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-s {suffix} :: Used to form the regular plural of nouns which end in vowels
s {letter} :: letter
S. {n} :: San, santo
S. {n} :: Santa
S {letter} :: letter: es
S {abbr} :: abbreviation of sur; south
S.A. {abbr} :: Sociedad Anónima (Incorporated (Inc.)) (Limited liability company (Ltd.))
saami {adj} :: alternative form of sami
saami {mf} :: alternative form of sami
Saavedra {prop} {f} :: surname, the 307th most common in Mexico, the 64th most common in Peru, the 51st most common in Chile, and 50th most common in Bolivia
Sabadell {prop} :: Sabadell
sabadellense {adj} :: of or pertaining to Sabadell
sabadellense {mf} :: someone from Sabadell
sabadete {m} [humorous] :: Saturday
sabádico {adj} :: sabbatical
sábado {m} :: Saturday
sábado {m} :: Sabbath, sabbath
sábado {m} :: The letter S in the Spanish phonetic alphabet
sábado sabadete {m} [Spain, idiom] :: weekly Saturday shag
sábalo {m} :: shad
sabana {f} :: savanna
sábana {f} :: sheet; bedsheet
sabandija {f} :: pest; bug; small reptile
sabanera {f} :: feminine noun of sabanero
sabanero {adj} :: Of or from the savannah
sabanero {m} :: Someone from the savannah
sabanero {m} :: Any of a number of birds (see derived terms below)
sabañón {m} [pathology] :: chilblain
Sabaté {prop} :: surname a transcription of Sabater
Sabater {prop} {m} :: surname
sabático {adj} :: sabbatical
sabático {m} :: sabbatical
sabatino {adj} [attributive] :: Saturday
sabea {f} :: feminine noun of sabeo
sabeca {f} :: alternative spelling of zabeca
sabedor {adj} :: aware, informed, in the know
sabelotodo {mf} [familiar] :: know-it-all
sabeo {adj} :: Sabaean
sabeo {m} :: Sabaean
saber {v} :: to know (a fact)
saber {v} :: to know how to do something
saber {v} [in the preterite tense] :: to find out
saber {v} :: to taste
saber {m} :: knowledge
saber de qué pie cojea {v} [idiom] :: to know one's weaknesses
saber más que los ratones colorados {v} [idiom] :: to be sly as a fox
sabia {f} :: feminine noun of sabio
sabiamente {adv} :: wisely
sabido {adj} :: well-known
sabidor {adj} [obsolete] :: wise, knowledgeable
sabiduría {f} :: wisdom
sabiduría {f} :: learning; knowledge
sabiendas {adv} :: knowingly
sabihondo {adj} [pejorative] :: know-it-all
sabihondo {adj} [pejorative] :: prolix
sábila {f} [Central America] :: aloe vera
sabina {f} :: savin (Juniperus sect. Sabina)
sabina {f} :: sandarac (Tetraclinis articulata Masters)
sabinar {m} :: wood or forest of Spanish junipers
sabio {adj} :: learned
sabio {adj} :: prudent; wise
sabio {m} :: learned person
sabio {m} :: wise person
sabiondo {adj} [pejorative] :: know-it-all
sablazo {m} :: slash or thrust with a sword
sablazo {m} :: sword wound
sablazo {m} :: scrounging
sable {adj} [heraldry] :: sable
sable {m} :: saber, cutlass
sable {m} [fencing] :: saber
sablear {v} :: to scrounge
sable de luz {m} [science fiction] :: lightsaber
sablista {mf} :: scrounger
sabor {m} :: flavor; taste
saborcillo {m} :: diminutive of sabor
saborear {vt} :: to taste; to savour, savor
saborear {vt} :: to relish
saborizante {m} :: flavouring, flavoring
saborizar {v} :: to spice up; to make tasty or tastier
sabotaje {m} :: sabotage
saboteador {m} :: saboteur
saboteadora {f} :: feminine noun of saboteador
sabotear {v} :: to sabotage
saboyana {f} :: feminine noun of saboyano
saboyano {adj} :: Of or from Savoy
saboyano {m} :: An inhabitant of Savoy
sabrosamente {adv} :: tastily
sabrosamente {adv} :: in good taste
sabrosísimo {adj} :: superlative of sabroso
sabroso {adj} :: delicious; tasty
sabroso {adj} :: agreeable; pleasant
sabrosura {f} :: tastiness
sabueso {m} :: bloodhound
sabueso {m} [colloquial] :: detective, sleuth
sabueso húngaro {m} :: Hungarian hound
sabueso lituano {m} :: Lithuanian Hound
saca {f} :: large sack, bag
saca {f} :: removal, extraction
saca {f} :: exportation
saca {f} :: certified or notarized copy of a document
sacabocados {m} :: punch (device used to create holes in materials)
sacabotas {m} :: bootjack
sacabuche {m} :: sackbut
sacaclavos {m} :: pincer (for removing nails)
sacacorazones {m} :: corer
sacacorchos {m} :: corkscrew
sacacuartos {m} [colloquial] :: waste of money
sacacuartos {m} [colloquial] :: swindler, rip-off merchant
sacádico {adj} :: saccadic
sacadineros {m} [colloquial] :: waste of money
sacadineros {m} [colloquial] :: swindler, rip-off merchant
sacadólares {m} [colloquial] :: swindler, rip-off merchant
sacador {m} [tennis] :: server
sacadora {f} :: feminine noun of sacador
sacafaltas {m} :: faultfinder
sacaleche {m} :: alternative form of sacaleches
sacaleches {m} :: breast pump
sacamanchas {m} :: stain remover
sacamantecas {m} :: bogeyman
sacamuelas {m} :: tooth-puller
sacapuntas {m} :: pencil sharpener, sharpener
sacar {vt} :: to put out
sacar {vt} :: to withdraw
sacar {vt} :: to expel, to eject
sacar {vt} :: to send out or move out something or somebody from some place
sacar {vt} :: to rescue somebody from a trouble
sacar {vt} :: to remove, to take out
sacar {vt} :: to stick out
sacar {vt} :: to get
sacar {vt} :: to take (a photograph, etc.)
sacar {vt} :: to make (a copy, etc.)
sacar {vt} [sports] :: to serve
sacar {vt} [soccer, football] :: to kick off
sacar {vr} :: to obtain, receive
sacar {vr} :: to win, get, obtain (a prize, award)
sacar {vr} :: to receive, get, be inflicted with
sacarasa {f} [enzyme] :: sucrase
sacar de la manga {vr} :: to make up, to come up with
sacar de quicio {v} [idiomatic] :: To annoy; to drive crazy; to cause somebody to come unhinged
sacar el ascua con la mano del gato {v} [idiomatic] :: to get someone else to do one's dirty work
sacar el ascua con mano ajena {v} [idiomatic] :: to get someone else to do one's dirty work
sacar el quite {v} [Latin America] :: to avoid
sacar el quite {v} [Latin America] :: to ignore
sacárico {adj} :: saccharic
sacárido {m} [organic chemistry] :: saccharide
sacarificar {v} :: to saccharify
sacarímetro {m} :: saccharometer (device used to measure the sugar content of a liquid)
sacarina {f} :: saccharine
sacar la piedra {v} [Colombia, Venezuela, idiomatic] :: to tick off; get someone's goat
sacar las castañas del fuego {v} [idiom] :: pull someone's chestnuts out of the fire (to solve someone's problems, to rescue someone, to do someone's difficult work)
sacar la vuelta {v} [Andes, idiom] :: to cuckold
sacar lo que el negro del sermón {v} [idiomatic] :: to not make head or tail of
sacar los pies del plato {v} [idiomatic] :: to step out of line
sacar los trapitos al sol {v} [idiomatic] :: to wash one's dirty linen in public
sacarosa {f} [carbohydrate] :: sucrose
sacar partido {v} [idiomatic] :: to make the most of
sacar provecho {v} [idiomatic] :: to make the most of
sacar punta {v} [idiom] :: to sharpen (a pencil)
sacarse {v} :: reflexive of sacar
sacarse de encima {v} [idiomatic] :: to shake loose, get rid of
sacar tajada {v} [idiomatic] :: to get a piece of the action, to get one's share
sácate {interj} :: get out!
sácate {interj} :: do not dare!, do not even think it!
sácate {interj} :: forget it!
Sacatepéquez {prop} :: Sacatepéquez (department)
sacerdocio {m} :: priesthood
sacerdota {mf} :: priest
sacerdotal {adj} :: sacerdotal
sacerdote {m} :: priest
sacerdotisa {f} :: priestess
sachar {vt} :: to weed (with a hoe)
sachavaca {f} [Peru] :: tapir
saciar {v} :: to satiate
saciarse {v} :: reflexive of saciar
saciedad {f} :: satiety (state of being satiated)
sacio {adj} :: sated, satiated, full
saco {m} :: bag
saco {m} :: sack
saco {m} [Latin American Spanish] :: jacket
saco de mierda {m} [vulgar, idiom] :: shithead; piece of shit
sacral {adj} :: sacral (sacred)
sacralidad {f} :: sacredness
sacralización {f} :: sacralization
sacralizar {v} :: to sacralize, to make sacred
sacramental {m} :: sacramental
sacramentar {v} :: to administer the sacraments
sacramento {m} [Christianity] :: sacrament
Sacramento {prop} {m} :: Sacramento, capital city of California
sacratísimo {adj} :: superlative of sacro
sacrificador {m} :: sacrificer
sacrificadora {f} :: feminine noun of sacrificador
sacrificar {v} :: to sacrifice
sacrificar {v} :: to put down, euthanize [an animal]
sacrificarse {v} :: reflexive of sacrificar
sacrificatorio {adj} :: sacrificatory (of or relating to sacrifice)
sacrificatorio {m} :: a specific place set aside for animal sacrifice
sacrificial {adj} :: sacrificial
sacrificio {m} :: sacrifice
sacrificio {m} :: slaughter
sacrílegamente {adv} :: sacrilegiously
sacrilegio {m} :: sacrilege
sacrílego {adj} :: sacrilegious
sacristán {m} :: sexton
sacristán {m} :: sacristan
sacristía {f} :: sacristy (room in a church)
sacro- {prefix} [anatomy] :: sacro-
sacro {adj} :: sacred
sacro {adj} [anatomy] :: sacral (of the sacrum)
sacro {m} [anatomy] :: sacrum
sacrococcígeo {adj} :: sacrococcygeal
Sacro Imperio Romano {prop} {m} :: Holy Roman Empire
sacrosanto {adj} :: sacrosanct
sacrouterino {adj} [anatomy] :: uterosacral
sacudido {adj} :: determined, resolute
sacudimiento {m} :: shake, jerk, rumble
sacudir {v} :: to shake off, dust
sacudir {v} :: to shake
sacudir {v} :: to shake (the head, to give a negative response)
sacudir {v} :: to nod (the head, to give a positive response)
sacudón {m} :: massive shake
sacular {adj} :: saccular
S.A. de C.V. {initialism} :: Abbreviation of Sociedad Anónima de Capital Variable
sádicamente {adv} :: sadistically
sádico {adj} :: sadistic
sadismo {m} [chiefly psychiatry] :: sadism (enjoyment of inflicting pain)
sadista {mf} :: sadist
sado {m} :: sadomasochism
sadoerótico {adj} :: sadistically erotic
sadomasoquismo {m} :: sadomasochism (sexual gratification from causing and receiving pain)
sadomasoquista {adj} :: sadomasochist
saducea {f} :: feminine noun of saduceo
saduceo {adj} :: Sadducee
saduceo {m} :: Sadducee
Sáenz {prop} :: surname
saeta {f} :: arrow
saeta {f} :: dart
saeta {f} :: hand (of a clock or watch)
saetar {v} :: alternative spelling of saetear
saetear {v} :: alternative form of asaetear
saetera {f} :: arrow hole, embrasure
Sáez {prop} :: surname
safari {m} :: safari
safávida {adj} :: Safavid
safávida {mf} :: Safavid
safena {f} [anatomy] :: saphenous vein
sáfico {adj} :: Sapphic (relating to the Greek poetess Sappho or her poetry)
Safo {prop} {f} :: Sappho
safranina {f} [organic compound] :: safranin
safrol {m} [organic compound] :: safrole
SAG {acronym} :: Secretaria de Agricultura y Ganadería (Secretary of Agriculture and Livestock Raising)
saga {f} :: saga
sagacidad {f} :: sagacity; astuteness
sagacísimo {adj} :: superlative of sagaz
sagaz {adj} :: sagacious, prudent, visionary
sagaz {adj} :: acute; astute
sagaz {adj} [canine] :: proficient at dragging (prey)
sagaz {adj} [zoology] :: markedly clairvoyant
sagazmente {adv} :: sagaciously
Sagita {prop} [constellation] :: Sagitta (constellation)
sagital {adj} :: sagittal
Sagitario {prop} {m} [astrology] :: Sagittarius (astrological sign)
sagrado {adj} :: holy, sacred
sagrario {m} :: tabernacle
sagú {m} :: arrowroot
saguaro {m} :: saguaro (a large species of cactus of the Sonoran Desert)
Sagunto {prop} {m} :: Sagunto (city)
sah {m} :: shah (king of Persia)
Sahagún {prop} :: surname
Sahara {prop} {m} :: Sahara (desert)
Sáhara {prop} {m} :: Sahara
Sahara Occidental {prop} {m} :: Western Sahara (a territory in northern Africa)
Sáhara Occidental {f} :: Western Sahara
saharaui {adj} :: Saharan
saharaui {adj} :: Sahrawi
saharaui {mf} :: Sahrawi (a person from Western Sahara)
saharaui {mf} :: Saharan
sahariana {f} :: feminine of sahariano
sahariano {adj} :: Saharan
sahariano {m} :: Saharan
saheliano {adj} :: Sahelian
sahíno {m} :: alternative spelling of saíno
sahumar {v} :: to perfume; to scent (with incense)
sahumerio {m} :: incense
sahumo {m} :: alternative spelling of sahumerio
SAI {acronym} :: sistema de alimentación ininterrumpido; UPS (uninterruptible power supply/uninterruptible power source)
saiga {m} :: saiga
Saigón {prop} :: Saigon
sainete {m} :: short play, skit
saíno {m} :: peccary
Sajalín {prop} {m} :: Sakhalin (island in Russia)
sajar {v} :: to slice open
sajón {adj} :: Saxon
sajón {m} :: Saxon
Sajonia {prop} {f} :: Sajonia (state)
sake {m} :: sake, Japanese rice wine
Sakmariano {prop} {m} [geology, paleontology] :: Sakmarian (subdivision of the Permian period)
Sakmariense {prop} {m} [geology, paleontology] :: Sakmarian (subdivision of the Permian period)
sal {f} :: salt; table salt
sal {f} [chemistry] :: salt
sala {f} :: room
sala {f} :: large hall
Sala {prop} :: surname
salabre {m} :: (small) net
salacidad {f} :: salaciousness, salacity
saladar {m} :: salt marsh
sala de emergencias {f} :: emergency room
sala de espera {f} :: waiting room
sala de espera {f} :: lounge
sala de estar {f} :: living room (room in a house used for social and leisure activities)
sala de máquinas {f} :: engine room
sala de maternidad {f} :: maternity ward
saladero {m} :: A room or building (often a the slaughterhouse itself) where meat is cured by drying and salting
Saladino {prop} {m} [History] :: Saladin
saladísimo {adj} :: superlative of salado
saladito {adj} :: diminutive of salado
salado {adj} :: salty
salado {adj} :: salted
salado {adj} :: brackish
salado {adj} :: nice, pleasant, likable (of a person)
salado {adj} [Chile, colloquial] :: expensive
salado {adj} [Uruguay, colloquial] :: awesome
salafismo {m} :: Salafism
salafista {mf} :: Salafist
Salamanca {prop} {f} :: Salamanca (province)
Salamanca {prop} {f} :: Salamanca (city)
salamandra {f} :: salamander (a type of amphibian)
salamandra {f} [mythology] :: salamander
salamanquesa {f} :: gecko
salamanquino {adj} :: of Salamanca
salamanquino {m} :: a native of Salamanca
salamantino {adj} :: Salamancan
salamantino {m} :: Salamancan
salami {m} :: salami
salar {m} :: a salt pan
salar {v} :: to salt
salarial {adj} [attributive] :: wages, salary
salariar {v} :: to salary; put on the payroll
salario {m} :: salary, wages
salario {m} :: income
salario mínimo {m} :: minimum wage
Salas {prop} :: surname
Salaverria {prop} :: surname
salaz {adj} :: salacious
Salazar {prop} :: surname
salazarista {mf} :: A supporter of António de Oliveira Salazar, former dictator of Portugal
salazarista {adj} :: of or relating to António de Oliveira Salazar, or his reign
salazón {m} :: salting (of food)
salazón {m} :: salted food
salbutamol {m} [pharmaceutical drug] :: salbutamol
Salceda {prop} :: surname
salchicha {f} :: sausage
salchicha {f} :: hotdog
salchichero {m} :: sausage seller or maker
salchichero {adj} :: sausage (attributive)
salchichón {m} :: thick sausage for slicing
salchipapa {f} :: In Peru, a street food consisting of fries and fried slices of hot dog sausage
sal común {m} :: common salt; table salt
Saldaña {prop} :: surname
saldar {v} :: to settle
saldar {vr} [with "con"] :: To claim (e.g. a life)
sal de mesa {m} :: table salt
saldo {m} :: balance
sale {interj} [Mexico] :: ok
saledizo {adj} :: overhanging
saledizo {m} :: overhang
salegar {m} :: salt lick
Salejard {prop} {m} :: Salekhard (city in Russia)
salentina {f} :: feminine noun of salentino
salentino {m} :: someone from Salento
salentino {m} :: Salento dialect
salentino {adj} :: Of or from Salento
Salerno {prop} :: Salerno (province)
Salerno {prop} :: Salerno (city)
salero {m} :: salt shaker
Sales {prop} :: surname
salesiana {f} :: feminine of salesiano
salesiano {adj} :: Salesian
salesiano {m} :: Salesian
sale y vale {interj} [idiom] :: OK!, roger that!, deal!
salga el sol por Antequera {adv} [idiom] :: come what may
salga el sol por donde quiera {adv} [idiom] :: come what may
salga sapo o salga rana {adv} [idiom] :: come what may
salicilato {m} [chemistry] :: salicylate
salicílico {adj} :: salicylic
salicina {f} :: salicin
sálico {adj} :: Salic
salicornia {f} :: Any plant of the genus Salicornia
salida {f} :: exit
salida {f} :: departure
salida de auxilio {f} :: emergency exit
salidero {m} :: exit
saliente {adj} :: Projecting; protruding
saliente {adj} :: prominent, main
saliente {adj} :: leaving, departing, outgoing
saliente {m} :: projection
saliente {m} :: ledge
saliente {m} :: hard shoulder
salina {f} :: salt pan, salt marsh, salt works
salina {f} :: salt mine
Salinas {prop} :: surname
salinera {f} :: salt pan
salinero {adj} [attributive] :: salt pan, salt marsh
salinero {adj} :: salt-producing
salinero {m} :: salter, salt maker
salinidad {f} :: salinity
salinización {f} :: salinization
salinizar {v} :: to salinise
salino {adj} :: saline
salir {v} :: to go out, leave
salir {v} :: to go out (To leave one's abode to go to public places)
salir {v} :: to go out, date (be in a relationship)
salir {v} :: to leave
salir {v} :: to log out
salir {v} :: to rise (the Sun)
salir {v} :: to appear, to look (on a painting, photo, movie, play, TV, platform, etc)
salir {v} :: to result, to arise as a consequence
salir {v} :: to turn out
salir {vr} [colloquial, Spain] :: to rock, rule (be fantastic)
salir a cuenta {v} [idiom] :: to pay off; to be worthwhile
salir al paso {v} :: to get in the way
salir como alma que lleva el diablo {v} [idiomatic, simile] :: to leave like a bat out of hell
salir de cuentas {v} [idiomatic] :: to be due (of a woman, to be expected to give birth)
salir de dudas {v} [idiom] :: to find out the answer
salir del armario {v} [idiom] :: to come out of the closet
salir del cascarón {v} [idiomatic] :: come out of one's shell
salir el tiro por la culata {v} [idiomatic] :: to backfire [to fail in a manner that brings down further misfortune]
salir por peteneras {v} [idiomatic] :: to come up with something odd; to say something inappropriate
salirse con la suya {v} [idiomatic] :: to get one's way
salirse de madre {v} [idiom] :: To spiral out of control
saliste de Guatemala y te metiste en Guatapeor {proverb} :: You went from bad to worse; out of the frying pan into the fire
salita {f} :: diminutive of sala
salitre {m} :: saltpetre, nitre
salitrería {f} :: nitrary
salitrero {adj} [attributive] :: saltpeter
salitrosidad {f} :: brininess
salitroso {adj} :: briny
saliva {f} :: saliva, spittle
salivación {f} :: salivation
salival {adj} :: salivary
salivar {v} :: to salivate
salivazo {m} :: spit wad
sallar {v} :: To weed out (with a hoe)
sallekhana {f} :: sallekhana
salmantina {f} :: feminine noun of salmantino
salmantino {adj} :: of Salamanca
salmantino {m} :: a native of Salamanca
salmer {m} [architecture] :: springer
salmista {mf} :: psalmist
salmo {m} :: psalm
salmodia {f} [music] :: psalmody
salmodiar {v} :: to sing or chant psalms
salmodiar {v} :: to drone on and on
salmón {m} :: salmon
salmón {m} :: salmon (color)
salmón del Danubio {m} :: Danube salmon, huchen
salmonela {f} :: salmonella
salmonella {f} :: salmonella
salmonelosis {f} :: salmonellosis
salmonete {m} :: mullet (fish)
salmónido {m} :: salmonid
salmón zancado {m} :: kelt
salmorejo {m} :: A Cordoban soup consisting of tomato and bread
Salmos {prop} {m} [bible] :: Psalms (the book of the Bible)
salmuera {f} :: salt water, brine
salmueroducto {m} :: A brine conveyor
salobre {adj} :: salty
salobre {adj} [of water] :: brackish
Salomón {prop} {m} [biblical character] :: Solomon
Salomón {prop} {m} :: given name
salomonense {adj} :: Of, from, or pertaining to the Solomon Islands
salomonense {mf} :: Solomon Islander
salomónicamente {adv} :: wisely
salomónico {adj} :: Solomonic
salomónico {adj} [legal] :: wise
salón {m} :: living room, sitting room, lounge
salón {m} :: salon (room)
salón {m} :: salon (gathering)
salón {m} :: hall (meeting hall)
saloncillo {m} :: diminutive of salón
saloncito {m} :: diminutive of salón
salón de actos {m} :: conference room; assembly hall
salón de baile {m} :: ballroom (place)
salón de gloria {f} :: hall of fame
Salón de Reino {prop} {m} :: Kingdom Hall
salón de té {m} :: tea room
salonero {m} :: waiter
Salónica {prop} {f} :: Thessaloniki (city in Greece)
saloon {m} :: saloon (bar)
salpicadero {m} :: dashboard
salpicadero {m} :: backsplash
salpicadura {f} :: fleck
salpicadura {f} :: sprinkling, splashing
salpicar {v} :: to splatter, splash
salpicar {v} :: to sprinkle, scatter
salpicón {m} :: chopped, seasoned meat or seafood
salpicón {m} :: salad, fruit salad
salpimentar {v} :: to season with salt and pepper
salpimentar {v} :: to spice up, sex up
salpingectomía {f} [medicine] :: salpingectomy
salpresar {vt} :: to salt, to season or preserve with salt
salpullido {m} :: rash
salsa {f} :: sauce, gravy (liquid condiment)
salsa {f} :: salsa (spicy tomato sauce)
salsa {f} :: salsa (style of music)
salsa {f} :: salsa (dance performed to salsa music)
salsa agridulce {f} :: sweet-and-sour sauce
salsa alfredo {f} :: Alfredo sauce
salsa barbacoa {f} :: barbecue sauce, BBQ sauce
salsa bearnesa {f} :: bearnaise sauce
salsa blanca {f} :: white sauce
salsa bordelesa {f} :: Bordelaise sauce
salsa brava {f} :: brava sauce
salsa cazadora {f} :: chasseur (sauce)
salsa cóctel {f} :: cocktail sauce
salsa de menta {f} :: mint sauce
salsa de ostras {f} :: oyster sauce
salsa de pimienta {f} :: pepper sauce
salsa de queso {f} :: cheese sauce
salsa de soja {f} :: soy sauce
salsa de tomate {f} :: tomato sauce
salsa española {f} :: espagnole sauce
salsa golf {f} :: salsa golf
salsa hoisin {f} :: hoisin sauce
salsa holandesa {f} :: hollandaise sauce
salsa marinara {f} :: marinara sauce
salsa marrón {f} :: brown sauce
salsa Mornay {f} :: mornay sauce
salsa napolitana {f} :: Neapolitan sauce
salsa ravigote {f} :: ravigote
salsa rosa {f} :: cocktail sauce
salsa rusa {f} :: Russian dressing
salsa suprema {f} :: suprême sauce
salsa tártara {f} :: tartar sauce
salsateca {f} :: A salsatheque; a discotheque that only plays salsa music
salsa verde {f} :: salsa verde
salsa vinagreta {f} :: vinaigrette
salsa Worcestershire {f} :: Worcestershire sauce
salsear {v} :: to add sauce to; to sauce up
salsear {v} [colloquial, Spain] :: gossip
salseo {m} [colloquial, internet slang] :: gossip
salsera {f} :: A small bowl for serving salsa or other sauces
salsera {f} :: mixing bowl (for sauces, colors etc.)
salsera {f} :: salsa dancer
salsero {adj} [attributive] :: salsa
salsero {adj} :: salsa-loving
salsero {m} :: salsa musician
salsita {f} :: diminutive of salsa
salso {adj} [rare] :: salty
Salta {prop} :: Salta
saltabanco {m} :: alternative form of saltimbanqui
saltador {m} :: jumper, diver
saltadora {f} :: jumper
saltamontes {m} :: grasshopper
saltante {adj} :: outstanding; exceptional
saltar {v} :: to jump
saltar {v} :: to skip (a meal)
saltarín {adj} :: jumping
saltarrocas {m} :: klipspringer
saltarse {v} :: reflexive of saltar
salteador {m} :: marauder
salteador {m} :: highwayman
saltear {v} :: to pan fry
saltear {v} :: to skip (disregard, miss or omit part of a continuation (some item or stage))
salteño {adj} :: of or from Salta, a city in Argentina, or Salto, a city and department in Uruguay
salteño {m} :: Someone from Salta or Salto
salterio {m} [musical instruments] :: psaltery
salterio {m} [music] :: psalter
saltillense {adj} :: Of or pertaining to the Mexican city of Saltillo
saltillo {m} :: saltillo
saltimbanco {m} :: alternative form of saltimbanqui
saltimbanqui {m} :: A quack, charlatan
saltimbanqui {m} :: acrobat, equilibrist
saltito {m} :: diminutive of salto; small jump
salto {m} :: jump, leap
salto {m} :: skip
Salto {prop} :: A department of Uruguay
Salto {prop} :: The capital city of the department
Salto Ángel {prop} {m} :: Angel Falls (waterfall in Venezuela)
salto BASE {m} :: BASE jumping
salto con pértiga {m} [athletics] :: pole vault
salto de agua {m} :: waterfall
salto de altura {m} [athletics] :: high jump
salto de longitud {m} [athletics] :: long jump
salto de potro {m} [gymnastics] :: vault
salto ecuestre {m} :: show jumping
salto elástico {f} :: bungee jumping
saltón {adj} :: bulging; jumping out; sticking out
saltón {m} :: grasshopper
saltos {m} :: jumping jacks
saltos {m} :: diving
saltos en esquí {mp} :: ski jumping
salto triple {m} [athletics] :: triple jump
salú {interj} [colloquial, El Salvador] :: Bye!, Good-bye!
salubérrimo {adj} :: superlative of salubre
salubre {adj} :: healthy, healthful, salubrious
salubridad {f} :: healthiness, health
salubrista {adj} [attributive] :: public health
salubrista {mf} :: public health expert
salud {f} :: health
salud {interj} :: bless you (said to somebody who has sneezed)
salud {interj} :: cheers (the usual toast when drinking alcohol)
salud {interj} [dated] :: greetings!
saludabilísimo {adj} :: superlative of saludable
saludable {adj} :: healthful
saludablemente {adv} :: healthily
saludar {v} :: to greet
saludar {v} :: to wave
saludazo {m} :: superlative of saludo; cheeser, rally, great, affectionate, or jovial greeting
salud mental {f} :: mental health
saludo {m} :: greeting
saludo {m} :: salutation
salutación {f} :: greeting; salutation
salutación {f} [Christianity] :: salutation
Salvá {prop} :: surname
salvabarros {m} :: mudguard
salvable {adj} :: savable
salvación {f} :: salvation
salvadera {f} :: pounce (in calligraphy)
salvado {m} :: bran
salvador {m} :: saviour, savior
Salvador {prop} {m} :: given name, given in honor of Christ as the Savior (Salvador)
salvadora {f} :: feminine noun of salvador
salvadoreño {adj} :: Salvadoran
salvadoreño {m} :: Salvadoran
salvaguarda {f} :: alt form salvaguardia
salvaguardar {v} :: to safeguard
salvaguardia {f} :: safeguard, safeguarding
salvajada {f} :: savagery (brutal or stupid action)
salvaje {adj} :: wild
salvaje {adj} :: savage
salvaje {adj} :: stupid
salvaje {mf} :: savage
salvajemente {adv} :: wildly
salvajismo {m} :: savagery
salvamanteles {m} :: coaster; mat
salvamente {adv} :: safely; smoothly
salvamento {m} :: rescuing, saving
salvamento {m} :: salvage
salvapantallas {m} [computing] :: screensaver
salvaplatos {m} :: place mat
salvar {v} :: to save
salvar {v} :: to rescue
salvar {v} [formal] :: to cover (a distance)
salvataje {m} :: rescue, salvage
Salvatierra {prop} :: surname
salvatrucha {f} :: feminine noun of salvatrucho
salvatrucho {adj} [usually, pejorative] :: Salvadoran
salvatrucho {m} [usually, pejorative] :: A Salvadoran
salvavidas {adj} :: emergency, life saving
salvavidas {m} :: life preserver, life belt
salvavidas {m} :: lifeboat
salvavidas {mf} :: lifeguard
salve {interj} :: (archaic) hello
salve {interj} :: (poetic) hail
salvedad {m} [formal] :: exception
sálvese quien pueda {interj} :: every man for himself
salvia {f} :: sage
salvífico {adj} :: salvific; salvative
salvilla {f} :: salver
salvo {adj} :: safe
salvo {adv} :: except, apart from; cf. prepositional use of English cognate save
salvoconducto {m} :: safe-conduct
Salzburgo {prop} {m} :: Salzburg (Austrian city)
salzburgués {adj} :: Salzburgian
salzburgués {m} :: Salzburgian
salzburguesa {f} :: feminine noun of salzburgués
salzmimbre {m} [Aragon] :: a willow that yields wicker suitable for basketry
samán {m} :: rain tree, saman (Albizia saman)
samanense {adj} :: Of or from the province of Samaná Province in the Dominican Republic
samanense {mf} :: An inhabitant of the province of Samaná Province in the Dominican Republic
Samaniego {prop} :: surname
sámara {f} [botany] :: samara
samareño {m} :: Waray
samario {m} :: samarium
samaritana {f} :: feminine noun of samaritano
samaritano {m} :: Samaritan
samaritano {adj} :: Samaritan
samba {f} :: samba
sambenito {m} :: stigma (mark of disgrace or embarrassment)
sambódromo {m} [neologism] :: sambadrome (exhibition place for samba schools in Brazil)
sambódromo {m} [neologism, figuratively] :: A great variety of different things
samborondeña {f} :: feminine noun of samborondeño
samborondeño {adj} :: Of or from the city or canton of Samborondón Canton, Ecuador
samborondeño {m} :: An inhabitant of the city or canton of Samborondón Canton, Ecuador
samborondondeña {f} :: feminine noun of samborondondeño
samborondondeño {adj} :: Of or from Samborondón, Ecuador
samborondondeño {m} :: Someone from Samborondón
sami {mf} :: Sami; Saami
sami {adj} :: Sami; Saami
samia {f} :: feminine noun of samio
samica {f} [vesre] :: shirt
samio {adj} :: Samian
samio {m} :: Samian
samnita {adj} :: Samnite
samnita {mf} :: Samnite
Samoa {prop} {f} :: Samoa
Samoa Americana {prop} {f} :: American Samoa (US overseas territory in Oceania)
samoana {f} :: feminine noun of samoano
samoano {adj} :: Samoan
samoano {m} :: Samoan (person)
samoano {m} :: Samoan (language)
Samogitia {prop} {f} :: Samogitia (region of Lithuania)
samosa {f} :: samosa
samoyedo {m} :: samoyed
sampedrano {adj} :: Of or from San Pedro Sula, Honduras
sampedrano {adj} :: Of or from San Pedro Manrique, Spain
sampedrano {adj} :: Of or from San Pedro Sacatepéquez, Guatemala
sampedrano {adj} :: Of or from San Pedro department, Paraguay
sampedrano {adj} :: Of or from San Pedro de Ycuamandiyú, Paraguay
sampedrano {m} :: Someone from San Pedro Sula, Honduras
sampedrano {m} :: Someone from San Pedro Manrique, Spain
sampedrano {m} :: Someone from San Pedro Sacatepéquez, Guatemala
sampedrano {m} :: Someone from San Pedro department, Paraguay
sampedrano {m} :: Someone from San Pedro de Ycuamandiyú, Paraguay
sampi {f} :: sampi; the Greek letter Ϡ, ϡ
sample {m} [music] :: sample
samplear {v} [music] :: to sample
sampleo {m} [audiovisual] :: sample; sampling
Samu {prop} {m} :: A diminutive of the male given name Samuel
SAMU {prop} {m} :: (Servicio de Atención Médica Urgente) Spanish emergency medical service
Samuel {prop} {m} :: Samuel (biblical figure)
Samuel {prop} {m} :: given name
samurái {m} :: samurai
san {m} [Dominican Republic] :: financial, temporal-savings scheme. The participants periodically contribute a quota to a communal pot that is given to one member, based on his/her turn amongst all the others
san {f} :: san; the Greek letter M, ϻ
San {adj} :: Saint (title)
Saná {prop} {f} :: Sanaa (capital of Yemen)
saña {f} :: furore, rage, brutality
sanabrés {adj} :: of or from Sanabria
sanabrés {m} :: Someone from Sanabria
sanabresa {f} :: feminine noun of sanabrés
sanación {f} :: healing
sanador {adj} :: healing
sanador {m} :: healer
sanamente {adv} :: healthily
San Antonio {prop} :: San Antonio
sanar {v} :: to cure
sanar {v} :: to heal
sanatorio {m} :: sanatorium
San Bartolomé {prop} :: Saint Barthélemy
sanbenito {m} :: sanbenito
sancarleña {f} :: feminine noun of sancarleño
sancarleño {adj} :: Of or from the canton of San Carlos (canton) in Costa Rica
sancarleño {m} :: An inhabitant of the canton of San Carlos (canton) in Costa Rica
San Carlos {prop} :: The name Saint Charles
San Carlos {prop} :: Places named after Saint Charles
sanch {interj} :: oi, piggy!; come on, piggy!
Sánchez {prop} :: surname
sanchismo {m} :: Unyielding realism
sanchista {mf} :: Someone supporting Pedro Sánchez (Spanish politician)
sancho {m} :: pig
Sancho {prop} {m} :: given name
sanchopancesco {adj} :: Of or relating to the character Sancho Panza in the 1605 novel Don Quixote
sanchopancesco {adj} :: Sancho Panza-esque; having the characteristics associated with the character, including lowbrow wit and cynical realism
sanción {f} :: sanction
sancionable {adj} :: sanctionable
sancionador {adj} :: sanctioning
sancionador {m} :: sanctioner
sancionar {v} :: to sanction
sancionatorio {adj} [legal] :: penal
sancochadito {m} :: diminutive of sancochado
sancochado {m} :: synonym of sancocho
sancochar {v} :: to parboil
sancocho {m} :: sancocho
San Cristóbal de La Laguna {prop} :: San Cristóbal de La Laguna (city)
sancristobaleño {adj} :: Kittsian
sancristobaleño {m} :: Kittsian
San Cristóbal y Nieves {prop} {m} :: Saint Kitts and Nevis
sanctasanctórum {m} :: sanctum sanctorum
sanctísimo {adj} :: superlative of santo
sancto {particle} :: only in non sancto
sandalia {f} :: sandal
sándalo {m} :: sandalwood
sandboard {m} :: sandboard
sandboarding {m} :: sandboarding
sandez {f} [Spain] :: nonsense, rubbish
sandía {f} :: watermelon (Citrullus lanatus, a vine-like flowering plant)
sandía {f} :: watermelon (the fruit of the watermelon plant)
sandiar {m} :: watermelon plot, watermelon patch
San Diego {prop} {m} :: Saint James
San Diego {prop} {m} :: Any of several places named after him, such as San Diego, California
sandieguino {adj} :: San Diegan
sandieguino {m} :: San Diegan
sandinismo {m} :: Sandinism
sandinista {adj} :: relating to the Sandinista National Liberation Front
sandinista {mf} :: Sandinista (member of the Sandinista National Liberation Front)
sandio {adj} :: foolish
Sandoval {prop} :: A city in Burgos province, Spain
Sandoval {prop} :: surname
Sandra {prop} {f} :: given name
sanducero {adj} :: Of or from the city of Paysandú, Uruguay
sanducero {m} :: Someone from the city of Paysandú, Uruguay
sánduche {m} [Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Ecuador, Colombia] :: alternative form of sándwich
sanduchería {f} [Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Ecuador, Colombia] :: alternative form of sandwichería
sándwich {m} :: sandwich
sándwich {m} [Spain] :: A sandwich only made with sandwich bread
sándwich {m} :: long weekend; a day which falls between two work-free days (holidays or weekend days), on which leave is preferred
sandwichera {f} :: pie iron, sandwich toaster
sandwichería {f} :: sandwich bar, sandwich shop
saneamiento {m} :: sanitation, drainage, sewer
saneamiento {m} :: cleaning up
saneamiento {m} :: Commercial, or financial restructuring, reorganization
sanear {v} :: to guarantee; to promise satisfaction
sanear {v} :: to make amends
sanear {v} :: to sanitize
sanear {v} :: to drain
sanedrín {m} :: Sanhedrin
San Fermín {prop} {m} :: Fermin, 3rd-century Spanish saint from Pamplona, Navarre
San Fermín {prop} {m} :: A week-long annual celebration in Pamplona, held in July in honour of St. Fermin, including a well-known bull run
sanferminero {adj} :: Of or relating to the festival of San Fermín
sanfermines {mp} :: San Fermín, annual Spanish festival held in Pamplona, Navarre
San Fernando {prop} :: San Fernando (town)
San Fernando {prop} :: San Fernando (town)
San Fernando {prop} :: A name of various cities and municipalities in the Philippines
San Fernando {prop} :: San Fernando (city)
San Francisco {prop} {m} :: Saint Francis
San Francisco {prop} {m} :: Places named after Saint Francis
San Francisco {prop} {m} :: San Francisco
sangileña {f} :: feminine noun of sangileño
sangileño {adj} :: Of or from the municipality of San Gil, Colombia
sangileño {m} :: An inhabitant of the municipality of San Gil, Colombia
sangradera {f} :: small channel from which one gets water for agricultural purposes, irrigation furrow
sangradera {f} :: the sluice where such a channel is tapped, irrigation aperture
sangradera {f} :: lancet, instrument for tapping blood, bloodletting tweezers
sangramiento {m} :: bleeding
sangrante {adj} :: bloody
sangrar {v} :: to bleed
sangrar {v} :: to indent
sangre {f} :: blood
sangre azul {m} :: blue blood (noble or aristocratic ancestry)
sangrecita {f} :: diminutive of sangre
sangrecita {f} :: A dish made of chicken blood with various spices
sangre y carne {m} :: flesh and blood
sangría {f} [medicine] :: bloodletting
sangría {f} :: sangria (type of wine punch with cubed pieces of fruit and fruit soda)
sangría {f} [typography] :: indentation
sangría {f} [anatomy] :: elbow pit, cubital fossa
sangrientamente {adv} :: bloodily, cruelly
sangriento {adj} :: bloody
sangrón {adj} [Mexico] :: disagreeable, antipathic
sangrón {adj} [Central America] :: abusive, being a bully
sangrón {m} [Mexico] :: a disagreeable, antipathic person
sangrón {m} [Central America] :: bully, an abusive person
sánguche {m} [Peru, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile] :: alternative form of sándwich
sanguchería {f} [Peru, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay] :: alternative form of sandwichería
sangüeño {m} :: dogwood
sanguijuela {f} :: leech (animal)
sanguina {f} :: sanguine
sanguinariamente {adv} :: bloodthirstily
sanguinariedad {f} :: bloodthirstiness, viciousness
sanguinario {adj} :: bloodthirsty
sanguíneo {adj} :: sanguineous (related to blood)
sanguíneo {adj} :: akin (related by blood)
sanguíneo {adj} [heraldry] :: sanguine
sanguinolento {adj} :: bloody, bleeding
sanguinolento {adj} [of eyes] :: bloodshot
sanguinolento {adj} :: [of steak] rare, bloody
sanguja {f} :: leech (animal)
sanidad {f} :: health
sanisidrense {adj} :: of or from San Isidro (any of a number of places with the same name)
sanisidrense {mf} :: Someone from San Isidro
sanísimo {adj} :: superlative of sano
sanitaria {f} :: feminine noun of sanitario
sanitario {adj} :: sanitary
sanitario {m} :: sanitary worker
sanitario {m} :: toilet
sanitarista {mf} :: manufacturer of bathroom goods
sanitización {f} :: To sanitization
sanitizante {m} :: sanitizer
sanitizar {v} :: To sanitize
sanito {adj} :: diminutive of sano
sanjacado {m} :: sanjak
sanjar {v} [Salamanca] :: to make cuts in flesh
San Jorge {prop} {m} :: Saint George (patron saint of England and several other places)
San José {prop} {m} :: The name Saint Joseph
San José {prop} {m} :: Places named after Saint Joseph
San Juan {prop} :: The name Saint John
San Juan {prop} :: Sometimes short for the name San Juan Bautista, meaning Saint John the Baptist
San Juan {prop} :: Places named after Saint John or Saint John the Baptist
San Juan Bautista {prop} :: The name Saint John the Baptist
San Juan Bautista {prop} :: Places named after Saint John the Baptist
sanjuandarra {adj} :: Of or related to San Juan Pasaia
sanjuandarra {mf} :: Someone from San Juan Pasaia
sanjuanero {m} :: common cockchafer
sanjuanino {adj} :: of or from San Juan
sanjuanino {m} :: Someone from San Juan
sanjuanista {adj} :: of or pertaining to the Order of Saint John
sanjuanista {mf} :: Someone in the Order of Saint John
sanjuanito {m} :: An upbeat music genre from the Andes
San Luis {prop} {m} :: Saint Louis
San Luis {prop} {m} :: A name of several places named after the saint
San Luis {prop} {m} :: San Luis (province)
San Luis {prop} {m} :: San Luis (town)
sanluiseño {adj} :: of or from San Luis
sanluiseño {m} :: Someone from San Luis
sanluisino {adj} :: St. Louisan
sanluisino {m} :: St. Louisan
San Luis Potosí {prop} {f} :: San Luis Potosí (state)
sanluqueña {f} :: feminine noun of sanluqueño
sanluqueño {adj} :: Of or from Sanlúcar de Barrameda
sanluqueño {m} :: someone from Sanlúcar de Barrameda
San Marcos {prop} {m} :: San Marcos (department)
sanmarinense {adj} :: Sammarinese
sanmarinense {mf} :: Sammarinese
San Marino {prop} {m} :: San Marino
sanmarqueña {f} :: feminine noun of sanmarqueño
sanmarqueño {adj} :: Of or from San Marcos, Guerrero
sanmarqueño {m} :: Someone from San Marcos, Guerrero
sanmarquina {f} :: feminine noun of sanmarquino
sanmarquino {adj} :: Of or related to the National University of San Marcos, a university in Lima, Peru
sanmarquino {m} :: A student of the National University of San Marcos
sanmartiniano {adj} :: Of or pertaining to José de San Martín
sanmartiniano {m} :: A supporter of José de San Martín or his politics
san Miguelito {prop} {m} [colloquial] :: diminutive of Miguel; a term of endearment for the archangel Michael
san Miguelito {m} [colloquial, usually plural, Mexico] :: A person devoted archangel Michael, especially one who makes pilgrimage in his honor
san Miguelito {m} [colloquial, usually plural, Mexico] :: A ritual dancer or member of procession donning the archangel Michael's traditional Roman military attire
san Miguelitos {n} :: plural of san Miguelito
San Nicolás {prop} {m} :: Saint Nicholas
sano {adj} :: healthy, sound
sano {adj} :: earnest
sano {adj} :: pure
sano {adj} :: whole, unbroken, sound
sañoso {adj} :: furious
sano y salvo {adj} :: safe and sound
San Pablo {prop} {m} :: Paul the Apostle, Paul of Tarsus, Saint Paul
San Pablo {prop} {m} :: Pope Paul I
San Pablo {prop} {m} :: San Pablo (city or province in various countries)
San Pablo {prop} {m} :: São Paulo [state, city]
San Pedro {prop} [Biblical character] :: Saint Peter
San Pedro {prop} :: surname
San Pedro {prop} :: Any of a number of place names is Spanish-speaking countries named after St. Peter
San Pedro y Miquelón {prop} :: Saint Pierre and Miquelon (overseas territory of France)
San Petersburgo {prop} {m} :: Saint Petersburg (city)
San Salvador {prop} {m} :: San Salvador (capital of El Salvador)
sansalvadoreña {f} :: feminine noun of sansalvadoreño
sansalvadoreño {adj} :: Of or from San Salvador
sansalvadoreño {m} :: Someone from San Salvador
sansara {m} :: samsara
sánscrito {adj} :: Sanskrit
sánscrito {m} :: Sanskrit
sanscritóloga {f} :: feminine noun of sanscritólogo
sanscritólogo {m} :: Sanskritist
San Sebastián {prop} {m} :: San Sebastián
santa {f} :: feminine noun of santo
santabárbara {f} :: powder magazine
santabarbarense {adj} :: Of or from Santa Bárbara Department, Honduras
santabarbarense {mf} :: Someone from Santa Bárbara Department, Honduras
Santa Clara {prop} {f} :: The name Saint Clare
Santa Clara {prop} {f} :: Any of a number of places named after Saint Clare of Assisi, Italy
santaclareña {f} :: feminine noun of santaclareño
santaclareño {adj} :: Of or from Santa Clara
santaclareño {m} :: Someone from Santa Clara
santacruceño {adj} :: of or from Santa Cruz
santacruceño {m} :: Someone from Santa Cruz
santacrucero {adj} :: From Santa Cruz de Tenerife
santacrucero {m} :: Someone from Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Santa Cruz {prop} {f} :: Holy Cross; meaning the cross Jesus died on
Santa Cruz {prop} {f} :: Places named after the Holy Cross
Santa Cruz de Tenerife {prop} :: Santa Cruz de Tenerife (province)
Santa Cruz de Tenerife {prop} :: Santa Cruz de Tenerife (city)
Santa Fe {prop} {f} :: Santa Fe
santafecino {adj} :: alternative spelling of santafesino
santafecino {m} :: alternative spelling of santafesino
Santa Fe de Bogotá {prop} {f} :: the full name of Bogota, the capital of Colombia
santafereña {f} :: feminine noun of santafereño
santafereño {adj} :: Of or related to Independiente Santa Fe, a soccer team from Bogotá, Colombia
santafereño {m} :: Someone related with Independiente Santa Fe, as a player, fan, coach etc
santafesino {adj} :: of or from Santa Fe
santafesino {m} :: Someone from Santa Fe
Santa Helena {prop} {f} :: Saint Helena (island)
santalucense {adj} :: Saint Lucian
santalucense {mf} :: Saint Lucian
Santa Lucía {prop} {f} :: Saint Lucia
santaluciana {f} :: feminine noun of santaluciano
santaluciano {adj} :: Saint Lucian
santaluciano {m} :: Saint Lucian
Santa María {prop} {f} :: Saint Mary (the mother of Jesus Christ)
santamente {adv} :: saintly
Santana {prop} :: surname
Santander {prop} :: Santander (city of Colombia)
Santander {prop} :: Santander (city of Spain)
Santander {prop} :: Cantabria (region of Spain)
santandereana {f} :: feminine noun of santandereano
santandereano {adj} :: Of or from the department of Santander Department, Colombia
santandereano {m} :: An inhabitant of the department of Santander Department, Colombia
santanderiense {adj} :: From Santander, Spain
santanderiense {mf} :: Someone from Santander, Spain
santanderino {adj} :: From Santander, Spain
santanderino {m} :: Someone from Santander, Spain
santanderista {adj} :: Of, pertaining to, or supporting, Francisco de Paula Santander, Colombian soldier and politician
santanderista {mf} :: A supporter of Francisco de Paula Santander
santaneca {f} :: feminine of santaneco
santaneco {adj} :: Of or from the city of Santa Ana, El Salvador, El Salvador
santaneco {m} :: An inhabitant of the city of Santa Ana, El Salvador, El Salvador
santanense {adj} :: Of or from the Santana do Livramento in Brazil
santanense {mf} :: someone from The Santana do Livramento, Brazil
santa patrona {f} :: feminine noun of santo patrono or santo patrón
Santa Rosa {prop} {f} :: Santa Rosa (department)
Santa Sede {prop} {f} :: Holy See (episcopal see of the Roman Catholic Church)
Santa Sofía {prop} {f} :: Hagia Sophia (a former basilica, now a museum in Turkey)
santateresa {f} :: mantis
santeña {f} :: feminine noun of santeño
santeño {adj} :: Of or from Los Santos Province in Panama
santeño {m} :: An inhabitant of Los Santos Province in Panama
santería {f} :: santería
santero {adj} :: Excessively devoted to saints
santero {adj} [attributive] :: saint
Santi {prop} :: given name, diminutive of Santiago
Santiago {prop} [biblical character] :: James
Santiago {prop} :: given name
Santiago {prop} :: The name of several cities in Chile, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Colombia, Galicia (Spain), and several other Spanish-speaking countries
Santiago de Chile {prop} {m} :: Santiago, the capital city of Chile
Santiago de Compostela {prop} {m} :: Santiago de Compostela (city)
Santiago del Estero {prop} :: Santiago del Estero
santiagueño {adj} :: of or from Santiago del Estero
santiagueño {m} :: Someone from Santiage del Estero
santiaguense {adj} :: Of or from the city of Santiago de los Caballeros in the Dominican Republic
santiaguense {mf} :: An inhabitant of the city of Santiago de los Caballeros in the Dominican Republic
santiaguera {f} :: feminine of santiaguero
santiaguero {m} [Latin America] :: faith healer
santiagués {adj} :: Of or pertaining to Santiago de Compostela
santiagués {adj} :: Of or pertaining to Santiago Province (Dominican Republic), Dominican Republic
santiagués {adj} :: Of or pertaining to Santiago de los Caballeros
santiagués {m} :: Someone from Santiago de Compostela
santiagués {m} :: Someone from Santiago province, Dominican Republic
santiagués {m} :: Someone from Santiago de los Caballeros
santiaguino {adj} :: of or pertaining to Santiago, Chile
santiaguino {m} :: someone from Santiago, Chile
santiaguista {adj} :: Of, belonging to or relating to the Order of Santiago
santiaguista {mf} :: A member of the Order of Santiago
santiamén {m} :: short time, moment
santidad {f} :: sanctity, holiness
santificación {f} :: sanctification
santificado {adj} :: sanctified, hallowed, made holy
santificar {vt} :: to sanctify, to hallow, to make holy
santiguamiento {m} :: sign of the cross
santiguar {v} :: to bless
santiguar {v} :: to make the sign of the cross
santiguar {vr} :: to cross oneself
Santillán {prop} {f} :: surname
santísimo {adj} :: superlative of santo
santista {adj} :: Of or from Santos, Brazil
santista {mf} :: Someone from Santos
santito {adj} :: diminutive of santo
santito {m} :: diminutive of santo
santo {adj} :: holy, godly
santo {m} :: saint
Santo {m} :: Saint
Santo Domingo {prop} {m} :: Santo Domingo
Santo Domingo de Guzmán {prop} {m} :: The full name of Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic
santo grial {m} :: holy grail
Santo Grial {prop} {m} :: Holy Grail (artifact in Christian mythology)
santol {m} :: santol
santón {m} :: santon
Santoniano {prop} {m} [geology, paleontology] :: Santonian (subdivision of the Late Cretaceous epoch)
Santoniense {prop} {m} [geology, paleontology] :: Santonian (subdivision of the Late Cretaceous epoch)
Santo Niño {prop} {m} :: Christ child (child Jesus)
Santo Padre {prop} {m} :: Holy Father (papal title)
santo patrón {m} [religion] :: patron saint
santo patrono {m} [religion] :: patron saint
santoral {m} :: saint-day calendar
santotomense {adj} :: São Toméan
santotomense {mf} :: São Toméan
Santo Tomé y Príncipe {prop} :: São Tomé and Príncipe
santo y seña {m} [military] :: watchword, password
santuario {m} :: sanctuary, shrine
santurrón {m} [pejorative] :: sanctimonious, bigot, holier-than-thou (person)
santurrona {f} :: feminine noun of santurrón
santurtziarra {adj} :: Of or related to Santurtzi
santurtziarra {mf} :: Someone from Santurzi
sañudamente {adv} :: angrily
sañudamente {adv} :: cruelly, viciously
sañudo {adj} :: cruel; wicked
San Vicente y las Granadinas {prop} :: Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
sanvicentino {adj} :: Vincentian
sanvicentino {m} :: Vincentian
Saona {prop} {m} :: Saône
sapa {f} :: feminine noun of sapo; a female toad or peeper
sapa {f} :: A reduction of must in Ancient Roman cuisine, made by boiling down grape juice or must in large kettles until reduced to a third of the original volume
sapear {v} [Latin America] :: to dob in; snitch
sapear {v} [Latin America] :: to spy; observe
sapidez {f} :: tastiness
sápido {adj} :: tasty (having a taste)
sapiencia {f} :: wisdom
sapiencial {adj} :: sapiential
sapiente {adj} :: wise; knowing
sapientísimo {adj} :: superlative of sabio
sapo {m} :: toad
sapo {m} [Chile, Ecuador, Peru, colloquial] :: a very curious person
sapo {m} [Chile, Ecuador, Peru, colloquial] :: a voyeur
sapo {m} [Chile, Ecuador, Peru, colloquial, pejorative] :: informer
sapo de caña {m} :: cane toad
saponificable {adj} :: saponifiable
saponificación {f} :: saponification
saponificar {v} :: to saponify
saponina {f} [organic compound] :: saponin
sapo veranero {m} :: summer toad (found in Central America, Peruvian Amazon; possibly refers to the cane toad/marine toad, Bufo marinus in some regions, or a small variety of toad in others)
Sapporo {prop} {m} :: Sapporo (a city of Japan)
saprissista {adj} :: Of or pertaining to Deportivo Saprissa, a football team from Costa Rica
saprissista {mf} :: Someone connected to Deportivo Saprissa, as a fan, player, coach etc
saprofita {f} :: alt form saprofito
saprofito {m} [biology] :: saprophyte
saprolito {m} [geology] :: saprolite
saque {m} :: expulsion, extraction, act of putting something out
saque {m} [sports] :: service; serve (in racquet sports, the first shot)
saque {m} [soccer] :: kick-off
saque {m} :: appetite
saqueador {m} :: plunderer
saqueador {m} :: looter
saqueador {m} :: sacker
saqueadora {f} :: feminine noun of saqueador
saquear {v} :: to sack
saquear {v} :: to plunder, to pillage
saque de banda {m} [soccer] :: throw-in
saque de castigo {m} [rugby] :: penalty kick
saque de esquina {m} [soccer] :: corner kick
saque de falta {m} [sports] :: free kick
saque de gol {m} [sports] :: goal kick
saque de mano {m} [volleyball] :: serve
saque de mano {m} [soccer] :: throw-out
saque de meta {m} [soccer] :: goal kick
saque de puerta {m} [soccer] :: goal kick
saque de valla {m} [soccer] :: free kick
saque inicial {m} [soccer] :: kick-off
saque lateral {m} [soccer] :: throw-in
saque libre {m} [sports] :: free kick
saqueo {m} :: sack, plunder, pillage
saquete {m} :: charge bag (for a cannon)
saquillo {m} :: diminutive of saco
saquito {m} :: pouch
saquito {m} :: diminutive of saco, a small sack
SAR {abbr} :: HRH
Sara {prop} {f} [biblical character] :: Sarah
Sara {prop} {f} :: given name
sarabanda {f} :: sarabande
Sarabia {prop} {f} :: surname, the 575th most common in Mexico
saracustí {adj} :: Saragossan
saracustí {mf} :: Saragossan
saragura {f} :: feminine noun of saraguro
saraguro {adj} :: Of or from the Saraguro group of people
saraguro {adj} :: Of or from the Saraguro canton of Ecuador
saraguro {m} :: Saraguro (member of the Saraguro people)
saraguro {m} :: An inhabitant of the Saraguro canton of Ecuador
Saraguro {prop} {m} :: Saraguro (canton)
Sarai {prop} {f} [biblical character] :: Sarai
sarajevés {adj} :: Sarajevan
sarajevés {m} :: Sarajevan
sarakof {m} :: A type of hat, resembling a safari helmet, worn by officers during the Mexican civil war
sarampión {m} :: measles
sarandunga {f} :: A lively dance from Dominican Republic
sarao {m} :: party
sarao {m} :: fuss, big thing
sarasa {m} [Spain, slang] :: effeminate man or homosexual
sarasa {m} [Spain, slang] :: queerboy; fag; faggot; poofter
Sarátov {prop} {m} :: Saratov (city)
sarcasmo {m} :: sarcasm
sarcásticamente {adv} :: sarcastically
sarcástico {adj} :: sarcastic
sarchiseña {f} :: feminine noun of sarchiseño
sarchiseño {adj} :: Of or from Sarchí, Costa Rica
sarchiseño {m} :: Someone from Sarchí, Costa Rica
sarcófago {m} :: sepulcher
sarcófago {m} :: sarcophagus
sarcoma {m} [oncology] :: sarcoma
sarcopenia {f} :: sarcopenia
sarcoplasma {m} [cytology] :: sarcoplasm
sarcoplásmico {adj} :: sarcoplasmic
sardana {f} :: sardana
sardanista {mf} :: A sardana dancer
sardina {f} :: sardine
sardinada {f} :: meal of sardines
sardinal {m} :: sardine-fishing net
sardinel {m} :: kerb
sardinera {f} :: feminine noun of sardinero
sardinero {m} :: A seller or sardines
sardinero {m} :: A sardine fisherman, a sardiner
sardinilla {f} :: baby sardine
sardo {adj} :: Sardinian (relating to Sardinia)
sardo {m} :: Sardinian
sardo {m} [mineral] :: sard
sardo {m} :: Sardinian language
sardónica {f} :: alt form sardónice
sardónicamente {adv} :: sardonically
sardónice {mf} :: sardonyx
sardónico {adj} :: sardonic
sardónix {mf} :: alt form sardónice
sarga {f} :: twill
sarga {f} :: Any of a number of plants. See The Spanish Wikipedia for more details
sargazo {m} :: sargasso, gulfweed (brown algae)
sargenta {f} :: sergeant
sargentear {vt} :: to command, to order
sargento {m} :: sergeant
Sargón {prop} {m} :: Sargon (Akkadian emperor)
sari {m} :: sari
sarín {m} :: sarin
Sarita {prop} {f} :: A diminutive of the given name Sara
SARM {m} [bacteriology] :: MRSA
sármata {adj} :: Sarmatian
sármata {mf} :: Sarmatian
sarmentar {v} :: to gather pruned vine-shoots
sarmentosa {f} [carbohydrate] :: sarmentose
sarmiento {m} :: vine shoot
Sarmiento {prop} :: surname, the 102nd most common in Colombia and 514th most common in Mexico
sarna {f} :: scabies (an infestation of parasitic mites)
sarna con gusto no pica {phrase} :: It's not a chore if you're enjoying it
sarnoso {adj} :: mangy
sarong {m} :: sarong
sarpullido {m} [colloquial] :: dermatitis, rash (area of reddened, irritated, and inflamed skin)
sarraceno {adj} :: Of or relating to Saracens
sarraceno {adj} [dated] :: Of or relating to Muslims and the Islamic religion
sarraceno {m} :: Saracen
sarraceno {m} [dated] :: Muslim
Sarraga {prop} {f} :: surname
Sarre {prop} :: Saarland (state)
sarrio {m} [Aragón] :: chamois (goat)
sarro {m} [dentistry] :: tartar
sarro {m} :: mildew
sarta {f} :: string (of objects connected on a thread)
sarta {f} :: line, queue
sarta {f} :: string, series, array
sartal {m} :: string (items put on a string)
sartén {mf} :: frying pan
sartenada {f} :: panful
sartenazo {m} :: A blow/hit with a saucepan
sartorio {adj} :: sartorial
sartorio {m} [anatomy] :: sartorius
sasafrás {m} :: sassafras
sasánida {adj} :: Sassanian
sasánida {mf} :: Sassanian
sastra {f} :: feminine noun of sastre
sastre {mf} :: tailor (person who makes, repairs, or alters clothes professionally)
sastrecillo {m} :: diminutive of sastre
sastrería {f} :: tailor's (shop)
satán {m} :: satan
Satán {prop} {m} :: Satan (the Devil)
satanás {m} :: devil
Satanás {prop} {m} :: Satan (the Devil)
satanasa {f} :: feminine noun of satanás
satánico {adj} :: satanic
satanismo {m} :: Satanism
satanista {adj} :: satanist
satanista {mf} :: satanist
satanización {f} :: demonization
satanizar {vt} :: to demonize (to malign as evil)
satauteña {f} :: feminine noun of satauteño
satauteño {adj} :: Of or from the town of Santa Brígida, Las Palmas in the Canary Islands
satauteño {m} :: An inhabitant of the town of Santa Brígida, Las Palmas in the Canary Islands
satelital {adj} :: related to satellites
satélital {adj} :: satellite
satélite {m} :: satellite
satín {m} :: satin (fabric)
satinador {adj} :: glossing
satinar {v} :: to make glossy
sátira {f} :: satire
satíricamente {adv} :: satirically
satírico {adj} :: satirical
satirista {mf} :: satirist
satirización {f} :: satirization
satirizante {adj} :: satirical; satirizing
satirizar {v} :: to satirize, lampoon
sátiro {m} :: satyr
satisfacción {f} :: satisfaction
satisfacer {vt} :: to satisfy, fulfil / fulfill
satisfacerse {v} :: reflexive of satisfacer
satisfacibilidad {f} :: satisfiability
satisfactoriamente {adv} :: satisfactorily
satisfactorio {adj} :: satisfactory
satisfechísimo {adj} :: superlative of satisfecho
satisfecho {adj} :: satisfied
sato {m} :: A dog that is of mixed breed, as used by island Puerto Ricans
sátrapa {m} :: satrap
satrapía {f} :: satrapy
saturación {f} :: saturation
saturación {f} :: weariness
saturación {f} :: satiety
saturado {adj} :: saturated
saturar {v} :: to saturate
saturarse {v} :: reflexive of saturar
saturnal {adj} :: saturnal
saturnino {adj} :: saturnine, melancholy
saturnino {adj} :: pertaining to the planet Saturn
Saturno {prop} {m} :: Saturn
sauce {m} :: willow
saúco {m} :: elder (tree)
saúco menor {m} :: dwarf elder
saudade {f} :: the feeling of missing something or someone
saudí {adj} :: Saudi
saudí {mf} :: Saudi
saudita {adj} :: Saudi
saudita {mf} :: Saudi
Saúl {prop} {m} [biblical character] :: Saul, the king of Israel
Saúl {prop} {m} :: given name
Saulo {prop} {m} [biblical character] :: Saul, the original name of Apostle Paul
sauna {f} :: sauna
-saurio {suffix} :: -saurus
saurio {m} :: saurian
saurisquio {m} :: saurischian
saurópodo {m} :: sauropod
sauropodomorfo {m} :: sauropodomorph
saurópsido {m} :: sauropsid
sauvignon {m} :: sauvignon
sauzal {m} :: A grove of willows
sauzgatillo {m} :: chaste tree
savia {f} [botany] :: sap
sávila {f} :: alternative spelling of sábila
saxitoxina {f} :: saxitoxin
saxo {m} :: sax (saxophone)
saxo {m} :: stone
saxofón {m} :: saxophone
saxofonista {mf} :: saxophonist
saxófono {m} :: saxophone
saya {f} [archaic] :: a woman’s skirt
sayagués {adj} :: Of or from Sayago
sayagués {m} :: someone from Sayago
sayaguesa {f} :: feminine noun of sayagués
sayal {m} :: sackcloth
sayo {m} :: smock
sayo {m} :: doublet
sayón {m} :: executioner
sayonara {f} [Peru] :: flip-flop, thong [Australia], jandal [New Zealand]
sayuelo {m} :: pejorative of sayo
sazón {f} :: ripeness
sazón {f} [formal] :: season
sazón {f} :: flavor, seasoning
sazonador {m} :: seasoning (something used to add flavor to food)
sazonar {v} :: to season
-sca {suffix} :: feminine singular of -sco
scanner {m} :: alternative spelling of escáner
scheelita {f} [mineral] :: scheelite
schnauzer {mf} :: schnauzer
sciolismo {m} :: The political beliefs of Daniel Scioli, Argentine politician
sciolista {adj} :: supporting Daniel Scioli, Argentine politician
sciolista {mf} :: A supporter of Daniel Scioli, Argentine politician
-sco {suffix} :: Forms adjectives that signify "relation" to the word stem
scooter {m} :: scooter (vehicle)
-scopia {suffix} :: -scopy
-scopía {suffix} :: alternative form of -scopia
-scópico {suffix} :: -scopic
-scopio {suffix} :: -scope
score {m} :: score (in sports)
scout {m} :: scout
scratch {m} [music] :: scratch
screening {m} :: screening
scroll {m} [computer games] :: scroll
SD {n} [grammar, syntax] :: initialism of sintagma determinante
se {pron} :: Third person (also used for usted and ustedes) reflexive direct or indirect object oneself, himself, herself, itself, yourself; each other; one another
se {pron} :: Used to form the passive voice in the third person; also used for usted and ustedes
se {pron} :: Used to form impersonal sentences
se {pron} :: Used instead of indirect object pronouns le and les before the direct object pronouns lo, la, los, or las
{interj} [colloquial, Chile, Mexico] :: yes
seaborgio {m} :: seaborgium
sea cual fuere {pron} [formal] :: whatever it is
sea lo que sea {phrase} :: whatever may come, no matter what, whatever happens, come what may
sea quien sea {phrase} :: no matter who the person is, no matter who they are
sebáceo {adj} :: sebaceous
Sebastián {prop} {m} :: given name
Sebastopol {prop} {f} :: Sevastopol
sebestén {m} :: sebesten
sebiche {m} :: alternative spelling of cebiche
sebo {m} :: sebum
sebo {m} :: tallow
seborrea {f} [pathology] :: seborrhea
seboso {adj} :: greasy
secadero {adj} :: drying
secadero {m} :: dryer, place for drying
secado {m} :: desiccation, drying
secador {adj} :: drying
secador {adj} :: dryer
secador {m} :: hair dryer, blow dryer (An electric device for drying hair by blowing hot air on it)
secador {m} :: dryer (any other device, household or industrial, designed to remove water or humidity)
secadora {f} :: dryer, clothes dryer (a household appliance that removes the water from clothing by accelerating evaporation, usually though heat and a tumbling motion)
secadora {f} :: dryer (any other device, household or industrial, designed to remove water or humidity)
secaleche {mf} [El Salvador, Honduras] :: The last child to be born to a parent or couple
secallona {f} :: synonym of fuet
secamanos {m} :: hand dryer
secamente {adv} :: dryly
secano {m} [agriculture] :: dryland; unirrigated land
secante {adj} :: drying
secante {adj} [trigonometry] :: secant
secante {m} :: blotting paper
secante {f} [trigonometry] :: secant
secaplatos {m} :: drainer; draining board
secar {v} :: to dry
secarral {m} [geography] :: A dry or arid plain
secarropas {m} :: clothes dryer
secarse {v} :: reflexive of secar To dry oneself
sección {f} :: section
sección {f} :: piece, part
sección {f} :: department
seccional {f} :: A police subdivision in Montevideo. There are 24 of them in Montevideo
seccionamiento {m} :: sectioning
seccionamiento {m} :: switching
seccionar {v} :: to section
sección cónica {f} :: conic section
sección transversal {f} :: cross section
secesión {f} [politics] :: secession
secesionismo {m} :: secessionism
secesionista {mf} :: secessionist
seco {adj} :: Dry
se coge antes al mentiroso que a un cojo {proverb} :: alternative form of antes se coge al mentiroso que a un cojo
se come {phrase} [jocular, idiom] :: the hell?; the heck?; when it's at home?
secoya {f} :: alternative form of secuoya
secre {mf} [colloquial] :: clipping of secretario, sec (secretary)
secreción {f} :: secretion
secretamente {adv} :: secretly, clandestinely
secretar {v} :: to secrete
secretaria {f} :: secretary (female)
secretaría {f} :: secretariat
secretariado {m} :: secretariat
secretariado {m} :: secretaryship
secretariado {m} :: secretary studies
secretarial {adj} :: secretarial
secretario {m} :: secretary
secretear {v} :: to tell a secret
secreteo {m} :: secrecy
secretillo {m} :: diminutive of secreto
secretina {f} [hormone] :: secretin
secretísimo {adj} :: Very secret, top secret
secretismo {m} :: secrecy
secretista {adj} :: secretive
secretito {m} :: diminutive of secreto
secreto {adj} :: secret
secreto {m} :: a secret
secreto {m} :: secrecy
secreto a voces {m} :: An open secret
secretor {adj} :: secreting
secretor {m} :: secretor
secta {f} :: cult
secta {f} :: sect
sectario {adj} :: sectarian
sectarismo {m} :: sectarism
sector {m} :: section
sector {m} :: zone
sector {m} :: branch
sectorial {adj} :: sectorial
sectorialmente {adv} :: sectorially
sectorización {f} :: sectorisation
sectorizar {v} :: to sectorise
sécuanos {mp} :: Sequani
secuaz {adj} [pejorative] :: said of a follower of someone else's opinion, opportunistic
secuaz {mf} [pejorative] :: minion, henchman, stooge
secuela {f} :: sequel
secuela {f} :: after-effects
secuela {f} [medicine] :: sequela
secuencia {f} :: sequence
secuenciación {f} :: sequencing
secuenciador {m} :: sequencer
secuencial {adj} :: sequential
secuencial {adj} :: serial
secuencialmente {adv} :: sequentially
secuenciamiento {m} :: sequencing
secuenciar {v} :: to sequence
secuestrado {adj} :: kidnapped
secuestrador {m} :: kidnapper, hijacker
secuestradora {f} :: feminine noun of secuestrador
secuestrar {v} :: to kidnap
secuestro {m} :: kidnapping
secular {adj} :: secular
secularidad {f} :: secularism
secularismo {m} :: secularity
secularización {f} :: secularisation
secularizar {v} :: to secularize
secularmente {adv} :: secularly
secundar {v} :: to second
secundaria {f} :: secondary school, high school
secundariamente {adv} :: secondarily
secundario {adj} :: secondary
secuoya {f} :: sequoia
securina {f} [protein] :: securin
securitario {adj} [attributive] :: security
secuta {f} [music] :: suite
sed {f} :: thirst
seda {f} :: silk
seda {f} :: thin string
SEDA {prop} :: Secretaría de Estado en el Despacho del Ambiente
sedación {f} :: sedation
seda dental {f} :: dental floss
sedal {m} :: thin line, string
sedán {m} :: sedan (car)
sedante {adj} :: sedative
sedar {v} :: to sedate
sedativo {adj} :: sedative
sede {f} :: seat, headquarters
sede {f} [event] :: venue
sede {f} [diocese] :: see
sede {f} [building] :: office
sedentariamente {adv} :: domestically
sedentariamente {adv} :: sedentarily
sedentario {adj} :: sedentary (not moving)
sedentarismo {m} :: sedentariness
sedentarización {f} :: The process of evolving to a sedentary lifestyle
sedente {adj} :: seated
sedestación {f} :: seating; sitting
sedicente {adj} :: self-styled
sedición {f} :: sedition, mutiny
sediciosamente {adv} :: seditiously, mutinously, factiously
sedicioso {adj} :: seditious, factious, mutinous
sediento {adj} :: thirsty
sedimentable {adj} :: sedimentable
sedimentación {f} :: sedimentation
sedimentar {v} :: to deposit a sediment
sedimentario {adj} [geology] :: sedimentary
sedimentita {f} :: diminutive of sedimenta
sedimento {m} :: sediment
sedimentología {f} [geology] :: sedimentology
sedimentológico {adj} :: sedimentological
sedoheptulosa {f} [carbohydrate] :: sedoheptulose
sedosidad {f} :: silkiness
sedoso {adj} :: silky, silky smooth
seducción {f} :: seduction
seducir {v} :: to seduce
seductivo {adj} :: seductive
seductor {adj} :: seductive
seductor {m} :: seducer
seductora {f} :: feminine noun of seductor
sefardí {adj} :: Sephardic
sefardí {mf} :: Sephardi
sefardita {mf} :: alternative form of sefardí
sefardita {adj} :: alternative form of sefardí
Séfora {prop} {f} :: Zipporah
segador {m} :: reaper; harvester
segador {m} :: mower
segador {m} :: daddy longlegs
segadora {f} :: feminine noun of segador
segar {v} :: to harvest
segar {v} :: to mow
segar {v} :: to reap
seglar {adj} :: lay, secular
segmentación {f} :: segmentation
segmental {adj} :: segmental
segmentar {v} :: to segment
segmentario {adj} :: segmental
segmento {m} :: segment, section
Segorbe {prop} :: Segorbe (municipality)
Segovia {prop} {f} :: Segovia (province)
Segovia {prop} {f} :: Segovia (city)
segoviano {adj} :: Segovian
segoviano {m} :: Segovian
segregación {f} :: segregation
segregacionista {mf} :: segregationist
segregador {adj} :: segregating
segregar {v} :: to segregate
segregar {v} :: to secrete
segueta {f} :: hacksaw (fine-toothed, frame-mounted saw used to cut metal)
Seguí {prop} :: surname
seguidamente {adv} :: immediately after, straight away
seguidilla {f} :: a lively, triple-time, Spanish tune and dance; a seguidilla
seguidismo {m} :: (blind) following or support
seguido {adv} [Latin America] :: often
seguido {adj} :: consecutive
seguidor {m} :: follower
seguidora {f} :: feminine noun of seguidor
seguimiento {m} :: monitoring
seguimiento {m} :: following
seguir {vt} :: to follow
seguir {v} :: to continue; to go on; to keep, keep on can be combined with a present participle (-ndo form) to indicate that someone or something continues doing something
seguir {vt} :: to observe, to obey (a rule, religion)
seguir el rollo {v} [idiomatic] :: to go along with, play along with (something)
seguirse {v} :: reflexive of seguir
segun {prep} :: obsolete spelling of según
según {prep} :: according to
según {prep} :: as, just as, the same way
según {prep} :: depending on
segund {prep} :: obsolete spelling of según
Segunda Guerra Mundial {prop} {f} :: Second World War; World War II
segunda intención {f} [uncountable] :: duplicity, falsehood
segunda intención {f} :: ulterior motive
segunda naturaleza {f} :: second nature
segundar {v} :: to repeat an action, do again
segundar {v} :: [in a competition] to be in second place
segundar {v} [South America] :: to hit back
segundariamente {adv} :: secondarily
segundario {adj} :: secondary
segundín {m} :: diminutive of segundo
segundito {m} :: diminutive of segundo
segundo {adj} :: second (after the first)
segundo {m} :: second (unit of time)
segundo {m} :: second (short amount of time)
segundo {m} :: assistant
Segundo {prop} {m} :: given name
segundogénita {f} :: feminine noun of segundogénito
segundogénito {adj} :: secondborn
segundogénito {m} :: secondborn child
segundo intercalar {m} :: leap second
segundón {m} :: secondborn
segundón {m} :: secondary character
segundo plano {m} :: backburner (state of having lower priority)
segundo plano {m} :: background (computing: activity not visible to the user)
segundo plano {m} :: secondary, less important, secondly
seguramente {adv} :: surely, certainly
seguramente {adv} :: probably, perhaps
segurar {v} :: obsolete spelling of asegurar
segurata {mf} [Spain, colloquial] :: bodyguard
seguridad {f} :: safety
seguridad {f} :: security
seguridad {f} :: self-confidence
seguridad nacional {f} :: national security
segurina {f} [protein] :: securin
segurísimamente {adv} :: superlative of seguramente
segurísimo {adj} :: superlative of seguro
seguro {adj} :: secure, safe (free from danger)
seguro {adj} :: certain, sure (of being correct)
seguro {adj} :: secure, firm, stable (not likely to fall)
seguro {adj} :: self-confident
seguro {m} :: insurance (indemnity against a future occurrence)
segway {m} :: Segway
se habla español {phrase} :: "we speak Spanish". More precisely, "Spanish is spoken (here)."
se habla inglés {phrase} :: "we speak English"
seis {num} [cardinal] :: six
seiscentista {adj} :: 17th century
seiscientas {num} :: feminine of seiscientos
seiscientos {num} :: six hundred
seísmo {m} :: tremor, earthquake
seiyu {mf} :: voice actor (in Japanese)
Sela {prop} {m} :: acronym of Sistema Económico Latinoamericano
Selandia {prop} {f} :: Zealand (Danish island)
selección {f} :: selection
selección {f} :: choice
selección {f} [sport] :: national sports team
seleccionable {adj} :: choosable; selectable
seleccionado {adj} :: selected
seleccionado {m} [sports] :: team member
seleccionador {m} :: selector
seleccionador {m} [sport] :: manager, coach
seleccionadora {f} :: coach, trainer
seleccionar {v} :: to select
selección natural {f} :: natural selection
selectísimo {adj} [of people or things] :: superlative of selecto; very select
selectísimo {adj} [of food] :: superlative of selecto; choice, of very good quality
selectivamente {adv} :: selectively
selectividad {f} :: selectivity
selectivo {adj} :: selective, choosy
selecto {adj} :: select, exquisite
selector {adj} :: selecting
selector {m} :: selector
Selena {prop} {f} :: given name
selenato {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: selenate
seleniforme {adj} :: luniform
selenio {m} :: selenium
selenita {f} [mineral] :: selenite
selenito {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: selenite (salt of selenous acid)
seleniuro {m} :: selenide
selenocisteína {f} [amino acid] :: selenocysteine
selenografía {f} :: selenography
Seleucia {prop} {f} :: Seleucia (city)
seléucido {adj} :: Seleucid
seléucido {m} :: Seleucid
Seleuco {prop} {m} :: Seleucus (ancient Greek name)
selfi {m} :: selfie
selfiar {v} :: to selfie
selfie {mf} :: selfie
selknam {adj} :: Selk'nam
selknam {mf} :: Selk'nam
sellado {adj} :: sealed
sellador {adj} :: sealing (that seals)
sellador {m} :: sealant
sellamiento {m} :: boarding up, closing
sellamiento {m} :: sealing
sellante {m} :: sealant
sellar {v} :: to stamp
sellar {v} :: to seal (place a seal on a document)
sellar {v} :: to seal (close with a seal or hermetically)
sellar {v} :: to terminate, finish, end
sellar {v} [Argentina, cookery] :: to hotly fry or cook a piece of meat for a short time
sello {m} :: seal
sello {m} :: stamp (device for stamping designs)
sello {m} :: stamp (imprint made by stamping)
sello {m} :: postage stamp
sello postal {m} :: postage, postage stamp
selva {f} [forestry] :: forest or jungle, wood, chiefly a rain forest
selva lluviosa {f} :: rainforest
Selva Misionera {prop} {f} :: the part of the Atlantic Forest in the Argentine province of Misiones
Selva Negra {prop} {f} :: Selva Negra (forest/and/range)
selvático {adj} :: woods (attributively)
selvoso {adj} :: wooded; woody; sylvan
selyúcida {adj} :: Seljuq
selyúcida {mf} :: Seljuq
Sem {prop} {m} :: Shem (son of Noah)
semaforización {f} :: The putting in place of traffic lights
semaforizar {v} :: to equip with traffic lights
semáforo {m} :: traffic light
semáforo {m} :: semaphore, flag semaphore
semana {f} :: week (7 days)
semana de trabajo {f} :: workweek
Semana de Turismo {prop} {f} [Uruguay] :: Holy Week
semanal {adj} :: weekly
semanalmente {adv} :: weekly
semanario {adj} [rare] :: weekly
semanario {m} :: weekly (newspaper or periodical issued every week)
semanario {m} [Nicaragua] :: allowance (money given to a child)
Semana Santa {prop} {f} :: Holy Week, Easter
semanita {f} :: diminutive of semana
semántica {f} :: semantics
semánticamente {adv} :: semantically
semántico {adj} :: semantic
semblante {m} :: countenance; appearance
semblanza {f} :: similarity, likeness
sembradío {m} :: field suitable for sowing
sembrador {adj} :: seeding
sembrador {m} :: seeder
sembrador {m} :: seeding machine
sembradura {f} :: sowing, seeding
sembradura {f} [obsolete] :: tillage, land which has been sown or seeded
sembrar {v} :: to plant (place a seed or plant in soil or other substrate in order that it may live and grow)
sembrar {v} :: to seed
sembrío {m} :: sown field
semejable {adj} :: comparable
semejante {adj} :: similar
semejante {adj} :: such
semejante {adj} :: what a (when followed by a noun)
semejantemente {adv} :: similarly
semejantísimo {adj} :: superlative of semejante
semejanza {f} :: similarity
semejar {v} :: to resemble
semen {m} :: semen, sperm
semental {adj} :: seeding
semental {adj} :: breeding
semental {m} :: stud, stud stallion
semental {m} :: jack, jackass
sementera {f} :: sowing
sementera {f} :: seedtime
sementera {f} :: sown land
semestral {adj} :: six-month
semestralmente {adv} :: biannually, semiannually (twice per year)
semestre {m} :: semester
semi- {prefix} :: semi- (half)
semi- {prefix} :: semi- (partially)
semiabandonado {adj} :: semi-abandoned
semiabierto {adj} :: half-open
semiactivo {adj} :: semiactive
semiacuático {adj} :: semiaquatic
semiamargo {adj} :: half-bitter
semiárido {adj} :: semiarid
semiasfixiado {adj} :: half-asphyxiated
semiautobiográfico {adj} :: semiautobiographical
semiautomático {adj} :: semi-automatic
semiautónomo {adj} :: semiautonomous
semicálido {adj} :: reasonably warm; mild
semicasual {adj} :: semicasual
semicautiverio {m} :: semi-captivity
semicerrado {adj} :: half-closed
semiciclo {m} :: half-cycle
semicilíndrico {adj} :: semi-cylindric
semicircular {adj} :: semicircular
semicírculo {m} :: semicircle
semicircunferencia {f} :: semicircumference
semiclandestinidad {f} :: semi-secrecy
semiclandestino {adj} :: Somewhat clandestine
semicolonial {adj} :: semicolonial
semicolumna {f} :: semicolumn
semicompleto {adj} :: light heavyweight
semiconductor {m} [physics] :: semiconductor
semiconsonante {f} :: semivowel
semicorchea {f} :: sixteenth
semicorchea {f} [music] :: semiquaver, sixteenth note
semicualificado {adj} :: semi-qualified
semicurva {f} :: slight curve
semideciduo {adj} :: semideciduous
semidemocracia {f} :: semidemocracy, quasidemocracy
semidesaparecido {adj} :: half-disappeared
semidescremado {adj} :: semi-skimmed
semidesértico {adj} :: semi-desert
semidesierto {m} :: semidesert
semidesintegración {f} :: decay of half of a given amount radioactive material; the decay that occurs over one half-life
semidesnatado {adj} :: semi-skimmed
semidesnudo {adj} :: half-naked
semidestruido {adj} :: halfdestroyed
semidiós {m} :: demigod
semidiosa {f} :: demigoddess
semidirecto {adj} :: semidirect
semidocumental {m} :: semi-documentary
semieje {m} :: semiaxis
semielástico {adj} :: partially elastic
semiente {m} :: obsolete spelling of simiente
semienterrado {adj} :: semi-buried
semiesclavitud {f} :: semislavery
semiescondido {adj} :: half-hidden
semiescrito {adj} :: half-written
semiesfera {f} :: hemisphere
semiesférico {adj} :: semispherical
semiespinoso {m} [muscle] :: semispinalis
semiesquemático {adj} :: semi-schematic
semiestacionado {adj} :: half-stabilised
semiestado {m} :: quasi-state
semiestalinista {adj} :: semi-Stalinist
semiestalinista {mf} :: semi-Stalinist
semiestelar {adj} [martial arts] :: second-to-top-bill
semiestelar {m} [martial arts] :: the fight placed second on the bill (i.e. the second-highest-billed fight)
semiestrella {f} :: C-lister, minor celebrity
semificción {f} :: semifiction
semifinal {adj} :: semifinal
semifinalista {mf} :: semifinalist
semifondo {m} [martial arts] :: undercard
semifondo {m} [athletics] :: middle-distance race
semifrío {m} :: semifreddo
semigordito {adj} :: diminutive of semigordo
semigordo {adj} :: pretty fat; somewhat plump
semigrupo {m} :: semigroup
semihúmedo {adj} :: semihumid
semihundido {adj} :: half-buried
semiinconsciente {adj} :: semiconscious
semiindependiente {adj} :: semi-independent
semiirónico {adj} :: semi-ironic
semilegendario {adj} :: semilegendary
semileptónico {adj} :: semileptonic
semilibertad {f} :: semiliberty
semilla {f} :: seed (of a plant)
semillería {f} :: seed shop
semillero {m} :: seedbed
semillero {m} :: hotbed
semillón {f} :: sémillon
semiluna {f} :: half-moon
semimayor {adj} :: semimajor
semimembranoso {adj} [anatomy] :: semimembranous
semimeridiano {m} [geometry] :: semimeridian
seminal {adj} [botany] :: seminal (relating to seeds)
seminal {adj} [anatomy] :: seminal (relating to semen)
seminal {adj} :: seminal; creative; inventive
seminal {adj} :: seminal (highly influential)
seminario {m} :: seminar
seminarista {mf} :: seminarian
seminatural {adj} :: seminatural
seminifero {adj} :: seminiferous
semínola {mf} :: Seminole
semínola {adj} :: Seminole
seminómado {adj} :: seminomadic
seminternado {m} :: semi-boarding school
semiobligatorio {adj} :: half-obligatory
semioculto {adj} :: semi-hidden
semioficial {adj} :: semiofficial
semióloga {f} :: feminine noun of semiólogo
semiología {f} :: semiology, semiotics
semiológico {adj} :: semiological
semiólogo {m} :: semiologist, semiotician
semiopaco {adj} :: semi-opaque
semioruga {m} :: half-track
semioscuridad {f} :: semidarkness
semiótica {f} :: semiotics
semióticamente {adv} :: semiotically
semiótico {adj} :: semiotic
semiparalizado {adj} :: semi-paralysed
semipeatonal {adj} :: semi-pedestrianised
semipeatonalización {f} :: the process of making something semi-pedestrianized
semipenumbra {f} :: Partially-shaded area
semipermanente {adj} :: semipermanent
semipesado {adj} :: light heavyweight
semiplano {m} :: half-plane
semiplano {adj} [geography] :: semi-flat
semipoblado {adj} :: semipopulated
semiprecioso {adj} :: semi-precious
semipresencial {adj} [education] :: blended (partly in-person, party online)
semipresidencialismo {m} :: A semipresidential government
semiprivado {adj} :: semiprivate
semiprofesional {adj} :: semi-professional
semiprotegido {adj} :: semiprotected
semiretirado {adj} :: half-retired
semirreacción {f} :: semi-reaction
semirregular {adj} :: semiregular
semirremolque {m} :: semitrailer
semirretículo {m} :: semilattice
semirretiro {adj} :: semiretired
semirrígido {adj} :: semirigid
semiruina {f} :: semi-ruin
semirural {adj} :: semirural
semis {m} :: semis
semiseco {adj} :: semidry
semisintético {adj} :: semisynthetic
semisocialista {adj} :: semi-socialist
semisólido {adj} :: semisolid
semisombra {f} :: semishade
semisótano {m} :: basement, lower floor
semisubterráneo {adj} :: semisubterranean
semisumergible {adj} :: semisubmersible
semisumergido {adj} :: half-submerged
semita {adj} :: Semitic
semita {mf} :: Semite
semita {mf} [Bolivia, Ecuador, El Salvador, feminine only] :: a kind of biscuit
semitapado {adj} :: semi-hidden
semitendinoso {adj} [anatomy] :: semitendinous
semitendinoso {m} [muscle] :: semitendinosus
semiterrestre {adj} :: semiterrestrial
semítico {adj} :: Semitic
semitono {m} [music] :: semitone
semitransparente {adj} :: semitransparent; almost transparent
semitropical {adj} :: semitropical
semiurbano {adj} :: semiurban
semivacío {adj} :: half empty
semivocal {adj} :: semivocal
sémola {f} :: semolina, grits, meal (coarsely ground cereal)
semoviente {adj} [legal] :: able to move by one's own means (i.e. livestock)
semoviente {m} [farming, legal] :: livestock animal
sempasúchil {m} [Mexico] :: Variant of cempasúchil
sempiterno {adj} :: sempiternal
sen {symbol} [mathematics] :: A symbol of the trigonometric function sine
Sena {prop} :: Seine (French river)
seña {f} :: sign, indication
seña {f} :: gesture
señá {f} :: abbreviation of señora
senado {m} :: senate
Senado {prop} {m} :: Senate (Roman senate)
senador {m} :: senator
senadora {f} :: female senator
senaduría {f} :: senatorship
señal {f} :: sign
señal {f} :: landmark
señal {f} :: signal
señal {f} :: reminder
señal {f} :: representation
señaladamente {adv} :: clearly
señaladísimo {adj} :: superlative of señalado
señalador {adj} :: signalling
señalador {m} :: signaler
señalador {m} :: bookmark
señalamiento {m} :: The use of traffic signs and signals
señalamiento {m} :: A description of someone that someone is looking for
señalar {v} :: to signal
señalar {v} :: to show, indicate
señalar {v} :: to point (with the fingers)
señalarse {v} :: reflexive of señalar
señalética {f} :: signage
señalización {f} :: signalling
señalización {f} :: signposting; the act of posting signs
señalización {f} :: signs, traffic signs, sign posts
señalizador {adj} :: guiding; indicating
señalizador {m} :: sign
señalizador {m} :: indication
señalizar {v} :: to signpost, to install signs
señar {v} [Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay] :: to pay in advance
senatorial {adj} :: senatorial
sencillamente {adv} :: in a simple manner
sencillez {f} :: simplicity
sencillísimo {adj} :: superlative of sencillo
sencillito {adj} :: diminutive of sencillo
sencillo {adj} :: plain
sencillo {adj} :: simple
sencillo {m} [music] :: single
sencillo {m} [Latin America] :: small change
senda {f} :: footpath
senderillo {m} :: diminutive of sendero
senderismo {m} :: trekking, hiking, or fellwalking
senderista {mf} :: rambler, hiker, walker
sendero {m} :: trail
sendero {m} :: path
sendos {determiner} :: each, each one, both
Séneca {prop} {m} :: Seneca (Roman cognomen)
senectud {f} :: old age
Senegal {prop} {m} :: Senegal
senegalés {adj} :: Senegalese
senegalés {m} :: Senegalese
senepol {m} :: Senepol (cattle breed)
señera {f} :: Senyera
señero {adj} :: unique
señero {adj} [literary] :: lone, alone, solitary
senescal {m} :: seneschal (chief mayordomo of the royal court)
senescalía {f} :: seneschalship
senescencia {f} :: senescence
senil {adj} :: senile
senilidad {f} :: senility
senior {m} :: senior
sénior {adj} :: senior
sénior {m} :: senior
seno {m} [anatomy] :: breast
seno {m} [anatomy] :: sinus
seno {m} [mathematics] :: sine
seno {m} [geography] :: sound (inlet)
seno {m} [nautical] :: trough
seño {f} [nonstandard, Mexico] :: Miss/Mrs (a shortened form of address for women, usually those who are 15 years or older, in some places 12 or older). Similar to English Ms
seño {f} [Spain] :: Miss (a way for calling female teachers, especially for kids)
señó {m} :: alternative form of señor
senoidal {adj} :: sinusoidal (in the form of a sine wave)
seno maxilar {m} :: maxillary sinus
señor {m} :: mister, sir, lord (title conferred on an adult male)
señor {m} :: gentleman
señor {m} :: master
Señor {m} :: alternative letter-case form of señor, used before a name
Señor {prop} {m} [religion] :: The Lord
señora {f} :: missus, Mrs (title given to a married woman)
señora {f} :: lady
señora {f} :: wife or spouse
Señora {f} :: alternative letter-case form of señora, used before a name
señor de la guerra {m} :: warlord
señorear {v} :: to govern; rule over
señorear {v} :: to look over; tower over
señorear {v} :: to dominate; to control (one's emotions)
señorear {v} :: to call (someone) "sir"
señorear {vr} :: to behave in a lofty manner
señorear {vr} :: to seize control
señor feudal {m} :: warlord
señoría {f} :: dominion
señoría {f} :: authority
señoría {f} :: gentlemen
señoría {f} :: worship
señoría {f} :: prayer
señoría {f} :: honor
señoría {f} :: lordship, Your Honour, your Honor (title applied to a lord or judge)
señorial {adj} :: lordly, stately noble
señorial {adj} :: manorial, seignorial
señorialización {f} :: taking control by the state
señoril {adj} :: masterly; master's
señorío {m} [history] :: feudal estate
señorío {m} :: rule, dominion
señorita {f} :: young woman
señorita {f} :: Miss (used as a title)
señorita {f} :: (female) snob
Señorita {prop} {f} :: alternative letter-case form of señorita, used before a name
señorito {m} :: a son of an important or respectable person
señorito {m} [colloquial] :: Young master
señorito {m} [colloquial] :: snob
señoro {m} [derogatory, feminist neologism, Spain] :: mansplainer; a man who attacks feminists in a haughty and condescending way
señorón {m} [colloquial] :: big shot
señorona {f} :: feminine noun of señorón
seno verso {m} [trigonometry] :: versed sine
sensación {f} :: sensation
sensacional {adj} :: sensational
sensacionalismo {m} :: sensationalism
sensacionalista {adj} :: sensationalist (characterised by sensationalism)
sensacionalista {mf} :: sensationalist (one who indulges in sensational behaviour)
sensatamente {adv} :: sensibly, reasonably
sensatez {f} :: sense, sensibility
sensatez {f} :: sensibleness; common sense (the ability to make good judgements based on reason)
sensato {adj} :: sensible
sensato {adj} :: reasonable, sound
sensei {m} :: sensei (martial arts instructor)
sensibilidad {f} :: sensibility
sensibilidad {f} :: sensitivity
sensibilización {f} :: awareness
sensibilizador {adj} :: heart-warming
sensibilizante {adj} :: sensitising
sensibilizante {m} :: sensitiser
sensibilizar {v} :: to sensitize
sensible {adj} :: sensitive
sensiblemente {adv} :: perceptively
sensiblemente {adv} :: painfully
sensiblería {f} :: sentimentality
sensiblero {adj} :: cheesy (being overdramatic, excessively emotional)
sensitiva {f} :: mimosa (sensitive plant) - Mimosa pudica
sensitividad {f} :: sensoriality
sensitivo {adj} :: sensitive
sensitivo {adj} :: sentient
sensor {m} :: sensor
sensorial {adj} :: sensory
sensorialmente {adv} :: sensorially
sensorio {adj} :: sensory
sensorio {m} :: sensorium
sensual {adj} :: sensual
sensualidad {f} :: sensuality
sensualismo {m} :: sensualism
sensualmente {adv} :: sensually
sentada {f} :: sitting
sentadero {m} :: seat
sentadilla {f} [weightlifting] :: squat
sentadito {adj} :: diminutive of sentado
sentado {adj} :: seated
sentado {adj} [figuratively] :: settled, established
sentado {adj} [figuratively] :: sensible, solid
sentamiento {m} :: settling
sentar {v} :: to seat
sentar {v} :: to set, to establish
sentar {v} :: to settle down
sentar {v} :: to assert
sentar {v} :: to suit, to fit
sentar {v} :: to set well
sentar {v} :: to report
sentarse {vr} :: to sit, to sit down
sentarse {v} :: to leave a mark on (the skin)
sentencia {f} :: sentence
sentencia {f} [legal] :: sentence
sentenciador {adj} :: sentencing, giving a sentence
sentenciador {m} :: sentencer, one who sentences
sentenciar {v} :: to sentence
sentenciar {v} :: to voice an opinion
sentenciosamente {adv} :: sententiously
sentencioso {adj} :: sententious
sentencioso {adj} :: pithy
senticar {m} :: thicket
sentidísimo {adj} :: superlative of sentido
sentido {adj} :: deeply felt, heartfelt
sentido {m} :: sense
sentido {m} :: meaning
sentido {m} :: direction
sentido {m} :: feeling
sentido de la vida {m} [religion, philosophy] :: meaning of life
sentimental {adj} :: sentimental
sentimentalidad {f} :: sentimentality
sentimentalismo {m} :: sentimentalism (the condition of being overly sentimental)
sentimentalismo {m} :: an overly sentimental act
sentimentalmente {adv} :: sentimentally
sentimiento {m} :: feeling
sentina {f} [nautical] :: bilge
sentina {f} :: hovel; hole
sentir {vt} :: to feel
sentir {vt} :: to regret, to feel/be sorry
sentir {vt} :: to hear
sentir {vr} :: to feel
sentirse {v} :: (reflexive of sentir) to feel (an emotion/state of being)
señuelo {m} :: stool pigeon
señuelo {m} :: lure, decoy
señuelo {m} :: shill
senyera {f} :: alternative form of señera
senzonte {m} [Honduras] :: alternative form of cenzontle
seor {m} :: syncopic form of señor
seora {f} :: feminine noun of seor
sépalo {m} [botany] :: sepal
separabilidad {f} :: separability
separable {adj} :: separable
separación {f} :: separation
separadamente {adv} :: separately
separado {adj} :: separated
separador {adj} :: separating
separador {m} :: divider
separador {m} :: bookmark
separar {v} :: to separate
separarse {vr} :: to separate
separata {f} :: a separate part
separatismo {m} :: separatism (advocacy for the political separation of a region)
separatista {adj} :: breakaway, separatist
separatista {mf} :: separatist
separrata {mf} [pejorative] :: separatist, pro-Catalan independence
sepelio {m} :: burial
sepia {f} :: cuttlefish
sepia faraón {f} :: pharaoh cuttlefish (Sepia pharaonis)
se pilla antes al mentiroso que a un cojo {proverb} :: alternative form of antes se coge al mentiroso que a un cojo
sepiolita {f} [mineral] :: sepiolite
sepsis {f} [pathology] :: sepsis
septado {adj} :: septate
septal {adj} [anatomy] :: septal
septembrino {adj} :: Happening during September
septenal {adj} :: septennial, seven-year
septenato {m} :: seven-year period
septentrión {m} :: north (compass point)
septentrional {adj} :: northern
septeto {m} :: septet
septicemia {f} :: septicemia
séptico {adj} :: septic
septiembre {m} :: September
septillón {num} :: 1042
séptima {f} :: feminine noun of séptimo
séptimo {adj} :: seventh
séptimo {m} :: seventh
séptimo cielo {m} [idiomatic] :: seventh heaven
septingentésimo {adj} :: seven hundredth
septo {m} [biology, anatomy] :: septum
septomarginal {adj} [anatomy] :: septomarginal
septuagenaria {f} :: feminine of septuagenario
septuagenario {m} :: septuagenarian
septuagésima {f} :: feminine noun of septuagésimo
septuagésimo {adj} :: seventieth
septuagésimo {m} :: seventieth
Septuaginta {prop} {f} :: Septuagint
sepulcral {adj} :: sepulchral
sepulcro {m} :: sepulchre
sepultar {vt} :: to bury
sepultura {f} :: The act or state of burial
sepultura {f} :: A hole made in the Earth to bury a corpse
sepultura {f} :: A place where something is buried
sepultura {f} :: grave
sepulturero {m} :: gravedigger
sepulturero {m} :: sexton
Sepúlveda {prop} :: surname
sequedad {f} :: dryness
séquel {m} :: sheqel
sequía {f} :: drought
sequísimo {adj} :: superlative of seco; very dry
sequito {adj} :: diminutive of seco
séquito {m} :: entourage, retinue
ser {v} :: to be (essentially or identified as)
ser {v} :: to be (in the passive voice sense)
ser {v} :: to exist; to occur
ser {m} :: a being, organism
ser {m} :: nature, essence
ser {m} :: value, worth
seráfico {adj} :: angelic, seraphic
seráfico {adj} :: humble
serafín {m} :: seraph (angel)
Serafina {prop} {f} :: given name, cognate to the English Seraphina
serape {m} :: (Mexican) blanket or rug
serape {m} :: (Mexican) serape
serbal {m} :: sorb (tree)
serbia {f} :: feminine noun of serbio
Serbia {prop} {f} :: Serbia (a country in southeastern Europe)
Serbia y Montenegro {prop} :: Serbia and Montenegro
Serbia y Montenegro {prop} :: See: Serbia y Montenegro
serbio {adj} :: Serbian
serbio {m} :: Serb, Serbian [person]
serbio {m} :: Serbian [language]
serbobosnio {adj} :: Serbian and Bosnian
serbocroata {adj} :: Serbo-Croatian
serbocroata {m} :: Serbo-Croatian (language)
ser canela en rama {v} [idiom] :: to be the bee's knees; to be the cat's pyjamas
ser el mismo perro con diferente collar {proverb} :: paint from the same brush
seremi {mf} [Chile] :: regional minister secretary
serenamente {adv} :: serenely
serenar {v} :: to soothe
serenata {f} :: serenade
serenazgo {m} [Peru] :: public security service
serendipia {f} :: serendipity
serendipidad {f} :: serendipity
serenense {adj} :: Of or from La Serena
serenense {mf} :: Someone from La Serena
serenidad {f} :: serenity
serenísimo {adj} :: superlative of sereno
sereno {adj} :: serene, calm
sereno {m} :: nightwatchman
sereno {m} :: dew
sereque {m} [Mexico] :: agouti
Sergio {prop} {m} :: given name
Serguéi {prop} {m} :: Sergey (transliteration of Сергей)
ser habas contadas {v} [idiom] :: To be few and far between
ser habas contadas {v} [idiom] :: To be a dead cert; to be sure-fire
ser humano {m} :: human being
seriación {f} :: seriation
seriado {m} :: series (TV programme)
serial {mf} :: serial
serialismo {m} :: serialism
serialización {f} :: serialization
serializar {v} :: to serialize
seriamente {adv} :: seriously
seriar {v} :: put in a series
seriar {v} :: to serialize
seriar {v} :: to mass-produce
seríceo {adj} :: sericious
sérico {adj} :: silk (attributive); silky
sérico {adj} :: serum (attributive)
serie {f} :: series (a number of things that follow one another)
serie {f} :: series (a television or radio program with several episodes)
serie {f} [mathematics] :: series
seriedad {f} :: seriousness
serigrafía {f} :: serigraphy, silk-screen printing, screen printing
serigrafía {f} :: serigraph, silk-screen print
serigrafiar {v} :: to silkscreen
serigráfico {adj} :: Of or pertaining to serigraphy
serín {m} :: seedeater
serina {f} :: serine
serio {adj} :: serious (without humor)
serio {adj} :: serious (important, weighty)
serio {adj} :: serious (really intending what was said)
serísimo {adj} :: superlative of serio
ser más viejo que Matusalén {v} [simile] :: be as old as the hills
sermón {m} :: sermon
sermón {m} :: harangue
sermoncillo {m} :: diminutive of sermón
sermonear {v} :: to sermonize
serna {f} :: tilled land to be seeded
Serna {prop} :: surname
seroalbúmina {f} [protein] :: seralbumin
serodiscordante {adj} :: serodiscordant
serofobia {f} :: serophobia
serogrupo {m} :: serogroup
seroja {f} :: dry leaves
seroja {f} :: foliage
serojo {m} :: dry leaves
serojo {m} :: foliage
serología {f} :: serology
serológico {adj} :: serologic
serón {m} :: Large basket
seropositivo {adj} :: seropositive
seroso {adj} :: serous
serotipo {m} :: serotype
serotonina {f} [organic compound] :: serotonin
serotoninérgico {adj} :: serotoninergic
serpear {v} :: alternative spelling of serpentear
Serpens {prop} [constellation] :: Serpens (large summer constellation of the northern sky)
serpentario {m} :: secretary (bird)
serpentario {m} :: serpentarium (reptile park)
serpenteante {adj} :: winding, windy
serpentear {v} :: to wind; to meander; to go like a serpent
serpentear {v} :: to wriggle
serpentín {m} :: coil
serpentín {m} :: serpentine (weapon)
serpentina {f} :: streamer (paper)
serpentina {f} [mineral] :: serpentine
serpentinero {m} [baseball] :: pitcher
serpentinita {f} :: serpentinite
serpentinización {f} [geology] :: serpentinization
serpentino {adj} :: serpentine
serpentón {m} :: serpent (musical instrument)
serpiente {f} :: snake, serpent (legless reptile of the sub-order Serpentes)
serpiente {f} [specifically] :: a large or medium-sized snake
serpiente de cascabel {f} :: rattlesnake
serpiente marina {f} :: sea snake
serpiente marina {f} [mythology] :: sea serpent
serpina {f} [protein] :: serpin
Serpukhoviano {prop} {m} [geology, paleontology] :: Serpukhovian (subdivision of the Carboniferous period)
Serpukhoviense {prop} {m} [geology, paleontology] :: Serpukhovian (subdivision of the Carboniferous period)
serrador {m} :: sawyer
serrallo {m} :: seraglio
serrallo {m} :: harem
serrana {f} :: feminine noun of serrano
serranía {f} :: mountains, mountainous area
serrano {adj} :: mountain, mountainous
serrano {m} :: sea bass
serrano {m} [mollusc] :: Iberus gualterianus
serrano {m} :: serrano (serrano chili)
serrano {m} :: mountaineer
Serrano {prop} {m} :: surname
serrar {v} :: to saw
serrato {m} [muscle] :: serratus
Serravalliense {prop} {m} [geology, paleontology] :: Serravallian (subdivision of the Miocene epoch)
serrería {f} :: sawmill (a workshop for cutting lumber)
serreta {f} :: merganser (bird in genus Mergus)
serrín {m} :: sawdust
serruchar {v} :: to saw into pieces
serrucho {m} :: handsaw
sertanejo {m} :: sertenejo
ser toda oídos {v} [idiomatic] :: feminine of ser todo oídos
ser todo oídos {v} [idiom] :: to be all ears
sertón {m} :: outback; bush
seruendo {adj} [rare, of fruit] :: late; late-ripening
serum {m} :: serum
ser una tumba {v} [idiomatic] :: To keep a secret
ser uña y carne {v} [idiomatic] :: to be inseparable
servible {adj} :: serviceable, usable
servicentro {m} :: service station
servicial {adj} :: helpful
servicial {adj} :: attentive
servicial {adj} :: kind
servicio {m} :: service
servicio {m} :: public toilet
servicio {m} :: amenity
serviçio {m} :: obsolete spelling of servicio
servicio militar {m} :: military service
servidor {m} :: server
servidor {m} :: yours truly; muggins
servidor {m} :: urinal
servidora {f} :: feminine noun of servidor
servidor proxy {m} [computing] :: proxy server (server that acts as an intermediary between a user and another server)
servidumbre {f} :: servitude
servidumbre {f} :: easement
servil {adj} :: servile
servilismo {m} :: servility
servilleta {f} :: napkin
servilletero {m} :: napkin ring
servilletero {m} :: napkin holder
servilmente {adv} :: slavishly, submissively
servir {v} :: to serve
servir {v} :: to be of use
servitud {f} :: serfdom
servo {m} :: abbreviation of servomecanismo
servo {m} :: abbreviation of servomotor
servodirección {f} :: power steering
servofreno {m} :: servo brake
servomecanismo {m} :: servomechanism
servomotor {m} :: servomotor
sésamo {m} :: sesame (tropical Asian plant Sesamum indicum)
sésamo {m} :: sesame, sesame seed (the seed of this plant)
sesamoideo {m} :: sesamoid
seseante {adj} :: Speaking in an accent that pronounces z as /s/ and c before e or i as /s/
sesear {v} :: To speak in an accent that pronounces the letter "z" as /s/ and the letter "c" before "e" or "i" as /s/
sesenta {num} [cardinal] :: sixty
sesentas {fp} :: seventies (decade)
sesentayochismo {m} :: spirit of 1968
sesentena {f} :: Group of about seventy
sesentero {adj} :: Characteristic of the decade of the 1960s
sesentista {adj} [attributive] :: sixties (relating to the 1960s, 1860s etc.)
sesentón {adj} :: sixtyish (years old)
sesentón {m} :: A man of around sixty years old
sesentona {f} :: A woman aged around sixty years old
seseo {m} :: An accent in Spanish and Galician that pronounces z, and c when before e or i, as /s/ as opposed to /θ/
sesera {f} :: brain
sesera {f} [colloquial] :: noggin; nog
sesera {f} [colloquial] :: brains (intelligence)
sesgadamente {adv} :: slantwise, slopingly
sesgadamente {adv} :: biasedly
sesgado {adj} :: slanted
sesgado {adj} :: biased
sesgado {v} :: past participle of sesgar
sesgar {v} :: to cut diagonally
sesgar {v} :: to cut on the bias
sesgar {v} :: to slant
sesgo {adj} :: slanting, sloping
sesgo {m} :: slant, slope
sesgo {m} :: skew
sesgo {m} :: twist (in a story)
sésil {adj} [zoology] :: sessile
sésil {adj} [botany] :: sessile
sesión {f} :: session
sesionar {vi} [law] :: to be in session
sesionista {mf} :: session musician
seso {m} :: brain
seso {m} [often in plural] :: brainwork, brain power
sesquicentenario {m} :: sesquicentenary
sesquilingüismo {m} :: sesquilingualism
sesquipedal {adj} :: sesquipedalian
sesquiterpénico {adj} :: sesquiterpenoid
sesquiterpeno {m} [organic compound] :: sesquiterpene
sesquiterpenoide {m} [organic compound] :: sesquiterpenoid
sestaoarra {adj} :: Of or related to Sestao
sestaoarra {mf} :: Someone from Sestao
sestear {v} :: to nap, to have a siesta
sesteo {m} :: nap; doze; siesta
sestercio {m} :: sestertius (Roman coin)
sesterterpeno {m} [organic compound] :: sesterterpene
sesudamente {adv} :: wisely
sesudo {adj} :: highbrow
sesudo {adj} :: brainy, wise, sensible
se supone {phrase} :: it is permitted, allowed
se supone {phrase} :: it is supposed to be that way
se supone {phrase} [se supone que +subjunctive] :: it is supposed to be that
set {m} [tennis] :: set
seta {f} :: mushroom (especially edible)
setabense {adj} :: of or from Xàtiva
setabense {mf} :: Someone from Xàtiva
setear {v} [computing] :: to set (put as a setting)
setecientas {num} :: feminine of setecientos
setecientos {num} :: seven hundred
setenta {num} [cardinal] :: seventy
setentas {mp} :: seventies; 1970s
setentena {f} :: seventysomething
setentero {adj} [attributive] :: seventies
setentista {adj} [attributive] :: seventies (relating to the 1970s, 1870s etc.)
setentón {adj} :: seventyish (years old)
setentón {m} :: A man of around seventy years old
setiembre {m} :: alternative spelling of septiembre
sétima {f} :: feminine noun of sétimo
sétimo {adj} :: alternative form of séptimo
sétimo {m} :: alternative form of séptimo
seto {m} :: fence
seto {m} :: hedge
seto vivo {m} :: hedge (thicket of bushes planted as a fence)
seudo {adj} :: pseudo
seudocientífico {m} :: pseudoscientist
seudoconsulta {f} :: pseudo-consultancy
seudocultural {adj} :: pseudocultural
seudoefedrina {f} [organic compound] :: pseudoephedrine
seudogén {m} [genetics] :: pseudogene
seudointelectual {mf} :: pseudointellectual
seudoliterario {adj} :: pseudo-literary
seudónimo {m} :: A pseudonym
seudopeptidoglicano {m} [organic compound] :: pseudopeptidoglycan
seudópodo {m} [anatomy] :: pseudopod
seudoreligioso {adj} :: pseudoreligious
seudorrevolución {f} :: pseudo-revolution
seudorrevolucionario {adj} :: pseudo-revolutionary
seudototalitarismo {m} :: pseudo-totalitarianism
Seúl {prop} {m} :: Seoul (capital of South Korea)
severamente {adv} :: severely, strictly
severidad {f} :: severity
severísimo {adj} :: superlative of severo
severo {adj} :: severe
seviche {m} :: alternative spelling of cebiche
Sevilla {prop} {f} :: Sevilla (province)
Sevilla {prop} {f} :: Sevilla (city)
Sevilla {prop} {f} :: surname deriving from the city
sevillana {f} :: feminine noun of sevillano
sevillana {f} [in the plural] :: Songs and dances that are typical of Seville
sevillano {adj} :: Sevillian, Sevillan
sevillano {m} :: Sevillian, Sevillan
sevillismo {m} :: Support of Sevilla FC, a football team from Seville
sevillista {mf} [football] :: A fan, player, or other person associated with Sevilla FC, a football team from the Spanish city of Seville
sevillistas {adj} :: plural of sevillista
sexagenario {adj} :: sexagenarian, sixtysomething-year-old
sexagenario {m} :: Person in his/her sixties
sexagésima {f} :: feminine noun of sexagésimo
sexagesimal {adj} :: sexagesimal
sexagésimo {adj} :: sixtieth
sexagésimo {m} :: sixtieth
sexagonal {adj} :: hexagonal
sex-appeal {m} :: sex appeal
sexappeal {m} :: alternative spelling of sex-appeal
sexcentésimo {adj} :: six hundredth
sexenio {m} :: A six-year period, such as the term of the Mexican president
sexi {adj} :: sexy
sexismo {m} :: sexism
sexista {adj} :: sexist
sexista {mf} :: sexist
sexma {f} :: synonym of sexmo
sexmera {f} :: feminine noun of sexmero
sexmero {m} :: The elected official of a sexmo
sexmo {m} :: A Spanish rural administrative division
sexo {m} :: gender
sexo {m} :: sex (the act)
sexo {m} :: sex organ
sexoadicto {m} :: sex addict
sexo anal {m} :: anal sex
sexo débil {m} [dated, offensive] :: weaker sex: women
sexo feo {m} [dated] :: men, taken collectively
sexo fuerte {m} [dated] :: men, taken collectively
sexóloga {f} :: sexologist
sexología {f} :: sexology
sexológico {adj} :: sexological
sexólogo {m} :: sexologist
sexo opuesto {m} :: opposite sex
sexo oral {m} :: oral sex (stimulation of the genitals using the mouth)
sexópata {mf} :: sex addict
sexopatía {f} :: sex addiction
sexoservicio {m} :: prostitution
sexo vaginal {m} :: vaginal sex
sex shop {m} :: sex shop
sexta {f} :: feminine noun of sexto
sexta {f} [music] :: sixth
sextaferia {f} [Asturias, historical] :: A day, usually every year, on which townsfolk were obliged gathered together to repair the roadways
sextante {m} :: sextant
Sextante {prop} {m} :: Sextans (constellation)
sexteta {m} :: sextet
sextete {m} :: sextet
sexteto {m} :: sextet
sextilla {f} [poetry] :: A poem of six lines, generally with eight syllables per line
sextillón {num} :: 1036
sexting {m} :: sexting
sexto {adj} :: sixth
sexto {m} :: sixth
séxtuple {m} :: sextuple
séxtuple {adj} :: sextuple, six-time
séxtuple {adj} :: six-part
sextuplicar {v} :: to sextuplicate
sexuado {adj} [biology, of a species] :: having individuals distinguished by sex
sexual {adj} :: sexual
sexualidad {f} :: sexuality
sexualización {f} :: sexualization
sexualizar {v} :: to sexualize
sexualmente {adv} :: sexually
sexy {adj} :: sexy
seychelense {adj} :: Seychellean
seychelense {mf} :: Seychellean
seychellense {adj} :: Seychellois
seychellense {mf} :: Seychellois
Seychelles {prop} {f} :: Seychelles
shake {m} :: shake (drink)
shakespeariano {adj} :: Shakespearian
shakesperiano {adj} :: Shakespearean
shamán {m} :: alternative form of chamán
shamánico {adj} :: alternative form of chamánico
shamanismo {m} :: alternative form of chamanismo
shambar {m} :: shambar
shámbar {m} :: shambar
shamisen {m} :: shamisen
shamoji {f} :: shamoji
shampoo {m} :: alternative spelling of champú
Shanghái {prop} {m} :: Shanghai
shansho {m} [Peru] :: hoatzin
shantung {m} :: shantung
share {m} [television] :: share of the audience
sharia {f} :: sharia
shatranj {m} :: shatranj
shawarma {m} :: shawarma
SHCP {prop} :: initialism of Secretaría de Hacienda y Crédito Público de México
Sheinwoodiense {prop} {m} [geology, paleontology] :: Sheinwoodian (subdivision of the Silurian period)
Shénzhen {prop} :: Shenzhen (a city in China)
Sheremétievo {prop} {m} :: Sheremetyevo (airport in Russia)
sherif {m} :: sherrif
sheriff {m} :: sheriff (all senses)
sherpa {mf} :: sherpa
sherpa {mf} :: Sherpa
shibipa {f} :: feminine noun of shipibo
shido {m} :: shido
shií {mf} :: Shi'ite
shií {m} :: Shia
shií {adj} :: Shi'ite
shiita {adj} :: Shi'ite
shiita {mf} :: Shi'ite
shiita {mf} :: Shia
shiitake {m} :: shiitake (Lentinula edodes, an edible mushroom)
shikimato {m} [organic chemistry] :: shikimate
shiksa {f} :: alt form shikse
shikse {f} :: shiksa (non-Jewish woman)
shinto {m} :: Shinto
shipibo {adj} :: Shipibo
shipibo {m} :: Shibipo
shiso {m} :: shiso
shitake {m} :: alternative spelling of shiitake
shivaísmo {m} :: Shaivism
shivaísta {mf} :: Shivaist
Shizuko {prop} {f} :: given name
shock {m} :: shock
shockear {v} :: to shock
shock eléctrico {m} :: electric shock
shoegazing {m} :: shoegazing
shogi {m} :: shogi
shogún {m} :: shogun
shogunal {adj} :: shogunal
shogunato {m} :: shogunate
shooter {m} :: shooter (game)
shopping {m} :: shopping center
shopping {m} :: shopping (the leisure activity of going shopping)
shorcitos {mp} :: short shorts
shorstop {m} :: shortstop
short {m} :: shorts
shortcitos {mp} :: diminutive of shorts
shorts {mp} :: shorts
shortstop {m} [baseball] :: shortstop
shot {m} :: shot (small portion of drink)
Shota {prop} {m} :: Shota (male given name)
show {m} :: show
show {m} [colloquial] :: A scandal
show {m} :: spectacle
show {m} :: An exhibition motivated action or thing
showbiz {m} :: showbiz
showman {m} :: showman
showroom {m} :: showroom
showrunner {mf} :: showrunner
shuar {adj} :: Of or from the Shuar people of Ecuador and Peru
shuar {m} :: The Shuar language
shuco {m} [Guatemala] :: hot dog
shudrá {m} [Hinduism] :: Shudra
shuko {m} [Guatemala] :: hot dog
shul {m} [Judaism] :: shul, synagogue
shura {f} :: shura
si {conj} :: if
SI {prop} :: abbreviation of Sinaloa (Mexican state)
{particle} :: yes, affirmation. Commonly used to respond affirmatively to a question
{m} :: yes; aye, ay; approbation, acceptance
{pron} :: himself, herself, itself, themselves, yourself, yourselves (form of se used after prepositions)
sial {m} :: sial
sialato {m} :: sialate
siálico {adj} :: sialic
Siam {prop} {m} [historical] :: Siam (the former name of Thailand)
siamés {adj} :: Siamese (from Siam)
siamés {m} :: Siamese (man from Siam)
siamés {m} :: Siamese cat
sibarita {m} :: sybarite
sibarítico {adj} :: sybaritic
sibarítico {adj} :: luxurious
sibaritismo {m} :: sybaritism
Siberia {prop} {f} :: Siberia (region of Russia)
siberiano {adj} :: Siberian
si bien {conj} :: although, albeit
sibil {m} :: A small recess carved into a cave wall to preserve meat and other provisions
sibil {m} :: A small underground hollow
sibila {f} :: sibyl
sibilancia {f} :: wheezing
sibilante {adj} :: sibilant, hissing
sibilante {f} [phonetics] :: a sibilant
sibilinamente {adv} :: mysteriously
sibilino {adj} :: sibylline
siboney {mf} :: Ciboney; Siboney
sibutramina {f} [pharmaceutical drug] :: sibutramine
si cabe {adv} :: if possible; if you can imagine
sicaria {f} :: feminine noun of sicario
sicariato {m} :: The hiring of a hitman to kill someone
sicario {m} :: hitman (hired killer)
sicav {f} :: SICAV
Sicilia {prop} {f} :: Sicily (island)
siciliana {f} :: feminine noun of siciliano
siciliano {adj} :: Sicilian
siciliano {m} :: Sicilian (language)
siciliano {m} :: Sicilian (people)
siclo {m} :: shekel (old unit of currency)
sico- {prefix} :: alternative spelling of psico-
sicoafectivo {adj} :: psychoaffective
sicoanálisis {m} :: alternative spelling of psicoanálisis
sicoanalista {mf} :: alternative form of psicoanalista
sicoanalítico {adj} :: alternative form of psicoanalítico
sicoanalizar {v} :: alternative form of psicoanalizar
sicodelia {f} :: alternative spelling of psicodelia
sicodélico {adj} :: alternative spelling of psicodélico
sicoeducativo {adj} :: psychoeducational
sicofanta {mf} :: sycophant
sicóloga {f} :: alternative spelling of psicóloga
sicología {f} :: alternative spelling of psicología
sicológicamente {adv} :: alternative spelling of psicológicamente
sicológico {adj} :: alternative spelling of psicológico
sicólogo {m} :: alternative spelling of psicólogo
sicometría {f} :: alt form psicometría
sicométrico {adj} :: alt form psicométrico
sicomoro {m} :: alternative form of sicómoro
sicómoro {m} :: sycamore
sicomoro americano {m} :: A species of large tree native to eastern North America and planted elsewhere, the American sycamore, Platanus occidentalis
sicómoro occidental {m} :: American sycamore
sicooncología {f} :: alternative spelling of psicooncología
sicópata {mf} :: alternative spelling of psicópata
sicopatía {f} :: alternative form of psicopatía
sicopatológico {adj} :: psychopathological
sicosis {f} :: alternative spelling of psicosis
sicosocial {adj} :: psychosocial
sicosomático {adj} :: alternative form of psicosomático
sicoterapeuta {mf} :: alternative form of psicoterapeuta
sicoterapéutico {adj} :: psychotherapeutic
sicoterapia {f} :: alternative spelling of psicoterapia
sicótico {adj} :: psychotic
sicotrópico {adj} :: psychotropic
sículo {adj} :: Sicilian
sículo {m} :: Sicilian
sida {m} :: abbreviation of síndrome de inmunodeficiencia adquirida (AIDS)
SIDA {m} :: alternative capitalization of sida
sidecar {m} :: sidecar
sideral {adj} :: sidereal
sideralmente {adv} :: sidereally
sidéreo {adj} :: sideral
siderita {f} [mineral] :: siderite
siderito {m} :: siderite (iron meteorite)
siderófilo {m} :: siderophile
siderófilo {adj} :: siderophile
sideróforo {m} :: siderophore
sideromelano {m} [geology] :: sideromelane
siderurgia {f} :: siderurgy
siderúrgico {adj} :: Of or pertaining to siderurgy
si Dios lo quiere {phrase} [idiomatic] :: God willing
si Dios quiere {phrase} [idiomatic] :: God willing
Sídney {prop} :: Sydney, Australia
Sidón {prop} :: Sidon (city state of Phoenicia)
sidra {f} :: cider
sidra dulce {f} :: A non-alcoholic apple drink bottled just after the apples have been squeezed
sidrería {f} :: cidery (place where cider is brewed)
sidrería {f} :: pub or bar where cider is sold; a cider house
sidrina {f} :: diminutive of sidra
siembra {f} :: seeding
siembra {f} :: sowing time
siembra {f} :: sown seed
siempre {adv} :: always
siempre {adv} [colloquial] :: ultimately, in the end
siempre que {conj} :: as long as
siempretieso {m} [Andalusia] :: roly-poly (toy)
siempreverde {adj} :: evergreen
siempreviva {f} :: houseleek; liveforever
siempre y cuando {prep} [idiomatic] :: whenever, as and when
siempre y cuando {prep} [idiomatic] :: in case, if
sien {f} [anatomy] :: temple (part of the skull on the side of the forehead)
sienes {fp} [anatomy] :: temporal (temples of the head)
sienés {adj} :: Sienese
sienés {m} :: Sienese person
sienesa {f} :: feminine noun of sienés
sienita {f} :: syenite
sienítico {adj} :: syenitic
si entre burros te ves, rebuzna alguna vez {proverb} :: when in Rome, do as the Romans do
sierense {adj} :: of or from Siero
sierense {mf} :: Someone from Siero
sierpe {f} :: large serpent, snake
sierpe {f} [figuratively] :: wriggler, anything that wriggles
sierpe {f} [figuratively] :: ugly person, angry person, dangerous person
sierpe {f} [botany] :: sprout, shoot, sucker
sierra {f} :: saw [tool]
sierra {f} :: mountain range
sierra {f} :: swordfish
sierra {f} [Chile] :: snoek (Thyrsites atun)
Sierra {prop} {mf} :: surname
sierra de vaivén {f} :: jigsaw
sierra eléctrica {f} :: electrical chainsaw (saw with a power driven chain)
Sierra Leona {prop} {f} :: Sierra Leone
sierraleonés {adj} :: Sierra Leonian
sierraleonés {m} :: Sierra Leonian
sierva {f} :: feminine noun of siervo
siervo {m} :: serf
siesta {f} :: siesta
siestecita {f} :: diminutive of siesta
siestica {f} :: diminutive of siesta
siestita {f} :: diminutive of siesta
si es un perro, muerde {phrase} :: It's right in front of you/me
siete {num} [cardinal] :: seven
siete {m} :: seven
sietemesino {adj} :: born two-months premature
sietemesino {m} :: A baby born two-months premature
siete pecados capitales {mp} :: seven deadly sins
Siete Sabios {prop} {mp} :: Seven Sages (the seven ancient Greeks)
sievert {m} :: sievert
siévert {m} :: sievert (unit)
sifaca {m} :: sifaka
sifilazo {m} [slang] :: syphilis; the pox
sífilis {f} :: syphilis
sifilítico {adj} :: syphilitic
sifón {m} :: siphon
sifón {m} :: U-bend
sifón {m} :: soda (as a mixer)
sifonaje {m} :: siphoning
sifonal {adj} :: siphonal
sifonáptero {m} :: siphonapteran
sifonóforo {m} [zoology] :: siphonophore
sifrinito {m} :: diminutive of sifrino
sifrino {adj} [dismissive, Venezuela] :: snobbish, snobby, snob [said of a person who ostentatiously belongs to, or pretends to belong to the upper social classes]
sifrino {adj} [dismissive, Venezuela] :: empty, dud [a person who possesses fashion and material goods, but who has low spiritual and intellectual qualities]
sifrino {adj} [dismissive, Venezuela] :: stuck-up, full of airs and graces
sigilar {v} :: to stamp
sigilar {v} :: to hush; silence (keep secret)
sigilo {m} :: secrecy
sigilo {m} :: stealth
sigilosamente {adv} :: sneakily
sigilosamente {adv} :: discreetly; secretively
sigiloso {adj} :: sneaking, stealthy
sigiloso {adj} :: discreet
sigiloso {adj} :: secretive
sigla {f} :: initial
sigla {f} :: acronym (of any type: phonetic acronym or initialism)
siglo {m} :: century
siglo {m} :: a significant period of time; an age
siglo {m} [poetic] :: An eon
sigma {f} :: sigma; the Greek letter Σ, σ
sigmatrópico {adj} [chemistry] :: sigmatropic
sigmoide {adj} :: sigmoid
sigmoideo {adj} [anatomy] :: sigmoid
signar {v} :: to sign
signario {m} :: script (writing system)
signatario {adj} :: signatory
signatario {m} :: signatory
signatura {f} :: signature (in book)
sígnico {adj} [attributive] :: sign; signage
significación {f} :: signification; significance
significación {f} :: sense; meaning
significado {adj} :: well-known
significado {adj} :: important, significant
significado {m} :: meaning
significado {m} :: significance
significancia {f} :: significance
significante {adj} :: significant
significantemente {adv} :: significantly
significar {v} :: to signify
significar {v} :: to mean
significativamente {adv} :: significantly
significativo {adj} :: significant
signo {m} :: sign
signo de exclamación {m} :: exclamation mark (either normal "!" or the inverted "¡")
signo de interrogación {m} :: question mark (either "¿" put at beginning of the question, or "?" put at the end of question)
signo zodiacal {m} :: astrological sign
siguiente {adj} :: following
siguiente {adj} :: next
siguiriya {f} :: siguiriya
sigüís {m} [Venezuela] :: dobber; snitch
sii {conj} [mathematics, rare] :: iff
siitake {m} :: siitake
sij {adj} :: Sikh
sij {mf} :: Sikh
sijismo {m} :: Sikhism
sílaba {f} :: syllable
silabación {f} :: syllabification
silabar {v} :: to syllabify; to enunciate each syllable
silabario {m} :: primer (textbook)
silabario {m} [linguistics] :: syllabary
silabear {v} :: to syllabify; to enunciate each syllable
silabeo {m} :: syllabification
silábico {adj} :: syllabic
silabograma {f} :: syllabogram
silano {m} [organic chemistry] :: silane
Silas {prop} {m} [biblical character] :: Silas
si la vida te da limones, haz limonada {phrase} [idiomatic] :: when life gives you lemons, make lemonade
silbada {f} [avian] :: A tweet
silbador {m} :: whistler (one who whistles)
silbador {adj} :: whistling
silbante {adj} :: whistling
silbante {adj} :: sibilant
silbante {f} :: sibilant
silbar {vi} :: to whistle
silbatazo {m} :: whistle (sound)
silbatina {f} :: booing; whistling (negatively)
silbato {m} :: whistle (instrument)
silbato {m} :: whistle (sound)
silbidito {m} :: diminutive of silbido
silbido {m} :: whistling, whistle
silbo {m} :: whistle, whistling (sound)
silbón {m} :: widgeon; European widgeon
sildenafilo {m} [organic compound] :: sildenafil
silenciador {m} :: muffler (part of exhaust pipe)
silenciador {m} :: silencer (firearm attachment used to reduce firing noise)
silenciamiento {m} :: silencing
silenciar {v} :: to silence
silencio {m} :: silence
silenciosamente {adv} :: silently
silencioso {adj} :: silent
silencioso {adj} :: quiet
silente {adj} [formal] :: silent; noiseless
silepsis {f} [rhetoric] :: syllepsis
silesia {f} :: feminine noun of silesio
Silesia {prop} {f} :: Silesia (region)
silesio {adj} :: Silesian
silesio {m} :: Silesian
silesio {m} :: Silesian
sílex {m} :: flint
sílfide {f} :: sylph
silfo {m} :: sylph
silguero {m} :: archaic spelling of jilguero
silicato {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: silicate
sílice {f} :: silica
silíceo {adj} :: siliceous
silicio {m} [chemical element] :: silicon
silicio {m} [electronics] :: silicon chip, silicon circuit
silicón {f} :: silicon, silicone
silicona {f} :: silicone
silicona {f} :: (informal) silicon
sililo {m} :: silyl
silimanita {f} [mineral] :: sillimanite
silla {f} :: chair
silla {f} :: saddle
silla de montar {f} :: saddle (for horse)
silla de ruedas {f} :: wheelchair
silla eléctrica {f} :: electric chair (device used for execution by electrocution)
sillar {m} :: stone block
sillarejo {m} :: small ashlar
sillera {f} :: feminine noun of sillero
sillería {f} :: A store which sells chairs.
sillero {m} :: saddler (someone who makes, repairs and sells saddles, harnesses etc)
silleta {f} :: bedpan
silleta {f} :: a kind of millstone for making chocolate
silletería {f} :: seating
sillín {m} :: saddle (of bicycle etc.)
sillita {f} :: diminutive of silla; little chair
sillón {m} :: armchair
silloncito {m} :: diminutive of sillón
silo {m} [agriculture, military] :: silo
silogismo {m} :: syllogism
silogístico {adj} :: syllogistic
si lo sabré yo {phrase} :: don't I know it; tell me about it
silueta {f} :: silhouette
siluetear {v} :: to outline, draw a silhouette
silúrico {adj} :: Silurian
siluro {m} :: catfish
Silverio {prop} :: surname, the 167th most common surname in the Dominican Republic and the 602nd most common in Spain
silvestre {adj} :: wild
silvestre {adj} :: uncultivated
silvestre {adj} :: rustic
Silvia {prop} {f} :: given name
silvícolo {adj} :: woodland (attributive)
silvicultura {f} :: forestation
silvina {f} [mineral] :: sylvite
Silvio {prop} {m} :: given name, cognate to Silvius
sima {f} :: abyss, chasm
simaruba {f} [Argentina, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Venezuela] :: A plant in the genus Simarouba
simba {adj} :: Simba
simba {m} :: Simba (language)
simbiogénesis {f} :: symbiogenesis
simbiogenético {adj} :: symbiogenetic
simbionte {m} :: symbiont
simbiosis {f} [biology] :: symbiosis
simbióticamente {adv} :: symbiotically
simbiótico {adj} :: symbiotic
simbólicamente {adv} :: symbolically
simbólico {adj} :: symbolic
simbolismo {m} :: symbolism
simbolista {mf} :: symbolist
simbolización {f} :: symbolization
simbolizar {v} :: to symbolize, stand for
símbolo {m} :: symbol
simbología {f} :: symbology
símbolo niceno {m} :: The Nicene Creed
Símbolo niceno {m} :: alternative case form of símbolo niceno
Simeón {prop} {m} :: Simeon (Biblical character and tribe)
simetría {f} :: symmetry (correspondence on either side of a dividing line, plane, center or axis)
simétricamente {adv} :: symmetrically
simétrico {adj} :: symmetrical
Simferópol {prop} {f} :: Simferopol
si mi abuela tuviera ruedas, sería una bicicleta {proverb} :: if my aunt had balls, she'd be my uncle
simiente {f} :: semen
simiente {f} [botany, biology] :: germ
simiente {f} [botany] :: seed
simiente de papagayos {f} [botany] :: safflower (Carthamus tinctorius)
símil {adj} :: similar
símil {m} :: simile
similar {adj} :: similar
similaridad {f} :: similitud, sameness, similarity
similarmente {adv} :: similarly
similitud {f} :: similarity, similitude
simio {m} :: simian
sí mismo {pron} :: oneself
simón {interj} [colloquial, Mexico] :: yes, affirmation. Commonly used to respond affirmatively to a question
simón {m} :: hackney cab
Simón {prop} {m} [biblical character] :: Simon
Simón {prop} {m} :: given name
Simón dice {m} :: Simon says (children's game)
simonía {f} [chiefly historical] :: simony
Simónides {prop} {m} :: Simonides
simpatía {f} :: sympathy
simpáticamente {adv} :: nicely; pleasantly
simpático {adj} :: nice, pleasant, likable
simpático {adj} [anatomy] :: sympathetic (related to the sympathetic nervous system)
simpaticomimético {adj} :: sympathomimetic
simpaticón {adj} :: nice; cool; easy-going
simpatiquísimo {adj} :: superlative of simpático
simpatizador {m} :: sympathiser
simpatizante {adj} :: sympathetic to
simpatizante {mf} :: sympathizer
simpatizar {v} :: to get on (with someone), take to (someone)
simpatizar {v} :: to sympathize, be sympathetic
simpátrico {adj} [biology] :: sympatric
simple {adj} :: simple (uncomplicated)
simple {adj} [before the noun] :: mere, ordinary
simple {adj} :: simple, single (not divided into parts)
simple {adj} :: simple-minded, stupid
simple {adj} :: insipid, flavorless
simple {adj} [grammar] :: simple
simple {mf} :: simpleton, fool
simple {mf} [pharmacology, masculine only] :: simple
simpléctico {adj} :: symplectic
simplemente {adv} :: simply
simpleza {f} :: foolishness
simplicidad {f} :: simplicity
simplicísimo {adj} [formal] :: superlative of simple
simplificación {f} :: simplification
simplificado {adj} :: simplified
simplificador {adj} :: simplifying
simplificar {v} :: to simplify
simplísimo {adj} :: superlative of simple
simplismo {m} :: simplification
simplista {adj} :: simplistic
simplón {adj} [colloquial] :: plain
simplón {adj} [colloquial] :: naive
simposio {m} :: symposium
simposium {m} :: Variant form of simposio
simpósium {m} :: Variant form of simposio
simulación {f} :: simulation
simulacro {m} :: image, simulacrum (especially of someone or something sacred)
simulacro {m} :: idea, fantasy (an idea resulting from fantasy)
simulacro {m} :: imitation, simulation
simulacro {m} :: test
simulador {adj} :: simulating
simulador {adj} :: simulated
simulador {m} :: malingerer
simulador {m} :: simulator
simulador {m} :: pretender
simular {v} :: to feign, to pretend
simular {v} :: to simulate
simultáneamente {adv} :: simultaneously
simultanear {v} :: to do two things at the same time
simultaneidad {f} :: simultaneity
simultáneo {adj} :: simultaneous (occurring or transpiring at the same moment)
simún {m} :: simoom
simvastatina {f} :: simvastatin
sin- {prefix} :: syn-
sin {prep} :: without
sinagoga {f} :: synagogue
sinagogal {adj} :: synagogal
Sinaí {prop} {m} [Geography] :: Sinai
sinalefa {f} :: synalepha
Sinaloa {prop} {m} :: Sinaloa (state)
sinaloense {adj} :: Of or pertaining to the Mexican state of Sinaloa
sin ánimo de ofender {phrase} :: no offense
sinapismo {m} :: mustard plaster, sinapism
sinapomorfia {f} :: synapomorphy
sinapomorfía {f} :: alternative form of sinapomorfia
sinápsido {m} :: synapsid
sinapsis {f} [anatomy] :: synapse
sináptico {adj} :: synaptic
sinaptobrevina {f} :: synaptobrevin
sinartrosis {f} [anatomy] :: synarthrosis
sincárpico {adj} :: syncarpic
sincebollista {mf} :: someone who defends onion should not be an ingredient in omelettes
sinceramente {adv} :: sincerely, honestly
sincerar {vr} :: See sincerarse
sincerarse {vr} :: to level with, to open up, to tell the truth
sinceridad {f} :: honesty, sincerity
sincerísimo {adj} :: superlative of sincero
sincero {adj} :: sincere, honest
sincho {interj} [Mexico] :: yeah, yep, yeppers, yup, yuppers
sincicial {adj} :: syncytial
sincicio {m} :: alt form sincitio
sincitial {adj} :: syncytial
sincitio {m} [cytology] :: syncytium
sinclinal {adj} :: synclinal
sin comentarios {phrase} :: no comment
sin comerlo ni beberlo {adv} [idiom] :: unwittingly
síncopa {f} :: syncope
sincopar {v} :: to syncopate
síncope {m} [pathology] :: syncope
síncope {m} [phonetics] :: syncope
sincrético {adj} :: syncretic
sincretismo {m} :: syncretism
sincretizar {v} :: to syncretize
sincronía {f} :: synchrony
sincrónicamente {adv} :: synchronically
sincronicidad {f} :: synchronicity
sincrónico {adj} :: synchronous
sincronismo {m} :: synchronism
sincronismo {m} :: synchronization
sincronización {f} :: synchronization
sincronizada {f} :: A type of quesadilla, when is made with two tortillas (wheat or maize flour made), like a sandwich, and usually one or more ham slices inside
sincronizadamente {adv} :: in sync
sincronizado {adj} :: synchronized
sincronizador {adj} :: synchronizing
sincronizador {m} :: synchronizer
sincronizar {vt} :: to synchronize
síncrono {adj} :: synchronous
sincrotrón {m} :: synchrotron
sindarin {m} :: Sindarin
sin demora {adv} :: immediately, straight away, without delay
sindéresis {f} :: synderesis
síndica {f} :: feminine of síndico
sindicación {f} :: unionization
sindicación {f} :: syndication [of a periodical]
sindical {adj} :: syndical
sindicalismo {m} :: syndicalism
sindicalista {adj} [attributive] :: trade-union
sindicalista {mf} :: trades unionist
sindicalización {f} :: unionisation
sindicalizar {v} :: to unionise
sindicalmente {adv} :: syndically
sindicar {vt} :: to unionise, to syndicate
sindicar {vt} [Latin America] :: to accuse
sindicato {m} :: trade union
sindicato {m} :: labor union
sindicato {m} :: syndicate
sindicatura {f} :: syndicate
síndico {m} :: receiver (person who acts as trustee for a bankrupt)
síndico {m} :: syndic
sindonología {f} :: sindonology (study of the Shroud of Turin)
síndrome {m} :: syndrome
síndrome de Estocolmo {m} [psychology] :: Stockholm syndrome
síndrome de inmunodeficiencia adquirida {m} [pathology] :: acquired immune deficiency syndrome
síndrome de Münchhausen {m} :: Münchausen syndrome
síndrome de Tourette {m} :: Tourette's syndrome
sindrómico {adj} :: syndromic
sin duda {adv} :: without a doubt
sin duda alguna {adv} [idiomatic] :: without a doubt, certainly
sinécdoque {f} [rhetoric] :: synecdoche, synecdochy
sinecura {f} :: sinecure
sin embargo {adv} :: however, notwithstanding, nevertheless, in spite of, nonetheless
Sinemuriano {prop} {m} [geology, paleontology] :: Sinemurian (subdivision of the Jurassic period)
Sinemuriense {prop} {m} [geology, paleontology] :: Sinemurian (subdivision of the Jurassic period)
sinequia {f} :: synechia
sinergia {f} :: synergy
sinergía {f} :: synergy
sinérgicamente {adv} :: synergistically
sinérgico {adj} :: synergistic
sinergismo {m} :: synergism
sinestesia {f} [neurology, psychology] :: synaesthesia (phenomenon whereby a sensory stimulus triggers a different kind of sensation)
sinestesia {f} [narratology] :: synaesthesia (description of a sensation in the terms of another)
sinestésico {adj} :: synaesthetic
sinfín {m} :: load; ton; lot
sínfisis {f} :: symphysis
sinfonía {f} :: symphony
sinfónicamente {adv} :: symphonically
sinfónico {adj} :: symphonic
sinfonismo {m} :: The qualities of symphonic music
sinfonista {mf} [music] :: symphonist
singani {m} :: singani
Singapur {prop} {m} :: Singapore
singapurense {adj} :: Singaporean
singapurense {mf} :: Singaporean
singar {v} [Caribbean] :: to have sex
singar {v} [Cuba] :: to annoy, to be an asshole
singar {v} :: to scull a boat from the stern
singladura {f} [nautical] :: voyage
single {m} :: single (song released)
single {mf} :: single, single person
singlete {m} :: singlet
singlista {mf} [sports] :: singles player
singonio {m} :: Syngonium podophyllum
singular {adj} :: singular
singular {adj} :: odd, peculiar
singular {m} :: singular
singularia tantum {m} :: An uncountable noun
singularidad {f} :: singularity
singularidad desnuda {f} :: naked singularity
singularísimo {adj} :: superlative of singular
singularizar {v} :: to singularize
singularizar {v} :: to single out
singularmente {adv} :: singularly, particularly
singulto {m} :: hiccup
singulto {m} :: sob
sinhogarismo {m} :: homelessness
siniestra {f} :: left hand
siniestrado {adj} :: injured
siniestrado {adj} :: damaged, wrecked
siniestral {adj} [attributive] :: accident
siniestralidad {f} :: accident rate
siniestramente {adv} :: sinisterly
siniestro {adj} :: left, left-hand (direction)
siniestro {adj} :: sinister
siniestro {adj} :: unhappy
siniestro {adj} :: malicious, evil
siniestro {adj} [heraldry] :: sinister, sinistral
siniestro {m} :: accident, catastrophe, disaster
sin ir más lejos {adv} [idiomatic] :: as a matter of fact; actually
sin ir más lejos {adv} [idiomatic] :: as it happens
sinistrorso {adj} :: counterclockwise, anticlockwise, widdershins
sinítico {adj} :: Sinitic
sinker {m} [baseball] :: sinker
sin lugar a dudas {adv} [idiomatic] :: without a doubt
sin más {adv} [idiom] :: just like that
sin más ni más {adv} [idiom] :: just like that
sinnúmero {m} :: huge number; countless number
si no {prep} :: if not
si no {prep} :: otherwise
sino {m} :: destiny, fate, lot
sino {m} :: Chinese
sino {conj} :: but [after a negative clause] (i.e., "but rather", "but only", or "but rather only")
sino {conj} :: except, apart from
sino {conj} :: only, solely
sinocoreano {adj} :: Sino-Korean
sinodal {adj} :: synodal
sinódico {adj} :: synodic
sínodo {m} :: synod
sinoestadounidense {adj} :: Chinese American
sinoestadounidense {mf} :: Chinese American
sinograma {m} :: sinogram, Chinese character
sinóloga {f} :: feminine noun of sinólogo
sinólogo {m} :: sinologist
sinonimia {f} :: synonymity
sinonimizar {v} :: to synonymize
sinónimo {adj} :: synonymous
sinónimo {m} :: synonym
sinople {adj} [heraldry] :: vert
sínople {m} :: alternative spelling of sinople
sinopsis {f} :: synopsis
sinóptico {adj} :: synoptic (relating to synopses)
si no quieres caldo, taza y media {phrase} :: it never rains but it pours
sinovial {adj} :: synovial
sinovitis {f} [pathology] :: synovitis
sinpa {m} [colloquial] :: the act of not paying for something, especially in a restaurant; to dine and dash
sin papeles {mf} :: paperless person
sin par {adj} :: one-of-a-kind, unparalleled, unique
sin plomo {adj} :: unleaded
sin querer {adv} :: inadvertently, unintentionally
sin querer queriendo {adv} [idiomatic, colloquial] :: accidentally on purpose
sinrazón {f} :: injustice, misdeed
sin remedio {adv} :: irredeemably, necessarily, obligatorily
sinsabor {m} :: chagrin
sinsabor {m} :: trouble, difficulty
sinsentido {m} :: meaninglessness
sinsonte {m} [Cuba, Honduras, Mexico] :: alternative form of cenzontle
sintácticamente {adv} :: syntactically
sintáctico {adj} :: syntactic
sin tacto {adv} :: without tact; tactlessly
sintagma {m} [linguistics, syntax] :: phrase, syntagma
sintagma determinante {m} [grammar] :: determiner phrase
sintagma nominal {m} [grammar] :: noun phrase
sintagma preposicional {m} [grammar] :: prepositional phrase
sintagmático {adj} :: syntagmatic
sintagma verbal {m} [grammar] :: verb phrase
sin tardanza {adv} :: with no further ado
sintasa {f} [enzyme] :: synthase
sintaxina {f} :: syntaxin
sintaxis {f} :: syntax
sin techo {mf} :: homeless person
sintecho {m} :: homeless person
sinterización {f} :: sintering
sinterizar {vt} :: to sinter
síntesis {f} :: synthesis
síntesis {f} :: summary
sintetasa {f} [enzyme] :: synthetase
sintéticamente {adv} :: synthetically
sintético {adj} :: synthetic
sintetización {f} :: synthesizing
sintetizador {m} :: synthesiser
sintetizar {v} :: to synthesize
sintiente {adj} :: sentient
sintipo {m} :: syntype
sintoísmo {m} :: Shinto (religion)
sintoísta {adj} :: Shintoist
sintoísta {mf} :: Shintoist
síntoma {m} :: symptom
sintomáticamente {adv} :: symptomatically
sintomático {adj} :: symptomatic
sintomatología {f} :: symptomatology
sintón {m} [chemistry] :: synthon
sintonía {f} :: syntony
sintonía {f} :: tuning
sintonía {f} :: jingle
sintonizable {adj} :: tunable
sintonización {f} [music] :: tuning
sintonizador {adj} [attributive] :: tuning
sintonizador {m} :: tuner (TV or radio)
sintonizar {v} :: to tune in (radio or TV)
sinuosamente {adv} :: sinuously
sinuosidad {f} :: windiness, sinuosity
sinuoso {adj} :: windy, winding
sinuplastia {f} [surgery] :: sinuplasty
sinusal {adj} :: sinus
sinusitis {f} :: sinusitis
sinusoidal {adj} :: sinusoidal
sinusoide {m} :: sine wave
sinusoide {m} :: sinusoid
sin venir a cuento {adv} [idiomatic] :: for no reason whatever; for the sake of it
sinvergonzón {m} :: augmentative of sinvergüenza
sinvergonzonería {f} [colloquial] :: impudence, shamelessness
sinvergüencería {f} [colloquial] :: impudence, shamelessness
sinvergüenza {mf} :: scoundrel
sinvergüenza {f} [Costa Rica] :: shamelessness
sinvergüenzada {f} :: shamelessness
sinvergüenzura {mf} :: an act of shamelessness or acted by a sinvergüenza
Sion {prop} [Christianity] :: Zion
Sión {prop} [Christianity] :: Zion
sionismo {m} :: Zionism
sionista {mf} :: Zionist
sí o sí {adv} [idiomatic] :: definitely, no matter what
sioux {mf} :: Sioux
sioux {prop} {m} :: the Sioux language
sioux {adj} :: Sioux
sip {interj} [colloquial] :: yep, yeah, uh-huh
síp {interj} [colloquial] :: Yup or yep
sipi {interj} :: yep, yup
sipuncúlido {m} [zoology] :: sipunculid
sipúnculo {m} [zoology] :: sipunculan
siquiatra {mf} :: alternative spelling of psiquiatra
siquiatría {f} :: alternative spelling of psiquiatría
siquiátrico {adj} :: synonym of psiquiátrico
síquico {adj} :: alternative spelling of psíquico
siquiera {adv} :: at least, at the least
siquiera {adv} :: (when used in the negative) even
siquiera {conj} :: if only
si quieres conocer a Agapito, dale un puestito {proverb} :: If you want to know what someone is like, give them power
siracusana {f} :: feminine noun of siracusano
siracusano {adj} :: Syracusan
siracusano {m} :: Syracusan
sirena {f} :: siren (device)
sirena {f} :: mermaid
sirenio {m} :: sea cow; sirenian
sirenita {f} :: diminutive of sirena
sírfido {m} :: hoverfly
sirga {f} :: towrope
sirgar {v} [nautical] :: to tow
siria {f} :: feminine noun of sirio
Siria {prop} {f} :: Syria
siríaco {adj} :: Syriac
siríaco {m} :: Syriac
sirimiri {m} :: drizzle (light rain)
siringomielia {f} [medicine] :: syringomyelia
sirio {adj} :: Syrian
sirio {m} :: Syrian (A person from Syria or of Syrian descent)
Sirio {prop} {m} [astronomy] :: Sirius (star)
siriómetro {m} :: siriometer
sirionó {adj} :: Sirionó
sirionó {mf} :: Sirionó
sirirí {m} :: whistling duck
siroco {m} :: sirocco
sirope {m} :: syrup
sirsasana {f} [yoga] :: shirshasana
sirte {f} :: A sandy reef that hinders the floating of ships
sirtuina {f} [enzyme] :: sirtuin
sirvienta {f} :: maid, (female) servant
sirviente {mf} :: servant
sisa {f} :: armhole (in clothing)
sisal {m} :: sisal
sisar {v} :: to filch, to steal in small quantities
sisear {v} :: to hiss
siseo {m} :: sss, hiss
sísmicamente {adv} :: seismically
sismicidad {f} :: seismic activity
sísmico {adj} :: seismic (relating to earthquakes)
sismo {m} :: earthquake
sismógrafo {m} :: seismograph, seismometer
sismológa {f} :: feminine noun of sismológo
sismóloga {f} :: feminine noun of sismólogo
sismología {f} :: seismology
sismológico {adj} :: seismologic
sismológo {m} :: seismologist
sismólogo {m} :: seismologist
sismómetro {m} :: seismograph, seismometer
sismorresistente {adj} :: earthquake resistant
sisón {m} :: bustard
sistema {m} :: system
sistema de alimentación ininterrumpido {m} :: uninterruptible power supply
sistema de posicionamiento global {m} [cartography] :: Global Positioning System, GPS
sistema digestivo {m} :: digestive system
sistema inmunitario {m} [anatomy] :: immune system
Sistema Internacional de Unidades {prop} {m} :: International System of Units
sistema límbico {m} :: limbic system
sistema linfático {m} :: lymphatic system
sistema nervioso {m} :: nervous system
sistema operativo {m} :: operating system
sistema planetario {m} :: planetary system
sistema solar {m} [astronomy] :: Solar System
sistemática {f} :: systematics
sistemáticamente {adv} :: systematically
sistematicidad {f} :: systematicity
sistemático {adj} :: systematic
sistematización {f} :: systematization
sistematizadamente {adv} :: systematically
sistematizador {adj} :: systemising
sistematizador {m} :: systemizer
sistematizar {v} :: to systematize
sistémico {adj} :: systemic
sistemismo {m} :: systemism
sistemizador {m} :: systemizer
sístole {f} :: systole
sistólico {adj} :: systolic
sistro {m} [musical instruments] :: sistrum
sitar {m} [musical instruments] :: sitar (Indian string instrument)
sitcom {m} :: sitcom
sitiador {adj} :: besieging
sitiador {m} :: besieger
sitial {m} :: seat (of honour)
sitiar {v} :: to besiege
sitio {m} :: site, place
sitio {m} :: siege
sitio web {m} :: web site
sito {adj} [formal] :: located, situated
sitofobia {f} :: sitophobia
situación {f} :: situation
situacional {adj} :: situational
situacionista {adj} :: situationist
situacionista {mf} :: situationist
situado {adj} :: located
situar {v} :: to situate, place, put
situar {v} :: to invest money
situarse {v} :: to situate or place oneself
siútico {adj} [Chile] :: snobby
siútico {adj} [Chile] :: weird
siútico {m} [Chile] :: arriviste
siútico {m} [Chile] :: snob
siwi {m} :: Siwi
sixtino {adj} :: Sistine
sixtoclementino {adj} :: Sixto-Clementine
sí y no {phrase} :: yes and no (when answering a yes-no question, implies that the answer is relative and may be both yes and no)
sí y no {phrase} :: See: si y no
si yo te contara {phrase} :: don't get me started
si y solo si {conj} :: if and only if
ska {m} :: ska
skate {m} :: skating, skateboarding
skateboard {m} :: skateboard
skatebord {m} :: skateboard
skater {m} :: skater, skateboarder
sketch {m} :: sketch (short comic work)
skimboard {m} :: skimboarding
skinhead {mf} :: skinhead
Skopie {prop} :: Skopje (capital of Macedonia)
skúa {m} :: great skua, Stercorarius skua/Catharacta skua
skyline {m} :: skyline
SL {abbr} :: San Luis Potosí (Mexican state)
SL {abbr} :: Saarland, a federal state of Germany
SL {abbr} :: South Sumatra, a province of Indonesia
slackline {m} :: slackline
slap {m} [Peru] :: flip-flop, thong [Australia], jandal [New Zealand]
slapstick {m} :: slapstick
slash {m} [punctuation] :: slash
slider {m} [baseball] :: slider
slip {m} :: briefs, pants, men's underwear
slip {m} :: knickers, panties [less usual meaning]
slogan {m} :: slogan
slowcore {m} :: slowcore
slugger {m} [baseball] :: slugger
slugging {m} [baseball] :: slugging
slump {m} :: slump (decline)
smart {adj} :: smart (with smart technology)
smarthphone {m} :: alternative spelling of smartphone
smartphone {m} :: smartphone
smartwatch {m} :: smartwatch
smithiano {adj} :: Smithian
smog {m} :: smog
smoking {m} :: obsolete spelling of esmoquin
Smolensk {prop} {m} :: Smolensk (oblast)
Smolensk {prop} {m} :: Smolensk (city/regional capital)
smoothie {m} :: smoothie (beverage)
sms {m} :: SMS, text
s/n {abbr} :: abbreviation of sin número (used in postal addresses)
s/n {abbr} :: abbreviation of sin nombre
SN {n} [grammar, syntax] :: abbreviation of sintagma nominal
snack {m} :: snack
snackbar {m} :: snack bar
snap {m} :: snap (photograph)
sneaker {m} :: sneaker
snif {interj} :: boo hoo
snobismo {m} :: snobbery
snocross {m} :: snocross
snorkel {m} :: snorkel
snorkel {m} :: snorkelling
snowboard {m} :: snowboarding
snowboarder {mf} :: snowboarder
snowcross {m} :: snocross
snuff {m} :: snuff (film of death)
so- {prefix} :: sub-
so {prep} [archaic] :: under
so {pron} :: you [emphatic, derogatory]
so {interj} [United States, Puerto Rico, El Salvador] :: so
so {interj} :: whoa!
SO {abbr} :: Sonora (Mexican state)
sobaco {m} [anatomy] :: armpit
sobadito {m} :: diminutive of sobado
sobado {m} :: A type of butter cake
sobajar {v} :: alternative form of sobajear
sobaquera {f} [clothing] :: armhole [of a garment]
sobaquera {f} [clothing] :: armhole reinforcement
sobaquera {f} [clothing] :: underarm shield [to protect clothing against sweat]
sobaquera {f} [food] :: large tortilla made of wheat flour and water
sobar {v} :: to knead
sobar {v} :: to hit or strike punishingly
sobar {v} :: to fondle; feel up; grope
soberana {f} :: feminine noun of soberano
soberanamente {adv} :: regally, royally
soberanía {f} :: sovereignty
soberanismo {m} :: sovereignism
soberanista {adj} :: sovereigntist
soberano {adj} :: sovereign
soberano {m} :: sovereign
Soberano {prop} {m} :: surname
soberbia {f} :: haughtiness
soberbia {f} :: arrogance
soberbiamente {adv} :: haughtily; arrogantly
soberbio {adj} :: haughty
soberbio {adj} :: arrogant
soberbio {adj} :: angry
soberbioso {adj} :: haughty
sobornar {v} :: to bribe
soborno {m} :: bribery
soborno {m} :: bribe
sobra {f} :: surplus, excess, extra
sobra {f} [in the plural] :: leftovers, leavings
sobra {f} :: rubbish, trash
sobradamente {adv} :: too much, excessively, overly
sobradísimo {adj} :: superlative of sobrado
sobrante {adj} :: superfluous, surplus
sobrar {v} :: to be superfluous; to be left over or extra
sobrasada {f} :: sobrassada
sobre- {prefix} :: over-
sobre {prep} :: over, above, on, upon, atop
sobre {prep} :: about
sobre {m} :: envelope
sobreabundancia {f} :: overabundance
sobreactuación {f} :: overacting
sobreactuar {vi} :: to overact, to ham it up
sobreacumulación {f} :: overaccumulation
sobreaforo {m} :: overcrowding
sobreagudo {adj} [music] :: high (to describe a note at the top of a singer's tessitura)
sobrealimentación {f} :: overfeeding
sobrealimentado {adj} :: overfed
sobrealimentador {adj} :: supercharging; that supercharges
sobrealimentador {m} :: supercharger
sobrealimentar {v} :: to overfeed
sobreasar {v} :: To re-roast
sobrebarriga {f} [beef] :: A beef bavette, a flank steak
sobrecalentamiento {m} :: overheating
sobrecalentar {v} :: to overheat
sobrecalificado {adj} :: overqualified
sobrecama {f} :: coverlet, bedspread
sobrecama {f} :: blanket
sobrecapacidad {f} :: overcapacity, excess capacity
sobrecarga {f} :: overload
sobrecargado {adj} :: overloaded
sobrecargar {v} :: to overload
sobrecargo {m} :: overcharge
sobrecargo {m} :: overbearing
sobrecejo {m} :: frown
sobreceño {m} :: frown
sobrecito {m} :: diminutive of sobre
sobrecocción {f} :: overcooking
sobrecogedor {adj} :: shocking; horrific
sobrecogedor {adj} :: impressive; awesome
sobrecoger {v} :: to surprise, to catch in the act
sobrecoger {v} :: to scare
sobrecogimiento {m} :: fright
sobrecomisión {f} :: override
sobreconsumir {v} :: to overconsume
sobreconsumo {m} :: overconsumption
sobrecoste {m} :: extra charge
sobrecosto {m} :: cost overrun
sobrecrecimiento {m} :: overgrowth
sobrecriminalización {f} :: overcriminalisation
sobrecualificación {f} :: overqualification
sobrecualificado {adj} :: overqualified
sobrecubierta {f} :: Dust jacket
sobrecumplimiento {m} :: overachievement
sobrecumplir {v} :: to overachieve
sobrecupo {m} :: overbooking; having too many people on board
sobredemandar {v} :: to over-demand
sobre de primer día {m} :: first day cover
sobredeterminar {v} :: to overdetermine
sobredicho {adj} :: said before, said previously
sobredimensión {f} :: excessive size
sobredimensionamiento {m} :: oversizing
sobredimensionar {vt} :: to overblow, exaggerate the significance of
sobredorar {vt} :: to gild (to cover with gold)
sobredosificación {f} :: overdosage
sobredosis {f} :: overdose
sobredotado {adj} :: super-gifted
sobreedad {f} :: attendance in school of pupils who are older than the others
sobreelevación {f} :: overelevation
sobreelevado {adj} :: raised; high
sobreendeudamiento {m} :: excessive debt
sobreentender {v} :: to understand (something not implicitly stated)
sobreescribir {v} :: to overwrite
sobreesdrújula {f} :: alternative form of sobresdrújula
sobreesdrújulo {adj} :: alternative form of sobresdrújulo
sobreesfuerzo {m} :: excessive effort
sobreestimación {f} :: overestimate
sobreestimar {v} :: to overestimate
sobreestimulación {f} :: overstimulation
sobreestimular {v} :: to overstimulate
sobreexcitación {f} :: overexcitement
sobreexcitar {v} :: alternative spelling of sobrexcitar
sobreexplotación {f} :: overexploitation
sobreexplotar {vt} :: overexploit, overuse [especially a natural resource]
sobreexplotar {vt} :: overwork
sobreexposición {f} :: overexposure
sobreexpresión {f} :: overexpression
sobrefacturación {f} :: overbilling
sobrefaz {f} :: surface, outside
sobrefinanciación {f} :: overfunding
sobregirar {v} :: to overdraw
sobregiro {m} [banking] :: overdraft
sobregrabación {f} :: overdub
sobregrabar {v} :: to overdub
sobre gustos no hay nada escrito {proverb} :: there's no accounting for taste
sobrehuipil {m} :: A cloak worn over a huipil
sobrehumano {adj} :: superhuman
sobreimpresión {f} :: overprint
sobreimpreso {adj} :: superimposed
sobreinfección {f} :: superinfection
sobreinfectar {v} :: to superinfect
sobreinterpretación {f} :: overinterpretation
sobrejalma {f} :: additional piece of saddlecloth put on top
sobre la marcha {adv} [idiom] :: on the fly; as one goes along
sobrellenar {v} :: to overfill
sobrellevar {vt} :: to endure, to bear
sobremanera {adv} :: greatly, exceedingly, highly
sobremedicar {v} :: to overmedicate
sobremesa {f} :: tablecloth
sobremesa {f} :: (time spent at the table after eating)
sobremesa {f} [computing] :: desktop
sobremesa {f} [obsolete] :: dessert
sobremordida {f} :: overbite
sobremortalidad {f} :: excessive death rate
sobremuestreo {m} :: oversampling
sobrenadar {v} :: to float
sobrenatural {adj} :: supernatural
sobrenombre {m} :: nickname
sobrentender {v} :: alternative form of sobreentender
sobrenutrición {f} :: overnutrition
sobreoferta {f} :: surplus
sobreoxigenado {adj} :: overoxygenated
sobrepagado {adj} :: overpaid
sobrepantalón {m} :: overtrousers
sobrepasar {v} :: to surpass
sobrepastoreo {m} :: overgrazing
sobrepelliz {f} :: surplice
sobrepesca {f} :: overfishing
sobrepeso {m} :: overweight
sobrepique {m} :: tap-in (football)
sobrepiso {m} :: overlay
sobrepoblación {f} :: overpopulation
sobrepoblado {adj} :: overpopulated
sobreponderación {f} :: overweight; excessive weighting
sobreponer {v} :: to superimpose
sobreponerse {v} :: reflexive of sobreponer, to defy something, to flout something, to overcome
sobreposición {f} :: overlay
sobreprecio {m} :: increase in price
sobreprecio {m} :: surcharge
sobrepresión {f} :: overpressure
sobreproducción {f} :: overproduction
sobreprotección {f} :: overprotection
sobreprotector {adj} :: overprotective
sobreproteger {v} :: to overprotect
sobrepuerta {f} :: lintel
sobrepujar {v} :: to overcome; surpass; get over
sobrepujar {v} :: to outbid
sobrequilla {m} [nautical] :: keelson
sobrero {m} [bullfighting] :: reserve bull
sobrerreacción {f} :: overreaction
sobrerreaccionar {v} :: to overreact
sobrerregulación {f} :: overregulation
sobrerrepresentación {f} :: overrepresentation
sobrerrepresentado {adj} :: overrepresented
sobrerrepresentar {v} :: to overrepresent
sobrerropa {f} :: overalls
sobrerropa {f} :: overcoat
sobre ruedas {adv} :: (of a project or activity) well, smoothly
sobreruedas {m} [Mexico] :: flea market
sobresaliente {adj} :: outstanding
sobresalientemente {adv} :: fantastically, wonderfully
sobresalir {v} :: to stick out (to extend beyond)
sobresalir {v} :: to stick out (to be prominent or noticeable)
sobresalir {v} :: to stand out
sobresaltar {v} :: to spook, flinch, startle, shock
sobresaltar {vr} :: to jump
sobresalto {m} :: jolt
sobresalto {m} :: scare, fright
sobresaturación {f} :: oversaturation
sobresaturado {adj} :: oversaturated
sobresaturar {v} :: to oversaturate
sobrescribir {v} :: to overwrite
sobresdrújula {f} :: A word with stress or an acute accent in any position before the antepenultimate syllable
sobresdrújulo {adj} :: Pertaining to a word with stress or an acute accent in any position before the antepenultimate syllable
sobreseer {vi} :: to stay, to prolong
sobreseer {vi} [legal] :: to dismiss a case or motion
sobreseimiento {m} [legal] :: nolle prosequi, dismissal
sobresfuerzo {m} :: overexertion
sobrestadía {f} :: demurrage
sobrestante {mf} :: foreman; foreperson
sobrestimación {f} :: overestimation
sobrestimar {v} :: overestimate
sobrestimar {v} :: overrate
sobresueldo {m} :: bonus, allowance, extra pay
sobretasa {f} :: surcharge
sobretensión {f} :: surge (of electricity)
sobre todo {adv} :: especially
sobretodo {m} :: overalls
sobretono {m} :: overtone
sobretrabajo {m} :: overworking; excessive work or working hours
sobreturismo {m} :: overtourism
sobrevaloración {m} :: overvaluation
sobrevalorar {v} :: to overvalue
sobrevaluación {f} :: overvaluing
sobrevaluado {adj} :: overrated, overvalued
sobrevendir {v} :: to oversell
sobrevenir {v} :: to come up, arise, come forth, be brought about
sobrevida {f} [medical] :: survival
sobreviraje {m} :: oversteering
sobrevirar {v} :: to oversteer
sobrevivencia {f} :: alternative form of supervivencia
sobreviviente {adj} :: surviving
sobreviviente {m} :: survivor
sobrevivir {v} :: to survive
sobrevolar {vt} :: to fly over
sobrevoltaje {m} :: overvoltage
sobrevuelo {m} :: flyby
sobrevuelo {m} :: overfly
sobrexplotación {f} :: overexploitation
sobrexposición {f} :: overexhibition
sobreyectivo {adj} :: surjective
sobriamente {adv} :: soberly, moderately, temperately
sobriamente {adv} :: concisely
sobriedad {f} :: sobriety, temperance
sobrina {f} :: niece
sobrina nieta {f} :: grandniece
sobrinastra {f} :: feminine noun of sobrinastro; stepniece
sobrinastro {m} :: stepnephew
sobrinillo {m} :: diminutive of sobrino
sobrinita {f} :: feminine noun of sobrinito
sobrinito {m} :: diminutive of sobrino
sobrino {m} :: nephew
sobrino {m} :: nibling
sobrino nieto {m} :: grandnephew
sobrio {adj} :: sober (not drunk)
sobrio {adj} :: moderate
soca {f} :: soca
socado {adj} :: drunk
socarrar {v} :: to singe; burn
socarrat {m} [cooking] :: The layer of toasted rice at the bottom of a paella
socarro {adj} [archaic] :: mocking, snide, sarcastic
socarrón {adj} :: mocking, snide, sarcastic
socarronamente {adv} :: surlily
socarronería {f} :: irony, snideness
socavación {f} :: undermining (erosion under a structure caused by water)
socavamiento {m} :: undermining
socavar {v} :: to undermine
socavar {v} :: to burrow
socavón {m} :: hole, hollow
Sochi {prop} {m} :: Sochi (city in Russia)
socia {f} :: member
socia {f} [Spain, colloquial] :: whore, hooker
sociabilidad {f} :: sociability
sociabilización {f} :: sociabilization
sociabilizar {vt} :: to socialize, teach about being sociable
sociable {adj} :: sociable
social {adj} :: social
socialcristiana {f} :: Christian Socialist
socialcristiano {m} :: Christian Socialist
socialdemocracia {f} :: social democracy
socialdemócrata {adj} :: social democrat
socialdemócrata {mf} :: social democrat
socialidad {f} :: sociality
socialismo {m} :: socialism
socialismo democrático {m} :: democratic socialism
socialista {adj} :: socialist
socialista {adj} [politics, , Spain] :: Pertaining to PSOE (Partido Socialista Obrero Español), a Spanish political party
socialista {mf} :: socialist
socialista {mf} [politics, , Spain] :: A member or supporter of PSOE (Partido Socialista Obrero Español), a Spanish political party
socialite {mf} :: socialite
socialité {f} :: socialite; It girl
socialización {f} :: nationalization (act of making private assets public)
socializador {adj} :: socializing
socializar {v} :: to socialize (to interact socially with)
socializar {v} :: to socialize, nationalize (to make a private company part of the government)
socialmente {adv} :: socially
socialrevolucionario {m} :: socialist revolutionary
sociata {adj} [pejorative] :: socialist
sociata {mf} [pejorative] :: socialist
sociedad {f} :: society, social order, community
sociedad {f} :: high society
sociedad {f} :: company, firm, corporation
sociedad {f} :: association, partnership
Sociedad de Naciones {prop} {f} :: League of Nations (international organization)
societal {adj} :: societal
societario {adj} :: societal
societario {adj} [attributive] :: corporate, corporation
socimi {f} :: real estate investment trust
socio {m} :: partner
socio {m} :: member
socio {m} [colloquial] :: buddy, mate
socioadministrativo {adj} :: Of or pertaining to social administration
socioafectivo {adj} :: social and health
socioambiental {adj} :: socioenvironmental
sociobióloga {f} :: feminine noun of sociobiólogo
sociobiología {f} :: sociobiology
sociobiólogo {m} :: sociobiologist
sociocultural {adj} :: sociocultural
sociodemográfico {adj} :: sociodemographic
socioeconomía {f} :: socioeconomics
socioeconómicamente {adv} :: socioeconomically
socioeconómico {adj} :: socioeconomic
socioeducativo {adj} :: socio-educational
socioemocional {adj} :: socioemotional
socioespacial {adj} :: sociospatial
sociohistórico {adj} :: sociohistorical
sociolaboral {adj} :: socio-occupational
sociolecto {m} :: sociolect
socioliberal {adj} :: social liberal
socioliberalismo {m} :: social liberalism
sociolingüístico {adj} :: sociolinguistic
socióloga {f} :: sociologist
sociología {f} :: sociology
sociológicamente {adv} :: sociologically
sociológico {adj} :: sociological
sociólogo {m} :: sociologist (scientist studying the field of sociology)
sociópata {mf} :: sociopath
sociopatía {f} :: sociopathy
sociopenal {adj} :: of or pertaining to social work with prisoners
sociopolítico {adj} :: sociopolitical
socioproductivo {adj} :: of or relating to social production
sociorracial {adj} :: socioracial
sociosanitario {adj} :: public health
sociotecnológica {f} :: sociotechnology
sociovergente {mf} :: A member of the elite who control present-day Catalonia
sociovergente {adj} :: of or pertaining to the elite who have most of the power over Catalonia
socollón {m} [Costa Rica] :: Violent shaking, earthquake, or upheaval
soconostle {m} :: alternative form of xoconostle
socorrer {v} :: to assist, to help, to succor, to aid
socorrer {v} :: to pay on account
socorrismo {m} :: life-saving
socorrista {mf} :: lifeguard
socorro {interj} :: help!
socorro {m} :: help, aid
socoyote {m} :: alternative form of xocoyote
Sócrates {prop} {m} :: Socrates
Sócrates {prop} {m} :: given name
socráticamente {adv} :: Socratically
socrático {adj} :: Socratic
soda {f} :: soda (soft drink)
soda {f} :: soda (sodium hydroxide)
soda {f} [Costa Rica, Panama, rarely in United States] :: cheap, casual restaurant
sodalita {f} :: sodalite
sodálite {mf} :: Sodalit
sodera {f} :: feminine noun of sodero
sodero {m} [Argentina] :: soda-bottle seller or distributor
sódico {adj} :: sodium
sodio {m} :: sodium
Sodoma {prop} {f} :: Sodom
sodomía {f} :: sodomy
sodomita {mf} :: Sodomite
sodomita {m} :: sodomite
sodomización {f} :: sodomization
sodomizar {v} :: to sodomize
soez {adj} :: coarse, vulgar
sofá {m} :: sofa, couch
Sofía {prop} {f} :: Sofia (the capital city of Bulgaria)
Sofía {prop} {f} :: given name
sofisma {f} :: sophism
sofista {mf} :: sophist
sofisticación {f} :: sophistication
sofisticadamente {adv} :: sophisticatedly
sofisticadísimo {adj} :: superlative of sofisticado
sofisticado {adj} :: sophisticated
sofísticamente {adv} :: sophisticatedly
sofisticar {v} :: to sophisticate
sofito {m} [architecture] :: soffit
soflama {f} :: outburst
soflama {f} :: fiery speech
sofocación {f} :: suffocation
sofocamiento {m} :: suffocating
sofocante {adj} :: suffocating
sofocante {adj} :: stifling
sofocar {v} :: to suffocate
sofocarse {v} :: reflexive of sofocar
Sófocles {prop} {m} :: Sophocles
sofoco {m} :: hot flash
sofocón {m} :: grief, distress
Sofonías {prop} {m} [bible] :: Zephaniah (the book of the Bible)
sofreír {v} :: to fry lightly
sofrenar {vt} :: to rein in
sofrito {m} [cuisine] :: sofrito
sofrología {f} :: sophrology
softball {m} :: softball
softbol {m} :: softball
sóftbol {m} :: softball
softbolista {mf} :: softballer
software {m} [computing] :: software (encoded computer instructions)
software libre {m} :: Free software (Software that can be freely copied, redistributed and modified)
soga {f} :: rope
soga {f} :: noose
soga {f} [figuratively] :: A sly or cunning person
sogdiana {f} :: feminine noun of sogdiano
Sogdiana {prop} {f} :: Sogdiana (an ancient Iranian-speaking civilization)
sogdiano {adj} :: Sogdian
sogdiano {m} :: Sogdian
soguear {v} [agriculture] :: To tie a spike with a rope and shake it, in order to remove the dew
soguear {v} :: to measure with a rope
sogún {m} :: shogun
soja {f} :: soya, soybean
soja {f} :: soy (soy sauce)
sojal {m} :: soybean field
sojuzgamiento {m} :: subjugation
sojuzgar {v} :: to subjugate
sol {m} :: sun
sol {m} :: sunlight
sol {m} :: sunny side [of a place]
sol {m} :: daylight (time between sunrise and sunset)
sol {m} :: sol (a unit of currency, currently used in Peru)
sol {m} :: sol [musical note]
sol {m} [chemistry] :: sol (a colloid suspension of a solid in a liquid)
Sol {prop} {m} :: the Sun
solador {m} :: tiler
solamente {adv} :: only, alone, merely
solana {f} :: strong sunshine
solana {f} :: suntrap, sunny spot, sunny side, sunny place
solana {f} :: sun terrace
solana {f} :: sunny balcony
solana {f} :: solarium
solanácea {f} :: nightshade
solanina {f} :: solanine
solano {m} :: nightshade
Solano {prop} :: surname
solapa {f} :: lapel
solapa {f} :: inside flap of a book cover (typically containing a summary or information about the author)
solapadamente {adv} :: deceitfully, dishonestly
solapamiento {m} :: overlap
solapar {v} :: to overlap
solapar {v} [figuratively] :: to cover up
solar {m} :: house (of a family), noble lineage
solar {m} [Cuba] :: tenement house
solar {m} :: ground, land
solar {v} :: to pave
solar {v} :: to sole a shoe
solar {adj} :: solar
Solares {prop} :: surname
solariego {adj} :: ancestorial
solariego {adj} :: stately
solario {m} :: alternative form of solárium
solárium {m} :: sunroom, solarium
solarizar {v} :: to solarize
solaz {f} :: solace
solazar {v} :: to entertain; amuse
solazar {v} :: to give solace to
solazarse {vr} :: to take pleasure, to relax
solazo {m} :: bright, burning sun
solcito {m} :: diminutive of sol
soldada {f} :: salary
soldada {f} :: feminine of soldado, female soldier
soldadera {f} :: A female soldier in the Mexican Revolution
soldadesco {adj} [attributive] :: soldier
soldadito {m} :: army man, plastic soldier (toy)
soldadito {m} [Honduras] :: blackbird (bird of the family Icteridae)
soldadito {m} :: diminutive of soldado little soldier
soldado {mf} :: soldier
soldador {m} :: welder
soldador {m} :: soldering iron
soldado raso {m} [military ranks] :: private
soldadura {f} :: soldering
soldadura {f} :: welding
soldán {m} :: sultan
soldar {v} :: to weld
soldar {v} :: to solder
sol de justicia {m} [idiom] :: a blazing sun
sol de justicia {m} [idiom] :: the Light of the World (God)
soleado {adj} :: sunny
soleamiento {m} :: sunlight (especially, sunlight in a building)
solear {vr} :: to sunbathe
solear {v} :: to sun, put in the sun
soledad {f} :: solitude
Soledad {prop} {f} :: given name
soledumbre {f} [obsolete] :: solitude, loneliness
solemne {adj} :: solemn
solemnemente {adv} :: solemnly
solemnidad {f} :: solemnity
solemnidad {f} :: festiveness
solemnísimo {adj} :: superlative of solemne
solemnizar {v} :: to solemnize (to make solemn or official)
solemnizar {v} :: to celebrate
solenoide {m} :: solenoid
solense {m} :: Club Sol de América player
sóleo {m} :: soleus (muscle)
soler {v} [auxiliary] :: to be accustomed to doing something, to do something on a regular basis
soler {v} [auxiliary] :: to tend to
soler {v} [imperfect] :: used to
solera {f} :: solera
solera {f} :: vintage (wine)
solería {f} :: flooring
soleta {f} :: patch (for clothing)
soleta {f} :: ladyfinger (biscuit)
solevar {v} :: to push up
solevar {v} :: to revolt
solfa {m} :: sol-fa
solfear {v} :: to sol-fa
solfeo {m} :: sol-fa
solicitación {f} :: request
solícitamente {adv} :: diligently
solicitante {mf} :: applicant
solicitar {v} :: to request
solicitar {v} :: to ask for, to solicit
solicitar {v} [physics] :: to attract
solícito {adj} :: solicitous
solicitud {f} :: application
solicitud {f} :: solicitation
solicitud {f} :: survey
sólidamente {adv} :: solidly
solidar {v} :: to consolidate
solidar {v} :: to harden
solidariamente {adv} :: jointly
solidaridad {f} :: solidarity
solidario {adj} :: caring, sympathetic to; solidary
solidarizar {v} :: to unite, to bring together
solideo {m} :: zucchetto
solidez {f} :: solidness
solidificación {f} :: freezing, solidification
solidificar {v} :: to solidify
solidísimo {adj} :: superlative of solido
sólido {adj} :: solid
sólido {adj} :: strong, firm
sólido {m} [numismatics] :: solidus
sólido {m} :: solid
sólido arquimediano {m} :: Archimedean solid
sólido de Arquímedes {m} :: Archimedean solid
soliloquio {m} :: soliloquy
solimán {m} [archaic] :: corrosive sublimate
Solimán {prop} :: surname
solio {m} :: throne; seat
solípedo {m} :: solipede
solípedo {adj} :: solipedous
solipsismo {m} :: solipsism (theory)
solipsista {mf} :: solipsist
solipsista {adj} :: solipsist
Solís {prop} :: surname
solista {mf} [music] :: soloist
solístico {adj} :: soloistic
solitariamente {adv} :: solitarily; solo; on one's own
solitario {adj} :: lonely
solitario {m} :: solitaire (card game)
solitario {m} :: solitaire (bird)
solito {adj} :: diminutive of solo
sólito {adj} :: accustomed, used to
solitón {m} [physics, mathematics] :: soliton
solitud {f} :: solitude
soliviantar {v} :: to rouse, stir up, incite
soliviantar {v} :: to change (someone's) emotional state (in various different ways)
soliviantar {v} :: to annoy
soliviantar {v} :: to excite
soliviantar {v} :: to give false hope to
soliviantar {v} :: to worry
sollozante {adj} :: sobbing
sollozar {v} :: to sob
sollozo {m} :: sob
solo {adj} :: sole, only, unique, single
solo {adj} :: lonely, lonesome
solo {adj} :: alone, by oneself
solo {adv} :: only, solely, just
sólo {adv} :: alternative spelling of solo
Sololá {prop} :: Sololá (department)
sololoy {m} [colloquial, Mexico] :: celluloid
solomillo {m} :: diminutive of solomo
solomillo {m} :: sirloin (cut of beef)
solomo {m} :: sirloin
Solón {prop} {m} :: Solon (statesman and lawgiver)
solsticio {m} :: solstice
soltar {v} :: to release
soltar {v} :: to let go
soltar {v} :: to let loose (release from restraint)
soltar {v} :: to give (a hit)
soltar en banda {vt} [idiom, Caribbean] :: to leave (someone)
soltar en banda {vt} [idiom, Caribbean] :: to leave (someone) alone
soltar en banda {vt} [idiom, Caribbean] :: to stay away from someone
soltarse {v} :: reflexive of soltar
soltera {f} :: feminine noun of soltero
soltera {f} :: bachelorette
soltería {f} :: singlehood
solterísimo {adj} :: superlative of soltero
solterito {adj} :: diminutive of soltero
soltero {adj} :: single, unmarried
soltero {m} :: bachelor
soltero {m} :: bachelorette
solterón {m} [pejorative] :: confirmed bachelor, old bachelor (older man uninterested in committed relationships)
solterona {f} [pejorative] :: spinster, old maid (A woman who has never been married, especially one past the normal marrying age according to social traditions)
soltura {f} :: fluency
soltura {f} :: looseness
solubilidad {f} :: solubility
solubilización {f} :: solubilization
solubilizar {v} :: to solubilize
soluble {adj} :: soluble
solución {f} :: solution
solucionador {m} :: solver
solucionador {m} :: troubleshooter
solucionadra {f} :: feminine noun of solucionador
solucionar {v} :: to solve; to implement a solution
solucionarse {v} :: reflexive of solucionar
solución de continuidad {f} [idiom] :: pause, break, interruption
solucionista {mf} :: solver, troubleshooter
soluto {m} :: solute
solutrense {adj} :: Solutrean
solvatación {f} :: solvation
solvencia {f} [finance] :: solvency
solvencia {f} :: clearance
solvencia crediticia {f} :: credit rating
solventar {v} :: to solve, settle
solvente {adj} :: solvent
solver {v} [obsolete] :: to solve
sol y sombra {m} :: A cocktail made with cognac and anisette
somalí {adj} :: Somali
somalí {mf} :: Somali
Somalia {prop} {f} :: Somalia
Somalilandia {prop} {f} :: Somaliland
somanta {f} [colloquial] :: beating, kicking
somatén {m} :: A former police force in Catalonia, now only exisiting in Andorra
somático {adj} :: somatic
somatización {f} :: somatization
somatizar {v} :: to externalize
somatología {f} :: somatology
somatosensorial {adj} :: somatosensorial
somatostatina {f} [hormone] :: somatostatin
somatotropina {f} [hormone] :: somatotrophin
somatotropo {adj} :: somatotrophic
sombra {f} :: shade
sombra {f} :: shadow
sombra {f} :: ghost
sombra de ojos {f} :: eye shadow
sombrar {v} :: to overshadow, adumbrate
sombreador {m} [computing] :: shader
sombrear {v} :: to shade
sombrerazo {m} :: tip of the hat
sombrerera {f} :: hatbox
sombrerería {f} :: a shop were hats are being sold
sombrerero {m} :: hatter
sombrerillo {m} :: diminutive of sombrero
sombrerito {m} :: diminutive of sombrero
sombrero {m} :: hat
sombrero de paja toquilla {m} :: Panama hat
sombrero de paja-toquilla {m} :: alternative spelling of sombrero de paja toquilla
sombrerón {m} :: augmentative of sombrero, big hat
sombrero Panamá {m} :: Panama hat
sombrerudo {adj} :: hatted; wearing a hat
sombríamente {adv} :: shadily; gloomily
sombrilla {f} :: sunshade
sombrilla {f} :: parasol
sombrío {adj} :: shady, umbrageous
sombrío {adj} :: gloomy, dark
sombroso {adj} :: shady, umbrageous
sombroso {adj} :: gloomy, dark
someramente {adv} :: calmly
someramente {adv} :: superficially
somero {adj} :: light, calm
sometedor {adj} :: subduing
someter {v} :: to subdue, to quell, to conquer
someter {v} :: to subject to
someter {v} :: to subordinate, to put under the control of
someter {v} :: to submit, to put forward (an opinion)
someterse {v} :: reflexive of someter
sometido {adj} :: submissive, subordinate
sometimiento {m} :: subjugation, submission
somier {m} :: base of the bed, bedframe
somita {f} :: somite
sommelier {m} :: sommelier
somnífero {adj} :: soporific (tending to induce sleep)
somnífero {m} :: soporific, sleeping pill
somnílocuo {adj} :: somniloquous
somniloquia {f} :: somniloquism; sleeptalking
somnolencia {m} :: drowsiness, sleepiness
somnoliento {adj} :: sleepy
somnoliento {adj} :: somniferous, soporific
somocismo {m} :: Support of Anastasio Somoza García or his ideologies
somocismo {m} :: The state of Nicaragua under the dictatorship of Anastasio Somoza García (between 1934 and 1979)
somocista {adj} :: pro-Anastasio Somoza García
somocista {mf} :: A supporter of Anastasio Somoza García or his ideologies
somorgujar {v} :: to submerge; dive; dive down
somorgujo {m} :: grebe
somorgujón {m} :: alternative spelling of somorgujo
somormujo {m} :: alternative spelling of somorgujo
somormujo lavanco {m} :: great crested grebe
sompesar {v} :: synonym of sopesar
son- {prefix} :: sub-; under
son {m} :: A pleasant sound, tone
son {m} :: An Afro-Cuban musical form
son {m} :: A musical composition in this form
sonado {adj} :: famous, high-profile, sensational
sonado {adj} :: much talked-about
sonado {adj} [colloquial] :: crazy
soñado {adj} :: dream-
sonador {adj} :: sound-producing
soñador {adj} :: dreaming
soñador {m} :: dreamer
soñadora {f} :: feminine noun of soñador
sonaja {f} :: rattle
sonajero {m} :: rattle (baby's toy)
sonámbula {f} :: feminine noun of sonámbulo
sonambulismo {m} :: somnambulism, sleepwalking
sonámbulo {m} :: somnambulist, sleepwalker
sonante {adj} :: sonant, sounding
sonante {adj} [phonetics] :: voiced
soñante {adj} :: dreaming
soñante {mf} :: dreamer (person dreaming)
sonar {v} :: to sound, to ring
sonar {v} [figuratively] :: to ring a bell, to be familiar
sonar {vtr} [figuratively] :: to blow one's nose
sonar {m} :: sonar (a device that uses hydrophones to locate objects underwater)
soñar {v} [con, en] :: to dream (of/about)
sónar {m} :: alternative form of sonar; sonar (a device that uses hydrophones to locate objects underwater)
sonarista {mf} :: sonar operator
sonar la flauta {v} [idiomatic] :: to fluke
sonarse {v} :: reflexive of sonar
sonarse la nariz {v} :: to blow one's nose
sonata {f} :: sonata
sonda {f} :: probe
sonda {f} [medical] :: catheter, tube
sondaje {m} :: catheterization
sondar {v} :: to sound
sondear {v} :: to sound (to test with a probe)
sondeo {m} :: survey, poll
sondeo {m} :: sounding, probing
sondeo a pie de urna {m} :: exit poll
sondikoztarras {adj} :: Of or related to Sondika
sondikoztarras {mf} :: Someone from Sondika
sondita {f} :: diminutive of sonda
sonera {f} :: (female) sonero
sonero {m} :: sonero
soneto {m} :: sonnet
songhai {adj} :: Songhai
songhai {mf} :: Songhai
Sonia {prop} {f} :: given name
sonicación {f} :: sonication
sónico {adj} :: sonic
sonidera {f} :: feminine noun of sonidero
sonidero {m} :: emcee; deejay
sonidista {mf} :: sound technician
sonidito {m} :: diminutive of sonido
sonido {m} :: A sound, noise
sonido {m} :: A tone
sonido de bip {m} :: A beep (sound)
sonografía {f} :: sonography, ultrasonography
sonografía {f} :: sonography, night writing
soñolencia {m} :: drowsiness, sleepiness
soñoliento {adj} :: sleepy
soñoliento {adj} :: somniferous, soporific
sonómetro {m} :: sound level meter
Sonora {prop} {f} :: Sonora (state)
sonoramente {adv} :: loudly, noisily
sonoramente {adv} :: sonorously
sonorante {adj} :: sonorant
sonorante {m} :: sonorant
sonorense {adj} :: Of or pertaining to the Mexican state of Sonora
sonoridad {f} :: loudness
sonoridad {f} [countable] :: sound
sonorización {f} :: sonorization
sonorizar {v} :: to soundtrack
sonorizar {v} :: to put in a sound system
sonorizar {v} [linguistics] :: to voice
sonoro {adj} :: audible
sonoro {adj} :: sonorous
sonoro {adj} [Linguistics] :: vocalised
sonoroso {adj} :: sonorous
sonreír {v} :: to smile
sonriente {adj} :: smiling
sonrisa {f} :: smile
sonrisilla {f} :: diminutive of sonrisa
sonrisita {f} :: diminutive of sonrisa
sonrizón {m} :: superlative of sonrisa; grin, cheeser
sonrojante {adj} :: embarrassing
sonrojar {v} :: to cause to blush
sonrosar {vt} :: to color pink
sonsa {f} :: feminine noun of sonso
sonsacar {v} :: to elicit, draw out (information)
sonso {m} :: alternative spelling of zonzo
sonso {adj} :: alternative spelling of zonzo
sonsonateca {f} :: feminine noun of sonsonateco
sonsonateco {adj} :: Of or from Sonsonate
sonsonateco {m} :: Someone from Sonsonate
sonsonete {m} :: A noise or sound composed of repeated tapping or a similar jarring motion
sonsonetudo {m} :: pejorative of sonsonete
sopa {f} :: soup
sopa {f} [Mexico] :: noodles
sopa de letras {f} :: word search
sopa de viernes {f} [Peru] :: A type of broth made with beans, potato, cheese and other ingredients
sopaipa {f} :: sopaipilla
sopaipilla {f} :: sopaipilla
sopanda {f} :: brace, crossbeam
sopanda {f} [New Mexico] :: spring
sopa negra {f} :: A soup, commonly found in Costa Rica, made with black beans and other ingredients
sopapa {f} [Chile] :: A toilet plunger
sopapo {m} :: smack, whack
sopar {v} :: to make soup
sopeloztarra {adj} :: Of or related to Sopela
sopeloztarra {mf} :: Someone from Sopela
so pena de {prep} :: on punishment of
sopera {f} :: soup tureen
sopesar {v} :: to evaluate, to weigh up
sopetón {n} :: only in de sopetón
sopicaldo {m} :: broth with sop
sopicaldo {m} :: excessively clear soup
sopín {m} [Louisiana] :: soap
sopita {f} :: diminutive of sopa
soplado {adj} :: very clean
soplador {m} :: blower
soplador {m} :: blowpipe (of bagpipes)
soplagaitas {m} :: buffoon; idiot
soplamocos {m} :: slap in the face
soplapollas {m} [vulgar] :: twat; dick; dickhead (idiot)
soplapollez {f} [vulgar] :: asshattery
soplar {v} :: to blow
soplar {v} :: to tattle, to snitch
soplar {v} :: to whisper
soplar {v} :: to prompt
soplar {v} :: to inspire
soplársela {v} [idiom] :: To not give a shit
soplar y sorber, no puede ser {phrase} :: you can't have your cake and eat it too; you can't suck and blow
soplete {m} :: blowtorch
soplete {m} :: spray gun
soplido {m} :: a strong burst of air
soplo {m} :: a sigh, a puff
soplo {m} :: an exhalation
soplo {m} :: news; word
soplo {m} [medicine] :: murmur (sound made by turbulent blood flow)
soplón {m} :: informer, tattler
soplona {f} :: feminine noun of soplón
soponcio {m} [colloquial] :: swoon, faint, anguish
sopor {m} :: drowsiness
soporífero {adj} :: soporific (tending to induce sleep)
soporífico {adj} :: soporific (tending to induce sleep)
soportable {adj} :: tolerable, bearable
soportal {m} :: porch
soportal {m} [in plural] :: arcade, collonade
soportar {v} :: to support a weight or load
soportar {v} :: to put up with, tolerate
soportarse {v} :: reflexive of soportar
soporte {m} :: support, strut, pillar
soporte {m} :: mount, mounting
soporte {m} [heraldry] :: supporter
soporte vital {m} :: life support
soprano {mf} :: soprano (singer)
soprano {m} :: soprano (pitch)
sor {f} [religion] :: sister
sor {f} [archaic] :: sister
sorabo {adj} :: Sorbian
sorabo {m} :: Sorbian language
soraya {f} :: feminine noun of sorayo
Soraya {prop} {f} :: given name
sorayo {m} :: A supporter of Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría, Spanish lawyer and politician
sorbato {m} [organic compound] :: sorbate
sorber {v} :: to sip, to suck
sorber {v} :: to absorb, to suck in, to soak up
sorber {v} [figuratively] :: to swallow
sorbete {m} :: sorbet
sorbete {m} [uncountable, El Salvador] :: ice cream
sorbete {m} [countable, Puerto Rico] :: drinking straw
sorbetería {f} :: sorbet or ice cream shop
sorbeto {m} :: sorbet
sorbia {f} :: feminine noun of sorbio
sórbico {adj} :: sorbic
sorbio {m} :: synonym of sorabo
sorbio {m} :: synonym of sorabo
sorbito {m} :: diminutive of sorbo
sorbitol {m} [organic compound] :: sorbitol
sorbo {m} :: sip
Sorbona {prop} {f} :: Sorbonne
sorbosa {f} [carbohydrate] :: sorbose
sorda {f} :: feminine noun of sordo
sordamente {adv} :: dully
sordera {f} :: deafness
sordidez {f} :: sordidness
sórdido {adj} :: sordid, dirty
sórdido {adj} :: greedy
sordina {f} [music] :: mute; muffler
sordo {adj} :: deaf
sordo {adj} [of a sound] :: dull, muted
sordo {adj} [phonetics] :: voiceless
sordo {m} :: deaf person
sordoceguera {f} :: deafblindness
sordociego {adj} :: deafblind
sordociego {m} :: a deafblind person
sordomudo {adj} :: deaf and dumb; deaf-mute
sordomudo {m} :: deaf-mute
soredio {m} [lichenology] :: soredium
sorgo {m} :: sorghum
Soria {prop} {f} :: Soria (province)
Soria {prop} {f} :: Soria (city)
soriana {f} :: feminine noun of soriano
sorianita {f} :: feminine noun of sorianito
sorianito {adj} :: diminutive of soriano
sorianito {m} :: diminutive of soriano
soriano {adj} :: Of or pertaining to the province of Soria
soriano {m} :: Native or resident of Soria, a Spanish province
Soriano {prop} {m} :: surname, the 309th most common in Mexico
sorna {f} :: sarcasm, irony
sorna {f} :: sarcastic tone
sorna {f} :: slowness
sornar {v} [slang] :: to sleep
soro {m} [botany] :: sorus
soroche {m} :: altitude sickness, mountain sickness
soroche {m} [Chile, Peru, mineral] :: galena
sororidad {f} :: sorority
sororidad {f} :: a female fraternity; a sisterhood (a fraternal group composed exclusively of females)
sororidad {f} :: a social organization of female students at a college or university; usually identified by Greek letters
sorosilicato {m} :: sorosilicate
sorpasso {m} [politics] :: coalition of left-wing parties
sorprendente {adj} :: surprising
sorprendentemente {adv} :: surprisingly
sorprender {v} :: to surprise
sorprenderse {v} :: reflexive of sorprender
sorprendidísimo {adj} :: superlative of sorprendido
sorprendido {adj} :: surprised
sorpresa {f} :: surprise (something not expected)
sorpresita {f} :: diminutive of sorpresa
sorpresivamente {adv} :: surprisingly
sorpresivo {adj} :: surprising
sortear {v} :: to raffle off, draw lots
sortear {v} :: to avoid, come around (an obstacle or a danger), get round
sorteo {m} :: lottery, raffle
sortija {f} :: ring (round piece worn around the finger)
sortija {f} :: a Spanish guessing game
sortija {f} [Argentina] :: A game played by gauchos where they try to catch a suspended ring while galloping on horseback
sortilegio {m} :: magical spell
sortilegio {m} :: sorcery, witchcraft
sorullito {m} :: A kind of fried cornflour fritter from Puerto Rico
sorullo {m} :: A kind of fried cornflour fritter from Puerto Rico
sosa {f} :: sodium hydroxide, soda ash
sosa {f} [plant] :: glasswort
Sosa {prop} :: surname
sosaina {f} [colloquial] :: pussy, wuss
sosegadamente {adv} :: calmly, peacefully
sosegar {v} :: to calm
sosegar {v} :: to calm down
sosias {m} :: double (a person resembling or standing for another)
sosiego {m} :: calm, peace, serenity
soslayar {v} :: to evade
soslayar {v} :: to get round; dodge (a question, tricky issue etc.)
soslayo {adj} :: slanted
soso {adj} :: dull (not exciting)
soso {adj} :: bland, tasteless (lacking taste)
sosón {m} [Louisiana] :: sock
sospecha {f} :: suspicion
sospechar {v} :: to suspect
sospecho {m} :: suspicion
sospechosa {f} :: feminine noun of sospechoso
sospechosamente {adv} :: suspiciously
sospechoso {adj} :: suspicious
sospechoso {m} :: suspect
sostén {m} :: support, prop
sostén {m} :: bra, brassière
sostén {m} :: sustenance, nourishment
sostenedor {adj} :: supporting
sostenedor {adj} :: load bearing
sostenedor {m} :: supporter (one who supports something)
sostenedora {f} :: feminine noun of sostenedor
sostener {v} :: to hold, sustain
sostenerse {v} :: reflexive of sostener
sostenibilidad {f} :: sustainability
sostenible {adj} :: sustainable
sosteniblemente {adv} :: sustainably
sostenidamente {adv} :: sustainedly
sostenido {adj} [music] :: sharp
sostenido {adj} :: supported
sostenido {adj} :: sustained
sostenido {adj} :: sustainable
sostenimiento {m} :: sustenace
sostenimiento {m} :: sustaining
sostenimiento {m} :: support
sota {f} [card games] :: jack, knave
sota {f} :: insolent woman
sota {f} [archaic] :: hussy; harlot
sotabanco {m} :: attic (room)
sota, caballo y rey {adj} [idiom] :: clear-cut; without variation or improvisation
sotana {f} :: cassock
sotanera {f} :: someone who finishes in last place; loser
sotanero {m} [sports] :: last-place team
sotanilla {f} :: diminutive of sotana
sótano {m} :: cellar
sótano {m} :: basement
sótano {m} [chiefly Northern Mexico] :: pit
sotavento {m} :: leeward side
soterramiento {m} :: burial
soterrar {v} :: to bury underground, inter
sotho {adj} :: Sotho
sotho {mf} :: Sotho
sotho {m} :: Sotho (language)
sotil {adj} :: obsolete spelling of sutil
soto {m} :: grove; copse
Soto {prop} :: surname
sotobosque {m} :: undergrowth
sotocoro {m} [architecture] :: area under the choir
sotol {m} [chiefly Mexico] :: sotol (desert plant)
sotol {m} [chiefly Mexico] :: sotol (distilled spirit)
soubise {f} :: soubise (sauce)
soul {m} :: soul, soul music
soulman {m} :: soul singer
soundtrack {m} :: soundtrack
souvenir {m} :: souvenir
soviet {m} :: soviet (an assembly, convocation, or council of workers)
sóviet {m} :: soviet (an assembly, convocation, or council of workers)
soviético {adj} :: soviet
sovietismo {m} :: Sovietism (belief or practice of the Soviets)
soya {f} :: alternative form of soja
soyero {adj} [attributive] :: soy; soya
soy inglés {phrase} :: I am English
soy inglesa {phrase} :: I am English
Soyuz {prop} {m} :: Soyuz (a Soviet/Russian spacecraft)
spa {f} :: spa
spaguetti {m} [nonstandard] :: alternative spelling of espagueti
spam {m} [computing] :: spam
spammer {m} :: spammer
spamming {m} :: spamming
spanglish {m} :: alternative spelling of espanglish
spaniel {m} :: spaniel
sparring {m} :: sparring
speaker {mf} :: speaker (in parliament)
spenceriano {adj} :: Spencerian
spenseriano {adj} :: Spenserian
spin {m} :: spin
spinner {m} :: fidget spinner
spinning {m} :: spinning (indoor cycling)
spinoff {m} :: spinoff
spiritualista {adj} :: spiritualist
spirulina {f} :: spirulina
split {m} :: splits
spoiler {m} :: spoiler (document, review or comment that discloses the ending or some key surprise or twist in a story)
sponsor {m} :: sponsor
Sporting {prop} {m} :: Sporting de Gijón, a football team from Gijón, Spain
sportinguista {mf} [soccer] :: A supporter, player or coach of Real Sporting de Gijón
spot {m} :: advert, ad
spotter {m} :: spotter
sprai {m} :: rare form of espray
spray {m} :: alternative form of espray
sprint {m} :: sprint
sprinter {mf} :: sprinter
spyware {m} :: spyware
squad {m} :: squad
squat {m} :: squat (exercise)
Sr. {m} :: Mr.; abbreviation of Señor
Sr {m} :: alternative form of Sr.
Sra. {f} :: abbreviation of señora
Sra {f} :: Misspelling of Sra.
Sri Lanka {prop} :: Sri Lanka
Srta. {f} :: abbreviation of señorita
Srta {f} :: alternative spelling of Srta.
SS. HH. {mp} :: toilet or toilets
Sta. {f} :: abbreviation of santa (saint)
stablishment {m} :: establishment
staff {m} :: staff (employees)
Stalingrado {prop} {f} :: Stalingrad
stalinista {adj} :: Stalinist
stalinista {mf} :: Stalinist
stalkear {v} :: to stalk on the Internet
stand {m} :: stand (enclosed structure in the street)
standard {adj} :: standard
standing {m} :: status, standing, class
standopera {f} :: feminine noun of standopero
standopero {m} [Mexico] :: stand-up (comedian)
standupera {f} :: feminine noun of standupero
standupero {m} :: stand-up (a comedian who performs on stage)
startup {f} :: startup
statu quo {m} :: status quo
status {m} :: alternative spelling of estatus
Stávropol {prop} {m} :: Stavropol (city)
S.T.D. {mp} :: total dissolved solids
step {m} :: step training
stevia {f} :: stevia
Stgo. {prop} :: abbreviation of Santiago de Chile
sticker {m} :: sticker
stiletto {m} :: stiletto
still {m} [photography] :: still
stock {m} :: stock, inventory
stop {interj} :: stop
storyboard {f} :: storyboard
stout {f} :: stout (beer)
strategos {m} :: strategos
stream {m} [computing] :: stream
streaming {m} :: streaming
stress {m} :: stress
strigil {m} :: strigil
strike {m} [baseball] :: strike
strike {m} [bowling] :: strike
stripper {mf} :: stripper
striptease {m} :: striptease
stronismo {m} :: The reign of, or political beliefs of, Alfredo Stroessner, ruler of Paraguay 1954-1989
stronista {adj} :: Of, pertaining to, or supporting Alfredo Stroessner, ruler of Paraguay 1954-1989, or to his politics or beliefs
stronista {mf} :: A supporter of Alfredo Stroessner
stupa {f} :: stupa
styling {m} :: styling
su {adj} [before the noun] :: apocopic form of suyo His, her, its, one's, their
su {adj} [before the noun, formal] :: apocopic form of suyo Your
su {adv} :: About, approximately
Su {prop} {f} :: given name
Suabia {prop} {f} [historical] :: Swabia (historical region of Germany)
suabo {adj} :: Swabian (from or relating to Swabia)
suabo {m} :: Swabian (High German dialect)
suadero {m} [gastronomy, Mexico] :: a thin cut of fried beef that is commonly used as a taco filling
suaheli {m} :: alternative form of suajili
suahelí {m} :: alternative form of suajili
suahili {m} :: alternative form of suajili
suahilí {m} :: alternative form of suajili
suajili {m} :: Swahili (language)
suape {m} [Dominican Republic] :: mop
Suárez {prop} :: surname
suástica {f} [Latin America] :: Variant form of esvástica
suave {adj} :: soft, smooth
suave {adj} :: suave (charming, confident and elegant)
suave {adj} :: cool, acceptable, easy
suavecito {adj} :: diminutive of suave
suavemente {adv} :: softly
suavidad {f} :: smoothness
suavidad {f} :: softness
suavidad {f} :: mildness
suavísimamente {adv} :: superlative of suavemente
suavísimo {adj} :: superlative of suave
suavización {f} :: softening, smoothening
suavización {f} [finance] :: easing
suavizante {m} :: fabric softener
suavizar {v} :: to soften, smooth
suavizar {v} :: to ease, to relieve
suavo {m} :: A smooth or cool male
suazi {adj} :: Swazi
suazi {mf} :: Swazi
suazilandés {adj} :: Swazi
suazilandés {m} :: Swazi
suazilandesa {f} :: feminine noun of suazilandés
Suazilandia {prop} {f} :: Swaziland
Suazo {prop} {m} :: surname
sub- {prefix} :: sub-
sub {prep} :: under
subacromial {adj} :: subacromial
subacuático {adj} :: subaquatic
subadministrador {m} :: vice administrator
subadulto {m} :: subadult
subafluente {f} :: subaffluent
subagente {mf} :: subagent
subagudo {adj} :: subacute
subalar {adj} :: subalar
subalcalde {mf} :: vice-mayor
subalimentación {f} :: underfeeding
subalimentar {v} :: to undernourish
subalpino {adj} :: subalpine
subalterna {f} :: feminine noun of subalterno
subalternizar {v} :: to subordinate
subalterno {adj} :: subordinate
subalterno {m} :: subordinate
subalterno {m} :: subaltern
subametralladora {f} :: submachine gun
subandino {adj} :: sub-Andean
subanillo {m} :: subring
subantártico {adj} :: subantarctic
subapartado {m} :: subparagraph
subapical {adj} :: subapical
subaracnoideo {adj} [anatomy] :: subarachnoid
subárbol {f} :: subtree
subarbusto {m} :: subshrub
subárea {f} :: subarea
subarrendamiento {m} :: subtenancy (state of being a subtenant)
subarrendar {v} :: to sublease, sublet
subártico {adj} :: subarctic
subasignación {f} :: subassignment
subasta {f} :: auction
subastador {m} :: auctioneer
subastadora {f} :: feminine noun of subastador
subastar {v} :: to auction, auction off
subastero {m} :: bidder at an auction
subatómico {adj} :: subatomic
subcadena {f} :: substring
subcalloso {adj} [anatomy] :: subcallosal
subcampeón {m} :: runner-up
subcampeona {f} :: runner-up
subcampeonato {m} :: runner-up (someone in second place)
subcampo {m} :: subfield
subcanal {m} :: subchannel
subcapa {f} :: sublayer
subcapítulo {m} :: subchapter
subcarpeta {f} [computing] :: subfolder
subcategoría {f} :: subcategory
subcategorización {f} :: subcategorization
subcaudal {m} :: subcaudal
subcaudal {adj} :: subcaudal
subcelular {adj} :: subcellular
subcentro {m} :: subcenter
subchasis {m} :: subframe
subcircuito {m} :: subcircuit
subclado {m} :: subclade
subclase {f} :: subclass
subclasificación {f} :: subclassification
subclavio {adj} :: subclavian
subcolección {f} :: subcollection
subcomandante {mf} :: subcommander
subcomarca {f} :: subdistrict; a division of a comarca
subcomisaría {f} :: a subdivision of provinces in various Latin American countries
subcomisario {m} :: deputy commissioner
subcomisión {f} :: subcommission
subcomisionada {f} :: deputy commissioner
subcomisionado {m} :: deputy commissioner
subcomité {m} :: subcommittee
subcompacto {m} :: subcompact
subcomponente {m} :: subcomponent
subconciencia {f} :: alternative spelling of subconsciencia
subconjunto {m} [mathematics] :: subgroup; subset
subconsciencia {f} :: subconscious
subconsciente {adj} :: subconscious
subconscientemente {adv} :: subconsciously
subcontador {m} :: subaccountant
subcontadora {f} :: subaccountant
subcontinente {m} :: subcontinent
subcontralor {m} :: deputy comptroller
subcontratación {f} :: subcontracting
subcontratar {v} :: to subcontract
subcontratista {mf} :: subcontractor
subcontrato {m} :: subcontract
subcoordinación {f} :: subcoordination
subcoordinador {m} :: assistant coordinator
subcoordinadora {f} :: sub-coordinator
subcordillera {f} :: subrange
subcortical {adj} :: subcortical
subcostal {adj} [anatomy] :: subcostal (below a rib or the ribs)
subcrítico {adj} :: subcritical
subcuadrado {adj} :: subquadrate
subcuenca {f} :: subwatershed
subcuenta {f} :: subaccount
subcuerpo {m} :: subfield
subcultura {f} :: subculture
subcutáneo {adj} :: subcutaneous
subdecano {m} :: Second oldest person
subdeclaración {f} :: understatement (withholding of information, especially on taxes)
subdelegación {f} :: subdelegation
subdelegada {f} :: subdelegate
subdelegado {m} :: subdelegate
subdeltoides {adj} [anatomy] :: subdeltoid
subdérmico {adj} :: subdermal
subdesarrollado {adj} :: underdeveloped
subdesarrollo {m} :: underdevelopment
subdiácono {m} :: subdeacon
subdiagnóstico {m} :: subdiagnostic
subdialecto {m} :: subdialect
subdirección {f} :: sub-management
subdirector {m} :: subdirector
subdirectora {f} :: feminine noun of subdirector
subdirectorio {m} :: subdirectory
subdisciplina {f} :: subdiscipline
subdistrito {f} :: subdistrict
súbdita {f} :: feminine noun of súbdito
súbdito {adj} :: subject
súbdito {m} :: subject (citizen in a monarchy or person ruled over by another)
subdividir {v} :: to subdivide
subdivisión {f} :: subdivision
subdominante {f} :: subdominant
subdominio {m} :: subdomain
subducción {f} [geology] :: subduction
subducir {v} :: To subduct
subdural {adj} :: subdural
subejecución {f} :: an insufficient or low degree of implementation, utilization or execution; underutilization
subempleado {adj} :: underemployed, underworked
subempleo {m} :: underemployment
subentender {v} :: To get the gist of
subentidad {f} :: subentity
suberecto {adj} :: suberect
suberoso {adj} :: suberose
subescapular {adj} [anatomy] :: subscapular
subescolarizado {adj} :: under-schooled
subesférico {adj} :: subspherical
subespacio {m} :: subspace
subespecialidad {f} :: subspeciality
subespecialista {mf} :: subspecialist
subespecie {f} [taxonomy] :: subspecies
subespecífico {adj} :: subspecific
subestación {f} :: substation (site where electricity is transformed and regulated for local distribution)
subestándar {adj} :: substandard
subestatal {adj} :: substate
subestelar {adj} :: substellar
subestilo {m} :: subgenre; substyle
subestimación {f} :: underestimation
subestimar {v} :: to underestimate
subestructura {f} :: substructure
subetnia {f} :: subethnicity
subfacturación {f} :: underbilling
subfalla {f} :: subfault
subfamilia {f} [taxonomy] :: subfamily
subfilo {m} [taxonomy] :: subphylum
subfluvial {adj} :: subfluvial
subfósil {adj} :: subfossil
subfósil {m} :: subfossil
subfusil {m} :: submachinegun
subgénero {m} :: subgenre
subgénero {m} [taxonomy] :: subgenus
subgenital {adj} :: subgenital
subgenotipo {m} :: subgenotype
subgerencia {f} :: submanagement
subgerenta {f} :: submanager
subgerente {m} :: submanager
subgigante {m} :: subgiant
subglacial {adj} :: subglacial
subgloboso {adj} :: subglobose
subglobular {adj} :: subglobular
subgobernador {m} :: sub-governor
subgraduado {adj} :: undergraduate
subgrafo {m} :: subgraph
subgrupo {m} [mathematics] :: subgroup
subhumano {adj} :: subhuman
subhumano {m} :: subhuman
subhúmedo {adj} :: subhumid
subibaja {m} :: A see-saw
subida {f} :: rise
subida {f} :: acclivity
subidísimo {adj} :: superlative of subido
subidita {f} :: diminutive of subida
subidón {m} :: burst, rush (of energy)
subienda {f} [Colombia] :: season of plentiful fish
subigual {adj} :: subequal
subíndice {m} :: subindex
subinspección {f} :: minute inspection
subinspector {m} :: vice-inspector
subintendente {mf} :: subintendent
subintervalo {m} :: subinterval
subinversión {f} :: underinvestment
subir {v} :: to go up or come up
subir {v} :: to raise
subir {v} :: to climb
subir {v} [computing] :: to upload
subir como la espuma {v} [idiomatic, simile] :: to shoot up
subirse a las barbas {vt} [idiomatic] :: to walk all over (someone)
súbitamente {adv} :: suddenly, all of a sudden
subitáneo {adj} [literary] :: sudden
súbito {adj} :: sudden
súbito {adv} :: suddenly
subjefa {f} :: deputy boss
subjefe {mf} :: assistant, subordinate
subjefe {mf} :: sous-chef, assistant chef
subjetivación {f} :: subjectivization
subjetivamente {adv} :: subjectively
subjetividad {f} :: subjectivity
subjetivísimo {adj} :: superlative of subjetivo
subjetivismo {m} :: subjectivism
subjetivista {adj} :: subjectivist
subjetivista {m} :: subjectivist
subjetivo {adj} :: subjective
subjeto {m} :: rare form of sujeto
subjuntivo {adj} :: subjunctive
subjuntivo {m} :: subjunctive mood
sublema {m} :: sub-motto
sublevación {f} :: uprising, revolt
sublevar {v} :: to provoke into rebellion, to revolt
sublíder {m} :: second-placed team or competitor
sublimación {f} :: sublimation
sublimar {v} :: to sublimate
sublime {adj} :: sublime
sublimemente {adv} :: sublimely
sublimidad {f} :: sublimeness
subliminal {adj} :: subliminal
subliminalmente {adv} :: subliminally
sublínea {f} :: subline
sublingual {adj} :: sublingual
subliterario {adj} :: subliterary
sublitoral {adj} :: subcoastal
subluxación {f} :: subluxation
submandibular {adj} [anatomy] :: submandibular
submarca {f} :: subbrand
submareal {adj} :: subtidal
submarginal {adj} :: submarginal
submarinismo {m} :: scuba diving
submarinista {adj} :: underwater
submarinista {mf} :: diver, scuba diver
submarinista {mf} :: submariner
submarino {adj} :: submarine
submarino {m} :: submarine
submaxilar {adj} :: submaxillary
submentoniano {adj} [anatomy] :: submentonian
submeseta {f} :: subplateau
subministrar {v} :: alternative form of suministrar
submódulo {m} :: submodule
submuestreo {m} :: subsampling
submúltiplo {m} :: submultiple
submundo {m} :: underworld
submunición {f} :: submunition
subnacional {adj} :: subnational
subnivel {m} :: sublevel
subnivel {m} [physics] :: subshell
subnormal {adj} :: subnormal
subnormalidad {f} :: subnormality
subobjetivo {m} :: subgoal
suboccipital {adj} [anatomy] :: suboccipital
suboficial {m} :: non-commissioned officer
suboficial {m} :: petty officer
subóptimo {adj} :: suboptimal
subopuesto {adj} :: subcontrary
suborbicular {adj} :: suborbicular
suborbital {adj} [anatomy] :: suborbital
suborbitario {adj} [anatomy] :: suborbital
suborden {m} [taxonomy] :: suborder
subordinación {f} :: subordination
subordinada {f} :: feminine noun of subordinado
subordinado {adj} :: subordinate, subordinating
subordinado {m} :: subordinate
subordinante {adj} :: subordinate
subordinar {v} :: to subordinate
subóscino {m} :: suboscine
subpagado {adj} :: underpaid
subpágina {f} :: subpage
subpartida {f} :: subparty
subpelo {m} :: underhair
subpoblación {f} :: subpopulation
subpolar {adj} :: subpolar
subportadora {f} :: subcarrier
subprefecto {m} :: subprefect
subprefectura {f} :: subprefecture
subproblema {m} :: subproblem
subproceso {m} :: subprocess
subprocurador {m} :: deputy attorney general
subprocuradora {f} :: deputy attorney general
subprocuraduría {f} :: The office of the assistant attorney-general
subproducto {m} :: byproduct, subproduct
subprograma {m} :: subprogram
subprovincia {f} :: subprovince
subproyecto {m} :: subproject
subrama {f} :: subbranch
subramal {m} :: subbranch
subrasante {f} :: underfloor
subrayar {v} :: to underline, underscore
subrayar {v} :: to emphasize, stress
subraza {f} :: subrace
subrecubrimiento {m} :: subcover
subred {f} [networking] :: subnetwork
subregión {f} :: subregion
subregional {adj} :: subregional
subregistro {m} :: subregister
subreino {m} :: subkingdom
subrelato {m} :: subplot
subrepción {f} :: a hidden action
subrepción {f} :: hiding a fact to achieve something that could not be achieved openly
subrepresentado {adj} :: underrepresented
subrepticiamente {adv} :: surreptitiously
subrepticio {adj} :: having or feigning stealth
subrepticio {adj} :: clandestine or hidden
subrepticio {adj} :: surreptitious
subrogación {f} [law] :: subrogation
subrogante {adj} :: substitute, supply
subrogante {m} :: substitute
subrogar {v} :: to subrogate
subrutina {f} :: subroutine
subsahariano {adj} :: sub-Saharan
subsanable {adj} :: fixable, reparable
subsanable {adj} :: forgivable
subsanación {f} :: rectification
subsanar {v} :: to rectify
subsanar {v} :: to offset
subsargento {m} :: deputy sergeant
subscribir {v} :: to subscribe
subscripción {f} :: alternative spelling of suscripción
subscriptor {m} :: alternative form of suscriptor
subsección {f} :: subsection
subsecretaria {f} :: feminine noun of subsecretario
subsecretaría {f} :: undersecretaryship, subsecretaryship
subsecretario {m} :: undersecretary, deputy secretary
subsector {m} :: subsector
subsecuencia {f} :: subsequence
subsecuente {adj} :: subsequent
subsecuentemente {adv} :: subsequently
subsede {f} :: secondary venue
subsegmento {m} :: subsegment
subseguir {v} :: to follow next, be subsequent
subsello {m} [music] :: sublabel
subserie {f} :: subseries
subsésil {adj} :: subsessile
subsésile {adj} :: subsessile
subsidencia {f} :: subsidence
subsidiar {v} :: to subsidize
subsidiariamente {adv} :: subsidiarially
subsidiariedad {f} :: subordination
subsidiario {adj} :: subsidiary
subsidio {m} :: subsidy
subsiguiente {adj} :: subsequent
subsiguientemente {adv} :: subsequently
subsistema {m} :: subsystem
subsistencia {f} :: subsistence
subsistente {adj} :: surviving; enduring
subsistir {v} :: to subsist
subsónico {adj} :: subsonic
subsótano {m} :: basement
substancia {f} :: alternative form of sustancia
substanciación {f} :: alternative spelling of sustanciación
substancial {adj} :: substantial
substancialmente {adv} :: substantially
substanciar {v} :: alternative spelling of sustanciar
substancioso {adj} :: alternative spelling of sustancioso
substantivación {f} :: nominalization
substantivo {adj} :: substantive
substantivo {m} :: noun
substitución {f} :: alternative spelling of sustitución
substituir {v} :: alternative form of sustituir
substituto {adj} :: alternative spelling of sustituto
substituto {m} :: alternative spelling of sustituto
substracción {f} :: subtraction
substraer {v} :: subtract (to remove or reduce)
substrato {m} [uncommon] :: alt form sustrato
subsucesión {f} [mathematics] :: subseries
subsuelo {m} [soil science] :: subsoil
subsumir {v} :: to subsume
subsunción {f} :: subsumption
subsuperficial {adj} :: subsurface
subte {m} [Argentina] :: metro, subway, underground (underground railway, especially the Buenos Aires Underground)
subtema {m} :: subtopic
subtender {v} [math] :: to subtend
subteniente {mf} [military] :: sublieutenant
subterfugio {m} :: subterfuge
subterminal {adj} :: subterminal
subterráneamente {adv} :: subterraneously
subterráneo {adj} :: subterranean
subterráneo {m} :: underground
subtexto {m} :: subtext
subtilisina {f} [enzyme] :: subtilisin
subtipo {m} :: subtype
subtitulación {f} :: subtitling
subtitulado {adj} :: subtitled
subtitular {v} :: to subtitle
subtítulo {m} :: subtitle
subtrama {f} :: subplot
subtramo {m} :: subsection
subtransmisión {f} :: subtransmission
subtriangular {adj} :: subtriangular
subtribu {f} [taxonomy] :: subtribe
subtropical {adj} :: subtropical
subtrópico {m} :: subtropic
subulado {adj} :: subulated
subunidad {f} :: subunit
suburbana {f} :: feminine noun of suburbano
suburbanización {f} :: suburbanization
suburbano {adj} :: suburban
suburbano {m} :: inhabitant of a suburb
suburbial {adj} :: suburban
suburbicario {adj} :: suburbicarian
suburbio {m} :: suburb, outskirts, poor areas particularly
subutilizado {adj} :: underused
subvaloración {f} :: undervaluing
subvaluar {v} :: to undervalue
subvariante {f} :: subvariant
subvariedad {f} :: subvariety
subvención {f} :: subvention
subvencionable {adj} :: subsidizable
subvencionar {v} :: to subsidize
subvenir {v} :: pay for, meet
subversión {f} :: subversion
subversivo {adj} :: subversive
subvertir {v} :: to subvert
subviraje {m} :: understeer
subvirar {v} :: to understeer
subway {m} :: subway
subyacente {adj} :: underlying
subyacer {vi} :: to underlie
subyugación {f} :: subjugation, domination
subyugante {adj} :: subduing
subyugar {v} :: to captivate, to mesmerize
subyugar {v} :: to subjugate, to overpower
subzona {f} :: sub-area, sub-zone
succinato {m} [organic compound] :: succinate
succínico {adj} :: succinic
succinilcolina {f} [organic compound] :: succinylcholine
succiniltransferasa {f} [enzyme] :: succinyltransferase
succino {m} :: amber (fossil resin)
succión {f} :: suction
succionador {adj} :: sucking; suctioning
succionador {m} :: sucker; suction machine
succionadora {f} :: feminine noun of succionador
succionar {v} :: to suck up
sucedáneo {adj} [of a substance] :: substitute
sucedáneo {m} :: substitute
suceder {v} :: to happen, to befall, to occur
suceder {v} :: to come to pass
suceder {v} :: to succeed to, to follow
suceptibilidad {f} :: susceptibility
sucesión {f} :: succession
sucesión {f} [mathematics] :: series
sucesivamente {adv} :: successively
sucesivo {adj} :: successive
suceso {m} :: event, happening
sucesor {adj} :: succeeding
sucesor {m} :: successor
sucesorio {adj} :: successional
súchil {m} [rare, dialectal, Mexico] :: flower
Suchitepéquez {prop} :: Suchitepéquez (department)
suciamente {adv} :: dirtily
suciedad {f} :: dirt
suciedad {f} :: dirtiness, filth
suciedad {f} :: prurience; metaphorical dirtiness
sucintamente {adv} :: succinctly
sucinto {adj} :: succinct, brief, concise
sucio {adj} :: dirty, filthy
sucio {adj} :: sinful, tainted
sucio {adj} :: obscene, vulgar
sucísimo {adj} :: superlative of sucio; extremely dirty
sucitar {v} [dated or nonstandard] :: alternative form of suscitar
sucra {f} [Louisiana] :: sugar
sucralosa {f} [carbohydrate] :: sucralose
sucre {m} :: sucre (former currency of Ecuador)
Sucre {prop} :: Sucre
sucreña {f} :: feminine noun of sucreño
sucreño {adj} :: Of or from Sucre, Colombia
sucreño {m} :: An inhabitant of Sucre, Colombia
sucrense {adj} :: Of or from Sucre, Bolivia
sucrense {mf} :: Someone from Sucre, Bolivia
súcubo {m} :: succubus
suculencia {f} :: succulence
suculento {adj} :: succulent, juicy
sucumbir {v} :: to succumb
sucursal {adj} [attributive] :: branch (of a company or organization)
sucursal {f} :: branch (a location of an organization with several locations)
sud {m} [Latin America] :: south
sudaca {mf} [Spain, offensive, derogatory, vulgar, slang] :: A South American, especially one considered to have Amerindian features or a non-European accent; spic/spick
sudadera {f} :: sweatshirt, hoodie
sudadero {m} :: sweater
Sudáfrica {prop} {f} :: South Africa
sudafricana {f} :: feminine noun of sudafricano
sudafricano {adj} :: South African
sudafricano {m} :: South African
Sudamérica {prop} {f} :: South America (continent that is the southern part of the Americas)
sudamericana {f} :: feminine of sudamericano
sudamericano {m} :: South American
sudamericano {adj} :: South American
Sudán {prop} {m} :: Sudan (Republic of Sudan)
Sudán del Sur {prop} {m} :: South Sudan
sudanés {adj} :: Sudanese
sudanés {m} :: Sudanese
sudanesa {f} :: feminine noun of sudanés
sudánico {adj} :: Sudanic
sudar {v} :: to sweat
sudar {vtr} [vulgar, Spain] :: to not care
sudar como un pollo {v} [simile] :: sweat like a pig
sudario {m} :: shroud
sudar la gota gorda {v} [idiom] :: to sweat buckets
sudársela {v} [idiom] :: To not give a shit
sudcaliforniana {f} :: feminine noun of sudcaliforniano
sudcaliforniano {adj} :: Of or from the Mexican state of Baja California Sur
sudcaliforniano {m} :: An inhabitant of the Mexican state of Baja California Sur
sudcoreana {f} :: feminine noun of sudcoreano
sudcoreano {adj} :: alternative form of surcoreano
sudcoreano {m} :: alternative form of surcoreano
sudestada {f} [Latin America] :: alternative form of surestada
sudeste {m} :: southeast
Sudetes {prop} {mp} :: Sudeten (series of mountains)
sudista {mf} :: southerner
sudoccidental {adj} :: southwestern
sudoeste {m} :: southwest
sudoku {m} [games, puzzles] :: sudoku
sudor {m} :: sweat
sudoración {f} :: sweating
sudorcillo {m} :: diminutive of sudor
sudoriental {adj} :: southeastern
sudoríparo {adj} :: sudoriparous, sudoriferous
sudoroso {adj} :: sweaty (having a tendency to sweat)
sudrá {m} [Hinduism] :: Shudra
sudsudeste {m} :: south-southeast
sudsudoeste {m} :: south-south-west
sudsudueste {m} :: south-southwest
sudsueste {m} :: south-southeast
sudsureste {m} :: south-southeast
sudsuroeste {m} :: south-southwest
sudvietnamita {mf} :: South Vietnamese
sudvietnamita :: South Vietnamese
sueca {f} :: feminine noun of sueco
Suecia {prop} {f} :: Sweden
sueco {adj} :: Swedish (from or native to Sweden)
sueco {adj} :: Swedish (pertaining to Sweden)
sueco {m} :: a Swede
sueco {m} :: the Swedish language
suegra {f} :: mother-in-law (spouse's mother)
suegrastra {f} :: stepmother-in-law
suegrastro {m} :: stepfather-in-law
suegro {m} :: parent-in-law; father-in-law (mother-in-law when feminine)
suela {f} :: sole
sueldazo {m} :: whopping salary
sueldito {m} :: diminutive of sueldo
sueldo {m} :: salary
sueldo {m} :: Any of several historical European units of currency, including the solidus, sol, and soldo
suelo {m} :: ground, floor, soil
suelo de fundación {m} [architecture] :: Area where the foundations of a building or a complex are located
suelta {f} :: release
suelto {adj} :: free, loose, undone
suelto {adj} :: isolated, separate
suelto {adj} :: free, agile, fluent
suelto {adj} [colloquial, derogatory, of a person] :: easy (consenting readily to sex)
sueña con los angelitos {phrase} :: sweet dreams (phrase said before going to sleep)
sueñito {m} :: diminutive of sueño
sueno {m} [obsolete] :: sound
sueño {m} :: sleep
sueño {m} :: sleepiness
sueño {m} :: dream
sueño guajiro {m} [Mexico] :: pipe dream
sueño libertador {m} [literally] :: liberator dream
sueño libertador {m} [sports, soccer] :: The dream of winning the Copa Libertadores football (soccer) competition. Thus, when a team gets eliminated from the competition, it is said that the team has waken up from the liberator dream
sueño mojado {m} :: wet dream
suero {m} :: serum
suero {m} :: whey
suero {m} :: IV or intravenous line or fluid
suero de soya {m} :: whey
suerte {f} :: luck, fortune
suerte {f} :: lot, fate
suerte {f} :: sort, kind, type
suerte {f} :: oracular response
suerte {f} [bullfighting] :: stage in a bullfight
suerte {f} [Latin America] :: lottery ticket
suerte {interj} :: good luck!
suertudo {adj} :: lucky (having good luck)
suertudo {m} :: lucky devil; lucky sod
sueste {m} :: southeast (compass point)
suéter {m} :: sweater, pullover
sueva {f} :: feminine noun of suevo
suevo {m} :: Suevian; Suebi
suevo {adj} :: Suevian; Suebi
Suez {prop} {m} :: Suez
sufí {adj} :: Sufi
sufí {mf} :: Sufi
suficiencia {f} :: sufficiency
suficiencia {f} :: smugness
suficiente {adj} :: sufficient, enough
suficientemente {adv} :: sufficiently
sufientemente {adv} [nonstandard] :: alternative form of suficientemente
sufijación {f} :: suffixation
sufijar {v} :: to suffix
sufijo {m} :: suffix
sufijo {adj} :: [of an affix] suffixed
sufismo {m} :: Sufism
sufragáneo {m} :: suffragan
sufragáneo {adj} :: suffragan
sufragante {mf} [Latin America] :: voter
sufragar {v} :: to help
sufragar {v} :: to support
sufragar {v} :: to finance
sufragar {v} [Latin America] :: To vote
sufragio {m} :: suffrage
sufragista {mf} :: suffragist/suffragette
sufridor {adj} :: suffering
sufridor {m} :: sufferer
sufriente {adj} :: suffering
sufrimiento {m} :: suffering
sufrir {vt} :: to suffer
sufrútice {m} :: subshrub, suffrutex
sugerencia {f} :: suggestion
sugerente {adj} :: suggestive
sugerible {adj} :: suggestable
sugerir {v} :: to suggest
sugestión {f} :: suggestion
sugestionable {adj} :: suggestible (easily convinced)
sugestionar {v} :: to influence
sugestivamente {adv} :: suggestively
sugestivo {adj} :: suggestive
sugilación {f} :: lovebite
suicida {adj} :: suicidal
suicida {mf} :: suicide (person)
suicidar {vt} [colloquial, euphemistic] :: to kill
suicidar {vr} :: to commit suicide
suicidarse {v} :: to commit suicide
suicidio {m} :: suicide (the act of killing oneself)
sui géneris {adj} :: sui generis
suimanga {m} :: sunbird
suino {adj} :: swine
suión {m} :: Swede (member of the Swedes)
suiona {f} :: feminine noun of suión
suirirí {m} :: whistling duck
suite {f} :: suite (rooms, hotel)
suiza {f} :: feminine noun of suizo
Suiza {prop} {f} :: Switzerland
suizo {adj} :: Swiss
suizo {m} :: A person from Switzerland
suizo {m} :: a type of bun covered in sugar
sujeción {f} :: subjection
sujetación {f} :: alternative spelling of sujeción
sujetado {adj} :: subjected
sujetador {m} :: holder (someone or something that holds another thing)
sujetador {m} :: fastener
sujetador {m} :: clip, pin [for hair, papers, etc.]
sujetador {m} :: bra, brassiere
sujetapapeles {m} :: paper clip
sujetapapeles {m} :: binder clip
sujetapuertas {m} :: doorstop
sujetar {v} :: to steady, hold, secure, attach, fasten
sujetar {v} :: to subject
sujetavelas {m} :: third wheel (An unwanted third party accompanying two people on a date)
sujeto {adj} :: held, grasped
sujeto {adj} :: attached
sujeto {m} :: matter, subject
sujeto {m} :: person
sujeto federal {m} :: federal subject
Sujumi {prop} {m} :: Sukhumi (capital city)
sulcar {v} :: obsolete spelling of surcar
suletino {m} :: Souletin
sulfatación {f} :: sulfation
sulfatador {m} :: A machine used in sulfation
sulfatar {v} :: to sulfate
sulfatasa {f} [enzyme] :: sulfatase
sulfato {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: sulfate/sulphate
sulfhídrico {adj} :: sulfhydric
sulfhidrilo {m} [chemistry] :: sulfhydryl
sulfídico {adj} :: sulfidic
sulfonación {f} :: sulphonation
sulfonamida {f} [chemistry] :: sulfonamide
sulfonato {m} [chemistry] :: sulfonate
sulfónico {adj} :: sulfonic
sulfosal {f} [mineralogy] :: sulfosalt
sulfóxido {m} [chemistry] :: sulfoxide
sulfurar {v} :: to sulphurate
sulfúreo {adj} :: sulfurous
sulfúrico {adj} :: sulfuric
sulfurizador {adj} :: sulphurising
sulfuro {m} [chemistry] :: sulfide
sulfuroso {adj} :: sulfurous
sultán {m} :: sultan
sultana {f} :: sultana
sultanato {m} :: sultanate
suma {f} :: sum
suma {f} :: addition
sumación {f} :: summation
sumador {adj} :: adding
sumador {m} [electronics] :: adder
Su Majestad {m} :: Your Majesty
Su Majestad {m} :: His Majesty, Her Majesty
sumamente {adv} :: most
sumamente {adv} :: highly
sumamente {adv} :: extremely
sumando {m} [math] :: addend
sumar {v} :: to add
sumar {v} [mathematics] :: To add, to add up
sumar {vr} :: to join up
sumar dos más dos {v} [idiomatic] :: to put two and two together
sumarial {adj} :: summarised
sumariamente {adv} :: summarily
sumariar {v} [legal] :: to indict
sumario {adj} :: summary
sumario {m} :: summary
sumario {m} :: table of contents
sumarísimo {adj} [legal] :: extremely brief
sumarse {v} :: reflexive of sumar
suma sacerdotisa {f} :: high priestess, feminine noun of sumo sacerdote
Sumatera {prop} :: alternative form of Sumatra
sumatoria {f} :: summation
sumatoria {f} :: sum total
sumatorio {m} :: summation
sumatorio {m} :: sum total
Sumatra {prop} :: Sumatra
suma y sigue {m} [idiom] :: a great deal; one after another
sumercé {pron} [Colombia, cundiboyacense] :: Polite second-person singular pronoun
sumergible {adj} :: Submersible
sumergible {adj} :: (by extension) Waterproof
sumergible {m} :: A submarine
sumergir {v} :: to submerge
sumergirse {v} :: reflexive of sumergir
sumeria {f} :: feminine noun of sumerio
Sumeria {prop} {f} :: Sumer
sumerio {adj} :: Sumerian
sumerio {m} :: Sumerian (person)
sumerio {m} :: Sumerian (language)
sumersión {f} :: submersion
sumidad {f} :: top
sumidero {m} :: drain
sumidero {m} :: sewer
sumilla {f} :: short summary
sumiller {m} :: A wine waiter or sommelier
suministración {f} :: supply
suministrador {m} :: supplier
suministradora {f} :: feminine noun of suministrador
suministrar {v} :: to provide, supply
suministro {m} :: provision, supply
sumir {v} :: to submerge
sumisamente {adv} :: submissively
sumisión {f} :: submission
sumisión {f} :: submissiveness
sumiso {adj} :: submissive
súmmum {m} :: height (e.g. of luxury)
sumo {adj} :: highest, greatest, superlative
sumo {adj} :: utmost
sumo {m} [martial arts] :: sumo
sumo sacerdote {m} :: high priest
sunchalense {adj} :: Of or from Sunchales
sunchalense {mf} :: Someone from Sunchales
suncho {m} :: hoop
suncho {m} :: Flourensia campestris
suní {adj} :: Sunni
suní {mf} :: Sunni
sunita {adj} :: alternative form of suní
sunita {mf} :: alternative form of suní
sunnita {adj} :: alternative form of suní
sunnita {mf} :: alternative form of suní
sunroof {m} :: sunroof
suntuario {adj} :: sumptuary
suntuosamente {adv} :: richly
suntuosidad {f} :: sumptuosity
suntuosísimo {adj} :: superlative of suntuoso
suntuoso {adj} :: sumptuous
sup. {adj} :: abbreviation of superior
supeditación {f} :: subordination
supeditar {v} :: to subordinate
super- {prefix} :: super-, over-
super {adj} [intensifier] :: very, mega
súper {adj} [familiar] :: superb, great
súper {m} :: supermarket
superable {adj} :: superable
superabuelo {m} :: super-grandad
superabundancia {f} :: redundancy; overabundance
superabundante {adj} :: superabundant
superácido {m} [chemistry] :: superacid
superación {f} :: overcoming
superación {f} :: self-improvement
superadmirable {adj} :: superadmirable
superagencia {m} :: superagency
superagente {mf} :: superagent
superaleación {f} :: superalloy
superalimento {m} :: superfood
superalto {adj} :: super-tall
superalto {adj} :: super-high
superamiga {f} :: bestie; really close friend
superar {v} :: to surpass
superar {v} :: to overcome
superar {v} :: to beat
superar {v} :: overtake, pass
superarma {f} :: superweapon
superarse {v} :: reflexive of superar
superastro {m} :: superstar
superavit {m} :: alternative form of superávit
superávit {m} :: surplus
superavitario {adj} :: surplus
superbacteria {f} :: superbug
superbanda {f} :: supergroup
superbién {adv} [colloquial] :: really well
superbo {adj} :: obsolete spelling of soberbio
superbueno {adj} :: really good; awesome; amazing
supercalifragilisticoexpialidoso {adj} :: supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
supercampeón {m} [sports] :: Winner of a super cup
supercargador {m} :: supercharger
supercariñoso {adj} [colloquial] :: really loving, really tender
superceloso {adj} :: really jealous
supercentenaria {f} :: supercentenarian
supercentenario {m} :: supercentenarian
superchería {f} :: fraud
superchero {adj} :: fraudulent
superchulo {adj} [colloquial] :: really cute, really lovely
superciclo {m} :: supercycle
superciliar {adj} [anatomy] :: relating to or located in the supercilium (region of the eyebrows)
superclase {f} :: superclass
superclase {f} [taxonomy] :: superclass
superclásico {m} [soccer, Argentina] :: A soccer match between River Plate and Boca Juniors, which are both based in Buenos Aires and are the two most successful teams in Argentina
supercola {f} :: superglue
supercómodo {adj} [colloquial] :: really comfortable or convenient
supercomputación {f} :: supercomputing
supercomputador {m} [computing] :: supercomputer (computer that has great processing power)
supercomputadora {f} [Latin America] :: supercomputer
supercomún {adj} :: extremely common
supercomunidad {f} :: super-community
supercondensador {m} :: supercapacitor
superconductividad {f} :: superconductivity
superconductor {m} :: superconductor
superconductora {f} [physics] :: superconductor
superconjunto {m} :: superset
supercontento {adj} :: really happy; over the moon
supercontinente {m} :: supercontinent (very large continent in the Earth’s past)
supercopa {f} [sports] :: super cup, cup winner's cup
supercosecha {f} :: great harvest
supercreyente {adj} :: really religious
supercrítico {adj} [physics] :: supercritical
supercross {m} :: supercross
supercuerda {f} :: superstring
supercúmulo {m} :: supercluster
superdeluxe {adj} :: superdeluxe
superdeportiva {f} :: superbike
superdeportivo {m} :: Top-range sports car
superdepredador {m} :: apex predator
superdotación {f} :: giftedness
superdotada {f} :: feminine noun of superdotado
superdotado {adj} :: well-endowed (highly gifted or talented)
superdotado {m} :: well-endowed (highly gifted person)
superego {m} :: superego
superenemigo {m} :: archenemy
superenrollado {adj} [genetics] :: supercoiled
superenrollamiento {m} [genetics] :: supercoil
superentidad {f} :: alt form supraentidad
superentretenido {adj} :: superfun
supereón {m} [geology] :: supereon
superescalar {adj} :: superscalar
superespecie {f} :: superspecies
superestrato {m} :: superstratum
superestrella {f} :: superstar
superestresante {adj} :: extremely stressful
superestructura {f} :: superstructure
superexcitado {adj} :: extremely excited
superéxito {m} :: great success
superexperimentado {adj} :: really experienced
superexplotación {f} :: synonym of sobreexplotación
superfamilia {f} :: superfamily
superfavorito {m} :: firm favourite
superfetación {f} :: superfetation
superficial {adj} :: surficial
superficial {adj} :: shallow, lacking substance
superficialidad {f} :: superficiality
superficialísimo {adj} :: superlative of superficial
superficialmente {adv} :: superficially
superficiario {adj} :: leasehold
superficie {f} :: surface
superfilo {m} [taxonomy] :: superphylum
superfinal {f} :: superfinal
superfluamente {adv} :: superfluously
superfluidad {f} :: superfluity
superfluidez {f} [physics] :: superfluidity
superfluido {adj} [physics] :: superfluid (exhibiting superfluidity)
superfluido {m} [physics] :: superfluid (substance that exhibits superfluidity)
superfluo {adj} :: superfluous
superfortaleza {f} :: superpower
superfuerza {f} :: superstrength
supergallo {adj} [boxing] :: of super bantamweight weight class
supergenio {m} :: supergenius
supergérmen {f} :: super-germen
supergigante {f} :: supergiant
supergigante azul {f} :: blue supergiant
supergravedad {f} :: supergravity
supergrupo {m} :: supergroup
superhéroe {m} :: superhero
superheroína {f} :: superheroine
superhombre {m} :: overman, superman
superhumana {f} :: feminine noun of superhumano
superhumano {adj} :: superhuman
superhumano {m} :: superhuman
superimponer {v} :: to superimpose
superimportante {adj} :: super important
superíndice {m} :: superscript
superinteligencia {f} :: superintelligence
superinteligente {adj} :: highly intelligent, superintelligent
superintendencia {f} :: superintendency
superintendenta {f} :: feminine noun of superintendente
superintendente {mf} :: superintendent
superior {adj} :: upper, higher
superior {adj} :: better
superior {adj} :: superior
superior {m} :: boss
superiora {f} :: mother superior
superioridad {f} :: superiority
superiorísimo {adj} :: superlative of superior
superiormente {adv} :: superbly
superiormente {adv} :: superiorly
superlativamente {adv} :: superlatively
superlativo {adj} :: superlative
superlativo {m} :: superlative
superliga {f} [sports] :: superleague
superligero {adj} [boxing] :: light welterweight
superlujo {m} :: super-luxury
superlujoso {adj} :: extremely luxurious; in the lap of luxury
superluna {f} [astronomy] :: supermoon
supermaduro {adj} :: extremely mature
supermamá {f} :: supermum
supermán {m} :: superman (person of extraordinary or seemingly superhuman powers)
supermanzana {f} :: superblock
supermáquina {f} :: super-machine
supermasivo {adj} :: supermassive
supermayoría {f} :: supermajority
supermediano {adj} :: super middleweight
supermedio {m} [boxing] :: super middleweight (weight division and boxer)
supermercadista {adj} [attributive] :: supermarket
supermercado {m} :: supermarket
supermillonario {m} :: bazillionaire
superministro {m} :: senior minister; overlord
supermoda {adj} :: high-fashion
supermodelo {mf} :: supermodel
supermosca {adj} :: super flyweight
supernatural {adj} :: supernatural
supernecesario {adj} :: totally necessary
super-Niño {m} :: super-Niño
supernova {m} :: supernova
supernumerario {adj} :: supernumerary
supero- {prefix} [anatomy] :: supero-
súpero {adj} [botany] :: superior; upper
superoído {m} :: superhearing
superolateral {adj} [anatomy] :: superolateral
superomedial {adj} [anatomy] :: superomedial
superorden {m} [taxonomy] :: superorder
superordenador {m} [Spain] :: supercomputer
superorganismo {m} [biology] :: superorganism
superóxido {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: superoxide
superpesado {adj} :: super heavyweight
superpesado {adj} :: chronically annoying
superpesado {m} [boxing] :: super heavyweight (boxing class)
superpetrolero {m} :: supertanker
superpluma {adj} :: super featherweight
superpoblación {f} :: overpopulation
superpoblado {adj} :: highly populated
superpoblar {v} :: to overpopulate
superpoder {m} :: superpower (fictional extraordinary ability)
superpoderoso {adj} :: all-powerful
superponer {v} :: to superimpose
superponible {adj} :: superimposable
superposición {f} :: superposition
superpospanamax {adj} :: Having a size larger than the post-Panamax vessels
superpotencia {f} :: superpower
superpotente {adj} :: ultrapowerful
superprecio {m} :: sky-high price
superproducción {f} :: superproduction
superrápido {adj} :: ultrafast, superfast
superreducido {adj} :: cut-price
superrico {adj} :: superrich
supersaludable {adj} :: extremely healthy
supersecreto {adj} :: top secret
superservidor {m} :: super-server
supersignificativo {adj} :: Extremely significant
supersimetría {f} :: supersymmetry
supersimétrico {adj} :: supersymmetric
supersoldado {m} :: supersoldier
supersónico {adj} :: supersonic
superstición {f} :: superstition
supersticiosamente {adv} :: superstitiously
supersticioso {adj} :: superstitious
supersueldo {m} :: huge salary
supertaquillero {adj} :: box-office smash
supertarde {adv} [colloquial] :: really late
Súper Tazón {prop} {m} :: Super Bowl
supertifón {m} :: supertyphoon
supertribu {f} [taxonomy] :: supertribe
superturismo {m} :: Super Touring
supervalle {adj} [Spain] :: Pertaining to a price range in certain government-run electricity contracts, corresponding to night-time usage
supervalorar {v} :: to overvalue
supervariado {adj} :: highly varied
supervelocidad {f} :: superspeed
supervenir {v} :: to happen, to arise
superventas {adj} :: bestselling/best-selling
superventas {m} :: bestseller/best seller/best-seller
supervía {f} [Mexico] :: highway
supervigilancia {f} :: supervision
supervigilar {v} :: to surveil; oversee
supervillana {f} :: (female) supervillain; supervillainess
supervillano {m} :: supervillain
supervip {m} :: super-VIP
supervisar {vt} :: to supervise
supervisión {f} :: supervision
supervisor {m} :: supervisor
supervisora {f} :: feminine noun of supervisor
supervivencia {f} :: survival
supervivencial {adj} [attributive] :: survival
supervivencialista {m} :: A survivalist
superviviente {adj} :: surviving
superviviente {mf} :: survivor
supervivir {v} :: alternative form of sobrevivir
supervolcán {m} :: supervolcano
superyó {m} :: In psychoanalysis, Freud's concept of superego
supinación {f} :: supination
supinador {m} [anatomy] :: supinator; muscle that causes supination
supinador largo {m} :: brachioradialis
supinamente {adv} :: supinely
supino {adj} :: supine
suplantación {f} :: identity theft
suplantar {v} :: to supplant
suplefaltas {m} :: fall guy; scapegoat
suplementación {f} :: supplementation
suplemental {adj} :: supplemental, supplementary
suplementar {v} :: to supplement
suplementario {adj} :: supplementary
suplemento {m} :: supplement
suplencia {f} :: substitution, replacement
suplente {mf} :: substitute, surrogate (person that acts as a substitute)
supletoriamente {adv} :: additionally
supletorio {adj} :: temporary
supletorio {adj} :: supplementary, extra
súplica {f} :: plea (appeal, petition, entreaty)
suplicación {f} :: begging; plea
suplicación {f} [legal] :: appeal
suplicación {f} :: biscuit roll
suplicante {adj} :: supplicant
suplicar {v} :: to beg; to supplicate
suplicatorio {m} [legal] :: request; application
suplicio {m} :: anguish, suffering, torment, torture
suplicio {m} :: punishment
suplir {v} :: to substitute
suplir {v} :: to supply
suplir {v} :: to eke out
suponer {v} :: to suppose, assume, guess
suponer {v} :: to comprise, make up
suposición {f} :: supposition
supositorio {m} :: suppository, (small medicinal plug that is inserted into the rectum)
supra- {prefix} :: supra-
supracaudal {adj} :: supracaudal
supracondíleo {adj} [anatomy] :: supracondylar
supraduodenal {adj} [anatomy] :: supraduodenal
supraentidad {f} :: superentity
supraescapular {adj} [anatomy] :: suprascapular
supraespinoso {m} :: supraspinatus
supraestatal {adj} :: suprastate
supraglenoideo {adj} [anatomy] :: supraglenoid
suprahistórico {adj} :: suprahistorical
supralabial {adj} :: supralabial
supramolecular {adj} :: supramolecular
supramunicipal {adj} :: supramunicipal
supranacional {adj} :: supranational
supranacionalidad {f} :: supranational union
supraocular {adj} :: supraocular
supraorbital {adj} :: supraorbital
supraorbitario {adj} [anatomy] :: supraorbital
supraorganismo {m} :: supraorganism
suprapartido {adj} :: above other political parties
suprapoder {m} :: superpower (someone with a huge amount of power)
supraquiasmático {adj} :: suprachiasmatic
suprarrenal {adj} :: suprarenal
suprasegmental {adj} :: suprasegmental
supraventricular {adj} :: supraventricular
suprayacente {adj} :: overlying
supremacía {f} :: supremacy
supremacismo {m} :: supremacism
supremacista {adj} :: supremacist
supremacista {mf} :: supremacist
supremamente {adv} :: supremely
suprematismo {m} :: suprematism
suprematista {mf} :: suprematist
supremo {adj} :: supreme
supresión {f} :: suppression
supresión {f} :: deletion
supresor {m} :: suppressor, suppressant
supresora {f} :: feminine of supresor
suprimir {v} :: to suppress
supuestamente {adv} :: supposedly
supuestísimo {adj} :: superlative of supuesto
supuesto {adj} :: supposed, self-styled, alleged
supuesto {m} :: assumption, hypothesis
supuesto que {conj} :: since, inasmuch as
supuración {f} :: suppuration
supurar {v} :: to ooze
supurar {v} :: to produce pus
supurativo {adj} :: suppurative; forming or discharging pus
suputar {v} :: to compute, calculate
sur {m} :: south
sura {m} :: sura
surafricano {adj} :: South African
sural {adj} [anatomy] :: sural
Suramérica {prop} {f} :: South America (continent that is the southern part of the Americas)
suramericana {f} :: feminine of suramericano
suramericano {adj} :: South American
suramericano {m} :: South American
surandino {adj} :: southern Andean
surcar {v} :: to plow
surcar {v} :: to navigate the seas (or air) as if ploughing them
surcir {vt} [obsolete] :: To darn; to mend
surco {m} :: furrow (agriculture)
surco {m} :: deep wrinkle, furrow
surco {m} :: stria
surco {m} :: line, groove, rut, track
surco {m} :: dent
surco {m} :: groove (of a music disc)
surcoreana {f} :: feminine noun of surcoreano
surcoreano {adj} :: South Korean
surcoreano {m} :: South Korean
súrculo {m} :: Single stem of a tree or plant without branches
sureña {f} :: feminine noun of sureño
sureño {adj} :: southern
sureño {m} :: southerner
surestada {f} [meteorology, Latin America] :: A wet wind from the south east
sureste {m} :: southeast
surf {m} :: surfing
surfactante {m} :: surfactant
surfeador {m} :: surfer
surfear {v} :: to surf
surfera {f} :: feminine noun of surfero
surfero {m} [chiefly US] :: surfer
surfing {m} :: surfing
surfismo {m} :: surfing
surfista {mf} :: surfer
surgencia {f} :: upwelling
surgidero {m} [nautical] :: anchorage
surgimiento {m} :: emergence, rise
surgir {vi} :: to emerge
surgir {vi} :: to appear
suri {m} :: rhea
surí {m} :: Any of various edible worms, especially those found on the moriche palm
suricata {f} :: meerkat
suricato {m} :: suricat
surime {m} :: alternative spelling of surimi
Surinam {prop} :: Suriname
surinamés {adj} :: Surinamese
surinamés {m} :: Surinamese
surmontado {adj} [heraldry] :: surmounted
suroccidental {adj} :: southwestern
suroccidente {m} :: southeast
suroeste {m} :: southwest
suroriental {adj} :: south-east
suroriente {m} :: southeast, southeastern area
surponiente {adj} :: southwest
surreal {adj} :: surreal
surrealismo {m} :: surrealism
surrealista {adj} :: surreal
surrealista {adj} :: surrealistic
surrealista {mf} :: surrealist
sursudanés {adj} :: South Sudanese
sursudanés {m} :: South Sudanese
sursudeste {m} :: south-southeast
sursudoeste {m} :: south-southwest
sursudueste {m} :: south-southwest
sursueste {m} :: south-southeast
sursureste {m} :: south-southeast
sursuroeste {m} :: south-southwest
surtido {adj} :: assorted
surtidor {m} :: jet, spurt (of a liquid)
surtidor {m} :: supplier
surtidora {f} :: supplier
surtir {v} :: to provide
surtir {v} :: to furnish, to stock
surtir {v} :: to spurt, to shoot up
surtir efecto {v} :: to take effect
surto {adj} :: tranquil, calm
surubí {m} :: Any of several catfishlike fishes of the genus Pseudoplatystoma
survietnamita {mf} :: South Vietnamese person
sus {adj} :: plural of su His, her, its, one's
sus {adj} [formal] :: Your
Susana {prop} {f} :: given name, equivalent to English Susan
Susana {prop} {f} :: Susanna (Biblical figure)
susceptibilidad {f} :: susceptibility
susceptible {adj} :: amenable
susceptible {adj} :: sensitive
susceptible {adj} :: capable (of) (followed by de, and an action)
suscitar {v} :: to provoke
suscribir {v} :: to subscribe
suscripción {f} :: subscription
suscriptor {m} [law] :: executor
suscriptor {m} :: subscriber (person who subscribes to a publication)
suscriptora {f} :: feminine noun of suscriptor
sushi {m} :: sushi
sushirrito {m} :: A large 10 to 12 inch burrito-like sushi roll eaten like a burrito
susidio {m} :: worry; anxiety attack
susmercedes {pron} [Colombia, cundiboyacense] :: plural of sumercé (polite second-person plural pronoun)
suso {adv} [archaic] :: above
Suso {prop} {m} :: A diminutive of the male given name Jesús
susodicho {adj} :: aforementioned
suspender {v} :: to suspend
suspender {v} :: to flunk, to fail to pass an exam or class
suspendido {adj} :: suspended
suspendido {adj} :: failed (exam)
suspense {m} :: suspense
suspense {m} :: thriller
suspensión {f} :: suspension
suspensión {f} :: hanging, dangling, suspending
suspensión {f} :: suspension, interruption, discontinuation, cessation
suspensión {f} :: suspense, uncertainty, anxiety
suspensivo {adj} :: suspensive
suspensivo {adj} :: suspensory
suspenso {adj} :: failed
suspenso {m} :: suspense
suspensoide {m} :: suspensoid
suspensorio {m} :: jockstrap
suspensorio {m} :: suspensory
suspicacia {f} :: suspicion, mistrust
suspicaz {adj} :: suspicious, suspect
suspirante {adj} :: sighing
suspirar {v} :: to sigh
suspiro {m} :: sigh
sustancia {f} :: substance
sustancia blanca {f} :: white matter
sustanciación {f} :: trial; litigation
sustanciador {m} :: litigator
sustanciadora {f} :: litigator
sustancial {adj} :: substantial
sustancialmente {adv} :: substantially
sustanciar {v} [law] :: to try or litigate a case
sustancioso {adj} :: substantial
sustancioso {adj} :: hearty, substantial
sustantivamente {adv} :: substantively
sustantivar {v} :: to substantivise
sustantivo {adj} :: substantive
sustantivo {m} :: noun, substantive
sustantivo abstracto {m} [grammar] :: abstract noun
sustantivo colectivo {m} :: collective noun
sustantivo concreto {m} :: concrete noun
sustentabilidad {f} :: sustainability
sustentable {adj} :: sustainable
sustentación {f} :: sustainment
sustentación {f} [academic] :: defense (of a thesis)
sustentáculo {m} :: substantiation
sustentáculo {m} [anatomy] :: sustentaculum
sustentador {m} :: breadwinner
sustentadora {f} :: feminine of sustentador
sustentante {adj} :: sustaining; nourishing; supporting; nourishing
sustentante {m} :: candidate; sitter (of an exam)
sustentar {v} :: to sustain
sustento {m} :: A support
sustento {m} :: Sustenance
sustento {m} :: A person's livelihood