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é {interj}  :: erm; um; used in hesitant speech
é {interj}  :: that’s right; yes; indicates agreement
é {m}  :: e (name of the letter E, e)
ébano {adj}  :: ebony (deep, dark black colour)
ébano {m}  :: ebony (colour)
ébano {m}  :: ebony (tree)
ébano {m}  :: ebony (wood)
ébria {adj}  :: feminine form of ébrio
ébrias {adj}  :: feminine plural of ébrio
ébrio {adj}  :: drunk
écran {m}  :: alternative form of ecrã
Édipo {prop} [Greek mythology]  :: Oedipus (son of Laius and Jocasta)
e {conj}  :: and
e {m} [logic]  :: and, conjunction
e aí {interj}
e aí {interj} [informal]  :: hi; what's up (a greeting)
eóa {adj}  :: feminine form of eóo
-ear {suffix}  :: forms verbs from adjectives and nouns, equivalent to English -ize
eóas {adj}  :: feminine plural of eóo
e assim por diante {phrase} [idiomatic]  :: and so on; and so forth (indicates that a list continues)
e assim vai {phrase} [idiomatic]  :: and so on; and so forth (indicates that a list continues)
EAU {prop}  :: UAE
eba {interj}  :: yay (an expression of happiness)
ebânea {adj}  :: feminine form of ebâneo
ebâneas {adj}  :: feminine plural of ebâneo
ebâneo {adj}  :: ebony (deep, dark black in colour)
ebola {m} [virology]  :: Ebola virus (extremely contagious filovirus of African origin that causes Ebola fever)
ebonite {f}  :: ebonite (product of vulcanising rubber with sulphur)
e-book {m}  :: e-book
ebórea {adj}  :: feminine form of ebóreo
ebóreas {adj}  :: feminine plural of ebóreo
ebóreo {adj}  :: ivory (made of ivory)
ebúrneo {adj}  :: ivory (made of ivory)
Ebro {prop}  :: Ebro
ebulição {f}  :: boiling
ebulição {f}  :: ebullition
eca {interj}  :: An exclamation of disgust: yuck
Ecaterimburgo {prop}  :: Yekaterinburg (city in Russia)
Ecbátana {prop} [historical]  :: Ecbatana (city in Iran)
echarpe {f}  :: scarf (long garment worn around the neck)
echo {m}  :: obsolete spelling of eco
ecléctico {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of eclético
eclesial {adj}  :: ecclesiastical (pertaining to the church)
Eclesiastes {prop} [biblical]  :: Ecclesiastes (book of the Bible)
eclesiologia {f}  :: ecclesiology (branch of theology)
eclesiástico {adj}  :: ecclesiastical (pertaining to the church)
eclipsar {v}  :: to eclipse
eclipse {m}  :: eclipse
eclipse lunar {m} [astronomy]  :: lunar eclipse (when the Earth casts its shadow over the Moon)
eclipse solar {m} [astronomy]  :: solar eclipse (when the Moon passes between the Earth and the sun)
eclodir {vi}  :: to hatch (to emerge from an egg)
ecólogo {m}  :: ecologist
eclíptica {adj}  :: feminine form of eclíptico
eclíptica {f} [astronomy]  :: ecliptic (Earth’s orbital plane)
eclética {adj}  :: feminine form of eclético
ecléticas {adj}  :: feminine plural of eclético
eclético {adj}  :: eclectic (selecting a mixture of what appear to be best of various doctrines, methods or styles)
eclusa {f}  :: lock (segment of a canal)
eclusa {f}  :: sluice (artificial passage for water, fitted with a valve or gate)
ecônomo {m} [Brazil]  :: manciple, butler
eco {m}  :: echo (a reflected sound that is heard again by its initial observer)
eco- {prefix}  :: eco- (concerning ecology or the environment)
Eco {prop} [Greek god]  :: Echo (mythology)
ecoar {v}  :: to echo (to reflect sound)
ecoar {v}  :: to echo (to repeat back what another has just said)
ecogênica {adj}  :: feminine form of ecogênico
ecogênicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of ecogênico
ecogênico {adj} [medicine]  :: echogenic
ecolalia {f} [clinical psychology]  :: echolalia (echoing of words or phrases)
ecológico {adj}  :: ecological
ecologia {f}  :: ecology
e comercial {m}  :: ampersand (the symbol &)
e comercial {m} comercial
e como {phrase} como
e como {phrase} [idiomatic]  :: and how! (strong confirmation of preceding statement)
económica {adj}  :: feminine form of económico
econômica {adj}  :: feminine form of econômico
económicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of económico
econômicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of econômico
econômico {adj} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of económico
económico {adj}  :: economic
económico {adj}  :: economical
econometria {f}  :: econometrics
economia {f}  :: economy, frugality
economia {f}  :: economy (management of resources)
economia {f} [uncountable]  :: economics (study)
economia de mercado {f}  :: market economy (economy in which and services are exchanged in a free market)
economista {mf}  :: economist (expert in economics)
economizando {v}  :: gerund of economizar
economizar {v}  :: to economize, save
ecossistema {m}  :: ecosystem
ecrã {m} [Portugal]  :: screen (device used for displaying images)
ecstasy {m}  :: ecstasy (drug)
ecótone {m}  :: alternative form of ecótono
ecótono {m}  :: ecotone (a region of transition)
ectoparasita {m}  :: ectoparasite (parasite living on the surface of host organism)
ectoplasma {m} [parapsychology]  :: ectoplasm (visible substance believed to emanate from spiritualistic mediums)
ectoplásmica {adj}  :: feminine form of ectoplásmico
ectoplásmicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of ectoplásmico
ectoplásmico {adj}  :: ectoplasmic
ectoplástica {adj}  :: feminine form of ectoplástico
ectoplásticas {adj}  :: feminine plural of ectoplástico
ectoplástico {adj} [rare]  :: ectoplastic
ecumênico {adj} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of ecuménico
ecuménico {adj} [Portugal]  :: ecumenical (pertaining to the Christian Church worldwide)
eczema {m}  :: eczema (acute or chronic inflammation of the skin)
e daí {interj}  :: so what? (reply to an unimportant or irrelevant statement, indicating indifference on the part of the speaker)
edade {f}  :: obsolete form of idade
edafoclimática {adj}  :: feminine form of edafoclimático
edafoclimáticas {adj}  :: feminine plural of edafoclimático
edafoclimático {adj}  :: edaphoclimatic
edema {m}  :: oedema (excessive accumulation of serum in tissue)
edifício {m}  :: a building, an edifice
edificando {v}  :: gerund of edificar
edificação {f}  :: building
edificação {f}  :: edification
edificar {v}  :: to build
Edimburgo {prop}  :: Edinburgh (capital of Scotland)
edição {f}  :: edition
edição {f}  :: issue
edital {m}  :: advertisement (public notice)
editar {v}  :: to edit (to be the editor of a publication)
editar {v}  :: to edit (to change a text, or a document)
edito {m}  :: edict
editor {m} [computer software]  :: editor (program for modifying text files)
editor {m}  :: editor (person who edits)
editor {m}  :: publisher (one who publishes, especially books)
editora {f}  :: a publishing company
editora {f}  :: feminine form of editor
editorial {adj}  :: editorial (of or relating to an editor, editing, or an editorial)
editorial {m}  :: editorial (article giving the opinion of editors)
Edmonton {prop}  :: Edmonton (city in Canada)
edênico {adj}  :: alternative form of edénico
edénico {adj}  :: Edenic (of or suggesting Eden)
-edo {suffix}  :: forms collectives
edredão {m}  :: alternative form of edredom
edredom {m}  :: comforter; duvet (padded cover or quilt for a bed)
edredon {m}  :: alternative spelling of edredom
Eduardo {prop}  :: male given name, equivalent to Edward
educacional {adj}  :: educational (relating to education)
educada {adj}  :: feminine form of educado
educadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of educado
educado {adj}  :: educated
educado {adj}  :: well-mannered, polite
educando {v}  :: gerund of educar
educação {f}  :: education
educação física {f}  :: physical education
educação sexual {f}  :: sex education
educar {v}  :: to educate
educativo {adj}  :: educational; instructive
edível {adj}  :: edible (that can be eaten without harm)
Edwiges {prop}  :: Hedwig (female given name)
efe {m}  :: ef (name of the letter F, f)
efectivando {v}  :: gerund of efectivar
efectivação {f}  :: alternative form of efetivação
efectivar {v}  :: alternative form of efetivar
efectuando {v}  :: gerund of efectuar
efectuar {v}  :: obsolete form of efetuar
efedrina {f}  :: ephedrine (an alkaloid used as a drug)
efeito {m} [cinematography]  :: effect
efeito {m}  :: effect (result of an action)
efeito {m} [sound engineering]  :: effect
efeito borboleta {m}  :: butterfly effect (technical notion of sensitive dependence on initial conditions in chaos theory)
efeito colateral {m}  :: side effect (an adverse effect)
efeito dominó {m}  :: domino effect (chain of events)
efeito especial {m} [film, television]  :: special effect (effect that cannot be reasonably achieved by normal means)
efeito estufa {m} [ecology]  :: greenhouse effect (process by which a planet is warmed by its atmosphere)
efeito Mozart {m}  :: Mozart effect (supposed phenomenon by which listening to Mozart induces improvement in mental performance)
efeito sonoro {m}  :: sound effect (artificially created or enhanced sound)
efeminada {adj}  :: feminine form of efeminado
efeminadamente {adv}  :: effeminately (in an effeminate manner)
efeminadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of efeminado
efeminado {adj}  :: alternative form of afeminado
efemérida {f}  :: mayfly (insect of order Ephemeroptera)
eferente {adj}  :: efferent (which carries something away)
efervescente {adj}  :: effervescent; fizzy; sparkling (giving off bubbles)
efervescência {f}  :: effervescence
efetivando {v}  :: gerund of efetivar
efetivação {f}  :: effectiveness
efetivar {v}  :: to actualize
efetivar {v}  :: to effect
efetividade {f}  :: effectiveness
efetuar {v}  :: to carry out, accomplish
efetuar {v}  :: to do, perform
efeyto {m}  :: obsolete spelling of efeito
effeito {m}  :: obsolete spelling of efeito
effeyto {m}  :: obsolete spelling of efeito
efígie {f}  :: effigy (dummy or other crude representation)
eficacíssima {adj}  :: feminine form of eficacíssimo
eficacíssimas {adj}  :: feminine plural of eficacíssimo
eficacíssimo {adj}  :: most or very efficacious or effective
eficaz {adj}  :: effective, efficacious
eficácia {f}  :: efficacy, effectiveness
eficácia {f}  :: efficiency
eficiente {adj}  :: efficient (making good use of resources)
eficiência {f}  :: effectiveness
eficiência {f}  :: efficiency
efluente {adj}  :: effluent
efluente {m}  :: effluent
eflúvio {m}  :: aroma
eflúvio {m}  :: exhalation, emanation, effluence
eflúvio {m}  :: miasma
efémera {adj}  :: feminine form of efémero
efêmera {adj}  :: feminine form of efêmero
efémera {f}  :: mayfly (insect of order Ephemeroptera)
efêmeras {adj}  :: feminine plural of efêmero
efêmero {adj} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of efémero
efémero {adj} [Portugal]  :: ephemeral (not lasting)
efêndi {m}  :: effendi (Turkish title of respect)
Efésios {prop} [biblical]  :: Ephesians (book of the Bible)
egeu {adj}  :: Aegean (of or relating to the Aegean Sea)
egeu {adj} [archaeology]  :: Aegean (of or relating to the Bronze Age civilisation from the Aegean coast)
egeu {m} [archaeology]  :: a member of the Aegean civilisation
egiptólogo {m}  :: Egyptologist (person who studies Ancient Egypt)
Egipto {prop}  :: Egypt
egiptologia {f}  :: Egyptology (the study of Ancient Egypt)
eglefim {m}  :: haddock (marine fish)
ego {m}  :: ego (the self)
ego {m} [psychology]  :: ego (most central part of the mind)
egocentrismo {m}  :: egocentrism (following ones egotistical desires)
egoísmo {m}  :: egoism (tendency to think of self)
egoísta {adj}  :: selfish (holding one’s self-interest as the standard for decision making)
egoísta {f}  :: a selfish person
egípcia {adj}  :: feminine form of egípcio
egípcio {adj}  :: Egyptian
egípcio {m}  :: Egyptian (person)
egrégia {adj}  :: feminine form of egrégio
egrégias {adj}  :: feminine plural of egrégio
egrégio {adj}  :: exceptional; outstanding
egrégora {f} [occult]  :: egregor (psychic entity influencing thoughts)
egualmente {adv}  :: obsolete form of igualmente
Egypto {prop}  :: obsolete spelling of Egipto
eh {v} [Internet, nonstandard]  :: alternative spelling of é
ei {interj}  :: hey (exclamation to get attention)
eia {interj}  :: come on!
eid {n} [Islam]  :: Eid (Muslim religious festival)
Eid al-Adha {prop}  :: Eid al-Adha (Islamic festival)
Eid al-Fitr {prop} [Islam]  :: Eid al-Fitr (religious celebration)
eidética {adj}  :: feminine form of eidético
eidético {adj}  :: eidetic
Eid ual-Fitr {prop}  :: alternative form of Eid al-Fitr
einstânio {m}  :: einsteinium
einsténio {m}  :: alternative form of einstênio
einstênio {m}  :: einsteinium
eira {f}  :: tayra (Eira barbara)
eira {f}  :: threshing floor
-eira {suffix}  :: feminine form of -eiro
-eiro {suffix}  :: forms adjectives meaning “which transports the suffixed noun”, and nouns meaning “a ship which transports the suffixed noun”
-eiro {suffix}  :: forms nouns, from noun, denoting a fan of the suffixed noun
-eiro {suffix}  :: forms nouns from nouns, denoting a container for the suffixed noun
-eiro {suffix}  :: forms nouns, from nouns denoting a location or type of location, meaning “someone from the location” and adjectives meaning “of, from or related to the location”
-eiro {suffix}  :: forms nouns, from nouns, denoting a place where there is plenty of the suffixed noun
-eiro {suffix}  :: forms nouns from nouns or verbs, denoting someone who works with the suffixed noun or engages in the suffixed verb; -er; -eer
-eiro {suffix}  :: forms nouns, from the name of a drug, denoting someone who is addicted to the drug; -head
-eiro {suffix}  :: forms nouns from the names of fruits or other plant products, denoting the plant bearing them, usually trees and shrubs
-eiro {suffix}  :: forms nouns, from verbs, denoting place where the suffixed verb is likely to occur
-eiro {suffix}  :: forms the names of trees, often synonyms
-eiro {suffix} [usually feminine]  :: forms nouns, from nouns or adjectives, denoting a state, property or quality of being the suffixed adjective or having the suffixed noun; -ity, -ness
eis {adv} [formal]  :: here is, here are
eita {interj} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of eta
eixo {m}  :: axle, axletree
eixo {m} [geometry]  :: axis (imaginary line)
Eixo {prop}  :: Axis Powers (the fascist alliance)
eixo-badeixo {m} [games]  :: leapfrog
eixo de simetria {m} [lb, pt, geometry]  :: axis of symmetry (a line about which a geometric figure is symmetric)
eixo do mal {m}  :: axis of evil (states sponsoring terrorism and seeking weapons of mass destruction)
eixo z {m} [algebraic geometry]  :: z-axis (axis on a graph that is usually drawn as if vertical)
ejaculação {f}  :: ejaculation
ejacular {v} [rare]  :: to eject
ejacular {v}  :: to cum (to have an orgasm; to ejaculate)
-ejar {suffix}  :: forms frequentative verbs
ejeção de massa coronal {f}  :: coronal mass ejection
ejetar {v}  :: to eject
-ejo {suffix}  :: Forming nouns
el {art}  :: only used in el-rei: the
ela {pron}  :: she, it
ela {pron}  :: (with preposition) her
-ela {suffix}  :: forms diminutives
-ela {suffix}  :: forms nouns indicating a superficial or minor action
elaboração {f}  :: elaboration
elaboração {f}  :: preparation
elaborar {v}  :: to elaborate
elaborar {v}  :: to formulate
elaborar {v}  :: to prepare
ela mesma {pron}  :: feminine form of ele mesmo herself ((as intensifier) she)
elas {pron}  :: they (a group of people other than the speaker, entirely female)
elasticidade {f} [physics]  :: elasticity
elastômero {m} [physics, chemistry]  :: elastomer
elativo {adj} [grammar]  :: expressing outwards motion
elativo {m} [grammar]  :: elative case
Elba {prop}  :: Elba (Italian island)
Elba {prop}  :: Elbe (central European river)
Elba {prop}  :: female given name
Elbro {prop}  :: Elbrus (mountain)
Elbrus {prop}  :: alternative form of Elbro
eléctrico {m}  :: obsolete spelling of elétrico
eléctrodo {m}  :: alternative form of elétrodo
eléctron {m}  :: dated form of elétron
ele {pron}  :: third-person masculine singular nominative pronoun; he
electiva {adj}  :: feminine form of electivo
electivas {adj}  :: feminine plural of electivo
electivo {adj}  :: alternative form of eletico
electricidade {f}  :: obsolete spelling of eletricidade
electricista {mf}  :: obsolete spelling of eletricista
electrizante {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of eletrizante
electrólise {f}  :: alternative form of eletrólise
electrão {m}  :: obsolete spelling of eletrão
electrocutar {v}  :: obsolete spelling of eletrocutar
electrodiálise {f}  :: electrodialysis
electrofisiológica {adj}  :: feminine form of electrofisiológico
electrofisiológicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of electrofisiológico
electrofisiológico {adj}  :: electrophysiological
electromagnético {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of eletromagnético
electrão-volt {m} [Portugal]  :: alternative form of elétron-volt
elefanta {f}  :: female elephant
elefantíase {f} [pathology]  :: elephantiasis (disease)
elefante {m}  :: elephant
elefante-marinho {m}  :: elephant seal (mammal of the genus Mirounga)
elefantino {adj}  :: elephantine (of or relating to elephants)
elegante {adj}  :: elegant
elegantemente {adv}  :: elegantly
elegendo {v}  :: gerund of eleger
eleger {v}  :: to elect
eleger {v}  :: to name (mention, specify, choose)
elegia {f}  :: elegy
elegância {f}  :: elegance
elegível {adj}  :: electable (able to be elected)
elegível {adj}  :: eligible (meeting the conditions)
eleição {f}  :: election
eleita {adj}  :: feminine form of eleito
eleitas {adj}  :: feminine plural of eleito
eleito {adj}  :: elect, elected
eleitor {m}  :: voter (one who votes)
eleitorado {m}  :: electorate (those entitled to vote collectively)
Eleitorado do Palatinato {prop}  :: Electorate of the Palatinate (historical territory of the Holy Roman Empire)
elementar {adj}  :: elementary (relating to the basic part of something)
elementar {adj}  :: simple (easy to understand)
elemento {m}  :: element
elemento químico {m} [chemistry]  :: chemical element (any one of the simplest chemical substances that cannot be decomposed in a chemical reaction)
Elena {prop}  :: Helen (female given name)
elenco {m}  :: cast (group of actors performing together)
eles {pron}  :: they; a group of people other than the speaker, either partially or entirely of masculine gender
eletico {adj}  :: elective
eletiva {adj}  :: feminine form of eletico
eletivas {adj}  :: feminine plural of eletico
eletricamente {adv}  :: electrically
eletricidade {f}  :: electricity
eletricista {mf}  :: electrician (tradesman who works with electrical equipment)
eletrificação {f}  :: electrification (the act of electrifying, or the state of being charged with electricity)
eletrizante {adj}  :: electric (emotionally thrilling)
eletrizante {adj}  :: electrifying
eletrólise {f} [physics, chemistry]  :: electrolysis
eletrólito {m} [physics, chemistry]  :: electrolyte
eletrónica {adj}  :: feminine form of eletrónico
eletrônica {adj}  :: feminine form of eletrônico
eletrônica {f} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of eletrónica
eletrónica {f}  :: electronics
eletrónicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of eletrónico
eletrônicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of eletrônico
eletrônico {adj} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of eletrónico
eletrónico {adj}  :: electronic
eletrão {m} [Portugal, physics]  :: electron
eletro- {prefix}  :: electro-
eletrocução {f}  :: alternative spelling of eletrocussão
eletrocussão {f}  :: electrocution (death by electric shock)
eletrocutar {v}  :: to electrocute (to kill with electric shock)
eletrodeposição {f}  :: electrodeposition
eletrodo {m}  :: electrode
eletroerosão {f}  :: electroerosion
eletrofílica {adj}  :: feminine form of eletrofílico
eletrofílicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of eletrofílico
eletrofílico {adj}  :: electrophylic
eletrolisando {v}  :: gerund of eletrolisar
eletrolisar {v}  :: to electrolyse
eletrolítica {adj}  :: feminine form of eletrolítico
eletrolíticas {adj}  :: feminine plural of eletrolítico
eletrolítico {adj}  :: electrolytic
eletroluminosa {adj}  :: feminine form of eletroluminoso
eletroluminosas {adj}  :: feminine plural of eletroluminoso
eletroluminoso {adj}  :: electroluminescent
eletroímã {m}  :: electromagnet
eletromagneticamente {adv}  :: electromagnetically
eletromagnetismo {m} [lb, pt, physics]  :: electromagnetism (a fundamental force)
eletromagnética {adj}  :: feminine form of eletromagnético
eletromagnéticas {adj}  :: feminine plural of eletromagnético
eletromagnético {adj}  :: electromagnetic
eletromecânica {adj}  :: feminine form of eletromecânico
eletromecânicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of eletromecânico
eletromecânico {adj}  :: electromechanical
eletronegativa {adj}  :: feminine form of eletronegativo
eletronegativas {adj}  :: feminine plural of eletronegativo
eletronegatividade {f} [physics, chemistry]  :: electronegativity
eletronegativo {adj} [physics, chemistry]  :: electronegative
eletropositiva {adj}  :: feminine form of eletropositivo
eletropositivas {adj}  :: feminine plural of eletropositivo
eletropositivo {adj} [physics, chemistry]  :: electropositive
eletroquímica {adj}  :: feminine form of eletroquímico
eletroquímicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of eletroquímico
eletroquímico {adj} [chemistry]  :: electrochemical
eletrostática {adj}  :: feminine form of eletrostático
eletrostática {f}  :: electrostatics (branch of physics that deals with static electricity)
elevado {adj}  :: elevated; raised; high (at a great distance from the ground)
elevado {adj} [of a quantity or value]  :: high; great
elevado {adj} [of qualities d, superior]  :: (being greater or better than average)
elevador {m}  :: lift (mechanical device for vertically transporting goods or people)
elevador {m}  :: something which elevates (agent noun of elevar)
elevação {f}  :: elevation (all senses)
elevar {v} [figurative]  :: to put on a pedestal (to hold in very high esteem)
elevar {v}  :: to increase (to make a value or quantity larger)
elevar {v}  :: to raise; to lift (to bring or take upwards)
elevar-se {vr}  :: reflexive form of elevar
elevar-se {vr}  :: to tower over; to loom over
elevar-se às alturas {vr}  :: to skyrocket (to increase suddenly and extremely)
elfo {m} [fantasy]  :: elf (humanoid)
elfo {m}  :: (Germanic mythology) elf (a mythical being)
Elias {prop}  :: Elijah (male given name)
Elias {prop} [religion]  :: Elijah (biblical prophet)
eólica {adj}  :: feminine form of eólico
eólicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of eólico
eólico {adj}  :: aeolian
eliminando {v}  :: gerund of eliminar
eliminação {f}  :: elimination
eliminar {v}  :: to eliminate (to completely destroy something)
eliminatória {f} [sports]  :: qualifying match
eliminatório {adj}  :: eliminatory (which can eliminate)
elipse {f}  :: ellipse
elisabetano {adj}  :: Elizabethan (pertaining to the reign of Elizabeth I of England)
Elisabete {prop}  :: Elizabeth (female given name)
Eliseu {prop}  :: Elisha (biblical prophet)
Elista {prop}  :: Elista (city in Russia)
elite {f}  :: elite (group with higher status)
elite {f}  :: elite (person who is among the best at certain task)
elitismo {m}  :: elitism (belief society should be run by elite)
elixir {m} [alchemy]  :: elixir (liquid which was believed to turn non-precious metals to gold)
elixir {m} [fiction]  :: a magical potion
elixir da vida {m} [alchemy]  :: elixir of life (elixir that brings immortality)
ella {pron}  :: obsolete spelling of ela
-ella {suffix}  :: obsolete spelling of -ela
elle {pron}  :: obsolete spelling of ele
Elliana {prop}  :: female given name
elmo {m}  :: helm
elmo {m} [heraldry]  :: helmet
elo {m}  :: link
elogiando {v}  :: gerund of elogiar
elogiar {vt}  :: to praise, eulogise
elogio {m}  :: eulogy (high praise or recommendation)
elogio {m}  :: praise, compliment
eloqüentemente {adv}  :: obsolete spelling of eloquentemente
eloqüência {f}  :: obsolete spelling of eloquência
eloquente {adj}  :: eloquent
eloquentemente {adv}  :: eloquently
eloquência {f}  :: eloquence
elíptico {adj}  :: elliptical (in shape reminding of an ellipse, oval)
el-rei {m} [dated]  :: the king
el-Rei {m} [alternative case form of, el-rei]  ::
El-Rei {m} [alternative case form of, el-rei]  ::
El Salvador {prop}  :: El Salvador
Elísio {prop}  :: Elysium (in mythology, the home of the blessed after death)
elástica {adj}  :: feminine form of elástico
elásticas {adj}  :: feminine plural of elástico
elástico {adj}  :: elastic
elástico {m}  :: elastic band
elétrica {adj}  :: feminine form of elétrico
elétricas {adj}  :: feminine plural of elétrico
elétrico {adj}  :: electric (pertaining to electricity)
elétrico {adj}  :: that which works by using electricity
elétrico {m} [Portugal]  :: tram (passenger vehicle)
elétrodo {m}  :: electrode
elétron {m} [Brazil]  :: electron (the negatively charged subatomic particles that orbit atoms)
elétron-volt {m} [physics, Brazil]  :: electron volt (a unit for measuring the energy of subatomic particles)
elucidar {v}  :: to elucidate (to make clear)
eluro- {prefix}  :: ailuro- (relating to cats)
Elvas {prop}  :: A Portuguese city in Portalegre district
em {prep}  :: in; during
em {prep}  :: in (immediately after a period of time)
em {prep}  :: in (indicates a language, script, tone etc. of writing, speaking etc.)
em {prep}  :: in; inside (contained by)
em {prep}  :: in (part of; a member of)
em {prep}  :: in (pertaining to)
em {prep}  :: in (surrounded by)
em {prep}  :: on (on the surface of)
ema {f}  :: Rhea bird
emaciada {adj}  :: feminine form of emaciado
emaciadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of emaciado
emaciado {adj}  :: emaciated (excessively thin)
emagrecendo {v}  :: gerund of emagrecer
emagrecer {v}  :: to become leaner; to lose body weight
emagrecer {v}  :: to make leaner; to cause to lose body weight
e-mail {m}  :: e-mail (an e-mail address)
e-mail {m}  :: e-mail (message sent via e-mail)
e-mail {m} [uncountable]  :: e-mail (system for sending messages via the Internet)
emanando {v}  :: gerund of emanar
emanação {f}  :: derivation, origin, provenance
emanação {f}  :: effluvium
emanação {f}  :: emanation
emanar {v}  :: to emanate (from)
emanar {v}  :: to originate (from)
emancipando {v}  :: gerund of emancipar
emancipação {f}  :: emancipation
emancipar {v}  :: to emancipate
emancipar {v}  :: to free
emaranhar {v}  :: to tangle (to mix together or intertwine)
emasculada {adj}  :: feminine form of emasculado
emasculadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of emasculado
emasculado {adj}  :: emasculate; castrated
embaíba {f}  :: alternative form of ambaíba
embaúba {f}  :: alternative form of ambaíba
Embach {prop}  :: Emajõgi (river in Estonia)
embaiba {f}  :: alternative form of ambaíba
embainhar {v}  :: to sheathe (to put a weapon into a sheath)
embair {v}  :: to deceive, mislead
embair {v}  :: to seduce
embaixada {f}  :: embassy (organization representing a foreign state)
embaixador {m}  :: ambassador
embaixadora {f}  :: feminine form of embaixador
embaixatriz {f}  :: feminine form of embaixador
embaixo {adv}  :: below, down
embalada {adj}  :: feminine form of embalado
embaladas {adj}  :: feminine plural of embalado
embalado {adj}  :: crashed
embalado {adj}  :: drunk (or under the influence of drugs)
embalagem {f}  :: package
embalagem {f}  :: packing
embalar {v}  :: to accelerate (to cause to move faster)
embalar {v}  :: to rock (move gently back and forth)
embalar {v}  :: to wrap (to enclose completely in fabric, paper, etc)
embalsamando {v}  :: gerund of embalsamar
embalsamar {v}  :: to embalm (preserve corpse)
embalsamar {v}  :: to embalm; to perfume
em banho-maria {adv} banho-maria
em banho-maria {adv} [idiomatic]  :: on the back burner (in low priority)
embaraçada {adj}  :: feminine form of embaraçado
embaraçadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of embaraçado
embaraçado {adj}  :: confusing or complicated
embaraçado {adj}  :: tangled (messily intertwined)
embaraçar {v}  :: to embarrass (to humiliate; to disrupt somebody’s composure or comfort with acting publicly or freely)
embaraçar {v}  :: to tangle (to mix together or intertwine)
embaralhamento {m}  :: shuffle (act of shuffling cards)
embaralhar {v}  :: to shuffle (to put in a random order, especially cards)
embaraço {m}  :: awkwardness
embaraço {m}  :: embarrassment
embaraçosa {adj}  :: feminine form of embaraçoso
embaraçosas {adj}  :: feminine plural of embaraçoso
embaraçoso {adj}  :: Causing embarrassment; embarrassing
embarcando {v}  :: gerund of embarcar
embarcação {f}  :: embarkation
embarcação {f} [nautical]  :: vessel, ship
embarcar {v} [idiomatic]  :: To die
embarcar {v}  :: to embark
embarcar {v}  :: to ship
embargo {m}  :: embargo (a ban on trade with another country)
embargo {m}  :: embargo (an order by the government prohibiting ships from leaving port)
embauba {f}  :: alternative form of ambaíba
embauva {f}  :: alternative form of ambaíba
embaúva {f}  :: alternative form of ambaíba
embayba {f}  :: obsolete form of ambaíba
embebedar {v}  :: to get someone drunk
embebendo {v}  :: gerund of embeber
embeber {v}  :: to soak, impregnate
embebido {adj}  :: impregnated, soaked
embebido {adj}  :: infiltrated
embebido {adj}  :: stewed
embebido {v}  :: past participle of embeber
embeiçando {v}  :: gerund of embeiçar
embeiçar {v}  :: to fall in love (with)
embelezar {v}  :: to beautify (make beautiful or more beautiful)
embúia {f}  :: obsolete spelling of imbuia
embigo {m}  :: dated form of umbigo
emblema {m}  :: emblem (representative symbol)
emblemático {adj}  :: emblematic (serving as a symbol)
em boas mãos {adv}  :: in good hands (under guidance)
embocadura {f}  :: bit (piece of metal placed in a horse’s mouth and connected to the reins)
embocadura {f}  :: mouth (the end of a river out of which water flows)
embocadura {f} [music]  :: embouchure (shape of the mouth and lips when playing a wind instrument)
embolia {f} [pathology]  :: embolism (obstruction or occlusion of an artery by an embolus)
embolorada {adj}  :: feminine form of embolorado
emboloradas {adj}  :: feminine plural of embolorado
embolorado {adj}  :: mouldy (covered with mould)
embonecar {v}  :: to doll up (to dress oneself or another in formal or ostentatious clothing)
embora {adv}  :: away; hence (from this place)
embora {adv}  :: home (to one’s home)
embora {conj}  :: although (introducing a clause that expresses a concession)
emboscada {adj}  :: feminine form of emboscado
emboscada {f}  :: ambush, ambuscade (a disposition or arrangement of troops for attacking an enemy unexpectedly from a concealed station)
emboscar {v}  :: to ambush (to lie in wait for, or to attack)
embotar {vi} [lb, pt]  :: to blunt (to become blunt)
embotar {vt} [lb, pt, figurative]  :: to blunt (to repress or weaken)
embotar {vt} [lb, pt]  :: to blunt (to make blunt)
embotelhar {vt}  :: to bottle (seal into a bottle)
embraiagem {f} [Portugal]  :: clutch (the pedal in a car that disengages power transmission)
em branco {adj}  :: blank (having an empty space to be filled in)
embreagem {f} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of embraiagem
embrenhando {v}  :: gerund of embrenhar
embrenhar {v}  :: to hide (in undergrowth etc)
embriagar {vr}  :: to get drunk (become inebriated)
embriaguez {f}  :: drunkenness
embriónico {adj} [lb, pt, embryology]  :: embryonic (of or relating to embryos)
embrião {m}  :: embryo (all senses)
embrião {m}  :: germ
embrião {m}  :: origin, beginning
embrionário {adj} [lb, pt, embryology]  :: embryonic (of or relating to embryos)
embromar {v}  :: to beat around the bush (to delay doing or talking about something difficult or unpleasant)
embrulhando {v}  :: gerund of embrulhar
embrulhar {v}  :: to wrap up, bundle, pack
embrulho {m}  :: package, parcel
embuia {f}  :: obsolete spelling of imbuia
emburrada {adj}  :: feminine form of emburrado
emburradas {adj}  :: feminine plural of emburrado
emburrado {adj}  :: sulky; cantankerous
embuste {m}  :: a scam or hoax
embutido {adj}  :: embedded (lodged solidly into)
embutido {m} [usually plural]  :: any type of sausage
embuya {f}  :: obsolete spelling of imbuia
em casa {adv}  :: home; at home (in one’s home)
em casa de ferreiro, o espeto é de pau {proverb}  :: the shoemaker's children go barefoot (one often neglects those closest to oneself)
em cima {adv}  :: above (in a higher place)
em cima {adv}  :: upstairs (up the stairs; on a higher floor or level)
em cima de {prep}  :: above (in a higher place)
em conta {adj} [euphemistic]  :: reasonable; budget; inexpensive; cheap
em contrário {adj}  :: otherwise (other than supposed)
em curso {adj}  :: current (occurring at the moment)
em definitivo {adv} [idiomatic]  :: for good (forever; permanently)
em detalhes {adv} [idiomatic]  :: in detail (with all particulars)
em diante {adv}  :: forward; on (into the future)
eme {m}  :: The name of the letter m
em efígie {adv}  :: in effigy (as a symbol)
emendando {v}  :: gerund of emendar
emendar {v}  :: to amend
emendar {v}  :: to join, splice
ementa {f}  :: syllabus (topics which will be covered during an academic course)
emergencista {n}  :: emergency physician
emergindo {v}  :: gerund of emergir
emergir {v}  :: to emerge
emergência {f}  :: emergence
emergência {f}  :: emergency
em espécie {adv}  :: in cash
em essência {adv}  :: in essence; essentially
em flagrante {adv}  :: red-handed (in the act of wrongdoing)
em frente a {prep}  :: in front of
em geral {adv}  :: generally (as a rule; usually)
em geral {adv}  :: generally; by and large (with few exceptions)
em geral {adv}  :: generally (without reference to specific details)
em grande escala {adv}  :: occurring in large-scale
EMHO {phrase} [Internet]  :: IMHO. abbreviation of em minha humilde opinião
emigrante {n}  :: emigrant (someone who leaves a country)
emigração {f}  :: emigration (act of emigrating)
emigrês {m}  :: any dialect spoken by emigrants
eminente {adj}  :: remarkable; eminent; notable
eminentemente {adv}  :: eminently (in an eminent manner)
eminência parda {f}  :: éminence grise (secret or unofficial decision-maker)
emir {m}  :: emir (Islamic prince or leader)
emirado {m}  :: emirate (region ruled by an emir)
Emirados Árabes Unidos {prop}  :: alternative form of Emiratos Árabes Unidos
Emiratos Árabes Unidos {prop}  :: United Arab Emirates (country in the Middle East)
emissividade {f} [physics]  :: emissivity
emissão {f}  :: emission (something that is emitted, especially the exhaust from a car)
emissor {adj}  :: emitting
emissor {m}  :: emitter
emissora {adj}  :: feminine form of emissor
emissoras {adj}  :: feminine plural of emissor
emitindo {v}  :: gerund of emitir
emitir {v}  :: to emit, issue, transmit
em jogo {adj} [idiomatic]  :: at stake (at risk)
em larga escala {adv}  :: occurring in large-scale
Emília {prop}  :: Emily (given name)
Emília-Romanha {prop}  :: Emilia-Romagna (region of Italy)
em linha {adj}  :: online
emmagrecer {v}  :: obsolete spelling of emagrecer
em massa {adv}  :: en masse (in a single body or group)
emmoldurar {v}  :: obsolete spelling of emoldurar
em mãos {adv}  :: on hand; available
em nome de {prep}  :: on behalf of; in the name of (speaking or acting for)
emocionado {adj}  :: emotional (characterised by emotion)
emocionado {adj}  :: thrilled; excited
emocionado {adj}  :: touched (emotionally moved)
emocional {adj}  :: emotional (appealing to or arousing emotion)
emocional {adj}  :: emotional (characterised by emotion)
emocional {adj}  :: emotional (determined by emotion rather than reason)
emocional {adj}  :: emotional (of or relating to the emotions)
emocionante {adj}  :: poignant (evoking strong mental sensation)
emocionante {adj}  :: thrilling; exciting
emocionar {v}  :: to move (to arouse the feelings or passions of)
emocionar {v}  :: to thrill (to give someone great pleasure)
emoldurado {v}  :: past participle of emoldurar
emoldurando {v}  :: gerund of emoldurar
emoldurar {v} [figurative, of something that surrounds something else]  :: to adorn
emoldurar {v}  :: to add a frame to a painting or picture
emoldurar {v}  :: to add mouldings to a wall
emoção {f}  :: emotion
em operação {adj}  :: in operation; operating; running
em ordem {adj}  :: in good condition
em ordem {adj}  :: in order; tidy; neat
em ordem {adj} [usually predicative]  :: in order (in accordance with the rules)
-emos {suffix}  :: forms the 1st person plural affirmative and negative imperative of 1st conjugation verbs
-emos {suffix}  :: forms the 1st person plural present indicative of 2nd conjugation verbs
-emos {suffix}  :: forms the 1st person plural present subjunctive of 1st conjugation verbs
-emos {suffix}  :: forms the 1st person plural preterite indicative of 2nd conjugation verbs
emoticon {m}  :: emoticon (simple drawing using text characters)
emotivo {adj}  :: emotional (characterised by emotion)
emotivo {adj}  :: emotional (determined by emotion rather than reason)
emotivo {adj}  :: emotional (easily affected by emotion)
emotivo {adj}  :: emotional (of or relating to the emotions)
emotivo {adj}  :: emotional (readily displaying emotion)
em outras palavras {adv} [conjunctive, idiomatic]  :: in other words (stated or interpreted another way)
em pé {adj}  :: up; standing
em pó {adj}  :: powdered (which has been made into a powder)
empachando {v}  :: gerund of empachar
empachar {v}  :: to obstruct
empachar {v}  :: to overeat
empacotamento {m}  :: package
empacotamento {m}  :: packing
empacotando {v}  :: gerund of empacotar
empacotar {v} [idiomatic]  :: To die
empacotar {v}  :: to bale
empacotar {v}  :: to pack or bundle
empada {f}  :: a type of meat or fish pie with a very crumbly crust
empalar {v}  :: to impale (put to death by piercing with a pale)
empalidecer {vi}  :: to pale (to become pale)
empanando {v}  :: gerund of empanar
empanar {v}  :: to obscure
emparedar {v}  :: to hide something inside a wall
emparedar {v}  :: to immure (to wall up someone)
emparedar {v}  :: to wall in (enclose by surrounding with walls)
em parte {adv}  :: partly (not completely)
empastada {adj}  :: feminine form of empastado
empastadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of empastado
empastado {adj}  :: plastered
empastado {adj}  :: swollen
empatar {vi}  :: to draw (to end (a game) with neither side winning)
empatar {vt}  :: to cause the score of a game or match to become even
empate {m}  :: draw; tie (situation in which the participants of a competition have equal scores)
empatia {f}  :: empathy (capacity to understand another person’s point of view or feelings)
empena {f} [architecture]  :: gable (triangular area of wall just under the roof)
empena {f}  :: warping of wood due to heat or humidity
empenhando {v}  :: gerund of empenhar
empenhar {v}  :: to commit
empenhar {v}  :: to pawn
empenhar {v}  :: to pledge
empenho {m}  :: effort, endeavour
empeçonhar {vt} [of animals]  :: to poison (to inject poison into someone or an animal)
em pequena escala {adv}  :: occurring in small-scale
emperador {m}  :: obsolete form of imperador
emperio {m}  :: obsolete form of império
emperrar {v}  :: to stick; to jam
em pessoa {adv}  :: in person (actually present)
emphyteuse {f}  :: obsolete spelling of enfiteuse
emphyteutico {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of enfitêutico
empiema {m} [medicine]  :: empyema (accumulation of pus)
empilhadeira {f}  :: forklift (type of industrial vehicle)
empilhamento {m}  :: accumulation
empilhamento {m}  :: stack, pile
empilhando {v}  :: gerund of empilhar
empilhar {v}  :: to pile, stack, heap, accumulate
empiorando {v}  :: gerund of empiorar
empiorar {v}  :: alternative form of piorar
empirista {mf}  :: empiricist (an advocate or supporter of empiricism)
emplasto {m}  :: alternative form of emplastro
emplastro {m}  :: poultice; plaster
empoada {adj}  :: feminine form of empoado
empoadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of empoado
empoado {adj}  :: dusty (covered with dust)
empoado {adj}  :: powdered (covered with powder)
empoderamento {m}  :: empowerment (granting of power)
empoderamento {m}  :: empowerment (state of being empowered)
empoleirar {vt}  :: to perch (to place something on a perch)
empoleirar-se {vr}  :: to perch (to rest on a perch, to roost)
empolgada {adj}  :: feminine form of empolgado
empolgadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of empolgado
empolgado {adj}  :: excited (having great enthusiasm)
empolgar {vt}  :: to make someone eager or excited
em ponto {adv}  :: o’clock
em ponto {adv}  :: sharp (precisely at the given time)
empreendedor {m}  :: entrepreneur
empreendedorismo {m}  :: entrepreneurship (quality of being an entrepreneur)
empreender {v}  :: to attempt
empreender {v}  :: to undertake (to start an enterprise)
empreendimento {m}  :: enterprise (company, business, organisation, or other purposeful endeavour)
empreendimento {m}  :: enterprise (undertaking, especially a daring and courageous one)
empregada doméstica {f}  :: feminine form of empregado doméstico
empregado {adj}  :: employee
empregado doméstico {m}  :: domestic worker (person who works in the employer’s household)
empregado doméstico {m} [usually in the feminine]  :: housecleaner (person employed to clean a house)
empregador {m}  :: employer (person or entity which employs others)
empregar {v}  :: to employ (to give someone a job)
empregar {v}  :: to employ; to make use of (to put into use)
emprego {m}  :: job (economic role for which a person is paid)
emprego {m} [uncountable]  :: employment (state of being employed)
emprego {m}  :: use (act of using)
emprehender {v}  :: obsolete spelling of empreender
empreitada {f}  :: contract, agreement
empreitada {f}  :: enterprise
empreitando {v}  :: gerund of empreitar
empreitar {v}  :: to work piecework
empreiteira {f}  :: construction company
empreiteira {f}  :: feminine form of empreiteiro
empreiteiro {m}  :: builder
emprenhar {vt} [usually of animals]  :: to impregnate (to cause to become pregnant)
empresa {f}  :: company; business
empresa de capital aberto {f} [business]  :: joint-stock company (company with transferable ownership and limited shareholder liability)
empresário {m}  :: businessman
empresário {m}  :: entrepreneur, impresario
emprestador {m}  :: borrower (one who borrows)
emprestando {v}  :: gerund of emprestar
emprestar {v}  :: to lend
emprestar {v}  :: to loan
empírica {adj}  :: feminine form of empírico
empíricas {adj}  :: feminine plural of empírico
empírico {adj}  :: empirical (pertaining to or based on experience)
em primeiro lugar {adv} primeiro|lugar
em primeiro lugar {adv} [idiomatic]  :: first of all (before anything else is mentioned)
empério {m}  :: obsolete form of império
empréstimo {m}  :: loan
empunhadura {f}  :: grip; handle; hilt
empurrar {vt}  :: To push (apply a force to (an object) so that it moves away)
empurrar {vt}  :: To push (e.g. a button)
empurrá-la {v}  :: contraction of empurrar a
empurrão {m}  :: push (short, directed application of force)
empurrãozinho {m}  :: a little help
empurrãozinho {m}  :: a little push
empuxo {m}  :: a pushing force
empuxo {m} [physics]  :: buoyancy (upward force on an immersed body)
em questão {adj}  :: in question (under consideration or discussion)
em relação a {prep}  :: in relation to
emérita {adj}  :: feminine form of emérito
eméritas {adj}  :: feminine plural of emérito
emérito {adj}  :: emeritus (retired but retaining an honorific version of previous title)
em Roma sê romano {proverb}  :: when in Rome, do as the Romans do (behave as those around you do)
em seguida {adv}  :: afterwards
em tempo {adv}  :: by the way
em todo caso {adv}  :: in any case; at any rate
em torno de {prep}  :: around; about; approximately
em torno de {prep}  :: around (defining a circle or closed curve containing)
emu {m}  :: emu
emudecer {vt}  :: to mute, to silence, to make quiet
emulador {m} [computing]  :: emulator (application that simulates another system)
emulador {m}  :: emulator (someone or something that emulates)
em um repente {adv} [uncommon]  :: alternative form of num repente
emurchecida {adj}  :: feminine form of emurchecido
emurchecidas {adj}  :: feminine plural of emurchecido
emurchecido {adj}  :: dried up; withered
em vez de {prep}  :: instead of
em vão {adv}  :: Ending in failure; unsuccessfully; in vain
em voga {adj}  :: in vogue; popular; trendy
em volta {adv}  :: around (on all sides)
em voz alta {adv}  :: out loud; aloud
en- {prefix}  :: en- (all meanings)
enamorado {v}  :: past participle of enamorar
enamorando {v}  :: gerund of enamorar
enamorar {v}  :: to enamor
enamorar-se {v} [reciprocal]  :: to fall in love (to come to have feelings of love towards each other)
enamorar-se {vr}  :: to fall in love (to come to have feelings of love)
enartrose {f} [anatomy]  :: enarthrosis (a ball-and-socket joint)
encaçapar {v} [billiards, snooker, pool]  :: to pocket (to cause a ball to go into a pocket of a billiard table)
encabular {vt}  :: to shame, to induce shyness
encadeamento {m}  :: catenation
encadeamento {m}  :: chaining
encadeamento {m}  :: series
encadeando {v}  :: gerund of encadear
encadear {v}  :: to catenate
encadear {v}  :: to chain
encadernando {v}  :: gerund of encadernar
encadernar {v}  :: to bind
encaixar {v} [football, of a goalkeeper]  :: to catch the football and hold it tightly
encaixar {v}  :: to fit (to attach, especially when requiring exact positioning or sizing)
encaixar {v}  :: to fit (to conform to in size and shape)
encaixe {m}  :: budget (money set aside for something)
encaixe {m} [football]  :: the act of a goalkeeper catching the football and holding it tightly
encaixe {m}  :: slot (depression, perforation, or aperture for the reception of a piece fitting in it)
encaixe {m}  :: the act of fitting things together
encaixilhar {v}  :: to frame
encaixotar {vt}  :: to box, to place inside a box
encalhado {v}  :: past participle of encalhar
encalhando {v}  :: gerund of encalhar
encalhar {v} [nautical]  :: To beach, strand, run aground
encaminhando {v}  :: gerund of encaminhar
encaminhar {v}  :: to direct; to guide
encaminhar {v}  :: to send
encaminhar-se {vi}  :: head (move in a specified direction)
encampado {v}  :: past participle of encampar
encampando {v}  :: gerund of encampar
encampação {f} [legal]  :: expropriation
encampar {v} [legal]  :: To expropriate
encanador {m}  :: plumber
encanamento {m}  :: plumbing
encantado {adj}  :: delighted, pleased
encantado {adj}  :: enchanted, bewitched;
encantador {adj}  :: charming (pleasant; charismatic; beautiful)
encantador de serpentes {m}  :: snake charmer
encantamento {m}  :: enchantment
encantamento {m}  :: seduction
encantando {v}  :: gerund of encantar
encantação {m}  :: enchantment
encantação {m}  :: spell, incantation
encantar {v}  :: to bewitch or put a spell on
encantar {v}  :: to delight
encantar {v}  :: to enchant or charm
encanto {m}  :: charm
encanto {m}  :: spell
encapar {vt}  :: to put a cover on a book
encapsular {v} [lb, pt, object-oriented programming]  :: to encapsulate (to restrict access to some of an object’s components)
encapsular {v}  :: to encapsulate (to enclose as if in a capsule)
encaracolada {adj}  :: feminine form of encaracolado
encaracoladas {adj}  :: feminine plural of encaracolado
encaracolado {adj}  :: curly (having curls)
encaracolar {vt}  :: to curl (to make into a curl or spiral)
encarar {v}  :: to face (position oneself/itself towards)
encarar {v}  :: to face (to deal with)
encarar de frente {v} [idiomatic]  :: to take the bull by the horns (to deal directly with a matter; to confront a difficulty)
encarcerada {adj}  :: feminine form of encarcerado
encarceradas {adj}  :: feminine plural of encarcerado
encarcerado {adj}  :: arrested
encarcerado {adj}  :: cloistered
encarcerado {adj}  :: incarcerated
encarcerar {v}  :: to incarcerate (to lock away in prison)
encardida {adj}  :: feminine form of encardido
encardidas {adj}  :: feminine plural of encardido
encardido {adj}  :: grubby; very dirty
encardido {adj} [Rio Grande do Sul]  :: ugly
encardido {m}  :: a filthy person
encardido {m} [uncountable]  :: filth in cloth
encarecendo {v}  :: gerund of encarecer
encarecer {v}  :: to extol, exalt
encarecer {v}  :: to raise the price of; become expensive
encargo {m}  :: a fee or tax
encargo {m}  :: post (appointed position)
encargo {m}  :: responsibility (duty, obligation or liability for which someone is held accountable)
encarnada {adj}  :: feminine form of encarnado
encarnadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of encarnado
encarnado {adj}  :: incarnate (embodied in flesh)
encarnado {adj}  :: red
encarnado {m}  :: a spirit which is possessing someone
encarnado {m} [uncountable]  :: red (colour)
encarnação {f}  :: embodiment
encarnação {f}  :: incarnation
encarnar {v}  :: to incarnate (to embody in flesh)
encarnar {v}  :: to incarnate; to embody (to represent in a concrete form)
encarniçada {adj}  :: feminine form of encarniçado
encarniçadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of encarniçado
encarniçado {adj}  :: cruel, bloodthirsty
encarniçado {adj}  :: fierce, ferocious
encaroçada {adj}  :: feminine form of encaroçado
encaroçadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of encaroçado
encaroçado {adj}  :: containing growths (abnormal masses, such as a tumours)
encaroçado {adj}  :: containing undissolved pellets
encaroçamento {m}  :: the formation of growths (an abnormal mass, such as a tumour)
encaroçamento {m}  :: the formation of undissolved pellets or chunks
encaroçando {v}  :: gerund of encaroçar
encaroçar {v}  :: to form growths (an abnormal mass such as a tumour)
encaroçar {v}  :: to form undissolved chunks
encarquilhando {v}  :: gerund of encarquilhar
encarquilhar {v}  :: to crease
encarquilhar {v}  :: to shrivel
encarregado {adj}  :: responsible (for)
encarregado de negócios {m}  :: chargé d'affaires (diplomat ranking below an ambassador)
encarregado de negócios {m} de|negócios
encarregando {v}  :: gerund of encarregar
encarregar {v}  :: to charge
encarregar {v}  :: to instruct
encarrilhada {adj}  :: feminine form of encarrilhado
encarrilhadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of encarrilhado
encarrilhado {adj}  :: on track
encayxar {v}  :: obsolete spelling of encaixar
encayxe {m}  :: obsolete spelling of encaixe
encayxe {v}  :: obsolete spelling of encaixe
encefalite {f} [pathology]  :: encephalitis (inflammation of the brain)
encefalizando {v}  :: gerund of encefalizar
encefalização {f}  :: encephalization
encefalizar {v}  :: to encephalize
encefalopatia espongiforme bovina {f} [disease, neurology]  :: bovine spongiform encephalopathy
encerado {adj}  :: waxed (coated with wax)
encerado {m} [countable]  :: tarpaulin (heavy, waterproof sheet of material)
encerar {vt} [lb, pt]  :: to wax (to apply wax to)
encerramento {m}  :: closure, completion
encerrando {v}  :: gerund of encerrar
encerrar {v}  :: to complete, finish
encerrar {v}  :: to contain
encestar {v} [basketball]  :: to score a basket
encestar {v}  :: to punch out (to repeatedly hit someone or something)
encestar {v}  :: to throw something into a basket
encetando {v}  :: gerund of encetar
encetar {v}  :: to start, commence, initiate
encharcada {adj}  :: feminine form of encharcado
encharcadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of encharcado
encharcado {adj}  :: Drenched with liquid; soaked; soggy; sodden
encharcar {v}  :: to sodden; to soak; to drench (to make or become very wet)
enchente {f}  :: flood (overflow of water)
encher {v}  :: to fill, fill up
enchimento {m}  :: filling
enchimento {m}  :: wadding
enchova {f}  :: alternative form of anchova
enciclopédia {f}  :: encyclopedia
enciclopédica {adj}  :: feminine form of enciclopédico
enciclopédicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of enciclopédico
enciclopédico {adj}  :: encyclopedic
enclausurada {adj}  :: feminine form of enclausurado
enclausuradas {adj}  :: feminine plural of enclausurado
enclausurado {adj}  :: cloistered
enclausurado {adj}  :: closed, bolted
enclausurar {vt}  :: to cloister (to confine in a cloister)
enclausurar {vt}  :: to pen; to enclose
encobrindo {v}  :: gerund of encobrir
encobrir {v}  :: to hide, cover up, mask
encoleirar {v} [figurative]  :: to wrap around one’s little finger (to successfully control or influence)
encoleirar {v}  :: to leash (to fasten or secure with a leash)
encolerizar {v}  :: to anger (to make someone feel anger)
encolerizar {v}  :: to be or become angry
encolher {vi}  :: to shrink; to become smaller
encolher {vt}  :: to shrink; to cause something to become smaller
encolher os ombros {v}  :: to shrug (to raise the shoulders to express uncertainty or lack of concern)
encolhida de ombros {f}  :: shrug (a lifting of the shoulders to signal indifference or uncertainty)
encolhido {adj}  :: shrunken
encolhido {adj}  :: shy
encomenda {f}  :: order (request for some product or service)
encomendado {v}  :: past participle of encomendar
encomendando {v}  :: gerund of encomendar
encomendar {v}  :: to entrust
encomendar {v}  :: to instruct
encomendar {v}  :: to recommend
encompridar {vt}  :: to lengthen (to make longer)
encontrado {adj}  :: found
encontrado {adj}  :: joined, close
encontrado {adj}  :: opposite
encontramos {v}  :: first-person plural indicative present of encontrar, we find
encontrar {v}  :: find
encontrar {v}  :: meet
encontrá-lo {v}  :: contraction of encontrar o
encontrão {m}  :: hustle, jostle
encontrão {m}  :: shock, jerk
encontro {m}  :: meeting
encontro consonantal {m} [lb, pt, phonetics]  :: cluster (group of consonants)
encontro às cegas {m} às cegas
encontro às cegas {m} [idiomatic]  :: blind date (also|romantic meeting between two people who have never met before|miai)
encorajamento {m}  :: encouragement
encorajando {v}  :: gerund of encorajar
encorajando-o {v}  :: contraction of encorajando o
encorajar {v}  :: to encourage
encordoar {vt}  :: to string (put strings on)
encorpada {adj}  :: feminine form of encorpado
encorpadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of encorpado
encorpado {adj}  :: consistent
encorpado {adj}  :: corpulent
encorpado {adj} [of wine]  :: full-bodied
encorpar {vi}  :: to fill out (to have one’s physique expand)
encorpar {vt}  :: to thicken (to make denser)
encortinar {v}  :: to curtain (to cover with a curtain)
encosta {f}  :: hill
encosta {f}  :: slope, gradient
encostando {v}  :: gerund of encostar
encostar {v}  :: to stow
encostar {v}  :: to support
encouraçado {m} [military]  :: ironclad (armour-plated warship)
encourada {adj}  :: feminine form of encourado
encouradas {adj}  :: feminine plural of encourado
encourado {adj}  :: dressed in leather
encravada {adj}  :: feminine form of encravado
encravadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of encravado
encravado {adj}  :: embedded; encrusted; firmly stuck
encravado {adj}  :: nailed (fixed with nails)
encravado {adj} [of a country, geographical region, etc.]  :: landlocked (surrounded by land)
encrenca {f}  :: trouble
encriptar {v} [cryptography]  :: to encrypt (to conceal information by means of a code or cipher)
encruamento {m}  :: heartburn (burning pain in the chest caused by acid entering the gullet)
encruamento {m} [metallurgy]  :: work hardening (repeated plastic deformation of a material)
encruzilhada {f}  :: crossroads (intersection)
encruzilhada {f} [figuratively]  :: a difficult situation
encurtada {adj}  :: feminine form of encurtado
encurtadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of encurtado
encurtado {adj}  :: shortened (made shorter)
encurtar {vi}  :: to shorten (to become shorter)
encurtar {vt}  :: to shorten (to make shorter)
endócrina {adj}  :: feminine form of endócrino
endócrinas {adj}  :: feminine plural of endócrino
endócrino {adj} [anatomy]  :: endocrine (producing internal secretions)
endereçar {v}  :: to address
endereço {m}  :: address (direction for letters)
endereço electrónico {m}  :: obsolete spelling of endereço eletrónico
endereço eletrônico {m} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of endereço eletrónico
endereço eletrónico {m} [Portugal]  :: e-mail address
endereço IP {m} [Internet]  :: IP address (number assigned to each computer’s network interface)
endógena {adj}  :: feminine form of endógeno
endógenas {adj}  :: feminine plural of endógeno
endógeno {adj}  :: endogenous
endireitar {vi}  :: to straighten (to become straight)
endireitar {v}  :: to improve or rectify
endireitar {v}  :: to put on the right path
endireitar {vt}  :: to straighten (to make straight)
endireitar-se {vr}  :: to right (to return to normal upright position)
endividada {adj}  :: feminine form of endividado
endividadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of endividado
endividado {adj}  :: indebted (owing favours to someone)
endividado {adj}  :: indebted (owing money to someone)
endêmica {adj}  :: feminine form of endêmico
endêmicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of endêmico
endêmico {adj}  :: endemic
-endo {suffix}  :: forms the gerund of 2nd conjugation verbs
endogamia {f}  :: endogamy (the practice of marrying within one’s own social group)
endomingada {adj}  :: feminine form of endomingado
endomingadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of endomingado
endomingado {adj}  :: dressed in one’s Sunday best
endoplasmática {adj}  :: feminine form of endoplasmático
endoplasmáticas {adj}  :: feminine plural of endoplasmático
endoplasmático {adj}  :: endoplasmic
endorfina {f} [lb, pt, biochemistry]  :: endorphin (any of a group of peptide hormones)
endoscópico {adj}  :: endoscopic (of or relating to endoscopy)
endossando {v}  :: gerund of endossar
endossar {v}  :: to endorse
endossimbiose {f} [ecology]  :: endosymbiosis (living within another organism)
endotelial {adj}  :: endothelial
endotermicamente {adv}  :: endothermically
endotérmica {adj}  :: feminine form of endotérmico
endotérmicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of endotérmico
endotérmico {adj}  :: endothermic
endoutrinar {v}  :: to indoctrinate (to teach with a biased or one-sided ideology)
endro {m}  :: dill (herb)
endurecedor {m}  :: hardener
endurecendo {v}  :: gerund of endurecer
endurecer {v}  :: to harden
endurecer {v}  :: to strengthen
endurecimento {m}  :: induration
endívia {f}  :: endive (salad vegetable)
ene {m}  :: en (name of the letter N, n)
eneágono {m}  :: nonagon
enegrecer {vi}  :: to blacken (to become black)
enegrecer {vt}  :: to blacken (to make black)
enema {m}  :: enema (fluid so injected)
enema {m}  :: enema (injection of fluid into the rectum)
eneolítica {adj}  :: feminine form of eneolítico
eneolíticas {adj}  :: feminine plural of eneolítico
eneolítico {adj} [archaeology]  :: aeneolithic (relating to the aeneolithic era)
eneolítico {m} [archaeology]  :: aeneolithic (era characterised by the use of copper tools)
energia {f}  :: energy (impetus behind activity)
energia {f} [informal]  :: electricity
energia {f} [physics]  :: energy (ability to do work)
energia cinética {f} [physics]  :: kinetic energy (energy from motion)
energia nuclear {f} [physics]  :: nuclear energy (energy released by a nuclear reaction)
energia potencial {f}  :: potential energy (energy possessed by an object because of its position)
energizar {v}  :: to energise (to make energetic, lively)
energizar {v}  :: to energise (to supply with energy, especially electricity)
energético {adj}  :: energetic (of or relating to energy)
enervando {v}  :: gerund of enervar
enervação {f}  :: enervation
enervar {v}  :: to enervate
enervar {v}  :: to irritate
enevoado {adj}  :: misted (up)
enevoando {v}  :: gerund of enevoar
enevoar {v}  :: to mist (up)
enfado {m}  :: tedium; boredom; tediousness; ennui
enfadonha {adj}  :: feminine form of enfadonho
enfadonhas {adj}  :: feminine plural of enfadonho
enfadonho {adj}  :: tedious; boring (inciting boredom)
enfardar {vt}  :: to bale (to wrap into a bale)
enfardar {vt}  :: to store (to keep (something) while not in use)
enfardelando {v}  :: gerund of enfardelar
enfardelar {v}  :: to bundle
enfarruscado {adj}  :: blackened
enfarruscando {v}  :: gerund of enfarruscar
enfarruscar {v}  :: to blacken
enfarte {m}  :: infarct, heart attack
enfatizando {v}  :: gerund of enfatizar
enfatizar {v}  :: to emphasize
enfatuada {adj}  :: feminine form of enfatuado
enfatuadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of enfatuado
enfatuado {adj}  :: arrogant, vain
enfatuado {adj}  :: infatuated
enfatuação {f}  :: infatuation (unreasoning love or attraction)
enfeitar {v}  :: to adorn (to add ornaments and decorations)
enfeitiçar {vt}  :: to cast a spell upon
enfermaria {f}  :: infirmary
enfermaria {f}  :: ward
enfermeira {f}  :: feminine form of enfermeiro (sister, nurse)
enfermeiro {m}  :: nurse
enfermidade {f}  :: disease
enfermidade {f}  :: illness, sickness
enfermidade {f}  :: infirmity
enferrujada {adj}  :: feminine form of enferrujado
enferrujadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of enferrujado
enferrujado {adj}  :: Affected by rust; rusty
enferrujamento {m}  :: rusting
enferrujando {v}  :: gerund of enferrujar
enferrujar {v}  :: to rust
enfiar {v}  :: to stick (to place)
enfiar {v}  :: to thread (to put thread through an orifice, especially a pinhole)
enfileirando {v}  :: gerund of enfileirar
enfileirar {v}  :: to align (put in rows)
enfileirar {v}  :: to queue
enfim {adv}  :: After a long time; eventually; at last
enfiteuse {f} [legal]  :: emphyteusis (long-term right to use a property on condition of taking care of it and paying taxes)
enfitêutica {adj}  :: feminine form of enfitêutico
enfitêuticas {adj}  :: feminine plural of enfitêutico
enfitêutico {adj} [legal]  :: emphyteutic (relating to emphyteusis)
enfitêutico {adj} [of a property]  :: held by emphyteutic lease
enfoque {m}  :: focus (concentration of attention)
enforcador {m}  :: choke chain (type of dog collar)
enforcador {m} [rare]  :: hanger (one who kills people by hanging them)
enforcamento {m}  :: hanging (event in which a person is hanged)
enforcando {v}  :: gerund of enforcar
enforcar {v}  :: to hang
enfraquecer {vi}  :: to weaken (to become weaker)
enfraquecer {vt}  :: to weaken (to make weaker)
enfrentando {v}  :: gerund of enfrentar
enfrentar {v}  :: to encounter
enfrentar {v}  :: to face, confront
enfronhando {v}  :: gerund of enfronhar
enfronhar {v}  :: to be engrossed (in)
enfronhar {v}  :: to coat; upholster
enfumaçada {adj}  :: feminine form of enfumaçado
enfumaçadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of enfumaçado
enfumaçado {adj}  :: smoky; smoke-filled
enfumaçado {v}  :: past participle of enfumaçar
enfurecendo {v}  :: gerund of enfurecer
enfurecer {vi}  :: to become furious
enfurecer {vt}  :: to infuriate (to make furious)
engabelar {v}  :: to deceive; to trick
Engadina {prop}  :: Engadin (long valley in the Swiss Alps)
engambelar {v}  :: alternative form of engabelar
enganador {adj}  :: deceptive (likely or attempting to deceive)
enganador {m}  :: deceiver (one who deceives)
enganação {f}  :: deception (instance of misleading, deceiving)
enganar {v}  :: to deceive
enganar-se {vr}  :: to make a mistake in thought; to be wrong
enganchar {v}  :: to hook (to attach or get attached to a hook)
enganosa {adj}  :: feminine form of enganoso
enganosamente {adv}  :: deceptively (in a deceptive manner)
enganosas {adj}  :: feminine plural of enganoso
enganoso {adj}  :: deceptive
engarrafamento {m}  :: the act of putting liquid in a bottle
engarrafamento {m}  :: traffic jam (situation in which all road traffic is stationary or very slow)
engarrafar {vt}  :: to bottle up
engasgar {vi} [typically by solids]  :: to choke (be unable to breathe because of obstruction of the windpipe)
engasgar {vt} [typically of solids]  :: to choke (to obstruct the windpipe of)
engastando {v}  :: gerund of engastar
engastar {v}  :: to set, mount (a jewel); to embed, enchase
engatinhar {vi}  :: to crawl, as baby does (to move along the ground on hands and knees)
engendrada {adj}  :: feminine form of engendrado
engendradas {adj}  :: feminine plural of engendrado
engendrado {adj}  :: engendered
engendrado {adj}  :: invented, created, produced
engendrado {v}  :: past participle of engendrar
engendrando {v}  :: gerund of engendrar
engendrar {v}  :: to engender
engenharia {f}  :: engineering
engenharia de sistemas {f}  :: systems engineering (interdisciplinary field of engineering)
engenharia genética {f}  :: genetic engineering (practice or science of genetic modification)
engenheira {f}  :: feminine form of engenheiro
engenheiro {m}  :: engineer (person qualified or professionally engaged in engineering)
engenho {m}  :: astuteness (the quality of being astute)
engenho {m}  :: ingenuity (the quality of being ingenuous)
engenho {m} [obsolete, or, historical]  :: factory (industrial facility)
engenho {m} [obsolete, or, historical]  :: machine (mechanical device)
engenho {m} [South Brazil]  :: factory that processes yerba maté leaves
engenho {m}  :: sugar mill (factory that processes sugar cane)
engenho {m}  :: sugar mill (machine for pressing out the juice of the sugar cane)
engenhoca {f}  :: gadget (any device or machine)
engenho de açúcar {m}  :: sugar mill (machine that mills sugar)
engenho de açúcar {m}  :: sugar mill (place or building where sugar is milled)
engenhosa {adj}  :: feminine form of engenhoso
engenhosas {adj}  :: feminine plural of engenhoso
engenhosidade {f}  :: ingenuity (ability to come up with solutions to difficult problems)
engenhoso {adj}  :: Displaying genius or brilliance; ingenious
engenhoso {adj}  :: Tending to invent; ingenious
engessando {v}  :: gerund of engessar
engessar {v}  :: to plaster (walls, broken limbs etc)
englobando {v}  :: gerund of englobar
englobar {v}  :: to conglomerate
englobar {v}  :: to encompass, include, cover
engolindo {v}  :: gerund of engolir
engolir {vt} [colloquial]  :: to swallow, to believe, to accept
engolir {vt}  :: to fail to pronounce
engolir {vt}  :: to swallow, to consume food
engomar {vt}  :: to iron (to unwrinkle clothes with an iron)
engomar {vt}  :: to starch (to apply laundry starch)
engordar {v}  :: to fatten (to become fatter)
engordar {v}  :: to fatten (to cause to be fatter)
engraçada {adj}  :: feminine form of engraçado
engraçadas {adj}  :: Feminine plural form of engraçado
engraçado {adj}  :: funny (amusing; comical)
engraçado {adj}  :: weird
engradado {m}  :: crate (box for carrying goods)
engrandecendo {v}  :: gerund of engrandecer
engrandecer {v}  :: to aggrandize
engrandecer {v}  :: to enhance
engrandecer {v}  :: to exalt
engrandecimento {m}  :: aggrandizement
engrandecimento {m}  :: enlargement
engravidar {vi} [of a female]  :: to start pregnancy
engravidar {vt} [of a male]  :: to copulate with a female, resulting in her pregnancy
engraxamento {m}  :: shoeshine (the act of polishing shoes)
engraxamento {m}  :: the act of lubricating with grease
engraxando {v}  :: gerund of engraxar
engraxar {v}  :: to grease, lubricate
engraxar {v}  :: to polish
engraxate {n}  :: shoeshiner
engrenagem {f}  :: gear, gearing (mechanical)
engrenar {v} [of gears]  :: to couple; to connect
engrenar {vt} [engineering]  :: to gear (to fit with gears)
engrossado {v}  :: past participle of engrossar
engrossando {v}  :: gerund of engrossar
engrossar {v}  :: to thicken (to become thicker)
engrossar {v}  :: to thicken (to become thicker, more viscous)
engrossar {v}  :: to thicken (to make thicker)
engrossar {v}  :: to thicken (to make thicker, more viscous)
Enguerrando {prop}  :: Ingram (male given name)
enguiçar {v} [Brazil]  :: to break (to stop functioning properly)
enguiçar {v}  :: to evil-eye (to cast an evil eye)
enguiçar {v}  :: to stunt a vegetable (to hinder the growth of)
enguiço {m}  :: breakdown
enguiço {m}  :: curse
enguiço {m}  :: impediment, snag
-enho {suffix}  :: forms adjectives meaning “having the qualities of [the suffixed material]”
-enho {suffix}  :: forms adjectives meaning “of, from or relating to [the suffixed place]”
-enho {suffix}  :: forms the names of residents or inhabitants of a place
enigma {m}  :: enigma
enigmaticamente {adv}  :: enigmatically
enigmático {adj}  :: enigmatic
enjoando {v}  :: gerund of enjoar
enjoar {v}  :: to disgust
enjoar {v}  :: to nauseate
enjoo {m}  :: nausea
enjoo {m}  :: queasiness
enlaçando {v}  :: gerund of enlaçar
enlaçar {v}  :: to embrace
enlaçar {v}  :: to entwine
enlaçar {v}  :: to lace
enlatada {adj}  :: feminine form of enlatado
enlatadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of enlatado
enlatado {adj}  :: tinned, canned
enlatado {v}  :: past participle of enlatar
enlatamento {m}  :: canning (process of preserving food in sealed cans)
enlatando {v}  :: gerund of enlatar
enlatar {v}  :: to can
enóloga {n}  :: feminine form of enólogo
enólogas {n}  :: feminine plural of enólogo
enólogo {m}  :: oenologist / enologist
enlouquecedor {adj}  :: insane (causing insanity or madness)
enlouquecedora {adj}  :: feminine form of enlouquecedor
enlouquecedoras {adj}  :: feminine plural of enlouquecedor
enlouquecendo {v}  :: gerund of enlouquecer
enlouquecer {v}  :: to go mad
enmendar {v}  :: obsolete form of emendar
eno- {prefix}  :: oeno- (forms terms relating to wine)
enojar {v}  :: to disgust (to cause an intense dislike for something)
enorme {adj}  :: enormous
enormidade {f}  :: enormity
enphyteutica {adj}  :: feminine form of emphyteutico
enphyteuticas {adj}  :: feminine plural of emphyteutico
enquadramento {m}  :: context, scope
enquadramento {m}  :: (lit.) framing, composition
enquadrando {v}  :: gerund of enquadrar
enquadrar {v}  :: to frame
enquanto {conj}  :: as; while
enquanto isso {adv}  :: meanwhile (at the same time but elsewhere)
enquete {f}  :: poll (an election or a survey of a particular group)
enraivecer {vt}  :: to anger (to cause such a feeling of antagonism)
enredar {v}  :: to benet (to catch in a net)
enredar {v}  :: to entangle (twist or interweave in such a manner as not to be easily separated)
enérgico {adj}  :: energetic (possessing, exerting, or displaying energy)
enriquecendo {v}  :: gerund of enriquecer
enriquecer {v}  :: to enrich
enriquecida {adj}  :: feminine form of enriquecido
enriquecidas {adj}  :: feminine plural of enriquecido
enriquecido {adj}  :: enriched
enriquecido {v}  :: past participle of enriquecer
enriquecimento {m}  :: enrichment
enrolando {v}  :: gerund of enrolar
enrolação {f}  :: the act of beating around the bush
enrolar {v}  :: to curl or coil (up)
enrolar-se {vr} [Brazil]  :: to procrastinate (to become mixed together or intertwined)
enrolar-se {vr}  :: to tangle (to become mixed together or intertwined)
enrubescendo {v}  :: gerund of enrubescer
enrubescer {v}  :: to blush, flush, redden
enrubescimento {m}  :: blush (an act of blushing)
enrugar {v}  :: to wrinkle (to make wrinkles in; to cause to have wrinkles)
ENSA {initialism} [Internet]  :: IANAL ("Eu Não Sou Advogado" - "I Am Not A Lawyer")
ensaboar {vt}  :: to soap (to apply soap in washing)
ensacar {v}  :: to sack (to put in a sack)
ensaiando {v}  :: gerund of ensaiar
ensaiar {v}  :: to assay
ensaiar {v}  :: to essay, test
ensaiar {v}  :: to rehearse
ensaio {m}  :: a instance of practicing
ensaio {m}  :: essay (written composition)
ensaio geral {m}  :: dress rehearsal (rehearsal prior to a public spectacle, where all the performers are in costume)
ensalada {f}  :: alternative form of salada
ensangüentando {v}  :: gerund of ensangüentar
ensangüentar {v}  :: obsolete spelling of ensanguentar
ensanguentada {adj}  :: feminine form of ensanguentado
ensanguentadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of ensanguentado
ensanguentado {adj}  :: gory; bloody (covered with blood)
ensanguentar {v}  :: to blood (to cause to be covered with blood)
-ense {suffix}  :: forms adjectives meaning “of, from or relating to [the suffixed place]”
-ense {suffix}  :: forms the names of residents or inhabitants of a place
enseada {f}  :: cove (a small coastal inlet, especially one having high cliffs protecting vessels from prevailing winds)
ensejando {v}  :: gerund of ensejar
ensejar {v}  :: to await one's opportunity
ensejar {v}  :: to give rise to
ensejo {m}  :: occasion
ensejo {m}  :: opportunity
enésimo {ordinal num}  :: umpteenth
ensinamento {m}  :: the act of teaching something
ensinamento {m} [usually plural]  :: teaching (something taught, especially by a religious or philosophical authority)
ensinar {v}  :: to teach
ensinar a missa ao padre {v}  :: teach grandma how to suck eggs (to attempt to teach an expert)
ensinar a missa ao vigário {v}  :: teach grandma how to suck eggs (to attempt to teach an expert)
ensino {m}  :: teaching (the profession of teaching)
ensino médio {m} [schools]  :: high school (secondary school)
ensino primário {m} [schools]  :: primary school (first formal, obligatory school)
ensino secundário {m} [schools]  :: secondary school
ensolarada {adj}  :: feminine form of ensolarado
ensolaradas {adj}  :: feminine plural of ensolarado
ensolarado {adj}  :: sunny (weather, day)
ensombrando {v}  :: gerund of ensombrar
ensombrar {v}  :: to overshadow
ensonada {adj}  :: feminine form of ensonado
ensonadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of ensonado
ensonado {adj}  :: Feeling the need to sleep; sleepy, drowsy
ensopando {v}  :: gerund of ensopar
ensopar {v}  :: to soak
ensurdecedor {adj}  :: deafening (excessively loud)
ensurdecer {v}  :: to deafen (to make deaf)
entaõ {adv}  :: obsolete spelling of então
entaõ {conj}  :: obsolete spelling of então
entabuar {vt}  :: to plank (to cover something with planking)
entabular {vt}  :: to plank (to cover something with planking)
entalhar {v}  :: to carve wood
entalhar {v}  :: to engrave
entalho {m}  :: a wood engraving
entanto {m}  :: only used in no entanto
ente {m}  :: an existing being or thing
enteada {f}  :: feminine form of enteado; stepdaughter
enteado {m}  :: stepchild (the child of one's spouse and his or her previous partner)
entediado {v}  :: past participle of entediar
entediando {v}  :: gerund of entediar
entediante {adj}  :: dulll tedious; boring
entediar {v}  :: to bore (to cause boredom)
entelhar {v}  :: to tile a roof
entendendo {v}  :: gerund of entender
entender {v}  :: to understand
entendimento {m}  :: agreement
entendimento {m}  :: perception
entendimento {m}  :: understanding, comprehension
entendível {adj}  :: understandable (easily understood)
enterite {f} [pathology]  :: enteritis (intestinal disease)
enterólito {m}  :: enterolith (mineral concretion in the intestinal tract)
enternecendo {v}  :: gerund of enternecer
enternecer {v}  :: to move (emotionally)
enternecido {adj}  :: softened, moved
enternecido {v}  :: past participle of enternecer
enterrado {adj}  :: buried
enterramento {m}  :: burial, interment
enterrar {v}  :: to bury, inter, entomb
enterrá-lo {v}  :: contraction of enterrar o
enthusiasta {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of entusiasta
enthusiasta {mf}  :: obsolete spelling of entusiasta
entidade {f}  :: entity (something or somebody that exists as an individual unit)
entintar {vt}  :: to ink (to apply ink)
entitular {v}  :: obsolete form of intitular
então {adv}  :: then (at that time)
então {adv}  :: then (soon afterwards; after that)
então {conj}  :: thus; therefore (as a result)
então {interj}  :: so (used after a pause for thought to introduce a new topic, question or story)
então {interj}  :: used to introduce an answer which is more complex than expected
-ento {suffix}  :: having a certain quality
-ento {suffix}  :: (inclined to); -y
entoar {vt} [music]  :: to place (to sing (a note) with the correct pitch)
entoar {vt} [music]  :: to sing (to produce musical with one’s voice)
entomólogo {m}  :: entomologist (scientist who studies insects)
entomologia {f}  :: entomology (study of insects)
entomologista {mf}  :: entomologist
entonação {f} [linguistics]  :: intonation (the rise and fall of the voice in speaking)
entonação {f} [music]  :: intonation (act of sounding the tones of the musical scale)
entornar {v}  :: to spread; to scatter
entornar {vt}  :: to turn a container, spilling its contents
entorpecida {adj}  :: feminine form of entorpecido
entorpecidas {adj}  :: feminine plural of entorpecido
entorpecido {adj}  :: numb
entorpecido {v}  :: past participle of entorpecer
entortado {v}  :: past participle of entortar
entortando {v}  :: gerund of entortar
entortar {v}  :: to bend (to become curved)
entortar {v}  :: to bend (to cause something to change its shape into a curve)
entrada {f}  :: entrance
entrançar {v}  :: to interweave (to combine two things through weaving)
entranhando {v}  :: gerund of entranhar
entranhar {v}  :: to entrench
entranhar {v}  :: to penetrate
entrar {v}  :: to enter, to go into
entrar em {vt}  :: to enter (somewhere)
entrar em jogo {v}  :: to come into play (to become involved, start to play a role)
entravar {vt}  :: to hinder (to delay or impede movement or advancement)
entre- {prefix}  :: inter- (among, between)
entre {prep}  :: among (denotes a mingling or intermixing with distinct or separable objects)
entre {prep}  :: between (intermediate in quantity or degree)
entre {prep}  :: between (in the position or interval that separates things)
entre {prep}  :: between (shared in confidence)
entreaberta {adj}  :: feminine form of entreaberto
entreabertas {adj}  :: feminine plural of entreaberto
entreaberto {adj}  :: ajar (slightly turned or opened)
entrecho {m}  :: plot (of a drama)
entrecortando {v}  :: gerund of entrecortar
entrecortar {v}  :: to intersect
entregando {v}  :: gerund of entregar
entregar {vt}  :: to deliver
entregar-se {vr}  :: to give away (to unintentionally reveal a secret)
entregar-se {vr}  :: to surrender; to submit (to give oneself up into the power of another)
entrelaçar {v}  :: to interweave (to combine two things through weaving)
entrelinhando {v}  :: gerund of entrelinhar
entrelinhar {v}  :: to interline
entremeando {v}  :: gerund of entremear
entremear {v}  :: to intersperse, interweave
entremear {v}  :: to mix (add to)
entreolhando {v}  :: gerund of entreolhar
entreolhar {v} [rare, figurative]  :: to be reminiscent of
entreolhar {v} [rare]  :: to look indirectly at something or someone
entreolhar {v}  :: to look at multiple things or people
entreolhar-se {v} [reciprocal]  :: To look at each other
entre outros {adv} [idiomatic]  :: and so on (indicates that a list continues)
entreperna {f}  :: crotch (area of a person’s body)
entreperna {f}  :: the part of trousers that covers the crotch
entreposto {m}  :: emporium
entreposto {m}  :: warehouse
entretanto {conj}  :: but, however
entretenimento {m}  :: amusement, pastime
entretenimento {m}  :: entertainment
entreter {vt}  :: to amuse; to entertain
entrevada {adj}  :: feminine form of entrevado
entrevadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of entrevado
entrevado {adj}  :: bedridden
entrevado {adj}  :: crippled
entrevado {adj}  :: paralyzed
entrevista {f}  :: interview (a formal meeting for the assessment of a candidate or applicant)
entrevista {f}  :: interview (conversation between a journalist and another person)
entrevistador {m}  :: interviewer (one who interviews)
entrevistadora {f}  :: feminine form of entrevistador
entrevistar {v}  :: to interview (to obtain an interview from)
entérico {adj}  :: enteric (of, relating to, within, or by way of the intestines)
entrincheirar {v} [military]  :: to entrench (surround with a trench)
entristecendo {v}  :: gerund of entristecer
entristecer {v}  :: to sadden (make or become sad)
entronar {vt}  :: to enthrone (to put on the throne)
entroncamento {m}  :: junction (place where two things meet)
Entroncamento {prop}  :: a Portuguese city in Santarém district
entronizar {vt}  :: to enthrone (to put on the throne)
entropia {f} [thermodynamics]  :: entropy
entrudo {m} [usually capitalized]  :: carnival (festive occasion marked by parades)
entrudo {m} [usually capitalized, Christianity]  :: Shrovetide (days immediately preceding Lent)
entruido {m} [dated, dialectal]  :: alternative form of entrudo
entulho {m}  :: rubbish, junk
entulho {m}  :: rubble
entupir {vi}  :: to clog (to become blocked)
entupir {vt}  :: to clog (to block or slow passage through)
entupir {vt}  :: to stuff (to fill (something) up in a compressed manner)
entupir-se {vr}  :: to cram (to eat greedily, and to satiety; to stuff)
entusiasmado {adj}  :: excited (having great enthusiasm)
entusiasmar {v}  :: to excite (to cause (someone) to feel enthusiasm)
entusiasmo {m}  :: enthusiasm
entusiasmo {m}  :: excitement
entusiasta {adj}  :: characterised by enthusiasm
entusiasta {mf}  :: enthusiast (person filled with or guided by enthusiasm)
entusiasticamente {adv}  :: enthusiastically (in an enthusiastic manner)
entusiástico {adj}  :: enthusiastic (with zealous fervor; excited, motivated)
enumerado {adj}  :: enumerated, counted
enumerado {v}  :: past participle of enumerar
enumerando {v}  :: gerund of enumerar
enumerar {v}  :: to count
enumerar {v}  :: to enumerate
enumerar {v}  :: to recite
enunciado {adj}  :: uttered; stated
enunciado {m}  :: the part of a question or exercise that explains what is the problem to be solved
enunciado {m}  :: utterance; enunciation; statement (something spoken)
enunciação {f}  :: enunciation (act of enunciating)
envelhecendo {v}  :: gerund of envelhecer
envelhecer {v}  :: to age (grow old)
envelhecimento {m}  :: aging
envelope {m}  :: envelope
envenenamento {m}  :: intoxication
envenenamento {m}  :: poisoning
envenenar {v} [colloquial]  :: to soup up (a car)
envenenar {v}  :: to poison
envergar {vt}  :: to curve (bend, crook)
envergar {vt}  :: to don; to wear (a piece of clothing)
envergonhado {adj}  :: abashed
envergonhado {adj}  :: ashamed, shamefaced
envergonhado {adj}  :: sheepish
envergonhando {v}  :: gerund of envergonhar
envergonhar {v}  :: to shame, abash
envernizar {v}  :: to varnish (to cover up with varnish)
enviador {m}  :: sender (someone who sends)
enviar {v}  :: to send
envio {m}  :: shipment, sending
enviuvando {v}  :: gerund of enviuvar
enviuvar {v}  :: to be widowed
envolvedor {adj}  :: engaged
envolvedor {adj}  :: involved
envolvedora {adj}  :: feminine form of envolvedor
envolvedoras {adj}  :: feminine plural of envolvedor
envolver {v}  :: to encompass (to include within the scope)
envolver {v}  :: to involve (to envelop completely)
envolvimento {m}  :: envelopment
envolvimento {m}  :: involvement
enxó {m}  :: adze (cutting tool)
enxada {f}  :: hoe (agricultural tool)
enxadar {vt} [lb, pt]  :: to hoe (to turn soil using a hoe)
enxadrista {mf}  :: chess player
enxaguar {vt}  :: to rinse (to remove soap from something using water)
enxame {m}  :: swarm
enxaqueca {f}  :: migraine (kind of head, usually affecting only one side of the head)
enxerga {f}  :: pallet (simple bed)
enxergar {vi}  :: to be able to see; not to be blind
enxergar {vt}  :: to see (to perceive with the eyes)
enxertado {v}  :: past participle of enxertar
enxertando {v}  :: gerund of enxertar
enxertar {v}  :: to graft
enxertar {v}  :: to transplant
enxertia {f}  :: grafting
enxerto {m}  :: graft (small shoot or scion)
enxerto {m} [horticulture]  :: an instance of grafting
enxerto {m} [horticulture]  :: a plant which has undergone grafting
enxerto {m} [rare]  :: insertion
enxerto {m} [surgery]  :: graft
enxerto {m} [uncountable, horticulture]  :: grafting
enxotar {vt}  :: to shoo (to induce someone to leave)
enxoval {m}  :: a set of clothes and accessories used for a specific purpose
enxugando {v}  :: gerund of enxugar
enxugar {v}  :: to slim down
enxugar {vt}  :: to wipe dry
enxurrada {f} [figuratively]  :: flood (large number or quantity of something that appears suddenly)
enxurrada {f}  :: flash flood (sudden, rapid flood)
enzima {m}  :: enzyme
enzimático {adj}  :: enzymatic (of, relating to, or caused by enzymes)
enzímico {adj}  :: enzymatic (of, relating to, or caused by enzymes)
eão {m} [lb, pt, Portugal]  :: alternative form of éon
eóo {adj}  :: alternative spelling of eoo
eoa {adj}  :: feminine form of eoo
eoas {adj}  :: feminine plural of eoo
e olhe lá {phrase} olhe|lá
e olhe lá {phrase} [informal, idiomatic]  :: Used to end a sentence, indicates that the interlocutor is experimenting a relatively bad situation and should not expect improvement
eoo {adj} [archaic]  :: Oriental
e/ou {conj}  :: and/or (inclusive "or")
epa {interj}  :: hey (expression of surprise)
epa {interj}  :: hey (protest or reprimand)
epícrise {f}  :: epicrisis (critical or analytical summing-up)
epenthese {f}  :: obsolete spelling of epêntese
epi- {prefix}  :: epi- (above, over, on, in addition to)
epiceno {adj} [grammar]  :: epicene (having only one gender, regardless of the referent’s sex)
epicentro {m}  :: epicentre, epicenter
epiciclo {m} [astronomy]  :: epicycle (a small circle whose centre is on the circumference of a larger circle)
Epicuro {prop}  :: Epicurus (ancient Greek philosopher)
epidídimo {m} [anatomy]  :: epididymis
epidemia {f} [pathology]  :: an epidemic
epidemiológica {adj}  :: feminine form of epidemiológico
epidemiológicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of epidemiológico
epidemiológico {adj}  :: epidemiological
epidemiologia {f} [sciences]  :: epidemiology (branch of medicine dealing with transmission and control of disease in populations)
epidemiologista {mf}  :: epidemiologist
epiderme {f}  :: epidermis (skin's outer layer in animals)
epidêmico {adj} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of epidémico
epidémico {adj} [Portugal]  :: epidemic (like an epidemic)
epidérmica {adj}  :: feminine form of epidérmico
epidérmicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of epidérmico
epidérmico {adj}  :: epidermic, epidermal
epifania {f}  :: epiphany (illuminating realisation or discovery)
epifania {f} [religion]  :: epiphany (manifestation of a divine being)
Epifania {prop}  :: Epiphany (Christian feast)
epigenética {adj}  :: feminine form of epigenético
epigenética {f} [genetics]  :: epigenetics
epigenético {adj} [genetics]  :: epigenetic (of or relating to epigenetics)
epigenético {adj} [geology]  :: epigenetic (of or relating to epigenesis)
epiglote {f} [anatomy]  :: epiglottis (cartilaginous organ in the throat of terrestrial vertebrates)
epilepsia {f} [pathology]  :: epilepsy (medical condition)
epiléptico {adj} [Portugal]  :: epileptic (of or relating to epilepsy)
epilético {adj}  :: alternative form of epiléptico
epirogênese {f} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of epirogénese
epirogénese {f} [geomorphology, Portugal]  :: epeirogenesis (formation of continents, basins and plateaus via movements of Earth’s crust)
episódio {m}  :: episode (all senses)
episódio {m}  :: incident
epistaxe {f} [medicine]  :: nosebleed (a haemorrhage from the nose)
epistemóloga {f}  :: feminine form of epistemólogo
epistemólogo {m}  :: epistemologist (person who studies theory of knowledge)
epistemológico {adj}  :: epistemological (of, or relating to, epistemology)
epistemologia {f}  :: epistemology (branch of philosophy dealing with the study of knowledge)
epitelial {adj}  :: epithelial
epitáfio {m}  :: epitaph
epitélio {m}  :: epithelium
epitomizar {v}  :: to epitomise (to be an epitome of)
epitrocóide {f}  :: superseded spelling of epitrocoide
epitrocoide {f}  :: epitrochoid (type of geometric curve)
epónimo {adj} [Portugal]  :: eponymous (relating to the person after which something is named)
epônimo {m}  :: eponym
epónimo {m} [Portugal]  :: eponym (name of a person that has given rise to the name of something)
epónimo {m} [Portugal]  :: eponym (word formed from a person’s name)
epêntese {f}  :: epenthesis (the insertion of a phoneme or letter into a word)
epopeia {f}  :: epic
epopéia {f}  :: obsolete spelling of epopeia
epístola {f} [Christianity]  :: epistle (book of the New Testament)
epíteto {m}  :: epithet (term used to characterize a person or thing)
epítome {m} [of a class of items]  :: epitome (embodiment or encapsulation of)
epítome {m} [of a document]  :: epitome (summary)
epóxi {m}  :: epoxy
epóxido {m} [organic chemistry]  :: epoxide
eqüitativamente {adv}  :: obsolete spelling of equitativamente
equador {m}  :: equator (circle around the earth)
Equador {prop}  :: Ecuador (country in South America)
equanimidade {f}  :: equity (justice, impartiality and fairness)
equação {f}  :: equation
equação algébrica {f} [algebra]  :: algebraic equation
equação de Arrhenius {f} [chemistry]  :: Arrhenius equation
equação diferencial {f} [calculus]  :: differential equation (equation involving the derivatives of a function)
equidade {f}  :: equity, fairness
equidade {f}  :: impartiality
equidade {f}  :: justice
equidistante {adj}  :: equidistant (occupying a position that is an equal distance between several points)
equilíbrio {m} [chemistry]  :: equilibrium
equilíbrio {m}  :: equilibrium (mental balance)
equilíbrio {m}  :: equilibrium (state of being balanced)
equilíbrio {m} [physics]  :: equilibrium
equilibrado {v}  :: past participle of equilibrar
equilibrando {v}  :: gerund of equilibrar
equilibrar {v}  :: to balance, equilibrate
equimose {f}  :: bruise
equinócio {m}  :: equinox
equinócio de outono {m}  :: autumnal equinox
equinócio de primavera {m}  :: vernal equinox
equinócio vernal {m}  :: vernal equinox
equino {adj}  :: equine (of or relating to horses)
equino {m}  :: equine (animal of the genus Equus)
equinocial {adj}  :: equinoctial
equinodermo {m}  :: echinoderm (member of the Echinodermata)
equipa {f} [Portugal]  :: team
equipagem {f}  :: baggage (traveller’s belongings being transported)
equipagem {f}  :: crew (staff operating a craft)
equipagem {f}  :: equipment (the act of equipping)
equipagem {f}  :: retinue (group of servants or attendants)
equipamento {m}  :: apparatus
equipamento {m}  :: equipment
equipamento {m}  :: gear
equipamento {m}  :: hardware
equipando {v}  :: gerund of equipar
equipar {v}  :: to equip or outfit
equipar {v}  :: to rig
equiparando {v}  :: gerund of equiparar
equiparar {v}  :: to equate
equipe {f}  :: (Brazil) team
equipendência {f}  :: equivalence in weight
equitação {f}  :: equestrianism (the art of riding horses)
equitativa {adj}  :: feminine form of equitativo
equitativamente {adv}  :: equitably
equitativas {adj}  :: feminine plural of equitativo
equitativo {adj}  :: equitable
equivalente {adj}  :: equivalent (similar or identical in value)
equivalência {f}  :: equivalence
equivocado {adj} [polite, of a person]  :: wrong; mistaken (asserting something incorrect)
equivocamente {adv}  :: equivocally
equivocar-se {vr}  :: to be mistaken
equívoco {m}  :: mistake; error
-er {suffix}  :: The infinitive of the second class (-er class) of verbs
era {f} [archaeology]  :: age (period of human prehistory)
era {f}  :: era (time period of indeterminate length, generally more than one year)
era {f} [geology]  :: era (unit of time, smaller than aeons and greater than periods)
era do gelo {f}  :: ice age (period of extensive glaciation)
era glacial {f}  :: ice age (period of extensive glaciation)
Erasmo {prop}  :: Erasmus (male given name)
Erato {prop} [Greek god]  :: Erato (Muse of lyric poetry)
era uma vez {adv}  :: once upon a time
era viking {f} [history]  :: Viking Age (period from 8th to 11th century in Europe)
erecção {f}  :: erection
eremita {mf}  :: hermit, eremite
ereção {f}  :: erection
ereta {adj}  :: feminine form of ereto
eretas {adj}  :: feminine plural of ereto
ereto {adj}  :: erect
Erevã {prop}  :: alternative spelling of Erevan
Erevan {prop}  :: Yerevan (the capital of Armenia)
Erevão {prop}  :: alternative form of Erevan
-ergia {suffix}  :: -ergy (work)
ergo {conj}  :: ergo, therefore
ergonomia {f}  :: ergonomics (science of the design of equipment so as to reduce discomfort)
ergosterol {m} [steroid hormone, mycology]  :: ergosterol (steroid precursor of vitamin D2)
erguer {v}  :: to build or erect
erguer {vt}  :: to lift up, to elevate
erigir {vt}  :: to set up; to construct; to build
eritoblasto {m}  :: erythroblast
eritrócito {m}  :: erythrocyte
Eritreia {prop}  :: Eritrea
Eritréia {prop}  :: obsolete spelling of Eritreia
eritrônio {m} [obsolete, chemistry]  :: erythronium
ermida {f}  :: an isolated chapel, shrine or other sanctuary, often in the care of a hermit or anchorite
ermida {f}  :: hermitage
ermo {m}  :: waste (desolate place)
erodir {vi}  :: to erode (to suffer erosion)
erodir {vt}  :: to erode (to cause erosion)
Eros {prop} [Greek god]  :: Eros
erosão {f}  :: erosion
erotizar {v}  :: to eroticize (make erotic)
errada {adj}  :: feminine form of errado
erradamente {adv}  :: mistakenly, wrongly, incorrectly
erradas {adj}  :: feminine plural of errado
erradicando {v}  :: gerund of erradicar
erradicar {v}  :: to eradicate, annihilate
erradicar {v}  :: to uproot
errado {adj}  :: Not correct; wrong; incorrect
errando {v}  :: gerund of errar
errante {adj}  :: errant (straying from the proper course or standard)
errante {adj}  :: wandering; errant
errar {vi}  :: to err (to make a mistake)
errar {vi}  :: to roam (to wander or travel freely and with no specific destination)
errar {vt}  :: to do something incorrectly
errar {vt}  :: to miss (to fail to hit)
errar é humano {proverb}  :: to err is human (everybody makes mistakes)
erre {m}  :: ar (name of the letter R, r)
errónea {adj}  :: feminine form of erróneo
errônea {adj}  :: feminine form of errôneo
erròneamente {adv}  :: obsolete spelling of erroneamente
erróneas {adj}  :: feminine plural of erróneo
errôneas {adj}  :: feminine plural of errôneo
errôneo {adj} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of erróneo
erróneo {adj}  :: erroneous, incorrect
erro {m}  :: error
erroneamente {adv}  :: erroneously, mistakenly
erótico {adj}  :: Arousing sexual desire; erotic; sensual; sexy
erótico {adj}  :: Of or relating to the sexual desire; erotic
erétil {adj}  :: erectile
eructar {v}  :: to belch, to burp
erudição {f}  :: erudition (profound knowledge, especially that based on learning and scholarship)
erudito {adj}  :: erudite (scholarly, learned)
erudito {m}  :: scholar (learned person)
erupção {f}  :: eruption
erva {f}  :: grass
erva {f}  :: herb
erva {f}  :: weed
erva-cicutária {f}  :: cow parsley (Anthriscus sylvestris, a weedy biennial umbellifer)
erva cidreira {f}  :: alternative spelling of erva-cidreira
erva-cidreira {f}  :: lemon balm (Melissa officinalis, a southern European herb used in flavouring)
erva daninha {f}  :: weed (unwanted plant)
erva-de-gato {f}  :: catnip (plant that affects the behaviour of cats)
erva-doce {f}  :: fennel (Foeniculum vulgare, a plant)
erva-mate {f}  :: maté (shrub whose leaves are used to produced the beverage maté)
ervilha {f}  :: pea (edible seed)
ervilha {f}  :: pea (plant)
ervilhaca {f}  :: vetch (any of several leguminous plants)
ervilha de cheiro {f}  :: alternative spelling of ervilha-de-cheiro
ervilha-de-cheiro {f}  :: sweet pea (flowering plant)
Erzurum {prop}  :: Erzurum (Turkish city)
-es {suffix}  :: forms the 2nd-person singular negative imperative of 1st conjugation verbs
-es {suffix}  :: forms the 2nd-person singular present indicative of 2nd and 3rd conjugation verbs
-es {suffix}  :: forms the 2nd-person singular present subjunctive of 1st conjugation verbs
-es {suffix}  :: forms the plural of nouns and adjectives ending in -r, -z, stressed -s and of some ending in -n
E/S {abbr} [computing, electrical engineering]  :: input/output
ES {abbr}  :: Espírito Santo (Brazilian state)
-esa {suffix}  :: feminine form of -ês
Esaú {prop}  :: Esau (son of Isaac and Rebekah)
esbaldar-se {vr}  :: to enjoy oneself; to have fun
esbanjamento {m}  :: profligacy (careless wastefulness)
esbatando {v}  :: gerund of esbater
esbater {v}  :: to attenuate
esbater {v}  :: to blur
esbater {v}  :: to mitigate
esbelta {adj}  :: feminine form of esbelto
esbeltas {adj}  :: feminine plural of esbelto
esbelto {adj}  :: svelte
esboçando {v}  :: gerund of esboçar
esboçar {v}  :: to delineate
esboçar {v}  :: to design
esboçar {v}  :: to draft, outline
esbodegada {adj}  :: feminine form of esbodegado
esbodegadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of esbodegado
esbodegado {adj}  :: shabby (torn or worn; poor; mean; ragged)
esbodegado {adj} [South Brazil]  :: exhausted (very tired)
esbofeteado {v}  :: past participle of esbofetear
esbofeteando {v}  :: gerund of esbofetear
esbofetear {v}  :: to slap
esbombardeando {v}  :: gerund of esbombardear
esbombardear {v}  :: alternative form of bombardear
esboço {m}  :: a rough draft
esboço {m} [figuratively]  :: rudiment
esboço {m}  :: sketch (quick drawing)
esbranquiçada {adj}  :: feminine form of esbranquiçado
esbranquiçadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of esbranquiçado
esbranquiçado {adj}  :: pale; pallid
esbranquiçado {adj}  :: whitish (somewhat white)
esbraseando {v}  :: gerund of esbrasear
esbrasear {v}  :: to blush
esbrasear {v}  :: to redden
esbrasear {v}  :: to set on fire
esbulhado {v}  :: past participle of esbulhar
esbulhando {v}  :: gerund of esbulhar
esbulhar {v}  :: to oust
esbulhar {v}  :: to usurp
esburacando {v}  :: gerund of esburacar
esburacar {v}  :: to hole, hollow
esc {m} [computing]  :: escape (key on most modern computer keyboards)
escabelo {m}  :: stool
escachoando {v}  :: gerund of escachoar
escachoar {v}  :: to gush, gurgle (of water etc)
escada {f}  :: ladder
escada {f}  :: stairs
escadaria {f}  :: staircase (connected set of flights of stairs)
escada rolante {f}  :: escalator
escadote {m}  :: a ladder with supports
escadório {m}  :: a staircase whose landings contain images of the Passion of Christ
escafóide {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of escafoide
escafóide {m}  :: obsolete spelling of escafoide
escafoide {adj}  :: keel shaped
escafoide {m} [skeleton]  :: scaphoid bone
escala {f}  :: scale, measure
escala {f}  :: stopover
escalabilidade {f}  :: scalability (property of being scalable)
escalado {v}  :: past participle of escalar
escalador {adj}  :: who climbs
escalador {m}  :: climber (one who climbs)
escaladora {adj}  :: feminine form of escalador
escaladoras {adj}  :: feminine plural of escalador
escalando {v}  :: gerund of escalar
escalar {adj} [maths, physics]  :: scalar
escalar {v}  :: to climb, mount, scale
escala Richter {f} [seismology]  :: Richter scale
Escalda {prop}  :: Scheldt (river)
escaldada {adj}  :: feminine form of escaldado
escaldadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of escaldado
escaldado {adj}  :: scalded
escaldando {v}  :: gerund of escaldar
escaldante {adj}  :: baking (hot)
escaldante {adj}  :: scalding (hot)
escaldar {v}  :: to scald
escalfar {v}  :: to poach (to cook in simmering water)
escalão {m}  :: echelon (a level or rank in an organisation, profession, or society)
escalonar {v}  :: to echelon (to form troops into an echelon)
escalonar {v}  :: to separate items into categories
escalpelar {v}  :: to scalp (to remove the scalp of)
escamando {v}  :: gerund of escamar
escamar {v}  :: to scale (remove the scales from a fish)
escamosa {adj}  :: feminine form of escamoso
escamosas {adj}  :: feminine plural of escamoso
escamoso {adj}  :: squamous; scaly
escançar {v}  :: to serve drinks
escancarada {adj}  :: feminine form of escancarado
escancaradas {adj}  :: feminine plural of escancarado
escancarado {adj}  :: gaping (wide open)
escancarar {v}  :: to gape (to open wide)
escancear {v}  :: alternative form of escançar
escandinavo {adj}  :: Scandinavian (of, from or relating to Scandinavia)
escandinavo {m}  :: Scandinavian (someone from Scandinavia)
escandinavo antigo {m}  :: Old Norse (language of Scandinavia before 1400 CE)
Escandinávia {prop}  :: Scandinavia
escandir {v} [poetry]  :: to scan (form a poetic metre)
escaneamento {m}  :: scan
escaneamento {m}  :: scanning
escaneando {v}  :: gerund of escanear
escanear {v}  :: to scan
escanho {m}  :: alternative form of escano
escanção {m}  :: someone who serves drinks
escano {m}  :: bench
escano {m}  :: footstool
escansão {f}  :: scansion (the act of analysing the meter of poetry)
escanteio {m} [soccer]  :: corner kick
escapamento {m}  :: escape (act of escaping)
escapamento {m}  :: exhaust pipe
escapar {v}  :: to escape (to get free)
escapatória {f}  :: way out
escaphoide {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of escafoide
escaphoide {m}  :: obsolete spelling of escafoide
escapismo {m}  :: escapism (inclination to escape)
escapulir {v} [childish]  :: to escape
escarafunchando {v}  :: gerund of escarafunchar
escarafunchar {v}  :: to peck
escaramuça {f}  :: skirmish
escaramuçando {v}  :: gerund of escaramuçar
escaramuçar {v}  :: to skirmish
escaravelho {m}  :: beetle (insect)
escaravelho {m}  :: scarab
escarcha {f}  :: hoarfrost; frost (frozen dew drops)
escarcéu {m}  :: hullaballoo
escarcéu {m}  :: tidal wave (or similar)
escardilho {m}  :: spud (a tool used for digging out weeds)
escarlate {adj}  :: scarlet (colour)
escarlate {m}  :: scarlet (colour)
escarlatina {f}  :: scarlet fever
escarnecedor {adj}  :: derisive (expressing or characterized by derision; mocking)
escarnecedora {adj}  :: feminine form of escarnecedor
escarnecedoras {adj}  :: feminine plural of escarnecedor
escarnecer {v}  :: to mock; to deride; to laugh at
escarnho {m} [dialectal] [dated spelling of, escárnio]  ::
escarola {f}  :: endive (salad vegetable)
escarradeira {f}  :: spittoon (receptacle for spit)
escarrando {v}  :: gerund of escarrar
escarrar {v}  :: to expectorate, spit, cough up
escassa {adj}  :: feminine form of escasso
escassas {adj}  :: feminine plural of escasso
escasseando {v}  :: gerund of escassear
escassear {v}  :: to become scarce
escassez {f}  :: scarcity, dearth, shortage
escasso {adj}  :: scarce, rare
escasso {adj}  :: sparse, scanty
escatologia {f}  :: eschatology (system of doctrines concerning final matters, such as death)
escavando {v}  :: gerund of escavar
escavar {v}  :: to dig
escavar {v}  :: to excavate
escavar {v}  :: to scoop, hollow
Escócia {prop}  :: Scotland
esclarecendo {v}  :: gerund of esclarecer
esclarecer {v}  :: to clarify
esclarecer {v}  :: to enlighten
esclarecer {v}  :: to explain
esclarecimento {m}  :: clarification, elucidation
esclarecimento {m}  :: enlightenment
esclerose múltipla {f} [pathology]  :: multiple sclerosis (chronic disease of the brain and spinal cord)
esclerótica {adj}  :: feminine form of esclerótico
escleróticas {adj}  :: feminine plural of esclerótico
esclerótico {adj}  :: sclerotic
escândalo {m}  :: scandal
escândio {m}  :: scandium (chemical element)
escâner {m}  :: scanner (device to scan documents)
escoamento {m}  :: outflow; act of draining
escoamento superficial {m}  :: surface runoff
escoando {v}  :: gerund of escoar
escoar {v}  :: to drain
escocesa {adj}  :: feminine form of escocês
escocesas {adj}  :: feminine plural of escocês
escocês {adj}  :: Scottish
escol {m}  :: elite (group with higher status)
escola {f}  :: academy
escola {f}  :: campus
escola {f}  :: college
escola {f}  :: method
escola {f}  :: school
escola {f}  :: system
escolarizar {vt}  :: to school (to educate, teach, or train)
escolha {f}  :: choice (opportunity to choose or select something)
escolha {f}  :: the act of choosing
escolher {v}  :: to choose
escolhido {adj}  :: chosen; selected; picked
escolhido {m} [fiction, religion]  :: the chosen one
escolhido {m}  :: something or someone that has been chosen, selected
escolinha {f}  :: diminutive form of escola
escolinha {f}  :: nursery school (a school for pre-school children)
escolta {f}  :: escort (group of people who someone or something to provide protection)
escombros {n}  :: rubble resulting from destruction
esconde-esconde {m}  :: hide-and-go-seek (game)
esconder {vt}  :: to hide
esconderijo {m}  :: cache
esconderijo {m}  :: hide
esconderijo {m}  :: hideout, hideaway, hiding place
escondido {adj}  :: hidden
escondrijo {m}  :: hideout (place for hiding)
esconjuro {m}  :: exorcism
escopeta {f}  :: rifle
escopo {m}  :: scope
escorar {v}  :: to prop (to support or shore up something)
escorbuto {m} [disease]  :: scurvy (deficiency of vitamin C)
escorpião {m}  :: scorpion
Escorpião {prop}  :: Scorpio (zodiac sign)
escorredor {m}  :: colander (a bowl-shaped utensil with holes in it used for draining food)
escorrega {m}  :: slide (item of play equipment)
escorregadia {adj}  :: feminine form of escorregadio
escorregadias {adj}  :: feminine plural of escorregadio
escorregadio {adj}  :: slippery (hard to stand on without falling)
escorregador {m} [Brazil]  :: slide (item of play equipment for children to slide)
escorregando {v}  :: gerund of escorregar
escorregar {v}  :: to slide (to move on a low friction surface)
escorregar {v}  :: to slip (to lose one’s traction on a slippery surface)
escorrendo {v}  :: gerund of escorrer
escorrer {v}  :: to drain (liquid)
escota {f} [nautical]  :: sheet (rope to adjust sail)
escoteiro {m}  :: scout (member of the Scout movement)
escotilha {f}  :: hatch of a watercraft
escova {f}  :: brush (implement)
escova de cabelo {f}  :: hairbrush (type of brush used in hair care)
escova de dentes {f}  :: toothbrush (brush for cleaning the teeth and tongue)
escovadela {f}  :: brush (act of brushing)
escovamento {m}  :: brush (act of brushing)
escovando {v}  :: gerund of escovar
escovar {v}  :: to brush, sweep
escovinha {f}  :: cornflower (Centaurea cyanus)
escovinha {f}  :: diminutive form of escova
escápula {f} [skeleton]  :: scapula; shoulder blade
escrava {f}  :: slave (female)
escrava sexual {f}  :: feminine form of escravo sexual
escravatura {f}  :: slavery
escravidão {f}  :: slavery
escravidão sexual {f}  :: sexual slavery (activity that involves forced sexual acts upon a person who is held hostage)
escravista {adj}  :: relating to slaves or slavery
escravista {n}  :: a supporter of slavery
escravizado {adj}  :: That has been turned into a slave; enslaved; enthralled
escravizar {vt}  :: to enslave
escravo {m}  :: slave
escravocrata {adj}  :: enslaving
escravo sexual {m}  :: sex slave (person forced into being available for sex)
escrevedeira {f}  :: sparrow (bird of the family Emberizidae)
escrevente {mf}  :: amanuensis (one employed to take dictation or copy manuscripts)
escrevente {mf}  :: clerk (office worker)
escrever {v}  :: to write (to form letters, etc.)
escória {f}  :: scum
escória {f}  :: slag, dross, scoria
escriba {n}  :: scribe (someone employed to write and take notes)
escriptor {m}  :: obsolete spelling of escritor
escriptório {m}  :: obsolete spelling of escritório
escrita {adj}  :: feminine form of escrito (written)
escrita {f}  :: writing (written letters or symbols that express some meaning)
escrito {adj}  :: That was written; written
escritor {m}  :: writer
escritora {f}  :: feminine form of escritor
escritório {m}  :: office (building or room)
escriturando {v}  :: gerund of escriturar
escrituração {f}  :: bookkeeping (the craft of keeping records of financial transactions)
escriturar {v}  :: to book-keep
escriturar {v}  :: to write or register a commercial document
escriturário {m}  :: bookkeeper
escriturário {m}  :: clerk
escriturário {m}  :: scribe
escrivaninha {f}  :: diminutive form of escrivã
escrivaninha {f}  :: secretary (a type of desk)
escrivão {m}  :: clerk (legal)
escrivão {m}  :: registrar
escárnio {m}  :: contempt, disdain
escárnio {m}  :: scorn, derision
escrotal {adj}  :: scrotal
escroto {adj} [Brazil, vulgar]  :: shitty
escroto {m} [anatomy]  :: scrotum
escrúpulo {m}  :: scruple
escrupuloso {adj}  :: scrupulous; meticulous
escrutinizar {vt} [lb, pt]  :: to scrutinise (to examine with great care)
escrutínio {m}  :: scrutiny
escudeiro {m}  :: squire (armour-bearer who attends a knight)
escudo {m}  :: escudo (obsolete Portuguese currency)
escudo {m} [heraldry]  :: shield
escudo {m}  :: shield
escudo humano {m}  :: human shield (civilian placed in or around targets)
escuitar {v} [dialectal]  :: alternative form of escutar
esculachar {v} [colloquial]  :: to own; to defeat; to overwhelm
esculhambação {f}  :: disorder, confusion
esculhambação {f}  :: insolence, ridicule
esculápio {m}  :: doctor, physician
Esculápio {prop} [Greek god]  :: Asclepius (Greek god of medicine and healing)
escultor {m}  :: sculptor (person who creates sculptures)
escultura {f}  :: sculpture (work of art created by sculpting)
escumadeira {f}  :: skimmer (slotted spoon)
escuna {f} [nautical]  :: schooner (type of sailing ship)
escura {adj}  :: feminine form of escuro
escuras {adj}  :: feminine plural of escuro
escurecendo {v}  :: gerund of escurecer
escurecer {v}  :: to dim, darken
escurecimento {m}  :: darkening
escuridade {f}  :: darkness
escuridão {f}  :: darkness
escuridão {f}  :: gloom
escuridão {f}  :: night
escuridão {f}  :: obscurity
escuro {adj}  :: dark
escuro {m}  :: dark
escutar {v}  :: to listen
esdrúxula {adj}  :: feminine form of esdrúxulo
esdrúxulas {adj}  :: feminine plural of esdrúxulo
esdrúxulo {adj}  :: proparoxytone (whose stress in on the antepenultimate syllable)
ESE {m}  :: ESE (east-southeast)
esôfago {m} [Brazil]  :: alternative spelling of esófago
esófago {m}  :: oesophagus
esfalerita {f} [mineral]  :: sphalerite
esfaquear {v}  :: to stab
esfarelando {v}  :: gerund of esfarelar
esfarelar {v}  :: to crumble
esfarrapada {adj}  :: feminine form of esfarrapado
esfarrapadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of esfarrapado
esfarrapado {adj}  :: shabby (clothed with ragged, much worn, or soiled garments)
esfenóide {m}  :: obsolete spelling of esfenoide
esfenoide {m} [skeleton]  :: sphenoid bone
esfera {f}  :: sphere (object)
esfera armilar {f}  :: armillary sphere (instrument used to represent the motion of celestial bodies around the earth)
esferal {adj}  :: spheral (of or relating to a sphere)
esferômetro {m} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of esferómetro
esferómetro {m} [Portugal]  :: spherometer (device to measure the curvature of a surface)
esferoidal {adj}  :: spheroidal
esferovite {f} [lb, pt, Portugal]  :: styrofoam (expanded polystyrene foam)
esfigmomanômetro {m} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of esfigmomanómetro
esfigmomanómetro {m} [Portugal]  :: sphygmomanometer (device to measure blood pressure)
esfinge {f}  :: sphinx
Esfinge {prop} [Greek mythology]  :: Sphinx (Greek mythological creature)
Esfinge {prop}  :: Sphinx (large monument in Egypt)
esfíncter {m} [anatomy]  :: sphincter (band of muscle that surrounds an opening)
esfênio {m} [mineralogy]  :: sphene
esfolamento {m}  :: chafe (injury or wear caused by friction)
esfolamento {m}  :: flaying (instance of removing someone’s skin)
esfolar {v}  :: to flay
esfomeada {adj}  :: feminine form of esfomeado
esfomeadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of esfomeado
esfomeado {adj}  :: very hungry
esfomear {vt}  :: to starve (to deprive of food)
esforçada {adj}  :: feminine form of esforçado
esforçadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of esforçado
esforçado {adj}  :: hard-working; industrious
esforçado {adj}  :: showing power and initiative
esforçando {v}  :: gerund of esforçar
esforçar {v}  :: to strain
esforçar-se {vr}  :: to make an effort
esforço {m}  :: effort (the amount of work involved in achieving something)
esfregar {v}  :: to clean by rubbing
esfregar {v}  :: to rub (to move one object while maintaining contact with another object over some area)
esfregar sal na ferida {v} [idiomatic]  :: to rub salt in the wound (to make something worse)
esfregão {m}  :: mop
esfriamento {m}  :: cooling, chilling
esfriando {v}  :: gerund of esfriar
esfriar {v}  :: to cool, cool down, chill
esférico {adj} [geometry]  :: spherical (shaped like a sphere)
esférula {f}  :: spherule
esfumaçamento {m}  :: the act of covering something with soot
esfumaçamento {m}  :: the act of filling a place with smoke
esfumaçante {adj}  :: smoking (giving off smoke)
esganar {v}  :: to strangle (to squeeze someone’s throat)
esgarçando {v}  :: gerund of esgarçar
esgarçar {v}  :: to rip (clothing etc)
esgotada {adj}  :: feminine form of esgotado
esgotadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of esgotado
esgotado {adj}  :: exhausted, worn out, jaded
esgotando {v}  :: gerund of esgotar
esgotar {v}  :: to exhaust, deplete, use up
esgoto {m}  :: sewer (for waste liquid)
esgotável {adj}  :: exhaustible
esgravatar {v}  :: to pick off pieces of dirt or filth
esgravatar {vt}  :: to rummage (to search something thoroughly and with disregard)
esgrima {f}  :: fencing (sport)
esgrimir {vi} [sports]  :: to fence (to engage in the sport of fencing)
esgrimir {v}  :: to brandish (a weapon) threateningly
esgrimir {v}  :: to fight with a bladed weapon
esgrouviada {adj}  :: feminine form of esgrouviado
esgrouviadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of esgrouviado
esgrouviado {adj}  :: slender and tall (like a crane)
esgualepado {adj} [lb, pt, South Brazil]  :: mangled (maimed or disfigured)
esguelha {f}  :: slant
esguia {adj}  :: feminine form of esguio
esguias {adj}  :: feminine plural of esguio
esguichar {vt}  :: to squirt (to cause a liquid to be ejected, in a rapid stream)
esguicho {m}  :: squirt (instrument from which a liquid is forcefully ejected)
esguicho {m}  :: squirt (quick ejected stream)
esguio {adj}  :: slender and tall
eslava {adj}  :: feminine form of eslavo
eslavas {adj}  :: feminine plural of eslavo
eslavismo {m}  :: Pan-Slavism (movement aimed at uniting all the Slavic peoples)
eslavismo {m}  :: Slavism (idiom or phrase from a Slavic language)
Eslavônia {prop} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of Eslavónia
Eslavónia {prop} [Portugal]  :: Slavonia (region of Croatia)
eslavónico eclesiástico {m} [Portugal, rare]  :: alternative form of eslavo eclesiástico
eslavo {adj}  :: Slavic
eslavo {m}  :: Slav
eslavo eclesiástico {m}  :: Old Church Slavonic (the first literary and liturgical Slavic language)
eslovaca {adj}  :: feminine form of eslovaco
eslovacas {adj}  :: feminine plural of eslovaco
eslovaco {adj}  :: Slovak (of Slovakia or its language)
eslovaco {m}  :: Slovak (person from Slovakia)
eslovaco {m} [uncountable]  :: Slovak (language)
eslovena {adj}  :: feminine form of esloveno
eslovenas {adj}  :: feminine plural of esloveno
esloveno {adj}  :: Slovenian
esloveno {m}  :: Slovene (person from Slovenia)
esloveno {m} [uncountable]  :: Slovenian (language)
Eslovênia {prop}  :: Slovenia
Eslovénia {prop}  :: Slovenia (country in Europe)
Eslováquia {prop}  :: Slovakia
eslávica {adj}  :: feminine form of eslávico
eslávicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of eslávico
eslávico {adj}  :: Slavic (of the Slavs, their culture or languages)
esmaecendo {v}  :: gerund of esmaecer
esmaecer {v}  :: to fade
esmaecer {v}  :: to wither
esmagamento {m}  :: crush, crushing
esmagar {v}  :: to crush (to overwhelm by pressure or weight)
esmaltada {adj}  :: feminine form of esmaltado
esmaltadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of esmaltado
esmaltado {adj}  :: enamelled
esmaltado {adj}  :: glazed
esmaltado {v}  :: past participle of esmaltar
esmaltando {v}  :: gerund of esmaltar
esmaltar {v}  :: to enamel
esmaltar {v}  :: to glaze
esmeralda {f}  :: emerald
esmerar {v}  :: to hone (to refine or master a skill)
esmeril {m}  :: grinder (tool with a spinning abrasive disc)
esmerilhão {m}  :: merlin (small species of falcon)
esmero {m}  :: great care, or diligence
esmigalhada {adj}  :: feminine form of esmigalhado
esmigalhadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of esmigalhado
esmigalhado {adj}  :: crumbled
esmigalhado {adj}  :: fragmented
esmigalhar {v}  :: to crush (to reduce to fine particles by pounding or grinding)
esmiuçado {adj}  :: chopped or ground into small pieces
esmiuçado {adj}  :: detailed (characterised by attention to detail and thoroughness of treatment)
esmo {m}  :: estimate
esmola {f}  :: alms, charity;
esmola {f}  :: benefit, favour
Esmolensco {prop} [rare]  :: Smolensk (city)
esmolla {f}  :: obsolete spelling of esmola
esmurrar {vt}  :: to punch (to strike something or someone with one's fist)
esnobe {adj}  :: snobbish (smugly superior or dismissive of perceived inferiors)
esnobe {mf}  :: snob (person who seeks to be a member of the upper classes)
esnórquel {m}  :: rare spelling of snorkel
esofago {m}  :: obsolete spelling of esófago
esofágico {adj}  :: oesophageal (of or pertaining to the oesophagus)
esophago {m}  :: obsolete spelling of esófago
esopiana {adj}  :: feminine form of esopiano
esopianas {adj}  :: feminine plural of esopiano
esopiano {adj}  :: Aesopian (similar to the style of Aesop’s animal fables)
esopiano {adj} [uncomparable]  :: Aesopian (of or relating to Ancient Greek fabulist Aesop)
Esopo {prop}  :: Aesop (ancient Greek author)
esoterismo {m}  :: esoterism (inward forms of faith and religion)
esotérico {adj}  :: esoteric (having to do with concepts that are highly theoretical)
esotérico {adj}  :: esoteric (understood only by a chosen few or an enlightened inner circle)
espaçamento {m}  :: spacing
espaçar {v}  :: to space (to be separated to a distance)
espacate {m}  :: splits (manoeuvre in dance or gymnastics by which the legs are extended straight out and perpendicular to the body)
espacear {v}  :: alternative form of espaçar
espacial {adj}  :: spatial (relating to outer space)
espacial {adj}  :: spatial (relating to space, three-dimensional extent)
espada {f} [fencing]  :: épée
espada {f}  :: sword
espadachim {mf}  :: swordsman (a person who fights with a sword)
espada de Dâmocles {f}  :: sword of Damocles (thing or situation which causes a prolonged state of impending doom or misfortune)
espadarte {m}  :: swordfish
espadas {n} [card games]  :: the spades card suit
espadeiro {m}  :: swordsman (a person skilled at using swords)
espadeiro {m}  :: swordsmith (maker of swords)
espadilha {f}  :: sprat (any of various small marine fish in the genus Sprattus)
espaguete {m}  :: spaghetti (pasta)
espalhafatosa {adj}  :: feminine form of espalhafatoso
espalhafatosas {adj}  :: feminine plural of espalhafatoso
espalhafatoso {adj}  :: gaudy (very showy or ornamented)
espalhamento {m}  :: spread (act of spreading)
espalhar {v}  :: to spread; to scatter
espalhar {v}  :: to thresh
espalhar-se como um rastilho de pólvora {v} [lb, pt, simile]  :: to spread like wildfire
espalhar-se como um relâmpago {vr} [rare, simile]  :: to spread like wildfire
espalmada {adj}  :: feminine form of espalmado
espalmadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of espalmado
espalmado {adj}  :: flat (as the palm of the hand)
espalmado {adj}  :: open, extended
espalmado {adj}  :: shallow, boring (of a person)
espancar {v}  :: to batter (to hit or strike violently and repeatedly)
Espanha {prop}  :: Spain
espanhol {adj}  :: Spanish (of, from or relating to Spain, its people or culture)
espanhol {adj}  :: Spanish (of or relating to the Spanish language)
espanhol {m}  :: Spaniard (person from Spain)
espanhol {m} [uncountable]  :: Spanish (Romance language spoken in Spain and much of Latin America)
Espanhola {prop}  :: Hispaniola (island in the Caribbean)
espanholamente {adv}  :: As said or written in Spanish language; Spanishly
espanholamente {adv}  :: In the manner of Spanish people; in context of Spain; Spanishly
espanholismo {m}  :: Hispanicism (a Spanish language item as it appears in another language)
espantado {adj}  :: amazed, surprised;
espantado {adj}  :: frightened
espantalho {m}  :: scarecrow (an effigy made to scare the birds away)
espantar {v}  :: to terrify
espanto {m}  :: astonishment, amazement
espanto {m}  :: wonder
espaço {m}  :: space
espaço absoluto {m}  :: absolute space
espaço aéreo {m} [aviation]  :: airspace (part of sky used by aircraft)
espaço aéreo {m} [politics, aviation]  :: airspace (controlled portion of atmosphere)
espaço gerado {m} [mathematics]  :: span (the space of all linear combinations of something)
espaço métrico {m} [mathematics]  :: metric space (space in which a distance between points may be specified)
espaço-nave {f}  :: alternative spelling of espaçonave
espaçonave {f}  :: spaceship (vehicle that flies through space)
espaçosa {adj}  :: feminine form of espaçoso
espaçosas {adj}  :: feminine plural of espaçoso
espaço sideral {m}  :: outer space (region of space beyond Earth’s atmosphere)
espaçoso {adj}  :: spacious
espaço-tempo {m} [physics]  :: spacetime
espaço vetorial {m} [lb, pt, mathematics]  :: vector space (mathematical structure formed by a collection of vectors)
esparadrapo {m}  :: bandage (binding to close wounds)
esparídeo {m}  :: sparoid (any fish of the Sparidae family)
espargo {m} [Portugal]  :: asparagus (asparagus plant)
esparramar {v}  :: to strew (to distribute objects or pieces of something)
esparso {adj}  :: sparse (whose elements are far from each other)
Esparta {prop}  :: Sparta (ancient city-state in southern Greece)
espartilho {m}  :: corset (woman’s garment that supports the waistline, hips and bust)
espasmódica {adj}  :: feminine form of espasmódico
espasmódicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of espasmódico
espasmódico {adj}  :: spasmodic; spastic
espasmo {m}  :: spasm
espécie {f} [biology]  :: species
espécie {f}  :: type, sort, kind
espécime {m}  :: example
espécime {m}  :: sample
espécime {m}  :: specimen
espículo {m}  :: a sharp point
espículo {m}  :: needle
espículo {m}  :: spiculum (a type of throwing spear)
espículo {m}  :: the point of a rod used to drive cattle
espádua {f}  :: shoulder
espádua {f} [skeleton]  :: scapula; shoulder blade
específica {adj}  :: feminine form of específico
específicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of específico
específico {adj}  :: specific
especial {adj}  :: special
especialidade {f}  :: expertise
especialidade {f}  :: speciality, specialism
especialista {mf}  :: specialist; expert (person with extensive knowledge or ability in a given field)
especializar {v}  :: to make specialised (highly skilled in a specific field)
especializar {v}  :: to specialise (to mention specially)
especialmente {adv}  :: especially, particularly
especiaria {f}  :: spice
especificadamente {adv}  :: specifically
especificamente {adv}  :: specifically
especificação {f}  :: specification
especificar {v}  :: to specify
especiosa {adj}  :: feminine form of especioso
especiosas {adj}  :: feminine plural of especioso
especioso {adj}  :: specious (seemingly well-reasoned, but fallacious)
espectador {m}  :: spectator (observer)
espectáculo {m}  :: obsolete spelling of espetáculo
espectral {adj}  :: ghostly
espectral {adj}  :: spectral (all senses)
espectrógrafo {m}  :: spectrograph
espectrômetro {m}  :: spectrometer
espectro {m}  :: spectre, ghost
espectro {m}  :: spectrum
espectrofotômetro {m} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of espectrofotómetro
espectrofotómetro {m} [physics, Portugal]  :: spectrophotometer (instrument used to measure the intensity of electromagnetic radiation at different wavelengths)
espectrografia {f} [physics, chemistry]  :: spectrography
espectrográfica {adj}  :: feminine form of espectrográfico
espectrográficas {adj}  :: feminine plural of espectrográfico
espectrográfico {adj}  :: spectrographic
espectrometria {f}  :: spectrometry
espectrometria de massa {f} [physics, analytical chemistry]  :: mass spectrometry (analytical technique that measures the mass / charge ratio of the ions formed when a molecule or atom is ionised, vaporised and introduced into a vacuum)
espectrométrica {adj}  :: feminine form of espectrométrico
espectrométricas {adj}  :: feminine plural of espectrométrico
espectrométrico {adj}  :: spectrometric
espectroscopia {f}  :: spectroscopy
espectroscópica {adj}  :: feminine form of espectroscópico
espectroscópicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of espectroscópico
espectroscópico {adj}  :: spectroscopic
espectroscópio {m}  :: spectroscope
especulador {m}  :: speculator
especulando {v}  :: gerund of especular
especulação {f}  :: speculation
especular {v}  :: to speculate
espedindo {v}  :: gerund of espedir
espedir {v}  :: alternative form of despedir
espeleologia {f}  :: speleology (scientific study of caves)
espelhante {adj}  :: brilliant, sparkling (like light reflected from a mirror)
espelhar {vt}  :: to mirror
espelho {m}  :: a protective plate around something, such as an escutcheon around a keyhole or a cover around an electric outlet
espelho {m} [by extension]  :: any reflexive surface
espelho {m} [figurative]  :: role model (person who serves as an example)
espelho {m} [geology]  :: a surface of a tectonic plate which has been polished by friction
espelho {m}  :: mirror (smooth surface, usually made of glass with reflective material painted on the underside)
espelho {m}  :: riser (vertical part of a step on a staircase)
espelho retrovisor {m}  :: rear-view mirror (mirror in a vehicle giving view of the traffic behind)
espelta {f}  :: spelt (a type of wheat, Triticum spelta or Triticum aestivum subsp. spelta)
espera {f}  :: wait (time spent waiting)
esperança {f}  :: hope
esperançada {adj}  :: feminine form of esperançado
esperançadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of esperançado
esperançado {adj}  :: confidant, optimistic
esperançado {adj}  :: hopeful
esperançosamente {adv}  :: hopefully (in a hopeful manner)
esperantista {mf}  :: Esperantist (supporter or speaker of Esperanto)
esperanto {m}  :: Esperanto (an auxiliary language)
esperar {v}  :: to hope
esperar {v}  :: to wait
esperar aí {v} [usually in the imperative]  :: to hang on; to wait a minute
esperar sentado {v} sentado
esperar sentado {v} [idiomatic, usually in the negative imperative]  :: to wait for something expecting it to happen soon
esperma {m}  :: sperm (semen (fluid))
espermatozoide {m} [cytology]  :: spermatozoon (reproductive cell of the male)
espernear {v} [colloquial]  :: (often a child or another person to express great discontent or rage) to vigorously agitate the legs while sit or lying down
espernear {v} [figurative]  :: to protest, express personal revolt or discontent
esperta {adj}  :: feminine form of esperto
espertas {adj}  :: feminine plural of esperto
esperto {adj}  :: smart, intelligent
esperto {adj}  :: witty, clever, ingenious
espessa {adj}  :: feminine form of espesso
espessas {adj}  :: feminine plural of espesso
espesso {adj}  :: dense, compact, opaque
espesso {adj}  :: leafy
espesso {adj}  :: thick
espessura {f}  :: density
espessura {f}  :: thickness, width
espetacular {adj}  :: spectacular (amazing or worthy of special attention)
espetador {m} [Portugal]  :: alternative form of espectador
espetáculo {m}  :: show, spectacle
espeto {m}  :: skewer; spit (long pin used to secure food during cooking)
espetro {m} [Portugal]  :: alternative form of espectro
espevitada {adj}  :: feminine form of espevitado
espevitadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of espevitado
espevitado {adj}  :: sassy (bold and spirited)
espezinhar {v}  :: to tread; to trample
esôphago {m}  :: obsolete form of esófago
esóphago {m}  :: obsolete spelling of esófago
esphenoide {m}  :: obsolete spelling of esfenoide
esphera {f}  :: obsolete spelling of esfera
espiã {f}  :: feminine form of espião
espiar {v}  :: to peek; to peep
espiar {v}  :: to spy (to act as a spy)
espichando {v}  :: gerund of espichar
espichar {v}  :: to broach
espiga {f} [botany]  :: spike (ear of grain)
espinafre {m}  :: spinach
espinela {f} [mineralogy]  :: spinel (any of several hard minerals of cubic symmetry that are mixed oxides of magnesium and aluminium)
espingarda {f}  :: (Brazil) shotgun
espingarda {f}  :: rifle (firearm with long barrel)
espinha {f}  :: backbone
espinha {f}  :: pimple
espinha dorsal {f}  :: vertebral column, backbone
espinhal {adj}  :: spinal
espinhaço {m} [anatomy]  :: spine
espinhaço {m} [geography]  :: ridge
espinheiro {m}  :: bramble (or similar thorny bush)
espinhão {m}  :: augmentative form of espinho
espinho {m} [botany, specifically]  :: a thorn which grows from the woody core of a plant, as opposed to an acúleo, which grows from the epidermis
espinho {m} [by extension]  :: any sharp point
espinho {m}  :: thorn (sharp protective spine of a plant)
Espinho {prop}  :: a Portuguese city in Aveiro district
espinho agulha {m}  :: alternative spelling of espinho-agulha
espinho-agulha {m} [Brazil]  :: a small bush with needle-like thorns. The exact species varying from region to region
espinho branco {m}  :: alternative spelling of espinho-branco
espinho-branco {m} [Brazil]  :: the common name of several thorny plants in the Mimosoideae subfamily characterised by white flowers
espinho-de-agulha {m}  :: alternative form of espinho-agulha
espinho-de-carneiro {m}  :: spiny cocklebur (Xanthium spinosa)
espinho de cerca {m}  :: alternative spelling of espinho-de-cerca
espinho-de-cerca {m}  :: Mimosa bimucronata, a small South American tree
espinho-de-cristo {m}  :: Gleditsia amorphoides, a tree
espinho de Cristo {m}  :: alternative spelling of espinho-de-cristo
espinho-de-jerusalém {m}  :: Parkinsonia aculeata, a tree
espinho de Jerusalém {m}  :: alternative spelling of espinho-de-jerusalém
espinho de maricá {m}  :: alternative form of espinho-de-maricá
espinho-de-maricá {m}  :: Mimosa bimucronata, a small South American tree
espinhosa {adj}  :: feminine form of espinhoso
espinhosas {adj}  :: feminine plural of espinhoso
espinhoso {adj}  :: prickly (covered with sharp points)
espinhozinho {m}  :: diminutive form of espinho
espião {m}  :: spy (person who secretly watches)
espionagem {f}  :: espionage, spying
espionagem industrial {f}  :: industrial espionage (use of clandestine methods to acquire secret information for commercial advantage)
espionar {vi}  :: to spy (to obtain information surreptitiously)
espira {f}  :: turn (single loop of a coil)
espiral {f} [geometry]  :: spiral
espiritismo {m}  :: Spiritism (a religious and philosophical doctrine concerned with communication with the dead)
espiritual {adj}  :: spiritual
espiritualidade {f}  :: spirituality (concern with spiritual matters)
espiritualismo {m}  :: spiritualism (the belief that the dead communicate with the living through mediums)
espiritualismo {m}  :: spiritualism (the philosophic doctrine opposing materialism)
espiritualista {adj}  :: spiritualist (pertaining to spiritualism)
espiritualista {mf} [spiritualism]  :: spiritualist (one who practices spiritualism)
espiritualizando {v}  :: gerund of espiritualizar
espiritualizar {v}  :: to distil (to isolate an essence)
espiritualizar {v}  :: to spiritualize
espiritualmente {adv}  :: spiritually
espirômetro {m} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of espirómetro
espirómetro {m} [medicine, Portugal]  :: spirometer (medical device that measures the volume of air inspired and expired by the lungs)
espirrar {v}  :: to sneeze
espirro {m}  :: sneeze
espital {m}  :: obsolete form of hospital
esplanada {f}  :: a clear, level space
esplanada {f}  :: sidewalk cafe (an outdoor portion of a restaurant)
esplendor {m}  :: pomp, magnificence
esplendor {m}  :: shine (excellence in quality or appearance)
esplendor {m}  :: splendour, shine, brilliance
esplenectomia {f} [surgery]  :: splenectomy (surgical removal of the spleen)
espêlho {m}  :: obsolete spelling of espelho
esplim {m} [Brazil]  :: spleen; bad mood
espólio {m}  :: booty; plunder; loot; spoil (goods taken from defeated enemies)
esplâncnico {adj} [lb, pt, medicine]  :: splanchnic (relating to the viscera)
esplêndida {adj}  :: feminine form of esplêndido
esplêndidas {adj}  :: feminine plural of esplêndido
esplêndido {adj}  :: splendid
espocar {v}  :: alternative form of espoucar
espojando {v}  :: gerund of espojar
espojar {v}  :: to wallow
espoleta {f}  :: fuse (for an explosive)
espondeu {m}  :: spondee (word or metrical foot of two syllables)
esponja {f}  :: sponge (marine invertebrate with a porous skeleton)
esponja {f}  :: sponge (piece of porous material used for washing)
esponsais {n}  :: betrothal (mutual promise, engagement, or contract for a future marriage)
espontaneamente {adv}  :: spontaneously, naturally, freely
espontaneidade {f}  :: spontaneity
espontânea {adj}  :: feminine form of espontâneo
espontâneas {adj}  :: feminine plural of espontâneo
espontâneo {adj}  :: spontaneous
espora {f}  :: spur (implement that is fixed to one’s heel for prodding horses)
espora {f}  :: spur (naturally growing spike of an animal)
esporadicamente {adv}  :: sporadically
esporádica {adj}  :: feminine form of esporádico
esporádicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of esporádico
esporádico {adj}  :: sporadic
esporo {m}  :: spore (reproductive particle)
esporrar {v}  :: to cum (to have an orgasm; to ejaculate)
esporte {m} [Brazil]  :: sport
esporte de contato {m} [sports, Brazil]  :: contact sport (sport involving physical contact)
esportista {mf}  :: sportsperson
esportiva {adj}  :: feminine form of esportivo
esportivas {adj}  :: feminine plural of esportivo
esportivo {adj}  :: sporting
esposa {f}  :: feminine form of esposo, wife
esposar {vp}  :: to marry
esposar {v}  :: to espouse
esposar {v}  :: to plight
esposar {v}  :: to unite in marriage
Esposende {prop}  :: a Portuguese city in Braga district
esposo {m}  :: husband, male spouse
espoucar {v}  :: to pop, burst or flash
espreguiçar-se {vr}  :: to stretch (to extend one’s limbs or body in order to stretch the muscles)
espreitador {m}  :: peeper (someone who peeps)
espreitando {v}  :: gerund of espreitar
espreitar {v}  :: to lurk
espreitar {v}  :: to peek, peer
espremer {v}  :: squeeze (to apply pressure to from two or more sides at once)
espúria {adj}  :: feminine form of espúrio
espúrias {adj}  :: feminine plural of espúrio
espório {m}  :: alternative form of esporo
espúrio {adj}  :: spurious; false; not authentic
espúrio {adj}  :: spurious; illegitimate; bastard
espírito {m}  :: ghost
espírito {m}  :: nature; characteristic
espírito {m}  :: spirit (the soul of a person or other living being)
espírito familiar {m}  :: familiar (attendant spirit)
Espírito Santo {prop}  :: Holy Ghost (one of the three figures of the Holy Trinity)
espírito áspero {m} [orthography]  :: spiritus asper (diacritic mark used in Ancient Greek)
espruce {m}  :: spruce (tree from the genus Picea)
espêto {m}  :: obsolete spelling of espeto
espátula {f}  :: spatula (kitchen utensil for turning and lifting)
espuma {f}  :: foam, froth
espumadeira {f}  :: skimmer (slotted spoon)
espumante {adj}  :: bubbly, fizzy, gassy
espumante {adj}  :: sparkling
espumar {v}  :: to froth
espumoso {adj}  :: frothy; foamy
esputinique {m} [rare]  :: alternative form of sputnik
esquadra {f} [nautical]  :: fleet
esquadra {f}  :: squad
esquadrão {m}  :: squad
esquadrão {m}  :: squadron
esquadro {m}  :: square (tool used to draw right angles)
esqualidez {f}  :: squalor (the state of being squalid)
esqualor {m}  :: squalor (the state of being squalid)
esquecer {v}  :: to forget
esqueceu-se {v}  :: contraction of esqueceu se
esquecido {adj}  :: forgetful
esquecido {adj}  :: forgotten
esquecido {m}  :: forgetter, a forgetful person
esquecimento {m}  :: forgetfulness
esquecimento {m}  :: oblivion
esquecível {adj}  :: forgettable
esqueite {m}  :: rare form of skate
esqueitista {mf}  :: alternative spelling of skatista
esqueleto {m} [anatomy]  :: skeleton (bones of an organism)
esqueleto {m} [fiction]  :: skeleton (undead)
esqueleto {m} [figuratively, pejorative]  :: a very thin person
esqueleto {m}  :: frame; framework
esquelética {adj}  :: feminine form of esquelético
esqueléticas {adj}  :: feminine plural of esquelético
esquelético {adj} [anatomy]  :: skeletal
esquema {m}  :: scheme (chart or diagram)
esquema {m}  :: scheme (orderly combination of related parts)
esquema {m}  :: scheme (secret, devious plan)
esquentando {v}  :: gerund of esquentar
esquentar {v}  :: to warm, heat (up)
esquentar banco {v} [idiomatic, sports, rare]  :: to ride the pine (to not be used in a game)
esquerda {f}  :: left hand
esquerda {f}  :: left side
esquerdalha {f} [politics, pejorative]  :: leftists as a whole; all the leftists or a region or movement
esquerdina {adj}  :: feminine form of esquerdino
esquerdinas {adj}  :: feminine plural of esquerdino
esquerdino {adj}  :: left-footed
esquerdino {adj}  :: left-handed
esquerdista {adj}  :: leftist (pertaining to the political left)
esquerdista {mf}  :: leftist (a person who holds views associated with the political left)
esquerdo {adj} [politics]  :: Pertaining to the political left; left-wing; left
esquerdo {adj}  :: Toward the left side; left-hand; left
esquete {f}  :: sketch (short musical, dramatic or literary work or idea)
esqui {m}  :: ski (one of a pair of long flat runners designed for gliding over snow or water)
esqui {m} [sports]  :: skiing
esquiador {m}  :: skier (someone who practices skiing)
esquiar {v}  :: to ski
esquilar {v} [lb, pt, regional]  :: to shear (to remove the fleece of sheep)
esquilo {m}  :: squirrel
esquilo vermelho {m} vermelho
esquilo vermelho {m}  :: red squirrel (Sciurus vulgaris)
esquimó {adj}  :: Eskimo
esquimó {mf}  :: Eskimo (individual)
esquimó {mf} [uncountable]  :: Eskimo (any of several languages)
esquimau {mf}  :: obsolete spelling of esquimó
esquina {f}  :: angle (corner where two walls intersect)
esquina {f}  :: corner (of a street)
esquisita {adj}  :: feminine form of esquisito
esquisitas {adj}  :: feminine plural of esquisito
esquisito {adj}  :: eerie, weird, peculiar, strange
esquistossomose {f}  :: schistosomiasis (various diseases)
esquiva {f}  :: a defensive move in capoeira
esquiva {f} [uncountable, psychology]  :: the avoidance of social contact
esquivamente {adv}  :: asocially
esquivamento {m}  :: the act of avoiding an issue
esquivamento {m} [uncountable, psychology]  :: the avoidance of social contact
esquivança {f}  :: contempt towards someone
esquivança {f} [uncountable, psychology]  :: the avoidance of social contact
esquivando {v}  :: gerund of esquivar
esquivante {adj}  :: which avoids an issue
esquivar {v}  :: to avoid (to keep away from)
esquivar {v}  :: to eschew, to shun
esquivar {v}  :: to swerve (turn aside or deviate to avoid impact)
esquivez {f}  :: the avoidance of social contact
esquiveza {f}  :: untamability (quality of not being tamable)
esquivo {adj}  :: asocial (not sociable)
esquivo {adj}  :: elusive (evading capture or comprehension)
esquivo {adj}  :: untamable (incapable of being controlled, subdued, or tamed)
esquivosa {adj}  :: feminine form of esquivoso
esquivosas {adj}  :: feminine plural of esquivoso
esquivoso {adj}  :: asocial (not sociable)
esquizofrenia {f}  :: schizophrenia
essa {f}  :: catafalque (platform to display or convey a coffin)
essa {pron}  :: feminine form of esse
essas {pron}  :: Feminine plural of esse
essa é velha {phrase} [idiomatic]  :: been there, done that (assertion that the speaker has personal knowledge of a particular topic)
esse {m}  :: something shaped like the letter S
esse {pron}  :: that (near the second person (you))
essencial {adj}  :: essential
essencial {adj}  :: fundamental
essencial {adj}  :: important
essencial {adj}  :: main, principal
essencialidade {f}  :: essentiality
essencialmente {adv}  :: essentially
essencialmente {adv}  :: primarily
essencialmente {adv}  :: substantially
esses dias {adv} [idiomatic]  :: the other day; recently
essência {f}  :: essence (all senses)
essência {f}  :: gist, substance
estaõ {v}  :: obsolete spelling of estão
esta {pron} [demonstrative]  :: feminine form of este (this)
estabelecendo {v}  :: gerund of estabelecer
estabelecer {v}  :: to establish
estabelecida {adj}  :: feminine form of estabelecido
estabelecidas {adj}  :: feminine plural of estabelecido
estabelecido {adj}  :: established
estabelecido {adj}  :: fixed
estabelecido {adj}  :: signed
estabelecido {adj}  :: stable
estabelecimento {m}  :: a commercial building
estabelecimento {m}  :: establishment (the act of establishing)
estabilidade {f}  :: stability (condition of being stable)
estabilizado {v}  :: past participle of estabilizar
estabilizador {adj}  :: stabilizing
estabilizador {m}  :: stabilizer
estabilizador {m}  :: surge protector
estabilizadora {adj}  :: feminine form of estabilizador
estabilizadoras {adj}  :: feminine plural of estabilizador
estabilizando {v}  :: gerund of estabilizar
estabilizante {adj}  :: stabilizing
estabilizar {v}  :: to stabilize
estaca {f}  :: stake (pointed piece of wood)
estacionamento {m}  :: car park
estacionamento {m}  :: parking (action)
estacionar {v}  :: to park (bring to a halt)
estacionar {v}  :: to stand still for a long time
estadia {f}  :: stay, sojourn
estado {m}  :: state (subdivision of a nation)
estado {m}  :: status, condition, standing
estado {m} [uncountable]  :: state, government
estado da matéria {m} [chemistry]  :: state of matter (different phases of matter: solid, liquid, gas, etc.)
Estado de Israel {prop}  :: State of Israel (country (official name))
estado insular {m}  :: island state (state consisting only of an island or islands)
estado policial {m}  :: police state (nation whose government controls people with the police)
Estados Unidos {prop}  :: United States, United States of America
Estados Unidos da América {prop}  :: United States of America (country in North America)
estado-unidense {adj}  :: American (of or pertaining to the U.S. or its culture), Usonian, of the United States of America
estado-unidense {mf}  :: citizen of the United States of America
estadual {adj}  :: state (attributive)
estadunidense {adj}  :: American; of or from the United States
estagiado {v}  :: past participle of estagiar
estagiando {v}  :: gerund of estagiar
estagiar {v}  :: to apprentice
estagiária {f}  :: feminine form of estagiário
estagiário {m}  :: intern (a student or recent graduate who works in order to gain experience in their chosen field)
estalactite {f}  :: stalactite
estalagem {f}  :: inn
estalagmite {f}  :: stalagmite
estalando {v}  :: gerund of estalar
estalar {v}  :: to break
estalar {v}  :: to click, snap
estaleiro {m}  :: shipyard (place to build and repair ships)
estalido {m}  :: a cracking or clicking sound
Estaline {prop}  :: Stalin (Stalin)
estalinismo {m}  :: alternative form of stalinismo
estalinista {adj}  :: Stalinist (of or relating to Stalinism)
estalinista {adj}  :: Stalinist (of, relating to, or resembling Stalin)
estalinista {mf}  :: Stalinist (person who accepts Stalinism)
estambre {m}  :: worsted (fine smooth wool fabric)
estame {m} [botany]  :: stamen (a flower part that produces pollen)
estampido {m}  :: bang (sudden percussive noise)
estanato {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: stannate
estandardização {f}  :: standardization (process of establishing a standard)
estandardizar {v}  :: to standardise (to establish a standard)
estandardizar {v}  :: to standardise (to make to conform to a standard)
estandarte {m}  :: banner, flag
estande {m}  :: stall (a small open-fronted shop)
estande {m}  :: stand (small booth)
estanhar {vt}  :: to tin (to cover with tin)
estanho {m}  :: tin
Estanislau {prop}  :: Stanislaus (male given name)
estanita {f} [mineral]  :: stannite
estante {f}  :: rack (series of shelves)
estação {f}  :: season
estação {f}  :: station
estação {f}  :: train station
estação de correios {f}  :: post office (place concerned with the business of delivering mail)
estação de esqui {f}  :: ski resort (resort for skiers)
estação de ônibus {f} [Brazil]  :: bus station (major bus stop, one that serves as a transfer point between a large number of routes)
estação de rádio {f}  :: radio station (broadcast station emitting an audio signal)
estação de trem {f} [rail transport, Brazil]  :: railway station (place where trains stop)
estação espacial {f}  :: space station (manned artificial satellite)
estação móvel {f} móvel
estação móvel {f} [telecommunications]  :: mobile station (mobile equipment)
estapédio {m} [skeleton, dated]  :: stapes
estar {v} [auxiliary]  :: followed by the preposition a and infinitive (Portugal) or by gerund (Brazil), forms the progressive aspect
estar {v}  :: to be (denotes a transient quality; a quality expected to change)
estar {v}  :: to be (indicates location in space)
estar {v}  :: to cost (to be worth a certain amount of money), especially of something whose price changes often
estar bombando {vi} [slang, Brazil]  :: to pump (to be going very well)
estar com {v} [Brazil]  :: To possess, have, or have in possession
estardalhaço {m}  :: din (loud commotion)
estar de acordo {v}  :: to agree with ( = com)
estar de acordo {v}  :: to agree with each other
estar morto {v}  :: to be dead
estarrecida {adj}  :: feminine form of estarrecido
estarrecidas {adj}  :: feminine plural of estarrecido
estarrecido {adj}  :: speechless (not knowing what to say)
Estarreja {prop}  :: a Portuguese city in Aveiro district
estatal {adj}  :: of, relating to or provided by the state (national government)
estatisticamente {adv}  :: statistically (in a statistical way)
estatística {adj}  :: feminine form of estatístico
estatística {f}  :: feminine form of estatístico
estatística {f}  :: statistic (single item in a statistical study)
estatística {f} [uncountable]  :: statistics (mathematical science concerned with data collection, presentation, analysis and interpretation)
estatísticas {n}  :: feminine plural of estatístico
estatístico {adj}  :: statistical (of or relating to statistics)
estatístico {m}  :: statistician (person who compiles, interprets, or studies statistics)
estatueta {f}  :: statuette, figurine
estatuindo {v}  :: gerund of estatuir
estatuir {v}  :: to adjudicate
estatuto {m}  :: bylaw (law or rule governing the internal affairs of an organization)
estatuto {m}  :: status (a person’s position or standing relative to that of others)
estatutária {adj}  :: feminine form of estatutário
estatutárias {adj}  :: feminine plural of estatutário
estatutário {adj}  :: statutory
estavelmente {adv}  :: stably
está bem {interj}  :: all right (used to affirm, indicate agreement, or consent)
estábulo {m}  :: stable (building for animals with hoofs)
estádio {m}  :: stadium
estúdio {m}  :: studio (artist’s or photographer’s workshop)
este {adj}  :: eastern (of, situated in, or coming from the east)
este {m}  :: east (one of the four principal compass points)
este {pron} [of a unit of time]  :: this (which is current)
este {pron}  :: this (indicates something or someone about to be mentioned)
este {pron}  :: this (indicates something or someone just mentioned)
este {pron}  :: this (indicates something or someone nearby)
estearato {m} [organic chemistry]  :: stearate
esteganografia {f}  :: steganography
estegossauro {m}  :: stegosaur
esteio {m} [nautical]  :: mainstay
esteio {m}  :: pillar
esteio {m}  :: prop, support
esteira {f}  :: course, track
esteira {f}  :: mat, matting
esteira ergométrica {f} [Brazil]  :: treadmill (piece of indoor sporting equipment)
esteirinha {m}  :: place mat
estelionato {m}  :: embezzlement
estelionatário {m}  :: embezzler
estelionatário {m}  :: swindler
estendal {m}  :: clothesline (rope or cord for drying clothes)
estendedoiro {m}  :: alternative form of estendedouro
estendedouro {m}  :: clothesline (rope or cord for drying clothes)
estendendo {v}  :: gerund of estender
estender {v}  :: to extend, broaden, widen
estender {v}  :: to spread
estenografia {f}  :: stenography (the practice of transcribing speech using shorthand)
estepe {f}  :: steppe (the grasslands of Eastern Europe and Asia)
estepe {f}  :: steppe (vast cold, dry grass-plains)
estepe {m} [Brazil]  :: a vehicle’s spare tyre
estequiometria {f} [chemistry]  :: stoichiometry
estequiométrica {adj}  :: feminine form of estequiométrico
estequiométricas {adj}  :: feminine plural of estequiométrico
estequiométrico {adj}  :: stoichiometric
esterco {m}  :: dung, manure
estercorária {adj}  :: feminine form of estercorário
estercorárias {adj}  :: feminine plural of estercorário
estercorário {adj}  :: of or relating to animal excrement
estercorário {m}  :: dung beetle
estercorário {m}  :: skua (predatory seabird of the family Stercorariidae)
esterelizar {v}  :: to sterilise (disable ability to procreate)
estereotipando {v}  :: gerund of estereotipar
estereotipar {v}  :: to stereotype (all senses)
estereotypo {m}  :: obsolete spelling of estereótipo
estereótipo {m}  :: stereotype (a conventional, formulaic, and oversimplified conception, opinion, or image)
estereótipo {m} [typography]  :: stereotype
esteróide {m} [organic chemistry]  :: steroid
esterilidade {f}  :: sterility (all senses)
esterilizando {v}  :: gerund of esterilizar
esterilização {f}  :: sterilization
esterilizar {v}  :: to sterilize
esterilizável {adj}  :: sterilisable (able to be sterilised)
esterlina {adj}  :: feminine form of esterlino
esterlino {adj}  :: relating to the pound or the English money
esterlino {m}  :: legal currency of Great Britain
esterno {m}  :: breastbone, sternum
estertor {m} [medicine]  :: an abnormal breathing sound heard during auscultation
estertor {m}  :: raucus breathing
estesia {f}  :: sensitivity; esthesis
este-sudeste {m}  :: east-southeast (compass point)
este-sueste {m}  :: alternative form of este-sudeste
estetoscópio {m} [medicine]  :: stethoscope (medical instrument used to listen to sounds inside the body)
estígia {adj}  :: feminine form of estígio
estígias {adj}  :: feminine plural of estígio
estágio {m}  :: apprenticeship
estágio {m}  :: phase, stage
estígio {adj}  :: Stygian (of, or relating to the river Styx)
esthetica {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of estética
esthetica {f}  :: obsolete spelling of estética
estiagem {f}  :: drought
estiagem {f} [figurative]  :: absence
estibina {f} [mineral]  :: stibnite
estibordo {m} [nautical]  :: starboard
esticar {vi}  :: to stretch (to be longer, as by pulling)
esticar {vt}  :: to stretch (lengthen by pulling)
esticar as canelas {v} [idiomatic]  :: To die
esticar o cambito {v} [idiomatic]  :: To die
estóico {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of estoico
estóico {m}  :: obsolete spelling of estoico
Estige {prop} [Greek mythology]  :: Styx (river of the underworld)
estigma {m} [botany]  :: stigma (part of the pistil)
estigma {m}  :: stigma (mark of infamy)
estilóbata {m} [Classical Greek architecture]  :: stylobate (top step of the crepidoma)
estilóbato {m}  :: alternative form of estilóbata
estilete {m}  :: stiletto (small dagger)
estilhaçar {vi}  :: to shatter (to break into tiny pieces)
estilhaçar {vt}  :: to shatter (to violently break something into pieces)
estilhaço {m}  :: (especially in plural) shrapnel
estilhaço {m}  :: shard
estilhaço {m}  :: splinter
estilingue {m}  :: slingshot (weapon)
estilizar {v}  :: to style (to create or give a style, fashion or image)
estilo {m}  :: style (manner of doing things)
estilo {m}  :: stylus (writing instrument)
estilo borboleta {m}  :: butterfly stroke (swimming stroke)
estilo de vida {m}  :: life style (style of living)
estilo livre {m} livre
estilo livre {m}  :: freestyle (swimming event in which the contestants may choose any stroke)
estilosa {adj}  :: feminine form of estiloso
estilosas {adj}  :: feminine plural of estiloso
estiloso {adj}  :: stylish
estima {f}  :: affection
estima {f}  :: esteem, or respect
estimação {f}  :: estimation (all senses)
estimar {v}  :: to assess, evaluate, appraise
estimar {v}  :: to esteem
estimar {v}  :: to estimate
estimativa {f}  :: estimate
estimativas {adj}  :: feminine plural of estimativo
estimativo {adj}  :: estimated
estimulação {f}  :: stimulation (activity causing excitement or pleasure)
estimulação {f}  :: stimulation (pushing or goading toward action)
estimular {v}  :: to stimulate
estio {m}  :: summer
estiolando {v}  :: gerund of estiolar
estiolar {v}  :: to rot
estiolar {v}  :: to wither
estipulando {v}  :: gerund of estipular
estipulante {adj}  :: stipulating
estipulação {f}  :: stipulation
estipular {adj}  :: stipular
estipular {v}  :: to stipulate
estireno {m} [organic chemistry]  :: styrene
estirão {m}  :: long path
estivador {m}  :: stevedore (dockworker involved in loading and unloading cargo.)
estival {adj}  :: estival
estival {adj}  :: summery
estivando {v}  :: gerund of estivar
estivar {v}  :: to load (a ship)
estômago {m}  :: stomach (organ that stores food)
está me estranhando {phrase}  :: Did you just offend me by erroneously calling me homosexual?
estímulo {m} [physiology]  :: stimulus (something external that elicits or influences a physiological or psychological activity or response)
estímulo {m} [psychology]  :: stimulus (anything effectively impinging upon any of the sensory apparatuses of a living organism)
estímulo {m}  :: stimulus (anything that induces a person to take action)
estância {m}  :: estate, ranch, farm
estância {m}  :: stanza, verse
Estônia {prop} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of Estónia
Estónia {prop} [Portugal]  :: Estonia
estânica {adj}  :: feminine form of estânico
estânicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of estânico
estânico {adj} [inorganic chemistry]  :: stannic
estoa {f} [lb, pt, US]  :: store; shop
estocada {f} [fencing]  :: thrust (an attack with a sword)
estocar {v}  :: to stockpile (to store things in a stockpile)
Estocolmo {prop}  :: Stockholm (capital of Sweden)
estocástico {adj}  :: stochastic (random)
estoicismo {m}  :: stoicism (school of philosophy)
estoico {adj}  :: stoic (not affected by pain or distress)
estoico {adj}  :: stoic (of or relating to stoicism)
estoico {m} [philosophy]  :: stoic (proponent of stoicism)
estoirar {v}  :: alternative form of estourar
estoiro {m}  :: alternative form of estouro
estoiro {v}  :: alternative form of estouro
estojo {m}  :: case, box, kit, container, set, chest
estol {m} [aeronautics]  :: stall (loss of lift due to an aerofoil’s critical angle of attack being exceeded)
estola {f}  :: stole (religious clothing)
estolar {v} [aeronautics]  :: to stall (to exceed the critical angle of attack, resulting in total loss of lift)
estomacal {adj}  :: stomachal (relating to the stomach)
estomacal {adj}  :: stomachic (beneficial to the stomach)
estomachal {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of estomacal
estomatite {f} [pathology]  :: stomatitis
estoniana {adj}  :: feminine form of estoniano
estoniano {adj}  :: Estonian
estoniano {m} [countable]  :: Estonian (person from Estonia)
estoniano {m} [uncountable]  :: Estonian (language)
estonteando {v}  :: gerund of estontear
estontear {v}  :: to stun, befuddle, dazzle
estoque {m}  :: stockpile (supply for future use)
estore {m}  :: blind, shade (for a window)
estorninho {m}  :: starling
estorvar {vt}  :: to hinder; to hamper (to delay or impede movement or progress)
estorvo {m}  :: hindrance
estourar {v} [Brazil, slang]  :: to become popular quickly
estourar {v} [computing]  :: to overflow
estourar {v} [figuratively]  :: to lose one's temper
estourar {v}  :: (of a herd) to flee or run
estourar {v}  :: to burst, to pop (to break from internal pressure)
estourar {v}  :: to go over a limit; of a deadline, to be missed
estourar {v}  :: (usually of wars) to begin suddenly and violently
estouro {m}  :: an outburst of people or animals
estouro {m}  :: burst; blast; pop
estouro {m} [figurative]  :: an unexpected occurrence with wide repercussion
estouro {m} [figurative]  :: outburst (sudden and violent expression of emotion)
estouro {m} [informal]  :: blast (a good time; an enjoyable moment)
estouvada {adj}  :: feminine form of estouvado
estouvadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of estouvado
estouvado {adj}  :: madcap, reckless, careless, heedless
estúpida {adj}  :: feminine form of estúpido
estúpidas {adj}  :: feminine plural of estúpido
estúpido {adj}  :: overused, exaggerated
estúpido {adj}  :: stupid
estípula {f} [botany]  :: stipule
estraçalhar {vt}  :: to destroy; to shred to pieces
estrada {f}  :: road
estrada de ferro {f}  :: alternative spelling of estrada-de-ferro
estrada-de-ferro {f}  :: railway (track for trains, consisting of parallel rails)
Estrada de Santiago {n} [astronomy]  :: A broad band of diffuse white light, visible in the night sky; our view of the dense portions of the Milky Way Galaxy from inside the galaxy
estradeira {adj}  :: feminine form of estradeiro
estradeiras {adj}  :: feminine plural of estradeiro
estradeiro {adj} [of a pack or riding animal]  :: that travels well; that can travel for a long time without stalling
estradeiro {adj} [of a person]  :: deceitful (who attempts to deceive people)
estradeiro {adj} [of a person]  :: who often travels around
estradeiro {m}  :: deceiver (someone who tries to deceive people)
estradeiro {m}  :: someone who often travels around
estragando {v}  :: gerund of estragar
estraga-prazeres {mf}  :: spoilsport (someone who or something which puts an end to harmless fun)
estragar {v}  :: to botch, bungle
estragar {v}  :: to spoil, damage, corrupt
estragão {m}  :: tarragon (perennial herb Artemisia dracunculus)
estragão {m}  :: tarragon (the leaves of Artemisia dracunculus)
estragão {v}  :: obsolete spelling of estragam
estralar {vi}  :: to crack (to make a sharp sound)
estralar {vt}  :: to crack (to cause to make a sharp sound)
estrambótica {adj}  :: feminine form of estrambótico
estrambóticas {adj}  :: feminine plural of estrambótico
estrambótico {adj}  :: outlandish, weird
estrangeira {adj}  :: feminine form of estrangeiro
estrangeiras {adj}  :: feminine plural of estrangeiro
estrangeiro {adj} [comparable]  :: Belonging to a different culture; foreign
estrangeiro {adj} [not comparable]  :: From a different country; foreign
estrangeiro {m}  :: A foreign person;
estrangeiro {m}  :: foreign countries
estrangúria {f}  :: strangury (painful, frequent need to urinate in small volume)
estrangulador {m}  :: strangler
estrangular {v}  :: to strangle
estranhar {v}  :: to think that something is unusual
estranho {adj}  :: Not known; unknown; unfamiliar
estranho {adj}  :: Not normal; odd; strange; out of the ordinary
estrapada {f}  :: strappado (form of torture)
Estrasburgo {prop}  :: Strasbourg (city in France)
estratagema {m}  :: stratagem
estrategicamente {adv}  :: strategically
estratego {m}  :: strategus (leader or commander of an army in Ancient Greece)
estratégia {f}  :: strategy (science and art of military command)
estratégica {adj}  :: feminine form of estratégico
estratégicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of estratégico
estratégico {adj}  :: strategic
estratificando {v}  :: gerund of estratificar
estratificação {f}  :: stratification
estratificar {v}  :: to stratify
estrato {m}  :: bed (deposit of ore, coal etc.)
estrato {m} [geology]  :: stratum (layer of sedimentary rock)
estratosfera {f} [meteorology]  :: stratosphere (region of the uppermost atmosphere)
estratovulcão {m} [vulcanology]  :: stratovolcano (type of volcano)
estrábico {adj}  :: cross-eyed (having both eyes oriented inward)
estróbilo {m} [botany]  :: cone (fruit of conifers)
estrídula {adj}  :: feminine form of estrídulo
estrídulas {adj}  :: feminine plural of estrídulo
estrídulo {adj}  :: shrill
estreando {v}  :: gerund of estrear
estrear {v}  :: to debut, premier
estrebaria {f}  :: stable (building for horses)
estreia {f}  :: debut
estreiar {vi}  :: to debut (to make one's initial formal appearance)
estreiar {vt}  :: to debut (to formally introduce to the public)
estreita {adj}  :: feminine form of estreito
estreitamente {adv}  :: closely, narrowly
estreitando {v}  :: gerund of estreitar
estreitar {v}  :: to narrow
estreitar {v}  :: to tighten
estreitar-se {vr}  :: to narrow (to get narrower)
estreitas {adj}  :: feminine plural of estreito
estreito {adj}  :: Having a small width; narrow
estreito {m} [geography]  :: strait
Estreito de Gibraltar {prop}  :: Strait of Gibraltar
Estreito de Magalhães {prop}  :: Strait of Magellan
Estreito de Messina {prop}  :: the Strait of Messina
Estreito de Sunda {prop}  :: Sunda Strait (strait between Java and Sumatra)
Estreito de Taiwan {prop}  :: Taiwan Strait (the channel of water between mainland China and Taiwan)
estrela {f}  :: a celebrity
estrela {f} [geometry]  :: star
estrela {f}  :: star (a luminous celestial body)
estrela binária {f} [astronomy]  :: binary star (one of two stars orbiting their centre of mass)
estrela cadente {f}  :: shooting star, falling star
estrela d'alva {f}  :: morning star (planet Venus as seen around dawn)
Estrela d'Alva {prop}  :: Morning Star (planet Venus as seen around dawn)
estrela de davi {f}  :: alternative spelling of estrela-de-davi
estrela-de-davi {f}  :: Star of David (symbol of Judaism)
estrela de Davi {f}  :: alternative spelling of estrela-de-davi
estrela de neutrões {f} [star, Portugal]  :: neutron star (star composed of neutrons)
estrela de nêutrons {f} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of estrela de neutrões
estrela-do-mar {f}  :: starfish (any of several star-shaped echinoderms)
estrela dupla {f} [astronomy]  :: double star
Estrela Polar {prop} [star]  :: Pole Star (nearest to Earth’s axis when extended above the North Pole)
estrelar {v}  :: to star (to perform in a play or film)
estrelinha {f}  :: cartwheel (a gymnastic manoeuvre)
estrelinha {f}  :: diminutive form of estrela
Estremadura {prop}  :: Extremadura
estremecer {v}  :: to cause to shake
estremecer {v}  :: to shake; to tremble
estremecer {v}  :: to shiver
estremecer {v}  :: to terrify; to send shivers down someone's spine
Estremoz {prop}  :: A Portuguese city in Évora district
estrepeiro {m}  :: may; hawthorn (shrub of the genus Crataegus)
estressante {adj}  :: stressful (causing stress)
estresse {m}  :: stress (emotional pressure)
estresse tibial medial {m} [medicine]  :: shin splint (painful inflammation of muscles in the shins)
estrógeno {m} [lb, pt, steroid hormone]  :: estrogen (hormone secreted by the ovaries)
estória {f} [chiefly, proscribed]  :: Story (an account of real or fictional events). Same meaning as história
Estíria {prop}  :: Styria (Austrian state)
estribilho {m}  :: refrain
estribo {m} [skeleton]  :: stapes
estribo {m}  :: stirrup
estridente {adj}  :: strident; shrill (high-pitched and piercing)
estridulando {v}  :: gerund of estridular
estridular {v}  :: to stridulate
estrige {f} [zoology]  :: owl (any bird of prey of the order Strigiformes)
estéril {adj}  :: barren, sterile (unable to bear children)
estéril {adj}  :: infertile (soil where crops don't grow, or grow slowly)
estéril {adj}  :: sterile, germless
estéril {adj}  :: unproductive
estírio {adj}  :: Styrian (of, from or relating to Styria)
estírio {m}  :: Styrian (someone from Styria)
estripador {m}  :: ripper (murderer who mutilates victims with a blade)
estripar {v}  :: to disembowel (to take out the bowels)
estrita {adj}  :: feminine form of estrito
estritamente {adv}  :: strictly, rigorously, severely
estritas {adj}  :: feminine plural of estrito
estrito {adj}  :: strict
estrênua {adj}  :: feminine form of estrênuo
estrênuas {adj}  :: feminine plural of estrênuo
estrênuo {adj}  :: brave, courageous
estrênuo {adj}  :: tireless, dedicated, tenacious
estro {m}  :: heat (condition where a mammal is aroused sexually or where it is especially fertile)
estroboscópica {adj}  :: feminine form of estroboscópico
estroboscópicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of estroboscópico
estroboscópico {adj}  :: stroboscopic
estrofe {f}  :: stanza, verse
estrofe {f}  :: strophe
estrogénio {m} [lb, pt, steroid hormone]  :: estrogen (hormone secreted by the ovaries)
estrogonofe {m}  :: stroganoff (dish of sautéed pieces of beef)
estrolomia {f} [archaic]  :: astronomy
estromatólito {m} [geology]  :: stromatolite (rock-like structure built by microorganisms)
estronciana {f} [mineral]  :: strontia
estroncianita {f} [mineral]  :: strontianite
estrondear {v}  :: to boom (to make a loud, resonant sound)
estrondo {m}  :: boom; thunder (deep, rumbling noise)
estropear {v} [Portugal]  :: to knock; to knock loudly at the door
estropear {v}  :: to make noise
estropiada {adj}  :: feminine form of estropiado
estropiadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of estropiado
estropiado {adj}  :: maimed (having lost a limb)
estropiado {adj}  :: shabby (torn or worn)
estrovenga {f} [informal]  :: penis
estrovenga {f}  :: mattock
estrépido {m}  :: alternative form of estrépito
estrépito {m}  :: din; cacophony
estructura {f}  :: obsolete form of estrutura
estructura {v}  :: obsolete form of estrutura
estrume {m}  :: manure (excrement used as fertiliser)
estrumpfe {m} [Portugal]  :: smurf (fictional blue pixie character of The Smurfs)
estrutura {f}  :: framework (arrangement of support beams)
estrutura {f}  :: structure (a cohesive whole built up of distinct parts)
estrutura {f}  :: structure (overall form or organization of something)
estrutura {f}  :: structure (underlying shape of a solid)
estrutura algébrica {f} [algebra]  :: algebraic structure (sets with operations)
estrutura de dados {f} [comp sci]  :: data structure (organisation of data)
estruturais {adj}  :: plural form of estrutural
estrutural {adj}  :: structural
estruturar {vt}  :: to structure, to arrange
estruvita {f} [mineral]  :: struvite
estática {adj}  :: feminine form of estático
estática {f} [lb, pt, physics]  :: statics (branch of mechanics)
estática {f}  :: static (atmospheric interference on a broadcast signal)
estética {adj}  :: feminine form of estético
estética {f}  :: aesthetic (the study of art or beauty)
estético {adj}  :: aesthetic / esthetic
estátua {f}  :: statue (three-dimensional work of art)
Estátua da Liberdade {prop}  :: Statue of Liberty (large statue in New York harbour)
estucador {m}  :: plasterer
estudante {mf}  :: student (person who studies an academic subject)
estudar {v}  :: to study
estudioso {adj}  :: studious (devoted to the acquisition of knowledge)
estudioso {m}  :: scholar (specialist in a particular branch of knowledge)
estudo {m}  :: study
estudo {m}  :: training
estudos de tradução {n}  :: translation studies (study of theory and practice of translating and interpreting)
estudos sociais {n}  :: social studies (study of social-science subjects)
estudou-o {v}  :: contraction of estudou o
estufa {f}  :: greenhouse, glasshouse
estufa {f}  :: hothouse
estufa {f}  :: stove
estufar {v} [cooking]  :: to braise (to cook in a covered pan)
estufar {v}  :: to inflate temporarily
estufar {v}  :: to place or store in a greenhouse
Estugarda {prop}  :: Stuttgart (a city in Germany)
estupa {f}  :: stupa (a dome-shaped Buddhist monument, used to house relics of the Lord Buddha)
estupefaciente {adj}  :: narcotic
estupefaciente {m}  :: narcotic
estupefata {adj}  :: feminine form of estupefato
estupefatas {adj}  :: feminine plural of estupefato
estupefato {adj}  :: astonished; amazed
estupendo {adj}  :: terrific; stupendous; marvelous
estupidamente {adv}  :: exaggeratedly
estupidamente {adv}  :: stupidly
estupidez {f}  :: stupidity, the property of being stupid
estupidificada {adj}  :: feminine form of estupidificado
estupidificadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of estupidificado
estupidificado {adj}  :: dumbfound (shocked and speechless)
estupor {m}  :: stupor (a state of reduced consciousness or sensibility)
estuprador {m}  :: rapist (someone who rapes)
estupradora {f}  :: feminine form of estuprador
estuprar {vt}  :: to rape, to engage in sexual activity upon another person without their consent
estupro {m}  :: rape (the act of forcing sexual activity)
estupro {m}  :: statutory rape
estuque {m}  :: plaster
estuque {m}  :: stucco
estuário {m}  :: estuary (place where ocean tides and river water merge)
esturjão {m}  :: sturgeon (fish of the Acipenseridae family}}
estável {adj}  :: stable
estévia {f}  :: any plant of the genus Stevia
Estêvão {prop}  :: Stephen (biblical martyr)
Estêvão {prop}  :: Stephen (male given name)
estylo {m}  :: obsolete spelling of estilo
esvaindo {v}  :: gerund of esvair
esvair {v}  :: to evaporate
esvair {v}  :: to lose strength or feeling
esvaziar {vi}  :: to become empty
esvaziar {v}  :: to empty (to make empty)
esverdeada {adj}  :: feminine form of esverdeado
esverdeadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of esverdeado
esverdeado {adj}  :: greenish (somewhat green)
ET {abbr}  :: extraterrestre (an extraterrestrial being; alien)
E.T. {m}  :: alternative spelling of ET
eta {interj}  :: expresses surprise
et al. {abbr}  :: et al. (and others)
etano {m} [organic compound]  :: ethane (aliphatic hydrocarbon, C2H6)
etanol {m} [organic compound]  :: ethanol
etapa {f}  :: step; stage; phase
etc. {phrase}  :: abbreviation of et cetera
et cetera {phrase}  :: et cetera; and so on
eterna {adj}  :: feminine form of eterno
eternamente {adv}  :: eternally
eternidade {f}  :: eternity
eterno {adj}  :: eternal
ether {m}  :: obsolete spelling of éter
ethmoide {m}  :: obsolete spelling of etmoide
etil {m} [organic chemistry]  :: ethyl
etilenodiamina {f} [organic compound]  :: ethylenediamine
etilenoglicol {m} [organic compound]  :: ethylene glycol
etilino {m} [organic compound]  :: ethylene
etilismo {m} [pathology]  :: alcoholism (addiction to alcohol)
etilmercúrio {m} [organic compound]  :: ethylmercury
etilômetro {m} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of etilómetro
etilómetro {m} [Portugal]  :: breathalyser (a device that measures alcohol in expired air)
etimólogo {m}  :: etymologist (person who specialises in etymology)
etimologia {f}  :: etymology
etimologista {mf}  :: etymologist (person who specialises in etymology)
etiologia {f}  :: aetiology (study of causes or origins)
etiopatogenia {f} [medicine]  :: etiopathogenesis (cause and development of an abnormal condition)
Etiópia {prop}  :: Ethiopia
etiópica {adj}  :: feminine form of etiópico
etiópicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of etiópico
etiópico {adj}  :: Ethiopian (of, from, or pertaining to Ethiopia)
etiquetar {v}  :: to label
etílica {adj}  :: feminine form of etílico
etílicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of etílico
etílico {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: ethyl (attributive), ethylic
etmóide {m}  :: obsolete spelling of etmoide
etmoide {m} [skeleton]  :: ethmoid bone
etnia {f}  :: ethnicity (an ethnic group)
etnia {f}  :: ethnicity (the characteristics of an ethnic group)
etnocentrismo {m}  :: ethnocentrism
etnográfica {adj}  :: feminine form of etnográfico
etnográficamente {adv}  :: ethnographically
etnográficas {adj}  :: feminine plural of etnográfico
etnográfico {adj}  :: ethnographic
etnológica {adj}  :: feminine form of etnológico
etnológicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of etnológico
etnológico {adj}  :: ethnological (of or relating to ethnology)
etnomusicologia {f} [music]  :: ethnomusicology (study of music and culture)
etíope {adj}  :: Ethiopian (of Ethiopia)
etíope {mf}  :: Ethiopian (person from Ethiopia)
etérea {adj}  :: feminine form of etéreo
etéreas {adj}  :: feminine plural of etéreo
etéreo {adj}  :: ethereal; otherworldly
etário {adj}  :: age
Etrúria {prop} [historical]  :: Etruria (ancient country)
etrusca {adj}  :: feminine form of etrusco
etruscas {adj}  :: feminine plural of etrusco
etrusco {adj}  :: Etruscan
etrusco {m}  :: Etruscan (language)
etrusco {m}  :: Etruscan (person from Etruria)
Etsch {prop}  :: Adige (river in South Tyrol)
eu {pron}  :: I
EUA {initialism}  :: Estados Unidos da América (USA, United States of America)
E.U.A. {prop}  :: US; abbreviation of Estados Unidos da América
Eubeia {prop}  :: Euboea (Greek island)
eucalipto {m}  :: eucalyptus (any tree of the genus Eucalyptus)
eucaliptol {m} [organic compound]  :: eucalyptol
eucalypto {m}  :: obsolete spelling of eucalipto
eucarionte {m}  :: eukaryote (any of the single-celled or multicellular organisms whose cells contain at least one distinct nucleus)
eucariota {m}  :: alternative form of eucarionte
eucarioto {m}  :: alternative form of eucarionte
eucaristia {f} [Christianity]  :: Eucharist (religious service in which this sacrament is enacted)
eucariótico {adj} [lb, pt, biology]  :: eukaryotic (relating to eukaryotes)
euclidiano {adj}  :: Euclidean (of or relating to Euclid, Ancient Greek mathematician)
euclidiano {adj} [lb, pt, geometry]  :: Euclidean (adhering to the principles of traditional geometry)
euclidiano {adj} [lb, pt, literature]  :: of or relating to Euclides da Cunha, Brazilian writer
eudicotiledôneas {n} [botany, Brazil, rare]  :: eudicots (major clade)
eudiômetro {m} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of eudiómetro
eudiómetro {m} [Portugal]  :: eudiometer (tube for measuring volume of gases)
eufemismo {m}  :: euphemism
Eufêmia {prop} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of Eufémia
Eufémia {prop} [Portugal]  :: Euphemia (female given name)
euforia {f}  :: euphoria (an excited state of joy)
Eufrates {prop}  :: Euphrates (river in the Middle East)
Eufrósine {prop} [Greek god]  :: Euphrosyne (one of the Charites)
eugenia {f} [biology]  :: eugenics (science of improving stock)
Eunômia {prop} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of Eunómia
Eunómia {prop} [Portugal, Greek god]  :: Eunomia (Greek goddess)
eu não entendo {phrase}  :: I don't understand
eu não falo inglês {phrase}  :: I don't speak English
eu não falo português {phrase}  :: I don't speak Portuguese
eunuco {m}  :: eunuch
eu preciso de uma camisinha {phrase}  :: I need a condom
Eurafrásia {prop}  :: Afro-Eurasia (supercontinent)
Eurídice {prop} [Greek mythology]  :: Eurydice
eureca {interj}  :: eureka (exclamation indicating sudden discovery)
euro {m}  :: euro (currency)
Euro {prop} [Greek god]  :: Eurus (Greek god)
Europa {prop}  :: Europa (moon)
Europa {prop}  :: Europa (mythological Phoenician princess)
Europa {prop}  :: Europe (continent)
Europa Central {prop}  :: Central Europe (geographical region in the centre of Europe)
Europa Ocidental {prop}  :: Western Europe
europeia {adj}  :: feminine form of europeu
europeias {adj}  :: feminine plural of europeu
europeização {f}  :: Europeanisation (assimilation of European Union culture and loss of national culture)
europeização {f}  :: Europisation (assimilation of European culture)
europeizar {v}  :: to Europeanize
europeu {adj}  :: European
europeu {m}  :: European
européia {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of europeia
européias {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of europeias
europoide {adj} [lb, pt, anthropology]  :: Caucasoid
europoide {n} [lb, pt, anthropology]  :: Caucasoid
Europol {prop}  :: Europol (the criminal intelligence agency of the European Union)
Eurotúnel {prop}  :: Channel Tunnel
Eurovisão {prop}  :: Eurovision
Eurípides {prop}  :: Euripides (a Greek tragedian)
európio {m}  :: europium (chemical element)
Eurásia {prop}  :: Eurasia (the largest landmass on Earth, consisting of Europe and Asia)
eu sou mais eu {phrase}  :: I have self-confidence
Eustácio {prop}  :: Eustace (male given name)
eutanásia {f}  :: euthanasia
eu te amo {phrase}  :: I love you
eu tenho uma pergunta {phrase}  :: I have a question
Euterpe {prop} [Greek god]  :: Euterpe (the Muse of music and lyric poetry)
eutética {adj}  :: feminine form of eutético
eutéticas {adj}  :: feminine plural of eutético
eutético {adj}  :: eutectic
euxenita {f} [mineral]  :: euxenite
Eva {prop} [Abrahamic religions]  :: Eve (the first woman)
Eva {prop}  :: Eve (given name)
evacuação {f}  :: emptying
evacuação {f}  :: evacuation
evacuar {v}  :: to defecate
evacuar {v}  :: to evacuate (to make empty)
evacuar {v}  :: to evacuate; to withdraw
evadir {vt}  :: to evade (to get away from by artifice)
evangelho {m}  :: gospel (first section of New Testament)
evaporação {f}  :: evaporation
evaporar {v}  :: to evaporate
evasivo {adj}  :: evasive (directed towards avoidance or escape)
evasão fiscal {f}  :: tax evasion (illegal avoidance of tax)
evento {m}  :: event
eventrando {v}  :: gerund of eventrar
eventrar {v}  :: to eviscerate
eventrar {v}  :: to examine (the insides of)
eventual {adj}  :: casual
eventual {adj}  :: eventual
eventual {adj}  :: infrequent
evergetismo {m} [historical]  :: euergetism (the practice of the élite in Greek and Roman cities to distribute a part of their wealth to the community)
evicção {f}  :: eviction
evidenciando {v}  :: gerund of evidenciar
evidenciar {v}  :: to demonstrate
evidenciar {v}  :: to evidence
evidenciar {v}  :: to evince
evidente {adj}  :: Easily discovered, seen or understood; evident; obvious; self-explanatory
evidentemente {adv}  :: In context of being known by simple observation; obviously; evidently; clearly
evidência {f}  :: evidence
evitar {v}  :: to avoid
evitar como uma praga {v}  :: to avoid like the plague
eviternidade {f} [philosophy]  :: aeviternity (midpoint between time and eternity)
evitável {adj}  :: avoidable
evocar {v}  :: to evoke (to cause the manifestation of something (emotion, picture, etc.) in someone's mind or imagination)
evocar {v}  :: to remember
evolando {v}  :: gerund of evolar
evolar {v}  :: to fly, drift away (in the air)
evolar {v}  :: to volatilize
evoluindo {v}  :: gerund of evoluir
evoluir {v}  :: to evolve
evolução {f}  :: evolution
evolvendo {v}  :: gerund of evolver
evolver {vi}  :: to evolve
ex. {adv}  :: e.g.; abbreviation of por exemplo
exª {f}  :: abbreviation of excelência, as a form of address
ex {mf} [colloquial]  :: ex (an ex-husband, ex-wife or ex-partner)
exabyte {m}  :: exabyte (260 or 1018 bytes)
exacerbando {v}  :: gerund of exacerbar
exacerbar {v}  :: to exacerbate
exactamente {adv}  :: obsolete spelling of exatamente
exactidão {f}  :: alternative form of exatidão
exagerando {v}  :: gerund of exagerar
exageração {f}  :: exaggeration
exagerar {v}  :: to exaggerate
exagerar {v}  :: to overstate
exagerar a verdade {v} [idiomatic]  :: to stretch the truth (to exaggerate)
exalar {v}  :: to give off a smell
exaltação {f}  :: exaltation
exame {m}  :: examination (all senses)
exame {m}  :: exam, test
exame de sangue {m}  :: blood test (analysis of a sample of blood)
examinador {m}  :: assessor
examinador {m}  :: examiner
examinador {m}  :: teacher
examinando {v}  :: gerund of examinar
examinar {v}  :: to examine
examinar {v}  :: to study, observe
exarada {adj}  :: feminine form of exarado
exaradas {adj}  :: feminine plural of exarado
exarado {adj}  :: carved, embossed
exarado {adj}  :: entered, recorded
exasperação {f}  :: exasperation
exasperar {v}  :: to exasperate (to frustrate, vex, annoy)
exaspero {m}  :: exasperation (state of being exasperated)
exata {adj}  :: feminine form of exato
exatamente {adv}  :: exactly
exatas {adj}  :: feminine plural of exato
exatidão {f}  :: accuracy, exactness
exato {adj}  :: accurate
exato {adj}  :: exact
exato {adj}  :: precise
exaurida {adj}  :: feminine form of exaurido
exauridas {adj}  :: feminine plural of exaurido
exaurido {adj}  :: exhausted (in a state of exhaustion)
exaurir {v}  :: to exhaust (to consume all resources)
exaurir {v}  :: to exhaust (to empty by drawing or letting out the contents)
exaurir {v}  :: to exhaust (to make very tired)
exausta {adj}  :: feminine form of exausto
exaustas {adj}  :: feminine plural of exausto
exaustiva {adj}  :: feminine form of exaustivo
exaustivas {adj}  :: feminine plural of exaustivo
exaustivo {adj}  :: exhausting, wearisome, tiring, stressful
exaustivo {adj}  :: exhaustive, detailed, thorough
exaustão {f}  :: exhaustion (supreme tiredness; having exhausted energy)
exausto {adj}  :: In a state of exhaustion; exhaust; depleted
exaustor {m}  :: ventilator (device that circulates fresh air and expels stale or noxious air)
Excalibur {prop}  :: Excalibur (legendary sword)
excavador {adj}  :: which excavates
excavador {m}  :: excavator (person who excavates)
excavadora {adj}  :: feminine form of excavador
excavadora {f}  :: excavator (tracked vehicle used to dig ditches)
excavadora {f}  :: feminine form of excavador
excedente {adj}  :: surplus (being a surplus)
excedente {m}  :: surplus (excess, overplus)
exceder {vt}  :: to exceed (to be larger or greater than something)
exceder {vt}  :: to exceed (to go beyond the limits of something)
excelente {adj}  :: excellent
excelentemente {adv}  :: excellently (very well)
excelentíssima {adj}  :: feminine form of excelentíssimo
excelentíssimas {adj}  :: feminine plural of excelentíssimo
excelentíssimo {adj}  :: most or very excellent (used as an honorary title)
exceler {vi}  :: to excel
excellencia {f}  :: obsolete spelling of excelência
exceller {v}  :: obsolete spelling of exceler
excelência {f}  :: excellence (the quality of being excellent)
Excelência {f} [used with Vossa]  :: Excellency (form of address for certain high officials or dignitaries)
excentricidade {f}  :: eccentricity (eccentric behaviour)
excentricidade {f}  :: eccentricity (the quality of being eccentric)
exceção {f}  :: exception
exceção que prova a regra {f}  :: exception that proves the rule
excepcional {adj}  :: exceptional, special
excepcional {adj}  :: extraordinary, unusual
excepcionalmente {adv}  :: exceptionally
excepcionar {vt}  :: to except (to make an exception of)
excepção {f}  :: exception
exception {f} [computing]  :: exception (an interruption in normal processing)
excepto {prep}  :: obsolete spelling of exceto
exceptuando {v}  :: gerund of exceptuar
exceptuar {v}  :: alternative form of excetuar
excessiva {adj}  :: feminine form of excessivo
excessivamente {adv}  :: excessively
excessivamente {adv}  :: overly
excessivas {adj}  :: feminine plural of excessivo
excessivo {adj}  :: exceeding
excessivo {adj}  :: excessive
excesso {m}  :: excess, surplus
exceto {prep}  :: except, other than
excetuando {v}  :: gerund of excetuar
excetuar {v}  :: to except
excetuar {v}  :: to exclude
excitado {adj}  :: excited
excitado {adj}  :: (sexually) aroused
excitado {adj}  :: stimulated
excitado {adj}  :: uneasy
excitante {adj}  :: exciting (causing excitement)
excitante {adj}  :: sexually arousing
excitação {f}  :: excitement
excitar {v}  :: to excite
exclamação {f}  :: exclamation (loud calling or crying out)
exclamar {v}  :: to exclaim
excluindo {v}  :: gerund of excluir
excluir {v}  :: to delete
excluir {v}  :: to exclude
excluir {v}  :: to preclude
exclusiva {adj}  :: feminine form of exclusivo
exclusivamente {adv}  :: exclusively (to the exclusion of anything or anyone else)
exclusivas {adj}  :: feminine plural of exclusivo
exclusividade {f}  :: exclusivity
exclusivo {adj}  :: exclusive (excluding items or members that do not meet certain conditions)
exclusivo {adj}  :: exclusive (requiring membership)
exclusivo {adj} [lb, pt, linguistic, of the first-person plural personal pronoun]  :: exclusive (referring to the speaker and others, but not the addressee)
exclusão {f}  :: deletion
exclusão {f}  :: exception
exclusão {f}  :: exclusion
exclusão {f}  :: preclusion
excêntrica {adj}  :: feminine form of excêntrico
excêntricas {adj}  :: feminine plural of excêntrico
excêntrico {adj}  :: eccentric (deviating from the norm)
excêntrico {m}  :: eccentric
excomungando {v}  :: gerund of excomungar
excomungar {v}  :: to excommunicate
excomunhão {f}  :: excommunication
excremento {m}  :: excrement
excreção {f}  :: excretion (act or substance)
excretando {v}  :: gerund of excretar
excretar {v}  :: to defecate
excretar {v}  :: to excrete
excretar {v}  :: to expel, expunge
excretor {adj}  :: excretory
excretora {adj}  :: feminine form of excretor
excretoras {adj}  :: feminine plural of excretor
excursão {f}  :: excursion (brief trip)
excutindo {v}  :: gerund of excutir
excutir {v} [legal]  :: To foreclose
execrável {adj}  :: execrable; abominable; hateful; detestable; loathsome
execução {f}  :: enforcement
execução {f}  :: execution (all senses)
executador {m}  :: executioner
executar {v} [computing]  :: to run a software
executar {v}  :: to carry out
executar {v}  :: to execute (to kill as punishment)
executar {v}  :: to play music
executiva {adj}  :: feminine form of executivo
executivas {adj}  :: feminine plural of executivo
executivo {adj}  :: executive
executivo {adj}  :: ministerial
executivo {m}  :: executive
executor {m}  :: executor
executável {adj} [computing]  :: executable
exegese {f}  :: exegesis
exemplar {adj}  :: exemplary
exemplar {m}  :: example, exemplar
exemplo {m}  :: example
exequente {mf} [legal]  :: creditor
exequível {adj}  :: executable
exequível {adj}  :: possible
exequível {adj}  :: practicable
exequível {adj}  :: practical
exercício {m}  :: exercise
exercício {m}  :: training
exercer {v}  :: to exercise
exercer {v}  :: to instruct, to command
exercer {v}  :: to practise, to do
exercitar {v} [specifically]  :: to work out (perform physical exercise)
exercitar {v}  :: to exercise (to perform an activity designed to hone a skill)
exógena {adj}  :: feminine form of exógeno
exógenas {adj}  :: feminine plural of exógeno
exógeno {adj}  :: exogenous
exígua {adj}  :: feminine form of exíguo
exíguas {adj}  :: feminine plural of exíguo
exíguo {adj}  :: exiguous
exhalar {v}  :: obsolete form of exalar
exhortar {v}  :: obsolete form of exortar
exibicionismo {m}  :: exhibitionism (practice of drawing attention to oneself)
exibindo {v}  :: gerund of exibir
exibição {f}  :: exhibit
exibição {f}  :: exhibition, display (act)
exibição {f}  :: ostentation
exibir {v}  :: to exhibit, display
exibir {v}  :: to expose
exigente {adj}  :: Needing immediate action; exigent
exigibilidade {f}  :: enforceability
exigindo {v}  :: gerund of exigir
exigir {v}  :: to ask, demand
exigir {v}  :: to require, need
exigência {f}  :: exigency
exigência {f}  :: requirement, demand
exiguidade {f}  :: exiguity
exiguidade {f}  :: shortage
exigível {adj}  :: required, needed
exilada {adj}  :: feminine form of exilado
exiladas {adj}  :: feminine plural of exilado
exilado {adj}  :: exiled (banished from one’s home or country)
exilado {m}  :: exile (someone who is banished from one’s home or country)
exilar {v}  :: to exile (to send into exile)
eximir {vt}  :: to absolve; to clear (to remove from suspicion or guilt)
existencialismo {m} [philosophy]  :: existentialism
existente {adj}  :: existent (which exists)
existir {v}  :: to exist (to be)
existência {f}  :: existence, being
existência {f}  :: life
exílio {m}  :: exile
exímia {adj}  :: feminine form of exímio
exímias {adj}  :: feminine plural of exímio
exímio {adj}  :: excellent, extraordinary
exmo {abbr}  :: abbreviation of excelentíssimo (as a title) {abbr}  :: alternative spelling of exmo
exoesqueleto {m} [anatomy]  :: exoskeleton (hard outer structure)
exoftalmia {f} [pathology]  :: exophthalmos (abnormal protrusion of the eyeball)
exonerando {v}  :: gerund of exonerar
exoneração {f}  :: exoneration
exonerar {v}  :: to exonerate
exoplaneta {m} [astronomy, planetology]  :: exoplanet (planet outside Earth’s solar system)
exorbitante {adj}  :: exorbitant
exorbitância {f}  :: exorbitance
exorcismo {m}  :: exorcism (ritual driving out of evil spirits)
exorcista {n}  :: exorcist (a person who practices exorcism)
exortar {v}  :: to exhort, encourage or persuade
exosqueleto {m} [uncommon]  :: alternative form of exoesqueleto
exotermicamente {adv}  :: exothermically
exotérmica {adj}  :: feminine form of exotérmico
exotérmicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of exotérmico
exotérmico {adj}  :: exothermic
expandindo {v}  :: gerund of expandir
expandir {v}  :: to expand
expansão {f}  :: expansion (all senses)
expatriado {m}  :: expatriate (person living outside his own country)
expatriado {m}  :: expatriate (person who has been banished from his own country)
expatriar {vt}  :: to expatriate (to banish someone from his own country)
expectativa {f}  :: expectation (that which is expected or looked for)
expectorante {m}  :: expectorant (drug used to expel phlegm from the lungs)
expectoração {f}  :: expectoration (the act of expelling phlegm from the lungs)
expectorar {v}  :: to expectorate (to cough up fluid from the lungs)
expedidor {m}  :: dispatcher
expedidor {m}  :: shipper, sender
expedindo {v}  :: gerund of expedir
expedição {f}  :: expedition (all senses)
expedição {f}  :: shipment
expedir {v}  :: to despatch / dispatch
expedir {v}  :: to expedite
expedir {v}  :: to forward
expedir {v}  :: to issue
expelir {v}  :: to dislodge
expelir {v}  :: to expel
experiencial {adj}  :: experiential (of, related to, encountered in, or derived from experience)
experienciar {vt}  :: to undergo; to experience
experiente {adj}  :: experienced (having experience)
experimental {adj}  :: experimental (of, pertaining to or being an experiment)
experimentando {v}  :: gerund of experimentar
experimentar {v}  :: to experience
experimentar {v}  :: to experiment
experiência {f}  :: experience (event(s) of which one is cognizant)
experiência {f} [uncountable]  :: knowledge gathered throughout time
expert {mf}  :: expert (person with extensive knowledge or ability in a given field)
expiação {f}  :: expiation, atonement
expiraçaõ {f}  :: obsolete spelling of expiração
expiração {f}  :: expiration (act or process of breathing out)
expiração {f}  :: expiration (instance of expiring, becoming invalid after a deadline)
expirar {v}  :: to expire (to become invalid after a deadline)
expirar {v}  :: to expire (to breath out)
explanação {f}  :: explanation
explanar {v}  :: to explain (to illustrate the meaning of)
explícita {adj}  :: feminine form of explícito
explícitas {adj}  :: feminine plural of explícito
explícito {adj}  :: explicit
explicação {f}  :: explanation, explication
explicar {v}  :: to explain
explicitamente {adv}  :: explicitly
explodir {v}  :: to explode (act violently)
explodir {v}  :: to explode (blow up)
explodir em risadas {vi} [idiomatic]  :: to burst out laughing (suddenly start laughing intensely)
explodir na cara de {v} na|cara|de
explodir na cara de {v} [idiomatic]  :: to blow up in (one’s) face (fail disastrously)
exploit {m} [computing]  :: exploit (computing vulnerability)
explorador {m}  :: exploiter (one who exploits)
explorador {m}  :: explorer (one who explores)
explorando {v}  :: gerund of explorar
exploração {f}  :: exploration
explorar {v}  :: to discover
explorar {v}  :: to exploit
explorar {v}  :: to explore
explorar {v}  :: to research
explorável {adj}  :: exploitable
explorável {adj}  :: explorable
explosiva {adj}  :: feminine form of explosivo
explosivamente {adv}  :: explosively
explosivas {adj}  :: feminine plural of explosivo
explosivo {adj}  :: explosive
explosivo {m}  :: explosive (material)
explosão {f}  :: explosion
Expo {f}  :: World Exposition (a regular international exposition)
expondo {v}  :: gerund of expor
expor {v}  :: to exhibit (to display at an exhibition)
expor {v}  :: to expose (to make something public)
expor {v}  :: to expose to the elements (outdoor weather)
expor {v}  :: to expose (to uncover; to make visible)
expor {v}  :: to subject (to cause to undergo a particular experience)
exportador {adj}  :: which exports
exportador {m}  :: exporter (someone who exports goods)
exportadora {n}  :: feminine form of exportador
exportadoras {n}  :: feminine plural of exportador
exportando {v}  :: gerund of exportar
exportação {f}  :: export
exportar {v}  :: to export
exposição {f}  :: disclosure: the making known of facts
exposição {f}  :: exposition
Exposição mundial {f}  :: World Exposition (a regular international exposition)
Exposição Mundial {prop}  :: World Exposition (a regular international exposition)
Exposição Universal {prop}  :: World Exposition (a regular international exposition)
exposta {adj}  :: feminine form of exposto
expostas {adj}  :: feminine plural of exposto
exposto {adj}  :: exposed
exposto {adj}  :: visible, manifest, patent
expressa {adj}  :: feminine form of expresso
expressamente {adv}  :: expressly
expressar {vt}  :: to express (to convey meaning)
expressas {adj}  :: feminine plural of expresso
expressiva {adj}  :: feminine form of expressivo
expressivamente {adv}  :: expressively
expressivas {adj}  :: feminine plural of expressivo
expressivo {adj}  :: Effectively conveying feeling or thought; expressive
expressão {f}  :: expression
expresso {adj}  :: express
expresso {m}  :: espresso (coffee)
expresso {m}  :: express (train)
expressão idiomática {f}  :: idiom (phrase that cannot be understood from its component words)
exprimir {vt}  :: to phrase (to express by means of words)
expropriando {v}  :: gerund of expropriar
expropriação {f}  :: expropriation
expropriar {v}  :: to expropriate
expulsar {v} [sports]  :: to send off (show someone a red card)
expulsar {v}  :: to expel; to eject (to cast out)
expulsar {v}  :: to expel (to remove from membership)
expurgação {f}  :: expurgation
expurgação {f}  :: purge
expurgar {v}  :: to expunge
expurgar {v}  :: to expurgate
exército {m}  :: army
exórdio {m}  :: exordium
exsecutar {v} [rare]  :: obsolete spelling of executar
exsudar {vi}  :: to exude
exsurgência {f} [rare]  :: source; spring (place where water springs from the ground)
extemporânea {adj}  :: feminine form of extemporâneo
extemporâneas {adj}  :: feminine plural of extemporâneo
extemporâneo {adj}  :: inopportune (occurring or appearing at an inconvenient or inappropriate time)
extensamente {adv}  :: extensively
extensivo {adj}  :: extensive (having a large scope)
extensão {f}  :: tract (an area)
extenuante {adj}  :: exhausting (very tiring)
extenuação {f}  :: exhaustion (extreme tiredness)
exterior {adj}  :: exterior (located in the outside)
exterior {m}  :: foreign countries
exterior {m}  :: outside (outer surface)
exterior {m}  :: outside (the space beyond some limit or boundary)
exteriorizando {v}  :: gerund of exteriorizar
exteriorizar {v}  :: to externalize
exterminar {v}  :: to exterminate
extermínio {m}  :: extermination (act of exterminating)
externa {adj}  :: feminine form of externo
externamente {adv}  :: externally, outside
externas {adj}  :: feminine plural of externo
externo {adj}  :: Outside of; external
externo {m}  :: day student (not a boarder)
externo {m}  :: exterior
exótica {adj}  :: feminine form of exótico
exóticas {adj}  :: feminine plural of exótico
exótico {adj}  :: exotic
extincçaõ {f}  :: obsolete form of extinção
extincção {f}  :: obsolete spelling of extinção
extinguir {v}  :: to extinguish, quench
extinção {f}  :: abolition (act of abolishing)
extinção {f} [astronomy]  :: extinction (absorption or scattering of electromagnetic radiation)
extinção {f} [ecology]  :: extinction (the disappearance of a species from a region, or as a whole)
extinção {f}  :: extinction; annihilation; eradication; destruction
extinção {f}  :: extinguishment (act of putting out a fire)
extinção {f}  :: the act of slaking lime to produce slaked lime
extintiva {adj}  :: feminine form of extintivo
extintivas {adj}  :: feminine plural of extintivo
extintivo {adj}  :: extinction (attributive)
extinto {adj} [chiefly, biology]  :: extinct (having died out)
extinto {adj} [of fire]  :: extinguished (no longer alight)
extinto {adj} [volcanology]  :: extinct (no longer erupting)
extintor {m}  :: fire extinguisher
extintor de incêndio {m}  :: fire extinguisher
extirpação {m}  :: extirpation (the act of extirpating)
extirpar {v}  :: to extirpate; to uproot
extorquir {v}  :: to extort
extorsão {f}  :: extortion (the practice of extorting money or other property)
extracelular {adj}  :: extracellular
extracção {f}  :: alternative form of extração
extraconjugal {adj}  :: extramarital (taking place outside marriage)
extracontratual {adj} [legal]  :: extracontractual
extractar {v}  :: obsolete spelling of extratar
extradição {f}  :: extradition
extraditar {v}  :: to extradite
extraindo {v}  :: gerund of extrair
extrair {v}  :: to extract
extrair {v}  :: to take out
extrajudicial {adj}  :: extrajudicial
extrajudicialmente {adv}  :: extrajudicialy
extramundana {adj}  :: feminine form of extramundano
extramundanas {adj}  :: feminine plural of extramundano
extramundano {adj}  :: extramundane (beyond mundane)
extração {f}  :: extraction
extraoficial {adj}  :: unofficial (not official)
extraordinariamente {adv}  :: extraordinarily
extraordinária {adj}  :: feminine form of extraordinário
extraordinário {adj}  :: extraordinary
extrassensorial {adj}  :: extrasensory (of or relating to extrasensory perception)
extratando {v}  :: gerund of extratar
extratar {v}  :: to extract
extraterrestre {adj}  :: extraterrestrial; not of the Earth
extraterrestre {mf}  :: extraterrestrial; alien
extraterritorialidade {f}  :: extraterritoriality
extrato {m}  :: extract (all senses)
extravagante {adj}  :: extravagant; flamboyant; showy
extraviado {adj}  :: lost or stolen
extrema {adj}  :: feminine form of extremo
Extremadura {prop}  :: Extremadura (autonomous province of Spain)
extremamente {adv}  :: To an extreme degree; extremely
extremenha {adj}  :: feminine form of extremenho
extremenhas {adj}  :: feminine plural of extremenho
extremenho {adj}  :: Extremaduran (of, or relating to Extremadura)
extremenho {m}  :: Extremaduran (person from Extremadura)
extremenho {m} [uncountable]  :: Extremaduran language
extremófilo {adj} [biology]  :: extremophilic (living under extreme conditions)
extremófilo {m} [biology]  :: extremophile (organism that lives under extreme conditions)
extremidade {f}  :: extremity
extremismo {m}  :: extremism
extremista {adj}  :: extremist
extremista {mf}  :: extremist
extremo {adj}  :: extreme
Extremo Oriente {prop}  :: Far East (geopolitical term)
Extremo-Oriente {prop}  :: obsolete spelling of Extremo Oriente
extrovertido {adj}  :: extrovert; outgoing (being comfortable in social settings and interactions)
extrovertido {m}  :: extrovert (one who is outgoing, sociable and socially confident)
extruída {adj}  :: feminine form of extruído
extruídas {adj}  :: feminine plural of extruído
extruído {adj}  :: extruded
extrusão {f}  :: extrusion (process where a billet of material is pushed through a die)
exuberante {adj}  :: exuberant
exuberância {f}  :: exuberance
exudar {v}  :: rare spelling of exsudar
exultante {adj}  :: elated (extremely happy and excited)
exultação {f}  :: exultation (lively joy at success or victory)
exultar {v}  :: to exult
exumação {f}  :: exhumation
exumar {v}  :: to exhume (to take out of a place of burial)
ey {v}  :: obsolete spelling of hei
-eyra {suffix}  :: obsolete spelling of -eira
-eyro {suffix}  :: obsolete spelling of -eiro
-ez {suffix}  :: -ness (appended to adjectives to form nouns meaning "the state of ...", "the quality of ...", or "the measure of ...")
-eza {suffix}  :: -ness (appended to adjectives to form nouns meaning "the state of ...", "the quality of ...", or "the measure of ...")
Éfeso {prop}  :: Ephesus (a city of ancient Anatolia, in what is now Turkey)
égide {f}  :: aegis (mythological shield)
égide {f}  :: aegis; protection
égua {f}  :: mare
êider {m}  :: eider (duck of genus Somateria)
é isso aí {interj}  :: alternative form of isso aí
êle {pron}  :: obsolete spelling of ele
êlle {pron}  :: obsolete spelling of ele
é melhor prevenir do que remediar {proverb}  :: a stitch in time saves nine (a timely effort can prevent larger problems)
êmese {f} [medicine]  :: emesis (act of vomiting)
ênfase {f}  :: emphasis, stress
ênfase {f}  :: thrust
Ênio {prop} [Greek god]  :: Enyo (goddess of war)
Éolo {prop} [Greek god]  :: Aeolus (character in Greek mythology)
éon {m}  :: eon (period of 1,000,000,000 years)
Éos {prop} [Greek god]  :: Eos (Greek goddess)
épico {adj}  :: epic (of, or relating to, an epic)
épico {m}  :: epic (extended narrative poem)
Épiro {prop}  :: Epirus (one of the 13 peripheries of Greece)
Épiro {prop}  :: Epirus (region and historical kingdom)
época {f}  :: age, period, epoch (particular period of history)
época {f}  :: time, season
é proibido fumar {phrase}  :: no smoking
épsilo {m}  :: rare form of épsilon
épsilon {m}  :: epsilon (name of the Greek letter Ε, ε)
érbia {f} [inorganic compound]  :: erbia
érbio {m}  :: erbium (chemical element)
Éris {prop} [astronomy]  :: Eris (dwarf planet)
Éris {prop} [Greek god]  :: Eris (Greek goddess of chaos)
-ês {suffix}  :: -ese (forming adjectives and nouns describing things characteristic of a particular place)
Ésquilo {prop}  :: Aeschylus (Greek tragedian)
êsse {pron}  :: obsolete spelling of esse
és-sudeste {m}  :: alternative form of este-sudeste
és-sueste {m}  :: alternative form of este-sudeste
êste {pron}  :: obsolete spelling of este
éster {m} [organic chemistry]  :: ester
éter {m} [alchemy]  :: aether (classical physical element)
éter {m} [organic compound]  :: ether (class and specifically diethyl ether)
éter {m} [physics, obsolete]  :: aether (substance once thought to fill all space)
éter {m} [poetic]  :: aether (the upper sky)
éther {m}  :: obsolete spelling of éter
éthica {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of ética
éthica {f}  :: obsolete spelling of ética
éthnica {adj}  :: feminine form of éthnico
éthnicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of éthnico
éthnico {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of étnico
ética {adj}  :: feminine form of ético
ética {f}  :: ethics (the standards that govern the conduct of a person)
ética {f} [philosophy]  :: ethics (study of principles governing right and wrong conduct)
ético {adj}  :: ethical
étimo {m}  :: etymon (source word)
étnica {adj}  :: feminine form of étnico
étnicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of étnico
étnico {adj} [archaic]  :: ethnic; heathen; not Judaeo-Christian
étnico {adj}  :: ethnic (related to a group of people having common origins)
étnico {m} [archaic]  :: an ethnic, heathen; a non-Judaeo-Christian
Évora {prop}  :: A district in southern Portugal
Évora {prop}  :: A Portuguese city in Évora district
êxito {m}  :: result, end, consequence, effect
êxito {m}  :: success
Êxodo {prop}  :: Exodus (book of Torah and Old Testament)
Êxodo {prop} [historical]  :: Exodus (departure of Hebrew slaves)
éxon {m} [genetics]  :: exon (region of a gene)
êxtase {m}  :: ecstasy; bliss
êxtase {m}  :: ecstasy (trance associated with mystic or prophetic exaltation)