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-a {suffix} :: feminine form of -us
a- {prefix} :: a-: Not, without, opposite of
a {letter} :: letter
a {f} [archaic] :: a stream or water
a {pron} [Brabantian] :: you
A {letter} :: letter
à {prep} :: indicates an approximate number
à {prep} :: indicates the price etc. per piece
aa {f} [especially in names] :: alternative spelling of a
Aa {prop} {f} :: the name of many small rivers and streams
aad {f} [rare] :: shallow oval tub or tray used for acquiring cream from milk
Aad {prop} {m} :: given name. Short form of Adriaan, the Dutch equivalent of Adrian
Aad {prop} {f} [now less common] :: given name. Short form of Adriana, the Dutch equivalent of Adrienne
Aadje {prop} {m} :: given name. A diminutive form of Aad
Aa en Hunze {prop} {n} :: Aa en Hunze (municipality)
Aafje {prop} {f} :: given name. Short form of Agatha, the Dutch equivalent of Agatha
aagje {n} :: a very curious person, "Paulina Pry"
Aagje {prop} :: given name. Short form of Agatha, the Dutch equivalent of Agatha
aagt {m} :: light sour breed of apple
aagtappel {m} :: light sour breed of apple
Aagtje {prop} {f} :: given name. Short form of Agatha, the Dutch equivalent of Agatha
aai {m} :: A stroke or caress
aai {m} [dated, ironic] :: A pinch; a shove
aaibaar {adj} :: pettable
aaibaarheid {f} :: cuddliness, cuteness; the extent or level of which someone or something allows to be pet, is pettable
aaibaarheidsfactor {m} :: the level of cuddliness or likability
aaien {vt} :: to stroke, to caress, to pet
aaiing {f} :: petting
aak {mf} :: barge (type of ship that sails on rivers)
aal {m} :: eel [fish], (Anguilla anguilla)
aal {m} :: elver [young eel]
aal {m} [rare] :: padre
aal {n} :: ale
aal {f} :: alternative form of aalt
Aalbert {prop} {m} :: given name, variant of Albert
aalbes {f} :: Ribes rubrum, both redcurrant and whitecurrant
aalbessengelei {f} {m} :: jelly made with currant (redcurrant or whitecurrant)
aalbessenjam {m} :: jam made with currant (redcurrant or whitecurrant)
aalbessenjenever {m} :: jenever made with currant
aalbessensap {n} :: currant juice (of Ribes nigrum or Ribes rubrum)
aalbessenstruik {m} :: currant bush
aalbessesap {n} :: superseded spelling of aalbessensap
aalbessestruik {m} :: superseded spelling of aalbessenstruik
Aalbrecht {prop} {m} :: given name, variant of Albert
Aalderik {prop} {m} :: given name
Aaldert {prop} {m} :: given name
Aaldrik {prop} {m} :: given name
aalfuik {f} :: fyke for catching eel; eelbuck
aalgeer {m} :: spear for fishing eel
aalglad {adj} :: as slippery as an eel
aalglad {adj} [figuratively] :: elusive, hard to catch
aalkorf {m} :: eelpot, eelbuck (device for catching eels)
aalkuip {f} :: basin to keep eel in
aalmoes {f} :: alms (gift to a beggar)
aalmoes {f} :: charity, small gift, pittance
aalmoezenier {m} :: chaplain, padre
aalmoezenier {m} :: almoner
aalmoezenierskamer {f} :: eleemosynary institution
aaloud {adj} :: obsolete form of aloud
aalpomp {f} :: pump to pump liquid manure or other wastewater
aalput {m} :: basin for storing manure
Aalrik {prop} {m} :: given name
aalschaar {m} :: multipronged spear for fishing eel
aalscholver {m} :: cormorant (a kind of seabird)
aalspeer {f} :: spear for fishing eel
Aalst {prop} {n} :: A town in East Flanders, Belgium
Aalst {prop} {n} :: A village near Zaltbommel along the Meuse in Gelderland, the Netherlands
Aalst {prop} {n} :: A village in Noord-Brabant, the Netherlands
Aalst {prop} {n} :: A village in Flemish Brabant, Belgium
Aalst {prop} {n} :: A hamlet near Lienden in Gelderland, the Netherlands
aalstal {m} :: An enclosed part of a river or a stream to trap eels in. Commonly used in the Middle Ages in the East of the Netherlands
aalsteker {m} :: spear for fishing eel
aalstreep {f} :: (originally) line on the back of an eel
aalstreep {f} :: a line on the back of other (mainly hoofed) animals
aalsvel {n} :: skin of an eel
aalt {f} :: Liquid excrements of animals, manure
Aalten {prop} {n} :: Aalten (village)
Aalten {prop} {n} :: Aalten (municipality)
aalvlug {adj} :: quick as an eel
aalvlug {adj} [figuratively] :: elusive, hard to catch
aalvork {f} {m} :: eelspear, spear for fishing eel
aalvormig {adj} :: eel shaped
aam {n} :: aam
aâm {m} :: obsolete form of adem
aambeeld {n} :: anvil (block used in blacksmithing)
aambeeld {n} [anatomy] :: incus
aambeeldsblok {n} :: supporting block for an anvil
aambei {f} :: piles, haemorrhoids, hemorrhoids
aambeien {p} :: haemorrhoids (a pathological condition)
aambeij {f} :: obsolete spelling of aambei
aamborstig {adj} :: dyspneic
aamborstigheid {f} :: dyspnea
aamt {f} :: udder edema, a condition of bovines, goats and sheep before delivery of their young
-aan {suffix} [hydrocarbon chain suffix] :: -ane
-aan {suffix} [demonyms] :: -an
aan- {prefix} :: prefix used with verbs
aan {prep} :: on
aan {prep} :: to
aan {adv} :: on, [of a device] being operative
aan {adv} :: on, [of clothing] being worn
aan {adj} :: on (functional, operational)
aan {adj} [slang, said of parties] :: amazing, lit
aanaarden {vt} :: to cover the roots or tubers of plants with soil, as to protect from light or cold; to earth up
aanaarding {f} :: earthing-up (soil)
aanaardploeg {f} :: plough apt to earth up soil
aanademen {vt} :: to breathe onto
aanbaffen {v} :: obsolete form of aanblaffen [both senses]
aanbakken {vi} :: to burn to the pan
aanbaksel {n} :: Something that has been burnt while cooking or baking
aanbedene {noun} :: One who is worshipped
aanbeeld {n} :: alternative form of aambeeld
aanbeeldsblok {n} :: supporting block for an anvil
aanbegin {n} [uncommon] :: beginning
aanbehoren {v} [obsolete] :: synonym of toebehoren
aanbelanden {vi} :: to end up, wind up (in)
aanbelang {n} :: importance, interest
aanbellen {vi} :: to ring the doorbell
aanberming {f} :: The reinforcing of (the base of) a dyke/levee
aanbesteden {v} :: to put out to tender; to call for bids; to tender
aanbesteder {m} :: tendering party, contract awarder
aanbesteding {f} :: tender, a formal offer
aanbestedingsbeleid {n} :: tendering policy
aanbestedingsprocedure {f} :: tender procedure
aanbestedingsregel {m} :: tendering rule
aanbestedingsregeling {f} :: tendering system, procurement regime
aanbestedingsvoorwaarde {f} :: contract award requirement
aanbesterven {vi} [with the recipient as the indirect object, formal] :: to be inherited, to be transferred due to death
aanbetalen {vt} :: to make a down payment for
aanbetaling {m} :: down payment
aanbetreffen {v} [impersonal] :: to concern
aanbevelen {vt} :: to recommend
aanbevelen {vt} :: to advocate
aanbevelenswaard {adj} :: recommendable, advisable
aanbevelenswaardig {adj} :: recommendable, advisable
aanbeveling {f} :: recommendation
aanbevelingsbrief {m} :: letter of recommendation
aanbevelingscomité {n} :: committee of recommendation
aanbevolene {noun} :: one who is recommended
aanbiddelijk {adj} :: worthy of worship, adorable (befitting of being adored)
aanbidden {vt} :: to worship, adore
aanbidder {m} [religion] :: worshipper
aanbidder {m} :: admirer
aanbidding {f} :: worship, adulation
aanbidster {f} :: female worshipper
aanbidster {f} :: female admirer
aanbieden {vt} :: to offer
aanbieden {vr} :: to solicit (to offer sexual activity)
aanbieder {m} :: provider
aanbieding {f} :: offer
aanbieding {f} :: special, discount offer
aanbiedingsbrief {m} :: quotation (naming of a price)
aanbiedingsfolder {m} :: leaflet with advertising, especially with discount prices
aanbiedingsprijs {m} :: special offer, discount price
aanblaffen {vt} :: to bark at
aanblaffen {vt} :: to shout at [in an unsympathetic manner]
aanblazen {vt} :: to kindle by means of breath or wind
aanblazen {vt} [figurative] :: to incite, to kindle
aanblazen {vt} :: to inspire
aanblazing {f} :: inspiration
aanblijven {vi} :: to remain in office
aanblik {m} :: appearance, aspect
aanbod {n} :: offer
aanbod {n} [economics] :: supply
aanbodbeleid {n} [economics] :: supply policy
aanbodcurve {f} :: supply curve
aanbodeconomie {f} :: supply-side economics
aanbodelasticiteit {f} [economics] :: supply elasticity
aanbodkant {m} [economics] :: supply side
aan bod komen {vi} :: to be featured, to figure (to be represented in something, to be a part of something)
aan bod komen {vi} :: to come up for auction
aanbodoverschot {n} [economics] :: oversupply
aanbodzijde {f} {m} [economics] :: supply side
aanbouw {m} :: cultivation
aanbouw {m} :: annex, extension to a building
aanbouw {m} :: construction (act of construction, state of being constructed)
aanbouwen {vt} :: to build next to an existing building
aanbouwen {vt} :: to expand an existing building
aanbouwing {m} :: annex, extension to a building
aanbouwsel {m} :: annex, extension to a building
aanbranden {vi} :: to burn to the pan
aanbreken {vi} :: to begin, to onset
aanbreken {vt} :: to break into, to open for the first time
aanbreken {vi} [obsolete] :: to violently approach by storm
aanbreng {m} :: input; what is brought along, what is added to the table/game/mix
aanbrengen {vt} :: to mount, attach
aanbrengen {vt} :: to apply (e.g. paint onto a surface)
aanbrengen {vt} :: to fix, adjust
aanbrengen {vt} :: to recruit, to enlist
aanbrengen {vt} :: to bring near
aanbrengen {vt} [dated] :: to report, to message
aanbrenger {m} :: denouncer, one who reports a legal matter to the authorities
aanbrenger {m} [derogatory] :: telltale, one who tattles
aanbrenger {m} [dated] :: provider, deliverer
aanbrengertje {noun} :: synonym of weidemolen, a small windmill to drain a meadow
aanbrenging {f} :: application
aanbrengpremie {f} :: bounty, prize for someone brought in to justice
aanbrengst {f} :: that what is brought in (in legal matters)
aanbrug {f} :: connection between the main span of a bridge and a bridge pillar or the bank of the stream
aanbruisen {vi} [usually of bodies of water or ships] :: to approach, arrive or collide while foaming
aanbrullen {vt} :: to shout at
aanbrullen {vi} :: to arrive while shouting or otherwise making loud noises
aandacht {f} [uncountable] :: attention
aandacht {f} [uncountable] :: respect
aandacht {f} [uncountable] :: affection
aandacht {f} [obsolete, countable] :: meditation (contemplative discourse)
aandachtig {adj} :: (of a person) attentive, paying care/attention
aandachtig {adj} :: (of an object) careful, enjoying care/attention
aandachtigheid {f} :: attention
aandachtsaspect {n} :: aspect of attention
aandachtsgebied {n} :: focus, center of attention
aandachtsgroep {mf} :: group (of people) that needs special attention
aandachtshoer {f} :: attention whore
aandachtspunt {n} :: focus (of attention)
aandachtspuntenlijst {f} :: list of points that require special attention
aandachtsstoornis {f} :: attention deficit disorder
aandachtsstreep {f} {m} :: em dash of en dash, used to denote a break in a sentence or to set off parenthetical statements
aandachtsteken {n} :: attention sign (in traffic or in a text)
aandachtsterrein {n} :: focus, center of attention
aandachtstreep {f} :: em dash of en dash, used to denote a break in a sentence or to set off parenthetical statements
aandachtstrekker {m} :: someone who draws attention [in an irritating manner]
aandachtsveld {n} :: focus, center of attention
aandachtsverlies {n} :: loss of attention
aandachttrekker {m} :: someone who draws attention (in an irritating manner)
aandachttrekkerij {f} :: the drawing of attention (in an irritating manner)
aandagt {f} :: obsolete spelling of aandacht
aandeel {n} :: contribution, part
aandeel {n} [finance] :: a share, stock
aandeelbewijs {n} [finance] :: proof of possession of shares
aandeelhebber {m} [archaic] :: shareholder
aandeelhebster {f} [archaic] :: female shareholder
aandeelhouder {m} :: shareholder
aandeelhoudster {f} :: female shareholder
aan de gang {adj} :: ongoing
aan de haal gaan met {v} :: to run off with, to steal
aan de hand van {prep} :: by means of
aan de hand van {prep} :: based on
aandelenbelegger {m} :: investor in shares
aandelenbeurs {f} :: stock exchange
aandelenbezit {n} :: shareholding
aandelenbezitter {m} :: shareholder
aandelenemissie {f} :: emission of stocks
aandelenhandelaar {m} :: stockbroker
aandelenmarkt {f} :: stock market
aandelenuitgifte {f} :: emission of stocks
aan de lopende band {adv} :: continuously (as if on an assembly line)
aandenken {n} [obsolete, literally] :: An instance of calling to mind or remembering
aandenken {n} :: A keepsake, object recalling a memory
aandenken {n} [obsolete] :: Attention
aandenken {vt} [obsolete] :: to remember, to think about/of, to call to mind, to commemorate
aan den lijve {adv} :: firsthand
aan de slag {phrase} :: on the go, (hard) at work
aandienen {vt} :: to announce, present (an arrival)
aandienen {vr} :: to be expected, be anticipated
aandikken {vt} :: to thicken, fatten
aandikken {vt} [figurative] :: to exaggerate, to embellish
aandoen {vt} :: to turn on (e.g. a light)
aandoen {vt} :: to put on (clothes), don
aandoen {v} [copular] :: to rouse an impression, strike oneself as
aandoen {vt} :: to engender, cause
aandoen {vt} :: to affect, harm (such as a disease to a body part)
aandoen {vt} :: to visit (a place)
aandoening {f} :: ailment
aandoening {f} :: emotion
aandragen {vt} :: to bring forth
aandragen {vt} [figuratively] :: to put forth, to suggest, to supply (e.g. an idea)
aandrang {f} :: urge, inclination
aandrang {f} :: insistance, urging
aandribbelen {vi} :: to jog near
aandrift {f} :: the force with which something is being driven; an impulse
aandrift {f} :: the drive to act, especially by an inner feeling; an urge
aandrijfas {f} {m} :: drive shaft
aandrijfketting {f} {m} :: drive chain
aandrijfkracht {f} {m} :: driving force
aandrijflijn {f} :: powertrain, drivetrain
aandrijven {vt} :: to drive, to power, to supply a driving force to
aandringen {vi} :: to insist, to press on
aandringen {vi} [obsolete] :: to advance, to press on
aanduiden {vt} :: to indicate, to mark, to point out
aanduiden {vt} :: to express, to put into words
aanduiding {f} :: mark
aanduiding {f} :: indication, designation
aandurven {v} :: to dare; to venture
aandurven {v} [idiom] :: to toe the line
aaneen {adv} :: (close) together
aaneen {adv} :: continuously, without interruption
aaneendraaien {vt} :: to wind together in a spiral
aaneenschakelen {vt} :: to link together, to chain together
aaneenschakelen {vt} [programming] :: to concatenate
aaneensluiten {v} [absolute] :: to join together, to connect, to unite
aanerven {vt} [archaic] :: to inherit (to gain in inheritance)
aangaan {vt} :: to be a concern to, to concern
aangaan {vt} :: to enter (into something), to begin (something)
aangaan {vi} :: to start, to turn on [of a machine or device, or lights]
aangaan {vt} [in early Dutch impersonal, obsolete] :: to befall, to happen to
aangaan {vt} [obsolete] :: to go to (someone), to approach (someone)
aangaande {prep} :: about, concerning
aangeboren {adj} :: native, innate
aangeboren {adj} :: congenital
aangedaan {adj} :: touched, moved
aangeefster {f} [comedy] :: female stooge, 'straight man'
aangeefster {f} :: female betrayer
aangeefster {f} :: female informant
aangeefster {f} :: female declarant
aangelegen {adj} :: bordering, adjacent, coterminous
aangelegenheid {f} :: matter, affair
aangenaam {adj} :: nice, pleasant, friendly
aangepast {adj} :: adapted
aangepast {adj} :: modified, edited
aangeschoten {adj} :: tipsy
aangeslagen {adj} :: shaken, affected
aangeslagen {adj} [physics] :: excited
aangeslagen toestand {m} [physics] :: excited state
aangetekend {adj} [of mail] :: registered
aangeven {vt} :: to hand, to pass
aangeven {vt} :: to indicate, to point out
aangeven {vt} :: to report, to notify, to declare
aangever {m} [comedy] :: stooge, straight man
aangever {m} :: betrayer
aangever {m} :: informant
aangever {m} :: declarant
aangezicht {n} :: face (part of head), countenance
aangezichtskunde {f} [rare] :: physiognomy
aangezien {conj} :: since, because
aangifte {f} :: declaration (e.g. for taxes or customs)
aangifte {f} :: official account of a crime, police statement
aanglijden {v} [often with komen] :: to slide near, to approach or arrive while sliding or slipping
aangluren {vt} :: to (furtively) leer at, to peek at, to peep at
aangooien {vt} [with optional indirect object] :: to throw (to)
aangorden {vr} :: to bestir oneself
aangrenzen {v} [obsolete] :: to border on
aangrenzend {v} :: adjacent, bordering
aangrijpen {vt} :: to suddenly grasp, to seize (to quickly take hold of)
aangrijpen {vt} :: to seize [an opportunity], to take advantage
aangrijpen {vt} :: to move, to stir [arouse strong feelings in]
aangrijpend {adj} :: touching, moving
aangroei {m} :: increase
aangroeien {v} [ergative] :: to increase
aangroeien {vi} :: to grow back
aanhalen {vt} :: To bring closer physically, notably:
aanhalen {v} :: to fetch, carry
aanhalen {v} :: to tighten
aanhalen {v} :: to pull or haul in
aanhalen {v} :: to magnify
aanhalen {vt} [figuratively] :: To bring closer emotionally, notably:
aanhalen {v} :: to tighten bonds
aanhalen {v} :: to bring onto oneself
aanhalen {vt} :: to quote
aanhalen {vt} :: to invoke (an argument)
aanhalen {vt} :: to seize, not necessarily followed by confiscation
aanhalen {vt} :: to mark as with a dot
aanhalen {vt} :: to underline
aanhalen {vt} [law, now, chiefly Belgium] :: to (temporarily) confiscate, to hold
aanhaling {f} :: quote, citation
aanhaling {f} :: act of petting (an animal)
aanhaling {f} [law, Belgium] :: (temporary) confiscation, seizure
aanhalingsteken {n} :: A quotation mark
aanhang {c} :: the collection of romantic partners of a group of friends / family
aanhangen {vt} :: to adhere to (an idea or philosophy)
aanhanger {m} :: partisan, adherent
aanhanger {m} :: trailer (open-roof vehicle towed behind another vehicle)
aanhangsel {n} :: attachment
aanhangsel {n} :: appendix
aanhangwagen {m} :: trailer (on a vehicle)
aanhebben {vt} :: to have on, to wear (clothing)
aanhechten {vt} :: to (physically) attach, to join
aanhechten {vt} [by extension] :: to attach, to append, to include
aanhef {m} :: opening words
aanhef {m} :: salutation title
aanhef {m} :: the strike up of a piece of music
aanhelpen {vt} [archaic] :: to help put on, to aid with dressing
aanhelpen {vt} [obsolete] :: to provide with
aan het {particle} :: Forms the continuous aspect, together with the gerund and with zijn as auxiliary verb
aan het kortste eind trekken {v} :: to draw the shortest straw in drawing straws
aan het kortste eind trekken {v} [idiom] :: to lose (out)
aanhijgen {vi} [often with komen] :: to arrive or approach while gasping
aanhijgen {vit} :: to shout while panting
aanhitsen {vt} :: to incite
aanhopen {vt} [dated] :: to form a heap or mound from
aanhoren {vt} :: to listen to
aanhoren {vt} :: to listen carefully to
aanhoudelijk {adj} :: continuously, persistently
aanhouden {vt} :: to arrest
aanhouden {vt} :: to hail (a cab); to stop (someone in order to ask a question)
aanhouden {vt} :: to keep up, to keep on
aanhouden {vi} :: to be ongoing, to persist
aanhouden {vt} :: to keep on, to continue wearing (clothing)
aanhouden {vt} :: to maintain in employment, to keep hired
aanhouder {noun} :: (extra-marital) lover
aanhouding {m} :: arrest, detention
aanhuwelijking {f} :: the process of becoming related (becoming someone's in-law) through marriage
aanjuichen {v} [obsolete] :: synonym of toejuichen
aankaarten {vt} :: to broach, to raise (a subject), to bring up for discussion
aankakken {vi} [Netherlands, colloquial, often left unconjugated in combination with komen] :: to drawl (near), to arrive or approach slowly and leisurely
aankijken {vt} :: to look at, to look in the eye
aanklacht {f} [legal] :: indictment, charge against a crime
aanklage {f} [obsolete] :: legal indictment, charge
aanklagen {vt} :: to denounce, accuse, indict, sue
aanklager {m} :: accuser
aanklager {m} :: prosecutor
aanklager {m} [obsolete, grammar] :: a word in the accusative case
aanklaging {f} :: Action of accusing, indiction
aanklaging {f} [dated] :: Accusation
aanklampen {vt} :: to accost; to approach and address, usually in an unpleasant fashion
aanklampen {vt} [archaic] :: to cling to, to hold fast
aankleden {vt} :: to dress, put clothing on someone or something
aankleden {vr} :: to get dressed, put clothes on oneself
aankleden {vt} :: to furnish with textile, furniture, decorations etc
aankleden {vt} [figuratively] :: to dress up, present with embellishments, excuses etc
aankleding {f} :: decoration, furnishing
aankleding {f} :: stage setting
aankloppen {vi} :: to knock on the door
aankloten {vi} :: to screw around, to faff about, to fuck around (to waste time with idle actions)
aanknopen {vt} :: to tie on to
aanknopen {vt} :: to enter into, to begin
aanknopingspunt {n} :: starting point
aanknopingspunt {n} :: point of reference
aankomen {vi} :: to arrive
aankomen {vi} :: to gain weight
aankomen {vi} [impersonal] :: to depend [+ op (object) = on]
aankomen {vi} [obsolete] :: to grow
aankomen {v} [unaccusative, with indirect object, archaic] :: to be acquired
aankomst {f} :: arrival
aankondigen {vt} :: to announce
aankondiger {m} :: Announcer, someone who announces
aankondiging {f} :: announcement, notice
aankooien {v} [printing, archaic] :: to lock (a forme) by means of quoins
aankoop {m} :: purchase
aankopen {vt} :: to purchase
aankopen {vt} :: to buy
aankunnen {vt} :: to be able to handle, to be able to take
aanlachen {vt} :: to smile at
aanlachen {vt} :: to smile on, to be beneficial or favourable
aanlappen {vt} [colloquial] :: to conjoin, to put together
aanlappen {vt} [dated] :: to sew together, to patch together [with thread and patches]
aanlassen {vt} :: to weld on, to attach by welding
aanlassen {vt} [obsolete] :: to attach, to append
aanleg {m} :: bent, disposition, nature
aanleg {m} :: facility, talent
aanleg {m} :: construction
aanleggen {vt} :: to set up, lay out
aanleggen {vt} :: to construct, to build
aanleggen {v} [ergative] :: to moor (a boat)
aanleggen {vt} :: to aim (e.g. a rifle, at a target)
aanlegpaal {m} :: a maritime bollard
aanlegsteiger {m} :: jetty (to moor boats to)
aanleiding {f} :: reason, cause, inducement
aanlengen {vt} :: to dilute, water down
aanleren {vti} :: to learn (to acquire knowledge, skills or habits)
aanleren {vt} :: to teach (to impart knowledge, skills or habits)
aanleveren {vt} :: to supply
aanlichten {vi} [literal and figurative] :: to begin to shine, to break [of dawn], to dawn
aanliggen {vi} :: to lie or stand against something else
aanliggen {vi} [navigation] :: to be on course
aanlijmen {v} :: to affix by means of gluing, to glue on
aanlokkelijkheid {f} :: charm
aanlonken {v} :: synonym of toelonken
aanloop {m} :: run-up
aanmaak {m} :: creation
aanmaakblokje {noun} :: firelighter
aanmaakhout {n} :: wood to light a fire with
aanmaakhoutje {noun} :: small piece of wood to light a fire with
aanmaken {vt} :: to produce on a large scale, to manufacture [often to have things in stock]
aanmaken {vt} [usually of mixtures] :: to prepare, to ready
aanmaken {vt} :: to burn, to light (a fire)
aanmaken {vt} :: to create
aanmaken {v} [obsolete] :: to affix, to connect, to merge together
aanmanen {v} :: to admonish, to urge
aanmaning {f} :: reprimand, reproof
aanmatiging {f} :: arrogance
aanmelden {vt} :: to apply, to announce
aanmelden {vr} :: to apply
aanmelden {vt} :: to log in
aanmelden {vr} :: to log in
aanmeren {vi} :: to moor, to berth
aanmerkelijk {adj} :: considerable
aanmerken {vt} :: to comment, to remark [usually suggesting criticism]
aanmerken {vt} :: to label, to denote [+ als (object) = as] (to categorise by naming)
aanmerken {vt} [dated] :: to note, to take notice
aanmerking {f} :: comment
aanmerking {f} :: commentary
aanmerking {f} :: criticism
aanmoedigen {vt} :: to encourage
aanmoediging {f} :: encouragement
aannaaien {vt} :: to sew on
aannaderen {vi} [obsolete] :: to approach, to come near
aanname {f} {m} :: assumption
aanname {f} {m} :: hypothesis
aanname {f} {m} :: premise
aanname {f} {m} :: acceptance
aanneembaar {adj} :: plausible, acceptable
aannemelijk {adj} :: plausible
aannemelijkheid {f} :: plausibility, the quality of being plausible
aannemelijkheid {f} [chiefly plural] :: something that is plausible
aannemen {vt} :: to take
aannemen {vt} :: to accept
aannemen {vt} :: to adopt
aannemen {vt} :: to assume
aannemen {vt} :: to engage (for a job)
aannemer {m} :: contractor
aanpak {m} :: An approach, the manner in which a problem is analyzed and solved or policy is made
aanpakken {vt} :: to take, hold, take over (when something is handed over)
aanpakken {vt} :: to deal with, to tackle (a problem)
aanpappen {vi} [colloquial] :: to get in touch
aanpasbaar {adj} :: adjustable
aanpassen {vt} :: to adjust, adapt
aanpassen {vt} :: to fit, try on
aanpassing {f} :: adaptation, adjustment
aanpassingsvermogen {n} :: adaptive power
aanplakbiljet {n} :: placard, poster
aanplakken {vt} [of objects and texts] :: to stick, to affix [on a surface]
aanplakken {vt} [with indirect object for the recipient, obsolete] :: to palm off (on/to)
aanplanting {f} :: planting
aanplanting {f} :: young plantation
aanprijzen {vt} :: to recommend
aanprijzen {vt} [dated] :: to praise, to extol
aanraakscherm {n} :: touch screen
aanraden {vt} :: to suggest, advise
aanrader {m} :: recommendation [that which is recommended]
aanraken {v} :: to touch
aanraking {f} :: touching (noun)
aanraking {f} :: touch (noun)
aanranden {vt} :: to assault sexually, to commit severe physical sexual violence against
aanranden {vt} [archaic] :: to assault (to inflict (severe) physical injuries on)
aanrander {m} :: assailant
aanranding {f} :: An assault, violent onset or attack, notably with (the purpose of) sexual abuse
aanrandster {f} :: Female assailant
aanrecht {n} :: worktop, countertop, counter (surface in the kitchen to prepare food on)
aanrechtbank {f} [historical, dated] :: A low countertop, usually narrow and having cupboards underneath
aanrechtsubsidie {f} [pejorative, politics, neologism] :: A subsidy, usually a rebate, for a couple of whom one partner doesn't participate in the labour market
aanreiken {vt} :: to pass, hand over
aanrekenen {vt} :: to charge, to hold accountable for
aanrennen {vi} :: to run near, to run close(r)
aanrennen {vi} [obsolete] :: to attack [+ op (object)], to charge [+ op (object) = against]
aanrichten {vt} :: to cause, to inflict, to wreak
aanrijden {vt} :: to collide with a vehicle
aanrijden {vi} :: to arrive driving
aanrijden {vi} [dialectal, colloquial] :: to depart driving
aanrijding {f} :: (vehicle) collision
aanrit {m} :: approach (by vehicle or mount), the action of approaching by driving or riding
aanrit {m} :: stretch of road or path for gaining access, especially ramp for accessing bridges
aanroep {m} :: invocation, calling
aanroepen {vt} :: to invoke (call upon someone for help etc.)
aanroepen {vt} [computing] :: to call, to invoke (a subroutine, etc.)
aanroeren {vt} :: to touch, to stir
aanschaf {m} :: purchase
aanschaffen {vt} :: to purchase, to buy
aanschellen {vi} [uncommon] :: to ring the doorbell
aanscherpen {vt} :: to sharpen
aanscherpen {vt} [figurative] :: to make more effective
aanschouwelijk {adj} :: graphical, pictorial
aanschouwelijk {adj} :: visible
aanschouwelijk {adj} :: empirical
aanschouwelijk {adj} [historical] :: using images and pictures
aanschouwen {vt} :: to behold, see, watch
aanschouwend {adj} [philosophy, archaic] :: Capable of being directly observed by the mind without dependence on the senses, in philosophical systems that suppose something like a Platonist world of ideal forms
aanschreeuwen {vi} :: to shout on, to persist with shouting
aanschreeuwen {vt} :: to shout at, to address by shouting
aanschrijven {vti} [with recipient as indirect object, formal] :: to write to [often of formal requests]
aanschrijven {vt} [archaic] :: to write (down), to commit to writing
aanschrijven {vt} [figurative] :: to write down, to consider
aanschroeven {vt} :: to tighten with screws, to tighten (a screw); to screw more tightly
aanschuiven {v} [ergative] :: to shove closer (a chair to a table in order to eat for example)
aanschuiven {vi} :: to shuffle or move a member back to the group they belong to
aanslaan {vt} :: to strike physically so as to activate or produce an effect
aanslaan {vi} :: to start, to kick in
aanslaan {vi} :: to succeed, to have an effect
aanslaan {vi} :: to catch on, to become popular
aanslag {m} :: deposit (substance layered on a surface)
aanslag {m} :: stroke, keystroke
aanslag {m} :: attack, assault
aanslag {m} [of taxes] :: assessment
aanslijken {vi} [dated] :: to be expanded or replenished by mud deposits; to form from mud deposits
aanslijken {vi} [dated] :: to be clogged by mud deposits
aanslingeren {vt} :: to crank up, to wind up
aanslingeren {vt} [figurative] :: to begin, to raise
aanslingeren {vi} :: to zigzag near, to approach while following a meandering trajectory
aanslingeren {vt} [uncommon] :: to sling to, to fling to
aansluiten {vt} :: to connect
aansluiten {vt} :: to install
aansluiten {vi} :: to fit, to join up, to connect, to interface
aansluiten {vri} :: to join (a group)
aansluiten {vit} :: to fit or join seamlessly
aansluitend {adj} :: connected, contiguous
aansluiting {f} :: junction, connection (such as a power junction - stroomaansluiting)
aansluiting {f} :: liaison, relation, connection
aansmeden {vt} :: to forge together, to forge into one
aansmeden {vt} [with the recipient as an optional indirect object, of bonds and collars, obsolete] :: to put (restraints) into place, either forged shut or fastened in another way
aansmelten {v} [ergative] :: to melt together, to fuse together
aansmeren {vt} [with indirect object for the recipient] :: to palm off (on/to)
aansnellen {vi} :: to rush near
aanspannen {vt} :: to stretch, to apply tension to
aanspannen {vt} :: to put (animals) before a cart or carriage
aanspelen {vi} [dated] :: to allude [+ op (object) = to]
aanspelen {vit} [football, with indirect object] :: to pass (the ball) to
aanspelen {vt} [billiards] :: to target, to hit (a ball)
aanspelen {vt} [obsolete, card games] :: to play (a card) as the first card
aanspeling {f} [dated] :: synonym of toespeling
aanspijkeren {v} :: to nail fast, to fasten with nails
aanspinnen {vt} :: to add, affix or join by weaving or spinning
aanspinnen {vt} [archaic] :: to begin or add to a story, act or history; to start a conversation
aanspoelen {v} [ergative] :: to drift/wash ashore
aansporen {vt} :: to exhort, urge
aansporing {f} :: incentive
aanspraak {f} :: claim (of ownership)
aanspraak {f} :: occasion for conversation
aansprakelijk {adj} :: responsible
aansprakelijkheid {f} :: liability, accountability, bearing of responsibility/risk(s) (as for a debt or venture)
aansprakelijkheidsverzekering {f} :: liability insurance
aanspreken {vt} :: to address
aanspreken {vt} :: to accost
aanspreken {vt} :: to appeal to, to be appealing to
aanstaand {adj} :: coming, next, future
aanstaande {noun} :: fiancé, fiancée
aanstampen {vt} :: to tamp; especially, to stamp/stomp (on soil or a granular fluid) to make it compact
aanstaren {vt} :: to stare at, to stare in the eyes/face
aanstekelijk {adj} :: contagious, infectious (easily infecting others)
aanstekelijk {adj} :: catchy (highly memorable)
aanstekelijkheid {f} :: contagiousness
aansteken {vt} :: to light, kindle
aansteken {vt} :: to infect, taint
aansteker {m} :: lighter
aansteking {f} [dated] :: infecting, infection, the action of infecting someone with a contagious disease
aanstellen {vt} :: to appoint, commission, name for a role
aanstellen {vr} :: to behave in an exaggerating manner; attitudinize
aanstelling {f} :: appointment (placing into a position of power)
aanstippen {vt} :: to mark with a dot
aanstippen {vt} :: to indicate, to point out
aanstippen {vt} :: to touch with a cotton bud or a sharp tool (in order to apply a substance or to puncture something)
aanstonds {adv} :: soon
aanstonds {adv} :: directly, immediately
aanstoot {m} :: offense, affront
aanstoot {m} :: cause, impulse (that which leads up to an effect)
aanstoot {m} [obsolete] :: attack
aanstormen {vi} :: to approach quickly, to go straight towards (someone) with great speed
aanstormen {vi} :: to storm, to assault
aanstoten {vt} :: to bump into (something), to collide with
aanstoten {vt} :: to nudge someone to get their attention
aanstrikken {vt} :: to secure by knotting, to put on by knotting
aanstrikken {vt} :: to knot together
aanstrompelen {vi} :: to arrive hobbling or stumbling
aansullen {vi} :: to approach in a lackluster, dopey or goofy fashion
aansullen {vi} :: to slide or glide near
aan't {contraction} [colloquial] :: contraction of aan het
aantaal {f} [law, historical] :: legal claim
aantal {n} :: countable amount
aantal {n} :: a number, a plurality
aantal {n} :: a few
aantalen {vt} [law, obsolete] :: to claim, to lay a claim to/against
aantasten {vt} :: to affect badly, to damage (by contact), to attack (chemically)
aantasten {vt} [obsolete] :: to grab or hold with the fingers
aantekenboek {n} :: notebook (book for writing down notes)
aantekenen {vt} :: to jot down, to write down, to note
aantekenen {vt} [legal] :: to appeal
aantekening {f} :: note
aantekeningenboek {n} :: notebook (pocket-sized book for writing down notes)
aantijgen {vt} [with the accused as indirect object, formal] :: to accuse (someone or something) of
aantijgen {vt} [archaic] :: to accuse
aantijging {f} :: imputation
aantillen {vt} [rare] :: to lift and bring closer
aantocht {m} :: approach
aantokkelen {vt} [music] :: to hit (a snare), to pluck, to strum
aantokkelen {vt} [obsolete] :: to lure closer, to draw closer
aantonen {vt} :: to show
aantonen {vt} :: to prove, demonstrate
aantonend {adj} :: indicative
aantonende wijs {f} [grammar] :: indicative mood
aantreden {vi} [military] :: to fall in (get into position)
aantreden {vi} :: to accept (a position of office)
aantreffen {vt} :: to find, encounter, come across
aantrekkelijk {adj} :: attractive
aantrekkelijk {adj} :: beautiful
aantrekken {vt} :: to attract, exert a pulling force (on an object) such as gravity
aantrekken {vt} :: to attract, draw, allure, appeal (to someone)
aantrekken {vt} :: to tighten by pulling
aantrekken {vt} :: to put on (e.g. clothing)
aantrekken {vrt} :: to take heed, to take an interest in something, to let oneself be bothered by
aantrekking {f} :: attraction
aantrekkingskracht {f} :: force of attraction, attractive force
aanvaardbaar {adj} :: acceptable
aanvaarden {vt} :: to accept
aanvaarding {f} :: acceptance
aanval {m} :: An act of aggression; assault, attack
aanval {m} :: A sudden convulsion; attack, seizure
aanvallen {vt} :: to attack
aanvallend {adj} :: offensive
aanvaller {m} :: attacker
aanvaller {m} [sports] :: attacker, striker
aanvallig {adj} :: charming, sweet
aanvalling {f} [obsolete] :: attack
aanvalsvlag {f} [historical] :: attack flag (red flag signifying that one is attacking)
aanvang {m} [formal] :: commencement, inception, beginning
aanvangen {vit} :: to begin, to start, to commence
aanvankelijk {adv} :: initially, at first
aanvankelijk {adj} :: initial
aanvaren {v} [transistive] :: to collide while sailing
aanvaren {v} [transistive] :: to collide with
aanvaren {v} [intransistive] :: to sail near/closer
aanvaring {f} :: Collision involving at least one vessel
aanvaring {f} [figuratively] :: Fight or dispute (mostly verbal)
aanvatten {vt} :: to hold, to grasp, to take hold of
aanvatten {vt} :: to accept, to get, to receive [of objects]
aanvatten {vti} :: to begin (doing), to commence
aanvechten {vt} :: to contest, to dispute
aanvechten {vt} [dated] :: to oppose, to take on
aanvechten {vt} [archaic] :: to tempt
aanversterven {vi} [with the recipient as indirect object, dated] :: to be transferred in inheritance, to be inherited
aanvertrouwen {vt} [with indirect object, dated, formal] :: to entrust [+ aan (object) = to]
aanverwant {adj} :: (closely) related
aanverwant {m} :: in-law
aanvinken {v} :: to check (f.e. choices on form)
aanvliegen {vi} :: to fly near, to arrive or approach by flying
aanvliegen {vt} :: to start a conversation in person with, to accost
aanvoeden {vt} [dated] :: to raise, to cultivate, to bring up [figuratively] to incite, to encourage
aanvoegen {vt} :: to join up
aanvoegend {adj} :: subjunctive
aanvoegende wijs {f} [grammar] :: subjunctive mood
aanvoelen {vt} :: to have feeling for, to sense
aanvoelen {vi} [with adverbs] :: to feel, to be to the touch
aanvoelen {vt} :: to feel [+ als (object) = like]
aanvoer {m} :: supply
aanvoerder {m} :: leader
aanvoerder {m} [sports] :: captain
aanvoeren {v} :: to supply
aanvoeren {v} :: to command
aanvoerlijn {f} :: supply line
aanvraag {f} :: application
aanvragen {vt} :: to request, to apply for, to order
aanvreten {vt} :: to eat at, to damage by eating
aanvreten {vt} :: to corrode
aanvullen {vt} :: to supplement
aanvullen {vt} :: to complement, to complete
aanvulling {f} :: supplement
aanvuren {vt} [dated, exclusively figurative] :: to kindle, to light (a metaphorical fire)
aanvuren {vt} :: to incite, to spur, to encourage
aanvuren {vt} :: to cheer for
aanwaaien {vi} :: to arrive by being blown by the wind
aanwaaien {vi} [with optional indirect object for the recipient] :: to be achieved or gained with little effort
aanwakkeren {vt} :: to fan (a fire), to kindle
aanwakkeren {vt} :: to stimulate, incite, stir up, rouse
aanwakkeren {vi} :: to regain strength, energy, vim, etc
aanwas {m} :: growth, increase, expansion
aanwassen {vi} :: to wax, to grow, to increase (to undergo growth)
aanwassen {vi} :: to grow back, to regrow
aanwassen {vi} [with indirect object, obsolete] :: to befall, to happen to, to be acquired
aan weerskanten {adv} :: on both sides
aan weerszij {adv} :: on either side
aan weerszij {adv} :: on both sides
aan weerszijden {adv} :: on both sides
aanwenden {vt} :: to apply, employ
aanwerken {vi} [dated] :: to obstruct, to make an effort [+ tegen (object) = against]
aanwerken {vt} [dated, mostly apiculture] :: to rebuild, to replenish, to restore
aanwerpen {vt} [with optional indirect object] :: to throw (to)
aanwerven {vt} [originally nautical] :: to recruit, to hire
aanweven {vt} :: to extend by weaving
aanweven {vt} :: to connect by weaving
aanwezen {n} :: presence
aanwezig {adj} :: present (as in not absent)
aanwezige {noun} :: someone who is present (e.g. a member of the audience)
aanwezigheid {f} :: presence
aanwezigheid {f} :: attendance
aanwijsapparaat {n} :: pointing device
aanwijzen {vt} :: to point at
aanwijzen {vt} :: to point out, indicate
aanwijzen {vt} :: to appoint, designate
aanwijzend voornaamwoord {n} [grammar] :: demonstrative pronoun
aanwijzing {f} :: hint
aanwijzing {f} :: indication
aanwijzingsbord {n} :: notice sign
aanwinnen {vt} :: to acquire
aanwinnen {vt} :: to reclaim land (from sea)
aanwoekeren {vi} [often, derogatory] :: to increase abundantly to the point of overgrowth, to mushroom, to overgrow
aanwrijven {vt} :: to impute
aanw.vnw. {n} :: abbreviation of aanwijzend voornaamwoord
aanzaaien {vt} :: to sow on (a patch of soil)
aanzanden {vi} :: to acquire sand [especially through washed-up deposits]
aanzanden {vt} :: to supply with sand
aanzeggen {vt} :: to declare, to formally inform
aanzeilen {vi} :: to sail near, to arrive, approach or collide by sailing
aanzeilen {vt} :: to collide against (something) while sailing
aanzetten {vt} :: to start, switch on
aanzetten {vt} :: to urge, incite [+ tot (object)]
aanzetten {vt} :: to set
aanzetten {vt} :: to stress
aanzetten {vt} :: to put on to
aanzetten {vt} :: to stick, catch
aanzetten {v} [ergative] :: to intensify, to increase
aanzien {vt} :: to watch, to view
aanzien {vt} :: to view as, to take for, to mistake for
aanzien {n} :: prestige
aanzien des persoons {n} [idiom] :: personal status, attributes that discriminate people from others
aanzienlijk {adj} :: considerable
aanzienlijk {adv} :: considerably
aanzijn {n} :: presence
aanzijn {v} [obsolete, of locations] :: to visit, to go to
aanzijn {v} [obsolete] :: to insist
aanzitten {vi} :: to get ready to dine; to sit down at a table (to eat)
aanzoek {n} :: offer, proposal
aanzoeten {v} [ergative] :: to sweeten (to make or to become sweeter)
aanzoeten {v} [ergative, figurative] :: to become or make more appealing/ pleasant
aanzouten {vt} :: to make salter, to salinate
aanzuren {v} [ergative] :: to acidify (to make or to become more acidic or sour)
aanzwellen {vi} :: to swell
aanzwellen {vi} :: to swell up, surge
aanzwemmen {vi} :: to approach by swimming
aap {m} :: monkey, ape
aapachtig {adj} :: simian, apish, monkeylike
-aar {suffix} :: someone who practices the action signified by the verb, the stem of which the suffix has been appended onto
-aar {suffix} :: something with which one can implement the action signified by the verb, the stem of which the suffix has been appended onto
-aar {suffix} :: tree of a particular type, appended to nouns denoting trees or the products or parts of trees
aar {f} :: ear (of corn, grain etc.)
aar {m} [archaic] :: eagle
aar {f} [dialectal] :: alternative form of ader
-aard {suffix} :: Suffix used with adjectives to indicate a person with a certain quality
aard {m} :: nature, character, disposition
aard {f} :: alternative form of aarde
Aard {prop} {m} :: given name, variant of Arnold
aardappel {m} :: potato
aardappelpuree {m} [cooking] :: mashed potatoes (potatoes that have been boiled and mashed)
aardappelsalade {f} :: potato salad (salad made from chopped boiled potatoes)
aardappelveld {n} :: potato field
aardas {f} :: Earth axis
aardbei {mf} :: strawberry
aardbeienplant {mf} :: strawberry plant
aardbeving {f} :: earthquake
aardbodem {m} :: earth surface
aarde {f} :: earth, soil, ground
aarde {f} [electricity] :: earth, ground
Aarde {prop} {f} :: Earth (the planet)
Aarde {prop} {f} :: personification (e.g. as a deity) of humanity's homeworld
Aardema {prop} {-} :: surname
aarden {adj} :: earthen, made of soil
aarden {adj} :: clay - etc., made of pottery made from soil
aarden {vt} :: to ground, connect an electrical conductor as a safety outlet
aarden {vt} [obsolete] :: to commit to the earth, bury
aarden {vi} :: (used with naar ...) to take after, share (notably inherited) traits with (notably an ancestor)
aardewerk {n} :: earthenware
aardewerk {adj} :: earthenware
aardewerken {adj} :: earthenware
aardgas {n} :: natural gas (mixture of gaseous carbon compounds associated with petroleum deposits)
aardgewas {n} [archaic] :: crop
aardgewas {n} [obsolete] :: any crop that provides root vegetables
aardhoop {m} :: (small) mound, pile of dirt or soil
aardig {adj} :: friendly, nice
aardig {adj} :: nice
aardig {adj} :: considerable, substantial
aardig {adv} :: nicely
aardig {adv} :: fairly
aarding {f} :: ground (electrical conductor connected to point of zero potential)
aardkloot {m} [dated, poetic] :: Planet Earth
aardkloot {m} [dated] :: any (rocky) planet
aardkorst {f} {m} [geology] :: Earth's crust
aardkunde {f} :: geology
aardluis {f} [archaic] :: Old popular name for several beetle species that live on leaves, generally from the Chrysomeloidea
aardmantel {m} [geology] :: mantle, Earth's mantle
aardmuis {f} :: field vole, Microtus agrestis
aardnoot {f} :: A peanut, a crusted legume resembling a nut and growing in the ground
aardolie {f} :: petroleum, fossile crude oil
aardoppervlak {n} :: Earth's surface
aardpeer {m} :: Jerusalem artichoke (plant and tuber)
aardpek {n} {m} :: mineral pitch, bitumen
aardrijk {n} :: earth
aardrijksbeschrijving {f} [obsolete] :: geography
aardrijksbeschrijving {f} [obsolete] :: geographical description
aardrijkskunde {f} :: geography
aards {adj} :: earthly, of Earth
aards {adj} [religion] :: of the current life or age on Earth, worldly
aardschok {m} :: earthquake, quake, temblor, seism
aardschok {m} :: tremor, earth tremor, microseism
Aardse {prop} {m} :: given name, variant of Arnold
aardsgezind {adj} :: this-worldly, worldly
aardslak {f} :: keelback slug, any slug of the Limacidae
aardslang {f} :: A terrestrial snake, as opposed to aquatic, and sometimes arboreal snakes
aardslang {f} [historical, mythology] :: A snake that represents earth, as opposed to other parts or elements of the cosmos
aardvarken {n} :: aardvark
aardveil {n} :: tunhoof, ground-ivy
aardverschuiving {f} :: landslide
aardverschuiving {f} [figuratively] :: (political) upheaval
aardvlo {f} :: flea beetle of the genus Psylliodes, or more generally any beetle from the Chrysomeloidea
aardvrucht {f} :: root vegetable
aardwarmte {f} :: geothermal heat
aardwarmte {f} :: geothermal warmth
aardwolf {m} :: aardwolf
aardworm {m} :: An earthworm, the most common terrestrian worm species
aardworm {m} :: An insignificant, or even despicable, creature
Aarlen {prop} {n} :: Arlon
Aarnout {prop} {m} :: given name, cognate to English Arnold
Aäron {prop} {m} :: given name
aars {m} :: anus, arse(hole), rectum
aars {m} [rare] :: butt
aars {m} [vulgar] :: shit
aarsdarm {m} [dated, uncommon] :: rectum
aarsmade {f} :: the parasitic worm species oxyuris, which lives in human intestines
aarsslag {m} :: A spank, blow on the butt
aarsvoet {m} [obsolete] :: grebe, bird of the genus Podiceps
aarswis {f} [obsolete, colloquial] :: (scrap of) toilet paper
aarswolf {m} [obsolete] :: A graze, boil or other wound on the buttocks (aars meaning arse)
Aart {prop} {m} :: given name. A pet name of the Dutch male given name Arnoud, an equivalent of Arnold
aarts- {prefix} :: arch-, of high rank
aarts- {prefix} :: arch-, to a high degree
aarts- {prefix} :: old, ancient, of high age
Aarts {prop} :: surname
aartsabt {m} :: archabbot, the general superior ranking above all other abbots in certain Catholic congregations
aartsbisdom {n} :: archdiocese
aartsbisschop {m} [Christianity, Roman Catholicism] :: archbishop
aartsengel {m} :: archangel, member of a high one of the nine choirs (orders) of angels
aartshertog {m} :: archduke
aartshertogdom {n} :: archduchy, the title and/or territory of an archduke
aartshertogin {f} :: archduchess, wife of an archduke or daughter or granddaughter of the Emperor of Austria(-Hungary)
aartsmoeder {f} :: matriarch
aartspriester {m} [Christianity] :: archpriest
aartsvader {m} :: A Biblical patriarch; primary ancestor, notably of a tribe or people
aartsvader {m} :: A family's patriarch, most senior male ancestor
aartsvader {m} [poetic] :: An ecclesiastic patriarch
aartsvaderlijk {adj} :: patriarchal, notably in non-ecclesiastic senses
aartsvijand {m} :: archenemy, a principal enemy
aarzelen {vi} :: to hesitate
aarzeling {f} :: hesitation
aas {n} :: bait
aas {n} :: carrion
aas {m} {n} :: ace (playing cards)
aas {m} {n} [obsolete] :: unit of mass corresponding to approximately 0.05 grams
aas {m} {n} [obsolete] :: ace, any very small amount
aasetend {adj} :: scavenging (eating carrion)
aaseter {m} :: scavenger
aasgewicht {n} [historical] :: weight for weighing the degree to which coins deviated from a standardised mass
aasgier {m} :: vulture
aasgier {m} [figuratively] :: vulture, a person who profits from the suffering of others
aasvlieg {f} :: blowfly
aasvogel {m} :: bird feeding on carrion, vulture
aasvogel {m} [figuratively] :: vulture, a person who profits from the suffering of others
aasvretend {adj} [uncommon] :: scavenging (eating carrion)
-aat {suffix} :: -ate
Aat {prop} {m} :: given name. Short form of Adriaan, equivalent of Adrian
abattoir {n} :: abattoir, slaughterhouse
Abby {prop} [rare] :: given name
abc {n} :: alphabet
abces {n} [pathology] :: abscess
Abchazisch {prop} {n} :: Abkhaz; language spoken in Abkhazia
abd. {abbr} :: abdij
Abdel {prop} :: given name, equivalent to Abdul
abdicatie {f} :: abdication
abdiceren {vi} :: to abdicate
abdij {f} :: abbey
abdis {f} :: An abbess (female superior of certain nunneries)
Abdoel {prop} {m} :: given name, equivalent to Abdul
Abdoella {prop} :: given name, equivalent to Abdullah
Abdoulla {prop} :: given name, equivalent to Abdullah
abductie {f} :: abduction (logic: syllogism)
Abe {prop} {m} :: given name, West Frisian variant of Albert and Abel
abeel {m} :: abele; term used of certain poplars, mainly the white poplar (Populus alba), grey poplar (Populus × canescens) or black poplar (Populus nigra)
abel {adj} [dated] :: capable, able
Abel {prop} {m} :: Abel (mythological character)
Abel {prop} {m} :: given name of biblical origin
Abelone {prop} {f} :: given name
Abeltje {prop} :: given name, a diminutive or hypocoristic form of Abel
abject {adj} :: reprehensible, despicable, abject
ablatief {m} [grammar] :: ablative case
ablativus {m} [grammar] :: the ablative case or a word therein
ablutie {f} :: ablution
abm. {n} :: abbreviation of aartsbisdom
ABN {initialism} :: algemeen beschaafd Nederlands
abnormaal {adj} :: abnormal (not conforming to rule or system)
abnormaliteit {f} :: abnormality
abominabel {adj} :: abominable, hateful, terrible; detestable; loathsome
abonnement {n} :: subscription
abonnement {n} :: season ticket, especially for public transport (train, bus, etc...)
abonneren {vt} :: to subscribe, to sign up (to receive a publication)
aborderen {v} [obsolete, nautical] :: to board
aborteren {vt} :: to abort, to cause a premature termination of (a fetus)
abortorium {n} :: abortorium
abortus {m} :: abortion, induced abortion
abortus {m} :: miscarriage, spontaneous abortion
abortus provocatus {m} :: abortion, induced abortion
Abraham {prop} {m} :: given name of biblical origin
abrahamitisch {adj} :: Abrahamic
abrahamitisch {adj} :: Relating to Abraham
abri {m} :: shelter for public transport
abri {m} [cycling] :: protection from wind by a cyclist's or biker's wake
abri {m} [Belgium] :: bomb shelter, bunker
abri {m} :: rock shelter, rock overhang
abrikoos {mf} :: apricot
abs. {abbr} :: aartsbisschop
absces {n} :: archaic spelling of abces
abscis {f} :: abscissa (first of two coordinates)
absint {m} {n} :: absinthe (liquor)
absolute genitief {m} :: genitive absolute
absoluut {adj} :: absolute
absoluut {adv} :: absolutely
absorberen {vt} :: to absorb
absorptie {f} :: absorption, act or process of absorbing or sucking in something
abstract {adj} :: abstract
abstract {adj} [arts] :: abstract
abstraheren {vt} :: to abstract, to think abstractly, to create abstractions
absurd {adj} :: absurd
absurditeit {f} :: absurdity
abt {m} :: An abbot, monastic superior of an abbey
abusievelijk {adv} :: inadvertently
ABW {initialism} :: initialism of Algemene bijstandswet
acacia {m} [botany] :: A shrub or tree of a species that belongs to the genus Acacia, is believed to belong to this genus, or once belonged to the genus. In practice it will refer to Robinia pseudoacacia
academicus {m} :: an academic
academicus {m} :: an academician
academie {f} :: academy
academisch {adj} :: academic
a capella {adv} :: a cappella, singing without instrumental accompaniment
a-capellakoor {n} [music] :: a cappella choir
acarologie {f} :: acarology
acarologisch {adj} :: acarological
acaroloog {m} :: acarologist
accapareren {v} :: To appropriate, seize
accederen {vit} [obsolete, with tot or aan if intransitive] :: to accede (to become party to an agreement)
acceleratie {f} :: acceleration (amount)
accelereren {v} [ergative] :: to accelerate
accent {n} :: accent (nonstandard way of pronouncing)
accentueren {vt} :: to accentuate
accepteren {vt} :: to accept
accessie {f} :: accession, the act of joining or acceding
accessie {f} [law] :: accession, the automatic acquisition of property through ownership of related property
accessoire {n} :: accessory (attachment)
accident {n} [philosophy, theology] :: accidental property
accident {n} [now, Belgium] :: accident
accijns {m} :: excise tax; a tax on certain goods including alcohol, tobacco, and flammable materials
Acco {prop} {m} :: given name, variant of Age
accolade {f} [punctuations] :: brace, curly bracket ({ })
accolade {f} :: anything that resembles the above
accoord {n} :: alternative spelling of akkoord
accordeon {m} {n} :: accordion (a portable wind instrument with a keyboard)
accordeonfile {f} :: heavy stop and start traffic
account {n} :: a subscription to an electronic service
accretie {f} :: accretion
accu {m} :: battery; accumulator
acculturalisatie {f} [sociology] :: acculturalisation
accumulatie {f} :: accumulation (act of accumulating, the state of being accumulated)
accuraat {adj} :: accurate
accuraat {adj} :: punctual
accusatief {m} [grammar] :: accusative case
accusativus {m} [grammar] :: the accusative case or a word therein
acetaat {n} :: acetate
acetyleen {n} :: acetylene
ach {interj} :: oh, expresses compassion, surprise and dismay
achenebbisj {adj} [colloquial] :: shabby
Achiel {prop} {m} :: given name, variant of Achilles
Achilles {prop} :: Achilles
Achmad {prop} :: given name, equivalent to Ahmed
Achmed {prop} :: given name, equivalent to Ahmed
acht {num} [cardinal] :: eight
acht {f} :: attention, heed
achtbaan {f} :: rollercoaster
achtbaar {adj} :: honourable, notable
achtbaar {adj} :: notable, remarkable
achtbenig {adj} :: eight-legged [chiefly in relation to horses, people and objects]
achtduizend {num} :: eight thousand
achteloos {adj} :: careless
achteloosheid {f} :: carelessness, negligence
achten {vt} :: to esteem, to respect, to value
achten {vt} :: to estimate, to consider, to reckon
achtendertig {num} :: thirty-eight
achtennegentig {num} :: ninety-eight
achtentachtig {num} :: eighty-eight
achtentwintig {num} :: twenty-eight
achtenveertig {num} :: forty-eight
achtenvijftig {num} :: fifty-eight
achtenzestig {num} :: sixty-eight
achtenzeventig {num} :: seventy-eight
achter- {prefix} :: after-, behind
achter {prep} :: behind
achter {prep} :: beyond
achteraan {adv} :: in the back
achteraan {prep} :: behind (at the back of)
achteraan {circump} :: after, behind, following
achteraf {adv} :: Afterwards, in hindsight
achterafstraat {mf} :: A back street
achterafstraat {mf} :: A shady (shifty) street
achterbaks {adj} :: shrewd, sneaky, underhand
achterban {m} :: base, e.g. a party's electorate or any organisation's supporters
achterban {m} [historical] :: the part of a feudal army raised by the vassals of a liege's vassals
achterblijven {vi} :: to remain, stay behind, hang back (to stay somewhere, while others leave)
achterbout {m} :: back haunch, hind haunch (hindmost leg of an animal as food)
achterbuurt {f} [colloquial] :: impoverished neighbourhood
achterdeel {n} :: back part, hindmost part
achterdeel {n} :: butt, buttocks
achterdeel {n} [obsolete] :: damage, harm
achterdeel {n} [obsolete] :: disadvantage
achter de hand {adv} :: in reserve, kept aside for when the need arises
achterdek {n} [nautical] :: afterdeck, quarterdeck
achterdenken {v} [obsolete] :: to suspect
achterdenken {n} [obsolete] :: suspicion, mistrust
achterdenken {n} [obsolete] :: worry, concern
achter de rug {adj} [idiomatic] :: having ended in the recent past, especially for unpleasant things
achterdeur {f} :: back door
achterdocht {f} :: suspicion, mistrust (being suspicious)
achterdochtig {adj} :: suspicious
achtereen {adv} :: in succession
achtereenvolgend {adj} :: Consecutive
achtereenvolgens {adv} :: successively
achtereind {n} :: rear end
achtergevel {m} [architecture] :: back façade
achtergrond {m} :: background
achtergrondkleur {m} :: background colour
achtergrondmuziek {f} :: background music
achterhaald {adj} :: outmoded
achterhalen {vt} :: to overtake, to hunt down
achterhalen {vt} :: to find out, discover
achterhande {adj} [obsolete] :: Of eight different kinds
achter het net vissen {v} [idiomatic] :: to miss an opportunity, to be too late (literally: to fish behind the net)
achterhoede {f} [military] :: rearguard, rear
achterhoede {f} [by extension, figurative, collective] :: rear, trailers, people who are slow to adapt
achterhoedegevecht {n} [military] :: rearguard battle, rearguard fight (battle involving the rearguard of a military force, usually on retreat)
achterhoedegevecht {n} [by extension, figurative] :: rearguard battle, rearguard struggle (controversy involving people resistant to change)
Achterhoek {prop} {m} :: A region in the easternmost part of Gelderland, in the eastern Netherlands
Achterhoeks {adj} :: of or relating to the Achterhoek, a region in the East of the Netherlands
Achterhoeks {prop} {n} :: a lect of Netherlands, a dialect of Dutch Low Saxon
achterhoofd {n} :: back of the head, occiput
achterhuis {n} :: back part of a house
achterhuis {n} :: backhouse, outbuilding
achterin {adv} :: in the back/rear
achterin {prep} :: in the back/rear of
achterjaar {n} [dated] :: autumn
achterkamer {f} :: backroom [with similar connotations of secrecy, especially in the diminutive]
achterkamertjespolitiek {f} [politics, derogatory] :: backroom politics
achterkant {m} :: The backside, rear-end of an object etc
achterkant {m} :: The reverse of a roughly symmetrical object which has a distinct front
achterkasteel {n} [nautical] :: aftcastle; poop deck
achterklap {m} :: (mean-spirited) gossip
achterkleinkind {n} :: great-grandchild
achterkousig {adj} [dialectal] :: suspicious, mistrusting
achterkousig {adj} [archaic, dialectal] :: secretive, furtive
achterlaadgeweer {n} :: breech-loading rifle
achterlader {m} :: breechloader
achterland {n} :: hinterland (area around or serviced by a port)
achterland {n} :: hinterland (rural region surrounding a city)
achterland {n} :: hinterland (inland region next to a coast)
achterlaten {vt} :: to leave behind, to abandon
achterlating {f} :: abandonment
achterliggend {adj} :: underlying
achterlijf {n} :: rear, backside of an animal
achterlijf {n} [of an arthropod] :: abdomen, propodeum, opisthosoma
achterlijk {adj} :: backwards, idiotic, retarded
achterlijke {m} [dated, offensive] :: a mentally retarded person
achterlijke {m} [insult] :: an idiot, a backwards person
achtermiddag {m} [dialectal, literary] :: late afternoon
achtermiddag {m} [archaic] :: afternoon (period between noon and 6 PM)
achterna {adv} :: after, behind, following (in movement)
achternaam {m} :: surname
achterneef {m} :: first cousin once removed (not second cousin, which would be "neef in de tweede graad" in Dutch)
achternoen {m} [now, Belgium] :: afternoon
achternoen {m} [Belgium, by extension] :: lunch
achterom {adv} :: around the back
achterom {adv} :: backwards over the shoulder
achteromkijken {v} :: to look back over the shoulder
achteromkijken {v} :: to contemplate the past, especially in a nostalgic, guilty or worried way
achterop {adv} :: on the back/rear, behind
achterop {prep} :: on the back/rear of
achteropkomen {vi} :: to overtake, catch up with
achterover {adv} :: backwards, on one's back
achterplan {n} :: backstage
achterpoot {m} :: hind leg [of an animal or of furniture]
achterruit {m} :: rear window (of a car)
achterruitenwisser {m} :: windscreen wiper for the rear window of a car
achterstand {m} :: delay, retardation
achterste {determiner} :: Behind-most, rearmost
achterste {n} :: rear-end, bottom of a person or animal
achtersteven {m} [nautical] :: stern
Achtersteven {prop} {n} [constellation] :: Puppis
achterstevoren {adv} :: backwards
achtertocht {m} [obsolete] :: rearguard
achtertuin {m} :: backyard
achteruit {adv} :: backwards
achteruitgaan {vi} :: to decline, recede
achteruitkijkspiegel {m} :: rear-view mirror
achteruitvaart {f} [obsolete] :: deterioration
achteruitvaart {f} [obsolete] :: bankruptcy
achteruitvaart {f} :: the act or capability of sailing backward
achterv. {f} :: abbreviation of achtervolging
achtervoegsel {n} [grammar] :: suffix
achtervolgen {vt} :: to pursue
achtervolger {mf} :: pursuer
achtervolging {f} :: pursuit
achterwaarts {adj} :: backward
achterwaarts {adv} :: backwards
achterwerk {n} :: behind, buttocks
achterwerk {n} [nautical, dated] :: stern
achterwerk {n} [fashion, obsolete, often, diminutive] :: decorative lacework
achterzak {m} :: back pocket
achterzeil {n} :: back sail
achterzetsel {n} [part of speech] :: postposition
achthalf {num} [obsolete] :: seven and a half
achthoek {m} [geometry] :: octagon
achthoekig {adj} [literally] :: octagonal, having eight corners
achthoekig {adj} [geometry] :: shaped like an octagon
achthonderd {num} [cardinal] :: eight hundred
-achtig {suffix} :: -like, -ish
achting {f} :: esteem, respect
achtjarig {adj} :: eight-year old
achtkantmolen {m} :: octagonal smock mill
Achtkarspelen {prop} :: Achtkarspelen (municipality)
achtmotorig {adj} :: [of motorised means of transport] having eight engines
achtpotig {adj} :: eight-legged [chiefly in relation to animals]
achtste {adj} :: eighth
achtste naamval {m} [grammar] :: instrumental case
achttal {n} :: octet, eightsome (group of eight)
achttien {num} :: eighteen
achttiende {adj} :: eighteenth
achttienjarig {adj} :: eighteen-year-old
achturig {adj} :: eight-hour
achtvoudig {adj} :: eightfold
achtzaam {adj} :: attentive, careful
acidose {f} :: acidosis
acne {f} {m} :: acne
acoliet {m} :: acolyte
acquis {n} :: acquis (totality of EU legislation and court decisions)
acro- {prefix} :: acro-
acrobaat {m} :: acrobat
acrocyanose {f} :: acrocyanosis
acrofobie {f} :: acrophobia
acroniem {n} :: acronym (word formed by initial letters)
acrostichon {n} :: acrostic
acryl {n} :: The acidic compound acryl
acryl {n} :: A wool-like artificial fiber
acrylzuur {n} :: The substance acrylic acid
acteur {m} :: actor (person who performs in a theatrical play or film)
actie {f} :: action, activity, movement; especially [without article] a fast-paced activity
actie {f} [physics] :: action; motion
actie {f} [legal, obsolete] :: legal charge; formal claim
actie {f} [finance, archaic, historical] :: share in an enterprise
actief {adj} :: active
actief {n} [grammar] :: active voice
actiehandel {m} [historical] :: stock brokerage; trade in shares
actiehandelaar {m} [historical] :: stockbroker
actiënhandel {m} [historical, uncommon] :: alternative form of actiehandel
actieve kool {f} :: activated carbon
actinium {n} :: actinium
actionist {m} [historical] :: stockbroker
activeren {vt} :: to activate, put into action; render (more) active
activeren {vt} :: to enable (to activate a function of an electronic or mechanical device)
activisme {n} :: activism
activist {m} :: activist
activiste {f} :: female activist
activistisch {adj} :: activist
activiteit {f} :: activity
actrice {f} :: actress
actualiseren {vt} :: to update (make something up to date)
actueel {adj} :: current, present
acupunctuur {f} :: acupuncture (insertion of needles for remedial purposes)
acuut {adv} :: acutely, very quickly, immediately
acuut {adv} :: urgent
Ad {prop} {m} :: given name or a nickname, usually as a shortened form of Adriaan or Adolf
Adaemkin {prop} :: given name and diminutive of Adaem, Adam
adagio {n} :: adage
adagio {n} [music, dance] :: adagio
adagio {adv} [music] :: adagio
adagio {adj} [music] :: describing a passage having this mark
Adalmar {prop} {m} :: given name, cognate to English Aylmer
A'dam {prop} {n} :: abbreviation of Amsterdam
Adam {prop} {m} :: Adam (Biblical character, mythological first man)
Adam {prop} {m} :: given name
adamsappel {m} :: Adam's apple, laryngeal prominence
adblocker {m} :: adblocker
adder {mf} :: viper, adder
adder {mf} :: common viper, Vipera berus
adderbeet {m} :: viper bite
adderengebroed {n} :: alternative form of addergebroed
addergebroed {n} [collective] :: scum (brood of vipers)
addergif {n} :: viper venom
adderspog {n} [literary, often, figurative] :: viper venom
addictie {f} :: addiction
adel {m} :: nobility
adelaar {m} :: eagle (Any of several large carnivorous birds in the family Accipitridae)
adelaar {m} :: effigy of an eagle; insignia comprising one
adelaar {m} [heraldiccharge] :: eagle (on or supporting a coat of arms)
adelborst {m} :: midshipman
adelborst {m} [historical, obsolete] :: low-ranking officer in an army
adelbrief {m} :: patent of nobility
adeldom {m} :: nobility
adelen {vt} :: to ennoble
Adelheid {prop} :: given name
adellijk {adj} :: noble
Adelmar {prop} {m} :: given name, cognate to Aylmer
adelstand {m} :: The aristocracy as a socially privileged estate, the nobility
adelstand {m} :: The status of being considered nobility
Adelwijn {prop} {m} :: given name, cognate to Alwin
Adelwin {prop} :: given name, equivalent to Alwin
adem {m} :: breath
adembenemend {adj} :: breathtaking
ademborstig {adj} [obsolete] :: dyspneic
ademen {vi} :: to breathe
ademhalen {vi} :: to breathe
ademhaling {f} :: breathing, respiration
ademnood {f} {m} :: shortness of breath, dyspnea
ademtocht {f} :: breath, act of inhalation
ademtocht {f} [figurative] :: airflow, breath of air
adenoom {n} :: adenoma (benign tumour)
adequaat {adj} :: adequate
ader {f} {m} :: vein
ader {f} {m} [geology] :: vein
ader {f} {m} [by extension] :: any narrow and long passageway essential to a larger networked system such as roads
aderlaten {v} :: to leech
aderlaten {v} :: to drain resources without giving back
aderlaten {v} :: to apply a leech medicinally
aderlating {f} :: bloodletting
aderlijk {adj} :: venous, pertaining to the veins
aderrijk {adj} :: veiny
aderslag {m} [biology, rare] :: pulse, especially when observed at an artery
aderverwijding {f} :: aneurysm
adieu {interj} :: farewell, adieu
adje {n} [student slang] :: an act of downing a vessel of alcohol, typically beer, in one draught
adjectief {n} :: adjective
adjudant {m} [military] :: adjutant
adjudant {m} :: assistant
administratief {adj} :: administrative
admiraal {f} :: Admiral (naval officer)
admiraalschap {n} :: admiralship, admiralty
admiraalschap {n} [historical] :: agreement to sail in convoy
admiraalschap {n} [historical, by extension] :: such a maritime convoy
admiraliteit {f} :: admiralty
adobe {m} :: adobe
adolescent {mf} :: adolescent
adolescentie {f} :: adolescence
Adolf {prop} {m} :: given name, cognate to Adolph
adopteren {v} :: to adopt (to take by choice into relationship, as, child, heir, friend, citizen)
adoptief {adj} :: adoptive, by or relating to adoption
adoptiefzoon {m} :: An adoptive son
adoptieouder {m} :: An adoptive parent
adoreren {vt} :: to adore
adrenaline {f} :: adrenaline
adrenocorticaal {adj} :: adrenocortical (relating to the adrenal cortex)
adres {n} :: address (direction for letters)
adresbus {m} [electronics] :: address bus
Adri {prop} {m} :: given name, derived from Adriaan
Adriaan {prop} {m} :: given name, cognate to Adrian
Adriatische Zee {prop} :: The Adriatic Sea, part of the Mediterranean stretching from the Ionian Sea to the Gulf of Venice
Adrie {prop} :: given name, derived from Adrian
Adrie {prop} :: given name, derived from Adrienne
adstrueren {vt} :: to substantiate, elucidate
adventskalender {m} :: Advent calendar
adverteerder {m} :: advertiser
advertentie {f} :: advertisement
adverteren {vi} :: to advertise, to place an advertisement
advies {n} :: advice
adviesjacht {n} [historical, nautical] :: dispatch boat
advijs {n} :: obsolete spelling of advies
adviseren {vt} :: to recommend
adviseur {m} :: An adviser, someone who gives advice, counsels
adviseur {m} :: A hierarchical rank and title (usually for college graduates) in certain administrations, such as the Belgian federal and various lower-level public offices
advocaat {m} [countable] :: attorney, lawyer
advocaat {m} [also uncountable] :: advocaat
advocaat {m} [also uncountable, by extension] :: eggnog
advocatuur {f} :: the lawyer profession, bar
Adyghe {prop} {n} :: Adyghe (language)
aendacht {f} :: obsolete spelling of aandacht
aendagt {f} :: obsolete spelling of aandacht
Aeneis {prop} {f} :: The Aeneid
aensnellen {v} :: obsolete spelling of aansnellen
aenvalling {f} :: obsolete spelling of aanvalling
aerodynamisch {adj} :: aerodynamic, aerodynamical
aerofoon {m} [music] :: aerophone
aeroob {adj} :: aerobic
Aerts {prop} :: surname
af- {prefix} :: [prefix] de-, en-
af- {prefix} :: down
af- {prefix} :: off
af {adv} :: off
af {adv} [postpositional] :: off, from (implying motion)
af {adj} :: finished, done [when working on something]
AFA {prop} {f} :: alternative form of Antifa
Afar {prop} {n} :: Afar (language)
afasie {f} :: The pathological speech disorder aphasia
afbakbrood {n} [countable, uncountable] :: pre-baked bread (bread that has been partially baked and can be baked in a domestic oven)
afbakenen {vt} :: to demarcate with beacons, stakes, or other signs, e.g. to stake out
afbakening {f} :: demarcation
afbedelen {vti} :: to beg [implying that something is acquired]
afbeelden {vt} :: to portray, to depict, to represent
afbeelding {f} :: picture, image
afbeelding {f} [mathematics] :: mapping
afbeitelen {vt} :: to chisel off
afbellen {vt} :: to cancel / call off by telephone
afbetalen {vt} :: to pay back, to pay off, to redeem
afbetaling {f} :: installment (portion of debt)
afbeuken {vt} [dated] :: to beat up
afbeulen {vrt} :: to exhaust, to tire out
afbeulen {vt} [dated] :: to torment, to torture
afbijten {vt} :: to bite off
afblazen {vt} :: to blow off
afblazen {vt} :: to call off, cancel
afborstelen {vt} :: to brush off, to brush (to remove or clean by means of a brush)
afbottelen {vt} :: to bottle
afbouwen {v} :: to finish building
afbouwen {v} :: to reduce, to phase out
afbraak {f} :: decomposition
afbraak {f} :: demolition
afbranden {v} [ergative] :: to burn down
afbreekteken {n} :: hyphen
afbreken {v} [ergative] :: to break off
afbreken {vt} :: to demolish, to break down
afbreken {v} [ergative] :: to decompose
afbreken {v} [ergative] :: to cut short, to abort, to end
afbrokkelen {v} [ergative] :: to crumble apart
afbuigen {v} [ergative] :: to bend/curve away
afbuigen {vi} :: to branch off
afdak {n} :: lean-to, shelter roof; a roof over an area not fully enclosed by walls
afdalen {vi} :: to descend
afdaling {f} :: descent
afdaling {f} [sports] :: downhill (alpine skiing discipline)
afdammen {vt} :: to dam (off)
afdanken {v} :: to discard, to reject, to throw away
afdanken {v} :: to downsize (to terminate the employment of)
afdeeling {f} :: obsolete spelling of afdeling
afdekken {vt} :: to cover
afdekken {vt} [of tables, obsolete] :: to clear
afdeling {f} :: department, branch
afdeling {f} :: section, part
afdeling {f} [military, chiefly artillery] :: regiment, army unit consisting of more than one battalions
afdijken {vt} :: to dyke off (to enclose or divert a stream by building a dyke)
afdingen {vt} :: to haggle
afdoen {vt} [especially of clothes or decoration] :: to remove, to take off
afdoen {vt} :: to complete, to fulfill, to finish
afdoen {vt} :: to determine, to decide
afdoen {vt} :: to dismiss, to reject [often out of hand, lightly]
afdoen {vi} :: to detract [+ aan/tot (object) = from], to diminish the value
afdoen {vt} [in particular of debts] :: to satisfy, to pay back
afdoen {vi} :: to suffice, to contribute, to be sufficient
afdoend {adj} :: sufficient for a given purpose
afdonderen {vi} [colloquial] :: to fall off, to fall down
afdonderen {vt} [colloquial] :: to throw off, to throw down
afdonderen {v} [obsolete] :: to proclaim loudly
afdorren {v} [archaic] :: to wither and fall off
afdracht {f} :: contribution, payment
afdragen {vt} :: to carry off, to take away
afdragen {vt} :: to contribute, to pay
afdrijven {vi} :: to float away, to float off
afdrijven {vi} :: to get lost in thought
afdrijven {vt} [chemistry, metallurgy] :: to refine, to purify
afdrijven {vit} [medicine] :: to remove from or leave the womb or birth canal; e.g. to void, to abort, to miscarry
afdrijven {vi} :: to float downstream or down
afdrijving {f} :: (general) to drive something or someone away
afdrijving {f} :: (specific) abortion
afdringen {v} [archaic] :: to extort, to exact, to commit extortion
afdringen {v} [archaic] :: to press away, to force away
afdringen {v} [archaic] :: to force down, to press off
afdringen {v} :: See: vanaf dringen
afdringen {v} :: rare form of afdwingen
afdrogen {vt} :: to dry off
afdrogen {vt} :: to defeat overwhelmingly
afdrogen {vt} [colloquial] :: to beat up
afdruipen {vi} :: to drip off, to drain
afdruipen {vi} :: to slink away shamefully
afdruk {m} :: print
afdruk {m} :: impression
afdrukken {vt} :: to print
afdwalen {vi} :: to wander off, go astray
afdweilen {vt} :: to clean with a floorcloth
afdweilen {vt} :: to saunter through
afdwingen {vt} :: to coerce, obtain by force
afdwingen {vt} :: to enforce
af en toe {adv} [idiomatic] :: now and then; occasionally
affaire {f} :: matter, issue
affaire {f} :: political scandal or controversy
affaire {f} :: sexual affair
affaire {f} [dated] :: business
affektenleer {f} [music] :: doctrine of the affections
affix {n} :: Affix (linguistics and mathematics)
affricaat {f} [phonetics] :: affricate
affuit {f} {n} :: gun carriage
afgaaf {f} :: dated form of afgave
afgaan {vi} :: to go off
afgaan {vi} :: to go down
afgaan {vi} :: to lose face
afgaan {vi} :: (of a telephone) to ring
afgang {m} :: the act of descending
afgang {m} :: the act of leaving the stage
afgang {m} :: the loss of face
afgave {f} [now, rare] :: contribution, the act of handing over
afgave {f} [rare] :: secretion, the act of secreting
afgekeurd {adj} :: deprecated
afgelasten {vt} :: to cancel, nullify
afgelasting {f} :: cancellation
afgeleefd {adj} :: decrepit, worn with age
afgeleefd {adj} :: burned out, worn-out
afgelegen {adj} :: remote
afgeleide {f} [calculus] :: derivative
afgeleide {f} [computer science] :: fork (of a FOSS project)
afgelopen {adj} :: last, past
afgelopen {adj} :: finished, ended
afgeplat {adj} :: flattened
afgestudeerde {noun} :: graduate
afgestudeerde {noun} :: alumnus
afgevaardigde {mf} :: representative, delegate
afgeven {vt} :: to hand off, hand over, deliver
afgeven {vti} :: to give off when touched
afgeven {vi} :: to rant, to voice criticism [+ op (object) = about]
afgeven {vi} [Belgium] :: to give up, to forfeit
afgeven {vt} :: to secrete, to emit
afgezaagd {adj} :: mundane, commonplace, trite
afgezant {m} :: envoy, emissary, delegate: a representative appointed by the state
afgezonderd {adj} :: isolated
afgezonderd {adv} :: in isolation
Afghaan {m} :: Afghan (person from Afghanistan)
Afghaans {adj} :: Afghan
Afghaanse {f} :: Afghan (female person)
Afghaanse vos {m} :: Blanford's fox (Vulpes cana)
Afghanistan {prop} {n} :: Afghanistan
afgieten {vt} :: to strain, to pour off, to pour out
afgieten {vt} :: to cast, to form by pouring
afgietsel {n} :: cast, an object made by pouring liqui(fie)d matter in a mould
afglijden {vi} [literal and figurative] :: to slide down
afglijden {vi} :: to slip off
afgod {m} [religion, pejorative] :: idol; false deity
afgodendienst {f} [derogatory] :: idolatry
afgoderij {m} [religion, pejorative] :: idolatry
afgodes {f} [religion, pejorative, archaic] :: female idol (goddess considered to be false by the speaker)
afgodig {adj} [religion, pejorative, uncommon] :: idolatrous
afgodin {f} [religion, pejorative, dated] :: female idol (goddess considered to be false by the speaker)
afgodisch {adj} [pejorative] :: idolatrous
afgodsbeeld {n} [pejorative, religion] :: statue or figurine of an idol; idol
afgodslang {f} :: boa, any of the Boidae
afgodslang {f} :: boa constrictor
afgodsslang {f} :: alternative spelling of afgodslang
afgrazen {vti} :: to graze down (to remove vegetation or to reduce its height by grazing)
afgrijselijk {adj} :: heinous, horrible
afgrijselijk {adv} :: heinously, horribly
afgrond {m} :: abyss
afgunst {f} :: jealousy
afhaalchinees {m} [chiefly Netherlands] :: Chinese takeaway (restaurant) [in practice usually a Chinese-Indonesian restaurant]
afhaalrestaurant {n} [chiefly Netherlands] :: takeaway (restaurant)
afhaken {vt} :: to unhook
afhaken {vi} :: to give up, to pull out (of an arrangement)
afhakken {vt} :: to hack/chop off, to sever
afhakken {vt} :: to truncate
afhalen {vt} :: to pick up, take away (of e.g. a placed order)
afhandelen {vt} :: to argue out, settle
afhangen {vi} :: to depend [+ van (object) = on]
afhankelijk {adj} :: dependent (on other for help or support)
afhankelijk {adj} :: depending (on circumstances in order to become determined)
afhaspelen {vt} :: to unwind (from a reel), to reel
afhaspelen {vt} :: to sort out, to untangle
afhaspelen {vt} [obsolete] :: to fight it out verbally, to solve a dispute by arguing
afheinen {vt} [dated] :: to fence off (to make something out of bounds by means of barriers)
afheinen {vt} [obsolete] :: to separate
afheining {f} [archaic] :: the activity of closing off
afheining {f} [archaic] :: fence, barrier
afhouwen {vt} :: to hew off, to chop off
afhuren {v} :: to rent out, to charter
afjagen {vt} :: to drive away, to kick out
afkaatsen {v} [ergative] :: to rebound, to deflect, to ricochet
afkalven {vi} :: to cave in or calve off
afkanselen {v} :: lecture someone or people
afkappen {vt} :: to cut off, to truncate
afkappen {vt} [figurative] :: to cut short, to truncate
afkeer {m} :: aversion, antipathy
afkerig {adj} :: loath, having an aversion
afketsen {v} [ergative] :: to rebound, to deflect, to ricochet
afkeuren {vt} :: to disapprove of
afkeuren {vt} :: to condemn
afkeuren {vt} :: to fail (at an inspection)
afkeuren {vt} :: to refuse, reject, declare unfit (for military service)
afkeurenswaardig {adj} :: blameworthy
afkijken {vi} :: to plagiarize, to cheat by copying another's work
afkijken {vi} :: to learn by watching
afklemmen {vt} :: to catch, fasten
afkluiven {vt} :: to gnaw [e.g. meat off a bone]
afknauwen {vt} :: to gnaw off
afknijpen {vt} :: to squeeze shut
afknijpen {vt} [gardening] :: to pinch off dried-out flowers
afknijpen {vti} [colloquial] :: to shake or squeeze the penis after urination
afkoelen {v} [ergative] :: to cool off, cool down
afkoeling {f} :: cooling down, cooling off
afkoker {m} :: A floury potato suitable for mashed potato dishes
afkomen {vi} :: to descend, to come off
afkomen {vi} :: to become officially recognized
afkomen {vi} :: to go straight in the direction of
afkomst {f} :: origin, birth, descent
afkomstig {adj} :: originating
afkondigen {vt} :: to declare, proclaim
afkoop {m} :: redemption, commutation, surrender
afkopen {vt} :: to buy off
afkorten {vt} :: to shorten
afkorten {vt} :: to abbreviate
afkorten {vt} :: to abridge
afkorting {f} :: abbreviation
afkorting {f} :: abridgement
afkraken {vt} :: to criticise in a petty and destructive manner
afkraken {v} [dated, ergative] :: to crack off, to break off with a crack
afkussen {vt} :: to take away by kissing, to kiss away (e.g. pain, sorrow)
afkussen {vi} :: to reconcile by kissing
afl. {f} :: abbreviation of aflevering
afl. {f} :: abbreviation of afleiding
aflaat {m} [Roman Catholicism] :: indulgence
afleggen {vt} :: to cover (e.g. a distance)
afleggen {vi} [with het as the object] :: to perish, to die
afleggen {vi} [with het as the object] :: to be defeated
afleggen {vt} :: to prepare a deceased person for the funeral
afleiden {vt} :: to infer, deduce
afleiden {vt} :: to derive
afleiden {vt} :: to distract
afleiding {f} :: distraction
afleiding {f} :: derivation (process by which a word has been derived)
afleiding {f} :: derivative (a word which has been derived from another one)
afleren {vt} :: to unlearn
afleren {vt} :: to correct (often a bad habit)
afleunen {v} [archaic] :: to decline (an invite, offer or proposal), to refuse
afleveren {vt} :: to deliver, to drop off
aflevering {f} :: delivery
aflevering {f} :: episode (e.g. of a TV series)
aflezen {vt} :: to read off, to read from a measurement device
aflijven {vi} :: to depart from life, die
aflijvig {adj} :: [only in reference to people] dead, deceased, departed (from life)
aflikken {vt} :: to lick off (to remove by licking)
afloop {m} :: ending, result, termination
aflopen {vt} :: to walk down
aflopen {vi} :: to incline
aflopen {vi} :: to expire
aflopen {vi} :: to end, to come to an end
aflossen {vt} :: to relieve, to free from a position or post [e.g. by taking someone's place]
aflossen {vt} [of debts] :: to redeem, to pay off
aflossen {vt} [obsolete, of guns] :: to fire, to shoot
afluisteren {vt} :: to eavesdrop
afmaken {vt} :: to finish
afmaken {v} :: to kill, to finish off
afmartelen {vt} :: to torture to an intense degree
afmartelen {vt} [figurative] :: to pester or torment a lot
afmartelen {vtr} [often, figurative] :: to exhaust, to tire out
afmelden {vt} :: to check out
afmelden {vt} :: to cancel, to call off
afmelden {vt} :: to log out
afmelden {vr} :: to log out
afmeten {vt} :: to measure off
afmeting {f} :: dimension (size)
afmikken {v} [dated] :: to bounce off with a projectile
afmikken {v} [dated] :: to measure, especially by mere eyesight
afmolmen {vi} [archaic] :: to weather, to crumble, to decay
afmotten {vt} [Brabant] :: to clobber a person fiercely (with one's fists)
afname {f} :: decrease, decline, diminution, shrinkage
afname {f} :: purchase, acquisition
afname {f} :: sale, take-up
afnemen {vi} :: to decrease
afnemen {vt} :: to take off, to remove
afnemen {vt} :: to take, to draw
afnemen {vt} :: to undergo
afnemer {m} [organisation] :: customer, client, buyer (of goods or services)
afnemer {m} [profession] :: buyer, purchaser, one who is busy with procurement professionally
afneuzen {vt} [dated] :: to peek (at) in order to copy, to plagiarise
afneuzen {vt} [archaic] :: to snoop on, to stealthily investigate
aforisme {n} :: aphorism
afpakken {vt} :: to snatch, take away
afpeigeren {vt} :: to tire out, to exhaust, to wear out
afpersen {vt} :: to extort
afpersing {f} :: extortion
afplatten {vt} :: to flatten
afplatting {f} :: flattening, ellipticity
afpluizen {vt} :: to pick off, to remove
afpreken {vt} [uncommon] :: to sermonise, to reproach at length
afpreken {vt} [obsolete] :: to dissuade by lengthy speech
afpunten {vt} [uncommon] :: to check off
afpunten {vt} [dated] :: to point, to sharpen [of ends, butts, extremities]
afpunten {vt} [obsolete, rare] :: to blunt
afraden {vt} :: to disadvise, to dissuade, to discourage
aframmelen {v} :: beat up
aframmelen {v} :: say sth. fast and mechanically
afranselen {vt} [colloquial] :: to beat up
afraspen {vt} :: to grate off
afrekenen {vt} :: to pay (a purchase, an owed amount)
afrekenen {vt} :: to settle
afrekenen {vt} :: to kill
afremmen {v} [ergative] :: to slow down
africhten {vt} :: to train (animals), to tame
afrij {f} {m} [obsolete] :: downward-sloping road
afrijten {vt} :: to tear a small(er) part away from a whole
Afrika {prop} {n} :: Africa
Afrikaan {m} :: African (a native of Africa)
Afrikaander {m} [dated, historical] :: alternative form of Afrikaner
Afrikaans {adj} :: African
Afrikaans {prop} {n} :: Afrikaans [language]
Afrikaanse Unie {prop} {f} :: African Union
Afrikaanse wilde hond {m} :: African wild dog, Lycaon pictus
afrikaantje {n} :: marigold [Tagetes]
Afrikaner {m} :: Afrikaner
Afrikaner {m} [archaic] :: African
Afrikaner {m} [archaic] :: Africanus
afrit {m} :: highway exit, slip road
afro {m} :: afro, fro
Afro-Amerikaan {m} :: Afro-American
Afro-Amerikaans {adj} :: Afro-American, pertaining to Afro-Americans
Afro-Aziatisch {adj} [linguistics] :: Afro-Asiatic
Afro-Aziatisch {adj} [uncommon] :: Afro-Asian, pertaining to Asia and Africa
afrollen {vi} :: to roll off
afronden {vt} :: to round up
afronden {vt} :: to round off, wrap up
afronden {vt} :: to finish
afrossen {vt} [colloquial] :: to beat up, to give a beatdown
afrotten {vi} :: to rot off (to become separated because of decomposition)
afruimen {vt} :: to clear (a surface of objects, such as a table of dishes)
afsabelen {vt} :: to chop off with a sabre
afschaffen {vt} :: to abolish, abrogate
afschaffing {f} :: abolition, abolishment
afscheid {n} :: farewell
afscheiden {vt} :: to separate
afscheiden {vt} [physiology] :: to secrete
afscheiding {f} :: separation
afscheiding {f} [medicine] :: discharge
afscheidingsbeweging {f} :: separatist movement
afscheidsdiner {n} :: farewell dinner
afscheidsmaal {n} :: farewell meal
afscheidsmaaltijd {n} :: farewell meal
afscheren {vt} :: to shave off
afschermen {vt} :: to protectively separate or cover
afscherming {f} :: protective separation, cover or screen
afschetsen {vt} :: to depict, to portray (to produce an image or depiction)
afschetsen {vt} [figurative] :: to depict, to portray, to paint (as) (to create an impression or reputation)
afschetsing {f} :: depiction, portrayal
afschieten {vt} :: to shoot dead, to kill by firing at someone or something
afschieten {vt} :: to cull
afschieten {vi} :: to descend quickly
afschieten {vt} :: to separate or to divide with an object such as a screen or a wall
afschieten {vt} :: to shoot, to fire (to launch a projectile, to use a range weapon)
afschieten {vt} [obsolete] :: to separate with a barrier
afschieten {vti} [Southern] :: to pay, to pay up
afschilderen {vt} :: to portray, paint
afschilderen {vt} :: to finish painting
afschilferen {v} [ergative] :: to flake off
afschouwelijk {adj} :: obsolete form of afschuwelijk
afschrift {n} :: copy, print (printed extract or replication)
afschrijven {vt} :: to deduct (money)
afschrijven {vt} :: to write off, to amortise
afschrijven {vt} :: to write off, to consider worthless, beyond repair, total loss
afschrik {m} :: deterrent
afschrik {m} :: horror
afschrikken {vt} :: to scare off
afschrikken {vt} :: to deter by fear
afschrikking {f} :: deterrence
afschrikwekkend {adj} :: heinous, horrible
afschudden {vt} :: to shake off (literal sense)
afschudden {vt} :: to shake (off), to rid oneself of a pursuer
afschuimen {vit} :: to remove foam
afschuimen {vit} [figuratively] :: to remove impurities (from)
afschuimen {vit} :: to plunder, to rob
afschuimen {vt} :: to rummage, to scour
afschuren {vt} :: to rub down, abrade
afschuw {m} :: fear, horror, revulsion, disgust
afschuwelijk {adj} :: heinous, horrible
afschuwelijk {adv} :: heinously, horribly
afschuwen {vt} :: to scare off, to cause fear or revulsion in
afschuwen {n} :: fear, horror, revulsion
afsijpelen {v} [dated] :: to drip off, to drip down
afslaan {vt} :: to decline, reject
afslaan {vi} :: to halt, stop
afslaan {vi} :: to turn, to take off in a direction perpendicular to the one one was travelling in before
afslaan {v} :: beat up
afslachten {vt} :: to butcher, to slaughter
afslachten {vt} :: to massacre
afslachting {f} :: massacre
afslag {m} :: exit turn (on a freeway)
afslag {m} :: Dutch auction (usually of fish)
afslanken {vi} :: to slim, to become slimmer
afsluiten {vt} :: to close off, seal
afsluiten {vt} :: to conclude, to end, to terminate
afsluiter {m} :: closer, shutter, tap, valve
afsmelten {v} [ergative] :: to melt off
afsnauwen {vt} :: to curtly tell someone off, to rebuke harshly
afspeellijst {f} :: playlist
afspelen {vt} :: to play (a recording)
afspelen {vr} :: to happen, to play out, to take place
afsplitsing {f} :: offsplit, split (breach, division, secession)
afsplitsing {f} [computer science] :: fork (splitting of a process)
afspoelen {vt} :: to rinse off
afspraak {mf} :: arrangement, agreement, understanding
afspraak {mf} :: appointment, date
afspraakje {noun} :: A romantic date
afspreken {vt} :: to agree, to make an agreement
afspreken {vi} :: to make an appointment
afstaan {vt} :: to relinquish, to give up
afstaan {vt} :: to cede
afstammeling {m} :: descendant
afstammen {vi} :: to descend, originate (from)
afstamming {f} :: lineage, descent
afstand {m} :: distance
afstand {m} :: offset
afstand {m} :: offstand
afstandelijk {adj} :: standoffish, aloof, distant (cold, unfriendly)
afstandelijkheid {f} :: aloofness, standoffishness
afstandelijkheid {f} :: detachment
afstandsbediening {f} :: remote control
afsteken {vt} :: to remove by inserting a tool
afsteken {vi} :: to depart, take off (from the coast)
afsteken {vt} :: to light (e.g. a match, fireworks)
afsteken {vi} :: to contrast, to stick out
afsteken {vt} :: to pronounce, to announce (out loud)
afstembereik {n} :: tuning range, frequency range (of a radio)
afstemmen {vt} :: to coordinate
afstemmen {vt} :: to tune (an instrument)
afstemmen {vt} :: to tune (a radio etc.)
afstempelen {vt} :: to stamp (e.g. on a strippenkaart)
afsterven {vi} :: to die off
afsterven {vi} :: to die out, to die away
afsterven {vi} :: to decompose
afstoffen {vt} :: to dust off, to clean by removing dust
afstoffen {vt} [figuratively] :: to brush up, refresh, rekindle (knowledge)
afstompen {vt} [literal] :: to blunt, to make blunt [of sharp objects]
afstompen {vt} :: to dull, to numb [of other objects or faculties]
afstompen {vt} :: to numb, to make apathetic [of minds and people]
afstoot {m} :: break-off (the opening shot in a cue game)
afstoot {m} :: lag (method of deciding who plays first in a cue game)
afstoten {vt} :: to push away, to repel
afstoten {vi} [cue sports] :: to start a game
afstoting {f} :: repulsion
afstraffen {vt} :: to punish
afstraffing {f} [literally] :: A severe punishment
afstraffing {f} :: A memorable lesson
afstraffing {f} :: A painful, embarrassing failure or defeat
afstrijken {vt} :: to strike (a match, to attempt to ignite it)
afstrijken {vt} :: to rub out
afstuderen {vi} :: to graduate: successfully complete one's studies
aft {f} :: aphtha (a sore in the mucous membrane of the mouth)
aftaaien {vi} [rare] :: to stop
aftaaien {vi} [colloquial] :: to go away
aftakelen {vi} :: to decay [in physical or mental condition]
aftakelen {vt} [dated, figurative] :: to uncover, to expose
aftakeling {f} :: decrepitude, decay, decline [in physical or mental condition]
aftakking {f} :: bifurcation, crotch
aftakking {f} :: ramification, branching
aftappen {vt} :: to tap off, to siphon off, to drain
aftappen {vt} :: to wiretap (intercept or listen in on a communication)
aftasten {vt} :: to investigate/explore/inspect with the hands
aftelbaar {adj} [mathematics] :: countable
aftellen {vi} :: to count down
aftelling {f} :: countdown
aftelling {f} [mathematics] :: enumeration
aftobben {vr} :: to wear oneself out by worrying
aftobben {vr} :: to exhaust oneself with work
aftotteren {noun} [Brabantian] :: fall off
aftrap {m} :: kickoff
aftreden {vi} :: to resign, abdicate
aftreden {vi} [archaic] :: to step down, to walk downward
aftreden {vi} [archaic] :: to walk away
aftreden {vt} [archaic] :: to complete traversing (a given distance)
aftreding {f} :: resignation
aftrek {m} :: deduction
aftrekken {vt} :: to pull off
aftrekken {vt} [arithmetic] :: to subtract
aftrekken {vt} :: to clean/level etc. with a squeegee
aftrekken {vt} [slang] :: to stimulate with one's hand of one's own or another one's penis; (of male) to masturbate
aftrekking {f} :: the act of subtracting
aftrekking {f} :: subtraction, a mathematical function to calculate the arithmetical difference between two numeric values
aftroeven {vt} :: to score off, to achieve success over
aftroggelen {v} :: to unfairly obtain through smooth talking, insisting, pleading etc.; to cadge
aftuigen {vt} [nautical] :: to unrig, to unequip
aftuigen {vt} [livestock, particularly, horses] :: to remove tack from, to unequip
aftuigen {vt} :: to beat up, to attack, to abuse
aftuigen {vt} :: to dedecorate
afvaardigen {vt} :: to delegate
afvaart {f} [nautical] :: departure, sailing
afval {m} {n} :: rubbish, garbage, trash
afval {m} :: The act of dropping out (of a race etc.)
afval {m} :: apostasy, the act of rejecting a previous affiliation or belief
afvallen {vi} :: to fall off
afvallen {vi} :: to lose weight, slim down
afvallen {vi} :: to drop out, to no longer be able to partake
afvallen {vt} :: to renounce, to renege, to lose loyalty
afvallen {vt} :: to dispute, to go against (a person)
afvallig {adj} :: renegade
afvalligheid {f} :: A disloyalty, desertion
afvalligheid {f} :: An ideological renunciation or secession, notably apostasy, schismatic renunciation of (part of) a confessional creed, whether by joining another or not
afvalstof {f} :: waste product
afverven {vt} :: to finish painting
afverven {vi} [obsolete] :: to give off paint or pigment
afvinken {vt} :: to check off [f.e. choices on form, often implying elimination of options, unlike aanvinken]
afvissen {vt} :: to cover an entire stretch of water in one's fishing [takes bodies of water as the direct object]
afvissen {vt} [by extension] :: to search thoroughly, especially in water [takes bodies of water as the direct object]
afvlakken {vti} :: smoothen (make or become smooth)
afvoer {m} :: drain
afvoer {m} :: drainpipe
afvoeren {vt} :: to bring away, to lead away
afvoeren {vt} :: to can (to discard an idea, a play)
afvragen {vr} :: to wonder
afvriezen {vi} :: to freeze off
afvuren {vt} :: to fire, to fire off (a weapon, projectile)
afwaaien {vi} :: to be blown off
afwaaien {vi} :: to be blown away
afwaaien {vt} :: to blow away
afwaaien {vt} :: to blow off
afwaarts {adv} :: downwards, towards what is below
afwaarts {adv} :: downwards, towards a lower figure or amount
afwachten {vt} :: to wait (for), to await
afwachten {vt} [Limburg] :: to expect
afwachting {f} :: expectation
afwas {m} :: dishes (dishwashing)
afwasbak {m} :: sink [for dishes]
afwasmachine {f} :: dishwasher (appliance for washing dishes)
afwasmiddel {n} :: dishwashing liquid
afwassen {vt} :: to wash off
afwassen {vi} :: to wash up, to do the dishes
afwasser {m} :: dishwasher, person
afwateren {vti} :: to drain, to remove water (from)
afwatering {f} :: drainage (removal of water)
afwateringskanaal {n} :: drainage canal, drainage channel
afwegen {vt} :: to weigh, to determine the weight of
afwegen {vt} :: to consider, to weigh the importance of
afweging {f} :: assessment: the consideration/weighing of alternative possibilities
afwendbaar {adj} :: preventable, avoidable (that can be prevented or avoided)
afwenden {vt} :: to stave off, to avert, to obviate, to prevent
afwenden {vr} :: to turn away
afwennen {vt} :: to unlearn, to lose or kick a habit
afwennen {vt} [of young animals] :: to wean
afweren {vt} :: to ward off
afweren {vt} :: to parry, to deflect
afwerken {vt} :: to finish, to complete work on
afwerken {vi} :: to finish work for the day
afwerking {f} :: completion, finishing
afwerking {f} :: The way in which something is finished
afwerpen {vt} :: to throw off, to cast off
afwerpen {vt} [figuratively] :: to produce, yield
afweten {v} :: to be knowledgeable [+ van (object) = about]
afwezig {adj} :: absent
afwezig {adj} :: absent-minded
afwezige {mf} :: absent one
afwezigheid {f} :: absence
afwijken {vi} [dated] :: to go away, to leave [+ van (object) = from]
afwijken {vi} :: to deviate
afwijken {vi} :: to differ
afwijkend {adj} :: deviating, differing
afwijking {f} :: deviation
afwijking {f} :: anomaly, abnormality
afwijzen {vt} :: to turn away, to decline, to reject
afwikkelen {vt} :: to unwind
afwikkelen {vt} :: to conclude, to bring to the final stages
afwikkeling {f} :: unwinding
afwinden {vt} :: to unwind, to wind off (to remove coils)
afwinden {vt} :: to crank down (to move something downward by means of a windlass)
afwisselen {vt} :: to alternate
afwisselen {vt} :: to vary
afwisselend {adj} :: alternating
afwisselend {adj} :: varied
afwisseling {f} :: change, variation
afwisseling {f} :: alternation
afwitten {vt} :: to paint or chalk white
afwitten {vt} :: to complete painting white
afwitten {vt} :: to remove chalk or white paint from
afwoekeren {vt} [dated, of time and resources] :: to set apart and dedicate to a specific purpose [often implying considerable difficulty or sacrifice]
afwoekeren {vt} [dated] :: to defraud, to scam
afzakken {vi} :: to drop down, to come down
afzakken {vi} :: to sag
afzakken {vi} :: to decrease, to lessen
afzakken {vi} [of rain] :: to slowly disperse, to float away
afzakken {vi} [of crowd] :: to disperse
afzakken {vi} [figuratively] :: to sink to a lower level, to fall from grace
afzeggen {vt} :: to cancel (an arrangement, appointment etc.)
afzegging {f} :: cancellation
afzeiken {v} [colloquial] :: to ridicule
afzenden {vt} :: to ship, dispatch, send off
afzender {m} :: sender, consigner, dispatcher (e.g., of a letter)
afzet {m} [economics] :: demand
afzetgebied {n} :: market (geographical area where a certain commercial demand exist)
afzetmarkt {f} :: sales market
afzetten {vt} :: to take off (an item of clothing)
afzetten {vt} :: to switch off (an electronic device)
afzetten {vt} :: to amputate
afzetten {vt} :: to demarcate, mark out with boundaries
afzetten {vt} :: to sell (products or commodities, typically at a specific sales market)
afzetten {vt} :: to close off, to barricade (a street)
afzetten {vt} :: to dethrone, to remove from office
afzetten {vt} :: to scam, to rip off
afzetten {vt} :: to sediment, to deposit
afzetten {vt} :: to drop off (a passenger at a destination)
afzetting {f} :: cordon, fencing
afzetting {f} [geology] :: deposit
afzetting {f} [chemistry] :: precipitate
afzetting {f} [medicine] :: amputation
afzetting {f} :: deposition, removal from office
afzettingsgesteente {n} :: sedimentary rock
afzichtelijk {adj} :: hideous, repulsive
afzichtelijk {adv} :: heinously, repulsively
afzien {vi} :: to give up, relinquish [+ van (object)]
afzien {vi} :: to suffer, to endure something to the end despite a lack of enthusiasm
afzien {vi} :: to cheat, crib
afzinkbaar {adj} :: submersible
afzinken {v} [ergative] :: to submerge, submerse
afzinnig {adj} [obsolete, rare] :: senseless, mindless
afzoeken {vt} :: to search (an area) thoroughly
afzonderen {vt} :: to isolate
afzondering {f} :: seclusion, isolation
afzonderlijk {adj} :: separate
afzuigen {vt} :: to suck off
afzuigen {v} :: to exhaust, to drain by means of suction, to extract by suction (of fluids)
afzuigen {v} :: to suck clean, to suck in order to remove something
afzuigen {v} [sex] :: to perform oral sex
afzuigkap {m} :: extractor hood, range hood
afzwakken {v} [ergative] :: to weaken
afzwakken {v} [ergative] :: to subside, to quiet down, to slow down
afzwakken {vt} :: to relax (requirement or rule)
afzwepen {vt} :: to flog, to whip intensely
afzweren {vt} :: to abjure, swear off
agaat {m} [countable] :: agate (quartz gemstone)
agaat {n} :: agate (quartz substance)
agaten {adj} :: agaten
Agatha {f} :: given name
-age {suffix} :: action (kijvage, from kijven)
-age {suffix} :: collectivity (tuigage)
-age {suffix} :: result of an action (stellage)
agenda {m} :: A calendar, an organizer, a booklet or other device where one notes down one’s schedule, appointments etc
agenda {m} :: An agenda [list of matters at a meeting]
agendaseks {m} [wrily humorous] :: A sexual encounter planned in advance to fit in a busy schedule
agens {m} [grammar] :: agent, grammatical agent
agens {n} :: agent
agent {m} :: a police officer
agent {m} :: an undercover agent
agent {m} :: an agent, a surrogate (one who acts on behalf of another)
agente {f} :: female police officer
agente {f} :: female spy
agentschap {n} :: agency
ageren {vi} :: to act (especially in legal proceedings)
ageren {vi} :: to campaign, to fight [+ tegen (object) = against]
Agga {noun} [slang] :: the Hague
agglomeratie {f} :: agglomeration
agitatie {f} :: agitation
agnost {m} :: agnostic
agnoste {f} :: Female agnostic
agnostica {m} :: Female agnostic
agnosticus {m} :: agnostic
agnostisch {adj} :: agnostic
agnostisch {adj} :: nescient
agoeti {m} {n} :: agouti
agoeti {m} {n} :: color of wild small mammals
agogiek {adj} :: agogic
agrarisch {adj} :: agrarian, agricultural
agreatie {f} [historical] :: A document expressing agreement to the appointment or ordination of a candidate
agreatie {f} [obsolete] :: agreement, assent, consent
agressie {f} :: attack, aggression, the act of initiating hostile activities, e.g. a military invasion
agressief {adj} :: aggressive
agrimonie {f} :: agrimony, the genus Agrimonia
ahornsiroop {m} :: maple syrup
a.h.w. {adv} :: as it were; abbreviation of als het ware
ai {m} :: pale-throated sloth, Bradypus tridactylus
aids {m} :: AIDS
aimabel {adj} [formal] :: amiable
air {m} :: air (pretension)
airco {f} [colloquial] :: air conditioning
airplay {m} :: airplay
aïs {f} [music] :: A-sharp
AIVD {abbr} :: abbreviation of Algemene Inlichtingen- en Veiligheidsdienst the General Intelligence and Security Service, the secret service of the Netherlands
aja {f} :: ayah, verse of the Qur'an
a.j.b. {adv} :: abbreviation of alsjeblieft
aju {interj} [colloquial] :: bye, see you
ajuin {m} [Southern Dutch] :: onion
ajuinachtig {adj} [Southern Dutch] :: onionlike
ajuus {interj} [colloquial] :: bye, see you
akademie {f} :: superseded spelling of academie
akelig {adj} :: unpleasant, eerie
akelig {adj} :: nasty, unfriendly
Aken {prop} {n} :: Aachen, a city in Germany
aker {m} [Southern Dutch] :: bucket
aker {m} [historical] :: metal well bucket
aker {m} [dated, Eastern Netherlands] :: kettle
aker {m} [archaic] :: acorn
aker {m} [obsolete] :: acre
Akkadisch {prop} {n} :: Akkadian
Akkadisch {adj} :: Akkadian
akkefietje {n} [archaic] :: A nasty job
akkefietje {n} :: A chore, small job
akkefietje {n} :: Something insignificant
akker {m} [agriculture] :: agricultural field (field on which crops are grown)
akkerbouw {m} [agriculture] :: tillage, branch of agriculture dedicated to the cultivation of crops and other plants
akkerbouwbedrijf {n} :: arable farm
akkerland {n} :: farmland used for crops
akkerman {m} [archaic] :: farmer specialised in the cultivation of crops
akkoord {n} [music] :: chord
akkoord {n} :: agreement, accord
akoestiek {f} :: The acoustics, quality of a space (such as absorption and echo-effects) for hearing music and other sounds
akoestiek {f} :: The physics branch acoustics, which studies the above
akoestisch {adj} :: acoustic, acoustical
akoestische gitaar {f} [musical instruments] :: acoustic guitar
akte {f} :: an act (of a theatrical play)
akte {f} :: a deed; a legal contract
akte {f} :: a certificate, a licence, a diploma or in generally any official document that gives legal evidence to something
akte {f} [religion] :: an act of charity, one of the three theological virtues of a Catholic priest
aktentas {f} :: superseded spelling of aktetas
aktetas {f} :: briefcase
aktie {f} :: superseded spelling of actie
aktief {adj} :: superseded spelling of actief
aktief {n} :: superseded spelling of actief
aktivisties {adj} [obsolete] :: nonstandard spelling of activistisch
-al {suffix} [functional group suffix] :: -al
al- {prefix} :: all-; pan-
al {determiner} :: all, all of
al {adv} :: already
al {adv} :: yet
al {conj} :: even
alaaf {interj} [Brabant, Limburg] :: A greeting used during carnaval
à la carte {adv} [Food and drink] :: allowing selection only from a fixed list of options, typically shown on a menu
à la carte {adv} [Food and drink] :: with each dish priced
à la carte {adv} [by extension] :: from any longlist of options, or even free choice, as opposed to a shortlist
à la minute {adj} :: not prepared in advance
à la minute {adv} :: immediately, directly
à la minute {adv} :: not prepared in advance
alarm {n} :: alarm
alarmbel {f} :: alarm bell
alarmcentrale {f} :: emergency exchange
alarmeren {vt} :: to alarm, bring in a state of alert, warn, notably by means of an alarm signal
alarmeren {vt} [figuratively] :: to alarm, disquiet, disturb
alarmnummer {n} :: emergency number
alarmsignaal {n} :: an alarm (a vocal or mechanical signal, a notice, especially of approaching danger)
Albanees {m} :: Albanian (person from Albania)
Albanees {prop} {n} :: the Albanian language
Albanees {adj} :: Albanian (Of or pertaining to Albania or the Albanian language)
Albanië {prop} {n} :: Albania
albatros {m} :: albatross
albedil {m} :: someone who condescends excessively and pettily
Albert {prop} {m} :: given name, cognate to English Albert
albiet {n} :: albite
albino {mf} :: albino: person or animal congenitally lacking melanin pigmentation in the skin, eyes, and hair or feathers (or more rarely only in the eyes); one afflicted with albinism
albino {adj} :: albino, albinistic: congenitally lacking melanin pigmentation in the skin, eyes, and hair or feathers (or more rarely only in the eyes); afflicted with albinism
album {n} :: album (book of photographs, stamps, or autographs)
album {n} :: album (vinyl record or group of audio recordings in any media)
alchemie {f} :: alchemy
alchemist {m} :: alchemist
alcohol {m} [countable, organic chemistry] :: alcohol (class of compounds)
alcohol {m} [uncountable] :: alcohol (ethanol specifically)
alcoholicus {m} :: alcoholic
alcoholisme {n} :: alcoholism (addictive alcohol abuse)
alcoholist {m} :: alcoholic
alcoholiste {f} :: female alcoholic
alcoholslot {n} :: A breath alcohol ignition interlock device
aldaar {adv} :: there, in the aforementioned place
al dan niet {adv} :: does or does not - in some cases does, in other cases does not
al dan niet {adv} :: did or did not - in some cases did, in other cases did not
aldehyde {m} [organic chemistry] :: aldehyde
Aldemar {prop} :: given name, cognate to English Aylmer
al dente {phrase} :: al dente
Alders {prop} :: surname
aldra {adv} :: presently
aldus {adv} :: thus
aldus {adv} :: thus said (someone), according to (someone)
ale {m} {n} :: ale
alert {adj} :: alert
Alex {prop} :: given name, short form of Alexander
Alexander de Grote {prop} {m} :: Alexander the Great
alf {m} :: a type of mythological spirit; an elf
alfa {f} :: The letter alpha (first letter of the Greek alphabet)
alfa {f} :: Historically used in educational contexts to denote a humanistic orientation
alfa {f} :: Someone who is educated in the humanities or otherwise prefers such subjects
alfa {f} [ethology] :: A dominant animal
alfabeet {mf} :: a literate
alfabet {n} :: alphabet
alfabetisch {adj} :: alphabetical (in the order of the letters of the alphabet)
alfabetisme {n} :: literacy
alfanumeriek {adj} :: alphanumeric
Alfons {prop} :: given name
alfsegat {adv} [Brabantian] :: careless; sloppy
alfsegat {adv} [Brabantian] :: so-so
alg {f} :: alga
algebra {f} [mathematics] :: algebra
algebraïsch {adj} :: algebraic
algeheel {adj} :: complete
algemeen {adj} :: general
algemeen {adj} :: common
Algerije {prop} {n} :: Algeria
Algerijns {adj} :: of Algeria or its people
Algiers {prop} {n} :: Algiers
Algisch {adj} :: Algic
Algonkisch {adj} :: Algonquian
algoritme {n} :: An algorithm, well-defined logical procedure
alhoewel {conj} :: although, albeit
Ali {prop} :: given name, equivalent to Ali
alibi {n} {m} :: alibi
Ali Chemicali {prop} {m} :: Nickname of Ali Hassan al-Majid; Chemical Ali
Alida {prop} {f} :: given name, related to English Adela
aliëneren {vt} [obsolete, of rights and property] :: to transfer, to sell or donate
Ali en Fatima {prop} {p} :: The stereotypical allochthonous Dutch commoners
alikruik {f} :: common periwinkle, Littorina littorea (sea snail)
alikruik {f} :: periwinkle, any mollusk of the genus Littorina
alimentatie {f} :: alimony (a court-imposed allowance)
alinea {f} :: paragraph
alk {f} :: auk in general
alk {f} :: razorbill in particular
alkaan {m} [organic chemistry] :: alkane
alkali {n} [chemistry] :: alkali
alkalimetaal {n} :: alkali metal
alkeen {m} [organic chemistry] :: alkene
alkyl {m} [organic chemistry] :: alkyl
alkyn {m} [organic chemistry] :: alkyne
alla {interj} :: so be it, go ahead
alla {interj} :: granted, I'll admit
Allah {prop} {m} :: Allah
allang {adv} :: for a long time already
alle {adv} :: all (every individual of the given class)
allé {interj} :: alternative spelling of allee
alle beetjes helpen {proverb} :: every little bit helps
allebei {determiner} :: both
alledaags {adj} :: everyday, commonplace, ordinary
alledaagsheid {f} :: commonplace, ordinariness, doldrums
allee {interj} [Belgium] :: come on
allee {f} :: avenue, broad lane flanked by trees
allee {f} [Belgium, architecture] :: landing [at upper floor of a house]
alleen {adj} :: alone, by oneself
alleen {adj} :: lonely
alleen {adv} :: only, exclusively
alleen {adv} :: just, only, merely
alleen de rozijnen uitpikken {v} [idiomatic, Belgium] :: to cherrypick
alleen maar {adv} :: only, just
alleenstaand {adj} :: single, unmarried
allemaal {pron} :: all, everyone
allemachtig {adj} :: all-powerful, omnipotent
allemachtig {adj} :: extreme, mighty
allemachtig {interj} :: oh my God!, God Almighty!
allen {pron} :: all
allengs {adv} :: gradually
aller- {prefix} :: very; of them all
aller {determiner} :: of all; genitive of al
alleraardigst {adj} :: most charming
allereerst {adv} :: in the first place, firstly
allereerst {adj} :: the very first, the first of all
allergeen {n} :: allergen (substance)
allergie {f} :: allergy (disorder of the immune system)
allergisch {adj} :: allergic
allerhande {determiner} :: all kinds of
Allerheiligen {prop} {n} :: All Saints Day, All Hallows, Hallowmas (November, 1st)
allerlei {determiner} :: all kinds of
allerminst {adv} :: not in the least, not at all
aller- -st {circumfix} :: Forms superlative adjectives with the meaning of “most of all”, “very”
Allerzielen {prop} {n} :: All Souls' Day (November 2nd)
alles {pron} [indefinite] :: Everything
alleseter {m} :: omnivore, creature eating both plants and other animals
alles goed {phrase} [colloquial] :: how are you? (literally: everything good?)
alleszins {adv} :: in every way, completely
alle wegen leiden naar Rome {proverb} :: all roads lead to Rome
allez {interj} :: alternative spelling of allee
alliancie {f} :: obsolete spelling of alliantie
alliantie {f} :: alliance
allicht {adv} :: probably
alligator {m} :: alligator
allochtoon {adj} :: allochthonous
allochtoon {m} :: person (or thing) originating abroad
allodiaal {adj} [historical, law] :: allodial, inalienable (free, without feudal constraints)
allotroop {m} :: allotrope
almaar {adv} :: all the time
almacht {m} :: omnipotence
almachtig {adj} :: almighty, omnipotent
almachtig {adj} [figuratively] :: (the most) mighty, in (almost total) control
almanak {m} :: almanac, book or table containing dates
almanak {m} :: almanac, yearbook
almanak {m} [obsolete] :: calendar, method of time keeping
Almar {prop} :: given name, cognate to English Aylmer
almemor {m} :: bima
Almere {prop} :: Almere (city)
Almere {prop} :: Almere (municipality)
al met al {adv} :: all in all
aloë {f} :: aloe
alom {adv} :: everywhere
alomtegenwoordig {adj} :: omnipresent
Alonso {prop} :: given name, cognate to Alfonso
Alonzo {prop} :: given name, cognate to Alfonso
aloud {adj} :: ancient, time-honoured, from time immemorial
alp {m} :: alp, (very) high mountain
alpaca {m} :: alpaca
Alpen {prop} {p} :: the Alps
alpengloei {m} :: alpenglow
alpengloeien {n} :: alpenglow
alpenhoorn {m} :: alphorn
alpineskiën {vi} :: to do alpine skiing
alpineskiën {n} :: alpine skiing
alras {adv} :: quickly, soon
alreeds {adv} :: (archaic) already
als {conj} :: (subordinating) if, when
als {conj} :: when, as soon as
als {prep} :: like, as [+ nominative]
als {prep} :: even ... als: as ... as [+ nominative]
als {prep} [nonstandard] :: than [+ nominative]
als blikken konden doden {adv} :: if looks could kill
als de bonte hond bekend staan {vi} [idiom] :: to have a bad name
als de kat van huis is, dansen de muizen op tafel {proverb} :: when the cat's away the mice will play
als de paus een geus wordt {adv} [idiomatic] :: when pigs fly; never (literally: when the pope becomes a "geus", i.e. a protestant)
als een gek {prep} [simile] :: like crazy, like mad; generic intensifier, indicating that something occurs to a great or excessive degree
als een kip zonder kop {adv} [simile] :: like a chicken with its head cut off
als een lul op een drumstel slaan {vi} [simile, vulgar] :: To make no sense, be illogical
als een tang op een varken slaan {vi} [simile] :: to be complete nonsense, to make no sense whatsoever (literally: to hit like pliers on a pig)
alsem {m} [chiefly uncountable] :: artemisia, any herb of the genus Artemisia
alsem {m} [uncountable] :: the buds and flowers of the artemisia plants, used as a herb
als en slechts als {conj} [Belgium, logic] :: if and only if
als het ware {adv} :: as it were
al sinds {prep} :: ever since
alsjeblieft {adv} :: please
alsjeblieft {adv} :: here you are
alsmaar {adv} :: all the time
alsmede {conj} :: as well as
als muziek in de oren klinken {v} [idiomatic] :: sounds like music to someone's ears
alsnog {adv} :: as yet, still
alsof {conj} :: as if
als ook {conj} :: as well as
alsook {conj} :: as well as, also
als Pasen en Pinksteren op één dag vallen {phrase} :: when hell freezes over; when pigs can fly (never)
alstublieft {interj} [formal] :: please
alstublieft {interj} [formal] :: here you are (when handing something to someone else)
als volgt {phrase} :: as follows
alt {m} :: alto (musical part)
alt {m} :: alto (person or instrument)
altaar {n} :: altar
Altaar {prop} {n} [constellation] :: Ara
altaardoek {n} :: altar cloth (piece of cloth covering an altar)
altaarkleed {n} :: altar cloth (piece of cloth covering an altar)
altaarstuk {n} :: altarpiece
Altaïsch {adj} :: Altaic
altemet {adv} [now, rare] :: sometimes, now and then
altemet {adv} [obsolete] :: maybe, perhaps
Altena {prop} :: surname
alternatief {n} :: alternative
alternatief {adj} :: alternative
alternatieveling {m} [pejorative] :: Someone who participates in an alternative subculture (e.g. a hipster, emo or punk)
alternativo {m} [chiefly Belgium, pejorative] :: Someone who participates in an alternative subculture (e.g. a hipster, emo or punk) and typically has leftist opinions
altezamen {adv} [formal] :: together, combined
althans {adv} :: at least
altijd {adv} :: always
altijddurend {adj} :: everlasting
altist {m} :: altoist
alto {m} [Netherlands, pejorative] :: Someone who participates in an alternative subculture (e.g. a hipster, emo or punk)
altoos {adv} :: always
alt-right {n} :: alt-right
altsleutel {m} :: alto clef
altviolist {m} :: violist
altvioliste {f} :: female violist
altviool {f} {m} [musical instruments] :: A viola, string instrument of the violin family in the alto range
aluhoedje {noun} [slang] :: tin-foil hat
aluhoedje {noun} [slang, derogatory] :: conspiracy theorist, tinfoiler, crank, conspiratard
aluin {f} :: alum
aluinwater {n} :: aluminous solution in water
aluminium {n} :: aluminium
aluminiumfolie {f} {n} :: aluminium foil (foil made of aluminium)
alvast {adv} :: already
alvast {adv} :: in advance (to do something before an ensuing event)
alvermogen {n} :: omnipotence
Alvíssmál {prop} {n} {m} :: the Alvíssmál
alvlees {n} [obsolete] :: pancreas
alvleesklier {f} {m} :: pancreas
alvleesklierkanker {m} :: pancreatic cancer
alvorens {conj} [formal] :: before
al weer {adv} :: alternative spelling of alweer
alweer {adv} [Netherlands] :: (once) again
alweer {adv} :: already, already again
alwetend {adj} :: omniscient, all-knowing
alwetendheid {f} :: omniscience
alzo {conj} :: so, consequently, thus
a.m. {abbr} :: abbreviation of amica manu: (delivered) by the hand of a friend (put on an adress)
a.m. {abbr} :: abbreviation of ante meridiem: a.m., in the forenoon
amachtig {adj} :: obsolete form of amechtig
amai {interj} [Brabantian] :: Exclamation of surprise or disappointment; boy!
amai {interj} [Brabant] :: oh my, amazing
amandel {f} :: almond (nut)
amandel {f} :: tonsil
amandelboom {m} :: almond tree, Prunus dulcis
amandelmelk {f} :: almond milk
amaretto {m} :: amaretto
amaretto {m} :: a glass of amaretto
amazone {f} :: female horse rider, female equestrian
Amazone {prop} {f} :: Amazon (South American river)
Amazone {f} :: Amazon (mythological female warrior)
ambacht {n} :: handicraft
ambacht {n} [historical] :: legal district
ambachtelijk {adj} :: artisanal; produced or producing according to the rules of traditional craft
ambachtsheer {m} :: office or a feudal lord with legal power over a district called ambacht
ambachtsman {m} :: craftsman, artisan, artificer
ambachtsvrouw {f} :: tradeswoman, craftswoman (woman who is engaged in a (manual) trade)
ambachtsvrouw {f} [dated] :: alternative form of ambachtsvrouwe
ambachtsvrouwe {f} :: lady who had feudal legal authority over a district called an ambacht
ambassade {f} :: an embassy, diplomatic legation to permanently represent a foreign state at (the highest) ambasador's level
ambassade {f} :: an ambassadorial mission
ambassade {m} :: an envoy, spokesman
ambassadeur {m} :: ambassador
ambassadrice {f} :: An ambassadress, female ambassador
amber {n} :: amber (colour of fossil resin)
amber {n} [non-standard] :: amber (fossil resin)
Amber {prop} :: given name, Amber
ambidexter {noun} :: ambidexter
ambiëren {vt} :: to aspire to
ambigu {adj} :: ambiguous
ambiguïteit {f} :: ambiguity
ambitie {f} :: ambition
ambitieus {adj} :: ambitious
ambivalentie {f} :: ambivalence, coexistence of opposing attitudes
ambras {m} [Belgium] :: quarrel, fight
ambroos {mf} :: obsolete form of ambrozijn
ambrozijn {n} [Greek mythology, Roman mythology] :: ambrosia (divine sustenance)
ambrozijn {n} [figurative] :: outstanding food, delicacy
ambt {n} :: office, function, post (an official position)
ambtelijk {adj} :: official
ambteloos {adj} :: out of office
ambtenaar {m} :: civil servant
ambtgenoot {m} :: Someone who exercises the same or an equivalent office; colleague or counterpart of the same rank
ambtseed {m} :: oath of office
ambtsroede {f} :: rod of office, a rod-shaped attribute symbolizing an official dignity
ambulance {f} :: ambulance
amechtig {adj} :: strongly panting
amechtig {adj} :: short of breath
amechtig {adj} [transitive] :: forced, frantic
amechtig {adv} :: in a forced, frantic way
Ameland {prop} :: Ameland (island)
Ameland {prop} :: Ameland (municipality)
amen {interj} :: amen; at the end of Judeo-Christian prayers: so be it
amen {interj} :: amen; an expression of strong agreement
amen {n} :: An instance of saying ‘amen’
amendement {n} [law, politics] :: amendment, change or addition to a proposed law, ordinance or rule
amenen {vi} :: to say, reply 'amen' after an uttering, notably in prayer or liturgy (especially in a responsory)
americium {n} :: americium
Amerika {prop} {n} :: America
Amerikaan {m} :: American (person born in or citizen of the USA or the Americas)
Amerikaans {adj} :: American
Amerikaanse zeearend {m} :: bald eagle; the species Haliaeetus leucocephalus
Amerikaans Samoa {prop} {n} :: American Samoa
amerikaniseren {v} [ergative] :: to Americanize
Amersfoort {prop} :: Amersfoort (city)
Amersfoort {prop} :: Amersfoort (municipality)
amfetamine {f} :: Amphetamine
amfibie {m} :: amphibian
amfoor {f} {m} :: amphora (the container)
amfoor {f} {m} :: amphora (the measurement for liquids)
amfoteer {adj} [chemistry] :: amphoteric
Amhaars {prop} {n} :: Amharic (language)
Amhaars {adj} :: Amharic
Amharisch {prop} {n} :: Amharic
Amharisch {adj} :: Amharic
amida {prop} {f} :: alternative case form of Amida
Amida {prop} {f} [Judaism] :: the Amidah, the Shmoneh Esreh (Jewish silent prayer said while standing)
-amide {suffix} [functional group suffix] :: -amide
-amine {suffix} [functional group suffix] :: -amine
amino- {prefix} [functional group prefix] :: amino-
aminozuur {n} [biochemistry] :: amino acid
ammehoela {interj} [colloquial, sarcastic, indicates disbelief] :: no way!, yeah right!, I don't think so!
ammehoela {interj} [colloquial, sarcastic, indicates refusal] :: not on your life!, I don't think so!, whatever!
ammoniak {m} [chemistry] :: ammonia
ammunitie {f} :: ammunition, ammo
amnesie {f} :: amnesia
amnestie {f} :: amnesty (act in which pardon is granted)
amnion {m} :: amnion
amoebe {f} :: amoeba (a genus of unicellular protozoa)
amoebedysenterie {f} :: amoebic dysentery
amok {n} [historical] :: A murderous frenzy, a killing spree in Malay culture
amok {n} [historical] :: One who runs amok, someone who is on such a killing spree
amok {n} :: uproar, riot, noise
amorf {adj} :: amorphous, shapeless (lacking a definite form or clear shape)
amper {adv} :: scarcely, [[barely]
amper {adj} [archaic] :: sour
ampère {m} :: ampere
ampèremeter {m} :: ammeter
amplitude {f} [mathematics, physics] :: amplitude
amplitudemodulatie {f} :: amplitude modulation
ampul {f} :: An ampoule, small, closed (glass or artificial) vial, as used to dose medicine
ampul {f} :: A small jug, notably for liturgical use
amputatie {f} :: amputation (surgical removal of a body part)
amputeren {vt} [medicine] :: to amputate, surgically remove a body part
amputeren {vt} [figuratively] :: to remove something essential, to maim, weaken greatly
Amstel {prop} {m} :: A river in The Netherlands
Amstel {prop} {m} :: A poetic metaphor for Amsterdam, which lies on the river and is named after it
Amstel {prop} {m} :: A Dutch beer brand named after it
Amstels {adj} [literally] :: on or otherwise relating to the river Amstel
Amstels {adj} [poetic] :: relating to Amsterdam, the major Dutch port city on it, named after it and poetically referred to as Amstel
Amsterdam {prop} {n} :: Amsterdam (city)
Amsterdam {prop} {n} :: Amsterdam (municipality)
Amsterdammer {m} :: Amsterdamer
amsterdammertje {n} :: a traffic bollard
amsterdammertje {n} :: round, filled pastry
Amsterdams {adj} :: from Amsterdam, relating to that Dutch city
Amsterdams pond {n} [obsolete] :: Amsterdam pound: one of many locally defined weight measures called pound before the introduction of the metric system, important because of its use in the thriving Dutch maritime commerce; equivalent to 0.4941 kilograms
amulet {f} {m} :: amulet, talisman
amuse {c} :: appetiser, hors d'oeuvre
amuseren {vt} :: to amuse
amuseren {vr} :: to amuse oneself, to have fun
amyotrofisch {adj} :: amyotrophic
amyotrofische laterale sclerose {f} [pathology] :: amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
an- {prefix} :: an-: Not, without, opposite of
anaal {adj} :: anal, of or relating to the anus
anaalridder {m} [Netherlands, pejorative, slang] :: Pejorative term for a male homosexual
anabolisme {n} [biochemistry] :: anabolism
anachoreet {m} [Christianity] :: anchorite, hermit monk
anachoreet {m} :: any other hermit
anaconda {f} {m} :: anaconda, constrictor of the genus Eunectes
anagram {n} :: anagram
analemma {n} :: analemma
analfabeet {m} :: illiterate (person who can read nor write)
analfabetisme {n} :: illiteracy
analist {m} :: analyst
analoog {adj} :: analogue
analoog {adj} :: analogous (having analogy; corresponding to something else)
analyse {f} :: analysis (action of taking something apart to study it)
analyse {f} [mathematics] :: analysis (mathematical study of functions, sequences, series, limits, derivatives and integrals)
analyseren {vt} :: to analyse, subject to analysis
ananas {f} {m} :: pineapple
anarchie {f} [politics] :: Anarchy, a political regime (or movement to establish it) lacking any form of political authority or government
anarchie {f} [figuratively] :: A state of utter disorder, advanced disorganization and confusion
anarchisme {m} :: anarchism
anarchisme {m} :: A dubious metonymy for anarchy
anarchist {m} :: anarchist
anarchisties {adj} [obsolete] :: nonstandard spelling of anarchistisch
anarchistisch {adj} :: anarchistic, relating or belonging to anarchism
Anatolië {prop} {n} :: Anatolia
Anatolisch {adj} :: Anatolian
anatomie {f} :: anatomy
anatomiseren {v} [obsolete] :: to dissect
anciënniteit {f} :: length of service, seniority
ander {adj} :: other
ander {adj} :: different
ander {adj} [archaic] :: second
ander {pron} :: another, another person, someone else
anderhalf {num} :: one and a half
anderhalve man en een paardenkop {phrase} [idiom] :: one man and his dog (virtually no one)
Anderiesen {prop} :: surname
andermaal {adv} :: once again, for the second time
anderman {pron} :: someone else
andermans {pron} :: someone else's
anders {adv} :: otherwise
andersgezind {adj} :: dissident, dissenting, having a different mindset
anders nog iets {phrase} :: anything else? (literally, something other still?)
andersom {adv} :: the other way around
anderstalig {adj} :: relating to another language
anderstalig {adj} :: speaking another language
andersvalide {adj} :: disabled, handicapped, differently able
anderszins {adv} :: otherwise
anderzijds {adv} :: on the other hand
Andes {prop} {p} :: the Andes
andesvos {m} :: culpeo, Andean fox
andijvie {f} :: endive (salad vegetable)
Andorra {prop} {n} :: Andorra
Andorrees {m} :: Andorran (person from Andorra)
André {prop} {m} :: given name borrowed from French
Andreas {prop} {m} :: Andrew (biblical figure)
Andreas {prop} {m} :: given name
Andries {prop} {m} :: given name; an alternative form of Andreas
androcide {f} :: the mass murder of boys or men; androcide
Andromeda {prop} {f} [constellation] :: Andromeda
androseksualiteit {f} :: androsexuality
androseksueel {adj} :: androsexual
androseksueel {m} :: androsexual
anechoïsch {adj} :: anechoic
anekdote {f} :: anecdote
anekdotiek {f} :: anecdotics
anemie {f} [pathology] :: anemia, a medical condition with a decreased amount of hemoglobin, hindering oxygen transport
anemometer {m} [meteorology] :: anemometer
anemoon {f} {m} :: anemone, plant or flower of the genus Anemone
anemoonvis {m} :: anemonefish, clownfish
anen {v} [archaic, Groningen] :: to suspect
anesthesie {f} :: anaesthesia
angel {m} :: sting, dart (insect's organ)
angel {m} :: hook, fish-hook, angle
angel {m} :: tang (extension of a tool or weapon's head that is inserted in a handle)
angel {m} [rare, obsolete] :: a snake's tongue
Angel {m} [historic, chiefly plural] :: Angle
Angelsaksisch {adj} :: Anglo-Saxon (pertaining to the West-Germanic peoples in early mediaeval Britain or their language)
Angelsaksisch {adj} :: Anglo-Saxon (pertaining to English speaking countries or cultures, especially those with large European populations)
Angelsaksisch {prop} {n} :: The Anglo-Saxon language, Old English
Angelsassisch {adj} :: dated form of Angelsaksisch
Angelsassisch {prop} {n} :: dated form of Angelsaksisch
angio-oedeem {n} :: angioedema (swelling of the lower layers of the skin or of other tissues)
anglicaans {adj} :: Anglican
Angola {prop} {n} :: Angola
angst {m} :: fear, angst, anxiety
angstaanjagend {adj} :: frightening
angstgegner {m} [sports] :: opponent to whom one has lost before and therefore inspires fear and anxiety
angsthaas {m} :: a person who is easily scared, scaredy-cat
angstig {adj} :: fearful, anxious
angstpsychose {f} :: psychosis, with fear being the most important symptom
ångström {m} :: angstrom (unit)
angstschreeuw {m} :: A scream of fear
angstwekkend {adj} :: frightening
anijs {m} :: anise (plant and spice)
animo {m} {n} :: desire, interest in doing something
anisakiasis {f} :: anisakiasis
anjelier {f} {m} :: carnation
anjer {f} :: carnation (flower or plant)
anjer {f} :: carnation (pink color)
anker {n} :: anchor
ankerboei {f} :: anchor buoy (buoy affixed to an anchor to indicate the anchor's location)
ankeren {vt} :: to anchor
ankeroog {n} :: ring by means of which an anchor is attached to a rode
Anna {prop} :: given name
annaal {m} [chiefly plural] :: annals, chronicle
annalen {p} [plurale tantum] :: annals
Anne {prop} {f} :: given name, cognate with English Ann or Anne
Anneke {prop} {f} :: given name, diminutive of Anne
Annelies {prop} {f} :: given name: compound of Anne and Lies
Annemieke {prop} {f} :: given name
annexatie {f} :: annexation
annexeren {vt} :: to annex, to incorporate by force
annexeren {vt} [obsolete] :: to legally incorporate, join or link [+ aan (object) = to]
annexeren {vt} [obsolete] :: to append, to annex (a document)
anno {adv} :: in the year
annoteren {vt} :: to annotate
annuleren {vt} :: to cancel
annuleren {vt} :: to annul
annulering {f} :: cancellation
anoa {m} :: anoa
anode {f} [electricity] :: anode
anomalie {f} :: anomaly
anomie {f} :: lawlessness
anomie {f} [sociology] :: anomie
anoniem {adj} :: anonymous, without an (acknowledged) name
anonimiteit {f} :: anonymity (the quality or state of being anonymous)
Anouk {prop} :: given name
anoxie {f} :: anoxia (condition in which a tissue or environment is totally deprived of oxygen)
Ans {prop} :: given name
ansjovis {f} [also, collective] :: An anchovy (small, edible saltwater fish species, especially Engraulis encrasicolus)
-ant {suffix} :: appended to the stem of a verb, it yields a noun which signifies the subject who performs the action of that verb (see agent noun)
Antarctica {prop} {n} :: Antarctica
antarctisch {adj} :: Antarctic
Antarctische Oceaan {prop} {m} :: The Antarctic Ocean
-ante {suffix} :: appended to the stem of a verb, it yields a noun which signifies the subject who performs the action of that verb (see agent noun)
ante {f} [architecture] :: anta, corner pilaster
antecedent {n} :: antecedent (linguistics)
antecedent {n} :: antecedent (logic)
antecedent {n} :: antecedent (thing that precedes)
antedateren {vt} :: to antedate
antenne {f} :: antenna (feeler organ on the head of an insect)
antenne {f} :: antenna (device to receive or transmit radio signals)
anti- {prefix} :: anti-
antiaanbaklaag {f} :: nonstick layers in frying pans
antibioticum {n} :: antibiotic, medicinal substance to destroy or inhibit bacteria
antidotum {n} :: antidote
-antie {suffix} :: -ance
antiek {adj} :: antique
Antifa {prop} {f} :: Antifa (decentralized militant left-wing anti-fascist movement)
antiferromagnetisch {adj} [physics] :: antiferromagnetic
antiferromagnetisme {n} [physics] :: antiferromagnetism
antifibrinolyticum {n} :: antifibrinolytic, a drug to inhibit fibrinolysis
Antigua en Barbuda {prop} :: Antigua and Barbuda (country)
antiheld {m} :: antihero [male or of unspecified gender]
antiheldin {f} :: female antihero
antilichaam {n} [biochemistry] :: antibody, protein that binds to a specific antigen to counter it
antilope {f} :: antelope
anti-maçonniek {adj} :: antimasonic
antimonium {n} :: antimony
antimoon {n} :: The metallic chemical element antimony
antireclame {f} [chiefly uncountable] :: Anything that diminishes someone's reputation
anti-roll bar {m} :: anti-roll bar
antirookmagiër {prop} {m} :: Nickname or persona of Robert Jasper Grootveld, who would lead anti-smoking happenings at the statue Het Lieverdje while bizarrely dressed
antirookmagiër {m} [rare] :: An opponent of smoking, usually a provo
antisemiet {m} :: anti-Semite
antisemitisme {n} :: antisemitism
antisepsis {f} :: antisepsis
antisepticum {n} :: disinfectant, antiseptic (antiseptic agent)
antiseptisch {adj} :: antiseptic
antithese {f} :: An opposition
antithese {f} :: An antithesis, in logic a proposition that is opposite to another proposition
antoniem {n} :: antonym (word which has the opposite meaning)
Antoon {prop} {m} :: given name, cognate to English Anthony
antrax {m} :: anthrax
antraxbrief {m} :: anthrax letter
antropologie {f} :: anthropology, the study of mankind
antropologisch {adj} :: anthropological
antropologisch {adv} :: anthropologically
antropoloog {m} :: anthropologist
antropomorfisch {adj} :: anthropomorphic
Antwerpen {prop} {n} :: Antwerp, the northernmost province of Belgium
Antwerpen {prop} {n} :: Antwerp, the biggest city of Flanders
Antwerpenaar {m} :: A native or inhabitant of Antwerp, Belgium; an Antwerpian
Antwerps {prop} {n} :: local variant of Brabantian spoken in and near the city of Antwerp
antwoord {n} :: answer, reply
antwoordapparaat {n} :: answering machine
antwoorden {vi} :: to answer, reply
antwoordnummer {n} :: A number (telephone, fax etc.) to which one is free/invited to reply
anus {m} :: anus
anusridder {m} [vulgar, offensive] :: fag; "anal knight"
ANVR {prop} :: initialism of Algemene Nederlandse Vereniging van Reisondernemingen (Dutch Association of Travel Agents)
ANWB {prop} :: Koninklijke Nederlandse Toeristenbond ANWB (originally Algemene Nederlandse Wielrijders-Bond), the Dutch road users and tourist organisation. Similar to the AA in the UK and the AAA in the US
aoristus {m} [grammar] :: aorist
aorta {f} :: aorta
AOW {f} [Netherlands] :: initialism of algemene ouderdomswet
AOW {f} [Belgium] :: initialism of arbeidsongevallenwet
apache {m} :: member of the (Parisian) underworld
apart {adj} :: separate
apart {adj} :: unusual
apartheid {f} :: the state of being separate; separateness
apartheid {f} :: a characteristic that sets something or someone apart
apartheid {f} :: the policy of racial separation used in South Africa from 1948 to 1990; apartheid
apartheid {f} [by extension] :: any similar policy of racial separation
apathie {f} :: apathy
Apeldoorn {prop} :: Apeldoorn (city)
Apeldoorn {prop} :: Apeldoorn (municipality)
apenarend {m} :: Philippine eagle, Pithecophaga jefferyi
apenbakhuis {n} :: obsolete spelling of apenbakkes
apenbakkes {n} [colloquial, pejorative] :: ugly face
apenkooi {f} :: A place where apes are kept, an apery
apenkooi {f} [sports, games, uncountable] :: A variation of tag, usually played in school gyms. Players are not allowed to touch the floor, they can only move about via mats, vaulting horses, bars, ropes, etc. Anyone who is caught or touches the floor has to leave the field of play
apenkooien {v} :: to play a game of "apenkooi"
apenkop {m} [colloquial] :: mischievous child, brat
Apennijnen {prop} :: Apennines
apennoot {f} [archaic] :: peanut
apenpak {n} :: A silly uniform or custome
apenpak {n} :: A monkey costume
apenrots {f} :: a rock on which monkeys live
apenrots {f} [figurative, pejorative] :: a hierarchical world in which similar individuals live or work and which can appear silly from the perspective of an outsider, like the corporate world or the political world
apenstaart {m} :: at sign, the symbol @
apenstaart {m} :: the tail of a monkey
apenstaartje {noun} :: at sign (the symbol @)
apenstreek {f} {m} :: monkey business, prank
aperitief {n} :: apéritif
apertuur {f} :: aperture
apetrots {adj} :: very proud [generally with positive connotations]
aphelium {n} [astronomy] :: aphelion
apin {f} :: a female monkey, primate or ape
a-pion {m} :: a pawn in chess starting on the a-line
APK {f} :: Algemene Periodieke Keuring, a periodic check on the roadworthiness of a motor vehicle. The Dutch equivalent of the British MOT
apo- {prefix} :: apo-
apodictisch {adj} :: apodictic
apofatisch {adj} [theology, philosophy] :: describing something from what it is not; apophatic
apokoinou {f} :: A rhetorical device similar to a zeugma or elliptical construction. An apokoinou is the blending of two sentences through a common word which has two syntactic functions, one for each of the sentence. The word common to both sentences is often a predicate object in the first and a subject in the second
apologeet {m} :: apologist (public defender of a viewpoint, in particular a religious viewpoint)
apologetiek {f} [religion] :: apologetics
apoplexie {f} [symptom] :: apoplexy
apostel {m} [Christianity] :: apostle (disciple of Christ; missionary or leader of a mission)
apostel {f} [chiefly plural] :: knighthead (timber supporting the bowsprit)
apostelbrood {n} [historical, dated, Roman Catholicism] :: A piece of white bread distributed to the poor on Holy Thursday
apostelbrood {n} :: A large lump of cervelat or salami coated in pepper and other spices
apostilleren {vti} :: to gloss, to write margin notes
apostolaat {n} [Christianity] :: apostolate, apostleship (office or state of being an apostle)
apostolaat {n} [chiefly Christianity] :: evangelisation, proselytisation, mission
apostrof {f} {m} :: apostrophe
apotheek {f} :: pharmacy, apothecary, a place where prescription drugs may be dispensed by an authorized pharmacologist
apotheker {m} :: chemist, pharmacist
apothekerspond {n} [historical] :: Dutch medical pound, equivalent to about 375 grams
apotheose {f} :: apotheosis
app {f} {m} :: an app
app {f} {m} :: a text message sent using an app
apparaat {n} :: apparatus, device
apparatuur {f} :: equipment
appartement {n} :: an apartment
appel {m} :: apple
appel {n} :: appeal
appelaar {m} [chiefly Belgium] :: apple tree
appelblauwzeegroen {adj} [Belgium] :: blue green
appelbloesem {m} {n} :: apple blossom
appelboom {m} :: apple tree (any cultivar of the Malus domestica tree species)
appelboomgaard {m} :: apple orchard
appelboor {f} :: apple-corer
appelcider {m} :: cider
appelflap {m} :: apple turnover
appelgroen {adj} :: apple-green
appelgroen {n} :: apple-green (colour)
appelhof {m} {n} [Northern Dutch, Groningen, Drenthe, Overijssel] :: orchard containing various fruit trees, including apple trees
appelkoos {c} [archaic, dialectal] :: alternative form of abrikoos
Appelman {prop} :: surname
Appelmans {prop} :: surname
appelmoes {f} {n} :: apple sauce, a food prepared by pureeing cooked apples
appelsap {n} :: apple juice
appelschel {f} :: obsolete form of appelschil
appelschil {f} :: apple peel, apple skin
appelsien {f} [Belgium, Limburg] :: orange (fruit)
appelsienenboom {m} :: orange tree
appelsiensap {n} [Belgium, uncountable] :: orange juice
appelsiensap {n} [Belgium, countable] :: a serving of orange juice
appelspijs {mf} [now, chiefly Belgium] :: apple sauce
appeltaart {m} :: apple pie
appelteef {f} [obsolete, pejorative, apparently having connotations similar to viswijf] :: Insult for an apple saleswoman
appeltuin {m} [dated] :: apple orchard
appelwijf {n} [historical, originally pejorative] :: an apple saleswoman, notorious for shouting
appelwijn {m} :: cider, apple wine
appelzalf {f} [obsolete] :: A red cosmetic ointment based on mercury oxide
appen {vt} :: to send a message using an app
appetijt {m} :: appetite, desire to eat
appetijt {m} :: any desire or longing
appgroep {f} {m} :: a group chat on a text messaging app
applaudisseren {vi} :: to applaud
applaus {n} :: applause
applicatie {f} :: application, notably as software
appreciëren {vt} [formal] :: to appreciate
approximatie {f} :: approximation
april {m} :: the month of April
aprilvis {m} [Belgian] :: April fool, a joke played on April Fools' Day
a prima vista {adv} :: at first sight
a prima vista {adv} [music] :: Sight-read
apsjaar {m} :: peculiar, incompetent, annoying person
aquarium {n} :: aquarium
aquatisch {adj} :: aquatic
ar {mf} [obsolete] :: sledge
ara {m} :: macaw, parrot of the genus Ara
Arabier {prop} {m} [originally] :: inhabitant of Arabia
Arabier {prop} {m} :: Arab (member of a Semitic people)
Arabisch {prop} {n} :: Arabic (language or script)
Arabisch {adj} :: Arabian; Arab; Arabic
Arabisch Schiereiland {prop} {n} :: Arabian Peninsula
Aragonees {adj} :: Aragonese (from Aragon)
Aramees {prop} {n} :: Aramaic (language)
Aranees {adj} :: Aranese
Aranees {prop} {n} :: Aranese (language)
arbeid {m} :: labour, work
arbeid {m} :: labour (act of childbirth)
arbeiden {vi} [dated] :: to work, to do manual labour
arbeider {m} :: worker, labourer
arbeidsemigrant {m} [rare] :: labour emigrant
arbeidsimmigrant {m} :: labour immigrant
arbeidskracht {f} {m} :: worker, labourer
arbeidsloos {adj} :: unemployed
arbeidsman {m} :: workman, male worker
arbeidsmigrant {m} :: labour migrant
arbeidsparticipatie {f} :: labour participation
arbeidspool {m} :: employment pool, flex pool
arbeidster {f} :: a female worker
arbitrage {f} [sports] :: refereeing
arbitrage {f} [dispute resolution] :: arbitration
arbitrair {adj} :: arbitrary; not confined by procedure or law, but depending on irregularities such as impulse, personal preference or whim
arbitrair {adj} [mathematics] :: arbitrary; pertaining to any possible option
arcade {f} [architecture] :: arcade (array of arches)
arcadehal {f} [video games] :: arcade (place where coin-operated games can be played)
arceren {vt} :: to hatch, shadow with parallel lines
arceren {vt} :: to highlight, mark with a colorful pen
archaïsch {adj} :: archaic
archaïsme {n} :: archaism
archeologe {f} :: archaeologist
archeologie {f} :: archaeology
archeologisch {adj} :: archaeological
archeoloog {m} :: archaeologist
-archie {suffix} :: -archy
archief {n} :: archive (place for storing earlier material)
archiefmateriaal {n} :: archive material
archipel {m} :: archipelago
architect {m} :: architect
architectuur {f} :: architecture
archivaris {m} :: archivist
archivarius {m} [archaic, historical] :: archivist
archiveren {vt} :: to archive
archivist {m} [uncommon] :: archivist
Archont {m} [gnosticism] :: archon
arctisch {adj} :: Arctic
Arctische Oceaan {prop} {m} :: The Arctic Ocean
Ardenne {prop} :: Ardennes; alternate form of Ardennen
Ardennen {prop} :: Ardennes
arduin {m} {n} :: A bluish grey limestone; bluestone
arduinsteen {n} :: A type of bluish grey limestone; bluestone (substance)
arduinsteen {m} :: A piece of this bluish grey limestone; bluestone piece (countable amount)
are {f} :: are, a unit of surface area
arecanoot {f} :: areca nut, betel nut
arekanoot {f} :: alternative spelling of arecanoot
arend {m} :: eagle
Arend {prop} {m} :: given name, cognate to Arnold sometimes spelled as Arent
Arend {prop} {m} [constellation] :: Aquila
arent {f} [obsolete] :: harvest
-ares {suffix} :: someone of feminine gender who practices the action signified by the verb, the stem of which the suffix has been appended onto
argeloos {adj} :: unsuspecting
Argentijn {m} :: a person from Argentina
Argentijns {adj} :: Argentinian
Argentinië {prop} {n} :: Argentina
argon {n} :: argon
argumenteren {vi} :: to argue
argumentum ad passiones {n} [rare] :: argumentum ad passiones
Argus {prop} {m} :: Argus
argusoog {n} :: critical or vigilant eye [meaning sight, view or review]
argwaan {m} :: suspicion, misgiving
Arie {prop} :: given name
aristocraat {m} :: aristocrat, member of the aristocracy
aristocraat {m} [figuratively] :: person of high standing, reputation etc
aristocratie {f} :: an aristocracy, as form of government, ruling nobilty or first estate
aristocratie {f} [figuratively] :: An esteemed elite
aristocratisch {adj} :: aristocratic
Aristoteles {prop} {m} :: Aristotle
ariteit {f} :: arity (number of arguments)
aritmetica {f} :: arithmetic
-arium {suffix} :: -arium
ark {f} :: ark (ark of the covenant)
ark {f} :: ark (ship)
ark {f} :: houseboat
Ark van het Verbond {f} :: the Ark of the Covenant
arm {m} :: arm
arm {adj} :: poor (not rich)
arm {adj} :: poor (unfortunate)
Armando {prop} {m} :: given name, borrowed from Italian
armband {m} :: bracelet
armbuigspier {f} :: biceps brachii
Armeens {adj} :: Armenian
Armeens {prop} {n} :: Armenian (language)
armenhuis {n} :: poorhouse
Armenië {prop} {n} :: Armenia
armhuis {n} :: alternative form of armenhuis
armillarium {n} :: armillary sphere
armleuning {f} :: armrest
armoe {f} :: poverty
armoede {f} {m} :: poverty
armoedegrens {f} :: poverty line
armoedig {adj} :: poor (suffering from poverty)
armoedig {adj} :: shabby
armoediglijk {adv} [archaic] :: in conditions of poverty; in a poor, destitute state
armoedzaaier {m} :: one who is extremely poor, a down-and-outer; a beggar
armstoel {m} :: armchair (chair with armrests)
armzalig {adj} :: pitiful
Arnhem {prop} :: Arnhem (city/capital)
Arnhem {prop} :: Arnhem (municipality)
Arnoud {prop} {m} :: given name. An equivalent of Arnold
Arnout {prop} {m} :: given name. An equivalent of Arnold
Aroemeens {adj} :: Aromanian
Aroemeens {prop} {n} :: Aromanian (language)
aroma {n} :: aroma
aroma {n} :: food flavouring
Aromaans {prop} {n} :: Aromanian (language)
aromatisch {adj} :: aromatic, fragrant or spicy
aron {m} [obsolete] :: arum, plant or flower of the genus Arum
aron {m} [Judaism] :: ark (consecrated receptable for storing Torah scrolls)
aronskelk {m} :: arum, plant of the genus Arum
aronskelk {m} :: arum lily, plant of the family Araceae
arrè {interj} [Belgium] :: exclamation used for emphasis, when giving something to someone, commenting etc
arrenslee {f} :: horse-sleigh
arreslee {f} :: superseded spelling of arrenslee
arrest {n} :: detention, confinement, especially after being arrested
arrest {n} [legal] :: sentence passed by a higher court
arrestatie {f} :: arrest (the act of arresting a criminal, suspect etc.)
arrestatie {f} [archaic] :: (temporary) confiscation of possessions
arresteren {vt} :: to arrest
arriveren {vi} :: to arrive
arrogant {adj} :: arrogant
arrogantie {f} :: arrogance
arroseren {vt} :: to baste (meat), sprinkle (e.g. a cake with icing sugar)
arroseren {vt} :: to water, irrigate, sprinkle
arseen {n} :: arsenic
arsenaal {n} :: armoury, arsenal
arsenaal {n} :: arsenal (stock of weapons)
arsenaal {n} [figurative] :: totality of available instruments, options or means
arsenicum {n} :: arsenic
artefact {n} :: artifact
Arthur {prop} :: given name
artiest {m} :: artist
artieste {f} :: female artist
artiestennaam {m} :: stage name
artificieel {adj} :: artificial, man-made
artikel {n} :: article (report)
artikel {n} :: article (ware)
artikel {n} :: article (section of a legal document)
artikel {n} [grammar] :: article
artikelsgewijs {adj} :: article by article (numbered section)
artikelsgewijs {adj} :: divided into articles (numbered section)
artikelsgewijs {adv} :: article by article (numbered section)
artikelsgewijs {adv} :: divided into articles (numbered section)
artillerie {f} :: artillery
artillerie {f} [collective] :: artillery weapons
artillerie {f} :: the division of an army specialised in artillery weapons
artillerist {m} :: artillerist
artisjok {m} :: artichoke, an edible plant related to the thistle
artistiek {adj} :: artistic, relating to art
artistiek {adj} :: of artistic value or merit
artistiek {adj} :: having creative skill
artistiekeling {m} [derogatory] :: artist, someone who is considered artsy-fartsy
artistiekeling {m} [historical] :: a type of nozem inspired by modern art, French culture and jazz, similar to a mod
arts {m} :: (male) physician, doctor
artse {f} :: female doctor
artsenij {f} :: medicine, medical practice or study
artsenij {f} :: medicine, medical drug
artsenijkunde {f} :: medicine (scientific discipline)
artsenijkundig {adj} [dated] :: medical (pertaining to medicine)
artsenijplant {f} :: medical plant (plant used in medicine)
Arubaan {m} :: inhabitant of Aruba
Arubaan {m} :: person of Aruban descent
a.s. {n} :: abbreviation of aanstaande
as {f} :: ash
as {f} :: ashes
as {f} :: axis
as {f} :: axle
as {conj} [Hague dialect] :: alternative spelling of als
as {prep} [Hague dialect] :: alternative spelling of als
as {prep} [Hague dialect] :: eive ... as: as ... as
asa {abbr} :: als en slechts alsiff
asbak {m} :: ashtray
asbeer {m} [obsolete] :: Person who was employed to empty latrines and remove refuse at night
asbest {n} :: asbestos
asbezem {n} :: a brush for removing ash from fireplaces, having a handle and rough bristles; used in combination with a dustpan
asceet {m} [religion] :: ascetic, one who lives a life of self-denial
ascese {f} :: asceticism
ascetisch {adj} :: ascetic, relating to asceticism or ascetics
ascetisme {n} :: asceticism
asch {f} :: obsolete spelling of as
aseksualiteit {f} :: asexuality
asem {m} :: alternative form of adem
asemen {vi} :: to breathe
asemhalen {vi} :: to breathe
asfalt {n} :: asphalt
asferisch {adj} :: aspherical
asgrauw {adj} :: ash-grey
asiel {n} :: asylum
asiel {n} :: animal shelter
asielzoeker {m} :: asylum seeker
asielzoekerscentrum {n} :: residential centre for asylum seekers
asjeblieft {interj} [colloquial, chiefly Northern Dutch] :: alternative form of alsjeblieft
asjemenou {interj} :: what the heck (expression of surprise)
asla {f} :: ash pan
aso {mf} [slang, Netherlands] :: an antisocial, brutish or inconsiderate person
asociaal {adj} :: antisocial
aspect {n} :: aspect, appearance
asperge {f} :: asparagus (plant, vegetable)
aspersie {f} :: archaic spelling of asperge
aspirine {f} [pharmacology] :: aspirin
aspirine {f} [by extension] :: Any tranquilizer
aspis {m} :: asp
aspisadder {f} {m} :: asp viper (Vipera aspis)
aspisslang {m} :: asp
asrest {f} {m} :: residual ash
Assam {prop} {n} :: Assam (state in India)
Assamees {adj} :: Assamese, in, from or relating to the NE-Indian state Assam or the feudal realm it's named after
Assamees {prop} {n} :: An Assamese, inhabitant of the NE-Indian state Assam or the feudal realm it's named after
Assamees {prop} {n} :: A member of the etno-cultural Assamese people
Assamees {prop} {n} :: The Indo-Iranian language Assamese
Assamitisch {prop} {n} :: Assamese (language)
Asschepoester {prop} {f} :: obsolete spelling of Assepoester
Assen {prop} :: Assen (city/and/capital)
Assen {prop} :: Assen (municipality)
Assepoester {prop} {f} :: Cinderella (fairy tale and fairy tale character)
assertief {adj} :: assertive
assimilatie {f} :: assimilation, incorporation
assimilatie {f} [biology, chemistry] :: assimilation (chemical reaction)
assimilatie {f} [biology, chemistry] :: assimilation of carbon dioxide, photosynthesis
assimilatie {f} [phonology] :: assimilation (phonemic change toward greater similarity to a nearby phoneme)
assimilatie {f} [society, sociology] :: assimilation (adoption of customs and values by a group)
Assisi {prop} :: The central-Italian city Assisi
assistent {m} :: assistant, person who assists, aid
assistente {f} :: female assistant
assisteren {vt} :: to assist, act as assistant to
assisteren {vi} :: to lend assistance
associatie {f} :: association
associatie {f} :: connotation (suggested or implied meaning)
associëren {vt} :: to associate
assortiment {n} :: assortment
assortiment {n} :: everything a supplier has to offer, range of products
assteun {f} :: jack (a mechanical device used to lift heavy loads)
astaat {n} :: astatine
astatium {n} :: astatine
aster {f} :: aster, flowering plant of the genus Aster
aster {f} :: A flower from this plant
Aster {prop} :: given name
asteroïde {f} :: asteroid
astma {n} [pathology] :: The chronic respiratory disease asthma
astrant {adj} [dialectal] :: brazen, cheeky
Astrid {prop} {f} :: given name
astro- {prefix} :: astro-
astrofysica {f} :: astrophysics
astrofysicus {m} :: astrophysicist
astrologie {f} :: astrology
astroloog {m} :: astrologer
astronaut {m} :: astronaut
astronomie {f} :: Astronomy, the natural science branch studying the physical universe beyond Earth's atmosphere
astronomisch {adj} :: astronomical (of or relating to astronomy)
astronomisch {adj} :: very large
astronomische schemering {f} :: astronomical twilight
astronoom {m} :: astronomer, one who studies astronomy
asvaalt {m} :: dump, refuse heap
asvarken {n} [dialectal, Holland] :: a brush with rough bristles and a handle, often used along with a dustpan (historically used for removing ash from fireplaces)
Aswoensdag {m} :: Ash Wednesday, the day of penitence which starts Lent
asymmetrisch {adj} :: asymmetric
asymptomatisch {adj} :: asymptomatic (not exhibiting any symptoms of disease)
asymptoot {m} :: asymptote (a straight line which a curve approaches arbitrarily closely)
atavistisch {adj} :: atavistic
ataxie {f} :: ataxia, pathological lack of coordination in bodily movements
atelier {n} :: workshop, studio; in particular in relation to artistic activities, the production of clothing or engineering
-ateur {suffix} :: -ator
Athabaskisch {adj} :: Athabascan
Atheens {adj} :: Athenian
atheïsme {n} :: atheism
atheïst {mf} :: atheist
atheïstisch {adj} :: atheistic
Athene {prop} {n} :: Athens (capital city of Greece)
atheneum {n} :: A type of secondary school which is just like a gymnasium except that it does not offer classes in Latin or Greek
-atie {suffix} :: Forms action nouns. Many such nouns derive from or are otherwise paired with verbs of Latinate origin, that are suffixed with -eren. This suffix is then replaced by -atie
-atie {suffix} :: An action or process
-atie {suffix} :: The result of an action or process
-atie {suffix} :: A state or quality
atje {n} [slang] :: alternative spelling of adje
Atlantisch {adj} :: of or relating to the Atlantic Ocean
Atlantische Oceaan {prop} {f} :: Atlantic Ocean (the ocean lying between the Americas to the west and Europe and Africa to the east)
atlas {m} :: atlas
atleet {m} :: athlete (a person who actively participates in physical sports, possibly highly skilled in sports)
atlete {f} :: athlete (female)
atletiek {f} :: athletics: only in the sense of tack and field, not sports in general
atmo- {prefix} :: Pertaining to air
atmosfeer {m} [planets, meteorology, astronomy] :: atmosphere (gases surrounding an astronomical body)
atmosfeer {m} [units, colloquial] :: one Earth atmosphere (atm)
atmosferisch {adj} :: atmospheric
atol {n} {m} :: atoll
atoom {n} [physics] :: An atom (building bloc of molecules)
atoom {n} [figuratively] :: A tiny bit
atoombom {f} :: atomic bomb
atoomdeeltje {n} :: A sub-atomic particle of matter
atoomkern {m} :: The nucleus (massive, positively charged core) of an atom
atoomklok {f} :: atomic clock
atoommassa {f} :: atomic mass
atoommodel {n} :: atomic model
atoomnummer {n} :: An atomic number, an element's number of protons and hence position in the periodic table
atoomproef {f} :: nuclear test (nuclear weapons' test)
atoomtheorie {f} :: atomic theory
atoomtijdperk {prop} {n} :: Atomic Age
-ator {suffix} :: used to form agent nouns, usually from verbs that have the ending -eren
atrofie {f} :: atrophy (reduced functionality)
attachment {m} {n} :: attachment (to an email)
attaqueren {vt} [formal] :: to attack, to assault
Atte {prop} {m} :: given name
atten {vt} [slang] :: to empty a glass by drinking it in one draught; to down
attent {adj} :: observant, perceptive
attent {adj} :: courteous
attest {n} :: certificate, attestation
attesteren {vt} :: to attest
attestering {f} :: certification
Attisch {prop} {n} :: Attic Greek
Attisch {adj} :: Attic
Attisch zout {n} [idiom, dated] :: ingenious, subtle humour; Attic salt
atto- {prefix} :: atto-
attoampère {m} :: attoampere: 10-18 ampere
attometer {m} :: attometer: 10-18 meter
atto-ohm {m} {n} :: atto-ohm: 10-18 ohm
attoseconde {f} :: attosecond: 10-18 of a second
attosteradiaal {m} :: attosteradian: 10-18 of a steradian
attractie {f} :: attraction
attractief {adj} [formal] :: attractive
attributief {adj} :: attributive (of, or being (used as) a (grammatical) attribute)
attribuut {n} :: attribute
au {interj} :: ouch!
a.u.b. {adv} :: abbreviation of alstublieft
audiëntie {f} :: audience (formal meeting)
auditeren {vi} :: to audition
auditeren {vi} :: to listen, to be an audience
auditie {f} :: audition
auditief {adj} :: auditory
auditorium {n} :: auditorium (large room for speeches, meetings, performances, etc.)
auerhaan {m} :: male western capercaillie, male wood grouse
auerhen {f} :: female western capercaillie, female wood grouse
auerhoen {n} :: western capercaillie, wood grouse, Tetrao urogallus
augmenteren {vt} :: to augment, to increase
augurk {f} {m} :: gherkin (small cucumber that is usually pickled)
augustus {m} :: August (month)
aula {f} :: the auditorium of a school or university
aura {f} :: aura
aureool {n} :: halo
ausradieren {vt} :: to eradicate, to exterminate
ausradieren {vt} :: to clear, to efface, to erase
Australië {prop} {n} :: Australia
Australiër {m} :: Australian (a person from Australia or of Australian descent)
Australisch {adj} :: Australian (of, from, or pertaining to Australia, the Australian people or languages)
Australisch Hoofdstedelijk Territorium {prop} {n} :: The Australian Capital Territory, the federal Territory of Australia, i.e. greater Canberra
Austroaziatisch {adj} :: Austroasiatic
Austronesisch {adj} :: Austronesian
Austronesisch {prop} {n} :: Austronesian
Austronesisich {adj} :: Austronesian
autaar {n} [dialectal] :: alternative form of altaar
auteur {m} :: author
authenticeren {vt} :: to authenticate
authentiek {adj} :: authentic
authentiseren {v} :: alternative form of authenticeren
autisme {n} [pathology] :: autism (abnormal self-absorption)
autist {m} :: autist, person with autism
auto {m} :: car, automobile
autobaan {f} :: motorway
autobaan {f} :: lane (of a road) for motorised vehicles
autoband {m} :: tire/tyre (e.g. a car tyre)
autobiografie {f} :: autobiography (biography of oneself)
autobioscoop {m} [rare] :: drive-through cinema, drive-in cinema
autobom {f} :: car bomb
autobus {m} :: bus, coach (vehicle)
autochtoon {adj} :: autochthonous
autochtoon {m} :: autochthon
autocoureur {m} :: car racer
autocraat {m} :: autocrat
autocratie {f} :: autocracy
autodidact {m} :: autodidact, self-taught person
autodidactisch {adj} :: autodidactic
autogas {n} :: autogas (liquefied petroleum gas)
autolamp {f} :: lamp of a car
autoloos {adj} :: carless
automaat {m} :: a machine that performs automated tasks
automaat {m} :: an automatic, a car with an automatic transmission
automaat {m} :: an automaton
automatenhal {f} {m} [gaming] :: arcade, amusement arcade
automatiek {f} :: an automat (a vending machine for warm food, usually deep-fried)
automatisch {adj} :: automatic
automobiel {n} :: automobile, car
autonomie {f} :: autonomy
autonoom {adj} :: autonomous
autoped {m} :: motorised kick scooter
autoped {m} [Netherlands] :: kick scooter
autopsie {f} :: dissection, autopsy
autoradio {m} :: car radio
autoritair {adj} :: authoritarian, dictatorial
autoriteit {f} :: authority
autosnelweg {m} :: motorway, freeway
autostrade {f} [Belgium] :: highway, motorway
autoweg {m} :: freeway, highway, motorway
avance {mf} [chiefly plural] :: overture, approach, advance (act of accosting)
avance {mf} [dated] :: progress
avance {mf} [dated] :: stock appreciation
avance {mf} [obsolete] :: profit
avance {mf} [dated] :: advantage, benefit
avanceren {vi} :: to advance
avegaar {m} :: auger
averechts {adj} :: opposite, backwards, contrary
Averink {prop} :: surname
aversie {f} :: aversion
Avestisch {prop} :: Avestan (Old Iranian language)
AVG {prop} {f} :: Abbreviation of Algemene verordening gegevensbescherming, GDPR
avi- {prefix} :: avi-: pertaining to birds or flight
aviateur {m} :: aviator
aviofobie {f} [extremely, rare] :: fear of flying, aviophobia
avocado {m} :: avocado, alligator pear
avocadoboom {m} :: avocado (tree)
avond {m} :: evening, night
avondeten {n} :: supper, dinner, the evening meal
avondklok {f} :: curfew
Avondland {prop} {n} :: Europe, or, more broadly, the West
avondlijk {adj} :: Pertaining to the evening
avondmaal {n} :: dinner, supper, the evening meal
avondmaaltijd {m} :: dinner, supper, the evening meal
avondmens {m} :: night owl
avondrood {n} :: afterglow (red sky after sunset)
avondschemering {f} :: dusk, evening twilight
avondschool {f} :: night school, evening school
avondspits {f} :: evening rush hour
avondster {f} [astronomy] :: Evening star; the planet Venus as seen in the western sky in the evening
avondster {f} [astronomy] :: Evening star; any star seen in the evening, especially the planets Mercury and Jupiter
avondstond {f} [archaic or poetic] :: eventide
avonduur {n} :: evening hour
avondval {m} :: nightfall, sundown
avonturier {m} :: adventurer
avonturierster {f} :: female adventurer
avontuur {n} :: adventure (that which happens without design)
avontuurlijk {adj} :: Like an adventure, dangerous, eventful, exciting
avontuurlijk {adj} :: Daring, adventurous, accepting risks
à-vuespel {n} [music] :: Sight-reading
axiologie {f} :: axiology
axiologie {f} :: an instance of axiology
axiologisch {adj} :: axiological
axioma {n} [logic] :: axiom
ayatollah {m} :: A religious leader in Twelver Shi'ism
ayatollah {m} :: Highest grade of theologian scholarship in Shi'ism
ayatollah {m} [by extension] :: A (thought) leader or key figure in general
azalea {f} {m} :: azalea
Azaravos {m} :: pampas fox, Azara's fox (Lycalopex gymnocercus)
azc {n} :: acronym of asielzoekerscentrum
Azerbeidzjan {prop} :: Azerbaijan, the native land of the Azeri people, mainly in western Persia and across the border
Azerbeidzjan {prop} :: Azerbaijan, an independent former Soviet republic in Transcaucasia
Aziaat {mf} :: Asian
Aziatisch {adj} :: Asian (of, relating to or from Asia)
Aziatisch {adj} :: Asiatic, relating to the Mongoloid race
Azië {prop} {n} :: Asia
azijn {m} :: vinegar (condiment)
azijnpisser {m} :: curmudgeon
azijnzuur {n} [organic compound] :: acetic acid
AZN {abbr} :: Algemeen Zuid-Nederlands (meaning Dutch as it is spoken in Belgium)
azuur {n} :: lapis lazuli, azure
azuur {n} :: azure, the blue colour of the sky
azuur {n} [heraldry] :: blue, azure
azuurblauw {adj} :: azure [color]