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-e {suffix} :: Used for forming nouns from verbs or adjectives
e {letter} :: letter: ee
E {letter} :: letter: ee
E {abbr} :: eximia cum laude approbatur
-ea {suffix} :: A suffix for making adjectives from some nouns and verbs
eaa. {adv} :: abbreviation of ennen ajanlaskun alkua
EAN-koodi {n} :: EAN code (barcode composed according to the EAN standard)
eau de Cologne {n} :: cologne (type of perfume)
ebla {n} [historical] :: Eblaite (language)
eboniitti {n} :: ebonite
eckankar {n} :: Eckankar (pantheistic religion)
Eckerö {prop} :: A municipality in Åland, Finland
ecu {n} [dated] :: ecu
Ecuador {prop} :: Ecuador
ecuadorilainen {adj} :: Ecuadorian
ecuadorilainen {n} :: Ecuadorian
ecuadorinkalansyöjärotta {n} :: montane fish-eating rat, Neusticomys monticolus
ecuadorinpiikkihiiri {n} :: South American spiny mouse, Scolomys melanops
edam {n} :: Edam cheese
edaminjuusto {n} :: Edam cheese (type of cheese originating from Netherlands)
edamjuusto {n} :: Edam cheese (type of cheese originating from Netherlands)
edeema {n} [pathology] :: alternative form of ödeema
edellä {adv} :: above:
edellä {adv} :: noun + edellä = noun + first:
edellä {postp} :: [static] before, ahead of, in advance of:
edelläkävijä {n} :: forerunner, pioneer (one who goes ahead, preparing the way for others to follow)
edelläkävijä {n} [in plural] :: vanguard (people at the forefront of any group or movement)
edellä mainittu {adj} :: aforesaid, aforementioned
edelle {adv} :: before
edelle {postp} [of movement, with genitive] :: before, ahead of:
edelleen {adv} :: still
edellinen {adj} :: previous
edellisvuonna {adv} :: in the previous year
edellisvuosi {n} :: previous year, year before
edellisvuotinen {adj} :: of or pertaining to the year before the year of the event referred to
edellyttää {vt} [+ partitive] :: To require, oblige, call for, make imperative (administratively)
edellyttää {vt} [logic, + partitive] :: To presuppose, necessitate, entail, imply
edellyttää {vt} [+ partitive] :: To presume, assume, suppose
edellytys {n} :: prerequisite
edellytys {n} :: requirement
edeltä {adv} :: in advance, beforehand
edeltä {postp} :: from before, from ahead of:
edeltää {vt} [_, + partitive] :: To precede, go before, go ahead of, come before, take place before, antedate, predate, antecede
edeltäjä {n} :: predecessor
edeltäkäsin {adv} :: beforehand
edeltävä {adj} :: preceding
edeltävä {adj} :: previous
edemmä {adv} :: alternative form of edemmäksi
edemmäksi {adv} :: synonym of edemmäs
edemmäs {adv} :: (to/towards) closer to the front
edempää {adv} :: from closer to the front
edempänä {adv} [static] :: closer to the front
edempi {adj} :: ahead, located ahead of something else
Eden {prop} :: alternative spelling of Eeden
edentaatio {n} [pathology] :: edentation
edes {adv} :: even (suggesting a minimum in a question)
edes {adv} :: even, so much as (suggesting a minimum in a negative statement)
edes {adv} :: at least (suggesting a minimum in a positive statement)
edes {adv} :: (with the negation verb) not ... even:
edesauttaa {vt} :: To further, support
edeskäypä {n} [obsolete] :: synonym of tarjoilija
edesmennä {v} [euphemistic, rare, deprecated] :: to pass away (to die)
edesmennyt {adj} :: deceased
edesottamus {n} :: doing
edespäin {adv} :: forward
edessä {postp} :: (static) in front of
edestä {postp} :: from in front of, from before; out of the way of; sometimes in front of due to different usage in Finnish and English
edestä {postp} :: for, on behalf of
edestä {postp} [rare] :: used to express equal worth
edestä {adv} :: from the front, from ahead, out of the way
edestakainen {adj} :: to and fro
edestakaisin {adv} :: back and forth, to and fro
edesvastuuton {adj} :: irresponsible, reckless
edesvastuuttomasti {adv} :: irresponsibly, recklessly
edetä {vi} [physically] :: To advance, proceed, make headway, move/go ahead/forward, make strides, gain ground
edetä {vi} :: To act, proceed
edetä {vi} :: To progress, make progress, advance, get ahead, get on
edetä {vi} :: To develop, improve, (become/get) better
ediacarakausi {n} :: The Ediacaran
ediacarakautinen {adj} :: Ediacaran (of a geologic period from about 620 to 542 million years ago)
edikti {n} :: edict
edistää {vt} [+ partitive] :: To advance, further, forward, help/urge forward, help the progress of, work for/toward, expedite, improve on, enhance, aid, assist
edistää {vt} [+ partitive] :: To promote, speak for, foster, encourage, support
edistää {vi} [of a clock] :: To run fast, be fast
edistäjä {n} :: contributor
edistäminen {n} :: promotion
edistävä {adj} :: promotive
edistyä {vi} :: To advance, proceed, make headway/strides, move/go ahead/forward, gain ground
edistyä {vi} :: To progress, make progress, advance, get ahead, get on
edistyä {vi} :: To develop, improve, become/get better
edistyksellinen {adj} :: progressive
edistyksellisesti {adv} :: progressively
edistyksellisyys {n} :: progressiveness
edistymä {n} :: synonym of edistyminen
edistymispalkki {n} [graphical user interface] :: progress bar
edistyneisyys {n} :: progressiveness
edistys {n} :: progress
edistysmielinen {adj} [politics] :: progressive
editio {n} :: edition
editoida {vt} :: To edit (to make changes to a text)
editoija {n} :: editor, copy editor
editointi {n} :: editing
editori {n} :: editor (software)
editse {postp} :: (rare or dialectal) by the front of (when one goes through the space that is in front of something):
Edmo {prop} [very, rare] :: given name
edukas {adj} [rare] :: Inexpensive
edullinen {adj} :: advantageous
edullinen {adj} :: inexpensive, cheap
edullisemmin {adv} :: comparative of edullisesti
edullisempi {adj} :: comparative of edullinen
edullisesti {adv} :: inexpensively
edullisesti {adv} :: advantageously
edullistaa {v} :: to make inexpensive, to make more inexpensive
edullisuus {n} :: inexpensiveness, cheapness
edunsaaja {n} [legal] :: beneficiary (one who benefits from a legal transaction such as a will, donation, insurance or other contract)
edunvalvoja {n} [legal] :: guardian (person legally responsible for a minor or incompetent person)
edunvalvoja {n} :: (law) trustee (one who is intrusted with property for the benefit of another)
edunvalvoja {n} :: guardian of interests (one who guards, watches over, or protects someone's interests)
edunvalvonta {n} :: promotion of interests (organized action for defending and advancing the rights or economic interests of a particular group in the society)
edunvalvonta {n} [legal] :: the acts of a guardian (person legally responsible for a minor or incompetent person) in their office
edus {n} :: front (of a house etc.)
eduskunta {n} :: the Finnish Parliament
eduskunta {n} [by extension, relatively rarely] :: Any parliament
eduskuntaryhmä {n} :: parliamentary group (group of MP's within a parliament who have agreed to act together in promoting the interests of their voters, usually consisting of the members of the same political party)
eduskuntatalo {n} :: Parliament House (building in which the Parliament of Finland convenes)
eduskuntatalo {n} [rare] :: synonym of parlamenttitalo (building of many other parliaments in the world, with the exception of those that have a house-specific term; see usage notes for examples)
eduskuntavaalit {n} [politics, in Finland] :: parliamentary election
edusmies {n} [dated] :: representative, spokesman
edussana {n} [linguistics] :: head, nucleus (word of a phrase that determines the syntactic category of that phrase)
edusta {n} :: front (of a house etc.)
edustaa {vt} :: to represent
edustaja {n} :: representative
edustaja {n} :: spokesman, spokeswoman, spokesperson (one who speaks as the voice of a group of people)
edustaja {n} :: deputy, delegate, proxy, substitute, surrogate
edustaja {n} :: proponent, exponent, advocate, upholder, believer
edustaja-aloite {n} :: private member's bill (proposed law introduced by a member of a legislature who is not acting on behalf of the executive government)
edustajainhuone {n} :: The House, or the House of Representatives of the U.S. Congress
edustajisto {n} :: body of delegates, representatives
edustajuus {n} :: The act of being a representative
edustava {adj} :: representative (having the same properties of interest as a larger group)
edustava {adj} :: presentable (in good enough shape to be shown to other people)
edustavasti {adv} :: representatively
edustavasti {adv} :: presentably
edustavuus {n} :: representativeness
edusteinen {adj} [rare] :: synonym of edustuksellinen
edustua {vi} [rare] :: To be represented
edustuksellinen {adj} :: representative
edustus {n} [law, accounting] :: representation
edustusjoukkue {n} [sports] :: representative team
edustuskulut {n} :: representation expenses
edustusmeno {n} :: representation expense
edustusto {n} :: representation
E-duuri {n} [music] :: E major
Edvard {prop} :: given name
ee {n} :: letter: e
eeben {n} :: ebony
eebenholtsi {n} :: ebony
eebenpuinen {adj} :: ebony (made of ebony wood)
eebenpuu {n} :: ebony
eeden {n} :: An Eden, paradise
Eeden {prop} [biblical] :: The Eden
Eedit {prop} :: given name
eekkeri {n} :: acre
Eeli {prop} :: Eli [biblical character]
Eeli {prop} :: given name
Eelin {prop} :: given name
Eelis {prop} :: given name
eemeli {n} [slang] :: ecstasy (drug)
Eemeli {prop} :: given name
Eemeli {prop} :: The letter "E" in the Finnish tavausaakkoset, a spelling system similar to ICAO spelling alphabet
Eemil {prop} :: given name
-eeni {suffix} [organic chemistry] :: -ene
eepikko {n} :: epicist
eepos {n} :: An epic
eeppinen {adj} :: epic
Eerik {prop} :: given name
Eerika {prop} :: given name
Eerikki {prop} :: given name
Eerin {prop} :: given name
Eero {prop} :: given name
Eerola {prop} :: surname
Eerola {prop} :: Any of a number of small places in Finland
eespäin {adv} [poetic] :: forward
eessä {adv} [dialectal] :: alternative form of edessä
eessä {postp} [dialectal] :: alternative form of edessä
eestaas {adv} :: back and forth
eesti {n} [colloquial] :: synonym of viro (language)
Eesti {prop} [colloquial] :: synonym of Viro
eestiläinen {adj} [colloquial] :: synonym of virolainen (of or pertaining to Estonia)
eestiläinen {n} [colloquial] :: synonym of virolainen (person)
eeta {n} :: eta
eetikko {n} :: ethicist
eetillinen {adj} [dated] :: ethical
eetos {n} :: ethos
eetteri {n} :: ether
eetteri {n} :: aether
eetteri {n} [colloquial] :: radio waves
eetterinen {adj} [chemistry] :: ethereal
eettinen {adj} :: ethical
eettinen kuluttaminen {n} :: political consumerism, ethical consumerism
eettisemmin {adv} :: comparative of eettisesti
eettisesti {adv} :: ethically
eettisimmin {adv} :: superlative of eettisesti
eettisyys {n} :: ethicalness
Eetu {prop} :: given name
eeva {n} :: woman
Eeva {prop} :: given name, equivalent to English Eve
Eeva {prop} :: Eve [wife of Adam]
Eeva-Liisa {prop} :: given name
Eevert {prop} :: given name
Eevertti {prop} :: given name
Eevi {prop} :: given name
efa {n} :: saw-scaled viper, Indian saw-scaled viper, little Indian viper (Echis carinatus)
efebofiili {n} :: ephebophile
efebofilia {n} :: ephebophilia
efedriini {n} :: ephedrine
efekti {n} :: effect (illusion produced by technical means; scientific phenomenon)
efekti {n} [sound engineering] :: effect (alteration, or device for producing an alteration, in sound)
efektiivinen {adj} :: effective
efektiivisesti {adv} :: effectively
efektiivisyys {n} :: effectiveness
efektilaite {n} :: effects unit (electronic device that alters how a musical instrument or other audio source sounds)
efektori {n} [biology, mycology] :: effector
efemeridi {n} :: ephemeris
efesolainen {adj} :: Ephesian (of or pertaining to Ephesus)
efesolainen {n} :: Ephesian (someone from Ephesus)
efesolaiskirje {n} [Bible] :: Ephesians, Letter to the Ephesians
Efesolaiskirje {prop} :: Ephesians (book in the New Testament)
Efesos {prop} :: Ephesus (ancient city)
efferentti {adj} [anatomy] :: efferent (carrying away from)
effuusio {n} [chemistry, medicine] :: effusion
egalitaarinen {adj} :: egalitarian
egalitarismi {n} :: egalitarianism
ege {n} [slang] :: euro [currency]
Egeanmeri {prop} :: The Aegean Sea
ego {n} :: ego
ego {n} [psychoanalysis] :: ego
egoismi {n} :: egoism
egoisti {n} :: egoist
egoisti {n} :: egotist
egoistinen {adj} :: egoistic
egoistisesti {adv} :: egoistically
egoistisuus {n} :: egoism
egomaanikko {n} :: egomaniac
egosentrinen {adj} :: egocentric
egosentrisesti {adv} :: egocentrically
egosentrisyys {n} :: egocentrism
egypti {n} :: Egyptian (language)
Egypti {prop} :: Egypt
egyptiläinen {adj} :: Egyptian
egyptiläinen {n} :: Egyptian
egyptiläinen murtoluku {n} [mathematics] :: Egyptian fraction
egyptiläisyys {n} :: Egyptianness (quality of being Egyptian)
Egyptin arabitasavalta {prop} :: the Arab Republic of Egypt (official name of Egypt)
egyptindoggilepakko {n} :: Egyptian free-tailed bat, Tadarida aegyptiaca (species of bat found in most of Africa, the Middle East and India)
egyptinhautalepakko {n} :: Egyptian tomb bat, Taphozous perforatus (species of bat)
egyptin kieli {n} :: Egyptian (language)
egyptinkielinen {adj} :: Egyptian, Egyptian-language (expressed in Egyptian)
egyptinkobra {n} :: Egyptian cobra, asp, Naja haje (extremely venomous African cobra)
egyptinkoirankuonolepakko {n} :: Egyptian rousette, Rousettus aegyptiacus (species of bat)
egyptinmangusti {n} [rare] :: Egyptian mongoose, Herpestes ichneumon (species of shrew endemic to Egypt)
egyptinmungo {n} :: Egyptian mongoose, ichneumon, Herpestes ichneumon
egyptinparru {n} :: Egyptian balk (type of sawn good having the length of 3–6,7 meters, square cross-section with the side length of at least 75 mm in one end and not more than 25 mm less in the other end)
egyptinvaivaispäästäinen {n} :: Egyptian pygmy shrew, Crocidura religiosa (species of shrew endemic to Egypt)
egyptologi {n} :: Egyptologist
egyptologia {n} :: Egyptology
egyptologinen {adj} :: egyptological
ehättää {vi} :: To make it, reach (in time)
ehdoin tahdoin {adv} [idiomatic] :: deliberately, intentionally, on purpose
ehdokas {n} :: A candidate
ehdokas {n} :: A nominee
ehdokkuus {n} :: candidacy
ehdollepano {n} :: nomination (act or instance of naming someone as a candidate for a particular role or position)
ehdollinen {adj} :: conditional
ehdollinen {adj} :: suspended
ehdollinen refleksi {n} [psychology] :: conditioned reflex
ehdollisesti {adv} :: conditionally
ehdollistaa {vt} [psychology] :: To condition
ehdollistaminen {n} [psychology] :: conditioning (process of creating conditioning)
ehdollistua {vi} [psychology] :: to become conditioned
ehdollistuma {n} [psychology] :: conditioned response, conditioned reflex
ehdollistuminen {n} [psychology] :: conditioning, as in Pavlovian conditioning or classical conditioning (learning process)
ehdollisuus {n} :: conditionality
ehdonalainen {n} [legal] :: parole
ehdonalainen {n} [legal] :: probation
ehdonalainen {adj} :: conditional
ehdotella {v} :: To suggest (casually, repeatedly)
ehdotelma {n} :: proposal, sketched plan
ehdoton {adj} :: absolute, unconditional
ehdoton {adj} [colloquial] :: best
ehdoton {n} [colloquial] :: an unconditional incarceration (as opposed to probation), prison (sentence)
ehdoton tai {n} :: XOR, exclusive OR
ehdottaa {vt} :: to suggest, propose
ehdottaja {n} :: proposer
ehdottomasti {adv} :: absolutely, definitely
ehdottomuus {n} :: The property of being unconditional; absoluteness
ehdotus {n} :: suggestion
ehdotus {n} :: proposal
ehdyksiin {adv} :: to the state of being depleted
ehdyksissä {adv} :: in the state of being depleted
ehdyttää {vt} :: To exhaust, to cause to dry up
eheä {adj} :: Whole, solid
eheä {adj} :: Intact, unbroken
eheästi {adv} :: in a whole or solid manner
eheästi {adv} :: intactly
ehei {interj} :: no
ehein {adj} :: superlative of eheä
eheys {n} :: integrity
eheyttää {vt} :: To make whole, unite
eheyttää {vtt} [computing] :: To defragment
eheyttää {vt} [Christianity] :: To subject to conversion therapy, turn straight
eheytyä {vi} :: To become whole
eheytys {n} [computing] :: defragmentation
ehiö {n} [philately] :: postal stationery
ehjä {adj} :: intact, not broken or damaged
ehjästi {adv} :: intactly, in an unbroken and undamaged manner
ehjempi {adj} :: comparative of ehjä
ehjyys {n} :: integrity
ehkä {adv} :: perhaps, maybe
ehkäisemään {v} :: infinitive of ehkäistä
ehkäiseminen {n} :: prevention
ehkäisevä {adj} :: preventive
ehkäisevästi {adv} :: preventively
ehkäisijä {n} :: preventer
ehkäisin {n} :: A preventer
ehkäistä {vt} :: To prevent, keep from occurring, avert, block, bar
ehkäistä {vt} :: To stop, halt, check, keep/hold back, hold up, stave/ward off
ehkäistä {vt} :: To thwart, frustrate, foil, arrest, nip in the bud, forestall; to intercept, defend against, counteract, fend off
ehkäistä {vt} :: To suppress, repress, stanch, stop
ehkäistyä {vi} :: To be prevented
ehkäisy {n} :: prevention
ehkäisy {n} :: contraception (prevention of pregnancy)
ehkäisy {n} :: When used as modifier in a compound term, often translated into English as preventive or contraceptive
ehkäisykierukka {n} :: intrauterine device
ehkäisylaastari {n} :: contraceptive patch
ehkäisymenetelmä {n} :: contraceptive
ehkäisypilleri {n} :: contraceptive pill
ehkäisyrengas {n} :: vaginal ring
ehkäisytabletti {n} :: synonym of ehkäisypilleri
ehkäisyvaahto {n} :: contraceptive foam
ehkäisyväline {n} :: contraceptive
ehkei {contraction} :: contraction of ehkä ei
ehkeivät {contraction} :: contraction of ehkä eivät
ehkemme {contraction} :: contraction of ehkä emme
ehken {contraction} :: contraction of ehkä en
ehket {contraction} :: contraction of ehkä et
ehkette {contraction} :: contraction of ehkä ette
ehommin {adv} [entistä ~] :: better than before
ehompi {adj} :: used in the phrase entistä ehompi: better, fixed
ehostaa {v} :: To apply makeup; to make up
ehoste {n} :: decoration, ornament
ehoste {n} :: makeup
ehostettu {adj} :: made-up (changed by the application of cosmetics)
ehostus {n} :: makeup (cosmetics)
ehta {adj} :: genuine, pure, echt
ehtiä {vi} :: to make it, arrive or reach (in time or before something else happens) ((to/at/in) a place = allative or illative)
ehtiä {vi} [auxiliary, + infinitive] :: to have/find time (to do something)
ehtimiseen {adv} :: time and time again, whenever one happens to have the time
ehto {n} :: condition, term
ehto {n} :: reservation
ehto {n} [in locational cases] :: candidacy in an election or for public office
ehto {n} [math] :: constraint
ehtoisa {adj} :: generous
ehtolainen {n} :: a pupil who has received conditions in order to not have to repeat a certain grade if the pupil has failed a subject
ehtolause {n} [grammar] :: A conditional sentence, conditional
ehtoo {n} [dialectal, dated, poetic] :: evening
ehtoollinen {n} :: Holy Communion, Eucharist, Lord's Supper (sacrament and ceremony)
ehtoollinen {n} [archaic] :: A supper
ehtoollisastia {n} [Christianity] :: communion vessel
ehtoolliskalkki {n} [Christianity] :: communion cup
ehtoollisleipä {n} [Christianity] :: A wafer, the Holy Bread
ehtoollisleipälautanen {n} :: paten (plate used to hold the host during the Eucharist)
ehtoollismalja {n} [Christianity] :: communion cup
ehtoollisrukous {n} [Christianity] :: eucharistic prayer; canon [in Roman Catholic church]
ehtoollisviini {n} [Christianity] :: sacramental wine
ehtoopalvelus {n} :: evening prayer, evensong (evening service in an Orthodox church)
ehtotapa {n} [grammar] :: conditional, conditional mood
ehtyä {vi} :: To dry up
ehtymätön {adj} :: inexhaustible
ehtymättömästi {adv} :: inexhaustibly
ehyin {adj} :: superlative of ehyt
ehyt {adj} :: intact
ehytlaitainen {adj} [botany] :: entire (of a leaf, having a smooth margin without any indentation)
ei {interj} :: no (a negating expression)
ei {v} :: The third-person singular form of the negation verb, used also with impersonal verb forms (see the usage in passive below). The English translations include don’t, doesn’t, not (with auxiliary verbs and be), and no
ei auta itku markkinoilla {proverb} :: some things have to be accepted if one doesn't want to, there's no point crying over spilt milk
eideetikko {n} :: A person with eidetic memory
eideettinen {adj} :: eidetic
ei haukku haavaa tee {proverb} :: sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me, expresses that words cause no physical harm
ei haukkuva koira pure {proverb} :: a barking dog never bites
ei ihme {phrase} [idiomatic] :: no wonder
ei ihmeempiä {phrase} [colloquial] :: nothing special; uninformative answer e.g. to the greeting mitä kuuluu (what's up, how are you)
Eija {prop} :: given name, popular in Finland in the 1950s and the 1960s
eikä {conj} :: Used with negation verb, neither ... nor
ei kahta ilman kolmatta {proverb} :: bad things come in threes
ei kahta kolmannetta {proverb} :: bad things come in threes
ei kai {interj} [colloquial] :: not even (used to express strong disappointment or disapproval)
ei kannata lähteä merta edemmäs kalaan {proverb} :: one should not get ahead of themselves when doing something
ei käy {phrase} :: no way (absolutely not; under no circumstances)
ei-kenenkään-maa {n} :: no man's land
eiköhän {adv} :: Indicates that the speaker thinks the following proposition is possible or desirable, a bit like in the English expression "why don't we.."
eiköhän {adv} :: Indicates hesitation
ei-kokeellinen {adj} :: nonexperimental
eikosanoidi {n} [hormone] :: eicosanoid
eikosapentaeenihappo {n} [pharmacology] :: eicosapentaenoic acid
ei koskaan {adv} :: never
ei köyhänkään suu tuohesta ole {proverb} :: what is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander (that which one person finds good usually tastes good to another) (literally: not even a poor man's mouth is made of birch bark)
eiku {adv} [slang] :: alternative spelling of ei kun
ei kukaan {pron} :: nobody, no one
ei kukaan muu {pron} :: no one else
ei kukaan ole seppä syntyessään {proverb} :: one should not be expected to master something they have not tried before
ei kun {interj} [colloquial] :: Used as an invitation to do something
ei kun {adv} [colloquial] :: Used to indicate a correction to something that was just said
ei kun {adv} [colloquial] :: Used to open a denial
eikun {adv} [slang] :: alternative spelling of ei kun
Eila {prop} :: given name
ei lainkaan {adv} :: not at all
eilen {adv} :: yesterday
eilenä {adv} [dialectal, rare] :: synonym of eilen
eilinen {adj} :: yesterday's
eilinen {n} :: yesterday
eilisaamu {n} :: yesterday morning
eilisilta {n} :: yesterday evening, last night, yesternight (the evening before today)
eilispäivä {n} :: yesterday
eilispäiväinen {adj} :: Pertaining to something that occurred yesterday
eilispäivänä {adv} :: yesterday
ei mikään {pron} :: nothing, not anything
ei mikään {pron} [in locational cases] :: nowhere, not anywhere
ei mikään {pron} :: devoid (particularly in the partitive form)
ei millään pahalla {phrase} [idiomatic] :: not for nothing (used to soften the impact of what is said next, implying that it is important)
ei millään tavalla {adv} :: (in) no way, (in) no manner, nowise, nohow, not in any way, by no means
ei millään tavalla {adv} :: definitely not, nowise
ei milloinkaan {adv} :: never
ei missään {adv} :: nowhere
ei missään nimessä {adv} :: by no means, not by any means (certainly not; definitely not)
ei missään tapauksessa {phrase} :: under no circumstance, under no circumstances; absolutely not; on no account; never
ei mitenkään {adv} :: (in) no way, (in) no manner, nowise, not in any way, by no means
ei mitenkään {adv} :: definitely not, nowise
Einari {prop} :: given name
eine {n} [archaic] :: breakfast
eine {n} [regional] :: food
Eine {prop} :: given name
ei-negatiivinen {adj} :: non-negative
einehtiä {v} [archaic] :: To break one's fast (to eat breakfast)
einehtiä {v} [regional] :: To eat
eines {n} :: convenience food
Eini {prop} :: given name
ei nimi miestä pahenna, jos ei mies nimeä {proverb} :: people cannot be judged by names, unless one makes themselves infamous
Eino {prop} :: given name
einsteinilainen {adj} :: Einsteinian
Einsteinin kenttäyhtälö {n} [relativity] :: Einstein field equation
einsteinium {n} :: einsteinium
ei ole {phrase} :: isn't, is not
ei ole {phrase} :: hasn't, has not
ei ole hoppu hyväksi, eikä kiire kunniaksi {proverb} :: more haste, less speed
ei ole koiraa karvoihin katsominen {proverb} :: you can't judge a book by its cover
ei ollenkaan {adv} :: synonym of ei lainkaan
ei omena kauas puusta putoa {proverb} :: the apple does not fall far from the tree
ei oo {n} :: alternative spelling of eioo
ei-oo {n} :: alternative spelling of eioo
eioo {n} [colloquial] :: An item that has run out of stock
ei oppi ojaan kaada {proverb} :: being educated will reduce your chances of being put in a bad situation
eipä kestä {phrase} :: you're welcome, don't mention it, my pleasure, no problem, not at all
eipä mitään {phrase} :: it's nothing, you're welcome, no problem, not at all
ei paska punniten parane {proverb} [vulgar] :: you can't polish a turd
Eira {prop} :: given name
Eira {prop} :: A district of Helsinki, the site of a hospital named for the Old Norse goddess
ei Roomaakaan päivässä rakennettu {proverb} :: Rome wasn't built in a day
eis {n} [music] :: E-sharp
ei savua ilman tulta {proverb} :: no smoke without fire
ei se mitään {interj} :: no problem, it's nothing, it was nothing, no worries, it's all right, that's OK (no apology is necessary)
ei se pelaa joka pelkää {proverb} :: no guts, no glory
ei suinkaan {adv} :: by no means, not by any means (certainly not; definitely not)
ei-toivottu {adj} :: unwanted, undesirable, unsolicited
ei-toivottu {adj} :: ei-toivottu henkilö: persona non grata
eittämätön {adj} :: undeniable
eittämättä {adv} :: undeniably
ei tule kysymykseen {phrase} :: out of the question
ei tyhjä säkki pystyssä pysy {proverb} :: a hungry person cannot do their job properly
ei uutisia on hyvä uutinen {phrase} :: no news is good news
ei vähimmässäkään määrin {adv} :: not in the least
ei vain ... mutta myös {phrase} :: not only ... but also
ei-välttämätön {adj} [biology] :: nonessential
ei-välttämätön aminohappo {n} [amino acid] :: nonessential amino acid
ei vara venettä kaada {proverb} :: being cautious does not itself cause any harm; better safe than sorry
ei vielä {adv} :: not yet
ei voi olla totta {phrase} :: no way (indicates astonished disbelief or rejection)
ei yhtään {adv} :: synonym of ei lainkaan
ei yksi pääsky kesää tee {proverb} :: one swallow does not a summer make
ejakulaatio {n} [biology] :: ejaculation (a forcible ejection of semen from the mammalian urethra, a reflex in response to sexual stimulation)
ejakuloida {vi} :: To ejaculate
ejakulointi {n} :: ejaculation
ejektiivi {n} :: ejective
ejektori {n} :: ejector (pump)
EJTM {prop} :: FYROM
e-julkaisu {n} :: electronic publication
EK {prop} :: Elinkeinoelämän Keskusliitto (Confederation of Finnish Industries, an employers' association which covers almost whole private sector)
EK {n} [motor racing] :: initialism of erikoiskoe
eka {num} [colloquial] :: first
ekaksi {adv} [colloquial] :: firstly
ekaluokkalainen {n} [colloquial] :: first-grader
EKG-laite {n} :: electrocardiograph
ekinokokkoosi {n} :: echinococcosis
e-kirja {n} :: e-book, electronic book
ekklesiologia {n} :: ecclesiology
eklektikko {n} :: eclectic
eklektinen {adj} :: eclectic
eklektismi {n} :: eclecticism
eklipsi {n} [astronomy] :: eclipse
ekliptika {n} [astronomy] :: ecliptic
eklogiitti {n} [geology] :: eclogite
eko- {prefix} :: eco-
eko {n} [slang] :: economizer (part of a steam boiler)
ekobetoni {n} :: A type of concrete used e.g. in road construction, in the production of which suitable contaminated materials are mixed with ordinary concrete in order to bind the harmful chemicals in the mixture
ekobetonoida {vt} :: to build something out of ekobetoni
ekofasismi {n} :: ecofascism
ekofeminismi {n} :: ecofeminism
ekofilosofia {n} :: ecosophy
ekokatastrofi {n} :: ecodisaster
ekokaupunki {n} :: eco-city
ekokylä {n} :: ecovillage
ekolalia {n} [psychology] :: echolalia (immediate, involuntary, and repetitive echoing of words or phrases spoken by another)
ekologi {n} :: ecologist
ekologia {n} :: ecology
ekologinen {adj} :: ecological
ekologisesti {adv} :: ecologically
ekologismi {n} :: ecologism
ekolokero {n} [ecology] :: econiche
ekomatkailu {n} :: ecotourism
ekonofysiikka {n} [physics, economics] :: econophysics
ekonomaiseri {n} :: economizer (heat exchange device)
ekonometria {n} :: econometrics
ekonometrinen {adj} :: econometric
ekonometrisesti {adv} :: econometrically
ekonomi {n} :: The Finnish title and/or job title used of graduates in economics or business administration (usage has varied; see usage notes below)
ekonomi {n} :: (Since 1980) Master of Business Administration, Master of Economic Sciences
ekonomi {n} :: (Prior to 1980) Bachelor of Business Administration, Bachelor of Economic Sciences
ekonomi {n} :: (Common loose usage) economist (talousmies, ekonomisti)
ekonomia {n} :: economics
ekonominen {adj} :: economic, economical (pertaining to an economy)
ekonomisesti {adv} :: economically
ekonomisti {n} :: economist
ekopiste {n} :: a type of recycling center
ekopsykologia {n} :: ecopsychology
ekosfääri {n} :: ecosphere
ekosysteemi {n} :: ecosystem (system of an ecological community and its environment)
ekoterrorismi {n} :: ecoterrorism
ekotoksikologia {n} :: ecotoxicology
ekoturismi {n} :: ecotourism
ekotyyppi {n} [ecology] :: ecotype
EKP {prop} [initialism] :: ECB (European Central Bank)
eKr. {initialism} :: B.C., BC (before Christ)
eksa- {prefix} :: exa-
eksä {n} [colloquial] :: ex (ex-husband, ex-wife or ex-partner)
eksä {phrase} [colloquial] :: contraction of etkö sinä ?
eksabitti {n} [computing] :: exabit
eksagramma {n} :: exagram
eksajoule {n} :: exajoule
eksakti {adj} :: exact
eksakti jono {n} [algebra] :: exact sequence
eksaktisti {adv} :: exactly
eksaktius {n} :: exactness
eksametri {n} :: exametre, exameter
eksanteema {n} :: exanthem
eksatavu {n} :: exabyte
ekseema {n} [pathology] :: eczema
eksegeesi {n} :: exegesis (exposition or explanation of a text, especially a religious one)
eksegeetti {n} :: exegete
eksegeettinen {adj} :: exegetic
eksegetiikka {n} :: exegesis
eksekantti {n} [mathematics] :: exsecant
eksekvatuuri {n} [law] :: exequatur
eksellenssi {n} :: excellence
eksellentti {adj} :: excellent
eksemplaari {n} :: exemplar; example, archetype
eksemptio {n} :: exemption
eksentrikko {n} :: eccentric (person who does not behave like others)
eksentrinen {adj} :: eccentric
eksentrisesti {adv} :: eccentrically
eksentrisyys {n} :: eccentricity
eksessi {n} :: excess
eksessiivi {n} [grammar] :: the exessive case
eksessiivinen {adj} :: excessive
ekshibitionismi {n} :: exhibitionism
ekshibitionisti {n} :: exhibitionist
ekshibitionistinen {adj} :: exhibitionistic
ekshumaatio {n} :: exhumation (act of digging up a dead person from his/her grave, typically for forensic investigation)
eksikaattori {n} :: desiccator (closed glass vessel)
eksikkaattori {n} :: alternative form of eksikaattori
eksisteerata {vi} [rare] :: To exist
eksistenssi {n} :: existence
eksistenssikvanttori {n} [logic] :: existential quantifier
eksistentiaalinen {adj} :: existential
eksistentiaalisesti {adv} :: existentially
eksistentialismi {n} :: existentialism
eksistentialisti {n} :: existentialist
eksistentialistinen {adj} :: existentialistic
eksistoida {vi} [rare] :: To exist
eksitatorinen {adj} :: excitatory
eksitoni {n} [physics] :: exciton
eksklusiivinen {adj} :: exclusive
eksklusiivinen tai {n} :: XOR, exclusive OR
eksklusiivisesti {adv} :: exclusively
ekskluusio {n} :: exclusion
ekskommunikaatio {n} :: excommunication
ekskosekantti {n} [mathematics] :: excosecant
ekskreetio {n} :: excretion
ekskulpaatio {n} :: exculpation
ekskursio {n} :: excursion
ekskurssi {n} :: excursion
ekso- {prefix} :: exo-
eksobiologia {n} :: exobiology
eksodermi {n} [rare, misconception] :: ectoderm (one of the three tissue layers in the embryo of a metazoan animal)
eksodus {n} :: exodus
eksofora {n} [linguistics] :: exophora
eksogamia {n} :: exogamy
eksogeeninen {adj} :: exogenous
eksokarppi {n} [biology] :: exocarp, epicarp (outermost layer of the pericarp of fruits)
eksokriininen {adj} :: exocrine
eksokriininen rauhanen {n} [anatomy] :: exocrine gland
eksokuu {n} [astronomy] :: exomoon
eksoni {n} [genetics] :: exon
eksonyymi {n} [linguistics] :: exonym
eksoottinen {adj} :: exotic
eksoottisesti {adv} :: exotically
eksoottisuus {n} :: exoticness
eksoplaneetta {n} [astronomy] :: exoplanet, extrasolar planet
eksorkismi {n} :: exorcism
eksorkisti {n} :: exorcist
eksosfääri {n} :: exosphere
eksostoosi {n} [pathology, medical jargon] :: synonym of fi
eksosytoosi {n} [cytology] :: exocytosis
eksoterminen {adj} [chemistry] :: exothermic (of a reaction, releasing energy in the form of heat)
eksoterminen {adj} :: (chemistry) exothermic (of a compound, releasing heat during its formation, and absorbs it during its decomposition)
eksotiikka {n} :: exoticness
ekspansiivinen {adj} :: expansive
ekspansiivisesti {adv} :: expansively
ekspansiivisuus {n} :: expansiveness
ekspansio {n} :: expansion
ekspatriaatti {n} :: expatriate
ekspektorantti {n} [medicine] :: expectorant
eksperimentaalinen {adj} :: experimental
ekspertti {n} :: expert
ekspiraatio {n} :: expiration (act or process of breathing out, or forcing air from the lungs through the nose or mouth)
eksplanatiivinen {adj} :: explanatory
eksplementtikulma {n} [geometry] :: one of a pair of explementary angles or conjugate angles
eksplikatiivinen {adj} :: explicative
eksplikoida {v} [philosophy] :: to explicate
eksplisiittinen {adj} :: explicit
eksplisiittisesti {adv} :: explicitly
eksploitaatio {n} :: exploitation
eksploosio {n} :: synonym of laukeama
eksploraatio {n} :: exploration
eksploratiivinen {adj} :: explorative
eksponentiaalinen {adj} :: exponential
eksponentiaalinen kasvu {n} :: exponential growth
eksponentiaalisesti {adv} :: exponentially
eksponentti {n} [mathematics] :: exponent
eksponenttifunktio {n} [mathematics] :: exponential function
eksponenttijakauma {n} [statistics] :: exponential distribution
eksponenttimuoto {n} [mathematics] :: scientific notation
eksportoida {v} :: to export
eksportti {n} :: export
ekspressiivinen {adj} :: expressive
ekspressiivisesti {adv} :: expressively
ekspressiivisyys {n} [linguistics] :: expressiveness
ekspressionismi {n} :: expressionism
ekspressionisti {n} :: expressionist
ekspressionistinen {adj} :: expressionistic
ekssekantti {n} [mathematics] :: alternative form of eksekantti
ekstaasi {n} :: ecstasy (intense pleasure)
ekstaasi {n} :: ecstasy, trance (frenzy or rapture associated with mystic or prophetic exaltation)
ekstaasi {n} :: ecstasy (drug)
ekstaasi {n} [chemistry] :: MDMA, methylenedioxymethamphetamine (active chemical compound in this drug)
ekstaattinen {adj} :: ecstatic
ekstaattisesti {adv} :: ecstatically
ekstaattisuus {n} :: ecstasy
ekstensiivinen {adj} :: extensive
ekstensio {n} :: extension
ekstensionaalinen {adj} :: extensional
ekstensometri {n} :: extensometer
eksternaalinen {adj} [philosophy, biology] :: external
eksterni {adj} :: external
eksterritoriaalinen {adj} :: exterritorial
ekstra- {prefix} :: extra (beyond what is due, usual, expected, or necessary; additional; supernumerary)
ekstra {n} :: extra
ekstrahoida {v} [biology] :: to extract
ekstrakti {n} :: extract
ekstranet {n} :: extranet
ekstrapolaatio {n} [mathematics] :: extrapolation
ekstrapoloida {vt} [mathematics] :: To extrapolate
ekstrapolointi {n} :: extrapolation
ekstraterrestriaali {n} :: synonym of avaruusolento
ekstraversio {n} :: extraversion, extroversion
ekstravertti {n} :: alternative form of ekstrovertti
ekstremismi {n} :: extremism
ekstremisti {n} :: extremist
ekstremofiili {n} [biology] :: extremophile
ekstrovertti {adj} :: extrovert
ekstrusiivinen {adj} :: extrusive
ekstrusiivinen {adj} [geology] :: effusive
ekstruuderi {n} :: extruder
ekstruusio {n} :: extrusion
eksyä {vi} :: to get lost, go astray, lose one's way
eksykki {n} [biology] :: An individual outside its normal habitat
eksyksiin {adv} :: lost, astray (to the situation of being unable to find one's way)
eksyksissä {adv} :: lost, astray (in the state of being unable to find one's way)
eksyksistä {adv} :: from (being) lost or astray (from the situation of being unable to find one's way)
eksymä {n} :: magnetic deviation
eksyttää {vt} :: to lead astray, mislead
eksyttää {vt} :: to make someone get lost, to disorientate
ekto- {prefix} :: ecto-
ektodermi {n} :: ectoderm (one of the three tissue layers in the embryo of a metazoan animal)
-ektomia {suffix} [surgery] :: -ectomy
ektooppinen {adj} [medicine] :: ectopic
ektoparasiitti {n} :: ectoparasite
ektoplasma {n} :: ectoplasm
ekumeeninen {adj} [Christianity] :: ecumenical
ekumeeninen patriarkka {n} :: Ecumenical Patriarch
ekumeenisesti {adv} :: ecumenically
ekumenia {n} :: ecumenism
ekumenopolis {n} :: ecumenopolis
ekvaattori {n} :: equator
ekvaattorisäde {n} [astronomy] :: equatorial radius
ekvatoriaalinen {adj} :: equatorial
ekvipotentiaali {n} :: equipotential
ekvivalenssi {n} [math, logic] :: equivalence
ekvivalenssiperiaate {n} [physics] :: equivalence principle
ekvivalenssirelaatio {n} [mathematics] :: equivalence relation
ekvivalentisti {adv} :: equivalently
ekvivalentti {adj} :: equivalent
ekvivalenttiannos {n} [physics] :: equivalent dose
ekvivalenttinen {adj} :: equivalent
ekvivalenttisesti {adv} :: equivalently
elää {vi} :: To live, be alive
elää {vi} :: To live (somewhere)
elaboroida {v} :: to elaborate
elähdyttää {vt} :: To make more lively; invigorate
elähtänyt {adj} :: withered, tired, wilted
eläimeen sekaantuminen {n} :: bestiality (sexual activity)
eläimellinen {adj} :: animal
eläimellinen {adj} :: animal (unhindered by social codes)
eläimellisempi {adj} :: comparative of eläimellinen
eläimellisesti {adv} :: animally
eläimellisyys {n} :: animality (nature of an animal)
eläimellisyys {n} :: Such feature in human behavior
eläimiin sekaantuminen {n} [law] :: bestiality (sexual activity)
eläimistö {n} :: fauna
eläin {n} :: animal
eläinaktivismi {n} :: animal rights activism
eläinaktivisti {n} :: animal rights activist
eläinfossiili {n} :: animal fossil
eläinfysiologia {n} :: animal physiology
eläinkauppa {n} :: pet shop
eläinkoe {n} :: An animal test
eläinkoe {n} :: In plural eläinkokeet refers often to animal testing (practice of using animal tests in research)
eläinkunta {n} :: animal kingdom, Animalia (set of all animals)
eläinlääkäri {n} :: veterinarian
eläinlääketiede {n} :: veterinary medicine
eläinlaji {n} :: an animal species
eläinmaailma {n} :: animal world
eläinmaantiede {n} :: zoogeography
eläinmuseo {n} :: zoological museum
eläinoikeusliike {n} :: animal rights movement
eläinopillinen {adj} :: zoological
eläinoppi {n} :: zoology
eläinpatologia {n} :: zoopathology
eläinperäinen {adj} :: being of animal origin
eläinplankton {n} [biology] :: zooplankton
eläinproteiini {n} :: animal protein
eläinpsykologia {n} :: Ethology
eläinrääkkäys {n} :: cruelty to animals
eläinrasva {n} :: animal fat
eläinrata {n} [astronomy, astrology] :: zodiac
eläinratavalo {n} [astronomy] :: zodiacal light
eläinratavalo {n} :: false dawn (morning zodiacal light)
eläinsairaala {n} :: veterinary hospital
eläinsatu {n} :: fable
eläinsuoja {n} :: animal shelter
eläinsuojelu {n} :: animal protection
eläintarha {n} :: zoo
eläinten kuningas {n} [idiomatic] :: king of beasts (lion)
eläintenpalvonta {n} :: zoolatry
eläintentäyttäjä {n} :: taxidermist
eläinten täyttäminen {n} :: taxidermy (art of preserving animals for display by stuffing)
eläinten täyttäminen {n} :: doing taxidermy (act)
eläintiede {n} :: zoology
eläintieteellinen {adj} :: zoological
eläintieteellisesti {adv} :: zoologically
eläintieteilijä {n} :: zoologist
eläjä {n} :: liver (one who lives, usually in some a specified way)
eläjä {n} :: creature
eläke {n} :: pension (payment made to one retired)
eläkeikä {n} :: retirement age, pension age (the age at which a pension can be claimed)
eläkeläinen {n} :: pensioner, retiree, retired person (someone who lives on a pension)
eläkepäivä {n} :: A day of being retired; mostly used in plural (see: eläkepäivät) to denote retirement
eläkepäivät {n} :: retirement (state of being retired)
eläkerahasto {n} :: pension fund
eläkevakuutus {n} :: pension insurance
eläkkeellä {adv} :: retired
eläköityä {vi} :: To become a pensioner
eläköön {interj} :: hurrah
elam {n} [historical] :: Elamite (language)
elämä {n} :: life
elämäkerrallinen {adj} :: biographical
elämäkerta {n} :: biography
elämäkerturi {n} :: biographer
elämänaika {n} :: lifetime
elämänala {n} :: walk of life, area of life, field of life
elämänhalu {n} :: will to live, joie de vivre
elämänilo {n} :: exuberance, joy of life, joy of living
elämänkatsomuksellinen {adj} :: of or pertaining to a view of life
elämänkatsomuksellisesti {adv} :: in a way that pertains to a view of life
elämänkatsomus {n} :: view of life, worldview (one's general philosophy)
elämänkatsomustieto {n} :: In Finnish public schools, a study subject for students who do not belong to a church and who do not want to study religion; includes philosophical subjects such as ethics and moral principles, and also different religions. Abbreviated as ET
elämänkerta {n} :: alternative form of elämäkerta
elämänkoulu {n} :: school of life, university of life
elämänlaatu {n} :: quality of life
elämänmuoto {n} :: lifeform, organism
elämänpelko {n} :: fear of life, fear of living
elämänpuu {n} :: tree of life
elämäntaidon valmentaja {n} :: life coach (professional who helps clients to achieve their personal goals)
elämäntapa {n} :: lifestyle
elämäntapa {n} :: way of life
elämäntilanne {n} :: situation in life
elämäntuska {n} :: angst (painful sadness or emotional turmoil)
elämäntyö {n} :: lifework, life's work (main occupation or vocation of a person's life)
elämä on {phrase} :: A response to someone who complains about how expensive something or everything is
elämä on {phrase} :: c'est la vie
elämärajoitteinen {adj} [ironic] :: living impaired (dead)
eläminen {n} :: living
elämöidä {vi} :: To be noisy
elämöinti {n} :: noise; racket
elämyksekäs {adj} :: memorable
elämyksellinen {adj} :: memorable
elämyksellisesti {adv} :: memorably
elämys {n} :: experience, especially an emotional or exciting one
elanto {n} :: livelihood, bread
elaska {n} :: snake blenny (Lumpenus lampretaeformis)
elastaasi {n} [chemistry] :: elastase
elastiini {n} :: elastin
elastinen {adj} :: elastic
elastisemmin {adv} :: comparative of elastisesti
elastisesti {adv} :: elastically
elastisimmin {adv} :: superlative of elastisesti
elastisuus {n} :: elasticity
elastomeeri {n} :: elastomer (polymer with elastic properties)
elätellä {v} :: To maintain (hope)
elatiivi {n} [grammar] :: elative
elatiivisija {n} [grammar] :: elative case
elättää {v} :: To maintain; to support (living of), provide for
elättää {v} :: To feed, provide food for
elättäjä {n} :: breadwinner
elätti {n} :: dependent; one who relies on another for support
elatus {n} :: sustenance, alimony
elatusaine {n} [microbiology] :: culture medium, growth medium, medium
elatusapu {n} :: child support, maintenance
elatusapu {n} :: alimony, maintenance
elatusmaksu {n} :: child support
elatusmalja {n} :: Petri dish
elatusvelvollisuus {n} :: duty of support (legal obligation to provide maintenance for another person, such as one's child, spouse or former spouse)
elävä {adj} :: Having life; being alive, live, living (also figuratively; in use or existing)
elävä {adj} :: Animated, lively, buoyant, perky, peppy, vivacious; sprightly, youthful; (of animals) frisky, playful, frolicsome
elävä {adj} :: vivid
elävä {adj} :: lifelike (like a living being)
eläväinen {adj} :: lively
elävältä {adv} :: alive
elävämpi {adj} :: comparative of elävä
elävästi {adv} :: having life, being alive
elävästi {adv} :: animatedly, lively
elävästi {adv} :: vividly
elävöittää {vt} :: To invigorate; to regenerate
elävöityä {vi} :: To become more lively
eläytyä {v} :: To empathise/empathize
Elbejoki {n} :: Elbe (river in Europe)
eldorado {n} [figuratively] :: El Dorado, Eden, paradise
ele {n} :: gesture, sign
Eleasar {prop} :: Eleazar (biblical characters)
eleetön {adj} :: expressionless, vacant
eleettömästi {adv} :: expressionlessly
elefantiaasi {n} [pathology] :: elephantiasis
elefantti {n} :: elephant
elefanttitauti {n} [pathology] :: elephantiasis
eleganssi {n} :: elegance
elegantisti {adv} :: elegantly
elegantti {adj} :: elegant
elegia {n} :: elegy
eleginen {adj} :: elegiac
elegisesti {adv} :: elegiacally
elehdintä {n} :: gesturing
elehtiä {vi} :: to gesture
-eleinen {suffix} :: combines with an adjective to form adjectives describing something based on their or its gestures or actions, mostly used of people, ways, actions
elekieli {n} :: gesture language, gesturing (nonverbal communication using gestures)
elektreetti {n} [physics] :: electret (solid dielectric having a quasi-permanent charge)
elektro- {prefix} :: electro-
elektrodi {n} :: electrode
elektrodynaaminen {adj} :: electrodynamic
elektrodynamiikka {n} :: electrodynamics
elektroenkefalografia {n} :: electroencephalography
elektroenkefalogrammi {n} :: electroencephalogram
elektrofoni {n} [musical instruments] :: electrophone
elektrofysiologia {n} :: synonym of sähköfysiologia
elektrokardiografia {n} :: electrocardiography
elektrokardiogrammi {n} :: electrocardiogram
elektrokemia {n} :: electrochemistry
elektroluminesenssi {n} :: electroluminescence
elektroluminesenssinäyttö {n} :: electroluminescent display
elektrolyysi {n} :: electrolysis
elektrolyytti {n} :: electrolyte
elektrolyyttinen {adj} :: electrolytic
elektrolyyttisesti {adv} :: electrolytically
elektromagneetti {n} :: electromagnet
elektromagnetismi {n} [physics] :: electromagnetism
elektronegatiivinen {adj} [chemistry] :: electronegative
elektronegatiivisuus {n} :: electronegativity
elektronegatiivisuusero {n} [chemistry] :: electronegativity difference
elektroni {n} [particle] :: electron
elektroniikka {n} :: electronics
elektroniikkaromu {n} :: e-waste
elektroniikkateollisuus {n} :: electronics industry
elektronikehä {n} [physics] :: electron shell
elektroniköyhä {adj} [chemistry] :: electron-poor
elektronikuori {n} [physics] :: electron shell
elektronimikroskooppi {n} :: electron microscope
elektronimikroskopia {n} :: electron microscopy
elektroninen {adj} :: electronic
elektroniputki {n} :: vacuum tube
elektroniputkidiodi {n} :: electron tube diode, valve diode
elektronirikas {adj} [chemistry] :: electron-rich
elektronisesti {adv} :: electronically
elektronitykki {n} [physics] :: electron gun
elektroniverho {n} [physics] :: electron cloud
elektronivoltti {n} [physics] :: electron volt
elektronivuo {n} [physics] :: electron flux
elektropositiivinen {adj} [chemistry] :: electropositive
elektroskooppi {n} :: electroscope
elellä {vi} :: to live, inhabit
elementaarinen {adj} :: elementary
elementaarisesti {adv} :: elementarily
elementti {n} :: element
elementti {n} [construction] :: prefab (prefabricated section of a building)
elementtimenetelmä {n} :: finite element method
elementtipilari {n} :: prefab pillar, prefab column
elementtirakentaminen {n} :: prefab construction
elementtitalo {n} :: prefab (building)
elementtitehdas {n} :: prefab factory
Elena {prop} :: given name of modern usage
Eleonoora {prop} :: given name
elevaatio {n} :: elevation
elevaattori {n} :: (grain) elevator
eli {conj} [coordinating] :: so
eli {conj} :: a.k.a., or
eli {conj} :: i.e., that is
eli {conj} [obsolete] :: or
Elia {prop} :: Elijah [biblical character]
Elia {prop} :: given name
-elias {suffix} :: Variant of -ias
Elias {prop} [dated] :: Elijah, Elias [biblical character]
Elias {prop} :: given name of biblical origin
Eliel {prop} :: Eliel [biblical character]
Eliel {prop} :: given name
Elieser {prop} :: Eliezer (biblical characters)
Eliina {prop} :: given name
Eliisa {prop} :: given name
Eliisabet {prop} :: given name, now rare
eliitti {n} :: elite
elikkä {conj} [colloquial, coordinating] :: so
elikkä {conj} [colloquial] :: or, a.k.a.
elikko {n} :: critter
eliksiiri {n} :: elixir
elimellinen {adj} [biology] :: organic (pertaining to, derived from, like, of the nature of, an organ of the body)
elimellisesti {adv} :: organically (in the manner of pertaining to, derived from, like, of the nature of, an organ of the body)
elimenluovuttaja {n} :: organ donor (one whose organ is transplanted to another person, used especially of an individual; compare elintenluovuttaja)
elimensiirto {n} :: alternative form of elinsiirto
eliminaatio {n} :: elimination
eliminoida {vt} :: To eliminate
eliminointi {n} :: elimination
eliminoitua {vi} :: To be eliminated
elimistö {n} :: body (as the sum of organs)
elimistö {n} :: system
elin- {prefix} :: living, life
elin {n} :: organ of an organism
elin {n} :: governmental body
elin {n} :: member (penis)
Elina {prop} :: given name
elinaika {n} :: lifetime, lifespan
elinajanodote {n} :: life expectancy
elinalue {n} :: living area, habitat
elinehto {n} :: lifeblood, necessity of life
eliniänodote {n} :: synonym of elinajanodote
elinikä {n} :: lifetime, age (whole duration of a being)
elinikäinen {adj} :: lifetime
elinkaari {n} :: life cycle
elinkausi {n} :: the period of one's life
elinkautinen {n} [legal] :: A life sentence; life, especially with the verb "to sentence". When used as modifier in a compound term, contracts to form elinkautis-
elinkautinen {adj} [legal] :: Lasting for life
elinkautisvanki {n} :: A prisoner for life
elinkeino {n} :: livelihood, living (person's means of supporting himself)
elinkeino {n} :: trade, business
elinkeinoelämä {n} :: business
elinkeinokeskus {n} :: A regional or municipal board for promotion of business in its area of operation. There seems to be no uniform translation into English, but many of these boards call themselves "Business + name of city or region", e.g. "Business Seinäjoki" in their English communication
elinkeino-, liikenne- ja ympäristökeskus {n} [Finland] :: A joint regional office of three ministries, työ- ja elinkeinoministeriö (Ministry of Employment and the Economy), ympäristöministeriö (Ministry of the Environment) and liikenne- ja viestintäministeriö (Ministry of Transport and Communications), more commonly called ELY-keskus (ELY-centre). Their official English translation is Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment
elinkelpoinen {adj} :: viable (able to live on its own)
elinkelpoinen {adj} :: life-sustaining (capable of sustaining life)
elinkelpoinen {adj} [astronomy] :: Goldilocks; in certain terms, e.g.:
elinkelpoinen vyöhyke {n} :: habitable zone, Goldilocks zone, circumstellar habitable zone (zone around a star in which a planet has Earth-like surface temperature allowing for the existence of liquid water, and thus being potentially capable of supporting life similar to ours)
elinkelpoistaa {vt} :: To make habitable
elinkorko {n} [insurance] :: life annuity (financial contract in the form of an insurance product according to which a seller (issuer) makes a series of future payments to a buyer (annuitant) in exchange for the immediate payment of a lump sum)
elinkustannukset {n} :: cost of living
elinkustannus {n} :: cost of living
elinkustannusindeksi {n} :: cost-of-living index
elinkyky {n} :: viability, vitality
elinkysymys {n} :: matter of life and death
elinmahdollisuus {n} :: chance to live
elinolot {n} [pluralonly] :: living conditions
elinpaikka {n} :: habitat
elinpäivä {n} :: a day of life
elinpankki {n} :: organ bank
elinpiiri {n} [ecology] :: home range, habitat
elinsiirto {n} [medicine] :: organ transplant (surgical operation)
elinsiirtotoiminta {n} [legal] :: organ harvesting (removal, preservation and use of human organs and tissue to be used in surgical transplants)
elintapa {n} :: way of life
elintärkeä {adj} :: vital, essential, indispensable, crucial
elintarvike {n} :: groceries (food bought and sold in grocery)
elintarvike {n} :: foodstuff (things edible)
elintarvikeala {n} :: food sector, food business, food industry
elintarvikekauppa {n} :: A grocery shop, grocery store
elintarvikekauppias {n} :: grocer
elintarvikekortti {n} :: food stamp, especially when used as means of rationing
elintarvikeliike {n} :: A grocery shop
elintarvikelisäaine {n} :: A food additive
elintarvikemarkkinat {n} :: food market (system of trading)
elintarviketeollisuus {n} :: food industry (the part of the industrial sector which is involved in food production)
elintarvikeväri {n} :: food colouring (any substance added to food in order to change its colour)
elintarvikkeet {n} :: grocery, groceries, foodstuffs (mass noun for items consumed as food)
elintaso {n} :: standard of living
elintasokilpailu {n} :: living standard competition, keeping up with the Joneses (race to improve and particularly to show the improvement of one's living standard)
elintenluovuttaja {n} :: organ donor (one whose organ is transplanted to another person, used especially of potential donors or donors collectively)
elintenluovutus {n} :: organ donation
elintila {n} :: living space
elintila {n} :: lebensraum
elintoiminto {n} [biology] :: body function (any of the functions that maintain a living organism, e.g. breathing, circulation, metabolism)
elintoiminto {n} [in the plural, medicine] :: vital signs
elinvoima {n} :: vitality
elinvoimainen {adj} :: vibrant, viable, vigorous, vital
elinvoimainen {adj} [biology] :: least-concern (on the IUCN scale)
elinvoimaisuus {n} :: vitality, viability, vigour
elinvuosi {n} :: life year (a year o one's life)
elinympäristö {n} :: habitat
eliö {n} :: organism
eliökehä {n} :: biosphere
eliökunta {n} [biology] :: Life as the whole of all organisms
eliömaantiede {n} :: biogeography
eliöstö {n} :: biota
eliöyhteisö {n} [ecology] :: community
eliöyhteisö {n} :: biocoenosis
Elisa {prop} :: given name, short for Elisabet
Elisa {prop} :: Elisha [biblical character]
Elisabet {prop} :: Elizabeth, mother of John the Baptist
Elisabet {prop} :: given name
elisio {n} [linguistics] :: elision
elitismi {n} :: elitism
elitisti {n} :: elitist
elitistinen {adj} :: elitist
Eljas {prop} :: given name, variant of Elias
elkeet {n} [pluralonly] :: pranks
-ella {suffix} :: Forms frequentative verbs. The resulting verb often describes a more or less leisurely or long-lasting activity, or an activity that is not overly goal-oriented
Ella {prop} :: given name, similar to English Ella
ellä {conj} [dialectal] :: if
ellei {conj} :: unless he/she/it, if he/she/it not
elleivät {conj} :: if they not, unless they
ellemme {conj} :: if we not, unless we
ellen {conj} :: if I not, unless I
Ellen {prop} :: given name
ellet {conj} :: if you (sg.) not, unless you (sg.)
ellette {conj} :: if you (pl.) not, unless you (pl.)
elli {n} [slang] :: woman
Elli {prop} :: given name
Elliottin aalto {n} [finance] :: Elliott wave
ellipsi {n} [geometry] :: ellipse
ellipsi {n} [typography] :: ellipsis
ellipsoidi {n} [mathematics] :: ellipsoid
elliptinen {adj} [math] :: elliptic
elliptinen {adj} :: elliptical (showing ellipsis; having a word or words omitted)
elliptisesti {adv} :: elliptically
elliptisyys {n} :: ellipticity
ellottaa {vt} [colloquial] :: To disgust, nauseate
Elma {prop} :: given name
Elmer {prop} :: given name
Elmeri {prop} :: given name. The Finnish equivalent of English Elmer
Elmo {prop} :: given name, cognate to the English Elmo
Elmon tuli {n} [nautical] :: St. Elmo's fire (electrical discharge, or corona, sometimes seen at mast tops of ships during thunderstorms, caused by ionization of the atmosphere)
elo {n} [poetic] :: life
elo {n} [dated] :: crop, especially corn
Elo {prop} :: surname
Elo {prop} [rather rare] :: given name
elohiiri {n} :: myokymia, tic
elohopea {n} :: A metallic element: mercury, quicksilver, chemical symbol Hg
elohopea {n} :: Figuratively, a lively thing or person, especially a child
elohopeahöyrylamppu {n} :: mercury-vapour lamp
elohopeailmapuntari {n} :: mercury barometer
elohopealämpömittari {n} :: mercury thermometer
elohopealamppu {n} :: mercury-vapour lamp
elohopeamillimetri {n} :: millimetre of mercury, millimeter of mercury (unit of pressure defined as extra pressure generated by a column of mercury one millimetre high)
elohopeamyrkytys {n} :: mercury poisoning
elohopeapatsas {n} :: column of mercury (such as in a barometer or thermometer)
elohopeapitoinen {adj} :: mercurial (containing the element mercury)
elohopeaseos {n} :: amalgam, mercury alloy
elohopeasulfidi {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: mercuric sulfide, HgS
elohopeayhdiste {n} [chemistry] :: mercury compound, compound of mercury
eloisa {adj} :: lively, frisky, spirited
eloisa {adj} :: cheerful, bubbly
eloisammin {adv} :: comparative of eloisasti
eloisasti {adv} :: In a lively manner
eloisimmin {adv} :: superlative of eloisasti
eloksoida {vt} :: To anodize
eloksointi {n} :: anodising/anodizing
elokuinen {adj} :: Pertaining to August
elokuu {n} :: August
elokuva {n} :: movie (individual film)
elokuva {n} :: cinema (art form)
elokuva {n} :: in plural (elokuvat) also movies, cinema (theater in which films are shown for the public)
elokuva-ala {n} :: film industry
elokuvafestivaali {n} :: film festival
elokuvajuhla {adj} :: film festival
elokuvajuhlat {n} :: film festival
elokuvakamera {n} :: film camera, movie camera
elokuvakäsikirjoittaja {n} :: screenwriter
elokuvakäsikirjoitus {n} :: movie script
elokuvalippu {n} :: movie ticket
elokuvallinen {adj} :: cinematic (of or relating to the cinema)
elokuvamusiikki {n} :: film score
elokuvanäyttelijä {n} :: film actor
elokuvanäyttelijätär {n} :: film actress
elokuvantekijä {n} :: filmmaker
elokuvaohjaaja {n} :: film director
elokuvaprojektori {n} :: movie projector, film projector
elokuvasäveltäjä {n} :: film composer
elokuvastudio {n} :: movie studio
elokuvata {vt} [rare] :: To film
elokuvateatteri {n} :: movie theater, cinema
elokuvatuottaja {n} :: film producer
elollinen {adj} :: organic
elollinen {adj} :: living (state of having life)
elollinen {adj} :: animate (that which lives)
elollisempi {adj} :: comparative of elollinen
elollistaa {vt} :: to personify
elonkorjaaja {n} :: reaper
elonkorjuu {n} :: harvest
elonkorjuukone {n} :: harvester (machine that harvests)
elonmerkki {n} :: a sign of life
eloon {adv} :: jäädä eloon: to stay alive
eloonjäänyt {n} :: survivor (person who has survived something, especially if it has claimed the lives of other people)
eloonjäänyt {adj} :: surviving (who has survived something, especially if it has claimed the lives of other people)
elopaino {n} :: live weight
eloperäinen {adj} :: biogenic (produced by living organisms)
eloperäinen {adj} :: organic (derived from living organisms)
Eloranta {prop} :: surname
elosalama {n} :: An apparently silent lightning that strikes too far from the observer to be heard
elossa {adv} :: olla elossa: to be alive
elostelija {n} :: rake, lecher
elostella {vi} :: to lech; behave lecherously
elostelu {n} :: leading a sinful life of depravity and lust
elostelu {n} :: leching; lecherous behaviour
elostua {vi} [archaic] :: to revive
elostuttaa {vt} :: To animate,
eloton {adj} :: Inanimate, lifeless
eloton {adj} :: Lifeless, dull
eloton {adj} [grammar] :: inanimate
elottomasti {adv} :: lifelessly
elottomuus {n} :: lifelessness
elotuli {n} :: sheet lightning
elovalkea {n} :: sheet lightning
elpyä {vi} :: To recover, revive, recuperate, return to strength/health/good condition
elpyä {vi} :: To pick up, look up, catch/take fire, (start to) take off, get livelier, improve
elpyä {vi} :: To (begin to) flourish/prosper/thrive (again)
elpyminen {n} :: recovery, resurgence
Elsa {prop} :: given name
El Salvador {prop} :: El Salvador
elsassi {n} :: The Alsatian language
Elsi {prop} :: given name
-eltaa {suffix} :: Variant of -ltaa
eltaantua {vi} :: To become rancid
eltaantua {vi} :: To become spoiled
eltta {n} [dialectal, rare] :: pitko
elukka {n} :: animal, critter
elukka {n} :: brute
Elvi {prop} :: given name
Elviira {prop} :: given name, cognate to English Elvira
elvistellä {v} [colloquial] :: to brag, to boast
elvyke {n} :: stimulant
elvyttää {vt} :: to resuscitate, revive, bring back to life, restore to life
elvyttää {vt} [figuratively] :: to revive, revitalize, resuscitate, infuse new life into, refresh, freshen, renew, enliven, improve, quicken
elvytys {n} :: resuscitation
elvytys {n} [economics] :: easing
ely {n} :: ELY Centre; see ELY-keskus
ELY {prop} :: elinkeino-, liikenne- ja ympäristökeskus, ELY-keskus (Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment)
ELY-keskus {n} [Finland] :: Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (official translation), often abbreviated as ELY Centre or, rarely, EDTE Centre
Elysion {prop} [mythology] :: Elysium
em. {abbr} :: edellä mainittu
emä {n} [archaic] :: mother
emä {n} :: mother of an animal, dam
emä {n} [archaic] :: womb
emäalus {n} :: mothership
Emajoki {prop} :: Emajõgi (river in Estonia)
emäkarhu {n} :: mother bear
emäkki {n} [plant] :: fumitory (plant of the genus Fumaria)
emäkkikasvi {n} [plant] :: A plant of the taxonomic subfamily Fumarioideae within the family Papaveraceae
emakko {n} :: sow (female pig)
emäksinen {adj} :: alkaline, basic
emäksisesti {adv} :: basely
emäksisyys {n} :: alkalinity
emälaiva {n} :: mother ship, tender, support vessel (ship functioning as mobile base for other vessels)
emali {n} :: enamel (glassy coating baked onto metal or ceramic objects)
emalimaali {n} :: enamel paint
emalji {n} [archaic] :: alternative spelling of emali
emaloida {vt} :: To enamel
emalointi {n} :: enameling
emännöidä {v} :: To host (as a hostess)
emännöinti {n} :: hosting (as an hostess)
emännöitsijä {n} :: housekeeper
emansipaatio {n} :: emancipation
emansipatorinen {adj} [philosophy] :: emancipatory
emansipoida {vt} :: To emancipate
emansipoitua {vi} :: To be emancipated
emäntä {n} :: A mistress
emäntä {n} :: A housewife
emäntä {n} :: A hostess
emäntä {n} :: A matron
emäs {n} [chemistry] :: base
emäseurakunta {n} [historical] :: the main parish in an area
emäseurakunta {n} [historical] :: a parish founded by an apostle
emäsika {n} :: sow, female pig
emäspari {n} :: base pair
emätin {n} [anatomy] :: vagina
emätinneste {n} :: vaginal fluid
emätinpieru {n} :: queef, pussy fart
emätintauti {n} [pathology] :: vaginosis (any disease or infection of the vagina)
emätintulehdus {n} [pathology] :: vaginitis
emättimen eteinen {n} [anatomy] :: vulval vestibule
emättimen iso eteisrauhanen {n} [anatomy] :: Bartholin's gland
emättimensisäinen {adj} :: intravaginal
emävale {n} :: whopper (outrageous lie)
emäyhtiö {n} [rare] :: parent company
embargo {n} :: embargo
embigiini {n} [biochemistry] :: embigin
embleemi {n} :: emblem
embolia {n} [pathology] :: embolism
embryo {n} [rare] :: embryo
embryogeneesi {n} :: embryogenesis
embryologi {n} :: embryologist
embryologia {n} :: embryology
embryologinen {adj} :: embryological
embryologisesti {adv} :: embryologically
embryopatia {n} [pathology] :: embryopathy
emeetti {n} [medicin] :: synonym of oksetusaine
emeettinen {n} [pharmacology] :: emetic (causing vomiting)
emergenssi {n} :: emergence
emergentti {adj} :: emergent
emerita {n} :: emerita
emeritusprofessori {n} :: professor emeritus
emeritusprofessori {n} :: professor emerita
emetofiili {n} :: emetophile
emetofilia {n} :: emetophilia
emfaasi {n} [phonology] :: emphasis
emfaattinen {adj} :: emphatic
emfyseema {n} [pathology] :: emphysema
emfyseema {n} [pathology] :: pulmonary emphysema
emi {n} [botany] :: pistil
emigrantti {n} :: emigrant
emigroitua {vi} :: To emigrate
emiiri {n} :: emir
emiirikunta {n} :: emirate
emikäpy {n} [botany] :: megastrobilus
emikukinto {n} [botany] :: female inflorescence (inflorescence containing only female reproductive organs of a plant)
emilehti {n} :: A carpel
Emilia {prop} :: given name
eminenssi {n} :: eminence
emininhyppymyyrä {n} :: Emin's gerbil, Emin's tateril, Taterillus emini (small African rodent)
emintimä {n} [dialectal] :: stepmother
emiö {n} [botany] :: A gynoecium
emiraatti {n} :: emirate
emissio {n} [physics, economics] :: emission
emissioida {v} [archaic] :: A variant of emittoida ("to emit")
emissiosumu {n} [astronomy] :: emission nebula
emitoida {v} [rare] :: variant of emittoida ("to emit")
emittoida {vt} [economics] :: To issue, send out (stocks, bonds or notes)
emittoida {vt} [physics] :: To emit (rays or waves), radiate
emittointi {n} :: emission
emittoiva {adj} :: emitting (having the capacity to emit)
emittoiva {adj} :: emitting (being in the process of emitting)
Emma {prop} :: given name
emmentaali {n} :: synonym of emmentaljuusto
emmental {n} :: synonym of emmentaljuusto
emmentalinjuusto {n} :: synonym of emmentaljuusto
emmentaljuusto {n} :: Emmentaler (original Emmentaler cheese)
emmentaljuusto {n} :: Swiss cheese (resembling cheese)
Emmi {prop} :: given name
emo- {prefix} :: mother-
emo {n} :: mother (animal female parent)
emo {n} [archaic or poetic] :: mother (human female parent)
emo {n} :: dam (female parent, generally regarding breeding of animals)
emoalus {n} :: mother ship, tender, support vessel
emodiini {n} [chemistry] :: emodin
emoji {n} :: emoji (digital graphic icon used to represent a concept or object)
emokissa {n} :: mother cat
emolehmä {n} :: calver (mother cow)
emolevy {n} [computing] :: A motherboard
emomaito {n} :: royal jelly
emootio {n} :: emotion
emosuoni {n} [geology] :: mother lode (large or rich vein of a precious mineral)
emotionaalinen {adj} :: emotional
emotionaalisesti {adv} :: emotionally
emotionaalisuus {n} :: emotionality
emotionalismi {n} :: emotionalism
emotivismi {n} [ethics] :: emotivism
emoyhtiö {n} :: parent company
empaattinen {adj} :: empathic
empaattisesti {adv} :: empathetically
empatia {n} :: empathy
empatiakykyinen {adj} :: capable of empathy
empatogeeni {n} :: empathogen
empiä {vti} [_, + partitive] :: To hesitate
empiiri {n} :: synonym of empiretyyli
empiirikko {n} :: empiricist
empiirinen {adj} :: empirical
empiirisesti {adv} :: empirically
empiirisyys {n} :: empiricism
empiirityyli {n} :: empire style
empiirityylinen {adj} :: empire style
empiretyyli {n} [architecture] :: empire style
empiria {n} :: empiricism
empirismi {n} :: empiricism
empiristi {n} :: empiricist
empiristinen {adj} :: empirical
empivä {adj} :: hesitant
emppu {n} [slang] :: ecstasy (drug)
emu {n} :: emu (Dromaius novaehollandiae, the only extant species in its genus)
emulaatio {n} :: emulation
emulaattori {n} [computing] :: emulator
emulgaattori {n} :: emulsifier (substance that helps an emulsion form, or helps keep an emulsion from separating)
emulgoida {vt} :: to emulsify
emulgointiaine {n} :: emulsifier
emulgoitua {vi} :: to be emulsified
emuloida {v} :: To emulate
emulointi {n} :: emulation
emulsio {n} :: emulsion
emulsiomaali {n} :: emulsion paint
-en {suffix} :: Suffix variant for the illative singular, see -Vn
-en {suffix} :: Suffix for the genitive plural. Usually preceded by the plural marker -i- or -j-, but may also have a consonant separator -d- after the plural marker if the words would otherwise have 3 consecutive vowels
-en {suffix} [personal] :: Forms the impersonal potential present forms of verbs, appended to the infinitive, followed by the potential mood marker -ne-
-en {suffix} [possessive] :: A variant for the third-person possessive suffixes -nsa and -nsä, see the usage notes below
enää {adv} :: any more, any longer
enää {adv} :: longer
enämpi {adv} [dialectal] :: alternative form of enempi
enantiomeeri {n} [biochemistry] :: enantiomer
enchilada {n} :: enchilada
endeeminen {adj} :: endemic
endeemisesti {adv} :: endemically
endeemisyys {n} :: endemicity
endiivi {n} :: endive (vegetable)
endo- {prefix} :: end-
endodermi {n} :: endoderm (one of the three tissue layers in the embryo of a metazoan animal)
endogamia {n} :: endogamy
endogeeninen {adj} :: endogenous
endogeenisuus {n} :: endogeneity (state of being endogenous)
endogeenisuus {n} :: endogeneity (extent to which something is endogenous)
endokardiitti {n} [pathology] :: endocarditis
endokardium {n} [anatomy] :: endocardium
endokarppi {n} [botany] :: endocarp
endokriininen {adj} :: endocrine
endokrinologia {n} [medicine] :: endocrinology
endokrinologinen {adj} :: endocrinologic
endokrinologisesti {adv} :: endocrinologically
endometrioosi {n} [pathology] :: endometriosis
endomorfinen {adj} :: endomorphic
endoparasiitti {n} :: endoparasite
endoplasma {n} :: endoplasm
endorfiini {n} [biochemistry] :: endorphin
endoskooppi {n} :: endoscope
endoskooppinen {adj} :: endoscopic
endoskopia {n} [medicine] :: endoscopy
endosomi {n} :: endosome
endospermi {n} :: endosperm (tissue surrounding the germ in a seed, serving as nutrition storage for the embryo)
endosytoosi {n} [cytology] :: endocytosis
endoteeli {n} [anatomy] :: endothelium
endoteelinen {adj} [anatomy] :: endothelial
endoterminen {adj} :: endothermic
endriini {n} [chemistry] :: endrin
enduroajo {n} :: enduro
enduropyörä {n} :: enduro bike, enduro motorcycle
enemmälti {adv} :: more, further (to a further degree)
enemmän {adv} :: more (nouns in partitive can also be used with this as objects):
enemmän tai vähemmän {phrase} [idiomatic] :: more or less (approximately or almost)
enemmistö {n} :: majority
enemmistöhallitus {n} :: majority government
enemmistöläinen {n} :: A member of a majority
enemmistöpäätös {n} :: majority decision, majority vote (decision that gets the majority of votes in a decision-making body)
enempi {adj} :: further (more, additional)
enenevä {adj} :: increasing
enenevästi {adv} :: increasingly
enentää {vt} :: To increase
enentyä {vi} :: To increase
energeettinen {adj} :: energetic
energetiikka {n} :: energetics
energia {n} :: energy
energia-ala {n} :: energy industry
energiahäviö {n} :: energy dissipation, energy loss
energiahuolto {n} :: energy supply maintenance
-energiainen {adj} :: -energy
energiajuoma {n} :: energy drink
energiakriisi {n} :: energy crisis
energialähde {n} :: alternative form of energianlähde
energialaji {n} :: type of energy
energiametsä {n} :: energy forest (short rotation forest for producing firewood)
energian häviämättömyyden laki {n} [physics] :: The law of conservation of energy
energianhäviö {n} :: synonym of energiahäviö
energianhukka {n} :: waste of energy, loss of energy
energiankulutus {n} :: energy consumption
energianlähde {n} :: energy source
energiansäästö {n} :: energy conservation, energy saving
energiansäästölamppu {n} :: compact fluorescent lamp, energy-saving light
energian säilymisen laki {n} [physics] :: law of conservation of energy
energiansiirto {n} :: energy transmission, energy transfer
energiantarve {n} :: energy need, energy demand
energiantuotanto {n} :: energy production
energiapitoinen {adj} :: Rich in energy
energiapolitiikka {n} :: energy policy
energiapula {n} :: energy shortage
energiapuu {n} :: a tree or shrub used in energy forestry
energiasisältö {n} :: energy content
energiataloudellinen {adj} :: energy efficient
energiataloudellinen {adj} :: energy economical (pertaining to energy economics)
energiatalous {n} :: energy economics
energiatalous {n} :: energy economy
energiatase {n} :: energy balance
energiataso {n} :: energy level
energiateknologia {n} :: energy technology
energiatila {n} :: energy state, energy mode
energiatuotanto {n} :: energy generation
energiavarasto {n} :: energy storage, energy reserve
energiavyö {n} [physics] :: energy band
energiayhtiö {n} :: energy company (any company involved in production, transmission and/or distribution of energy in the form of fuels, electricity or heat)
energinen {adj} :: energetic
energisesti {adv} :: energetically
energisoida {vt} :: to energize
enetä {vi} :: To grow in number, multiply, increase
enetsi {n} :: Enets (person)
enetsi {n} :: Enets (language)
engelmanninkuusi {n} :: Engelmann spruce, Picea engelmannii
engelsmanni {n} [dated] :: Englishman
englanninenglanti {n} :: English English (dialect of English)
englanninenglanti {n} [colloquial] :: synonym of britannianenglanti
Englannin kanaali {prop} :: The English Channel
englannin kieli {n} :: the English language
englanninkielinen {adj} :: English speaking
englanninkielinen {adj} :: Having been written or presented in English
englanninnos {n} :: English translation
englanninpuhuja {n} :: Anglophone (one who speaks English)
englanninsetteri {n} :: English setter
englanninsinililja {n} :: bluebell (Hyacinthoides non-scripta)
englannintaa {vt} :: To translate into English
englannintorvi {n} :: English horn, cor anglais
englanninvinttikoira {n} :: greyhound (breed of dog)
englannistus {n} :: anglicisation (process by which a word is made more English)
englannitar {n} :: An Englishwoman
englannos {n} :: English translation
englanti {n} :: English (language)
Englanti {prop} [geography] :: England (region)
Englanti {prop} [historical] :: England, Kingdom of England (kingdom)
Englanti {prop} [colloquial, ambiguously] :: Great Britain, United Kingdom (state)
englantilainen {adj} :: English, of or relating to England
englantilainen {adj} :: English, relating to the English language
englantilainen {n} :: Englishman or Englishwoman (in plural englantilaiset = the English (people))
englantilainen tikanheitto {n} [games, sports] :: darts
englantilaisuus {n} :: Englishness
engrammi {n} [psychology] :: engram
engrammi {n} [scientology] :: engram
enigma {n} :: enigma
enigmaattinen {adj} :: enigmatic
enimmäisaika {n} :: maximum time
enimmäispääoma {n} :: The capital stock of a company (total amount of common and preferred stock (shares) that a company can issue)
enimmäisraja {n} :: maximum limit
enimmäistää {vt} :: To maximize
enimmäkseen {adv} :: mostly, for the most part
enimmillään {adv} :: at its peak
enimmiten {adv} :: for the most part
enin {adj} :: the most
enintään {adv} :: at most, not more than, maximum
eniten {adv} :: the most (nouns in partitive can be used with this):
enkä {conj} :: See -kä
enkefaliitti {n} [medicine, jargon] :: encephalitis
enkefalografia {n} :: encephalography (X-ray examination of brain)
enkefalogrammi {n} :: encephalogram
enkeli {n} :: angel
enkelihai {n} :: synonym of merienkeli
enkelihierarkia {n} :: hierarchy of angels
enkelihoito {n} :: angel therapy
enkelikolibri {n} :: Bogotá sunangel (Heliangelus zusii)
enkelikuoro {n} :: angel choir
enkelimäinen {adj} :: angelic
enkelinkasvoinen {adj} :: angel-faced, angelic
enkelinkiharat {n} :: angel curls
enkelioppi {n} :: angelology (study of angels)
enkelipöly {n} :: angel dust (phencyclidine)
enkelisijoittaja {n} :: angel investor
enkeliterapia {n} :: angel therapy
enkelitomu {n} :: synonym of enkelipöly
enkeliys {n} :: angelhood
enkka {n} [colloquial] :: record (as in record fish)
enkku {n} [colloquial, slang] :: English (especially as school subject)
enklaavi {n} :: enclave
enkliitti {n} [linguistics] :: enclitic
enkliittinen {adj} [linguistics] :: enclitic
enkooderi {n} :: encoder
enkulturisoituminen {n} :: enculturation
enkun {phrase} [colloquial] :: contraction of en, kun, a colloquial expression used instead of en, vaan, translated into English with "no, but" or just "no" + explanation
enkunkielinen {adj} [colloquial, slang] :: English, English-language (written or spoken in English, having English as mother tongue)
ennakko {n} :: advance, advancement, prepayment (payment in advance)
ennakko {n} :: lead (when shooting a moving target, the estimated distance the target advances during the time the projectile travels to the target)
ennakkoäänestäjä {n} :: early voter
ennakkoäänestys {n} :: early voting [US], pre-poll voting [Australia], advance polling [Canada], special voting [NZ] (procedure that allows the electors to vote prior to the actual election day)
ennakkoääni {n} :: early vote
ennakkoaavistus {n} :: premonition
ennakkoasenne {n} :: prejudice
ennakkoehto {n} :: A precondition, prerequisite (requirement which must be satisfied before taking a course of action)
ennakkohyväksyntä {n} :: preapproval
ennakkoilmoittautuminen {n} :: advance registration
ennakkoluulo {n} :: prejudice
ennakkoluulo {n} :: preconception
ennakkoluuloinen {adj} :: prejudiced
ennakkoluuloinen {adj} :: biased (prejudiced)
ennakkoluuloisesti {adv} :: In a prejudiced manner
ennakkoluuloisuus {n} :: state or quality of being prejudiced
ennakkoluuloisuus {n} :: prejudice (irrational hostile attitude, fear or hatred towards a particular group, race or religion)
ennakkoluuloton {adj} :: open-minded, unprejudiced
ennakkoluulottomasti {adv} :: In an unprejudiced manner
ennakkomaksu {n} :: advance, advance payment, advancement, prepayment, down payment (payment in advance)
ennakkoon {adv} :: in advance, beforehand
ennakkopäätös {n} [legal] :: Prejudicate
ennakkoperintö {n} :: A preheritance
ennakkoratkaisu {n} [European Union law] :: preliminary ruling (decision of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) on the interpretation of European Union law, made at the request of a court or tribunal of a European Union member state)
ennakkosäästäminen {n} :: advance saving (act of saving the whole required amount or part of it in advance of a large purchase, as opposed to borrowing the money)
ennakkosuosikki {n} :: front runner, favorite (one expected to win a contest, election etc.)
ennakkotapaus {n} [legal] :: precedent
ennakkotieto {n} :: foreknowledge
ennakoida {v} :: To anticipate
ennakoida {v} :: To foreshadow
ennakointi {n} :: anticipation
ennakointi {n} :: foreshadowing
ennakonpidätys {n} [taxation] :: A withholding, or withholding tax
ennallaan {adv} :: unchanged, the same, the way it was before
ennalleen {adv} :: into a state that something used to be before
ennallistaa {vt} :: To restore
ennalta {adv} :: beforehand
ennalta-arvaamaton {adj} :: unforeseeable, unimaginable
ennalta-arvaamattomuus {n} :: unpredictability
ennalta arvattava {adj} :: predictable
ennalta ehkäisevä {adj} [medicine] :: prophylactic, preventive
ennalta ehkäisevä {adj} :: preventive
ennaltaehkäisevä {adj} :: preventive, preventing
ennalta ehkäisevästi {adv} :: preventively
ennaltaehkäistä {v} :: to hinder, keep back (to delay or impede; to prevent)
ennaltaehkäistä {v} :: to discourage (to persuade somebody not to do something)
ennaltaehkäisy {n} :: prevention (the act of preventing or hindering)
ennaltamääräämisoppi {n} :: doctrine of predestination
ennättää {vi} [when in a hurry] :: To make it (in time), arrive (in time), reach (in time) ((to/at/in) a place = allative or illative)
ennättää {vt} [auxiliary, + infinitive; when in a hurry] :: To have/find time (to do)
ennättää {vi} :: To reach, get as far as, make it ((to) a place = allative or illative)
ennättää {vt} [+ genitive-accusative] :: To catch up to/with, take by surprise
ennätyksellinen {adj} :: unparalleled, record
ennätyksellisesti {adv} :: in an unparalleled or record manner
ennätys {n} :: record (extreme)
ennätysaika {n} :: record time
ennätyslukema {n} :: record, record number (a number serving as a record)
ennätysmäärä {n} :: record amount
ennätysmäinen {adj} :: record
ennätysmäisesti {adv} :: in a way that is or resembles a record
ennätysnopeus {n} :: record speed
ennätyspitkä {adj} :: record-long
enne {n} :: Omen, sign, token, portent, auspice; bode, boding
ennemmin {adv} :: rather, sooner (used when the speaker has two options and considers them both disagreeable, but one less so than the other)
ennemmin {adv} :: sooner. comparative of ennen
ennemminkin {adv} :: rather
ennemmin tai myöhemmin {phrase} :: sooner or later
ennen {adv} :: before
ennen {prep} [static and temporal] :: before, prior to
ennenaikainen {adj} :: premature, untimely
ennenaikaisesti {adv} :: prematurely
ennen aikojaan {phrase} :: ahead of time (prior to the expected time; early)
ennen aikojaan {phrase} :: untimely, prematurely
ennen ajanlaskun alkua {phrase} [idiomatic] :: before Common Era
ennen kaikkea {adv} :: above all, most of all, especially, first and foremost
ennen kokematon {adj} :: not experienced before, unprecedented
ennenkokematon {adj} :: alternative spelling of ennen kokematon
ennen kuin {adv} :: before something
ennen kuulumaton {adj} :: alternative spelling of ennenkuulumaton
ennenkuulumaton {adj} :: unprecedented
ennenkuulumaton {adj} :: unheard-of
ennenkuulumaton {adj} :: incredible
ennen muuta {adv} :: first of all, primarily
ennennäkemätön {adj} :: unforeseen, unprecedented
ennennäkemättömästi {adv} :: unprecedentedly
ennen pitkää {adv} :: before long
ennen vanhaan {adv} :: in the old times
ennestään {adv} :: previously
ennestään {adv} :: already
Enni {prop} :: given name
ennusmerkki {n} :: sign, omen
ennustaa {vt} :: To predict, prophesy, foretell, foresee, divine, tell (the future/fortunes), read (the signs)
ennustaa {vt} :: To forecast (weather), draw up a (weather) forecast; to prognosticate (a disease)
ennustaa {vt} :: To presume, assume, think likely, suspect
ennustaa {vt} :: To herald, augur/bode (ill/well), presage, portend
ennustaja {n} :: fortuneteller, soothsayer
ennustamaton {adj} :: unpredictable
ennustaminen {n} :: divination, fortune-telling
ennustaminen {n} :: forecasting
ennustaminen {n} :: foreseeing
ennuste {n} :: forecast, prediction, projection, prognosis
ennusteellinen {adj} :: prognostic
ennustella {v} :: To predict
ennustettavasti {adv} :: foreseeably (in a manner that could be foreseen)
ennustus {n} :: divination
ennustus {n} :: prediction, forecast
eno {n} :: maternal uncle, uncle
eno {n} [dialectal] :: A large river, used in names of rivers
enofiili {n} [rare] :: oenophile
enoki {n} :: enoki
enokitake {n} :: enoki mushroom
en ole uskonnollinen {phrase} :: I'm not religious
enoli {n} [chemistry] :: enol
enologia {n} :: oenology
Enonkoski {prop} :: A municipality in the region of Southern Savonia, Finland
Enontekiö {prop} :: Enontekiö
enopuoli {n} :: maternal step-uncle
en puhu {phrase} :: I don't speak; together with partitive singular of the name of a language, used to indicate inability to communicate in the language mentioned
en puhu englantia {phrase} :: I don't speak English
en puhu suomea {phrase} :: I don't speak Finnish
ensi- {prefix} :: premier, first; inaugural
ensi {adj} :: (temporal) next
ensi {adj} :: first [rare outside set terms]
ensi alkuun {adv} :: for starters
ensiapu {n} [medicine] :: first aid
ensiapulaukku {n} :: first aid kit (standard collection of first aid supplies)
ensiapuopas {n} :: first aid guide
ensiapupakkaus {n} :: first aid kit
ensiapuväline {n} :: An individual device or item of supply used to give first aid, often used in plural; no exact English equivalent
ensiapuväline {n} [on plural] :: first aid kit
ensiapuväline {n} [in plural] :: first aid supplies
ensiesiintyminen {n} :: debut (performer's first-time performance to the public)
ensiesittää {vt} :: To premiere
ensiesitys {n} :: premiere (in theatre)
ensiesitys {n} :: debut (the first time a performance is shown to the public)
ensihoitaja {n} :: paramedic, emergency medical technician
ensihoito {n} [medicine] :: first aid
ensihoitopalvelu {n} :: emergency medical service
ensi-ilta {n} :: (Movie) premiere
ensi-isku {n} :: first strike
ensi käden {phrase} :: firsthand (of information: direct, without intermediate stages)
ensi kerran {adv} :: for the first time
ensikertalainen {n} :: first-timer
ensiksi {adv} :: first, at first, first of all, firstly (before secondly)
ensiksi {adv} :: for starters
ensiksikin {adv} :: for starters
ensilumi {n} :: first snow
ensiluokkainen {adj} :: Having prime quality, being first class
ensiluokkaisesti {adv} :: in a first-class way
ensiluokkalainen {n} :: first-grader
ensimmäinen {adj} [ordinal] :: The first, abbreviation 1., in the names of Monarchs and Popes I
ensimmäinenkolmatta {adj} [archaic, ordinal] :: twenty-first
ensimmäinen maailmansota {n} :: The First World War, World War I, WW1
ensimmäiseksi {adv} :: firstly
ensimmäisen asteen palovamma {n} :: first-degree burn
ensimmäisen asteen polynomi {n} [mathematics] :: linear polynomial (polynomial of the first degree, i.e. of the form )
ensimmäisen asteen yhtälö {n} [mathematics] :: linear equation (polynomial equation of the first degree, i.e. equation of the form )
ensin {adv} :: first
ensin {adv} :: before
ensinäkemältä {adv} :: at first glance
ensinkään {adv} :: at all
ensin mainittu {adj} :: first-mentioned (having the quality of having been mentioned first)
ensinnä {adv} :: first, at first, firstly
ensinnäkin {adv} :: firstly, first of all
ensin työ, sitten leikki {proverb} :: business before pleasure (literally: first work, then play)
Ensio {prop} :: given name
ensiökäämi {n} [electronics] :: primary coil, primary winding (in an electric transformer, the coil from which energy is transferred to the other, secondary coil)
ensipäivänkuori {n} [philately] :: first day cover
ensirakkaus {n} :: first love (feeling or object of that feeling)
ensisijainen {adj} :: primary (of first rank or order)
ensisijainen {adj} :: preferred
ensisijaisesti {adv} :: primarily
ensisijaistaa {vt} :: to prioritize (to rank something as having high priority)
ensisilmäyksellä {adv} :: at first glance
ensisilmäys {n} :: A first glance
ensisuoja {n} :: shelter (for homeless alcoholics)
ensitanssija {n} :: principal dancer, principal male dancer, principal (highest-ranking dancer in a dance company)
ensitanssijatar {n} [ballet] :: prima ballerina
ensivaikutelma {n} :: first impression
Enso {prop} :: Svetogorsk (industrial town close to the Finnish border in Russia)
Enso {prop} :: A former Finnish forest products company, now part of Stora Enso
enstatiitti {n} [mineral] :: enstatite
en-suku {n} [linguistics] :: common gender (common gender in Swedish and some other Scandinavian languages)
ensyklopedia {n} :: An encyclopedia
ensyklopedinen {adj} :: encyclopaedic/encyclopedic
ensyklopedisesti {adv} :: encyclopedically
entä {conj} :: what about?
entä {conj} :: what? (used to introduce a speculation or alternative proposition together with jos - "if"; see also what if)
entää {v} [poetic] :: to fly (to move in air or quickly)
en tajua {phrase} :: I don't understand, I can't figure out
entalpia {n} [physics, thermodynamics] :: enthalpy
entäpä {conj} :: entä +
entäpäs {conj} :: synonym of entä [more emphatic]
entäs {adv} [colloquial] :: what about
entä sitten {interj} :: so what
enteellinen {adj} :: ominous
enteellisesti {adv} :: ominously
enteillä {v} :: To foreshadow
entelekia {n} [philosophy] :: entelechy
enteogeeni {n} [chemistry] :: entheogen
enter {n} :: Enter (computer key)
enteriitti {n} [pathology] :: enteritis
enter-näppäin {n} :: Enter (computer key)
enterogastrinen {adj} [medicine] :: enterogastric
enterohepaattinen {adj} [physiology] :: enterohepatic
enterokokki {n} [bacteriology] :: enterococcus (group of streptococci bacteria of the genus Enterococcus, that inhabit the human gastrointestinal tract)
enterorokko {n} [disease] :: hand, foot and mouth disease
enterovirus {n} :: enterovirus
en tiedä {phrase} :: I don't know
entinen {adj} :: former, erstwhile
entinen Jugoslavian tasavalta Makedonia {prop} :: The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
entisaika {n} :: old time
entisellään {adv} :: unchanged, unaltered
entiselleen {adv} :: into a state that something used to be before
entisenlainen {adj} :: Similar as before or the previous one; unchanged
entisensä {adv} :: what one used to be, like one formerly was
entisestään {adv} :: still, further, even more
entisöidä {v} :: To restore (an old painting, building etc.)
entisöinti {n} :: restoration (of an old painting, building etc.)
entispäättymä {n} [grammar, dated] :: past perfect, pluperfect tense
entistää {vt} :: To restore, renovate
entiteetti {n} :: entity
entomologi {n} :: entomologist
entomologia {n} :: entomology
entrata {v} [nautical] :: to board (to capture an enemy ship by going alongside and then invading her)
entrata {v} [slang] :: to improve
entraus {n} [nautical] :: boarding (invading an enemy ship)
entraushaka {n} [nautical] :: grappling hook
entropia {n} [physics] :: entropy
entsymologia {n} :: enzymology
entsyymi {n} :: enzyme
entten-tentten-teelika-mentten {n} :: A children's counting-out game similar to eeny, meeny, miny, moe
entti {n} :: ent (fictional talking tree)
entusiasmi {n} :: enthusiasm
entusiasti {n} :: enthusiast
entusiastinen {adj} :: enthusiastic
entuudestaan {adv} :: already
en ymmärrä {phrase} :: I don't understand
eoarkeeinen {adj} [geology] :: Eoarchean
eoliaaninen {adj} [geology] :: æolian
eoliitti {n} :: eolith
eolinen {adj} :: eolic (referring to the action or the power of wind)
eoni {n} :: eon
e-opetus {n} :: e-education
e-oppiminen {n} :: e-learning
eoseeni {n} :: the Eocene epoch
eoseenikausi {n} [geology] :: The Eocene epoch
eoseenikautinen {adj} :: Eocene
eosinofiili {n} :: eosinophil (type of white blood cell)
epä- {prefix} :: Used to invert the meaning of a word. English counterparts include in-, non-, un- (in some cases mis-, mal-)
epäaito {adj} :: false (spurious, artificial)
epäämättömästi {adv} :: undeniably, unquestionably, incontestably, indisputably
epäanteeksipyyntö {n} :: non-apology, nonpology
epäasiallinen {adj} :: impertinent, inappropriate, uncalled for, flippant, facetious, unbusinesslike
epäasiallisesti {adv} :: impertinently, improperly, inappropriately
epädemokraattinen {adj} :: undemocratic
epädemokraattisesti {adv} :: undemocratically
epädemokraattisuus {n} :: The quality of being undemocratic
epäeettinen {adj} :: unethical
epäesteettinen {adj} :: unaesthetic
epäesteettisesti {adv} :: unaesthetically
epäeuklidinen {adj} [geometry] :: non-Euclidean
epähedelmä {n} :: accessory fruit
epähenkilö {n} :: nonperson
epähenkilö {n} :: unperson (Orwellian terminology from the famous book "1984")
epähistoriallisesti {adv} :: unhistorically, ahistorically
epähomogeeninen {adj} :: nonhomogeneous
epähuomiossa {adv} :: accidentally
epähygieeninen {adj} :: insanitary, unhygienic
epähygieenisesti {adv} :: unhygienically
epähygieenisyys {n} :: The property of being unhygienic
epäilemättä {adv} :: undoubtedly, unquestionably
epäilemättä {adv} :: indubitably, doubtlessly, undoubtably (rarely used alternatives for "undoubtedly")
epäilevä {adj} :: incredulous, sceptical
epäileväinen {adj} :: suspicious (expressing suspicion)
epäilevästi {adv} :: incredulously, skeptically
epäilevä tuomas {n} [figuratively] :: A doubting Thomas, a person who is doubtful or dubious
epäilevä Tuomas {n} :: doubting Thomas
epäilijä {n} :: skeptic
epäilijä {n} :: doubter
epäillä {vt} [+ partitive] :: To (have) doubt(s), question, wonder, be skeptical about, be doubtful
epäillä {vt} :: To think, suspect, guess, imagine, conjecture, surmise, hypothesise/hypothesize, believe, suppose
epäillä {vt} [+ partitive] :: To suspect, mistrust, (be) distrust(ful of), be suspicious of, harbour/harbor suspicions of, be apprehensive about, believe guilty
epäillä {vi} :: To feel uncertain, lack conviction, be indecisive, waver
epäiltävä {adj} :: suspect
epäilty {adj} :: suspected
epäilty {n} :: suspect
epäily {n} :: suspicion (act of suspecting something or someone, especially of something wrong)
epäilyksenalainen {adj} :: suspect
epäilyksettä {adv} [rare] :: undoubtedly, indubitably
epäilys {n} :: suspicion
epäilyttää {vt} [_, + partitive] :: To look suspicious/dubious/shady/fishy to
epäilyttävä {adj} :: suspicious, iffy
epäilyttävästi {adv} :: suspiciously
epäinhimillinen {adj} :: inhuman, inhumane
epäinhimillisesti {adv} :: inhumanly
epäinhimillisyys {n} :: inhumanity
epäisänmaallinen {adj} :: unpatriotic
epäitsekäs {adj} :: selfless, unselfish
epäitsekkäästi {adv} :: unselfishly
epäitsekkyys {n} :: selflessness, unselfishness
epäitsenäinen {adj} :: nonindependent
epäjärjestys {n} :: disorder
epäjatkuva {adj} [mathematics] :: discontinuous
epäjatkuva {adj} [linguistics] :: discontinuative
epäjatkuvuus {n} :: discontinuity
epäjohdonmukainen {adj} :: inconsistent
epäjohdonmukaisemmin {adv} :: comparative of epäjohdonmukaisesti
epäjohdonmukaisesti {adv} :: inconsistently
epäjohdonmukaisimmin {adv} :: superlative of epäjohdonmukaisesti
epäjohdonmukaisuus {n} :: inconsistency, discrepancy
epäjumala {n} :: A false god
epäjumala {n} :: An idol (image representing a false god)
epäjumalankuva {n} :: idol
epäjumalanpalvonta {n} :: idolatry
epäkäs {n} [anatomy] :: trapezius
epäkäslihas {n} [anatomy] :: trapezius
epäkaupallinen {adj} :: noncommercial, non-commercial
epäkäytännöllinen {adj} :: impractical
epäkäytännöllisemmin {adv} :: comparative of epäkäytännöllisesti
epäkäytännöllisesti {adv} :: impractically
epäkäytännöllisimmin {adv} :: superlative of epäkäytännöllisesti
epäkäytännöllisyys {n} :: impracticality
epäkelpo {adj} :: unfit
epäkeskisesti {adv} :: eccentrically (in a matter of not being at or in the centre)
epäkesko {n} :: eccentric (off-centre wheel)
epäkiitollinen {adj} :: unrewarding, thankless (not appreciated, not providing satisfaction)
epäkiitollinen {adj} :: ungrateful, ingrate
epäkiitollisesti {adv} :: ungratefully
epäkiitollisuus {n} :: thanklessness, unrewardingness
epäkiitollisuus {n} :: ungratefulness
epäkoherentti {adj} :: incoherent
epäkohta {n} :: flaw, anomaly, grievance
epäkohteliaampi {adj} :: comparative of epäkohtelias
epäkohteliaasti {adv} :: impolitely
epäkohtelias {adj} :: impolite, rude
epäkriittinen {adj} :: uncritical
epäkriittisesti {adv} :: uncritically
epäkunnioittava {adj} :: disrespectful
epäkunnioittavasti {adv} :: disrespectfully
epäkunnioitus {n} :: disrespect
epäkunto {n} :: disorder (of a device, state of being broken)
epäkuollut {adj} :: undead
epäkuollut {n} :: undead
epäkypsä {adj} :: immature
epäkypsästi {adv} :: immaturely
epäkypsemmin {adv} :: comparative of epäkypsästi
epäkypsimmin {adv} :: superlative of epäkypsästi
epälikvidi {adj} [finance] :: illiquid
epälineaarinen {adj} :: nonlinear
epälojaali {adj} :: disloyal
epälojaalisesti {adv} :: disloyally
epälojaalisti {adv} :: disloyally
epälojaalisuus {n} :: disloyalty
epälojaalius {n} :: alternative form of epälojaalisuus
epälooginen {adj} :: illogical
epäloogisemmin {adv} :: comparative of epäloogisesti
epäloogisesti {adv} :: illogically
epäloogisimmin {adv} :: superlative of epäloogisesti
epäloogisuus {n} :: illogicality
epäluonnollinen {adj} :: unnatural
epäluonnollisemmin {adv} :: comparative of epäluonnollisesti
epäluonnollisesti {adv} :: unnaturally
epäluonnollisimmin {adv} :: superlative of epäluonnollisesti
epäluonnollisuus {n} :: unnaturalness
epäluotettava {adj} :: unreliable, untrustworthy, distrustful
epäluotettavammin {adv} :: comparative of epäluotettavasti
epäluotettavasti {adv} :: unreliably
epäluotettavimmin {adv} :: superlative of epäluotettavasti
epäluotettavuus {n} :: unreliability
epäluottamus {n} :: Lack of confidence
epäluottamuslause {n} [politics] :: motion of no confidence
epäluulo {n} :: suspicion
epäluuloinen {adj} :: suspicious (distrustful)
epäluuloisesti {adv} :: suspiciously
epäluuloisuus {n} :: suspicion
epämääräinen {adj} :: vague, nonspecific, indefinite, uncertain
epämääräinen {adj} :: [of a person] suspicious
epämääräinen {adj} [grammar] :: indefinite
epämääräinen artikkeli {n} [grammar] :: indefinite article
epämääräisesti {adv} :: vaguely
epämääräistyä {vi} :: To become more vague
epämääräisyys {n} [grammar] :: indefiniteness
epämetalli {n} [chemistry] :: A nonmetal
epämetalli-ioni {n} [chemistry] :: nonmetal ion
epämiehekäs {adj} :: Unmanly, effeminate
epämiehekkäästi {adv} :: unmanly (in a manner lacking manliness)
epämiehekkyys {n} :: unmanliness
epämiellyttävä {adj} :: unpleasant, displeasing, unattractive, dislikable, objectionable (not pleasant)
epämiellyttävyys {n} :: unpleasantness
epämieluisa {adj} :: undesirable
epämieluisasti {adv} :: undesirably
epämoderni {adj} :: non-modern, nonmodern, unmodern
epämukava {adj} :: uncomfortable
epämukava {adj} :: inconvenient
epämukavammin {adv} :: comparative of epämukavasti
epämukavasti {adv} :: uncomfortably
epämukavimmin {adv} :: superlative of epämukavasti
epämukavuus {n} :: inconvenience
epämuodikas {adj} :: unfashionable
epämuodikkaampi {adj} :: comparative of epämuodikas
epämuodikkain {adj} :: superlative of epämuodikas
epämuodollinen {adj} :: informal
epämuodollisesti {adv} :: informally
epämuodollisuus {n} :: informality
epämuodostua {vi} :: To grow malformed
epämuodostuma {n} :: deformity, malformation
epämuodostumaoppi {n} :: teratology
epämuodostunut {adj} :: malformed
epämurtoluku {n} [arithmetic] :: improper fraction
epänaisellinen {adj} :: unwomanly, unfeminine
epänegatiivinen {adj} :: non-negative
epänormaali {adj} :: abnormal
epänormaalisti {adv} :: abnormally
epänormaalisuus {n} :: abnormality
epänormaalius {n} :: abnormality
epäoikeudenmukainen {adj} :: unjust
epäoikeudenmukaisesti {adv} :: unjustly, unfairly
epäoikeudenmukaisuus {n} :: injustice, unfairness, inequity
epäoikeudenmukaisuus {n} :: partiality, bias, one-sidedness
epäoikeudenmukaisuus {n} :: dishonesty, lack of principles, unethical behaviour
epäoikeudenmukaisuus {n} :: dirty play, dirty pool, foul play, corruption
epäoleellinen {adj} :: irrelevant
epäoleellinen {adj} [calculus] :: improper (limit or integral)
epäolennainen {adj} :: nonessential
epäolennainen {adj} :: irrelevant
epäolennainen {adj} [accounting, law] :: immaterial
epäonni {n} :: misfortune
epäonninen {adj} :: unfortunate, unlucky
epäonnistua {vi} :: to fail, to be unsuccessful
epäonnistuja {n} :: One who fails; loser
epäonnistuminen {n} :: A failure
epäonnistuminen {n} :: A debacle (event or enterprise that ends suddenly and disastrously)
epäonnistunut {adj} :: failed, unsuccessful
epäorgaaninen {adj} :: inorganic
epäorgaaninen kemia {n} :: inorganic chemistry
epäorgaaninen yhdiste {n} [chemistry] :: inorganic compound
epäorgaanisesti {adv} :: inorganically
epäortodoksinen {adj} :: unorthodox
epäortodoksisesti {adv} :: unorthodoxly
epäpätevä {adj} :: incompetent
epäpätevästi {adv} :: incompetently
epäpätevyys {n} :: incompetence (lack of competence for given job)
epäperinteinen {adj} :: nontraditional, untraditional
epäpoliittinen {n} :: nonpolitical
epäpoliittisesti {adv} :: apolitically
epäpuhdas {adj} :: impure
epäpuhdas {adj} :: unclean
epäpuhdas {adj} :: out of tune
epäpuhtaasti {adv} :: uncleanly
epäpuhtaasti {adv} :: out of tune
epäpuhtaus {n} :: impurity
epäpuhtaus {n} :: pollutant
epäpuhtaus {n} :: contaminant
epäpyhä {adj} :: unholy
epärealistinen {adj} :: unrealistic
epärealistisesti {adv} :: unrealistically
epärealistisuus {n} :: unrealisticness
epärehellinen {adj} :: dishonest
epärehellisesti {adv} :: dishonestly
epärehellisyys {n} :: dishonesty, insincerity
epärehellisyys {n} :: falsehood (trait of a person who is mendacious and deceitful)
epäreilu {adj} :: unfair, unjust
epäreilusti {adv} :: unfairly
epäreiluus {n} :: unfairness
epärelevantti {adj} :: irrelevant
epäröidä {v} :: to hesitate
epäröimättä {adv} :: unhesitatingly
epäröiminen {n} :: hesitating
epäröinti {n} :: hesitation
epäröivä {adj} :: hesitant
epäröivästi {adv} :: hesitatingly
epäromanttinen {adj} :: unromantic
epäromanttinen {adj} :: aromantic
epäsäännöllinen {adj} :: irregular
epäsäännöllinen kolmio {n} [geometry] :: scalene triangle
epäsäännöllinen verbi {n} [grammar] :: irregular verb
epäsäännöllisesti {adv} :: irregularly
epäsäännöllisyys {n} :: irregularity
epäsäätyinen {adj} :: disparaged (being socially of inequal match, being of different social classes)
epäseksuaalinen {adj} :: asexual (lacking interest in or desire for sex)
epäseksuaalisesti {adv} :: asexually (lacking interest)
epäselvä {adj} :: unclear
epäselvä {adj} :: vague
epäselvästi {adv} :: unclearly
epäselvyys {n} :: obscurity
epäselvyys {n} [optics] :: blurriness
epäsiisteys {n} :: uncleanness
epäsiisti {adj} :: unclean
epäsiististi {adv} :: untidily
epäsikiö {n} :: monster
epäsiveä {adj} :: unchaste
epäsiveellinen {adj} :: loose, promiscuous
epäsointu {n} :: discord
epäsointuinen {adj} :: discordant
epäsointuisesti {adv} :: discordantly
epäsopu {n} :: discord
epäsopuinen {adj} :: discordant
epäsopuisesti {adv} :: discordantly
epäsosiaalinen {adj} :: asocial
epäsosiaalisesti {adv} :: asocially
epäsovinnainen {adj} :: nonconformist (not conforming to established customs)
epästabiili {adj} :: unstable
epäsuhtaisesti {adv} :: disproportionately, disproportionally
epäsuomalainen {adj} :: un-Finnish
epäsuora {adj} :: indirect
epäsuora objekti {n} [grammar] :: indirect object (in some languages, e.g. English, a role of a ditransitive verb that usually manifests as a recipient or goal)
epäsuorasti {adv} :: indirectly
epäsuosio {n} :: unpopularity
epäsuosio {n} :: disgrace
epäsuotuisa {adj} :: unfavourable
epäsuotuisasti {adv} :: unfavorably
epäsymmetria {n} :: asymmetry
epäsymmetrinen {adj} :: asymmetric
epäsymmetrisesti {adv} :: asymmetrically
epätaloudellinen {adj} :: uneconomic
epätaloudellisesti {adv} :: uneconomically
epätarkasti {adv} :: inaccurately
epätarkka {adj} :: inaccurate
epätarkka {adj} :: imprecise
epätarkka {adj} :: unclear
epätarkka {adj} :: unsharp (of an image: out of focus)
epätarkkuus {n} :: inaccuracy
epätarkkuus {n} :: imprecision
epätarkkuus {n} [optics] :: blurriness
epätarkkuusperiaate {n} [quantum mechanics] :: uncertainty principle, Heisenberg uncertainty principle
epätasa-arvo {n} :: inequality
epätasainen {adj} :: uneven
epätasaisesti {adv} :: unevenly
epätasapaino {n} :: imbalance
epätasapaino {n} :: instability
epätäsmällinen {adj} :: imprecise
epätäsmällinen {adj} :: vague
epätäsmällinen {adj} :: unpunctual
epätäsmällisesti {adv} :: imprecisely
epätäsmällisyys {n} :: inaccuracy, imprecision
epätavallinen {adj} :: unusual
epätavallisesti {adv} :: unusually
epätavallisuus {n} :: unusualness
epätavanomainen {adj} :: unconventional
epätäydellinen {adj} :: incomplete
epätäydellinen {adj} :: imperfect
epätäydellisesti {adv} :: incompletely
epätäydellisyys {n} :: incompleteness
epätäydellisyys {n} :: imperfection
epäterve {adj} :: unhealthy
epäterveellinen {adj} :: unhealthy
epäterveellisesti {adv} :: unhealthily
epäterveellisyys {n} :: unhealthiness
epäterveesti {adv} :: unhealthily
epätieteellinen {adj} :: unscientific
epätieteellisesti {adv} :: unscientifically
epätodellinen {adj} :: surreal, unreal
epätodellisesti {adv} :: unreally
epätodellisuus {n} :: unreality
epätodenmukainen {adj} :: untruthful
epätodenmukaisesti {adv} :: untruthfully
epätodenmukaisuus {n} :: untruthfulness
epätodennäköinen {adj} :: unlikely, improbable
epätodennäköisesti {adv} :: unlikely
epätodennäköisyys {n} :: unlikelihood, improbability
epätoivo {n} :: despair, desperation
epätoivoinen {adj} :: desperate
epätoivoisesti {adv} :: desperately
epätoivoissaan {adv} :: desperately, in desperation
epätosi {adj} :: untrue
epätosi {adj} [logic] :: false
epätriviaali {adj} :: nontrivial
epatto {n} :: louse (person)
epäturvallinen {adj} :: unsafe
epäturvallisesti {adv} :: unsafely
epätyhjä {adj} :: nonempty
epätyydyttävä {adj} :: unsatisfactory, dissatisfactory, dissatisfying
epätyydyttävä {adj} :: disappointing
epäurheilijamainen {adj} :: unsportsmanlike
epäurheilijamaisesti {adv} :: in an unsportsmanlike manner
epäusko {n} :: disbelief
epäuskoinen {adj} :: incredulous, unbelieving
epäuskoisesti {adv} :: incredulously, unbelievingly
epäuskottava {adj} :: implausible, incredible; not credible
epäuskottavasti {adv} :: implausibly
epäuskottavuus {n} :: implausibility
epävakaa {adj} :: unstable
epävakaasti {adv} :: unstably
epävakainen {adj} [chiefly of weather] :: unstable
epävakaisesti {adv} :: unstably
epävakaisuus {n} :: instability
epävakaus {n} :: instability
epävapaa {adj} :: unfree
epävarma {adj} :: insecure
epävarma {adj} :: uncertain
epävarmasti {adv} :: uncertainly
epävarmuus {n} :: uncertainty
epävarmuus {n} :: insecurity
epävarmuus {n} :: contingency
epäviihtyisä {adj} :: unpleasant, uncomfortable; not cozy
epäviisaasti {adv} :: unwisely
epäviisas {adj} :: unwise
epävirallinen {adj} :: unofficial
epävirallisesti {adv} :: unofficially
epävirallisuus {n} :: The state of being unofficial
epävireeseen {adv} :: into a state of being out of tune
epävireeseen {adv} [figuratively] :: into a state of being disconcerted or upset
epävireessä {adv} :: in a state of being out of tune
epävireessä {adv} [figuratively] :: disconcerted, upset
epävireisesti {adv} :: in the manner of being out of tune
epäyhtälö {n} [mathematics] :: inequality
epäyhtenäinen {adj} :: discontinuous
epäyhtenäisesti {adv} :: discontinuously
epäyhtenäisyys {n} :: discontinuousness
epäyhtenäisyys {n} :: heterogeneity
epäystävällinen {adj} :: unfriendly
epäystävällisemmin {adv} :: comparative of epäystävällisesti
epäystävällisesti {adv} :: In an unfriendly manner
epäystävällisimmin {adv} :: superlative of epäystävällisesti
epäystävällisyys {n} :: unfriendliness
Epeiros {prop} :: Epirus (ancient kingdom, region of Greece and Albania, and a periphery of Greece)
epideeminen {adj} :: epidemic
epidemia {n} [pathology] :: An epidemic
epidemiologi {n} :: epidemiologist
epidemiologia {n} :: epidemiology
epidemiologinen {adj} :: epidemiological
epidemiologisesti {adv} :: epidemiologically
epidermi {n} [anatomy] :: epidermis (outer, protective layer of the skin or similar outer layer of cells in invertebrates and plants)
epidootti {n} [mineral] :: epidote
epiduraali {n} :: epidural anesthesia
epiduraalinen {adj} [anatomy] :: epidural
epiduraalipuudutus {n} [medicine] :: epidural anesthesia, epidural
epifania {n} [rare] :: Epiphany
epifenomeeni {n} :: epiphenomenon
epifenomenaalinen {adj} :: epiphenomenal
epifyysi {n} [anatomy] :: epiphysis, pineal gland
epifyysi {n} [anatomy, skeleton] :: epiphysis (rounded end of a long bone)
epifyytti {n} [botany] :: epiphyte
epigeneesi {n} :: epigenesis
epigeneettinen {adj} :: epigenetic
epigrafi {n} :: epigraph
epigrafia {n} :: epigraphy
epigrafiikka {n} :: epigraphy (study)
epigrammi {n} :: epigram
epiikka {n} :: epic poetry
epikriisi {n} [medicine] :: epicrisis (medical case summary)
epikurolainen {adj} :: epicurean
epikurolaisuus {n} :: Epicureanism
epilaattori {n} :: An epilator
epilepsia {n} :: epilepsy
epilepsiakohtaus {n} :: epileptic seizure
epileptikko {n} :: epileptic
epileptinen {adj} :: epileptic
e-pilleri {n} :: contraceptive pill
epilogi {n} :: epilogue
epiloida {v} :: to epilate (to remove hair, particularly with an epilator)
epilointi {n} :: epilation (removal of hair, particularly with an epilator)
epimorfismi {n} [mathematics] :: epimorphism
epis {adj} [slang] :: unfair, unjust
episentri {n} [seismology] :: epicentre, epicenter
episentrumi {n} [seismology] :: epicentre, epicenter
episkopaalinen {adj} :: episcopal
episkopalismi {n} [Roman Catholicism] :: Episcopalianism (doctrine according to which the supreme power in the church belongs to a meeting of the bishops)
episodi {n} :: episode
episodinen {adj} :: episodic
episomi {n} [cytology] :: episome
epistä {interj} :: (teen slang) Used to express discontent based on a feeling that a decision, statement, state of affairs etc. is unjust
episteeminen {adj} :: epistemic
epistemologia {n} :: epistemology
epistemologinen {adj} :: epistemological
epistola {n} [biblical] :: epistle
epistolateksti {n} [Christianity] :: text from an epistle
episykli {n} :: epicycle
episykloidi {n} :: epicycloid
epitafi {n} :: epitaph
epiteeli {n} [anatomy] :: epithelium
epiteelikudos {n} [anatomy] :: epithelium
epiteetti {n} :: epithet
epitrakiili {n} :: epitrachelion (liturgical vestment)
epoksi {n} :: epoxy
epoksidi {n} [organic chemistry] :: epoxide
epoksihartsi {n} [organic chemistry] :: epoxy resin
epoksiliima {n} :: epoxy glue
epoksimaali {n} :: epoxy paint
epoletti {n} :: epaulet
eponyymi {n} :: eponym
epookki {n} :: epoch
epopea {n} :: epopee
eppu {n} [colloquial] :: first-year schoolchild
epsilon {n} :: epsilon (Greek letter)
epuu {n} :: refusal
epuuttaa {v} [rare] :: to deny
epuuttaa {v} :: (rare) to cancel (permission, privilege etc.)
erä {n} :: batch (quantity of anything produced at one operation)
erä {n} :: lot (separate portion; a number of things taken collectively)
erä {n} :: instalment; short for maksuerä (partial payment)
erä {n} [accounting] :: item, entry; short for tilierä
erä {n} [sports] :: a subdivision of game time (can be a time-limited part of a match between two parties or, where the number of contestants exceeds the capacity of the sports facillity, a qualifying competition between a subset of contestants, the translation into English varies by sport)
erä {n} [ice hockey] :: period
erä {n} [soccer] :: half
erä {n} [basketball] :: quarter or half, depending on rules applied
erä {n} [boxing] :: round
erä {n} [tennis, volleyball] :: set
erä {n} [squash] :: game
erä {n} [athletics] :: heat
erä {n} [polo] :: chukker
erä {n} [rare, hunting] :: game, catch
erä {n} [archaic] :: wilderness, especially one that is good hunting ground
eräajo {n} [cycling] :: sprint
eräajo {n} [computing] :: batch job, batch run
eräalue {n} :: owned region of wilderness (in which there are rights to hunt, fish and burn-clear)
eräänä päivänä {phrase} :: one day (at unspecified time in the past)
eräänä päivänä {phrase} :: the other day (recently, only a few days ago)
eräänlainen {adj} :: a kind of
erääntyä {vi} [e.g. of a loan] :: to fall/become/come due, mature
erääntymispäivä {n} [finance] :: maturity date
eräkäsittely {n} [computing] :: batch processing
erakko {n} :: hermit, recluse
erakkoampiainen {n} [zoology] :: potter wasp, mason wasp
erakkokolibri {n} :: hermit (hummingbird of the subfamily Phaethornithinae)
erakkopiste {n} [topology] :: isolated point
erakkorapu {n} :: hermit crab
erakoitua {vi} :: To seclude oneself, to go into seclusion
eräkulttuuri {n} [historical] :: culture of maintaining an economy involving hunting, fishing and burn-clearing in regions of wilderness
eräluku {n} [sports, chiefly in the plural] :: the game score at the end of an erä (a period of match time; exact translation depends on sport)
erämaa {n} :: wilderness
erämaa-alue {n} :: wilderness
erämies {n} :: ranger, outdoorsman, huntsman
eränkävijä {n} :: frontiersman, huntsman, hiker
eränkäynti {n} :: hunting and camping in the wild
eränkäynti {n} [historical] :: hunting, fishing and burn-clearing in the wild
eranto {n} :: compass declination
eränumero {n} :: lot number
eräopas {n} :: wilderness guide
eräpäivä {n} :: due date
eräpallo {n} :: set point, set ball (state in a game where a player can win a set by winning the next point; used in tennis, volleyball and similar games)
eräpoliisi {n} :: police monitoring hunting and fishing
eräpuukko {n} :: knife for use in the wilderness
eräreitti {n} :: trail
eräretkeily {n} :: backpacking or trekking in the wilderness
eräretki {n} :: a backpack trip or trek in the wilderness
eräs {pron} [indefinite] :: someone; a certain, some (+ noun)
eräs {pron} [indefinite] :: one
Erasmus Rotterdamilainen {prop} :: Desiderius Erasmus Roterodamus, a.k.a. Erasmus, Desiderius Erasmus (Dutch Renaissance humanist and theologian)
erätaito {n} [usually in the plural] :: outdoor skill, survival skill, wilderness skill
erätalous {n} [historical] :: economy of hunting, fishing and burn-clearing in the wilderness
erätauko {n} [sports] :: interval between periods of game time
erävartija {n} :: a guard monitoring hunting and fishing
erävoitto {n} [sports] :: win of a round
erävoitto {n} [idiomatic] :: win of a battle, but not the war
Erbin pareesi {n} [pathology] :: Erb's palsy
erbium {n} :: erbium
ereettinen {adj} [pathology] :: erethic
erehdyksessä {adv} :: mistakenly, by mistake, by accident (without intention to do so)
erehdys {n} :: mistake
erehdys {n} :: error, oversight
erehdyttää {vt} :: To mislead
erehtyä {vi} :: to err, make a mistake
erehtymätön {adj} :: infallible
erehtyminen {n} :: Action noun of the verb erehtyä (to err), erring, often also to err
erehtyminen {n} :: mistakenness
erehtyminen on inhimillistä {proverb} :: to err is human
erehtyväinen {adj} :: erring
erektio {n} [physiology] :: erection
erektiohäiriö {n} :: An erectile dysfunction
erektiorengas {n} :: cock ring (sex aid)
eretismi {n} [pathology] :: erethism
ergatiivi {n} :: ergative
ergatiivinen {adj} [grammar] :: ergative
ergodinen {n} :: ergodic
ergokalsiferoli {n} [biochemistry] :: ergocalciferol
ergometri {n} :: An ergometer
ergonomia {n} :: ergonomics
ergonominen {adj} :: ergonomic
ergonomisesti {adv} :: ergonomically
ergosfääri {n} [astronomy] :: ergosphere
ergosteroli {n} :: ergosterol
erhe {n} :: mistake, error
erheellinen {adj} :: erroneous
eri {adj} [not comparable, indeclinable] :: different, other, another
eri {adj} [not comparable, indeclinable] :: different, separate
eri {adv} [rare] :: really, truly
eriaikainen {adj} :: nonsimultaneous
eriaikaisesti {adv} :: nonsimultaneously
eriarvoinen {adj} :: unequal
eriarvoistaa {vt} :: To make more unequal, to increase inequality, to create or increase social stratification
eriarvoistua {vi} :: To become more unequal, to be subject to social stratification
eriasteisesti {adv} :: in the manner of having different or varying degrees
eriävä {adj} [legal] :: dissenting; as in eriävä mielipide ("dissenting opinion")
Eridanus {prop} [Greek mythology] :: The Eridanus river
Eridanus {prop} [constellation] :: The constellation Eridanus
erihenkinen {adj} :: of or having a different spirit (chiefly figuratively)
erihintainen {adj} :: of or having a different price or different prices
Eriika {prop} :: given name
Eriikka {prop} :: given name
Erik {prop} :: A common Swedish male given name, entered here for Finnish declension only
Erika {prop} :: given name, feminine form of Erik
erikoinen {adj} :: Special, exceptional, out of the ordinary
erikoinen {adj} :: Peculiar, odd, strange
erikoinen {adj} :: Distinctive, characteristic, particular, typical
erikoinen {adj} :: Specific, especial, certain, own
erikoisaikakauslehti {n} :: journal (magazine or periodical dealing with a particular subject)
erikoisala {n} :: specialty [US], speciality [UK] (that in which one specializes)
erikoisasema {n} :: special status
erikoisesti {adv} :: specially, exceptionally
erikoisesti {adv} :: peculiarly, oddly
erikoisesti {adv} :: distinctively
erikoisfunktio {n} [math] :: special function
erikoisjärjestelmä {n} :: special system
erikoisjoukko {n} [military, police] :: special force
erikoiskoe {n} [motor sport] :: special stage
erikoislääkäri {n} :: specialist (physician)
erikoislaatuisesti {adv} :: distinctively, extraordinarily, peculiarly
erikoislaina {n} [linguistics] :: Hobson-Jobson (word or phrase borrowed by one language from another and modified in pronunciation to fit the normal set of sounds of the borrowing language)
erikoisliike {n} :: specialized shop (shop that specializes in a relatively narrow segment of merchandise, e.g. fishing, marriage gowns)
erikoismerkki {n} :: A pi character (a character which is not part of the standard font character set)
erikoisosasto {n} :: special unit
erikoispostimerkki {n} :: commemorative stamp (postage stamp, often issued on a significant date such as an anniversary, to honor or commemorate a place, event, person, or object)
erikoissairaanhoito {n} :: secondary care (specialized medical care)
erikoissyyttäjä {n} :: special prosecutor (in the US legal system)
erikoistaa {vt} :: To specialize
erikoistalousalue {n} :: Alternative term for erityistalousalue
erikoistua {vi} [_, + illative] :: to specialize
erikoistuminen {n} :: specialization (act of specializing)
erikoistumisopinnot {n} :: specialized studies, specialized education
erikoistunut {adj} :: specialized, specialised
erikoistutkija {n} :: A job title for a researcher advanced in and/or specialised in a certain field of research; specialist researcher, senior researcher
erikoisuus {n} :: specialty
erikoisuus {n} :: peculiarity, oddity
erikokoinen {adj} :: of or having a different size or different sizes
erikorkuinen {adj} :: of or having a different height or different heights
erikseen {adv} :: separately, apart (mostly figuratively)
erilainen {adj} :: different
erilainen {adj} :: various
erilaisempi {adj} :: comparative of erilainen
erilaisesti {adv} :: differently
erilaisin {adj} :: superlative of erilainen
erilaisitiöisyys {n} [botany] :: heterospory
erilaiskehäinen {adj} [botany] :: heterochlamydeous
erilaislehtisyys {n} [botany] :: heterophylly
erilaissekovartisuus {n} [biology] :: heterothallism
erilaistaa {vt} :: To make different; differentiate
erilaistua {vi} :: To become different; to specialize
erilaistumaton {adj} :: unspecialized
erilaistumaton {adj} :: undifferentiated
erilaisuus {n} :: difference (quality of being different)
erilevyinen {adj} :: of or having a different width or different widths
erillään {adv} :: (static) apart, separate, separated, separately
erillinen {adj} :: separate, dividual
erillinen {adj} :: detached, unattached
erillisemisyys {n} [botany] :: apocarpy
erillistalo {n} :: detached house
erillisuuni {n} :: wall oven, separate oven (oven without a cooktop)
erimerkkinen {adj} [math] :: discordant (of opposite sign)
erimielinen {adj} [law] :: hung (of a jury, unable to reach a unanimous verdict in a trial)
erimielinen {adj} :: in disagreement, disagreeing, not agreeing
erimielisesti {adv} :: in disagreement
erimielisyys {n} :: disagreement
erimuotoisesti {adv} :: in the manner of having a different form or shape
Erin {prop} :: given name
erinäinen {adj} :: particular
eriniminen {adj} :: having a different name or different names
eriniminen {adj} [arithmetic] :: having different denominators (of fractions)
erinomainen {adj} :: excellent, outstanding, first-rate
erinomaisesti {adv} :: excellently
erinomaisuus {n} :: shine, excellence (in quality or appearance)
eriö {n} :: cubicle
eriö {n} :: lavatory
eriö {n} :: toilet
erioikeus {n} :: privilege (particular benefit, advantage, or favor; a right or immunity enjoyed by some but not others)
eriometri {n} :: eriometer
eripaksuinen {adj} :: of or having a different thickness or different thicknesses
eriperintäinen {adj} :: heterozygous (of an organism which has two different alleles of a given gene)
eripituinen {adj} :: of different/unequal length; inconsistent, sporadic, uneven
eripura {n} :: discord
eripurainen {adj} :: conflicting, divided, discordant
eripuraisesti {adv} :: discordantly
eri sarjassa {phrase} [idiomatic] :: out of one's league (in a situation in which one is mismatched with others)
erisävyinen {adj} :: of or having a different hue or tone, different hues or tones
eriseurainen {adj} [rare] :: seclusive, withdrawing
erisisältöinen {adj} :: having a different content or different contents
erisivuinen {adj} [geometry] :: scalene
eriskummainen {adj} :: alternative form of eriskummallinen
eriskummallinen {adj} :: bizarre
erisnimi {n} [grammar] :: proper noun
eristää {vt} :: To isolate, seclude, sequester; to quarantine
eristää {vt} :: To split up, separate, segregate
eristää {vt} :: To block/rope/wall/cut off
eristää {vt} :: To insulate (heat; electricity)
eristäjä {n} :: insulator (a person who installs insulation)
eristäjä {n} :: one who insulates
eristäminen {n} :: isolation (act)
eristäminen {n} :: silent treatment (social sanction)
eristävä {adj} :: insulating
eristäytyä {vi} :: To isolate oneself; to seclude
eristäytynyt {adj} :: isolated
eristäytyvä persoonallisuus {n} [psychiatry] :: schizoid personality disorder
eriste {n} :: An insulator (substance that does not transmit sound, heat, or electricity)
eristeinen {adj} :: isolated, secluded
eristeinen {adj} [as suffix] :: isolated (against something)
eristin {n} [electrical engineering] :: An insulator
eristyä {vi} :: To be insulated, isolated
eristys {n} :: isolation
eristys {n} :: insulation, insulator (non-conductive structure that does not transmit sound or heat)
eristysnauha {n} :: insulating tape, electrical tape ‎(poorly conductive plastic tape used to insulate electrical wires)
eristysresistanssimittari {n} [electronics] :: megohmmeter, insulation resistance meter
eristysteippi {n} :: insulating tape, insulation tape
erisuuntainen {adj} :: of or having a different direction or different directions
erisuuri {adj} [mathematics] :: not equal, unequal, inequal
erisuuruinen {adj} :: of or having a different amount or magnitude, different amounts or magnitudes
erisuuruinen {adj} :: not equal; not having equal values
erisuuruus {n} [math] :: inequality (the quality or fact of not being equal, of not having the same value)
eritä {vi} [+ elative] :: to differ from
eritasoisesti {adv} :: in the manner of having a different levels or grades
eritasoliittymä {n} :: interchange (highway junction in which the roads are separated on different levels and connected by ramps)
eritasonojapuut {n} [sports] :: asymmetric bars, uneven bars (apparatus or gymnastics event)
eritasoristeys {n} :: interchange, grade separation (a junction with grade separation)
eri tavoin {phrase} :: in various ways
erite {n} :: Secretion, a substance secreted by an organism
eritellä {vt} :: to analyze
eritellä {vt} :: to classify, categorize
eritellä {vt} :: to specify, itemize, allocate
eritelmä {n} :: specification
eritoten {adv} :: notably, especially
Eritrea {prop} :: Eritrea
eritrealainen {adj} :: Eritrean
eritrealainen {n} :: An Eritrean person
erittää {vt} [medicine] :: To secrete
erittää {vt} [medicine] :: To excrete
erittäin {adv} :: very, extremely
erittyä {vi} [medicine] :: To ooze (out), seep (out), be secreted
erityinen {adj} :: special
erityinen {adj} :: specific
erityisasema {n} :: special status
erityisesti {adv} :: especially
erityishallintoalue {n} :: special administrative region
erityiskorvattava {n} :: specially reimbursable (in the Finnish health insurance system, describing a category of medicines which are reimbursable to the patient at a higher percentage of price than the base rate)
erityiskoulu {n} :: special school (school specifically made for students with disabilities or other problems that need special treatment)
erityislahjakkuus {n} :: special talent, X factor (an especially talented person)
erityisnosto-oikeus {n} :: special drawing right, SDR
erityisopettaja {n} :: special education teacher
erityisopetus {n} :: special education
erityisosaaja {n} :: expert
erityistalousalue {n} [economics] :: special economic zone, SEZ (region which enjoys special economic privileges as compared to the rest of the country; used by state controlled economies to attract investments and boost growth, exports and employment)
eritys {n} :: secretion (act of secreting a substance)
erityyppisesti {adv} :: in the manner of having a different type
eriuskoinen {adj} :: heterodox
erivapaus {n} [law] :: dispensation (relaxation of a law in a particular case)
erivärinen {adj} :: of or having a different color or different colors
eriyttää {v} :: to separate
eriyttää {v} :: to differentiate
eriyttävä {adj} :: differentiating
eriytyä {vi} :: To diverge
Erja {prop} :: given name
erkaantua {vi} :: To diverge
erkanee {vi} [defective] :: To diverge
erkanemiskaista {n} :: off-ramp, off-slip, exit lane
erkautua {vi} :: To diverge
erkkeri {n} [architecture] :: bay (outward projection in a wall, creating a bay in the room inside)
erkkeri {n} [rare] :: bay window (window installed in such bay)
erkkeri-ikkuna {n} [architecture] :: bay window (window space projecting outward from the main walls of a building)
Erkki {prop} :: given name
Erkkilä {prop} :: surname
Erkkilä {prop} :: Any of a number of small places in Finland
Erkko {prop} :: surname
Erkko {prop} :: given name
erlenmeyerkolvi {n} [chemistry] :: An Erlenmeyer flask, conical flask
Ernesti {prop} :: given name, a variant of Ernest
Erno {prop} :: given name
ero {n} :: difference, distinction
ero {n} :: short for avioero
ero {n} :: resignation
ero {n} :: discharge, dismissal
ero {n} :: separation, parting
ero {n} :: rid [in the expression päästä eroon (jostakin) or hankkiutua eroon (jostakin) for "to get rid of (something)"]
eroavaisuus {n} :: difference (characteristic)
erodoida {vt} :: to erode
erogeeninen {adj} :: erogenous, erotogenic
erojaiset {n} :: sendoff (farewell party)
Eronen {prop} :: surname
eronnut {adj} :: divorced (having had one's marriage legally dissolved)
eronnut {n} :: divorcee (divorced person)
eronnut {n} :: divorcé (divorced man)
eronnut {n} :: divorcée (divorced woman)
eronto {n} [grammar, dated] :: exessive
eroosio {n} :: erosion
erootti {n} :: cherub
eroottinen {adj} :: erotic
eroottisempi {adj} :: comparative of eroottinen
eroottisesti {adv} :: erotically
eroottisin {adj} :: superlative of eroottinen
eroottistaa {vt} :: to eroticize
eroottistua {vi} :: To become eroticized
eroraha {n} :: severance pay
erota {v} :: to divorce
erota {v} :: to differ, be different
erota {v} :: to resign
erota {v} :: to separate
erota {v} :: to secede
erotella {vt} :: To separate, segregate
erotiikka {n} :: eroticism
erotin {n} :: A separator
erotin {n} [electrical engineering] :: A disconnector
erotisoida {vt} :: To eroticize
erotisointi {n} :: eroticization
erotisoitua {vi} :: To become erotic
erotomaani {n} :: erotomane
erotomania {n} :: erotomania
erottaa {vt} :: to separate
erottaa {vt} :: to divide
erottaa {vt} :: to fire, dismiss (to relieve of a duty)
erottaa {vt} :: to expel (to terminate the membership of)
erottaa {vt} :: to tell apart, differentiate, distinguish
erottaa jyvät akanoista {v} [idiomatic] :: To separate the wheat from the chaff (to select only that which is of value)
erottamaton {adj} :: inalienable (incapable of being alienated, surrendered, or transferred to another)
erottamaton {adj} :: inseparable
erottamattomasti {adv} :: inseparably, inalienably
erottaminen {n} :: separation
erottaminen {n} :: sacking, dismissal
erottautua {vi} :: To go apart, isolate oneself, separate oneself
erottautua {vi} :: To be distinguished
erottautua {vi} :: To stand out
erottelu {n} :: separation, segregation
erottelu {n} :: sorting
erottelukyky {n} [statistics] :: sensitivity (proportion of individuals in a population that will be correctly identified in a binary classification test)
erottua {v} :: To stand out; also erottua joukosta (to be obvious or conspicuous, in contrast to one's surroundings)
erottua {vi} [_, + elative] :: To shine (to distinguish oneself)
erotuomari {n} [sports] :: A referee, umpire
erotuomarialue {n} [ice hockey] :: referee crease (semicircle in front of the scorekeepers bench)
erotuomaripallo {n} :: synonym of tuomaripallo
erotus {n} [arithmetic] :: difference (result of a subtraction)
erotus {n} [set theory] :: difference, relative complement
erotus {n} :: separation
erotus {n} :: muster (roundup of cattle)
erotus {n} :: roundup of reindeer
erotuskyky {n} :: resolution
erotusosamäärä {n} [math] :: difference quotient
erotutkinto {n} [historical] :: A discontinued theological university degree which allowed the ordination of the graduate as a priest
ersä {n} :: The Erzya language
ersäläinen {n} :: Erzya (person)
-ertaa {suffix} :: Variant of -rtaa
eruptiivinen {adj} [geology] :: eruptive
eruptio {n} :: eruption
Ervasti {prop} :: surname
Ervasti {prop} :: A placename
erytorbiinihappo {n} [organic chemistry] :: erythorbic acid
erytritoli {n} [chemistry] :: erythritol
erytroblasti {n} [anatomy] :: synonym of varhaispunasolu
erytromysiini {n} :: erythromycin
erytropoietiini {n} :: erythropoietin
erytrosiini {n} [organic chemistry] :: erythrosine
erytrosyytti {n} [hematology, cytology] :: erythrocyte, red blood cell
es {n} [music] :: E-flat
Esa {prop} :: given name
Esaias {prop} [dated] :: Isaiah [in older translations of the Bible]
Esaias {prop} :: given name of biblical origin
esanssi {n} :: essence (concentrate)
Es-duuri {n} [music] :: E-flat major
esi- {prefix} :: pre-, fore-
esiaikuinen {n} [zoology] :: subimago (stage in the development of certain insects)
esiäiti {n} :: ancestress
esiarkeeinen {adj} [geology] :: Eoarchean
esiaviollinen {adj} :: premarital
esihistoria {n} :: prehistory
esihistoriallinen {adj} :: prehistoric
esihistoriallisesti {adv} :: prehistorically
esiin {adv} [of movement] :: out (of hiding), in the open, into sight:
esiin {adv} [of movement] :: forward, forth:
esiintyä {vi} :: To appear, put in/make an appearance, show up, show oneself, turn up
esiintyä {vi} :: To behave, act, conduct oneself
esiintyä {vi} :: To perform, act, play (in a theatrical role)
esiintyä {vi} :: To pose as, play the part/role of, pretend to be, impersonate (in a deceitful sense), purport oneself to be
esiintyä {vi} [+ essive] :: To serve as, act as, appear as
esiintyä {vi} :: To occur, appear
esiintyä {vi} :: To be (to be) found, there are/were/have been/had been traces/deposits of (subject often in partitive -> verb in 3rd-pers. sg.)
esiintyjä {n} :: performer
esiintyjä {n} :: showman
esiintymä {n} :: deposit
esiintyminen {n} :: performance
esiintyminen {n} :: appearance, occurrence, prevalence
esiintymiskuume {n} :: stage fright
esiintymiskykyinen {adj} :: capable of (public) presentation, having showmanship
esiintymistaito {n} :: presentation skills
esiintymistapa {n} :: manner (the way one comes across)
esi-isä {n} :: ancestor, forebear
esijaettu {adj} :: preshared
esijännite {n} [electronics] :: bias (voltage applied to an electronic device to move its operating point to a desired part of its transfer function)
esijännitetty {adj} [construction] :: prestressed
esijännittää {vt} :: [construction] To prestress (to apply stress to reinforcing steels prior to casting the concrete)
esijäristys {n} [seismology] :: foreshock (tremor preceding the mainshock in an earthquake event)
esikäännös {n} [programming] :: precompilation, preprocessing
esikambrinen {adj} [geology] :: Precambrian
esikartano {n} :: forecourt
esikäsitellä {vt} :: To prepare
esikäsittely {n} :: preparation
esikatsella {v} :: To preview
esikatselu {n} :: preview
esikatselukuva {n} :: thumbnail (small picture for preview)
esikaupunki {n} :: suburb
esikisat {n} [sports] :: prelim, preliminary race or event
esikko {n} :: primrose
esikoinen {n} :: firstborn
esikois- {prefix} :: firstborn
esikoiskirjailija {n} :: An author who has had his or her first book published
esikoisoikeus {n} :: primogeniture (exclusive right of inheritance belonging to the eldest son)
esikoispoika {n} :: firstborn son
esikoisteos {n} :: first piece of work of an artist
esikoisteos {n} :: first book of an author
esikoistytär {n} :: firstborn daughter
esikoisuus {n} :: primogeniture (state of being the eldest child)
esikoulu {n} :: preschool, nursery school
esikoululainen {n} :: preschooler
esikristillinen {adj} :: pre-Christian
esikunta {n} :: military staff
esikunta {n} :: cadre (officers of a regiment forming the staff)
esikuntapäällikkö {n} [military] :: chief of staff
esikuntaupseeri {n} [military] :: staff officer
esikuva {n} :: example, paragon, role model, guiding light (person who has a profound influence on others and is a source of inspiration and admiration)
esikuvallinen {adj} :: exemplary
esikuvallisesti {adv} :: exemplarily
esikypsennys {n} :: precooking
esikypsentää {vt} :: to precook
esilääkitys {n} :: premedication
esilämmitin {n} :: preheater
esilämmittää {vt} :: to preheat
esilämmitys {n} :: preheating
esileikki {n} [sex] :: foreplay
esiliina {n} :: apron
esiliina {n} :: chaperone, someone who watches over an unmarried young couple to ensure the propriety of their meetings
esillä {adv} :: (static) out (in the open), visible, showing
esillä {adv} :: (static) on view/show/display
esille {adv} :: forward, forth, out, up, to the front, signifying that something that has been hidden comes or is brought to the sight, either in a concrete way or allegorically; used with a verb that signifies motion (see the Usage notes below)
esim. {abbr} :: for example, for instance (e.g.)
esimerkiksi {adv} :: for example
esimerkillinen {adj} :: exemplary
esimerkillisesti {adv} :: exemplarily
esimerkki {n} :: example
esimerkkilause {n} :: example sentence
esimies {n} :: boss, manager, superior
esinahka {n} [anatomy] :: prepuce, foreskin
esine {n} :: object, item, thing
esine {n} :: artifact (object made or shaped by hand)
esineellinen {adj} :: concrete, corporeal, pertaining to objects
esineellistää {vt} :: To objectify
esineellistyä {vi} :: To become objectified
esineiden internet {n} :: Internet of Things
esineistää {vt} :: To objectify
esineistö {n} :: The artefacts of a certain place or area collectively; often used in historical or anthropological context
esineistyä {vi} :: To become objectified
esineoikeus {n} [law] :: property law (the area of law concerned with the ownership and conveyance of property rights and title)
esineskanneri {n} :: 3D scanner
esinetulostin {n} :: 3D printer
esinetulostus {n} :: 3D printing
esioire {n} [medicine] :: prodrome (early symptom warning of the onset of a disease)
esiopetus {n} :: preschool education, pre-primary education, preschooling (early education that is given at preschool)
esipestä {vt} :: To prewash
esipesu {n} :: prewash
esipikkuaivot {n} [anatomy] :: archicerebellum
esipuberteetti {n} :: prepuberty
esipuhe {n} :: preamble
esirippu {n} :: curtain (in theatres)
esiselkäjänteinen {n} :: hemichordate
esisolu {n} [biology] :: protocell
esitahti {n} [poetry] :: anacrusis (unstressed syllable at the start of a verse)
esitaistelija {n} :: champion (e.g. of civil rights), pioneer
esitäytetty {adj} :: prefilled
esite {n} :: leaflet, brochure
esitellä {v} :: to introduce (to cause to be acquainted with someone else)
esitellä {v} :: to introduce (to make known by formal announcement or recommendation)
esitellä {v} :: to present, explain, expound upon
esitellä {v} :: to show around, give a tour of (a place); to demonstrate (e.g. the function of a machine); to display
esitelmä {n} :: An oral presentation or a lecture, especially one given at a learning institution to demonstrate the level of knowledge of the speaker
esitelmöidä {v} :: To lecture, to give a (public) lecture
esitelmöijä {n} :: lecturer
esitelmöinti {n} :: lecturing
esitelmöitsijä {n} :: lecturer
esittää {vt} :: To express, offer, set/put forth, state
esittää {vt} :: To show (explaining)
esittää {vt} :: To present, produce (on a stage), stage, show
esittää {vt} :: To submit, suggest, propose; to move, make a motion; to nominate, put forward; to refer
esittää {vt} :: To perform, do
esittää {vt} :: To pose as, play (the part of), pretend to be, impersonate, purport oneself to be
esittää {vt} :: To portray, represent, render
esittää {vt} :: To produce (to make available to a person, an authority, etc.)
esittäjä {n} :: performer
esittäjä {n} :: presenter
esittämän {v} :: infinitive of esittää
esittävä {adj} [arts] :: performing
esittäytyä {vi} :: To introduce oneself, present oneself
esitteillä {adv} :: on display (in a state where something is presented publicly)
esitteille {adv} :: on display (into a state where something is presented publicly)
esittelijä {n} [legal] :: A referendary
esittely {n} :: introduction (act of causing someone to be acquainted with someone else)
esittely {n} :: introduction (act of making something or someone known by formal announcement or recommendation)
esittely {n} :: introduction (means, such as a personal letter, of presenting one person to another)
esittely {n} :: exhibition, show
esittely {n} :: declaration (specification of a programming variable)
esittelytila {n} :: showroom
esitumallinen {n} :: prokaryote
esitutkinta {n} [legal] :: pretrial, pretrial investigation
esityksellinen {adj} :: presentational
esitys {n} :: presentation
esitys {n} :: show
esitys {n} :: proposition, proposal
esityslista {n} :: agenda (list of issues to be discussed in a meeting, often including background information and proposals for the decisions to be made)
esitysmuoto {n} :: format (form of presentation of something)
esitystaito {n} :: presentation skill
esitystapa {n} :: way of presenting or presentation
esivaali {n} :: primary election, primary
esivahvistin {n} :: preamplifier
esivanhemmat {n} :: lineage, ancestors
esivanhempi {n} :: ancestor
esivirta {n} [electronics] :: bias (current applied to an electronic device to move its operating point to a desired part of its transfer function)
eskaaderi {n} [nautical] :: squadron
eskadroona {n} [cavalry] :: squadron
eskalaatio {n} :: escalation
eskaloida {vt} :: To escalate
eskalointi {n} :: escalation
eskaloitua {vi} :: To escalate
eskapismi {n} :: escapism
eskapisti {n} :: escapist
eskapistinen {adj} :: escapist
eskari {n} [colloquial] :: preschool
eskarilainen {n} [colloquial] :: preschooler
eskatologia {n} :: eschatology
eskatologinen {adj} :: eschatological
Eskelinen {prop} :: surname
eskimo {n} :: Eskimo (person)
eskimo {n} [in plural] :: Eskimo (people)
eskimo {n} :: synonym of jäätelöpuikko (ice cream bar)
eskimokanootti {n} :: kayak (type of small, typically human-powered narrow boat)
eskimokieli {n} :: Eskimo language
eskimokielinen {adj} :: Eskimo language speaking
eskimokielinen {adj} :: Expressed in an Eskimo language
eskimokoira {n} :: synonym of grönlanninkoira
eskimokoira {n} [rare] :: synonym of amerikaneskimokoira
eskimokuovi {n} :: Eskimo curlew [Numenius borealis]
eskimosirri {n} :: Baird's sandpiper [Calidris bairdii]
eskimosuukko {n} :: Eskimo kiss
Esko {prop} :: given name
Eskola {prop} :: surname
Eskola {prop} :: Any of a number of small places in Finland
eskolaiitti {n} [mineral] :: eskolaite
eskortti {n} :: escort
es-molli {n} [music] :: E-flat minor
esofagiitti {n} [pathology] :: esophagitis
esofagus {n} :: oesophagus
esoteerinen {adj} :: esoteric
esoteerisesti {adv} :: esoterically
esoteerisuus {n} :: esotericity
esoteerisuus {n} :: esotericism
esoterismi {n} :: esotericism
espagnole-kastike {n} :: espagnole sauce
espanja {n} :: The Spanish language
Espanja {prop} :: Spain
espanjalainen {adj} :: Spanish
espanjalainen {n} :: A Spanish person
espanjalainen ratsastaja {n} [military] :: cheval de frise (obstacle made of wood with spikes, for use against attacking cavalry)
espanjalainen ratsastaja {n} [military] :: Spanish rider (obstacle made of wood and barbed wire, for use against attacking infantry)
espanjalaistaa {v} :: to Hispanicize, Hispanicise
espanjalaisuus {n} :: Spanishness
espanjanilves {n} :: An Iberian lynx
espanjan kieli {n} :: the Spanish language
espanjankielinen {adj} :: Spanish, Spanish language, Hispanic (written or expressed in Spanish)
espanjankielinen {adj} :: Spanish speaking, Hispanic (using Spanish as a means of daily communication)
espanjankielinen {adj} :: Hispanic (of or relating to Spanish-speaking people)
espanjankilpikonna {n} :: Greek tortoise, Testudo graeca
espanjankilpikonna {n} :: Maghreb tortoise, Iberian tortoise, Testudo graeca graeca (subspecies of T. graeca)
espanjanmastiffi {n} :: Spanish mastiff
espanjanmyyrä {n} :: Cabrera vole, Cabrera's vole, Microtus cabrerae
espanjanpäästäinen {n} :: Iberian shrew, Sorex granarius
espanjanpippuri {n} :: pimiento
espanjansiruetana {n} :: Spanish slug, Arion vulgaris
espanjantaa {v} :: to Hispanicize, translate into Spanish
espanjantauti {n} :: Spanish flu, Spanish influenza
espanjanvesikoira {n} :: Spanish Water Dog
espanjatar {n} :: A female Spanish person
esperantisti {n} :: Esperantist
esperanto {n} :: Esperanto
esperantonkielinen {adj} :: Esperanto-speaking
esperantonkielinen {adj} :: Expressed in the Esperanto language
esplanadi {n} :: esplanade
Espoo {prop} :: Espoo
espoolainen {n} :: A person from, or an inhabitant of, Espoo
espoolainen {adj} :: Of or pertaining to the city of Espoo or its citizens
espresso {n} :: espresso
espressokeitin {n} :: espresso machine, espresso maker
Esra {prop} :: Ezra (Biblical figure)
Esra {prop} :: the Book of Ezra
essealainen {n} [biblical] :: Essene (member of an ancient Jewish sect)
essee {n} :: essay (written composition of moderate length)
essee {n} :: synonym of aine (essay written as part of schoolwork)
esseisti {n} :: essayist
esseistiikka {n} :: The essays as branch of literature
essentiaalinen {adj} :: essential
essentialismi {n} :: essentialism
essi {n} [slang] :: ecstasy, X (drug)
Essi {prop} :: given name
essiivi {n} [grammar] :: essive
essiivi-formaali {n} [grammar] :: essive-formal, essive-formal case
essiivi-modaali {n} [grammar] :: essive-modal, essive-modal case
esso {n} [slang] :: ecstasy, MDMA (drug)
essu {n} [colloquial] :: apron
essu {n} [slang] :: ecstasy (drug)
estää {vt} :: To prevent, forestall, preclude, avert
estää {vt} :: To prevent, stop, keep, hinder, block someone (from doing something = 3rd infinitive in elative, -masta/-mästä)
estää {vt} :: To deter, impede, block someone (from doing something = 3rd infinitive in elative, -masta/-mästä)
estää {vt} :: To block (on social media)
establishment {n} [colloquial] :: establishment (ruling class)
estäjä {n} :: inhibitor
estäminen {n} :: prevention
estäminen {n} [ice hockey] :: interference (illegal obstruction of an opponent)
este {n} :: obstacle, barrier, hindrance, obstruction
este {n} [athletics] :: hurdle
esteellinen {adj} [legal] :: disqualified, challengeable, contestable (deemed not to have authority over a case due to having a conflict of interest)
esteellisyys {n} [legal] :: Incapacity, disqualification (of a judge)
esteellisyysperuste {n} [legal] :: challenge (a reason for which a judge should not be allowed to sit a case)
esteetikko {n} :: An aesthete
esteetön {adj} :: unobstructed, free
esteetön {adj} :: having unobstructed access for people with reduced mobility
esteetön {adj} [legal] :: disinterested, allowable, unchallenged, qualified, competent (having no stake in the outcome and free of bias)
esteettinen {adj} :: aesthetic
esteettisesti {adv} :: aesthetically
esteettömästi {adv} :: freely (without obstructing)
esteettömyys {n} [legal] :: Competence, qualification (of a judge to sit a case impartially)
esteettömyys {n} :: accessibility
estejuoksu {n} [athletics] :: steeplechase
estellä {vt} :: To deter (to persuade)
Ester {prop} :: Esther [biblical character]
Ester {prop} :: the book of Esther
Ester {prop} :: given name
esteratsastus {n} [equestrianism] :: show jumping
esteri {n} :: ester (compound with carbon-oxygen double bond joined via carbon to another oxygen atom)
Esteri {prop} :: given name
estetiikka {n} :: aesthetics
estetismi {n} :: estheticism
estetisoida {v} :: to aestheticize
estimaatio {n} :: estimation
estimaatti {n} :: estimate
estimaattori {n} [statistics] :: estimator
estimoida {v} :: To estimate
estimointi {n} :: estimation
estin {n} :: A preventer (device which prevents sometihng from happening)
esto {n} :: block, blocking, blockage
esto {n} [psychology] :: An inhibition
esto {n} [sports] :: An interference
estoinen {adj} :: self-conscious, restrained
estosuunta {n} [electronics] :: reverse direction (of a diode)
estoton {adj} :: incontinent (lacking moral or sexual restraint)
estottomasti {adv} :: incontinently
estradi {n} :: dais
estrogeeni {n} :: estrogen
estuaari {n} :: estuary
estyä {vi} :: To be prevented, hindered
estymä {n} :: inhibition
estynyt {adj} :: prevented (physically or mentally unable to perform duties one normally has in some institution)
et {conj} [subordinating, colloquial] :: That
-eta {suffix} :: Forms verbs from adjectives, meaning "to become (adjective)" or "to become more (adjective)"
ETA {prop} :: initialism of Euroopan talousalue
etä- {prefix} :: distant, remote, long-distance, far-off
etäällä {adv} [static] :: far (at a great distance)
etäälle {adv} [rare] :: far (to a great distance)
etäältä {adv} :: from a distance, from afar, remotely
etäämmäksi {adv} :: synonym of etäämmäs
etäämmälle {adv} :: farther (to a greater distance in place or space)
etäämmäs {adv} :: (to) further away
etäämpää {adv} :: from further away
etäämpänä {adv} [static] :: further away
etaani {n} :: ethane
etaaninitriili {n} :: acetonitrile
etaanitioli {n} [chemistry] :: ethanethiol
etäännyttää {vt} :: To alienate sb/sth
etääntyä {vi} :: To recede, to move further away
etabloida {v} :: to establish
etabloitua {vi} :: To establish
etähavainnointi {n} [science] :: remote sensing
etäinen {adj} :: remote, distant
etäisesti {adv} :: distantly
etäispesäke {n} [medicine] :: metastatic tumor
etäisyys {n} :: distance
etäisyysmittari {n} :: rangefinder
etäkäyttäjä {n} [computing] :: remote user
etäkäyttö {n} [computing] :: remote access
etäkokous {n} :: teleconference, telemeeting (conference in which participants are connected over a telecom network)
etakryynihappo {n} [organic compound, medicine, pharmacology] :: etacrynic acid
etälamautin {n} :: stun gun
etäläsnäolo {n} :: telepresence
etämyynti {n} :: distance selling, distance sales
etana {n} :: slug
etana {n} :: snail
etana {n} :: snail, sluggard (slow person)
etanaposti {n} :: snail mail
etanoli {n} :: ethanol
etäopiskelu {n} :: distance learning
etäpääte {n} [computing] :: terminal
etäpesäke {n} [medicine] :: metastatic tumor
etappi {n} :: leg (of a journey)
etätulostin {n} [computing] :: remote printer
etätyö {n} :: telecommuting
etäyttää {vi} :: To distance oneself
eteen {postp} [of movement] :: in front of:
eteeni {n} :: ethene
eteenpäin {adv} :: forward, onward, ahead (towards the front or at the front, in a forward direction)
eteenpäin {adv} :: forth (forward in time, place or degree)
eteenpäin {adv} :: along (onward, forward, with progressive action)
eteenpäinen {adj} :: forward
eteensä {adv} :: To the front of oneself
eteerinen {adj} :: Pertaining to ether (chemical compound)
eteerinen {adj} :: ethereal
eteerinen {adj} :: essential; in term eteerinen öljy (essential oil)
eteerinen öljy {n} [organic chemistry] :: essential oil
eteerisesti {adv} :: ethereally
etehinen {n} [archaic] :: synonym of eteinen
eteinen {n} :: outer hall(way), entry(way), vestibule (when entering a house)
eteinen {n} :: hall, corridor, aisle, passage(way) (when entering a house)
eteinen {n} [anatomy] :: atrium, auricle (in the heart)
eteinen {n} :: (anatomy) vestibule (in the throat)
eteinen {n} :: When used as modifier in compound terms, appears in the form eteis-. The corresponding English term may be any of the translations above or an adjective derived thereof, e.g. vestibular
eteishalli {n} :: lobby, foyer
eteishalli {n} [architecture] :: narthex (architectural element typical of early Christian and Byzantine basilicas or churches consisting of the entrance or lobby area, usually located at the west end of the nave)
eteis-kammiokimppu {n} [anatomy] :: bundle of His, AV bundle, atrioventricular bundle (bundle of specialized heart muscle cells that transmit electrical impulses from the AV node in the heart to the muscle cells of the heart wall, which contract in response producing the heart beat)
eteislepatus {n} [cardiology] :: atrial flutter
eteisvahtimestari {n} :: doorman
eteisvärinä {n} [medicine] :: atrial fibrillation
etelä {n} :: south
Etelä-Aasia {prop} :: South Asia
Etelä-Afrikan tasavalta {prop} :: The Republic of South Africa
Etelä-Afrikka {prop} :: South Africa
eteläafrikkalainen {adj} :: South African
eteläafrikkalainen {n} :: A South African person
Etelä-Amerikka {prop} :: South America
eteläamerikkalainen {adj} :: South American
Etelä-Australia {prop} :: South Australia
Etelä-Carolina {prop} :: South Carolina (state of the United States)
Etelä-Dakota {prop} :: South Dakota
Etelä-Eurooppa {prop} :: Southern Europe
eteläeurooppalainen {adj} :: South European
eteläeurooppalainen {n} :: A South European person
Etelä-Georgia ja Eteläiset Sandwichsaaret {prop} :: South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands
eteläinen {adj} :: southern, southerly
Eteläinen jäämeri {prop} :: Southern Ocean
eteläinen napapiiri {n} [geography] :: Antarctic Circle
eteläisempi {adj} :: comparative of eteläinen
Etelä-Jemen {prop} :: South Yemen
eteläjukagiiri {n} :: Southern Yukaghir (Yukaghir language)
eteläkaakko {n} :: south-southeast
Etelä-Karjala {prop} :: South Karelia (region of Finland)
Etelä-Kiinan meri {prop} :: The South China Sea
Etelä-Korea {prop} :: South Korea
eteläkorealainen {adj} :: South Korean
eteläkorealainen {n} :: South Korean
etelälounas {n} :: south-southwest
etelämaalainen {adj} :: Of or pertaining to a southern country (Mediterranean or more in the south)
etelämaalainen {n} :: A person from a southern country
etelämainen {adj} :: Of or pertaining to a southern country (Mediterranean or more in the south)
Etelämanner {prop} :: Antarctica
Etelämeri {prop} :: South Sea (region of Pacific Ocean)
etelämmäksi {adv} :: synonym of etelämmäs
etelämmäs {adv} :: (to) further south, (to) some (more) distance towards the south
etelämpää {adv} :: from further south, from some (more) distance towards the south
etelämpänä {adv} [static] :: further south, some (more) distance towards the south
etelämpi {adj} :: more southern
etelänapa {n} :: South Pole
etelänapa {n} :: south pole, the negative pole of a magnet
Etelänapamanner {prop} :: Antarctica
etelänapina {n} :: Australopithecus
Etelän kala {prop} :: The constellation Piscis Austrinus
etelänkiisla {n} :: guillemot, common guillemot, common murre, Uria aalge
Etelän kolmio {prop} :: The constellation Triangulum Australe, the Southern Triangle
Etelän kruunu {prop} :: The constellation Corona Australis, the Southern Crown
etelänkultasade {n} :: common laburnum, Laburnum anagyroides
etelänmammutti {n} :: A mammoth, Mammuthus meridionalis
etelänmara {n} :: synonym of pampajänis
etelänpihlaja {n} :: wild service tree, Sorbus torminalis syn. Torminalis clusii
Etelän risti {prop} :: The constellation Crux, the Southern Cross
Etelänristi {prop} :: alternative spelling of Etelän risti
etelänsatakieli {n} :: A nightingale, common nightingale or rufous nightingale, Luscinia megarhynchos
etelän varis {n} [pejorative, regional] :: A person from southern Finland, especially when visiting Lapland
Etelän vesikäärme {prop} :: The constellation Hydrus
eteläosa {n} :: southern part
Etelä-Ossetia {prop} :: South Ossetia (South Ossetia)
eteläossetialainen {n} :: South Ossetian (person)
eteläossetialainen {adj} :: South Ossetian (of or pertaining to South Ossetia)
eteläpohjalainen {adj} :: Of or pertaining to the southern Ostrobothnia
Etelä-Pohjanmaa {prop} :: South Ostrobothnia (region of Finland)
eteläpuoli {n} :: southside
eteläraja {n} :: southern border
etelärannikko {n} :: southern coast
eteläsaame {n} :: The Southern Sami language
Eteläsaari {prop} :: South Island
eteläsilta {n} [literally] :: south bridge, southern bridge
eteläsilta {n} [computing, electronics] :: southbridge
eteläslaavilainen {adj} :: South Slavic
Etelä-Sudan {prop} :: South Sudan (country)
eteläsudanilainen {n} :: South Sudanese
eteläsudanilainen {adj} :: South Sudanese
eteläsuomalainen {adj} :: Of or pertaining to the southern Finland
eteläsuomalainen {n} :: A person from the southern Finland
Etelä-Suomi {prop} :: southern Finland
eteläturkkilainen {adj} :: South Turkish (of or pertaining to the southern part of modern Turkey)
eteläturkkilainen {adj} [linguistics] :: Oghuz, Southwestern Turkic (of or pertaining to a subgroup of Turkic languages, which includes Turkish, Azerbaijani and Turkmen among others)
eteläturkkilainen {adj} [ethnography] :: Oghuz (of or pertaining to the nations and ethnic groups speaking these languages)
etelätuuli {n} :: south wind
etelävaltalainen {adj} :: Confederate
etelävaltalainen {n} :: A Confederate
etelävaltiot {n} [historical] :: The Confederate States of America
Etelä-Vietnam {prop} :: South Vietnam
eteläviitta {n} [nautical] :: cardinal mark for south
etenemä {n} :: protrusion (amount)
etenemä {n} :: depth (of a step in staircase)
eteneminen {n} :: progress, advancement
etenemisliikkeen energia {n} [physics] :: translational energy (the energy of the molecules of a fluid due to their translational motion)
etenemispalkki {n} [graphical user interface] :: progress bar
etenijä {n} :: advancer (one who advances)
etenijä {n} [sports, pesäpallo] :: baserunner, runner
etenkään {adv} :: (used only in a negative clause with a negation verb) Especially not
etenkin {adv} :: [used only in a positive clause] Especially, particularly, notably
etevä {adj} :: Competent, able, talented, brilliant
etevä {adj} :: (Pre)eminent, prominent, distinguished
etevä {adj} :: Brilliant, excellent
etevä {adj} :: Promising, up-and-coming, precocious
etevästi {adv} :: competently, talentedly
etevästi {adv} :: brilliantly, excellently
etiäinen {n} :: False arrival, a kind of premonition, for example one hears doorbell ringing although it doesn't, and soon it actually rings
etiäinen {n} :: In Finnish mythology, a spirit sent forth by a shaman or a person in great distress
etidronihappo {n} [pharmacology] :: etidronic acid
etiikka {n} [philosophy] :: ethics
etiketöidä {vt} :: To put a label
etiketöinti {n} :: labeling (e.g. a jar)
etiketti {n} :: label, tag (on a bottle etc.)
etiketti {n} :: etiquette, decorum
etikka {n} :: vinegar
etikkaeetteri {n} :: acetic ether, ethyl acetate
etikkahappo {n} [chemistry] :: acetic acid
etikkahappoanhydridi {n} [chemistry] :: acetic anhydride
etikkainen {adj} :: Vinegarish (tasting like vinegar)
etikkainen {adj} :: Vinegary (sour, like vinegar)
etikkakurkku {n} :: pickle
etikkaliemi {n} :: pickle (pickling liquid based on vinegar)
etikoitua {vi} :: To turn into vinegar
etikoitua {vi} :: To be immersed in a vinegary solution in order to acquire the taste or to be conserved
etikoitunut {adj} :: Vinegary (having turned partially or fully to vinegar)
etinen {adj} :: forward (towards the front or at the front)
etiologia {n} [science] :: aetiology (study of causes or origins)
etiologia {n} [pathology] :: aetiology (known or suspected origin of a disease)
etiologinen {adj} :: etiological
etiologisesti {adv} :: etiologically
Etiopia {prop} :: Ethiopia (country)
etiopialainen {adj} :: Ethiopian
etiopialainen {n} :: A person from Ethiopia or of Ethiopian descent
etiopialainen tavukirjoitus {n} :: Ge'ez (writing system)
etiopianbanaani {n} :: enset, ensete, Ensete ventricosum (species of banana family, the root of which is used for food)
etiopianpaviaani {n} :: gelada, Theropithecus gelada
etiopiansakaali {n} :: Ethiopian wolf, Canis simensis
etiopiansusi {n} :: Ethiopian wolf, Canis simensis
etkot {n} [plural only] :: preparty
et-merkki {n} :: ampersand (the symbol "&")
etninen {adj} :: ethnic
etninen puhdistus {n} :: ethnic cleansing
etninen ryhmä {n} :: ethnic group
etnisesti {adv} :: ethnically
etnisyys {n} :: ethnicity
etnobotaniikka {n} [botany, sociology] :: ethnobotany (scientific study of the relationships between people and plants)
etnografi {n} :: ethnographer
etnografia {n} :: ethnography
etnografinen {adj} :: ethnographic
etnografisesti {adv} :: ethnographically
etnolekti {n} [linguistics] :: ethnolect (variant of language used by an ethnic group)
etnologi {n} :: ethnologist
etnologia {n} :: ethnology
etnologinen {adj} :: ethnological
etnologisesti {adv} :: ethnologically
etnomusiikki {n} :: ethnomusic (music genre)
etnomusikologia {n} :: ethnomusicology
etnosentrinen {adj} :: ethnocentric
etnosentrismi {n} :: ethnocentrism
etnosentrisyys {n} :: ethnocentrism
etoa {vt} :: To cause to feel sick/nauseous
etoa {vt} [monopersonal] :: partitive + 3rd-pers. singular = to feel sick/nauseous (esp. due to seeing or smelling something disgusting)
etologi {n} :: ethologist
etologia {n} :: Ethology
etologinen {adj} :: ethological
etomidaatti {n} :: etomidate
etominen {n} :: qualm, nausea
Etruria {prop} :: Etruria
etruski {n} :: Etruscan (person)
etruski {n} :: Etruscan (language)
etruskikarhu {n} :: Etruscan bear (Ursus etruscus)
etruskilainen {adj} :: Etruscan
etruskologia {n} :: Etruscology
etsaaja {n} :: etcher
etsata {vt} :: To etch
etsaus {n} :: etching
etsiä {vt} :: To search (for), look for; to seek
etsijä {n} :: searcher
etsikko {n} [literary, religion] :: visitation (encounter with supernatural beings, especially God or his envoy)
etsikko {n} :: etsikkoaika (time of visitation)
etsikkoaika {n} [biblical] :: time of visitation (the time when God calls a person)
etsikkoaika {n} [figuratively] :: window of opportunity (time during which a potentially favorable option is available)
etsiminen {n} :: searching
etsin {n} :: viewfinder
etsintä {n} :: search
etsintäkuulutettu {adj} [legal] :: wanted (subject to immediate detainment)
etsintäkuulutettu {n} [legal] :: A wanted person
etsintäkuuluttaa {vt} [law enforcement] :: To issue an APB on
etsintäkuulutus {n} :: APB, all-points bulletin, (UK) APW, all-ports warning
etsintäkuulutus {n} :: wanted poster, wanted sign
etsiskellä {vt} :: To search, to go looking for someone or something
etsitty {adj} :: wanted, sought
etsiytyä {vr} :: To home in on (in concrete sense)
että {conj} [subordinating] :: that (conjunction indicating that the subordinate clause of the subject of the verb of the main clause)
että {conj} [subordinating] :: Indicates purpose in order to, to, so that
että {conj} :: as to
ettei {contraction} :: contraction of että ei
etteivät {contraction} :: contraction of että eivät
ettemme {contraction} :: contraction of että emme
etten {contraction} :: contraction of että en
ettet {contraction} :: contraction of että et
ettette {contraction} :: contraction of että ette
etu- {prefix} :: front, fore-
etu {n} :: advantage
etu {n} :: benefit, interest
Etu-Aasia {prop} :: Southwest Asia
etuajassa {adv} :: ahead of time, ahead of schedule
etuajo-oikeus {n} :: right of way (the right of a driver to proceed in advance of all others at an intersection)
etuala {n} :: foreground, forefront (abstractly)
etuanti {n} :: An advance, advancement or prepayment (a payment in advance)
etuasema {n} :: advantage, an advantageous position
etuhammas {n} [anatomy] :: incisor
etuilija {n} :: cutter, queue-jumper (one who cuts in, or jumps the queue)
etuilla {vi} :: to cut in, jump the queue; also to butt, barge, bud, budge, ditch, break, short or push in the line or queue (to enter a line in the middle instead of the end of it)
etuistuin {n} [legal] :: front seat
etujalka {n} :: foreleg, forefoot
etujärjestö {n} :: interest group, special/public etc. interest organization, advocacy group, lobby (organization that exists for the purpose of defending and advancing the rights or economic interests of its members in a particular field, e.g. trade union, industry association, guild)
etujäsen {n} [logic] :: antecedent
etujoukko {n} :: A vanguard
etujoukko {n} :: A leading edge (vanguard)
etukansi {n} :: front cover
etukäpälä {n} :: front paw
etukastelli {n} [nautical] :: A forecastle (raised part of the upper deck at the bow of a ship)
etukäteen {adv} :: beforehand
etukenoinen {adj} :: forward slanted
etukenttä {n} [baseball, pesäpallo, cricket] :: infield
etukenttä {n} [basketball] :: playing positions of all but the point guard and shooting guard collectively
etukulma {n} [nautical] :: tack (part of sail)
etulaiton {n} [pesäpallo] :: foul ball, outside the play area (on the first bounce) from the side of the batter, such as the ball hitting too close to the batter or flying in some other direction than where the play area is
etuliikki {n} [nautical] :: hoist (the edge of a fore-and-aft sail that is next to the mast or stay)
etuliite {n} [linguistics] :: A prefix
etulinja {n} [military] :: front line, battlefront
etulyöntiasema {n} :: vantage, advantage, high ground
etumainen {adj} :: alternative form of etummainen
etumatka {n} :: lead (distance in favor of a competitor, especially at the beginning of a race or similar)
etumerkillinen {adj} [computing] :: signed (containing a sign; accepting both positive and negative values)
etumerkitön {adj} [computing] :: unsigned (not containing a sign; not accepting negative values)
etumerkki {n} [mathematics] :: sign (+ or -)
etummainen {adj} :: foremost
etummainen {adj} :: forward, first in front
etummainen {adj} [anatomy] :: anterior
etumus {n} :: front, breast
etunäkökohta {n} :: interest (political, business)
etuneljännes {n} :: forequarter (front half of a side of an animal)
etunenässä {adv} :: ahead, ahead of, in the forefront of
etunimi {n} :: A given name, first name, forename or Christian name
etuoikeuksinen {adj} :: privileged
etuoikeus {n} :: privilege (particular benefit, advantage, or favor; a right enjoyed by some but not others)
etuoikeus {n} :: privilege (rare or fortunate opportunity)
etuoikeus {n} :: franchise (preferential right or privilege officially granted by a government; especially for exploiting a market or a resource on exclusive basis)
etuoikeutettu {adj} :: privileged
etuovi {n} :: front door
etupää {n} :: The front part or front end of anything
etupäässä {adv} :: mainly, for the most part
etupainotteisesti {adv} :: in a front-loaded manner
etuperin {adv} :: forwards, in the normal direction as opposed to backwards
etupiha {n} :: front yard, forecourt (open area in front of a building)
etupuoli {n} :: front, face, frontside, facade (most visible side of anything)
eturaaja {n} :: forelimb
eturaja {n} :: front boundary or limit
eturauhanen {n} [anatomy] :: prostate, prostate gland
eturauhassyöpä {n} [oncology, pathology] :: prostate cancer
eturauhastulehdus {n} [medicine] :: prostatitis
eturengas {n} :: front tyre, front wheel
etureuna {n} :: A leading edge (frontmost edge of a wing)
etureuna {n} :: A front edge
etureunasolakko {n} [aviation] :: leading-edge slat
eturinne {n} :: front slope, face
eturintama {n} :: forefront
eturistiriita {n} :: conflict of interest
eturivi {n} :: front row
eturivi {n} :: frontline; when used adjectivally in genitive
eturukous {n} [Christinaity] :: A collect (prayer)
etusääriluu {n} :: cannon bone (metacarpal bone of a horse)
etusäleikkö {n} [automotive] :: A grill
etuseinä {n} :: front wall (wall forming the front side of a structure)
etuseteli {n} :: voucher
etusiipi {n} :: fore wing
etusiipi {n} [automotive] :: front wing
etusija {n} :: priority, preference, preferred position
etusija {n} :: asettaa etusijalle: to prefer
etusijainen {adj} :: synonym of ensisijainen
etusijaistaa {vt} :: synonym of ensisijaistaa
etusivu {n} [press] :: front page, front cover
etusivu {n} :: front side
etusivun juttu {n} :: front page story, cover story (story whose subject matter appears on the front page of a publication)
etusormi {n} :: forefinger
etustaagi {n} [nautical, slang] :: forestay (stay that extends from the top of the foremast to the bow or bowsprit of a sailing ship)
etusuora {n} [sports] :: front straight (straight of a track with the finish line)
etutähtäin {n} [firearms] :: front sight
etuuma {n} :: flashforward
etuus {n} :: benefit, entitlement
etuvaaka {n} [gymnastics] :: front lever
etuvartioasema {n} :: outpost (military post)
etuvarvas {n} [colloquial, anatomy] :: second toe from medial to lateral
etuvastakohta {n} :: conflict of interest
etuveto {n} :: front-wheel drive
etuvetoinen {adj} :: front-wheel drive (being front-wheel driven)
etuvetoisuus {n} :: front-wheel drive (quality of being front-wheel driven)
etuvokaali {n} [phonetics] :: A front vowel
etydi {n} :: étude
Etyj {prop} :: OSCE (Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe)
ETYJ {initialism} :: OSCE (Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe)
etyleeni {n} :: ethylene
etyleenidiamini {n} :: ethylenediamine
etyleeniglykoli {n} [chemistry] :: ethylene glycol
etyleeni-imiini {n} [chemistry] :: aziridine
etyleenioksidi {n} [chemistry] :: ethylene oxide
etymologi {n} :: etymologist
etymologia {n} :: etymology
etymologinen {adj} :: etymological
etymologisesti {adv} :: etymologically
etyyli {n} [organic chemistry] :: ethyl
etyylialkoholi {n} [chemistry] :: ethyl alcohol
etyyliamiini {n} [chemistry] :: ethylamine
etyyliasetaatti {n} :: ethyl acetate
etyyliasetoasetaatti {n} [chemistry] :: ethyl acetoacetate
etyylibentseeni {n} [chemistry] :: ethylbenzene
etyyliformiaatti {n} [chemistry] :: ethyl formate
etyylikarbamaatti {n} [chemistry] :: ethyl carbamate
etyylimetyyliselluloosa {n} [organic chemistry] :: ethyl methyl cellulose
etyyliselluloosa {n} [organic chemistry] :: ethylcellulose
EU {prop} :: EU; initialism of Euroopan unioni
eudiometri {n} :: eudiometer
eufemismi {n} :: A euphemism
eufemistinen {adj} :: euphemistic
eufemistisesti {adv} :: euphemistically
eufonia {n} :: euphony
eufonium {n} :: euphonium
euforia {n} :: euphoria
euforinen {adj} :: euphoric
euforisesti {adv} :: euphorically
Eufrat {prop} :: the Euphrates (river)
Eufrosyne {prop} [mythology] :: Euphrosyne
eugeniikka {n} :: eugenics
eugenikko {n} :: eugenicist
eukalyptoli {n} :: eucalyptol
eukalyptus {n} :: eucalyptus (tree of the genus Eucalyptus)
eukalyptuskaramelli {n} :: eucalyptus candy (candy flavored with eucalyptus oil)
eukalyptusöljy {n} :: eucalyptus oil
eukalyptuspastilli {n} :: eucalyptus lozenge (lozenge flavored with eucalyptus oil)
eukalyptuspuu {n} :: eucalyptus tree, eucalyptus (tree of the genus Eucalyptus)
eukaristia {n} :: Eucharist, Holy Communion (sacrament)
eukaryootti {n} :: eukaryote
eukko {n} [somewhat, derogatory] :: an old woman
eukko {n} [colloquial, humorous] :: one's wife
eukkonen {n} [dated] :: A diminutive form of eukko; used chiefly with a possessive suffix as an address
Eukleides {prop} :: Euclid (Greek mathematician)
euklidinen {adj} [geometry] :: Euclidean
euklidinen avaruus {n} [mathematics, geometry] :: Euclidean space
euklidinen geometria {n} [geometry] :: Euclidean geometry
eukonkanto {n} :: wife carrying
Eulerin lause {n} [math] :: Euler's formula
Eulerin φ-funktio {n} [math] :: Euler's totient function
eulogia {n} [rare] :: synonym of muistopuhe
EU-maa {n} :: EU country (member country in the European Union)
eunukki {n} :: eunuch
euploidia {n} [genetics] :: euploidy
Eura {prop} :: A municipality in the region of Satakunta, Finland
euraasialainen {adj} :: Eurasian
euraasialainen {n} :: A Eurasian person
euraasialainen ilves {n} :: A term sometimes used of ilves (Eurasian lynx, Lynx lynx) in order to separate it from other lynx species
euraasialaisuus {n} :: Eurasianness (quality of being Eurasian)
Euraasian unioni {prop} :: Eurasian Union
Eurajoki {prop} :: A municipality in Satakunta, Finland
euribor {n} [finance] :: Euribor
euriborkorko {n} [finance] :: Euribor
Eur Ing {abbr} :: euroinsinööri
euro- {prefix} :: Euro- (forms words relating to Europe)
euro {n} :: euro (currency)
euroaika {n} :: Central European Time
euroalue {n} :: Eurozone
euroatlanttinen {adj} :: Euro-Atlantic
eurobarometri {n} :: Eurobarometer
eurodollari {n} [finance] :: Eurodollar
euroedustaja {n} :: MEP, a member of the European Parliament
eurofiili {n} :: Europhile
euroinsinööri {n} :: European Engineer (European qualification for engineers granted by the European Federation of National Engineering Associations - FEANI)
eurokansalainen {n} :: A citizen of the European Union
eurokansanedustaja {n} :: MEP, a member of the European Parliament
eurokommunismi {n} :: Eurocommunism
eurokommunisti {n} :: Eurocommunist (supporter of Eurocommunism)
eurokorko {n} [finance] :: euro rate (interest rate for a credit denominated in euro)
eurokraatti {n} :: Eurocrat
euromaa {n} :: euro country (individual country that uses euro as currency)
euromaa {n} [in plural] :: Euroland, Eurozone
Euromaa {prop} :: Euroland (group of countries which use Euro as currency)
euromarkkinat {n} [finance] :: Euromarket (market for Eurocurrencies)
euronen {n} :: A one euro coin
euronen {n} [in compound terms] :: euro coin, euro bill (coin or bill denominated in euro)
euronormi {n} [standardization] :: Euronorm, European Standard (any of the EN-labeled standards issued by the European Committee for Standardization)
euro-ohjus {n} [military] :: Euro Missile (missile intended to be used by the defense forces of European nations, usually developed in cooperation of two or more countries)
euroopandoggilepakko {n} :: European free-tailed bat, Tadarida teniotis
euroopanhernepensas {n} :: A caragana bush, Caragana frutex
euroopanhumalapyökki {n} :: European hop-hornbeam, Ostrya carpinifolia
euroopanhummeri {n} :: European lobster, common lobster, Homarus gammarus (species of clawed lobster from the eastern Atlantic Ocean, Mediterranean Sea and parts of the Black Sea)
Euroopan keskuspankki {prop} :: European Central Bank
Euroopan komissio {prop} :: European Commission
euroopankuusi {n} :: Norway spruce, Picea abies
euroopanlehtikuusi {n} :: European larch, Larix decidua
euroopanmajava {n} :: European beaver (Castor fiber)
euroopanmarjakuusi {n} :: common yew, European yew, Taxus baccata
euroopanmestaruuskilpailu {n} [sports] :: European Championship Games
euroopanmuratti {n} :: common ivy, Hedera helix
euroopanmustamänty {n} :: European black pine, Pinus nigra
Euroopan unioni {prop} :: The European Union
Eurooppa {prop} :: Europe
eurooppakeskeinen {adj} :: Eurocentric
eurooppalainen {adj} :: European
eurooppalainen {n} :: A European
eurooppalaisittain {adv} :: In a European manner
eurooppalaisperäinen {adj} :: of European origin, originating from Europe, European
eurooppalaisperäisyys {n} :: The state or property of originating from Europe, Europeanness
eurooppalaistaa {vt} :: To Europeanize
eurooppalaistua {vi} :: To become more European
eurooppalaistuminen {n} :: Europeanisation (process of becoming more European)
eurooppalaisuus {n} :: Europeanness (quality or characteristic of being European)
eurooppamyönteinen {adj} :: pro-European
eurooppaoikeus {n} [law] :: European Union law
eurooppaosuuskunta {n} :: European Cooperative Society (cooperative established under the European Union law)
eurooppatie {n} :: alternative form of Eurooppatie
Eurooppatie {n} :: E-road (European road with an E-number)
eurooppayhtiö {n} :: European Company (public EU company)
europanto {n} :: Europanto (artificial language)
europarlamentaarikko {n} :: MEP, a member of the European Parliament
europarlamentti {n} :: European Parliament
europarlamenttivaalit {n} :: elections to the European Parliament
europidi {n} :: Caucasoid
europidinen {adj} :: Caucasoid
europistoke {n} :: Europlug
europium {n} :: europium
eurosekki {n} :: Eurocheque
eurosentrismi {n} :: eurocentrism
eurosentti {n} :: Eurocent
euroskeptikko {n} :: Euroskeptic (person)
euroskeptinen {adj} :: Eurosceptic
euroskeptisismi {n} :: Euroscepticism
euroskeptismi {n} [nonstandard] :: synonym of euroskeptisismi
euroskeptisyys {n} :: Euroscepticism
Eurostoliitto {prop} [humorous, neologism] :: the EU
eurovaalit {n} :: European election, European Parliament election (election of the European Parliament)
eurovaluutta {n} [finance] :: eurocurrency (deposits denominated in a currency other than the currency of the depositee)
euroviisu {n} :: A contestant song in the Eurovision Song Contest
Euroviisut {prop} [colloquial] :: Eurovision Song Contest
eurovirkamies {n} :: An official in the service of the European Union, EU officer
Eurovisio {prop} :: Eurovision (network)
eurytmia {n} :: eurythmy
eustaattinen {adj} :: eustatic
eustressi {n} :: eustress
eutanasia {n} :: euthanasia
eutrofinen {adj} :: eutrophic
Euvostoliitto {prop} [humorous, neologism] :: the EU
evä {n} :: fin (of a marine animal)
eväjalkainen {n} [zoology] :: pinniped
eväjalkainen {n} [taxonomy] :: in plural (eväjalkaiset): the suborder or superfamily Pinnipedia
eväjalkainen {adj} :: pinniped
eväjalkalisko {n} :: legless lizard (snake-like lizard of the family Pygopodidae, endemic to Australia and New Guinea)
eväkäs {adj} :: finny (having several and/or large fins)
eväkäs {n} [colloquial] :: A fish
evakko {n} :: evacuee (person)
evakko {n} :: an evacuee from areas formerly part of Finland that were annexed by the Soviet Union during World War II
evakko {n} [chiefly in locational cases] :: the state of being an evacuee
eväköli {n} [nautical] :: A fin keel
evakuoida {vt} :: To evacuate
evakuointi {n} :: evacuation
evakuointikäsky {n} :: evacuation order
evällinen {adj} :: finny (having one or more fins)
evaluaatio {n} :: evaluation
evaluoida {v} :: To evaluate
evaluointi {n} :: evaluation
evämäinen {adj} :: finny (resembling a fin)
evankelikaalinen {adj} :: evangelical, Evangelical
evankelinen {adj} :: evangelical
evankelioida {v} :: To evangelize
evankeliointi {n} :: evangelization
evankelis-luterilainen {adj} :: Lutheran, Evangelical Lutheran
evankelisluterilainen {adj} :: alternative form of evankelis-luterilainen
evankelis-luterilaisuus {n} :: Lutheranism (Christian denomination based on the beliefs and doctrines developed by Martin Luther and his immediate followers)
evankelista {n} :: evangelist
evankelisuus {n} [Christianity] :: A Lutheran revivalist movement in Finland advocating free grace and associated with confessional Lutheranism
evankelisuus {n} [Christianity] :: evangelicalism
evankeliumi {n} :: gospel
Evankeliumi Johanneksen mukaan {prop} [Bible] :: Gospel of John, John (fourth book of the New Testament)
Evankeliumi Luukkaan mukaan {prop} [Bible] :: Gospel of Luke, Luke (one of the gospels of the New Testament)
Evankeliumi Markuksen mukaan {prop} [Bible] :: Gospel of mark, Mark (one of the gospels of the New Testament)
Evankeliumi Matteuksen mukaan {prop} [Bible] :: Gospel of Matthew, Matthew (one of the gospels of the New Testament)
evankeliumiteksti {n} [Christianity] :: text from a gospel
evaporaatio {n} :: evaporation
evaporiitti {n} [geology] :: evaporite
eväs {n} :: [usually plural] provisions (food e.g. for a picnic)
eväslaukku {n} :: lunchbox
eväspaketti {n} :: packed lunch
eväsretki {n} :: picnic
evässekoitus {n} :: trail mix
evästää {vt} :: To advise, inform
eväste {n} [computing] :: cookie
evästellä {vi} :: To eat a picnic
evätä {vt} :: To deny somebody (= ablative) something, refuse to give something to somebody; take something away from somebody
evätä {v} :: To withhold or retain; to keep back; not to grant
eve {n} [slang] :: ecstasy (drug)
eveeni {n} :: Even (person)
eveeni {n} :: Even (language)
Eveliina {prop} :: given name
eveni {n} :: Even (language)
evenki {n} :: Evenk (person)
evenki {n} :: Evenki (language)
eventiivi {n} [grammar] :: eventive
evergreen {n} [anglicism] :: evergreen (evergreen song, song that is ever popular)
eversti {n} :: colonel
everstiluutnantti {n} [military ranks] :: A lieutenant colonel
evidenssi {n} :: evidence
evidentti {adj} :: evident
Evijärvi {prop} :: Evijärvi
eviskeraatio {n} :: evisceration
E-vitamiini {n} :: vitamin E
evolutiivinen {adj} :: evolutionary
evoluutio {n} :: evolution
evoluutiopuu {n} [science] :: phylogenetic tree (tree-shaped graph illustrating evolutionary relationships among various entities such as taxonomic groups that are assumed to share a common ancestor)
evoluutioteoria {n} :: evolutionary theory
evoluutta {n} [geometry] :: evolute
EVVK {initialism} [colloquial] :: ei voisi vähempää kiinnostaa, I couldn't care less, ICCL (phrase used to express an uncaring opinion towards a subject)
ewe {n} :: Ewe (member of a West African ethnic group)
ewe {n} :: Ewe (language)
ewe {n} :: Used also adjectivally with a hyphen or in genitive plural
ewe {n} :: In plural (ewet), the Ewe (ethnic group)
ewe-kansa {n} :: Ewe (ethnic group in SE Ghana, Togo and Benin)
eximia {n} :: Short for eximia cum laude approbatur (the second highest grade in Finnish baccalaureate exams)
eximia cum laude approbatur {n} :: An academic grade used in Finnish abitur and university theses, the second highest pass grade
exlibris {n} :: bookplate
ex tempore {adv} :: ex tempore
extreme-laji {n} :: extreme sport
extreme-matkailu {n} :: extreme tourism
extreme-urheilu {n} :: extreme sports (extreme sports collectively)
EY {initialism} :: EC (European Communities, the predecessor of the European Union)