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{m} :: letter: p
{prop} {m} :: Po (Italian river)
PA {initialism} :: CV; initialism of porte-avions
pablisme {m} [politics] :: Pabloism
pabliste {adj} [politics] :: Pabloist
pabliste {mf} [politics] :: Pabloist
PAC {f} :: acronym of Politique agricole commune (Common Agricultural Policy)
PACA {prop} {f} :: acronym of Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur
pacage {m} :: grazing
pacage {m} :: pasture
pacane {f} [Quebec, Louisiana] :: pecan
pacanier {m} :: pecan (tree)
pacha {m} :: pasha
Pañchatantra {prop} {m} :: Panchatantra (a collection of Sanskrit and Pali animal fables in verse and prose)
pachole {f} [Marseille slang] :: cunt
pachto {m} :: the Pashto language
pachyblépharose {f} :: pachyblepharon
pachyderme {m} :: pachyderm
pachyptile {adj} [ornithology, rare] :: having thick feathers
Pachyptile {prop} {f} [zoology] :: the genus Pachyptila, the pachyptiles
pacificateur {m} :: pacifier (one who pacifies)
pacificateur {adj} :: pacifying, pacificatory
pacification {f} :: pacification
pacifier {v} :: to pacify
pacifique {adj} :: pacific
Pacifique {prop} {m} :: Pacific
pacifiquement {adv} :: peacefully
pacifisme {m} :: pacifism
pacifiste {mf} :: pacifist
pack {m} :: pack (item of packaging)
pack {m} :: pack ice
pack {m} [sports] :: A rugby team
packaging {m} :: packaging (material)
packfung {m} :: paktong
pacotille {f} :: junk (cheap, tacky articles)
PACS {m} :: civil partnership
pacsage {m} :: civil partnership
pacser {vi} :: to enter into a civil partnership
pacson {m} [slang] :: pack, packet
pacte {m} :: pact, deal
pactiser {v} :: to make a pact, make a deal
pactole {m} :: fortune (large amount of money)
Pactole {prop} {m} :: the Pactolus
paddock {m} :: paddock
paddock {m} [slang] :: pad (bed)
padine {f} :: The brown alga peacock's tail (Padina pavonica)
padma {m} :: pink lotus
padna {f} [Louisiana French, Cajun French, ] :: friend, buddy
Padoue {prop} {f} :: Padua (province)
Padoue {prop} {f} :: Padua (town)
paella {f} [countable and uncountable] :: paella
païen {adj} :: pagan, heathen
païen {m} :: pagan, heathen
paf {interj} :: Onomatopoeia for the noise caused by a fall or a blow
paf {adj} :: drunk
paf {m} [slang] :: cock, dick
PAF {f} :: border police
PAF {m} :: the French television and radio scene
pagaïe {f} :: alternative spelling of pagaille
pagaie {f} :: paddle (two-handed, single-bladed oar)
pagaille {f} :: muddle; mess
paganisme {m} :: paganism (local religions practiced before the introduction of Christianity)
pagaye {f} :: alternative spelling of pagaille
pagayer {v} :: to paddle
page {f} :: page (of a book, etc.)
page {f} :: page, web page
page {m} :: page, page boy
péage {m} [transport] :: toll, payment
péage {m} [transport] :: toll booth
péage {m} [internet] :: paywall
page d'accueil {f} :: home page (of a Web site)
péager {m} :: A person who receives a toll or manages a toll booth
page web {f} :: web page
pagination {f} :: pagination
paginer {v} :: to paginate
pagne {m} :: loincloth
pagne {m} :: grass skirt
pagne {m} :: bed
pagode {f} [Buddhism, architecture] :: pagoda
péagère {f} :: feminine singular of péager
paie {f} :: pay, salary
paiement {m} :: payment
paillard {adj} :: bawdy, lewd
paillardement {adv} :: bawdily
paillarder {v} :: To fornicate
paillasse {f} :: paillasse, straw mattress
paillasse {f} :: laboratory desk
paillasse {m} :: clown, buffoon
paillasson {m} :: doormat
paille {f} :: straw (dried grass)
paille {f} :: (drinking) straw
paille {f} :: flaw in a gem or metal
pailler {m} :: straw house (a building to store straw)
pailler {m} :: straw pile
pailler {v} :: to cover with straw
pailleté {adj} :: sequined
pailleter {v} :: to decorate with sequins, glitter, spangles, or other sparkly material (paillettes); to bespangle
paillette {f} :: sequin
pain {m} :: bread
pain {m} :: piece of bread
pain {m} :: food
pain {m} :: bread-and-butter needs, basic sustenance; breadwinner
pain {m} [colloquial] :: punch (a hit with the fist)
pain {m} :: a block (of ice, of salt, of soap …) with the shape and size of bread
pain {m} [slang] :: (music) mistake during a performance (false note, forgot an intro, wrong solo, …)
pain au chocolat {m} :: A French snack consisting of a pastry, normally similar to a croissant, with chocolate inside
pain blanc {m} :: white bread
pain à cacheter {m} :: wafer (of sealing wax etc.)
pain crestou {m} :: A type of granary bread
pain de campagne {m} :: A large round loaf of bread
pain de mie {m} :: pain de mie (A type of sandwich loaf bread of French origin)
pain d'épice {m} :: A form of French gingerbread
pain grillé {m} :: toast (toasted bread)
pain perdu {m} :: French toast
paintball {m} :: paintball
pair {adj} [of a number] :: even
pair {m} :: A peer, high nobleman/vassal (as in peer of the realm)
paire {f} :: a pair; a couple
pairement {adv} :: evenly
paire minimale {f} [phonology] :: minimal pair (pair of words)
paire torsadée {f} :: twisted pair
pairie {f} :: peerage
paisablement {adv} :: peacefully; quietly
paiser {v} [Louisiana French, Cajun French, ] :: to hush
paisible {adj} :: peaceful
paisiblement {adv} :: peacefully
paitre {v} :: alternative spelling of paître
paix {f} :: peace
paix-toi la djeule {interj} [Louisiana French, Cajun French, colloquial] :: shut up!
pajot {m} [slang] :: bed, fleabag, pit
Paki {m} [ethnic slur] :: Paki (offensive term for a Pakistani)
Pakistan {prop} {m} :: Pakistan
pakistanais {adj} :: Pakistani
Pakistanais {m} :: Pakistani, Paki (someone from Pakistan)
Pakistanaise {f} :: feminine noun of Pakistanais
pal {m} :: stake
pal {m} :: pole
pal {m} [heraldiccharge] :: pale
palabre {m} :: convoluted discussion
palabre {m} [in the plural] :: palaver
palabrer {vi} :: to endlessly argue
palabres {f} :: palaver
paléacé {adj} :: paleaceous
palace {m} :: luxury hotel
paladin {m} :: paladin
palafitte {m} :: pile (wooden structure used to support prehistoric dwellings)
palafittique {adj} :: pile-dwelling (of prehistoric settlements)
palais {m} :: palace
palais {m} :: courthouse (Palais de justice)
palais {m} :: palate; up part inside the mouth
palais dur {m} [anatomy] :: hard palate
palais mou {m} [anatomy] :: soft palate
palan {m} :: hoist
palangre {f} :: longline (fishing line)
palangrer {v} :: to long-line (fish with a longline)
palangrier {adj} [attributive] :: longline fishing
palangrier {m} :: longline fishing boat
palanquin {m} :: palanquin
Palaos {prop} {fp} :: Palau
palatal {adj} [anatomy, phonetics] :: palatal
palatalisation {f} [phonetics, phonology] :: palatalization
palatial {adj} :: palatial
palatin {adj} :: palatine
palatine {f} [historical] :: tippet, shoulder cape
palatoalvéolaire {adj} :: palatoalveolar
pale {f} :: blade (of a propeller etc)
pale {f} :: vane (of a windmill etc)
palefrenier {m} :: ostler, groom
palefroi {m} :: palfrey
Palerme {prop} {m} :: Palermo
palermitain {adj} :: of or from Palermo
Palermitain {m} :: someone of or from Palermo
Palestine {prop} {f} :: Palestine
Palestine {f} [printing, dated] :: double pica (large size of type standardized as 24 points)
palestinien {adj} :: Palestinian
Palestinien {m} :: Palestinian
Palestinienne {f} :: feminine noun of Palestinien
palestre {f} [historical] :: palestra
palet {m} :: hockey puck
palethnologie {f} :: paleoethnology
palethnologique {adj} :: paleoethnological
palethnologiquement {adv} :: paleoethnologically
paletot {m} :: jacket
palette {f} :: palette
paélia {f} :: alternative spelling of paella
palier {m} [mechanics] :: bearing
palier {m} :: landing (on stairs)
palier {m} :: flat area; the flat, the level
palier {m} [figuratively] :: stage
palier {adj} :: landing (attributive)
palimpseste {m} :: palimpsest
palindrome {m} :: palindrome
palingénésique {adj} :: palingenesic
palinodie {f} :: palinode
palinspastique {adj} [geology] :: palinspastic
palissade {f} :: fence, palisade
palissade {f} :: stockade
palissadique {adj} [botany] :: palisadic
palissandre {m} :: rosewood
paëlla {f} :: alternative spelling of paella
palladien {adj} :: Palladian
palladique {adj} [inorganic chemistry] :: palladic
palladium {m} :: palladium
palladure {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: palladide
Pallas {prop} [Greek mythology] :: Pallas
Pallas {prop} [astronomy] :: Pallas, the second asteroid discovered
palliatif {adj} :: palliative
pallide {adj} :: pallid
pallidement {adv} :: pallidly
pallier {vt} :: to conceal
pallier {vt} :: to palliate (to relieve the symptoms of)
pallisandre {m} :: pallisander
pallénis {m} :: Any plant of the genus Pallenis
palmé {adj} [of feet] :: webbed
palmé {adj} [botany] :: palmate
palmaire {adj} [anatomy] :: palmar
palmarès {m} :: prize list; list of winners
palmarès {m} :: record of achievements
palme {f} [leaf of the palm tree] :: palm leaf
palme {f} [prize] :: palm
palme {f} :: palm tree
palme {f} [diving equipment] :: flipper; fin; swim fin
palmeraie {f} :: palm grove
palmier {m} :: palm, palm tree
palmier {m} :: palmier (biscuit)
palmier des Everglades {m} :: Everglades palm, Acoelorraphe wrightii
palmier à huile {m} :: oil palm
palmine {f} [organic compound] :: palmin
palmipède {m} :: palmiped
palmiste {m} :: oil palm (or several other related palm trees)
palmitique {adj} [organic chemistry] :: palmitic
palmitoléique {adj} [organic chemistry] :: palmitoleic
Palmyre {prop} :: Palmyra
palmyrène {adj} :: Palmyrene
Palmyrène {mf} :: Palmyrene
Palmyrène {prop} {f} :: Palmyrene (country)
palmyrénien {adj} :: Of, from or relating to Palmyrene (country)
Palmyrénienne {f} :: feminine noun of Palmyrénien
paléo- {prefix} :: paleo-
paléoanthropologie {f} :: paleanthropology
paléoanthropologique {adj} :: paleoanthropological
paléoanthropologue {mf} :: paleoanthropologist (specialist in paleoanthropology)
paléoastronomie {f} [astronomy] :: paleoastronomy
paléoauxologique {adj} :: paleoauxologic
paléobiochimie {f} [biochemistry] :: paleobiochemistry
paléobotanique {f} [botany] :: paleobotany
paléobotanique {adj} :: paleobotanical
paléochrétien {adj} :: paleochristian
paléoclimat {m} :: paleoclimate
paléoclimatique {adj} :: paleoclimatic
paléoclimatologie {f} :: paleoclimatology
Paléocène {prop} {m} :: Paleocene period
paléoécologie {f} :: paleoecology
paléocoprologie {f} :: paleocoprology
paléocortex {m} [anatomy] :: paleocortex
paléoenvironnement {m} :: paleoenvironment
paléoethnographique {adj} :: paleoethnographic
Paléogène {prop} {m} :: Paleogene period
paléogéographie {f} :: paleogeography
paléogéographique {adj} :: paleogeographic
paléographe {mf} :: paleographer
paléographie {f} :: paleography
palæographie {f} :: obsolete form of paléographie
palæographique {adj} :: obsolete form of paléographique
paléographique {adj} :: Paleographic; palaeographical; palaeographic; paleographical
paléographiquement {adv} :: paleographically
paléoichnologie {f} :: paleoichnology
palois {adj} :: Of or from Pau
Palois {m} :: Native or inhabitant of Pau
Paloise {f} :: feminine singular of Palois
paléolithique {m} :: Paleolithic (Old Stone Age)
Paléolithique {prop} {f} [history] :: The Paleolithic or Old Stone Age
palæologie {f} :: obsolete form of paléologie (paleology)
paléologie {f} :: paleology
paléomagnétisme {m} :: paleomagnetism
palombe {f} :: wood pigeon
paléoneurologie {f} :: paleoneurology
paléontologie {f} :: paleontology (study of prehistoric forms of life)
paléontologique {adj} :: paleontological
paléontologiquement {adv} :: paleontologically
paléontologue {mf} :: paleontologist
paléopallium {m} :: paleopallium
paléopathologie {f} :: paleopathology
paléopathologique {adj} :: paleopathological
paléoprotérozoïque {adj} :: Paleoproterozoic
Paléoprotérozoïque {m} :: Paleoproterozoic
paléosismologie {f} :: paleoseismology
paléotectonique {adj} [geology] :: paleotectonic
paléotestamentaire {adj} :: vetero-testamentary, Old Testament (attributive)
palourde {f} :: clam
paléozoologie {f} :: paleozoology
paléozoïque {adj} :: Paleozoic
palpable {adj} :: palpable
palpablement {adv} :: palpably
palpation {f} :: palpation
palpébral {adj} [anatomy] :: palpebral
palper {v} :: to palpate
palpitant {adj} :: pulsating, palpitating
palpitant {adj} :: thrilling, exciting
palpiter {v} :: to palpitate
palpiter {v} [of a heart] :: to beat, flutter, to race, pulsate
palpiter {v} :: to jump around, jump about
palse {m} [geology] :: palsa
Palæstine {prop} {f} :: obsolete form of Palestine
paltoquet {m} [dated] :: A rude or uncouth person
paltoquet {m} :: A pretentious person
palétuvier {m} :: mangrove, mangle
palu {m} [colloquial] :: malaria
palucher {v} [slang] :: to masturbate
paludéen {adj} :: malarial; [attributive] malaria
paludique {adj} :: malarial
paludisme {m} :: malaria (disease)
palynologie {f} :: palynology (study of spores, pollen etc.)
palynologique {adj} :: palynological
palytoxine {f} [organic chemistry] :: palytoxin
Pamir {prop} {m} :: Pamir (mountain range in Central Asia)
pamphlet {m} :: lampoon (written attack)
pamphlet {m} [Quebec or dated] :: pamphlet (small booklet)
pamphlétaire {m} :: pamphleteer
pamphlétaire {m} :: lampooner
Pamphylie {prop} :: Pamphylia
pampille {f} :: pendant
pamplemousse {m} [botany, France, Canada] :: pomelo
pamplemousse {m} :: grapefruit
pamplemoussier {m} [botanic] :: grapefruit tree (Citrus maxima) from the Rutaceae family
pamplemoussier {adj} [attributive] :: grapefruit
pampre {m} [literary] :: vine branch
pan {m} :: piece, part
pan {m} :: side, face
pan {m} :: flap, lap (of coat)
pan {m} :: patch, area, section, sector
pan {interj} :: bang! (sound of a gun)
pan {interj} :: bam!
pané {adj} :: breaded (covered in breadcrumbs)
péan {m} :: paean
panacée {f} :: panacea, cure-all
panaché {m} :: shandy (mix of beer and lemonade)
panaché {m} :: mixture
panaché {adj} :: mixed, variegated
panachage {m} :: blend, mix, mixture
panache {m} :: panache (all senses)
panache {m} :: (Canada) the bulk of antlers of deer and moose
panacher {v} :: to add a panache
panacher {v} :: to mix colours (as in a panache)
panacher {v} :: to mix
panache éruptif {m} :: eruption column
panache volcanique {m} :: eruption column
panachure {f} :: variegation, mottle; marking, colouring
panachure {f} :: white spot, white patch (on leaf, animal's skin etc.)
panade {f} :: A soup boiled in water from bread, butter, sometimes also egg yolk and milk
panade {f} :: A paste, typically made of milk and bread
panade {f} [figuratively] :: A state or experience of misery, poverty
panafricain {adj} :: Pan-African
panafricanisme {m} :: Pan-Africanism
panais {m} :: parsnip
Panamá {prop} {m} :: Panama (country)
Paname {prop} [slang] :: Paris
panaméen {n} :: Panamanian
Panaméen {m} :: Panamanian
Panaméenne {f} :: feminine singular of Panaméen
panamien {adj} :: Panamanian
panaméricain {adj} :: Pan-American
panaméricanisme {m} :: Pan-Americanism
panarabe {adj} :: pan-Arab
panarabisme {m} :: pan-Arabism
panaris {m} [pathology] :: whitlow, paronychia
panca {m} :: punkah, a type of fan consisting in a screen suspended by the ceiling, as traditionally used in tropical colonies, notably the Indies
panca {m} :: punkahwallah, a servant (typically a boy) who operates it manually
pancarte {f} :: sign (with a message on, carried during a protest)
panchronique {adj} :: panchronic
pancrace {m} :: pankration (Ancient Greek martial art)
pancréas {m} [anatomy] :: the pancreas
pancréatine {f} [biochemistry] :: pancreatin
pancréatique {adj} :: pancreatic
pancréatiquement {adv} :: pancreatically
panda {m} :: panda
pandanus {m} :: pandanus
pandeiro {m} :: Pandeiro
pandéisme {m} :: pandeism
pandéistique {adj} :: pandeistic
pandémie {f} :: pandemic
pandémique {adj} :: Pandemic
pandémonium {m} [obsolete] :: The imaginary capital of Hell (often with a capital letter)
pandémonium {m} :: A place where chaos and lawlessness abound
pandémonium {m} :: A reunion of lawless people
pandémonium {m} :: A noisy, chaotic place
Pandore {prop} {f} [Greek mythology] :: Pandora
panel {m} :: panel (group of people)
panenthéisme {f} :: panentheism
panenthéiste {adj} :: panentheistic
panenthéiste {mf} :: panentheist (person who believes in panentheism)
paner {v} :: to bread (coat with bread or breadcrumbs)
Panet {prop} :: surname
paneterie {f} :: pantry
panetier {m} :: pantryman
panetière {f} :: feminine singular of panetier
paneuropéen {adj} :: Pan-European
pangamique {adj} [organic chemistry] :: pangamic
Pangée {prop} {f} :: Pangaea (supercontinent prior to Triassic)
Pangée {prop} {f} :: Pangaion Hills
pangéen {adj} :: Pangaean
pangermanisme {m} :: Pan-Germanism
pangermaniste {adj} :: Pan-Germanist
pangramme {m} :: pangram (a sentence that contains every letter of the alphabet)
panégyrique {m} :: panegyric, eulogy
panégyriste {m} :: panegyrist
panhellénique {adj} :: Panhellenic
panic {m} [botany] :: Refers to several thorny shrubs; cockspur, panic, panicgrass
panicaut {m} :: eryngo, sea holly (of genus Eryngium)
panier {m} :: basket
panier {m} :: goal scored in basketball
panier {m} :: basketball hoop
panier {m} :: In an online store, the shopping basket where a shopper reserves or collects items for purchase
panier de crabes {m} [idiomatic] :: A rat race (literally, a basket of crabs); any organization where people metaphorically claw at one another to come out on top
panier-entonnoir {m} [aeronautics] :: drogue
panifiable {adj} :: breadmaking (attributive)
panini {m} :: panini
panique {adj} :: panicked
panique {f} :: panic
paniquer {vit} :: To panic
panislamisme {m} [Islam] :: Panislamism
panka {m} :: punkah
panne {f} :: plush velvet
panne {f} :: breakdown (state of no longer functioning)
panneau {m} :: sign; signpost
panneau de signalisation {m} :: road sign, traffic sign
panneau solaire {m} :: solar panel (array of connected solar cells)
panne sèche {f} [of a vehicle] :: state of having run out of fuel
pannicule {m} :: the subcutaneous membrane where lipids accumulate
panonceau {m} :: plaque (small sign)
panonceau {m} :: escutcheon
panoplie {f} :: panoply
panoplie {f} :: outfit, costume (clothes for dressing up)
panoplie {f} :: armoury
panoplie {f} :: range (collection of things)
panoptique {adj} :: panoptic
panoptique {m} :: panopticon
panorama {m} :: panorama
panoramique {adj} :: panoramic
panosse {f} [Switzerland, Aosta Valley, Savoie, eastern France] :: floorcloth
panosse {f} [military jargon] :: the Swiss flag
panosse {f} [figuratively] :: woman of ill repute
panpsychisme {m} [philosophy] :: panpsychism
panrusse {adj} :: pan-Russian
pansage {m} :: grooming (of a horse etc)
panse {f} :: belly
pansement {m} :: bandage, dressing
panser {v} [medicine] :: to dress (a wound etc.); to bandage
panser {v} [equestrian] :: to groom
pansexualité {f} :: pansexuality
panslave {adj} :: related to Pan-Slavism; Panslavic
panslavisme {m} :: Pan-Slavism
panspermie {f} :: panspermia
pansu {adj} :: potbellied, paunchy
pantachie {f} [rare, statistics] :: density
pantachique {adj} [rare, statistics] :: dense
pantacle {m} :: A rare alternate spelling of pentacle
pantacourt {m} :: capri pants, capris (casual pants for women)
pantagruélique {adj} :: pantagruelian
pantagruélisme {m} :: Pantagruelism
pantagruéliste {adj} :: Pantagruelist
pantagruéliste {mf} :: Pantagruelist
pantalon {m} :: trousers [UK], pants [US]
pantalon {m} [dated] :: knickers
pantalon clown {m} :: alternate form of pantalon de clown
pantalon de clown {m} [Quebec politics] :: Camo pants (pants with patterns typical of military camouflage) of a random assortment of colours, worn as a protest against government and contract terms, by uniformed employees, in violation of uniform dress codes
pantalon de clown {m} :: clown pants
pantalonnade {f} :: slapstick
pantalonnade {f} :: farce
pantelant {adj} :: panting, gasping (for breath)
panthéisme {m} :: pantheism
panthéiste {adj} :: pantheistic
panthéiste {mf} :: pantheist
panthénol {m} [organic compound] :: panthenol
panthéon {m} :: pantheon
panthère {f} :: panther
pantin {m} :: puppet
pantographe {m} :: pantograph (mechanical drawing aid)
pantographe {m} :: pantograph (rail transport: device for collecting electrical current)
pantographique {adj} :: pantographic
pantographiquement {adv} :: pantographically
pantois {adj} :: gobsmacked, stunned, flabbergasted
pantone {f} :: A (commercial) range of colours
pantothénique {adj} [organic chemistry] :: pantothenic
pantouflage {m} :: The phenomenon of civil servants and politicians moving over to prominent private sector jobs
pantouflard {adj} :: stay-at-home; homebird [UK], homebody [US]
pantouflard {adj} [historical] :: A member of the non-combat "home guard" formed of older men during the Siege of Paris (1870–1871)
pantoufle {f} :: slipper, house slipper (footwear)
pantoute {adv} [Quebec] :: at all; used to make a negative statement more emphatic
panty {m} :: panty girdle
panure {f} :: breadcrumb
Paola {prop} :: given name borrowed from Italian
paon {m} :: peacock
Paon {prop} {m} [astronomy] :: Pavo
paon du jour {m} :: European peacock (butterfly)
paonne {f} :: feminine singular of paon
paonneau {m} :: young peacock
papa {m} [childish] :: papa, a child's father; also as form of address: dad, daddy
papa {m} :: pops, any man of roughly fatherly age and appearance
papable {m} :: A papabile
papable {adj} :: papabile
papa-gâteau {f} [figuratively] :: doting father, soft touch with one's kids
papal {adj} :: papal
papamobile {f} :: Popemobile (any of various vehicles with bulletproof glass sides used to transport the Pope)
paparazzi {m} :: A paparazzo
papauté {f} :: papacy
papavéracé {adj} :: papaveraceous
papaye {f} :: papaya (fruit)
papayer {m} :: papaya tree
pape {m} :: Pope
papelard {adj} :: hypocritical
papelardement {adv} :: hypocritically
paperasse {f} [pejorative] :: paperwork, bumf
paperasserie {f} :: red tape
papeterie {f} :: papermaking
papeterie {f} :: papermaker
papeterie {f} :: papeterie
papetier {m} :: papermaker
papetier {m} :: stationer
papetier {adj} :: papermaking (attributive)
papetier {adj} :: stationery (attributive)
Paphos {prop} :: Paphos (town in Cyprus)
papi {m} [usually childish] :: grandad, grandfather
papiamento {m} :: the Papiamento language
papier {m} :: paper (A material used for writing or printing on, made from cellulose pulp rolled into thin sheets)
papier {m} :: paper (official documents)
papier carbone {m} :: carbon paper (sheet of paper used to make carbon copies)
papier collant {m} :: sticky tape, adhesive tape, sellotape, Scotch tape
papier colle-mouches {m} :: flypaper
papier de verre {m} :: sandpaper
papier filtre {m} :: filter paper
papier mâché {m} :: papier-mâché (paper mixed with glue used to create sculptures)
papier à mouches {m} :: flypaper
papier peint {m} :: wallpaper (decorative paper for walls)
papier terrier {m} [historical] :: terrier (property register)
papier toilette {m} [Europe] :: toilet paper
papier tue-mouches {m} :: flypaper
papilionacé {adj} :: papilionaceous
papillaire {adj} :: papillary
papille {f} :: papilla
papille {f} [colloquial] :: tastebud
papillon {m} :: butterfly
papillon {m} :: someone brilliant, versatile and inconstant
papillon {m} :: something roughly in the shape of a butterfly
papillon {m} :: knot
Alsacian woman wearing a black papillon.
papillon {m} :: nut
papillon {m} [swimming] :: butterfly stroke
papillon {m} :: leaflet
papillon de nuit {m} :: moth
papillonner {vi} :: to flit [from one to another]
papillotage {m} :: blinking (of the eyes)
papillotage {m} :: blurring (of the eyes caused by a brilliant image)
papillote {f} :: Wrapper or packet for food during cooking, trapping steam to provide a most cooking or streaming environment, often made from aluminium foil or parchment paper
papillote {f} :: Meal cooked in a packet, envelope, or pouch, often made from aluminium foil or parchment paper
papillote {f} [hair styling] :: a small piece of paper on which women roll up their hair to make it curl
papillote {f} :: curly hair obtained with this method; ringlets
papillote {f} :: [in particular] curly sideburns, payot
papillote {f} :: Vividly coloured paper wrap for crackers and other sweets
papillote {f} :: sweet wrapped with a papillote
papilloter {vi} :: to blink
papilloter {vi} :: to flutter
papilloter {vi} :: to flicker
papinade {f} [football] :: A spectacular type of volley, struck at strange angles, characteristic of Jean-Pierre Papin
papisme {m} :: papism, papistry
papiste {adj} :: papist, papistic
papiste {mf} :: papist
papite {f} [organic compound] :: acrolein (when used as a poison gas in the First World War)
papotage {m} :: chattering, chitchat, small talk
papoter {vi} :: to chat, chatter
papou {adj} :: Papuan
Papou {m} :: Papuan, someone from Papua or Papua New Guinea
Papouasie {prop} {f} :: Papua (island)
Papouasie-Nouvelle-Guinée {prop} {f} :: Papua New Guinea
Papoue {f} :: feminine noun of Papou
papouille {f} [chiefly in the plural] :: tickling
paprika {m} :: paprika (powder used as a spice)
papy {m} :: grandpa
papy boom {m} :: The large increase in the number of retired people who were born in the baby boom generation
papy-boomer {m} :: A retired person who was born during the baby boom
papyracé {adj} :: papyraceous
papyrus {m} :: papyrus
paquebot {m} :: ship, liner
paquer {vt} :: to pack (fish) in a box for transportation
paquet {m} :: packet
paquet {m} :: pack (of cards)
paquet {m} :: parcel
paquet {m} :: bundle (of clothes)
paquet {m} [rugby] :: pack
paquet {m} :: wad (of cash)
paqueté {adj} [Quebec, colloquial] :: drunk, wasted
Paquet {prop} :: surname
paquetage {m} :: kit
paquetage {m} :: package
Paquette {prop} :: surname
par {prep} :: through
par {prep} :: by (used to introduce a means; used to introduce an agent in a passive construction))
par {prep} :: over (used to express direction)
par {prep} :: from (used to describe the origin of something, especially a view or movement)
par {prep} :: around, round (inside of)
par {prep} :: on (situated on, used in certain phrases)
par {prep} :: on, at, in (used to denote a time when something occurs)
par {prep} :: in
par {prep} :: per, a, an
par {prep} :: out of (used to describe the reason for something)
par {prep} :: for
par {m} [golf] :: par
paré {adj} :: ready, prepared, all set
par- {prefix} :: per- (all meanings)
para- {prefix} :: para- (all senses)
para- {prefix} :: para-
para-alpin {m} :: para-alpine; ellipsis of ski para-alpin
para-athlète {mf} :: para-athlete
parabancaire {adj} :: banking-related
parabanique {adj} :: parabanic
parabase {f} :: parabasis
parabellum {m} :: parabellum (all senses)
para biathlon {m} :: alternate form of parabiathlon
parabiathlon {m} :: parabiathlon
para-biathlon {m} :: alternate form of parabiathlon
parable {adj} :: preventable (able to be or fit to be prevented)
parabène {m} :: paraben
parabole {f} [mathematics, physics] :: parabola
parabole {f} :: dish (antenna)
parabole {f} [literature] :: parable
paraboler {v} :: To move in a parabolic trajectory
paraboler {v} :: To speak in parables
parabolicité {f} :: parabolicity
parabolique {adj} :: parabolic
paraboliquement {adv} :: parabolically
paraboliser {v} :: To parabolize
paraboloïdal {adj} :: paraboloidal
paraboloïde {m} :: paraboloid
paraboréen {adj} :: synonym of hyperboréen
parabuée {adj} :: anti-condensation, antimisting
Paracelse {prop} {m} :: Paracelsus
paracelsien {adj} :: Paracelsian
paracelsisme {m} :: Paracelsism
paracelsiste {mf} :: Paracelsist
paracentrique {adj} :: paracentric
paracentèse {f} [surgery] :: paracentesis
paracerque {m} :: paracercus
parachevé {adj} :: completed, finalized
parachevable {adj} :: completable
parachever {vt} :: to complete, finalize, perfect
parachi {m} :: Parachi
parachronisme {m} :: parachronism
parachutable {adj} :: parachutable
parachutage {m} :: parachuting
parachute {m} :: parachute
parachuter {v} :: to parachute
parachuter un Sénégalais {v} [very, colloquial] :: to take a dump, to drop a deuce
parachutisme {m} :: parachuting, skydiving
parachutiste {mf} :: parachutist
parachèvement {m} :: finalization
parachèvement {m} :: completion
parachèvement {m} :: perfection
paraclet {m} [Christianity, theology] :: paraclete (an advocate, especially the Holy Spirit)
paraclimacique {adj} [ecology] :: paraclimactic
paraclimax {m} [ecology] :: paraclimax
paraclinique {adj} :: paraclinical
paraclèse {f} [philosophy, theology] :: paraclesis, paraklesis
paraclétique {adj} :: paracletic
paracmastique {adj} :: paracmastic
paracolois {adj} :: Of or from fr
Paracolois {m} :: A native or inhabitant of fr
Paracoloise {f} :: feminine singular of Paracolois
paracompacité {f} [topology] :: paracompactness
paracompact {adj} [topology] :: paracompact
paraconide {m} :: paraconid
paracorole {f} [botany] :: paracorolla
paracorolle {f} [botany] :: paracorolla
paracousie {f} :: paracusis
paracétamol {m} :: paracetamol, acetaminophen
paracuta {m} :: barracuda
paracyanogène {m} :: paracyanogen
paracyésie {f} [pathology] :: paracyesis, ectopic pregnancy
paradactyle {m} [ornithology] :: paradactyl
parader {v} :: flaunt, strut, show off (to display with ostentation)
paradeur {m} :: braggart
paradeur {m} :: showoff
paradeuse {f} :: feminine singular of paradeur
paradichlorobenzène {m} [organic compound] :: paradichlorobenzene
paradigmatique {adj} :: paradigmatic
paradigmatisme {m} [philosophy] :: paradigmaticism
paradigme {m} :: paradigm (model or example)
paradis {m} :: paradise (somewhere perfect)
paradis {m} [religion] :: Heaven
paradis {m} :: gods (The highest platform, or upper circle, in an auditorium)
Paradis {prop} {m} :: Paradise (Heaven)
Paradis {prop} {m} :: surname
paradis fiscal {m} :: tax haven (country that levies low taxes on foreign businesses)
paradisiaque {adj} :: paradisiacal
paradisiaque {adj} :: heavenly
paradisier {m} :: bird of paradise
Paradou {prop} :: A small town in the Bouches-du-Rhône department of Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur
paradounais {adj} :: Of or from Paradou
Paradounais {m} :: A native or inhabitant of Paradou
Paradounaise {f} :: feminine singular of Paradounais
paradoxal {adj} :: paradoxical
paradoxalement {adv} :: paradoxically
paradoxe {m} :: paradox
paradoxer {v} :: To create paradoxes
paraedrite {m} [mineral] :: synonym of rutile
parafe {m} :: alternative form of paraphe
parafer {vt} :: alternative form of parapher
paraffiné {adj} :: waxed
paraffinage {m} :: paraffining
paraffiner {v} :: To paraffin
paraffinique {adj} [organic chemistry] :: paraffinic, aliphatic
parafinique {adj} :: alternative form of paraffinique
parafiscal {adj} [of taxation] :: indirect
parafiscal {adj} [economics] :: parafiscal
parafiscalité {f} :: indirect taxation
paraformaldéhyde {m} [organic compound] :: paraformaldehyde
parafoudre {m} :: lightning conductor
paragangliome {f} [pathology] :: paraganglioma
parage {m} :: parage (social rank)
parage {m} [plural only] :: environs, surroundings
paréage {m} :: A feudal treaty recognising joint sovereignty over a territory by two rulers
paragenèse {f} [geology] :: paragenesis
parageustie {f} :: parageusia
paraglosse {f} :: paraglossa
paragénèse {f} :: alternative form of paragenèse
paragogique {adj} :: paragogic
paragouvernemental {adj} :: paragovernmental
paragrammatisme {m} :: synonym of allitération
paragraphe {m} :: paragraph
paragrêle {m} :: A shelter to protect crops etc from hail
Paraguay {prop} {m} :: Paraguay
paraguayen {adj} :: Paraguayan
Paraguayen {m} :: Paraguayan
Paraguayenne {f} :: feminine noun of Paraguayen
para hockey {m} :: alternate form of para-hockey
parahockey {m} :: alternate form of para-hockey
para-hockey {m} :: parahockey
para-hockey {m} :: ellipsis of para-hockey sur glace
para-hockey {m} :: synonym of hockey sur luge
para hockey sur glace {m} :: alternate spelling of para-hockey sur glace
para-hockey sur glace {m} :: para ice hockey
para-hockey sur glace {m} :: synonym of hockey sur luge
parahockey sur glace {m} :: alternate spelling of para-hockey sur glace
paraige {m} :: A hereditary ruling class in Metz in the Middle Ages
par ailleurs {adv} :: besides, additionally, furthermore, what's more
paraison {f} :: parison
paraitre {v} :: alternative spelling of paraître
parajuriste {m} [legal] :: paralegal
parakératose {f} [pathology] :: parakeratosis
paralactique {adj} [organic chemistry] :: paralactic
paralampsie {f} :: paralampsis
paralangage {m} :: paralanguage (non-verbal communication)
paralarve {f} :: paralarva
paralaurionite {f} [mineral] :: paralaurionite
paralbumine {f} :: paralbumin
paraldéhyde {m} [organic compound] :: paraldehyde
paralégal {adj} :: paralegal
paralégal {m} :: paralegal
paralipse {f} :: paralipsis
paralique {adj} :: paralic
paralittérature {f} :: paraliterature
parallactique {adj} :: parallactic
parallactiquement {adv} :: parallactically
parallaxe {f} :: parallax
parallèle {adj} [geometry] :: parallel
parallèlement {adv} :: parallelly
parallélipipède {m} :: alternative form of parallélépipède
parallélique {adj} :: parallelistic
parallélisation {f} :: parallelization
parallèlisation {f} :: alternative form of parallélisation
paralléliser {v} :: To parallelize
parallélisme {m} :: parallelism (state or condition of being parallel)
parallélogrammatique {adj} :: parallelogrammatic
parallélogramme {m} :: parallelogram
parallélographe {m} :: parallelograph
parallélépipède {m} [geometry] :: parallelepiped
parallélépipédique {adj} :: parallelepipedic
parallélépipèdique {adj} :: parallelepipedic
paralogie {f} :: paralogy, paralogism
paralogique {adj} :: paralogical
paralogisme {m} :: paralogism
paralympien {m} [sport] :: Paralympian (male)
paralympienne {f} :: Paralympian (female); feminine of paralympien
paralympique {adj} :: Paralympic
Paralympiques {prop} :: Paralympics; ellipsis of Jeux paralympiques
paralysant {adj} :: crippling
paralysant {adj} :: paralyzing
paralysateur {adj} :: paralyzing
paralysateur {adj} :: crippling
paralyser {v} :: to paralyse / paralyze
paralysie {f} :: paralysis
paralysie cérébrale {f} :: cerebral palsy
paralytique {adj} :: paralytic
paramagnétique {adj} [physics] :: paramagnetic
paramagnétisme {m} [physics] :: paramagnetism
paramakan {m} :: Paramaccan (language)
paramakan {adj} :: Paramaccan
paramaléate {m} [organic chemistry] :: paramaleate
paramaléique {adj} [organic chemistry] :: paramaleic
paramécie {f} [zoology] :: paramecium
paramédical {adj} :: paramedical
paramentique {f} :: parament
paramentique {f} :: vestment
paramilitaire {adj} :: paramilitary
paramilitaire {m} :: paramilitary (a group of civilians trained and organized in a military fashion)
paramilitarisme {m} :: paramilitarism
paramnésie {f} :: paramnesia
paramorphose {f} [geology] :: paramorphism
paramoteur {m} :: paramotor
paramésonéphrotique {adj} [anatomy] :: paramesonephrotic
paramétrable {adj} :: configurable, customizable, parametrizable
paramétrage {m} :: parameterization
paramétrage {m} :: setup, configuration
paramètre {m} :: parameter
paramétrer {v} [computing] :: to configure
paramétrique {adj} :: parametric
paramétrisation {f} :: parametrisation
paramucique {adj} [organic chemistry] :: paramucic
paramutation {f} [genetics] :: paramutation
paranan {m} :: Paranan / Palanan
paranatellon {m} :: paranatellon
paranatellonique {adj} :: paranatellon (attributive)
parangon {m} :: paragon, standard (model or pattern)
parangoner {v} :: alternative form of parangonner
parangonner {v} :: to paragon
parano {adj} [colloquial] :: paranoid
parano {mf} [colloquial] :: a paranoid person
parano {f} [colloquial] :: paranoia
paranoïa {f} :: paranoia
paranoïaque {adj} :: paranoid
paranoïaque {adj} [medicine] :: related to paranoia
paranoïaque {mf} :: a paranoid person
paranoïde {adj} :: paranoid
paranoïde {mf} :: paranoid person
paranomase {f} :: obsolete form of paronomase
paranéoptère {m} :: Any louse of the clade Paraneoptera
para nordique {m} [skiing] :: para-nordic; ellipsis of ski para-nordique
para-nordique {m} [skiing] :: para-nordic; ellipsis of ski para-nordique
paranordique {m} [skiing] :: para-nordic; ellipsis of ski para-nordique
paranormal {adj} :: paranormal
paranthrope {mf} :: Any primate of the genus Paranthropus
paranymphe {m} :: paranymph
parapectine {f} :: parapectin
parapegme {m} :: parapegma
parapente {m} :: paraglider
parapentiste {mf} :: paraglider (one who paraglides)
parapet {m} :: parapet
parapharmacie {f} :: pharmacy, chemist's (UK) / drugstore (US)
paraphe {m} :: paraph
paraphe {m} :: initials
parapher {vt} :: to sign or initial a document
paraphernal {adj} :: paraphernal
paraphernalité {f} [legal] :: paraphernality
parapheur {m} :: parafor; a folder containing correspondence to be signed - a word yet to be invented in English. (The "Office québécois de la langue française" suggests "signature book", but this is a book used by people who collect signatures)
paraphilie {f} :: paraphilia
paraphénylènediamine {f} [organic compound] :: paraphenylenediamine
paraphrasable {adj} :: paraphrasable
paraphraser {v} :: paraphrase (to compose a paraphrase)
paraphraseur {m} :: paraphraser
paraphraseuse {f} :: feminine singular of paraphraseur
paraphraste {m} :: paraphrast
paraphrastique {adj} :: paraphrastic
paraphylie {f} [systematics] :: paraphyly
paraphylétique {adj} [systematics] :: paraphyletic (excluding some descendants of the most recent common ancestor)
paraphyse {f} :: paraphysis
parapleure {f} :: parapleura
paraplexie {f} :: synonym of paraplégie
paraplégie {f} [pathology] :: paraplegia (paralysed condition)
paraplégique {adj} :: paraplegic
paraplégique {mf} :: paraplegic
parapluie {m} :: umbrella for rain
parapode {m} :: parapodium
parapsychique {adj} :: parapsychic
parapsychologie {f} :: parapsychology (study of that which cannot yet be explained)
parapsychologique {adj} :: parapsychological
parapsychologue {mf} :: parapsychologist
paraptère {m} :: parapterum
parapétrolier {adj} :: oil delivery / services (attributive)
parapublic {adj} [economics] :: Having capital in both the public and private sectors
parareligieux {adj} :: parareligious
pararickettsie {f} :: synonym of chlamydie
pararthrème {m} :: subluxation
parasange {f} :: parasang
parascolaire {adj} :: extracurricular
parascève {f} :: Parasceve
parasexualité {f} :: parasexuality
parasexuel {adj} :: parasexual
parasismique {adj} :: paraseismic
parasité {adj} :: parasitized
parasitaire {adj} :: parasitic, parasitical
parasitairement {adv} :: parasitically
parasite {m} :: a parasite
parasite {adj} :: parasitic
parasiter {v} :: To parasitize
parasitiforme {m} :: parasitiform
parasitique {adj} :: parasitic
parasitiquement {adv} :: parasitically
parasitisme {m} :: parasitism
parasitémie {f} [pathology] :: parasitemia
parasitoïde {m} :: parasitoid
parasitologie {f} :: parasitology
parasitologique {adj} :: parasitological
parasitologiste {mf} :: synonym of parasitologue
parasitologue {mf} :: parasitologist
parasitose {f} [pathology] :: parasitosis
paraskevidékatriaphobie {f} :: paraskavedekatriaphobia
para ski {m} :: alternate spelling of paraski
paraski {m} :: paraskiing
paraski {m} :: kitesurfing
para-ski {m} :: alternate spelling of paraski
para ski de fond {m} :: alternate spelling of para-ski de fond
para-ski de fond {m} :: para cross-country skiing; a disability sport, an adapted version of cross-country skiing
paraski de fond {m} :: alternate spelling of para-ski de fond
parasélène {mf} :: paraselene, moon dog
parasol {m} :: A large, anchored umbrella used as protection from the sun
parasomnie {f} [pathology] :: parasomnia
parasport {m} :: parasport
parasportif {adj} :: parasport (attributive)
parassien {adj} :: Of or from Parassy
Parassy {prop} :: A commune in the Cher department of Centre
parastatal {adj} :: parastatal
para surf des neiges {m} :: alternate spelling of para-surf des neiges
para-surf des neiges {m} :: parasnowboarding; a parasport, an adapted form of snowboarding for the disabled
parasurf des neiges {m} :: alternate spelling of para-surf des neiges
parasurtenseur {m} :: surge protector
parasympathicomimétique {adj} :: parasympathomimetic
parasympathique {adj} :: parasympathetic
parasympathomimétique {adj} :: parasympathomimetic
parasynonyme {m} :: parasynonym
parasynonymie {f} :: parasynonymy
parasynthèse {f} :: parasynthesis
parasynthétique {adj} :: parasynthetic
Parat {prop} :: surname
paraétatique {adj} :: parastatal
parataxe {f} [grammar] :: parataxis
paratexte {m} :: paratext
paratextualité {f} :: paratextuality
parathlète {mf} :: parathlete; alternate form of para-athlète
parathormone {f} :: parathyroid hormone
parathyroïde {f} :: parathyroid
parathyroïdie {f} [anatomy] :: parathyroid (gland)
parathyroïdien {adj} :: parathyroid (attributive)
paratélique {adj} :: paratelic
paratomie {f} [biology] :: paratomy
paratomique {adj} [biology] :: paratomic
paratonnerre {m} :: lightning rod
paraître {v} :: to appear (become visible)
paraître {v} [usually in passive] :: to be published
paraître {v} :: to appear, to seem
paraître {m} :: appearance
paratuberculeux {adj} [biology] :: paratuberculous
paratuberculose {f} :: paratuberculosis
paratyphoïde {f} [pathology] :: paratyphoid
parauk {m} :: Parauk
paraussien {adj} :: Of or from Saint-Louis-et-Parahou
Paraussien {m} :: A native or inhabitant of Saint-Louis-et-Parahou
paravalanche {m} :: snow fence
paravent {m} :: folding screen
paraxonique {adj} :: paraxonic
paraysien {adj} :: Of or from Paray-Vieille-Poste
paraysien {adj} :: Of or from Paray-le-Frésil
Paraysien {m} :: Native or inhabitant of Paray-Vieille-Poste
Paraysien {m} :: Native or inhabitant of Paray-le-Frésil
Paraysienne {f} :: feminine singular of Paraysien
parazois {adj} :: Of or from Paraza
parbleu {interj} [archaic] :: by Jove; gadzooks
par bonheur {adv} :: luckily, fortunately
parc {m} :: park
parc {m} :: playpen (for children)
parc {m} :: pen (for animals)
parc {m} :: (total) number; stock (de (of))
parc aquatique {m} :: water park, aquapark
parc aux petits {f} [Louisiana French, Cajun French] :: a Cajun dancing room
parce {prep} :: only used in parce que
parcellaire {adj} :: Of or pertaining to parcels or plots (of land etc)
parcelle {f} :: parcel (piece of land)
parcellisation {f} :: fragmentation
parcellisation {f} :: parcelling out
parcelliser {vt} :: to parcel out
parce que {conj} :: because
parceque {conj} [obsolete] :: for parce que
parc fermé {m} :: A park which is closed, or with restricted entry
parc fermé {m} [motor racing] :: A secure car park where competing cars must be left, for example during rest periods, and where no maintenance, repairs, or enhancements may be carried out
par chance {adv} :: luckily, fortunately
parchemin {m} :: parchment (material)
parcheminé {adj} :: wrinkled
parcheminé {adj} :: papery
parcimonie {f} :: parsimony (great reluctance to spend money unnecessarily)
parcimonieusement {adv} :: parsimoniously
parcimonieux {adj} :: parsimonious
par-ci, par-là {adv} :: here and there
parcmètre {m} :: parking meter
parcomètre {m} :: parking meter
par conséquent {adv} :: consequently; as a result
par conséquent {adv} :: thus, ergo
par conséquent {adv} :: accordingly
par contre {adv} [idiomatic] :: on the other hand (from another point of view); however
par contumace {adv} :: in absentia (while not present)
par à-coups {adv} :: in fits and starts
parcourir {v} :: to go through, to pass through
parcourir {v} :: to read through, to skim
parcours {m} :: route, course
parcours {m} :: career
parcours {m} [historical] :: a traditional roaming or grazing right
parcours {m} [golf] :: round; course
parcours du combattant {m} :: assault course, obstacle course
parcours du combattant {m} [figuratively] :: painful and strenuous experience; hassle
parcouru {adj} :: browsed, skimmed
par cœur {adv} :: by heart, by rote
par-delà {prep} :: beyond, across
pardessus {m} :: overcoat (garment)
par-dessus {prep} :: over (the top of)
par-dessus bord {adv} :: overboard
par-dessus la jambe {adv} [colloquial] :: slipshodly, slapdash, offhandedly, in an offhand manner, rushedly
par-dessus le marché {adv} [colloquial] :: into the bargain, to boot, on top of that
pardi {interj} [dated] :: (yes,) obviously! (yes,) for God's sake! (yes,) of course!
pardieu {interj} [dated] :: by God
pardon {interj} :: excuse me
pardon {interj} :: sorry
pardon {m} :: pardon, forgiveness
pardonnable {adj} :: pardonable
pardonner {v} :: to pardon, forgive
pardonner {vt} :: to excuse
pare-balle {adj} :: bulletproof
pare-brise {m} :: windscreen (UK), windshield (US)
pare-choc {m} :: bumper [UK], fender [US]
pare-chocs {m} :: bumper [UK], fender [US]
pare-feu {m} :: fireguard
pare-feu {m} :: (in forest) firebreak
pare-feu {m} [computing, Internet] :: firewall
pareil {adj} :: such
pareil {adj} :: like, alike, same
pareillement {adv} :: likewise; in the same way; equally
pareillement {adv} :: too; also
parement {m} [construction, clothing] :: facing
parenchymateux {adj} [biology] :: parenchymatous
parenchymateux {adj} [medicine] :: parenchymal
parenchyme {m} :: parenchyma
parent {m} :: relative, relation, family member
parent {m} [Louisiana French, singular] :: parent
parent {m} [in the plural] :: ancestors
parent {m} [in the plural] :: parents
parent {adj} :: related
parent {adj} :: similar
parenté {f} :: kinship
Parent {prop} :: surname
parental {adj} :: parental
parentalité {f} :: parenthood
parente {f} :: feminine noun of parent
parenthèse {f} :: a parenthesis, a digression
parenthèse {f} :: either of a pair of round brackets
parentèle {f} :: relative, relation
parentèle {f} :: (collectively) kin, relatives
parentèle {f} :: (biology, inheritance) parentela
parent pauvre {m} [with the definite article le] :: poor relation
parentéral {adj} :: parenteral
parentéralement {adv} :: parenterally
parer {v} :: to adorn; to bedeck
parer {v} :: to fend off
parer {v} [fencing] :: to parry
parer {vr} :: to get dressed up (in one's finest clothes)
paresse {f} :: laziness
paresser {vt} :: to laze about; loaf
paresseusement {adv} :: lazily
paresseusement {adv} :: sluggishly
paresseux {adj} :: lazy
paresseux {m} :: lazy person; slacker
paresseux {m} :: a sloth
par ex. {abbr} :: par exemple
par excellence {adv} :: by or in virtue of excellence
par exemple {adv} :: for example, for instance
par exemple {adv} [Quebec] :: on the other hand
parfaire {v} [literary] :: to finish, to complete
parfaire {v} :: to make a supplementary payment
parfait {adj} :: perfect (exactly right)
parfait {m} [grammar] :: perfect tense
parfaitement {adv} :: perfectly
parfois {adv} :: sometimes
parfum {m} :: perfume (scented toiletry)
parfum {m} :: scent, desirable smell
parfum {m} :: flavour, aroma, taste (e.g., of ice cream)
parfumé {adj} :: perfumed
parfumer {v} :: to perfume (to apply a scent)
parfumerie {f} :: perfumery (shop selling perfumes)
parfumerie {f} :: perfumery (perfume products)
parfumerie {f} :: perfume industry; the art of perfume
parfumeur {m} :: perfumer (maker of perfumes)
parfumeur {m} :: perfumer (someone who sells perfumes)
parfumeuse {f} :: feminine singular of parfumeur
par hasard {adv} :: at random, by chance
par hasard {adv} :: by any chance
parhélie {f} :: parhelion (bright spot in the sky due to refraction of the sun by ice crystals)
pari {m} :: wager, bet
pari {m} :: gamble, risk
paria {mf} :: pariah
pariage {m} :: A feudal association between a (typically ecclesiastical) lord and a more powerful one
par ici {adv} :: over here, here (to this place)
par ici {adv} :: around here
paréidolie {f} :: pareidolia
paréidolien {adj} :: pareidolic
parier {v} :: to bet (make a guess about the outcome of an event)
parieur {m} :: gambler
parieuse {f} :: feminine noun of parieur
parigot {adj} [colloquial, pejorative] :: Parisian
Parigot {m} [colloquial] :: Parisian
Parigote {f} :: feminine noun of Parigot
Paris {prop} {mf} {m} :: Paris (in France)
Pariseau {prop} :: surname
parisien {adj} :: Parisian; relating to Paris or its inhabitants
Parisien {m} :: Parisian (someone from Paris)
parisienne {f} [printing, dated] :: A small size of type, standardized as 5 point
Parisienne {f} :: Parisienne
parisis {adj} :: As minted in Paris
Paris ne s'est pas fait en un jour {proverb} :: Rome wasn't built in a day
Parisome {prop} {f} :: The genus Parisoma: formerly one of the genera of warblers, in family Sylviidae, but now often taken to be a superspecies within genus Sylvia
Parisot {prop} :: surname
parité {f} :: equality, parity
paritaire {adj} :: parity, equality (attributive)
paritaire {adj} :: egalitarian
pariétaire {f} :: pellitory, lichwort (Parietaria officinalis)
pariétal {adj} :: parietal
pariétine {f} :: parietin
pariétopleure {f} [anatomy] :: synonym of somatopleure
Parizeau {prop} :: surname
parjure {m} :: forswearing, abjuration
parjure {m} :: betrayal, disloyalty, treachery
parjure {m} :: betrayer, traitor, disloyal person
parjurer {v} :: to forswear, abjure
parker {vt} [Quebec] :: to park (a vehicle)
parking {m} :: car park
parkinsonien {adj} :: parkinsonian, Parkinsonian
parkour {m} :: Free running, parkour
par là {adv} :: over there
par là {adv} :: (by extension) by that, that way
parlé {adj} :: colloquial
parlabilité {f} :: speakability
parlable {adj} [of a person] :: reasonable
parlant {adj} :: telling, eloquent
parle à ma main {phrase} [colloquial] :: talk to the hand
parlement {m} :: parliament
parlementaire {adj} :: parliamentary
parlementairement {adv} :: parliamentarily
parlementarisme {m} :: parliamentarism (parliamentary government)
parlementer {v} :: to negotiate, discuss, argue things over
parler {vi} :: To speak or talk
parler {vt} :: to be able to communicate in a language; to speak
parler {v} [heraldry] :: To cant; (of a coat of arms) to make a pun of its bearer's name
parler {m} :: parlance
parler de la pluie et du beau temps {v} :: to make small talk, to chit-chat
parler de soi-même {v} :: to speak for oneself
parler de tout et de rien {v} :: to make small talk, to chit-chat
parler français comme une vache espagnole {v} [simile, colloquial] :: to speak French poorly
parler pour ne rien dire {v} :: to talk for the sake of talking, to waffle
parles-tu anglais {phrase} [colloquial] :: do you speak English?
parleur {adj} :: talkative
parleur {m} :: speaker (someone who speaks)
parleuse {f} :: feminine noun of parleur
parlez-vous anglais {phrase} [formal] :: do you speak English?
parélie {f} :: alternative form of parhélie
parloir {m} :: parlour (of house, covent)
parloir {m} :: visitors' room (of hospital, school); visiting room (of prison)
parloir {m} :: greenroom (in theatre etc.)
parloir aux bourgeois {m} [archaic] :: guild-hall, town hall
parlote {f} :: chitchat
parloteur {m} :: chatterer
parloteuse {f} :: feminine noun of parloteur
parlure {f} :: parlance, turn of phrase
parme {m} :: mauve (colour)
parme {m} :: Parma ham, prosciutto
Parme {prop} :: Parma, city in Italy
Parme {prop} :: Parma, province of Italy
parmentier {m} :: mashed potato
parmesan {adj} :: Parmesan (from Parma)
par mégarde {adv} :: inadvertently; accidentally; by mistake
parmi {prep} :: among, amongst
parmi {prep} :: amid, amidst
Parménas {prop} :: Parmenas
Parménide {prop} {m} :: Parmenides
par monts et par vaux {adv} [figuratively, colloquial] :: up hill and down dale
Parnasse {prop} {m} :: Parnassus (Greek mountain)
Parnasse {prop} {m} :: Parnassianism, 19th century literary movement
parænese {f} :: obsolete form of parénèse
parænetique {adj} :: obsolete form of parénétique
parénèse {f} [religion] :: Parenesis
parénétique {adj} :: parenetic, parenetical
paro {adj} [slang] :: neurotic
parodie {f} :: parody
parodier {v} :: to parody
parodique {adj} :: parodic
parodiquement {adv} :: parodically
parodonte {m} [anatomy] :: periodontium
paroi {f} [anatomy, botany] :: wall
paroi {f} :: inner wall, inside surface (of receptacle etc.)
paroi {f} :: side (of bathtub etc.)
paroisse {f} :: parish
paroissial {adj} :: parochial, [attributive] parish
paroissien {m} :: parishioner
paroissienne {f} :: feminine noun of paroissien
parole {f} :: utterance, expression (a unit of discourse, firstly oral)
parole {f} :: voice, spoken word
parole {f} [in the plural] :: lyrics, words (of a song)
parole {f} :: promise, word
parole {f} :: floor; the right to speak in a legislative assembly
Parole {prop} :: Word
parole d'évangile {f} [figuratively] :: gospel truth, gospel
parole d'Évangile {f} :: alternative spelling of parole d'évangile
paroli {m} [game] :: a double stake
parolier {m} :: lyricist
parolière {f} :: feminine noun of parolier
paronomase {f} :: paronomasia
paronyme {f} :: almost homonym
parotide {adj} :: parotid
parotide {f} [anatomy] :: parotid (gland)
parotidectomie {f} [surgery] :: parotidectomy
parotidien {adj} [anatomy] :: parotid
parotique {adj} [anatomy] :: parotic
paroxysme {m} :: height
paroxysme {m} :: paroxysm
paroxystique {adj} :: paroxysmal
parpaing {m} :: perpend stone, through stone
parpaing {m} [metonymy] :: breeze-block (building block)
parpaing {adj} :: through (stone, ashlar)
par pitié {interj} :: please, pray, for pity's sake, mercy, have mercy, for the love of God, for God's sake, I beg you
parquer {vt} :: to pen, corral
parquer {vt} :: to park
parquet {m} :: parquet (floor)
parquet {m} [legal, with definite article] :: the prosecution
parqueter {vt} :: to lay a parquet floor
parrain {m} [religion] :: godfather
parrain {m} :: namer, christener (of a ship)
parrain {m} :: sponsor, proposer; patron
parrainage {m} :: patronage
parrainage {m} :: sponsorship, promotion
parrainage {m} :: christening, naming
parrainer {v} :: to mentor
parrainer {v} :: to sponsor
par rapport à {prep} :: in relation to
par rapport à {prep} :: compared to
parricide {m} :: someone who commits parricide
parricide {m} :: parricide, murder of one's close relative
parrilla {m} :: grill, barbeque (equipment)
parsemable {adj} :: sprinklable, scatterable
parsemer {vt} :: to sprinkle, scatter, strew (de with)
parsemer {vt} :: to be scattered or strewn over
parésie {f} :: paresis (partial paralysis)
par suite de {conj} :: as a result of, due to
part {f} :: share
part {f} :: portion, part
part {f} :: proportion
part {m} :: newborn
partagé {adj} :: conflicted, undecided, unsure
partage {m} :: sharing (act of sharing)
partager {v} :: to share
partager {v} :: to divide up
partager {v} :: to divide
partager {v} :: to share out
partageur {m} :: sharer (one who shares, especially willingly)
partageuse {f} :: feminine singular of partageur
partageux {m} :: synonym of partageur
partance {f} :: leaving
partant {m} :: runner, starter [in a foot race or horse race]
partant {m} :: a person who is leaving or departing
partant {adj} :: leaving, ready to leave
partant {adj} [colloquial] :: down, up for, game, keen, available
partant {conj} [archaic, literary] :: consequently, therefore
part de marché {m} :: market share
part du lion {f} :: lion's share (a generous portion)
partenaire {mf} :: partner
partenarial {adj} :: associative, as a partner
partenariat {m} :: partnership
par terre {adv} :: on the ground
par terre {adj} :: on the ground
parterre {m} :: part of a garden that is divided into flowerbeds
parterre {m} :: the part of a theater between the stalls and the rear
parterre {m} [by extension] :: the members of a theater audience seated in the parterre
parterre {m} [by analogy] :: an assembly or group of people
parthe {adj} :: Parthian (relating to Parthia)
Parthie {prop} :: Parthia
parthénogenèse {f} [biology] :: parthenogenesis
parthénogénèse {f} :: alternative form of parthénogenèse
parthénogénétique {adj} [biology] :: parthenogenetic
parthénogénétiquement {adv} :: parthenogenetically
parthénote {m} [biology] :: parthenote
parti {adj} [heraldry] :: divided into two equal parts vertically, per pale; said of an escutcheon
parti {m} [politics] :: party
parti {m} :: parti
parti {m} :: course of action
partial {adj} :: partial, biased
partialement {adv} :: in a biased manner
partialité {f} :: partiality, bias
participant {m} :: participant
participante {f} :: feminine noun of participant
participatif {adj} :: participatory
participation {f} :: participation
participationniste {mf} :: participant
participativement {adv} :: participatively
participe {m} :: participle
participe passé {m} :: past participle
participe présent {m} :: present participle
participer {vi} :: To participate (in = à)
participer {vi} :: To donate (to = à)
participial {adj} :: participial
participialement {adv} :: participially
Parti conservateur {prop} [politics] :: Conservative Party or Conservative party
particulaire {adj} :: particulate
particulaire {adj} [physics] :: particle (attributive)
particulariser {v} :: To particularise
particularisme {m} :: particularism; quirk
particulariste {m} :: particularist
particularité {f} :: oddity, particularity
particule {f} [particle, grammar] :: particle
particule élémentaire {f} [particle] :: elementary particle
particulier {adj} :: particular
particulier {adj} :: peculiar
particulier {m} :: an individual; a specified person
particulièrement {adv} :: particularly, specifically
particulièrement {adv} :: especially
particulièrement {adv} :: in particular
partidaire {adj} :: partisan, party political
partie {f} :: part (portion, amount)
partie {f} [legal] :: party
partie {f} :: game, play (sense "the conduct, or course of a game")
partie de jambes en l'air {f} [figuratively, colloquial] :: horizontal dancing, a roll in the hay
partie de plaisir {f} [colloquial] :: cake walk, piece of cake, bed of roses
partie du discours {f} :: part of speech
partiel {adj} :: partial (part, no full)
partiel {m} :: overtone (harmonic)
partiel {m} [France, colloquial] :: midterm exam
partiellement {adv} :: partially, in part
parti politique {m} :: political party (political organization)
parti pris {m} :: alternative form of parti-pris
parti-pris {m} :: bias
Parti Québécois {prop} [Canada, politics] :: a separatist left-leaning Québec political party
partir {vt} [obsolete] :: to share, to share out, to divide
partir {vi} :: to go away, leave, depart
partir {vi} :: to originate
partir {vi} :: to die
partir {vi} [figuratively] :: to emanate
partir {vt} [Quebec, colloquial] :: to start
partir du mauvais pied {v} [idiomatic] :: To start off on the wrong foot
partir en couille {vi} [vulgar] :: to go awry, to hit the fan, to go to shit
partir en fumée {vi} [figuratively] :: to go up in smoke
partir en sucette {vi} [colloquial] :: to go awry, to hit the fan, to go pear-shaped
partir en vrille {vi} [colloquial] :: to go awry, to hit the fan, to go pear-shaped
partir sans demander son reste {v} [figuratively] :: to leave without further ado, to leave without a murmur, to take to one's heels
partisan {m} :: supporter, proponent, advocate
partisan {adj} :: partisan, partial
partisan {adj} :: in favour of
partisane {f} :: partisan (fervent supporter of a party)
partitif {adj} :: partitive (indicating a part)
partitif {m} :: partitive
partitif {m} :: partitive case
partition {f} [heraldry] :: a (geometrical) division using two colors
partition {f} [music] :: a score, often comprising all parts
partition {f} [databases, computing] :: partition
partitioniste {m} :: alternative form of partitionniste
partitionnement {m} :: the act of partitioning
partitionner {v} :: to partition
partitionniste {m} [Canada, politics] :: partitionist (a political partisan who favours the partition of the province of Quebec with the western, southern portions and Montreal forming a separate province or country from the rest of Quebec)
Parti vert {prop} {m} [politics] :: Green Party
partouse {f} [slang] :: orgy
par tous les temps {adv} :: come rain or shine
partout {adv} :: everywhere
partout ailleurs {adv} :: everywhere else
partouze {f} :: alternative form of partouse
parâtre {m} :: stepfather, father-in-law (especially an evil one)
partschinite {f} [mineral] :: spessartine
parturiente {f} :: parturient
party {mf} [Canada] :: party (social gathering)
paruline {f} :: warbler (specifically, a wood-warbler, member of the Parulidae family)
parure {f} :: parure
parure {f} :: finery
parution {f} :: apparition
parution {f} :: creation
parution {f} :: publication
parvenir {v} :: (intransitive; followed by à) to reach
parvenir {v} :: (intransitive; followed by à) to succeed
parvenu {adj} :: parvenu
parvenu {m} :: parvenu
parvis {m} [historical] :: parvis
parvis {m} :: forecourt, square
pas {m} :: step, pace, footstep
pas {m} [geography] :: strait (e.g., Pas de Calais, "Strait of Dover")
pas {adv} :: [ne ... pas] not
pas {adv} [colloquial, spoken] :: not
pascal {adj} :: paschal
pascal {m} :: pascal
Pascal {prop} :: given name of Latin origin
Pascal {prop} :: surname
Pascale {prop} :: given name, feminine form of Pascal
pascalien {adj} :: Pascalian
Pascaline {prop} :: given name, feminine diminutive form of Pascal
pasdaran {m} :: pasdaran
pas d'armes {m} :: joust; tilt; tourney
pas de {prep} [Quebec, colloquial] :: without
Pas de Calais {prop} :: The English Channel or Strait of Dover, the North Sea strait between Dover (England) and Calais (France)
Pas-de-Calais {prop} :: A département of northern France, bordering the North Sea and Belgium
pas de nouvelle, bonnes nouvelles {proverb} :: no news is good news
pas de nouvelles, bonnes nouvelles {proverb} :: no news is good news
pas de problème {interj} :: No problem!
pas de quoi {interj} [colloquial] :: you're welcome (after being thanked)
pas des masses {adv} [colloquial] :: not much
pas du tout {adv} :: not at all, not in the least, by no means
pas du tout {interj} :: not at all!
pas encore {adv} :: not yet
pas encore {adv} :: not again
pasionaria {f} :: A female political activist, usually in a left-wing organization
pas japonais {m} :: stepping stone (stone used to cross something)
pas le moins du monde {adv} :: not in the least, not in the slightest, not at all, by no means
pas mal {adv} :: not bad (reasonably good)
pas mal {adv} [idiomatic, colloquial] :: a lot of, loads of
pas mal {adj} :: not bad
paso doble {m} :: paso doble (dance)
pas à pas {adv} :: step by step (gradually)
pas question {interj} [colloquial] :: no way (indicates rejection)
passé {m} :: past tense
passé {m} :: past (opposite of future)
passable {adj} :: Passable; tolerable; fair
passablement {adv} :: passably or reasonably well
passage {m} :: The act of going through a place or event
passage {m} :: The time when such an act occurs
passage {m} [uncountable] :: Circulation, traffic, movement
passage {m} [astronomy] :: Moment when a star or planet occults another,or crosses a meridian
passage {m} :: A short stay
passage {m} :: A trip or travel, especially by boat
passage {m} :: The act of going from a state to another
passage {m} :: Graduation from a school year
passage {m} :: The act of making something undergo a process
passage {m} :: the act of handing something to someone
passage {m} :: An access way
passage {m} :: A laid out way allowing to go across something
passage {m} :: An alley or alleyway off-limits to cars
passage {m} :: A paragraph or section of text or music
passage clouté {m} [European French] :: Pedestrian crossing
passage à l'acte {m} [psychology] :: Impulsive acting out
passage à niveau {m} :: Level crossing
passage piéton {m} :: pedestrian crossing
passager {m} :: Passenger
passager {m} [archaic] :: Traveller
passager {adj} :: Whose presence in a location is only temporary; passing
passager {adj} :: Of a short duration; temporary; transitory, fleeting, flighty
passager {adj} [colloquial, of a street or place] :: Busy
passage à tabac {m} [idiomatic] :: a thorough beating
passage à vide {m} :: funny turn, bad patch, slump, dry spell
passagère {f} :: feminine noun of passager
passagèrement {adv} :: temporarily, transiently
passant {m} :: passer-by
passant {m} :: loop (in belt etc.)
passant {adj} :: busy (as in a busy street)
passant {adj} [heraldry] :: passant
passé antérieur {m} [grammar] :: past anterior
passation {f} [legal] :: handover (of legal documents), transferal (of power or office)
passation de pouvoir {f} :: handover of power or office
passation de témoin {f} :: handover
passé composé {m} :: A past tense in French grammar, to express a completed ('perfect') action
passé de mode {adj} :: antiquated, out of fashion, old-fashioned
passe {f} :: pass (the act of passing)
passe {f} :: pass (passageway)
passe {f} [sports] :: pass
passe {f} :: pass (document allowing entry)
passe décisive {f} [soccer] :: assist
passe-droit {m} :: (unwarranted) favour, favouritism
passe-droit {m} :: permission
passe en avant {f} [rugby] :: forward pass
passe-montagne {m} :: balaclava
passe-plat {m} :: hatch, opening for serving food
passeport {m} :: passport (official document)
passer {v} :: to go past
passer {v} :: to cross (a border)
passer {v} [legal] :: to pass
passer {v} :: to spend (time)
passer {v} :: to publish (a newspaper)
passer {vt} :: to take, to sit (an exam or test)
passer {vi} :: to pass (an exam or test)
passer {vt} [dated] :: to pass (an exam or test)
passer {v} [public transportation] :: to run
passer {v} :: to exceed (a limit)
passer {v} :: to percolate
passer {v} :: to hand down, to pass on
passer {v} :: to be allowed
passer {vi} :: to pass, to go (between two entities)
passer {vt} :: to show (a movie)
passer {v} :: to go up (a grade)
passer {v} :: to shift (change gear)
passer {v} :: to go down
passer {v} :: to go up
passer {v} :: to stop by, to pop in
passer {v} :: to pass away, to die
passer {v} [music] :: to spin (e.g. a disk)
passer {v} [TV] :: to show (be on television)
passer {v} [sports] :: to pass (kick, throw, hit etc. the ball to another player)
passer {v} [athletics] :: to pass (the relay baton)
passer {v} :: to pass on (infect someone else with a disease)
passer {vt} :: to put, to place, to slip (move a part of one's body somewhere else)
passer {v} :: to wipe, rub
passer {v} :: to skip a go
passer {v} :: to put (make something undergo something)
passer {v} [card games] :: to pass (not play upon one's turn)
passer {vr} :: to take place, to happen, to come to pass
passer {vr} [for time] :: to go by
passer {vr} [with de] :: to do without
passerage {f} :: cress (of genus Lepidium)
passer au crible {vt} :: to comb through, to comb over, to fine-tooth comb
passer au peigne fin {vt} :: to comb through, to comb over, to fine-tooth comb, to trawl
passer à autre chose {v} [colloquial, figuratively] :: to turn over a new leaf, to move on
passer comme une lettre à la poste {v} [colloquial, simile] :: To go very well, without a hitch; to hit the spot, to be just the thing
passer crème {v} [slang] :: To go very well, without a hitch; to hit the spot, to be just the thing
passer de vie à trépas {v} [idiomatic] :: to pass away, to die
passereau {m} :: sparrow
passereau {m} :: passerine
passerelle {f} :: footbridge
passerelle {f} [nautical] :: bridge
passerelle {f} [aviation, nautical] :: gangway, bridge
passerelle {f} [computing] :: gateway
passer entre les mailles du filet {v} [figuratively] :: to slip through the cracks, to fall through the cracks, to slip through the net
passerillage {m} :: The exposure of cut bunches of grapes to the sun in order to increase the concentration of sugar prior to winemaking
passeriller {vt} [oenology] :: to dry bunches of grapes by exposing them to the sun prior to winemaking
passer à l'acte {v} :: to take action, to act
passer à l'acte {vi} :: to act out
passer à la moulinette {v} [idiomatic] :: to rip to shreds (mock severely)
passer l'arme à gauche {v} [colloquial] :: to kick the bucket, to die
passer l'aspirateur {v} :: to vacuum, to hoover
passer le Rubicon {v} [idiomatic] :: to cross the Rubicon
passer les bornes {v} [rare] :: alternative form of dépasser les bornes
passer outre {v} :: to overlook
passer outre {v} :: to ignore
passer outre {v} :: to carry on regardless
passer par les armes {vt} :: To execute by firing squad
passer par les mains {v} :: to pass through the hands (of)
passer ses nerfs sur {v} [figuratively, colloquial] :: to take it out on, to vent one's spleen on
passer sous le nez {v} [à] :: [colloquial] to slip through someone's fingers, to slip past someone, to pass by someone (of an occasion, opportunity, etc.)
passer sur le billard {phrase} [literally] :: To get passed on the operating table
passer sur le billard {phrase} [idiomatic] :: To undergo a surgical procedure; To go under the knife
passer à tabac {v} :: to beat thoroughly
passer un savon {v} [followed by the preposition à] :: to tell off, to haul someone over the coals
passe-temps {m} :: hobby; pastime
passe-thé {m} :: tea strainer, tea infuser
passette {f} :: strainer
passeur {m} [sports] :: passer
passeur {m} :: ferryman
passeur {m} :: smuggler; (drugs) courier
passeuse {f} :: feminine noun of passeur
passez-moi l'expression {adv} :: pardon my French, excuse my French
passibilité {f} :: liability
passible {adj} :: punishable (appropriate for punishment)
passif {m} [grammar] :: the passive voice
passif {adj} :: passive
passing {m} :: [juggling] passing
passion {f} [countable and uncountable] :: passion
passionné {adj} :: passionate, impassioned
passionnant {adj} :: evoking passion or enthusiasm
passionnel {adj} :: passionate
passionnel {adj} :: passion (attributive)
passionnellement {adv} :: passionately
passionner {v} :: to impassionate, to motivate
passionner {vr} :: [pour] to take an avid interest in
passionnément {adv} :: passionately
passéisme {m} :: passeism (nostalgia for the past)
passéiste {adj} :: passéist, backward-looking
passivement {adv} :: passively
passiver {vt} [grammar] :: to make passive
passiver {vt} [chemistry] :: to passivate
passivité {f} :: passivity, passiveness
passoire {f} :: sieve
passoire {f} :: colander
Passot {prop} :: surname
passé simple {m} :: the past historic
passé surcomposé {m} [grammar] :: A past tense using two auxiliary verbs to conjugate
Passy {prop} :: A district of Paris
pastafarisme {m} :: Pastafarianism
pastaga {m} [slang] :: pastis
pastel {m} :: pastel
pastelliste {mf} :: pastellist
pastenade {f} :: synonym of panais
pastenague {f} :: stingray
pasteur {m} :: shepherd
pasteur {m} :: pastor, a title of Protestant ministers
Pasteur {prop} :: surname
Pasteur {prop} :: Louis Pasteur, French biologist
pasteuriser {v} :: to pasteurise
pasticher {v} :: to imitate, pastiche
pastillage {m} :: The mounting of components on a printed circuit board
pastillage {m} :: An ornament (such as a flower) mounted on a ceramic
pastille {f} [archaic] :: small roll of dough containing fragrant ingredients baked in order to perfume the air
pastille {f} :: pastille, lozenge, drop (medicinal or candy)
pastille {f} :: lozenge-shaped figure in a design
pastille {f} :: The conductive part of a printed circuit board that components are fixed to
pastis {m} :: pastis
pastis {m} [South East of France] :: mess, difficult situation
pastophore {m} [historical] :: pastophorus
pastoral {adj} :: pastoral
pastoralement {adv} :: pastorally
pastoralisme {m} :: pastoralism
pastoraliste {adj} :: pastoralist
pas touche {interj} [colloquial] :: hands off! paws off! mitts off!
pastourelle {f} :: feminine noun of pastoureau
pastèque {f} :: watermelon (plant)
pastèque {f} :: watermelon (fruit)
pastrami {m} :: pastrami
pas trop tôt {interj} [colloquial] :: about time!
pat {m} [chess] :: stalemate
PAT {prop} {f} [Quebec] :: PAT ; Pointe-aux-Trembles - a municipality in the province of Quebec, Canada
patache {f} :: patache (carriage)
patachon {m} [historical] :: coach driver (driver of a patache)
patagon {adj} :: Patagonian
Patagonie {prop} {f} :: Patagonia
pataphysicien {m} :: pataphysician
pataphysicienne {f} :: feminine noun of pataphysicien
pataphysique {f} [literature, humorously] :: pataphysics (absurdist philosophy)
pataquès {m} :: intrusive s, intrusive t (a type of speech error whereby a word-final /t/ or /s/ is pronounced for euphony, though it is not part of the word's spelling)
pataquès {m} :: malapropism
pataquès {m} [colloquial] :: jumble, muddle
Patara {prop} :: Patara (ancient city in Lycia)
pataras {m} [nautical] :: backstay
patassa {m} [Louisiana French, ] :: perch
patate {f} [chiefly Canada, Louisiana French] :: potato
patate douce {f} :: sweet potato
pataterie {f} [Louisiana French, ] :: a restaurant that specializes in serving french fries
patates pilées {fp} :: mashed potatoes
patatoïdal {adj} :: Having the lumpy, spherical form of a potato
patatoïde {m} :: Any lumpy, spherical object more-or-less having the form of a potato
patatras {interj} :: kerplunk
pataud {adj} :: lumbering, lumpish
pataugeant {adj} :: wading, paddling
pataugeoire {f} :: wading pool
patauger {v} :: to paddle, to wade (to walk in shallow water), to splash about
patch {f} [computing] :: patch (piece of code used to fix a bug)
patchouli {m} :: patchouli (plant)
patchouli {m} :: patchouli (oil)
patchoulène {m} [organic compound] :: patchoulene
patchwork {m} :: patchwork
patelin {m} :: backwater
patelin {m} :: one-horse town
patelin {adj} :: fawning; unctuous
patelle {f} :: limpet
patemment {adv} [archaic or literary] :: patently
Patenaude {prop} :: surname
patenté {adj} :: patented
patenté {adj} :: licensed
patenôtre {f} [obsolete, religion] :: the Lord's prayer
paternalisme {m} :: A paternalism
paternaliste {adj} :: paternalist
paternel {adj} :: paternal
paternellement {adv} :: paternally
paternité {f} :: fatherhood
paternité {f} :: authorship
pateter {v} [Switzerland] :: to dawdle
-pathe {suffix} :: -path
-pathie {suffix} :: -pathy
pathogène {adj} :: pathogenic
pathogénie {f} :: pathogeny
pathogénique {adj} [medicine] :: pathogenic
pathogénèse {f} :: pathogenesis
pathologie {f} :: pathology
pathologique {adj} :: pathological; pathologic
pathologiquement {adv} :: pathologically
pathologiste {mf} :: pathologist (expert in pathology)
pathétique {adj} :: pathetic
pathétique {adj} :: pathetic, contemptible
pathétiquement {adv} :: pathetically
patibulaire {adj} :: sinister
patidar {m} :: Patidar
patiemment {adv} :: patiently
patience {f} :: Patience
patient {adj} :: patient
patient {m} :: a patient, an outpatient
patiente {f} :: feminine singular of patient
patienter {v} :: to be patient
patienter {v} :: to wait patiently
patientèle {f} [neologism] :: all the patients of a medical practitioner; patient base, body of patients
patin {m} :: slipper
patin {m} :: skate; blade; runner
patin {m} [mechanics] :: brake shoe; brake pad
patin {m} [slang] :: French kiss
patinage {m} :: skating
patinage {m} :: ice-skating
patinage {m} :: roller skating
patinage {m} :: loss of traction (of a motor vehicle)
patinage artistique {m} :: figure skating
patinage de vitesse {m} :: speed skating (the sport of racing around an oval course on ice skates)
patinage à glace {m} :: ice skating
patinage à roues alignées {m} :: in-line skating
patinage à roulettes {m} :: rollerskating
patinage synchronisé {m} :: synchronized skating [US] / synchronised skating [UK]
patine {f} :: patina, an oxidation like on bronze or similar effect
patiner {vi} :: to ice-skate
patiner {vt} :: to falter
patineur {m} :: skater
patineuse {f} :: feminine noun of patineur
patin à glace {m} [uncountable] :: ice skating
patin à glace {m} [countable] :: ice skate
patinoire {f} :: skating rink
patin à quatre roues {m} :: old-style four-wheel rollerskate
patin à roues alignées {m} :: inline skate (inline rollerskate)
patin à roulettes {m} :: roller skate
patin à roulettes quatre roues {m} :: old-style four-wheel rollerskate
patio {m} :: patio
patisserie {f} [Canada] :: cake shop
patisserie {f} [Canada] :: the pastries produced by a patissier
patissoie {f} :: Variant of pâtissoie
Patmos {prop} :: Patmos (island of Greece)
patène {f} :: paten, diskos
patois {m} :: patois (French dialect)
patois {m} :: patois (any regional dialect)
patois {m} [Louisiana French] :: saying, maxim, proverb, adage
patoisant {adj} :: Characteristic of a patois
patoisant {adj} :: Speaking in a patois
patoisement {adv} :: (speaking) in a patois
patoisement {m} :: The formation of a patois
patoiser {vi} :: to speak in patois
patou {m} :: Pyrenean mountain dog
patouner {v} :: Of cats: to knead with the paws
patraque {adj} :: out of sorts, under the weather
paître {vi} :: to graze
patère {f} [archaeology] :: patera
patère {f} :: peg (a protrusion used to hang things on)
patriarcal {adj} :: patriarchal
patriarcalement {adv} :: patriarchally
patriarcat {m} :: patriarchate
patriarche {m} :: patriarch
patrice {m} [antiquity] :: patrician
Patrice {prop} {m} :: given name, French form of Patrick
Patricia {prop} :: given name
patriciat {m} :: patriciate
patricien {adj} :: patrician
patricien {m} [historical] :: patrician
Patrick {prop} :: given name, the English form of Patrice, quite popular in France
patrie {f} :: homeland, home country, country of origin, fatherland
patrilatéral {adj} :: patrilateral
patrilatéralement {adv} :: patrilaterally
patrimoine {m} :: patrimony, estate
patrimoine {m} :: heritage
patrimoine {m} :: capital, holdings
patrimonial {adj} :: patrimonial
patrimonialement {adv} :: patrimonially
patriotard {adj} :: Excessively nationalistic; flag-waving; chauvinistic
patriote {mf} :: patriot
patriote {adj} :: patriotic
Patriote {m} [Canada] :: Patriote (Lower Canada Rebellion)
Patriote {m} [Canada] :: Patriot (Upper Canada Rebellion)
patriotique {adj} :: patriotic
patriotiquement {adv} :: patriotically
patriotisme {m} :: patriotism
Patrocle {prop} {m} [Greek mythology] :: Patroclus
patron {m} :: boss, employer
patron {m} [sewing and knitting] :: pattern
patronage {m} :: Patronage
patronal {adj} [attributive] :: saint
patronal {adj} [attributive] :: relating to an employer
patronat {m} :: management
patronne {f} :: (female) owner
patronne {f} :: madame (of a brothel)
patronner {vt} :: to sponsor
patronnesse {adj} :: only used in dame patronesse
patronyme {m} :: surname; patronym
patronymique {adj} :: patronymic
patrouille {f} :: patrol
patrouiller {vi} :: to patrol
patrouilleur {m} :: soldier on patrol
patrouilleur {m} :: patrol boat
patrouilleur {m} :: spotter plane
patté {adj} [heraldry] :: (in feminine form) Narrow at the inner end, and very broad at the other end, or having its arms of that shape; said of a cross
patte {f} :: paw [of animal]
patte {f} :: leg [of animal]
patte {f} [anatomy, colloquial] :: leg [of human]
patte-d’oie {f} :: A point where a road splits into one or more other roads, or many roads join into one
patte-d’oie {f} :: crow's feet (wrinkles at the corners of the eye)
pattemouille {f} :: damp cloth used in ironing
pattes d'eph {fp} [colloquial] :: clipping of pattes d'éléphant
pattes d'éléphant {fp} :: bell-bottoms
paturon {m} :: pastern
pauchouse {f} :: A dish of freshwater fish cut into pieces and cooked in white wine
Paul {prop} :: Paul (biblical figure)
Paul {prop} :: given name
Paule {prop} :: given name, feminine form of Paul
Paulette {prop} {f} :: given name
paulien {adj} [legal, of an action] :: taken against a fraudulent debtor
Paulin {prop} :: given name, rare today
Paulin {prop} :: surname
Pauline {prop} {f} :: given name derived from Latin Paulina
pauliste {adj} [religion] :: Paulist (specifically a member of a missionary society founded in New York in 1885)
pauliste {adj} :: of or relating to São Paulo, Brazil
Pauliste {mf} :: A person residing in São Paulo, Brazil
paullinique {adj} [organic chemistry] :: paullinic
paumé {adj} :: lost
paumé {adj} :: out of one's depth
paumé {adj} :: godforsaken
paume {f} :: palm (of hand)
paumer {v} [obsolete] :: to strike, hit
paumer {v} [colloquial] :: to lose
paupiette {f} :: paupiette, (veal) olive
paupière {f} :: eyelid
paupérisation {f} :: pauperization
paupériser {vt} :: to pauperize
paupérisme {m} :: pauperism
paurométabole {m} :: paurometabole
paurométabole {adj} :: paurometabolous
pause {f} :: pause, break
pause {f} [music] :: rest
-pause {suffix} :: -pause
pause-café {f} :: coffee break
pause-déjeuner {f} :: lunchbreak
pause thé {f} :: tea break
pauvre {adj} :: poor (financially deprived)
pauvre {adj} :: lacking, scanty
pauvre {adj} :: poor, pitiable
pauvre {m} :: poor person; pauper
pauvre comme Job {adj} [simile] :: extremely poor; poor as a church mouse
pauvrement {adv} :: poorly
pauvresse {f} :: feminine singular of pauvre
pauvreté {f} :: poverty
pauvret {m} :: Poor little thing (term of commiseration)
pauvrette {f} :: Poor little thing (term of commiseration)
pauvrissime {adj} :: Very poor
pavé {m} :: cobblestone
pavé {m} :: cobblestone street
pavé {m} [geometry] :: parallelepiped
pavé {m} :: pavé (rectangular food)
pavé {m} [colloquial] :: a thick book
pavage {m} :: paving (paved surface, art of constructing such a surface)
pavane {mf} :: pavane
pavaner {vr} :: to strut one's stuff
Pavard {prop} :: surname
pavement {m} :: paving
pavement {m} :: tiled floor
paver {v} :: to cobble, to pave with cobblestones or something similar
paver {v} [Canada, Quebec] :: to pave in any sense (including with asphalt, etc.)
pavesan {adj} :: Of or from Pavia (in Italy)
pavesan {adj} :: Of or from Pavie (in the Midi-Pyrénées)
paveur {m} :: paver
paveur {m} :: paving company
Pavie {prop} {f} :: Pavia
Pavie {prop} {f} :: A town in the Gers department of Midi-Pyrénées
pavillon {m} :: pavilion (tent, structure, ear part)
pavillon {m} :: ensign, flag (nautical flag)
pavillon {m} :: house, villa, lodge
pavillon {m} [music] :: bell (part of brass instrument)
pavillon {m} [heraldry] :: pavilion
pavillon {m} [nautical] :: colours
pavillonnaire {adj} :: pavilioned
pavillon noir {m} :: Jolly Roger (skull flag)
pavlovien {adj} :: Pavlovian (of or relating to the theories of Ivan Pavlov)
pavois {m} :: buckler, shield
pavois {m} [nautical] :: bulwark
pavoisement {m} [nautical] :: bunting
pavoiser {vt} :: to deck with flags
pavot {m} :: poppy (the flower)
pavé tactile {m} :: touchpad (flat surface which is sensitive to touch)
pawnee {m} :: the Pawnee language
paxon {m} :: alternative form of pacson
payant {adj} :: paying, which pays
payant {adj} :: not free, not free of charge, nonfree, that costs money, that charges money, paid (as in paid service)
payant {adj} :: fruitful, that pays off
paye {f} :: salary, pay
paye {f} :: payment
paye {f} [dated] :: payer, someone who pays
paye {f} [colloquial] :: ages, a long time
payement {m} :: alternative spelling of paiement
payer {vt} :: to pay (for)
payer {vt} :: to pay (someone)
payer {v} :: pay for (suffer the consequences of something)
payer {v} :: to pay off (to be fruitful)
payer cher {v} [colloquial] :: to pay dearly
payer de sa poche {v} [figuratively] :: to pay out of one's own pocket
payer les pots cassés {v} :: to pay the piper, to pay the price, to pay the penalty, to be left to pick up the pieces, to be left holding the baby
Payet {prop} :: surname
Payette {prop} :: surname
payeur {m} :: payer (someone who pays)
payeuse {f} :: feminine noun of payeur
pays {m} :: land, country, region
pays {m} [politics, geography] :: country
paysage {m} :: countryside
paysage {m} :: landscape
paysager {adj} [attributive] :: landscape
paysager {adj} [attributive] :: countryside; country
paysager {v} :: to do landscaping; to landscape
paysagiste {mf} :: a land artist
paysagiste {mf} :: a landscape designer, a landscape gardener
paysagiste {mf} :: an artist who specialises in painting the country
paysan {m} :: a peasant
paysan {m} :: someone who lives in the country; ruralite
paysan {m} [pejorative] :: a country bumpkin
paysannat {m} :: peasantry
paysanne {f} :: feminine noun of paysan
paysannerie {f} :: peasantry
Pays-Bas {prop} {mp} :: the Netherlands
Pays de Galles {prop} {m} :: Wales
Pays de la Loire {prop} {fp} :: Pays de la Loire (region of France)
pays d'état {m} [historical] :: pays d'état
pays du Soleil Levant {prop} {m} [periphrasis] :: the Land of the Rising Sun (Japan)
pays du Soleil-Levant {prop} {m} :: alternative spelling of pays du Soleil Levant
pays développé {m} [economics] :: developed country
pays en voie de développement {m} [economics] :: developing country
pb {n} [colloquial] :: Problem
pébioctet {m} :: pebibyte
pébrine {f} :: pébrine
pébroc {m} [colloquial, France] :: umbrella
pébroque {m} [colloquial, France] :: umbrella
PC {abbr} [journalism, in Canada] :: CP initialism of Presse canadienne (Canadian Press)
pécari {m} :: peccary (a family of mammals related to pigs and hippos)
PCC {initialism} [initialism] :: [Canada, politics] Parti conservateur du Canada - Conservative Party of Canada (CPC)
péché {m} [religion] :: sin
péché {m} :: sin
péché capital {m} [theology] :: deadly sin (any of the seven deadly sins)
pêche {f} [countable] :: peach
pêche {f} [uncountable] :: fishing, angling
pêche blanche {f} :: ice fishing
pêche à la mouche {f} :: fly fishing (form of angling)
pêcher {v} :: to fish
pêcher {m} :: peach tree
pécher {v} :: to sin
pécheresse {f} :: feminine noun of pécheur; sinner
pêcherie {f} :: fishery
pêche sous la glace {f} :: ice fishing
pêche sur glace {f} :: ice fishing
pécheur {adj} :: sinning; sinful
pécheur {m} :: sinner
pêcheur {m} :: fisher
pêcheuse {f} :: feminine noun of pêcheur
péché mignon {m} :: guilty pleasure, little weakness, little indulgence
pécho {v} [slang, backslang] :: to nab, catch
pécho {v} [slang] :: to hook up with, get off with
péché originel {m} [Christianity] :: original sin (the state of sin, present in each human at birth, that is a direct result of Adam's disobedience to God)
pôchouse {f} :: alternative form of pauchouse
péché philosophique {m} :: sexual deviancy; sodomy
pécore {f} :: a small farm animal (not necessarily a sheep)
pécore {mf} :: blockhead (stupid person)
pécore {mf} :: peasant
péculat {m} :: peculation
péculativement {adv} :: peculatively
pécule {m} :: savings, nest egg
pécuniaire {adj} :: pecuniary, financial
pécuniairement {adv} :: financially, pecuniarily
PCUS {prop} {mf} [history, politics] :: CPSU (initialism of Partie Communiste de la Union Soviétique)
PCV {initialism} :: (paiement contre vérification) reverse charge call (UK), collect call (US)
pédé {m} [vulgar, offensive, pejorative, slang] :: fag; queer (male homosexual)
PD {m} [vulgar, offensive] :: fag; queer (male homosexual)
pédagogie {f} :: pedagogy; education
pédagogie {f} :: learning
pédagogique {adj} :: pedagogic, pedagogical
pédagogique {adj} :: educational
pédagogique {adj} :: instructional
pædagogique {adj} :: obsolete form of pédagogique
pédagogiquement {adv} :: pedagogically
pædagogue {mf} :: obsolete form of pédagogue
pédagogue {mf} :: pedagogue; educator
pédagogue {mf} :: teacher
pédal {adj} [anatomy] :: pedal
pédalage {m} :: the action or the result of pedalling
pédale {f} :: pedal (of bicycle)
pédale {f} [music] :: pedal (of piano, organ etc.)
pédale {f} [offensive] :: queer, homo (homosexual man)
pédaler {v} :: to pedal (a bicycle)
pédale wha wha {f} :: wah-wah pedal
pédalier {m} :: pedalboard
pédalier {m} [cycling] :: chainset, crankset
pédalo {m} [watercraft] :: pedalo
pédant {m} [obsolete] :: schoolmaster
pédant {m} :: pedant; pretentious person
pédant {adj} :: pedantic
pédanterie {f} :: pedantry
pédantesque {adj} :: pedantic
pédantesquement {adv} :: pedantically
pédantisme {m} :: pedantry
pédantisme {m} :: pretentiousness
pæderastie {f} :: obsolete form of pédérastie
pédestre {adj} :: walking (of e.g. an animal, that moves by walking)
pédestre {adj} [of a artpiece] :: representing someone walking
pédestre {adj} :: pedestrian (simple)
pédestre {adj} [of an activity] :: walking, involving walking, on foot
pédestrement {adv} :: pedestrianly
PDG {mf} :: CEO [US, Canada] (chief executive officier) or MD [UK] (managing director) or president - initialism of président directeur général {m} or présidente directrice générale {f}
pédiatre {mf} :: pediatrician (physician who specialises in pediatrics)
pédiatrie {f} :: pediatrics
pædiatrie {f} :: obsolete form of pédiatrie
pédiatrique {adj} :: pediatric
pédicelle {f} :: pedicel
pédicule {m} [anatomy] :: pedicel
pédiculose {f} [pathology] :: pediculosis
pédicure {mf} :: chiropodist, podiatrist
pédieux {adj} [anatomy] :: pedal
pédigrée {f} :: pedigree
pédiluve {m} :: footbath
pédipalpe {f} :: pedipalp
pédocriminel {m} :: A criminal pedophile
pédocriminelle {f} :: feminine singular of pédocriminel
pédofaune {f} :: pedofauna (soil fauna)
pédogenèse {f} [biology, geology] :: pedogenesis
pédogéochimique {adj} :: pedogeochemical
pédogéologique {adj} [geology] :: pedogeological
pédologie {f} :: pedology
pédologique {adj} :: pedologic, pedological
pédologiquement {adv} :: pedologically
pédonculé {adj} :: pedunculate
pédoncule {m} [anatomy, zoology] :: peduncle
pédoncule caudal {m} :: caudal peduncle
pédophile {adj} :: pedophiliac
pédophile {mf} :: pedophile, paedophile
pédophilie {f} :: pedophilia
pédopornographie {f} :: child pornography
pédopsychiatre {mf} :: child psychiatrist
PdP {f} [France, meteorology] :: POP (probability of precipitation) abbreviation of probabilité de précipitation
PDP {f} [Canada, meteorology] :: POP (probability of precipitation) abbreviation of probabilité de précipitations
PDQ {m} :: abbreviation of poste de quartier
pédéraste {m} :: pederast
pédéraste {m} [archaic] :: homosexual
pédérastie {f} :: pederasty
pédérastique {adj} :: pederastic
PDS {m} :: SRP initialism of prix de détail suggéré
PDSC {m} :: MSRP initialism of prix de détail suggéré du constructeur
PDSF {m} :: MSRP initialism of prix de détail suggéré par le fabricant
pdt {f} :: abbreviation of pomme de terre
PDT {f} :: abbreviation of pomme de terre
peacekeeper {m} [Canada, law enforcement] :: peacekeeper [peace officer from an aboriginal Canadian community]
pearcéite {m} [mineral] :: pearceite
peau {f} :: skin of a person or animal
peau {f} :: hide, fur
peau {f} :: skin (protective outer layer of a plant or fruit)
peau {f} :: pellicule formed on top of certain prepared foods
peau de vache {f} [colloquial, pejorative] :: battle axe, cat, nasty piece of work
peaufinage {m} :: fine-tuning
peaufinement {m} :: fine-tuning
peaufiner {v} :: to fine-tune
peau-rouge {m} :: Red Indian
peau-rouge {adj} :: Amerindian
PEB {acronym} [acronym] :: [library science] a system enabling a library to borrow a document from another library to make it available for a registered reader
pec {m} [colloquial, plural only] :: pec (pectoralis major muscle)
peccadille {f} :: peccadillo (small sin or error)
Pecheur {prop} :: surname
pectique {adj} :: pectic
pectocellulosique {adj} :: pectocellulosic
pectolytique {adj} [biochemistry] :: pectolytic
pectoral {m} [anatomy] :: pectoral
pectoral {adj} [anatomy] :: pectoral
pectosique {adj} [organic chemistry] :: pectosic
pedante {f} :: obsolete spelling of pédante
pedzouille {m} :: A peasant, bumpkin, yokel
Peggy {prop} :: given name borrowed from English, popular in the 1970s
pegmatitique {adj} [mineralogy] :: pegmatitic
peignage {m} :: combing (of wool or other fibre)
peigne {m} :: comb (toothed implement)
peigne-cul {m} :: asshole, jerk
peigner {v} :: to comb
peignoir {m} :: cape (long light clothing used to protect the clothes in e.g. a barber)
peignoir {m} :: bathrobe
peignoir {m} :: nightdress
peilles {fp} :: rags used to make paper
peinard {adj} [colloquial] :: tranquil, carefree, cushy
peinardement {adv} :: tranquilly
peindre {vt} :: to paint
peine {f} :: pain
peine {f} :: effort, trouble
peine {f} :: sorrow
peine {adv} :: barely, hardly; used only in the phrase à peine
peine capitale {f} :: capital punishment (punishment by death)
peine de mort {f} :: capital punishment, death penalty
peine perdue {f} :: lost cause
peiner {v} :: to struggle, toil
peiner {v} :: to cause pain to, afflict
peintre {mf} :: painter (artist)
peinture {f} :: painting
peinture {f} :: painting, canvas
peinture {f} :: vivid description
peinture {f} :: paint
peinturer {v} [Canada] :: to paint
peinturer {v} [France] :: to paint like a child, in a way lacking grace and dexterity
peinturlurer {v} :: to daub
pejvakine {f} [protein] :: pejvakin
pelé {adj} :: bare; (of animal) mangy
pelade {f} [pathology] :: alopecia
pelage {m} :: fur
peler {v} :: to peel
pelisse {f} :: pelisse
pellagre {f} [pathology] :: pellagra
pellagreux {adj} :: pellagrous
pelle {f} :: shovel, spade
pelle {f} :: dustpan
pelle {f} :: fluke (anchor blade)
pelle {f} [slang] :: French kiss
Pellegrin {prop} :: surname
peller {v} :: to shovel (to move materials with a shovel)
pelletée {f} :: spadeful, shovelful
pelleter {vt} :: to shovel (up)
pelleterie {f} :: peltry
pelleterie {f} :: fur tannery
pelleteuse {f} :: digger (a large piece of machinery that digs up holes)
pelletier {m} :: furrier
Pelletier {prop} :: surname
pelletiser {v} :: To pelletize
pelletiseur {m} :: pelletizer
pelliculaire {adj} :: dandruff (etc) (attributive)
pellicule {f} :: film, skin, thin layer
pellicules {fp} :: dandruff
pelote {f} :: ball (e.g. of string, wire)
pelote {f} :: pelota (sport)
pelote {f} :: droppings (animal waste)
pelote {f} :: ball (in the game of jeu de paume)
pelote {f} [Quebec, slang] :: pussy (female genitalia)
pelote {f} [Louisiana French, ] :: a ball; a football
pelote basque {f} :: Basque pelota
peloter {v} [archaic] :: to wind, roll etc. into a ball
peloter {v} [colloquial] :: to touch up, feel up (sexually)
peloter {vr} [colloquial, se peloter] :: to make out
peloton {m} :: small ball (of thread etc.)
peloton {m} [military] :: platoon
peloton {m} :: pack, bunch (of cyclists etc.)
peloton d'exécution {m} :: firing squad (a group of soldiers detailed to execute someone or to discharge weapons ceremonially)
pelotonner {vt} :: To wind up into a ball
pelotonner {vr} :: To curl up into a ball
pelouse {f} :: lawn
pelouse {f} [racing] :: public enclosure
pelouse {f} [rugby, soccer] :: field, ground
Peltier {prop} :: surname, notably of Jean Charles Athanase Peltier, French physicist who discovered the Peltier effect
peluche {f} :: plush (toy), fluff
pelucher {v} :: to fluff up, become fluffy
pelucheux {adj} :: fluffy
pelure {f} :: peel, rind (of a fruit)
pelure {f} :: skin (of an onion)
pelvien {adj} :: pelvic
pelvigraphie {f} :: pelvigraphy
penaille {f} :: an assembly of monks
penaille {f} :: rags, tatters
penalty {m} [sports] :: penalty, penalty kick
penaud {adj} :: sheepish, shamefaced
penaudement {adv} :: sheepishly
penchant {m} :: penchant
pencher {vt} :: to tilt, tip up
pencher {vi} :: to lean, list
pencher {vi} :: to lean towards (an opinion, idea etc.); to be inclined (to do something)
pencher {vr} :: to bend down, lean over
pencher {vr} :: to look into
pendable {adj} :: that merits hanging
pendable {adj} :: that deserves to be hanged
pendage {m} [geology] :: (angle of) dip
pendaison {f} :: hanging (of something or someone)
pendaison de crémaillère {f} :: housewarming
pendant {adj} :: hanging
pendant {m} :: stone that dangles on earrings
pendant {m} :: match, counterpart
pendant {prep} :: during, throughout, for the duration of
pendant que {conj} :: while, whilst, as
pendard {m} :: gallows bird, rascal, one who deserves to hang
pendarde {f} :: feminine noun of pendard
pendeloque {f} :: pendant
pendentif {m} [jewelry] :: pendant
pendentif {m} [architecture] :: pendentive
penderie {f} :: wardrobe
pendiller {vi} :: to dangle
pendjabi {m} :: The Punjabi language
pendouiller {v} :: to dangle
pendre {vit} :: to hang
pendre {vi} :: to sag, droop
pendre la crémaillère {v} [idiomatic] :: to have a housewarming party
pendu {m} :: person condemned to be hanged
pendu {m} :: person killed by hanging
pendu {m} :: [le pendu] hangman (pen and paper game)
pendu {m} :: hanged man (tarot card)
pendulaire {adj} :: pendular
pendulaire {adj} :: tilting (on its axis)
pendulaire {mf} [Switzerland] :: commuter
pendule {m} :: pendulum
pendule {f} :: pendulum clock
pendulette {f} :: small clock
Penelopegate {prop} {m} :: The Fillon affair
Penha {prop} {m} :: Penha (placename)
Penha {prop} {m} :: Penha (São Paulo, Brazil)
penné {adj} [botany] :: pinnate
penne {f} :: large feather
penne {f} :: penne (pasta)
penniforme {adj} :: penniform
pennine {m} [mineralogy] :: penninite (A double silicate of aluminium and magnesium)
pennon {m} :: pennon (triangular flag)
pennon {m} [nautical] :: pennant
pennon {m} :: A local urban milita in medieval Lyon
pennonage {m} :: The right to use a particular pennon
pennonage {m} :: The pennon of a particular locality
Pennsylvanie {prop} {f} :: Pennsylvania
penny {m} :: penny
pensable {adj} :: thinkable; considerable (worthy of being considered)
pensant {adj} :: thinking
pensée {f} :: a thought (first attested 1176 in Chrétien de Troyes, Cligès, ed. A. Micha, 5246)
pensée {f} :: reflection, meditation, faculty of thinking (late 12th century)
pensée {f} [in the expression “être en pensée”] :: worry, concern (late 12th century)
pensée {f} :: the mind as the seat of thinking (c. 1200)
pensée {f} [obsolete] :: amorous attachment (c. 1200)
pensée {f} :: manner of thinking (c. 1215)
pensée {f} :: an idea coming up in one's mind (c. 1220 in Anseïs de Carthage, 332)
pensée {f} :: the guiding idea of a decision made or one's will (c. 1274 in Adenet Le Roi, Berte, 1644)
pensée {f} :: moral disposition (first quarter of 13th century)
pensée {f} :: an operation of the mind (since 1636)
pensée {f} :: idea expressed by an author in a literary or artistic work (since 1621)
pensée {f} :: thinking, worldview of an author
pensée {f} :: a pansy (plant) (c. 1460)
pense-bête {m} [colloquial] :: reminder
penser {vi} :: to think, reflect, concentrate one's mind on something
penser {vi} :: to estimate, imagine, believe
penser {v} [originally with a que sentence] :: to be of the opinion that, believe
penser {vi} :: to be absorbed by a worry or depressing thoughts
penser {vi} :: to conceive a project
penser {v} [with de + object] :: to evoke the image or remembrance of someone in one's mind
penser {v} [with à + object] :: to attach one's thinking to someone, especially lovingly
penser {v} [with infinitive] :: to believe being or doing something
penser {v} [with mal or bien + de + object] :: to think well or badly, to have a high or low opinion of someone
penser {v} [with de + infinitive] :: to try or prepare to do something
penser {vtr} [obsolete] :: to reflect on something
penser {v} [with à + object] :: to bear, keep something in mind, to consider something
penser {v} [with infinitive] :: to intend to do, aim at doing something
penser {vt} :: to have something in one's mind (c. 1220 in Barlaam et Josaphat, ed. C. Appel, 5623)
penser {v} [with à + infinitive] :: to intend to do, aim at doing something
penser {v} [with mal, obsolete] :: to intend to do something bad
penser {v} [with à + object] :: to take care of
penser {v} [with bien, in politics, religion, moral] :: to have opinions in accordance with the agreed principles
penser {v} [with adverb or adverbial expression] :: to have a certain intellectual tendency, preference or property
penseur {m} :: thinker
pensif {adj} :: pensive, thoughtful
pension {f} :: A pension, regularly received payment
pension {f} :: A pension, boarding house
pension {f} :: A regularly made payment, as admission to certain boarding establishments (notably schools)
pension {f} :: board; (The services such establishment provides, notably lodging and some meals)
pension alimentaire {f} [for a child] :: maintenance allowance, child support
pension alimentaire {f} [for a spouse] :: alimony, divorce settlement
pensionné {mf} :: pensioner
pensionnaire {mf} :: boarder; lodger
pensionnaire {mf} :: pensioner
pensionnaire {mf} :: boarder (someone in a boarding school)
pensionnat {m} :: boarding school
pensivement {adv} :: pensively, thoughtfully
pensum {m} [archaic] :: punishment (at school); lines (UK)
pensum {m} :: chore
pentachlorure {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: pentachloride
pentacle {m} :: pentacle
pentacène {m} [organic compound] :: pentacene
pentadécane {m} [organic compound] :: pentadecane
pentadécanoïque {adj} [organic chemistry] :: pentadecanoic
pentadécylique {adj} [organic chemistry] :: pentadecylic
pentaèdre {m} :: pentahedron
pentafluorure {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: pentafluoride
pentagonal {adj} :: pentagonal
pentagone {m} :: pentagon (a polygon with five sides and five angles)
Pentagone {prop} {m} :: Pentagon (the headquarters of the United States of America's Department of Defense)
pentagramme {m} :: pentagram
pentahydraté {adj} [chemistry] :: pentahydrated
pentamère {m} [chemistry] :: pentamer
pentamériser {v} [chemistry] :: to pentamerize
pentaméthylène {m} [organic chemistry] :: pentamethylene
pentaène {m} [organic chemistry] :: pentaene
pentanoïque {adj} [organic chemistry] :: pentanoic
pentaoxyde {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: pentoxide
pentaquark {m} [physics] :: pentaquark
pentaérythritol {m} [organic compound] :: pentaerythritol
pentasulfure {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: pentasulfide
pentathionique {adj} [inorganic chemistry] :: pentathionic
pentathlon {m} :: pentathlon (discipline made up of five events)
pentathlon des neiges {m} :: snow pentathlon (a five-leg five-sport race involving vélo, course, ski de fond, patin, raquette.)
pentatomique {adj} [chemistry] :: pentatomic
pentatriacontanoïque {adj} [organic compound] :: pentatriacontanoic
pentavalent {adj} [inorganic chemistry] :: pentavalent
pentavalentement {adv} :: pentavalently
pente {f} :: slope
Pentecôte {prop} :: Pentecost
pentecôtisme {m} [Christianity] :: Pentecostalism (Christian religious mouvement)
pentecôtiste {adj} :: Pentecostal
pentoxyde {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: pentoxide
pentu {adj} :: sloping, slopy
people {m} [countable] :: A celebrity, a famous person
peps {m} :: pep (energy and enthusiasm)
pepsine {f} :: pepsin
pepsinogène {m} [biochemistry] :: pepsinogen
peptide {m} [biochemistry] :: peptide
peptidique {adj} :: peptidic
peptidoglycane {m} [biochemistry] :: peptidoglycan
peptisant {m} :: dispersant
peptisation {f} :: peptization, dispersion
peracétique {adj} [organic chemistry] :: peracetic
perçage {m} :: drilling
perçant {adj} :: piercing, shrill
perçant {adj} :: sharp (vision etc)
percale {f} :: percale
percarbure {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: percarbide
percée {f} :: breakthrough
percée {f} [sports] :: break, breakaway, counter-attack
percement {m} :: piercing, boring, punching
perce-neige {mf} :: snowdrop (Galanthus nivalis)
perce-oreille {m} :: earwig (insect)
percepteur {m} :: tax collector
perceptible {adj} :: perceptible
perceptiblement {adv} :: perceptibly
perceptif {adj} :: perceptive
perception {f} :: tax collection
perception {f} :: perception
perceptrice {f} :: feminine noun of percepteur
percer {v} :: to pierce
percer {v} [figuratively] :: to unravel, see through
perceuse {f} :: drill (tool)
percevable {adj} :: collectible, payable (taxes)
percevoir {v} :: to perceive, to make out
percevoir {v} :: to perceive (understand)
percevoir {v} :: to receive (e.g. taxes)
perche {f} :: perch (type of fish)
perche {f} :: pole
perche {f} [sports] :: pole-vaulting; pole
perche {f} [skiing] :: T-bar
perche {f} :: boom (for microphone etc.)
perche {f} :: perch (for birds)
perche {f} :: rod (unit of length)
perche {f} [aeronautics] :: probe
percher {v} :: to perch
perchiste {mf} [sports] :: pole vaulter
perchiste {mf} [film] :: boom operator
perchlorique {adj} [inorganic chemistry] :: perchloric
perchloroéthylène {m} [organic compound] :: perchloroethylene
perchlorure {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: perchloride
perchoir {m} :: perch; roost
perchoir {m} [colloquial] :: the seat of the President of the French National Assembly
perclus {adj} :: crippled
perclus {adj} [figuratively] ::  paralysed
percnoptère {m} :: Egyptian vulture (of species Neophron percnopterus)
percolateur {m} :: percolator
percolation {f} :: percolation
percoler {vi} :: to percolate
percussion {f} :: percussion (tapping of the body)
percussion {f} [music] :: percussion
percussionniste {mf} [music] :: percussionist
percutané {adj} :: percutaneous
percutant {adj} [music] :: percussive
percutant {adj} [military] :: that fragments on contact
percutant {adj} [figuratively] :: striking, powerful, forceful
percuter {vt} :: to hit; to crash into
percuteur {m} :: firing pin
perdable {adj} :: losable
perdant {m} :: loser
perdante {f} :: Feminine form of perdant
perdition {f} :: perdition
perdre {vt} :: to lose (be unable to find)
perdre {vit} :: to lose (not win)
perdre {vr} :: to get lost
perdreau {m} :: young partridge
perdre du temps {v} :: to waste time
perdre la boule {v} [colloquial] :: to lose it, to lose the plot, to lose one's mind
perdre la main {v} :: to become out of touch; to lose the habit of doing something
perdre la main {v} [cards] :: to lose the advantage of going first
perdre la tête {v} :: to lose one's head
perdre la vie {v} [euphemistic] :: to lose one's life
perdre les pédales {v} [colloquial] :: to lose it, to lose the plot, to lose one's mind
perdre ses moyens {v} :: to become flustered
perdre son latin {v} :: to become confused
perdre son sang-froid {v} [idiomatic] :: to lose one's cool; to lose one's head
perdre son temps {v} :: to waste one's time
perdrix {f} :: partridge (bird)
perdrix {f} [Louisiana French] :: quail
perdu {adj} :: lost
perdurable {adj} :: perdurable
perdurablement {adv} :: perdurably
perdurer {v} :: to continue to exist, to last, to endure
perestroïka {f} :: perestroika
Perey {prop} :: surname
perf {f} [colloquial] :: performance
perfectibilité {f} :: perfectibility
perfectible {adj} :: perfectible
perfectif {adj} [grammar] :: perfective
perfection {f} :: perfection
perfectionné {adj} :: perfected, refined
perfectionnement {m} :: improvement, refinement
perfectionner {v} :: to perfect; make perfect
perfectionner {v} :: to refine, hone, improve
perfectionnisme {m} :: perfectionism (a dislike for anything less than perfection)
perfectionniste {mf} :: perfectionist (person)
perfecto {m} :: bomber jacket
perfide {adj} :: perfidious (pertaining to perfidy)
perfidement {adv} :: treacherously, perfidiously
perfidie {f} :: perfidy
perfolié {adj} [botany] :: perfoliate
perforé {adj} :: perforated, pierced, punched
perforant {adj} :: perforating
perforant {adj} :: perforant
perforateur {adj} :: perforating
perforateur {m} :: drill
perforateur {mf} :: punch card operator
perforation {f} :: perforation
perforatrice {f} :: punch (device)
perforatrice {f} :: card punch
perforer {vt} :: to perforate
perforer {vt} :: to punch (holes in)
perforeuse {f} :: punch (device)
perforeuse {f} :: card punch
performance {f} [sports] :: performance
performant {adj} :: efficient, effective, performant
performatif {adj} :: performative
performativement {adv} :: performatively
perfuser {v} :: To perfuse
perfusion {f} [medicine] :: perfusion, drip, intravenous injection
Pergé {prop} :: Perga (town in Turkey)
Pergame {prop} :: Pergamon
pergélisol {m} :: permafrost (permanently frozen ground)
perinæe {m} :: obsolete form of périnée
periodique {adj} [inorganic chemistry] :: periodic
periodure {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: periodide
perlé {adj} :: beaded
perlé {adj} :: pearl (attributive)
perlant {adj} :: slightly effervescent (especially of wine)
perlatif {m} [grammar] :: the perlative case
perlèche {f} :: angular cheilitis
perle {f} :: pearl
perler {vi} :: to bead (form into beads)
perlier {adj} :: pearl (attributive)
perlimpinpin {m} :: only used in poudre de perlimpinpin
perlot {m} [colloquial, archaic] :: snout, baccy, tobacco
perluète {f} :: ampersand
perméabilité {f} :: permeability
perméable {adj} :: permeable
permaculture {f} :: permaculture
permafrost {m} :: permafrost
permagel {m} :: permafrost
permalien {m} :: permalink
permanemment {adv} :: permanently
permanence {f} :: permanence (state of being permanent)
permanent {adj} :: permanent
permanent {m} [mathematics] :: permanent
permanentement {adv} :: permanently
permanganique {adj} [inorganic chemistry] :: permanganic
perméase {f} [enzyme] :: permease
perméation {f} :: permeation
permettre {v} :: to permit, to allow
permettre {vr} :: to take the liberty of doing something
permien {adj} :: Permian
Permien {prop} {m} [geology] :: Permian
permis {m} :: permit, licence
permis de conduire {m} :: driver's license, driving licence
permis de construire {m} :: planning permission, building permit
permissif {adj} :: permissive, lenient
permission {f} :: permission
permissionnaire {mf} :: a soldier on leave
permittivité {f} [physics] :: permittivity
permutable {adj} :: permutable
permutation {f} :: permutation
permuter {v} :: to swap
permuter {v} :: to permute
pernambouc {m} :: brazilwood
Pernambouc {prop} :: Pernambouc (Pernambuco)
pernamboucain {adj} :: Pernambucan
pernamboucain {m} :: Pernambucan
pernamboucaine {f} :: feminine singular of pernamboucain
perne {f} :: A kind of saltwater mussel. (Mytiloida)
pernicieusement {adv} :: perniciously
pernicieux {adj} [medicine, rare] :: Insidious. Having a slow and discreet, but dangerous evolution
pernicieux {adj} [literary] :: Morally harmful; pernicious
pernicieux {adj} [dated] :: Literally harmful or dangerous, usually of animals or persons
pernitreux {adj} [inorganic chemistry] :: synonym of hypoazotique
peroxyacétique {m} [organic chemistry] :: peroxyacetic
peroxydase {f} [enzyme] :: peroxidase
peroxyde {m} [chemistry] :: peroxide
peroxyder {v} :: To peroxidize (all senses)
perpendiculaire {adj} :: perpendicular (at or forming a right angle to)
perpendiculairement {adv} :: perpendicularly
perpendicularité {f} :: perpendicularity
Perpignan {prop} {m} :: Perpignan (city)
perpignanais {adj} :: of or from Perpignan
Perpignanais {m} :: someone of or from Perpignan
Perpignanaise {f} :: feminine noun of Perpignanais
perplexe {adj} :: puzzled, perplexed
perplexité {f} :: perplexity
perpète {f} [colloquial] :: life sentence
perpétrer {vt} :: to commit, perpetrate (a crime)
perpétuel {adj} :: endless, perpetual, eternal
perpétuel {adj} [job position] :: permanent
perpétuellement {adv} :: perpetually
perpétuer {v} :: to perpetuate
perpétuité {f} :: perpetuity
perquisition {f} [legal] :: act of searching for someone or something
perquisitionner {vi} [legal] :: to carry out a search
Perrault {prop} :: surname
Perret {prop} :: surname
perrhénate {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: perrhenate
perrhénique {adj} [inorganic chemistry] :: perrhenic
Perrin {prop} :: surname
Perrine {prop} :: given name, a feminine diminutive form of Pierre
perron {m} :: steps (to an entranceway), perron
perronisme {m} [Quebec] :: A usually humorous malapropism or mixed metaphor, especially when speaking extemporaneously
perroquet {m} :: parrot (bird)
perroquet {m} [nautical] :: topgallant (sail)
perroqueter {n} :: to parrot
Perrot {prop} {m} :: surname
perruche {f} :: parakeet; parrot; budgie (any of various birds)
perruque {f} :: wig
perruque {f} [historical] :: wig, periwig, peruke
perruquier {m} :: wigmaker
perruquier {m} [obsolete] :: hairdresser
perruquière {f} :: feminine noun of perruquier
pers {adj} [literary] :: blue-green (particularly used in reference to eyes)
persan {adj} :: Persian
persan {m} [uncountable] :: Persian language
persan {m} [countable] :: Persian (cat)
Persan {m} :: Persian, someone from Iran
Persane {f} :: feminine noun of Persan
persécuter {v} :: to persecute
persécuter {v} [by extension] :: to annoy, to irritate
persécuteur {m} :: persecutor
persécution {f} :: persecution
persécutrice {f} :: persecutor (female)
Perse {prop} {f} :: Persia
Perse {mf} :: Persian person
Persée {prop} {m} :: Perseus
persel {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: persalt
persicaire {f} :: knotweed, smartweed (of the genus Persicaria)
Perside {prop} :: Pars (old name of Fars)
persienne {f} :: shutter (on window)
persiffler {v} :: alternative spelling of persifler
persiflage {m} :: Ridicule or malicious mockery made under the guise of good-natured raillery
persifler {v} :: to mock; to goad
persil {m} :: parsley
persillé {adj} :: with the addition of parsley
persillé {adj} :: marbled, veined
persique {adj} :: Persian (of, or relating to, Old Persia)
persistance {f} :: persistence
persistant {adj} :: persistent
persistant {adj} [botany] :: evergreen
persister {v} :: to persist
perso {adj} [colloquial] :: personal
perso {adj} [colloquial] :: one's own
perso {adv} [colloquial] :: personally (in one's own opinion)
perso {m} [video games] :: character
personnage {m} :: character (in a play, program, film)
personnalisable {adj} :: personalizable, customizable
personnalisation {f} :: customization, personalization
personnaliser {v} :: to personalise, to customise
personnalisme {m} :: personalism
personnalisme {m} :: egoism
personnalité {f} :: personality, character
personnalité {f} :: personality (person)
personnalité {f} [archaic, rare] :: personal attack
personne {f} :: person
personne {pron} :: (with ne) no one, nobody
personne {pron} :: anyone
personnel {adj} :: personal
personnel {m} :: staff, members of staff, personnel
personnellement {adv} :: personally
personne morale {f} [law] :: legal entity, body corporate, legal person, juridical person
personne physique {f} [law] :: individual, natural person
personnification {f} :: personification (person, thing or name typifying a certain quality or idea)
personnifier {vt} :: to personify
perspective {f} :: a perspective
perspective {f} :: a prospect
perspectivisme {m} :: perspectivism
Perséphone {prop} {f} [Greek mythology] :: Persephone
perspicace {adj} :: perspicacious (showing keen insight)
perspicacité {f} :: insight, acumen, perspicacity
Persépolis {prop} :: Persepolis
persuader {v} :: to persuade
persuasif {adj} :: persuasive
persuasion {f} :: persuasion
persuasivement {adv} :: persuasively
persulfure {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: persulfide
persulfurique {adj} [inorganic chemistry] :: persulfuric / persulphuric
persévéramment {adv} :: persistently
persévérance {f} :: perseverance (persistent determination to adhere to a course of action; insistence)
persévérant {adj} :: persevering
persévérant {adj} :: persistent
persévérer {v} :: to persevere
perte {f} :: loss
perte {f} :: ruin
pertechnétate {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: pertechnetate
pertechnétique {adj} [inorganic chemistry] :: pertechnetic
Perth {prop} :: Perth (in Australia)
Perth {prop} :: Perth (in Scotland)
pertinemment {adv} :: pertinently
pertinemment {adv} :: full well
pertinence {f} :: pertinence; relevance
pertinent {adj} :: pertinent; relevant
pertinent {adj} :: judicious; justified
pertuis {m} :: hole
pertuisane {f} :: partisan (kind of halberd)
perturbateur {m} :: agitator, troublemaker
perturbateur {adj} :: disruptive
perturbation {f} :: disturbance
perturbation {f} :: derangement
perturber {vt} :: to disrupt, to disturb
perturber {vt} :: to throw off, to fluster
pervéance {f} [physics] :: perveance
pervaporer {v} [physics, chemistry] :: To pervaporate
pervenche {f} :: periwinkle
pervenche {f} :: (female) traffic warden, meter maid [US]
pervers {adj} :: perverse
pervers {adj} :: sexually perverted, raunchy
pervers {m} :: a lecher
perversement {adv} :: perversely; in a perverted fashion
perversité {f} :: perversity
perversité {f} :: depravity
pervertir {v} :: to worsen; to corrupt
perxénate {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: perxenate
pesage {m} :: weighing
pesage {m} :: weighing in (of a jockey before/after a race)
pesamment {adv} :: heavily
pesant {adj} :: heavy
pesanteur {f} [physics] :: gravity
pesanteur {f} :: weight
pesanteur {f} :: heaviness
pesanteur {f} [said of a person] :: slowness, dullness
Pescara {prop} :: Pescara (province)
Pescara {prop} :: Pescara (town)
Pescheur {prop} :: surname
peser {vi} :: to weigh (to have a weight of)
peser {vt} :: To weigh (to see how much something weighs)
peseta {f} :: peseta
peshmerga {m} :: peshmerga
pessaire {m} [medicine] :: pessary (medical device most commonly used to support a displaced uterus)
pessaire {m} [medicine] :: pessary (contraceptive)
pesse {f} [archaic] :: spruce
pessimisme {m} :: pessimism (general belief that bad things will happen)
pessimiste {mf} :: pessimist
pessimiste {adj} :: pessimistic
peste {f} :: plague (disease)
peste {f} [colloquial] :: brat
peste {f} [colloquial, of a girl] :: pest
peste bubonique {f} :: bubonic plague
peste noire {f} :: Black Death
pester {v} :: to rant, curse, fulminate
pesteux {adj} :: plague (attributive)
pesticide {m} :: pesticide
pestiféré {adj} :: pestiferous
pestiféré {mf} :: plague victim
pestilence {f} [archaic or literary] :: pest epidemic; pestilence
pestilence {f} :: extremely foul smell
pestilentiel {adj} :: pestilent, foul
pestilentiel {adj} :: pestilential
pet {m} [colloquial] :: fart
peta- {prefix} :: peta-
pet de nonne {m} :: alternative spelling of pet-de-nonne
pet-de-nonne {m} :: A small choux pastry eaten during carnival season in France (especially Alsace) and Belgium
Petersbach {prop} :: A commune in the Bas-Rhin département, Alsace, France
pet foireux {m} [colloquial, vulgar] :: shart
petit {adj} :: small
petit {adj} :: little
petit {adj} :: petty
petit {m} :: small one (anything that is small)
petit {m} :: little one (anything that is little)
petit {m} :: little one; child (of humans or other animals)
petit {m} :: the young (of a species)
Petit {prop} :: surname
petit ami {m} :: boyfriend (boy/man to whom one has a romantic attachment)
petit blanc {m} [Haiti, historical] :: A poor white person who did not own a plantation
Petit Chaperon rouge {prop} :: Little Red Riding Hood
petit coin {m} [colloquial] :: loo (toilet)
petit écran {m} :: small screen
petit déjeuner {m} [chiefly France] :: breakfast (morning meal)
petit doigt {m} [colloquial] :: little finger (outermost and smallest finger of the hand), auricular
petite amie {f} :: girlfriend (girl/woman to whom one has a romantic attachment)
petite annonce {f} :: a single classified advertisement
petite bite {f} [vulgar] :: pansy, chickenshit (person with little courage or bravery)
petite capitale {f} :: small caps (font variant)
petite couronne {prop} {f} :: The zone consisting of the three departments (Hauts-de-Seine, Val-de-Marne, Seine-Saint-Denis) that border the city of Paris
petite culotte {f} :: [clothing] knickers
petite-fille {f} :: granddaughter (daughter of someone’s child)
petite finale {f} :: small final
petitement {adv} :: poorly
petitement {adv} :: meanly
petitement {adv} :: pettily
petite mort {f} [idiomatic, poetic] :: orgasm
petite nature {f} [colloquial] :: a faint-hearted person, a wimp, a weakling, a sensitive type, a delicate flower, a wuss, a pansy
petit-enfant {m} :: grandchild (child of someone’s child)
petite-nièce {f} :: grandniece (daughter of a niece or nephew)
Petite Ourse {prop} {f} :: Ursa Minor (constellation)
petite perception {f} [psychology] :: petite perception
petites lèvres {fp} :: labia minora
petite souris {f} :: tooth fairy
petitesse {f} :: smallness, littleness
petitesse {f} :: pettiness
petitesse {f} :: petiteness
petite sœur {f} :: little sister
petite sœur {f} [slang] :: another drink like the one before; the same again
petite vérole {f} [archaic] :: smallpox
petit filet {m} [football] :: side-netting
petit-fils {m} :: grandson
petit four {m} :: petit four
petitissime {adj} :: very small, very little, or both
Petitjean {prop} :: surname (Little John)
petit joueur {m} [colloquial] :: bit player
petit jour {m} :: dawn, daybreak
petit juif {m} :: funny bone
petit-lait {m} :: whey
petit largue {m} [nautical] :: close reach
petit mal {m} [medicine] :: petit mal
petit matin {m} :: early morning, small hours, first thing
petit-maître {m} [archaic] :: dandy, coxcomb
petit monde {m} [Louisiana French] :: a child
petit-neveu {m} :: grandnephew (grandson of a sibling)
petit panda {m} :: red panda (Ailurus fulgens)
petit épeautre {m} :: einkorn wheat
petit à petit {adv} :: little by little, bit by bit
petit pois {m} :: pea (the vegetable)
petit pont {m} [soccer] :: nutmeg
peton {m} [colloquial] :: foot
peu {adv} :: not very; little; not much
peu {m} :: few
peu {m} :: little
peucédanin {m} [organic compound] :: peucedanin
Peugeot {prop} :: surname, especially that of the dynastic car-manufacturing family
Peugeot {prop} :: A French motorcar manufacturer
Peuhl {m} :: alternative spelling of Peul
Peuhle {f} :: feminine singular of Peuhl
peu importe {interj} :: no matter, never mind, it doesn't matter
peu importe {prep} :: no matter the, no matter what, regardless of
peul {adj} :: relating to Fula
peul {m} :: Fula (language)
Peul {m} :: a member of the Fula people
peulh {adj} :: alternative form of peul
Peulh {m} :: alternative spelling of Peul
Peulhe {f} :: feminine singular of Peulh
peu ou prou {adv} :: more or less
peu à peu {adv} :: bit by bit, little by little
peuplé {adj} :: populated; inhabited
peuplade {f} :: tribe, people
peuple {m} :: people (in the sense of nationality or ethnic group)
peuplement {m} :: populating (act of increasing a population, or of a population increasing)
peupler {v} :: to populate
peupleraie {f} :: poplar grove
peuplier {m} :: poplar
peur {f} [countable and uncountable] :: fear
peur bleue {f} :: terror, strong fear
peureusement {adv} :: fearfully
peureux {adj} :: fearful
peut-être {adv} :: maybe, perhaps
p. ex. {adv} :: e.g.
pff {interj} :: pff
pfff {interj} :: alternative spelling of pff
PFK {prop} {m} :: KFC (chain of fast-food chicken restaurants)
pfut {interj} [colloquial] :: Expressing disinterest
Pégase {prop} {m} :: Pegasus (mythical winged horse)
Pégase {prop} {m} :: Pegasus (constellation)
PGCD {m} [mathematics] :: initialism of plus grand commun dénominateur or plus grand commun diviseur: gcd
pègre {f} :: underworld
phacochère {m} :: warthog
phagédénique {adj} :: gangrenous
phage {m} :: synonym of bactériophage
-phage {suffix} :: -phage
phagnalon {m} :: phagnalon
phagocytage {m} [biology] :: phagocytosis
phagocytage {m} :: swallowing up
phagocytaire {adj} [biology] :: phagocytic
phagocyter {vt} [biology] :: to phagocytize
phagocyter {vt} :: to swallow up
phagotrophie {f} [biology] :: phagotrophy
phagotrophique {adj} [biology] :: phagotrophic
phalange {f} [anatomy] :: phalanx
phalange {f} [historical] :: phalanx (of soldiers, people etc.)
phalangette {f} [anatomy] :: distal phalange
phalangien {adj} [anatomy] :: phalangeal, phalangian
phalangine {f} [anatomy] :: intermediate phalange
phalangiste {m} :: scarab beetle
phalangiste {m} :: Falangist
phalangère {f} :: Any plant of the genus Anthericum
phalangère {f} :: spider plant (Chlorophytum comosum)
phalanstère {m} :: phalanstery
phalarope {m} :: phalarope
phallique {adj} :: phallic
phalliquement {adv} :: phallically
phallocentrique {adj} :: phallocentric
phallocrate {mf} :: male chauvinist
phallocratie {f} :: male chauvinism
phalloïdine {f} :: phalloidin
phalène {mf} :: moth (especially a geometrid moth)
Pham {prop} :: surname
Phan {prop} :: surname
phanère {m} [chiefly in the plural] :: dander (skin flakes etc)
phanérogame {m} [biology] :: phanerogam
phanérogamie {f} [biology] :: phanerogamy
phanérogamique {adj} [biology] :: phanerogamic
phanérophyte {m} [botany] :: phanerophyte
phanérozoïque {adj} :: Phanerozoic
phantaisie {f} :: alternative form of fantaisie
phantasier {v} :: obsolete form of fantasier
phantasmagorie {f} :: alternative form of fantasmagorie
phantasmagorique {adj} :: alternative form of fantasmagorique
phantasmascope {m} :: obsolete form of fantasmascope
phantasmatique {adj} :: phantasmic
phantasmatiquement {adv} :: phantasmically
phantasme {m} :: alternative form of fantasme
phantasque {adj} :: alternative form of fantasque
phantastiquer {v} :: obsolete form of fantastiquer
phantôme {m} :: alternative form of fantôme
pharaon {m} :: pharaoh (supreme ruler of ancient Egypt)
pharaonique {adj} :: pharaonic
pharaonique {adj} :: colossal
phare {adj} :: leading, signature, key, flagship
phare {m} :: lighthouse
phare {m} :: lantern in a lighthouse
phare {m} :: headlight (of a vehicle)
phare {m} :: headlamp (of a vehicle)
phare {m} [figuratively] :: beacon, luminary
phare {m} [nautical] :: the set of sails on the mast
phare antibrouillard {m} [automotive] :: fog light, fog lamp
pharisaïque {adj} :: pharisaic
pharisaïquement {adv} :: pharisaically
pharisien {m} :: Pharisee
pharisien {adj} :: Pharisee
pharmaceutique {adj} :: pharmaceutical
pharmacie {f} :: pharmacy, drugstore
pharmacien {m} :: pharmacist
pharmacien {m} :: chemist (dispensing chemist)
pharmacien {m} :: apothecary
pharmacienne {f} :: feminine noun of pharmacien
pharmacochimie {f} [chemistry] :: pharmacochemistry
pharmacodépendance {f} :: drug dependency
pharmacognosie {f} :: pharmacognosy
pharmacologie {f} :: pharmacology
pharmacologique {adj} :: pharmacologic, pharmacological
pharmacologiquement {adv} :: pharmacologically
pharmacopée {f} :: pharmacopoeia
pharmacopœe {f} :: obsolete form of pharmacopée
pharyngé {adj} :: pharyngeal
pharyngectomie {f} [surgery] :: pharyngectomy
pharyngien {adj} :: pharyngeal
pharyngite {f} [pathology] :: pharyngitis
pharynx {m} [anatomy] :: pharynx
phasaire {adj} [biology] :: Relating to phases or development
phascolome {m} [dated] :: Wombat
phase {f} :: phase
phase de poule {f} [sports] :: group stage
phase éruptive {f} [geology] :: eruptive phase
phasme {m} :: stick insect
phasmide {m} [biology] :: phasmid
phaséolique {adj} [organic chemistry] :: phaseolic
phatique {adj} :: phatic (more polite than meaningful)
phatiquement {adv} :: phatically
phaéton {m} :: phaeton
phi {m} :: phi (Greek letter)
Phil {prop} {m} :: given name, diminutive of Philippe
Philadelphie {prop} {f} :: Philadelphia (U.S. city)
philaire {m} :: Any plant of the genus Phillyrea
philanthrope {mf} :: philanthropist
philanthropie {f} :: philanthropy
philanthropique {adj} :: philanthropic (all meanings)
philantrope {mf} :: alternative form of philanthrope
philatélie {f} :: philately
philatélique {adj} :: philatelic (stamp collecting)
philatéliste {mf} :: philatelist
-phile {suffix} :: -philic
philharmonie {f} [music] :: philharmonic orchestra or society
philharmonique {adj} :: philharmonic
philharmonique {m} :: philharmonic
Philibert {prop} :: given name
-philie {suffix} :: -philia
Philippe {prop} :: given name, cognate to English Philip. Very popular in 20th century France, next only to Jean and Pierre
Philippe {prop} :: Philip [biblical character]
Philippe {prop} :: surname
philippin {adj} :: Filipino (of, or from the Philippines)
Philippin {m} :: Filipino, someone from the Philippines
Philippine {f} :: feminine noun of Philippin
Philippines {prop} {fp} :: The Philippines
philistin {adj} :: philistine
philistin {m} :: philistine
Philémon {prop} :: Philemon
philo {f} [colloquial] :: philosophy
Philodème {prop} {m} :: Philodemus
philologie {f} :: philology
philologique {adj} :: philological
philologiquement {adv} :: philologically
philologue {mf} :: philologist
Philomène {prop} {f} :: given name, equivalent to English Philomena
philosophal {adj} [attributive] :: philosopher (meaning alchemist)
philosophe {mf} :: philosopher
philosopher {v} :: to philosophize
philosophie {f} :: philosophy, the study of thoughts
philosophie {f} :: philosophy, one's manner of thinking
philosophie {f} [printing, dated] :: small pica: 11-point type
philosophie {f} :: a philosophical (calm and stoically accepting) attitude
philosophique {adj} :: philosophical
philosophiquement {adv} :: philosophically
philosophisme {m} :: philosophism
philtre {m} :: philter (a kind of potion, charm, or drug intended to make the drinker fall in love with the giver)
philtrum {m} :: philtrum
philuméniste {mf} :: phillumenist (matchbox collector)
phimosis {m} [medicine] :: phimosis
phlébectomie {f} [surgery] :: phlebectomy
phlébite {f} [pathology] :: phlebitis
phlébologie {f} :: phlebology
phlébologue {mf} :: phlebologist
phlébotomie {f} :: phlebotomy
phlegmatique {adj} :: phlegmatic
phlegmatiquement {adv} :: phlegmatically
phlegme {m} [archaic, obsolete] :: alternative spelling of flegme
Phlégon {prop} :: Phlegon
Phlégéthon {prop} {m} :: Phlegethon
phlogistiqué {adj} :: phlogisticated
phlogistique {m} [obsolete, chemsitry] :: phlogiston
phlogistique {adj} [obsolete, chemistry] :: phlogistic
phlogistiquer {v} :: To phlogisticate
phlogopite {f} [mineral] :: phlogopite
phloème {m} :: phloem
phénakistiscope {m} :: phenakistoscope
phénakite {f} [mineral] :: phenakite
phénalène {m} [organic compound] :: phenalene
phénanthrène {m} [organic compound] :: phenanthrene
phénantroline {f} [organic compound] :: phenanthroline
Phénicie {prop} :: Phoenicia
Phœnicie {prop} {f} :: obsolete form of Phénicie
phénicien {m} :: Phoenician language
phénicien {adj} :: Phoenician
phœnicien {adj} :: obsolete form of phénicien
phœnicien {m} :: obsolete form of phénicien
Phénicien {m} :: Phoenician person
Phœnicien {m} :: obsolete form of Phénicien
Phénicienne {f} :: feminine noun of Phénicien
Phœnicienne {f} :: feminine singular of Phœnicien
phénix {m} [mythology] :: phoenix
phœnix {m} :: alternative form of phénix
phénol {m} [organic chemistry] :: phenol
phénolique {adj} [organic chemistry] :: phenolic
phénologie {f} :: phenology (study of the effect of climate)
phénologique {adj} :: phenological
phénologiquement {adv} :: phenologically
phænomene {m} :: obsolete form of phénomène
phénoménal {adj} :: phenomenal
phénoménalement {adv} :: phenomenally
phénomène {m} :: phenomenon (curious occurrence)
phénoménologie {f} :: phenomenology
phénoménologique {adj} :: phenomenological
phénoménologiquement {adv} :: phenomenologically
phénoménologiste {mf} :: phenomenologist
phénoplaste {m} [organic chemistry] :: phenol formaldehyde resin
phénothiazine {m} [organic compound] :: phenothiazine
phénotype {m} [genetics] :: phenotype
phényl {m} [organic chemistry] :: phenyl
phénylalanine {f} [amino acid] :: phenylalanine
phénylamine {f} [organic compound] :: phenylamine
phénylcétonurie {f} [pathology] :: phenylketonuria
phényle {m} [organic chemistry] :: phenyl
phénylhydrazine {f} [organic compound] :: phenylhydrazine
phénylméthane {m} [organic compound] :: phenylmethane
phénylène {m} [organic chemistry] :: phenylene
phobie {f} :: phobia
-phobie {suffix} :: -phobia
phocéen {adj} :: Phocean
phocéen {adj} :: Marseillais, from Marseille
phéochromocytome {m} [pathology] :: pheochromocytoma
phocénine {f} :: phocenin
phoeniciculteur {m} :: date palm farmer
phoeniciculteuse {f} :: feminine singular of phoeniciculteur
phoeniciculture {f} :: date palm cultivation
phonatoire {adj} :: phonatory
phonautographe {m} :: phonautograph
phone {m} :: phon (a unit of apparent loudness)
phone {m} [linguistics] :: phone
-phone {suffix} :: speaker of a specific language
-phone {suffix} :: something that makes a sound e.g. saxophone
phoner {v} :: to ring, call, phone
phonique {adj} :: phonic
phoniquement {adv} :: phonically
phonème {m} [linguistics] :: phoneme
phonémique {adj} :: phonemic (relating to phonemes)
phonémique {f} :: phonemics
phonographe {m} :: phonograph, gramophone (old-fashioned)
phonographié {adj} :: recorded (on a gramophone record)
phonographie {f} :: phonography
phonographique {adj} :: phonographic
phonologie {f} [linguistics] :: phonology
phonologique {adj} :: phonological
phonologiquement {adv} :: phonologically
phonologue {mf} :: phonologist
phonomètre {m} :: phonometer
phonométrie {m} :: phonometry
phonéticien {m} :: phonetician
phonéticienne {f} :: feminine noun of phonéticien
phonétique {adj} :: phonetic
phonétique {f} [linguistics] :: phonetics
phonétiquement {adv} :: phonetically
phoque {m} :: seal (pinniped)
phoque {m} :: sealskin (fabric made from fur of seals)
phoquier {adj} :: of or relating to seals or seal hunting
phoquier {m} :: sealship (boat or ship used for seal hunting)
-phore {suffix} :: -phore
phosgène {m} [organic compound] :: phosgene
phosphaté {adj} :: phosphate-enriched
phosphate {m} :: phosphate
phosphatidique {adj} [organic chemistry] :: phosphatidic
phosphatidylsérine {f} [organic chemistry] :: phosphatidylserine
phosphatier {adj} [attributive] :: phosphate
phosphatier {m} :: a ship used to transport phosphate
phosphatique {adj} :: phosphatic
phosphatémie {f} [pathology] :: phosphatemia
phosphoacylglycérol {m} [organic chemistry] :: phosphatidylglycerol
phosphocaséinate {m} [organic chemistry] :: phosphocaseinate
phosphoglycérate {f} [organic chemistry] :: phosphoglycerate
phosphoglycéride {m} [organic chemistry] :: phosphoglyceride
phosphoglycérique {adj} [organic chemistry] :: phosphoglyceric
phosphogypse {m} :: phosphogypsum
phospholipide {m} :: phospholipid
phosphoré {adj} :: phosphorous (containing phosphorus)
phosphoré {adj} :: phosphureted
phosphore {m} :: phosphorus [element]
phosphorescent {adj} :: phosphorescent
phosphoreux {adj} [inorganic chemistry] :: phosphorous
phosphorique {adj} [inorganic chemistry] :: phosphoric
phosphorisation {f} :: phosphorization
phosphoriser {v} :: To phosphorize
phosphoryle {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: phosphoryl
phosphoryler {v} :: To phosphorylate
phosphovinique {adj} [obsolete, chemistry] :: phosphovinic
phosphépine {m} [organic compound] :: phosphepine
phosphuré {adj} [inorganic chemistry] :: phosphidic
phosphure {m} :: phosphide
photique {adj} :: photic
photo {f} :: photo
photo- {prefix} :: photo- (relating to to light)
photo- {prefix} :: photo- (relating to to photography)
photoamorcé {adj} [chemistry] :: photoinitiated
photoamorcer {v} [chemistry] :: To photoinitiate
photoamorceur {m} [chemistry] :: photoinitiator
photobiologie {f} [biology] :: photobiology
photobiologique {adj} [biology] :: photobiological
photocellule {f} :: photocell (photoelectric cell)
photochimie {f} [chemistry] :: photochemistry
photochimique {adj} :: photochemical
photochimiquement {adv} :: photochemically
photochromatique {adj} :: photochromatic
photochromatiquement {adv} :: photochromatically
photoconducteur {m} [physics] :: photoconductor
photoconducteur {adj} [physics] :: photoconductive
photoconductif {adj} [physics] :: photoconductive
photoconductivité {f} :: photoconductivity
photocopie {f} :: photocopy
photocopier {vt} :: To photocopy
photocopieur {m} :: photocopier (device)
photocopieuse {f} :: photocopier (device)
photocyclisation {f} [chemistry] :: photocyclization
photodésintégration {f} [physics] :: photodisintegration
photodétecteur {m} :: photodetector
photoglyptie {f} :: Woodburytype
photogène {adj} :: photogenic (all senses)
photogénique {adj} :: photogenic (looking good when photographed)
photogramme {m} :: still, frame (individual photograph of a motion picture)
photogrammétrie {f} :: photogrammetry
photographe {mf} :: photographer
photographie {f} [uncountable] :: photography
photographie {f} [countable] :: photograph
photographier {v} :: to photograph
photographique {adj} :: photographic
photographique {adj} :: photographical
photographiquement {adv} :: photographically
photoioniser {v} :: To photoionize
photojournaliste {mf} :: photojournalist
photoélectricité {f} [physics] :: photoelectricity
photoélectrique {adj} [physics] :: photoelectric
photoélectrochimique {adj} [physics, chemistry] :: photoelectrochemical
photolithographie {f} :: photolithography
photolithogravure {f} :: photolithography
photoluminescent {adj} :: photoluminescent
photomacrographie {f} :: photomacrography
photomagnétique {adj} :: photomagnetic
photomaton {m} :: photo booth
photomicrographie {f} :: photomicrography
photométéore {m} :: photometeor
photomètre {m} :: photometer
photométrie {f} :: photometry
photométrique {adj} :: photometric
photométriquement {adv} :: photometrically
photomultiplicateur {m} :: photomultiplier
photon {m} [particle] :: photon
photonique {adj} [physics] :: photonic
photooxydation {f} [chemistry] :: photooxidation
photophile {adj} :: photophilic
photophobie {f} :: photophobia (excessive sensitivity to light)
photophore {m} [biology] :: photophore
photopile {f} :: solar cell, solar battery
photopolymère {m} [chemistry] :: photopolymer
photopolymérisation {f} [chemistry] :: photopolymerization
photopolymériser {v} [chemistry] :: To photopolymerize
photopériode {f} [biology] :: photoperiod
photopériodique {adj} [biology] :: photoperiodic
photopériodisme {m} [biology] :: photoperiodism
photoréactif {adj} :: photoreactive
photoréactivité {f} [chemistry] :: photoreactivity
photorécepteur {m} :: photoreceptor
photoreportage {m} :: photojournalism
photoreporter {mf} :: photojournalist
photosensibilisation {f} :: photosensitization
photosensibilité {f} :: photosensitivity
photosensible {adj} :: photosensitive
photoshoper {v} :: To photoshop
photosphère {f} [astronomy] :: photosphere
photosynthèse {f} :: photosynthesis
photosynthétique {adj} :: photosynthetic
photosynthétiquement {adv} :: photosynthetically
phototaxie {f} :: phototaxy
phototaxisme {m} :: phototaxism
photothèque {f} :: photo library
photothérapie {f} :: phototherapy
phototropine {f} :: phototropin
phototropisme {m} [biology] :: phototropism
photovoltaïque {adj} :: photovoltaic
phrasé {m} :: phrasing
phrase {f} :: sentence
phraser {v} :: to phrase
phraser {v} [music] :: to phrase
phraseur {m} :: windbag (excessive talker)
phraseuse {f} :: feminine noun of phraseur
phraséologie {f} :: phraseology
phréatique {adj} [geology] :: phreatic
Phérécyde {prop} {m} [Ancient Greece] :: Pherecydes
phrénique {adj} [anatomy] :: phrenic
phrénologie {f} :: phrenology
phrénologique {adj} :: phrenological
phrénologiquement {adv} :: phrenologically
phrénologue {mf} :: phrenologist
phéromonal {adj} :: pheromonal
phéromonalement {adv} :: pheromonally
phéromone {f} :: pheromone
phérormone {f} :: alternative form of phéromone
Phrygie {prop} :: Phrygia
phrygien {adj} :: Phrygian
phtalamide {f} [organic compound] :: phthalamide
phtalate {m} [organic chemistry] :: phthalate
phtalique {adj} [organic chemistry] :: phthalic
phtalocyanine {f} [organic compound] :: phthalocyanine
phthisique {adj} :: phthisic
phthore {m} [obsolete, chemistry] :: synonym of fluor
phtisie {f} [pathology] :: phthisis, consumption
phtisique {adj} [medicine, archaic] :: phthisical
Phung {prop} :: surname
Phuong {prop} :: surname
phycologie {f} :: phycology (the study of algae)
phycologiste {mf} [biology] :: phycologist
phycoérythrine {f} [organic compound] :: phycoerythrin
phycotoxine {f} :: phycotoxin
phylactère {m} :: phylactery
phylactère {m} :: speech bubble, thought bubble
phylloérythrine {m} [biochemistry] :: phylloerythrin
phyllotrachée {f} [arachnology] :: book lung
phylloxanthine {f} [organic compound] :: phylloxanthin
phylloxéra {m} :: phylloxera
phylogenèse {f} :: phylogenesis
phylogénie {f} :: phylogeny
phylogénique {adj} :: phylogenic
phylogénèse {f} :: alternative form of phylogenèse
phylogénétique {adj} :: phylogenetic
phylogénétiquement {adv} :: phylogenetically
phylogéographie {f} :: phylogeography
phylogéographique {adj} :: phylogeographical
phylétique {adj} :: phyletic
phynance {f} [colloquial] :: finance
physicalisation {f} :: physicalization
physicien {m} :: physicist
physicienne {f} :: feminine noun of physicien
physicochimie {f} [physics, chemistry] :: physical chemistry
physicochimique {adj} :: alternative form of physico-chimique
physico-chimique {adj} [physics, chemistry] :: physicochemical
physiocrate {mf} :: physiocrat
physiognomonie {f} :: physiognomy
physiognomonique {adj} :: physiognomic, physiognomical
physiologie {f} :: physiology (branch of biology)
physiologique {adj} :: physiological
physiologiquement {adv} :: physiologically
physiologiste {mf} :: physiologist
physionomie {f} :: face, physiognomy
physionomie {f} :: facial expression, physiognomy
physionomie {f} :: appearance, look, physiognomy
physionomiste {mf} :: Someone with a good memory for faces
physionomiste {mf} [France] :: A bouncer
physiopathologique {adj} :: physiopathological
physiopathologiste {mf} :: physiopathologist
physiothérapeute {mf} :: physiotherapist
physiothérapie {f} :: physiotherapy
physique {adj} :: physical, sportive
physique {m} :: physique
physique {f} :: physics
physique des particules {f} :: particle physics
physiquement {adv} :: physically
phytanique {adj} [organic chemistry] :: phytanic
phytochimie {f} [chemistry] :: phytochemistry
phytochimique {adj} [chemistry] :: phytochemical
phytochélatine {f} [protein] :: phytochelatin
phytodiversité {f} [biology] :: phytodiversity
phytolaque {f} :: pokeweed or similar plant of the genus Phytolacca
phytologie {f} :: phytology
phytoménadione {m} [organic compound] :: phytomenadione (vitamin K1)
phytomonique {adj} [organic chemistry] :: phytomonic
phytomère {m} [botany] :: phytomere
phytophage {adj} :: phytophagous
phytopharmaceutique {adj} :: phytopharmaceutical
phytoplancton {m} :: phytoplankton
phytoplanctonique {adj} [biology] :: phytoplanktonic
phytoremédiation {f} :: phytoremediation
phytosanitaire {adj} :: phytosanitary
phytosociologie {f} :: phytosociology
phytostérol {m} [biochemistry] :: phytosterol
phytothérapeute {mf} :: phytotherapist
phytothérapie {f} :: phytotherapy
phytotoxicité {f} :: phytotoxicity
phytotronie {f} [biology] :: phytotronics
phytotronique {adj} [biology] :: phytotronic
pi {m} :: pi (Greek letter)
pi {m} [mathematics] :: pi
pi {conj} [Quebec, colloquial] :: alternative spelling of pis and
PIÉ {m} :: abbreviation of pistolet à impulsion électrique
piaf {m} :: sparrow
piaffement {m} :: stamping, pawing the ground
piaffement {m} :: prancing
piaffer {v} :: (of horse) to stamp, paw the ground
piaffer {v} :: (of person) to stamp one's feet
piagétien {adj} :: Piagetian
piaillard {adj} [of a bird] :: cheeping
piaillard {adj} [by extension, of a person] :: whining, whiny
piaillement {m} :: squawking, chirping, cheeping
piailler {v} :: to cheep; to chirp
piailler {v} :: to emit high pitched noise
pianiste {mf} :: pianist
pianistique {adj} :: pianistic
pianistique {f} :: pianistics
pianistiquement {adv} :: pianistically
piano {m} :: piano
piano droit {m} :: upright piano
piano à queue {m} [musical instruments] :: grand piano (a piano in which the strings are strung horizontally in a heavy frame shaped like a harp)
pianoter {v} :: to tap (hit lightly)
pianoter {v} [computing] :: to type (use a computer keyboard)
piasse {f} [Quebec, colloquial] :: alternative spelling of piastre
piastre {f} [historical] :: piastre (one of several historical units of currency)
piastre {f} [Quebec, Louisiana French, colloquial] :: buck, dollar. Former official Canadian French equivalent of the word dollar, as found on old currency
piaule {f} [colloquial] :: pad, place
piaulement {m} :: cheep, peep (sound)
piauler {vi} :: alternative form of piailler
PIB {m} :: GDP
pic {m} :: woodpecker
pic {m} :: pick (tool)
pic {m} :: peak, summit
picador {m} [bullfighting] :: picador
picage {m} :: pecking
picaillon {m} [colloquial, especially in plural] :: cash, money
picamare {f} :: picamar
picard {adj} :: Picard (from Picardy)
picard {m} :: Picard (language)
Picard {m} :: Picard (person from Picardy)
Picard {prop} :: surname
picardan {m} :: A variety of white grape originally from Provence
Picarde {f} :: feminine noun of Picard
Picardie {prop} {f} :: Picardy
picaresquité {f} :: picaresqueness
picaridine {f} :: picaridin; synonym of icaridine
pièce {f} :: room (in a house, etc)
pièce {f} :: piece
pièce {f} [money] :: coin
pièce {f} :: play (in a theatre)
pièce {f} [heraldry] :: ordinary
pièce {f} [legal] :: document, paper
pièce {f} :: patch
pièce à conviction {f} [law] :: piece of evidence, exhibit
pièce de monnaie {f} :: coin
pièce de rechange {f} :: spare part (component kept in reserve)
pièce de résistance {f} [idiomatic] :: The finest part of something, especially a meal
pièce d'estomac {f} [chiefly historical] :: stomacher
pièce de théâtre {f} :: play (theatrical performance)
pièce jointe {f} [Internet] :: attachment (email attachment)
pièce justificative {f} [legal] :: proof of entitlement, a document proving something
pièce maîtresse {f} :: showpiece
pièce maîtresse {f} [figuratively] :: cornerstone
piécette {f} :: small coin
piécette {f} :: small room
pic à glace {m} :: icepick
pichenette {f} :: flick
pichenotte {f} :: flick
pichet {m} :: jug
Pichet {prop} :: surname
Pichette {prop} :: surname
Pichilemu {prop} {m} :: Pichilemu
pichon {m} [Provence] :: small child
pichon {m} [Picardy] :: fish (animal, foodstuff)
pichonne {f} :: feminine noun of pichon
pickles {m} :: pickle (pickled vegetable)
pickpocket {m} :: pickpocket
picène {m} [organic compound] :: picene
pico- {prefix} :: pico-
picocurie {m} :: picocurie
picodon {m} :: A flat, round cheese made from goat's milk
picokatal {m} :: picokatal
picoler {v} [slang] :: to drink
picolo {m} :: alternative spelling of piccolo
picomètre {m} :: picometer
picorer {v} [obsolete] :: to maraud, pillage, rampage
picorer {v} :: to nibble, peck (of birds, or figuratively)
Picot {prop} :: surname
picotement {m} :: a stinging sensation, a sting
picotement {m} [in the plural] :: pins and needles
picoter {v} [of a bird] :: to peck
picoter {v} [colloquial] :: to bug, to pester, to annoy
picoter {v} :: to itch, to prickle
picoter {v} :: to tingle
picotin {m} :: peck (dry measure)
picpoul {m} :: A variety of white grape originally from the Languedoc
picquer {v} :: obsolete spelling of piquer
picride {f} :: A type of sunflower of the genus Picris
picrique {adj} [organic chemistry] :: picric
picrocholin {adj} :: Describing a senseless conflict
picsou {m} [colloquial] :: Scrooge
pictogrammatique {adj} :: pictogrammatic
pictogramme {m} :: pictogram (picture that represents a word or an idea)
pictographie {f} :: pictography
picton {adj} :: Picton
pictural {adj} :: of or relating to painting
picturalement {adv} :: pictorially
pic vert {m} :: alternative spelling of pivert
pic-vert {m} :: alternative spelling of pivert
picvert {m} :: alternative spelling of pivert
piédestal {m} :: pedestal
pie {f} :: magpie
Pie {prop} :: Pius
PIE {m} :: abbreviation of pistolet à impulsion électrique (taser)
pied {m} [anatomy] :: foot
pied {m} :: leg, foot (projection on the bottom of a piece of equipment to support it)
pied {m} :: An old unit of measure equal to 32.5 centimetres
pied {m} :: Translation for English foot (approx. 30.5 centimetres)
pied {m} [poetry] :: foot
pied d'athlète {m} :: athlete's foot
pied-de-biche {m} :: crowbar
pied de mouche {m} :: paragraph mark
pied-de-mouche {m} :: pilcrow, (a paragraph mark)
pied de page {m} :: footer (line of information at the bottom of a page)
piedmontite {f} :: alternative form of piémontite
pied noir {m} :: pied noir
pieds d'argile {mp} [plurale tantum] :: feet of clay
pied-à-terre {m} :: pied-à-terre
pie-grièche {m} :: shrike (bird)
piercing {m} :: a piercing
pierrade {f} :: A dish (a form of barbecue) in which thin slices of meat are cooked on a heated stone and served with sauces, salads, potatoes, etc
pierraille {f} :: collection of small stones
pierre {f} :: stone (substance)
pierre {f} :: stone (a rock, a pebble)
Pierre {prop} {m} :: Peter [biblical character]
Pierre {prop} {m} :: given name traditionally popular in France
Pierre {prop} {m} :: surname
pierre à aiguiser {f} :: whetstone, hone
pierre angulaire {f} [architecture] :: cornerstone
pierre angulaire {f} [figuratively] :: cornerstone
pierre d'achoppement {f} :: stumbling block
pierre d'angle {f} [architecture] :: cornerstone
pierre d'angle {f} [figuratively] :: cornerstone
pierre de lune {f} :: moonstone (translucent gemstone)
pierre de taille {f} :: cut stone, dressed stone, ashlar
pierre de touche {f} :: touchstone
Pierre-Marie {prop} {m} :: given name
pierre philosophale {f} [usually, uncountable] :: philosopher's stone
pierre philosophale {f} [figurative, countable] :: something impossible to find
pierre précieuse {f} :: gemstone
pierre qui roule n'amasse pas mousse {proverb} :: a rolling stone gathers no moss
pierreries {fp} [in the plural] :: gems, gemstones
pierre tombale {f} :: tombstone (stone on grave)
pierrette {f} [rare] :: small stone; pebble (used in a children's game)
pierrette {f} [dated] :: a type of white camisole
Pierrette {prop} :: given name, a feminine diminutive form of Pierre
pierreuse {f} [slang] :: knocking-shop
pierreux {adj} :: stony, rocky
pierrier {m} :: scree
Pierrot {prop} {m} :: Diminutive of Pierre (Peter)
Pierrot {prop} {m} :: A character from French pantomime; a buffoon in a loose white outfit
pieu {m} :: post; stake
pieu {m} [slang] :: bed; sack
pieusement {adv} :: piously
pieuter {vi} [slang] :: To sleep (in bed)
pieuter {vr} [slang] :: To go to bed; to crash out, hit the hay
pieuvre {f} :: octopus
pieux {adj} :: pious
pif {m} :: (slang for nose) conk, hooter, schnozzle
pif {m} :: nose, intuition
piffer {vt} [colloquial, normally used in the negative] :: to stand, put up with
pifomètre {m} [colloquial] :: intuitive estimate or approximation
pigé {interj} :: capisce?
pige {f} :: measure
pige {f} [colloquial] :: year (of age)
pige {f} [colloquial] :: year (period of time in general)
piège {m} :: trap, snare, booby trap
piège {m} :: pitfall
piégeage {m} :: trapping
piège à clics {m} [Internet] :: clickbait
piège à cons {m} [vulgar] :: sucker trap
pigeon {m} :: pigeon
pigeon {m} [colloquial] :: a patsy (an easily trickable, naive person)
pigeonnant {adj} [of a bra] :: uplift (attributive)
pigeonnant {adj} :: pigeon-chested
pigeonneau {m} :: squab (young pigeon)
pigeonner {v} [colloquial] :: To take for a ride or dupe (the person being duped is the pigeon)
pigeonnier {m} :: dovecote
piger {v} [colloquial] :: to understand : to get, to catch on, to twig, to cotton on
piger {v} [Canada] :: to choose at random : to draw
piéger {v} :: to trap (catch in a trap)
piégeux {adj} :: tricky
piégeux {adj} :: dangerous
pigiste {mf} :: freelance journalist
pigiste {adj} :: freelance (journalist, writer)
pigment {m} :: pigment, coloring substance
pigmentaire {adj} :: Of or relating to pigment, pigmentary
pigmenter {vt} :: to pigment
pignistique {adj} [statistics] :: pignistic
pignocher {vi} :: to pick at one's food
pignon {m} :: pine nut, pine kernel
pignon {m} :: gable
pignon {m} :: gearwheel, pinion, sprocket
pika {m} :: pika
pilaire {adj} [biology] :: piliated
Pilates {m} :: Pilates
pile {f} :: heap, stack (as in pile de cartons)
pile {f} :: pillar
pile {f} :: battery (as in pile électrique)
pile {f} :: tails (of a coin; mainly used in pile ou face, "heads or tails")
pile {f} [heraldiccharge] :: pile
pile {adv} [colloquial] :: just, exactly
pile {adv} [colloquial] :: dead (of stopping etc.); on the dot, sharp (of time), smack
pile ou face {phrase} :: heads or tails
pile-poil {adv} [colloquial] :: smack-dab, smack bang
piler {vt} [cooking] :: to crush
piler {vi} :: to slam on the brakes of a vehicle, making it come to a sudden stop
pileux {adj} :: hair (attributive)
pilier {m} :: pillar
pilier {m} [rugby] :: prop
piligère {adj} [biology] :: piligerous
piline {f} [protein] :: pilin
pillage {m} :: pillage
pillard {m} :: pillager, looter
pillarde {f} :: feminine noun of pillard
piller {v} :: to plunder; to pillage
pilleur {m} :: a plunderer
pilleur {adj} :: plundering; plunderous
piloche {f} [slang] :: gnasher, tooth
pilon {m} :: pestle
pilon {m} :: wooden leg
pilon {m} :: thigh (the thigh bone of poultry meat)
pilonnage {m} [military] :: shelling, bombardment
pilonnage {m} [cooking] :: pounding, crushing
pilonner {v} :: to bombard, to shell
pilonner {v} :: to grind, to pound
pilori {m} :: pillory; stocks
pilorier {vt} :: to pillory
piloselle {f} :: A type of hawkweed Hieracium pilosella
pilosité {m} :: pilosity, hairiness
pilotage {m} :: pilotage (all senses); piloting
pilote {m} :: pilot (controller of aircraft)
pilote {m} :: pilot (controller of vessel)
pilote de brousse {m} :: bush pilot
piloter {v} :: to pilot (control an aircraft)
piloter {v} :: to pilot (control a vessel)
piloter {v} :: to drive (control a vehicle)
pilotis {m} [architecture] :: piloti
pilule {f} :: pill (small object to be swallowed)
pilule {f} [with the definite article la] :: the contraceptive pill
pilule du lendemain {f} :: morning-after pill
pimarique {adj} [organic chemistry] :: pimaric
pimbêche {f} :: minx (impertinent woman)
piment {m} [cooking] :: spice
piment {m} :: chili, chili pepper
piment {m} [figuratively] :: spice (vigour)
piment de Cayenne {m} :: cayenne pepper (Capsicum frutescens)
piment enragé {m} [Louisiana French] :: cayenne pepper
pimenter {v} [cooking] :: to spice, to season with spices
pimenter {v} [figuratively] :: to spice up, to make more extravagant or exotic
piémont {m} :: foothill
piémontais {adj} :: Piedmontese (related to Piedmont)
Piémontais {m} :: a Piedmontese person
Piémontaise {f} :: feminine noun of Piémontais
piémontite {f} [mineralogy] :: piemontite
pimpant {adj} :: spruce, dapper, dashing
pimper {vr} [Louisiana French, Cajun French, St.Mary Parish] :: to dress well
pimprelocher {vt} :: to style hair in a ridiculous manner
pimprenelle {f} :: burnet (Sanguisorba minor)
pin {m} :: pine, pine tree
pinacle {m} :: pinnacle, top
pinacothèque {f} :: art gallery
pinacothèque {f} :: pinacotheca
pinailler {vi} [colloquial] :: nitpick, split hairs (to correct minutiae or find fault)
pinailleur {adj} :: nitpicking
pinailleur {m} :: nitpicker
pinéal {adj} :: pineal
pinéal {m} :: pineal
pinard {m} [colloquial, pejorative] :: plonk (cheap wine)
pinard {m} [by extension] :: any wine
Pinard {prop} :: surname
pinauculmettable {adj} :: alternative spelling of pinocumettable
pinaucumettable {adj} :: alternative spelling of pinocumettable
pince {f} :: pincer, claw
pince {f} :: pliers
pince {f} :: tongs
pince {f} :: crowbar
pincée {f} :: a pinch, a tiny amount
pinceau {m} :: paintbrush
pince-fesses {m} [dated, slang] :: dance, hop
pince à linge {f} :: clothes peg
pincement {m} :: pang, twinge
pince-nez {m} [dated, literary] :: pince-nez
pince-nez {m} :: noseclip
pince à épiler {f} :: tweezers
pincer {v} :: to pinch (skin)
pincer {v} [colloquial] :: to pinch (to arrest)
pincer {v} [music] :: To pluck (a stringed instrument)
pince-sans-rire {adj} :: dry, deadpan
pincette {f} :: tongs (for fire)
pincette {f} :: tweezers
pinchinelle {f} :: A type of carline thistle (Carlina acanthifolia)
Pindare {prop} {m} :: Pindar
pindarique {adj} :: Pindaric
pinède {f} :: pine wood or forest
pine {f} [slang] :: nob, penis
pineau {m} :: pineau
piner {v} [vulgar] :: to fuck, to dick
pingouin {m} [scientific context] :: auk, razorbill (Arctic sea bird from the Alcidae family)
pingouin {m} [colloquial] :: penguin
ping-pong {m} :: ping pong; table tennis
pingre {adj} :: miserly, stingy
pingrerie {f} :: stinginess
pinique {adj} [organic chemistry] :: pinic
pinène {m} [organic compound] :: pinene
pinocchioter dans le slibard {v} [slang] :: to have an unwanted erection visible through one's pants
Pinochet {prop} :: surname
pinocumettable {adj} [vulgar] :: fuckable, shaggable
pinoléique {adj} [organic chemistry] :: pinoleic
pinolénique {adj} [organic chemistry] :: pinolenic
pinçon {m} :: pinch, nip (mark on the skin)
Pinot {prop} :: surname
pinotte {f} [Québec] :: peanut, goober (a legume resembling a nut)
pinson {m} :: a finch
Pinsonneault {prop} :: surname
Pintac {prop} :: A commune in the Hautes-Pyrénées department in southwestern France
pintade {f} :: guinea fowl
pinte {f} [Canada] :: quart
pinte {f} [Canada, slang] :: litre
pinte {f} [France] :: pint
pinte {f} [France] :: bottle of beer or wine with capacity of 50 centiliters, equivalent to ⅔ standard bottles
pinter {v} [colloquial] :: To get drunk
pin-up {f} :: pin-up [woman in a photograph]
pin-up {f} :: babe (sexually attractive woman)
pioche {f} :: pickaxe
pioche {f} [card games] :: stock
piocher {v} :: to use a pickaxe
piocher {v} :: to cram, to swot, to grind (e.g., for an exam)
piocher {v} :: to slog away, drudge (to work very hard)
piocher {v} :: to pick, choose, select from a set of options
piocher {v} [card games] :: to draw from the deck
Piogre {prop} {m} [Switzerland] :: An imaginary, exceedingly remote town; Timbuktu
piolet {m} [climbing] :: piolet
pion {m} [chess] :: pawn
pion {m} [figuratively] :: pawn
pion {m} [particle] :: pion
pion {m} [game] :: counter
pion {m} [colloquial] :: supervisor (in a school)
pioncer {vi} [slang] :: To be sleeping
pioncer {vr} [slang] :: To go to sleep; to crash out, hit the hay
pionique {adj} [physics] :: pionic
pionner {v} [chess, checkers] :: to exchange (a piece)
pionnier {m} [military] :: pioneer, soldier employed to form roads, dig trenches, and make bridges, as an army advances
pionnier {m} :: pioneer, one who goes before, as into the wilderness, preparing the way for others to follow
pionnier {m} :: precursor
pionnier {m} [communism] :: pioneer, child of 10-16 years in the former Soviet Union, in the second of the three stages in becoming a member of the Communist Party
pionnier {adj} :: pioneering, avant-garde
pionnier {adj} :: first to colonize
pionnière {f} :: feminine noun of pionnier
piorner {v} [Switzerland] :: to whine, moan
pipe {f} :: tobacco pipe
pipe {f} [vulgar] :: blowjob
pipe {m} :: the pipe symbol (|)
pipeau {m} [musical instruments] :: pipe
pipeau {m} :: reed
pipelette {f} :: chatterbox
pipeline {m} :: oil pipeline
pipe-line {m} :: alternative spelling of pipeline
piperin {m} [organic compound] :: piperine
pipette {f} [sciences] :: pipette
pipi {m} [chiefly uncountable] :: wee, wee-wee, pee
pipit {m} :: pipit
pipole {adj} :: famous, related to famous people
pipole {m} :: celebrity
pipérade {f} :: piperade (Basque dish of onions, green peppers, and tomatoes sautéed in olive oil and flavoured with Espelette pepper)
pipérazine {m} [organic compound] :: piperazine
pipéridine {m} [organic compound] :: piperidine
piqûre {f} :: injection
piqûre {f} :: sting
piqué {m} :: dive (of an airplane)
piqué {m} [textiles, couture] :: two fabrics stitched together to make a pattern, or a single fabric imitating this effect
piquage {m} :: pricking
piquage {m} :: stinging
piquamment {adv} :: piquantly
piquant {adj} :: Spiky, spiny
piquant {adj} :: Of food: piquant, spicy
piquant {adj} :: Cold; ice-cold
piquant {adj} :: Of humor, a joke, etc.: scathing
piquant {adj} [usually, of a person] :: attractive
pique {f} :: pike, lance
pique {f} [card games] :: spade (as a card suit)
piquebois {m} [Louisiana French, ] :: woodpecker
pique-nique {m} :: picnic (a meal eaten outdoors)
piqueniqueur {m} :: picnicker (someone having a picnic)
piquer {v} :: to prick (pierce with a prick)
piquer {v} :: to sting (feel a stinging pain)
piquer {v} [colloquial] :: to nick, pinch, steal
piquer {vr} :: to pride oneself on; to like to think that one can do (+ de)
piquer {v} [textiles, couture] :: to stitch together
piquer au vif {v} :: to arouse, to excite
piquer au vif {v} :: to cut to the quick
piquer une colère {v} [idiomatic] :: to fly into a rage
piquer un roupillon {v} [idiomatic] :: [colloquial] to get asleep
piquet {m} :: picket
piquet {m} [education] :: A school punishment in which a student has to remain standing for some time by a tree or a wall, usually in the corner of the classroom
piqueté {adj} :: spotted or dotted (with)
piquette {f} :: A drink of marc and water
piquette {f} [colloquial] :: plonk (cheap wine)
piqueupe {m} :: pickup (electronic device)
piqueur {adj} :: itchy
piqueur {adj} :: stinging
piqueur {m} :: whipper-in
piquier {m} [historical] :: pikeman
piqure {f} :: alternative spelling of piqûre
piquure {f} [archaic, obsolete] :: alternative spelling of piqûre
piratage {m} :: piracy
piratage {m} [computing] :: hacking, unauthorized attempts to bypass the security mechanisms of an information system or network
piratage informatique {m} [computing] :: hacking, unauthorized attempts to bypass the security mechanisms of an information system or network
pirate {mf} :: pirate
pirate de l'air {mf} :: a skyjacker
pirate informatique {mf} [computing] :: a hacker, one who uses a computer to gain unauthorized access to data
pirater {v} :: to pirate
pirater {v} [computing] :: to hack (into)
piraterie {f} :: piracy (the business of being a pirate)
piraterie {f} :: piracy (an act done by pirates)
pire {adj} :: worse
pire {m} [le pire] :: the worst
Piérie {prop} {f} :: Pieria
piriforme {adj} :: pyriform
pirogue {f} :: pirogue made by hollowing a log
pirogue {f} :: any canoe
pirojki {m} :: pirozhki
piroplasme {m} [epidemiology] :: piroplasma
piroplasmide {m} [biology] :: piroplasmid
pirouette {f} :: A whirling or turning on the toes in dancing
pirouette {f} [sports, equestrians] :: A whirling volt movement made by a horse
pirouetter {vi} :: to pirouette
pirouetter {vi} :: to pivot
pis {adv} :: worse
pis {m} :: udder
pis {conj} [Quebec, Acadian, Louisiana French, Missouri, colloquial] :: and, besides
pisé {m} :: adobe
pis-aller {m} :: a make-do, a less than optimal solution, a workaround
pis-aller {m} :: plan B; a last resort
pis-aller {m} :: worst-case scenario, the worst that could happen
piscicole {adj} :: piscicultural
pisciculture {f} :: pisciculture (the rearing of fish)
piscine {f} :: swimming pool
piscine {f} :: piscina
piscine à débordement {f} :: overflow pool, perimeter-overflow pool
piscivore {adj} :: piscivorous, fish-eating
piscivore {mf} :: piscivore
pisco {m} :: pisco
Pise {prop} {m} :: Pisa (town in Italy)
Pise {prop} {m} :: Pisa (province of Italy)
Pisidie {prop} :: Pisidia
pissaladière {f} :: pissaladière (pizza-like pie from southern France)
pissant {adj} [Quebec, colloquial] :: funny
Pissarro {prop} :: surname
pisse {f} [vulgar] :: piss
pisse-froid {m} [figuratively, very colloquial] :: a cold fish, a wet blanket
pissenlit {m} :: dandelion
pisser {vit} [slang] :: to piss
pisser {vt} :: to pour with (some liquid)
pisseur {m} :: pisser (one who pisses)
pisseuse {f} :: feminine noun of pisseur
pisseuse {f} [colloquial, pejorative] :: young girl
pisse-vinaigre {m} [figuratively] :: a grouch, a crosspatch, a sourpuss
pissoir {m} [slang] :: bog, john
pissotière {f} :: public urinal
pistache {f} :: pistachio (nut)
pistache {f} [Louisiana French, ] :: peanut
pistachier {m} :: pistachio (shrub)
pistage {m} :: tracking
pistard {m} [cycling] :: track cyclist
pistarde {f} :: feminine noun of pistard
piste {f} :: a track or trail left by an animal or person
piste {f} :: a lead in a police investigation
piste {f} :: a runway for aircraft
piste {f} :: a track on a recording
piste {f} :: a racecourse
piste {f} :: a ring in a circus
piste {f} :: the floor used for various activities such as dancing, skating, or fencing
piste {f} :: piste (for skiing)
piste courte {f} :: short track (type of speed skating)
piste cyclable {f} [in town] :: bicycle path, bike path, cycle lane, bikeway
piste cyclable {f} [in the countryside] :: cycle track, bike trail
piste de danse {f} :: dance floor
pister {vt} :: to track (an animal)
pister {vt} :: to track (a person)
pisteur {m} :: tracker (one who, or that which, tracks or pursues, as a man or dog that follows game)
pistil {m} :: pistil
pistil {m} :: stamen
Pistoia {prop} :: Pistoia (province)
Pistoia {prop} :: Pistoia (town)
pistole {f} [historical] :: pistole (coin)
pistolet {m} :: gun, pistol
pistolet {m} :: spray gun
pistolet {m} :: weird person
pistolet à impulsion électrique {m} :: taser (electroshock stun gun)
pistolet à l'air {m} :: air pistol
pistolet-mitrailleur {m} :: submachine gun
piston {m} :: piston
piston {m} [colloquial] :: contact, connection
pistonner {vt} [colloquial] :: to put in a good word for somebody, to pull strings for somebody (apply influence)
piété {f} :: piety (the condition and quality of being pious)
pitance {f} :: pittance
pitbull {m} :: pitbull /pit bull/
pitch {m} :: pitch (sales patter, inclination)
pitchpin {m} :: pitch pine
piteusement {adv} :: piteously
piteusement {adv} :: miserably
piteux {adj} :: pitiful
piteux {adj} :: rundown
piteux {adj} :: piteous
pithécanthropique {adj} :: pithecanthropic
pithécanthropiquement {adv} :: pithecanthropically
pitié {f} :: pity, mercy
piétinement {m} :: step (sound made by someone or something walking), pitter-patter
piétinement {m} :: treading
piétiner {vi} :: to stamp (make loud sounds by stepping)
piétiner {vi} :: to shuffle (move forwards with short steps and with difficulty)
piétiner {vi} [figuratively] :: to make no headway, to go into a dead end
piétiner {vt} :: to trample (underfoot)
piétiste {mf} :: pietist
piétiste {adj} :: pietist (attributive)
pitit {m} [Louisiana French, Cajun French, ] :: alternative spelling of petit, child
piton {m} :: nail (metal object)
piton {m} :: spike, pick (especially for mountaineering)
piéton {m} :: pedestrian
piétonne {f} :: feminine noun of piéton
pitonner {v} :: to piton
piétonner {v} :: To walk (go on foot)
piétonnier {adj} :: pedestrianized / pedestrianised
pitou {m} [babytalk, Quebec] :: doggie
pitou {m} [endearment, Quebec] :: puppy
pitoune {f} [Quebec, occasionally pejorative] :: A pretty woman, a bimbo
pitoune {f} :: A felled log ready to be floated to the mill
pitoyable {adj} :: pitiful; pathetic, contemptible
pitoyablement {adv} :: pitifully
pitoyablement {adv} :: pathetically
piètre {adj} :: poor; lousy (of low quality)
piètre {adj} [archaic] :: pitiful
pitre {m} :: clown, buffoon
piètrement {adv} :: poorly
pitrerie {f} :: tomfoolery
pittacale {m} [organic compound] :: pittacal
pitête {adv} [rare] :: alternative spelling of peut-être
pittoresque {adj} :: picturesque
pittoresque {mf} :: Someone or something that is picturesque
pittoresquement {adv} :: picturesquely
pittospore {m} :: pittosporum
pituitaire {adj} [anatomy] :: pituitary
pituite {f} [historical] :: phlegm
pituite {f} [medicine] :: mucus
pivalique {adj} [organic chemistry] :: pivalic
pive {f} [Switzerland] :: conifer cone
pivert {m} :: woodpecker, Picus viridis
pivoine {f} :: peony
pivot {m} :: pivot
pivot {m} :: fulcrum
pivot {m} :: lynchpin
pivot {m} [basketball] :: center
pivotage {m} [maths] :: pivot operation (in a simplex algorithm)
pivotant {adj} :: swivel, pivoting
pivotant {adj} :: pivotal
pivoter {vi} :: to pivot, swivel, revolve
pivoter {vi} :: to turn on one's heel
pixel {m} [computing] :: pixel
pixellisation {f} :: pixelation
pixelliser {v} :: to pixelate
piézochimie {f} [chemistry] :: piezochemistry
piézoélectricité {f} [physics] :: piezoelectricity
piézoélectrique {adj} [physics] :: piezoelectric
piézomagnétique {adj} [physics] :: piezomagnetic
piézomagnétisme {m} [physics] :: piezomagnetism
piézométrique {adj} :: piezometric
piézonucléaire {adj} [physics] :: piezonuclear
piézophile {mf} :: piezophile
piézophile {adj} :: piezophilic
pizza {f} :: pizza
pizza hawaïenne {f} :: Hawaiian pizza
pizza poutine {f} :: poutine pizza (a pizza topped with poutine (gravy, french fries, cheese curds))
pizza québécoise {f} [Quebec, cuisine] :: Quebecoise pizza (with pepperoni, bacon, mushrooms)
pizzeria {f} :: pizzeria
pizzéria {f} :: pizzeria
péjoratif {adj} :: pejorative
péjorativement {adv} :: pejoratively
pk {adv} [Internet slang, text messaging] :: abbreviation of pourquoi, why
pékan {m} :: fisher (mammal)
pékin {m} [textiles] :: Pekin (type of patterned silk)
Pékin {prop} {m} :: Beijing
pékinois {adj} :: Pekingese (of or from Peking (Beijing))
pékinois {m} :: Pekinese (dog)
Pékinois {m} :: Pekinese (native or inhabitant of Pekin (Beijing))
Pékinoise {f} :: feminine noun of Pékinois
pkoi {adv} [Internet slang, texting] :: alternative spelling of pourquoi
plaçable {adj} :: placeable; that can be put or placed
plaçage {m} :: plaçage
placage {m} :: veneer (thin covering of fine wood)
placage {m} [sports] :: tackle
placard {m} :: a cupboard, cabinet or closet built against or into a wall
placard {m} :: an ad that is felt to be injurious, seditious or in otherwise bad taste
placard {m} [dated] :: a placard
placardage {m} :: billposting (sticking of posters)
placarder {vt} :: to post, put up
placarder {vt} :: to plaster
placardiser {v} :: To gradually remove the powers and responsibilities of an employee
place {f} :: place, square, plaza, piazza
place {f} :: place, space, room
place {f} :: place, seat
placebo {m} :: placebo
place d'armes {f} [military] :: parade ground
place d'armes {f} :: An assembly point for troops
place d'armes {f} :: An arsenal
placement {m} :: placement
placentaire {adj} :: placental
placentaire {m} :: placental
placer {v} :: to place (to put in a specific location)
placer {v} :: to seat (To put an object into a place where it will rest)
placer {vr} :: to place (to earn a given spot in a competition)
placet {m} [historical] :: petition, appeal
placidement {adv} :: placidly
placidité {f} :: placidity, placidness
placier {m} :: canvasser
placier {m} :: rep
placière {f} :: feminine noun of placier
placoplâtre {m} :: plasterboard
placoter {vi} [Quebec] :: to chat, chatter
Péladeau {prop} :: surname
plaïe {f} [Louisiana French, Cajun French, ] :: alternative form of plage, beach
plafond {m} :: ceiling
plafonnement {m} :: cap, capping, setting an upper limit
plafonner {vt} :: to cap (put an upper limit on)
plafonner {vi} :: to reach one's upper limit
plafonnier {m} :: light (ceiling light)
plage {f} :: beach
plage {f} [mathematics] :: range
plagiaire {mf} :: plagiarist
plagiat {m} :: plagiarism
pélagien {adj} :: Pelagian
plagier {v} :: to plagiarize
plagiocéphale {adj} [anatomy] :: plagiocephalic
plagiocéphalie {f} [anatomy] :: plagiocephaly
plagiotropisme {m} [biology] :: plagiotropism
pélagique {adj} :: pelagic
plagiste {mf} :: beachgoer (someone who goes to the beach)
plaider {v} :: to plead
plaideur {m} :: litigant
plaideuse {f} :: litigant (female)
plaidoirie {f} :: oral argument (court)
plaidoyer {m} [legal] :: speech for the defence
plaidoyer {m} [figuratively] :: plea
plaie {f} :: open wound
plaie {f} :: scourge
plaignant {m} [legal] :: plaintiff; prosecutor
plaignant {adj} [legal] :: prosecuting
plaigner {v} [nonstandard, colloquial] :: alternative form of plaindre
plain {adj} [obsolete] :: plane
plaindre {v} :: to pity
plaindre {vr} :: to complain
plaine {f} :: plain
plainte {f} :: complaint
plainte {f} :: moan, groan
plainte {f} [legal] :: (criminal) complaint
plaintif {adj} :: plaintive, doleful
plaintivement {adv} :: plaintively
plaire {vi} :: (followed by à or preceded by an indirect object) to please (usually translated into English as like with exchange of the subject and object)
plaire {vr} :: to enjoy (oneself)
plaisamment {adv} :: pleasantly; pleasingly
plaisamment {adv} :: jokingly, jestingly
Plaisance {prop} :: surname
plaisancier {m} [nautical] :: boater, amateur sailor
plaisancière {f} :: feminine noun of plaisancier
plaisant {adj} :: pleasing; pleasant
plaisanter {v} :: to joke (make a joke)
plaisanterie {f} :: joke
plaisanterie {f} :: jest; fun
plaisanterie {f} :: pleasantry; joking
plaisanterie {f} :: jesting; kidding
plaisantin {m} :: joker, wag
plaisantin {m} :: wiseass, smart aleck
plaisir {m} :: pleasure
Plaisir {prop} :: Plaisir (town)
plan {m} :: plan
plan {m} :: map (schematic maps of streets, subways, etc.)
plan {m} :: plane (both flat surface and mathematical plane)
plan {m} [cinema] :: shot
plan {m} [slang, dated] :: A small case inserted in the rectum in order to hide one's valuables from a full-body search
plan {adj} :: planar
planaire {adj} [mathematics] :: planar
planant {adj} :: hovering
planche {f} :: board
planche {f} :: spread (picture covering a whole page)
planche {f} :: plank
planche {f} :: woodcut
planche {f} :: board (used for sport, e.g. skateboard or surfboard)
planche {f} [figuratively] :: plank, beanpole (very thin person)
planche à beurre {f} :: butter paddle
planche à laver {f} [musical instruments] :: washboard
planche à pain {f} :: breadboard
plancher {m} :: floor
plancher {m} :: lower limit
plancher {m} [anatomy] :: floor
plancher {vi} :: to talk
planche à repasser {f} :: ironing board
planche à repasser {f} [figuratively, slightly offensive] :: a woman without curves, flat as a pancake
planche à roulettes {f} :: skateboard
Planchet {prop} [rare] :: given name
planchette {f} :: small plank
planchette à pince {f} :: clipboard
planchiste {mf} :: boarder
planchiste {mf} :: snowboarder
planchiste {mf} :: skateboarder
planckien {adj} [physics] :: Planckian
plan comptable {m} :: chart of accounts
plancton {m} [biology] :: plankton
planctonique {adj} :: planktonic
plan cul {m} [vulgar] :: fuck buddy (sexual relationship without further emotional attachment)
plan d'eau {m} :: lake, pond, stretch of smooth water
plan de cuisson {m} [cooking] :: hob, stovetop
plan de faille {m} [geology] :: fault plane
plan de niveau {m} :: floor plan
plan de travail {m} :: work plan, schedule
plan de travail {m} :: worksurface
plan de vol {m} :: flight plan
plan directeur {m} :: blueprint; master plan
plan directeur {m} [military] :: map of the combat area
plan d'épargne {m} :: savings plan
plan d'urgence {m} :: contingency plan
planer {v} :: to glide, to hover
planer {v} :: to be entranced, to be mesmerized
planer {v} [slang, of a drug user] :: to be high
planer {v} [slang] :: to be going well; to run smoothly
planeur {m} :: glider (aircraft)
planeur {m} :: planer (tool)
plan fixe {m} [cinema] :: static shot
planificateur {m} :: planner
planificateur {adj} :: planning
planification {f} :: planning (act of making a plan)
planifier {v} :: to plan ahead, to prepare oneself
plan incliné {m} :: inclined plane
planisphère {m} :: planisphere
planning {m} :: schedule, work plan
planogamie {f} [biology] :: planogamy
plançon {m} :: A medieval French infantry weapon, primarily used for smashing and thrusting
Plançon {prop} :: surname
planquer {v} [colloquial] :: to hide
planquer {v} [colloquial] :: to spy, to snoop
plan rapproché {m} [photography, film] :: close-up
planère {f} :: A form of Siberian elm (Planera crenata)
plant {m} :: seedling
plant {m} :: young plant or plantation
plantage {m} :: the action of planting
plantage {m} [computing] :: crash
plantain {m} :: plantain, any plant of genus Plantago
plantain {m} :: plantain [fruit of the genus Musa]
planétaire {adj} :: planetary
planétaire {m} [astronomy] :: orrery
planétaire {m} [automobile] :: epicyclic gear, planetary gear
plantaire {adj} [anatomy] :: plantar
planétarium {m} :: planetarium
plantation {f} :: planting
plantation {f} :: plantation
planète {f} :: planet
plante {f} :: sole of the foot
plante {f} :: plant
plante d'intérieur {f} :: houseplant
planète naine {f} :: dwarf planet
planter {vt} :: to plant
planter {vt} :: to drive in (a nail, stake etc.)
planter {vt} :: to pitch (a tent)
planter {vit} [computing] :: to crash
planter {vr} [colloquial, se planter] :: to fall off
planter {vr} [colloquial, se planter] :: to fail, to not succeed
planter {vr} [colloquial, se planter, a vehicle and etc] :: to break down
planter {vt} [slang] :: to stab with a knife
planteur {m} :: planter
planteuse {f} :: planter (for potatoes etc)
plantier {m} :: vine (plant)
planétoïde {m} :: planetoid
planétoide {m} [astronomy] :: A planetoid, an asteroid large enough to be seen as a small planet
planétologie {f} :: planetology
planétologue {mf} :: planetologist
planton {m} :: orderly
planétésimal {m} [astronomy] :: planetesimal
plantureusement {adv} :: curvaceously
plantureusement {adv} :: copiously, lavishly
plantureux {adj} :: buxom, curvaceous
plantureux {adj} :: copious, lavish
plantureux {adj} :: fertile
plaquage {m} :: plating (adding a plate to e.g. metal)
plaquage {m} [rugby] :: tackle
plaque {f} :: sheet, plate (of metal)
plaque {f} :: slab (of marble)
plaque {f} :: plaque (bacteria on teeth)
plaque {f} :: plaque, slab (ornamental)
plaque {f} :: (casino) chip
plaque {f} [electrics, photography] :: plate
plaque {f} [geology] :: plate (especially a tectonic plate)
plaque {f} :: slab, bar (of e.g. chocolate)
plaque {f} [slang] :: 10,000 francs
plaque {f} :: (Cooking; gas, electric) burner (US), ring (Britain)
plaquebière {f} :: cloudberry [plant]
plaquebière {f} :: cloudberry, bakeapple [fruit]
plaque d'égout {f} :: manhole
plaque d'immatriculation {f} :: license plate
plaqueminier {m} :: Asian persimmon, Diospyros kaki
plaquer {v} :: to plate (to cover the surface material of an object with a thin coat of another material)
plaquer {v} [rugby] :: To tackle
plaquer {v} [martial arts] :: To grapple
plaquer {v} [colloquial] :: To leave someone, to break up with someone; to ditch, to dump, to jilt someone
plaquettaire {adj} :: platelet (attributive)
plaquette {f} :: packet [of butter]; strip, blister pack [of pills]
plaquette {f} [hematology, cytology] :: platelet
plaquette {f} [automobile, ~ de frein] :: brake pad
plaquette de frein {f} :: brake pad
plaquiste {m} :: A builder who erects plasterboard (or similar) partitions
pélargonate {m} [organic chemistry] :: pelargonate
pélargonique {adj} [organic chemistry] :: pelargonic
pélargonium {m} :: pelargonium (flower of the genus Pelargonium)
plasma {m} :: plasma (all senses)
plasmateur {m} :: a creator, fashioner
plasmatique {adj} :: plasma (attributive), plasmatic
plasmide {m} :: plasmid (circle of double-stranded DNA that is separate from the chromosomes)
plasmidique {adj} [biology] :: plasmidic
plasmique {adj} :: plasmic
plasmode {m} :: plasmodium
plasmodesme {m} :: plasmodesma
plasmogamie {f} [biology] :: plasmogamy
plasmogamique {adj} [biology] :: plasmogamic
plasmonique {adj} :: plasmonic
plaste {m} :: plastid; leucoplast
plastic {m} :: plastic explosive
plasticage {m} :: Action of blowing up something (using plastic explosive)
plasticien {m} :: plastician (an artist involved with plastic arts)
plasticienne {f} :: feminine noun of plasticien
plasticité {f} :: plasticity
plastide {m} :: plastid
-plastie {suffix} :: -plasty
plastifiant {m} :: plasticizer
plastifier {v} :: to laminate
plastiquage {m} :: bomb attack
plastique {adj} :: plastic
plastique {m} :: plastic
plastiquement {adv} :: plastically
plastiquer {v} :: to blow up (using plastic explosive)
plastiqueur {m} :: terrorist (bomber who uses plastic explosive)
plastiqueuse {f} :: feminine noun of plastiqueur
plastocyanine {f} [protein] :: plastocyanin
plastron {m} :: breastplate (piece of armour)
plastron {m} [fencing] :: plastron
plastron {m} :: chest pad; chest protection; chestguard
plastron {m} [zoology] :: plastron (part of a turtle's shell)
plastron {m} :: shirt front; the front of a shirt
plastron {m} :: plastron (ornamental front part of a bodice)
plastron {m} [zoology] :: breast (front part of certain birds)
plastronique {adj} :: plastronic
plastronique {f} [physics] :: plastronics
plastronner {v} :: to swagger
plasturgie {f} :: plastics engineering
plat {adj} :: flat
plat {m} :: a flat area of ground; a flat thing; a flat dish or receptacle
plat {m} :: dish or course (e.g. served in a restaurant)
platane {m} :: a sycamore or planetree (genus Platanus)
plat du jour {m} :: plat du jour, daily special
plate {f} :: Very small flat boat
plate {adj} [Canada, colloquial] :: Annoyingly boring
plate {adj} [Canada, colloquial] :: Troublesome
platée {f} :: plateful
plateau {m} :: flat area
plateau {m} :: tray
plateau {m} [geography] :: plateau
plateau {m} :: stage (in theatre); set (of television broadcast)
plate-bande {f} :: flower bed
plate-bande {f} [architecture] :: platband
plate-forme {f} :: platform
plateforme {f} :: alternative form of plate-forme
plateforme de forage {f} :: drilling rig, drilling platform (for oil)
plate-forme pétrolière {f} :: oil rig
platelage {m} :: decking, deck (horizontal surface)
platement {adv} :: flatly
platinage {m} :: platinization
platine {m} :: platinum (metal)
platine {f} :: platter
platine {f} :: turntable
platine {f} :: connector board
platine {f} [clockmaking, locksmithing] :: plate
platine {f} [printing] :: platen (printing plate)
platine {f} :: stage (of a microscope)
platinectomie {f} [surgery] :: platinectomy, platinotomy
platiner {v} :: to platinize
platineux {adj} [inorganic chemistry] :: platinous
platinique {adj} [inorganic chemistry] :: platinic
platinoïde {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: platinoid
platinotypie {f} :: platinotype
Platon {prop} {m} :: Plato (Greek philosopher)
platonicien {adj} [philosophy, mathematics] :: Platonic
platonique {adj} :: Platonic
platonique {adj} :: platonic
platoniquement {adv} :: platonically
platonisme {m} :: Platonism
plat principal {m} :: main course
platycnémie {f} [anatomy] :: platycnemism
platycnémien {adj} [anatomy] :: platycnemic
platycnémique {adj} [anatomy] :: platycnemic
platykurticité {f} [maths] :: platykurtosis, platykurticity
platykurtique {adj} [maths] :: platykurtic
platyphylle {adj} :: broadleaf
plausibilité {f} :: plausibility
plausible {adj} :: plausible
Plaute {prop} {m} :: Plautus
playback {m} [music, singing] :: lip sync
playboy {m} :: alternative spelling of play-boy
play-boy {m} :: playboy (person)
playlist {f} :: playlist
plèbe {f} :: pleb
plèbe {f} :: (in plural) people, mob
plébéien {adj} :: plebeian
plébéien {m} [historical] :: plebeian, commoner
plébéiennement {adv} :: In a plebeian manner
plébiscitaire {adj} :: plebiscitary
plébiscite {m} :: plebiscite
plébisciter {vt} :: to vote by plebiscite
PLC {initialism} [initialism] :: [Canada, politics] Parti libéral du Canada - Liberal Party of Canada (LPC)
pôle {m} [geography, astronomy, science] :: pole
pôle {m} [figuratively] :: centre, hub
pâle {adj} :: pale (light in color)
pâle {adj} :: pale (lacking brightness)
pâle {adj} :: pale (dull)
plectre {m} :: plectrum, pick (for strumming string instruments)
plein {adj} :: full, full up
plein {adj} :: plenty
plein {adj} :: solid
plein {adj} :: [of a moon] full
plein {adj} :: [preceded by en] mid-; middle
plein {adj} :: [of an animal] pregnant
plein {prep} [somewhat colloquial] :: in; all over
plein comme une huître {adj} [Europe, simile] :: drunk as a skunk
plein comme un œuf {adj} [simile, colloquial] :: Very drunk; pissed as a newt; drunk as a skunk
plein à craquer {adj} [colloquial] :: jam-packed, chock full, bursting at the seams
plein de soupe {m} [Louisiana French, Cajun French, St.Martin Parish] :: a greedy man
pleine lune {f} :: full moon
pleinement {adv} :: completely, all over
plein-emploi {m} :: full employment
pâlement {adv} :: palely, pallidly
pêle-mêle {adv} :: any old how, at random, chaotically, pell-mell
pêle-mêle {m} :: disorder, confusion
pêle-mêle {m} :: multiple photo frame
pêlemêle {m} :: alternative form of pêle-mêle
pôle nord {m} :: north pole (of a magnet)
pôle Nord {m} :: north pole (northernmost point on celestial bodies)
pôle Nord {m} :: North Pole (of Earth)
pèlerin {m} :: pilgrim
pèlerinage {m} :: pilgrimage (religious journey, or one to a sacred place)
pèlerine {f} :: feminine noun of pèlerin
pèlerine {f} :: cape
pélerine {f} :: cape
pèleriner {v} :: to go on a pilgrimage
péleriner {v} :: alternative spelling of pèleriner
plessimétrique {adj} :: pleximetric
plessimétriquement {adv} :: pleximetrically
pôle sud {m} :: south pole (of a magnet)
pôle Sud {m} :: south pole (the southernmost point on a celestial body)
pâleur {f} :: pallor; paleness
pleur {m} :: Cry (action of producing tears)
pleurard {m} :: crybaby
pleurard {adj} :: crying
pleurer {vi} :: to cry, to weep
pleurer {vt} :: to mourn
pleurer comme une madeleine {v} [simile] :: To bawl, especially exaggeratedly; to cry one's eyes out; to cry like a baby
pleureur {m} :: crier; weeper one who cries or weeps
pleureur {m} :: crybaby
pleureur {adj} :: weeping
pleureuse {f} :: professional mourner
pleurnichard {m} :: crybaby
pleurnichard {m} :: sniveller
pleurnichard {adj} :: whingeing
pleurnicher {v} :: to whine (to complain or protest in a childish manner or about trivial things)
pleurnicherie {f} :: whine
pleurnicheur {m} [colloquial] :: sniveller
pleurnicheuse {f} :: feminine noun of pleurnicheur
pleurote {m} :: oyster mushroom
pleurésie {f} [pathology] :: pleurisy
pleurétique {adj} :: pleuritic
pleutre {m} :: coward
pleutre {adj} :: cowardly
pleutre {v} :: to be cowardly
pleutrement {adv} :: cowardly
pleuviner {v} :: to drizzle
pleuvioter {v} :: to drizzle
pleuvoir {v} :: to rain
pleuvoir à boire debout {v} :: rain cats and dogs (to rain very heavily)
pleuvoir comme vache qui pisse {v} [simile, vulgar] :: to piss it down (to rain cats and dogs)
pleuvoir des cordes {v} [idiomatic] :: to rain heavily; to rain cats and dogs
pleuvoir des hallebardes {v} :: to rain heavily; to rain cats and dogs
pleuvoir à verse {v} [idiomatic] :: to rain heavily
plexiglas {m} :: Plexiglas
plexus {m} :: plexus
pli {m} :: fold
pli {m} :: pleat
pli {m} :: letter
pli {m} [card games] :: trick
plié {adj} :: in stitches
pliable {adj} :: pliable
pléiade {f} :: host (large group)
pliage {m} :: folding (the act of folding something)
pliant {adj} :: pliant
pélican {m} :: pelican (any of various seabirds of the family Pelecanidae)
plier {vt} :: to fold (bend (something) over; arrange by folding)
plier {v} :: to fold up
plier {v} :: to bend
plier {v} :: to mess up; to do in; to damage
plier {v} [figuratively] :: to kill, kill off (a game)
plier bagage {v} :: to leave, to move, go away
Pline {prop} {m} :: Pliny
plinien {adj} :: Plinian
plinthe {f} :: plinth
plinthe {f} :: skirting board; baseboard (panel between floor and interior wall)
pliocène {adj} :: Pliocene
Pliocène {prop} {m} :: Pliocene period
pléiotrope {adj} [biology] :: pleiotropic
pléiotropie {f} [biology] :: pleiotropy
pléiotropique {adj} :: pleiotropic
pâlir {v} :: to pale; to fade (lose color)
pâlir {v} :: to fade (lose glory or power)
plissé {adj} :: pleated
plissement {m} :: folding
plissement {m} [geology] :: fold
plisser {vt} :: to fold over, pleat
plisser {vt} :: to wrinkle, crease, pucker, screw up
plisser {vi} :: to be creased (of clothes etc.), wrinkled (stockings etc.)
plisser {vr} :: to crease, wrinkle
pléistocène {adj} :: Pleistocene
Pléistocène {prop} {m} :: Pleistocene period
pliure {f} :: a folding
plénier {adj} :: complete, entire
plénier {adj} :: plenary
plénipotentiaire {adj} :: plenipotentiary
plénipotentiaire {mf} :: plenipotentiary (a person invested with supreme authority)
plénièrement {adv} :: completely, entirely
plénitude {f} :: fullness, plenitude
plomb {m} :: lead (metal)
plomb {m} :: fuse
plomb {m} :: sinker (fishing weight)
plombage {m} :: weighting (with lead); filling, stopping
plombage {m} [dentistry] :: filling
plombagine {m} [mineralogy] :: graphite
plombate {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: plumbate
plombe {f} [slang] :: ages, a long time
plomber {v} :: to fill with lead, to weigh down with lead
plomber {v} [figuratively] :: to become a burden, to weigh down
plomberie {f} :: plumbing; plumbery
plombeux {adj} [inorganic chemistry] :: plumbous
plombier {m} :: plumber (profession)
plombique {adj} [inorganic chemistry] :: plumbic
plombière {f} :: feminine singular of plombier
plombite {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: plumbite
plombémie {f} [pathology] :: The presence of lead in the blood
plomburie {f} :: lead poisoning
pléomorphe {adj} [biology] :: pleomorphic
pléonasme {m} [linguistics] :: pleonasm, redundancy
pléonaste {m} [mineralogy] :: pleonaste
pléonastique {adj} :: pleonastic
plonge {f} [France, colloquial] :: the work of washing dishes
plongée {f} :: dive
plongée {f} :: The forward tilt of an automobile when braking
plongeant {adj} :: plunging (neckline etc)
plongeoir {m} :: diving board
plongeon {m} :: dive (act of diving into water)
plongeon {m} [sports] :: diving
plongeon {m} :: loon (the bird)
plongeon synchronisé {m} :: synchronized diving
plonger {v} :: to dive
plonger {v} :: to plunge
plongeur {adj} [chiefly of an animal] :: diving (that or who dives)
plongeur {m} :: diver (one who dives for pearls, coral, sponges, sunken items, and so on)
plongeur {m} :: diver (one who practices the sport of diving)
plongeur {m} :: dishwasher (a person who washes dishes in a restaurant or similar establishment)
plongeuse {f} :: feminine noun of plongeur
pélopium {m} [obsolete] :: A metallic element subsequently shown to be technetium
Péloponnèse {prop} {m} :: Peloponnese (region of Greece)
plosif {adj} :: plosive
plosion {f} [phonetics] :: plosion
plosive {f} :: plosive
pâlot {adj} :: pale, peaky
ploter {v} [maths] :: To plot or trace (a curve)
ploter {v} :: alternative form of peloter
plotte {f} [Quebec, vulgar, slang] :: a vulva, a vagina
plotte {f} [Louisiana French, Cajun French, ] :: a ball; a football
plotter {v} [obsolete] :: alternative form of peloter
plouc {m} :: hick, country bumpkin, yokel
plouf {m} :: splash
ploussard {m} :: A black grape variety form Jura
ploutocrate {mf} :: plutocrat
ploutocratie {f} :: plutocracy
ploutocratique {adj} :: plutocratic
ployer {vi} [literary] :: to bend, fold
P. L. Q. {abbr} :: alternative form of PLQ
PLQ {initialism} [Canada, politics] :: initialism of Parti libéral du Québec - Liberal Party of Quebec (LPQ)
P.L.Q. {abbr} :: alternative form of PLQ
plérôme {m} [gnosticism] :: pleroma
plésiomorphie {f} [genetics] :: plesiomorphy
plésiomorphique {adj} [biology] :: plesiomorphic
plésiomorphisme {m} [biology] :: plesiomorphism, plesiomorphy
pléthore {f} :: plethora
pléthorique {adj} [medical] :: plethoric
pléthorique {adj} :: overloaded, overabundant
pléthoriquement {adv} :: plethorically
pléthoriquement {adv} :: overabundantly
plâtrage {m} :: plastering, pargeting
plâtras {m} :: rubble
plâtre {m} :: plaster, plaster of Paris (the building material)
plâtre {m} :: plaster, cast (supportive and immobilising device)
plâtrer {vt} :: to plaster
plâtrer {vt} :: to render
plâtrier {m} :: plasterer
plâtrière {f} :: gypsum quarry (for the manufacture of plaster)
plâtrière {f} :: feminine noun of plâtrier
plucher {v} :: to fluff up, to become fluffy
plug {m} :: butt-plug
plugiciel {m} :: plug-in (computer program addon)
plugiciel {adj} :: plug-in
pluie {f} :: rain
plumage {m} [ornithologie, nom collectif] :: plumage (a bird's feathers, collectively speaking)
plumbago {m} [botany] :: plumbago
plume {f} :: feather
plume {f} :: quill
plume {f} :: nib, the writing end of a fountain pen or a dip pen
plumeau {m} :: feather duster
plumer {v} :: to pluck the feathers off
plumer {v} [colloquial] :: To swindle or cheat out of
plumer {v} [colloquial] :: To desquamate; to have the skin peel off
plumet {m} :: An ostrich feather placed in a hat
plumet {m} :: A bouquet of feathers used to decorate military headgear
plumet {m} :: A bouquet of feathers used to decorate a dais, a bed, or a hearse
plumet {m} :: Feather grass (Stipa pennata)
plumet {m} :: A bundle of feathers attached to a piece of cork which is allowed to float in order to determine the direction of the wind
plumetis {m} :: satin stitch
plumets {mp} :: Plural of plumet
plumeux {adj} :: feathery
plumier {m} :: pencil box
plumitif {m} :: penpusher
plupart {f} :: main part, majority
plupart {f} :: most of
plural {adj} :: plural, large
pluralisme {m} :: pluralism
pluraliste {mf} :: pluralist
pluralité {f} :: plurality
pluri- {prefix} :: pluri-
pluriannuel {adj} :: long-term
pluriannuel {adj} :: pluriennial
pluricellulaire {adj} :: multicellular, pluricellular
pluridimensionnel {adj} :: pluridimensional, multidimensional
pluridirectionnel {adj} :: pluridirectional
pluridisciplinaire {adj} :: multidisciplinary
pluridisciplinairement {adv} :: multidisciplinarily; in a multidisciplinary way
pluridisciplinarité {f} :: multidisciplinarity
pluriel {m} :: plural
pluriel {adj} :: plural
pluriel brisé {m} [grammar, linguistics] :: broken plural
pluriellement {adv} :: plurally; in the plural
pluriethnique {adj} :: multiethnic
plurilingue {adj} :: multilingual, plurilingual
plurilinguisme {m} :: multilingualism
pluriloculaire {adj} [biology] :: plurilocular
pluripartisme {m} :: multipartyism
pluripartiste {adj} :: multiparty
pluripotence {f} [biology] :: pluripotency
pluripotent {adj} [biology] :: pluripotent
pluriquotidien {adj} :: several times each day
pluriquotidiennement {adv} :: several times each day
pluriséculaire {adj} :: Over several centuries
pluriséculaire {adj} :: Centuries-old
plus {adv} :: more, -er (used to form comparatives of adjectives)
plus {adv} :: more, -er (used to form comparatives of adverbs)
plus {adv} [after a verb] :: more, -er (indicating a higher degree or quantity)
plus {adv} [before a noun] :: more (indicating a greater quantity; followed by de)
plus {adv} :: more (supplementary, preceded by de)
plus {adv} [preceded by a definite article] :: the most, -est (used to form superlatives of adjectives and adverbs)
plus {adv} [usually with the negative particle ne, see usage notes below] :: no longer, not ... any more
plus {m} :: plus, the symbol +
plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose {proverb} :: the more things change, the more they stay the same
plus facile à dire qu'à faire {adj} :: easier said than done (easy to propose, but difficult to accomplish)
plus grand commun diviseur {m} [mathematics] :: greatest common divisor
plus grand commun dénominateur {m} [mathematics] :: synonym of plus grand commun diviseur
plusieurs {adj} :: several, many, a lot
plus on est de fous, plus on rit {proverb} :: the more the merrier
plus ou moins {adv} :: more or less (approximately)
plus petit commun multiple {m} [mathematics] :: least common multiple
plus que jamais {adv} :: more than ever
plus-que-parfait {m} :: pluperfect tense
plus-value {f} :: capital gain
plus vieux métier du monde {m} [euphemistic] :: the world's oldest profession
Plutarque {prop} :: Plutarch (Greek historian)
Pluton {prop} {m} :: Pluto (dwarf planet)
Pluton {prop} {m} :: Pluto (god)
plutoneux {adj} [inorganic chemistry] :: plutonous
plutonien {adj} :: Plutonian
plutonique {adj} [geology, inorganic chemistry] :: plutonic
plutonium {m} :: plutonium
plutôt {adv} [obsolete] :: earlier, sooner
plutôt {adv} :: rather, instead
plutôt {adv} :: rather, pretty, kind of
pluvier {m} :: plover
pluvieux {adj} :: rainy
pluviomètre {m} :: pluviometer
pluviométrie {f} :: pluviometry
pluviométrique {adj} :: pluviometric
pluviosité {f} :: (amount of) rainfall
pluviôse {m} [historical] :: Pluviôse (the fifth month of the French Republican Calendar)
plèvre {f} [anatomy] :: pleura
pélycosaure {m} :: pelycosaur
PM {abbr} :: post meridiem
P.M. {abbr} :: post meridiem
PMA {m} :: abbreviation of pays les moins avancés; LDC (least developed countries)
PME {f} :: abbreviation of Petites et Moyennes Entreprises; SME (Small and Medium-sized Enterprise)
pâmer {vr} [literary, dated] :: to swoon
pâmer {vr} [colloquial] :: to be in raptures (devant over something)
pâmer {vr} [colloquial] :: to be overcome (de with)
pâmoison {f} :: swoon
PMU {m} :: abbreviation of Pari mutuel urbain
PMU {m} [by extension, France] :: a place where one can bet on horse races, usually a café or tabac
pénal {adj} :: penal, criminal (of, or relating to crimes)
pœnal {adj} :: obsolete form of pénal
pénalement {adv} :: penally
pénalisant {adj} :: penalizing
pénalisation {f} [sports] :: penalty
pénalisation {f} :: penalizing
pénaliser {v} :: to penalize
pénaliser {v} :: to criminalize
pénaliste {mf} [legal] :: criminal lawyer
pénalité {f} :: penalty (punishment)
pénalité {f} [rugby] :: penalty (free-kick)
pénalité {f} [rugby] :: penalty (scoring of penalty)
pénalty {m} [sports] :: alternative spelling of penalty
pénard {adj} :: alternative form of peinard
pénardement {adv} :: alternative form of peinardement
pénates {mp} [historical] :: household gods, penates
pénates {mp} [colloquial] :: home
PNC {mf} :: Flight attendant, cabin crew
pénectomie {f} [surgery] :: penectomy
pneu {m} :: tyre, tire
pneu de secours {m} :: spare tyre
pneumatique {adj} :: pneumatic
pneumatique {m} [rare] :: tyre (wheel covering)
pneumique {adj} [organic chemistry] :: pneumic
pneumocoque {m} :: pneumococcus
pneumogastrique {adj} [anatomy] :: pneumogastric
pneumogastrique {m} [anatomy] :: pneumogastric
pneumographie {f} :: pneumography
pneumologie {f} :: pulmonology
pneumologue {mf} :: pneumologist
pneumonie {f} [pathology] :: pneumonia
pneumonique {adj} :: pneumonic
pneumopathie {f} :: pneumonia
pénibilité {f} :: hardness, strenuousness, severity
pénible {adj} :: painful, hard, displeasing
pénible {adj} :: annoying (about someone)
péniblement {adv} :: horribly; awfully
péniche {f} :: barge
pénicillé {adj} [biology] :: penicillate
pénicillamine {f} :: penicillamine
pénicilline {f} :: penicillin
pénicillium {m} [biology] :: penicillium
pnictogène {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: pnictogen
pnicture {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: pnictide
pénien {adj} :: penile
pénil {m} :: mons veneris, mons
péninsulaire {adj} :: peninsular
péninsule {f} :: peninsula
péninsule Ibérique {prop} {f} :: Iberian Peninsula
pénis {m} :: penis
pénitence {f} :: penance
pénitencier {m} :: penitentiary, prison
pénitencier {m} [Roman Catholic Church] :: a priest who administers the sacrament of absolution
pénitent {adj} :: penitent
pénitent {m} :: penitent (one who repents of sin; one sorrowful on account of his or her transgressions)
pénitentiaire {adj} :: penitentiary
pénitentiel {adj} :: penitential
pénitentiel {adj} :: penitant
Pénélope {prop} {f} [Greek mythology] :: Penelope (wife of Odysseus)
Pénélope {prop} {f} :: given name
Pénélopegate {prop} {m} :: alt form Penelopegate
pénologie {f} :: penology
pénombre {f} :: penumbra
pénombre {f} :: half-light, twilight
pénéplaine {f} [geomorphology] :: peneplain
pénétrabilité {f} :: penetrability
pénétrable {adj} :: penetrable
pénétramment {adv} :: penetratingly
pénétrant {adj} :: penetrant, penetrating
pénétratif {adj} :: penetrative
pénétration {f} :: penetration
pénétrativement {adv} :: penetratively
pénétrer {vt} :: to enter, to get in (to)
pénétrer {v} :: to penetrate
pénétrer {v} :: to see through somebody's lies or secret plans
pénétrer {v} :: to penetrate (to enter sexually; to engage in penetrative sex)
pénétromètre {m} :: penetrometer
pénultième {adj} :: penultimate
pénurie {f} :: dearth, lack, shortage; penury
poa {m} :: poa, grass
pochade {f} :: pochade
pochard {m} [colloquial] :: drunk, drunkard
pocharde {f} :: feminine noun of pochard
poche {f} :: pocket (part of the clothing)
poche {f} :: pouch (small bag, or part of small bag)
poche {f} :: pouch (of a marsupial)
poche {f} :: pocket (cavity)
poche {f} :: poach (act of cooking by poaching)
poche {f} :: the rendering or the act of rendering the walls, columns, and other solids of a building or the like, as indicated on an architectural plan, usually in black
poche {f} :: ladle (container used in a foundry to transport and pour out molten metal)
poche {adj} [Quebec, colloquial] :: lame, boring, dull
poche {adj} [Quebec, colloquial] :: bad, untalented, sucky
poche des eaux {f} :: amniotic sac
pocher {v} :: to poach; to cook by poaching
pocher {v} :: to sketch; to make a sketch of
pochetron {m} [slang, pejorative] :: someone who drinks copiously, a drunkard
pochetronne {f} :: feminine noun of pochetron
pochette {f} :: (small) pocket
pochette {f} :: sleeve (of e.g. a CD)
pochette {f} :: clutch bag
pochoir {m} :: stencil (utensil consisting of a perforated sheet)
pochtron {m} [slang, pejorative] :: alternative form of pochetron
pochtronne {f} :: feminine noun of pochtron
pococurante {mf} :: one who is apathetic
podaire {f} [geometry] :: pedal curve
podcast {m} [Internet, neologism] :: podcast
podcaster {v} :: to podcast
podcasting {m} :: podcasting
podium {m} :: podium
Podolie {prop} {f} :: Podolia
podologue {m} :: chiropodist, podiatrist
podomètre {m} :: pedometer
podophylle {m} [botany] :: podophyllum
podophylleux {adj} [biology] :: podophyllous
podorythmie {f} [Canada] :: The tapping of one's feet in time to music
podotactile {adj} :: pedotactile
poecilitique {adj} [geology] :: poikilitic
Pogba {prop} :: surname
pogner {vt} [Quebec, Louisiana French] :: to catch
pogner {vt} [Quebec, Louisiana French] :: to grab, to grasp
pogner {v} [Quebec, Louisiana French, slang, figuratively] :: to seize
pogner {v} [Quebec, figuratively, impersonal verb] :: to be arrested or frozen (by a notion or emotion)
pogner {vt} [Quebec, slang] :: to surprise, to run into, to find out (someone in the act of wrongdoing, someone in hiding)
pogner {vt} [Quebec] :: to collide, to hit
pogner {vt} [Quebec, slang] :: to receive
pogner {vt} [Quebec, slang] :: to understand, [figuratively] to get (a joke)
pogner {vi} [Quebec, colloquial] :: to catch on or become popular, to succeed
pogner {vi} [Quebec, slang, idiomatic] :: to seduce, to have success in interpersonal relationships
pogner {vr} [Quebec, colloquial] :: to take or acquire something (for oneself)
pogner {v} [Quebec, colloquial] :: to become stuck or jammed (of one object in another, used reflexively)
pogner {v} [Quebec, slang] :: to argue, to quarrel (with someone), to butt heads (used either reflexively or with subject)
pogner {v} [Quebec, slang] :: to make out, or to make love or have sex (used reflexively)
pogner {vt} [Louisiana French, slang] :: to fool
pognon {m} [colloquial] :: dough, dosh, bread
pogo {m} [Canada, food, colloquial] :: pogo (corndog on a stick)
pogoter {v} :: To dance the pogo
pogrom {m} :: pogrom
poichichade {f} :: A traditional Provençal spreadable dish consisting of chickpeas, garlic and olive oil
poids {m} :: weight
poids léger {m} :: lightweight (sports category)
poids lourd {m} :: HGV; heavy goods vehicle
poids lourd {m} :: heavyweight (sports category)
poids moyen {m} :: middleweight (sports category)
poignamment {adv} :: poignantly
poignant {adj} :: poignant
poignard {m} :: dagger
poignardage {m} [rare] :: stabbing
poignarder {v} :: to stab; to knife
poignée {f} :: handful (amount held in hand)
poignée {f} :: handful (a small number)
poignée {f} :: (also poignée de main) handshake
poignée {f} :: grip (part of an object someone grips)
poignée {f} :: handle
poigne {f} :: grip
poignée de main {f} :: handshake
poignet {m} :: wrist
poignet {m} :: carpus
poil {m} :: hair (on the body)
poil {m} :: bristle (on a brush)
poiler {vp} [colloquial] :: to laugh hard
poil à gratter {m} [practical joke] :: itching powder
poilu {adj} [colloquial] :: hairy
poilu {adj} [dated, figurative] :: brave, courageous; energetic
poilu {m} [historical] :: poilu (French soldier during World War I)
poincarisme {m} :: The politics of Raymond Poincaré
poincariste {mf} :: An adherent of poincarisme
poindre {vt} [obsolete] :: to prick, sting
poindre {vt} [literary] :: to sting, afflict (of pain, love etc.)
poindre {vi} :: to come up (of a plant), peep through
poindre {vi} [literary] :: to break, dawn (of day); to break (of dawn)
poindre {vi} [figurative] :: to appear, spring up
poing {m} :: fist
poing américain {m} :: brass knuckles
poing-à-poing {m} :: fist bump
poinçon {m} :: stamp (device)
poinçon {m} :: a pointed tool, such as a punch, chisel, bodkin or awl
poinçon {m} :: hallmark (an official marking)
poinçonner {vt} :: to stamp, punch
poinçonner {vt} :: to hallmark
poinçonneuse {f} :: punch (machine)
point {m} :: point (small mark)
point {m} [sports, games] :: point
point {m} :: full stop, period (punctuation mark)
point {adv} [literary, dialectal, usually with "ne"] :: not
pointage {m} :: ticking off
pointage {m} :: checking in
pointage {m} :: scrutiny
point aveugle {m} :: blind spot (place where the optic nerve attaches to the retina)
point barre {interj} :: period; full stop
point cardinal {m} :: cardinal point
point chaud {m} [geology] :: hot spot
point commun {m} :: common feature, shared trait, thing in common, similarity
point d'Angleterre {m} :: Brussels lace
point de côté {m} :: stitch (pain in one's side)
point de non-retour {m} [aviation] :: point of no return
point de non-retour {m} [figuratively] :: point of no return (moment when a process becomes irreversible)
point de non-retour {m} [figuratively] :: orgasm, climax
point d'entrée {m} :: entry point
point de repère {m} :: point of reference, landmark
point de suture {m} :: stitch (of surgical suture)
point de vue {m} :: point of view
point d'exclamation {m} :: exclamation mark, exclamation point
point d'expérience {m} [RPG] :: experience point
point d'inflexion {m} :: point of inflection (a change in curvature from concave to convex or from convex to concave)
point d'interrogation {m} :: question mark (punctuation)
point diplomatique {m} :: the punctuation ⟨ [[./.]] ⟩, a full stop followed by a slash followed by another full stop, used in French-language diplomatic texts to indicate the end of a message
point diplomatique {m} :: See: point diplomatique
point d'orgue {m} [music] :: pause, fermata
point d'orgue {m} [figuratively] :: climax, culmination, capstone
pointe {f} :: point
pointeau {m} :: punch, centrepunch
pointe aux âmes {f} [musical instruments, lutherie] :: soundpost setter, soundpost setting tool
pointe de vin {f} :: merriment caused by mild intoxication
pointer {v} :: to point to/at
pointer {v} [by extension] :: to indicate, to show, to point out
pointer {v} :: to punch in, to clock in
pointer {vp} [colloquial] :: to show up, turn up
pointer {m} :: pointer (dog)
pointeur {m} [military] :: One who points a cannon at its target
pointeur {m} :: One who maintains a register of people present and absent
pointeur {m} [computing, programming] :: A pointer
point faible {m} :: weakness, weak spot
point final {m} :: period [US usage]; full stop [UK usage]
point final {interj} :: period, full stop
point fort {m} :: strength, strong suit
point G {m} :: G-spot
pointillé {m} :: dotted line
pointillé {m} :: perforation
pointillé {m} [art] :: stippling
pointilleusement {adv} :: punctiliously
pointilleux {adj} :: punctilious, finicky, pernickety
point mort {m} [physics] :: dead centre
point mort {m} [in vehicles] :: neutral (the position of a set of gears)
point mort {m} [figuratively] :: standstill, deadlock
points de suspension {mp} :: ellipsis (mark used in printing to indicate an omission)
pointu {adj} :: sharp
pointu {adj} [figuratively] :: specialised, technical, pointed
pointure {f} :: shoe size
pointure {f} [colloquial] :: a master, a person very skilled at doing something; a big name
point virgule {m} :: semicolon
point-virgule {m} :: semicolon (punctuation mark)
poiré {m} :: perry (pear cider)
poiré de glace {m} :: ice perry
poire {f} :: pear
poire {f} [colloquial] :: mug, sucker, soft touch
poire {f} [colloquial] :: mush, face
poire {f} :: A bulb, usually pear-shaped, used to collect gases or liquids, such as that of a dropper
poire {f} :: pear brandy
poire {f} :: A pear-shaped switch
poire {f} [butchery] :: A beef cut
poire-alligator {f} :: alligator pear (avocado fruit)
poireau {m} :: leek (Allium ampeloprasum, syn. Allium porrum)
poireau {m} [slang] :: cock, dick
poireauter {v} [colloquial] :: to hang around, to hang
poire belle Hélène {f} :: A dessert made from pears poached in sugar syrup and served with vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup, and crystallized violets (or, in simpler variations, sliced almonds)
poire d'avocat {f} :: avocado pear (avocado fruit)
poire à lavement {f} :: bulb syringe, enema syringe, douche
poirer {v} [slang] :: to nab, take by surprise
poirier {m} :: pear tree
poirier {m} :: headstand
Poirier {prop} :: surname
poiré mousseux {m} :: sparkling perry (pear champagne)
pois {m} :: pea
pois chiche {m} :: chick pea
pois de senteur {m} :: sweet pea
poison {m} :: poison
poissard {adj} :: (of language) coarse, common, vulgar
poissard {adj} :: unlucky
poisse {f} :: chronic bad luck
poisser {vt} :: to make sticky
poisser {vt} :: to nab (apprehend)
poisseux {adj} :: sticky
poisson {m} :: fish (marine animal)
Poisson {prop} :: surname
poisson-chat {m} :: catfish
poisson-chien {m} [Africa] :: The tigerfish, in the genus Hydrocynus
poisson-chien {m} [rare] :: The European mudminnow, Umbra krameri
poisson-chirurgien {m} :: surgeonfish
poisson d'avril {m} :: April fool (an April Fool's Day joke)
poisson-football {m} :: footballfish
poissonier {m} :: fish cook
poissonière {f} :: feminine noun of poissonier
poisson-lait {m} :: milkfish
poissonnerie {f} :: fishmonger's (shop which sells fish)
poissonneux {adj} :: Full of fish; abundant in fish
poissonnier {m} :: fishmonger (someone who sells fish)
poissonnière {f} :: feminine noun of poissonnier
poisson plat {m} :: flatfish
poisson rouge {m} :: goldfish
Poissons {prop} {mp} [astronomy] :: The constellation Pisces 'the Fishes'
Poissons {prop} {mp} [astrology] :: The zodiac sign Pisces, after the above
Poissons {prop} {mp} [geography] :: A municipality in the northern French Champage region
Poissons {prop} {mp} [geography] :: A canton in the Haute-Marne département, named after the above town, its capital
poisson-tigre {m} :: The tigerfish, in the genus Hydrocynus.
poisson-vipère {m} :: viperfish
poisson volant {m} :: flying fish (a tropical marine fish)
poitevin {adj} :: Poitevin
Poitou-Charentes {prop} :: Poitou-Charentes, former region of France
poitrail {m} :: chest (of horse); breast (of bird etc.)
poitrail {m} [jocular] :: chest (of human)
poitrail de puzzle {m} [medicine, putative] :: jigsaw breast/chest
poitrinaire {adj} [archaic] :: consumptive, tubercular, phthistic
poitrine {f} :: chest (of body)
poitrine {f} :: breast (of body)
poitrine {f} :: breast (of poultry, as meat)
poivrade {f} :: poivrade
poivre {m} :: pepper (spice)
poivre blanc {m} :: white pepper (spice)
poivre du moulin {m} :: freshly ground pepper
poivre et sel {adj} :: salt-and-pepper
poivre noir {m} :: black pepper (spice)
poivrer {v} :: to pepper (to season with pepper)
poivrier {m} :: pepper (plant)
poivrière {f} :: pepper pot
poivron {m} :: bell pepper (Capsicum annuum)
poivronnade {f} :: A traditional French dish consisting of peppers (the vegetable) and various herbs and spices, or other vegetables
poivrot {m} :: drunkard
poivrote {f} :: drunkard (female)
poix {f} :: pitch
poker {m} [card games] :: poker
poêlé {adj} :: pan-fried
polaire {adj} :: polar
Polandball {m} :: Polandball
polar {m} [colloquial] :: detective novel
polarimètre {m} :: polarimeter
polarimétrie {f} :: polarimetry
polarisé {adj} :: polarized
polarisabilité {f} :: polarizability
polarisation {f} :: polarization
polariser {v} :: to polarize
polariseur {m} :: polarizer
polarité {f} :: polarity
polaroïd {m} :: Polaroid picture
polarographie {f} [chemistry, physics] :: polarography
polder {m} [geography] :: polder
poêle {m} :: stove
poêle {f} :: frying pan, pan
poêle {f} [colloquial] :: metal detector
poêle {m} [religion] :: pall
-pole {suffix} :: -polis
-pole {suffix} :: -poly, related to market or economy
poêlée {f} :: pan fry
poêle à frire {f} :: frying pan
polenta {f} :: polenta
poêler {v} [cooking] :: to fry in a frying pan
polhodie {f} :: polhode
poli {adj} :: polite
poli {adj} :: polished
poli {m} :: lustre, polish
police {f} :: police
police {f} [typography] :: fount, font
police {f} [Quebec] :: cop (police officer)
police de l'air et des frontières {f} :: border police
police judiciaire {f} :: The detective / investigation division of the French police
policeman {m} :: policeman (in Anglophone countries)
policer {v} :: to police
polichinelle {m} :: Punchinello doll
polichinelle {m} :: buffoon
Polichinelle {prop} :: Punchinello
policier {adj} :: police (attributive)
policier {m} :: policeman, police officer
policier {m} :: police movie
policière {f} :: policewoman, female police officer
policlinique {f} :: polyclinic
policlinique {f} :: outpatients (department of hospital)
poliment {adv} :: politely
poliomyélite {f} [pathology] :: poliomyelitis
poliomyélitique {adj} :: polio (attributive)
poliorcétique {adj} :: relative to siegecraft
poliorcétique {f} :: the science of laying siege, siegecraft
polir {v} :: to shine; to make a surface very smooth or shiny by rubbing, cleaning, or grinding (often polish up)
polir {v} :: to refine; remove imperfections
polissage {m} :: polishing
polissage {m} :: refining
polisseur {m} :: polisher (person) (machine, masculine only)
polisseuse {f} :: feminine noun of polisseur
polissoir {m} :: a polissoir
polisson {m} :: naughty child, scamp
polisson {adj} :: mischievous
polisson {adj} :: licentious, shameless
polissonner {v} [archaic] :: to be naughty
polissonnerie {f} :: mischief
polissonnerie {f} :: licentiousness
politesse {f} :: politeness, courtesy
politesse {f} :: polite remark/action
politicard {adj} [pejorative] :: politico (attributive)
politicard {m} [pejorative] :: politico
politicien {m} :: politician
politicienne {f} :: feminine noun of politicien
politique {adj} :: political
politique {f} [uncountable] :: politics
politique {f} :: policy
politique de l'autruche {f} :: ostrich politics, ostrich policy
politique du saucissonnage {f} :: salami technique (reach a goal using small steps)
politiquement {adv} :: politically
politiquement correct {adj} :: politically correct ((of language) not objectionable)
politiquement correct {m} [France] :: political correctness
politisé {adj} :: politicised
politisation {f} :: politicization
politiser {vt} :: to politicize
politiste {mf} :: synonym of politologue
politologue {mf} :: political scientist
polka {f} :: polka (dance and music)
pollakiurie {f} [pathology] :: pollakiuria
pollen {m} :: pollen
Pollestres {prop} {mf} :: A town of the Roussillon district in the Pyrénées-Orientales department of France
pollinifère {adj} :: polliniferous
pollinique {adj} [attributive] :: pollen
pollinisateur {adj} [of an insect] :: pollenising
pollinisateur {m} [botany] :: pollinator
pollinisation {f} :: pollination
polliniser {v} :: to pollinate
pollénine {f} :: pollenin
polluant {adj} :: polluting, which pollutes
polluant {m} :: pollutant, a substance which pollutes
polluer {v} :: to pollute (create pollution)
polluer {v} :: to soil, to pollute (to defame)
pollueur {m} :: polluter
pollueuse {f} :: feminine noun of pollueur
pollupostage {m} [Internet] :: spam
pollutaxe {f} :: pollution tax
pollution {f} :: pollution
Pollux {prop} [Greek god] :: Pollux
Pollux {prop} [star] :: Pollux
polémarque {m} [historical, Ancient Greece] :: polemarch
polémique {f} :: polemic, controversy
polémique {adj} :: polemic
polémiquer {vi} :: to be involved in a controversy
polémiste {mf} :: polemicist
polémochorie {f} [biology] :: polemochory
poloïdal {adj} [physics] :: poloidal
Pologne {prop} {f} :: Poland
poêlon {m} :: Type of casserole (cooking pot)
polonais {m} :: Polish, the Polish language
polonais {adj} :: Polish
Polonais {m} :: Pole, someone from Poland
Polonaise {f} :: feminine noun of Polonais
poloniser {v} :: To Polonize
polonium {m} :: polonium
poloniure {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: polonide
poltron {mf} [pejorative] :: coward
poltron {adj} [pejorative] :: cowardly
poltronnement {adv} :: cowardly
poltronnerie {f} :: cowardice
poly- {prefix} :: poly- (many)
poly {adj} [slang] :: clipping of polytechnique
poly {adj} [slang] :: clipping of polyvalent
poly {mf} [slang] :: clipping of polytechnique (this is itself an clipping of institut polytechnique or école polytechnique)
poly {mf} [slang] :: clipping of polyvalente (this is itself an clipping of institut polyvalent or école polyvalente)
poly. {abbr} :: alternative form of poly
polyacide {m} [chemistry] :: polyacid
polyacrylique {adj} :: polyacrylic
polyacrylique {m} :: polyacrylic
polyade {m} [maths] :: polyad
polyadelphe {adj} [botany] :: polyadelphous
polyadelphie {f} [botany] :: polyadelphy
polyadelphine {f} [mineral] :: polyadelphite
polyadique {adj} [maths] :: polyadic
polyadène {adj} [botany] :: polyadenous (having many glands or nodules)
polyakène {m} [botany] :: polyachene
polyalcool {m} [organic chemistry] :: polyalcohol
polyallélisme {m} [genetics] :: polyallelism
polyamour {m} :: polyamory (practices involving relationships with multiple partners)
polyamoureux {adj} :: polyamorous
polyandre {adj} :: polyandrous
polyandrie {f} :: polyandry
polyandrique {adj} :: polyandrous
polyandrisme {m} :: polyandrism
polyanthe {adj} :: polyanthous
polyanthropie {f} :: polyanthropy
polyarchie {f} :: polyarchy
polyarène {m} [organic chemistry] :: polyarene
polyarthrite {f} :: polyarthritis
polyarthrite rhumatoïde {f} :: rhumatoid polyarthritis
polyarticulaire {adj} :: polyarticular
polyatomique {adj} [chemistry] :: polyatomic
polyazole {m} [organic chemistry] :: polyazole
polybasique {adj} [chemistry] :: polybasic
Polybe {prop} {m} :: Polybius
polybutadiène {m} :: polybutadiene
polycalique {adj} :: polycalic
polycamératique {adj} :: polycameratic
polycarboxylate {m} [organic chemistry] :: polycarboxylate
polycarburant {adj} :: multifuel
polycarpellé {adj} [botany] :: polycarpic (having multiple carpels in a fruit)
polycarpien {adj} [botany] :: polycarpic (bearing fruit repeatedly)
polycarpien {adj} :: Of or from Saint-Polycarpe (in Quebec)
polycarpique {adj} [botany] :: polycarpic (all senses)
polycentrique {adj} :: polycentric
polycentrisme {m} :: polycentrism
polychimiothérapie {f} [medicine] :: polychemotherapy
polychlorure {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: polychloride
polycholie {f} [pathology] :: polycholia
polychore {m} [geometry] :: polychoron
polychorique {adj} [statistics] :: polychoric
polychreste {m} :: polychrest
polychromatique {adj} :: polychromatic (all senses)
polychrome {adj} :: polychrome
polychrome {adj} :: multicoloured
polychromer {v} [art] :: To paint (especially a statue) in many colours
polychromie {f} :: polychromy
polychromiser {v} :: To paint (typically a statue) using polychrome
polychrone {adj} :: polychrone (attributive)
polychrone {adj} [physics] :: polychronous
polychroïsme {m} [physics] :: polychroism
polychroïte {f} :: polychroite
polychète {f} [zoology] :: polychete
polycistronique {adj} [genetics] :: polycistronic
polyclade {adj} [zoology, botany] :: polycladose, polycladous
polycladie {f} [botany] :: polyclady
polyclinique {f} :: private hospital
polycombustible {adj} :: synonym of multicombustible
polycondensé {adj} :: polycondensed
polycondensat {m} [chemistry] :: polycondensate
polyconique {adj} :: polyconic
polycopié {adj} :: duplicated
polycopiage {m} :: duplication (of documents)
polycopie {f} :: duplicating (of documents)
polycopie {f} :: duplicate (document)
polycopier {vt} :: to duplicate [documents]
polycopieuse {f} :: duplicator (duplicating machine)
polycorde {m} [music] :: polychord
polycorde {adj} [music] :: polychordal
polycotylaire {adj} [botany] :: polycotyledonous
polycéphale {adj} :: polycephalic
polycratie {f} :: polycracy
polycristallin {adj} :: polycrystalline
polycétide {m} [biochemistry] :: polyketide
polycétone {f} [organic chemistry] :: polyketone
polyculturalisme {m} :: synonym of multiculturalisme
polycyclique {adj} :: polycyclic
polycylindrique {adj} :: multi-cylinder (of an engine)
polydactyle {adj} :: polydactylous
polydactylie {f} :: polydactyly
polydactylisme {m} :: polydactylism
polydenté {adj} :: polydentate
polydiméthylsiloxane {m} [organic chemistry] :: polydimethylsiloxane
polydipsie {f} :: polydipsia
polydispersé {adj} :: polydisperse
polydispersité {f} :: polydispersity
polyèdre {m} :: polyhedron (geometry: solid figure)
polyédrique {adj} :: polyhedral
polyedrique {adj} :: alternative form of polyédrique
polyembryonie {f} [botany] :: polyembryony
polyergue {f} :: Amazon ant (of the genus Polyergus)
polyestérifier {v} :: To polyesterify
polyextrêmophile {mf} [biology] :: polyextremophile
polyfonctionnel {adj} :: Polyfunctional
polygalactie {f} :: polygalactia
polygale {m} :: milkwort
polygaline {f} [obsolete, chemistry] :: polygalin
polygalique {adj} :: polygalic
polygame {adj} :: polygamous
polygame {mf} :: polygamist
polygamie {f} :: polygamy
polygamique {adj} :: polygamic
polygamite {m} :: polygamist
polygastrique {adj} :: polygastric
polygenèse {adj} :: polygenetic
polygenèse {f} :: polygenesis
polyglotte {adj} :: polyglot
polyglotte {mf} :: a polyglot
polyglottement {adv} :: polyglottically
polyglottement {adv} :: multilingually
polyglotter {v} :: To speak several languages
polyglottisme {m} :: polyglotism
polygénique {adj} :: polygenic
polygénisme {m} :: polygenism
polygéniste {adj} :: polygenist
polygéniste {mf} :: polygenist
polygénèse {adj} :: alternative form of polygenèse
polygénèse {mf} :: alternative form of polygenèse
polygénétique {adj} :: polygenetic
polygonacée {f} :: knotweed (of family Polygonaceae)
polygonal {adj} :: polygonal
polygonation {f} :: polygonation
polygone {m} :: polygon
polygoniser {v} :: To polygonize
polygonométrie {f} [maths] :: polygonometry
polygramme {m} [linguistics] :: polygraph
polygraphe {m} :: polygraph (device to discern if a subject is lying)
polygraphe {m} :: polygraph (all other senses)
polygraphie {f} :: polygraphy
polygraphique {adj} :: polygraphic
polygraphiste {mf} :: polygraphist
polygynandrie {f} [biology] :: polygynandry
polygyne {adj} :: polygynous
polygynique {adj} :: polygynous
polyhandicap {m} :: polyhandicap
polyhandicapé {adj} :: Having a polyhandicap
polyholoside {m} [carbohydrate] :: polysaccharide
polyhydrite {f} [mineral] :: polyhydrite
polyhydroxyalcanoate {m} [organic chemistry] :: polyhydroxyalkanoate
polyinsaturé {adj} [organic chemistry] :: polyunsaturated
polyiodure {m} [chemistry] :: polyiodide
polyisoprène {m} [organic chemistry] :: polyisoprene
polykétide {m} :: alternative form of polycétide
polykystique {adj} [medicine] :: polycystic
polylactique {adj} [organic chemistry] :: polylactic
polylobé {adj} :: polylobate
polymaste {adj} :: polymastic
polymastie {f} :: polymastia
polymathe {mf} :: polymath
polymathie {f} :: polymathy
polymathique {adj} :: polymathic
polymathisme {m} :: polymathy
polymédicamenté {adj} :: Requiring several different medications
polymicrogyrie {f} [pathology] :: polymicrogyria
polymélie {m} [pathology] :: polymelia
polyménorrhée {f} :: polymenorrhea
polymorphe {adj} :: polymorphic
polymorphe {adj} :: polymorphous
polymorphie {m} :: polymorphia, polymorphism
polymorphique {adj} :: polymorphic
polymorphisme {m} :: polymorphism
polymorphisme {m} [object-oriented programming] :: polymorphism
polymérase {f} :: polymerase
polymère {m} :: polymer
polymèrique {adj} [chemistry] :: polymeric
polymérique {adj} [chemistry] :: polymeric
polymérisé {adj} :: polymerized
polymérisable {adj} :: polymerizable
polymérisation {f} :: polymerization
polymériser {vt} [chemistry] :: to polymerize
polymérisme {m} [chemistry] :: polymerism
polymétallique {adj} :: polymetallic
polymyosite {f} [pathology] :: polymyositis, dermatomyositis
polymythie {f} :: polymythy
polynational {adj} :: multinational
polyène {m} [organic chemistry] :: polyene
polynia {m} :: polynya
polynôme {m} [maths] :: polynomial
polynômial {adj} :: alternative form of polynomial
polynomial {adj} :: polynomial
Polynésie {prop} {f} :: Polynesia
Polynésie française {prop} {f} :: French Polynesia
polynésien {adj} :: Polynesian (of or pertaining to Polynesia or its people or culture)
Polynésien {m} :: Polynesian person
Polynésienne {f} :: feminine noun of Polynésien
polynucléaire {adj} :: polynuclear
polynucléotide {m} :: polynucleotide
polynévrite {f} [pathology] :: polyneuritis
polyodonte {adj} :: polyodont
polyoléfine {m} [organic chemistry] :: polyolefin
polyonychie {f} :: polyonychia
polyonyme {adj} :: polynymous
polyopie {f} :: polyopia
polyoside {m} [carbohydrate] :: polysaccharide
polyosidique {adj} :: polysaccharidal
polyoxygéné {adj} [chemistry] :: polyoxygenated
polyoxyméthylène {m} [organic compound] :: polyoxymethylene
polyparasitisme {m} [biology] :: polyparasitism
polype {m} :: polyp
polypeptidique {adj} :: polypeptidic
polypeux {adj} :: polypous
polyphagie {f} :: polyphagia
polyphasé {adj} :: polyphase (electrical)
polyphasique {adj} :: polyphasic
polyphénol {m} [organic chemistry] :: polyphenol
polyphénolique {adj} :: polyphenolic
polyphobie {f} :: polyphobia
polyphonie {f} :: polyphony
polyphonique {adj} :: polyphonic
polyphoniquement {adv} :: polyphonically
polyphylie {f} [systematics] :: polyphyly
polyphylle {adj} [botany] :: polyphyllous
polyphylétique {adj} [systematics] :: polyphyletic
polypiforme {adj} :: polypiform
polyploïde {adj} [genetics] :: polyploid
polyploïdie {f} [genetics] :: polyploidy
polyploïdiser {v} [genetics] :: To polyploidize
polypnée {f} :: polypnea
polypoïde {adj} :: polypoid
polypose {f} :: polyposis
polyépoxyde {m} [organic chemistry] :: polyepoxide, epoxy (resin)
polyprénol {m} [organic compound] :: polyprenol
polypropylène {m} :: polypropylene
polypétale {adj} :: polypetalous
polyptote {m} :: polyptoton (stylistic scheme)
polyptyque {m} [art] :: polyptych
polyrrhize {adj} :: polyrhizal
polysaccaride {m} :: alternative form of polysaccharide
polysaccharide {m} :: synonym of polyoside
polysarcie {f} :: polysarcia
polysialie {f} :: polysialia
polysémantique {adj} :: polysemantic
polysème {m} [linguistics] :: polyseme
polysème {adj} [linguistics] :: polyseme
polysémie {f} :: polysemy (ability to have multiple meanings)
polysémique {adj} :: polysemic (having a number of meanings, interpretations or understandings)
polysémiquement {adv} :: polysemically
polysomie {f} [genetics] :: polysomy
polysomique {adj} [genetics] :: polysomic
polysépale {adj} [botany] :: polysepalous
polyspaste {m} :: polyspast (machine consisting of many pulleys)
polysperme {adj} :: polyspermous
polyspermie {f} :: polyspermy
polystyrène {m} [organic chemistry] :: polystyrene
polystyrène {m} :: styrofoam
polysulfure {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: polysulfide / polysulphide
polysyllabe {adj} :: polysyllabic
polysyllabe {m} :: polysyllable
polysyllabique {adj} :: polysyllabic
polysyndète {f} [rhetoric] :: polysyndeton
polysynodie {f} :: polysynody
polysynodique {adj} :: polysynodic
polysynthétique {adj} :: polysynthetic
polysynthétisme {m} :: polysynthesis
polytechnicien {adj} :: related to École polytechnique
polytechnicien {m} :: graduate of an École polytechnique
polytechnicienne {f} :: A female graduate of an École polytechnique
polytechnique {adj} :: polytechnic
Polytechnique {prop} {f} [France, familiar] :: the École Polytechnique, a major institute of higher learning outside of Paris
polyterpène {m} [organic chemistry] :: polyterpene
polythiazyle {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: polythiazyl
polythéiser {v} :: To polytheize
polythéisme {m} [religion] :: polytheism
polythéiste {mf} :: polytheist
polythétique {adj} :: polythetic
polyéthylène {m} :: polyethylene
polytélite {f} [mineral] :: polytelite
polytomie {f} :: polytomy
polytonal {adj} [music] :: polytonal
polytonalité {f} [music] :: polytonality
polytonique {adj} :: polytonic (of music, multi-toned)
polytonique {adj} [phonology] :: polytonic
polytope {m} :: polytope
polytopisme {m} :: polytopism
polytoxicomane {mf} :: polytoxicomaniac (person addicted to multiple drugs)
polytraumatique {adj} :: polytraumatic
polytraumatisme {m} :: polytrauma
polytric {m} :: polytrichum
polytropie {f} :: polytropism
polytropique {adj} :: polytropic
polytétrafluoroéthylène {m} [organic chemistry] :: polytetrafluoroethylene
polytyper {v} :: To polytype
polyurie {f} [pathology] :: polyuria
polyurique {adj} :: polyuric
polyuréthane {m} :: polyurethane (any of various polymeric resins containing urethane links)
polyvalence {m} :: versatility
polyvalent {adj} :: versatile, multipurpose; that has various uses, functions, or capacities
polyvalent {m} :: an employee who carries out various different functions
polyvinyle {adj} [organic chemistry] :: polyvinyl
polyvinylique {adj} [organic chemistry] :: polyvinylic
polyzoaire {m} :: polyzoon, bryozoon
polyzoïque {adj} :: polyzoic
poème {m} :: poem (literary piece written in verse)
poëme {m} [archaic] :: alternative spelling of poème
pomelo {m} :: alternative spelling of pomélo
pomélo {m} :: pomelo
pommadé {adj} :: pomaded
pommade {f} :: ointment (a thick viscous preparation for application to the skin, often containing medication)
pommade {f} :: pomade (such a substance used for hair styling)
pomme {f} :: apple (fruit)
pomme {f} :: Any of several objects of approximately the same shape and size
pomme {f} :: The fruit part of several vegetables
pomme {f} [colloquial] :: The head
pommeau {m} :: shower head
pommeau {m} :: pommel
pomme d'Adam {f} :: Adam's apple
pomme d'amour {f} :: toffee apple
pomme de discorde {f} [idiomatic] :: apple of discord, bone of contention
pomme de pin {f} :: pinecone
pomme de terre {f} :: potato (Solanum tuberosum)
pommelé {adj} :: dappled
pommer {v} [of vegetables, especially cabbage and lettuce] :: To develop a fruit
pommeraie {f} :: apple orchard
pommes frites {fp} :: french fries; chips
pommes soufflées {fp} :: slices of potato that have been fried twice so that they puff up into little balloons and turn golden-brown
pommette {f} :: cheekbone
pommier {m} :: apple tree
pomologie {f} :: pomology
pompé {adj} :: pumped
pompage {m} :: pumping
pompe {f} :: pump
pompe {f} [gymnastics] :: push-up
pompe {f} [music] :: Style of strumming, used especially in gypsy jazz
pompe {f} :: a solemn procession
pompe {f} :: pomp, vainglory
pompe {f} :: style, class
pompe {f} [France, slang] :: shoe
pomper {v} :: to pump
pomper {v} [Europe, slang] :: To copy
pomper {vr} [Quebec, slang] :: To grow angrier as time goes on, especially if there are no further reasons to do so
pomper {v} [slang] :: To fellate (1)
pomper {v} [rare] :: To make pumped up
pompeusement {adv} :: pompously
pompeux {adj} :: pompous, bombastic (affectedly grand)
Pompéi {prop} :: Pompeii
pompidolien {adj} :: Of or from Le Pompidou
pompidolien {adj} :: Relating to, or characteristic of Georges Pompidou
Pompidou {prop} :: surname
Pompidou {prop} :: Georges Pompidou (1911-1974), a French politician and former president of France
pompéien {adj} :: Pompeiian
pompier {m} :: fireman, firefighter
pompier {m} [slang] :: blowjob
pompière {f} :: feminine singular of pompier
pom-pom girl {f} :: a female cheerleader
pompon {m} :: pompon (bundle of yarn, string, ribbon, etc.)
pomponnable {adj} :: primpable
pomponner {vt} :: to primp, titivate, prettify
Poméranie {prop} :: Pomerania
pomœrium {m} :: pomerium
péon {m} :: An agricultural labourer in Mexico
ponçage {m} :: sanding
ponant {m} :: The west
ponant {m} :: The western ocean (rather than the Mediterranean)
ponantais {adj} [nautical] :: western
ponce {f} :: pumice
ponce {f} [Quebec] :: hot alcoholic beverage made with gin or rum
Ponce {prop} {m} :: Pontius
ponceau {m} :: corn poppy
ponceau {m} :: poppy colour
ponceau {m} :: a small bridge
poncer {v} :: to rub down with an abrasive, sandpaper
ponceuse {f} :: sander (machine used for sanding)
ponch {m} :: alternative spelling of punch
poncho {m} :: poncho
poncif {m} [literary] :: banality, derivative, stereotype
ponction {f} :: puncture (especially a surgical one)
ponction {f} :: deduction, that which is taken away (such as a tax)
ponctionner {vt} :: to puncture
ponctionner {vt} :: to deduct [tax, etc.]
ponctué {adj} :: punctuated
ponctualité {f} :: punctuality
ponctuation {f} :: punctuation
ponctuel {adj} :: punctual, on time
ponctuel {adj} [physics] :: pointlike
ponctuel {adj} :: infrequent, occasional
ponctuellement {adv} :: punctually
ponctuellement {adv} :: occasionally, less frequently, only at certain times
ponctuer {v} :: to punctuate
pondaison {f} [rare] :: egglaying season
pondeuse {f} :: an egg layer
pondeuse {f} [slang, by extension, pejorative] :: a woman who gives birth to many children; a breeder
Pondichéry {prop} :: Puducherry (Puducherry, India)
pondoir {m} :: nest box
pondérable {adj} :: ponderable
pondéral {adj} :: weight (attributive)
pondération {f} :: weighting
pondération {f} :: balance
pondre {v} :: to lay (eggs)
pondre {v} [slang, France] :: to give birth
pondérer {v} :: to weight (applying a weighting to)
pondéreux {adj} :: weighty, ponderous
péone {f} :: feminine singular of péon
poney {m} :: pony
pongiste {mf} :: table tennis player
pont {m} :: bridge
pont {m} :: deck
pont {m} [dentistry, Canada] :: bridge
ponté {adj} :: bridged
pontage {m} [medicine] :: bypass (an alternative passage created to divert a bodily fluid around a damaged organ)
pontage {m} :: bridge-building
pont disulfure {m} [chemistry] :: disulfide bond
ponte {f} :: egglaying, act of laying eggs
ponte {f} :: egglaying season
ponte {f} :: long weekend; a day which falls between two work-free days (holidays or weekend days), on which leave is preferred
Ponte Euxine {prop} {m} [obsolete] :: Euxine Sea
ponter {v} :: to build a bridge
pontet {m} :: small bridge
pontet {m} :: trigger guard
ponteuse {f} :: wire bonder
Pont-Euxin {prop} {m} :: the Black Sea
pontier {m} :: bridgetender
pontife {m} :: pontiff [all senses]
pontifical {adj} :: pontifical
pontificalement {adv} :: pontifically
pontificat {m} :: pontificate (state of a pontifex)
pontifier {v} :: to pontificate
pontière {f} :: feminine noun of pontier
pont-levis {m} :: drawbridge
ponton {m} [military] :: pontoon
ponton {m} [nautical] :: pontoon (floating structure supporting a bridge or dock)
ponton {m} [nautical] :: pontoon (the boat)
pont suspendu {m} :: suspension bridge
POO {f} :: initialism of programmation orientée objet (OOP)
pooler {v} :: To pool (combine resources)
poolish {m} :: poolish
pop {adj} :: pop (popular)
pop {m} :: pop, pop music
poper {v} [Internet] :: To access email via a POP server
Popesco {prop} :: surname
Popescu {prop} :: surname
poplité {adj} [anatomy] :: Related to the calf
popo {m} :: potty
popo {m} :: poop (excrement)
popotin {m} [colloquial] :: bum (UK), butt (US)
Poppée {prop} :: Poppaea
populace {f} :: populace, common people
populacier {adj} [pejorative] :: vulgar, common
populacièrement {adv} :: vulgarly, commonly
populage {m} :: kingcup (Caltha palustris)
populage des marais {m} :: kingcup, buttercup, marsh marigold
populaire {adj} :: popular (relating to the people)
populaire {adj} :: popular (liked by many people)
populaire {adj} :: People's, as in People's Republic of China (in French: République Populaire de Chine)
populaire {adj} [linguistics] :: colloquial
populaire {m} :: populace, the people
populairement {adv} :: popularly
popularisé {adj} :: popularized
populariser {v} :: to popularize
popularité {f} :: popularity
population {f} :: A population
populationnel {adj} :: populational
populeux {adj} :: populous (densely populated)
populicole {adj} :: poplar (attributive)
populine {f} [organic compound] :: populin
populisme {m} :: populism
populiste {adj} :: populist
populo {m} [slang, pejorative] :: hoi polloi, commoners, plebs
poquer {v} [obsolete] :: in pétanque, to throw the boule up high so that it stops dead when it hits the ground
porc {m} :: pork
porc {m} :: pig
porcelaine {f} :: cowrie, a mollusk of the family Cypraeidae, or its translucent shell
porcelaine {f} :: porcelain, the translucent ceramic of fine china, or vessels made of this material
porcelainier {m} :: A person who makes or sells porcelain
porcelainière {f} :: feminine singular of porcelainier
porcelet {m} :: diminutive of porc: piglet
porche {m} :: porch, portico (decorated or ornate entrance to a building)
porcher {m} :: swineherd (pig keeper)
porcherie {f} [literally or figuratively] :: pigsty
porchère {f} :: feminine noun of porcher
porcin {adj} :: porcine; pig (of or relating to pigs)
porc-épic {m} :: porcupine
Pordenone {prop} :: Pordenone (province)
Pordenone {prop} :: Pordenone (town)
pore {m} :: pore (small opening in skin)
pore {m} :: by extension, small openings
poreux {adj} :: porous
Pori {prop} :: Pori
porisme {m} [maths] :: porism
poristique {adj} [geometry] :: poristic
porn {f} :: porn
porno {m} [uncountable, colloquial] :: porno; porn
porno {m} [countable, colloquial] :: a porn movie, a skin flick, a blue movie
pornographe {mf} :: pornographer
pornographie {f} :: pornography
pornographique {adj} :: pornographic
pornographiquement {adv} :: pornographically
porosité {f} :: porosity, porousness
porosité {f} :: permeability
porphyrine {f} [organic compound] :: porphyrin
port {m} :: port, harbour
port {m} :: port, harbour city
port {m} :: refuge
port {m} :: transport
port {m} :: postage
port {m} :: stature, way of carrying oneself
port {m} :: wearing (act of wearing something)
porté {adj} [followed by the preposition sur] :: fond of, fixated on something
portabilité {f} :: portability
portabilité {f} :: wearability
portable {adj} :: portable
portable {m} :: a cell phone
portable {m} :: a laptop
portail {m} :: portal (imposing entrance)
portail {m} [Internet] :: portal
portail {m} :: gate
portail {m} [figuratively] :: portal (entry point)
portance {f} :: lift (upward force, such as that which keeps an aircraft aloft)
portance {f} :: bearing pressure
portant {adj} :: carrying
portatif {adj} :: portable
Port-au-Prince {prop} :: Port-au-Prince (capital of Haiti)
port de plaisance {m} :: marina
porté disparu {adj} [of a victim] :: reported missing, listed missing, missing in action
porte {f} :: door
porte {f} :: gate (to a city, at airport)
porte {f} [figuratively] :: gateway, means, door
portée {f} :: reach
portée {f} :: litter (animals born in one birth)
portée {f} :: range (of a weapon)
portée {f} [music] :: stave
porte-aéronefs {m} :: aircraft carrier
porte-avions {m} :: aircraft carrier, a type of warship
porte-bonheur {m} :: lucky charm
porte-cigares {m} :: cigarette case
porte-clé {m} :: alternative spelling of porte-clef
porte-clef {m} [archaic] :: turnkey
porte-clef {m} :: keychain, keyring
porte cochère {f} :: porte cochère
porte-coton {m} :: groom of the stool
porte d'embarquement {f} :: departure gate, boarding gate
porte d'entrée {f} :: front door
porte à deux battants {f} :: a set of double doors
porte-documents {m} :: briefcase
porte-drapeau {m} :: flagbearer
portefaix {m} [archaic] :: porter
porte-fenêtre {f} :: French window, French door
portefeuille {m} :: wallet
portefeuille {m} :: folder
portefeuille {m} :: portfolio (investments)
portefeuille {m} [politics] :: portfolio
porte-jaja {m} [slang] :: suspender belt (UK), garter belt (US)
porte-jarretelles {m} :: suspender belt (UK), garter belt (US)
portemanteau {m} :: coat stand, coat rack
porte-mine {m} :: mechanical pencil
portemine {m} :: alternative spelling of porte-mine
porte-monnaie {m} :: purse
portemonnaie {m} :: alternative form of porte-monnaie
porte moustiquaire {f} :: A screen door (a door designed to let air flow but keep out insects, using an insect screen)
porte papillon {f} :: butterfly door (a door mounted on a central pivot point which opens both inwards and outwards at the same time from the two halves)
porte papillon {f} :: a door which opens upwards, such as gullwing doors and scissor doors
porte-parole {mf} :: A spokesperson, a spokesman, a spokeswoman
porte-à-porte {adj} :: door-to-door (going from house to house)
porter {v} :: to carry
porter {v} :: to support, to bear
porter {v} :: to wear
porter {v} [of a subject, followed by the preposition sur] :: (porter sur quelque chose) to be about, to concern
porter {vr} [se porter] :: to feel
porter {m} :: porter (beer)
porter atteinte {v} [à] :: to harm, to detract from
porter aux nues {vt} :: to praise, extol
porter à ébullition {v} [cooking] :: to bring to the boil
porter la culotte {v} [colloquial, figuratively] :: to wear the pants, to wear the trousers
porter le chapeau {v} [figuratively] :: to shoulder the blame, take the blame, to take the fall, to take the rap, to carry the can
porter plainte {v} :: to complain, to lodge a (formal) complaint
porter plainte {v} [legal] :: to bring a criminal action (contre (against))
porter ses fruits {v} [figuratively] :: to bear fruit, to pay off
porteur {m} :: carrier (one who carries)
porteur {m} :: porter
porteur {m} :: bringer; bearer
porteur {m} :: wearer (one who wears)
porteur {adj} :: carrying (in the process or carrying)
porteuse {f} :: feminine noun of porteur
portfolio {m} :: portfolio
Porthos {prop} :: [very rare] given name
Porthos {prop} :: One of the Three Musketeers
portier {m} :: gatekeeper, doorkeeper, doorman
portier {m} [soccer] :: goalkeeper
portillon {m} :: gate
portion {f} :: portion
portique {m} [architecture] :: portico
portique {m} :: gantry
portique {m} :: A type of crane
portique {m} :: frame (of a swing, jungle gym etc.)
portique {m} :: metal detector (at airport etc.)
portière {f} :: feminine noun of portier
portière {f} :: car door
porto {m} :: port wine
Porto {prop} :: Oporto
portoricain {adj} :: Puerto Rican
porto-ricain {adj} :: alternative form of portoricain
Portoricain {m} :: Puerto Rican (person from Puerto Rico)
Porto-Ricain {m} :: alternative form of Portoricain
Portoricaine {f} :: feminine noun of Portoricain
Porto-Ricaine {f} :: feminine noun of Porto-Ricain
Porto Rico {prop} {m} :: Puerto Rico
portos {mf} [pejorative, ethnic slur] :: Portuguese
portrait {m} :: portrait
portrait {m} :: description (of a person or things)
portrait craché {m} :: spitting image, dead ringer
portraitiste {mf} :: portraitist (portrait painter or photographer)
portraiture {f} [obsolete] :: portrait
portraiturer {vt} :: to paint a portrait
portraiturer {vt} :: to portray
portuaire {adj} [attributive] :: port; relating to ports
portugais {m} :: Portuguese, the Portuguese language
portugais {adj} :: Portuguese
Portugais {m} :: a native of Portugal; a Portuguese
Portugaise {f} :: feminine noun of Portugais; Portuguese (someone from Portugal)
Portugal {prop} {m} :: Portugal
posadisme {m} :: Posadism
posadiste {adj} :: Posadist
posadiste {mf} :: Posadist
pose {f} :: installation
pose {m} :: extension (in telecommunications)
posemètre {m} [photography] :: exposure meter
poser {vt} :: to stop carrying, to put down (something or somebody)
poser {vt} :: to ask (a question)
poser {vt} :: to land (a plane)
poser {vt} :: to lay, place
poser {vt} :: to install, fit
poser la chique et faire la mort {phrase} [Louisiana French, Cajun French, St.Martin Parish] :: to stay silent
poser une colle {v} [colloquial] :: [à] to bowl a googly, to set a poser, to stump, to ask a toughie (to ask someone a question they are unable to answer)
poser une pêche {v} [very, colloquial] :: to take a dump, to drop a deuce
poser un lapin {v} [à] :: [colloquial] To stand someone up
poseur {adj} :: pompous, affected
poseur {m} :: poseur
Poséidon {prop} {m} [Greek god] :: Poseidon
posidonie {f} :: seagrass (of genus Posidonia)
poésie {f} :: poetry
positif {adj} :: positive (characteristic)
positif {adj} :: (number) positive or zero. nonnegative
positif {adj} :: positive (for e.g. a drug test)
positif {m} :: positive, something positive
positif {m} [physics] :: positive (electrical polarity)
positif {m} [linguistics] :: positive form
position {f} :: position