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D. {abbr}  :: Don
día {m}  :: Period of daylight: day
día {m}  :: Period of rotation of a planet: day (especially Earth's 24 hours day)
día a día {m}  :: everyday life
dañado {adj}  :: damaged
dañar {vt} [obsolete]  :: to condemn
dañar {vt}  :: to damage, hurt
dañarse {vr}  :: reflexive form of dañar
daasanach {adj}  :: Daasanach
daasanach {m}  :: Daasanach
dable {adj}  :: feasible
dable {adj}  :: possible
daca {interj}  :: give it here
Daca {prop}  :: Dhaka (capital of Bangladesh)
dacha {f}  :: dacha
Dacia {prop}  :: Dacia (ancient kingdom and Roman province)
dación {f}  :: a concession or hand over
dación {f}  :: a yielding
dacita {f}  :: dacite
dacriocistitis {f}  :: dacryocystitis
dacítico {adj}  :: dacitic
dactilar {adj}  :: digital (having to do or performed with a finger)
dactilógrafa {f}  :: feminine noun of dactilógrafo
dactilógrafo {f}  :: typist
dactilo- {prefix}  :: finger
dactilografía {f}  :: touch typing
dactilografía {f}  :: typing
dactílico {adj}  :: dactylic
-dad {suffix}  :: Used in forming a noun to represent the property corresponding to an adjective; -ity
Día D {prop} [historical]  :: D-Day (June 6, 1944)
dadaísmo {m}  :: dadaism
dadaísta {adj}  :: Dadaist
dadaísta {m}  :: Dadaist
Día de Acción de Gracias {prop}  :: Thanksgiving (Thanksgiving Day)
Día de la Independencia {prop}  :: Independence Day (holiday)
Día de la Madre {prop}  :: Mother's Day (a day in honor of mothers)
Día de la Raza {prop}  :: Columbus Day
Día de la Tierra {prop}  :: Earth Day
Día de la Victoria {prop}  :: Victory Day
Día de los caídos {prop}  :: Memorial Day
Día de los Inocentes {prop}  :: Childermas (day commemorating the killing of the Holy Innocents)
Día de los Santos Inocentes {prop}  :: Childermas (day commemorating the killing of the Holy Innocents)
Día del Padre {prop}  :: Father's Day (holiday in celebration of fatherhood)
Día del Presidente {prop}  :: Presidents' Day (federal holiday)
Día de Muertos {prop}  :: All Souls' Day (Christian feast day)
Día de Todos los Santos {prop}  :: All Saints' Day (feast day)
dadito {m}  :: diminutive form of dado
dadivoso {adj}  :: generous
dado {m} [gaming]  :: A die or dice
dado que {conj}  :: given that
daga {m}  :: dagger
daguerrotipia {f}  :: daguerreotypy (art or technique of producing daguerreotypes)
daguerrotipo {m}  :: daguerreotype
Daguestán {prop}  :: Dagestan (federal subject of Russia)
día hábil {m}  :: workday
da igual {phrase}  :: it doesn't matter; I don't mind; whatever
daimio {m}  :: daimyo
dañino {adj}  :: damaging, harmful, detrimental
Dakar {prop}  :: Dakar (the capital city of Senegal)
Dakota del Norte {prop}  :: North Dakota
Dakota del Sur {prop}  :: South Dakota
dale {interj} [Argentina]  :: OK, okey dokey, right
dalia {f}  :: dahlia
Dalila {prop} [Biblical character]  :: Delilah (mistress of Samson)
Dalila {prop}  :: female given name, Delilah
dalle {m}  :: scythe
Dalmacia {prop}  :: Dalmatia}
dalmático {adj}  :: Dalmatian
dalmático {m}  :: Dalmatian (language)
daltónico {adj}  :: color blind
daltoniano {adj}  :: color-blind
daltonismo {m}  :: color blindness
dama {f} [chess]  :: queen
dama {f}  :: lady, dame
damaceno {adj}  :: alternative form of damasceno
dama de honor {f}  :: bridesmaid
damajuana {f}  :: demijohn
damasceno {adj}  :: Damascene
damasceno {f}  :: Damascene
damas chinas {f}  :: Chinese checkers
damasco {m} [Latin America]  :: apricot
Damasco {prop}  :: Damascus (the capital city of Syria)
dame pan y llámame tonto {proverb}  :: It doesn't matter what you say, so long as you feed me (literally: give me bread and call me stupid)
Damián {prop}  :: male given name, cognate to English Damian
damán {m}  :: hyrax
damnificado {adj}  :: affected
damnificado {adj}  :: injured
damnificado {f}  :: victim
damnificar {v}  :: to injure, harm
Dan {prop}  :: Dan (Biblical character and tribe)
dança {f}  :: obsolete spelling of danza
Danbo {m}  :: Danbo (cheese originating in Denmark)
dancing {m}  :: dance hall
dandi {m}  :: dandy (man concerned with his appearance)
dandy {m}  :: dandy
danesa {f}  :: feminine noun of danés
Daniano {prop} [geology, paleontology]  :: Danian (a subdivision of the Paleocene epoch)
Daniel {prop}  :: Daniel (biblical book and prophet)
Daniel {prop}  :: male given name
Daniel {prop}  :: The letter D in the Spanish phonetic alphabet
Daniela {prop}  :: female given name, feminine form of Daniel
Daniense {prop} [geology, paleontology]  :: Danian (a subdivision of the Paleocene epoch)
danés {adj}  :: Danish (from or native to Denmark)
danés {adj}  :: Danish (pertaining to Denmark)
danés {f}  :: a Dane
danés {m}  :: the Danish language
danta {f} [Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador]  :: tapir
danta {f}  :: elk, moose
dantesco {adj}  :: Dantesque
Danubio {prop}  :: Danube
danza {f}  :: dance
danza aérea {f}  :: aerial dance
danzante {adj}  :: dancing
danzante {m}  :: dancer
danzar {v}  :: to dance
danzarinamente {adv} [poetic]  :: dancingly
danzario {adj}  :: dance
danza sobre hielo {f}  :: ice dancing
daño {m}  :: damage
dañoso {adj}  :: harmful
dar {vr} [informal]  :: to pretend to be, to present oneself as though one were
dar {vr} [Mexico]  :: to surrender
dar {vr}  :: + por to assume
dar {vr}  :: to grow naturally
dar {vr}  :: to hit
dar {vr}  :: to occur
dar {vr}  :: to realize or notice something
dar {vtr} [transitive, El Salvador, vulgar]  :: to fuck (used with third person direct objects only)
dar {vt}  :: to consider
dar {vt}  :: to emit
dar {vt}  :: to encounter; to find with effort
dar {vt}  :: to give
dar {vt}  :: to hand over
dar {vt}  :: to hit
dar {vt}  :: to hit upon
dar {vt}  :: to perform
dar {vt}  :: to produce
dar abasto {v} [idiomatic]  :: to cope, manage (with a workload)
dar alcance {v} [idiomatic]  :: to catch up with
dar al traste {v} [idiomatic]  :: to mess up, spoil, ruin
dar a luz {v} [idiomatic]  :: To give birth. (Literally "to give to light")
dar brincos {v} [idiomatic]  :: to jump, leap
dar buena cuenta de {v} [idiomatic]  :: to make short work of
dar carpetazo {v} [idiomatic]  :: To shelve; put to bed
dar con sus huesos {v} [idiomatic]  :: to end up, wind up (go to somewhere, especially somewhere not desired)
dar cuenta de {v} [idiomatic]  :: to finish off
Dardanelos {prop}  :: Dardanelles (strait)
dardo {m}  :: dart
dar el brazo a torcer {v} [idiomatic]  :: to give in, concede one's opinions
dar el coñazo {v} [idiomatic, vulgar, colloquial]  :: to piss off, bug, get on someone's tits (irritate)
dar el pego {v} [idiomatic]  :: to fool
dar en hueso {v} [idiomatic]  :: to hit someone hard
dar en la nariz {v} [idiomatic]  :: to be suspicious, to give (someone) a feeling
dar esquinazo {v} [idiomatic]  :: to slip away (from), get past
darfuriana {f}  :: feminine form of darfuriano
darfuriano {adj}  :: Darfuri
darfuriano {f}  :: Darfuri
dar ganas {v}  :: to make feel like
dar ganas {v}  :: want
dar gato por liebre {v} [idiomatic]  :: to sell someone a pup
dar gracias {v}  :: to give thanks or say grace
dari {m}  :: Dari
Daritza {prop}  :: female given name
dar la cara {v} [idiomatic]  :: to face up to
dar la chapa {v} [idiomatic]  :: to bug, annoy
dar la espalda {v} [idiomatic]  :: To turn one's back; to refuse to help or aid somebody
dar la lata {v} [idiomatic]  :: to annoy, bug
dar largas {v} [idiomatic]  :: to put off, to delay
dar la talla {v} [idiomatic]  :: to fill the bill
dar la vara {v} [idiomatic]  :: to annoy, bother
darle a la zambomba {v} [idiomatic, colloquial]  :: to jerk off, spank the monkey (of males, masturbate)
darle al tema {v} [idiomatic, vulgar]  :: to get it on (have sex)
darle en la nariz {v} [idiomatic]  :: To tell (have a suspicion)
darmstadtio {m}  :: darmstadtium
dar palo {v} [idiomatic]  :: to peeve, annoy
dar parte de {v} [idiomatic]  :: to report on
dar paso {v}  :: To collapse or break under physical stresses
dar pena {v} [idiomatic]  :: to feel sorry for
dar pie {v} [idiom]  :: to give rise to
dar por concluida {v}  :: to come to a conclusion
dar por el culo {v} [idiomatic, vulgar]  :: to fuck in the ass
dar por el culo {v} [idiomatic, vulgar]  :: to fuck off, piss off (irritate)
dar por hecho {v} [idiomatic]  :: to take for granted, assume
dar por sentado {v} [idiomatic]  :: to take for granted, assume
dar por supuesto {v}  :: take for granted that something is true, without checking for proof
darse cita {v} [idiomatic]  :: to join up; gather; meet up
darse cuenta {v} [idiomatic]  :: To notice; to realize; to figure out
darse de alta {v} [idiomatic]  :: to check in
darse de alta {v} [idiomatic]  :: to sign up
darse de baja {v} [idiomatic]  :: to be/go on leave
darse de baja {v} [idiomatic]  :: to cancel
darse de baja {v} [idiomatic]  :: to check out
darse de baja {v} [idiomatic]  :: to dismiss, sack
darse de narices {v} [idiomatic]  :: To bump into (meet accidentally)
darse el bote {v} [idiomatic]  :: to take to one's heels, clear off
darse el filete {v} [colloquial, idiomatic]  :: to make out, snog
darse el filete {v} [colloquial, idiomatic]  :: to touch up, fondle
darse la gran vida {v} [colloquial, idiomatic]  :: to have a whale of a time, have the time of one's life
darsenero {adj} [football, Uruguay]  :: Of or relating to Club Atlético River Plate, a football club from Montevideo, Uruguay
darsenero {f} [football, Uruguay]  :: Someone connected to Club Atlético River Plate, as a player, fan, coach etc
darse postín {v} [colloquial, idiomatic]  :: to show off
darse prisa {v}  :: hurry (to speed up the rate)
dar soga {v} [idiomatic]  :: To poke fun at
dar vuelta {v}  :: to flip
dar vuelta {v}  :: to turn, turn around
darwiniano {adj}  :: Darwinian
darwinismo {m}  :: Darwinism
darwinismo social {m}  :: social Darwinism (theory)
darwinista {adj}  :: Darwinian
darwinista {m}  :: Darwinian, Darwinist
dasatinib {m}  :: dasatinib
dashi {m}  :: dashi
data {f}  :: date (point of time at which a transaction or event takes place)
datación {f}  :: dating (act, instance of attributing a date to something)
datar {v}  :: to date, to assign a date to
datilero {m}  :: date palm
dativo {adj} [grammar]  :: dative
dato {m}  :: datum (a single piece of information)
Datong {prop}  :: Datong (a city of China)
David {prop}  :: David (biblical figure)
David {prop}  :: male given name
davilar {v} [Chile, informal]  :: to botch things up royally
Dayana {prop}  :: female given name
Díaz {prop}  :: Spanish surname derived from the given name Diego
dóberman {m}  :: Dobermann
débil {adj}  :: weak
débilmente {adv}  :: weakly
débito {m} [finance]  :: debit
Débora {prop}  :: Deborah [biblical character]
Débora {prop}  :: female given name
d.C. {abbr}  :: AD (anno Domini)
década {f}  :: decade
dcha {f}  :: contraction of derecha
dócil {adj}  :: docile
dócilmente {adv}  :: docilely, tamely
décimo {adj}  :: tenth
décimo {m} [Panama]  :: 10-centésimo coin
décimo {m} [Spain]  :: participation in the lottery
décimo {m}  :: tenth
dúctil {adj}  :: ductile
dúctil {adj} [figuratively]  :: malleable; docile, gullible
dúctil {adj}  :: malleable
dáctilo {m} [poetry]  :: dactyl
Dédalo {prop}  :: Daedalus (Greek mythological figure)
DD. HH. {initialism}  :: human rights
dádiva {m}  :: gift, donation, handout
de {prep}  :: from
de {prep}  :: of, from (indicating cause)
de {prep}  :: of; ’s; used after the thing owned and before the owner
de {prep}  :: used to construct compound nouns (with attributive nouns)
DEA {initialism}  :: Diploma de Estudios Avanzados (a tertiary education degree higher than a master's, but lower than a doctorate)
de abajo {adj}  :: downstairs
de abajo {adj}  :: lower, bottom
de acuerdo {adj}  :: Agreeing, in agreement
de acuerdo {adv}  :: Agreeing, in agreement
de acuerdo con {prep}  :: according to
de ahí {adv} [formal]  :: hence, so, thus
de ahí que {adv}  :: thus, for this reason
deambulación {f}  :: ambulation, walking
deambulación {f}  :: wandering
deambular {vi}  :: to wander
deanato {m}  :: The position of a dean
deanazgo {m}  :: The position of a dean
de antemano {adv}  :: beforehand, previously
de antemano {adv}  :: in advance
de antología {adj}  :: incredible
de aquí en adelante {adv} [idiomatic]  :: from now on; from this point on
de arriba abajo {adv} [idiomatic]  :: up and down; from top to bottom
debacle {f}  :: debacle
debajo {adv}  :: below
de balde {adv}  :: for a song
de balde {adv}  :: for free, for nothing
de balde {adv}  :: left over, unwanted
de bandera {adj} [idiom]  :: top-class
debate {m}  :: debate, discussion
debatible {adj}  :: debatable
debatir {vt}  :: to debate
deber {m}  :: debt
deber {m}  :: obligation, duty
deber {m} [usually in the plural]  :: homework
deber {vr} [reflexive with preposition a]  :: to be due to
deber {vt}  :: must
deber {vt}  :: ought to
deber {vt}  :: to owe
deber {v} [with de and infinitive]  :: probably or most likely do or happen something (add a degree of insecurity to the verb)
deberse {vr}  :: reflexive form of deber
debianero {m}  :: A user of the Debian operating system
debidamente {adv}  :: properly
debido {adj}  :: due
debido {adj}  :: owed
debilidad {f}  :: debility, weakness
debilitamiento {m}  :: weakening
debilitante {adj}  :: debilitating
debilitar {v}  :: to weaken
debilucho {adj} [pejorative]  :: weak
debilucho {f} [pejorative]  :: weakling
debitar {v}  :: to debit
de bote en bote {adv} [idiomatic]  :: packed; full; full to the gills
de buenas a primeras {adv} [idiomatic]  :: out of the blue; all of a sudden
debut {m}  :: debut
debutante {adj}  :: novice, first-time
debutante {m}  :: debutant, beginner, first-timer
debutar {v}  :: to debut
debutar {v}  :: to lose one's virginity
de cabeza {phrase} [idiomatic]  :: off the top of one's head
de cabeza {phrase} [idiomatic]  :: upside down
de cabo a cabo {adv} [idiomatic]  :: completely; utterly; fully
de cabo a cabo {adv} [idiomatic]  :: from start to finish, all the way through
de cabo a rabo {adv} [idiomatic]  :: completely; utterly; fully
de cabo a rabo {adv} [idiomatic]  :: from start to finish, all the way through
decadencia {f}  :: decadence
decadente {adj}  :: decadent
decadentismo {m}  :: decadence
decadópodo {m}  :: decapod
decaedro {m} [geometry]  :: decahedron
decaer {v}  :: to decay
decagonal {adj}  :: decagonal
decagramo {m}  :: decagram
decaimiento {m}  :: decay
decalitro {m}  :: decalitre / decaliter
decana {f}  :: feminine noun of decano
decanato {m}  :: deanery
decanazgo {m}  :: The position of a dean
decano {f} [organic compound]  :: decane
decano {f}  :: senior, eldest person
decantación {f}  :: decantation
decantar {v}  :: to decant
decapitación {f}  :: decapitation, beheading
decapitar {v}  :: to decapitate
decatleta {m}  :: decathlete
decatlón {m}  :: archery
decúbito {m}  :: position (of the body when lying down)
decebir {v} [obsolete]  :: to deceive
decelerar {v}  :: to decelerate
decena {f}  :: ten (set of ten)
decencia {f}  :: decency
decencia {f}  :: respectability
decenio {m}  :: decade
deceno {adj}  :: tenth
decente {adj}  :: decent
decentemente {adv}  :: decently
decepción {f}  :: disappointment
decepcionante {adj}  :: disappointing
decepcionar {v}  :: to disappoint
deceso {m}  :: decease, death
decágono {adj}  :: decagonal
decágono {m}  :: decagon
dechado {m}  :: example of something to copy
dechado {m}  :: model of behaviour
de chichinabo {adj} [colloquial, Spain]  :: of little importance
de choto {adv} [idiomatic, slang, El Salvador]  :: for free
decibel {m}  :: alternative form of decibelio
decibelio {m}  :: decibel
decidible {adj}  :: decidable
decididamente {adv}  :: decidedly
decidido {adj}  :: decided
decidido {adj}  :: purposeful
decidir {v}  :: to decide
decidirse {vr}  :: reflexive form of decidir
deciduo {adj} [botany]  :: deciduous
deciembre {m}  :: obsolete spelling of diciembre
decigramo {m}  :: decigram
decimal {adj}  :: decimal
decimoctava {f}  :: feminine noun of decimoctavo
decimoctavo {adj}  :: eighteenth
decimoctavo {f}  :: eighteenth
decimocuarta {f}  :: feminine noun of decimocuarto
decimocuarto {adj}  :: fourteenth
decimocuarto {f}  :: fourteenth
decimonónico {adj}  :: 19th-century
decimonónico {adj}  :: old-fashioned, out-of-date, medieval
decimonovena {f}  :: feminine noun of decimonoveno
decimonoveno {adj}  :: nineteenth
decimonoveno {f}  :: nineteenth
decimoquinta {f}  :: feminine noun of decimoquinto
decimoquinto {adj}  :: fifteenth
decimoquinto {f}  :: fifteenth
decimosegundo {m}  :: tenth of a second
decimosexta {f}  :: feminine noun of decimosexto
decimosexto {adj}  :: sixteenth
decimosexto {f}  :: sixteenth
decimoséptima {f}  :: feminine noun of decimoséptimo
decimoséptimo {adj}  :: seventeenth
decimoséptimo {f}  :: seventeenth
decimotercera {f}  :: feminine noun of decimotercero
decimotercero {adj}  :: thirteenth
decimotercero {f}  :: thirteenth
decir {v}  :: to call; to name
decir {v}  :: to say
decir {v}  :: to show; to demonstrate
decir {v}  :: to speak
decir {v}  :: to suggest
decir {v}  :: to tell
decir piropos {v}  :: to flirt; to make flattering comments
decisión {f}  :: decision
decisionista {m}  :: decisionist
decisionista {m}  :: policy-maker
decisivamente {adv}  :: decisively
decisivo {adj}  :: decisive
decisorio {adj}  :: decision-making
declamar {v}  :: to declaim
declaración {f}  :: declaration
declaración {f}  :: statement
declaración de impuestos {f}  :: tax return
declaradamente {adv}  :: overtly; openly
declarante {m} [legal]  :: declarant, affiant, deponent
declarar {v}  :: to declare, to state
declararse {vr}  :: reflexive form of declarar
declarativo {adj}  :: declarative
declaratoria {adj}  :: declaratory
declaratoria {f}  :: declaration
declinación {f}  :: declension
declinar {vr}  :: to lean (hang outwards)
declinar {vt}  :: to decline
declive {m}  :: decline
Decálogo {prop}  :: Ten Commandments (moses' ten commandments)
decámetro {m}  :: decametre
Decán {prop}  :: Deccan
de coña {adv} [colloquial, slang]  :: fucking great
decodificar {v}  :: to decode
de cojones {adv} [idiomatic]  :: fucking, bloody (used as an intensifier)
decolaje {m} [South America]  :: takeoff (ascent into flight)
decolar {v}  :: to take off
decoloración {f}  :: discoloration
decolorar {v}  :: to bleach
decolorarse {vr}  :: reflexive form of decolorar
decomisar {v}  :: to confiscate
decomiso {m} [law]  :: forfeiture
decoración {f}  :: decoration
decorado {adj}  :: decorated
decorado {m} [cinema, theater]  :: set, scenery
decorado {m}  :: decoration
decorado {m}  :: recitation
decorador {f}  :: decorator
decorar {v}  :: to decorate
decorar {v}  :: to recite
decorativo {adj}  :: decorative
decoroso {adj}  :: dignified, decorous
decrecer {v}  :: to decrease
decrecido {adj}  :: decreased
decreciente {adj}  :: decreasing
decrecimiento {m}  :: alternative spelling of decremento
decremento {m}  :: decrease, decrement
decrepitud {f}  :: decrepitude
decretar {v}  :: to decree
decreto {m}  :: decree
decreto judicial {m}  :: writ
decrépito {adj}  :: decrepit
de cuando en cuando {adv} [idiomatic]  :: occasionally; once in a while; now and then; from time to time
decurso {m}  :: course (of time)
dedal {m}  :: thimble
dedicación {f}  :: dedication
dedicado {adj}  :: dedicated
dedicar {v}  :: to dedicate
dedicarse {vr}  :: reflexive form of dedicar To devote oneself
dedicarse {vr}  :: reflexive form of dedicar To engage oneself with (work)
dedicatorio {adj}  :: dedicatory
dedillo {m}  :: diminutive form of dedo
dedito {m}  :: diminutive form of dedo (finger; toe)
de dónde eres {phrase}  :: Where are you from?
de dónde es Usted {phrase}  :: Where are you from?
dedo {m}  :: digit
dedo {m}  :: finger
dedo {m}  :: jigger
dedo {m}  :: thimble
dedo {m}  :: toe
dedo anular {m}  :: little finger
dedo corazón {m}  :: middle finger (finger between the forefinger and the ring finger)
dedo medio {m}  :: middle finger (finger between the forefinger and the ring finger)
dedo meñique {m}  :: little finger
dedo pulgar {m}  :: big toe
dedo pulgar {m}  :: thumb
deducción {f}  :: deduction
deducibilidad {f}  :: deductibility
deducible {adj}  :: deducible, inferrable
deducir {v}  :: to deduce, to deduct, to infer
deductivo {adj}  :: deductive
de entrada {adv} [idiomatic]  :: first of all, first up
deesa {f}  :: obsolete form of diosa
de esta manera {adv}  :: thus (in this way or manner)
de facto {adv}  :: indeed
de facto {adv}  :: in fact
de facto {adv}  :: truly
defalco {m}  :: alternative spelling of desfalco
defeña {f}  :: feminine noun of defeño
defecación {f}  :: defecation
defecar {v}  :: to defecate
defectillo {m}  :: diminutive form of defecto
defecto {m}  :: default
defecto {m}  :: defect
defecto {m}  :: deficiency
defecto {m}  :: fault
defecto {m}  :: flaw
defectuoso {adj}  :: defective (having one or more defects)
defectuso {adj}  :: defected
defender {v}  :: to claim
defender {v}  :: to defend (contra, de - against, from)
defender {v}  :: to prohibit
defendible {adj}  :: defendable
defenestración {f}  :: defenestration
defenestrar {v}  :: to defenestrate
defenestrar {v}  :: to fire, to expel someone from a position of power
defensa {f} [automotive]  :: bumper
defensa {f}  :: defense
defensa {f}  :: retaining wall
defensa {m} [sports]  :: back
defensiva {f}  :: defensive
defensivamente {adv}  :: defensively
defensivo {adj}  :: defensive
defensor {adj}  :: defending
defensor {f}  :: advocate
defensor {f}  :: defender
defensora {f}  :: feminine noun of defensor
defeño {adj} [Mexico]  :: of or relating to Mexico's Federal District, Mexico City
defeño {f} [Mexico]  :: person from Mexico D.F
deferencia {f}  :: deference
deferir {v}  :: to defer
deficiencia {f}  :: deficiency
deficiente {adj}  :: deficient
deficiente {adj}  :: unsatisfactory
deficientemente {adv}  :: imperfectly, not up to scratch
deficitario {adj}  :: loss-making, unprofitable
definible {adj}  :: definable (capable of being defined)
definición {f}  :: definition
definición {f}  :: (plural): rules, statutes
definido {adj}  :: clear
definido {adj}  :: definite
definir {v}  :: to define
definitivamente {adv}  :: definitely
definitivo {adj}  :: definitive; conclusive
definitorio {adj}  :: defining, deciding
deflación {f}  :: deflation
deflacionista {adj}  :: deflationary
deflactar {v} [finance]  :: deflate
deflagración {f}  :: deflagration (intense fire)
deflagrar {v}  :: to deflagrate
deflector {adj}  :: defecting
deflector {m}  :: baffle, baffle plate
deflector {m}  :: deflector
deflexión {f}  :: deflection, deflexion
defoliante {m}  :: defoliant
defoliar {v}  :: to defoliate
deforestación {f}  :: deforestation
deformación {f}  :: deformation
deformar {v}  :: to deform or disfigure
deformidad {f}  :: deformity
defraudación {f}  :: tax evasion
defraudador {f}  :: fraudster
defraudadora {f}  :: feminine noun of defraudador
defraudar {v}  :: to defraud
defunción {f}  :: decease, death
degeneración {f}  :: degeneration
degenerado {adj}  :: perverted
degenerado {m}  :: pervert
degenerar {v}  :: to degenerate
degenerativo {adj}  :: degenerative
deglutir {vt} [formal]  :: to swallow
deglutir {v}  :: to swallow up
degollación {f}  :: beheading
degollación {f}  :: massacre, slaughter
degollamiento {m}  :: cutting of the throat
degollar {v}  :: to cut/slit the throat
degollina {f}  :: bloodshed, slaughter
degollina {f}  :: havoc
degollina {f}  :: mass fail in an exam
de golpe {adv} [idiomatic]  :: suddenly; all of a sudden
de gorra {adv} [idiomatic]  :: gratis; for free; for nothing
degradable {adj}  :: degradable
degradación {f}  :: degradation
degradante {adj}  :: degrading, demeaning, humiliating
degradar {v}  :: to degrade, to debase
de gratis {adv} [idiomatic]  :: for free, at no cost
de guante blanco {adj} [idiom]  :: white-collar
degustación {f}  :: the action of tasting, sampling
degustar {v}  :: to taste
de hecho {adv}  :: in fact, actually
dehesa {f}  :: meadow, pasture
dehydrogenizado {adj}  :: dehydrogenated
deicida {adj}  :: deicidal
deicidio {m}  :: deicide
deidad {f}  :: deity
deificar {v}  :: to make a god of; to deify
Deimos {prop} [astronomy]  :: Deimos (the outermost natural satellite of Mars)
Deimos {prop} [Greek mythology]  :: Deimos
de inmediato {adv}  :: immediately
dejación {f}  :: abandonment
dejadez {f}  :: carelessness
dejadez {f}  :: laziness
dejadez {f}  :: neglect
dejadez {f}  :: slackness
dejadez {f}  :: slovenliness
dejado {adj}  :: sloppy, lax (person)
dejar {vr}  :: to allow oneself to be
dejar {vr}  :: to grow
dejar {vr}  :: to leave behind; to forget
dejar {vr}  :: to let oneself go
dejar {vt}  :: to abandon
dejar {vt}  :: to allow
dejar {vt}  :: to cease, stop (doing something)
dejar {vt}  :: to leave
dejar {vt}  :: to let
dejar {vt}  :: to let go
dejar plantado {v}  :: to jilt, to let down, to leave in the lurch
dejavú {m}  :: deja vu
dejo {m}  :: accent
dejo {m}  :: aftertaste
dejo {m}  :: End, finish, termination
del {contraction}  :: of the, from the (+ a masculine noun in singular)
delación {f}  :: accusation
Delacruz {prop}  :: Spanish surname
de la mano {adv}  :: hand in hand
de la noche a la mañana {adv} [idiomatic]  :: overnight
delantal {m}  :: apron
delante {adv}  :: in front of, forwards
delantera {f}  :: lead (leading position)
delantera {f} [sports]  :: forward line
delantero {adj}  :: forward
delantero {adj}  :: front
de la olla {adj} [idiom, informal]  :: nuts, bonkers (crazy)
delatar {v}  :: to betray
delatar {v}  :: to reveal, inform, give away
delator {adj}  :: telltale
delator {f}  :: betrayer, accuser
delator {f}  :: informer
delatora {f}  :: feminine noun of delator
Delaware {prop}  :: Delaware
del culo {adv} [idiomatic, vulgar]  :: fucking (used as an intensifier)
del dicho al hecho hay mucho trecho {proverb}  :: That's easier said than done
del dicho al hecho hay mucho trecho {proverb}  :: Things are easier said than done
deleble {adj}  :: deletable
delectación {f}  :: delectation
delegación {f}  :: delegation
delegada {f}  :: (female) delegate
delegado {f}  :: agent, representative
delegado {f}  :: delegate
delegar {v}  :: to delegate
deleitar {vr}  :: to take delight
deleitar {v}  :: to please, to delight
deleitarse {vr}  :: reflexive form of deleitar
deleite {m}  :: delight, delectation
deletear {v} [computing]  :: to delete
deletrear {v}  :: to say the letters that make up each syllable of a given word, saying each syllable as it is completed, and eventually, the complete word; for example: c, a, ca, d, a, da; cada for cada
deletrear {v}  :: to spell out (a word or words)
deleznable {adj}  :: appalling
deleznable {adj}  :: contemptible
deleznable {adj}  :: slippery
deleznable {adj}  :: weak (of a material)
deleznable {adj}  :: worthless, useless, good-for-nothing
delfinario {m}  :: dolphinarium
delfín {m}  :: dolphin
delfín mular {m}  :: bottlenose dolphin
delfín nariz de botella {m}  :: bottlenose dolphin
delgadez {f}  :: thinness
delgadito {adj}  :: diminutive form of delgado
delgado {adj}  :: thin, skinny
Delgado {prop}  :: Spanish surname
Delhi {prop}  :: Delhi (national capital territory and old city in northern India)
Delia {prop}  :: female given name
deliberación {f}  :: deliberation
deliberadamente {adv}  :: deliberately
deliberado {adj}  :: deliberate
deliberar {v}  :: to deliberate
deliberativo {adj}  :: deliberative
delicadamente {adv}  :: delicately
delicadeza {m}  :: delicateness
delicadeza {m}  :: fussiness
delicadeza {m}  :: kindness, thoughtfulness
delicado {adj}  :: delicate
delicado {adj}  :: fussy
delicado {adj}  :: refined
delicatesen {m}  :: alternative spelling of delicatessen
delicatessen {f}  :: delicatessen
delicia {f}  :: delight
delicia {f}  :: pleasure
deliciosamente {adv}  :: deliciously
delicioso {adj}  :: delicious
delictivo {adj}  :: criminal
delicuescente {adj}  :: deliquescent
delimitación {f}  :: delimitation
delimitador {m}  :: delimiter
delimitar {v}  :: to delimit
delincuencia {f} [crime]  :: crime, delinquency
delincuencial {adj}  :: criminal
delincuente {adj}  :: delinquent, criminal
delincuente {m}  :: delinquent, criminal, felon
delineación {f}  :: delineation
delinear {vt}  :: to delineate, to outline
delinquir {v}  :: to be delinquent
delinquir {v}  :: to commit a crime
deliquio {m}  :: ecstasy, rapture
deliquio {m}  :: swoon
delirante {adj}  :: delirious
delirar {v}  :: to be delirious
delirio {m}  :: delirium
delirio {m} [psychology]  :: delusion
delito {m}  :: crime; offense
delito de lesa humanidad {m}  :: crime against humanity
della {contraction} [obsolete]  :: (contraction of de and ella) of the
dello {contraction} [obsolete]  :: (contraction of de and ello) of the
del mismo {adj}  :: of it, them (substantive, refers back to a previous word in the text [see usage notes])
del mismo {adv}  :: thereof
del montón {adj}  :: Common, average, ordinary
de lo contrario {adv}  :: otherwise. Under different circumstances
del orden de {adv} [idiomatic]  :: around, roughly, more or less
Delosreyes {prop}  :: A common surname especially common in the Philippines
Delphinus {prop} [constellation]  :: Delphinus (constellation)
del árbol caído todos hacen leña {proverb}  :: everyone kicks you when you're down
delírium {m}  :: delirium
delta {f}  :: Greek letter delta
delta {m} [geography]  :: A delta
deltaico {adj}  :: deltaic
deltametrina {f}  :: deltamethrin
deltáico {adj}  :: alternative spelling of deltaico
del todo {adv}  :: wholly, fully, completely
deltoides {m}  :: deltoid
deludir {v}  :: to delude, fool
demacrado {adj}  :: emaciated, gaunt, drawn, haggard
demagógico {adj}  :: demagogic
demagogia {f}  :: demagogy
demagogo {f}  :: demagogue
de mala gana {adv} [idiomatic]  :: reluctantly, grudgingly
de mala ley {adj} [idiom]  :: of bad sorts, fishy
demanda {f}  :: demand
demanda {f} [legal]  :: complaint
demandadera {f}  :: feminine noun of demandadero
demandadero {vf}  :: a messenger or errand-runner for a locale (e.g. nunnery, prison, or house) that does not live there
demandado {f} [legal]  :: defendant (in a civil action)
demandante {mf} [legal]  :: plaintiff
demandar {v}  :: to demand, to claim
demandar {v}  :: to file suit, to implead
de manera que {conj}  :: so that, in order that
demarcación {f}  :: demarcation
demarcar {v}  :: Mark the bounds of; define; delimit
demarraje {m}  :: dash (short burst of activity)
demasía {f}  :: daring, boldness, audacity
demasía {f}  :: excess
demasía {f}  :: insolence, discourtesy
demasiado {adj}  :: too much, too many, excessive
demasiado {adv}  :: excessively, too, too much
dembow {m}  :: A genre of dance from the Dominican Republic
demócrata {m}  :: democrat
Demócrito {prop}  :: Democritus (Greek philosopher)
demediar {vit} [rare]  :: to halve (divide into two halves)
demediar {vit} [rare]  :: to halve (reduce to half the original amount)
demencia {f}  :: dementia
demencia {f}  :: madness
demencial {adj}  :: demented
demente {adj}  :: crazy
demente {adj}  :: demented
dementemente {adv}  :: dementedly, hair-brainedly
demeritar {v}  :: to discredit
demógrafa {f}  :: feminine form of demógrafo
demógrafo {f}  :: demographer
de mierda {adj}  :: worthless; pissass
demiurga {f}  :: feminine noun of demiurgo
demiurgo {f}  :: demiurge, Demiurge
democracia {f}  :: democracy
democracia plutocrática {f}  :: plutodemocracy
democratacristiano {adj}  :: Christian Democrat
democraticidad {f}  :: democracy
democratización {f}  :: democratization
democratizador {adj}  :: democratizing
democratizar {v}  :: democratize
democristiana {f}  :: feminine form of democristiano
democristiano {adj}  :: Christian Democrat
democristiano {f}  :: Christian Democrat
democráticamente {adv}  :: democratically
democrático {adj}  :: democratic
de modo que {conj}  :: so that, in order that
demodular {v}  :: to demodulate
demofóbico {adj}  :: demophobic
demografía {f}  :: demography
demográfico {adj}  :: demographic
demoledor {adj}  :: destructive
demoledoramente {adv}  :: overwhelmingly
demoler {v}  :: to demolish
demolición {f}  :: demolition
demoníaco {adj}  :: demonic
demoníaco {adj}  :: possessed (by a demon or spirit)
demoniaco {adj}  :: demonic
demoniaco {adj}  :: possessed (by a demon or spirit)
demonio {m}  :: demon, devil
demonios {adv}  :: the hell, on earth (for emphasis after a question word)
demonización {f}  :: demonization
demonizar {v}  :: to demonize
demonología {f}  :: demonology
demora {f}  :: delay
demorar {v}  :: to delay
demorar {v}  :: to linger
demorar {v}  :: to postpone
demorar {v}  :: to tarry
demorarse {vr}  :: reflexive form of demorar
demoscópicamente {adv}  :: According to public opinion polling
demoscópicamente {adv}  :: Using public opinion polling
demoscópico {n}  :: public opinion polling (attributive)
demostración {f}  :: demonstration
demostrar {v}  :: to prove
demostrar {v}  :: to show, to demonstrate
demostrarse {vr}  :: reflexive form of demostrar
demostrativo {adj}  :: demonstrative
demostrativo {adj} [grammar]  :: demonstrative
demostrativo {m} [grammar]  :: demonstrative
demás {adj}  :: other, remaining
demás {adv}  :: besides
demás {pron}  :: others, the other ones
demudar {vr}  :: to change
demudar {vt}  :: to change
deán {m} [obsolete]  :: head of a group of ten
deán {m} [religion]  :: dean
de nada {interj}  :: think nothing of it, you're welcome, don't mention it, no worries
denada {interj}  :: informal form of de nada
dendrocronólogo {f}  :: dendrochronologist
dendrocronología {f} [biology]  :: dendrochronology
dendrograma {m}  :: dendrogram
dendrología {f}  :: dendrology
dendrítico {adj}  :: dendritic
Deneb {prop} [star]  :: Deneb (blue giant in Cygnus)
denegación {m}  :: denial
denegado {adj}  :: denied
denegar {v}  :: to deny
denegar {v}  :: to refuse
denervación {f}  :: denervation
dengue {m}  :: dengue (disease)
dengue {m}  :: playacting (overdramatic behaviour)
denigración {f}  :: denigration (all meanings)
denigrante {adj}  :: denigratory
denigrar {v}  :: to denigrate
denigratorio {adj}  :: disparaging, denigrating
de ningún modo {adv}  :: by no means, no way
denisovano {adj}  :: Denisovan
de noche todos los gatos son pardos {proverb}  :: all cats are grey in the dark, all cats are gray in the dark
denodadamente {adv}  :: bravely
denodadamente {adv}  :: strenuously
denodado {adj}  :: intrepid
denominación {f}  :: denomination
denominador {adj}  :: denominating
denominador {m}  :: denominator (that which denominates)
denominador {m} [mathematics]  :: denominator (the number or expression written below the line in a fraction)
denominar {v}  :: to name; to designate
denominativo {adj} [grammar]  :: denominative
denominativo {m} [grammar]  :: denominative
denostar {v}  :: to insult
denotar {v}  :: to denote
denotar {v}  :: to show
densamente {adv}  :: densely
densidad {f} [physics]  :: density
densidad {f}  :: thickness, heaviness
densidad relativa {f}  :: relative density
densificación {f}  :: densification
densificar {v}  :: to densify
denso {adj}  :: dense, thick
dentado {adj} [botany]  :: crenate
dentado {adj}  :: toothed
dentado {m} [philately]  :: perforation
dentadura {f}  :: denture (artificial set of teeth)
dentadura {f}  :: teeth, dentition (one’s set of natural teeth)
dentadura postiza {f} [dentistry]  :: denture, false teeth
dental {adj}  :: dental
dentar {v}  :: to teethe
dentellada {f}  :: bite
dentellada {f}  :: bitemark
dentellear {v}  :: to nibble
dentífrico {adj}  :: dental
dentífrico {m}  :: toothpaste
dentista {m}  :: dentist
dentón {adj}  :: toothy
dentro {adv}  :: indoors
dentro {adv}  :: inside (for space)
dentro {adv}  :: within, in (for time)
dentro de {prep}  :: in, inside
dentudo {adj}  :: toothy
denuedo {m}  :: zeal, verve
de nuevo {adv} [idiomatic]  :: again
de nuevo cuño {adj} [idiomatic]  :: newly-made, new-style
denuncia {f}  :: report
denunciable {adj}  :: reportable (to the police), illegal, punishable
denunciante {m}  :: denouncer
denunciar {v}  :: to accuse
denunciar {v}  :: to denounce
de oídas {adv} [idiomatic]  :: from hearsay; from the grapevine
Deodato {prop}  :: male given name
deontológico {adj}  :: deontological
deontología {f}  :: deontology
de otra manera {adv}  :: otherwise. In another way
de otro modo {adv} [idiomatic]  :: otherwise
DEP {initialism}  :: descanse en paz/RIP
deparar {v}  :: to have in store
deparar {v}  :: to provide with
de par en par {adv} [idiom]  :: (of doors, windows, etc) wide open
de par en par {adv} [idiom]  :: (of people in a line) two by two
departamental {adj}  :: departmental
departamento {m}  :: apartment, flat
departamento {m}  :: department
de parte de {adv}  :: on behalf of
departir {v}  :: to converse
de paso {adv}  :: in passing
depauperar {v}  :: to impoverish
depauperar {v}  :: to weaken
de pe a pa {phrase}  :: completely
de pe a pa {phrase}  :: detailedly
de pe a pa {phrase}  :: from A to Z
de pe a pa {phrase}  :: from cover to cover
dependencia {f}  :: dependence
dependencia {f}  :: dependency
depender {v}  :: to depend, to be subject to
dependienta {f}  :: feminine noun of dependiente
dependiente {adj}  :: dependent
dependiente {f}  :: employee that attends to customers
de perdidos al río {phrase}  :: in for a penny, in for a pound; there is nothing to lose
de perlas {adv} [idiomatic]  :: swimmingly, really well
depilación {f}  :: hair removal
depilar {v}  :: to depilate; to remove hair from
de plantilla {adv} [idiomatic]  :: pro, professional
deplección {f}  :: Gradual reduction, or depletion
deplorable {adj}  :: deplorable
deplorar {v}  :: to deplore
deponer {v}  :: to depose
deponer {v}  :: to lay down (weapons)
de porrazo {adv} [colloquial, idiomatic]  :: in one go
deportación {f}  :: deportation
deportar {v}  :: to deport
deporte {m}  :: sport
deporte de invierno {m}  :: winter sport
deportista {m}  :: sportsman
deportista {m}  :: sportswoman
deportividad {f}  :: sportsmanship
deportivo {adj}  :: sports (attributive); sportive
de por vida {adv} [idiomatic]  :: for life, perpetually
deposición {f}  :: deposition
deposición {f}  :: stool, bowel movement
depositante {m}  :: depositor
depositar {v}  :: to deposit
depositario {m}  :: depository
depravar {v}  :: to deprave
depre {adj} [informal]  :: depressed
depre {f} [informal]  :: depression
deprecar {v}  :: to deprecate
deprecar {v}  :: to entreat, implore
depreciación {f}  :: depreciation, devaluation
depreciar {v}  :: to depreciate
depredación {f}  :: depredation
depredación {f}  :: embezzlement
depredador {adj}  :: predatory
depredador {f}  :: predator
depredadora {f}  :: feminine noun of depredador
depredar {v}  :: to pillage, sack
depredar {v}  :: to prey (on)
depresión {f}  :: depression
depresión {f} [weather, physics]  :: depression (area of low air pressure)
depresivo {adj}  :: depressive
deprimente {adj}  :: depressing
deprimido {adj}  :: depressed
deprimir {v}  :: to depress
deprimir {v}  :: to humiliate
de prisa {adj}  :: hasty
de prisa {adv}  :: hastily
deprisa {adv}  :: quickly, hurriedly
de pronto {adv} [Colombia]  :: maybe, perhaps
de pronto {adv}  :: suddenly, all of a sudden, unexpectedly
de propósito {adv}  :: on purpose
depósito {m}  :: deposit
depósito {m}  :: sediment, dregs
depósito {m}  :: store, stock, depot
depósito {m}  :: tank
de puño y letra {adv} [idiomatic]  :: written, penned (by)
de pura cepa {phrase}  :: full-blooded
depuración {f}  :: depuration
depuradora {f}  :: sewage works, sewage-treatment facility
depurar {v}  :: to purify
depurativo {adj}  :: depurative (cleansing the blood)
depurativo {adj}  :: purifying
de puta madre {adj} [slang, vulgar]  :: great, very good
de quita y pon {adj} [idiomatic]  :: detachable
de quita y pon {adj} [idiomatic]  :: passing, fleeting
derbi {m} [sports]  :: derby
derecha {f}  :: right
derechazo {m}  :: right-handed punch, forehand
derechista {adj}  :: right-wing
derechista {m} [person, politics]  :: right-winger
derechista {m}  :: right wing
derechito {m}  :: diminutive form of derecho
derechizar {n} [politics]  :: to make more right-wing
derechizarse {n}  :: to become right-wing (politically)
derecho {adj}  :: correct, appropriate, right (correct)
derecho {adj}  :: right (direction), right-hand
derecho {adj}  :: straight, upright
derecho {m}  :: duties, taxes, fees, charges
derecho {m}  :: law
derecho {m}  :: path, road
derecho {m}  :: right (direction, entitlement)
derecho {m}  :: right side
derecho marítimo {m} [legal]  :: admiralty law
derechona {f}  :: augmentative form of derecha
derechos humanos {m}  :: human rights
derechos sucesorios {m}  :: inheritance tax
de rechupete {adj} [colloquial]  :: gorgeous; finger-licking good
de refilón {adv}  :: out of the corner of one's eye
derelinquir {v}  :: to abandon
de reojo {adv}  :: Askance, or out of the corner of one's eye. Used with verbs of vision, such as look, or glance
de repente {adv}  :: suddenly, abruptly, (instantly) in a heartbeat
de resultas de {prep}  :: as a result of
deriva {f}  :: drift (Course or direction along which anything is driven; setting)
derivación {f}  :: derivation
derivado {m}  :: derivative
derivador {m}  :: derivator
derivador {m} [nautical]  :: dinghy
derivar {v}  :: to derive
derivativo {adj}  :: derivative
derivativo {m}  :: derivative
dermatitis {f}  :: dermatitis
dermatóloga {f}  :: feminine noun of dermatólogo
dermatólogo {f}  :: dermatologist
dermatoesqueleto {m} [zoology]  :: exoskeleton
dermatofito {m}  :: dermatophyte
dermatología {f}  :: dermatology
dermatomiositis {f} [pathology]  :: dermatomyositis
dermis {f}  :: dermis
dermolipectomía {f} [surgery]  :: dermolipectomy
dermáptero {m}  :: dermapteran
-dero {suffix}  :: one or something that does, uses, or makes. e.g. pescadero, crujidero, saladero, aserradero, embarcadero
de Rodriguez {adj} [idiom]  :: left to one's own devices, all alone
derogación {f}  :: derogation
derogar {v}  :: to abolish, to annul (a law)
derrama {f}  :: allotment (of money to be paid by a group of people)
derramado {adj}  :: spilt
derramamiento {m}  :: shedding
derramamiento {m}  :: spillage
derramar {v}  :: to spill
derrame {m}  :: bleeding
derrame {m}  :: leakage
derrapar {v}  :: to skid
derredor {m}  :: surroundings
derrelinquir {v}  :: alternative form of derelinquir
derretido {adj}  :: extremely in love, lovesick
derretido {m}  :: concrete
derretido {m} [Panama]  :: a snack consisting of grated cheese toasted in a bread roll
derretimiento {m}  :: melting
derretir {v}  :: to melt
derretirse {vr}  :: reflexive form of derretir
derribar {v}  :: to demolish
derribo {m}  :: demolition
derrito {m}  :: a melting
derrocamiento {m}  :: overthrow
derrocar {v}  :: to demolish, to knock down
derrocar {v}  :: to hurl, to throw, to cast
derrocar {v}  :: to overthrow, to bring down
derrocar {v}  :: to weaken, to enervate
derrochador {adj}  :: wasteful, lavish
derrochar {v}  :: to waste, squander
derroche {m}  :: prodigality
derroche {m}  :: waste, dissipation
derroche {m}  :: wastefulness, thriftlessness
derrota {f}  :: defeat
derrota {f} [nautical]  :: course
derrota {f}  :: path, route, track
derrotar {v}  :: to defeat
derrotero {m}  :: course (of events)
derrotero {m} [nautical]  :: course (of a ship)
derrotismo {m}  :: defeatism (acceptance of defeat without struggle)
derrotista {adj}  :: defeatist
derruir {v}  :: to knock down, tear down
derrumbamiento {m}  :: demolishing, collapse
derrumbar {vt}  :: to demolish
derrumbarse {vr}  :: reflexive form of derrumbar to collapse, break down, fall down
derrumbe {m}  :: collapse (of a building)
derrumbe {m}  :: demolition
derrumbe {m}  :: landslide
des- {prefix}  :: dis-; indicative of a negative
desabastecer {v}  :: to leave short
desabastecer {v}  :: to underserve
desabastecimiento {m}  :: cut-off of supply
desabasto {m}  :: shortage, lack of service
desabejar {v}  :: to remove or exterminate bees from
desabotonar {vt}  :: To unbutton
desabrido {adj}  :: bland, tasteless (lacking taste)
desabrir {v}  :: to embitter
desabrir {v}  :: to give a bad taste to
desabrochar {vt}  :: to unbutton
desacatar {vt}  :: to flout
desacato {m} [legal]  :: contempt (open disrespect or willful disobedience of the authority)
desaceleración {f}  :: deceleration
desacelerar {v}  :: to decelerate
desacertar {v}  :: to be wrong
desacierto {m}  :: mistake
desacomodar {v}  :: to inconvenience
desacompasado {adj}  :: out of time
desacomplejado {adj}  :: easy, easy-going
desaconsejable {adj}  :: inadvisable
desaconsejar {v} [ditransitive]  :: to advise against
desacoplar {vt}  :: to decouple
desacostumbrar {vr}  :: To get out of the habit
desacostumbrar {v}  :: To cause to get out of the habit
desacralizar {v}  :: to desacralize (to remove something's sacredness)
desacreditar {vt}  :: to discredit
desactivación {f}  :: deactivation
desactivación {f}  :: defusing (of explosives)
desactivado {adj}  :: deactivated, disabled
desactivador {n}  :: deactivating
desactivar {vt}  :: to deactivate
desacuerdo {m}  :: disagreement
desadaptado {adj}  :: maladjusted
desadaptado {f}  :: misfit
desafección {f}  :: disaffection
desafectación {f}  :: reversal
desafecto {adj}  :: disaffected, alienated
desafecto {m}  :: disaffection
desafeitado {adj}  :: unshaven
desafeitado {f}  :: unshaven
desafiante {adj}  :: challenging
desafiante {adj}  :: defiant
desafiar {vt}  :: to challenge
desafilado {adj} [edge]  :: dull
desafinar {v}  :: to sing or play out of tune
desafío {m}  :: challenge
desafío {m}  :: provocation
desaforadamente {adv}  :: outrageously
desaforadamente {adv}  :: wildly, out of control
desaforado {adj}  :: wild, uncontrolled, outrageous
desafortunadamente {adv}  :: unfortunately; regrettably
desafortunado {adj}  :: Without luck; unfortunate
desafuero {m}  :: excess
desafuero {m}  :: impeachment
desafuero {m}  :: outrage, violence
desagüe {m}  :: drainage, gutter, sink
desagradable {adj}  :: unpleasant
desagradar {vi}  :: to be disagreeable
desagradecer {v}  :: to be unthankful for, to be unappreciative of
desagraviar {v}  :: to make amends
desagravio {m}  :: amends, atonement
desagregación {f}  :: disintegration
desagregar {v}  :: to disaggregate
desagregar {v}  :: to disintegrate
desaguadero {m}  :: drain
desaguar {v}  :: to drain
desaguar {v}  :: to waste
desaguisado {adj}  :: outrageous
desaguisado {m}  :: mess
desaguisado {m}  :: outrage
desahijar {v}  :: to separate young cattle from their mothers
desahogadamente {adv}  :: comfortably
desahogar {v}  :: to relieve
desahogar {v}  :: to violently express one's feelings; to vent; to rant
desahogarse {vr}  :: reflexive form of desahogar
desahogo {m}  :: relief
desahuciar {v}  :: to evict
desahucio {m}  :: eviction
desainar {v}  :: to remove fat from
desainar {v}  :: to thin
desairar {v}  :: to snub; to slight
desaire {m}  :: snub; slight
desajustar {vr}  :: to disadjust, misadjust (lose adjustment)
desajustar {v}  :: to disarrange, disorder, clutter
desajustar {v}  :: to upset
desajustar {vt}  :: to disadjust, misadjust (adjust or set wrongly)
desajuste {m}  :: bad adjustment
desajuste {m}  :: imbalance
desajuste {m}  :: mismatch
desalentado {adj}  :: dejected
desalentador {adj}  :: discouraging
desalentar {v}  :: to discourage
desalentarse {v}  :: to become discouraged
desaliñado {adj}  :: scruffy
desaliñar {v}  :: to dirty, to disorder
desaliento {m}  :: dejection
desalineado {adj}  :: out of order
desalineado {v}  :: past participle of desalinear
desalinear {v}  :: to put out of line
desalinización {f}  :: desalinization
desalinizar {v}  :: to desalinate
desalmado {adj}  :: heartless, shameless, merciless
desalojar {vt} [~ de]  :: to remove from, evict from
desalojar {vt}  :: to vacate
desalojo {m}  :: eviction
desambiguación {f}  :: disambiguation
desamistar {v}  :: to unfriend
desamor {m}  :: indifference, coldness (lack of love)
desamortización {f}  :: seizure, confiscation (of property)
desamortizar {v}  :: to disentail
Desamparados {prop}  :: female given name
desamparar {v}  :: to forsake
desamparo {m}  :: helplessness
desamparo {m}  :: neglect
desandar {v}  :: to retrace
desanexión {f}  :: disannexation
desangelado {adj}  :: soulless
desangrar {v}  :: to bleed
desangrarse {vr}  :: reflexive form of desangrar
desanimado {adj}  :: dejected
desanimar {vt}  :: to dishearten
desanudar {v}  :: to untie
desapalancamiento {m} [economics]  :: deleveraging
desapalancar {v}  :: to deleverage
desaparecer {vi}  :: to disappear
desaparecido {adj}  :: disappeared
desaparecido {f}  :: disappeared (ones)
desaparición {f}  :: disappearance
desapasionadamente {adv}  :: dispassionately
desapasionar {vr}  :: to grow tired (of)
desapasionar {v}  :: to stop the passion
desapego {m}  :: indifference, playing it cool
desapercibido {adj}  :: inconspicuous, discreet (without attracting attention)
desaplicación {f}  :: disengagement
desaprender {v}  :: to forget, to unlearn
desaprensivo {adj}  :: unscrupulous
desaprobación {f}  :: disapproval; disapprobation
desaprobar {vt} [Argentina]  :: to fail (such as an exam)
desaprobar {vt}  :: to disapprove
desaprovechar {v}  :: to waste or squander
desarbolar {v}  :: to disarm
desarmar {vt}  :: to disarm
desarmarse {vr}  :: reflexive form of desarmar
desarme {m}  :: disarmament
desarollamiento {m}  :: development
desarollamiento {m}  :: unfurl
desarollo {m}  :: development
desarraigar {v}  :: to uproot, root out, eradicate
desarreglar {v}  :: to upset or disrupt
desarreglo {m}  :: disruption
desarrollador {f}  :: developer (computing)
desarrolladora {f}  :: developer (computing)
desarrollar {vtr} [and]  :: to develop
desarrollismo {m}  :: economic development policy
desarrollo {m}  :: development
desarropar {vtr}  :: to undress
desarticulación {f}  :: dismantling
desarticular {v}  :: to disarticulate
desarticular {v}  :: to dislocate
desarticular {v}  :: to take apart
desarticularse {vr}  :: reflexive form of desarticular
desaseado {adj}  :: dirty, unwashed, unkempt
desaseo {m}  :: dirtiness, filthiness
desaseo {m}  :: untidiness
desasir {v}  :: to let go
desasistido {adj}  :: unattended, unsupported, helpless
desasosegar {v}  :: to become agitated
desasosiego {m}  :: agitation, restlessness
desastrado {adj}  :: scruffy, messy
desastrado {adj}  :: unlucky
desastre {m}  :: disaster
desastroso {adj}  :: disastrous
desatar {vtr}  :: to untie, undo, unfasten, unleash
desatar {vt}  :: to provoke, set off (especially suddenly)
desatarse {vr}  :: reflexive form of desatar
desatascador {m}  :: plunger
desatascar {v}  :: to get (someone) out of a fix/jam
desatascar {v}  :: to unblock
desatención {f}  :: inattention
desatender {v}  :: disregard
desatender {v}  :: ignore, neglect (pay no attention)
desatento {adj}  :: inattentive, careless
desatinado {adj}  :: crazy, wild
desatinar {vi}  :: to act foolishly, wildly, rashly
desatinar {vi}  :: to lose one's good sense or moderation
desatinar {vi}  :: to talk nonsense
desatinar {vt}  :: to cause to act foolishly, wildly, rashly
desatino {m}  :: lack of tact, moderation, or prudence
desatino {m}  :: nonsense, an act of madness
desatribución {f}  :: unattribution
desautorización {f}  :: deauthorization, denial, rejection
desautorizar {v}  :: to deauthorize
desavenencia {f}  :: disagreement, quibble
desavenir {v}  :: to cause a rift or feud between
desaventajado {adj}  :: disadvantaged
desayunar {vit} [and]  :: to have (for) breakfast
desayunarse {vr}  :: reflexive form of desayunar To have breakfast
desayuno {m}  :: breakfast
desazón {f}  :: disgust
desazón {f}  :: displeasure
desazón {f}  :: disquietness, uneasiness, restlessness
desazón {f}  :: insipidity, insipidness
desazón {f}  :: soil that is unfit for farming
desazonado {adj} [agriculture]  :: Not ready or fit for cultivation
desazonado {adj}  :: indisposed
desazonado {adj}  :: peevish
desazonante {adj}  :: annoying
desazonante {adj}  :: upsetting, disturbing
desazonar {v}  :: to make tasteless, to make bland
desazonar {v}  :: to upset, worry, peeve
desbalance {m}  :: imbalance
desballestar {v}  :: to unsettle
desbancar {v}  :: to surpass, overtake
desbancar {v}  :: to unseat, oust
desbandada {f}  :: scattering (of a crowd)
desbandar {v} [archaic]  :: to disband
desbandarse {vr}  :: reflexive form of desbandar
desbarajustar {v}  :: to jumble up, mess up, throw into disorder
desbarajuste {m}  :: disorder, disarray, jumble
desbaratar {v}  :: to debunk
desbaratar {v}  :: to rout
desbaratar {v}  :: to ruin, to destroy
desbaratar {v}  :: to spoil
desbaratarse {vr}  :: reflexive form of desbaratar
desbarrancar {v}  :: to crush
desbarrancar {v}  :: to throw off a cliff
desbastar {v}  :: to smooth
desbloquear {v}  :: to clear or unclog
desbocamiento {m}  :: boom
desbocamiento {m}  :: Getting out of control
desbocar {v}  :: to become baggy or loose
desbocar {v}  :: to remove the mouth (of)
desbordamiento {m}  :: overflow
desbordante {adj}  :: overflowing
desbordar {vir}  :: to overflow
desbordar {vt}  :: to exceed (especially expectations, one's patience)
desbordar {vt}  :: to overfill
desbravado {adj}  :: tame, light
desbravar {v}  :: to tame
desbrozado {v}  :: past participle of desbrozar
desbrozadora {f}  :: string trimmer
desbrozar {v}  :: to clear, clear out
descabalgar {v}  :: to dismount (a horse)
descabalgar {v}  :: to unseat, remove from power
descabellado {adj}  :: absurd, unrealistic, wild
descabellar {v}  :: to slaughter a bull by slitting his throat with a sword
descabellar {v}  :: to uncomb, messy up, undo
descabellar {vt}  :: to scalp (something)
descabello {m} [bullfighting]  :: descabello
descabezar {v}  :: to adjoin
descabezar {v}  :: to behead; to decapitate
descabezar {v}  :: to remove the top from
descachar {vr} [Colombia]  :: to break
descachar {vr} [Colombia]  :: to lose one's horns
descachar {vr} [Colombia]  :: to put one's foot in it (make a mistake)
descachar {vt} [Latin America]  :: to dehorn
descacharrado {adj}  :: busted, broken
descacharrante {adj}  :: hilarious
descache {m} [Colombia]  :: accident, mistake, blunder, faux pas, slip
descachimbar {v} [Nicaragua]  :: to break, destroy, ruin
descachimbar {v} [Nicaragua]  :: to fall from a high place
descafeinado {adj}  :: decaffeinated
descafeinar {v}  :: to decaffeinate
descalabrar {v}  :: to damage, to ruin
descalabrar {v}  :: to hit
descalabro {m}  :: loss
descalabro {m}  :: misfortune
descalificación {f}  :: demerit
descalificación {f}  :: discrediting, discredit
descalificación {f}  :: disqualification
descalificar {vt} [sports]  :: to disqualify
descalificar {vt}  :: to discredit
descalzar {vr}  :: to take off one's shoes
descalzar {vt}  :: to take off (a shoe)
descalzo {adj}  :: barefoot
descamación {f}  :: desquamation
descamisado {adj} [endearing]  :: Peronist, usually of the working class
descamisado {adj} [pejorative]  :: Peronist, usually of the working class
descamisado {adj}  :: shirtless
descamisado {f}  :: A shirtless man
descamisado {f} [endearing]  :: A Peronist man, usually of the working class
descamisado {f} [pejorative]  :: A Peronist man, usually of the working class
descampado {m}  :: open ground, vacant lot
descansabrazos {m}  :: armrest
descansar {v}  :: to rest
descanse en paz {phrase}  :: rest in peace
descansillo {m}  :: landing (above stairs)
descanso {m}  :: relief
descanso {m}  :: rest, break
descapitalización {f}  :: decapitalization
descapitalizar {v}  :: to strip assets
descapotable {m}  :: convertible
descapotado {adj}  :: open-top
descaradamente {adv}  :: brazenly, audaciously, in bald-faced way
descarado {adj}  :: impudent; brazen-faced
descararse {v}  :: To speak or act with impudence
descarbonatar {v}  :: to decarbonate
descarbonización {f}  :: decarbonization
descarboxilación {f} [organic compound]  :: decarboxylation
descarboxilado {adj}  :: decarboxylated
descarboxilante {adj}  :: decarboxylating
descarboxilar {v}  :: to decarboxylate
descarboxilasa {f} [enzyme]  :: decarboxylase
descarga {f}  :: discharge
descarga {f}  :: download
descarga {f}  :: jam session
descarga {f}  :: unloading
descargable {adj}  :: downloadable
descargar {v} [computing]  :: to download
descargar {v}  :: to discharge
descargar {v}  :: to fire, to discharge (a weapon)
descargar {v}  :: to unload
descargo {m}  :: rebuttal
descargo {m}  :: unloading
descarnado {v}  :: past participle of descarnar
descarnar {v}  :: to flesh (to remove the flesh)
descaro {m}  :: impudence; cheek; nerve
descarriar {v}  :: to mislead, lead astray, to go wrong
descarrilar {v}  :: to derail
descartable {adj}  :: discardable, able to rule out
descartar {vt}  :: to discard
descartar {vt}  :: to rule out
descascarar {v}  :: to peel, to shell
descascarillar {v}  :: to chip (a surface)
descastado {v}  :: past participle of descastar
descatalogado {adj}  :: out of print, unlisted
descelularización {f}  :: decellularization
descendencia {f}  :: descendants
descendente {adj}  :: descending
descendente {adj}  :: downward
descender {v}  :: to descend
descendiente {m}  :: descendant, offspring
descenso {m}  :: decline
descenso {m}  :: descent
descenso de ríos {m}  :: rafting
descentrado {adj}  :: off-centre
descentralización {f}  :: decentralization
descentralizado {adj}  :: decentralized
descentralizar {v}  :: to decentralize (reduce the power of a governing body)
descentramiento {m}  :: off-centring
descerebrado {adj}  :: mindless, brainless
descerebramiento {m}  :: thoughtlessness
descerrajar {v}  :: to break in, break into, break through (a locked door)
descerrajar {v}  :: to let off (a firearm)
descifrador {f}  :: solver, decipherer (one who solves or deciphers something)
descifradora {f}  :: feminine noun of descifrador
descifrar {v}  :: to decipher
descifrarse {vr}  :: reflexive form of descifrar
descivilización {f}  :: decivilization
descivilizador {n}  :: decivilizing
desclasado {adj}  :: classless
desclasado {f}  :: person without a fixed social class
desclasificación {f}  :: declassification
desclasificar {v}  :: to declassify
desclavar {v}  :: to unnail, to remove a nail
descocado {adj} [colloquial]  :: shameless, brazen
descocer {v}  :: to unboil
descodificador {m}  :: decoder
descodificar {v}  :: to decode
descohesionar {v}  :: to lose cohesion, to break up
descolgamiento {m}  :: falling, loss
descolgar {vr} [colloquial]  :: to show up, do or say something out of the blue
descolgar {vr} [sports]  :: to fall behind (in a race)
descolgar {vt}  :: to pick up (a telephone receiver)
descolgar {vt}  :: to unhang, let down, lower
descolgarse {vr}  :: reflexive form of descolgar
descollante {adj}  :: outstanding, eminent
descollar {vi}  :: to stand out, excel
descolocado {adj}  :: misplaced, not in its place
descolocado {adj}  :: out of place
descolocar {v}  :: to mess up, put out of order
descolocar {v}  :: to misplace, lose
descolonización {f}  :: decolonization
descolonizador {adj}  :: decolonizing; that which decolonizes
descolonizar {v}  :: to decolonize
descolorido {adj}  :: discolored, faded, pale, stained
descomedir {vr} [descomedirse]  :: To be without restraint
descompensación {f}  :: decompensation
descompensación {f}  :: unbalance, zero-sum game
descompensar {v}  :: to unbalance
descomponer {vtr} [and]  :: to decompose, rot
descomponer {vtr} [and]  :: to discompose, unsettle
descomponerse {vr}  :: to break down
descomposición {f}  :: decomposition
descompresión {f}  :: decompression
descompuesto {adj}  :: broken down, out of order
descompuesto {adj}  :: misbehaved (of someone who formerly was more behaved)
descompuesto {adj}  :: rotten, decayed
descompuesto {adj}  :: rude, impolite
descompuesto {adj}  :: showing one’s age, seen better days, worse for the wear (said of someone whose face or body has become less attractive with age)
descomulgar {v}  :: to excommunicate
descomunal {adj}  :: enormous, huge
desconcentración {f}  :: distraction
desconcentración {f} [politics]  :: decentralization
desconcentrar {v}  :: to cause to lose concentration
desconcertado {adj}  :: disconcerted, confused
desconcertante {adj}  :: baffling
desconcertar {vt}  :: to disconcert
desconcertarse {vr}  :: reflexive form of desconcertar
desconchado {m}  :: a chip; a damaged area of a surface
desconchar {v}  :: to chip; to damage the surface of something
desconcierto {m}  :: bewilderment, disorder, chaos
desconectado {adj}  :: disconnected
desconectado {adj}  :: off-line
desconectar {vt}  :: to disconnect
desconectar {vt}  :: to switch off
desconectarse {vr}  :: reflexive form of desconectar
desconexión {f}  :: disconnection
desconfianza {f}  :: mistrust, distrust
desconfiar {v}  :: to distrust, mistrust
descongelar {v}  :: to defrost
descongelar {v}  :: to thaw
descongelar {v}  :: to unfreeze
descongestión {f}  :: decongestion
descongestionar {v}  :: to decongest (to free from congestion)
desconocedor {adj}  :: unknowing
desconocer {v}  :: to not be familiar with
desconocida {f}  :: feminine noun of desconocido
desconocido {adj}  :: unknown
desconocido {f}  :: stranger (unknown person)
desconocido {m}  :: unknown
desconocimiento {m}  :: ignorance
desconsideración {f}  :: lack of consideration, thoughtlessness
desconsiderado {adj}  :: thoughtless, inconsiderate
desconsiderar {v}  :: to disregard, to fail to think of
desconsoladamente {adv}  :: disconsolately
desconsolado {adj}  :: disconsolate (inconsolable)
desconsolar {v}  :: to grieve, distress
desconsuelo {m}  :: grief
desconsuelo {m}  :: queasiness, uneasiness
descontaminación {f}  :: decontamination
descontaminar {v}  :: to decontaminate
descontar {v}  :: discount
descontento {adj}  :: unhappy, discontented
descontento {m}  :: discontent, dissatisfaction
descontextualización {f}  :: decontextualisation
descontextualizado {adj}  :: out of context
descontrol {m}  :: a lack of control or order; unruliness
descontrolado {adj}  :: uncontrolled, unruly, wild
descontrolar {vr}  :: to lose control, to lack control
descontrolarse {v}  :: to get out of control
desconvenir {v}  :: to disagree with
desconvocado {v}  :: past participle of desconvocar
desconvocar {v}  :: to call off, cancel
descoordinación {f}  :: lack of coordination
descoordinar {v}  :: To discoordinate
descorazonador {adj}  :: discouraging
descorbatado {adj}  :: tieless
descorchar {v}  :: to uncork
descorrelacionado {adj}  :: not correlated
descorrer {vt}  :: to draw back (curtains)
descorrer {vt}  :: to slide open (a bolt, latch, etc.)
descortezar {v}  :: to hull, to shell
descortezar {v}  :: to strip the bark off
descortés {adj}  :: impolite, discourteous
descoser {v}  :: to come undone, to fall apart
descoser {v}  :: to unstitch, to unravel
descosido {adj}  :: disconnected, unraveled
descoyuntar {v} [medicine]  :: to dislocate
descreer {v}  :: to discredit
descremado {adj}  :: skimmed, skim
describir {v}  :: to describe
describirse {vr}  :: reflexive form of describir
descripción {f}  :: description
descriptivo {adj}  :: descriptive
descruzar {v}  :: to uncross
descuartizar {v}  :: to cut into pieces
descubierta {f} [military]  :: reconnoitring, patrolling, exploration
descubierto {adj}  :: discovered
descubridor {adj}  :: discovering
descubridor {f}  :: discoverer
descubrimiento {m}  :: discovery
descubrimiento {m}  :: unveiling
descubrir {v}  :: to discover
descubrir {v}  :: to invent
descubrir {v}  :: to reveal
descubrirse {vr}  :: reflexive form of descubrir
descuento {m}  :: discount
descuerado {adj}  :: bald, hairless
descuida {interj}  :: don't worry
descuidado {adj}  :: unkempt
descuidar {v}  :: to neglect
descuidar {v}  :: to relieve from care
descuido {m}  :: incaution inattention
descuido {m}  :: mistake
descuido {m}  :: negligence
desde {prep}  :: from (a location)
desde {prep}  :: since
desde {prep}  :: starting at (a quantity, such as a price)
desdeñable {adj}  :: contemptible
desdeñar {v}  :: to disdain (scorn, despise)
desdecir {v}  :: to deny
desde hace {adv} [idiomatic]  :: since (time span)
desdel {contraction} [obsolete, before a singular masculine noun]  :: from the
desdel {contraction} [obsolete, before a singular masculine noun]  :: since, since the
desde luego {adv}  :: of course
desdentado {adj}  :: toothless (having no teeth)
desdeño {m}  :: disdain
desdeñosamente {adv}  :: disdainfully
desdeñoso {adj}  :: disdainful
desdibujar {v}  :: to blur
desdicha {f}  :: bad luck
desdichadamente {adv}  :: unhappily
desdichado {adj}  :: unhappy, unfortunate
Desdémona {prop} [astronomy]  :: Desdemona (moon of Uranus)
desdén {m}  :: disdain, scorn
desdoblamiento {m}  :: splitting
desdoblar {v}  :: to unfold
desdolarizar {v}  :: to de-dollarize
desdorar {v}  :: to ungild
desdramatizar {v}  :: to downplay (to portray as unimportant)
deseable {adj}  :: desirable
deseado {adj}  :: wanted, wished, desired
desear {v}  :: to desire
desear {v}  :: to wish
desecativo {adj}  :: desiccative
desechable {adj}  :: disposable
desechable {adj}  :: throwaway
desechar {v}  :: to discard
desechar {v}  :: to dismiss
desecho {m}  :: debris
desecho {m}  :: residue
desecho {m}  :: waste
de seguro {adv}  :: certainly; of course
desembalar {v}  :: to open, to unwrap
desembalar {v}  :: to unpack
desembalsar {v}  :: to release water from a reservoir
desembalse {m}  :: undamming
desembarazado {adj}  :: easygoing
desembarazado {adj}  :: free
desembarazar {v}  :: to clear, rid, get rid of
desembarcar {v}  :: to disembark
desembarco {m}  :: disembarkation, landing
desembarco {m}  :: unloading
desembocadura {f}  :: mouth (of a river)
desembocar {v}  :: to culminate
desembocar {v}  :: to flow
desembolsar {v}  :: to disburse
desembolsillar {v}  :: to lay out, to disburse (to spend an amount of money)
desembolso {m}  :: expenditure, outlay
desemborrachar {v}  :: to sober up; to become sober
desembrujar {v}  :: to disenchant, to exorcise out
desemejante {adj}  :: dissimilar, uneven, different
desempañar {v}  :: to demist, defog
desempacar {v}  :: to unpack
desempatar {v}  :: To break a tie, to act as a tiebreaker, to break the deadlock
desempate {m}  :: tiebreak; tiebreaker
desempeñar {v}  :: to fill out (as in applications)
desempeñar {v}  :: to hold, to serve as (as in a position)
desempeñar {v}  :: to play
desempeñar {v}  :: to serve (as in a function)
desempeño {m}  :: performance
desempleada {f}  :: feminine noun of desempleado
desempleado {adj}  :: unemployed
desempleado {f}  :: unemployed (person)
desempleo {m}  :: unemployment
desempolvar {v}  :: to dust off
desempotrador {m} [climbing]  :: stopper
desenamorar {v} [colloquial]  :: fall out of love
desenamorar {v}  :: to cause to fall out of love
desencabestrar {v}  :: to take off a halter
desencadenamiento {m}  :: triggering, unleashing
desencadenante {adj}  :: triggering, causing
desencadenante {m}  :: trigger, cause
desencadenar {v}  :: to trigger
desencadenar {v}  :: to unleash, to release
desencajar {v}  :: to dislocate
desencallar {v} [nautical]  :: to refloat
desencantador {m}  :: disappointer
desencantar {v}  :: to disenchant
desencanto {m}  :: demystification
desenchufar {v}  :: to unplug
desenclavar {v}  :: to unnail, to remove a nail
desenclavarse {vr}  :: reflexive form of desenclavar
desencontrarse {v}  :: to become separated from
desencriptar {v}  :: to decrypt
desencuentro {m}  :: discord, dissension
desencuentro {m}  :: failed meeting
desencuentro {m}  :: failure to meet
desendeudamiento {m}  :: coming out of debt
desendeudar {vr}  :: to recover from debt; to get out of debt
desendeudar {v}  :: to recover from debt; to get out of debt
desenfadado {n}  :: carefree, stressless
desenfadado {n}  :: casual
desenfado {m}  :: self-assurance, confidence
desenfocado {adj}  :: unfocused
desenfoque {m}  :: blurriness (state of being out of focus)
desenfrenado {adj}  :: wild, rampant
desenfreno {m}  :: lack of control, abandon, wildness
desenfundar {vt}  :: to draw, to take out
desengañar {vt}  :: to disabuse
desenganchar {v}  :: to unhitch
desengaño {m}  :: disappointment
desengaño {m}  :: Realization of the truth, especially after a period of deceit
desenlace {m}  :: outcome
desenmarañar {v}  :: to unravel
desenmascarar {v}  :: unmask
desenojar {vt}  :: to abandon or quell ones anger
desenojo {m}  :: The abandonment or quelling of anger
desenredar {v}  :: to untangle
desenrollar {v}  :: to unroll
desenroscar {v}  :: to uncoil
desenroscar {v}  :: to unscrew
desenroscarse {vr}  :: reflexive form of desenroscar
desensibilizar {v}  :: to desensitize
desentenderse {v}  :: to not want to have anything to do with
desenterrar {vt}  :: to dig up (something)
desenterrar {vt}  :: to exhume, to disinter
desentonar {v}  :: to clash, look out of place
desentrañar {v}  :: to disembowel
desentrenado {adj}  :: out of practice
desentumecer {v}  :: to loosen up
desenvainar {v}  :: to unsheathe
desenvoltura {f}  :: fluency, ease
desenvolver {vr}  :: to develop
desenvolver {vr}  :: to manage the situation
desenvolver {v}  :: to unwrap
desenvolvimiento {m}  :: development
desenvuelto {adj}  :: fluent, skilled
deseo {m}  :: desire
deseo {m}  :: wish
deseoso {adj}  :: desirous
desequilibrar {v}  :: to unbalance
desequilibrarse {vr}  :: to become unbalanced
desequilibrio {m}  :: disequilibrium
desequilibrio {m}  :: imbalance
deserción {f}  :: desertion
desertar {v}  :: to desert
desertícola {adj}  :: desert (attributive)
desertificación {f}  :: desertification
desertificar {v}  :: to desertify
desertización {f}  :: desertification
desertizar {v}  :: to desertify
desertor {f}  :: deserter
desertora {f}  :: feminine noun of desertor
desescalamiento {m}  :: de-escalation
desescalar {v}  :: to de-escalate
desescombrar {v}  :: to clear of rubbish or debris
desesperación {f}  :: desperation
desesperadamente {adv}  :: desperately
desesperadamente {adv}  :: hopelessly
desesperado {adj}  :: desperate
desesperado {adj}  :: hopeless
desesperante {adj}  :: infuriating
desesperanza {f}  :: hopelessness
desesperanzador {adj}  :: hopeless
desesperar {vr}  :: to despair (to be driven to despair)
desesperar {vt}  :: to despair, exasperate
desesperarse {vr}  :: reflexive form of desesperar
desestabilización {f}  :: destabilization
desestabilizador {adj}  :: destabilizing
desestabilizante {adj}  :: destabilising
desestabilizar {v}  :: to destabilize
desestacionalización {f}  :: seasonal adjustment
desestacionalizado {adj}  :: seasonally adjusted
desestacionalizar {v}  :: to seasonally adjust
desestalinización {f}  :: destalinization
desestigmatización {f}  :: destigmatization
desestimar {v}  :: to reject
desestructurar {v}  :: to destructure, to strip down, to dismantle
desfachatez {f}  :: cheek, cheekiness
desfalcador {m}  :: embezzler
desfalcar {v}  :: to embezzle
desfalco {m}  :: embezzlement
desfallecer {v}  :: to become weak, wear out
desfalleciente {adj}  :: dispirited, downtrodden
desfallecimiento {m} [archaic]  :: death, demise
desfallecimiento {m}  :: weariness, lassitude
desfasado {adj}  :: old-fashioned, outdated
desfasar {vp} [Spain]  :: to freak out, drop out, become a misfit (behave contrary to rules and conventions)
desfasar {v}  :: to change the timing of
desfasar {v}  :: to dephase, change the phase
desfase {f}  :: dephasing
desfase {f}  :: freak out, drop out
desfase {f}  :: jetlag
desfase {f}  :: mismatch, difference, gap
desfase {f}  :: phase difference, phase mismatch
desfase {f}  :: time difference, time mismatch
desfase horario {m}  :: jet lag
desfavorable {adj}  :: adverse; unfavorable
desfavorecedor {adj}  :: unfavorable
desfavorecer {v}  :: to work against, disfavor
desfavorecido {adj}  :: disadvantaged
desfibradora {f}  :: shredder
desfibrilación {f}  :: defibrillation
desfibrilador {m}  :: defibrillator
desfiguración {f}  :: disfigurement
desfigurar {v}  :: to disfigure
desfiladero {m}  :: ravine, defile (narrow pass)
desfilar {vi}  :: to parade
desfile {m}  :: parade
desflorar {vt}  :: to deflower
desflurano {m} [medicine]  :: desflurane
desfogar {v} [colloquial]  :: to let off steam
desfogar {v}  :: to deflower
desfondamiento {m}  :: breakage
desfondar {vt}  :: To break (by causing the bottom of something to come out)
desforestación {f}  :: deforestation
desforestado {adj}  :: deforested
desforzar {v}  :: to enjoy taking revenge
desforzar {v}  :: to revenge
desgajar {v}  :: to tear off
desgana {f}  :: reluctance, reticence
desganado {adj}  :: gumptionless, sluggish
desganado {adj}  :: hungerless
desganado {adj}  :: sad
desgano {m}  :: apathy
desgarbado {adj}  :: ungainly, awkward, inelegant, lacking poise
desgarrador {adj}  :: heartbreaking, overwhelming
desgarradoramente {adv}  :: overwhelmingly
desgarramiento {m}  :: ripping, tearing
desgarramiento {m}  :: upheaval
desgarrar {v}  :: to tear or rip
desgarrarse {vr}  :: reflexive form of desgarrar
desgastante {adj}  :: tiring, wearing
desgastar {v}  :: to wear down
desgastar {vt}  :: to use up or wear out
desgaste {m}  :: wear
desglosar {v}  :: to itemize
desglose {m}  :: breakdown (listing or categorization in great detail)
desgobierno {m}  :: misgovernment
desgracia {f}  :: accident, disaster
desgracia {f}  :: bad luck
desgracia {f}  :: disgrace
desgracia {f}  :: misfortune
desgraciada {f}  :: feminine noun of desgraciado
desgraciadamente {adv}  :: unfortunately; unluckily
desgraciado {adj}  :: unfortunate
desgraciado {f}  :: jerk, idiot, moron
desgraciado {f}  :: unfortunate person
desgraciar {v}  :: to punish
desgraciar {v}  :: to ruin
desgranar {v}  :: to shuck
desgranar {v}  :: to spell out
desgravación {f}  :: (tax) relief
desgravar {v} [finance]  :: to deduct, to write off
desgreñado {adj}  :: seedy, untidy, unkempt
desgreñado {adj}  :: shaggy
desguace {m}  :: scrapping
desguace {m}  :: scrapyard, junkyard
desguanguañar {v} [Nicaragua]  :: To disembowel, to rip the innards out of
desguazado {m}  :: boat breaking
desguazador {m}  :: breaker, stripper
desguazar {v}  :: to destroy, cut into pieces
desguazar {v}  :: to scrap (dispose at the scrapyard)
desguinzar {v}  :: to cut cloth or rags
deshabitado {adj}  :: uninhabited
deshacer {vr}  :: to come undone
deshacer {vr}  :: to get rid of (deshacerse de alguien o algo)
deshacer {vr}  :: to melt (deshacerse el hielo)
deshacer {vt}  :: to undo
deshalogenación {f} [chemistry]  :: dehalogenation
deshebrar {v}  :: to shred, to tear to pieces
deshebrar {v}  :: to unravel
deshecho {adj}  :: destroyed
deshecho {adj} [figuratively]  :: demoralized, disheartened
deshecho {adj} [figuratively]  :: very tired or exhausted, strengthless
deshecho {adj}  :: melted (ice, gelatine)
deshecho {adj}  :: reverted (a command, magic, witchcraft, effect, etc.)
deshecho {adj}  :: undone
deshelar {v}  :: to melt
desheredar {v}  :: to disinherit
deshidratación {f}  :: dehydration
deshidratado {adj}  :: dehydrated
deshidratar {v}  :: to dehydrate
deshidrogenación {f} [chemistry]  :: dehydrogenation
deshidrogenasa {f} [enzyme]  :: dehydrogenase
deshidroxilación {f} [chemistry]  :: dehydroxylation
deshielo {m}  :: defrosting
deshielo {m}  :: thaw
deshilachar {v}  :: to fray
deshilvanar {v}  :: to untack
deshinchar {v}  :: to deflate
deshinchar {v}  :: to let down (a tire, balloon etc.)
deshinchar {v}  :: to let out (rage, stress etc.)
deshojar {v}  :: to defoliate; to remove the leaves from a plant or petals from a flower
deshojar {v}  :: to peel or husk
deshojar {v}  :: to tear pages from a book
deshonestamente {adv}  :: dishonestly
deshonestidad {f}  :: dishonesty
deshonesto {adj}  :: dishonest
deshonor {m}  :: dishonor
deshonra {f} [obsolete, legal]  :: attainder
deshonrar {v}  :: to dishonor
deshora {f}  :: a inconvenient, inopportune, or embarrassing moment of time
deshuesar {v}  :: to debone, to bone
deshuesar {v}  :: to remove the pit from
deshumanidad {f}  :: inhumanity
deshumanización {f}  :: dehumanisation
deshumanizar {v}  :: to dehumanize
desidentificación {f}  :: disidentification
desidia {f}  :: negligence, inertia
desidia {f}  :: procrastination
desierto {adj}  :: desert
desierto {adj}  :: empty (of people)
desierto {adj}  :: uninhabited
desierto {m}  :: desert
designación {f}  :: designation
designar {v}  :: to designate
designio {m}  :: intention, purpose, plan
desigual {adj}  :: changeable (variable, cambiante)
desigual {adj}  :: unequal (descompensado)
desigual {adj}  :: uneven (irregular, poco igualado)
desigualdad {f}  :: inequality
desigualitario {adj}  :: nonegalitarian
desigualmente {adv}  :: unequally
desilusión {f}  :: disappointment
desilusión {f}  :: disillusion
desilusionado {adj}  :: disappointed
desilusionado {adj}  :: disillusioned
desilusionar {v}  :: to disappoint
desilusionar {v}  :: to disillusion
desincentivar {v}  :: deter, act as a disincentive
desincentivo {m}  :: deterrent
desindustrialización {f}  :: deindustrialisation
desinencia {f} [grammar]  :: ending or termination that is attached to a word stem
desinfectante {adj}  :: disinfectant
desinfectante {m}  :: disinfectant
desinfectar {v}  :: to disinfect
desinflación {f}  :: disinflation
desinflar {v}  :: to deflate
desinformación {f}  :: disinformation, misinformation
desinformado {adj}  :: uninformed
desinhibición {f}  :: disinhibition
desinhibido {adj}  :: abandoned; without restraint
desinhibir {v}  :: to liberate, to free from inhibition
desinsectar {v}  :: to remove or clear insects (from an area)
desinstalar {v}  :: to uninstall
desintegración {f}  :: disintegration
desintegrar {v}  :: to disintegrate
desintegrarse {vr}  :: reflexive form of desintegrar
desinteresadamente {adv}  :: disinterestedly
desinteresado {adj}  :: unselfish, selfless
desinteresar {v}  :: to lose interest, to become uninterested
desintermediación {f}  :: disintermediation
desinterés {m}  :: disinterest
desintoxicación {f}  :: detoxification
desintoxicar {v}  :: to detoxify, detoxicate
desinversión {f}  :: disinvestment
desinvertir {v}  :: to divest
desionizar {v}  :: deionize
desistir {v} [legal]  :: to waive a right
desistir {v}  :: to desist
desjudicializar {v}  :: to dejudicialize
deslavazado {adj}  :: disjointed, incoherent
deslave {m} [Latin America]  :: landslide (natural disaster)
deslave {m} [Latin America]  :: landslide (vote won by overwhelming majority)
desleal {adj}  :: disloyal
deslealtad {f}  :: disloyalty
deslegitimación {f}  :: delegitimization
deslegitimar {v}  :: to delegitimize, to discredit
deslenguado {adj}  :: bigmouthed, indiscreet
deslenguado {adj}  :: informer, betrayer
deslenguar {v}  :: to remove or cut out the tongue
deslenguarse {v}  :: to speak brashly without education
desleír {v}  :: to dilute
desleír {v}  :: to dissolve
desligar {vr}  :: to shake off
desligar {v}  :: to untie, to unravel
deslindar {v}  :: to delimit
deslinde {m}  :: borderline
deslinde {m}  :: limit
desliteraturización {f}  :: The reduction of literature
desliz {m}  :: blunder
desliz {m}  :: slip, lapse
deslizadero {m} [El Salvador]  :: slide (toy for children)
deslizamiento {m}  :: slide
deslizamiento {m}  :: slipping
deslizar {v}  :: to slip
deslocalizable {adj}  :: outsourceable, relocatable
deslocalización {f} [chemistry]  :: delocalization
deslocalización {f}  :: relocation, offshoring
deslocalizar {v}  :: to relocate
deslucimiento {m}  :: fading, spoiling
deslucir {v}  :: to spoil, tarnish, mark, take the shine off
deslumbramiento {m}  :: confusion, bewilderment, bafflement, bedazzlement
deslumbramiento {m}  :: dazzling, dazzle, glare, blinding [from glaring lights]
deslumbramiento {m} [figurative]  :: blindness
deslumbrante {adj}  :: dazzling
deslumbrar {vt} [figuratively]  :: to dazzle, amaze
deslumbrar {vt} [literally]  :: to dazzle, to blind temporarily
deslustrar {v}  :: to dull
desmañado {adj}  :: clumsy, awkward
desmadejar {v}  :: to unravel
desmadrar {vr}  :: to fall apart, to fall to bits
desmadrar {v}  :: to ruin, to mess up, to spoil
desmadrar {v}  :: To separate a baby animal from its mother
desmadre {m} [Mexico, slang]  :: disorder; chaos; mess
desmandar {vr}  :: to go astray
desmandar {vr}  :: to overstep
desmandar {vt}  :: to countermand, rescind
desmantelamiento {m}  :: dismantlement
desmantelar {v}  :: to dismantle
desmarcado {adj}  :: dissociated
desmarcado {adj}  :: unmarked (without a mark)
desmarcar {vr}  :: to dissociate oneself from
desmarcar {vt}  :: to unmark (to remove marks)
desmarimbar {v} [Nicaragua]  :: to break, destroy, ruin
desmarimbar {v} [Nicaragua]  :: to fall from a high place
desmayado {adj}  :: pale; dull
desmayado {adj}  :: weak; fainting
desmayar {vr}  :: to faint (lose consciousness)
desmayarse {v}  :: To faint
desmayo {m}  :: swoon, faint (act of fainting)
desmedido {adj}  :: excessive
desmejorar {v}  :: to weaken
desmelenar {vr} [colloquial]  :: to lose one's composure, let one's hair down
desmelenar {vt}  :: to dishevel, to ruffle the hair of
desmembramiento {m}  :: dismemberment
desmembrar {v}  :: to dismantle
desmemoria {f}  :: forgetfulness
desmentido {m}  :: refutation, denial
desmentir {v}  :: to belie; to give a false representation
desmentir {v}  :: to refute
desmenuzar {v}  :: to crumble
desmenuzar {v}  :: to fine-tooth comb
desmerecer {v}  :: to criticize
desmesura {f}  :: excess
desmesura {f}  :: lack of measuring or control
desmesuradamente {adv}  :: inordinately
desmesurar {v}  :: to shake up, mess up, disrupt
desmetilación {f} [organic chemistry]  :: demethylation
desmigajar {v}  :: to crumble
desmigajar {v}  :: to grind up
desmigar {v}  :: to crumble (make into crumbs)
desmilitarización {f}  :: demilitarization
desmilitarizado {adj}  :: demilitarized
desmina {f} [protein]  :: desmin
desminador {m}  :: deminer
desminar {v}  :: to demine
desmitificación {f}  :: demystification (the removal of mystery or confusion surrounding a topic or idea)
desmitificar {v}  :: to demystify
desmán {m}  :: desman (animal)
desmán {m}  :: outrage (not an animal)
deísmo {m}  :: deism
desmochar {v}  :: to blunt, make blunt
desmodulación {f}  :: demodulation
desmoldar {v}  :: to unmold
desmontable {adj}  :: detachable
desmontadura {m}  :: clearing, leveling
desmontadura {m}  :: deforestation
desmontaje {m}  :: taking down, putting down
desmontar {vt}  :: to alight, to dismount, to unhorse
desmontar {vt}  :: to clear, to stub (cut a forest)
desmontar {vt}  :: to dismantle, to strip apart
desmontar {vt}  :: to level off (with respect to terrain)
desmontar {vt}  :: to uncock (a firearm)
desmonte {m}  :: clearance
desmonte {m}  :: forest clearing
desmonterarse {vr} [bullfighting]  :: to take off one's cap
desmoralización {f}  :: demoralization
desmoralizador {adj}  :: demoralizing
desmoralizante {adj}  :: daunting, intimidating
desmoralizar {v}  :: to corrupt
desmoralizar {v}  :: to demoralize
desmorir {v}  :: To undie
desmoronamiento {m}  :: collapse, breakdown
desmoronar {v}  :: to erode
desmoronarse {vr}  :: reflexive form of desmoronar
desmotivación {f}  :: demotivation
desmotivar {v}  :: to demotivate, to discourage
desmovilización {f}  :: demobilization
desmovilizar {v}  :: to demobilize
desnacer {v}  :: To become unborn
desnatar {v}  :: to remove slag from molten metal
desnatar {v}  :: to remove the best part from something
desnatar {v}  :: to remove the cream from milk
desnatar {v}  :: to skim
desnaturalización {f} [protein]  :: denaturation
desnaturalizado {adj}  :: denaturalized
desnaturalizado {adj}  :: denatured
desnaturalizar {v} [chemistry]  :: to denature
desnaturalizar {v}  :: to denaturalize, to denature
desánimo {m}  :: dejection
desnivel {m}  :: difference of altitude
desnivel {m}  :: unevenness, inequality
desnivelar {v}  :: to make unlevel or uneven
desnortado {adj}  :: aimless, goalless, wandering
desnortado {adj}  :: clueless
desnucar {v}  :: to break someone's neck
desnuclearización {f}  :: denuclearization
desnudar {vt}  :: to undress, to strip
desnudarse {vr}  :: reflexive form of desnudar
desnudez {f}  :: nudity, nakedness
desnudista {m}  :: nudist
desnudo {adj}  :: bare
desnudo {adj}  :: dispossessed, destitute
desnudo {adj}  :: naked, nude, undressed
desnudo {adj}  :: plain, clear, manifest
desnutrición {f}  :: malnutrition
desnutrido {adj}  :: undernourished
desnutrir {v}  :: To starve
desobedecer {v}  :: to disobey
desobediencia {f}  :: disobedience
desobediente {adj}  :: disobedient
desobstruir {vt}  :: To clear, deobstruct, or unblock
desocupación {f} [countable]  :: vacancy
desocupación {f} [Latin America, uncountable]  :: unemployment
desocupar {v}  :: to vacate
desodorante {m}  :: deodorant
desolación {f}  :: desolation
desolado {adj}  :: desolate, brokenhearted, bleak (sad, hopeless)
desolado {adj}  :: desolate (deserted, unfit for habitation)
desolador {adj}  :: heartbreaking
desoladoramente {adv}  :: desolatedly
desolar {vr}  :: to grieve
desolar {v}  :: to desolate, destroy
de sol a sol {adj} [idiomatic]  :: from dusk to dawn
desollar {v}  :: to flay
de sopetón {adv} [idiom]  :: suddenly, out of the blue
desoír {v}  :: to ignore
desorbitado {adj}  :: exorbitant
desorbitado {v}  :: past participle of desorbitar
desorden {m}  :: disorder
desordenadamente {adv}  :: disorderly, untidily, messily
desordenadamente {adv}  :: inordinately
desordenado {adj}  :: messy
desordenar {v}  :: to mess up; to make less tidy
desorejar {v} [bullfighting]  :: to cut off the ears
desorganización {f}  :: disorganization
desorganizado {adj}  :: disorganized, untidy
desorganizar {vt}  :: to disorganize
desorientación {f}  :: disorientation
desorientado {adj}  :: disorientated, lost, confused
desorientar {v}  :: to disorient
desosar {v}  :: to debone
desosegar {v}  :: to make uneasy
de soslayo {adv}  :: askance, sideways
desovar {v}  :: to spawn, lay eggs
desove {m}  :: spawning, laying of eggs
desoxiazúcar {f} [organic compound]  :: deoxy sugar
desoxirribonucleótido {m} [biochemistry]  :: deoxyribonucleotide
desoxirribosa {f} [carbohydrate]  :: deoxyribose
despabilar {v}  :: to kick into action, kick into shape
despabilar {v}  :: to knock out, churn out (do something quickly)
despabilar {v}  :: to snuff (a candle)
despabilar {v}  :: to wake up, stir up, awaken
despachar {v}  :: (store) to attend or serve
despachar {v}  :: to complete
despachar {v}  :: to dismiss
despachar {v}  :: to finish off
despachar {v}  :: to kill off
despachar {v}  :: to send or ship
despacho {m}  :: dispatch
despacho {m}  :: office
despacio {adv} [Latin American Spanish]  :: quietly
despacio {adv}  :: slowly
despaciosidad {f}  :: slowness, laggardness
despacito {adv}  :: diminutive form of despacio
despalmizar {v}  :: to remove palm (trees) from a place
despampanante {adj} [colloquial]  :: stunning
despampanar {v} [colloquial]  :: to stun, bewilder, blow someone's mind
despampanar {vr}  :: to get a knock (injury)
despampanar {v}  :: to prune
desparasitación {f}  :: elimination of parasites
desparasitar {v}  :: to delouse
desparecer {v}  :: alternative spelling of desaparecer
desparpajar {vp} [Central America]  :: to twaddle, chatter (talk gibberish or messy)
desparpajar {v}  :: to scatter
desparpajar {v}  :: to wake up
desparpajo {m} [Central America]  :: mess, disorder
desparpajo {m} [Central America]  :: messy talk
desparramar {v}  :: to splatter
despatarrante {adj}  :: hilarious
despatarrar {vr}  :: to open the legs (wide)
despatarrar {vr}  :: to sprawl
despatarrar {v}  :: to amaze, confound
despatarrar {v}  :: to scare, frighten (to death)
despavorido {adj}  :: terrified, petrified
despeñadero {m}  :: cliff
despeñarse {v}  :: to fall or jump off a cliff
despechado {adj}  :: spiteful, resentful
despecho {m}  :: despair
despecho {m}  :: spite, resentment, anger, disappointment
despechugado {adj}  :: bare-breasted, shirtless
despectivamente {adv}  :: derogatorily, pejoratively
despectivo {adj}  :: pejorative
despedazamiento {m}  :: ripping/tearing apart, shredding to pieces
despedazar {v}  :: to break someone's heart
despedazar {v}  :: to break the law
despedazar {v}  :: to tear to pieces
despedida {f}  :: farewell
despedida {f}  :: farewell party
despedida a la francesa {f} [informal]  :: French leave; a sudden or unannounced departure, or one taken without permission; to go AWOL
despedido {adj}  :: laid off, dismissed (employees)
despedir {vr}  :: de To say goodbye to someone
despedir {v}  :: to dismiss
despedir {v}  :: to fire from a job
despedirse {v}  :: to bid farewell
despedirse {v}  :: to say goodbye
despedirse a la francesa {v}  :: to leave without saying goodbye
despegar {v}  :: to detach
despegar {v}  :: to take off, remove
despegue {m}  :: takeoff (rising of an aircraft)
despeinado {adj}  :: uncombed
despeinado {adj}  :: unkept, unkempt
despeinar {v}  :: to take down the hair of
despeinarse {vr}  :: to take down one's hair
despejado {adj}  :: clear (free of clouds)
despejado {adj}  :: clear (free of obstacles)
despejar {vr} [despejarse]  :: to clear up
despejar {vr} [despejarse]  :: to get a clear mind, clear one's thoughts
despejar {vr} [despejarse]  :: to get away, to leave
despejar {v}  :: to clear; to remove
despellejar {v}  :: to criticize
despellejar {v}  :: to skin
despelotar {vr}  :: to strip off, (get undressed)
despelotar {v}  :: to deball, emasculate, or cause a fracas
despelote {m}  :: fracas or hot mess
despenalización {f}  :: depenalization
despenalizar {vt}  :: to depenalize, to decriminalize
despenar {v}  :: to console
despenar {v}  :: to put out of one's misery
despendolado {adj}  :: wild; untamed
despensa {f}  :: pantry
despepitar {v}  :: to seed
desperdiciar {v}  :: to waste
desperdicio {m}  :: waste
desperdigado {adj}  :: scattered, all over the place
desperezarse {v}  :: to stretch (oneself)
desperfecto {m}  :: flaw, defect
despersonalización {f}  :: depersonalization
despersonalizar {v}  :: to depersonalize
despertador {m}  :: alarm clock
despertamiento {m} [rare]  :: awakening
despertar {m}  :: Awakening
despertar {v}  :: to awake
despertar {v}  :: to awaken
despertar {v}  :: to wake
despertar {v}  :: to wake up
despertarse {vr}  :: reflexive form of despertar To wake up (stop sleeping)
despezar {v}  :: to taper
despiadadamente {adv}  :: relentlessly
despiadado {adj}  :: unmerciful, ruthless
despidida {f}  :: farewell party
despido {m}  :: dismissal
despido {m}  :: layoff
despierto {adj}  :: awake
despiezar {v}  :: quarter, cut up
despiezar {v}  :: take apart
despilfarrar {v}  :: to squander
despilfarro {m}  :: waste, waste of money, squandering
despintar {v}  :: to remove the paint from
despiojar {v}  :: to delouse
despiporre {m}  :: mayhem, madness
despistar {v}  :: to throw off track
despiste {m}  :: absent-mindedness
despiste {m}  :: slip, slip-up (error)
desplante {m}  :: cheek, arrogance
desplante {m}  :: lack of respect
desplante {m}  :: rude remark
desplazable {adj}  :: moving, sliding, moveable
desplazamiento {m}  :: motion
desplazamiento {m}  :: offset, shift
desplazamiento {m} [physics]  :: displacement
desplazar {v}  :: to displace
desplazar {v}  :: to move
desplazarse {vr}  :: reflexive form of desplazar
desplegable {adj} [computing]  :: pull-down
desplegable {adj}  :: fold-out, folding, foldable
desplegable {adj}  :: pull-out
desplegable {f}  :: pullout
desplegar {v}  :: to deploy, unfold
desplegarse {vr}  :: reflexive form of desplegar
despliegue {f}  :: deployment
despliegue {f}  :: unfolding
desplomarse {v}  :: to collapse
desplome {m}  :: collapse
desplumar {v} [colloquial]  :: to plunder, rob
desplumar {v}  :: to pluck (remove feathers)
despoblación {f}  :: depopulation
despoblado {adj}  :: unpopulated
despoblamiento {m}  :: depopulation
despoblar {v}  :: to depopulate
despojado {adj}  :: bare
despojar {vr}  :: to divest oneself of
despojar {vt}  :: to strip, clear, leave bare
despojo {m}  :: pillage, plunder (action)
despojo {m}  :: scourge
despolitización {f}  :: depoliticization
despolitizar {v}  :: to depoliticize
despolvar {v}  :: dusting, the act of removing dust from, as a household chore
despolvar {vtr} [or]  :: to dust (to remove dust). Synonym of desempolvar
desportillar {v}  :: to chip (to break a small piece from)
desposar {vp}  :: to be married
desposar {vp}  :: to get engaged
desposar {vt}  :: to marry
desposeer {v}  :: to take away someone's possessions; to deprive
despotismo {m}  :: despotism
despotricar {v} [colloquial]  :: sound off, rant
despreciable {adj}  :: despicable, contemptible
despreciable {adj}  :: negligible
despreciar {v}  :: to despise, to scorn
despreciativo {adj}  :: derogatory
despreciativo {adj}  :: scornful
desprecintar {v}  :: to unseal
desprecio {m}  :: scorn, contempt
desprejuiciado {adj}  :: unbiased, unprejudiced
desprender {v}  :: to detach
desprenderse {vr}  :: reflexive form of desprender
desprendimiento {m}  :: landslide
desprendimiento {m}  :: loosening
despreocupación {f}  :: carefreeness
despreocupado {adj}  :: carefree, careless (not concerned or worried)
despreocupado {adj}  :: careless (not giving sufficient attention or thought)
desprestigiar {v}  :: to discredit
desprevenido {adj}  :: unaware, oblivious
desprevenido {adj}  :: unprepared
desprevenido {adj}  :: unsuspecting
desprivatización {f}  :: deprivatization
desprolijo {adj}  :: sloppy, messy, unkempt
desproporción {f}  :: disproportion
desproporcionadamente {adv}  :: disproportionally
desproporcionado {adj}  :: disproportionate, undue
despropósito {m}  :: nonsense
desprotección {f}  :: defencelessness, lack of protection
desproteger {v}  :: to unprotect
desproveer {v}  :: to deprive someone of their possessions
desprovisto {adj}  :: lacking, devoid
despóticamente {adv}  :: despotically
despótico {adj}  :: despotic
despuntar {v}  :: to blunt
despuntar {v}  :: to stand out (excel)
después {adv} [followed by “de”]  :: after
después {adv}  :: later
después {adv}  :: next
desquiciado {adj}  :: crazy, strange (mentally disturbed)
desquiciante {adj}  :: maddening
desquiciar {v}  :: to derange, drive crazy
desquiciar {v}  :: to unhinge
desquitar {vr}  :: to take revenge, pay back
desquitar {vt}  :: to compensate
desquitarse {vr}  :: reflexive form of desquitar
desquite {m}  :: revenge
desrabar {v}  :: to cut off the tail; to dock
desrabotar {v}  :: to cut off the tail; to dock
desradicalización {f}  :: deradicalization
desratizar {v}  :: to remove or clear rats (from an area)
desregulación {f}  :: deregulation
desregular {v}  :: to deregulate
desregulatorio {adj}  :: deregulatory
desresponsabilizado {adj}  :: no longer responsible
desértico {adj}  :: desert; of or pertaining to the desert
deísta {m}  :: deist
destacable {adj}  :: notable, noteworthy
destacado {adj}  :: outstanding, notable
destacamento {m} [military]  :: detachment, detail
destacar {v} [military]  :: to detach troops
destacar {v}  :: to emphasize
destacar {v}  :: to stand out
destacarse {vr}  :: reflexive form of destacar
destajo {m}  :: piece work
destapar {v}  :: to open
destape {m} [Mexico]  :: disclosure
destartalado {adj}  :: outlandish, outrageous
destartalar {v}  :: to ruin, beat up
desteñir {v}  :: to fade
destellar {v}  :: to sparkle, twinkle
destello {m}  :: sparkle
destello {m}  :: sparkling
destemplar {vr} [music]  :: To get out of tune
destemplar {vr}  :: To get sick
destemplar {vt}  :: To cause to be out of shape
destemplar {vt}  :: To cause to go out of tune
destemplar {vt}  :: To mess up
destemple {m}  :: tunelessness (quality or state of being out of tune)
destensar {v}  :: to loosen, to untighten
desternillante {adj}  :: side-splitting, hilarious
desternillar {vr}  :: to crack up, laugh one's head off
desternillar {v}  :: to crack up (make laugh)
desternillarse {v}  :: to laugh one's head off, to crack up
desternille {m}  :: side-splitter, hilarity
desterrar {vt}  :: to exile
desterrarse {vr}  :: reflexive form of desterrar
destetar {v}  :: to wean
destiempo {adv}  :: not in time
destiempo {adv}  :: untimely, at the wrong time, inopportunely
destiempo {adv}  :: without regard to time; asynchronously
destierro {m}  :: exile
destierro {m}  :: wilderness
destilación {f}  :: distillation
destilar {v}  :: to distill
destilar {v}  :: to exude
destilar {v}  :: to filter
destilería {f}  :: distillery
destinación {f}  :: goal, aim
destinar {v}  :: to appoint
destinarse {vr}  :: reflexive form of destinar
destinataria {f}  :: addressee (the person or organization to which something, such as a letter or message, is addressed, for whom the item is intended)
destinatario {f}  :: addressee (the person or organization to which something, such as a letter or message, is addressed, for whom the item is intended)
destino {m}  :: destination
destino {m}  :: destiny, fate
destino {m}  :: position, post
destitución {f}  :: dismissal
destituido {adj}  :: Fired
destituir {v}  :: to cashier (dismiss from service)
destituir {v}  :: to dismiss, sack, lay off
destocar {v}  :: to remove the hat of
destorcer {v}  :: to untwist
destornillador {m}  :: screwdriver (a tool used to turn screws)
destornillar {v}  :: to unscrew
destrabar {v}  :: to remove obstacles or hindrances
destraillar {v}  :: to unleash
destrepar {v}  :: to climb down
destrepe {m}  :: climbdown
destreza {f}  :: skill
destripador {f}  :: ripper (murderer who kills and often mutilates victims with a blade)
destripadora {f}  :: feminine noun of destripador
destripar {v}  :: to disembowel
destripar {v}  :: to gut
destronar {v}  :: to depose
destrozado {adj}  :: devastated
destrozado {adj}  :: torn, ripped
destrozar {v}  :: to destroy, to break
destrozo {m}  :: destruction
destrozo {m}  :: massacre
destrucción {f}  :: destruction
destructible {adj}  :: destructible
destructivo {adj}  :: destructive
destructor {adj}  :: destroying
destructor {adj}  :: destructive
destructor {f}  :: destroyer (warship)
destructor {f}  :: destructor
destructora {f}  :: feminine noun of destructor
destruible {adj}  :: destructible
destruido {adj}  :: destroyed
destruir {v}  :: to destroy
destruirse {vr}  :: reflexive form of destruir
desturcar {v} [Nicaragua, vulgar]  :: to be or go insane (i.e. "desturcado mental")
desturcar {v} [Nicaragua, vulgar]  :: to break, destroy
desubicado {adj} [Latin America]  :: unseemly
desulfurización {f}  :: desulphurization
desulfurizador {adj}  :: desulfurizing
desunión {f}  :: breakage, breakup, separation
desunión {f}  :: disunity
desunir {v}  :: to divide
desusado {adj}  :: Disused; obsolete
desuso {m}  :: abeyance; stay
desvainar {v}  :: to shell (remove the covering of a vegetable)
desvalido {adj}  :: helpless
desvalijar {v}  :: to rob, clean out (rob everything someone has)
desvalorización {f}  :: devaluation
desvalorizar {v}  :: to devalue, to depreciate
desvanecer {v}  :: to vanish
desvanecerse {vr}  :: reflexive form of desvanecer
desvanecimiento {m}  :: disappearance
desvaír {v}  :: to lose color, strength or intensity
desvariante {adj}  :: delusional
desvariar {v}  :: to become delusional, to lose one's mind
desvarío {m}  :: delirium
desvelado {adj}  :: unable to sleep
desvelar {vr} [figuratively]  :: to work tirelessly
desvelar {vr}  :: to be vigilant
desvelar {vt}  :: to keep awake
desvelar {vt}  :: to reveal, unveil
desvellado {adj}  :: bald, hairless
desvelo {m}  :: insomnia
desvelo {m}  :: worry, anxiety
desvencijado {adj}  :: ramshackle
desvencijado {adj}  :: rickety
desvencijar {v}  :: to break down
desventaja {f}  :: disadvantage, drawback, downside, weakness
desventajosamente {adv}  :: disadvantageously, unprofitably, unfavorably
desventajoso {adj}  :: disadvantageous, unprofitable, unfavorable
desventura {f}  :: misfortune
desventura {f}  :: trouble
desventura {f}  :: unhappiness
desventurado {adj}  :: ill-fated, doomed
desventurado {adj}  :: unfortunate, luckless
desvergüenza {f}  :: shamelessness, impudence
desvergonzadamente {adv}  :: shamelessly, or unblushingly
desvergonzado {adj}  :: shameless
desvergue {m} [slang, El Salvador]  :: mess
desvergue {m} [slang, Guatemala]  :: party
desvertebrar {n}  :: to dislocate
desvertebrar {n}  :: to disrupt, strip
desvestir {v}  :: to undress
desvestirse {vr}  :: to get undressed
desviación {f}  :: detour
desviación {f}  :: deviation
desviacionismo {m}  :: deviationism
desviado {adj}  :: aberrated
desviado {adj}  :: detoured
desviado {adj}  :: redirected
desviar {v}  :: to detour, deviate
desviarse {vr}  :: (reflexive form of desviar)
desvinculación {f}  :: separation
desvinculación asistida {f}  :: outplacement (the process of helping to find new employment for redundant workers)
desvincular {v}  :: to separate from
desvirgar {vt}  :: to deflower
desvirtuación {f}  :: lack of virtues
desvirtuación {f}  :: nullification
desvirtuar {v}  :: to distort
desvivirse {v}  :: to deepy care
desvivirse {v}  :: to long, to yearn
desván {m}  :: attic, loft
desvío {m}  :: detour, diversion
desvío {m}  :: deviation
desvío {m}  :: redirection
detalladamente {adv}  :: in detail
detallado {adj}  :: detailed, intricate
detallar {v}  :: to detail
detalle {m}  :: detail
detalle {m}  :: gesture, beau geste, attention
detalle {m}  :: nice thought
detallismo {m}  :: attention to detail
detallista {adj}  :: thoughtful
detallito {m}  :: diminutive form of detalle: small or minor detail
de tal palo, tal astilla {proverb}  :: chip off the old block
de tapadillo {adv} [idiomatic]  :: in secret; on the hush-hush
de tarde a tarde {adv} [idiomatic]  :: occasionally; once in a while; now and then; from time to time
detección {f}  :: detection
detectable {adj}  :: detectable
detectar {v}  :: to detect
detectarse {vr}  :: reflexive form of detectar
detective {m}  :: detective
detector {m}  :: detector
detector de metal {m}  :: metal detector
detención {f}  :: arrest
detención {f}  :: detention
detención {f}  :: stopping, halt
detener {v}  :: to arrest
detener {v}  :: to detain
detener {v}  :: to stop, halt
detenerse {vr}  :: reflexive form of detener To stop oneself
detenida {f}  :: feminine noun of detenido
detenidamente {adv}  :: dilatorily, cautiously, attentively
detenido {adj}  :: arrested
detenido {adj}  :: stopped
detenido {adj}  :: thorough, careful
detenido {f}  :: detainee
detenido {f}  :: prisoner, arrested person
detenimiento {m}  :: thoroughness
detentar {v}  :: to hold or retain
detente {m}  :: An amulet or talisman carried for protection against harm
detente {m}  :: A painted or embroidered image of a saint carried over the heart to ward off danger or attack
detente {m}  :: détente (period of history involving calming of tension between the USSR and the U.S.)
Detente, bala {phrase}  :: Stop, bullet
detentor {m}  :: holder
detentor {m}  :: lockshield valve
detergente {adj}  :: detergent
detergente {m}  :: detergent
deterger {v}  :: to cleanse, to deterge
deterioración {f}  :: deterioration
deteriorar {v}  :: to worsen, deteriorate
deterioro {m}  :: deterioration, damage
determinación {f}  :: decision
determinación {f}  :: determination
determinación {f}  :: firmness
determinado {adj}  :: determinate
determinado {adj}  :: specific, particular, certain
determinante {m} [grammar]  :: determiner
determinante {m} [linear algebra]  :: determinant
determinar {v}  :: to determine
determinismo {m}  :: determinism
determinista {m}  :: determinist
detestable {adj}  :: detestable
detestar {v}  :: to detest, to loathe, to abominate
de todos modos {adv}  :: anyway, in any case
detonación {f}  :: detonation, explosion
detonador {f}  :: detonator
detonante {m}  :: detonator, trigger
detonar {v}  :: to detonate
detractor {f}  :: detractor
detractora {f}  :: detractor
detraer {v}  :: to denigrate, disparage
detraer {v}  :: to remove, separate
de tres al cuarto {adj} [idiom]  :: rubbish, shoddy, worthless
detrimento {m}  :: detriment
detrito {m}  :: debris, detritus
detritus {m}  :: detritus
Detroit {prop}  :: Detroit (largest city and former capital of Michigan)
detrás {adv}  :: after
detrás {adv}  :: behind, at the rear
detrítico {adj} [geology]  :: detrital
deuda {f}  :: debt
deudor {f}  :: debtor
deudora {f}  :: feminine noun of deudor
de una sentada {adv} [idiom]  :: in one go
de una vez {adv} [idiomatic]  :: once and for all
de un golpe {adv} [idiom]  :: in one go, all at once
de un modo u otro {adv} [idiomatic]  :: somehow, one way or another
de un plumazo {adv} [idiomatic]  :: suddenly, in a flash
Deuteronomio {prop} [biblical]  :: Deuteronomy
deuterostomado {m}  :: alt form deuteróstomo
deuteróstomo {m}  :: deuterostome
deutóxido {m} [chemistry]  :: deutoxide
devaluación {f}  :: devaluation
devaluador {m}  :: devaluer
devaluar {v}  :: to devalue
devanar {v}  :: to coil, wind
devanarse los sesos {v} [idiomatic]  :: to rack one's brains
devaneo {m}  :: Casual love affair
devaneo {m}  :: Distraction or superficial pastime
de vanguardia {adj}  :: state-of-the-art, cutting-edge
devastación {f}  :: devastation
devastado {adj}  :: devastated (completely destroyed)
devastador {adj}  :: devastating, destructive
devastadoramente {adv}  :: devastatingly
devastar {vt}  :: to devastate
develar {v}  :: to unveil, to reveal
devengo {m}  :: accrual
devenir {v}  :: to happen
de veras {adv}  :: truly, really
de vez en cuando {adv} [idiomatic]  :: occasionally; once in a while; now and then; from time to time
de viva voz {adv} [idiomatic]  :: aloud
devoción {f}  :: devotion
devocional {adj}  :: devotional
devolución {f}  :: devolution
devolución {f}  :: refund
devolución {f}  :: return
devolver {v}  :: to devolve
devolver {v}  :: to return, refund, restore, repay, give back, hand back, bring back, send back etc
devolver {v}  :: to vomit
devorar {v}  :: to devour
devota {f}  :: feminine noun of devoto
devotamente {adv}  :: devotedly
devoto {adj}  :: devoted
devoto {adj}  :: devout, pious
devoto {f}  :: devotee; admirer
dexar {v}  :: obsolete spelling of dejar
dextrano {m} [organic compound, carbohydrate]  :: dextran
dextrina {f} [carbohydrate]  :: dextrin
dextrinasa {f} [enzyme]  :: dextrinase
dextrorso {adj}  :: clockwise, deasil
dextrosa {f}  :: dextrose
deyección {f}  :: defecation
deyección {f} [geology]  :: ejecta
deyección {f} [in the plural]  :: excrement
dezir {v}  :: obsolete spelling of decir
DF {abbr}  :: Distrito Federal (Mexican federal district)
déficit {m}  :: deficit
déficit {m}  :: shortage
dígito {m}  :: digit (numeral)
dígrafo {m}  :: digraph
di- {prefix}  :: di-
diabasa {f} [mineralogy]  :: diabase
diabetes {f}  :: diabetes
diabetologa {f}  :: feminine form of diabetologo
diabetologo {f}  :: diabetologist
diabla {f}  :: feminine noun of diablo
diablesa {f}  :: deviless
diabólico {adj}  :: diabolic
diablilla {f}  :: feminine noun of diablillo
diablillo {f}  :: diminutive form of diablo
diablita {f}  :: feminine noun of diablito
diablito {f}  :: diminutive form of diablo
diablo {f}  :: devil
diablura {f}  :: prank
diabético {adj}  :: diabetic
diacilglicerol {m}  :: diacylglycerol, diglyceride
diaconado {m}  :: deaconry
diacrítico {adj}  :: diacritical
diacrítico {m}  :: diacritic, diacritical mark
diadema {f}  :: diadem, crown
diadema {f}  :: halo
diadema {f}  :: tiara (ornamental coronet)
diafanidad {f}  :: pellucidness, transparency
diafragma {m}  :: diaphragm
diafragmático {adj}  :: diaphragmatic
diagénesis {f} [geology]  :: diagenesis
diagnosis {f}  :: diagnosis
diagnosticar {v}  :: to diagnose
diagnóstico {adj}  :: diagnostic
diagnóstico {m}  :: diagnosis
diagonal {adj}  :: diagonal
diagonal {f}  :: diagonal
diagonalizable {adj}  :: diagonalizable
diagonalizar {v}  :: to diagonalize
diagonalmente {adv}  :: diagonally
diagonal principal {f} [linear algebra]  :: main diagonal
diagrama {m}  :: diagram
diagrama de flujo {m}  :: flow chart
dial {m}  :: dial
dialéctico {adj}  :: dialectic
dialectal {adj}  :: dialectal
dialectismo {m}  :: dialectism
dialecto {m} [Central America]  :: Native American language
dialecto {m}  :: dialect
dialogante {adj}  :: open to dialogue, keen on dialogue
dialogante {m}  :: participant in a dialogue
dialogar {v}  :: to dialogue
dialogar {v}  :: to talk, discuss
diamantar {v}  :: to make shine like a diamond
diamante {m} [card games]  :: diamond
diamante {m}  :: diamond
diamante {m}  :: excelsior (a small size of type, standardized to 3 point)
diamante mandarín {m}  :: zebra finch
diamantífero {adj} [mineralogy]  :: diamondiferous
diamantino {adj}  :: Of or relating to diamonds
diamantino {adj} [poetic, figuratively]  :: hard, solid, unbreakable
diametral {adj}  :: diametral (relating to a diameter)
diametralmente {adv}  :: diametrically
diana {f}  :: archery target
diana {f}  :: bullseye (of an archery target)
diana {f}  :: first call (military wakening call)
Diana {prop}  :: female given name
Diana {prop} [Roman god]  :: Diana
diantre {interj} [obsolete]  :: bloody hell
diantre {m} [colloquial, euphemistic, obsolete]  :: devil
diapasón {m}  :: diapason
diapasón {m} [music]  :: fingerboard
diapasón {m}  :: tuning fork
diaplejía {f}  :: diparesis
diapositiva {f}  :: slide, transparency, diapositive (clear object on which a sample may be viewed)
diariamente {adv}  :: daily (every day)
diario {adj}  :: daily
diario {m}  :: daily
diario {m}  :: diary, journal
diarrœa {f}  :: rare spelling of diarrea
diarrea {f}  :: diarrhea
diarreico {adj}  :: diarrheic
diaspro {m} [mineralogy]  :: jasper
diastasa {f} [enzyme]  :: diastase
diastereómero {m}  :: alt form diastereoisómero
diastereoisómero {m} [organic chemistry]  :: diastereoisomer
diatónico {adj} [chemistry]  :: diatonic
diatomea {f}  :: diatom
diatomita {f}  :: diatomite
diatópico {adj}  :: diatopic
diatriba {f}  :: diatribe
diazina {f} [organic compound]  :: diazine
diazinón {m}  :: diazinon
diazo {m}  :: diazo
diazometano {m} [organic compound]  :: diazomethane
dibenzofurano {m} [organic compound]  :: dibenzofuran
dibujador {f}  :: drawer, sketcher
dibujadora {f}  :: feminine noun of dibujador
dibujante {adj}  :: drawing, sketching
dibujante {m}  :: drawer, sketcher
dibujar {vt}  :: to describe vividly
dibujar {vt}  :: to outline
dibujar {vt}  :: to sketch, to draw
dibujarse {v}  :: to be outlined, to stand out
dibujarse {v}  :: to be revealed, to take form
dibujito {m}  :: diminutive form of dibujo
dibujo {m}  :: drawing
dibujo {m}  :: tread (grooves in tire)
dicción {f}  :: diction
diccionario {m}  :: dictionary
diccionario de sinónimos {m}  :: thesaurus (book of synonyms)
diccionarista {m}  :: lexicographer, dictionary-maker
dicdic {m}  :: dik-dik
diócesis {f}  :: diocese
dicha {f}  :: bliss
dicha {f}  :: luck
dicharachero {adj}  :: chatty, talkative
dicharachero {adj}  :: witty
dicharachero {f}  :: chatterbox
dicharachero {f}  :: witty person
dicho {adj}  :: mentioned, said
dicho {m}  :: marriage vow
dicho {m}  :: proverb
dicho {m}  :: remark
dicho {m}  :: saying, expression
dichosamente {adv}  :: happily, fortunately, luckily
dichoso {adj}  :: blissful
dichoso {adj}  :: darn, damned
dichoso {adj}  :: fortunate, lucky
dichosos los ojos que te ven {phrase}  :: long time no see
dicho y hecho {phrase}  :: said and done; no sooner said than done
diciembre {m}  :: December
dickensiano {adj}  :: Dickensian
dicloroetano {m}  :: dichloroethane
diácono {m}  :: deacon
dicotiledón {adj}  :: dicotyledonous
dicotiledón {m} [botany]  :: dicotyledon
dicotiledónea {f}  :: dicotyledon
dicotiledóneo {adj}  :: dicotyledonous
dicotómico {adj}  :: dichotomic
dicotomía {f}  :: dichotomy (all senses)
dictablanda {f}  :: a soft-handed dictatorship
dictado {m}  :: dictation
dictador {f}  :: A dictator
dictadora {f}  :: female dictator
dictadura {f}  :: dictatorship
dictamen {m} [legal]  :: report
dictamen {m}  :: report
dictaminar {v}  :: to rule (to decide judicially)
dictar {v}  :: to dictate
dictar {v}  :: to give; to deliver (i.e. a lecture)
dictar {v}  :: to pronounce
dictatorial {adj}  :: dictatorial
dicterio {m}  :: taunt
dicótomo {adj}  :: dichotomous
dictum {m}  :: dictum
didactismo {m}  :: didacticism
didáctica {f}  :: feminine noun of didáctico
didácticamente {adv}  :: didactically
didáctico {adj}  :: didactic, but only in the sense of being intended to instruct in a good way, without any negative connotations or moral implications
didjeridu {m} [musici]  :: didgeridoo
diecinueve {cardinal num} [cardinal]  :: nineteen
dieciochesco {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to the 18th century
dieciocho {cardinal num} [cardinal]  :: eighteen
dieciseisavo {m}  :: sixteenth
diecisiete {cardinal num} [cardinal]  :: seventeen
dieciséis {cardinal num} [cardinal]  :: sixteen
Diego {prop}  :: male given name, thought to be a diminutive of Santiago.
diegueño {m}  :: A member of this people
diegueño {m}  :: The Ipai language (diegueño del Norte)
diegueño {m}  :: The Kumeyaay, a Native American people of Southern California and Baja California
diegueño {m}  :: The Kumeyaay language (diegueño del Sur)
Diegueño {prop}  :: alternative spelling of diegueño
dienófilo {m} [organic chemistry]  :: dienophile
dieno {m} [organic chemistry]  :: diene
diente {m}  :: clove (of garlic)
diente {m}  :: tooth (anatomy)
diente {m}  :: tooth (sharp projection on the blade of a saw or similar implement)
diente de leche {m}  :: milk tooth
diente de león {m}  :: dandelion
diente incisivo {m}  :: incisor
dientudo {adj} [colloquial, El Salvador]  :: with big teeth
diesel {m}  :: diesel
diestro {adj} [heraldry]  :: dexter, dextral
diestro {adj}  :: right-handed
diestro {adj}  :: right, right-hand (direction)
diestro {adj}  :: skillful, dexterous, adroit
diestro {m} [bullfighting]  :: bullfighter
dieta {f}  :: diet
dieta {f}  :: diet (a council or assembly of leaders)
dietar {v}  :: alternative spelling of adietar
dietario {m}  :: diary, planner, schedule
dietilenglicol {m} [organic compound]  :: diethylene glycol
dietiléter {m} [organic compound]  :: diethyl ether
dietista {m}  :: dietitian, dietician
dietético {adj}  :: dietetic, dietary
diez {m} [education, number grade]  :: A (highest grade in approbation)
diez {num} [cardinal]  :: ten
Diez Mandamientos {prop} [pluralonly]  :: The Ten Commandments
diezmar {v}  :: to decimate
diezmar {v}  :: to tithe (pay a tithe)
diezmo {adj} [archaic]  :: tenth
diezmo {m}  :: tithe
Diez Palabras {prop} [pluralonly]  :: The Ten Commandments
difamación {f}  :: defamation
difamador {adj}  :: defamatory, slanderous
difamador {f}  :: defamer
difamar {v}  :: to defame
difamatorio {adj}  :: defamatory
diáfano {adj}  :: bright, well-lit
diáfano {adj}  :: clear, bright (said of the weather)
diáfano {adj}  :: pellucid, transparent, diaphanous
difícil {adj}  :: difficult
difícilmente {adv}  :: scarcely
difícilmente {adv}  :: with difficulty
difenhidramina {f} [organic chemistry]  :: diphenhydramine
difenilacetileno {m} [organic chemistry]  :: diphenylacetylene
diferencia {f}  :: difference
diferenciable {adj}  :: differentiable, distinguishable
diferenciación {f}  :: differentiation
diferenciadamente {adv}  :: separately, apart
diferencial {adj}  :: differential
diferencial {adj} [mathematics]  :: differential
diferencial {f} [mathematics]  :: differential
diferencial {m}  :: differential
diferencial {m} [economics]  :: differential, gap
diferenciar {v}  :: to differentiate
diferendo {m}  :: dispute
diferente {adj}  :: different
diferentemente {adv}  :: differently
diferido {m} [television]  :: recording
diferir {v}  :: to defer
diferir {v}  :: to differ
dificultad {f}  :: difficulty
dificultar {v}  :: to make difficult
dificultoso {adj}  :: difficult, tricky
difluoruro {m} [chemistry]  :: difluoride
difosfato {m}  :: diphosphate
difracción {f}  :: diffraction
difractar {v}  :: to diffract
difteria {f}  :: diphtheria
difuminar {v}  :: to fade
difundir {v}  :: to spread, to disseminate (ideas, etc.)
difunto {adj}  :: deceased
difusión {f}  :: spreading
difuso {adj}  :: diffuse
difusor {adj}  :: diffusing
difusor {m}  :: blow dryer
difusor {m}  :: diffuser
digamma {f}  :: digamma; the Greek letter Ϝ, ϝ
digerible {adj}  :: digestible
digerir {v}  :: to digest
diégesis {f}  :: The plot or narrative of a written work
digestión {f}  :: digestion
digestivo {adj}  :: digestive
digestivo {m}  :: digestive
digital {adj}  :: dealing with discrete values rather than a continuous spectrum of values
digital {adj}  :: dealing with the display of numerical values
digital {adj}  :: digital; having to do with the fingers or toes
digital {f}  :: foxglove (plant, flower)
digitalización {f}  :: digitalization
digitalizar {v}  :: to digitalize
digitalmente {adv}  :: digitally
digitar {v}  :: to key in, to enter (into a computer)
digitar {v}  :: to type
diglosia {f}  :: diglossia
diglósico {adj}  :: diglossic
dignamente {adv}  :: worthily
dignarse {v}  :: to deign, condescend
dignatario {m}  :: dignitary
dignidad {f}  :: dignity
dignificante {adj}  :: dignifying
dignificar {vt}  :: to dignify
digno {adj}  :: dignified, respectful
digno {adj}  :: honourable
digno {adj}  :: worthy
digo yo {phrase}  :: That's what I say; in my opinion
digresión {f}  :: digression
digástrico {m}  :: digastric, digastricus
dihidroxiacetona {f} [organic compound]  :: dihydroxyacetone
dihidroxilación {f} [organic chemistry]  :: dihydroxylation
dije {m} [adorns]  :: locket
dije {m} [amulet]  :: charm
Dijon {prop}  :: Dijon (city in Burgundy)
diktat {m}  :: diktat
dilación {f}  :: delay
dilapidación {f}  :: waste, profligacy
dilapidador {adj}  :: wasteful, profligate
dilapidar {v}  :: to squander, to waste
dilatación {f}  :: expansion, dilatation, dilation
dilatadamente {adv}  :: dilatedly
dilatado {adj}  :: dilative
dilatador {adj}  :: dilating
dilatador {m}  :: dilator
dilatar {v}  :: to dilate
dilatorio {adj}  :: delaying, dilatory
dilema {m}  :: dilemma
diletante {adj}  :: dilettante
diletante {m}  :: dilettante
Dili {prop}  :: Dili (capital)
diligencia {f}  :: diligence
diligente {adj}  :: diligent, conscientious
diligentemente {adv}  :: diligently
diálisis {f}  :: dialysis
dilofosaurio {m}  :: dilophosaurid
dilogía {f}  :: dilogy (use of a word with two distinct meanings in the same sentence)
diálogo {m}  :: dialogue
dilo por tí {phrase}  :: speak for yourself
dilucidar {v}  :: to clear up
dilucidar {v}  :: to elucidate, to clarify
diluir {v}  :: to dilute
diluvial {adj}  :: diluvial
diluviar {v}  :: to pour (as with rain)
diluvio {m}  :: deluge, downpour
dim. {n}  :: abbreviation of diminutivo
dime con quién andas, y te diré quién eres {proverb}  :: Tell me who your friends are, and I'll tell you who you are.
dimediar {vit} [rare]  :: to halve (divide into two halves)
dimediar {vit} [rare]  :: to halve (reduce to half the original amount)
dimensión {f}  :: dimension
dimensional {adj}  :: dimensional
dimensionar {v}  :: to gauge, to measure
dimes {n}  :: only in dimes y diretes
dimes y diretes {n} [idiom]  :: squabbling, crossed words
dimetil {m}  :: dimethyl
dimetilamina {f} [organic chemistry]  :: dimethylamine
dimetilformamida {f} [organic compound]  :: dimethylformamide
dimetílico {adj}  :: dimethyl
dimetoxietano {m} [organic compound]  :: dimethoxyethane
diámetro {m}  :: diameter
diminutivo {m} [grammar]  :: diminutive
diminuto {adj}  :: minute, tiny
dimisión {f}  :: resignation (leaving one's job or post)
dimisión {f}  :: resignation letter
dimisionar {v}  :: to resign
dimisionario {adj}  :: outgoing, resigning
dimitente {adj}  :: outgoing, resigning
dimitir {v}  :: to resign
dimorfismo {m}  :: dimorphism
Dinamarca {prop}  :: Denmark
dinamarqués {adj}  :: Danish
dinamarqués {f}  :: Dane
dinamismo {m}  :: dynamism
dinamitar {v}  :: to dynamite
dinamitazo {m}  :: dynamite blast
dinamización {f}  :: dynamization
dinamizador {adj}  :: revitalizing, stimulating
dinamizar {v}  :: to dynamise
dinamo {m}  :: dynamo
dinastía {f}  :: dynasty
dineína {f} [protein]  :: dynein
dineral {m}  :: mint (large amount of money)
dineraria {f}  :: feminine noun of dinerario
dinerario {n} [attributive]  :: money
dinerillo {m}  :: diminutive form of dinero
dinero {m}  :: money
dinero {m}  :: wealth
dinero contante {m}  :: cash money
dinero de plástico {m}  :: plastic money, including credit card, debit card, gift card, smart card, digital wallet, electronic purse
dinero plástico {m}  :: credit card (electronic money)
dinitrofenilhidrazina {f} [organic compound]  :: dinitrophenylhydrazine
dinámica {f}  :: dynamic, dynamics
dinámicamente {adv}  :: dynamically
dinámico {adj}  :: dynamic
dinosaurio {m} [zoology]  :: dinosaur
dinástico {adj}  :: dynastic
dintel {m}  :: lintel
dinucleótido {m} [biochemistry]  :: dinucleotide
diocesano {adj}  :: diocesan
Diocleciano {prop}  :: Diocletian (Roman cognomen)
diodo {m} [electronics]  :: diode
diol {m} [organic compound]  :: diol
Diomedes {prop} [Greek mythology]  :: Diomedes (Greek mythical hero)
dionisíaco {adj}  :: Dionysian
Dionisia {prop}  :: female given name, feminine form of Dionisio, equivalent to English Denise
dionisiaco {adj}  :: Dionysian
Dionisio {prop}  :: male given name, cognate to English Dionysius and Dennis
Dioniso {prop} [Greek mythology]  :: Dionysus
dioptría {f}  :: diopter
diorita {f}  :: diorite
diorítico {adj}  :: dioritic
dios {f}  :: god
Dios {prop}  :: God
diosa {f} [carbonhydrate]  :: diose
diosa {f}  :: goddess
diosa de la cama {f} [idiomatic]  :: sex goddess
dios astado {m}  :: Horned God
Dios los cría y ellos se juntan {proverb}  :: birds of a feather flock together
Dios mío {interj}  :: An expression of shock or surprise, equivalent to English expressions like my God or oh my God
dioxina {f} [organic compound]  :: dioxin
dioxoantraceno {m} [organic compound]  :: dioxoanthracene
diploblástico {adj} [embryology]  :: diploblastic
diploidía {f}  :: diploidy
diploide {adj} [cytology]  :: diploid
diploma {m}  :: diploma
diplomacia {f}  :: diplomacy
diplomatura {f}  :: diploma course
diplomática {f}  :: diplomacy
diplomática {f}  :: feminine noun of diplomático
diplomáticamente {adv}  :: diplomatically
diplomático {adj}  :: diplomatic
diplomático {f}  :: diplomat
diplosoma {m} [cytology]  :: diplosome
dipolo {m} [chemistry]  :: dipole
dippear {v}  :: to dip (food)
dipéptido {m} [organic compound]  :: dipeptide
diópsido {m} [mineral]  :: diopside
diptongar {v}  :: to pronounce a diphthong
diptongo {m}  :: diphthong
diputación {f}  :: deputation
diputada {f}  :: feminine noun of diputado
diputado {f}  :: a representative in a legislative chamber
diputado {f}  :: deputy
diputar {v}  :: to depute; to delegate
dique {m}  :: dam, dike
dique {m}  :: dock
dircom {m}  :: director of communications
dirección {f}  :: address
dirección {f}  :: direction
dirección {f}  :: management, or running of a business or organisation
dirección de correo electrónico {f} [computing]  :: e-mail address
dirección IP {f}  :: IP address
directa {f}  :: high gear
directamente {adv}  :: directly
directiva {f}  :: board of directors
directiva {f}  :: feminine noun of directivo, female director or executive
directivo {adj}  :: directing, executive, director [attributive] (related to the managing of a department or company)
directivo {m}  :: director, executive
directo {adj}  :: direct
director {f}  :: director
directora {f}  :: (female) director
directora {f}  :: head (headmistress)
directoral {adj}  :: directorial
directorio {m}  :: directive
directorio {m}  :: directory
directriz {f}  :: guideline
directriz {f} [mathematics]  :: directrix
diéresis {f}  :: dieresis
diretes {n}  :: only in dimes y diretes
dirigencia {f}  :: leadership
dirigente {adj}  :: leading, ruling
dirigente {adj}  :: managing
dirigente {m}  :: leader
dirigentillo {m}  :: diminutive form of dirigente
dirigible {m}  :: dirigible
dirigido {adj}  :: directed
dirigir {v}  :: to address, direct to
dirigir {v}  :: to direct
dirigir {v}  :: to lead, guide, conduct
dirigir {v}  :: to steer
dirigirse {vi}  :: head (move in a specified direction), to go to
dirimir {v}  :: to cancel, void, annul, dissolve
dirimir {v}  :: to resolve, to settle
dis- {prefix}  :: dis-
disacaridasa {f} [enzyme]  :: disaccharidase
disacárido {m} [carbohydrate]  :: disaccharide
discal {adj}  :: discal (related to a disk)
discapacidad {f}  :: disability
discapacitado {adj}  :: handicapped
discar {v}  :: to dial
discóbolo {m}  :: discobolus (a discus thrower)
discernimiento {m}  :: discernment
discernir {v}  :: to distinguish, discern
disciplina {f}  :: discipline
disciplina {f}  :: subject (area of study)
disciplinado {adj}  :: disciplined
disciplinar {v}  :: to discipline
disciplinario {adj}  :: disciplinary
disco {f}  :: club, discotheque
disco {m}  :: disc
disco {m}  :: phonograph record or disc
disco {m}  :: rotary dial
disco {m} [sports]  :: discus
disco duro {m} [computing]  :: hard drive
discografía {f}  :: discography
discográfico {adj}  :: discographical
discoide {adj}  :: disk-shaped; discoid
disconforme {adj}  :: dissatisfied, unhappy
disconformidad {f}  :: disconformity
discontinuación {f}  :: discontinuation
discontinuar {v}  :: to discontinue
discontinuidad {f}  :: discontinuity
discontinuo {adj}  :: broken, interrupted
discordancia {f}  :: discord
discordante {adj}  :: discordant, conflicting
discordar {v}  :: to be out of tune
discordar {v}  :: to disagree
discordia {f}  :: discord, disagreement
discoteca {f}  :: discotheque, club
discotequero {adj} [attributive]  :: disco
discípula {f}  :: feminine noun of discípulo
discípulo {f}  :: disciple
discípulo {f}  :: pupil
discreción {f}  :: discretion
discrecional {adj}  :: discretionary
discrecionalidad {f}  :: discretion, discreetness
discrepancia {f}  :: conflict
discrepancia {f}  :: discrepancy
discrepante {adj}  :: discrepant, divergent
discrepar {v}  :: to disagree
discretamente {adv}  :: tactfully
discreto {adj}  :: discreet
discreto {adj}  :: discrete
discreto {adj}  :: modest
discreto {adj}  :: reasonable
discriminación {f}  :: discrimination
discriminador {adj}  :: discriminating
discriminar {v}  :: to discriminate
discriminativo {adj}  :: discriminative
discriminatorio {adj}  :: discriminatory
disculpa {f}  :: excuse
disculpar {v}  :: to excuse
disculpar {v}  :: to forgive
disculparse {vr}  :: reflexive form of disculpar To excuse oneself, to apologize
disculpándose {adv}  :: apologetically
discurrir {v}  :: to discourse
discurrir {v}  :: to infer
discurrir {v}  :: to invent
discurrir {v}  :: to reason, think
discursito {m}  :: diminutive form of discurso
discursivamente {adv}  :: discursively
discursivo {adj}  :: discursive
discurso {m}  :: discourse
discurso {m}  :: speech
discurso directo {m} [grammar]  :: direct speech
discurso indirecto {m} [grammar]  :: indirect speech
discusión {f}  :: argument
discusión {f}  :: discussion
discutible {adj}  :: debatable
discutidor {adj}  :: argumentative
discutir {v}  :: Of a group, to examine some subject in detail
discutir {v}  :: to discuss, to argue; to talk about
diseñado {adj}  :: designed
diseñador {f}  :: designer
diseñadora {f}  :: feminine noun of diseñador
diseñar {vt}  :: to design
disecado {adj}  :: dissected
disecado {adj}  :: dried (plant)
disecado {adj}  :: stuffed (dead conserved animal)
disecado {m}  :: preservation (of a plant)
disecado {m}  :: stuffing (of a dead animal for conservation)
disecar {v}  :: to dissect
disecar {v}  :: to dry, preserve (a plant)
disecar {v}  :: to mount
disecar {v}  :: to stuff (a dead animal for conservation)
disección {f}  :: dissection
diseccionar {v}  :: to dissect
diésel {m}  :: diesel fuel
diseminación {f}  :: dissemination
diseminar {v}  :: to disseminate
disensión {f}  :: dissension; an act of dissent
disensión {f} [figuratively]  :: a fight or altercation
disenso {m}  :: dissent, disagreement
disentería {f}  :: dysentery
disentir {v}  :: to dissent
disentérico {adj}  :: dysenteric
diseño {m}  :: A design
diseño {m} [historical]  :: A rough map required to accompany Spanish and Mexican land grant petitions made in Alta California prior to the Mexican-American War
diseño de terreno {phrase}  :: A "design of the land" or landmap. Prior to becoming part of the United States, Mexico had established a land granting system for Alta California. It required the grantee to submit a "letter of request" accompanied by a diseño de terreno.
disertación {f}  :: dissertation
disertar {v}  :: to lecture
diserto {adj}  :: skilled in speaking, eloquent
disfamar {v}  :: alternative spelling of difamar
disfemia {f}  :: stuttering
disfemismo {m}  :: dysphemism
disfraz {m}  :: costumes
disfraz {m}  :: disguise
disfrazado {adj}  :: disguised
disfrazar {vtr}  :: to disguise (to change the appearance)
disfrazarse {vr}  :: reflexive form of disfrazar
disfrutable {adj}  :: enjoyable, entertaining
disfrutar {v}  :: to enjoy
disfunción {f}  :: dysfunction
disfunción eréctil {f} [pathology]  :: erectile dysfunction
disfuncional {adj}  :: dysfunctional
disfuncionalidad {f}  :: malfunction
disgregación {f}  :: disintegration
disgregador {adj}  :: separating
disgregar {v}  :: to separate; disintegrate
disgresión {f}  :: digression
disgustado {adj}  :: upset, annoyed, angry
disgustar {v}  :: to disgust
disgustarse {vr}  :: reflexive form of disgustar
disgustillo {m}  :: diminutive form of disgusto
disgusto {m}  :: annoyance
disgusto {m}  :: displeasure
disidencia {f}  :: dissidence
disidente {m}  :: dissident
disimulado {adj}  :: inconspicuous, discreet (without attracting attention)
disimular {v}  :: to dissemble
disimular {v}  :: to hide
disipación {f}  :: dissipation
disipación {f}  :: squandering (of money)
disipar {v}  :: to dissipate
disiparse {vr}  :: reflexive form of disipar
dislexia {f}  :: dyslexia
dislocación {f}  :: dislocation
dislocación {f}  :: dismemberment
dislocacíon {f}  :: dislocation
dislocar {vt}  :: to dislocate
disléxico {adj}  :: dyslexic
disléxico {f}  :: dyslexic
disímil {adj}  :: dissimilar
disminución {f}  :: reduction, abatement (act, process, or result of reducing, or abating)
disminuido {adj}  :: diminished
disminuir {v}  :: to decrease
dismutación {f}  :: disproportionation
dismutasa {f} [enzyme]  :: dismutase
disnea {f}  :: dyspnea, shortness of breath
Disneylandia {prop}  :: Disneyland
disociación {f}  :: dissociation
disociar {v}  :: to dissociate
disolución {f} [chemistry]  :: solution
disoluto {adj}  :: dissolute
disoluto {f}  :: dissolute person
disolvente {adj}  :: solvent (having the power of dissolving)
disolvente {m}  :: solvent
disolver {v} [obsolete]  :: to solve
disolver {v}  :: to break up
disolver {v}  :: to dissolve
disolverse {vr}  :: reflexive form of disolver
disomnia {f}  :: dyssomnia
disonancia {f}  :: dissonance, disharmony, discord
disonante {adj}  :: dissonant
disonar {v}  :: to be out of tune, to disharmonize
disonar {v}  :: to disagree or differ, to clash with
dispar {adj}  :: bumpy
dispar {adj}  :: disparate
dispar {adj}  :: inhomogeneous
dispar {adj}  :: uneven
disparadero {m}  :: trigger
disparador {m}  :: release (of camera)
disparador {m}  :: trigger
disparar {vr}  :: to be suddenly jolted into action
disparar {vr}  :: to rise, go up
disparar {v}  :: to shoot
dispararse {vi}  :: to rocket
dispararse {v}  :: to go off, bolt
disparatadamente {adv}  :: crazily, ludicrously
disparatado {adj}  :: absurd, unrealistic, wild
disparatado {adj}  :: crazy, mad
disparatado {adj}  :: eclectic
disparate {m}  :: a great amount; a lot
disparate {m}  :: crazy idea
disparate {m}  :: nonsense (meaningless words or actions)
disparejo {adj}  :: bumpy
disparejo {adj}  :: disparate
disparejo {adj}  :: dissimilar
disparejo {adj}  :: inhomogeneous
disparejo {adj}  :: uneven
disparidad {f}  :: disparity
disparo {m}  :: shot
dispendio {m}  :: waste
dispendioso {adj}  :: spendthrift, wasteful
dispensación {f}  :: dispensation
dispensar {v}  :: to dispense
dispensario {m}  :: clinic
dispepsia {f} [pathology]  :: dyspepsia
dispersar {v}  :: to disperse
dispersarse {vr}  :: reflexive form of dispensar
dispersión {f}  :: dispersion
displasia {m}  :: dysplasia
displicencia {f}  :: indifference (lack of enthusiasm)
displicente {adj}  :: disrespectful
disponer {vi} [disponerse de]  :: to have at one's disposal, make use of, to have
disponer {vr} [disponerse a + infinitive]  :: to prepare to, be about to
disponer {vt}  :: to order, decide, stipulate
disponer {vt}  :: to prepare, arrange
disponerse {v}  :: to get ready, to prepare
disponibilidad {f}  :: availability
disponible {adj}  :: available
diáspora {f}  :: diaspora
disposición {f}  :: capability
disposición {f}  :: disposal
disposición {f}  :: fitness
disposición {f}  :: talent
disposición {f}  :: tendency
dispositivo {m}  :: appliance, device, equipment
dispositivo intrauterino {m}  :: intrauterine device
disprosio {m}  :: dysprosium
dispuesto {adj}  :: willing, ready
disputa {f}  :: dispute
disputar {v}  :: to dispute
disquera {f}  :: record label
disquetera {f}  :: floppy disk
disquisición {f}  :: disquisition
disrotatorio {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: disrotatory
disrupción {f}  :: disruption
disruptivo {adj}  :: disruptive
distancia {f}  :: distance
distancia euclidiana {f}  :: Euclidean distance
distanciamiento {m}  :: distancing
distanciar {vr}  :: to become separated
distanciar {v}  :: to separate
distanciar {v}  :: to space out
distante {adj}  :: distant (space or time)
distar {v}  :: to be far from
distender {vt}  :: to stretch, to distend
distendido {adj}  :: calm, relaxed
distensión {f}  :: defusion, relaxation, calming
distensión {f} [medical]  :: muscle strain
distinción {f}  :: distinction
distinguible {adj}  :: distinguishable
distinguido {adj}  :: distinguished, refined, elegant
distinguir {v}  :: to differentiate
distinguir {v}  :: to distinguish, discern
distinguir {v}  :: to make out, manage to see, hear etc
distinguirse {vr}  :: to stand out, be distinguishable or differentiable, to distinguish oneself
distintivo {adj}  :: distinctive, distinguishable
distintivo {m}  :: badge, emblem, logo
distinto {adj}  :: distinct, different
distinto {adj}  :: various
distinto perro, mismo collar {proverb}  :: paint from the same brush
distorsión {f}  :: distortion
distorsionado {adj}  :: distorted
distorsionar {v}  :: to distort
distracción {f}  :: distraction, diversion, amusement
distraídamente {adv}  :: absentmindedly
distraído {adj}  :: distracted, absent-minded
distraer {vr}  :: to amuse oneself, have fun
distraer {vt}  :: to entertain, distract
distraerse {vr}  :: reflexive form of distraer
distribución {f}  :: distribution
distribuidor {f}  :: distributor
distribuidor {f}  :: hall, corridor
distribuidora {adjf}  :: feminine form of distribuidor
distribuir {v}  :: to distribute
distributivo {adj}  :: distributive
distrital {adj}  :: district
distrito {m}  :: district
Distrito Federal {prop}  :: Federal District (the federal district in Mexico in which the country’s capital, Mexico City is located)
distrofia {f} [pathology]  :: dystrophy
distroglicano {m} [protein]  :: dystroglycan
disturbar {v}  :: to disrupt
disturbar {v}  :: to perturb
disturbio {m}  :: disturbance
disuadir {v}  :: to dissuade
disuasión {f}  :: dissuasion
disuasorio {adj}  :: dissuasive
disuelto {adj}  :: dissolved, disbanded
disulfuro {adj}  :: disulfide
disulfuro {m}  :: disulfide
disyuntiva {f}  :: disjunctive
diíta {m}  :: diminutive form of día
diterpeno {m} [organic compound]  :: diterpene
diterpenoide {m} [organic compound]  :: diterpenoid
ditioantraceno {m} [organic compound]  :: dithioanthracene
ditirambo {m}  :: dithyramb
DIU {initialism}  :: dispositivo intrauterino: IUD
diurno {adj}  :: diurnal
diurno {m}  :: diurnal (canonical book)
diurético {adj}  :: diuretic
diurético {m}  :: diuretic
diva {f}  :: diva
divagación {f}  :: digression
divagar {v}  :: to roam, to wander, to stray, to ramble
diver {adj}  :: fun
divergencia {f}  :: divergence
divergente {adj}  :: divergent
diversidad {f}  :: diversity
diversificación {f}  :: diversification
diversificar {v}  :: to diversify
diversión {f}  :: fun, entertainment, levity
diverso {adj}  :: diverse
diverso {adj} [in the plural]  :: several
diverticulitis {m} [pathology]  :: diverticulitis
diverticulosis {m} [pathology]  :: diverticulosis
divertidamente {adv}  :: amusingly, funnily
divertido {adj}  :: amusing
divertido {adj}  :: entertaining
divertido {adj}  :: funny
divertimento {m}  :: amusement, entertainment
divertimento {m} [music]  :: divertimento
divertimiento {m}  :: amusement
divertir {vr}  :: to amuse oneself, have fun
divertir {vt}  :: to entertain
divertirse {vr}  :: (reflexive form of divertir) to have a good time, to enjoy oneself
dividendo {m}  :: dividend
dividir {v}  :: to divide
dividirse {vr}  :: reflexive form of dividir
divinador {f} [archaic]  :: diviner, foreteller
divinadora {f}  :: feminine noun of divinador
divinamente {adv}  :: divinely, royally, wonderfully
divinar {vt} [rare]  :: to divine, foretell
divinar {vt} [rare]  :: to guess
divinidad {f}  :: deity
divinidad {f}  :: divinity
divino {adj}  :: divine
divino {adj}  :: heavenly
divisa {f}  :: badge, emblem, token
divisa {f}  :: currency
divisa {f}  :: foreign currency, foreign exchange
divisa {f} [heraldry]  :: motto
divisar {v}  :: to perceive
división {f}  :: division
División Azul {prop}  :: the División Española de Voluntarios, a unit of Spanish volunteers who fought in the Nazi German army on the Eastern Front in the Second World War
divisionario {m}  :: Member of a division
divisivo {adj}  :: divisive
divisoria {f}  :: divide
divisoria {f}  :: halfway line
diván {m}  :: divan (all senses)
divo {adj}  :: star (famous)
divo {f}  :: star, celeb
divorciada {f}  :: feminine noun of divorciado
divorciado {adj}  :: divorced
divorciado {f}  :: divorcee, divorcée, divorcé
divorciar {v}  :: to divorce
divorciarse {vr}  :: reflexive form of divorciar To get divorced
divorcio {m}  :: divorce
divulgación {f}  :: divulgation, disclosure
divulgador {adj}  :: informational, educational
divulgar {v}  :: to divulge, to disclose
divulgativo {adj}  :: divulging, revealing
dióxido {m} [chemistry]  :: dioxide
dióxido de azufre {m} [chemistry]  :: sulfur dioxide
dixie {m}  :: dixie
diyiridú {m} [musici]  :: didgeridoo
dizque {adv} [Latin America]  :: allegedly
dólar {m}  :: dollar
dólar canadiense {m}  :: Canadian dollar
dálet {f}  :: dalet; the Hebrew letter ד
dálmata {adj}  :: Dalmatian
dálmata {m}  :: Dalmatian
dálmata {m}  :: Dalmatian (language)
dólmen {m}  :: dolmen (tomb consisting of a capstone supported by two or more upright stones)
dls {abbr}  :: dollars
Dámaso {prop}  :: male given name
dímero {m} [chemistry]  :: dimer
dínamo {m}  :: dynamo
dónde {adv} [interrogative]  :: where?; in what place?
dónde {m}  :: where
dónde está el baño {phrase}  :: where is the toilet?
dónde están los aseos {phrase}  :: where is the toilet?
dánico {adj}  :: Danish
dónut {m}  :: doughnut
do {adv}  :: where
do {m}  :: C (the musical note or key)
do {m}  :: do [musical note]
do {pron}  :: where
dúo {m}  :: duo (twosome, especially musicians)
doña {f}  :: title of respect for a woman comparable to Mrs.
Doña {f}  :: lady of the house, the woman in charge
Doña {f}  :: title of respect for a married or widowed woman comparable to Mrs.
dobladillo {m}  :: hem of a garment
doblador {m}  :: dubber, voice actor
dobladura {f}  :: fold
doblaje {m}  :: dubbing
doblar {v}  :: to double
doblar {v}  :: to dub
doblar {v}  :: to fold
doblar {v}  :: to turn
doblarse {vr}  :: to bend, to become curved
doble {adj}  :: double
doble cara {adj}  :: hypocrite
doble cara {mf}  :: hypocrisy
doble cara {mf}  :: poker face
doble falta {f} [tennis]  :: double fault
doble foso {m}  :: double trap
doblegar {v}  :: to bend
doblegar {v}  :: to bring down, vanquish, conquer, topple, defeat
doblegar {v}  :: to fold up
doblegarse {vr}  :: to kneel down
doblemente {adv}  :: doubly, twofold, twice
doble penetración {f}  :: double penetration
doble rasero {m} [idiom]  :: double standards
dobles mixto {m} [sports]  :: mixed doubles
doblete {f} [baseball]  :: double
doblete {f}  :: cognate
doblete {f}  :: doublet
doblete {f} [physics]  :: dipole
dobletrenza {f}  :: pigtail
doble ve {f}  :: double U (name of the letter W)
doblez {m}  :: falseness, falsehood
doblez {m}  :: fold, hem
doblón {m}  :: doubloon
dobutamina {f} [organic compound]  :: dobutamine
doce {cardinal num} [cardinal]  :: twelve
doceavo {adj}  :: twelfth
doceavo {m}  :: twelfth
docena {f}  :: dozen
docencia {f}  :: teaching, tutoring
docente {adj}  :: teaching
docente {m}  :: lecturer
docilidad {f}  :: docility
docosanol {m} [organic compound]  :: docosanol
docto {adj}  :: learned, erudite
doctor {f}  :: doctor (Ph.D.)
doctor {f}  :: physician
doctora {f}  :: doctor (female)
doctorado {m}  :: doctorate
doctoral {adj}  :: doctoral
doctorar {vr}  :: to get a doctorate
doctorar {v}  :: to give/grant a doctorate
doctorsito {m}  :: diminutive form of doctor
doctrina {f}  :: doctrine
doctrinal {adj}  :: doctrinal
docuficción {f}  :: docufiction
documentación {f}  :: documentation
documentadamente {adv}  :: In a well-recorded way
documentado {adj}  :: documented, of record
documental {m}  :: documentary
documentalista {m}  :: documentalist
documentalmente {adv}  :: using documents
documentar {v}  :: to document
documento {m}  :: document
dodecaedro {m}  :: dodecahedron
dodecafónico {adj} [music]  :: dodecaphonic
Dodecaneso {prop}  :: Dodecanese
dodecágono {m} [geometry]  :: dodecagon
dodo {m}  :: dodo
Dodoma {prop}  :: Dodoma (capital of Tanzania)
dogma {m}  :: dogma
dogmatismo {m}  :: dogmatism
dogmáticamente {adv}  :: dogmatically
dogmático {adj}  :: dogmatic
dogo {m}  :: bulldog or so called "presa type" mastiff
Doha {prop}  :: Doha (capital of Qatar)
dolape {m} [vesre]  :: bald man
dolar {v}  :: to plane (smooth wood with a plane)
dolarización {f}  :: dollarization
dolencia {f}  :: ailment, illness
doler {vt}  :: to grieve
doler {vt}  :: to hurt; to ache
dolerse {v}  :: to complain
doliente {adj}  :: aching, hurting
doliente {adj}  :: grieving
doliente {adj}  :: sorrowful
dolobu {adj} [vesre]  :: stupid, dumb
dolomía {f} [geology]  :: dolomite
dolomita {f} [mineral]  :: dolomite
dolor {m}  :: pain
dolor de cabeza {m} [figuratively]  :: something which is irritating
dolor de cabeza {m}  :: headache (pain or ache in the head)
dolor de estómago {m}  :: stomachache
Dolores {prop}  :: female given name
Dolores {prop}  :: The letter D in the Spanish phonetic alphabet
dolores de tiempo {m}  :: weather pains
dolorido {adj}  :: sore, hurting, painful
dolorosamente {adv}  :: painfully
doloroso {adj}  :: painful
doma {n}  :: domestication
doma {n}  :: horse taming
domador {f}  :: tamer; one who tames animals
domain {m} [internet]  :: domain
domar {v}  :: to tame
domeñar {v}  :: to subdue
domeñar {v}  :: to tame, to domesticate
domesticación {f}  :: domestication
domesticar {v}  :: to domesticate
domesticidad {f}  :: domesticity
domiciliación {f} [banking]  :: direct debit
domiciliar {v}  :: to reside in a place permanently
domiciliar {v}  :: to set up a standing order or direct debit payment in a bank
domiciliario {adj} [attributive]  :: house, home
domicilio {m}  :: address
domicilio {m}  :: domicile
domicilio {m}  :: residence
dominó {m}  :: domino (domino tile)
dominó {m}  :: dominoes (game played by arranging domino tiles)
dominación {f}  :: domination
dominada {f}  :: pull-up; chin-up
dominancia {f}  :: dominance
dominante {adj}  :: dominant
dominante {adj}  :: prevailing
dominante {adj}  :: ruling
dominar {v}  :: to dominate
dominatrix {f}  :: dominatrix
Dominga {prop}  :: female given name
domingo {m}  :: Sunday
Domingo {prop}  :: male given name, cognate to Dominic
domingo siete {m} [idiomatic, slang]  :: unplanned pregnancy
dominguero {adj} [attributive]  :: Sunday
dominguero {f}  :: Sunday driver
Dominica {prop}  :: Dominica
dominical {adj}  :: dominical (of or pertaining to Sunday)
dominicana {f}  :: feminine form of dominicano
dominicano {adj}  :: Relating to the Dominican Republic
dominicano {adj}  :: Relating to the religious order founded by St. Dominic
dominicano {f}  :: A member of the religious order founded by St. Dominic
dominicano {f}  :: A person from the Dominican Republic or of its descent
dominico {m}  :: Dominican (member of the religious order)
dominio {m}  :: control
dominio {m}  :: mastery
dominio {m}  :: power
dominio {m}  :: rule, dominion
dominio público {m}  :: public domain (the feature of intellectual property being not protected under patent or copyright)
dominiquesa {f}  :: feminine noun of dominiqués
dominiqués {adj}  :: Dominican (of Dominica)
dominiqués {f}  :: Dominican (person from Dominica)
Domínguez {prop}  :: Spanish surname
domo {m}  :: dome (architectural element)
Domodédovo {prop}  :: Domodedovo (airport in Russia)
Domo de la Roca {prop}  :: Dome of the Rock (shrine in Jerusalem)
doméstica {f} [Spain, pejorative]  :: maid (female servant or cleaner)
doméstico {adj}  :: domestic
domótica {f}  :: home automation
don {f}  :: A title of respect to a man, prefixed to Christian names
don {f}  :: [obsolete] sir, master, lord
don {m}  :: gift, present
don {m}  :: gift, talent, knack
Don {f}  :: A title of respect to a man, comparable to Mr., but used before a given name
Don {f} [obsolete]  :: A title of respect to a nobleman (similar to English lord)
dona {f}  :: doughnut
donación {f}  :: donation
donador {f}  :: donor
donadora {f}  :: feminine noun of donador
donaire {m}  :: gracefulness, elegance
donante {adj}  :: donating
donante {m}  :: donor
donar {v}  :: to donate
donativo {m}  :: donation
doncella {f}  :: abigail
doncella {f}  :: maid, damsel
donde {adv} [in indirect questions]  :: where, in what place
donde {conj} [Chile, colloquial]  :: because
donde {conj} [Latin America, colloquial]  :: if
donde {prep}  :: by, near to
donde {prep}  :: round (at the house of)
donde {pron} [relative]  :: where, in what place
donde dije digo, digo Diego {phrase}  :: A phrase used by the speaker when rectifying something they had previously said, claiming it was mispronounced or misinterpreted
donde fueres haz lo que vieres {proverb}  :: when in Rome, do as the Romans do
donde hubo fuego, cenizas quedan {proverb}  :: where there was fire, ashes remain
donde no hay harina todo es mohína {proverb}  :: poverty breeds discontent
dondequiera {adv}  :: anywhere, wherever
donde tengas la olla no metas la polla {proverb}  :: don't shit where you eat
Donetsk {prop}  :: Donetsk (city)
donjuanesco {adj}  :: of or relating to Don Juan; philandering
donjuán {m}  :: Don Juan, philanderer, womanizer
donoso {adj}  :: amusing
donostiarra {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to San Sebastián
donostiarra {m}  :: Someone from San Sebastián
Don Quijote {prop}  :: Don Quixote (the fictional character)
donut {m}  :: donut, doughnut
dopaje {m}  :: doping
dopamina {f} [neurotransmitter]  :: dopamine
dopar {v}  :: to dope; do doping
doquier {adv}  :: anywhere, wherever
doquiera {adv}  :: everywhere
doquiera {adv}  :: wherever
-dor {suffix}  :: Forming derivatives of other nouns:
-dor {suffix}  :: Forming (usually agent) nouns and adjectives from verbs. The form used depends on the suffix of verb being appended: for -ar verbs use -ador (-adora), for -er verbs -edor (-edora) and for -ir verbs -idor (-idora)
-dora {suffix}  :: feminine noun of -dor
doradito {adj}  :: diminutive form of dorado
dorado {adj}  :: golden
dorado {m}  :: plating with gold
dorado {m}  :: various species of golden-colored fish (though not usually the pet goldfish)
Dorado {prop} [constellation]  :: Dorado (a particular constellation)
dorar {v} [cooking]  :: to brown
dorar {vr}  :: to go brown
dorar {v}  :: to gild
dormidina {f}  :: sleeping pill
dormido {adj}  :: sleeping
dormilón {adj}  :: sleepy
dormilón {f}  :: Someone who sleeps a lot; sleepyhead
dormilona {f}  :: feminine noun of dormilón Someone who sleeps a lot; sleepyhead
dormir {v} [euphemistic]  :: to die; to rest in death
dormir {vr}  :: to fall asleep
dormir {v}  :: to sleep
dormir a pierna suelta {v} [idiomatic]  :: to sleep like a log
dormir como un ceporro {v} [simile]  :: To sleep like a log
dormir como un lirón {v} [simile]  :: To sleep like a log
dormir la mona {v} [idiomatic]  :: to sleep off (a hangover)
dormirse {vrr}  :: reflexive form of dormir, to fall asleep
dormirse en los laureles {v} [idiom]  :: to rest on one's laurels
dormitar {v}  :: to doze or nap
dormitorio {m}  :: bedroom
Dorotea {prop}  :: female given name, cognate to Dorothy
dorsal {adj} [anatomy]  :: dorsal
dorsal {m}  :: ridge
dorsal ancho {m}  :: latissimus dorsi
dorso {m} [anatomy]  :: back
dorso {m}  :: back
dorso {m}  :: backstroke
dorsoventralmente {adv}  :: dorsoventrally
dos {cardinal num} [cardinal]  :: two
dos cabezas piensan mejor que una {phrase}  :: two heads are better than one
dos cervezas, por favor {phrase}  :: two beers please
doscientas {num}  :: feminine form of doscientos
doscientos {num}  :: two hundred
dosel {m}  :: canopy
Dos Hermanas {prop}  :: Dos Hermanas (city)
dosier {m}  :: dossier
dosificar {v}  :: to dose, measure out
dosis {f}  :: dose
dos puntos {m}  :: colon (punctuation mark)
dossier {m}  :: dossier
dos tiempos {m}  :: clean and jerk
dotación {f}  :: (countable) a resource
dotación {f}  :: (uncountable) resources
dotado {adj}  :: talented, gifted
dotar {v}  :: to endow
dote {f}  :: dowry
dote {f}  :: talent
doula {f}  :: doula
doxología {f}  :: doxology
dúplex {m}  :: duplex flat, duplex apartment
díptero {adj}  :: dipteral
díptero {adj}  :: dipterous
díptero {m}  :: dipteran
dpto {abbr}  :: apartment
dpto {abbr}  :: department
Dr. {f}  :: abbreviation of doctor
Dra. {f}  :: abbreviation of doctora
dracma {f}  :: drachma
dracma {f}  :: dram
Draco {prop} [constellation]  :: Draco (constellation)
draconiano {adj}  :: draconian
draconiano {adj}  :: Draconian
dríada {f}  :: alternative form of dríade
dríade {f} [Greek mythology]  :: dryad
draft {m}  :: draft (in sports)
dragado {m}  :: dredging
dragalina {f}  :: dragline excavator
dragaminas {m} [nautical]  :: minesweeper
dragar {v}  :: to dredge
dragón {f}  :: dragon (legendary serpentine creature)
dragón {f}  :: dragoon (horse soldier)
dragón {f} [heraldiccharge]  :: dragon
drago {m}  :: the dragon tree
dragona {f}  :: feminine noun of dragón a female dragon
dragona {f}  :: lanyard (a cord with a hook; once used to fire artillery)
drama {m}  :: drama
dramatismo {m}  :: dramatism
dramatización {f}  :: dramatization
dramatizar {v}  :: to dramatize
dramatúrgico {adj}  :: dramaturgical
dramaturga {f}  :: feminine noun of dramaturgo
dramaturgia {f}  :: dramaturgy
dramaturgo {f}  :: playwright, dramatist, dramaturge
dramáticamente {adv}  :: dramatically
dramático {adj}  :: dramatic
drcha {abbr}  :: right (not left)
Drácula {prop}  :: Dracula
dárdano {adj}  :: Trojan
dárdano {f}  :: Trojan
drenaje {m}  :: drainage
drenar {v}  :: to drain
Dresde {prop}  :: Dresden (placename)
driblar {v}  :: to dribble
driblear {v}  :: alternative form of driblar
dórico {adj}  :: Dorian, Doric (of or relating to the Dorians or the Doric order)
dórico {m}  :: Doric (Ancient Greek dialect)
driza {f} [nautical]  :: halyard
droga {f}  :: drug
droga {f} [Mexico]  :: indebtedness, debt
drogadicción {f}  :: drug addiction
drogadicta {f}  :: feminine noun of drogadicto
drogadicto {adj}  :: drug addict
drogadicto {f}  :: drug addict
drogado {adj}  :: high (on drugs)
drogado {adj} [Mexico, colloquial]  :: indebted
drogar {v}  :: to drug
drogarse {vr}  :: reflexive form of drogar
drogodependiente {m}  :: drug addict
droguería {f}  :: drug store, pharmacy
droguita {f}  :: diminutive form of droga
dromedario {m}  :: dromedary
dromeosaurio {m}  :: dromaeosaur
dromeosáurido {m}  :: dromaeosaur
dron {m}  :: drone
dronte {m} [obsolete]  :: dodo
Drs. {n}  :: abbreviation of doctores or doctoras
dársela con queso {v} [idiomatic]  :: to hoodwink
dársena {f}  :: dock
drásticamente {adv}  :: dramatically
drásticamente {adv}  :: drastically
drástico {adj}  :: dramatical
drástico {adj}  :: drastic
druídico {adj}  :: druidic
druida {m}  :: druid
druidismo {m}  :: druidism
drupa {f} [botany]  :: drupe
díscolo {adj}  :: rebellious, disobedient
díscolo {m}  :: disobeyer
dseda {f}  :: zeta; the Greek letter Ζ, ζ
dseta {f}  :: zeta; the Greek letter Ζ, ζ
déspota {m}  :: despot
déspoto {m}  :: obsolete form of déspota
dátil {m}  :: date (fruit of the date palm)
DU {abbr}  :: Durango (Mexican state)
dual {adj}  :: dual
dual {adj} [grammar]  :: dual
dualidad {f}  :: duality
dualismo {m}  :: dualism
dualista {adj}  :: dualist
dualista {m}  :: dualist
Dubái {prop}  :: Dubai
dubitativo {adj}  :: doubting
dubitativo {adj}  :: dubitative
dublinesa {f}  :: feminine form of dublinés
dublinés {adj}  :: From Dublin
dublinés {f}  :: Dubliner
Dublín {prop}  :: Dublin (the capital of the Republic of Ireland)
dubnio {m}  :: dubnium
dubéri {m}  :: dewberry
Dubrovnik {prop}  :: Dubrovnik (Croatian port-city)
ducado {m}  :: duchy (a dominion or region ruled by a duke or duchess)
ducado {m}  :: dukedom (the rank or title of a duke)
ducado {m} [label, pt, historical]  :: ducat (historical gold coin)
ducentésimo {adj}  :: two hundredth
ducha {f}  :: shower (device)
duchar {v}  :: to shower
ducharse {vr}  :: to take a shower
ducho {adj}  :: experienced, skilled
ductilidad {f}  :: ductility
ducto {m}  :: duct
ductor {m}  :: guide, conductor
ductor {m}  :: probe [surgical]
duda {f}  :: doubt
dudar {v}  :: to doubt
dudosamente {adv}  :: doubtfully
dudoso {adj}  :: dubious
dueña {f}  :: feminine form of dueño, owner
dueña {f}  :: mistress
duela {f} [Mexico]  :: floorboard
duela {f}  :: stave (of barrels, casks, etc.)
duelo {m}  :: duel
duelo {m}  :: mourning
duelo {m}  :: sorrow
duende {m} [by extension]  :: charisma (the power to attract through personal magnetism and charm)
duende {m} [by extension]  :: charm, magic
duende {m} [folklore]  :: elf, imp (a small humanoid creature who invades homes at night to carry out mischief and scare the residents)
duendecillo {m}  :: gremlin, pixie
dueño {f}  :: master
dueño {f}  :: owner, proprietor, landlord
dueño y señor {m} [idiomatic]  :: lord and master
duermevela {n}  :: Dozing, drowsiness, the state of being half-asleep, either napping or from exhaustion
duermevela {n}  :: Restless sleep; a period of wakefulness or partial wakefulness between periods of sleep
duermevela {n}  :: The vivid sleep when one thinks one is still awake
Duero {prop}  :: Douro
dueto {m} [music]  :: duet (a musical composition for two performers)
duhaldismo {m}  :: The political beliefs of Eduardo Duhalde, Argentine politician
dulcamara {f}  :: A vine in the nightshade family, bittersweet, Solanum dulcamara
dulce {adj}  :: sweet
dulce {m}  :: candy
dulce {m}  :: sweet food, dessert
dulce {m}  :: thick jelly or fudge
dulce de leche {m}  :: dulce de leche
dulce de membrillo {m}  :: quince jelly
dulcedumbre {f} [figurative]  :: pleasantness, softness
dulcedumbre {f}  :: sweetness
dulcemente {adv}  :: sweetly
dulcera {f}  :: A dish, often of crystal, for storing or serving syrupy sweets, honey, etc
dulcería {f} [Latin America]  :: confectioner's shop, candy store, sweetshop (shop selling confectionery)
dulcero {adj}  :: sweet-toothed; fond of sweets
dulcero {f}  :: confectioner, candy maker
dulces sueños {phrase} [idiomatic]  :: sweet dreams
dulcificación {f}  :: sweetening
dulcificar {v}  :: to mollify
dulcificar {v}  :: to sweeten
dulzarrón {adj}  :: sickly sweet
dulzón {adj}  :: sickly sweet
dulzor {m}  :: sweetness
dulzura {f}  :: sweetheart
dulzura {f}  :: sweetness
dumping {m}  :: dumping
duna {f}  :: dune
dunita {f}  :: dunite
duodécima {f}  :: feminine noun of duodécimo
duodécimo {adj}  :: twelfth
duodécimo {f}  :: twelfth
duodenal {adj}  :: duodenal
duodeno {m} [anatomy]  :: duodenum
duopolio {m}  :: duopoly
duplicación {f}  :: duplication
duplicar {vi} [legal]  :: to rejoin
duplicar {v}  :: to duplicate
duplicarse {vr}  :: reflexive form of duplicar
duplicidad {f}  :: duplicity
duque {m}  :: duke
duquesa {f}  :: duchess (feminine noun of duque)
-dura {suffix}  :: Forms nouns from verbs. The form used depends on the suffix of verb being appended: for -ar verbs use -adura, for -er verbs -edura, and for -ir verbs -idura
durabilidad {f}  :: durability
durable {adj}  :: durable
duración {f}  :: duration, length (time)
duradero {adj}  :: durable, enduring, permanent
duradero {adj}  :: long-term, long-lasting
duralex {m}  :: Duralex
duramente {adv}  :: harshly, roughly, hard, severely
Durango {prop}  :: Durango (placename)
duranguense {adj}  :: Durangan, of or pertaining to the Mexican state of Durango
durante {prep}  :: during
durante {prep}  :: for (as a duration)
durar {v}  :: to last
durar {v}  :: to take time
duraznero {m} [Latin American Spanish]  :: peach tree
durazno {m} [Latin American Spanish]  :: peach
durazno {m} [Latin American Spanish]  :: peach tree
dureza {f}  :: arduousness
dureza {f}  :: hardness
durián {m}  :: durian
durmiente {adj} [heraldry]  :: dormant
durmiente {adj}  :: sleeping
durmiente {m} [rail transport]  :: railway sleeper, tie
duro {adj}  :: cruel, severe, harsh
duro {adj}  :: firm, solid
duro {adj}  :: hard
duro {adj}  :: mean, stingy, ungenerous
duro {adj} [Mexico]  :: drunk, tipsy
duro {adj}  :: rough, uncouth
duro {adj}  :: tough, resilient, strong
duro {adj}  :: unbearable, offensive
duro {m} [Spain, colloquial]  :: a coin worth 5 pesetas
durísimo {adj}  :: superlative form of duro
Dusambé {prop}  :: Dushanbe (capital of Tajikistan)
Dushambé {prop}  :: alternative form of Dusambé
dux {m}  :: doge (chief magistrate in the republics of Venice and Genoa)
DVD {m}  :: DVD (digital video disc)
Dávila {prop}  :: Spanish surname
dylaniano {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to Bob Dylan