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r {n} :: See under R
R {letter} :: letter: erre
raba {f} :: Denoting:
raba {f} :: [Sicily] A grain warehouse
raba {f} :: [Genoa] A warehouse with a marketplace in front of it (the only allowed location for grain sale)
raba {f} :: [Pisa] The fee paid by merchants in order to deposit their goods in public trading posts
rabarbaro {m} :: rhubarb
Rabat {prop} :: Rabat (the capital of Morocco)
rabattino {m} :: go-getter
rabberciamento {m} :: patching (up), botching, mending
rabberciamento {m} :: patch, botch, mend
rabberciante {v} :: present participle of rabberciare
rabberciare {vt} :: to repair, patch up
rabberciare {vt} :: to correct
rabberciatura {f} :: patch, mend, botch
rabbi {n} :: rabbi
rabbia {f} :: anger
rabbia {f} :: rabies
rabbico {adj} :: rabid
rabbinato {m} :: rabbinate
rabbinicamente {adv} :: rabbinically
rabbinico {adj} :: rabbinic, rabbinical
rabbinismo {m} :: rabbinism
rabbinista {mf} :: Rabbinist
rabbino {m} :: rabbi
rabbiosamente {adv} :: furiously, angrily
rabbiosamente {adv} :: rabidly
rabbioso {adj} :: furious, angry
rabbioso {adj} :: rabid
rabboccante {v} :: present participle of rabboccare
rabboccare {vt} :: To top up or fill up (a receptacle)
rabbocco {m} :: topping up, filling up (of a recipient)
rabbonente {v} :: present participle of rabbonire
rabbonentesi {v} :: present participle of rabbonirsi
rabbonire {vt} :: To calm down or pacify
rabbonirsi {vr} :: To calm down, to be pacified
rabbonitosi {v} :: past participle of rabbonirsi
rabbrividente {v} :: present participle of rabbrividire
rabbrividire {vi} :: To shiver or shudder
rabbuffante {v} :: present participle of rabbuffare
rabbuffare {v} :: to ruffle or mess up (the hair etc)
rabbuffare {v} :: to scold or tell off
rabbuffo {m} :: reprimand
rabbuffo {m} :: ruffle (of the hair)
rabbuiante {v} :: present participle of rabbuiare
rabbuiantesi {v} :: present participle of rabbuiarsi
rabbuiare {vi} :: To get dark
rabbuiarsi {vr} :: To darken, get dark or grow dark
rabbuiatosi {v} :: past participle of rabbuiarsi
rabdofane {f} [mineral] :: rhabdophane
rabdomante {m} :: water diviner
rabdomantico {adj} :: rhabdomantic, divining, dowsing
rabdomanzia {f} :: rhabdomancy, divining, dowsing
rabdomiolisi {f} [medicine] :: rhabdomyolysis
rabdomiosarcoma {m} [pathology] :: rhabdomyosarcoma
rabicano {adj} :: roan
rabicano {m} :: roan (horse)
rabuffante {v} :: present participle of rabuffare
rabuffare {v} :: Variant of rabbuffare
raccapezzante {v} :: present participle of raccapezzare
raccapezzantesi {v} :: present participle of raccapezzarsi
raccapezzare {vt} :: to scrape together
raccapezzare {vt} :: to grasp, get, understand
raccapezzarsi {v} :: reflexive of raccapezzare
raccapezzarsi {v} :: to make out, figure out
raccapezzatosi {v} :: past participle of raccapezzarsi
raccapricciante {v} :: present participle of raccapricciare
raccapricciante {adj} :: horrifying, horrific, terrifying
raccapricciare {vt} :: To horrify
raccapricciare {vi} :: To be horrified
raccapricciare {vi} :: To shiver or shudder (with horror or cold)
raccapriccio {m} :: horror
raccattante {v} :: present participle of raccattare
raccattapalle {m} [sports] :: ball boy
raccattapalle {f} [sports] :: ball girl
raccattare {vt} :: To pick up, fetch or gather
raccendente {v} :: present participle of raccendere
raccendere {vt} :: to relight, reignite
raccendere {vt} :: to revive, rekindle
raccerchiante {v} :: present participle of raccerchiare
raccerchiare {vt} :: To surround
racchetante {v} :: present participle of racchetare
racchetantesi {v} :: present participle of racchetarsi
racchetare {vt} :: To calm or quiet
racchetarsi {vr} :: To calm down
racchetta {f} :: racket (tennis etc)
racchetta {f} :: bat (table tennis etc)
racchetta da sci {n} :: ski pole
racchettata {f} :: blow with a racquet
racchio {adj} :: ugly
racchio {m} :: A small, scrubby bunch of grapes
racchiudente {v} :: present participle of racchiudere
racchiudere {vt} :: To contain
raccoglibriciole {m} :: table brush (for removing crumbs etc)
raccogliente {v} :: present participle of raccogliere
raccoglier {v} :: apocopic form of raccogliere
raccogliere {vt} :: to pick up, glean
raccogliere {vt} :: to pick, pluck, harvest, reap
raccogliere {vt} :: to bring together, assemble
raccogliersi {v} :: reflexive of raccogliere
raccogliersi {v} :: to gather
raccogliersi {v} :: to collect one's thoughts, concentrate
raccoglimento {m} :: attention, concentration, meditation
raccoglimento {m} :: silence
raccogliticcio {adj} :: gathered together in haste
raccogliticcio {m} :: rabble, mob
raccoglitore {m} :: collector
raccoglitore {m} :: picker (of fruit, nuts etc)
raccoglitore {m} :: harvester
raccoglitore {m} :: reaper
raccoglitore {m} :: folder, binder
raccoglitore {m} :: album
raccoglitrice {f} :: harvester (machine)
raccolta {f} :: gathering, collecting, collection, raising
raccolta {f} :: harvesting, picking
raccolta {f} :: harvest, crop
raccolta {v} :: past participle of raccogliere
raccolta differenziata {f} :: The sorting of waste for recycling
raccolto {adj} :: thoughtful, wrapped up
raccolto {adj} :: secluded
raccolto {adj} :: drawn up (of the legs etc)
raccolto {m} :: crop, harvest, yield
raccomandabile {adj} :: advisable, recommendable
raccomandabile {adj} :: commendable
raccomandabilità {f} :: advisableness
raccomandabilità {f} :: reliableness
raccomandante {v} :: present participle of raccomandare
raccomandantesi {v} :: present participle of raccomandarsi
raccomandare {vt} :: to recommend, advise, exhort, warn
raccomandare {vt} :: to commend, commit, entrust, recommend
raccomandare {vt} [mail] :: to register
raccomandarsi {v} :: reflexive of raccomandare
raccomandarsi {v} :: to beg, implore, remind, ask
raccomandarsi {v} :: to appeal
raccomandata {f} :: recorded delivery
raccomandatario {m} [nautical] :: ship's agent
raccomandato {adj} :: recorded delivery
raccomandato {adj} :: recommended
raccomandatore {m} :: recommender
raccomandatosi {v} :: past participle of raccomandarsi
raccomandazione {f} :: recommendation
raccomandazione {f} :: advice (piece of)
raccomodamento {m} :: repairing, mending
raccomodamento {m} :: straightening, adjustment
raccomodante {v} :: present participle of raccomodare
raccomodare {vt} :: To repair or mend
raccomodatura {f} :: repairing, mending
raccomodatura {f} :: repair, mend
raccontabile {adj} :: worth telling
raccontante {v} :: present participle of raccontare
raccontantesi {v} :: present participle of raccontarsi
raccontare {vt} :: to tell, to narrate, to recount, to relate
raccontarsi {vr} :: To talk about oneself, especially about one's life
raccontatosi {v} :: past participle of raccontarsi
racconto {m} :: story, tale, short story, account
raccorcente {v} :: present participle of raccorcire
raccorciamento {m} :: shortening
raccorciante {v} :: present participle of raccorciare
raccorciantesi {v} :: present participle of raccorciarsi
raccorciare {vt} :: to shorten
raccorciarsi {v} :: reflexive of raccorciare
raccorciarsi {v} :: to shorten, become shorter
raccorciarsi {v} :: to draw in [of days]
raccorciatosi {v} :: past participle of raccorciarsi
raccorcire {vit} :: alternative form of raccorciare
raccordante {v} :: present participle of raccordare
raccordantesi {v} :: present participle of raccordarsi
raccordare {vt} :: To link up or join
raccordarsi {vr} :: To link up or join
raccordatosi {v} :: past participle of raccordarsi
raccorderia {f} :: pipe fitting(s)
raccordo {m} :: joint, link, connection
raccordo {m} :: junction (of roads)
raccordo {m} :: siding (railway)
raccorre {vt} :: Variant of raccogliere
raccostamento {m} :: nearing, approach, approaching
raccostamento {m} :: comparison, contrast
raccostante {v} :: present participle of raccostare
raccostare {vt} :: to approach
raccostare {vt} :: to compare [side by side]
raccozzante {v} :: present participle of raccozzare
raccozzare {vt} :: to throw together
raccozzare {vt} :: to jumble up
racemicamente {adv} :: racemically
racemico {adj} [chemistry] :: racemic
racemizzante {v} :: present participle of racemizzare
racemizzare {vit} [chemistry] :: to racemize
racemizzazione {f} [chemistry] :: racemization
racemo {m} [botany, ] :: raceme
racemo {m} [chemistry, ] :: racemate
racemoso {adj} [botany] :: racemose
Rachele {prop} :: Rachel [biblical character]
Rachele {prop} :: given name
rachialgia {f} [pathology] :: pain in the spine
rachianestesia {f} [surgery] :: spinal anesthesia
rachicentesi {f} [surgery] :: rachicentesis, rhachicentesis
rachide {mf} [anatomy, botany, zoology, ornithology] :: rachis
rachide {mf} [anatomy] :: spinal column
rachideo {adj} [anatomy] :: rachidian, rhachidian, rachidial, rhachidial
rachidiano {adj} [anatomy] :: spinal, vertebral
rachitico {adj} [medicine] :: rachitic, rickety
rachitico {adj} [botany] :: spindly, stunted
rachitide {f} [pathology] :: rickets, rachitis, rhachitis
rachitismo {m} [disease] :: rickets
racimolante {v} :: present participle of racimolare
racimolare {vt} :: to glean
racimolare {vt} [figuratively] :: to scrape together, fetch [money]
racimolare {v} :: to save up
racimolatore {m} :: gleaner
racimolatura {f} :: gleaning
racimolo {m} :: synonym of raspollo
racket {m} :: racketeering
racket {m} :: racket, extortion
rad {m} [physics] :: rad (unit)
rad {m} [mathematics] :: radian
radancia {f} [nautical] :: cringle
radar {m} :: radar
radarabile {adj} :: radar-reflective
radarista {m} :: radar operator, radarman
radarista {f} :: radar operator (female)
radaristica {f} :: radar technology
radarlocalizzazione {f} :: radar detection
radarmeteorologia {f} [meteorology] :: radarmeteorology
radarnavigazione {f} :: radar navigation
radarterapia {f} :: microwave therapy
radazza {f} [nautical] :: swab
radazzante {v} :: present participle of radazzare
radazzare {vt} [nautical] :: to swab
raddensabile {adj} :: That can be thickened
raddensamento {m} :: thickening
raddensante {v} :: present participle of raddensare
raddensantesi {v} :: present participle of raddensarsi
raddensare {vt} :: To thicken
raddensarsi {vr} :: To get thicker, to thicken
raddensatosi {v} :: past participle of raddensarsi
raddobbante {v} :: present participle of raddobbare
raddobbare {vt} [nautical] :: to refit or repair
raddobbo {m} [nautical] :: refit, repair
raddolcente {v} :: present participle of raddolcire
raddolcentesi {v} :: present participle of raddolcirsi
raddolcibile {adj} :: That can be softened
raddolcimento {m} :: sweetening
raddolcimento {m} :: softening
raddolcimento {m} :: assuaging, alleviation
raddolcire {vt} :: to sweeten
raddolcire {vt} :: to soften
raddolcirsi {v} :: reflexive of raddolcire
raddolcirsi {v} :: to soften, mellow
raddolcirsi {v} :: to become milder
raddolcitosi {v} :: past participle of raddolcirsi
raddoppiabile {adj} :: That can be doubled
raddoppiamento {m} :: doubling, redoubling
raddoppiante {v} :: present participle of raddoppiare
raddoppiare {v} :: to double
raddoppio {m} :: doubling, redoubling
raddoppio {m} :: double (billiards)
raddoppio {m} :: gallop
raddottosi {v} :: past participle of raddursi
raddrizzabile {adj} :: That can be straightened
raddrizzamento {m} :: straightening
raddrizzamento {m} :: correction
raddrizzamento {m} :: rectification
raddrizzante {v} :: present participle of raddrizzare
raddrizzantesi {v} :: present participle of raddrizzarsi
raddrizzare {vt} :: to straighten
raddrizzare {vt} :: to correct
raddrizzare {vt} :: to rectify [all senses]
raddrizzarsi {v} :: reflexive of raddrizzare
raddrizzarsi {v} :: to straighten (up)
raddrizzatore {m} :: rectifier
raddrizzatosi {v} :: past participle of raddrizzarsi
raddrizzatrice {f} :: straightener (device)
radducente {v} :: present participle of raddurre
radducentesi {v} :: present participle of raddursi
raddurre {vt} :: To return
raddursi {vr} :: To return
radente {v} :: present participle of radere
radente {adj} :: grazing, shaving, skimming
radentesi {v} :: present participle of radersi
radenza {f} :: grazing movement
radere {vt} :: to shave (off)
radere al suolo {v} [idiomatic] :: to raze to the ground (to destroy)
radersi {v} :: reflexive of radere
radersi {v} :: to shave (oneself)
radezza {f} :: thinness, scantiness
radezza {f} :: infrequency, scarcity
radiale {adj} [biology, geometry, physics] :: radial
radiale {adj} [skeleton] :: radial
radiale {m} :: radial, radial tire
radiale {m} [skeleton] :: radial, radius bone
radialmente {adv} :: radially
radiante {adj} :: radiant
radiante {m} [geometry] :: radian
radiante {m} [astronomy] :: radiant
radianza {f} :: radiance
radianza {f} :: brilliance
radiare {vt} :: to expel [from an institution]
radiare {vt} :: to dismiss
radiativo {adj} [physics] :: radiative
radiatore {m} :: radiator (all senses)
radiatore {m} :: A directional antenna
radiatore {m} [chiefly in the plural] :: A form of pasta shape having rows of deep, rippled ridges
radiattivo {adj} :: alternative form of radioattivo
radiazione {f} :: radiation
radiazione {f} :: cancellation, expulsion
radiazione elettromagnetica {f} [physics] :: electromagnetic radiation
radica {f} [regional, Rome] :: Used to denote several kinds of vegetables, especially a carrot
radica {f} [regional] :: A person of poor culture and intellect
radica {f} :: briar root (a kind of wood)
radicale {adj} :: radical, drastic
radicale {adj} [politics] :: Radical
radicale {adj} [botany, linguistics] :: radical, root (attributive)
radicale {m} [mathematics, chemistry, linguistics] :: A radical
radicale {m} [politics] :: A Radical (male or of unspecified sex)
radicale {f} [politics] :: A Radical (female)
radicaleggiante {adj} :: radicalist
radicaleggiante {adj} :: radicalism (attributive)
radicaleggiante {v} :: present participle of radicaleggiare
radicaleggiare {vi} :: To favour or tend towards radicalism
radicale libero {m} [chemistry, physics] :: A free radical
radicalico {adj} [chemistry] :: radical [attributive]
radicalismo {m} [politics] :: radicalism
radicalità {f} :: radicalness, radicality
radicalizzante {v} :: present participle of radicalizzare
radicalizzare {vt} :: to radicalize, make radical
radicalizzazione {f} :: radicalization
radicalmente {adv} :: radically, completely, drastically, dramatically
radicamento {m} :: taking root
radicamento {m} :: bonding
radicamento {m} :: entrenchment
radicante {v} :: present participle of radicare
radicantesi {v} :: present participle of radicarsi
radicare {vi} :: to take root
radicarsi {v} :: reflexive of radicare
radicarsi {v} :: to take root
radicato {adj} :: deep-seated
radicato {adj} :: radicated, deep-rooted
radicatosi {v} :: past participle of radicarsi
radicazione {f} :: rooting
radicchio {m} :: The plant Cichorium intybus; radicchio
radice {f} [botany, anatomy, arithmetic, analysis, computing] :: A root
radice {f} :: A cause, source
radice {f} [linguistic] :: A stem
radice cubica {f} [mathematics, lang-it] :: cube root
radichetta {f} [botany] :: rootlet, radicle
radicicolo {adj} :: radicicolous
radiciforme {adj} [botany] :: radiciform, rootlike
radicolare {adj} [anatomy] :: radicular
radio {m} [skeleton] :: radius
radio {m} [chemistry] :: radium
radio {m} :: obsolete form of raggio
radio {f} :: radio
radio- {prefix} :: radio- (all senses)
radioabbonato {m} :: radio licence-holder
radioaltimetro {m} :: radio altimeter
radioamatore {m} :: radio amateur (ham radio operator)
radioamatoriale {adj} :: amateur radio (attributive); ham
radioanalisi {f} :: radioanalysis
radioanalitico {adj} :: radioanalytical
radioascoltatore {m} :: radio listener
radioascoltatrice {f} :: radio listener (female)
radioascolto {m} :: The period of time during which a radio post is listening for distress signals
radioascolto {m} :: Radio reception
radioassistente {v} :: present participle of radioassistere
radioassistenza {f} :: The use of radio technology to assist marine and aero navigation
radioassistere {v} :: to use radio beacons and associated technology to assist in navigation
radioastronomia {f} :: radio astronomy
radioastronomico {adj} :: radioastronomy (attributive); radioastronomical
radioastronomo {m} [astronomy] :: radio astronomer
radioattivamente {adv} :: radioactively
radioattivante {v} :: present participle of radioattivare
radioattivare {v} :: To radioactivate
radioattivazione {f} :: radioactivation
radioattività {f} :: radioactivity
radioattivo {adj} :: radioactive
radioaudizione {f} :: listening (in) to a radio broadcast
radiobiologa {f} :: radiobiologist (female)
radiobiologia {f} [biology] :: radiobiology
radiobiologo {m} :: radiobiologist
radioboa {f} [nautical] :: radiobuoy
radiobussola {f} :: radio compass
radiocanale {m} :: radio channel
radiocarbonico {adj} :: radiocarbon [attributive]
radiocarbonio {m} :: radiocarbon
radiocentro {m} :: radio broadcasting centre
radiochimica {f} :: radiochemistry
radiochimico {adj} :: radiochemical
radiochirurgia {f} [medicine] :: radiosurgery
radiocollare {m} :: radio collar
radiocollegamento {m} :: radio link
radiocomandante {v} :: present participle of radiocomandare
radiocomandare {vt} :: To operate by remote control
radiocomandato {adj} :: radio-controlled
radiocomando {m} :: radio control
radiocommedia {f} :: radio play
radiocomunicazione {f} :: radio communication
radiocontrollato {adj} :: radio-controlled
radiocronaca {f} :: radio commentary
radiocronista {mf} :: radio commentator
radiocronologia {f} :: radiochronology
radiocronologico {adj} :: radiochronologic
radiodatazione {f} :: radiometric dating
radiodensità {f} :: radiodensity, radioopacity
radiodermatite {f} [medicine] :: radiodermatitis
radiodeterminazione {f} :: radiodetermination
radiodiagnosi {f} :: radiodiagnosis
radiodiagnostica {f} :: radiodiagnostics
radiodiagnostico {adj} :: radiodiagnostic
radiodiffondente {v} :: present participle of radiodiffondere
radiodiffondere {vt} :: To broadcast (by radio)
radiodiffusione {f} :: broadcasting (by radio)
radiodiffusione {f} :: broadcast (by radio)
radiodiffusivo {adj} :: radio broadcasting (attributive)
radiodisturbo {m} :: static, interference (on radio reception)
radiodramma {m} :: radio drama
radioecologia {f} :: radioecology
radioelemento {m} [physics] :: radioelement
radioelettricità {f} [physics] :: radioelectricity
radioelettrico {adj} :: radioelectric
radioembolizzazione {f} :: radioembolization
radioesposizione {f} :: radiation exposure
radioestesia {f} :: dowsing, divining
radioestesista {mf} :: dowser, diviner
radiofarmaceutico {adj} :: radiopharmaceutical
radiofarmacia {f} :: radiopharmacy
radiofarmaco {m} [pharmaceutical drug] :: radiopharmaceutical
radiofaro {m} [communication] :: radio beacon
radiofilo {adj} :: radiophilic
radiofilo {m} :: radiophile
radiofonia {f} :: The transmission of sound by radio
radiofonia {f} :: Radio broadcasting
radiofonicamente {adv} :: radiophonically
radiofonico {adj} :: radio (attributive)
radiofonista {m} :: radio operator (military)
radiofonografo {m} :: radiogram (radio plus gramophone)
radiofoto {f} :: radiophoto, radiophotograph
radiofrequenza {f} :: radio frequency
radiofurgone {m} :: mobile radio unit (motor vehicle)
radiogalassia {f} [astronomy] :: radio galaxy
radiogenico {adj} :: radiogenic
radiogeno {adj} :: radiogenic
radiogiocattolo {m} :: radio-controlled toy
radiogiornale {m} :: radio news programme
radiogoniometria {f} :: radiogoniometry
radiogoniometrico {adj} :: radiogoniometric
radiogoniometro {m} :: radio direction finder, radiogoniometer
radiografante {v} :: present participle of radiografare
radiografare {vt} :: To X-ray; to radiograph
radiografia {f} :: X-ray (examination and image), radiograph
radiografia {f} :: radiography
radiograficamente {adv} :: radiographically
radiografico {adj} :: X-ray (attributive)
radiografico {adj} :: radiographic
radiogramma {m} :: radiogram
radiogrammofono {m} :: radiogram
radioguida {f} :: radio navigation aid
radioguidante {v} :: present participle of radioguidare
radioguidare {vt} :: To radio control
radioimmunologia {f} :: radioimmunology
radiointerferometria {f} :: radio interferometry
radiointerferometro {m} :: radio interferometer
radiointervista {f} :: radio interview
radioisotopico {adj} :: radioisotopic
radioisotopo {m} [physics] :: radioisotope
radiolario {m} [biology] :: radiolarian
radiolina {f} :: Portable radio
radiolina {f} :: Transistor (radio)
radiolisi {f} [chemistry] :: radiolysis
radiolisi pulsata {f} [chemistry] :: pulse radiolysis
radiolocalizzante {v} :: present participle of radiolocalizzare
radiolocalizzare {vt} :: to radiolocate
radiolocalizzatore {m} :: radiolocation device
radiolocalizzatore {m} :: radar
radiolocalizzazione {f} :: radiolocation
radiolocalizzazione {f} :: radar
radiologa {f} :: radiologist (female)
radiologia {f} [medicine] :: radiology
radiologicamente {adv} :: radiologically
radiologico {adj} :: radiological
radiologo {m} :: radiologist (male)
radioluminescente {adj} :: radioluminescent
radiomarcante {v} :: present participle of radiomarcare
radiomarcare {v} :: to fit an animal with a radio transmitter
radiomarcatore {m} :: radiomarker
radiomarittimo {adj} [nautical] :: maritime and ship-to-shore radio (attributive)
radiomessaggio {m} :: radio message
radiometabolico {adj} [medicine] :: radiometabolic
radiometeorologia {f} :: radiometeorology
radiometrico {adj} :: radiometric
radiometro {m} :: radiometer
radiomicrofono {m} :: radio microphone (radio mike)
radiomobile {f} :: A car fitted with a two-way radio (especially a police car)
radiomobile {f} :: A mobile phone
radiomontatore {m} :: radio mechanic
radiomontatrice {f} :: radio mechanic (female)
radionavale {adj} [nautical] :: maritime radio (attributive)
radionavigazione {f} :: radio navigation
radionecrosi {f} [pathology] :: radionecrosis
radionuclide {m} [physics] :: radionuclide
radioonda {f} :: radio wave
radioopaco {adj} :: radiopaque
radiopacità {f} :: radiopacity
radiopropagazione {f} :: radio wave propagation
radioprotezione {f} [medicine] :: radioprotection
radioregistratore {m} :: radio recorder
radioricevente {f} :: receiver (radio)
radioricevitore {m} :: receiver (radio)
radioricezione {f} :: radio reception
radiorilevamento {m} :: radio direction finding
radiorilevatore {m} :: radar (device)
radioriparatore {m} :: radio repairer
radioripetitore {m} :: radio repeater
radiosamente {adv} :: brightly
radioscopia {f} [medicine] :: radioscopy
radioscopico {adj} :: radioscopic
radiosegnalamento {m} :: radio signalling
radiosegnale {m} :: radio signal
radiosensibile {adj} :: radiosensitive
radiosensibilità {f} :: radiosensitivity
radiosentiero {m} :: glide path (controlled by radar)
radiosità {f} :: radiance, brightness
radioso {adj} :: radiant
radioso {adj} :: bright, shining
radiosonda {f} :: radiosonde
radiosondaggio {m} :: radio sounding
radiosorgente {f} [astronomy] :: radio source
radiospia {f} :: bug (bugging device)
radiostampa {f} :: radiotelegraph
radiostazione {f} :: radio station
radiostella {f} [astronomy] :: radio star
radiosveglia {f} :: radio alarm, clock radio
radiotaxi {m} :: radio taxi
radiotecnica {f} :: radio engineering
radiotecnico {adj} :: radio engineering (attributive)
radiotecnico {m} :: radio engineer
radiotelecomando {m} :: radio control (controlling device)
radiotelediffusione {f} :: broadcasting (especially of television)
radiotelefonia {f} :: radiotelephony
radiotelefonico {adj} :: radiotelephone, radiotelephony (attributive); radiotelephonic
radiotelefono {m} :: radio telephone
radiotelefono {m} :: cordless phone
radiotelegrafante {v} :: present participle of radiotelegrafare
radiotelegrafare {vt} :: To radiotelegraph
radiotelegrafia {f} :: wireless telegraphy, radiotelegraphy
radiotelegrafico {adj} :: radiotelegraph, radiotelegraphy (attributive); radiotelegraphic
radiotelegrafista {f} :: radiotelegraph operator
radiotelegrafo {m} :: radiotelegraph
radiotelegramma {m} :: radio telegram
radiotelescopio {m} [astronomy] :: radio telescope
radiotelescrivente {f} :: radio teletype
radiotelevisione {f} :: television (transmission of moving pictures using radio waves)
radiotelevisione {f} :: a radio and television company
radiotelevisivo {adj} :: radio and television (attributive), broadcast (attributive), broadcasting
radioterapeutico {adj} :: radiotherapeutic
radioterapia {f} [medicine] :: radiotherapy
radioterapico {adj} :: radiotherapeutic
radioterapista {mf} :: radiotherapist
radiotossicità {f} :: radiotoxicity
radiotossico {adj} :: radiotoxic
radiotossicologia {f} :: radiotoxicology
radiotossicologico {adj} :: radiotoxicological
radiotracciante {m} :: radiotracer
radiotrasmettente {v} :: present participle of radiotrasmettere
radiotrasmettere {vt} :: to broadcast by radio
radiotrasmettitore {m} :: radio transmitter
radiotrasmissione {f} :: radio transmission, broadcast
radiotrasmissione {f} :: broadcasting company or organization
radiotrasmittente {adj} :: radio broadcasting (attributive)
radiotrasmittente {f} :: broadcasting station
radiottivo {adj} :: alternative form of radioattivo
radioutente {mf} :: Holder of a radio licence (radio ham)
radità {f} :: thinness, sparseness, rareness
rado {adj} :: sparse, thin
radon {m} [chemistry] :: radon
radunabile {adj} :: That can be gathered
radunante {v} :: present participle of radunare
radunantesi {v} :: present participle of radunarsi
radunare {vt} :: to gather, assemble, herd
radunare {vt} [military] :: to rally [troops]
radunarsi {v} :: reflexive of radunare
radunarsi {v} :: to gather, assemble
radunata {f} :: muster
radunatosi {v} :: past participle of radunarsi
raduno {m} :: gathering, meeting, muster
radura {f} :: clearing
rafano {m} :: horseradish
rafe {m} :: suture
rafe {m} [anatomy, botany] :: raphe
raffa {f} :: Only used in the set phrase di riffa o di raffa
raffa {f} :: the act of grabbing something
raffa {f} :: grab, snatch
Raffaele {prop} :: given name, the Italian equivalent of Raphael
Raffaele {prop} :: Raphael, the Archangel [biblical character]
Raffaella {prop} :: given name, feminine form of Raffaele ( Raphael)
raffaellesco {adj} [arts] :: Raphaelesque
raffaellesco {adj} :: delicate, fine
Raffaello {prop} :: Raphael
raffazzonamento {m} :: throwing together
raffazzonamento {m} :: bodge (botched-up job)
raffazzonante {v} :: present participle of raffazzonare
raffazzonare {vt} :: To botch or bodge; to cobble or patch up
raffazzonatore {m} :: A person who cobbles together or bodges up; a botcher or bodger
raffazzonatrice {f} :: botcher (female)
raffazzonatura {f} :: throwing together
raffazzonatura {f} :: bodge (botched-up job)
rafferma {f} :: reenlistment
raffermamento {m} :: staling (of bread etc due to changes in the starch structure)
raffermante {v} :: present participle of raffermare
raffermantesi {v} :: present participle of raffermarsi
raffermare {vt} :: to reaffirm, reconfirm
raffermare {vt} :: to reenlist
raffermarsi {v} :: reflexive of raffermare
raffermarsi {v} :: to reenlist
raffermo {adj} :: stale (bread)
raffica {f} :: gust (of wind)
raffica {f} :: burst (of gunfire)
raffigurabile {adj} :: recognizable
raffigurante {v} :: present participle of raffigurare
raffigurante {adj} :: representing
raffigurante {adj} :: symbolizing
raffigurare {vt} :: to depict, represent
raffigurare {vt} :: to symbolize
raffigurativo {adj} :: representational
raffigurativo {adj} :: symbolic
raffigurazione {f} :: depiction, representation
raffigurazione {f} :: symbol
raffilante {v} :: present participle of raffilare
raffilare {vt} :: to whet, sharpen (again)
raffilare {vt} :: to trim, pare
raffilatoio {m} :: trimmer
raffilatrice {f} :: trimmer (device)
raffilatura {f} :: whetting, sharpening
raffilatura {f} :: trimming, paring
raffilatura {f} :: trimmings
raffinamento {m} :: refining
raffinamento {m} :: refinement
raffinante {v} :: present participle of raffinare
raffinare {vt} :: To refine
raffinatamente {adv} :: refinedly
raffinatezza {f} :: refinement, elegance
raffinatezza {f} :: pleasure
raffinatezza {f} :: delicacy
raffinatissimo {adj} :: very refined, very polished, very sophisticated
raffinatissimo {adj} :: superlative of raffinato
raffinato {adj} :: refined
raffinato {adj} :: polished, sophisticated
raffinato {adj} :: subtle
raffinato {m} :: A refined person
raffinatore {m} :: refiner (person)
raffinatore {adj} :: refining
raffinatura {f} :: refining
raffinazione {f} :: refining
raffineria {f} :: refinery
raffio {m} :: grapnel
raffio {m} [nautical] :: grappling iron
rafforzamento {m} :: strengthening
rafforzamento {m} :: reinforcement
rafforzante {v} :: present participle of rafforzare
rafforzantesi {v} :: present participle of rafforzarsi
rafforzare {vt} :: To reinforce, to strengthen
rafforzarsi {v} :: reflexive of rafforzare
rafforzarsi {vr} :: to strengthen, get stronger, become stronger
rafforzativo {adj} [grammar] :: intensifying
rafforzativo {m} [grammar] :: intensifier
rafforzatosi {v} :: past participle of rafforzarsi
raffreddamento {m} :: cooling
raffreddante {v} :: present participle of raffreddare
raffreddantesi {v} :: present participle of raffreddarsi
raffreddare {vi} :: to cool, cool down
raffreddare {vt} :: to cool something down
raffreddare {vt} :: to dampen someone's enthusiasm, etc
raffreddarsi {v} :: reflexive of raffreddare
raffreddarsi {v} :: to cool down, become cooler or colder
raffreddarsi {v} :: to catch a cold
raffreddatosi {v} :: past participle of raffreddarsi
raffreddore {m} [medicine] :: cold
raffrenabile {adj} :: restrainable, controllable
raffrenamento {m} :: restraining, checking
raffrenante {v} :: present participle of raffrenare
raffrenantesi {v} :: present participle of raffrenarsi
raffrenare {vt} :: To restrain or control
raffrenarsi {vr} :: To restrain or control oneself
raffrenatosi {v} :: past participle of raffrenarsi
raffrescamento {m} :: cooling, refreshing
raffrescante {v} :: present participle of raffrescare
raffrescare {vt} :: To cool
raffrescare {vt} :: To freshen or freshen up
raffrescare {vi} :: To become cool
raffrontamento {m} :: comparing
raffrontamento {m} :: confronting
raffrontante {v} :: present participle of raffrontare
raffrontare {vt} :: To compare
raffronto {m} :: comparison
rafia {f} :: raffia
ragù {m} [countable and uncountable] :: ragù, ragu (pasta sauce)
raga {n} [slang, colloquial] :: A form of address for a group of persons of either gender; guys
ragade {f} [pathology] :: fissure, rhagade
raganella {f} :: tree frog
raganella {f} [musical instruments] :: ratchet, gragger
ragazza {f} :: girl
ragazza {f} :: girlfriend
ragazzaccio {m} :: juvenile delinquent
ragazza-copertina {f} :: covergirl
ragazzaglia {f} :: A group of yobs
ragazza squillo {f} :: call girl
ragazzata {f} :: childishness
ragazzata {f} :: prank
ragazzetta {f} :: young girl, little girl, (female) teenager
ragazzetto {m} :: young boy, little boy, kid, teenager
ragazzina {f} :: young girl, little girl, (female) teenager
ragazzino {m} :: young boy, little boy, kid, teenager
ragazzo {m} :: boy, young man
ragazzo {m} :: boyfriend
ragazzo {m} [obsolete] :: young apprentice (e.g. in a workshop)
ragazzo dei giornali {m} :: paperboy, newsboy
ragazzona {f} :: A large, tall or strapping girl
ragazzona {f} [colloquial] :: A childish woman
ragazzone {m} :: A large, tall or strapping boy
ragazzone {m} [colloquial] :: A childish adult
ragazzotta {f} :: A girl, especially a large or strapping one
ragazzotto {m} :: A boy, especially a sturdy one
ragazzuccio {m} :: Small/young child
raggelante {v} :: present participle of raggelare
raggelantesi {v} :: present participle of raggelarsi
raggelare {vt} :: To freeze
raggelarsi {vr} :: To freeze
raggelatosi {v} :: past participle of raggelarsi
raggentilente {v} :: present participle of raggentilire
raggentilire {vt} :: To refine or polish
ragghiante {v} :: present participle of ragghiare
ragghiare {v} :: synonym of ragliare
raggiante {v} :: present participle of raggiare
raggiante {adj} :: shining, beaming, radiant
raggiare {vi} :: to shine
raggiare {vi} :: to radiate
raggiera {f} :: spokes (of a wheel)
raggiera {f} :: rays (of a sunburst etc)
raggio {m} :: ray, beam (of light etc)
raggio {m} :: spoke (of wheel)
raggio {m} :: radius (maths)
raggio gamma {m} [physics] :: gamma ray
raggio traente {m} [science fiction] :: tractor beam
raggirabile {adj} :: cheatable
raggiramento {m} :: swindle, cheating
raggirante {v} :: present participle of raggirare
raggirare {vt} :: To deceive, to trick, to take in
raggiratore {m} :: swindler, cheat
raggiro {m} :: deceit, deception, fraud, scam
raggiungente {v} :: present participle of raggiungere
raggiungentesi {v} :: present participle of raggiungersi
raggiungere {vt} :: to reach, arrive at, get to, touch
raggiungere {vt} :: to reach, catch up, join
raggiungere {vt} :: to attain, gain, achieve
raggiungersi {v} :: reflexive of raggiungere
raggiungersi {vr} :: to reach
raggiungersi {vr} :: to catch up
raggiungibile {adj} :: reachable, achievable
raggiungibile {adj} :: contactable
raggiungimento {m} :: attainment
raggiungimento {m} :: fulfilment
raggiungimento {m} :: success
raggiuntosi {v} :: past participle of raggiungersi
raggiustamento {m} :: mending, repairing
raggiustamento {m} :: reconciliation
raggiustante {v} :: present participle of raggiustare
raggiustantesi {v} :: present participle of raggiustarsi
raggiustare {vt} :: to mend, repair
raggiustare {vt} :: to reconcile
raggiustarsi {v} :: reflexive of raggiustare
raggiustarsi {v} :: to be reconciled
raggi X {p} [physics] :: X-rays
raggomitolante {v} :: present participle of raggomitolare
raggomitolantesi {v} :: present participle of raggomitolarsi
raggomitolare {vt} :: To wind (into a ball), to curl up
raggomitolarsi {vr} :: To curl up
raggomitolatosi {v} :: past participle of raggomitolarsi
raggranchente {v} :: present participle of raggranchire
raggranchiante {v} :: present participle of raggranchiare
raggranchiare {vit} :: alternative form of raggranchire
raggranchire {vit} :: to make or become numb
raggranellante {v} :: present participle of raggranellare
raggranellare {vt} :: To scrape together
raggrinzamento {m} :: wrinkling, puckering
raggrinzamento {m} :: corrugating
raggrinzante {v} :: present participle of raggrinzare
raggrinzare {vit} :: alternative form of raggrinzire
raggrinzente {v} :: present participle of raggrinzire
raggrinzentesi {v} :: present participle of raggrinzirsi
raggrinzimento {m} :: wrinkling, puckering
raggrinzimento {m} :: corrugating
raggrinzire {vt} :: to crease, wrinkle
raggrinzire {vt} :: to pleat, ruffle
raggrinzirsi {v} :: reflexive of raggrinzire
raggrinzirsi {v} :: to crease, wrinkle
raggrinzirsi {v} :: to crumple, bunch up
raggrinzitosi {v} :: past participle of raggrinzirsi
raggrumante {v} :: present participle of raggrumare
raggrumantesi {v} :: present participle of raggrumarsi
raggrumare {vt} :: To curdle or clot
raggrumarsi {vr} :: To curdle or clot
raggrumatosi {v} :: past participle of raggrumarsi
raggruppabile {adj} :: groupable
raggruppamento {m} :: group, grouping
raggruppamento {m} :: unit, covey (military)
raggruppante {v} :: present participle of raggruppare
raggruppantesi {v} :: present participle of raggrupparsi
raggruppare {vt} :: To group
raggrupparsi {vr} :: To group, to assemble, to gather, to collect, to combine
raggruppatosi {v} :: past participle of raggrupparsi
raggruzzolante {v} :: present participle of raggruzzolare
raggruzzolare {vt} :: To scrape together, save up
ragguagliabile {adj} :: comparable
ragguagliante {v} :: present participle of ragguagliare
ragguagliare {v} :: to compare (to) or (with)
ragguagliare {v} :: to inform
ragguaglio {m} :: comparison
ragguaglio {m} :: confrontation
ragguaglio {m} :: a precise, factual account
ragguardevole {adj} :: remarkable, notable
ragguardevole {adj} :: considerable, sizeable
ragià {m} :: rajah
ragia {f} :: pine resin
ragion {f} :: apocopic form of ragione
ragionamento {m} :: reasoning
ragionamento {m} :: argument (logical)
ragionante {v} :: present participle of ragionare
ragionare {vi} :: to reason
ragionare {vi} :: to discuss, argue, talk
ragionato {adj} :: reasoned
ragionatore {m} :: thinker
ragione {f} :: reason
ragione {f} :: reason, motive, ground
ragione {f} :: right
ragione {f} :: reason, argument, consideration
ragione {f} :: ratio, proportion, rate
ragioneria {f} :: accountancy
ragione sociale {f} :: company name
ragionevole {adj} :: reasonable
ragionevole {adj} :: sensible
ragionevolezza {f} :: reasonableness
ragionevolissimo {adj} :: Very reasonable, very sensible, very fair
ragionevolmente {adv} :: reasonably
ragionevolmente {adv} :: sensibly
ragionevolmente {adv} :: fairly
ragioniera {f} :: accountant (female)
ragioniere {m} :: accountant
ragliamento {m} :: braying
ragliante {v} :: present participle of ragliare
ragliare {vi} :: to bray
raglio {m} :: bray (of a donkey etc.)
ragnatela {f} :: (spider's) web
ragnatela {f} :: cobweb
ragnateloso {adj} :: cobwebbed, cobweb (attributive)
ragno {m} :: spider
Ragusa {prop} :: Ragusa (town, province)
Ragusa {prop} :: former name of Dubrovnik (city in Croatia)
ragusano {adj} :: Of or relating to Ragusa (in Sicily)
ragusano {m} :: A native or inhabitant of Ragusa
Ragusa Vecchia {prop} :: Cavtat
raguseo {adj} :: Of or from Ragusa (in Croatia)
ragusino {adj} :: Of or from Ragusa (Dalmatian republic)
rai {mp} [poetic] :: ray
rai {mp} :: look, eye
RAI {prop} [broadcasting] :: initialism of Radiotelevisione Italiana, the Italian state owned public service broadcaster
raia {f} :: ray, skate (fish)
raid {m} :: raid, incursion
raid {m} :: long-distance race or rally
Raimondi {prop} :: surname
Raimondo {prop} :: given name, cognate to Raymond
rais {m} [historical] :: captain (of a ship)
rais {m} :: A leader or head of state in an Arab society; reis
rais {m} [by extension, popular] :: A person in charge [chiefly male]; boss, leader, supervisor
ralinga {f} [nautical] :: bolt rope
ralingante {v} :: present participle of ralingare
ralingare {vt} [nautical] :: to rope
rallegramenti {interj} :: congratulations!
rallegramento {m} :: congratulations
rallegrante {v} :: present participle of rallegrare
rallegrante {adj} :: exhilarating
rallegrantesi {v} :: present participle of rallegrarsi
rallegrare {vt} :: To cheer up
rallegrarsi {vr} :: To congratulate
rallegrato {adj} :: gladdened
rallegrato {adj} :: congratulated
rallegratosi {v} :: past participle of rallegrarsi
rallentamento {m} :: slowing down, slackening (of pace)
rallentando {m} [music] :: rallentando
rallentante {v} :: present participle of rallentare
rallentantesi {v} :: present participle of rallentarsi
rallentare {vt} :: to slow down, decelerate, reduce the speed, slacken, curb
rallentare {vt} :: to reduce the number of, make something less frequent
rallentare {vi} :: to slow down, reduce speed
rallentarsi {v} :: reflexive of rallentare
rallentarsi {v} :: to grow less, drop, diminish
rallentarsi {v} :: to become less frequent
rallentatore {adj} :: slowing
rallentatore {adj} :: moderating
rallentatore {m} :: slow-motion camera
rallentatore {m} [physics] :: moderator (nuclear)
rallentatosi {v} :: past participle of rallentarsi
rallista {mf} :: rally driver
rallo {m} :: rail (bird of the family Rallidae)
rally {m} :: rally event involving groups of people
ramages {n} :: damask fabric
ramaglia {f} :: All the branches etc cut from a tree during pruning etc
ramaglia {f} :: brushwood
ramaglia {f} :: undergrowth
ramaio {m} :: copper worker or beater
ramaiolata {f} :: ladleful
ramaiolo {m} :: ladle
ramaiuolo {m} :: Variant of ramaiolo
ramante {v} :: present participle of ramare
ramanzina {f} :: lecture
ramanzina {f} :: telling off
ramare {v} :: to cover or plate with copper
ramare {v} :: to apply copper sulphate fertilizer
ramarro {m} :: green lizard
ramato {adj} :: coppery (coloured)
ramato {adj} :: coppered
ramatura {f} :: copper coating
ramatura {f} :: spraying with copper sulfate
ramazza {f} :: broom, besom
ramazzante {v} :: present participle of ramazzare
ramazzare {vt} :: to sweep
Ramazzotti {prop} :: surname
Ramazzotti {prop} :: Eros Ramazzotti, Italian singer
rame {m} [chemistry] :: copper (metal)
rameico {adj} [chemistry] :: cupric
ramen {m} :: ramen
rameoso {adj} [chemistry] :: cuprous
ramerino {m} :: Variant of rosmarino
rametto {m} :: Small branch, twig, sprig
ramiè {m} :: ramie (Boehmeria nivea)
ramia {f} :: ramie (plant and fibre)
ramifero {adj} :: copper-bearing
ramificante {v} :: present participle of ramificare
ramificantesi {v} :: present participle of ramificarsi
ramificare {vi} [botany] :: to put out branches
ramificarsi {v} :: reflexive of ramificare
ramificarsi {v} :: to branch out
ramificatosi {v} :: past participle of ramificarsi
ramificazione {f} :: ramification
ramingante {v} :: present participle of ramingare
ramingare {vi} :: To wander or roam
ramingo {adj} :: wandering, roaming
ramino {m} :: A copper jug used to transport hot water
ramino {m} [regional] :: milk skimmer
ramino {m} [card games, usually, uncountable] :: rummy
rammagliante {v} :: present participle of rammagliare
rammagliare {vt} :: To darn (especially to repair a ladder in stockings)
rammagliatura {f} :: darning (especially the mending of ladders in stockings)
rammaricante {v} :: present participle of rammaricare
rammaricantesi {v} :: present participle of rammaricarsi
rammaricare {vt} :: To grieve
rammaricarsi {vr} :: To regret
rammaricatosi {v} :: past participle of rammaricarsi
rammarico {m} :: regret
rammemorabile {adj} [literary] :: rememberable, recallable
rammemorante {v} :: present participle of rammemorare
rammemorantesi {v} :: present participle of rammemorarsi
rammemorare {vt} [literary] :: To remember, to recall
rammemorarsi {vr} [literary] :: To remember or recall
rammemoratosi {v} :: past participle of rammemorarsi
rammendante {v} :: present participle of rammendare
rammendare {vt} :: To darn, to mend
rammendatore {m} :: mender, darner
rammendatura {f} :: mending, darning
rammendatura {f} :: mend, darn
rammendo {m} :: darn
rammendo {m} :: darning
rammentante {v} :: present participle of rammentare
rammentantesi {v} :: present participle of rammentarsi
rammentare {vt} :: to remember, recall
rammentare {vt} :: to mention
rammentarsi {vr} :: To remember or recall
rammentatore {m} :: prompter
rammentatosi {v} :: past participle of rammentarsi
rammodernamento {m} :: refurbishment
rammodernamento {m} :: modernization
rammodernante {v} :: present participle of rammodernare
rammodernare {v} :: to refurbish
rammodernare {v} :: to bring up to date
rammollente {v} :: present participle of rammollire
rammollentesi {v} :: present participle of rammollirsi
rammollimento {m} :: softening
rammollire {vt} :: To soften (make soft)
rammollirsi {vr} :: To soften (become soft)
rammollito {adj} :: softened
rammollito {adj} :: weak or feeble
rammollito {n} [slang] :: weakling or wimp
rammollitosi {v} :: past participle of rammollirsi
rammorbidente {v} :: present participle of rammorbidire
rammorbidentesi {v} :: present participle of rammorbidirsi
rammorbidimento {m} :: softening
rammorbidire {vt} :: To soften
rammorbidirsi {vr} :: To soften
rammorbiditosi {v} :: past participle of rammorbidirsi
ramnogalatturonano {m} [carbohydrate] :: rhamnogalacturonan
ramnosio {m} [carbohydrate] :: rhamnose
ramo {m} [botany, figuratively] :: branch
ramo {m} [skeleton] :: ramus, branch
ramolaccio {m} :: radish
ramolaccio {m} :: horseradish
ramoscello {m} :: diminutive of ramo: small branch, twig, sprig
ramosità {f} :: branchiness
ramoso {adj} :: ramous, ramose, branchy
ramoso {adj} :: branched
ramoso {adj} :: cuprous
rampa {f} :: flight (of stairs)
rampa {f} :: ramp
rampa {f} :: launchpad
rampante {adj} :: gogetting, upwardly mobile
rampante {adj} :: rampant
rampante {adj} [heraldry] :: rampant
rampantismo {m} :: An attitude of trying to win high economic or social status at any cost; pushiness, bossiness
rampicante {adj} :: climbing (plant)
rampicante {m} :: creeper, climber
rampicante {v} :: present participle of rampicare
rampicare {vi} :: To climb
rampichino {m} [cycling] :: mountain bike (bicycle)
rampino {m} :: hook; grappling hook
rampino {m} :: pretext
rampista {mf} :: ramp attendant (organizes passengers boarding a plane)
rampogna {f} :: reprimand, rebuke
rampognante {v} :: present participle of rampognare
rampognare {vt} :: To reprimand or rebuke
rampolla {f} :: (female) descendant, offspring
rampollante {v} :: present participle of rampollare
rampollare {vi} :: to bud, sprout, shoot (forth)
rampollare {vi} :: to derive, originate (from)
rampollo {m} :: shoot (of a plant)
rampollo {m} [literary] :: spring (of water)
rampollo {m} :: descendant, offspring
ramponato {adj} [heraldry] :: potent, potenty, potenté
rampone {m} [chiefly in the plural] :: crampon
rampone {m} :: hook
ramponiere {m} :: harpooner
ramuscello {m} :: Variant of ramoscello
rana {f} :: a frog
rana {f} [swimming, singular only] :: breaststroke
rana pescatrice {f} :: anglerfish, angler (marine fish of the family Lophiidae)
ranatra {f} :: any water scorpion of the genus Ranatra
ranch {m} :: A ranch, notably livestock breeding farm
rancidente {v} :: present participle of rancidire
rancidezza {f} :: rancidness, rancidity, rankness
rancidire {vi} :: To become rancid
rancidità {f} :: rancidity, rancidness
rancido {adj} :: rancid
rancidume {m} :: rancid food
rancidume {m} :: rancidity
ranciere {m} [military] :: messman
rancio {m} :: mess (military eating place)
rancore {m} :: rancour, resentment, grudge
rancorosamente {adv} :: rancorously, begrudgingly
rancoroso {adj} :: rancorous
randa {f} [nautical] :: spanker (sail)
randagio {adj} :: stray (cat or dog)
randagio {m} :: stray (cat or dog)
randagismo {m} :: straying; the state of being a stray (of a cat etc)
randeggiante {v} :: present participle of randeggiare
randeggiare {vi} [nautical] :: to coast
randellante {v} :: present participle of randellare
randellare {vt} :: To cudgel, club or bludgeon
randellata {f} :: cudgel blow
randello {m} :: cudgel, club
randello {m} [vulgar, slang] :: penis, dick
Randolfo {prop} :: given name, equivalent to Randolph
randomico {adj} :: random
randomizzante {v} :: present participle of randomizzare
randomizzare {vt} :: to randomise
randomizzato {adj} :: randomized
randomizzazione {f} :: randomization
ranghinatore {m} :: hay rake
rango {m} :: rank (grade)
rango {m} :: station (social standing)
rango {m} :: degree or class
ranista {mf} :: breaststroke swimmer
ranitidina {f} [medicine] :: ranitidine
rannicchiante {v} :: present participle of rannicchiare
rannicchiantesi {v} :: present participle of rannicchiarsi
rannicchiare {vt} :: to tuck the legs up
rannicchiarsi {v} :: reflexive of rannicchiare
rannicchiarsi {v} :: to crouch
rannicchiarsi {v} :: to huddle
rannicchiarsi {v} :: to snuggle, nestle
rannicchiarsi {v} :: to tuck
rannicchiatosi {v} :: past participle of rannicchiarsi
ranno {m} :: lye
rannuvolamento {m} :: clouding over
rannuvolante {v} :: present participle of rannuvolare
rannuvolantesi {v} :: present participle of rannuvolarsi
rannuvolare {vt} :: to cloud
rannuvolare {vt} :: to darken
rannuvolarsi {v} :: reflexive of rannuvolare
rannuvolarsi {v} [weather] :: to cloud over, become overcast
rannuvolarsi {v} :: to darken
rannuvolatosi {v} :: past participle of rannuvolarsi
ranocchia {f} [colloquial] :: frog
ranocchietta {f} :: little frog
ranocchio {m} [colloquial] :: frog
rantolante {v} :: present participle of rantolare
rantolare {vi} :: To wheeze
rantolio {m} :: wheezing
rantolio {m} :: death rattle
rantolo {m} :: wheeze
rantoloso {adj} :: wheezy
ranuncolo {m} :: buttercup, crowfoot
ranzante {v} :: present participle of ranzare
ranzare {vt} :: To cut (away)
rapa {f} :: turnip
rapace {adj} :: predatory
rapace {adj} :: rapacious, greedy
rapace {m} :: bird of prey
rapace {m} :: raptor
rapacemente {adv} :: greedily, rapaciously
rapacità {f} :: rapacity
rapacità {f} :: greediness
rapaio {m} :: turnip bed
rapaio {m} :: turnip field
rapaiola {f} :: small white (insect)
rapallizzazione {f} :: environmental and urban damage of a tourist region due to chaotic and uncontrolled construction
rapanello {m} :: Variant of ravanello
rapante {v} :: present participle of rapare
rapare {v} :: to crop
rapare {v} :: to shave closely
rapare {v} :: to scalp
rapatura {f} :: cropping, shaving
rapatura {f} :: shaved head
rapente {v} :: present participle of rapire
raperonzolo {m} :: rampion (Campanula rapunculus)
Raperonzolo {prop} :: Rapunzel
Raphèl {prop} :: medieval spelling of Raffaele
rapida {f} [usually, in the plural] :: rapid
rapidamente {adv} :: quickly, rapidly
rapidissimo {adj} :: Very quick, very rapid
rapidissimo {adj} :: quickest; most rapid
rapidità {f} :: speed, rapidity
rapido {adj} :: quick, fast, rapid
rapimento {m} :: kidnapping, abduction
rapimento {m} :: ravishment, ecstasy, rapture
rapina {f} :: robbery, mugging
rapina {f} :: plunder
rapina a mano armata {f} :: hold-up (robbery at gunpoint)
rapinante {v} :: present participle of rapinare
rapinare {vt} :: To rob
rapinatore {m} :: robber
rapinatrice {f} :: robber (female)
rapinosamente {adv} :: impetuously
rapinosamente {adv} :: vehemently
rapinosamente {adv} :: violently
rapinoso {adj} :: robbing
rapire {vt} :: To kidnap or abduct
rapire {vt} :: To captivate
Rapisardi {prop} :: surname
Rapisardi {prop} :: Mario Rapisardi, Italian poet
rapito {adj} :: kidnapped
rapito {adj} :: spellbound, enchanted, entranced, rapt
rapito {m} :: A kidnapped person
rapitore {m} :: kidnapper
rapitrice {f} :: kidnapper (female)
rappacificamento {m} :: reconciliation
rappacificamento {m} :: pacification
rappacificante {v} :: present participle of rappacificare
rappacificantesi {v} :: present participle of rappacificarsi
rappacificare {vt} :: To reconcile
rappacificarsi {vr} :: To be reconciled
rappacificatosi {v} :: past participle of rappacificarsi
rappacificazione {f} :: reconciliation
rappante {v} :: present participle of rappare
rappare {v} [music] :: To rap (sing rap music)
rappattumante {v} :: present participle of rappattumare
rappattumare {vt} :: To (temporarily) reconcile
rappattumarsi {vr} :: To make it up (reconcile personal diffilculties)
rappezzamento {m} :: patching, mending
rappezzamento {m} :: patch, mend
rappezzamento {m} :: botch
rappezzante {v} :: present participle of rappezzare
rappezzare {vt} :: To patch
rappezzatura {f} :: patching, mending
rappezzatura {f} :: patch, mend
rappezzatura {f} :: botch
rappezzo {m} :: patch
rapportabile {adj} :: referable
rapportante {v} :: present participle of rapportare
rapportantesi {v} :: present participle of rapportarsi
rapportare {v} :: to compare (with)
rapportare {v} :: to relate (to)
rapportare {v} :: to reproduce (on a different scale)
rapportare {v} :: to connect or link
rapportarsi {vr} :: ‎ To be related (to)
rapportatore {m} :: protractor (geometry instrument)
rapportatosi {v} :: past participle of rapportarsi
rapporto {m} :: report, statement, account
rapporto {m} :: connection, relation, relationship, correlation
rapporto {m} :: sexual intercourse, intercourse, sex
rapporto {m} [mathematics, sciences] :: ratio
rapporto {m} [of a bicycle] :: gear
rapporto {m} :: respect, reference
rapprendente {v} :: present participle of rapprendere
rapprendere {vt} :: to condense, solidify, set
rapprendersi {v} :: reflexive of rapprendere
rapprendersi {v} :: to clot, coagulate
rapprendersi {v} :: to curdle
rapprendimento {m} :: solidification
rappresaglia {f} :: reprisal, retaliation
rappresantabile {adj} :: representable
rappresantabile {adj} :: performable
rappresantabilità {f} :: representability
rappresantabilità {f} :: performability, playability (theatrically)
rappresantante {v} :: present participle of rappresantare
rappresantare {vt} :: to depict, portray, represent
rappresantare {vt} :: to describe
rappresantare {vt} :: to symbolize
rappresantare {vt} :: to stage
rappresentabile {adj} :: representable, depictable
rappresentabilità {f} :: representability
rappresentante {mf} :: representative
rappresentante {mf} :: limb
rappresentantesi {v} :: present participle of rappresentarsi
rappresentanza {f} :: representation (all senses)
rappresentanza {f} :: delegation, deputation
rappresentanza {f} :: agency (commercial)
rappresentare {vt} :: to be, constitute, represent, account for, symbolize, mean
rappresentare {vt} :: to represent, depict, portray, picture, show
rappresentare {vt} :: to represent, act for, stand for, speak for, act as agent for, be
rappresentare {vt} [theater] :: to act, play, stage, give
rappresentare {vt} [cinema] :: to run, show
rappresentarsi {v} :: reflexive of rappresentare
rappresentarsi {v} :: to imagine
rappresentativa {f} :: representative (of a group)
rappresentatività {f} :: representativeness
rappresentativo {adj} :: representative
rappresentativo {adj} :: typical
rappresentatosi {v} :: past participle of rappresentarsi
rappresentazione {f} :: representation
rappresentazione {f} :: portrayal
rappresentazione {f} :: performance (theatrical)
rapsodia {f} :: rhapsody
rapsodico {adj} :: rhapsodic
rapsodico {adj} :: fragmentary, discontinuous, fitful
rapsodista {mf} [music] :: rhapodist (composer of rhapsodies)
rapsodo {m} :: rhapsode
raptus {m} :: fit, raptus, brainstorm
raramente {adv} :: rarely; seldom
rarefabile {adj} :: Variant of rarefattibile
rarefacente {v} :: present participle of rarefare
rarefacentesi {v} :: present participle of rarefarsi
rarefare {vt} :: To rarefy
rarefarsi {vr} :: To rarefy
rarefattibile {adj} :: That can be rarefied; rarefiable
rarefatto {adj} :: rarefied
rarefattosi {v} :: past participle of rarefarsi
rarefazione {f} :: rarefaction
rarissimamente {adv} :: Very rarely
rarissimo {adj} :: Very rare
rarità {f} :: rarity
rarità {f} :: infrequency
rarità {f} :: a rare or unusual occurrence
raro {adj} :: rare
ras {m} [historical] :: Title of the second-highest grade in the hierarchy of the Ethiopian Empire; ras
ras {m} [figurative, pejorative] :: Any small local authority who exercises power despotically
ras {m} :: A local boss of organized crime
ras {m} [historical] :: A Fascist party official
rasaerba {m} :: lawn mower
Rasalhague {prop} :: Rasalhague, the brightest star in the constellation of Ophiuchus
rasante {v} :: present participle of rasare
rasantesi {v} :: present participle of rasarsi
rasare {vt} :: to shave [a beard]
rasare {vt} :: to trim, clip [a hedge]
rasare {vt} :: to mow [a lawn]
rasarsi {v} :: reflexive of rasare
rasarsi {v} :: to shave (oneself)
rasatello {m} :: satinette, sateen
rasato {adj} :: trimmed, cut, shaven
rasatosi {v} :: past participle of rasarsi
rasatrice {f} :: shearing machine
rasatura {f} :: shave
raschiabile {adj} :: That can be scraped
raschiamento {m} [surgery] :: curettage
raschiante {v} :: present participle of raschiare
raschiare {vi} :: to clear one's throat
raschiare {vt} :: to scrape
raschiatoio {m} :: scraper
raschiatore {m} :: scraper
raschiatura {f} :: scraping, rasping
raschiatura {f} :: scrape, rasp
raschiatura {f} :: scrapings, shavings
raschiettante {v} :: present participle of raschiettare
raschiettare {vt} :: To scrape
raschietto {m} :: scraper
raschio {m} :: sore throat
rascia {f} :: a kind of funeral pall
rasentante {v} :: present participle of rasentare
rasentare {vt} :: to hug [a coast, etc.]
rasentare {vt} :: to border on
rasente {prep} :: hugging
rasente {prep} :: close to, very near
rasiera {f} :: scraper
raso {adj} :: shaven, cropped
raso {adj} :: full to the brim
raso {m} :: alternative name of satin: satin
rasoiata {f} :: razor cut
rasoio {m} :: razor
rasosi {v} :: past participle of radersi
raso terra {adj} :: ground-level (attributive)
raso terra {adv} :: hugging the ground
rasoterra {adv} :: close to the ground, low
rasoterra {adj} :: close to the ground
rasoterra {adj} [spots] :: level (attributive), low, ground (attributive)
rasoterra {adj} :: low-level, mediocre
raspante {v} :: present participle of raspare
raspare {vt} :: To rasp
raspare {vt} :: To scratch or paw
raspare {vi} :: To scrape or scratch
raspatoio {m} :: harrow
raspatura {f} :: rasping, scraping
raspatura {f} :: rasp, scrape
raspatura {f} :: raspings, scrapings
raspio {m} :: rasping, scraping (continuous)
raspio {m} :: scratching (of animal claws)
raspo {m} :: grape stalk
raspollo {m} :: A small bunch of grapes with few berries
rasposo {adj} :: rough (of a surface)
rasputizsa {f} :: spring thaw
rassegna {f} :: inspection (military)
rassegna {f} :: review
rassegna {f} :: survey
rassegnante {v} :: present participle of rassegnare
rassegnantesi {v} :: present participle of rassegnarsi
rassegnare {vt} :: to resign, to send in, to give up
rassegnarsi {vr} :: to resign oneself, to submit, to accept
rassegnatamente {adv} :: resignedly
rassegnato {adj} :: resigned
rassegnatosi {v} :: past participle of rassegnarsi
rassegnazione {f} :: resignation
rasserenamento {m} :: brightening up
rasserenante {v} :: present participle of rasserenare
rasserenantesi {v} :: present participle of rasserenarsi
rasserenare {vt} :: To clear, to clear up, to brighten
rasserenarsi {v} :: reflexive of rasserenare
rasserenarsi {vr} :: to clear up, brighten up
rasserenatosi {v} :: past participle of rasserenarsi
rassettamento {m} :: arranging
rassettamento {m} :: arrangement, order
rassettante {v} :: present participle of rassettare
rassettare {vt} :: To tidy up (a house)
rassettatura {f} :: arranging (tidying up)
rassettatura {f} :: repairing, mending
rassicurante {v} :: present participle of rassicurare
rassicurante {adj} :: reassuring
rassicurantesi {v} :: present participle of rassicurarsi
rassicurare {vt} :: to reassure
rassicurarsi {v} :: reflexive of rassicurare
rassicurarsi {v} :: to be reassured
rassicuratore {m} [rare] :: reassurer
rassicuratosi {v} :: past participle of rassicurarsi
rassicurazione {f} :: reassurance
rassodabile {adj} :: That can be firmed up
rassodamento {m} :: hardening, strengthening
rassodamento {m} :: firming
rassodante {v} :: present participle of rassodare
rassodante {adj} :: firming (cream etc)
rassodante {adj} :: hardening, stiffening
rassodantesi {v} :: present participle of rassodarsi
rassodare {vt} :: To firm up or tone up
rassodare {vt} :: To harden, stiffen or strengthen
rassodarsi {vr} :: To firm up or tone up
rassodarsi {vr} :: To harden, stiffen or become consolidated
rassodatosi {v} :: past participle of rassodarsi
rassomigliante {v} :: present participle of rassomigliare
rassomigliante {adj} :: similar
rassomigliantesi {v} :: present participle of rassomigliarsi
rassomiglianza {f} :: resemblance
rassomigliare {vt} :: To resemble or look like
rassomigliarsi {vr} :: ‎ To resemble or look like each other
rassomigliatosi {v} :: past participle of rassomigliarsi
rassottigliante {v} :: present participle of rassottigliare
rassottigliantesi {v} :: present participle of rassottigliarsi
rassottigliare {vt} :: to thin
rassottigliare {vt} :: to sharpen
rassottigliarsi {v} :: reflexive of rassottigliare
rassottigliarsi {v} :: to grow thinner or sharper
rassottigliatosi {v} :: past participle of rassottigliarsi
rassumente {v} :: present participle of rassumere
rassumere {vt} :: To assume again
rastafari {adj} :: Rastafarian
rastafarianesimo {m} :: Rastafarianism
rastafariano {adj} :: Rastafarian
rastafariano {m} :: Rastafarian
Rastelli {prop} :: surname
rastrellamento {m} :: raking
rastrellamento {m} :: combing
rastrellante {v} :: present participle of rastrellare
rastrellare {vt} :: to rake [grass, hay, etc.]
rastrellare {vt} :: to comb [hair]
rastrellatura {f} :: raking
rastrellatura {f} :: rakeful
rastrellatura {f} :: blow with a rake
rastrelliera {f} :: hayrack
rastrelliera {f} :: rack for bicycles etc
rastrello {m} :: rake
rastremante {v} :: present participle of rastremare
rastremantesi {v} :: present participle of rastremarsi
rastremare {vt} :: To taper
rastremarsi {vr} :: To taper
rastrematosi {v} :: past participle of rastremarsi
rastrematura {f} :: tapering
rastremazione {f} :: tapering
rastremazione {f} :: taper
rastro {m} :: rake (Variant of: rastrello)
rastro {m} :: scarifier
rastro {m} [music] :: A device for drawing the lines of a stave
rata {f} :: instalment
ratafià {m} :: ratafia
rateale {adj} :: by instalments
rateale {adj} :: hire-purchase [attributive]
ratealmente {adv} :: In instalments
rateante {v} :: present participle of rateare
rateare {vt} :: to divide into instalments [for hire-purchase, etc.]
rateazione {f} :: division into instalments
rateizzante {v} :: present participle of rateizzare
rateizzare {vt} :: to divide into instalments
rateizzazione {f} :: Variant of rateazione
rateo {m} :: accrual
ratiera {f} :: dobby (loom device)
ratifica {f} :: ratification
ratificante {v} :: present participle of ratificare
ratificante {adj} :: ratified
ratificare {vt} :: to approve
ratificare {vt} :: to ratify
ratificatore {m} :: ratifier
ratificazione {f} :: ratification
ratina {f} :: ratiné (rough bulky plain-woven fabric)
ratinante {v} :: present participle of ratinare
ratinare {vt} :: To nap (cloth)
Ratisbona {prop} :: Regensburg (city in Germany)
ratticida {m} :: rat poison
rattizzante {v} :: present participle of rattizzare
rattizzare {vt} :: to poke, stir up (again)
rattizzare {vt} :: to rekindle
ratto {adj} [obsolete] :: quick, swift
ratto {adj} [obsolete] :: steep, downward, brant
ratto {adv} [obsolete] :: quickly, swiftly
ratto {adv} [obsolete, followed by che] :: as soon as
ratto {adj} [archaic] :: having been abducted or kidnapped
ratto {m} [literary, specifically referring to classical antiquity] :: abduction
ratto {m} :: rat
rattoppante {v} :: present participle of rattoppare
rattoppare {vt} :: To patch
rattoppare {v} [computing] :: to hack
rattoppatura {f} :: patching, mending
rattoppatura {f} :: patch, mend
rattoppo {m} :: patch
rattorcente {v} :: present participle of rattorcere
rattorcere {vt} :: To twist many times, with force
rattrappente {v} :: present participle of rattrappire
rattrappentesi {v} :: present participle of rattrappirsi
rattrappimento {m} :: numbness
rattrappire {vt} :: To make numb or stiff (of the hands etc)
rattrappirsi {vr} :: To beome numb or stiff (of the hands etc)
rattrappitosi {v} :: past participle of rattrappirsi
rattristante {v} :: present participle of rattristare
rattristantesi {v} :: present participle of rattristarsi
rattristare {v} :: to sadden
rattristarsi {vr} :: To become sad
rattristatosi {v} :: past participle of rattristarsi
rattristente {v} :: present participle of rattristire
rattristire {vt} :: alternative form of rattristare
rattulo {m} :: A rotifer(of genus Rattulus)
raucamente {adv} :: hoarsely
raucedine {f} :: hoarseness, raucousness
rauco {adj} :: hoarse
raunante {v} :: present participle of raunare
raunare {vt} :: obsolete form of radunare
Raurica {prop} :: surname
ravagliatura {f} :: deep ploughing
Ravaglioli {prop} :: surname
Ravaglioli {prop} :: Armando Ravaglioli, Italian writer
ravanante {v} :: present participle of ravanare
ravanare {vi} [colloquial] :: To rummage
ravanello {m} :: radish
ravaneto {m} :: Accumulation of marble debris from quarrying operations
raveggiolo {m} :: A fresh cheese, from sheep or goats, from which ricotta is made
ravegnano {adj} :: Of or from Ravenna
Ravenna {prop} [province] :: Ravenna
Ravenna {prop} [town] :: Ravenna
ravennate {mf} :: A native or inhabitant of Ravenna
ravennate {adj} :: Of or relating to Ravenna or the Ravenna people
raviolatrice {f} :: ravioli machine
raviolo {m} [foods] :: a single piece of ravioli
raviolo {m} [foods] :: raviolo
ravizzone {m} :: swede (root vegetable)
ravizzone {m} :: rape, rapeseed
ravvalorante {v} :: present participle of ravvalorare
ravvalorare {vt} :: To confirm or corroborate
ravvedente {v} :: present participle of ravvedersi
ravvedentesi {v} :: present participle of ravvedersi
ravvedersi {vr} :: to mend one's ways
ravvedimento {m} :: reformation
ravvedimento {m} :: repentance
ravvedutosi {v} :: past participle of ravvedersi
ravveggentesi {v} :: present participle of ravvedersi
ravviamento {m} :: arranging (in order)
ravviante {v} :: present participle of ravviare
ravviantesi {v} :: present participle of ravviarsi
ravviare {vt} :: To tidy or tidy up
ravviarsi {vt} :: To tidy or tidy up (one's hair etc)
ravviata {f} :: tidying up
ravviatosi {v} :: past participle of ravviarsi
ravvicinamento {m} :: reconciliation
ravvicinamento {m} :: rapprochement
ravvicinante {v} :: present participle of ravvicinare
ravvicinare {vt} :: to bring closer together
ravvicinare {vt} [figurative] :: to reconcile
ravvicinato {adj} :: reconciled
ravviluppante {v} :: present participle of ravviluppare
ravviluppantesi {v} :: present participle of ravvilupparsi
ravviluppare {vt} :: to wrap up
ravvilupparsi {v} :: reflexive of ravviluppare
ravvilupparsi {v} :: to wrap up
ravvilupparsi {v} :: to tangle
ravvisabile {adj} :: recognizable
ravvisabilità {f} :: recognizability
ravvisante {v} :: present participle of ravvisare
ravvisare {vt} :: To see, to notice
ravvisare {vt} :: To recognize
ravvistosi {v} :: past participle of ravvedersi
ravvivabile {adj} :: That can be revived; revivable
ravvivamento {m} :: enlivenment, revival, reanimation
ravvivante {v} :: present participle of ravvivare
ravvivantesi {v} :: present participle of ravvivarsi
ravvivare {vt} :: to revive, rekindle
ravvivarsi {v} :: reflexive of ravvivare
ravvivarsi {v} :: to be rekindled, revived
ravvivarsi {v} :: to brighten up
ravvivatosi {v} :: past participle of ravvivarsi
ravvolgente {v} :: present participle of ravvolgere
ravvolgentesi {v} :: present participle of ravvolgersi
ravvolgere {vt} :: To roll up
ravvolgersi {vr} :: To wrap oneself up (so as to keep warm)
ravvoltolante {v} :: present participle of ravvoltolare
ravvoltolantesi {v} :: present participle of ravvoltolarsi
ravvoltolare {v} :: to wrap up (in)
ravvoltolarsi {vr} :: ‎ To be wrapped up (in)
ravvoltolatosi {v} :: past participle of ravvoltolarsi
ravvoltosi {v} :: past participle of ravvolgersi
raziocinante {v} :: present participle of raziocinare
raziocinante {adj} :: reasoning, rational
raziocinare {vi} :: To reason
raziocinativo {adj} :: ratiocinative
raziocinio {m} :: reasoning, ratiocination
raziocinio {m} :: common sense
razionabile {adj} [obsolete] :: rational
razionabilità {f} [obsolete] :: rationality
razionale {adj} :: rational
razionalismo {m} :: rationalism
razionalista {mf} :: rationalist
razionalisticamente {adv} :: rationalistically
razionalistico {adj} :: rationalistic
razionalità {f} :: rationality
razionalizzabile {adj} :: That can be rationalized; rationalizable
razionalizzante {v} :: present participle of razionalizzare
razionalizzare {vt} :: to rationalize
razionalizzatore {m} :: rationalizer
razionalizzazione {f} :: rationalization
razionalmente {adv} :: rationally
razionamento {m} :: rationing
razionante {v} :: present participle of razionare
razionare {vt} :: To ration
razione {f} :: ration
razione {f} :: share
razza {f} :: race, breed
razza {f} :: kind, type
razza {f} :: family, descent
razza {f} [ichthyology] :: ray, stingray, skate
razza {f} [colloquial] :: spoke (of a wheel)
razzia {f} :: raid, plundering
razziale {adj} :: racial
razzialmente {adv} :: racially
razziante {v} :: present participle of razziare
razziare {vt} :: To raid, to plunder, to steal, to sack
razziatore {m} :: raider
razziera {f} :: multi-tube rocket launcher
razzismo {m} :: racism, racialism
razzista {adj} :: racist
razzista {mf} :: racist
razzisticamente {adv} :: In a racist manner
razzistico {adj} :: racist
razzo {m} :: rocket (such as booster rocket)
razzo {m} :: pyrotechnic, skyrocket
razzo {m} :: flare (distress signal)
razzo {m} [colloquial] :: spoke (of a wheel)
razzo {m} :: ray (compare raggio)
razzolante {v} :: present participle of razzolare
razzolare {vi} :: To scratch (about) (like a chicken)
razzolare {vt} :: To search (for)
re {m} :: king, male monarch
re {m} [chess, card games] :: king
re {m} [figuratively] :: king, magnate (man who excels in something)
re {m} :: re (musical note)
re {m} :: D (musical note or key)
re- {prefix} :: re-
Re {prop} :: Kings, Book of Kings
Rea {prop} [Greek god] :: Rhea
Rea {prop} [astronomy] :: A moon of Saturn
reaganiano {adj} :: Of or pertaining to Ronald Reagan
reagente {adj} :: reacting (chemistry)
reagente {m} :: reagent
reagibilità {f} [chemistry] :: reactivity
reagire {vi} :: To react (chemistry)
reale {adj} :: real
reale {n} :: flagship of a fleet personally commanded by a king or viceroy (pre-18th c.)
reale {adj} :: royal
realismo {m} :: realism
realista {adj} :: realist
realista {adj} :: royalist
realista {mf} :: realist
realista {mf} :: royalist
realisticamente {adv} :: realistically
realistico {adj} :: realistic
realità {f} :: reality
realità {f} :: royalty, regality
realizazione {f} :: realization (all senses)
realizazione {f} :: fulfilment
realizazione {f} :: achievement
realizazione {f} :: production (film etc.)
realizzabile {adj} :: realizable, feasible, practicable, viable
realizzabilità {f} :: realizability
realizzando {adj} :: Being built, constructed, realized
realizzante {v} :: present participle of realizzare
realizzante {adj} :: realising; performing
realizzantesi {v} :: present participle of realizzarsi
realizzare {v} :: to achieve, realise/realize
realizzarsi {v} :: reflexive of realizzare
realizzarsi {vr} :: to become real
realizzarsi {vr} :: to be realized
realizzarsi {vr} :: (of a person) to find one's way in life, to accomplish one's mission in life
realizzativo {adj} :: realization (attributive), implementation (attributive)
realizzato {adj} :: realized
realizzato {adj} :: fulfilled
realizzatore {m} :: realizer [person who realizes an idea or project]
realizzatore {m} :: producer or director [film, TV, etc.]
realizzatore {m} :: goal scorer [football, etc.]
realizzatosi {v} :: past participle of realizzarsi
realizzatrice {f} :: (female) realizer (person who realizes an idea or project)
realizzatrice {f} :: (female) producer or director (film, TV etc)
realizzatrice {f} :: (female) goal scorer (football etc)
realizzazione {f} :: realization [all senses]
realizzazione {f} :: fulfilment
realizzazione {f} :: achievement
realizzazione {f} :: production [film, etc.]
realizzo {m} :: realization (conversion into cash)
realizzo {m} :: clearance sale
realmente {adv} :: really, actually
realtà {f} :: reality
realtà {f} :: situation
reame {m} :: kingdom, realm
reassumente {v} :: present participle of reassumere
reassumere {vt} :: Variant of riassumere
reatino {adj} :: Of or relating to Rieti or the Rieti people
reatino {m} :: A native or inhabitant of Rieti
reatino {m} :: Rieti's dialect
reato {m} :: offence, crime
reattanza {f} [physics] :: reactance (electrical)
reattino {m} :: wren
reattività {f} :: reactivity
reattivo {adj} [chemistry] :: reactive
reattivo {adj} [physics] :: Having reactance
reattivo {m} [chemistry] :: reagent
reattivo {m} :: reactant
reattore {m} :: reactor
reattore {m} :: jet engine
reattore nucleare {m} :: nuclear reactor, nuke reactor
reazionaria {fs} :: A reactionary (female)
reazionario {adj} :: reactionary
reazionario {m} :: A reactionary (male or of unspecified sex)
reazionarismo {m} :: reactionism
reazione {f} :: reaction
reazione a catena {f} [physics, chemistry, idiomatic] :: chain reaction
reazione chimica {f} [chemistry] :: chemical reaction
reazione di Cannizzaro {f} [organic chemistry] :: Cannizzaro reaction (disproportionation of an aldehyde into an alcohol and a carboxylic acid)
reazione nucleare {f} [physics] :: nuclear reaction
rebbio {m} :: prong (of a fork), tine
Rebecca {prop} :: Rebekah (Biblical character)
Rebecca {prop} :: given name of biblical origin
reboante {adj} :: roaring, rumbling, thundering
rebus {m} :: rebus
rebus {m} :: enigma
rebus {m} :: puzzle
recalcitrante {adj} :: recalcitrant
recalcitrante {adj} :: restive
recalcitranza {f} :: recalcitrance, reluctance
recanatese {adj} :: Of or from Recanati
Recanati {prop} :: A town in the Macerata province of Marche
recante {v} :: present participle of recare
recante {adj} :: carrying, bearing
recantesi {v} :: present participle of recarsi
recapitante {v} :: present participle of recapitare
recapitare {vt} :: To deliver
recapito {m} :: contact information, address
recapito {m} :: delivery
recare {vt} :: to carry
recare {vt} :: to bear
recare {vt} :: to give or bring
recarsi {vr} :: To go (literally, to carry oneself)
recarvisi {vr} :: To go there
recchione {m} :: alternative form of ricchione
recedente {v} :: present participle of recedere
recedere {v} :: to withdraw (from)
recensente {v} :: present participle of recensire
recensione {f} :: review
recensire {vt} :: To review
recensore {m} :: reviewer
recente {adj} :: recent
recentemente {adv} :: recently, lately, of late
recentissimamente {adv} :: most recently
recentissime {f} :: latest or breaking news
recentissime {f} :: stop press
recentissimo {adj} :: Very recent or new
recepente {v} :: present participle of recepire
recepimento {m} :: acknowledgement
recepimento {m} [legal] :: assimilation
recepire {vt} :: to understand, take in
recepire {vt} :: to acknowledge
recepire {vt} [legal] :: to absorb, assimilate
recepito {adj} :: understood
recepito {adj} :: acknowledged
recessione {f} [legal] :: withdrawal, withdrawing
recessione {f} [economics] :: recession
recessività {f} :: recessiveness
recessivo {adj} [biology] :: recessive
recessivo {adj} [economy] :: recession (attributive), recessionary
recesso {m} [legal] :: withdrawal, withdrawing
recesso {m} [literary] :: recess
recesso {m} [anatomy] :: recess
recesso {m} [medicine] :: remission
recettibile {adj} :: receptive
recettività {f} :: Variant of ricettività
recettivo {adj} :: Variant of ricettivo
recettizio {adj} :: alternative form of ricettizio
recettore {m} [anatomy, biochemistry] :: receptor
recettore {adj} :: receptor (attributive)
recettoriale {adj} [biochemistry] :: receptor (attributive)
recezione {f} :: reception (act of receiving)
recidente {v} :: present participle of recidere
recidere {v} :: to cut off
recidibile {adj} :: cuttable
recidiva {f} :: habitual offender, recidivist (female)
recidiva {f} :: recidivism
recidiva {f} :: relapse
recidivante {v} :: present participle of recidivare
recidivante {adj} :: in relapse
recidivare {vt} :: To relapse
recidivato {adj} :: relapsed
recidività {f} :: recidivism
recidivo {adj} :: habitual (offender)
recidivo {adj} :: recurring (disease)
recidivo {m} :: Habitual offender, recidivist
recingente {v} :: present participle of recingere
recingere {vt} :: to surround or encircle with a wall or hedge, etc
recintante {v} :: present participle of recintare
recinto {m} :: enclosure
recinto {m} :: pen, run (for animals)
recinto {m} :: paddock
recinto {m} :: fence or surrounding wall
recinzione {f} :: enclosure
recinzione {f} :: fence
recinzione {f} :: wall
recinzione {f} :: fencing (wire)
recinzione {f} :: railings
recioto {m} :: A red wine from the region around Verona made from grapes (of several varieties) that have been partially dried in large cool rooms
recipiendario {m} :: candidate, aspirant
recipiente {m} :: container, vessel
reciprocamente {adv} :: mutually, reciprocally, each other, one another
reciprocante {v} :: present participle of reciprocare
reciprocare {vt} :: To reciprocate
reciprocazione {f} :: reciprocation
reciprocità {f} :: reciprocity
reciproco {adj} :: reciprocal
reciproco {m} [mathematics] :: reciprocal, inverse
recisamente {adv} :: sharply, curtly
recisamente {adv} :: definitely
recisione {f} :: cutting off
recisione {f} [surgery] :: excision
reciso {adj} :: cut, cut off
recita {f} :: performance
recita {f} :: recital
recitabile {adj} :: actable, performable
recital {m} :: recital (theatrical recitation)
recitante {v} :: present participle of recitare
recitare {vi} :: To act (in the theatre etc)
recitare {vt} :: To perform
recitare {vt} :: To recite
recitare {vt} :: To act or play (a part)
recitativo {adj} :: recited
recitativo {adj} :: recitation (attributive)
recitativo {m} [music] :: recitative
recitazione {f} :: recitation
recitazione {f} :: acting
reclamabile {adj} :: claimable
reclamante {v} :: present participle of reclamare
reclamare {vi} :: To protest, to complain, to object
reclamare {vt} :: To claim, to call, to demand, to lay claim
reclame {f} :: advertisement, advert
reclamistico {adj} :: advertising, publicity (attributive)
reclamizzante {v} :: present participle of reclamizzare
reclamizzare {vt} :: to advertize
reclamo {m} :: A complaint, a claim
reclamo {m} :: stink
reclinabile {adj} :: That can be reclined, reclining
reclinabilità {f} :: Property of being reclining
reclinante {v} :: present participle of reclinare
reclinantesi {v} :: present participle of reclinarsi
reclinare {vt} :: to bow, lean or lower the head
reclinare {vt} :: to tilt
reclinare {vt} :: to recline
reclinare {vt} :: to topple
reclinarsi {v} :: reflexive of reclinare
reclinarsi {v} :: to bend over
reclinarsi {v} :: to stoop
reclinarsi {v} :: to topple
reclinatosi {v} :: past participle of reclinarsi
recludente {v} :: present participle of recludere
recludere {vt} :: to imprison, confine
reclusione {f} :: imprisonment
reclusione {f} :: confinement
recluso {adj} :: confined, imprisoned
recluso {adj} :: secluded
recluso {m} :: prisoner
reclusorio {m} :: prison
recluta {f} :: a recruit
recluta {f} :: rookie
reclutamento {m} :: recruitment
reclutante {v} :: present participle of reclutare
reclutare {vt} :: to recruit
reclutatore {m} :: recruiter
recolletto {m} :: Recollect
recondito {adj} :: hidden, recondite
record {m} :: record (sporting achievement; computer data element)
record del mondo {m} [sports] :: world record
recordista {mf} :: sound engineer (film, TV)
recordman {m} :: record holder
record mondiale {m} [sports] :: world record
recriminante {v} :: present participle of recriminare
recriminare {vi} :: To recriminate or regret
recriminatorio {adj} :: recriminative, recriminatory
recriminazione {f} :: recrimination
recrudescenza {f} :: fresh upsurge
recrudescenza {f} :: recrudescence
recumbente {adj} :: recumbent, reclining
recuperabile {adj} :: recoverable
recuperabile {adj} :: redeemable
recuperabile {adj} :: recyclable
recuperabilità {f} :: recoverability
recuperabilità {f} :: recyclability
recuperamento {m} :: recuperation, recovery
recuperante {v} :: present participle of recuperare
recuperare {vt} :: to recover, regain, recuperate, get back, recoup, fetch
recuperare {vt} :: to salvage, rescue
recuperare {vt} :: to recycle, restore, reclaim
recuperare {vt} :: to rehabilitate [criminals, etc.]
recuperare {vt} :: to make up [time, disadvantage]
recuperatore {m} :: retriever
recuperatore {m} :: recovery unit, regenerator, recuperator
recuperatrice {f} :: retriever (female)
recupero {m} :: recovery
recupero {m} :: salvage, rescue
recupero {m} :: recycling, reclamation, reclaim
recupero {m} :: making up, remedial
recupero {m} :: rehabilitation (criminals etc)
recupero {m} [sports] :: replay
recupero {m} :: retrieval
redancia {f} [nautical] :: thimble
redarguente {v} :: present participle of redarguire
redarguibile {adj} :: reproachable
redarguire {vt} :: To reprimand, to rebuke, to berate
redatto {adj} :: written
redatto {adj} :: drafted
redatto {adj} :: compiled
redattore {m} :: editor
redattore {m} :: writer (of an article)
redattore {m} :: compiler (of a dictionary etc)
redattrice {f} :: (female) editor
redattrice {f} :: (female) writer (of an article)
redattrice {f} :: (female) compiler (of a dictionary etc)
redazionale {adj} :: editorial
redazione {f} :: editing
redazione {f} :: writing (of articles)
redazione {f} :: staff or office of an editor
redazione {f} :: version (of a text)
redazza {f} [nautical] :: swab
redazzante {v} :: present participle of redazzare
redazzare {vt} [nautical] :: to swab
reddente {v} :: present participle of reddere
reddere {vt} [obsolete] :: to give back or return
redditiere {m} :: rentier
redditività {f} [economics] :: The capacity to generate income
redditizio {adj} :: profitable
reddito {m} :: income
reddito {m} :: revenue
reddito {m} :: yield
redditometro {m} [journalese] :: All the indices and factors used to calculate tax inductively, based on the quality of life and property, the income of taxpayers, regardless of declared income
reddituale {adj} :: income (attributive)
redditualmente {adv} :: income (attributive)
redenti {n} :: The redeemed
redento {adj} :: redeemed
redentore {adj} :: redeeming
redentore {m} :: redeemer
Redentore {m} :: Redeemer (Jesus Christ)
Redentore {m} :: Any of several churches dedicated to the Redeemer
redentorista {m} :: Redemptorist
redentosi {v} :: past participle of redimersi
redenzione {f} :: redemption, atonement
Redi {prop} :: surname
Redi {prop} :: Francesco Redi, Italian scientist
redibitorio {adj} [legal] :: redhibitory
re di cuori {m} :: king of hearts
redidersi {vr} :: to make a clean break
re di fiori {m} :: king of clubs
redigente {v} :: present participle of redigere
redigere {vt} :: To write (a letter or article)
redigere {vt} :: To draft (a contract etc)
redigere {vt} :: To compile (a dictionary etc)
redimente {v} :: present participle of redimere
redimentesi {v} :: present participle of redimersi
redimento {m} [economics] :: yield (of an investment)
redimere {vt} :: To redeem
redimersi {vr} :: To redeem oneself
redimibile {adj} :: redeemable
redimibilità {f} :: Quality of being redeemable; redeemability
redine {f} :: rein
re di picche {m} :: king of spades
re di quadri {m} :: king of diamonds
redistribuente {v} :: present participle of redistribuire
redistribuire {vt} :: Variant of ridistribuire
redistribuzione {f} :: Variant of ridistribuzione
redità {f} [obsolete] :: Variant of eredità
redituro {adj} [poetic] :: about to return
redituro {adj} [by extension] :: that will (eventually) return
redivivo {adj} :: restored to life
reduce {adj} :: returning (from)
reduce {m} :: survivor
reduce {m} :: veteran (of a conflict)
reducente {v} :: present participle of redurre
reduplicato {adj} :: reduplicated
reduplicazione {f} :: reduplication
redurre {vt} :: Variant of ridurre
reduttasi {f} [enzyme] :: reductase
reduttasico {adj} [biochemistry] :: reductasic
refe {m} :: thread
refe {m} :: yarn
refendu {m} :: A form of laminated bamboo used to make fishing rods
referaggio {m} :: refereeing (of scientific papers etc)
referendario {adj} :: referendum (attributive)
referendum {m} :: referendum
referente {adj} :: reporting
referente {mf} :: referent
referente {mf} :: contact person
referenza {f} :: reference (all senses)
referenziale {adj} :: referential
referenzialità {f} :: referentiality
referenziante {v} :: present participle of referenziare
referenziare {vt} :: to reference
referenziare {vt} :: to provide with references
referenziato {adj} :: Having references
referenziato {adj} :: referenced
referenziazione {f} :: reference, referencing
refertante {v} :: present participle of refertare
refertare {v} :: to prepare a report (especially a medical report)
refertista {mf} [sports] :: scorer (official)
referto {m} :: report (medical)
refettoriale {adj} :: refectory (attributive)
refettorio {m} :: refectory
refettorio {m} :: mess (military dining hall)
refezione {f} :: meal
refil {m} :: refill
refilante {v} :: present participle of refilare
refilare {vt} :: To trim
reflazione {f} [economics] :: reflation
reflazionistico {adj} [economics] :: reflationary
reflessologia {f} :: Variant of riflessologia
reflettente {v} :: present participle of reflettere
reflettere {vit} :: alternative form of riflettere
refluo {adj} :: refluent
refluopetrolio {m} :: mineral oil produced from waste organic material
reflusso {m} :: reflux
reflusso gastroesofageo {m} [pathology] :: gastroesophageal reflux
refolo {n} :: puff, draught
refrain {m} :: refrain
refrangente {v} :: present participle of refrangere
refrangere {vt} :: Variant of rifrangere
refrattarietà {f} :: refractoriness
refrattario {adj} :: refractory
refrattario {m} :: refractory
refrattivo {adj} :: refractive
refrattometro {m} :: alternative form of rifrattometro
refrigerante {adj} :: cooling, refrigerating
refrigerante {adj} :: refreshing (drink etc)
refrigerante {f} :: coolant
refrigerante {f} :: refrigerator
refrigerante {v} :: present participle of refrigerare
refrigerare {vt} :: to refrigerate
refrigeratore {m} :: refrigerator
refrigerazione {f} :: refrigeration
refrigerio {m} :: A pleasant sensation of coolness when one is hot
refulgente {v} :: present participle of refulgere
refulgere {vi} :: Variant of rifulgere
refurtiva {f} :: stolen goods
refurtiva {f} :: boodle
refurtiva {f} :: swag
refuso {m} :: misprint, typographical error, typo
refutabile {adj} :: refutable, confutable
refutare {vt} [obsolete, literary] :: alternative form of rifiutare:
refutare {v} [rare] :: to refute
regalabile {adj} :: That can be given as a present
regalante {v} :: present participle of regalare
regalare {v} :: to give something as a gift
regalare {v} :: to make a present of something
regalare {v} :: to gift, donate
regalarsi {vr} :: To treat oneself
regalato {adj} :: dirt-cheap
regale {adj} :: royal
regale {adj} :: regal
regalia {f} :: tip, gratuity
regalia {f} :: regalia
regalia {f} :: handout
regalino {m} :: small present
regalismo {m} :: regalism
regalista {mf} :: regalist
regalistica {f} :: variety or assortment of gifts
regalità {f} :: royalty, regality
regalità {f} :: grandeur, majesty
regalmente {adv} :: regally
regalo {m} :: present, gift
regalo di Natale {m} :: Christmas present
regata {f} :: boat race, regatta
regatante {v} :: present participle of regatare
regatante {mf} :: Participant in a regatta
regatare {vi} [nautical] :: To race
rege {m} [poetic] :: obsolete form of re
rege {m} [poetic] :: king
regesto {m} :: register
Regge {prop} :: surname
reggente {adj} :: regent (attributive)
reggente {mf} :: regent
reggente {v} :: present participle of reggere
reggentesi {v} :: present participle of reggersi
reggenza {f} :: regency
Reggenza {prop} :: Regency (period)
reggere {vt} :: to bear, to hold up, to support, to carry, to hold
reggere {vt} :: to stand, to bear
reggere {vt} :: to rule, to govern, to manage, to run, to guide
reggere {vt} [grammar] :: to take, to govern
reggere {vi} :: to hold out, to resist
reggere {vi} :: to stand, to bear, to resist
reggere {vi} :: to last, to hold, to keep, to stand up
reggersi {v} :: reflexive of reggere
reggersi {vr} :: to stand
reggersi {vr} :: to hold on to
reggersi {vr} :: to keep going, keep, last
reggersi {vr} :: to hold each other up
reggetta {f} :: iron hoop or band (as a fastening)
reggetta {f} :: strapping (plastic wrapping material)
reggetta {f} :: strap
reggia {f} :: royal palace
reggia {f} :: the home of a god
reggiano {adj} :: Of or relating to Reggio Emilia or the Reggio Emilia people
reggiano {m} :: A native or inhabitant of Reggio Emilia
reggiatrice {f} :: A machine that seals cardboard boxes with plastic tape
reggibile {adj} :: bearable, sustainable
reggicalze {m} :: suspender belt
reggilibro {m} [furniture] :: bookend
reggilume {m} :: lamp bracket (or similar fixture)
reggimentale {adj} :: regimental
reggimento {m} :: regiment
reggino {m} :: A native or inhabitant of Reggio Calabria
reggino {adj} :: Of or relating to Reggio Calabria or the Reggio Calabria people
Reggio Calabria {prop} :: Reggio Calabria (province)
Reggio Calabria {prop} :: Reggio Calabria (town)
Reggio Emilia {prop} :: Reggio Emilia (province)
Reggio Emilia {prop} :: Reggio Emilia (town)
Reggio nell'Emilia {prop} :: Reggio nell'Emilia (province)
Reggio nell'Emilia {prop} :: Reggio nell'Emilia (town)
reggipalo {m} :: post support
reggipenne {m} :: pen holder
reggipetto {m} :: bra, brassiere
reggisella {m} :: seatpost
reggiseno {m} :: bra, brassiere
reggitesta {m} :: headrest (in a car etc.)
reggitore {adj} :: holding, bearing
reggitore {m} :: holder, bearer
Reghena {prop} :: A river that flows in Friuli-Venezia Giulia
regia {f} :: direction (of a movie)
regia {f} :: direction, production (theater, tv, etc.)
regia {f} :: organization, direction
regicida {adj} :: regicidal
regicida {f} :: regicide (one who kills a king)
regicidio {m} :: regicide (the killing of a king)
regimante {v} :: present participle of regimare
regimare {vt} [mechanics] :: To regulate
regimare {vt} [hydraulics] :: To regulate, to manage, to regulate the water regime
regimazione {f} [mechanics] :: regulation
regimazione {f} [hydraulics] :: regulation, management of the water regime
regime {m} :: regime, régime
regime {m} :: regimen
regimentante {v} :: present participle of regimentare
regimentare {v} :: Variant of regimare
regimentazione {f} :: Variant of regimazione
regina {f} :: queen (monarch)
regina {f} :: queen (male homosexual)
regina {f} [chess, cards] :: queen
regina di cuori {f} :: queen of hearts
regina di fiori {f} :: queen of clubs
regina di picche {f} :: queen of spades
regina di quadri {f} :: queen of diamonds
Reginaldo {prop} :: given name
reginetta {f} :: A young queen
reginetta {f} :: A beauty queen (often reginetta di bellezza)
reginetta di bellezza {f} :: beauty queen
regio {adj} :: royal
regionale {adj} :: regional
regionalismo {m} [politics] :: regionalism
regionalista {adj} :: regionalist
regionalista {f} :: regionalist
regionalistico {adj} :: regionalist
regionalità {f} :: regionality
regionalizzante {v} :: present participle of regionalizzare
regionalizzare {vt} :: To regionalize
regionalizzazione {f} :: regionalization
regionalmente {adv} :: regionally
regione {f} [geography] :: region, area, zone, district
regione {f} :: region (Italian administrative unit and local government)
regione {f} [anatomy] :: region
regioselettività {f} :: regioselectivity
regista {f} :: director (of a movie)
regista {f} :: director, producer (tv, theater)
regista {f} :: organizer, coordinator
registico {adj} :: directorial
registrabile {adj} :: recordable
registrabile {adj} :: adjustable
registrabilità {f} :: recordability
registrante {v} :: present participle of registrare
registrantesi {v} :: present participle of registrarsi
registrare {vt} :: to register, record, note
registrare {vt} :: to record, tape, video
registrare {vt} :: to adjust, set
registrare {vt} :: to check in
registrarsi {vr} :: To register oneself, to register
registrato {adj} :: recorded, registered, logged
registrato {adj} :: recorded, taped
registrato {adj} :: adjusted, set
registrato {adj} :: incorporated
registratore {m} :: recorder (any of several machines that record things)
registratosi {v} :: past participle of registrarsi
registrazione {f} :: registration
registrazione {f} :: entry
registrazione {f} :: check-in
registrazione {f} :: reporting
registrazione {f} :: recording
registrazione {f} :: adjustment
registro {m} :: register, book, log, registry, ledger
registro contabile {m} [accounting] :: account book
regnante {v} :: present participle of regnare
regnante {adj} :: reigning, ruling
regnante {mf} :: ruler
regnante {mf} :: regent
regnare {vi} :: to reign
regnatore {m} :: reigner
regnatore {m} :: monarch
regnicolo {m} :: subject (citizen of a monarchy)
regno {m} :: kingdom [all senses]
Regno Unito {prop} :: United Kingdom
Regno Unito di Gran Bretagna e Irlanda del Nord {prop} :: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
regola {f} :: rule, norm, code, principle, order
regola {f} :: moderation, restraint
regola {f} [in the plural] :: menstruation, period
regolabile {adj} :: adjustable
regolabilità {f} :: adjustability
regolamentante {v} :: present participle of regolamentare
regolamentare {adj} :: regulation [attributive]
regolamentare {adj} :: proper
regolamentare {adj} :: statutory
regolamentare {vt} :: to control
regolamentazione {f} :: control, regulation
regolamento {m} :: regulation
regolamento {m} :: rule
regolamento {m} :: settlement (of a debt etc)
regolante {v} :: present participle of regolare
regolante {adj} :: regulating
regolantesi {v} :: present participle of regolarsi
regolare {adj} :: regular, standard, normal, ordinary, average
regolare {adj} :: regular, smooth, even, steady, punctual
regolare {vt} :: to regulate, control, adjust, set, adapt, limit
regolare {vt} :: to regulate, govern, rule
regolare {vt} :: to settle, pay
regolare {vt} :: to trim
regolarità {f} :: regularity
regolarità {f} :: steadiness
regolarità {f} :: evenness
regolarità {f} :: punctuality (of payment)
regolarizzabile {adj} :: That can be regularized; regularizable
regolarizzante {v} :: present participle of regolarizzare
regolarizzantesi {v} :: present participle of regolarizzarsi
regolarizzare {vt} :: to regularize
regolarizzare {vt} :: to settle a debt
regolarizzarsi {v} :: reflexive of regolarizzare
regolarizzarsi {vr} :: to become regular
regolarizzatosi {v} :: past participle of regolarizzarsi
regolarizzazione {f} :: regularization
regolarizzazione {f} :: settlement [of monies due]
regolarmente {adv} :: regularly
regolarmente {adv} :: punctually
regolarmente {adv} :: duly
regolarsi {v} :: reflexive of regolare
regolarsi {v} :: to act, behave, do
regolarsi {v} :: to control oneself, watch oneself
regolatamente {adv} :: orderly (in an orderly manner)
regolatezza {f} :: orderliness
regolatezza {f} :: moderation
regolativo {adj} :: normative
regolativo {adj} :: rule-based
regolato {adj} :: orderly
regolato {adj} :: moderate
regolatore {adj} :: regulating, controlling
regolatore {m} :: regulator
regolatorio {adj} :: regulatory
regolatosi {v} :: past participle of regolarsi
regolazione {f} :: regulation (all senses)
regolite {m} :: regolith
regolo {m} :: ruler (straight edged measure)
regolo {m} :: regulus
regolo {m} :: rank (in a table)
regolo {m} :: goldcrest
Regor {prop} :: Gamma Velorum, a star in the constellation of Vela
regredente {v} :: present participle of regredire
regredire {vi} :: To regress
regressione {f} :: regression
regressivo {adj} :: regressive
regresso {m} :: decline
regulone {m} [genetics] :: regulon
reidratante {v} :: present participle of reidratare
reidratare {vt} :: To rehydrate
reidratazione {f} :: rehydration
reidratazione {f} :: moisturizing (of skin)
reietto {m} :: pariah, outcast
reiezione {f} :: rejection
reificante {v} :: present participle of reificare
reificare {vt} :: To reify
reificazione {f} :: reification
reimbarcante {v} :: present participle of reimbarcare
reimbarcantesi {v} :: present participle of reimbarcarsi
reimbarcare {vt} :: To reembark
reimbarcarsi {vr} :: To reembark, to reship
reimbarcatosi {v} :: past participle of reimbarcarsi
reimmergente {v} :: present participle of reimmergere
reimmergere {vt} :: To reimmerse
reimmergersi {vr} :: To reimmerse oneself
reimmettente {v} :: present participle of reimmettere
reimmettere {vt} :: To reintroduce (all meanings)
reimparante {v} :: present participle of reimparare
reimparare {v} :: To relearn
reimpastante {v} :: present participle of reimpastare
reimpastare {vt} :: alternative form of rimpastare
reimpiantante {v} :: present participle of reimpiantare
reimpiantare {vt} :: to reimplant
reimpianto {m} :: reimplantation
reimpiegante {v} :: present participle of reimpiegare
reimpiegare {vt} :: To reemploy
reimpiegare {vt} :: To reuse
reimpiegare {vt} :: To reinvest
reimportante {v} :: present participle of reimportare
reimportare {vt} :: To import again
reimpostante {v} :: present participle of reimpostare
reimpostare {vt} :: To redefine
reincarcerante {v} :: present participle of reincarcerare
reincarcerare {vt} :: to reincarcerate, reimprison
reincaricante {v} :: present participle of reincaricare
reincaricare {vt} :: To reappoint
reincarico {m} :: reappointment
reincarnante {v} :: present participle of reincarnare
reincarnantesi {v} :: present participle of reincarnarsi
reincarnare {vt} :: To reincarnate
reincarnarsi {vr} :: To be reincarnated
reincarnatosi {v} :: past participle of reincarnarsi
reincarnazione {f} :: reincarnation
reincidente {v} :: present participle of reincidere
reincidere {vt} :: To re-record
reincidere {vt} :: To carve again, to cut again
reincontrante {v} :: present participle of reincontrare
reincontrare {v} :: to meet again
reincrocio {m} [biology] :: backcross
reindirizzamento {m} :: redirection
reindirizzante {v} :: present participle of reindirizzare
reindirizzare {vt} :: to readdress
reindirizzare {vt} [computing] :: to redirect
reindustrializzante {v} :: present participle of reindustrializzare
reindustrializzare {vt} :: to reindustrialize
reindustrializzazione {f} :: reindustrialization
reinfettante {v} :: present participle of reinfettare
reinfettantesi {v} :: present participle of reinfettarsi
reinfettare {vt} :: To reinfect
reinfettarsi {vr} :: To become reinfected
reinfettatosi {v} :: past participle of reinfettarsi
reinfezione {f} :: reinfection
reingaggiante {v} :: present participle of reingaggiare
reingaggiare {vt} :: To reengage
reingaggiare {vt} :: To sign again (a sportsman for a team)
reingresso {m} :: reentry
reiniezione {f} :: reinjection
reinizializzante {v} :: present participle of reinizializzare
reinizializzare {vt} :: to reinitialize
reinizio {m} :: restart, reopening
reinnamoramento {m} :: falling in love again (with the same person)
reinnestante {v} :: present participle of reinnestare
reinnestare {vt} :: To graft again
reinnestare {vt} :: To reengage
reinoltrante {v} :: present participle of reinoltrare
reinoltrare {vt} :: to resend
reinoltrare {vt} :: to reforward
reinscritto {adj} :: reinscribed
reinscrivente {v} :: present participle of reinscrivere
reinscrivere {vt} :: To reinscribe
reinsediante {v} :: present participle of reinsediare
reinsediare {v} :: To reinstall
reinserente {v} :: present participle of reinserire
reinserentesi {v} :: present participle of reinserirsi
reinserimento {m} :: reinsertion
reinserire {vt} :: To reintegrate
reinserire {vt} :: To reinsert
reinserirsi {vr} :: To become reintegrated
reinseritosi {v} :: past participle of reinserirsi
reinstallante {v} :: present participle of reinstallare
reinstallare {vt} :: to reinstall
reinstallare {vt} :: to restore
reinstallazione {f} :: reinstallation
reinstallazione {f} :: restoration
reinstaurante {v} :: present participle of reinstaurare
reinstaurare {vt} :: to reestablish
reinstaurare {vt} :: to reintroduce
reintegrabile {adj} :: That can be reinstated, restorable
reintegrabile {adj} :: recoverable
reintegrabilità {f} :: Property of being restorable
reintegrabilità {f} :: Property of being recoverable
reintegrante {v} :: present participle of reintegrare
reintegrantesi {v} :: present participle of reintegrarsi
reintegrare {vt} :: To reinstate
reintegrare {vt} :: To reintegrate
reintegrare {vt} :: To replenish, to restore
reintegrarsi {vr} :: To become reintegrated
reintegrativo {adj} :: reintegrative
reintegratosi {v} :: past participle of reintegrarsi
reintegrazione {f} :: restoration
reintegrazione {f} :: reinstatement
reinterpretante {v} :: present participle of reinterpretare
reinterpretare {vt} :: To reinterpret
reinterpretazione {f} :: reinterpretation
reinterveniente {v} :: present participle of reintervenire
reintervenire {vi} :: To intervene again
reintervenire {vi} [surgery] :: To operate again
reintitolato {adj} :: rededicated (to)
reintrodottosi {v} :: past participle of reintrodursi
reintroducente {v} :: present participle of reintrodurre
reintroducentesi {v} :: present participle of reintrodursi
reintrodurre {vt} :: To reintroduce, to reinsert
reintrodursi {vr} :: To reenter
reintroduzione {f} :: reintroduction
reinventante {v} :: present participle of reinventare
reinventantesi {v} :: present participle of reinventarsi
reinventare {vt} :: To reinvent
reinventarsi {vr} :: To reinvent oneself
reinventato {adj} :: reinvented
reinventatosi {v} :: past participle of reinventarsi
reinvenzione {f} :: reinvention
reinvestente {v} :: present participle of reinvestire
reinvestimento {m} [economics] :: reinvestment (ploughing back)
reinvestire {vt} :: To reinvest
reismo {m} [philosophy] :: reism
reità {f} :: guilt
reiterabile {adj} :: repeatable
reiterabilità {f} :: repeatability
reiterante {v} :: present participle of reiterare
reiterare {vt} :: to reiterate, repeat
reiteratamente {adv} :: repetitively
reiterato {adj} :: reiterated
reiterazione {f} :: reiteration, repetition
relè {m} :: relay (electrical)
relais {m} :: relay (electrical)
relativamente {adv} :: relatively
relativismo {m} :: relativism
relativista {mf} :: relativist
relativistico {adj} :: relativistic
relatività {f} :: relativity
relativizzante {v} :: present participle of relativizzare
relativizzare {vt} :: to relativize
relativo {adj} :: relevant, attendant, respective
relativo {adj} :: relative, comparative
relativo {adj} [mathematics, physics, grammar] :: relative
relativo {adj} :: proportional, proportionate
relatore {m} :: speaker (at a conference)
relatore {m} :: supervisor (of a thesis)
relatore {m} :: proposer (of a bill)
relatrice {f} :: (female) speaker (at a conference)
relatrice {f} :: (female) supervisor (of a thesis)
relatrice {f} :: (female) proposer (of a bill)
relax {m} :: relaxation (mental or physical)
relazionale {adj} :: relational
relazionalità {f} :: relationality
relazionante {v} :: present participle of relazionare
relazionantesi {v} :: present participle of relazionarsi
relazionare {vi} :: To relate
relazionare {vt} :: To report
relazionarsi {vr} :: To relate
relazionatosi {v} :: past participle of relazionarsi
relazione {f} :: connection
relazione {f} :: relationship
relazione {f} :: relation (mathematical)
relazione {f} :: account, report
relegante {v} :: present participle of relegare
relegare {vt} :: to relegate
relegare {vt} :: to banish
relegare {vt} :: to closet
relegazione {f} [sport, Switzerland] :: relegation
relegazione {f} :: banishment
religionaria {f} :: One who professes a religion, especially Protestantism [female]
religionario {adj} :: professing a religion, especially Protestantism
religionario {m} :: One who professes a religion, especially Protestantism
religione {f} :: religion
religiosa {f} :: religious (female), nun
religiosamente {adv} :: religiously
religiosità {f} :: religiousness
religioso {adj} :: religious, devout
religioso {m} :: religious, monk, friar
reliquia {f} :: relic (religious)
reliquia {f} :: reliquary
reliquiario {m} :: reliquary
relitto {m} :: wreck (all senses)
relitto {m} :: shipwreck
relitto {m} :: down-and-out (homeless person)
Re Magi {prop} :: The Magi
remainder {m} :: A remainder, (book) sold at reduced price
remake {m} :: remake (of a film)
remante {v} :: present participle of remare
remare {vi} :: to row
remata {f} :: row
remata {f} :: oar stroke
rematore {m} :: rower, oarsman
rematrice {f} :: rower, oarswoman
Remedello {prop} :: A small town in Brescia province of Lombardy
remeggiante {v} :: present participle of remeggiare
remeggiare {vi} :: To row slowly
remeggiare {vi} :: To flap (of birds)
remiero {adj} [sports] :: rowing (attributive)
remigante {adj} :: rowing
remigante {mf} :: rower
remigante {v} :: present participle of remigare
remigare {vi} :: To row
remigare {vi} :: To flap (of birds)
remigino {m} :: A child starting school (at year one / first grade)
Remigio {prop} :: given name
remineralizzante {v} :: present participle of remineralizzare
remineralizzante {adj} :: remineralizing
reminescenza {f} :: reminiscence, memory
reminiscenza {f} :: reminiscence
remissibile {adj} :: forgivable, pardonable, remissible
remissibilmente {adv} :: pardonably, forgivably
remissione {f} :: remission
remissione {f} :: withdrawal (of a legal action)
remissione {f} :: compliance or submission
remissivamente {adv} :: submissively
remissività {f} :: submissiveness, compliance, pliability
remissivo {adj} :: submissive, compliant, passive
remissivo {adj} :: remitting
remittente {adj} :: remitting, remittent
remixante {v} :: present participle of remixare
remixare {v} [music] :: To remix
remo {m} :: oar
Remo {prop} [Roman mythology] :: Remus
Remo {prop} :: given name
remoergometro {m} :: rowing machine, rowing ergometer
remora {f} :: hesitation, scruple
remora {f} :: remora (fish)
remoto {adj} :: remote; far-flung; at a distance
removibile {adj} :: Variant of rimovibile
remunerabile {adj} :: remunerable
remunerabilità {f} :: Property of being remunerable; remunerability
remunerante {v} :: present participle of remunerare
remunerare {vt} :: To pay, to remunerate
remuneratissimo {adj} :: Highly paid
remuneratività {f} :: profitability
remunerativo {adj} :: profitable, lucrative, rewarding
remunerato {adj} :: paid
remunerazione {f} :: remuneration
rena {f} [popular, literary] :: sand
renaio {m} :: sandbank
renaio {m} :: sandpit
renaiolo {m} :: sand digger
renale {adj} [anatomy] :: renal, kidney (attributive), of the kidneys
Renania {prop} :: Rhineland
Renania-Palatinato {prop} :: Rhineland-Palatinate
Renania Settentrionale-Vestfalia {prop} :: North Rhine-Westphalia
renano {adj} :: Of or pertaining to Reno
Renata {prop} :: given name; Renée
renato {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: rhenate
Renato {prop} :: given name; René
rendente {v} :: present participle of rendere
rendentesi {v} :: present participle of rendersi
rendenzione {f} :: redemption
rendere {vt} :: to give back, to return
rendere {vt} :: to yield (a return etc)
rendere {vt} :: to render
rendere {vt} :: to make
rendere {vi} :: to be profitable
rendere conto {v} :: to account to
rendere malleabile {v} :: to soften
rendere pan per focaccia {v} [idiomatic] :: to get back at (someone), give (someone) tit for tat
renderizzante {v} :: present participle of renderizzare
renderizzare {v} :: To render (an image)
rendersi {v} :: reflexive of rendere
rendersi {v} :: to make oneself something
rendersi {v} :: to become
rendersi conto {vr} :: to realize
rendersi conto {vr} :: to explain
rendibile {adj} :: returnable
rendicontazione {f} :: accounting
rendiconto {m} :: report, account
rendiconto {m} :: statement (financial)
rendimento {m} :: efficiency
rendimento {m} :: productivity
rendimento {m} :: performance (of a car)
rendimento {m} :: yield (of a crop)
rendita {f} :: revenue, surplus, income, rent, annuity
rendita {f} :: unearned income
rene {m} [anatomy] :: kidney
renella {f} :: gravel
renetta {f} :: russet (apple)
Renier {prop} :: surname
Renier {prop} :: A noble family of Venice
reniforme {adj} :: reniform
renina {f} [biochemistry] :: renin
renio {m} [chemistry] :: rhenium
renitente {adj} :: unwilling, reluctant
renitenza {f} :: unwillingness, reluctance
renna {f} :: reindeer
rennina {f} [enzyme] :: rennin, chymosin
Reno {prop} :: Rhine (river)
Reno {prop} :: Reno (river)
renosità {f} :: sandiness
renoso {adj} :: sandy
renovascolare {adj} [anatomy] :: renovascular
Rensi {prop} :: surname
renza {f} :: fart
Renza {prop} :: given name, feminine of Renzo
Renzi {prop} :: surname
Renzi {prop} [masculine only] :: Matteo Renzi (born 1975), Italian politician
renziana {f} :: feminine noun of renziano
renziano {adj} :: Of or relating to Italian politician Matteo Renzi
renziano {m} [politics] :: A supporter of Matteo Renzi or his policies
Renzo {prop} :: diminutive of Lorenzo
reo {adj} :: guilty (of)
reo {m} :: offender
reo- {prefix} :: rheo-
reoforo {m} :: rheophore
reografo {m} :: rheograph
reologia {f} [physics] :: rheology
reologico {adj} :: rheological
reologo {m} :: rheologist
reometro {m} :: rheometer
reonomo {adj} :: rheonomous
reopeptico {adj} [physics] :: rheopectic
reostatico {adj} :: rheostatic
reostato {m} :: rheostat
reparto {m} :: ward (of a hospital)
reparto {m} :: department (in an office, shop etc)
reparto {m} :: unit (military)
repellente {v} :: present participle of repellere
repellente {adj} :: repulsive
repellente {adj} :: repellent (all senses)
repellenza {f} :: repellency
repellere {vt} :: to repel
repentaglio {m} :: jeopardy, risk
repentinamente {adv} :: suddenly; unexpectedly
repentinità {f} :: suddenness
repentino {adj} :: sudden
repentino {adj} :: unexpected
reperente {v} :: present participle of reperire
reperibile {adj} :: available
reperibile {adj} :: on call
reperibilità {f} :: availability
reperibilità {f} :: The state of being on call
reperimento {m} :: finding, retrieval
reperire {vt} :: To find
reperire {vt} :: To gather
repertante {v} :: present participle of repertare
repertare {vt} [legal] :: to produce [evidence]
repertare {vt} :: to find, notice
repertazione {f} :: production
reperto {m} :: find (archaeology)
reperto {m} :: exhibit
reperto {m} :: report (medical)
repertorio {m} :: repertoire, repertory
repetio {m} :: dispute
replay {m} :: replay (of a TV footage)
replezione {f} :: repletion
replica {f} :: reply, answer
replica {f} :: objection
replica {f} :: repetition
replica {f} :: replica, copy
replicabile {adj} :: replicable
replicabile {adj} :: repeatable
replicabilità {f} :: repeatability
replicante {v} :: present participle of replicare
replicante {adj} :: replicant
replicante {mf} :: android
replicantesi {v} :: present participle of replicarsi
replicare {vt} :: to reply, answer
replicare {vt} :: to repeat
replicare {vt} :: to replicate
replicarsi {v} :: reflexive of replicare
replicarsi {v} :: to replicate
replicativo {adj} :: replicative
replicato {adj} :: replicated
replicatore {m} :: replicator (sci-fi)
replicatosi {v} :: past participle of replicarsi
replicazione {f} :: replication
replisoma {m} [genetics] :: replisome
reportage {m} :: report
reportage {m} :: reportage
reportage {m} :: coverage (of news etc)
reporter {mf} :: reporter (journalist)
reprensibile {adj} :: Variant of riprensibile
reprensione {f} :: reprehension
repressione {f} :: repression (all senses)
repressività {f} :: repressiveness
repressivo {adj} :: repressive
represso {adj} :: repressed
represso {m} :: repressed person
repressore {m} :: repressor (all senses)
repressosi {v} :: past participle of reprimersi
reprimenda {f} :: reprimand
reprimenda {f} :: rebuke
reprimente {v} :: present participle of reprimere
reprimentesi {v} :: present participle of reprimersi
reprimere {vt} :: to repress or suppress
reprimersi {vr} :: To restrain oneself
reprimibile {adj} :: repressible
reprobo {adj} :: reprobate
reprobo {m} :: reprobate
reptazione {f} [sciences] :: reptation, creep
repubblica {f} :: republic
Repubblica Ceca {prop} :: Czech Republic
Repubblica Centrafricana {prop} :: Central African Republic
Repubblica del Congo {prop} :: Republic of the Congo
repubblica delle banane {f} :: banana republic
Repubblica Democratica del Congo {prop} :: Democratic Republic of the Congo
Repubblica di Macedonia {prop} :: Republic of Macedonia
Repubblica d'Irlanda {prop} :: Republic of Ireland
Repubblica Dominicana {prop} :: Dominican Republic
Repubblica Federale Tedesca {prop} :: Federal Republic of Germany
repubblicanesimo {m} :: republicanism
repubblicano {adj} :: republican
Repubblica Popolare di Lugansk {prop} :: Luhansk People's Republic
repubblichino {adj} :: republican (pertaining to the Repubblica Sociale Italiana - Italian Social Republic of fascist Italy)
republichetta {f} :: banana republic
repulisti {m} :: Only used in the phrase fare un repulisti
repulsione {f} :: repulsion
repulsività {f} :: repulsiveness
repulsivo {adj} :: repulsive (all senses)
repulsore {m} :: repulsor, repeller
repulsore {adj} :: repelling
reputante {v} :: present participle of reputare
reputantesi {v} :: present participle of reputarsi
reputare {vt} :: to repute, to consider, to judge, to think
reputarsi {v} :: reflexive of reputare
reputarsi {v} :: to consider oneself
reputatosi {v} :: past participle of reputarsi
reputazione {f} :: reputation
reputazione {f} :: good name
requiare {vi} [archaic] :: to be at peace, to rest
requie {f} :: rest, calm, peace
requie {mf} :: requiem
requiem {m} :: requiem
requirente {adj} :: investigating, enquiring
requisente {v} :: present participle of requisire
requisire {v} :: to requisition
requisito {adj} :: requisitioned
requisito {m} :: requirement
requisito {m} :: qualification (for a job etc)
requisitoria {f} [legal] :: Closing speech for the prosecution
requisizione {f} :: requisition
resa {f} [military] :: surrender
resa {f} :: return
resa {f} [economics] :: yield, productivity
resa {f} :: reckoning
rescindente {v} :: present participle of rescindere
rescindere {vt} :: To rescind or annul
rescindibile {adj} :: rescindable
rescindibilità {f} :: Property of being rescindable
rescissione {f} [legal] :: rescission
rescissorio {adj} :: rescinding
rescritto {m} :: rescript
resecante {v} :: present participle of resecare
resecare {vt} [surgery] :: to resect
resede {m} :: yard, courtyard
resettaggio {m} :: clearing, resetting
resettaggio {m} [telecommunication] :: A sequence of events used to disconnect a call, and return to the ready state
resettante {v} :: present participle of resettare
resettare {vt} :: [computing] To reset (a computer)
resezione {f} [surgery] :: resection
resiano {m} :: Resian
resiano {adj} :: Resian
residente {adj} :: residing, domiciled, living, resident
residente {m} :: resident
residente {f} :: resident
residenza {f} :: residence, abode, domicile
residenza {f} :: residence, house, building, home
residenziale {adj} :: residential
residenzialità {f} :: Property of being residential
residuale {adj} :: residual
residuante {v} :: present participle of residuare
residuare {v} :: to remain (as a residue)
residuo {adj} :: remaining
residuo {adj} :: residual
residuo {m} :: remainder
residuo {m} :: residue
resiliazione {f} [legal] :: resiliation, termination, cancellation (of an agreement, contract etc)
resiliente {adj} :: resilient
resilienza {f} :: resilience
resina {f} :: resin, gum
resinaceo {adj} :: resinous
resinato {adj} :: resinated (wine etc)
resinato {m} [organic chemistry] :: resinate
resinatura {f} :: The application of resins to a material
resincronizzazione {f} :: resynchronization
resinifero {adj} :: resiniferous
resinifero {adj} :: resin (attributive)
resinificante {v} :: present participle of resinificare
resinificare {vit} :: to resinify
resinificazione {f} :: resinification
resinoso {adj} :: resinous
resipiscente {adj} :: repentant
resipiscenza {f} :: repentance, resipiscence
resistente {adj} :: strong, tough, sturdy
resistente {adj} :: hard-wearing, resistant
resistenza {f} :: resistance (all meanings)
resistenza {f} :: stamina, endurance
resistenza {f} :: resistor (electrical)
resistere {vi} :: To resist
resistere {vi} :: To withstand
resistere {vi} :: To endure
resistibile {adj} :: resistible
resistività {f} :: resistivity
resistivo {adj} :: resistive
resistore {m} [physics] :: resistor (electrical)
Reso {prop} [Greek mythology] :: Rhesus
resocontista {mf} :: reporter
resocontista {mf} :: report writer
resoconto {m} :: account
resoconto {m} :: report
resoconto {m} :: minutes (of a meeting)
resoconto {m} :: review
resoconto {m} :: sketch
resolante {v} :: present participle of resolare
resolare {vt} :: To resole (shoes)
resolvente {v} :: present participle of resolvere
resolvere {vt} :: obsolete form of risolvere
resorcina {f} [organic compound] :: resorcinol
resorcinolo {m} [organic compound] :: resorcinol
resosi {v} :: past participle of rendersi
Respighi {prop} :: surname
Respighi {prop} :: Ottorino Respighi, Italian composer
respingente {v} :: present participle of respingere
respingente {m} :: buffer (railway)
respingere {v} :: to reject, to repel
respingersi {v} :: reflexive of respingere
respingersi {v} :: to mutually repel one another
respingimento {m} :: repulsion (of an attack)
respingimento {m} :: return (of the ball, in football)
respingimento {m} :: refusal (of an invitation)
respingimento {m} :: rejection (of a proposal)
respinto {adj} :: rejected
respinto {adj} :: failed (in an exam)
respirabile {adj} :: breathable
respirabilità {f} :: breathability
respiramento {m} :: breath, respiration
respirante {v} :: present participle of respirare
respirare {v} :: to breathe
respirare affannosamente {v} :: to wheeze
respirare affannosamente {v} :: to breathe hard
respiratore {m} :: aqualung
respiratore {m} :: snorkel
respiratore {m} [medicine] :: respirator
respiratorio {adj} :: respiratory, breathing
respirazione {f} [physiology] :: breathing, respiration
respiro {m} :: breath
respirone {m} :: deep or big breath
respondente {v} :: present participle of respondere
respondere {v} [obsolete] :: Variant of rispondere
responsabile {adj} :: responsible, accountable, liable, in charge
responsabile {mf} :: person responsible, manager, person in charge
responsabile {mf} :: culprit
responsabile luci {m} :: gaffer
responsabilità {f} :: responsibility
responsabilità {f} :: liability
responsabilizzante {v} :: present participle of responsabilizzare
responsabilizzantesi {v} :: present participle of responsabilizzarsi
responsabilizzare {vt} :: to make someone aware of his responsibilities
responsabilizzare {vt} :: to give someone a responsibility, hold someone responsible
responsabilizzarsi {v} :: reflexive of responsabilizzare
responsabilizzarsi {vr} :: to become aware of one's responsibilities
responsabilizzarsi {vr} :: to assume one's responsibilities
responsabilizzatosi {v} :: past participle of responsabilizzarsi
responsabilizzazione {f} :: making responsible
responsabilizzazione {f} :: assumption of responsibility
responsabilmente {adv} :: responsibly, accountably
responsività {f} :: responsiveness
responsivo {adj} :: responsive
responso {m} :: response, answer, reply
responso {m} :: verdict
responsoriale {adj} :: responsorial
responsoriale {m} :: responsorial
responsorio {m} :: response (liturgical)
ressa {f} :: scrum, throng
resta {f} :: awn, ear (of grain)
restante {v} :: present participle of restare
restante {adj} :: remaining
restante {m} :: the remainder, the rest
restantesi {v} :: present participle of restarsi
restar {v} :: apocopic form of restare
restarci {vp} :: ‎ To be disillusioned, crestfallen or flabbergasted
restare {vi} :: to stay
restare {vi} :: to remain
restare a terra {v} :: To go on foot (rather than using a means of transport)
restarsi {v} :: reflexive of restare
restarsi {v} :: to stay, remain
restatosi {v} :: past participle of restarsi
restaurabile {adj} :: restorable
restaurante {v} :: present participle of restaurare
restaurare {vt} :: to restore, renovate
restaurare {vt} :: to restore, reinstate, reestablish
restauratore {m} :: restorer (male or of unspecified sex)
restauratrice {f} :: restorer (female)
restaurazione {f} :: restoration
Restaurazione {prop} :: Restoration
restauro {m} :: restoration
restio {adj} :: reluctant, unwilling
restituente {v} :: present participle of restituire
restituentesi {v} :: present participle of restituirsi
restituibile {adj} :: returnable
restituire {vt} :: to return, give back, hand back, send back, refund, repay
restituire {vt} :: to restore, bring back to
restituire {vt} :: to relinquish
restituirsi {v} :: reflexive of restituire
restituirsi {v} :: to return [to a place or a subject]
restituitosi {v} :: past participle of restituirsi
restitutivo {adj} :: restructuring
restitutore {m} :: returner, refunder
restitutore {m} :: relinquisher
restituzione {m} :: restitution
restituzione {m} :: return
restituzione {m} :: repayment
resto {m} :: rest, remainder, balance
resto {m} :: change, rest
resto {m} [in the plural] :: remains (of a body etc), leftovers (of food), ruins (of a building)
resto {m} [mathematics] :: remainder
restringente {v} :: present participle of restringere
restringentesi {v} :: present participle of restringersi
restringere {vt} :: to narrow (of a road etc)
restringere {vt} :: to take in (a dress etc)
restringere {vt} :: to shrink (during washing)
restringersi {v} :: reflexive of restringere
restringersi {v} :: to narrow, become narrow, contract, reduce
restringersi {v} :: to shrink [during washing]
restringersi {v} :: to be narrowed
restringibile {adj} :: shrinkable
restringimento {m} :: shrinkage
restringimento {m} :: constriction
restrittivamente {adv} :: restrictively
restrittività {f} :: restrictiveness
restrittivo {adj} :: restrictive
restrizione {f} :: restriction (all senses)
restrutturato {adj} :: restored, rebuilt
resultabile {adj} :: Variant of risultabile
resumente {v} :: present participle of resumere
resumere {vt} [obsolete] :: Variant of riprendere
resumere {vt} [obsolete] :: Variant of riassumere
resurrezione {f} :: resurrection
resurrezionista {mf} :: resurrectionist
resuscitante {v} :: present participle of resuscitare
resuscitare {vt} :: To resuscitate
resuscitare {vi} :: To be resuscitated; to come round
resveratrolo {m} [organic compound] :: resveratrol
retablo {m} :: retablo
retaggio {m} :: inheritance, heritage, legacy, background
retata {f} :: haul, catch (of fish)
rete {f} :: net
rete {f} :: network
rete {f} [football] :: goal
rete a strascico {n} :: trawl, dragnet
rete a strascico {n} :: A net or dragnet used for trawling
rete a strascico {n} :: A long fishing line having many short lines bearing hooks attached to it; a setline
rete elettrica {n} :: electrical grid
rete metallica {n} :: wire netting
retentività {f} [physics] :: retentivity
retentivo {adj} [physics] :: retentive
Reti {prop} :: Raeti
reticella {f} :: diminutive of rete
reticella {f} :: small net
reticella {f} :: hairnet
reticente {adj} :: reticent
reticenza {f} :: reticence
retico {adj} :: Rhaetian
retico {adj} :: Raetic
reticolante {v} :: present participle of reticolare
reticolare {adj} :: reticular, reticulate
reticolare {vt} :: to reticulate
reticolato {adj} :: webbed
reticolato {m} :: grid
reticolato {m} :: wire netting
reticolatura {f} :: reticulation
reticolazione {f} :: reticulation
reticolazione {f} [chemistry] :: cross-linking
reticolo {m} :: network
reticolo {m} [mathematics] :: lattice
reticolocita {m} [biology] :: reticulocyte
retiforme {adj} :: retiform
Retimo {prop} :: Rethymno (city in Greece)
retina {f} [anatomy] :: retina
retina {f} :: small net
retina {f} :: hairnet
retinacolo {m} :: viscidium
retinale {m} [organic compound] :: retinal
retinante {v} :: present participle of retinare
retinare {vt} :: to reinforce (especially a window using a mesh of wires)
retinare {vt} :: to make a halftone print
retinatura {f} :: dot formation (of halftone printing)
retinico {adj} [anatomy] :: retinal
retinile {m} [organic chemistry] :: retinyl
retinite {f} [medicine] :: retinitis
retinite {f} [mineralogy] :: retinite
retino {m} :: small net
retino {m} :: butterfly net
retino {m} [fishing] :: landing net
retino {m} :: halftone screen
retinoblastoma {m} [oncology] :: retinoblastoma
retinoico {adj} [organic chemistry] :: retinoic
retinoide {m} [organic chemistry] :: retinoid
retinolo {m} [organic compound] :: retinol
retinopatia {f} [disease] :: retinopathy
retinoscopia {f} [medicine] :: retinoscopy
retore {m} :: rhetorician
retorica {f} :: rhetoric
retoricamente {adv} :: rhetorically
retoricità {f} :: rhetorical character or quality
retorico {adj} :: rhetorical
retoromanzo {adj} :: Rhaeto-Romance
retoromanzo {m} :: Rhaeto-Romance
retrò {adj} :: retro
retraibile {adj} :: retractable
retrarre {vt} :: To retract
retrattile {adj} :: retractile
retrattilità {f} :: retractility
retratto {m} [maths] :: retraction
retrazione {f} :: retraction
retribuente {v} :: present participle of retribuire
retribuire {vt} :: To pay or remunerate
retributivo {adj} :: pay (attributive)
retributore {m} :: remunerator, payer
retribuzione {f} :: pay, remuneration
retribuzione {f} :: retribution
retribuzione lorda {f} :: gross pay
retrivo {adj} :: reactionary
retro {adv} :: behind
retro {m} :: back, rear, reverse
retro- {prefix} :: retro-
retroagente {v} :: present participle of retroagire
retroagire {vi} :: to be backdated
retroagire {vi} :: to be retroactive
retroanalisi {f} :: retrograde analysis
retroattivamente {adv} :: retroactively
retroattività {f} [legal] :: retroactivity
retroattivo {adj} :: retroactive
retroazione {f} :: retroactivity
retroazione {f} :: retroaction
retroazione {f} [physics] :: feedback, Larsen effect
retrobocca {m} :: the back of the mouth
retrobottega {m} :: back shop
retrobulbare {adj} [anatomy] :: retrobulbar
retrocarica {f} :: breech-loading
retrocedente {v} :: present participle of retrocedere
retrocedente {adj} :: receding
retrocedente {adj} :: retreating
retrocedere {vt} :: To degrade or demote
retrocedere {vt} :: To relegate (sports)
retrocedere {vi} :: To move back, retreat or back down
retrocedere {v} :: to backtrack
retrocessione {f} [sports] :: relegation
retrocessione {f} [military] :: demotion
retrocessione {f} :: backtrack
retrocognizione {f} :: retrocognition
retrocompatibile {adj} :: backward compatible
retrocompatibilità {f} :: backward compatibility
retrocucina {f} :: back kitchen
retrocucina {f} :: scullery
retrodatabile {adj} :: That can be backdated or antedated
retrodatante {v} :: present participle of retrodatare
retrodatare {vt} :: To backdate, to antedate
retrodatato {adj} :: backdated
retrodatazione {f} :: backdating
retrodatazione {f} :: antedating
retrodiffusione {f} [physics] :: backscattering
retrodiffuso {adj} :: backscattered (reflected back)
retrodonazione {f} [chemistry] :: backbonding
retrofit {m} :: retrofit
retroflessione {f} :: retroflection
retroflesso {adj} :: bent or curved backwards; retroflex
retroflesso {adj} [linguistics, phonetics] :: retroflex
retroformazione {f} [linguistics] :: back-formation
retrofrontespizio {m} :: The back of a title page
retrogradante {v} :: present participle of retrogradare
retrogradare {vi} :: [astronomy] To retrograde
retrogradazione {f} :: retrogradation
retrogrado {adj} :: retrograde (all senses)
retrogrado {adj} :: backward
retrogrado {adj} :: reactionary
retroguardia {f} :: rearguard
retrogusto {m} :: aftertaste
retroilluminato {adj} :: backlit
retroilluminazione {f} :: backlighting
retroincrocio {m} :: backcrossing
retromarcia {f} :: reverse (gear, in a vehicle)
retromutazione {f} [genetics] :: reverse mutation, back mutation
retronebbia {m} :: (rear) fog light (on a motor car)
retronimo {m} :: retronym
retropalco {m} :: backstage
retropassaggio {m} [sports] :: back pass
retroperitoneo {m} [anatomy] :: retroperitoneum
retroproiettore {m} :: overhead projector
retroproiezione {f} :: overhead projection
retrorazzo {m} :: retrorocket
retrorso {adj} [botany] :: retrorse
retrosapore {m} :: aftertaste
retroscena {m} :: behind the scenes event or detail; secret
retroscena {f} :: backstage
retrospettiva {f} :: retrospective
retrospettiva {f} :: of, relating to, or contemplating the past
retrospettiva {f} :: looking backwards
retrospettiva {f} :: affecting or influencing past things; retroactive
retrospettiva {f} :: an exhibition of works from an extended period of an artist's activity
retrospettivamente {adv} :: retrospectively
retrospettivo {adj} :: retrospective
retrospezione {f} :: retrospection
retrostante {adj} :: behind
retrostante {adj} :: at the back (of)
retrosternale {adj} [anatomy] :: retrosternal
retroterra {m} :: hinterland
retrotrascrittasi {f} [enzyme] :: reverse transcriptase
retrotrascrizione {f} :: reverse transcription
retrotrasposone {m} [genetics] :: retrotransposon
retrotreno {m} [automobiles] :: rear axle
retroversione {f} :: retroversion
retroversione {f} :: back translation
retroverso {adj} :: retroverted
retrovia {f} :: rear (military position behind the front)
retrovirale {adj} :: retroviral
retrovirus {m} :: retrovirus
retrovisivo {adj} :: rearview (mirror etc)
retrovisore {m} :: rearview mirror (in a car)
retta {f} :: straight line
retta {f} :: fee
rettale {adj} [anatomy] :: rectal
rettamente {adv} :: righteously
rettangolare {adj} [geometry] :: rectangular
rettangolino {m} :: Small rectangle
rettangolino {m} :: Small plot of land
rettangolo {adj} [geometry] :: right-angled
rettangolo {m} [geometry] :: rectangle
rettifica {f} :: correction
rettifica {f} :: rectification
rettificabile {adj} [mathematics] :: rectifiable
rettificabilità {f} [mathematics] :: rectifiability
rettificamento {m} :: rectification
rettificamento {m} :: correction
rettificante {v} :: present participle of rettificare
rettificare {vt} :: to rectify [all senses]
rettificare {vt} :: to correct
rettificatore {f} :: rectifier
rettificatore {adj} :: rectifying
rettificazione {f} :: rectification
rettifilo {m} :: straight stretch (of road)
rettile {m} :: reptile
rettiliano {adj} :: reptilian (all senses)
rettilineo {adj} :: rectilinear
rettilineo {m} :: straight (road etc)
rettitudine {f} :: rectitude, uprightness
retto {adj} [obsolete, literally] :: straight
retto {adj} [archaic, figuratively] :: honest, upright
retto {adj} [archaic, figuratively] :: righteous
retto {adj} [geometry] :: right [of an angle]; straight [of a line]
retto {adj} [anatomy] :: rectus
retto {adj} [grammar, of a case] :: direct
retto {m} [anatomy] :: rectum
retto- {prefix} [anatomy] :: recto-
rettocele {m} [pathology] :: rectocele
rettocolite {f} [pathology] :: colitis
retto dell'addome {m} [muscle] :: rectus abdominis
rettorale {adj} :: rectoral
rettorato {m} :: rectorate
rettore {m} :: rector
rettore {m} :: chancellor (of a university)
rettorico {adj} :: Variant of retorico
rettorragia {f} [medicine] :: rectorrhagia
rettoscopia {f} [medicine] :: rectoscopy
rettoscopico {adj} [medicine] :: rectoscopic
rettoscopio {m} :: proctoscope
rettosi {v} :: past participle of reggersi
rettovescicale {adj} [anatomy] :: rectovesical
retuso {adj} [botany] :: retuse
reuccio {m} :: young king
reuccio {m} :: kinglet (king of a small country)
reumatico {adj} :: rheumatic
reumatismo {m} [pathology] :: rheumatism
reumatizzante {v} :: present participle of reumatizzare
reumatizzare {vt} :: To cause rheumatism (in)
reumatoide {adj} :: rheumatoid
reumatologa {f} :: (female) rheumatologist
reumatologia {f} [medicine] :: rheumatology
reumatologo {m} :: rheumatologist
revaginazione {f} [surgery] :: revagination
revanscismo {m} :: revanchism (political policy of endeavouring to regain lost territory)
revanscista {mf} :: revanchist
revanscistico {adj} :: revanchist
reverberazione {f} :: alternative form of riverberazione
reverendissimo {adj} :: very reverend, most reverend
reverendo {adj} :: reverend (as a title)
reverente {adj} :: alternative form of riverente
reverenza {f} :: Variant of riverenza
reverenziale {adj} :: reverential
reversale {f} :: collection voucher
reversibile {adj} :: reversible
reversibilità {f} :: reversibility
reversibilmente {adv} :: reversibly
reversione {f} [genetics] :: atavism
reversione {f} :: reversion
revertente {adj} [genetics] :: revertant
revisionante {v} :: present participle of revisionare
revisionare {vt} :: to service, overhaul [a car, etc.]
revisionare {vt} :: to audit
revisione {f} :: review (process)
revisione {f} :: servicing (of a machine)
revisione {f} :: auditing
revisione {f} :: revision (of a text)
revisionismo {m} :: revisionism
revisionista {adj} :: revisionist
revisionista {mf} :: revisionist
revisionistico {adj} :: revisionist
revisore {m} :: Any of several forms of editor or reader
revivalismo {m} :: revivalism
revivalista {mf} :: revivalist
reviviscente {adj} :: reviviscent
reviviscente {adj} :: reviving
reviviscenza {f} :: reviviscence
reviviscenza {f} :: revival, renewal
revoca {f} :: revocation
revoca {f} :: repeal
revocabile {adj} [legal] :: revokable, repealable
revocabilità {f} :: revocability
revocante {v} :: present participle of revocare
revocare {v} :: to revoke or repeal
revocativo {adj} :: revoking, revocatory
revocato {adj} :: revoked
revocato {adj} :: repealed
revocatorio {adj} :: revocatory, revocative
revocazione {f} :: revocation, annulment
revoluto {adj} [botany] :: revolute
revolver {m} :: revolver (handgun)
revolver {m} :: Rotating attachment, on a camera, having multiple lenses
revolverata {f} :: shot from a revolver
revulsione {f} [medicine] :: revulsion
revulsivo {adj} :: revulsive
Reykjavik {prop} :: Reykjavik
Rezia {prop} :: Rhaetia, Raeita
reziario {m} :: retiarius
rezza {f} :: fishing net
rezzaglio {m} :: Another name for the type of net called giacchio
rho {mf} :: rho (Greek letter)
Rho {prop} :: a town in the province of Milan in Lombardy in Italy
rhodense {adj} :: Of, or from, Rho
rhodense {m} :: A native or inhabitant of Rho
rhum {m} :: rum
ri- {prefix} :: re-
riabbassante {v} :: present participle of riabbassare
riabbassare {vt} :: To lower again
riabbellente {v} :: present participle of riabbellire
riabbellire {vt} :: to make beautiful again
riabbellire {vt} :: to make more beautiful, embellish
riabbonante {v} :: present participle of riabbonare
riabbonare {vt} :: To renew a subscription for
riabbottonante {v} :: present participle of riabbottonare
riabbottonare {vt} :: To button up again
riabbracciante {v} :: present participle of riabbracciare
riabbracciantesi {v} :: present participle of riabbracciarsi
riabbracciare {vt} :: To hug again, to embrace again
riabbracciare {vt} :: To see again
riabbracciarsi {vr} :: To meet again, to see again
riabbracciatosi {v} :: past participle of riabbracciarsi
riabilitante {v} :: present participle of riabilitare
riabilitantesi {v} :: present participle of riabilitarsi
riabilitare {vt} :: To rehabilitate
riabilitarsi {vr} :: To restore one's reputation
riabilitativo {adj} :: rehabilitative, rehabilitation (attributive)
riabilitatosi {v} :: past participle of riabilitarsi
riabilitazione {f} :: rehabilitation
riabitante {v} :: present participle of riabitare
riabitare {vt} :: To reinhabit
riabituante {v} :: present participle of riabituare
riabituantesi {v} :: present participle of riabituarsi
riabituare {vt} :: To accustom again
riabituarsi {vr} :: To accustom oneself again; to reaccustom oneself
riabituatosi {v} :: past participle of riabituarsi
riaccadente {v} :: present participle of riaccadere
riaccadere {v} [impersonal] :: to happen again; to recur
riaccasante {v} :: present participle of riaccasare
riaccasare {vt} :: To marry off again
riaccendente {v} :: present participle of riaccendere
riaccendere {vt} :: to relight, reignite
riaccendere {vt} :: to revive, rekindle, especially to give something old a new function
riaccendersi {v} :: reflexive of riaccendere
riaccendersi {v} :: to relight, reignite; to come back on again [central heating, etc.]
riaccendersi {v} :: to be revived, rekindled
riaccensione {f} :: relighting
riaccensione {f} :: reignition
riaccettante {v} :: present participle of riaccettare
riaccettare {vt} :: To reaccept
riaccettazione {f} :: reacceptance
riacchiappante {v} :: present participle of riacchiappare
riacchiappare {vt} :: To recatch, to seize again, to recapture
riacciuffante {v} :: present participle of riacciuffare
riacciuffare {vt} :: To recatch, to seize again, to recapture
riaccogliente {v} :: present participle of riaccogliere
riaccogliere {vt} :: to welcome back
riaccomodante {v} :: present participle of riaccomodare
riaccomodantesi {v} :: present participle of riaccomodarsi
riaccomodare {vt} :: To repair again, to fix again
riaccomodarsi {vr} :: To sit down again, to settle down again
riaccomodarsi {vr} :: To make up, to become reconciled
riaccomodatosi {v} :: past participle of riaccomodarsi
riaccompagnante {v} :: present participle of riaccompagnare
riaccompagnare {vt} :: To accompany someone again
riaccordante {v} :: present participle of riaccordare
riaccordare {vt} [music] :: to retune [a musical instrument]
riaccordare {vt} [tennis] :: to restring [a racket]
riaccostamento {m} :: drawing close again
riaccostante {v} :: present participle of riaccostare
riaccostare {vt} :: to close or bring near again
riaccostare {vt} :: to half-close, leave ajar
riaccreditante {v} :: present participle of riaccreditare
riaccreditare {vt} :: to reconfirm
riaccreditare {vt} :: to debit a sum previously credited
riacquisente {v} :: present participle of riacquisire
riacquisire {vt} :: to reacquire
riacquisire {vt} :: to regain
riacquistabile {adj} :: recoverable
riacquistante {v} :: present participle of riacquistare
riacquistare {vt} :: To regain, to recover, to get back
riacquistare {vt} :: To rebuy, to repurchase
riacquisto {m} :: repurchase
riacutizzante {v} :: present participle of riacutizzare
riacutizzantesi {v} :: present participle of riacutizzarsi
riacutizzare {vt} :: to worsen
riacutizzare {vt} :: to reaggravate
riacutizzare {vt} :: to rekindle
riacutizzarsi {v} :: reflexive of riacutizzare
riacutizzarsi {v} :: to worsen
riacutizzazione {f} :: worsening
riadattabile {adj} :: convertible
riadattabile {adj} :: adjustable
riadattamento {m} :: readaptation, readjustment, reaccommodation
riadattante {v} :: present participle of riadattare
riadattare {vt} :: To alter, convert or readjust
riaddestramento {m} :: retraining
riaddestrante {v} :: present participle of riaddestrare
riaddestrare {v} :: To retrain
riaddormentante {v} :: present participle of riaddormentare
riaddormentantesi {v} :: present participle of riaddormentarsi
riaddormentare {vt} :: To put to sleep again
riaddormentarsi {vr} :: To fall asleep again
riaddormentarsi {vr} :: To go back to sleep to get off
riaddormentatosi {v} :: past participle of riaddormentarsi
riadoperabile {adj} :: reusable
riadoperante {v} :: present participle of riadoperare
riadoperare {vt} :: To reuse
riaffacciante {v} :: present participle of riaffacciare
riaffacciantesi {v} :: present participle of riaffacciarsi
riaffacciare {vt} :: to show again
riaffacciare {vt} :: to advance, venture, raise again
riaffacciarsi {v} :: reflexive of riaffacciare
riaffacciarsi {v} :: to reappear
riaffacciatosi {v} :: past participle of riaffacciarsi
riaffermante {v} :: present participle of riaffermare
riaffermantesi {v} :: present participle of riaffermarsi
riaffermare {vt} :: To reaffirm
riaffermarsi {vr} :: To reaffirm oneself
riaffermatosi {v} :: past participle of riaffermarsi
riaffermazione {f} :: reaffirmation
riafferrante {v} :: present participle of riafferrare
riafferrare {vt} :: To grab again, to seize again, to recapture, to recatch
riaffioramento {m} :: resurfacing, reemergence
riaffiorante {v} :: present participle of riaffiorare
riaffiorare {vt} :: To resurface
riaffittante {v} :: present participle of riaffittare
riaffittare {vt} :: to relet
riaffittare {vt} :: to rent or lease again
riaffrontante {v} :: present participle of riaffrontare
riaffrontare {vt} :: To face again
riaffrontare {vt} :: To deal with again
riagganciante {v} :: present participle of riagganciare
riagganciantesi {v} :: present participle of riagganciarsi
riagganciare {vt} :: To hang up (the phone)
riagganciare {vt} :: To couple again
riagganciare {vt} :: To hook again
riagganciarsi {vr} :: To refer back, to go back
riagganciatosi {v} :: past participle of riagganciarsi
riaggiornante {v} :: present participle of riaggiornare
riaggiornare {v} :: To reupdate
riaggiustamento {m} :: readjustment
riaggiustante {v} :: present participle of riaggiustare
riaggiustantesi {v} :: present participle of riaggiustarsi
riaggiustare {v} :: To repair or mend again
riaggiustare {v} :: To readjust
riaggiustarsi {vr} :: To make it up (make peace)
riaggravante {v} :: present participle of riaggravare
riaggravantesi {v} :: present participle of riaggravarsi
riaggravare {vt} :: To reaggravate
riaggravare {vi} :: To worsen (yet again)
riaggravarsi {vr} :: To worsen (yet again)
riaggregante {v} :: present participle of riaggregare
riaggregantesi {v} :: present participle of riaggregarsi
riaggregare {vt} :: To include, admit or aggregate again
riaggregarsi {vr} :: To reassemble
riaggregatosi {v} :: past participle of riaggregarsi
riaggregazione {f} :: regrouping
riagguantante {v} :: present participle of riagguantare
riagguantare {vt} :: To grab again, to recatch
rialimentante {v} :: present participle of rialimentare
rialimentare {v} :: to recharge, refill
riallacciamento {m} :: reconnection
riallacciante {v} :: present participle of riallacciare
riallacciantesi {v} :: present participle of riallacciarsi
riallacciare {vt} :: To tie up again, to refasten, to reconnect
riallacciare {vt} :: To renew
riallacciarsi {vr} :: To refer back
riallacciarsi {vr} :: To be connected
riallacciatosi {v} :: past participle of riallacciarsi
riallargante {v} :: present participle of riallargare
riallargare {vt} :: To widen again (make even wider)
riallineamento {m} :: realignment
riallineante {v} :: present participle of riallineare
riallineantesi {v} :: present participle of riallinearsi
riallineare {vt} :: To realign
riallinearsi {vr} :: To realign
riallineatosi {v} :: past participle of riallinearsi
riallocante {v} :: present participle of riallocare
riallocare {v} :: to reallocate
riallocazione {f} :: reallocation
riallungante {v} :: present participle of riallungare
riallungare {vt} :: To lengthen or stretch out etc. again
rialto {m} :: height, rise
Rialto {prop} [Venice] :: An area of the San Polo sestiere of Venice famous for its market and bridge
rialzamento {m} :: rising
rialzamento {m} :: rise
rialzamento {m} :: elevation
rialzamento {m} :: increase
rialzante {v} :: present participle of rialzare
rialzantesi {v} :: present participle of rialzarsi
rialzare {vt} :: To raise or lift something
rialzare {vt} :: To increase or put up (prices etc)
rialzare {vi} :: To rise or go up (prices etc)
rialzarsi {vr} :: To get up
rialzatosi {v} :: past participle of rialzarsi
rialzista {m} [economics] :: bull (investor who thinks markets will rise)
rialzo {m} :: rise or increase (in)
riamante {v} :: present participle of riamare
riamare {vt} :: to return the love of another
riamare {vt} :: to love again
riambientante {v} :: present participle of riambientarsi
riambientantesi {v} :: present participle of riambientarsi
riambientarsi {vr} :: To readjust or readapt (to changed circumstances)
riammalante {v} :: present participle of riammalarsi
riammalantesi {v} :: present participle of riammalarsi
riammalarsi {vr} :: To fall ill again
riammalatosi {v} :: past participle of riammalarsi
riammettente {v} :: present participle of riammettere
riammettere {vt} :: to readmit
riammettere {vt} :: to revalidate
riammissibile {adj} :: Capable of being readmitted
riammissione {m} :: readmission
riammodernante {v} :: present participle of riammodernare
riammodernare {v} :: To modernize
riammodernare {v} :: To update
riammogliante {v} :: present participle of riammogliare
riammogliantesi {v} :: present participle of riammogliarsi
riammogliare {vt} :: To marry again (a man)
riammogliarsi {vr} :: To get married again (of a man)
riammogliatosi {v} :: past participle of riammogliarsi
rianalisi {f} :: reanalysis
riandare {vi} :: ‎ To go back or return (to)
rianimante {v} :: present participle of rianimare
rianimantesi {v} :: present participle of rianimarsi
rianimare {vt} :: to resuscitate
rianimare {vt} :: to cheer up
rianimare {vt} :: to enliven
rianimare {vt} :: to reanimate
rianimarsi {v} :: reflexive of rianimare
rianimarsi {v} :: to revive, recover consciousness
rianimarsi {v} :: to take heart again
rianimarsi {v} :: to liven up again, come alive again
rianimatologia {f} :: resuscitation
rianimatore {m} :: resuscitator
rianimatorio {adj} :: resuscitation [attributive]
rianimatosi {v} :: past participle of rianimarsi
rianimazione {f} [medicine] :: resuscitation, intensive care
rianimazione {f} :: reanimation
riannessione {f} :: reannexation
riannesso {v} :: past participle of riannettere
riannesso {adj} :: reannexed
riannettere {vt} :: To reannex
riannodante {v} :: present participle of riannodare
riannodare {vt} :: to tie or knot again
riannodare {vt} :: to renew
riannunciante {v} :: present participle of riannunciare
riannunciare {vt} :: To reannounce
Riano {prop} :: A small town in the Roma province of Lazio
rianodina {f} [organic compound] :: ryanodine
riapertosi {v} :: past participle of riaprirsi
riapertura {f} :: reopening
riappacificante {v} :: present participle of riappacificare
riappacificantesi {v} :: present participle of riappacificarsi
riappacificare {v} :: Variant of rappacificare
riappacificarsi {vr} :: Variant of rappacificarsi
riappacificatosi {v} :: past participle of riappacificarsi
riappacificazione {f} :: reconciliation
riappaltante {v} :: present participle of riappaltare
riappaltare {vt} :: to contract out again
riappaltare {vt} :: to subcontract
riappalto {m} :: subcontract
riapparecchiante {v} :: present participle of riapparecchiare
riapparecchiare {vt} :: To set the table again
riapparente {v} :: present participle of riapparire
riapparire {vi} :: to reappear
riapparizione {f} :: reappearance
riappendente {v} :: present participle of riappendere
riappendere {vt} :: to rehang [a picture, etc.]
riappendere {vt} :: to hang up [a telephone, after a call]
riappiccicante {v} :: present participle of riappiccicare
riappiccicare {vt} :: To stick or glue again
riapplicante {v} :: present participle of riapplicare
riapplicantesi {v} :: present participle of riapplicarsi
riapplicare {vt} :: To reapply, to put again, to stick again
riapplicarsi {vr} :: To reapply oneself
riapplicatosi {v} :: past participle of riapplicarsi
riapposizione {f} :: reapposition
riapprendente {v} :: present participle of riapprendere
riapprendere {vt} :: To relearn
riapprodante {v} :: present participle of riapprodare
riapprodare {v} :: to land or arrive again
riappropriante {v} :: present participle of riappropriare
riappropriantesi {v} :: present participle of riappropriarsi
riappropriare {vt} :: to reappropriate
riappropriarsi {vr} :: to regain possession
riappropriatosi {v} :: past participle of riappropriarsi
riappropriazione {f} :: repossession, reappropriation
riapprovante {v} :: present participle of riapprovare
riapprovare {vt} :: To approve again
riapprovazione {f} :: reapproval
riaprente {v} :: present participle of riaprire
riaprentesi {v} :: present participle of riaprirsi
riaprire {vt} :: to reopen
riaprirsi {v} :: reflexive of riaprire
riaprirsi {v} :: to reopen
riaprirsi {v} :: to resume
riardente {v} :: present participle of riardere
riardere {vt} :: to burn or sear again
riardere {vt} :: to parch, scorch; to dry up
riarmamento {m} :: rearmament
riarmante {v} :: present participle of riarmare
riarmantesi {v} :: present participle of riarmarsi
riarmare {vt} :: To rearm
riarmare {vt} :: To cock again
riarmarsi {vr} :: To rearm
riarmatosi {v} :: past participle of riarmarsi
riarmatura {f} :: reinforcement (of concrete)
riarmo {m} :: rearmament
riarrangiamento {m} :: rearrangement
riarrangiante {v} :: present participle of riarrangiare
riarrangiare {vt} :: To rearrange
riarredante {v} :: present participle of riarredare
riarredare {vt} :: To refurnish or redecorate
riarricchimento {m} :: re-enrichment
riarso {adj} :: arid
riarso {adj} :: parched
riarso {adj} :: dry
riascendente {v} :: present participle of riascendere
riascendere {vi} :: To reascend
riascoltante {v} :: present participle of riascoltare
riascoltare {vt} :: To listen to (something or somebody) again
riasfaltante {v} :: present participle of riasfaltare
riasfaltare {vt} :: To resurface (a road)
riassaggiare {vt} :: To taste again
riassalente {v} :: present participle of riassalire
riassaliente {v} :: present participle of riassalire
riassalire {vt} :: to attack or assail again
riassaporante {v} :: present participle of riassaporare
riassaporare {vt} :: To savour again, to taste again
riassegnante {v} :: present participle of riassegnare
riassegnare {v} :: to reassign
riassegnazione {f} :: reassignment, reallocation
riassemblamento {m} :: reassembly
riassemblante {v} :: present participle of riassemblare
riassemblare {v} :: To reassemble
riassestamento {m} :: rearrangement
riassestamento {m} :: resettlement (of the ground)
riassestante {v} :: present participle of riassestare
riassestare {vt} :: to rearrange again
riassestare {vt} :: to reorganize
riassettante {v} :: present participle of riassettare
riassettantesi {v} :: present participle of riassettarsi
riassettare {vt} :: to rearrange
riassettare {vt} :: to reorganize
riassettarsi {v} :: reflexive of riassettare
riassettarsi {v} :: to rearrange oneself
riassettatosi {v} :: past participle of riassettarsi
riassetto {m} :: rearrangement
riassetto {m} :: reorganization
riassicurante {v} :: present participle of riassicurare
riassicurantesi {v} :: present participle of riassicurarsi
riassicurare {vt} :: To reinsure
riassicurarsi {vr} :: To reinsure oneself
riassicurativo {adj} :: reinsurance (attributive)
riassicuratore {f} :: reinsurer
riassicuratosi {v} :: past participle of riassicurarsi
riassicurazione {f} :: reinsurance
riassociante {v} :: present participle of riassociare
riassociare {vt} :: To associate again
riassociarsi {vr} :: To become a member again
riassopente {v} :: present participle of riassopire
riassopimento {m} :: drowsing or dozing again
riassopire {vt} :: To put back to sleep
riassorbente {v} :: present participle of riassorbire
riassorbentesi {v} :: present participle of riassorbirsi
riassorbibile {adj} :: That can be reabsorbed; reabsorbable
riassorbimento {m} :: reabsorption
riassorbimento {m} [medicine] :: resorption
riassorbire {vt} :: To reabsorb
riassorbire {vt} :: To reemploy
riassorbirsi {vr} :: To be reabsorbed
riassorbitosi {v} :: past participle of riassorbirsi
riassumente {v} :: present participle of riassumere
riassumentesi {v} :: present participle of riassumersi
riassumere {vt} :: to reemploy
riassumere {vt} :: to resume
riassumere {vt} :: to summarize
riassumere {vt} :: to wrap up
riassumersi {vr} :: To take upon oneself again, to shoulder again
riassumersi {vr} :: To be summed up
riassumibile {adj} :: That can be summarized; summarizable
riassuntivo {adj} :: summarizing
riassuntivo {adj} :: recapitulatory
riassunto {m} :: summary, abstract, recapitulation, recap
riassuntosi {v} :: past participle of riassumersi
riassunzione {f} :: reemployment
riassunzione {f} :: resumption
riassunzione {f} :: summarization
riattabile {adj} :: restorable, renovable, repairable
riattaccante {v} :: present participle of riattaccare
riattaccantesi {v} :: present participle of riattaccarsi
riattaccare {vt} :: to reattach
riattaccare {vt} :: to hang up [a telephone]
riattaccarsi {vr} :: To stick again, to reattach
riattaccatosi {v} :: past participle of riattaccarsi
riattamento {m} :: refitting
riattamento {m} :: altering (clothes)
riattamento {m} :: repairing, mending
riattante {v} :: present participle of riattare
riattare {vt} :: To restore, renovate or repair
riattendente {v} :: present participle of riattendere
riattendere {vt} :: to wait for someone or something again
riattendere {vt} :: to rededicate
riattingente {v} :: present participle of riattingere
riattingere {vt} :: To withdraw again
riattivabile {adj} :: That can be reactivated
riattivante {v} :: present participle of riattivare
riattivare {vt} :: to reopen
riattivare {vt} :: to reactivate
riattivare {vt} :: to stimulate
riattivazione {f} :: reactivation
riattivazione {f} :: reopening
riattivazione {f} :: stimulation (medical)
riattizzante {v} :: present participle of riattizzare
riattizzare {vt} :: To rekindle
riattraversante {v} :: present participle of riattraversare
riattraversare {vt} :: To recross
riattribuzione {f} :: reattribution
riattualizzazione {f} :: reincorporation
riaumentante {v} :: present participle of riaumentare
riaumentare {v} :: To reaugment
riavente {v} :: present participle of riavere
riavere {vt} :: To have something again
riavvampante {v} :: present participle of riavvampare
riavvampare {vi} :: To flare up again
riavventante {v} :: present participle of riavventarsi
riavventantesi {v} :: present participle of riavventarsi
riavventarsi {vr} :: To spring (fling oneself) again
riavvertente {v} :: present participle of riavvertire
riavvertire {vt} :: To warn again
riavvertire {vt} :: To inform again
riavvertire {vt} :: To feel again
riavviamento {m} [computing] :: reboot, restart
riavviante {v} :: present participle of riavviare
riavviantesi {v} :: present participle of riavviarsi
riavviare {vt} :: To restart
riavviare {vt} :: To reboot
riavviarsi {vr} :: To restart
riavviatosi {v} :: past participle of riavviarsi
riavvicinamento {m} :: rapprochement, reconciliation
riavvicinante {v} :: present participle of riavvicinare
riavvicinantesi {v} :: present participle of riavvicinarsi
riavvicinare {vt} :: To move near again, to bring near again
riavvicinare {vt} :: To reconcile
riavvicinarsi {vr} :: To become reconciled
riavvicinarsi {vr} :: To get close again
riavvicinatosi {v} :: past participle of riavvicinarsi
riavvincente {v} :: present participle of riavvincere
riavvincere {vt} :: To charm etc again
riavvio {m} :: reboot, rebooting
riavvio {m} :: restart
riavvisante {v} :: present participle of riavvisare
riavvisare {vt} :: To warn again
riavvisare {vt} :: To inform again
riavvistante {v} :: present participle of riavvistare
riavvistare {vt} :: To sight again, to spot again
riavvolgente {v} :: present participle of riavvolgere
riavvolgentesi {v} :: present participle of riavvolgersi
riavvolgere {vt} :: to wrap up again
riavvolgere {vt} :: to rewind
riavvolgere {vt} :: to put on warmer clothes
riavvolgersi {v} :: reflexive of riavvolgere
riavvolgersi {v} :: to rewind
riavvolgersi {v} :: to wrap oneself up again [in a cloak, flag, etc.]
riavvolgimento {m} :: rewinding
riavvolgitore {m} :: rewinder
riavvoltosi {v} :: past participle of riavvolgersi
riazzuffante {v} :: present participle of riazzuffarsi
riazzuffantesi {v} :: present participle of riazzuffarsi
riazzuffarsi {vr} :: to come to blows again
riazzuffarsi {vr} :: to squabble or wrangle again
ribaciante {v} :: present participle of ribaciare
ribaciare {vt} :: To kiss again
ribadente {v} :: present participle of ribadire
ribadibile {adj} :: confirmable
ribadibilità {f} :: Property of being confirmable
ribadire {vt} :: To reaffirm
ribaditoio {m} :: riveting hammer
ribaditrice {f} :: riveting machine
ribaditura {f} :: riveting, clinching
ribadocchino {m} :: ribauldequin
ribalderia {f} :: roguery
ribaldo {m} :: rogue, scoundrel
ribalta {f} [furniture] :: leaf, flap
ribalta {f} [theatre] :: apron, forestage
ribalta {f} [figuratively] :: limelight, fore
ribaltabile {m} :: dumper
ribaltabile {adj} :: folding, collapsible, tip-up, dump (attributive)
ribaltamento {m} :: overturning
ribaltamento {m} :: reversal
ribaltamento {m} :: capsizing
ribaltante {v} :: present participle of ribaltare
ribaltante {adj} :: overturning
ribaltante {adj} :: tilting
ribaltantesi {v} :: present participle of ribaltarsi
ribaltare {vt} :: to tip over, overturn, reverse, capsize
ribaltare {vt} :: to fold over, fold down, tilt
ribaltarsi {v} :: reflexive of ribaltare
ribaltarsi {v} :: to overturn, turn over, capsize, reverse
ribaltatosi {v} :: past participle of ribaltarsi
ribaltina {f} :: flap
ribaltina {f} :: drop-leaf desk
ribaltone {m} :: overturning
ribaltone {m} :: reversal (especially of political fortunes)
ribaltone {m} :: change of political alliance
ribaltonista {adj} :: Relating to, or promoting a political reversal
ribassante {v} :: present participle of ribassare
ribassare {vt} :: To lower, to reduce, to cut
ribassato {adj} :: reduced, cut down
ribassista {m} [economics] :: bear (investor who thinks markets will fall)
ribasso {m} :: reduction, fall, decline, sag
ribasso {m} :: discount, rebate
ribattente {v} :: present participle of ribattere
ribatter {v} :: apocopic form of ribattere
ribattere {vi} :: To answer back, to talk back, to reply, to retort
ribattere {vt} :: To retype
ribattere {vt} :: To hit back (a tennis, soccer, etc ball)
ribattere {vt} :: To beat again
ribattezzante {v} :: present participle of ribattezzare
ribattezzare {vt} :: To rebaptize
ribattezzare {vt} :: To rename
ribattino {m} :: rivet, clinch, rove
ribattitore {m} :: beater, striker
ribattitore {m} [tennis] :: receiver
ribattitore {m} [cricket] :: batsman
ribattitore {m} :: riveter (person)
ribattitura {f} :: riveting, clinching
ribattuta {f} [sports] :: return (of a ball)
ribeca {f} [musical instruments] :: rebec
ribellante {v} :: present participle of ribellare
ribellantesi {v} :: present participle of ribellarsi
ribellare {vt} :: to incite, to rebel
ribellarsi {v} :: reflexive of ribellare
ribellarsi {v} :: to rebel, revolt, defy
ribellatosi {v} :: past participle of ribellarsi
ribelle {adj} :: rebel (attributive), rebellious, mutinous, unruly
ribelle {ms} :: A rebel (male or of unspecified sex)
ribelle {fs} :: A rebel (female)
ribellione {f} :: A rebellion, an insurrection, a revolt
ribellismo {m} :: rebelliousness
ribenedicente {v} :: present participle of ribenedire
ribenedire {vt} :: to bless again
ribenedire {vt} :: to reconsecrate
ribere {vt} :: to drink again
ribes {m} :: currant
ribes nero {m} :: blackcurrant
ribes rosso {m} :: redcurrant
ribevente {v} :: present participle of ribere
ribilanciamento {m} :: rebalancing
riboccante {v} :: present participle of riboccare
riboccare {vi} :: ‎ To be crowded or packed (with)
riboflavina {f} [organic compound] :: riboflavin
riboforina {f} [protein] :: ribophorin
ribollente {v} :: present participle of ribollire
ribollimento {m} :: fermentation
ribollimento {m} :: ferment, turmoil
ribollio {m} :: boiling, bubbling (continuous)
ribollio {m} :: ferment, turmoil
ribollire {vi} :: to bubble
ribollire {vi} :: to seethe
ribollire {vi} :: to ferment
ribollita {f} [chiefly uncountable] :: ribollita (traditional Tuscan soup)
ribollitura {f} :: reboiling
ribollitura {f} :: fermenting
ribonucleasi {f} [enzyme] :: ribonuclease
ribonucleico {adj} :: ribonucleic
ribonucleotide {m} :: ribonucleotide
riboproteico {adj} [biochemistry] :: riboprotein (attributive)
ribosilazione {f} [biochemistry] :: ribosylation
ribosio {m} [organic compound] :: ribose
ribosoma {m} [cytology] :: ribosome
ribosomale {adj} :: ribosomal
ribosomiale {adj} :: ribosomal
ribosomico {adj} :: ribosomic
ribotta {f} :: spree, binge
ribozima {m} [biochemistry] :: ribozyme
ribrezzo {m} :: disgust, repugnance, horror
ribulosio {m} [organic compound, carbohydrate] :: ribulose
ribussante {v} :: present participle of ribussare
ribussare {vi} :: To knock or rap again
ributtante {v} :: present participle of ributtare
ributtante {adj} :: disgusting, revolting
ributtantesi {v} :: present participle of ributtarsi
ributtare {vt} :: To throw again
ributtare {vt} :: To throw back
ributtare {vi} :: To sprout again, to resprout
ributtare {vi} :: To disgust, to revolt
ributtarsi {vr} :: To throw oneself again
ributtatosi {v} :: past participle of ributtarsi
ricacciante {v} :: present participle of ricacciare
ricacciantesi {v} :: present participle of ricacciarsi
ricacciare {vt} :: To chase away again
ricacciare {vt} :: To drive back, to repulse
ricacciare {vt} :: To shove back, to thrust back
ricacciare {vi} :: To sprout again, to resprout
ricacciarsi {vr} :: To get again (into trouble)
ricacciatosi {v} :: past participle of ricacciarsi
ricaccio {m} [botany] :: shoot, sprout
ricaccio {m} [botany] :: sprouting
ricadente {v} :: present participle of ricadere
ricadente {adj} :: falling (back or again)
ricadente {adj} :: sagging (A manner of wearing pants or shorts below the waist, revealing some or all of the underwear)
ricadere {vi} :: to fall again
ricadere {vi} :: to let down [one's hair, etc.]
ricadere {vi} :: to fall [back to earth]
ricadere {vi} :: to relapse
ricaduta {f} [medicine] :: relapse
ricaduta {f} :: relapse, spin-off, effect
ricaduta {f} :: fallout (radioactive)
ricalante {v} :: present participle of ricalare
ricalare {vt} :: to lower etc again
ricalare {vi} :: to fall again
ricalcabile {adj} :: traceable
ricalcante {v} :: present participle of ricalcare
ricalcante {adj} :: tracing; following
ricalcare {vt} :: To trace, to transfer (a drawing)
ricalcare {vt} :: To imitate, to follow
ricalcatura {f} :: tracing
ricalcatura {f} :: copy, imitation
ricalcificante {v} :: present participle of ricalcificarsi
ricalcificantesi {v} :: present participle of ricalcificarsi
ricalcificare {vt} :: to recalcify
ricalcificarsi {vr} :: To calcify again
ricalcificatosi {v} :: past participle of ricalcificarsi
ricalcificazione {f} :: recalcification
ricalcitrante {v} :: present participle of ricalcitrare
ricalcitrare {vt} :: to kick [of a horse, etc.]
ricalcitrare {vt} :: to be recalcitrant
ricalcolante {v} :: present participle of ricalcolare
ricalcolare {vt} :: To recalculate; to calculate again
ricalcolo {m} :: recalculation
ricalibrante {v} :: present participle of ricalibrare
ricalibrare {vt} :: To recalibrate
ricamante {v} :: present participle of ricamare
ricamar {v} :: apocopic form of ricamare
ricamare {vt} :: To embroider
ricamato {adj} :: embroidered
ricamatore {m} :: embroiderer
ricamatrice {f} :: embroideress
ricambiabile {adj} :: returnable
ricambiante {v} :: present participle of ricambiare
ricambiantesi {v} :: present participle of ricambiarsi
ricambiare {vt} :: To return something
ricambiarsi {vr} :: To change again (especially one's clothes)
ricambiatosi {v} :: past participle of ricambiarsi
ricambio {m} :: change, repayment
ricambio {m} [chiefly in the plural] :: spare part
ricambio {m} [biology] :: metabolism
ricambista {m} :: (auto) spare parts dealer
ricambistica {f} :: spare parts
ricameramento {m} :: The reloading of a cartridge/bullet into the chamber of a firearm after the previous one has been fired
ricamo {m} :: embroidery
ricamo {m} :: needlework
ricanalizzante {v} :: present participle of ricanalizzare
ricanalizzare {v} :: to recanalize
ricanalizzazione {f} :: recanalization
ricandidante {v} :: present participle of ricandidare
ricandidantesi {v} :: present participle of ricandidarsi
ricandidare {vt} :: To represent someone as a candidate, especially for a public post
ricandidarsi {vr} :: To represent oneself as a candidate, especially for a public post
ricandidatosi {v} :: past participle of ricandidarsi
ricandidatura {f} :: reapplication
ricandidatura {f} :: a second or subsequent candidacy
ricantante {v} :: present participle of ricantare
ricantare {v} :: to sing again
ricantare {v} :: to say over and over again
ricapitalizzante {v} :: present participle of ricapitalizzare
ricapitalizzare {vt} :: to recapitalize
ricapitalizzazione {f} :: recapitalization
ricapitante {v} :: present participle of ricapitare
ricapitare {vi} :: to happen again
ricapitare {vi} :: to turn up, arise, occur again
ricapitolante {v} :: present participle of ricapitolare
ricapitolare {v} :: to recapitulate
ricapitolare {v} :: to summarize
ricapitolare {v} :: to wrap up
ricapitolazione {f} :: recapitulation, recap
ricapitolazione {f} :: summary
ricapitolazione {f} :: review
ricaptazione {f} [physiology] :: reuptake (of a neurotransmitter)
Ricardo {prop} :: given name
ricarica {f} :: A recharge, a refill, a top up
ricaricabile {adj} :: rechargeable, top-up
ricaricabile {f} :: (telephone) rechargeable card, top-up card
ricaricabilità {f} :: Property of being rechargeable
ricaricamento {m} :: reloading
ricaricamento {m} :: recharging
ricaricante {v} :: present participle of ricaricare
ricaricantesi {v} :: present participle of ricaricarsi
ricaricare {vt} :: to recharge, refill, top up
ricaricare {vt} :: to reload
ricaricarsi {v} :: reflexive of ricaricare
ricaricarsi {v} :: to recharge
ricaricatosi {v} :: past participle of ricaricarsi
ricartolarizzazione {f} [finance] :: resecuritization
ricascante {v} :: present participle of ricascare
ricascare {vi} :: To fall again
ricategorizzante {v} :: present participle of ricategorizzare
ricategorizzare {v} :: to recategorize
ricattabile {adj} :: blackmailable
ricattabilità {f} :: Property of being blackmailable
ricattante {v} :: present participle of ricattare
ricattare {vt} :: To blackmail
ricattatore {m} :: blackmailer
ricattatorio {adj} :: blackmail (attributive)
ricattatrice {f} :: blackmailer (female)
ricatto {m} :: blackmail
ricavabile {adj} :: extractable
ricavabile {adj} :: obtainable
ricavabile {adj} :: receivable
ricavabile {m} [chiefly in the plural] :: proceeds (of a sale etc)
ricavante {v} :: present participle of ricavare
ricavare {v} :: to extract or recover (from)
ricavare {v} :: to get or obtain (from)
ricavato {m} :: proceeds (of a sale)
ricavo {m} :: proceeds
ricavo {m} :: revenue
ricavometro {m} [finance] :: A system used to estimate the taxable income of self-employed people
riccamente {adv} :: richly
riccamente {adv} :: profusely
Riccardo {prop} :: given name, equivalent to Richard
Riccati {prop} :: surname
ricchezza {f} :: richness
ricchezza {f} :: wealth
ricchione {m} [vulgar, pejorative] :: queer, fag, faggot
ricchissimo {adj} :: very rich
ricchissimo {adj} :: superlative of ricco
Ricci {prop} :: surname
Ricciardo {prop} :: given name
ricciarello {m} :: A traditional almond cookie from Siena typically consumed at Christmas
riccio {adj} :: curly (of hair)
riccio {adj} :: burr (chestnut or fish)
riccio {m} :: curl, lock, ringlet (of hair)
riccio {m} :: scroll (of violin)
riccio {m} :: hedgehog
riccio {m} :: husk (of a chestnut)
riccio {m} :: urchin
riccio {m} :: sea urchin
riccio {m} :: husk or bur (of chestnut)
riccio di castagna {m} :: husk or bur (of chestnut)
riccio di mare {m} :: sea urchin
ricciola {f} :: greater amberjack (Seriola dumerili)
riccioli d'oro {f} :: goldilocks
ricciolina {f} :: curly endive
ricciolino {adj} :: curly-haired
ricciolo {m} :: curl
riccioluto {adj} :: curly-haired
Riccione {prop} :: a town in the province of Rimini in Emilia-Romagna in Italy
riccionese {adj} :: Of, or from, Riccione
riccionese {m} :: A native or inhabitant of Riccione
Ricciotti {prop} :: given name
ricciuto {adj} :: curly
ricciuto {adj} :: curly-haired
ricco {adj} :: rich - possessing money, beauty etc
ricco {m} :: rich man
ricco {m} [in the plural] :: the rich
riccometro {m} :: A form (and related criteria) used to estimate the wealth of a person who has applied for state benefits
riccone {m} :: moneybags (A very rich person)
ricedente {v} :: present participle of ricedere
ricedere {vi} :: to retreat etc again
ricelebrante {v} :: present participle of ricelebrare
ricelebrare {vt} :: To celebrate again
ricerca {f} :: search, quest, hunt, manhunt, prospecting, pursuit
ricerca {f} :: research
ricerca {f} :: study, paper, essay, work, project
ricerca {f} :: investigation, inquiry, survey
ricercabile {adj} :: searchable
ricerca di mercato {f} :: market research, marketing research
ricercante {v} :: present participle of ricercare
ricercapersone {m} :: buzzer, beeper, bleeper
ricercare {vt} :: to seek
ricercare {vt} :: to pursue
ricercare {vt} :: to look for
ricercatamente {adv} :: refinedly
ricercatamente {adv} :: affectedly
ricercatezza {f} :: refinement
ricercatezza {f} :: affectation
ricercatissimo {adj} :: Very wanted or sought-after
ricercato {adj} :: sought-after
ricercato {adj} :: refined, affected, studied
ricercato {m} :: wanted man
ricercatore {m} :: researcher
ricercatore {m} :: searcher, seeker
ricercatore {m} :: detector
ricercatrice {f} :: (female) researcher
ricetrasmettente {v} :: present participle of ricetrasmettere
ricetrasmettere {vt} :: To transceive (receive and transmit signals using a transceiver)
ricetrasmettitore {m} :: transceiver
ricetrasmissione {m} :: transceiver
ricetrasmittente {v} :: present participle of ricetrasmettere
ricetrasmittente {adj} :: transceiving
ricetta {f} :: (written order for a medical treatment) prescription
ricetta {f} :: recipe
ricetta {f} :: remedy, cure
ricettacolo {m} :: den (of thieves etc)
ricettacolo {m} :: refuge
ricettacolo {m} [botany] :: receptacle (of a flower)
ricettante {v} :: present participle of ricettare
ricettare {vt} [legal] :: to receive (stolen or smuggled goods)
ricettario {m} :: recipe book, cookbook
ricettatore {m} [legal] :: receiver (of stolen goods); fence
ricettazione {f} [legal] :: receiving (stolen goods)
ricettività {f} :: receptivity
ricettività {f} :: receptiveness
ricettivo {adj} :: receptive
ricettivo {adj} :: accommodation (attribute)
ricettivo {adj} :: susceptible
ricettizio {adj} :: reception (attributive)
ricetto {m} :: shelter, refuge
ricettore {adj} :: receiving
ricettore {m} :: receiver (all senses)
ricevente {v} :: present participle of ricevere
ricevente {adj} :: receiving (radio etc)
ricevente {mf} :: receiver
ricevente {mf} [medicine] :: recipient
ricevere {vt} :: to receive, get, have, be given, take
ricevere {vt} :: to accept
ricevere {vt} :: to accommodate, hold, receive, welcome, meet, see, shelter
ricevere {vt} [radio, television, etc.] :: to receive, pick up, read
ricevibile {adj} :: receivable
ricevibilità {f} :: Property of being receivable
ricevimento {m} :: receipt (of goods etc)
ricevimento {m} :: reception (formal party)
ricevitore {m} :: receiver (all senses)
ricevitore {m} :: tax collector
ricevitoria {f} :: a receiving office
ricevitoria {f} :: a post office
ricevuta {f} :: receipt
ricezione {f} :: receipt
ricezione {f} :: (in hotels, etc.) reception
ricezione {f} :: (tv, radio) reception
richiamabile {adj} :: liable to recall
richiamante {v} :: present participle of richiamare
richiamare {vt} :: to call again, call back, recall
richiamare {vt} :: to attract, draw, call
richiamare {vt} :: to remind
richiamare {vt} :: to berate
richiamarsi {v} :: reflexive of richiamare
richiamarsi {v} :: to refer
richiamo {m} :: recall (of troops etc)
richiamo {m} :: call (of the voice)
richiamo {m} :: call (game)(a pipe to call birds by imitating their note or cry)
richiamo {m} :: reprimand, rebuke
richiamo {m} :: booster (vaccine)
richiamo {m} :: cross-reference
richiamo {m} :: allure
richiamo {m} :: snare
richiedente {mf} :: applicant
richiedente {mf} :: suitor
richiedente {mf} :: wooer
richiedere {vt} :: to ask for, demand, apply for
richiedere {vt} :: to request, exact, demand
richiedere {vt} :: to require, need, take
richiedere {vt} :: to ask again
richiesta {f} :: request, demand, claim, call
richiestissimo {adj} :: Very popular, very sought-after
richiesto {adj} :: required, needed
richiesto {adj} :: [usually preceded by molto] popular, in demand, sought-after
richiudente {v} :: present participle of richiudere
richiudentesi {v} :: present participle of richiudersi
richiudere {vt} :: To close again, to shut again
richiudere {vt} :: To reseal
richiudersi {v} :: reflexive of richiudere
richiudersi {v} :: to close again, shut again, close
richiudersi {v} :: to heal [wound]
richiudibile {adj} :: resealable
richiusosi {v} :: past participle of richiudersi
richiusura {f} :: reclosure
richiusura {f} :: resealing
riciclabile {adj} :: recyclable
riciclabilità {f} :: recyclability
riciclaccio {m} :: alternative form of riciclaggio, especially in the sense of money laundering
riciclaggio {m} :: recycling
riciclaggio {m} :: money laundering
riciclante {v} :: present participle of riciclare
riciclantesi {v} :: present participle of riciclarsi
riciclare {vt} :: to recycle
riciclare {vt} :: to launder [money]
riciclare {vt} :: to retrain, redeploy
riciclarsi {v} :: reflexive of riciclare
riciclarsi {v} :: to reinvent oneself
riciclato {adj} :: recycled
riciclatore {m} :: recycler
riciclatosi {v} :: past participle of riciclarsi
riciclatrice {f} :: (female) recycler
riciclo {m} :: recycling
Ricimero {prop} :: Ricimer
ricina {f} [protein, poison] :: ricin
ricingente {v} :: present participle of ricingere
ricingere {vt} :: to surround, encircle again
ricingere {v} :: alternative form of recingere
ricino {m} :: castor (plant and bean)
ricinoleico {adj} :: ricinoleic
ricircolante {v} :: present participle of ricircolare
ricircolare {v} :: To recirculate
ricircolo {m} :: recirculation
riclassamento {m} :: reclassification of buildings for tax purposes (readjusting their tax band)
riclassificante {v} :: present participle of riclassificare
riclassificare {vt} :: to reclassify
riclassificazione {f} :: reclassification
ricocente {v} :: present participle of ricuocere
ricodifica {f} :: recodification, re-encoding
ricodificante {v} :: present participle of ricodificare
ricodificare {vt} :: to recodify
ricodificare {vt} :: to recode
ricodificare {vt} [colloquial, computing] :: to reprogram
ricognitivo {adj} [legal] :: acknowledgement (attributive)
ricognitivo {adj} [military] :: reconnaissance (attributive)
ricognitore {m} :: reconnaissance aircraft
ricognizione {f} :: reconnaissance
ricollegabile {adj} :: reconnectable
ricollegante {v} :: present participle of ricollegare
ricollegante {v} :: present participle of ricollegarsi
ricollegantesi {v} :: present participle of ricollegarsi
ricollegare {vt} :: To reconnect
ricollegare {vt} :: To connect or link
ricollegarsi {vr} :: To reconnect
ricollegarsi {vr} :: To be connected
ricollegarsi {vr} :: To refer
ricollegatosi {v} :: past participle of ricollegarsi
ricollocamento {m} :: replacement
ricollocamento {m} :: outplacement
ricollocante {v} :: present participle of ricollocare
ricollocantesi {v} :: present participle of ricollocarsi
ricollocare {vt} :: To replace
ricollocare {vt} :: To place again
ricollocarsi {vr} :: To place oneself again
ricollocarsi {vr} :: To return
ricollocatosi {v} :: past participle of ricollocarsi
ricollocazione {f} :: relocation, repositioning
ricollocazione {f} :: reclassification
ricolmante {v} :: present participle of ricolmare
ricolmare {vt} :: To refill
ricolmare {vt} :: To fill up
ricolmare {vt} :: To overwhelm, to fill
ricolmare {v} :: to heap
ricolmo {adj} :: full
ricolmo {adj} :: overflowing, overwhelmed
ricolonizzante {v} :: present participle of ricolonizzare
ricolonizzare {vt} :: to recolonize
ricolonizzazione {f} :: recolonization
ricolorante {v} :: present participle of ricolorare
ricolorantesi {v} :: present participle of ricolorarsi
ricolorare {vt} :: To recolor, to recolour
ricolorarsi {vr} :: To recolor, to recolour
ricolorarsi {vr} :: To turn (red, green, etc.) again
ricoloratosi {v} :: past participle of ricolorarsi
ricolorente {v} :: present participle of ricolorire
ricolorire {vt} :: to colour again
ricolta {f} :: alternative form of raccolta
ricoltivante {v} :: present participle of ricoltivare
ricoltivare {vt} :: To recultivate
ricombinante {v} :: present participle of ricombinare
ricombinante {adj} :: recombinant
ricombinare {vt} :: To recombine
ricombinare {vt} :: To rearrange
ricombinarsi {vr} :: To recombine
ricombinasi {f} [enzyme] :: recombinase
ricombinazione {f} :: recombination
ricominciamento {m} :: recommencement
ricominciante {v} :: present participle of ricominciare
ricominciare {vit} :: to begin again, start again, recommence, resume
ricommettente {v} :: present participle of ricommettere
ricommettere {vt} :: to recommit [a crime or an error]
ricommettere {vt} :: to put together [something that had been taken apart]
ricommettere {vt} :: to reattribute
ricomparente {v} :: present participle of ricomparire
ricomparire {vi} :: To reappear
ricompattante {v} :: present participle of ricompattare
ricompattantesi {v} :: present participle of ricompattarsi
ricompattare {vt} :: To compact again
ricompattare {vt} :: To regroup
ricompattarsi {vr} :: To regroup
ricompattatosi {v} :: past participle of ricompattarsi
ricompattazione {f} :: recompaction, recompacting
ricompensa {f} :: reward, payoff, return
ricompensabile {adj} :: rewardable
ricompensante {v} :: present participle of ricompensare
ricompensare {vt} :: To reward
ricomperabile {adj} :: That can be repurchased (Variant of ricomprabile)
ricomperante {v} :: present participle of ricomperare
ricomperare {v} :: alternative spelling of ricomprare
ricompiere {v} :: to finish or to complete again
ricompilante {v} :: present participle of ricompilare
ricompilare {vt} :: To recompile
ricompire {v} :: alternative spelling of ricompiere
ricompiuto {adj} :: finished, completed or accomplished again
ricomponente {v} :: present participle of ricomporre
ricomponentesi {v} :: present participle of ricomporsi
ricomponibile {adj} :: That can be reassembled
ricomponibile {adj} :: mendable; that can be settled
ricomporre {vt} :: to recompose
ricomporre {vt} :: to reset [type]
ricomporsi {v} :: reflexive of ricomporre
ricomporsi {v} :: to regain one's composure
ricomposizione {f} :: reassembly, reconstruction, settling, recomposition
ricomposizione {f} :: reorganization
ricompostosi {v} :: past participle of ricomporsi
ricomprabile {adj} :: That can be repurchased
ricomprante {v} :: present participle of ricomprare
ricomprantesi {v} :: present participle of ricomprarsi
ricomprare {vt} :: To rebuy, to buy back
ricomprarsi {vr} :: To buy again or rebuy (for oneself)
ricomprarsi {vr} :: To buy back again (for oneself)
ricompratosi {v} :: past participle of ricomprarsi
ricomprendere {v} :: to encompass
ricompreso {adj} :: reincluded
ricomprimente {v} :: present participle of ricomprimere
ricomprimere {vt} :: to recompress
ricomunicante {v} :: present participle of ricomunicare
ricomunicare {vt} :: to inform or notify again
riconcedente {v} :: present participle of riconcedere
riconcedere {vt} :: To allow or concede again
riconciliabile {adj} :: reconcilable
riconciliabilità {f} :: reconcilability
riconciliante {v} :: present participle of riconciliare
riconciliantesi {v} :: present participle of riconciliarsi
riconciliare {vt} :: To reconcile
riconciliarsi {v} :: reflexive of riconciliare
riconciliarsi {v} :: to be reconciled
riconciliarsi {v} :: to make up, make it up with someone
riconciliatore {m} :: reconciler, peacemaker
riconciliatosi {v} :: past participle of riconciliarsi
riconciliatrice {f} :: reconciler, peacemaker (female)
riconciliazione {f} :: reconciliation
ricondizionante {v} :: present participle of ricondizionare
ricondizionare {v} :: To recondition
riconducente {v} :: present participle of ricondurre
riconducibile {adj} :: referable, attributable
riconducibile {adj} :: returnable
riconducibilità {f} :: The property of being referable or attributable
ricondurre {vt} :: to conduct or lead something again
ricondurre {vt} :: to bring back, take back; to return
ricondurre {vt} [figurative] :: to attribute, ascribe
ricondursi {v} :: reflexive of ricondurre
ricondursi {v} :: to return [to a place]
riconduzione {f} [legal] :: renewal
riconferma {f} :: reconfirmation
riconferma {f} :: reappointment
riconfermabile {adj} :: That can be reconfirmed
riconfermante {v} :: present participle of riconfermare
riconfermantesi {v} :: present participle of riconfermarsi
riconfermare {vt} :: to reconfirm
riconfermare {vt} :: to reappoint, reelect
riconfermare {vt} :: to reassert
riconfermarsi {v} :: reflexive of riconfermare
riconfermarsi {vr} :: to prove again
riconfermarsi {vr} :: to confirm again, reconfirm
riconfermarsi {vr} :: to be reappointed, be reelected
riconfermatosi {v} :: past participle of riconfermarsi
riconfezionamento {m} :: repackaging
riconfezionante {v} :: present participle of riconfezionare
riconfezionare {vt} :: to repackage
riconfigurante {v} :: present participle of riconfigurare
riconfigurare {vt} :: To reconfigure
riconfigurato {adj} :: reconfigured
riconfigurazione {f} :: reconfiguration
riconfondente {v} :: present participle of riconfondere
riconfondere {vt} :: To remix
riconfortante {v} :: present participle of riconfortare
riconfortantesi {v} :: present participle of riconfortarsi
riconfortare {vt} :: To comfort again, to console again
riconfortarsi {vr} :: To take heart again
riconfortatosi {v} :: past participle of riconfortarsi
ricongelamento {m} :: refreezing
ricongelante {v} :: present participle of ricongelare
ricongelare {vt} :: To refreeze
ricongiungente {v} :: present participle of ricongiungere
ricongiungentesi {v} :: present participle of ricongiungersi
ricongiungere {vt} :: to join together
ricongiungere {vt} :: to reunite, reconnect
ricongiungersi {v} :: reflexive of ricongiungere
ricongiungersi {v} :: to reunite or be reunited (with)
ricongiungimento {m} :: reunion, reconnection
ricongiunzione {f} :: rejoining, reuniting
ricongiunzione {f} :: reunion
riconnessione {f} :: reconnection
riconnettente {v} :: present participle of riconnettere
riconnettere {vt} :: to reconnect
riconoscente {v} :: present participle of riconoscere
riconoscente {adj} :: grateful
riconoscentesi {v} :: present participle of riconoscersi
riconoscenza {f} :: gratitude
riconoscere {vt} :: to recognize
riconoscere {vt} :: to acknowledge
riconoscere {vt} :: to admit
riconoscere {vt} :: to identify
riconoscere {vt} :: to appreciate
riconoscersi {v} :: reflexive of riconoscere
riconoscersi {v} :: to admit one is, admit being
riconoscersi {v} :: to agree with, identify with
riconoscersi {v} :: to recognize each other, recognize one another
riconoscibile {adj} :: recognizable
riconoscibilità {f} :: recognizability
riconoscimento {m} :: recognition, identification
riconoscimento {m} :: acknowledgement, avowal
riconoscimento {m} :: award
riconoscitivo {adj} :: recognition (attributive)
riconoscitivo {adj} :: identification (attributive)
riconosciuto {adj} :: recognized
riconosciuto {adj} :: acknowledged
riconosciutosi {v} :: past participle of riconoscersi
riconquista {f} :: reconquest
riconquista {f} :: recovery
riconquistante {v} :: present participle of riconquistare
riconquistare {vt} :: to reconquer
riconquistare {vt} :: to win back
riconsacrante {v} :: present participle of riconsacrare
riconsacrare {vt} :: To reconsecrate
riconsacrazione {f} :: reconsecration
riconsegna {f} :: redelivery
riconsegna {f} :: restitution
riconsegnante {v} :: present participle of riconsegnare
riconsegnare {vt} :: to reconsign, redeliver
riconsegnare {vt} :: to give back, return
riconsiderante {v} :: present participle of riconsiderare
riconsiderare {vt} :: To reconsider
riconsiderato {adj} :: reconsidered
riconsiderazione {f} :: reconsideration
riconsigliante {v} :: present participle of riconsigliare
riconsigliare {vt} :: To advise again; to readvise
riconsolante {v} :: present participle of riconsolare
riconsolantesi {v} :: present participle of riconsolarsi
riconsolare {vt} :: To console again
riconsolarsi {vr} :: To take heart again
riconsolatosi {v} :: past participle of riconsolarsi
ricontante {v} :: present participle of ricontare
ricontare {vt} :: To recount
ricontattante {v} :: present participle of ricontattare
ricontattare {vt} :: To contact again; to recontact
riconteggio {m} :: recount
ricontraente {v} :: present participle of ricontrarre
ricontrantesi {v} :: present participle of ricontrarsi
ricontrarre {v} :: to contract again (an illness)
ricontratosi {v} :: past participle of ricontrarsi
ricontrattante {v} :: present participle of ricontrattare
ricontrattare {vt} :: To renegotiate
ricontrollante {v} :: present participle of ricontrollare
ricontrollare {vt} :: To recheck
riconvalidante {v} :: present participle of riconvalidare
riconvalidare {vt} :: To revalidate
riconveniente {v} :: present participle of riconvenire
riconvenire {vit} :: to gather again; to reconvene
riconvenzionale {adj} [legal] :: counter, cross (attributive)
riconvenzione {f} [legal] :: countercharge, counterclaim, cross action
riconversione {f} :: reconversion
riconversione {f} :: makeover
riconvertente {v} :: present participle of riconvertire
riconvertentesi {v} :: present participle of riconvertirsi
riconvertire {vt} :: To restructure, to reorganize, to change over, to convert
riconvertirsi {vr} :: To be converted
riconvertitosi {v} :: past participle of riconvertirsi
riconvincente {v} :: present participle of riconvincere
riconvincere {vt} :: to convince [etc.] again
riconvocante {v} :: present participle of riconvocare
riconvocare {vt} :: To reconvene
riconvocare {vt} :: To summon again, to resummon
riconvocazione {f} :: reconvocation, resummons
riconvogliante {v} :: present participle of riconvogliare
riconvogliare {vt} :: to redirect, rechannel
ricoperto {adj} :: covered, coated, plated
ricoperto {m} :: Anything coated, such as a lolly, on a stick
ricopertosi {v} :: past participle of ricoprirsi
ricopertura {f} :: covering, cover, coverage
ricopiante {v} :: present participle of ricopiare
ricopiare {vt} :: To copy, to copy out
ricopiare {vt} :: To recopy
ricopiatura {f} :: recopying
ricopiatura {f} :: copy
ricoprente {v} :: present participle of ricoprire
ricoprente {adj} :: covering
ricoprentesi {v} :: present participle of ricoprirsi
ricopribile {adj} :: That can be covered; coverable
ricoprimento {m} [mathematics] :: cover
ricoprire {vt} :: to cover, re-cover (with)
ricoprire {vt} :: to cap [a tooth]
ricoprire {vt} :: to hold [a position or function]
ricoprirsi {vr} :: To get or become covered
ricoprirsi {vr} :: To cover oneself
ricordabile {adj} :: memorable, unforgettable
ricordante {v} :: present participle of ricordare
ricordantesi {v} :: present participle of ricordarsi
ricordanza {f} :: memory, remembrance, recollection
ricordanza {f} :: (in plural) memoirs
ricordare {vt} :: to remember, recall, recollect
ricordare {vt} :: to remind
ricordare {vt} :: to commemorate
ricordare {vt} :: to mention, record
ricordarsi {v} :: pronomial of ricordare
ricordarsi {v} :: to remember, recall, recollect
ricordatosi {v} :: past participle of ricordarsi
ricordino {m} :: souvenir
ricordo {m} :: memory, recollection, remembrance
ricordo {m} [in plural] :: reminiscences
ricordo {m} :: souvenir, keepsake, memento
ricordo {m} :: record
ricoricante {v} :: present participle of ricoricare
ricoricantesi {v} :: present participle of ricoricarsi
ricoricare {vt} :: To lay down again
ricoricarsi {vr} :: To lie down again
ricoricatosi {v} :: past participle of ricoricarsi
ricorreggente {v} :: present participle of ricorreggere
ricorreggere {vt} :: To recorrect, remark etc
ricorrente {v} :: present participle of ricorrere
ricorrente {adj} :: recurring, recurrent
ricorrente {mf} :: plaintiff
ricorrentemente {adv} :: recurrently
ricorrenza {f} :: recurrence, return
ricorrenza {f} :: anniversary
ricorrenza {f} :: reprise
ricorrenza {f} :: merrymaking
ricorrere {vi} :: to apply to, turn to, have recourse to, resort to
ricorrere {vi} :: to recur to, occur, repeat
ricorrere {vi} [legal] :: to appeal
ricorrere {vi} [of anniversary or date] :: to be, fall
ricorrere {vi} :: to run again, run, rerun
ricorribile {adj} [legal] :: May be appealed against
ricorsione {f} [mathematics, computing] :: recursion
ricorsivamente {adv} :: recursively
ricorsività {f} :: recursivity
ricorsività {f} :: recursion
ricorsivo {adj} :: recursive
ricorso {adj} :: recurring, recurrent
ricorso {m} :: recourse
ricorso {m} :: appeal (law)
ricorso {m} :: recurrence
ricospargente {v} :: present participle of ricospargere
ricospargere {v} :: to sprinkle (with) again
ricostituente {v} :: present participle of ricostituire
ricostituente {adj} :: restorative
ricostituente {m} :: tonic
ricostituire {vt} :: to reconstitute
ricostituire {vt} :: to re-form
ricostituirsi {v} :: to be reconstituted
ricostituirsi {v} :: to recuperate
ricostituzione {f} :: reconstitution
ricostituzione {f} :: reconstruction, reformation
ricostringente {v} :: present participle of ricostringere
ricostringere {vt} :: To force or compel again
ricostruente {v} :: present participle of ricostruire
ricostruentesi {v} :: present participle of ricostruirsi
ricostruibile {adj} :: rebuildable, reconstructible
ricostruibilità {f} :: Property of being rebuildable or reconstructible
ricostruire {vt} :: To rebuild or reconstruct
ricostruirsi {vr} :: To rebuild or reconstruct for oneself
ricostruitosi {v} :: past participle of ricostruirsi
ricostruttivo {adj} [surgery] :: reconstructive
ricostruttore {m} :: rebuilder, reconstructor
ricostruttore {adj} :: reconstructive
ricostruzione {f} :: reconstruction
ricotta {f} [also uncountable] :: ricotta (Italian whey cheese)
ricottura {f} :: annealing
ricoverante {v} :: present participle of ricoverare
ricoverantesi {v} :: present participle of ricoverarsi
ricoverare {vt} :: To admit someone to hospital
ricoverarsi {v} :: reflexive of ricoverare
ricoverarsi {v} :: to admit oneself to hospital, etc
ricoverarsi {v} :: to seek shelter; to take refuge
ricoverata {f} :: patient (male)
ricoverato {m} :: patient (male)
ricoveratosi {v} :: past participle of ricoverarsi
ricovero {m} :: shelter, refuge, hovel
ricovero {m} :: admission (to hospital)
ricreante {v} :: present participle of ricreare
ricreantesi {v} :: present participle of ricrearsi
ricreare {vt} :: to recreate
ricreare {vt} [figuratively] :: to cheer
ricrearsi {v} :: reflexive of ricreare
ricrearsi {v} :: to enjoy oneself
ricreativo {adj} :: recreational, recreation (attributive)
ricreato {adj} :: recreated
ricreatorio {m} :: youth club
ricreatorio {m} :: play centre (for very young children)
ricreatosi {v} :: past participle of ricrearsi
ricreazionale {adj} :: recreational
ricreazione {f} :: recreation
ricreazione {f} :: break
ricreazione {f} [education] :: playtime, recess
ricredente {v} :: present participle of ricredere
ricredentesi {v} :: present participle of ricredersi
ricredere {vi} :: To change one's mind
ricredersi {vr} :: To change one's mind
ricredutosi {v} :: past participle of ricredersi
ricrescente {v} :: present participle of ricrescere
ricrescere {vi} :: to grow (etc.) again
ricrescere {vi} :: to swell
ricrescita {f} :: regrowth
ricrescita {f} :: roots (of the hair)
ricristallizzante {v} :: present participle of ricristallizzare
ricristallizzantesi {v} :: present participle of ricristallizzarsi
ricristallizzare {vti} :: to recrystallize
ricristallizzarsi {v} :: reflexive of ricristallizzare
ricristallizzarsi {vr} :: to recrystallize
ricristallizzatosi {v} :: past participle of ricristallizzarsi
ricristallizzazione {f} [chemistry] :: recrystallization
ricrociato {adj} [heraldry] :: recrossed, recerceln
ricrocifiggente {v} :: present participle of ricrocifiggere
ricrocifiggere {vt} :: To crucify again
ricucente {v} :: present participle of ricucire
ricucimento {m} :: restitching
ricucire {vt} :: to mend [by sewing or stitching]
ricucire {vt} :: to stitch up, sew up
ricucitura {f} :: restitching, darn
ricucitura {f} :: hodgepodge, jumble
ricucitura {f} :: reestablishment, restoration
ricuocente {v} :: present participle of ricuocere
ricuocere {vt} :: to recook
ricuocere {vt} :: to anneal
ricuperabile {adj} :: Variant of recuperabile
ricuperabilità {f} :: Variant of recuperabilità
ricuperante {v} :: present participle of ricuperare
ricuperare {v} :: alternative spelling of recuperare
ricupero {m} :: recovery
ricupero {m} :: salvaging
ricurvo {adj} :: curved
ricusabile {adj} :: That can be declined, refusable
ricusabile {adj} [legal] :: That can be challenged
ricusabilità {f} [legal] :: Property of what can be challenged
ricusante {v} :: present participle of ricusare
ricusare {v} :: to decline or refuse
ricusare {v} [legal] :: To challenge
ricusato {adj} :: declined
ricusazione {f} :: recusation
ridacchiante {v} :: present participle of ridacchiare
ridacchiare {vi} :: To snigger, to giggle
ridanciano {adj} :: jolly
ridanciano {adj} :: funny
ridante {v} :: present participle of ridare
ridantesi {v} :: present participle of ridarsi
ridare {vt} :: to give back, return
ridare {vt} :: to restore
ridarella {f} :: (A fit of the) giggles
ridarsi {v} :: reflexive of ridare
ridarsi {v} :: to rededicate oneself [to something]
ridatosi {v} :: past participle of ridarsi
ridda {f} :: A frenetic dance
ridda {f} :: An incessant jumble of thoughts, ideas etc
riddare {vt} :: To go round in circles
ride bene chi ride ultimo {proverb} :: he who laughs last laughs best (succes is better after enduring ridicule)
ridecorante {v} :: present participle of ridecorare
ridecorare {vt} :: to redecorate
ridecorazione {f} :: redecoration
ridefinente {v} :: present participle of ridefinire
ridefinire {vt} :: to redefine
ridefinizione {f} :: redefinition
ridenominante {v} :: present participle of ridenominare
ridenominare {v} :: To rename
ridenominato {adj} :: renamed
ridenominazione {f} :: renaming
ridente {v} :: present participle of ridere
ridente {adj} :: smiling
ridente {adj} :: delightful
ridentesi {v} :: present participle of ridersi
rideposito {m} [geology] :: redeposition
ridere {vi} :: to laugh
ridere {vt} :: to laugh at
ridere a crepapancia {v} :: to split one's sides laughing
ridersene {v} [chiefly in the negative] :: (not) to give a damn about; to laugh at
ridersi {v} :: reflexive of ridere
ridersi {v} :: to laugh at, make fun of someone
ridestante {v} :: present participle of ridestare
ridestantesi {v} :: present participle of ridestarsi
ridestare {vt} :: To reawaken
ridestarsi {vr} :: To reawaken
ridestatosi {v} :: past participle of ridestarsi
rideterminante {v} :: present participle of rideterminare
rideterminare {vt} :: To redetermine
rideterminarsi {v} :: to reoccur
rideterminazione {f} :: redetermination
ridicente {v} :: present participle of ridire
ridicolaggine {f} :: ridiculousness
ridicolaggine {f} :: nonsense, absurdity
ridicolezza {f} :: ridiculousness
ridicolizzabile {adj} :: That can be ridiculed
ridicolizzante {v} :: present participle of ridicolizzare
ridicolizzare {vt} :: to ridicule
ridicolmente {adv} :: ridiculously
ridicolo {adj} :: ridiculous, funny, ludicrous
ridicolo {m} :: ridiculousness
ridicolosità {f} [obsolete] :: ridiculousness
ridicoloso {adj} [obsolete] :: ridiculous
ridigitante {v} :: present participle of ridigitare
ridigitare {vt} :: To rekey
ridimensionamento {m} :: reduction, downsizing
ridimensionamento {m} :: reorganization
ridimensionante {v} :: present participle of ridimensionare
ridimensionantesi {v} :: present participle of ridimensionarsi
ridimensionare {vt} :: to reorganize [a business, etc.]
ridimensionare {vt} :: to reduce, downsize, cut down
ridimensionare {vt} :: to reappraise
ridimensionarsi {v} :: reflexive of ridimensionare
ridimensionarsi {v} :: to reappraise oneself
ridimensionarsi {v} :: to get things into perspective
ridimensionatosi {v} :: past participle of ridimensionarsi
ridipingente {v} :: present participle of ridipingere
ridipingere {vt} :: To repaint
ridir {v} :: apocopic form of ridire
ridire {vt} :: to repeat
ridiscendente {v} :: present participle of ridiscendere
ridiscendere {vit} :: to redescend
ridisciogliente {v} :: present participle of ridisciogliere
ridisciogliere {vt} :: to untie, dissolve, etc. again
ridisciogliere {vt} :: to redissolve
ridisciplinante {v} :: present participle of ridisciplinare
ridisciplinare {v} [legal] :: To reregulate
ridiscorrente {v} :: present participle of ridiscorrere
ridiscorrere {vi} :: ‎ To talk or chat (about) (again)
ridiscussione {f} :: reexamination
ridiscussione {f} :: rediscussion
ridiscutente {v} :: present participle of ridiscutere
ridiscutere {vt} :: To reexamine a problem etc
ridiscutere {vi} :: To rediscuss
ridisegnante {v} :: present participle of ridisegnare
ridisegnare {vt} :: to redraw
ridisfacente {v} :: present participle of ridisfare
ridisfacentesi {v} :: present participle of ridisfarsi
ridisfare {vt} :: To untie or unpack again
ridisfarsi {vr} :: To come undone etc again
ridisfattosi {v} :: past participle of ridisfarsi
ridispiegamento {m} :: redeployment
ridisponente {v} :: present participle of ridisporre
ridisporre {vt} :: To redispose or rearrange
ridistendente {v} :: present participle of ridistendere
ridistendere {vt} :: To stretch out etc again
ridistillato {adj} :: redistilled
ridistillazione {f} :: redistillation
ridistinguente {v} :: present participle of ridistinguere
ridistinguere {vt} :: To distinguish again
ridistribuente {v} :: present participle of ridistribuire
ridistribuibile {adj} :: redistributable
ridistribuire {vt} :: To redistribute, to reallocate
ridistribuzione {f} :: redistribution, reallocation
ridiveniente {v} :: present participle of ridivenire
ridivenire {vi} :: To become again
ridiventante {v} :: present participle of ridiventare
ridiventare {vi} :: To become again
ridividente {v} :: present participle of ridividere
ridividere {vt} :: To redivide or reshare
ridolente {v} :: present participle of ridolere
ridolere {vi} :: to ache or lament again
ridomandante {v} :: present participle of ridomandare
ridomandare {vt} :: To ask again
ridomandare {vt} :: To keep on asking
ridonante {v} :: present participle of ridonare
ridonare {vt} :: To give again
ridonare {vt} :: To give back, to restore
ridondante {v} :: present participle of ridondare
ridondante {adj} :: redundant
ridondanza {f} :: redundancy
ridondare {vit} :: to abound (with)
ridondare {vit} :: to overflow
ridorante {v} :: present participle of ridorare
ridorare {vt} :: To gild again, to plate again with gold
ridosso {m} :: shelter (from the wind etc)
ridosso {adv} :: behind
ridosso {adv} :: against
ridotante {v} :: present participle of ridotare
ridotare {vt} :: To reequip
ridotta {f} :: fort, redoubt
ridotta {f} [Vehicles] :: set of gears to give a low range; an extra gear for more torque and less speed
ridottabile {adj} [obsolete] :: dreadful, frightening, formidable
ridottissimo {adj} :: Very small, highly reduced
ridotto {adj} :: small, reduced, cut, short
ridotto {adj} :: adapted, abridged
ridotto {m} [of a theatre] :: foyer
ridotto {m} :: fortress
ridottosi {v} :: past participle of ridursi
ridovente {v} :: present participle of ridovere
ridovere {vt} :: To have to do something again
riducente {v} :: present participle of ridurre
riducente {adj} [chemistry] :: reduced
riducentesi {v} :: present participle of ridursi
riducibile {adj} :: reducible (all senses)
riducibilità {f} :: reducibility
riducimento {m} :: reduction
ridurre {vt} :: to change, vary
ridurre {vt} :: to cut, reduce
ridursi {v} :: reflexive of ridurre
ridursi {v} :: to be reduced
ridursi {v} :: to come down
riduttasi {f} [enzyme] :: reductase
riduttivamente {adv} :: reductively
riduttivo {adj} :: reductive
riduttore {m} :: reducer, reducing agent
riduzionale {adj} :: reductional
riduzione {f} :: reduction, cut, cutback
riduzione {f} :: discount
riduzionismo {m} :: reductionism
riduzionista {mf} :: reductionist
riecco {adv} :: here is/comes again
rieccoci {adv} :: Here we go again
riecheggiante {v} :: present participle of riecheggiare
riecheggiare {vit} :: To reecho, resound
riedificante {v} :: present participle of riedificare
riedificare {vt} :: To rebuild, to reconstruct
riedificazione {f} :: rebuilding, reconstruction, redevelopment
riedito {adj} :: republished
riedizione {f} :: re-release, new edition
riedizione {f} :: republication
rieducabile {adj} :: That can be reeducated
rieducabile {adj} :: That can be rehabilitated
rieducante {v} :: present participle of rieducare
rieducare {vt} :: To reeducate
rieducare {vt} :: To rehabilitate
rieducativo {adj} :: rehabilitative
rieducazione {f} :: reeducation
rieducazione {f} :: rehabilitation
rielaborante {v} :: present participle of rielaborare
rielaborare {vt} :: To revise
rielaborazione {f} :: reelaboration
rielaborazione {f} :: reprocessing (especially of data)
rieleggente {v} :: present participle of rieleggere
rieleggere {vt} :: to reelect
rieleggibile {adj} :: Capable of reelection
rieleggibilità {f} :: Capability of reelection
rielezione {f} :: reelection
riemanniano {adj} [maths] :: Riemannian
riemergente {v} :: present participle of riemergere
riemergente {adj} :: reemergent, reemerging
riemergere {vi} :: To reemerge, to resurface, to reappear
riemersione {f} :: reemergence
riemettente {v} :: present participle of riemettere
riemettere {v} :: to reemit
riemigrante {v} :: present participle of riemigrare
riemigrare {vi} :: To re-emigrate
riemissione {f} :: reemission
riemissione {f} :: reissue
riempibile {adj} :: fillable
riempibottiglie {f} :: bottling machine
riempiente {v} :: present participle of riempire
riempiere {v} :: alternative form of riempire
riempimento {m} :: filling, filling up
riempire {vt} :: to fill, fill up, fill in, stuff, heap
riempire {vt} :: to fill out, fill in, fill up (complete a form, a document, etc.)
riempirsi {v} :: reflexive of riempire
riempirsi {v} :: to fill, fill up, be filled
riempirsi {v} :: to stuff oneself
riempitivo {adj} :: filling
riempitivo {m} :: filler
riempitrice {f} :: filler
riempitura {f} :: filling (up, in) (process)
riempitura {f} :: filler, stuffing (material)
rientrabile {adj} :: retractile, retractable
rientrante {v} :: present participle of rientrare
rientrante {adj} [architecture] :: receding
rientrante {adj} [computing] :: reentrant
rientranza {f} :: recess, nook
rientranza {f} :: indentation
rientrare {vi} :: to reenter
rientrare {vi} :: to go back in
rientro {m} :: return
rientro {m} :: re-entry (space vehicle)
Rienza {prop} :: A river that flows in Trentino-Alto Adige
Rienzo {prop} :: surname
riepilogante {v} :: present participle of riepilogare
riepilogare {vt} :: To sum up, to summarize, to recapitulate
riepilogativo {adj} :: summary (attributive)
riepilogo {m} :: summary, recapitulation, summing up
riepitelizzante {adj} :: re-epithelizing [that forms new epithelial tissue]
riequilibrante {v} :: present participle of riequilibrare
riequilibrantesi {v} :: present participle of riequilibrarsi
riequilibrare {vt} :: To rebalance, to balance again, to restore the balance of
riequilibrarsi {vr} :: To reach an equilibrium
riequilibrarsi {vr} :: To return to equilibrium
riequilibratosi {v} :: past participle of riequilibrarsi
riequilibrio {m} :: rebalancing, realignment
riequipaggiante {v} :: present participle of riequipaggiare
riequipaggiare {v} :: To reequip
riequipaggiare {v} :: To rejig
riequipaggiare {v} :: To retrofit
riesame {m} :: re-examination
riesaminante {v} :: present participle of riesaminare
riesaminare {vt} :: To re-examine / reexamine
riescente {v} :: present participle of riescire
riescire {vi} :: Variant of riuscire
rieseguente {v} :: present participle of rieseguire
rieseguire {vt} :: To execute again, to do again, to perform again
riesercitante {v} :: present participle of riesercitare
riesercitantesi {v} :: present participle of riesercitarsi
riesercitare {vt} :: To exercise again, to practice again
riesercitarsi {vr} :: To practise again
riesercitatosi {v} :: past participle of riesercitarsi
riespellente {v} :: present participle of riespellere
riespellere {vt} :: To re-expel
riesplodente {v} :: present participle of riesplodere
riesplodere {vti} :: to explode or blow up again; to flare up
riesponente {v} :: present participle of riesporre
riesporre {vt} :: to redisplay
riesporre {vt} :: to reexplain
riesportante {v} :: present participle of riesportare
riesportare {vt} :: To reexport
riesportazione {f} :: reexportation
riesposizione {f} :: re-exhibiting
riesposizione {f} :: restatement, reexplanation
riesprimente {v} :: present participle of riesprimere
riesprimere {vt} :: To express again
riessere {vi} :: To be again
riessere {vi} :: To be back again
riessere {vi} :: To go again
riestendente {v} :: present participle of riestendere
riestendere {vt} :: To extend again
riestradizione {f} [legal] :: reextradition
riesumabile {adj} :: That can be exhumed
riesumante {v} :: present participle of riesumare
riesumare {vt} :: To exhume, to dig up
riesumazione {f} :: reexhumation
Rieti {prop} :: Rieti
rietichettante {v} :: present participle of rietichettare
rietichettare {vt} :: to relabel, tag again
rietichettatura {f} :: relabelling
rievaporante {v} :: present participle of rievaporare
rievaporare {v} :: to reevaporate
rievocante {v} :: present participle of rievocare
rievocare {vt} :: to recall, bring back
rievocare {vt} :: to remember, call up
rievocare {vt} :: to commemorate
rievocativo {adj} :: reminiscent, evocative
rievocazione {f} :: commemoration
rievocazione {f} :: recalling
rievocazione {f} :: reconstruction
rifabbricante {v} :: present participle of rifabbricare
rifabbricare {vt} :: To rebuild or reconstruct
rifacente {v} :: present participle of rifare
rifacentesi {v} :: present participle of rifarsi
rifacibile {adj} :: That can be redone
rifacimento {m} :: rebuilding, restoration, repairing
rifacimento {m} :: remake
rifacimento {m} :: rewriting, rifacimento
rifacitore {m} :: remaker
rifacitore {m} :: rewriter
rifantesi {v} :: present participle of rifarsi
rifare {vt} :: to redo, remake, retie
rifarsela {v} :: to get one's own back (take one's revenge)
rifarsi {v} :: reflexive of rifare
rifarsi {v} :: to become again
rifarsi {v} :: [~ di] to recover from
rifarsi {v} :: [~ a] to go back to
rifarsi {v} :: [~ a] to follow
rifasciante {v} :: present participle of rifasciare
rifasciare {vt} :: to rebandage or rebind
rifasciare {vt} :: to swaddle
rifatosi {v} :: past participle of rifarsi
rifattibile {adj} :: That can be redone (Variant of: rifacibile)
rifattosi {v} :: past participle of rifarsi
rifendente {v} :: present participle of rifendere
rifendere {vt} :: To cut through or slice again
riferente {v} :: present participle of riferire
riferentesi {v} :: present participle of riferirsi
riferibile {adj} :: repeatable
riferibile {adj} :: reportable
riferibilmente {adv} :: repeatably
riferimento {m} :: reference, mention
riferire {vt} :: to report, tell, relate
riferire {vt} :: to attribute, ascribe
riferirsi {v} :: reflexive of riferire
riferirsi {v} :: to refer, make reference, be related, apply
riferitosi {v} :: past participle of riferirsi
rifermante {v} :: present participle of rifermare
rifermantesi {v} :: present participle of rifermarsi
rifermare {vt} :: To refasten
rifermare {vt} :: To stop again
rifermarsi {vr} :: To stop again
rifermatosi {v} :: past participle of rifermarsi
rifermentante {v} :: present participle of rifermentare
rifermentare {vt} :: To ferment again, to referment
rifermentazione {f} :: secondary fermentation
riffa {f} :: violence, bullying
riffa {f} :: raffle (lottery)
rifiatante {v} :: present participle of rifiatare
rifiatare {vi} :: to breathe
rifiatare {vi} :: to get one's breath back, get one's wind back
rificcante {v} :: present participle of rificcare
rificcantesi {v} :: present participle of rificcarsi
rificcare {vt} :: To thrust again, to drive again, to put again
rificcarsi {vr} :: To thrust oneself again
rificcatosi {v} :: past participle of rificcarsi
rifiggente {v} :: present participle of rifiggere
rifiggere {vt} :: To drive or stick something into something again or repeatedly
rifilante {v} :: present participle of rifilare
rifilare {vt} :: to trim
rifilare {vt} :: to palm off, pass off, foist
rifilare {vt} [colloquial] :: to give
rifilatore {m} :: trimmer (person)
rifilatrice {f} :: trimmer (female person)
rifilatrice {f} :: trimming machine
rifilatura {f} :: trimming (process)
rifiltrante {v} :: present participle of rifiltrare
rifiltrare {vt} :: To filter again
rifinanziamento {m} :: refinancing, refunding
rifinanziante {v} :: present participle of rifinanziare
rifinanziare {vt} :: To refinance
rifinente {v} :: present participle of rifinire
rifinire {vt} :: To refine, finish off, or apply finishing touches
rifinitezza {f} :: finish
rifinitore {m} :: finisher (person who applies finishing touches)
rifinitore {m} [football] :: a player who skillfully enables another to score
rifinitura {f} :: finishing touch
rifinitura {f} [in the plural] :: finish (colour scheme etc of a car)
rifiorente {v} :: present participle of rifiorire
rifiorire {vi} :: To blossom again, to bloom again
rifiorire {vi} [figuratively] :: To flourish again, to improve
rifiorire {vi} :: To come out again (of a stain)
rifioritura {f} :: reflowering
rifioritura {f} :: revival
rifioritura {f} :: reappearance
rifirmante {v} :: present participle of rifirmare
rifirmare {vt} :: To sign again
rifischiante {v} :: present participle of rifischiare
rifischiare {vit} :: to whistle again or in reply
rifischiare {vit} :: to sneak
rifiutabile {adj} :: refusable
rifiutante {v} :: present participle of rifiutare
rifiutantesi {v} :: present participle of rifiutarsi
rifiutare {vt} :: to be unwilling to accept or receive; to refuse, decline, reject
rifiutare {vt} :: to be unwilling to give or concede; to deny
rifiutare {vt} [followed by di] :: to be unwilling to do (something); to refuse
rifiutare {vt} [archaic, rare] :: to give up (something), to refuse
rifiutare {vt} [archaic, rare] :: to disown
rifiutarsi {vr} :: to refuse, to decline
rifiutatosi {v} :: past participle of rifiutarsi
rifiuto {m} :: refusal, declination, rejection, denial
rifiuto {m} :: waste, refuse, rubbish, garbage (useless products)
riflessante {adj} :: That gives highlights to hair
riflessatura {f} :: tint (of hair)
riflessibile {adj} :: That can be reflexed
riflessibilità {f} :: reflexivity
riflessione {f} :: (careful thought or consideration) reflection, meditation, consideration
riflessione {f} :: (observation) reflection, thought, observation, remark, note
riflessione {f} :: (natural phenomenon) reflection, reflexion
riflessivamente {adv} :: reflectively, thoughtfully
riflessività {f} [physics, sociology] :: reflexivity
riflessivo {adj} :: reflective, thoughtful
riflessivo {adj} [grammar, mathematics] :: reflexive
riflesso {adj} :: reflected
riflesso {adj} [physiology] :: reflex
riflesso {adj} [botany] :: reflexed
riflesso {m} :: (light, sound, head, image that is reflected) reflection, glare, glint
riflesso {m} [figuratively] :: repercussion, effect, consequence
riflesso {m} [physiology] :: reflex
riflesso {m} [of hair] :: (hair) highlight
riflessogeno {adj} :: reflexogenic
riflessologia {f} :: reflexology
riflessosi {v} :: past participle of riflettersi
riflessoterapia {f} :: reflexology
riflettanza {f} [physics] :: reflectivity, reflectance
riflettente {v} :: present participle of riflettere
riflettente {adj} :: reflective
riflettentesi {v} :: present participle of riflettersi
riflettenza {f} [physics] :: reflectance (factor)
riflettere {vt} :: to reflect
riflettere {vt} [figuratively] :: to mirror, to reflect
riflettere {vi} :: to think, to think over, to reflect upon, to reflect on, to consider, to ponder
riflettersi {vr} :: to be reflected
riflettersi {vr} :: to have repercussions (on)
riflettività {f} [physics] :: reflectivity
riflettografia {f} :: reflectography
riflettografico {adj} :: reflectographic
riflettometria {f} :: reflectometry
riflettometrico {adj} :: reflectometric
riflettometro {m} :: reflectometer
riflettore {m} :: reflector
riflettore {m} :: spotlight, floodlight
riflettore {m} :: reflecting telescope
riflettore {adj} :: reflecting
rifluente {v} :: present participle of rifluire
rifluire {vi} :: To flow back
rifluire {vi} :: To flow again
rifluire {vi} :: To ebb
riflusso {m} :: reflux
riflusso {m} :: ebb (low tide)
riflusso {m} :: reaction, resurgence
rifocillamento {m} :: refreshment
rifocillante {v} :: present participle of rifocillare
rifocillantesi {v} :: present participle of rifocillarsi
rifocillare {vt} :: To feed
rifocillarsi {vr} :: To have something to eat
rifocillatosi {v} :: past participle of rifocillarsi
rifoderante {v} :: present participle of rifoderare
rifoderare {vt} :: To reline (To add a new lining)
rifoderatura {f} [painting] :: relining
rifondante {v} :: present participle of rifondare
rifondare {vt} :: to found again; to refound
rifondatore {m} :: refounder
rifondazione {f} :: refounding
rifondente {v} :: present participle of rifondere
rifondere {vt} :: to remelt [metal, wax, etc.]
rifondere {vt} :: to refund, reimburse
rifondibile {adj} :: refundable
riforestante {v} :: present participle of riforestare
riforestare {vt} :: To reafforest
riforestazione {f} :: reafforestation
riforgiante {v} :: present participle of riforgiare
riforgiare {v} :: To reforge
riforma {f} :: reform
riforma {f} :: discharge (from military service)
Riforma {prop} :: Reformation
riformabile {adj} :: reformable
riformabile {adj} [military] :: That can be discharged
riformagione {f} [historical] :: edict (ruling, made by a legislative council, that is not part of law)
riformagione {f} [obsolete] :: reform
riformante {v} :: present participle of riformare
riformantesi {v} :: present participle of riformarsi
riformare {v} :: to reform (all senses)
riformare {v} :: to discharge from military service
riformarsi {vr} :: To reform, to form again
riformato {m} :: Protestant
riformato {m} :: A soldier who has been discharged or declared unfit
riformatore {adj} :: reforming
riformatore {m} :: reformer
riformatorio {m} :: approved school, borstal, reformatory (institution for young offenders)
riformatosi {v} :: past participle of riformarsi
riformatrice {f} :: reformer (female)
riformattante {v} :: present participle of riformattare
riformattare {vt} :: To reformat
riformazione {f} :: re-formation (a new formation)
riformazione {f} [obsolete] :: reform
riformismo {m} :: reformism
riformista {adj} :: reformist
riformista {mf} :: reformist
riformistico {adj} :: reformist
riformulante {v} :: present participle of riformulare
riformulare {vt} :: To reformulate
riformulazione {f} :: reformulation
rifornente {v} :: present participle of rifornire
rifornentesi {v} :: present participle of rifornirsi
rifornibile {adj} :: That can be supplied; suppliable
rifornibile {adj} :: That can be fueled
rifornimento {m} :: supplying, providing
rifornimento {m} :: refuelling
rifornimento {m} [in the plural] :: stocks, supplies
rifornimento {m} [sports] :: feed zone
rifornire {v} :: to supply or provide (with)
rifornirsi {vr} :: ‎ To stock up (with)
rifornitore {m} :: supplier, provider
rifornitore {m} :: air tanker (masculine only)
rifornitosi {v} :: past participle of rifornirsi
rifrangente {v} :: present participle of rifrangere
rifrangentesi {v} :: present participle of rifrangersi
rifrangenza {f} [physics] :: refractivity (refractive power)
rifrangere {vt} :: To refract (cause refraction)
rifrangersi {vr} :: To refract (be refracted)
rifrangibile {adj} :: refrangible
rifrangibilità {f} :: refrangibility
rifranto {adj} :: refracted
rifrantosi {v} :: past participle of rifrangersi
rifrattività {f} [physics] :: refractivity
rifrattivo {adj} [physics] :: refractive
rifratto {adj} :: refracted (variant of rifranto)
rifrattometria {f} :: refractometry
rifrattometro {m} :: refractometer
rifrattometro di Abbe {m} :: Abbe refractometer
rifrattore {adj} :: refractive, refracting
rifrazione {f} [physics] :: refraction
rifreddo {adj} :: cold, chilled
rifriggente {v} :: present participle of rifriggere
rifriggere {vt} [cooking] :: to refry
rifriggere {vt} [figuratively] :: to repeat something, presenting it as new
rifrittume {m} :: rehash
rifrittura {f} :: refried food
rifrittura {f} :: rehash
rifrugante {v} :: present participle of rifrugare
rifrugare {vt} :: To search or rummage again
rifuggente {v} :: present participle of rifuggire
rifuggire {vi} :: to be averse to
rifuggire {vi} :: to be reluctant to
rifugiante {v} :: present participle of rifugiare
rifugiantesi {v} :: present participle of rifugiarsi
rifugiare {vt} :: To afford refuge to; to hide or shelter (someone or something)
rifugiarsi {v} :: reflexive of rifugiare
rifugiarsi {vr} :: to take refuge or shelter (in)
rifugiato {m} :: refugee
rifugiatosi {v} :: past participle of rifugiarsi
rifugio {m} :: shelter, refuge
rifugio antiaereo {m} :: air-raid shelter
rifugista {m} :: A person who maintains Alpine shelters
rifulgente {v} :: present participle of rifulgere
rifulgere {vi} :: ‎ To shine or glow (with)
rifusibile {adj} :: That can be remelted
rifusibile {adj} :: refundable
rifusione {f} :: remelting
rifusione {f} :: remaking, rehashing
rifusione {f} :: compensation
riga {f} :: line
riga {f} :: stripe
riga {f} :: parting (of hair)
riga {f} :: ruler (measuring device)
rigabello {m} [musical instruments] :: regal
rigaggio {m} :: lineage (typographic)
rigaglia {f} [chiefly in the plural] :: giblets
rigagnolo {m} :: streamlet, rivulet
rigante {v} :: present participle of rigare
rigare {vt} :: to rule (draw lines)
rigare {vt} :: to score (mark lines)
rigassificante {v} :: present participle of rigassificare
rigassificare {vt} :: to regasify
rigassificatore {m} :: LNG regasification plant
rigassificazione {f} :: regasification
rigatino {m} :: ticking (striped fabric)
rigato {adj} :: striped
rigato {adj} :: ruled (with lines), lined
rigato {adj} :: scratched
rigato {adj} :: rifled (of a gun barrel)
rigato {adj} :: streaked (with tears)
rigatone {m} [chiefly in the plural] :: a ribbed tubular form of pasta, larger than penne but with square-cut ends, often slightly curved
rigattiere {m} :: A dealer in junk and second-hand goods; rag and bone man
rigatura {f} :: ruling, lining
rigatura {f} :: rifling (of a gun)
Rigel {prop} :: Rigel
rigelante {v} :: present participle of rigelare
rigelare {vt} :: To refreeze
rigenerabile {adj} :: regenerable
rigeneramento {m} :: regeneration
rigenerante {v} :: present participle of rigenerare
rigenerantesi {v} :: present participle of rigenerarsi
rigenerare {vt} :: to regenerate, recruit
rigenerare {vt} :: to restore
rigenerare {vt} [automotive] :: to retread [tyres]
rigenerarsi {v} :: reflexive of rigenerare
rigenerarsi {v} :: to regenerate
rigenerarsi {v} :: to regenerate oneself
rigenerativo {adj} :: regenerative
rigenerato {adj} :: regenerated
rigenerato {adj} :: restored
rigeneratore {adj} :: regenerating
rigeneratore {adj} :: regeneration (attributive)
rigeneratore {m} :: Any of various technical devices or materials that regenerate or replenish
rigeneratosi {v} :: past participle of rigenerarsi
rigenerazione {f} :: regeneration
rigermogliante {v} :: present participle of rigermogliare
rigermogliare {vi} :: To resprout or rebud
rigettabile {adj} :: rejectable
rigettante {v} :: present participle of rigettare
rigettantesi {v} :: present participle of rigettarsi
rigettare {v} :: to throw again
rigettare {v} :: to throw back
rigettare {v} :: to reject or turn down
rigettare {v} :: to vomit or throw up
rigettarsi {v} :: to throw oneself again
rigetto {m} :: rejection
riggia {f} [nautical] :: futtock plate
righello {m} :: ruler (measuring device)
righettante {v} :: present participle of righettare
righettare {vt} :: to rule (parallel lines)
righettare {vt} :: to stripe
righettato {adj} :: ruled, lined
righettato {adj} :: striped
Righi {prop} :: A hilly district of Genova
Righi {prop} :: surname
Righi {prop} :: Augusto Righi, Italian physician
Rigi {prop} :: A mountain in the Lucerna canton of Switzerland
rigiacente {v} :: present participle of rigiacere
rigiacere {vi} :: To lie down again
rigidamente {adv} :: rigidly
rigidamente {adv} :: stiffly
rigidamente {adv} :: harshly, severely, strictly
rigidezza {f} :: rigidity
rigidezza {f} :: stiffness
rigidezza {f} :: harshness, severity
rigidezza {f} :: strictness
rigidissimo {adj} :: Very stiff, very rigid
rigidissimo {adj} :: Very severe, very harsh, very rigorous
rigidissimo {adj} :: Very strict, very severe
rigidità {f} :: rigidity
rigidità {f} :: stiffness
rigidità {f} :: harshness, severity
rigidità {f} :: strictness
rigido {adj} :: rigid, stiff, inflexible, unbending, hard
rigido {adj} [figuratively] :: rigid, rigorous, strict
rigido {adj} [of weather, etc.] :: rigorous, harsh, severe
rigiocante {v} :: present participle of rigiocare
rigiocare {vti} :: To play again, to replay
rigirante {v} :: present participle of rigirare
rigirantesi {v} :: present participle of rigirarsi
rigirare {vt} :: to turn, mingle, mix
rigirarsi {v} :: reflexive of rigirare
rigirarsi {v} :: to turn around
rigiratosi {v} :: past participle of rigirarsi
rigiudicante {v} :: present participle of rigiudicare
rigiudicare {vt} :: To rejudge
rigiungente {v} :: present participle of rigiungere
rigiungere {vt} :: to arrive again
rigo {m} [music] :: staff, stave
rigodente {v} :: present participle of rigodere
rigodere {vt} :: to enjoy something anew
rigoglio {m} :: luxuriance (of flowers etc)
rigogliosamente {adv} :: luxuriantly
rigogliosità {f} :: luxuriance
rigoglioso {adj} :: luxuriant, blooming, thriving
rigogolo {m} :: golden oriole
rigonfiamento {m} :: bulge
rigonfiamento {m} :: swelling
rigonfiante {v} :: present participle of rigonfiare
rigonfiantesi {v} :: present participle of rigonfiarsi
rigonfiare {vt} :: To reinflate
rigonfiarsi {vr} :: To swell, to swell up
rigonfiarsi {vr} :: To swell again, to swell up again
rigonfiatosi {v} :: past participle of rigonfiarsi
rigonfio {adj} :: swollen
rigonfio {adj} :: full
rigonfio {adj} :: bulging
rigor {m} :: apocopic form of rigore
rigore {m} :: strictness, severity, harshness
rigore {m} :: rigour
rigore {m} :: penalty, spot kick, penalty kick (in football / soccer)
rigorismo {m} :: rigorism
rigorista {f} [soccer] :: penalty kicker
rigorista {f} :: rigorist
rigoristico {adj} :: rigoristic
rigorosamente {adv} :: strictly, rigorously
rigorosissimo {adj} :: Very strict, very severe, very rigorous
rigorosità {f} :: rigour
rigorosità {f} :: strictness
rigoroso {adj} :: strict, rigorous, severe
rigoroso {adj} :: rigorous, exact, meticulous, scrupulous
rigovernante {v} :: present participle of rigovernare
rigovernare {vt} :: To do the dishes, to wash up
rigovernatura {f} :: washing-up
rigovernatura {f} :: dishwater
riguadagnante {v} :: present participle of riguadagnare
riguadagnantesi {v} :: present participle of riguadagnarsi
riguadagnare {vt} :: To regain
riguadagnare {vt} :: To earn again
riguadagnarsi {vr} :: To regain
riguadagnatosi {v} :: past participle of riguadagnarsi
riguardante {adj} :: regarding, concerning
riguardantesi {v} :: present participle of riguardarsi
riguardare {vt} :: to concern, regard, be about, deal with
riguardare {vt} :: to take care of, look after
riguardare {vt} :: to examine, check, go over
riguardare {vt} :: to look at again, have another look at
riguardarsi {v} :: reflexive of riguardare
riguardarsi {v} :: to take care of oneself, look after oneself, protect oneself
riguardatosi {v} :: past participle of riguardarsi
riguardevole {adj} :: alternative form of ragguardevole
riguardo {m} :: respect, connection, regard
riguardo {m} :: respect, regard, consideration
riguardo {m} :: care
riguardo a prima {m} :: about earlier
riguardosamente {adv} :: respectfully
riguardoso {adj} :: respectful
riguardoso {adj} :: considerate, thoughtful
rigurgitante {v} :: present participle of rigurgitare
rigurgitare {vt} :: To regurgitate, to spit up
rigurgitare {vti} :: To be packed of
rigurgito {m} :: regurgitation, spitting up
rigurgito {m} :: gush
rigurgito {m} :: revival, resurgence
rikenio {m} :: rikenium
rilanciante {v} :: present participle of rilanciare
rilanciantesi {v} :: present participle of rilanciarsi
rilanciare {vt} :: to throw something again
rilanciare {vt} :: to relaunch
rilanciare {vt} :: to raise (in poker etc)
rilanciarsi {vr} :: To throw oneself again
rilanciarsi {vr} :: To relaunch oneself again
rilanciatosi {v} :: past participle of rilanciarsi
rilancio {m} :: raising (of a bid, offer etc)
rilasciabile {adj} :: releasable
rilasciante {v} :: present participle of rilasciare
rilasciantesi {v} :: present participle of rilasciarsi
rilasciare {vt} :: to issue [a document]
rilasciare {vt} :: to give [an interview]
rilasciare {vt} :: to release [a prisoner]
rilasciare {vt} :: to relax [a muscle, etc.]
rilasciarsi {v} :: reflexive of rilasciare
rilasciarsi {v} :: to relax
rilasciatosi {v} :: past participle of rilasciarsi
rilascio {m} :: issue (of a document)
rilascio {m} :: release (of a prisoner etc)
rilassamento {m} :: relaxation
rilassante {v} :: present participle of rilassare
rilassante {adj} :: relaxing
rilassantesi {v} :: present participle of rilassarsi
rilassare {vt} :: To relax
rilassarsi {v} :: reflexive of rilassare
rilassarsi {v} :: to relax
rilassarsi {v} :: to become loose
rilassatamente {adv} :: calmly, in a relaxed manner
rilassatamente {adv} :: laxly
rilassatezza {f} :: laxity
rilassato {adj} :: relaxed, easy, calm
rilassato {adj} :: loose, lax
rilassatosi {v} :: past participle of rilassarsi
rilavante {v} :: present participle of rilavare
rilavare {vt} :: To rewash
rilavorante {v} :: present participle of rilavorare
rilavorare {vt} :: To rework
rilavorazione {f} :: reworking
rilegante {v} :: present participle of rilegare
rilegare {vt} :: To bind (books)
rilegare {v} :: to tie or bind again; retie, rebind, reconnect
rilegato {adj} :: bound (book)
rilegatore {m} :: bookbinder
rilegatura {f} :: binding (of a book)
rileggente {v} :: present participle of rileggere
rileggentesi {v} :: present participle of rileggersi
rileggere {vt} :: to reread
rileggere {vt} :: to read over [in order to correct]
rileggersi {v} :: reflexive of rileggere
rileggersi {vr} :: to be reread [in a particular way]
rileggersi {vr} :: to reread
rilento {m} :: Only used in the adverb a rilento
rilettosi {v} :: past participle of rileggersi
rilettura {f} :: rereading
rilevabile {adj} :: noticeable
rilevabilità {f} :: noticeability
rilevamento {m} :: survey
rilevamento {m} [nautical] :: bearing (direction)
rilevante {v} :: present participle of rilevare
rilevante {adj} :: remarkable
rilevante {adj} :: considerable
rilevante {adj} :: relevant
rilevantesi {v} :: present participle of rilevarsi
rilevantissimo {adj} :: Very considerable
rilevantissimo {adj} :: Very remarkable
rilevanza {f} :: relevance
rilevare {vt} :: to point out, emphasize
rilevare {vt} :: to notice, detect
rilevare {vt} :: to show
rilevare {vt} :: to take, get, take over, buy out
rilevare {vt} :: to take away again
rilevarsi {v} :: reflexive of rilevare
rilevarsi {v} :: to stand out (against)
rilevatario {m} :: purchaser, successor (of a company)
rilevato {adj} :: noticed
rilevato {adj} :: gathered, collected
rilevato {adj} :: surveyed
rilevato {adj} :: plotted
rilevato {adj} :: taken over
rilevato {adj} :: relieved (military)
rilevatore {adj} :: surveying (attributive)
rilevatore {m} :: surveyor
rilevatosi {v} :: past participle of rilevarsi
rilevatura {f} :: prominence, protuberance
rilevazione {f} :: survey
rilievo {m} :: relief
rilievo {m} [sculpture] :: relief
rilievo {m} :: survey
rilievografia {f} :: letterpress
rilievografico {adj} :: letterpress (attributive)
riliquidazione {f} :: reliquidation
rilocabile {adj} [computing] :: relocatable
rilocalizzante {v} :: present participle of rilocalizzare
rilocalizzare {vt} :: to relocalize
rilocalizzazione {f} :: relocalization
riloga {f} :: curtain rod, curtain rail, traverse rod
rilucente {v} :: present participle of rilucere
rilucente {adj} :: bright, shining
rilucentezza {f} :: brightness, brilliance
rilucere {vi} :: To shine
riluttante {adj} :: reluctant, unwilling
riluttante {v} :: present participle of riluttare
riluttanza {f} :: reluctance, unwillingness
riluttare {vi} :: To be reluctant (to do something)
riluttività {f} [physics] :: reluctivity
rima {f} :: rhyme
rima {f} [in the plural] :: verses
rima {f} [anatomy] :: rima
rimagliante {v} :: present participle of rimagliare
rimagliare {vt} :: To mend (clothing)
rimalmezzo {n} :: internal rhyme
rimandabile {adj} :: postponable
rimandante {v} :: present participle of rimandare
rimandare {vt} :: to put off, postpone, delay
rimandare {vt} :: to send back, return
rimandare {vt} :: to refer
rimandare {vt} :: to send again
rimandare {vt} [at school] :: to make somebody repeat an examination, to have to repeat an examination
rimando {m} :: (in a text) cross-reference, reference
rimando {m} :: return, back
rimando {m} :: postponement, delay
rimando {m} [mechanics] :: intermediate control
rimaneggiamento {m} :: reshuffle, rearrangement, reshuffling, turnover
rimaneggiamento {m} :: rewriting
rimaneggiante {v} :: present participle of rimaneggiare
rimaneggiare {vt} :: To rework, to rewrite, to revise
rimaneggiare {vt} :: To reshuffle, to rearrange
rimanente {adj} :: remaining
rimanente {m} :: remainder, rest
rimanentesi {v} :: present participle of rimanersi
rimanenza {f} :: remnant
rimanenza {f} :: leftover
rimanenza {f} [accounting] :: balance
rimanere {vi} :: to stay
rimanere {vi} :: to remain
rimanere {vi} :: to be left
rimanere di stucco {v} :: to be astonished, dumbfounded
rimanersi {v} :: reflexive of rimanere
rimanersi {v} :: to stay, remain
rimangiante {v} :: present participle of rimangiare
rimangiantesi {v} :: present participle of rimangiarsi
rimangiare {vt} :: To eat again (after a break)
rimangiarsi {vr} :: To retract
rimangiatosi {v} :: past participle of rimangiarsi
rimante {v} :: present participle of rimare
rimappante {v} :: present participle of rimappare
rimappare {vt} :: To remap
rimappatura {f} :: remapping
rimarcabile {adj} :: remarkable, notable, outstanding, noteworthy (Variant of rimarchevole)
rimarcante {v} :: present participle of rimarcare
rimarcare {vt} :: To point out, to remark
rimarchevole {adj} :: remarkable, notable, outstanding, noteworthy
rimarchiante {v} :: present participle of rimarchiare
rimarchiare {v} :: To rebrand (a commercial product)
rimare {vti} :: To rhyme
rimarginabile {adj} :: healable
rimarginante {v} :: present participle of rimarginare
rimarginantesi {v} :: present participle of rimarginarsi
rimarginare {vt} :: To heal
rimarginarsi {vr} :: To heal up, to heal
rimarginatosi {v} :: past participle of rimarginarsi
rimario {m} :: rhyming dictionary
rimaritante {v} :: present participle of rimaritare
rimaritantesi {v} :: present participle of rimaritarsi
rimaritare {vt} :: To marry again (especially a woman)
rimaritarsi {vr} :: To get married again (especially of a woman)
rimaritatosi {v} :: past participle of rimaritarsi
rimasterizzato {adj} :: remastered
rimasticante {v} :: present participle of rimasticare
rimasticare {vt} :: to rechew
rimasticare {vt} :: to rehash; to chew over
rimasticatura {f} :: rehash
rimastico {m} :: rumination
rimastosi {v} :: past participle of rimanersi
rimasuglio {m} :: remnant
rimasuglio {m} [chiefly in the plural] :: remains, leftovers
rimatore {m} :: rhymer
rimbacuccante {v} :: present participle of rimbacuccare
rimbacuccare {vt} :: to wrap up
rimbacuccare {vt} :: to muffle
rimbacuccato {adj} :: wrapped up
rimbaldanzente {v} :: present participle of rimbaldanzire
rimbaldanzire {vt} :: To embolden again
rimbalzante {v} :: present participle of rimbalzare
rimbalzare {vi} :: to bounce (off)
rimbalzare {vi} :: to rebound (from)
rimbalzare {vi} :: to ricochet (off)
rimbalzello {m} :: ducks and drakes (stone skipping)
rimbalzista {f} [basketball] :: rebounder
rimbalzo {m} :: bounce
rimbalzo {m} :: rebound
rimbalzo {m} :: ricochet
rimbambente {v} :: present participle of rimbambire
rimbambentesi {v} :: present participle of rimbambirsi
rimbambimento {m} :: imbecility
rimbambimento {m} :: dotage, senility, second childhood
rimbambire {vi} :: To become senile or to lose one's wits
rimbambirsi {vr} :: To become senile or to lose one's wits
rimbambito {adj} :: senile, gaga
rimbambitosi {v} :: past participle of rimbambirsi
rimbarcante {v} :: present participle of rimbarcare
rimbarcantesi {v} :: present participle of rimbarcarsi
rimbarcare {vt} :: Variant of reimbarcare
rimbarcarsi {v} :: alternative spelling of reimbarcarsi
rimbarcatosi {v} :: past participle of rimbarcarsi
rimbeccante {v} :: present participle of rimbeccare
rimbeccantesi {v} :: present participle of rimbeccarsi
rimbeccare {vt} :: To answer back or reply
rimbeccare {vt} :: To retort or return
rimbeccarsi {vr} :: To squabble or argue
rimbeccatosi {v} :: past participle of rimbeccarsi
rimbecco {m} :: sharp reply, retort, rejoinder
rimbecillente {v} :: present participle of rimbecillire
rimbecillentesi {v} :: present participle of rimbecillirsi
rimbecillire {vit} :: to become, or to make imbecilic
rimbecillire {vit} :: to stun or be stunned
rimbecillirsi {v} :: reflexive of rimbecillire
rimbecillirsi {v} :: to become imbecilic
rimbecillirsi {v} :: to be stunned
rimbecillitosi {v} :: past participle of rimbecillirsi
rimbellente {v} :: present participle of rimbellire
rimbellire {vit} :: to make, or to become more beautiful
rimbiancante {v} :: present participle of rimbiancare
rimbiancare {vt} :: To repaint (white), to whitewash again
rimbiancare {vt} :: To whiten again
rimbiancare {vt} :: To be white with snow again
rimbiondente {v} :: present participle of rimbiondire
rimbiondire {vit} :: to lighten, or to make golden again
rimboccante {v} :: present participle of rimboccare
rimboccantesi {v} :: present participle of rimboccarsi
rimboccare {vt} :: to turn up [an edge]
rimboccare {vt} :: to tuck in
rimboccare {vt} :: to roll up [sleeves, etc.]
rimboccare la coperta {v} :: to tuck in
rimboccare la coperta {vt} :: To pull the blankets or duvet up over (someone in bed); to put (someone) to bed
rimboccarsi {v} :: reflexive of rimboccare
rimboccarsi {v} :: to roll up [one's sleeves, etc.]
rimboccarsi le maniche {v} :: to roll up one's sleeves
rimboccarsi le maniche {v} [literally] :: to roll one's sleeves up
rimboccarsi le maniche {v} [idiomatic] :: To prepare to work
rimboccarsi le maniche {v} [idiomatic] :: Start working, usually in opposition to idleness
rimboccarsi le maniche {v} :: to get busy
rimboccatosi {v} :: past participle of rimboccarsi
rimboccatura {f} :: rolling or turning up
rimboccatura {f} :: tucking in
rimboccatura {f} :: turnup (of a trouser leg)
rimbombante {adj} :: roaring, rumbling, thundering
rimbombare {vit} :: to roar
rimbombare {vit} :: to rumble
rimbombare {vit} :: to thunder
rimborsabile {adj} :: repayable, refundable, reimbursable
rimborsabilità {f} :: refundability
rimborsante {v} :: present participle of rimborsare
rimborsare {v} :: to pay back, to reimburse
rimborsare {v} :: to refund
rimborso {m} :: repayment
rimborso {m} :: reimbursement
rimborso {m} :: refund
rimboscamento {m} :: Variant of rimboschimento
rimboscante {v} :: present participle of rimboscare
rimboscare {vt} :: To reafforest
rimboschente {v} :: present participle of rimboschire
rimboschimento {m} :: reforestation
rimboschire {vt} :: To reafforest or reforest
rimbrottante {v} :: present participle of rimbrottare
rimbrottare {vt} :: To reproach
rimbrotto {m} :: reproach
rimbrotto {m} :: rebuke
rimediabile {adj} :: That can be remedied
rimediante {v} :: present participle of rimediare
rimediare {vi} :: To remedy (something)
rimediare {vt} :: To scrape (a living)
rimediare {vt} :: To make up
rimedio {m} :: remedy; cure
rimedio {m} :: medicine; drug
rimembrante {v} :: present participle of rimembrare
rimembrantesi {v} :: present participle of rimembrarsi
rimembranza {f} [literary] :: memory
rimembrare {vt} [literary] :: to remember
rimembrarsi {vr} [literary] :: To remember (of)
rimembratosi {v} :: past participle of rimembrarsi
rimemorabile {adj} [literary] :: memorable
rimemorante {v} :: present participle of rimemorare
rimemorantesi {v} :: present participle of rimemorarsi
rimemorare {vt} [literary] :: to remember
rimemorarsi {vr} [literary] :: To remember
rimemoratosi {v} :: past participle of rimemorarsi
rimenante {v} :: present participle of rimenare
rimenare {vt} :: to lead or bring back
rimenare {vt} :: to mix or stir up
rimenata {f} :: quick mix or stir up
rimeritabile {adj} :: rewardable
rimeritante {v} :: present participle of rimeritare
rimeritare {vt} [obsolete, literary] :: to reward
rimescolamento {m} :: shuffling, mixing up
rimescolante {v} :: present participle of rimescolare
rimescolare {vt} :: to remix, mix again
rimescolare {vt} :: to mix up, stir
rimescolare {vt} [card games] :: to reshuffle
rimescolio {m} :: bustle
rimescolio {m} :: shock
rimessa {f} :: garage
rimessa {f} :: hangar
rimessa {f} :: depot
rimessa {f} :: shipment, consignment
rimessa {f} :: remittance
rimessa {f} :: return (tennis)
rimessaggio {m} :: garaging
rimessione {f} :: referral (law - of a case from one judge to another)
rimessione {f} :: quashing
rimessione {f} :: forgiveness
rimessosi {v} :: past participle of rimettersi
rimestante {v} :: present participle of rimestare
rimestare {vt} :: To stir, to mix, to mingle
rimestare {vt} :: To bring back, to rake up
rimestio {m} :: continuous stirring
rimettente {v} :: present participle of rimettere
rimettentesi {v} :: present participle of rimettersi
rimetterci {v} [familiar, impersonal] :: to lose, to ruin
rimettere {vt} :: to remit, hand, deliver, submit, refer, entrust
rimettere {vt} :: to put again, put back, replace
rimettere {vt} :: to remit, forgive, pardon
rimettere {vt} :: to vomit, be sick, throw up
rimettersi {v} :: reflexive of rimettere
rimettersi {v} :: to recover
rimettersi {v} :: to entrust oneself, submit, rely on
rimettersi {v} [weather] :: to clear up
rimettersi {v} :: to put oneself again, start again, go back
rimilitarizzante {v} :: present participle of rimilitarizzare
rimilitarizzare {v} :: to remilitarize
rimilitarizzato {adj} :: remilitarized
riminese {adj} :: Of or pertaining to Rimini
riminese {mf} :: Native or inhabitant of Rimini
Rimini {prop} :: Rimini (province)
Rimini {prop} :: Rimini (town)
rimirante {v} :: present participle of rimirare
rimirantesi {v} :: present participle of rimirarsi
rimirar {v} :: apocopic form of rimirare
rimirare {vt} :: To gaze, to contemplate
rimirare {vt} :: To aim again
rimirarsi {vr} :: To contemplate oneself, to admire oneself
rimiratosi {v} :: past participle of rimirarsi
rimischiante {v} :: present participle of rimischiare
rimischiare {vt} :: To remix, to mix again
rimisurante {v} :: present participle of rimisurare
rimisurare {vt} :: To remeasure
rimmel {m} :: mascara
rimodellamento {m} :: remodelling
rimodellante {v} :: present participle of rimodellare
rimodellare {vt} :: To reshape, to remodel
rimodernamento {m} :: modernization
rimodernante {v} :: present participle of rimodernare
rimodernare {vt} :: To modernize
rimodernatura {f} :: modernizing, modernization, renovation
rimodulabile {adj} :: reconfigurable
rimodulante {v} :: present participle of rimodulare
rimodulare {vt} :: to remodulate
rimodulare {vt} :: to reconfigure
rimodulare {vt} :: to reorganize or readapt for new circumstances
rimodulazione {f} :: reorganization
rimondante {v} :: present participle of rimondare
rimondare {vt} :: to clean or clear again
rimondare {vt} :: to prune again
rimondatura {f} :: cleaning
rimondatura {f} :: pruning
rimondatura {f} :: clippings etc
rimonta {f} :: recovery, catching up
rimontaggio {m} :: The withdrawal of must from the bottom of fermenting red wine, and adding it to the top, so as to extract more colour, tannins and aroma from the grape skins
rimontante {v} :: present participle of rimontare