massacre
masa en reposo {f}  :: rest mass
masaje {m}  :: massage
masajear {v}  :: to rub or massage
masajista {m}  :: massagist
masar {v}  :: to knead
Masaya {prop}  :: Masaya
mascar {v}  :: to chew
mascarilla {f}  :: face mask
mascota {f}  :: A mascot; the animal that represents a team
mascota {f}  :: A pet.
mascujar {v}  :: to mumble
masculinidad {f}  :: masculinity
masculino {adj}  :: masculine, male
mascullada {v} [feminine past participle of, mascullar]  ::
masculladas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, mascullar]  ::
mascullados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, mascullar]  ::
mascullar {v} [ditransitive, colloquial]  :: to mumble; to say through one's teeth
masetero {m}  :: masseter
masicote {m} [chemistry]  :: massicot
masificación {f}  :: overcrowding
masilla {f}  :: caulk, putty
masivamente {adv}  :: massively
masivo {adj}  :: massive
masonería {f}  :: Freemasonry
masoquismo {m}  :: masochism
masoquista {m}  :: masochist
Massachusetts {prop}  :: Massachusetts
mastectomía {f} [surgery]  :: mastectomy
masticada {v} [feminine past participle of, masticar]  ::
masticadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, masticar]  ::
masticados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, masticar]  ::
masticar {v}  :: to chew
masticar {v}  :: to think (about an idea)
mastín {m}  :: mastiff
mastocito {m} [cytology]  :: mastocyte, mast cell
mastozoológico {adj}  :: mammalogical
mastozoología {f}  :: mammalogy
Mastrique {prop} [dated]  :: Maastricht
mastuerzo {m}  :: cress (a plant, Lepidium sativum)
mastuerzo {m} [pejorative, colloquial, Spain]  :: dumbass
masturbación {f}  :: masturbation
masturbación mutua {f}  :: mutual masturbation
masturbar {vt}  :: to masturbate
masturbarse {vr}  :: reflexive form of masturbar To masturbate oneself
masturbatorio {adj}  :: masturbatory
mata {f} [Colombia, Venezuela, Cuba]  :: plant (organism of the kingdom Plantae)
mata {f}  :: mastic tree, Pistacia lentiscus
mata {f}  :: shrub
mata {f}  :: sprig
matabichos {m}  :: bug spray
mataburros {m}  :: grille guard, bumper guard (car accessory)
mataburros {m} [Latin America]  :: dictionary
matacandelas {m}  :: snuffer, candlesnuffer
matachín {m}  :: clown, buffoon
matacucarachas {m}  :: cockroach killer; cockroach spray
matadero {m}  :: a place for killing
matadero {m}  :: a slaughterhouse, abattoir
matado {adj}  :: fugly, hideous (person)
matado {adj} [Mexico]  :: bookish (lover of reading and or study)
matador {f}  :: a slaughterer, a killer
matador {f} [bullfighting]  :: matador, a featured bullfighter at a bullfight event
matadora {f}  :: Female killer
matadura {f}  :: callus
matafuego {m}  :: fire extinguisher
matagallina {f} [plant]  :: flax-leaved daphne, Daphne gnidium
Matagalpa {prop}  :: Matagalpa
matahormigas {m}  :: ant killer; ant spray
matamoscas {m}  :: fly agaric, Amanita muscaria
matamoscas {m}  :: flyswatter
matanza {f}  :: a slaughter, a killing
matapolicías {m}  :: cop killer
matar {v}  :: to butcher
matar {v}  :: to dull
matar {v}  :: to kill
matar {v}  :: to put out
matar {v}  :: to round off
matar {v}  :: to ruin
Mataró {prop}  :: Mataró (city)
matar dos pájaros de un tiro {v} [idiomatic]  :: to kill two birds with one stone
matar el gusanillo {v} [idiomatic]  :: to keep hunger at bay, to keep someone going
matarla {v} [es-compound of, mat, ar, matar, la, mood=inf]  ::
matarle {v} [es-compound of, mat, ar, matar, le, mood=inf]  ::
matarlo {v} [es-compound of, mat, ar, matar, lo, mood=inf]  ::
matarlos {v} [es-compound of, mat, ar, matar, los, mood=inf]  ::
matarme {v} [es-compound of, mat, ar, matar, me, mood=inf]  ::
matarnos {v} [es-compound of, mat, ar, matar, nos, mood=inf]  ::
mataronense {adj}  :: Of or from Mataró
mataronense {m}  :: Someone from Mataró
matarratas {m}  :: A type of card game
matarratas {m} [colloquial]  :: strong low-quality alcohol
matarratas {m}  :: raticide
matarse {v}  :: to become galled, to become chafed, to get sores (said of horses)
matarse {v}  :: to be killed, to meet one’s death
matarse {v}  :: to kill oneself, to commit suicide
matarse {v}  :: to wear oneself out
matarte {v} [es-compound of, mat, ar, matar, te, mood=inf]  ::
Matías {prop}  :: male given name of biblical origin
Matías {prop}  :: Matthias (Biblical figure)
matasanos {m} [colloquial, pejorative]  :: quack (bad doctor)
matasellar {v}  :: to postmark
matasellos {m}  :: postmark
matasiete {m}  :: bully, thug
matasuegras {m}  :: party horn
mataviejos {m}  :: old-person killer
mate {adj}  :: matte (not reflective of light)
mate {adj} [South America]  :: tan, tanned (skin colour)
mate {m}  :: A hollow calabash gourd, in which the maté is traditionally served
mate {m} [chess]  :: mate, checkmate
mate {m} [colloquial, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay]  :: A head
mate {m} [colloquial, El Salvador]  :: A hand gesture
mate {m} [colloquial]  :: maths, mathematics (short for matemática or matemáticas)
mate {m}  :: The drink maté prepared of yerba maté (Ilex paraguariensis)
matear {v} [Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay]  :: To drink mate, yerba mate
matemática {f}  :: feminine form of matemático; a female mathematician
matemática {f}  :: mathematics
matemáticamente {adv}  :: mathematically
matemáticas {fp}  :: mathematics (study of numbers, shapes, structure and change and the relationships between these concepts)
matemático {adj}  :: mathematical (relating to mathematics)
matemático {f}  :: A male mathematician
mateína {f}  :: mateine
mateo {adj} [colloquial, Chile]  :: geeky
mateo {f} [colloquial, Chile]  :: swot, geek, nerd
Mateo {prop}  :: male given name
Mateo {prop}  :: Matthew, the apostle.
Mateo {prop}  :: One of the Gospel books of the New Testament
materia {f}  :: matter
materia {f}  :: subject
materia fecal {f}  :: excrement, fecal matter
material {adj}  :: material
material {m}  :: material
materialismo {m}  :: materialism, constant concern over material possessions and wealth
materialista {adj}  :: materialist
materialista {m}  :: materialist
materialización {f}  :: materialization
materializar {v}  :: to materialise
materialmente {adv}  :: materially
materia oscura {f}  :: dark matter
maternal {adj}  :: maternal
maternidad {f}  :: maternity
maternidad {f}  :: motherhood
mates {fp}  :: maths (study)
Mathusalam {prop}  :: Methuselah (Biblical character)
Matilde {prop}  :: female given name, cognate to English Matilda
matiz {m}  :: hue
matiz {m}  :: nuance
matizar {v}  :: to blend colours in an agreeable way
matizar {v}  :: to clarify a concept. Be more specific
matón {f}  :: thug, bully, hoodlum
matonaje {m}  :: bullying
matorral {m}  :: brush (wild vegetation)
matorral {m}  :: scrub
matorral {m}  :: thicket, copse
matraca {f} [colloquial]  :: a pestering, plaguing
matraca {f} [musical instruments]  :: ratchet, wooden rattle
matraz {m}  :: Any kind of flask, or glass container used in a chemical laboratory
matraz aforado {m}  :: volumetric flask
matrícula {f}  :: matriculation
matrícula {f}  :: number plate, license plate
matrícula {f}  :: registration number
matricial {adj}  :: matrix
matricular {v}  :: to matriculate
matrimonio {m}  :: marriage
matrimonio {m}  :: married couple
matrimonio {m}  :: wedding (the ceremony)
matriz {f} [anatomy]  :: uterus
matriz {f} [business]  :: head office or store
matriz {f} [computing]  :: matrix
matriz {f} [mathematics]  :: matrix
matriz {f}  :: origin, source
matriz {f} [tools]  :: mold
matriz {f} [tools]  :: nut
matriz diagonal {f} [linear algebra]  :: diagonal matrix
matriz identidad {f} [linear algebra]  :: identity matrix
matriz inversa {f} [linear algebra]  :: inverse matrix
matrona {f}  :: matron
matrona {f}  :: midwife
mató tunco tu tata {phrase} [colloquial, El Salvador]  :: Name of a game adults play with little children
matula {f}  :: wick (of a candle, lamp, etc.)
matutinas {adj}  :: feminine plural of matutino
matutino {adj}  :: morning
maula {adj}  :: useless, good-for-nothing, junk
maula {f}  :: idler
maula {f}  :: piece of junk, useless item
maula {f}  :: trickster
maullar {v}  :: to meow
maullido {m}  :: meow
mauriciano {adj}  :: Mauritian
mauriciano {f}  :: Mauritian
Mauricio {prop}  :: Mauritius
Mauritania {prop}  :: Mauritania
mauritano {adj}  :: Mauritanian
mauritano {f}  :: Mauritanian
mausoleo {m}  :: mausoleum
maxicollar {m}  :: maxi necklace
maximización {f}  :: maximization
maximizar {vt}  :: to maximise
maya {adj}  :: Mayan (from Maya)
maya {m}  :: Mayan (language)
maya {m}  :: Mayan (person)
mayar {vr} [Costa Rica]  :: to wilt
mayar {v}  :: to miaow
mayate {m} [Chicano, slang]  :: black person
mayate {m}  :: figeater beetle, June bug (Cotinis mutabilis)
mayate {m} [Mexico, slang]  :: active (top) homosexual or bisexual
mayólica {f}  :: majolica
mayo {m}  :: May
mayonesa {f}  :: mayonnaise
mayonesa vegetariana {f}  :: veganaise
mayor {adj}  :: bigger; comparative form of grande
mayor {adj}  :: older; in this sense, comparative form of viejo, vieja
mayor {adj}  :: Superlative forms of (1) and (2). The biggest, the oldest
mayor {adj}  :: wholesale
mayor {m}  :: major (military rank)
mayoría {f}  :: majority
mayordomo {m}  :: butler, majordomo
mayorista {m}  :: wholesaler, wholesale dealer
mayoritariamente {adv}  :: mostly, mainly, by a majority
mayoritario {adj}  :: majority
mayormente {adv}  :: mainly, largely
mayormente {adv}  :: mostly, for the most part
mayúscula {adj}  :: upper case, uppercase
mayúscula {f}  :: capital letter
mayúsculo {adj}  :: upper case, uppercase
Mayte {prop}  :: female given name. A less common spelling of Maite
mayéutico {adj}  :: maieutical
maíz {m}  :: corn, maize
maza {f}  :: drumstick (for playing drums)
maza {f}  :: handle (of a billiards or snooker cue)
maza {f}  :: mace, club (weapon)
maza {f}  :: mallet (in polo)
maza {f}  :: meat tenderizer
mazacote {m}  :: a crude work of art
mazacote {m} [colloquial]  :: annoying person
mazacote {m} [colloquial]  :: dry, hard food
mazacote {m}  :: concrete
mazacote {m} [plant]  :: barilla (Salsola soda)
mazapán {m}  :: marzipan
mazar {v}  :: to churn
mazar {v}  :: to tenderize (meat)
mazazo {m}  :: a blow or hit with a mallet or hammer
mazazo {m} [figurative]  :: a blow, a heavy blow
mazmorra {f}  :: dungeon
mazo {m}  :: deck (of cards)
mazo {m}  :: gavel
mazo {m}  :: hammer
mazo {m}  :: mallet
mazorca {f}  :: cob (such of corn)
MC {abbr}  :: Michoacán (Mexican state)
Míchigan {prop}  :: Michigan
médano {m}  :: dune (ridge or hill of sand)
médano {m}  :: sandbank
módem {m}  :: modem
Módena {prop}  :: Modena (city)
médica {f}  :: Female physician
médicamente {adv}  :: medically
médico {adj}  :: medical
médico {f}  :: physician
módico {adj}  :: limited, scarce
módico {adj}  :: moderate, modest
médium {m}  :: medium (a person who contacts the dead)
médula {f}  :: alternative spelling of medula
médula espinal {f}  :: spinal cord
módulo {m}  :: module
me {pron} [personal, direct object]  :: me
me {pron} [personal, indirect object]  :: to me, for me
me {pron} [personal]  :: myself
mear {vr}  :: to piss oneself
mear {v}  :: to piss
mearse {v}  :: to wet, to urinate accidentally in or on
meca {f} [colloquial, Chile]  :: excrement, shit
meca {f}  :: mecca
me cacho {interj} [Argentina]  :: darn it, damn it
me cago en la leche {phrase} [vulgar, Spain, idiomatic]  :: fuck; fuck it
mecanógrafa {f}  :: feminine form of mecanógrafo
mecanógrafo {f}  :: typist
mecanismo {m}  :: mechanism
mecanización {f}  :: mechanization
mecanizar {v}  :: to mechanize
mecanografía {f}  :: touch typing
mecanografía {f}  :: typing
mecanoterapia {f}  :: mechanotherapy
mecapal {m} [Central America, Mexico]  :: tumpline
mecate {m} [Central America, Mexico, Venezuela]  :: rope, cord
Mecayapa {prop} [obsolete]  :: alternative form of Mecayapan
Mecayapan {prop}  :: The municipality of the same name
Mecayapan {prop}  :: The town of Mecayapan
mecedor {adj}  :: rocking (that rocks, swings)
mecedor {m}  :: rocking chair
mecedora {f}  :: rocking chair
mecedorcito {m}  :: diminutive form of mecedor
mecenas {m}  :: patron, sponsor
mecenazgo {m}  :: sponsorship, patronage
mecer {v} [rural, Asturias]  :: to milk
mecer {v}  :: to rock (movement), to cradle
mecha {f}  :: lock (length of hair)
mecha {f}  :: wick, fuse
mecha de lado {f}  :: sidelock
mechero {m}  :: lighter
mechón {m} [colloquial]  :: fresher, freshman (in university)
mechón {m}  :: lock, tuft (of hair)
mecida {v} [feminine past participle of, mecer]  ::
mecidas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, mecer]  ::
mecidos {v} [masculine plural past participle of, mecer]  ::
mecánica {f}  :: machinery
mecánica {f}  :: mechanics
mecánica cuántica {f}  :: quantum mechanics
mecánicamente {adv}  :: mechanically
mecánico {adj}  :: mechanical
mecánico {f}  :: mechanic
meco {adj} [Mexico]  :: brown (color)
meco {adj} [Mexico]  :: Indian
medalla {f}  :: medal
medallero {m}  :: medal table
medallista {m}  :: medallist
medallón {m}  :: locket
medallón {m}  :: medallion
media {f}  :: half an hour
media {f} [mathematics]  :: mean, average
media {f}  :: pantyhose
media {f}  :: sock, stocking
mediador {f}  :: mediator
mediados {adv}  :: in the middle
medialuna {f}  :: crescent (shape)
medialuna {f}  :: medialuna (corral)
medialuna {f}  :: medialuna (food)
mediana {f}  :: central reservation
mediana {f} [statistics]  :: median
media naranja {f} [idiomatic]  :: better half, significant other
mediano {adj}  :: average
mediano {adj}  :: mediocre
mediano {adj}  :: medium
medianoche {f}  :: a small meat pie
medianoche {f}  :: midnight
mediante {prep}  :: by means of, through, using
mediar {v}  :: to center, to give a central, medium or average value
mediar {v}  :: to mediate
medias {fp}  :: pantyhose
medias {fp}  :: socks
mediastinoscopia {f} [surgery]  :: mediastinoscopy
mediastínico {adj}  :: mediastinal
mediateca {f}  :: library of tapes, videos and similar media; media library, hybrid library
MediaWiki {prop} [Wiktionary and WMF jargon]  :: MediaWiki, a wiki software
medible {adj}  :: measurable
medicación {f}  :: medication
medicamento {m}  :: medicine
medicar {vt}  :: to medicate
medición {f}  :: measurement
medicina {f}  :: medicine
medicinal {adj}  :: medicinal
medicinalmente {adv}  :: medicinally
medida {f}  :: action, step, sanction
medida {f}  :: measure
medida {f}  :: measurement
medida {f}  :: moderation
medidor {adj}  :: measuring
medidor {m}  :: jigger (small double-ended vessel)
medidor {m} [Latin America]  :: meter (device that measures things)
medidor {m}  :: measurer
medidor de flujo espiratorio {m}  :: peak flow meter
medieval {adj}  :: medieval
medievo {adj} [history]  :: medieval
medimno {m}  :: medimnus
Medina {prop}  :: Medina (city)
Medina {prop}  :: Spanish surname
medio {adj}  :: a bit of a, somewhat of a
medio {adj}  :: half, half a/an
medio {adj}  :: mean, average
medio {adj}  :: middle, mid
medio {adj}  :: mid, in the middle of
medio {adv}  :: half, partly
medio {m}  :: channel, vehicle, medium
medio {m}  :: environment, surroundings, medium, milieu
medio {m} [football]  :: halfback
medio {m}  :: habitat
medio {m}  :: half
medio {m} [in the plural]  :: means
medio {m} [in the plural]  :: media
medio {m} [in the plural]  :: resources, funds, means
medio {m}  :: medium (spiritualism)
medio {m}  :: method, way
medio {m} [Mexico]  :: medio (an ancient coin)
medio {m}  :: middle, center
medio {m}  :: middle course
medio {m} [Peru, Cuba]  :: five cents
medio {m}  :: society
medioambiental {adj}  :: environmental
mediocre {adj}  :: mediocre
mediocridad {f}  :: mediocrity
mediodía {m}  :: meridian
mediodía {m}  :: noon, midday
mediodía {m}  :: south
mediodía {m} [Spain]  :: lunchtime
medioevo {m}  :: Middle Ages
Medio Oriente {prop}  :: Middle East
medios {mp}  :: means
medios {mp}  :: media
medios {mp}  :: resources, funds, means
medios de comunicación {m}  :: media
medios de comunicación de masas {m}  :: mass media
medios sociales {m}  :: social media
medio-tubo {m}  :: half-pipe
medir {v}  :: to measure
meditabundo {adj}  :: thoughtful, reflective
meditación {f}  :: meditation
meditar {v}  :: to meditate
mediterráneo {adj}  :: Mediterranean
Mediterráneo {prop}  :: the Mediterranean
mediático {adj}  :: media (attributive)
medrar {v}  :: to thrive or grow
medula {f} [anatomy]  :: marrow
medula {f} [anatomy]  :: medulla
medusa {f}  :: jellyfish
Medusa {prop} [Greek mythology]  :: Medusa
Mefistófeles {prop}  :: Mephistopheles
mega- {prefix}  :: mega-
megabanco {m}  :: megabank
megaciudad {f}  :: megacity; megalopolis
megafonía {f}  :: tannoy, PA system
megagramo {m}  :: megagram, ton, metric ton
megalitismo {m}  :: megalithism
megalito {m} [archaeology]  :: megalith
megalómana {f}  :: feminine form of megalómano
megalómano {f}  :: megalomaniac
megalomanía {f}  :: megalomania
megalítico {adj}  :: megalithic
megapíxel {f}  :: megapixel
megaterio {m}  :: megathere, megatherium
megatienda {f}  :: superstore, megastore
megavoltio {m}  :: megavolt
megáfono {m}  :: megaphone, loudhailer, bullhorn
megámetro {m}  :: megametre
mego {adj} [archaic]  :: gentle, mild, peaceable
me gustas {phrase}  :: I like you; I fancy you
MEH {initialism}  :: Ministerio de Economía y Hacienda
meigo {m} [NW Spain]  :: A person who is believed to have made a pact with the devil
meñique {adj}  :: tiny
meñique {m}  :: little finger
meitnerio {m}  :: meitnerium
mejicano {adj}  :: alternative spelling of mexicano
mejilla {f} [anatomy]  :: cheek
mejillón {m}  :: mussel
mejor {adj}  :: better
mejor {adv}  :: better
mejora {f}  :: improvement, amelioration
mejoría {f}  :: improvement, amelioration
mejorado {adj}  :: improved, enhanced, made better
mejoramiento {m}  :: improvement; betterment
mejorana {f}  :: marjoram, Origanum majorana
mejorana {f}  :: mastic thyms, Spanish wood marjoram, Thymus mastichina
mejorar {v}  :: to ameliorate
mejorar {v}  :: to enhance
mejorar {v}  :: to improve
mejorar {v}  :: to make better
mejorarse {vr}  :: to improve; get better; get well
mejórate {v} [es-compound of, mejor, ar, mejora, te, mood=imp, person=tú]  ::  ; get well soon!
melafo {interj} [Internet]  :: A term used to express the sexual appeal of another
melamina {f}  :: melamine
melancólicamente {adv}  :: melancholically
melancólico {adj}  :: melancholic
melancolía {f}  :: melancholy
melanina {f}  :: melanin
melanosoma {m} [cytology]  :: melanosome
me la pela {phrase} [Spain, idiom, colloquial, vulgar]  :: I don't give a shit
melaza {f}  :: molasses
Melbourne {prop}  :: Melbourne
Melchîsedec {prop} [archaic]  :: Melchizedek (Biblical character)
melódico {adj}  :: melodic
melecitosa {f} [organic compound]  :: melezitose
melena {f}  :: mane (longer hair growth around head of male lions)
melífero {adj}  :: melliferous
melicitosa {f}  :: alternative spelling of melecitosa
melifluo {adj}  :: mellifluous
Melilla {prop}  :: Melilla
melillense {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to Melilla
melillense {m}  :: Someone from Melilla
melindroso {adj}  :: finikin, finicky (excessively fastidious)
melisa {f}  :: lemon balm
melisopalinología {f}  :: melissopalynology (study of honey)
mella {f}  :: nick, dent, scratch
mellado {adj}  :: rough
mellar {v}  :: to nick, to dent
mellizo {adj}  :: twin (born to the same parents at the same time)
mellizo {f}  :: twin (someone born to the same parents at the same time)
melómana {f}  :: feminine form of melómano
melómano {f}  :: melomaniac
melón {m}  :: melon
melocotón {m}  :: peach
melocotonero {m}  :: peach tree
melodía {f}  :: melody
melodioso {adj}  :: melodious
melodramático {adj}  :: melodramatic
melojo {m}  :: alternative form of marojo
melomanía {f}  :: melomania
Melquisedec {prop}  :: Melchizedek (Biblical character)
membrana {f}  :: membrane
membranáceo {adj}  :: membranaceous
membranoso {adj}  :: membranous
membrillo {m}  :: quince (fruit)
membrillo {m}  :: quince (tree)
memo {m}  :: memorandum
memorable {adj}  :: memorable
memoria {f}  :: memory
memorioso {adj}  :: memorious (having a good memory)
memorizar {v}  :: to memorize
memorándum {m}  :: memorandum
menú {m}  :: menu
mena {f}  :: ore
menarquia {f}  :: menarche
menaza {f} [obsolete]  :: A threatening word or act
mención {f}  :: mention
mencionar {v}  :: to mention
mencionarlo {v} [es-compound of, mencion, ar, mencionar, lo, mood=inf]  ::
mendelevio {m}  :: mendelevium
mendicante {adj} [religion]  :: mendicant (depending on alms)
mendicante {m}  :: beggar, mendicant
mendiga {f}  :: feminine form of mendigo
mendigar {v}  :: to beg
mendigo {f}  :: beggar
mendocino {adj}  :: of or from Mendoza
mendocino {f}  :: Someone from Mendoza
Mendoza {prop}  :: Spanish surname
mendrugo {m}  :: crust. Particularly the heel of a loaf of bread
menea {f}  :: hopple
menear {vr}  :: to sway, to shake
menear {vt}  :: to hopple, to hobble
menear {vt}  :: to wiggle, to shake
menester {m} [in plural]  :: duty
menester {m}  :: something necessary, requirement, must
menestral {f}  :: handicraftsman, craftsperson, craftsman (manual laborer)
mengano {f}  :: what's-his-name; so-and-so
mengua {f}  :: loss, decrease
mengua {f}  :: poverty
mengua {f}  :: weak character
menguada {v} [feminine past participle of, menguar]  ::
menguadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, menguar]  ::
menguados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, menguar]  ::
menguante {adj}  :: decreasing, diminishing
menguar {v}  :: to wane
menhir {m}  :: menhir
menina {f}  :: a court maid of honour
menisco {m}  :: A lens that is convex on one surface and concave on the other
menisco {m}  :: A meniscus; curved surface of a liquid
menisco {m} [anatomy]  :: meniscus, a part of the knee
menopausia {f}  :: menopause
menopáusico {adj}  :: menopausal
menor {adj}  :: smaller
menor {adj}  :: younger
menorá {f}  :: menorah
menos {adv}  :: less
menos {m}  :: minus
menoscabar {v}  :: to lessen
menoscabo {m}  :: deterioration, uglification
menoscabo {m}  :: dishonor
menoscabo {m}  :: Effect of diminishing, reduction
menos mal {adv}  :: just as well
menos mal {adv}  :: thank God
menos mal {interj}  :: phew
menospreciar {v}  :: to despise scorn
menospreciar {v}  :: to underestimate, undervalue
menosprecio {m}  :: underestimation
menárquico {adj}  :: menarcheal
mensaje {m}  :: A message
mensaje {m}  :: A speech
mensajera {f}  :: feminine form of mensajero
mensajero {f}  :: messenger
menso {adj} [offensive, Mexico, Central America]  :: distracted, absent-minded
menso {adj} [offensive, Mexico, Central America]  :: foolish, dull
menso {adj} [offensive, Mexico]  :: ignorant
menso {adj} [offensive, Mexico]  :: inexpert
menso {adj} [offensive, Mexico]  :: ingenuous, naive
menso {adj} [offensive, Mexico]  :: timid, shy
menstruación {f}  :: menstruation
menstruar {v}  :: to menstruate
mensual {adj}  :: monthly
mensualidad {f}  :: monthly payment (amount payed by a debtor)
mensualidad {f}  :: monthly salary
mensualmente {adv}  :: monthly
menta {f}  :: mint (plant)
mentada {v} [feminine past participle of, mentar]  ::
mentadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, mentar]  ::
menta de gato {f}  :: catnip
mentados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, mentar]  ::
mental {adj}  :: mental
mentalidad {f}  :: mentality
mentalmente {adv}  :: mentally
mentar {v}  :: to mention, name
mente {f}  :: mind, intellect
-mente {suffix}  :: -wise, -ly, in a specified way; used to form adverbs from adjectives
mentir {v}  :: to lie (say something untrue)
mentira {f}  :: lie, trick, falsity
mentirijilla {f}  :: fib, white lie
mentirilla {f}  :: white lie
mentirme {v} [es-compound of, ment, ir, mentir, me, mood=inf]  ::
mentirosa {f}  :: feminine form of mentiroso
mentiroso {adj}  :: having lies
mentiroso {adj}  :: having the qualities of a liar
mentiroso {f}  :: liar
mentirte {v} [es-compound of, ment, ir, mentir, te, mood=inf]  ::
mentón {m}  :: chin
-mento {suffix}  :: forming concrete nouns from verbs, with the sense of ‘result, product (of process)’
mentol {m} [organic compound]  :: menthol
mentoplastia {f} [surgery]  :: mentoplasty
mentoría {f}  :: mentorship
menudear {v}  :: to frequently occur
menudo {adj}  :: insignificant
menudo {adj}  :: small, tiny
menudo {adj}  :: what a (+ noun)
menudo {m} [Mexico]  :: a traditional Mexican spicy soup made with tripe
menudo {m} [Mexico]  :: tripes (used as food)
meollo {f}  :: brain substance
meollo {f}  :: core (the most important part of something)
meollo {f}  :: marrow (substance inside bones)
meramente {adv}  :: purely
mercader {f}  :: merchant
mercadera {f}  :: feminine form of mercader
mercadera {f}  :: feminine form of mercadero
mercadería {f}  :: merchandise
mercaderil {adj} [rare]  :: merchant
mercadero {f} [obsolete]  :: merchant
mercadillo {m}  :: A street market, a market or a small street market
mercado {m}  :: market
mercado libre {m}  :: free market
mercado negro {m}  :: black market
mercadotecnia {f}  :: marketing (the promotion, distribution and selling of a product or service)
mercancía {f}  :: ware, merchandise, goods
mercantil {adj}  :: mercantile
mercaptoetanol {m} [organic compound]  :: mercaptoethanol
mercar {v} [obsolete]  :: to buy
merced {f}  :: mercy
Mercedes {prop}  :: female given name
mercenario {adj}  :: hired
mercenario {f}  :: mercenary (soldier)
mercería {f}  :: haberdasher's, haberdashery (a shop selling goods for sewing)
mercerizar {v}  :: to mercerize
Mercia {prop}  :: Mercia
mercurio {m}  :: mercury
Mercurio {prop}  :: Mercury
merecedor {adj}  :: deserving
merecer {v}  :: to deserve
merecido {adj}  :: deserved
merecimiento {m}  :: merit, desert (that which is deserved)
merendada {v} [feminine past participle of, merendar]  ::
merendadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, merendar]  ::
merendados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, merendar]  ::
merendar {v}  :: to have a snack
merengue {m}  :: A type of music common in the Caribbean
merengue {m}  :: meringue
meretricio {adj}  :: meretricious (pertaining to prostitutes)
meretricio {m}  :: prostitution
meridiano {adj}  :: bright, luminous
meridiano {adj}  :: meridian, midday (attributive)
meridiano {m} [astronomy, geography]  :: meridian
meridional {adj}  :: southern
merienda {f}  :: lunch (meal around midday)
merienda {f}  :: tea (afternoon meal)
meritar {v}  :: to merit, earn, deserve
meritorio {adj}  :: deserving, meritorious
merlán {m}  :: whiting (fish, Merlangius merlangus)
merlón {m} [architecture, military]  :: merlon
Merlín {prop}  :: Merlin
merlo {m}  :: blackbird
merlo {m}  :: brown wrasse (fish)
merluza {f}  :: Any of the fish in the genus Merluccius, all commonly called hakes in English; in Spain especially the European hake, Merluccius merluccius
mermada {v} [feminine past participle of, mermar]  ::
mermadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, mermar]  ::
mermados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, mermar]  ::
mermar {v}  :: to reduce
mermelada {f}  :: jam
mermelada {f}  :: marmalade
mero {adj}  :: mere
mero {adj}  :: pure
mero {m}  :: grouper (fish)
merode {m}  :: The action or effects of marauding or pillaging
merodeada {v} [feminine past participle of, merodear]  ::
merodeadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, merodear]  ::
merodeador {adj}  :: prowling, marauding
merodeador {f}  :: prowler, marauder
merodeados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, merodear]  ::
merodear {v}  :: to maraud; to raid; to pillage
merodear {v}  :: to stalk, loiter
meroterpenoide {m} [organic compound]  :: meroterpenoid
mersa {m} [Argentina, Uruguay, colloquial]  :: piece of junk
mersa {m} [Argentina, Uruguay, colloquial]  :: useless person
mes {m}  :: month
mesa {f}  :: mesa
mesa {f}  :: table
me sabe mal {phrase}  :: I'm sorry
mesa de billar {f}  :: billiard table; pool table
mesa de noche {m} [Chile]  :: nightstand
mesa electoral {f}  :: polling station
mesarse {vr}  :: to stroke
mesías {m}  :: messiah
mescolanza {f}  :: alternative form of mezcolanza
mesencéfalo {m}  :: midbrain
mesera {f}  :: waitress
mesero {f} [Mexico, Central America, parts of South America]  :: waiter
meseta {f} [geography]  :: plateau
meseta de hielo {f}  :: ice shelf
mesita {f}  :: diminutive form of mesa
mesón {m} [dwelling]  :: inn, tavern
mesón {m} [physics]  :: meson
mesopausa {f}  :: mesopause
mesopotámico {adj}  :: Mesopotamian
mesosfera {f}  :: mesosphere
mesosternón {m}  :: gladiolus
mesquital {m} [Mexico]  :: alternative spelling of mezquital
mesquite {m} [Mexico]  :: alternative spelling of mezquite
mestengo {m} [Mexican]  :: A wild or feral animal
mesteño {adj}  :: stray (animal)
mesteño {adj}  :: untamed, wild
mesteño {f}  :: mustang (of horses)
mesteño {f}  :: stray (animal)
mestizaje {m}  :: A miscegenation, especially between Spaniards and natives of their former colonies
mestizo {adj}  :: also of mixed indigenous (aboriginal) and colonial (European) descent
mestizo {adj}  :: Of mixed, Spanish and Native American heritage
mestizo {f}  :: A person of mixed Spanish and Native American heritage
mestizo {f}  :: A person whose ethnic heritage is of both aboriginal and colonial descent
mesurar {v}  :: to temper
meta {f}  :: goal
meta {f}  :: target
meta- {prefix}  :: meta-
metabidisminuido {adj} [geometry]  :: metabidiminished
metabólico {adj}  :: metabolic
metabolismo {m}  :: metabolism
metabolito {m} [biochemistry]  :: metabolite
metad {f}  :: archaic spelling of mitad
metadona {f}  :: methadone
metafóricamente {adv}  :: metaphorically, figuratively
metafórico {adj}  :: metaphoric, metaphorical
metafísica {f}  :: metaphysics (branch of philosophy that studies first principles)
metafísico {adj}  :: metaphysical
metafísico {f}  :: metaphysician
metahemoglobina {f}  :: metahemoglobin
metal {m} [heraldry]  :: metal
metal {m}  :: metal
metal de transición {m}  :: transition metal (transition element)
metalera {f}  :: feminine form of metalero
metalero {adj} [Bolivia, Chile]  :: metal (attributive)
metalero {f} [informal]  :: headbanger, metalhead
metalero {m} [rare]  :: metalworker
metalizada {v} [feminine past participle of, metalizar]  ::
metalizadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, metalizar]  ::
metalizados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, metalizar]  ::
metalizar {v}  :: to coat with metal
metalizar {v}  :: to make metallic, to become metallic
metal pesado {m} [chemistry]  :: heavy metal
metal precioso {m}  :: precious metal
metalúrgico {adj} [metallurgy]  :: metallurgic, pertaining to metallurgy
metalúrgico {m} [metallurgy]  :: metallurgist, metal worker
metalurgia {f} [metallurgy]  :: metallurgy (science of metals)
metalurgista {m} [metallurgy]  :: metallurgist
metamorfosis {f} [biology]  :: metamorphosis
metanfetamina {f} [organic compound]  :: methamphetamine
metanógeno {adj}  :: methanogenic
metanógeno {m}  :: methanogen
metano {m} [organic compound]  :: methane
metanol {m} [organic chemistry]  :: methanol
metaplasmo {m}  :: figure of speech
metastatizar {v}  :: to metastasize
metate {m}  :: metate
metazoo {adj}  :: metazoan
metazoo {m} [zoology]  :: metazoan
metódicamente {adv}  :: methodically
metódico {adj}  :: methodical
metedura {f} [familiar]  :: blunder
meteorito {m}  :: meteorite
meteorólogo {f}  :: meteorologist
meteoro {m}  :: meteor
meteoroide {m}  :: meteoroid
meteorológico {adj}  :: meteorologic, meteorological
meteorología {f}  :: meteorology
meter {vr}  :: to meddle, interfere
meter {v}  :: to put, to insert
meter el dedo en la llaga {v} [idiomatic]  :: to rub it in, rub salt in the wound
meter el pie {v} [idiomatic]  :: to slip up (make a mistake)
meter en cintura {v} [idiomatic]  :: to restrict
metereológico {adj}  :: meteorologic
meterete {adj} [Latin America, familiar]  :: nosy
meterete {m} [Latin America, familiar]  :: busybody
meteórico {adj}  :: meteoric
meter la cuchara {v} [idiomatic]  :: To butt in; to stick one's oar in
meter la nariz {v} [idiomatic]  :: to be nosy, to put one's nose in someone else's business
meter la nariz {v} [idiomatic]  :: to meddle, interfere
meter la pata {v} [idiomatic, colloquial]  :: mess up; slip up; screw up
meter las narices en {v} [idiomatic]  :: To stick one's nose in
meterle {v} [es-compound of, met, er, meter, le, mood=inf]  ::
meterlo {v} [es-compound of, met, er, meter, lo, mood=inf]  ::
meterme {v} [es-compound of, met, er, meter, me, mood=inf]  ::
meternos {v} [es-compound of, met, er, meter, nos, mood=inf]  ::
meterse {v} [es-compound of, met, er, meter, se, mood=inf]  ::
meterse {vr}  :: reflexive form of meter
meterte {v} [es-compound of, met, er, meter, te, mood=inf]  ::
metesaca {m}  :: in-out (sexual intercourse)
metete {adj} [colloquial]  :: nosy, meddlesome
metáfora {f}  :: metaphor (figure of speech)
metiche {adj} [Central & South America]  :: nosy, meddlesome
metiche {m} [Nicaragua, Cuba, Mexico]  :: busybody
meticulosamente {adv}  :: meticulously
metido {adj}  :: nosy
metilacetileno {m} [organic compound]  :: propyne, methylacetylene
metilbenceno {m} [organic compound]  :: methylbenzene
metileno {m} [organic chemistry]  :: methylene
metileritritol {m} [organic compound]  :: methylerythritol
metiletilcetona {m} [organic compound]  :: butanone
metilfenidato {m}  :: methylphenidate
metilpropano {m} [organic compound]  :: methylpropane
metionina {f} [amino acid]  :: methionine
metlapil {m} [Honduras, Mexico]  :: A cylindrical grinding stone, especially one used with a metate
metálico {adj}  :: metallic
me toca a mi {phrase}  :: it's my turn
metodológico {adj}  :: methodological
metodología {f}  :: methodology
metonimia {f}  :: metonymy
metonímico {adj}  :: metonymic
metéoro {m}  :: alternative form of meteoro
metra {f} [Venezuela]  :: marble (toy)
-metría {suffix}  :: -metry
metraje {m}  :: Distance measured in meters
metraje {m}  :: The duration of a film
metralla {f}  :: grapeshot
metralla {f}  :: shrapnel
metralleta {f}  :: submachine gun
metrónomo {m} [music]  :: metronome
metro {m}  :: meter
metro {m}  :: metro
-metro {suffix}  :: -meter
metro cuadrado {m}  :: A square meter, a meter squared
metropolitano {adj}  :: metropolitan
metrosexual {adj}  :: metrosexual
metrosexual {m}  :: metrosexual
metrópoli {f}  :: metropolis
metrópolis {f}  :: metropolis
metástasis {f} [medicine]  :: metastasis
me vale {interj} [Mexico]  :: I don't care
mevalonato {m} [organic compound]  :: mevalonate
mexica {adj}  :: Mexica, Aztec
mexica {m}  :: Mexica, Aztec
mexicalense {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to the Mexican city of Mexicali
mexicanidad {f}  :: The quality of being Mexican; Mexican identity, especially as provided from indigenous culture and national heritage
mexicanismo {m}  :: A word, usage thereof, or linguistic feature particular to Mexican Spanish; Mexicanism
mexicano {adj}  :: Mexican
mexicano {f}  :: Mexican
mexiquense {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to the Mexican state of Estado de México, or Mexico State
mexiqueño {adj}  :: Describing a native or inhabitant of Mexico City
mexiqueño {f}  :: Native or inhabitant of Mexico City
mezcal {m}  :: mezcal
mezcal {m}  :: The variety of the agave plant from with mezcal is distilled
mezcla {f}  :: blend
mezcla {f}  :: mixture
mezclado {adj}  :: mixed
mezclador {f} [electronics]  :: mixer
mezclador {f}  :: mixer (person who mixes)
mezclar {v}  :: to mix
mezclar churras y merinas {v} [idiom]  :: To mix two different concepts
mezclilla {f}  :: denim
mezclilla {f}  :: diminutive form of mezcla
mezcolanza {f}  :: hodgepodge, motley (strange mix)
mezquindad {f}  :: meanness, stinginess, paltriness
mezquindad {f}  :: small-mindedness, pettiness
mezquino {adj}  :: miserly, mean, stingy
mezquino {adj}  :: small-minded
mezquita {f}  :: mosque (place of worship for Muslims)
mezquital {m}  :: A mesquite grove
mezquite {m}  :: mesquite (tree)
mágico {adj}  :: magic, magical
mágico {adj}  :: wonderful
múgil {m}  :: mullet (fish)
mi {adj} [before the noun]  :: apocopic form of mío, my
mi {f}  :: mu; the Greek letter Μ, μ
miador {adj}  :: miaowing
miador {m}  :: miaower
miasma {m}  :: miasma
miau {interj}  :: meow (the sound a cat makes)
miau {m}  :: meow
Micaela {prop}  :: female given name, cognate to English Michaela
mi casa es su casa {phrase}  :: Formal sentence meaning literally "my house is your house", a greeting to guests similar to "make yourself at home"
mi casa es tu casa {phrase}  :: Informal phrase meaning "my house is your house"; make yourself at home
micción {f}  :: urination
Micenas {prop}  :: Mycenae
miéchica {interj} [colloquial]  :: damn, blast
michoacano {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to the Mexican state of Michoacán
Michoacán {prop}  :: A state of Mexico
mico {m}  :: A monkey with a prehensile tail
mico {m}  :: An ugly person
mico {m} [familiar]  :: child
mico {m}  :: (Nicaragua) Vulva
micología {f}  :: mycology
micotoxina {f} [biochemistry]  :: mycotoxin
micrófito {m} [biology, botany]  :: microphyte
micrófono {m}  :: microphone
micrómetro {m}  :: micrometre
micrón {m}  :: micron, micrometer
micro {m} [Chile, Argentina]  :: public bus
micro {m} [Mexico]  :: minibus
micro- {prefix}  :: micro-
microalga {f}  :: microalga
microbiano {adj}  :: microbial
microbio {m} [microbiology]  :: microbe
microbiológico {adj}  :: microbiological
microbiología {f}  :: microbiology
microbioma {m} [biology]  :: microbiome
microbús {m}  :: minibus
microcervecería {f}  :: microbrewery
microclima {m}  :: microclimate
microcuerpo {m} [cytology]  :: microbody
microeconómico {adj}  :: microeconomic
microeconomía {f}  :: microeconomics
microelemento {m}  :: trace element
microficción {f}  :: microfiction
microgramo {m}  :: microgram
micrometeorito {m}  :: micrometeorite
micrometeoro {m}  :: micrometeor
micronesia {f}  :: feminine form of micronesio
Micronesia {prop}  :: Micronesia
micronesio {adj}  :: Micronesian
micronesio {f}  :: Micronesian
microonda {f}  :: microwave (the electro-magnetic wave)
microondas {m}  :: microwave oven, microwave
microondas {m}  :: necklacing (execution by burning tyre)
microorganismo {m}  :: microorganism
microprocesador {m}  :: microprocessor
microrrelato {m}  :: flash fiction, microfiction
microscopio {m}  :: microscope
microscópico {adj}  :: microscopic
microsismo {m}  :: microseism
miedo {m}  :: fear
miedoso {adj}  :: fearful, timid, tremulous
miel {f}  :: honey
miel de palma {f}  :: palm syrup
mielgo {adj} [rare]  :: twin
mielina {f}  :: myelin
mieludo {adj} [figuratively]  :: very sweet
mieludo {adj} [literally]  :: full of honey
mieludo {m} [El Salvador]  :: auto mechanic
miembro {m}  :: limb
miembro {m}  :: member
miembro {m}  :: penis
-miento {suffix}  :: -ment, forming nouns from verbs with the sense of the action or process
mientras {adv}  :: meanwhile
mientras {conj} [with comparatives]  :: however much; however many; (constructing parallel comparatives) “the..., the...”
mientras {conj} [with the indicative]  :: while, whereas (indicating difference)
mientras {conj} [with the indicative]  :: while, whilst (at the same time as)
mientras {conj} [with the subjunctive]  :: as long as, so long as (expressing a condition)
mientras tanto {adv}  :: meanwhile
mierda {adj}  :: worthless, pissass
mierda {f} [vulgar]  :: shit
mies {f}  :: cereal seed (for making bread)
mies {f}  :: seed, grain harvest time
miga {f}  :: a bit; a small amount
miga {f}  :: crumb
miga {f}  :: essence, core
migaja {f}  :: crumb
migraña {f}  :: migraine
migración {f}  :: migration
migrar {v}  :: to migrate
migratorio {adj}  :: migratory
Miguel {prop} [biblical character]  :: Michael.
Miguel {prop}  :: male given name
Miguela {prop}  :: female given name, a feminine form of Miguel
Miguelito {prop}  :: male given name
Miguel Ángel {prop}  :: male given name
Miguel Ángel {prop}  :: Michelangelo, the artist
m'ija {contraction}  :: contraction of mi hija
mija {f}  :: sweetie, daughter, baby girl, little one
mijita {f}  :: diminutive form of mija; sistergirl, homegirl, girlfriend, honey
m'ijo {contraction}  :: contraction of mi hijo
mijo {f} [colloquial, Chile]  :: darling
mijo {f} [colloquial, Mexico]  :: friend, guy
mijo {m}  :: millet
mil {num} [cardinal]  :: thousand
Mila {prop}  :: female given name, Camila or Ludmila
milagro {m}  :: miracle
Milagros {prop}  :: female given name
milagrosamente {adv}  :: miraculously
milagroso {adj}  :: miraculous
milanesa {f}  :: A thin slice of beef, dipped into beaten eggs, seasoned with salt and other condiments (like parsley and garlic), dipped in breadcrumbs and shallow-fried in oil
milanga {f} [Argentina]  :: schnitzel
milano {m}  :: down of a thistle
milano {m}  :: flying gurnard (Dactylopteridae)
milano {m}  :: kite
milanés {adj}  :: Milanese
milanés {m}  :: Milanese
milenario {adj}  :: millenary
milenario {adj}  :: millennial
milenario {adj}  :: thousand-year-old
milenio {m}  :: millennium
milhojas {m}  :: mille-feuille
mili {f} [colloquial]  :: military service
mili- {prefix}  :: milli-
milibar {m}  :: millibar
milicia {f}  :: army
milicia {f}  :: military service
milicia {f}  :: militia
milico {m} [derogatory, Latin America]  :: soldier
miligramo {m}  :: milligram
mililitro {m}  :: millilitre (a unit of volume)
milimétrico {adj}  :: millimetric
milisegundo {m}  :: millisecond (one one-thousandth of a second)
militada {v} [feminine past participle of, militar]  ::
militadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, militar]  ::
militados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, militar]  ::
militar {adj}  :: military
militar {m}  :: any person serving in the military
militar {m}  :: soldier
militar {v}  :: to participate actively in a political organization, especially in the military
militarista {m}  :: militarist
militarizada {v} [feminine past participle of, militarizar]  ::
militarizadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, militarizar]  ::
militarizados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, militarizar]  ::
militarizar {v}  :: to militarize
milla {f}  :: mile
millaje {m}  :: mileage
milla náutica {f}  :: nautical mile
millar {m}  :: A large, indeterminate number
millar {m}  :: A thousandish
millar {m}  :: A unit or group of one thousand
millón {m}  :: million (106)
millonario {adj}  :: millionaire
millonario {f}  :: millionaire
millonésimo {adj}  :: one millionth
millonésimo {m}  :: millionth
milímetro {m}  :: millimeter
milmillonario {adj}  :: billion-dollar
milmillonario {f}  :: billionaire
mil millones {num}  :: one billion, 109
Milán {prop}  :: Milan, city and province of Italy
milonga {f} [colloquial]  :: porky, pork pie (lie)
milonga {f}  :: milonga (dance)
milonga {f}  :: milonga (music)
milonguero {m}  :: One who sings milongas
milord {m}  :: milord
milpa {f}  :: cornfield
milpiés {m}  :: millipede
milésimo {adj}  :: one thousandth
mimar {v}  :: to look after
mimar {v}  :: to pamper
mimbre {m}  :: wicker
mimeógrafo {m}  :: mimeograph
mimeografiada {v} [feminine past participle of, mimeografiar]  ::
mimeografiadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, mimeografiar]  ::
mimeografiados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, mimeografiar]  ::
mimeografiar {v}  :: to mimeograph
mimetizar {v}  :: to disguise
mimetizar {v}  :: to imitate
mimir {v} [lb, es, childish]  :: to sleep
mimoso {adj}  :: cuddly
mina {f} [Argentina, slang]  :: prostitute
mina {f} [Chile, Argentina, colloquial]  :: girl or woman
mina {f}  :: lead (of a pencil)
mina {f}  :: mine
mina a tajo abierto {f}  :: open-pit mine
minar {v} [figuratively]  :: to undermine, destroy [health, confidence, etc.]
minar {v}  :: to mine, lay military land or marine mines
minar {v}  :: to sap, mine, dig tunnels under
minar {v}  :: to wear away, erode
minaz {adj} [obsolete]  :: threatening
mindundi {m} [colloquial, Spain]  :: loser (person of little value)
minera {f}  :: miner
minería {f}  :: mining
mineral {adj}  :: mineral
mineral {m}  :: mineral
mineral de hierro {m}  :: iron ore
mineralogía {f}  :: mineralogy
mineralogista {m}  :: mineralogist
minero {adj}  :: mining
minero {m}  :: miner
Minerva {prop} [Roman mythology]  :: Minerva
minga {f}  :: collective work
minga {f} [derogatory]  :: penis
mini- {prefix}  :: mini-
miniatura {f}  :: miniature (painting or model)
miniaturización {f}  :: miniaturization
minideporte {m}  :: youth sport
minifalda {f}  :: miniskirt
minimizar {vt}  :: to minimise
minimosca {m} [boxing]  :: light flyweight (boxing class)
minino {m} [colloquial]  :: kitty (a cat)
ministerial {adj}  :: ministerial
ministerio {m}  :: ministry
ministra {f}  :: feminine form of ministro
ministro {f}  :: minister
Minnesota {prop}  :: Minnesota
mino {f} [Argentina, Chile, colloquial]  :: boy (young man)
minoría {f}  :: minority (state of being a minor)
minoría {f}  :: minority (subgroup that does not form a numerical majority)
minoría sexual {f}  :: sexual minority
minorista {adj}  :: retail
minorista {m}  :: retailer
minoritario {adj}  :: minority (attributive)
Minotauro {prop}  :: Minotaur
minúscula {f}  :: lowercase letter
minúsculo {adj}  :: lower case (of a letter)
minuciosamente {adv}  :: carefully, meticulously, minutely
minucioso {adj}  :: thorough, detailed
minusvalía {f}  :: disability, handicap
minusválido {adj}  :: handicapped, disabled
minuta {f}  :: bill; fee
minuta {f}  :: rough draft
minutero {m}  :: A minute hand (clock)
minuto {m}  :: minute (60 seconds)
mio {interj}  :: meow (sound of a cat)
miocardio {m} [anatomy, cardiology]  :: myocardium
mioglobina {f} [protein]  :: myoglobin
mionca {m} [vesre]  :: truck
miopía {f}  :: myopia, shortsightedness
miope {adj}  :: myopic
miope {adj}  :: short-sighted
miope {m}  :: A myopic or short-sighted person
miosina {f} [protein]  :: myosin
miostatina {f} [protein]  :: myostatin
mira {f}  :: purpose, object
mira {f}  :: target
mirada {f}  :: look, glance
miríada {f}  :: myriad
mirador {m}  :: An enclosed balcony, or bay window
mirador {m}  :: A viewpoint or vantage point
miramiento {m}  :: courtesy
mirandés {adj}  :: Mirandese
mirandés {f}  :: Mirandese (person)
mirandés {prop}  :: Mirandese (language)
mirar {vi} [of a structure]  :: to face a certain direction
mirar {vt}  :: to look at (something)
mirar {vt}  :: to watch
mirar de hito en hito {v} [idiomatic]  :: to stare at
mirarla {v} [es-compound of, mir, ar, mirar, la, mood=inf]  ::
mirarlo {v} [es-compound of, mir, ar, mirar, lo, mood=inf]  ::
mirarme {v} [es-compound of, mir, ar, mirar, me, mood=inf]  ::
mirar por encima del hombro {v} [idiomatic]  :: to stick one's nose up
mirarse {vr}  :: (reflexive form of mirar) to look at oneself
mirarte {v} [es-compound of, mir, ar, mirar, te, mood=inf]  ::
miércoles {interj}  :: Shoot! (euphemism for mierda)
miércoles {m}  :: Wednesday
Mireia {prop}  :: female given name
Mirella {prop}  :: female given name, variant of Mireia
Mireya {prop}  :: female given name, variant of Mireia
Miriam {prop}  :: female given name
mirilla {f}  :: spyhole, peephole
miriámetro {m}  :: myriametre
miriápodo {adj}  :: myriapod
miriápodo {m}  :: myriapod
miriópodo {adj}  :: alternative form of miriápodo
miriópodo {m}  :: alternative form of miriápodo
mirlo {m}  :: blackbird
mirón {adj}  :: nosy
mirón {f}  :: busybody
mirón {f}  :: rubbernecker
mirón {f}  :: voyeur, peeping tom
mirándolo {v} [es-compound of, mir, ar, mirando, lo, mood=part]  ::
mirándome {v} [es-compound of, mir, ar, mirando, me, mood=part]  ::
mirándote {v} [es-compound of, mir, ar, mirando, te, mood=part]  ::
mirra {f}  :: myrrh
mirtilo {m}  :: bilberry
misa {f}  :: mass (church)
miserabilismo {m}  :: miserabilism
miserabilista {adj}  :: miserabilist
miserabilista {m}  :: miserabilist
miserable {adj}  :: greedy, stingy
miserable {adj}  :: miserable
miserable {adj}  :: poor
miserablemente {adv}  :: miserably
miseria {f}  :: avarice, greed
miseria {f}  :: misery
miseria {f}  :: poverty
miseria {f}  :: very small amount
misericordia {f}  :: mercy
misericordia {f}  :: misericord
misericordioso {adj}  :: merciful
misógino {adj}  :: misogynous
misil {m}  :: missile
misión {f}  :: mission
misionero {adj}  :: Of or from Misiones
misionero {f}  :: missionary
misionero {f}  :: Someone from Misiones
Misisipí {prop}  :: Mississippi
Misisipi {prop}  :: Mississippi
misiva {f}  :: missive
mismo {adj}  :: same; identical; one and the same; indicates that the two compared noun clauses both represent the one thing
mismo {adj}  :: similar; alike; practically identical; indicates that the two compared noun clauses have one or more matching qualities
mismo {adj} [with a personal pronoun]  :: self; myself; yourself; himself; herself; itself; ourselves; themselves; emphasises the identity or singularity of the modified noun phrase
mismo {adj} [with a possessive pronoun]  :: own; emphasizes the owner or the exclusivity of ownership in a noun phrase with a possessive pronoun
mismísimo {adj}  :: superlative form of mismo, (the) very same
misoginia {f}  :: misogyny
misterio {m}  :: mystery
misteriosamente {adv}  :: mysteriously
misterioso {adj}  :: mysterious
misticismo {m}  :: mysticism
mistificación {f}  :: mystification
Misuri {prop}  :: Missouri
mitad {f}  :: half
mitificar {v}  :: to mystify
mitigar {v}  :: to mitigate, alleviate, allay, assuage, quench
mitigar {v}  :: to soothe
mitin {m}  :: meeting; discussion
mitómana {f}  :: feminine form of mitómano
mitómano {f}  :: mythomaniac
mito {m}  :: myth
mitocondria {f} [cytology]  :: mitochondrion
mitocondrial {adj}  :: mitochondrial
mitología {f}  :: mythology (collection and study of myths)
mitomanía {f}  :: mythomania
mitosis {f} [cytology]  :: mitosis
mitosoma {f} [cytology]  :: mitosome
mitra {f}  :: mitre
mitridatismo {m}  :: mithridatism
mitótico {adj}  :: mitotic
mixomatosis {m}  :: myxomatosis
mixto {adj}  :: compound
mixto {adj}  :: mixed
mixto {m}  :: match (stick)
miyako {m}  :: Miyako (language)
Méjico {prop}  :: Variant spelling of México
mújol {m}  :: mullet (fish)
ML {abbr}  :: Morelos (Mexican state)
Málaga {prop}  :: Málaga
málico {adj}  :: malic
múltiple {adj}  :: multiple
Mónaco {prop}  :: Monaco
ménade {f}  :: maenad (follower of Dionysus)
mánager {m} [sports]  :: manager
mándame {v} [es-compound of, mand, ar, manda, me, mood=imp, person=tú]  ::
Méndez {prop}  :: Spanish surname
mnemotécnica {f}  :: mnemonics
mnemotécnicas {fp}  :: mnemonics
Mónica {prop}  :: female given name, equivalent to English Monica
mínimamente {adv}  :: minimally
mínimo {adj}  :: least
mínimo {adj}  :: minimal
mínimo {adj}  :: smallest
mínimo {m}  :: minimum
mío {adj} [predicative or after the noun]  :: mine, my
mío {pron}  :: Mine
moñas {m} [colloquial]  :: mummy's boy, wimp, wuss
mobbing {m}  :: workplace bullying
mobiliario {m}  :: a set of furniture
mocedad {f}  :: prank
mocedad {f}  :: youth (stage of life)
mocetón {m}  :: huge guy
mochil {m}  :: errand boy, messenger boy, especially for farmers
mochila {f}  :: backpack
mochilero {f}  :: backpacker
mocho {adj}  :: bald (with a shaved head)
mocho {adj}  :: cut very short (of hair a pinsel etc.)
mocho {adj}  :: hornless (when should have)
mocho {adj} [Mexico, slang]  :: having a hypocritical and ostentatious faith
mocho {adj}  :: mutilated, incomplete
mochuelo {m} [colloquial]  :: dirty job
mochuelo {m}  :: little owl (Athene noctua)
moción {f}  :: motion
moco {m}  :: mucus, bogey, bogie, booger
moco {m}  :: slime
mocoso {adj}  :: having lots of mucus
mocoso {adj}  :: mucilaginous
mocoso {adj}  :: mucous
mocoso {adj}  :: snotty
mocoso {f} [colloquial, Chile]  :: a kid
mocoso {f} [colloquial, pejorative]  :: brat
moda {f}  :: fad
moda {f}  :: fashion
moda {f} [statistics]  :: mode
modal {adj}  :: modal
modales {mp}  :: conduct, manners
modalidad {f}  :: modality
modelaje {m}  :: modelling (profession of someone who models clothes)
modelar {v}  :: to model
modelizar {v}  :: to represent in the form of a model or template
modelo {m}  :: A fashion model
modelo {m}  :: A model (machine, miniature)
moderación {f}  :: moderation
moderadamente {adv}  :: moderately
moderado {adj}  :: moderate
moderador {adj}  :: moderating
moderador {f}  :: moderator
moderar {v}  :: to moderate
modernidad {f}  :: modernity, modern day
modernismo {m}  :: modernism
modernista {adj}  :: modernist
modernización {f}  :: modernization
modernizar {v}  :: to modernize
moderno {adj}  :: modern
Modesta {prop} [given name]  :: , female variant of Modesto
modesto {adj}  :: modest, humble, unpretentious
Modesto {prop}  :: male given name, male variant of Modesta
modificación {f}  :: modification
modificar {v}  :: to modify
modismo {m}  :: idiom (linguistics)
modista {m}  :: A tailor, fashion designer, or milliner
modisto {f}  :: A tailor, fashion designer, or milliner
modélico {adj}  :: model
modo {m} [following "ni"]  :: (no) matter; (there is no) solution (but oh well)
modo {m} [grammar]  :: mood
modo {m}  :: way
modo condicional {m} [grammar]  :: conditional mood
modo imperativo {m} [grammar]  :: imperative mood
modo indicativo {m} [grammar]  :: indicative mood
Modona {prop}  :: Methoni
modo subjuntivo {m} [grammar]  :: subjunctive mood
modular {adj}  :: modular
modular {v}  :: to modulate
modus operandi {m}  :: modus operandi
modus vivendi {m}  :: modus vivendi
mofa {f}  :: taunt, joke
mofar {vr}  :: taunt (to make fun of someone)
mofeta {f}  :: skunk
mofongo {m}  :: A Caribbean dish of fried green plantains or yucca seasoned with garlic, olive oil and pork crackling, then mashed
mogate {m}  :: varnish
mogollón {m} [colloquial]  :: shedload; lot (large amount)
mohawk {m}  :: (hairstyle) Mohawk
mohicano {m}  :: A Mohawk hairstyle
mohín {f}  :: pout
mohína {f}  :: displeasure, annoyance
moho {m}  :: mildew, mold
moho {m}  :: rust
mohoso {adj}  :: musty, moldy
mohoso {adj}  :: rusty
moái {m}  :: moai
moisés {m}  :: crib
Moisés {prop}  :: male given name
Moisés {prop}  :: Moses (biblical figure)
mojada {f}  :: (female) wetback
mojado {adj}  :: wet
mojado {f} [slang, pejorative]  :: Wetback; one who crosess an international border by passing through a body of water by wading, swimming, etc from the shore of one country to illegally enter the adject country. For example, so crossing the border into the United States from Mexico or from Morocco to Spain
mojar {v}  :: to make wet, to wet
mojar {v}  :: to moisten
mojar {v}  :: to toast (celebrate with a drink)
mojarra {f}  :: mojarra
mojarra {f}  :: tilapia
mojarse {vr}  :: (reflexive form of mojar) to get wet
mojarse {v}  :: to wet oneself
mojigato {adj}  :: prim; prudish
mojigato {adj}  :: sanctimonious (making a show of being morally better than others, especially hypocritically)
mojito {m}  :: mojito
mojón {m}  :: landmark
mojón {m}  :: milestone
mojón {m} [rare]  :: pile
mojón {m} [vulgar]  :: pile of shit
mojo {m}  :: A type of spicy sauce from the Canary Islands made from chilli, oil, vinegar, garlic and cumin
moksha {prop}  :: Moksha language
mol {m}  :: mole (unit)
molada {v} [feminine past participle of, molar]  ::
moladas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, molar]  ::
molados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, molar]  ::
molar {adj}  :: molar
molar {vi} [colloquial, Spain]  :: to rule, to rock (be pleasing)
molcajete {m} [Mexico]  :: A small mortar, typically carved from vesicular basalt and used in traditional Mexican cuisine.
molécula {f}  :: molecule
Moldavia {prop}  :: Moldova (country)
moldavo {adj}  :: Moldavian
moldavo {f}  :: Moldavian
molde {m}  :: mold, cast
molde {m}  :: pan, tin (for baking)
moldeado {m}  :: molding (act or process of shaping in or on a mold)
moldear {v}  :: to mold
moldura {f}  :: mold, molding
molduras de corona {f}  :: crown molding
mole {adj}  :: soft, mild
mole {f}  :: hunk, chunk, slab (thing of large size or quantity)
mole {f}  :: massiveness
mole {m} [Mexico]  :: mole, a type of stew
molecular {adj}  :: molecular
moler {v}  :: to grind
molestar {v}  :: to bother
molestarla {v} [es-compound of, molest, ar, molestar, la, mood=inf]  ::
molestarlo {v} [es-compound of, molest, ar, molestar, lo, mood=inf]  ::
molestarme {v} [es-compound of, molest, ar, molestar, me, mood=inf]  ::
molestarte {v} [es-compound of, molest, ar, molestar, te, mood=inf]  ::
molestia {f}  :: annoyance, vexation, trouble
molesto {adj}  :: annoyed, vexed
molesto {adj}  :: annoying
molesto {adj}  :: uncomfortable
molibdeno {m}  :: molybdenum
molicie {f}  :: softness, tenderness
molido {adj} [colloquial]  :: knackered
molido {adj}  :: ground (crushed into a powder)
molido {adj}  :: minced
molido {m}  :: grind or powder
Molina {prop}  :: Spanish surname
molinera {f}  :: female miller
molinero {f}  :: miller
molinillo {m}  :: grinder, coffee grinder
molinillo {m}  :: molinillo
molinillo {m}  :: pepper mill
molinillo {m}  :: pinwheel
molinillo de café {m}  :: coffee grinder
molino {m}  :: a mill
molino de bolas {m}  :: ball mill
molino de café {m}  :: coffee grinder
molino de viento {m}  :: windmill
molla {f}  :: the soft flesh of a fruit
molleja {f}  :: gizzard
molondrón {m}  :: okra
molusco {adj}  :: molluscan
molusco {m}  :: mollusc
momentito {m}  :: diminutive form of momento
momentáneamente {adv}  :: momentarily
momentáneo {adj}  :: momentary
momento {m}  :: moment, instant
momia {f}  :: mummy
mona {f} [Colombia]  :: blonde woman
mona {f}  :: drunkenness, fuddle
mona {f}  :: (female) monkey
mona {f} [Mexico, Chile]  :: doll, puppet
monacal {adj}  :: monastic
monada {f}  :: action of a monkey
monada {f}  :: childish behavior
monada {f}  :: cute gesture or action of a child
monada {f}  :: neat little thing
monaguillo {m}  :: altar boy, acolyte
monarca {m}  :: monarch
monarquía {f}  :: monarchy
monasterio {m}  :: monastery
mondadientes {m}  :: toothpick
mondar {v}  :: to peel
mondo {adj}  :: net, pure
mondo {m}  :: alternative form of mundo
mondongo {m}  :: tripe
mondongo {m}  :: tripes and paunch (used as food)
moneda {f}  :: coin
moneda {f}  :: currency
moneda corriente {f} [idiomatic]  :: (something) commonplace, a common thing
monedero {m}  :: purse, wallet
monegasca {f}  :: feminine form of monegasco
monegasco {adj}  :: Monégasque (from or native to Monaco)
monegasco {adj}  :: Monégasque (pertaining to Monaco)
monegasco {f}  :: a Monégasque
monería {f}  :: delight
monería {f}  :: funny face
monería {f}  :: monkey business
monetario {adj}  :: Related to the currency; monetary
monógamo {adj}  :: monogamous
monógamo {adj} [zoology]  :: monogamous
mongo {adj} [colloquial, Chile, Cuba]  :: idiotic
mongo {f} [colloquial, Chile, Cuba]  :: idiot
mongol {adj}  :: Mongolian (of or relating to Mongolia or its peoples, languages, or cultures)
mongol {f}  :: Mongol, Mongolian (person)
mongol {prop}  :: Mongolian language
Mongolia {prop}  :: Mongolia
monismo {m}  :: monism
monitor {f}  :: coach, trainer
monitor {f}  :: instructor, monitor
monitor {m}  :: monitor (electronic device)
monitorear {v}  :: to monitor
monitorizar {v}  :: to monitor
monja {f}  :: nun
monje {m}  :: monk
monólogo {m}  :: monologue
monómero {m} [chemistry]  :: monomer
mono {adj} [colloquial]  :: cute, pretty
mono {adj} [Colombia, colloquial]  :: blond, blonde
mono {f} [Chile, Peru]  :: tracksuit, joggers (garment consisting of a top and trousers for sports and casual wear)
mono {f} [colloquial]  :: withdrawal symptom
mono {f} [Costa Rica, slang]  :: the vulva or vagina
mono {f} [Mexico, Chile]  :: doll, puppet
mono {f}  :: monkey
mono {f}  :: overalls [in non-US sense], coveralls
mono- {prefix}  :: mono-
monoamino {adj}  :: monoamine
monoamino {m}  :: monoamine
mono araña {m}  :: spider monkey
mono aullador {m}  :: howler monkey
monoceja {f}  :: unibrow
monocerote {m} [rare]  :: unicorn
monociclo {m}  :: unicycle
monoclínico {adj} [chemistry]  :: monoclinic
monoclonal {adj}  :: monoclonal
monocolor {adj}  :: one-colour, one-tone
monocolor {adj} [politics]  :: single-party
monocotiledónea {f}  :: monocotyledon
monocotiledóneo {adj}  :: monocotyledonous
monocromático {adj}  :: monochromatic
monocultivo {m}  :: monoculture
mono de repetición {m} [idiom]  :: parrot (someone who repeats another thing)
monofosfato {m}  :: monophosphate
monogamia {f}  :: monogamy (all senses)
monografía {f}  :: monograph
monografista {m}  :: monographer, monographist
monográfico {adj}  :: monographic
monoide {m} [mathematics]  :: monoid
monokini {m}  :: monokini
monolingüe {adj}  :: monolingual
monopatinaje {m} [dated]  :: skateboarding
monopatín {m}  :: skateboard
monoplaza {adj}  :: (of a vehicle) Having only one seat
monoplaza {m}  :: A vehicle having only one seat
monopolio {m}  :: monopoly
monopolizar {v}  :: to monopolize
monopolístico {adj}  :: monopolistic
monoprótico {adj}  :: monoprotic
monoquini {m}  :: monokini
monosacárido {m} [organic chemistry, carbohydrate]  :: monosaccharide
monos animados {mp} [Latin America]  :: cartoon (animated piece of film)
monosódico {adj} [inorganic chemistry]  :: monosodium (attributive)
monosílabo {adj} [linguistics]  :: monosyllabic
monosílabo {adj}  :: taciturn, untalkative, curt
monoterpeno {m} [organic compound]  :: monoterpene
monoterpenoide {m} [organic compound]  :: monoterpenoid
monoteísmo {m}  :: monotheism
monotrema {m}  :: monotreme
monárquicamente {adv}  :: monarchically
monárquico {adj}  :: monarchic
monárquico {adj}  :: monarchist
monárquico {f}  :: monarchist
monseñor {m}  :: Monsignor
monserga {f}  :: gibberish, drivel
monsón {m}  :: alternative form of monzón
monástico {adj}  :: monastic
monstruito {m}  :: diminutive form of monstruo; little monster
monstruo {m}  :: monster
monstruosamente {adv}  :: monstrously
monstruosidad {f}  :: monstrosity, monstrousness
monstruoso {adj}  :: horrible
monstruoso {adj}  :: monstrous
montaña {f}  :: mountain
montaña rusa {f}  :: rollercoaster
montacargas {m}  :: forklift
montañera {f}  :: mountaineer
montañero {adj} [attributive]  :: mountain
montañero {f}  :: mountaineer
montañismo {m}  :: mountaineering
montañista {m}  :: A mountaineer
montaje {m}  :: arrangement, orchestration
montaje {m}  :: assembly
montaje {m} [cinematography]  :: editing
montaje {m}  :: montage
Montana {prop}  :: Montana
montañoso {adj}  :: mountainous
montar {v} [Spain, cooking]  :: to whip, to beat
montar {v}  :: to establish
montar {v}  :: to mount
montar {v}  :: to ride
montar {v}  :: to set up
montaraz {adj}  :: wild, rough (i.e. not quite civilized)
montaraz {m}  :: ranger, mountaineer, roughneck, ranchhand (i.e. guardian of a vast, wild estate, especially mountainous)
montaraza {f}  :: female ranger (i.e. guardian of a vast and wild estate)
montaraza {f}  :: wife of a montaraz
montar el pollo {v} [colloquial, idiomatic]  :: to make a scene
montarla {v} [colloquial]  :: to kick up a fuss
montar una escena {v} [idiomatic]  :: to make a scene
montar un numerito {v} [idiomatic]  :: to kick up a fuss, make a scene
montañés {adj}  :: mountain, highland
montañés {f}  :: highlander, mountaineer
Montblanc {prop}  :: Montblanc, a village in Tarragona, Spain
montículo {m}  :: mound; monticule
monte {m} [Mexico, singularonly]  :: underbrush
monte {m} [Mexico, singularonly]  :: weeds
monte {m}  :: mountain, mount
montenegrino {adj}  :: Montenegrin
montenegrino {f}  :: Montenegrin (person)
Montenegro {prop}  :: Montenegro
montera {f} [bullfighting]  :: bullfighter's hat
montón {m}  :: ton, lot, bunch, pile, heap, lode, load
monto {m}  :: amount
monótonamente {adv}  :: monotonously
montonazo {m}  :: great bunch
montoncito {m}  :: diminutive form of montón
monótono {adj}  :: monotonous
Montoya {prop}  :: Spanish surname
montárselo {vr} [idiomatic]  :: to behave, act
Montserrat {prop}  :: A hill near Barcelona in Catalonia, the site of a monastery
Montserrat {prop}  :: female given name, shortened from María (de) Montserrat, a Roman Catholic epithet of the Virgin Mary as the patron of Catalonia
Montserrat {prop}  :: Montserrat (the island)
montura {f}  :: assembling
montura {f}  :: harness (gear used for riding)
montura {f}  :: mount (animal used for riding)
montura {f}  :: mounting
monumental {adj}  :: monumental
monumento {m}  :: monument
monzón {m}  :: monsoon
moño {m}  :: bow (of ribbon)
moño {m}  :: ponytail (hairstyle)
mopane {m}  :: mopane
moquear {vr}  :: to run
moquear {v}  :: to have a runny nose
moqueta {f}  :: fitted carpet
moquete {m}  :: A punch to the nose
moquito {m}  :: booger
mora {f}  :: A mulberry, a mulberry fruit
mora {f}  :: default (failure to meet an obligation on time)
mora {f} [ethnicity]  :: feminine form of moro
mora {f} [phonology]  :: mora (unit of syllable weight)
mora azul {f}  :: blueberry
mora chehalem {f}  :: Chehalem berry
morada {f}  :: dwelling
mora de los pantanos {f}  :: cloudberry, Rubus chamaemorus
morado {adj}  :: purple
morado {m}  :: bruise
morado {m} [heraldry]  :: murrey
morado {m}  :: purple, mulberry
moral {adj}  :: moral
moral {f}  :: moral
moral {f}  :: (tree) mulberry
moraleja {f}  :: moral
Morales {prop}  :: Spanish surname Derived from mora
moralidad {f}  :: morality
moralización {f}  :: moralization
moralizador {adj}  :: moralizing
moralizador {f}  :: moralizer
moralizar {v}  :: to moralize
moralmente {adv}  :: morally
morapio {m}  :: red wine
morar {v}  :: to reside
mora santiam {f}  :: Santiam berry
moratón {m}  :: bruise
moratoria {f}  :: moratorium
moratorio {adj} [legal, finance]  :: moratory
morbo {m}  :: attraction for unwholesome things. morbidity
morbo {m} [diseases]  :: disease
morbo {m}  :: morbid interest in other people or things
morbosamente {adv}  :: morbidly, ghoulishly
morboso {adj}  :: Causing sickness
morboso {adj}  :: morbid, sick
morboso {adj}  :: sickening
morcella {f}  :: spark (fiery particle)
moráceo {adj} [botany]  :: moraceous
morcilla {f}  :: blood sausage, black pudding
mordaz {adj}  :: caustic; corrosive
mordaza {f}  :: clamp (tool)
mordaza {f}  :: gag
mordedor {adj}  :: biting, bitey (prone to bite)
mordedura {f}  :: bite
morder {v}  :: to bite, to nip
morder {v}  :: to corrode (i.e. acid on metal)
morder {v}  :: to criticize, to run down, to gossip about, to find fault with
morder {v}  :: to gnaw
morder {v}  :: to grasp, to clutch
morder {v}  :: to wear away, to wear down
mordida {f}  :: bite
mordida {f} [Mexico, slang]  :: bribe
mordida {f} [Mexico, slang, in the plural]  :: petty theft
mordido {adj}  :: bitten
mordiente {adj}  :: mordant
mordisco {m}  :: bite
mordisquear {v}  :: to nibble
morelense {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to the Mexican state of Morelos
Morelos {prop}  :: A state of Mexico
morena {f}  :: dark-skinned person, brunette
morena {f}  :: moray
moreno {adj}  :: dark colored
moreno {adj}  :: dark-haired
moreno {adj}  :: dark-skinned, tan
moreno {f}  :: a dark-skinned or tan person
moreno {f}  :: a person with dark-hair
Moreno {prop}  :: Spanish surname
morenísimo {adj}  :: superlative form of moreno
morera {f}  :: white mulberry, Morus alba
moretón {m}  :: bruise
-morfa {suffix}  :: feminine form of -morfo
morfema {m}  :: morpheme
Morfeo {prop} [Greek god]  :: Morpheus, god of dreams
morfina {f}  :: morphine
-morfo {suffix}  :: -morph
-morfo {suffix}  :: -morphic, -morphous
morfoanatomía {f}  :: morphoanatomy
morfogénesis {f} [biology]  :: morphogenesis
morfogénico {adj}  :: morphogenic
morfológicamente {adv}  :: morphologically
morfológico {adj}  :: morphological
morfología {f}  :: morphology
morganático {adj}  :: morganatic
morgue {f}  :: morgue
moribundo {adj}  :: moribund, nearing death
morillo {m}  :: andiron
moringa {f}  :: moringa
morir {v}  :: to die
morirme {v} [es-compound of, mor, ir, morir, me, mood=inf]  ::
morirse {vr}  :: to die
morirte {v} [es-compound of, mor, ir, morir, te, mood=inf]  ::
morlaco {m}  :: A large Spanish fighting bull
mormón {f}  :: Mormon
mormonismo {m}  :: Mormonism
moro {f}  :: A Moor (North African Muslim)
moro {f} [colloquial]  :: a Muslim or Arab, particularly Muslims in the southern Philippines
morosidad {f}  :: non-payment, defaulting
morosidad {f}  :: slowness, sluggishness
moroso {adj}  :: defaulting, delinquent (late or failing to pay a debt)
moroso {m}  :: defaulter
moros y cristianos {mp}  :: a traditional festival celebrated in various cities across Spain, during which a mediaeval battle between pompously dressed Moors and Christians is simulated, ending with the Christians retaking the city
moros y cristianos {mp} y|cristianos
morra {f}  :: upper part of the head
morral {m}  :: backpack or knapsack
morralla {f} [colloquial]  :: change (small coins)
morralla {f}  :: junk
morralla {f}  :: riff-raff
morrear {v} [colloquial]  :: to snog
morrena {f}  :: moraine
morreo {m} [colloquial]  :: snog
morriña {f} [colloquial]  :: homesickness, nostalgia
morriña {f} [veterinary medicine]  :: murrain
morrión {m}  :: morion (kind of helmet)
morro {m} [figuratively]  :: mouth
morro {m}  :: hill
morro {m}  :: snout
morrocoy {m} [Venezuela]  :: tortoise
morsa {f}  :: walrus
mortadela {f}  :: baloney
mortadela {f}  :: mortadella
mortaja {f}  :: shroud (dress for the dead)
mortal {adj}  :: deadly
mortal {adj}  :: mortal
mortalidad {f}  :: mortality
mortandad {f}  :: mortality (death on a large scale)
mortero {m}  :: mortar
mortífero {adj}  :: deadly, lethal
mortificación {f}  :: mortification
mortificar {vr}  :: to feel ashamed
mortificar {vt}  :: to mortify
mortificar {vt}  :: to torment, to annoy
mortuorio {adj}  :: mortuary
Mosa {prop}  :: the river Meuse
mosaico {m}  :: mosaic
Moscú {prop}  :: Moscow
mosca {f} [boxing]  :: fly (boxing class)
mosca {f}  :: fly
mosca {f} [television]  :: digital on-screen graphic
mosca muerta {f} [idiom]  :: two-faced cow, two-faced bitch
mosca muerta {f} muerta
moscardón {m}  :: blowfly, bottlefly (large flies, especially of the family Calliphoridae)
moscardón {m}  :: pest (annoying person)
mosco {m}  :: mosquito
moscovita {adj}  :: Muscovite
moscovita {m}  :: Muscovite
mosquetero {m}  :: musketeer
mosquitero {m}  :: mosquito net
mosquito {m}  :: diminutive form of mosco, small fly
mosquito {m}  :: gnat
mosquito {m}  :: mosquito
mostacho {m}  :: mustache
mostaza {f}  :: mustard
mosto {m}  :: must (fruit juice)
mostolense {adj}  :: of or from Móstoles
mostolense {m}  :: someone of or from Móstoles
mostoleño {adj}  :: of or from Móstoles
mostoleño {f}  :: someone of or from Móstoles
mostolero {adj}  :: of or from Móstoles
mostolero {f}  :: someone of or from Móstoles
mostrador {m}  :: (shop) counter
mostrar {vt}  :: to show
mostrarle {v} [es-compound of, mostr, ar, , le, mood=inf]  ::
mostrarles {v} [es-compound of, mostr, ar, mostrar, les, mood=inf]  ::
mostrarme {v} [es-compound of, mostr, ar, mostrar, me, mood=inf]  ::
mostrarnos {v} [es-compound of, mostr, ar, mostrar, nos, mood=inf]  ::
mostrarse {vr}  :: reflexive form of mostrar
mostrarte {v} [es-compound of, mostr, ar, mostrar, te, mood=inf]  ::
mota {f}  :: fluff, pill
mota {f}  :: speck (tiny spot)
mota {f} [uncountable, slang, Mexico]  :: marihuana
mote {m}  :: motto (heraldry)
mote {m}  :: nickname
mote {m} [South America]  :: hulled cereal, especially pearl barley and hominy
moteado {adj}  :: (having spots) spotted
moteado {adj}  :: mottled
motear {v}  :: to dapple
motel {m} [Mexico]  :: brothel, whorehouse
motel {m}  :: motel
motera {f}  :: Female form of motero; a female stoner, pothead, weedhead
motero {f}  :: A motorcyclist
motero {f}  :: Someone who sells mote
motilidad {f}  :: motility
motivación {f}  :: motivation
motivador {adj}  :: motivating, encouraging
motivador {m}  :: motivator
motivar {v}  :: to motivate
motivo {m}  :: reason, ground, motive
motín {m}  :: mutiny
moto {f}  :: motorcycle
moto- {prefix}  :: Used to form terms relating to motors
motocicleta {f}  :: motorcycle
motociclismo {m}  :: motorcycle sport
motociclista {m}  :: motorcyclist, biker
motoconcho {m} [Dominican Republic, slang]  :: motorcycle taxi used for public transport
motocross {m}  :: motocross
motocultor {m}  :: two-wheel tractor
moto de agua {m}  :: jet ski
motoneta {f}  :: moped (lightweight, two-wheeled vehicle)
motonieve {f}  :: snowmobile
motor {m}  :: engine
motorista {m}  :: motorist, biker
motosierra {f}  :: chainsaw
mototaxi {m}  :: A motorcycle taxi
mountainboarding {m}  :: mountainboarding
movedizo {adj}  :: literally, mobile, meaning unstable
moveos {v} [es-compound of, mov, er, moved, os, mood=imp, person=vosotros]  ::
mover {v}  :: to move
mover cielo y tierra {v} [idiomatic]  :: To move heaven and earth; to go to extreme lengths or do whatever is necessary
moverla {v} [es-compound of, mov, er, mover, la, mood=inf]  ::
moverlo {v} [es-compound of, mov, er, mover, lo, mood=inf]  ::
moverme {v} [es-compound of, mov, er, mover, me, mood=inf]  ::
movernos {v} [es-compound of, mov, er, mover, nos, mood=inf]  ::
moverse {v}  :: to be moved (by a performance, etc.)
moverse {v}  :: to move
moverse {v}  :: to work, to move in an agitated manner
moverte {v} [es-compound of, mov, er, mover, te, mood=inf]  ::
movible {adj}  :: motile
movible {adj}  :: movable
movida {f} [colloquial]  :: move (games)
movida {f} [colloquial]  :: party (social gathering)
movida {f} [colloquial]  :: scene (social environment consisting of a large informal, vague group of people)
movido {adj}  :: eventful, turbulent
movilidad {f}  :: mobility
movilización {f}  :: mobilization
movilizada {v} [feminine past participle of, movilizar]  ::
movilizadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, movilizar]  ::
movilizados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, movilizar]  ::
movilizar {v}  :: to activate
movilizar {v}  :: to mobilize
movimiento {m}  :: movement
moviéndonos {v} [es-compound of, mov, er, moviendo, nos, mood=part]  ::
moviéndose {v} [es-compound of, mov, er, moviendo, se, mood=part]  ::
moviéndote {v} [es-compound of, mov, er, moviendo, te, mood=part]  ::
moyo {m}  :: unit of liquid measurement equal to 258 liters or 16 cántaras
moyote {m} [Mexico]  :: mosquito
moza {f}  :: female cat
moza {f}  :: girl, maidservant
mozalbete {m} [colloquial]  :: lad, fella
Mozambique {prop}  :: Mozambique
mozambiqueño {adj}  :: Mozambican
mozambiqueño {f}  :: Mozambican
mozo {adj}  :: young; unmarried
mozo {f}  :: boy, lad
mozo {f}  :: cat
mozo {f}  :: servant, waiter, steward, manservant (in feminine: girl, maidservant)
máquina {f}  :: machine
máquina de coser {f}  :: sewing machine
máquina de escribir {f}  :: typewriter (machine used to print text by pressing keys)
máquina expendedora {f}  :: vending machine
máquina perforadora {f}  :: hole punch, or perforator
mírala {v} [es-compound of, mir, ar, mira, la, mood=imp, person=tú]  ::
mírale {v} [es-compound of, mir, ar, mira, le, mood=imp, person=tú]  ::
míralo {v} [es-compound of, mir, ar, mira, lo, mood=imp, person=tú]  ::
míralos {v} [es-compound of, mir, ar, mira, los, mood=imp, person=tú]  ::
mírame {v} [es-compound of, mir, ar, mira, me, mood=imp, person=tú]  ::
míranos {v} [es-compound of, mir, ar, mira, nos, mood=imp, person=tú]  ::
mírate {v} [es-compound of, mir, ar, mira, te, mood=imp, person=tú]  ::
mórbido {adj}  :: morbid
márchate {v} [es-compound of, march, ar, marcha, te, mood=imp, person=tú]  ::
márchese {v} [es-compound of, march, ar, marche, se, mood=imp, person=usted]  ::
mírelo {v} [es-compound of, mir, ar, mire, lo, mood=imp, person=usted]  ::
míreme {v} [es-compound of, mir, ar, mire, me, mood=imp, person=usted]  ::
mírenlo {v} [es-compound of, mir, ar, miren, lo, mood=imp, person=ustedes]  ::
mírenme {v} [es-compound of, mir, ar, miren, me, mood=imp, person=ustedes]  ::
móreo {adj} [botany]  :: moraceous
márfega {f}  :: straw mattress
Mérida {prop}  :: Latin American cities named Mérida after the above:
Mérida {prop}  :: The city Mérida in Spain's western region Estremadura, in Badajóz province
mérito {m}  :: merit
mármol {m}  :: marble (rock)
Márquez {prop}  :: Spanish surname
mártaga {f}  :: headstall
mártir {m}  :: martyr
más {adv}  :: else
más {adv}  :: furthermore
más {adv}  :: in addition
más {adv}  :: more
más {adv}  :: most
más adelante {adv}  :: later on
más allá {adv}  :: farther, further, beyond
más allá {adv}  :: over there
más allá {m}  :: afterlife, beyond, hereafter
más bien {adv}  :: rather, slightly
más bien {conj}  :: rather, or rather (more precisely)
máscara {f}  :: mask
músculo {m} [countable]  :: muscle (organ)
músculo {m} [uncountable]  :: muscle tissue
músculo auricular anterior {m}  :: anterior auricular muscle
músculo auricular posterior {m}  :: posterior auricular muscle
músculo auricular superior {m}  :: superior auricular muscle
músculo dilatador del iris {m}  :: iris dilator muscle
músculo frontal {m}  :: frontalis muscle, frontalis
músculo occipital {m}  :: occipitalis muscle, occipitalis
músculo occipitofrontal {m}  :: occipitofrontalis muscle, occipitofrontalis
músculo orbicular de los párpados {m}  :: orbicularis oculi muscle, orbicularis oculi
mísero {adj}  :: of small value
mísero {adj}  :: stingy
mísero {adj}  :: unfortunate
música {f}  :: music
másico {adj}  :: mass; of or pertaining to mass
músico {adj}  :: musical
músico {f}  :: musician
mísil {m}  :: missile
más loco que una cabra {adj}  :: mad as a hatter, crazy, insane
msnm {initialism}  :: metros sobre el nivel del mar (meters above sea level)
más o menos {adv}  :: give or take, more or less, approximately; pretty much
más sabe el diablo por viejo que por diablo {proverb}  :: wisdom comes with age
más tarde {adv}  :: later. Literally, more (más) late (tarde)
máster {m}  :: master's degree
máster {m}  :: master (somebody highly skilled in a certain field)
míster {m} [colloquial]  :: coach (sports trainer or instructor, especially football)
mística {f}  :: (female) mystic
místico {adj}  :: mystical
místico {f}  :: mystic
mástil {m}  :: mast (support of a sail)
Móstoles {prop}  :: Móstoles (city)
más tonto que Abundio {adj}  :: Very idiotic
más vale malo conocido que bueno por conocer {proverb}  :: better the devil you know
más vale pájaro en mano que ver ciento volando {proverb}  :: A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush
más vale tarde que nunca {phrase}  :: better late than never
más visto que el tebeo {adj} [idiomatic]  :: as old as the hills
mátala {v} [es-compound of, mat, ar, mata, la, mood=imp, person=tú]  ::
mátalo {v} [es-compound of, mat, ar, mata, lo, mood=imp, person=tú]  ::
mátalos {v} [es-compound of, mat, ar, mata, los, mood=imp, person=tú]  ::
mátame {v} [es-compound of, mat, ar, mata, me, mood=imp, person=tú]  ::
métanse {v} [es-compound of, met, er, metan, se, mood=imp, person=ustedes]  ::
mételo {v} [es-compound of, met, er, mete, lo, mood=imp, person=tú]  ::
mátenlo {v} [es-compound of, mat, ar, maten, lo, mood=imp, person=ustedes]  ::
mátenlos {v} [es-compound of, mat, ar, maten, los, mood=imp, person=ustedes]  ::
métete {v} [es-compound of, met, er, mete, te, mood=imp, person=tú]  ::
mítico {adj}  :: mythic, mythical
mútilo {adj}  :: maimed, mutilated
mítin {m} [Latin America]  :: alternative form of mitin
método {m}  :: method
método científico {m}  :: scientific method
métrica {f} [lb, es, poetry, music]  :: meter (rhythm or measure in verse and musical composition)
métrico {adj}  :: metric
mu {f}  :: moo (sound of a cow)
mu {f}  :: mu; the Greek letter Μ, μ
mucama {f}  :: chambermaid
mucama {f}  :: maid
mucamo {m} [Argentina, Chile]  :: servant, houseboy
muchacha {f}  :: female teenager
muchacha {f}  :: feminine form of muchacho
muchacha {f}  :: girl
muchacha {f}  :: young lady
muchachita {f}  :: feminine form of muchachito
muchachito {f}  :: diminutive form of muchacho
muchachón {m}  :: augmentative form of muchacho, a big kid
muchacho {f}  :: boy
muchacho {f}  :: teenager
muchacho {f}  :: young man
muchacho {f}  :: young person, youngster
muchachote {m}  :: augmentative form of muchacho, a big boy
muchachuela {f}  :: feminine form of muchachuelo
muchachuelo {f}  :: diminutive form of muchacho; youngster, a young man
muchas {adv}  :: feminine plural of mucho
muchas {pron}  :: feminine plural of mucho
muchas gracias {interj}  :: many thanks
muchas gracias {interj}  :: Thank you very much
muchedumbre {f}  :: crowd
muchedumbre {f}  :: multitude
muchisísimo {adj}  :: superlative form of muchísimo
muchisísimo {adv}  :: a hell of a lot, very very much, superlative form of muchísimo
mucho {adj}  :: a lot of; many; much
mucho {adv}  :: long, a long time
mucho {adv}  :: much, a lot
mucho {pron}  :: a lot, many
muchocientos {adj} [colloquial]  :: Many; an unspecified, large number. Compare umpteen
mucho gusto {interj} [Costa Rica]  :: my pleasure, you're welcome
mucho ruido y pocas nueces {m}  :: all bark and no bite
muchos {adj}  :: much; many (of something)
muchísimas gracias {interj}  :: thank you very much, thanks so much
muchísimo {adj}  :: superlative form of mucho; much, a great deal, a lot
muchísimo {adv}  :: superlative form of mucho; a lot, very much
mudanza {f}  :: removal
mudar {m}  :: crown flower (Calotropis gigantea)
mudar {v}  :: to change clothes
mudar {v}  :: to change, to alter, to vary
mudar {v}  :: to convert
mudar {v}  :: to move, to relocate, to move to a new house
mudar {v}  :: to shed, to molt
mudarme {v} [es-compound of, mud, ar, mudar, me, mood=inf]  ::
mudarnos {v} [es-compound of, mud, ar, mudar, nos, mood=inf]  ::
mudarse {vr}  :: (reflexive form of mudar) to move (change one's place of residence)
mudarse {v}  :: to change one's clothes
mudarte {v} [es-compound of, mud, ar, mudar, te, mood=inf]  ::
mudéjar {adj}  :: Mudéjar
mudéjar {m}  :: Mudéjar
mudo {adj}  :: mute, dumb
mudo {f}  :: mute
mueble {m}  :: a piece of furniture
mueblería {f}  :: furniture store
muebles {m}  :: furniture
mueca {f}  :: grimace
muñeca {f} [anatomy]  :: wrist
muñeca {f} [colloquial]  :: chick, babe, doll (woman)
muñeca {f}  :: doll (figure)
muñeca rusa {f}  :: Russian doll
muñeco {m}  :: doll
muñeco {m}  :: puppet
muela {f}  :: molar
muelle {adj}  :: soft, mild
muelle {m}  :: spring (device made of flexible or coiled material)
muelle {m}  :: wharf, quay, pier
muñequera {f}  :: dollmaker
muñequera {f}  :: wristband
muñequera {f}  :: wrist pad
muñequero {f}  :: dollmaker
muñequita {f}  :: diminutive form of muñeca
muermo {m} [colloquial]  :: A boring person or thing
muermo {m} [colloquial]  :: Boredom
muermo {m}  :: Drug-induced lethargy
muermo {m} [veterinary medicine]  :: Glanders
muermoso {adj}  :: Infected with glanders
muerte {f}  :: death
muerte civil {m} [legal]  :: attainder
muerte súbita {f}  :: sudden death
muerto {adj}  :: dead
muerto {m}  :: A dead person
muerto {v}  :: exhausted; dead tired
muesca {f}  :: notch, groove
muestra {f}  :: sample
muestra {f}  :: sign
muestra {f}  :: specimen
muestrario {m}  :: sample book
muestrear {v}  :: to sample
muestreo {m}  :: sampling
muevanse {v} [es-compound of, mov, er, muevan, se, mood=imp, person=ustedes]  ::
mufla {f}  :: muffle (a kiln or furnace, often electric, with no direct flames)
muger {f}  :: obsolete spelling of mujer
mugido {m}  :: moo (the sound a cow makes)
mugiente {adj}  :: mooing
mugir {v}  :: to moo
mugre {f}  :: dirt, filth, grease
mugriento {adj}  :: filthy
mugroso {adj}  :: filthy
muñida {v} [feminine past participle of, muñir]  ::
muñidas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, muñir]  ::
muñidos {v} [masculine plural past participle of, muñir]  ::
muñir {v}  :: to arrange or dispose of a matter of business
mujer {f}  :: wife
mujer {f}  :: woman
mujercita {f}  :: A sissy, a nancy, a fagboy, a girl: a term of abuse for an effeminate boy
mujercita {f}  :: diminutive form of mujer
mujer fatal {f}  :: femme fatale
mujeriego {adj} [attributive]  :: woman
mujeriego {m}  :: A group of women
mujeriego {m}  :: A womanizer
mujeril {adj}  :: effeminate, womanish
mujeril {adj}  :: womanly
mujerona {f} [slang]  :: BBW, large woman
mujersita {m}  :: diminutive form of mujer small child
mujersita {m}  :: (effeminate boy) girl, faglet
mujersita {m}  :: little woman
mujerzuela {f} [derogatory]  :: slut
mula {f} [Latin America]  :: traitor
mula {f} [Mexico]  :: a smart, some abusive person
mula {f}  :: mule
mula {f}  :: trash
muladar {m}  :: corruption
muladar {m}  :: trash heap
mulata {f}  :: feminine form of mulato
mulato {f}  :: mulatto
muleta {f} [bullfighting]  :: muleta
muleta {f}  :: crutch
muleta {f}  :: little mule (diminutive of mula)
muletilla {f}  :: stock phrase
mullido {adj}  :: soft, spongey
mullir {v}  :: to loosen
mulo {f}  :: mule
multa {f}  :: fine (fee issued as punishment for breaking the law)
multar {v}  :: fine, penalise, book
multicolor {adj}  :: varicolored (US), varicoloured (UK)
multicultural {adj}  :: multicultural
multiculturalidad {f}  :: multiculturality
multideportivo {adj}  :: multi-sport
multidisciplinar {adj}  :: multidisciplinary
multidisciplinario {adj}  :: multidisciplinary
multilingüe {adj}  :: multilingual (using or pertaining to multiple languages)
multilingüe {adj}  :: polyglot; multilingual (able to speak multiple languages)
multimillonario {f}  :: billionaire
multimillonario {f}  :: multimillionaire
multinacional {adj}  :: multinational
multiplicación {f}  :: multiplication
multiplicador {adj}  :: multiplying
multiplicador {f}  :: multiplier
multiplicadora {f}  :: feminine form of multiplicador
multiplicar {v}  :: to multiply
multiplicativo {adj}  :: multiplicative
multiplicidad {f}  :: multiplicity
multipremiado {adj}  :: multi-prizewinning
multirracial {adj}  :: multiracial
multiétnico {adj}  :: multiethnic
multitud {f}  :: a lot, loads
multitud {f}  :: crowd
multitud {f}  :: multitude
multitudinario {adj}  :: large, big
multitudinario {adj}  :: multitudinous
multiuso {adj}  :: multipurpose
multiverso {m} [physics]  :: multiverse
muñón {m}  :: a part of the body which was incomplete at birth
muñón {m}  :: the stump of a limb which has been lost
muón {m}  :: muon
mundanal {adj}  :: worldly
mundanalidad {f}  :: worldliness
mundano {adj}  :: mundane
mundial {adj}  :: related to all the parts of the world; global
mundial {m}  :: FIFA World Cup (short form of Copa mundial, and Campeonato mundial)
mundialmente {adv}  :: worldwide
mundificativo {adj}  :: mundificant
mundillo {m}  :: pad or cushion used to make lace
mundillo {m}  :: Viburnum opulus (guelder rose, water elder, snowball tree)
mundillo {m}  :: warming pan
mundo {m}  :: society
mundo {m}  :: world
mundo real {m}  :: real world
munición {f}  :: ammunition
municipal {adj}  :: municipal
municipalidad {f}  :: municipality
municipio {m}  :: municipality
munificencia {f}  :: munificence (the quality of being munificent; generosity)
munificente {adj}  :: munificent
Muntenia {prop}  :: Muntenia
Muñoz {prop}  :: Spanish surname
mur {m} [archaic]  :: mouse
mural {adj}  :: mural
mural {m}  :: mural
muralla {f}  :: large wall built to protect cities or territories
muralla {f}  :: wall
muramil {m} [organic compound]  :: muramyl
murar {v}  :: to surround with a wall
Murcia {prop}  :: Murcia (city and autonomous community in south-eastern Spain)
murciano {adj}  :: Murcian (of or pertaining to the city of Murcia)
murciano {f}  :: Murcian
murciégalo {m}  :: obsolete form of murciélago
murciélago {m}  :: bat (winged mammal)
murciélago vampiro {m}  :: vampire bat
muérdago {m}  :: mistletoe (plant)
mureína {f} [organic compound]  :: peptidoglycan
muérete {v} [es-compound of, mor, ir, muere, te, mood=imp, person=tú]  ::
murga {f}  :: band or group of street musicians
murga {f}  :: bugbear (annoyance)
muriático {adj} [chemistry, obsolete]  :: muriatic, hydrochloric
murmullo {m}  :: a murmur
murmullo {m}  :: a rustling noise; susurrus
murmurar {vi}  :: to gossip
murmurar {vi}  :: to murmur
murmurar {vt}  :: to murmur; to mutter
muro {m}  :: wall
muro de Berlín {prop}  :: Berlin Wall
Muro de las Lamentaciones {prop}  :: Wailing Wall
murtilla {f}  :: crowberry
mus {m} [card games]  :: card game that is very popular in Spain
musa {f}  :: A poet's creative and poetic genius
musa {f} [literary]  :: poetry
musa {f}  :: Muse
musa {f}  :: muse (a source of inspiration)
musaraña {f} [by extension]  :: vermin; small animal
musaraña {f}  :: shrew
musculación {f}  :: weight training
musculado {adj}  :: muscly; muscular
muscular {adj}  :: muscular
musculatura {f}  :: muscles
musculatura {f}  :: musculature
musculoso {adj}  :: muscular, brawny
museógrafo {f}  :: museologist
museo {m}  :: museum
museografía {f}  :: museography
museología {f}  :: museology
museístico {adj} [attributive]  :: museum
musgo {m}  :: moss
musical {adj}  :: musical
musical {m}  :: musical
musicalmente {adv}  :: musically
musicólogo {f}  :: musicologist
musitar {v}  :: to murmur
muslo {m}  :: thigh
mustiamente {adv}  :: sadly, languidly
mustio {adj}  :: sad, gloomy
mustio {adj}  :: wilted, withered
muéstrale {v} [es-compound of, mostr, ar, muestra, le, mood=imp, person=tú]  ::
muéstrales {v} [es-compound of, mostr, ar, muestra, les, mood=imp, person=tú]  ::
muéstrame {v} [es-compound of, mostr, ar, muestra, me, mood=imp, person=tú]  ::
muéstramelo {v} [es-compound of, mostr, ar, muestra, me, lo, mood=imp, person=tú]  ::
muéstranos {v} [es-compound of, mostr, ar, muestra, nos, mood=imp, person=tú]  ::
muéstrate {v} [es-compound of, mostr, ar, muestra, te, mood=imp, person=tú]  ::
muéstreme {v} [es-compound of, mostr, ar, muestre, me, mood=imp, person=usted]  ::
musulmán {adj}  :: Muslim
musulmán {f}  :: Muslim
mutabilidad {f}  :: mutability
mutación {f}  :: mutation
mutante {adj}  :: mutant
mutante {m}  :: mutant (all senses)
mutar {v}  :: to mutate
mutarrotación {f} [organic chemistry, carbohydrate]  :: mutarotation
mutágeno {m} [biology]  :: mutagen
mutilación {f}  :: mutilation
mutilado {adj}  :: mutilated
mutilar {v}  :: to mutilate
mutis {interj}  :: shh
mutis {m} [theatre]  :: exit
mutual {adj}  :: mutual
mutuamente {adv}  :: mutually
mutuo {adj}  :: mutual
muévanse {v} [es-compound of, mov, er, muevan, se, mood=imp, person=uds]  ::
muévase {v} [es-compound of, mov, er, mueva, se, mood=imp, person=usted]  ::
muévete {v} [es-compound of, mov, er, mueve, te, mood=imp, person=tú]  ::
muy {adv}  :: very
muy de vez en cuando {adv} [idiomatic]  :: rarely
móvil {adj}  :: mobile
móvil {m}  :: A sculpture or decorative arrangement made of items hanging so that they can move independently from each other (Wikipedia)
móvil {m} [Spain]  :: cellular, cell phone [US], mobile phone [UK, Australia]
MX {abbr}  :: México (Mexican state)
México {prop}  :: Mexico
México {prop} [Mexico]  :: Mexico City
México DF {n}  :: alternative form of México DF
México D.F. {n}  :: Mexico City
máxima {f}  :: maxim
máxima {f}  :: maximum
máxime {adv}  :: especially
máximo {adj}  :: greatest
máximo {adj}  :: maximum
máximo {m}  :: maximum
Máximo {prop}  :: male given name