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This is a list of English words with only one syllable. Some words may have alternative (perhaps primary) pronunciations with more than one syllable. Not including common regular inflected forms such as plurals and participles, unless they're pronounced irregularly. The word squirrelled is given special mention as the longest-spelt monosyllabic word in English, though it is spelt squirreled in North America.

a ab Abe ace ache ack act ad add aft age ah aid AIDS ail aim ain't air Aird aisle ait aitch Al ale all alms alp Alps am amn't amp an and angst Ann Anne ant ape app ar arc arch are aren't arf ark arm arse Art art as ash ask asp ass at ate auk aunt aw awe awl awn ax axe ay aye Ayr babe back bad bade badge bag bail baird bait baize bake bald balk ball balm Balt ban band bane bang bank bap bar barb bard bare barf barge bark barn Bart base bash bask Basque bass baste bat batch bate bath bathe baths bawl bay be beach bead beak beam bean bear beard beast beat beaut beck bed bee beech beef been beep beer beet beg beige belch bell belt Ben bench bend bent berg Bern Bert Bess best bet Beth bib bid biff big bight bike bile bilge bilk Bill bill bin bind bing binge birch bird birth bisk bisque bit bitch bite biz blab Black black blade blag blain Blair Blake blame blanch Blanche bland blank blare blast blaze bleach bleak bleam blear bled bleed bleep blend bless blew blight blind bling blink blip bliss blit blithe bloat blob block blog bloke blond blonde blood bloom bloop blot blotch blouse blow blown blue blues bluff blunt blur blurb blurt blush board boast boat Bob bob bock bod bode bog boil boing boink bold bolt bomb bond bone bong bonk Bonn boo boob book boom boon boor boost boot booze bop bore Borgue bork born borne boss bot botch both bough bounce bound Bourne bouse bow bowl bowse box boy Boyd Boyle bra brace brack bract Brad brag brah braid Braille braille brain braise brake bran branch Brand brand brang brash brass brat brave brawn braze breach bread breadth break breast breath breathe bred bree breech breed breen breeze Brent Brest Brett brew brewn bribe brick bride bridge brie brief brig bright brim brine bring brink brisk Brit britch bro broach broad brock brogue broil broke Bronx bronze brooch brood brook Brooke broom broth brought brow Brown brown browse Bruce bruise brunch brung brunt brush brute Bryce bub buck Bud bud budge buff bug build built bulb bulge bulk bull bum bump bun bunch bung bunk bunt burg Burke burl burn burp burst Burt bus Bush bush busk bust but butch Bute butt butte buy buzz by bye byte cab cache cad cadge cage Cain cairn Cairns cake Cal calc calf calk call calm calque calves Cam cam came camp can cane can't cant cap cape car carb card care Carl carn carp cart carve case cash cask Cass cast caste cat catch caught caulk cause cave caw cay cease cee ceil cell Celt cent Chad chad chafe chaff chain chair chalk champ chance change chank chant chap char charge Charles charm chart Chase chase chaste chat Chaz cheap cheat check cheek cheer cheese chef cheque Cher chess chest Chet chew chi chic chick chid chide chief child chill chime chimp chin chine chink Chip chip chirp chit chive chock choice choir choke chomp choose chop chord chore chose Chris Christ chrome chub Chuck chuck chug chum chump chunk church churl churn chute cinch cirque CISC cist cite clack clad clade clag claim Claire clam clamp clan clang clank clap Clare Clark Clarke clash clasp claspt class claucht Claude claught clause clave claw clay clean cleanse clear cleat cleave cleek clef cleft clench clerk clew click cliff climb clime cling clink clip Clive cloak clock clod clog clone clop close clot cloth clothe clothes cloths cloud clout clove clown club cluck clue clump clung clunk clutch Clyde coach coal coarse coast coat coax cob cock cod code coe cog Cohn coil coin coir coke cold Cole cole Colt colt com comb come con conch cone conk cook cool coon coop coot cooze cop cope Copt cord core Cork cork corn corpse cost cot couch cough could count coup coupe course court couth cove cow cowl cox coy crab crack craft crag Craig cram cramp cran crane crank crap crape crash crass crate crave craw crawl cray craze creak cream crease cred Cree creed creek creep creme crepe crept cress crest Crete crib crick crime crimp cringe crip crisp crit croak croc crock croft crone crook crop cross crotch crouch croup croupe crow crowd crown crub crud crude cruft cruise crumb crump crunch crush crust crutch cry crypt cub cube cud cue cuff cull cult cum cunt cup curb curd cure curl Curt curt curve Cush cush cusk cuss cut cute cyst czar Czech dab dad daft daint Dale dale dam dame damn damp Dan dance Dane dang dank dare dark darn dart dash date daub daunt Dave Dawn dawn day daze de dead deaf deal dealt Dean dean dear dearth death Deb debt deck dee deed deem deep Deer deer deft deign Dell dell delt delve den dense dent depth Derg derm desk deuce dew dial dib dice Dick dick did die diff dig dike dill dim dime dine ding dinge dip dire dirge Dirk dirk dirt disc dish disk ditch ditz dive djinn do dock dodge doe does dog dole doll dolt dom dome Don done dong don't doo doom door dope dork dose dost dot doth doubt douche Doug dough dour dove Dow dow Down down Doyle doze drab draft drag drain Drake drake drang drank drape drat draught draw drawer drawl drawn dread dream dreamt drear dreck dredge dreg drek drench dress Drew drew drift drill drink drip droid droll drone drool droop drop drought drown drudge drug drum drunk drupe dry Duane dub duck duct dud dude due duff dug duh duke dull dumb dump dunce dune dung dunk dupe dusk dust Dutch dwarf dwarves Dwayne dweeb dwell dwelt Dwight dye dyke e each ear earl earn earth ease east eat ebb Ed edge eek eel eff egg eh eight eighth el eld elf elk ell Elle elm else elves 'em em empt en end ere err erst ess etch eth Eve eve ew ewe ex eye eyen eyot fab face fact fad fade fag fail faint fair faith fake fall false fame fan fang fap far farce fare farm fart fast fat fate fault faun faux Fawkes fawn fax Faye faze fear feast feat fed fee feed feel feet feign feint feist fell felt femme fen fence fend fern fess fest fetch fete feud few fey fib fic fief field fiend fierce Fife fife fifth fig fight filch file fill film filth fin finch find fine fink Finn fiord fir fire firk firm first firth fish fist fit Fitz five fix fizz fjord flab flack flag flail flair flak flake flame flan flank flap flare flash flask flat flaunt flaw flax flay flea fled fledge flee fleece fleet flesh fletch flew flex flic flick flight flinch fling flint flip flirt float flock floe flog flood floor flop floss flote flour flout flow flown flu flue fluff fluke flume flung flunk flush flute flux fly Flynn foal foam fog foil fold folk fond font food fool foot for force ford fore forge fork form fort forth fought foul found four fourth fowl fox frag frail Fran France Frank frank Franz frat fraud fraught fray freak freck Fred free freeze freight fremd French fresh fret fridge friend frieze frig fright frill fringe frisk frit frith Fritz fro frock frog from frond front frost frot froth frown froze fruit fry fuck fudge fug fugue full fume fun fund funk fur furl fuse fuss fuzz gab Gabe Gad gad gaff gaffe gag Gail gain gait gal gale gall game gamp gang gaol gap gape garb gas gash gasp gate gauche gauge Gaul Gaunt gaunt gauze gave gawk gay gaze gear Geat gee geek geese gel gem Gene gene gent Geoff George Ger germ get ghast ghee Ghent ghost ghoul gib gibe gift gig Gil gild gill gimp gin gip gird girl girth gist git give glad glade glaive glam glance gland glare glass glaze gleam glean glee Glen glen Glenn glib glick glide glimpse glint glitch glitz gloat globe glock glomp gloom gloop glop gloss glove glow glue glum glume glut glute glyph gnarl gnash gnat gnaw gnome go goad goal goat gob God god gold golf gone gong goo good goof gook goon goop goose gore gorge gork gorn got Goth goth gouge gourd gout gown grab Grace grace grad grade graft Graham graham grail grain gram gramme grand grange Grant grant grape graph grasp grass grate grave gray Graz graze grease great greed Greek green Greene greet Greg grew Grey grey grid grief grieve grift grill grim grime grin grinch grind grip gripe grit grog grok groom groove grope gross grouch ground group grouse grout grove grow growl grown growth grub grudge gruff grump grunge grunt guard guess guest guff guide guige guild guile guilt guise gulch gulf gull gulp gum gump gun gunk gurge gush gust gut Guy guy Gwen gym gyp ha hack had hag Hague hah haik hail hair haitch Hal hale half hall halt halve Ham ham hand hang Hank Hans hap hard hare hark harm harp harsh hart has hash hast haste hat hatch hate haught haul haunch haunt have hawk hay haze he head heal health heap hear heard heart hearth heat heath heave heck hedge hee heed heel heft heh height heir heist held hell helm help hem hemp hen hence henge her Herb herb herd here herm hers hew hewn hex hey hi hick hide high hike Hill hill hilt him hind hinge hint hip hird hire his hiss hit hitch hive hmm ho hoard hoarse hoax hob hock Hodge hoe hog Hogg hogg hoist hoke hold hole holm Holmes holt home hon hone honk hooch hood hoof hook hoop hoot hootch hooves hop hope hops horde horn horse hose host hot hough hound hour house how howl how's hub huck huff hug huge Hugh Hughes huh hulk Hull hull hum hump humph Hun hun hunch hung hunk hunt hurl hurst hurt hush husk hut hutch Hyde hype I i ice ick if Ike ilk I'll ill I'm imp in inch ink inn ire irk is isle it itch it's its jab Jack jack jag jail Jake jam James Jan Jane jar jaunt jaw Jay jay jazz Jean jean Jeb Jedd jeep jeer jeez Jeff Jen Jer jerk Jess jest jet Jew jew jib jibe jiff jig Jill jilt Jim jinn jive jizz Jo Joan Job job jock Joe joe jog John join joint joke jolt Jon Jones jook Josh Joss jot jouk joust Jove joy Joyce Jude judge jug juice juke Jules jump June junk jure just jut Jute Karl kat Kate kay keel keen keep keg Keith kelp kemp kempt Ken ken Kent kept kerb kern ketch Kev kewl key khat kick kid kike kill kiln kilt Kim kin kind kine king kink Kirk kirk kiss kit kite kithe kitsch kludge kluge klutz knack knap knave knead knee kneel knell knelt knew knife knight knit knives knob knock knoll knot know Knowles known Knox knub kook Kos krill kye Kyle kyte kythe lab lace lack lad lag laid lain lair laird lake lamb lame lamp Lance lance land lane lang lank Laois lap lapse lard large lark lash lass last lat latch late lathe laud laugh launch lave law lawn lax lay laze lea leach lead leaf league leak lean leap leapt learn lease leash least leave leaves led ledge Lee lee leech Leeds leer left leg Leif Leigh lek lend length lens less lest let lewd Lex ley lice lich lid lie liege life lift light like Lille limb lime limp line ling link lint lip Lise lisp list lit lite lith lithe live Liz Lloyd load loaf loan loath loathe loaves lob lobe loch lock Locke lode lodge loft log loin Loire lone long loo look loom loon loop loose loot lop lord lore lose loss lost lot Lou loud lough lounge louse lout Louth love lube luck luff lug luge Luke lull lump lunch lung lunge lunk lurch lure lurk lush lust lute luxe lych lye Lyle Lynch lynch Lynn lynx lyre ma ma'am mac mace mach mack mad made Mae mag mage maid mail maim main maist maize make male mall malt Man man mane mange Manx map March march mare Marge Mark mark marl Mars marsh mart mash mask masque mass mast mat match mate math Matt matt matte Maude maul mauve maw Max max May may maze me mead meal mean meant meat Meath mech med meek meet Meg Mel meld melt mem meme men mend mensch meow mere merge mesh mess met mete mew miaow mic mice Mick mid Midge midst miff might Mike milch mild mile milk mill milt mime mince mind mine mink mint mire mirk mirth misc miss mist Mitch mite mitt mix mixt miz moan moat mob mock mod Moe moist Mol mol mold mole moll molt mom monk month moo mooch mood mook moon moor Moore moose moot mop mope morgue morn Morse morse mosh mosque moss most mot moth moths mott motte mould moult mound mount mourn mouse mouth mouths move ms. mu much muck mud muff mug Muir muir mulch mule Mull mull mum mump munch munt murk muse mush musk must mute mutt my myth nab nag nail Nairn name Nan Nantes nap nape narc narm natch Nate naught nay Neagh neap near neat neb neck Ned need neigh Neil Nell nerd nerf nerve Ness nest net new news newt next nib Nice nice niche Nick nick nide nidge niece nig nigh night nil Nile nine ninth nit nix no nod nog noise none nook noon noose nope nor Norm norm Norn Norse north nose nosh not notch note nought noun now nu nude nudge 'nuff nuke null numb nun nurse nut Nye nymph o oaf oak oar oast oat oath oaths odd ode of off oft oh oil oink old on once one oops ooze op or orb orc ore ouch ought ounce our ours out ow owe owl own ox oy Oz pa pace pack pact pad page paid Paige pail pain paint pair pal pale pall palm pan pane pang pant par parch pare park parse part pass past paste Pat pat path paths Paul paunch pause pave paw pawn pay pea peace peach peak peal pear pearl peat pec peck pee peek peel peen peep peer peeve Peg peg pelt pen pence pend pent pep per perch perk perm perp pert Perth pest pet Pete pew phase phew phi Phil phone pi pib pic pick Pict pie piece pier Pierce pierce pig pike pile pill pimp pin pinch pine pink pint pip pipe piss pit pitch pith place plack plague plaid plain plait plan planch plane plank plant plaque plat plate play plea please pleat pledge plight plink plod plop plot plough plow ploy pluck plug plum plume plump plunge plunk plus plush ply Po poach pock pod podge point poise poke Pole pole Polk poll pome pomp pond pong poo pooch poof pool poon poop poor pop pope porch pore pork porn port pose posh post pot potch pouch pounce pound pour pout pow pox Prague praise prance prank prawn pray prayer preach preen prey price pride priest prime prince prize pro proach prob probe prod prom prong proof prop prose proud prove prow prowl prude prune pry psalm psi psych pub pube puck pudge puff pug puke pull pulp pulse pump pun punch punct pung punk punt pup pure purge purse pus push puss put putt pyre quack quad quaff quag quail quaint quair quake qualm quant quark quart quartz quay queem queen Queens queer quelch quench quest queue quick quiff quill quilt Quinn quip quire quirk quit quite quo quote quoth race rack Rae raft rag rage raid rail rain raise rake Ralph ram ran ranch rand rang range rank rant rap rape rapt rare rash rasp rat rate rathe raunch rave raw Ray ray raze reach read real realm ream reap rear reave reck Red red reed reef reek reel Reese Reeve reft Reg reg Reid reign rein rend Rennes rent rest retch rew Rex Rhine rho Rhodes Rhone rhyme Rhys rib rice Rich rich Rick rid ride ridge rife riff rift rig right rile rim rime rind ring rink rinse rip ripe RISC rise risk rite rive roach road roam roar roast Rob rob robe rock Rod rod rode roe Rog rogue roil roin role roll Rome romp Ron roof rook room roost root rope Rose rose Ross ross rot rote Roth rouge rough round rouse roust rout route rove row Roy rub Rudd rude rue ruff rug rule rum rump run rune rung runt ruse rush Russ rust rut Ruth ruth rye sac sack sad safe sag sage said sail saint saith sake Sal sale salt salve Sam same sand sane sang sank sap Sard Sark sash sass sat sate sauce Saul sault save saw sawn sax say says scab scald scale scalp scam scamp scan scant scape scar scarce scare scarf scarp scarves scat scathe scene scent scheme schlep schlong schmooze schmuck schnoz school schtup schwa Schwartz Schwarz scoff scold scone scoop scoot scope scorch score scorn Scot scot Scotch scotch Scott scour scourge Scouse scout scow scowl scram scrap scrape scratch scrawl scrawn screak scream screech screen screw scribe scrimp script scritch scroll scrooge scrouge scrounge scrub scruff scrum scrump scrunch scry sculpt scum scurf scuse scuzz scythe sea seal seam Sean sear search seat Seb sec sect sedge see seed seek seem seen seep seer seethe seize self sell selves send sense sent Serb serf serve set Seth sew sewn sex sext shab shack shade shaft shag shaikh shake shale shall sham shame Shane shank shan't shape shard share shark sharp shat shave Shaw shaw shawl Shawn she Shea shear sheath sheathe sheaths shed sheen sheep sheer sheet sheikh shelf shell shelve shelves Shem shew shewn shield shift shill shin shine ship shire shirk shirt shit shite shiv shlep shoal shoat shock shod shoe shone shoo shook shoot shop shore shorn short shot should shout shove show shown shrank shred shrew shrewd shriek shrill shrimp shrine shrink shrive shroom shroud shrove shrub shrunk shtick shtup shuck shun shunt shush shut shy sib sick Sid side siege sieve sift sigh sight sign silk sill silt sim sin since sine sing singe sink sip sir sire sis sit site six sixth size ska skank skate skean skeet skein skene sketch skew ski skid skill skim skimp skin skink skip skirt skit skull skunk sky Skye slab slack slade slag slain slam slang slank slant slap slash slat slate Slav slave slay sleave sleaze sled sledge sleek sleep sleet sleeve sleigh sleight slept sleuth slew slice slick slid slide Slieve slight slim slime sling slink slip slit Sloan Sloane slob sloop slop slope slosh slot sloth slouch slough slow sludge slue sluff slug sluit slum slump slung slunk slur slurp slush slut sly smack small smart smash smear smell smelt smile smilt smirk smite Smith smith smock smog smoke smooch smooth s'more smote smudge smug smut Smyth snack snag snail snake snap snare snarf snark snarl snatch sneak sneer sneeze snell snide sniff snip snipe snit snitch snob snoop snoot snooze snore snort snot snout snow snuck snuff snug so soak soap soar sob sock sod soft soil sold sole solve some son song soon soot sooth soothe sop Sorb sore sort sought soul sound soup sour source souse south sow sown soy spa space spade Spain spake span spank spar spare spark sparse spat spate spawn spay spaz speak spear speck sped speech speed spell spelt Spence spence spend spent sperm spew sphere sphinx spic spice spick spiff spike spill spilt spin spine spire spit spite splash splat spleen splice spliff splint split splore splosh splotch splurge spode spoil spoilt spoke sponge spoo spooge spook spool spoon spore spork sport spot spouse spout sprain sprang sprawl spray spread spright spring sprint sprite sproat sprout spruce sprung spud spun spunk spur spurn spurt spy squab squad squall square squash squat squaw squawk squeak squeal squee squeeze squelch squick squid squint squire squirm squirrel squirreled squirrelled squirt squish stab stack staff stag stage stain stair stake stale stalk stall stamp Stan stance stanch stand stank star starch stare stark start starve stash stat state staunch stave staves stay stead steak steal stealth steam steed steel Steele steep steer Stef stem stench step stern Steve Stew stick stiff stile still stilt stim sting stink stint stir stitch stoat stock stoke stole stomp stone stood stooge stool stoop stop store stork storm stound stout stove stow straight strain strait strand strange strap straw stray stream street strength strep stress stretch strewn strict stride strife strike Strine string strip stripe strive strobe strode stroke stroll strong strove struck strung strut Stu stub stuck stud stuff stump stun stung stunk stunt sty stye style Styx suave sub such suck Sue sue suit sulk sum sun sung sunk sup sure surf surge swab swag swage swain swam swamp swan swank swap sware swarm swart swash swat swatch swath swathe sway swear sweat Swede sweep sweer sweet sweir swell swept swerve swift swig swill swim swine swing swink swipe swirl swish Swiss switch swive swonk swoon swoop swoosh sword swore sworn swum swung Syd sylph sync synch synth tab tack tact tad tag tail taint take talc tale talk tall tame tamp tan tang tank tap tape tar tare tarn tarp tart task taste tat Tate tau taught taunt taut tax taze tea teach Teague teak teal team tear tease teat tech Ted tee teem teen teeth teethe tell temp tempt ten tend tense tent tenth term tern terse Tess test text Thai Thames than thane thank that thatch that's thaw the thee theft their theirs them theme then thence there these they they're thick thief thieve thigh thin thine thing think third thirst this thong thorn thorp those thou though thought Thrace thrall thrash thread threat three thresh threw thrice thrift thrill thrive throat throb throe throne throng through throve throw thrown thrush thrust thud thug thumb thump thus thwack thwaite thwart thwomp thy thyme tick tide tie tier tiff tight tike till tilt Tim time tin tinge tint tip tire tit tithe to toad toast tock tod Todd todd toe toil told toll Tom tom tomb tome ton tone tong tongue tonne too took tool toot tooth toots top torch tore torn torque tort toss tot tote touch tough tour tout tow toward towel town toy trace track tract trad trade trail train traipse trait tram tramp trance trank trap trash trawl tray tread treat tree trek trench trend Trent tress trial trib tribe trice trick trig trike trill trim trip tripe Trish trite trod troll tromp troop trope trot troth trough trounce troupe trouse trout trove trow Troy truce truck true trump trunch trunk trust truth try tryst tub tube tuck tuff tuft tug tune turd turf Turk turk turn tush tusk twain twang 'twas twat tweak tweed tween tweet twelfth twelve twerp twice twig twin twine twink twire twirl twist twit twitch two Ty tyke Tyne type Tyre tyre u ugh uh uke ump up urd urge urn us use Ute vac vadge vag vague vain Val vale valve vamp van Vance vane vase vast vat Vaud Vaughn vault vaunt veal vee veer veil vein Veld Veldt vend venge vent verb verge Vern verse verve vest vests vet vibe Vic vice vie view vile ville Vin Vince vine vise Viv Vlach vlog voe vog vogue voice void vole volt vore vote vouch vow vroom wack wad wade waft wag wage waif wail wain waist wait waive wake wale Wales walk wall Walsh Walt waltz wand wane wang wank want war ward ware warm warmth warn warp wart was wash wasp wast waste watch watt waul wave wawl wax way Wayne we weak weal weald wealth wean Wear wear weave web wed wee weed week weep weigh weight weir weird Weiss Welch welch weld well Welsh welsh welt wench Wend went wept we're were weren't west wet whack whale wham whang whap wharf wharves what what's wheal wheat whee wheel wheeze whelk whelm whelp when whence where whet whew whey which whiff whig while whilst whim whine whip whir whirl whisk White white whiz who whoa whole whom whomp whoop whoops whoosh whop who're whore who's whose why Wich wick wide width wield wife wig Wight wight wild wile Will will wilt wimp win wince winch wind wine wing wink wipe wire wise wish wisp wist wit witch wite with wives woad wodge woe wok woke wold wolf wolves womb won won't wont woo wood woof wool word wore work world worm worn worse worst wort worth wose wost wot would wound wove wow wrack wraith wrang wrap wrath wrawl wreak wreath wreaths wreck wren wrench wretch Wright wright wring wrist writ write writhe wrong wrote wroth wrought wrung wry wurst wuss wy wye wyrm xi yacht yack yah yak Yale y'all yam yank yap yard yarn yaw yawl yay ye yea yeah year yearn yeast yeh yelk yell yelp yen yep ye're yes yet yew yield yiff yikes yo yoke yolk yore York you young your you're yours youth youths yowl yuck yule yum yup yurt yutz Zach Zack zag Zane zap zazz zeal zed zee Zeke zen zest Zeus zig zilch zinc zing zink zip zit zonk zoo zoom