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T {letter}  :: letter: ti
TAEG {initialism}  :: APR (gross annual percentage rate)
TAI {abbr}  :: abbreviation of
TAR {abbr}  :: tribunale amministrativo regionale
TIM {prop}  :: initialism of Telecom Italia Mobile
TIR {initialism}  :: trasporti internazionali su strada (International Road Transport)
TIR {m}  :: articulated lorry
TUS {initialism} [economics]  :: Tasso Ufficiale di Sconto (official bank rate)
TUT {initialism}  :: Tariffa Urbana a Tempo (local dialling charges)
TV {f} [colloquial]  :: television
TV verità {f}  :: alternative spelling of TV-verità
TVB {abbr}  :: I love you (affirmation of affection or deep caring, to a friend or a family member)
TVTB {initialism}  :: Ti voglio tanto bene - I love you very much; I'm very fond of you
TV-verità {f}  :: reality television
Tabarca {prop}  :: Tabarka (town in Tunisia)
Tacchini {prop}  :: surname
Tacchini {prop}  :: Sergio Tacchini, Italian designer
Taccola {prop}  :: surname
Tacina {prop}  :: A river that flows in Calabria
Tacito {prop}  :: Tacitus
Taddeo {prop}  :: Thaddaeus. [biblical character]
Taddeo {prop}  :: given name, cognate to Thaddeus
Taïde {prop}  :: medieval spelling of Taide
Tafuri {prop}  :: surname
Taggia {prop}  :: A small town in the province of Imperia in Liguria
Tagikistan {prop}  :: Tajikistan
Tagliacozzo {prop}  :: A small town in the province of L'Aquila in Abruzzo
Tagliafierro {prop}  :: surname indigenous to the Campania region of Italy
Tagliamento {prop}  :: A river that flows in Friuli-Venezia Giulia
Tago {prop}  :: Tagus
Taide {prop}  :: Thais
Tailandia {prop}  :: alternative spelling of Thailandia
Taiwan {prop}  :: Taiwan
Talamona {prop}  :: A small town in the Sondrio province of Lombardia
Talete {prop}  :: Thales
Talia {prop} [Greek god]  :: Thalia
Talvera {prop}  :: A river that flows in Trentino-Alto Adige
Tambernicchi {prop}  :: An old name for Monte Tambura, a mountain in Tuscany
Tamerlano {prop}  :: Tamerlane, Tamburlaine
Tamerlano {prop}  :: Timur
Tamigi {prop}  :: Thames (river)
Tamiri {prop} [Greek mythology]  :: Thamyris
Tamisi {prop}  :: medieval spelling of Tamigi
Tammaro {prop}  :: A river that flows in Campania and Molise
Tana {prop}  :: obsolete form of Azov
Tanaï {prop}  :: medieval spelling of Tanai
Tanagro {prop}  :: A river that flows in Campania
Tanai {prop}  :: Tanais
Tanaro {prop}  :: A river that flows in Italy
Tanato {prop} [Greek god]  :: Thanatos
Tancredi {prop}  :: Tancred
Tancredi {prop}  :: given name
Tanganica {prop}  :: Tanganyika
Tangentopoli {prop}  :: The corrupt Italian political system that came to an end in the early 1990s
Tangeri {prop}  :: Tangiers
Tantalo {prop} [Greek mythology]  :: Tantalus
Tanzania {prop}  :: Tanzania
Taormina {prop}  :: a town in the province of Messina in Sicily in Italy
Taranto {prop}  :: Taranto (city, province)
Taranto {prop}  :: The letter T in the Italian phonetic alphabet
Tarchetti {prop}  :: surname
Tarchetti {prop}  :: Iginio Ugo Tarchetti, Italian writer
Tarcisio {prop}  :: given name
Taro {prop}  :: A river and valley in Italy
Tarpea {prop}  :: Tarpeia
Tarquinia {prop}  :: A city in the province of Viterbo in Lazio, Italy
Tarquinio {prop}  :: Tarquin
Tarquinio {prop}  :: Tarquinius
Tarquino {prop}  :: alternative form of Tarquinio
Tarragona {prop}  :: Tarragona
Tarso {prop}  :: Tarsus
Tartaglia {prop}  :: surname
Tartaglia {prop}  :: Niccolò Tartaglia, Italian mathematician
Tartaro {prop} [Greek mythology]  :: Tartarus
Tartaro {prop}  :: hell
Tartaro {prop}  :: A river that flows in Veneto
Tartini {prop}  :: surname
Tartini {prop}  :: Giuseppe Tartini, Italian musician and composer
Tarvisio {prop}  :: a town in the province of Udine in Friuli-Venezia Giulia, near the border with Austria
Tasca {prop}  :: surname
Tasmania {prop}  :: Tasmania
Taso {prop}  :: Thasos
Tasso {prop}  :: surname
Tasso {prop}  :: Torquato Tasso, Italian writer
Tassoni {prop}  :: surname
Taumante {prop} [Greek god]  :: Thaumas
Taurasi {prop}  :: A town in the province of Avellino in Campania
Taurasi {m}  :: A fine red wine made in Campania from Aglianico grapes
Tauride {prop}  :: Tauris
Tavignano {prop}  :: A river that flows in Corsica
Tavolara {prop}  :: A small island off the coast of Sardinia
Tbn. {n} [music]  :: abbreviation of trombone
Tebaide {prop}  :: Thebaid
Tebaldello {prop} [rare]  :: given name, a variant of Tebaldo
Tebaldi {prop}  :: surname
Tebaldo {prop}  :: Theobald, Thybald
Tebe {prop}  :: Thebes
Tecla {prop}  :: Thecla, Thekla
Tedeschi {prop}  :: Germans (the German people)
Tedesco {prop}  :: surname
Teduccio {prop}  :: Theodosius
Tegghiaio {prop} [rare]  :: given name
Teheran {prop}  :: Tehran, the capital city of Iran
Teia {prop} [Greek god]  :: Theia
Telamone {prop}  :: Telamon
Telefo {prop} [Greek mythology]  :: Telephus
Telegono {prop} [Greek mythology]  :: Telegonus
Telemaco {prop} [Greek mythology]  :: Telemachus
Telemaco {prop}  :: given name
Telesio {prop}  :: surname
Telesio {prop}  :: Bernardino Telesio, Italian philosopher and naturalist
Tellaro {prop}  :: A river that flows in Sicily
Temistocle {prop}  :: Themistocles
Temistocle {prop}  :: given name
Temo {prop}  :: A river that flows in Sardinia
Tenedo {prop}  :: Tenedos (island of Turkey)
Tenna {prop}  :: A river that flows in Marche
Teobaldo {prop}  :: given name
Teocrito {prop}  :: given name of historical use, cognate to English Theocritus
Teodo {prop}  :: Tivat (town in Montenegro)
Teodora {prop}  :: given name, cognate to Theodora
Teodorico {prop}  :: given name of mainly historical use, cognate to Theodoric or English Derek
Teodoro {prop}  :: given name
Teodosia {prop}  :: given name
Teodosia {prop}  :: Feodosia, a city in Crimea
Teodosio {prop}  :: given name, cognate to Theodosius
Teofilo {prop}  :: given name, cognate to Theophilus
Teofrasto {prop}  :: Theophrastus
Terach {prop} [Biblical character]  :: Terah
Teramo {prop}  :: Teramo (province)
Teramo {prop}  :: Teramo (town)
Terdoppio {prop}  :: A river that flows in Piedmont and Lombardy
Terenzio {prop}  :: given name, equivalent to Terence
Tereo {prop} [Greek mythology]  :: Tereus
Teresa {prop}  :: given name, cognate to English Teresa
Termero {prop} [Greek mythology]  :: Termerus
Termoli {prop}  :: A town in the Campobasso province of Molise
Termopili {prop}  :: Thermopylae
Terni {prop}  :: Terni (province)
Terni {prop}  :: Terni (town)
Terra {prop}  :: Earth
Terra {prop} [astrology]  :: The astrological element Earth that comprises the three earth signs (Toro, Vergine and Capricorno)
Terra del Fuoco {prop}  :: Tierra del Fuego (archipelago between Chile and Argentina)
Terracina {prop}  :: A town and comune in Lazio
Terragni {prop}  :: surname
Terranova {prop}  :: Newfoundland
Terrasanta {prop}  :: Holy Land
Terre matte {prop}  :: Southern Italy, especially those parts subject to frequent earthquakes
Terrore {n}  :: Reign of Terror
Tersicore {prop} [Greek god]  :: Terpsichore
Tersite {prop} [Greek mythology]  :: Thersites
Teseo {prop} [Greek mythology]  :: Theseus
Tesino {prop}  :: A river that flows in Marche
Tespi {prop}  :: Thespis
Tessaglia {prop}  :: Thessaly
Tessalonica {prop}  :: Thessalonica
Tessalonicesi {prop} [biblical]  :: Thessalonians
Testaccio {prop}  :: A district of Rome
Teti {prop} [Greek god]  :: Tethys
Teti {prop} [astronomy]  :: A moon of Saturn
Teti {prop} [Greek god]  :: Thetis
Tetide {prop}  :: Thetis
Tetide {prop}  :: Tethys
Teucro {prop} [Greek mythology]  :: Teucer
Teulada {prop}  :: A small town in the Cagliari province of Sardinia
Tevere {prop}  :: the river Tiber
Thailandia {prop}  :: Thailand
Tiberiade {prop}  :: Tiberias (a town in Galilee)
Tiberio {prop}  :: Tiberius
Tiberio {prop}  :: given name
Tibisco {prop}  :: The river Tisza
Tibullo {prop}  :: Tibullus
Tiburtino {prop}  :: Tiburtino (district)
Tiche {prop} [Greek god]  :: Tyche
Ticino {prop}  :: A river that flows in Italy and Switzerland
Tideo {prop} [Greek mythology]  :: Tydeus
Tidone {prop}  :: A river that flows in Emilia-Romagna
Tiepolo {prop}  :: surname
Tiepolo {prop}  :: Giambattista Tiepolo, famous Italian painter
Tieste {prop} [Greek mythology]  :: Thyestes
Tigri {prop}  :: Tigris
Timau {prop}  :: A district of Paluzza
Timavo {prop}  :: A river that flows in Italy
Timișoara {prop}  :: Timișoara
Timone {prop}  :: Timon
Timor Est {prop}  :: East Timor
Timoteo {prop}  :: given name
Timoteo {prop}  :: Timothy [biblical character]
Timoteo {prop}  :: the Book of Timothy
Timp. {n} [music]  :: abbreviation of timpano
Tina {prop} [colloquial]  :: synonym of Concetta
Tindaro {prop}  :: Tyndareus
Tinea {prop}  :: The river Tinée that flows in France
Tino {prop}  :: Tinos (island of Greece)
Tione {prop}  :: A river that flows in Veneto
Tiralli {prop}  :: medieval spelling of Tirolo (small town)
Tiresia {prop} [Greek mythology]  :: Tiresias
Tirino {prop}  :: A river that flows in Abruzzo
Tirinto {prop}  :: Tiryns
Tiro {prop}  :: Tyre (city)
Tirolo {prop}  :: Tyrol
Tirolo {prop}  :: A small town in the province of Bolzano in Trentino-Alto Adige
Tirrenia {prop}  :: Tyrrhenia
Tirreno {prop}  :: Tyrrhenian Sea
Tirso {prop}  :: A river that flows in Sardinia
Tirteo {prop}  :: Tyrtaeus
Tisbe {prop}  :: Thisbe
Tiscali {prop}  :: A mountain near Nuoro in Sardinia containing an archaeological village
Tiscali {prop}  :: An Italian telecommunications company and ISP
Tisifone {prop} [Greek god]  :: Tisiphone
Titano {prop}  :: Titan
Titano {prop} [astronomy]  :: A moon of Saturn
Tito {prop}  :: Titus [biblical character]
Tito {prop}  :: the Epistle to Titus
Tito {prop}  :: given name
Titti {prop}  :: Tweety
Tivoli {prop}  :: Tivoli (city)
Tiziana {prop}  :: given name, feminine noun of Tiziano
Tiziano {prop}  :: given name
Tiziano {prop}  :: Titian (the painter)
Tizio {prop}  :: Tityos
Tizio, Caio e Sempronio {m}  :: Tom, Dick and Harry
Tmbn. {n} [music]  :: abbreviation of tamburino
Toante {prop} [Greek mythology]  :: Thoas
Tobia {prop}  :: Tobias. [biblical character]
Tobia {prop}  :: given name
Toce {prop}  :: A river that flows in Piedmont
Todi {prop}  :: A town in the Perugia province of Umbria
Toggenburgo {prop}  :: Toggenburg (in Switzerland)
Togliatti {prop}  :: surname
Togliatti {prop}  :: Palmiro Togliatti, Italian politic
Tognazzi {prop}  :: surname
Togo {prop}  :: Togo
Tokio {prop}  :: alternative spelling of Tokyo
Tokyo {prop}  :: Tokyo (capital city)
Tolentino {prop}  :: Tolentino (city)
Tolentino {prop}  :: surname
Tolfa {prop}  :: A small town in the Roma province of Lazio
Tolomea {prop}  :: Ptolomea (part of the Cocytus river)
Tolomeo {prop}  :: Ptolemy
Tolone {prop}  :: Toulon
Tolosa {prop}  :: Toulouse
Tolstoj {prop}  :: Tolstoy
Tomaso {prop}  :: alternative form of Tommaso
Tommaseo {prop}  :: surname
Tommaseo {prop}  :: Niccolò Tommaseo, Italian linguist and writer
Tommaso {prop}  :: Thomas [biblical character]
Tommaso {prop}  :: given name
Tonchino {prop}  :: Tonkin
Tonga {prop}  :: Tonga
Tonino {prop}  :: given name
Tonio {prop}  :: diminutive of Antonio
Tonisto {prop}  :: surname
Tony {prop}  :: given name
Topino {prop}  :: A small river that flows in Umbria
Topolino {prop}  :: Mickey Mouse
Torà {f} [religion, Judaism]  :: Torah
Torcello {prop}  :: An island in the Venice lagoon
Tordino {prop}  :: A river that flows in Abruzzo
Torino {prop}  :: Turin (province)
Torino {prop}  :: Turin (town)
Torino {prop}  :: The letter T in the Italian phonetic alphabet
Torlonia {prop}  :: surname
Tornatore {prop}  :: surname
Tornatore {prop}  :: Giuseppe Tornatore, Italian film director
Toro {prop}  :: Taurus (the constellation)
Toro {prop}  :: Taurus (the star sign)
Torquato {prop}  :: given name
Torre {prop}  :: A river that flows in Friuli-Venezia Giulia
Torre di Babele {prop}  :: Tower of Babel
Torricelli {prop}  :: surname
Torricelli {prop}  :: Evangelista Torricelli, Italian scientist
Tortona {prop}  :: A town in the Alessandria province of Lombardia
Toscana {prop}  :: Tuscany
Toscani {prop}  :: surname
Toscanini {prop}  :: surname
Toscanini {prop}  :: Arturo Toscanini, Italian orchestra conductor
Tosco {m}  :: Tuscan
Tosco {adj}  :: Tuscan
Tosto {prop}  :: surname
Totò {prop} [Southern Italy]  :: A diminutive of the male given name Antonio (Anthony)
Totò {prop}  :: Totò (1898–1967), Neapolitan actor and comedian
Totò {prop} [Southern Italy]  :: A diminutive of the male given name Salvatore (Saviour)
Totip {n}  :: horse racing pools (gambling system)
Tour {prop} [cycling, by ellipsis]  :: The Tour de France
Tour de France {prop} [cycling]  :: Tour de France (annual cycling race through France)
Tozzi {prop}  :: surname
Tozzi {prop}  :: Federigo Tozzi, Italian writer
Tr. {n} [music]  :: abbreviation of tromba
Traù {prop}  :: Trogir
Tracia {prop}  :: Thrace
Traetta {prop}  :: surname
Traiano {prop}  :: Trajan
Traiano {prop}  :: given name
Trani {prop}  :: a town in the province of Barletta-Andria-Trani in Apulia in Italy
Transdravania {prop}  :: Drava (statistical region of Slovenia)
Transgiordania {prop}  :: Transjordan
Transilvania {prop}  :: Transylvania
Transnistria {prop}  :: Transnistria
Trapani {prop}  :: Trapani (province)
Trapani {prop}  :: Trapani (town)
Trasimeno {prop}  :: A large lake in the Perugia province of Umbria
Trastevere {prop}  :: A district of Rome (rione XIII) on the west bank of the Tiber
Trb. {n} [music]  :: abbreviation of trombone
Tre Venezie {prop}  :: The historic region of north-east Italy around the Veneto
Trebbia {prop}  :: A river that flows in Emilia-Romagna
Trebisonda {prop}  :: Trabzon
Treccani {prop}  :: surname
Trecento {m}  :: fourteenth century (1300s)
Treglia {prop}  :: Trilj
Tremiti {prop}  :: An archipelago in the Adriatic Sea, north of the Gargano peninsula
Tremonti {prop}  :: surname
Tremonti {prop}  :: Giulio Tremonti, Italian politician
Trentino {prop}  :: Trentino
Trentino-Alto Adige {prop}  :: Trentino-Alto Adige
Trento {prop}  :: Trento (province)
Trento {prop}  :: Trento (town)
Tresa {prop}  :: A river that flows from Ticino to Lombardy
Treves {prop}  :: surname
Treves {prop}  :: Emilio Treves, Italian journalist and editor
Trevi {prop}  :: A small town in the Perugia province of Umbria
Trevignano {prop}  :: A small town in the Treviso province of the Veneto
Treviri {prop}  :: Trier
Trevisani {prop}  :: surname
Treviso {prop}  :: Treviso (province)
Treviso {prop}  :: Treviso (town)
Trezzini {prop}  :: surname
Trgl. {n} [music]  :: abbreviation of triangolo
Trias {m} [geology]  :: Triassic
Tricolore {m}  :: the Italian national flag
Tricolore {m}  :: the French national flag
Trieste {prop}  :: Trieste (all senses)
Trifone {prop}  :: given name
Trigno {prop}  :: A river that flows in Abruzzo
Trilli {prop}  :: Tinkerbell (fictional fairy)
Trillini {prop}  :: surname
Trillini {prop}  :: Giovanna Trillini, Italian fencer
Trinacria {prop} [geography, obsolete]  :: Sicily
Trinidad e Tobago {prop}  :: Trinidad and Tobago
Trinità {f}  :: The Trinity
Trionto {prop}  :: A river that flows in Calabria
Tripartito {m}  :: tripartite pact
Tripoli {prop}  :: Tripoli
Tripolitania {prop}  :: Tripolitania
Tristano {prop}  :: given name, cognate to English Tristan and Tristram
Tritone {prop}  :: Triton
Trivento {prop}  :: a town in the province of Campobasso in Molise in Italy
Troade {prop}  :: Troad
Troia {prop}  :: Troy
Troia {prop}  :: A town in the province of Foggia in Puglia
Troilo {prop} [Greek mythology]  :: Troilus
Trombetta {prop}  :: Italian surname
Tron {prop}  :: surname
Tron {prop}  :: A noble family of Venice
Tronto {prop}  :: A river that flows in Marche
Trussardi {prop}  :: surname
Trussardi {prop}  :: Nicola Trussardi, Italian designer
Tuba {n} [music]  :: abbreviation of tuba di basso
Tucidide {prop}  :: Thucydides
Tulio {prop}  :: Tully (Cicero)
Tullio {prop}  :: Tullius
Tullio {prop}  :: Tully, Cicero
Tullo {prop}  :: given name, a variant of Tullio
Tulïo {prop}  :: medieval spelling of Tulio
Tunisi {prop}  :: Tunis
Tunisia {prop}  :: Tunisia
Turais {prop}  :: another name of the star Aspidiske
Turano {prop}  :: A river that flows in Lazio and Abruzzo
Turati {prop}  :: surname
Turati {prop}  :: Filippo Turati, Italian politician
Turchia {prop} [country]  :: Turkey
Turenna {prop}  :: Touraine
Turgovia {prop}  :: Thurgovia
Turingia {prop}  :: Thuringia
Turkmenistan {prop}  :: Turkmenistan
Tuscania {prop}  :: a town in the province of Viterbo in Lazio in Italy
Tusciano {prop}  :: A small river that flows in Campania
Tuscolano {prop}  :: A district of Rome
Tutti i Santi {prop}  :: All Saints' Day
Tuvalu {prop}  :: Tuvalu
t {n}  :: See under T
{m}  :: tea
t' {pron}  :: apocopic form of ti
tè freddo {m}  :: iced tea
tè verde {m}  :: green tea
tabù {m}  :: taboo
tabaccaia {f}  :: tobacconist (female)
tabaccaia {f}  :: Building where tobacco leaves are dried
tabaccaio {m}  :: tobacconist
tabaccaio {m}  :: tobacconist's (shop)
tabaccante {v}  :: present participle of tabaccare
tabaccare {vi}  :: To take snuff
tabaccheria {f}  :: tobacconist's (a shop licensed to sell tobacco, but also postage stamps and various governmental items of stationary)
tabacchicoltore {m}  :: tobacco grower or farmer
tabacchicoltura {f}  :: tobacco growing
tabacchiera {f}  :: snuffbox
tabacchificio {m}  :: tobacco factory
tabacchino {m}  :: tobacco worker
tabacchino {m}  :: tobacconist (or tobacconist's shop)
tabacco {m}  :: tobacco
tabacco {m}  :: snuff (properly tabacco da fiuto)
tabacco da fiuto {m}  :: snuff
tabaccologia {f}  :: The science of tobacco, especially concerning the problems of addiction
tabaccone {m}  :: snuff-taker
tabaccoso {adj}  :: smelling of tobacco
tabacosi {f} [pathology]  :: tobacco poisoning
tabagico {adj}  :: tobacco (attributive)
tabagismo {m}  :: tobacco smoking
tabagismo {m} [medicine]  :: Chronic poisoning as a result of smoking
tabagista {mf}  :: smoker (of tobacco products)
tabarchino {adj}  :: Tabarchin
tabarchino {m}  :: Tabarchin (dialect)
tabarin {m}  :: nightclub (that has cabaret acts)
tabarro {m}  :: cloak, tabard
tabella {f}  :: table (all senses)
tabella {f}  :: board
tabellare {adj}  :: tabular
tabellato {adj}  :: listed, tabulated
tabellina {f} [arithmetic]  :: table, multiplication table, times table
tabellino {m}  :: table (of rows and columns)
tabellone {m}  :: billboard
tabellone {m}  :: notice board
tabellone {m}  :: wall chart
tabernacolo {m}  :: tabernacle
tabeticamente {adv}  :: tabetically
tabetico {adj}  :: tabetic
tabla {f} [music]  :: tabla
tabloid {m}  :: tabloid
tabloide {m}  :: tablet, pill
taboga {m}  :: toboggan
tabuistico {adj}  :: taboo
tabuizzante {v}  :: present participle of tabuizzare
tabuizzare {vt}  :: to make something taboo
tabuizzare {vt}  :: to prohibit for no obvious reason
tabula rasa {f}  :: tabula rasa (all senses)
tabulante {v}  :: present participle of tabulare
tabulare {adj}  :: tabular
tabulare {vt}  :: to tabulate
tabulato {m}  :: tabulation, printout
tabulatore {m}  :: tabulator (person)
tabulatrice {f}  :: tabulator (machine); printer (computer, especially mainframe)
tabulazione {f}  :: tabulation
tabuto {m} [regional]  :: coffin
tacca {f}  :: notch, nick
taccagneria {f}  :: meanness, stinginess
taccagno {adj}  :: mean, stingy
taccante {v}  :: present participle of taccare
taccare {vt}  :: To notch
taccheggiante {v}  :: present participle of taccheggiare
taccheggiare {v}  :: to shoplift
taccheggiatore {m}  :: shoplifter
taccheggiatrice {f}  :: shoplifter (female)
taccheggio {m}  :: shoplifting
tacchete {interj}  :: click! clack! (clattering sound)
tacchete {interj}  :: poof!
tacchete {interj}  :: lo and behold!
tacchettante {v}  :: present participle of tacchettare
tacchettare {vi}  :: To clatter ones's heels (go click clack when walking)
tacchettio {m}  :: clatter, clicking (of heels)
tacchetto {m}  :: thin heel
tacchetto {m}  :: stud (for soccer and rugby shoes)
tacchificio {m}  :: heel factory
tacchina {f}  :: turkey (female of the species)
tacchinella {f}  :: Small turkey
tacchino {m}  :: turkey (bird (male) and meat)
tacchinotto {m}  :: turkey poult (young turkey)
tacciabile {adj} [legal]  :: chargeable (with), accusable (of)
tacciante {v}  :: present participle of tacciare
tacciare {vt}  :: To accuse
tacco {m}  :: heel (of a shoe)
tacco {m}  :: chock (to stop a wheel)
taccola {f}  :: jackdaw
taccola {f}  :: mangetout, snow pea or sugar pea
taccuino {m}  :: notebook, notepad, pad (pad of paper)
tacente {v}  :: present participle of tacere
tacer {v}  :: apocopic form of tacere
tacere {vti}  :: to be silent
tacere {vti}  :: to keep quiet
tacere {m}  :: silence
tacheometria {f}  :: tachymetry, tacheometry
tacheometrico {adj}  :: tachymetric, tacheometric
tacheometro {m}  :: tachymeter, tacheometer
tachi- {prefix}  :: tachy-
tachiaritmia {f} [pathology]  :: tachyarrhythmia
tachicardia {f}  :: tachycardia
tachicardico {adj}  :: tachycardiac
tachifagia {f}  :: tachyphagia
tachifilassi {f} [medicine]  :: tachyphylaxis
tachigrafia {f}  :: tachygraphy, shorthand (writing)
tachigrafico {adj}  :: tachygraphic
tachigrafo {m}  :: tachograph
tachimetria {f}  :: tachometry
tachimetrico {adj}  :: tachymetric
tachimetro {m}  :: tachometer
tachimetro {m}  :: tattler
tachione {m} [physics]  :: tachyon
tachionico {adj} [physics]  :: tachyonic
tachipirina {f} [medicine]  :: paracetamol
tachipnea {f}  :: tachypnoea, tachypnea
tacibile {adj}  :: That can be omitted; concealable
-tacismo {suffix} [linguistics, forming nouns, after monosyllables]  :: alternative form of -cismo
tacitamente {adv}  :: silently
tacitamente {adv}  :: secretly
tacitamente {adv}  :: tacitly
tacitamento {m}  :: paying-off (of creditors)
tacitamento {m}  :: hushing up (of a scandal)
tacitante {v}  :: present participle of tacitare
tacitare {vt}  :: To hush up
tacitare {vt}  :: To pay off
tacitazione {f}  :: synonym of tacitamento
tacitianamente {adv}  :: laconically
tacitiano {adj}  :: Tacitean
tacitiano {adj}  :: laconic
tacitismo {m}  :: Tacitism
tacito {adj}  :: silent
tacito {adj}  :: tacit, unspoken
taciturnità {f}  :: taciturnity
taciturno {adj}  :: taciturn, silent
taekwondoka {mf} [sports]  :: A person who competes at taekwondo
tafano {m}  :: horsefly
tafazzismo {m} [humorous]  :: masochism
tafferia {f}  :: A wooden board on which polenta is made
tafferuglio {m}  :: scuffle, brawl
taffetà {m}  :: taffeta
taffete {interj}  :: bang!, crash!
taffete {interj}  :: lo and behold!
taffettà {m}  :: alternative form of taffetà
tafofobia {f}  :: taphophobia
taggiasco {adj}  :: Of or from Taggia
tagico {adj}  :: Tajik, Tajiki (attributive)
tagico {m}  :: Tajiki (language)
tagico {m}  :: Tajik (feminine: tagica) (native or inhabitant of Tagikistan)
tagika {f}  :: Tajik (female)
tagiko {adj}  :: Tajik
tagiko {m}  :: Tajik
tagiko {prop}  :: the Tajik or Tajiki language
taglia {f}  :: size (of clothes etc)
taglia {f}  :: reward (criminal)
tagliabordi {m}  :: lawn edger
tagliaborse {m}  :: pickpocket, cutpurse
tagliaboschi {m}  :: woodcutter, lumberjack
tagliacarte {m}  :: paperknife
tagliacozzano {adj}  :: Of or from Tagliacozzo
tagliacque {m}  :: cutwater
tagliaerba {m}  :: lawn mower
tagliafiamma {adj}  :: fire (attributive), fireproof
tagliafieno {m}  :: hay cutter
tagliafuoco {adj}  :: fire resistant, fireproof, fire (attributive)
taglialeggi {m}  :: A project to rid the Italian constitution of many old laws
taglialegna {m}  :: woodcutter (person)
tagliamare {m}  :: cutwater
tagliando {m}  :: coupon, voucher
tagliante {v}  :: present participle of tagliare
tagliantesi {v}  :: present participle of tagliarsi
tagliapasta {m}  :: pastry cutter
tagliapietre {m}  :: stonecutter (worker)
tagliar {v}  :: apocopic form of tagliare
tagliare {v}  :: to cut
tagliare {v} [enology]  :: to spike (to add a small amount of one substance to another)
tagliare {v} [mineralogy]  :: to cleave (to break a single crystal such as a gemstone)
tagliarete {m} [nautical]  :: net cutter
tagliarino {m} [chiefly in the plural]  :: narrow tagliatelle
tagliarsi {vr}  :: To do oneself an injury, especially with a knife etc
tagliasigari {m}  :: cigar cutter
tagliastracci {m}  :: rag cutter / chopper
tagliata {f}  :: cut (especially one made quickly, with a single blow)
tagliata {f}  :: Any dish of sliced meat or fish
tagliata {f}  :: barricade of cut timber
tagliata {f}  :: murder, massacre
tagliatella {f} [chiefly in the plural]  :: noodle (pasta)
tagliatina {f}  :: cut, trim
tagliato {adj} [heraldry]  :: Divided into two equal parts diagonally from top right to bottom left, per bend sinister
tagliatore {m}  :: cutter, pruner (person or tool)
tagliatosi {v}  :: past participle of tagliarsi
tagliatrice {f}  :: cutter (cutting device)
tagliatura {f}  :: cutting (action or piece cut off)
tagliatura {f}  :: cut
tagliaunghie {m}  :: nail clippers
tagliauova {m}  :: egg slicer
tagliavento {m}  :: nose cap (military)
taglieggiante {v}  :: present participle of taglieggiare
taglieggiare {vt}  :: to exact a tribute from
taglieggiare {vt}  :: to extort money from
taglieggiatore {m}  :: extortionist, extortioner
tagliente {adj}  :: sharp
tagliente {adj}  :: cutting
tagliere {m}  :: cutting board, chopping board
tagliere {m}  :: breadboard
taglieria {f}  :: A place where diamonds are cut
taglierina {f}  :: cutter
taglierina {f}  :: shears
taglierina {f}  :: guillotine (for paper)
taglierina {f}  :: trimmer (for photographs)
taglierino {m} [chiefly in the plural]  :: noodle (thinner than tagliatelle)
taglierino {m}  :: cutter, clipper
taglietto {m}  :: small cut, nick
taglietto {m}  :: cutter
taglio {m}  :: cut (also figuratively), slit, slash, incision, break; (figuratively) cutback, cutting
taglio {m}  :: cutting, trimming, chopping, reaping, mowing, haircut, (of fabric) length
taglio {m}  :: (cutting) edge, cutting side
taglio {m} [figuratively]  :: slant, tone
taglio {m} [of wines]  :: blending
taglio {m} [of banknotes etc]  :: denomination
taglio cesareo {m}  :: Caesarean section, Cesarean section, C-section
taglio di capelli {m}  :: haircut
tagliola {f}  :: trap, snare
tagliolini {mp}  :: A form of flat spaghetti
tagliolo {m}  :: chisel
taglione {m}  :: retaliation
taglione {m}  :: talion
tagliuzzamento {m}  :: cutting (to bits or shreds)
tagliuzzante {v}  :: present participle of tagliuzzare
tagliuzzare {vt}  :: To chop, mince or shred
tagmema {m} [linguistics]  :: tagmeme
tagmemica {n} [linguistics]  :: tagmemics
tahina {f}  :: tahini
tahitiano {adj}  :: Tahitian
tahitiano {m}  :: Tahitian
taiga {f}  :: taiga
tailandese {adj}  :: Thai
tailandese {mf}  :: Thai (person)
tailleur {m}  :: A woman's tailored suit or trouser suit
taira {f}  :: tayra
taiwanese {adj}  :: Taiwanese
taiwanese {mf}  :: Taiwanese
taiwanese {ms} [singular only]  :: The Taiwanese language
takeaway {adj}  :: takeaway (of food) to be eaten off the premises
tal dei tali {m}  :: such-and-such, so-and-so, thus and so
talabalacco {m}  :: A sort of drum used by Saracenes
talaltro {pron}  :: others
talaltro {pron}  :: other times, sometimes
talamico {adj}  :: thalamic
talamo {m} [anatomy]  :: thalamus
talamo {m} [botany]  :: receptacle (part of stem)
talamo {m}  :: marriage bed
talamonese {adj}  :: Of or from Talamona
talare {adj}  :: priest's, priest (attributive)
talassemia {f} [disease]  :: thalassemia
talassemico {adj} [disease]  :: thalassemic
talassico {adj}  :: thalassic, sea (attributive), marine
talasso- {prefix}  :: thalasso-
talasso- {prefix}  :: marine, ocean (attributive)
talassobiologia {f} [biology]  :: marine biology
talassocrazia {f}  :: thalassocracy
talassofobia {f}  :: thalassophobia
talassografia {f}  :: thalassography, oceanography
talassografico {adj}  :: thalassographic, oceanographic
talassografo {m}  :: thalassographer, oceanographer
talassologia {f}  :: oceanography
talassologo {m}  :: oceanographer
talassoterapia {f} [medicine]  :: thalassotherapy
talassoterapico {adj}  :: thalassotherapeutic
talbotipia {f} [photography]  :: talbotype
talché {conj}  :: so that
talco {m}  :: talc
talco {m}  :: talcum powder
talcoscisto {m} [mineralogy]  :: talc schist or slate
talcoso {adj}  :: talcose, talcous
tale {adj}  :: such
tale e quale {n}  :: spitting image (the exact likeness (of someone))
tale e quale {n}  :: carbon copy (something exactly the same)
tale e quale {n}  :: CIF
tale padre, tale figlio {proverb}  :: like father, like son (a son will have traits similar to his father)
tale quale {adv}  :: as is
talea {f}  :: cutting, scion
talebana {f}  :: Taliban, Taleban (female)
talebanizzante {v}  :: present participle of talebanizzare
talebanizzare {vt}  :: to Talibanize
talebanizzato {adj}  :: Talibanized
talebanizzazione {f}  :: Talibanization
talebano {adj}  :: Taliban, Taleban
talebano {m}  :: Taliban, Taleban
taleggio {m}  :: taleggio
talentaccio {m}  :: A rough-and-ready, unpolished talent
talentare {vi} [almost entirely impersonal]  :: to please
talentare {vi} [almost entirely impersonal]  :: to suit
talentare {vi} [almost entirely impersonal]  :: to like
talentino {m}  :: A young talented person
talento {m}  :: talent
talento {m}  :: talented person
talentoso {adj}  :: alternative form of talentuoso
talentuoso {adj}  :: talented, skillful, gifted
talibano {m}  :: alternative form of talebano
talidomide {f} [medicine]  :: thalidomide
talismanico {adj}  :: talismanic
talismano {m}  :: talisman
talità {f} [Buddhism]  :: tathata
tallente {v}  :: present participle of tallire
tallero {m}  :: thaler
tallero {m}  :: tallero
tallico {adj} [inorganic chemistry]  :: thallic; thallium (attributive)
tallio {m} [chemistry]  :: thallium
tallire {vi} [botany]  :: To sprout, bud or shoot
tallo {m} [botany]  :: thallus
tallo {m}  :: bud, sprout
tallofita {f} [botany]  :: tallophyte
tallonaggio {m}  :: heeling (kicking with the heel)
tallonamento {m}  :: hot pursuit, chasing, shadowing
tallonamento {m}  :: heeling (kicking with the heel)
tallonante {v}  :: present participle of tallonare
tallonare {v}  :: to follow closely; to pursue
tallonatore {m} [rugby]  :: hooker
talloncino {m}  :: voucher, coupon
talloncino {m}  :: stub
tallone {m}  :: heel
talloso {adj} [botany]  :: thalloid
talloso {adj} [chemistry]  :: thallous
talmente {adv}  :: so
talmudico {adj}  :: Talmudic
talmudista {mf}  :: Talmudist
talo {m} [archaic]  :: knucklebones
talo {m} [skeleton]  :: (colloquial) talus, talus bone
talor {adv}  :: apocopic form of talora
talora {adv}  :: variant of talvolta
talpa {f}  :: mole (animal or planted spy)
talpa {f}  :: moleskin
talpa {f}  :: excavator
talpa {m}  :: moleskin (colour)
taluno {adj}  :: some; a few
taluno {pron}  :: some; a few
taluno {pron}  :: somebody, someone
talvolta {adv}  :: sometimes, at times
tamarice {f}  :: tamarisk
tamarindo {m}  :: tamarind (tree)
tamarindo {m}  :: tamarind (fruit)
tamarisco {m}  :: tamarisk (Tamarix gallica)
tamaro {m}  :: black bryony (Dioscorea communis or Tamus communis)
tamarro {m}  :: chav, pejorative used to describe someone with low(er) culture
tamarro {adj}  :: tacky, tasteless
tambuccio {m}  :: alternative form of tambucio
tambucio {m} [nautical]  :: companion hatch
tamburato {m}  :: A sandwich of two structural layers with a honeycomb material in bewteen
tambureggiamento {m}  :: drumming
tambureggiamento {m}  :: hammering, pounding, beating
tambureggiante {v}  :: present participle of tambureggiante
tambureggiante {adj}  :: drumming, pounding
tambureggiare {vi}  :: to drum
tambureggiare {vi}  :: to hammer, pound, beat
tamburellante {v}  :: present participle of tamburellare
tamburellare {vi}  :: To drum or beat (make drumming sound)
tamburellista {mf}  :: tamburino player
tamburello {m} [musical instruments]  :: tambourine
tamburino {m}  :: drummer (male, feminine tamburina)
tamburino {m}  :: A small medieval drum
tamburlano {m}  :: An old-fashioned type of clothes-dryer in the form of a drum
tamburo {m}  :: drum
tamburo {m}  :: brake drum
tamerice {f}  :: tamarisk
tamerisco {m}  :: Variant of tamarisco
tamia {m}  :: chipmunk
tamiso {m} [Padova]  :: A sieve or riddle
tamiso {m} [Venice]  :: A kind of net used to capture prawns and small fishes
tampinante {v}  :: present participle of tampinare
tampinare {vt}  :: to hound
tampinare {vt}  :: to harass
tamponamento {m}  :: collision
tamponamento {m}  :: pile-up
tamponamento {m}  :: dressing (for a wound)
tamponamento {m}  :: wall plug
tamponante {v}  :: present participle of tamponare
tamponare {vt} [medicine]  :: To plug (a wound) with a tampon or compress
tamponare {vt}  :: to collide with
tamponare {v} [automotive]  :: to rear-end
tamponatura {f}  :: cladding, plugging, infill
tamponatura {f}  :: tamponade
tampone {m}  :: plug
tampone {m}  :: wad
tampone {m}  :: swab
tampone {m}  :: tampon
tampone {m}  :: inkpad
tampone {m}  :: blotter
tam-tam {m} [musical instruments]  :: tam-tam
tam-tam {m} [musical instruments]  :: tom-tom
tam-tam {m}  :: bush telegraph, grapevine [unofficial news channel]
tamtam {m}  :: Variant of tam-tam
tana {f}  :: lair, den
tana {f}  :: burrow (tunnel or hole dug by a small creature, such as a rabbit, etc.)
tana {f} [figuratively]  :: hideout
tanaceto {m} [plant]  :: tansy (Tanacetum vulgare)
tanaceto {m} [plant]  :: tansy (plant of the genus Tanacetum)
tanagra {f}  :: tanager
tanato- {n}  :: thanato-
tanatoesteta {m}  :: A person (in a mortuary or funeral home) who prepares a corpse for viewing
tanatofobia {f}  :: thanatophobia
tanatologia {f}  :: thanatology, deathlore
tanatologico {adj}  :: thanatological
tanatosi {f}  :: thanatosis
tanca {f}  :: tank (water or fuel)
tanca {f}  :: jerry can
tanca {f} [Sardinia]  :: An enclosed piece of land
tandem {m}  :: tandem (all senses)
tanfante {v}  :: present participle of tanfare
tanfare {vi}  :: To pong or stink
tanfo {m}  :: stink, stench, bad smell
tanga {m}  :: G-string
tangente {adj}  :: tangent, tangential
tangente {f} [geometry, trigonometry]  :: tangent
tangente {f}  :: cut, rake-off, kickback, bribe
tangente {f}  :: share, quota
tangente {v}  :: present participle of tangere
tangenza {f}  :: tangency
tangenza {f}  :: ceiling (maximum height that an aircraft can fly)
tangenziale {adj}  :: tangential
tangenziale {f}  :: ring road [British], beltway [US], bypass
tangenzialità {f}  :: tangentiality
tangenzialmente {adv}  :: tangentially
tangere {vt}  :: To touch
tangere {vt}  :: To elicit an emotional response
tangerino {m}  :: tangerine (fruit)
tanghero {m}  :: bumpkin
tanghero {m}  :: tango dancer
tanghero {adj}  :: tango (attributive)
tangibile {adj}  :: tangible
tangibilità {f}  :: tangibleness
tangibilmente {adv}  :: tangibly
tango {m}  :: tango
tangone {m} [nautical]  :: spinnaker pole
tanguto {adj}  :: Tangut
tanica {f}  :: jerry can
tank {m}  :: tank (military and container)
tannante {v}  :: present participle of tannare
tannante {adj}  :: tanning
tannare {vt}  :: To tan (leather)
tannato {m} [organic chemistry]  :: tannate
tannicità {n}  :: tannicity
tannico {adj}  :: tannic
tannino {m}  :: tannin
tant'è {conj}  :: in fact, indeed
tant' {adj} [sometimes before a vowel]  :: apocopic form of tanto
tant' {pron} [sometimes before a vowel]  :: apocopic form of tanto
tant' {conj} [sometimes before a vowel]  :: apocopic form of tanto
tantalico {adj} [inorganic chemistry]  :: tantalic
tantalio {m} [chemistry]  :: tantalum
tantalite {f} [mineralogy]  :: tantalite
tantalo {m}  :: ibis
tantino {adj}  :: A little
tantino {pron}  :: A little (small amount)
tantissimo {adj}  :: Very much; very many
tanto {adj}  :: so much, so many
tanto {adj}  :: much, many
tanto {adj}  :: such
tanto {adj}  :: significant
tanto {pron}  :: much
tanto {pron}  :: a lot
tanto {adv}  :: so much
tanto {adv}  :: very
tanto {conj}  :: after all
tanto {conj}  :: anyways
tanto meno {conj}  :: alternative form of tantomeno
tanto per cambiare {phrase} [sarcastic]  :: just for a change; as usual; surprise surprise
tanto va la gatta al lardo, che ci lascia lo zampino {proverb}  :: You won't get away with something for ever; at some point you will leave a clue and be found out
tantoché {conj}  :: so, so that (with the result that)
tantomeno {adv}  :: even less so
tantomeno {conj}  :: let alone
tantopiù {adj}  :: more so
tantra {n}  :: tantra
tantrico {adj}  :: tantric
tantrismo {m}  :: Tantrism
tanzaniana {f}  :: Tanzanian (female)
tanzaniano {adj}  :: Tanzanian
tanzaniano {m}  :: Tanzanian
tanzanite {f} [mineralogy]  :: tanzanite
tao {n} [philosophy]  :: Tao
taoismo {m}  :: Taoism
taoista {mf}  :: Taoist
taoistico {adj}  :: Taoist, Taoistic
taorminese {adj}  :: Of, or from, Taormina
taorminese {m}  :: A native or inhabitant of Taormina
tapina {f}  :: wretch (female)
tapinamente {adv}  :: wretchedly, miserably
tapinità {f}  :: meanness
tapino {adj}  :: wretched, miserable, poor
tapino {m}  :: wretch
tapioca {f}  :: tapioca
tapiro {m}  :: tapir
tapis roulant {m}  :: treadmill
tappa {f}  :: stage, leg, lap, phase, milestone
tappa {f}  :: stop, halt
tappabuchi {mf}  :: fill-in, stopgap, quick fix
tappabuco {m}  :: A short article inserted to fill a page of a newspaper
tappante {v}  :: present participle of tappare
tappare {vt}  :: to plug, stop, seal
tappare {vt}  :: to cork
tapparella {f}  :: roller blind (rolling shutter)
tapparellista {mf}  :: A person who fits and repairs roller-shutters
tappatrice {f}  :: corking machine
tappetino {m}  :: mat
tappetino {m}  :: mouse mat
tappetino per mouse {m} [computing]  :: mouse mat, mouse pad
tappeto {m}  :: carpet, rug, mat
tappeto {m}  :: (exercise device) treadmill
tappeto rosso {m}  :: red carpet
tappetto {m}  :: small plug, small stopper
tappetto {m}  :: shorty, tich, midget
tappezzante {v}  :: present participle of tappezzare
tappezzare {vt}  :: To paper or wallpaper
tappezzare {vt}  :: To cover or upholster
tappezzare {vt}  :: To drape
tappezzeria {f}  :: curtains [British], drapes [US], soft furnishings
tappezzeria {f}  :: The industry that manufactures such products
tappezzeria {f}  :: A shop or business that sells such products
tappezziere {m}  :: upholsterer
tappo {m}  :: A cap, cork, stopper, or plug
tappo {m}  :: A shorty (A person short in stature)
tappo {m}  :: clog
tappone {m} [cycling]  :: A particularly gruelling stage or leg of a race
tarì {m}  :: A small gold coin, worth a quarter of a dinar, struck by the Arabs of Sicily in the 9th century
tara {f}  :: tare
tara {f}  :: defect, vice, flaw
tara {f} [archaic]  :: deficiency
tarabugio {m}  :: alternative form of tarabuso
tarabusino {m}  :: little bittern (Ixobrychus minutus)
tarabuso {m}  :: bittern
tarallino {m}  :: A smaller form of tarallo
tarallo {m} [culinary]  :: A snack food, from southern Italy, in the form of a twist of breadstick
taralluccio {m}  :: A larger form of tarallo
tarante {v}  :: present participle of tarare
tarantella {f}  :: tarantella
tarantino {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to Taranto
tarantino {m}  :: Native or inhabitant of Taranto
tarantino {m}  :: Territory surrounding Taranto
tarantino {m}  :: Tarantino (dialect, masculine singular)
tarantismo {m}  :: tarantism
tarantola {f}  :: tarantula
tarantolato {adj}  :: bitten by a tarantula
tarantolato {adj}  :: overexcited
tarantolino {m}  :: gecko (Euleptes europaea)
tarare {vt}  :: to tare
tarare {vt}  :: to calibrate
tarassaco {m}  :: dandelion
tarato {adj}  :: tared
tarato {adj}  :: calibrated
tarato {adj}  :: touched (having a hereditary defect)
taratura {f}  :: tare, taring
taratura {f}  :: calibration
tarchia {f} [nautical]  :: spritsail
tarchiato {adj}  :: stocky, dumpy
tardante {v}  :: present participle of tardare
tardare {vt}  :: To delay
tardare {vi}  :: To be late
tardezza {f}  :: slowness
tardezza {f}  :: dullness
tardi {adv}  :: late
tardigrado {adj}  :: tardigrade, sluggish
tardigrado {m}  :: tardigrade, water bear
tardissimo {adv}  :: Very late
tardità {f}  :: slowness (literary)
tardivamente {adv}  :: late, tardily
tardività {f}  :: lateness, tardiness
tardivo {adj}  :: late
tardivo {adj}  :: belated, tardy
tardivo {adj} [pathology]  :: tardive
tardo {adj}  :: slow, sluggard, dull, slow-witted, dull-witted
tardo {adj}  :: late, tardy
tardo- {prefix}  :: late- (relating to the final stages of a historical period)
tardo di comprendonio {adj}  :: dull, dull-witted, slow, slow-witted
tardoantico {adj}  :: relating to the final centuries of the Roman Empire; roughly corresponding to Late Antiquity
tardogotico {adj}  :: late Gothic
tardomedievale {adj}  :: late-medieval
tardona {f}  :: mutton dressed as lamb
tardoromano {adj}  :: late-Roman
targa {f}  :: plate (metal etc)
targa {f}  :: nameplate
targa {f}  :: number plate / license plate
targa {f}  :: plaque
targante {v}  :: present participle of targare
targare {vt}  :: To register a car (and provide with a number plate)
targato {adj}  :: With the number plate, with plates
targato {adj}  :: labelled
targatura {f}  :: registration of a car (and provision of a number plate)
targhetta {f}  :: label, tag
targhetta {f}  :: sticker
targhetta {f}  :: name plate (on a door)
targhettatrice {f}  :: addressing / labelling machine
targone {m}  :: tarragon
tariffa {f}  :: rate, tariff, price, charge, fare
tariffale {adj}  :: tariff (attributive)
tariffante {v}  :: present participle of tariffare
tariffare {vt}  :: To (fix a) tariff
tariffario {adj}  :: Relative to a tariff
tariffario {m}  :: tariff, table of charges
tariffazione {f}  :: rating (setting a rate or tariff)
tarlante {v}  :: present participle of tarlare
tarlantesi {v}  :: present participle of tarlarsi
tarlare {vi}  :: To have woodworm
tarlare {vt}  :: To infest with woodworm
tarlare {vt}  :: To corrode
tarlarsi {vr}  :: To have woodworm
tarlatana {f}  :: tarlatan
tarlato {adj}  :: worm-eaten (having woodworm)
tarlato {adj}  :: moth-eaten
tarlatosi {v}  :: past participle of tarlarsi
tarlatura {f}  :: woodworm (the holes, dust and damage, but not the insect itself)
tarlo {m}  :: woodworm (the insect)
tarlo {m} [figuratively]  :: torment
tarma {f}  :: moth
tarmante {v}  :: present participle of tarmare
tarmantesi {v}  :: present participle of tarmarsi
tarmare {vt}  :: To infest with moths
tarmarsi {vr}  :: To be moth-eaten
tarmatosi {v}  :: past participle of tarmarsi
tarmicida {f}  :: moth repellent
tarmico {adj}  :: moth (attributive)
taroccante {v}  :: present participle of taroccare
taroccare {vt} [colloquial]  :: To fake
taroccato {adj} [colloquial]  :: fake
tarocco {m}  :: tarot
tarocco {m}  :: tarot card
tarozzo {m}  :: wooden rung of a rope ladder
tarpante {v}  :: present participle of tarpare
tarpare {vt}  :: To clip the wings of a bird to prevent it from flying off
tarpeo {adj}  :: Tarpeian
tarpone {m}  :: tarpon
tarsale {adj} [skeleton]  :: tarsal
tarsalgia {f} [pathology]  :: pain in a tarsus; tarsalgia
tarsio {m}  :: tarsier
tarso {m} [skeleton, zoology]  :: tarsus
tarso {m} [anatomy]  :: tarsus, tarsal plate (of the eyelid)
tartagliamento {m}  :: stuttering, stammering
tartagliante {v}  :: present participle of tartagliare
tartagliare {vi} [colloquial]  :: To stutter or stammer
tartagliare {vt} [colloquial]  :: To mutter
tartaglione {m}  :: stutterer, stammerer
tartana {f}  :: tartan
tartana {f}  :: trawl (net)
tartar {n} [cooking]  :: A tartare dish
tartareo {adj}  :: Tartarean
tartareo {adj}  :: infernal
tartarico {adj}  :: tartaric
tartaro {adj}  :: Tartar
tartaro {adj}  :: tartare
tartaro {m}  :: Tartar
tartaruga {f}  :: turtle, tortoise
tartaruga {f}  :: tortoiseshell (carapace of a tortoise)
tartaruga {f}  :: testudo (Roman military formation)
tartaruga {f}  :: A type of bread roll having a pattern of criss-cross incisions
tartaruga {f}  :: Shortened form of addominali a tartaruga (six pack)
tartarughina {f}  :: Small or young turtle
tartassante {v}  :: present participle of tartassare
tartassare {vt}  :: To harass, to pester, to ill-treat, to give somebody a hard time, to squeeze
tartessico {adj}  :: Tartessian
tartina {f}  :: canapé
tartrato {m} [organic chemistry]  :: tartrate
tartufaia {f}  :: truffle hunter (female)
tartufaia {f}  :: truffle seller (female)
tartufaia {f}  :: Area where truffles grow or are grown
tartufaio {m}  :: truffle hunter
tartufaio {m}  :: truffle seller
tartufante {v}  :: present participle of tartufare
tartufare {vt}  :: To garnish with truffles
tartufato {adj}  :: garnished with truffles; truffles (attributive), truffle-flavoured
tartufesco {adj}  :: hypocritical
tartuficolo {adj}  :: truffle-growing (attributive)
tartuficoltore {m}  :: truffle grower
tartuficoltura {f}  :: truffle growing
tartufigeno {adj}  :: truffle-producing
tartufo {m}  :: truffle
tartufo {m} [idiomatic]  :: hypocrite; tartuffe
tarvisiano {adj}  :: Of, or from, Tarvisio
tarvisiano {m}  :: A native or inhabitant of Tarvisio
tarzanello {m} [slang]  :: dingleberry
tarzanino {m}  :: synonym of tarzanello
tasca {f}  :: pocket
tascabile {adj} [attributive]  :: pocket
tascabile {m}  :: paperback, softback, pocketbook
tascapane {m}  :: haversack
tascata {f}  :: pocketful
taschina {f}  :: Small transparent pocket for displaying postage stamps
taschino {m}  :: breast pocket
tasmaniano {adj}  :: Tasmanian
tassì {m}  :: taxi, taxicab
tassa {f}  :: tax, duty, dues
tassabile {adj}  :: taxable, chargeable
tassabilità {f}  :: taxability
tassametro {m}  :: taximeter
tassante {v}  :: present participle of tassare
tassantesi {v}  :: present participle of tassarsi
tassare {vt}  :: To tax
tassarsi {vr}  :: To contribute
tassativamente {adv}  :: peremptorily, strictly, absolutely, definitely
tassatività {f}  :: peremptoriness
tassativo {adj}  :: peremptory, strict, absolute, definite, imperative
tassato {adj}  :: taxed, subject to duty
tassatosi {v}  :: past participle of tassarsi
tassazione {f}  :: taxation
tassellante {v}  :: present participle of tassellare
tassellare {vt}  :: to dowel, plug
tassellare {vt}  :: to cut a wedge (from)
tassellato {adj} [mathematics]  :: tesselated
tassellatura {f}  :: dowelling, plugging
tassellatura {f} [mathematics]  :: tesselation
tassellazione {f} [mathematics]  :: tesselation
tassello {m}  :: plug, dowel (of wood etc)
tassello {m}  :: gusset
tassello {m}  :: wedge
tassema {m} [linguistics]  :: taxeme
tassesco {adj}  :: Characteristic of Torquato Tasso
tassiano {adj}  :: Related to, or characteristic of Torquato Tasso
tassidermia {f}  :: taxidermy
tassidermista {mf}  :: taxidermist
tassinaro {m}  :: taxi driver, cabbie
tassista {mf}  :: taxi driver, cab driver
tassista {mf}  :: taxicab operator, hacker
tasso {m}  :: rate, level, percentage
tasso {m}  :: badger (animal or hair)
tasso {m}  :: European yew
tasso barbasso {m}  :: alternative form of tassobarbasso
tasso di sconto {m}  :: discount rate
tassobarbasso {m}  :: mullein, great mullein, Aaron's rod (Verbascum thapsus)
tassodio {m}  :: swamp cypress (of genus Taxodium)
tassonomia {f} [systematics]  :: taxonomy
tassonomicamente {adv}  :: taxonomically
tassonomico {adj}  :: taxonomic, taxonomical
tastante {v}  :: present participle of tastare
tastare {vt}  :: to feel
tastare {vt}  :: to probe
tastatore {m}  :: feeler pin, tracer point
tasteggiante {v}  :: present participle of tasteggiare
tasteggiare {vt}  :: to touch lightly
tasteggiare {vt}  :: to finger [a keyboard]
tastiera {f} [computing, music]  :: keyboard
tastiera {f} [music]  :: fingerboard
tastierina {f} [computing]  :: keypad
tastierino {m} [computing]  :: keypad
tastierista {f}  :: keyboard player
tastierista {f}  :: keyboardist, typist
tastino {m}  :: A small key (such as the on/off key, typically on the side of a smartphone or tablet)
tasto {m}  :: (on a computer keyboard, musical instrument, device, etc.) key, button
tasto {m}  :: touch, feel
tasto {m} [music]  :: fret, fingerboard
tastoni {adv}  :: By feel or by touch
tastoni {adv}  :: gropingly
tata {f}  :: governess (or any young woman looking after children)
tata {f}  :: big sister
tataro {m}  :: Tatar, Tartar (person, language (masculine only))
tataro di Crimea {m}  :: Crimean Tatar
tattica {f}  :: tactics
tattica {f}  :: stratagem
tattica {f}  :: scheme
tatticamente {adv}  :: tactically
tatticismo {m}  :: The unscrupulous use of tactics in politics to further one's own ends
tatticità {f} [chemistry]  :: tacticity
tattico {adj}  :: tactical
tattico {adj} [chemistry]  :: tactic
tattico {m}  :: tactic(s)
tatticone {m}  :: tactician
tatticone {m}  :: old fox (person with strategic abilities)
tattile {adj}  :: tactile
tattilità {f}  :: tactility
tattismo {m} [biology]  :: taxis
tatto {m}  :: touch (sense of)
tatto {m}  :: tact
tatuaggio {m}  :: tattoo (mark on skin)
tatuante {v}  :: present participle of tatuare
tatuare {v}  :: to tattoo
tatuatore {m}  :: tattooist, tattoo artist
tau {mf}  :: tau (Greek letter)
taumatropio {m}  :: thaumatrope
taumaturgico {adj}  :: thaumaturgical, thaumaturgic
taumaturgo {m}  :: thaumaturge
tauone {m} [physics]  :: tau lepton, tauon
tauonico {adj} [physics]  :: tauonic
tauriforme {adj}  :: Having the form of a bull
taurina {f} [organic compound]  :: taurine
taurino {adj}  :: taurine, bull (attributive), of a bull
tauromachia {f} [bullfighting]  :: tauromachy
tautologia {f}  :: tautology
tautologicamente {adv}  :: tautologically
tautologico {adj}  :: tautological
tautomeria {f} [chemistry]  :: tautomerism
tautomero {adj} [chemistry]  :: tautomeric
tautonimo {m}  :: tautonym
tavella {f}  :: A form of hollow tile
tavellato {adj}  :: Made with tavella tiles
tavellone {m}  :: tavella
taverna {f}  :: tavern
taverniera {f}  :: landlady, (tavern keeper) (female)
taverniere {m}  :: publican, landlord (tavern keeper)
tavola {f}  :: (item of furniture) table
tavola {f}  :: (grid of data) table
tavola {f}  :: (thin piece of wood or other material) board, panel, plank, slab
tavola {f}  :: (illustration) plate
tavola {f} [painting]  :: painting
tavola per impasto {f}  :: kneading trough
tavola periodica {f}  :: periodic table
tavola pitagorica {f} [maths]  :: multiplication table
tavola reale {f}  :: backgammon
tavola rotonda {f}  :: round table
tavolaccio {m}  :: plank-bed
tavolame {m}  :: planking
tavolame {m}  :: lumber, timber
tavolata {f}  :: table
tavolato {m}  :: planking, boarding, boards (wooden flooring)
tavolato {m}  :: boardwalk
tavolato {m}  :: plateau
tavoletta {f}  :: small table
tavoletta {f}  :: tablet, bar (especially of chocolate), cake, slab
tavoletta {f}  :: toilet seat
tavoletta {f} [art]  :: A painting, often consisting of several panes, executed on a tabletop
tavoliere {m}  :: tableland
tavoliere {m}  :: board (for boardgame)
tavolino {m}  :: [item of furniture] A small table, an occasional table, a card table
tavolino {m}  :: stage of a microscope
tavolino da salotto {m} [furniture]  :: coffee table
tavolo {m} [item of furniture]  :: table, board, desk
tavolo {m} [art]  :: board, panel
tavolo da cena {m} [furniture]  :: dinner table
tavolo da lavoro {m}  :: worktable
tavolo da pranzo {m} [furniture]  :: dining table
tavolone {m}  :: large table
tavolone {m}  :: batten (strip of wood used in construction)
tavolozza {f}  :: A palette (board and range of colors)
taxi {m}  :: taxi
taxi-girl {f}  :: A nightclub hostess (paid to dance with, and entertain, customers)
taxi-girl {f} [colloquial]  :: prostitute
taxista {mf}  :: alternative form of tassista
taylorismo {m} [economics]  :: Taylorism
tayloristico {adj} [economics]  :: Taylor's, Tayloristic
tazebao {m}  :: dazibao
tazza {f}  :: cup, mug
tazza {f} [slang]  :: toilet bowl
tazzina {f}  :: coffee cup (espresso size)
tazzone {m}  :: mug (large cup)
te {pron} [disjunctive, emphatic]  :: you
te stessa {pron}  :: yourself, thyself
te stesso {pron}  :: yourself, thyself
team {m}  :: team (group of people)
teandrico {adj}  :: theanthropic
teandrismo {m}  :: theanthropism
teanina {f}  :: theanine
teatino {adj}  :: Of or relating to Chieti or the Chieti people
teatino {m}  :: A native or inhabitant of Chieti
teatrabile {adj}  :: theatrical
teatrale {adj}  :: theatrical, theatre (attributive), theater (attributive), stage (attributive), drama (attributive), acting
teatralità {f}  :: theatricality
teatralmente {adv}  :: theatrically
teatrante {mf}  :: actor
teatrino {m}  :: toy theatre
teatrino {m}  :: puppet theatre
teatro {m}  :: theater, theatre (all meanings)
tebaide {f}  :: hermitage
tebaina {f} [organic compound]  :: thebaine
tebaismo {m}  :: opiumism
tebano {adj}  :: Theban
teca {f}  :: A small reliquary
-teca {suffix}  :: Used to form nouns meaning a library, gallery or similar collection of things
techno {m} [music]  :: techno
tecnetato {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: technetate
tecneto {m} [rare, chemistry]  :: technetium
tecnezio {m} [chemistry]  :: technetium
tecnica {f}  :: technique
tecnicalità {f}  :: technicality
tecnicamente {adv}  :: technically
tecnicamente {adv}  :: technologically
tecnicismo {m}  :: technicality
tecnicismo {m}  :: technical jargon
tecnicista {mf}  :: technician
tecnicistico {adj}  :: (excessively) technical
tecnicità {f}  :: technicality, technicalness
tecnicizzante {v}  :: present participle of tecnicizzare
tecnicizzare {vt}  :: To technicalize
tecnicizzato {adj}  :: technicalized
tecnicizzazione {f}  :: technicalization
tecnico {adj}  :: technical
tecnico {m}  :: technician
tecnico {m}  :: engineer
tecnifermione {m} [physics]  :: technifermion‎
tecnigrafo {m}  :: drafting machine
tecno- {prefix}  :: techno-
tecnocrate {mf}  :: technocrat
tecnocratico {adj}  :: technocratic
tecnocrazia {f}  :: technocracy
tecnofibra {f}  :: man-made fibre
tecnologa {f}  :: technologist (female)
tecnologia {f}  :: technology
tecnologia {f}  :: technique
tecnologicamente {adv}  :: technologically
tecnologico {adj}  :: technological
tecnologizzante {v}  :: present participle of tecnologizzare
tecnologizzare {vt}  :: to make technological, technologize
tecnologo {m}  :: technologist
tecnopatia {f}  :: technopathy
tecnopatico {adj}  :: technopathic
tecnopolimero {m}  :: technopolymer
tecnoscienza {f}  :: technoscience
tecnostress {m}  :: technostress
tecnostruttura {f}  :: technostructure
tecnotronica {n}  :: technotronics
tecnotronico {adj}  :: technotronic
teco {prep} [archaic, literary]  :: with you
tecoteca {f}  :: tea house
tectonica {n}  :: alternative form of tettonica
tectonico {adj}  :: alternative form of tettonico
teda {f} [marriage]  :: bridal torch
teda {f} [botany]  :: pine
tedesca {f}  :: (female) German person
tedescheggiante {v}  :: present participle of tedescheggiare
tedescheggiare {vi}  :: To Germanize
tedescheria {f}  :: Boche, Kraut
tedeschismo {m}  :: Germanism
tedeschizzante {v}  :: present participle of tedeschizzare
tedeschizzare {vt}  :: To Germanize
tedeschizzazione {f}  :: Germanization
tedesco {adj}  :: German; of Germany
tedesco {m}  :: German language
tedesco {m}  :: (male) German person
tedescofilia {f}  :: Germanophilia
tedescofilo {adj}  :: Germanophile
tedescofilo {m}  :: Germanophile
tedescofobia {f}  :: Germanophobia
tedescofobo {adj}  :: Germanophobe
tedescofobo {m}  :: Germanophobe
tedescofono {adj}  :: Germanophone
tedescofono {m}  :: Germanophone
tedescume {m}  :: Krauts
tedeum {m}  :: Te Deum
tediante {v}  :: present participle of tediare
tediare {vt}  :: to bother, annoy
tediare {vt}  :: to bore
tedio {m}  :: tedium, boredom
tediosamente {adv}  :: tediously, boringly
tediosamente {adv}  :: bothersomely
tediosità {f}  :: tediousness, boredom
tediosità {f}  :: bother
tedioso {adj}  :: tedious, boring, dull
tedioso {adj}  :: bothersome
tedofora {f}  :: torchbearer (female)
tedoforo {m}  :: torchbearer
teff {m}  :: teff
teflonante {v}  :: present participle of teflonare
teflonare {vt}  :: To coat with teflon
teflonato {adj}  :: teflon-coated
teflonato {adj}  :: non-stick
tefrite {f} [geology]  :: tephrite
tega {f}  :: pod (of a bean etc)
tega {f} [slang]  :: penis
tega {f}  :: fishbone
tegamata {f}  :: pan (quantity), panful
tegame {m}  :: pan (for cooking; especially a frying pan)
tegamino {m}  :: diminutive of tegame: small frying pan
tegghia {f}  :: alternative form of teglia
teglia {f}  :: A tin, tray or sheet for baking
teglia {f}  :: The quantity of food contained in such tin etc
teglia {f}  :: A large-brimmed hat worn by some priests
tegola {f}  :: tile (roofing)
tegola d'ardesia {f}  :: slate (for writing on)
tegolone {m}  :: large (roofing) tile
tegumentale {adj}  :: integumental
tegumentario {adj}  :: integumental (Variant of: tegumentale)
tegumento {m} [botany]  :: integument
teicoltore {m}  :: tea grower
teicoltura {f}  :: tea growing
teiera {f}  :: teapot
teina {f}  :: theine
teina {f}  :: caffeine (when in tea)
teismo {m}  :: theism
teista {mf}  :: theist
teistico {adj}  :: theistic
tek {m}  :: teak
tela {f}  :: cloth
tela {f}  :: canvas
tela {f}  :: curtain (theatre)
telaggio {m}  :: weave, weaving
telaio {m}  :: (frame in which to weave) loom, frame
telaio {m}  :: (structural element of a constructed object) frame
telaio {m}  :: (the base frame of a motor vehicle) chassis, frame
telamone {m}  :: telamon, atlas
telangiectasia {f} [pathology]  :: telangiectasia
telato {adj}  :: linen (attributive)
tele- {prefix}  :: tele- (all senses)
tele {f} [colloquial]  :: telly [UK], TV
teleabbonato {m}  :: A paying subscriber to a TV company
teleacquisto {m}  :: teleshopping
teleallarme {m}  :: remote alarm (to warn of intruders, or to summon help)
teleangectasia {f} [pathology]  :: telangiectasia
telearma {f} [military]  :: guided weapon
teleautografia {f}  :: teleautography
teleautografo {m}  :: teleautograph
telebomba {f} [military]  :: (air-launched) guided bomb
telecamera {f}  :: television camera
telechirurgia {f} [surgery]  :: telesurgery
telecinesi {f}  :: telekinesis
telecinetico {adj}  :: telekinetic
telecomandante {v}  :: present participle of telecomandare
telecomandare {vt}  :: To operate something by remote control
telecomandato {adj}  :: remote-controlled
telecomando {m}  :: remote control, clicker
telecomunicazione {f}  :: Any particular telecommunications system
teleconferenza {f}  :: teleconference
teleconsulto {m}  :: teleconsultation
telecontrollante {v}  :: present participle of telecontrollare
telecontrollare {vt}  :: To operate by remote control
telecontrollo {m}  :: remote monitoring
telecopia {f}  :: telecopy, fax
telecopiatore {m}  :: telecopier, fax machine
telecopiatrice {f}  :: telecopier, fax machine
telecronaca {f}  :: television report
telecronista {mf}  :: TV commentator
telediastolico {adj} [anatomy]  :: telediastolic
teledidattica {f}  :: teledidactics
telediffondente {v}  :: present participle of telediffondere
telediffondere {vt}  :: To broadcast (by television)
telediffusione {f}  :: radio or TV broadcasting
telediffusore {m}  :: broadcaster (especially TV)
teledipendente {mf}  :: couch potato (TV addict)
teledramma {m}  :: teleplay
teledrin {m}  :: pager, beeper
teleelaborazione {f} [computing]  :: teleprocessing
telefax {m}  :: fax (machine or document)
teleferica {f}  :: cableway, aerial ropeway, telpher
teleferico {adj}  :: cableway, ropeway, telpher (attributive)
teleferista {mf}  :: cableway, ropeway or telpher operator
telefilm {m}  :: A single episode of a television series
telefilm {m}  :: television series; television serial
telefonante {v}  :: present participle of telefonare
telefonantesi {v}  :: present participle of telefonarsi
telefonare {vit} [a]  :: to telephone (someone); to make a phone call
telefonarsi {vr}  :: To talk to someone on the telephone
telefonata {f}  :: A phone call
telefonatore {m} [familiar, often jocular]  :: telephoner, phoner [male]
telefonatosi {v}  :: past participle of telefonarsi
telefonatrice {f} [familiar, often jocular]  :: telephoner, phoner [female]
telefonia {f}  :: telephony
telefonia fissa {f}  :: landline (fixed telephone communications cable)
telefonicamente {adv}  :: telephonically
telefonicamente {adv}  :: By the telephone, by the phone
telefonicamente {adv}  :: On the telephone, on the phone
telefonico {adj}  :: telephone (attribute), phone (attribute)
telefonino {m}  :: diminutive of telefono
telefonino {m}  :: mobile phone, mobile, cellphone, cellular
telefonista {mf}  :: switchboard operator; telephonist
telefono {m}  :: telephone, phone
telefono cellulare {m}  :: cellular phone, cell phone, cellular
telefoto {f}  :: telephoto (photograph taken with a telephoto lens)
telefotografia {f}  :: telephotography
telefotografia {f}  :: telephoto, telephotograph (photograph taken with a telephoto lens, or one transmitted by telephony)
telefotografico {adj}  :: telephotographic
telegenico {adj}  :: telegenic
telegestione {f} [computing]  :: remote management (of a server or other device/system)
telegiornale {m}  :: television news programme
telegiornalista {f}  :: television journalist
telegiornalista {f}  :: newscaster
telegrafante {v}  :: present participle of telegrafare
telegrafare {vit}  :: to telegraph, cable
telegrafia {f}  :: telegraphy
telegraficamente {adv}  :: By telegram, telegraphically
telegraficamente {adv}  :: concisely, briefly
telegrafico {adj}  :: telegraph (attributive)
telegrafico {adj}  :: telegraphic
telegrafista {mf}  :: telegraphist
telegrafista {mf}  :: telegraph operator
telegrafo {m}  :: telegraph
telegrafo {m}  :: telegraph office
telegramma {m}  :: telegram
teleguida {f}  :: remote control
teleguidante {v}  :: present participle of teleguidare
teleguidare {vt}  :: To operate by remote control
teleguidato {adj}  :: remote control (attributive)
teleguidato {adj}  :: remote-controlled
telelavoratore {m}  :: telecommuter, teleworker
telelavoro {m}  :: telecommuting, telework
telelettura {f}  :: remote reading
telemarketing {m}  :: telemarketing
telematica {f}  :: telematics
telematica {f}  :: telecoms
telematica {f}  :: data transmission
telematicamente {adv}  :: telematically
telematico {adj}  :: telematic
telematizzante {v}  :: present participle of telematizzare
telematizzare {v}  :: to organize a system or service by using telematics
telemedicina {f} [medicine]  :: telemedicine
telemessaggio {m}  :: televised message or speech
telemetraggio {m}  :: rangefinding (measurement of distance using a rangefinder)
telemetrante {v}  :: present participle of telemetrare
telemetrare {vt}  :: To telemeter
telemetria {f}  :: telemetry (all senses)
telemetrico {adj}  :: telemetric
telemetrista {m}  :: telemetrist (telemeter operator)
telemetrista {m}  :: range finder
telemetro {m}  :: rangefinder
telemisura {f}  :: telemetry (system or data)
telemisurazione {f}  :: telemetry (system)
telencefalo {m} [anatomy]  :: telencephalon; endbrain; cerebrum
telenovela {f}  :: telenovela (especially one from South America)
teleobiettivo {m}  :: telephoto lens
teleologia {f}  :: teleology
teleologico {adj}  :: teleological
teleoperatore {m}  :: teleoperator
teleosteo {m}  :: Any ray-finned fish of the infraclass Teleostei
telepass {m}  :: electronic toll collection (on Italian motorways)
telepatia {f}  :: telepathy
telepaticamente {adv}  :: telepathically
telepatico {adj}  :: telepathic
telepedaggio {m}  :: Any of several automatic toll-collecting systems that detect a car's position on a motorway
teleporto {m}  :: teleport (satellite ground station)
telepredicatore {m}  :: televangelist
teleprogramma {m}  :: TV programme
teleproietto {m} [military]  :: guided weapon
telepromozione {f}  :: plug (by a celebrity promoting a product)
telequiz {m}  :: television quiz
teleradiografia {f}  :: teleradiography
teleradiotrasmesso {adj}  :: simulcasted
teleradiotrasmettente {v}  :: present participle of teleradiotrasmettere
teleradiotrasmettere {vt}  :: to simulcast; to broadcast by radio and television simultaneously
teleraffrescamento {m}  :: district cooling
teleria {f}  :: textiles, fabric
teleria {f}  :: draper's (shop)
telericevente {adj}  :: television receiving (attributive)
telerilevamento {m}  :: remote sensing
teleripresa {f}  :: telephoto or distance shot (in film)
teleripresa {f}  :: televising
teleriscaldamento {m}  :: A form of central heating in which hot water is supplied to all buildings in a small district from a central source, often employing excess heat from an industrial plant
teleromanzo {m}  :: TV miniseries
teleruttore {m}  :: remote control switch
teleschermo {m}  :: television screen, screen
telescopia {f}  :: telescopy
telescopico {adj}  :: telescopic
telescopio {m}  :: telescope
telescopio solare {m}  :: solar telescope
telescritto {adj}  :: written by a teleprinter
telescritto {m}  :: A text received and printed by means of a teleprinter
telescrivente {f}  :: teleprinter
telescrivente {f}  :: telex
telescrivente {f}  :: news ticker
telescriventista {mf}  :: teleprinter operator
telescuola {f}  :: educational TV broadcasting
telesegnalazione {f}  :: remote signalling
teleselettivo {adj}  :: direct-dialling; STD (attributive)
teleselezione {f}  :: subscriber trunk dialling (STD)
telesoccorso {m}  :: helpline (telephone help service)
telespettatore {m}  :: A viewer, a television watcher
telestampante {f}  :: teleprinter
telestico {m}  :: telesticon
teletaxe {m}  :: telephone meter
teletext {m}  :: Teletext
telethon {m}  :: telethon
teletrasmesso {adj}  :: broadcast
teletrasmettente {v}  :: present participle of teletrasmettere
teletrasmettere {vt}  :: to broadcast by television; to televise
teletrasmettere {vt}  :: to transmit something a distance
teletrasmettitore {m}  :: television transmitter
teletrasmissione {f}  :: telecast (television transmission)
teletrasmittente {adj}  :: television broadcasting (attributive)
teletrasmittente {f}  :: television station
teletrasportante {v}  :: present participle of teletrasportare
teletrasportantesi {v}  :: present participle of teletrasportarsi
teletrasportare {vti}  :: To teleport (sci fi)
teletrasportarsi {vr}  :: To teleport (oneself)
teletrasporto {m}  :: teleportation
teletrattamento {m} [computing]  :: teleprocessing
teletta {f}  :: interfacing (in clothes)
teleutente {mf}  :: television subscriber
televedere {v} [colloquial]  :: to see on television
televendita {f}  :: Product sales on television
televendita {f}  :: A TV home shopping programme
televideo {m}  :: Teletext, videotext
televisione {f}  :: television
televisivo {adj}  :: TV, television (attributive)
televisore {m}  :: television set
televoto {m}  :: phone voting (especially in the context of a television show)
telex {m}  :: telex
telex {adj}  :: telex (attributive)
telico {adj}  :: telic
tellina {f} [zoology]  :: tellin
tellina {f}  :: clam (Donax trunculus)
tellurico {adj} [chemistry, geology]  :: telluric
telluridrico {adj} [inorganic chemistry]  :: tellurhydric
tellurio {m} [chemistry]  :: tellurium
telluroso {adj} [chemistry]  :: tellurous
tellururo {m}  :: telluride
telo {m}  :: sheet, cloth, length of cloth
telocentrico {adj} [genetics]  :: telocentric
telofase {f} [biology]  :: telophase
telomerasi {f} [enzyme]  :: telomerase
telomerico {adj}  :: telomeric
telomero {m} [genetics]  :: telomere
telonato {adj}  :: Covered with tarpaulin
telone {m}  :: A large piece of cloth
tema {m}  :: theme, subject
tema {m} [linguistics]  :: stem
tema {m}  :: thesis
tema {f}  :: fear
tematica {f}  :: Main or basic theme
tematico {adj}  :: thematic (all senses)
tematizzante {v}  :: present participle of tematizzare
tematizzare {vt}  :: To thematize
tematizzazione {f}  :: thematization
temente {v}  :: present participle of temere
tementesi {v}  :: present participle of temersi
temerariamente {adv}  :: rashly, recklessly
temerariamente {adv}  :: audaciously, daringly
temerarietà {f}  :: recklessness, rashness, temerity
temerarietà {f}  :: boldness, derring-do
temerario {adj}  :: reckless, rash
temerario {m}  :: a reckless person
temere {v}  :: to fear
temere {v}  :: to beware
temerità {f}  :: alternative form of temerarietà
temersi {vr}  :: To frighten each other (or oneself)
temibile {adj}  :: frightful, frightening, formidable
temibilissimo {adj}  :: Most frightful
temibilmente {adv}  :: formidably, frightfully
temolo {m}  :: grayling (Thymallus thymallus)
temore {m} [obsolete]  :: alternative form of timore
temoroso {adj} [obsolete]  :: alternative form of timoroso
tempaccio {m}  :: filthy weather, foul weather
tempario {m}  :: time chart
tempera {f}  :: tempera, distemper
tempera {f}  :: tempera painting
tempera {f}  :: Variant of tempra
temperalapis {m}  :: pencil sharpener
temperamatite {m}  :: pencil sharpener
temperamento {m}  :: temperament, disposition
temperante {v}  :: present participle of temperare
temperante {adj}  :: moderate
temperanza {f}  :: temperance
temperanza {f}  :: moderation
temperare {vt}  :: to sharpen [a pencil, etc.]
temperare {vt}  :: to temper [metal]
temperare {vt}  :: to quench
temperatamente {adv}  :: temperately, moderately
temperato {adj}  :: moderate, temperate
temperato {adj}  :: tempered (steel)
temperatura {f}  :: temperature (a measure of cold or hot, of a body or environment)
temperatura percepita {f}  :: perceived temperature
temperie {f}  :: climate
temperie {f}  :: atmosphere
temperino {m}  :: penknife
tempesta {f}  :: storm, tempest
tempesta {f}  :: shower (tempesta di pugni - shower of blows)
tempesta di neve {n}  :: drifter
tempesta di sabbia {f}  :: sandstorm (strong wind carrying clouds of sand)
tempesta in un bicchiere d'acqua {n}  :: storm in a teacup, storm in a teapot, storm in a teakettle
tempestante {v}  :: present participle of tempestare
tempestare {vt}  :: to rain [blows]
tempestare {vt}  :: to bombard [with questions]
tempestio {m}  :: hail shower
tempestivamente {adv}  :: timely
tempestività {f}  :: timeliness
tempestivo {adj}  :: timely, well-timed
tempestosamente {adv}  :: wildly, violently, tempestuously
tempestoso {adj}  :: stormy
tempia {f}  :: temple (of the head)
tempietto {m}  :: A small building, in the form of a temple, in a landscaped garden
tempificante {v}  :: present participle of tempificare
tempificare {vt}  :: To schedule or time
tempificazione {f}  :: scheduling, timing
tempio {m}  :: temple (religious)
tempismo {m}  :: sense of timing
tempista {mf}  :: A person with a good sense of timing
tempista {mf}  :: timekeeper (sports etc)
tempistica {f}  :: time needed to complete a task
tempistica {f}  :: deadline
templado {adj}  :: temperate (climate)
templare {m}  :: Templar
templare {adj}  :: Templar (attribute)
templatizzante {v}  :: present participle of templatizzare
templatizzare {v}  :: To templatize
tempo {m}  :: time
tempo {m}  :: time, age, period
tempo {m}  :: part (of a film, show, etc.)
tempo {m}  :: weather
tempo {m} [music]  :: time, tempo, rhythm
tempo {m} [grammar]  :: tense
tempo di guerra {m}  :: wartime
tempo di pace {m}  :: peacetime
tempo immemorabile {m}  :: time immemorial
tempo libero {m}  :: free time, spare time, leisure
tempo restante {n}  :: time remaining
tempo supplementare {m} [sports]  :: extra time
tempo trascorso {n}  :: time elapsed
tempora {n} [Roman Catholicism, historical]  :: Ember days: days of fasting formerly prescribed for the Wednesday, Friday and Saturday of the first week of each season
temporale {adj} [time]  :: time (attributive), temporal
temporale {adj}  :: worldly, temporal, secular
temporale {adj} [grammar]  :: of time, temporal
temporale {adj} [anatomy]  :: temporal
temporale {m} [weather]  :: thunderstorm, storm, rainstorm
temporale {m} [skeleton]  :: temporal, temporal bone
temporale {m} [muscle]  :: temporalis, temporal muscle
temporalesco {adj}  :: stormy, storm (attributive)
temporalità {f}  :: temporality
temporalmente {adv}  :: temporally
temporalmente {adv}  :: temporarily
temporaneamente {adv}  :: temporarily, provisionally
temporaneità {f}  :: temporariness
temporaneo {adj}  :: temporary, provisional, interim, makeshift
temporaneo {adj}  :: stopgap
temporeggiamento {m}  :: temporizing
temporeggiante {v}  :: present participle of temporeggiare
temporeggiare {vi}  :: to play for time
temporeggiare {vi}  :: to temporize
temporeggiatore {m}  :: temporizer
temporeggiatrice {f}  :: temporizer (female)
temporizzante {v}  :: present participle of temporizzare
temporizzare {vt}  :: to time
temporizzatore {m}  :: timer [device]
temporizzazione {f}  :: timing
temporomandibolare {adj} [anatomy]  :: temporomandibular
temporoparietale {adj} [anatomy]  :: temporoparietal
temporoparietale {m} [muscle]  :: temporoparietalis, temporoparietalis muscle
tempra {f}  :: tempering, hardening
tempra {f}  :: temper (effect of tempering)
tempra {f}  :: constitution, temperament
temprabile {adj}  :: hardenable, temperable
temprabilità {f}  :: hardenability, temperability
temprante {v}  :: present participle of temprare
temprare {v}  :: to temper
temprare {v}  :: to strengthen or toughen
tempura {mf}  :: tempura
temutissimo {adj}  :: very frightening
temuto {adj}  :: dreaded
temuto {adj}  :: frightening
temutosi {v}  :: past participle of temersi
tenace {adj}  :: strong
tenace {adj}  :: lasting
tenace {adj}  :: tenacious
tenacemente {adv}  :: tenaciously
tenacia {f}  :: tenacity
tenacissimo {adj}  :: Very strong or tenacious
tenacità {f}  :: tenacity
tenaglia {f} [chiefly in the plural]  :: pincers, forceps
tenalgia {f} [pathology]  :: tendonalgia (pain associated with a tendon)
tenario {adj}  :: infernal
tenario {m}  :: A type of black marble from Laconia
tenda {f}  :: tent
tenda {f}  :: curtain, blind, shade
tenda {f}  :: awning, sunshade, sunblind
tendaggio {m} [chiefly in the plural]  :: curtains, drapes
tendame {m}  :: curtains, drapery
tendente {v}  :: present participle of tendere
tendente {adj}  :: tending (to)
tendenza {f}  :: tendency, bent, inclination, proneness, propension
tendenza {f}  :: trend, drift
tendenza {f} [politics]  :: leaning, camp, party
tendenziale {adj}  :: Related to a tendency, tendential
tendenzialmente {adv}  :: tendentially, basically
tendenziosamente {adv}  :: tendentiously
tendenziosità {f}  :: tendentiousness
tendenzioso {adj}  :: tendentious
tender {v}  :: apocopic form of tendere
tendere {vt}  :: to tighten
tendere {vt}  :: to stretch
tendere {vt}  :: to crane [the neck]
tendere {vi}  :: to tend
tendibile {adj}  :: tensile
tendicatena {m}  :: chain stretcher
tendicinghia {m}  :: belt tightener
tendicollo {m}  :: collar stud
tendifilo {m}  :: tension disk(s)
tendina {f}  :: curtain
tendina {f}  :: shutter (of a movie camera / projector)
tendine {m} [anatomy]  :: tendon, sinew
tendine d'Achille {m} [anatomy]  :: Achilles' tendon
tendine di Achille {m}  :: Achilles’ tendon
tendineo {adj} [anatomy]  :: tendinous, tendon (attributive)
tendinite {f} [pathology]  :: tendinitis
tendinopatia {f} [pathology]  :: tendon condition; tendinopathy
tendinoso {adj} [anatomy]  :: tendinous
tendiscarpe {m}  :: shoe tree
tenditelo {adj}  :: stretch (attributive)
tenditore {m}  :: turnbuckle
tenditore {m}  :: expander, tightener
tendone {m}  :: big top (circus tent)
tendopoli {f}  :: tent city
tenebra {f}  :: darkness, gloom, night
tenebrore {m}  :: widespread darkness
tenebrosamente {adv}  :: darkly, gloomily
tenebrosamente {adv}  :: mysteriously
tenebrosità {f}  :: darkness, dark, gloom
tenebroso {adj}  :: dark, gloomy, creepy, anxiety inspiring
tenebroso {adj}  :: mysterious
tenente {m}  :: lieutenant
tenentesi {v}  :: present participle of tenersi
tenenza {f}  :: lieutenancy
tener {v}  :: apocopic form of tenere
tener presente {v}  :: Variant of tenere presente
teneramente {adv}  :: tenderly
teneramente {adv}  :: softly
tenere {vt}  :: to hold, keep
tenere {vt}  :: to take
tenere {vt} [regional]  :: to have
tenere all'oscuro {phrase}  :: keep someone in the dark
tenere d'occhio {v}  :: to watch (to attend or guard)
tenere il broncio {v}  :: to sulk
tenere il muso {v}  :: to sulk
tenere in equilibrio {v}  :: to balance
tenere presente {vt}  :: To consider, to take into account
tenere un piede in due staffe {vt}  :: to hold with the hare and run with the hounds
tenerezza {f}  :: tenderness
tenerissimo {adj}  :: Very tender, very soft
tenerissimo {adj}  :: Very affectionate, very fond
tenerità {f}  :: tenderness
tenerizzatore {m}  :: tenderizer
tenero {adj}  :: (also figuratively) tender, soft; delicate, kind
tenero {adj}  :: cute
tenero {m}  :: tender part, soft part
tenero {m}  :: love
tenerona {f}  :: softy (sentimental woman)
tenerone {m}  :: softy (sentimental person)
tenersi {v}  :: reflexive of tenere
tenersi {vr}  :: to hold (oneself), lean
tenersi {vr}  :: to keep (oneself), stand, stay
tenersi {vr}  :: to take place, be held
tenerume {m}  :: soft part
tenerume {m}  :: affectations
tenerume {m}  :: gristle
tenesmo {m} [pathology]  :: tenesmus
tenia {f}  :: tapeworm
tenibile {adj}  :: tenable, defensible
teniere {m}  :: stock / tiller of a crossbow
tenifugo {adj}  :: taenifuge (attributive)
tenifugo {m}  :: taenifuge
tenimento {m}  :: estate, farm, property
teniodonte {m}  :: taeniodont
tenitore {m}  :: holder, keeper
tennis {m}  :: tennis
tennis da tavolo {m}  :: table tennis, ping pong
tennis tavolo {m}  :: table tennis
tennista {mf} [sports]  :: tennis player
tennistavolista {mf} [sports]  :: table tennis player
tennistavolo {m} [sports]  :: table tennis
tennistico {adj}  :: tennis (attributive)
tenone {m}  :: tenon
tenore {m}  :: tone
tenore {m}  :: tenor
tenore {m}  :: standard
tenoreggiante {v}  :: present participle of tenoreggiare
tenoreggiare {vi} [music]  :: to sing tenor
tenorile {adj} [music]  :: tenor
tenorino {m} [music]  :: high tenor
tenorrafia {f} [surgery]  :: tenorrhaphy (surgery to a tendon)
tenosinovite {f} [pathology]  :: tenosynovitis
tenotomia {f} [surgery]  :: tenotomy
tensina {f} [biology]  :: tensin
tensioattività {f} [chemistry]  :: surface activity
tensioattivo {adj}  :: surface-active
tensioattivo {m}  :: surfactant
tensiometria {f} [physics]  :: tensiometry
tensiometrico {adj} [physics]  :: tensiometric
tensiometro {m} [physics]  :: tensiometer
tensionale {adj}  :: tensional
tensionamento {m} [physics]  :: tension
tensione {f}  :: tension, suspense
tensione {f}  :: stress
tensione {f}  :: pressure
tensione {f}  :: voltage
tensivo {adj}  :: tensive
tensore {m} [mathematics, physics]  :: tensor
tensore del palato {m} [muscle]  :: tensor palati, tensor veli palatini
tensore del timpano {m} [muscle]  :: tensor tympani
tensore del velo palatino {m} [muscle]  :: tensor veli palatini, tensor palati
tensoriale {adj}  :: tensorial; tensor (attributive)
tensorialità {f} [mathematics]  :: The property of being tensorial
tensostruttura {f} [architecture]  :: tensile structure
tentabile {adj}  :: That can be tried; triable
tentabile {ms}  :: everything possible
tentacolare {adj}  :: tentacular
tentacolo {m} [zoology, figuratively]  :: tentacle
tentante {v}  :: present participle of tentare
tentare {v}  :: to try, to attempt
tentare {v}  :: to tempt, to lure, to attract, to entice
tentativo {m}  :: attempt, try, effort, shot, endeavour
tentato {adj}  :: attempted (murder, etc)
tentato {adj}  :: tempted
tentatore {adj}  :: tempting
tentatore {m}  :: tempter
tentatrice {f}  :: temptress
tentazione {f}  :: temptation
tentennamento {m}  :: wavering
tentennamento {m}  :: hesitation
tentennante {v}  :: present participle of tentennare
tentennare {vi}  :: to totter, stagger
tentennare {vi}  :: to hesitate
tentennare il capo {v}  :: To shake one's head
tentennio {m}  :: shaking, tottering, wobbling
tentennio {m}  :: hesitation, wavering, indecision
tentoni {adv}  :: gropingly
tentredine {f}  :: sawfly
tenuamente {adv}  :: tenuously, weakly, slightly
tenue {adj}  :: soft (colour)
tenue {adj}  :: feeble (voice)
tenue {adj}  :: faint (sunlight)
tenue {adj}  :: slight, slender (hopes etc)
tenuemente {adv}  :: slightly, faintly, weakly
tenuità {f}  :: softness, thinness, tenuity, faintness
tenuta {f}  :: capacity
tenuta {f}  :: uniform
tenuta {f}  :: estate
tenuta {f}  :: attire
tenutaria {f}  :: madam (of a brothel)
tenutario {m}  :: keeper, manager (especially of a brothel)
tenutosi {v}  :: past participle of tenersi
tenzonante {v}  :: present participle of tenzonare
tenzonare {vi} [literary]  :: To fight or combat
tenzone {f} [literary]  :: dispute, disagreement, fight, strife
teo- {prefix}  :: theo-
teobroma {m}  :: cacao (any plant of the genus Theobroma)
teobromina {f} [organic compound]  :: theobromine
teocentricamente {adv}  :: theocentrically
teocentrico {adj}  :: theocentric
teocentrismo {m}  :: theocentrism
teocratico {adj}  :: theocratic
teocrazia {f}  :: theocracy
teodicea {f}  :: theodicy
teodolite {m}  :: theodolite
teodoriciano {adj}  :: Relating to Teodorico
teodosiano {adj}  :: Theodosian
teofagia {f}  :: theophagy
teofania {f}  :: theophany
teofillina {f} [organic compound]  :: theophylline
teogonia {f}  :: theogony
teogonico {adj}  :: theogonic
teologa {f}  :: theologian (female)
teologale {adj}  :: theological
teologia {f}  :: theology
teologicamente {adv}  :: theologically
teologico {adj}  :: theological
teologismo {m}  :: Any concept or precept of theology
teologizzante {v}  :: present participle of teologizzare
teologizzare {vt}  :: to theologize
teologo {m}  :: theologian
teomorfo {adj}  :: theomorphic
teonimo {m}  :: theonym
teorema {m}  :: theorem
teorematico {adj}  :: theorematic
teoretico {adj}  :: theoretical
teoria {f}  :: theory
teoria degli insiemi {f}  :: set theory (mathematical theory of sets)
teoria dei giochi {f} [maths]  :: game theory
teoria dei nodi {f} [mathematics]  :: knot theory
teoricamente {adv}  :: theoretically
teoricità {f}  :: The property of being theoretic
teorico {adj}  :: theoretical
teorico {m}  :: theorist, theoretician
teorizzabile {adj}  :: That can be theorized
teorizzante {v}  :: present participle of teorizzare
teorizzare {vt}  :: to theorize
teorizzatore {m}  :: theoretician
teorizzazione {f}  :: theorization, conjecture
teosofia {f} [religion]  :: theosophy
teosofico {adj}  :: theosophic, theosophical
teosofo {m}  :: theosophist, theosopher
tepalo {m} [botany]  :: tepal
tepefacente {v}  :: present participle of tepefare
tepefacentesi {v}  :: present participle of tepefarsi
tepefare {vt}  :: To warm
tepefarsi {vr}  :: To warm; to warm up
tepefattosi {v}  :: past participle of tepefarsi
tepidario {m}  :: tepidarium
tepidezza {f}  :: Variant of tiepidezza
tepidità {f}  :: Variant of tiepidità
tepido {adj}  :: rare form of tiepido
tepore {m}  :: warmth
teppa {f}  :: mob
teppaglia {f}  :: mob
teppismo {m}  :: hooliganism, violence, vandalism
teppista {mf}  :: thug, hoodlum, hooligan
teppistello {m}  :: A young thug
teppistico {adj}  :: hooligan (attributive)
tequila {m}  :: tequila
tequila {m}  :: peyote (mescal) cactus
teramano {m}  :: A native or inhabitant of Teramo
teramano {adj}  :: Of or relating to Teramo or the Teramo people
terametro {m}  :: terametre
terapeuta {f}  :: therapist, therapeutist
terapeuticamente {adv}  :: therapeutically
terapeutico {adj}  :: therapeutic
terapia {f}  :: therapy, treatment
-terapia {suffix}  :: Used to form the names of therapies, many of which are two words in English
terapico {adj}  :: therapeutic
terapista {mf}  :: therapist
terapside {m}  :: therapsid
terato- {prefix}  :: terato-
teratogenesi {f} [teratology]  :: teratogenesis
teratogenicità {f}  :: teratogenicity
teratogeno {adj} [teratology]  :: teratogenic
teratologa {f}  :: teratologist (female)
teratologia {f} [teratology]  :: teratology
teratologico {adj} [teratology]  :: teratologic, teratological
teratologo {m}  :: teratologist
teratoma {f}  :: teratoma
teratospermia {f} [medicine]  :: teratospermia
terawattora {m}  :: terawatt-hour
terbio {m} [chemistry]  :: terbium
terbutilazina {f} [chemistry]  :: terbuthylazine
terebinto {m}  :: terebinth
terebra {f}  :: terebra (the ovopositor of hymenopterous insects)
terebrante {v}  :: present participle of terebrare
terebrante {adj}  :: terebrant
terebrante {adj}  :: piercing
terebrare {vt}  :: to drill, bore
terebrazione {f}  :: drilling, boring
teredine {f}  :: teredo, shipworm (of family Teredinidae)
tereftalato {m} [organic chemistry]  :: terephthalate
tereftalico {adj}  :: terephthalic
teresiano {adj}  :: Teresian, Theresian
tergale {adj}  :: tergal, dorsal
tergente {v}  :: present participle of tergere
tergere {vt}  :: to wipe clean; to clear
tergicristallo {m}  :: windscreen wiper, windshield wiper (of a car)
tergifari {n}  :: headlight wipers
tergilavalunotto {m}  :: rear windscreen wiper
tergilunotto {m}  :: car rear window wiper
tergiversante {v}  :: present participle of tergiversare
tergiversare {vi}  :: To hesitate, to beat around the bush or prevaricate
tergiversazione {f}  :: hesitation
tergiversazione {f}  :: prevarication
tergo {m}  :: back
tergo {m}  :: reverse (coin or medal)
terilene {n}  :: Terylene (polyester)
terio- {prefix}  :: therio-
teriologia {f}  :: theriology
teriomorfismo {m}  :: theriomorphism
teriomorfo {adj}  :: theriomorphic
terital {m}  :: Terylene
terlipressina {f} [medicine]  :: terlipressin
termale {adj}  :: thermal
termale {adj}  :: spa
termalismo {m}  :: hot mineral water therapy
termalismo {m}  :: spa tourism
termalizzazione {f} [physics]  :: thermalization
terme {f}  :: spa, thermal baths, baths
-termia {suffix}  :: -thermy
termicamente {adv}  :: thermally
termico {adj}  :: thermic
termico {adj}  :: thermal
-termico {suffix}  :: -thermic
termidoriano {adj} [historical]  :: Thermidorian
termidoriano {m} [historical]  :: Thermidorian
termidoro {m} [historical]  :: Thermidor (the eleventh month of the French Republican Calendar)
terminabile {adj}  :: finishable
terminabilità {f}  :: Property of being finishable
terminale {adj}  :: final
terminale {adj}  :: terminal
terminale {m}  :: terminal (all senses)
terminalista {mf}  :: terminal (VDU) operator
terminante {v}  :: present participle of terminare
terminare {vt}  :: to end, to finish, to terminate, kill
terminare {vi}  :: to end, to come to an end, to finish
terminativo {adj}  :: terminative
terminativo {adj}  :: perfective
terminatore {m}  :: terminator (all senses)
terminazione {f}  :: end, ending
terminazione {f}  :: termination
termine {m}  :: end, close
termine {m}  :: (time) limit, term, date, time
termine {m}  :: term, word
termine {m}  :: term, condition, main point
termine {m} [mathematics]  :: term
terminografia {f}  :: terminography
terminografo {m}  :: terminographer
terminologa {f}  :: terminologist (female)
terminologia {f}  :: terminology
terminologico {adj}  :: terminological
terminologo {m}  :: terminologist
termistore {m}  :: thermistor
termitaio {m}  :: termitarium
termite {m}  :: termite (white-bodied, wood-consuming insect)
termo- {prefix}  :: thermo-
termoadesivo {adj}  :: iron-on (attributive)
termoalino {adj}  :: thermohaline
termoanestesia {f}  :: thermoanesthesia
termoautonomo {adj}  :: individually heated
termobalistico {adj}  :: thermoballistic
termocauterio {m} [surgery]  :: thermocautery
termochimica {f} [chemistry]  :: thermochemistry
termochimico {adj} [chemistry]  :: thermochemical
termocinetica {f} [physics]  :: thermokinetics
termocinetico {adj} [physics]  :: thermokinetic
termocoagulazione {f}  :: thermocoagulation
termocoibente {adj}  :: thermally-insulating
termoconvettore {m}  :: convection heater
termocoperta {f}  :: electric blanket
termocoppia {f} [physics]  :: thermocouple
termocromatico {adj}  :: thermochromatic
termocromico {adj} [physics, chemistry]  :: thermochromic
termodesorbimento {m}  :: thermodesorption
termodesorbitore {m}  :: thermodesorber
termodiffusione {m}  :: thermal diffusion
termodinamica {f} [physics]  :: thermodynamics
termodinamicamente {adv}  :: thermodynamically
termodinamico {adj}  :: thermodynamic
termoelasticità {f} [physics]  :: thermoelasticity
termoelastico {adj} [physics]  :: thermoelastic
termoelemento {m}  :: thermoelement, thermal converter
termoelettricità {f} [physics]  :: thermoelectricity
termoelettrico {adj}  :: thermoelectric
termoelettronica {f}  :: thermoelectronics
termoelettronico {adj}  :: thermoelectronic
termoestesia {f}  :: thermesthesia
termofilia {f} [biology]  :: thermophilia
termofilo {adj} [biology]  :: thermophilic
termofilo {m} [biology]  :: thermophile
termofobia {f}  :: thermophobia
termoformabilità {f}  :: thermoformability
termoformatura {f}  :: thermoforming
termoforo {m}  :: (electrical) heating pad
termogenesi {f}  :: thermogenesis
termogenico {adj}  :: thermogenic
termogenina {f} [protein]  :: thermogenin
termogeno {adj}  :: thermogenic
termogetto {m}  :: motorjet, thermojet
termografia {f}  :: thermography
termografico {adj}  :: thermographic
termografo {m}  :: thermograph
termogramma {m}  :: thermogram
termogravimetria {f}  :: thermogravimetry
termogravimetrico {adj}  :: thermogravimetric
termoidraulico {adj}  :: thermohydraulic
termoigrografo {m}  :: thermohygrograph
termoigrometrico {adj}  :: thermohygrometric
termoindurente {adj}  :: thermosetting
termoione {m} [physics]  :: thermion
termoionica {f} [physics]  :: thermionics
termoionico {adj} [physics]  :: thermionic
termoisolante {adj}  :: thermally insulating
termoisolato {adj}  :: thermally-insulated
termolabile {adj}  :: thermolabile
termolabilità {f}  :: thermolability
termolese {adj}  :: Of or from Termoli
termolisi {f} [chemistry, physiology]  :: thermolysis
termologia {f} [physics]  :: thermology
termologico {adj}  :: thermological
termoluminescente {adj}  :: thermoluminescent
termoluminescenza {f}  :: thermoluminescence
termomagnetico {adj}  :: thermomagnetic
termomagnetismo {m}  :: thermomagnetism
termomeccanico {adj}  :: thermomechanical
termometria {f}  :: thermometry
termometrico {adj}  :: thermometric
termometro {m}  :: thermometer
termonucleare {adj}  :: thermonuclear
termoplasticità {f}  :: thermoplasticity
termoplastico {adj}  :: thermoplastic
termoreattore {m}  :: thermojet (aero-engine)
termoregolatore {adj}  :: thermoregulatory
termoregolazione {f} [biology]  :: thermoregulation
termoresistente {adj}  :: heatproof
termoretraibile {adj}  :: heat-shrink
termos {m}  :: thermos, vacuum flask
termoscopio {m}  :: thermoscope
termosensibile {adj}  :: thermosensitive
termosfera {f}  :: thermosphere
termosifone {m}  :: radiator (household radiator)
termostabile {adj}  :: thermostable
termostatante {v}  :: present participle of termostatare
termostatare {vt}  :: To (control or regulate with a) thermostat
termostatico {adj}  :: thermostatic
termostatistica {f} [physics]  :: thermostatistics
termostato {m}  :: thermostat
termotecnica {f}  :: heating engineering
termotecnico {adj}  :: heating engineering (attributive)
termotecnico {m}  :: heating engineer
termoterapia {f}  :: thermotherapy
termotropismo {m}  :: thermotropism
termovalorizzatore {m}  :: waste-to-energy plant
termovalorizzazione {f}  :: waste-to-energy; energy-from-waste
termoventilatore {m}  :: fan heater
termoventilazione {f}  :: air-heating, space-heating
termovettore {adj}  :: convective (describing a fluid that transports heat)
termovoltaico {adj}  :: thermovoltaic, thermoelectric
ternano {adj}  :: Of or relating to Terni or the Terni people
ternano {m}  :: A native or inhabitant of Terni
ternario {adj}  :: ternary
ternario {adj}  :: three-syllable (verse)
ternario {m}  :: [in classical Italian verse] A line of verse containing three syllables
ternato {adj} [botany]  :: ternate
terno {m}  :: three winning numbers (in a lottery)
teroldego {m}  :: A variety of black grape from Trentino
teropode {m}  :: theropod
terotecnologia {f}  :: terotechnology
terpene {m}  :: terpene
terpenico {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: terpenic
terpenoide {m} [organic chemistry]  :: terpenoid
terpolimero {m} [chemistry]  :: terpolymer
terra {f}  :: earth
terra {f}  :: ground
terra {f}  :: soil
terra bruciata {f}  :: scorched earth
terra degli avi {n}  :: fatherland (land of our ancestors)
terra di Siena {f}  :: sienna (clay, pigment)
terra di fonderia {f}  :: A form of clay used to make foundry moulds
terra di nessuno {f} [military]  :: no man's land
terra ferma {f}  :: alternative spelling of terraferma
terra natale {f}  :: homeland, fatherland (country of one's birth)
terra promessa {f}  :: Promised Land (especially when capitalised), promised land (object of one's desire)
terra rara {f}  :: rare earth, lanthanide
terra sigillata {f} [usually uncountable, archaeology]  :: terra sigillata (type of fine, red Roman pottery)
terra terra {adj}  :: low-level (all senses)
terra terra {adj}  :: mediocre
terra-aria {adj} [military]  :: surface-to-air, ground-to-air
terracinese {adj}  :: Of, or from, Terracina
terracinese {m}  :: A native or inhabitant of Terracina
terracotta {f}  :: terracotta
terracotta {adj}  :: terracotta (colour)
terracqueo {adj}  :: terraqueous
terraferma {f}  :: dry land, terra firma
terraferma {f}  :: mainland (as opposed to the islands, or to Venice)
terraglia {f}  :: pottery
terraglia {f} [chiefly in the plural]  :: crockery, earthenware
terraiolo {adj}  :: terrestrial
terraiolo {m} [tennis]  :: clay court specialist
terramara {f} [prehistory, chiefly in the plural]  :: Any land of the terramare, Bronze Age settlements in the Po valley
terramaricola {f}  :: feminine noun of terramaricolo
terramaricolo {adj} [prehistory]  :: That inhabited the terramare
terramaricolo {m} [prehistory]  :: An ancient inhabitant of the terramare
terramicina {f} [medicine]  :: Terramycin
terranova {m}  :: Newfoundland dog, Newfoundland
terrapieno {m}  :: mound, embankment, bank
terrapieno {m} [military]  :: earthwork, rampart
terraqueo {adj}  :: formed of land and water
terrario {m}  :: terrarium
terratetto {m}  :: house (not necessarily detached)
terratico {m}  :: A tax on land
terrazza {f}  :: terrace
terrazza {f}  :: balcony
terrazza {f} [heraldry]  :: compartment
terrazzamento {m}  :: terracing (a series of terraces)
terrazzante {v}  :: present participle of terrazzare
terrazzare {vt}  :: To terrace
terrazzatissimo {adj}  :: heavily terraced
terrazzato {adj}  :: terraced
terrazziere {m}  :: navvy
terrazzino {m}  :: A small balcony
terrazzo {m}  :: balcony
terrazzo {m}  :: terrace
terrazzone {f}  :: Large terrace or balcony
terreità {f} [rare]  :: worldliness
terremotato {adj}  :: Signor Sisto
terremotato {m}  :: earthquake victim
terremoto {m} [geology]  :: earthquake, quake
terremoto {m} [figuratively]  :: havoc, chaos, uproar
terremoto lunare {m}  :: moonquake
terrenamente {adv}  :: earthly, worldly
terrenità {f}  :: worldliness
terreno {adj}  :: ground
terreno {adj}  :: earthly, worldly, terrene, terrestrial
terreno {m}  :: ground, land, terrain, country
terreno {m}  :: soil
terreno {m}  :: field, ground
terreo {adj} [rare]  :: earthy; resembling ground or soil
terreo {adj} [by extension, usually referred to the face]  :: pale, ashen
terrestre {adj}  :: earthly
terrestre {adj}  :: terrestrial
terrestre {adj}  :: land
terrestre {m}  :: terrestrial
terrestre {m}  :: earthling
terrestre {m}  :: earthly
terrestreità {f}  :: Variant of terrestrità
terrestrità {f}  :: worldliness
terribile {adj}  :: terrible, terrifying, fearful
terribile {adj}  :: horrible, awful, dreadful
terribile {adj}  :: terrific
terribilezza {f}  :: terribleness
terribilismo {m}  :: terribleness
terribilità {f}  :: terribleness
terribilmente {adv}  :: terribly, dreadfully
terribilmente {adv}  :: tremendously
terricciato {m}  :: compost
terriccio {m}  :: soil
terricolo {adj} [botany, zoology]  :: terrestrial, terricolous
terrier {m}  :: terrier (dog)
terriero {adj}  :: Having land attached or associated
terrificante {v}  :: present participle of terrificare
terrificante {adj}  :: terrifying
terrificare {vt}  :: to terrify
terrigeno {adj} [geology]  :: terrigenous
terrina {f}  :: tureen
terrina {f}  :: bowl
territoriale {adj}  :: territorial
territorialità {f}  :: territoriality
territorialmente {adv}  :: territorially
territorio {m}  :: territory
territorio {m}  :: precinct
territorio {m}  :: jurisdiction
terrona {f}  :: feminine of terrone
terrone {m} [slang, derogatory, chiefly northern Italy]  :: a Southern Italian
terronia {prop} [slang, derogatory, chiefly northern Italy, sometimes, capitalized]  :: Southern Italy
terrore {m}  :: terror, dread
terrorismo {m}  :: terrorism
terrorista {adj}  :: terrorist (attributive)
terrorista {f}  :: terrorist
terroristico {adj}  :: terrorist (attribute)
terrorizzante {v}  :: present participle of terrorizzare
terrorizzare {vt}  :: to terrify
terrorizzare {vt}  :: to terrorize
terroso {adj}  :: muddy
terroso {adj}  :: covered with earth
terroso {adj} [chemistry]  :: earth (of a metal, attributive)
terrun {m} [slang]  :: A person of South Italian origin
tersa {adj}  :: feminine singular form of terso
tersannina {f}  :: centaury
tersezza {f}  :: clearness
tersicoreo {adj}  :: terpsichorean
tersità {f}  :: clearness
terso {adj}  :: clear
terza {f} [music]  :: third (interval)
terza persona {f} [grammar]  :: third person
terza rima {f} [poetry]  :: terza rima (arrangement of triplets rhyming aba bcb cdc)
terzafoglia {f}  :: synonym of trefoglia
terzana {f} [pathology]  :: tertian fever
terzarolante {v}  :: present participle of terzarolare
terzarolare {vt}  :: [nautical] To reef (a sail)
terzarolo {m} [nautical]  :: reef (in a sail)
terzetto {m}  :: trio composed by three vocal parts
terziante {v}  :: present participle of terziare
terziare {v}  :: To plough three times
terziario {adj}  :: tertiary (in all senses)
terziario {m}  :: Tertiary (geologic period)
terziario {m}  :: tertiary (Roman Catholic member of a "third order")
terziarizzante {v}  :: present participle of terziarizzare
terziarizzare {vt}  :: to tertiarize (expand the tertiary sector)
terziarizzare {vt}  :: to outsource
terziarizzazione {f} [economics]  :: the expansion of the tertiary sector
terziarizzazione {f}  :: outsourcing
terzietà {f} [legal]  :: The position of a judge as an independent third party with respect to the prosecution and the defence
terziglio {m}  :: A card game, possibly synonymous with calabresella
terzile {m}  :: tertile
terzina {f}  :: tercet
terzina {f} [music]  :: triplet
terzino {m}  :: back, full-back (football)
terzista {mf}  :: subcontractor
terzista {adj}  :: subcontracting
terzo {adj}  :: third
terzo {m}  :: third (the one in third position)
terzo {m}  :: third (fraction)
terzo {m} [in the plural]  :: others (other people)
terzo mondo {m}  :: Third World
terzogenita {f}  :: third-born daughter
terzogenito {adj}  :: third-born
terzogenito {m}  :: third-born child
terzomondismo {m}  :: Third-Worldism
terzomondista {mf}  :: third world person
terzomondista {adj}  :: Third-Worldist
terzultimo {adj}  :: third last; last but two; third from last; third to last; antepenultimate
terz'ultimo {adj}  :: alternative spelling of terzultimo
terzuolo {m}  :: third cutting of hay
terzuolo {m}  :: tercel, tiercel
terzuolo {m}  :: goshawk
tesa {f}  :: brim (of a hat)
tesafili {n}  :: wire stretcher
tesaggio {m}  :: stretching
tesante {v}  :: present participle of tesare
tesare {vt}  :: to stretch
tesare {vt} [nautical]  :: to frap
tesatura {f}  :: stretching
tesatura {f} [nautical]  :: making taut
tesaurizzante {v}  :: present participle of tesaurizzare
tesaurizzare {vit}  :: to hoard
tesaurizzazione {f}  :: hoarding
teschio {m}  :: skull
tesi {f}  :: thesis
tesi {f}  :: dissertation
tesina {f}  :: essay
tesina {f}  :: short thesis
tesissimo {adj}  :: Very tense, very nervous, very fraught
tesista {mf}  :: Person writing a thesis
teso {adj}  :: taut, tight, tense, stretched
teso {adj}  :: outstretched
teso {adj}  :: tense, nervous, fraught, strained
teso {adj}  :: (followed by a) aimed, intended
tesoreria {f}  :: treasury (all senses)
tesoretto {m} [finance]  :: Small amounts of revenue from sources other than taxation
tesoriere {m}  :: treasurer
tesorino {m}  :: Little darling, treasure (term of endearment)
tesoro {m}  :: valuable things, treasure
tesoro {m}  :: term of endearment, treasure
tesoruccio {m}  :: treasure (term of endearment)
tessalico {adj}  :: Thessalian
tessalo {adj}  :: Thessalian
tessalonicese {adj}  :: Thessalonian
tessente {v}  :: present participle of tessere
tessera {f}  :: card; credit card
tessera {f}  :: pass
tessera {f}  :: tessera (small square piece used for making a mosaic)
tessera {f}  :: domino
tesseramento {m}  :: The act of joining or being signed-up for a club or society; registration or enrolment
tesseramento {m}  :: A membership drive
tesserandolo {m}  :: weaver
tesserante {v}  :: present participle of tesserare
tesserantesi {v}  :: present participle of tesserarsi
tesserare {vt}  :: To enroll or register; to give a membership card to; to sign or sign on (a sportsman for a team)
tesserare {vt} [rare]  :: To ration
tesserarsi {vr}  :: To join; to become a member of (political party, trade union, association)
tesserato {adj}  :: card-carrying (member of a political party)
tesserato {adj}  :: fully paid-up (member of a society etc)
tesserato {m}  :: member, card-carrying member
tesseratosi {v}  :: past participle of tesserarsi
tessere {vt}  :: to weave
tessere {vt}  :: to plot
tessere le lodi {v}  :: to praise intensely
tesserino {m}  :: Small card (magnetic, identification etc)
tessile {adj}  :: textile (attributive)
tessile {mf}  :: textile worker
tessilsacco {m}  :: garment bag (for protecting clothes while carrying them)
tessitore {m}  :: weaver
tessitrice {f}  :: weaver (female)
tessitura {f}  :: weaving
tessitura {f}  :: weaving mill
tessitura {f} [music]  :: range (of a voice or an instrument)
tessutaia {f} [rare]  :: weaver (female)
tessutaio {m} [rare]  :: weaver
tessutale {adj}  :: tissue (attributive)
tessuto {adj}  :: woven
tessuto {m}  :: textile, fabric, material, stuff, cloth, weave
tessuto {m} [biology]  :: tissue
tessuto adiposo {m} [anatomy]  :: adipose tissue
tessuto connettivo {m} [anatomy]  :: connective tissue
test {m}  :: test
testé {adv} [archaic, literary]  :: just now, just
testé {adv} [archaic, literary]  :: now, right now; forthwith
testé {adv} [archaic, literary]  :: shortly, soon, in a short while
testa {f}  :: head
testa {f} [skeleton]  :: head (of a bone)
testa a testa {adj}  :: nip and tuck
testa a testa {adj} [idiomatic]  :: so evenly matched that the advantage shifts from one to the other, and the outcome is uncertain
testa calda {f}  :: hothead; firebrand
testa di cazzo {f} [vulgar slang, derogatory]  :: dickhead; asshole; shithead
testa o croce {n}  :: heads or tails
testabianca {adj}  :: white-headed
testabile {adj}  :: testable
testabile {adj} [legal]  :: bequeathable
testabilità {f}  :: testability
testaceo {adj} [zoology]  :: testaceous
testacoda {m}  :: 180 degrees spin
testa-coda {m}  :: tailspin
testacroce {m}  :: crosshead
testamentale {adj}  :: testamental, testamentary
testamentario {adj}  :: testamentary
testamento {m}  :: will, testament
testante {v}  :: present participle of testare
testarda {f}  :: stubborn woman
testardaggine {f}  :: stubbornness or obstinacy
testardamente {adv}  :: stubbornly, obstinately
testardo {adj}  :: stubborn, obstinate, headstrong
testardo {m}  :: stubborn man, stubborn person
testare {vi}  :: To be testate (to leave a will)
testare {vt}  :: To test; to sample
testata {f}  :: headbutt
testata {f}  :: head (of a valley, mole, column, etc)
testata {f}  :: newspaper
testata {f}  :: headboard (of a bed)
testata {f}  :: warhead
testata {f}  :: cylinder head
testata {f}  :: masthead, headline (in a newspaper)
testatico {m}  :: poll tax
testatina {f}  :: running headline
testatore {m} [legal]  :: testator
testeso {adv}  :: obsolete form of testé
testeso {adv}  :: just now, just
testeso {adv}  :: now, right now; forthwith
testeso {adv}  :: shortly, soon, in a short while
testicolare {adj} [anatomy]  :: testicular
testicolo {m}  :: testicle, testis
testiera {f}  :: headboard (of a bed)
testiera {f}  :: headrest
testiera {f}  :: headpiece
testificante {v}  :: present participle of testificare
testificare {v}  :: to testify (bear witness)
testificazione {f}  :: testification, testifying, witnessing
testimone {mf}  :: witness
testimone {mf}  :: best man (at a wedding)
testimone {m} [sports]  :: baton (in a relay race)
testimone di nozze {mf}  :: (for the groom) best man, wedding witness, groomsman
testimone di nozze {mf}  :: (for the bride) maid of honour, groomsmaid, wedding witness
testimone oculare {mf}  :: eyewitness
testimonial {m}  :: testimonial
testimonial {mf}  :: Person giving a testimonial
testimoniale {adj} [legal]  :: testimony, witness (attributive)
testimoniante {v}  :: present participle of testimoniare
testimonianza {f}  :: deposition, testimony
testimonianza {f}  :: evidence
testimonianza {f}  :: proof
testimoniare {v}  :: to testify (that)
testimoniare {v}  :: to give evidence
testimonio {m}  :: witness
testina {f}  :: head (of a printer or recording device etc.)
testo {m}  :: text
testo {m} [literature]  :: work
testo {m}  :: textbook
testo {m}  :: wording
testo {m} [music]  :: lyrics (the words of a song)
testo {m} [cooking]  :: baking tray
testo {m} [uncountable, printing, dated]  :: A large size of type, standardized as 16 point
testolina {f}  :: A capricious or whimsical person
testone {m}  :: blockhead, dunderhead
testosterone {m} [steroid hormone]  :: testosterone
testuale {adj}  :: textual
testuale {adj}  :: exact, word for word, verbatim
testualità {f}  :: textuality
testualmente {adv}  :: word for word, verbatim, exactly
testualmente {adv}  :: textually
testuggine {f}  :: tortoise
testuggine {f}  :: turtle
tet {n}  :: teth, specifically:
tet {n}  :: The name of the Phoenician-script letter 𐤈
tet {n}  :: The name of the Hebrew-script letter ט
teta {mf}  :: Greek letter theta, θ
tetania {f} [medicine]  :: tetany
tetanico {adj} [disease]  :: tetanic, tetanus (attributive)
tetanizzazione {f}  :: tetanization
tetano {m} [disease]  :: tetanus
tetanure {m}  :: tetanuran
tetherball {m}  :: tetherball
tetico {adj}  :: thetic
tetra- {prefix}  :: tetra-
tetra {m}  :: tetra
tetraalogenuro {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: tetrahalide
tetrabasicità {f}  :: tetrabasicity
tetrabasico {adj}  :: tetrabasic
tetraborato {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: tetraborate
tetraborico {adj}  :: tetraboric
tetrabromoetilene {m} [organic compound]  :: tetrabromoethylene
tetrabromuro {m}  :: tetrabromide
tetrabromuro di carbonio {n} [organic compound]  :: carbon tetrabromide, tetrabromomethane
tetracarbonile {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: tetracarbonyl
tetraciclico {adj}  :: tetracyclic
tetraciclina {f} [medicine]  :: tetracycline
tetraclorometano {m} [organic compound]  :: tetrachloromethane
tetracloruro {m} [chemistry]  :: tetrachloride
tetracloruro di carbonio {n} [organic compound]  :: carbon tetrachloride, tetrachloromethane
tetraconco {m}  :: tetraconch
tetracordo {m}  :: tetrachord
tetracromia {f} [photography]  :: four-colour process
tetrade {f}  :: tetrad
tetradimensionale {adj}  :: four-dimensional
tetradramma {m}  :: tetradrachm
tetraedricamente {adv}  :: tetrahedrally
tetraedrico {adj}  :: tetrahedral
tetraedrite {f}  :: tetrahedrite
tetraedro {m}  :: tetrahedron
tetraetile {m}  :: tetraethyl
tetraetilico {adj}  :: tetraethyl (attributive)
tetrafenilene {m} [organic compound]  :: tetraphenylene
tetrafluoroetene {m} [organic chemistry]  :: tetrafluoroethylene
tetrafluoroetilene {m} [organic chemistry]  :: tetrafluoroethylene
tetrafluorometano {m} [organic compound]  :: tetrafluoromethane
tetrafluoruro {m}  :: tetrafluoride
tetrafluoruro di carbonio {n} [organic compound]  :: carbon tetrafluoride, tetrafluoromethane
tetrafluoruro di uranio {m} [inorganic compound]  :: uranium tetrafluoride
tetrafluoruro di zirconio {m} [inorganic compound]  :: zirconium tetrafluoride
tetrafluoruro di zolfo {m} [inorganic compound]  :: sulfur tetrafluoride
tetraggine {f}  :: gloom
tetraggine {f}  :: sullenness
tetraggine {f}  :: blackness
tetragonale {adj}  :: tetragonal
tetragonia {f}  :: New Zealand spinach (of genus Tetragonia)
tetragono {adj}  :: tetragonal
tetragono {adj}  :: resolute, steadfast
tetragono {m}  :: tetragon
tetragono {m}  :: tetrahedron
tetragramma {m}  :: tetragram
tetragramma {m}  :: Tetragrammaton
tetragramma {m}  :: A musical stave with four lines
tetraidrobiopterina {f} [biochemistry]  :: tetrahydrobiopterin
tetraidrocannabinolo {m} [organic compound]  :: tetrahydrocannabinol
tetraidrofolato {m} [biochemistry]  :: tetrahydrofolate
tetraidrofurano {m} [organic compound]  :: tetrahydrofuran
tetraidruro {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: tetrahydride
tetraiodiotironina {f} [organic compound]  :: tetraiodothyronine (thyroxine)
tetraioduro {m}  :: tetraiodide
tetraioduro di carbonio {n} [organic compound]  :: carbon tetraiodide, tetraiodomethane
tetralina {n} [organic compound]  :: tetralin
tetralineo {adj}  :: four-lined
tetralogia {f}  :: tetralogy
tetramente {adv}  :: bleakly, dismally
tetramerico {adj} [chemistry]  :: tetrameric
tetramero {adj}  :: tetrameric
tetramero {adj}  :: tetramerous
tetramero {m}  :: tetramer
tetrametilammonio {m} [organic chemistry]  :: tetramethylammonium
tetrametro {m}  :: tetrameter
tetramino {m}  :: tetromino
tetrammina {f} [organic chemistry]  :: tetramine
tetranitrato {m} [chemistry]  :: tetranitrate
tetranitruro {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: tetranitride
tetraone {m}  :: grouse
tetrapak {m}  :: Tetra Pak
tetraparesi {m} [pathology]  :: tetraparesis, quadriplegia
tetrapirrolico {adj}  :: tetrapyrrole (attributive)
tetrapirrolo {m} [biochemistry]  :: tetrapyrrole
tetraplegia {f}  :: quadriplegia
tetraplegico {adj}  :: quadriplegic
tetraploide {adj}  :: tetraploid
tetrapode {m}  :: tetrapod
tetrapodia {f}  :: tetrapody
tetrapolare {adj}  :: tetrapolar
tetrarca {m}  :: tetrarch
tetrarcato {m}  :: tetrarchate
tetrarchia {f}  :: tetrarchy
tetrarchico {adj}  :: tetrarchic
tetrasillabo {adj}  :: tetrasyllabic
tetrastico {adj}  :: tetrastich
tetrastico {m}  :: tetrastyle
tetrastilo {m}  :: tetrastyle
tetrationato {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: tetrathionate
tetratomico {adj}  :: tetratomic
tetravalente {adj}  :: tetravalent, quadrivalent
tetravalenza {f}  :: tetravalency, quadrivalency
tetravalenza {f}  :: tetravalence, quadrivalence
tetrazolfo {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: tetrasulfur
tetro {adj}  :: gloomy, sullen
tetro {adj}  :: bleak, dismal, grim
tetrodo {m}  :: tetrode
tetroso {m} [carbohydrate]  :: tetrose
tetrossido {m}  :: tetroxide
tetrossido di diazoto {m} [inorganic compound]  :: dinitrogen tetroxide
tetta {f}  :: boob, tit, jug (slang expression for breast)
tettaiolo {adj}  :: That inhabits the rooftops (traditionally describes a mouse)
tettaiolo {adj}  :: solitary
tettarella {f}  :: teat (for bottle-feeding infants)
tettarella {f}  :: pacifier
tettina {f}  :: small tit
tetto {m}  :: roof
tetto {m}  :: cap (artificial upper limit)
tettogenesi {f} [geology]  :: tectogenesis, orogeny
tettoia {f}  :: canopy
tettoia {f}  :: roof (of a railway station etc)
tettoia {f}  :: hovel
tettola {f} [zoology]  :: wattle
tettona {f}  :: woman with large breasts, buxom woman
tettonica {f}  :: tectonics
tettonico {adj} [geology]  :: tectonic
tettosilicato {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: tectosilicate
tettuccio {m}  :: hood, soft top (of a convertible car)
tettuccio {m}  :: canopy (transparent part of an aircraft cockpit, that can be slid back)
teucrio {m}  :: germander
teucro {adj}  :: Trojan
teucro {m}  :: Trojan
teurgico {adj}  :: theurgic
teutone {mf}  :: Teuton
teutonico {adj}  :: Teutonic
texana {f}  :: feminine noun of texano
texana {f}  :: Texan [female]
texano {adj}  :: Texan
texano {m}  :: Texan
texel {m}  :: texel
thè {m}  :: tea (Variant of: )
thaiboxer {mf} [sports]  :: Thai boxer (Muay Thai boxer)
thailandese {adj}  :: alternative spelling of tailandese
thailandese {mf}  :: alternative spelling of tailandese
theta {mf}  :: theta (Greek letter)
thread {m} [Internet]  :: thread (series of messages)
thriller {m}  :: thriller (film, book etc)
thrilling {adj}  :: thrilling
thrilling {adj}  :: thriller (attributive)
thrilling {m}  :: thriller (film, book etc)
thrilling {m}  :: thrill
ti {n}  :: letter: t; tee
ti {m} [music]  :: ti (note)
ti {m} [music]  :: B (note and scale)
tiè {interj}  :: alternative form of tie'
ti amo {phrase}  :: I love you (affirmation of romantic feeling)
ti voglio bene {phrase}  :: I love you (affirmation of affection or deep caring, non romantic, to a friend, a lover, or a family member)
ti voglio tanto bene {phrase}  :: I love you very much (affirmation of affection or deep caring, to a friend or a family member)
tiamina {f} [organic compound]  :: thiamine
tiara {f}  :: tiara (papal crown)
tiaso {m}  :: thiasus
tiazidico {adj} [organic chemistry, medicine]  :: thiazidic
tiberiano {adj}  :: Tiberian
tiberino {adj}  :: Tiber (attributive)
tibetana {f}  :: Tibetan [female]
tibetano {adj}  :: Tibetan
tibetano {m}  :: Tibetan (person or language)
tibetologo {m}  :: Tibetologist
tibia {f} [skeleton, zoology]  :: tibia, shinbone
tibiale {adj} [skeleton]  :: tibial
tiburio {m} [architecture]  :: dome cladding
tiburtina {f}  :: feminine noun of tiburtino
tiburtino {adj}  :: Of or from Tivoli
tiburtino {m}  :: A native or inhabitant of Tivoli
tic {m}  :: tic, twitch
tic tac {m}  :: ticktock
tic tac {m}  :: pitter-patter
tic tac {m}  :: clickety-clack
ticchettante {v}  :: present participle of ticchettare
ticchettare {vi}  :: To tick (of a clock)
ticchettare {vi}  :: To patter, tap or click
ticchettio {m}  :: clicking (of a typewriter)
ticchettio {m}  :: ticking (of a clock)
ticchettio {m}  :: pattering (of rain)
ticchio {m}  :: tic, twitch
ticchio {m}  :: whim
ticchio {m}  :: speckle
ticchiolato {adj}  :: speckled
ticchiolatura {f}  :: scab
ticinese {adj}  :: Of, or from Ticino
ticinese {mf}  :: A native or inhabitant of Ticino
ticinese {m} [singular only]  :: The Ticino dialect
ticket {m}  :: prescription charge
ticket {m}  :: ticket stub (especially at a horserace)
tictac {m}  :: Variant of tic tac
tidale {adj} [rare]  :: tidal
tie' {interj}  :: take that!
tiella {f}  :: baking tin, pie dish
tientibene {m} [nautical]  :: lifeline
tiepidamente {adv}  :: tepidly
tiepidamente {adv}  :: half-heartedly
tiepidezza {f}  :: tepidness, lukewarmness, mildness
tiepidità {f}  :: tepidness, lukewarmness, mildness
tiepido {adj}  :: tepid, lukewarm
tiepido {adj}  :: half-hearted
tiepolesco {adj}  :: Tiepolesque
tifa {f}  :: reedmace, bulrush, cattail (Typha latifolia)
tifante {v}  :: present participle of tifare
tifare {v}  :: to support, root for or be a fan of
tifernato {adj}  :: Of or from Città di Castello (Roman "Tifernum")
tifico {adj}  :: typhoid (attributive)
tifo {m} [pathology]  :: typhus
tifo {m} [sports]  :: (excessive) enthusiasm; hence fan
tifoide {adj} [disease]  :: typhoid
tifoidea {f}  :: typhoid, typhoid fever
tifoideo {adj}  :: typhoid
tifone {m}  :: typhoon
tifosa {f}  :: Feminine of tifoso
tifoseria {f} [sports]  :: All the fans of a club considered as a whole
tifoseria {f}  :: fandom
tifosissimo {adj}  :: Very much a fan (of)
tifoso {adj}  :: fan (attributive)
tifoso {adj} [pathology]  :: typhous, typhoid
tifoso {m}  :: fan (of a sports club etc)
tight {m}  :: morning suit, morning dress
tiglio {m}  :: lime, linden (tree and wood)
tiglio {m}  :: fibre (of wood)
tiglioso {adj}  :: fibrous
tiglioso {adj}  :: tough (of meat)
tigna {f}  :: ringworm
tignola {f}  :: moth
tignoso {adj}  :: wormy (having ringworm)
tignoso {adj}  :: mean, stingy
tignoso {adj} [regional]  :: stubborn
tigrato {adj}  :: striped
tigratura {f}  :: stripes
tigre {f}  :: tiger (male)
tigre {f}  :: tigress (female)
tigresco {adj}  :: tiger (attributive), tigerlike
tigrigna {prop}  :: Tigrinya
tigrotto {m}  :: Small or young tiger
tigrotto {m}  :: An adventurous child
tilacino {m}  :: thylacine
tilacoidale {adj} [botany]  :: thylakoidal, thylakoid (attributive)
tilacoide {m} [botany]  :: thylakoid
tilde {mf}  :: tilde (all senses)
tillodonte {m}  :: tillodont
timavese {adj}  :: Of or from Timau
timballo {m}  :: timbale
timbrante {v}  :: present participle of timbrare
timbrare {vt}  :: to stamp
timbrare {vt}  :: to postmark
timbratrice {f}  :: time clock
timbratrice {f}  :: stamper
timbratura {f}  :: stamping, franking
timbricamente {adv}  :: timbrically
timbrico {adj}  :: timbric
timbrificio {m}  :: rubber stamp factory
timbro {m}  :: stamp (rubber, or the mark made)
timbro {m}  :: postmark, cancellation
timbro {m}  :: timbre,
timbro {m}  :: tone
timbro {m}  :: pitch
timbro {m}  :: crest ((heraldry): A bearing worn, not upon the shield, but usually on a helmet)
timer {m}  :: timer [device]
timico {adj} [anatomy]  :: thymic; thymus (attributive)
timida {f}  :: A timid person (female)
timidamente {adv}  :: timidly, shyly, bashfully, fearfully
timidezza {f}  :: timidity, shyness
timidina {f} [organic compound]  :: thymidine
timidissimo {adj}  :: Very shy, very timid
timidità {f}  :: timidity, shyness
timido {adj}  :: shy, timid, bashful, shamefaced, self-conscious
timido {m}  :: A shy or timid person (male)
timidona {f}  :: Very shy woman, very timid woman
timidone {adj}  :: Very shy, very timid
timidone {m}  :: Such a person
timina {f} [organic compound]  :: thymine
timo {m}  :: thyme (plant and herb)
timo {m}  :: thymus (organ)
timocratazia {f}  :: timocracy
timocratico {adj}  :: timocratic
timocrazia {f}  :: timocracy
timolo {m} [organic compound]  :: thymol
timone {m} [nautical]  :: helm, rudder, tiller, wheel, plane
timone {m}  :: shaft (of a cart)
timone di direzione {m}  :: rudder
timone di profondità {m}  :: rudder
timoneria {f}  :: steering (apparatus, in a motor car)
timoniera {f} [nautical]  :: wheelhouse
timoniere {m}  :: helmsman
timoniere {m}  :: cox
timoniero {adj}  :: rudder, helm (attributive)
timoniero {adj}  :: steering
timorato {adj}  :: conscientious
timorato di Dio {adj}  :: God-fearing
timore {m}  :: fear, dread, worry, alarm
timore {m}  :: awe, fear
timorense {adj}  :: East Timorese
timorense {mf}  :: East Timorese
timorese {adj}  :: Timorese
timorosamente {adv}  :: fearfully, timorously
timoroso {adj}  :: afraid, fearful, timorous
timosina {f} [protein]  :: thymosin
timpa {f}  :: A hill or a ravine typical of Southern Italy
timpanico {adj}  :: tympanic
timpanismo {m}  :: tympanites, tympany
timpanista {mf}  :: timpanist
timpanite {f}  :: timpanitis
timpano {m} [anatomy]  :: eardrum, tympanum
timpano {m}  :: drum
timpano {m} [architecture]  :: gable, tympanum
tinaia {f}  :: wine cellar (place for storing wine)
tinamo {m}  :: tinamou
tinca {f}  :: tench
tindalizzante {v}  :: present participle of tindalizzare
tindalizzare {vt}  :: To Tyndalize
tindalizzazione {f}  :: Tyndallization
tinello {m}  :: small dining room, dinette
tingente {v}  :: present participle of tingere
tingere {vt}  :: to dye, paint
tingere {vt}  :: to moisten
tino {m}  :: vat
tinozza {f}  :: tub
tinozza {f}  :: washtub
tinozza da concia {f}  :: vat (used for tanning)
tinta {f}  :: dye
tinta {f}  :: colour
tinta {f}  :: paint
tinta unica {n}  :: solid, plain
tinta unica {n}  :: Of just one colour; lacking a pattern
tinta unita {n}  :: solid, plain
tinta unita {n}  :: An article of clothing which is of a single color throughout
tinta unita {n}  :: Of just one colour; lacking a pattern
tintarella {f}  :: tan, suntan
tinteggiante {v}  :: present participle of tinteggiare
tinteggiare {vt}  :: To paint
tinteggiatura {f}  :: painting (of a building), paintwork
tintinnante {v}  :: present participle of tintinnare
tintinnare {vi}  :: to tinkle
tintinnare {vi}  :: to clink
tintinnare {vi}  :: to jingle
tintinnio {m}  :: tinkle, tinkling
tintinnio {m}  :: clink, clinking
tintinnio {m}  :: jingle, jingling
tintore {m}  :: dyer (of fabric)
tintoria {f}  :: dry cleaner (shop)
tintoria {f}  :: dye factory
tintorio {adj}  :: dying
tintura {f}  :: colouring, dye
tintura {f}  :: dyeing (the process)
tintura {f}  :: tincture
tinturiere {m}  :: tinting or dyeing of the hair
tio- {prefix}  :: thio-
tioacetale {f} [organic chemistry]  :: thioacetal
tioacetammide {f} [organic compound]  :: thioacetamide
tioacetone {m} [organic compound]  :: thioacetone
tioacido {m} [chemistry]  :: thioacid
tioalcole {m} [organic chemistry]  :: thioalcohol
tioaldeide {m} [organic chemistry]  :: thioaldehyde
tiocarbammide {f} [organic compound]  :: thiocarbamide
tiocarbonile {m} [organic chemistry]  :: thiocarbonyl
tiocianato {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: thiocyanate
tiocianina {f} [organic chemistry]  :: thiacyanine
tiocianogeno {m} [organic compound]  :: thiocyanogen
tioestere {m} [organic chemistry]  :: thioester
tioetere {m} [organic chemistry]  :: thioether
tiofene {m} [organic compound]  :: thiophene
tiofenolo {m} [organic chemistry]  :: thiophenol
tiogeno {adj}  :: thiogenic (sulfur-producing)
tioglicolato {m} [organic chemistry]  :: thioglycollate
tiolato {m} [chemistry]  :: thiolate
tiolico {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: thiolic
tiolo {m} [organic chemistry]  :: thiol
tionitronio {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: thionitronium
tionitrosonio {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: thionitrosonium
tiorba {f} [musical instruments]  :: theorbo
tioredoxina {f} [protein]  :: thioredoxin
tiosolfato {m}  :: thiosulfate
tiosolfato di sodio {n} [inorganic compound]  :: sodium thiosulfate
tiosolforico {adj}  :: thiosulfuric
tiourea {f} [organic compound]  :: thiourea
tiouridina {f} [organic compound]  :: thiouridine
tip tap {m}  :: tap dance
tip tap {m}  :: tap dancing
tipa {f} [familiar, of a woman]  :: type, fellow, character, girl, woman
tipa {f} [familiar]  :: girlfriend, girl
tipaccio {m}  :: bad egg
-tipia {suffix}  :: Used to derive nouns indicating printing methods; -type
tipicamente {adv}  :: typically
tipicità {f}  :: typicity
tipicizzante {v}  :: present participle of tipicizzare
tipicizzare {vt}  :: alternative form of tipizzare
tipico {adj}  :: typical, typic, classic, local, characteristic, peculiar
tipino {m}  :: guy
tipizzante {v}  :: present participle of tipizzare
tipizzare {vt}  :: to type [determine the characteristic type of a biological specimen]
tipizzazione {f}  :: typifying, typification
tipizzazione {f}  :: standardization
tipo {adj}  :: standard, model, average, stock
tipo {adv} [colloquial]  :: indicating approximation or uncertainty; like, kinda
tipo {m}  :: type, standard, pattern
tipo {m}  :: type, kind, sort, quality, model, style
tipo {m} [familiar]  :: type, person, fellow, guy, bloke, character, chap, turn
-tipo {suffix}  :: -type
tipo- {prefix}  :: typo-
tipografia {f}  :: typography, printing
tipografia {f}  :: press, print shop
tipograficamente {adv}  :: typographically
tipografico {adj}  :: typographic, typographical
tipografico {adj}  :: printing [attributive]
tipografo {m}  :: typographer
tipografo {m}  :: printer
tipolitografia {f}  :: typolithography
tipolitografico {adj}  :: typolithographic
tipologia {f}  :: typology
tipologicamente {adv}  :: typologically
tipologico {adj}  :: typological
tipometria {f}  :: typometry
tipometro {m}  :: type gauge, type scale
tippante {v}  :: present participle of tippare
tippare {vt} [Switzerland]  :: to type (use a typewriter)
tiptologia {f}  :: typtology
tiptologia {f}  :: Secret communication in prisons etc., by tapping on pipes etc
tipula {f}  :: crane fly (of family Tipulidae), daddy longlegs
tirabaci {m}  :: kiss curl
tirabozze {m}  :: proof press
tirabrace {m}  :: oven rake (baker's)
tiraggio {m}  :: draught, draft
tiraggio {m}  :: draw (of a chimney etc)
tiragliere {m}  :: A type of French infantry soldier
tiragraffi {m}  :: cat tree, scratching post
tiralatte {m}  :: breast pump
tiralinee {m}  :: drawing / ruling pen
tiramisù {m}  :: tiramisu (dessert)
tirammina {m} [organic compound]  :: tyramine
tiramolla {m}  :: hesitation
tiramolla {m}  :: indecision
tiranneggiante {v}  :: present participle of tiranneggiare
tiranneggiare {vt}  :: To tyrannize
tirannia {f}  :: tyranny
tirannicamente {adv}  :: tyrannically
tirannicida {mf}  :: tyrannicide (person)
tirannicidio {m}  :: tyrannicide (act)
tirannico {adj}  :: tyrannical
tirannide {f}  :: tyranny
tiranno {m}  :: tyrant
tiranno {adj}  :: tyrannical
tirannosauride {m}  :: tyrannosaurid
tirannosauro {m} [dinosaurs]  :: tyrannosaur
tirante {m}  :: tie rod, brace
tirante {m}  :: tie beam, guy-wire, guy rope
tirante {v}  :: present participle of tirare
tirantesi {v}  :: present participle of tirarsi
tiraolio {m}  :: oil siphon
tirapiedi {mf}  :: minion, hanger-on
tirapranzi {m}  :: synonym of calapranzi
tiraprove {m}  :: proof press
tirapugni {m} [weapons]  :: brass knuckles, knuckle duster
tirar {v}  :: apocopic form of tirare
tirar l'acqua al proprio mulino {v} [idiom]  :: To do only what is in one's own interest
tirare {v}  :: to pull, draw, kick, bend, die
tirare {v}  :: to throw, shoot, drag, toss, roll
tirare {v}  :: to utter
tirare {v} [slang, vulgar]  :: (of a penis) to become erect
tirare a sorte {v}  :: to toss up
tirare avanti {v}  :: to linger
tirare avanti {v}  :: to eke out
tirare avanti {vi}  :: To remain alive or existent although still proceeding toward death or extinction; to die gradually
tirare fuori {v} [figuratively]  :: to pipe up, make up
tirare fuori {v}  :: to pull out
tirare la sfoglia {v}  :: to roll the dough (to make tagliatelle)
tirare le cuoia {v} [idiomatic]  :: To bite the dust
tirare le cuoia {v}  :: to die
tirare le cuoia {v}  :: to give up the ghost
tirare le cuoia {vi} [idiomatic]  :: To cease clinging to life; to die
tirare le cuoia {vi} [idiomatic, figuratively]  :: To quit; to cease functioning
tirare su {v} [figuratively]  :: to grow up, bring up, raise
tirare su {v}  :: to pick up, lift
tirare sul prezzo {v}  :: to bargain
tirare sul prezzo {v}  :: to haggle
tirare un pallonetto {v}  :: to lob
tirarsi {v}  :: reflexive of tirare
tirarsi {v}  :: to pull oneself
tirarsi indietro {vr}  :: to draw back or retreat
tirarsi indietro {vr}  :: to move back or withdraw
tirarsi su {vr}  :: to pull oneself up
tirarsi su {vr}  :: to pick oneself up
tirarsi su {vr}  :: to cheer oneself up
tirassegno {m}  :: target shooting
tirassegno {m}  :: shooting range
tirassegno {m}  :: shooting gallery
tirassegno {m}  :: Variant of tiro a segno
tirastivali {m}  :: bootjack
tirata {f}  :: pull, plug
tirata {f}  :: drag or puff (of a cigarette)
tirata {f}  :: tirade
tiratardi {m}  :: night bird (person awake at nights)
tiratore {m}  :: shot (person)
tiratore scelto {m}  :: sharpshooter, marksman
tiratosi {v}  :: past participle of tirarsi
tiratrice {f}  :: shot (female)
tiratrice scelta {f}  :: sharpshooter, markswoman
tiratrone {m} [physics]  :: thyratron
tiratura {f}  :: circulation (newspaper)
tiratura {f}  :: edition
tiratura {f}  :: run
tirchieria {f}  :: meanness, stinginess
tirchio {adj}  :: mean, stingy, miserly, tight-fisted
tirchio {m}  :: miser
tirella {f}  :: trace
tiremmolla {m}  :: hesitation
tiremmolla {m}  :: shilly-shallying
tireocita {m}  :: thyrocyte
tireopatia {f} [pathology]  :: disease of the thyroid
tireostatico {adj}  :: thyreostatic
tireostatico {m} [pharmacology]  :: thyreostatic drug, thyreostatic agent
tireostimolante {adj}  :: thyroid-stimulating
tireotossicosi {f} [medicine]  :: thyrotoxicosis, hyperthyroidism
tireotropina {f} [biochemistry]  :: thyrotropin, thyroid-stimulating hormone
tireotropo {adj} [medicine]  :: thyrotropic
tiretto {m} [regional]  :: drawer
tiristore {m} [physics]  :: thyristor
tiritera {f}  :: spiel, rigmarole
tiritera {f}  :: drivel
tiritera {f}  :: hot air
tiro {m}  :: pull, tug, draught
tiro {m}  :: throw, cast
tiro {m} [sports]  :: shooting
tiro {m} [sports]  :: shot, throw
tiro {m} [of weapons]  :: shot, shooting, firing, range, reach
tiro {m} [military]  :: fire
tiro {m}  :: trick, turn
tiro {m} [of a cigarette]  :: puff
tiro {m} [of a drug]  :: sniff
tiro a segno {n}  :: target practice (with any of various types of gun)
tiro a volo {m} [sports]  :: trapshooting
tiro al piattello {m} [sports]  :: skeet
tiro con l'arco {m} [sports]  :: archery
tiro mancino {m}  :: machination
tiro piazzato {m} [football, rugby]  :: place kick
tiroaritenoideo {adj} [anatomy]  :: thyroarytenoid
tiroaritenoideo {m} [anatomy]  :: thyroarytenoid, thyroarytenoid muscle
tirocinante {mf}  :: apprentice, trainee
tirocinio {m}  :: apprenticeship
tirocinio {m}  :: training
tirocinio {m}  :: coming of age
tirocinio {m}  :: internship [US]
tiroide {f} [anatomy]  :: thyroid
tiroidectomia {f} [surgery]  :: thyroidectomy
tiroideo {adj}  :: thyroid (attributive), thyroidal
tiroidismo {m} [pathology]  :: thyroidism
tiroidite {f} [medicine]  :: thyroiditis
tiroioideo {adj} [anatomy]  :: thyrohyoid
tirolese {adj}  :: Tyrolean
tirolese {mf}  :: Tyrolean
tirolese {m}  :: German dialect spoken in this region
tironina {f} [organic compound]  :: thyronine
tirosina {f} [amino acid]  :: tyrosine
tirosinasi {m} [enzyme]  :: tyrosinase
tiroxina {f}  :: thyroxine
tirrenico {adj}  :: Tyrrhenian
tirreno {adj}  :: Tyrrhenian, Tyrrhene
tirreno {m}  :: Tyrrhenian, Tyrrhene
tirso {m}  :: thyrsus
tisana {f}  :: tisane
tisana {f}  :: herb tea
tisaniera {f}  :: infuser (for herbal tea etc)
tisi {f} [diseases]  :: phthisis
tisichezza {f}  :: consumption
tisichezza {f}  :: fragility, frailty
tisico {adj}  :: consumptive
tisico {adj}  :: frail
tisiologia {f} [medicine]  :: phthisiology
tisiologo {m}  :: phthisiologist
-tismo {suffix} [linguistics, forming nouns]  :: alternative form of -cismo
tissotropico {adj}  :: alternative form of tixotropico
tissulare {adj} [biology]  :: tissue (attributive)
tissutale {adj}  :: tissue (attributive)
titanato {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: titanate
titanico {adj}  :: titanic, colossal
titanico {adj} [chemistry]  :: titanic
titanio {adj} [poetic]  :: of or pertaining to the Titans; Titanic
titanio {m} [chemistry]  :: titanium
titanismo {m}  :: Titanism
titano {m}  :: titan
titanomachia {f}  :: Titanomachy
titillamento {m}  :: titillation
titillamento {m}  :: tickling
titillante {v}  :: present participle of titillare
titillare {vt}  :: to tickle
titillare {vt}  :: to titillate
titino {adj}  :: Tito (attributive)
titino {m}  :: A supporter or follower of Tito
titoismo {m}  :: Titoism
titoista {adj}  :: Titoist
titol {m}  :: apocopic form of titolo
titolaggio {m}  :: title, titling
titolante {v}  :: present participle of titolare
titolante {f} [chemistry]  :: titrant
titolare {adj}  :: appointed
titolare {adj}  :: titular
titolare {mf}  :: holder
titolare {mf}  :: owner
titolare {mf}  :: incumbent
titolare {mf} [sports]  :: regular member of a team
titolare {vt}  :: to title, headline
titolare {vt} [chemistry]  :: to titrate
titolarità {f}  :: entitlement, title
titolarità {f}  :: tenure
titolato {adj}  :: titled (person)
titolatrice {f}  :: titler (TV, cinema)
titolatura {f}  :: titling
titolazione {f} [chemistry]  :: titration
titoli di coda {fp}  :: closing credits
titoli di testa {fp}  :: opening credits
titolista {mf}  :: headline writer
titolo {m}  :: title (of a book, song etc), headline (of an article), heading (of a chapter)
titolo {m}  :: title, appellation (prefix or suffix added to a name)
titolo {m}  :: qualification
titolo {m}  :: reason, motive
titolo {m}  :: name, title
titolo {m}  :: right, claim
titolo {m} [finance]  :: security, stock, share
titolo {m} [chemistry]  :: titre
titolo {m} [sports]  :: title
titolo {m}  :: fineness (of a metal)
titolo {m}  :: count (of textiles or clothing)
titolo {m}  :: blazon (heraldic)
titolo di Stato {m}  :: gilt (government bond)
titolo di prim'ordine {m}  :: gilt-edged security
titolo di studio {m}  :: educational qualification
titolo spazzatura {m} [economics]  :: junk bond
titolone {m}  :: streamer (big newspaper headline)
titubante {v}  :: present participle of titubare
titubante {adj}  :: hesitant
titubante {adj}  :: undecided
titubanza {f}  :: hesitation, indecision
titubare {vi}  :: To hesitate
tivù {f}  :: TV, telly [UK]
tivvù {f}  :: alternative form of tivù
tixotropia {f}  :: thixotropy
tixotropico {adj}  :: thixotropic
tizia {f}  :: woman, girl
tizianesco {adj}  :: Titianesque (suggesting Titian's style)
tizianesco {adj}  :: Titian (attributive)
tizianesco {adj}  :: titian, auburn (in color)
tiziano {adj}  :: titian (in color)
tizio {m}  :: man, someone, guy, fellow, character, chap, dude
tizzo {m}  :: alternative form of tizzone
tizzone {m}  :: firebrand, live coal
tizzone {m} [normally considered offensive, often considered vulgar, ethnic slur]  :: A dark-skinned person, especially a person of, or primarily of, black African descent
tmesi {f} [prosody]  :: tmesis
to' {interj}  :: take it!
to' {interj}  :: there!, here you are/go!
to' {interj}  :: duh!
toast {m}  :: toast, pledge (in honour of someone)
toast {m}  :: toasted sandwich
toboga {m}  :: toboggan
tocca {f} [chiefly in the plural]  :: trimmings, touches
toccabile {adj}  :: touchable
toccamento {m}  :: touch, touching (especially in a lascivious manner)
toccante {v}  :: present participle of toccare
toccante {adj}  :: touching
toccantesi {v}  :: present participle of toccarsi
toccar {v}  :: apocopic form of toccare
toccar terra {v}  :: To touch down, land (of an aircraft)
toccare {vt}  :: to touch
toccarsi {v}  :: reflexive of toccare
toccarsi {v}  :: to touch oneself or one another
toccasana {m}  :: panacea, cure-all
toccata {f}  :: toccata
toccato {adj}  :: touched (mad)
toccatosi {v}  :: past participle of toccarsi
tocco {m}  :: touch
tocco {m}  :: knock, rap, blow
tocco {m}  :: stroke (of a clock or a brush); one o'clock
tocco {m}  :: hunk, chunk
tocco {m}  :: toque
tocco {m}  :: (academic) mortarboard
tocco {adj}  :: touched (not totally sane)
tocco {adj}  :: bruised (of fruit)
tocoferile {m} [organic chemistry]  :: tocopheryl
tocoferolo {m} [organic compound]  :: tocopherol
tocofobia {f}  :: tokophobia
tocografia {f} [medicine]  :: tocography
tocolisi {f} [medicine]  :: tocolysis
tocolitico {adj}  :: tocolytic
tocologia {f} [medicine]  :: obstetrics, midwifery
tocquevilliano {adj}  :: Tocquevillian
toeletta {f}  :: Variant of toilette
toelettante {v}  :: present participle of toelettare
toelettare {v}  :: To groom (tend to an animal's fur)
toelettatura {f}  :: cleaning, grooming (of an animal, by itself)
tofo {m} [pathology]  :: tophus
tofu {m}  :: tofu
toga {f}  :: toga
toga {f}  :: gown, robe
toga {f}  :: magistrate, judge
toga {f}  :: (by extension) lawyer
togato {adj}  :: togate, togaed (wearing or covered by a toga)
togliattiano {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to Palmiro Togliatti
toglientesi {v}  :: present participle of togliersi
togliere {vt}  :: to take off
togliere {vt}  :: to take out
togliere il terreno da sotto i piedi {v} [idiomatic]  :: to take the wind out of someone's sails
togliersi {v}  :: reflexive of togliere
togliersi {v}  :: to get out of the way
togliersi di mezzo {v}  :: to get out sb's way
togliersi un peso dallo stomaco {v} [idiomatic]  :: to get off one's chest (to relieve oneself by talking to someone)
togolese {adj}  :: Togolese
togolese {mf}  :: Togolese
toh {interj}  :: An alternative spelling of to'
-toia {suffix}  :: feminine noun of -toio
toilette {f}  :: toilet (all senses)
toilette {f}  :: makeup
toilette {f}  :: dressing table
-toio {suffix}  :: Forms nouns, mostly derived from verbs, that are used in the execution of the verb in some way
tokaj {m}  :: tokay (Hungarian wine)
tolda {f} [nautical]  :: upper deck of a ship
tolemaico {adj}  :: Ptolemaic
toletta {f}  :: Variant of toilette
tolettatura {f}  :: Variant of toelettatura
tollerabile {adj}  :: tolerable
tollerabilità {f}  :: tolerability
tollerabilità {f}  :: toleration (of one's environment)
tollerabilmente {adv}  :: tolerably
tollerante {adj}  :: tolerant
tollerante {v}  :: present participle of tollerare
tolleranza {f}  :: tolerance, toleration, allowance
tollerare {vt}  :: To tolerate, to bear, to accept, to allow
tollere {v}  :: obsolete form of togliere
tolstoiano {adj}  :: Tolstoyan
tolteco {adj}  :: Toltecan
tolteco {m}  :: Toltec
tolto {prep}  :: except for
toltosi {v}  :: past participle of togliersi
toluene {m} [organic compound]  :: toluene
toluolo {m} [organic compound]  :: toluene
toma {f}  :: toma
tomaia {f}  :: upper (of a shoe)
tomaificio {m}  :: shoe upper factory
tomaio {m}  :: upper (of a shoe); vamp
tomba {f}  :: tomb, grave
tomba {f} [figuratively]  :: A very narrow and gloomy habitation or room (such as a basement or cellar)
tomba {f} [figuratively, archaic]  :: underground cave or vault
tombacco {m}  :: tombac, tombak (metal alloy)
tombale {adj}  :: tomb [attributive]
tombale {adj} [figuratively]  :: definitive
tombarello {m}  :: A type of tuna (of genus Auxis)
tombarello {m}  :: dump truck
tombarolo {m}  :: tomb robber (of archaeological sites)
tombeur de femmes {m}  :: lady-killer, womanizer, philanderer, casanova
tombinatura {f}  :: culvert
tombino {m}  :: manhole
tombino {m}  :: manhole cover
tombola {f}  :: bingo (when played at home)
tombola {f}  :: tumble
tombola {interj}  :: oops, upsadaisy (when tripping etc)
tombolante {v}  :: present participle of tombolare
tombolare {vi}  :: To tumble or fall (down or headlong)
tombolo {m}  :: lace pillow or cushion
tombolo {m}  :: a podgy person
tomento {m} [botany]  :: tomentum
tomentoso {adj} [botany]  :: tomentose, tomentous
-tomia {suffix}  :: -tomy
tomismo {m}  :: Thomism
tomista {adj}  :: Thomist
tomista {mf}  :: Thomist
tomistico {adj}  :: Thomist
tomo {m}  :: tome, volume
tomo {m}  :: an oddball, a weirdo
tomo- {prefix}  :: tomo-
tomodensitometria {f}  :: tomodensitometry (computed tomography)
tomografia {f} [medicine]  :: tomography
tomografia computerizzata {f}  :: computed tomography
tomografico {adj} [medicine]  :: tomographic
tomografo {m}  :: tomograph
tomogramma {m}  :: tomogram
tonaca {f}  :: habit (monk's clothing)
tonaca {f}  :: frock
tonale {adj}  :: tone (attributive)
tonale {adj}  :: tonal
tonalità {f}  :: tonality, hue
tonalizzante {v}  :: present participle of tonalizzare
tonalizzare {vt}  :: To tone or tint the hair
tonalizzazione {f}  :: toning, tinting [of the hair]
tonante {v}  :: present participle of tonare
tonante {adj}  :: loud, booming
tonare {vi}  :: alternative form of tuonare
tonchio {m}  :: weevil
tonchioso {adj}  :: infested with weevils
tondeggiamento {m}  :: rounding, rounding off
tondeggiante {v}  :: present participle of tondeggiare
tondeggiante {adj}  :: roundish
tondeggiare {vi}  :: To be round or roundish
tondello {m}  :: round
tondello {m}  :: flan (for making coins)
tondino {m}  :: iron rod
tondino {m}  :: rod
tondino {m}  :: coaster (small mat under a glass)
tondino {m}  :: saucer
tondo {adj}  :: round, circular
tondo {m}  :: circle
tondo {m}  :: tondo (round picture or other work of art)
tonfano {m}  :: deep part of a river
tonfante {v}  :: present participle of tonfare
tonfare {vi}  :: to (make a) thud
tonfare {vi}  :: to (make a) splash
tonfo {m}  :: thud, thump
tonfo {m}  :: plonk, plop, squelch
tonfo {m}  :: fall, tumble, crash, splash
tongana {f}  :: Tongan (female)
tongano {adj}  :: Tongan
tongano {m}  :: Tongan
tonicità {f}  :: tonicity
tonico {adj}  :: tonic
tonico {m}  :: tonic
tonico {m}  :: toner (to stimulate the skin)
tonificante {v}  :: present participle of tonificare
tonificante {adj}  :: invigorating, bracing
tonificare {vt}  :: to tone up
tonificare {vt}  :: to invigorate
tonificazione {f}  :: toning up
tonificazione {f}  :: invigoration
tonitruante {adj}  :: thunderous, booming
tonnara {f}  :: A set of especially disposed fishing nets used to catch bluefin tuna; almadraba
tonnara {f} [by extension]  :: The place where such nets are employed
tonnarella {f}  :: diminutive of tonnara: A permanent installation of fishing nets used to catch tuna and other fish
tonnarotto {m}  :: A worker in a tonnara (tuna fishing place)
tonnato {adj}  :: tuna (attributive)
tonneau {m}  :: barrel roll
tonneggiante {v}  :: present participle of tonneggiare
tonneggiare {vt}  :: [nautical] To heave, kedge or warp (move a vessel with anchors and cables)
tonneggio {m} [nautical]  :: warp (cable)
tonnellaggio {m} [nautical]  :: tonnage
tonnellata {f}  :: (unit of weight) tonne, ton
tonnellata inglese {f}  :: imperial or avoirdupois ton (2240 pounds)
tonnetto {m}  :: bonito (fish)
tonnetto {m}  :: tuna bottled or canned in oil
tonno {m}  :: tuna
tonno e fagioli {m}  :: a cold antipasto / salad of tuna, cannellini beans and chopped onions in a light dressing
tono {m}  :: tone (all senses)
tono {m}  :: shade (of colour)
tono- {prefix}  :: tono-
tonofilamento {m}  :: tonofilament
tonometria {f}  :: tonometry
tonometrico {adj}  :: tonometric
tonometro {m}  :: tonometer
tonotopia {f}  :: tonotopy
tonotopico {adj}  :: tonotopic
tonsilla {f} [anatomy]  :: tonsil
tonsillare {adj} [anatomy]  :: tonsillar
tonsillectomia {f} [surgery]  :: tonsillectomy
tonsillite {f} [pathology]  :: tonsillitis
tonsura {f}  :: tonsure
tonsurante {v}  :: present participle of tonsurare
tonsurare {vt}  :: To tonsure
tonto {adj}  :: stupid, silly, dumb, foolish
tonto {m}  :: A fool, a stupid person
tonto {m}  :: goof
tontolone {adj}  :: dumb, thick, stupid
top {m} [woman's dressing, garment]  :: top
top ten {m}  :: top ten, hit list
topa {f}  :: female mouse
topa {f} [vulgar, slang]  :: pussy (female genitalia)
topaia {f}  :: rathole, hovel
topaia {f}  :: mouse hole
topaia {f} [figuratively]  :: shack
topazio {m}  :: topaz
topiario {adj}  :: topiary (attributive)
topicida {m}  :: rat poison
topico {adj}  :: topical [all senses]
topinambur {m}  :: Jerusalem artichoke, Helianthus tuberosus
topino {m}  :: small or young mouse (diminutive of topo)
topino {m}  :: sand martin or bank swallow
topiramato {m} [medicine]  :: topiramate
topless {m}  :: The state of being topless
topless {m}  :: A monokini or similar
topo {m}  :: mouse, rat
topo {m} [by extension]  :: thief; person acting suspiciously or furtively
topo- {prefix}  :: topo-
topo d'appartamento {m}  :: A thief who specialises in stealing from apartments
topocane {m}  :: A supposed animal having characteristics of a rat and a dog - seems to be an urban legend
topofobia {f}  :: topophobia
topografia {f}  :: topography
topograficamente {adv}  :: topographically
topografico {adj}  :: topographic
topografo {m}  :: topographer
topoisomerasi {f} [enzyme]  :: topoisomerase
topolino {m}  :: little or baby mouse (diminutive of topo)
topolino {m}  :: scamp (lively child)
topologia {f} [mathematics, computing, geography]  :: topology
topologia {f} [linguistics]  :: word positioning
topologicamente {adv}  :: topologically
topologico {adj}  :: topological
toponimia {f}  :: toponymy
toponimico {adj}  :: toponymic
toponimo {m}  :: toponym
toponomastica {f}  :: toponymy, toponomastics
toponomastico {adj}  :: toponymic, toponomastic
toporagno {m}  :: shrew
topos {m}  :: topos
toppa {f}  :: patch (all senses)
toppa {f}  :: keyhole
toppante {v}  :: present participle of toppare
toppare {vi}  :: To make a big mistake; to blunder or foul up
toppata {f}  :: blunder, foul-up
toppato {adj}  :: piebald
toppo {m}  :: stump (of a felled tree etc)
toppone {m}  :: reinforcement, patch (in clothing)
torà {f}  :: alternative case form of Torà
torace {m}  :: chest
torace {m}  :: thorax
toracentesi {f} [medicine]  :: thoracentesis
toracico {adj} [anatomy]  :: thoracic, chest (attributive)
toraco- {prefix} [anatomy]  :: thoraco-
toracoaddominale {adj} [anatomy]  :: thoracoabdominal
toracocentesi {f} [medicine]  :: thoracentesis, thoracocentesis
toracodorsale {adj} [anatomy]  :: thoracodorsal
toracoepigastrico {adj} [anatomy]  :: thoracoepigastric
toracolombare {adj} [anatomy]  :: thoracolumbar
toracoplastica {f} [surgery]  :: thoracoplasty
toracopolmonare {adj} [anatomy]  :: thoracopulmonary
toracoscopia {f} [surgery]  :: thoracoscopy
toracotomia {f} [surgery]  :: thoracotomy
torba {f}  :: peat
torbato {adj} [of whisky]  :: peaty
torbicolo {adj}  :: peat-production (attributive)
torbidamente {adv}  :: turbidly
torbidezza {f}  :: cloudiness, turbidity
torbidità {f}  :: turbidity
torbiditico {adj}  :: turbiditic
torbido {adj}  :: cloudy, muddy, turbid
torbidume {m}  :: turbid or cloudy matter
torbidume {m}  :: fishy situation
torbiera {f}  :: peat bog
torbo {adj}  :: alternative form of torbido
torboso {adj}  :: peaty
torcellano {adj}  :: Of or from Torcello
torcente {v}  :: present participle of torcere
torcente {adj}  :: twisting
torcente {adj} [physics]  :: torsional
torcentesi {v}  :: present participle of torcersi
torcere {vt}  :: to twist
torcere {vt}  :: to wring
torcere {vt}  :: to bend
torcersi {v}  :: reflexive of torcere
torcersi {v}  :: to writhe, roll about
torcersi {v}  :: to bend
torchiante {v}  :: present participle of torchiare
torchiare {vt}  :: to press [olives, etc.]
torchiare {vt}  :: to grill (question relentlessly)
torchiatura {f}  :: pressing (of olives etc)
torchietto {m} [photography]  :: printing frame
torchio {m}  :: press (for olives etc)
torcia {f}  :: torch (flaming)
torcia elettrica {f}  :: torch (UK), flashlight (US)
torcicollo {m}  :: crick (stiff neck, crick of the neck)
torcicollo {m}  :: wryneck (bird)
torciglione {m}  :: turban
torcimento {m}  :: wringing, twisting
torcimetro {m}  :: twist counter (for testing yarn)
torcinaso {m} [chiefly in the plural]  :: barnacle(s)
torcitoio {m}  :: twisting machine
torcitore {m}  :: twister
torcitore {m}  :: throwster
torcitrice {f}  :: twister
torcitrice {f}  :: throwster
torcitrice {f}  :: throwing machine (feminine only)
torcitura {f}  :: pressing
torcitura {f}  :: twisting, throwing (yarn)
tordela {f}  :: mistle thrush or storm cock
tordo {m}  :: thrush
tordo americano {m}  :: mockingbird (Mimidae)
tordo bottaccio {m}  :: song thrush
tordo sassello {m}  :: redwing
-tore {suffix}  :: Forming masculine nouns and adjectives from verbs with the sense of ‘person or thing connected or involved with, belonging to, having’, compare English -er and -or
toreante {v}  :: present participle of toreare
toreare {vi}  :: To fight a bull
torello {m}  :: Small or young bull
torera {f}  :: bullfighter (female)
torera {f}  :: toreador (female)
torero {m} [bullfighting]  :: torero, bullfighter, toreador
toreutica {n}  :: toreutics (toreutic art)
toriato {adj}  :: thoriated
torico {adj}  :: toric
torico {adj}  :: toroidal
torii {m}  :: torii
torinese {mf}  :: A native or inhabitant of Turin
torinese {adj}  :: Of or relating to Turin or the Turin people
torinista {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to the Torino football club
torinista {mf}  :: Member of the Torino football club
torio {m} [chemistry]  :: thorium
torlakiano {adj}  :: Torlakian
torlo {m}  :: alternative form of tuorlo
torma {f}  :: crowd, throng
tormalina {f} [mineralogy]  :: tourmaline
tormenta {f}  :: snowstorm
tormenta {f}  :: blizzard
tormentante {v}  :: present participle of tormentare
tormentantesi {v}  :: present participle of tormentarsi
tormentare {v}  :: to torment
tormentare {v}  :: to bother or pester
tormentarsi {vr}  :: To worry
tormentato {adj}  :: tormented
tormentato {adj}  :: bothered
tormentato {adj}  :: worried
tormentatore {m}  :: tormentor, torturer
tormentatosi {v}  :: past participle of tormentarsi
tormentatrice {f}  :: feminine noun of tormentatore
tormentina {f} [nautical]  :: storm jib
tormento {m}  :: torment
tormento {m}  :: agony
tormentone {m}  :: obsession, preoccupation
tormentone {m}  :: catchphrase
tormentone {m}  :: A tiresome and boring person; a bugbear
tormentosamente {adv}  :: tormentingly
tormentosamente {adv}  :: painfully
tormentoso {adj}  :: tormenting
tormentoso {adj}  :: painful, distressing
tornaconto {m}  :: benefit, advantage
tornado {m}  :: tornado
tornante {m}  :: hairpin bend
tornante {v}  :: present participle of tornare
tornantesi {v}  :: present participle of tornarsi
tornar {v}  :: apocopic form of tornare
tornare {vi}  :: to return, come back
tornarsene {vp}  :: to return or turn back
tornarsi {v}  :: reflexive of tornare
tornarsi {v}  :: to return, come back
tornasole {m}  :: litmus (substance and plant)
tornata {f}  :: round
tornata {f}  :: session
tornatosene {v}  :: past participle of tornarsene
tornatosi {v}  :: past participle of tornarsi
torneatore {m}  :: tourneyer, jouster
tornella {f}  :: turnstile
tornello {m}  :: turnstile, turnpike
tornente {v}  :: present participle of tornire
torneo {m}  :: tournament
torneo {m}  :: competition (sports)
tornese {m}  :: tornesel, tornesol, Tournois (coin)
tornio {m}  :: lathe (machine tool used to shape a piece of material)
tornio da vasaio {m}  :: throwing wheel
tornire {v}  :: to throw a pot
tornito {adj}  :: shapely
tornitore {m}  :: turner (lathe worker)
tornitura {f}  :: turning (e.g. on a lathe)
tornitura {f}  :: throwing of a pot
toro {m}  :: bull
toro {m}  :: Taurus
toro {m} [mathematics]  :: torus
toro di Falaride {m}  :: brazen bull (ancient torture device)
toroidale {adj}  :: toroidal
toroide {f} [mathematics]  :: toroid
torpedine {f}  :: stingray
torpedine {f} [nautical]  :: torpedo
torpediniera {f}  :: torpedo boat
torpedo {f}  :: tourer (motorcar)
torpedone {m} [dated]  :: charabanc, coach
torpidamente {adv}  :: torpidly
torpidezza {f}  :: torpidity
torpidezza {f}  :: dullness, sluggishness, torpor
torpidità {f}  :: torpor, torpidity
torpido {adj}  :: torpid, sluggish
torpore {m}  :: torpor
torpore {m}  :: sleep
torraiolo {adj}  :: Used only in the term colombo torraiolo
torre {f}  :: tower
torre {f} [chess]  :: rook, castle
torre Eiffel {n}  :: Eiffel Tower (tower in Paris)
torre di Pisa {prop}  :: the Leaning Tower of Pisa
torre di comando {f} [nautical]  :: conning tower
torre pendente {prop} [colloquial]  :: the Leaning Tower of Pisa
torrefacente {v}  :: present participle of torrefare
torrefare {vt}  :: To roast (coffee)
torrefazione {f}  :: roasting (of coffee)
torrefazione {f}  :: coffee shop (that sells blends of freshly roasted coffee)
torreggiante {v}  :: present participle of torreggiare
torreggiare {vi}  :: to tower (over)
torrente {m}  :: stream, creek, torrent
torrentello {m}  :: streamlet
torrentismo {m}  :: canyoning
torrentista {mf}  :: canyoner
torrentizio {adj} [of a river flow]  :: torrential, torrent-like, irregular
torrenziale {adj}  :: torrential [rain]
torretta {f}  :: turret
torricelliano {adj}  :: Torricellian
torrido {adj}  :: scorching, torrid
torrione {m}  :: keep, large tower
torrione {m} [nautical]  :: conning tower
torrione {m}  :: dungeon
torroncino {m}  :: small nougat
torrone {m}  :: A form of nougat traditionally eaten at Christmas
torsello {m}  :: trousseau (all senses)
torsello {m}  :: pincushion
torsello {m}  :: pad
torsello {m}  :: driftpin
torsello {m}  :: bundle
torsionale {adj}  :: torsional, torsion (attributive)
torsione {f}  :: torsion
torsione {f}  :: twisting
torsione {f}  :: twist (gymnastics)
torso {m}  :: torso
torsolo {m} [botany]  :: core (of an apple, pear etc)
torsolo {m} [botany]  :: stalk (of a cabbage etc)
torta {f}  :: pie, tart, cake or similar
torta {f} [heraldiccharge]  :: roundel (of a tincture; see bisante)
torta al cioccolato {f}  :: chocolate cake
torta della nonna {f}  :: A soft flat cake made with ricotta (or custard) and flavoured with pine nuts
torta di compleanno {f}  :: birthday cake
torta di zucca {f}  :: pumpkin pie
torta nuziale {f}  :: wedding cake
tortellini in brodo {n}  :: a soup consisting of small, stuffed pasta in a clear broth
tortellino {m} [foods]  :: diminutive of tortello
tortellino {m} [foods]  :: (especially in plural) small, ring-shaped pasta, stuffed with meat, cheese etc; eaten with a sauce or in a soup
tortello {m}  :: A kind of ravioli
tortello {m} [heraldiccharge]  :: roundel
tortellone {m}  :: a larger form of tortellino
torticcio {m}  :: cable
tortiera {f}  :: cake tin
tortigliere {m}  :: synonym of cercine
tortiglio {m}  :: synonym of tortiglione
tortiglione {m}  :: spiral
tortiglione {m}  :: torse
tortiglione {m} [in the plural]  :: a form of twisted pasta
tortino {m}  :: pie (savoury)
torto {adj}  :: twisted, bent, crooked
torto {m}  :: wrong, injustice
tortonese {adj}  :: Of or from Tortona
tortora {f}  :: turtle dove
tortora dal collare orientale {f}  :: collared dove, properly the Eurasian collared dove
tortore {m} [regional]  :: stick, club
tortoreggiante {v}  :: present participle of tortoreggiare
tortoreggiare {v}  :: to bill and coo
tortosi {v}  :: past participle of torcersi
tortuosamente {adv}  :: tortuously, crookedly
tortuosità {f}  :: crookedness, tortuosity
tortuosità {f}  :: convolution
tortuoso {adj}  :: winding, crooked, tortuous (road, etc)
tortuoso {adj}  :: convoluted, devious (reasoning, explanation, etc)
tortura {f}  :: torture
tortura {f}  :: torment
torturante {v}  :: present participle of torturare
torturantesi {v}  :: present participle of torturarsi
torturare {vt}  :: to torture, torment
torturarsi {v}  :: reflexive of torturare
torturarsi {v}  :: to torment oneself
torturato {adj}  :: tortured
torturato {adj}  :: tormented
torturatore {m}  :: torturer
torturatosi {v}  :: past participle of torturarsi
torturatrice {f}  :: torturer
torvamente {adv}  :: grimly
torvità {f}  :: grimness
torvo {adj}  :: grim, menacing
tosacani {m}  :: dog clipper (person)
tosacani {m} [colloquial]  :: a bad barber
tosaerba {m}  :: lawnmower
tosante {v}  :: present participle of tosare
tosare {vt}  :: to shear
tosare {vt}  :: to clip, trim
tosasiepi {m}  :: hedge trimmer or clippers
tosatore {m}  :: shearer (of animals)
tosatrice {f}  :: clippers (for the hair or beard)
tosatrice {f}  :: shears (for sheep)
tosatura {f}  :: shearing
tosatura {f}  :: clipping
tosatura {f}  :: trimming
toscana {f}  :: a Tuscan woman
toscaneggiante {adj}  :: That uses Tuscan expressions
toscaneggiante {v}  :: present participle of toscaneggiare
toscaneggiare {vt}  :: To use Tuscan expressions
toscaneria {f}  :: The tendency to use too many Tuscan expressions
toscanico {adj} [architecture]  :: Tuscan
toscanismo {m}  :: Tuscan term or idiom
toscanismo {m}  :: Tuscan character or derivation (expecially of language)
toscanità {f}  :: The property of being Tuscan, Tuscan spirit or essence
toscanizzante {v}  :: present participle of toscanizzare
toscanizzantesi {v}  :: present participle of toscanizzarsi
toscanizzare {vt}  :: to Tuscanize
toscanizzarsi {v}  :: reflexive of toscanizzare
toscanizzarsi {vr}  :: to Tuscanize
toscanizzatosi {v}  :: past participle of toscanizzarsi
toscano {m}  :: (Feminine toscana) A Tuscan
toscano {m}  :: The Tuscan dialect
toscano {m}  :: A strong cigar manufactured in Italy, originating from Tuscany
toscano {adj}  :: Tuscan
tosco {adj} [archaic]  :: Tuscan
tosco {m} [archaic]  :: A person from or an inhabitant of Tuscany
tosco {adj} [dated]  :: Of or pertaining to the southern part of Albania
tosco {prop}  :: The Tosk variety of the Albanian language
tosco {m} [obsolete, poetic]  :: poison, harmful substance
tosone {m}  :: fleece
toss- {prefix}  :: alternative form of tossi-; toxi-
tosse {f}  :: cough (condition that causes one to cough)
tosse asinina {f} [disease]  :: whooping cough
tosse canina {f} [diseases]  :: whooping cough
tosse secca {f}  :: hack (dry cough)
tossente {v}  :: present participle of tossire
tossi- {prefix}  :: toxi-
tossicchiante {v}  :: present participle of tossicchiare
tossicchiare {vi}  :: To cough slightly; to clear one's throat
tossicità {f}  :: toxicity
tossico {adj}  :: toxic, poisonous
tossico {m} [obsolete]  :: poison
tossico {m} [medicine]  :: Any substance harmful to the body
tossico {m} [slang]  :: drug addict, drug abuser, junkie
tossico- {prefix}  :: Related to poison or any other harmful substance
tossicodipendente {adj}  :: drug-addicted
tossicodipendente {mf}  :: drug addict, drug abuser
tossicodipendenza {f}  :: drug addiction
tossicofarmacologia {f}  :: toxicopharmacology
tossicofarmacologico {adj}  :: toxicopharmacological
tossicofobia {f}  :: toxicophobia
tossicologa {f}  :: toxicologist (female)
tossicologia {f} [medicine]  :: toxicology
tossicologico {adj} [medicine]  :: toxicological
tossicologo {m} [medicine]  :: toxicologist
tossicomane {mf}  :: drug addict, junkie
tossicomania {f}  :: toxicomania
tossicosi {f} [pathology]  :: toxicosis
tossiemia {f} [pathology]  :: toxemia
tossigenicità {f}  :: toxigenicity
tossigenico {adj}  :: toxigenic, toxinogenic
tossina {f}  :: toxin
tossina botulinica {f}  :: botulinum toxin
tossinfezione {f} [pathology]  :: toxic infection
tossire {vi}  :: to cough
tossizeismo {m} [dated, medicine]  :: A theory that ascribes pellagra solely to the consumption of tainted maize
tossoide {m}  :: toxoid
tostacaffè {m}  :: coffee roaster
tostante {v}  :: present participle of tostare
tostapane {m}  :: toaster
tostare {v}  :: to toast (burn lightly)
tostato {adj}  :: toasted
tostatura {f}  :: toasting (of bread)
tostatura {f}  :: roasting (of coffee beans)
tostissimo {adj}  :: Very tough
tostissimo {adj}  :: Very hard
tosto {adv}  :: at once, immediately
tosto {adj}  :: swift, rapid, hurried
tosto {adj}  :: hard, tough, hard-boiled
tosto {adj}  :: badass
tot {adj}  :: so many
tot {m}  :: so much
totò {n} [childish]  :: spanking
totale {adj}  :: total
totale {m}  :: total
totale {m}  :: A type of film shot in which all of an environment (interior or exterior) is visible
totale {f}  :: general anaesthetic
totalismo {m}  :: totalism
totalistico {adj}  :: totalistic
totalità {f}  :: totality, entirety
totalitario {adj}  :: totalitarian
totalitario {adj}  :: total, complete
totalitarismo {m}  :: totalitarianism
totalitaristico {adj}  :: totalitarian
totalizzante {v}  :: present participle of totalizzare
totalizzare {vt}  :: to total
totalizzare {vt}  :: to score [in sport]
totalizzatore {m}  :: totalizator, tote [system at racecourses]
totalmente {adv}  :: totally, completely
totano {m} [mollusk]  :: squid, calamari
totano {m}  :: redshank (wade bird Tringa Totanus)
totano {m}  :: tattler
totem {m}  :: totem
totemico {adj}  :: totemic
totemismo {m}  :: totemism
totiente {f} [mathematics]  :: totient
totipotente {adj}  :: totipotent
totipotenza {f}  :: totipotency
totocalcio {m}  :: football pools
totonero {m}  :: illegal betting on football matches
tottavilla {f}  :: woodlark (Lullula arborea)
toupet {m}  :: toupee, hairpiece
tournée {f}  :: tour
tovaglia {f}  :: tablecloth, cloth
tovagliato {m}  :: table linen, napery
tovaglietta {f}  :: tablemat
tovagliolino {m}  :: small napkin, small serviette
tovagliolino {m}  :: paper napkin, paper serviette
tovagliolo {m}  :: napkin, serviette
tovagliuolo {m}  :: alternative form of tovagliolo
toxafene {m} [organic compound]  :: toxaphene
toxoplasmosi {f} [disease]  :: toxoplasmosis
tozzo {adj}  :: stocky, thickset
tozzo {adj}  :: squat
tozzo {m}  :: piece, morsel
tra {prep}  :: between
tra {prep}  :: among
tra {prep}  :: in (expression of time)
tra- {prefix}  :: trans-
tra- {prefix}  :: between, among
tra breve {adv}  :: soon, shortly
tra capo e collo {adv}  :: out of the blue, like a bolt from the blue, unexpectedly
tra il lusco e il brusco {adv}  :: At dusk
tra l'altro {adv}  :: moreover
tra poco {adv}  :: soon, shortly, in a bit, in a little while
trabaccolo {m}  :: A small, two-masted sailing vessel
traballamento {m}  :: staggering, tottering, lurching, reeling (of a person)
traballamento {m}  :: wobbling (of an object)
traballante {v}  :: present participle of traballare
traballante {adj}  :: shaky
traballante {adj}  :: trembling
traballare {vi}  :: to stagger
traballare {vi}  :: to tremble
traballio {m}  :: staggering, tottering, lurching, reeling (of a person)
traballio {m}  :: lurching, shaking (of an object)
trabattello {m}  :: scaffolding tower
trabeazione {f} [architecture]  :: trabeation, entablature
trabecola {f} [anatomy]  :: trabecula
trabecolare {adj} [skeleton]  :: trabecular
trabecolato {adj}  :: trabeculated
trabeculectomia {f} [surgery]  :: trabeculectomy
trabere {vi}  :: To drink alcohol excessively
trabevente {v}  :: present participle of trabere
trabiccolo {m}  :: contraption
trabiccolo {m}  :: banger, jalopy (old car)
traboccamento {m}  :: overflowing
traboccante {v}  :: present participle of traboccare
traboccare {v}  :: to overflow (from / with)
trabocchetto {m}  :: trap, trap door
trabocchetto {m}  :: booby trap
trabocchetto {m}  :: pitfall
trabocchetto {m}  :: trick question
trabuccante {v}  :: present participle of trabuccare
trabuccante {adj}  :: overflowing
trabuccare {v}  :: alternative form of traboccare
trabucco {m}  :: A type of large fishing net suspended from the shore
trabucco {m}  :: trebuchet
tracagnotto {adj}  :: squat, stocky, thickset, dumpy
tracannante {v}  :: present participle of tracannare
tracannare {vt}  :: To gulp down, slurp or knock back
traccagnotto {adj}  :: alternative form of tracagnotto
traccheggiante {v}  :: present participle of traccheggiare
traccheggiare {vi}  :: To pussyfoot or temporize
traccia {f}  :: trace, sign, track, footstep, trail, mark
traccia {f}  :: trace, vestige, evidence, remnant
traccia {f}  :: trace, hint
traccia {f}  :: outline, plan, guideline
traccia {f}  :: (building) chase
tracciabile {adj}  :: traceable
tracciabilità {f}  :: traceability
tracciamento {m}  :: marking out
tracciamento {m}  :: mapping out
tracciamento {m}  :: plotting
tracciamento {m}  :: sketching, drawing
tracciante {v}  :: present participle of tracciare
tracciante {m}  :: tracer (biochemistry)
tracciante {adj}  :: tracer (bullet)
tracciante radioattivo {m} [physics, chemistry, medicine]  :: radioactive tracer
tracciare {vt}  :: to mark out [a route, etc.]
tracciare {vt}  :: to map out, plot
tracciare {vt}  :: to sketch, draw, trace, outline [a design or situation]
tracciato {m}  :: plan, layout
tracciatore {m}  :: tracer (person)
tracciatura {f}  :: tracing, sketching, drawing
tracciatura {f}  :: tracking
trace {adj} [literary]  :: Thracian
trace {m} [historical]  :: A person from or an inhabitant of Thrace
trace {m}  :: The Thracian language
trace {m} [historical, Ancient Rome]  :: A gladiator bearing Thracian equipment
trachea {f} [anatomy]  :: trachea, windpipe
trachea {f} [botany]  :: trachea
tracheale {adj} [anatomy, botany]  :: tracheal
tracheide {m}  :: tracheid
tracheite {f} [diseases]  :: tracheitis
tracheo- {prefix} [anatomy]  :: tracheo-
tracheobronchiale {adj} [anatomy]  :: tracheobronchial
tracheobronchite {f} [pathology]  :: tracheobronchitis
tracheoesofageo {adj} [anatomy]  :: tracheoesophageal
tracheola {f} [zoology]  :: tracheole
tracheomalacia {f} [pathology]  :: tracheomalacia
tracheoscopia {f} [medicine]  :: tracheoscopy
tracheostomia {f} [surgery]  :: tracheostomy
tracheotomia {f} [surgery]  :: tracheotomy
trachite {f} [mineralogy]  :: trachyte
trachitico {adj}  :: trachytic
tracico {adj}  :: Thracian
tracimante {v}  :: present participle of tracimare
tracimare {vi}  :: To overflow; to burst its banks (of a river, etc.)
tracimazione {f}  :: overflowing
tracio {adj}  :: Thracian
tracio {m} [historical]  :: A person from or an inhabitant of Thrace
tracio {m}  :: The Thracian language
tracolla {f}  :: sling
tracolla {f}  :: shoulder strap
tracollante {v}  :: present participle of tracollare
tracollare {vi}  :: to lose one's balance
tracollare {vi}  :: to fall over
tracollo {m}  :: collapse, ruin
tracoma {m} [disease]  :: trachoma
tracomatoso {adj}  :: trachomatous
tracotante {adj}  :: arrogant, overbearing
tracotanza {f}  :: arrogance
tradente {v}  :: present participle of tradire
tradentesi {v}  :: present participle of tradirsi
tradeunionismo {m}  :: trade unionism
tradibile {adj}  :: That can be betrayed
tradimento {m}  :: betrayal, treason, treachery, cheating
tradimento {m}  :: adultery, infidelity
tradire {vt}  :: to betray
tradire {vt}  :: to reveal
tradirsi {v}  :: reflexive of tradire
tradirsi {v}  :: to betray oneself; to give oneself away
traditor {m}  :: apocopic form of traditore
traditore {m}  :: traitor
traditosi {v}  :: past participle of tradirsi
traditrice {f}  :: traitor (female)
tradizionale {adj}  :: traditional, customary
tradizionale {adj}  :: conventional
tradizionale {adj}  :: habitual, usual
tradizionalismo {m}  :: traditionalism
tradizionalista {mf}  :: traditionalist
tradizionalista {adj}  :: traditionalist
tradizionalistico {adj}  :: traditionalist, traditionalistic
tradizionalmente {adv}  :: traditionally, customarily
tradizionalmente {adv}  :: (according to the tradition) by tradition, by custom
tradizione {f}  :: tradition, custom, use, heritage
tradizione {f} [legal]  :: tradition, transfer, delivery
tradotta {f}  :: troop train
traducibile {adj}  :: translatable, able to be translated
traducibilità {f}  :: capability of being translated
traducibilità {f}  :: capability of being expressed
tradurre {vt}  :: To translate
tradurre {vt}  :: To transfer
tradursi {vr}  :: To turn out
traduttivo {adj}  :: translation (attributive)
traduttologia {f}  :: Study of translation
traduttore {m}  :: interpreter, translator
traduttrice {f}  :: a female interpreter, translator
traduzionale {adj}  :: translation (attributive)
traduzionale {adj} [biochemistry]  :: translational
traduzione {f}  :: translation
traente {v}  :: present participle of trarre
traente {adj}  :: pulling
traentesi {v}  :: present participle of trarsi
traenza {f}  :: drawing
trafelato {adj}  :: out of breath, short of breath, panting
traferro {m} [physics]  :: air gap (between the poles of a magnet)
trafficabile {adj}  :: tradeable
trafficante {v}  :: present participle of trafficare
trafficante {mf}  :: trafficker
trafficante {mf}  :: pusher (of drugs)
trafficante {mf}  :: fence (dealer in stolen goods)
trafficante {mf}  :: (archaic Calabrese dialect) trader
trafficare {v}  :: to deal or trade
trafficare {v}  :: to traffic (in illicit material)
trafficare {v}  :: to be busy
trafficato {adj} [of a road]  :: Busy with traffic
traffico {m}  :: traffic
traffico {m}  :: trade
traffico {m}  :: activity, rush
trafficone {m}  :: schemer, wheeler-dealer
trafiggente {v}  :: present participle of trafiggere
trafiggentesi {v}  :: present participle of trafiggersi
trafiggere {vt}  :: To run through or pierce (with a weapon)
trafiggersi {v}  :: reflexive of trafiggere
trafiggersi {vr}  :: to run oneself through (with a weapon)
trafiggersi {vr}  :: to fall on one's sword
trafila {f}  :: procedure, routine
trafila {f}  :: die, drawplate
trafilante {v}  :: present participle of trafilare
trafilare {vt}  :: To draw (into wire)
trafilato {adj}  :: drawn (into wire)
trafilato {m}  :: wire or other drawn product
trafilatore {m}  :: wireworker
trafilatrice {f}  :: drawbench (wire drawing machine)
trafilatura {f}  :: wire drawing
trafiletto {m}  :: short article, paragraph
trafittosi {v}  :: past participle of trafiggersi
trafittura {f}  :: piercing, transfixion
trafittura {f}  :: (stab) wound
trafittura {f}  :: (sharp) pain
traforante {v}  :: present participle of traforare
traforare {vt}  :: to pierce
traforare {vt}  :: to drill, bore
traforare {vt}  :: to tunnel through
traforato {adj}  :: pierced
traforatrice {f}  :: boring / drilling machine
traforatrice {f}  :: fretsaw (mechanical)
traforo {m}  :: drilling, boring
traforo {m}  :: piercing
traforo {m}  :: tunnelling
traforo {m}  :: tunnel
traforo {m}  :: fretwork
trafugamento {m}  :: purloining, stealing
trafugante {v}  :: present participle of trafugare
trafugare {vt}  :: To steal, to purloin
tragedia {f}  :: tragedy
tragediabile {adj}  :: Suitable for a tragedy (of a subject)
tragediografo {m}  :: tragedian (writer of tragedies)
tragetto {m}  :: journey
traghettamento {m}  :: ferrying
traghettante {v}  :: present participle of traghettare
traghettare {vt}  :: to ferry
traghettatore {m}  :: ferryman
traghetto {m}  :: ferry
tragicamente {adv}  :: tragically
tragicità {f}  :: fatality, tragedy, mournfulness, sadness
tragico {adj}  :: tragic, tragical
tragico {m}  :: tragedy
tragicomico {adj}  :: tragicomic
tragicommedia {f}  :: tragicomedy
tragitto {m}  :: journey
tragitto {m}  :: route, way
traguardante {v}  :: present participle of traguardare
traguardare {v}  :: To sight (look at a distant object through an optical device)
traguardare {v}  :: To spy
traguardo {m}  :: aim
traguardo {m}  :: purpose
traguardo {m}  :: goal
traguardo {m} [sports]  :: finish line
traguardo volante {m} [cycle racing]  :: intermediate sprint
traiettoria {f}  :: trajectory
trainabile {adj}  :: pullable, haulable, towable
trainante {v}  :: present participle of trainare
trainante {adj}  :: driving, leading
trainare {v}  :: to draw or pull (a load)
trainare {v}  :: to tow (a car etc)
traino {m}  :: drawing or pulling (a load)
traino {m}  :: towing
traino {m}  :: A load that is being pulled
tralasciabile {adj}  :: omittable
tralasciante {v}  :: present participle of tralasciare
tralasciare {v}  :: to neglect
tralasciare {v}  :: to omit
tralatizio {adj}  :: tralaticious
tralcio {m}  :: shoot (of a plant)
traliccio {m}  :: ticking (material)
traliccio {m}  :: trellis, lattice
traliccio {m}  :: pylon
tralice {adj}  :: only used in in tralice
tralignante {v}  :: present participle of tralignare
tralignare {vit}  :: to degenerate or deteriorate (especially from ancestral greatness)
trallallà {interj}  :: tra-la-la
trallallero {interj}  :: tra-la-la
tralucere {vi}  :: To shine (light) through a translucent material
tram {m}  :: tram, streetcar
trama {f}  :: plot
trama {f}  :: weave, texture, weft
tramaglio {m}  :: trammel (net)
tramandante {v}  :: present participle of tramandare
tramandare {vt}  :: To hand down
tramante {v}  :: present participle of tramare
tramare {v}  :: to plot, to conspire, to intrigue, to hatch
tramare {v}  :: to weave
trambasciante {v}  :: present participle of trambasciare
trambasciare {v}  :: To be overcome with anguish
trambusto {m}  :: racket (noise)
trambusto {m}  :: turmoil, fuss, ado
tramestante {v}  :: present participle of tramestare
tramestare {vt}  :: To turn upside-down or topsy-turvy
tramestare {vi}  :: To rummage
tramestio {m}  :: bustle, bustling
tramestio {m}  :: hustle and bustle
tramestio {m}  :: coming and going
tramettente {v}  :: present participle of tramettere
tramettere {vt}  :: to interpose
tramettere {vt}  :: alternative form of trasmettere
tramezza {f}  :: welt
tramezza {f}  :: partition
tramezzabile {adj}  :: partitionable
tramezzamento {m}  :: partitioning
tramezzante {v}  :: present participle of tramezzare
tramezzare {vt}  :: To interpose
tramezzare {vt}  :: To partition
tramezzatura {f}  :: partitioning
tramezzino {m}  :: A sandwich made from two or three slices of pancarré
tramezzo {m}  :: partition (dividing wall)
tramezzo {m} [shoemaking]  :: welt
tramite {m}  :: intermediary, link
tramite {m}  :: way, means, vehicle
tramite {prep}  :: by, through, using
tramoggia {f}  :: hopper
tramoggia {f}  :: hopper crystal
tramontana {f} [weather]  :: tramontana (a northern wind)
tramontana {f} [by extension]  :: North
tramontano {adj} [archaic]  :: beyond the mountains
tramontano {m}  :: alternative form of tramontana
tramontante {v}  :: present participle of tramontare
tramontar {v}  :: apocopic form of tramontare
tramontare {vi} [of the sun, moon, stars]  :: to set, go down, sink
tramontare {vi} [figuratively]  :: to fade, wane
tramontare {m} [singulare tantum]  :: sunset, sundown, setting
tramonto {m} [also figuratively]  :: sunset, sundown
tramonto {m}  :: setting
tramonto {m} [figuratively]  :: fall, decline
tramortente {v}  :: present participle of tramortire
tramortire {vt}  :: To stun or knock out
tramortito {adj}  :: unconscious, stunned
trampoliere {m}  :: wading bird
trampoliere {m}  :: stilt (wading bird)
trampoliere {m}  :: stilt walker
trampolino {m} [swimming]  :: springboard, diving board
trampolino {m}  :: (idiomatic) stepping stone, bootstrap
trampolino elastico {m} [gymnastics]  :: trampoline
trampolo {m}  :: stilt (pole with footrest that allows one to stand or walk above the ground)
tramutante {v}  :: present participle of tramutare
tramutantesi {v}  :: present participle of tramutarsi
tramutare {v}  :: to change or turn (into)
tramutarsi {vr}  :: To change or turn (into)
tramutatosi {v}  :: past participle of tramutarsi
tramvia {f}  :: alternative form of tranvia
tramviario {adj}  :: alternative form of tranviario
tran tran {m}  :: A boring, monotonous voice
tran tran {m}  :: humdrum daily routine
trance {f}  :: trance (music genre)
trancia {f} [chiefly in the plural]  :: shears
trancia {f}  :: slice (of cheese etc)
trancia {f}  :: cutlet
tranciante {v}  :: present participle of tranciare
tranciare {vt}  :: To shear
tranciatore {m}  :: shearer
tranciatrice {f}  :: shearing machine
tranciatura {f}  :: blanking, shearing, trenching (industrial processes)
trancio {m}  :: slice (of cheese etc)
trancio {m}  :: cutlet
tranello {m}  :: trap
tranese {adj}  :: Of or from Trani
tranese {mf}  :: A native or inhabitant of Trani
trangugiamento {m}  :: gulping
trangugiante {v}  :: present participle of trangugiare
trangugiare {vt}  :: To gulp or bolt down food or pound
trangugiare {v}  :: to tuck in
tranne {prep}  :: except, but, apart from
tranquillamente {adv}  :: calmly, peacefully
tranquillamente {adv} [familiar]  :: comfortably
tranquillante {adj}  :: soothing, tranquillizing
tranquillante {m} [pharmacology]  :: tranquillizer
tranquillare {vt}  :: to calm down
tranquillare {vi} [obsolete]  :: to enjoy peace and serenity
tranquillare {vi} [obsolete]  :: to enjoy oneself
tranquillarsi {vi} [uncommon]  :: to calm down
tranquillato {adj}  :: synonym of tranquillizzato
tranquillissimo {adj}  :: superlative of tranquillo
tranquillissimo {adj}  :: Very quiet, very peaceful, very calm
tranquillità {f}  :: calm, peace, stillness, tranquillity, calmness
tranquillizzante {v}  :: present participle of tranquillizzare
tranquillizzante {adj}  :: calming
tranquillizzante {adj}  :: reassuring
tranquillizzante {adj}  :: tranquilizing
tranquillizzante {m}  :: synonym of tranquillante
tranquillizzantesi {v}  :: present participle of tranquillizzarsi
tranquillizzare {vt}  :: to calm down, appease
tranquillizzare {vt}  :: to tranquilize
tranquillizzare {vt}  :: to reassure
tranquillizzarsi {v}  :: reflexive of tranquillizzare
tranquillizzarsi {v}  :: to calm down, reassure oneself
tranquillizzato {adj}  :: calmed
tranquillizzato {adj}  :: reassured
tranquillizzato {adj}  :: tranquilized
tranquillizzatosi {v}  :: past participle of tranquillizzarsi
tranquillo {adj}  :: calm, sober, tranquil
trans {mf}  :: transsexual
trans- {prefix}  :: trans- [all senses]
transafricano {adj}  :: trans-African
transahariano {adj}  :: trans-Saharan
transalpino {adj}  :: transalpine
transamazzonico {adj}  :: trans-Amazonian
transaminasi {f} [biochemistry]  :: transaminase
transaminazione {f} [biochemistry]  :: transamination
transappenninico {adj}  :: trans-Apennine
transatlantico {adj}  :: transatlantic
transattinoide {m}  :: transactinide
transattivamente {adv}  :: transactively (by common agreement)
transattivo {adj}  :: transactive
transavanguardia {f} [art]  :: transavantgarde
transazionale {adj}  :: transactional
transazione {f}  :: transaction
transcaratteristica {f} [maths]  :: transcharacteristic
transcendentale {adj}  :: transcendental (philosophy)
transcendente {v}  :: present participle of transcendere
transcendere {vt} [obsolete]  :: alternative form of trascendere
transcitosi {f}  :: transcytosis
transcodificante {v}  :: present participle of transcodificare
transcodificare {vt}  :: To transcode
transcodificatore {m}  :: transcoder
transcodificazione {f}  :: transcoding
transcontainer {m}  :: international shipping container
transcontinentale {adj}  :: transcontinental
transcorrente {v}  :: present participle of transcorrere
transcorrere {vit}  :: alternative form of trascorrere
transcranico {adj} [anatomy]  :: transcranial
transcrivente {v}  :: present participle of transcrivere
transcrivere {vt}  :: alternative form of trascrivere
transculturale {adj}  :: transcultural
transcutaneo {adj}  :: transcutaneous
transdermale {adj} [medicine]  :: transdermal
transdermico {adj}  :: transdermal
transdifferenziazione {f} [biology]  :: transdifferentiation
transdimensionale {adj}  :: transdimensional
transduzione {f}  :: transduction
transeat {interj}  :: so be it
transelevatore {m}  :: transelevator
transenna {f}  :: barrier, barricade (for crowd control)
transenna {f} [architecture]  :: screen
transennante {v}  :: present participle of transennare
transennare {vt}  :: To block off
transepiteliale {adj}  :: transepithelial
transessuale {adj}  :: transsexual
transessuale {mf}  :: transsexual
transessualismo {m}  :: transsexualism
transessualità {f}  :: transsexuality
transesterificazione {f}  :: transesterification
transetto {m} [architecture]  :: transept
transeunte {adj}  :: transeunt, transient
transeuropeo {adj}  :: trans-European
transfer {m}  :: transport
transfer {m}  :: transfer (tourist, e.g. airport to hotel)
transferasi {f} [enzyme]  :: transferase
transfermico {adj} [physics, chemistry]  :: transfermium
transferrina {f} [biochemistry]  :: transferrin
transfert {m} [psychology]  :: transfer
transfinito {adj} [mathematics]  :: transfinite
transfluente {v}  :: present participle of transfluire
transfluire {v}  :: To branch out
transfobia {f}  :: transphobia
transfondente {v}  :: present participle of transfondere
transfondere {vt}  :: Variant of trasfondere
transfrontaliero {adj}  :: That crosses frontiers
transfrontaliero {adj}  :: multinational
transfuga {f}  :: deserter, defector, turncoat
transgenere {mf}  :: A transgender person
transgenere {adj}  :: transgender
transgenesi {f}  :: transgenesis
transgenico {adj}  :: transgenic
transgiordano {adj}  :: Transjordanian
transgiugulare {adj} [anatomy]  :: transjugular
transglutaminasi {f} [enzyme]  :: transglutaminase
transgranulare {adj}  :: transgranular
transiberiana {f}  :: Trans-Siberian Railway
transiberiano {adj}  :: Trans-Siberian
transigente {v}  :: present participle of transigere
transigere {vit}  :: to compromise
transilvanico {adj}  :: Transylvanian
transilvano {adj}  :: Transylvanian
transistor {m}  :: transistor (device)
transistor {m}  :: transistor radio
transistore {m}  :: transistor (device)
transistorizzante {v}  :: present participle of transistorizzare
transistorizzare {vt}  :: to transistorize
transistorizzato {adj}  :: transistorized
transistorizzazione {f}  :: transistorization
transitabile {adj}  :: passable, negotiable (path etc)
transitabilità {f}  :: passability, passableness, negotiability
transitante {v}  :: present participle of transitare
transitante {adj}  :: transiting
transitare {vi}  :: to pass
transitare {vi}  :: to transit
transitivamente {adv}  :: transitively
transitività {f}  :: transitivity
transitivo {adj}  :: transitive
transitivo {m}  :: transitive
transito {m}  :: transit
transitoriamente {adv}  :: temporarily, transitorily
transitorietà {f}  :: temporariness, transitoriness
transitorio {adj}  :: temporary, provisional
transitorio {adj}  :: transitory, fleeting
transizione {f}  :: transition
translagunare {adj}  :: trans-lagoon
translato {adj}  :: obsolete form of traslato
translitterante {v}  :: present participle of translitterare
translitterare {vt}  :: To transliterate
translitterazione {f}  :: transliteration
translocasi {f} [enzyme]  :: translocase
translogaritmico {adj} [mathematics]  :: translogarithmic
translucidità {f}  :: translucency
translucido {adj}  :: translucent
transmediterraneo {adj}  :: trans-Mediterranean
transmembrana {adj}  :: transmembrane
transmembranoso {adj}  :: transmembranous
transmodulazione {f}  :: transmodulation
transmurale {adj}  :: transmural
transnazionale {adj}  :: transnational
transnazionalità {f}  :: transnationality
transnettuniano {adj} [astronomy]  :: transneptunian
transnistriano {adj}  :: Transnistrian
transoceanico {adj}  :: transoceanic
transonico {adj}  :: transonic
transpadano {adj}  :: transpadane, transpadine
transpallet {m}  :: forklift (truck)
transpeptidasi {f} [enzyme]  :: transpeptidase
transpersonale {adj}  :: transpersonal
transpolare {adj}  :: transpolar, polar
transponente {v}  :: present participle of transporre
transporre {vt}  :: Variant of trasporre
transrazziale {adj}  :: transracial
transricevente {v}  :: present participle of transricevere
transricevente {adj}  :: transceiving
transricevere {v}  :: to transceive
transtentoriale {adj}  :: transtentorial
transtiberino {adj}  :: located beyond the Tiber river; Transtiberine
transumanesimo {m}  :: transhumanism
transumano {adj}  :: beyond human, superhuman
transumante {adj}  :: transhumant
transumanza {f}  :: transhumance
transumanza {f} [figuratively]  :: shift, changeover, transition
transumavo {adj}  :: transhumant
transuranico {adj}  :: transuranic
transuretrale {adj} [anatomy]  :: transurethral
transustanziante {v}  :: present participle of transustanziare
transustanziantesi {v}  :: present participle of transustanziarsi
transustanziare {vt}  :: To transubstantiate
transustanziarsi {v}  :: reflexive of transustanziare
transustanziarsi {v}  :: To transubstantiate oneself
transustanziatosi {v}  :: past participle of transustanziarsi
transustanziazione {f} [Christianity]  :: transubstantiation
transvedente {v}  :: present participle of transvedere
transvedere {v} [obsolete]  :: Variant of travedere
transveggente {v}  :: present participle of transvedere
tranvai {m}  :: tram, streetcar
tranvia {f}  :: tram route
tranvia {f}  :: Any of the trams that run along a particular route
tranviario {adj}  :: tram (attributive)
tranviere {m}  :: tram driver or conductor
trapanamento {m}  :: drilling, boring
trapanamento {m} [surgery]  :: trepanation
trapanante {v}  :: present participle of trapanare
trapanare {vt}  :: to drill
trapanare {vt}  :: to bore [a hole]
trapanare {vt}  :: to trepan
trapanatore {m}  :: driller
trapanatrice {f}  :: driller (female)
trapanatura {f}  :: drilling, boring
trapanatura {f} [surgery]  :: trepanation
trapanazione {f}  :: drilling, boring
trapanazione {f}  :: trepanation
trapanese {mf}  :: A native or inhabitant of Trapani
trapanese {adj}  :: Of or relating to Trapani or the Trapani people
trapano {m}  :: drill
trapano {m}  :: trepan
trapassabile {adj}  :: penetrable
trapassante {v}  :: present participle of trapassare
trapassar {v}  :: apocopic form of trapassare
trapassare {vt}  :: To pass through; to pierce
trapassare {vi}  :: To pass away; to die
trapassato {adj} [grammar]  :: In the past perfect tense
trapassato {m} [grammar]  :: The past perfect tense
trapassato prossimo {m} [grammar]  :: The pluperfect tense
trapassato remoto {m} [grammar]  :: The past perfect tense
trapasso {m}  :: conveyancing (of property)
trapasso {m}  :: legal transfer
trapasso {m}  :: death, departure
trapelante {v}  :: present participle of trapelare
trapelare {vi}  :: to filter through [of light]
trapelare {vi}  :: to leak
trapezio {m} [geometry]  :: trapezium, trapezoid
trapezio {m} [gymnastics]  :: trapeze
trapezio {m} [skeleton]  :: trapezium, trapezium bone
trapezio {m} [muscle]  :: trapezius, trapezius muscle
trapezista {mf}  :: trapeze artist
trapezoedro {m} [mathematics]  :: trapezohedron
trapezoidale {adj}  :: trapezoidal
trapezoide {adj} [skeleton]  :: trapezoid, trapezoidal
trapezoide {m} [skeleton]  :: trapezoid, trapezoid bone
trapezoide {m} [geometry]  :: trapezoid
trapiantabile {adj}  :: transplantable
trapiantante {v}  :: present participle of trapiantare
trapiantare {vt}  :: To transplant, to graft
trapiantatoio {m}  :: trowel
trapiantatrice {f}  :: transplanting machine
trapianto {m} [medicine]  :: transplant, transplantation, graft
trapianto {m}  :: transplanting, transplantation, replanting
trapiantologia {f} [surgery]  :: transplant surgery
trapiantologo {m}  :: transplant surgeon
traponente {v}  :: present participle of traporre
traporre {vt}  :: to transplant
traportante {v}  :: present participle of traportare
traportare {v}  :: obsolete form of trasportare
trappeto {m}  :: crusher, oil mill
trappista {m}  :: Trappist
trappista {adj}  :: Trappist (attributive)
trappola {f}  :: A trap, a snare, a catch
trappoleria {f}  :: deceit, trickery
trappolone {m}  :: swindler
trapponente {v}  :: present participle of trapporre
trapporre {vt}  :: Variant of traporre
trapungente {v}  :: present participle of trapungere
trapungere {vt}  :: To prick or sting violently
trapunta {f}  :: quilt
trapuntante {v}  :: present participle of trapuntare
trapuntare {vt}  :: to quilt
trapuntare {vt}  :: to embroider
trapuntato {adj}  :: quilted
trarompente {v}  :: present participle of trarompere
trarompere {v}  :: obsolete form of interrompere
trarre {vt}  :: to draw, extract, pull
trarre {vt}  :: to elicit, generalise
trarre {vt}  :: to derive
trarsi {v}  :: reflexive of trarre
trarsi {v}  :: to get oneself out of trouble
tras- {prefix}  :: alternative form of trans-
trasalente {v}  :: present participle of trasalire
trasalimento {m}  :: start, jump (with surprise etc)
trasalire {vi}  :: To jump or start (give involuntary movement)
trasandatamente {adv}  :: shabbily
trasandatezza {f}  :: shabbiness, slovenliness
trasandato {adj}  :: shabby, scruffy
trasandato {adj}  :: unkempt
trasandato {adj}  :: slipshod
trasbordante {v}  :: present participle of trasbordare
trasbordare {vt}  :: To transfer
trasbordare {vi}  :: To change (ship, plane, train etc)
trasbordo {m}  :: transfer
trascegliente {v}  :: present participle of trascegliere
trascegliere {vt}  :: To choose with care from a large selection
trascendentale {adj}  :: transcendental
trascendentalismo {m}  :: transcendentalism
trascendentalista {mf}  :: transcendentalist
trascendentalistico {adj}  :: transcendentalist
trascendentalità {f}  :: transcendence (condition of being transcendental)
trascendente {v}  :: present participle of trascendere
trascendente {adj}  :: transcendent
trascendente {adj}  :: transcendental (maths)
trascendenza {f}  :: transcendence
trascendere {vt}  :: To transcend or surpass
trascendimento {m} [philosophy]  :: transcendence
trascinabile {adj}  :: draggable
trascinamento {m}  :: dragging (all senses)
trascinante {v}  :: present participle of trascinare
trascinantesi {v}  :: present participle of trascinarsi
trascinare {vt}  :: to drag, pull, trail
trascinare {vt}  :: to carry away, sweep away
trascinarsi {v}  :: reflexive of trascinare
trascinarsi {v}  :: to drag oneself
trascinarsi {v}  :: to drag, drag on
trascinatore {adj}  :: pulling, dragging
trascinatore {m}  :: puller, dragger
trascinatore {m} [chemistry]  :: Substance added to achieve salt-effect distillation
trascinatosi {v}  :: past participle of trascinarsi
trascoloramento {m}  :: discolouring, discolouration
trascolorante {v}  :: present participle of trascolorare
trascolorantesi {v}  :: present participle of trascolorarsi
trascolorare {vi}  :: to change colour
trascolorare {vi}  :: to discolour
trascolorarsi {v}  :: reflexive of trascolorare
trascolorarsi {v}  :: to change colour
trascoloratosi {v}  :: past participle of trascolorarsi
trascorrente {v}  :: present participle of trascorrere
trascorrere {vt}  :: to spend, to pass
trascorrere {vi}  :: (of time) to pass, to go by, to elapse
trascorso {adj}  :: past
trascorso {m} [usually, in the plural]  :: past, past record, past errors
trascrittasi {f} [enzyme]  :: transcriptase
trascritto {adj}  :: transcribed
trascritto {adj}  :: transliterated
trascrittore {m}  :: transcriber, copyist
trascrivente {v}  :: present participle of trascrivere
trascrivere {vt}  :: to transcribe
trascrivere {vt}  :: to transliterate
trascrizionale {adj}  :: transcriptional
trascrizionalmente {adv}  :: transcriptionally
trascrizione {f}  :: transcription (act and result)
trascrizione {f}  :: transcript
trascrizione {f}  :: transliteration (act and result)
trascurabile {adj}  :: negligible, minor, small, unimportant
trascurabile {adj}  :: ignorable
trascurabile {adj}  :: optional
trascurabilità {f}  :: unimportance, pettiness, negligibility
trascurabilmente {adv}  :: negligibly, insignificantly
trascurante {v}  :: present participle of trascurare
trascurantesi {v}  :: present participle of trascurarsi
trascurare {vt}  :: to neglect, to disregard
trascurare {vt}  :: to omit, to leave out
trascurarsi {v}  :: reflexive of trascurare
trascurarsi {v}  :: to neglect oneself
trascurataggine {f}  :: negligence, neglect, carelessness
trascuratamente {adv}  :: carelessly, negligently
trascuratamente {adv}  :: untidily
trascuratezza {f}  :: negligence, neglect, carelessness
trascurato {adj}  :: slovenly
trascurato {adj}  :: neglected
trascurato {adj}  :: negligent
trascurato {adj}  :: lax
trascuratosi {v}  :: past participle of trascurarsi
trasdotto {adj}  :: transduced
trasducente {v}  :: present participle of trasdurre
trasdurre {vt} [physics, genetics]  :: to transduce
trasduttore {m}  :: transducer
trasduzione {f} [genetics]  :: transduction
trasecolante {v}  :: present participle of trasecolare
trasecolare {vi}  :: To be stupefied or dumbfounded
trasecolato {adj}  :: astonished, dumbfounded, astounded
trasferasi {f} [enzyme]  :: transferase
trasferello {m}  :: transfer
trasferente {v}  :: present participle of trasferire
trasferentesi {v}  :: present participle of trasferirsi
trasferibile {adj}  :: transferable
trasferibile {adj}  :: negotiable
trasferibile {adj}  :: relocatable, portable
trasferibilità {f}  :: transferability
trasferibilità {f}  :: negotiability (of a financial instrument)
trasferimento {m}  :: transfer
trasferimento {m}  :: conveyancing
trasferimento bancario {n}  :: credit transfer
trasferimento bancario {n}  :: A method of payment in which an amount of money (credit) is transferred directly from one account to another, in the same or different bank
trasferimento bancario {n}  :: wire transfer
trasferimento bancario {n} [banking]  :: A transfer of funds between banks by electronic means
trasferire {vt}  :: to transfer, move, remove, shift
trasferire {vt} [legal]  :: to convey, transfer
trasferirsi {v}  :: reflexive of trasferire
trasferirsi {v}  :: to move (house), remove
trasferitosi {v}  :: past participle of trasferirsi
trasferta {f}  :: transfer (temporary)
trasferta {f} [sports]  :: away game
trasfezione {f} [medicine]  :: transfection
trasfigurante {v}  :: present participle of trasfigurare
trasfigurantesi {v}  :: present participle of trasfigurarsi
trasfigurare {vt}  :: to transfigure
trasfigurarsi {v}  :: reflexive of trasfigurare
trasfigurarsi {v}  :: to be transfigured
trasfigurato {adj}  :: transfigured
trasfiguratosi {v}  :: past participle of trasfigurarsi
trasfigurazione {f}  :: transfiguration
trasfocatore {m} [photography]  :: zoom lens
trasfondente {v}  :: present participle of trasfondere
trasfondere {vt}  :: To pour a liquid from one vessel to another
trasfondere {vt}  :: To transfuse (blood)
trasfondibile {adj}  :: transfusible
trasformabile {adj}  :: convertible
trasformabilità {f}  :: transformability
trasformante {v}  :: present participle of trasformare
trasformantesi {v}  :: present participle of trasformarsi
trasformare {vt}  :: to change, transform, convert, turn
trasformarsi {v}  :: reflexive of trasformare
trasformarsi {v}  :: to turn into, change into, become, be transformed
trasformata {f} [mathematics]  :: transform
trasformativo {adj}  :: transformative
trasformato {adj}  :: changed, altered, transformed
trasformatore {m}  :: transformer (electrical)
trasformatore {adj}  :: transformational
trasformatosi {v}  :: past participle of trasformarsi
trasformazionale {adj}  :: transformational
trasformazionalista {mf}  :: transformationalist
trasformazione {f}  :: change, alteration
trasformazione {f}  :: transformation
trasformazione {f}  :: conversion
trasformismo {m}  :: transformism
trasformista {mf}  :: quick-change artist
trasformista {mf} [by extension]  :: A politician who will change his policies or allegiances in order to stay in office
trasformistico {adj}  :: transformistic
trasformistico {adj}  :: transformation (attributive)
trasfusionale {adj} [medicine]  :: transfusional
trasfusione {f} [medicine]  :: transfusion
trasgredente {v}  :: present participle of trasgredire
trasgredire {vi}  :: (followed by "a") To break or infringe a law; to transgress
trasgredire {vt}  :: To disobey
trasgressione {f}  :: transgression, violation, trespass
trasgressività {f}  :: transgression
trasgressività {f}  :: infringement
trasgressivo {adj}  :: transgressive
trasgressore {m} [legal]  :: transgressor
traslante {v}  :: present participle of traslare
traslare {vt}  :: To translate (physics, mathematics)
traslare {vt}  :: To transpose (from left to right)
traslare {vi}  :: To transit (astronomy)
traslato {adj}  :: metaphorical, figurative
traslato {m}  :: metaphor
traslatore {m}  :: repeater (telecommunications)
traslatorio {adj}  :: translatory
traslazionale {adj}  :: translational
traslazione {f} [mathematics]  :: translation (linear movement without rotation)
traslitterante {v}  :: present participle of traslitterare
traslitterare {vt}  :: To transliterate
traslitterato {adj}  :: transliterated
traslitterazione {f}  :: transliteration
traslocante {v}  :: present participle of traslocare
traslocantesi {v}  :: present participle of traslocarsi
traslocare {vit}  :: to move, especially to move house (actually transfer possessions to new home)
traslocare {vit}  :: to transfer
traslocarsi {v}  :: reflexive of traslocare
traslocarsi {v}  :: to be moved or transferred
traslocasi {f} [enzyme]  :: translocase
traslocatore {m}  :: house mover, removalist
traslocatosi {v}  :: past participle of traslocarsi
traslocatrice {f}  :: house mover, removalist (female)
traslocazione {f} [genetics, ]  :: translocation
trasloco {m}  :: move
trasloco {m}  :: transfer
traslucidità {f}  :: translucence, translucency
traslucido {adj}  :: translucent
traslucido {adj}  :: transparent
trasmessosi {v}  :: past participle of trasmettersi
trasmettente {v}  :: present participle of trasmettere
trasmettentesi {v}  :: present participle of trasmettersi
trasmettere {vt}  :: to transmit, transfer, pass on, hand down, convey, communicate
trasmettere {vt}  :: to send, forward
trasmettere {vt}  :: to broadcast, transmit, air
trasmettersi {v}  :: reflexive of trasmettere
trasmettersi {v}  :: to be transmitted, be passed on, be spread
trasmettersi {v}  :: to be handed down
trasmettitore {m}  :: transmitter
trasmettitore {adj}  :: transmitting
trasmigrante {v}  :: present participle of trasmigrare
trasmigrare {vi}  :: to migrate
trasmigrare {vi}  :: to transmigrate
trasmigrare {vi}  :: to be transmitted
trasmigrazione {f}  :: transmigration
trasmissibile {adj}  :: transmissible, transmitted
trasmissibile {adj}  :: conveyable, transferable
trasmissibilità {f}  :: transmissibility
trasmissibilità {f}  :: transferability (financial)
trasmissione {f}  :: transmission
trasmissione {f}  :: broadcast, broadcasting, transmission, programme
trasmissione {f}  :: sending, mailing
trasmissione televisiva {f}  :: television program
trasmissivo {adj}  :: transmitting; transmission (attributive)
trasmittanza {f} [physics, chemistry]  :: transmittance
trasmittente {adj}  :: transmitting
trasmittente {f}  :: transmitter
trasmodante {v}  :: present participle of trasmodare
trasmodare {vi}  :: To go too far
trasmutabile {adj}  :: transmutable
trasmutabilità {f}  :: transmutability
trasmutante {v}  :: present participle of trasmutare
trasmutantesi {v}  :: present participle of trasmutarsi
trasmutare {vt}  :: to transmute, transform
trasmutarsi {v}  :: reflexive of trasmutare
trasmutarsi {v}  :: to transform oneself
trasmutato {adj}  :: transformed
trasmutato {adj}  :: transmuted
trasmutatosi {v}  :: past participle of trasmutarsi
trasmutazione {f}  :: transmutation
trasognamento {n}  :: daze
trasognante {v}  :: present participle of trasognare
trasognare {vi}  :: To daydream or fantasize
trasognato {adj}  :: dreamy, absent-minded
trasognato {adj}  :: spellbound
traspadano {adj}  :: alternative form of transpadano
trasparente {adj}  :: transparent, see-through
trasparente {adj}  :: transparent, clear, sincere
trasparente {adj}  :: wafer-thin
trasparenza {f}  :: transparency
trasparere {vi}  :: Variant of trasparire
trasparire {vi}  :: to shine through
trasparire {vi}  :: to be visible
trasparvente {v}  :: present participle of trasparere
traspicuo {adj}  :: transparent
traspirabile {adj}  :: breathable
traspirabilità {f}  :: breathability
traspirante {v}  :: present participle of traspirare
traspirante {adj}  :: breathable
traspirare {vi}  :: To perspire
traspirare {vi}  :: To leak out
traspirare {vi}  :: To breathe
traspirare {vt}  :: To transpire
traspiratorio {adj}  :: perspiratory
traspiratorio {adj}  :: transpiratory
traspirazione {f}  :: transpiration (botany)
traspirazione {f}  :: perspiration
trasponente {v}  :: present participle of trasporre
trasponibile {adj} [genetics]  :: transposable
trasporre {vt}  :: to transpose
trasportabile {adj}  :: transportable
trasportabilità {f}  :: transportability
trasportante {v}  :: present participle of trasportare
trasportantesi {v}  :: present participle of trasportarsi
trasportar {v}  :: apocopic form of trasportare
trasportare {vt}  :: to transport, carry, convey, take
trasportare {vt}  :: to move, transfer
trasportare {vt}  :: to drive, carry
trasportarsi {v}  :: reflexive of trasportare
trasportarsi {v}  :: to be transported [all senses]
trasportato {adj}  :: transported, carried
trasportato {m}  :: passenger
trasportatore {adj}  :: transport (attributive)
trasportatore {m}  :: transporter, carrier
trasportatore {m}  :: haulier
trasportatore {m}  :: conveyor (machine)
trasportatosi {v}  :: past participle of trasportarsi
trasportistico {adj}  :: transport (attributive), transportation (attributive)
trasporto {m}  :: transport, carriage, conveyance, freight, freighting, haulage
trasporto {m}  :: (plural) transport, transportation, transit
trasporto {m} [figuratively]  :: surge, fit, transport
trasporto {m} [music]  :: transposition
traspositore {m} [music]  :: transposer (person or instrument)
trasposizione {f}  :: transposition
trasposizione {f} [chemistry]  :: rearrangement (reaction)
trasposone {m}  :: transposon
traspostato {adj} [biochemistry]  :: transported (e.g. across a membrane)
trassato {m}  :: drawee
trasteverino {adj}  :: of or pertaining to the area of Trastevere in Rome
trastullamento {m}  :: amusement
trastullante {v}  :: present participle of trastullare
trastullare {v}  :: to play with (a child etc)
trastullarsi {vr}  :: To delight, love or enjoy
trastullarsi {vr}  :: To enjoy oneself, to have fun, to have a good time
trastullatore {m}  :: amuser
trastullo {m}  :: game (child's etc)
trasudamento {m}  :: oozing
trasudante {adj}  :: exuding
trasudante {v}  :: present participle of trasudare
trasudare {vt}  :: To ooze
trasudare {vi}  :: To ooze or sweat
trasudazione {f}  :: transudation
trasumanante {v}  :: present participle of trasumanare
trasumanare {vi}  :: To transcend human nature
trasumanazione {f}  :: transhumanation
trasvalutazione {f}  :: transvaluation
trasversale {adj}  :: transverse, transversal, cross (attributive), oblique
trasversale {adj}  :: cross-party
trasversale {adj}  :: crosscutting (issue, topic etc)
trasversale {adj} [mathematics]  :: transverse
trasversalismo {m}  :: bipartisanship
trasversalità {f}  :: The property of being cross-party
trasversalità {f}  :: The property of being crosscutting
trasversalità {f} [mathematics]  :: transversality
trasversalmente {adv}  :: transversely, obliquely, across, crosswise
trasverso {adj}  :: transverse, transversal
trasverso dell'addome {m} [muscle]  :: transversus abdominis
trasversospinale {adj} [anatomy]  :: transversospinal
trasvolante {v}  :: present participle of trasvolare
trasvolare {vt}  :: to fly over
trasvolare {vt}  :: to overfly
trasvolare {vt}  :: to skim over
trasvolatore {m}  :: flyer (especially one who flies a long distance)
trasvolgente {v}  :: present participle of trasvolgere
trasvolgere {v}  :: obsolete form of travolgere
tratta {f}  :: trade
tratta {f}  :: draft (financial instrument)
trattabile {adj}  :: negotiable, ono
trattabile {adj}  :: malleable, workable
trattabile {adj} [medicine]  :: soft (abdomen)
trattabile {adj} [pathology]  :: treatable
trattabilità {f}  :: negotiability
trattabilità {f}  :: tractability
trattamento {m}  :: treatment (all senses)
trattamento {m}  :: service (in a restaurant etc)
trattante {v}  :: present participle of trattare
trattantesi {v}  :: present participle of trattarsi
trattare {vt}  :: to treat, to handle, to deal with
trattare {vt}  :: to handle, to transact, to negotiate, to discuss
trattare {vt}  :: to deal in, to trade
trattare {vt}  :: to treat, to cure, to process
trattare {vi}  :: to deal, to have dealings, to associate, to discuss, to negotiate
trattare {vi}  :: to be about, to deal with, to treat
trattare con sufficienza {v}  :: to talk down to, to patronize
trattare dall'alto in basso {v}  :: to talk down to, to patronize
trattario {m}  :: drawee
trattarsi {v}  :: reflexive of trattare
trattarsi {vr} [third person singular only]  :: to be a matter of, be a question of, to be
trattarsi {vr}  :: to treat oneself, do oneself, live
trattatista {mf}  :: writer of a treatise
trattatistica {f}  :: literature (all the papers etc published in academic journals on a subject)
trattativa {f}  :: negotiation, talks, bargaining
trattato {m}  :: treaty
trattato {m}  :: treatise
trattatosi {v}  :: past participle of trattarsi
trattazione {f}  :: treatment
trattazione {f}  :: treatise
tratteggiabile {adj}  :: That can be sketched or outlined
tratteggiamento {m}  :: tracing
tratteggiamento {m}  :: outline, sketch
tratteggiante {v}  :: present participle of tratteggiare
tratteggiare {vt}  :: to hatch, crosshatch, shade [drawing technique]
tratteggiare {vt}  :: to sketch, outline
tratteggio {m}  :: hatching (drawing technique)
tratteggio {m}  :: crosshatch
trattenente {v}  :: present participle of trattenere
trattenentesi {v}  :: present participle of trattenersi
trattenere {vt}  :: to hold (back), to keep (back), to restrain, to catch, to withhold, to harness
trattenersi {v}  :: reflexive of trattenere
trattenersi {vr}  :: to remain, stay, stop
trattenersi {vr}  :: to check oneself, control oneself, restrain oneself, keep oneself
trattenibile {adj}  :: That can be held, restrained or suppressed
trattenimento {m}  :: party
trattenimento {m}  :: entertainment, treat
trattenuta {f}  :: deduction
trattenutosi {v}  :: past participle of trattenersi
tratti somatici {n}  :: features
trattino {m}  :: hyphen (separating compound words)
trattino {m}  :: dash (used to introduce direct speech)
tratto {adj} [followed by da]  :: taken (from), based (on)
tratto {m}  :: stroke, line (of a pen etc)
tratto {m} [chiefly in the plural]  :: feature, trait, characteristic
tratto {m}  :: stretch (of road, river etc)
tratto {m}  :: part, section, piece
tratto {m} [chiefly in the plural]  :: feature, lineament
tratto {m}  :: time, period
tratto {m} [anatomy]  :: tract
tratto {m}  :: plot
tratto di corda {m}  :: strappado
trattore {m}  :: tractor
trattoria {f}  :: small, or simple restaurant
trattoria {f}  :: bistro
trattorista {mf}  :: tractor driver
trattosi {v}  :: past participle of trarsi
trattrice {f} [mathematics]  :: tractrix
trattrice {f}  :: tractor
trattura {f}  :: silk reeling
tratturo {m}  :: sheep track
trauma {m}  :: trauma
traumaticità {f}  :: The property of being traumatic
traumatico {adj}  :: traumatic
traumatismo {m}  :: traumatism, injury, trauma
traumatizzante {v}  :: present participle of traumatizzare
traumatizzante {adj}  :: traumatizing
traumatizzare {vt}  :: to traumatize
traumatizzare {vt}  :: to shock
traumatizzato {adj}  :: traumatized
traumatizzato {adj}  :: shocked
traumatologa {f}  :: Female surgeon specializing in traumatology; traumatologist
traumatologia {f} [surgery]  :: traumatology
traumatologia {f}  :: trauma ward
traumatologico {adj}  :: trauma (attributive)
traumatologo {m}  :: surgeon specializing in traumatology; traumatologist
travagliante {v}  :: present participle of travagliare
travagliare {vt}  :: to trouble, afflict or torment
travagliare {vi} [poetic]  :: to suffer
travagliatore {m} [archaic, rare]  :: tormentor (someone who torments)
travagliatrice {f} [archaic, rare]  :: feminine noun of travagliatore; (female) tormentor
travaglio {m}  :: anguish, distress
travaglio {m}  :: pain, suffering
travaglio {m}  :: (the act of a mother giving birth) labour
travalicante {v}  :: present participle of travalicare
travalicare {vt}  :: To cross (over)
travasabile {adj}  :: That can be decanted; pourable
travasamento {m}  :: decanting; pouring (out)
travasante {v}  :: present participle of travasare
travasare {vt}  :: to pour
travasare {vt}  :: to decant (pour from one vessel to another)
travasatrice {f}  :: transfer pump (in wine making)
travaso {m}  :: pouring, decanting
travata {f}  :: (small) girder
travatura {f}  :: beam (construction)
travatura {f}  :: system of beams
trave {f} [architecture]  :: beam, girder
trave {f} [gymnastics]  :: balance beam
travedente {v}  :: present participle of travedere
travedere {v}  :: to deceive oneself by seeing what is not there
travedere {v}  :: Variant of stravedere
traveggente {v}  :: present participle of travedere
traveggole {fp}  :: Used only in the term avere le traveggole
traversa {f}  :: crossbeam, crosspiece, ledger
traversa {f}  :: sleeper, tie (railway)
traversa {f}  :: side road
traversa {f} [chess]  :: rank
traversabile {adj}  :: That can be crossed; crossable
traversalmente {adv}  :: alternative form of trasversalmente
traversante {v}  :: present participle of traversare
traversare {vt}  :: to cross [a river, etc.]
traversata {f}  :: crossing (in a ship)
traversata {f}  :: flight (in an aircraft)
traversia {f}  :: onshore wind
traversia {f} [in the plural]  :: hardships, trials, troubles, adversities
traversina {f}  :: sleeper (railroad tie)
traversina {f} [music]  :: fret (on a guitar etc)
traversino {m}  :: double (shot in billiards, snooker)
traversino {m}  :: pillow
traversino {m}  :: apron
traverso {adj}  :: transversal, transverse
traverso {adj}  :: oblique
traverso {m}  :: width
traverso {m} [nautical]  :: beam
traversone {m} [football]  :: cross
travertino {m} [mineralogy]  :: travertine
travestente {v}  :: present participle of travestire
travestimento {m}  :: disguise
travestimento {m}  :: costume
travestire {vt}  :: to disguise
travestire {vt}  :: to dress up
travestirsi {v}  :: reflexive of travestire
travestirsi {v}  :: to dress up
travestitismo {m}  :: transvestism
travestito {m}  :: transvestite
travet {m}  :: pen pusher (minor clerk)
travetto {m}  :: joist, rafter
traviamento {m}  :: leading astray
traviante {v}  :: present participle of traviare
traviantesi {v}  :: present participle of traviarsi
traviare {vt}  :: to lead astray
traviarsi {v}  :: reflexive of traviare
traviarsi {vr}  :: to be led astray
traviarsi {vr}  :: to go off the straight and narrow
traviato {adj}  :: led astray
traviato {adj}  :: corrupted
traviatosi {v}  :: past participle of traviarsi
travicello {m}  :: diminutive of trave: small beam, joist or rafter
travisamento {m}  :: misrepresentation, distortion
travisante {v}  :: present participle of travisare
travisare {vt}  :: To distort or misrepresent
travolgente {v}  :: present participle of travolgere
travolgente {adj}  :: overwhelming, sweeping
travolgente {adj}  :: passionate, breathtaking
travolgente {adj}  :: roaring, runaway
travolgere {vt}  :: to sweep away
travolgere {vt}  :: to overwhelm
travolgimento {m}  :: overwhelming, overturning
travolvente {v}  :: present participle of travolvere
travolvere {v}  :: obsolete form of travolgere
trazionale {adj}  :: tractional
trazione {f}  :: traction
trazione {f}  :: drive (driven axle of a car)
trazzera {f}  :: (in Sicily) A path through the fields for herding animals; a green lane
tre {num} [cardinal]  :: three
tre {m}  :: three
tre {fp} [following the article le]  :: three o'clock (a.m. or p.m.)
tre Marie {fp}  :: Mary, mother of Jesus, Mary of Clopas and Mary Magdalene, present at the Crucifixion
tre di cuori {m}  :: three of hearts
tre di fiori {m}  :: three of clubs
tre di picche {m}  :: three of spades
tre di quadri {m}  :: three of diamonds
tre per due {m}  :: An offer to sell three items for the price of two
tre unità {f}  :: The three unities (of classical tragedy - unity of action, place, and time)
trealberi {m}  :: three-master (three-masted vessel)
trealosio {m} [carbohydrate]  :: trehalose
trebbia {f}  :: threshing (operation and season)
trebbiano {m}  :: A white grape variety from central and northern Italy
trebbiano {m}  :: Any of several dry white wines made from these grapes
trebbiante {v}  :: present participle of trebbiare
trebbiare {vt}  :: to thresh
trebbiatore {m}  :: thresher (person)
trebbiatrice {f}  :: threshing machine
trebbiatura {f}  :: threshing (action and season)
trebisonda {f}  :: Only used in the phrase perdere la trebisonda
trecce d'oro {f} [rare]  :: synonym of riccioli d'oro
treccia {f}  :: braid
treccia {f}  :: plait
treccia {f}  :: tress (of hair)
treccina {f}  :: small pigtail
treccina {f}  :: dreadlock
trecciona {f}  :: A large piece of mozzarella cheese in the form of a braid
treccione {m}  :: a sort of bread (having a braided appearance) that is stuffed with ham and/or cheese
trecentesco {adj}  :: fourteenth-century
trecentesimo {adj}  :: three hundredth
trecentesimo {m}  :: three hundredth
trecentista {mf}  :: fourteenth-century writer or artist
trecentista {mf}  :: scholar of fourteenth-century literature or art
trecento {adj}  :: three hundred
trecento {m} [cardinal]  :: three hundred
trecentocinquanta {adj}  :: Three hundred and fifty
trecentocinquanta {m}  :: Three hundred and fifty
trecentocinquantacinque {adj}  :: Three hundred and fifty-five
trecentocinquantacinque {m}  :: Three hundred and fifty-five
trecentocinquantadue {adj}  :: Three hundred and fifty-two
trecentocinquantadue {m}  :: Three hundred and fifty-two
trecentocinquantanove {adj}  :: Three hundred and fifty-nine
trecentocinquantanove {m}  :: Three hundred and fifty-nine
trecentocinquantaquattro {adj}  :: Three hundred and fifty-four
trecentocinquantaquattro {m}  :: Three hundred and fifty-four
trecentocinquantasei {adj}  :: Three hundred and fifty-six
trecentocinquantasei {m}  :: Three hundred and fifty-six
trecentocinquantasette {adj}  :: Three hundred and fifty-seven
trecentocinquantasette {m}  :: Three hundred and fifty-seven
trecentocinquantatré {adj}  :: Three hundred and fifty-three
trecentocinquantatré {m}  :: Three hundred and fifty-three
trecentocinquantotto {adj}  :: Three hundred and fifty-eight
trecentocinquantotto {m}  :: Three hundred and fifty-eight
trecentocinquantuno {adj}  :: Three hundred and fifty-one
trecentocinquantuno {m}  :: Three hundred and fifty-one
trecentocinque {adj}  :: Three hundred and five
trecentocinque {m}  :: Three hundred and five
trecentodicianove {adj}  :: Three hundred and nineteen
trecentodicianove {m}  :: Three hundred and nineteen
trecentodiciasette {adj}  :: Three hundred and seventeen
trecentodiciasette {m}  :: Three hundred and seventeen
trecentodiciotto {adj}  :: Three hundred and eighteen
trecentodiciotto {m}  :: Three hundred and eighteen
trecentodieci {adj}  :: three hundred and ten
trecentodieci {m}  :: Three hundred and ten
trecentododici {adj}  :: Three hundred and twelve
trecentododici {m}  :: Three hundred and twelve
trecentodue {adj}  :: Three hundred and two
trecentodue {m}  :: Three hundred and two
trecentomila {adj}  :: three hundred thousand
trecentomila {m}  :: three hundred thousand
trecentonovanta {adj}  :: Three hundred and ninety
trecentonovanta {m}  :: Three hundred and ninety
trecentonovantacinque {adj}  :: Three hundred and ninety-five
trecentonovantacinque {m}  :: Three hundred and ninety-five
trecentonovantadue {adj}  :: Three hundred and ninety-two
trecentonovantadue {m}  :: Three hundred and ninety-two
trecentonovantanove {adj}  :: Three hundred and ninety-nine
trecentonovantanove {m}  :: Three hundred and ninety-nine
trecentonovantaquattro {adj}  :: Three hundred and ninety-four
trecentonovantaquattro {m}  :: Three hundred and ninety-four
trecentonovantasei {adj}  :: Three hundred and ninety-six
trecentonovantasei {m}  :: Three hundred and ninety-six
trecentonovantasette {adj}  :: Three hundred and ninety-seven
trecentonovantasette {m}  :: Three hundred and ninety-seven
trecentonovantatré {adj}  :: Three hundred and ninety-three
trecentonovantatré {m}  :: Three hundred and ninety-three
trecentonovantotto {adj}  :: Three hundred and ninety-eight
trecentonovantotto {m}  :: Three hundred and ninety-eight
trecentonovantuno {adj}  :: Three hundred and ninety-one
trecentonovantuno {m}  :: Three hundred and ninety-one
trecentonove {adj}  :: Three hundred and nine
trecentonove {m}  :: Three hundred and nine
trecentootto {adj}  :: Three hundred and eight
trecentootto {m}  :: Three hundred and eight
trecentoquaranta {adj}  :: Three hundred and forty
trecentoquaranta {m}  :: Three hundred and forty
trecentoquarantacinque {adj}  :: Three hundred and forty-five
trecentoquarantacinque {m}  :: Three hundred and forty-five
trecentoquarantadue {adj}  :: Three hundred and forty-two
trecentoquarantadue {m}  :: Three hundred and forty-two
trecentoquarantaduesimo {adj}  :: Three hundred and forty-second
trecentoquarantaduesimo {m}  :: Three hundred and forty-second
trecentoquarantanove {adj}  :: Three hundred and forty-nine
trecentoquarantanove {m}  :: Three hundred and forty-nine
trecentoquarantaquattro {adj}  :: Three hundred and forty-four
trecentoquarantaquattro {m}  :: Three hundred and forty-four
trecentoquarantasei {adj}  :: Three hundred and forty-six
trecentoquarantasei {m}  :: Three hundred and forty-six
trecentoquarantasette {adj}  :: Three hundred and forty-seven
trecentoquarantasette {m}  :: Three hundred and forty-seven
trecentoquarantatré {adj}  :: Three hundred and forty-three
trecentoquarantatré {m}  :: Three hundred and forty-three
trecentoquarantotto {adj}  :: Three hundred and forty-eight
trecentoquarantotto {m}  :: Three hundred and forty-eight
trecentoquarantuno {adj}  :: Three hundred and forty-one
trecentoquarantuno {m}  :: Three hundred and forty-one
trecentoquattordici {adj}  :: Three hundred and fourteen
trecentoquattordici {m}  :: Three hundred and fourteen
trecentoquattro {adj}  :: Three hundred and four
trecentoquattro {m}  :: Three hundred and four
trecentoquindici {adj}  :: Three hundred and fifteen
trecentoquindici {m}  :: Three hundred and fifteen
trecentosedici {adj}  :: Three hundred and sixteen
trecentosedici {m}  :: Three hundred and sixteen
trecentosei {adj}  :: Three hundred and six
trecentosei {m}  :: Three hundred and six
trecentosessanta {adj}  :: Three hundred and sixty
trecentosessanta {m}  :: Three hundred and sixty
trecentosessantacinque {adj}  :: Three hundred and sixty-five
trecentosessantacinque {m}  :: Three hundred and sixty-five
trecentosessantadue {adj}  :: Three hundred and sixty-two
trecentosessantadue {m}  :: Three hundred and sixty-two
trecentosessantanove {adj}  :: Three hundred and sixty-nine
trecentosessantanove {m}  :: Three hundred and sixty-nine
trecentosessantaquattro {adj}  :: Three hundred and sixty-four
trecentosessantaquattro {m}  :: Three hundred and sixty-four
trecentosessantasei {adj}  :: Three hundred and sixty-six
trecentosessantasei {m}  :: Three hundred and sixty-six
trecentosessantasette {adj}  :: Three hundred and sixty-seven
trecentosessantasette {m}  :: Three hundred and sixty-seven
trecentosessantatré {adj}  :: Three hundred and sixty-three
trecentosessantatré {m}  :: Three hundred and sixty-three
trecentosessantotto {adj}  :: Three hundred and sixty-eight
trecentosessantotto {m}  :: Three hundred and sixty-eight
trecentosessantuno {adj}  :: Three hundred and sixty-one
trecentosessantuno {m}  :: Three hundred and sixty-one
trecentosettanta {adj}  :: Three hundred and seventy
trecentosettanta {m}  :: Three hundred and seventy
trecentosettantacinque {adj}  :: Three hundred and seventy-five
trecentosettantacinque {m}  :: Three hundred and seventy-five
trecentosettantadue {adj}  :: Three hundred and seventy-two
trecentosettantadue {m}  :: Three hundred and seventy-two
trecentosettantanove {adj}  :: Three hundred and seventy-nine
trecentosettantanove {m}  :: Three hundred and seventy-nine
trecentosettantaquattro {adj}  :: Three hundred and seventy-four
trecentosettantaquattro {m}  :: Three hundred and seventy-four
trecentosettantasei {adj}  :: Three hundred and seventy-six
trecentosettantasei {m}  :: Three hundred and seventy-six
trecentosettantasette {adj}  :: Three hundred and seventy-seven
trecentosettantasette {m}  :: Three hundred and seventy-seven
trecentosettantatré {adj}  :: Three hundred and seventy-three
trecentosettantatré {m}  :: Three hundred and seventy-three
trecentosettantotto {adj}  :: Three hundred and seventy-eight
trecentosettantotto {m}  :: Three hundred and seventy-eight
trecentosettantuno {adj}  :: Three hundred and seventy-one
trecentosettantuno {m}  :: Three hundred and seventy-one
trecentosette {adj}  :: Three hundred and seven
trecentosette {m}  :: Three hundred and seven
trecentotré {adj}  :: Three hundred and three
trecentotré {m}  :: Three hundred and three
trecentotre {adj}  :: Three hundred and three
trecentotre {m}  :: Three hundred and three
trecentotredici {adj}  :: One hundred and thirteen
trecentotredici {m}  :: One hundred and thirteen
trecentotrenta {adj}  :: Three hundred and thirty
trecentotrenta {m}  :: Three hundred and thirty
trecentotrentacinque {adj}  :: Three hundred and thirty-five
trecentotrentacinque {m}  :: Three hundred and thirty-five
trecentotrentadue {adj}  :: Three hundred and thirty-two
trecentotrentadue {m}  :: Three hundred and thirty-two
trecentotrentanove {adj}  :: Three hundred and thirty-nine
trecentotrentanove {m}  :: Three hundred and thirty-nine (number)
trecentotrentaquattro {adj}  :: Three hundred and thirty-four
trecentotrentaquattro {m}  :: Three hundred and thirty-four
trecentotrentasei {adj}  :: Three hundred and thirty-six
trecentotrentasei {m}  :: Three hundred and thirty-six
trecentotrentasette {adj}  :: Three hundred and thirty-seven
trecentotrentasette {m}  :: Three hundred and thirty-seven
trecentotrentatré {adj}  :: Three hundred and thirty-three
trecentotrentatré {m}  :: Three hundred and thirty-three
trecentotrentotto {adj}  :: Three hundred and thirty-eight
trecentotrentotto {m}  :: Three hundred and thirty-eight
trecentotrentuno {adj}  :: Three hundred and thirty-one
trecentotrentuno {m}  :: Three hundred and thirty-one
trecentottanta {adj}  :: Three hundred and eighty
trecentottanta {m}  :: Three hundred and eighty
trecentottantacinque {adj}  :: Three hundred and eighty-five
trecentottantacinque {m}  :: Three hundred and eighty-five
trecentottantadue {adj}  :: Three hundred and eighty-two
trecentottantadue {m}  :: Three hundred and eighty-two
trecentottantanove {adj}  :: Three hundred and eighty-nine
trecentottantanove {m}  :: Three hundred and eighty-nine
trecentottantaquattro {adj}  :: Three hundred and eighty-four
trecentottantaquattro {m}  :: Three hundred and eighty-four
trecentottantasei {adj}  :: Three hundred and eighty-six
trecentottantasei {m}  :: Three hundred and eighty-six
trecentottantasette {adj}  :: Three hundred and eighty-seven
trecentottantasette {m}  :: Three hundred and eighty-seven
trecentottantatré {adj}  :: Three hundred and eighty-three
trecentottantatré {m}  :: Three hundred and eighty-three
trecentottantotto {adj}  :: Three hundred and eighty-eight
trecentottantotto {m}  :: Three hundred and eighty-eight
trecentottantuno {adj}  :: Three hundred and eighty-one
trecentottantuno {m}  :: Three hundred and eighty-one
trecentotto {adj}  :: Three hundred and eight
trecentotto {m}  :: Three hundred and eight
trecentouno {adj}  :: Three hundred and one
trecentouno {m}  :: Three hundred and one
trecentoventi {adj}  :: Three hundred and twenty
trecentoventi {m}  :: Three hundred and twenty
trecentoventicinque {adj}  :: Three hundred and twenty-five
trecentoventicinque {m}  :: Three hundred and twenty-five
trecentoventidue {adj}  :: Three hundred and twenty-two
trecentoventidue {m}  :: Three hundred and twenty-two
trecentoventinove {adj}  :: Three hundred and twenty-nine
trecentoventinove {m}  :: Three hundred and twenty-nine
trecentoventiquattro {adj}  :: Three hundred and twenty-four
trecentoventiquattro {m}  :: Three hundred and twenty-four
trecentoventisei {adj}  :: Three hundred and twenty-six
trecentoventisei {m}  :: Three hundred and twenty-six
trecentoventisette {adj}  :: Three hundred and twenty-seven
trecentoventisette {m}  :: Three hundred and twenty-seven
trecentoventitré {adj}  :: Three hundred and twenty-three
trecentoventitré {m}  :: Three hundred and twenty-three
trecentoventotto {adj}  :: Three hundred and twenty-eight
trecentoventotto {m}  :: Three hundred and twenty-eight
trecentoventuno {adj}  :: Three hundred and twenty-one
trecentoventuno {m}  :: Three hundred and twenty-one
trecentuno {adj}  :: Three hundred and one
trecentuno {m}  :: Three hundred and one
tredicenne {adj}  :: thirteen-year-old
tredicenne {mf}  :: thirteen-year-old
tredicesima {f}  :: A bonus, paid at Christmas, of a month's pay
tredicesimo {adj}  :: thirteenth
tredicesimo {m}  :: thirteenth (the one in thirteenth position)
tredicesimo {m}  :: thirteenth (fraction)
tredici {adj}  :: thirteen
tredici {num} [cardinal]  :: thirteen
tredici {num}  :: one o'clock (p.m.)
tredicimila {adj}  :: thirteen thousand
tredicimila {m}  :: thirteen thousand
tredicista {mf}  :: pools winner
trefoglia {f}  :: trefoil
trefolo {m}  :: strand (of yarn)
trefolo {m}  :: cable (in prestressed concrete)
tregenda {f}  :: sabbat, witches' Sabbath
tregenda {f}  :: pandemonium, uproar
treggia {f}  :: A sort of simple sleigh used in Alpine regions to carry agricultural material
tregua {f}  :: truce
tregua {f}  :: rest, respite
tremante {v}  :: present participle of tremare
tremante {adj}  :: trembling, shaking
tremar {v}  :: apocopic form of tremare
tremare {vi}  :: to tremble, shake, shiver
tremarella {f}  :: shakes, jitters, heebie-jeebies
trematoda {m}  :: trematode
tremebondo {adj}  :: tremulous
tremebondo {adj}  :: fearful
tremendamente {adv}  :: terribly, awfully, tremendously
tremendo {adj}  :: terrible, awful, dreadful (all senses)
trementina {f}  :: turpentine
tremila {adj}  :: three thousand
tremila {m}  :: three thousand
tremilacinquecento {adj}  :: three thousand five hundred
tremilacinquecento {m}  :: three thousand five hundred
tremilaseicento {adj}  :: three thousand seven hundred
tremilaseicento {m}  :: three thousand seven hundred
tremillesimo {adj}  :: three-thousandth
tremillesimo {m} [ordinal numbers]  :: three-thousandth
tremito {m}  :: shiver
tremito {m}  :: tremble, shake
tremito {m}  :: flicker
tremolante {v}  :: present participle of tremolare
tremolante {adj}  :: trembling, shaking
tremolante {adj}  :: flickering
tremolante {adj}  :: twinkling
tremolare {vi}  :: to tremble, shake
tremolare {vi}  :: to flicker [flame]
tremolare {vi}  :: to twinkle [star]
tremolio {m}  :: trembling, quivering, wavering, shaking, flickering
tremore {m}  :: trembling, shaking
tremore {m}  :: tremor
tremoto {m}  :: alternative form of terremoto
tremulo {adj}  :: trembling, quivering, quavering
tremulo {m}  :: flutter (electronic)
tremuoto {m} [obsolete, Dante]  :: earthquake
trenaggio {m}  :: haulage
trench {m}  :: trench coat
trend {m}  :: trend
trenetta {f} [chiefly in the plural]  :: a form of pasta similar to narrow, thick tagliatelle, from Liguria
trenino {m}  :: Toy train
treno {m}  :: train (connected sequence of people or things)
treno {m}  :: gun carriage
treno {m}  :: retinue, escort
treno direttissimo {m}  :: express train
trenodia {f}  :: threnody
trenta {adj}  :: thirty
trenta {m} [cardinal]  :: thirty
trentacinque {adj}  :: thirty-five
trentacinque {m} [cardinal]  :: thirty-five (number)
trentacinquenne {adj}  :: thirty-five-year-old
trentacinquenne {mf}  :: thirty-five-year-old
trentacinquesimo {adj}  :: thirty-fifth
trentacinquesimo {m}  :: thirty-fifth
trentadue {adj}  :: thirty-two
trentadue {m} [cardinal]  :: thirty-two
trentaduenne {adj}  :: thirty-two-year-old
trentaduenne {mf}  :: thirty-two-year-old
trentaduesimo {adj}  :: thirty-second
trentaduesimo {m}  :: thirty-second
trentamila {adj}  :: thirty thousand
trentamila {m}  :: thirty thousand
trent'anni {contraction}  :: Contraction of trenta anni; thirty years
trentanove {adj}  :: thirty-nine
trentanove {m} [cardinal]  :: thirty-nine (number)
trentanovesimo {adj}  :: thirty-ninth
trentanovesimo {m}  :: thirty-ninth
trentaquattrenne {adj}  :: thirty-four-year-old
trentaquattrenne {mf}  :: thirty-four-year-old
trentaquattresimo {adj}  :: thirty-fourth
trentaquattresimo {m}  :: thirty-fourth
trentaquattro {adj}  :: thirty-four
trentaquattro {m} [cardinal]  :: thirty-four (number)
trentasei {adj}  :: thirty-six
trentasei {m} [cardinal]  :: thirty-six (number)
trentaseienne {adj}  :: thirty-six-year-old
trentaseienne {mf}  :: thirty-six-year-old
trentaseiesimo {adj}  :: thirty-sixth
trentaseiesimo {m}  :: thirty-sixth
trentasette {adj}  :: thirty-seven
trentasette {m} [cardinal]  :: thirty-seven (number)
trentasettenne {adj}  :: thirty-seven-year-old
trentasettenne {mf}  :: thirty-seven-year-old
trentasettesimo {adj}  :: thirty-seventh
trentasettesimo {m}  :: thirty-seventh
trentatré {adj}  :: thirty-three
trentatré {m} [cardinal]  :: thirty-three (number)
trentatré giri {m}  :: A thirty-three or 33 (record)
trentatreesimo {adj}  :: thirty-third
trentatreesimo {m}  :: thirty-third
trentennale {adj}  :: Taking place every thirty years
trentennale {adj}  :: Lasting thirty years
trentennale {m}  :: A thirtieth anniversary
trentenne {adj}  :: thirty-year-old
trentenne {mf}  :: thirty-year-old
trentennio {m}  :: A period of thirty years
trentesimo {adj}  :: thirtieth
trentesimo {m}  :: thirtieth
trentina {f}  :: Native or inhabitant of Trento (female)
trentina {f}  :: About thirty; thirtyish
trentino {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to Trento (town in Northern Italy)
trentino {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to Trentino-Alto Adige (region in Northern Italy)
trentino {m}  :: Native or inhabitant of Trento
trentino {m}  :: Native or inhabitant of Trentino
trentottenne {adj}  :: thirty-eight-year-old
trentottenne {mf}  :: thirty-eight-year-old
trentottesimo {adj}  :: thirty-eighth
trentottesimo {m}  :: thirty-eighth
trentotto {adj}  :: thirty-eight
trentotto {m} [cardinal]  :: thirty-eight (number)
trentunenne {adj}  :: thirty-one-year-old
trentunenne {mf}  :: thirty-one-year-old
trentunesimo {adj}  :: thirty-first
trentunesimo {m}  :: thirty-first
trentuno {adj}  :: thirty-one
trentuno {m} [cardinal]  :: thirty-one
treonina {f} [amino acid]  :: threonine
trepidamente {adv}  :: anxiously
trepidante {v}  :: present participle of trepidare
trepidante {adj}  :: anxious
trepidanza {f}  :: anxiety, trepidation
trepidare {vi}  :: to be anxious
trepidazione {f}  :: anxiety, trepidation
trepidezza {f}  :: anxiety, trepidation
trepidità {f}  :: anxiety, trepidation
trepido {adj}  :: anxious
treppiede {m}  :: tripod
treppiedi {m}  :: alternative form of treppiede
trequarti {m} [rugby]  :: three-quarter back
trequarti {m}  :: three-quarter-length jacket or coat
trequartista {mf} [football]  :: attacking midfielder
tresca {f}  :: plot, intrigue
tresca {f}  :: affair (of the heart)
trescante {v}  :: present participle of trescare
trescare {vi}  :: to plot, intrigue
trescare {vi}  :: to have a love affair
trespolo {m}  :: trestle
trespolo {m}  :: perch (for birds)
tressette {m}  :: An Italian card game with many local variants
trevigiano {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to Treviso
trevigiano {m}  :: Native or inhabitant of Treviso
trevigiano {m}  :: The dialect spoken in Treviso
trevisana {f}  :: radicchio from Treviso
trevisano {adj}  :: Treviso (attributive)
tri- {prefix}  :: tri-
triaca {f}  :: theriac
triacetato {m}  :: triacetate
triacetina {f} [organic compound]  :: triacetin
triacontaedro {m}  :: triacontahedron
triade {f}  :: triad (all senses)
triadico {adj}  :: triadic
trial {m} [sports]  :: trials (motorcycle etc)
trialchile {m} [organic chemistry]  :: trialkyl
trialchilico {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: trialkyl (attributive)
triale {m} [rare, grammar]  :: trial number
triangolante {v}  :: present participle of triangolare
triangolare {adj}  :: triangular
triangolare {adj} [anatomy]  :: triangularis
triangolare {vt}  :: to triangulate
triangolarità {f}  :: triangularity
triangolazione {f}  :: triangulation
triangolazione {f} [sports]  :: A pass between three players
triangolino {m}  :: small triangle
triangolo {m}  :: triangle (all senses)
triangolo {m} [figuratively]  :: love triangle; ménage à trois (all senses)
triangolo acutangolo {n} [geometry]  :: alternative form of triangolo acuto
triangolo acuto {n} [geometry]  :: acute triangle
triangolo del fuoco {m}  :: fire triangle
triangolo equilatero {m} [geometry]  :: equilateral triangle
triangolo ottusangolo {n} [geometry]  :: alternative form of triangolo ottuso
triangolo ottuso {n} [geometry]  :: obtuse triangle
triangolo rettangolo {m} [geometry]  :: right triangle
triarchia {f}  :: triarchy
triarilico {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: triaryl (attributive)
triarticolazione {f} [sociology]  :: triarticulation, threefolding
triassiale {adj}  :: triaxial
triassico {m} [geology]  :: Triassic, Trias
triassico {adj}  :: Triassic (attributive)
triathlon {m}  :: triathlon
triatleta {f} [sports]  :: triathlete
triatomico {adj}  :: triatomic
triazina {f} [organic compound]  :: triazine
tribù {f}  :: tribe
tribadismo {m}  :: tribadism
tribale {adj}  :: tribal
tribalismo {m}  :: tribalism
tribalità {f}  :: tribality
tribalizzazione {f}  :: tribalization
tribasico {adj} [chemistry]  :: tribasic
tribbiante {v}  :: present participle of tribbiare
tribbiare {vt}  :: Variant of trebbiare
tribo- {prefix}  :: tribo-
triboelettricità {f} [physics]  :: triboelectricity
triboelettrico {adj}  :: triboelectric
tribolamento {m}  :: tribulation, suffering, affliction
tribolante {v}  :: present participle of tribolare
tribolare {v}  :: to suffer
tribolazione {f}  :: tribulation, suffering
tribolo {m}  :: caltrop
tribolo {m} [chiefly in the plural]  :: tribulations
tribolo {m} [heraldiccharge]  :: caltrop
tribologia {f}  :: tribology
tribologico {adj}  :: tribological
triboluminescenza {f} [physics]  :: triboluminescence
tribordo {m} [nautical]  :: starboard
tribromuro {m} [chemistry]  :: tribromide
tribulazione {f}  :: Variant of tribolazione
tribuna {f}  :: platform (for a speaker)
tribuna {f}  :: gallery, stand, grandstand