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d' {prep} [sometimes before a vowel or an h] :: apocopic form of di: of
d {n} :: See under D
D {letter} :: letter: di
da {prep} :: from
da {prep} :: at the house of
da {prep} :: since
da {prep} :: to (implying necessity)
da {prep} :: Used in some adverbial phrases:
da {prep} :: like, as
da asporto {adj} :: takeaway
dabbasso {adv} :: At the bottom
dabbasso {adv} :: From underneath
dabbenaggine {m} :: credulity, gullibility
dabbene {adj} :: honest, decent
dabbene {m} :: honesty
da capo {adv} :: from scratch; from the beginning; from the top
da capogiro {adj} :: astonishing, staggering, mind-boggling
daccanto {adv} :: nearby
daccanto {adv} :: beside
daccapo {adv} :: Variant of da capo
dacché {conj} :: since
d'accordissimo {adj} [colloquial] :: superlative of d'accordo: absolutely agreeing
d'accordo {adj} :: agreed
d'accordo {interj} :: sure!, OK!, of course!, naturally!
d'accordo {interj} :: all right!, very well!
daccordo {adj} :: alternative spelling of d'accordo
daccordo {interj} :: alternative spelling of d'accordo
dacia {f} :: dacha
dacitico {adj} :: dacitic
dacnomania {f} :: A compulsive urge to bite people
dacoromanzo {adj} :: Daco-Romanian
dacoromanzo {m} :: Daco-Romanian (language)
dacoromeno {adj} :: alternative form of dacoromanzo
dacorumeno {adj} :: alternative form of dacoromanzo
D'Acquisto {prop} :: surname
D'Acquisto {prop} :: Salvo D'Acquisto, Italian policeman and martyr
dacrio- {prefix} :: dacryo-, dacry- (relating to tears)
dacrioadenite {f} [medicine] :: dacryoadenitis
dacriocisti {f} [anatomy] :: dacryocyst, lacrimal sac
dacriocistite {f} [medicine] :: dacryocystitis
dacrioma {m} [medicine] :: dacryoma
dada {m} [arts] :: Dada
dadaismo {m} [arts] :: Dada, Dadaism
dadaista {adj} :: Dada (attributive)
dadaista {mf} [arts] :: Dadaist
daddolo {m} :: gesture of affection
dadino {m} :: Small cube, small piece
dado {m} [gaming] :: die, dice
dado {m} [by extension] :: any small cube-shaped object
dado {m} [cooking] :: stock cube
dado {m} [engineering] :: nut (intended to be screwed onto a bolt)
dadolata {f} :: croutons
da dove viene {phrase} [formal] :: where are you from?
da dove vieni {phrase} [colloquial] :: where are you from?
daffare {m} :: work, toil
dafne {f} :: daphne
Dafne {prop} [Greek mythology] :: Daphne
Dafne {prop} :: given name, cognate to English Daphne
dafnia {f} :: water flea, daphnid (of genus Daphnia)
daga {f} :: dagger
daga {f} [weapon] :: A stabbing weapon, similar to a sword but with a short, double-edged blade
dagherrotipia {f} [photography] :: daguerreotypy
dagherrotipo {m} [photography] :: daguerreotype
Daghestan {prop} :: Dagestan
D'Agostino {prop} :: surname
dahlien {adj} :: Only used in the term giallo dahlien
dai {contraction} :: from the
dai {contraction} :: at the house/home of the
dai {interj} :: An expression of encouragement; come on!
da incasso {adj} :: built-in (appliance, piece of furniture, etc)
daino {m} :: A fallow deer
Dakota del Nord {prop} :: North Dakota
Dakota del Sud {prop} :: South Dakota
dal {contraction} :: contraction of da il; from the
dal {contraction} :: since
dal cuore tenero {adv} :: softhearted
dalet {n} :: dalet, specifically:
dalet {n} :: The name of the Phoenician-script letter 𐤃
dalet {n} :: The name of the Hebrew-script letter ד
dalia {f} :: dahlia
Dalila {prop} [Biblical character] :: Delilah (mistress of Samson)
Dalila {prop} :: given name
dalla a alla zeta {adv} [idiomatic] :: from the beginning to the end; completely, entirely
dalla padella alla brace {phrase} [idiomatic] :: out of the frying pan, into the fire
Dallapé {prop} :: surname
Dallapé {prop} :: Francesca Dallapé, Italian diver
Dallara {prop} :: Dallara; surname
Dall'Ara {prop} :: Dallara; surname
dalli {prep} :: alternative form of dagli
dall'inizio {adv} :: from scratch
dall'interno {adv} :: inside
dall'interno {adv} :: home
dalmata {m} :: Dalmatian (dog)
dalmatica {f} :: dalmatic (kind of tunic)
dalmaticella {f} :: A fine, silk dalmatic
dalmatico {adj} :: Dalmatian
dalmatico {prop} :: Dalmatian [language]
dalmato {m} :: Dalmatian (person from Dalmatia)
Dalmazia {prop} :: Dalmatia
dal momento che {conj} :: since, as
dal nulla {adv} :: from scratch
dal nulla {adv} :: out of the blue
daltonica {f} :: colour-blind woman
daltonico {adj} :: colour-blind
daltonico {m} :: A colour-blind person
daltonismo {m} :: colour blindness, daltonism
d'altra parte {adv} :: on the other hand, however, then again, but then
d'altro canto {adv} :: on the other hand, however, then again, but then
d'altronde {adv} :: on the other hand, besides, after all, however
dal vivo {adj} :: live
dama {f} :: lady
dama {f} [board games, in the singular] :: draughts / checkers
dama {f} :: king (in draughts/checkers)
dama {f} :: draughtboard / checkerboard
dama {f} :: queen (playing card)
damante {v} :: present participle of damare
damare {vt} :: To crown (in draughts/chequers)
damascante {v} :: present participle of damascare
damascare {vt} :: To damask or damascene
damascato {adj} :: damask (attributive)
damascatura {f} :: damasking
damascatura {f} :: damascening
damasceno {adj} :: Damascene (of Damascus)
damasceno {m} :: Damascene (native of Damascus)
damaschinante {v} :: present participle of damaschinare
damaschinare {vt} :: To damascene
damaschinatura {f} :: damascening
damaschino {adj} :: Damascus (attributive); Damascene
damaschino {adj} :: damascene
damaschino {m} :: Damascene
damaschino {m} :: damask (steel)
damaschino {m} :: damson
damasco {m} :: damask
Damasco {prop} :: Damascus
Damaso {prop} :: given name
damerino {m} :: gallant, dandy, flop (fashionably dressed man)
Damiano {prop} :: given name, cognate to English Damian and Damien
damiera {f} :: draughtboard / checkerboard
damiere {m} :: draughtboard, chequerboard
Damietta {prop} :: Damietta
damigella {f} :: damsel
damigella {f} :: mistress (title)
damigella di Numidia {f} :: demoiselle crane
damigella d'onore {f} :: bridesmaid
damigella in pericolo {f} :: damsel in distress (stereotype of a young woman in a dangerous situation)
damigiana {f} :: carboy, demijohn
damista {mf} :: draughts / checkers player
dammeno {adj} :: lower
dammeno {adj} :: less
dammeno {adj} :: worse
Dammiata {prop} :: medieval spelling of Damietta
dammi retta {v} [idiomatic] :: take it from me, rest assured
dammuso {m} :: A small, stone habitation typical of Pantelleria
Damocle {prop} :: Damocles
da morire {adv} :: (intensifier) incredibly, terribly, very, absolutely, extremely, a lot
Da Mula {prop} :: surname
Danae {prop} [Greek mythology] :: Danae
danaio {m} [regional, obsolete] :: alternative form of denaro
Danao {prop} [Greek mythology] :: Danaus
danaro {m} :: alternative form of denaro
danarosamente {adv} :: richly
danaroso {adj} :: wealthy, rich
dancing {m} :: dance hall
d'andata {adj} :: alternative spelling of di andata
dandismo {m} :: dandyism
dandistico {adj} :: dandyish
Dandolo {prop} :: surname
Dandolo {prop} :: A noble family of Venice
dandyismo {m} :: dandyism
dandysmo {m} :: alternative form of dandismo
danese {adj} :: Danish
danese {mf} :: Dane (male or female)
danese {m} :: Danish (language, singular only)
danese {m} :: Great Dane (dog)
da nessuna parte {adv} :: nowhere
Daniela {prop} :: given name, feminine form of Daniele
Daniele {prop} :: given name, equivalent to English-language Daniel
Daniele {prop} :: Daniel [biblical character]
Daniele {prop} :: the Book of Daniel
Danilo {prop} :: given name, a variant of Daniele
Danimarca {prop} :: Denmark
dannabile {adj} [literary] :: condemnable
dannante {v} :: present participle of dannare
dannare {vt} :: to damn
dannarsi {v} :: reflexive of dannare
dannarsi {vr} :: to be damned
dannarsi {vr} :: to worry
dannarsi {vr} :: to "work oneself to death"
dannata {f} :: damned soul (female)
dannatamente {adv} :: damned, damn
dannatamente {adv} :: a damn sight more, a fuck sight more
dannatamente {adv} :: a hell of a lot
dannatissimo {adj} :: damnedest
dannato {adj} :: damned
dannato {m} :: damned soul
dannato {m} [in the plural] :: The damned
dannazione {f} :: damnation, damn, dammit, gee, blimey
danneggiabile {adj} :: damageable
danneggiamento {m} [legal] :: malicious damage (the crime)
danneggiante {v} :: present participle of danneggiare
danneggiantesi {v} :: present participle of danneggiarsi
danneggiare {vt} :: To damage or harm
danneggiarsi {vr} :: To damage or harm oneself
danneggiatore {m} :: damager
danneggiatosi {v} :: past participle of danneggiarsi
dannità {f} [obsolete] :: damage
danno {m} :: damage, harm, injury
danno {m} :: mischief
dannosamente {adv} :: harmfully
dannosissimo {adj} :: Very harmful
dannosità {f} :: harm
dannosità {f} :: damage
dannoso {adj} :: harmful
dannunziano {adj} :: Of or pertaining to Gabriele D'Annunzio (1863–1938), Italian poet
Danoia {prop} :: medieval spelling of Danubio
d'antan {adj} :: of yesteryear, of the old days
Dante {prop} :: given name and a surname, a reduced form of Durante
Dante {prop} :: particularly Dante Alighieri, Italian writer
dantescamente {adv} :: In a Dantesque manner, Dantesquely
dantesco {adj} :: Dantesque, Dantean (pertaining to Dante's style)
dantesi {v} :: present participle of darsi
dantistica {f} :: Dante studies
dantologia {f} :: The study of Dante, his life and works
danubiano {adj} :: Danubian; Danube (attributive)
Danubio {prop} :: Danube
danza {f} :: a dance
danzante {v} :: present participle of danzare
danzante {adj} :: dancing
danzare {vt} :: To dance
danza su ghiaccio {f} :: ice dancing
danzatore {m} :: dancer (male)
danzatrice {f} :: dancer (female)
Danzica {prop} :: Gdańsk (city in Poland)
danzicano {adj} :: Of or from Gdańsk (city in Poland)
da parte di {prep} :: from, by, of (someone), on someone's part
da parte di {prep} :: on behalf of (someone)
da parte di {prep} :: on someone's side
da parte di {prep} :: at the hand of
dape {f} [literary, obsolete] :: meal, banquet, feast
dape {f} [literary, obsolete, figurative] :: aliment, nourishment
dapi {n} :: plural of dape
da poco {adj} :: little, small, insignificant, worthless
da poco {adv} [time] :: recently, just, a short time ago, a short time before, for a short time
dapoxetina {f} [medicine] :: dapoxetine
dappertutto {adv} :: everywhere, all over the place
dappiè {adv} :: At the foot
dappiù {adj} :: better (than)
dappocaggine {f} :: ineptitude, worthlessness
dappoco {adj} :: inept
dappoco {adj} :: insignificant
dappoi {adv} :: then, after, afterwards, subsequently
dappoi {conj} :: since
dappoi {prep} :: after
dappoichè {conj} :: da poi chè
dappresso {adv} :: closely
dappresso {adv} :: nearby
dapprima {adv} :: at first, firstly, first of all
dapprincipio {adv} :: From the beginning
da qualche parte {adv} :: somewhere
dar {v} :: apocopic form of dare
darabouka {f} [musical instruments] :: tombak, goblet drum
darci un taglio {v} :: to stop, get off, cease
Dardanelli {prop} :: Dardanelles
Dardano {prop} [Greek mythology] :: Dardanus
Dardano {prop} :: given name
dardeggiante {v} :: present participle of dardeggiare
dardeggiare {vt} :: to dart
dardo {m} :: dart, arrow
dare {vt} :: To give, to transfer the possession/holding of something to someone else
dare {vt} :: To yield, to bear, to give, to produce, to return
dare {m} :: debit
dare a Cesare quel che è di Cesare {phrase} :: credit where it's due
dare acqua alle funi {v} [idiom] :: To speed up or hurry a task
dare alla luce {vt} :: To give birth to
dare buca {v} :: to stand up, jilt, shirk
dare buca {v} :: to avoid a prearranged meeting, especially a date, with a person
dare corda {v} :: synonym of dare tregua
dare del filo da torcere {vt} :: to give someone a run for one's money
dare del lei {v} :: to address someone with the polite form Lei
dare del tu {v} :: to thou (to address someone using the second person singular)
dare fastidio {vt} :: to disturb, to bother, to trouble, to inconvenience, to hassle
dare fastidio {vt} :: to upset, to disrupt
dare forfait {v} :: to give way, to give up
dare gas {v} :: to accelerate (especially while driving or using a motor); to put one's foot down
dare il benservito {v} :: to fire, to sack
dare il la {v} :: to begin, to initiate
dare indietro {v} :: to give back
dare in matrimonio {v} :: to bestow (give in marriage)
dare la precedenza {v} :: to give way
dare lo spazzolone {v} :: to mop
dare manforte {v} :: to back up
dare manforte {v} :: to help
dare manforte {v} :: to assist
dare per scontato {v} :: to take for granted
dare retta {vt} :: to agree, to trust
dare rifugio {v} :: to shelter (transitive, to provide cover)
dare spettacolo {vi} [idiomatic] :: To make an exhibition of oneself, to show off
dare spettacolo di sé {phrase} :: make a spectacle of oneself
dare tregua {v} :: to cut someone some slack, give someone a break, give someone enough rope
dare una lavata di capo {v} :: (idiomatic) to give someone a piece of one's mind,give somebody what-for, read somebody the riot act
dare una lavata di capo {v} :: to rebuke, scold, tell off
dare una lezione {v} :: (idiomatic) to give someone what for, give somebody what-for, read somebody the riot act
dare una lezione {v} :: to rebuke, scold, tell off
dare una lezione {v} :: to punish
dare una occhiata {v} :: to glance over (quickly inspect something (newspaper, notes) with the eyes)
dare una occhiatina {v} :: synonym of dare una occhiata
dare una sbirciata {v} :: synonym of dare una occhiata
dare una sbirciatina {v} :: synonym of dare una occhiata
dare un'occhiata {v} [idiomatic] :: To take a look, to glance, to glance over
dare uno sguardo {v} :: to review
dare uno sguardo {v} :: to look back over
dare uno sguardo {v} :: to glance over
dare un pugno {v} :: to punch
dare via {v} :: to give away
Daria {prop} :: given name
darico {m} :: daric
Dario {prop} :: given name, cognate to Darius
dark {adj} :: dark (used especially to describe a form of punk music)
darla su {v} :: to give up
darla su {v} :: to give way
darla vinta {v} :: to give way, to give up
darmstadio {m} :: alternative form of darmstadtio
darmstadtio {m} [chemistry] :: darmstadtium
darmstazio {m} :: alternative form of darmstadtio
darsela {v} :: to escape or disappear, especially to avoid a difficult situation
darsela {v} :: to take a hint
darsela a gambe {v} :: to escape, fly, flee, runaway
darsena {f} :: A dock (for ship repairs)
darsi {v} :: reflexive of dare
darsi {v} :: to devote oneself, take up, take to, go into
darsi {v} :: to give oneself to, yield to
darsi {v} :: to start, begin
darsi {v} :: to give to each other, exchange
darsi {v} [impersonal] :: to happen, chance
darsi da fare {v} :: get busy
darsi da fare {v} [idiomatic] :: Start working, usually in opposition to idleness
darsi da fare {v} [idiomatic] :: Have sex
darsi delle arie {v} :: (idiomatic)to lord it over
darsi delle arie {v} :: to put on airs
darsi una calmata {v} :: to draw in one's horns
darsi una calmata {v} :: to pull in one's horns
darsi una calmata {v} :: to cool one's jets
darsi una calmata {v} :: to hold one's horses
darsi una calmata {v} :: to calm down, chill, chill out, cool off, settle down
darvinismo {m} :: Darwinism
dar volta {vi} [nautical] :: to belay
darwiniano {adj} :: Darwinian
darwiniano {m} :: Darwinian
darwinismo {m} :: Darwinism
darwinismo sociale {m} :: social Darwinism
da sempre {adv} :: lifelong
dasiuro {m} :: quoll (of family Dasyuridae)
da sogno {adj} :: dream (attributive)
data {f} :: date
database {m} :: database
databile {adj} :: That may be dated; datable
databilità {f} :: Property of being datable
data di nascita {f} :: date of birth
datante {v} :: present participle of datare
datare {vt} :: to date (something)
datare {vi} :: to date back to
dataria {f} :: datary
datario {m} :: datestamp
datario {m} :: calendar
datazione {f} :: dating (of an object)
datità {f} [philosophy] :: reality, actuality
dativo {adj} [grammar] :: dative
dativo {m} [grammar] :: dative case
dativo etico {m} [grammar] :: ethical dative
dato {m} :: datum (item of data)
dato {m} :: fact
dato {m} :: evidence, proof
datolite {f} [mineral] :: datolite
datore {m} :: giver
datore {m} :: donor
datore di lavoro {m} :: employer
datoriale {adj} :: employer (attributive)
datosi {v} :: past participle of darsi
datrice {f} :: giver (female)
datrice {f} :: donor (female)
datrice di lavoro {f} :: employer (female)
dattero {m} :: date (fruit and palm)
dattero {m} :: date mussel
dattero di mare {m} :: date mussel
dattero nero {m} [mollusks] :: mussel
datti all'ippica! {interj} :: go take up knitting!
datti all'ippica! {interj} :: go climb a tree!
datti all'ippica! {interj} :: go away, go to hell, leave me alone, get lost
dattilico {adj} :: dactylic
dattilifero {adj} :: dactyliferous (bearing dates)
-dattilo {suffix} :: -dactyl
dattilo- {prefix} :: dactylo-
dattilo {m} :: dactyl
dattilografa {f} :: typist [female]
dattilografante {v} :: present participle of dattilografare
dattilografare {vt} :: To type
dattilografia {f} :: typing
dattilograficamente {adv} :: by means of a typewriter
dattilografico {adj} :: typewritten
dattilografico {adj} :: typewriting (attributive)
dattilografo {m} :: typist [male]
dattilogramma {m} :: fingerprint
dattilologia {f} :: dactylology
dattiloscopia {f} :: dactyloscopy (science of fingerprinting)
dattiloscopico {adj} :: dactyloscopy, fingerprinting (attributive)
dattiloscritto {adj} :: typewritten
dattiloscritto {m} :: typescript
dattiloscrivente {v} :: present participle of dattiloscrivere
dattiloscrivere {vt} :: To typewrite
dattorno {adv} :: around
dattorno {adj} :: surrounding; in the vicinity
datura {f} :: thorn apple (of genus Datura)
daturismo {m} :: daturism
da ultimo {adv} :: finally, lastly
da una vita {adv} :: lifelong
da un giorno all'altro {adv} :: suddenly, all of a sudden, unexpectedly
daunomicina {f} [medicine] :: daunomycin
da urlo {n} :: banner (Exceptional-very good)
davante {adj} :: obsolete form of davanti
davanti {adv} :: at the front; in front
davanti {prep} :: in front of
davanti {prep} :: opposite
davanti {adj} :: front
davanti {m} :: a front
davantino {m} :: dickey, jabot
davanzale {m} :: windowsill
d'avanzo {adv} :: More than enough
davanzo {adv} :: Variant of d'avanzo
da vicino {adv} :: closely
Davìd {prop} :: medieval spelling of Davide
Davide {prop} :: David [biblical character]
Davide {prop} :: given name of biblical origin
davidico {adj} :: Davidic
davvero {adv} :: really, in fact
davvero {adv} :: certainly, seriously
davvero {adv} :: actually
davvicino {adv} :: Variant of da vicino
dazebao {m} :: Variant of dazibao
da zero {adv} :: from the ground up
daziabile {adj} :: dutiable
daziante {v} :: present participle of daziare
daziare {vt} :: To levy duty (on)
daziario {adj} :: excise, duty, customs (attributive)
dazibao {m} :: dazibao
daziere {m} :: exciseman
dazio {m} :: tax, duty
dazio {m} :: customs
dazio {m} :: custom house
dazione {f} :: giving, conferring
d.C. {abbr} :: abbreviation of dopo Cristo AD (anno Domini)
D.C. {prop} :: abbreviation of Democrazia Cristiana
DC {prop} :: initialism of Democrazia Cristiana (Christian Democracy)
de- {prefix} :: Denoting:
de- {prefix} :: removal
de- {prefix} :: movement downwards; lowering
de- {prefix} :: privation; a-
de- {prefix} :: negation; un-
de- {prefix} :: intensifying
de- {prefix} [chemistry] :: Denoting subtraction of one or more atoms, radicals or molecules:
de {contraction} :: apocopic form of del
dea {f} :: goddess
dèa {f} :: goddess (all senses)
deacetilasi {f} [enzyme] :: deacetylase
deacetilazione {f} [organic chemistry] :: deacetylation
deacidificante {adj} :: deacidifying
deacidificante {v} :: present participle of deacidificare
deacidificare {vt} :: to deacidify
deacilato {adj} [organic chemistry] :: deacylated
deaerazione {f} :: deaeration
deafferentazione {f} :: deafferentation
deaggettivale {adj} :: deadjectival
deambulante {v} :: present participle of deambulare
deambulante {adj} :: ambulatory
deambulante {adj} :: walking
deambulare {vi} :: to walk
deambulatore {m} :: walker, walking frame (for people with walking difficulties)
deambulatorio {m} [architecture] :: ambulatory
deambulazione {f} :: walking about
De Amicis {prop} :: surname
De Amicis {prop} :: Edmondo De Amicis, Italian writer
deaminasi {f} [enzyme] :: deaminase
deaminato {adj} [organic chemistry] :: deaminated
deaminazione {f} [organic chemistry] :: deamination
deamplificazione {f} [physics, genetics] :: deamplification (of a signal or of DNA)
deandreiano {adj} [music] :: Of or pertaining to Italian singer-songwriter Fabrizio De André (1940–1999) or his music
deasfaltizzazione {f} :: deasphalting
deaspirazione {f} [linguistics] :: deaspiration (loss of an aspirated sound)
deattivante {v} :: present participle of deattivare
deattivare {v} :: To deactivate
deattivato {adj} :: self-appointed
deattivazione {f} :: deactivation
deavverbiale {adj} :: deadverbal
deb {f} :: deb, debutante
debbiante {v} :: present participle of debbiare
debbiare {vt} :: To burn stubble after the wheat harvest
debbio {m} :: stubble-burning
debbio {m} :: slash and burn (agricultural technique of clearing land by cutting the vegetation and burning it in situ)
debbio {m} :: swidden (land thus cleared)
debellante {v} :: present participle of debellare
debellare {vt} :: To defeat
debellare {vt} :: To eradicate
debellazione {f} :: defeat
debellazione {f} :: eradication
debile {adj} [obsolete] :: weak
debilità {f} :: weakness
debilitamento {m} :: weakening, enfeeblement, debilitation
debilitante {v} :: present participle of debilitare
debilitante {adj} :: debilitating
debilitantesi {v} :: present participle of debilitarsi
debilitare {vt} :: to debilitate
debilitarsi {vr} :: To become debilitated
debilitato {adj} :: debilitated
debilitatosi {v} :: past participle of debilitarsi
debilitazione {f} :: debilitation
debitamente {adv} :: properly
debitamente {adv} :: duly
debito {adj} :: due, proper
debito {m} :: debt
debitore {m} :: debtor
debitorio {adj} :: debt (attributive)
debitrice {f} :: debtor (female)
debole {adj} :: weak, dim, faint
debole {mf} :: weakling
debole {m} :: weakness
debolezza {f} :: weakness
debolissimamente {adv} :: very weakly, very faintly, very feebly
debolissimo {adj} :: Very weak, very faint, very feeble
debolmente {adv} :: weakly
debolmente {adv} :: dimly, faintly
deboluccio {adj} :: Somewhat weak or feeble
Debora {prop} :: Deborah [biblical character]
Debora {prop} :: given name
debordante {v} :: present participle of debordare
debordare {vi} :: To overflow or flood
debosciato {adj} :: debauched
debosciato {m} :: debauchee
debraiata {f} :: declutching
débrayage {m} :: declutching
debuccalizzazione {f} [phonetics] :: debuccalization
debuttante {mf} :: beginner, novice
debuttare {vi} [takes avere as its auxiliary] :: to make one's debut, to debut
debuttare {vi} [takes avere as its auxiliary] :: to begin, to start out
debutto {m} :: debut
deca- {prefix} :: deca-
deca {f} :: decade
deca {f} [obsolete] :: A 10,000 lire banknote
decabrista {m} :: Decembrist
decacorde {adj} [music] :: ten-string
decade {f} :: a decade, a period of ten days
decadente {adj} :: decadent
decadentismo {m} :: decadence
decadentista {m} :: decadent (person)
decadentistico {adj} :: decadent
decadenza {f} :: decline
decadenza {f} :: decadence
decadere {vi} :: To decline or lapse
decadico {adj} :: decadal
decadimento {m} :: lowering
decadimento {m} :: decline
decadimento {m} :: diminution
decaduto {adj} :: impoverished
decaduto {adj} :: lapsed
decaedrico {adj} :: decahedral
decaedro {m} :: decahedron
decaffeinante {v} :: present participle of decaffeinare
decaffeinare {vt} :: to decaffeinate
decaffeinato {adj} :: decaffeinated
decaffeinazione {f} :: decaffeination
decaffeinizazione {f} :: decaffeination
decaffeinizzante {v} :: present participle of decaffeinizzare
decaffeinizzare {vt} :: alternative form of decaffeinare
decaffeinizzato {adj} :: decaffeinated
decaffeinizzazione {f} :: decaffeination (Variant of: decaffeinazione)
decagonale {adj} :: decagonal
decagono {m} :: decagon
decagramma {m} :: decagram (Variant of: decagrammo)
decagrammo {m} [unit of measure] :: decagramme, decagram
decalage {m} :: A difference between two elements
decalage {m} :: lift (of an aircraft)
decalage {m} :: decalage
decalcabile {m} :: transfer, decal
decalcante {v} :: present participle of decalcare
decalcare {vt} :: To trace
decalcare {v} :: to transfer
decalcare {vt} :: To convey the impression of (something) from one surface to another
decalcificante {v} :: present participle of decalcificare
decalcificare {vt} :: to decalcify
decalcificatore {m} :: decalcifier
decalcificazione {f} :: decalcification
decalcomania {f} :: transfer (that puts a design on the skin)
decalcomania {f} :: decal
decalcomania {f} :: decalcomania
decalina {f} [organic compound] :: decalin (decahydronaphthalene)
decalitro {m} :: decalitre / decaliter
decalogo {m} :: Decalogue (all senses)
Decameron {prop} :: Decameron (collection of 100 novellas by Boccaccio)
Decamerone {prop} :: alt form Decameron
decametro {m} :: decametre / decameter
decampamento {m} :: decampment, decamping
decampante {v} :: present participle of decampare
decampare {vi} :: To decamp
decanapulatura {f} :: separation of the fibres of hemp shives
decanapulazione {f} :: separation of the fibres of hemp shives
decanato {m} :: deanery
decano {m} [religion] :: dean
decano {m} :: doyen
decano {m} [organic compound] :: decane
decanoico {adj} [organic chemistry] :: decanoic
decanolo {m} [organic compound] :: decanol
decantante {v} :: present participle of decantare
decantare {vt} :: To praise or sing the praises
decantare {vt} :: To settle, to decant, to rack, to purify
decantare {vi} [chemistry] :: To settle
decantato {adj} :: praised, extolled
decantato {adj} :: decanted, settled
decantatore {m} :: settler, decanter (vessel)
decantazione {f} :: settling, decantation, racking
decapaggio {m} :: stripping, pickling
decapante {v} :: present participle of decapare
decapare {vt} :: to strip or pickle (metals)
decapitante {v} :: present participle of decapitare
decapitare {vt} :: To decapitate or behead
decapitazione {f} :: decapitation, beheading
decapode {m} :: decapod
decapottabile {adj} :: convertible (car; variant of decappottabile)
decapottabile {f} :: convertible (car; variant of decappottabile)
decappottabile {adj} :: convertible (car)
decappottabile {f} :: convertible, cabriolet (car)
decappottante {v} :: present participle of decappottare
decappottare {vt} :: To put the top down (of a convertible car)
decapsulazione {f} :: decapsulation
decarbossilante {v} :: present participle of decarbossilare
decarbossilare {vt} [organic chemistry] :: to decarboxylate
decarbossilasi {f} [enzyme] :: decarboxylase
decarbossilato {adj} :: decarboxylated
decarbossilazione {f} [organic chemistry] :: decarboxylation
decarburante {v} :: present participle of decarburare
decarburare {vt} :: To decarburize or decarbonize
decarburazione {f} :: decarburization, decarbonization
decarliano {adj} :: Relating to, or characteristic of the Italian architect Giancarlo De Carlo
decartellizzazione {f} :: decartelization (the breaking-up of a cartel)
decasillabo {m} :: (in classical Italian verse) A line of verse containing ten syllables
decastilo {adj} :: decastyle (attributive)
decathlon {m} [athletics] :: decathlon
decatissaggio {m} :: decating, decatizing
decatizzante {v} :: present participle of decatizzare
decatizzare {vt} :: To decatize
decatleta {m} [athletics] :: decathlete (male)
decatleta {f} [athletics] :: decathlete (female)
decatlon {m} :: decathlon
decauville {f} :: Decauville railway
d'eccezione {adj} :: exceptional, special, extraordinary
decedente {v} :: present participle of decedere
decedere {vi} :: to die
deceduto {adj} :: deceased
decelerante {v} :: present participle of decelerare
decelerare {vit} :: to decelerate, slow down
decelerato {adj} :: decelerated, slowed down
deceleratore {adj} :: decelerating
decelerazione {f} :: deceleration, slowing down
decempeda {f} [historical, Ancient Rome] :: A unit of length equal to 10 Roman feet (2,956 m)
decemvirato {m} :: decemvirate
decennale {adj} :: ten-yearly, decennial
decennale {m} :: Tenth anniversary; decennial
decenne {adj} :: ten years old
decennio {m} :: decade
decente {adj} :: decent, decorous, seemly
decente {adj} :: proper
decente {adj} :: reasonable
decente {adj} :: chaste
decentemente {adv} :: decently
decentralizzante {v} :: present participle of decentralizzare
decentralizzare {vt} :: to decentralize
decentralizzare {vt} :: to devolve
decentralizzazione {f} :: decentralization
decentralizzazione {f} :: devolution
decentramento {m} :: decentralization
decentramento {m} :: devolution
decentrante {v} :: present participle of decentrare
decentrare {vt} :: to decentralize
decentrare {vt} :: to devolve
decentrato {adj} :: decentralized
decentratore {adj} :: decentralizing
decenza {f} :: decency, propriety
decerebrante {v} :: present participle of decerebrare
decerebrare {vt} :: To decerebrate
decerebrazione {f} :: decerebration
decernente {v} :: present participle of decernere
decernere {v} :: To choose, decide
decernere {v} :: To decree
decespugliamento {m} :: brushcutting
decespugliamento {m} :: strimming
decespugliante {v} :: present participle of decespugliare
decespugliare {vt} :: To clear undergrowth (from)
decespugliatore {m} :: string trimmer, strimmer, edge trimmer
decespugliatore {m} :: brush cutter
decespugliatrice {f} :: alternative form of decespugliatore
decesso {m} :: death, decease
decettivo {adj} :: deceptive, misleading
decevolmente {adv} :: alternative form of dicevolmente
decezione {f} :: deception
De Chirico {prop} :: surname
De Chirico {prop} :: Giorgio De Chirico, Italian painter
deci- {prefix} :: deci-
decibel {m} :: decibel
decidente {v} :: present participle of decidere
decidentesi {v} :: present participle of decidersi
decidere {vt} :: to decide (on), fix, arrange, determine
decidere {vt} :: to choose or decide (on)
decidere {vt} :: to settle, decide or resolve
decidere {vt} :: to decide, make up one's mind
decidersi {v} :: reflexive of decidere
decidersi {vr} :: to make a decision; to make up one's mind
decidibile {adj} :: decidable
decidibile {adj} :: resolvable
decidibilità {f} :: decidability
decidua {f} [anatomy] :: decidua
deciduale {adj} :: decidual
deciduo {adj} [botany] :: deciduous
deciferante {v} :: present participle of deciferare
deciferare {vt} :: To decode, decipher or work out (Variant of: decifrare)
deciferatore {m} [obsolete] :: Variant of decifratore
decifrabile {adj} :: decipherable, legible
deciframento {m} :: deciphering, decoding
decifrare {vt} :: To decode or decipher or work out
decifrato {adj} :: decoded, deciphered
decifratore {m} :: decipherer
decifratore {m} :: codebreaker
decifrazione {f} :: decoding, deciphering
decigrado {m} :: decigrade
decigramma {m} :: decigram (Variant of: decigrammo)
decigrammo {m} :: decigram
decile {m} [mathematics] :: decile
decile {m} [organic chemistry] :: decyl
decilitro {m} :: decilitre / deciliter
decima {f} :: tithe
decima {f} :: feminine noun of decimo
decimale {adj} :: decimal
decimale {m} :: decimal
decimalizzante {v} :: present participle of decimalizzare
decimalizzare {vt} :: to decimalize
decimalizzazione {f} :: decimalization
decimante {v} :: present participle of decimare
decimare {vt} :: To decimate
decimazione {f} :: decimation
decimetro {m} :: decimetre / decimeter
decimilionesimo {adj} :: ten-millionth
decimilionesimo {m} :: ten-millionth (fraction)
decimilionesimo {m} :: ten-millionth (one in 10,000,000th position)
decimillesimo {adj} :: ten thousandth
decimillesimo {m} [ordinal numbers] :: ten thousandth
decimo {adj} :: tenth
decimo {m} :: tenth (the one in tenth position)
decimo {m} :: tenth (fraction)
decimonono {adj} :: alternative form of diciannovesimo
decimoprimo {adj} [rare, old-fashioned] :: eleventh
decimoquarto {adj} :: Variant of quattordicesimo
decimosecondo {adj} [rare, old-fashioned] :: twelfth
decimosecondo {m} [rare, old-fashioned] :: twelfth (the one in twelfth position)
decimosecondo {m} [rare, old-fashioned] :: twelfth (fraction)
decimosesto {adj} [rare] :: sixteenth
decimosettimo {adj} [rare] :: seventeenth
decimoterzo {adj} :: Variant of tredicesimo
decimottavo {adj} [rare] :: eighteenth
decina {f} :: A quantity of ten or so things
decina {f} [in plural] :: The tens column (of a decimal number)
decina {f} [especially in plural] :: dozen(s)
decina {f} :: A group of ten men
decina {f} :: An established and authorized branch of an existing crime family geographically distinct from the main body of the family
decisamente {adv} :: decidedly, definitely, positively, strongly, indeed
decisamente {adv} :: decisively, resolutely
decisionale {adj} :: decisional (all senses)
decisionalità {f} :: decision-making ability
decisione {f} :: decision
decisione {f} :: decisiveness
decisionismo {m} :: decisionism
decisionista {adj} :: decisionist
decisionista {mf} :: decisionist
decisionista {mf} :: policy-maker
decisissimo {adj} :: Very determinate, very firm, very resolute
decisivamente {adv} :: decisively
decisività {f} :: decisiveness
decisivo {adj} :: decisive
decisivo {adj} :: deciding (factor etc)
deciso {adj} :: determined, resolute or firm
decisore {m} :: decider (person)
decisorio {adj} :: decisive
decisosi {v} :: past participle of decidersi
deck {m} :: tape deck
declamante {v} :: present participle of declamare
declamare {vt} :: to declaim
declamatore {m} :: declaimer, reciter (of poetry)
declamatorio {adj} :: declamatory
declamazione {f} :: declamation
declamazione {f} :: oratory
declaratoria {f} :: declaration
declaratorio {adj} :: declaratory
declaratorio {adj} :: bombastic
declassamento {m} :: downgrading
declassante {v} :: present participle of declassare
declassare {vt} :: To downgrade
declassazione {f} :: degrading
declassazione {f} :: downgrading
declassificante {v} :: present participle of declassificare
declassificare {v} :: To declassify
declassificato {adj} :: declassified
declinabile {adj} [grammar] :: declinable
declinabilità {f} [grammar] :: Property of being declinable
declinante {v} :: present participle of declinare
declinare {vi} :: to slope downward; to decline
declinare {vt} :: to decline a verb
declinare {vt} :: to decline or turn down something
declinatorio {adj} [legal] :: declinatory
declinazione {f} :: declination (all senses)
declinismo {m} [finance] :: The decline in the dollar as an international currency
declino {m} :: decline
declinometro {m} :: declinometer
declivio {m} :: declivity (downward slope)
declività {f} :: declivity
declorante {v} :: present participle of declorare
declorare {vt} :: To dechlorinate
declorazione {f} :: dechlorination
declorurazione {f} :: dechlorination
decocente {v} :: present participle of decuocere
decodificabile {adj} :: decodable
decodificante {v} :: present participle of decodificare
decodificare {vt} :: to decode
decodificatore {m} :: decoder
decodificatore {m} :: set-top box
decodificazione {f} :: decodification, decoding
decoerenza {f} [physics] :: decoherence
decollante {v} :: present participle of decollare
decollare {vi} [of an aircraft or its passengers] :: to take off
decollazione {f} :: decollation, beheading
décolleté {adj} :: having a low neckline
décolleté {m} :: A low neckline
décolleté {m} :: cleavage
decollo {m} :: takeoff (of an aircraft etc)
decolonizzante {v} :: present participle of decolonizzare
decolonizzare {vt} :: to decolonize
decolonizzazione {f} :: decolonization
decolorante {adj} :: decolorizing, bleaching
decolorante {m} :: decolorizing agent, bleach
decolorare {v} :: to decolorize
decolorare {v} :: to bleach (the hair)
decolorazione {f} :: decoloration / decolouration
decolorazione {f} :: bleaching
decombente {adj} [botany] :: decumbent
decompartimentante {v} :: present participle of decompartimentare
decompartimentare {v} :: To decompartmentalize
decompartimentazione {f} :: decompartmentalization
decompilante {v} :: present participle of decompilare
decompilare {vt} [computing] :: to decompile
decompilato {adj} :: decompiled
decomponente {v} :: present participle of decomporre
decomponibile {adj} :: decomposable
decomponibilità {f} :: decomposability
decomporre {vt} :: to decompose
decomporsi {vr} :: To decompose
decompositore {m} [ecology] :: decomposer
decomposizione {f} :: decomposition
decompressimetro {m} :: dive computer
decompressione {m} :: decompression
decompressore {m} [computing] :: decompressor
decomprimente {v} :: present participle of decomprimere
decomprimere {vt} :: to decompress
deconcentrante {v} :: present participle of deconcentrare
deconcentrantesi {v} :: present participle of deconcentrarsi
deconcentrare {vt} :: To make somebody lose his concentration
deconcentrarsi {vr} :: To lose one's concentration
deconcentratosi {v} :: past participle of deconcentrarsi
deconcentrazione {f} :: loss of concentration
decondizionamento {m} :: deconditioning
decondizionante {v} :: present participle of decondizionare
decondizionare {vt} :: To decondition
decongelamento {m} :: defrosting
decongelamento {m} :: thawing
decongelante {v} :: present participle of decongelare
decongelare {v} :: to defrost
decongelazione {f} :: defrosting
decongelazione {f} :: thawing
decongestionamento {m} :: decongestion (relief or easing of congestion)
decongestionante {v} :: present participle of decongestionare
decongestionante {adj} :: decongestant
decongestionante {m} [pharmacology] :: decongestant
decongestionantesi {v} :: present participle of decongestionarsi
decongestionare {vt} :: To decongest
decongestionarsi {vr} :: To decongest
decongestionatosi {v} :: past participle of decongestionarsi
decongestione {f} :: decongestion (relief or easing of congestion)
decontaminante {v} :: present participle of decontaminare
decontaminare {vt} :: To decontaminate
decontaminazione {f} :: decontamination
decontestualizzante {v} :: present participle of decontestualizzare
decontestualizzare {vt} :: to decontextualize
decontestualizzazione {f} :: decontextualization
decontraente {v} :: present participle of decontrarre
decontrarre {vt} :: to relax
decontrarre {vt} :: to unclench
decontratto {adj} :: relaxed
decontratto {adj} :: unclenched
decontrazione {f} :: relaxing, relaxation
decontribuzione {f} :: A reduction in the amount of social security contributions of a worker under certain circumstances
decorare {v} :: to decorate (all meanings)
decorare {vt} :: to spiff up
decoratissimo {adj} :: superlative of decorato
decorativamente {adv} :: decoratively
decorativismo {m} [arts] :: preponderance of decoration
decorativo {adj} :: decorative
decorato {adj} :: decorated
decoratore {m} :: decorator (especially interior)
decoratore {m} :: set designer (in a theatre)
decoratrice {f} :: Feminine of decoratore
decorazione {f} :: decoration
decorazione {f} :: trimming
decornazione {f} :: dehorning
decoro {adj} [obsolete, literary] :: dignified, fair, elegant
decoro {m} :: decorum
decoro {m} :: dignity
decoro {m} [figurative] :: prestige
decoro {m} [theater] :: set, location
decorosamente {adv} :: decorously
decoroso {adj} :: dignified, decorous
decoroso {adj} :: decent
decorrente {v} :: present participle of decorrere
decorrente {adj} :: effective (from)
decorrenza {f} :: The date or time from which something is in effect
decorrere {vi} :: To have effect (from)
decorso {m} :: course (of a sickness)
decortica {f} :: decortication, decorticating
decorticante {v} :: present participle of decorticare
decorticare {vt} :: To decorticate
decorticare {vt} :: To hull
decorticato {adj} :: decorticated
decorticato {adj} :: hulled
decorticazione {f} :: decortication
decostruente {v} :: present participle of decostruire
decostruire {vt} :: To deconstruct
decostruttivismo {m} :: deconstructivism
decostruzione {f} :: deconstruction
decostruzionismo {m} :: deconstructionism (literary)
decostruzionista {mf} :: deconstructionist (literary)
decotto {m} :: decoction
decoupage {m} [cinematography] :: cutting
decoupage {m} :: decoupage
decozione {f} :: decoction
decozione {f} :: insolvency, bankruptcy
decrementante {v} :: present participle of decrementare
decrementare {v} :: To decrease
decrementare {v} [maths] :: To decrement
decremento {m} :: decrease, diminution
decremento {m} :: decrement
decrepità {f} :: decrepitude
decrepitazione {f} :: decrepitation
decrepitezza {f} :: decrepitude
decrepito {adj} :: decrepit
decrescente {v} :: present participle of decrescere
decrescente {adj} [mathematics] :: decreasing (function)
decrescenza {f} :: decrease, diminution, wane
decrescere {vi} :: to decrease, go down, wane or ebb
decrescita {f} :: degrowth
decretale {adj} :: decretal
decretante {v} :: present participle of decretare
decretare {v} :: to decree, to order
decretare {v} :: to confer, to award, to give
decretazione {f} :: decreeing
decreto {m} :: decree
decriminalizzante {v} :: present participle of decriminalizzare
decriminalizzare {vt} :: to decriminalize
decriminalizzazione {f} :: decriminalization
decriptaggio {m} :: decryption
decriptante {v} :: present participle of decriptare
decriptare {vt} :: Variant of decrittare
decriptatore {m} :: Variant of decrittatore
decriptatore {m} :: Variant of decrittatore
decriptazione {f} :: decryption, decoding, deciphering (Variant of decrittazione)
decrittante {v} :: present participle of decrittare
decrittare {vt} :: To decrypt
decrittatore {m} :: decrypter (device)
decrittatore {m} :: decrypter (person)
decrittazione {f} :: decryption, decoding, deciphering
decubito {m} :: To lie down. To recline
decumano {m} [Ancient Rome] :: street that ran East-West in a Roman town
decuocente {v} :: present participle of decuocere
decuocere {vti} :: to decoct
decuplicante {v} :: present participle of decuplicare
decuplicantesi {v} :: present participle of decuplicarsi
decuplicare {vt} :: to multiply by ten
decuplicare {vt} :: to increase considerably
decuplicarsi {vr} :: To increase considerably (literally by a factor of ten)
decuplicatosi {v} :: past participle of decuplicarsi
decuplicazione {f} :: tenfold increase
decuplo {adj} :: tenfold, decuple
decuplo {m} :: decuple
decuria {f} :: decury
decurione {m} :: decurion
decurtabile {adj} :: reducible
decurtante {v} :: present participle of decurtare
decurtare {vt} :: To reduce, curtail, dock
decurtazione {f} :: reduction, cut
decussato {adj} :: decussate
decussazione {f} :: decussation
decusse {f} :: decussate cross
decusse {f} [heraldiccharge] :: saltire
dedalo {m} :: maze, labyrinth
Dedalo {prop} :: Daedalus
dedica {f} :: dedication
dedica {f} :: posy (A motto inscribed inside a ring)
dedicabile {adj} :: That can be dedicated
dedicantesi {v} :: present participle of dedicarsi
dedicare {vt} :: To dedicate
dedicarsi {v} :: reflexive of dedicare
dedicarsi {v} :: to devote oneself to, apply oneself to
dedicatario {adj} :: dedicatory
dedicatorio {adj} :: dedicatory
dedicatosi {v} :: past participle of dedicarsi
dedicazione {f} :: dedication (all senses)
dedifferenziazione {f} [biology] :: dedifferentiation
deditamente {adv} :: dedicatedly
deditamente {adv} :: devotedly
dedito {adj} :: dedicated to
dedito {adj} :: devoted "to"
dedito {adj} :: addicted to
dedizione {f} :: dedication
dedizione {f} :: devotion
dedottosi {v} :: past participle of dedursi
deducente {v} :: present participle of dedurre
deducentesi {v} :: present participle of dedursi
deducibile {adj} :: deductible
deducibile {adj} :: deducible, inferable
deducibilità {f} :: deductibility
deducibilità {f} :: deducibility
dedurre {vt} :: To deduce or infer something
dedursi {vr} :: To adapt oneself (to changes)
deduttivamente {adv} :: deductively
deduttivo {adj} :: deductive
deduzione {f} :: deduction
defacciante {v} :: present participle of defacciare
defacciare {v} [Internet] :: To deface (a website)
defaillance {f} :: momentary lapse
defaillance {f} :: collapse, crisis
defalcabile {adj} :: deductible
defalcante {v} :: present participle of defalcare
defalcare {vt} :: To deduct
defalcazione {f} :: deduction, cut, subtraction
defascistizzante {v} :: present participle of defascistizzare
defascistizzare {vt} :: To purge of fascists
defascistizzazione {f} :: purge of fascists
defaticamento {m} [sports] :: cooling down, warming down
defaticante {adj} :: That does not tire or weary one
defatigante {adj} :: wearying, wearisome
defatigatorio {adj} :: dilatory
defatigazione {f} :: defatigation
De Fazio {prop} :: surname
defecante {v} :: present participle of defecare
defecare {vi} :: to defecate
defecare {vt} :: to refine (chemistry)
defecatorio {adj} :: defecatory
defecazione {f} :: defecation (all senses)
defecografia {f} :: defecography
De Felice {prop} :: surname
defenestrante {v} :: present participle of defenestrare
defenestrare {v} :: to throw something or someone out of a window; to defenestrate
defenestrare {v} :: to remove someone from office
defenestrazione {f} :: defenestration
defenestrazione {f} :: dismissal from office
defensina {f} [protein] :: defensin
defensionale {adj} [legal] :: defence (attributive)
deferente {adj} :: deferential
deferentectomia {f} [surgery] :: vasectomy, deferentectomy
deferentemente {adv} :: deferentially
deferenza {f} :: deference
deferenziale {adj} [anatomy] :: deferential
deferimento {m} :: referral
deferire {v} :: to refer (something to)
deferrizzazione {f} :: deferrization
defettibile {adj} :: defectible, imperfect
defetto {m} :: alternative form of difetto
defettologia {f} :: defectology (part of psychology that studies learning difficulties etc)
defezionante {v} :: present participle of defezionare
defezionare {vi} :: to defect
defezionare {vi} :: to desert (military)
defezione {f} :: defection
defezione {f} :: desertion
defezionista {mf} :: defector
defibrillante {v} :: present participle of defibrillare
defibrillare {vi} :: To defibrillate
defibrillatore {m} [medicine] :: defibrillator
defibrillazione {f} [medicine] :: defibrillation
defibrinazione {f} :: defibrination
deficiente {adj} :: [followed by di] deficient (in)
deficiente {adj} :: half-witted
deficiente {mf} :: half-wit
deficiente {mf} :: moron, clot
deficienza {f} :: deficiency
deficienza {f} :: shortage
deficienza {f} :: weakness
deficit {m} :: deficit (financial, medical)
deficitario {adj} :: in deficit
defiggente {v} :: present participle of defiggere
defiggere {vt} :: To tear or rip out
defilamento {m} :: defilade
defilante {v} :: present participle of defilarsi
defilantesi {v} :: present participle of defilarsi
defilare {vt} :: To defilade
defilarsi {vr} :: to slip away or slip off
defilatosi {v} :: past participle of defilarsi
defilé {m} :: fashion show
defilé {m} [by extension] :: parade
defilè {m} :: fashion show
défilé {m} :: fashion parade
definanziamento {m} :: disinvestment (reduction in financing)
definente {v} :: present participle of definire
definentesi {v} :: present participle of definirsi
definibile {adj} :: definable
definire {vt} :: to define, resolve
definirsi {v} :: reflexive of definire
definirsi {vr} :: to declare or reveal oneself [to be something]
definitamente {adv} :: definedly (in a defined manner)
definitamente {adv} :: sharply (in a clear cut manner)
definitezza {f} :: definiteness
definitivamente {adv} :: finally, once and for all
definitivamente {adv} :: definitely
definitività {f} :: definitiveness
definitivo {adj} :: final
definitivo {adj} :: definitive
definito {adj} :: definite, defined, determinate
definito {adj} :: clear cut, sharp
definitore {m} :: definer
definitorio {adj} :: definitional
definitosi {v} :: past participle of definirsi
definizione {f} :: definition
defiscalizzante {v} :: present participle of defiscalizzare
defiscalizzare {vt} :: to exempt from taxation
defiscalizzato {adj} :: exempt from taxation
defiscalizzazione {f} :: exemption (from tax)
deflagrante {v} :: present participle of deflagrare
deflagrante {adj} :: exploding
deflagrante {adj} :: deflagrating
deflagrare {vi} :: To explode
deflagrare {v} :: to deflagrate
deflagratore {m} :: deflagrator
deflagrazione {f} :: explosion
deflagrazione {f} :: deflagration, conflagration
deflativo {adj} :: alternative spelling of deflattivo
deflatore {m} :: deflator
deflatorio {adj} :: deflationary
deflattivo {adj} :: deflationary
deflazionante {v} :: present participle of deflazionare
deflazionare {v} :: to deflate (economics)
deflazione {f} :: deflation (economics)
deflazionista {mf} :: deflationist
deflazionistico {adj} :: deflationary
deflegmazione {f} :: dephlegmation
deflemmante {v} :: present participle of deflemmare
deflemmare {vt} [obsolete, chemistry] :: to dephlegmate
deflemmatore {m} [obsolete, chemistry] :: dephlegmator
deflemmazione {m} [obsolete, chemistry] :: dephlegmation
deflessione {f} :: deflection
deflettente {v} :: present participle of deflettere
deflettere {vi} :: To deflect
deflettore {m} :: deflector
deflettore {m} :: quarter light
deflocculazione {f} :: deflocculation
deflogisticato {adj} [chemistry] :: dephlogisticated
deflorante {v} :: present participle of deflorare
deflorare {vt} :: to deflower
deflorazione {f} :: deflowering
deflorazione {f} :: defloration
defluente {v} :: present participle of defluire
defluenza {f} :: downflow
defluire {vi} :: to flow away (from), or out (of)
defluorurato {adj} :: defluorinated
deflusso {m} :: flow, outflow
deflusso {m} :: ebb (of the tide)
defogliante {adj} :: defoliant (attributive); defoliating
defogliante {m} :: defoliant
defogliante {v} :: present participle of defogliare
defogliare {vt} :: To defoliate
defogliazione {f} :: defoliation
defoliante {v} :: present participle of defoliare
defoliare {vt} :: Variant of defogliare
defoliazione {f} :: Variant of defogliazione
defonologizzazione {f} [linguistics] :: dephonologization
deforestante {v} :: present participle of deforestare
deforestare {vt} :: To deforest
deforestazione {f} :: deforestation
deformabile {adj} :: deformable
deformabilità {f} :: deformability
deformante {adj} :: deforming
deformante {adj} :: distorting (mirror, lens etc)
deformantesi {v} :: present participle of deformarsi
deformare {vt} :: To deform or warp; to distort
deformarsi {vr} :: To get deformed, to contort, to get twisted
deformativo {adj} :: deformative, deforming
deformatosi {v} :: past participle of deformarsi
deformazione {f} :: deformation
deformazione {f} :: warp
deforme {adj} :: deformed
deforme {adj} :: misshapen
deforme {adj} :: hideous (because of ugliness)
deformemente {adv} :: misshapenly, hideously
deformità {f} :: deformity
defosfatazione {f} :: phosphorus removal (usually from wastewater)
defosforante {v} :: present participle of defosforare
defosforare {vt} :: To dephosphorize
defosforazione {f} :: dephosphorization
defosforilante {v} :: present participle of defosforilare
defosforilare {v} :: To dephosphorylate
defosforilato {adj} :: dephosphorylated
defosforilazione {f} [biochemistry] :: dephosphorylation
deframmentante {v} :: present participle of deframmentare
deframmentare {vt} [computing] :: to defragment
deframmentazione {f} [computing] :: defragmentation
defraudante {v} :: present participle of defraudare
defraudare {vt} :: to cheat, swindle or defraud
defraudatore {m} :: fraudster, cheat
defraudazione {f} :: defrauding, cheating
defungente {v} :: present participle of defungere
defungere {vi} [literary] :: to die
defunta {f} :: deceased (female person)
defunto {adj} :: dead, defunct
defunto {adj} [figurative, of things] :: dead, defunct, past
defunto {m} :: deceased [male]
degasaggio {m} :: degassing, degasification
degasatore {m} :: degasser, deaerator
degasazione {f} :: degassing, deaerating
degassamento {m} :: degassing
degassante {v} :: present participle of degassare
degassare {v} :: to degas
degassificante {v} :: present participle of degassificare
degassificare {vt} :: to degas, outgas
degassificazione {f} :: degassing, outgassing
degeminazione {f} :: degemination
degenerante {v} :: present participle of degenerare
degenerare {vt} :: to degenerate something
degenerare {vi} :: to degenerate into something
degenerata {f} :: degenerate (female)
degenerativo {adj} :: degenerative (of a medical condition)
degenerato {adj} :: degenerate
degenerato {m} :: degenerate (male)
degenerazione {f} :: degeneration
degenerazione {f} :: deterioration
degenere {adj} :: degenerate
degente {adj} :: bedridden
degente {mf} :: patient, in-patient
degenza {f} :: A stay in hospital
deglassare {v} [cooking] :: To deglaze
deglobalizzare {vt} :: To deglobalize
deglobalizzazione {f} :: deglobalization
deglutente {v} :: present participle of deglutire
deglutinazione {f} :: deglutination
deglutire {v} :: to swallow
deglutizione {f} :: swallowing
degnamente {adv} :: worthily, properly, fittingly, agreeably
degnante {v} :: present participle of degnare
degnantesi {v} :: present participle of degnarsi
degnare {v} :: to deign to
degnarsi {vr} :: To deign, to condescend, to bother, to talk down, to patronize
degnatosi {v} :: past participle of degnarsi
degnazione {f} :: condescension
degnissimo {adj} :: Very worthy, very worth, very deserving
degnissimo {adj} :: Very admirable, very respectable
degnità {f} :: worthiness
degno {adj} :: worthy, deserving
degno {adj} :: eligible, suitable
degno {adj} :: admirable, respectable
degno di nota {v} :: worthy of note
degradabile {adj} :: degradable
degradabilità {f} :: degradability
degradamento {m} :: degradation
degradamento {m} :: downgrading
degradante {adj} :: degrading
degradante {adj} :: declining, sloping
degradantesi {v} :: present participle of degradarsi
degradare {v} :: to degrade
degradare {v} :: to downgrade
degradarsi {vr} :: To deteriorate or degrade
degradarsi {vr} :: To become degraded
degradatamente {adv} :: In a degraded or downgraded manner
degradativo {adj} :: degradative
degradato {adj} :: degraded
degradato {adj} :: downgraded
degradato {adj} :: demoted
degradatosi {v} :: past participle of degradarsi
degradazione {f} :: reduction (in rank), demotion
degradazione {f} :: debasement, abasement
degradazione {f} :: degradation (physical)
degranulazione {f} :: degranulation
degressivo {adj} :: degressive
degu {m} :: degu
degustabile {adj} :: tastable
degustante {v} :: present participle of degustare
degustare {vt} :: to taste, to sample, to savor
degustatore {m} :: taster (person who tastes wine etc for quality)
degustatrice {f} :: taster (woman who tastes wine etc for quality)
degustazione {f} :: sampling, tasting
deh {interj} [poetic, literary] :: Used to introduce a prayer or request or a wishful statement; ah!, oh!
dehoniano {m} :: dahonian (A member of the Sacerdoti del Sacro Cuore di Gesù)
Deianira {prop} [Greek mythology] :: Deianira
Deianira {prop} :: given name
deicida {adj} :: deicidal
deicida {f} :: deicide (person)
deicidio {m} :: deicide
Deidamia {prop} [Greek mythology] :: Deidamia
Deïdamìa {prop} :: medieval spelling of Deidamia
deidratante {v} :: present participle of deidratare
deidratare {vt} :: To dehydrate
deidratare {vt} :: To dewater
deidratasi {f} [enzyme] :: dehydratase
deidratazione {f} :: dehydration
deidrocolesterolo {m} [organic compound] :: dehydrocholesterol
deidrocongelazione {f} :: dehydrofreezing
deidrogenante {v} :: present participle of deidrogenare
deidrogenare {vt} :: To dehydrogenate
deidrogenasi {f} [enzyme] :: dehydrogenase
deidrogenazione {f} [chemistry] :: dehydrogenation
deiezione {f} :: dejection
deiezione {f} [in the plural] :: faeces, excrement
deificante {v} :: present participle of deificare
deificare {v} :: to deify
deificazione {f} :: deification
deiforme {adj} :: deiform, godlike
deindicizzante {v} :: present participle of deindicizzare
deindicizzare {vt} [economics] :: to stop applying indexation to
deindicizzato {adj} :: no longer index-linked
deindicizzazione {f} :: deindexation
deindustrializzante {v} :: present participle of deindustrializzare
deindustrializzare {vt} :: To deindustrialize
deindustrializzazione {f} :: deindustrialization
Deino {prop} [Greek mythology] :: Deino, one of the Graeae
deintegrazione {f} :: deintegration
deiodinasi {m} [enzyme] :: deiodinase
deionizzante {v} :: present participle of deionizzare
deionizzare {vt} :: to deionize
deionizzato {adj} :: deionized
deionizzazione {f} :: deionization
deiscente {adj} [botany] :: dehiscent
deiscenza {f} [botany] :: dehiscence
deismo {m} :: deism
deissi {f} :: deixis
deistico {adj} :: deistic
deità {f} [literary] :: godhood, divinity
deità {f} [literary] :: deity, god, divinity
deitade {f} :: obsolete form of deità
deitate {f} :: alternative form of deitade
deittico {adj} :: deictic
del {contraction} :: contraction of di il; of the, from the (+ a masculine noun in singular)
delatore {m} :: informer, spy
delatore {m} :: sycophant
delatorio {adj} :: informing
delatorio {adj} :: slanderous, defamatory
delatrice {f} :: (female) informer, spy
delazione {f} :: The act of informing on someone
del caso {adv} :: necessary, relevant
del cazzo {adj} [vulgar] :: fucking (used an an intensifier)
del cuore {adj} :: favorite, best, bosom
delebile {adj} :: deletable, cancellable
Deledda {prop} :: surname
Deledda {prop} :: Grazia Deledda (1871–1936), Italian writer
deleddiano {adj} :: Of or pertating to Italian writer Grazia Deledda (1871–1936) or her writings
delega {f} :: proxy
delega {f} :: delegation, delegacy
delegabile {adj} :: delegable
delegante {v} :: present participle of delegare
delegare {v} :: to delegate
delegata {f} :: delegate (female)
delegatario {m} :: delegatee
delegato {adj} :: delegating
delegato {m} :: delegate
delegazione {f} :: delegation
delegificante {v} :: present participle of delegificare
delegificare {vt} :: to deregulate
delegificazione {f} :: deregulation
delegittimante {v} :: present participle of delegittimare
delegittimare {vt} :: To delegitimize
delegittimazione {f} :: delegitimization
deleterio {adj} :: toxic
deleterio {adj} :: harmful, dangerous
deleterio {adj} :: damaging, deleterious
deleto {adj} [obsolete, rare] :: erased, destroyed
deleto {adj} [genetics] :: removed due to deletion
delezione {f} [genetics] :: deletion (genetic mutation)
delezione {f} :: obsolete form of dilezione
Delfi {prop} :: Delphi
delfico {adj} :: Delphic
delfinaggio {m} :: dolphining
delfinario {m} :: dolphinarium
Delfinato {prop} :: Dauphiné (hystorical French region)
delfinio {m} :: delphinium
delfinista {mf} :: dolphin (form of butterfly stroke) swimmer
delfino {m} :: dolphin
delfino {m} :: dauphin
delfino {m} :: probable successor
delfino {m} [heraldiccharge] :: dolphin
Delfino {prop} :: given name
del genere {adj} :: like that; this kind of; that kind of
delibante {v} :: present participle of delibare
delibare {vt} :: to enjoy the taste (of food or drink) or a pleasant sensation
delibare {vt} [legal] :: to approve or confirm
delibazione {f} :: tasting, sampling
delibazione {f} [legal] :: exequatur
delibera {f} :: decision
delibera {f} :: resolution
deliberante {v} :: present participle of deliberare
deliberare {v} :: to deliberate
deliberare {v} :: to come to a decision on something
deliberatamente {adv} :: deliberately
deliberativo {adj} :: deliberative, deciding, resolving
deliberato {adj} :: deliberate, intentional
deliberazione {f} :: deliberation, resolution, decision
deliberazione {f} :: intention
delicatamente {adv} :: delicately
delicatamente {adv} :: finely
delicatamente {adv} :: softly
delicatamente {adv} :: gently
delicatezza {f} :: delicacy
delicatezza {f} :: frailty
delicatezza {f} :: gentleness
delicatezza {f} :: thoughtfulness
delicatezza {f} :: tactfulness
delicatissimo {adj} :: Very delicate or frail
delicatissimo {adj} :: Very gentle, mild or sensitive
delicatissimo {adj} :: Very thoughtful, considerate or tactful
delicato {adj} :: delicate
delicato {adj} :: frail
delicato {adj} :: sensitive
delicato {adj} :: gentle, mild
delicato {adj} :: thoughtful, considerate
delicato {adj} :: tactful
delimitabile {adj} :: delimitable; limitable
delimitabile {adj} :: definable
delimitante {v} :: present participle of delimitare
delimitante {adj} :: delimiting
delimitare {vt} :: to delimit
delimitatore {m} [computing] :: delimiter
delimitazione {f} :: delimitation
delineabile {adj} :: delineable
delineamento {m} :: delineation, outline
delineante {v} :: present participle of delineare
delineantesi {v} :: present participle of delinearsi
delineare {vt} :: To outline or delineate
delinearsi {v} :: reflexive of delineare
delinearsi {vr} :: to be outlined
delinearsi {vr} :: to emerge, take shape
delineato {adj} :: sketchy
delineatosi {v} :: past participle of delinearsi
delineazione {m} :: delineation, outline
delinquente {mf} :: delinquent, criminal
delinquente {mf} :: scoundrel, wretch
delinquenza {f} :: criminality, crime, delinquency
delinquenza minorile {n} [law] :: juvenile delinquency
delinquenziale {adj} :: delinquent (attributive)
delinquere {vi} :: to commit a crime
deliquere {f} :: solicitation
deliquescente {adj} :: deliquescent
deliquescenza {f} [chemistry] :: deliquescence
deliquescenza {f} :: languor, weakness
deliquio {m} :: swoon
delirante {adj} :: delirious
delirante {adj} :: frenzied
delirare {v} :: to be delirious
delirare {v} :: to rave
delirio {m} :: delirium
delirio {m} :: frenzy
deliro {adj} [poetic] :: delirious
delitto {m} :: crime, offence, felony, misdemeanour
delitto {m} :: murder, homicide
delitto {m} :: sin
delitto d'onore {m} :: honor killing
delittore {m} [law] :: synonym of delinquente
delittore {m} :: criminal, delinquent
delittuosamente {adv} :: criminally
delittuosità {f} :: criminality
delittuoso {adj} :: criminal
delizia {f} :: delight
deliziante {v} :: present participle of deliziare
deliziantesi {v} :: present participle of deliziarsi
deliziare {vt} :: To delight
deliziarsi {vr} :: To take delight in (doing) something
deliziatosi {v} :: past participle of deliziarsi
deliziosamente {adv} :: delightfully
deliziosamente {adv} :: deliciously
delizioso {adj} :: exquisite, delightful
delizioso {adj} :: delicious, exquisite
Delle Piane {prop} :: surname of a very ancient and noble aristocratic Ligurian family from the 12th to 20th centuries
delle volte {adv} :: sometimes, occasionally
Dellucci {prop} :: surname
Delo {prop} :: Delos
delocalizzante {v} :: present participle of delocalizzare
delocalizzare {vt} :: to outsource
delocalizzare {vt} :: to delocalize
delocalizzazione {f} [chemistry, physics] :: delocalization
delocalizzazione {f} :: outsourcing
delocalizzazione {f} :: relocation, offshoring
delomorfo {adj} [biology] :: delomorphous, delomorphic
De Lorenzo {prop} :: surname
del resto {adv} :: however, on the other hand, besides, anyway
del senno di poi son piene le fosse {proverb} [idiomatic] :: hindsight is 20/20
del senno di poi son piene le fosse {proverb} [idiomatic] :: twenty-twenty hindsight
delta {m} :: delta (all senses)
deltaplanista {m} :: Rider of a hang glider (male)
deltaplanista {f} :: Rider of a hang glider (female)
deltaplano {m} :: hang glider
deltazione {f} [geology] :: deltafication
deltizio {adj} :: delta (attributive); deltaic
deltoide {adj} :: deltoid
deltoide {m} :: deltoid (muscle)
del tutto {adv} :: fully, completely, totally, quite, entirely
De Luca {prop} :: surname
De Lucia {prop} :: surname
delucidante {v} :: present participle of delucidare
delucidare {vt} :: to elucidate
delucidazione {f} :: elucidation, explanation
deludente {v} :: present participle of deludere
deludente {adj} :: disappointing
deludentesi {v} :: present participle of deludersi
deludere {vt} :: to disappoint, let down
deludersi {vr} :: To be disappointed or disillusioned
delusione {f} :: disappointment
deluso {v} :: past participle of deludere
deluso {adj} :: disappointed
delusosi {v} :: past participle of deludersi
Del Vecchio {prop} :: surname
demagliabile {adj} :: unravelable
demagliazione {f} :: run, ladder (in stockings etc)
demagnetizzante {v} :: present participle of demagnetizzare
demagnetizzare {vt} :: To demagnetize
demagnetizzazione {f} :: demagnetization
demagoga {f} :: demagogue (female)
demagogia {f} :: demagogy
demagogicamente {adv} :: demagogically
demagogico {adj} :: demagogic
demagogo {m} :: demagogue
demandante {v} :: present participle of demandare
demandare {vt} :: To refer, submit or transfer
demaniale {adj} [attributive] :: state
demanialità {f} :: state ownership
demanializzante {v} :: present participle of demanializzare
demanializzare {v} :: to nationalize
demanializzazione {f} :: nationalization of private property
demanio {m} :: state property
démaquillage {m} :: makeup (cosmetic) removal
demarcante {v} :: present participle of demarcare
demarcare {vt} :: To demarcate
demarcatura {f} :: synonym of demarcazione
demarcazione {f} :: demarcation
De Marco {prop} :: surname
demasculazione {f} :: demasculinization
dematerializzazione {f} :: dematerialization
d'emblée {adv} :: straightaway, at once
demente {mf} :: lunatic
demenza {f} :: madness, insanity
demenza {f} [pathology] :: dementia
demenziale {adj} :: insane
demenzialità {f} :: insanity
demenzialmente {adv} :: insanely
demergente {v} :: present participle of demergere
demergere {vt} :: to submerge or sink
demeritante {v} :: present participle of demeritare
demeritare {v} :: to demerit
demerito {m} :: demerit
demetallizzante {v} :: present participle of demetallizzare
demetallizzare {v} :: to demetallize
demetallizzazione {f} :: demetallization
demetilare {v} [organic chemistry] :: To demethylate
demetilasi {f} [enzyme] :: demethylase
demetilato {adj} [organic chemistry] :: demethylated
demetilazione {f} [organic chemistry] :: demethylation
Demetra {prop} [Greek god] :: Demeter
Demetrio {prop} :: given name
demico {adj} :: demic
demielinizzazione {f} :: demyelination
demilitarizzante {v} :: present participle of demilitarizzare
demilitarizzare {vt} :: To demilitarize
demilitarizzazione {f} :: demilitarization
demineralizzante {v} :: present participle of demineralizzare
demineralizzare {vt} :: to demineralize
demineralizzato {adj} :: demineralized
demineralizzazione {f} :: demineralization
demi-sec {adj} :: medium dry (sparkling wine)
demistificante {v} :: present participle of demistificare
demistificare {vt} :: to demystify
demistificazione {f} :: demystification
demitizzante {v} :: present participle of demitizzare
demitizzare {vt} :: To demythologize
demitizzazione {f} :: demythologization
demiurgico {adj} :: demiurgic
demiurgo {m} :: demiurge
demo- {prefix} :: demo-
demo {m} :: demo
demo {m} :: deme
democratica {f} :: democrat (female)
democraticamente {adv} :: democratically
democraticismo {m} :: A show or an act of democracy
democraticissimo {adj} :: Very democratic
democraticità {f} :: democratic nature
democratico {adj} :: democratic
democratico {m} :: democrat (male or of unspecified sex)
democratismo {m} :: A show or an act of democracy
democratizzante {v} :: present participle of democratizzare
democratizzare {vt} :: to democratize
democratizzazione {f} :: democratization
democrazia {f} :: democracy
Democrazia Cristiana {prop} :: Christian Democracy (Italy), an Italian Christian Democratic political party, active from 1943 to 1994
democristiano {adj} [politics] :: Christian Democratic
democristiano {adj} [historical] :: Of or pertaining to the Democrazia Cristiana (Christian Democracy (Italy)) political party
democristiano {m} :: Christian Democrat [male]
democristiano {m} [historical] :: A member or a supporter of the Democrazia Cristiana political party [male]
democriteo {adj} :: Democritean
Democrito {prop} :: Democritus
demodé {adj} :: unfashionable
demodé {adj} :: outmoded, old-fashioned
démodé {adj} :: old-fashioned, out-of-date
demodossologia {f} :: public opinion research
demodulante {v} :: present participle of demodulare
demodulare {vt} :: To demodulate
demodulato {adj} :: demodulated
demodulatore {m} :: demodulator
demodulazione {f} :: demodulation
demoecologia {f} :: demoecology (ecology of populations)
demofobia {f} :: ochlophobia
demografia {f} :: demography
demograficamente {adv} :: demographically
demografico {adj} :: demographic, population (attributive)
demografo {m} :: demographer
demolente {v} :: present participle of demolire
demolire {v} :: to demolish
demolitivo {adj} :: extirpative
demolito {adj} :: demolished
demolitore {adj} :: destructive
demolitore {m} :: demolition worker
demolitrice {f} :: demolition worker (female)
demolizione {f} :: demolition
demologia {f} :: folklore
demologico {adj} :: folkloric
demoltiplica {f} :: gearing down
demoltiplica {f} :: reduction gear
demoltiplicante {v} :: present participle of demoltiplicare
demoltiplicare {vt} :: To gear down
demoltiplicatore {m} :: reduction gear
demoltiplicazione {f} :: gearing down
demone {m} :: demon
demonetante {v} :: present participle of demonetare
demonetare {vt} :: To demonetize
demonetizzante {v} :: present participle of demonetizzare
demonetizzare {vt} :: to demonetize
demonetizzazione {f} :: demonetization
demoniaco {adj} :: demoniacal, fiendish, wicked
demonico {adj} :: demonic
demonietto {m} :: diminutive of demonio: little demon
demonietto {m} [figuratively] :: imp, pest, etc, (naughty child)
demonimo {m} :: demonym
demonio {m} :: demon, devil
Demonio {prop} :: The Devil
demonismo {m} :: demonism
demonizzante {v} :: present participle of demonizzare
demonizzare {vt} :: to demonize
demonizzazione {f} :: demonization
demonofobia {f} :: demonophobia
demonologia {f} :: demonology
demonomania {f} :: demonomania
demoplutocrazia {f} :: plutodemocracy
demopsicologia {f} :: demopsychology (folk psychology)
demoralizzante {v} :: present participle of demoralizzare
demoralizzante {adj} :: demoralizing, discouraging
demoralizzantesi {v} :: present participle of demoralizzarsi
demoralizzare {vt} :: to demoralize
demoralizzarsi {v} :: reflexive of demoralizzare
demoralizzarsi {vr} :: to become demoralized
demoralizzatosi {v} :: past participle of demoralizzarsi
demoralizzazione {f} :: demoralization
demordente {v} :: present participle of demordere
demordere {vt} :: to give up or give in (and admit defeat)
demoscopia {f} :: public opinion polling
demoscopicamente {adv} :: By means of a public opinion poll
demoscopico {adj} :: public opinion polling (attributive)
demosociale {adj} :: social democrat
Demostene {prop} :: Demosthenes
demotico {adj} :: demotic; Of the people; popular
demotico {m} :: demotic (script)
demotivante {v} :: present participle of demotivare
demotivantesi {v} :: present participle of demotivarsi
demotivare {vt} :: to demotivate
demotivare {vt} :: to discourage
demotivarsi {v} :: reflexive of demotivare
demotivarsi {vr} :: to be demotivated
demotivarsi {vr} :: to be discouraged
demotivatamente {adv} :: In a demotivated manner
demotivato {adj} :: demotivated
demotivatosi {v} :: past participle of demotivarsi
demotivazione {f} :: demotivation
demulcente {adj} :: demulcent, emollient
demulcente {m} [pharmacology] :: demulcent, emollient
demuscazione {f} :: The removal of an infestation of flies
denario {m} :: denarius (Roman coin)
denaro {m} :: money
denaro {m} :: denier
denaro {m} [tarot, cards] :: coin
denaro liquido {m} :: ready money, cash
denaroso {adj} :: wealthy, rich (Variant of: danaroso)
denaro sonante {m} :: cash, ready cash, money
denasalizzazione {f} [linguistics] :: denasalization
denatalità {f} :: fall in birth rate
denaturalizzante {v} :: present participle of denaturalizzare
denaturalizzare {vt} :: To denaturalize
denaturalizzazione {f} :: denaturalization
denaturante {v} :: present participle of denaturare
denaturante {adj} :: denaturing
denaturante {m} :: denaturant
denaturare {vt} [chemistry] :: to denature
denaturarsi {v} [chemistry] :: to be denatured
denaturato {adj} :: denatured
denaturazione {f} [chemistry] :: denaturation
denazificante {v} :: present participle of denazificare
denazificare {vt} :: to denazify
denazificato {adj} :: denazified
denazificazione {f} :: denazification
denazionalizzante {v} :: present participle of denazionalizzare
denazionalizzare {v} :: to denationalize
denazionalizzazione {f} :: denationalization
dendrimero {m} [chemistry] :: dendrimer
dendrita {m} :: dendrite (hermit who lived in a tree)
dendrite {m} :: dendrite (all senses)
dendritico {adj} :: dendritic
-dendro {suffix} :: -dendron (forms of tree or tree-like plant)
dendro- {prefix} :: dendr- (related to trees)
dendrocito {m} :: dendrocyte
dendroclimatologia {f} :: dendroclimatology
dendrocronologia {f} :: dendrochronology
dendrofobia {f} :: dendrophobia
dendrogliale {adj} :: dendroglial
dendrogramma {m} :: dendrogram
dendroide {adj} :: dendroid (tree-like)
dendrologia {f} :: dendrology
dendrologico {adj} :: dendrologic, dendrological
dendrometria {f} :: dendrometry
dendrometrico {adj} :: dendrometric
Deneb {prop} :: Deneb
Denebola {prop} :: Denebola, the second brightest star in the constellation of Leo
denegazione {f} :: denegation, denial
De Nicola {prop} :: surname
De Nicola {prop} :: Enrico De Nicola, Italian politician and first President of Italy
denicotinizzante {v} :: present participle of denicotinizzare
denicotinizzare {vt} :: to denicotinize
denicotinizzato {adj} :: denicotinized
denicotinizzazione {f} :: denicotinization
denigrante {v} :: present participle of denigrare
denigrare {vt} :: To denigrate, slur or run down
denigratore {m} :: denigrator, defamer
denigratorio {adj} :: disparaging, denigrating
denigrazione {f} :: denigration
denitrificante {v} :: present participle of denitrificare
denitrificare {vt} :: to denitrify
denitrificazione {f} :: denitrification
De Nittis {prop} :: surname
De Nittis {prop} :: Giuseppe De Nittis, Italian painter
denocciolante {v} :: present participle of denocciolare
denocciolare {vt} :: To stone or pit (fruit)
denocciolato {adj} :: stoned, pitted (fruit)
denocciolatrice {f} :: stoner (machine for stoning fruit)
denominabile {adj} :: That can be named or called
denominale {adj} :: denominative
denominale {m} :: denominative
denominante {v} :: present participle of denominare
denominare {vt} :: To name, nominate or dub
denominativo {adj} :: denominative
denominativo {m} :: denominative
denominato {adj} :: named, nominated
denominatore {m} :: denominator
denominazionale {adj} :: denominational
denominazione {f} :: name
denominazione {f} :: designation
denotabile {adj} :: noticeable
denotante {v} :: present participle of denotare
denotare {vt} :: To indicate or denote
denotativo {adj} :: denotative
denotazione {f} :: denotation
densamente {adv} :: densely
densimetria {f} :: densimetry
densimetro {m} :: densimeter, densitometer
densissimo {adj} :: Very dense, very thick
densità {f} :: density
densità {f} :: thickness
densitometria {f} [medicine] :: densitometry
densitometro {m} :: densitometer
denso {adj} :: dense, thick
dentale {adj} [anatomy] :: of or pertaining to the teeth, dental
dentale {adj} [phonetics] :: dental (articulated with the tongue on the upper teeth)
dentale {f} [phonetics] :: A dental speech sound
dentario {adj} [anatomy] :: dental
dentarolo {m} :: teething ring
dentaruolo {m} :: teething ring
dentata {f} :: bite
dentata {f} :: toothmark
dentato {adj} :: toothed
dentato {adj} :: dentate
dentatrice {f} :: gear cutter
dentatura {f} [anatomy] :: A set of teeth
dentatura {f} :: serration
dente {m} [anatomy] :: tooth
dente {m} :: cog, prong
dente da latte {m} [anatomy] :: milk tooth, baby tooth
dente del giudizio {m} [dentistry] :: wisdom tooth
dente di leone {m} :: dandelion
dentellante {v} :: present participle of dentellare
dentellare {vt} :: to indent or notch
dentellare {vt} :: to perforate (postage stamps)
dentellare {vt} :: to serrate (a blade)
dentellare {vt} :: to scallop or pink (fabric)
dentellato {adj} :: indented, notched
dentellato {adj} :: perforated (postage stamp)
dentellato {adj} :: serrated (blade)
dentellato {adj} :: jagged
dentellato {adj} :: scalloped
dentellatore {m} :: perforator
dentellatura {f} :: indentation
dentellatura {f} :: perforation (of postage stamps)
dentellatura {f} :: jagged outline (of mountains etc)
dentellatura {f} :: scalloping
dentello {m} :: notch, tooth
dentello {m} [chiefly in the plural] :: perforation (on a postage stamp)
dentice {m} [zoology, ichthyology] :: sea bream, porgy, scup
dentice {m} [zoology, ichthyology] :: dentex
denticolato {adj} :: denticulate
dentiera {f} :: dentures
dentiera {f} :: rack
dentifricio {adj} :: tooth (attribute)
dentifricio {m} :: toothpaste, dentifrice
dentina {f} [anatomy] :: dentin
dentino {m} [colloquial] :: milk tooth, baby tooth
dentista {m} :: dentist (male)
dentista {f} :: dentist (female)
dentistico {adj} :: dentist, dentistry (attributive)
dentizione {f} :: dentition
dentizione {f} :: teething
dentone {m} :: big tooth
dentr {adv} :: apocopic form of dentro
dentro {adv} :: inside; indoors
dentro {adv} :: inwardly
dentro {adv} [colloquial] :: imprisoned
dentro {prep} :: in
dentro {n} :: inside
denuclearizzante {v} :: present participle of denuclearizzare
denuclearizzare {v} :: to denuclearize
denuclearizzato {adj} :: denuclearized, nuclear-free
denuclearizzazione {f} :: denuclearization
denudamento {m} :: denudation, stripping (of the land etc)
denudante {v} :: present participle of denudare
denudantesi {v} :: present participle of denudarsi
denudare {vt} :: To denude, strip or bare
denudarsi {vr} :: To strip
denudatosi {v} :: past participle of denudarsi
denudazione {f} :: denudation, stripping
denuncia {f} :: denouncement
denuncia {f} :: registration (of births, marriages and deaths)
denuncia {f} :: complaint, notice
denunciabile {adj} :: impeachable, condemnable
denunciante {v} :: present participle of denunciare
denunciantesi {v} :: present participle of denunciarsi
denunciare {vt} :: to declare
denunciare {vt} :: to denounce
denunciare {vt} :: to expose
denunciare {vt} :: to report someone to the police
denunciarsi {vr} :: To denounce someone
denunciatore {m} :: denouncer
denunciatosi {v} :: past participle of denunciarsi
denunciazione {f} :: denunciation
denunzia {f} :: alternative spelling of denuncia
denunziante {v} :: present participle of denunziare
denunziantesi {v} :: present participle of denunziarsi
denunziare {v} :: alternative spelling of denunciare
denunziarsi {vr} :: alternative spelling of denunciarsi
denunziatosi {v} :: past participle of denunziarsi
denutrito {adj} :: undernourished
denutrizione {f} :: malnutrition
dèo {m} :: Variant of dio
Deodato {prop} :: given name
deodorante {m} :: deodorant
deodorante {adj} :: deodorant
deodorare {vt} :: To deodorize
deodorazione {f} :: deodorization, deodorizing
deodorizzazione {f} :: deodorization
deontologia {m} :: code of conduct, ethical code, deontology
deontologicamente {adv} :: deontologically
deontologico {adj} :: ethical, deontological
deorbitazione {f} :: deorbiting (the act of a spacecraft leaving its orbit)
deospedalizzazione {f} :: dehospitalization (discharge from hospital)
deossiadenosina {f} [biochemistry] :: deoxyadenosine
deossicitidina {f} [biochemistry] :: deoxycytidine
deossidante {v} :: present participle of deossidare
deossidare {vt} :: To deoxidize or deoxidate
deossidato {adj} :: deoxidized
deossigenante {v} :: present participle of deossigenare
deossigenante {adj} :: deoxygenating
deossigenare {vt} :: To deoxygenate
deossigenato {adj} :: deoxygenated
deossigenazione {f} :: deoxygenation
deossiguanosina {f} [biochemistry] :: deoxyguanosine
deossinucleic {adj} :: deoxynucleic
deossiribonucleico {adj} :: Variant of desossiribonucleico
deossiribonucleoside {m} [biochemistry] :: deoxyribonucleoside
deossiribonucleotide {m} :: deoxyribonucleotide
deossiribonucleotidico {adj} :: deoxyribonucleotidic
deossiribosio {m} [carbohydrate] :: deoxyribose
deossitimidina {f} [biochemistry] :: deoxythymine
deossiuridina {f} [biochemistry] :: deoxyuridine
deossizucchero {m} [carbohydrate] :: deoxy sugar
deostruente {v} :: present participle of deostruire
deostruire {vt} :: To unblock
De Pasquale {prop} :: surname
depauperamento {m} :: impoverishment, depletion
depauperante {adj} :: impoverishing
depauperante {v} :: present participle of depauperare
depauperantesi {v} :: present participle of depauperarsi
depauperare {vt} :: To impoverish
depauperarsi {vr} :: To become impoverished
depauperato {adj} :: impoverished
depauperatosi {v} :: past participle of depauperarsi
depauperazione {f} :: impoverishment, depletion
depauperazione {f} [genetics] :: depauperation
depellente {v} :: present participle of depellere
depellere {vt} [obsolete] :: to hunt
depellere {vt} [obsolete] :: to expel
depenalizzante {v} :: present participle of depenalizzare
depenalizzare {vt} :: to decriminalize
depenalizzazione {f} :: decriminalization
dependance {f} :: outbuilding
depennamento {m} :: striking out or through; deletion
depennante {v} :: present participle of depennare
depennare {vt} :: To cross off, cross out or strike out
depennare {v} :: to cancel
deperente {v} :: present participle of deperire
deperibile {adj} :: perishable
deperibilissimo {adj} :: Very perishable
deperibilità {f} :: perishability
deperimento {m} :: wasting away
deperimento {m} :: deterioration (of goods)
deperire {vi} :: To wilt or waste away
deperizione {f} :: wasting away
deperizione {f} :: deterioration (of goods)
Depero {prop} :: surname
Depero {prop} :: Fortunato Depero, Italian painter and sculptor
depersonalizzazione {f} [psychiatry, psychology] :: depersonalization
depigmentato {adj} :: depigmented
depigmentazione {f} [pathology] :: depigmentation
depilante {v} :: present participle of depilare
depilantesi {v} :: present participle of depilarsi
depilare {vt} :: to depilate
depilarsi {vr} :: To depilate oneself
depilatore {adj} :: depilatory
depilatore {m} :: depilatory
depilatorio {n} :: depilatory
depilatorio {m} :: hair remover, depilatory
depilatosi {v} :: past participle of depilarsi
depilazione {f} :: depilation, hair removal
depingente {v} :: present participle of depingere
depingere {vt} :: alternative form of dipingere
depirimidinazione {f} [biochemistry] :: depyrimidination
depistaggio {m} :: diversion
depistante {v} :: present participle of depistare
depistare {vt} :: To put someone on the wrong track, to sidetrack, to lead someone down the garden path
depletato {adj} :: depleted
depleto {adj} :: depleted
deplezione {f} :: depletion
depliant {m} :: leaflet
depliant {m} :: brochure
dépliant {m} :: alternative form of depliant
deplorabile {adj} :: deplorable
deplorabilità {f} :: deplorableness
deplorabilmente {adv} :: deplorably
deplorante {v} :: present participle of deplorare
deplorare {vt} :: to deplore, lament
deplorazione {f} :: censure
deplorazione {f} :: disapproval
deplorevole {adj} :: deplorable
deplorevolmente {adv} :: deplorably
d'epoca {adj} :: vintage, period (attributive)
depolarizzante {v} :: present participle of depolarizzare
depolarizzante {m} :: depolarizer
depolarizzare {v} :: to depolarize
depolarizzatore {m} :: depolarizer
depolarizzazione {f} [biology, chemistry, physics] :: depolarization
depolimerizzante {v} :: present participle of depolimerizzare
depolimerizzare {vt} :: to depolymerize
depolimerizzarsi {vr} :: To become depolymerized
depolimerizzazione {f} [chemistry] :: depolymerization
depoliticizzante {v} :: present participle of depoliticizzare
depoliticizzare {vt} :: to depoliticize
depoliticizzazione {f} :: depoliticization
depolverizzante {v} :: present participle of depolverizzare
depolverizzare {vt} :: to remove dust (from)
depolverizzatore {m} :: dust remover
depolverizzazione {f} :: dust removal or collection
deponente {m} :: deponent
deporre {vt} :: to put down (a weighty item)
deporre {vt} :: to deposit
deporre {vt} :: to set aside
deporre {vt} :: to lower (an object)
deporre {vt} :: to depose
deporre {vt} :: to give up or abandon (a project)
deporre {vt} :: to testify
deportabile {adj} :: deportable
deportante {v} :: present participle of deportare
deportanza {f} :: downforce
deportare {vt} :: To deport
deportata {f} :: deportee (female)
deportato {adj} :: deported
deportato {m} :: deportee
deportato {m} :: convict
deportazione {f} :: deportation
depositante {v} :: present participle of depositare
depositante {mf} :: depositor
depositantesi {v} :: present participle of depositarsi
depositare {vt} :: to deposit
depositare {vt} :: to store or bestow
depositare {vt} :: to put down, to place
depositario {m} :: depository
depositario {m} :: repository
depositario {adj} :: deposit (attributive)
depositarsi {vr} :: to settle, to collect, to precipitate
depositato {adj} :: deposited
depositato {adj} :: stored
depositato {adj} :: settled
depositatosi {v} :: past participle of depositarsi
depositeria {f} :: depot, warehouse
deposito {m} :: deposit, trust
deposito {m} :: depositing, banking, storage
deposito {m} :: store, depot, warehouse, storehouse, shed, stock
deposito {m} :: deposit, sediment, accumulation; deposition
deposito {m} :: registration
deposito auto {m} :: car pound (where cars parked illegally etc are stored)
deposito infruttifero {m} [banking] :: noninterest-bearing deposit
deposizione {f} :: deposition
depotenziante {v} :: present participle of depotenziare
depotenziare {vt} :: To weaken
depravante {v} :: present participle of depravare
depravare {vt} :: To corrupt, pervert or deprave
depravata {f} :: depraved or degenerate woman
depravato {adj} :: depraved
depravato {m} :: a depraved or degenerate person
depravazione {m} :: depravity
deprecabile {adj} :: blameworthy
deprecabile {adj} :: deplorable
deprecabilità {f} :: blameworthiness
deprecabilità {f} :: deplorableness
deprecabilmente {adv} :: deplorably
deprecante {v} :: present participle of deprecare
deprecare {vt} :: to deplore, deprecate
deprecativamente {adv} :: deprecatingly
deprecativo {adj} :: deprecating
deprecatorio {adj} :: deprecating, deprecative
deprecazione {f} :: deprecation
depredabile {adj} :: plunderable
depredante {v} :: present participle of depredare
depredare {vt} :: To plunder or loot
depredatore {m} :: plunderer, pillager
depredatore {adj} :: plundering, pillaging
depredazione {f} :: depredation, plundering
depressionario {adj} [meteorology] :: low-pressure (attributive)
depressione {f} :: depression (in all senses)
depressivo {adj} :: depressive
depresso {adj} :: depressed
depressore {adj} [anatomy] :: depressor (attributive)
depressore {adj} :: vacuum (attributive)
depressore {m} [anatomy] :: depressor
depressore {m} :: vacuum pump
depressore del labbro inferiore {m} [muscle] :: depressor labii superioris, quadratus labii inferioris
depressore dell'angolo della bocca {m} [muscle] :: depressor anguli oris
depressore del setto {m} [muscle] :: depressor septi
depressore del setto nasale {m} [muscle] :: depressor septi nasi
depressore del sopracciglio {m} [muscle] :: depressor supercilii
depressosi {v} :: past participle of deprimersi
depressurizzante {v} :: present participle of depressurizzare
depressurizzare {vt} :: To depressurize
depressurizzazione {f} :: depressurization
deprezzamento {m} :: depreciation (in)
deprezzante {v} :: present participle of deprezzare
deprezzare {vt} :: To lower the cost or value of something; to depreciate
deprimente {adj} :: depressing
deprimentesi {v} :: present participle of deprimersi
deprimere {vt} :: To depress
deprimersi {vr} :: To get depressed
deprimibile {adj} :: depressible
deprivante {v} :: present participle of deprivare
deprivare {vt} :: to deprive
deprivazione {f} :: deprivation
deprotonato {adj} [chemistry] :: deprotonated
deprotonazione {f} [chemistry] :: deprotonation
depsichiatrizzazione {f} :: depsychiatrization (the state of no longer needing psychiatric care)
depurabile {adj} :: That can be purified
depuramento {m} :: purification
depurante {v} :: present participle of depurare
depurantesi {v} :: present participle of depurarsi
depurare {vt} :: To purify or cleanse
depurarsi {vr} :: To be purified; to purify oneself
depurativo {adj} :: purifying
depuratore {adj} :: purifying
depuratore {m} :: purifier
depuratorio {m} :: water purifier
depuratorio {adj} :: purifying, depurative
depuratosi {v} :: past participle of depurarsi
depurazione {f} :: purification
depurinazione {f} [biochemistry] :: depurination
deputare {vt} :: to delegate
deputata {f} :: (in Italy, female) deputy; Member of Parliament; congresswoman
deputata {f} :: (female) delegate, representative
deputato {adj} :: appointed, fixed
deputato {m} :: (in Italy) deputy; Member of Parliament; congressman
deputato {m} :: delegate, representative
deputazione {f} :: deputation, delegation
dequalificante {v} :: present participle of dequalificare
dequalificare {vt} :: to disqualify
dequalificato {adj} :: disqualified
dequalificazione {f} :: retrogression, decline
deragliamento {m} :: derailment
deragliante {v} :: present participle of deragliare
deragliare {vi} :: to derail, to go off the rails
deragliatore {m} :: derailleur
deramificante {adj} [biochemistry] :: debranching
derapage {m} :: skid, sideslip
derapante {v} :: present participle of derapare
derapare {vi} :: To skid
derapare {vi} :: To sideslip (when skiing)
derapata {f} :: skid, sideslip
deratizzante {v} :: present participle of deratizzare
deratizzare {v} :: alternative form of derattizzare
deratizzazione {f} :: alternative form of derattizzazione
derattizzante {v} :: present participle of derattizzare
derattizzare {vt} :: to disinfest from rats and mice
derattizzazione {f} :: deratization, rodent control
derby {m} :: derby (horse race; sports event between local rivals)
dereferenziante {v} :: present participle of dereferenziare
dereferenziare {vt} [computing] :: to dereference
deregolamentante {v} :: present participle of deregolamentare
deregolamentare {vt} :: To deregulate
deregolamentazione {f} :: deregulation
deregolante {v} :: present participle of deregolare
deregolare {vt} :: To deregulate
deregolazione {f} :: deregulation
derelitto {adj} :: abandoned
derelitto {adj} :: derelict
derelitto {adj} :: destitute
derelitto {m} :: A destitute person
derelizione {f} :: dereliction
derequisente {v} :: present participle of derequisire
derequisire {vt} :: To derequisition
derequisizione {f} :: derequisitioning
deresponsabilizzante {v} :: present participle of deresponsabilizzare
deresponsabilizzantesi {v} :: present participle of deresponsabilizzarsi
deresponsabilizzare {vt} :: to free from responsibility
deresponsabilizzarsi {v} :: reflexive of deresponsabilizzare
deresponsabilizzarsi {vr} :: to free oneself from responsibility
deresponsabilizzatosi {v} :: past participle of deresponsabilizzarsi
deresponsabilizzazione {f} :: exemption from responsibility
deretano {m} [colloquial] :: backside, buttocks
deridente {v} :: present participle of deridere
deridere {vt} :: to mock, deride, scoff
derisione {f} :: derision, mockery
derisione {f} [in the plural] :: jeers
derisione {f} :: smirk
deriso {v} :: past participle of deridere
derisore {m} :: mocker, derider
derisoriamente {adv} :: mockingly
derisoriamente {adv} :: ludicrously, ridiculously
derisorio {adj} :: mocking
derisorio {adj} :: ludicrous, ridiculous
deriva {f} :: drift (of a ship or aircraft etc)
deriva {f} :: fin (of an aircraft)
deriva {f} :: centreboard
derivabile {adj} :: derivable
derivabilità {f} :: derivability
deriva genetica {f} [genetics] :: genetic drift
derivante {adj} :: derived
derivare {vi} :: (followed by "da") To derive "from"
derivare {vt} :: To derive
derivata {f} :: derivative (maths)
derivativo {adj} :: derivative, derived
derivatizzazione {f} [chemistry] :: derivatization
derivato {adj} :: derived
derivato {m} :: derivative (chemistry, grammar)
derivato {m} :: byproduct
derivato {m} :: offshoot
derivatore {m} :: shunt (electrical)
derivatore {adj} :: diverting
derivazione {f} :: derivation
derivazione {f} :: shunt (electrical)
derivometro {m} :: drift meter, drift indicator (in an aircraft)
-derma {suffix} :: -derma
-derma {suffix} :: -derm
derma- {prefix} :: derma-
derma {m} [anatomy] :: dermis
dermatite {f} [diseases] :: dermatitis
dermatite atopica {f} [disease] :: atopic dermatitis
dermato- {prefix} :: dermato-
dermatofita {m} :: dermatophyte
dermatofitosi {f} [disease] :: dermatophytosis
dermatogeno {m} :: dermatogen, protoderm
dermatoglifo {m} :: fingerprint
dermatologa {f} :: dermatologist (female)
dermatologia {f} [medicine] :: dermatology
dermatologicamente {adv} :: dermatologically
dermatologico {adj} :: dermatologic, dermatological
dermatologo {m} :: A dermatologist
dermatomicosi {f} [medicine] :: dermatomycosis
dermatomiosite {f} [disease] :: dermatomyositis
dermatomo {m} [surgery] :: dermatome
dermatoplastica {f} [surgery] :: dermatoplasty
dermatoscopia {f} [medicine] :: dermatoscopy
dermatosi {f} [disease] :: dermatosis
dermatozoo {m} [zoology] :: ectoparasite
dermeste {m} :: larder beetle, carpet beetle (of family Dermestidae)
dermestide {m} :: dermestid (insect of the genus Dermestes)
dermico {adj} [anatomy] :: dermic, dermal
dermo- {prefix} :: dermo-
dermoabrasione {f} [surgery] :: dermabrasion
dermocosmesi {f} :: skin care product(s)
dermoesfoliazione {f} :: skin exfoliation
dermografia {f} [medicine] :: dermographia, dermographism
dermografismo {m} [medicine] :: dermographism, dermographia
dermoide {adj} :: dermoid, dermatoid
dermoide {f} :: leatherette
dermopatia {f} [medicine] :: dermopathy, dermatopathy (disease of the skin)
dermopatico {adj} :: dermopathic
dermoprotettivo {adj} :: dermoprotective (that protects the skin)
dermoprotezione {f} :: skin protection
dermoscopia {f} :: dermatoscopy
dermoscopio {m} :: dermoscope, dermatoscope
derno {m} :: used only in the term bandiera in derno
deroga {f} :: dispensation
derogabile {adj} :: That can be derogated; derogatable
derogabilità {f} :: derogatability
derogabilmente {adv} :: In a derogatable manner
derogante {v} :: present participle of derogare
derogare {vi} :: (followed by "a") To derogate; to partially repeal
derogativo {adj} [legal] :: derogatory (that creates an exception)
derogatorio {adj} [legal] :: derogatory (that derogates a law)
derogazione {f} :: derogation
De Rose {prop} :: surname
derrata {f} [chiefly in the plural] :: foodstuff
derubante {v} :: present participle of derubare
derubare {v} [di] :: to rob (someone of something)
derubare {v} [di] :: to steal (something from someone)
derubricante {v} :: present participle of derubricare
derubricare {vt} [legal] :: To reduce
derubricare {v} :: to remove (from agenda)
derubricazione {f} [legal] :: reduction
derubricazione {f} :: remove (from agenda)
deruralizzazione {f} :: rural exodus (movement away from the land)
derussificazione {f} :: derussianization
derustizzazione {f} :: derusting (the removal of rust from a metal object)
derviscio {m} :: dervish
desacralizzante {v} :: present participle of desacralizzare
desacralizzare {vt} :: to deconsecrate
desacralizzazione {f} :: deconsecration
desalante {v} :: present participle of desalare
desalare {v} :: synonym of dissalare
desalatore {m} :: desalinator (desalination equipment)
desalazione {f} :: desalination
desalinizzante {v} :: present participle of desalinizzare
desalinizzare {vt} :: to desalinate, desalt
desalinizzatore {m} :: desalinator
desalinizzazione {f} :: desalination
desanctisiano {adj} :: Relating to, or characteristic of Francesco De Sanctis
De Santis {prop} :: surname
desaturazione {f} :: desaturation
descensivo {adj} [philosophy] :: descending, downward
deschetto {m} :: cobbler's bench
desco {m} :: table (containing prepared items)
desco da parto {m} :: birth tray, birth salver
descolarizzante {v} :: present participle of descolarizzare
descolarizzare {vt} :: to deschool
descolarizzazione {f} :: deschooling
descrittibile {adj} :: Variant of descrivibile
descrittivamente {adv} :: descriptively
descrittivismo {m} :: descriptivism
descrittivo {adj} :: descriptive
descrittore {m} :: describer (Feminine: descrittrice)
descrittore {m} [computing] :: descriptor
descrittosi {v} :: past participle of descriversi
descrivente {v} :: present participle of descrivere
descriventesi {v} :: present participle of descriversi
descrivere {vt} :: To describe (in all senses)
descriversi {vr} :: To describe oneself, to self-describe
descrivibile {adj} :: describable
descrizione {f} :: description, sketch
descrizione {f} :: line traced by a curve
desecretante {v} :: present participle of desecretare
desecretare {vt} :: to declassify; to remove a document's status as secret, so that it may be released and read by the public
desegregazione {f} :: desegregation
desegretante {v} :: present participle of desegretare
desegretare {vt} :: to desegregate
desegretare {vt} :: to declassify
desegretazione {f} :: declassification
deselezionante {v} :: present participle of deselezionare
deselezionare {vt} [computing] :: to untick / uncheck (a tickbox)
desemantizzazione {f} [linguistics] :: desemantization (loss of the original meaning of a word, which thus acquires a more general meaning)
desensibilizzante {v} :: present participle of desensibilizzare
desensibilizzare {vt} :: To desensitize
desensibilizzatore {m} :: desensitizer
desensibilizzazione {f} [medicine, psychology] :: desensitization
desertico {adj} :: desert (attributive)
deserticolo {adj} :: deserticolous
desertificazione {f} :: desertification
deserto {adj} :: deserted, desert
deserto {m} :: desert
desessualizzante {v} :: present participle of desessualizzare
desessualizzare {vt} :: To desexualize
desessualizzazione {f} :: desexualization
desiabile {adj} [literary] :: Variant of desiderabile
desiante {v} :: present participle of desiare
desiare {v} :: obsolete form of desiderare
desiderabile {adj} :: desirable
desiderabile {adj} :: advisable
desiderabilità {f} :: desirability
desiderabilmente {adv} :: desirably
desiderante {v} :: present participle of desiderare
desiderare {vt} :: To wish, to want, to like, to desire, to long
desiderata {mp} :: desiderata
desideratissimo {adj} :: Greatly desired
desiderativo {adj} :: desiderative
desiderato {adj} :: hoped-for, desired, longed for
desiderato {m} [rare] :: desideratum
desiderazione {f} [obsolete] :: desire
desiderio {m} :: wish, desire, longing
Desiderio {prop} :: Desiderius
Desiderio {prop} :: given name
desiderosamente {adv} :: eagerly
desideroso {adj} :: desirous (of)
desideroso {adj} :: eager (for)
design {m} :: design (industrial)
designabile {adj} :: appointable
designante {v} :: present participle of designare
designare {vt} :: To designate or appoint
designato {adj} :: appointed, designated
designato {m} :: appointee
designatore {m} :: appointer, nominator
designazione {f} :: designation
designazione {f} :: appointment
designer {mf} :: designer (especially one who designs furniture or other industrial products)
De Simone {prop} :: surname
desinante {v} :: present participle of desinare
desinapsi {f} :: desynapsis
desinare {v} :: to lunch
desinare {m} :: lunch
desinenza {f} [grammar] :: ending (of a word)
desinenza {f} [grammar] :: inflection
desinenziale {adj} :: desinential
desio {m} [obsolete] :: desire
Desio {prop} :: surname
Desio {prop} :: Ardito Desio, Italian explorer
desiosamente {adv} [literary] :: desirously
desioso {adj} [literary] :: desirous
desipienza {f} :: ignorance, stupidity
desirante {v} :: present participle of desirare
desirare {v} :: To wish, desire
desistente {v} :: present participle of desistere
desistenza {f} :: discontinuance, abandonment
desistenza {f} :: the formation of a pact between two parties during an election
desistere {v} :: to give up (something, or doing something)
desistere {v} :: to desist
desktop {m} [computing] :: desktop (computer; visible user interface)
desmalusogenia {f} [chemistry] :: catenation (ability to form chains of atoms)
desminopatia {f} :: desminopathy
desmo- {prefix} :: desm- (forms terms relating to bonds, adhesion or ligaments)
desmocollina {f} [protein] :: desmocollin
desmodromico {adj} :: desmodromic
desmodronico {adj} :: desmodronic
desmogleina {f} [protein] :: desmoglein
desmologia {f} [anatomy] :: desmology
desmologia {f} [chemistry] :: The study of chemical bonds
desmologico {adj} :: desmologic, desmological
desmopatia {f} [medicine] :: desmopathy (disease of ligaments)
desmoplachina {f} [protein] :: desmoplakin
desmosina {f} [biochemistry] :: desmosine
desmosoma {m} :: desmosome
desmotubulo {m} :: desmotubule
desolante {adj} :: distressing
desolante {v} :: present participle of desolare
desolare {vt} :: to distress or dishearten
desolare {vt} :: to desolate or devastate
desolatamente {adv} :: desolately
desolatissimo {adj} :: Very desolate
desolato {adj} :: desolate
desolato {adj} :: distressed
desolato {adj} :: barren, bleak
desolazione {f} :: desolation
desolfatazione {f} :: desulfation
desolforante {v} :: present participle of desolforare
desolforante {adj} :: desulfurizing
desolforare {vt} [chemistry] :: To desulfurize
desolforatore {m} :: desulfurizer / desulphurizer
desolforazione {f} [chemistry] :: desulfurization
desonorizzante {v} :: present participle of desonorizzare
desonorizzare {vt} :: to devoice
desonorizzazione {f} [phonetics] :: devoicing
desorbente {v} :: present participle of desorbire
desorbimento {m} :: desorption
desorbire {v} :: to desorb
desossidante {v} :: present participle of desossidare
desossidare {vt} :: Variant of disossidare
desossidazione {f} :: Variant of disossidazione
desossiribonucleico {adj} :: deoxyribonucleic
desossiribonucleotide {m} :: alternative form of deossiribonucleotide
desossiribonucleotidico {adj} :: alternative form of deossiribonucleotidico
desossiribosio {m} [carbohydrate] :: deoxyribose
desossizucchero {m} [carbohydrate] :: deoxy sugar
despazializzante {adj} :: despatializing / despacialization
despazializzazione {f} :: despatialization / despacialization
despezione {f} [obsolete] :: contempt
Despina {prop} [Greek mythology] :: Despoina
Despina {prop} :: given name
despota {mf} :: despot
despotato {m} :: despotate
despotico {adj} :: alternative spelling of dispotico
despotismo {m} :: alternative spelling of dispotismo
despumazione {f} :: skimming (removal of scum etc)
desquamante {v} :: present participle of desquamare
desquamantesi {v} :: present participle of desquamarsi
desquamare {vt} :: To scale (remove scales from a fish)
desquamarsi {vr} :: To desquamate (shed scales)
desquamativo {adj} :: desquamative
desquamatosi {v} :: past participle of desquamarsi
desquamazione {f} [pathology] :: desquamation
desso {pron} [obsolete] :: alternative form of esso
destabilizzante {v} :: present participle of destabilizzare
destabilizzante {adj} :: destabilizing
destabilizzantesi {v} :: present participle of destabilizzarsi
destabilizzare {v} :: to destabilize
destabilizzarsi {vr} :: To get unstable; to become destabilized
destabilizzatore {adj} :: destabilizing
destabilizzatore {m} :: destabilizer
destabilizzatosi {v} :: past participle of destabilizzarsi
destabilizzazione {f} :: destabilization
destagionalizzante {v} :: present participle of destagionalizzare
destagionalizzare {vt} :: to seasonally adjust, deseasonalize
destagionalizzato {adj} :: seasonally adjusted
destagionalizzazione {f} :: seasonal adjustment
destalinizzante {v} :: present participle of destalinizzare
destalinizzare {vt} :: to destalinize
destalinizzazione {f} :: destalinization
destante {v} :: present participle of destare
destantesi {v} :: present participle of destarsi
destare {v} :: to wake up
destare {v} :: to arouse or awaken
destarsi {vr} :: To wake, wake up
destarsi {vr} :: To awaken
destatalizzante {v} :: present participle of destatalizzare
destatalizzare {vt} :: to denationalize
destatalizzazione {f} :: denationalization
destatizzante {v} :: present participle of destatizzare
destatizzare {vt} :: to denationalize
destatizzazione {f} :: denationalization
destatosi {v} :: past participle of destarsi
De Stefano {prop} :: surname
desterità {f} [obsolete] :: dexterity, ease, skill
destinabile {adj} :: That can be destined
destinante {v} :: present participle of destinare
destinantesi {v} :: present participle of destinarsi
destinare {vt} :: to intend or mean
destinare {vt} :: to destine
destinare {vt} :: to earmark (a sum of money for a purpose)
destinare {vt} :: to appoint or assign or room
destinare {vt} :: to address (a letter)
destinarsi {vr} :: To intend or mean to do something
destinataria {f} :: addressee (female)
destinataria {f} :: consignee (female)
destinataria {f} :: payee (female)
destinatario {m} :: addressee
destinatario {m} :: consignee
destinatario {m} :: payee
destinato {adj} :: destined
destinatosi {v} :: past participle of destinarsi
destinazione {f} :: destination
destinazione {f} :: purpose, aim
destino {m} :: destiny, fate
destino {m} :: destination
destituente {v} :: present participle of destituire
destituire {vt} :: to dismiss
destituire {vt} :: to depose
destituzione {f} :: dismissal
destituzione {f} :: deposition
desto {adj} :: awake
destoricizzante {v} :: present participle of destoricizzare
destoricizzare {vt} :: To dehistoricize
destoricizzazione {f} :: dehistoricization
destra {f} :: right (hand, direction)
destramente {adv} :: dexterously
destreggiamento {m} :: manoeuvring, (clever) management
destreggiante {v} :: present participle of destreggiare
destreggiantesi {v} :: present participle of destreggiarsi
destreggiare {vt} :: To manoeuvre
destreggiarsi {vr} :: To manoeuvre
destreggiatosi {v} :: past participle of destreggiarsi
destrese {m} :: right wing political jargon
destrezza {f} :: skill, dexterity
destriero {m} :: steed
destriero {m} :: warhorse, charger
destrimano {adj} :: right-handed
destrina {f} [carbohydrate] :: dextrin
destrismo {m} :: right-handedness
destrismo {m} :: right-wing politics
destro- {prefix} [chemistry] :: dextro-
destro {adj} :: clever, able, dexterous
destro {adj} :: right, right-hand
destro {adj} [archaic] :: right, just
destro {adj} [archaic] :: favourable
destro {m} [boxing] :: right
destro {m} [soccer] :: right foot
destro {m} [politics, rare, pejorative, in the plural] :: members of right-wing parties
destro {m} :: opportunity, chance
destrocardia {f} [medicine] :: destrocardia
destrocherio {m} [heraldry] :: Heraldic representation of a right arm
destrogiro {adj} [chemistry] :: dextrorotatory
destroide {adj} :: rightist, right wing (attributive)
destroide {mf} :: rightist (right wing person)
destroposto {adj} :: right; placed on the right side
destrorso {adj} :: clockwise
destrorso {adj} :: rightist (politics)
destrosio {m} :: dextrose
destroso {m} :: dextrose (Variant of: destrosio)
destruggente {v} :: present participle of destruggere
destruggere {vt} :: Variant of distruggere
destrutturabile {adj} :: That can be destructured
destrutturante {v} :: present participle of destrutturare
destrutturantesi {v} :: present participle of destrutturarsi
destrutturare {vt} :: To alter or remove the structure (of something); to destructure
destrutturarsi {vr} :: To lose one's structure; to get destructured
destrutturato {adj} :: destructured
destrutturato {adj} :: unstructured
destrutturatosi {v} :: past participle of destrutturarsi
destrutturazione {f} :: altering or removing the structure of something
destruzione {f} :: obsolete form of distruzione
desueto {adj} :: disused, obsolete
desuetudine {f} :: disuse
desuetudine {f} :: desuetude
desultoriamente {adv} :: discontinuously
desultoriamente {adv} :: jerkily
desultorio {adj} :: discontinuous
desultorio {adj} :: jerky
desumente {v} :: present participle of desumere
desumere {vt} :: to infer or deduce
desumere {vt} :: to gather (information)
desumibile {adj} :: inferable
desumibile {adj} :: deducible
detassante {v} :: present participle of detassare
detassare {vt} :: To remove (or greatly diminish) a tax (on something)
detassazione {f} :: The abolition of a tax
deteinato {adj} :: decaffeinated
detenente {v} :: present participle of detenere
detenere {vt} :: to hold
detenere {vt} :: to have or possess (property etc)
detenere {vt} :: to detain (a prisoner)
detentivo {adj} :: detention (attributive)
detentivo {adj} [legal] :: custodial
detentore {m} :: holder (of a title etc)
detentore {m} :: possessor
detentrice {f} :: (female) holder (of a title etc)
detentrice {f} :: (female) possessor
detenuta {f} :: prisoner (female)
detenuto {m} :: prisoner
detenzione {f} :: holding (of a title etc)
detenzione {f} :: possession (of drugs etc)
detenzione {f} :: detention (law)
detergente {adj} :: detergent
detergente {adj} :: cleansing
detergente {m} :: detergent
detergere {vt} :: To cleanse, to clean, to wash
deteriorabile {adj} :: Liable to deteriorate
deteriorabile {adj} :: perishable
deteriorabilità {f} :: perishability
deterioramento {m} :: deterioration
deteriorante {v} :: present participle of deteriorare
deteriorantesi {v} :: present participle of deteriorarsi
deteriorare {vt} :: To damage, to deteriorate
deteriorarsi {vr} :: To go bad, to perish, to rot
deteriorarsi {vr} :: To deteriorate
deteriorato {adj} :: damaged, deteriorated
deterioratosi {v} :: past participle of deteriorarsi
deteriorazione {f} :: deterioration
deteriore {adj} :: second-rate
deteriore {adj} :: pejorative
deteriore {adj} :: lesser, minor
determinabile {adj} :: determinable
determinabilità {f} :: determinability
determinante {m} :: determinant (a determining factor)
determinante {m} [grammar] :: determiner (class of words that identify or distinguish a referent without modifying it)
determinante {m} [mathematics] :: determinant (a value associated with a square matrix)
determinante {adj} :: decisive, determining
determinantesi {v} :: present participle of determinarsi
determinare {vt} :: to determine, define, establish, set out, calculate
determinare {vt} :: to cause, bring about
determinare {vt} :: to decide
determinarsi {v} :: to be solved or cleared up
determinarsi {v} :: to be decided or resolved
determinarsi {v} :: to come about or occur
determinatamente {adv} :: particularly
determinatamente {adv} :: temporarily (for a fixed time)
determinatamente {adv} :: determinedly, resolutely
determinatezza {f} :: determination (by analysis, weighing, etc.)
determinatezza {f} :: precision, exactness
determinativo {adj} :: determining
determinativo {adj} :: definite (grammar)
determinato {adj} :: particular
determinato {adj} :: certain, given, fixed, limited
determinato {adj} :: determined, resolute, set
determinato {adj} [mathematics] :: determinate
determinatosi {v} :: past participle of determinarsi
determinazione {f} :: determination (all senses)
determinazione {f} :: decision
determinazione {f} :: prioritization
determinismo {m} :: determinism
determinista {f} :: determinist
deterministicamente {adv} :: deterministically
deterministico {adj} :: deterministic
deterrente {adj} :: deterrent
deterrente {m} :: deterrent
deterrenza {f} :: deterrence
deterritorializzazione {f} :: deterritorialization
detersione {f} :: cleansing
detersivo {m} :: detergent
detersivo {m} :: washing powder, laundry detergent
detersivo {m} :: washing-up liquid, dishwashing liquid
detestabile {adj} :: detestable, odious, despicable
detestabile {adj} :: dreadful, appalling
detestabilmente {adv} :: detestably
detestante {v} :: present participle of detestare
detestantesi {v} :: present participle of detestarsi
detestare {vt} :: to detest, to loathe, to hate
detestarsi {vr} :: To hate or detest each other
detestarsi {vr} :: To hate or detest oneself
detestato {adj} :: detested, hated
detestatosi {v} :: past participle of detestarsi
detestazione {f} :: hate, detestation
detezione {f} :: detection
detonabilità {f} :: detonability (of an explosive)
detonabilità {f} :: tendency to knock (of a car engine)
detonante {v} :: present participle of detonare
detonante {adj} :: detonating, explosive
detonante {m} :: explosive
detonare {v} :: to detonate or explode
detonatore {m} :: detonator
detonazione {f} :: detonation, explosion
detonazione {f} :: pinking, knocking (of an engine)
detorcente {v} :: present participle of detorcere
detorcere {v} :: obsolete form of storcere
detossicazione {f} :: detoxification
detossificante {v} :: present participle of detossificare
detossificare {v} :: to detoxify
detossificazione {f} :: detoxification
detraente {v} :: present participle of detrarre
detraibile {adj} :: deductible
detraibilità {f} :: deductibility
detrarre {v} :: to deduct (from)
detrarre {v} :: to take away (from)
detrattivo {adj} :: detractive
detrattore {m} :: detractor
detrattrice {f} :: detractor (female)
detrazione {f} :: deduction
detrimento {m} :: detriment
detritico {adj} [geology] :: detrital; clastic
detriticolo {adj} :: detriticolous
detritivoro {adj} :: detritivorous
detrito {m} :: detritus
detrito {m} :: silt, alluvium
detronizzante {v} :: present participle of detronizzare
detronizzare {vt} :: to dethrone, depose
detronizzazione {f} :: dethronement
detronizzazione {f} :: ousting
detrusore {adj} [anatomy] :: detrusor (attributive)
detrusore {m} [anatomy] :: detrusor
detta {fs} :: Only used in the adverb a detta di
dettagliante {v} :: present participle of dettagliare
dettagliante {m} :: retailer
dettagliare {vt} :: To detail
dettagliare {vi} :: To give details
dettagliatamente {adv} :: in detail
dettagliatissimo {adj} :: Very detailed
dettagliato {adj} :: detailed
dettaglio {m} :: detail
dettame {m} :: dictate, precept
dettante {v} :: present participle of dettare
dettare {vt} :: To dictate, prompt
dettato {m} :: dictation
dettatura {f} :: dictation
dettazione {f} [obsolete] :: dictate, precept
Detti {prop} :: surname
detto {adj} :: known as, called
detto {adj} :: above-mentioned, aforementioned, said
detto {m} :: saying
detto e fatto {phrase} :: Variant of detto, fatto
detto fatto {phrase} :: Variant of detto, fatto
detto, fatto {phrase} :: no sooner said than done
detto, fatto {phrase} :: said and done
dettosi {v} :: past participle of dirsi
detumescenza {f} :: detumescence
deturpamento {m} :: disfigurement, defacement
deturpante {v} :: present participle of deturpare
deturpare {vt} :: To disfigure, to scar
deturpatore {m} :: defacer, deformer
deturpatore {m} :: defiler
deturpatore {adj} :: disfiguring
deturpazione {f} :: disfigurement
deumidificante {v} :: present participle of deumidificare
deumidificare {vt} :: to dehumidify
deumidificato {adj} :: dehumidified
deumidificatore {m} :: dehumidifier
deumidificazione {f} :: dehumidification
deuteragonista {mf} :: deuteragonist
deuterato {adj} [chemistry] :: deuterated
deuterio {m} :: deuterium
deutero- {prefix} :: deutero- (both senses)
deuterobenzene {m} :: deuterobenzene
deuterocanonico {adj} :: deuterocanonical
deuterocloroformio {m} [organic compound] :: deuterochloroform
deuterone {m} [physics] :: deuteron
Deuteronomio {prop} [biblical] :: Deuteronomy
deuteronomista {m} :: Deuteronomist
deuteropatia {f} [medicine] :: deuteropathy (secondary disease)
deuterostoma {m} [zoology] :: deuterostome
deuteruro {m} [chemistry] :: deuteride
deutone {m} [physics] :: deuteron
devalutazione {f} :: devaluation
devalutazione {f} :: depreciation (of money)
devanagari {adj} :: Devanagari
devanagari {mf} :: Devanagari (abugida alphabet of India and Nepal)
devascolarizzazione {f} :: devascularization
devastante {v} :: present participle of devastare
devastante {adj} :: devastating
devastare {vt} :: to devastate or ravage
devastatore {adj} :: destructive
devastazione {f} :: devastation, destruction
deventante {v} :: present participle of deventare
deventare {v} :: alternative form of diventare
deverbale {adj} :: deverbal (grammar - derived from a verb)
deverbale {m} :: A word derived from a verb (especially a noun)
devessità {f} [obsolete] :: slope
devetrificazione {f} :: devitrification
deviabile {adj} :: That can be diverted
deviamento {m} :: deviation, diversion (of a waterway)
deviamento {m} :: deflection
deviamento {m} :: shunting (of a train)
deviamento {m} :: disengagement
deviante {v} :: present participle of deviare
deviante {adj} :: deviant
devianza {f} :: deviance
devianza {f} :: perversity
deviare {v} :: to deflect
deviare {v} :: to divert
deviare {v} :: to lead astray
deviare {v} :: to ward off
deviato {adj} :: deviated, diverted
deviato {adj} :: deviant
deviatoio {m} :: points, railroad switch
deviatore {m} :: diverter
deviatore {m} :: signalman
deviazione {f} :: deviation, departure, divergence
deviazione {f} :: diversion, detour
deviazione {f} :: deviance, perversion
deviazione {f} [surgery] :: shunt
deviazione {f} :: parry
deviazione standard {f} :: alternative form of scarto quadratico medio
deviazionismo {m} :: deviationism
deviazionista {mf} :: deviationist
deviazionistico {adj} :: deviationist
deviscerante {v} :: present participle of deviscerare
deviscerare {vt} :: To disembowel, eviscerate or gut
devitalizzante {v} :: present participle of devitalizzare
devitalizzare {vt} :: to devitalize
devitalizzare {vt} :: to deaden [a nerve, etc.]
devitalizzazione {f} :: devitalization
devitaminizzante {v} :: present participle of devitaminizzare
devitaminizzare {vt} :: to devitaminize
devitaminizzato {adj} :: devitaminized
devitaminizzato {adj} :: vitamin deficient
De Vito {prop} :: surname
devocalizzazione {f} :: devocalization, devoicing
devoltare {vt} [electrical engineering] :: To power with lower potential than required
devolute {v} :: Plural of devolvuto
devoluti {v} :: Plural of devolvuto
devolutivo {adj} :: transfer, assignment (attributive)
devolutivo {adj} :: devolutionary
devoluzione {f} :: devolution
devoluzione {f} :: transfer
devoluzione {f} :: endowment
devoluzionista {adj} :: devolutionary
devolvente {v} :: present participle of devolvere
devolvere {vt} :: to transfer (power etc)
devolvere {vt} :: to devolve
devoniano {adj} :: Devonian
devoniano {m} :: Devonian
devota {f} :: devout or faithful woman
devotissimo {adj} :: Very devout or pious
devoto {adj} :: devout, pious
devoto {adj} :: devoted
devoto {m} :: A devout or faithful person
devozionale {adj} :: devotional
devozione {f} :: devoutness
devozione {f} :: devotion
dexpantenolo {m} :: dexpanthenol
dezippante {v} :: present participle of dezippare
dezippare {vt} [computing] :: to unzip (a compressed file)
dharma {m} :: dharma
di- {prefix} :: di-
di {n} :: letter: d; dee
di {prep} :: Used to indicate possession, after the thing owned and before the owner; of; ’s
di {prep} :: from
di {prep} :: by, of, ’s
di {prep} :: than
di {prep} :: Used in superlative forms; in, of
di {prep} :: about, on, concerning
di {prep} :: Expresses composition; of, made of, in or more often omitted
di {prep} :: (followed by an infinitive) to or omitted
di {prep} :: Used with the definite article in partitive constructions; some
di {prep} :: Used in some expressions in a partitive-like function, often without article
{m} [archaic] :: day
{m} [astronomy] :: daytime
diabete {m} [diseases] :: diabetes
diabete insipido {m} :: diabetes insipidus
diabete mellito {m} :: diabetes mellitus
diabetica {f} :: diabetic woman
diabetico {adj} :: diabetic
diabetico {m} :: diabetic person
diabetogeno {adj} :: diabetogenic
diabetologia {f} :: diabetology
diabetologo {m} :: diabetologist
diabolicamente {adv} :: diabolically, devilishly, fiendishly
diabolicità {f} :: diabolicalness, devilishness
diabolico {adj} :: diabolic, diabolical
diabolico {adj} :: wicked
diaccio {m} :: [Tuscany] alt form ghiaccio
diacetato {m} [chemistry] :: diacetate
diacinesi {f} :: diakinesis
diacitosi {f} :: diacytosis
diaclasi {f} :: joint (geology - fracture with no offset of strata)
diaconale {adj} :: diaconal
diaconato {m} :: diaconate
diaconessa {f} :: deaconess (female deacon, or early Christian female servant)
diaconia {f} :: deaconship
diaconia {f} :: deaconry
diacono {m} :: deacon
diacriticamente {adv} :: diacritically
diacritico {adj} :: diacritical (linguistics)
diacronia {f} :: diachrony
diacronicamente {adv} :: diachronically
diacronico {adj} :: diachronic
diade {f} :: couple, dyad
diadema {m} :: diadem
diadema {m} :: tiara
diademato {adj} :: nimbed, haloed
diadico {adj} :: dyadic
diadoco {m} :: One of the Diadochi
diadumeno {m} :: diadumenos
diafaneità {f} :: diaphaneity
diafaneità {f} :: transparency
diafanità {f} :: transparency, diaphaneity
diafano {adj} :: diaphanous
diafano {adj} :: transparent
diafanoscopia {f} [medicine] :: diaphanoscopy
diafanoscopio {m} :: diaphanoscope
diafasia {f} [linguistics] :: diaphasia
diafasico {adj} [linguistics] :: diaphasic
diafisario {adj} [skeleton] :: diaphyseal
diafisi {f} [skeleton] :: diaphysis
diafonia {f} :: dissonance
diafonia {f} :: organum (medieval polyphony)
diafora {f} :: diaphora
diaforesi {f} [physiology] :: diaphoresis
diaforetico {adj} :: diaphoretic
diaforetico {m} :: diaphoretic agent
diaframma {m} :: diaphragm
diaframma {m} :: screen
diaframma lamellare {m} [optics, photography] :: lamellar diaphragm
diaframmante {v} :: present participle of diaframmare
diaframmare {vit} [photography] :: to stop down (regulate the diaphragm)
diaframmatico {adj} :: diaphragmatic
diagenesi {n} :: diagenesis
diagnosi {f} [medicine, figuratively] :: diagnosis
diagnosta {mf} :: diagnostician
diagnostica {f} :: diagnostics
diagnosticabile {adj} :: That can be diagnosed, diagnosable
diagnosticamente {adv} :: diagnostically
diagnosticante {v} :: present participle of diagnosticare
diagnosticare {vt} :: to diagnose
diagnostico {adj} :: diagnostic
diagonale {adj} :: diagonal
diagonale {f} :: diagonal
diagonale {m} :: twill
diagonale {m} :: cross (football)
diagonale principale {f} [maths] :: main diagonal
diagonalizzabile {adj} [mathematics] :: diagonalizable
diagonalizzabilità {f} [maths] :: diagonalizability
diagonalizzante {v} :: present participle of diagonalizzare
diagonalizzare {vt} [mathematics] :: to diagonalize
diagonalizzazione {f} [mathematics] :: diagonalization
diagonalmente {adv} :: diagonally
diagonalmente {adv} :: on the bias (cut fabric)
diagramma {m} :: diagram
diagramma {m} :: chart
diagramma {m} :: graph
diagramma di Feynman {m} [physics] :: Feynman diagram
diagrammante {v} :: present participle of diagrammare
diagrammare {vt} :: To chart (represent as a diagram)
diagrammatico {adj} :: diagrammatic
diagrammatore {m} [computing] :: plotter (device)
diagrammazione {f} [computing] :: flowcharting
dialchile {m} [organic chemistry] :: dialkyl
dialefe {f} :: dialefe
dialettale {adj} :: dialectal
dialettale {adj} :: spoken or written in dialect
dialettaleggiante {adj} :: dialect-like
dialettalismo {m} :: A word or construction whose origin is from a dialect
dialettalità {f} :: dialectal character
dialettalmente {adv} :: in dialect
dialettica {f} :: dialectic
dialettica {f} :: dialectics
dialetticamente {adv} :: dialectically
dialettico {adj} :: dialectical
dialettismo {m} :: dialect word or form
dialettizzazione {f} [linguistics] :: dialectization
dialetto {m} :: dialect
dialettofono {m} :: dialect speaker
dialettologia {f} :: dialectology
dialettologico {adj} :: dialectological
dialettologo {m} :: dialectologist
dialipetalo {adj} [botany] :: dialypetalous
dialisi {f} :: dialysis
dialitico {adj} :: dialytic
dialitico {adj} :: dialysis (attributive)
dializzante {v} :: present participle of dializzare
dializzare {vt} :: to dialyze / dialyse
dializzato {adj} :: dialyzed / dialysed
dializzatore {m} :: dialyzer (machine)
dialogante {v} :: present participle of dialogare
dialogare {vi} :: To converse, or have a dialogue (with)
dialogare {vt} :: To write the dialogue (for); to script
dialoghista {mf} :: scriptwriter
dialoghista {mf} :: dialoguist
dialogico {adj} :: dialogue (attributive)
dialogismo {m} :: dialogism
dialogista {mf} :: dialogist (writer or director of dialogues)
dialogizzante {v} :: present participle of dialogizzare
dialogizzare {vi} :: to converse [hold a dialogue]
dialogizzare {vt} :: to write a dialogue
dialogo {m} :: dialogue
dialogo {m} :: conversation
di alto grado {adj} :: high-ranking
diamagnetico {adj} [physics] :: diamagnetic
diamagnetismo {m} [physics] :: diamagnetism
diamantato {adj} :: diamond (attributive)
diamante {m} :: diamond (all senses)
diamante {m} :: The crown of an anchor
diamante {m} :: excelsior (a small size of type, standardized to 3 point)
diamante mandarino {m} :: zebra finch
diamantifero {adj} :: diamantiferous (diamond-bearing)
diametrale {adj} :: diametrical (all senses)
diametralmente {adv} :: diametrically
diametrico {adj} :: diametric, diametrical
diametro {m} :: diameter
diamine {interj} :: An expression of wonder, impatience or irritation
diaminofenolo {m} [organic compound] :: diaminophenol
diammina {f} [chemistry] :: diamine
diamminomonocarbossilico {adj} [organic chemistry] :: diaminomonocarboxylic
Diana {prop} [Roman god] :: Diana
Diana {prop} :: given name
Diana {prop} :: surname
Diana {prop} :: Giuseppe Diana, Italian priest killed by the Mafia
di andata {adj} :: outward, there (journey, trip)
di andata {adj} :: single, one-way (ticket)
di andata {adj} [sports] :: first (leg, round etc)
dianetica {f} :: dianetics
dianetico {adj} :: dianetic
dianione {m} [chemistry] :: dianion
dianionico {adj} [chemistry] :: dianionic
dianoetico {adj} :: dianoetic
dianto {m} :: dianthus
dianzi {adv} :: A short time before; a while ago
diapason {m} [music] :: tuning fork
diapason {m} :: diapason
diapositiva {f} [photography] :: slide, transparency, diapositive
diapoteca {f} [photography] :: slide container; collection of slides
diaproiettore {m} [photography] :: slide projector
diapside {m} :: diapsid
diarchia {f} :: diarchy, dyarchy
diaria {f} :: A daily allowance of expenses
diario {m} :: diary, journal
diarista {mf} :: diarist
diaristico {adj} :: diaristic
diarrea {f} :: diarrhea / diarrhoea
diarroico {adj} [medicine] :: diarrheic
diartrosi {f} [anatomy] :: synovial joint, diarthrosis
diascopia {f} [medicine] :: diascopy
diascopio {m} :: slide projector
Dïascoride {prop} :: medieval spelling of Dioscoride
diaspora {f} :: diaspora (all senses)
diasporico {adj} :: diasporic
diaspro {m} [mineralogy] :: jasper
diastasi {f} [enzyme] :: diastase
diastasi {f} [medicine] :: diastasis
diastema {m} :: diastema
diastematico {adj} :: diastematic
diastereoisomerico {adj} [chemistry] :: diastereoisomeric
diastilo {m} [architecture] :: diastyle
diastole {f} [physiology] :: diastole
diastolico {adj} :: diastolic
diastratia {f} :: The variation in language use depending on social, cultural or educational factors
diastratico {adj} :: diastratic
diastrofismo {m} [geology] :: diastrophism
diateca {f} :: slide library
diatermanità {f} :: diathermancy
diatermano {adj} [physics] :: diathermic
diatermia {f} [physics, medicine] :: diathermy
diatermico {adj} :: diathermic
diatermocoagulazione {f} [surgery] :: diathermy (diathermic coagulation)
diatesi {f} [grammar] :: voice
diatesi {f} [medicine] :: predisposition
diatesico {adj} :: diathetic
diatomea {f} :: diatom
diatomico {adj} :: diatomic
diatonia {f} [music] :: diatonicism
diatonico {adj} [music] :: diatonic
diatonismo {m} [music] :: diatonism
diatopico {adj} :: diatopic
diatorico {adj} [anatomy] :: diatoric
diatriba {f} :: diatribe
diatriba {f} :: squabble
diavola {f} :: devil
diavoleria {f} :: devilry (act of mischief etc)
diavoleria {f} :: a strange object or contraption
diavolessa {f} :: she devil
diavolessa {f} :: hag
diavoletto {m} :: diminutive of diavolo
diavoletto {m} :: little devil, imp
diavoletto {m} :: demon
diavoletto {m} :: hair curler
diavoletto {m} :: pickle
diavoletto di Cartesio {m} :: Cartesian devil, Cartesian diver
diavoletto di Maxwell {m} [physics] :: Maxwell's demon
diavolillo {m} :: Red chili pepper
diavolino {m} :: imp (also figurative)
diavolino {m} :: hair curler
diavolio {m} :: pandemonium
diavolo {m} :: devil, demon, fiend, Satan
diavolo {m} :: (evil person) devil, devilish person
diavolo {m} :: (man) sort, devil
diavolo {interj} :: the devil, the heck, the dickens, the deuce
diavolo {interj} :: (diavolo!) damn!, blast!
diavolo {interj} :: (diavolo!) you bet!, rather!
diazocomposto {m} [organic chemistry] :: diazo compound
diazometano {m} [organic compound] :: diazomethane
diazonio {m} [organic chemistry] :: diazonium
diazoreazione {f} [organic chemistry, pathology] :: diazo reaction
diazotante {v} :: present participle of diazotare
diazotare {vt} :: To diazotize
diazotazione {f} [organic chemistry] :: diazotization
diazoto {m} :: dinitrogen
diazotrofo {m} [microbiology] :: diazotroph
di base {adj} :: basic
di basso rango {adv} :: a cut below
di basso rango {adv} :: of low social class
di basso rango {adv} :: One's position in a list sorted by a shared property such as physical location, population, or quality
di basso rango {adv} :: of low rank
di basso rango {adv} :: a level in an organization such as the military
dibattente {v} :: present participle of dibattere
dibattentesi {v} :: present participle of dibattersi
dibattere {v} :: to debate or discuss
dibattersi {vr} :: To flounder, to struggle, to writhe
dibattersi {vr} :: To be torn by something
dibattimentale {adj} :: debate, discussion (attributive)
dibattimento {m} :: debate, discussion
dibattimento {m} :: hearing
dibattito {m} :: debate, discussion
dibattutosi {v} :: past participle of dibattersi
Dibiasi {prop} :: surname
Dibiasi {prop} :: Klaus Dibiasi, Italian diver
diborano {m} [inorganic compound] :: diborane
diboscamento {m} :: alternative form of disboscamento
diboscante {v} :: present participle of diboscare
diboscare {v} :: Variant of disboscare
diboscazione {f} :: deforestation
dibreve {m} [music, rare] :: longa (four whole notes)
di brutto {adv} [familiar, slang] :: a lot, very much, like crazy, like mad, like hell
di buon grado {adv} :: alternative form of di buongrado
di buongrado {adv} :: willingly
di buon'ora {adv} :: early (in the morning)
di buonora {adv} :: alternative spelling of di buon'ora
dicace {adj} [obsolete] :: caustic, sarcastic, sharp
dicacità {f} [obsolete] :: sarcasm, causticity, sharpness
Di Carlo {prop} :: surname
dicastero {m} :: ministry
dicastero {m} :: office
dicastero {m} :: field, department
dicatione {m} [chemistry] :: dication
dicationico {adj} [chemistry] :: dicationic
diccì {adj} :: Of or pertaining to the Democrazia Cristiana (Christian Democracy) a dissolved political party
diccì {mf} :: A member of this party
dicco {m} [mineralogy] :: dike
dicefalo {m} :: dicephaly
dicefalo {adj} :: dicephalous
dicembre {m} :: December
dicembrino {adj} :: December (attributive)
dicentesi {v} :: present participle of dirsi
dicentra {f} [botany] :: Any plant of the Dicentra taxonomic genus
dicentra {f} [by narrowing, plant] :: bleeding heart (Lamprocapnos spectabilis, formerly Dicentra spectabilis)
dicere {vit} [archaic, literary] :: alternative form of dire
diceria {f} :: rumour, gossip, buzz, chit-chat, claver
di certo {adv} :: certainly, of course, surely, definitely
dicevole {adj} [literary, rare] :: decent, proper, suitable
dicevolmente {adv} :: decently, properly, suitably
dichiarabile {adj} :: declarable
dichiarante {v} :: present participle of dichiarare
dichiarante {m} :: declarant
dichiarante {m} :: registrant
dichiarantesi {v} :: present participle of dichiararsi
dichiarare {vt} :: to declare, to announce, to proclaim, to state, to assert
dichiarare {vt} [card games] :: to bid
dichiararsi {v} :: reflexive of dichiarare
dichiararsi {vr} :: to declare oneself, call oneself, avow oneself
dichiararsi {vr} [legal] :: to plead (guilty or not guilty)
dichiararsi {vr} [of opinions] :: to commit oneself
dichiararsi {vr} [of a lover] :: to propose
dichiaratamente {adv} :: avowedly
dichiarativa {f} :: declarative
dichiarativamente {adv} :: declaratively
dichiarativo {adj} :: declarative
dichiarato {adj} :: avowed, explicit, professed
dichiarato {adj} :: reported
dichiaratosi {v} :: past participle of dichiararsi
dichiarazione {f} :: declaration, announcement, statement, remark
dichiarazione {f} :: (in card games) bid, bidding
dichiarazione di guerra {f} :: declaration of war
Dichiarazione Universale dei Diritti dell'Uomo {prop} :: Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Dichiarazione Universale dei Diritti Umani {prop} :: Universal Declaration of Human Rights
-dici {suffix} :: Approximately equivalent to -teen (used to form cardinal numbers from 11 to 16)
dici- {prefix} :: Somewhat equivalent to -teen (used to form cardinal numbers from 17 to 19)
diciannove {adj} :: nineteen
diciannove {m} [cardinal] :: nineteen
diciannove {m} :: seven o'clock (p.m.)
diciannovemila {adj} :: nineteen thousand
diciannovemila {m} :: nineteen thousand
diciannovenne {adj} :: nineteen-year-old
diciannovenne {mf} :: nineteen-year-old
diciannovesimo {adj} :: nineteenth
diciannovesimo {m} :: nineteenth (the one in nineteenth position)
diciannovesimo {m} :: nineteenth (fraction)
diciassette {adj} :: seventeen
diciassette {m} [cardinal] :: seventeen
diciassette {m} [in the plural] :: five o'clock (p.m.)
diciassettemila {adj} :: seventeen thousand
diciassettemila {m} :: seventeen thousand
diciassettenne {adj} :: seventeen-year-old
diciassettenne {mf} :: seventeen-year-old
diciassettesimo {adj} :: seventeenth
diciassettesimo {m} :: seventeenth (the one in 17th position)
diciassettesimo {m} :: seventeenth (fraction)
dicibile {adj} [literary] :: expressible, utterable
dicibilità {f} :: utterability
dicinetide {m} [biology] :: dikinetid
dici nove {n} :: alternative spelling of diciannove
diciottenne {adj} :: eighteen-year-old
diciottenne {mf} :: eighteen-year-old
diciottesimo {adj} :: eighteenth
diciottesimo {m} :: eighteenth (the one in 18th position)
diciottesimo {m} :: eighteenth (fraction)
diciotto {adj} :: eighteen
diciotto {m} [cardinal] :: eighteen
diciotto {m} :: six o'clock (p.m.)
diciottomila {adj} :: eighteen thousand
diciottomila {m} :: eighteen thousand
dicitore {m} :: speaker, orator (male)
dicitrice {f} :: speaker, orator (female)
dicitura {f} :: wording, words
di classe mondiale {adj} :: world-class
dicloroetano {m} [organic compound] :: dichloroethane
dicloroindofenolo {m} [organic compound] :: dichloroindophenol
diclorometano {m} [organic compound] :: dichloromethane, methylene chloride
dicogamia {f} :: dichogamy
di colore {adj} :: (of a person) colored, coloured, black
di colpo {adv} [idiom] :: suddenly, all of a sudden, out of the blue, short
di conseguenza {adv} :: consequently, as a consequence, therefore
di conseguenza {adv} :: accordingly
di continuo {adv} :: continually
dicoriale {adj} [anatomy] :: dichorial
di corsa {adv} :: quickly, hurriedly
dicotiledone {adj} [botany] :: dicotyledonous
dicotiledone {f} [botany] :: dicotyledon
dicotomia {f} :: dichotomy
dicotomicamente {adv} :: dichotomously
dicotomico {adj} :: dichotomic, dichotomous
dicotomo {adj} [botany] :: dichotomous, dichotomic
dicroico {adj} :: dichroic
dicroismo {m} [physics] :: dichroism
dicromatico {adj} :: dichromatic
dicromato {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: dichromate
dicromia {f} :: two-colour printing
dicromia {f} :: two-colour print
dicromico {adj} [inorganic chemistry] :: dichromic
dicrotismo {m} [pathology] :: dicrotism
dictafono {m} :: dictaphone
didascalia {f} :: caption
didascalia {f} :: stage direction
didascalia {f} :: subtitle
didascalicamente {adv} :: didactically
didascalico {adj} :: didactic
didascalico {m} :: hyphen (separating compound words)
didascalico {m} :: dash (used to introduce direct speech)
didatta {f} :: teacher
didattica {f} :: didactics
didatticamente {adv} :: didactically
didattico {adj} :: didactic
didattico {adj} :: teaching
didattico {adj} :: educational
didattile {m} :: didactyl
di dentro {adj} :: inner, interior
di dentro {adj} :: internal, inside
didentro {adv} :: inside, indoors
didentro {m} :: inside, interior
didgeridù {m} [musical instruments] :: didgeridoo
didietro {adv} :: behind
didietro {adj} :: back, rear
didietro {m} :: rear
didietro {m} [colloquial] :: backside, hind
didimio {m} [chemistry] :: didymium
Didimo {prop} [rare] :: given name
Di Donato {prop} :: surname
Didone {prop} [Greek mythology] :: Dido
die {m} :: obsolete form of
di eccezione {adj} :: Variant of d'eccezione
diece {num} :: obsolete form of dieci
dieci {num} [cardinal] :: ten
dieci {adj} :: ten
dieci {m} :: ten
dieci {fp} [following the article le] :: ten o'clock (a.m. or p.m.)
diecibilioni {m} :: ten billion
dieci di cuori {m} :: ten of hearts (the card)
dieci di fiori {m} :: ten of clubs (the card)
dieci di picche {m} :: ten of spades (the card)
dieci di quadri {m} :: ten of diamonds (the card)
diecimila {adj} :: ten thousand
diecimila {m} :: ten thousand
diecimiliardi {m} :: ten billion
diecimilionesimo {adj} :: ten millionth
diecimilionesimo {m} :: ten millionth (fraction)
diecimilionesimo {m} :: ten millionth (one in 10,000,000th position)
diecimilioni {m} :: ten million
diecimillesimo {adj} :: ten thousandth
diecimillesimo {m} [ordinal numbers] :: ten thousandth
diecina {f} :: ten (or so) (things)
diedrale {adj} [mathematics] :: dihedral
diedro {m} :: dihedral
diegesi {f} :: diegesis
diegetico {adj} :: diegetic
Diego {prop} :: given name
dielettricità {f} [physics] :: dielectricity; insulation (electrical)
dielettrico {m} [physics] :: dielectric, insulator
dielettrico {adj} [physics] :: dielectric, insulating
diencefalico {adj} :: diencephalic
diencefalo {m} [anatomy] :: diencephalon
diene {m} [organic chemistry] :: diene
dieresi {f} :: diaeresis, specifically:
dieresi {f} [linguistics, prosody] :: The separation of a vowel, often a diphthong, into two distinct syllables
dieresi {f} [typography] :: A diacritical mark (¨)
dieresi {f} :: hiatus
diesagonale {adj} :: dihexagonal
diesante {v} :: present participle of diesare
diesare {vt} [music] :: to sharp
diesel {m} :: diesel (engine; vehicle)
diesel-elettrico {adj} :: diesel-electric
diesis {m} [music] :: sharp
diesis {adj} [music] :: sharp
diesizzante {v} :: present participle of diesizzare
diesizzare {vt} [music] :: to sharp
diessino {adj} :: Of or pertaining to the Democratici di Sinistra (Democrats of the Left) political party
diessino {m} :: A member of this party
diestere {m} :: diester
dieta {f} :: diet (all senses)
dieta mediterranea {f} :: Mediterranean diet
dietetica {f} [medicine] :: dietetics
dieteticamente {adv} :: dietetically
dietetico {adj} :: dietetic, diet (attributive), dietary
dietile {m} :: diethyl
dietilico {adj} :: diethyl [attributive]
dietista {m} :: (male) dietician, nutritionist
dietista {f} :: (female) dietician, nutritionist
dietologa {f} :: (female) dietician, nutritionist
dietologia {f} :: dietetics
dietologo {m} :: dietician, nutritionist
dietoterapia {f} [medicine] :: diet therapy
dietro {adv} :: behind, at the back
dietro {prep} :: behind
dietro {prep} :: after, next
dietro {m} :: back, rear
dietro {m} :: seat (of trousers)
dietro front {interj} :: about turn!
dietro front {m} :: about-turn, volte-face
dietrofront {m} :: alternative form of dietro front
dietrologa {f} :: Woman who is always looking for what is behind an event; conspiracy hunter (female)
dietrologia {f} :: conspiracy theory (search for hidden motives)
dietrologo {m} :: Person who is always looking for what is behind an event; conspiracy hunter
difatti {conj} :: in fact, as a matter of fact
di fatto {adv} :: in fact
difendente {v} :: present participle of difendere
difendentesi {v} :: present participle of difendersi
difender {v} :: apocopic form of difendere
difendere {vt} :: to defend
difendersi {v} :: reflexive of difendere
difendersi {vr} :: to defend oneself, protect oneself
difendersi {vr} :: to get by, hold one's own, stand up
difendibile {adj} :: defensible
difendibilità {f} :: defensibility
difenile {m} :: alternative form of bifenile
difenolo {m} [organic chemistry] :: diphenol
difensibile {adj} :: Variant of difendibile
difensiva {f} :: The defensive
difensivamente {adv} :: defensively
difensivismo {m} :: defensiveness
difensivismo {m} [sports] :: playing defensively
difensivista {adj} :: defensive
difensivista {mf} [sports] :: defensive player
difensivo {adj} :: defensive
difensore {adj} :: defending
difensore {adj} :: supporting
difensore {m} [sports, etc.] :: defender
difensore {m} [law] :: defending counsel, defense attorney
difensore {m} :: advocate, supporter
difensore di base {m} [baseball] :: baseman
di ferro {adj} :: cast iron
difesa {f} :: defence
difesa {f} :: protection, shelter
difesa civile {f} :: civil defence
difeso {adj} :: protected, sheltered
difeso {adj} :: fortified
difesosi {v} :: past participle of difendersi
difettante {v} :: present participle of difettare
difettare {vi} :: To lack or be lacking
difettare {vi} :: To be defective
difettato {adj} :: defective, faulty, imperfect
difettivo {adj} :: defective
difetto {m} :: defect, fault, blemish, flaw
difetto {m} :: deficiency, lack, shortage
difettosamente {adv} :: defectively, faultily, imperfectly
difettosissimo {adj} :: Very faulty, very defective
difettosità {f} :: defectiveness, faultiness, imperfection
difettosità {f} :: defect, fault, imperfection
difettoso {adj} :: defective, faulty, imperfect
difettuccio {m} :: A small defect, a small fault
diffamante {v} :: present participle of diffamare
diffamante {adj} :: defamatory
diffamare {vt} :: to defame, slander or libel
diffamatore {m} :: slanderer
diffamatore {m} :: libeller
diffamatorio {adj} :: slanderous, libellous
diffamazione {f} :: slander
diffamazione {f} :: libel
diffamazione {f} :: defamation
diffeomorfico {adj} :: diffeomorphic
diffeomorfismo {m} [mathematics] :: diffeomorphism
diffeomorfo {adj} :: diffeomorphic
differente {adj} :: different, differing, dissimilar, unlike
differentemente {adv} :: in a different way, differently, otherwise
differenza {f} :: difference
differenziabile {adj} :: differentiable
differenziabilità {f} :: differentiability
differenziale {adj} :: differential
differenziale {m} :: differential (gear)
differenziamento {m} :: differentiation
differenziante {v} :: present participle of differenziare
differenziantesi {v} :: present participle of differenziarsi
differenziare {vt} :: To differentiate, to distinguish
differenziarsi {v} :: reflexive of differenziare
differenziarsi {vr} :: to distinguish oneself
differenziarsi {vr} :: to be different, be differentiated
differenziatamente {adv} :: in a differentiated or specialized manner
differenziativo {adj} :: differentiative
differenziato {adj} :: differentiated, different, specialized, separated
differenziatosi {v} :: past participle of differenziarsi
differenziazione {f} :: differentiation
differibile {adj} :: postponable
differimento {m} :: deferment, postponement
differire {vt} :: To defer or postpone
differire {vi} :: To differ, or be different (from)
differito {adj} :: postponed, delayed
difficile {adj} :: difficult
difficilissimo {adj} :: Very difficult
difficilmente {adv} :: hardly, with difficulty, unlikely (adjective)
difficoltà {f} :: difficulty
difficoltosamente {adv} :: difficultly
difficoltoso {adj} :: difficult
difficultà {f} :: dated form of difficoltà
diffida {f} :: notice, warning
diffidante {v} :: present participle of diffidare
diffidare {vi} :: To distrust, or be suspicious (of)
diffidare {vt} :: To warn or caution
diffidarsi {vr} :: To despair; to lose confidence
diffidato {adj} :: That has received a notice or warning
diffidato {m} :: One who has received a notice or warning
diffidente {adj} :: suspicious, distrustful
diffidente {adj} [obsolete] :: untrustworthy
diffidenza {f} :: mistrust, suspicion
diffinente {v} :: present participle of diffinire
diffinire {v} :: obsolete form of definire
diffinire {vt} :: to define, resolve
diffinito {adj} :: obsolete form of definito
diffinito {adj} :: definite, defined, determinate
diffinizione {f} :: alternative form of definizione
difflugia {f} [zoology] :: difflugid
diffondente {v} :: present participle of diffondere
diffondentesi {v} :: present participle of diffondersi
diffondere {vt} :: to spread
diffondere {vt} :: to give out or diffuse (light, radio etc)
diffondersi {v} :: reflexive of diffondere
diffondersi {v} :: to spread
diffondersi {v} :: to catch on
diffondibile {adj} :: spreadable
diffondibile {adj} :: diffusible
diffondibilità {f} :: spreadability
diffondibilità {f} :: diffusibility
difforme {adj} :: Not conforming
difforme {adj} :: different
difforme {adj} :: discordant
difformemente {adv} :: in a nonconforming manner
difformemente {adv} :: differently
difformemente {adv} :: discordantly
difformità {f} :: diversity, unlikeness, dissimilarity, difference
diffrangente {v} :: present participle of diffrangere
diffrangentesi {v} :: present participle of diffrangersi
diffrangere {vt} :: To diffract (cause diffraction)
diffrangersi {vr} :: To diffract (be diffracted)
diffranto {adj} :: diffracted
diffrantosi {v} :: past participle of diffrangersi
diffratometrico {adj} :: diffractometric
diffratto {adj} [physics] :: diffracted
diffrattometria {f} :: diffractometry
diffrattometro {m} :: diffractometer
diffrazione {f} [physics] :: diffraction
diffrazione {f} :: dispersion
diffusamente {adv} :: fully, diffusely
diffusibile {adj} :: diffusible
diffusibilità {f} :: diffusibility
diffusionale {adj} [physics] :: diffusional
diffusionale {adj} :: distribution (attributive)
diffusione {f} :: diffusion
diffusione {f} :: circulation (of newspapers)
diffusissimo {adj} :: Very widespread or common
diffusività {f} :: diffusivity
diffusivo {adj} :: diffusive
diffuso {adj} :: diffuse
diffuso {adj} :: diffused, spread
diffuso {adj} :: widespread (disease etc)
diffusore {m} :: diffuser
diffusorio {adj} :: diffusion (attributive))
diffusosi {v} :: past participle of diffondersi
difilate {adv} :: directly, straight
difilate {adv} :: straightaway
difilato {adv} :: straight
difilato {adv} :: straight away
difluoruro {m} :: difluoride
difluoruro d'ammonio e idrogeno {m} [inorganic compound] :: synonym of idrogenodifluoruro d'ammonio
difluoruro di cobalto {m} [inorganic compound] :: cobalt difluoride
difluoruro di diossigeno {m} [inorganic compound] :: dioxygen difluoride
difluoruro di kripton {m} [inorganic compound] :: krypton difluoride
difluoruro di ossigeno {m} [inorganic compound] :: oxygen difluoride
difluoruro di radon {m} [inorganic compound] :: radon difluoride
difluoruro di xeno {m} [inorganic compound] :: xenon difluoride
di fondo {adj} :: underlying, basic, fundamental
di fondo {adj} :: background (attributive)
di fortuna {adj} :: makeshift, jury (attribute), emergency (attribute), forced
difosfatasi {f} [enzyme] :: diphosphatase
difosfochinasi {f} [enzyme] :: diphosphokinase
difosforo {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: diphosphorus
difosfotrasferasi {f} [enzyme] :: diphosphotransferase
di frequente {adv} :: frequently, often
di fronte {adj} :: front, fore
di fronte {adv} :: opposite
di fronte {adv} [followed by a] :: in front of
di fronte {adv} [figuratively, followed by a] :: in the wake of
difronte {adv} :: alternative spelling of di fronte
difterico {adj} :: diphtheric; diphtheria (attributive)
difterite {f} [diseases] :: diphtheria
difteroide {adj} :: diphtheroid
di furto {adv} :: secretly, stealthily, surreptitiously, furtively
diga {f} :: dam (and, by extension, reservoir)
diga {f} :: dyke, breakwater
diga foranea {f} :: breakwater; groyne / groin
digamma {m} :: digamma (Greek letter)
digastrico {adj} [anatomy] :: digastric
digastrico {m} [muscle] :: digastric muscle, digastricus
digerente {v} :: present participle of digerire
digerente {adj} :: digestive
digeribile {adj} :: digestible
digeribile {adj} [figuratively] :: tolerable
digeribilità {f} :: digestibility
digerire {vt} :: to digest
digerire {vt} :: to master, understand
digerire {vt} :: to tolerate, stand
digestibile {adj} :: Variant of digeribile
digestione {f} :: digestion
digestivo {adj} :: digestive
digestivo {m} :: digestive
digestivo {m} :: after dinner drink
digesto {m} :: digest
digestore {m} :: digester
Digione {prop} :: Dijon
digitale {f} :: foxglove
digitale {f} :: digitalis (plant and drug)
digitale {adj} :: digital
digitalico {m} :: (especially in plural) digoxin, digitalin or any cardiac glycoside of similar structure
digitalico {adj} :: digitalin (attributive)
digitalina {f} :: digitalin
digitalizzante {v} :: present participle of digitalizzare
digitalizzare {vt} :: to digitize
digitalizzato {adj} :: digitized
digitalizzatore {m} :: digitizer
digitalizzazione {f} :: digitization
digitalmente {adv} :: digitally
digitante {v} :: present participle of digitare
digitare {vt} :: to key in, to key, to type
digitare {vt} :: to press (a key)
digitare {vt} :: to finger (music)
digitazione {f} :: typing (on a keyboard)
digitazione {f} :: fingering
digitazione {f} :: digitation
digitiforme {adj} :: digitiform
digitigrado {adj} :: digitigrade
digitigrado {m} :: digitigrade
digitopressione {f} :: acupressure
digitossina {f} :: digitoxin
digiunale {adj} [anatomy] :: jejunal
digiunante {v} :: present participle of digiunare
digiunare {vi} :: To fast
digiunatore {m} :: faster (person who fasts)
digiungente {v} :: present participle of digiungere
digiungere {v} :: obsolete form of disgiungere
digiuno {m} :: fast, fasting
digiuno {m} [anatomy] :: jejunum
digiuno {adj} :: ignorant (of)
digiunoterapia {f} :: fasting therapy
digliceride {m} [organic chemistry] :: diglyceride
diglifo {m} :: diglyph
dignità {f} :: dignity
dignitaria {f} :: dignitary (female)
dignitario {m} :: dignitary
dignitosamente {adv} :: decently, decorously
dignitosamente {adv} :: with dignity
dignitosissimo {adj} :: Very dignified
dignitosissimo {adj} :: Very decorous
dignitoso {adj} :: dignified
dignitoso {adj} :: decent, decorous
DIGOS {prop} :: acronym of Divisione Investigazioni Generali e Operazioni Speciali (Division of General Investigations and Special Operations), an Italian law enforcement agency charged with investigating sensitive cases relating to terrorism, organized crime and capital offenses
digradante {v} :: present participle of digradare
digradante {adj} :: sloping
digradante {adj} :: shading
digradare {vi} :: To slope down or decline
digradare {vi} :: To fade off or shade
digradazione {f} :: downward incline
digramma {m} [linguistics] :: digraph
di gran carriera {adv} :: At full speed
di gran lunga {adv} :: greatly, far and away
digrassante {v} :: present participle of digrassare
digrassare {vt} :: To skim (fat from a liquid)
digrassatura {f} :: skimming (of fat from a liquid)
digressione {f} :: digression
digressivo {adj} :: digressive
digrignamento {m} :: grinding, gnashing
digrignante {v} :: present participle of digrignare
digrignar {v} :: apocopic form of digrignare
digrignare {vt} :: To grind or gnash
digrossamento {m} :: trimming; cutting (down)
digrossamento {m} :: rough-hewing
digrossamento {m} :: refining
digrossante {v} :: present participle of digrossare
digrossare {vt} :: to trim
digrossare {vt} :: to rough-hew
digrossare {vt} :: to polish or refine
diguazzamento {m} :: splashing (about)
diguazzante {v} :: present participle of diguazzare
diguazzare {vi} :: to splash (about)
diguazzare {vi} :: to paddle (one's feet in the sea etc)
diidrofolato {m} :: dihydrofolate
diidrogeno {m} :: dihydrogen
diidropiridina {f} [organic compound] :: dihydropyridine
diidrossi {adj} [chemistry, in combnation] :: dihydroxy
diidrossiacetone {m} [organic compound] :: dihydroxyacetone
diidrossibenzene {m} [organic compound] :: dihydroxybenzene
diidrossifenilalanina {f} [biochemistry] :: dihydroxyphenylalanine
diidrotestosterone {m} [organic compound] :: dihydrotestosterone
diidruro {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: dihydride
diisocianato {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: diisocyanate
dilacerante {v} :: present participle of dilacerare
dilacerare {vt} :: To tear or lacerate
dilacerazione {f} :: alternative form of lacerazione
dilagante {v} :: present participle of dilagare
dilagare {vi} :: to spread, to be rampant
dilagare {vi} :: to flood
dilaniante {v} :: present participle of dilaniare
dilaniantesi {v} :: present participle of dilaniarsi
dilaniare {vt} :: to tear to pieces
dilaniare {vt} :: to rip to shreds
dilaniarsi {v} :: reflexive of dilaniare
dilaniarsi {vr} :: to be torn to pieces
dilaniarsi {vr} :: to be ripped to shreds
dilaniarsi {vr} :: to worry, torture oneself
dilaniatosi {v} :: past participle of dilaniarsi
dilapidante {v} :: present participle of dilapidare
dilapidare {vt} :: To dilapidate, squander, waste or dissipate
dilapidatore {m} :: squanderer
dilapidazione {f} :: squandering
dilapidazione {f} :: dissipation
dilatabile {adj} :: expandable, expansible, dilatable, expanding
dilatabilità {f} :: expandability, expansibility
dilatamento {m} :: dilation, expansion, enlargement
dilatante {v} :: present participle of dilatare
dilatantesi {v} :: present participle of dilatarsi
dilatare {vt} :: to dilate
dilatare {vt} :: to enlarge or make bigger
dilatarsi {vr} :: To dilate
dilatarsi {vr} :: To enlarge or become bigger
dilatativo {adj} :: dilatative
dilatatore {adj} :: dilating
dilatatore {m} [anatomy, medicine] :: dilator
dilatatore della narice {m} [muscle] :: dilator nasis
dilatatorio {adj} :: dilative, dilating
dilatatosi {v} :: past participle of dilatarsi
dilatazione {f} :: dilation
dilatazione {f} :: expansion
di lato {n} :: edge-on
dilatometria {f} :: dilatometry
dilatometro {m} :: dilatometer
dilatone {m} [physics] :: dilaton
dilatorio {adj} :: dilatory
dilavamento {m} :: washing off, washing out, washing away
dilavante {v} :: present participle of dilavare
dilavare {vt} :: To wash away
dilavazione {f} :: washing off
dilazionabile {adj} :: That can be postponed; postponable
dilazionabile {adj} :: extendible, extendable
dilazionante {v} :: present participle of dilazionare
dilazionare {vt} :: To defer
dilazionatorio {adj} :: dilatory
dilazione {f} :: deferment
dilazione {f} :: grace (relief period for a debtor)
dileggiabile {adj} :: mockable
dileggiante {v} :: present participle of dileggiare
dileggiare {vt} :: To frolic, mock or scoff at
dileggiatore {m} :: mocker, scoffer
dileggiatorio {adj} :: mocking
dileggio {m} :: mockery, derision
dileguante {v} :: present participle of dileguare
dileguantesi {v} :: present participle of dileguarsi
dileguare {vt} :: To dispel or disperse
dileguarsi {v} :: reflexive of dileguare
dileguarsi {vr} :: to disperse
dileguarsi {vr} :: to disappear
dileguatosi {v} :: past participle of dileguarsi
dilemma {m} :: dilemma [between two alternatives]
dilemmatico {adj} :: dilemmatic
diletta {f} :: beloved, loved one
Diletta {prop} :: given name
dilettabile {adj} :: delightful, delectable
dilettabilità {f} :: delightfulness
dilettante {mf} :: amateur
dilettante {mf} :: dilettante
dilettante {adj} :: amateur
dilettantescamente {adv} :: amateurishly
dilettantesco {adj} :: amateurish, amateur (attributive)
dilettantesi {v} :: present participle of dilettarsi
dilettantismo {m} :: amateurism
dilettantisticamente {adv} :: amateurishly
dilettantistico {adj} :: amateurish, amateur (attributive)
dilettare {vt} :: To please or delight
dilettarsi {vr} :: To delight, love or enjoy
dilettatosi {v} :: past participle of dilettarsi
dilettazione {f} :: delight
dilettevole {adj} :: delightful
dilettevolmente {adv} :: delightfully
diletto {adj} :: beloved
diletto {m} :: beloved, loved one
diletto {m} :: pleasure, delight
diletto {m} :: hobby
dilettosamente {adv} :: pleasantly
dilettosamente {adv} :: delectably
dilettoso {adj} :: pleasant
dilettoso {adj} :: delectable
dilezione {f} :: dilection
di lì a poco {adv} :: soon afterwards, shortly after, some time later
dilicato {adj} :: delicate (Variant of: delicato)
diligente {adj} :: diligent, hard-working
diligentemente {adv} :: diligently
diligentissimo {adj} :: Very diligent or careful
diligentissimo {adj} :: Very hard-working
diligenza {f} :: diligence
diligenza {f} :: stagecoach
diligere {vt} :: to respect
diliscante {v} :: present participle of diliscare
diliscare {vt} :: To bone or fillet (a fish)
dilitio {m} :: dilithium
dilogia {f} :: dilogy (all senses)
Di Lorenzo {prop} :: surname
dilucidante {v} :: present participle of dilucidare
dilucidare {vt} :: Variant of delucidare
dilucidazione {f} :: Variant of delucidazione
diluente {v} :: present participle of diluire
diluente {adj} :: diluent
diluente {m} :: diluent
diluibile {adj} :: dilutable
diluire {vt} :: to dilute
diluire {vt} :: to thin (with a solvent)
diluire {vt} :: to dissolve
diluito {adj} :: diluted
diluito {adj} :: thin (thinned with solvent)
diluito {adj} :: weak (diluted liquid)
diluizione {f} :: dilution
diluizione {f} :: thinning
diluizione {f} :: dissolving
dilungante {v} :: present participle of dilungare
dilungantesi {v} :: present participle of dilungarsi
dilungare {vt} :: to extend
dilungare {vt} :: to defer
dilungarsi {v} :: reflexive of dilungare
dilungarsi {vr} :: to be extended
dilungarsi {vr} :: to be deferred
dilungarsi {vr} :: to speak at length
dilungatosi {v} :: past participle of dilungarsi
dilungazione {f} [obsolete] :: removal
diluviale {adj} :: diluvial
diluviare {vi} :: to pour (also figurative), to rain cats and dogs, to bucket, to downpour
diluvio {m} :: deluge, downpour
diluzione {f} :: Variant of diluizione
dima {f} :: template
Di Maggio {prop} :: surname
dimagramento {m} :: alternative spelling of dimagrimento
dimagrante {v} :: present participle of dimagrare
dimagrante {adj} :: slimming
dimagrare {vi} :: alternative spelling of dimagrire
dimagrare {vi} :: To become poor
dimagrare {vt} :: To impoverish
dimagrazione {f} :: weight loss; slimming
dimagrente {v} :: present participle of dimagrire
dimagrimento {m} :: weight loss, loss of weight
dimagrimento {m} :: slimming
dimagrire {vi} :: to lose weight, to slim, to grow thin
di malavoglia {adv} :: unwillingly, reluctantly, grudgingly, petulantly
di malavoglia {adv} :: In an unwilling or uncooperative manner
di malavoglia {adv} :: In a manner expressing irritation or annoyance
di malavoglia {adv} :: In a manner expressing resentment or lack of desire
di malavoglia {adv} :: In a reluctant or hesitant manner
di male in peggio {adv} :: from bad to worst
dimandante {v} :: present participle of dimandare
dimandar {v} :: apocopic form of dimandare
dimando {m} [archaic] :: inquiry, interrogation, question
dimando {m} [archaic] :: plea, entreaty, request
dimane {f} :: obsolete form of domani
Di Marco {prop} :: surname
Di Martino {prop} :: surname
di massa {adj} :: mass (attributive)
dimenamento {m} :: wagging
dimenamento {m} :: tossing about
dimenamento {m} :: wriggling
dimenante {v} :: present participle of dimenare
dimenantesi {v} :: present participle of dimenarsi
dimenare {vt} :: to wave
dimenare {vt} :: to wag (the tail)
dimenarsi {v} :: reflexive of dimenare
dimenarsi {vr} :: to toss and turn
dimenarsi {vr} :: to gesticulate
dimenarsi {v} :: to grind
dimenatosi {v} :: past participle of dimenarsi
dimenio {m} :: waving (the arms etc)
dimenio {m} :: wagging
dimenio {m} :: fidgeting; tossing about
dimensionale {adj} :: dimensional
dimensionalità {f} :: dimensionality
dimensionalmente {adv} :: dimensionally
dimensionamento {m} :: dimensioning, sizing
dimensionante {v} :: present participle of dimensionare
dimensionare {vt} :: To set or change the dimension, to dimension, to shape
dimensionato {adj} :: dimensioned
dimensione {f} [mathematics] :: dimension
dimensione {f} :: measurement, dimension
dimensione {f} :: size, scale, proportion
dimenticabile {adj} :: forgettable
dimenticante {v} :: present participle of dimenticare
dimenticantesi {v} :: present participle of dimenticarsi
dimenticanza {f} :: oversight, omission
dimenticanza {f} :: forgetfulness
dimenticar {v} :: apocopic form of dimenticare
dimenticare {vt} :: to forget
dimenticarsi {v} :: reflexive of dimenticare
dimenticarsi {vr} :: to forget
dimenticato {adj} :: forgotten
dimenticato {adj} :: godforsaken
dimenticato da dio {adj} :: god-forsaken/godforsaken
dimenticato da Dio {adj} :: alternative spelling of dimenticato da dio
dimenticatoio {m} :: oblivion
dimenticatosi {v} :: past participle of dimenticarsi
dimentico {adj} :: forgetful (of)
dimentico {adj} :: oblivious or unmindful (of)
dimerico {adj} :: dimeric
dimerizzante {v} :: present participle of dimerizzare
dimerizzare {v} :: To dimerize
dimerizzazione {f} [chemistry] :: dimerization
dimero {adj} [botany] :: dimerous
dimero {m} [chemistry] :: dimer
dimessamente {adv} :: humbly
dimessamente {adv} :: modestly
dimessamente {adv} :: shabbily
dimesso {adj} :: modest, unassuming
dimesso {adj} :: humble
dimessosi {v} :: past participle of dimettersi
dimestichezza {f} :: familiarity
dimeticone {m} :: dimethicone
dimetilacetammide {f} [organic compound] :: dimethylacetamide
dimetilammina {f} [organic compound] :: dimethylamine
dimetilato {adj} [organic chemistry] :: dimethylated
dimetilazione {f} [organic chemistry] :: dimethylation
dimetilformammide {f} [organic compound] :: dimethylformamide
dimetilsilossano {m} [organic compound] :: dimethylsiloxane
dimetilsolfossido {m} [organic compound] :: dimethylsulphoxide
dimetilsolfuro {m} [organic compound] :: dimethyl sulfide
dimetrico {adj} :: dimetric
dimetro {m} :: dimeter
dimetrodonte {m} [dinosaurs] :: dimetrodon
dimettente {v} :: present participle of dimettere
dimettentesi {v} :: present participle of dimettersi
dimettere {vt} :: to discharge, to release
dimettere {vt} :: to remove, to dismiss
dimettersi {vr} :: to resign, to step down
dimezzamento {m} :: halving
dimezzante {v} :: present participle of dimezzare
dimezzare {vt} :: To cut in half; to halve
di mezzo {adj} :: middle, central
diminuendo {m} [music] :: diminuendo
diminuente {v} :: present participle of diminuire
diminuibile {adj} :: That can diminished; diminishable
diminuire {vt} :: to diminish, decrease, cut, lower
diminuire {vi} :: to fall, go down, diminish, decrease
diminutivo {m} :: diminutive (grammar)
diminutivo {adj} :: diminutive (serving to diminish)
diminutore {m} [mathematics] :: subtrahend
diminuzione {f} :: diminution, decrease, drop, loss, reduction
dimissionante {v} :: present participle of dimissionare
dimissionare {vt} :: To dismiss (a legal case etc)
dimissionario {adj} :: outgoing, resigning
dimissione {f} :: discharge (from hospital)
dimissione {f} [in the plural] :: resignation
dimissorio {adj} :: dimissory
di misura {adv} :: closely, narrowly
dimittico {adj} :: dimictic
dimli {m} :: Zaza (language)
di modo che {conj} :: so that
dimora {f} :: residence
dimora {f} :: abode
dimorante {v} :: present participle of dimorare
dimorante {adj} :: staying (usually used to describe temporary immigrants)
dimorare {vi} :: to dwell (all senses)
dimorare {vi} :: to stay
dimorare {vi} :: to belong
dimorfico {adj} :: dimorphic
dimorfismo {m} :: dimorphism
dimorfo {adj} [biology, chemistry] :: dimorphic, dimorphous
dimostrabile {adj} :: demonstrable
dimostrabilità {f} :: demonstrability
dimostrante {mf} :: demonstrator
dimostrantesi {v} :: present participle of dimostrarsi
dimostrare {vt} :: to show, to display, to manifest, to demonstrate, to look, to appear, to evince
dimostrare {vt} :: to prove, to show, to establish, to demonstrate
dimostrarsi {v} :: reflexive of dimostrare
dimostrarsi {vr} :: to prove (to be)
dimostrativamente {adv} :: demonstratively
dimostrativo {n} :: demonstrative
dimostratore {m} :: demonstrator
dimostratosi {v} :: past participle of dimostrarsi
dimostratrice {f} :: demonstrator (female)
dimostrazione {f} :: demonstration
Di Moze {prop} :: surname
d'improvviso {adv} :: suddenly, all of a sudden, unexpectedly, out of the blue
dimungente {v} :: present participle of dimungere
dimungere {v} :: obsolete form of smungere
dinamica {n} :: dynamics
dinamicamente {adv} :: dynamically
dinamicità {f} :: dynamicity (condition of being dynamic)
dinamico {adj} :: dynamic
dinamico {adj} :: energetic, high-energy
dinamina {f} [protein] :: dynamin
dinamismo {m} :: dynamism
dinamitardo {adj} :: dynamite (attributive)
dinamitardo {m} :: dynamiter
dinamite {f} :: dynamite
dinamitificio {m} :: dynamite factory
dinamizzante {v} :: present participle of dinamizzare
dinamizzare {vt} :: to dynamize
dinamizzato {adj} :: dynamized
dinamizzazione {f} :: dynamization
dinamo {f} :: dynamo
dinamoelettrico {adj} :: dynamoelectric
dinamogetto {m} :: ramjet
dinamometrico {adj} :: dynamometric
dinamometro {m} :: Any device for measuring force
dinamometro {m} :: dynamometer
dinanzi {adj} :: front
dinanzi {adj} :: previous
dinanzi {adv} :: at the front; in front
dinanzi {adv} :: forward, onward, on
dinanzi {prep} :: in front of
dinanzi {prep} :: opposite
dinanzi {prep} :: before
dinaro {m} :: dinar
di nascosto {adv} :: secretly, in secret, covertly, on the sly, stealthily, like a thief in the night
dinasta {m} :: dynast
dinastia {f} :: dynasty, house
dinasticamente {adv} :: dynastically
dinastico {adj} :: dynastic
dindi {m} [colloquial] :: money
dindirindina {n} :: Only used in the term per dindirindina
dindo {m} :: turkey
dinegazione {f} :: alternative form of denegazione
dineina {f} [protein] :: dynein
dingo {m} :: dingo
diniego {m} :: denial, refusal
dinitrammide {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: dinitramide
dinitrofenilidrazina {f} [organic compound] :: dinitrophenylhydrazine
dinitrofenilidrazone {m} [organic compound] :: dinitrophenylhydrazone
dinitrofenolo {m} [organic compound] :: dinitrophenol
dinnanzi {adv} :: Variant of dinanzi
Dino {prop} :: given name
Dino {prop} :: given name
dinoccante {v} :: present participle of dinoccare
dinoccare {v} :: to dislocate
dinoccare {v} :: to sprain
dinoccolante {v} :: present participle of dinoccolare
dinoccolare {v} :: to dislocate
dinoccolare {v} :: to sprain
dinoccolatamente {adv} :: in a shambling manner
dinoccolatamente {adv} :: lankily
dinoccolato {adj} :: shambling, lanky
dinocerate {m} :: dinoceratan
dinoflagellata {f} :: dinoflagellate
dinoflagellato {m} :: alternative form of dinoflagellata
di norma {adv} :: usually, as a rule
dinosauro {m} :: dinosaur
di notte {adv} :: at night, by night
di notte {adj} :: night (attributive)
di notte tutti i gatti sono bigi {proverb} :: all cats are grey in the dark
di notte tutti i gatti sono grigi {proverb} :: Variant of di notte tutti i gatti sono bigi
dintorno {adv} :: round, around, about, round about
dintorno {m} [chiefly in the plural] :: outskirts
dintorno {m} :: vicinity, neighbourhood
di nulla {interj} :: you're welcome, don't mention it, no problem
dinumerare {v} [archaic] :: to enumerate, to count
di nuovo {adv} :: again, anew
di nuovo {interj} :: goodbye
D'Inzeo {prop} :: surname
D'Inzeo {prop} :: Raimondo D'Inzeo, Italian athlete
dio {n} :: god, deity
dio {n} [colloquial] :: one who is remarkably skilled in something; ace, crackerjack, wiz
dio {adj} [obsolete, poetic] :: bright, resplendent, shining (in a divine fashion)
Dio {prop} [Christianity] :: God
diocesano {adj} :: diocesan
diocesi {f} :: diocese
Diocleziano {prop} :: Diocletian
diodo {m} [physics, electronics] :: diode
diofanteo {adj} [mathematics] :: diophantine
diofantino {adj} [mathematics] :: diophantine
Diofanto {prop} :: Diophantus
Diogene {prop} :: Diogenes
Dïogenès {prop} :: medieval spelling of Diogene
dioico {adj} [botany] :: dioicus
diolo {m} [organic chemistry] :: diol
Diomede {prop} [Greek mythology] :: Diomedes
Dïomede {prop} :: medieval spelling of Diomede
Diomira {prop} :: given name
Dione {prop} [Greek god] :: Dione
Dione {prop} [astronomy] :: A moon of Saturn
dionea {f} :: Venus flytrap (of genus Dionaea)
Dionigi {prop} :: Dionysius
Dionigi {prop} :: given name equivalent to Dennis
Dionisia {prop} :: given name, feminine form of Dionisio, equivalent to English Denise
dionisiaco {adj} :: Dionysian
Dionisio {prop} :: given name, cognate to English Dionysius and Dennis
Dïonisio {prop} :: medieval spelling of Dioniso
dionisismo {m} :: Dionysism
Dioniso {prop} [Greek god] :: Dionysus
diopside {f} [mineral] :: diopside
diorama {m} [arts] :: diorama
diorite {f} [rock] :: diorite
Dioscoride {prop} :: Dioscorides
dioscuro {m} :: Either of the twins Castor and Pollux
dioscuro {m} :: (especially in plural) An inseparable couple
diospiro {m} [regional] :: synonym of cachi
diossido {m} :: dioxide
diossido di azoto {m} [inorganic compound] :: nitrogen dioxide
diossido di carbonio {m} [inorganic compound] :: carbon dioxide
diossido di zolfo {n} :: sulfur dioxide
diossina {f} [organic chemistry] :: dioxin
diottra {f} :: diopter
diottria {f} [physics] :: dioptre / diopter
diottrica {f} :: dioptrics
diottrico {adj} :: dioptric
dipanante {v} :: present participle of dipanare
dipanantesi {v} :: present participle of dipanarsi
dipanare {vt} :: To unravel or disentangle
dipanarsi {vr} :: To unravel
dipanatosi {v} :: past participle of dipanarsi
dipanatura {f} :: winding (up)
Di Paolo {prop} :: surname
dipartente {v} :: present participle of dipartire
dipartentesi {v} :: present participle of dipartirsi
dipartimentale {adj} :: departmental
dipartimento {m} :: department, district
dipartir {v} :: apocopic form of dipartire
dipartire {vi} :: to leave or depart
dipartire {vt} :: to divide or separate
dipartirsi {v} :: reflexive of dipartire
dipartirsi {vr} :: to depart, go away
dipartirsi {vr} :: to branch off
dipartirsi {vr} :: to stray, wander
dipartirsi {vr} :: to die, pass away
dipartita {f} :: death
dipartita {f} :: departure
dipartitosi {v} :: past participle of dipartirsi
Di Pasquale {prop} :: surname
dipelante {v} :: present participle of dipelare
dipelare {n} :: To peel
dipelare {n} :: To skin
dipendente {v} :: present participle of dipendere
dipendente {adj} :: subordinate
dipendente {adj} :: addicted
dipendente {mf} :: employee
dipendente {f} [grammar] :: subordinate clause
dipendentemente {adv} :: subordinately
dipendenza {f} :: dependency, dependence
dipendere {vi} [usually followed by da] :: to depend (on something), to be up to (someone), to hang (on), to come from, to be due to
dipendere {vi} [usually followed by da] :: to be dependent on, to depend on, to rely on
dipendere {vi} [usually followed by da] :: to be under the authority of, to come under, to come under the control of, to be employed by
dipendere {vi} [usually followed by da, grammar] :: to depend (on)
dipeptide {m} [organic chemistry] :: dipeptide
di persona {adv} :: personally, oneself
di petto {adv} :: head on
Diphda {prop} :: Diphda, the brightest star in the constellation of Cetus
dipietrismo {m} :: An action or policy of Antonio Di Pietro
dipietrista {mf} :: A follower of Antonio Di Pietro, or an advocate of his policies
Di Pietro {prop} :: surname
dipingente {v} :: present participle of dipingere
dipingentesi {v} :: present participle of dipingersi
dipingere {vt} :: to paint, to colour
dipingere {vt} [by extension] :: to describe, to depict
dipingersi {v} :: reflexive of dipingere
dipingersi {vr} :: to make oneself up
dipingersi {vr} :: to appear, show [as the emotions show on one's face]
dipinto {adj} :: painted
dipinto {m} :: a picture or painting
dipinto {v} :: past participle of dipingere
dipintore {m} [archaic] :: painter [male]
dipintosi {v} :: past participle of dipingersi
dipintrice {f} [archaic] :: feminine of dipintore: painter [female]
diplo- {prefix} :: diplo-
diploblastico {adj} [embryology] :: diploblastic
diplococco {m} [microbiology] :: diplococcus
diplofonia {f} [music] :: diplophonia
diploide {adj} [genetics] :: diploid
diploidia {f} [genetics] :: diploidy
diploma {m} :: diploma
diplomante {v} :: present participle of diplomare
diplomantesi {v} :: present participle of diplomarsi
diplomare {vt} :: To award or give a diploma to, to graduate
diplomarsi {vr} :: To get or obtain a diploma, to graduate
diplomata {f} :: The holder of a diploma (female)
diplomatica {f} :: diplomat (female)
diplomatica {f} :: diplomatics
diplomaticamente {adv} :: diplomatically
diplomatico {adj} :: diplomatic
diplomatico {adj} [figuratively] :: tactful, diplomatic
diplomatico {m} :: diplomat
diplomatico {m} :: attaché
diplomato {adj} :: qualified (especially as the result of a paper qualification)
diplomato {adj} [Education] :: graduated
diplomato {m} :: The holder of a diploma
diplomato {m} :: school-leaver (a recently graduated high school student)
diplomatosi {v} :: past participle of diplomarsi
diplomazia {f} :: diplomacy
diplomazia {f} :: tact, diplomacy
diplomificio {m} :: diploma mill
diplopia {f} [patholgoy] :: diplopia
dipnoo {m} :: dipnoan, lungfish
dipo {m} :: jerboa
di poco {adv} :: slightly, just, by a small margin, by a little
di poco {adv} :: by a few days
dipodia {f} :: dipody
dipolare {adj} :: dipolar
dipolo {m} :: dipole
diponente {v} :: present participle of diporre
dipoplia {f} :: double vision
diporre {vt} :: Variant of deporre
diportismo {m} [nautical] :: yachting (sailing for pleasure)
diportista {m} :: yachtsman
diportista {f} :: yachtswoman
diporto {m} :: pleasure, enjoyment
di preferenza {adv} :: preferably, mostly, rather, sooner, more willingly
dipresso {n} :: Only used in the term a un dipresso
di prima {adj} :: previous, former
di prim'ordine {adv} [colloquial] :: spanking An intensifier
di prim'ordine {adj} :: crackerjack, tiptop
di primordine {adj} :: alternative form of di prim'ordine
di proposito {adv} :: on purpose, designedly, deliberately
dipsia {f} :: thirst
dipsomane {mf} :: dipsomaniac
dipsomania {f} :: dipsomania
diptero {adj} :: dipteral
di punto in bianco {adv} [idiom] :: abruptly, suddenly, out of the blue
di punto in bianco {adv} [idiom] :: cold turkey
di quando in quando {adv} :: sometimes, at times
dir {v} :: apocopic form of dire
diradamento {m} :: thinning out, thinning
diradamento {m} :: clearing
diradamento {m} :: reduction
diradantesi {v} :: present participle of diradarsi
diradare {vt} :: To reduce
diradare {vt} :: To thin out
diradare {vt} :: To disperse, to dissipate; to scatter, to clear
diradarsi {v} :: reflexive of diradare
diradarsi {v} :: to thin out, clear, disperse, scatter
diradarsi {v} :: to become less frequent
diradatosi {v} :: past participle of diradarsi
di rado {adv} :: seldom, rarely, not frequently
diramante {v} :: present participle of diramare
diramantesi {v} :: present participle of diramarsi
diramare {vt} :: To issue, to put out, to release
diramare {vt} :: To broadcast
diramare {vt} :: To prune or lop a tree
diramarsi {v} :: reflexive of diramare
diramarsi {vr} :: to branch, branch out, radiate
diramatore {m} :: issuer
diramatore {m} :: pruner
diramatosi {v} :: past participle of diramarsi
diramatrice {f} :: issuer (female)
diramatrice {f} :: pruner (female)
diramatura {f} :: pruning or lopping of a tree
diramazione {f} :: issuing (of an order etc)
diramazione {f} :: circulation (of a notice etc)
diramazione {f} :: fork, crotch, branch, offshoot or spur
dire {vit} :: to say, tell
dire {vit} :: to recite
dire {vit} :: to mean
dire {vit} :: to think
dire {vit} :: to admit
di recente {adv} :: recently, lately, of late
dire chiaramente {v} :: to speak up
direggente {v} :: present participle of direggere
direggere {v} :: obsolete form of dirigere
dire in tutte le salse {v} [idiomatic] :: to tell in every possible way
dire peste e corna {v} :: to backbite
direpzione {f} [obsolete] :: plunder, robbery
direttamente {adv} :: directly
direttamente {adv} :: straight, direct
direttamente {adv} :: personally
direttissima {f} :: Most direct route
direttissimo {adj} :: Most or very direct
direttissimo {m} :: through train, express train (synonym of treno direttissimo) (express, or non-stop)
direttiva {f} :: directive, instruction
direttività {f} [physics] :: directivity
direttivo {adj} :: directorial
diretto {adj} :: direct, straight, immediate
diretto {adj} :: addressed, intended
diretto {adj} :: on one's way, going to, bound for
diretto {adj} :: turned, facing, -ward
diretto {adv} :: direct, straight
diretto {m} :: through train
diretto {m} [boxing] :: straight
direttora {f} :: Variant of direttrice
direttore {m} :: manager, director
direttore {m} [of a newspaper etc.] :: editor
direttore {m} [of an orchestra] :: conductor
direttore {m} [of a school] :: headmaster, head, principal, master, warden
direttore {m} [of a prison] :: governor, warden
direttore d'orchestra {m} [music] :: conductor (of an orchestra)
direttore sportivo {m} :: directeur sportif
direttoriale {adj} :: directorial
direttorio {m} :: board of directors
direttosi {v} :: past participle of dirigersi
direttrice {f} :: director (female)
direttrice {f} :: manageress
direzionabile {adj} :: adjustable
direzionale {adj} :: directional
direzionalità {f} :: directionality
direzionamento {m} :: direction, routing
direzionante {v} :: present participle of direzionare
direzionantesi {v} :: present participle of direzionarsi
direzionare {vt} :: To point in a particular direction
direzionarsi {vr} :: To point in a particular direction
direzionatosi {v} :: past participle of direzionarsi
direzione {f} :: direction, way, course
direzione {f} :: direction, management, supervision, leadership, control
direzione {f} :: administrative department, manager's office, head office
direzione {f} [music] :: conductorship, (fig.) baton
direzione di marcia {f} :: alternative form of senso di marcia
di riffa {adv} :: overbearingly, arrogantly
di riffa {adv} :: overwhelmingly
di riffa o di raffa {adv} :: at all costs, at any cost
di riffa o di raffa {adv} :: willing or not; whether one likes it or not
di riffa o di raffa {adv} :: necessarily
dirigente {adj} :: leading, ruling
dirigente {adj} :: managerial, executive
dirigente {m} :: manager, executive
dirigente {m} :: leader
dirigentesi {v} :: present participle of dirigersi
dirigenza {f} :: management (of a firm)
dirigenza {f} :: leadership (of a political party)
dirigenziale {adj} :: managerial
dirigere {vt} :: to address (a letter etc)
dirigere {vt} :: to run, manage or direct
dirigere {vt} :: to lead
dirigere {vt} :: to conduct (an orchestra)
dirigersi {v} :: reflexive of dirigere
dirigersi {vr} :: to set out, go towards, make for, head for
dirigersi {vr} :: to turn to
dirigibile {adj} :: steerable
dirigibile {m} :: airship, dirigible
dirigibilista {mf} :: airship pilot or crewmember
dirigismo {m} :: dirigisme
dirigista {adj} :: dirigiste, dirigist
dirigista {f} :: dirigist
dirigistico {adj} :: dirigiste, dirigist
Dirillo {prop} :: A river that flows in Sicily
dirimente {v} :: present participle of dirimere
dirimere {vt} :: to cut short
dirimere {vt} :: to sort out
dirimpettaia {f} :: A female neighbour living in the opposite house
dirimpettaio {m} :: A neighbour living in the opposite house
dirimpetto {adv} :: opposite
dirimpetto {prep} :: opposite
dirimpetto {adj} :: opposite
dirittamente {adv} :: directly
diritti animali {m} :: alternative form of diritti degli animali
diritti civili {m} :: civil rights
diritti degli animali {m} :: animal rights
diritti dell'uomo {mp} [plural only] :: human rights
diritti umani {mp} :: human rights
diritto {adj} :: straight, direct
diritto {adj} :: upright, erect, straight
diritto {adj} :: right, right-hand
diritto {adj} [knitting] :: plain, knit
diritto {adj} :: right (legal or moral entitlement)
diritto {adv} :: straight
diritto {m} :: right side
diritto {m} [knitting] :: plain stitch, knit stitch
diritto {m} [tennis] :: forehand
diritto {m} :: right
diritto {m} :: law
diritto {m} :: forehand
diritto civile {m} [legal] :: civil law
diritto di nascita {m} :: birthright
diritto penale {m} [legal] :: criminal law
diritto pubblico {m} [legal] :: public law
dirittura {f} :: straight (road)
dirittura {f} :: rectitude
dirizzone {n} :: Only used in the term prendere un dirizzone
diro {adj} [literary] :: dire, terrible
diroccamento {m} :: demolition
diroccamento {m} :: dismantlement
diroccante {v} :: present participle of diroccare
diroccare {vt} :: To demolish, dismantle or raze
diroccato {adj} :: ruined
dirompente {v} :: present participle of dirompere
dirompente {adj} :: explosive
dirompente {adj} :: disruptive
dirompenza {f} :: disruptiveness
dirompere {vt} :: To break or wear out
dirompere {vi} :: To erupt (uses essere)
dirottamente {adv} :: copiously, abundantly
dirottamente {adv} :: uncontrollably (crying)
dirottamente {adv} :: heavily (raining)
dirottamento {m} :: hijack, hijacking
dirottante {v} :: present participle of dirottare
dirottare {vt} :: To divert
dirottare {vt} :: To hijack or commandeer
dirottare {vi} :: To change course
dirottatore {m} :: hijacker
dirotto {adj} :: diverted
dirotto {adj} :: burst
dirozzamento {m} :: rough-hewing
dirozzamento {m} :: polishing, refining
dirozzante {v} :: present participle of dirozzare
dirozzantesi {v} :: present participle of dirozzarsi
dirozzare {vt} :: To rough-hew
dirozzare {vt} :: To refine or polish
dirozzarsi {vr} :: To become more refined, to improve one's manners
dirozzatosi {v} :: past participle of dirozzarsi
dirsi {v} :: reflexive of dire
dirsi {vr} :: to say to oneself, to each other
dirsi {vr} :: to call oneself
dirugginire {vt} :: To grind (one's teeth) in pain or in anger
dirugginire {vt} :: to gnash
di ruolo {adj} [of tenure etc] :: permanent
dirupante {v} :: present participle of dirupare
dirupare {vi} :: To fall headlong
dirupato {adj} :: steep, precipitous
dirupo {m} :: cliff, crag, precipice
diruto {adj} :: ruined
diruttore {m} :: spoiler (aerofoil)
dis- {prefix} :: dis-
disabile {adj} :: disabled, handicapped
disabile {mf} :: A disabled or handicapped person
disabilità {f} :: disability
disabilitante {v} :: present participle of disabilitare
disabilitare {vt} :: To disable (to deactivate a function of an electronic or mechanical device)
disabilitato {adj} :: disabled
disabilitazione {f} :: disabling (of a function)
disabitato {adj} :: uninhabited
disabituante {v} :: present participle of disabituare
disabituantesi {v} :: present participle of disabituarsi
disabituare {vt} :: To render unaccustomed, wean or make unused
disabituarsi {vr} :: To lose a habit, to become unused, to give up
disabituatosi {v} :: past participle of disabituarsi
disaccaride {m} [biochemistry, organic chemistry] :: disaccharide
disaccentante {v} :: present participle of disaccentare
disaccentare {vt} [music] :: to remove the tonic accent from a note
disaccoppiamento {m} :: uncoupling, decoupling
disaccoppiante {v} :: present participle of disaccoppiare
disaccoppiante {adj} [genetics] :: mispaired
disaccoppiare {vt} :: To uncouple or decouple
disaccordante {v} :: present participle of disaccordare
disaccordantesi {v} :: present participle of disaccordarsi
disaccordare {vt} [music] :: to detune
disaccordarsi {v} :: reflexive of disaccordare
disaccordarsi {vr} [music] :: to be out of tune
disaccordarsi {vr} :: to clash [of colours]
disaccordatosi {v} :: past participle of disaccordarsi
disaccordo {m} :: disagreement
disacerbante {v} :: present participle of disacerbare
disacerbantesi {v} :: present participle of disacerbarsi
disacerbare {vt} [literary] :: To mitigate or appease
disacerbarsi {vr} [literary] :: To soften
disacerbatosi {v} :: past participle of disacerbarsi
disacetilato {adj} :: deacetylated
disacidamento {m} :: deacidification
disacidante {v} :: present participle of disacidare
disacidare {vt} :: To deacidify
disacidazione {f} :: deacidification
disacidente {v} :: present participle of disacidire
disacidificante {v} :: present participle of disacidificare
disacidificare {vt} :: to deacidify
disacidificazione {f} :: deacidification
disacidire {vt} :: To deacidify
disadattamento {m} :: maladjustment
disadattata {f} :: maladjusted woman; misfit (female)
disadattato {adj} :: maladjusted
disadattato {m} :: A maladjusted person; a misfit
disadatto {adj} :: unsuitable, unfit, ill-suited
disadorno {adj} :: unadorned, bare, plain
disaerante {v} :: present participle of disaerare
disaerare {vt} :: To deaerate
disaeratore {m} :: deaerator
disaerazione {f} :: deaeration
disaffezionante {v} :: present participle of disaffezionare
disaffezionantesi {v} :: present participle of disaffezionarsi
disaffezionare {vt} :: to estrange or alienate (from)
disaffezionare {vt} :: to make indifferent (to)
disaffezionarsi {v} :: reflexive of disaffezionare
disaffezionarsi {v} :: to lose ones affection or fondness (for)
disaffezionarsi {v} :: to become estranged (from)
disaffezionatamente {adv} :: In a disaffected manner
disaffezionato {adj} :: estranged
disaffezionato {adj} :: alienated (from)
disaffezionato {adj} :: indifferent (to)
disaffezionatosi {v} :: past participle of disaffezionarsi
disaffezione {f} :: estrangement, alienation, disaffection
disagevole {adj} :: uncomfortable
disagevole {adj} :: difficult
disagevolmente {adv} :: uncomfortably
disagevolmente {adv} :: with difficulty
disaggio {m} :: discomfort
disaggio {m} :: inconvenience
disaggio {m} :: embarrassment
disaggio {m} :: uneasiness
disaggregante {v} :: present participle of disaggregare
disaggregantesi {v} :: present participle of disaggregarsi
disaggregare {vt} :: To disaggregate
disaggregarsi {vr} :: To disaggregate
disaggregatosi {v} :: past participle of disaggregarsi
disaggregazione {f} :: disaggregation
disagiatamente {adv} :: uncomfortably
disagiatamente {adv} :: poorly
disagiato {adj} :: poor, straitened, needy, disadvantaged
disagiato {adj} :: comfortless
disagio {m} :: (usually mental rather than physical) discomfort
disagio {m} :: inconvenience, trouble
disagio {m} :: (plural) hardships, poverty
disagio {m} :: embarrassment, awkwardness, unease
disagio {m} :: (social) disadvantage
disagioso {adj} :: uncomfortable
disalberante {v} :: present participle of disalberare
disalberare {v} [nautical] :: to dismast
disallineamento {m} :: misalignment
disallineante {v} :: present participle of disallineare
disallineare {v} :: to misalign
Di Salvo {prop} :: surname
disamabile {adj} :: unlovable
disamante {v} :: present participle of disamare
disamare {vt} :: to unlove, to cease loving, to fall out of love with
disambientato {adj} :: out of place
disambigua {f} :: disambiguation
disambiguante {v} :: present participle of disambiguare
disambiguante {adj} :: disambiguating
disambiguantesi {v} :: present participle of disambiguarsi
disambiguare {vt} :: to disambiguate
disambiguarsi {vr} :: To become disambiguated (to acquire a unique meaning)
disambiguato {adj} :: disambiguated
disambiguatosi {v} :: past participle of disambiguarsi
disambiguazione {f} :: disambiguation
disamenità {f} [rare] :: unpleasantness
disameno {adj} [rare] :: unpleasant
disamina {f} :: careful scrutiny
disaminante {v} :: present participle of disaminare
disaminare {vt} :: To examine carefully
disammirazione {f} [obsolete] :: scorn, contempt
disamorante {v} :: present participle of disamorare
disamorantesi {v} :: present participle of disamorarsi
disamorare {vt} :: to make someone fall out of love or be indifferent to someone; to disenamour
disamorarsi {vr} :: to fall out of love or become indifferent to someone
disamoratamente {adv} :: indifferently
disamorato {adj} :: estranged (from)
disamorato {adj} :: indifferent (to)
disamoratosi {v} :: past participle of disamorarsi
disamore {m} :: estrangement
disamore {m} :: indifference
di sana pianta {adv} :: from scratch
di sana pianta {adv} :: From the beginning; starting with no advantage or prior preparation
disancoramento {m} :: delinking
disancorante {v} :: present participle of disancorare
disancorare {vt} [nautical] :: to raise the anchor and make preparations for the start of a voyage
disancorare {vt} [economics] :: to free a currency from a gold standard or untie it from the currency of another country
disancorare {vt} :: to delink
disanimante {v} :: present participle of disanimare
disanimare {vt} [literary] :: To discourage
disanimarsi {vr} [literary] :: To get discouraged
disappannamento {m} :: demisting (of a window etc)
disappannante {v} :: present participle of disappannare
disappannare {vt} :: To demist
disappetenza {f} :: lack of appetite
disapplicante {v} :: present participle of disapplicare
disapplicare {vt} [legal] :: to fail to apply an existing law, rule, regulation etc
disapplicazione {f} [legal] :: nonapplication
disapprendente {v} :: present participle of disapprendere
disapprendere {vt} :: to forget what one has learnt
disapprovante {v} :: present participle of disapprovare
disapprovare {vt} :: To disapprove (of)
disapprovare {v} :: to frown upon
disapprovazione {f} :: disapproval
disappunto {m} :: disappointment
disappunto {m} :: annoyance
disappunto {m} :: rebuke
disarcionante {v} :: present participle of disarcionare
disarcionare {vt} :: To unhorse
disarmante {v} :: present participle of disarmare
disarmante {adj} :: disarming
disarmare {vt} :: to disarm, dismantle
disarmare {vt} [nautical] :: to cripple [a ship]
disarmare {vi} [military] :: to disarm
disarmato {adj} :: unarmed
disarmato {adj} :: helpless, defenceless
disarmato {adj} :: disarmed
disarmo {m} :: disarmament
disarmonia {f} :: disharmony
disarmonicamente {adv} :: discordantly
disarmonico {adj} :: disharmonious
disarticolante {v} :: present participle of disarticolare
disarticolare {vt} :: To dislocate
disarticolatamente {adv} :: disjointedly
disarticolato {adj} :: dislocated, disjointed
disarticolazione {f} :: disarticulation
disarticolazione {f} :: disruption
disartria {f} [diseases] :: dysarthria (speech defect)
disascondente {v} :: present participle of disascondere
disascondere {vt} :: To disclose
disassamento {m} :: misalignment
disassato {adj} :: misaligned (out of alignment)
disassemblaggio {m} :: disassembly
disassemblante {v} :: present participle of disassemblare
disassemblare {vt} :: To disassemble
disassimilazione {f} [biochemistry] :: disassimilation, catabolism
disassortito {adj} :: broken up (of a collection)
disassortito {adj} :: assorted, odd
disassuefacente {v} :: present participle of disassuefare
disassuefacentesi {v} :: present participle of disassuefarsi
disassuefare {vt} :: Variant of disabituare
disassuefarsi {vr} :: Variant of disabituarsi
disassuefattosi {v} :: past participle of disassuefarsi
disassuefazione {f} :: withdrawal
disastrante {v} :: present participle of disastrare
disastrare {vt} :: To devastate or ravage
disastrato {adj} :: devastated
disastrato {m} :: victim (of a disaster)
disastro {m} :: disaster
disastro naturale {m} :: natural disaster
disastrosamente {adv} :: disastrously, direly
disastroso {adj} :: disastrous
disatomizzante {v} :: present participle of disatomizzare
disatomizzare {vt} :: to denuclearize
disatomizzato {adj} :: denuclearized, nuclear-free
disatomizzazione {f} :: denuclearization
disattendente {v} :: present participle of disattendere
disattendere {vt} :: Not to observe normal practices, follow orders, or take advice
disattentamente {adv} :: inattentively
disattento {adj} :: inattentive
disattenzione {f} :: inattention, negligence, neglect
disattenzione {f} :: carelessness
disattivante {v} :: present participle of disattivare
disattivare {vt} :: To deactivate, to defuse
disattivare {vt} :: To disable (to deactivate a function of an electronic or mechanical device)
disattivato {adj} :: disconnected
disattivato {adj} :: disarmed (of a bomb etc)
disattivato {adj} :: deactivated
disattivazione {f} :: deactivating, deactivation
disattrezzante {v} :: present participle of disattrezzare
disattrezzare {vt} [nautical] :: to strip or unrig (a ship)
disavanzo {m} :: deficit (economic)
disavvedutamente {adv} :: carelessly, not carefully
disavvedutezza {f} :: heedlessness, carelessness
disavveduto {adj} :: careless, heedless
disavventura {f} :: misadventure, mishap, accident
disavvertenza {f} :: carelessness, heedlessness, negligence, thoughtlessness
disavvezzante {v} :: present participle of disavvezzare
disavvezzantesi {v} :: present participle of disavvezzarsi
disavvezzare {vt} :: to disaccustom
disavvezzare {vt} :: to wean (from)
disavvezzare {vt} :: to make someone stop
disavvezzarsi {v} :: reflexive of disavvezzare
disavvezzarsi {v} :: to give up (lose a habit)
disavvezzatosi {v} :: past participle of disavvezzarsi
disavvezzo {adj} :: unaccustomed
disavvezzo {adj} :: disaccustomed
di sbieco {adv} :: aslant, askew, sidelong, obliquely
di sbieco {adv} :: bias
disbindina {f} [protein] :: dysbindin
disborso {m} :: disbursement, outlay
disboscamento {m} :: deforestation
disboscante {v} :: present participle of disboscare
disboscare {vt} :: To deforest
disbrigante {v} :: present participle of disbrigare
disbrigantesi {v} :: present participle of disbrigarsi
disbrigare {vt} :: to dispatch, settle, get through
disbrigarsi {vr} [literary] :: To get rid of
disbrigatosi {v} :: past participle of disbrigarsi
disbrigo {m} :: handling
disbrigo {m} :: dealing (with)
discacciante {v} :: present participle of discacciare
discacciare {vt} [literary] :: To expel or chase away
discadente {v} :: present participle of discadere
discadere {vi} [obsolete] :: To decline or go down
discalculia {f} :: dyscalculia
discale {adj} [anatomy] :: disk (attributive)
discalzante {v} :: present participle of discalzare
discalzare {v} :: synonym of scalzare
discantante {v} :: present participle of discantare
discantare {vt} [music] :: to compose or execute a descant
discantista {mf} :: descanter (descant singer)
discanto {m} [music] :: descant
discapitante {v} :: present participle of discapitare
discapitare {vi} :: To lose; to suffer loss
discapito {m} :: detriment, damage
discarica {f} :: landfill, dump, tip
discaricante {v} :: present participle of discaricare
discaricare {vt} :: to unload
discaricare {vt} :: to unburden
discarico {m} :: unloading
discarico {m} :: dumping, tipping
discatore {m} [Switzerland] :: ice hockey player
discendente {v} :: present participle of discendere
discendente {adj} :: descending
discendente {mf} :: descendant
discendente {mf} :: offshoot
discendente {mf} :: spin-off
discendenza {f} :: descent, lineage
discendenza {f} [chiefly in the plural] :: descendant
discendere {vt} :: to descend, get down, slope down
discendere {vt} [from a vehicle] :: to get off, get out
discendere {vt} :: to fall, drop
discendere {vt} :: to follow, proceed
discenderia {f} :: winze (inclined mineshaft)
discensionale {adj} :: descensional
discensivo {adj} :: descending, falling
discensore {m} :: descender (belay device)
discente {mf} :: learner
discepola {f} :: disciple (female)
discepola {f} :: follower (female)
discepola {f} :: pupil (female)
discepolato {m} :: discipleship
discepolo {m} :: disciple
discepolo {m} :: follower
discepolo {m} :: pupil
discernente {v} :: present participle of discernere
discernere {vt} :: To discern or make out
discernere {vt} :: To distinguish or discriminate between
discernibile {adj} :: discernible
discernibilmente {adv} :: discernibly
discernimento {m} :: discernment
discesa {f} :: descent, slope
discesa {f} :: fall, drop
discesa {f} :: (sky) downhill
discesismo {m} :: downhill racing
discesista {f} [cycle racing] :: descender
discesista {f} [skiing] :: downhill skier
discettante {v} :: present participle of discettare
discettare {vi} :: To discuss or debate
discettazione {f} :: dissertation, examination
discettazione {f} [obsolete] :: dispute, contest
disceverante {v} :: present participle of disceverare
disceverare {v} :: To separate, distinguish
dischetto {m} [computing] :: floppy disk, floppy
dischetto {m} [Football (Soccer)] :: penalty spot
dischetto {m} :: small disc
dischezia {f} :: dyschezia
dischiedente {v} :: present participle of dischiedere
dischiedere {vt} [obsolete] :: to not ask (for)
dischiedere {vt} [obsolete] :: to not request
dischiodare {v} :: synonym of schiodare: to unnail
dischiudente {v} :: present participle of dischiudere
dischiudere {vt} :: to open
dischiudere {vt} :: to disclose, reveal
discinesia {f} [pathology] :: dyskinesia
discingente {v} :: present participle of discingere
discingere {vt} :: to unfasten from a belt etc (literary usage)
discinto {adj} [of a person] :: Partly undressed
discinto {adj} [of clothing] :: undone or open to show what's underneath
disciogliente {v} :: present participle of disciogliere
discioglientesi {v} :: present participle of disciogliersi
disciogliere {vt} :: to untie, unfasten, loosen
disciogliere {vt} :: to let down (the hair)
disciogliere {vt} :: to melt
disciogliere {vt} :: to dissolve
disciogliersi {v} :: reflexive of disciogliere
disciogliersi {v} :: to dissolve, melt
discioglimento {m} :: dissolving
discioglimento {m} :: thawing
discioglimento {m} :: melting
discioltosi {v} :: past participle of disciogliersi
disciplina {f} :: discipline (all meanings)
disciplina {f} :: order
disciplina {f} :: subject (in school)
disciplina {f} [sports] :: discipline, sport (type of)
disciplinabile {adj} :: disciplinable
disciplinabilità {f} :: The property of being disciplinable
disciplinante {v} :: present participle of disciplinare
disciplinante {adj} :: governing, regulating
disciplinare {adj} :: disciplinary
disciplinare {v} :: to discipline
disciplinare {v} :: to regulate
disciplinarmente {adv} :: disciplinarily
disciplinatamente {adv} :: In a disciplined or orderly manner
disciplinato {adj} :: disciplined
disco {m} :: disc, disk
disco {m} [anatomy] :: disc
disco {m} [athletics] :: discus
discobar {m} :: A discotheque with bar
discobola {f} :: discus thrower (female)
discobolo {m} :: discus thrower
disco di accrescimento {m} [astronomy] :: accretion disc / accretion disk
discofilo {m} :: record collector
disco fisso {m} :: hard disk
discografia {f} [music] :: discography
discografia {f} [music] :: record industry
discografico {adj} [music] :: record (attributive)
discografico {m} [music] :: A person working in the record industry or a label owner
discoidale {adj} :: discoid
discoide {adj} :: disc-shaped; discoid
disco intervertebrale {m} [anatomy] :: intervertebral disc
discolibro {m} {m} :: A book sold with an accompanying record (or, more lately, a CD)
discolo {adj} :: undisciplined, unruly
discolo {m} :: rascal
discolorante {v} :: present participle of discolorare
discolorantesi {v} :: present participle of discolorarsi
discolorare {vt} :: To discolour
discolorarsi {vr} :: To discolour
discoloratosi {v} :: past participle of discolorarsi
discolorazione {f} :: discolouration
discolpa {f} :: defence, excuse
discolpante {v} :: present participle of discolpare
discolpantesi {v} :: present participle of discolparsi
discolpare {vt} :: To prove someone's innocence; to clear
discolparsi {v} :: reflexive of discolpare
discolparsi {vr} :: to prove one's innocence
discolparsi {vr} :: to excuse oneself
discolpatosi {v} :: past participle of discolparsi
discolpazione {f} [obsolete] :: disculpation, defence, excuse
discommettente {v} :: present participle of discommettere
discommettere {vt} :: to disconnect
discommettere {vt} :: to break up or decompose
discommettere {vt} :: to unpick the fibres of a rope
discomodità {f} [obsolete] :: inconvenient
discomodo {adj} [obsolete] :: inconvenient
discompagnabile {adj} :: separable
discompagnante {v} :: present participle of discompagnare
discompagnare {vt} :: To separate
discomponente {v} :: present participle of discomporre
discomporre {v} :: obsolete form of scomporre
disconcludente {v} :: present participle of disconcludere
disconcludere {vt} :: To prevent the conclusion of something
disconfiggente {v} :: present participle of disconfiggere
disconfiggere {vt} :: Variation of sconfiggere
discongiungente {v} :: present participle of discongiungere
discongiungere {v} :: obsolete form of disgiungere
disconnessione {f} :: disconnection
disconnettente {v} :: present participle of disconnettere
disconnettere {vt} :: to disconnect
disconnettersi {v} :: reflexive of disconnettere
disconnettersi {vr} :: to disconnect [especially from a computer network]
disconnettore {m} :: blowback (in a firearm)
disconoscente {v} :: present participle of disconoscere
disconoscere {vt} :: to disown
disconoscere {vt} :: to ignore, disregard
disconoscimento {m} [legal] :: disclaimer
discontinuamente {adv} :: discontinuously
discontinuamente {adv} :: unevenly, patchily
discontinuità {f} :: fitfulness, irregularity, discontinuity
discontinuità {f} :: A break, a change
discontinuità di Moho {prop} :: alternative form of discontinuità di Mohorovičić
discontinuità di Mohorovičić {prop} [geology] :: Mohorovičić discontinuity
discontinuo {adj} :: broken, discontinuous
discontinuo {adj} :: uneven, patchy, ragged, inconstant, desultory
discontrollo {m} :: dyscontrol
disconveniente {v} :: present participle of disconvenire
disconvenire {vi} :: to disagree
disconvenire {vi} :: to conflict
disco orario {m} :: parking disk
discopatia {f} [pathology] :: disease of an intervertebral disk; discopathy
discoprente {v} :: present participle of discoprire
discoprire {vt} :: to discover or invent
discopub {m} :: A pub that also functions as a discotheque
discordante {v} :: present participle of discordare
discordante {adj} :: discordant
discordante {adj} :: conflicting, clashing
discordanza {f} :: discordance, dissonance
discordanza {f} [music] :: discord
discordare {vt} :: to clash, conflict (with)
discordare {vt} :: to dissent
discorde {adj} :: discordant, conflicting, disagreeing
discordemente {adv} :: discordantly
discordia {f} :: discord, dissension
discoria {f} :: dyscoria
disco rigido {m} :: hard disk
discorrente {v} :: present participle of discorrere
discorrere {vi} :: To talk or chat (about)
discorsetto {m} :: A reproach or telling-off (often used ironically)
discorsivamente {adv} :: conversationally
discorsività {f} :: conversational character or quality
discorsivo {adj} :: conversational
discorso {m} :: speech, address, discourse
discorso {m} :: talk, conversation
discorso {m} :: subject, matter
discorso {m} :: (language) speech
discoscendente {v} :: present participle of discoscendere
discoscendere {v} :: obsolete form of scoscendere
discostante {v} :: present participle of discostare
discostantesi {v} :: present participle of discostarsi
discostare {vt} :: To move away
discostarsi {vr} :: To move away (from); To diverge
discostatosi {v} :: past participle of discostarsi
discosto {adj} :: distant, remote
discosto {adv} :: At a distance
discoteca {f} :: A club, a disco, a discotheque
discoteca {f} :: A record library
discotecaro {m} :: A person who frequents discos
discount {m} :: discount store
disco volante {m} :: flying saucer
discrasia {f} [pathology] :: dyscrasia
discrasia {f} :: disequilibrium, disfunction, chaos
discredibile {adj} :: unbelievable
discreditante {v} :: present participle of discreditare
discreditantesi {v} :: present participle of discreditarsi
discreditare {vt} :: To discredit
discreditarsi {vr} :: To be discredited
discreditatosi {v} :: past participle of discreditarsi
discredito {m} :: discredit, disrepute
discrepante {v} :: present participle of discrepare
discrepante {adj} :: discrepant, diverging
discrepanza {f} :: discrepancy, mismatch
discrepare {vi} :: To dissent or disagree
discrescente {v} :: present participle of discrescere
discrescere {v} :: obsolete form of decrescere
discretamente {adv} :: reasonably
discretamente {adv} :: discreetly
discretezza {f} :: discretion
discretezza {f} :: moderation
discretissimo {adj} :: Very discreet
discretizzazione {f} :: discretization
discreto {adj} :: reasonable
discreto {adj} :: discreet
discreto {adj} :: discrete
discreto {adj} :: low-key
discrezionale {adj} :: discretionary
discrezionalità {f} :: discretion (a discretionary power)
discrezionalmente {adv} :: At discretion, discretionarily
discrezione {f} :: discretion (all senses)
discriminabile {adj} :: discriminable
discriminante {v} :: present participle of discriminare
discriminante {adj} :: decisive
discriminante {adj} :: discriminating
discriminante {adj} :: extenuating
discriminante {f} [legal] :: extenuating circumstance
discriminare {vt} :: To discriminate
discriminatore {m} :: discriminator
discriminatorio {adj} :: discriminatory
discriminatrice {f} :: discriminator (female)
discriminazione {f} :: discrimination (all senses)
discrimine {m} :: distinction, separation
discrivente {v} :: present participle of discrivere
discriver {v} :: apocopic form of discrivere
discrivere {v} :: obsolete form of descrivere
discromatopsia {f} :: dichromatism, Daltonism
discromatoptico {adj} :: dichromatic (having Daltonism)
discromia {f} [pathology] :: dyscromia
discucente {v} :: present participle of discucire
discucire {vt} :: To unstitch, unpick or undo (needlework etc)
discuoiante {v} :: present participle of discuoiare
discuoiare {v} :: alternative form of scuoiare
discussione {f} :: discussion
discussione {f} :: argument
discussione {f} :: quarrel
discusso {adj} :: controversial
discutente {v} :: present participle of discutere
discutere {vt} :: to discuss, debate or question
discutere {vi} :: to argue
discutibile {adj} :: questionable, debatable, that may be criticized, doubtful, dubious
discutibilissimo {adj} :: Very questionable
discutibilità {f} :: questionableness
discutibilmente {adv} :: questionably
disdegnante {v} :: present participle of disdegnare
disdegnare {vt} :: To disdain, contemn or scorn
disdegno {m} :: disdain, contempt, scorn
disdegnosamente {adv} :: disdainfully
disdegnoso {adj} :: disdainful, scornful
Disdero {prop} [rare] :: An Italian surname, used mainly in west Italy Piedmont
disdetta {f} :: cancellation
disdetta {f} :: retraction
disdetta {f} :: bad luck
disdettante {v} :: present participle of disdettare
disdettare {vt} :: to give notice
disdettare {vt} :: to cancel
disdicente {v} :: present participle of disdire
disdicevole {adj} [literary] :: improper
disdicevole {adj} [literary] :: unseemly
disdicevolmente {adv} :: improperly
disdicevolmente {adv} :: unseemly
disdicevolmente {adv} :: in vain (in a disrespectful manner, especially when concerning religion)
disdire {v} :: To cancel, call off, annul (a booking or contract etc)
disdire {v} :: To unsay (deny having said); to refute, contradict
disdire {v} :: To countermand
disdire {v} :: To deny, ban
disdoro {m} :: discredit, disgrace, disrepute
diseccante {v} :: present participle of diseccare
diseccare {vt} :: To desiccate or dry up (Variant of: disseccare)
diseccitante {v} :: present participle of diseccitare
diseccitare {vt} [physics] :: to disexcite, deexcite
diseccitazione {f} [physics] :: disexcitation
diseconomia {f} :: diseconomy
diseconomicità {f} :: inefficiency
diseconomico {adj} :: uneconomical, inefficient
diseducante {v} :: present participle of diseducare
diseducare {vt} :: to educate badly
diseducare {vt} :: to bring up badly
diseducare {vt} :: to have a bad effect on
diseducativo {adj} :: That has a negative effect on the education of children
diseducazione {f} :: Bad upbringing
disegnante {v} :: present participle of disegnare
disegnare {vt} :: to draw, outline, trace
disegnare {vt} :: to design, style
disegnatore {m} :: drawer, artist
disegnatore {m} :: cartoonist
disegnatore {m} :: designer
disegnatore {m} :: draughtsman, draftsman
disegnatrice {m} :: drawer, artist (female)
disegnatrice {m} :: cartoonist (female)
disegnatrice {m} :: designer (female)
disegnatrice {m} :: draughtsman, draftsman (female)
disegnazione {f} :: drawing, tracing
disegnazione {f} :: designing
disegno {m} :: drawing, cartoon
disegno {m} :: design, pattern
disegno {m} :: intention, plan, design
diseguaglianza {f} :: alternative spelling of disuguaglianza
diseguale {adj} :: alternative spelling of disuguale
di seguito {adv} :: uninterruptedly, consecutively, on end, in succession, in a row
disequazione {f} [mathematics] :: inequality, inequation
disequilibrato {adj} :: unbalanced
disequilibrio {m} :: disequilibrium
diserbamento {m} :: weeding
diserbante {adj} :: herbicidal
diserbante {m} :: herbicide, weedkiller
diserbante {v} :: present participle of diserbare
diserbare {vt} :: To weed
diserbato {adj} :: weeded
diserbatura {f} :: weeding
diserbo {m} :: weeding
diseredante {v} :: present participle of diseredare
diseredare {v} :: to disinherit
diseredato {adj} :: disinherited
diseredato {adj} :: deprived
diseredato {m} :: A disinherited or deprived person
diseredazione {f} :: disinheritance
di serie {adj} :: standard (not an option/optional)
di serie {adj} :: production (attributive), mass (attributive)
disertante {v} :: present participle of disertare
disertare {vt} :: to desert
disertare {vt} :: to abandon, leave, walk out on
disertazione {f} :: dissertation
diserto {adj} [archaic, literary] :: forsaken, abandoned, deserted
diserto {adj} [archaic, literary, figuratively, of people] :: undone, ruined
diserto {adj} [archaic, literary] :: eloquent, well-spoken
diserto {adj} [archaic, literary, of speech] :: eloquent, persuasive
disertore {m} :: deserter
diserzione {f} :: desertion
disetaneo {adj} :: Of different ages
disfacente {v} :: present participle of disfare
disfacentesi {v} :: present participle of disfarsi
disfacibile {adj} :: undoable
disfacibile {adj} :: decomposable
disfacimento {m} :: decay
disfacimento {m} :: decline
disfagia {f} [medicine] :: dysphagia
disfare {vt} :: to undo, untie
disfare {vt} :: to take to pieces; disassemble
disfare {vt} :: to unpack
disfare {vt} :: to destroy, smash
disfarsi {v} :: reflexive of disfare
disfarsi {v} :: to come undone [of a knot, etc.]
disfarsi {v} :: to melt [of snow and ice]
disfarsi {v} :: to fall to pieces
disfarsi {v} :: to get rid of
disfasia {f} :: dysphasia
disfatta {f} :: defeat, rout (military)
disfattibile {adj} :: decomposable
disfattismo {m} [in war] :: Activity aimed to bring about the defeat of one's own country, especially by spreading pessimism about the chances of victory
disfattismo {m} [by extension] :: Activity aimed at hindering the positive outcome of something
disfattismo {m} [by extension] :: Tendency to pessimism in regard to possible outcomes; defeatism
disfattista {m} :: defeatist [male]
disfattista {f} :: defeatist [female]
disfatto {adj} :: undone or untied
disfatto {adj} :: unmade (of a bed)
disfatto {adj} :: exhausted or worn out
disfattosi {v} :: past participle of disfarsi
disfavore {m} :: disfavour
disfavore {m} :: disadvantage, damage
disfazione {f} [obsolete] :: destruction, ruin
disfazione {f} [obsolete] :: dissolution, liquefaction
disferlina {f} [protein] :: dysferlin
disfida {f} [literary] :: challenge
disfidante {v} :: present participle of disfidare
disfidante {adj} :: distrusting
disfidare {vt} [literary] :: to challenge (to a duel or competition)
disfidare {vi} [obsolete] :: to distrust (someone)
disfidare {vt} [obsolete] :: to deem (a sick person) hopeless
disfinizione {f} [obsolete] :: definition; resolution
disfonia {f} [medicine] :: dysphonia
disforia {f} [psychiatry] :: dysphoria
disformazione {f} :: obsolete form of deformazione
disforme {adj} :: dissimilar, different
disformità {f} :: unlikeness, dissimilarity
disfunzionale {adj} :: dysfunctional
disfunzione {f} :: dysfunction, trouble, disorder, malfunction
disfunzione erettile {f} [pathology] :: erectile dysfunction
disgagia {f} [pathology] :: dysphagia
disgelante {v} :: present participle of disgelare
disgelantesi {v} :: present participle of disgelarsi
disgelare {vt} :: To thaw
disgelarsi {vr} :: To thaw
disgelatosi {v} :: past participle of disgelarsi
disgelo {m} :: thaw
disgenesia {f} [pathology] :: dysgenesis
disgeusia {f} [pathology] :: dysgeusia
di sghembo {adv} :: askew, sideways, askance
disgiungente {v} :: present participle of disgiungere
disgiungere {vt} :: to separate
disgiungibile {adj} :: separable
disgiuntamente {adv} :: separately
disgiuntamente {adv} :: disjointedly
disgiuntivo {adj} [grammar] :: disjunctive
disgiunzione {f} :: disjunction, separation
disgrafia {f} :: dysgraphia
disgrazia {f} :: misfortune, bad luck
disgrazia {f} [by extension] :: accident, disaster
disgrazia {f} [rare] :: disgrace
disgraziata {f} :: poor woman (all senses)
disgraziata {f} :: (female) rascal, rogue, scoundrel
disgraziatamente {adv} :: unfortunately
disgraziatissimo {adj} :: superlative of disgraziato
disgraziato {adj} :: poor, wretched
disgraziato {adj} :: unfortunate, unlucky
disgraziato {adj} :: good-for-nothing
disgraziato {m} :: Poor person (all senses)
disgraziato {m} :: rascal, rogue, scoundrel
disgregabile {adj} :: breakable, separable
disgregamento {m} :: disintegration, breakup
disgregante {v} :: present participle of disgregare
disgregantesi {v} :: present participle of disgregarsi
disgregare {vt} :: to break up, disintegrate
disgregarsi {v} :: reflexive of disgregare
disgregarsi {v} :: to break up, disintegrate
disgregativo {adj} :: disruptive
disgregatore {adj} :: disintegrating
disgregatore {m} :: disintegrator
disgregatosi {v} :: past participle of disgregarsi
disgregazione {f} :: disintegration
disgregazione {f} :: breakup
disguido {m} :: snag, hitch
disguido {m} :: wrong delivery, miscarriage
disgustante {v} :: present participle of disgustare
disgustantesi {v} :: present participle of disgustarsi
disgustarsi {vr} :: To become disgusted, to get disgusted
disgustato {adj} :: disgusted, sick, nauseated
disgustatosi {v} :: past participle of disgustarsi
disgusto {m} :: disgust
disgustosamente {adv} :: disgustingly
disgustoso {adj} :: disgusting, revolting, repellent
disiamilborano {m} [organic compound] :: disiamylborane
disianza {f} :: desire (emotion, or the thing desired)
di sicuro {adv} :: surely, certainly, definitely, of course
disidentificante {v} :: present participle of disidentificare
disidentificare {v} :: to disassociate [mentally, spiritually]
disidentificare {v} :: to disidentify
disidentificarsi {v} :: reflexive of disidentificare
disidentificarsi {v} :: to disassociate oneself [through meditation, etc.]
disidentificazione {f} :: dissociation (mental, spiritual)
disidentificazione {f} :: disidentification
disiderante {v} :: present participle of disiderare
disiderare {v} [archaic] :: alternative form of desiderare
disidratante {v} :: present participle of disidratare
disidratante {adj} :: dehydrating
disidratantesi {v} :: present participle of disidratarsi
disidratare {vt} :: To dehydrate
disidratarsi {vr} :: To dehydrate, to get dehydrated
disidratarsi {vr} :: To shrivel up
disidratatore {m} :: dehydrator
disidratatosi {v} :: past participle of disidratarsi
disidratazione {f} :: dehydration
disillabico {adj} :: disyllabic
disillabo {m} :: disyllable
disilludente {v} :: present participle of disilludere
disilludentesi {v} :: present participle of disilludersi
disilludere {vt} :: To disillusion or disenchant
disilludersi {vr} :: To be disillusioned or disenchanted
disillusa {f} :: disillusioned or disenchanted woman
disillusione {f} :: disillusion, disenchantment
disilluso {adj} :: disillusioned, disenchanted
disilluso {m} :: Such a person
disillusosi {v} :: past participle of disilludersi
disimballaggio {m} :: unpacking
disimballante {v} :: present participle of disimballare
disimballare {vt} :: To unpack
disimparante {v} :: present participle of disimparare
disimparare {vt} :: To unlearn or forget
disimpegnante {v} :: present participle of disimpegnare
disimpegnantesi {v} :: present participle of disimpegnarsi
disimpegnare {vt} :: To release, to relieve, to free
disimpegnare {vt} :: To disengage
disimpegnare {vt} :: To redeem
disimpegnarsi {vr} :: To free or disengage oneself
disimpegnarsi {vr} :: To manage or cope
disimpegnatosi {v} :: past participle of disimpegnarsi
disimpegno {m} :: disengagement
disimpegno {m} :: access room, mudroom, utility room
disimpiego {m} :: unemployment
disimprimente {v} :: present participle of disimprimere
disimprimere {vt} :: to forget
disincagliante {v} :: present participle of disincagliare
disincagliantesi {v} :: present participle of disincagliarsi
disincagliare {vt} [nautical] :: to refloat
disincagliarsi {vr} [nautical] :: to be refloated
disincagliatosi {v} :: past participle of disincagliarsi
disincantante {v} :: present participle of disincantare
disincantare {vt} :: To disenchant
disincantato {adj} :: disenchanted, disillusioned
disincentivante {v} :: present participle of disincentivare
disincentivare {vt} :: to demotivate
disincentivare {vt} :: to disincentivize
disincentivazione {f} :: discouragement, disincentivization
disinclinazione {f} :: disinclination
disincrostante {v} :: present participle of disincrostare
disincrostantesi {v} :: present participle of disincrostarsi
disincrostare {vt} :: To scrape off
disincrostarsi {vr} :: To scrape something (off) oneself
disincrostatore {m} :: scaler (tool for removing scale etc)
disincrostatore {m} :: scraper
disincrostatore {adj} :: descaling
disincrostatosi {v} :: past participle of disincrostarsi
disincrostazione {f} :: descaling
disindustrializzante {v} :: present participle of disindustrializzare
disindustrializzare {vt} :: to deindustrialize
disindustrializzazione {f} :: deindustrialization
disinfestante {v} :: present participle of disinfestare
disinfestante {adj} :: disinfesting
disinfestante {m} :: pesticide
disinfestare {vt} :: To disinfest
disinfestatore {m} :: exterminator (of insects etc)
disinfestatrice {f} :: (female) exterminator (of insects etc)
disinfestazione {f} :: disinfection
disinfettante {v} :: present participle of disinfettare
disinfettante {adj} :: disinfectant
disinfettante {m} :: disinfectant
disinfettare {vt} :: To disinfect
disinfezione {f} :: disinfection
disinflazionante {v} :: present participle of disinflazionare
disinflazionare {vt} [economics] :: to disinflate
disinflazione {f} [economics] :: disinflation
disinflazionistico {adj} :: disinflationary
disinformante {v} :: present participle of disinformare
disinformare {vt} :: to misinform
disinformato {adj} :: uninformed
disinformato {adj} :: misinformed
disinformazione {f} :: misinformation, disinformation
disingannante {v} :: present participle of disingannare
disingannantesi {v} :: present participle of disingannarsi
disingannare {vt} :: To disillusion
disingannarsi {vr} :: To get disillusioned
disingannatosi {v} :: past participle of disingannarsi
disinganno {m} :: disillusionment
disinganno {m} :: disappointment
disingranante {v} :: present participle of disingranare
disingranare {vt} :: to disengage
disingranare {vt} [automotive] :: to put a car gear into neutral
disinibente {v} :: present participle of disinibire
disinibentesi {v} :: present participle of disinibirsi
disinibire {vt} :: To disinhibit or uninhibit
disinibirsi {vr} :: To become uninhibited
disinibito {adj} :: uninhibited
disinibitosi {v} :: past participle of disinibirsi
disinibizione {m} :: disinhibition
disinnamorante {v} :: present participle of disinnamorare
disinnamorantesi {v} :: present participle of disinnamorarsi
disinnamorare {vt} :: To estrange
disinnamorarsi {vr} :: To fall out of love
disinnamoratosi {v} :: past participle of disinnamorarsi
disinnescante {v} :: present participle of disinnescare
disinnescare {vt} :: To defuse
disinnesco {m} :: defusing
disinnestante {v} :: present participle of disinnestare
disinnestare {vt} :: To disengage (the gears of a car)
disinquinamento {m} :: cleaning up, cleanup
disinquinante {v} :: present participle of disinquinare
disinquinare {vt} :: To depollute or clean up (pollution)
disinserente {v} :: present participle of disinserire
disinserimento {m} :: disconnection
disinserire {vt} :: To disconnect; to disinsert
disinserzione {f} :: disconnection, unplugging
disinsettazione {f} :: disinsectization
disinstallabile {adj} :: uninstallable
disinstallante {v} :: present participle of disinstallare
disinstallare {vt} [computing] :: to uninstall
disinstallazione {f} [computing] :: uninstallation
disintasante {v} :: present participle of disintasare
disintasare {vt} :: To unblock or clear
disintegrante {v} :: present participle of disintegrare
disintegrantesi {v} :: present participle of disintegrarsi
disintegrare {vt} :: To disintegrate
disintegrarsi {vr} :: To disintegrate
disintegratore {m} :: disintegrator (machine used for crushing, chopping wood etc)
disintegratosi {v} :: past participle of disintegrarsi
disintegrazione {f} :: disintegration
disintendente {v} :: present participle of disintendere
disintendere {vt} :: To take no interest in
disinteressamento {m} :: unconcern (for)
disinteressamento {m} :: lack or loss of interest (in)
disinteressante {v} :: present participle of disinteressare
disinteressante {adj} :: uninterested
disinteressantesi {v} :: present participle of disinteressarsi
disinteressare {vt} :: To make someone lose interest in something
disinteressarsi {vr} :: To lose interest or to take no interest (in something)
disinteressatamente {adv} :: disinterestedly
disinteressato {adj} :: disinterested
disinteressatosi {v} :: past participle of disinteressarsi
disinteresse {m} :: disinterest, indifference
disinteresse {m} :: disinterestedness, unselfishness
disintermediazione {f} [economics] :: disintermediation
disintossicante {v} :: present participle of disintossicare
disintossicante {adj} :: detoxifying
disintossicante {adj} :: purifying
disintossicantesi {v} :: present participle of disintossicarsi
disintossicare {vt} :: To detoxicate or detoxify (especially to treat someone for alcoholism or drug addiction)
disintossicarsi {vr} :: To be detoxicated or detoxified (especially to be treated for alcoholism or drug addiction)
disintossicato {adj} :: detoxicated, detoxified
disintossicatosi {v} :: past participle of disintossicarsi
disintossicazione {f} :: detoxification, detoxication (especially treatment for alcoholism or drug addiction)
disinvestente {v} :: present participle of disinvestire
disinvestimento {m} [economics] :: disinvestment
disinvestire {vt} [economics] :: to disinvest
disinvolgente {v} :: present participle of disinvolgere
disinvolgere {vt} :: Variant of svolgere
disinvoltamente {adv} :: casually
disinvoltamente {adv} :: shamelessly, boldly
disinvolto {adj} :: confident
disinvolto {adj} :: casual, nonchalant, free and easy
disinvoltura {f} :: confidence
disinvoltura {f} :: nonchalance, poise
disio {m} :: Variant of desio
disioso {adj} :: Variant of desioso
disistima {f} :: lack of esteem, lack of respect
disistimante {v} :: present participle of disistimare
disistimare {vt} :: to disesteem
dislalia {f} :: dyslalia
disleale {adj} :: disloyal
dislessia {f} :: dyslexia
dislessica {f} :: dyslectic, dyslexic (female)
dislessico {adj} :: dyslectic, dyslexic
dislessico {m} :: dyslectic, dyslexic
dislivello {m} :: height difference, elevation gain, drop, rise
dislivello {m} :: gap
dislocabile {adj} [military] :: that may be stationed
dislocamento {m} :: dislocation
dislocamento {m} [nautical] :: displacement
dislocante {v} :: present participle of dislocare
dislocante {adj} :: displacing
dislocante {adj} :: displacement (attributive)
dislocare {vt} [military] :: to post, station, redeploy
dislocare {vt} :: to displace, uproot
dislocato {adj} :: posted, stationed, redeployed
dislocato {adj} :: displaced, uprooted
dislocazione {f} :: displacement
dislocazione {f} :: dislocation
dislocazione {f} :: whereabouts
dislogazione {f} [obsolete] :: dislocation
dismembrazione {f} [obsolete] :: dismemberment
dismenorrea {f} [pathology] :: dysmenorrhea
dismenorroico {adj} :: dysmenorrhoeal, dysmenorrheal
dismetabolico {adj} :: Caused by a metabolic disorder
dismetabolismo {m} :: dysmetabolism
dismetria {f} :: dysmetria
dismettente {v} :: present participle of dismettere
dismettere {vt} :: to stop, cease
dismettere {vt} :: to cast off (use no longer); to divest
dismissione {f} :: cessation, interruption
dismisura {f} :: excess
dismisurità {f} [obsolete] :: excess
dismnesia {f} :: dysmnesia
dismorfismo {m} :: dysmorphism, dysmorphia
dismorfofobia {f} :: dysmorphophobia
dismutasi {f} :: dismutase (enzyme)
dismutazione {f} [chemistry] :: dismutation
dismutazione {f} [mathematics] :: derangement
disneiano {adj} :: rare spelling of disneyano
disneyano {adj} :: Disneyan (of or relating to Walt Disney or his characters, movies, etc.)
disneyano {adj} :: Disneyish, Disneyesque (reminiscent of Disney's work or style)
disnodare {vt} [rare, ] :: synonym of snodare
disnodare {vt} [rare, , figurative, archaic] :: to clarify, to disclose, to unravel
disnodarsi {v} :: reflexive of disnodare
disnodarsi {v} :: to break free (from); with da
disnoranza {f} :: syncopic form of disonoranza
disobbedente {v} :: present participle of disobbedire
disobbediente {v} :: alternative form of disobbedente
disobbediente {v} :: alternative form of disubbidiente
disobbediente {adj} :: disobedient
disobbedienza {f} :: disobedience
disobbedienza {f} :: noncompliance
disobbedienza {f} :: naughtiness (childish)
disobbedire {vt} :: Variant of disubbidire
disobbligante {v} :: present participle of disobbligare
disobbligantesi {v} :: present participle of disobbligarsi
disobbligare {vt} :: To release or relieve
disobbligarsi {vr} :: To return a favour
disobbligatosi {v} :: past participle of disobbligarsi
disobbligazione {f} [obsolete] :: release, relief
disobbligo {m} :: release, relief
disoccupata {f} :: unemployed woman, jobless woman
disoccupato {adj} :: unemployed, jobless, out of work
disoccupato {adj} :: unoccupied, empty, vacant
disoccupato {m} :: unemployed person, jobless person
disoccupazione {f} :: unemployment, joblessness
disodio {m} [chemistry, especially in combination] :: disodium
disodontiasi {f} [medicine] :: dysodontiasis
disoleazione {f} :: deoiling
disolfuro {m} :: disulfide
di solito {adv} :: usually, as a rule, generally, habitually
disomogeneità {f} :: inhomogeneity
disomogeneo {adj} :: inhomogeneous, patchy
disonesta {f} :: dishonest woman
disonestà {f} :: dishonesty
disonestamente {adv} :: dishonestly
disonestità {f} :: Variant of disonestà
disonesto {adj} :: dishonest
disonesto {m} :: A dishonest person
disonorante {v} :: present participle of disonorare
disonorantesi {v} :: present participle of disonorarsi
disonoranza {f} [archaic] :: dishonor
disonorare {vt} :: to dishonour [all senses]
disonorare {vt} :: to disgrace
disonorarsi {v} :: reflexive of disonorare
disonorarsi {v} :: to bring dishonour or disgrace upon oneself
disonoratamente {adv} :: Without honour
disonorato {adj} :: disgraced
disonorato {adj} :: dishonoured
disonoratosi {v} :: past participle of disonorarsi
disonore {m} :: dishonour
disonore {m} :: disgrace
disonorevole {adj} :: dishonourable
disonorevole {adj} :: disgraceful
disonorevolmente {adv} :: dishonourably, disgracefully, shamefully
disontogenesi {n} :: dysontogenesis
di soppiatto {adv} [idiom] :: stealthily, on the sly, furtively
di sopra {adv} :: upstairs
di sopra {adv} :: above
disopra {adv} :: alternative spelling of di sopra
di soprassalto {adv} :: all of a sudden, suddenly
disordinamento {m} :: disorder
disordinante {v} :: present participle of disordinare
disordinare {vt} :: to disarrange
disordinare {vt} :: to throw into disorder
disordinatamente {adv} :: untidily
disordinatamente {adv} :: every which way
disordinato {adj} :: untidy, disorderly
disordinazione {f} :: disordination
disordine {m} :: disorder, untidiness, confusion, chaos, mess
disordine {m} :: excess, intemperance
disordine {m} :: riot, disorder, disturbance
disorganicamente {adv} :: incoherently
disorganicamente {adv} :: inconsistently
disorganicità {f} :: incoherence
disorganico {adj} :: incoherent
disorganico {adj} :: disorganized
disorganico {adj} :: inconsistent
disorganizzante {v} :: present participle of disorganizzare
disorganizzare {vt} :: to disorganize
disorganizzatamente {adv} :: in a disorganized or confused manner, chaotically
disorganizzato {adj} :: disorganized, confused, chaotic
disorganizzazione {f} :: disorganization
disorientamento {m} :: disorientation
disorientante {v} :: present participle of disorientare
disorientante {adj} :: disorientating, confusing
disorientantesi {v} :: present participle of disorientarsi
disorientare {vt} :: To disorientate, bewilder, befuddle
disorientarsi {vr} :: To be disorientated; to lose one's bearings
disorientato {adj} :: disorientated
disorientatosi {v} :: past participle of disorientarsi
disormeggiante {v} :: present participle of disormeggiare
disormeggiare {vt} [nautical] :: to unmoor
disormeggio {m} [nautical] :: unmooring
disortografia {f} :: dysorthography
disossamento {m} :: boning (removal of bones)
disossante {v} :: present participle of disossare
disossare {vt} :: to bone (remove bones)
disossidante {v} :: present participle of disossidare
disossidante {adj} :: deoxidizing
disossidante {m} :: deoxidizer
disossidare {vt} [chemistry] :: to deoxidize
disossidazione {f} :: deoxidation, deoxidizing
disostituito {adj} [chemistry] :: disubstituted
disostosi {f} :: dysostosis
disostruente {v} :: present participle of disostruire
disostruire {vt} :: To unblock
disostruzione {f} :: unblocking
di sottecchi {adv} :: furtively, stealthily, secretly
di sottecchi {adv} :: sidelong
disotterrante {v} :: present participle of disotterrare
disotterrare {vt} :: Variant of dissotterrare
di sottinsù {adv} :: From below
di sotto {adv} :: downstairs
di sotto {adv} :: underneath
disotto {adv} :: alternative spelling of di sotto
dispacciamento {m} :: dispatching
dispaccio {m} :: dispatch (communication)
disparatamente {adv} :: disparately
disparato {adj} :: disparate
disparente {v} :: present participle of disparire
dispareunia {f} [pathology] :: dyspareunia
dispargente {v} :: present participle of dispargere
dispargere {v} [obsolete] :: Variant of spargere
dispari {adj} :: odd (of a number)
dispari {adj} :: unequal
dispari {n} :: odd number
disparire {vi} :: Variant of sparire or scomparire
disparità {f} :: disparity (in)
disparità {f} :: difference (in)
disparità {f} :: spread (of)
disparitario {adj} :: unequal (not based upon parity or equality)
disparte {adv} :: apart
dispegnente {v} :: present participle of dispegnere
dispegnere {v} [obsolete] :: Variant of spegnere
dispendente {v} :: present participle of dispendere
dispendere {vt} :: To spend or dissipate
dispendio {m} :: expenditure
dispendio {m} :: waste
dispendio {m} :: extravagance
dispendiosamente {adv} :: expensively
dispendioso {adj} :: extravagant
dispendioso {adj} :: expensive
dispensa {f} :: distribution, handing out
dispensa {f} :: larder, pantry
dispensa {f} [furniture] :: sideboard
dispensa {f} :: instalment
dispensa {f} :: exemption, dispensation (from)
dispensabile {adj} :: dispensable
dispensante {v} :: present participle of dispensare
dispensantesi {v} :: present participle of dispensarsi
dispensare {v} :: to dispense, to let off, to exempt
dispensare {v} :: to dispense, to distribute
dispensario {m} :: dispensary
dispensarsi {vr} :: To dispense with (to go without)
dispensatore {m} :: distributor, dispenser, bestower
dispensatosi {v} :: past participle of dispensarsi
dispensatrice {f} :: (female) distributor, dispenser, bestower
dispensazione {f} :: dispensation
dispensiera {f} :: stewardess
dispensiere {m} :: steward
dispepsia {f} [pathology] :: dyspepsia
dispeptico {adj} [pathology] :: dyspeptic
disperabile {adj} [literary] :: hopeless, desperate
disperante {v} :: present participle of disperare
disperantesi {v} :: present participle of disperarsi
disperare {vi} :: to despair, to give up hope
disperarsi {vr} :: to despair, to be disconsolate
disperata {adj} :: desperate, reckless
disperata {adj} :: forlorn
disperatamente {adv} :: desperately, hopelessly
disperatissimo {adj} :: Very hopeless or desperate
disperato {adj} :: hopeless, desperate, despairing
disperatosi {v} :: past participle of disperarsi
disperazione {f} :: despair
disperdente {v} :: present participle of disperdere
disperdentesi {v} :: present participle of disperdersi
disperdere {vt} :: to scatter, disperse
disperdere {vt} :: to waste, squander
disperdersi {v} :: reflexive of disperdere
disperdersi {v} :: to scatter, disperse
disperdersi {v} :: to be wasted, lost
dispergente {v} :: present participle of dispergere
dispergere {vt} :: to scatter, disperse
dispermia {f} [biology] :: dispermy
dispermo {adj} [botany] :: dispermous
dispersa {f} :: missing woman, especially a soldier
dispersamente {adv} :: sparsely
dispersione {f} :: scattering, dispersal
dispersione {f} :: waste
dispersione {f} [chemistry, physics] :: dispersion
dispersione {f} :: leak
dispersivamente {adv} :: disorganizedly
dispersivamente {adv} :: dispersively
dispersività {f} :: disorganization
dispersività {f} :: dispersiveness
dispersivo {adj} :: disorganized
dispersivo {adj} :: dispersive
disperso {adj} :: scattered, dispersed
disperso {adj} :: sparse
disperso {adj} :: lost, missing
disperso {m} :: Missing person, especially a soldier
dispersore {m} :: earth plate, ground plate
dispersosi {v} :: past participle of disperdersi
dispetto {adj} :: scornful
dispetto {m} :: a spiteful trick
dispetto {m} :: vexation
dispettosamente {adv} :: spitefully
dispettoso {adj} :: spiteful, teasing, naughty
dispiacente {v} :: present participle of dispiacere
dispiacentesi {v} :: present participle of dispiacersi
dispiacere {vi} [followed by a] :: to upset, displease
dispiacere {vi} :: to dislike
dispiacere {vi} :: to mind
dispiacere {vi} :: to regret
dispiacere {m} :: regret, sorrow
dispiacere {m} :: grief
dispiacere {m} :: disappointment
dispiacere {m} :: worry (especially in plural)
dispiacersi {v} :: reflexive of dispiacere
dispiacersi {v} :: to be sorry for; to regret
dispiacevole {adj} :: synonym of spiacevole
dispiacevolmente {adv} :: displeasingly
dispiaciutosi {v} :: past participle of dispiacersi
di spicco {adj} :: prominent, outstanding
dispiegamento {m} [literary] :: deployment
dispiegante {v} :: present participle of dispiegare
dispiegantesi {v} :: present participle of