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fa {n} /fɑ/ (fourth note of a major scale) :: fa
Fabergé egg {n} (Easter egg by Fabergé) :: Fabergén muna
Fabergé egg {n} (any decorated egg) :: koristemuna
fable {n} /ˈfeɪbəl/ (fictitious narration to enforce some useful truth or precept) :: satu, taru
fable {n} (story told to excite wonder) :: tarina, juttu, taru
fable {n} (fiction, untruth, falsehood) :: vale, taru
fable {v} (compose fables) :: sepittää (satuja)
fable {v} (tell of falsely) :: puhua omiaan
fabled {adj} (fictitious) :: satumainen, tarumainen, satu-, taru-
fabled {adj} (legendary) :: legendaarinen
fabric {n} /ˈfæb.ɹɪk/ (structure, building) :: rakenne
fabric {n} (act of construction) :: rakentaminen
fabric {n} (framework underlying a structure) :: rakenne, kehikko, kudos
fabric {n} (material made of fibers) :: kangas
fabric {n} (texture of a cloth) :: kudos
fabricate {v} /ˈfæb.ɹɪ.keɪt/ (to form into a whole by uniting its parts) :: rakentaa
fabricate {v} (to form by art and labor; to manufacture) :: valmistaa
fabricate {v} (to invent and form; to forge) :: väärentää
fabricate {v} (to cut up an animal for cooking) :: paloitella
fabrication {n} /fæbɹɪˈkeɪʃən/ (act) :: valmistaminen, rakentaminen, väärentäminen
fabrication {n} (that which is fabricated; a falsehood) :: sepite, tekaistu juttu, valhe, väärennös
fabric softener {n} (a chemical agent used to prevent static cling and make fabric softer) :: huuhteluaine
fabulist {n} /ˈfæbjəlɪst/ (one who writes or tells fables) :: sadunkertoja, satusetä
fabulist {n} (a liar) :: satuilija, satusetä
fabulous {adj} /ˈfæbjʊləs/ (mythical or legendary; incredible) :: tarunomainen
fabulous {adj} (of the nature of a fable; unhistorical) :: tarumainen
fabulous {adj} (extraordinary, especially in being very large) :: satumainen [of riches], mahtava
fabulous {adj} (very good; wonderful) :: satumainen
facade {n} /fəˈsaːd/ (face of a building) :: julkisivu
facade {n} (front of anything) :: julkisivu, etupuoli; prospekti [of an organ]
facade {n} (deceptive outward appearance) :: julkisivu
face {v} (to face) SEE: look ::
face {n} /feɪs/ (front part of head) :: kasvot, naama [colloquial]
face {n} (facial expression) :: ilme
face {n} (public image) :: julkisivu, ilme, julkikuva
face {n} (frontal aspect) :: etupuoli, etuseinä, eturinne
face {n} (presence; sight; front) :: uhka [of danger]; kasvot {p} [of God]; päivänvalo [face of the day]
face {n} (good reputation; standing in the eyes of others) :: kasvot {p}
face {n} (shameless confidence) :: otsa
face {n} (width of a pulley) :: leveys
face {n} (geometry: bounding surface of a polyhedron) :: tahko, taho
face {n} (surface, especially a front or outer one) :: etupuoli, etuseinä, eturinne [front]; pinta, rinne [any surface]
face {n} (slang: the mouth) :: naama, turpa
face {n} (cricket: front surface of a bat) :: etupuoli
face {n} (golf: part of a golf club that hits the ball) :: lyöntipinta
face {n} (cards: side that shows card's value) :: kuvapuoli
face {n} (mode of regard) :: kasvot {p} [esp. of God]; ilme
face {v} (position oneself/itself towards) :: olla (johonkin) päin
face {v} (have its front closest to) :: olla (johonkin) päin
face {v} (deal with, confront) :: kohdata
face {n} (typography: typeface) SEE: typeface ::
face {n} (computing: interface) SEE: interface ::
face {n} (one's complete facial cosmetic application) SEE: makeup ::
face {n} (amount expressed on a bill, note, bond, etc.) SEE: face value ::
Facebook {prop} /ˈfeɪs.bʊk/ (social-networking website) :: Facebook
face cloth {n} (small cloth) :: pesulappu
face cream {n} (cream) :: kasvovoide
face-down {adv} (such that the face or front is positioned downward) :: alassuin
faceguard {n} (protective guard for face) :: kasvosuojus
facekini {n} (fabric face mask) :: facekini
faceless {adj} (having no face) :: kasvoton
facelift {n} /ˈfeɪsˌlɪft/ (plastic surgery to the face) :: kasvojenkohotus
facelift {n} (improvement of the appearance of something) :: facelift, kasvojenkohotus
facelift {v} (to perform a facelift) :: tehdä kasvojenkohotus, pintaremontoida
faceoff {n} (hockey) :: aloitus
faceoff spot {n} (starting spot) :: aloituspiste
face painting {n} (application of decorative paint to the face) :: kasvomaalaus
facepalm {v} /ˈfeɪsˌpɑː(l)m/ (bring the palm of the hand to the face) :: peittää päänsä kämmenellä
facepic {n} (photograph of a person's face) :: kasvokuva
faceplant {n} /ˈfeɪsˌplænt/ (act of landing face first) :: mahalasku
faceplant {v} (to land face first) :: kaatua naamalleen, tehdä mahalasku
facet {n} /ˈfæsɪt/ (flat surface cut into a gem) :: taho, fasetti, viiste
facet {n} (one among many similar yet distinct things) :: puoli
facet {n} (one of a series of things) :: vaihe, askel
facet {n} (one member of a compound eye) :: silmäkeila
facet {v} (to cut a facet) :: hioa
face the facts {v} (to accept what is true) :: kohdata totuus
facetious {adj} /fəˈsiːʃəs/ (flippant) :: epäasiallinen
facetious {adj} (pleasantly humorous, jocular) :: hyväntuulinen, leikillinen
face to face {adv} (in person) :: kasvokkain, kasvotusten; henkilökohtaisesti
face-to-face {adv} (face to face) SEE: face to face ::
face-to-face {adj} (in another's presence) :: henkilökohtainen
face validity {n} (property of a test) :: hyväksyttävyys
face value {n} (the stated value or amount) :: nimellisarvo
face without makeup {n} :: meikittömät kasvot {p}
fachidiot {n} (narrow specialist expert, ignorant outside their field) :: fakki-idiootti
facial {adj} /ˈfeɪʃəl/ (of the face) :: kasvo-
facial {n} (beauty treatment) :: kasvohoito
facial expression {n} (expression or countenance that seems to an onlooker to be represented by the appearance of a person's face) :: ilme
facial hair {n} (hair on the face of a human) :: kasvojen karvoitus; naamakarvoitus [colloquial]
facial hair {n} (hair on the face of an animal) :: naamakarvoitus
facial nerve {n} (nerve) :: kasvohermo, naamahermo, fasiaalihermo
facilitate {v} /fəˈsɪlɪteɪt/ (to make easy or easier) :: helpottaa
facilitate {v} (to help bring about) :: helpottaa
facilitate {v} (to preside over (a meeting, a seminar)) :: johtaa puhetta, johtaa, fasilitoida
facilitation {n} (act of facilitating) :: helpottaminen, auttaminen, fasilitointi
facilitator {n} (person who helps a group to have an effective dialog without taking any side of the argument) :: fasilitaattori
facility {n} /fəˈsɪlɪti/ (fact of being easy) :: helppous
facility {n} (dexterity, skill) :: taito, taitavuus
facility {n} (physical means of doing something) :: laitos, fasiliteetti, mukavuudet {p}
facing {n} /ˈfeɪsɪŋ/ (The most external portion of exterior siding) :: päällys
facsimile {n} /fækˈsɪm.ə.li/ (copy or reproduction) :: jäljennös, faksimile
facsimile {n} (fax machine) :: faksi
facsimile {n} (image) :: faksi
facsimile {v} (fax) SEE: fax ::
fact {n} /fækt/ (an honest observation) :: tosiasia, fakta
fact {n} (something actual) :: tosiasia, fakta
fact {n} (something which has become real) :: tosiasia, fakta
fact {n} (something concrete used as a basis for further interpretation) :: tosiasia, fakta
fact {n} (an objective consensus on a fundamental reality) :: tosiasia, fakta
fact {n} (information about a particular subject) :: tieto, tosiasia
faction {n} /ˈfæk.ʃən/ (group of people) :: siipi, suuntaus
factitious {adj} /fækˈtɪʃəs/ (created by man) :: keinotekoinen
factitious {adj} (counterfeit, fabricated) :: väärennetty
factoid {n} /ˈfæktɔɪd/ (inaccurate statement believed to be true) :: näennäistotuus
factor {n} /ˈfæktə/ (doer, maker) :: tekijä, edustaja
factor {n} (integral part) :: tekijä
factor {n} (mathematical sense) :: tekijä
factor {n} (influence) :: tekijä, osatekijä
factor {v} (to find all factors of a number) :: jakaa tekijöihin
factorial {n} /fækˈtɔːɹi.əl/ (mathematical operation or its result) :: kertoma
factor in {v} (to consider as a factor) :: ottaa huomioon
factorise {v} (to create a list of the factors of) SEE: factorize ::
factorise {v} (to divide an expression into a listing of items) SEE: factorize ::
factorization {n} (creating a list of factors) :: tekijöihin jakaminen
factorization {n} (expression listing factors) :: tekijöiden tulo
factorization {n} (list of factors) :: tekijät
factorize {v} (create a list of factors) :: jakaa tekijöihin
factorize {v} (divide an expression into listing items) :: jakaa tekijöihin
factor of production {n} (resource used for production) :: tuotannontekijä
factory {n} /ˈfæktəɹi/ (manufacturing place) :: tehdas, laitos, tehdaslaitos, tuotantolaitos, teollisuuslaitos
factory {n} (producing device) :: tehdas
factory {n} (in computing, a function or method that creates objects) :: tehdas
factory reset {n} (full restore of an electronic device) :: tehdasasetusten palautus
factoryworker {n} (one who works in a factory) :: tehdastyöntekijä
factual {adj} /ˈfæk(t)ʃuəl/ (of facts) :: todellinen, tosiasioihin perustuva, tosiasiallinen, asiapitoinen
factuality {n} (state or quality of being factual) :: tosiasiallisuus, faktuaalisuus
factuality {n} (that which is factual) :: todellisuus
factually {adv} (in a factual manner) :: tosiasiallisesti
facultative {adj} /ˈfæ.kəl.tə.tɪv/ (of or relating to faculty) :: kyvykkyys-, kyky-
facultative {adj} (not obligate; optional) :: valinnainen, vapaaehtoinen
facultative {adj} (granting permission) :: salliva, myöntävä
facultative {adj} (able to grow in or outside of a host) :: fakultatiivinen
facultatively {adv} (in a facultative manner) :: fakultatiivisesti
faculty {n} /ˈfæ.kəl.ti/ (scholarly staff at colleges or universities) :: opetushenkilökunta
faculty {n} (division of a university) :: tiedekunta
faculty {n} (ability, skill, or power) :: voima, kyky, taito
fad {n} /fæd/ (phenomenon) :: muotihullutus, villitys, muoti
fade {v} /feɪd/ (to become faded) :: heikentyä, heiketä
fade {v} (to lose freshness, brightness) :: haalistua, kauhtua, himmetä, haaltua
fade {v} (to vanish) :: haihtua, häipyä, kaikota, karkota, hämärtyä
fade {v} (to cause to fade) :: haalistaa, himmentää, kauhduttaa, heikentää, häivyttää, hämärtää, haihduttaa, karkottaa
faded {adj} /ˈfeɪdɪd/ (of colour that has lost its intensity) :: haalistunut
fadedness {n} (quality) :: haalistuneisuus
fade out {n} (type of transition used in movies) :: häivytys
fade out {v} (to slowly disappear) :: häipyä näkymättömiin
fade out {v} (to fade from a cut to black in a movie) :: häivyttää
fado {n} (song) :: fado, fadolaulu
fag {n} /fæɡ/ (cigarette) :: rööki
fag {n} (homosexual) :: hintti, hinttari
fag-end {n} (cigarette butt) SEE: butt ::
faggot {n} (male homosexual) SEE: fag ::
fag hag {n} (woman who likes gay men) :: homoemo
Fahrenheit {adj} (temperature scale) :: Fahrenheit
faience {n} (type of tin-glazed earthenware ceramic) :: fajanssi
fail {v} /feɪl/ (be unsuccessful) :: epäonnistua
fail {v} (not achieve a goal) :: ei
fail {v} (be negligent) :: ei
fail {v} (cease to operate) :: vioittua, vikaantua, vikautua, mennä rikki, pysähtyä
fail {v} (cause to fail) :: vioittaa, rikkoa, pysäyttää
failed state {n} (type of state) :: epäonnistunut valtio
fail-safe {adj} /ˈfeɪlˌseɪf/ (that does not cause undue damage) :: vikaturvallinen
fail-safe {n} (device or mechanism) :: vikaturvallinen
failure {n} /ˈfeɪlˌjɚ/ (state or condition opposite of success) :: epäonnistuminen
failure {n} (object or person incapable of success) :: rikkinäinen esine [object]; epäonnistuja [person]
failure {n} (termination of the ability of an item to perform its required function) :: vika [of equipment]; kaatuminen [of organization]; häiriö
failure rate {n} (frequency) :: vikatiheys
faint {adj} /feɪ̯nt/ (lacking strength; inclined to lose consciousness) :: heikko, heiveröinen
faint {adj} (lacking distinctness, hardly perceptible) :: hämärä
faint {v} (to lose consciousness) :: pyörtyä
fainting {n} (an act of collapsing to a state of temporary unconsciousness) :: pyörtyminen, pökertyminen
fair {adj} /fɛɚ/ (pretty or attractive) :: viehkeä, kaunis
fair {adj} (unblemished and innocent) :: puhdas
fair {adj} (light in color or pale) :: vaalea
fair {adj} (just, equitable) :: reilu, rehellinen, oikeudenmukainen, puolueeton, tasapuolinen
fair {adj} (adequate, reasonable, decent) :: kohtuullinen, kohtalainen, kelvollinen
fair {adj} (nautical: favorable to a ship's course) :: myötäinen
fair {adj} (not overcast or raining of weather) :: selkeä
fair {adj} (baseball: between the baselines) :: irti
fair {v} (to smoothen a surface) :: tasoittaa
fair {v} (to bring into perfect alignment) :: kohdistaa, rihdata
fair {v} (to producea smooth outline) :: tasoittaa, virtaviivaistaa
fair {n} (celebration) :: markkinat {p}
fair {n} (market) :: markkinat {p}
fair {n} (professional event, trade fair) :: messut, näyttely, päivät
fair {n} (a travelling amusement park) :: kiertävä tivoli
fair and square {adv} (fairly and undoubtedly) :: reilusti ja selvästi
fair and square {adv} (within the applicable rules) :: sääntöjen puitteissa
fairest {adj} (most attractive) :: viehkein, kaunein
fair-haired {adj} (having relatively blond hair) :: vaaleahiuksinen, vaaleatukkainen
fairheaded {adj} (blond) SEE: blond ::
fairlead {n} (device to guide a line) :: klyysi, ohjausaukko, ohjausputki
fair sex {n} (women) :: kauniimpi sukupuoli
fair trade {n} (system of trading) :: reilu kauppa
fairway {n} ((golf) the area between the tee and the green) :: väylä
fairway {n} (any tract of land free from obstacles) :: väylä
fairway {n} ((military) a channel in a river) :: väylä
fairway {n} ((nautical) a navigable channel in a harbour) :: väylä
fair wind {n} (wind in the right direction) :: myötätuuli
fairy {n} /ˈfɛəɹɪ/ (mythical being) :: keiju, keijukainen [small with wings]; haltija {m}, haltijatar {f}, [human-like]
fairy {n} ((derogatory slang) male homosexual) :: hintti
fairy bread {n} (snack) :: strösselileipä
fairy cake {n} (cupcake) SEE: cupcake ::
fairy floss {n} (fairy floss) SEE: candy floss ::
fairy godmother {n} (benevolent magical female) :: hyvä haltiatar
fairy godmother {n} (generous benefactor) :: hyvä haltiatar
fairyland {n} (the imaginary land or abode of fairies) :: satumaa
fairy ring {n} (ring of fungi) :: sienikehä, noidankehä
fairy tale {n} (folktale) :: satu, kansansatu
fairy tale {n} (unrealistic story) :: satu
fairy-tale {adj} (of the nature of a fairy tale; as if from a fairy tale) :: satu-, satumainen
fait accompli {n} /ˈfeɪt.əˌkʌm.pli/ (established fact) :: tapahtunut tosiasia
faith {n} /feɪθ/ (feeling that something is true) :: luottamus, usko
faith {n} (religious belief system) :: usko
faith {n} (obligation of loyalty or fidelity) :: uskollisuus [loyalty], usko [fidelity]
faith {n} (confidence in the intentions or abilities) :: luottamus, usko
faith {n} (credibility or truth) :: uskottavuus [credibility]; todenmukaisuus [concordance with truth]
faithful {adj} /ˈfeɪθ.fəl/ (loyal; adhering firmly to person or cause) :: uskollinen
faithful {adj} (having faith) :: uskollinen
faithful {adj} (reliable; worthy of trust) :: luotettava
faithful {adj} (consistent with reality) :: uskollinen
faith healer {n} (one who uses spiritual means in order to heal) :: henkiparantaja
faith will move mountains {proverb} (proverb) :: usko siirtää vuoria
fajita {n} /fəˈhiːtə/ (dish) :: fajita
fake {adj} /feɪk/ (not real) :: väärennetty
fake {v} (to cheat, swindle) :: huijata
fake {v} (to modify fraudulently to make sthg look better) :: parannella
fake {v} (to counterfeit, falsify) :: väärentää
fake {v} (to make a false display of) :: teeskennellä, tekeytyä, olla olevinaan; filmata, feikata [slang]
fake {n} (winding) :: kieppi
fake book {n} (collection of musical lead sheets) :: fake book
fakir {n} /fəˈkiɹ/ (ascetic mendicant) :: fakiiri
falafel {n} /fəˈlɑfəl/ (Middle Eastern food) :: falafel
falafel {n} (pita with falafel balls inside) :: falafel-pita, falafel-rulla
falafel {n} (single falafel ball) :: falafel-pyörykkä, falafel-pulla
falanouc {n} (Euplerer goudotii) :: falanukki
falcate {adj} /ˈfælkeɪt/ (shaped like a sickle) :: sirppimäinen
falchion {n} /ˈfɔltʃən/ (sword) :: falchion
falciform {adj} /ˈfæl.sɪ.fɔɹm/ (sickle-shaped) :: sirppimäinen
falcon {n} /ˈfɔː(l)kən/ (bird of the genus Falco) :: jalohaukka
falconet {n} /ˈfæl.kə.nɛt/ (small or young falcon) :: pieni [small] or nuori [young] haukka
falconet {n} (any of various small, tropical Asian falcons of the genus Microhierax found in Southeast Asia) :: aasianhaukkanen
falconry {n} (sport of hunting by using trained birds of prey) :: haukkametsästys
Faliscan {prop} /fəˈlɪskən/ (language) :: faliski
Falklandic {adj} (of or pertaining to Falkland Islands) :: falklandilainen
Falkland Islander {n} (person from the Falkland Islands) :: falklandilainen
Falkland Islands {prop} (overseas territory of the UK in the South Atlantic) :: Falklandinsaaret
fall {n} (season) SEE: autumn ::
fall {n} /fɔːl/ (act of moving in gas or vacuum under the effect of gravity from a point to a lower point) :: putoaminen
fall {n} (loss of greatness or status) :: tuho
fall {v} (move to a lower position under the effect of gravity) :: kaatua, pudota, sataa [rain]
fall {v} (come down or descend) :: laskeutua
fall {v} (prostrate oneself) :: heittäytyä
fall {v} (be brought to earth or be overthrown) :: kaatua
fall {v} (collapse; be overthrown or defeated) :: kaatua, hävitä
fall {v} (die) :: kaatua
fall {v} (be allotted to) :: jäädä
fall {v} (become or change into) :: tulla joksikin
Fall {prop} (fall of humanity into sin) :: syntiinlankeemus
fallacious {adj} /fə.ˈleɪ.ʃəs/ (characterized by fallacy; false or mistaken) :: virheellinen, paikkansapitämätön, [literary, poetic] erheellinen
fallacious {adj} (deceptive or misleading) :: harhaanjohtava, pettävä, erehdyttävä
fallacy {n} /ˈfæləsi/ (false argument) :: argumentointivirhe
fall apart {v} (intransitive: break into pieces through being in a dilapidated state) :: hajota
fall apart {v} (be emotionally in crisis) :: murtua
fall asleep {v} (to pass into sleep) :: nukahtaa
fall asleep {v} (to be affected by paresthesia) :: puutua
fall asleep {v} (euphemism for "to die") :: nukkua pois
fallback {n} /ˈfɔːl.bæk/ (an act of falling back) :: vetäytyminen
fallback {n} (a backup plan) :: varasuunnitelma
fall behind {v} (to be late) :: jäädä jälkeen, olla myöhässä
fall behind {v} (to be below average in performance) :: jäädä jälkeen
fall down {v} (to fall to the ground) :: pudota, tippua
fall down {v} (to collapse) :: romahtaa
fallen {adj} /ˈfɔlən/ (having dropped by the force of gravity) :: pudonnut
fallen {adj} (killed in battle) :: kaatunut
fallen {adj} (having lost one's chastity) :: langennut
fallen {adj} (having collapsed) :: romahtanut, sortunut, kaatunut
fallen {n} (dead) :: kuollut
fallen {n} (casualties of battle or war) :: kaatunut
fallen angel {n} (angel who was exiled from heaven) :: langennut enkeli
fall equinox {n} (autumnal equinox) SEE: autumnal equinox ::
fall foliage {n} (coloration of leaves during autumn) SEE: autumn foliage ::
fall for {v} (To be fooled by; to walk into a trap or respond to a scam or trick) :: mennä ansaan, tulla huijatuksi
fall for {v} (To fall in love with) :: rakastua, ihastua
fallibilism {n} /ˈfælɪbɪlɪzəm/ (doctrine that knowledge is never certain) :: fallibilismi
fallibilist {n} (advocate of fallibilism) :: fallibilisti
fallible {adj} (capable of making mistakes or being wrong) :: erehtyväinen
fall ill {v} (become ill) :: sairastua
fall in {v} (to collapse inwards) :: romahtaa (sisään)
fall in {v} (military: to get into position in a rank) :: järjestyä riviin
falling star {n} (shooting star) SEE: shooting star ::
fall in love {v} (to come to have feelings of love) :: rakastua
fall in love {v} (to come to have feelings of love towards each other) :: rakastua
fall in love {v} (to come to have feelings of intense liking) :: ihastua
fall into place {v} (assume a clear and complete form) :: loksahtaa paikoilleen
fall into the wrong hands {v} (become the possession of or be discovered by an unfriendly third party) :: joutua vääriin käsiin
fall off the turnip truck {v} (to be unsophisticated in rustic manner) :: olla juntti
fall on deaf ears {v} (of a request, complaint, etc, to be ignored) :: kaikua kuuroille korville
Fallopian tube {n} (duct) :: munanjohdin, munatorvi
fallout {n} /ˈfɔlˌaʊt/ (event of airborne particles falling to the ground) :: laskeuma
fallout {n} (particles that fall to the ground) :: laskeuma
fallout {n} (negative side effect) :: sivuvaikutus
fallow {n} /ˈfæloʊ/ (ground left unseeded for a year) :: kesanto
fallow {n} (uncultivated land) :: joutomaa, viljelemätön maa
fallow {adj} (of land, left unseeded) :: kesannoitu; kesannolla [adverb]
fallow {adj} (inactive, undeveloped) :: joutilas, kehittymätön, laiska
fallow {v} (plough land without sowing seeds) :: kesannoida
fallow deer {n} /ˈfæl.əʊˌdɪə/ (Dama dama, a ruminant mammal) :: kuusipeura
falls {n} /fɔːlz/ (A waterfall) :: vesiputous
fall to pieces {v} (be emotionally devastated) :: murtua, hajota
fall victim {v} (to suffer through no fault of one's own) :: joutua uhriksi
false {adj} /fɔls/ (untrue, not factual, wrong) :: valheellinen, epätosi, väärä, [prefix] vale-
false {adj} (based on factually incorrect premises) :: perusteeton, väärä
false {adj} (spurious, artificial) :: keinotekoinen, teko-, keino-, vale-
false {adj} (state in Boolean logic that indicates a negative result) :: epätosi
false {adj} (uttering falsehood) :: epärehellinen
false {adj} (not faithful or loyal) :: petollinen, epälojaali
false {adj} (not well founded, erroneous) :: virheellinen, väärä, kelvoton
false {adj} (not essential or permanent) :: vale-, väliaikainen
false {adj} (music: out of tune) :: epävireinen, falski
false acacia {n} (black locust) SEE: black locust ::
false alarm {n} (warning sound that turns out to be erroneous) :: väärä hälytys
false alarm {n} (thing or occurrence initially causing fear, etc. but subsequently seen to be no cause for concern) :: väärä hälytys
false alder {n} (American winterberry) SEE: American winterberry ::
false analogy {n} (informal fallacy) :: virheellinen analogia
false attack {n} (attack intended to deceive) :: valehyökkäys
false chanterelle {n} (Hygrophoropsis aurantiaca) :: valevahvero
false consciousness {n} (faulty understanding due to ideology) :: väärä tietoisuus
false croup {n} (croup) SEE: croup ::
false dawn {n} (light preceding true dawn) :: eläinratavalo
false friend {n} /ˌfɔls ˈfɹɛnd/ (type of word) :: väärä ystävä, petollinen ystävä
falsehood {n} /ˈfɒlsˌhʊd/ (state of being false) :: valheellisuus, epätotuus
falsehood {n} (false statement) :: vale
falsehood {n} (trait of a person) :: epärehellisyys
falsely {adv} (in a false manner) :: virheellisesti, väärin
false morel {n} (mushroom of the genus Gyromitra) :: korvasieni, piispanhiippa
false negative {n} /ˈfɔːls ˈnɛɡətɪv/ (result of a test that shows as absent something that is present) :: väärä negatiivinen
false positive {n} (result of a test that shows as present something that is absent) :: väärä positiivinen
false pretense {n} (representation of untrue facts) :: väärä peruste
false start {n} (starting before the signal) :: varaslähtö
false teeth {n} (a set of dentures) :: tekohampaat, (colloquial) tekarit
falsetto {n} /fɔlˈsɛ.toʊ/ ("false" (singing) voice in any human) :: falsetti
false vampire bat {n} (bat of the family Megadermatidae) :: valevampyyri
false vampire bat {n} (Vampyrum spectrum) SEE: spectral bat ::
falsifiability {n} (quality of being falsafiable) :: falsifioitavuus
falsifiable {adj} (able to be proven false) :: falsifioituva, falsifioitava
falsifier {n} (one that falsifies) :: väärentäjä
falsify {v} /ˈfɒlsɪfaɪ/ (to alter so as to be false) :: väärentää
falsify {v} (to misrepresent) :: tekeytyä, teeskennellä
falsify {v} (to prove to be false) :: osoittaa vääräksi
falsify {v} (to counterfeit, forge) :: väärentää
falsify {v} (finance: to show to be wrong) :: paljastaa [to bring into daylight]
falsify {v} (to baffle or escape) :: väistää
falsify {v} (to break by falsehood) :: pettää
falsity {n} (untrue assertion) :: virhe, harhaluulo
falsity {n} (characteristic of being untrue) :: epätotuus, virheellisyys
falter {v} (To stammer) SEE: stammer ::
Falun Gong {prop} (a spiritual practice) :: Falun Gong
fame {n} /feɪm/ (state of being famous) :: maine, kuuluisuus
famed {adj} /feɪmd/ (having fame) :: nimekäs
familial {adj} (inherited) SEE: inherited ::
familial {adj} /fəˈmɪljəl/ (of or pertaining to a human family) :: perhe-
familiar {adj} /fəˈmɪl.jɚ/ (known to one) :: tuttu
familiar {adj} (acquainted) :: tuttu
familiar {adj} (intimate or friendly) :: läheinen, tuttavallinen
familiar {adj} (inappropriately intimate or friendly) :: liian tuttavallinen
familiar {n} (attendant spirit) :: apuolento, apuhenki
familiarization {n} (process of familiarizing) :: tutustuttaminen, perehdytys, perehdyttäminen, totutus, totuttaminen [making familiar]; tutustuminen, perehtyminen, tottuminen [becoming familiar]
familiarize {v} (make or become familiar with something or someone) :: tutustuttaa, perehdyttää, totuttaa [make familiar]; tutustua, perehtyä, tottua [become familiar]
familism {n} (form of social structure) :: familismi
family {n} /ˈfæmɪli/ (immediate family, e.g. parents and their children) :: perhe
family {n} (group of people related by blood, marriage, law, or custom) :: suku
family {n} (rank in a taxonomic classification, above both genus and species) :: heimo
family business {n} (business whose owners are all members of the same falimy) :: perheyritys
family court {n} (court) :: perhetuomioistuin
family doctor {n} (practitioner of family medicine) SEE: general practitioner ::
family jewels {n} (testicles) :: perhekalleudet
family law {n} (The area of private law pertaining to family matters and domestic relations) :: perheoikeus
family man {n} (adult male with a spouse and children to whose well-being he is dedicated) :: perhemies
family member {n} (person belonging to a family) :: perheenjäsen
family name {n} (surname) SEE: surname ::
family pajamas {n} (set of pajamas) :: perhepyjama
family planning {n} (birth control, especially when carried out by monogamous heterosexual couples) :: perhesuunnittelu
family reunion {n} (gathering of family members) :: sukukokous
family tree {n} (family tree) :: sukupuu
famine {n} /ˈfæmɪn/ (extreme shortage of food in a region) :: nälänhätä
famous {adj} /ˈfeɪməs/ (well known) :: kuuluisa
famous {adj} (in the public eye) :: kuuluisa
fan {n} /fæn/ (hand-held device) :: viuhka
fan {n} (electrical device) :: tuuletin, puhallin
fan {n} (anything resembling a hand-held fan) :: viuhka, kaari, pyrstö [peacock's tail]
fan {v} (to blow air on by means of a fan) :: tuulettaa, puhaltaa, leyhytellä
fan {v} (to slap (a behind)) :: taputtaa, läpsäyttää
fan {v} (move or spread in multiple directions from one point) :: levitä, hajota
fan {n} (admirer) :: ihailija, kannattaja, fani [colloquial], diggari
fanatic {adj} /fəˈnæt.ɪk/ (fanatical) :: kiihkomielinen, fanaattinen, kiihkeä
fanatic {n} (one who is zealously enthusiastic) :: kiihkoilija, fanaatikko
fanatical {adj} /fəˈnætɪkəl/ (having an extreme, irrational zeal or enthusiasm) :: kiihkomielinen, kiihkeä, fanaattinen
fanatically {adv} (in a fanatical manner) :: kiihkomielisesti, kiihkeästi, fanaattisesti
fanaticism {n} (characteristic or practice of being a fanatic) :: fanaattisuus, fanatismi, kiihkoilu, kiihko
fanatism {n} (excessive intolerance of opposing views) :: fanatismi
fan base {n} (fans of a thing or person taken as a group) :: fanikanta, fanit {p}
fanbelt {n} (belt which turns a cooling fan) :: tuulettimen hihna
fanboy {n} (someone devoted to a single subject) :: fanittaja
fanciful {adj} (imaginative or unreal) :: mielikuvituksellinen; kuvitteellinen
fancy {n} /ˈfæ (A whim) :: oikku, päähänpisto
fancy {n} (Love or amorous attachment) :: ihastus
fancy {n} (The enthusiasts of such a pursuit) :: harrastajat {p}, intoilijat {p}
fancy {adj} (decorative) :: koristeellinen
fancy {adj} (Of a superior grade) :: hienostunut, hieno
fancy {adj} ((colloquial) Unnecessarily complicated) :: hieno
fancy {v} (would like to) :: haluta, tehdä mieli
fan death {n} (death supposedly caused by staying overnight in a closed room with an electric fan) :: tuuletinkuolema
fandom {n} (fans taken as a group) :: fanikunta, faniyhteisö
fandom {n} (subculture of fans) :: fanikulttuuri
fanfare {n} /ˈfænfɛɹ/ (a flourish of trumpets or horns) :: fanfaari
fanfare {n} (a show of ceremony or celebration) :: torvisoitto
fan fiction {n} /fæn fɪkʃən/ (fiction made by fans) :: fanifiktio
fan fiction {n} (work of fan fiction) :: fanifiktio-tarina
fang {n} /fæŋ/ (canine tooth) :: kulmahammas, torahammas
fangirl {n} (someone devoted to a single subject) :: fanittaja
fanny {n} (buttocks) SEE: ass ::
fanny {n} (vulva or vagina) SEE: pussy ::
fanny {n} (Sexual intercourse with a woman) SEE: pussy ::
Fanny {prop} /ˈfæni/ (female given name) :: Fanni
fanservice {n} (Inclusion in a work of fiction of any material, especially racy or sexual material.) :: fanipalvelu
fansub {n} (subtitles translated by amateurs) :: fanitekstitys
fansub {v} (translate subtitles as an amateur) :: tehdä fanitekstitys
fantasist {n} :: fantasiataiteilija [artist], mielikuvitusmaailmassa elävä [one living in fantasy world]
fantast {n} (one with fantastic or fanciful ideas) :: fantasti
fantastic {adj} /fænˈtæstɪk/ (existing in or constructed from fantasy) :: mielikuvituksellinen, ihmeellinen
fantastic {adj} (not believable, only possible in fantasy) :: mielikuvituksellinen, ihmeellinen, uskomaton
fantastic {adj} (resembling fantasies in irregularity, grotesque) :: ihmeellinen, kummallinen, omituinen
fantastic {adj} (wonderful, marvelous, excellent, extraordinarily good) :: ihmeellinen, ihana, mahtava, uskomaton, upea, fantastinen
fantastical {adj} (fantastic) SEE: fantastic ::
fantastical {adj} (fanciful) SEE: fanciful ::
fantastical {adj} /fænˈtæstɪkəl/ (pertaining to fantasy) :: mielikuvituksellinen
fantastically {adv} (in a fantastic manner) :: mielikuvitukselisesti
fantastically {adv} (to a fantastic extent) :: mielikuvituksellisen
fantasticity {n} (state) :: fantastisuus
fantasy {n} /ˈfæntəsi/ (imagining) :: haaveilu
fantasy {n} (literary genre) :: fantasia, fantasiakirjallisuus
fantasy land {n} (ideal place) :: mielikuvitusmaa
Fantizi {prop} (Traditional Chinese) SEE: Traditional Chinese ::
FAQ {n} /ɛf.eɪ.kjuː/ (acronym for Frequently Asked Questions) :: UKK
faqir {n} (fakir) SEE: fakir ::
far {n} (spelt) SEE: spelt ::
far {adj} /fɑɹ/ (remote in space) :: kaukainen, kaukana oleva
far {adj} (remote in time) :: etäinen, kaukainen
far {adj} (long) :: pitkä
far {adj} (more remote or longer of two) :: etäinen, kaukainen
far {adj} (extreme) :: äärimmäinen, ääri-
far {adv} (distant in space, time, or degree) :: kaukana, etäällä
far {adv} (to or from a great distance, time, or degree) :: kauas [to], kaukaa [from], etäälle, etäältä
far {adv} (context: with a comparative) SEE: very much ::
farad {n} (unit of capacitance) :: faradi
faraday {n} (quantity of electricity) :: faradi
Faraday bag {n} (bag) :: antistaattinen pussi
Faraday cage {n} (conductive surrounding) :: Faradayn häkki
Faraday rotation {n} (interaction between a polarized electromagnetic pulse and a magnetic field) :: Faraday-kiertymä
far and away {adv} (by a large margin) :: valtavan paljon
faraway {adj} (distant) :: kaukainen
fard {v} (to embellish or gloss over) SEE: embellish ::
fardingbag {n} (rumen) SEE: rumen ::
fare {n} /fɛɹ/ (money paid for a transport ticket) :: ajomaksu, matkalipun hinta
fare {n} (paying passenger) :: matkustaja, asiakas; poka [slang]
fare {n} (food and drink) :: ruoka ja juoma
fare {n} (supplies for consumption or pleasure) :: tarvikkeet {p}
fare {n} (prostitute's client) :: poka
Far East {prop} (East and Southeast Asia, see also: ) :: Kaukoitä
fare dodger {n} (a person who deliberately avoids payment for public transport) :: pummilla matkustaja
farewell {interj} (Goodbye) SEE: goodbye ::
farewell {n} /fɛɹˈwɛl/ (a wish of happiness at parting) :: hyvästely, jäähyväiset, hyvää matkaa
farewell {n} (an act of departure) :: jäähyväiset, hyvästely
farewell {adj} (parting, valedictory, final) :: jäähyväis-
farewell {v} (bid farewell) :: hyvästellä
Farewell Sermon {prop} (sermon given by Muhammad on Arafat) :: viimeinen saarna, jäähyväissaarna
farewell-to-spring {n} (Clarkia amoena) :: isosilkkikukka
fareworthy {adj} (having the right to leave) :: vapaa lähtemään
far-fetched {adj} (not likely) :: kaukaa haettu
far left {n} (most liberal political or religious grouping) :: äärivasemmisto
far-left {adj} (very leftist) :: äärivasemmistolainen
farm {n} /fɑːɹm/ (a place where agricultural activities take place) :: tila, maatila, [colloquial] farmi
farm {v} (to grow a particular crop) :: viljellä
farmer {n} /fɑɹmɚ/ (person who works the land and/or who keeps livestock) :: maanviljelijä, viljelijä, talonpoika, farmari
farmer's market {n} (market where farmers and growers sell produce directly to the public) :: maatilatori
farmhand {n} (farm worker) :: renki
farmhand {n} (minor league baseball player) :: farmiliigalainen, farmipelaaja
farmhouse {n} /ˈfɑːmhaus/ (farmer's residence) :: maalaistalo, maatalo
farming {n} (agriculture) SEE: agriculture ::
farmland {n} /ˈfɑːɹmlænd/ (land which is suitable for farming and agricultural production) :: viljelysmaa
farm team {n} (minor league team concerned with player development) :: farmijoukkue
farm worker {n} (person who works on, but does not own, a farm) :: maataloustyöntekijä, renki
Faroe Islander {n} (inhabitant of the Faroe Islands) SEE: Faroese ::
Faroe Islands {prop} /ˈfeəɹəʊ/ (group of islands between Scotland and Iceland) :: Färsaaret {p}
Faroese {adj} /ˌfɛəɹəuˈiːz/ (pertaining to the Faroese language, people or Faroe Islands) :: fäärinkielinen; färsaarelainen
Faroese {n} (person from the Faroe Islands) :: färsaarelainen
Faroese {n} (language) :: fääri
Faroish {n} (person from the Faroe Islands) SEE: Faroese ::
Faroish {prop} (language) SEE: Faroese ::
Faroish {adj} /ˈfɛəɹəuɪʃ/ (pertaing to the Faroish language, people or Faroe Islands) :: fäärinkielinen; färsaarelainen
far point {n} (eye can focus) :: kaukopiste
far point {n} (under consideration) :: horisontti
farrago {n} /fəˈɹeɪɡoʊ/ (confused miscellany) :: sekamelska
far-reaching {adj} (having a broad range, scope, or influence) :: kauaskantoinen
farrier {n} /ˈfæɹi.ə/ (person who trims and shoes horses' hooves) :: hevosenkengittäjä
farriery {n} (work) :: kengitys
farriery {n} (workshop) :: kengityspaja
far right {n} /ˌfɑːˈɹʌɪt/ (extreme right wing) :: äärioikeisto
far-right {adj} /ˈfɑːˌɹʌɪt/ (very right-wing) :: äärioikeistolainen
farrow {n} /ˈfæɹoʊ/ (litter of piglets) :: pahnue
farrow {v} (give birth to (a litter of piglets)) :: porsia
Farsi {n} (Persian language) SEE: Persian ::
farsightedness {n} (condition of being unable to focus on near objects) :: kaukonäköisyys, kaukotaittoisuus
farsightedness {n} (quality of being considerate about what might happen in the future) :: kaukonäköisyys, kaukokatseisuus
fart {v} /fɑːt/ (to emit flatulent gases) :: pieraista [semelfactive], piereskellä [frequentative or continuative], pierrä
fart {n} (an emission of flatulent gases) :: pieru, [silent fart] tuhnu
farter {n} (one who farts) :: piereskelijä
farter {n} (slow person) :: etana
farthingale {n} /ˈfɑːðɪŋɡeɪl/ (hooped structure) :: krinoliini
fasces {n} (bundle) :: fasces
fascia {n} /ˈfæʃə/ (band of material covering the ends of roof rafters) :: räystäslauta, päätylauta
fascia {n} (face or front cover of an appliance) :: etulevy
fascia {n} (architecture: one of the three bands which make up the architrave) :: palkki
fascia {n} (broad well-defined band of color) :: raita, väriraita
fascia {n} (band, sash, or fillet) :: nauha
fascia {n} (tissue) :: kalvo; ihonalaiskudos (loose, fatty issue under skin), sidekalvo (connective tissue covering muscles), kalvojänne (aponeurosis)
fascia {n} (dashboard) SEE: dashboard ::
fasciated antshrike {n} (Cymbilaimus lineatus) :: isonokkamuura
fascinate {v} (to evoke interest or attraction) :: viehättää
fascinate {v} (to spellbind) :: lumoutua
fascinate {v} (to be charming or attractive) :: viehättää
fascinating {adj} /ˈfæsɪˌneɪtɪŋ/ (having interesting qualities; captivating; attractive) :: kiehtova, mielenkiintoinen, lumoava, hurmaava
fascination {n} /fæsɪˈneɪʃən/ (the act of fascinating, bewitching, or enchanting; enchantment; witchcraft) :: lumous, tenho
fascination {n} (the state or condition of being fascinated) :: hurma
fascism {n} /ˈfæʃɪz(ə)m/ (extreme totalitarian political regime) :: fasismi
fascist {adj} /ˈfæʃɪst/ (of or relating to fascism) :: fasistinen, fasismi- [in compounds]
fascist {adj} (supporting the principles of fascism) :: fasistinen
fascist {adj} (informal: unfairly oppressive or needlessly strict) :: fasistinen
fascist {n} (proponent of fascism) :: fasisti
fashion {n} /ˈfæʃən/ (current (constantly changing) trend, favored for frivolous rather than practical, logical, or intellectual reasons) :: muoti
fashion {n} (style, or manner, in which to do something) :: tapa
fashion {n} (popular trends) :: muoti, trendi, muoti-ilmiö
fashionable {adj} (characteristic of or influenced by a current popular trend or style) :: muodikas
fashion designer {n} (someone who designs clothing professionally) :: muotisuunnittelija
fashion-forward {adj} (on trend) SEE: on trend ::
fashion house {n} (company employed in fashion) :: muotitalo
fashion model {n} (model) SEE: model ::
fashion show {n} (event) :: muotinäytös
fashion statement {n} (non-verbal statement made in fashion) :: muotikannanotto
fashion week {n} (event) :: muotiviikko
fast {adj} /fɑːst/ (firmly or securely fixed in place) :: kiinni
fast {adj} (of sleep: deep or sound) :: sikeä, syvä
fast {adj} (capable of moving with great speed) :: nopea
fast {adj} (of photographic film: more sensitive to light than average) :: nopea
fast {adv} (in a firm or secure manner) :: lujasti, tiukasti
fast {adv} (of sleeping: deeply or soundly) :: sikeästi
fast {adv} (with great speed) :: nopeasti, pikaisesti
fast {adv} (ahead of the correct time or schedule) :: etuajassa
fast {v} (to abstain from food) :: paastota
fast {n} (train that only calls at some stations) SEE: express ::
fast {n} (fasting) SEE: fasting ::
fast buck {n} (money earned quickly) :: pikavoitto
fasten {v} /ˈfɑːsən/ (to attach or connect in a secure manner) :: kiinnittää
fastener {n} (something or someone that fastens) :: kiinnittäjä
fastener {n} (any device that fastens) :: kiinnitin
fast food {n} (type of meal that is often pre-prepared and served quickly) :: pikaruoka
fastidious {adj} /fæˈstɪdi.əs/ (excessively particular) :: nirso, turhantarkka
fasting {n} (act or practice of abstaining from or eating very little food) :: paasto, paastoaminen
fasting {n} (period of time when one abstains from or eats very little food) :: paasto
fast-paced {adj} (moving or changing rapidly) :: nopeatempoinen
fast yellow AB {n} (yellow azo dye formerly used as a food colouring) :: nopea keltainen AB
fat {n} (vat) SEE: vat ::
fat {adj} /fæt/ (carrying a larger than normal amount of fat on one's body) :: lihava, läski (derogatory), paksu
fat {adj} (thick) :: paksu
fat {adj} (bountiful) :: satoisa, lihava, runsas
fat {n} (specialized animal tissue) :: rasva, silava, läski
fat {n} (refined substance chemically resembling the oils in animal fat) :: rasva
fat {v} (to make fat; to fatten) :: lihottaa
fatal {adj} /ˈfeɪtəl/ (proceeding from fate) :: kohtalokas
fatal {adj} (foreboding death) :: kohtalokas
fatal {adj} (causing death) :: tappava, tuhoisa, fataali
fatalism {n} (doctrine that all events are subject to fate) :: fatalismi, kohtalousko
fatalistic {adj} (of or pertaining to fatalism) :: fatalistinen
fatalistically {adv} (in a fatalistic manner) :: fatalistisesti
fatality {n} /feɪˈtælɪti/ (state proceeding from destiny; invincible necessity) :: kohtalo
fatality {n} (tendency to death, destruction or danger, as if by decree of fate) :: itsetuhoisuus
fatality {n} (that which is decreed by fate or which is fatal) :: kohtalo
fatality {n} (death) :: kuolemantapaus
fatality {n} (accident which caused death) :: kuolemaan johtanut onnettomuus, kuolonkolari
fatalness {n} (quality of being fatal) :: kohtalokkuus, fataalius
Fata Morgana {n} /ˌfɑtə mɔɹˈɡɑnə/ (form of mirage caused by temperature inversion) :: fata morgana
fat-ass {n} /ˈfæɾæs]/ (an overweight or obese person) :: läski
fat cat {n} (rich person who contributes to a political campaign) :: pohatta
fat dormouse {n} (edible dormouse) SEE: edible dormouse ::
fate {n} /feɪt/ (that which predetermines events) :: kohtalo
fate {n} (inevitable events) :: kohtalo
fate {n} (destiny) :: kohtalo
fate {n} (goddess) :: kohtalotar
fate {v} (to foreordain, predetermine) :: määrätä
fateful {adj} /ˈfeɪtfəl/ (momentous, significant, setting or sealing ones fate) :: kohtalokas
fat-free {adj} (not containing fat) :: rasvaton
fathead {n} (idiot) :: läskipää
fathead {n} (Pimephales promelas) :: rasvapäämutu
father {n} /ˈfɑː.ðə(ɹ)/ (male parent) :: isä
father {v} (to sire) :: siittää [to conceive]
Father {prop} (God, the father of Creation) :: Isä
Father {prop} (term of address for a Christian priest) :: Isä
Father Frost {prop} (Slavic equivalent to Santa Claus) :: pakkasukko
fatherhood {n} /ˈfɑ.ðɝhʊd/ (being a father) :: isyys
father-in-law {n} (one's spouse's father) :: appi
fatherland {n} (fatherland) :: isänmaa
fatherless {adj} (without a living father) :: isätön
fatherly {adj} /ˈfɑðɚli/ (characteristic of what is considered the ideal behaviour pertaining to fatherhood) :: isällinen
fatherly {adj} (characteristic of fathers, paternal) :: isällinen
Father's Day {n} (holiday in celebration of fatherhood) :: isänpäivä
father-to-be {n} (male partner of a pregnant woman) :: tuleva isä
fathom {n} /ˈfæðəm/ (unit of length) :: syli
fathom {v} ((transitive, archaic) to encircle with outstretched arms) :: syleillä
fathom {v} ((transitive) to measure the depth of, take a sounding of) :: luodata
fathom {v} ((transitive, figuratively) to manage to comprehend) :: käsittää
fathomable {adj} (possible to understand) :: ymmärrettävä
fathometer {n} (depth finder) :: kaikuluotain, kaiku
fatigue {n} /fəˈtiːɡ/ (weariness) :: väsymys, uupumus
fatigue {n} (material failure due to cyclic loading) :: väsymisvaurio
fatigue {v} (to tire or make weary) :: väsyttää, uuvuttaa
fatigue {v} (to lose strength or energy) :: väsyä, uupua
fatiloquent {adj} /feɪˈtɪləkwənt/ (prophetic, speaking of fate) :: enteellinen
fatless {adj} (without fat) :: rasvaton
fatness {n} (state of being fat) :: lihavuus
fatso {n} /ˈfætsoʊ/ (an overweight person) :: läski, lihapulla
fat-soluble {adj} (dissolving easily in fat) :: rasvaliukoinen
fatten {v} /ˈfætən/ (to become fatter) :: lihoa, lihota
fatten {v} (to cause to be fatter) :: lihottaa
fattening {adj} /ˈfæt(ə)nɪŋ/ (that causes weight gain) :: lihottava
fattening {n} (act of making fatter) :: lihottaminen
fattening {n} (act of getting fatter) :: lihominen
fatty {adj} /ˈfæ.ɾi/ (containing fat) :: rasvainen, rasvapitoinen
fatty {adj} (like fat, greasy) :: rasvainen
fatty {adj} (large) :: rasvainen
fatty {n} (fat person) :: läski, punkero, pullukka
fatty acid {n} (acid) :: rasvahappo
fatty alcohol {n} (organic compound) :: rasva-alkoholi
fatty liver {n} (fatty liver) :: rasvamaksa
fatuous {adj} /ˈfætʃ.u.əs/ (obnoxiously stupid, vacantly silly, content in one's foolishness) :: älytön
fatwa {n} /ˈfætwɑ/ (legal opinion, decree or ruling issued by a mufti) :: fatwa
fatware {n} (bloatware) SEE: bloatware ::
faubourg {n} /ˈfəʊbʊəɡ/ (an outlying part of a city or town) :: esikaupunki
fauces {n} /fɔːsiːz]/ (anatomy: narrow passage from the mouth to the pharynx) :: nielu
faucet {n} (tap) SEE: tap ::
fault {n} /fɔlt/ (defect) :: puute, virhe, vika, epäkohta
fault {n} (mistake or error) :: virhe, vika; moka [slang]
fault {n} (weakness of character) :: puute, heikkous
fault {n} (minor offense) :: rike
fault {n} (blame; responsibility for a mistake) :: syy, syyllisyys
fault {n} (geology fracture in rock) :: siirros
fault {n} (tennis: illegal serve) :: väärä, väärä syöttö
fault {n} (electrical: abnormal connection) :: vika, sulku; oikosulku, maasulku
fault {n} (want, lack) :: puute
fault {n} (hunting) :: hukattu vainu
faultless {adj} (without fault) :: moitteeton, virheetön
fault line {n} (geology: intersection) :: siirroslinja, siirros
fault plane {n} (geology: surface between rock blocks) :: siirrospinta, siirros
faulty {adj} /ˈfɔːlti/ (having or displaying faults; not perfect; not adequate or acceptable) :: viallinen
faun {n} (a mythical creature) :: fauni
fauna {n} /ˈfɔː.nə/ (animals considered as a group) :: eläimet, eläimistö
Faustian {adj} (of or pertaining to Faust) :: faustilainen
faute de mieux {adv} /fəʊt də ˈmjəː/ (for want of something better) :: paremman puutteessa
faux {adj} /foʊ/ (fake or artificial) :: teko-, keinotekoinen
faux pas {n} /fəʊ pɑː/ (social blunder) :: kömmähdys, etikettivirhe, moka
fava bean {n} (Vicia faba) :: härkäpapu
fave {adj} /feɪv/ (favorite (informal)) :: lemppari
favicon {n} /ˈfavɪkɒn/ (icon for website) :: favicon
favid coral {n} (brain coral) SEE: brain coral ::
favor {n} /ˈfeɪvɚ/ (deed in which help is voluntarily provided) :: palvelus
favor {n} (goodwill; benevolent regard) :: suosio
favor {v} (to look upon fondly; to prefer) :: suosia
favor {v} (to do a favor (noun sense 1) for; to show beneficence toward) :: tehdä palvelus
favorable {adj} (pleasing) SEE: favourable ::
favorable {adj} (useful) SEE: favourable ::
favorable {adj} (opportune) SEE: favourable ::
favorable {adj} (auspicious) SEE: favourable ::
favorite {adj} /ˈfeɪv.ɹɪt/ (preferred) :: lempi-, mieli-
favorite {n} (preferred one, one with special favor) :: suosikki, lellikki
favorite {n} (expected or most probable to win) :: ennakkosuosikki
favour {n} (favor) SEE: favor ::
favour {v} (favor) SEE: favor ::
favourable {adj} /ˈfeɪv(ə)ɹəbəl/ (pleasing) :: myönteinen
favourable {adj} (useful) :: suotuisa
favourable {adj} (opportune) :: sopiva
favourable {adj} (auspicious) :: suotuisa
favourite {n} /ˈfeɪv.ɹɪt/ (person who enjoys special regard or favour) :: lellikki
favourite {adj} (favorite) SEE: favorite ::
fawn {n} /fɔːn/ (young deer) :: vasa
fawn {n} (colour) :: vaaleanruskea
fawn {adj} (pertaining to the colour) :: vaaleanruskea
fawn {v} (to exhibit affection) :: olla mieliksi
fawn {v} (to seek favour by flattery) :: imarrella, nuoleskella, pokkuroida, liehitellä, mielistellä, nöyristellä, hännystellä
fawn {v} (to wag tail) :: heiluttaa häntää
fawn lily {n} (trout lily) SEE: trout lily ::
fax {n} /fæks/ (document transmitted by telephone) :: faksi
fax {v} (send document) :: faksata
fax machine {n} (device which scans, transmits, receives and prints faxes) :: faksi
f-bomb {n} (euphemism for "fuck") SEE: f-word ::
fealty {n} /ˈfiːlti/ (fidelity to one's lord) :: vasallin uskollisuus
fear {n} /fɪəɹ/ (uncountable: emotion caused by actual or perceived danger or threat) :: pelko, kammo
fear {n} (a phobia; sense of fear induced by something or someone) :: pelko
fear {n} (extreme veneration or awe) :: pelko
fear {v} (feel fear about (something)) :: pelätä
fear campaign {n} (scare campaign) SEE: scare campaign ::
fearless {adj} (free from fear) :: peloton
fearlessness {n} (quality of being fearless) :: pelottomuus
fearmonger {n} (alarmist) SEE: alarmist ::
fearsome {adj} (frightening, especially in appearance) :: pelottava
feasibility {n} (state of being feasible) :: soveltuvuus, käyttökelpoisuus
feasible {adj} /ˈfiːzəbəl/ (that can be done in practice) :: toteuttamiskelpoinen, tehtävissä, mahdollinen
feast {n} /fiːst/ (large, often ceremonial meal) :: pidot {p}, syömingit {p}, kestit {p}, juhlat {p}
feast {n} (something delightful) :: ilo
feast {n} (festival, holiday, solemn, or more commonly, joyous, anniversary) :: juhla
feat {n} /fiːt/ (An accomplishment that's relatively rare or difficult) :: saavutus
feather {n} /ˈfɛð.ɚ/ (branching, hair-like structure that grows on the bodies of birds) :: sulka, höyhen
feather {n} (long hair on the lower legs of a dog or horse) :: vuohiskarva
feather {n} (fin or wing on the shaft of an arrow) :: sulka
feather {n} (kind, nature) :: tyyppi
feather {n} (part of stone-splitting tool) :: lehti
featherback {n} (fish) :: teräkala
featherbrain {n} (foolish person) :: kananaivo
feather duster {n} (implement used to remove surface dust) :: pölyhuiska
feather in one's cap {n} (a recognized accomplishment) :: sulka hatussa
featherlight {adj} (extremely light) :: höyhenenkevyt, untuvankevyt
feathermoss {n} (Pleurozium schreberi) :: seinäsammal
featherweight {n} (weight division) :: höyhensarja
featherweight {n} (sportsman) :: höyhensarjalainen
feature {n} /ˈfiːtʃə/ (important or main item) :: ominaisuus
feature {n} (long, prominent article or item in the media) :: pääjuttu
feature {n} (one of the physical constituents of the face) :: piirre, kasvonpiirre
feature {n} (computing: beneficial capability of a piece of software) :: ominaisuus, toiminto, toiminnallisuus
feature film {n} (the main, full-length film in a cinema program) :: pitkä elokuva
feature film {n} (film shown in cinemas before being released for home viewing) :: teatterielokuva
featurephone {n} (mobile phone that is not as powerful as a smartphone) :: multimediapuhelin
febrile {adj} /ˈfiːbɹaɪl/ (feverish) :: kuumeinen, febriili
February {prop} /ˈfɛb.ɹuˌɛɹi/ (second month of the Roman, Julian, and Gregorian calendars) :: helmikuu
fecal impaction {n} (immobile bulk of human feces) :: ulostetulppa
fecal matter {n} (feces) :: ulosteet {p}
feceate {v} (to discharge feces from the digestive tract) :: ulostaa
feces {n} /ˈfiːsiːz/ :: uloste
fecundity {n} /fɪˈkʌndɪtɪ/ (ability to produce offspring) :: lisääntymiskyky, fertiliteetti
federal {adj} /ˈfɛdəɹəl/ (pertaining to a league or treaty; derived from an agreement or covenant between parties, especially between nations) :: federaalinen, federatiivinen
federal {adj} (pertaining to the national government level) :: liittovaltion
federal {n} (a law-enforcement officer of the FBI) :: liittovaltion poliisi
Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal {prop} (official name of Nepal) :: Nepalin demokraattinen liittotasavalta
federal government {n} (general term for a federal government) :: liittovaltion hallitus
federalism {n} (system of government) :: federalismi
federalization {n} (unification of states) :: yhdistyminen liittovaltioksi
federalization {n} (assumption of control by a federal government) :: liittovaltioistuminen, federalisaatio
Federal Republic of Germany {prop} (Germany's official name) :: Saksan liittotasavalta
Federal Republic of Nigeria {prop} (official name of Nigeria) :: Nigerian liittotasavalta
Federal Reserve System {prop} (US central banking system) :: Fed, Yhdysvaltain keskuspankki
Federated States of Micronesia {prop} (official name of Micronesia) :: Mikronesian liittovaltio
federation {n} /ˌfɛdəˈɹeɪʃn̩/ (array of nations or states) :: liittovaltio, federaatio
federative {adj} (federal) SEE: federal ::
fedora {n} /fɪˈdɔːɹə/ (a felt hat) :: huopahattu
fed up {adj} (frustrated) :: tympääntynyt, lopen kyllästynyt, kurkkua myöten täynnä
fee {n} /fiː/ (monetary payment charged for professional services) :: palkkio
feeble {adj} /ˈfiːbəl/ (deficient in physical strength) :: voimaton, veltto, heikko
feeble {adj} (wanting force, vigor or efficiency in action or expression) :: heikko, hatara
feeble-minded {adj} (unintelligent) :: heikkomielinen, vähä-älyinen
feed {v} /ˈfiːd/ (to give food to eat) :: syöttää, ruokkia
feed {v} (to eat, see also: eat) :: syödä, käyttää ravintonaan
feed {v} (to give to a machine for processing) :: syöttää
feed {n} (food given to (especially herbivorous) animals) :: rehu
feed {n} (something supplied continuously; as, a satellite feed) :: syöte
feed {n} (a gathering to eat, especially in quantity) :: ateria
feed {n} (encapsulated online content that you can subscribe to with a feed reader) :: syöte
feedback {n} /ˈfiːdˌbæk/ (critical assessment of process or activity) :: palaute
feedback {n} (signal that is looped back to control a system within itself) :: takaisinkytkentä
feedback {n} (howling noise) :: kierto
feeder {n} (baseball:pitcher) SEE: pitcher ::
feeder {n} (that which feeds) :: syötin (device), syöttäjä (person)
feeder {n} (that which is used to feed) :: syötin (active device), syöttöpaikka (passive device)
feeder {n} (tributray stream) :: sivujoki
feeder {n} (railway branch line) :: sivuraide
feeder {n} (transmission line) :: syöttöjohto
feeder fund {n} (type of investment fund) :: syöttörahasto
feeding bottle {n} (feeding bottle) :: tuttipullo
feed one's face {v} (rude expression for "to eat") :: vetää naamaan
feed the meter {v} (to put coins into a parking meter) :: syöttää rahaa mittariin
feel {v} /fiːl/ (transitive: to sense by touch) :: tuntea
feel {v} (transitive: to experience an emotion or other mental state about) :: tuntea
feel {v} (transitive: to think or believe) :: tuntea, tuntua
feel {v} (intransitive: to search by touching) :: tunnustella
feel {v} (intransitive: to experience an emotion or other mental state) :: tuntea
feel {v} (copulative: to seem) :: tuntua
feel {v} (intransitive: to sympathise) :: tuntea myötätuntoa
feel {n} (quality) :: tuntuma
feel {n} (mental impression) :: tuntuma
feel {n} (act of fondling) :: kosketus
feel {n} (vague understanding) :: aavistus
feel {n} (intuitive ability) :: tuntuma
feeler {n} /ˈfiːləɹ/ (an antenna or appendage used to feel, as on an insect) :: tuntosarvi
feeler gauge {n} (set of thin strips for measuring) :: rakotulkki
feel free {v} (idiomatic, with to-infinitive) :: voida
feel free {v} (as imperative, with to-infinitive) :: saada, olla lupa
feel free {v} (as imperative, in response) :: ole hyvä, olkaa hyvä
feeling {adj} /ˈfilɪŋ/ (emotionally sensitive) :: tunteellinen
feeling {n} (sensation) :: tunne, tuntemus
feeling {n} (emotion) :: tunne
feeling {n} (in plural: emotional state or well-being) :: tunteet {p}
feeling {n} (in plural: emotional attraction or desire) :: tunteet {p}
feeling {n} (intuition) :: tunne
feel like {v} (have a desire for something, or to do something) :: tehdä mieli, huvittaa
feel like {v} (perceive oneself to resemble) :: tuntua kuin
feel sorry for {v} (show pity for) :: sääliä
feel the pinch {v} (to suffer a hardship) :: tuntea nahoissaan
fee tail {n} (estate in land in common law wherein the land is inherited) :: sääntöperintötila, fideikomissi
feet of clay {n} (a hidden weak point) :: savijalat {p}
Fehling's solution {n} (an alkaline solution) :: Fehlingin liuos
feign {v} /feɪn/ (to make a false show) :: teeskennellä
feign {v} (to give a mental existence to something) :: kuvitella
feign {v} (to dissemble) :: peitellä, salata
feijoa {n} /feɪˈʒoʊ.ə/ (shrub) :: feijoa
feint {v} /feɪ̯nt/ (to make a counterfeit move to confuse an opponent) :: harhauttaa
feint {adj} (to attack a different part of the body form that apparently indicated) :: harhautus-
feint {n} (a movement made to confuse the opponent) :: harhautus
feisty {adj} /ˈfaɪsti/ (tenacious) :: ärhäkkä, kipakka
feisty {adj} (belligerent) :: ärhäkkä
feisty {adj} (easily offended) :: herkkänahkainen, ärhäkkä
feldspar {n} (any of a large group of rock-forming minerals) :: maasälpä
felicitate {v} (congratulate) SEE: congratulate ::
felicitation {n} (congratulation) SEE: congratulation ::
felicitous {adj} (auspicious, fortunate, lucky) SEE: auspicious ::
felicity {n} (happiness) SEE: happiness ::
feliform {adj} (resembling cat) :: kissamainen
feline {n} (cat) SEE: cat ::
feline {adj} /ˈfiːlaɪn/ (of or pertaining to cats) :: kissa-
feline {adj} (catlike) :: kissamainen, kissa-
felinely {adv} (in a feline manner) :: kissamaisesti
fell {v} /fɛl/ (to make something fall) :: kaataa, hakata
fell {n} (portion of a kilt) :: vyötärö
fell {n} (animal hide) :: talja, vuota
fell {n} (rocky ridge) :: tunturi, kukkula, mäki
fella {n} /fɛ.lə/ (fella) :: [slang] kaveri, [slang] jätkä, [slang] kundi
fellate {v} (to perform oral sex on a man) :: tehdä fellaatio
fellatio {n} /fəˈleɪ.ʃi.əʊ/ (oral stimulation of penis) :: fellaatio
fellow {n} /ˈfɛloʊ/ (a companion; a comrade) :: toveri
fellow {n} (a male person; a man) :: mies, poika, veikko
fellow man {n} (kindred member of humanity) :: lähimmäinen
fellow traveller {n} (one who travels together with another) :: matkakumppani
felon {n} /ˈfɛlən/ (a person convicted of a crime) :: rikoksentekijä, rikollinen
felony {n} /ˈfɛ.lə.ni/ (A serious criminal offense) :: törkeä rikos
felt {n} /fɛlt/ (cloth made of matted fibres of wool) :: huopa
felt {n} (hat made of felt) :: huopahattu
felt {v} (make into felt) :: huovuttaa
felt {v} (cover with felt) :: huovittaa
felt-tip pen {n} (pen that holds ink conveyed to a writing surface by a felt nib) :: huopakynä
female {adj} /ˈfiː.meɪl/ (belonging to the sex that typically produces eggs, or the gender typically associated with it) :: naispuolinen, nais-
female {n} (one of the feminine sex or gender) :: naaras [animal; derogatory of humans]
female circumcision {n} (operation involving removal of any of various parts of the female external genital organs) :: naisten ympärileikkaus
female condom {n} (device used as a barrier contraceptive) :: naisten kondomi, femidomi
female ejaculation {n} (forceful expulsion of fluids from the vagina) :: naisen ejakulaatio
female genital cutting {n} (female genital mutilation) SEE: female genital mutilation ::
female genital mutilation {n} (the complete amputation or partial cutting of the external female genitalia) :: naisen sukupuolielinten silpominen
female hysteria {n} (now unrecognized medical diagnosis) :: hysteria
fembot {n} /ˈfɛmbɒt/ (robot in female form) :: gynoidi
feme covert {n} /fɛmˈkʌvət/ (law, a married woman) :: aviovaimo
femidom {n} (female condom) SEE: female condom ::
feminazi {n} (intolerant radical feminist) :: feminatsi
feminine {n} (woman) SEE: woman ::
feminine {adj} /ˈfɛmɪnɪn/ (of the female sex) :: naispuolinen, naaras-, naaraspuolinen
feminine {adj} (belonging to females) :: naisten
feminine {adj} (having the qualities associated with women) :: naisellinen, feminiininen, naismainen, napsu
feminine {adj} (of the feminine grammatical gender distinction) :: feminiininen
feminine {n} ((grammar)) :: feminiini
femininely {adv} (in a feminine manner) :: naisellisesti; naismaisesti
femininity {n} /fɛmɪˈnɪnɪti/ (femininity) :: naisellisuus, feminiinisyys
feminism {n} /ˈfɛmɪnɪz(ə)m/ (the social theory or political movement) :: feminismi
feminist {adj} /ˈfɛmənɪst/ (relating to or in accordance with feminism) :: feministinen
feminist {n} (advocate of feminism; person who believes in bringing about the equality of men and women) :: feministi
feminist {n} (member of a feminist political movement) :: feministi
feministic {adj} (feminist) SEE: feminist ::
feministically {adv} (in a feministic way) :: feministisesti
feminist theology {n} (movement to reconsider religions from feminist perspective) :: feministiteologia
feminization {n} /ˌfemɪnɪˈzeɪʃən/ (development of female sex characteristics) :: feminisaatio
feminize {v} /ˈfɛmɪnaɪz/ (to make (more) feminine) :: naisellistaa
feminize {v} (to become (more) feminine) :: naisellistua, naisistua
femme fatale {n} /fɛm fəˈtæl/ (seductive and dangerous woman) :: viettelijätär
femto- {prefix} (prefix) :: femto-
femtogram {n} (unit of mass) :: femtogramma
femur {n} /ˈfiːmə(ɹ)/ (segment of insect’s leg) :: reisi
femur {n} (thighbone) SEE: thighbone ::
fen {n} /fɛn/ (type of wetland) :: letto
fence {n} /fɛns/ (barrier) :: aita
fence {v} (toenclose by building a fence) :: aidata
fence {v} (to defend or guard) :: suojella, suojata
fence {v} (to trade with stolen goods) :: välittää; trokata [colloquial]
fence {v} (to engage in (the sport) fencing) :: miekkailla
fence {v} (equestrianism: to jump over a fence) :: ylittää este
fence in {v} (to enclose with a fence) :: aidata
fence in {v} (to restrict freedom) :: rajoittaa vapautta
fencepost {n} (post holding up a fence) :: aitatolppa, aidantolppa
fencing {n} (sport) :: miekkailu
fencing {n} (material used to make fences) :: aitatarpeet {p}
fencing {n} (fences used as barriers or an enclosure) :: aitaus
fend {v} /fɛnd/ (to take care of or responsibility for oneself) :: huolehtia itsestään, pitää huolta itsestään, selviytyä, pärjätä
fend {v} (to defend, block or push away) :: torjua, pitää puolta
fender {n} /ˈfɛnd.ə(ɹ)/ (panel of a car) :: lokasuoja
fender {n} (shield on a bicycle) :: lokasuoja
fender {n} (nautical term) :: lepuuttaja; fenderi [slang]
fender {n} (metal framework in front of a fireplace) :: kipinäsuoja
fender-bender {n} (minor car accident) :: peltikolari
fend off {v} (to ward off, drive (something) away, defend against) :: torjua
fenestrate {v} (surgery: to cut an opening into) :: tehdä aukko, fenestroida
fenestrated {adj} (architecture: having windows) :: ikkunallinen
fenestrated {adj} (botany: having perforations) :: reikäinen
fenestration {n} (arrangement of windows etc in a building) :: aukkojen sijoittelu
fenestration {n} (opening in the surface of an organ, surgical creation of such an opening) :: fenestraatio
fenland {n} (low-lying, wet, marshy ground) :: suo
fennec {n} /ˈfɛnɨk/ (fox) :: aavikkokettu
fennec fox {n} (fox) SEE: fennec ::
fennel {n} /ˈfɛnəl/ (Foeniculum vulgare, the plant) :: fenkoli, saksankumina
fennel {n} (bulb, leaves, or stalks eaten as a vegetable) :: fenkoli
fennel {n} (spice used in cooking) :: fenkoli
Fenni {n} (member of ancient people) :: fenni
Fennicize {v} (to make Finnish) :: suomalaistaa
Fennistic {adj} (of or pertaining to the study of Finnic languages) :: fennistinen
Fennoman {n} (member or supporter) :: fennomaani
Fennoscandia {prop} (geographic area) :: Fennoskandia
Fennoscandia {prop} (Fennoscandian Shield) :: Baltian kilpi
Fen River {prop} (river in the centre of Shanxi province) :: Fen-joki
fenugreek {n} /ˈfɛnjʊˌɡɹiːk/ (plant and vegetable) :: sarviapila, rohtosarviapila
fenugreek {n} (spice) :: sarviapila, rohtosarviapila
feoffment {n} /ˈfɛfmənt/ (grant of a feud or fee) :: läänittäminen
feoffment {n} (gift or conveyance in fee) :: läänityksen siirto
feral {adj} /ˈfɛɹəl/ (wild, untamed, especially of domesticated animals having returned to the wild) :: villi, villiintynyt
feral cat {n} (domesticated cat returned to the wild) :: villiintynyt kissa, villikissa
feral child {n} (child raised without human contact) :: villilapsi
feral pigeon {n} (pigeon adapted to city life) :: kesykyyhky, pulu
Ferdinand {prop} (male given name) :: Veeti
fermata {n} /fɜːɹˈmɑːtə/ (holding a note beyond its usual duration or the notation representing it) :: fermaatti
ferment {v} /fɚˈmɛnt/ (to react using fermentation) :: käyttää, panna käymään
ferment {v} (to cause unrest) :: lietsoa, nostattaa, kuohuttaa, hämmentää
ferment {n} (substance causing fermentation) :: fermentti
ferment {n} (state of agitation) :: kuohunta, käymistila
ferment {n} (gentle internal movement) :: käymistila, käyminen
ferment {n} (catalyst) :: katalyytti
fermentation {n} (anaerobic biochemical reaction) :: käyminen
fermentation {n} (state of agitation or excitement) :: käymistila
fermented {adj} (turned sour) :: käynyt
fermion {n} /ˈfɜːmɪɒn/ (a particle with totally antisymmetric composite quantum states) :: fermioni
fermium {n} /ˈfɜːɹmiəm/ (chemical element) :: fermium
fern {n} /fɝn/ (plant) :: saniainen
ferocious {adj} /fəˈɹəʊʃəs/ (Marked by extreme and violent energy) :: julma, raivokas, raivopäinen
ferocity {n} (The condition of being ferocious) :: raivokkuus
ferralsol {n} (soil type) :: rauta-alumaannos
ferret {n} /ˈfɛɹɪt/ (the mammal Mustela putorius furo) :: fretti
ferric chloride {n} (FeCl3) :: ferrikloridi
ferrier {n} (ferryman) SEE: ferryman ::
ferrimagnetism {n} (a form of antiferromagnetism) :: ferrimagnetismi
Ferris wheel {n} /ˈfɛɹəs wiːl/ (ride at a fair consisting of large wheel) :: maailmanpyörä
ferrite {n} /ˈfɛɹaɪt/ :: ferriitti
ferritin {n} (any of a family of iron-carrying globular protein complexes consisting of 24 protein subunits) :: ferritiini
ferroconcrete {n} (building material) :: teräsbetoni
ferromagnetism {n} (the phenomenon whereby certain substances can become permanent magnets) :: ferromagnetismi
ferrous {adj} /ˈfɛɹəs/ (of or containing iron) :: rautainen
ferruginous {adj} (containing iron) :: rautapitoinen
ferruginous {adj} (rust colored) :: ruosteenpunainen
ferruginous duck {n} (Aythya nyroca) :: ruskosotka
ferrule {n} /ˈfɛɹ(ə)l/ (band or cap placed around a shaft to reinforce it or to prevent splitting) :: puristusholkki
ferry {n} /ˈfɛɹi/ (boat) :: lautta, autolautta
ferryboat {n} /ˈfɛɹiˌboʊt/ (boat) :: lautta, autolautta
ferryman {n} (man who operates a ferry) :: lautturi
fertile {adj} /ˈfɝːtəl/ ((of land etc) capable of growing abundant crops) :: viljava, hedelmällinen
fertile {adj} ((biology) capable of reproducing) :: hedelmällinen
fertile {adj} ((biology) capable of developing past the egg stage) :: hedelmöitynyt
fertile {adj} ((of an imagination etc) productive or prolific) :: tuottelias, vilkas
Fertile Crescent {prop} /ˈfɝːtəl ˈkɹɛsənt/ (crescent-shaped arc of fertile land) :: hedelmällinen puolikuu
fertilely {adv} (in a fertile manner) :: hedelmällisesti
fertility {n} /fɚːˈtɪləti/ (the condition, or the degree of being fertile) :: hedelmällisyys
fertility {n} (the birthrate of a population) :: hedelmällisyys
fertility {n} (average number of births per woman) SEE: fertility rate ::
fertility rate {n} (indicator of population growth) :: hedelmällisyysluku
fertilize {v} (to cause to become pregnant) SEE: impregnate ::
fertilize {v} (to make fertile by adding nutrients) :: lannoittaa
fertilize {v} (to make creative or productive) :: ravita
fertilizer {n} /ˈfɜːɹtəlaɪzəɹ/ (a natural substance that is used to make the ground more suitable for growing plants) :: lannoite
fertilizer {n} (a chemical compound created to have the same effect.) :: lannoite, apulanta, keinolannoite
fervent {adj} /ˈfɝ.vənt/ (exhibiting particular enthusiasm, zeal, conviction, persistence, or belief) :: kiihkeä
fervent {adj} (having or showing emotional warmth, fervor, or passion) :: kiihkeä
fervent {adj} (glowing, burning, very hot) :: tulikuuma, hehkuva
fervor {n} /ˈfɝvɚ/ (intense, heated emotion; passion, ardor) :: palo
fervor {n} (passionate enthusiasm for some cause) :: palo
fervour {n} (fervor) SEE: fervor ::
fescennine {adj} /ˈfɛsənʌɪn/ (obscene or scurrilous) :: ruokoton
fescue {n} (stick, etc., used chiefly to point out letters to children) SEE: pointer ::
fescue {n} /ˈfɛskjuː/ (grass) :: nata
fess {n} /fɛs/ (band) :: hirsi
fess point {n} (center of the shield) :: sydänkohta
fess up {v} (confess) SEE: confess ::
fester {v} /ˈfɛstə(ɹ)/ (become septic or rotten) :: mädäntyä
fester {v} (To worsen, especially due to lack of attention) :: muhia
festival {n} /ˈfɛstəvəl/ (event or community gathering) :: juhlat {p}, festivaali
festively {adv} (in a festive manner) :: juhlavasti
festivity {n} (festival) :: juhlallisuudet {p}, juhlat {p}, festivaali
festivity {n} (experience or expression) :: juhlamieli
festoon {n} /fɛsˈtuːn/ (ornament which hangs loosely from two tacked spots) :: koristeköynnös
festoon {n} (cable with light globes attached) :: valoköynnös
festoon {n} (astronomy: cloud formation on Jupiter) :: silta
festoon {v} (to hang ornaments which hang loosely from two tacked spots) :: koristaa köynnöksin
festschrift {n} /ˈfɛstʃɹɪft/ (tribute or memorial) :: juhlajulkaisu
fetal {adj} /ˈfitl/ (pertaining to, or connected with, a fetus) :: sikiö-
fetal alcohol syndrome {n} (type of birth defect) :: sikiön alkoholioireyhtymä
fetal position {n} (location of the fetus inside the womb) :: sikiön asento
fetal position {n} (posture in which the head and knees are brought close to the abdomen) :: sikiöasento
fetch {v} /fɛtʃ/ (To retrieve; to bear towards; to get) :: hakea, noutaa
fetish {n} /ˈfɛt.ɪʃ/ (something nonsexual which arouses sexual desire) :: fetišši, fetissi
fetish {n} (something believed to possess spiritual or magical powers) :: taikakalu, fetišši, fetissi
fetish {n} (irrational or abnormal fixation) :: päähänpinttymä
fetishism {n} (belief that natural objects have supernatural powers) :: fetisismi
fetishism {n} (paraphilia where the object of attraction is an inanimate object or a part of a person's body) :: fetisismi
fetlock {n} (joint of the horse's leg) :: vuohisnivel
fetopathy {n} (any disease of a fetus) :: fetopatia
fetter {n} /ˈfɛt.ɚ/ (object used to bind a person or animal by its legs) :: kahleet {p}, kahle
fetter {n} (anything that restricts or restrains in any way) :: kahle
fetter {v} (to shackle or bind up with fetters) :: kahlita
fetter {v} (to restrain or impede) :: kahlita, rajoittaa
fettle {n} (state of proper physical condition; kilter or trim) :: kunto, veto
fettle {n} (one's mental state; spirits) :: kunto
fetus {n} /ˈfiːtəs/ (fetus) :: sikiö
feud {n} /fjuːd/ :: sukuriita [family feud]
feudal {adj} /ˈfju.ɾɫ̩]/ (of, or relating to feudalism) :: feodaalinen, feodaali-, läänitys-
feudalism {n} /ˈfju.dəlɪzəm/ (social system) :: feodalismi
feudalist {n} /fjuːdəlɪst/ (advocate or practitioner of feudalism) :: feodalisti
feudalistic {adj} (of feudalism) SEE: feudal ::
feudality {n} (state or quality of being feudal) :: feodaalisuus
feudalization {n} (feudal system) :: feodalisointi
feudalize {v} /ˈfjuːdəlaɪz/ (make something feudal) :: feodalisoida
feudal lord {n} (lord in a feudal system) :: lääninherra, feodaaliherra
feudally {adv} (in a feudal manner) :: feodaalisesti
fever {n} /ˈfivɚ/ (higher than normal body temperature) :: kuume
fever {n} (usually in combination: any of various diseases) :: -kuume [also -rokko, -nuha etc.]
fever {n} (state of excitement (of a person or people)) :: kuume, huuma, vimma
fever bush {n} (American winterberry) SEE: American winterberry ::
feverishly {adv} /ˈfi.vɚ.ɪʃ.li/ (with excitement and determination) :: kuumeisesti
feverishly {adv} (with speed; rapidly) :: vauhdilla, kuumeisesti, nopeasti
feverless {adj} (without fever) :: kuumeeton
fever pitch {n} /ˈfiːvə pɪtʃ/ (extreme excitement) :: kiihkeys
few {determiner} /fju/ (indefinite, usually small number) :: harva, muutama, jokunen
few {determiner} (small number) :: vähän, muutama
few {determiner} (meteorology: obscuring 1-2 eighths of the sky) :: selkeä [see: pilvisyys]
few {pron} (few people, few things) :: harva
few and far between {adj} (rare and scarce) :: harvassa
fewer {determiner} /ˈfjuːɚ/ (comparative of few; a smaller number) :: harvempi, vähemmän
few-flowered sedge {n} (sedge species) :: rahkasara
fewness {n} (state of being few) :: vähyys
Feynman diagram {n} /ˈfaɪnmən ˈdaɪəɡɹæm/ (pictorial representation of the interactions of subatomic particles) :: Feynmanin graafi
fez {n} (type of hat) :: fetsi
Fez {prop} (city in Morocco) :: Fès
f-hole {n} (hole in instrument) :: f-aukko
fiancé {n} /fiˈɑnseɪ/ (man who is engaged to be married) :: sulhanen
fiancé {n} (person engaged to be married) :: kihlattu
fiancée {n} /fiˈɑnseɪ/ (woman who is engaged to be married) :: morsian
fiasco {n} /fɪˈæs.kəʊ/ (ludicrous or humiliating situation) :: fiasko
fiat lux {phrase} (let there be light) SEE: let there be light ::
fiat money {n} (money that is given a legal value) :: fiat-raha
fib {n} /fɪb/ (a more or less inconsequential lie) :: vale
fiber {n} (fibre) SEE: fibre ::
fiberboard {n} (material) :: kuitulevy
fiberglass {n} (fibreglass) SEE: fibreglass ::
Fibonacci number {n} (number) :: Fibonaccin luku
Fibonacci sequence {n} (sequence of numbers) :: Fibonaccin lukujono
fibre {n} /ˈfaɪ.bə(ɹ)/ (single elongated piece of material) :: kuitu, säie
fibre {n} (material in the form of fibres) :: kuitu
fibre {n} (moral strength and reserve) :: suoraselkäisyys
fibre {n} (mathematics: preimage of a given point in the range of a map) :: säie
fibre {n} (muscle fiber) :: syy
fibre {n} (dietary fibre) SEE: dietary fibre ::
fibreglass {n} (glass extruded into fibers) :: lasikuitu
fibreglass {n} (composite material) :: lasikuitu
fibre optic {adj} (relating to fibre optics) :: kuituoptinen
fibre optics {n} (transmission of light through fibres) :: kuituoptiikka
fibrillate {v} (to make irregular, rapid movements) :: väristä
fibrillation {n} (contraction of the muscle fibers of the heart) :: fibrillaatio, värinä
fibrin {n} /ˈfaɪbɹɪn/ (fibrous substance) :: kuituaine, fibriini
fibrinogen {n} (protein that in humans plays a part in the forming of clots) :: fibrinogeeni
fibrinolysis {n} (process wherein a fibrin clot, the product of coagulation, is broken down) :: fibrinolyysi
fibromyalgia {n} (condition characterised by chronic pain, stiffness, and tenderness of the muscles, tendons, and joints) :: fibromyalgia
fibrosis {n} /faɪˈbɹoʊsɪs/ (formation of connective tissue) :: fibroosi
fibrotic {adj} (pertaining to fibrosis) :: fibroottinen
fibula {n} (calf bone) SEE: calf bone ::
fickle {adj} /ˈfɪk.əl/ (quick to change one’s opinion or allegiance) :: ailahteleva, huikenteleva, häilyvä, vaihteleva
fiction {n} /ˈfɪk.ʃən/ (literary type) :: fiktio
fiction {n} (invention) :: sepite, fiktio, taru
fictional {adj} (invented, as opposed to real) :: kuvitteellinen, fiktiivinen
fictitious {adj} /fɪkˈtɪʃəs/ (invented) :: keksitty
fictive {adj} /ˈfɪktɪv/ (fictional, fanciful or invented) :: kuvitteellinen, fiktiivinen
fictively {adv} (in a fictive manner) :: fiktiivisesti
fictiveness {n} (quality) :: fiktiivisyys
ficus {n} /ˈfaɪkəs/ (plant of the genus Ficus) :: fiikus
fiddle {n} /ˈfɪ.dl̩/ (instrument) :: viulu
fiddle {n} (adjustment) :: viritys, temppu
fiddle {n} (fraud) :: vilunki
fiddle {n} (nautical: rail or batten) :: reunalista
fiddle {v} (to play aimlessly) :: koheltaa, haaskata
fiddle {v} (to adjust in order to cover a basic flaw or fraud) :: viilata, näpelöidä, tehdä vilunkia
fiddle {v} (to play traditional tunes on a violin in a non-classical style) :: vinguttaa viulua [derogative]; soittaa viulua
fiddlefuck {v} (waste time) SEE: waste time ::
fiddler {n} (one who plays the fiddle) :: viulisti
fideicommissum {n} (benefit) :: fideikomissi
fideism {n} /ˈfideɪːɪzəm/ (doctrine) :: fideismi
fidelity {n} /fɪˈdɛl.ɪ.ti/ (faithfulness to one's duties) :: uskollisuus, lojaalius
fidelity {n} (accuracy, or exact correspondence to some given quality or fact) :: tarkkuus, täsmällisyys
fidelity {n} (loyalty, especially to one's spouse) :: uskollisuus
fidelity {n} (the degree to which an electronic system accurately reproduces a given sound or image) :: toistokyky
fidget {v} /ˈfɪdʒ.ɪt/ (to move around nervously) :: sätkiä, sätkytellä, nykiä, nytkiä
fidget {n} (a person who fidgets) :: sätkyttelijä
fidget spinner {n} (stress-relieving toy) :: sormihyrrä, spinneri
fidgety {adj} (Having, or pertaining to, a tendency to fidget) :: hermostunut, levoton
fido {n} (incorrectly minted coin) :: lyöntivirhe
fiduciary {adj} /fʌɪˈdjuːʃəɹi/ (related to trusts and trustees) :: luottamus-, luottamukseen perustuva
fiduciary {n} (trustee) :: uskottu mies
fie {interj} /faɪ/ (expression of disgust) :: hyi
fief {n} /fiːf/ (estate) :: läänitys
fief {n} (something over which one has rights or exercises control) :: valtakunta
fief {n} (area of dominion) :: tontti, valtakunta
fiefdom {n} /ˈfiːf.dəm/ (estate controlled by a feudal lord) :: läänitys
fiefdom {n} (organization in the control of a dominant individual) :: valtakunta
field {n} /fiːld/ (land area free of woodland, cities, and towns; open country) :: kenttä
field {n} (wide, open space used to grow crops or to hold farm animals) :: laidun [for animals], pelto [for crops], vainio
field {n} (place where a battle is fought) :: kenttä, taistelukenttä
field {n} (physics: region affected by a particular force) :: kenttä
field {n} (course of study or domain of knowledge or practice) :: ala
field {n} (in mathematics) :: kunta
field {n} (sports: area reserved for playing a game) :: kenttä, pelikenttä
field {n} (geology: region containing a particular mineral) :: kenttä, esiintymisalue
field {n} (heraldry: background of the shield) :: kenttä
field {n} (computing: area of memory or storage reserved for a particular value) :: alue
field {v} (intercept or catch) :: ottaa kiinni
field {v} (to be the team catching and throwing the ball) :: olla ulkovuorossa
field {v} (to place in a playing field) :: panna kentälle
field {v} (to answer; to address) :: vastata
field corn {n} (variety of corn) :: rehumaissi
field effect {n} (use of an electric field to control the conductivity) :: kanavavaikutus, kenttävaikutus
fielder {n} (cricket: player of the fielding side) :: kenttäpelaaja
fielder {n} (baseball: defensive player) :: kenttäpelaaja
field extension {n} (pair of fields such that one is a subfield of the other) :: kuntalaajennus
fieldfare {n} /ˈfiːldfɛə/ (Turdus pilaris) :: räkättirastas
field hockey {n} (form of hockey) :: maahockey
field horsetail {n} (plant) :: peltokorte
field hospital {n} (medical unit) :: kenttäsairaala
field kitchen {n} (mobile kitchen) :: kenttäkeittiö
field marshal {n} (highest miliary rank after the commander in chief) :: kenttämarsalkka
field mushroom {n} (genus of fungi) :: nurmiherkkusieni
field of view {n} (angular extent of what can be seen) :: näkökenttä
field of vision {n} /ˈfiːld ɘv ˈvɪʒ(ə)n/ (area that a person, etc., can see without turning the head) :: näkökenttä
field poppy {n} (Papaver rhoeas) SEE: corn poppy ::
field ration {n} (prepackaged meal) :: taistelumuonapakkaus
field trip {n} (educational trip) :: luokkaretki, opintoretki, opintomatka
field vole {n} (field vole) :: peltomyyrä
field work {n} (temporary fortification) SEE: fieldwork ::
field work {n} (collection of raw data) SEE: fieldwork ::
fieldwork {n} /fɪəldwɝk/ (work) :: kenttätyö
fieldwork {n} (collection of raw data) :: kenttätutkimus
fieldwork {n} (temporary fortification) :: kenttälinnoite
fiend {n} /fiːnd/ (demon) :: demoni, paholainen, pahahenki
fiend {n} (very evil person) :: peto, riiviö
fiend {n} (addict, fanatic) :: addikti
fiendish {adj} /ˈfiːndɪʃ/ (sinister, evil) :: pirullinen, paholaismainen
fiendishly {adv} (extremely, very) SEE: extremely ::
fierce {adj} /fɪəs/ (extremely violent, severe, ferocious or savage) :: raivokas, raju, hurja
fierce {adj} (resolute or strenuously active) :: hurja
fierce {adj} (threatening in appearance or demeanor) :: hurja
fiercely {adv} (in a fierce manner) :: raivokkaasti, hurjasti, tulisesti, rajusti
fiery {adj} /ˈfaɪəɹi/ (of, or relating to fire) :: tulinen
fiery {adj} (burning or glowing) :: tulinen
fiery {adj} (inflammable or easily ignited) :: tulenarka
fiery {adj} (having the colour of fire) :: tulinen
fiery {adj} (hot or inflamed) :: tulinen
fiery {adj} (tempestuous or emotionally volatile) :: tulinen
fiery {adj} (spirited or filled with emotion) :: palava
fiesta {n} /fɪˈɛstə/ (religious festival in Spanish speaking country) :: fiesta
fiesta {n} (festive occasion) :: juhla
fife {n} (small shrill pipe) :: fife
fifteen {num} /ˈfɪf.tiːn/ (cardinal number) :: viisitoista
fifteenth {adj} /ˌfɪfˈtiːnθ/ (ordinal form of number fifteen) :: viidestoista
fifteenth {n} (person or thing in the fifteenth position) :: viidestoista
fifteenth {n} (one of fifteen equal parts) :: viidestoistaosa
fifth {adj} /fɪfθ/ (Ordinal form of the number 5) :: viides
fifth {n} (person or thing in the fifth position) :: viides
fifth {n} (one of five equal parts of a whole) :: viidennes, viidesosa
fifth {n} (musical interval) :: kvintti
fifth {n} (fifth gear) SEE: fifth gear ::
fifth disease {n} (manifestation of erythovirus infection) :: parvorokko, pikkurokko
fifth gear {n} (the fifth gear of an engine) :: viitonen, viitosvaihde
fifth wheel {n} (anything superfluous or unnecessary) :: kolmas pyörä
fifties {n} /ˈfɪftiz/ (the decade of the 1950s) :: viisikymmentäluku
fiftieth {adj} /ˈfɪf.ti.əθ/ (the ordinal form of the number fifty) :: viideskymmenes
fiftieth {n} (the person or thing in the fiftieth position) :: viideskymmenes
fiftieth {n} (one of fifty equal parts of a whole) :: viideskymmenesosa
fifty {num} /ˈfɪfti/ (cardinal number) :: viisikymmentä
fifty {n} (a banknote with a denomination of 50) :: viisikymppinen
fifty-eight {num} (cardinal number) :: viisikymmentäkahdeksan
fifty-eighth {num} (ordinal number) :: viideskymmeneskahdeksas
fifty-fifth {num} (ordinal number) :: viideskymmenesviides
fifty-fifty {adv} (in half) :: puoliksi
fifty-first {num} (ordinal number) :: viideskymmenesensimmäinen
fifty-five {num} (cardinal number) :: viisikymmentäviisi
fifty-four {num} (cardinal number) :: viisikymmentäneljä
fifty-fourth {num} (ordinal number) :: viideskymmenesneljäs
fifty-nine {num} (cardinal number) :: viisikymmentäyhdeksän
fifty-ninth {num} (ordinal number) :: viideskymmenesyhdeksäs
fifty-one {num} (cardinal number) :: viisikymmentäyksi
fifty-second {num} (ordinal number) :: viideskymmeneskahdes, viideskymmenestoinen
fifty-seven {num} (cardinal number) :: viisikymmentäseitsemän
fifty-seventh {num} (ordinal number) :: viideskymmenesseitsemäs
fifty-six {num} (cardinal number) :: viisikymmentäkuusi
fifty-sixth {num} (ordinal number) :: viideskymmeneskuudes
fifty-third {num} (ordinal number) :: viideskymmeneskolmas
fifty-three {num} (cardinal number) :: viisikymmentäkolme
fifty-two {num} (cardinal number) :: viisikymmentäkaksi
fig {n} /fɪɡ/ (tree or shrub) :: viikuna, viikunapuu
fig {n} (fruit) :: viikuna
fight {v} /fʌɪt]/ ((intransitive) to contend in physical conflict) :: [without weapons] tapella, [with weapons] taistella
fight {v} (to strive for) :: taistella, tsempata
fight {v} ((transitive) to engage in (a physical conflict)) :: taistella
fight {v} ((transitive) to contend in physical conflict against) :: taistella
fight {v} (to counteract) :: taistella
fight {n} (occasion of fighting) :: taistelu, tappelu
fight {n} (battle) :: taistelu
fight {n} (physical confrontation) :: tappelu, taistelu
fight {n} (martial arts match) :: kamppailu, ottelu
fight {n} (conflict of will, strife) :: taistelu
fight {n} (will or ability to fight) :: taistelutahto
fighter {n} /ˈfaɪtɚ/ (person who fights) :: taistelija
fighter {n} (warrior) :: soturi
fighter {n} (aircraft type) :: hävittäjä
fighter {n} (boxer) SEE: boxer ::
fighter aircraft {n} (fighter aircraft) SEE: fighter plane ::
fighter-bomber {n} (military aircraft) :: hävittäjäpommittaja
fighter plane {n} (military aircraft) :: hävittäjä, hävittäjäkone
fight fire with fire {v} (idiomatic) :: taistella tulella tulta vastaan
fighting {adj} /ˈfaɪtɪŋ/ (engaged in a fight) :: taisteleva
fighting chance {n} (chance that is dependent on success in a struggle) :: mahdollisuus taistella; ei mitään mahdollisuutta [no fighting chance]
fighting fish {n} (Betta splendens) :: taistelukala
fighting game {n} (video game genre) :: taistelupeli
fig leaf {n} (leaf of the fig plant) :: viikunanlehti
fig leaf {n} (leaf covering genitals in a work of art) :: viikunanlehti
fig leaf {n} (anything intended to conceal something undesirable) :: viikunanlehti
fig tree {n} (fig tree) SEE: fig ::
figurative {adj} /ˈfɪɡjʊɹətɪv/ (metaphorical; not literal) :: kuvaannollinen
figuratively {adv} (in a figurative manner) :: kuvaannollisesti
figurativeness {n} (being figurative) :: kuvaannollisuus, figuratiivisuus
figure {n} (figure of speech) SEE: figure of speech ::
figure {n} /ˈfɪɡjɚ/ (drawing) :: kuva, kuvio
figure {n} (person) :: hahmo
figure {n} (human figure; shape of human body) :: vartalo, muoto, figuuri
figure {n} (numeral) :: luku, numero
figure {n} (shape) :: kuvio, muoto, hahmo
figure {n} (visible pattern) :: kuvio
figure {v} (to solve a problem) :: keksiä, hoksata
figure {v} (to come to understand) :: tajuta
figured {adj} /ˈfɪɡəd/ (having an attractive pattern) :: kuviollinen
figurehead {n} /ˈfɪɡjəɹˌhɛd/ (carved figure on the prow of a sailing ship) :: keulakuva
figurehead {n} (someone in a nominal position of leadership) :: keulakuva
figure of speech {n} (word or phrase) :: kielikuva
figure out {v} (to calculate) SEE: calculate ::
figure out {v} (come to understand) :: tajuta, hoksata, selvittää
figure skater {n} (someone who figure skates) :: taitoluistelija
figure skating {n} (sport where people perform spins, jumps and other moves on skates) :: taitoluistelu, kaunoluistelu
figurine {n} /fɪɡjəˈɹin/ (a small carved or molded figure) :: figuriini
figwort {n} (Scrophularia) :: syyläjuuri
Fiji {prop} /ˈfi.dʒi/ (Fiji - a country in Oceania comprising over 300 islands) :: Fidži
Fijian {n} /fiːˈdʒiːən/ (a person from Fiji or of Fijian descent) :: fidžiläinen
Fijian {adj} (of, or relating to, Fiji, its people, or its language) :: fidžiläinen, fidžinkielinen [language]
Fijian {prop} (language) :: fidži
filament {n} /ˈfɪləmənt/ (fine thread or wire) :: säie, kuitu
filament {n} (wire in an incandescent light bulb) :: hehkulanka
filament {n} (stalk of a stamen in a flower) :: palho
filbert {n} (shrub) SEE: hazel ::
filbert {n} (hazelnut) SEE: hazelnut ::
filch {v} /fɪltʃ/ (to steal) :: näpistää, pihistää
file {n} /faɪl/ (collection of papers) :: kansio
file {n} (computer terminology) :: tiedosto, kansio
file {v} (to commit papers) :: jättää; nostaa [of a lawsuit]
file {v} (to archive) :: arkistoida
file {v} (to store computer data) :: tallentaa
file {v} (to make a formal request) :: hakea, jättää hakemus
file {n} (column of people) :: jono
file {n} (chess: vertical line of squares) :: linja
file {n} (cutting or smoothing tool) :: viila
file {v} (to smooth with a file) :: viilata
file cabinet {n} (piece of office furniture) SEE: filing cabinet ::
file extension {n} (string of characters) :: tiedostopääte
filename {n} /ˈfaɪəlneɪm/ (name assigned to a file) :: tiedostonimi
file size {n} (length of a file) :: tiedostokoko, tiedoston koko
file system {n} ((computing) method of organizing blocks) :: tiedostojärjestelmä
file system {n} ((computing) set of organized blocks) :: tiedostojärjestelmä
filet mignon {n} /fɪˈleɪ mɪnˈjõː(n)/ (steak cut of beef) :: filet mignon
File Transfer Protocol {n} (protocol used to transfer files) :: FTP
filial {adj} /ˈəl/ (pertaining to a son or daughter) :: lapsenomainen
filial {adj} (respectful of the duties and attitudes of a son or daughter toward their parents) :: lapsenomainen, vanhempiaan kunnioittava
filial {adj} (of descending generation or generations) :: jälkeläis-, jälki- [in term jälkipolvi]
filial piety {n} (respect to one's parents and ancestors) :: vanhempien kunnioitus
filibuster {n} /ˈfɪlɪbʌstə(ɹ)/ (freebooter) :: palkkasoturi, rosvo
filibuster {n} (long speech given in order to delay progress or the making of a decision) :: jarrutus, jarrutuspuhe
filibuster {n} (A member of a legislative body causing such obstruction) :: jarruttaja
filibuster {v} (to use obstructionist tactics in a legislative body) :: jarruttaa
filiform {adj} (resembling thread) :: jouhimainen
filigree {n} /ˈfɪl.ɪ.ɡɹiː/ (a delicate and intricate ornamentation made from gold or silver twisted wire) :: filigraani
filigree {n} (a design resembling such intricate ornamentation) :: filigraanikuvio
filing {n} /faɪ.lɪŋ/ (particle that has been removed by a file or similar implement; a shaving) :: puru, jauhe
filing {n} (act of storing documents in an archive; archiving) :: arkistointi
filing cabinet {n} (piece of office furniture) :: arkistokaappi
Filipino {n} /fɪlɪˈpinoʊ/ (One of two national languages of the Philippines) :: filippiino
Filipino {n} (Native or inhabitant of the Philippines) :: filippiiniläinen
Filipino {adj} (Of or pertaining to the Philippines or its people) :: filippiiniläinen
fill {v} /fɪɫ/ (occupy fully, take up all of) :: täyttää
fill {v} (add contents to, so it is full) :: täyttää
fill {v} (become full of contents) :: täyttyä
fill {v} (treat (a tooth)) :: paikata
fill {n} (sufficient or more than sufficient amount) :: tarpeeksi [adverb]
fill {n} (amount that fills a container) :: täyttö
fill {n} (filling of a container) :: täyttö
fill {n} (something used to occupy empty spaces) :: täyte, täyteaine
fillet {n} /ˈfɪ.lɪt/ (headband, ribbon) :: tukkanauha
fillet {n} (thin strip of any material) :: nauha
fillet {n} (construction: heavy bead of waterproofing) :: saumaus
fillet {n} (engineering: rounded relief or cut) :: pyöristys
fillet {n} (strip of deboned meat or fish) :: leike [meat], filee [fish]
fillet {n} (architecture: space between two flutings) :: harjanne
fillet {n} (thread of a screw) :: ruuvikierre, kierre
fillet {n} (border of line of colour) :: reunaviiva
fillet {n} (scantling) :: rima
fillet {n} (anatomy: fascia) :: kalvo
fillet {n} (loins of a horse) :: satula
fillet {v} (to make into fillets) :: fileerata, fileoida
fillet {v} (to apply, etc, a rounded or filled corner to) :: pyöristää
fill in {v} (fill) SEE: fill ::
fill in {v} (to inform somebody, especially to supply someone missing or missed information) :: saattaa ajan tasalle
fill in {v} (to substitute for somebody or something) :: tuurata, toimia sijaisena
fill in {v} (fill out) SEE: fill out ::
filling {adj} /ˈfɪɫlɪŋ]/ (of food, that satisfies the appetite by filling the stomach) :: täyttävä
filling {n} (anything used to fill something) :: täyte
filling {n} (contents of a pie, etc.) :: täyte
filling {n} (in dentistry) :: paikka
filling station {n} (gas station) SEE: gas station ::
fillip {n} /ˈfɪlɪp/ (the act of releasing the index finger from the hold of a thumb with a snap) :: napsutus
fillister {n} (rabbet) :: huullos
fillister {n} (plane) :: huulloshöylä
fill music {n} (music broadcast as interlude) :: täytemusiikki
fill out {v} /fɪl aʊt/ (to complete a form) :: täyttää lomake
fill out {v} (to have one's physique expand) :: lihoa, pyöristyä
fillér {n} (subdenomination of the forint) :: filleri
fill someone's shoes {v} (to do someone's job, assume somebody's role) :: täyttää jonkun paikka, astua jonkun saappaisiin
fill up {v} (make full) :: täyttää
fill up {v} (become full) :: täyttyä
fill up {v} (annoy) :: saada tarpeekseen, saada tarpeeksi, saada mittansa täyteen
fill up {v} (satisfy hunger) :: tulla täyteen, täyttää, olla täyttävää
filly {n} (young female horse) :: tammavarsa
film {n} (motion picture) SEE: movie ::
film {n} /fɪlm/ (thin layer) :: kalvo
film {n} (photographic film) :: filmi
film {v} (to record a motion picture) :: filmata, elokuvata
film crew {n} (group of people) :: kuvausryhmä
film director {n} (person) :: elokuvaohjaaja
filmesque {adj} (of or relating to films) SEE: cinematic ::
filmic {adj} (of or relating to movies) SEE: cinematic ::
film industry {n} (institutions of filmmaking) :: elokuvateollisuus
filming {n} /ˈfɪlmɪŋ/ (the action of the verb "to film") :: filmatisointi
filmmaker {n} (producer or director of films / movies) :: elokuvantekijä
filmmaking {n} (the production of movies) :: elokuvan tekeminen
film star {n} (movie star) SEE: movie star ::
filmstrip {n} (length of film) :: raina
filter {n} /ˈfɪltɚ/ (device for separating impurities from a fluid or other substance) :: suodatin, suodin
filter {n} (electronics or software to separate unwanted signal) :: suodatin, suodin
filter {n} (any device or procedure that acts to separate or isolate) :: suodatin, suodin
filter {n} (collection of subsets) :: suodatin, suodin
filter {v} (to sort, sift, or isolate) :: suodattaa [filter], siivilöidä [sift], erottaa [separate]
filter {v} (to diffuse) :: hajottaa
filter {v} (to pass through a filter or to act as though passing through a filter) :: suodattua, siivilöityä, erottua
filter {v} (to come or go a few at a time) :: tippua, valua
filtering {n} (filtrate) SEE: filtrate ::
filth {n} /fɪlθ/ (dirt) :: lika
filthy {adj} /ˈfɪlθi/ (covered with filth; very dirty) :: likainen, saastainen, kuppainen
filthy {adj} (obscene or offensive) :: likainen, saastainen
filthy rich {adj} (very rich) :: upporikas, äveriäs
filtrate {n} /ˈfɪltɹeɪt/ (liquid or solution that has passed through a filter) :: suodos, filtraatti
filtrate {v} (to filter) :: suodattaa
fimbria {n} (bacteriology: pilus) :: värekarva
fimbriated {adj} (having a narrow borderline) :: päärmätty
fin {n} /fɪn/ (appendage of a fish) :: evä
fin {n} (appendage of a cetacean or other marine animal) :: evä
fin {n} (device used by divers) :: uimaräpylä, räpylä
final {n} /ˈfaɪ.nəl/ (test or examination given at the end of a term or class) :: loppukoe, päättökoe
final {n} (sports: last round in a contest) :: loppuottelu, finaali, loppukilpailu, loppusarja
final {n} (contest that narrows a field of contestants) :: loppukilpailu, finaali, loppuottelut {p}
final {adj} (last; ultimate) :: viimeinen, lopullinen
final {adj} (conclusive; decisive) :: lopullinen
final {adj} (respecting an end, purpose or ultimate end in view) :: lopullinen
final {adj} (grammar: expressing purpose) :: finaalinen
final {adj} (linguistics: occurring at the end of a word) :: loppu-
final clause {n} (type of dependent clause) :: finaalilause
finale {n} /fɨˈnɑli/ (grand end of something, especially a show or a piece of music) :: finaali, lopetus
final examination {n} (a test) :: loppukoe, päättökoe
finalize {v} /ˈfaɪnəlaɪz/ (to make final or firm; to finish or complete) :: viimeistellä
finally {adv} /ˈfaɪ.nl̩.i/ (ultimately) :: vihdoinkin, lopulta
finally {adv} (lastly) :: lopulta
final nail in the coffin {n} (something responsible for a prospective demise) :: viimeinen naula arkkuun
final say {n} (right to make a final decision) :: viimeinen sana
finance {n} /ˈf(a)ɪˌnæns/ (management of money and other assets) :: rahoitus, varainhoito
finance {n} (science of management of money and other assets) :: rahoitus, rahoitusoppi, finanssioppi
finance {n} (monetary resources) :: varat, rahavarat
finance {v} (to obtain or provide funding for a transaction or undertaking) :: rahoittaa
financial {adj} /faɪˈnænʃəl/ (related to finances) :: taloudellinen
financial capital {n} (monetary capita) :: finanssipääoma
financial conglomerate {n} (all-round financial institution) :: finanssitavaratalo
financial crisis {n} (period of economic slowdown) :: rahoituskriisi
financial instrument {n} (instrument for borrowing) :: rahoitusinstrumentti
financially {adv} (in terms of finance or money) :: rahallisesti
financial management {n} (management of money of an organization) :: rahoitusjohtaminen
financial market {n} (market where financial securities and commodities are bought and sold) :: rahoitusmarkkinat
financial statement {n} (record of all relevant financial information) :: tilinpäätös
financier {n} /fɪnænˈsɪəɹ/ (person profiting from financial transactions) :: rahoittaja, sijoittaja
financier {n} (company) :: rahoitusyhtiö, sijoitusyhtiö
financier {n} (administrator) :: rahoitusjohtaja
financier {n} (teacake) :: financier-leivos
financing {n} (funding) SEE: funding ::
finback {n} (fin whale) SEE: fin whale ::
finch {n} /fɪntʃ/ (any bird of the family Fringillidae) :: peippo
find {v} /faɪnd/ (encounter, locate, discover) :: löytää
find {v} (point out) :: osoittaa
find {v} (decide that) :: pitää
find {v} (determine, judge) :: todeta
find {n} (anything found) :: löytö, löydös
find {n} (act of finding) :: löytäminen
find {v} (discover) SEE: discover ::
findability {n} (quality of object) :: löytyvyys, löydettävyys
findable {adj} (able to be found) :: löydettävä
finders, keepers {proverb} (whoever finds something is allowed to keep it) :: löytäjä saa pitää
find fault {v} (to criticize excessively, to find fault with) :: olla sanomista
finding {n} /ˈfaɪndɪŋ/ (result of research or an investigation) :: löydös, tutkimustulos
finding {n} (self-contained component of assembled jewellery) :: korutarvike
find oneself {v} /ˈfaɪnd wʌnsɛlf/ (to unexpectedly or unintentionally begin to do or experience something) :: löytää itsensä
find oneself {v} (to be in a particular state of mind) :: olla jollakin tuulella
find oneself {v} (to find (something) for oneself) :: löytää itselleen
find oneself {v} (to discover oneself to be in a particular place) :: löytää itsensä
find out {v} (to discover) :: saada selville, selvittää
fine {adj} /faɪn/ (of superior quality) :: hieno
fine {adj} (being acceptable, adequate, passable, or satisfactory) :: oivallinen
fine {adj} (good-looking, attractive) :: kaunis
fine {v} (to make finer, purer, or cleaner) :: kirkastaa, jalostaa, puhdistaa, hienontaa
fine {v} (to become finer, purer, or cleaner) :: kirkastua, hienostua, puhdistua, jalostua, hienontua
fine {v} (clarify by filtration) :: kirkastaa
fine {n} /faɪn/ (payment for breaking the law) :: sakko
fine {v} (to issue a fine as punishment) :: sakottaa
fine arts {n} (purely aesthetic arts) :: taide
fine feathers make fine birds {proverb} (fine feathers make fine birds) :: vaatteet tekevät miehen
fine print {n} (details printed in small type) :: pienellä painettu teksti
finer things {n} (that which is considered of a high quality) :: hyvät asiat {p}
finery {n} /ˈfaɪnəɹi/ (excessive decoration, showy clothes, jewels) :: kruusaus [decoration], hepenet {p} [clothes], helyt {p} [jewels]
finesse {n} /fɪˈnɛs/ (skill in handling or manipulation of a situation) :: taitavuus, hienostuneisuus
finesse {n} (property of having elegance, grace, refinement, or skill) :: finessi, hienostuneisuus
finesse {n} (adroit manoeuvre) :: hyvä veto
fine-structure constant {n} (fine-structure constant) :: hienorakennevakio
fine words butter no parsnips {proverb} (talking about doing something does not get it done) :: ei suuret sanat suuta halkaise
finfoot {n} /ˈfɪnfʊt/ (bird in the family Heliornithidae) :: uikkukana
finger {n} /ˈfɪŋɡɚ/ ((anatomy) extremity of the hand) :: sormi, näppi
finger {n} (finger-shaped pieces of food) :: puikko, tikku
finger {n} (something similar in function to a finger) :: sormi
finger {n} (finger pier) :: laituri
finger {n} (a fingersbreadth of alcohol) :: tilkka
finger {n} (skill in the use of the fingers) :: sorminäppäryys
finger {v} (to identify or point out) :: osoittaa, näyttää
finger {v} (to poke) :: sormeilla, näpelöidä, hivellä
finger {v} (to penetrate and sexually stimulate with one's finger) :: sormettaa
finger {v} (to use specified finger positions to produce notes on a musical instrument) :: sormittaa
finger {v} (to provide instructions about the use of fingers in music) :: sormittaa
finger {n} (the breadth of a finger) SEE: digit ::
fingerboard {n} (part of musical instrument) :: otelauta
fingerboard {n} (miniature skateboard) :: sormiskeittilauta
fingercuffs {n} (Chinese finger trap) SEE: Chinese finger trap ::
fingered citron {n} (Buddha's hand) SEE: Buddha's hand ::
finger food {n} (Food that can be eaten with one's hands) :: sormiruoka
fingering {n} (playing a musical instrument) :: sormitus
fingering {n} (specific method) :: sormitus
fingering {n} (sexual act) :: sormiseksi
fingerless {adj} (having no fingers) :: sormeton
fingernail {n} /ˈfɪŋɡɚˌneɪl/ (covering near the tip of finger) :: sormen kynsi, sormenkynsi
fingerpost {n} (the milepost itself) SEE: milepost ::
fingerpost {n} /ˈfɪŋ.ɡə(ɹ)ˌpəʊst/ (board that shows the direction to a named place) :: tienviitta
fingerprint {n} /ˈfɪŋɡɚˌpɹɪnt/ (the pattern of ridges on the tips of the fingers) :: sormenjälki
fingerprint {n} (the patterns left on surfaces where fingertips have touched) :: sormenjälki
fingerprint {n} (unique identification for public key in asymmetric cryptosystem) :: tunniste
fingerprint {v} (to take fingerprints) :: ottaa sormenjäljet
finger ring {n} (ring) :: sormus
finger tight {adj} (tightened using fingers only) :: sormitiukka
finger-tight {adj} (finger tight) SEE: finger tight ::
fingertip {n} /ˈfɪŋɡɚˌtɪp/ (the end of the finger) :: sormenpää
finger wrestling {n} (competition) :: sormikoukku
Finglish {n} /ˈfɪŋɡlɪʃ/ (variant of Finnish) :: amerikansuomi, fingliska, fingelska
Finglish {n} (way of speaking Finnish using English terminology) :: fingliska, fingelska
Finglish {n} (broken English) :: fingliska, fingelska
finial {n} /ˈfɪn.i.əl/ (foliated ornament) :: päätykoriste
finial {n} (decorative fitting) :: päätykoriste [in a gable]; nuppi [in a post, pole etc.]
finish {n} /ˈfɪnɪʃ/ (end) :: loppu, maali
finish {n} (protective coating) :: pintakäsittely
finish {v} (to complete) :: tehdä loppuun; [finish saying something] sanoa loppuun
finish {v} (to apply a final treatment to) :: viimeistellä
finish {v} (to come to an end) :: loppua, päättyä
finish {n} (finish line) SEE: finish line ::
finished {adj} /ˈfɪnɪʃt/ (processed or perfected) :: suoritettu, valmis
finished product {n} (final version of a product) :: valmis tuote
finisher {n} /ˈfɪnɪʃɚ/ (person who finishes or completes something) :: lopettaja
finisher {n} (person who applies a finish to something) :: viimeistelijä
finisher {n} (boxing: knock-out blow) :: tyrmäysisku
finisher {n} (soccer: player who shoots goals) :: ratkaisija, viimeistelijä
finishing move {n} (final blow) :: armonisku, armonlaukaus
finishing touch {n} (final changes) :: retusointi
finish line {n} (line marking end of a race) :: maali, maaliviiva
finish off {v} (to kill) SEE: kill ::
finish up {v} (to complete last details) :: viimeistellä, lopetella, tehdä loppuun
finite {adj} /ˈfaɪnaɪt/ (having an end or limit) :: äärellinen, päättyvä, rajallinen
finite {adj} (grammar: limited by person or number) :: finiittinen
finite-dimensional {adj} (having a basis consisting of a finite number of elements) :: äärellisulotteinen
finiteness {n} (the state of being finite) :: finiittisyys, rajallisuus, äärellisyys
finite verb {n} (verb inflected for person and tense) :: finiittiverbi, finiittinen verbi
fin keel {n} (keel) :: eväköli
Finland {prop} /ˈfɪn.lənd/ (Nordic country) :: Suomi
Finlandization {n} (the influence of a large state on a smaller one) :: suomettuminen
finless porpoise {n} (Neophocaena phocaenoides) :: rosopyöriäinen
Finn {n} /fɪn/ (person from Finland) :: suomalainen
Finnic {adj} (Finnish) SEE: Finnish ::
Finnic {n} (subset of Finno-Ugric languages) :: itämerensuomalaiset kielet
Finnic {adj} (pertaining to the Finnic languages) :: itämerensuomalainen
Finnicist {n} (a linguist who studies Finnic languages) :: fennisti
Finnish {adj} /ˈfɪnɪʃ/ (of Finland) :: suomalainen, suomen
Finnish {adj} (of the Finnish language) :: suomenkielinen
Finnish {n} (language) :: suomi, suomen kieli
Finnish forest reindeer {n} (Rangifer tarandus fennicus) :: metsäpeura
Finnish Sign Language {prop} (variant of sign language) :: suomalainen viittomakieli
Finnmark {prop} (county in Norway) :: Ruija
Finnophone {adj} /ˈfɪnnɒfəʊn/ (Finnish-speaking) :: suomenkielinen
Finnophone {n} (Finnish-speaker) :: suomenkielinen
Finno-Ugric {prop} (non-Indo-European group of languages) :: suomalais-ugrilainen kieli
Finno-Ugric {adj} (of or relating to Finno-Ugric) :: suomalais-ugrilainen
Finno-Ugricist {n} (linguist who specialises in studying Finno-Ugric languages) :: fennougristi
finny {adj} (having one or more fins) :: evällinen
finny {adj} (resembling a fin) :: evämäinen
finrozole {n} (inhibitor) :: finrotsoli
fin whale {n} (Balaenoptera physalus) :: sillivalas
Fiordland penguin {n} (Penguin) :: vuonopingviini
fir {n} /fɝ/ (conifer of the genus Abies) :: pihta, jalokuusi
fire {v} /ˈfaɪəɹ/ (to heat pottery, etc.) :: polttaa [ceramic materials]; kuumentaa [most others]
fire {v} (to drive away by setting a fire) :: savustaa
fire {v} (to terminate the employment of) :: erottaa, antaa potkut
fire {v} (transitive: to shoot) :: laukaista, ampua
fire {v} (intransitive: to shoot) :: tulittaa, ampua
fire {v} (sport: to shoot, to attempt to score a goal) :: laukaista
fire {v} (physiology: to cause action potential in a cell) :: aktivoida
fire {v} (to forcibly direct) :: laukoa
fire {v} (computer sciences / software engineering: to initiate an event) :: laukaista
fire {v} (to inflame; to irritate, as the passions) :: sytyttää
fire {v} (to animate; to give life or spirit to) :: sytyttää, saada syttymään
fire {v} (to fire a boiler) :: lämmittää
fire {v} (to light up as if by fire) :: valaista
fire {v} (to catch fire; to be kindled) :: syttyä
fire {v} (to be irritated or inflamed with passion) :: hehkua
fire {interj} (cry of distress indicating that something is on fire) :: palo
fire {v} (to set on fire) SEE: set on fire ::
fire {v} (farriery: to cauterize) SEE: cauterize ::
fire {n} (oxidation reaction) :: tuli
fire {n} (instance of this chemical reaction) :: tuli
fire {n} (damaging occurrence of fire) :: palo, tulipalo
fire {n} (alchemy: one of the basic elements) :: tuli
fire {n} (heater or stove used in place of real fire) :: liesi, hella, lämmitin, lämmityslaite
fire {n} (elements to start a fire) :: tuli
fire {n} (in-flight bullets) :: tulitus, tuli
fire {n} (strength of passion) :: palo
fire {n} (liveliness, enthusiasm) :: palo, intohimo
fire {n} (brilliancy; lustre) :: tuli
fire {n} (button on a joypad or similar) :: tulitusnappi
fire alarm {n} (device which warns people of a possible fire) :: palohälytin, palovaroitin
fire alarm {n} (sound or other warning made by a fire alarm) :: palohälytys
fire alarm {n} (response to a fire by the fire department) :: hälytys
fire and brimstone {n} (punishment of Hell) :: tuli ja tulikivi
fire and brimstone {adj} (referencing the wrath of God) :: tulikivenkatkuinen
fire and forget {n} (missile guidance system) :: ammu ja unohda
firearm {n} (personal weapon) :: tuliase
fire at will {phrase} (military command) :: tuli vapaa!
fireball {n} (a ball of fire) :: tulipallo
fireball {n} (an explosion that results in a fireball) :: tulipallo
fireball {n} (a meteor bright enough to cast shadows) :: bolidi, tulipallo
fire blanket {n} (a large piece of fireproof or fire resistant material, used exclusively to cover and extinguish a small fire) :: sammutuspeite
firebomb {n} (weapon) :: palopommi
firebox {n} (chamber of steam engine) :: tulipesä
firebox {n} (part of fireplace) :: tulipesä
firebrand {n} /ˈfaɪɚ.bɹænd/ (argumentative troublemaker or revolutionary) :: palopuhuja
firebrand {n} (torch or other burning stick) :: soihtu
firebreather {n} (performer) SEE: fire-eater ::
fire brick {n} (colour) :: tiilenpunainen
fire brick {adj} (of a bright red colour) :: tiilenpunainen
fire brick {n} (brick) SEE: firebrick ::
firebrick {n} (a brick capable of withstanding high temperatures) :: tulenkestävä tiili, tulitiili
fire brigade {n} /ˈfaɪə(ɹ)bɹɪˌɡeɪd/ (group within a corporation or industrial site) :: tehdaspalokunta, palokunta
fire brigade {n} (organization for preventing and putting out fires) :: palokunta
fire chief {n} (leader of a fire department) :: palopäällikkö
firecracker {n} (a firework) :: sähikäinen, papattimatto
fire department {n} (fire department) :: palokunta, palolaitos
fire drill {n} (practice to prepare for evacuation in the event of a fire) :: paloharjoitus
fire drill {n} (pointless activity) :: puuhastelu
fire drill {n} (rod which is rotated on a flat surface) :: tulipora
fire-eater {n} (performer) :: tulennielijä
fire-eater {n} (quarrelsome or belligerent person) :: riitapukari
fire engine {n} /faɪɚ.ɛn.dʒɪn/ (fire truck) :: paloauto
fire escape {n} (emergency doors, ladders etc. as a class) :: paloportaat
fire escape {n} (emergency escape route) :: hätäpoistumistie
fire extinguisher {n} /ˈfaɪəɹ ɪkˌstɪŋ.ɡwɪʃ.ə(ɹ)/ (device for putting out a fire) :: sammutin, käsisammutin, palosammutin
firefighter {n} /ˈfaɪ.ə(ɹ)ˌfaɪt.ə(ɹ)/ (person who puts out fires) :: palomies
firefighting {n} (action of extinguishing a fire) :: tulipalon sammuttaminen
firefighting {n} (profession) :: palontorjunta, palokuntalaisuus
firefly {n} (Lampyridae) :: kiiltomato, tulikärpänen
firefox {n} (red panda) SEE: red panda ::
firehead tetra {n} (freshwater fish) :: punapäätetra
fire hose {n} (hose designed to deliver water to douse a fire) :: paloletku
firehose {n} (thick, high-pressure hose) :: paloletku
fire house {n} (fire station) SEE: fire station ::
firehouse {n} (fire station) SEE: fire station ::
fire hydrant {n} (a device used by firefighters to obtain water from the main) :: paloposti
fire in the belly {n} (ardor, drive) :: tulisieluisuus
fire lance {n} (spear with one or more flamethrowers attached) :: tulipeitsi
fireless {adj} (without fire) :: tuleton
fireman {n} (someone skilled in fighting fire) SEE: firefighter ::
fireman {n} (male skilled in fighting fire) :: palomies
fireman {n} (man who keeps the fire going underneath a steam boiler) :: lämmittäjä
fireman {n} (assistant on any locomotive) :: lämmittäjä
fireman {n} (pitcher) :: syöttäjä
fire marshal {n} (official enforcing fire laws) :: palopäällikkö
fireplace {n} (open hearth) :: takka, avotakka
fireplace match {n} (match with long shaft) :: takkatikku
firepower {n} (capacity of a weapon) :: tulivoima
firepower {n} (ability to deliver fire) :: tulivoima
firepower {n} (sport: ability to score) :: tulivoima
fireproof {adj} (resistant to damage from fire) :: tulenkestävä
fireroom {n} (stokehold) SEE: stokehold ::
fire ship {n} (wooden ship) :: polttolaiva
fire spear {n} (fire lance) SEE: fire lance ::
fire stairs {n} (fire escape) SEE: fire escape ::
fire station {n} (building for firefighters) :: paloasema
firestick farming {n} (practice of Aboriginal people) :: polttoviljely [umbrella term, no specific term exists]
fire triangle {n} :: palokolmio
fire truck {n} (fire truck in general) SEE: fire engine ::
fire truck {n} /faɪɚ tɹʌk/ (ladder truck) :: tikasauto
firewall {n} /ˈfaɪ(ə)ɹˌwɔl/ (fireproof barrier) :: palomuuri
firewall {n} (computer software) :: palomuuri
firewater {n} (high proof alcohol) :: tuliliemi
firewater {n} (high temperature hydraulic condensate) :: tulistettu vesi
firewood {n} (wood intended to be burned, typically for heat) :: polttopuu
firework {n} (exploding device) :: ilotulite, ilotulitus
fireworks {n} /ˈfaɪ̯.ə.wɜːks/ (plural of firework) :: ilotulitus
fireworks {n} (event or display of fireworks) :: ilotulitus
firing {n} /ˈfaɪɹɪŋ/ (process of applying heat or fire) :: polttaminen, poltto
firing {n} (discharge) :: ampuminen, laukaisu
firing {n} (dismissal) :: irtisanominen, erottaminen
firing squad {n} (a group of soldiers detailed to execute someone or to discharge weapons ceremonially) :: teloituskomppania, teloituspartio
firkin {n} /ˈfɝkɪn/ (one fourth of a barrel) :: nelikko
firm {n} /fɜɹm/ (business partnership) :: toiminimi
firm {n} (business enterprise, however organized) :: yritys; firma [informal]
firm {n} (criminal gang) :: firma
firm {adj} (steadfast, secure (position)) :: vakaa, vankka, jämerä
firm {adj} (fixed (in opinions)) :: vakuuttunut
firm {adj} (solid, rigid (material state)) :: vankka, luja, tukeva
firm {v} (to make firm or strong) :: lujittaa
firm {v} (to fix securely) :: varmistaa, kiinnittää lujasti
firm {v} (to solidify) :: lujittaa
firm {v} (to become firm) :: lujittua
firm {v} (to improve after decline) :: vahvistua
firm {v} (Australian, betting: to shorten) SEE: shorten ::
firmament {n} (the vault of the heavens; the sky) :: taivaankansi
firmly {adv} /fɝmli/ (in a firm or definite or strong manner) :: lujasti, päättäväisesti
firmly {adv} (securely) :: lujasti, pitävästi
firmness {n} (state of being firm) :: lujuus
firmware {n} (firmware) :: laiteohjelmisto, firmware; sulautettu ohjelma, laiteohjelma [program]
first {adj} /fɜːst/ (numeral first) :: ensimmäinen
first {adv} (before anything else) :: ensinnäkin, ensiksi
first {n} (person or thing in the first position) :: ykkönen
first {n} (new occurrence) :: ensimmäinen kerta
first {n} (first gear) SEE: first gear ::
first {n} (baseball: first base) SEE: first base ::
first aid {n} (basic care) :: ensiapu, ensihoito
first-aid box {n} (box containing first aid and medical supplies) :: ensiapulaatikko
first aid kit {n} (standard collection of first aid supplies) :: ensiapupakkaus, ensiapulaukku
first and foremost {adv} (primarily; most importantly) :: ennen kaikkea
first base {n} (baseball: base after home plate) :: ykköspesä, ykkönen
firstborn {n} (the first child in a family) :: esikoinen
firstborn {adj} (born as the first one in a family) :: esikois-, vanhin
firstborn {adj} (most excellent or distinguished) :: ykkös-, vanhin
first class {adj} (belonging to the best group in a system of classification) :: ensiluokkainen, ensimmäisen luokan (genitive of noun)
first class {adj} (relating to the most luxurious class of accommodation) :: ensimmäisessä luokassa (inessive of noun)
first class {adj} (relating to a priority class of mail) :: ykkösluokan
first class {adj} (programming: relating to a treatment like a first-class citizen) :: ensiluokan
first class {n} (a status, section, etc. of premier rank) :: ensimmäinen luokka, ykkösluokka
first come, first served {proverb} (people will be dealt with in the order they arrive) :: ensiksi tullutta palvellaan ensin
first cousin {n} (cousin) SEE: cousin ::
first-degree {adj} (limited to redness of skin) :: ensimmäisen asteen
first-degree burn {n} (mild burn) :: ensimmäisen asteen palovamma
first-degree murder {n} (premeditated murder) :: murha
first floor {n} (floor at the level of the street) :: ensimmäinen kerros, pohjakerros; katutaso
first floor {n} (floor above the ground floor) :: toinen kerros
firstfruits {n} (offering of the first of the harvest) :: uutiset {p}
first gear {n} (First gear of an transmission assuming it has multiple gears) :: ykkönen, ykkösvaihde
first half {n} (period of play before half time) :: alkupuolisko, ensimmäinen puoliaika
firsthand {adj} (direct, without intermediate stages) :: ensi käden
first language {n} (mother tongue) SEE: mother tongue ::
first lieutenant {n} (rank in the United States) :: luutnantti
first lieutenant {n} (rank in other military forces) :: luutnantti, yliluutnantti
first light {n} (dawn) SEE: dawn ::
first love {n} (one's first feeling of romantic love) :: ensirakkaus
first love {n} (object of one's first romantic affection) :: ensirakkaus
first love {n} (one's most fundamental interest or attachment) :: suuri rakkaus
firstly {adv} /ˈfɜɹstli/ (In the first place) :: ensiksi, ensinnäkin; ensisijaisesti
first mate {n} (nautical: officer next in rank to the captain) :: perämies, ensimmäinen perämies, yliperämies
first name {n} (name chosen by parents) :: etunimi
first of all {adv} (before anything else) :: ensiksi, ennen muuta
first past the post {n} (voting system) :: pluraliteettijärjestelmä
first person {n} (the form of a pronoun verb used when the subject of a sentence is making the statement) :: ensimmäinen persoona
first-person {adj} (in the first person) :: ensimmäisen persoonan
first-person {adj} (using verbs in the first person) :: minä-muotoinen
first-person shooter {n} (game) :: ensimmäisen persoonan ammuntapeli
first quarter {n} (waxing lunar phase) :: ensimmäinen neljännes
first-rate {adj} (exceptionally good) :: erinomainen
First Reich {prop} (, see also: Holy Roman Empire) :: Ensimmäinen valtakunta
First Sea Lord {prop} (officer) :: laivastoamiraali
first things first {phrase} (let's deal with matters of highest priority first) :: tärkeimmät asiat ensin
first-timer {n} (a person engaging in any activity for the first time) :: ensikertalainen
first watch {n} (watch) :: iltavahti
First World {prop} (countries aligned with the West during the Cold War) :: ensimmäinen maailma
First World {prop} (wealthy, developed nations) :: ensimmäinen maailma
first world problem {n} (frustration or complaint) :: kehittyneen maailman ongelma
First World War {prop} (World War I) SEE: World War I ::
firth {n} /fɜːɹθ/ (arm of a sea) :: lahti, vuono, estuaari
fiscal {adj} /ˈfɪskəl/ (related to the treasury) :: fiskaalinen
fiscal {adj} (pertaining to finance in general) :: rahallinen
fiscal {n} (public official) :: viskaali
fiscal {n} (any of various African shrikes) :: lepinkäinen
fiscal {n} (solicitor) SEE: solicitor ::
fiscal {n} (attorney general) SEE: attorney general ::
fiscal law {n} (The area of law pertaining to public finances) :: finanssioikeus
fiscal policy {n} (government policy) :: finanssipolitiikka
fiscal stamp {n} (revenue stamp) SEE: revenue stamp ::
fiscal year {n} (accounting period of one year) :: tilivuosi, tilikausi
Fischer-Tropsch process {prop} (synthesis of hydrocarbons by the catalytic hydrogenation of carbon monoxide) :: Fischer–Tropsch-menetelmä
fish {n} /ˈfɪʃ/ (vertebrate animal) :: kala
fish {n} (collective plural of fish) :: kala
fish {n} (archaic: any vertebrate that lives in water and cannot live outside it) :: kala
fish {n} (flesh of fish as food) :: kala
fish {n} (period of time spent fishing) :: kalastus, kala
fish {n} (instance of seeking something) :: haku, etsintä
fish {v} (intransitive: to try to catch fish) :: kalastaa
fish {v} (transitive: to try to find something in a body of water) :: kalastaa, onkia, naarata
fish {v} (to attempt to find by searching among other objects) :: penkoa
fish {v} (to attempt to obtain information by talking to people) :: urkkia, onkia
fish {v} (to attempt to gain something) :: kalastella, kerjätä, vongata
fish and chips {n} (a meal of fried fish and potatoes) :: fish and chips
fishbone {n} (bone of a fish) :: kalanruoto
fish bowl {n} (bowl in which fish are kept) :: kalamalja
fishburger {n} (burger) :: kalahampurilainen
fishcake {n} (mixture of flaked fish, mashed potato and season made into a patty and shallow fried) :: kalapihvi
fish-eating rat {n} (rat of the genus Anotomys) :: andienvesirattu
fish-eating rat {n} (rat of the genus Neusticomys) :: kalarattu
fisher {n} /ˈfɪʃɚ/ (person who fishes) :: kalastaja
fisher {n} (marten) :: pekani, kanadannäätä
fisher {n} (fur) :: kanadannäätä
fisher cat {n} (Martes pennanti) SEE: fisher ::
fisherman {n} (person catching fish) :: kalastaja
fishery {n} /ˈfɪʃəɹi/ (fishing) :: kalastus [catching]; kalatalous [industry as a whole]
fishery {n} (place related to fishing) :: kalapaikka, kalastusalue, kalavedet, apaja [place for catching]; kalankasvattamo, kalanviljelylaitos [fish farm]; kalankäsittelylaitos, kalatehdas [place for processing]
fishery {n} (fishing company) :: kalastusyritys
fisheye lens {n} (wide-angle lens with extremely wide field of view) :: kalansilmäobjektiivi, kalansilmä
fish farm {n} (place where fish are bred commercially) :: kalanviljelylaitos, kalankasvattamo
fish farming {n} (practice of operating fish farms) :: kalankasvatus, kalanviljely
fish finger {n} (stick of processed fish) :: kalapuikko
fish food {n} (food for fish) :: kalanruoka
fish for compliments {v} (try to induce someone to make a compliment) :: kerjätä kohteliaisuuksia
fish fork {n} (fork for fish) :: kalahaarukka
fishhook {n} /ˈfɪʃˌhʊk/ (barbed hook for fishing) :: ongenkoukku, koukku
fishing {n} /ˈfɪʃɪŋ/ (act or sport of catching fish) :: kalastus, kalastusurheilu, urheilukalastus
fishing {n} (business of catching fish) :: kalastus, kalatalous
fishing {n} (place for catching fish) :: kalapaikka, apaja, kalavedet, kalastusalue
fishing boat {n} (boat used for fishing) :: kalastajavene, kalastusvene
fishing cat {n} (Prionailurus viverrinus) :: kalastajakissa
fishing expedition {n} (search for (incriminating) information) :: esitutkinta
fishing ground {n} (area of water used for fishing) :: apaja, kalavesi, kalastusalue
fishing hook {n} (fishhook) SEE: fishhook ::
fishing line {n} (chord or line where the hook or lure is attached) :: siima
fishing net {n} (net used for fishing) :: kalaverkko
fishing owl {n} (African owl) :: kalapöllö
fishing pole {n} (pole used for fishing) :: onkivapa, vapa, onki
fishing rod {n} (rod used for angling) :: onkivapa, vapa, onki
fishing vessel {n} (fishing vessel) SEE: fishing boat ::
fish ladder {n} (structure to facilitate migration of fish) :: kalaporras
fishlike {adj} (like a fish) :: kalamainen
fishline {n} (fishing line) SEE: fishing line ::
fishmeal {n} (ground dried fish) :: kalajauho, kalarehu
fishmonger {n} /ˈfɪʃˌmʌŋɡ.ə(ɹ)/ (person who sells fish) :: kalakauppias
fishmonger {n} (fishmonger's) SEE: fishmonger's ::
fishmonger's {n} (shop that sells fish) :: kalakauppa
fishnet {n} (mesh fabric) :: verkko
fishnet {n} (fishnet stockings) :: verkkosukka
fishnet {n} (fishing net) SEE: fishing net ::
fish oil {n} (dietary supplement) :: kalaöljy
fish out of water {n} (a person in unfamiliar, and often uncomfortable, surroundings) :: kuin kala kuivalla maalla
fish owl {n} (Asian owl) :: kalahuuhkaja
fish sauce {n} (condiment composed of fermented fish) :: kalakastike
fish stick {n} (rectangular piece of processed fish) SEE: fish finger ::
fish story {n} (exaggerated or boastful story) :: kalavale
fish tank {n} (container designed for holding water and marine life) :: akvaario
fish therapy {n} (type of biotherapy) :: kalaterapia
fish trap {n} (contraption to catch fish) :: rysä, katiska, merta
fish-trap {n} (fish trap) SEE: fish trap ::
fishway {n} (fish ladder) SEE: fish ladder ::
fishy {n} /ˈfɪʃi/ (little fish) :: pikkukala, sintti
fishy {adj} (of, from, or similar to fish) :: kalan, kalamainen, kalaisa
fishy {adj} (suspicious; inspiring doubt) :: epäilyttävä, mätä
fission {n} /ˈfɪʃən/ (process whereby one item splits to become two) :: fissio, halkeaminen, jakautuminen
fission {n} (process of splitting an atom) :: fissio
fission {n} (process by which a bacterium splits into two) :: jakautuminen
fission {v} (to cause to undergo fission) :: fissioida
fission {v} (to undergo fission) :: fissioitua
fission bomb {n} (type of A-bomb) :: fissiopommi
fissure {n} /ˈfɪʃ.ɚ/ (a crack or opening, as in a rock) :: halkeama
fissure {v} (to split forming fissures) :: rakoilla, halkeilla
fist {n} /fɪst/ (clenched hand) :: nyrkki, koura
fist {v} (to strike with the fist) :: iskeä/lyödä nyrkkillä; nyrkkeillä (a ball)
fist bump {n} (fist bump) :: nyrkkitervehdys
fistfight {n} /ˈfɪstˌfaɪt/ (a fight using bare fists) :: nyrkkitappelu
fistfight {v} (to fight using bare fists) :: nyrkkeillä paljain käsin
fisticuffs {n} /ˈfɪs.tɪ.kʌfs/ (informal: a fight with the fists) :: käsirysy
fisting {n} /ˈfɪstɪŋ/ (sexual practice of fisting) :: fistaus, fisting, nyrkkinainti
fistula {n} /ˈfɪs.tjə.lə/ (abnormal connection or passageway between organs or vessels) :: fisteli, fistula
fistula {n} (tube, pipe, or a hole) :: putki, yhde, fistula
fit {adj} /fɪt/ (suitable, proper) :: sovelias, sopiva, korrekti
fit {adj} (adapted to a purpose or environment) :: sopiva
fit {adj} (in good shape) :: hyväkuntoinen, kunnossa [adverb]
fit {adj} (good-looking (female)) :: sievä
fit {v} (to be suitable for) :: sopia
fit {v} (to conform to in size and shape) :: sopia
fit {v} (to make conform in size and shape) :: sovittaa
fit {v} (to tailor) :: räätälöidä
fit {v} (to be in agreement with) :: sopia
fit {v} (attach) :: sovittaa
fit {v} (equip or supply) :: varustaa
fit {v} (to have right size and cut, as of clothing) :: sopia
fit {v} (to be in harmony) :: sopia
fit {n} (degree to which something fits) :: leikkaus
fit {n} (seizure) :: kohtaus [seizure]; kouristus [convulsion]
fit {n} (sudden and vigorous appearance of a symptom) :: kohtaus, sairaskohtaus
fit {n} (sudden outburst of emotion) :: kohtaus, puuska
fit {v} (adjust) SEE: adjust ::
fit {v} (make ready) SEE: prepare ::
fitch {n} (European polecat) SEE: European polecat ::
fit for a king {adj} (lavish; luxurious) :: ruhtinaallinen
fit in {v} (be physically capable of going into a space) :: sopia
fit in {v} (be confident in a social situation) :: sopeutua
fit like a glove {v} (to be a perfect fit, to be exactly the right size) :: sopia kuin valettu [idiomatic], sopia kuin nakutettu [idiomatic], sopia kuin nyrkki silmään [idiomatic, jocular]
fitness {n} /ˈfɪtnəs/ (cultivation of an attractive and healthy physique) :: kuntoilu
fitness {n} (ability to perform) :: kunto
fits and starts {n} (intermittent activity) :: sysäyksittäin
fitted cap {n} (type of cap) :: lippalakki
fitted sheet {n} (sheet with elastic edges) :: muotoiltu aluslakana
fitter {n} (a person who fits or assembles something) :: asentaja
fitting {adj} /fɪtɪŋ/ (appropriate) :: sopiva
fitting {n} (a small detachable part of a device or machine) :: hela, irto-osa
fitting {n} (the act of trying on clothes to inspect or adjust the fit) :: sovitus
fitting {n} (domestic furnishings or fixtures) :: kalusteet {p}
fitting room {n} (a room in a store for trying on clothes) :: sovituskoppi
five {num} /faɪv/ (five ) :: viisi
five {n} (digit) :: viitonen
five {n} (five-dollar bill) :: viitonen, femma
five {n} (five o'clock) :: viideltä, kello viisi
five {n} (five-minute rest) :: viisiminuuttinen
five-finger discount {n} (theft) :: taskualennus [slang], myymälävarkaus, näpistys
fivefold {adj} (in fives) :: viisinkertainen
five hundred {num} /ˈfaɪv ˈhʌn.dɹəd/ (cardinal number 500) :: viisisataa
five-hundredth {adj} (the ordinal form of the number five hundred) :: viidessadas
five o'clock {n} (the start of the sixth hour) :: viisi (see also kello)
five of a kind {n} (five cards of the same rank) :: viitoset {p}
five past {n} (five past one) :: viisi yli yksi
fiver {n} (banknote) :: vitonen, femma
fives {n} /faɪvz/ (pair of fives) :: viitospari
five senses {prop} (sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch) :: viisi aistia
fivesome {n} (group of five) :: viisikko
five-spice powder {n} (ground mixture) :: viismauste
five thousand {num} (5000) :: viisituhatta
five to {n} (five to two) :: viittä vaille kaksi, viisi minuuttia vaille kaksi, viisi vaille kaksi
fix {n} /ˈfɪks/ (an instance of fixing) :: korjaus, fiksaus [slang]
fix {n} (a difficult situation or dilemma) :: pulma, dilemma
fix {n} (a single dose of an addictive drug) :: huumausaineen käyttökerta
fix {v} (to mend or repair) :: korjata
fix {v} (to attach; to affix; to hold in place) :: kiinnittää
fix {v} (to prepare) :: valmistaa, tehdä
fix {v} (to make a contest, vote, or gamble unfair) :: sopia
fix {v} (to render an animal infertile) :: leikata
fixable {adj} (repairable) :: korjattava
fixable {adj} (attachable) :: kiinnitettävä
fixate {v} (to make something fixed) :: fikseerata, kiinnittää
fixate {v} (to stare fixedly) :: kiinnittää katseensa
fixate {v} (to attend to the exclusion of others) :: fiksoitua, keskittyä
fixate {v} (psychology: to attach oneself to a person) :: fiksoitua, takertua
fixation {n} /fɪksˈeɪʃən/ (act of fixing) :: kiinnittäminen
fixation {n} (state of being fixed or fixated) :: kiinnittyminen
fixation {n} (act of uniting chemically in a solid form) :: fikseeraus
fixation {n} (act or process of ceasing to be fluid and becoming firm) :: jähmettyminen
fixation {n} (state of mind involving obsession) :: fiksaatio
fixation {n} ((legal) recording a creative work) :: tallentaminen
fixed {adj} /fɪkst/ (not changing, not able to be changed, staying the same) :: kiinteä
fixed {adj} (stationary) SEE: stationary ::
fixed cost {n} (cost that does not vary) :: kiinteä kustannus
fixed-gear bicycle {n} (biclycle without a freewheel) :: fixipyörä
fixed point {adj} (in computing) :: kiinteän pilkun
fixed point {n} (value unchanged by a mapping) :: kiintopiste
fixed point {n} :: kiintopiste
fixed satellite {n} (geostationary satellite) :: geostationaarinen satelliitti
fixed star {n} (distant star) :: kiintotähti
fixer {n} (chemical used in photographic development) :: kiinnite
fixie {n} (bicycle without a freewheel) :: fixipyörä
fix someone's wagon {v} (punish) :: antaa opetus
fix up {v} (to provide someone with something) :: järjestää, hoitaa, junailla
fix up {v} (to repair or refurbish) :: duunata, kunnostaa
fix up {v} (to prepare or provide something) :: järjestää
fizz {n} (carbonated beverage) SEE: soda ::
fizz {n} /fɪz/ (emission of rapid stream of bubbles) :: pore, poreilu, pihinä
fizz {n} (sound of such emission) :: porina, pihinä
fizz {v} (to emit bubbles) :: poreilla
fizz {v} (to make a rapid bubbling sound) :: porista
fizzle {v} /ˈfɪzəl/ (to splutter or hiss) :: pihistä
fizzle {v} (to decay or die off to nothing) :: kuivua kokoon
fizzle {n} (spluttering or hissing sound) :: pihinä
fizzy {adj} /ˈfɪzi/ (containing bubbles) :: kuohuva, kupliva, poreileva
fizzy {n} (context of a liquid) :: poreileva, pore-
fizzy {n} (onomatopoeia) :: pihisevä
fizzy drink {n} (fizzy drink) SEE: soda ::
fizzy water {n} (carbonated water) :: porevesi
fjord {n} /fjɔəɹd/ (long, deep inlet) :: vuono
fjordlike {adj} (resembling fjord) :: vuonomainen
flabbergast {v} /ˈflæbəɡɑːst/ (to overwhelm with bewilderment) :: ällistyttää
flabbergasted {adj} /ˈflæbɚˌɡæstəd/ (appalled, annoyed, exhausted or disgusted) :: äimistynyt, kauhistunut, tuohtunut
flabbergasted {adj} (euphemistic: damned) :: hattuuntunut
flabbiness {n} (being flabby) :: velttous, vetelyys
flabby {adj} /ˈflæb.i/ (yielding to the touch) :: veltto, vetelä
flabellate {adj} /fləˈbɛlət/ (fan-shaped) :: viuhkamainen
flaccid {adj} /ˈflæ(k).sɪd/ (flabby) :: veltto
flaccid {adj} (soft, floppy) :: veltto, löysä
flaccid {adj} (Lacking energy or vigor) :: veltto
flag {n} /flæɡ/ (piece of cloth or often its representation) :: lippu
flag {n} (nautical: flag showing the presence of an admiral) :: päällikkyyslippu, amiraalin lippu
flag {n} (nautical: signal flag) :: merkkilippu, merkinantolippu
flag {n} (use of a flag) :: liputus
flag {n} (true-or-false variable) :: binäärimuuttuja
flag {n} (computer science: notation for optional behaviour) :: kytkin
flag {v} (to mark with a flag) :: liputtaa, merkitä lipulla
flag {v} (to signal to) :: viitata, viittilöidä
flag {v} (to note, mark or point out for attention) :: merkitä, ilmoittaa
flag {v} (computing: to signal) :: ilmoittaa
flag {v} (computing: to set a programming variable to true) :: asettaa
flag {v} (weaken) :: hiipua
flag {n} (plant with sword-shaped leaves) :: kurjenmiekka [Iris], keltakurjenmiekka [Iris pseudacorus]
flag {n} (flagstone) :: kivilaatta
flag {v} (lay down flagstones) :: kivetä, laatoittaa
flag {n} (abbreviation for capture the flag) SEE: capture the flag ::
flag-bearer {n} (one who carries a flag) :: lipunkantaja
flag-bearer {n} (one who openly promotes an idea or value and becomes symbolic for it) :: lipunkantaja
flagellant {n} (one who practices self-flagellation) :: itsensäruoskija
flagellate {v} (to whip or scourge) :: piiskata
flagellate {adj} (resembling a whip) :: piiskamainen
flagellate {adj} (biology: having flagella) :: siima-
flagellate {n} (organism with flagella) :: siimaeliö
flagellum {n} (whip) SEE: whip ::
flagellum {n} /fləˈdʒɛləm/ (long whiplike organelle) :: siima
flagellum {n} (long whiplike appendage) :: siima
flagon {n} /flæɡ.ən/ (a large bottle) :: leili
flagpole {n} /ˈflæɡˌpoʊl/ (pole for flags) :: lipputanko, lippusalko
flagrant {adj} /ˈfleɪ.ɡɹənt/ (obvious and offensive) :: räikeä, huutava, ilmiselvä
flagship {n} /ˈflæɡʃɪp/ (ship occupied by the fleet's commander) :: lippulaiva
flagship {n} (the most important one out of a related group) :: lippulaiva
flagstaff {n} (flagpole) SEE: flagpole ::
flagstone {n} /ˈflæɡ.stəʊn/ (rectangular paving or roofing stone) :: laatta, kivilaatta
flagstone {n} (kind of rock) :: liuske
flail {n} /fleɪl/ (tool) :: varsta
flail {n} (weapon) :: ketjukuulanuija
flail {v} (to wave or swing vigorously) :: huitoa, viuhtoa
flail {v} (to thresh) :: puida
flair {n} /flɛɚ/ (natural or innate talent or aptitude) :: lahja, lahjakkuus
flak {n} /flæk/ (ground-based anti-aircraft guns firing explosive shells) :: ilmatorjuntatykki [individually], ilmatorjuntatykistö [collectively]
flak {n} (anti-aircraft shell fire) :: ilmatorjuntatuli
flak {n} (adverse criticism) :: tykitys
flake {n} /fleɪk/ (thin chiplike layer) :: hiutale
flake {n} (an unreliable person) :: huithapeli
flake {v} (to break or chip) :: hilseillä
flakiness {n} (being flaky) :: liuskeisuus
flak jacket {n} (piece of protective clothing) :: sirpaleliivi
flambé {adj} (being or having been flambéed) :: liekitettävä (being), liekitetty (having been)
flambé {n} (cooking technique) :: liekitys, flambeeraus
flambé {n} (act of flambéing) :: liekitys, flambeeraus
flambé {n} (flambéed dish) :: liekitetty ruokalaji, flambeerattu ruokalaji
flambé {v} (to add and ignite alcohol to food) :: liekittää, flambeerata
flamboyant {adj} /flamˈbɔɪənt/ (showy, bold or audacious in behaviour, appearance, etc.) :: pramea, mahtaileva
flamboyant {adj} (referring to the final stage of French Gothic architecture from the 14th to the 16th centuries) :: mahtaileva
flamboyant {n} (tree) :: liekkipuu
flame {n} /fleɪm/ (visible part of fire) :: liekki
flame {n} (romantic partner) :: heila
flame {n} (criticism) :: trollaus
flame {n} (colour) :: tulipunainen
flame {n} (contrasting light and dark figure seen in wood) :: loimukuvio
flame {n} (burning sentiment) :: polte
flame {v} (to produce flames) :: leimuta, loimuta, olla liekeissä
flame {v} (to burst forth like flame) :: leimahtaa
flame {v} (to post a critical or abusive message on the Internet) :: trollata
flame {adj} (colour) :: tulipunainen
flame out {v} (to fail due to extinction of flame) :: sammua
flame out {v} (to fail spectacularly) :: romuttua
flame out {v} (flare up) SEE: flare up ::
flamethrower {n} (device that projects a flame) :: liekinheitin
flame war {n} (A written dispute) :: polemiikki
flaming {adj} /ˈfleɪmɪŋ/ (Damned, bloody) :: saamarin, helkkarin, samperin
flamingo {n} /fləˈmɪŋɡoʊ/ (bird) :: flamingo
flamingo {n} (colour) :: flamingonpunainen
flamingo flower {n} (anthurium) SEE: anthurium ::
flammable {adj} (capable of burning) :: palava
flammable {adj} (easily set on fire) :: (herkästi) syttyvä
Flanders {prop} /ˈflæn.dɚz/ (subnational state in the north of federal Belgium) :: Flanderi
Flanders {prop} (historical county) :: Flanderi
Flanders {prop} (two provinces in Belgium) :: Flanderi
Flanders {prop} (former province and region of northern France) :: Flanderi
flaneur {n} (one who wanders aimlessly) :: kuljeskelija
flange {n} /flændʒ/ (rib or rim for strengthening) :: laippa
flange {n} (projecting edge) :: reunus
flange {n} (group of baboons) :: lauma
flange {n} (slang:vulva) SEE: vulva ::
flank {v} /flæŋk/ (to attack the flank(s)) :: hyökätä sivustaan
flank {n} (flesh between the last rib and the hip) :: kylki, kuve
flank {n} (cut of meat) :: kylki, kylkipala, sivu
flank {n} (side of military formation) :: sivusta, sivu
flank {n} (side) :: sivu, puoli
flank {n} (outermost strip of road) :: piennar
flank steak {n} :: kuve
flannel {n} /ˈflænəl/ (soft cloth material) :: flanelli
flannel {adj} (made of flannel) :: flanellinen
flannel {n} (washcloth) SEE: washcloth ::
flap {n} /flæp/ (flap of a garment) :: läppä
flap {n} (furniture flap / hinged leaf) :: läppä
flap {n} (upset / stir) :: häly
flap {n} (flap of wings etc) :: siivenisku
flap {n} (concerning an aeroplane) :: siiveke, laippa
flap {n} (surgical tissue) :: läppä
flap {v} (to move (something broad and loose) up and down) :: läpyttää, räpytellä, räpyttää
flap {v} (to move loosely back and forth) :: liehua, lepattaa
flapjack {n} (pancake) SEE: pancake ::
flare {n} /flɛ͜ə/ (source of brightly burning light or intense heat) :: soihtu, valoammus, hätäsoihtu
flare {n} (type of pyrotechnic) :: valoraketti
flare {n} (flame from burn-off of waste gas) :: soihdutus
flare {n} (widening of the lower legs of trousers and jeans) :: levennys
flare {n} (transition from downward flight to level flight) :: loivennus
flare {v} (to cause to burn) :: sytyttää
flare {v} (to open outward in shape) :: levittää [tr], levitä [intr]
flare {v} (to blaze brightly) :: loimuta, roihuta
flare {v} (to shine out with a sudden and unsteady light) :: lepattaa
flare gun {n} (pistol-like firearm) :: merkinantopistooli
flare up {v} (burn brightly again) :: leimahtaa
flare up {v} (become more intense suddenly) :: leimahtaa
flare up {v} (burst out suddenly, as in anger) :: kimmastua, suutahtaa, raivostua, kuohahtaa
flare-up {n} (outbreak, outburst or eruption) :: purkaus
flash {v} /flæʃ/ (to briefly illuminate a scene) :: väläyttää
flash {v} (to blink) :: vilkkua, välkkyä [of light]
flash {v} (to be visible briefly) :: vilahtaa; välähtää [of light]
flash {v} (to make visible briefly) :: vilauttaa; väläyttää [of light]
flash {v} (to expose one's body briefly in public) :: vilauttaa
flash {v} (to deliberately expose the private parts for humorous reasons or as an insult) :: vilauttaa
flash {v} (to break forth like a sudden flood of light) :: välähtää
flash {v} (to flaunt) :: vilauttaa
flash {v} (to communicate quickly) :: kiidättää
flash {v} (to move, or cause to move suddenly) :: temmata
flash {v} (to telephone someone, only allowing the phone to ring once) :: piikata, soittaa häläri, soittaa killeri [slang]
flash {v} (of liquid: to evaporate suddenly) :: haihtua
flash {v} (climbing: to climb successfully on the first attempt) :: flashata
flash {v} (computing: to write to the memory of an updatable component) :: uudelleenkirjoittaa
flash {v} (juggling: to perform a flash) :: flashata
flash {v} (to strike and throw up large bodies of water from the surface) :: roiskuttaa
flash {n} (burst of light) :: välähdys, väläys, leimaus, leimahdus
flash {n} (very short amount of time) :: vilaus
flash {n} (material left around the edge of a moulded part) :: purse
flash {n} (linguistics: language created by a repressed minority) :: alakieli
flash {n} (short for camera flash) :: salamavalo
flash {adj} (expensive looking and attention worthy) :: pramea, korea, fiini
flashback {n} /ˈflæʃbæk/ (a dramatic device in which an earlier event is inserted into the normal chronological flow of a narrative) :: takauma
flashback {n} (a vivid mental image of a past trauma, especially one that recurs) :: muistikuva
flashcard {n} /ˈflæʃˌkɑɹd/ (memorization aide) :: opettelukortti
flashcard {n} (solid-state digital memory) :: muistikortti
flash drive {n} (storage device) :: flash-ajuri, muistitikku, USB-muisti
flasher {n} (a person who exposes his genitals indecently) :: viuhahtaja, itsensäpaljastaja, vilauttelija
flashforward {n} (dramatic device) :: etuuma
flashgun {n} (a unit used to generate repeatable flashes of light for photography) :: salaman laukaisin
flashlight {n} /ˈflæʃˌlaɪt/ (battery-powered hand-held lightsource) :: taskulamppu, fikkari
flash memory {n} (rewritable memory) :: flash-muisti
flash mob {n} (group converging and dispersing quickly) :: flash mob, äkkiryhmä
flash point {n} :: syttymispiste
flashpoint {n} (the lowest temperature at which a liquid can form an ignitable mixture) :: leimahduspiste
flashpoint {n} :: syttymispiste
flashy {adj} /ˈflæʃi/ (showy; visually impressive, attention-getting, or appealing) :: koreileva
flask {n} /flɑːsk/ (container for a small amount of beverage) :: taskumatti
flask {n} (container to carry a small amount of alcoholic beverage; pocket flask) :: taskumatti
flask {n} (laboratory glassware) :: laboratoriopullo
flat {n} (palm of the hand) SEE: palm ::
flat {adj} /flæt/ (having no variations in altitude) :: litteä, laakea, tasainen
flat {adj} (of a tyre: deflated) :: tyhjä, puhjennut
flat {adj} (without variations in pitch) :: lattea, monotoninen
flat {adj} (lowered by one semitone) :: alennettu
flat {adj} (lower in pitch than it should be) :: alavireinen
flat {adj} (with its carbon dioxide having come out of solution) :: väljähtynyt
flat {adj} (uninteresting) :: tylsä, lattea
flat {adj} (of a body part having no projection) :: litteä
flat {adj} (unable to generate power) :: tyhjä
flat {adv} (so as to be flat) :: tasaisesti
flat {adv} (bluntly) :: tylysti
flat {adv} (completely) :: täysin, kokonaan
flat {n} (area of level ground) :: tasanko, tasanne
flat {n} (music: note played a semitone lower than a natural) :: alennettu nuotti
flat {n} (flat tyre/tire) :: puhjennut rengas, tyhjä rengas, rengasrikko
flat {n} (plural: ladies' shoes) :: matalakorkoiset (kengät) {p}
flat {n} (thin, broad brush) :: talttasivellin
flat {n} (flat part of something) :: lape
flat {n} (swordfighting: flat side of a blade) :: lape
flat {n} (wide, shallow container) :: ropponen
flat {n} (apartment) SEE: apartment ::
flat as a pancake {adj} (extremely flat) :: litteä kuin pannukakku
flatbed {n} (type of railway car) SEE: flatcar ::
flatbed {n} (freight vehicle) SEE: flatbed truck ::
flatbed lorry {n} (lorry with no sides) SEE: flatbed truck ::
flatbed truck {n} (tow truck) SEE: tow truck ::
flatbed truck {n} (truck with no sides) :: avolavakuorma-auto
flat-bottomed {adj} (having a flat bottom) :: litteäpohjainen
flatcar {n} (railroad freight car without sides or a roof) :: avovaunu
flat-chested {adj} (having small breasts) :: lattarintainen
flat feet {n} (physical condition of the feet) SEE: flatfoot ::
flatfish {n} (fish of the order Pleuronectiformes) :: kampela, kampelakala
flatfoot {n} (condition) :: lättäjalka, lattajalka
flatfoot {n} (person) :: lättäjalka, lattajalka
flatfooted {adj} (having flat feet) SEE: flat-footed ::
flatfooted {adj} (unprepared) SEE: flat-footed ::
flat-footed {adj} (having flat feet) :: lattajalkainen
flat-footed {adj} (having physical condition "flat feet") :: lattajalkainen
flat-footed {adj} (holding firmly to a decision) :: päättäväinen
flat-footed {adv} (unprepared to act) :: housut kintuissa
flathead {n} (fish) :: lättäsimppu
flathead {n} (type of screw) :: uppokantaruuvi [screw]; uppokantapultti [bolt]
flathead {n} (type of engine) :: sivuventtiilimoottori
flatland {n} /ˈflatlənd/ (land of relatively constant altitude) :: tasamaa, tasanko
flatly {adv} /ˈflætli/ (in a manner showing complete certainty) :: jyrkästi
flatly {adv} (in a manner that shows no emotions) :: tunteettomasti, latteasti
flatmate {n} (a person with whom one shares a flat) :: huonetoveri, kämppäkaveri, kämppis
flat peach {n} (Prunus persica var. platycarpa) :: litteä persikka
flatten {v} (to make something flat) :: litistää, puristaa litteäksi, tasoittaa
flatter {v} /ˈflætɚ/ (to compliment someone) :: imarrella, mielistellä, nuoleskella
flatter {v} (to enhance someone's vanity) :: imarrella
flatter {v} (to portray something to advantage) :: kaunistella
flattered {adj} (in a positive mood because of a comment or action which causes one to feel proud of oneself) :: imarreltu, otettu
flattering {adj} /ˈflætəɹɪŋ/ (attractive or good-looking; that makes one look good) :: imarteleva, mairitteleva
flatteringly {adv} (in a flattering manner) :: imartelevasti, imarrellen
flattery {n} :: imartelu, mielistely
flat tyre {n} (deflated tyre) :: puhjennut rengas, rengasrikko
flatuency {n} (flatulence) SEE: flatulence ::
flatulence {n} /ˈflætʃələn(t)s/ (state of having gas in digestive system) :: ilmavaivat {p}
flatulent {adj} (affected by gas in the intestine) :: ilmavaivainen
flatus {n} /ˈfleɪtəs/ (gas) :: suolistokaasu, kaasu, pieru
flatus {n} (expulsion) :: pieru
flat white {n} (white coffee made with espresso and hot milk) :: maitokahvi
flatworm {n} (worm of Platyhelminthes) :: laakamato
flaunt {v} /flɔnt/ (to wave or flutter smartly) :: hulmuta
flaunt {v} (to display with ostentation) :: leveillä, pröystäillä, prameilla, komeilla
flaunt {v} (To show off) :: komeilla, koreilla, prameilla
flavonoid {n} (any of many compounds that are plant metabolites) :: flavonoidi
flavoring {n} (something that gives flavor) :: makuaine, mauste
flavorless {adj} /ˈfleɪvɚləs/ (lacking taste or flavor) :: mauton
flavorless {adj} (flat; lacking character or definition) :: mitäänsanomaton
flavour {n} /ˈfleɪvɚ/ (the quality produced by the sensation of taste) :: maku
flavour {n} (a substance used to produce a taste) :: makuaine, mauste
flavour {n} (a variety (of taste)) :: maku
flavour {n} (the characteristic quality of something) :: maku
flavour {n} (a type of something) :: maku
flavour {n} (in physics, the types of quarks or leptons) :: maku
flavour {v} (to add flavouring to something) :: maustaa, höystää, antaa makua
flaw {n} /ˈflɔ/ (crack or breach) :: virhe
flaw {n} (defect, fault) :: virhe, vika
flawed {adj} (having a flaw) :: virheellinen
flawless {adj} /ˈflɑː.ləs/ (perfect; without flaws, shortcomings or defects) :: virheetön, täydellinen
flax {n} /flæks/ (plant) :: pellava
flax {n} (the fibers) :: pellava
flaxen {adj} /ˈflæk.sən/ (material) :: pellavainen
flaxen {adj} (colour) :: pellavan värinen
flaxseed {n} /ˈflæksiːd/ (seed of the flax plant) :: pellavansiemen
flaxseed oil {n} (oil of flaxseed used in cooking) :: pellavansiemenöljy
flay {v} /fleɪ/ (to strip skin off) :: nylkeä
flea {n} /fliː/ (parasitic insect) :: kirppu
flea bag {n} ((slang) dog) :: kirppusäkki
flea market {n} (an outdoor market selling inexpensive antiques, curios) :: kirpputori, kirppis, kirppari
flecainide {n} /flɛˈkeɪnaɪd/ (antiarrhythmic agent) :: flekainidi
fleck {n} (lock) SEE: lock ::
fleck {n} (flake) SEE: flake ::
fleck {n} /flɛk/ (small spot) :: täplä, pilkku
fleck {v} (to mark with small spots) :: täplittää
fledgling {adj} /ˈflɛdʒlɪŋ/ (inexperienced) :: kokematon, aloitteleva, orastava
fledgling {n} (young bird) :: lentopoikanen
fledgling {n} (inexperienced person) :: untuvikko
flee {v} /fliː/ (to run away; to escape) :: paeta, karata
flee {v} (to escape from) :: paeta, karata
flee {v} (to disappear quickly) :: kadota
fleece {n} /fliːs/ (hair or wool of a sheep) :: karva, villa
fleece {n} (insulating skin with the wool attached) :: talja
fleece {n} (textile) :: fleecekangas, fleece, fliisi
fleece {n} (insulating wooly jacket) :: fleecetakki, fleece, fliisi
fleece {v} (to con or trick someone out of money) :: nylkeä
fleece {v} (to shear the fleece) :: keritä
fleet {n} /fliːt/ (group of vessels or vehicles) :: laivasto [marine]; ajokalusto, kalusto [road]; liikkuva kalusto [rail]
fleet {n} (group of associated items) :: kalusto
fleeting {adj} /ˈfliːtɪŋ/ (passing quickly) :: ohikiitävä, hetkellinen, haihtuva, katoavainen
fleetly {adv} (swiftly) SEE: swiftly ::
Fleming {n} (native or inhabitant of Flanders) :: flaamilainen
Flemish {adj} /ˈflɛmɪʃ/ (of or relating to Flanders) :: flaamilainen
Flemish {adj} (of or relating to the Flemish variety of the Dutch language) :: flaamilainen
Flemish {prop} (the Dutch language as it is spoken in Flanders) :: flaami
Flemish bond {n} (arrangement of bricks) :: vendiläinen limitys
flense {v} /flɛns/ (To strip the blubber or skin from, as from a whale, seal, etc) :: nylkeä
flerovium {n} /flɪˈɹoʊviəm/ (chemical element) :: flerovium
flesh {n} /flɛʃ/ (body tissue) :: liha
flesh {n} (animal tissue as food) :: liha
flesh {n} (edible part of fruit/vegetable) :: malto, hedelmäliha
flesh fly {n} (carrion-eating fly) :: ruutukärpänen
fleshly {adj} (corporeal, bodily) :: ruumiillinen, lihallinen
fleshly {adj} (sensual) :: aistillinen, lihallinen
fleshly {adj} (worldly) :: lihallinen
flesh out {v} (complete) :: täydentää
flesh wound {n} (injury which pierces the skin, but which does not injure any bones or vital organs) :: lihashaava
fleshy {adj} /ˈflɛʃi/ (of, relating to, or resembling flesh) :: lihallinen; paksulehtinen [of plants]
fleshy {adj} (having considerable flesh) :: täyteläinen, pulska, vanttera; runsasmaltoinen (of a plant)
fleur-de-lis {n} /ˌflɝdəˈlis/ (heraldic charge) :: lilja
flex {n} /flɛks/ (flexibility) :: jousto, joustavuus
flex {n} (the act of flexing) :: venyttely, verryttely, pullistelu
flex {n} (insulated electrical wiring) :: liitäntäjohto
flex {v} (to bend something) :: taivuttaa
flex {v} (to repeatedly bend one's joints) :: venytellä
flex {v} (to move part of the body using one's muscles) :: verrytellä
flex {v} (to tighten one's muscles) :: jännittää (lihaksiaan), pullistella
flexibility {n} (quality of being flexible) :: joustavuus
flexible {adj} /ˈflɛk.sɪ.bəl/ (easily bent without breaking) :: joustava, notkea, kimmoisa
flexible {adj} (easy and compliant) :: joustava
flexible {adj} (capable or being adapted or molded) :: joustava
flexitime {n} (arrangement that allows employees to set their own working hours) :: liukuva työaika
flex one's muscles {v} (to tense and bend one's flexor muscles) :: verrytellä, pullistella
flex one's muscles {v} (to make a show of strength) :: pullistella
flick {n} (film) SEE: film ::
flick {n} (cinema) SEE: cinema ::
flick {n} /flɪk/ (a short, quick movement) :: näpäys, pyyhkäisy
flick {v} (to move (something) with a short, quick motion) :: näpäyttää, pyyhkäistä
flicker {n} /ˈflɪkɚ/ (an unsteady flash of light) :: lepatus
flicker {v} (to burn or shine unsteadily) :: lepattaa
flicker {v} (to keep going on and off) :: välkkyä, väristä
flick knife {n} (knife with blade on pivot) :: stiletti
flight {n} /flaɪt/ (act of flying) :: lentäminen, lento
flight {n} (instance of flying) :: lento
flight {n} (group of doves or swallows) :: parvi
flight {n} (journey made by an aircraft) :: lento
flight {n} (set of stairs) :: portaat, raput, portaikko
flight {n} (floor of building) :: kerros
flight {n} (feather on an arrow) :: sulka
flight {n} (paper plane) :: paperilennokki
flight {n} (cricket: movement of a spinning ball through the air) :: lento
flight {n} (ballistic trajectory) :: lentorata
flight {n} (aerodynamic surface) :: vakain
flight {n} (air force unit) :: lentue
flight {n} (act of fleeing) :: pako
flight attendant {n} (member of the crew of an airplane who is responsible for the comfort and safety of its passengers) :: lentoemäntä, stuertti
flight code {n} (flight number) SEE: flight number ::
flight data recorder {n} (a device which records various performance parameters of an aircraft) :: lentoarvotallennin
flight deck {n} (aircraft cockpit) SEE: cockpit ::
flight deck {n} (deck of an aircraft carrier) :: lentokansi
flight feather {n} (wing feather) :: lentosulka
flightless {adj} (unable to fly) :: lentokyvytön
flight mode {n} (feature in electronic devices) :: lentotila
flight number {n} (callsign) :: lennon numero
flight path {n} (traveled path of a projectile) :: lentorata
flight path {n} (predefined route of travel) :: lentoreitti
flight recorder {n} (a device which records data onboard aircraft) :: lennonrekisteröintilaite
flight risk {n} (possibility that a person under the custody of law enforcement will abscond) :: pakoriski
flight risk {n} (person who is considered likely to abscond) :: pakoriski
flighty {adj} /ˈflaɪti/ (given to silly ideas) :: kevytmielinen
flighty {adj} ((of a bird) that flies easily or often) :: hyvä lentäjä
flinch {n} (reflexive jerking away) :: säpsähdys
flinch {v} (to make a sudden, involuntary movement in response to a stimulus) :: kavahtaa, säpsähtää
fling {n} /ˈflɪŋ/ (act of throwing) :: heitto
fling {n} (act of moving the limbs or body with violent movements) :: sätkiminen, sätke
fling {n} (short sexual relationship) :: pikasuhde, säätö, hoito
flint {n} /flɪnt/ (hard fine-grained quartz which generates sparks when struck) :: piikivi
flint {n} (small cylinder) :: kivi
flintlock {n} /ˈflɪntˌlɒk/ (firearm) :: piilukko
flip {n} /flɪp/ (maneuver which rotates an object end-over-end) :: voltti; heitto [of a coin or similar object]
flip {n} (complete change of direction) :: täyskäännös
flip {v} (to throw (as in to turn over)) :: heittää
flip {v} (to put into a quick revolving motion through a snap of the thumb and index finger) :: heittää
flip {v} (to go berserk or crazy) :: pimahtaa, seota
flip {v} (to invert a bit) :: kääntää
flip chart {n} (large pad) :: fläppitaulu
flip-flop {n} (footwear) SEE: thong ::
flip-flop {n} /ˈflɪpˌflɑp/ (repeatedly changing one’s stated opinion) :: vatulointi
flip-flop {n} (bistable electronic circuit) :: kiikku, vippa
flip-flops {n} (thong) SEE: thong ::
flip off {v} (to make a rude or obscene gesture) :: näyttää keskisormea
flippant {adj} /ˈflɪ.pənt/ (lacking respect) :: epäkunnioittava [lacking respect], epäasiallinen [lacking seriousness]
flipper {n} /ˈflɪpɚ/ (marine mammal's wide limb for swimming) :: evä
flipper {n} (paddle-like rubber covering for the foot) :: räpylä
flipper {n} (flat lever in a pinball machine) :: maila
flipper {n} (informal: remote control) :: kapula
flipper {n} (slang: hand) :: räpylä
flipper {n} (someone who buys and sells quickly for profit) :: keinottelija
flipper {n} (someone who flips) :: lantinheittäjä [flipper of a coin]
flipper {n} (kitchen spatula) SEE: spatula ::
flip side {n} (B-side of a record) :: kääntöpuoli, B-puoli
flip side {n} (converse consequences) :: kääntöpuoli
flip the bird {v} (to make a rude or obscene gesture, particularly with the middle finger) :: näyttää keskisormea
flirt {n} /flɝt/ (sudden jerk; a quick throw) :: sätky, viskaus
flirt {n} (one who flirts) :: flirttailija
flirt {v} (to throw with a jerk) :: viskata, viskaista
flirt {v} (to toss or throw about; to move playfully to and fro) :: heitellä, heilutella
flirt {v} (to jeer at) :: kiusoitella
flirt {v} (to run about) :: säntäillä
flirt {v} (to play at courtship) :: flirttailla, flirtata
flit {v} /flɪt/ (to move about rapidly and nimbly) :: säntäillä, pyrähdellä, häilähtää, häilähdellä, vilahdella, liihotella
flit {v} (to move quickly from one location to another) :: sännätä, pyrähtää, vilahtaa, liihotella
flit {v} (to unpredictably change state for short periods) :: pätkiä
flittermouse {n} (bat) SEE: bat ::
flixweed {n} (Descurainia sophia) :: litutilli, rohtolitutilli
float {v} /fləʊt/ (to be supported by a liquid) :: kellua
float {v} (to be capable of floating) :: kellua, pysyä pinnalla
float {v} (to drift gently through the air) :: leijua
float {v} (to move in a particular direction with the liquid in which one is floating) :: lipua
float {v} (to move in a fluid manner) :: lipua, leijua
float {v} (to allow a price to be determined by the markets as opposed to by rule) :: kellua
float {v} (to propose for consideration) :: ehdottaa, heittää
float {n} (buoyant device) :: koho [as part of fishing gear]; kelluke
float {n} (tool similar to a rasp) :: höyläraspi, raspi
float {n} (sort of trowel) :: hierrin
float {n} (trailer or vehicle decorated for a parade) :: paraatiauto
float {n} (finance: offering of shares to the public) :: yleinen osakeanti
float {n} (insurance: premiums taken in but not yet paid out) :: käteiskassa
float {n} (programming: short form of floating-point number) :: liukuluku
float {n} (small sum of money put in a cashier's till at the start of business) :: pohjakassa
float glass {n} (glass made by floating process) :: tasolasi, float-lasi
floating {adj} /ˈfloʊtɪŋ/ (that floats) :: kelluva
floating {adj} (not fixed) :: liikkuva
floating point {adj} (computing) :: liuku-
floating-point number {n} (number of the form a x bc) :: liukuluku
floating-point number {n} (computing) :: liukuluku
floating point operation {n} (computing: simple operation) :: liukulukulasku
floating-point unit {n} (computing) :: liukulukuyksikkö
flobber {n} (pouting) SEE: pouting ::
floccinaucinihilipilificate {v} /ˌflɒksɪˌnɒsɪˌnɪhɪlɪˈpɪlɪfɪ.keɪt/ (to regard as worthless) :: mitätöidä, vähätellä
floccinaucinihilipilification {n} /ˌflɒksɪˌnɔːsɪˌnaɪhɪlɪˌpɪlɪfɪˈkeɪʃən/ (act or habit of describing or regarding something as unimportant) :: vähättely
flock {n} /flɑk/ (group of birds) :: parvi
flock {n} (group of sheep or goats) :: katras [herded], lauma [free]
flock {n} (people served by a particular pastor) :: katras
flock {n} (group of people) :: joukko, väkijoukko, lauma
flock {v} (to congregate) :: kokoontua, kerääntyä
flock {n} (tufts of wool or cotton) :: vanu
flock {v} (to coat) :: päällystää (jollakin)
floe {n} /fləʊ/ (a low, flat mass of floating ice) :: jäälautta
flog {v} (to sell) SEE: sell ::
flog {v} (to defeat) SEE: defeat ::
flog {v} /flɑɡ/ (to whip or scourge someone or something as punishment) :: ruoskia, piiskata, piestä
flog {v} (agriculture: to exploit) :: ryöstöviljellä
flog {v} (to steal) SEE: steal ::
flog a dead horse {v} (to attempt to get more out of something that cannot give more) :: piiskata kuollutta hevosta
flogger {n} (lightweight whip) :: hapsupiiska
flogging {n} /ˈflɒɡɪŋ/ (punishment) :: ruoskinta
flood {n} /flʌd/ (overflow of water) :: tulva
flood {n} (large number or quantity) :: tulva
flood {v} (to overflow) :: tulvia
flood {v} (to cover as if by a flood) :: tulvia, hukuttaa
flood {v} (to provide with a large number of quantity) :: tukkia, hukuttaa
floodgate {n} (gate or valve) :: tulvaluukku
floodgate {n} (anything that controls or limits an outpouring) :: portti
flooding {n} /ˈflʌdɪŋ/ (act of flooding) :: tulviminen, tulva
floodplain {n} (a plain formed by the deposition of flooding) :: tulvatasanko
floodwall {n} (barrier) :: tulvavalli
floof {v} (fluff) SEE: fluff ::
floor {n} /flɔɹ/ (bottom part of a room) :: lattia
floor {n} (surface of the Earth, as opposed to the sky or water or underground) :: maanpinta
floor {n} (lower inside surface of a hollow space) :: pohja
floor {n} (horizontal structure dividing a building) :: välipohja
floor {n} (supporting surface of a structure) :: kansi
floor {n} (part of the house assigned to the members of a legislative assembly) :: sali
floor {n} (right to speak) :: puheenvuoro
floor {n} (nautical: near-horizontal part of the bottom of a vessel) :: pohja
floor {n} (mining: rock underlying a stratified or nearly horizontal deposit) :: alapohja
floor {n} (mathematics: the largest integer less than or equal to a given number) :: kokonaislukuosa, alas pyöristetty luku
floor {n} (gymnastics event) :: permanto
floor {n} (gymnastics: floor-like carpeted surface) :: permanto
floor {n} (finance: lower limit on the interest rate payable on an otherwise variable-rate loan) :: lattia, korkolattia
floor {n} (area in which business is conducted at a convention or exhibition) :: lattia
floor {n} (storey of a building) SEE: storey ::
floor {n} (dance floor) SEE: dance floor ::
floorball {n} (hockey-like ball game) :: salibandy
floorcloth {n} (cloth for cleaning floors) :: lattiarätti, rätti
floor exercise {n} (gymnastics performance) :: permantoliike
flooring {n} (floor) :: lattia
flooring {n} (material) :: lattiamateriaali
flooring {n} (knockdown) :: pudottaminen, tyrmäys
floor lamp {n} (a floor lamp supported by a pole) :: jalkalamppu
floorless {adj} (lacking a floor) :: lattiaton
floor plan {n} (diagram) :: pohjapiirros, pohjapiirustus
floorshow {n} (set of performances) :: floor show, esitys, ohjelma, näytös
floor tile {n} (tile for flooring) :: lattialaatta
flop {v} /flɑp/ (to fall heavily, because lacking energy) :: romahtaa, läsähtää, lysähtää, lyyhistyä
flop {v} (to fail completely, not to be successful at all) :: flopata
flop {n} (failure, especially in the entertainment industry) :: floppi
flop {n} (poned package of dung) :: läjä
flophouse {n} (cheap hotel) SEE: doss-house ::
floppiness {n} (being floppy) :: huolimattomuus, vetelyys, velttous
floppy {adj} /ˈflɒ.pi/ (limp, not hard, firm or rigid; flexible) :: lerppu
floppy {n} ((computing) a floppy disk) :: (5¼-inch) [slang] lerppu, (3½-inch) [slang] korppu
floppy disk {n} (flexible disk used for storing digital data) :: levyke
floppy disk drive {n} (floppy drive) SEE: floppy drive ::
floppy diskette drive {n} (computer hardware device) SEE: floppy drive ::
floppydock {n} (Digitalis purpurea) :: rohtosormustinkukka
floppy drive {n} (device for reading floppy disks) :: levykeasema, diskettiasema, korppuasema
flop style {n} (high jump technique) SEE: Fosbury flop ::
flora {n} /ˈflɔː.ɹə/ (plants considered as a group) :: kasvisto
flora {n} (a book describing the plants of a country etc.) :: kasvio
flora {n} (the microorganisms that inhabit some part of the body) :: floora, mikrofloora, mikrobisto
Floréal {prop} /ˌflɔɹeɪˈɑl/ ( the eighth month of French Republican Calendar) :: floréal
floral white {n} (faint pinkish white colour) :: fluorivalkoinen
floral white {adj} (of a faint pinkish white colour) :: fluorivalkoinen
Florence {prop} /ˈflɒɹəns/ (city in Tuscany, Italy) :: Firenze
Florence flask {n} (round laboratory flask) :: pyörökolvi, keittopullo
Florentine {adj} /ˈflɒɹəntaɪn/ (of or relating to the Italian city of Florence) :: firenzeläinen
Florentine {n} (a native or resident of the Italian city of Florence) :: firenzeläinen
floriculture {n} (the farming of flowers) :: kukkaviljely
florid {adj} /ˈflɔɹɪd/ (having a rosy colour) :: punakka
florid {adj} (ornate) :: korusanainen, runsaasti koristeltu
Florida {prop} /ˈflɒɹɪdə/ (US state) :: Florida
Florida water {n} (type of eau de Cologne) :: floridanvesi
floriography {n} (communication through the use of flowers) :: kukkaiskieli
florist {n} /ˈflɒɹɪst/ (a person who sells flowers) :: kukkakauppias
floristry {n} (production, commerce and trade in flowers) :: floristiikka
florist's {n} (a shop that sells flowers) :: kukkakauppa
floruit {n} /ˈflɒɹʊɪt/ (peak period of a person\culture\group) :: kukoistus, kukoistuskausi
floss {n} /flɔs/ (a thread, used to clean the area between the teeth) :: hammaslanka
floss {n} (silk fibres) :: raakasilkki
floss {n} (the fibres covering a corn cob) :: kuitu
floss {n} (any thread-like material having parallel strands) :: kuitu
floss {n} (spun sugar or cotton candy) :: hattara
floss {n} (small stream) :: puro
flotilla {n} /floʊˈtɪlə/ (small fleet) :: laivue
flotsam {n} /ˈflɒtsəm/ (flotsam) :: ajelehtiva hylkytavara
flounce {v} /flaʊns/ (to move in exaggerated manner) :: harppoa
flounce {v} (to decorate with flounce) :: koristella röyhelöin, röyhelöidä, reunustaa
flounce {v} (to depart dramatically) :: poistua näyttävästi
flounce {n} (strip of decorative material along an edge) :: röyhelö [pleated], reunus [any]
flounce {n} (act of flouncing) :: harppominen [going]; röyhelöinti [decorating]
flounce {v} (to make spastic motions) SEE: flounder ::
flounder {n} (any flatfish) SEE: flatfish ::
flounder {n} /ˈflaʊndɚ/ (Platichthys flesus) :: kampela
flounder {v} (to flop around) :: pyörähtää
flounder {v} (to attempt to move or regain one's balance) :: kompuroida, horjua
flounder {v} (to act clumsily or confused) :: kompuroida
flour {n} /ˈflaʊɚ/ (ground cereal grains) :: jauho, jauhot {p}
flour {n} (powder of other material) :: jauho, jauhe
flour {v} (to apply flour to something) :: jauhottaa
flourish {v} /ˈflʌɹ.ɪʃ/ (to thrive or grow well) :: kukoistaa
flourish {n} (ornamentation) :: koukero, koriste
flourish {n} (architecture: decorative embellishment) :: koriste
floury {adj} /ˈflaʊɹi/ (resembling flour) :: jauhoinen
floury {adj} (covered in flour) :: jauhoinen
flout {v} /flaʊt/ (to express contempt for the rules by word or action) :: uhmata, halveksia, pitää pilkkanaan
flout {v} (to scorn) :: halveksia, pitää pilkkanaan
flow {v} (to flow) SEE: run ::
flow {n} /floʊ/ (the movement of a fluid) :: virtaus
flow {n} (the rising movement of the tide) :: vuoksi, nousuvesi
flow {n} (rate of fluid movement) :: virtaama, virtaus
flow {n} (being at one with) :: ykseys
flow {v} (to move as a fluid) :: virrata
flow {v} (to move smoothly) :: sujua, soljua, lipua
flow {v} (to flow) SEE: stream ::
flow chart {n} (schematic representation of a process) :: kulkukaavio, vuokaavio
flower {n} (reproductive structure in angiosperms) :: kukka
flower {v} (to put forth blooms) :: kukkia
flowerbed {n} (place where flowers are grown) :: kukkapenkki
flower garden {n} (garden where flowers are grown for decorative purposes) :: kukkatarha
flower girl {n} (florist) SEE: florist ::
flowering {n} (action) :: kukinta
flowering {n} (period) :: kukinta
flowering {adj} (of a plant) :: kukkiva
flowering plant {n} (common term for an "angiosperm") :: kukkakasvi
flowering tea {n} (Chinese tea) :: teekukka
flowerpot {n} /ˈflaʊɚˌpɑt/ (a container in which plants are grown) :: kukkaruukku
flow production {n} (mass production) SEE: mass production ::
flu {n} /fluː/ (influenza) :: influenssa
fluctuate {v} (to vary irregularly; to swing) :: heilahdella, vaihdella, heittelehtiä
fluctuate {v} (to cause to vary irregularly) :: heilutella, heilautella, heitellä
fluctuation {n} /flʌktʃuːˈeɪʃən/ (wavelike motion) :: heilahtelu, huojunta
fluctuation {n} (wavering; unsteadiness) :: heilahtelu, huojunta, vaihtelu
flue {n} /fluː/ (pipe that carries gaseous combustion products away from their origin) :: savukanava
flue {n} (enclosed passageway for a gas) :: kanava, putki
flue gas {n} (smoke) :: savukaasu
fluency {n} /ˈfluːənsi/ (The qualities of smoothness of flow) :: virtaavuus, nestemäisyys
fluency {n} (linguistics: being fluent in a language) :: sujuvuus
fluent {adj} /ˈfluːənt/ (able to speak a language accurately and confidently) :: sujuva
fluently {adv} (expressing oneself easily) :: sujuvasti
fluently {adv} (having graceful movements) :: sulavasti
flufenamic acid {n} (drug) :: flufenaamihappo
fluff {n} /flʌf/ (light fur etc) :: höttö
fluff {n} (something inconsequential) :: höttö
fluff {n} (lapse) :: erehdys, moka
fluff {v} (to make fluffy) :: pöyhiä, pörhentää, möyhiä, möyhentää
fluff {v} (to become fluffy) :: pöyhistyä, pörhistyä
fluff {v} (to make a mistake in one’s lines) :: sotkeutua, sekaantua
fluffiness {n} (being fluffy) :: nukkaisuus
fluffy {adj} /flʌfi/ (covered with fluff) :: pöyheä, pehmeä, pörröinen
fluffy {adj} (light; soft; airy) :: ilmava, kuohkea
fluffy {adj} (warm and comforting) :: lämpöinen
flugelhorn {n} (brass instrument) :: flyygelitorvi
fluid {n} /ˈfluːɪd/ (any state of matter which can flow) :: fluidi, neste
fluid {adj} (of or relating to fluid) :: fluidi-
fluid {adj} (in a state of flux; subject to change) :: muuttuvainen
fluid {adj} (moving smoothly) :: sulava
fluid {adj} (convertible into cash) :: likvidoitava, likvidoitavissa oleva
fluid dynamics {n} (study of fluids in motion) :: virtausdynamiikka
fluidized bed {n} (unit process) :: leijupeti
fluidized bed {n} (equipment) :: leijupeti, leijukerros-
fluidly {adv} (in a fluid manner) :: sujuvasti, juohevasti
fluid mechanics {n} (branch of mechanics dealing with fluids) :: virtausmekaniikka
fluke {n} /fluːk/ (stroke of luck) :: onnenpotku
fluke {n} (lobe of whale's tail) :: valaan pyrstön haara
fluke {n} (anchor blade) :: ankkurinkoura
fluke {n} (parasitic flatworm) :: maksamato, lampaan maksamato
fluke {n} (a metal hook on the head of certain staff weapons) :: metallinen koukku keihään päässä
flukeworm {n} (worm in the class Trematoda) :: tiehytmato, imumato
flukey {adj} (lucky) SEE: lucky ::
flumazenil {n} (medicine) :: flumatseniili
flummox {v} /ˈflʌməks/ (To confuse; to fluster; to flabbergast) :: sekoittaa
flunk {v} /flʌŋk/ (to fail) :: reputtaa, saada reput, pompata
fluorescence {n} /flʊˈɹɛsəns/ (emission of light) :: fluoresenssi
fluorescent {adj} /flɔˈɹɛsɨnt/ (of or relating to fluorescence) :: fluoresenssi-
fluorescent lamp {n} (gas-discharge lamp) :: loisteputki, loisteputkilamppu, loistelamppu
fluoric {adj} (pertaining to fluorine) :: fluori-
fluoride {n} (fluoride) :: fluoridi
fluorine {n} /ˈflʊəɹiːn/ (chemical element) :: fluori
fluorite {n} (mineral) :: fluoriitti
fluoroimmunometry {n} (method for testing allergies) :: fluoroimmunometria
fluorosis {n} (any adverse condition due to an excess of fluoride) :: fluoroosi
fluorous {adj} (containing fluorite) :: fluoriittipitoinen
fluoxetine {n} (one of SSRI antidepressant drugs) :: fluoksetiini
flurry {n} /ˈflʌɹi/ (brief snowfall) :: tuisku
flurry {n} (sudden and brief blast or gust; a light, temporary breeze) :: puuska
flurry {n} (shower of dust, leaves, …) :: pyörre
flurry {n} (sudden activity) :: mylläkkä, hullunmylly
flush {v} /ˈflʌʃ/ (to cause to take flight from concealment) :: ajaa
flush {v} (to take suddenly to flight, especially from cover) :: rynnätä; lehahtaa (on wings)
flush {adj} (smooth, even, aligned; not sticking out) :: samalla tasolla
flush {adj} (wealthy or well off) :: rahoissaan
flush {n} (sudden flowing; cleansing) :: huuhtelu
flush {n} (cleansing of a toilet) :: huuhtelu, vessan vetäminen
flush {v} (to cleanse by flooding with generous quantities of a fluid) :: huuhdella
flush {v} (to cleanse a toilet by introducing lots of water) :: vetää, huuhdella
flush {v} (to become suffused with reddish color) :: punastua
flush {v} (to cause to blush) :: punastuttaa
flush {v} (to overwhelm with water) :: huuhtoa
flush {v} (to excite, inflame) :: sytyttää, innostaa
flush {v} (of toilet: to be cleansed with generous quantities of water) :: huuhdella, vetää vessa
flush {v} (computing: to clear a buffer of its contents) :: tyhjentää
flush {v} (to show red) :: punehtua
flush {v} (masonry: to fill in) :: täyttää, tasoittaa
flush {n} (poker hand) :: väri
flush toilet {n} (toilet that uses water to remove waste) :: vesivessa
fluster {v} /ˈflʌstə/ (To confuse, befuddle, throw into panic by making overwrought with confusion) :: hermostuttaa, hämmentää
flute {n} /fluːt/ (woodwind instrument) :: huilu
flute {n} (glass) :: samppanjalasi
flute {n} (helical groove going up a drill bit) :: ura, kierre
flute {n} (architecture: vertical groove in a pillar) :: ura
flute {v} (to play flute) :: soittaa huilua
flute {v} (to make a flutelike sound) :: huhuilla [low pitch], heläyttää [high pitch]
flute {v} (to utter with flutelike sound) :: huhuilla [low pitch], heläyttää [high pitch]
flute {v} (to form flutes) :: urittaa [as in a column]; laskostaa [as to form a ruffle]
fluted {adj} (drunk) SEE: drunk ::
fluted {adj} (decorated with flutes) :: laskostettu
fluting {n} (decoration) :: uritus, kanneluuri
fluting {n} (act) :: uritus
flutter {v} /ˈflʌtɚ/ (to flap or wave quickly) :: lepattaa
flutter {v} (to flap the wings without flying) :: läpytellä, räpyttää, räpytellä
flutter {v} (to cause something to flutter) :: puistella, räpyttää, räpytellä
flutter {n} (act of fluttering) :: lepatus, läpyttely, läpytys, puistelu
flutter {n} (state of agitation) :: värinä, tärinä
flutter {n} (abnormal rapid pulsation of heart) :: värinä, sydänvärinä
flutter {n} (small bet) :: pikkuveto
fluvisol {n} (soil type) :: jokimaannos
flux {n} /flʌks/ (a state of ongoing change) :: muutostila, muutos
flux {n} (a chemical agent for cleaning metal prior to soldering or welding) :: juoksute, juotosapuaine, fluksi [colloquial]
flux {n} (the rate of transfer of energy (electric flux, magnetic flux)) :: vuo
fly {n} /flaɪ/ (insect of the order Diptera) :: kaksisiipinen
fly {n} (insect of the family Muscidae) :: kärpänen
fly {n} (fishing lure) :: perho
fly {v} (to travel through air) :: lentää
fly {v} (to flee) :: paeta
fly {v} (to cause to travel through the air) :: lentää, ohjata, lennättää
fly {v} (to become accepted) :: lähteä lentoon, tulla hyvksytyksi
fly {v} (to travel very fast, to hasten) :: lentää, kiitää
fly {v} (to move suddenly with violence) :: lentää
fly {v} (to display a flag from a flagpole) :: liehuttaa
fly {n} (act of flying) :: lento
fly {n} (strip that hides the opening of trousers/pants or underpants) :: sepalus
fly {n} (free edge of a flag) :: liehureuna
fly {n} (horizontal length of a flag) :: leveys
fly {v} (to hit a flyball) :: lyödä kaaripallo
fly {adj} (quick-witted) :: fiksu [colloquial], terävä
fly {adj} (well dressed) :: tyylikäs
fly {n} (fly ball) SEE: fly ball ::
fly agaric {n} (Amanita muscaria) :: punakärpässieni
fly ball {n} ((baseball) a batted ball) :: kaaripallo
flyby {n} (flight past celestial object) :: ohilento
flyby {n} (ceremonial low-level flight) :: ylilento
flycatcher {n} (bird) :: sieppo
flyer {n} (leaflet, often for advertising) :: lentolehtinen, lennäkki, mainoslehtinen
flyer {n} (part of a spinning machine) :: siipi
flyer {n} (architecture: connecting arch) :: tukikaari
flyer {n} (person who is lifted and/or thrown by another person or persons) :: nousija
flyer {n} (standard rectangular step of a staircase) :: suora porras
flyer {n} (female kangaroo) :: naaraskenguru
flyer {n} (leap or jump) :: loikka
fly-fish {v} (to fish with a fly) :: perhostaa
fly fishing {n} (form of angling) :: perhokalastus
flying {n} (flying (noun)) SEE: flight ::
flying {adj} /ˈflaɪ.ɪŋ/ (that can fly) :: lentävä
flying {adj} (brief, hurrying) :: hätäinen
flying {adj} (nautical: not secured by yards) :: irti
flying ace {n} (military aviator) :: hävittäjä-ässä, lentäjä-ässä
flying buttress {n} (buttress that stands apart from the structure that it supports) :: (ulkoinen) tukipilari
flying carp {n} (silver carp) SEE: silver carp ::
flying coffin {n} (aircraft with an unacceptably high accident rate) :: lentävä ruumisarkku
Flying Dutchman {prop} /ˌflaɪ.ɪŋ ˈdʌtʃ.mən/ (mythical ghost ship) :: Lentävä hollantilainen
flying fish {n} (tropical marine fish) :: liitokala, lentokala
Flying Fortress {prop} (B-17) :: Lentävä Linnoitus
flying fox {n} (bat of the genera Pteropus or Acerodon) :: lentävä koira, lenkko [Pteropus only]
flying fox {n} (fish Epalzeorhynchos kalopterus) :: kuonobarbi
flying fox {n} (device consisting of a chair suspended on a pulley) :: köysirata
flying fox {n} (bat of the family Pteropodidae) SEE: megabat ::
flying jib {n} (The foremost of the jibs of a square-rigged sailing vessel) :: ajopurje
flying kiss {n} (type of kiss given by kissing one's hand and blowing) :: lentosuukko
flying saucer {n} (disc-shaped unidentified flying object) :: lentävä lautanen
Flying Spaghetti Monster {prop} (spaghetti deity) :: lentävä spagettihirviö
flying squirrel {n} (squirrel) :: liito-orava
flying visit {n} (very short visit) :: pikavierailu
fly into a rage {v} (become very angry) :: raivostua
flyleaf {n} /ˈflaɪˌlif/ (blank page at the front or back of a book) :: tyhjä sivu
fly screen {n} (window screen) SEE: window screen ::
fly sheet {n} (extra cover of a tent) :: ulkoteltta
fly sheet {n} (printed leaflet) :: lentolehtinen
flyswatter {n} (device for swatting flies) :: kärpäslätkä
flyweight {n} (mechanics: weight that moves outward with centrifugal force) :: keskipakopaino
flyweight {n} (weight division in combat sports) :: kärpässarja
flyweight {n} (combat sports -related term for small, light or unimportant) :: kärpässarjalainen
flywheel {n} (a rotating mass used to maintain the speed of a machine within certain limits while the machine receives or releases energy at a varying rate) :: vauhtipyörä, tasauspyörä
F major {n} (the major key with F as its tonic) :: F-duuri
F minor {n} (the minor key with F as its tonic) :: f-molli
f-number {n} (ratio of the focal length of a lens to its diameter) :: aukkosuhde, aukko
foal {n} /foʊl/ (young horse) :: varsa
foal {v} (give birth (equestrian)) :: varsoa
foam {n} /foʊm/ (substance composed of a large collection of bubbles or their solidified remains) :: vaahto
foam {n} (foam rubber) :: vaahtomuovi
foam {v} (form or emit foam) :: vaahdota
foam at the mouth {v} (froth at the mouth) SEE: froth at the mouth ::
foaminess {n} (being foamy) :: vaahtoisuus
foam rubber {n} (foam rubber) SEE: foam ::
foamy {adj} /foʊmi/ (full of foam) :: vaahtoinen
fob {n} /fɒb/ (chain or ribbon) :: kellonperät {p}, kellonvitja
fob {n} (remote control for locking and unlocking a vehicle) :: kauko-ohjain
fob {n} (little pocket near waistline) SEE: watch pocket ::
focal {adj} /ˈfoʊ.kl̩/ (belonging to or concerning a focus) :: polttopiste-
focal length {n} (distance) :: polttoväli
focus {n} /ˈfoʊ.kəs/ (in optics) :: fokus, polttopiste
focus {n} (in mathematics) :: polttopiste, leikkauspiste
focus {n} (fact of the convergence of light on the photographic medium) :: tarkennus
focus {n} (quality of the convergence of light on the photographic medium) :: tarkennus
focus {n} (concentration of attention) :: keskittyminen
focus {n} (exact point of where an earthquake occurs) :: hyposentri
focus {v} (cause (rays of light, etc) to converge at a single point) :: kohdistaa
focus {v} (to adjust (a lens, an optical instrument)) :: tarkentaa
focus {v} (transitive: to concentrate one's attention) :: keskittyä [+ illative], kiinnittää huomionsa, keskittää huomionsa [+ illative]
focus {v} (intransitive: to concentrate one's attention) :: keskittyä
focus {v} (to transfer the input focus to) :: kohdistaa
focus group {n} (a group of people interviewed for market research or political analysis) :: fokusryhmä, täsmäryhmä
fodder {n} (food for animals) :: rehu
foe {n} (enemy) SEE: enemy ::
foehn {n} /fɝn/ (warm dry wind blowing down the northern sides of the Alps) :: föhn-tuuli, föhn
foehn {n} (any similar wind) :: föhn-tuuli
foetus {n} (fetus) SEE: fetus ::
fog {n} /fɑɡ/ (cloud that forms at a low altitude and obscures vision) :: sumu
fog {n} (Scottish: moss) SEE: moss ::
fogey {n} /ˈfoʊɡi/ (dull old fellow) :: fossiili, jäärä
fogginess {n} (being foggy) :: sumuisuus
foggy {adj} (obscured by mist or fog) :: sumuinen, utuinen
fog light {n} (one of a pair of lights, mounted at the front of a car) :: sumuvalo
foible {n} /ˈfɔɪbəl/ (a weakness or failing of character) :: heikkous, heikko kohta
foie gras {n} /ˌfwɑ ˈɡɹɑ/ (fattened liver of geese or ducks) :: hanhenmaksa
foil {n} /fɔɪl/ (thin sheet of metal) :: folio, ohkolevy
foil {n} (thin aluminium/aluminum or tin used for wrapping food) :: folio
foil {n} (type of sword used in fencing) :: floretti
foil {n} (thin layer of metal put between a jewel and its setting to make it seem more brilliant) :: folio
foil {v} (prevent from being accomplished) :: estää, pilata suunnitelma
foil {v} (to expand a product of two or more algebraic expressions, typically binomials) :: kertoa
foil {n} (shortened form of hydrofoil) SEE: hydrofoil ::
foist {v} /fɔɪst/ (introduce or insert surreptitiously) :: ujuttaa
foist {v} (force another to accept) :: ujuttaa
foist {v} (pass off as genuine) :: ujuttaa
folate {n} (salt or ester of folic acid) :: folaatti
-fold {suffix} (used to make adjectives) :: -kertainen
-fold {suffix} (used to make adverbs) :: -kertaisesti
fold {v} /foʊld/ (bend (thin material) over) :: taittaa
fold {v} (make the proper arrangement (in a thin material) by bending) :: taitella, viikata, laskostaa
fold {v} (fall over) :: kaatua
fold {v} (give way on a point or in an argument) :: antaa periksi
fold {v} (poker: withdraw from betting) :: kipata
fold {v} (stir gently with a folding action) :: sekoittaa
fold {v} (cease to trade) :: lopettaa, sulkea, mennä nurin
fold {n} (act of folding) :: taittelu, taittaminen
fold {n} (bend or crease) :: taitos, poimu
fold {n} (correct move in origami) :: taitos
fold {n} ((geology) bending of originally flat planar surfaces) :: poimu
fold {n} (enclosure for domestic animals) :: karsina
folder {n} /ˈfoʊɫdɚ/ (organizer) :: kansio
folder {n} (container of computer files) :: kansio
folding {adj} /ˈfəʊldɪŋ/ (made to fold) :: taittuva, taitettava
folding {n} (action of folding) :: taittaminen
folding chair {n} (a light portable chair) :: taittotuoli
folding knife {n} (type of knife) :: linkkuveitsi
folding screen {n} (furniture) :: sermi, taitettava seinäke
foliage {n} /ˈfoʊliɪdʒ/ (the leaves of plants) :: lehdet {p}, lehvistö
foliage {n} (fall foliage) SEE: autumn foliage ::
folic acid {n} (vitamin B9, a polycyclic heterocyclic carboxylic acid) :: foolihappo
folivore {n} /ˈfəʊlɪvɔː(ɹ)/ (herbivore that eats mostly foliage) :: lehtiensyöjä, folivori
folk dance {n} (genre of dance) :: kansantanssi
Folketing {prop} (Folketing) :: kansankäräjät
folk etymology {n} (false etymology) :: kansanetymologia
folk hero {n} (real or mythical person widely revered by ordinary people) :: kansansankari
folklore {n} /ˈfəʊk.lɔː/ (tales, legends and superstitions of a particular ethnic population) :: kansanperinne
folklorism {n} (use of tradition outside the cultural context in which it was created) :: folklorismi
folklorist {n} (a person who studies or collects folklore) :: folkloristi
folkloristics {n} (formal academic study of folklore) :: folkloristiikka
folk music {n} (music originating from a specific region) :: kansanmusiikki
folk music {n} (contemporary music in traditional style) :: etnomusiikki, folkmusiikki
folk religion {n} (religious customs under the umbrella of an organized religion but outside of official doctrine and practices) :: kansanuskonto
folk rock {n} (music subgenre) :: folkrock
folksinger {n} (singer of folk music) :: folklaulaja
folk song {n} (song originating among the working people) :: kansanlaulu
folk song {n} (song in this style) :: folk-kappale
folksy {adj} (characteristic of simple country life) :: kansanomainen
folksy {adj} (informal: affable and familiar) :: lupsakka
folktale {n} (story that is part of the oral tradition of a people) :: kansantaru
folkway {n} (custom or belief common to members of a society) :: kansanviisaus
follicle {n} (anatomy) :: (hair) tuppi, (e.g. ovarian) rakkula, follikkeli
follicle {n} (botany) :: tuppilo
folliculitis {n} (inflammation of one or more hair follicles) :: karvatupentulehdus
follow {v} /ˈfɑloʊ/ (to go or come after in physical space) :: seurata
follow {v} (to go or come after in a sequence) :: seurata
follow {v} (to carry out in accordance to) :: noudattaa
follow {v} (to live one’s life according to) :: noudattaa
follow {v} (to understand) :: pysyä mukana, pysyä kärryillä
follow {v} (to keep track of) :: seurata, tarkkailla
follow {v} (to be a logical consequence of) :: seurata
follower {n} (one who follows) :: seuraaja
follower {n} (thing that comes after another thing) :: seuraaja
follower {n} (one who is a part of a master's physical group, such as a servant or retainer) :: seuraaja
follower {n} (one who adheres to the opinions, ideas or teachings of another) :: kannattaja
following {adj} /ˈfɑloʊɪŋ/ (next in sequence or time) :: seuraava
following {adj} (to be specified) :: seuraava
following {adj} (wind blowing in the direction of travel) :: myötäinen
following {prep} (subsequent to) :: jälkeen
following {n} (group of followers) :: kannattajakunta
follow suit {v} (play a card of the same suit) :: jatkaa väriä
follow suit {v} (follow an example) :: matkia, seurata esimerkkiä, noudattaa esimerkkiä, imitoida, jäljitellä
follow the crowd {v} (conform) :: kulkea joukon mukana, kulkea lauman mukana
follow-the-leader {n} (children's game) :: seuraa johtajaa
follow up {v} (take further actions after an event) :: seurata, jatkaa, pitää yhteyttä
follow-up {n} (action) :: jatkotoimenpide, seuranta, jälkihoito
follow-up {n} (Internet: posted message in reply to a previous one) :: vastaus
follow-up {n} (sports: shot on goal directly following another) :: jatkolaukaus
follow-up {n} ((medicine) revisiting) :: seurantakäynti
folly {n} /ˈfɑli/ (foolishness) :: mielettömyys, hulluus, typeryys
folly {n} (thoughtless action) :: hullutus, hölmöily, hömpötys
Fomalhaut {prop} (star) :: Fomalhaut
foment {v} /foʊˈmɛnt/ (to incite or cause) :: lietsoa
fomite {n} (inanimate object capable of transferring infectious agents) :: fomiitti
fond {v} (be fond of, like) SEE: like ::
fond {adj} /fɑnd/ (affectionate) :: hellä
fond {adj} (indulgent) :: lempeä, hyväntahtoinen
fond {adj} (outlandish) :: löyhäpäinen, typerä
fondant {n} /ˈfɒndənt/ (flavored sugar preparation) :: karamellitäyte
fondle {v} /ˈfɒndl/ (to fondle) :: hyväillä, kosketella
fondue {n} /ˈfɒnduː/ (dish) :: fondue, fondyy
fonio {n} (Digitaria exilis) :: fonio
fonio {n} (Digitaria iburua) :: fonio
font {n} /fɑnt/ (a receptacle for oil in a lamp) :: öljypesä
font {n} (typesetting: a grouping of consistently-designed glyphs) :: kirjasin, fontti
fontanelle {n} (soft spot on a baby's head) :: aukile
food {n} /fuːd/ (any substance consumed by living organisms to sustain life) :: ruoka, ravinto
food {n} (anything intended to supply energy or nourishment of other forms) :: ravinto
food {n} (foodstuff) :: elintarvike
food additive {n} (non-food substance added to food) :: elintarvikelisäaine, lisäaine
food bank {n} (a non-profit, charitable organization that distributes food to feed the hungry) :: ruokapankki
food bowl {n} (bowl) :: ruokakuppi
food bowl {n} (region) :: ruoka-aitta, vilja-aitta
food chain {n} (feeding relationship between species) :: ravintoketju
food chain {n} (idiomatic: a hierarchy) :: ravintoketju
food colouring {n} (any substance added to food in order to change its colour) :: elintarvikeväri
food court {n} (common area for dining) :: food court, ruokapiha
food fish {n} (fish used for food) :: ruokakala
food for thought {n} (information or knowledge that is worthy of contemplation) :: pohdittava
foodie {n} /ˈfuːdi/ (person with special interest in food) :: herkkusuu
foodless {adj} (lacking food) :: ruoaton
food literacy {n} (understanding of the impact of food) :: ruokalukutaito
food miles {n} (environmental impact of food) :: ruokakilometri
foo dog {n} (Chinese statue) :: leijonakoira
food poisoning {n} (any food-borne disease) :: ruokamyrkytys
foodporn {n} (enticing food imagery) :: ruokaporno
food preservative {n} (substance to add shelf life of food products) :: säilöntäaine
food processor {n} (kitchen appliance) :: monitoimikone
food pyramid {n} (diagram giving advice for healthy eating) :: ravintoympyrä
food stamp {n} (stamp or similar issued to be exchanged for food, or other essential provisions) :: ruokakuponki, elintarvikekortti
food street {n} (street lined with food stalls, restaurants) :: ruokakatu
foodstuff {n} /ˈfuːdˌstʌf/ (material that may be used as food) :: elintarvike
food web {n} /ˈfuːd wɛb/ (diagram showing the organisms that eat other organisms in a particular ecosystem) :: ravintoverkko
fool {n} /fuːl/ (person with poor judgement or little intelligence) :: hullu, typerys, hölmö, idiootti, houkka, pöljä, pöllö, höhlä, tollo, tomppeli, narri, pöhkö
fool {n} (jester) :: narri, hovinarri
fool {n} (one who derives pleasure from something specified) :: -hullu
fool {n} (dessert) :: hedelmärahka [with fruit], marjarahka [with berries]
fool {n} (tarot card) :: narri
fool {v} (to trick; to make a fool of someone) :: huijata, narrata; puliveivata [colloquial]
fool around {v} (to engage in frivolous behaviour; to monkey around (idiomatic)) :: hölmöillä
foolhardiness {n} (quality of being foolhardy) :: rämäpäisyys, huimapäisyys
foolhardy {adj} /ˈfuːlhɑːdi/ (marked by unthinking recklessness with disregard for danger) :: hullunrohkea, tyhmänrohkea, huimapäinen
fooling {n} /ˈfuːlɪŋ/ (the act of one who fools) :: narraus, narutus, älytys
foolish {adj} /ˈfuː.lɪʃ/ (lacking good sense or judgement; unwise) :: houkkamainen
foolishness {n} (state of being foolish) :: typeryys
foolishness {n} (thing or event that is foolish) :: typeryys
fool's cap {n} (cap with bells and tassels) :: narrinhattu
foolscap {n} (fool's cap) SEE: fool's cap ::
fool's errand {n} (foolish undertaking) :: hullun homma, hullutus
fool's gold {n} (mineral or other substance often mistaken for gold) :: kissankulta, katinkulta
fool's mate {n} (quickest possible checkmate) :: narrinmatti
fool's paradise {n} (happiness based on illusion) :: pilvilinna
foosball {n} /ˈfuːsˌbɔːl/ (table soccer) :: pöytäfutis
foot {n} /fʊt/ (part of animal’s body ) :: jalka, käpälä, tassu, koipi
foot {n} (part of human body ) :: jalka, jalkaterä
foot {n} (bottom of anything ) :: juuri, tyvi, kanta; alaosa; jalka, jalusta
foot {n} (projection on equipment ) :: jalka
foot {n} (unit of measure ) :: jalka
foot {n} (bottom edge of a sail ) :: alaliikki
foot {v} (kick) :: potkaista, kenkäistä
foot {v} (pay) :: maksaa
foot {n} (metrical foot) SEE: metrical foot ::
footage {n} /ˈfʊtədʒ/ (amount of film that has been used) :: kuvamateriaali, filmiaineisto, filmausmateriaali
foot-and-mouth disease {n} (foot-and-mouth disease) :: suu- ja sorkkatauti
footbag {n} (ball) :: footbag
footbag {n} (game) :: footbag
football {n} /ˈfʊtbɔl/ (Association football) :: jalkapallo
football {n} (game in Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia) :: australialainen jalkapallo
football {n} (game in New South Wales, Queensland) :: rugby league
football {n} (ball) :: jalkapallo
football {n} (practise of any of these games) :: jalkapallo
football {n} (US game) SEE: American football ::
football {n} (Canadian game) SEE: Canadian football ::
footballer {n} /ˈfʊtbɔːləɹ/ (one who plays football) :: jalkapalloilija
football field {n} (playing field) :: jalkapallokenttä
football pitch {n} (playing field on which the game of football is played) SEE: soccer field ::
football player {n} (footballer) SEE: footballer ::
footbinding {n} (binding of women's feet) :: jalkojen sitominen
foot brake {n} (brake operated by foot) :: jalkajarru
footbridge {n} (bridge for pedestrians) :: jalankulkusilta
footer {n} /ˈfʊtə/ (line of information at the bottom of a page) :: alatunniste
footer {n} (something that is a stated number of feet in some dimension) :: -jalkainen
footer {n} (slang: soccer) :: futis
footer {v} (slang: to meddle) :: hengailla, chillailla
foot fault {n} (type of fault in sports) :: jalkavirhe [in tennis and similar games]; yliastuminen [in jumps and throws]
foothill {n} (hill at the base of a mountain) :: aluskukkula
foothills {n} (plural of foothill) SEE: foothill ::
foothold {n} (a solid grip with the feet) :: jalansija
foothold {n} (beachhead, bridgehead, lodgement) :: jalansija, sillanpää
foot job {n} (sexual act stimulated by foot) :: jalkaseksi
footman {n} (male servant) :: miespalvelija, lakeija
footman {n} (servant who runs in front of his master's carriage) :: lakeija
footman {n} (moth of the subfamily Arctiinae) :: aitosiilikäs
footman {n} (Manulea lurideola) :: harmokeltasiipi
footman {n} (part of a spinning wheel) :: liipotin
footnote {n} /ˈfʊtˌnoʊt/ (comment at the bottom of a printed page) :: alaviite
footnote {n} (event of lesser importance) :: sivuseikka, alaviite
footpath {n} /ˈfʊt.pɑːθ/ (path for pedestrians) :: polku, kinttupolku
footprint {n} /ˈfʊtpɹɪnt/ (The impression of the foot) :: Jalanjälki
footprint {n} ((computing) Amount of hard drive space required for a program.) :: levytilavaatimus
footprint {n} ((computing) The audit trail left by a crashed program) :: jalanjäljet {p}
footrace {n} :: juoksukilpailu, kävelykilpailu
footrest {n} (a support on which to rest the feet) :: jalkatuki
footrope {n} (rope that sailors stand on) :: jalkapertti
foot soldier {n} (infantryman) SEE: infantryman ::
footstep {n} /ˈfʊtstɛp/ (mark left by a foot) :: jalanjälki
footstep {n} (signs of a course taken) :: jalanjälki
footstep {n} (sound of a footstep) :: askel
footstep {n} (step, as in a stair) :: askelma
footstep {n} (distance of one footstep) :: askel, askelmitta
footstep {n} (act of taking a step) :: askel
footstool {n} /ˈfʊtˌstuːl/ (a low stool) :: rahi, jalkajakkara
footwear {n} (an item of clothing that is worn on the foot) :: jalkine
footwrap {n} (a strip of cloth worn around the feet) :: jalkarätti
fop {n} /fɒp/ (vain man) :: keikari
foppery {n} (stupidity) SEE: stupidity ::
foppery {n} (dress or actions of a fop) :: keikarointi {p}
foppish {adj} /ˈfɒp.ɪʃ/ (like a fop) :: keikarimainen
foppishness {n} (being foppish) :: keikarimaisuus
for {conj} /fɔɹ/ (because) :: sillä
for {prep} (towards) :: kohti, [illative case] -n
for {prep} (directed at, intended to belong to) :: [allative case] -lle, varten
for {prep} (supporting) :: puolesta
for {prep} (because of) :: takia, [elative case] -sta
for {prep} (over a period of time) :: partitive or translative case, aikana, ajan
for {prep} (to obtain or acquire) :: use the long first infinitive, saadakseen
for {prep} (in the direction of: marks a point one is going toward) :: use the allative case
for {prep} (by the standards of) :: use the translative case, use the allative case
for a change {prep} (as a departure from the usual) :: vaihteeksi, vaihtelun vuoksi
forage {n} /ˈfɒɹɪdʒ/ (fodder for animals) :: rehu
forage {n} (act or instance of foraging) :: ruokinta
forage {v} (to search for and gather food for animals) :: laiduntaa
forage {v} (to rampage through) :: riehua; rypeä
forage {v} (to rummage) :: penkoa
forage cap {n} (a military cap intended for field use) :: sotilaslakki
foraminifer {n} (any protist of the taxon Foraminifera) :: huokoseläin
forbear {v} /fɔɹˈbɛɚ/ (to keep away from) :: estää, välttää
forbear {v} (to refrain from proceeding) :: estyä
forbear {v} (to give no heed) :: kieltäytyä
forbear {v} (to control oneself when provoked) :: hillitä itsensä, pidättyä [tekemästä jotakin]
for better or worse {prep} (No matter what the future may hold) :: syteen tai saveen, niin tai näin, oli miten oli, kävi miten kävi
forbid {v} /fə(ɹ)ˈbɪd/ (to disallow) :: kieltää, estää
forbidden {adj} /fɝˈbɪdən/ (not allowed) :: kielletty
Forbidden City {prop} (palace of the Ming and Qing dynasties) :: Kielletty kaupunki
forbidden fruit {n} (the fruit forbidden to Adam) :: kielletty hedelmä
forbidden fruit {n} (illicit pleasure) :: kielletty hedelmä
forbidding {adj} (highly unpleasant or disagreeable) :: luontaantyöntävä
forbidding {adj} (threatening or menacing) :: pelottava, uhkaava
force {n} /fɔɹs/ (strength or energy of body or mind) :: voima
force {n} (power exerted against will or consent) :: voima, pakko, pakottaminen
force {n} (anything that is able to make a big change in person or thing) :: voima
force {n} (physical quantity) :: voima
force {n} (anything that has the power to produce an effect upon something else) :: voima
force {n} (group that aims to attack, control, or constrain) :: joukot {p}, voimat {p}
force {n} (ability to attack, control, or constrain) :: valta, voima
force {n} (law: legal validity) :: voimassaolo
force {n} (law: unlawful violence or lawful compulsion) :: pakottaminen, voimankäyttö
force {n} (linguistics: ability of an utterance to effect a given meaning) :: voima
force {n} (science fiction: binding, metaphysical, and ubiquitous power) :: voima
force {v} (compel (someone to do something)) :: pakottaa
force {v} (cause to occur, overcoming resistance) :: pakottaa
force {n} (waterfall) SEE: waterfall ::
forced labor {n} (work which one is compelled to perform) :: pakkotyö
force-feed {v} (force a person or animal to ingest food) :: pakkosyöttää
force-feed {v} (force someone to take in information) :: pakkosyöttää
force-feed {v} :: pakkosyöttää
force field {n} (physics) :: voimakenttä
force field {n} (chemistry) :: voimakenttä
force field {n} (science fiction) :: voimakenttä
forcefulness {n} (being forceful) :: voimakkuus
force majeure {n} /ˈfɔːs məˈʒɜː/ (overwhelming force) :: päätekijä
force majeure {n} (unavoidable catastrophe) :: force majeure, ylivoimainen este
force play {n} (play) :: pakkopeli
forceps {n} /ˈfɔːsɛps/ (instrument used in surgery) :: pihdit {p}, atulat {p}
force someone's hand {v} (to bring about a situation) :: pakottaa toimimaan
forcing {n} /ˈfɔɹ.sɪŋ/ (horticulture: the art of raising plants at an earlier season than is normal) :: hyötö
ford {n} /fɔɹd/ (crossing) :: kahlaamo, kahlauspaikka, kahluupaikka
ford {v} (to cross a stream) :: kahlata
fore {adj} /fɔɹ/ (former; occurring earlier) :: edellinen
fore {adj} (forward; at or toward the front) :: etu-, keula-
fore {interj} (in golf: yelled to inform players a ball is moving in their direction) :: fore
fore {n} (front) :: etuosa, keula
fore-and-aft {adj} (parallel with the keel, that is, going from bow to stern) :: viisto-
forearm {n} /ˈfɔɹˌɑɹm/ (part of the arm) :: kyynärvarsi
foreboding {n} (evil omen) :: paha enne
forebrain {n} (part of the brain) :: etuaivot
forecast {v} /ˈfɔɹkæst/ (estimate future conditions) :: ennustaa, ennakoida
forecast {n} (estimation) :: ennuste, ennakkoarvio
forecast {n} (weather prediction) :: sääennuste
forecastle {n} /ˈfoʊkˌsəl/ (nautical: raised part of the upper deck at bow) :: etukastelli, pakka
forecastle {n} (crew's quarters) :: skanssi
foreclosure {n} (proceeding by a creditor) :: ulosmittaus, ulosotto
forecourt {n} (area in front of a petrol station) :: mittarikenttä
forecourt {n} (open area in front of a building) :: etupiha
foredeck {n} (the part of the deck of a ship or boat that lies forward of the mast) :: keulakansi, etukansi
forefather {n} /ˈfɔɹˌfɑːðɚ/ (ancestor) :: esi-isä
forefinger {n} (first finger next to the thumb) :: etusormi
forefoot {v} (to bind the forefeet of an animal) :: sitoa etujalat
forefront {n} /ˈfɔɹfɹʌnt/ (forefront) :: eturintama, kärkikasti, kärkipää
forego {v} (precede) SEE: precede ::
foregoing {adj} /ˌfɔː(ɹ)ˈɡəʊ.ɪŋ/ (occurring before or in front of something else) :: edeltävä
foreground {n} /ˈfɔː(ɹ)ˌɡɹaʊnd/ (The elements of an image which lie closest to the picture plane) :: etuala
forehand {n} /fɔːɹhænd/ (stroke in racket sports) :: kämmenlyönti
forehead {n} /ˈfɔɹɛd/ (part of face above eyebrows) :: otsa
foreheaded {adj} (having some specific type of forehead) :: -otsainen
foreign {n} (foreigner) SEE: foreigner ::
foreign {adj} /ˈfɔɹən/ (located outside one's own country or place) :: vieras
foreign {adj} (originating from or characteristic of a different country) :: ulkomainen, ulkomaalainen
foreign {adj} (relating to a different nation) :: vieras, ulko- [ulkopolitiikka]
foreign {adj} (not characteristic of or naturally taken in by an organism or system) :: vieras
foreign {adj} (alien, strange) :: vieras
foreign {adj} (held at a distance; excluded; exiled) :: vieras, syrjitty
foreign {adj} (belonging to a different organization) :: vieras
foreign accent syndrome {n} (rare disorder) :: vieraan murteen syndrooma
foreign affairs {n} (matters or news) :: ulkomaan asiat {p}, ulkomaan uutiset {p}
foreign affairs {n} (policy) :: ulkopolitiikka, ulkoasiat
foreign affairs {n} (department) :: ulkoministeriö
foreign body {n} (unwanted intruding object) :: vieras esine
foreign correspondent {n} (reporter based in a foreign country) :: ulkomaankirjeenvaihtaja
foreign country {n} (country of which one is not a citizen) :: ulkomaa, ulkovalta
foreign currency {n} (currency used in a foreign country) :: ulkomaanvaluutta
foreign debt {n} (debt owed to foreigners) :: ulkomaanvelka
foreign debt {n} (aggregate of debt to foreigners) :: ulkomaanvelka
foreign direct investment {n} (direct investment into a country) :: ulkomaiset suorat investoinnit {p}
foreigner {n} /ˈfɔ.ɹə.nɚ/ (person in a foreign land) :: ulkomaalainen
foreign exchange {n} (foreign currency) SEE: foreign currency ::
foreign exchange {n} (exchange of currency from one country for currency from another country) :: valuutanvaihto
foreign exchange certificate {n} (surrogate currency) :: turistivaluutta; valuuttasertifikaatti
foreign exchange certificate {n} (authorization to purchase currency) :: valuutanvaihtolupa
foreign exchange market {n} (market for trading one currency for another) :: valuuttamarkkinat {p}
foreign key {n} (column referencing another table) :: viiteavain
foreign language {n} (any language other than that spoken by the people of a specific place) :: vieras kieli
foreign minister {n} (cabinet official) :: ulkoministeri
foreignness {n} /ˈfɔɹən.nəs/ (quality of being, appearing, or being perceived as foreign) :: vieraus, vierasmaalaisuus
foreign policy {n} (government's policy) :: ulkopolitiikka
foreign policy {n} (sum of a government's dealings) :: ulkopolitiikka
foreign trade {n} (trade between a country and other countries) :: ulkomaankauppa
foreknow {v} /ˌfɔɹˈnoʊ/ (to have foreknowledge of) :: tietää ennalta
foreknowledge {n} (knowing beforehand) :: ennakkotieto
foreland {n} (headland) SEE: headland ::
foreleg {n} (either of the two legs towards the front of a four-legged animal) :: etujalka
forelimb {n} (anterior limb) :: eturaaja
forelock {n} (hair that hangs over the forehead) :: otsatukka
forelock {n} (front part of a mane) :: otsaharja
foreman {n} /ˈfɔː(ɹ)mən/ (leader of a work crew) :: työnjohtaja
foreman {n} (member of a jury who presides over it and speaks on its behalf) :: puheenjohtaja
foremast {n} (foremost mast) :: keulamasto
foremost {adj} /ˈfɔː.məʊst/ (closest to the bow) :: keulimmainen
forename {n} /ˈfɔɹneɪm/ (a name that precedes surname) :: etunimi
forenoon {n} (morning) SEE: morning ::
forensic {adj} /fəˈɹɛn.zɪk/ (relating to the use of science and technology in the investigation and establishment of facts or evidence in a court of law) :: rikostekninen, oikeuslääketieteellinen
forensic {adj} (relating to, or appropriate for courts of law) :: oikeudellinen
forensic {adj} (relating to, or used in debate or argument) :: oikeudellinen
forensic science {n} (collection of physical evidence and its subsequent analysis) :: rikostekninen tutkimus
foreplay {n} (foreplay) :: esileikki
forequarter {n} (foreleg, shoulder and surrounding area) :: etuneljännes
forerunner {n} (precursor, harbinger) :: edeltäjä
forerunner {n} (forebear, ancestor, predecessor) :: edeltäjä
foresail {n} (lowest square sail on foremast) :: keulapurje, fokka
foresail {n} (in a sloop: triangular sail attached to forestay) :: keulapurje, fokka
foresee {v} /fɔɹˈsi/ (to anticipate) :: aavistaa, nähdä ennalta, ennustaa
foreseeable {adj} (able to be foreseen or anticipated) :: ennustettava, ennalta arvattava, ennakoitavissa oleva
foreseeably {adv} (in a manner that could be foreseen) :: ennustettavasti
foreshadow {v} /fɔːˈʃadəʊ/ (To presage, or suggest something in advance) :: ennakoida, enteillä
foreshadowing {n} (literary device) :: ennakointi
foreshock {n} (tremor preceding the mainshock in earthquake) :: esijäristys
foreshore {n} (part of a beach) :: vuorovesivyöhyke
foresight {n} (ability to foresee or prepare wisely for the future) :: kaukokatseisuus, harkitsevuus
foresight {n} (front sight on weapon) :: etutähtäin
foresightly {adj} (demonstrating foresight) :: kaukokatseinen
foreskin {n} /ˈfɔːskɪn/ (prepuce / foreskin) :: esinahka
forest {n} /ˈfɔɹɪst/ (dense collection of trees) :: metsä; (only large areas) korpi, salo, selkonen
forest {n} (any dense collection) :: metsä
forestation {n} (act of planting a forest) :: metsittäminen, metsänistutus
forestay {n} (stay that extends from the top of the foremast) :: keulaharus, etustaagi
forested {adj} (covered in forest) :: metsän peittämä
forester {n} (person practicing forestry) :: metsänhoitaja
forester {n} (person who lives in a forest) :: metsäläinen
forest falcon {n} (falcon of the genus Micrastur) :: amerikanhaukkanen
forest fire {n} (fire) :: metsäpalo
forest fly {n} (fly of the family Tabanidae) :: paarma
forest fly {n} (fly of the genus Hippobosca) :: hevoskärpänen [Hippobosca equina]
forestland {n} (land covered by trees) :: metsämaa
forest machine {n} (machine used for logging) :: metsäkone
forestry {n} (science of planting and growing trees) :: metsätiede
forestry {n} (art and practice of planting and growing trees) :: metsänhoito
forestry {n} (art of cultivating, exploiting and renewing forests for commercial purposes) :: metsätalous
forestry {n} (tree farming) :: puunviljely, metsätaloustiede
forestry {n} (tree farm) SEE: tree farm ::
foretell {v} /fɔɹ.ˈtɛɫ]/ (to predict the future) :: ennustaa, nähdä ennalta
forethought {n} (thinking beforehand) :: ennakointi, kauaskatseisuus
forethought {n} (anticipation) :: ennakointi
forethought {n} (provident care) :: järki, järkevyys
forethoughtful {adj} /ˈfɔɹθɔtfʊl/ (having forethought) :: kaukonäköinen, kaukokatseinen
forethoughtfulness {n} (condition of being forethoughtful) :: kaukonäköisyys
foretop {n} (forelock of a horse) SEE: forelock ::
foretop {n} (erect tuft of hair) :: hiustöyhtö
foretop {n} (nautical: platform at the top of the foremast) :: keulamärssy
foretop {n} (front seat) :: kuskinpukki
for ever {adv} (forever) SEE: forever ::
forever {adv} /fəˈɹɛvɚ/ (for all time, for all eternity; for an infinite amount of time) :: ikuisesti, ikiajoiksi
forever {adv} ((colloquially) for a very long time) :: ikuisuuden
forever {adv} ((colloquially) for an excessively long time) :: ikuisuuden
forever {adv} ((colloquially) constantly or frequently) :: aina
forever {n} (extremely long time) :: ikuisuus
forever {n} (mythical time in the infinite future) :: iäisyys
forevermore {adv} /fɔːɹˈɛv.ɚ.mɔːɹ/ (at any or all times in the future; forever) :: ikuisesti
forever stamp {n} (postage stamp indefinitely valid for a given rate class) :: ikimerkki
foreword {n} /ˈfɔɹwɝːd/ (an introductory section) :: esipuhe, alkusanat
for example {prep} (as an example) :: esimerkiksi
for free {prep} (without paying) :: ilmaiseksi
forge {n} /fɔɹd͡ʒ/ (furnace or hearth) :: ahjo
forge {n} (workshop) :: paja [small scale], takomo [industrial scale]
forge {v} (to shape a metal) :: takoa
forge {v} (to create a forgery of) :: väärentää
forger {n} (person who falsifies documents with intent to defraud) :: väärentäjä
forger {n} (Person who forges metals.) :: väärentäjä
forgery {n} (invention) SEE: invention ::
forgery {n} /ˈfɔːɹ.dʒəɹ.ɪ/ (the act of forging metal into shape) :: taonta
forgery {n} (the act of forging, fabricating or producing falsely) :: väärentäminen
forgery {n} (that which is forged or counterfeited) :: väärennös
forget {v} /fəˈɡɛt/ (to lose remembrance of) :: unohtaa
forget {v} (to unintentionally not do) :: unohtaa
forget {v} (to leave behind) :: unohtaa
forget {v} (to cease remembering) :: unohtaa
forgetful {adj} (liable to forget) :: huonomuistinen
forgetfulness {n} /fəˈɡɛtfʊlnɪs/ (proneness to let slip from the mind) :: muistamattomuus, huonomuistisuus, hajamielisyys, unohtelu
forgetfulness {n} (loss of remembrance) :: unohdus, muistinmenetys, unohtaminen
forgetfulness {n} (failure to bear in mind) :: unohdus, unohtaminen
forget it {v} (It doesn't matter) :: unohda
forget it {v} (reply to an expression of gratitude) :: eipä kestä
forget it {v} (I don't want to continue with this conversation) :: unohda
forget-me-not {n} /fɚˈɡɛt.mi.nɑt/ (plant of the genus Myosotis) :: lemmikki
forgettable {adj} (easily forgotten) :: helposti unohtuva
forgetter {n} (one who forgets) :: unohtaja
forgivable {adj} (able to be forgiven) :: anteeksiannettava
forgive {v} /fə(ɹ)ˈɡɪv/ (transitive, to pardon) :: antaa anteeksi
forgiveness {n} (the action of forgiving) :: anteeksianto, anteeksi antaminen; anteeksiantamus [religious]
forgiveness {n} (readiness to forgive) :: anteeksiantavaisuus
forgiving {adj} (inclined to forgive) :: anteeksiantavainen
forgo {v} /fɔɹˈɡoʊ/ :: luopua, olla ilman, pidättäytyä
for God's sake {interj} (Exclamation of anger, surprise, or impatience) :: Herran tähden
for good {prep} (Forever; permanently) :: lopullisesti, pysyvästi
for good measure {prep} (in excess of the required minimum) :: kaiken varalta, varmuuden vuoksi, varoiksi
forgotten {adj} /fɚˈɡɑt.n̩/ (of which knowledge has been lost, which is no longer remembered) :: unohdettu
for hours {adv} (taking many hours) :: tunteja, tuntikaupalla
for instance {adv} (as an example) SEE: for example ::
forint {n} /ˈfɔ.ɹɪnt/ (unit of currency) :: forintti
fork {n} /fɔːɹk/ (pronged tool) :: talikko
fork {n} (eating utensil) :: haarukka
fork {n} (intersection) :: haara, tienhaara
fork {n} (one of the parts into which anything is furcated) :: haara
fork {n} (point where a waterway splits) :: haara, joenhaara
fork {n} (name of some river tributaries) :: haara
fork {n} (figurative: point in time of making a decision) :: tienhaara
fork {n} (chess: simultaneous attack) :: haarukka
fork {n} (computer science: splitting of a process) :: haarakohta
fork {n} (computer science: splitting of a project) :: forkki [slang], forkkaus [slang]
fork {n} (blades of a forklift) :: haarukka
fork {n} (bicycle fork) :: haarukka, etuhaarukka
fork {v} (to divide into two or more branches) :: haarautua
fork {v} (to move with fork) :: haarukoida [eat with fork], talikoida [use agricultural tool]
fork {v} (computer science: to spawn a new child process) :: forkata [slang]
fork {v} (to kick someone in the crotch) :: potkaista haaroihin
fork {v} (to shoot into blades, as corn) :: versoa
fork {n} (tuning fork) SEE: tuning fork ::
fork {n} (forklift) SEE: forklift ::
fork {n} (UK: crotch) SEE: crotch ::
fork {n} (gallows) SEE: gallows ::
forked {adj} (that splits) :: haarautuva, halkipäinen (heraldry)
forkful {n} (amount a fork will hold) :: haarukallinen
for kicks {prep} (for pleasure or excitement. See kicks) :: läpällä, huvin vuoksi
fork in the road {n} (junction) :: tienhaara
forklift {n} (small industrial vehicle) :: haarukkatrukki, trukki
forlorn {adj} /fəˈlɔːn/ (abandoned, deserted, left behind) :: hylätty
forlorn {adj} (miserable) :: hylätty
forlorn {adj} (unlikely to succeed) :: epätoivoinen
forlorn hope {n} /fəˌlɔːnˈhəʊp/ (small troop that makes an advanced attack) :: etujoukko
forlorn hope {n} (hopeless venture) :: epätoivoinen yritys
form {n} /fɔɹm/ (shape or visible structure) :: muoto
form {n} (document to be filled in) :: lomake
form {n} (grouping of words) :: muoto
form {v} (to give shape) :: muotoilla, muodostaa
form {v} ((intransitive) to take shape) :: muodostua
form {v} ((linguistics) to create a word) :: muodostaa
form {v} (to constitute, to compose) :: muodostaa
form {n} (level of pre-collegiate education) SEE: grade ::
-form {suffix} (shaped) SEE: shaped ::
formal {adj} /ˈfɔɹməl/ (being in accord with established forms) :: kaavamainen, formaali
formal {adj} (official) :: virallinen, formaali
formal {adj} (relating to the form or structure of something) :: muodollinen, formaali
formal {adj} (ceremonial) :: juhlallinen, formaali
formal {n} (formalin) SEE: formalin ::
formaldehyde {n} (organic compound) :: formaldehydi
formalin {n} (a solution of formaldehyde in water) :: formaliini
formalist {adj} /ˈfɔɹml̩ˌɪst/ (of or pertaining to formalism) :: formalistinen
formalistic {adj} (formalist) SEE: formalist ::
formalistically {adv} (in a formalistic manner) :: formalistisesti
formality {n} (specific requirement) :: muodollisuudet, formaliteetit
formalize {v} /ˈfɔː(ɹ).mə.laɪz/ (to give something a definite form) :: muotoilla, formalisoida
formalize {v} (to give something formal or official standing) :: vahvistaa, virallistaa, formaalistaa
formalize {v} (to act with formality) :: toimia muodollisesti
formal language {n} (set of finite strings) :: formaali kieli
formally {adv} /ˈfɔɹməli/ (in a formal manner) :: muodollisesti, virallisesti, juhlallisesti, formaalisti
formally {adv} (in accordance with official procedure) :: virallisesti, muodollisesti
formally {adv} (in accordance with rigorous rules) :: formaalisti
formal science {n} (study concerned with formal systems) :: formaalinen tiede
formant {n} (band of frequencies) :: formantti
format {n} /ˈfɔːɹ.mæt/ (layout of a document) :: muoto, formaatti
format {n} (form of presentation) :: esitysmuoto, muoto, formaatti; ohjelmaformaatti [specifically of radio or TV program]
format {n} (computing: file type) :: formaatti, tallennusmuoto, tiedostomuoto
format {v} (create or edit the layout of a document) :: muotoilla
format {v} (change a document so it will fit onto a different type of page) :: formatoida
format {v} (computing: prepare a mass storage medium for initial use) :: alustaa, formatoida
formate {n} (salt or ester of formic acid) :: formiaatti
formation {n} /fɔɹ.meɪ.ʃən/ (something possessing structure or form) :: muodostelma, muodostuma, -muodostus
formation {n} (act of assembling a group or structure) :: muodostaminen, muodostus
formation {n} (geology: rock or face of a mountain) :: muodostuma
formation {n} (military: grouping of units under a command) :: muodostelma
formation {n} (military: arrangement of moving troops, ships, or aircraft) :: muodostelma
formation {n} (process of influencing or guiding a person to a deeper understanding of a particular vocation) :: koulutus
former {adj} /ˈfɔɹmɚ/ (previous) :: edeltävä, edellinen, entinen
former {adj} (first of aforementioned two items) :: ensimmäinen
formerly {adv} /ˈfɔɹmɚli/ (at some time in the past) :: aiemmin
formerly {adv} (previously; once) :: aiemmin, kerran
former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia {prop} (provisional designation of the Republic of Macedonia, see also: Republic of Macedonia; Macedonia) :: entinen Jugoslavian tasavalta Makedonia, EJTM
form factor {n} (The ratio of the RMS value to the absolute mean) :: muotokerroin
form factor {n} (in quantum field theory) :: muotokerroin
form factor {n} (The geometry of an object in engineering design) :: kokoluokka
formic acid {n} (methanoic acid) :: muurahaishappo, metaanihappo
formidable {adj} /fɔːɹˈmɪdəbəl/ (causing fear, dread, awe or admiration as a result of size, strength, or some other impressive quality) :: mahtava, valtava, vaikuttava
form of address {n} (term of address) SEE: term of address ::
form of government {n} (system) :: valtiojärjestys, valtiomuoto
Formosa {prop} (Taiwan) SEE: Taiwan ::
Formosa {prop} /fɔɹˈmoʊ.sə/ (name given to Taiwan island) :: Formosa
Formosan {adj} (of or relating to Formosa) :: formosalainen
Formosan {n} (inhabitant of Formosa) :: formosalainen
Formosa Strait {prop} (Taiwan Strait) SEE: Taiwan Strait ::
formula {n} /ˈfɔː.mjʊ.lə/ (in mathematics) :: kaava
formula {n} (in chemistry) :: kaava
formula {n} (plan or method for dealing with a problem or for achieving a result) :: kaava, toimintamalli
formula {n} (formulation, prescription) :: resepti
formula {n} (drink given to babies) :: äidinmaidonvastike
Formula One {prop} (discipline in motor racing) :: Formula 1
formulate {v} (to reduce to, or express in, a formula; to put in a clear and definite form of statement or expression) :: muotoilla, formuloida
Fornax {prop} (constellation) :: Sulatusuuni
fornicate {v} /ˈfɔː.nɪ.kət/ (to commit fornication) :: käydä vieraissa
fornication {n} /ˌfɔɹnɪˈkeɪʃən/ (sexual intercourse, especially on the part of an unmarried person) :: fornikaatio
fornication {n} (the act of such illicit sexual intercourse between a man and a woman which does not by law amount to adultery) :: fornikaatio
fornix {n} (anatomy: archlike structure or fold) :: holvi, pohjukka
fornix {n} (brain part) :: aivokaari
for nothing {adv} (for free) :: ilmaiseksi
for now {prep} (at the moment; until later) :: tällä erää, tällä haavaa
for once {prep} (for the first time) :: kerrankin
for once {prep} (in a rare exception to the rule) :: kerrankin
for one {prep} (as the first in a number of examples) :: ensiksi
for one {prep} (as one person among other people) :: ainakin
for real {adj} (genuine, true or natural) :: aito, tosi, totta
for real {adv} (truly) :: oikeasti, todella
for rent {prep} (being offered for renting) :: vuokrataan
forsake {v} /fɔɹˈseɪk/ (to abandon) :: hylätä
for sale {prep} (being offered for purchase) :: kaupan, myytävänä
for starters {adv} (as an initial point) :: ensiksikin, alkajaisiksi, ensi alkuun
for sure {prep} (definitely) :: varmasti
forsythia {n} (shrub of genus Forsythia) :: onnenpensas
fort {n} /fɔɹt/ (fortified defensive structure stationed with troops) :: linnake, linnoitus
fort {n} (any permanent army post) :: tukikohta
fortalice {n} /ˈfɔːtəlɪs/ (a small fortress) :: skanssi
forte {n} /ˈfɔːteɪ/ (strength or talent) :: vahvuus, vahva puoli
forte {n} (the strong part of a sword blade, close to the hilt) :: juuri
forte {adj} /ˈfɔː.teɪ/ (music: loud) :: forte
forte {adv} (music: loudly) :: fortena, kovaa, voimakkaasti
forth {adv} /fɔɹθ/ (forward in time, place or degree) :: eteenpäin
forth {adv} (out into view) :: esiin
forthcoming {adj} (approaching) :: tuleva, lähestyvä
forthcoming {adj} (available) :: saatavilla, ulottuvilla
forthcoming {adj} (considerate) :: avomielinen, avoin
for the life of one {prep} (if my life depended on it) :: kuolemakseen
for the moment {adv} (at the moment) SEE: for the time being ::
for the most part {adv} (mostly) :: enimmäkseen, etupäässä, useimmiten
for the sake of {prep} (because of) :: nimessä, vuoksi, takia, tähden
for the time being {adv} (temporarily; until later) :: toistaiseksi
forties {n} (the decade of the 1940s) :: neljäkymmentäluku, nelikymmenluku
fortieth {adj} /ˈfɔɹ.ti.əθ/ (ordinal form of forty) :: neljäskymmenes
fortieth {n} (person or thing) :: neljäskymmenes
fortieth {n} (one of forty equal parts) :: neljäskymmenesosa
fortification {n} (the act of fortifying) :: linnoittaminen
fortification {n} (that which fortifies) :: linnoite, linnoitus
fortify {v} (increase the defenses of) :: vahvistaa, linnoittaa
fortify {v} (to impart strength or vigor to) :: vahvistaa
fortify {v} (to increase the nutritional value) :: vahvistaa, vahventaa
fortitude {n} /ˈfɔːtɪtjuːd/ (mental or emotional strength) :: mielenlujuus, lujuus, luonteenlujuus
fortnight {adv} /ˈfɔɹt.naɪt/ (period of two weeks) :: kaksi viikkoa
fortnightly {adv} (once in a fortnight) :: kahden viikon välein
fortochka {n} /ˈfɔːtətʃkə/ (small ventilation window spanning the frame of a window) :: tuuletusikkuna
fortress {n} /ˈfɔɹ.tɹəs/ (fortified place) :: linnoitus
fortuitous {adj} /fɔːˈtjuːɪtəs/ (happening by chance, not necessarily a lucky one) :: sattumanvarainen, satunnainen
fortuitous {adj} (happening by a lucky chance) :: onnekas
fortuitous {adj} (law: happening independently of human will) :: tahaton, satunnainen
fortuitously {adv} (in a fortuitous manner) :: sattumalta, onnekkaasti, tahattomasti
fortuity {n} (state of being fortuitous) :: onnekkuus, hyväonnisuus
fortuity {n} (fortuitous event) :: onnenpotku, sattuma
fortunate {adj} /ˈfɔːt͡ʃənɪt/ (Coming by good luck or favorable chance) :: onnekas
fortunate {adj} (Auspicious) :: lupaava, suotuisa
fortunate {adj} (Receiving some unforeseen or unexpected good, or some good, independent of one's own skill or efforts) :: onnekas
fortunate {adj} (Lucky, favored by fortune) :: onnekas
fortunately {adv} (in a fortunate manner) :: onnekkaasti
fortunately {adv} (it is fortunate that) :: onneksi
fortune {n} /ˈfɔːtʃuːn/ (destiny) :: kohtalo
fortune {n} (a chance) :: sattuma
fortune {n} (good luck) :: onni, tuuri [colloquial]
fortune {n} (lots of riches) :: omaisuus
fortune cookie {n} (snack) :: onnenkeksi
fortune favors the bold {proverb} (luck favors the adventurous) :: onni suosii rohkeaa
fortune hunter {n} (person who eagerly seeks wealth) :: onnenonkija
fortuneteller {n} (person who professes to predict the future in return for money) :: ennustaja, povari
fortune-telling {n} (fortunetelling, predicting one's future) :: ennustaminen
forty {num} /ˈfɔɹti/ (the cardinal number occurring after thirty-nine) :: neljäkymmentä
forty-eight {num} (48) :: neljäkymmentäkahdeksan
forty-eighth {num} (ordinal form of forty-eight) :: neljäskymmeneskahdeksas
forty-fifth {num} (ordinal form of forty-five) :: neljäskymmenesviides
forty-first {num} (41st) :: neljäskymmenesensimmäinen
forty-five {num} (45) :: neljäkymmentäviisi
forty-four {num} (44) :: neljäkymmentäneljä
forty-fourth {num} (ordinal form of forty-four) :: neljäskymmenesneljäs
forty-nine {num} (49) :: neljäkymmentäyhdeksän
forty-ninth {num} (ordinal form of forty-nine) :: neljäskymmenesyhdeksäs
forty-one {num} (41) :: neljäkymmentäyksi
forty-second {num} (ordinal form of forty-two) :: neljäskymmenestoinen, neljäskymmeneskahdes
forty-seven {num} (47) :: neljäkymmentäseitsemän
forty-seventh {num} (47th) :: neljäskymmenesseitsemäs
forty-seventh {n} (1/47) :: neljäskymmenesseitsemäsosa
forty-six {num} (46) :: neljäkymmentäkuusi
forty-sixth {num} (ordinal form of forty-six) :: neljäskymmeneskuudes
fortysomething {n} (quadragenarian) SEE: quadragenarian ::
forty-third {num} (ordinal form of forty-three) :: neljäskymmeneskolmas
forty-three {num} (43) :: neljäkymmentäkolme
forty-two {num} (Cardinal number) :: neljäkymmentäkaksi
forum {n} /ˈfɔːɹəm/ (place for discussion) :: foorumi
forum {n} (gathering for the purpose of discussion) :: keskustelutilaisuus
forum {n} (form of discussion) :: paneelikeskustelu
forum {n} (Internet message board) :: keskustelupalsta
forum {n} (square or marketplace) :: tori
forward {adj} /ˈfɔɹwɚd/ (at the front) :: etu-, etummainen, etinen
forward {adj} (without customary restraint) :: uskalias, uskallettu
forward {adj} (expected in the future) :: tuleva, ennustettu, odotettu
forward {adv} (towards the front) :: eteenpäin
forward {adv} (in the usual direction of travel) :: eteenpäin
forward {adv} (into the future) :: lähtien, eteenpäin
forward {v} (send (something received) to a third party) :: välittää, lähettää eteenpäin
forward {n} (player nearest to the opposing soccer team) :: hyökkääjä
forward {n} (centre or winger in ice hockey) :: hyökkääjä
forward {n} (front part of a vessel) :: keula, kokka
forward compatibility {n} (compatibility with future systems) :: eteenpäin yhteensopivuus
forward compatible {adj} (compatible with future systems) :: eteenpäin yhteensopiva
forwarding {n} (The act by which something is forwarded.) :: huolinta
forward roll {n} (movement) :: kuperkeikka
forward slash {n} (slash) SEE: slash ::
for what it's worth {prep} (considering what limited worth this advice may have) :: mitä arvoa tällä/sillä onkaan
Fosbury flop {n} (high jump) :: floppityyli
fossil {n} /ˈfɑːsəl/ (The mineralized remains of an animal or plant) :: fossiili
fossil {n} (a fossilized term) :: fossiili
fossil {n} (anything extremely old, extinct, or outdated) :: fossiili
fossil fuel {n} (fuel) :: fossiilinen polttoaine
fossiliferous {adj} (containing fossils) :: fossiilipitoinen
fossilization {n} (the process of conversion into a fossil) :: kivettyminen
fossilization {n} (the process of becoming fixed) :: kivettyminen
fossilize {v} /ˈfɒs.ɪl.aɪz/ (to make into fossil) :: fossilisoida
fossilize {v} (to become a fossil) :: fossilisoitua
foster {adj} /ˈfɔstɚ/ (providing parental care to unrelated children) :: kasvatus-, kasvatti-
foster {v} (to nurture or bring up offspring; or to provide similar parental care to an unrelated child) :: kasvattaa
foster {v} (to cultivate and grow something) :: vaalia
foster {v} (to nurse or cherish something) :: vaalia, hoivata
foster care {n} (system by which a child is cared for) :: perhehoito
foster child {n} (a child in foster care) :: kasvattilapsi
foster family {n} (family having at least one foster child) :: sijaisperhe
fosterling {n} (foster child) SEE: foster child ::
foster parent {n} (adult who cares for a child who has been placed in foster care) :: kasvatusvanhempi, sijaisvanhempi, perhehoitaja
Foucault's pendulum {n} (pendulum free to move in any direction) :: Foucaultin heiluri
foul {adj} /faʊl/ (covered with, or containing, extraneous matter) :: likainen, saastainen, epäpuhdas
foul {adj} (scurrilous; obscene or profane; abusive) :: siivoton, ruma, törkyinen, törkeä
foul {adj} (hateful; detestable; shameful; odious; wretched) :: häpeällinen, häijy
foul {adj} (loathsome; disgusting) :: inhottava, iljettävä, vastenmielinen
foul {adj} (ugly; homely; poor) :: kurja, surkea
foul {adj} (not favorable; unpropitious) :: kurja
foul {adj} (not conformed to the established rules and customs of a game, conflict, test, etc.) :: sääntöjen vastainen, väärä
foul {adj} (having freedom of motion interfered with by collision or entanglement) :: juuttunut
foul {adj} (outside of the base lines) :: laiton
foul {v} (to make dirty) :: liata, tahrata
foul {v} (to besmirch) :: tahrata
foul {v} (to clog or obstruct) :: tukkia
foul {v} (to make contact with an opposing player in order to gain advantage) :: rikkoa sääntöjä
foul {v} (to hit outside of the baselines) :: lyödä ulos, lyödä väärä
foul {v} (to become clogged) :: tukkeutua
foul {v} (to become entangled) :: sotkeutua
foul {n} (offence in sports) :: rike, rikkominen
foul ball {n} (ball that land in foul territory) :: laiton
foul language {n} (profane words) :: kirosana
foul line {n} (basketball) :: vapaaheittoviiva
foul line {n} (baseball) :: laitonlinja
foul line {n} (bowling) :: rajarikkoviiva; hyppyraja
foul-mouthed {adj} (of a user of bad language) :: rääväsuinen
foul play {n} (unfair, unethical, or criminal behavior) :: vilunkipeli
foul play {n} (violation of rules) :: vilppi
foul wind {n} (wind against traveled direction) :: vastatuuli
found {v} /faʊnd/ (to start an organization) :: perustaa
found {v} (to begin building) :: perustaa
found {v} (melt) SEE: melt ::
foundation {n} /faʊnˈdeɪʃən/ (act of founding) :: perustaminen
foundation {n} (that upon which anything is founded) :: perustus [concrete], perusta [figuratively]
foundation {n} (result of the work to begin something) :: perusta
foundation {n} (pile of cards) :: peruspakka
foundation {n} (lowest and supporting part or member of a wall) :: perustus
foundation {n} (legacy constituting a permanent fund of charitable institution) :: peruspääoma
foundation {n} (endowed institution or charity) :: säätiö
foundation {n} (cosmetic cream) :: alusvoide
foundation {n} (basis for social bodies; intellectual disciplines) :: perusta
foundationalism {n} (the doctrine that beliefs derive justification from certain basic beliefs) :: fundamentalismi, foundationalismi
founder {n} /ˈfaʊndɚ/ (one who founds, establishes, and erects; one who lays a foundation; an author) :: perustaja
founder {n} (someone for whose parents one has no data) :: kantaisä, kantaäiti
founder {n} (worker in charge of the blast furnace and smelting) :: sulattaja
founder {n} (one who casts metals in various forms) :: valuri, valaja
founder {v} (to sink) :: upota
founder {v} (to stumble) :: kompastua
founder {v} (to fail) :: epäonnistua
foundling {n} (abandoned child, left by its parent) :: löytölapsi
foundling wheel {n} (revolving crib) :: vauvaluukku
foundry {n} /faʊndɹi/ (facility that melts metals) :: valimo
fountain {n} (spring) SEE: spring ::
fountain {n} /ˈfaʊn.ʔn̩]/ (artificial water feature) :: suihkulähde
fountain {n} (structure from which a fountain issues) :: suihkulähde
fountain {n} (source or origin of a flow) :: lähde
fountain {v} (to flow or gush as if from a fountain) :: pulputa
fountain drink {n} (type of drink) :: hanajuoma
fountainhead {n} (a spring that is the source of a river) :: alkulähde
Fountain of Youth {prop} (legendary spring of water that restores youth) :: nuoruuden lähde
fountain pen {n} (pen containing a reservoir of ink) :: täytekynä
four {num} /fɔɹ/ (the cardinal number 4) :: neljä
four {n} (the digit or figure 4) :: nelonen
four-and-twenty {num} (archaic way of saying 24) :: neljäkolmatta
four by two {n} (Jew) SEE: Jew ::
four by two {n} (sawn wood of cross section 4" by 2") :: kakkosnelonen
four-dimensional {adj} (measurable along four mutually perpendicular axes) :: neliulotteinen
four-dimensional {adj} (of the four dimensions of space-time) :: neliulotteinen
four-door {adj} (having four doors) :: neliovinen
four-door {n} (car) :: neliovinen auto
four-flush {v} (to bluff) :: bluffata
fourfold {adj} (four times as great) :: nelinkertainen
fourfold {adv} (by a factor of four) :: nelinkertaisesti
fourfold {v} (increase to four times as much) :: nelinkertaistaa
fourhanded {adj} (having four hands) :: nelikätinen
fourhanded {adj} (requiring four hands) :: nelikätinen
fourhanded {adj} (requiring or involving four people) :: neljän hengen
fourhorn sculpin {n} (a species of fish) :: härkäsimppu
Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse {prop} (Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse) :: Ilmestyskirjan neljä ratsastajaa
Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse {prop} (signs which combine to imply the imminence of destruction) :: tuomiopäivän merkit {p}
four hundred {num} /ˈfoʊɹ ˈhʌn.dɹəd/ (cardinal number 400) :: neljäsataa
Fourier transform {n} (mathematics: a process that expresses a function) :: Fourier-muunnos
four-leaf clover {n} (clover with four leaves) :: neliapila
four-leaf clover {n} (bringer of good luck) :: neliapila
four-legged {adj} (having four legs) :: nelijalkainen
four-legged friend {n} (animal regarded as a good fiend) :: nelijalkainen ystävä
four-letter word {n} (swear word) SEE: swear word ::
four o'clock {n} (the start of the fifth hour) :: neljä (see also kello)
four of a kind {n} (four cards of the same rank) :: neljä samaa, neloset {p}
fours {n} (pair of fours) :: nelospari
foursome {n} (group of four) :: nelikko
four-string guitar {n} (type of guitar, see also: tenor guitar) :: nelikielinen kitara
four-stroke engine {n} (type of engine) :: nelitahtimoottori
fourteen {num} /ˈfɔɹt.tin/ (cardinal number) :: neljätoista
fourteenth {adj} /ˌfɔɹˈtiːnθ/ (ordinal form of the number fourteen) :: neljästoista (abbreviation 14.)
fourteenth {n} (something in the fourteenth position) :: neljästoista
fourteenth {n} (one of fourteen equal parts of a whole) :: neljästoistaosa
fourth {n} (quarter) SEE: quarter ::
fourth {adj} /fɔɹθ/ (ordinal form of the number four) :: neljäs
fourth {n} (person or thing in the fourth position) :: neljäs
fourth {n} (fourth gear) SEE: fourth gear ::
fourth-degree {adj} (damaging muscles and other tissue) :: neljännen asteen
fourth estate {n} (press) :: neljäs valtiomahti
fourth gear {n} (second-highest gear of an engine) :: nelonen, nelosvaihde
fourthly {adv} (in the fourth place) :: neljänneksi
four thousand {num} (4000) :: neljätuhatta
Fourth Reich {prop} (Hypothetical resurrection of the Third Reich) :: Neljäs valtakunta
fourth wall {n} (imaginary invisible wall in theatre) :: neljäs seinä
fourth wall {n} (boundary between fiction and audience) :: neljäs seinä
four-wheel drive {n} (vehicle) :: nelivetoauto
four-wheel drive {n} (transmission system) :: neliveto
four-wheel-drive {adj} (four-wheel-drive) :: nelivetoinen, neliveto-
four-wheeler {n} (vehicle with four wheels) :: nelipyöräinen
fowl {n} (bird) SEE: bird ::
fowl {n} /faʊl/ (bird of the order Galliformes) :: kanalintu
fowl {n} (birds which are hunted or kept for food) :: riistalintu [hunted]; siipikarja [kept]
fox {n} /fɑks/ (Vulpes) :: kettu
fox {n} (any of the species in the tribe Vulpini) :: kettu
fox {n} (cunning person) :: kettu, kelmi
fox {n} (attractive woman) :: kissa
fox {n} (fox terrier) SEE: fox terrier ::
foxberry {n} (plant and berry Vaccinium vitis-idaea) SEE: lingonberry ::
foxglove {n} (plant of the genus Digitalis) :: sormustinkukka
foxhole {n} (fox's burrow) :: ketunkolo
foxhole {n} (small pit dug into the ground as a shelter) :: potero
foxiness {n} (characteristic or quality of being foxy) :: oveluus
fox in the henhouse {n} (a predator loose among the prey) :: kettu kanatarhassa
foxtail {n} (tail of a fox) :: ketunhäntä
foxtail {n} (foxtail grass) :: puntarpää (Alopecurus), pantaheinä (Setaria)
foxtail {n} (bushy seed spikelet) :: tähkä
foxtail millet {n} (Echinochloa esculenta) :: japaninkananhirssi
foxtail millet {n} (Setaria italica) :: italianpantaheinä, tähkähirssi
fox terrier {n} (dog breeds) :: kettuterrieri, foksterrieri
foxtrot {n} (a ballroom dance) :: fokstrotti
foxtrot {n} (the letter "F") :: farao
foyer {n} /ˈfɔɪ.eɪ/ (lobby, corridor, or waiting room) :: aula, lämpiö
fracas {n} /ˈfɹeɪkəs/ (a noisy disorderly quarrel) :: rytäkkä, rähinä
fracking {n} (hydraulic fracturing) SEE: hydraulic fracturing ::
fractal {n} /ˈfɹæk.təl/ (self-similar geometric figure) :: fraktaali
fractal {n} (figure irregular at all scales) :: fraktaali
fractal {adj} (having the form of a fractal) :: fraktaalinen
fractal dimension {n} (a dimension for making measurements on a fractal set) :: fraktaalidimensio
fractile {n} (value) :: fraktiili
fraction {n} /ˈfɹæk.ʃən/ (part of a whole) :: murto-osa
fraction {n} (arithmetic: ratio) :: murtoluku [ratio of two integers]; suhdeluku [ratio of real numbers]
fraction {n} (chemistry: component separated by fractionation) :: jae
fraction {n} (eucharistic service: breaking of the host) :: murtaminen
fraction {v} (to divide into fractions) :: fraktioida, jakaa, pilkkoa
fractional {adj} /ˈfɹæk.ʃən.əl/ (very small) :: pikkiriikkinen, pienen pieni, mitätön
fractional reserve banking {n} (mode of banking) :: vähimmäisvarantojärjestelmä
fraction slash {n} :: murtolukuviiva
fracture {n} /ˈfɹæk.tʃɚ/ (act of breaking, or something broken) :: murtuma
fracture {n} ((geology) fault) :: murros
fracture {v} (break) :: haljeta, murtua
frag {n} /fɹæɡ/ (A successful kill in a deathmatch game) :: tappo, frägi
frag {v} (to kill (another player) in a deathmatch computer game) :: tappaa, frägätä
fragile {adj} /ˈfɹædʒəl/ (easily broken or destroyed) :: hauras, särkyvä
fragile X syndrome {n} (syndrome) :: frax-oireyhtymä
fragility {n} /fɹəˈd͡ʒɪlɪti/ (condition or quality of being fragile) :: hauraus
fragility {n} (weakness) :: heikkous
fragment {n} /ˈfɹæɡmənt/ (portion or segment of an object) :: sirpale, osanen, fragmentti
fragment {v} (to break apart) :: särkyä, rikkoutua, sirpaloitua, pirstoutua, hajota
fragment {v} (to cause to be broken into pieces) :: särkeä, rikkoa, pirstoa, hajottaa
fragmentary {adj} (consisting of fragments) :: hajanainen, sirpaleinen
fragmentary {adj} ((geology)) :: fragmentaarinen
fragmentation {n} (act of fragmenting or something fragmented; disintegration) :: sirpaloituminen
fragmentation {n} (process by which fragments of an exploding bomb scatter.) :: sirpaloituminen
fragmentation {n} (the breaking up and dispersal of a file into non-contiguous areas of a disk) :: fragmentaatio, fragmentoituminen, pirstoutuminen
fragmentation {n} (the breaking up of a data packet when larger than the transmission unit of a network) :: fragmentaatio
fragrance {n} /ˈfɹeɪɡɹəns/ (pleasant smell or odour) :: tuoksu
fragrant {adj} /ˈfɹeɪ.ɡɹənt/ (sweet-smelling) :: hyväntuoksuinen, tuoksuva
frail {adj} /fɹeɪl/ (easily broken, mentally or physically fragile) :: hauras, heiveröinen
frail {adj} (liable to fall from virtue) :: hairahtuvainen
frailty {n} (condition of being frail) :: hauraus, heiveröisyys
frame {v} /fɹeɪm/ (add a decorative border to a picture) :: kehystää
frame {v} (establish a context in words) :: muotoilla
frame {v} (cause a person to appear guilty) :: lavastaa
frame {n} (structural elements of a building or other constructed object) :: runko
frame {n} (structure of a person's body) :: keho
frame {n} (rigid, generally rectangular mounting) :: kehys
frame {n} (piece of photographic film containing an image) :: kuva
frame {n} (chunk of data) :: kehys
frame {n} (division of a second) :: kuvaruutu
frame of reference {n} (set of assumptions, ideas and standards) :: viitekehys
frame of reference {n} (physics: set of axes) :: koordinaatisto
frame saw {n} (design of saw) :: raamisaha
frame story {n} (literary technique) :: kehyskertomus
framework {n} /ˈfɹeɪmwɝk/ (the arrangement of support beams that represent a buildings general shape and size) :: kehikko
framework {n} (a basic conceptual structure) :: viitekehys, kehikko
framework agreement {n} (preliminary agreement) :: perussopimus, puitesopimus
franc {n} /fɹæŋk/ (former currency of France and Belgium) :: frangi
franc {n} (any of several units of currency) :: frangi
France {prop} /fɹæns/ (country) :: Ranska
franchise {n} /ˈfɹænt͡ʃaɪ̯z/ (right or privilege officially granted by a government) :: oikeus, etuoikeus, valtuutus
franchise {n} (acknowledgement of a corporation's existence and ownership) :: toimilupa
franchise {n} (authorization granted by a company to sell or distribute its goods or services in a certain area) :: toimilupa, franchise, franchisingsopimus
franchise {n} (business operating under such authorization) :: franchisen ottaja, toimiluvanhaltija
franchise {n} (legal exemption from jurisdiction) :: poikkeuslupa
franchise {n} (membership of a corporation or state) :: osakkuus [of a corporation], kansalaisuus [of a state]
franchise {n} (right to vote at a public election) :: äänioikeus
franchise {n} (sports team and its history as entity) :: urheiluseura
franchise {v} (to confer certain powers on) :: valtuuttaa
franchisee {n} (holder of a franchise) :: franchisen ottaja
franchiser {n} (franchisor) SEE: franchisor ::
franchiser {n} (person who has the right the vote) :: äänioikeutettu
franchising {n} (the establishment, granting, or use of a franchise) :: franchising
franchisor {n} (one who grants franchises) :: franchisen antaja
Francis {prop} /ˈfɹænsɪs/ (male given name) :: Frans, Franciscus [religion]
Franciscan {n} /fɹænˈsɪskən/ (a monk or nun belonging to the religious order founded by St Francis of Assisi) :: fransiskaani
francium {n} /ˈfɹænsi.əm/ (chemical element) :: frankium
Franco- {prefix} (relating to France or French) :: ranskalainen, ranskalais-
francolin {n} /ˈfɹæŋkəlɪn/ (partridge) :: frankoliini
Francophilia {n} (love of France, the French or French culture) :: frankofilia
Francophone {adj} /ˈfɹæŋkɒfəʊn/ (French-speaking) :: ranskankielinen
Francophone {n} (speaker of French) :: ranskankielinen [as mother tongue]; ranskantaitoinen [as foreign language]
Franco-Provençal {prop} (a Romance language) :: arpitaani
frank {adj} /fɹæŋk/ (bluntly honest) :: suora
frank {v} (to place a frank on an envelope) :: frankeerata
Frank {n} /fɹæŋk/ (one of the Franks) :: frankki
Frankenfish {n} (fish that inspires fear due to being unnatural) :: hirviökala
frankenword {n} (portmanteau word) SEE: portmanteau word ::
frankfurter {n} (type of sausage) :: nakki
frankincense {n} (incense) :: olibaanihartsi
franking {n} (franking) :: frankeeraus
frankly {adv} /ˈfɹæŋkli/ (in a frank, open or (too) honest manner) :: suoraan, suorapuheisesti
frankly {adv} ((speech act) In truth, to tell the truth) :: suoraan sanoen, suoraan sanottuna, totta puhuakseni, jos totta puhutaan
frantic {adj} (In a state of panic, worry, frenzy or rush) :: vimmattu, raivoisa, hurja, vauhko, riehakas, epätoivoinen
frantically {adv} (in a frantic manner) :: vimmatusti, raivoisasti, hurjasti, vauhkosti, riehakkaasti
Franz Josef Land {prop} (archipelago in Russia) :: Frans Joosefin maa
Fraser fir {n} (Abies fraseri) :: virginianpihta
Fraser Island {prop} (island) :: Fraser Island
frat {n} /fɹæt/ (shortened form for fraternity) :: oppilaskunta
fraternal {adj} /fɹəˈtɝnəl/ (of brothers) :: veljellinen
fraternal nephew {n} (brother's son) :: veljenpoika {m}
fraternal niece {n} (brother's daughter) :: veljentytär
fraternity {n} (the quality of being brothers) :: veljeys
fraternity {n} (group of people associated for a common purpose) :: veljeskunta
fraternize {v} /ˈfɹætɚnɑɪz/ (to associate with others in a brotherly manner) :: veljeillä
fraternize {v} (to associate as friends with an enemy) :: veljeillä
fratricide {n} (killing of one's sibling) :: veljesmurha, veljensurma [of a brother]
fratricide {n} (person who commits this crime) :: veljenmurhaaja, veljensurmaaja
fraud {n} /fɹɔd/ (an act of deception) :: petos, vilppi
fraud {n} (assumption of a false identity to such deceptive end) :: petos
fraud {n} (one who performs fraud) :: huijari
fraud {v} (defraud) SEE: defraud ::
fraudster {n} (a person who practices fraud) :: huijari
fraudulent {adj} /ˈfɹɔː.djʊ.lənt/ (dishonest; based on fraud or deception) :: vilpillinen, epärehellinen
fraudulent {adj} (false; phony) :: valheellinen
fraught {adj} /fɹɔt/ (charged or accompanied with) :: -täyteinen
fraught {adj} (distressed) :: huolestunut
fraxinella {n} (Dictamnus albus) SEE: gas plant ::
fray {n} /fɹeɪ/ (Affray; broil; contest; combat; brawl; melee) :: riita, rähinä
fray {v} (to unravel) :: harsuuntua, purkaantua
fray {v} (to cause exhaustion to a person's mental strength) :: väsyttää, uuvuttaa; raastaa hermoja
fray {v} (to frighten, alarm) :: säikyttää, säikähdyttää
fray {v} (to bear the expense of) :: kustantaa, kattaa, maksaa
fray {v} (to rub) :: hieroa
freak {n} /fɹiːk/ (sudden causeless change or turn of the mind) :: oikku, päähänpisto
freak {n} (oddball, especially in physiology) :: friikki, kummajainen, luonnonoikku
freak {n} (person who has an obsession or extreme knowledge of something) :: -friikki
freak {n} (very sexually perverse individual (friendly use)) :: friikki
freaking {adj} (an intensifier) SEE: fricking ::
freakishness {n} (being freakish) :: oikullisuus
freak of nature {n} (monstrosity) :: luonnonoikku
freak of nature {n} (a person or an animal in the variety-show business) :: friikki
freak out {v} (react with anger or fear) :: seota, pimahtaa, raivostua
freak out {v} (scare someone) :: pelottaa
freak show {n} (freak show) :: freak show
freckle {n} /ˈfɹɛkəl/ (small pigmentation spot on the skin) :: kesakko, pisama, teerenpilkku
freckle {n} (any small spot) :: täplä, pilkku
freckle {v} (cover with freckles) :: pisamoittaa [skin]; täplittää [anything else]
freckle {v} (become covered with freckles) :: pisamoitua [skin]; täplittyä [anything else]
freckled {adj} (having freckles) :: pisamainen
freckleface {n} (a person with many freckles) :: pisamakasvoinen
Frederica {prop} (female given name) :: Riikka
Frederick {prop} /ˈfɹɛd(ə)ɹɪk/ (male given name) :: Veeti
free {adj} /fɹiː/ (not imprisoned) :: vapaa
free {adj} (unconstrained) :: vapaa, rajoittamaton
free {adj} (mathematics: unconstrained) :: vapaa
free {adj} (unobstructed) :: auki [adverb], aukinainen, avoin, esteetön, selvä
free {adj} (not in use) :: vapaa
free {adj} (without obligations) :: vapaa
free {adj} (software: with very few limitations on distribution or improvement) :: avoin, vapaa
free {adj} (without) :: -ton, ilman (jotakin), -vapaa
free {adj} (programming: not bound) :: riippumaton
free {adj} (mycology: not attached to the stipe) :: irtonainen
free {adv} (without needing to pay) :: ilmaiseksi
free {v} (make free) :: vapauttaa, päästää vapaaksi
free {n} (abbreviation of free kick) :: vapari
free {adj} (obtainable without payment) SEE: free of charge ::
free as a bird {adj} (completely free) :: vapaa kuin taivaan lintu
freebie {n} /ˈfɹiːbi/ (something which is free) :: ilmaislahja, kylkiäinen
free-diving {n} (any of various aquatic disciplines) :: vapaasukellus
freedom {n} /ˈfɹiːdəm/ (not being imprisoned or enslaved) :: vapaus
freedom {n} (The lack of a specific constraint) :: vapaus
freedom fighter {n} (fighter) :: vapaustaistelija
freedom fries {n} (french fries) SEE: french fries ::
freedom of assembly {n} /ˈfɹiːdəməvəˈsɛmbli/ (right of citizens to freely congregate or assemble) :: kokoontumisvapaus
freedom of association {n} (right) :: yhdistymisvapaus, järjestäytymisvapaus
freedom of contract {n} /fɹiː.dəm.əv.kɒn.tɹækt/ (freedom of individuals to bargain among themselves) :: sopimusvapaus
freedom of expression {n} (right to express an opinion in public) :: ilmaisunvapaus
freedom of movement {n} /fɹiː.dəm.əv.muːv.mənt/ (the right of a citizen to travel within a state, and to leave and return to that state) :: liikkumisvapaus
freedom of navigation {n} (principle) :: merenkulun vapaus
freedom of religion {n} /fɹiː.dəm.əv.ɹɪ.lɪ.dʒən/ (the right to hold any religious beliefs) :: uskonnonvapaus
freedom of speech {n} (right to speak without fear of harm) SEE: free speech ::
freedom of the press {n} /fɹiː.dəm.əv.θə.pɹɛs/ (right of media to disseminate ideas and opinions) :: lehdistönvapaus, painovapaus
freedoms of the air {n} (agreements concerning air travel) :: lentoliikenteen vapaudet {p}
freedom to roam {n} (right to access public or privately owned land) :: jokamiehenoikeus
free energy {n} (free energy of any type) :: vapaaenergia, vapaa energia
free enterprise {n} (economic system) :: vapaa yrittäjyys
freefall {n} (being affected only by gravity) :: vapaa pudotus
freefall {n} (falling through atmosphere without additional drag devices) :: vapaa pudotus
freefall {n} (state of worsening out of control) :: vapaa pudotus
freefall {v} (to drop in freefall) :: pudota vapaasti
freegan {n} /ˈfɹiːɡən/ (a person who uses thrown-out items) :: freegani
freeholder {n} (person) :: talonpoika
free kick {n} (kick played without interference of opposition) :: vapaapotku
freelance {n} /ˈfɹiˌlæns/ (Someone who sells his services to employers without a long-term contract) :: freelancer, freelance
freelance {adj} (Of, or relating to a freelance) :: freelance-, vapaa
freelance {v} (To work as a freelance) :: työskennellä freelancerina
freelancer {n} (who freelances) :: freelancer, vapaa toimittaja, ammatinharjoittaja
freeloader {n} /ˈfɹiːləʊdə(ɹ)/ (one who does not contribute or pay appropriately) :: siipeilijä, siivellä eläjä, vapaamatkustaja
freemail {n} (free email service) :: ilmaissähköposti
freeman {n} (free person) :: vapaa mies
free market {n} (type of market) :: vapaa markkina
freemason {n} (freemason) SEE: Freemason ::
Freemason {n} (member of the Free and Accepted Masons) :: vapaamuurari
Freemasonism {n} (Freemasonry) SEE: Freemasonry ::
freemasonry {n} (fellowship and sympathy) :: veljeys
Freemasonry {prop} (institutions and ways of the Freemasons) :: vapaamuurarius
free of charge {adv} (without any payment - adverb) SEE: for free ::
free of charge {adj} (not requiring any payment - adjective) :: ilmainen, maksuton
free on board {adj} (without charge to the purchaser for delivery on board a carrier) :: vapaasti aluksessa
free port {n} (port with relaxed customs) :: vapaasatama
free radical {n} (molecule, ion, or atom with an unpaired electron) :: vapaa radikaali
free-range {adj} (pertaining to animals that are allowed to roam freely) :: vapaa
free rein {n} (the absence of constraints) :: vapaat kädet {p}
free software {n} (free of charge software) SEE: freeware ::
free software {n} (software that can be freely copied and modified) :: vapaa ohjelmisto
free speech {n} /fɹiː.spiːtʃ/ (right to express an opinion in public) :: sananvapaus
free spirit {n} (nonconformist) :: oman tiensä kulkija
freestyle {n} /ˈfɹiːˌstaɪl/ (swimming event) :: vapaauinti
freestyle {n} (front crawl) :: krooli, vapaauinti
freestyle {n} (style of wrestling) :: vapaapaini
freestyle {n} (sports event where competitors can choose their own method of participation) :: freestyle
freestyle {n} (form of rapping) :: freestyle
freestyle skiing {n} (skiing discipline) :: freestylehiihto
freetail {n} (Tadarida brasiliensis) :: meksikondoggilepakko
freethinker {n} (person who has formed their opinions using reason and rational enquiry) :: vapaa-ajattelija
free throw {n} (basketball) :: vapaaheitto
free time {n} (time that can be spent on one's own activities rather than work) :: vapaa-aika
free trade {n} (trade free from government interference) :: vapaakauppa
free trade area {n} (region of unrestricted trade) :: vapaakauppa-alue
free trial {n} (type of sales promotion) :: ilmainen näyte (quantity), ilmainen kokeilu (period of time)
free verse {n} (poetic form) :: vapaa mitta
free vote {n} (vote in which members vote as they see fit) SEE: conscience vote ::
freeware {n} (free of charge software) :: freeware
freeway {n} /ˈfɹiː.wei/ (road designed for safe high-speed motoring) :: moottoritie
freewheel {n} (device) :: vapaaratas
free will {n} (natural inclination) :: vapaa tahto
free will {n} (ability to choose one's actions) :: vapaa tahto
freeze {v} /ˈfɹiːz/ (to become solid due to low temperature) :: jäätyä [water and similar]; jähmettyä [other substances]
freeze {v} (to lower something's temperature to freezing point) :: jäädyttää [water and similar]; pakastaa [food for storing]; jähmettää [other substances]
freeze {v} (of temperature, to drop below zero) :: pakastaa, olla pakkasta, pakastua
freeze {v} (to be affected by cold) :: jäätää; jäätyä
freeze {v} (of machines and software: to come to a sudden halt) :: hyytyä
freeze {v} (to become motionless) :: jähmettyä
freeze {v} (to cause to become motionless) :: jähmettää
freeze {v} (to lose or cause to lose warmth of feeling) :: kylmetä, viiletä [lose]; kylmentää, viilentää [to cause to lose]
freeze {v} (to cause loss of animation or life in, from lack of heat) :: palelluttaa
freeze {v} (to prevent movement of someone's financial assets) :: sulkea, jäädyttää
freeze {n} (period of cold) :: pakkasjakso
freeze {n} (halt of regular operation) :: jäädytys
freeze {n} ((computing) state when the system ceases to respond to inputs) :: jumi [colloquial]
freeze {n} ((finance)) :: jäädytys, sulku
freeze {n} (on salary) :: palkkasulku
freeze-dry {v} (to cause to sublimate from frozen state) :: pakastekuivattaa
freeze frame {n} (single still frame) :: stillkuva
freezer {n} /fɹiːzə/ (part of a refrigerator) :: pakastelokero
freezer {n} (stand-alone appliance) :: pakastin
freezer {n} (room) :: pakastehuone
freezer burn {n} (desiccation caused by being kept in a freezer too long) :: jääpolte
freeze up {v} (computing) :: hyytyä
freezing {adj} (frosty) SEE: frosty ::
freezing point {n} (temperature) :: jähmettymispiste [most substances]; jäätymispiste [water and similar]
freezing rain {n} (rain which freezes upon contact with the ground) :: jäätävä tihku
Freiburg {prop} /fɹaɪ.bɜː(ɹ)ɡ/ (a German city) :: Freiburg
freight {n} /fɹeɪt/ (payment for transportation) :: kuljetusmaksu, rahtimaksu
freight {n} (goods) :: rahtitavara, rahti
freight {n} (transport of goods) :: kuljetus, rahti
freight {v} (to transport goods) :: rahdata
freight car {n} (railway car) SEE: goods wagon ::
freighter {n} (vessel used to carry freight) SEE: cargo ship ::
freight train {n} (train used for transportation of freight) SEE: goods train ::
french {v} (to kiss another person) SEE: French kiss ::
french {v} (to kiss) SEE: French kiss ::
french {v} /fɹɛnt͡ʃ/ (prepare food by cutting it into strips) :: suikaloida
French {n} /fɹɛnt͡ʃ/ (Romance language spoken in France) :: ranska, ranskan kieli
French {n} (people of France, collectively) :: ranskalaiset {p}
French {n} (vulgar language) :: kielenkäyttö
French {adj} (of or relating to France) :: ranskalainen, Ranskan, ranskan-
French {adj} (of or relating to the French people) :: ranskalainen
French {adj} (of or relating to the French language) :: ranskankielinen, ranskan
French {v} (to french) SEE: french ::
French bread {n} (a long thin loaf of bread) SEE: baguette ::
French Bulldog {n} (French Bulldog) :: ranskanbulldoggi
French Congo {prop} (original French colony established in the present-day area of the Republic of the Congo) :: Ranskan Kongo
French door {n} (French window) SEE: French window ::
French dressing {n} (mixture of vinegar, oil and other herbs or flavourings) :: ranskalainen salaattikastike
French dressing {n} (US: a salad dressing) :: amerikkalainen salaattikastike
french fries {n} (deep fried strips of potato) :: ranskalaiset perunat, ranskanperunat; ranskikset {p}
French grip {n} (fencing: kind of grip) :: ranskalainen kahva
French Guiana {prop} (Department of French Guiana) :: Ranskan Guayana
French Guinea {prop} (former name of Guinea) :: Ranskan Guinea
French horn {n} (musical instrument) :: käyrätorvi
French kiss {n} (tongue kiss) :: kielisuudelma, kielari
French kiss {v} (to give someone a French kiss) :: antaa kielisuudelma
French leave {n} (sudden or unannounced departure) :: liukeneminen, häipyminen, haihtuminen
French letter {n} (condom) SEE: condom ::
Frenchman {n} (man of French birth or nationality) :: ranskalainen
Frenchness {n} /ˈfɹɛnt͡ʃnəs/ (being French) :: ranskalaisuus
French onion soup {n} (soup) :: ranskalainen sipulikeitto
French Polynesia {prop} /ˈfɹɛntʃ pɑ.lɪˈni.ʒə/ (Overseas territory of France) :: Ranskan Polynesia
French press {n} (cafetière) SEE: cafetière ::
French-Provençal {prop} (Franco-Provençal) SEE: Franco-Provençal ::
French Republic {prop} (country) :: Ranskan tasavalta
French Republican Calendar {prop} (calendar used for twelve years in revolutionary France) :: vallankumouskalenteri, tasavaltalaiskalenteri
French Revolution {prop} (revolution in France from 1789-1799) :: Ranskan vallankumous
French stick {n} (a long thin loaf of bread) SEE: baguette ::
French toast {n} /ˌfɹɛnt͡ʃ ˈtoʊst/ (food prepared by dipping bread into egg batter and frying) :: köyhät ritarit {p}
French window {n} (door) :: ikkunaovi
Frenchwoman {n} (a French woman) :: ranskalainen {m} {f}, ranskatar {f}
frenetic {adj} /fɹəˈnɛt.ɪk/ (fast, frantic, harried, or frenzied) :: kiihkeä, raivokas, kuumeinen
frenetically {adv} (in a frenetic manner) :: kiihkeästi, raivoisasti, kuumeisesti
frenulum {n} /ˈfɹiːnjələm/ (anatomy: small fold of tissue preventing an organ in the body from moving too far) :: frenulum
frenzy {n} (state of wild activity or panic) :: vimma, kiihko, paniikki
freon {n} (non-flammable refrigerant) :: freoni, freonikaasu
frequency {n} /ˈfɹiːkwənsi/ (rate of occurrence of anything) :: taajuus, [statistical] frekvenssi
frequency {n} (property of occurring often rather than infrequently) :: yleisyys
frequency {n} (number of occurrences divided by time) :: taajuus
frequency modulation {n} (use of a modulating wave) :: taajuusmodulaatio
frequent {adj} /ˈfɹiː.kwənt/ (done or occurring often) :: yleinen, toistuva, jatkuva
frequent {v} /fɹɪˈkwɛnt/ (to visit often) :: käydä usein
frequentative {adj} (serving to express the frequent repetition of an action) :: frekventatiivinen
frequentative {n} (subclass of imperfective verbs that denotes a continuously repeated action) :: frekventatiivi
frequently {adv} /ˈfɹiː.kwə (at frequent intervals) :: usein
frequently asked questions {n} (online document) :: usein kysytyt kysymykset
fresco {n} /ˈfɹɛskoʊ/ (artwork made by applying water-based pigment to wet or fresh lime mortar or plaster) :: fresko
fresco {n} (technique used to make such an artwork) :: fresko
fresh {adj} /fɹɛʃ/ (new or clean) :: tuore, veres [obscure], uusi
fresh {adj} (of produce, not from storage) :: tuore
fresh {adj} (refreshing or cool) :: raikas, raitis [of air]
fresh {adj} (without salt) :: makea
fresh {adj} (rude or inappropriate) :: röyhkeä
fresh air {n} (clean air from outside) :: raitis ilma
freshener {n} (something that freshens) :: raikastin
freshet {n} /ˈfɹɛʃɪt/ (A flood resulting from heavy rain or a spring thaw) :: kevättulva
freshman {n} /ˈfɹɛʃmən/ (a person of either sex entering the first year of an institution) :: fuksi
freshness {n} (freshness) :: raikkaus
fresh water {n} (water with little salt) :: makea vesi
freshwater {adj} (living in fresh water) :: makean veden
freshwater {adj} (consisting of fresh water) :: makeavetinen
freshwater {adj} (unskilled as seaman) :: järvi-, sisävesi-
freshwater {n} (body of fresh water) :: makean veden vesistö
freshwater {n} (fresh water) SEE: fresh water ::
freshwater pearl mussel {n} (Margaritifera margaritifera) :: jokihelmisimpukka
fret {v} (to bind, tie) SEE: bind ::
fret {v} /fɹɛt/ (to chafe or irritate; to worry) :: hermoilla, olla huolissaan
fret {v} (to gnaw, consume, eat away) :: nakertaa, syövyttää, kuluttaa
fret {v} (to be anxious, to worry) :: hermoilla, olla huolissaan
fret {n} (ornamental pattern consisting of repeated vertical and horizontal lines) :: koristekuvio
fret {n} (one of the pieces of metal, etc., across the neck of a guitar or other string instrument) :: otenauha
fretful {adj} /ˈfɹɛtfəl/ (irritable) :: ärtyisä
fretful {adj} (restless) :: ärtynyt, levoton
fretless {adj} (having no frets) :: otenauhaton
fretsaw {n} (saw) :: kuviosaha
fretty {adj} (covered with a lattice-like pattern) :: punosruutu
Freudian {adj} /ˈfɹɔɪ.di.ən/ (relating to or influenced by Sigmund Freud) :: freudilainen
Freudian {n} (a follower of Sigmund Freud) :: freudilainen
Freudianism {n} (Freudian beliefs and practices) :: freudilaisuus
Freudian slip {n} /ˌfɹɔɪdi.ən ˈslɪp/ (subconscious mistake in speech or action) :: freudilainen lipsahdus
Fri {n} (abbreviation of Friday) :: pe
friable {adj} /ˈfɹaɪəbl̩/ (easily broken into small fragments, crumbled, or reduced to powder) :: hauras, hapero
friable {adj} (loose and large-grained in consistency) :: irtonainen
friar {n} /ˈfɹaɪɚ/ (member of certain Christian orders) :: veli
fricassee {n} /ˈfɹɪ.kəˌsi/ (meat or poultry cut into small pieces, stewed or fried and served in its own gravy) :: viillokki
fricative {n} /ˈfɹɪkətɪv/ (consonant) :: frikatiivi, hankausäänne
fricking {adj} /ˈfɹɪkɪŋ/ (intensifier (euphemism)) :: saamarin, helkkarin, samperin
friction {n} /ˈfɹɪkʃən̩/ (The rubbing of one object or surface against another) :: hankaus
friction {n} (conflict) :: erimielisyys, konflikti, kitka
friction {n} (A force that resists the relative motion or tendency to such motion of two bodies in contact) :: kitka
frictional unemployment {n} (type of unemployment) :: kitkatyöttömyys
frictionless {adj} (of or pertaining to lack of friction) :: kitkaton
Friday {n} /ˈfɹaɪdeɪ/ (day of the week) :: perjantai
Friday {adv} (on Friday) :: perjantaina
fridge {n} (refrigerator) SEE: refrigerator ::
fridge magnet {n} (decoration) :: jääkaappimagneetti
fried {adj} /fɹaɪd/ (cooked by frying) :: paistettu
fried {adj} (of an egg: cooked by frying without breaking the yolk) :: paistettu
fried egg {n} (egg that has been shallow fried) :: paistettu muna
fried rice {n} (form of rice) :: paistettu riisi
friend {n} /fɹɛnd/ (person whose company one enjoys) :: ystävä, kaveri, frendi [colloquial], ystävätär {f}, ystäväinen
friend {n} (boyfriend or girlfriend) :: poikaystävä {m}, tyttöystävä {f}, [either] ystävä
friend {n} (person with whom you are acquainted) :: ystävä, tuttava, kaveri
friend {n} (person who provides assistance) :: ystävä
friend {n} (person who backs something) :: tukija
friend {n} (object or idea that can be used for good) :: ystävä
friend {n} ((sarcastic) form of address used to warn someone) :: kaveri
friendlily {adv} (friendly) SEE: friendly ::
friendliness {n} (the quality of being friendly) :: ystävällisyys
friendly {adj} /ˈfɹɛndli/ (approachable, warm) :: ystävällinen
friendly {adj} (characteristic of friendliness) :: ystävällinen
friendly {adj} (having an easy relationship) :: ystävällinen
friendly {adj} (without hostility) :: ystävällismielinen
friendly {adj} (pertaining to friendlies in the conflict sense) :: oma
friendly {adv} (in a friendly manner) :: ystävällisesti
friendly {n} (someone of the same side) :: oma
friendly {n} (sports: game) SEE: exhibition game ::
friendly fire {n} /ˌfɹɛnd.liˈfaɪ.ə(ɹ)/ (fire from allied or friendly forces) :: oma tuli
friendly match {n} (exhibition game) SEE: exhibition game ::
friends {n} /fɹɛn(d)z/ (participants in a two-way friendship) :: ystävät
friendship {n} /ˈfɹɛndʃɪp/ ((uncountable) condition of being friends) :: ystävyys
friendship {n} ((countable) friendly relationship) :: ystävyys
friendship bracelet {n} (bracelet) :: ystävännauha
friendship store {n} (state-run store in the PRC) :: ystävyyskauppa
friendship with benefits {n} (non-emotional sexual friendship) :: seksikaveruus
friend with benefits {n} (friend with whom one has a casual sexual relationship) :: seksikaveri
friend zone {n} /ˈfɹɛnd zoʊn/ (situation) :: kaverisektori
friend zone {v} (to classify as a friend with no possibility of a romantic relationship) :: luokitella kaverisektoriin
Friesland {prop} (province of the Netherlands) :: Friisinmaa
frieze {n} /ˈfɹiːz/ (kind of coarse cloth) :: friisi, friisikangas
frieze {n} (architecture: space between architrave and cornice) :: friisi
frieze {n} (sculptured or richly ornamented band) :: friisi
frig {v} /fɹɪɡ/ (to masturbate) :: masturboida
frig {v} (to fuck) :: nussia, naida
frig {n} /fɹɪdʒ/ (fridge) :: jääkaappi
frigate {n} /ˈfɹɪɡ.ət/ (An obsolete type of sailing warship) :: fregatti
frigate {n} (A 19th c. type of warship) :: fregatti
frigate {n} (A modern type of warship) :: fregatti
frigatebird {n} /ˈfɹɪ.ɡətˌbɝd/ (bird of the family Fregatidae) :: fregattilintu
frigging {adj} (an intensifier) SEE: fricking ::
fright {n} /fɹaɪt/ (A state of terror excited by the sudden appearance of danger) :: pelko, kauhu
frighten {v} /ˈfɹaɪtn̩/ (to disturb with fear) :: pelottaa, säikyttää
frightened {adj} /ˈfɹaɪtn̩d/ (afraid, suffering from fear) :: peloissaan, kauhuissaan
frightening {adj} (scary) :: pelottava, karmiva, kauhea
frightening {adj} (awful) :: kauhea
frigid {adj} /ˈfɹɪdʒɪd/ (very cold) :: jääkylmä, hyinen, jäätävä
frigid {adj} (chilly in manner; lacking affection or zeal; impassive) :: kylmä, jäätävä, hyinen
frigid {adj} (sexually unresponsive, especially of a woman) :: frigidi
frill {n} /fɹɪl/ (pleated material used as decoration) :: röyhelö
frill {n} (wrinkled edge) :: kihara
frill {n} (luxury) :: ylellisyys, hienous
frill {v} (to make into a frill) :: röyheltää
frill {v} (to become wrinkled) :: rypistyä
frilled shark {n} (member of the Chlamydoselachus anguineus) :: kaulushai
frilly {adj} /ˈfɹɪli/ (having frills) :: röyhelöinen
Frimaire {prop} /fɹiˈmɛəɹ/ (the third month of the French Republican Calendar) :: frimaire
fringe {n} /fɹɪndʒ/ (decorative border) :: reunakoriste
fringe {n} (peripheral part) :: reuna, reuna-alue
fringe {n} (members of a social group holding unorthodox views) :: siipi
fringe {n} (the periphery of a city) :: laitakaupunki, laitama
fringe {n} (part of the hair) :: otsatukka
fringe {n} (light or dark band formed by the diffraction of light) :: raita
fringe {n} (non-mainstream theatre) :: vaihtoehtoteatteri
fringe {v} (to decorate with fringe) :: hapsuttaa
fringe {v} (to serve as a fringe) :: reunustaa
fringe benefit {n} (benefit received in addition to pay) :: työsuhde-etu
Frisbee {n} /ˈfɹɪzbi/ (disk) :: frisbee
Frisbee {n} (sport) :: frisbee
frisée {n} (Cichorium endivia var. crispum) :: friseesalaatti
friseur {n} (a hairdresser) :: kampaaja
Frisian {prop} /ˈfɹɪʒən/ (the Frisian language group) :: friisi, friisin kieli
Frisian {n} (member of the Germanic ethnic group which is native to Frisia) :: friisi
Frisian {n} (person from the Dutch province of Friesland) :: friisiläinen
Frisian {adj} (of or in the or a Frisian language) :: friisinkielinen
Frisian {adj} (of or relating to the people of Frisia) :: friisiläinen
Frisian {adj} (of or relating to the region of Frisia) :: friisiläinen
Frisian {adj} (of or relating to the people of the Dutch province of Friesland) :: friisiläinen
Frisian {adj} (of or pertaining to the Dutch province of Friesland) :: friisiläinen
Frisian {prop} (the West Frisian language) SEE: West Frisian ::
Frisian Islands {prop} (archipelago) :: Friiseinsaaret
frisk {adj} /fɹɪsk/ (lively; brisk; frolicsome) :: eloisa, leikkisä
frisk {v} (to frolic) :: pomppia, hypellä, kirmailla
frisk {v} (to search somebody by feeling their clothes) :: tehdä henkilöntarkastus
friskiness {n} (being frisky) :: vallattomuus, leikkisyys
frisky {adj} /ˈfɹɪski/ (playful; energetic; lively; enthusiastic) :: leikkisä, eloisa
frisky {adj} (sexually aroused) :: kiihottunut
frisson {n} /fɹiˈsoʊn/ (a sudden surge of excitement) :: väristys
frisson {n} (a shiver) :: väristys
fritter {v} (sinter) SEE: sinter ::
fritter {n} /ˈfɹɪtɚ/ (dish made by deep-frying) :: friteerattu [+ name of deep-fried ingredient]
fritter {v} (to waste time) :: näperrellä
fritter {v} (to cut meat into small pieces) :: suikaloida
fritter {v} (to break into small pieces) :: särkeä
Friuli {prop} (region of Italy) :: Friuli
Friulian {n} /fɹiːuːliːən/ (native, inhabitant or a resident of Friuli) :: friulilainen
Friulian {prop} (language spoken in Friuli) :: friuli
Friulian {adj} (relating to Friuli) :: friulilainen
Friuli-Venezia Giulia {prop} (region) :: Friuli-Venezia Giulia
frivolous {adj} /ˈfɹɪv.əl.əs/ (silly; especially at an inappropriate time or in an inappropriate manner) :: naurettava, typerä, idioottimainen, kevytmielinen, hölmö
frivolous {adj} (of little weight or importance; not worth notice) :: mitätön, jonninjoutava
frivolously {adv} (in a frivolous manner) :: naurettavasti, typerästi, kevytmielisesti, hölmösti, mitättömästi, jonninjoutavasti
frizz {v} /fɹɪz/ (of hair: to form into a mass of curls) :: kähertyä
frizz {v} (to curl; to make frizzy) :: kähertää
frizz {v} (to form into little burs, knobs, or tufts, as the nap of cloth) :: nukkaantua
frizz {v} (to make leather soft and of even thickness) :: pehmittää
frizz {n} (mass of hair) :: takku
frock {n} /fɹɑk/ (female garment) :: leninki
frock {n} (clerical garment) :: kaapu
frog {n} /fɹɑɡ/ (amphibian) :: sammakko
frog {n} (organ in a horse’s foot) :: säde
froghopper {n} (insect of the superfamily Cercopoidea) :: sylkikaskas
frog in one's throat {n} (hoarseness) :: pala kurkussa
frog legs {n} (hind legs of frog as food) :: sammakonkoivet {p}, sammakonreidet {p}
frogman {n} (diver) :: sammakkomies
frogman {n} (military diver) :: taistelusukeltaja
frogmouth {n} (bird of the family Podargidae) :: pöllökehrääjä
frogness {n} (state, quality or condition) :: sammakkomaisuus [likeness to a frog]; sammakkous (state or quality of being a frog)
frogspawn {n} (frogs' eggs) :: sammakonkutu
frolic {n} /ˈfɹɑːlɪk/ (playful antic) :: temmellys, kisailu
frolic {v} (behave playfully and uninhibitedly) :: temmeltää, kisailla, ilotella, karkeloida
frolicsome {adj} (given to frolicking) :: leikkisä
from {prep} /fɹɒm/ (with the source or provenance of or at) :: -sta [elative case], -lta [ablative case]
from {prep} (with the origin, starting point or initial reference of or at) :: -sta [elative case], -lta [ablative case]
from {prep} (with the separation, exclusion or differentiation of) :: -sta [elative case], -lta [ablative case]
from A to Z {prep} (comprehensively) :: aasta ööhön, A:sta Ö:hön
from dawn to dusk {prep} (from sunset to sunrise) :: aamusta iltaan
from now on {adv} (from now, indefinitely) :: tästedes, tästä lähtien, tästä lähin, tästä eteenpäin, vastedes
from pillar to post {adv} (from one place to another) :: sinne tänne
from scratch {prep} (from the beginning) :: tyhjästä, alusta alkaen
from scratch {prep} (from raw ingredients) :: raaka-aineista
from the bottom of one's heart {prep} (in earnest, with one's full feelings) :: sydämensä pohjasta
from the get-go {prep} (from the very beginning) :: alusta alkaen
from the word go {adv} (from the very beginning) :: alusta alkaen
from time to time {adv} (occasionally) :: toisinaan, ajoittain, silloin tällöin, aika ajoin
from top to toe {prep} (all over) :: kiireestä kantapäähän, yltä päältä, täysin
frond {n} /fɹɑnd/ (leaf of a fern) :: saniaisen lehti
front {n} /fɹʌnt/ (facing side) :: etupuoli, edusta, etuosa
front {n} (main entrance side) :: julkisivu
front {n} (public face of covert organisation) :: julkisivu, bulvaani
front {n} (meteorology: interface between airmasses) :: säärintama, rintama
front {n} (military: area or line of conflict) :: rintama
front {n} (military: lateral space occupied from one flank of a military unit to the other flank) :: rintama
front {n} (military: direction of the enemy) :: rintama
front {n} (military: direction toward which the command is faced) :: rintama
front {n} (major subdivision of Soviet army) :: rintama, armeijaryhmä
front {adj} (located at or near the front) :: etummainen
front {v} (to lead or be the spokesperson of a group) :: johtaa, edustaa
front {v} (to provide money or financial assistance in advance) :: maksaa ennakkoon
front {v} (to assume a haughty manner, especially as a pretense) :: kopeilla, heittäytyä koppavaksi
frontage {n} (the front part of a property) :: julkisivu
frontal bone {n} (bone of the forehead) :: otsaluu
frontal lobe {n} (division of cerebrum) :: otsalohko, frontaalilohko
frontal sinus {n} (sinus) :: otsaontelo
frontbencher {n} (Member of Parliament who sits on the front bench) :: etupenkkiläinen
front crawl {n} (freestyle) SEE: freestyle ::
front desk {n} (reception) SEE: reception ::
front door {n} (main entrance) :: etuovi, pääovi
front door {n} (normal portal page to a website) :: etusivu
front end {n} ((computing) that part of a hardware or software system that is closest to the user) :: käyttöliittymä
front-end loader {n} (front-end loader) :: kauhakuormaaja
frontflip {n} (act of rotating) :: eteenpäinvoltti, voltti
frontier {n} /fɹʌnˈtɪɹ/ (part of a country that fronts or faces another country or an unsettled region) :: raja [border]; rajaseutu, rajamaa [areas near the border]
frontispiece {n} (publishing: title page) SEE: title page ::
frontispiece {n} /ˈfɹʌn.tɪˌspiːs/ (publishing: illustration) :: frontespiisi, nimiönliite, esiökuva
frontispiece {n} (façade) :: julkisivu, paraatipuoli
front line {n} (military boundary between opposing positions) :: etulinja
frontline {adj} (military: located at a front) :: eturintama-
frontline {adj} (most advanced; most important) :: eturivin
front man {n} (public face) :: keulakuva
front man {n} (football: striker, attacker, forward) :: hyökkääjä
front man {n} (music: lead singer) :: solisti
front page {n} (initially visible page of a publication) :: etusivu
front runner {n} (most likely winner in a contest, election, etc.) :: ennakkosuosikki
front vowel {n} (Any vowel sound produced in the front of the mouth) :: etuvokaali
front-wheel drive {n} (layout in which only ront wheels drive) :: etuveto
front yard {n} (area with greenery to the front of the house) :: etupiha
frore {adj} (extremely cold; frozen) :: jääkylmä
frosh {n} (frog) SEE: frog ::
frost {n} /fɹɔst/ (cover of minute ice crystals) :: kuura
frost {n} (cold weather that would cause frost) :: pakkanen, halla
frost {v} (to get covered with frost) :: huurtua
frost {v} (to coat with white icing to resemble frost) :: kuorruttaa sokerilla
frost {v} (to anger or annoy) :: harmittaa
frostbite {n} (the freezing of some part of the body) :: paleltuminen, paleltuma, pakkasenpurema
frostbite {v} (to expose to the effect of frost) :: palelluttaa
frostbitten {adj} (affected by frostbite) :: paleltunut
frost line {n} (expected depth of soil freezing) :: routaraja
frost line {n} (actual depth of soil freezing) :: routaraja
frost line {n} (astronomy: distance from the protosun) :: jääraja
frosty {adj} (cold, chilly) :: jäätävä, jääkylmä
frosty {adj} (having frost on it) :: huurteinen
frosty {adj} (having an aloof or inhospitable manner) :: jäätävä
froth {n} /fɹɔθ/ (foam) :: vaahto
froth {n} (unimportant events or actions) :: hömppä [colloquial], pintavaahto
froth {v} (To create froth) :: vaahdottaa
froth {v} (To bubble) :: vaahdota, kuplia
froth at the mouth {v} /ˈfɹɒθ ət ðə ˈmaʊθ/ (spew saliva as froth) :: tulla vaahtoa suusta
froth at the mouth {v} (rage) :: vaahdota
frother {n} (machine) :: vaahdotin
frothy {adj} (foamy or churned) :: vaahtoava, kuohuva
frottage {n} (art: technique) :: hankaustekniikka, frottaasi
frottage {n} (art: image) :: hankauspiirros, frottaasi
frottage {n} (sex: technique) :: frottaus
frotteurism {n} /fʁoˈtəː(ʁ)izm/ (paraphilia) :: frotterismi
frounce {v} (to crease, wrinkle) SEE: frown ::
frounce {v} (to curl) SEE: curl ::
frounce {n} /fɹaʊns/ (canker in the mouth of hawk) :: trikomonoosi
frown {n} /fɹaʊn/ (facial expression) :: otsan rypistys, kulmien kurtistus
frown {v} (to have a frown on one's face) :: rypistää otsaansa, kurtistaa kulmiaan
frown at {v} (to disapprove of) SEE: frown upon ::
frown upon {v} (facial expression) :: paheksua
frowsy {adj} /ˈfɹaʊzi/ (neglected) :: resuinen
frozen {adj} /ˈfɹəʊzən/ (in the state of that which freezes) :: [something/-one else has done it] jäädytetty, pakastettu; [the thing/person has frozen on its own] jäätynyt, pakastunut
frozen shoulder {n} (adhesive capsulitis) SEE: adhesive capsulitis ::
Fructidor {prop} /ˌfɹʊktəˈdɔɹ/ (the twelfth month of the French Republican Calendar) :: fructidor
fructose {n} /ˈfɹʌk.toʊs/ (monosaccharide ketose sugar) :: fruktoosi, hedelmäsokeri
frugal {adj} /ˈfɹuːɡəl/ (economical, avoiding waste, thrifty) :: säästäväinen, taloudellinen, niukka
frugality {n} /fɹuːˈɡæləti/ (quality of being frugal; prudent economy; thrift) :: säästäväisyys
fruit {n} /fɹuːt/ (part of plant) :: hedelmä
fruit {n} (food) :: hedelmä
fruit {n} (figuratively: positive end result or reward of labour or effort) :: hedelmä
fruit {n} (figuratively: child of a marriage) :: hedelmä
fruit {n} (offensive slang: homosexual or effeminate man) :: hintti, hinttari
fruitarian {n} (variant of vegetarian) :: fruitariaani
fruit bat {n} (bat of the family Pteropodidae) SEE: megabat ::
fruit brandy {n} (type of brandy) :: hedelmäviina
fruitcake {n} /ˈfɹuːt.keɪk/ (cake) :: hedelmäkakku
fruitcake {n} (crazy person) :: kaheli, kahjo
fruitcake {n} (homosexual) :: hintti
fruit dove {n} (dove in the genus Ptilinopus) :: hedelmäkyyhky
fruiterer {n} /ˈfɹuːtəɹə/ (one who sells fruit) :: hedelmäkauppias
fruit fly {n} (Drosophilidae) :: baanaanikärpänen
fruitful {adj} (favorable to the growth) :: viljava, hedelmällinen
fruitful {adj} (productive, yielding benefits) :: viljava, antoisa
fruitfulness {n} (the state or quality of being fruitful) :: hedelmällisyys
fruiting body {n} (fungal structure) :: itiöemä
fruition {n} /fɹu.ˈɪʃ.ən/ (fulfillment of something worked for) :: toteutuminen
fruit juice {n} (juice of fruit) :: hedelmämehu
fruitless {adj} /ˈfɹuːtləs/ (bearing no fruit; barren) :: hedelmätön
fruitless {adj} (unproductive; useless) :: hyödytön, turha
fruitmonger {n} (fruiterer) SEE: fruiterer ::
fruit salad {n} (salad made of fruit) :: hedelmäsalaatti
fruitseller {n} (fruiterer) SEE: fruiterer ::
fruit tree {n} (a tree that bears a crop of edible fruit on a regular basis) :: hedelmäpuu
fruit wine {n} (wine made from fruits other than grapes) :: hedelmäviini
frumpy {adj} /ˈfɹʌm.pi/ (dowdy, unfashionable) :: tyylitön
frustrate {v} /ˈfɹʌstɹeɪt/ (to disappoint or defeat) :: turhauttaa
frustrate {v} (to hinder) :: tehdä tyhjäksi, estää, vaikeuttaa
frustrated {adj} /ˈfɹʌs.tɹeɪt.ɪd/ (foiled, stopped, disappointed) :: turhautunut
frustrated {adj} (suffering from frustration; dissatisfied, agitated, and/or discontent) :: turhautunut, tyytymätön
frustrating {adj} /fɹʌˈstɹeɪ̯tɪŋ/ (discouraging; causing annoyance or anger by excessive difficulty) :: turhauttava
frustration {n} /fɹʌsˈtɹeɪʃən/ (feeling of annoyance) :: harmitus, frustraatio, turhautuneisuus
frustration {n} (act of frustrating) :: turhauttaminen, turhautuminen
frustration {n} (thing that frustrates) :: vastus, vaiva, turhauttava juttu
frustrative {adj} (that frustrates) :: turhauttava
frustum {n} (truncated cone or pyramid) :: katkaistu kartio
fry {v} /fɹaɪ/ (to cook (something) in hot fat or oil) :: paistaa, käristää
fry {v} ((intransitive) cook in hot fat or oil) :: paistua, käristyä
fry {v} (suffer because of too much heat) :: paistua, sulaa
fry {v} (informal: be executed by the electric chair) :: käristyä
fry {n} (fried potato) :: ranskalaiset perunat
fry {n} (young fish) :: kalanpoikanen, pikkukala
frying pan {n} (long-handled, shallow pan used for frying food) :: paistinpannu
F-sharp major {n} (major key) :: Fis-duuri
F-sharp minor {n} (minor key) :: fis-molli
fuchsia {n} /ˈfjuːʃə/ (plant) :: verenpisara, fuksia
fuchsia {n} (colour) :: fuksianpunainen, fuksia
fuck {v} /fʌk/ (to have sexual intercourse-obscene or vulgar) :: naida, panna, nussia, bylsiä, hässiä, kiksauttaa, muhinoida
fuck {v} (to insert an object into a specified body part) :: panna
fuck {v} (to put in an extremely difficult or impossible situation) :: panna kuseen , (vulgar way of saying saattaa vaikeuksiin)
fuck {n} (an act of sexual intercourse) :: nainti, pano
fuck {n} (sexual partner) :: pano, hoito
fuck {n} (highly contemptible person) :: kusipää, kyrpänaama
fuck {interj} (fuck!) :: vittu!, perkele!, saatana!
fuckable {adj} (sexually attractive) :: naitava, nussittava
fuck around {v} (to procrastinate) :: viivytellä, aikailla
fuck around {v} (to fool around; joking, bugging) :: pelleillä
fuck around {v} (to have sex with many partners) :: huorata
fuck around {v} (to behave immaturely) :: hölmöillä
fuck buddy {n} (vulgar term for a sex partner without emotional attachment) :: vakipano
fucked {adj} /fʌkt/ (broken) :: rikki, vitullaan [vulgar], päin vittua [vulgar], päin persettä [vulgar], paska [vulgar]
fucked {adj} (in trouble) :: pahassa pulassa, kusessa
fucked {adj} (very drunk) :: ympäripäissään
fucked up {adv} /ˌfʌktˈʌp/ (damaged) :: paskana [vulgar], rikki
fucked up {adv} (in disarray or dishevelment) :: sekaisin
fucked up {adv} (drunk) :: juovuksissa, kännissä [slang]
fucker {n} /ˈfʌk.ə(ɹ)/ (one who fucks) :: panija
fucking {n} /ˈfʌkɪŋ/ (an act of sexual intercourse) :: pano
fucking {adj} (as an intensifier) :: vitun, perkeleen, saatanan, helvetin
fucking {adj} (offensive or worthless) :: vitun, perkeleen, saatanan, helvetin
fucking {adv} (an intensifier) :: vittu, vitun
fucking hell {interj} (an exclamation of great surprise (vulgar)) :: jumalauta
fucking hell {interj} (an exclamation of anger (vulgar)) :: jumalauta
fucking machine {n} (device) :: panokone
fuck like rabbits {v} (have copious amounts of sex) :: naida kuin kanit
fuck me {interj} (a vulgar expression of dismay at undesired events happening to oneself) :: paska [vulgar], perkele [vulgar], närhen munat
fuck off {v} (go to hell, disappear, screw oneself) :: häipyä, mennä vittuun, suksia vittuun
fuck off {interj} (go away!) :: häivy!, mee vittuun! [colloquial], suksi vittuun!, painu vittuun!
fuck off {interj} (expression of disagreement or disbelief) :: ei vitussa
fuck-off {adj} (dissuasively or intimidatingly large) :: valtava, massiivinen
fuck up {n} /ˈfʌkˌʌp/ (individual) :: kämmäri, mokailija, mogari, sähläri
fuck up {n} (mistake) :: kämmi, moka, sähläys
fuck up {v} (to make a mistake, to go wrong) :: mokata, tehdä virhe, munata, möhliä, ryssiä
fuck up {v} (to botch or make a mess of) :: mokata, munata, möhliä, ryssiä
fuck up {v} (to injure or damage) :: rikkoa, särkeä
fuck up {v} (to break or destroy [to be merged into injure or damage]) :: paskoa, pistää paskaksi
fuckwit {n} (a very stupid person) :: kaistapää
fuck you {n} (fuck you) :: painu vittuun, haista paska, haista vittu
fuck-you lizard {n} (tokay gecko) SEE: tokay gecko ::
fuck your mother's cunt {interj} :: nussi äitiäsi
fudge {n} /fʌdʒ/ (a very sweet confection) :: kinuski
fudge {v} (To try to avoid giving a direct answer) :: vältellä, kierrellä
fudge {v} (To alter something from its true state) :: manipuloida, muokata, muuttaa
Fuegian {adj} /fjuˈidʒi.ən/ (of or pertaining to Tierra del Fuego) :: tulimaalainen
Fuegian {n} (someone from Tierra del Fuego) :: tulimaalainen
fuel {n} /ˈfjuw əɫ]/ (substance consumed to provide energy) :: polttoaine
fuel {n} (substance that provides nourishment) :: ravinto
fuel {n} (figurative: something that stimulates) :: käyttövoima
fuel {v} (to provide with fuel) :: tankata, täyttää polttoaineella
fuel cell {n} /ˈfjuː(ə)l sɛl/ (electrochemical device) :: polttokenno
fuel tank {n} (a container of fuel) :: polttoainesäiliö, polttoainetankki
fugacious {adj} /fjuːˈɡeɪ.ʃəs/ (Fleeting, fading quickly, transient) :: katoavainen
fugitive {n} (a person who is fleeing or escaping from something) :: karkulainen, pakolainen
fugly {adj} /ˈfʌɡ.li/ (extremely ugly) :: ämpäriruma, susiruma, vitun ruma
fugu {n} (blowfish) SEE: blowfish ::
fugue {n} /ˈfjuːɡ/ (piece of music) :: fuuga
Fula {n} (people) :: fulbet {p}
Fula {prop} (language) :: fulani
fulcrum {n} /ˈfʌlk.ɹəm/ (support about which a lever pivots) :: tukipiste
fulfill {v} /fəˈfɪl/ (to carry out) :: täyttää
fulfill {v} (to satisfy emotionally) :: tyydyttää
fulfill {v} (to comply with) :: täyttää
fulfillment {n} /fʊlˈfɪl.mənt/ (state of being fulfilled) :: täyttymys, toteutuminen
fulfilment {n} /fʊlˈfɪl.mənt/ (being fulfilled) :: täyttymys, toteutuminen
fulgurite {n} (glass formed by lightning) :: ukonvaaja
fuliginous {adj} /fjuːˈlɪ.dʒɪ.nəs/ (pertaining to or resembling soot) :: nokinen
full {adj} /fʊl/ (containing the maximum possible amount) :: täysi
full {adj} (complete) :: täydellinen
full {adj} (total, entire) :: koko, kokonainen
full {adj} (satisfied, in relation to eating) :: täynnä, kylläinen
full {adj} (of a garment: ample, wide) :: väljä
full {adj} (having depth and body) :: täyteläinen
full {n} (utmost measure or extent) :: täydellisyys
full {v} (to make cloth denser) :: huovuttaa, vanuttaa
full {n} (phase of the moon) SEE: full moon ::
fullback {n} (American football) :: keskushyökkääjä
full-back {n} ((soccer) a player who plays on the left or right side of defence) :: laitapuolustaja
full board {n} (hotel rate) :: täyshoito, täysihoito
full body scanner {n} (device) :: vartaloskanneri
full-brother {n} (full-brother) SEE: brother-german ::
full circle {n} /ˌfʊl ˈsɜː.kəl/ ((geometry) arc of 360 degrees) :: kokoympyrä
full dress {n} (clothing worn on formal occasions) :: juhlapuku [civilian]; paraatipuku [military]
full dress uniform {n} (clothes worn by a member of the military for a formal occasion) :: paraatipuku
full English breakfast {n} (type of traditional breakfast) :: englantilainen aamiainen
fuller {n} /ˈfʊlə(ɹ)/ (person) :: huovuttaja
fuller {n} (groove) :: veriura
fullerene {n} (any of a class of allotropes of carbon having hollow molecules) :: fullereeni
full-figured {adj} (plump) :: täyteläinen, runsasmuotoinen
full house {n} (three of a kind and a pair) :: täyskäsi
full house {n} (maximum capacity) :: talo täynnä
full moon {n} (phase of moon when in opposition to sun) :: täysikuu
full moon {n} (the moon when in opposition to sun) :: täysikuu
full name {n} (full name of a person) :: koko nimi
full name {n} (full name of a company) :: varsinainen nimi, koko nimi
full score {n} (sheet music) :: partituuri
full screen {adj} (occupying all the available displayable surface) :: kokoruutu-
full-sister {n} (full-sister) SEE: sister-german ::
full stop {n} /ˌfʊl ˈstɒp/ (The punctuation mark “.”) :: piste
full stop {interj} (And nothing less) :: ja piste
full-time {adj} (Involving a full amount of time spent on some activity) :: kokopäiväinen, kokopäivä-, täysipäiväinen, päätoiminen
full-time {adv} (Spending a full amount of time) :: kokopäiväisesti, täysipäiväisesti, päätoimisesti
fully {adv} /ˈfʊli/ (in a full manner) :: täysin, kokonaan, täydellisesti
fully {adv} (to a full extent) :: täysin, kokonaan
fulmar {n} (seabird in the genus Fulmarus) :: myrskyliitäjä
fulminate {n} /ˈfʌlmɪneɪt/ (Any salt or ester of fulminic acid) :: fulminaatti
fumarole {n} (opening in the crust of an astronomical body that emits steam and gases) :: fumaroli
fumble {v} /ˈfʌmbəl/ (To idly touch or nervously handle) :: hamuilla, hapuilla
fumble {v} (To grope awkwardly in trying to find something) :: hamuilla, hapuilla
fumble {v} (To blunder uncertainly) :: munata, möhlätä
fumble {v} (To drop a ball or a baton etc) :: sählätä
fume {n} /fjuːm/ (gas or vapor that is strong-smelling or dangerous to inhale) :: höyry, huuru
fume {n} (material that has re-coalesced to the solid state) :: härme
fume {n} (rage or excitement) :: kiihko
fume {n} (anything unsubstantial or airy) :: houre
fume {n} (incense of praise; inordinate flattery) :: hehkutus
fume {v} (to emit fumes) :: höyrytä, päästää kaasua
fume {v} (to expose something to fumes) :: höyryttää
fume {v} (to feel or express great anger) :: olla raivoissaan [to feel]; vaahdota, raivota [to express]
fume {v} (to be as in a mist; to be dulled and stupefied) :: olla sekaisin
fume {v} (to pass off in fumes or vapours) :: pyörtyä höyryihin
fume hood {n} (a ventilated compartment in which chemical procedures may be undertaken) :: vetokaappi
fumigate {v} (disinfect) :: desinfioida, savustaa
fumigation {n} (act) :: savustus (with smoke), höyrytys (with steam)
fumitory {n} (plant) :: emäkki
fun {n} /fʌn/ (enjoyment or amusement) :: hauskuus
fun {n} (playful, often noisy, activity) :: hauskanpito
fun {adj} (enjoyable, amusing) :: hauska, kiva
fun {v} (to tease, kid, poke fun) :: laskea leikkiä, narrata, kiusoitella
funambulist {n} (tightrope walker) SEE: tightrope walker ::
funbox {n} (skatepark feature) :: funboksi
function {n} /ˈfʌŋkʃən/ (what something does or is used for) :: tehtävä, tarkoitus, toiminto
function {n} (professional or official position) :: tehtävä, toimi
function {n} (official or social occasion) :: tilaisuus, tapahtuma
function {n} (relation where one thing is dependent on another) :: funktio
function {n} (mathematics: a relation between a set of inputs and a set of permissible outputs) :: funktio
function {n} (computing: routine that returns a result) :: funktio
function {n} (biology: physiological activity of an organ or body part) :: toiminta
function {n} (chemistry: characteristic behavior of a chemical compound) :: käyttäytyminen
function {v} (to have a function) :: toimia
function {v} (to carry on a function) :: käydä, olla käynnissä, toimia
functional {adj} (in good working order) :: toimiva
functional {adj} (useful, serving a purpose) :: käytännöllinen
functional {adj} (having semantics defined purely in terms of mathematical functions, without side-effects) :: funktionaalinen
functional {n} (a function that takes a function as its argument) :: funktionaali
functional analysis {n} (branch of mathematics) :: funktioanalyysi
functional food {n} (health-promoting food) :: terveysvaikutteinen elintarvike
functional group {n} (characteristic grouping of elements) :: funktionaalinen ryhmä
functional group {n} (organisms of specific properties) :: funktionaalinen ryhmä
functionalism {n} /ˈfʌŋkʃənəlɪzəm/ (architecture) :: funktionalismi, funkis
functionalism {n} (philosophy) :: funktionalismi
functionalism {n} (social science) :: funktionalismi
functionalism {n} (psychology) :: funktionalismi
functionalistic {adj} (pertaining to functionalism) :: funktionalistinen
functionalistically {adv} (in a functionalistic manner) :: funktionalistisesti
functionality {n} (ability) :: toimivuus, toiminnallisuus
functional magnetic resonance imaging {n} (form of MRI) :: funktionaalinen magneettikuvaus
functional programming {n} (programming paradigm) :: funktionaalinen ohjelmointi
functionary {n} (a person employed as an official in a bureaucracy) :: virkailija
functioning {adj} (functional) SEE: functional ::
function key {n} (computing: key that activates a function) :: funktionäppäin
functor {n} (mathematics (category theory): category mapping) :: funktori
functor {n} (object-oriented programming: function object) :: funktio-olio
fund {n} /ˈfʌnd/ (sum or source of money) :: rahasto
fund {n} (organization) :: rahasto
fund {n} (money-management operation) :: rahasto
fund {v} (to pay for) :: rahoittaa
fundament {n} (anus) SEE: anus ::
fundament {n} (foundation) SEE: foundation ::
fundament {n} (underlying basis or principle for a theoretical or mathematical system) :: perusteet {p}
fundamental {n} (a leading or primary principle, rule, law, or article) :: fundamentti, perusta, peruskivi, perusteet {p}
fundamental {adj} (pertaining to the foundation or basis; serving for the foundation) :: perustavanlaatuinen, olennainen, fundamentaalinen, perus-
fundamental force {n} (force between elementary particles) SEE: fundamental interaction ::
fundamental interaction {n} (basic forces that act between elementary particles) :: perusvuorovaikutus
fundamentalism {n} (religion) :: fundamentalismi
fundamentalism {n} (finance) :: fundamentalismi
fundamentalist {n} (one who reduces religion to strict interpretation of core or original texts) :: fundamentalisti, uskonkiihkoilija
fundamentalist {n} (trader who trades on the financial fundamentals) :: fundamentalisti
fundamentalist {n} (adherent of a certain American Christian movement) :: fundamentalisti
fundamentalist {n} (pejorative: fundamentalist Christian) :: kiihkouskovainen, uskonkiihkoilija
fundamentality {n} (state or quality of being fundamental) :: fundamentaalisuus, perustavuus, olennaisuus
fundamentally {adv} (to the very core of the matter) :: pohjimmiltaan, olennaisesti, fundamentaalisesti
fundamental particle {n} (elementary particle) SEE: elementary particle ::
fund house {n} (company that owns and operates a mutual fund) :: sijoitusrahasto
funding {n} /ˈfʌndɪŋ/ (money provided as funds) :: rahoitus
fundraiser {n} (event undertaken to get money) :: varainhankintatilaisuus
fundraiser {n} (individual who collects money) :: varainhankkija
fundraising {n} (raising money) :: keräys, rahankeräys
funduscope {n} (ophthalmoscope) SEE: ophthalmoscope ::
Funen {prop} (the second largest island of Denmark) :: Fyn
funeral {n} /ˈfjuːn(ə)ɹəl/ (ceremony to honour a deceased person) :: hautajaiset {p}
funeral director {n} (undertaker) SEE: undertaker ::
funeral home {n} (mortuary) :: hautaustoimisto
funereal {adj} /fjuːˈnɪəɹɪəl/ (relating to a funeral) :: hautajais-
funerial {adj} (solemn) SEE: solemn ::
funerial {adj} /fjuːˈnɪəɹ.i.əl/ (suiting a funeral) :: hautajais-
fungal {adj} /ˈfʌŋɡəl/ (of or pertaining to a fungus) :: sieniperäinen [caused by fungi]; sienimäinen [resembling fungi]; sieni-
fungous {adj} (of or pertaining to a fungus) SEE: fungal ::
fungus {n} /ˈfʌŋ.ɡəs/ (any member of the kingdom Fungi) :: sieni
fun house {n} (attraction) :: hupitalo, naurutalo
fun house {n} (euphemism for brothel) :: ilotalo
funicular {n} (rail transit system) :: funikulaari
funk {n} (spark) SEE: spark ::
funk {n} /fʌŋk/ (foul or unpleasant smell) :: haju, dunkkis
funk {n} (genre of popular music) :: funk
funk {n} (touchwood, punk, tinder) :: sytyke
funk {n} (mental depression) :: masennus
funk {n} (state of fear or panic) :: paniikki, pakokauhu, kauhu
funk {v} (to shrink from, or avoid something because of fear) :: jänistää
funky {adj} (offbeat, unconventional) SEE: offbeat ::
funnel {n} /ˈfʌnəl/ (utensil used to guide poured liquids) :: suppilo, tratti
funnel {v} (to use a funnel) :: käyttää suppiloa
funnel {v} (to proceed through a narrow gap or passageway akin to a funnel) :: ahtautua
funnel {v} (to direct (money or resources).) :: ohjata
funnel {n} (smoke flue, chimney) SEE: chimney ::
funnel cake {n} (specialty baked good) :: tippaleipä
funnel chanterelle {n} (Craterellus tubaeformis) :: suppilovahvero
funnel cloud {n} (tapering cloud) :: suppilopilvi
funny {adj} /ˈfʌni/ (amusing; comical) :: hassu, hauska, hupaisa, huvittava, koominen
funny {adj} (strange; unusual) :: kummallinen, outo, hassu
funny {n} (joke) :: vitsi
funny bone {n} (nerve) :: kiukkusuoni, kyynärhermo
funny bone {n} (sense of humor) :: nauruhermo
funny farm {n} (informal term for lunatic asylum) SEE: madhouse ::
fur {n} /fɝ/ (hairy coat of a mammal, especially when fine, soft and thick) :: turkki, karva
fur {n} (hairy skin processed to serve as clothing) :: nahka, talja, turkis
fur {n} (pelt used to make, trim or line clothing apparel) :: turkis, karva, talja
fur {n} (coating resembling fur) :: karva
fur {n} (layer of epithelial debris) :: levyepiteeli
furan {n} (any of a class of aromatic heterocyclic compounds) :: furaani
furbelow {n} (ruffle) SEE: ruffle ::
furbelow {n} /ˈfɚ.bɪ.loʊ/ (decorative piece of fabric) :: hepene
fur burger {n} (slang: hairy vulva) :: karvalaukku
furcate {adj} /ˈfɝ.keɪt/ (forked, branched) :: haarautunut, haaroittunut, haaroitettu
furcate {v} (to fork or branch out) :: haarautua [intransitive], haaroittaa [transitive]
fur coat {n} (coat made of animal fur) :: turkki
furcula {n} (forked bone in birds, see also: wishbone) :: hankaluu
fur farm {n} (farm where fur-bearing animals are raised) :: turkistarha
Furies {prop} (Greek goddesses of vengeance) :: raivottaret {p}
furious {adj} /ˈfjʊə.ɹɪəs/ (transported with passion or fury) :: raivoissaan, raivostunut, raivoisa, raivokas
furious {adj} (rushing with impetuosity) :: raivoisa, raivokas
furiously {adv} /ˈfjʊə̯ɹi.ə̯sli/ (in a furious manner; angrily) :: raivoissaan, vihaisesti
furiously {adv} (frantically) :: raivoisasti, vimmaisesti
furl {v} /fɝl/ (to lower, roll up and secure something) :: laskea
furlough {n} /ˈfɝ.loʊ/ (leave of absence) :: loma
furlough {n} (documents authorizing leave of absence) :: lomalupa
furlough {n} (period of unpaid time off used by an employer to reduce costs) :: lomautus
furlough {v} (to grant a furlough) :: myöntää loma
furnace {n} /ˈfɝnɪs/ (device for heating in a factory, melting metals, etc) :: sulatusuuni, ahjo, uuni
furnace {n} (device for heating a building) :: uuni, lämmitysuuni, pannu
furnace {n} (hot area) :: pätsi
furnace {n} (device for heating) SEE: oven ::
furnish {v} /ˈfɝnɪʃ/ (to provide with furniture or other equipment) :: sisustaa [furniture]; kalustaa [furniture or other equipment]; varustaa [other equipment]
furnish {v} (to supply) :: varustaa, toimittaa
furnished {adj} /ˈfɝnɪʃt/ (equipped with whatever is needed) :: varustettu
furnished {adj} (supplied with furniture) :: kalustettu
furnishings {n} (object other than furniture in a room) :: sisustus, sisustustarvikkeet
furnishings {n} (accessories for a dress) :: asusteet
furniture {n} /ˈfɝnɪtʃɚ/ (large movable items) :: huonekalut {p}
furniture {n} (harness, trappings etc. of an animal) :: varusteet {p}
furniture {n} (fittings of a wooden item) :: helat {p}
furniture {n} (firearms: stock and forearm of a weapon) :: runko
furrow {v} (wrinkle) SEE: wrinkle ::
furrow {n} /ˈfʌɹoʊ/ (trench cut in the soil) :: vako, kyntövako
furrow {n} (deep wrinkle in the skin of the face) :: juonne, uurre
furrow {v} (to cut a groove) :: uurtaa
furrow {v} (to pull one's brows together) :: rypistää kulmiaan, kurtistaa kulmiaan
furry {adj} /ˈfɝi/ (covered with fur) :: karvainen, pörröinen
furry {n} (animal character with human characteristics) :: turri
furry {n} (member of the furry fandom) :: turri
fur seal {n} (marine mammal) :: merikarhu, turkishylje
further {v} /fɜː(ɹ)ðə(ɹ)/ (to encourage growth) :: edistää
further {v} (to support progress) :: edistää
further {adj} (of or pertaining to being distant...) :: kauempi, etäisempi
further {adv} (comparative of far) :: kauempana [in, at]; kauemmaksi, kauemmas [to]; kauempaa [from]
further {adv} (in addition to) :: lisäksi, edelleen
further {adv} (at greater distance) :: kauempana [in]
further {adv} (moreover) :: lisäksi, sen lisäksi
further {adv} (in continuation) :: koskien, liittyen
furthermore {adv} /ˈfɜː(ɹ).ðə(ɹ).mɔː(ɹ)/ (In addition; besides; what's more; used to denote additional information) :: lisäksi
furtive {adj} /ˈfɝ.ɾɪv]/ (stealthy) :: vaivihkainen
furtive {adj} (exhibiting guilty or evasive secrecy) :: vaivihkainen, petollinen
furtively {adv} /ˈfɜːtɪvli/ (in a furtive manner) :: vaivihkaa, vaivihkaisesti
furuncle {n} (boil) SEE: boil ::
fury {n} /ˈfjʊɹi/ (extreme anger) :: raivo
fury {n} (strength or violence in action) :: vimma, kiihko
Fury {prop} (female personification of vengeance) :: raivotar
fuse {n} /fjuːz/ (cord) :: sytytyslanka
fuse {n} (device igniting charge) :: sytytin
fuse {n} (device preventing overloading of a circuit) :: sulake, varoke
fuse {n} (indicating tendency to lose temper) :: pinna
fuse {v} (transitive: to melt together) :: sulauttaa
fuse {v} (intransitive: to melt together) :: sulautua
fuselage {n} /ˈfjuːzəˌlɑːʒ/ (main body of aerospace vehicle) :: runko
fusel oil {n} (byproduct of alcoholic fermentation) :: sikunaöljy
fusidic acid {n} (antibiotic) :: fusidiinihappo
fusiform {adj} (spindle-shaped) :: sukkulamainen
fusiform gyrus {n} (structure of human brain) :: gyrus fusiformis
fusil {n} (heraldic feature) :: ruutu
fusil {n} (weapon) :: piilukkomusketti
fusilier {n} (infantryman) :: fusilieeri
fusion {n} /ˈfjuː.ʒən/ (act of melting something by heating it) :: sulatus, sulaminen
fusion {n} (merging of elements into a union) :: fuusio
fusion {n} (nuclear reaction in which nuclei combine) :: fuusio
fusion bomb {n} (type of atomic bomb) :: fuusiopommi
fusion cuisine {n} (fusion cuisine) :: fuusiokeittiö
fusion reactor {n} (type of thermonuclear reactor) :: fuusioreaktori
fuss {n} /fʌs/ (excessive activity, worry, bother, or talk about something) :: hössötys, hämminki, tohina, touhu, touhuaminen, touhotus
fuss {n} (a complaint or noise) :: meteli, metakka
fuss {n} (an exhibition of affection or admiration) :: ihastelu, tohina, touhu, touhotus, vouhotus
fuss {v} (to be very worried or excited about something, often too much) :: hössöttää, touhottaa, tohista
fuss {v} (to fiddle; fidget; wiggle, or adjust; to worry something) :: hiplata, touhuta, touhottaa
fuss {v} (to show affection for) :: helliä, hellitellä
fuss {v} (to pet) :: silitellä
fussy {adj} /ˈfʌ.si/ (particular about details) :: pikkutarkka
fusty {adj} (moldy or musty) :: homeinen, tunkkainen
fusty {adj} (stale-smelling or stuffy) :: tunkkainen
fusty {adj} (old-fashioned, refusing to change or update) :: ummehtunut
futile {adj} /ˈfju.taɪ.əl/ (incapable of producing results) :: turha, tulokseton, toivoton; katteeton [of a promise]
futility {n} (quality of being futile) :: turhuus,