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E {abbr}  :: abbreviation of est; east
E {letter}  :: letter
EAU {prop} {mp}  :: UAE
EI {prop} {m}  :: IS (Islamic State)
EII {prop} {m}  :: ISI (Islamic State in Iraq) abbreviation of État islamique d'Irak alternative form of ÉII
EIIL {prop} {m}  :: ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant)
ENA {prop} {f}  :: École nationale d'administration
ENS {abbr}  :: École normale supérieure; a member of the grandes écoles of France, the first "École normale supérieure"
ENS {abbr}  :: école normale supérieure; by extension, any of a set of schools named École Normale Supérieure
ER {prop} [sports]  :: abbreviation of Erie
ESB {initialism}  :: BSE (the abbreviation for bovine spongiform encephalopathy)
EU {prop}  :: abbreviation of États-Unis (United States)
Eceh {initialism}  :: (Escherichia coli entérohémorragique) EHEC, E. coli
Ecossais {m}  :: alternative form of Écossais
Ecossaise {f}  :: alternative form of Écossaise
Ecosse {prop} {f}  :: alternative form of Écosse
Edgar {prop}  :: given name, cognate to the English Edgar
Edmée {prop} {f}  :: given name, a feminine diminutive form of Edmond
Edmond {prop} {m}  :: given name, cognate to English Edmund
Edouard {prop}  :: given name, typographical variant of Édouard
Edwige {prop}  :: given name, cognate to Hedwig
Egypte {prop} {f}  :: alternative form of Égypte
Egyptien {m}  :: alternative form of Égyptien
Egyptienne {f}  :: feminine noun of Egyptien
Eisenberg {prop}  :: surname
Eisenhauer {prop}  :: surname
Ekat {prop} [colloquial]  :: Abbreviation of the name of the city of Yekaterinburg, in Russia
El Salvador {prop}  :: El Salvador
Elbe {prop} {f}  :: Elbe (river of Central Europe)
Elbe {prop} {f}  :: Elba (island in the Tuscan Archipelago)
Eldorado {prop} {m}  :: El Dorado
Elven {prop}  :: A village in the Morbihan department of Bretagne
Elvinois {m}  :: A native or inhabitant of Elven
Elvinoise {f}  :: feminine singular of Elvinois
Elysée {prop} {m}  :: alternative form of Élysée
Emirats arabes unis {prop} {mp}  :: alternative form of Émirats arabes unis
Emma {prop} {f}  :: given name
Emmanuel {prop}  :: Immanuel [biblical character]
Emmanuel {prop}  :: given name
Emmanuelle {prop}  :: given name, feminine form of Emmanuel
Emmaüs {prop}  :: Emmaus
Empire byzantin {prop} {m}  :: Byzantine Empire
Empire ottoman {prop} {m}  :: Ottoman Empire
Empire romain {prop} {m}  :: Roman Empire
Engadine {prop} {f}  :: Engadin
Enzo {prop}  :: given name borrowed from Italian, popular in the 2000s
Epernay {prop}  :: alternative form of Épernay
Epping {prop}  :: A commune in the Moselle department
Equateur {prop} {m}  :: alternative form of Équateur
Equatorien {m}  :: alternative spelling of Équatorien
Equatorienne {f}  :: feminine noun of Equatorien
Erevan {prop} {f}  :: Yerevan (the capital of Armenia)
Ernest {prop}  :: given name
Erythrée {prop} {f}  :: alternative form of Érythrée
Escaut {prop}  :: The river Scheldt
Eschyle {prop} {m}  :: Aeschylus (greek tragedian)
Esclave {prop}  :: Slavey (An Athabaskan people)
Esculape {prop}  :: Aesculapius, the Greco-Roman god of healing, born a mortal
Eskimo {m}  :: an Eskimo
Espagne {prop} {f}  :: Spain
Espagnol {m}  :: Spaniard (male)
Espagnole {f}  :: feminine noun of Espagnol; woman from Spain
Esprit-Saint {prop} {m} [Christianity]  :: Holy Spirit (one of the three persons of the Holy Trinity)
Esquimau {m}  :: Eskimo (person)
Essonne {prop} {f}  :: Essonne
Estelle {prop}  :: given name
Esther {prop}  :: Esther
Esther {prop}  :: the book of Esther
Esther {prop}  :: given name
Estienne {prop}  :: given name, chiefly obsolete form of Étienne
Estonie {prop} {f}  :: Estonia
Estonien {m}  :: Estonian (person)
Estonienne {f}  :: feminine noun of Estonien
Estrébœuf {prop}  :: Estrébœuf
Etat {m}  :: alternative case form of État
Etats-Unis {prop} {mp}  :: alternative spelling of États-Unis
Etats-Unis d'Amérique {prop} {mp}  :: alternative form of États-Unis d'Amérique
Ethiopie {prop} {f}  :: alternative form of Éthiopie
Ethiopien {m}  :: alternative spelling of Éthiopien
Ethiopienne {f}  :: feminine noun of Ethiopien
Etienne {prop}  :: alternative spelling of Étienne
Eubœe {prop} {f}  :: obsolete form of Eubée
Eucharistie {f}  :: alternative case form of eucharistie
Euclide {prop} {m}  :: Euclid
Eugène {prop}  :: given name, cognate to Eugene
Eugénie {prop}  :: given name, feminine form of Eugène, cognate to Eugenia
Eulalie {prop} {f}  :: given name, equivalent to English Eulalie
Euphrate {prop} {m}  :: Euphrates
Eurafrasie {prop} {f}  :: Afro-Eurasia (supercontinent)
Eurasie {prop} {f}  :: Eurasia (supercontinent)
Eurasien {m}  :: Eurasian (someone from Eurasia)
Eurasienne {f}  :: feminine noun of Eurasien
Eure {prop} {f}  :: Eure
Eure-et-Loir {prop}  :: Eure-et-Loir
Euripide {prop}  :: Euripides (Ancient Greek tragedian)
Europe {prop} {f}  :: Europe
Europe {prop} {f}  :: Europa, a moon of Jupiter
Europe centrale {prop} {f}  :: Central Europe
Européen {m}  :: European; person from Europe
Européenne {f}  :: feminine noun of Européen
Eustache {prop}  :: given name
Excellence {prop} {m}  :: Excellence
Extrême-Orient {prop} {m}  :: Far East
e {m}  :: letter: e
-e {suffix}  :: Used to form the feminine of adjectives
e dans l'a {m}  :: Name of the ligature æ / Æ
e dans l'o {m}  :: Name of the ligature œ / Œ
eagle {m} [golf]  :: eagle
eastwoodien {adj}  :: Eastwoodian
eau {f}  :: Water, a liquid that is transparent, colorless, odorless and tasteless in its pure form, the primary constituent of lakes, rivers, seas and oceans
eau {f}  :: In particular, rain
eau {f} [chemistry]  :: The chemical compound with empirical formula H2O existing in the form of ice, liquid water or steam
eau {f}  :: Natural liquid quantities or expanses
eau {f}  :: Fluids such as sweat, formed and found in the body of man or animal
-eau {suffix}  :: Forming diminutive masculine nouns, especially with the sense "young animal"
eau bénite {f}  :: holy water
eau de Cologne {f}  :: cologne (scented product)
eau de Javel {f}  :: bleach
eau de mer {f}  :: seawater
eau de rose {f}  :: rosewater
eau de source {f}  :: springwater (water originating from a spring)
eau de toilette {f}  :: eau de toilette, toilet water
eau douce {f}  :: fresh water (water with little salt)
eau douce {f}  :: soft water
eau du robinet {f}  :: tap water
eau dure {f}  :: hard water
eau lourde {f}  :: heavy water
eau minérale {f}  :: mineral water
eau oxygénée {f} [chemistry]  :: hydrogen peroxide
eau régale {f} [chemistry]  :: aqua regia
eau tonique {f}  :: tonic water
eau-de-vie {f}  :: brandy
eau-forte {f}  :: aqua fortis
eau-forte {f} [arts]  :: etching
ecchymose {f}  :: bruise (mark on body), ecchymosis
ecclésial {adj}  :: ecclesiastical
ecclésiastique {adj}  :: ecclesiastic
ecclésiastiquement {adv}  :: ecclesiastically
ecommerçant {adj}  :: e-commercial
ectasie {f} [pathology]  :: ectasis
ectoblaste {m} [dated, biology]  :: ectoblast
ectoderme {m}  :: ectoderm
ectogenèse {f} [biology]  :: ectogenesis
ectomie {f} [surgery]  :: ectomy
-ectomie {suffix} [surgery]  :: -ectomy
ectoparasitisme {m} [biology]  :: ectoparasitism
ectopique {adj}  :: ectopic
ectoplasme {m}  :: ectoplasm
ectoplasmique {adj}  :: ectoplasmic
ectosymbiose {f} [biology]  :: ectosymbiosis
ectosymbiote {m} [biology]  :: ectosymbiont
ectosymbiotique {adj} [biology]  :: ectosymbiotic
ectotherme {mf} [biology]  :: ectotherm
ectothermique {adj} [biology]  :: ectothermic
eczéma {m}  :: eczema
ed {m}  :: eth
edelweiss {m}  :: edelweiss
effaçable {adj}  :: erasable
efface {f} [Quebec]  :: eraser
effacement {m}  :: erasure (act of erasing)
effacer {v}  :: to erase
effacer {v}  :: to efface
effaceur {m}  :: eraser (something used to erase markings)
effaré {adj}  :: aghast, alarmed
effarant {adj}  :: outrageous; breathtaking; stunning
effarement {m}  :: alarm
effarement {m}  :: bewilderment
effarer {vt} [usually of an animal]  :: to alarm; to shake up; to scare
effarouchement {m}  :: alarm, scare
effaroucher {vt}  :: to scare off, frighten away (an animal)
effaroucher {vt} [figuratively]  :: to frighten, alarm (someone)
effaroucher {vt}  :: to shock
effe {m}  :: letter: f
effecteur {m}  :: effector (all senses)
effectif {m}  :: number of members of a group
effectif {m} [sports]  :: lineup (of a team)
effectif {adj}  :: real, actual
effectivement {adv}  :: indeed
effectivement {adv} [rare]  :: really, actually
effectuer {v}  :: to effect
effectuer {v}  :: to work out (a calculation)
effectuer {v}  :: to carry out (an experiment)
effectuer {v}  :: to execute (an operation)
effectuer {v}  :: to bring about (reconciliation)
effectuer {v}  :: to hold (a sale)
effectuer {v}  :: to accomplish
effectuer {v}  :: to make (a purchase)
effectuer {v}  :: to run (some tests)
effervescence {f}  :: bustle
effervescent {adj}  :: effervescent
effet {m}  :: effect
effet {m} [ball sports]  :: spin, bend, curl
effet de serre {m} [ecology]  :: greenhouse effect (process by which a planet is warmed by its atmosphere)
effet papillon {m}  :: butterfly effect
effet personnel {m} [usually plural]  :: personal effect
effet secondaire {m}  :: side effect
effet serre {m} [rare]  :: alternative form of effet de serre
effeuillage {m}  :: striptease
effeuiller {vt}  :: to thin out (the leaves of a tree, bush etc.); to pick or pull the leaves or petals from
effeuiller {vr}  :: to lose its leaves, shed its leaves
effeuiller {v} [by extension]  :: to strip (perform a striptease)
effeuiller la marguerite {v} [idiomatic]  :: To play "she loves me, she loves me not"
effeuilleuse {f}  :: stripper (female dancer who performs a striptease)
efficace {adj}  :: effective
efficace {adj}  :: efficacious
efficacement {adv}  :: efficiently; effectively
efficacité {f}  :: efficacy
efficience {f}  :: effectiveness, efficiency
efficient {adj}  :: efficient
efficient {adj}  :: effective
effigie {f}  :: An effigy
effilé {adj}  :: slender
effilé {adj}  :: sharp
effiler {vt}  :: to thin, taper
effiler {vt}  :: to fray
effilochement {m}  :: fraying, unravelling
effilocher {vt}  :: to fray
effilocher {vp}  :: to fray
effiloquer {v}  :: to fray cloth into tatters
efflanqué {adj}  :: emaciated, scrawny
effleurement {m}  :: light touch
effleurer {v}  :: to stroke gently, to touch lightly
effleurer {v}  :: to brush over, to brush past
effleurer {v} [figuratively]  :: to skim over (a subject)
effleurir {v}  :: To effloresce
effluent {adj}  :: effluent
effluent {m}  :: effluent
effluve {m}  :: emanation (something that emanates)
effluve {m}  :: waft
effluve {m}  :: whiff
efféminé {adj} [usually, of a person]  :: effeminate
efféminément {adv}  :: effeminately
effoirer {vp} [Quebec, s'effoirer]  :: to fail, to crash
effondrement {m}  :: collapse
effondrer {vtr}  :: to collapse
efforcer {vr} [with de]  :: to make efforts towards, to try hard to, to endeavour
effort {m}  :: effort
effraction {f}  :: breaking and entering, burglary
effraction {f}  :: hacking
effraction {f} [medicine]  :: effraction
effraie {f}  :: barn owl, owl of genus Tyto
effrangé {adj}  :: frayed
effrayant {adj}  :: Causing fear, fearful, frightening
effrayer {v}  :: to affray, to frighten, to scare
efférence {f} [anatomy]  :: efference
effritement {m}  :: crumbling
effriter {vt}  :: to break up, crumble
effriter {vp}  :: to crumble
effréné {adj}  :: wild, frantic, unbridled
effrénément {adv}  :: wildly, frantically, unrestrainedly
effroi {m} [literary]  :: terror, dread
effronté {adj}  :: insolent; cheeky; impudent
effronterie {f}  :: insolence, cheek, effrontery
effrontément {adv}  :: insolently, brazenly, shamelessly
effroyable {adj}  :: horrific, horrifying, terrifying
effroyablement {adv}  :: horribly, frightfully
effusion {f}  :: effusion
eh {interj}  :: signifying indifference or surprise
eicosanoïde {m} [biochemistry]  :: eicosanoid
eicosatriénoïque {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: eicosatrienoic
eicosatétraénoïque {adj}  :: eicosatetraenoic
eicosénoïque {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: eicosenoic
eider {m}  :: eider
eidotrope {m}  :: eidotrope
eidétique {adj}  :: eidetic
eidétiquement {adv}  :: eidetically
einsteinien {adj}  :: Einsteinian (relating to Einstein and his theories)
einsteinium {m}  :: einsteinium
ej {pron} [Acadia, Quebec, colloquial]  :: I
ekamanganèse {m}  :: ekamanganese
ekpyrotique {adj} [physics]  :: ekpyrotic
-el {suffix}  :: To make an adjectival form of a noun; -al
elbot {m} [Belgium]  :: halibut (fish of genus Hippoglossus)
eldorado {m}  :: neverland
electro {f}  :: alternative spelling of électro (music genre)
electro {m}  :: alternative spelling of électro (électroménager)
elfe {m}  :: elf
elfique {adj}  :: elven; elvish
ellébore {m}  :: hellebore (plant)
elle {pron}  :: she
elle {pron}  :: it (feminine gender third-person singular subject pronoun)
elle {pron}  :: disjunctive form of elle; her; à elle = hers
elle {m}  :: letter: l
-elle {suffix}  :: Forming feminine nouns, often with a diminutive sense
elle-même {pron} [emphatic]  :: herself, itself
elles {pron}  :: they (female)
elles {pron}  :: them (female)
elles-mêmes {pron} [emphatic]  :: themselves
ellipse {f} [geometry]  :: ellipse
ellipse {f} [grammar, figure of speech]  :: ellipsis
ellipsoïdal {adj}  :: ellipsoidal
ellipsoïde {adj}  :: ellipsoid
ellipsoïde {m}  :: ellipsoid
ellipticité {f} [mathematics, astronomy]  :: ellipticity
elliptique {adj}  :: elliptic (referring to ellipsis)
elliptique {adj}  :: elliptical (in shape reminding of an ellipse)
elliptiquement {adv}  :: elliptically
elvinois {adj}  :: Of or from Elven
em- {prefix}  :: em- (form of en- before b, m or p)
email {m} [colloquial]  :: email
embabouiner {v}  :: to flatter, butter up
emballé {adj}  :: packed up, wrapped up
emballage {m}  :: wrapping (action of wrapping something up)
emballage {m}  :: packaging (materials used for wrapping)
emballement {m}  :: packing up; packaging
emballer {vt}  :: to pack up; to wrap up
emballer {v} [colloquial]  :: to thrill, to turn on
emballer {vr}  :: to race
emballer {vr} [for a horse]  :: to bolt
emballer {vr} [colloquial]  :: to get carried away
emballer {vr} [colloquial]  :: to get ahead of oneself
emballer {vt} [colloquial]  :: to make out with someone
emballeur {m}  :: packer (worker)
emballeuse {f}  :: feminine noun of emballeur
embarasser {v} [obsolete]  :: alternative form of embarrasser
embarcadère {m}  :: pier, wharf
embarcation {f}  :: (small) boat, craft
embarcation {f}  :: embarkation (although the use of embarquement is more correct)
embardée {f}  :: swerve
embargo {m}  :: embargo
embarquement {m}  :: boarding
embarquement {m}  :: loading (shipping)
embarquer {v}  :: to board (a vehicle)
embarquer {v}  :: to embark (to set off on a journey)
embarquer {v}  :: (followed by dans) To embark (upon)
embarras {m}  :: embarrassment
embarras {m}  :: obstacle, hinderance
embarras {m}  :: lack of money
embarrassé {adj}  :: embarrassed, perplexed, confused
embarrassant {adj}  :: embarrassing (causing embarrassment)
embarrasser {vt}  :: embarrass
embarrasser {vt}  :: clutter; block (up)
embastillement {m}  :: imprisonment
embastiller {v} [historical]  :: to imprison in Bastille
embastiller {v} [by extension]  :: to imprison
embauchage {m}  :: hiring (of employees)
embauche {f}  :: hiring, employment, taking-on
embauche {f}  :: vacancy
embaucher {v}  :: to hire, to employ
embauchoir {m}  :: shoetree
embaumement {m}  :: embalming
embaumer {v}  :: to embalm
embaumer {v}  :: to fill with fragrance
embûche {f}  :: ambush
embûcher {v} [of an animal]  :: to make enter its lair
embûcher {v} [dated]  :: to ambush
embellie {f}  :: a clear spell following rain
embellie {f}  :: upturn
embellir {v}  :: to improve, make more attractive
embellir {v}  :: to embellish
embellissement {m}  :: embellishment, beautification
emberlificoter {v} [colloquial]  :: to entangle
embéguiner {v}  :: To have a crush on someone; to be infatuated
embioptère {m}  :: embiopteran, webspinner
emblaver {v}  :: to sow wheat
emblavure {f}  :: land that has been sown (typically with wheat)
emblématique {adj}  :: emblematic
emblématiquement {adv}  :: emblematically
emblème {m}  :: emblem
embobiner {vt}  :: to wind up, reel up
embobiner {vt}  :: to wrap up
embobiner {vt} [colloquial]  :: reel in
emboiter {v}  :: alternative form of emboîter
embolie {f}  :: embolism (obstruction or occlusion of an artery by an embolus)
embolique {adj}  :: embolic
embonpoint {m}  :: plumpness, stoutness
embossé {adj}  :: embossed
embosser {v}  :: To emboss
embosser {v} [nautical]  :: To moor a vessel with cables from both the prow and the stern
emboîtant {adj}  :: (of clothing) skin-tight, close-fitting
emboîtement {m}  :: interlocking, stacking
emboîter {v}  :: to embed, encapsulate
emboîter {v}  :: to fit, fit together
emboîter {v}  :: to box, to place in a box
emboîter le pas {v} [à]  :: to follow in someone's footsteps, to follow suit
emboîture {f}  :: socket (or any similar device in which something fits inside another)
embouché {adj}  :: mouthed
emboucher {v}  :: to place one's lips against the mouthpiece of a wind instrument
emboucher {v}  :: to place the bit in a horse's mouth
emboucher {v} [colloquial]  :: to tell off, to antagonize
emboucher {vr} [colloquial]  :: to argue
embouchure {f}  :: mouthpiece (of a musical instrument)
embouchure {f}  :: embouchure (of a wind instrument player)
embouchure {f}  :: mouth (of a river)
embouchure {f}  :: bit (horse controlling mechanism)
embouer {v}  :: to mud (make muddy)
embouquer {v} [nautical]  :: To sail through a canal, strait or similar narrow passage
embourbement {m}  :: quagmire
embourber {vr}  :: to get stuck in the mud
embourber {vr} [figuratively]  :: to get bogged down (dans in)
embourgeoisement {m}  :: bourgeoisification; embourgeoisement
embourgeoisement {m}  :: gentrification
embourgeoiser {v}  :: to become bourgeois
embourgeoiser {v}  :: to gentrify
embout {m}  :: nozzle
embout {m}  :: tip (of a walking stick or an umbrella)
embouteillage {m} [archaic]  :: bottling
embouteillage {m}  :: traffic jam, gridlock
embouteiller {v}  :: to bottle, to bottle up, to put into bottles
embouteiller {v} [of traffic]  :: to back up
embouteilleur {m}  :: bottler (person) (machine, masculine only)
embouteilleuse {f}  :: feminine noun of embouteilleur
embouter {v}  :: to put a nozzle or tip on something (see embout)
emboutir {v}  :: to emboss
emboutir {v}  :: to crash into
emboutissage {m}  :: stamping
embranchement {m}  :: junction, branch, fork
embranchement {m} [taxonomy]  :: phylum
embrancher {v}  :: to join or link up
embrancher {v}  :: to connect
embrasement {m}  :: blaze
embraser {v}  :: to set fire to
embraser {v} [figuratively]  :: to inflame, impassion
embrassade {f}  :: hugging and kissing
embrassade {f}  :: embrace
embrassement {m}  :: embracing
embrassement {m}  :: hugs and kisses
embrasser {v} [dated]  :: to hug, embrace (affectionately wrap one's arms around another)
embrasser {v}  :: to kiss (to touch with the lips)
embrasure {f}  :: embrasure
embrayage {m}  :: clutch
embrayer {v}  :: to engage (to mesh or interlock)
embrayer {v}  :: to engage, set in motion
embrigadement {m}  :: recruitment
embrigader {v}  :: to recruit; to rope in
embringuer {v} [colloquial]  :: to rope in or drag in
embrocation {f}  :: embrocation
embrocher {v}  :: to put on a spit
embrocher {v}  :: to skewer
embrouillamini {m}  :: muddle, confusion
embrouille {f} [colloquial]  :: problem, mess, mix-up
embrouiller {v}  :: to entangle
embrouiller {v} [colloquial]  :: to bamboozle, to confuse
embroussaillé {adj}  :: overgrown; tangled, bushy
embrumé {adj}  :: misty
embrumé {adj}  :: befuddled
embrun {m}  :: spindrift, spray
embryoblaste {m} [biology]  :: embryoblast
embryogenèse {f}  :: embryogenesis
embryogénie {f} [biology]  :: embryogenesis
embryogénique {adj}  :: embryogenic
embryologie {f}  :: embryology
embryologique {adj}  :: embryological
embryologiste {mf}  :: embryologist
embryomorphose {f} [biology]  :: embryomorphosis
embryon {m} [biology]  :: embryo
embryon {m} [botany]  :: embryo
embryon {m}  :: embryo (the beginning, the first stage)
embryonnaire {adj} [anatomy, embryology, physiology]  :: embryonic
embryonnaire {adj} [figuratively]  :: embryonic
embryophyte {m}  :: embryophyte
embryotoxique {adj}  :: embryotoxic
embêtement {m} [familiar]  :: problem, difficulty; [especially in plural] bother
embêter {vt}  :: to bug, bother, annoy
embêter {vt}  :: to pick on someone
embué {adj}  :: misted up (covered in condensation)
embuche {f}  :: alternative form of embûche
embucher {v}  :: alternative form of embûcher
embuscade {f}  :: ambuscade; ambush
embusquer {v}  :: to ambush
emmagasiné {adj}  :: stored (up), stocked (up)
emmagasinage {m}  :: storage
emmagasiner {v} [literally]  :: To store (in a shop, in a store)
emmagasiner {v}  :: to store up, to stock up
emmailloter {v}  :: to wrap, to bind, to swaddle
emmailloter {v}  :: to coddle, to pamper, to mollycoddle
emmaillotter {v}  :: alternative form of emmailloter
emmanché {adj} [heraldry, of axes or hammers]  :: having handles that are of a different tincture or layer of enamel
emmanché {m} [vulgar, derogatory]  :: sodomite
emmanché {m} [slang, derogatory]  :: idiot, fool
emmanchement {m}  :: fitting, fit
emmanchement {m} [engineering]  :: press fit
emmancher {vt}  :: to fit, to attach (especially to a shaft or a handle)
emmancher {vt}  :: to help someone into [clothes]
emmancher {vt}  :: to get going, start up, set about, commence
emmancher {vt} [vulgar]  :: to sodomise, buttfuck
emmanchure {f}  :: armhole
emme {m}  :: letter: m
emmener {vt}  :: to take off, take away or out
emmener {v}  :: (transitive) to take (someone) somewhere
emmental {m}  :: Emmentaler
emmerde {f} [slang]  :: trouble (short form, abbreviation of emmerdement)
emmerdement {m}  :: pain in the ass
emmerdement {m}  :: bother, trouble
emmerder {vt} [vulgar]  :: To bug, bother, irritate, "the shit out of" someone
emmerder {vtp} [vulgar]  :: To bother with
emmerder {vtp} [vulgar]  :: To be bored
emmerder {vt} [vulgar]  :: used to tell someone to bug off
emmerdeur {m} [vulgar, slang]  :: A pain in the arse (person who is irritating)
emmerdeuse {f}  :: feminine noun of emmerdeur
emmi {adv} [archaic]  :: in the middle; in the centre
emmitouflé {adj}  :: bundled up, swaddled
emmitoufler {vt}  :: to wrap (something) up warmly, to swaddle
emmêler {v}  :: to tangle (to become mixed together or intertwined)
emménagement {m}  :: moving in
emménagement {m} [nautical]  :: fitting out
emménager {v}  :: to move in (to a new home)
emmurer {vt}  :: to immure
emmuseler {v} [archaic]  :: to muzzle
emoji {m}  :: emoji (ideogrammatic icon used in text messaging)
empaffer {v} [vulgar]  :: to bugger, to ass-fuck
empaillé {adj}  :: stuffed (animal, teddybear)
empailler {vt}  :: to stuff [a dead animal]
empailleur {m}  :: taxidermist
empailleuse {f}  :: feminine noun of empailleur
empaler {v}  :: to impale
empaleur {m}  :: impaler
empaleuse {f}  :: feminine singular of empaleur
empan {m}  :: spand, span (imperial measurement equivalent to nine inches)
empanaché {adj}  :: plumed
empanacher {vt}  :: to decorate with plumes
empapaouter {vt}  :: To dupe, cheat or defraud
empapaouter {vr}  :: To be bored
empapaouter {vt} [slang]  :: To fuck; to sodomize
empaqueté {adj}  :: packaged
empaquetage {m}  :: packing, packaging
empaqueter {v}  :: to package (put into a package)
empaqueter {v} [slang]  :: to put away, put behind bars (imprison)
empaqueter {v}  :: to wrap up (cover with many clothes)
emparer {vr}  :: ( + de) to seize, get hold of
emparer {vr}  :: ( + de) to take over
empathie {f}  :: empathy
empathique {adj}  :: empathic, empathetic
empattement {m} [mechanics]  :: wheelbase
empattement {m} [typography]  :: serif
empaumer {v}  :: to grasp
empêchement {m}  :: obstacle; impediment
empêcher {vt}  :: to stop; to prevent; to hinder
empêcher {vr}  :: to refrain (used with de)
empêcheur {m}  :: troublemaker
empêcheuse {f}  :: feminine singular of empêcheur
empeigne {f}  :: shoe upper
empennage {f}  :: fletching
empennage {f}  :: empennage
empereur {m}  :: emperor
emperler {v}  :: to impearl (decorate with pearls)
empeser {v}  :: to starch
empester {vt}  :: to infect with the pest or with a contagious disease
empester {vt}  :: to cause to stink, to cause to reek (of)
empester {vi}  :: to stink, reek of
empéguer {v}  :: to glue (attach with glue)
emphase {f}  :: emphasis (special weight or forcefulness given to something considered important)
emphatique {adj}  :: emphatic (characterized by emphasis)
emphatiquement {adv}  :: emphatically
emphysème {m}  :: emphysema (abnormal accumulation of air in tissues)
emphytéose {f}  :: emphyteusis
emphytéotique {adj}  :: freehold (attributive)
empiècement {m}  :: yoke (piece of material)
empierrer {vt}  :: to metal [a road]
empiffrer {vp}  :: to stuff oneself, to binge
empiéger {v} [rare]  :: to trap
empilé {adj}  :: piled up
empilage {m}  :: piling, stacking
empilement {m}  :: piling up, stacking
empilement {m}  :: close-packing (e.g. of atoms in a crystal)
empiler {v}  :: to pile up
empire {m}  :: empire
empire {m}  :: influence, authority
empirer {vit}  :: to worsen
empirique {adj}  :: empirical
empirique {mf}  :: empiricism
empirique {mf}  :: empiricist
empiriquement {adv}  :: empirically
empirisme {m}  :: empiricism
empiriste {mf}  :: empiricist
empiétement {m}  :: encroachment, trespassing
empiétement {m}  :: infringement
empiètement {m}  :: alternative form of empiétement
empiéter {v}  :: to encroach, impinge (sur upon)
emplacement {m}  :: site, location
emplette {f} [dated]  :: purchase
empli {adj}  :: filled
emplir {vt}  :: to fill
emplir {vp} [s'emplir]  :: to fill
emploi {m}  :: job
emploi {m}  :: employment
emploi {m}  :: use; need
emploi aidé {m}  :: state-subsidised job
emploi du temps {m}  :: timetable; schedule
employé {m}  :: employee
employabilité {f}  :: employability
employable {adj}  :: usable
employable {adj}  :: employable
employer {v}  :: to employ
employeur {m}  :: employer
emplâtre {m}  :: plaster (glue-like substance)
emplâtre {m} [colloquial]  :: a useless individual, a good-for-nothing
emplâtre {m} [slang]  :: a blow received during a fight
emplâtrer {vt}  :: to apply a plaster on
emplâtrer {vr} [slang]  :: to fight
emplumé {adj}  :: feathered
empocher {v}  :: to pocket (to put something in a pocket)
empoignade {f}  :: violent argument, scrap or altercation
empoigner {v}  :: to grab; grasp (to make a sudden grasping or clutching motion (at something))
empois {m}  :: glue made from starch
empoisonnement {m}  :: poisoning
empoisonner {vt}  :: to poison, to kill by poisoning
empoisonneur {m}  :: poisoner
empoisonneuse {f}  :: feminine noun of empoisonneur
empoissé {adj}  :: glutinous, sticky
empoissonnement {m}  :: The stocking up with fish, the act of populating something with fish
empoissonner {v}  :: to stock with fish; to populate with fish
emport {m}  :: payload
emportement {m}  :: (a fit of) anger, rage
emporte-pièce {m}  :: cookie cutter
emporter {v}  :: to take
emporter {v}  :: to win
emporter {v}  :: to take away, to blow away, to carry away
emporter {v}  :: to take away
emporter {vr} [s'emporter]  :: to get angry; to lose one's temper; to flare up
emporétique {adj}  :: emporetic
emportiérage {f}  :: dooring (the act of cycling into a car door)
empoté {adj}  :: clumsy, awkward
empoté {m}  :: clumsy person, butterfingers
empoter {vt}  :: to pot [a plant]
empoter {vt}  :: to load liquid or gas into a tanker [road vehicle]
empourprer {v}  :: to make purple, to color purple, empurple
empreindre {vt}  :: to imprint
empreindre {vt}  :: to influence
empreindre {vt}  :: to imbue (with)
empreindre {vr}  :: to become imbued (with)
empreint {adj} [followed by the preposition de]  :: characterized or marked (by)
empreinte {f}  :: imprint (any visible mark caused by pressure)
empreinte carbonique {f}  :: carbon footprint
empreinte digitale {f}  :: fingerprint
empressement {m}  :: attentiveness
empressement {m}  :: eagerness, alacrity
empresser {vr} [literary, of crowd]  :: to mass, to gather
empresser {vp} [~ de faire]  :: to hasten
emprise {f}  :: expropriation
emprise {f}  :: domination, control, influence
emprisonnement {m}  :: imprisonment
emprisonner {v}  :: to imprison
emproser {v} [slang]  :: to bugger, to fuck up the ass
emprésurage {m}  :: renneting (adding rennet during cheesemaking)
emprunt {m}  :: loan
emprunt {m} [lexicography]  :: loan, borrowing
emprunt savant {m} [linguistics, grammar]  :: learned borrowing
emprunter {v}  :: to borrow
emprunteur {m}  :: borrower
emprunteuse {f}  :: feminine noun of emprunteur
empétarder {v} [slang]  :: to bugger, to fuck up the ass
empâter {vt}  :: to coat, enrobe
empâter {vtp}  :: to thicken
empâter {vt}  :: to puff up
empâter {v} [figurative]  :: to nourish
empâter {vp} [figurative]  :: to fill out, to get fat
empêtré {adj}  :: entangled
empêtré {adj}  :: bogged down
empêtrer {v}  :: to ensnare, to entangle, to bog down
empuantir {vt}  :: to stink out
empyreumatique {adj}  :: empyreumatic
empyreume {f}  :: empyreuma
en {pron}  :: Used as the object of a verb to indicate an indefinite quantity; of it, of them. Replaces the partitive article (du, de la, etc.)
en {pron}  :: Adverbial preposition indicating movement away from a place already mentioned
en {prep}  :: in (used to indicate space)
en {prep}  :: by (used to indicate means)
en {prep}  :: as
en {prep}  :: at (used to describe an ability)
en {prep}  :: of, made of (used to describe composition)
en {prep}  :: in (during the following time (used for months and years))
en {prep} [as a gerund, followed by a present participle]  :: while
en {prep} [as a gerund, followed by a present participle]  :: by, in (describing a way of getting something)
en {prep}  :: in (used to describe color)
en {prep}  :: in (used to describe feelings)
en {prep}  :: in (as part of something)
en- {prefix}  :: en- (all meanings)
en abondance {adv}  :: in abundance; abundantly
en ami {adv}  :: as a friend
en amont {adv}  :: upstream, uphill (higher up than, on a river or a hill)
en amont {adv} [en amont de]  :: before, ahead of, prior to
en attendant que {conj}  :: while
en aucun cas {adv}  :: under no circumstances, on no account
en aval {adv}  :: downstream, downhill (lower than, on a river or a hill)
en avant {adv}  :: forward (towards the front)
en avoir assez {v} [with de]  :: to be fed up (with), have had it
en avoir le cœur net {vi}  :: to be certain
en avoir marre {v} [colloquial, ~ de]  :: to be fed up (with), to have had it, to be sick and tired (of)
en avoir plein le cul {v} [vulgar, with de]  :: to be fed up to the back teeth (with)
en avoir pour son argent {phrase}  :: to get one's money's worth
en banc {adv}  :: en banc
en bandoulière {adj}  :: strung across the shoulder
en bas {adj}  :: below, down below, downstairs
en bas {adv}  :: down, downhill, downstairs, in a downwards direction
en baver {v} [colloquial]  :: to go through hell, to suffer, to have a hard time, to have a rough time of it; to go through the mill (with a purpose)
en berne {adv}  :: at half-mast (lowered position of a flag)
en bonne santé {phrase}  :: healthy, in good health
en boucle {phrase}  :: constantly
en brosse {f}  :: crew cut
en carton {adj} [slang]  :: of poor quality
en carton {adj} [slang]  :: lacking sustenance; pathetic; bogus
en cas que {conj} [dated or literary]  :: in case
en catimini {adv}  :: secretly, on the sly
en cavale {adj} [colloquial]  :: on the run, on the lam
en ce moment {adv}  :: at the moment; right now
en ce qui concerne {prep}  :: concerning, as to, as far as ... is concerned
en chair et en os {adv} [idiomatic]  :: in the flesh (with one's own body and presence)
en chaleur {adj} [of a female]  :: on heat (in estrus)
en charge de {prep}  :: in charge of
en cheville {adj} [colloquial]  :: in cahoots (avec with)
en chien de fusil {adv} [idiomatic]  :: curled up
en clair {adv}  :: simply put, in brief
en cloque {adj} [colloquial, idiomatic]  :: knocked up, up the duff
en coin {adj}  :: [of a smile or look] from the corner, from the side (such as from that of a smirk)
en colère {adj}  :: angry
en commun {adv}  :: in common
en connaissance de cause {adv}  :: knowingly, knowing all the facts
en conséquence de {conj}  :: as a result of, due to
en cours {adj}  :: in progress, underway
en danger {adj}  :: in danger, endangered
en danseuse {prep} [cycling]  :: Riding out of the saddle, standing up, and rocking from side to side for leverage
en deçà {prep}  :: on this side
en deçà {prep}  :: below
en dehors {adj} [music]  :: played "out in front of" the ensemble by projecting the volume so as to be heard
en dessous de la ceinture {phrase} [familiar]  :: salacious, dirty
en deux temps trois mouvements {adv} [colloquial]  :: in two shakes, in a flash, in a jiffy
en direct {adv}  :: directly
en direct {adv} [idiomatic]  :: live (in real time)
en douce {adv} [colloquial]  :: secretly, on the sly
en dépit de {prep}  :: despite, in spite of
en dur {adv} [computing]  :: hard
en effet {adv}  :: indeed
en face {prep}  :: opposite
en face de {prep}  :: opposite
en faire tout un fromage {v} [literally]  :: to make a cheese out of it
en faire tout un fromage {v} [by extension, idiomatic]  :: to agitate over things of small importance; to make a mountain out of a molehill
en fait {adv} [modal]  :: actually; in fact (really)
en faveur de {prep}  :: in favor of
en feu {adj}  :: blazing, alight
en feu {adv}  :: on fire, ablaze
en fin de compte {adv}  :: ultimately, at the end of the day
en finir {v} [avec quelque chose]  :: To put an end to something, usually something unpleasant
en finir {v} [avec quelqu'un, euphemistic]  :: To get rid of someone, to kill someone
en finir {v} [by ellipsis, en finir avec la vie]  :: To commit suicide
en forme {adj}  :: in form
en forme {adj}  :: in the shape of
en friche {adj} [agriculture]  :: without culture
en friche {adj} [figuratively]  :: simple-minded, uncultivated
en général {adv}  :: in general, on the whole
en gros {adv}  :: in bulk
en gros {adv} [colloquial]  :: in a nutshell, in summary
en guise de {prep}  :: by way of, as
en haut {adv}  :: above
en haut {adv}  :: upstairs
en haut {adv}  :: up
en haut de {phrase}  :: on the top of
en instance {adj} [legal]  :: pending, in the process
en lice {adj} [idiomatic, figuratively]  :: in the game, in the running
en ligne {adj}  :: online
en manque {adj} [colloquial, followed by the preposition de]  :: experiencing withdrawal symptoms; in need of something
en manque {adj} [colloquial, used absolutely]  :: frustrated, especially sexually
en marge de {prep}  :: on the fringes of, outside the jurisdiction of
en masse {adv}  :: en masse
en masse {adv}  :: in large amounts
en masse {adv} [Canada]  :: in sufficient amounts
en mesure de {adj}  :: capable of, ready to, in a position to do sth, in the way of
en mettre plein la vue {v} [colloquial, figuratively]  :: to sock it to someone, to blow someone away, to impress someone
en même temps {adv}  :: at the same time, at once, simultaneously
en même temps {adv} [colloquial]  :: on the other hand, at the same time, then again
en moins de deux {adv} [colloquial]  :: in no time, in two shakes, in a flash, in a jiffy
en moins de temps qu'il ne faut pour le dire {adv} [colloquial]  :: before you can say Jack Robinson, before you can say knife, faster than a minnow can swim a dipper, in two shakes, in a flash, in a jiffy
en ordre {adj}  :: orderly, tidy
en ordre {adj}  :: in order
en outre {adv}  :: besides, moreover, furthermore
en panne {adj}  :: broken, broken-down, out of order
en parallèle {adv}  :: in parallel
en parallèle {adv} [electricity]  :: in parallel
en particulier {adv}  :: in particular
en partie {adv}  :: in part, partly
en passant {adv}  :: in passing; incidentally, by the way
en passant {adv} [chess]  :: en passant
en placer une {v} [colloquial]  :: To get a word in edgewise
en plein air {adv}  :: in the open air, alfresco, on the outside, outdoors
en pleine cambrousse {adv}  :: in the middle of nowhere
en plus {adv} [colloquial]  :: moreover, what is more, on top of that
en plus de {prep}  :: in addition to
en pointe {adj}  :: pointed, sharp
en pointe {adj}  :: state-of-the-art, leading-edge, cutting-edge
en pratique {adv}  :: in practice, in truth, in reality, in actuality, actually, really
en primeur {adv}  :: (used in connection to buying new wine) Either before a wine is bottled or while it is in bottle but has not yet fully matured
en principe {adv}  :: in principle, in theory, theoretically
en prise {adj}  :: in gear (vehicle)
en profil {adv} [of a face]  :: Portrayed sideways
en proie à {adv}  :: in the grip of
en proie à {adv}  :: prey to
en proie à {adv}  :: affected by
en quelque sorte {adv}  :: in a way, kind of, sort of, somewhat, so to speak
en question {adj}  :: in question, under discussion, under consideration
en rang {adv}  :: in a row (consecutively)
en retard {adj}  :: late, overdue
en retard {adj}  :: backward, unsophisticated
en retraite {adj}  :: retired; in retirement
en revanche {adv}  :: on the other hand
en revenir {v} [idiomatic]  :: to believe; to be able to believe (something incredible)
en route {prep}  :: on the way, on one's way, en route
en résumé {adv}  :: in a nutshell
en rupture de ban {adj}  :: at odds with society
en rupture de ban {adj}  :: separated from society
en rut {adj} [of a male]  :: rutting
en soleil {adj}  :: surrounded by light
en somme {adv}  :: in summary
en souffrance {adj}  :: pending, outstanding, held up
en souffrance {adj} [of a package]  :: undelivered; unclaimed
en série {adv}  :: in series
en série {adv}  :: serially
en série {adv} [electricity]  :: in series
en sus {adv}  :: in addition
en sus de {prep}  :: in addition to, over and above
en tailleur {adv}  :: cross-legged
en tant que {prep}  :: as (a)
en tapinois {adv}  :: stealthily
en tenue {adj}  :: dressed (in a specified way)
en tenue {adj} [military]  :: in uniform
en théorie {adv}  :: in principle, in theory, theoretically
en titre {adj}  :: current
en tout cas {adv}  :: anyway, anyhow, at any rate
en tout et pour tout {adv}  :: altogether, in all, all told
en tout état de cause {adv}  :: at any rate, in any case, anyway
en train de {adv}  :: in the middle of, in the process of (doing something)
en train de {adv} [Louisiana French]  :: about to (do something)
en travers {adv}  :: across (it)
en trombe {adv}  :: like a whirlwind, quickly and violently; brusquely
en tête {prep}  :: ahead; in the lead
en tête {prep}  :: in mind
en un mot {adv}  :: in short, in a nutshell
en un rien de temps {adv} [colloquial]  :: in no time, in two shakes, in a flash, in a jiffy
en un tournemain {adv}  :: in a flash, in a jiffy
en vain {adv}  :: in vain
en valoir la peine {v}  :: to be worth the trouble; to be worth it; to be worthwhile
en venir aux mains {v}  :: to come to blows, to duke it out
en vertu de {prep}  :: by virtue of, due to
en vie {adj}  :: living, alive
en vigueur {adj}  :: in force (of law, rule)
en vigueur {adj}  :: current (regime, conditions etc.)
en vogue {adj}  :: In fashion; fashionable
en voir de toutes les couleurs {v}  :: to go through hell
en vouloir {v} [idiomatic, ~ à]  :: to be angry (with)
enamourer {vr}  :: to fall in love
en-avant {m} [rugby]  :: knock-on
encabaner {v}  :: to put silkworms into trellises in wood or iron used to fence for parks containing cattle, for properties, for shelter for plants, and for support for the storage and drying of fruit
encabaner {v}  :: to put into prison
encablure {f} [nautical]  :: cable (length), cable length
encadrant {adj}  :: framing
encadrant {adj}  :: supervising
encadrant {m}  :: supervisor
encadrement {m}  :: framing (of a picture)
encadrement {m}  :: supervision, monitoring, overlooking, watchful eye
encadrement {m} [work]  :: training, managerial or supervisory staff
encadrement {m} [architecture]  :: frame
encadrement {m}  :: framework
encadrer {vt}  :: to frame
encadrer {vt}  :: to surround, outline
encadrer {vt}  :: to supervise, overlook
encadreur {m}  :: (picture) framer
encagement {m}  :: caging
encagement {m}  :: incarceration
encager {v}  :: to cage, encage
encagoulé {adj}  :: wearing a balaclava
encagouler {v}  :: to put on a balaclava
encaissé {adj} [of a river]  :: steep-sided
encaissable {adj}  :: cashable
encaissage {m}  :: cashing
encaissement {m} [finance]  :: cashing
encaissement {m}  :: collection, receipt (of rent)
encaissement {m}  :: steepness (of a valley side)
encaisser {v}  :: to collect, to cash
encaisser {v} [sports]  :: To let in, concede
encaisseur {m}  :: (debt) collector
encaisseuse {f}  :: feminine noun of encaisseur
encalminé {adj} [nautical, of a ship]  :: becalmed
encan {m}  :: auction
encanaillement {m}  :: mixing with the riffraff
encanailler {vr}  :: To socialise with the riffraff
encapsulation {f}  :: encapsulation
encapsulation {f} [object-oriented]  :: encapsulation
encapsuler {v}  :: to encapsulate
encapsuler {v} [computing]  :: To cache
encapuchonner {v}  :: to hood (cover with a hood)
encapuchonner {v}  :: to lead into a monastic life
encaquer {v}  :: to put into barrels containing herrings
encart {m} [journalism]  :: insert (publicity)
encarter {v}  :: to put in, insert (an insert to a publication)
encartonner {v}  :: to put into cartons
encartoucher {v}  :: to prepare a cartouche of firearms (by putting powders)
en-cas {m}  :: snack
encas {n}  :: alternative spelling of en-cas [1990 reform spelling]
encaserner {v}  :: to lodge in barracks
encastage {m}  :: the action of putting a pottery in front of a stove in a little house
encaster {v}  :: to put a pottery in front of a stove in a little house
encasteur {m}  :: a person who puts a pottery in front of a stove in a little house
encasteuse {f}  :: a person who puts a pottery in front of a stove in a little house
encastrable {adj}  :: built-in (or designed to be built in)
encastrement {m}  :: embedding
encastrement {m}  :: building in
encastrer {v}  :: to embed
encastrer {v}  :: to fit in, slot in etc
encaustiquage {m}  :: polishing, waxing
encaustiquer {vt}  :: to polish, wax
encaver {v}  :: to put in a cellar, store in a cellar
-ence {suffix}  :: -ence, -ance
enceindre {v}  :: to surround
enceint {adj}  :: pregnant
enceinte {adj}  :: pregnant
enceinte {f}  :: enclosure, compound
enceinte {f}  :: interior
enceinte {f}  :: speaker, amplifier
enceinter {vt} [Africa]  :: To make pregnant; to knock up
encelluler {vt}  :: to put in a [prison] cell, lock up
encens {m}  :: incense (a perfume often used in the rites of various religions)
encensement {m}  :: incensing
encenser {v}  :: to acclaim, sing the praises of
encenser {v}  :: to cense, to incense
encenseur {m} [religion]  :: thurifer
encenseuse {f}  :: feminine noun of encenseur
encensier {m}  :: synonym of romarin
encensoir {m}  :: censer
encerclement {m}  :: encircling, surrounding
encercler {vt}  :: circle (draw a circle round)
encercler {vt}  :: ring round, circle round
encercler {vt}  :: surround, encircle
enchainement {m}  :: alternative spelling of enchaînement
enchainer {v}  :: alternative spelling of enchaîner
enchaînement {m}  :: sequence, series, chain
enchaînement {m} [phonology]  :: resyllabification
enchaîner {v}  :: to chain, to shackle
enchaîner {v} [figurative]  :: to subjugate, to enslave
enchaîner {v}  :: to put together (in a sequence), to concatenate
enchanté {adj}  :: enchanted, delighted
enchanté {interj}  :: pleased to meet you
enchantement {m}  :: enchantment
enchanter {vt}  :: to enchant
enchanteur {adj}  :: enchanting, entrancing
enchanteur {m}  :: enchanter
enchaînure {f}  :: enchainment
encharner {v}  :: to hinge
enchatonner {v} [jewelry]  :: to attach a jewel on the collet of a ring
enchaucener {v}  :: alternative form of enchaussener
enchaussener {v} [obsolete]  :: to lime, to limewash (a hide, so the hairs detach more easily)
enchausser {v}  :: alternative form of chausser
enchaussumer {v}  :: synonym of enchaussener
enchemiser {vt}  :: to put into a folder
enchevêtrement {m}  :: tangle, mixture, muddle
enchevêtrement {m}  :: labyrinth
enchevêtrer {v}  :: to tangle up
enchevêtrer {v}  :: to entangle, to involve, to implicate
enchevêtrer {vr}  :: to become tangled
enchevêtrer {vr} [~ dans]  :: to get tangled up (in), to get mixed up (in)
enchifrener {v} [archaic]  :: to block up (a nose)
enchondrome {m}  :: enchondroma
enchondrosarcome {m}  :: enchondrosarcoma
enchère {f}  :: bid (in a sale, an auction or in the card game bridge)
enchérir {vt}  :: to make more expensive
enchérir {vt}  :: to bid; to make a bid (at auction etc.)
enchérir {vi}  :: to go up (in price), become more expensive
enchérisseur {m}  :: bidder
enchérisseuse {f}  :: feminine noun of enchérisseur
enchâssement {m} [linguistics]  :: embedding
enchâssement {m}  :: embeddedness
enchâsser {vt}  :: to enshrine, to put in a display cabinet
enchâsser {vt}  :: to lavish
enchâsser {vt} [jewellery]  :: to set (place inside a case)
enchâsser {vt}  :: to put or fix in a chassis
encirer {vt}  :: to wax, wax up (cover or seal with wax)
enclave {f}  :: enclave
enclaver {v}  :: to enclave
enclenchement {m}  :: engaging
enclenchement {m}  :: interlock
enclencher {v}  :: to set off, start up, put in motion
enclin {adj}  :: inclined, prone (+ à - to)
enclise {f} [prosody]  :: enclisis
enclitique {adj} [linguistics]  :: enclitic (referring to a clitic which joins with the preceding word)
enclitique {m} [linguistics]  :: enclitic (clitic which joins with the preceding word)
enclitiquement {adv}  :: enclitically
enclore {v}  :: to enclose
enclore {v}  :: to fortify
enclore {vr} [s'enclore]  :: to fortify
enclos {m}  :: enclosure, paddock
enclouer {v}  :: to nail in, put a nail in
enclume {f}  :: anvil (block used in blacksmithing)
enclume {f} [skeleton]  :: anvil, incus
encoche {n}  :: Notch
encocher {v}  :: to notch, put a notch in
encocher {v}  :: to nock (an arrow)
encodage {m}  :: encoding
encoder {v}  :: to encode
encodeur {m}  :: encoder (a device to encode a signal)
encoffrer {v}  :: to enclose in a chest or box
encoignure {f}  :: corner
encoignure {f}  :: threshold
encoignure {f}  :: encoignure
encoller {v}  :: to glue
encolure {f}  :: neck (of a horse)
encombré {adj}  :: cluttered; congested
encombré {adj}  :: burdened, encombered
encombré {adj}  :: jammed (of a switchboard)
encombrant {adj}  :: cumbersome, heavy, bulky
encombre {m}  :: obstacle, hindrance, difficulty
encombrement {m}  :: traffic congestion
encombrement {m}  :: cluttering, jamming, obstruction
encombrement {m}  :: overcrowding, saturation
encombrer {vt}  :: to block off, to clutter, to clutter up, to congest
encombrer {vt}  :: to encumber, to burden
encombrer {vt}  :: to jam (e.g. a switchboard)
encomium {m}  :: An Ancient Greek literary genre of praise
encomium {m} [obsolete]  :: Dictionary
encommencer {vt} [obsolete]  :: To begin, start, initiate, or commence
enconner {vt} [dated, rare, vulgar slang]  :: to fuck
encontre {m}  :: only used in à l'encontre de
encoprésie {f}  :: encopresis
encor {adv} [poetic]  :: alternative spelling of encore
encorbellement {m}  :: corbelling
encorder {vt}  :: to rope up, connect with a rope
encore {adv}  :: still
encore {adv}  :: more
encore {adv}  :: again
encore {adv} [after the adverb pas]  :: yet, not yet
encore que {conj}  :: though, although
encore une fois {adv}  :: once again, once more
encorner {vt}  :: to horn, to ram with the horns
encorner {vt} [archaic, colloquial]  :: to cuckold
encornet {m}  :: squid (cooked) (sea animal)
encoubler {v} [Switzerland]  :: to trip, stumble
encoubler {vr} [Switzerland]  :: to trip over something
encourageant {adj}  :: encouraging (providing encouragement)
encouragement {m}  :: An encouragement
encourager {v}  :: to encourage
encourir {vt}  :: to incur (to expose oneself to something inconvenient)
encourir {vt}  :: to run [the risk], to bring upon (something unfavourable)
encéphale {m} [anatomy]  :: encephalon, brain
encéphalique {adj}  :: encephalic
encéphalite {f} [pathology]  :: encephalitis
encéphalogramme {m}  :: encephalogram
encéphalographie {f}  :: encephalography
encéphalographique {adj}  :: encephalographic
encéphalographiquement {adv}  :: encephalographically
encéphalopathie {f}  :: encephalopathy
encéphalopathie spongiforme bovine {f}  :: bovine spongiform encephalopathy
encrage {m}  :: inking
encrassage {m}  :: dirtying, fouling
encrassement {m}  :: fouling
encrasser {vt}  :: to dirty, to foul
encrasser {vr}  :: to get dirty, get filthy
encre {f}  :: ink
encre de chine {f}  :: India ink
encrer {vt}  :: to ink (to apply ink to)
encreur {adj}  :: ink, inking (attributive)
encrier {m}  :: inkwell
encrine {m}  :: stone lily (fossil crinoid)
encroûter {v}  :: to encrust, crust over
encroûter {vr}  :: to crust over, form a crust
encroûter {vr}  :: to get into a rut
enculé {m} [slang, vulgar]  :: bugger, fuckwit, fucker, fuckhead, etc
enculé {m} [often, humorous]  :: A man, a fellow, a male friend
enculé {m} [LGBT]  :: bottom (man with a preference for being penetrated during homosexual intercourse)
enculade {f} [vulgar]  :: sodomy, buggery, assfuck, buttfuck (act of anal sex)
enculade {f} [vulgar]  :: fuckover (trickery)
enculer {v} [vulgar, slang]  :: to bugger, to sodomize (have anal sex)
enculer {v} [vulgar, slang]  :: to fuck (have sex)
enculer {v} [vulgar, slang]  :: to fuck, to con (defraud)
enculer les mouches {v} [idiomatic, vulgar]  :: to split hairs; to nitpick
enculeur {m} [vulgar]  :: buggerer, sodomizer (one who performs anal sex)
enculeur {m} [LGBT]  :: top (man with a preference for penetrating during homosexual intercourse)
enculeur {m} [vulgar]  :: cunt, dickhead, asshole, arsehole
enculeur de mouches {m} [slang]  :: nitpicker
enculeuse {f}  :: feminine noun of enculeur
enculeuse de mouches {f}  :: feminine singular of enculeur de mouches
encuvage {m}  :: vatting (putting grape juice into fermentation vats to produce wine)
encuver {v}  :: to put into a vat or a tank
encyclique {adj}  :: encyclical
encyclique {f}  :: encyclical
encyclopédicité {f}  :: encyclopedicity
encyclopédie {f}  :: encyclopedia
encyclopædie {f}  :: obsolete form of encyclopédie
encyclopédique {adj}  :: encyclopedic
encyclopédiquement {adv}  :: encyclopedically
encyclopédiste {mf}  :: encyclopedist
endéans {prep} [chiefly Belgium and Luxembourg]  :: within a time interval, distance, or other limit
endaubage {m}  :: stewing (method of cooking)
endauffer {v} [slang]  :: to bugger, to fuck up the ass
endécagone {m}  :: alternative form of hendécagone
endenté {adj}  :: toothed (of a wheel etc)
endenter {v} [usually of an object]  :: to provide with teeth
endetté {adj}  :: in debt
endettement {m}  :: debt
endetter {vt}  :: to indebt; to put someone or something into debt
endetter {vr}  :: to get into debt
endeuiller {vt}  :: to take on an air of mourning
endiablé {adj}  :: possessed (by a devil)
endiablé {adj}  :: furious
endigage {m}  :: synonym of endiguement
endiguable {adj}  :: curbable, containable
endiguement {m}  :: containment
endiguer {v}  :: to curb, contain
endimanché {adj}  :: in one's Sunday best
endimanché {adj}  :: awkward, out of one's comfort zone
endimancher {v}  :: to dress up in one's Sunday best
endive {f} [culinary]  :: Belgian endive (edible chicory bud of Cichorium intybus)
endémie {f}  :: endemic
endémique {adj}  :: endemic
endémisme {m}  :: endemism
endo- {prefix}  :: endo-
endoblaste {m}  :: endoblast
endocarde {m}  :: endocardium
endocardite {f}  :: endocarditis
endocarpe {m}  :: endocarp
endocol {m} [anatomy]  :: endocervix
endocrinien {adj}  :: endocrine
endocrinologie {f}  :: endocrinology
endocrinologue {mf}  :: endocrinologist (practitioner of endocrinology)
endoctrinement {m}  :: indoctrination
endoctriner {v}  :: to indoctrinate
endoctriner {v}  :: to teach; to instruct
endoderme {m}  :: endoderm
endodermique {adj}  :: endodermic
endodontie {f}  :: endodontics
endodontique {adj}  :: endodontic
endoédrique {adj}  :: endohedral
endogame {adj}  :: endogamous (of a marriage, within a social group)
endogamie {f}  :: endogamy (the practice of marrying within one's own social group)
endogamique {adj}  :: endogamous (of a marriage, within a social group)
endogène {adj}  :: endogenous (produced, originating or growing from within)
endolithe {m} [biology]  :: endolith
endolori {adj}  :: painful, sore
endolymphe {f} [anatomy]  :: endolymph
endomembranaire {adj}  :: endomembranous
endomembrane {f}  :: endomembrane
endommagement {m}  :: damaging
endommager {v}  :: to damage (to cause damage to something)
endomorphe {mf} [biology]  :: endomorph
endomorphine {f} [biochemistry]  :: endomorphin; endorphin
endomorphique {adj} [biology]  :: endomorphic
endomorphisme {m}  :: endomorphism
endomètre {m}  :: endometrium
endométrectomie {f} [surgery]  :: endometrectomy
endométriose {m}  :: endometriosis
endométrite {f}  :: endometritis
endonucléase {f} [biochemistry]  :: endonuclease
endoparasitique {adj} [biology]  :: endoparasitic
endoparasitisme {m} [biology]  :: endoparasitism
endoparasitoïde {m} [biology]  :: endoparasitoid
endoplasme {m} [biology]  :: endoplasm
endoplasmique {adj} [biology]  :: endoplasmic
endoréique {adj}  :: endorheic
endormi {adj}  :: asleep
endormir {vt}  :: to put to sleep
endormir {vr} [s'endormir]  :: to fall asleep
endorphine {f}  :: endorphin
endoscope {m}  :: endoscope
endoscopie {f}  :: endoscopy (examination using an endoscope)
endoscopique {adj}  :: endoscopic
endosmomètre {m}  :: endosmometer
endosmose {m}  :: endosmosis
endosperme {m}  :: endosperm
endosquelette {m}  :: endoskeleton
endossable {adj} [finance]  :: endorsable
endossataire {mf}  :: endorsee
endossement {m}  :: endorsement
endosser {v}  :: to carry on one's back
endosser {v}  :: to assume responsibility, to shoulder
endosser {v}  :: to endorse
endosser {vt}  :: to take on (e.g. a role)
endosser {v}  :: to put on, to don [clothes]
endosseur {m}  :: endorser
endosseuse {f}  :: feminine noun of endosseur
endosymbiose {f}  :: endosymbiosis (living within another organism)
endosymbiote {m}  :: endosymbiont
endosymbiotique {adj}  :: endosymbiotic
endothermique {adj}  :: endothermic
endothélial {adj}  :: endothelial
endothélium {m}  :: endothelium
endotoxine {f}  :: endotoxin
endotoxique {adj}  :: endotoxic
endotrachéal {adj} [anatomy]  :: endotracheal
endroit {m}  :: place, spot (specified area)
enduire {v}  :: to plaster
enduire {v}  :: to coat, cover
enduire {v}  :: to smear, anoint (to smear or rub over with oil or an unctuous substance)
enduit {adj}  :: coated (de with)
enduit {m}  :: coat; coating
enduit {m}  :: render (thin coat of plaster)
enduit {m}  :: plaster; plastering
endurable {adj}  :: endurable, which can be endured
endurance {f}  :: endurance, stamina
endurcir {vt}  :: to harden (make harder)
endurcir {vt}  :: to harden, inure
endurcissement {m}  :: hardening; toughening
endurcissement {m}  :: hardness; toughness
endurer {vt}  :: to endure
enduriste {m}  :: endurance motorcyclist
enduro {f}  :: enduro
enfance {f} [countable and uncountable]  :: childhood
enfant {mf}  :: child (someone who is not yet an adult)
enfant {mf}  :: child (offspring)
enfant de chœur {m} [religion]  :: altar boy
enfant de chœur {m} [figurative]  :: angel
enfant de pute {mf} [vulgar]  :: son of a whore; a son of a bitch
enfant soldat {m}  :: child soldier
enfant terrible {m}  :: enfant terrible
enfant trouvé {m}  :: foundling
enfant unique {mf}  :: only child
enfantement {m}  :: childbirth
enfanter {vt} [literary]  :: to bear [a child], bring into the world
enfanter {vt} [of animals]  :: to give birth
enfanter {vt} [of plants]  :: to bear [fruit]
enfanter {vt}  :: to produce, reel off [an opus]
enfantillage {m}  :: childishness
enfantin {adj}  :: childlike, childish
enfantin {adj}  :: child's, for children
enfantinement {adv}  :: childishly; infantilely
enfariner {v}  :: to flour (cover with flour)
enfaîter {vt}  :: to cover
enfer {m}  :: Hell
enfer {m} [by extension]  :: hell (a very uncomfortable situation)
enfermement {m}  :: confinement
enfermer {v}  :: to lock up, lock in, lock away
enfermer {v}  :: to imprison, entrap
enfermer {v} [literary]  :: to enclose, contain
enferrer {v}  :: to pierce with the end of a sword or a bayonet or the like
enfeu {m}  :: funereal recess
enficher {v}  :: to plug the male part of a device into the female part designed to receive it
enfieller {v}  :: to fill with rage
enfilade {f}  :: row or series (of houses)
enfilade {f} [architecture]  :: enfilade
enfilade {f}  :: enfilade (gunfire)
enfilade {f} [chess]  :: skewer
enfiler {v}  :: to thread (a needle)
enfiler {v}  :: to string, to sling (put on a string or sling)
enfiler {v}  :: to put on (clothes)
enfiler {v} [vulgar]  :: To hump, to screw
enfin {adv}  :: finally; in the end
enfin {adv}  :: in fact; indeed
enfirouaper {v}  :: to scam, swindle, or trick someone
enfirouâper {v}  :: alternative spelling of enfirouaper
enfiévré {adj}  :: feverish
enfiévrer {v}  :: to stir up, rouse
enflé {adj}  :: swollen
enflammer {v}  :: to set fire to, to set on fire
enflammer {v}  :: to inflame, to fuel (e.g. a debate, hatred)
enflammer {vr} [s'enflammer]  :: to catch fire
enfler {vt}  :: to inflate
enfler {vt}  :: to fill
enfler {vt}  :: to build up (an emotion)
enfler {vi}  :: to swell up
enfleurage {m}  :: enfleurage
enfleurer {v}  :: to add the scent of flowers to a perfume
enflure {f}  :: weal; swelling
enflure {f} [slang]  :: bastard, scumbag
enfoiré {m} [vulgar]  :: dickhead, fuckhead, shithead
enfoirée {f}  :: feminine noun of enfoiré
enfoirer {v} [archaic]  :: to cover with excrement
enfoncement {m}  :: breaking down, breaking open (of a door etc.); breaking through (enemy lines)
enfoncement {m}  :: driving in (of a stake, post etc.)
enfoncement {m}  :: sinking (of foundations)
enfoncement {m}  :: recess, nook, cranny
enfoncement {m}  :: dip, slide
enfoncer {vt}  :: to push in, to press in, to drive in
enfoncer {vt}  :: to break open, to break down
enfoncer {vt}  :: to defeat, to thrash
enfoncer {vi}  :: to sink down
enfoncer {vr} [s'enfoncer]  :: to bury oneself; to immerse oneself
enfonceur {m}  :: pusher, presser (someone who pushes or presses)
enfouir {vt}  :: to bury
enfouissement {m}  :: burying
enfourcher {v}  :: to get on, mount
enfournement {m}  :: charging / loading an oven (with bread etc)
enfourner {v}  :: to put in the oven
enfreindre {v}  :: to infringe
enfreinte {f}  :: infraction
enfûter {v}  :: to put into a keg; cask or barrel
enfuir {v}  :: to escape (somewhere)
enfuir {vr}  :: to flee
enfumé {adj}  :: smoked out
enfumer {vt}  :: to smoke, smoke out
enfutailler {v}  :: to cask
enfuter {v}  :: alternative form of enfûter
engageant {adj}  :: attractive, appealing, engaging, tempting, inviting
engagement {m}  :: commitment
engagement {m}  :: engagement
engager {v}  :: to pledge, commit
engager {v}  :: to hire, sign, snap up
engager {v}  :: to involve
engager {v}  :: to encourage
engager {v}  :: to pawn
engager {v} [military]  :: to enlist
engagiste {mf}  :: A person who pledged support to the king and received land, title etc. in return
engainer {v}  :: to sheathe
engaller {v}  :: to dye black by passing through a decoction of gall
engamer {v} [of a fish]  :: To swallow the hook along with the bait
engatse {m} [Marseille]  :: problem, snag, nightmare, difficulty
engazonnement {m}  :: turfing
engazonner {vt}  :: to turf
engeance {f} [dated]  :: breed (of animals, especially those that fly)
engeance {f}  :: descendance, children, offspring
engeance {f}  :: sort, type (of people)
engeance {f}  :: mob, brood
engeancer {v} [dated]  :: To embarrass
engelure {f}  :: chilblain
engendrement {m}  :: fathering (of child)
engendrer {vt}  :: to generate, spawn, beget
engendreur {m}  :: begetter
engendreuse {f}  :: feminine noun of engendreur
engin {m}  :: any device, contraption or machinery, particularly a complex, dangerous or powerful one
engin {m}  :: a piece of military equipment
engin {m}  :: a piece of heavy machinery
engin {m} [colloquial]  :: any object whose name or function is unknown; a thingy; a gizmo
engin {m} [chiefly legal]  :: a piece of hunting equipment
engin {m} [sports]  :: an apparatus used in artistic gymnastics
engin {m} [dated]  :: any tool or apparatus
englacé {adj} [geology]  :: glaciated
englobant {adj}  :: encompassing, including
englober {v}  :: to include, to encompass
engloutir {v}  :: to gulp
engloutir {v}  :: to swallow up
engloutissement {m}  :: gobbling up (of food)
engluage {m}  :: liming
engluer {v}  :: to birdlime
engluer {vr}  :: to get bogged down
engobe {m}  :: engobe
engober {v} [pottery]  :: to cover with engobe
engoncé {adj}  :: constrained, squeezed into
engorgement {m}  :: clogging
engorgement {m}  :: engorgement
engorger {v}  :: to clog, clog up, congest
engouement {m}  :: craze, zest, keen interest
engouer {v} [obsolete]  :: to block the gullet when swallowing
engouer {vr} [s'engouer, ~ de]  :: to become passionate or infatuated (with)
engouffrer {v}  :: to gobble up; to eat up
engouffrer {v}  :: to engulf
engoulevent {m}  :: nightjar
engourdi {adj}  :: numb
engourdir {vt}  :: to numb, make numb
engourdir {vt}  :: to dull, deaden, blunt
engourdir {vr}  :: to go numb, go to sleep
engourdissement {m}  :: numbness, numbing
engrais {m}  :: fertilizer
engraissage {m}  :: fattening
engraissement {m}  :: fattening
engraisser {vt}  :: to fatten
engramme {m}  :: engram
engrangement {m}  :: gathering, garnering (of hay)
engranger {v}  :: to store
engranger {v}  :: to rake in
engranger {v}  :: to collect, gather in
engranger {v}  :: to gain (experience, points)
engranger {v}  :: to generate (economics; profits)
engraver {vt} [nautical]  :: to ground
engrenage {m}  :: gear (a wheel with grooves)
engrenage {m} [figuratively]  :: inescapable sequence of events
engrisailler {vtr}  :: to make or become gloomy
engrosser {vt} [colloquial]  :: to impregnate, to knock up
engueulade {f}  :: telling off
engueulement {m} [dated]  :: telling-off
engueulement {m} [dated]  :: argument
engueuler {vt} [colloquial]  :: to give (someone) a roasting, to tell someone off, to chew out, to give shit
engueuler {vp} [colloquial]  :: to argue, to have a row
engueuleur {m}  :: arguer
engueuleuse {f}  :: feminine singular of engueuleur
enguirlander {vt} [colloquial]  :: to tell off, tick off
enhardir {v}  :: to embolden
enharmonique {adj}  :: enharmonic
enharmoniquement {adv}  :: enharmonically
enharnacher {v}  :: to harness a horse
enharnacher {v}  :: to caparison
enivrant {adj}  :: intoxicating
enivrement {m}  :: exhilaration
enivrer {vt}  :: To intoxicate, make drunk or get (someone) drunk, either physically or figuratively
enivrer {vr} [+ de]  :: To get drunk; to become intoxicated
enjambée {f}  :: stride
enjambement {m}  :: enjambment
enjambement {m} [biology]  :: crossing-over
enjamber {v}  :: to straddle
enjamber {v}  :: to stride
enjamber {v} [poetry]  :: to make an enjambment
enjambeur {m}  :: high-clearance tractor that can straddle the crops
enjeu {m}  :: stake (what is at stake)
enjeu {m}  :: issue, problem
enjôlement {m}  :: bewitching
enjôler {vt}  :: to bewitch
enjôleur {adj}  :: bewitching
enjoindre {vt}  :: to order; to enjoin (someone à faire something)
enjolivé {adj}  :: embellished, enlivened
enjolivement {m}  :: embellishment
enjoliver {v}  :: to embellish, prettify
enjoliveur {m}  :: hubcap
enjolivure {f}  :: (small) embellishment
enjoué {adj}  :: cheerful
enjouement {m}  :: playfulness, cheerfulness
enképhaline {f}  :: enkephalin
enkystement {m}  :: encystment
enkyster {vr} [s'enkyster]  :: to encyst (becoming surrounded by a cyst)
enlacer {v}  :: to wrap around, to embrace
enlacer {vr}  :: to wrap around each other, to intertwine
enlaidir {vt}  :: to uglify
enlaidissement {m}  :: uglification
enlever {vt}  :: to remove, take off, take away, clear
enlever {vt}  :: to take off, remove (clothes)
enlever {vt}  :: to kidnap, abduct
enlever {vt}  :: to win, capture, carry off
enlever {vr}  :: to come out, wash off
enliasser {v}  :: to bundle together (usually paper)
enligner {vt}  :: [chiefly Quebec] to align
enligner {vr}  :: [chiefly Quebec] to head for, to head towards
enlisement {m}  :: The act of getting stuck in sand, mud etc
enlisement {m}  :: stalemate (figurative)
enliser {vt}  :: to get (a ship or vehicle) stuck in mud, sand etc
enliser {vr}  :: to get stuck in mud, sand etc
enliser {vr} [figurative]  :: to get bogged down
enliser {vr} [figurative]  :: to sink deeper (into a hole of e.g. lies)
enloger {vt}  :: to put a pigeon into a box to transport it
enluminer {vt} [archaic]  :: to light up, embrighten
enluminer {vt}  :: to brighten, make brighter, brighten up (make more colorful)
enluminer {vt} [historical]  :: to illuminate (a manuscript, etc.)
enlumineur {m}  :: illuminator
enlumineuse {f}  :: feminine noun of enlumineur
enluminure {f} [arts]  :: illumination
enluminure {f} [arts]  :: miniature
enlèvement {m}  :: takeoff, liftoff
enlèvement {m}  :: removal, whether by moving, by destroying, or by erasing
enlèvement {m} [legal]  :: abduction, kidnapping
ennéachorique {adj} [statistics]  :: enneachoric
ennéagonal {adj} [geometry]  :: enneagonal
ennéagone {m} [geometry]  :: enneagon
enne {m}  :: letter: n
enneigement {m}  :: snowfall
enneigement {m}  :: snow cover
enneiger {v}  :: to cover in snow
ennemi {adj}  :: enemy
ennemi {m}  :: enemy
ennemi juré {m}  :: nemesis; archenemy; mortal enemy
ennoblir {vt}  :: to ennoble
ennoblissement {m}  :: ennoblement
ennoiement {m}  :: flooding, inundation
ennoyer {v}  :: To flood, inundate
ennuager {v}  :: to cloud over (become cloudy)
ennui {m} [uncountable]  :: Boredom; lassitude
ennui {m} [uncountable]  :: Trouble, issue, annoyance
ennuyé {adj}  :: annoyed, upset, sorry, angry, disappointed, embarrassed, concerned
ennuyé {adj}  :: (to look) worried, bothered, annoyed (avoir l'air ennuyé)
ennuyé {adj} [rarely]  :: bored, ennuyé
ennuyant {adj}  :: annoying
ennuyant {adj}  :: boring
ennuyer {v}  :: to afflict with boredom; to bore
ennuyer {vr}  :: to be bored
ennuyer {vr} [_, + de]  :: to miss something or someone
ennuyer {v}  :: to annoy, bother, trouble
ennuyer {v}  :: to worry
ennuyeusement {adv}  :: boringly
ennuyeux {adj}  :: dull, boring, tedious, tiresome, monotonous
ennuyeux {adj}  :: annoying
enorgueillir {vt}  :: to make [someone] proud
enorgueillir {vr}  :: to boast, to pride oneself on
enquiquinement {m}  :: nuisance
enquiquiner {vt} [slang]  :: to annoy; to piss off
enquiquineur {m}  :: pain, pain in the ass, pain in the neck
enquiquineuse {f}  :: feminine noun of enquiquineur
enquérir {vp}  :: to inquire (about = de)
enquête {f}  :: inquest, investigation, examination
enquête {f}  :: survey, inquiry
enquêter {v}  :: to investigate
enquêter {v}  :: to survey
enquêteur {m}  :: investigator
enquêtrice {f}  :: feminine singular of enquêteur
enracinement {m}  :: taking root
enraciner {vt} [e.g. of a tree]  :: to root
enraciner {vt}  :: to cause to take root
enraciner {vr} [e.g. of a tree]  :: to take root
enraciner {vr} [e.g. of an immigrant]  :: to settle down
enragé {adj}  :: furious, enraged, incensed
enragé {adj}  :: rabid
enrager {v} [obsolete]  :: to have rabies
enrager {v}  :: to enrage, anger, infuriate
enrager {v}  :: to inflame, arouse
enraiement {m}  :: alternative spelling of enrayement
enrayement {m}  :: checking, curbing (of a disease)
enrayer {v}  :: to slow down, brake
enrayer {v}  :: to curb, check
enrayer {v}  :: to jam, to block (a weapon)
enregistrable {adj}  :: recordable
enregistrement {m}  :: registration
enregistrement {m} [computing]  :: save (act of saving data onto a disk)
enregistrement {m}  :: check-in (at the airport)
enregistrement {m}  :: recording (of e.g. music)
enregistrer {v}  :: to record for later replay or use, especially sound
enregistrer {v}  :: to tape a movie or otherwise record it
enregistrer {v}  :: to inscribe on a register or similar support
enregistrer {v}  :: to record on
enregistrer {v} [computing]  :: To save
enregistreur {adj}  :: recording
enrégimentement {m}  :: enlistment
enrégimentement {m}  :: indoctrination
enrégimenter {vt}  :: to enlist
enrégistrement {m}  :: A registration, entry in a register
enrégistrement {m}  :: An office in charge of certain official registrations
enrégistrement {m}  :: check-in
enrégistrement {m} [history]  :: A deed by which a cour souveraine (each of the highest courts of justice) ordered a royal order or decree to be transcribed and entered into its own register of legislation
enrhumé {adj}  :: Having a cold (illness)
enrhumer {vt}  :: To affect with a cold, to give someone a cold (illness)
enrichir {v}  :: to enrich
enrichissement {m}  :: enrichment
enrôlé {m}  :: recruit
enrôlée {f}  :: feminine noun of enrôlé
enrôlement {m}  :: enrolment (act of enroling)
enrôlement {m}  :: enrolment (record of enroling)
enrôler {v}  :: to enroll, enlist
enrêner {vt}  :: to harness [a horse]
enrobage {m}  :: coating, enrobing
enrober {v}  :: to coat
enrobeuse {f}  :: enrobing (coating) machine
enrochement {m}  :: riprap
enroué {adj}  :: hoarse, husky
enrouement {m}  :: hoarseness
enrouer {vt} [of a voice]  :: to make hoarse
enrouiller {vt} [rare]  :: to rust, rust up
enroulé {adj}  :: wound or curled around
enroulement {m}  :: winding
enrouler {v}  :: to wind, curl (around)
enrouler {v} [colloquial]  :: to make out with, to score with, to get off with (to kiss someone)
enrouleur {adj}  :: winding
enrubanner {vt}  :: to ribbon, beribbon
ensablement {m}  :: silting up
ensabler {vt}  :: to silt up
ensabler {vt}  :: to strand [on a sandbank or beach]
ensachage {m}  :: bagging (all senses)
ensacher {v}  :: to bag (put into a bag or bags)
ensanglanté {adj}  :: bloodstained, bloody
ensanglanter {v}  :: to cover with shed blood
ensantine {m}  :: ensantina
ensauver {vp} [regional, s'ensauver]  :: to leave; to depart
ensavanement {m}  :: Development, extension of savanna (usually at the expense of rainforest)
enseigné {adj}  :: taught
enseigné {adj}  :: indicated
enseignant {m}  :: teacher
enseignant {adj}  :: teaching
enseignante {f}  :: (female) teacher
enseigne {f}  :: shop sign
enseigne {f} [by metonymy]  :: any chain store that operates under a shop brand
enseigne {f} [cards]  :: suit
enseigne {mf} [military]  :: ensign
enseignement {m}  :: education
enseignement spécialisé {m}  :: special education
enseignement supérieur {m}  :: higher education
enseigner {v}  :: to teach
ensellé {adj} [of a horse]  :: hollow-backed (having a concave back)
enseller {v}  :: to saddle (a horse, etc.)
ensemble {adv}  :: together
ensemble {m}  :: an outfit
ensemble {m} [mathematics]  :: a set
ensemble {m} [music]  :: an ensemble
ensemble vide {m} [mathematics]  :: empty set (the unique set that contains no elements)
ensemblement {adv}  :: together
ensemblier {m}  :: interior designer
ensemblier {m}  :: set designer (cinema, TV)
ensemblière {f}  :: feminine noun of ensemblier
ensembliste {adj} [maths]  :: set-theoretic
ensemencement {m}  :: sowing (of a seed)
ensemencer {vt}  :: to sow, seed
enserrer {v}  :: to clasp, to hold on tightly around (something)
ensevelir {vt}  :: to bury
ensevelir {vt}  :: to cover with earth
ensevelir {vt} [figuratively]  :: to bury (hide something)
ensevelir {vp}  :: to bury oneself, hide away
ensevelissement {m}  :: burial, entombment
ensevelisseur {m}  :: burier (one who buries a dead body)
ensevelisseuse {f}  :: feminine noun of ensevelisseur
ensilage {m}  :: ensilage
ensiler {vt}  :: to store in a silo
ensileuse {f}  :: forage harvester
ensimer {v}  :: to lightly grease a fabric
ensoleillé {adj}  :: sunny
ensoleillement {m}  :: sunshine (amount of)
ensoleillement {m}  :: insolation
ensoleiller {v}  :: to fill with light, to brighten, to illuminate
ensommeillé {adj}  :: sleeping, asleep
ensommeillé {adj}  :: sleepy, drowsy
ensorceler {v}  :: to enchant; to cast a spell
ensorceler {v} [figuratively]  :: to captivate; to enchant
ensorceleur {adj}  :: bewitching
ensorceleur {m}  :: sorcerer, bewitcher
ensorcellement {m}  :: enchantment, bewitchment
ensouple {f}  :: warp beam
ensoupler {v}  :: To load a warp beam
ensoutané {adj}  :: cassocked
ensuit {adv}  :: after, later
ensuite {adv}  :: in turn, subsequently, thereafter
ensuivre {v} [archaic or literary]  :: to follow (to come after)
ensuivre {vr}  :: to follow, to come next
ensuivre {vr}  :: to result, to come as a result
-ent {suffix}  :: A suffix denoting the third-person plural present indicative form of a verb
entablement {m} [architecture]  :: entablature
entabler {vr} [of a, horse]  :: To have the hips move before the shoulders
entacher {v}  :: to taint
entacher {v} [figuratively]  :: To blemish; to besmirch; to mar
entacher {v} [figuratively]  :: To stain/harm someone's reputation
entaille {f}  :: cut, slice, gash; notch
entailler {v}  :: to snick, to cut into, to gash (wood, stone, metal, etc.)
entailleur {m} [during the Middles Ages]  :: a stone mason or sculptor (person who makes structures or sculptures out of stone)
entame {f}  :: start, opening, beginning
entame {f} [card games]  :: lead (first card played)
entame {f}  :: The first slice
entamer {v}  :: to cut into (something)
entamer {v}  :: to eat into (savings etc.); to undermine (credibility)
entamer {v}  :: to remove a small piece of something
entamer {v}  :: to start, to begin, initiate
entartage {m}  :: pieing (an instance of throwing a pie at someone)
entartement {m}  :: pieing (an instance of throwing a pie at someone)
entarter {v}  :: to throw a pie at, to hit with pie
entartrage {m}  :: furring up (formation of scale)
entartrer {v}  :: to scale, fur up
entassement {m}  :: piling, cramming
entassement {m}  :: a pile, a heap
entasser {v}  :: to pile (objects), to hoard (money etc.)
entasser {vr}  :: to pile up
entendant {m}  :: person who is capable of hearing
entendement {m}  :: understanding, comprehension
entendeur {m}  :: wise person
entendre {v}  :: to hear
entendre {vi}  :: to be able to hear
entendre {v} [literary]  :: to listen to
entendre {v} [formal]  :: to mean
entendre {vr}  :: to agree with each other
entendre {vr}  :: to have good relations with; to get on
entendre {vp}  :: to be good or competent at something
entendre {v} [rare]  :: to desire; to wish; to intend
entendre {v} [dated]  :: to demand
entendre {v} [dated]  :: to know
entendre {v} [archaic]  :: to understand
entendu {adj}  :: understood
entendu {adj}  :: heard
entendu {adj}  :: accepted, decided following a discussion
entente {f}  :: accord; agreement
entente {f}  :: interpretation, meaning
entention {f}  :: obsolete form of intention
enter {v} [agriculture]  :: to graft
enter {v}  :: to implant
enterrement {m}  :: burial
enterrement {m} [by extension]  :: funeral
enterrer {v}  :: to bury (put underground)
enterrer {v}  :: to ditch, to bury (e.g. plans/memories)
enterrer la hache de guerre {v} [figuratively]  :: to bury the hatchet
enterreur {m}  :: burier (one who buries dead bodies)
enterreuse {f}  :: feminine noun of enterreur
enthalpie {f} [physics]  :: enthalpy
enthousiasmé {adj}  :: excited
enthousiasme {m}  :: enthusiasm, keenness
enthousiasmer {v}  :: to enthuse
enthousiasmer {vr}  :: to be enthusiastic about
enthousiaste {adj}  :: Of a person, inspired, passionate (religiously or artistically); often construed with de (= by)
enthousiaste {adj}  :: Of a person, enthusiastic; easily inspired or impassioned; often construed with de (= about)
enthousiaste {adj}  :: Of a thing, enthusiastic, expressing enthusiasm
enthousiaste {mf} [often ironic or pejorative]  :: One who is inspired by the Divinity
enthousiaste {mf}  :: One who is enthusiastic or fanatical; often construed with de (= about)
enthousiastement {adv}  :: enthusiastically
enthèse {f} [anatomy]  :: enthesis
enthymème {m} [figure of speech]  :: enthymeme
enthymémisme {m} [logic]  :: synonym of enthymème
enticher {vp}  :: to become infatuated, besotted (de (with))
entier {adj}  :: whole
entier {adj} [arithmetic]  :: whole [of a number], integer
entier {adj}  :: entire, whole
entier {adj} [of bread]  :: wholemeal [UK], wholewheat [US]
entier {m} [mathematics]  :: integer, whole number
entier naturel {m} [mathematics]  :: natural number
entièrement {adv}  :: entirely
entité {f}  :: entity
entéléchie {f}  :: entelechy
entoblaste {m}  :: entoblast
entognathe {m}  :: entognath
entoiler {v}  :: to canvas (cover with canvas)
entomochorie {f} [biology]  :: entomochory
entomologie {f}  :: entomology
entomologique {adj}  :: entomological
entomologiste {mf}  :: entomologist
entomophage {adj}  :: entomophagous
entomophile {adj}  :: entomophilic, entomophilous
entomophile {m}  :: entomophile
entomophilie {f}  :: entomophily
entomostracé {f}  :: entomostraca
entonner {v}  :: to strike up, burst into (chanting or singing)
entonner {v}  :: to funnel (pour using a funnel)
entonner {v}  :: to channel
entonnoir {m}  :: funnel
entorse {f}  :: sprain
entorse {f} [figuratively]  :: exception, violation (to a rule)
entortillement {m}  :: entanglement
entortiller {vt}  :: to wrap around, to twist around, to envelop
entortiller {v} [figuratively]  :: to win over, to persuade especially with tricks
entortiller {v} [figuratively]  :: to muddle up (one's explanation)
entortiller {vp}  :: to get tangled up, to get entangled
entour {m} [in plural]  :: surroundings
entour {m}  :: circumlocution
entour {m}  :: entourage
entourage {m}  :: ornament, decoration surrounding something
entourage {m}  :: group of acquaintances
entourer {v}  :: to surround
entourloupe {f}  :: scam; attached strings
entourlouper {v}  :: to swindle; dupe; hoodwink
entourloupette {f}  :: mean trick
entourner {v}  :: To wind, turn or curl around something
entournure {f}  :: armhole
entracte {m} [theater]  :: interval; intermission
entracte {m} [theater]  :: interval act; half-time show
entradmirer {v}  :: To admire each other
entraide {f}  :: Action of helping one another
entraider {vr}  :: to help one another
entrailles {fp}  :: entrails, bowels, guts
entrailles {fp} [literary]  :: womb
entrailles {fp} [figuratively]  :: bowels, depths
entrain {m}  :: spirit, liveliness, vivacity, drive
entrainé {adj}  :: carried, dragged
entrainé {adj}  :: involved
entrainant {adj}  :: alternative form of entraînant
entrainement {m}  :: alternative form of entraînement
entrainer {v}  :: alternative spelling of entraîner
entraineur {m}  :: trainer (coach)
entéralgie {f}  :: enteralgia
entraînant {adj}  :: catchy
entraînant {adj}  :: entrancing
entraînement {m}  :: training
entraîner {v}  :: to coach, to train
entraîner {v}  :: to carry, pull, drive
entraîner {v}  :: to drag (along)
entraîner {v}  :: to bring about, lead to, involve
entraîner {vr} [s'entraîner]  :: to exercise, to train
entrapercevoir {vt}  :: to glimpse; to catch a glimpse (of)
entraperçu {adj}  :: glimpsed
entrave {f}  :: hobble (chain)
entrave {f}  :: fetter (chain)
entrave {f}  :: hindrance, obstacle
entraver {v}  :: to hinder; to impede
entraver {v} [slang, dated]  :: to understand
entraxe {m}  :: The distance between two axes
entre {prep}  :: between
entre {prep}  :: among
entrée {f}  :: entry, act of entering
entrée {f}  :: entrance, way in
entrée {f}  :: starter (of a meal)
entrée {f} [lexicography]  :: headword, entry (in a dictionary, encyclopedia)
entre- {prefix}  :: inter-
entre autres {adv}  :: among other things, inter alia
entre chien et loup {adv} [literally]  :: between a dog and a wolf
entre chien et loup {adv} [by extension, idiomatic]  :: At dusk, at twilight; gloaming
entre chien et loup {adv} [photography]  :: golden hour (used in same technical sense for “good photographic light at twilight”)
entre de bonnes mains {adv}  :: in good hands
entre deux âges {adj}  :: middle-aged
entre guillemets {adv}  :: quote unquote (emphasize the following word or phrase for irony)
entre l'arbre et l'écorce {adv} [literally]  :: Between the tree and the bark
entre l'arbre et l'écorce {adv} [by extension, idiomatic]  :: In a bad situation; between a rock and a hard place
entre le marteau et l'enclume {adv} [literally]  :: between the hammer and the anvil
entre le marteau et l'enclume {adv} [by extension, idiomatic]  :: between a rock and a hard place; between the devil and the deep blue sea
entre nous {phrase}  :: between us, confidentially, privately
entre quatre yeux {adv} [colloquial]  :: one-to-one, describing a meeting between just two persons
entre quatre-z-yeux {adv}  :: alternative spelling of entre quatre yeux
entre quat'z'yeux {adv}  :: alternative form of entre quatre yeux
entrebaiser {vr} [s'entrebaiser]  :: to kiss one another
entrebâillé {adj}  :: half-open, ajar
entrebâillement {m}  :: crack, chink (small gap)
entrebâiller {vt}  :: to half-open; to leave ajar
entrechat {m} [dance]  :: entrechat
entrechat {m} [humorous]  :: leap, bound
entrechoquer {vtr}  :: to knock together, clink together
entrechoquer {vp}  :: to contradict (each other), clash
entrecouper {vt}  :: To interrupt; to intersperse; to scatter with
entrecouper {vp}  :: To intersect, to cross one another
entrecroisement {m}  :: intertwining
entrecroiser {vr}  :: to criss-cross, intersect
entrecôte {f}  :: entrecôte
entrecuisse {m}  :: midthigh
entre-déchirer {vr}  :: to tear each other to bits
entredéchirer {v}  :: To tear apart
entredéchirer {v}  :: To tear one another apart
entre-deux {m}  :: interspace, gap (between two things)
entre-deux {m}  :: half-time, intervening period
entre-deux {m} [sports]  :: jump ball, drop ball
entre-deux-guerres {adj}  :: interwar
entre-dévorer {vr}  :: to devour each other
entrefaite {f} [especially in plural]  :: meantime
entrefilet {m}  :: snippet (short newspaper article)
entre-frapper {vr}  :: to hit each other
entregent {m}  :: socializing, mingling; networking
entregent {m}  :: social skills, interpersonal skills
entre-égorger {vr}  :: to cut or slit each other's throats
entre-heurter {v} [prominal, s'entre-louer]  :: to hit one another
entreheurter {v}  :: alternative form of entre-heurter
entrejambe {f}  :: crotch (of person, clothing)
entrejeu {m} [soccer]  :: midfield
entrelac {m} [especially in plural]  :: entanglement; tracery
entrelacement {m}  :: interlacing
entrelacement {m}  :: interweaving
entrelacer {v}  :: to interlock; to interweave
entrelacs {m}  :: interlacing, tracery
entrelarder {vt}  :: to lard
entrelarder {vt}  :: to intersperse (with)
entre-louer {v} [prominal, s'entre-louer]  :: to praise one another
entrelouer {v}  :: alternative form of entre-louer
entre-manger {vr}  :: to eat one another
entremetteur {m}  :: go-between, mediator
entremetteuse {f}  :: procuress
entremettre {vr} [dated]  :: to mediate
entremise {f}  :: An intervention, means, or method
entremêler {v}  :: to interlock; to interweave
entrepont {m}  :: steerage (section of a passenger ship)
entreposage {m}  :: warehousing (storage in a warehouse)
entreposer {v}  :: to store goods in a warehouse
entreprenant {adj}  :: enterprising
entreprenariat {m}  :: alternative form of entrepreneuriat
entreprendre {v}  :: to undertake
entrepreneur {m}  :: an entrepreneur
entrepreneurial {adj}  :: entrepreneurial
entrepreneuriat {m}  :: entrepreneurship
entrepreneuse {f}  :: entrepreneur (female)
entreprise {f}  :: company, business
entreprise {f}  :: enterprise, project
entrepôt {m}  :: warehouse; store
entrer {vi}  :: to enter
entrer comme un gant {v} [idiomatic]  :: fit like a glove
entre-regarder {vr}  :: to look at each other
entresol {m}  :: entresol
entretailler {v} [of a, horse]  :: to knock knees, to have one's legs hit each other when one walks
entre-temps {adv}  :: alternative form of entretemps
entre-temps {m}  :: alternative form of entretemps
entretemps {adv}  :: meanwhile, in the meantime
entretemps {m}  :: interim, break
entretenir {vt}  :: to maintain, to look after
entretenir {vt}  :: to support (e.g a family)
entretenir {vt} [figuratively]  :: to fuel, to keep something going
entretenir {vr}  :: to have a discussion (with someone)
entretenir {vr}  :: to keep fit
entretenu {adj}  :: maintained, supported
entretien {m}  :: upkeep (maintenance)
entretien {m}  :: welfare, well-being
entretien {m}  :: interview (dialogue)
entretoiser {v}  :: to brace, to put a brace/crosspiece between (two beams)
entretuer {vr}  :: To kill each other
entre-tuer {vr}  :: to kill each other
entrevoir {v}  :: to make out, see vaguely; to glimpse
entrevoir {v}  :: to foresee, anticipate
entrevoir {v}  :: to catch sight of, see briefly
entrevu {adj}  :: glimpsed
entrevue {f}  :: interview
entériner {v}  :: to ratify, to confirm, to consent
entérique {adj}  :: enteric
entrisme {m}  :: entryism
entérite {f} [pathology]  :: enteritis (intestinal disease)
entérobactérie {f}  :: enterobacteria
entérocolite {f}  :: enterocolitis
entérocoque {f}  :: enterococcus
entérocytaire {adj} [biology]  :: enterocytic
entérocyte {m} [biology]  :: enterocyte
entérokinase {f}  :: enterokinase
entérologie {f}  :: enterology
entéropathie {f}  :: enteropathy
entropie {f}  :: entropy
entropion {m}  :: entropion
entropique {adj} [physics]  :: entropic
entropiquement {adv}  :: entropically
entéropneuste {f}  :: acorn worm
entéro-rénal {adj}  :: enterorenal
entérorénal {adj} [anatomy, pathology]  :: enterorenal
entérotrope {adj} [anatomy]  :: enterotropic
entrouvert {adj}  :: half-opened
entrouvrir {vtp}  :: to half-open; to leave ajar
entérovaccin {adj}  :: enterovaccine
entêté {adj}  :: stubborn
en-tête {m}  :: header, heading, letterhead
entête {m}  :: alternative form of en-tête
entêtement {m}  :: stubbornness
entêter {v}  :: to be stubborn
entêter {v}  :: to persist
entêter {v}  :: to go to the head
entuber {vt} [vulgar]  :: to dupe, swindle, fool
enturbanné {adj}  :: turbaned
envahir {v}  :: to invade
envahir {v}  :: to stretch, to overgrow, to fill
envahissant {adj}  :: invasive, pervasive
envahissement {m}  :: invasion
envahissement {m}  :: encroachment
envahisseur {m}  :: invader (one who invades)
envahisseuse {f}  :: feminine noun of envahisseur
envasement {m}  :: silting up
envaser {v}  :: to silt up
enveloppant {adj}  :: enveloping
enveloppe {f}  :: envelope (wrapper for mailing)
enveloppe {f} [geometry]  :: envelope (of a family of curves)
enveloppement {m}  :: enveloping, wrapping
envelopper {v}  :: to wrap someone or something, to cover
envelopper {v}  :: to envelop
envenimation {f} [biology, medicine]  :: envenomation
envenimement {m}  :: poisoning
envenimement {m}  :: worsening
envenimer {vt}  :: to envenom
envenimer {vt}  :: to aggravate, inflame
envergure {f} [of an aircraft]  :: wingspan
envergure {f} [figuratively]  :: scale; magnitude
envers {m}  :: reverse
envers {m}  :: inverse
envers {m}  :: back
envers {m}  :: wrong side
envers {m}  :: other side
envers {m}  :: seamy side ("l'envers de la vie")
envers {m}  :: inside
envers {prep}  :: in relation to
envers {prep}  :: toward
envers et contre tous {phrase}  :: despite all opposition
envi {m}  :: only used in the phrase à l'envi
enviable {adj}  :: enviable
enviander {v} [dated]  :: to feed meat
enviander {v} [slang]  :: to bugger, to fuck up the ass
enviander {v} [slang]  :: to screw over, to fuck up (to dupe, to swindle)
envie {f}  :: desire, lust, urge
envie {f}  :: appetite, craving
envie {f}  :: envy
envie {f}  :: birthmark
envie {f}  :: hangnail
envier {vi}  :: to envy
envieusement {adv}  :: enviously; jealously
envieux {adj}  :: envious
environ {adv}  :: about, close to, around
environnant {adj}  :: surrounding
environnement {m}  :: environment
environnement {m}  :: nature
environnemental {adj}  :: environmental
environnementalement {adv}  :: environmentally
environnementalisme {m}  :: environmentalism
environnementaliste {mf}  :: environmentalist
environner {v}  :: to surround, encircle
environs {mp}  :: neighborhood (close proximity, particularly in reference to home)
envisageable {adj}  :: foreseeable
envisageable {adj}  :: conceivable
envisager {v}  :: to envisage; to contemplate
envoi {m}  :: dispatch, sending (act of sending); shipping
envoi {m} [military]  :: dispatch
envoi {m}  :: package (something that is sent or dispatches)
envoi {m} [poetry]  :: envoi
envoiler {vp}  :: To warp or become bent
envol {m}  :: takeoff (of plane, bird etc.)
envol {m}  :: soar
envoler {vr}  :: to take off, to take flight
envoler {vr}  :: to blow away
envoler {vr}  :: to fly (of time)
envoler {vr} [colloquial]  :: to vanish, disappear, walk (to be stolen)
envoûtant {adj}  :: fascinating
envoûtement {m}  :: bewitchment
envoûter {v}  :: to cast a spell, bewitch, charm, hex
envoûter {v}  :: to fascinate, captivate, entrance
envoûteur {m}  :: sorcerer
envoûteuse {f}  :: feminine noun of envoûteur
envouter {v}  :: alternative spelling of envoûter
envoyé {m}  :: envoy
envoyé {m}  :: messenger
envoyé {m}  :: correspondent
envoyé spécial {m}  :: special correspondent; special envoy
envoye {m}  :: slowworm (anguis fragilis)
envoye {interj} [Quebec, slang]  :: c'mon
envoyer {v}  :: to send
envoyer promener {vt} [colloquial]  :: to send someone packing, to reject, to dismiss, to tell someone to piss off
envoyer son gantelet {v} [idiomatic]  :: throw down the gauntlet
envoyeur {m}  :: sender
envoyeur {m}  :: remitter
envoyeuse {f}  :: feminine noun of envoyeur
enweille {interj} [Quebec]  :: come on!
enzootie {f}  :: enzooty
enzootique {adj}  :: enzootic
enzootiquement {adv}  :: enzootically
enzymage {m}  :: fermentation (of wine by adding yeast or other enzymes)
enzymatique {adj}  :: enzymatic
enzymatiquement {adv}  :: enzymatically
enzyme {mf} [biochemistry]  :: enzyme
enzymer {vt}  :: to add yeast or other sources of enzymes as part of winemaking
enzymologie {m} [biochemistry]  :: enzymology
enzymologique {adj}  :: enzymological
enzymopathie {f}  :: enzymopathy
eprix {m}  :: eprix, an electric grand prix, a motorsports race involving electric-powered vehicles
epsilon {m}  :: epsilon (Greek letter)
epsiloniser {v} [maths]  :: To epsilonize
-er {suffix}  :: Forms infinitives of first-conjugation verbs
-erai {suffix}  :: Used with a stem to form the first-person singular future of regular -er verbs
-eraie {suffix}  :: alternative form of -aie
-eraient {suffix}  :: Used with a stem to form the third-person plural conditional of regular -er verbs
-erais {suffix}  :: Used with a stem to form the first-person singular conditional of regular -er verbs
-erais {suffix}  :: Used with a stem to form the second-person singular conditional of regular -er verbs
-erait {suffix}  :: Used with a stem to form the third-person singular conditional of regular -er verbs
erbine {m} [inorganic compound]  :: erbia
erbium {m}  :: erbium
-eresse {suffix} [rare]  :: used to form feminine forms of agent nouns from nouns ending in -eur
-erez {suffix}  :: Used with a stem to form the second-person plural future of regular -er verbs
erg {m}  :: erg (desert region)
erg {m}  :: erg (unit of work done)
ergatif {adj} [grammar]  :: ergative
ergatif {m}  :: ergative, ergative case (case used to indicate the agent of a verb)
ergocalciférol {m} [organic compound]  :: ergocalciferol
ergodicité {f}  :: ergodicity
ergodique {adj} [maths]  :: ergodic
ergol {m}  :: propellant (for rockets etc)
ergonomie {f}  :: ergonomics
ergonomie {f}  :: usability
ergonomique {adj}  :: ergonomic
ergonomiquement {adv}  :: ergonomically
ergot {m}  :: spur of a male member of Galliformes
ergot {m}  :: ergot
ergotage {m}  :: quibbling, hair-splitting
ergotamine {f}  :: ergotamine
ergoter {v} [figuratively]  :: to quibble; to argue; to contest
ergoter {vt}  :: to prune a tree or plant
ergoter {v} [of poultry]  :: to scratch with the dewclaw (spur)
ergoteur {m}  :: quibbler
ergoteuse {f}  :: feminine noun of ergoteur
ergothérapeute {mf}  :: occupational therapist
ergothérapie {f}  :: occupational therapy
-erie {suffix}  :: denoting a shop selling a certain product
-erie {suffix}  :: denoting an organization specializing in a given field
-erie {suffix}  :: denoting an object used to perform an action
-erie {suffix}  :: denoting nouns describing qualities or properties
ermitage {m}  :: hermitage (dwelling place of hermit)
ermitage {m}  :: hideaway
ermite {m}  :: hermit
ernestine {adj}  :: Ernestine
-erons {suffix}  :: Used with a stem to form the first-person plural simple future of regular -er verbs
-eront {suffix}  :: Used with a stem to form the third-person plural simple future of regular -er verbs
errance {f}  :: wandering, wanderlust
errant {adj}  :: wandering, stray
errant {adj}  :: errant
erratique {adj}  :: erratic
erratique {adj}  :: irregular, intermittent
erre {m}  :: letter: r
errement {m}  :: error, mistake
errer {vi}  :: to wander, to wander about
erreur {f}  :: error; mistake
erroné {adj}  :: wrong; erroneous
erronément {adv}  :: wrongly; incorrectly; erroneously
ersatz {m}  :: ersatz
esbigner {vt}  :: to steal
esbigner {vr}  :: to steal away
esbroufe {f}  :: faff; jibber-jabber
escabèche {f}  :: escabeche
escabeau {m}  :: step ladder
escabelle {f} [archaic or literary]  :: stool
escadre {f}  :: squadron; wing (air force)
escadrille {f}  :: flight
escadrille {f}  :: flotilla
escadron {m}  :: squadron
escagasser {v} [France, colloquial]  :: to annoy
escalade {f} [sports]  :: climbing
escalade {f}  :: escalation
escalader {v}  :: to escalade (attack (e.g. a castle) by using ladders etc. to climb to the top)
escalader {v}  :: to climb, to go rock climbing
escalateur {m}  :: escalator (mechanical device)
escalator {m}  :: escalator
escale {f}  :: port of call
escale {f}  :: stopover
escalier {m}  :: step, stair
escalier {m}  :: staircase
escalier {m}  :: stairs
escalier mécanique {m}  :: escalator (mechanical device)
escalope {f}  :: an escalope, a thin slice of especially white meat
escamotable {adj}  :: retractable
escamotage {m}  :: conjuring
escamotage {m}  :: retraction (of undercarriage)
escamoter {v}  :: to conjure away, make disappear
escamoter {v}  :: to skirt round, evade, dodge; to skip (word)
escamoter {v} [colloquial]  :: to pinch, nick
escamoter {v}  :: to retract (landing gear)
escampette {f}  :: Used only in the phrase prendre la poudre d'escampette - to do a bunk
escapisme {m}  :: escapism (inclination to escape)
escarbille {f}  :: a speck of ember that escapes from a fire and floats in the air, often making small holes in clothes
escarbot {m}  :: dung beetle
escarbot {adj}  :: of or relating to dung beetles
escarboucle {f}  :: carbuncle
escarbouiller {v}  :: obsolete form of écrabouiller
escarcelle {f} [historical]  :: moneybag
escargatoire {m}  :: escargatoire
escargot {m}  :: snail
escarmouche {f}  :: skirmish; dispute
escarmouche {f} [military]  :: skirmish (small combat)
escarmoucher {v}  :: To skirmish
escarole {f}  :: dated form of scarole
escarpé {adj}  :: steep (near-vertical)
escarpe {m} [obsolete, slang]  :: murderer, killer
escarpe {f} [fortifications]  :: escarpment
escarpement {m} [uncountable]  :: steepness (state of being steep)
escarpement {m} [countable]  :: a steep or abrupt slope, an escarpment
escarpement {m} [countable, figuratively, of a person or his qualities]  :: severity, harshness
escarpin {m}  :: high-heeled woman's shoe
escarpolette {f}  :: swing (e.g. playground fixture)
escarre {f}  :: eschar, bedsore
eschatologie {f}  :: eschatology (system of doctrines concerning final matters, such as death)
eschatologique {adj}  :: eschatological
esche {f}  :: bait
escher {v}  :: To bait a hook
escient {m}  :: wisdom, knowledge
esclaffer {vr}  :: to burst out in laughter
esclandre {m}  :: scandal; scene, fracas
esclavage {m}  :: slavery (institution or practice of owning human beings)
esclavagisme {m}  :: proslavery
esclavagiste {adj}  :: proslavery
esclavagiste {mf}  :: slaver
esclave {mf}  :: slave
esclavon {adj}  :: Slavonic
escoffier {v} [archaic]  :: to kill
escofier {v}  :: alternative form of escoffier
escogriffe {m} [colloquial]  :: beanpole (lanky man)
escompte {m}  :: discount
escompter {v}  :: to discount because of a payment by anticipation
escompter {v}  :: to anticipate, to be in the hope of
escopateur {m} [Rennes]  :: a garbage man/bin man
escopette {f}  :: carbine, escopet
escopettier {m}  :: carabineer
escorte {f}  :: escort, suite
escorter {v}  :: to escort
escorter {v}  :: to accompany
escorteur {m} [nautical]  :: escort (ship)
escouade {f}  :: squad, squadron
escourgeon {m}  :: bere (type of barley)
escrime {m}  :: fencing (sport)
escrimer {v} [dated]  :: to fence, to do fencing (sport)
escrimer {vr}  :: to apply oneself, to exert oneself
escrimeur {m}  :: a fencer; someone who participates in the sport of fencing
escrimeuse {f}  :: fencer
escrivain {m}  :: obsolete spelling of écrivain
escroc {m}  :: crook (a criminal who steals)
escroc {m}  :: baddy (evil character, in a story)
escroquer {v}  :: to swindle
escroquerie {f}  :: swindle, swindling
escroquerie {f} [legal]  :: fraud
escudet {m}  :: navelwort
esculape {m} [colloquial]  :: A medical doctor, physician
esculapien {adj}  :: Aesculapian
esculapien {m} [colloquial]  :: A medical doctor, physician
esculetine {f}  :: aesculetin
esculique {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: esculic
esgal {adj}  :: archaic spelling of égal
esgalité {f}  :: archaic spelling of égalité
esgourde {f} [France, anatomy, colloquial]  :: ear
eskimo {adj}  :: Eskimo
esloigner {v}  :: archaic spelling of éloigner
esmérillon {m}  :: swivel
espacé {adj}  :: spaced out
espace {m}  :: space
espace {f} [typography]  :: space
espace insécable {f} [typography]  :: non-breaking space
espace vectoriel {m} [linear algebra]  :: vector space
espacement {m}  :: spacing (out)
espacer {vt}  :: to space out, to allow gaps or intervals between
espace-temps {m}  :: spacetime (four dimensional continuum)
espadon {m}  :: swordfish
espadon {m}  :: espadon (sword)
espadrille {f} [European French]  :: espadrille
espadrille {f} [Quebec]  :: sneaker, running shoe
espagnol {adj}  :: Spanish, from or otherwise related to Spain, its people etc
espagnol {m}  :: Spanish language
espagnolette {f}  :: espagnolette (window locking device)
espalier {m} [agriculture]  :: espalier
espalier {m} [sports]  :: wall bars
esparcette {f}  :: esparcet, sainfoin
espargue {f}  :: synonym of asperge
espèce {f}  :: type, sort, kind
espèce {f} [taxonomy]  :: species
espèce {f} [in the plural]  :: cash, specie, coin
espèce de {adj} [pejorative, used before an insult]  :: you
espécialement {adv} [Louisiana]  :: especially
esperluette {f}  :: ampersand
espiègle {m}  :: prankster, imp, rascal
espiègle {adj}  :: playful, frolicsome
espiègle {adj}  :: impish, mischievous
espiègle {adj}  :: skittish
espièglement {adv}  :: playfully
espièglerie {f}  :: mischief, cheekiness (vexatious or annoying conduct)
espingole {f}  :: blunderbuss (weapon)
espiogiciel {m} [computing]  :: spyware
espion {m}  :: spy (person who secretly watches)
espionite {f}  :: spy mania / paranoia
espionnage {m}  :: espionage; spying
espionner {v}  :: to spy (to act as a spy)
espionnite {f}  :: alternative form of espionite
esplanade {f}  :: esplanade, plaza, square, piazza
espliquer {v} [Louisiana French]  :: alternative form of expliquer
espoir {m} [all senses]  :: hope
esposer {v}  :: obsolete spelling of exposer
espérable {adj}  :: expected; hoped for
espérance {f}  :: hope
espérance de vie {f}  :: life expectancy (years of expected life according to statistical tables)
espérance de vie {f} [machinery maintenance]  :: mean time to breakdown
espérantiser {v}  :: to Esperantize
espéranto {m}  :: Esperanto (auxiliary language)
espérer {vi}  :: to hope
espérer {vt}  :: to hope for
espérer {vi}  :: to have faith, to trust [with en (in)]
espérer {v} [Louisiana, also]  :: to wait
esprit {m}  :: immaterial or incorporeal substance
esprit {m}  :: disembodied mind
esprit {m}  :: mind (in the wide sense)
esprit {m}  :: mind (as principle of thought)
esprit {m}  :: specific mind aptitude
esprit {m}  :: high mind aptitude
esprit {m}  :: deep intention, sense, or purpose (of a text, action, attitude...); philosophy (in figurative sense)
esprit {m} [metonymy]  :: human being, as possessing abilities of mind
esprit {m}  :: (old) volatile fluid ; (in particular) alcohol
esprit de clocher {m}  :: parochialism
esprit de contradiction {m}  :: contrariness, argumentativeness, quarrelsomeness, contentious spirit, confrontational attitude
esprit de corps {m} [idiom]  :: spirit of the group, common spirit
esprit de l'escalier {m}  :: l'esprit de l'escalier, staircase wit
esprit d'escalier {m}  :: alternative form of esprit de l'escalier
esprit doux {m} [phonetics, typography]  :: smooth breathing
esprit frappeur {m}  :: poltergeist (a disruptive ghost)
esprit pyroacétique {m} [obsolete, organic compound]  :: pyroacetic spirit
esprit rude {m} [phonetics, typography]  :: rough breathing
esprit-de-vin {m}  :: spirits of wine
-esque {suffix}  :: -esque
esquicher {v}  :: To squeeze
esquif {m} [literary]  :: skiff (any of various types of boats small enough for sailing or rowing by one person)
esquille {f}  :: splinter
esquimau {adj}  :: Eskimo (attributive)
esquimau {m}  :: Inuit (language of the Eskimo)
esquimau {m}  :: snowsuit
esquinter {v}  :: to damage, ruin, or wear out, especially through use or misuse
esquisse {f} [arts]  :: sketch (quick freehand drawing)
esquisse {f}  :: sketch (brief description)
esquisser {v}  :: to sketch
esquisser {v}  :: to draft, outline
esquiver {vt}  :: to dodge (a blow), duck
esquiver {vt}  :: to sidestep, to strafe
esquiver {vr}  :: to slip away
essai {m}  :: try, trial
essai {m}  :: assay
essai {m} [rugby]  :: try
essai {m}  :: essay, composition of moderate length exploring a particular issue or subject
essai de pénalité {m} [rugby]  :: penalty try
essaim {m}  :: swarm (of bees, insects etc.)
essaimage {m}  :: swarming (of bees)
essaimage {m}  :: swarming (when a lot of animals or people congregate)
essaimer {v} [of bees]  :: to swarm
essaimer {v} [figuratively, of people]  :: to swarm (to go in a massive group)
essart {m}  :: assart
essarter {v}  :: to essart
essayage {m}  :: fitting, trying on
essayer {vt}  :: to test, to try on
essayer {v} [with "de"]  :: to try, to attempt
essayeur {m}  :: fitter
essayeur {m}  :: assayer
essayeuse {f}  :: assayer, fitter (female)
essayeuse {f}  :: A woman employed in clothing stores to fit clients with clothes
essayiste {mf}  :: essayist
esse {m}  :: letter: s
-esse {suffix}  :: used to form nouns describing the condition of being something (-ness, -ity, etc.)
-esse {suffix}  :: -ess (female form)
essence {f} [philosophy, theology]  :: essence
essence {f}  :: petrol, gasoline
essence {f}  :: essence, essential oil
essencier {m}  :: essencier
essentialisme {m} [philosophy]  :: essentialism
essentialité {f}  :: essentialness
essentialité {f}  :: essentiality, essence
essentiel {adj}  :: essential
essentiel {m}  :: essential; essence, essential part
essentiellement {adv}  :: essentially
esseulé {adj}  :: left alone, stranded, forlorn
esseuler {vt}  :: to isolate
esseuler {vp}  :: to isolate oneself
essieu {m}  :: axel, axle (of a car)
essif {m} [grammar]  :: the essive case
essonnien {adj}  :: Of or from Essonne
essor {m}  :: flight (the time of soaring, for a bird)
essor {m} [figurative]  :: soaring (great success)
essorage {m}  :: spinning, spin-drying
essorage {m}  :: wringing (out)
essorer {v}  :: to dry out, to hang out to dry (e.g. washing)
essorer {v}  :: wring, wring out
essoreuse {f}  :: mangle, wringer
essoufflé {adj}  :: out of breath, breathless
essoufflement {m}  :: breathlessness
essoufflement {m}  :: panting
essouffler {vt}  :: to knock the wind out of, leave breathless
essouffler {vr}  :: to become breathless
essouffler {vr}  :: to lose steam, to tail off
essuie-glace {m}  :: windscreen wiper
essuie-mains {m}  :: hand towel
essuie-tout {m}  :: paper towel, kitchen towel
essuyer {v}  :: to wipe, to wipe down
est {adj}  :: east
est {m}  :: east
establishment {m}  :: establishment (ruling authority)
estafette {f}  :: courier
estafette {f} [military]  :: dispatch rider
estafier {m}  :: armed valet; bodyguard, hatchet man
estafilade {f}  :: gash, slash
estampage {m}  :: estampage
estampe {f}  :: print
estamper {v}  :: to emboss
estamper {v}  :: to stamp (mark by pressing quickly and heavily)
estampie {f} [historical]  :: a medieval French dance
estampille {f}  :: stamp (device for imprinting)
estampille {f}  :: stamp (imprint made by a stamp)
estampiller {v}  :: to stamp (mark with a stamp)
est-ce que {particle}  :: Used to introduce a yes-or-no question
est-ce que {particle}  :: Used after a preposed interrogative to introduce the remainder of the question
ester {v} [legal, rare]  :: to appear
ester {v} [archaic]  :: to be
ester {m} [organic chemistry]  :: ester
esthésie {f}  :: aesthesia
esthète {mf}  :: aesthete (someone who cultivates an unusually high sensitivity to beauty, as in art or nature)
esthéticien {m}  :: beautician
esthéticienne {f}  :: feminine noun of esthéticien
esthétique {adj}  :: aesthetic (concerned with beauty)
esthétique {f}  :: aesthetics (study of beauty)
esthétiquement {adv}  :: aesthetically
esthétisant {adj}  :: aestheticized, aestheticizing
esthétisme {m}  :: estheticism
esti {f}  :: alternative form of ostie
est-il {phrase}  :: is he
est-il {phrase} [impersonal]  :: is it
estimable {adj}  :: estimable, creditable
estimable {adj}  :: esteemed
estimateur {m}  :: estimator, assessor
estimatif {adj}  :: estimated
estimation {f}  :: estimate; estimation (rough calculation or guess)
estime {f}  :: esteem
estime {f}  :: estimation
estime de soi {f}  :: self-esteem
estimer {vt}  :: to estimate, to calculate roughly
estimer {vt}  :: to esteem, to hold in high regard
estimer {vt}  :: to give some thought to, to consider
estival {adj}  :: estival, summery
estivant {m}  :: summer holidaymaker
estivation {f}  :: estivation
estiver {v}  :: to estivate
est-nord-est {m}  :: east-northeast (compass point)
estoc {m}  :: (type of) sword, rapier
estocade {f}  :: the mortal impalement of a bull, in bullfighting
estomac {m} [anatomy]  :: stomach
estomach {m}  :: obsolete form of estomac
estomaqué {adj}  :: flabbergasted
estomaquer {vtr}  :: to flabbergast, stupefy
estomper {v}  :: to blur, to make indistinct, to dim
estomper {vr}  :: to become blurred
estomper {vr}  :: to die down, to fade away
estonien {m}  :: Estonian, the Estonian language
estonien {adj}  :: Estonian
estoquer {v}  :: to impale
estourbi {adj}  :: stunned
estourbir {vt} [colloquial]  :: To stun or knock out
est-quart-nord-est {m}  :: east by north (compass point)
est-quart-sud-est {m}  :: east by south (compass point)
estrade {f}  :: platform, podium
estragol {m} [organic compound]  :: estragole
estragon {m}  :: tarragon (the plant)
estragon {m}  :: tarragon (the leaves)
estramaçon {m} [historical]  :: (a type of) broadsword
estrapade {f}  :: strappado, a torture or punishment technique where the victim is tied at a pole which is dropped from a considerable height to just above the soil; aboard a vessel, the victim is dipped into the sea
estrapade {f}  :: mast or other contraption constructed for such torturous treatment
estrapade {f}  :: gymnastic exercise, where the athlete hangs from a rope and passes the rest of the body in between both arms
estre {v}  :: archaic spelling of être
estre humain {m}  :: obsolete spelling of être humain
estérifié {adj}  :: esterified
estérification {f} [organic chemistry]  :: esterification
estérifier {vt} [organic chemistry]  :: to esterify
estrémaduran {m}  :: Extremaduran (the language of Extremadura)
estropié {adj}  :: maimed, crippled
estropié {m}  :: cripple
estropier {v}  :: cripple
est-sud-est {m}  :: east-southeast (compass point)
estuaire {m}  :: estuary
estuarien {adj}  :: estuarine
estudiantin {adj}  :: student (attributive)
esturgeon {m}  :: sturgeon
et {conj}  :: and
-et {suffix}  :: Suffix indicating diminution or affection
-eté {suffix}  :: variant of -té, for example: proprepropreté
et ainsi de suite {idiom}  :: and so on
et ainsi de suite {idiom}  :: and so forth
et alors {interj}  :: so what?
et cétéra {adv}  :: alternative form of et cetera
et des poussières {phrase}  :: or thereabouts
etc. {adv}  :: et cetera (and so on)
ethmoïdal {adj} [anatomy]  :: ethmoidal, ethmoid
ethmoïde {adj}  :: ethmoid
ethnarque {m}  :: ethnarch
ethnicité {f}  :: ethnicity
ethnie {f}  :: ethnic group
ethnique {adj}  :: ethnic
ethniquement {adv}  :: ethnically
ethno- {prefix}  :: ethno-
ethnoastronomie {f} [astronomy]  :: ethnoastronomy
ethnobiologie {f} [biology]  :: ethnobiology
ethnobiologiste {mf} [biology]  :: ethnobiologist
ethnocentrique {adj}  :: ethnocentric (related to ethnocentrism)
ethnocentrisme {m}  :: ethnocentrism
ethnocentriste {adj}  :: ethnocentrist
ethnoculturel {adj}  :: ethnocultural
ethnoentomologie {f}  :: ethnoentomology
ethnoentomologiste {mf}  :: ethnoentomologist
ethnographe {mf}  :: ethnographer (one who studies ethnography)
ethnographie {f}  :: ethnography
ethnographier {v}  :: to record in the form of an ethnography
ethnographique {adj}  :: ethnographic
ethnolinguistique {adj}  :: ethnolinguistic
ethnologie {f}  :: ethnology
ethnologique {adj}  :: ethnologic, ethnological
ethnologiquement {adv}  :: ethnologically
ethnologue {mf}  :: ethnologist
ethnomathématique {adj}  :: ethnomathematical
ethnomathématique {f} [maths]  :: ethnomathematics
ethnomusicologie {f}  :: ethnomusicology
ethnomusicologique {adj}  :: ethnomusicologic
ethnomusicologiquement {adv}  :: ethnomusicologically
ethnomusicologue {mf}  :: ethnomusicologist
ethnonyme {m}  :: ethnonym
ethnoornithologie {f}  :: ethnoornithology
ethnoornithologiste {mf}  :: ethnoornithologist
ethnopolitique {adj}  :: ethnopolitical
ethnopolitique {f}  :: ethnopolitics
ethnopsychiatre {mf}  :: ethnopsychiatrist
ethnopsychiatrie {f}  :: ethnopsychiatry
ethnozoologie {f}  :: ethnozoology
ethnozoologiste {mf}  :: ethnozoologist
et/ou {conj}  :: and/or
-ette {suffix}  :: feminine noun of -et
eubactérie {f}  :: eubacterium
eucalyne {f} [carbohydrate]  :: eucalyn
eucalyptus {m}  :: eucalyptus
eucaryote {m} [cytology]  :: eukaryote
eucharistie {f} [Christianity]  :: Eucharist
eucharistique {adj}  :: eucharistic
euclidien {adj}  :: Euclidean
eucologe {m}  :: euchologion
eudiomètre {m}  :: eudiometer (tube for measuring volume of gases)
eudiométrie {m}  :: eudiometry
eudiométrique {adj}  :: eudiometric
eugénie {f}  :: eugenics
eugénine {f}  :: eugenin
eugénique {adj}  :: eugenic
eugénisme {m}  :: eugenics
eugéniste {adj}  :: eugenist
eugéniste {mf}  :: eugenist
eugénol {m} [organic compound]  :: eugenol
eugénésie {f}  :: eugenics
eugénésique {adj}  :: eugenic
euh {interj}  :: er, um, uh; expressing hesitation, reflection, confusion, or doubt
eulérien {adj}  :: Eulerian
eumélanine {f}  :: eumelanin
eunuchat {m}  :: quality of being a eunuch
eunuque {m}  :: eunuch
euphémique {adj}  :: euphemistic
euphémiquement {adv}  :: euphemistically
euphémisme {m}  :: euphemism
euphonie {f}  :: euphony
euphonique {adj}  :: euphonic
euphoniquement {adv}  :: euphonically
euphorbe {f}  :: spurge (any plant of the genus Euphorbia)
euphorbique {adj}  :: euphorbic
euphorie {f}  :: euphoria (an excited state of joy)
euphorique {adj}  :: euphoric, very happy, exhilarated
euphorisant {adj}  :: euphoriant
euphotique {adj}  :: euphotic (describing that part of the near-surface ocean in which photosynthesis is possible)
euphraise {f}  :: eyebright
-eur {suffix}  :: Used to form agent nouns from verbs
-eur {suffix}  :: Used to form abstract nouns from adjectives; -ness
eurasiatique {adj}  :: Eurasian
eurasien {adj}  :: Eurasian (of or from Eurasia)
eurhodine {f} [organic compound]  :: eurhodine
euristique {adj}  :: heuristic
eurêka {interj}  :: eureka
euro {m}  :: euro (currency)
euro- {prefix}  :: Euro- (forms words relating to Europe)
eurochèque {m}  :: Eurocheque
eurocommunisme {m}  :: Eurocommunism
eurocommuniste {adj}  :: Eurocommunist
eurocommuniste {mf}  :: Eurocommunist
eurodéputé {m}  :: MEP, Eurodeputy
eurodéputée {f}  :: Eurodeputy (Euro MP) (female)
euromissile {m}  :: Euromissile
européanisation {f}  :: Europeanisation
européaniser {v}  :: to Europeanize
europate {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: europate
européen {adj}  :: European
europhile {mf}  :: europhile
europhile {adj}  :: europhilic, europhile
europhilie {f}  :: europhilia (love of Europe)
europhobe {adj}  :: Europhobic
européiste {adj}  :: pro-European
européiste {mf}  :: pro-European
europium {m}  :: europium
eurosceptique {adj}  :: Eurosceptic
eurosceptique {mf}  :: Eurosceptic
euryèce {adj} [ecology]  :: euryoecious
eurytherme {adj} [biology]  :: eurythermal
euryxène {adj} [biology]  :: euryxenous
-euse {suffix}  :: feminine noun of -eur
-euse {suffix}  :: feminine singular of -eux
eusocial {adj} [biology]  :: eusocial
eusocialement {adv} [biology]  :: eusocially
eusocialité {f} [biology]  :: eusociality
eutectique {adj}  :: eutectic
eutectique {m}  :: eutectic (point, mixture)
eutectoïde {adj} [physics]  :: eutectoid
eutexie {f}  :: eutexia
euthanasie {f}  :: euthanasia (practice of killing a human being or animal)
euthanasier {v}  :: to euthanise
eutrophe {adj} [geography, of a swamp or a similar water reservoir]  :: eutrophic, providing nutrients
eutrophie {f} [physiology]  :: eutrophy
eutrophique {adj} [geography, of a swamp or a similar water reservoir]  :: eutrophic, providing nutrients
eutrophique {adj} [medicine]  :: eutrophic, promoting health and nutrients
eutrophisation {f}  :: eutrophication
eutrophiser {v} [physiology]  :: to render eutrophic
-eux {suffix}  :: -ous, -y
eux-mêmes {pron} [emphatic]  :: themselves
euxénite {m} [mineral]  :: euxenite
eventrer {v}  :: obsolete form of éventrer
ex. {abbr}  :: abbreviation of exemple
ex aequo {adv} [usually, used for sports]  :: equal; in an equal state
ex æquo {adv}  :: alternative spelling of ex aequo
exa- {prefix}  :: exa-
exacerbation {f}  :: exacerbation
exacerber {v}  :: to exacerbate, to worsen
exact {adj}  :: exact; precise
exactement {adv}  :: exactly, quite
exacteur {m}  :: exactor
exaction {f}  :: extortion
exaction {f}  :: exaction
exactitude {f}  :: Exactitude, accuracy
exactrice {f}  :: feminine singular of exacteur
ex-aequo {adv}  :: alternative spelling of ex aequo
exagérateur {m}  :: exaggerator
exagération {f}  :: exaggeration
exagératrice {f}  :: feminine singular of exagérateur
exagérer {v}  :: to exaggerate
exagérément {adv}  :: exaggeratedly (in an exaggerated way)
exakatal {m}  :: exakatal
exaltation {f}  :: exaltation
exalter {vt}  :: to elate, thrill
exalter {vr}  :: to be elated
exam {m} [colloquial]  :: Short for examen
examen {m}  :: exam, test
examen blanc {m}  :: a mock exam
examen de la vue {m}  :: eye test
examinateur {m}  :: examiner
examinatrice {f}  :: examiner
examiner {v}  :: to examine
exanthème {m}  :: exanthem, exanthema
exaoctet {m} [computing]  :: exabyte
exarchat {m} [historical]  :: exarchate
exarque {m} [historical]  :: exarch
exarque {m} [religion]  :: exarch
exaspérant {adj}  :: exasperating
exaspération {f}  :: exasperation, an exasperated feeling of annoyance, aggravation
exaspération {f}  :: exasperation (due to actions that cause great irritation or anger)
exaspérer {v}  :: to exasperate (to frustrate)
exaucement {m}  :: fulfilment
exaucer {vt} [religion]  :: to fulfil the wish of a prayer
exbioctet {m}  :: exbibyte
excavateur {m}  :: excavator (vehicle, often on tracks, used to dig ditches etc; a backhoe)
excavation {f}  :: excavation
excavatrice {f}  :: excavator
excaver {v}  :: to excavate
excédant {adj}  :: surplus, excess, excessive
excédent {m}  :: excess, surplus
excédentaire {adj}  :: surplus, excess
excéder {vt}  :: to exceed (in quantity)
excéder {vt}  :: to annoy, to anger (someone)
excellement {adv} [obsolete or nonstandard]  :: alternative spelling of excellemment
excellemment {adv}  :: excellently; brilliantly
excellence {f}  :: Excellence
excellence {f}  :: Excellency (term of address)
excellent {adj}  :: excellent; splendid
excellentissime {adj}  :: superexcellent
excellentissimement {adv} [rare]  :: very excellently
exceller {v}  :: to excel
excentrer {v}  :: to offset
excentricité {f}  :: eccentricity (the quality of being eccentric)
excentricité {f} [mathematics]  :: eccentricity (a ratio between distances in a conic section)
excentrique {adj}  :: eccentric (away from the centre)
excentrique {adj} [mathematics]  :: eccentric (not having the same centre)
excentrique {adj} [figuratively]  :: eccentric (characterized by unusual behaviour), oddball
excentriquement {adv}  :: eccentrically
excepté {prep}  :: except
excepter {v}  :: to exclude, not count, make an exception
exception {f}  :: exception
exceptionnel {adj}  :: exceptional
exceptionnel {adj}  :: outstanding (not yet solved)
exceptionnellement {adv}  :: exceptionally
excessif {adj}  :: excessive
excessivement {adv}  :: excessively
excimère {m} [chemistry, physics]  :: excimer
exciper {v} [legal]  :: to plea
exciser {v}  :: to excise
excision {f}  :: excision
excité {adj}  :: horny; excited
excité {adj}  :: excited
excité comme une puce {adj} [simile, colloquial]  :: extremely excited
excitabilité {f}  :: excitability
excitable {adj}  :: excitable
excitant {adj}  :: exciting (causing stimulation or excitement)
excitant {m}  :: excitant; stimulant
excitateur {adj}  :: stimulating
excitation {f}  :: excitement
exciter {v}  :: to excite (to stir the emotions of)
exciton {m} [physics]  :: exciton
exclamatif {adj}  :: exclamatory
exclamation {f}  :: exclamation (cry of joy)
exclamativement {adv}  :: exclamatorily
exclamer {v}  :: to exclaim, shout out
exclu {m}  :: person who is excluded
exclu {f} [media]  :: exclusive
exclu {adj}  :: excluded
exclu {adj}  :: exclusive
exclure {v}  :: to exclude
exclure {v}  :: to leave out
exclusif {adj}  :: exclusive
exclusion {f}  :: exclusion
exclusivement {adv}  :: exclusively
exclusivisme {m}  :: exclusivism
exclusivité {f}  :: exclusiveness
exclusivité {f} [media]  :: exclusive
excogitation {f}  :: excogitation
excogiter {v} [rare, aged]  :: to imagine
excommunication {f}  :: excommunication
excommunier {v}  :: to excommunicate
excorier {v}  :: to excoriate
exécrable {adj}  :: loathsome, detestable
exécrable {adj} [colloquial]  :: extremely bad, awful, poor
exécrablement {adv}  :: poorly; awfully; lamentably
exécration {f}  :: execration
exécrer {v}  :: to loathe
excrément {m}  :: excrement (animal solid waste)
excrémentiel {adj}  :: excremental
excroissance {f}  :: excrescence, outgrowth
excrété {adj}  :: excreted
excrétat {m} [biology]  :: excreta
excréter {v}  :: to excrete
excréteur {adj}  :: excretory
excrétion {f}  :: excretion
excrétoire {adj}  :: excretory
excès {m}  :: excess
excursion {f}  :: excursion
excursion {f}  :: wander (talk off topic)
excursionner {v} [dated]  :: to trip (take a trip)
excursionniste {mf}  :: excursionist
excursionniste {mf}  :: hiker, walker
excusable {adj}  :: excusable, pardonable
excusablement {adv}  :: excusably
excuse {f}  :: excuse
excuse-moi {interj}  :: excuse me?
excuser {v}  :: to excuse; to pardon
excusez-moi {interj}  :: excuse me?
exécuté {adj}  :: executed (all senses)
exécutable {adj}  :: executable
exécutant {m} [music]  :: performer
exécutante {f}  :: feminine singular of exécutant
exécuter {v}  :: to execute; to carry out
exécuter {v}  :: to execute (to kill as punishment)
exécuter {vr}  :: to comply
exécuter {v}  :: to perform (contract)
exécuteur {m}  :: executor
exécutif {adj}  :: executive
exécution {f}  :: execution
exécutoire {adj} [legal]  :: enforceable (legally binding)
exécutoirement {adv}  :: enforceably
exemplaire {m}  :: copy; facsimile
exemplaire {m}  :: example
exemplaire {m}  :: sample; instance; specimen
exemplaire {adj}  :: exemplary
exemplaire {adj}  :: example
exemplairement {adv}  :: exemplarily
exemplarité {f}  :: exemplarity
exemple {m}  :: example
exemplification {f}  :: exemplification
exemplifier {v}  :: to exemplify
exempt {adj}  :: exempt
exempt {m}  :: exempt, (type of) policeman
exempter {v}  :: to exempt
exemption {f}  :: exemption
exercer {v}  :: to instruct, to command
exercer {v}  :: to exercise
exercer {v}  :: to practise, to do
exercice {m}  :: exercise, practice
exercice {m} [finance]  :: fiscal year, financial year
exergue {m} [numismatics]  :: exergue (space beneath the main design on a coin or medal for an inscription)
exergue {m} [by extension]  :: inscription
exergue {m}  :: epigraph
exfiltrer {v}  :: To exfiltrate
exfoliant {adj}  :: exfoliating; that causes exfoliation of the skin
exfoliation {f}  :: exfoliation
exfolier {vt}  :: to exfoliate, strip of leaves
exfolier {vr}  :: to exfoliate
exégèse {f}  :: exegesis (formal written exposition or explanatory essay)
exégète {mf}  :: exegete (a person skilled in exegesis)
exégétique {adj}  :: exegetical
exhalaison {f}  :: exhalation
exhalant {adj}  :: exhalant
exhalation {f}  :: exhalation
exhaler {v}  :: to exhale
exhaler {v}  :: to give off (e.g. an odor)
exhaler {v}  :: to let out, let slip (e.g. a secret)
exhaler {v}  :: to let out (e.g. of an instrument, to emit a sound)
exhaure {f}  :: drainage (especially of water from a mine)
exhaurer {vt}  :: to drain water from a mine
exhaussement {m}  :: elevation, erection (action of raising up)
exhausser {vt}  :: to raise up, erect [a building]
exhausteur {m}  :: enhancer (for the carburator)
exhausteur de goût {m}  :: flavour enhancer
exhaustif {adj}  :: exhaustive
exhaustivement {adv}  :: exhaustively
exhaustivité {f}  :: exhaustiveness
exhiber {v} [legal]  :: to exhibit
exhiber {v}  :: to show, show round, show off
exhiber {vr}  :: to show off, flaunt strut one's stuff
exhibition {f} [sport]  :: exhibition, friendly
exhibition {f} [document]  :: presentation, production
exhibition {f}  :: showing off, outrageous behaviour
exhibitionisme {m}  :: alternative form of exhibitionnisme
exhibitionnisme {m}  :: exhibitionism
exhibitionniste {mf}  :: exhibitionist
exhortation {f}  :: An exhortation
exhorter {v}  :: to exhort
exhérédation {f}  :: disinheritance
exhumation {f}  :: exhumation
exhumer {v}  :: to exhume
exigeant {adj}  :: demanding
exigence {f}  :: demand
exiger {v}  :: to demand
exigible {adj}  :: exigible
exigu {adj}  :: small, tiny, poky, exiguous
exiguïté {f}  :: smallness, crampedness
exil {m}  :: exile
exilé {m}  :: exile (someone in exile)
exilé {adj}  :: exiled, in exile
exilée {f}  :: feminine noun of exilé
exiler {v}  :: to exile, to banish
exiler {vr}  :: to go into exile
exinscrit {adj} [maths]  :: exinscribed
existant {adj}  :: existing, being
existant {adj}  :: existent
existant {adj}  :: extant, in existence
existence {f}  :: existence
existence {f}  :: life
existentialisme {m} [philosophy]  :: existentialism
existentialiste {adj}  :: existentialist
existentialiste {mf}  :: existentialist
existentiation {f}  :: existentiation
existentiel {adj}  :: existential
existentiellement {adv}  :: existentially
exister {v}  :: to exist
exéma {m}  :: alternative spelling of eczéma
exo- {prefix}  :: exo-
exo {m} [slang]  :: exercise
exobiologie {f} [biology]  :: exobiology
exobiologique {adj} [biology]  :: exobiological
exobiologiste {mf} [biology]  :: exobiologist
exocarpe {m}  :: exocarp
exocet {m}  :: flying fish
exocol {m} [anatomy]  :: exocervix
exocrine {adj}  :: exocrine
exode {m}  :: exodus
exode des cerveaux {m} [Canada]  :: brain drain
exogame {adj}  :: exogamous
exogamie {f}  :: exogamy
exogamique {adj}  :: exogamous
exogène {adj}  :: exogenous
exogéologie {f} [geology]  :: exogeology
exogéomorphologie {f}  :: exogeomorphology
exon {m} [genetics]  :: exon
exonération {f}  :: exoneration
exonérer {v}  :: to exonerate
exonucléase {f} [biochemistry]  :: exonuclease
exonyme {m}  :: exonym (a name given to a group or category of people by a secondary person or persons other than the people it refers to)
exophtalmie {f}  :: exophthalmos
exoplanète {f} [astronomy]  :: exoplanet (planet outside Earth's solar system)
exoplanétologie {f} [astronomy]  :: exoplanetology
exorbité {adj}  :: bulging (eyes)
exorbitamment {adv}  :: exorbitantly
exorbitant {adj}  :: exorbitant
exorbitant {adj}  :: extortionate
exorciser {v}  :: to exorcise
exorcisme {m}  :: exorcism
exorciste {mf}  :: exorcist
exorde {m} [rhetoric]  :: exord, exordium
exorer {v} [rare]  :: To implore or pray (to a God)
exoscopie {f} [geology]  :: exoscopy
exosphère {f}  :: exosphere (layer of the Earth's atmosphere)
exosquelette {m}  :: exoskeleton
exothermique {adj}  :: exothermic
exoticisation {f} [rare]  :: synonym of exotisation
exotique {adj}  :: exotic
exotiquement {adv}  :: exotically
exotisme {m}  :: exoticism
exotoxine {f}  :: exotoxin
exotoxique {adj}  :: exotoxic
exotérique {adj}  :: exoteric
expansé {adj}  :: expanded
expansif {adj}  :: expansive
expansif {adj}  :: expansionary
expansion {f}  :: expansion
expansionnisme {m}  :: expansionism
expansionniste {adj}  :: expansionist
expansivité {f}  :: expansivity, expansiveness
expatriation {f}  :: expatriation
expatrier {vt}  :: to expatriate, deport
expatrier {vr}  :: to emigrate
expédient {m}  :: expedient
expédier {v}  :: to post, to send, to ship
expédier {v}  :: to expedite
expédier {v}  :: to deal with quickly, to get rid of
expéditeur {m}  :: sender, transmitter
expéditif {adj}  :: expeditive, expeditious
expédition {f}  :: the act of expediting or hurrying
expédition {f}  :: expedition, excursion
expédition {f}  :: shipping, delivery of goods
expéditionnaire {adj}  :: expeditionary
expéditivement {adv}  :: expeditively, expeditiously
expectatif {adj}  :: expectant
expectatif {adj}  :: expectative
expectoration {f}  :: expectoration
expectorer {v}  :: to expectorate
expert {m}  :: expert
expert {adj}  :: expert
expert-comptable {m}  :: chartered accountant (one whose profession includes organizing, maintaining and auditing the records of another)
experte {f}  :: feminine noun of expert
experte-comptable {f}  :: feminine singular of expert-comptable
expertement {adv}  :: expertly
expertise {f} [countable]  :: appraisal
expertise {f} [uncountable]  :: expertness
expertiser {vt}  :: to appraise, value
expiation {f}  :: expiation
expiatoire {adj}  :: expiatory
expier {vt}  :: to expiate, to make amends for, atone for
expirant {adj}  :: expiring, dying
expirateur {adj} [anatomy]  :: expiratory
expiration {f}  :: expiration (act of expiring)
expiration {f}  :: expiration (act of breathing out)
expiration {f}  :: expiration (end)
expirer {vt}  :: To breathe out
expirer {vi}  :: to expire, run out
expirer {vi}  :: to pass away (die)
explicable {adj}  :: explicable, explainable
explicateur {m}  :: explainer, expounder
explicateur {m}  :: explicator
explicatif {adj}  :: explanatory
explication {f}  :: explanation
explicit {m}  :: end (of a story)
explicite {adj}  :: explicit, unequivocal, overt
explicitement {adv}  :: explicitly
expliciter {v}  :: to clarify
expliquer {v}  :: to explain
exploit {m}  :: exploit, feat
exploitable {adj}  :: exploitable
exploitant {adj}  :: exploiting
exploitant {adj}  :: exploitative
exploitant {m}  :: owner, manager; operator; (of farm) farmer
exploitation {f}  :: exploitation
exploiter {vt}  :: to exploit
exploiteur {m}  :: exploiter
explorateur {m}  :: explorer
exploration {f}  :: An exploration
exploration de données {f} [databases]  :: data mining
explorativement {adv}  :: exploratively
exploratrice {f}  :: feminine noun of explorateur
explorer {v}  :: to explore
exploser {v}  :: to explode
explosible {adj}  :: explosive
explosif {adj}  :: explosive (all meanings)
explosif {m}  :: explosive (material)
explosion {f}  :: explosion
explosion cambrienne {f}  :: Cambrian explosion
explosivement {adv}  :: explosively
explosivité {f}  :: explosivity
explétif {adj}  :: expletive
explétivement {adv}  :: expletively
expographie {f}  :: expography
exponentiation {f}  :: exponentiation (process)
exponentiel {adj}  :: exponential
exponentielle {f}  :: exponential function
exponentiellement {adv}  :: exponentially
export {m}  :: export
exportateur {m}  :: exporter
exportateur {adj}  :: export (attributive)
exportation {f}  :: exportation, export
exportatrice {f}  :: exporter (female)
exporter {v}  :: to export
exposé {adj}  :: exposed
exposé {m}  :: presentation
exposant {m}  :: exhibitor
exposant {m} [mathematics]  :: exponent
exposant {m}  :: superscript
exposer {v}  :: to expose
exposition {f}  :: exposition
exposition {f}  :: exhibition
exposition {f}  :: exposure
expressif {adj}  :: expressive
expression {f}  :: expression
expressionnisme {m} [arts]  :: expressionism
expressionniste {adj} [arts]  :: expressionist
expressionniste {mf} [arts]  :: expressionist
expressivement {adv}  :: expressively
expressivité {f}  :: expressivity
expressément {adv}  :: expressly
expresso {m}  :: espresso
expérience {f} [countable]  :: experiment, trial, test
expérience {f} [countable]  :: experience, totally of events one lives through
expérience {f} [uncountable]  :: experience, knowledge and skills
expérience de mort imminente {f} [medecine]  :: near-death experience
exprimable {adj}  :: expressible
expérimenté {adj}  :: experienced, having experience
expérimental {adj}  :: experimental
expérimentalement {adv}  :: experimentally
expérimentateur {m}  :: experimenter (one who experiments)
expérimentation {f}  :: experimentation
expérimentatrice {f}  :: feminine noun of expérimentateur A female experimenter
expérimenter {v}  :: to experiment
expérimenter {v}  :: to experience
exprimer {vt}  :: to express
exprimer {vr} [s'exprimer]  :: to express oneself
expropriation {f}  :: expropriation, confiscation, seizure
expropriation {f} [legal]  :: eminent domain, compulsory purchase
exproprier {v}  :: to expropriate
exprès {adj}  :: express
exprès {adj}  :: express (post), special delivery
exprès {adv}  :: on purpose; deliberately
exprès {m}  :: a messenger carrying letters for personal delivery
exprès {m} [archaic]  :: a messenger (in general)
expulser {v}  :: to expel
expulser {vt} [sports]  :: to send off
expulsion {f}  :: expulsion
expulsion {f} [sports]  :: sending-off, red card, dismissal
expurgation {f}  :: expurgation
expurger {v}  :: to expurgate
exquis {adj}  :: exquisite
exquisément {adv}  :: exquisitely
ex-æquo {adv}  :: alternative spelling of ex aequo
exsangue {adj}  :: bloodless
exsangue {adj}  :: exsanguine
exsanguination {f}  :: exsanguination
exstirper {v}  :: obsolete spelling of extirper
exstrophie {f} [anatomy]  :: exstrophy
exstrophique {adj} [anatomy]  :: exstrophic
exsudatif {adj} [pathology]  :: exudative
exsuder {v}  :: to exude
extase {f}  :: ecstasy (sentiment)
extasier {vr}  :: to be in ecstacy
extasier {vr}  :: to rave
extatique {adj}  :: ecstatic
extatiquement {adv}  :: ecstatically
extemporané {adj}  :: extemporaneous
extemporanément {adv}  :: extemporaneously
extenseur {adj}  :: extensor (attributive)
extenseur {m} [anatomy]  :: extensor (muscle)
extenseur {m}  :: chest expander (or similar equipment)
extensibilité {f} [computing]  :: scalability (computing: ability to support the required quality of service as the system load increases)
extensible {adj}  :: extensible
extensible {adj}  :: elastic; tensile
extensif {adj}  :: extensive
extension {f}  :: extension
extensivement {adv}  :: extensively
exterminateur {m}  :: exterminator
extermination {f}  :: extermination
exterminatrice {f}  :: feminine noun of exterminateur
exterminer {v}  :: to exterminate
externalisation {f}  :: outsourcing
externalisation {f}  :: extenalisation/externalization
externaliser {v}  :: to outsource
externalité {f} [economics]  :: externality
externat {m}  :: day school (school without boarders)
externat {m}  :: externship (condition of an extern)
externe {adj}  :: external
extincteur {m}  :: fire extinguisher
extinction {f}  :: extinction
extirper {v}  :: to uproot, extirpate (pull [a plant and its roots] out of the ground)
extirper {v} [medicine]  :: to remove, take out (e.g. an organ)
extirper {v} [figuratively]  :: to weed out, get rid of, eradicate (e.g. a problem or characteristic)
extirper {v}  :: to pull out, take out, whip out (remove something from e.g. a holder, pocket, holster etc.)
extirper {v}  :: to drag out, hoist out, lug out (remove someone, with difficulty, from a place)
extirper {vr}  :: to pull oneself out (of somewhere)
extirper {v} [colloquial]  :: to fish out, make someone cough up (obtain e.g. information from someone)
exténuant {adj}  :: exhausting
exténuation {f}  :: extenuation; exhaustion
exténuer {v}  :: to extenuate, weaken, exhaust
extorquer {v}  :: to extort
extorsion {f}  :: extortion (the practice of extorting money or other property)
extra {adj}  :: extra, additional
extra {adj}  :: great, super, famous
extra {mf}  :: extra, supplement
extracellulaire {adj}  :: extracellular
extrachromosomique {adj}  :: extrachromosomal
extracommunautaire {adj}  :: non-EC, non-EU
extraconjugal {adj}  :: extramarital
extracteur {m}  :: extractor
extracteur {m}  :: extractor fan
extractif {adj}  :: extractive
extractiforme {adj}  :: extractiform
extraction {f}  :: extraction
extrader {v}  :: to extradite
extradiégétique {adj}  :: extradiegetic
extradition {f}  :: extradition
extradosser {v}  :: to make an extrados
extragalactique {adj}  :: extragalactic
extraire {v}  :: extract (to draw out)
extrait {m}  :: an extract
extrait {m}  :: a clip
extrait {m}  :: an excerpt
extrait {adj}  :: extracted
extrajudiciaire {adj}  :: extrajudicial
extrajudiciairement {adv}  :: extrajudicially
extralégal {adj}  :: extralegal
extranucléaire {adj} [physics]  :: extranuclear
extraordinaire {adj}  :: extraordinary, out of the ordinary
extraordinairement {adv}  :: extraordinarily
extraparlementaire {adj}  :: extraparliamentary
extraplanétaire {adj} [astronomy]  :: extraplanetary
extrapolé {adj}  :: extrapolated
extrapolation {f}  :: extrapolation
extrapoler {v}  :: to extrapolate
extrasolaire {adj}  :: extrasolar
extraterrestre {adj}  :: extraterrestrial
extraterrestre {mf}  :: extraterrestrial
extraterritorial {adj}  :: extraterritorial
extraterritorialité {f}  :: extraterritoriality
extravagamment {adv}  :: extravagantly
extravagance {f}  :: extravagance
extravagant {adj}  :: extravagant
extravaguer {v}  :: to go, wander, extravagate
extravasation {f}  :: extravasation
extravaser {v}  :: to extravasate
extraversion {f}  :: extroversion
extraverti {adj}  :: extrovert
extravéhiculaire {adj}  :: extravehicular
extérieur {adj}  :: exterior
extérieur {m}  :: exterior, outside
extérieurement {adv}  :: outside; exterior
extrinsèque {adj}  :: extrinsic
extrinsèquement {adv}  :: extrinsically
extérioriser {v}  :: to exteriorize
extrémaduran {adj}  :: Extremaduran (from Extremadura)
extrémaduran {m}  :: Extremaduran (the language of Extremadura)
extrémal {adj}  :: extremal
extrême {adj}  :: extreme
extrêmement {adv}  :: extremely
extrémisme {m}  :: extremism (extreme ideas or actions)
extrémiste {adj}  :: extremist
extrémiste {mf}  :: an extremist
extrémité {f}  :: extremity
extrémité {f}  :: tip; end; top (furthermost or highest part)
extrémité {f}  :: extreme
extrêmophile {adj}  :: extremophile
extrêmophile {m}  :: extremophile
extrémum {m}  :: extremum
extroverti {adj}  :: alternative form of extraverti
extruder {v}  :: to extrude
extrudeuse {f}  :: extruder
extrusif {adj}  :: extrusive
extrusion {f}  :: extrusion
extuber {vt}  :: to extubate
exubéramment {adv}  :: exuberantly
exubérance {f}  :: exuberance
exubérant {adj}  :: exuberant
exulcérer {v}  :: to exulcerate, chafe
exulter {v}  :: to exult, rejoice
exutoire {m}  :: outlet (release of desires)
-ez {suffix}  :: suffix forming the formal second-person singular or second-person plural (vous) present indicative of an -er verb
-ez {suffix}  :: suffix forming the second-person plural imperative