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v. {abbr} :: van (in surnames)
v. {abbr} [grammar] :: vrouwelijk (feminin)
v {letter} :: The twenty-second letter of the Dutch alphabet
V {letter} :: The twenth-second letter of the Dutch alphabet
vaag {adj} :: vague, hazy
vaag {adj} [colloquial] :: odd, weird
vaagtaal {f} :: a speech or writing abundant with weasel words
vaak {adv} :: often
vaak {adj} :: frequent, regular
vaak {f} :: sleepiness
vaal {adj} [of skin] :: sallow, pallid
vaal {adj} [of color, lighting etc] :: pale, light
vaalt {f} :: dung heap
vaam {m} :: rare form of vadem
vaan {f} {n} :: vane, small flag (often pointed or pronged)
vaan {f} {n} :: banner, battle standard
vaan {f} {n} :: weathervane
vaan {f} {n} [historical, otherwise archaic] :: A measure of volume for beer and other drinks, equivalent to about 5 litres
vaandel {n} :: ensign
vaandel {n} :: banner, pennant
vaandelvlucht {f} [military] :: desertion
vaandelvlucht {f} [politics] :: defection (from an opinion or organisation)
vaandrager {m} :: ensign, someone (usually a low-ranking officer) who bears a vane or banner
vaandrig {m} :: ensign, someone (usually a low-ranking officer) who carriers a banner
vaanjonker {m} :: A cavalry standard-bearer (cavalry ensign)
vaanvoerder {m} [archaic] :: ensign (officiel bearing a battle standard or vane)
vaarboom {m} :: punting pole
vaarder {m} [nautical] :: sailor, skipper
vaardig {adj} :: skillful
vaardig {adj} [archaic] :: ready
vaardigen {vt} [archaic] :: to ready, make ready
vaardigheid {f} :: skill
vaargeul {f} {m} [transport, nautical] :: channel, fairway
vaars {f} :: heifer (cow approximately 2 years old that has not calved)
vaart {f} :: trip (by boat)
vaart {f} :: speed, momentum
vaart {f} :: canal
vaart {f} :: shipping, maritime traffic
vaartuig {n} [nautical] :: vessel
vaarwater {n} [transport, nautical] :: fairway, waterway
vaarweg {m} :: waterway
vaarwel {interj} [dated, poetic] :: goodbye, farewell (connotation is somewhat sad, almost poetic)
vaas {f} :: vase
vaat {f} :: (dirty) dishes, washing-up
vaataandoening {f} :: vascular disease
vaatbundel {m} :: vascular bundle
vaatdoek {m} :: dishcloth, dishtowel
vaatwasmachine {f} :: A mechanical dishwasher
vaatwasser {m} :: dishwasher (machine)
vaatwerk {n} [collective] :: crockery, dishware
vaatwerk {n} [collective] :: tableware
vacature {f} :: vacancy, job opening
vacaturebank {f} {m} :: a job bank - similar to an online employment agency
vaccin {n} :: vaccine
vaccinatie {f} :: vaccination, inoculation with a vaccine
vaceren {vi} [dated] :: to be vacant
vacht {f} :: fur
vacht {f} :: pelt
vacuüm {n} :: A vacuum
vacuüm {n} [figuratively] :: emptiness, meaninglessness
vacuüm {adj} :: In or constituting a vacuum
vacuüm {adj} [figuratively] :: empty, meaningless
vadem {m} :: fathom
vademecum {n} :: vade mecum
vader {m} :: father
vader {m} :: forefather
Vaderdag {m} :: Father's Day, a day (in June) in informal celebration of fathers and fatherhood
vaderland {n} :: fatherland, one's own native land/nation and/or the country of one's forefathers, the possible object of patriotism
vaderlandsliefde {f} :: patriotism
vaderlijk {adj} :: paternal
vaderloos {adj} :: fatherless, without a father
vadermoord {m} :: patricide, parricide of one's father
vadermoord {m} [figuratively] :: defamation of a fatherlike authority figure (a person or an organization such as a business)
vaderschap {n} :: fatherhood
vaderschapsverlof {n} :: paternity leave
vaderstad {f} {m} :: hometown
vadsig {adj} :: (informal) Overweight, often lazy
vadsig {adj} :: (informal) Slow or apathetic
Vaessen {prop} :: surname
va-et-vient {m} :: comings and goings, toing and froing
vagen {v} :: alternative form of vegen
vagevuur {n} :: purgatory
VAGH {initialism} :: Vereniging van Assistent-Geneeskundigen in de Heelkunde (Association of Assistant Physicians in Surgery)
vagina {f} :: vagina
vaginaal {adj} :: vaginal (of the vagina)
vaginose {f} :: vaginosis (vaginal infection)
vair {n} [heraldry] :: vair (fur used in heraldry)
vak {n} :: compartment (e.g. a shelf, a section)
vak {n} :: subject (in school)
vak {n} :: profession
vak {n} :: trade, craft
vakantie {f} :: holiday, vacation
vakantieganger {m} :: holidaymaker, vacationer
vakbond {m} :: trade union
vaker {adv} :: more often (comparative of vaak)
vakgebied {n} :: field (within a subject or profession)
vakidioot {m} [pejorative] :: A (very) capable professional with little societal awareness or engagement, especially one who exaggerates the importance of one's specialism
vakkundig {adj} :: skillful, competent
vakman {m} :: craftsman
vakmanschap {n} :: craftsmanship
vakterm {m} :: technical term, a specialist term used in jargon
vakwerk {n} :: A good, professional-level job, ably skilled performance
vakwerk {n} :: A construction technique where a building's (exterior) wall is divided up by wooden laths into squares, often subdivided diagonally, then each square or triangle filled up with plaster etc
val {m} :: fall (act of falling)
val {m} :: downfall, demise
val {m} :: trap, snare
val {m} :: (in compounds) case
val {m} :: (in compounds) nightfall
val {m} [obsolete] :: catfish
valavond {m} :: nightfall, sundown, dusk
valbijl {f} :: guillotine
valbrug {mf} :: drawbridge
valentie {f} :: valence
valentienucleon {n} [physics] :: valence nucleon
Valentijn {prop} :: given name, cognate to English Valentine
Valentijn {prop} :: surname
valeriaan {c} :: valerian, Valeriana officinalis
vale vos {m} :: pale fox (Vulpes pallida)
valg {f} :: fallow
valide {adj} :: valid
valide {adj} :: healthy, strong, not handicapped
valies {n} :: portmanteau (travelling case)
valk {f} {m} :: falcon
valk {f} {m} :: a type of sailboat (see the picture)
Valk {prop} :: surname
Valkenburg {prop} :: surname
valkenier {m} :: falconer
valkerij {f} :: falconry, sport of hunting by using trained birds of prey
valkerij {f} :: the art of training birds for it
valkerij {f} :: a falcon house
valkuil {m} :: pitfall (type of trap)
valkuil {m} :: pitfall (hazard in general)
valkuil {mf} :: hawk owl (owl in the genus Ninox)
vallei {f} {m} :: valley
vallen {vi} :: to fall, to tumble
vallen {vi} :: to fall, to begin (of a time period)
vallen {v} [auxiliary, with te] :: to be able to be
vallende ster {f} :: shooting star, meteor
vallen onder {v} :: to fall under
vallen op {v} :: to be romantically or sexually attracted to, to fancy
Valletta {prop} {n} :: Valletta
valling {f} [Belgium] :: rhinitis, cold
valling {f} :: unripe fruit that fell to the ground
valling {f} :: inclination (of a slope etcetera)
valluik {n} :: trapdoor
valmes {n} :: jack-knife, flick knife
valreep {m} [dated, nautical] :: rope ladder; originally a single rope with knots
valreep {m} [nautical] :: opening in a ship's railings
valreep {m} [by extension, nautical] :: accommodation ladder
vals {adj} :: fake, false
vals {adj} [music] :: off-key, out of tune
vals {adj} :: (of animals) vicious
valscherm {n} :: parachute
valselijk {adv} :: falsely
valsspelen {v} :: to cheat
valsspeler {m} :: cheater
valstrik {m} [literally] :: snare, trap for catching animals or trespassers
valstrik {m} [figuratively] :: any kind of trap or ploy made to deceive
valuta {mf} :: currency (money or other item used to facilitate transactions)
valuur {n} :: the hour of nightfall, sundown
vampier {m} :: a vampire
van {prep} :: of (possession, property)
van {prep} :: of (general association)
van {prep} :: by, of (creator)
van {prep} :: from (origin)
van {prep} :: from (starting point of a movement or change)
van {prep} :: from (starting point in time)
van {prep} :: from, off (removal of something from off something else)
van {prep} :: of, out of, from, with (cause)
van {prep} :: of, out of, with (material or resource)
van {prep} :: of, out of, among (out of a larger whole; partitive)
van {prep} :: from, was, formerly (indicating a change in price)
van {adv} :: of, from
van {adv} :: from
van {adv} :: by, from
van {adv} :: of, about
vanadium {n} :: vanadium
vanaf {prep} :: starting from, from onwards, as of, as from
vanaf {prep} :: from on top of
vanaf {circump} :: away from
vanaf {circump} :: rid of, freed from, released from, no longer affected by
van alle markten thuis {adj} [idiomatic] :: of all trades, having an answer to any request, well-versed in any subject
vanavond {adv} :: tonight, this evening, the evening of the current day (in the future or past)
van Biafra komen {v} [Belgium] :: be emaciated
van bil gaan {vi} [colloquial] :: to have sex, to get laid [+ met (object) = with]
van Bommel {prop} :: surname
vandaag {adv} :: today
vandaag de dag {phrase} :: nowadays
Vandaals {prop} {n} :: Vandalic (language)
Vandaals {adj} :: Vandalic, Vandal
vandaan {adv} [postpositional] :: from, away
vandaar {adv} :: thence
vandaar {adv} :: hence, therefore
vandalisme {n} :: vandalism (needless damage or destruction of property)
van de Berg {prop} :: surname
van de daken af schreeuwen {v} :: alternative form of van de daken schreeuwen
van de daken schreeuwen {vti} [idiom, sometimes, _] :: to shout from the rooftops
van de gekke zijn {v} [chiefly Netherlands] :: to be ridiculous, to be absurd, to be insane [generally referring to situations]
van de hoed en de rand weten {vi} [idiom] :: to be well informed
van de Meer {prop} :: surname
vanden {v} [archaic, dialectal] :: to visit
vanden {v} [archaic, dialectal] :: to seek, to search for
vanden {v} [archaic, dialectal] :: to test, to try, to trial
vanden {v} [archaic, dialectal] :: to investigate, to examine
van den Berg {prop} :: surname
van den Eijnde {prop} :: surname, meaning 'of the end', indicating dwelling at the end of a geographical spot. By example: end of the road or village
van de pot gerukt {adj} [idiomatic, vulgar] :: Crazy, insane, off one's rocker, fucked in the head
van der Asdonk {prop} :: surname, typically from the Dutch province Northern-Brabant. A donk is a small sandy hill and as is the Dutch word for 'ash', hence the meaning of the surname is 'from the small sandy hill with ash'
van der Berg {prop} :: surname
van der Laan {prop} :: surname
van der Lans {prop} :: surname
van der Lee {prop} :: surname
van der Linden {prop} :: surname
van der Made {prop} :: surname
van der Meer {prop} :: surname
van der Merwe {prop} :: surname
van der Meulen {prop} :: surname
van der Vliet {prop} :: surname
van der Waals {prop} :: surname
van de vrachtwagen gevallen {phrase} [idiom] :: fell off a truck
van de week {adv} [idiomatic] :: this week (during the current week, whether past or future)
van dienst zijn {phrase} :: be on duty
van dienst zijn {phrase} :: take on a certain role
van dienst zijn {phrase} :: be handy
van Dijk {prop} :: surname
van Dort {prop} :: surname
van een mug een olifant maken {vi} [idiom] :: to make a mountain out of a molehill
van een muis een olifant maken {vi} [idiom, Belgium] :: to make a mountain out of a molehill
van Eijk {prop} :: surname
vanelle {?} :: (slang) shag tobacco (sometimes flavoured)
vanelle {?} :: (slang) plain, au naturel
van Essen {prop} :: surname
van Etten {prop} :: surname
van gedachten veranderen {v} :: to change one's mind
vangen {vt} :: to catch
vangrail {f} {m} :: guardrail, crash barrier
vangst {f} :: catch, haul (such as fish)
vangtand {m} :: fang
van harte {adv} :: with love, from the bottom of one's heart
van harte {interj} :: best wishes, congratulations
van heb ik jou daar {adj} [idiomatic, Netherlands, only used postnominally] :: a hell of a ..
van Hertrooij {prop} :: surname
van het kastje naar de muur {prep} [idiom] :: from post to pillar
van hier en ginder {adv} [Brabantian] :: careless; sloppy
van hier en ginder {adv} [Brabantian] :: so-so
van hier tot Tokio {prep} [colloquial] :: extremely long
van hier tot Tokio {prep} [colloquial, by extension] :: extremely large
van Hoof {prop} :: surname
vanille {f} :: vanilla
Van Ingen {prop} [anthroponymy] :: Van Ingen; surname
van kant maken {vt} [idiom] :: to kill
van Leeuwen {prop} :: surname
van Leeuwenhoek {prop} :: a Dutch surname
van Leeuwenhoek {prop} :: Anton van Leeuwenhoek Dutch scientist
van meet af aan {adv} :: from the start; from the beginning; from the onset
vanmiddag {adv} :: this afternoon, the afternoon of the current day (in the future or past)
vanmorgen {adv} :: this morning, the morning at the beginning of the current day (in the past)
vannacht {adv} :: tonight, this night, the night at the end of the current day
vannacht {adv} :: last night, the night at the end if the previous day
vanochtend {adv} :: this morning, the morning at the beginning of the current day (in the past)
van onderen {interj} :: Exclamation to indicate that a large object is falling; timber
vanouds {adv} :: traditionally; since a long time
van Rossum {prop} :: Dutch habitational surname
van slag {adv} :: upset
van tevoren {adv} :: in advance
van top tot teen {adv} :: head to toe, top to toe
van twee walletjes eten {v} :: to butter one's bread on both sides
van twee walletjes eten {v} :: to have it both ways, to have one's cake and eat it too
vanuit {prep} :: from (inside), (from) out of
vanuit {adv} [proscribed] :: Alternative spacing in certain forms of the phrasal verb uitgaan van
van Vliet {prop} :: surname
vanwaar {adv} :: from where, whence
vanwaar {adv} :: why, whence (because of what motivation)
vanwege {prep} :: because of, due to
vanzelf {adv} :: automatically
vanzelf spreken {vi} [idiom] :: to be self-evident, to be obvious
vanzelfsprekend {adj} :: self-evident, evidently, obviously
vanzelfsprekend {adj} :: (to be) taken for granted, naturally
van zijnen tak maken {v} [idiomatic] :: to rail (protest or complain loudly)
var {m} :: male pig; boar
VARA {prop} {f} :: abbreviation of VARA, a Dutch public broadcasting association, now merged with BNN
varaan {m} :: The monitor lizard, a lizard of the genus Varanus
varen {v} :: To sail; to go by boat; to navigate
varen {v} :: To ascend or descend
varen {v} :: To fare
varen {f} :: fern
variabel {adj} :: variable
variabiliteit {f} :: The quality variability:
variabiliteit {f} :: the ability to vary
variabiliteit {f} :: a tendency to change; inconstancy, unreliability
variant {m} :: A variant
variantie {f} :: variance
variëren {v} :: to vary
variëteit {f} [mathematics] :: manifold
variëteit {f} [biology] :: variety
varken {n} [zoology] :: pig
varken {n} [figuratively] :: swine, dirty or foul person
varken {n} [archaic] :: knor, non-frat-member
varken {n} :: certain objects
varkensbeest {n} [Belgium] :: isopod, woodlouse, pillbug
varkenssaté {m} :: pork satay
varkensvlees {n} :: pork
Vasconisch {adj} :: Vasconic
Vascoons {adj} :: alternative form of Vasconisch
vast {adj} :: firm, fast, tight
vast {adj} :: fixed, not moving or changing
vast {adj} :: stuck, unable to get out
vast {adj} [chemistry] :: in the solid state
vast {adj} [botany] :: perennial
vast {adj} [of a telephone] :: using a landline
vast {adv} :: surely, certainly
vast {adv} [colloquial, sarcastically] :: sure, yeah, right
vastberaden {adj} :: resolute, determined
vastbijten {vri} :: to bite deep [+ in (object) = into]
vastbijten {vr} :: to dig in [+ in (object) = in], to continue with resilience [+ in (object)], to carry on resiliently [+ in (object) = with]
vastbinden {v} :: to tie up
vasteland {n} :: mainland
vasten {v} :: to fast
vasten {m} {n} :: fast (period of time when one abstains from or eats very little food)
vastgoed {n} :: real estate
vasthouden {v} :: to hold (onto), to retain
vasthoudendheid {f} :: Relentlessness
vastknopen {v} :: to attach or secure with a knot
vastleggen {v} :: to moor, to fasten, to tether
vastleggen {v} :: to set out, specify
vastleggen {v} :: to record, to register
vastlopen {v} :: to run aground
vastlopen {v} :: to jam
vastlopen {v} [computing] :: to hang (to stop functioning)
vastmaken {v} :: to attach, fasten
vastplakken {vi} :: to be stuck onto something, to stick
vastplakken {vt} :: to stick (onto something)
vaststellen {v} :: to determine
vaststelling {f} :: determination, observation
vastvoetig {adj} :: surefooted
vastvriezen {vi} :: to freeze stuck, to freeze onto something
vastzitten {v} :: to be stuck
vastzitten {v} :: to be in the state of incarceration
vat {n} :: barrel, tank
vat {n} [biology] :: vessel
vat {m} :: grip, both literal and figurative
vatbaar {adj} :: susceptible, receptive
vatbom {f} :: barrel bomb
vatenbom {f} :: barrel bomb
Vaticaan {prop} {n} :: Vatican
Vaticaans {adj} :: Vatican
Vaticaanstad {prop} {n} :: Vatican City
vaticinium ex eventu {n} :: A fictional prophecy that has been written after the supposedly predicted event but is presented as a genuine prediction before the event; a postdiction
vatten {vt} :: to grasp
vatten {vt} :: to grasp mentally, to understand
vatten {vt} :: to catch, to apprehend
vatten {vt} :: to catch, to be afflicted with (a disease)
vauxhall {c} [archaic] :: Some type of attraction on a funfair
vazal {m} :: vassal
vazalstaat {m} :: vassal state
v. Chr. {abbr} :: voor Christus
v.Chr. {abbr} :: voor Christus; BC
v/d {abbr} :: van de
VDW {initialism} :: van der Waals
VDW {initialism} :: van der Walt
vechten {vi} :: to fight
vechtenstijd {m} [archaic] :: time to fight, hour of battle
vechten tegen de bierkaai {vi} [idiom] :: to put in effort in vain, to strive for a lost or impossible cause
vechter {m} :: a (male) fighter
vechtersbaas {m} :: hooligan
vechthaan {m} [literally] :: gamecock
vechthaan {m} :: brawler
vechtlust {m} :: eagerness to fight, truculence
vechtlustig {adj} :: bellicose, truculent
vechtmissie {f} [military] :: combat mission (military mission whose practical purpose or stated aim is to fight opponents)
vechtscheiding {f} :: A divorce involving bitter conflict between the separating spouses
vechtsport {f} :: martial art
vechtwagen {m} [formal, dated] :: tank (armoured fighting vehicle with caterpillar track)
vector {m} [mathematics] :: vector, an element of a vector space
vectorfunctie {f} [mathematics] :: vector function
vectorveld {n} [math] :: vector field
vede {f} :: obsolete form of vete
veder {f} [dated, except in compounds] :: alternative form of veer
vederbal {m} :: a shuttlecock
vederdos {m} :: A creature's plumage, notably seen as an adornment
vee {n} [collective] :: livestock, cattle
veearts {m} :: A veterinarian, mainly used for one treating farm animals
veeartsenij {f} :: veterinary practice
veeartsenijkunde {f} :: veterinary medicine
veeartsenijkundig {adj} :: Pertaining to veterinary medicine
veedief {m} :: abactor, someone who steals livestock
veeg {f} :: a swipe
veeg {adj} :: doomed to die
veeg {adj} :: near death
veeg {adj} :: doomed
veegte {f} :: enmity
veehouder {m} [agriculture] :: someone who keeps livestock, a livestock farmer
veehouderij {f} [uncountable] :: husbandry
veehouderij {f} :: farm where livestock are raised, cattle farm
veeknecht {m} :: cowboy, peon, ranchhand, any employee handling livestock
veel {determiner} :: many, much
veel {pron} :: much, a lot
veel {adv} :: much
veel {adv} :: often, frequently
veelal {adv} :: mostly - more often than not (not as strong as meestal)
veel beterschap {phrase} :: get well soon (said when someone is ill, wishing a speedy recovery)
veeleer {adv} :: rather
veeleisend {adj} :: exacting
veelgebruikt {adj} :: much-used
veelheid {f} :: abundance
veelhoek {m} [geometry] :: polygon (plane figure bounded by straight edges)
veel koks bederven de brij {proverb} :: too many cooks spoil the broth (literally "many cooks spoil the porridge")
veel koks verzouten de brij {proverb} :: too many cooks spoil the broth (literally "many cooks salt the porridge")
veel noten op zijn zang hebben {v} [idiomatic] :: be demanding
veel noten op zijn zang hebben {v} [idiomatic] :: be verbal about something, provide with a lot of comments
veelpleger {m} :: habitual offender (someone with many offences on his or her rap sheet)
veel plezier {phrase} :: have fun, enjoy yourself
veelschrijver {m} :: writer who authors many texts of low quality
veelschrijverij {f} [derogatory] :: high productivity in writing at the expense of quality
veel voeten in de aarde hebben {v} :: be labor- and time-intensive
veelvoud {n} [arithmetic] :: multiple
veelvraat {m} :: glutton
veelvraat {m} :: wolverine, Gulo gulo
veelvuldig {adj} :: frequent
veelwijverij {f} [pejorative] :: polygyny
veelzijdig {adj} :: multifaceted
veen {n} :: peat
veen {n} :: bog, fen
Veen {prop} :: surname
veenbrand {m} :: peat fire
veenkolonie {f} :: A settlement that arose as a result of peat excavation
veenlijk {n} :: bog body (mummified human remains found in a bog)
veenmol {m} :: mole cricket
veenreukgras {n} :: bison grass, holy grass, sweet grass, Hierochloe odorata (sometimes classed as Anthoxanthum nitens)
veer {f} :: feather
veer {f} :: spring (e.g. metallic helix which resists stress)
veer {n} :: ferry
veerboot {f} {m} :: ferryboat
veerconstante {f} :: spring constant
veerdienst {f} :: ferry service
Veerle {prop} :: given name, a specific Flemish female name,diminutive of Verula
Veerletje {prop} :: given name, a diminutive of Veerle
veerman {m} :: ferryman
veerman {m} [archaic] :: skipper
veerpont {c} :: ferryboat
veertien {num} :: fourteen
veertiende {adj} :: fourteenth
veertig {num} :: forty
veertigdagentijd {m} [Christianity] :: Lent (fast before Easter)
veertigste {adj} :: fortieth
veertoestel {f} :: spring rider (playing device)
veesterfte {f} :: mass death of livestock
veeteelt {f} {m} :: The raising of bovines and other livestock, cattlebreeding
veetrek {m} :: livestock migration, especially seasonal migration
vegaburger {m} :: A vegetarian burger; a vegetarian hamburger substitute or alternative
veganist {m} :: A vegan
veganiste {f} :: A vegan
vegen {v} :: to sweep
vegen {v} :: to brush
vegen {v} :: to wipe
veger {m} :: sweeper, one who sweeps
veger {m} :: broom, duster
vegetariër {mf} :: a vegetarian
vegetarisch {adj} :: vegetarian (relating to the type of diet eaten by vegetarians)
Veghel {prop} {n} :: A town in North Brabant, the Netherlands
veil {adj} :: venal
veilen {v} :: to auction
veiler {m} :: auctioneer
veilig {adj} :: safe
veilig {adv} :: safely
veiligheid {f} :: safety, security
veiligheidshalve {adv} :: just in case, in order to be on the safe side
veiligheidshalve {adv} :: for reasons of safety or security
veiligheidskooi {?} :: roll cage
veiling {f} :: auction [concrete and abstract]
veiling {f} :: auction house, building or business where auctions are held
veilinghuis {n} :: auction house
veinzen {v} :: to feign, pretend
vel {n} :: A skin, hide
vel {n} :: A fur, pelt
vel {n} :: A sheet (e.g. of paper; incorrectly used for a page)
vel {n} :: A membrane, e.g. forming on boiling milk
vel {n} :: A rag, shred
veld {n} :: field, open country
veld {n} :: patch or grass and/or other small plants
veld {n} :: agricultural field
veld {n} :: sports field
veld {n} [physics] :: field (physical phenomenon pervading an area)
veld {n} :: field, domain of knowledge
veldbed {n} :: stretcher
veldheer {m} :: warlord, general
veldhospitaal {n} :: A field hospital
veldkijker {m} :: field glass, pair of binoculars for outdoor use
veldleeuwerik {m} :: Eurasian skylark, skylark, Alauda arvensis
veldmaarschalk {m} :: field marshal
veldofficier {m} :: A field officer, ranking under general officers but above the lowest commissioned officers
veldsla {mf} :: mâche (Valerianella locusta)
veldslag {m} :: battle on open land
veldslang {f} :: culverin
veldspaat {f} {n} {m} :: feldspar
veldteken {n} :: banner, pennant
veldteken {n} [archaic] :: ensign, badge
veldtocht {m} :: military campaign
veldwachter {m} :: rural patrolman
veldwerk {n} :: fieldwork
vele {adj} :: many
vele handen maken licht werk {proverb} :: many hands make light work
velen {v} [rare] :: to endure, to bear
velen {pron} :: plural of veel
velerlei {determiner} :: many, of many sorts or types
velg {mf} :: rim (of a wheel)
velgrem {f} :: rim brake
vellen {v} :: to fell, cut down
velo {m} [Belgium, colloquial] :: bicycle
velodroom {n} {m} :: velodrome
vels {m} [archaic, poetic, dialectal] :: rock, cliff
Veltman {prop} :: surname
Veluwe {prop} {c} :: An area and natural reserve located in the province of Gelderland, the Netherlands
Veluws {adj} :: relating to the Veluwe
Veluws {prop} :: Veluws
ven {n} :: mere, a small shallow lake or pond
vendel {?} [obsolete, military] :: company
venditie {f} [formal] :: public auction [both abstract and concrete]
vendu {f} {n} [formal] :: public auction [both abstract and concrete]
vendutie {f} [formal] :: alternative form of venditie
venerisch {adj} :: venereal, sexually transmitted
venerisch {adj} :: venereal, pertaining to sexual union
veneroloog {m} :: venereologist (specialist in venereal disease)
Venetiaans {adj} :: Venetian (relating to Venice)
Venetië {prop} {n} :: Venice
veneus {adj} :: venous, pertaining to the veins
Venezuela {prop} {n} :: Venezuela
venijn {n} :: venom, poison
venijn {n} [figuratively] :: something that is hurtful, slanderous and venomous
venijnboom {m} :: yew
venijnig {adj} :: venomous
venijnig {adj} [figuratively] :: vicious, malicious, hurtful
venijnig {adj} [figuratively, of a conversation] :: heated, argumentative, confrontational
venkel {m} [botany] :: fennel, the plant Foeniculum vulgare
venndiagram {n} [set theory] :: Venn diagram
vennoot {m} :: partner
vennootschap {f} :: company, partnership
venster {n} :: window
vensterbank {c} :: windowsill
vensterruit {f} {m} :: windowpane
vent {m} :: chap, fellow
venten {v} :: to peddle
venter {m} :: A vendor, peddler, door-to-door salesman
ventilatie {f} :: ventilation
ventilator {m} :: fan, ventilator [device that circulates fresh air]
ventileren {v} :: to ventilate
ventileren {v} [figuratively] :: to articulate, make clear and precise
ventrikel {n} {m} :: ventricle, type of major body cavity:
ventrikel {n} {m} :: one of two lower chambers of the heart
ventrikel {n} {m} :: a compartment of the brain
ventweg {m} [Netherlands] :: frontage road, service road
Venus {prop} {f} :: Venus (planet)
venusheuvel {m} :: mons pubis
ver- {prefix} :: to do or to become what the stem (following this prefix) refers to
ver- {prefix} :: used to indicate that the action (referred to by the stem) has a negative connotation (for the direct object of the stem)
ver- {prefix} :: to move or change in the manner specified by the stem
ver- {prefix} :: A prefix found as part of surnames, found mainly in the southern Netherlands and in Belgium
ver {adj} :: far
verachtelijk {adj} :: scornful, disdainful
verachtelijk {adj} :: despicable
verachten {v} :: to scorn, to despise, to abominate
verachting {f} :: disdain
verademen {v} :: to relax, to renew, to refresh
veraf {adj} :: far away, far off
verafgoden {v} :: to idolize
verafschuwen {v} :: to loathe, detest, abominate
veralgemeend {adj} [Belgian] :: generalized (US), generalised (UK)
veralgemenen {v} [Belgium] :: to generalise
veralgemeniseren {v} [Netherlands] :: to generalise
veramerikaniseren {v} [ergative] :: to Americanise
veranderen {vti} :: to change
verandering {f} :: change
veranderlijk {adj} :: variable, changing
verankeren {v} :: to moor, anchor
verantwoordelijk {adj} :: responsible
verantwoordelijkheid {f} :: responsibility
verantwoordelijkheid {f} :: accountability
verantwoorden {v} :: to justify, be responsible for
verantwoording {f} :: accountability
verarming {f} :: impoverishment
verassen {v} :: To incinerate
verassen {v} :: To cremate
verbaal {adj} :: verbal
verbaasd {adj} :: astonished, surprised
verband {n} :: a bandage
verband {n} :: a link or relation
verbannen {v} :: to banish, exile
verbasteren {v} :: to degenerate
verbastering {f} :: deterioration, degeneration
verbastering {f} :: bastardization
verbazen {vt} :: to amaze, befuddle
verbazen {vr} :: to be amazed
verbazing {f} :: amazement
verbazingwekkend {adv} :: amazingly
verbeelden {vt} :: to depict
verbeelden {vr} :: to imagine
verbeelding {f} :: imagination (image-making power of the mind)
verbergen {vt} :: to hide
verbeteren {v} :: to improve
verbeteren {v} :: to correct
verbeterhuis {n} [history] :: A penitentiary or other house of correction
verbeterhuis {n} [colloquial] :: A reformatory (school)
verbetering {f} :: An improvement, amelioration
verbetering {f} :: A correction, rectification,
verbetering {f} :: A reparation, amendment
verbetering {f} :: The act or process of improving, correcting etc
verbetering {f} [obsolete] :: A reprimand; correction, sanction
verbetering {f} :: A raise, promotion etc
verbeuzelen {v} :: to waste, fritter away
verbidden {vt} :: to persuade [by begging, prayer]
verbieden {v} :: to forbid, prohibit
verbijsteren {v} :: to confuse, bewilder
verbijsteren {v} :: to dismay
verbijten {v} :: to suppress [pains, feelings, etc.]
verbijten {v} [obsolete] :: to forbite
verbinden {v} :: to connect, link up
verbinden {v} :: to bandage
verbinding {f} :: connection, link
verbinding {f} [chemistry] :: compound
verbintenis {f} :: commitment
verbitteren {v} :: to embitter
verbleken {v} :: to fade, to pale
verblijden {v} :: to gladden
verblijf {n} :: a stay
verblijf {n} :: a place where a stay is possible; a home, residence
verblijfplaats {c} :: residence, place of residence
verblijfsvergunning {f} :: residence permit; authorization to reside in a country
verblijven {v} :: to stay, to reside
verblinden {v} :: to blind
verblinden {v} [figuratively] :: to dazzle, to spellbind
verbloemen {vi} [of a plant] :: to blossom again, bear (at least) a second bloom
verbloemen {vt} :: to ornate, to cover with flowers
verbloemen {vt} :: to veil, soften by euphemistic phrasing
verbloemen {vt} :: to excuse, treat apologetically
verbloemen {vt} :: to mask, hide (something unpleasant)
verbloemen {vt} :: to avoid, suppress, leave unspoken
verbloemen {vt} :: to personify
verbloemen {vt} [chemistry] :: to effloresce, let crystallize
verbloeming {f} :: A euphemistic or masked phrasing, vaguery
verbloeming {f} :: An excuse, apologetic phrasing, justification
verbloeming {f} :: A rhetoric figure of speech
verbloeming {f} :: A fleuron, floral ornament
verbloeming {f} [chemistry] :: An efflorescence
verbluffend {adv} :: amazing, astonishing
verbod {n} :: prohibition
verbod {n} :: ban
verboden {adj} :: forbidden, prohibited
verbogen {adj} [grammar] :: declined
verbolgen {adj} [somewhat formal] :: angry
verbond {n} :: alliance, federation (between countries)
verbond {n} :: union, association (people with a common cause)
verbondenheid {f} :: solidarity, connectedness
verbondsark {f} :: the Ark of the Covenant
verbondskist {f} {m} :: the Ark of the Covenant
verborgen {adj} :: hidden
verbouwen {v} :: to build into something different, to renovate
verbouwen {v} :: to cultivate
verbranden {vt} :: To burn, consume/kill in fire
verbranden {vi} :: To be consumed by fire
verbranden {vt} :: To burn, affect gravely with corrosive etc. chemicals
verbranden {vi} :: To burn, be affected gravely with corrosive etc. chemicals
verbranden {vt} [figuratively] :: To discredit completely, ruin psychologically for future use, e.g. by scandal or media leak
verbranding {f} [chemistry] :: combustion
verbranding {f} :: burn (wound)
verbrandingskamer {f} :: combustion chamber
verbrandingsmotor {m} :: combustion engine
verbreden {v} :: to broaden, widen
verbreding {f} :: widening (of roads); expansion
verbreiden {v} :: to spread, disperse
verbreken {v} :: to break, break up
verbreken {v} :: to violate (the terms of a contract)
verbrijzelen {v} :: to shatter
verbroederen {vit} :: to unite, to fraternise/fraternize, to bring together
Verbrugge {prop} :: surname
verbruik {n} :: consumption
verbruiken {v} :: to consume, use up
verbuigen {v} :: to bend (change curvature)
verbuigen {v} :: to twist (change torsion)
verbuigen {v} [grammar] :: to decline
verbuiging {f} :: inflection
verbuiging {f} :: declension
Vercammen {prop} :: surname
verchromen {v} :: to chrome (i.e. to plate with chrome)
Vercruysse {prop} [Belgium] :: A surname
verdacht {adj} :: suspicious, suspect
verdacht {n} [archaic] :: suspicion
verdachte {mf} :: defendant, suspect
verdampen {v} :: to evaporate
verdamping {f} [physics] :: evaporation
verde {adj} :: obsolete form of verre
verdedigbaar {adj} :: arguable, justifiable
verdedigen {v} :: to defend
verdediger {m} :: defender, protector
verdediger {m} [sports] :: defender
verdediging {f} :: defense, defence
verdedigster {f} [sports] :: female defender
verdeeldheid {f} :: divide, disunity
verdeel en heers {phrase} :: divide and conquer, divide and rule
verdelen {v} :: to divide
verdelen {v} :: to distribute
verdelgen {vt} :: to exterminate
verdelger {m} :: exterminator
verdeling {f} :: division, partition, distribution
verdenken {v} :: to suspect (that someone is guilty)
verdenking {f} :: suspicion
verder {adv} :: further
verder {adv} :: furthermore, on top of that, otherwise, for the rest
verderf {n} :: ruination, perdition
verderfenis {f} [formal] :: corruption
verderfenis {f} [formal] :: moral decay
verdergaan {vi} :: to continue, to resume
verdergaan {vt} :: to proceed, to go forward
verdergaand {adj} :: more far-reaching
verderop {adv} :: further on
verderven {vt} :: to spoil, to ruin
verdichten {v} :: to condense
verdichtingspunt {n} [analysis] :: limit point
verdichtsel {n} :: fabrication, constructed falsehood
verdienen {vt} :: to earn
verdienen {vt} :: to deserve
verdienste {f} :: merit
verdienstelijk {adj} :: deserving, valuable
verdienstelijk {adj} :: useful
verdiepen {vt} :: to deepen
verdiepen {vr} [verdiepen in] :: to study more thoroughly, to devote oneself (mentally) to
verdieping {f} :: deepening
verdieping {f} :: floor, storey
verdierlijken {vr} [ergative, also, _] :: to turn into an animal; to cause, produce or acquire animal or animalesque traits
verdikken {vi} :: to thicken, to become thicker, more viscous
verdikken {vt} :: to thicken, to toughen
verdobbelen {vt} :: to waste on gambling in dice games
verdoemen {v} :: to damn
verdoemen {v} :: to curse
verdoemen {v} [literally] :: to bring doom upon
verdoen {v} :: to waste
verdoezelen {v} :: to obscure (a fact), cloud
verdomd {adj} :: damned
verdomme {interj} :: dammit!
verdommen {vt} :: to damn
verdommen {vt} :: to refuse to do
verdonkeremanen {v} [somewhat, colloquial] :: to hide, to cover up
verdonkeremanen {v} [somewhat, colloquial] :: to steal, to embezzle
verdorie {interj} :: darn it, blast, rats
verdorren {vi} :: to wither
verdoven {v} :: to deafen
verdoven {v} :: to anaesthetise (UK); anesthetize (US)
verdoven {v} :: to stupefy
verdovend {adj} :: stupefacient
verdoving {f} :: anaesthesia
verdr. {abbr} :: verdrag
verdraagbaar {adj} :: tolerable, bearable
verdraaglijk {adj} :: bearable, endurable
verdraagzaam {adj} :: tolerant
verdraagzaamheid {f} :: tolerance
verdraaid {adj} :: darned
verdraaid {interj} :: darn it!
verdraaien {v} :: to twist, to contort
verdraaien {v} :: to twist, distort (the truth, one's words etc.)
verdrag {n} :: treaty
verdragen {v} :: to tolerate
verdragen {v} :: to endure, bear
verdriet {n} :: grief
verdriet {n} :: chagrin
verdrieten {v} :: to sadden, to displease
verdrietig {adj} :: sad
verdrietigheid {f} :: sadness
verdrievoudigen {v} :: to triple
verdrijven {v} :: to expel
verdrijven {v} :: to depose
verdrijven {v} :: to dissipate
verdringen {v} :: to push aside or away
verdringen {v} :: to repress
verdrinken {vi} :: To drown, perish in liquid
verdrinken {vi} [figuratively] :: To drown, seemingly disappear in a mass
verdrinken {vt} :: To drown, submerge completely in liquid
verdrinken {vt} [figuratively] :: To drown (sorrow), hide temporarily by getting drunk
verdrinkingsdood {m} :: death by drowning
verdrogen {vi} :: to wither
verdrukken {v} :: to push aside, push away
verdrukken {v} [by extension] :: to oppress
verdrukking {f} :: oppression
verdubbelen {vt} :: to double
verdubbelen {vi} :: to become doubled
verduidelijken {v} :: to clarify
verduidelijking {f} :: clarification
verduisteren {v} :: to darken
verduisteren {v} :: to embezzle
verduistering {f} :: darkening
verduistering {f} :: embezzlement
verduistering {f} :: blackout; the mandatory blinding of all light emanating from houses to prevent bombing raids during the WW II occupation
verdunnen {v} :: to thin down, to dilute (a liquid or gas)
verduren {v} :: to endure
verduurzamen {vt} :: to cure, to preserve
verduurzamen {vt} :: to make sustainable, to green
verduurzamen {vir} :: to become sustainable
verduurzaming {f} :: The process of becoming more sustainable
verduurzaming {f} :: A policy for increasing sustainability
verdwaald {adj} :: lost
verdwalen {v} :: to become lost, to go astray
verdwergen {v} [uncommon] :: to dwarf, to make much smaller
verdwijnen {v} :: disappear
verdwijnen {v} :: dwindle
verdwijnhoekje {noun} :: a small, snug place which may be used as a place of privacy and safety by children; a cubbyhole
verdwijning {f} :: disappearance
veredelen {v} :: to ennoble
veredeling {f} :: ennoblement
veredeling {f} :: culture
vereenbaren {v} :: to agree upon
vereenbaren {v} :: to reconcile
vereenvoudigen {v} :: to simplify
vereenvoudiging {f} :: simplification
vereenzelvigen {v} :: to identify, to equate
vereeuwigen {v} :: to perpetuate, immortalize (US); immortalise (UK)
vereisen {v} :: to need, require
vereiste {f} {n} :: requirement, requisite, necessity
veren {adj} :: made of feathers, plumose
veren {vi} :: to bounce, reverberate, spring
veren {v} :: to ferry
verengelsen {vi} :: to anglicise, to become English
verengelsen {vt} :: to anglicise, to make English
verengelsing {f} :: anglicisation
verenigbaar {adj} :: compatible
verenigd {adj} :: united
Verenigde Arabische Emiraten {prop} {p} :: United Arab Emirates
Verenigde Staten {prop} {p} :: United States
Verenigde Staten van Amerika {prop} {p} :: United States of America
Verenigd Koninkrijk {prop} {n} :: United Kingdom
Verenigd Koninkrijk van Groot-Brittannië en Noord-Ierland {prop} {n} :: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
verenigen {v} :: to unite
vereniging {f} :: union, association
vereniging {f} :: unification
vereniging {f} [set theory] :: union
veren in de reet steken {v} :: alternative form of een veer in de reet steken
verenkleed {n} :: The plumage which covers a creature with feathers
verenneweren {v} [Brabantian] :: ruin
vereren {v} :: to worship
vereren {v} :: to honour
vereren {v} :: to idolize
verergeren {v} :: to worsen, to deteriorate, aggravate
verering {f} :: devotion, worship
veresteren {vi} [organic chemistry] :: to esterify, to turn (be turned) into an ester
verestering {f} [organic chemistry] :: esterification
verf {f} :: paint
verfijnd {adj} :: refined
verfijnen {v} :: to refine
verfijning {f} :: refinement
verfilmen {v} :: to make a film of
verflauwen {v} :: to fade, weaken
verflensen {v} :: to wither
verfoeien {v} :: to feel hatred and disgust for; to abhor
verfomfaaid {adj} :: wrinkly
verfomfaaien {v} :: to wrinkle, crumple
verfomfaaien {v} [figuratively] :: to dishevel, throw into chaos
verfouteren {v} [colloquial] :: to make a mistake in the belief that one is correcting mistakes, to hypercorrect
verfraaien {v} :: to embellish
verfransen {v} :: to gallicize
verfransing {f} :: Frenchification
verfrissen {v} :: to renew, to revitalize
verg. {abbr} :: vergelijkcf.
vergaan {v} :: to rot, to perish, to expire
vergaan {v} [figuratively] :: to die
vergaand {adj} :: far-reaching
vergaand {adv} :: considerably
vergaderen {vi} :: to gather, to meet, to assemble
vergadering {f} :: meeting, gathering
vergadertijger {m} [colloquial] :: A person who often and habitually attends meetings
vergaderzaal {f} :: meeting room, conference room
vergankelijk {adj} :: perishable, transient
vergankelijkheid {f} :: perishableness
vergaren {v} :: to gather, collect
vergeeflijk {adj} :: forgivable
vergeefs {adj} :: fruitless, futile
vergeefs {adv} :: in vain
vergeefsheid {f} :: futility
vergeetachtig {adj} :: forgetful
vergeetachtigheid {f} :: forgetfulness
vergeetput {m} :: oubliette
vergelden {v} :: to pay back, to punish, to retaliate
vergelding {f} :: retaliation
vergeldingsmaatregel {m} :: retaliatory measure
vergelen {vi} :: to become yellow, to yellow
vergelen {vt} :: to make yellow, to yellow
vergelijkbaar {adj} :: comparable
vergelijken {v} :: to compare
vergelijkende trap {m} [grammar] :: comparative degree
vergelijking {f} :: comparison
vergelijking {f} :: equation
vergeling {f} :: yellowing
vergemakkelijken {v} :: to simplify, facilitate
vergen {vt} :: To demand, utter/pose a requirement
vergen {vt} :: To require, necessitate
vergen {v} [obsolete] :: To ask, inquire
vergen {v} [obsolete] :: To offer, grant
vergen {v} [obsolete] :: To taunt, bother
vergen {v} [obsolete] :: To seek, search
vergetelheid {f} :: oblivion
vergeten {v} :: to forget (lose remembrance of)
vergeten {v} :: to forget (fail to do)
vergeten {v} :: to leave (fail to take)
vergeven {v} :: to forgive
vergeven {v} [obsolete] :: to harm through poison
vergeven {adj} :: overrun, crawling
vergeving {f} :: forgiveness
vergevingsgezindheid {f} :: Forgiveness (inclination to forgive)
vergevorderd {adj} :: advanced, late
vergewissen {vr} :: to convince oneself of the veracity [+ van (object) = of]/ [+ dat (object) = that], to ascertain
vergezellen {v} :: to accompany (attend as a companion)
vergezicht {n} :: panorama, vista
vergezicht {n} [figurative] :: vision of the future
vergezocht {adj} :: far-fetched
vergiet {n} :: colander
vergieten {v} :: to spill, to shed
vergif {n} :: poison
vergiffenis {f} :: forgiveness
vergifleer {f} [dated, uncommon] :: alternative form of vergiftleer
vergift {n} :: poison
vergiftigen {v} :: to poison (to use poison to kill or paralyse)
vergiftiging {f} :: poisoning
vergiftleer {f} [dated] :: toxicology
vergismoord {mf} :: the killing of somebody other than the intended victim (due to mistaken identity)
vergissen {vr} :: To make a mistake
vergissen is menselijk {proverb} :: to err is human
vergissing {f} :: mistake
vergisten {v} :: to ferment
vergisting {f} :: fermentation
vergistoerist {m} [Netherlands] :: A tourist who mistakenly shows up for an event on an incorrect date, usually because of reliance on outdated guide books
verglijden {v} :: to slip away slowly, trickle away
vergoeden {v} :: to compensate for, to reimburse
vergoeding {f} :: compensation
vergooien {v} :: to throw away
vergooien {v} [figuratively] :: to waste away
vergrendelen {v} :: to bolt shut, bar (a door for example)
vergrijpen {v} :: to assault (usually used with aan)
vergrijzen {vit} :: to grey (make or become grey)
vergrijzen {vit} [of a population] :: to age
vergrijzing {f} :: the ageing of the population due to a decrease in the proportion of young people, typically through low birth rates
vergroeien {vi} :: to grow together
vergroeien {vi} :: to deform, to grow out of shape
vergroenen {v} [ergative] :: to green, to become or make more sustainable
vergroening {f} :: transition to a less environmentally harmful state or practice, greening
vergrootglas {n} :: magnifying glass
vergroten {v} :: to enlarge
vergroten {v} :: to increase
vergrotende trap {m} [grammar] :: comparative degree
vergroting {f} :: enlargement, increase, expansion
vergroting {f} :: magnification
verguisd {adj} :: much maligned
verguizen {v} :: to speak about something or to someone with contempt; to revile
vergunnen {v} :: to authorise (UK), authorize (US)
vergunning {f} :: license: authorization by a government to do something which is otherwise forbidden
verhaal {n} :: story
verhaallijn {f} :: storyline
verhaaltje {noun} :: tale, story
verhalen {v} :: to narrate
verhalenverteller {m} :: story teller
verhalenvertelster {s} :: female story teller
verhandelbaar {adj} :: easily sold or traded
verhandelen {v} :: to trade, negotiate
verhandeling {f} :: treatise
verhang {n} [geography, hydrology] :: relative measure for the vertical distance in proportion to horizontal distance between two points of a watercourse [in units of gradient or as a proportion]
verhangen {vt} :: to cause to hang, to hang
verhangen {vt} :: to hang somewhere else
verhapstukken {vt} [originally] :: to fit (worn-off footwear) with new heels
verhapstukken {vt} :: to mend
verhapstukken {vt} :: to deal with, handle, come to terms with
verharden {vi} :: to become harder, harden
verharden {vt} :: to make harder, harden
verharen {vi} :: to shed hair, to moult
verhaspelen {v} :: to mangle, to mess up
verhaspelen {v} :: to reproduce strangely or wrongly (by speech, writing or otherwise)
verhaspeling {f} :: malapropism
verheerlijken {v} :: to glorify
verheffen {v} :: to raise
verheffing {f} :: lifting up, the act of raising
verheffing {f} :: edification, uplifting through education or cultural influence
verheiligen {v} :: to hallow, to sanctify
verhelderen {vt} :: to clarify, elucidate, illuminate
verhelen {v} :: to conceal, to hide
verhelen {v} [ergative] :: to unify, to make or become one whole [now mostly used of tracts of land and barriers]
verhelen {v} [ergative, dated] :: to heal, to restore or become restored
verhelpen {v} :: to solve, to fix
verheugen {vt} :: to make happy, delight
verheugen {vr} :: to rejoice, be glad
verheugen {vr} :: to look forward [+ op (object) = to]
verhevigen {vti} :: to intensify
verhinderen {v} :: to hinder (to delay or impede movement)
verhinderen {v} :: to prevent
verhip {interj} [dated] :: by Jove! gadzooks! (expression of surprise)
verhit {adj} :: fiery, hot, feverish
verhitten {v} :: to heat
verhogen {v} :: to heighten
verhogen {v} :: to increase
verhoging {f} :: increase
verhoging {f} :: elevation
verhoging {f} :: elevated body temperature, mild fever
verhongeren {v} :: to starve
verhoor {n} :: interrogation
verhoorkamer {m} :: interrogation room
verhoren {v} :: to interrogate
verhouden {vr} [verhouden tot] :: to stand in relation to
verhouding {f} :: proportion
verhouding {f} :: (mathematics) ratio
verhouding {f} :: intimate relationship between two persons
verhouten {v} :: to lignify
verhovaardigen {vr} :: to be or to become arrogant, to be or to become boastful [+ op (object) = about] [+ over (object) = about]
verhovaardigen {vt} [now, rare] :: to make arrogant, to make boastful
verhuizen {v} :: to move from one residence to another
verhuizer {m} :: mover, remover (person employed to help moving people from one house to another)
verhuizer {m} [uncommon] :: someone who moves from one house to another
verhuizing {f} :: move (change of place of habitation)
verhullen {v} :: to conceal, to cover
verhuren {v} :: to rent, rent out (To grant occupation in return for rent)
verifiëren {v} :: to verify
verjaardag {m} :: birthday
verjagen {v} :: to drive off
verjaren {v} :: to have one's birthday
verjaren {v} [legal] :: become expired due to a statute of limitations
verjongen {vi} :: to become young, to rejuvenate
verjongen {vt} :: to make young, to rejuvenate
Verkade {prop} :: surname
verkassen {vt} [literally] :: to move to another greenhouse
verkassen {vi} :: to move to another place (house, patch of ground, seat etc.)
verkeer {n} :: traffic
verkeerd {adj} :: wrong
verkeerd {adj} :: distorted
verkeersader {f} :: a main road, a thoroughfare essential to transit
verkeersafwikkeling {f} :: traffic flow
verkeersbord {n} :: traffic sign
verkeersfuik {f} :: a police trap that involves putting a checkpoint on a road
verkeersfuik {f} [colloquial] :: a place where traffic moves slowly
verkeersinformatie {f} :: traffic information
verkeersknoop {m} [Belgium] :: A traffic bottleneck; a place where traffic jams often occur
verkeersknoop {m} [dated] :: A junction or traffic hub
verkeersknooppunt {n} :: interchange (grade-separated infrastructure junction)
verkeerslicht {n} :: traffic light
verkeerspaal {m} :: a road bollard
verkeerswisselaar {m} [Belgium] :: interchange (grade-separated infrastructure junction)
verkennen {v} :: to explore
verkenning {f} :: exploration
verkenning {f} :: reconnaissance
verkeren {v} :: to find oneself (e.g. in a situation)
verkeren {v} :: to be found, be located
verkeren {v} :: to handle, get along with
verkering {f} [Netherlands] :: The state of having a relationship, of going out together
Verkerk {prop} :: surname
verkiesbaar {adj} :: electable
verkiezen {v} :: to prefer
verkiezen {v} :: to elect
verkiezing {f} :: election
verkiezingscampagne {f} :: election campaign
verkiezingsprogramma {n} :: election programme, electoral programme
verkitten {v} :: to cement
verklaarbaar {adj} :: explicable, explainable
verklappen {v} :: to give away, reveal (a previously held secret)
verklaren {v} :: to declare, state
verklaren {v} :: to explain, clarify
verklaring {f} :: declaration, statement
verklaring {f} :: explanation
verkleden {vr} :: to get changed
verkleinen {v} :: reduce, make smaller (in scale or size)
verkleinen {v} :: diminish, minimize
verkleinen {v} :: extenuate
verkleining {f} :: reduction
verkleining {f} :: diminutive formation (making a verkleinwoord)
verkleining {f} :: belittlement
verkleinvorm {m} :: diminutive (form)
verkleinwoord {n} [grammar] :: diminutive
verkleinwoorden {noun} :: plural of verkleinwoord
verkleinwoordje {noun} :: diminutive of verkleinwoord
verkleumd {adj} :: stiff/numb with cold
verkleuren {v} [of a color] :: to change e.g. through tarnishing or bleaching
verkleuring {f} :: change in colour
verkleuring {f} :: a spot whose colour differs from its surroundings: discoloration, discolouration
verklikken {v} :: To denounce, act as informer, rat on
verklikken {v} [obsolete] :: To observe, spy upon, spot, track
verklikken {v} [obsolete] :: To catch, trick
verklikken {v} [obsolete] :: To betray a secret, reveal what is hidden
verkloten {vt} [mildly, vulgar] :: to fuck up
verkneukelen {vr} :: to wring one's hands together with pleasure, to secretly enjoy oneself
verknocht {adj} :: emotionally attached
verknocht {adj} :: addicted
verknoeien {v} :: to mess up, to botch
verkoelen {vi} :: to cool down
verkoelen {vt} :: to cool down
verkoeling {f} :: cooling, coolness
verkoeling {f} :: a cool drink
verkolen {v} :: to carbonize, to scorch
verkommeren {v} :: to languish, to wither
verkondigen {v} :: to announce, proclaim
verkondigen {v} :: to preach
verkondiger {m} :: preacher
verkondiging {f} :: announcement, proclamation
verkoop {m} :: sale
verkoopautomaat {m} :: vending machine
verkoopprijs {m} :: bidding price
verkopen {v} :: to sell
verkoper {m} :: salesman, seller
verkoperen {vt} :: To copper, mount, cover, coat or otherwise fit with copper or brassware
verkoperen {vt} :: To copper, colour (e.g. paint) like copper (or brass)
verkoperen {vt} [figuratively] :: To close off (notably one's heart)
verkorten {v} :: to shorten
verkorten {v} :: to abridge, abbreviate
verkorting {f} :: shortening
verkorting {f} :: abbreviation, abridgment
verkouden {adj} :: having a cold
verkoudheid {f} :: cold (illness)
verkrachten {v} :: to rape, to abuse
verkrachter {m} :: rapist
verkrachter {m} [dated, except in certain prepositional or possessive constructs] :: violator, offender
verkrachting {f} :: rape
verkrachtingscultuur {f} :: rape culture
verkreukelen {v} :: to crease, rumple
verkreukelen {v} [figuratively] :: to blunder, screw up
verkrijgbaar {adj} :: obtainable, available
verkrijgen {v} :: to obtain, gain, get
verkwikken {v} :: to freshen up, refresh
verkwisten {v} :: to waste
verkwistend {adj} :: wasteful
verkwister {m} :: A squanderer, who wastes money and/or valuable things
verladen {v} :: to transfer, to load to another place
verlagen {v} :: to lower
verlagen {vr} :: to debase oneself, to lower one's standards
verlaging {f} :: lowering
verlamming {f} :: paralysis, loss of (muscle) control, involuntary immobilization (both literally and figuratively)
verlangen {v} :: to long for, desire, yearn
verlangen {v} :: to expect, to ask (of someone)
verlangen {n} :: longing, craving
verlangzamen {vi} :: to slow down
verlangzamen {vt} :: to slow down
verlaten {v} :: to leave
verlaten {v} :: to abandon
verlaten {v} :: to desert
verlaten {v} :: to belate, to stall, to delay
verl. deelw. {noun} :: abbreviation of verleden deelwoord
verleden {adj} [dated] :: gone by, past
verleden {adj} :: previous, last
verleden {n} [with definite article] :: the past
verleden deelwoord {n} [grammar] :: past participle
verleden tijd {m} [grammar] :: past (the past tense)
verlegen {adj} :: shy, bashful, timid
verlegen {adj} :: coy
verlegen {adj} :: embarrassed
verlegen {adj} :: lacking, having a shortage
verlegen {adj} [obsolete] :: spoiled, rotten
verlegenheid {f} :: embarrassment, shyness
verleidelijk {adj} :: alluring, tempting, seductive
verleiden {v} :: to tempt
verleiden {v} :: to seduce
verleiding {f} :: temptation
verlenen {v} :: to grant
verlener {m} :: provider
verlener {m} :: giver
verlengd {adj} :: extended, prolonged
verlengen {v} :: to extend, lengthen
verlengen {v} :: (time) to protract, delay
verlenging {f} :: extension
verlenging {f} :: extra time
verlening {f} :: allotment
verleren {vt} :: to forget [something learned]
verlichten {v} :: To lighten (make less heavy)
verlichten {v} :: To illuminate
verlichting {f} :: lighting, illumination
verlichting {f} :: alleviation
verlichting {prop} {f} [history, philosophy, definite article] :: the Enlightenment
verliefd {adj} :: in love
verlies {n} :: loss, defeat
verlies {n} :: (the process of) losing someone or something
verlieven {v} :: to fall in love
verlieven {v} :: to make someone fall in love
verliezen {v} :: to lose (possession)
verliezen {v} :: to lose (a game), to be defeated
verlijden {v} [law, of a contract] :: to expire, to end
verlijden {v} [law, of a contract] :: to declare binding
Verlinden {prop} :: surname
verloederen {v} :: to become decadent, to decay (morally), to degenerate
verloederen {v} :: to deteriorate, to worsen (e.g. conditions)
verlof {n} :: furlough, leave of absence
verlof {n} :: permission, authorization
verlokkelijk {adj} :: tempting
verlokken {v} :: to tempt
verloochenen {vt} :: to disavow
verloochenen {vt} :: to deny, to block out (e.g. the possibility of something occurring)
verloop {n} :: course (development)
verloop {n} :: process
verloopnippel {m} :: adapter nozzle, adapter valve (tubular adapter)
verloopstekker {m} :: plug adapter
verlopen {v} :: to progress
verlopen {v} :: to expire, to become invalid
verlopen {v} [colors] :: to fade
verlopen {v} [clocks] :: to go fast/slow, to go out of pace
verloskunde {f} :: midwifery
verlossen {v} :: To free (of something)
verlossen {v} :: To redeem
verlossen {v} :: To attend the birth of an infant and provide postpartum care to the mother and her infant
verlosser {m} :: redeemer, savior/saviour
verlossing {f} :: release
verlossing {f} :: salvation, redemption, rescue
verlossing {f} :: delivery (childbirth)
verloten {v} :: to give as a prize in a lottery or in sweepstakes
verloven {vt} [archaic] :: to commit to an obligation
verloven {vt} :: to conclude an engagement
verloven {vr} [zich verloven] :: to undertake an engagement, get engaged
verloven {vt} [obsolete] :: to allow, permit
verloven {vt} [obsolete] :: to releave, suspend
verloven {vt} [obsolete] :: to exempt from (notably military) duty
verloving {f} :: engagement (before marrying)
verlovingsring {m} :: engagement ring
verluchtigen {v} :: to air, ventilate
verluchtigen {v} :: to illustrate, illuminate
verlummelen {v} [of time] :: to waste, to while away
vermaak {n} :: entertainment
vermaard {adj} :: renowned
vermageren {v} :: to lose weight
vermageren {v} :: to emaciate
vermakelijk {adj} :: entertaining, amusing
vermaken {vt} :: to entertain, to amuse
vermaken {vr} :: to amuse oneself
vermanen {v} :: to admonish
vermaning {f} :: admonishment, warning
vermaning {f} :: mennonite church
vermaren {v} :: to make famous, to make one's accomplishments known
vermeend {adj} :: wrongly alleged
vermeend {adj} :: supposed, alleged
Vermeer {prop} :: surname
vermeerderen {vi} :: to increase in number, to multiply
vermeerderen {vt} :: to increase in number, to multiply
vermeerdering {f} :: increase (in population), accretion
Vermeersch {prop} :: surname
Vermeij {prop} :: surname
Vermeiren {prop} :: surname
vermelden {v} :: to mention
vermelding {f} :: mention
vermengen {vt} :: to mix
vermenigvuldigen {v} [arithmetic] :: to multiply
vermenigvuldiging {f} :: multiplication
vermetel {adj} :: audacious, daring
vermetel {adv} :: audaciously, daringly
vermeten {adj} :: audacious, daring
Vermeulen {prop} :: surname
Vermeyen {prop} :: surname
vermijden {v} :: to avoid
vermijding {f} :: avoidance
vermiljoen {n} :: vermillion (orange-red colour; pigment or dye of this colour)
vermiljoen {adj} :: vermillion
verminderen {vi} :: to diminish
verminderen {vt} :: to lower, decrease, reduce, decrement
vermindering {f} :: reduction, abatement, decrease, diminishment, lessening
verminken {v} :: to mutilate
verminking {f} :: mutilation
vermissen {v} :: to go missing
vermist {adj} :: missing
vermiste {noun} :: missing person
vermiste {noun} :: missing object
vermoedelijk {adj} :: probable
vermoedelijk {adv} :: presumably
vermoeden {v} :: to suppose
vermoeden {v} :: to suspect
vermoeden {n} :: suspicion, assumption, presumption
vermoeden {n} [math] :: conjecture
vermoeidheid {f} :: tiredness
vermoeien {vt} :: to tire
vermogen {n} :: Ability, power, capacity
vermogen {n} [physics] :: Power
vermogen {n} :: Fortune, large sum of money
vermogen {n} [economics] :: Total of material possessions
vermogen {v} [rare; formal] :: to be able to do, to be able to achieve
vermolmen {v} :: to decay, rot
vermolmen {v} :: to go mouldy
vermolmen {v} [figuratively] :: to crumple, collapse
vermommen {vt} :: to disguise, mask
vermomming {f} :: Disguise
vermoorden {vt} :: to murder
vermorsen {v} :: to trifle, waste
vermurwen {vt} :: to soften, to weaken
vernaaien {v} :: to adjust, to modify through sewing
vernaaien {v} [vulgar] :: to screw up, to fuck up
vernachelen {vt} :: to con, to scam, to deceive
vernachelen {vt} :: to mess up, to waste, to destroy
vernaggelen {v} :: alternative spelling of vernachelen
verne {adj} :: of the past year
vernederen {vt} :: To humiliate, humble
vernederen {v} :: (reflexive use: zich vernederen) To stoop to, humble/humiliate oneself
vernederend {adj} :: humiliating, constituting or implying humiliation
vernedering {f} :: humiliation, either active or passive
vernederlandsen {vi} :: to become Dutch, to assimilate into Dutch society
vernederlandsen {vt} :: to make Dutch, to Dutchify
vernemen {v} :: to learn (of), to find out, to hear (about)
verneuken {v} [vulgar] :: to deceive
verneuken {v} [vulgar] :: to fuck up, to screw
verneukeratief {adj} [mildly vulgar, colloquial, Netherlands] :: tricky
vernielen {v} :: to destroy
vernieling {f} :: destruction
vernielzucht {f} :: tendency to commit vandalism; a strong desire to destroy
vernietigd {adj} :: destroyed
vernietigen {vti} :: To destroy
vernietiging {f} :: destruction
vernietigingskamp {n} :: extermination camp, death camp (camp intended for the extermination of certain groups)
vernieuwen {v} :: to renew
vernieuwer {m} :: innovator
vernieuwing {f} :: innovation
vernoemen {v} :: to name after
vernuft {n} :: ingenuity, brilliance, intelligence
vernuftig {adj} :: ingenious, nifty
veronderstellen {v} :: to presume, guess, suppose
veronderstelling {f} :: supposition, assumption
verongelijktheid {f} :: A feeling of being wronged by a society
verongelukken {v} :: to die in an accident
verontreinigen {v} :: to pollute
verontreiniging {f} :: pollution
verontrusten {v} :: to trouble, disturb
verontschuldigen {vt} :: to excuse, to forgive
verontschuldigen {vr} :: to apologize
verontschuldiging {f} :: apology
verontwaardigen {v} :: to make indignant, to indignify
verontwaardiging {f} :: indignation
veroordeeld {adj} :: condemned
veroordeelde {noun} :: person who has been sentenced
veroordelen {v} :: to condemn
veroordeling {f} [legal] :: conviction, condemnation
veroorlogen {vt} [obsolete] :: to waste by war, to war away
veroorloven {vr} :: to afford, allow oneself
veroorzaken {v} :: to cause
veroorzaker {m} :: one who causes
veroorzaker {m} [obsolete, grammar] :: a word in the instrumental case
veropenbaren {v} :: disclose
verorberen {v} :: to eat up (usually avariciously)
verordening {f} :: regulation
verordonneren {v} :: to order (give an order)
verouderd {adj} :: obsolete
verouderen {vi} :: to age (become old)
veroveraar {m} :: conqueror
veroveren {v} :: To conquer
verovering {f} :: conquest, victory
verpachten {v} :: to lease
verpakken {v} :: to wrap up, to package (to fold and secure something to be the cover or protection)
verpakken {v} :: to box (to place inside a box)
verpakken {v} :: to bag (to put into a bag)
verpakken {v} :: to tarp (to cover with a tarpaulin)
verpakking {f} :: packaging
verpanden {v} :: to pawn (to sell something to a pawn shop)
verpesten {v} [originally] :: To infect, poison
verpesten {v} [figuratively] :: To spoil, ruin
verpieteren {vi} [of food] :: to waste or lose flavour because of being cooked too long
verpieteren {vt} [of food] :: to cause to waste or lose flavour because of being cooked too long
verplaatsen {v} :: to move, transfer - from one place (A) to another (B)
verplaatsen {v} :: to remove
verplaatsing {f} :: The act of moving something to another spot
verplanten {v} :: to replant
verpleeghuis {n} :: rest home, nursing home
verpleegkunde {f} :: nursing, medical care
verpleegkundig {adj} :: pertaining to nursing
verpleegkundige {mf} :: nurse
verpleegster {f} :: nurse, sister (senior nurse)
verplegen {v} :: to nurse
verpleger {m} :: nurse
verpleging {f} :: nursing (caretaking), medical treatment
verpletteren {v} :: to crush, smash
verpletteren {v} [figuratively] :: to overwhelm, crush
verplicht {adj} :: compulsory, necessary, required
verplichten {v} :: to oblige
verplichting {f} :: obligation
verpotten {v} :: to repot
verpozen {v} :: to repose, relax
verprutsen {v} :: to mess up, to ruin, to spoil
verraad {n} :: betrayal, treason
verraden {v} :: to betray
verraden {v} :: to give away, to spoil (a secret)
verrader {m} :: traitor, betrayer
verraderlijk {adj} :: treacherous
verrassen {v} :: to surprise, to amaze, to awe
verrassend {adj} :: surprising
verrassend {adv} :: surprisingly
verrassing {f} :: surprise
verregaand {adj} :: far-reaching
verrekenen {v} :: to offset, to settle (a debt or a payment)
verrekijker {m} :: pair of binoculars
verrekijker {m} [archaic] :: telescope [especially one not used for astronomy]
verrekken {vt} :: to overstretch
verrekken {vt} [of a muscle] :: to pull
verrekken {vt} :: to refuse to do
verrekt {adj} [slang] :: damned
verreweg {adv} :: by far
verrichten {v} :: to perform, to carry out
verrichting {f} :: action
verrijken {v} :: to enrich
verrijzen {v} :: to arise
verrijzenis {f} :: resurrection
verroeren {v} :: To move, to cause to change place or posture; to set in motion
verroeren {v} :: To arouse, move emotionally
verroest {interj} :: Exclamation of surprise at a newly discovered fact
verroesten {v} :: to rust away
verrotten {v} :: to rot, to decompose
verruilen {vt} :: to exchange [+ voor (object) = for], to trade in [+ voor (object) = for]
verrukkelijk {adj} :: wonderful, delightful
verrukken {v} :: to cause to become overjoyed
verrukken {v} :: to enchant, charm
verrukking {f} :: ecstasy, elation
verruwen {vi} :: to grow rough or uneven
verruwen {vt} :: to roughen, to unsmooth
verruwen {vti} :: to become or make less civil
vers {adj} :: fresh
vers {n} :: verse, stanza
vers {n} :: poem
versassen {vt} [Belgium] :: to transit, to ship through
versch. {abbr} :: verschillende
verschaffen {v} :: to procure, provide
verschalken {v} :: to mislead, to fool
verschalken {v} :: to eat up, to catch and eat
verschansen {vt} :: to dig in, entrench
verschansen {vr} :: to dig oneself in, to seek cover, to fortify one's position
verschansing {f} :: bulwark
verscheiden {adj} :: various
verscheiden {v} [poetic] :: to pass away, to die
verscheiden {n} :: passing away, dying, death
verscheidene {determiner} :: various
verscheidenheid {f} :: variety
verscheidenheid {f} :: variety of
verschenken {v} :: to give away
verschenken {v} :: to pour a liquid in too high quantities
verschenken {v} :: to dilute by adding too much of another liquid
verschepen {v} :: to embark
verschepen {v} :: to ship
verscherpen {v} :: to sharpen, to tighten
verscherpen {v} :: to strengthen
verscheuren {v} :: to tear apart
verschiet {n} :: the distance, place far away
verschiet {n} [figuratively] :: the future
verschieten {v} :: to use (up) projectiles etc. for shooting
verschieten {v} :: to shift rapidly, 'shoot' away,
verschieten {v} :: to advance (money)
verschieten {v} :: to change colour, as though tarnishing
verschijnen {v} :: to appear, show up
verschijnen {v} :: to be published
verschijning {f} :: appearance, act of appearing
verschijning {f} :: appearance, likeness, how something appears on the outside
verschijning {f} :: appearance, apparition, phenomenon
verschijnsel {n} :: phenomenon
verschil {n} :: difference
verschillen {v} :: to differ
verschillend {adj} :: different
verschillend {adj} :: various
verschonen {vt} :: to change, to replace with a clean piece of the same thing
verschonen {vt} [figuratively] :: to excuse, pardon
verschonen {vt} [obsolete] :: to withhold, to fail to use or employ
verschoning {f} :: pardon, forgiveness
verschoning {f} :: pardon, excusement
verschoning {f} :: cleaning [nowadays especially of the replacement of nappies/diapers]
Verschoor {prop} :: surname
verschot {n} :: lumbago
verschranzen {vt} :: to gobble up, to gormandize
verschrijven {vr} :: to make a mistake while writing
verschrikkelijk {adj} :: awful, terrible
verschrikkelijk {adv} :: terribly, extremely
verschrikkelijke sneeuwman {m} :: abominable snowman
verschrikken {v} :: to frighten, terrify
verschrikking {f} :: horror
verschroeien {v} :: to scorch, to burn
Verschueren {prop} :: surname
verschuilen {vt} :: to hide, to make hidden
verschuilen {vr} :: to hide, to be hidden, to lurk
verschuiven {vt} :: to move, shift
verschuiven {vt} :: to postpone
verschuiven {vi} :: to move (oneself)
verschuiving {f} :: shift
verschuldigd {adj} :: indebted
Verschuren {prop} :: surname
Verschuur {prop} :: surname
versheid {f} :: freshness
versie {f} :: version
versierder {m} [literally] :: A decorator
versierder {m} :: A male who smoothly picks up dates, such as a womanizer
versieren {v} :: to decorate
versieren {v} [slang] :: to seduce
versieren {v} [slang] :: to procure by irregular means
versiering {f} :: decoration
versiersel {n} :: decoration, ornament
versimpelen {v} :: to simplify
versimpeling {f} :: simplification
versjteren {v} [slang] :: (transitive) To mess up
verslaafd {adj} :: depending on (drugs or medications)
verslaafd {adj} :: addicted to
verslaan {v} :: to defeat
verslaan {v} :: to report on
verslag {n} :: report
verslagenheid {f} :: dejection, despondence
verslaggever {m} :: reporter (especially an on-site reporter)
verslapen {vr} :: to oversleep
verslappen {v} :: to extenuate (make thin or slender)
verslappen {v} :: to wilt, to fatigue
verslappen {v} :: to relax, sag, slack (to lose firmness)
verslappen {v} :: to relent, slacken, abate
verslappen {v} :: to fade
verslavend {adj} :: addictive (causing or tending to cause addiction)
verslavend {v} :: past participle of verslaven
verslaving {f} :: addiction
verslechteren {v} :: to worsen, deteriorate
versleten {adj} :: worn out, trite
versleutelen {v} [computing] :: to encrypt
verslijten {v} :: to wear out, fray
verslijten {v} :: to take for
verslikken {vr} :: to choke, to swallow wrong
verslinden {v} :: to devour, to eat greedily
Versluis {prop} :: surname
versluizen {vt} [Netherlands] :: to transit, to ship through
versmallen {v} :: to narrow (down)
versmelten {v} :: to coalesce (melt/blend together)
versmelting {f} :: amalgamation
versnapering {f} :: refreshment, finger food, snack
versnellen {v} [physics] :: to speed up, to accelerate
versneller {m} :: accelerator (something that accelerates)
versnelling {f} :: acceleration (act, state)
versnelling {f} :: gear (gearbox of a car or bicycle)
versnellingsbak {m} :: gearbox
versnellingsbak {m} :: transmission
versnellingspook {c} :: gear lever, shift stick
versnijden {vt} :: to cut up, to cut in pieces
versnijden {vt} [obsolete] :: to destroy by cutting, to ruin by cutting
versnijden {vt} :: to dilute, to mix, to adulterate, to step on
versnijden {vt} [of old beer] :: to blend or mix (with younger beer) [done to certain beers, like gueuze]
versnijdenis {f} [biblical, Christianity, pejorative] :: mutilation of the flesh (polemical term for circumcision)
versnipperen {vi} :: to shred
versnipperen {vt} :: to shred
versnippering {f} :: shredding, turning into many very small pieces
versnippering {f} :: fragmentation
versoepelen {vi} :: to become more flexible, to relax
versoepelen {vt} :: to make more flexible, to relax
versomberen {v} :: to sadden, to become sombre
verspekken {vi} [jargon, of mounted butterflies] :: to turn lipid and pale, to spoil
versperren {v} :: to bar, block
versperring {f} :: the action of blocking
versperring {f} :: an object used to block
verspillen {vt} :: to waste
verspillend {adj} :: wasteful
verspilling {f} :: waste
verspreiden {v} :: to spread around
verspreider {m} :: distributor
verspreiding {f} :: spread, diffusion, dispersion
verspreiding {f} :: distribution (e.g. spatial distribution)
verspreidingsgebied {n} :: range (of repartition of a certain phenomenon)
verstaan {v} :: to understand (language, words), to hear clearly
verstaan {v} :: to understand (an idea), to comprehend
verstaander {m} [uncommon] :: understander (one who hears and/or understands)
verstand {n} :: reason, mind, intellect, brains, wit
verstand {n} :: understanding, knowledge
verstandelijk {adj} :: intellectual
verstandhouding {f} :: understanding (relation between persons: i.e. "get-alongness")
verstandig {adj} :: sensible, wise, able-minded
verstandigheid {f} :: understanding
verstandigheid {f} :: good sense
verstandskies {m} [chiefly Netherlands] :: wisdom tooth
verstarren {v} :: to become petrified
Versteeg {prop} :: surname
Verstegen {prop} :: surname
verstekeling {m} :: stowaway
verstellen {v} :: to adjust
verstenen {vt} :: to petrify, turn (something) into rock
verstenen {v} [by extension] :: to harden, make insensitive
verstenen {vi} :: to be petrified, turned into rock
verstenen {v} [by extension] :: to be hardened, to become rigid, implacable
verstenen {vt} :: to equip, fit (a mill) with a(nother) millstone
verstenen {vi} :: To moan, complain
verstenen {vt} :: To bemoan, regret
versterken {v} :: to reinforce, strengthen
versterken {v} :: to amplify
versterker {m} :: amplifier
versterking {f} :: reinforcement, strengthening
versterking {f} :: stronghold
versteven {adj} [Brabantian] :: (feeling) very cold
verstevigen {vt} :: to solidify, to reinforce
verstijven {v} :: to stiffen, to become stiff, to freeze
verstikken {v} :: to choke, suffocate
verstikking {f} :: asphyxiation, suffocation
verstoppen {vt} :: To hide, make hidden; the reflexive form zich verstoppen means to hide oneself
verstoppen {vt} :: To clog
verstoppertje {n} [games] :: hide and seek
verstoren {v} :: to disturb
verstoten {v} :: to repudiate, to reject, to expel
Verstraete {prop} :: surname
verstrammen {v} :: to stiffen
verstrekken {v} :: to procure, provide
verstrekkend {adj} :: far-reaching
verstrengelen {v} :: to tangle up
verstrengeling {f} :: entanglement
verstrijken {vt} :: To use up by smearing, applying all liquid or paste
verstrijken {vi} :: To run out, expire, become invalid
verstrikken {v} :: to trap, to snare
verstrikken {v} [figuratively] :: to entrap, to entangle
verstrooid {adj} :: absent-minded
verstrooiing {f} :: scattering
verstuiken {v} :: to sprain
versturen {v} :: To send (off); to dispatch
vertaalbaar {adj} :: translatable
vertaalkunde {f} :: translation studies
vertaalster {f} :: translator
vertaalwetenschap {f} :: translation studies
vertaalwoordenboek {n} :: translation dictionary; a dictionary that gives the translation for a given word in a given language
vertakken {v} :: to branch off
vertakking {f} :: branch
vertalen {v} :: to translate
vertaler {m} :: translator
vertaling {f} :: translation
verte {f} :: distance
vertebraat {m} [zoology] :: an animal which has a vertebral column; a vertebrate
vertederen {v} :: to soften, to mollify, to dulcify
verteerbaar {adj} :: digestible
vertegenwoordigen {v} :: to represent
vertegenwoordiger {m} :: representative
vertellen {vt} :: to tell
verteller {m} :: narrator
vertelster {f} :: female narrator
verteren {v} :: to digest
verteren {v} :: to spend, consume
verticaal {adj} :: vertical (perpendicular to the plane of the horizon)
vertier {n} [slightly, dated and formal] :: entertainment, amusement
vertier {n} [dated] :: activity, social intercourse (the presence of many interacting people)
vertikken {vt} [usually with "het" as object] :: to refuse to do
vertillen {vt} :: to move by lifting
vertillen {vr} :: to get hurt by lifting [+ aan (object)]
vertoeven {v} :: to linger, to stay
vertonen {v} :: to show, exhibit
vertoning {f} :: show, spectacle, performance
vertoning {f} :: display (contains negative connotations)
vertoog {n} :: discourse (way of thinking involving certain concepts and terms)
vertoog {n} :: discourse (exposition of some length)
vertragen {vt} :: to slow down, to delay
vertraging {f} :: delay
vertraging {f} :: deceleration
vertrappen {vt} :: to tread, to trample
vertrappen {vt} [figurative] :: to humiliate
vertrek {n} :: departure (the act of departing)
vertrek {n} :: room, quarters
vertrekken {v} :: to depart, leave
vertrekstaat {m} :: timetable of departures
vertroebelen {v} [ergative] :: to become/make muddy, blurry, unclear
vertroosten {v} :: to console
vertroosting {f} :: consolation
vertrossing {f} :: Process in which commercialism prevails over educative television and radio
vertrouwd {adj} :: familiar
vertrouweling {m} :: confidant
vertrouwelinge {f} :: confidante; feminine noun of vertrouweling
vertrouwen {n} :: trust, faith
vertrouwen {vit} :: to trust [+ op (object)]
vertrouwen {vr} [obsolete] :: to marry
vertwijfeld {adj} :: desperate
veruit {adv} :: by far
vervaard {adj} [dialectal, archaic in Standard Dutch] :: afraid, perturbed
vervaardigen {v} :: to manufacture
vervaarlijk {adj} :: horrible, dreadful
vervaarnis {f} [obsolete] :: fear (emotion or sensation of being afraid)
vervagen {vi} :: to blur
vervagen {vt} :: to blur
verval {n} :: decay
verval {n} [geography, hydrology] :: vertical distance between two points of a watercourse [in units of length]
vervaldatum {m} :: due date (of payment)
vervaldatum {m} :: best before date
vervallen {v} :: to decline, reject
vervallen {v} :: to worsen
vervallen {v} :: to decay, rot
vervallen {v} :: to recede, pull away
vervallen {v} [legal] :: to cease to be valid
vervallen {v} [of food] :: to expire
vervallen {adj} :: dilapidated, ruinous
vervallen {adj} [legal] :: having no legal force or cogency, invalid
vervallen {adj} [of food] :: expired
vervalsen {v} :: to falsify
vervalsing {f} :: Forgery, fake
vervangbaar {adj} :: replaceable
vervangen {v} :: to replace, substitute
vervanger {m} :: substitute
vervanging {f} :: substitution, replacement
vervanging {f} :: as a substitute for
vervaren {vt} :: to transport by sailing
vervaren {vi} [archaic] :: to sail
vervaren {vir} [or with _, object, archaic] :: to fear, to be afraid
vervaren {vt} [archaic] :: to scare, to make afraid
verveeld {adj} :: bored
verveerd {adj} :: alternative form of vervaard [see the usage notes there, the same applies to this form]
vervelen {vt} :: to annoy, to pester
vervelen {vt} :: to bore; inspire boredom in somebody
vervelen {vr} :: to be bored
vervelend {adj} :: boring, uninteresting
vervelend {adj} :: annoying, causing irritation or annoyance; vexatious
vervelend {adj} :: troublesome
verveling {f} :: boredom
vervellen {vi} :: to shed skin, to moult
verveloos {adj} :: without paint [due to wear]
verven {v} :: to paint
verversen {v} :: to replace, to renew, to change
vervetten {v} :: to fatten
vervliegen {v} :: to flee
vervliegen {v} :: to evaporate
vervloeken {vt} :: to curse, to put a curse on someone
vervloekt {adj} :: cursed, damned
vervlogen {adj} :: past, bygone
vervlogene {n} [poetic] :: a time gone by; the past
vervoegen {v} :: to conjugate
vervoegen {v} [proscribed] :: to join
vervoeging {f} [grammar] :: conjugation
vervoer {n} :: The act or process of transporting; transportation
vervoer {n} [metonymy] :: Any means of transport, vehicle and/or driver etc
vervoerder {m} :: transport company
vervoeren {v} :: to transport, to move
vervolg {n} :: sequel
vervolgen {v} :: to continue, carry on
vervolgen {v} :: to persecute, pursue
vervolgen {v} :: to prosecute, sue
vervolgens {adv} :: subsequently
vervolging {f} :: persecution
vervolgziek {adj} [archaic] :: prone to persecute, extremely intolerant
Vervoort {prop} :: surname
vervormbaarheid {f} :: plasticity
vervormen {v} :: to deform, to change the shape of
vervorming {f} :: transformation
vervorming {f} :: deformation
vervreemden {v} :: to alienate
vervroegen {v} :: to advance, hasten
vervroegen {v} :: to bring forward (appointment, etc.)
vervuilen {v} :: to pollute
vervuiling {f} :: pollution
vervullen {v} :: to fulfill
verwaand {adj} :: supercilious
verwaarloosbaar {adj} :: negligible
verwaarlozen {v} :: to neglect, slack off
verwaarlozing {f} :: Negligence
verwachten {v} :: to expect, await
verwachting {f} :: expectation
verwachting {f} [meteorology] :: forecast
verwant {adj} :: related
verwant {m} :: relative, family member
verwante {f} :: female relative; kinswoman
verwantschap {f} :: affinity, relationship
verward {adj} :: confused
verwarmen {v} :: to heat, warm
verwarming {f} :: heating (system)
verwarren {v} :: to tangle
verwarren {v} :: to confuse, confound, befuddle
verwarrend {adj} :: confusing
verwarring {f} :: confusion
verwedden {v} :: to wager
verweer {n} :: defense (US); defence (Commonwealth): e.g. something that a defendant says at a trial
verweerder {m} [law] :: defendant
Verweggistan {prop} {n} :: A proverbially obscure, far away country. Literally means 'farawayistan', and is used similar to Timbuktu or Outer Mongolia in English
Verweij {prop} :: surname
verwekken {v} :: to beget
verwekker {m} :: begetter, procreator
verwelken {v} :: to wither, wilt
verwelkomen {vt} :: to welcome (to affirm or greet the arrival of someone)
verwen {v} :: obsolete form of verven
verwennen {v} :: to spoil (someone), to be extra nice to
verwensing {f} :: imprecation, curse, swearword
verweren {v} :: to defend
verweren {v} :: to erode due to weather conditions like rain, wind and frost
verwering {f} [geology] :: weathering
verwerken {v} :: to process
verwerken {v} :: to assimilate, to cope with, to come to terms with
verwerking {f} :: process
verwerpelijk {adj} :: reprehensible
verwerpen {v} :: to reject
verwerven {v} [somewhat, formal] :: to acquire, obtain, gain
verwerving {f} :: acquisition
verweven {v} :: to interweave
verwezen {vi} :: to become orphaned
verwezen {vt} [chiefly figurative] :: to orphan, to bereave of parents
verwezenlijken {v} :: to realize (US); realise (UK), accomplish
verwijden {v} :: to widen
verwijderen {v} :: To remove
verwijdering {f} :: removal
verwijt {n} :: accusation
verwijtbaar {adj} :: culpable, blameworthy
verwijtbaar werkloos {adj} [legal] :: unemployed as a consequence of one's own actions (for example, resigned voluntarily)
verwijten {v} [ditransitive] :: to blame for
verwijven {vi} :: to become effeminate
verwijven {vt} :: to make effeminate
verwijzen {v} :: to refer (to)
verwijzing {f} :: reference
verwijzing {f} :: link (hypertext)
verwijzing {f} [medicine] :: referral
verwikkelen {v} :: to involve, implicate
verwikkeling {f} :: entanglement
verwilderd {adj} :: wild, unruly
verwilderd {adj} [vegetation] :: overgrown
verwilderd {adj} [animals] :: wild, feral
verwilderen {v} :: to become wild and unruly
verwilderen {v} :: to return to the wild; to become feral
verwisselen {v} :: to swap, replace, exchange
verwittigen {v} [Belgium] :: to inform, to notify
verwoed {adj} :: fierce, furious (passionately, with much energy)
verwoesten {v} :: to lay waste, devastate
verwoesting {f} :: devastation
verwonden {v} :: to wound
verwonderen {v} :: to amaze
verwondering {f} :: amazement, marvel, surprise, fascination, wonderment
verwonderlijk {adv} :: amazing
verwonding {f} :: wound, injury
verwoorden {v} :: to word, to express in words, to formulate
verwoording {f} :: the choice of words; wording
verwoording {f} :: to articulate something with words; articulation
verworden {v} :: to become corrupt,
verworden {v} :: to degenerate
verworvenheid {f} :: achievement
verwringen {v} :: to wry, contort (especially one's face)
verwrongen {adj} :: twisted
verwrongen {adj} [facial expression] :: wry
verwurging {f} :: stranglehold
verzachten {v} :: to soften
verzachtend {adj} :: softening
verzachtend {adj} :: extenuating
verzadigen {v} :: to saturate
verzadigen {v} :: to satisfy
verzadiging {f} :: saturation
verzadiging {f} :: satiety
verzaken {v} :: to renounce
verzaken {v} :: to neglect
verzaken {v} :: to betray
verzaker {m} :: One who neglects, shirks, avoids, etc. responsabilities
verzaker {m} [religion, chiefly Hinduism, Buddhism] :: An ascetic, someone who has renounced worldly riches
verzaking {f} :: renunciation
verzaking {f} :: neglect
verzamelaar {m} :: collector (e.g. of art)
verzamelbegrip {n} :: catch-all term
verzameldrang {m} :: compulsive hoarding
verzamelen {v} :: To collect, to gather
verzameling {f} :: collection
verzameling {f} [set theory] :: set
verzamelingenleer {f} {m} [mathematics] :: set theory
verzamelwoede {f} :: compulsive hoarding
verzamelzucht {f} :: compulsive hoarding
verzanding {f} :: silting
verzegelen {v} :: to seal
verzekeraar {m} :: insurer
verzekeren {v} :: to assure
verzekeren {v} :: to insure
verzekering {f} :: insurance
verzekering {f} :: assurance
verzekeringspremie {f} :: The amount to be paid for an insurance policy, insurance premium
verzen {f} [obsolete, usually plural] :: heel
verzenden {v} :: to send, to ship
verzendkosten {p} :: shipping costs, shipping prices
verzengen {v} :: to sear, to burn
verzet {n} :: resistance
verzet {n} [foreign occupation] :: resistance movement
verzet {n} :: (only in the diminutive) a diversion, an activity that distracts the mind
verzetje {n} [literally] :: the diminutive of verzet (all senses)
verzetje {n} :: A (relaxing) distraction, as to clear the mind
verzetje {n} [by extension] :: Any fun activity
verzetsbeweging {f} :: resistance movement
verzetten {vt} :: to move, to shift to another position
verzetten {vt} :: to perform, to do
verzetten {vr} [verzetten tegen] :: to resist
verzieken {v} :: to befoul, to wreck
verzijp {n} :: colander
verzinken {v} :: to sink away
verzinken {v} :: to coat with zinc, to galvanize
verzinnen {v} :: to invent, to make up
verzinsel {n} :: Something that is made up
verzoek {n} :: request (act of requesting), friendly demand, petition
verzoeken {v} :: to request, to demand politely, to petition
verzoeken {v} [rare, archaic] :: to tempt, to lure
verzoeking {f} [archaic] :: temptation
verzoekschrift {n} :: petition
verzoenen {v} :: to reconcile
verzoening {f} :: reconciliation
verzorgd {adj} :: careful, tidy, cultivated
verzorgen {vt} :: to take care of, to look after, to nurse
verzorgen {vt} :: to provide (a service), to supply
verzorger {m} :: caretaker (e.g. of animals in a zoo)
verzorging {f} :: caretaking
verzorgingsplaats {f} :: rest area [next to a highway]
verzorgingsstaat {m} :: welfare state
verzot {adj} :: (verzot op) eager for
verzouten {v} :: to make salty, to fill or saturate with salt
verzuchting {f} :: complaint
verzuchting {f} :: aspiration
verzuilen {vt} :: to pillarize, to become segrated along political and religious lines
verzuiling {f} :: pillarization, institutional segregation of society according to religious and political identity
verzuimen {v} :: to neglect, overlook
verzuipen {v} [ergative, colloquial] :: to drown
verzuren {vi} :: to acidify, to become acidic
verzuren {vt} :: to acidify, to make acidic
verzuring {f} :: acidification (soil, muscles (lactic acid))
verzwakken {vi} :: to weaken, to become weaker
verzwakken {vt} :: to weaken, to make weaker
verzwaren {v} :: to increase in severity or intensity
verzwelgen {v} :: to devour
verzwijgen {v} :: to hold back, suppress, or conceal information; to keep quiet about something
verzwinden {vi} :: to disappear, to vanish
Vessem {prop} {n} :: Small town in the North Brabant province of the Netherlands
vest {f} :: fortified wall, city wall
vest {f} :: moat
vest {f} :: boulevard
vest {n} :: cardigan
vesten {vt} [obsolete] :: to fix, to fasten, to attach
vesten {vt} [obsolete] :: to fortify, to strengthen
vestigen {vt} :: to establish, to place
vestigen {vr} :: to establish oneself
vestigen {vr} :: to settle
vestiging {f} :: branch, location (subsidiary business)
vestiging {f} :: establishment, settlement, founding (the action of establishing or founding a building or settlement)
vesting {f} :: fortification
vet {adj} :: fat
vet {adj} :: greasy
vet {adj} [colloquial] :: cool
vet {n} :: fat
vet {n} :: grease
vet {adv} [colloquial] :: very
vetarm {adj} :: having a low fat content
vete {f} :: feud
veter {m} :: lace
veteraan {m} :: veteran
veteraan {m} [sports] :: a player of a higher age (depending on which branch of sports)
vetewezen {n} [historical] :: a customary system of resolving conflicts and feuds with public displays of violence
vetgans {f} [now, uncommon] :: penguin
vethart {n} [obsolete] :: cor adiposum, a heart disease due to accumulation of fat in or near the heart
vetlaars {f} :: boot made of curried leather
vetleer {n} :: curried leather
vetmesten {vt} :: to fatten
veto {n} :: veto
vetplant {f} :: succulent plant, succulent
vettig {adj} :: greasy
vetzak {m} [derogatory] :: fatso, lard-ass
vetzucht {f} {m} :: adiposity, obesity
vetzuur {m} :: fatty acid
veulen {n} :: A foal, the young of any equine and some other quadrupeds, either colt (male) or filly (female); unless specified, usually a horse's
veulen {n} [figuratively] :: A young person, especially behaving naively; fool
Veulen {prop} {n} [constellation] :: Equuleus
veulendragend {adj} :: which carries, i.e. is pregant of, (a) foal(s) (or certain other quadruped young, compare veulen)
veulengeld {n} :: The sum due to the equine stud's owner after the birth of a foal it sired
Veurne {prop} :: a Belgian city and municipality in the Flemish province of West Flanders
vezel {f} {m} :: fibre (UK); fiber (US)
vezelen {v} :: to whisper
vgl. {abbr} :: cf., compare
VGT {abbr} :: Vlaamse Gebarentaal ≡ Flemish sign language
v/h {abbr} :: van het
via {prep} :: via, through, by way of
via {prep} :: by (means of); using (a medium)
viaduct {m} :: viaduct
vibreren {v} :: to vibrate, trill
vice- {prefix} :: vice-
vicepresident {m} :: vice president
vice versa {adv} :: vice versa
vicevoorzitter {m} :: vice-chairman
vicieuze cirkel {m} :: vicious circle
vicissitude {f} :: vicissitude
Victoriaans {adj} :: Victorian
video {m} :: video, movie (regardless of medium)
video {m} :: videotape
video {m} :: video, video signal or the visual element of a medium
video {m} :: movie which is on a video tape
video {m} :: video recorder
videoband {m} :: videotape
videocamera {f} :: video camera
videoclip {m} :: music video
videocratie {f} :: videocracy
videorecorder {m} :: video recorder
videotheek {f} :: video rental store
vief {adj} :: energetic, lively, active
vier {num} :: four
vierde {adj} :: fourth
vierde {f} {m} :: a fourth in ranking
vierde {n} :: one in four parts, a quarter
vierdeel {n} :: one of four equal parts; a quarter
vierdeel {n} :: a section of a town; a quarter
vierde naamval {m} [grammar] :: accusative case
vierduizend {num} :: four thousand
vieren {v} :: to celebrate
vieren {v} :: to let loose, to let go
vierendertig {num} :: thirty-four
vierennegentig {num} :: ninety-four
vierentachtig {num} :: eighty-four
vierentwintig {num} :: twenty-four
vierenveertig {num} :: forty-four
vierenvijftig {num} :: fifty-four
vierenzestig {num} :: sixty-four
vierenzeventig {num} :: seventy-four
vierhoekig {adj} :: quadrangular
vierhonderd {num} :: four hundred
viering {f} :: celebration
viering {f} [architecture] :: cross between the nave and transepts of a church
vieringtoren {m} [architecture] :: crossing tower
vierkant {adj} :: square
vierkant {n} :: square (geometric shape)
vierkant {adv} [Belgium] :: completely
vierkant {adv} :: in one's face
vierkante kilometer {m} :: square kilometer / square kilometre
vierkante meter {m} :: square metre
vierkantswortel {m} [arithmetic] :: square root
vierklapper {m} [soccer] :: a player's feat to score four goals in one match
vierling {m} :: quintuplet; one of a group of four babies born from the same mother during the same birth
viermotorig {adj} :: [of motorised means of transport] having four engines
vierpuntsdruktoets {f} {m} [videogames] :: D-pad
vierspan {n} :: A span of four horses arranged in pairs
viertal {n} :: quartet, quadruplet (group of four)
viertallig {adj} :: Consisting of four
viervoeter {m} [zoology] :: A quadruped
viervoeter {m} [affectionate] :: A dog
viervoeter {m} [poetry] :: A tetrameter
vierwieler {m} :: four-wheeler, four-wheeled vehicle
vies {adj} :: dirty (not clean)
vies {adj} :: bad-tasting
vies {adj} :: dirty, also in a sexual sense
viespeuk {m} :: lowlife, a person of ill repute
Vietnam {prop} {n} :: Vietnam
Vietnamees {adj} :: Vietnamese
Vietnamees {m} :: Vietnamese person
Vietnamees {prop} {n} :: Vietnamese (language)
vieux jeu {n} :: something unoriginal, same old story
viezerik {m} :: lowlife, scumbag
vijand {m} :: enemy
vijandelijk {adj} :: hostile, inimical
vijandelijkheid {f} [often, in the plural] :: animosity, hostility
vijandig {adj} :: hostile (belonging or appropriate to an enemy)
vijandige rivaliteit {f} :: strife
vijandigheid {f} :: hostility
vijandin {f} :: female enemy
vijandschap {f} :: hostility
vijf {num} [cardinal] :: five
vijfde {adj} :: fifth
vijfde naamval {m} [grammar] :: vocative case
vijfduizend {num} :: five thousand
vijfendertig {num} :: thirty-five
vijfennegentig {num} :: ninety-five
vijfentachtig {num} :: eighty-five
vijfentwintig {num} :: twenty-five
vijfenveertig {num} :: forty-five
vijfenvijftig {num} :: fifty-five
vijfenzestig {num} :: sixty-five
vijfenzeventig {num} :: seventy-five
vijfhoek {m} [geometry] :: pentagon (a polygon with five sides and five angles)
vijfhonderd {num} :: five hundred
vijfje {noun} :: A 5 guilder coin or 5 euro bank note
vijflettergrepig {adj} :: pentasyllabic
vijfling {m} :: quintuplet; one of a group of five babies born from the same mother during the same birth
vijfmotorig {adj} :: [of motorised means of transport] having five engines
vijftien {num} :: fifteen
vijftiende {adj} :: fifteenth
vijftig {num} :: fifty
vijfvoudig {adj} :: fivefold
vijfwouter {m} [dated] :: butterfly
vijg {f} :: fig
vijgcactus {m} :: Any cactus species or individual cactus from the genus Opuntia
vijgeboom {m} :: superseded spelling of vijgenboom
vijgenboom {m} :: fig tree
vijgencactus {m} :: alternative form of vijgcactus
vijg van Barbarije {f} [obsolete] :: A prickly pear, an Indian fig
vijl {f} {m} :: file (abrasive tool)
vijs {f} :: screw
vijver {m} :: pond
vijzel {mf} :: mortar (vessel used to grind ingredients); mortar and pestle [pars pro toto, the pestle is normally not named separately]
vijzel {mf} :: jack (instrument to lift heavy objects)
vijzel {mf} :: Archimedes' screw
vijzen {v} :: to screw or unscrew (turn a screw)
vilder {m} :: skinner
vilein {adj} :: Mean
villa {f} :: mansion (large, (normally) expensive, sumptuous house)
villasubsidie {f} [pejorative, politics] :: A left nickname for the hypotheekrenteaftrek
villen {v} :: to skin (remove the skin from)
Vilnius {prop} {n} :: Vilnius
vilt {n} :: felt (animal hair/fibre)
viltje {noun} :: a cardboard disc to put a glass on
viltstift {f} {m} :: marker pen, felt-tip pen
vin {f} :: fin
vin {f} :: fin (aircraft component)
Vinck {prop} :: surname
vinden {vt} :: to find (after searching)
vinden {vt} :: to find, to come across
vinden {vt} [copulative] :: to find, to think, to feel, to be of opinion
vinder {m} :: finder, someone who finds something
vindiceren {v} :: to vindicate, claim as one's own
vinding {f} :: finding, discovery
vindingrijk {adj} :: creative, inventive
Vingboons {prop} :: surname
vinger {m} :: finger
vingeren {v} :: to finger, to masturbate using fingers
vingerhoed {m} :: thimble (sewing implement)
vingerhoedje {noun} :: thimble fungus, bell morel
vingernagel {m} :: fingernail
vingerring {m} :: A finger ring, designed to be worn on a finger
vingerschudden {v} :: to finger-wag
vingertop {m} :: fingertip
vink {f} {m} :: chaffinch (Fringilla coelebs)
vink {f} {m} :: a Dutch dish that consists of pork and beef mince wrapped in bacon; short for slavink
vink {f} {m} [computing] :: a checkbox (often used in its diminutive form - vinkje)
Vink {prop} :: surname
vinken {vt} :: To finch; catch finches
vinnig {adj} :: pungent, sharp
vinnig {adj} :: having fins
vinoloog {m} :: wine connoisseur
vinvis {m} :: Any cetacean of the family Balaenopteridae
vinvis {m} :: The fin whale, Balaenoptera physalus, in particular
violet {n} :: violet, a purplish colour
violet {adj} :: violet-coloured
violist {m} :: violinist
violiste {f} :: female violinist
viool {f} {m} [musical instruments] :: violin, a popular musical string instrument of the soprano range
viool {f} {m} :: any violet, an ornamental fragrant plant genus (including the pansy); in this sense the diminutive is most commonly used
vioolbouwer {m} :: violin maker
viooltje {n} [botany] :: The common appellation, regardless of size, for any violet, an ornamental fragrant plant genus (including the pansy)
Virginië {prop} {f} [archaic, depreciated] :: Virginia, a U.S. state
virtueel {adj} :: virtual
virtuoos {m} :: virtuoso
virtuoos {adj} :: brilliant, talented
virus {n} [microbiology] :: virus
virus {n} [computer science] :: virus
vis {m} :: fish
Vis {prop} :: surname
visarend {m} :: osprey
visbestand {n} :: fish stock, fish population
visboer {m} :: fishmonger
visch {noun} :: obsolete spelling of vis
viscositeit {f} :: viscosity
viseren {v} :: to aim (with a gun)
viseren {v} [figuratively] :: to target, to direct aim at
viseren {v} :: to issue with a visa or to grant a passport
visgraat {m} :: fishbone
visgraat {m} [design] :: herringbone pattern
visie {f} :: vision
visioen {n} :: vision
visite {f} :: visit
visite {f} [collective] :: visitors, guests
viskeus {adj} :: viscous
viskweek {m} :: fish farming (the raising of fish for commercial ends)
vismarter {m} :: fisher (Martes pennanti, syn. Pekania pennanti)
visotter {m} :: European otter, Lutra lutra
vispopulatie {n} :: fish population, fish stock
visquotum {n} :: fishing quotum/quota
visrijk {adj} :: Abounding in fish, full of fish, fishful
vissaus {f} :: fish sauce
visse {f} [Southern Dutch, dialectal] :: European polecat, Mustela putorius
vissen {v} :: to fish, to try to catch fish
vissen {v} :: to fish (trying to get information)
Vissen {prop} {m} [zodiac constellations, astrology] :: Pisces
vissenrijk {n} [uncountable, taxonomy, depreciated] :: Pisces, a now obsolete taxon containing all fish
vissenrijk {n} [countable, figurative or fiction] :: a fish kingdom or empire
visser {m} :: fisher, fisherman
Visser {prop} :: surname, meaning fisher
visserij {f} :: fishing
visserij {f} :: fishery
Vissers {prop} :: surname
vissersboot {mf} :: fishing boat
vissersdorp {n} :: fishing village
vissersring {mf} [Roman Catholicism] :: piscatory ring
vissersschip {n} :: fishing ship, large fishing boat
vissoep {f} :: fish soup
visstand {m} :: fish stock, fish population
vissterfte {f} :: mass death of fish
vissterfte {f} :: fish mortality
visstick {m} :: fish finger, fish stick
vistuig {n} :: fishing gear
visueel {adj} :: visual
visum {n} :: visa
visvijver {m} :: A fishpond
viswijf {n} [pejorative] :: fishwife, female fishmonger
viswijf {n} [pejorative] :: scold
vitaal {adj} :: vital, lively
vitaliteit {f} :: vitality
vitamine {f} {m} :: vitamin (organic compound essential to human health)
vitten {v} :: to cavil
vizier {n} :: visor, a removable protective guard on a (knight's) helmet
vizier {n} :: backsight, a visual aiming aid on the barrel of a gun
vizier {m} :: A high-ranking official or minister in an Islamic government, especially in the Ottoman Empire
vla {f} :: custard
vlaai {f} :: A type of fruit pie traditionally made and consumed in the Limburg province of the Netherlands
Vlaams {prop} {n} :: Flemish
Vlaams {adj} :: Flemish
Vlaams-Brabant {prop} {n} :: Flemish Brabant, a province of Belgium
Vlaamse gaai {m} [zoology] :: Eurasian jay (Garrulus glandarius)
Vlaanderen {prop} {n} :: Flanders
Vlaardingen {prop} :: Vlaardingen (city)
Vlaardingen {prop} :: Vlaardingen (municipality)
vlag {f} :: flag
vlaggendoek {n} {m} [uncountable] :: the type of cloth from which flags are made
vlaggendoek {n} {m} [by extension, countable, rare] :: a piece of such cloth
vlaggenlijn {mf} [nautical] :: halyard
vlaggenmast {m} :: A long, upright flagpole
vlaggenschip {n} [nautical] :: flagship
vlaggenstok {m} :: flagpole
vlak {adj} :: flat, plane
vlak {n} [literally] :: A plain, a flat surface
vlak {n} [figuratively] :: A domain, sphere, field of interest
vlak {adv} :: straight, immediately, just
vlak {f} :: A spot, soiled mark
vlakbij {adv} :: very near
vlakbij {prep} :: very near, close to
vlakspoeler {m} :: toilet with a horizontal plateau
vlakte {f} :: flatness
vlakte {f} :: plain, expanse (of land with relatively low relief)
vlam {f} :: flame
vlam {f} [colloquial, metonym] :: love interest, partner
vlamboog {m} :: electric arc
Vlaming {m} :: Fleming
vlammen {v} :: to catch flames
vlammen {v} :: to flash, speed like a flare (travel very fast)
vlammenzee {f} :: inferno
vlammetje {noun} :: A small, deep-fried egg roll containing spicy mince
vlas {n} :: flax
vlaskleurig {adj} :: colored flaxen, strawy like flax
vlaszaad {n} :: linseed
vlecht {c} :: braid, plait
vlechten {v} :: to braid
Vledder {prop} :: A village in west Drenthe, the Netherlands
Vledderveen {prop} {n} :: A small village in west Drenthe, the Netherlands
Vledderveen {prop} {n} :: A hamlet in southeast Groningen, the Netherlands
vleerhond {m} :: flying fox, bat of the family Pteropodidae
vleermuis {f} :: bat
vlees {n} :: meat
vlees {n} :: flesh
vleesboom {m} [now, dated, rare] :: beam for hanging an animal carcass to be butchered
vleesboom {m} [now, uncommon] :: uterine thyroid, uterine myoma; any myoma
vleeseter {m} :: carnivore, meat-eating creature
vleeshamer {m} :: meat mallet
vleeshouwer {m} :: butcher
vlees noch vis {phrase} [Netherlands] :: neither fish nor fowl
vleesschaap {n} :: mutton sheep (sheep raised for meat)
vlegel {m} :: A flail, whipping implement; also in figurative sense
vlegel {m} :: A flail, threshing tool (or by extension equivalent machinery)
vlegel {m} [pejorative] :: A rogue, imp, rascal, scamp
vlegel {m} :: alternative form of vleugel
vlegelsman {m} :: An adult, yet knavish rogue
vleien {vt} :: To flatter, coax, sweet-talk, praise excessively, wheedle
vleien {vi} :: To flatter, coax, sweet-talk
vleien {vt} :: To convince, talk over/into
vleien {vt} :: To entice, lure, seduce
vleien {vt} :: To fondle, pet, stroke
vleien {vt} :: To flatter, present misleadlingly positively
vleien {v} :: also used reflexively: zich vleien in various above transitive senses
vleien {vt} :: To fling, throw a pebble etc. over water so as to make it bounce
vleien {vi} :: To form a membrane
vleien {vi} :: To be covered by one
vleier {m} :: flatterer
vleierij {f} :: flattery
vleinaam {m} :: pet name, name of endearment
vlek {f} {m} :: spot, stain, speck
vlek {n} [obsolete] :: area, region
vlek {n} :: hamlet
vlek {n} [obsolete] :: town, large village
vlekkeloos {adj} :: flawless, without errors
vlekken {vt} :: to stain, to make stains on
vlektyfus {m} [pathology] :: typhus
vlerk {c} {m} :: wing {c}
vlerk {c} {m} :: scoundrel {m}
vleugel {m} :: wing
vleugel {m} :: grand piano
vleugel {m} :: building wing
vleugel {m} [political] :: political wing
vleugel {m} [military] :: army wing
vleugel {m} [sports] :: wing
vleugel {m} [by extension] :: airforce base
vleugel {m} :: part of the nose
vleugel {m} :: part of a helix
vleugel {m} :: part of a clap door
vleugeldeur {f} [architecture] :: a pair of double doors without a doorpost between the two
vleugeldeur {f} [automotive] :: a car door that opens vertically
vleugellam {adj} :: Injured in the wing
vleugellam {adj} :: Incapable of action, unable to act
vleugelpiano {f} {m} :: grand piano
vleugelspeelster {f} [sports] :: a female winger
vleugelspeler {m} [sports] :: a winger
vlezig {adj} :: fleshy
Vlie {n} :: A seaway between Vlieland and Terschelling belonging to the province Frisia, the Netherlands, connecting the North Sea and the Wadden Sea
vlieden {vi} :: To flee, leave quickly
vlieden {vi} :: To seek refuge
vlieden {vi} :: To retreat
vlieden {vi} :: To depart
vlieden {vi} :: To disappear, dissipate
vlieden {vt} :: To avoid
vlieden {vt} :: To abstain from
vlieden {vt} :: To turn away from
vlieg {f} :: a fly
Vlieg {prop} {f} [constellation] :: Musca
vliegangst {m} :: fear of flying
vliegbasis {f} :: military airbase
vliegdek {n} :: flight deck, e.g. of an aircraft carrier
vliegdekschip {n} :: aircraft carrier
vliegen {v} :: to fly
vliegen {v} :: to soar
vliegende deur {m} [nickname] :: white-tailed eagle, sea eagle; any bird of the species Haliaeetus albicilla or the species as a whole
vliegende hond {m} :: flying fox, bat of the family Pteropodidae
vliegende schotel {f} :: flying saucer, UFO
vliegende vis {m} :: flying fish
Vliegende Vis {prop} {m} [constellation] :: Volans
vliegend hert {n} :: stag beetle, any beetle of the family Lucanidae
vliegend hert {n} :: stag beetle, Lucanus cervus
vliegenier {m} :: aviator
vliegenmepper {m} :: flyswatter, implement to manually chase or squash small insects, such as flies
vliegensvlug {adv} :: in no time (very quickly)
vliegenvorst {prop} {m} :: Beelzebub [literally, “fly lord”]
vliegenzwam {c} :: amanita (any mushroom of the genus Amanita)
vliegenzwam {c} :: fly agaric (Amanita muscaria)
vlieger {m} :: kite
vlieger {m} :: aviator
vlieghaven {f} :: airport
vliegkamp {n} :: airbase, military airport
vliegkamp {n} [dated] :: airport [also for general purposes]
vliegkampschip {n} :: aircraft carrier
vliegramp {f} :: aircraft disaster, disaster pertaining to aviation
vliegshow {m} :: air show
vliegtoestel {n} [now, uncommon] :: airplane, aircraft
vliegtuig {n} :: aeroplane, winged aircraft
vliegtuig {n} [archaic] :: Any aircraft, including aerostats
vliegtuigbom {f} {m} :: aerial bomb, bomb dropped or launched from an airplane
vliegtuigongeluk {n} :: plane crash
vliegveld {n} :: airfield
vliegveld {n} :: airport
vliegverbod {n} :: ban from flying
vliegverkeer {n} :: air traffic
vliegvissen {v} :: to fly-fish
vliegwiel {n} :: flywheel
Vlieland {prop} {n} :: Vlieland (island)
Vlieland {prop} {n} :: Vlieland (municipality)
vlier {c} [plant] :: elder, elderberry
vliering {f} :: garret
vlies {n} :: film, thin layer
vlies {n} :: membrane
vlies {n} :: fleece
vliesgevel {m} [architecture] :: curtain wall
vliet {m} :: body of moving water; stream, river, creek
vlieten {v} :: to flow
vlijen {vt} :: to lay, to place
vlijen {vr} [with _, pronoun] :: to lie down, to sit down
vlijen {vt} [obsolete] :: to make to size, to make (something) fit
vlijm {n} {f} :: A scalpel (sharp small knife with single 3-5 cm long cutting surface as used for surgery)
vlijm {n} {f} :: A fleam or lancet (sharp instrument with two-sided, 1-3 mm long cutting surface, as used to open a vein for taking blood sample)
vlijm {n} {f} [figuratively] :: Any sharp or poignant organ, such as a tooth or snake's tongue
vlijmscherp {adj} [literally] :: razor-sharp, said of blades and other sharpened objects
vlijmscherp {adj} [by extension] :: painfully sharp or acute, notably said of sensorial functions
vlijmscherp {adj} [figuratively] :: precisely, either usefully, dangerously or harmfully, cutting, biting, burning, penetrating etc., said of speech, reasoning etc
vlijt {f} {m} :: diligence
vlijtig {adj} :: diligent, assiduous
vlinder {m} :: butterfly, or generally any insect belonging to the order Lepidoptera
Vlinder {prop} :: given name
vlinderdas {m} :: bowtie
vlinderen {v} :: to smooth a mould with a trowel
vlinderen {v} :: swimming with the butterfly stroke
vlinderen {v} :: going through life in an unserious unfocused way
vlindermachine {f} :: trowel machine
vlindermes {n} :: butterfly knife, fan knife
vlinderstruik {c} :: butterfly bush
vlo {f} {m} :: flea
vloed {m} :: flood (high tide)
vloed {m} :: flood, current (stream)
vloed {m} [now, uncommon] :: flood (inundation)
vloedgolf {m} [literally] :: A tidal wave, large and sudden rise and fall in the tide causing a massive flood of water
vloedgolf {m} [figuratively] :: Any flood, a crushing mass, an endless sequence
vloedlijn {f} :: high-water line, flood-line, the water level or line formed by water during high tide; sometimes also denoting the high-water marks created by high tide
vloedzwembad {n} :: flood pool
vloeibaar {adj} :: liquid (capable of flowing, and neither solid nor gaseous)
vloeien {v} :: to flow
vloeistof {f} :: A liquid, as opposed to solid - and gaseous (states of) matter
vloeistof {f} :: A fluid (any state of matter which can flow)
vloek {m} :: curse
vloeken {vi} :: to curse, to damn, invoke a negative spell
vloeken {vi} :: to blaspheme, curse, swear
vloeken {v} [figuratively] :: to clash, go very badly with
vloer {m} :: A floor
vloer {m} [figuratively] :: Any ground, surface
vloer {m} [figuratively] :: The bottom, lowest level
vloerder {m} :: A floorer, who lays floors
vloeren {vt} :: To deck, (throw against the) floor
vloeren {vt} [figuratively] :: To floor, defeat totally, eliminate
vloeren {vt} :: To (lay a) floor (in ...), cover with flooring
vloerkleed {n} :: carpet, rug (specifically one found on the floor as opposed to hanging carpets)
vloerwerk {m} :: A flooring
vlok {f} :: flake
vlokever {m} :: flea beetle of the genus Psylliodes, or more generally any beetle from the Chrysomeloidea
vlonder {m} :: wooden walkway over a creek
vlonder {m} :: wooden patio or floor
vlooien {vt} :: To catch/remove (someone's) fleas
vlooien {v} [obsolete] :: To flatter
vlooienmarkt {f} :: flea market, an outdoor market for trading inexpensive antiques, curios
vloot {f} {m} :: fleet
vlootbouw {m} :: fleet building (the act of constructing vessels for a fleet)
vlooteskader {n} [nautical] :: navy squadron
vlootvoogd {m} :: admiral, fleet commander
vlot {adj} :: smooth, easy
vlot {adj} :: quick, fast
vlot {n} :: raft
vlotten {v} :: to go smoothly, to make progress, to glide
vlucht {c} :: flight
vlucht {c} :: swarm (of birds)
vlucht {c} :: escape, flight
vluchtauto {m} :: getaway car, getaway vehicle
vluchteling {m} :: refugee
vluchtelinge {f} :: female refugee
vluchtelingenkamp {n} :: refugee camp
vluchten {v} :: to flee
vluchtig {adj} :: volatile (evaporating readily)
vluchtig {adj} :: superficial (shallow, not thorough)
vluchtig {adj} :: fleeting
vluchtstrook {f} [Netherlands] :: hard shoulder (part of a road where drivers may move to in an emergency)
vluchtweg {m} :: emergency exit, fire exit
vluchtweg {m} :: (figuratively) way out
vlug {adj} :: quick, fast
vlugschrift {n} :: pamphlet relating to current events
vlugzout {n} :: smelling salts (ammonium carbonate)
VN {prop} :: UN
vnl. {abbr} :: voornamelijk
vnw. {noun} :: abbreviation of voornaamwoord
vocaal {m} [phonetics] :: a vowel
vocaal {adj} :: vocal, pertaining to the voice
vocaal {adj} :: vocal, outspoken, prone to use one's voice
vocaal {adv} :: vocally (in a way related to the voice)
vocaalharmonie {f} [chiefly uncountable] :: vowel harmony
vocabulaire {n} {m} :: vocabulary
vocabulaire {n} {m} :: vocabulary list, word list
vocatief {m} [grammar] :: vocative case
vocativus {m} [grammar] :: the vocative case or a word therein
vocht {n} :: dampness, moisture
vocht {n} :: liquid
vocht {adj} [poetic] :: moist
vochten {vt} [obsolete] :: synonym of bevochtigen
vochtgebied {n} :: wetland
vochtig {adj} :: moist
vochtig {adj} :: humid
vochtigen {vt} [obsolete] :: synonym of bevochtigen
vochtigheid {f} :: moisture
vod {n} :: rag
voddenbaal {f} {m} [literally] :: A bag of rags. Said to a shabby looking person
voddenpop {f} {m} :: rag doll
voeden {vt} :: To feed
voeder {n} :: alternative form of voer
voederen {v} :: alternative form of voeren
voeding {f} :: food (for people)
voeding {f} :: nutrition
voeding {f} [electricity] :: power supply
voedingskunde {f} :: nutritional science
voedingsleer {f} [uncountable] :: nutritional science
voedingsleer {f} [countable] :: nutritional doctrine or body of nutritional teachings [not necessarily scientific]
voedingsmiddel {n} :: food item, aliment, foodstuff
voedingsstof {c} :: nutrient
voedingswaarde {f} :: nutritional value
voedsel {n} :: nutrient
voedsel {n} :: food
voedselarm {adj} :: nutrient-poor
voedselbank {f} {m} :: food bank
voedselbank {f} {m} :: a bank for providing food aid abroad
voedselketen {f} :: food chain
voedselrijk {adj} :: nutrient-rich
voedster {f} [dated] :: a nursemaid
voedster {f} :: a female rabbit; a doe
voeg {f} :: junction, joint
voegen {vt} :: to place, to put
voegen {vt} :: to add
voegen {vt} :: to grout
voegen {vt} :: to fit, to suit
voegsel {n} :: joiner, gap filler
voegw. {abbr} :: voegwoord
voegwoord {n} :: conjunction
voelen {vt} :: to feel, to have sensation of
voelen {vr} [copulative] :: to feel, to experience a feeling
voelspriet {m} :: feeler, antenna
voer {n} :: fodder, grub, animal food, (for humans) inferior food
voer {n} [obsolete] :: bait
voer {n} :: (wagon) load
voer {n} [obsolete] :: a wine measure, about a barrel
voer {n} [obsolete] :: act(ion), deed; business
voer {n} [obsolete] :: conduct
voer {n} [obsolete] :: attitude
voer {n} [obsolete] :: agitation; mischief
Voer {prop} {?} :: A minor tributary of the river Maas (Meuse)
voerbak {m} :: Any container for animal fodder or feed: food bowl, trough, manger, feeding bowl
voeren {vt} :: to guide, lead
voeren {vt} :: to wage (war)
voeren {vt} :: to line (cover the inner surface)
voeren {vt} :: to feed
voering {f} :: lining of a garment, underlay
voerman {m} :: driver of a horse cart
Voerman {prop} {m} [constellation] :: Auriga
voertaal {f} :: language of exchange, working language
voertuig {n} :: vehicle
voet {m} :: foot (lowest part of the legs)
voet {m} [historical] :: Dutch foot (unit of measure)
voet {m} :: imperial foot (unit of measure)
voet {m} :: foot, base (lowest part of any standard, support, stand or pillar)
voet {m} [poetry] :: foot (most basic element of a metre)
voetafdruk {m} :: footprint
voetangel {m} :: caltrop
voetbal {n} :: football, soccer
voetbal {m} :: football (the ball itself)
voetballen {v} :: To play soccer/football
voetballer {m} :: footballer (soccer player)
voetbalster {f} :: female footballer (soccer player)
voet bij stuk houden {vi} [idiomatic] :: to stand firm, to not give in to threats or pressure
voetboog {m} :: arbalest
voetenwerk {n} :: Someone's footwork; notably the lower limb 'dexterity' of a football (l.s.) player
voetganger {m} :: pedestrian (somebody on foot, without a vehicle or mount)
voetknecht {m} :: footman, infanterist
voetkus {m} :: footkiss; reverential kiss on foot or footwear
voetkussen {n} :: a cushion to rest the feet on
voetman {m} :: footman, infanterist
voetpad {n} :: footpath, especially a paved sidewalk
voetslet {f} [obsolete] :: flunky, doormat
voetsoldaat {m} :: A foot soldier, infantryman
voetspoor {n} :: trail of footprints, footsteps
voetstap {m} :: footstep
voetstuk {n} :: pedestal
voetstuk {n} :: leg of a piece of furniture
voetveeg {m} [uncommon] :: doormat, mat
voetveeg {m} [by extension] :: flunky, doormat, minion
voetveeg {m} :: leg sweep (kick or tackle where the leg sweeps over the ground)
voetveer {n} :: pedestrian ferry, ferry that serves pedestrians
voetvolk {n} :: The infantry, the non-mounted troops
voetzool {f} :: sole of the foot (bottom part of the foot)
vof {n} :: a specific type of company in Belgium and the Netherlands, a general partnership
vogel {m} :: A bird, feathered animal
vogel {m} :: A gaai, a feathered target in archery or shooting
vogel {m} [figuratively, , slang] :: A dude, cat
Vogel {prop} :: surname
vogelaar {m} :: someone who catches birds for a living
vogelaar {m} :: birdwatcher
Vogelaartje {noun} :: An embarrassing mistake made by a politician, especially a minister, when confronted with critical journalists
vogelachtig {adj} :: birdlike
vogelbekdier {n} :: platypus
vogeldrager {m} :: A mason's assistant, typically fetching building materials etc
vogelgriep {f} :: bird flu
vogelhuis {n} :: birdhouse
vogelnest {n} :: bird's nest
vogelnestje {noun} [botany] :: A plant from the Orchidaceae family, the Neottia nidus-avis
vogelnestje {noun} [cooking] :: A type of Scotch egg
vogelpest {f} :: bird flu
vogelpik {m} :: darts
vogelpik {m} :: dartboard
Vogels {prop} :: surname
vogelspin {m} [zoology] :: The spider species (true) tarantula
vogelstruis {m} [archaic] :: ostrich
vogeltjesmarkt {f} {m} :: bird market, a place for selling and buying poultry
vogelverschrikker {m} :: scarecrow
vogelvrij {adj} :: outlawed (declared outside of the law and unprotected by the law)
vogelvrij {adj} :: free as a bird (completely free)
-vol {suffix} :: -ful, possessing
vol {adj} :: full, replete
Volapük {prop} {n} :: Volapük [definite article is often omitted]
volbloed {adj} [of horses and other animals] :: thoroughbred, purebred
volbloed {adj} [of humans] :: racially pure
volbloed {adj} :: pedigreed
volbloed {adj} [figuratively] :: fierce, dedicated to passionate
volbloed {m} :: Thoroughbred, a horse of prime stock
volbloed {m} [by extension] :: any purebred and/or pedigreed animal or member of a human ethnic group
volbrengen {v} :: to accomplish
volcontinu {adv} :: twenty-four seven (work schedule of an organisation or group within one)
voldaan {adj} :: satisfied
voldoen {v} :: to satisfy, to meet
voldoen {v} :: to suffice
voldoen {v} :: to fill up, to make full
voldoende {determiner} :: sufficient
voldoening {f} :: satisfaction
voleindigen {v} :: to complete, to finish
volgeling {m} :: follower
volgen {vt} :: to follow
volgen {vt} :: to understand, to pay attention to
volgend {adj} :: following, next, subsequent
volgens {prep} :: according to
volgens mij {adv} :: I think, I reckon, I suspect
volgorde {f} :: order, ordering, sequence
volgroeid {adj} :: full-grown, adult
volgzaam {adj} :: obedient, docile
volharden {v} :: to hold on to, persevere
volharding {f} :: persistence, perseverance
volhouden {v} :: to continue, persevere
volk {n} :: people, nation
volk {n} :: tribe
volk {n} :: folk, the common people, the lower classes, the working classes
volk {n} [colloquial, uncountable] :: people (many individuals)
Volkenbond {prop} {m} :: League of Nations
volkenrecht {n} [legal] :: international law, international public law
volkerenmoord {f} :: genocide
volkomen {adj} :: complete, total
volkomen {adv} :: completely
volks {adj} :: popular, relating to the common people
volksbuurt {c} :: working-class neighborhood
volksfeest {n} :: festival
volksgezondheid {f} :: public health
volksgezondheid {f} :: (often capitalized) department of health
volkslied {n} :: national anthem
volksmenner {m} :: demagogue
volksmennerij {f} :: demagoguery
volksmond {m} :: popular language, vernacular
volksoploop {m} :: A more or less spontaneous mass gathering of people at a location, often in order to protest or with a riotous atmosphere
volksopstand {m} :: popular uprising
volksplanting {f} [formal] :: colony
volksraad {m} :: people's council
volksrepubliek {f} :: people's republic
Volksrepubliek China {prop} {n} :: People's Republic of China
Volksrepubliek Loegansk {prop} {f} :: Luhansk People's Republic
volksstam {m} :: tribe, clan
volkstaal {f} :: vernacular (vernacular language)
volkstelling {f} :: census (demographic count or estimate of population)
volksuniversiteit {f} [Netherlands] :: institution offering stand-alone courses to a wide audience without requirements of prior study
volksverhaal {n} :: folktale
volksvertegenwoordiger {c} :: representative of the people, somebody who has been elected to serve in an assembly
volksvertegenwoordiging {f} :: a representative body, assembly, house in which representatives assemble
volksvijandig {adj} [now, historical] :: hostile or inimical to the people [variously defined, but since the 1930s used according to the National Socialist definition]
volkswil {m} [politics] :: will of the people
volledig {adj} :: complete
volledig {adv} :: completely
volledigheid {f} :: completeness
volle maan {m} :: full moon
volle neef {m} :: (male) first cousin
volle zee {f} :: open sea
vollopen {v} :: to fill up
volmaakt {adj} :: perfect
volmaaktheid {f} :: Perfection (being perfect)
volmacht {f} :: plenipotence, full authority or power
volmacht {f} :: power of attorney
volmaken {v} :: to fill, to make full
volmaken {v} :: to complete
volmaken {v} :: to perfect
volmondig {adj} :: frank
volmondig {adv} :: frankly
volmondig {adv} :: whole-heartedly, unconditionally
volop {adv} :: abundant, plentiful, in abundance
volop {adv} :: thoroughly, strongly, very much
volproppen {v} :: to stuff full, to pack full
volschieten {vi} :: to be overcome with emotion
volschieten {vt} [literal] :: to shoot full
volschieten {vi} :: to become full
volslagen {adj} :: complete, total, utter
volslank {adj} :: slender and curvaceous
volslank {adj} [by extension, ironic, play on words] :: well-rounded, well-fed, as euphemism for chubby or fat
volstaan {v} :: to suffice
volstrekt {adj} :: absolute, complete
volstrekt {adv} :: absolutely, positively, completely
volt {m} :: volt (unit)
voltallig {adj} :: fully attended, plenary
voltige {f} :: equestrian vaulting
voltijds {adj} :: full-time
voltmeter {m} :: voltmeter
voltooibaar {adj} :: completable
voltooid {adj} :: completed
voltooid {adj} [grammar] :: perfect
voltooid deelwoord {n} [grammar] :: perfect participle, commonly also past participle
voltooid tegenwoordige tijd {m} [grammar] :: present perfect tense
voltooid tegenwoordige toekomende tijd {m} [grammar] :: present future perfect tense
voltooid toekomende tijd {m} [grammar] :: future perfect tense
voltooid verleden tijd {m} [grammar] :: past perfect tense
voltooid verleden toekomende tijd {m} [grammar] :: past future perfect tense (which does not exist in English) (it can be called "conditional perfect" tense)
voltooien {v} :: to complete (to finish)
voltooiing {f} :: accomplishment, completion
voltreffer {m} :: Something (usually a projectile or a shot) that hits its target
voltrekken {v} :: to execute, carry out
voltrekken {vr} :: to happen, to take place
volume {n} :: volume
volumelading {f} [physics] :: volume charge
volumelading {f} [transport] :: bulky, light cargo; cargo which is paid by volume, not by weight
volumeladingsdichtheid {f} [physics] :: volume charge density
volumestroom {c} [physics] :: volume current
volumestroomdichtheid {f} [physics] :: volume current density
Völuspá {prop} :: the Völuspá
volwaardig {adj} :: full-fledged
volwassen {adj} :: adult, full-grown
volwassene {noun} :: an adult, a full-grown human or animal
volwassenheid {f} :: adulthood
volzet {adv} [Belgium] :: full (only in some definitions, like a parking)
vondeling {m} :: foundling, an abandoned and/or orphaned but timely found and raised child
vondelingschap {n} :: foundlinghood (state of being a foundling)
vondst {f} :: find
vonk {m} :: spark (a small particle of glowing matter, either molten material or from fire)
vonk {m} :: spark (a short or small burst of electrical discharge)
vonk {m} [Brabantian] :: heavy blow/kick
Vonk {prop} :: surname
vonkelwijn {m} :: South African sparkling wine
vonken {v} :: to spark (to give off sparks)
vonnis {n} [legal] :: sentence (decision of a jury)
voogd {m} :: guardian (law: person legally responsible for a minor in loco parentis)
voogdes {f} :: female guardian
voogdij {f} [legal] :: guardianship under which the ward is a minor
voor- {prefix} :: denotes primarily that something is before or in front of another thing or higher in a hierarchy
voor {prep} :: for
voor {prep} :: before
voor {prep} :: in front of
voor {n} :: pro, advantage, upside, positive
voor {f} :: furrow
vooraanstaand {adj} :: prominent
vooraanzicht {n} :: front view
vooraf {adv} :: beforehand
voorafgaan {v} :: to precede
voorafje {noun} :: first course, starter
vooral {adv} :: especially
vooralsnog {adv} :: for the moment
voorarrest {n} :: detention (period of custody before a trial)
vooravond {m} :: early evening
vooravond {m} :: eve (evening before)
voorbaat {f} [obsolete] :: profit, advance
voorbarig {adj} :: premature
voorbeeld {n} :: example
voorbeeld {n} [computing] :: preview
voorbeeldig {adj} :: exemplary:
voorbeeldig {adj} [literally] :: which is/can be set as an example worth following
voorbeeldig {adj} :: excellent, to the highest standard
voorbeeldig {adj} :: textbook -, perfectly executed etc
voorbeeldzin {m} :: example sentence
voorbehoedsmiddel {n} :: contraceptive
voorbehouden {v} :: to reserve
voorbereiden {v} :: to prepare
voorbereidend {adj} :: preparatory
voorbereidend wetenschappelijk onderwijs {n} :: A type of secondary education of the Netherlands (lit.: preparing scientific education)
voorbereiding {f} :: preparation
voorbeschikking {f} [theology] :: predestination
voorbestemdheid {f} :: predestination
voorbeurs {adj} :: before the opening of the stock exchange
voorbij {adv} :: past; just beyond
voorbij {adv} [postpositional] :: past (implying motion)
voorbij {adv} :: over (finished)
voorbij {prep} :: past, beyond
voorbije {n} :: a time gone by; the past
voorbijgaan {v} :: to pass, to go by (in space or time)
voorbijganger {m} :: passer-by
voorbijgekabbeld {adj} :: To have passed without trouble
voorbijkomen {vi} :: to pass, to come to pass, to end
voorbijkomen {vi} :: to drop by
voorbips {f} :: [often, euphemistic or childish] vulva; front bottom
voorbode {m} [literally] :: foreboder, person who foretells something impending
voorbode {m} [figuratively] :: indication, telling sign, auspicious or ominous
voord {m} :: ford
voordat {conj} [subordinating] :: before
voorde {f} :: alternative form of voord
voor de boeg hebben {v} [idiomatic] :: to experience (hardship), to have (an ordeal)
voor de bühne {prep} :: Done merely to impress (not particularly well-informed) onlookers rather than for substantial reasons
voordeel {n} :: advantage
voor de gek houden {v} [idiomatic] :: to fool, deceive
voor de hand liggen {v} [idiomatic] :: to be obvious, apparent, likely
voordek {n} [nautical] :: foredeck, forward deck
voor de kat zijn viool {adv} [idiomatic, colloquial] :: in vain
voor de kat z'n viool {adv} :: alternative spelling of voor de kat zijn viool
voordelig {adj} :: advantageous
voordelig {adj} :: cheap
voor de pinnen halen {v} :: to delve up (as out of a stash)
voordeur {f} :: front door
voordien {adv} :: before this
voordoen {v} :: to demonstrate
voordoen {v} :: to occur (zich voordoen)
voordoen {v} :: to pose as (zich voordoen als)
voordracht {f} :: speech
voordracht {f} :: presentation
voordragen {v} :: to propose
voordragen {v} :: to present, to recite
voordringen {vi} :: to jump the queue, to cut in line
voor een groot deel {adv} :: to a great extent, greatly
vooreergisteren {adv} [dated] :: day before the day before yesterday
voor elk wat wils {pron} :: something for everyone (such that each person has something to suit their tastes/needs)
voorfase {f} :: preliminary phase, early phase
voorgaan {v} :: to lead, precede
voorgaand {adj} :: preceding
voorganger {m} :: predecessor
voorganger {m} [religion] :: pastor
voorgangster {f} :: female predecessor
voorgangster {f} [religion] :: female pastor
voorgebergte {n} :: cape, promontory [in particular a mountainous one]
voorgebergte {n} [less commonly] :: region of foothills or lower mountains near a mountain range
voorgerecht {n} :: starter: first course of a meal
voorgeschiedenis {f} :: prehistory (prior history, history of people or events before a certain reference point)
voorgeschiedenis {f} :: prehistory (human history before writing)
voorgevel {m} :: front of a building, façade
voorgevel {m} :: human face; or in particular the nose or mouth
voorgeven {v} :: to feign, to pretend
voorgevoel {n} :: presentiment, premonition
voorgoed {adv} :: for good
voorgrond {m} :: foreground
voorhamer {m} :: sledgehammer
voorhang {m} :: a curtain in a religious context, found commonly in temples, tabernacles or churches
voorhang {m} :: a parliamentary procedure in the Netherlands' parliamentary system [see voorhangprocedure]
voorhangen {v} :: to hang in front in order to cover what's behind (such as a priest's robe)
voorhanger {m} :: a pair of detachable sunglasses that can be bridged onto the primary spectacles
voorhangsel {n} :: a curtain decorated with religious figures found commonly in temples, tabernacles or churches
voorhebben {v} :: intend
voorhebben {v} :: carry
voorhebben {v} :: wear
voorheen {adv} :: formerly, used to
voorhistorisch {adj} :: prehistoric
voorhoede {f} :: A vanguard
voorhoede {f} :: A leading edge (vanguard)
voorhoofd {n} :: forehead (part of face above eyebrows)
voorhuid {f} :: foreskin
voorhuis {n} :: The frontmost room in a house on the ground floor
voorhuis {n} :: The front section of a house
voorijlig {adj} :: premature
voorinschrijving {f} :: pre-registration
voorjaar {n} :: spring (season)
voor joker staan {v} [idiomatic] :: to be humiliated, to be put in an awkward position
voorkant {m} :: front
voorkasteel {n} :: forecastle
voorkeur {f} :: preference
voorkomen {v} :: to exist, to occur
voorkomen {v} :: to happen
voorkomen {v} [copulative] :: To appear
voorkomen {v} :: To get ahead; to draw ahead
voorkomen {n} :: appearance, look
voorkomen {v} :: To prevent; to avert
voorkomend {adj} :: attentive, kind
voorkomst {f} :: appearance
voorkomst {f} [rare] :: attestation
voorkoop {m} :: preemption (option to buy before others)
voorlaadgeweer {n} :: muzzle-loading rifle
voorlaatst {adj} :: penultimate, next-to-last
voorlader {m} :: muzzleloader
voorleden {adj} [archaic] :: previous, last
voorleden {adv} [obsolete] :: recently, last time
voorleggen {v} :: to submit; to produce
voorleser {m} :: obsolete spelling of voorlezer
voorletter {f} {m} :: initial, first letter, notably in an abbreviated full name
voorletter {f} {m} :: first initial
voorletter {f} {m} :: middle initial
voorlezen {v} :: to read aloud
voorlichten {vti} :: to raise awareness, to educate, to inform
voorlichten {vti} [dated, now, uncommon] :: to guide with light, to shine light in front of
voorlichter {m} :: informer, educator, counseller (one who raises awareness)
voorlichting {f} :: explanation, clarification, clearing up
voorlid {n} [obsolete, grammar] :: article, particularly in the Southern diminutive form voorledeken
voorliefde {f} :: preference, in particular a relatively intense or strong one; predilection
voor lief nemen {v} [idiomatic] :: to accept, put up with, tolerate
voorloper {m} :: precursor, ancestor
voorlopig {adj} :: provisional, temporary
voorlopig {adj} :: current
voorlopig {adv} :: for now, for the moment, for the time being
voormalig {adj} :: former
Voormalige Joegoslavische Republiek Macedonië {prop} :: former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
voorman {m} :: supervisor, foreman, ganger
voorman {m} :: leader
voorman {m} :: boss, head of a company
voormiddag {m} [Belgium] :: late morning, part of the day before noon (before the 12th hour of the day)
voormiddag {m} [The Netherlands] :: midday, early afternoon (around the 12th to the 14th hour in the afternoon)
voorn {m} :: A roach; a vernacular term used of a grouping of fish in the family Cyprinidae due to superficial resemblances; in particular used of (former) members of the genus Leuciscus
voornaam {m} :: first name
voornaam {adj} :: important, distinguished
voornaamwoord {n} :: pronoun
voornaamwoordelijk bijwoord {n} :: pronominal adverb
voornamelijk {adv} :: mainly, mostly; predominantly
voornemen {n} :: intention, resolve, resolution
voornemen {v} :: to intend
vooronderstelling {f} :: alternative form of veronderstelling
vooroordeel {n} :: preconception, prejudice
voorop {adv} :: at the front, first, foremost
voorouder {m} :: ancestor
voorover {adv} :: headlong
voor paal staan {v} [idiomatic] :: to be humiliated, to be put in an awkward position
voor Piet Snot {adv} :: in vain
voorpoot {m} :: foreleg [of an animal or of furniture]
voorpret {f} :: joy or pleasure ahead and in anticipation of the actual fun event
voorprogramma {n} :: support act
voorraad {m} :: stock (inventory), provision
voorraad {m} [obsolete] :: premeditation, counsel beforehand
voorradig {adj} :: in stock; available (normally available for purchase)
voorrang {m} :: priority, precedence
voorrang {m} :: right-of-way
voorrecht {n} :: privilege
voorronde {f} {m} :: qualifying round
voorruit {m} :: windscreen, windshield
voorschieten {v} :: to advance (money), to pay in advance
voorschrift {n} :: prescription, regulation
voorschrijven {v} :: To prescribe
voorsorteervak {n} :: filter lane
voorsorteren {v} :: to presort (mail)
voorsorteren {v} :: to get into the proper filter lane at an intersection
voor spek en bonen {prep} [mainly, sports and games] :: not for real, not competitively (indicating a noncompetitive participant)
voor spek en bonen {prep} [by extension] :: useless, to no avail, ineffective; without doing anything substantial, relevant or worthwhile
voorspel {n} [theatre] :: prefatory play
voorspel {n} [music] :: prelude
voorspel {n} [sex] :: foreplay
voorspelbaar {adj} :: predictable
voorspelbaarheid {f} :: predictability
voorspellen {v} :: to predict, foresee, foretell, forespell
voorspelling {f} :: forecast
voorspelling {f} :: prophecy
voorspoed {m} :: prosperity
voorspoedig {adj} :: successful
voorspook {n} :: portent
voorsprong {m} :: lead (e.g., in the polls)
voorsprong {m} :: head start
Voorst {prop} :: Voorst (village)
Voorst {prop} :: Voorst (municipality)
voorstaan {v} :: to uphold, maintain
voorstaan {v} [sports] :: to defend (a score)
voorstad {mf} [literally] :: A suburb:
voorstad {mf} :: suburban municipality, adjacent and subordinate to a (major) city
voorstad {mf} :: (originally) a quarter outside the city walls
voorstad {mf} :: a suburban quarter
voorstad {mf} [figuratively] :: A nearby hinterland
voorstander {m} :: advocate (person who speaks in support of something)
voorstanderklier {f} {m} :: prostate
voorstel {n} :: proposal
voorstellen {vt} :: to present, to put forth, to introduce
voorstellen {vt} :: to propose, to suggest
voorstellen {vr} :: to imagine
voorstellen {vt} :: to amount to, to matter, to be important
voorstellen {vi} :: to represent, to depict
voorstelling {f} :: show, performance
voorstelling {f} :: presentation
voorsteven {m} :: prow, bow
voort- {prefix} :: forth-, indicating a continuing action
voort {adv} :: forth, forwards
voort {m} :: archaic spelling of voord
voortaan {adv} :: henceforth
voortbestaan {n} :: continued existence
voortborduren {v} :: to embroider further
voortborduren {v} :: to build further, to elaborate (on)
voortbrengen {v} :: to engender
voortbrengen {v} :: to produce
voortbrengsel {n} :: the product (of something)
voortbrengsel {n} :: the offspring (of someone)
voortbrengsel {n} :: the return or benefit (of something)
voortdrijven {v} :: to propel, to impel, to drive forward
voortdrijven {v} :: to urge, to spur on
voortduren {v} :: to continue, to persist
voortdurend {adj} :: continuous, incessant
voortdurend {adv} :: continuously, incessantly, all the time
voorteken {n} :: portent
voortgaan {v} :: to go forth, to progress
voortgaan {v} :: to continue
voortgang {m} :: progress
voortgezet {adj} :: continued
voortgezet onderwijs {n} :: secondary education
voortijdig {adj} :: untimely, premature
voortijds {adv} [archaic] :: before, earlier
voortijds {adv} [archaic] :: ahead of time, too early
voortkomen {v} :: to originate (from)
voortkomen {v} [archaic] :: to come forth
voortplanten {vr} :: to procreate, to reproduce
voortplanten {vr} :: to propagate
voortplanting {f} :: procreation, reproduction
voortreffelijk {adj} :: excellent, outstanding
voortreffelijkheid {f} :: excellence
voortrekken {v} :: to favour, to show favouritism towards
voortrekkerij {f} :: favouritism
voorts {adv} [archaic] :: furthermore, besides
voortschrijden {v} :: to march forward
voortslepen {vt} :: to tow or drag forth
voortslepen {vi} :: to drag on, to keep on reoccurring
voorttrekken {v} :: to drag, tote, tow forward/onward
voortvaren {v} [archaic] :: to go through, to go ahead, to hold course
voortvarend {adj} :: vigorous, strong, energetic
voortvloeien {v} :: to outflow, to flow
voortvloeien {v} :: to result
voortvluchtig {adj} :: on the run, fugitive, at large
voortvluchtige {mf} :: fugitive
voortzetten {v} :: to continue
voortzetting {f} :: continuation
vooruit- {prefix} :: forwards
vooruit {adv} :: ahead, onward
vooruit {interj} :: come on, go on (used to drive someone forward)
vooruit {interj} :: fine, oh allright then (said when grudgingly accepting a suggestion for a certain action)
vooruitblik {m} :: outlook into future events
vooruitblikken {v} :: to look ahead, preview, focus on possible future events
vooruitgaan {v} [ergative] :: to go forwards
vooruitgaan {v} [ergative] :: to improve
vooruitgang {m} :: progress
vooruitkijken {vi} :: to look ahead, prospect
vooruitkijken {v} [transitive, with "naar"] :: to look ahead to
vooruitspoelen {v} :: to fast forward
vooruitzicht {n} :: outlook, expectation
voorvader {m} :: progenitor
voorvaderlijk {adj} :: ancestral, relating to forefather(s)
voorval {n} :: incident, event
voorvechter {m} :: champion (defender of a cause)
voorvechtster {m} :: (female) champion (defender of a cause)
voorvocht {n} :: pre-ejaculate, Cowper's fluid
voorvoegsel {n} [grammar] :: prefix
voorwaar {adv} [archaic] :: indeed, truly, verily, forsooth
voorwaarde {f} :: condition, requirement
voorwaardelijk {adj} :: conditional
voorwaardelijke wijs {f} [grammar] :: conditional mood
voorwaarts {adj} :: forward
voorwaarts {adv} :: forwards
voorwas {c} :: prewash
voorwenden {v} :: to feign, to pretend
voorwendsel {n} :: pretense, excuse
voorwerp {n} :: object
voorwerp {n} [grammar] :: object (of a sentence)
voorwoord {n} :: foreword
voorz. {noun} :: abbreviation of voorzetsel
voorzeggen {v} :: to say in advance/beforehand; to herald
voorzeggen {v} [by extension] :: to predict, foretell
voorzeggen {v} :: to say in order to have someone repeat (contrast nazeggen)
voorzeggen {v} :: to spoil; to ruin (a challenge, secret, story or similar) by giving the answer, solution or outcome prematurely
voorzet {m} [sports] :: a pass
voorzetsel {n} [part of speech] :: preposition
voorzetselbijwoord {n} :: A word with the form of a preposition but the function of an adverb. For example, in a separable verb, the prepositional part functions as an adverb
voorzetten {v} :: to place in front
voorzetten {v} [sports] :: to assist
voorzetten {v} [football] :: to cross the ball
voor zich spreken {v} :: to go without saying
voorzicht {n} [archaic] :: foresight
voorzichtig {adj} :: careful. Literally looking to the future
voorzichtigheid {f} :: caution (careful attention, prudence)
voorzichtigheid {f} :: foresight
voorzien {vt} :: to provide, to supply (optionally [+ van (object) = with])
voorzien {vt} :: to facilitate
voorzien {vt} :: to foresee, to predict
voorzienig {adj} :: provident (capable of foresight, of foreseeing the future)
voorzienig {adj} [figurative] :: provident, presaging (farsighted, taking the future in consideration)
voorziening {f} :: provision, supply
voorziening {f} :: facility, amenity
voorzijn {vt} :: to precede, to get to a place before (someone else)
voorzitster {f} :: chairwoman
voorzitten {vti} :: to preside, to lead a gathering
voorzitter {m} :: chairman
voorzitterschap {n} :: leadership, chairmanship
voorzitting {f} :: the act of presiding over a meeting
voorzitting {f} [uncommon] :: front seat of a vehicle
voorzorg {f} {m} :: precaution
voorzorgsbeginsel {n} :: precaution principle
voor zover bekend {adv} :: as far as (it) is known
voor zo ver ik weet {adv} :: as far as I know, to the best of my knowledge
voos {adj} :: weak, feeble, unsteady
voos {adj} :: numb, insensitive, insensible (without (sense of) physical feeling)
voos {adj} :: weak, soft, spongy, porous
voos {adj} :: lethargic, unenergetic
voos {adj} :: immoral, rotten, corrupt, evil
voos {adj} :: bland, tasteless, insipid
vorderen {vi} :: to advance, to progress, to bring forward
vorderen {vt} :: to demand, to claim
vordering {f} :: demand, claim
vordering {f} :: progress, advance
vordering {f} :: accounts receivable
vorderingen maken {v} :: to make progress
voren {adv} :: an alternative form of voor; always found with a preposition in set phrases; in advance, to the front
voren {m} [superseded] :: dated form of voorn
vorig {adj} :: previous
vork {f} :: fork (pronged tool)
vork {f} :: intersection, split
vork {f} :: fork of a two-wheeled vehicle
vorm {m} :: form, shape
vormeloos {adj} :: amorphous, shapeless
vormen {v} :: to form, mold
vormen {v} :: to make up, constitute
vormen {v} [Christianity] :: to confirm an already baptised Christian
vormenleer {f} [philosophy] :: Plato's theory of the world of ideas
vormenleer {f} :: alternative form of vormleer
vormgeving {f} :: design
-vormig {suffix} :: -shaped, -like
vorming {f} :: formation
vorming {f} :: education
vormleer {f} [linguistics] :: morphology (study or exposition of morphemes)
vormleer {f} [mathematics, archaic] :: elementary geometry (education in elementary geometrical shapes)
vormleer {f} [geography] :: morphology (study of landforms)
vormleer {f} [biology] :: morphology (study of the forms of organisms)
vormloos {adj} :: formless, shapeless
vormsel {n} [Christianity] :: confirmation
vors {m} [archaic] :: frog
vorscr. {adj} [obsolete] :: initialism of voorgeschreven
vorsen {v} :: To examine, look into
vorsen {v} :: To research scientifically
vorst {m} :: frost, freeze, frosty weather
vorst {m} :: generic term for prince, monarch, ruler
vorst {m} :: prince, rendering of tradition-specific title of certain ranks (all below King)
vorst {m} :: wood(land), forest
vorstbisdom {n} :: prince-bishopric; the bishopric of a prince bishop
vorst-bisschop {m} :: prince-bishop
vorst.d. {abbr} :: vorstendom
vorstendom {n} :: principality, princedom (a region or sovereign nation headed by a prince or princess)
vorstenhuis {n} :: dynasty, royal (or imperial, noble, etc.) house
vorstin {f} :: a princess, the daughter of a king, elector (in the Holy Roman Empire), emperor, or the wife or daughter of certain princes
vorstin {f} :: a princess, the female reigning monarch of a principality
vorstin {f} [generic] :: a female potentate, such as certain especially mediaeval duchesses
vos {m} :: fox, carnivore of the tribe Vulpini
vos {m} :: red fox specifically, Vulpes vulpes
vos {m} :: fox fur
vos {m} :: a crafty, ingenious person
vos {m} :: horse with red or red-brown fur
Vos {prop} :: surname
vosch {m} :: obsolete spelling of vos
voshaai {m} :: common thresher, Alopias vulpinus
voshaai {m} :: any shark of the family Alopiidae
Vosje {prop} {n} [constellation] :: Vulpecula
Voskamp {prop} :: surname
voskleurig {adj} :: bayard, foxy, reddish brown; notably said of horses and all hair
vosrekel {m} :: the male of the fox
vossen {v} [Belgium, slang] :: to fuck
Vossen {prop} :: surname
vossin {f} :: vixen, female fox
vot {f} [archaic, Southern Dutch] :: butt, buttocks, posterior
votief {adj} :: votive
-voud {suffix} :: -fold
-voudig {suffix} :: -fold
vousvoyeren {v} :: to address someone with the formal second person pronoun u
vouw {c} :: fold, crease
vouwen {v} :: To fold
vouwen {v} [slang, law] :: To arrest
vouwfiets {f} [chiefly Netherlands] :: folding bicycle
vouwstoel {m} :: folding chair
voyeur {m} :: voyeur
vraach {f} :: obsolete spelling of vraag
vraag {f} {m} [countable] :: question, query
vraag {f} {m} [countable] :: question, issue, problem
vraag {f} {m} [countable] :: interrogative, question (sentence form formulating a query)
vraag {f} {m} [uncountable, economics] :: demand
vraagal {m} :: a nosy person who persists in asking questions
vraagcurve {f} :: demand curve
vraagelasticiteit {f} [economics] :: demand elasticity
vraagelastisch {adj} [economics] :: elastic with respect to demand, demand-elastic
vraaggesprek {n} :: Media interview
vraagh {f} :: obsolete spelling of vraag
vraaghe {f} :: obsolete form of vraag
vraagprijs {m} :: asking price
vraagstuk {n} :: question, issue, problem
vraagteken {n} :: a question mark (?)
vraagteken {n} :: something that is unknown or unclear, something unanswered
vraagtekort {n} [economics] :: demand deficit
vraat {m} :: a glutton
vraatzucht {f} {m} :: greediness, gluttony, voraciousness
vraatzuchtig {adj} :: voracious, gluttonous
vracht {f} :: freight
vracht {f} :: a large amount, a mass
vrachtauto {m} :: truck (US), lorry (UK) (a cargo truck, not a passenger truck (bus))
vrachtkonvooi {n} :: convoy of loaded vehicles, such as trucks or carts
vrachtschip {n} :: cargo ship
vrachtvliegtuig {n} :: cargo plane, cargo aircraft
vrachtwagen {m} :: truck, lorry
vrachtwagen {m} [archaic] :: freightwagon, cart for transporting loads
vrachtwagenchauffeur {m} :: truck driver
vraech {f} :: obsolete spelling of vraag
vraeg {f} :: obsolete spelling of vraag
vraege {f} :: obsolete form of vraag
vraegh {f} :: obsolete spelling of vraag
vraeghe {f} :: obsolete form of vraag
vrage {f} :: obsolete form of vraag
vragelijk {adj} :: questionable; dubious
vragen {vt} :: to ask a question
vragen {vt} :: to demand, exact
vragen {vt} :: to require, need
vragenlijst {f} :: questionnaire
vraghe {f} :: obsolete form of vraag
vrede {f} :: peace
vrede {f} :: peace treaty
vreden {vt} [obsolete] :: synonym of bevredigen
vredesbespreking {f} [chiefly plural] :: peace talk, peace negotiation
vredesmacht {f} :: peacekeeping force
vredesonderhandeling {f} :: peace negotiation
vredesverdrag {n} :: peace treaty
vredigen {vt} [obsolete] :: synonym of bevredigen
vree {f} [archaic] :: alternative form of vrede; peace
vreê {f} [archaic, poetic] :: alternative spelling of vrede
vreedzaam {adj} :: peaceful
vreemd {adj} :: strange, weird, odd
vreemd {adj} :: foreign, exotic
vreemde {noun} :: stranger
vreemde eend in de bijt {f} [idiomatic] :: odd one out; someone or something that is strange, out of the ordinary, or different from the others
vreemdeling {m} :: stranger
vreemdeling {m} :: foreigner
vreemdelingenbeleid {n} :: immigration policy
vreemden {vt} [obsolete] :: to estrange, to alienate
vreemde taal {f} :: foreign language
vreemdgaan {v} :: to cheat; to wander (have sexual or romantic relations with another than one's stable partner, typically in secrecy)
vrees {f} :: fear, apprehension, angst
vreesaanjagend {adj} :: frightening
vreesachtig {adj} :: apprehensive, timid, fearful
vreetmolen {m} [colloquial] :: mouth
vrek {m} :: scrooge, miser
vreselijk {adj} :: terrible
vreselijk {adv} :: terribly
vreten {vt} :: to eat savagely, stuff
vreten {n} [slang] :: food
vreugd {f} :: alternative form of vreugde
vreugde {f} :: joy
vreugdedans {m} :: dance of joy, a celebratory, often improvised choreography
vreugdeloos {adj} :: sad, bleak
vreugdevuur {n} :: Bonfire
vrezen {v} :: to fear
vriend {m} :: (male) friend
vriend {m} :: boyfriend
Vriend {prop} :: surname
vriendelijk {adj} :: friendly, kind
vriendelijk {adv} :: friendly, kindly
vriendelijkheid {f} :: friendliness, kindliness
vriendin {f} :: (female) friend
vriendin {f} :: girlfriend (romantic)
vriendjespolitiek {f} :: nepotism, cronyism
vriendschap {f} :: friendship
vrieskou {f} :: freezing cold
vriespunt {n} :: freezing point
vriesvak {n} :: a freezer compartment within a refrigerator rather than as a separate unit
vriesweer {n} :: freezing weather, ice-cold weather
vriezen {vi} :: to freeze
vriezer {m} :: freezer
-vrij {suffix} :: free from; without
vrij {adj} :: free; not imprisoned or enslaved
vrij {adj} :: free; unconstrained
vrij {adj} :: free; unobstructed, without blockages
vrij {adj} :: free; without obligations
vrij {adv} :: fairly, rather, quite, very
vrijaf {adj} :: off free (from commitments such as work or school)
vrijaf {n} :: time off, day off (e.g. work)
vrijage {f} :: romantic relation
vrijbrief {m} :: A written permit; originally, a historical license granted by a state to a freebooter to pirate non-allied states' ship
vrijbrief {m} [figuratively] :: A free hand
vrijbuiter {m} :: freebooter
vrijdag {m} :: Friday
vrijdagmiddagborrel {m} :: synonym of vrijmibo
vrijdagmorgen {m} :: Friday morning
vrijdagochtend {m} :: Friday morning
vrijdags {adj} :: Friday
vrijdags {adv} :: Friday
vrijdagsmorgens {adv} :: Friday morning
vrijdagsochtends {adv} :: Friday morning
vrijdenker {m} :: freethinker, someone critical of organised religion
vrijdom {m} :: freedom
vrijdom {m} :: release from duty
vrijemarktkapitalisme {n} :: free market capitalism
vrije meningsuiting {f} :: freedom of expression
vrijen {vi} :: to make love, to have sex
vrijen {vi} :: to make out, to cuddle, to hug and kiss
vrijen {vi} :: to have a relationship, to be a couple, to go out with someone
vrijer {m} :: lover, friend
vrije software {f} [computing] :: free software (software that can be freely distributed, studied and modified)
vrijgeleide {n} [diplomacy] :: safe-conduct
vrijgeleide {n} [idiom] :: free hand, free rein
vrijgesteld {adj} :: exempt
vrijgeven {v} :: to release, to open
vrijgeven {v} :: to declassify, to make public
vrijgevig {adj} :: generous
vrijgevigheid {f} :: generosity
vrijgezel {m} :: A bachelor, unmarried (adult or adolescent) male
vrijgezel {adj} [uncommon] :: unmarried, single
vrijgrs. {abbr} :: vrijgraafschap
vrijhandel {m} :: free trade
vrijhaven {f} :: free port, free zone
vrijhaven {f} [figurative] :: haven, refuge
vrijheid {f} :: freedom
vrijheidsstrijder {m} :: freedom fighter
vrijheid van het woord {f} :: freedom of speech (literally: "freedom of the word")
vrijheid van meningsuiting {f} :: freedom of speech, freedom of expression
vrijkorps {n} :: paramilitary group
vrijkorps {n} :: militia
vrijlaat {m} [historical] :: A freed serf, a freedman
vrijlaten {v} :: to release
vrijmaken {v} :: to set free
vrijmarkt {f} {m} :: a type of garage sale occurring throughout the Netherlands during Koninginnedag; can be translated as "free market"
vrijmetselaar {m} :: Freemason
vrijmetselarij {f} :: Freemasonry
vrijmibo {m} :: an informal meetup, usually involving alcoholic drinks, held on Friday afternoon (typically with one's colleagues) at the end of the workweek
vrijmoedigheid {f} :: frankness, free willingness
vrijplaats {m} :: refuge, safe haven, sanctuary (place that offers safety, in particular freedom from persecution or prosecution) [in a figurative sense used both positively and negatively]
vrijpleiten {v} :: to exonerate, free from guilt through pleading
vrijspraak {m} [chiefly legal] :: release (of a suspect), acquittal
vrijspreken {v} :: to absolve, acquit
vrijstaand {adj} :: free-standing
vrijstaat {m} :: free state
vrijster {f} :: female lover, female friend
vrijwel {adv} :: almost
vrijwielen {v} :: to freewheel
vrijwillig {adj} :: voluntary, of one's own free will
vrijwilliger {m} :: volunteer (one engaged in volunteering work)
vrijwilliger {m} :: voluntary (para)military recruit or soldier, volunteer
vrijwilligerstoerisme {n} :: voluntourism
vrijwilligerswerk {n} :: volunteering work, community service
vrijzinnig {adj} [politics, religion, culture] :: liberal
vrijzinnig {adj} [religion, Belgium] :: irreligious, freethinking
vrind {m} [nonstandard or dialectal, often, humorous] :: alternative form of vriend
vroed {adj} [archaic] :: wise, knowing
vroeden {vt} [obsolete] :: to understand, to comprehend
vroeden {vi} [obsolete] :: to become wise, understanding
vroedmeester {m} [archaic] :: obstetrician
vroedschap {m} :: town council
vroedvrouw {f} :: midwife (woman who assists women in childbirth)
vroeg {adj} :: early
vroegboekkorting {f} :: a price reduction for making an early reservation or commitment; an early bird discount
vroeger {adj} :: Having to do with or occurring in the past
vroeger {adv} :: earlier
vroeger {adv} :: formerly, previously
vroeger {adv} :: in the past
Vroegnieuwengels {prop} {n} :: Early Modern English
Vroegnieuwengels {adj} :: Early Modern English
Vroegnieuwhoogduits {prop} {n} :: Early New High German
Vroegnieuwhoogduits {adj} :: Early New High German
Vroegnieuwnederlands {prop} {n} :: Early Modern Dutch
Vroegnieuwnederlands {adj} :: Early Modern Dutch
vroegrijp {adj} :: precocious
vroegte {f} :: early hours (of the morning)
vroegtijdig {adj} :: premature
vroegtijdigheid {f} :: prematureness
vroegvolwassen {adj} :: precocious
vrolijk {adj} :: cheerful, merry
Vrolijk {prop} :: surname
vrolijke feestdagen {phrase} :: synonym of fijne feestdagen
vrolijkheid {f} :: glee, merriment, mirth
vrolijk kerstfeest {phrase} :: Merry Christmas
Vrolijk Kerstfeest {phrase} :: Merry Christmas
Vrolijk Kerstfeest en een Gelukkig Nieuwjaar {phrase} :: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
vroom {adj} :: pious, devout
vroomheid {f} :: piety
-vrouw {suffix} :: Someone (implied female) who is an expert in an area; e.g. sportvrouw 'sportswoman'
-vrouw {suffix} :: Someone (implied female) who is employed or holds a position in an area; e.g politievrouw 'policewoman'
-vrouw {suffix} :: Someone (implied female) who has special characteristics relating to an area, e.g. landsvrouw 'country woman'
vrouw {f} :: woman
vrouw {f} :: wife
vrouwe {f} [formal] :: noblewoman
vrouwe {f} [formal] :: esteemed woman
vrouwelijk {adj} :: feminine, female
vrouwenemancipatie {f} :: women's emancipation
vrouwenhaat {m} :: misogyny
vrouwenhandel {m} :: sex trafficking of women
vrouwenhater {m} :: misogynist
vrouwenkiesrecht {n} :: women’s suffrage
vrouwenmoord {f} :: femicide
vrouwtje {noun} :: darling wife; wifey
vrouwtje {noun} :: the female of a species of animal
vrouwtjes- {prefix} :: female, she-
vrouwtjeskat {f} :: female cat
vrucht {f} :: fruit
vrucht {f} [archaic] :: fear
vruchtafdrijving {f} :: abortion
vruchtbaar {adj} :: fruitful
vruchtbaar {adj} :: fertile
vruchtbaarheid {f} :: fertility
vruchtbaarheidsgodin {f} :: fertility goddess
vruchteloos {adj} :: fruitless, unproductive, futile
vruchteloosheid {f} :: uselessness, futility
vruchten {v} [archaic] :: to fear
vruchtensap {n} :: fruit juice
vruchtvlees {n} :: the flesh or pulp of a fruit
vruchtwater {n} :: amniotic fluid
VS {prop} {s} {p} :: initialism of Verenigde Staten, short for Verenigde Staten van Amerika: United States of America
VSA {prop} [rare] :: initialism of Verenigde Staten van Amerika: USA
VTB-VAB {prop} :: initialism of Vlaamse Toeristenbond - Vlaamse Automobilistenbond (Belgian Tourist and Automobile Association)
V.Tk.T. {abbr} :: Voltooid Toekomende Tijd
V.T.T. {noun} :: abbreviation of voltooid tegenwoordige tijd
v.t.t.t. {noun} :: abbreviation of voltooid tegenwoordige toekomende tijd
vuidig {adj} :: obsolete form of vuig
vuig {adj} :: despicable, reprehensible
vuig {adj} :: inferior, lesser
vuil {adj} :: dirty, filthy
vuil {adj} :: obscene, lewd
vuil {adj} :: dishonorable
vuil {adj} :: illegal, improper
vuil {adj} [nautical] :: fouled, having its wetted surface polluted by marine organisms
vuil {n} :: dirt, filth
vuil {n} :: garbage, trash, waste, litter
vuilbak {m} [Southern Dutch] :: alternative form of vuilnisbak
vuile ziekte {f} [Belgium] :: sexually transmitted disease, STD
vuilnis {f} {n} [especially] :: rubbish, trash, garbage; waste products (to be) disposed off
vuilnisbak {m} :: rubbish bin, trashcan, dustbin
vuilnisbelt {m} :: landfill, dumpsite
vuilwit {adj} :: off-white
vuilzak {m} :: refuse bag
vuilzak {m} [derogatory] :: unhygienic person
vuil ziekte {f} [Brabantian, dialectal] :: alternative form of vuile ziekte
vuist {f} :: fist
vuistdiep {adv} :: as deep as a fist
vuistdiep {adv} [figurative] :: very deep
vuistdiep {adj} :: as deep as a fist
vuisten {v} [slang] :: To fist-fuck
vuistvechter {m} :: boxer
vuistvuurwapen {n} :: handgun
Vulgaat {prop} {f} :: Vulgate (Latin translation of the Bible by Jerome)
vulgair {adj} :: vulgar, obscene
vulgair {adj} :: ordinary, banal
Vulgair Latijn {prop} {n} :: Vulgar Latin
Vulgair-Latijns {adj} :: Vulgar Latin
vulgariteit {f} :: vulgarity
vulkaan {m} [geology] :: volcano
vulkaanuitbarsting {f} :: volcanic eruption
vulkanisch {adj} :: volcanic
vulkanisme {n} :: volcanism
vullen {vt} :: to fill
vulling {f} :: filling
vulling {f} :: placeholder
vulpen {c} :: fountain pen
vulpotlood {n} :: mechanical pencil
vulva {f} :: vulva
vundig {adj} :: mouldy, musty
vundig {adj} [figuratively] :: sordid, obscene
vuren {vi} :: to fire, to shoot (a weapon)
vuren {adj} :: made of the wood of the Norway spruce
vuren {n} :: wood of the Norway spruce (Picea abies)
vurig {adj} :: fiery, ardent
vurig {adj} :: enthusiastic
vuur {n} :: fire
vuur {n} :: heater
vuur {n} [colloquial] :: a lighter
vuur {adj} [slang] :: Great, amazing, extraordinary, dope. (Calque of the slang sense of English fire)
vuurbaak {m} [nautical] :: beacon for signaling light to vessels, smaller than a lighthouse
vuurbaken {n} [nautical] :: beacon for signaling light to vessels, smaller than a lighthouse
vuurbol {m} :: fireball
vuurdoop {m} :: baptism by fire, baptism of fire (a trying ordeal as one's first experience, often as some kind of initiation)
vuurduivel {m} [literal] :: fire devil (demon associated with fire)
vuurduivel {m} [Belgium, historical, pejorative] :: Nickname for steam trains and steam locomotives
vuurduivel {m} :: fire devil, firenado (fiery whirlwind)
vuurgevecht {n} :: gunfight
vuurkaart {f} :: a type of identity card used by Belgian World War I soldiers
vuurkorf {m} :: fire basket, fire box (container made of metal grills for outdoor fires)
vuurkorf {m} [obsolete] :: metal container with a grill on top, intended for indoor coal fires
vuur met vuur bestrijden {v} [idiomatic] :: to fight fire with fire
vuurmuur {m} :: a fireplace
vuurmuur {m} :: a wall of fire
vuurmuur {m} [Brabant] :: a wall to prevent the spread of fire; a firewall
vuurmuur {m} [computer] :: firewall
vuurpeloton {n} :: firing squad, armed people lined up to perform an execution by bullet(s)
vuurpijl {m} :: a flare
vuurpijl {m} [fireworks] :: a rocket
vuurrood {adj} :: scarlet (literally, 'fire-red')
vuursein {n} :: A fire signal, especially as a signalling light for navigation
vuursein {n} [military] :: A signal to open fire with ranged weapons
vuursignaal {n} :: A fire signal, especially as a signalling light for communication
vuurspuwer {m} :: fire-breather
vuursteen {m} {n} :: A flint, piece of hard fine-grained quartz stone, as struck to spark up a fire
vuursteen {m} {n} :: Flint, the material silex
vuursteengeweer {n} :: flintlock
vuursteenpistool {n} [historical] :: flintlock pistol
vuursteenslot {n} :: flintlock mechanism (firing mechanism)
vuurstenen {adj} :: made of flint
vuurtoren {m} :: a lighthouse
vuurtoren {m} [Netherlands] :: a 250 guilder banknote (before the introduction of the euro)
vuurtoren {m} [pejorative] :: a redhead, ginger
vuurtorenwachter {m} :: lighthouse keeper
vuurvast {adj} :: fire-proof
vuurvast {adj} :: (by extension) with fairly great heat tolerance; fit for use in cooking
vuurvlieg {f} :: firefly
vuurvlinder {m} :: A copper, used of certain butterflies of the genus Lycaena
vuurvogel {m} :: phoenix (fire bird)
vuurwapen {n} :: firearm
vuurwater {n} :: firewater, strong alcoholic beverage
vuurwerk {n} :: fireworks
vuurwerk {n} [dated, historical] :: military ordnance, in particular explosives and projectiles
vuurwerker {m} [historical] :: A low-ranking officer at an artillery branch
vuurwerkramp {f} :: fireworks disaster (usually in reference to the Enschede fireworks disaster)
vuurzee {f} :: conflagration
vuurzucht {f} :: pyromania
vuvuzela {c} :: vuvuzela
VVD {prop} {f} :: initialism of Volkspartij voor Vrijheid en Democratie; People's Party for Freedom and Democracy, a conservative liberal political party in the Netherlands
V.V.T. {noun} :: initialism of voltooid verleden tijd
V.V.Tk.T. {abbr} :: Voltooid Verleden Toekomende Tijd
v.v.t.t. {noun} :: abbreviation of voltooid verleden toekomende tijd
vw. {noun} :: abbreviation of voegwoord
vwo {prop} {n} :: abbreviation of voorbereidend wetenschappelijk onderwijs
vz. {noun} :: abbreviation of voorzetsel