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b {letter} :: letter
B {letter} :: letter
baadster {f} :: female taking a bath
baai {f} [geography] :: bay
baai {f} {m} :: baize
baai {f} {m} [Bargoens, slang, dated] :: wine [in recent texts only used of red wine, and in earlier texts also of wines from the German Rhineland]
baaien {adj} :: baize (made of baize)
baaierd {m} :: chaos
baaierd {m} :: diverse set
baal {f} :: bale of hay
baan {f} :: a road, way, path
baan {f} :: a track, lane
baan {f} :: a job, professional occupation
baan {f} [sports, ball games] :: court, field (place for playing sports or games, in particular non-team ball games)
baanatletiek {f} :: athletics on the track, as opposed to field or road athletics
baanboef {m} [obsolete] :: ball boy in old ball games like pelote
baanbrekend {adj} :: revolutionary
baanderheer {m} :: banneret, banner lord
baanderheer {m} [later] :: one of various knightly ranks or titles
baanderheer {m} [figuratively] :: any arrogant, haughty 'lordly' person
baanwielrennen {n} [sports] :: track cycling
baanwielrenner {m} [sports] :: track cyclist
baanwielrenster {f} [sports] :: female track cyclist
baar {f} :: A bar (of gold, metal…)
baar {f} :: A bier, a stretcher, a device used to carry something, especially wounded or dead people
baar {f} :: A bed on which a dead person is displayed before he is buried
baar {f} [poetic, archaic, mostly used in the plural] :: A wave
baar {adj} :: Said of money; cash
baar {m} [historical, nautical or relating to Indonesia, Netherlands] :: greenhorn, newbie
-baar {suffix} :: -able, indicates an action can be performed
baarblijkelijk {adv} [dated] :: clearly, evidently
baarblijkelijk {adj} [dated] :: clear, evident
baard {m} :: beard
baardaap {m} [zoology] :: the lion-tailed macaque (Macaca silenus)
baardaap {m} [humorous or derogatory] :: someone with a (large) beard
baardeloos {adj} :: alternative form of baardloos
baarder {m} :: one who begets
baarder {m} [obsolete, grammar] :: a word in the genitive case
baardgras {n} :: annual beard-grass: Polypogon monspeliensis
baardhaar {n} :: beard hair
baardig {adj} :: bearded
baardigheid {f} :: beardedness
baardloos {adj} :: beardless (not having a beard)
baarkruk {f} :: birthstool
baarlid {n} [obsolete] :: vulva
baarlijk {adj} :: evident, clear
baarlijk {adj} :: open, public, not hidden
baarmoeder {f} {m} :: uterus, womb
baarmoederhals {m} :: cervix (between the uterus and the vagina)
baarmoederhalskanker {m} [oncology] :: cervical cancer
baarmoederkanker {m} :: uterus carcinoma, endometrium carcinoma
baars {m} :: perch (fish of the genus Perca)
baas {m} :: boss, chief, superior
baas {m} :: employer, manager
baas {m} [Belgium] :: strong or tough guy
baas {m} [video gaming] :: boss
baas {m} [figuratively] :: crack, master, expert at something
baas {m} [figuratively] :: whopper, large one in its kind
baas {m} :: (diminutive: baasje) fellow, boy, especially a youngling or novice
Baas {prop} :: surname
baasje {noun} [figuratively] :: A boy, young male person
baasje {noun} [figuratively, usually absolutely used: het baasje] :: Caring pet owner
baat {f} :: profit, advantage
baat {adj} [slang] :: cocky
baatzoeker {m} [dated] :: A selfish person, someone who exclusively serves one's own interests
Bab. {abbr} :: Babylonisch
babbel {m} :: a babble
babbelen {vi} :: to chatter, to chit-chat, to talk casually
babbelen {v} [archaic, dialectal] :: to nibble, to bite on something
babbelkous {f} :: female babbler
babi ketjap {m} :: babi kecap
babi pangang {m} :: babi panggang
baboe {f} [Netherlands] :: a female babysitter, usually of Indonesian descent
baboe {noun} :: babu
baboetje {noun} :: diminutive of baboe
baby {m} :: baby (infant)
babyboom {m} :: baby boom
babyboomer {m} :: baby boomer
babyface {m} {n} :: baby face
babyfoon {m} :: baby monitor, audio system for monitoring babies
Babylonisch {adj} :: Babylonian
babyshampoo {m} :: shampoo meant for a baby
backslash {m} :: backslash
bacove {c} [Surinam] :: banana
bacove {c} [obsolete] :: plantain
bacoven {c} :: obsolete form of bacove
bacterie {f} :: bacterium, a micro-organism
bacterieel {adj} :: bacterial
bacterievuur {n} :: fire blight (plant disease)
bacteriologie {f} :: bacteriology
baculum {n} :: penis bone
bad {n} :: bath
badderen {v} :: to swim or play in water
badderen {v} :: to bathe
baden {v} [ergative] :: to bathe
bader {m} :: Someone who bathes, is taking a bath, mostly in a river or open water, or in a religious sense
badjas {m} :: bathrobe
badjuffrouw {f} :: female pool lifeguard, often also serving as a swimming instructor
badkamer {f} :: bathroom
badkuip {f} :: bathtub
badmat {f} :: bath mat
badmeester {m} :: male pool lifeguard, often also serving as a swimming instructor
badpak {n} :: bathing suit, swimsuit
baet {f} :: obsolete spelling of baat
baffen {v} [slang, vulgar] :: to perform anilingus
baffen {v} :: alternative form of blaffen
bagage {f} :: baggage; luggage
bagage {f} [figuratively] :: load, a person's relevant (especially hindering) background
bagagedrager {m} :: luggage carrier [on a bicycle], bike rack
bagagedrager {m} [Belgium] :: roof rack [on a car]
bagatel {f} {m} :: A negligible sum, a tiny amount
bagatel {f} {m} :: trifle, futility
bagatel {f} {m} :: trinket
bagatelliseren {vt} :: to trivialize, to play down
Bagdad {prop} {n} :: Baghdad
bagger {f} :: dredge
bagger {f} :: filth, muck, any mucky or dirty substance (such as dredge)
bagger {adj} [slang] :: crap, terrible, bleh
baggeren {vt} :: to dredge
baggermachine {f} :: A mud dredge, dredger, mud excavator
bah {interj} :: An exclamation of disapproval, contempt or disgust: bah, yuck
Bahama's {prop} {p} :: The Bahamas
bahasa {n} [colloquial] :: Indonesian language
Bahrein {prop} :: Bahrain (country in the Middle East)
bajes {f} [Netherlands, colloquial] :: slammer, jail, prison
bajonet {f} :: bayonet (stabbing weapon attached on a fire-arm)
bak {m} :: a container, such as a box, a crate, a tray or a tub
bak {m} [Netherlands] :: a drinking vessel, usually a cup or mug
bak {m} [colloquial] :: a vehicle, a car
bak {m} :: pork: the meat of a pig
bak {m} :: a pig
bak {m} :: abbreviation of versnellingsbak
bak {m} :: a joke, crack
bakbaard {m} :: dated form of bakkebaard
bakbanaan {f} {m} [plant] :: plantain
bakbeest {n} [Netherlands] :: whopper, hulk (any particularly large object, person or animal)
bakbeest {n} [Belgium] :: drunk, drunkard
bakboord {n} :: port (left-hand side of a vessel)
baken {n} :: beacon
bakenen {vt} :: to place beacons around
baker {f} :: lit. 'swaddler': Person who helps midwife with child deliveries
bakeren {vt} :: to dry-nurse
bakeren {vt} :: to swaddle
bakerhaai {m} :: wobbegong, any shark of the Orectolobidae
bakermat {f} :: cradle
bakermat {f} [figuratively] :: place of origin
bakerpraat {m} [uncountable] :: gossip and myths in relation to birth and childrearing
bakerpraat {m} [by extension, uncountable] :: spurious talk, unfounded nonsense and gossip
bakerpraatje {n} [countable] :: an urban myth about childbirth and childrearing
bakerpraatje {n} [by extension, countable] :: any urban myth or unfounded, unreliable story
bakerstoel {m} [obsolete] :: birthstool
bakfiets {f} :: cargo bicycle
bakhuis {n} :: bakery
bakhuis {n} :: separate building with an oven for baking bread and such, belonging to a house or farm; private bakery
bakhuis {n} [dated] :: alternative spelling of bakkes
bakkebaard {m} :: sideburn
bakkeleien {vi} :: to fight over (something)
bakkeleien {vi} :: to quarrel, argue
bakkeljauw {m} [Surinam] :: salt cod
bakken {v} [ergative] :: to bake
bakken {v} [ergative] :: to pan-fry
bakkenist {m} [motor racing] :: sidecar passenger
bakker {m} :: baker (person who bakes and sells bread, etc)
Bakker {prop} :: surname, meaning baker
bakkerij {f} :: a bakery
bakkerij {f} [dated] :: the act of baking
bakkerin {f} :: female baker
bakkes {n} {m} [colloquial, vulgar] :: face
bakkie {noun} [Netherlands, colloquial] :: alternative form of bakje
baklap {m} [Netherlands, slang] :: schnitzel
baklap {m} [Netherlands, slang, pejorative] :: loser, jerk
baklava {m} :: baklava
bakmeel {n} :: fine flour
Bakoe {prop} :: Baku (the capital of Azerbaijan)
bakplaat {f} :: baking tray
bakpoeder {n} :: baking powder
baksel {n} :: something that has been baked
bakslede {f} :: baking tray, oven tray
bakslede {f} [archaic] :: sled with a container for storing/delivering goods
baksteen {m} :: brick
bakstenen {adj} :: made of brick(s)
bakster {f} :: female baker
baktand {m} [Southern Dutch, dialectal] :: molar
bak troost {m} [Netherlands, colloquial, chiefly diminutive, chiefly singular] :: cup of coffee, cup of joe
bakvis {m} [colloquial] :: A pubescent girl, connoting giggliness and fangirlism
bakvis {m} [rare] :: A fish cooked by frying (rather then boiling etc.), referring either a culinary dish or a species usually thus prepared
bal {m} :: a ball or any object with such a shape
bal {m} [colloquial] :: testicle, nut
bal {m} [sports] :: pass, shot
bal {m} [colloquial, pejorative] :: toff, posh person
bal {n} :: ball, dance party
balans {f} :: balance, scales for weighing
balans {f} :: equilibrium
balans {f} :: balance sheet
balans {f} :: type of bridge with counterweight
baldadig {adj} :: rowdy, boisterous, vandalous
Baldrs draumar {prop} {p} :: Baldrs draumar
balein {n} :: (type of material) baleen
balein {f} :: a whale bone; a baleen
balein {f} :: a spoke that reinforces an umbrella or parasol (in the past often made of baleen)
balen {vi} :: to be annoyed, frustrated or fed up
balen {vi} :: to act up, usually from frustration
balen {interj} [colloquial] :: too bad, that sucks
balg {m} :: leather bag
balg {m} :: bellows
balg {m} [falconry] :: fake bait for training birds
balg {m} :: cover for moving joints, as in articulated buses
balg {m} [dialectal] :: belly
balgpijn {f} [dialectal, chiefly of horses and other equids] :: stomache ache
balie {f} :: counter (table or board on which business is transacted)
baliekluiver {m} [slang, originally, Bargoens] :: idler, loafer, lazybones
balk {m} :: beam, support
balk {m} [mathematics] :: cuboid
balken {vi} :: to bray, make a donkey's sound
balken {vi} [figuratively] :: to utter asinine talk
balken {vi} :: to bawl, cry, weep loudly
balken {vi} :: to belt, sing loudly
balkon {n} [architecture] :: balcony
balkondeur {f} :: balcony door
balkonspringen {v} :: to do balconing
ballast {m} [now, chiefly uncountable] :: ballast (weights used in ships or aerostats)
ballast {m} [figurative, uncountable] :: baggage (something that hampers functioning)
ballasten {vt} :: to ballast
ballastscheeps {adv} [obsolete, nautical] :: empty [used adverbially], carrying no cargo other than ballast
ballen {vi} :: to play with a ball
ballen {vt} :: to form into a ball or similar shape; to clasp, clench (into a fist)
ballen {vt} [vulgar] :: to fuck
ballenjongen {m} :: A ball boy, who fetches balls and may perform other menial services to ball game players, notably at a tournament or luxurious club
ballenknijper {m} [colloquial, pejorative, chiefly Netherlands] :: briefs (short underpants for males) or a very tight pair of swimming trunks, budgie smugglers
ballenknijper {m} :: someone who squeezes the testicles of his opponent as a form of unsportsmanlike conduct
ballenlikker {m} [vulgar, offensive] :: An ass-kisser; a suck-up
ballenspel {n} :: A ballgame played with multiple balls, notably billiards
ballentent {m} :: fairground stall with ball games
ballentent {m} [Netherlands, colloquial, pejorative] :: ostentatious, posh public venue
ballentent {m} [Netherlands, colloquial, pejorative] :: any ill regarded venue
balling {m} :: exile (exiled person)
ballingschap {f} :: exile (state of being in exile)
ballon {m} :: balloon
balorig {adj} :: contrary
balorig {adj} :: bad-tempered
balorig {adj} :: rebellious
balorig {adj} [archaic] :: tired or moody from listening
balpen {f} :: A ballpoint pen, industrially produced pen type
balsem {m} :: balsam
balsemen {vt} :: to embalm, treat a corpse in order to prevent decomposition long-term
balsemen {vt} :: to treat with a balm
balsemen {vt} [figuratively] :: to soften, physically or emotionally
balspel {n} :: A ballgame, sport or game played with (a) ball(s)
Baltisch {adj} :: Baltic
Baltisch-Fins {adj} :: Baltic-Finnic
Balto-Slavisch {adj} :: Balto-Slavic
balts {m} :: courtship display (e.g. birds)
balustrade {f} :: balustrade
balustrade {f} [by extension] :: railing
bamboe {n} [countable and uncountable] :: bamboo
bamboeriet {n} :: bamboo
bami {m} :: bakmi, wheat noodles
bami {m} :: bami goreng
bammetje {n} [Netherlands, colloquial] :: sandwich
ban {m} :: excommunication, denunciation
ban {m} :: anathema which is cast upon one who is excommunicated
ban {m} :: magic spell
ban {m} [archaic] :: exile
ban {m} :: a revocation of permission to access or participate
banaal {adj} :: commonplace, banal
banaan {mf} :: banana
banaan {mf} [Surinam] :: plantain
banaan {mf} [offensive, ethnic slur] :: black person, person of African heritage
bananenboot {m} :: A banana boat, a boat that transports bananas
bananenboot {m} :: A banana boat, a yellow inflatable boat
bananenboot {m} :: A dessert consisting of one or two bananas, ice cream, whipped cream and often including chocolate, vaguely shaped like a boat
bananenrepubliek {f} :: banana republic
bananenschil {f} :: banana peel
bancair {adj} :: Pertaining to banking, pertaining to banks
band {m} :: connection, liaison, bond (attachment, as in a relation)
band {m} :: band (all English senses, above, except for group of musicians)
band {m} :: tire/tyre (e.g. a car tyre)
band {m} :: tape (magnetic tape, video tape)
band {m} :: bank (the bank of a pool table)
band {m} :: belt (martial arts belt)
band {m} :: belt (conveyor belt)
band {m} [physics] :: interval relating to frequency or wavelength in electromagnetic phenomena
band {m} :: interval in the light spectrum
band {m} :: range of energy levels in a solid state material
band {m} :: ribbon
band {m} :: bond, tie
band {n} :: ribbon
band {m} [music] :: band
bandafnemer {m} [uncommon] :: tyre lever, tire iron [for bike wheels]
bandage {f} :: bandage
bandagist {m} :: One who professionally applies bandages
bandbreedte {f} [telecommunications] :: bandwidth, the width or spread of a signal's spectrum of frequencies (in Hertz)
bandbreedte {f} [networking] :: bandwidth, the transfer speed of a connection
banddoorlaatfilter {n} {m} [electronics] :: band-pass filter
bandeng {m} :: milkfish
bandenlichter {m} :: tyre lever, tire iron [for bike wheels]
bandiet {m} :: bandit, brigand
bandiet {m} [obsolete] :: exile, someone who has been banished
bandietennest {n} :: bandits' nest
bandijt {m} :: obsolete spelling of bandiet
bandleider {m} :: bandleader
bandsperfilter {n} {m} [electronics] :: band-stop filter
bandwerker {m} :: assembly line worker
banen {vt} :: to make way, to clear
banenpool {m} :: a labour pool
bang {adj} :: scared, frightened
bang {adj} :: fearful
bang {adj} :: anxious
bang {m} :: sound of an explosion or gun; bang
bangelijk {adj} :: frightened, scared
bangerik {m} :: faint-hearted (individual), coward
bangheid {f} :: fear, scaredness
Bangkok {prop} :: Bangkok (capital of Thailand)
Bangladesh {prop} {n} :: Bangladesh
banier {f} :: banner, pennant
banja {f} :: banya (Russian sauna)
bank {mf} :: bank (financial institution)
bank {mf} :: couch, sofa, bench
bank {mf} :: place where seashells are found
bank {mf} :: shallow part of the sea near the coast
bank {mf} :: 100 Dutch guilders banknote, also: ‘bankie’ or ‘bankje’
bankbediende {mf} :: a bank teller, cashier
bankbiljet {n} :: banknote
bankbreker {m} [obsolete] :: somebody who has gone bankrupt
bankbreuk {f} [archaic, law] :: criminal bankruptcy
bankbreuk {f} [obsolete] :: bankruptcy
bankbreukig {adj} [archaic, historical, law] :: bankrupt; criminally bankrupt
bankensector {m} :: bank sector
banket {n} :: banquet (meal)
banket {n} [countable, uncountable] :: A pastry made of almond paste and puff pastry
banket {n} [collective, uncountable] :: Any of a variety of sweet pastries
banketbakker {m} :: baker specialised in baker's confectionery
banketbakkersspijs {f} :: an almond paste surrogate made of white beans and sugar
banketspijs {f} :: an almond paste surrogate made of white beans and sugar
banketspijs {f} [dated] :: almond paste
bankier {m} :: banker (person)
bankoverval {m} :: bank robbery
bankovervaller {m} :: bank robber
bankroet {adj} :: bankrupt
bankroet {n} :: bankruptcy
bankroetier {m} :: someone who has gone bankrupt
banksaldo {n} :: balance on a bank account
bankschroef {f} {m} :: vice, vise (i.e. a bench vise)
bankstel {n} :: a lounge suite
bankwezen {n} :: banking, banking sector
banneling {m} :: exile: an exiled person
bannen {vt} :: to expel, drive off
bannen {vt} [computing] :: to ban (an IP address)
bannerheer {m} :: alternative form of baanderheer
Bantoïde {adj} :: Bantoid
baobab {m} :: baobab, any tree of the genus Adansonia
bapao {m} :: baozi, a steamed bread filled with a type of meat
baptistisch {adj} [Christianity] :: Baptist
bar {m} :: bar, counter, drink cabinet
bar {m} :: bar, pub
bar {adj} :: harsh, tough (used mainly with koude, or omstandigheden)
bar {adj} :: barren, inhospitable, bare
bar {adj} :: crude, grim, unfriendly
bar {adv} :: extremely [only in a negative sense]
bar {noun} :: bar: a unit of pressure, equal to 100,000 pascals
barak {f} :: barracks
barak {f} [Belgium] :: shed, shelter
barakaan {n} :: barracan, camlet
barbaar {m} :: a barbarian
barbaars {adj} :: barbaric
barbaarsheid {f} :: barbarity
Barbados {prop} {n} :: Barbados
Barbara {prop} {f} :: given name
barbarij {f} :: barbarism, barbarity, brutality
Barbarije {prop} {f} [dated, historical] :: Barbary
Barbarijs {adj} [dated, historical] :: Of or pertaining to Barbary; Barbary [attributive]
Barbarijse vijg {f} :: prickly pear
Barbarijse vijg {f} :: cactus from the genus Opuntia
barbecue {m} :: barbecue
barbecuen {v} :: superseded spelling of barbecueën
barbecueën {vi} [cooking] :: to barbecue, to have a barbecue
barbeel {m} [zoology] :: barbel, Barbus barbus
barbeel {m} [zoology] :: Some unrelated marine basses (perch) of genus Mullus, including the 'bearded' species Mullus barbatus
barbier {m} :: barber (profession)
Barcelona {prop} {n} :: Barcelona
bard {m} :: bard, Celtic poet, singer
baren {vt} :: to bear, to give birth to
baren {vt} :: to cause, to bring about
baret {f} :: A beret, type of cap, also used as part some military uniforms
baret {f} [heraldry] :: The same in heraldry
barfen {vi} [slang] :: to vomit, to barf
barg {m} :: barrow, castrated boar
Bargoens {prop} {n} :: Bargoens (a Dutch cant)
barium {n} :: barium
bark {m} :: the bark of certain trees, used for its tannin
bark {f} :: barge, a large type of rowing or sailing boat
barkas {f} :: launch; largest lifeboat aboard a ship
barkie {c} [slang] :: one hundred euros
barkruk {mf} :: bar stool
barlebaan {m} [archaic] :: devil, evil spirit
barmhartig {adj} :: merciful
barmhartig {adj} :: charitable
barmhartigheid {f} :: (an act of) mercy
barmhartigheid {f} :: (an act of) charity
Béarn {prop} {n} :: The Béarn region in the French Pyrenees
béarnaise {f} :: The béarnaise sauce
barnen {v} [archaic] :: to burn
Barneveld {prop} :: Barneveld (village)
Barneveld {prop} :: Barneveld (municipality)
barnsteen {m} :: an amber stone, a fossil resin
barnsteen {n} :: the material of a fossil resin
barnsteengeel {adj} :: amber (colour)
barnsteengeel {n} :: amber (colour)
barok {prop} {f} [history] :: the Baroque (period)
barok {adj} :: Baroque
barometer {m} [meteorology] :: barometer
baron {m} :: baron
barones {f} :: baroness (female ruler of a barony)
barotroop {adj} :: barotropic
barracuda {f} :: barracuda, fish of the genus Sphyraena
barrevoets {adv} :: barefoot (wearing no footwear at all)
barrière {f} {m} :: barrier
bars {adj} :: stern, strict
barst {f} :: A crack, rip, tear
barst {f} [figuratively] :: A little, a tiny amount; notably in: geen barst ("not a bit")
barst {f} [obsolete] :: An outburst, eruption
barst {interj} :: drat! damnit!
barsten {vi} :: to burst, split completely
barsten {vi} :: to crack, break partially
barsten {vi} :: to suffer and/or break under emotional pressure
barsten {vi} :: To urge, be near emotional eruption
barsten vertonen {v} [figurative] :: crumble; show serious defects
Bart {prop} {m} :: given name
barvoets {adj} :: barefoot, without any footwear
baryon {n} [physics] :: baryon
bas {f} :: bass (instrument)
bas {f} :: bass (low frequencies of sound)
basaal {adj} :: basic, elementary
basalten {adj} :: basaltic
basculebrug {mf} :: bascule bridge
base {f} :: base [chemistry: class of compounds], alkali
baseren {vt} :: to base (have as its foundation or starting point)
Basiel {prop} :: given name, a diminutive of Basilius, the Latin form of Basil
basilica {f} :: basilica
basilicum {n} :: basil, name of some plants of the Mint family, notably:
basilicum {n} :: Ocimum basilicum, an ornamental
basilicum {n} :: Ocimum suave, cultivated for cookery
basilicum {n} :: the second plant's edible leaves, used as a spice
basilicum {n} :: an ointment made from the plant
basiliek {f} :: basilica
basilisk {m} :: a basilisk (mythological or heraldic monster)
basilisk {m} [zoology] :: a basilisik, a tree-dwelling type of lizard of the genus Basiliscus
basis {f} :: basis
basis {f} :: base
basisinkomen {n} :: basic income, demogrant
basisonderwijs {n} :: elementary education (US), primary education (UK)
basisschool {f} :: elementary school (US), primary school (UK)
Basjkiers {prop} {n} :: Bashkir, the Bashkir language
Basjkiers {adj} :: Bashkir, Bashkirian
Bask {m} :: Basque (person)
Baskenland {prop} {n} :: the Basque Country, ethnocultural and geographical region in northern Spain and southwestern France, home of the Basques
basketbal {m} {n} :: basketball (the sport)
basketbal {m} {n} :: basketball (the ball)
Baskisch {adj} :: Basque
Baskisch {prop} {n} :: Basque (language)
basklarinet {f} :: bass clarinet
baslijn {f} :: bassline
bassen {vi} :: to bark, like a dog (rarely in the sense of shouting)
bassen {vi} :: to produce a somewhat similar sound, notably as result of a cough
basson {m} [uncommon] :: bassoon
bast {f} :: A bark, as on a tree
bast {f} [figuratively] :: A skin, hide
bastaard {m} :: A bastard, person born to unmarried parents; in some legal systems a non-heir, or on that criterium restricted to illegitimate sons
bastaard {m} :: An animal or plant genetically 'degenerated' by having parents of different species or races
bastaard {m} :: A bastardised term or language
bastaard {m} :: An old canon type
bastaardarend {m} :: spotted eagle, greater spotted eagle, Clanga clanga
bastaardwoord {n} [grammar] :: loan, loanword
Bastiaan {prop} :: given name derived from Sebastiaan
bastion {n} :: bastion; a projecting part of a rampart
bastonnade {f} :: caning, any beating with a stick
bastonnade {f} :: specifically, falaka (oriental beating of the soles of the feet)
Bataaf {m} :: Batavian (member of the tribe of the Batavi)
Bataafs {adj} :: Batavian (relating to the tribe of the Batavi)
Bataafs {adj} [historical] :: Batavian (relating to the Batavian Republic)
Bataafs {adj} [obsolete] :: Dutch (relating to the Netherlands)
Batavier {m} :: Batavian (member of the tribe of the Batavi)
baten {vt} :: to avail, to be beneficial to
batist {n} :: batiste, cambric
batsen {vi} :: to rock, to bounce
batsen {vt} :: to hit, to slap, to smack
batsen {vt} [colloquial] :: to fuck
batterij {f} [military] :: battery, tactical artillery unit
batterij {f} [technology] :: electrical battery, power storage device
bauxiet {n} :: bauxite
baviaan {m} :: baboon, monkey of the genus Papio
baviaan {m} [obsolete, Protestantism, pejorative] :: Arminian, Remonstrant
bazaar {m} :: bazaar, a marketplace
bazaar {m} :: fair
bazelen {vt} :: to babble, twaddle
bazen {vi} [dialectal] :: to babble, to talk nonsense
bazig {adj} :: bossy, domineering
bazig {adv} [literally] :: in a bossy way
bazig {adv} :: firmly, soundly, in good measure (or more)
bazin {f} :: (female) boss, chief, superior
bazin {f} :: (female) employer
bazuin {f} {m} :: trumpet
bazuinen {vi} :: to trumpet, to fanfare, to announce loudly
BBP {abbr} :: Bruto Binnenlands Product (GDP)
be- {prefix} :: Used to indicate that a verb is acting on a direct object (making the verb transitive). Always unstressed
beademen {vt} :: to breathe on, to breathe into
beademen {vt} [medical] :: to apply mechanical (artificial) ventilation to
beademing {f} :: ventilation (act of assisting someone with breathing)
beagle {m} :: beagle (dog)
beambte {mf} :: official, public servant
beamen {vt} [literally] :: to say, reply 'amen' after an uttering, notably in prayer or liturgy (especially in a responsory)
beamen {vt} :: to assent to a statement
beamen {vi} :: to (transport by) beam; mainly used in science fiction context
beamenen {vt} [literally] :: to say, reply 'amen' after an uttering, notably in prayer or liturgy (especially in a responsory)
beamenen {vt} [figuratively] :: to assent to a statement
beamer {m} :: A consenter, who assents to a statement
beamer {m} :: A video projector
beangstigen {vt} :: to make anxious, to make fearful, to alarm
beantwoorden {vt} :: to answer, reply to
beat {m} :: A beat, rhythmic pulsation, notably in music
beatmis {f} [Roman Catholicism] :: A mass accompanied by beat music
Beatrijs {prop} :: given name, cognate to Beatrice
beauty {f} :: A beauty, looker, beautiful person
beauty {f} :: A beautiful other creature or thing
beauty {f} :: Human beauty, as the object or goal of cosmetics etc
bebaard {adj} :: bearded
bebloed {adj} :: bloody, sanguine
bebloeden {vt} :: to bleed on
beboeten {vt} :: to fine, penalise financially (an offender or offense)
beboeting {f} :: the act of fining
beboeting {f} [dated] :: fine
bebolwerken {vt} [obsolete] :: to fortify, especially with bastions
bebossen {vt} :: to forest
bebouwde kom {f} :: built-up area
bebouwen {vt} :: to build something on
bebroeden {vt} :: to incubate (eggs)
becijferen {vt} :: to compute, to calculate
bed {n} :: bed (furniture for sleeping)
bed {n} [garden, agriculture] :: patch, bed
bed {n} :: layer, often a substratum
bed {n} :: bed of a body of water
bedaard {adj} :: serene, imperturbable
bedaard {adj} :: calm, level-headed
bedaard {adv} :: serenely
bedaard {adv} :: calmly
bedachtzaam {adj} :: thoughtful, pensive
bedammen {vt} [archaic] :: to dam, to confine or protect with dams [in relation to bodies of water and parts of land]
bedampen {vt} :: to treat with vapour
bedampen {vt} :: to be covered or filled with smoke
bedampen {vt} [obsolete] :: to intoxicate
bedanken {vt} :: to thank
bedankt {interj} :: thanks
bedaren {v} [ergative] :: to become calm, to calm down
beddegoed {n} :: superseded spelling of beddengoed: bedding (sheets, blankets etc.)
beddengoed {n} :: bedding (sheets, blankets etc.)
bedding {f} :: bed of any body of water; riverbed, seabed
bedding {f} :: floor or frame on which an artillery mount or gun carriage is deployed
bede {f} :: plea
bede {f} [archaic] :: a prayer
bedeesd {adj} :: shy, fearful
bedehuis {n} :: house of worship
bedekken {vt} :: to cover
bedekking {f} :: cover, hood
bedel {m} :: The practice of begging, mendicancy
bedel {m} [obsolete] :: A beadle, academic usher
bedelaar {m} [literally] :: A beggar, mendicant, who requests alms or handouts
bedelaar {m} [figuratively] :: A pauper, one who can't properly provide in his own/family's needs
bedelen {vi} :: to beg for alms or handouts
bedelen {vi} [obsolete] :: to (say) pray(ers)
bedelen {vt} :: to assign, to attribute, to impart, to endow [+ met (object) = with]
bedelen {vt} [obsolete] :: to divide, portion
bedelmonnik {m} :: mendicant, mendicant monk
bedelnon {f} :: mendicant, mendicant nun
bedelven {vt} :: to bury, overwhelm
bedenkbaar {adj} :: thinkable, imaginable
bedenkelijk {adj} :: dubious
bedenken {vt} :: to bethink
bedenken {vt} :: to think of, to make up
bedenken {vr} :: to reconsider, to change one's mind
bedenker {m} :: deviser, someone who thinks something up
bedenker {m} [copyright, law] :: creator
bedenking {f} [countable] :: doubt, reservation
bedenking {f} [countable, archaic] :: consideration, contemplation, deliberation
bederf {n} :: decay, rotting
bederf {n} :: deterioration, worsening
bederven {v} [ergative] :: to spoil, to go off, to go bad
bederven {vt} :: to make worse
bederven {vt} :: to indulge, spoil
bedevaart {f} :: pilgrimage
bedevaartsoord {n} :: place of pilgrimage
bedgenoot {m} [literally] :: A bedfellow, bedmate; one of several persons sharing a bed
bedgenoot {m} [figuratively] :: A sex partner, someone with whom one has sex
bedied {n} [dialectal, rare] :: meaning
bedied {n} [dialectal, rare] :: explanation, exposition
bediedsel {n} [archaic] :: meaning, significance
bedienaar {m} :: One who serves in a public or religious office
bediende {mf} :: employee, servant
bedienen {vt} :: to be of assistance to
bedienen {vt} :: to serve (at a restaurant)
bedienen {vt} :: to operate (a device)
bedienen {vt} [Roman Catholicism] :: to administer the last sacraments to
bediener {m} :: operator
bediening {f} :: attendance, service
bediening {f} :: maintenance, service
bediening {f} :: operation
bediening {f} [Roman Catholicism] :: last rites
bedieningspaneel {n} :: control panel
beëdigen {vt} :: to swear in, to give an oath to
beëdiging {f} :: the act of swearing in
bedijken {vt} :: to dyke, to confine or protect with dykes [in relation to bodies of water and parts of land]
bedilal {m} :: someone who condescends excessively and pettily
bedillen {vt} :: to patronise, to treat as less than adult
beding {n} :: condition; often used in the construction onder geen beding, meaning “definitely not”
beding {n} [obsolete] :: prayer, act of praying
bedingen {vt} :: to claim rights to something through negotiation; to stipulate
bedkamer {f} [uncommon] :: bedroom
bedleger {n} [archaic] :: sickbed, bedrest
bedleger {n} [obsolete] :: sick person, person in bedrest
bedleger {n} [obsolete] :: bed
bedlegerig {adj} :: bedridden, confined to bed, usually on medical grounds
bedodden {v} [Brabant] :: alternative spelling of bedotten
bedoeïen {m} :: a bedouin, member of a nomadic Arab desert tribe
bedoelen {vt} :: to mean
bedoelen {vt} :: to intend
bedoeling {f} :: intention (goal, purpose)
bedompt {adj} :: stuffy, poorly ventilated
bedonderen {vt} :: to double-cross, to cheat
bedotten {vt} :: to mislead, to trick
bedotten {vt} :: to cheat, to scam
bedoven {adj} [archaic, dialectal] :: submerged, under water [sometimes also used of other fluids]
bedplassen {vi} :: to wet one's bed
bedrag {n} :: Amount of money
bedragen {vt} :: to amount to
bedreigen {vt} :: to threaten
bedreiging {f} :: threat, menace
bedremmelen {vt} [obsolete] :: to embarrass, to make shy or compliant, to intimidate
bedreven {adj} :: skillful
bedriegelijk {adj} :: superseded spelling of bedrieglijk
bedriegen {vt} :: to deceive
bedriegen {vt} :: to cheat on one's significant other
bedrieger {m} :: deceiver, cheater, fraudster
bedrieger {m} :: crook, hustler, impostor
bedriegerij {f} :: trickery, deceit
bedrieglijk {adj} :: deceitful (regarding one's character)
bedrieglijk {adj} :: fraudulent (regarding one's practices)
bedrieglijk {adj} :: deceptive (regarding one's looks)
bedrieglijk {adj} :: fallacious
bedriegster {m} :: female deceiver, cheater, fraudster
bedriegster {m} :: female crook, hustler, impostor
bedrijf {n} :: operation, activity, especially economic
bedrijf {n} [formal] :: profession
bedrijf {n} :: company
bedrijf {n} [theatre] :: act, major unit in a theatre piece
bedrijfsklimaat {n} :: working atmosphere; social relations at the workplace; morale of a company
bedrijfsklimaat {n} :: the commercial and economic conditions for companies in a given city or country
bedrijfsleven {n} :: The corporate world
bedrijten {vt} [obsolete] :: to soil with faeces, to beshit
bedrijven {vt} :: to do, to perform, to carry out
bedrijven {vt} :: to commit, perpetrate
bedrijvende vorm {f} [grammar] :: active voice
bedrillen {vt} [archaic] :: to domineer, to dominate, to intimidate
bedroefd {adj} :: sorrowful, sad
bedroefd {adj} :: little, paltry
bedroeven {vt} :: to grieve, sadden
bedrog {n} :: deception, fraud
bedruipen {vt} :: to baste
bedruipen {vr} [idiomatic] :: to be financially independent, to support oneself without assistance from others
bedrukken {vt} :: to print on
bedrukken {vt} :: to sombre
bedstede {f} :: closet-bed
bedstee {f} {m} :: closet-bed
beducht {adj} :: afraid
beduid {n} [Northern Dutch] :: obsolete form of bedied
beduiden {vt} :: to signify
beduiden {vt} :: to indicate, signal
beduiden {vt} :: to foreshadow
beduidend {adj} :: significant, considerable
beduidsel {n} [Northern] :: obsolete form of bediedsel
beduimelen {vt} :: to stain or soil by (excessive) touching with thumbs or fingers
beduveld {adj} [archaic] :: possessed by devils
beduveld {adj} :: nuts, senseless
beduvelen {vt} :: to deceive, to cheat, to swindle
bedvriend {m} [dated] :: male sexual partner
bedvriendin {f} :: female sexual partner
bedwang {n} :: constraint, check, control
bedwants {mf} :: bedbug
bedwelmen {vt} :: to stun, intoxicate
bedwingen {vt} :: to restrain
beefaal {m} [archaic] :: electric eel
beek {f} :: brook
beeld {n} :: image
beeld {n} :: statue, sculpture
beeld {n} :: impression, idea
beeldbuis {f} [electronics] :: cathode ray tube
beeldbuis {f} [metonymically] :: a television
beeldelement {n} :: image element (compositional component of a visual composition)
beelden {v} [obsolete] :: to shape, form
beelden {v} [obsolete] :: to form an image in the mind, to picture, imagine
beelden {v} [poetic] :: to give an impression of something
beeldend {adj} [arts] :: visual, "plastic", pictorial
beeldende kunst {f} :: visual arts
beeldenstorm {m} :: iconoclasm
beeldhouwen {vt} :: to carve (sculptures, as an art form)
beeldhouwen {n} :: (the art of) sculpture
beeldhouwer {m} :: sculptor
Beeldhouwer {prop} {m} [constellation] :: Sculptor
beeldhouwkunst {f} :: Artistic sculpting
beeldhouwwerk {n} :: sculpture, an object created by sculpting
beeldig {adj} :: beautiful, lovely
beeldmontage {f} :: A montage composed from various pictures or (e.g. film) images
beeldpunt {n} :: pixel
beeldscherm {n} :: screen (screen where an image is shown)
beeldscherm {n} :: monitor (computer display)
beeldscherpte {f} :: resolution (of an image)
beeldschoon {adj} :: gorgeous
beeldspraak {f} :: metaphor, figure of speech
beeldspraak {f} [obsolete] :: A script (alphabet, syllabary, etc.) that uses recognisably figurative characters
beeltenis {f} :: image
beeltenis {f} :: portrait
been {n} :: leg, limb of a person, horse (other animals' would have poten) and certain objects (again many have poten)
been {n} [mathematics] :: side, leg
been {n} :: bone, constituent part of a skeleton
been {n} :: [uncountable] bone, the chalky material bones are made of
beenafzetting {f} [dated] :: leg amputation
beenafzetting {f} [dated] :: bone deposition
beenamputatie {f} :: leg amputation
beenbreek {m} [chiefly singular, also, collective] :: bog asphodel, bastard asphodel, Narthecium ossifragum
beenbreker {m} :: [archaic] sea eagle
beenderhuis {n} :: bonehouse (often at a graveyard), charnel house (building for the storage of exhumed bones)
beendermeel {n} :: bone meal
beendroog {adj} :: bone-dry (very dry)
beenhouwer {m} [chiefly southern] :: butcher, who professionally sells (and often prepares) meat products
beenmerg {n} :: bone marrow
beenvis {m} [zoology] :: A bonefish
beenvlies {n} :: periosteum
beer {m} :: bear (large predatory mammal of the family Ursidae)
beer {m} [metaphor] :: person who is physically impressive and/or crude
beer {m} [student slang] :: debt, credit
beer {m} :: boar (male swine)
beer {m} :: A protective external construction, notably against ice or supporting the weight of the main building
beer {m} :: liquid manure [excrement gathered in a pit to fertilize]
beermarter {m} :: binturong, bearcat
beerput {m} :: cesspool, storage for effluent waste
bees {f} [Brabantian] :: kiss
bees {f} :: candy
bees {f} :: berry
beest {n} :: animal, beast
beest {n} :: animal kept as livestock, head
beest {n} [figurative] :: cruel or brutal person
beestenbende {f} :: mess (as if resulting from animals stampeding)
beet {m} :: bite
beetje {adv} :: a bit, a little bit, somewhat
beetje {determiner} :: a bit of, a little bit of, some
beetje {noun} :: Small amount
beetnemen {vt} :: to fool, to trick
beetpakken {vt} :: to clutch
beetwortel {m} :: sugar beet
bef {f} [archaic] :: collar
bef {f} :: an ornamental pair of bands worn hanging over the chest, notably as part of formal dress by magistrates, professors and certain Catholic and Protestant clergy
bef {f} :: by analogy, any of certain other similar objects
bef {f} :: a patch on the throat or chest of a different color on cats or dogs
bef {f} [slang] :: the vulva
bef {f} :: a nickname for an unspecified small Dutch coin
BEF {initialism} :: Belgische frank, the Belgian franc, Belgium's national currency before the introduction of the Euro as founding member of the monetary union
befaamd {adj} :: famous, famed
Befehl ist Befehl {phrase} :: Used wrily when someone attempts to justify questionable actions by referring to rules, laws or orders from higher up
beffen {vtr} [often] :: to put on an ornamental band or collar on (someone's formal dress)
beffen {vi} :: to wear such a collar; hence, to look smart(ly dressed)
beffen {vt} [colloquial] :: to perform cunnilingus, to sensually stimulate the vagina by licking, to eat pussy
beffen {v} :: alternative form of blaffen
beffer {m} :: Someone who wears (and/or or puts on) a bef (collar etc. senses)
beffer {m} :: A lover who orally stimulates the anus and/or vagina
beffer {m} :: A (notably small) dog who yelps, barks sharply
befgajes {n} [slang, pejorative, collective] :: the legal profession, judges and lawyers
beflijster {f} :: ring ouzel, Turdus torquatus
befrekel {m} [derogatory] :: A sanctimonious priest
beg {m} [historical] :: alternative form of bei
begaafd {adj} :: gifted, talented
begaafdheid {f} :: talent
begaan {vt} :: to walk upon, to tread on
begaan {vt} :: to commit (e.g. a misdeed)
begaan {vt} [mostly with laten] :: to do, to act as one wills
begaanbaar {adj} :: negotiable, traversable
begadkefat {f} [linguistics] :: begadkefat
begane grond {m} :: first floor (US), ground floor (British)
begeerd {adj} :: coveted
begeerlijk {adj} :: desirable
begeerlijkheid {f} [uncountable] :: desirability
begeerlijkheid {f} [countable] :: something desirable
begeerte {f} :: desire
begeerte {f} :: covetousness
begeesteren {vt} :: to animate, to enthuse
begeestigen {vt} [uncommon] :: alternative form of begeesteren
begeleiden {vt} :: to accompany
begeleiden {vt} :: to guide, oversee
begeleiden {vt} :: to supervise (a student)
begeleider {m} :: accompanier, escort
begeleider {m} :: guide
begeleider {m} :: tutor, mentor
begeleiding {f} :: accompaniment, guidance
begelukzaligen {vt} [obsolete] :: to bless, to bestow blessings
begelukzaligen {vt} [obsolete] :: to make happy, to beatify
begeren {vt} :: to covet
begerig {adj} :: covetous, avaricious, desirous
begerigheid {f} :: avariciousness, covetousness
begeven {vi} [with het as object] :: to give way, to collapse, to break down
begeven {vr} :: to go (somewhere), move towards
begiftigen {vt} :: to grant, gift
begin {n} :: start, beginning
beginletter {f} :: initial, first letter
beginnen {v} [ergative] :: to begin
beginner {m} :: Someone who is just starting something, or has only recently started (similar to English)
beginnerscursus {m} :: beginners' course
beginnetje {noun} [wikis] :: stub
beginpunt {n} :: starting point
beginsel {n} :: principle
begintoon {m} [music] :: keynote
begonia {m} :: begonia
begooien {vt} :: to throw at
begraafplaats {f} :: cemetery, a ground reserved for graves
begrafenis {f} :: burial, funeral
begrafenisondernemer {m} :: A funeral director, undertaker
begraven {vt} :: to bury
begrazen {vt} :: to graze on
begrazen {vt} [rare] :: to plant grass on
begrazing {f} :: grazing
begrensd {adj} :: limited, circumscribed
begrensd {adj} [mathematics] :: bounded
begrenzen {vt} :: to demarcate, limit
begrenzen {vt} :: to neighbor
begrijpelijk {adj} :: understandable
begrijpen {vt} :: to understand (concepts, ideas), to comprehend
begrip {n} :: understanding, comprehension
begrip {n} :: notion, concept, term
begrip {n} :: institution (well-known entity)
begroeien {vi} :: to overgrow (e.g. with vegetation)
begroeten {vt} :: to hail, greet
begroeting {f} :: greeting (acknowledgement of a person's presence or arrival)
begroten {vt} :: to budget, to appraise, to estimate
begroting {f} :: budget
begrotingskort {n} [rare] :: budget deficit
begrotingstekort {n} :: budget deficit
begrotingsunie {f} :: fiscal union
begunstigde {noun} :: beneficiary
begunstigen {vt} :: to favour, to benefice
beha {m} :: a bra
behaaglijk {adj} :: pleasant, agreeable, comfortable
behaaglijkheid {f} :: agreeableness
behaagziek {adj} :: overly willing to please, fawning
behagen {vt} [formal] :: to delight
behalen {vt} :: to gain, to achieve
behalve {prep} :: except
behandelaar {m} :: therapist
behandelen {vt} :: to handle, to treat
behandelen {vt} :: to treat (medically)
behandeling {f} :: (medical) treatment
behandeling {f} :: (judicial) treatment
behang {n} :: wallpaper
behangen {vt} :: to hang things on, to behang
behangen {vti} :: to wallpaper
behangselpapier {n} :: wallpaper (decorative paper to hang on walls)
behapbaar {adj} :: manageable
behartigen {vt} :: to look after, serve, study, promote, be watchful of [a person's interests], have [a person's interests] at heart, take to heart
beheer {n} :: management, administration
beheerbaar {adj} :: manageable
beheerder {m} :: manager, warden, administrator, curator, steward
beheersbaar {adj} :: controllable
beheersen {vt} :: to control, to master
beheersing {f} :: control
beheersing {f} :: knowledge
beheerst {adj} :: restrained
beheinen {vt} [archaic] :: to enclose
behelzen {vt} :: to contain
behelzen {vt} :: to involve
behendig {adj} :: nimble, agile
behendig {adj} :: graceful
behendig {adj} :: skillful
behendigheid {f} :: agility, skill, skilfulness
beheren {vt} :: to manage, administer
behinderd {adj} :: disabled, handicapped
behoeden {vt} :: to protect, watch over
behoeden {vt} :: to preserve
behoeder {m} :: protector
behoedzaam {adj} :: careful, cautious
behoefte {f} :: a need
behoefte {f} [euphemistic] :: defecation
behoeftig {adj} :: needy
behoeven {vt} [formal] :: to need
behoorlijk {adj} :: reasonable, fitting, proper
behoorlijk {adv} :: quite
behoren {vi} :: to belong [+ tot (object) = to] (be accepted in a group)
behoren {vi} :: to befit, behoove
behoud {n} :: preservation
behouden {vt} :: to save, keep
behouden {vt} :: to preserve
behoudend {adj} :: conservative
behoudens {prep} :: except for
behulp {n} :: help, aid
behuwen {vt} [historical] :: to acquire in marriage
behuwen {vt} [obsolete] :: to marry
bei {f} [obsolete] :: berry
bei {n} [historical] :: bey, beg (historical Turkish official)
beiaard {m} :: carillon
beide {determiner} :: both
beiden {pron} :: both (referring to two persons)
beiden {vt} [dated] :: to await, to bide
beiden {vi} [archaic] :: to wait [+ op (object) = for] [+ naar (object) = for]
Beieren {prop} {n} :: Bavaria
Beiers {adj} :: Bavarian, in, from or relating to Bavaria, its Germanic people and culture
Beiers {n} :: The (High) German dialects group Bavarian, spoken in Bavaria
beige {adj} :: beige
beijveren {vr} :: to endeavor, to devote oneself to something or put great effort into something
beijzelen {vt} :: to cover with black ice
beëindigen {vt} :: to end, to finish, to conclude
beëindigen {vt} :: to put a stop to
Beire {prop} :: form of Albert
Beiroet {prop} {n} :: Beirut, capital of Lebanon
beitel {m} :: A chisel, tool consisting of a slim oblong block of metal
beitelen {vt} :: to chisel
bejaard {adj} :: elderly
bejaarde {mf} [sometimes, derogatory] :: elderly person
bejaardenpartij {f} :: pensioners' party, political party that is aimed toward elderly voters and prioritises their interests
bejagen {vt} :: to hunt after
bejubelen {vt} :: to cause to become jubilant, to cheer for
bek {m} :: a bird's beak
bek {m} :: any animal's mouth (such as a snout)
bek {m} [colloquial, rude] :: a human mouth
bekaaid {adj} :: [come off] badly
bekakken {vt} :: to shit on
bekakt {adj} [literally, rare] :: shit-soiled
bekakt {adj} :: posh, haughty, snooty
bekan {adv} [Brabantian] :: almost
bekend {adj} :: (well-)known
bekend {adj} :: familiar, trusted
bekende {m} :: An acquaintance, someone known/trusted to the person of reference, yet often less than a friend
bekende {m} :: (with the definite article: het bekende) The known, what one is familiar with
bekendheid {f} :: acquaintance (familiarity)
bekendheid {f} :: fame
bekendheid {f} :: someone famous, a celebrity
bekendmaken {vt} :: to announce, to make known
bekendmaken {vt} :: to denounce
bekennen {vt} :: to acknowledge, confess
bekennen {vt} :: to see, to make out, to discern
bekennen {vt} [dated] :: to have sex, to know
bekentenis {f} :: confession
bekentenis {f} :: acknowledgement
beker {m} :: beaker, cup, chalice (drinking vessel, often but not always without a handle, generally not made of glass)
beker {m} :: cup (trophy)
Beker {prop} {m} [constellation] :: Crater
bekeren {vt} :: to convert (e.g. religion)
bekeren {vi} :: to participate in a cup match
bekering {f} :: religious conversion
bekerplant {f} :: pitcher plant, carnivorous plant that captures prey in a bell or pitcher; most belonging to the genus Nepenthes, others to unrelated families
bekertoernooi {n} :: cup (tournament)
bekeuren {vt} :: to fine, to penalise
bekeuring {f} :: fine
bekeuring {f} :: the act of fining
bekijken {v} :: to look at, to view
bekijven {vt} :: to insult, to throw insults at
bekken {n} :: basin, broad-shaped liquid container
bekken {n} [geography] :: basin, geological depression
bekken {n} :: pelvis, basin-shaped body region
bekken {n} [music] :: cymbal, two-part metallic percussion instrument
bekken {vi} [literally] :: to peck (at a target)
bekken {vi} [rare] :: to snap, to sneer (at someone)
bekken {vi} [colloquial] :: to sound, to feel in the mouth when sung or spoken
bekken {vi} [colloquial, pejorative] :: to kiss intensely
bekkeneel {n} :: cranium
Bekkeneelberg {prop} {m} [obsolete] :: Golgotha
bekken trekken {vi} :: to make faces, in jest or expressively
bekkentrekken {v} :: alternative form of bekken trekken
bekkesnijden {v} :: to play a rural game that involved cutting cheeks with knives or coins [generally not inflected]
bekkesnijder {m} [pejorative, dated] :: vandal, cutthroat, ruffian
bekkesnijder {m} [historical] :: someone who played a rural game that involved cutting cheeks with knives or coins
beklagen {vt} :: to lament, grieve
beklagen {vr} :: to complain [+ over (object) = about]
beklagenswaardig {adj} :: lamentable, pitiful
bekleden {vt} :: to clothe
bekleden {vt} :: to upholster
bekleden {vt} [figuratively] :: to grant someone an official position (such as priesthood)
bekleding {f} :: upholstering (padding, covers, etc. found on furniture)
beklemmen {vt} :: to squeeze
beklemmen {vt} [figuratively] :: to distress, strain
beklemmen {vt} [figuratively] :: to oppress, stifle
beklemming {f} [historical] :: inheritable right of use of agricultural ground that one doesn't own, in exchange for rent paid to the owner
beklemming {f} :: troubling or trying situation, difficulty, oppression
beklemtonen {vt} :: to stress (a syllable)
beklemtonen {vt} [figuratively] :: to emphasize, to stress
beklijven {vi} :: to last, to remain, to endure
beklijven {vi} [Netherlands] :: to remain attached, to adhere, to stick [+ aan (object) = to]
beklijven {vi} [obsolete] :: to thrive, to grow propitiously [especially of plants]
beklimmen {vt} :: to climb, mount
beklimmer {m} :: climber
beknibbelen {vi} :: to cut down on expenses, save up (often parsimoniously)
beknopt {adj} :: concise
beknotten {v} :: to curtail, to confine
bekogelen {vt} :: to bombard, launch a hail of projectiles at a target
bekogelen {vt} :: to besiege, systematically attack or taunt by any (e.g. verbal) means
bekogelen {vt} :: to delude, play tricks on someone
bekokstoven {vt} :: to devise, to machinate, to concoct
bekomen {vi} :: to recover
bekomen {vt} [Belgium] :: to obtain, to acquire
bekomen {v} :: to please, to be enjoyable
bekommeren {vt} [obsolete] :: to worry, to concern
bekommeren {vr} :: to concern oneself, to worry/be worried [+ om (object) = with, about]
bekommernis {f} :: solicitude, distress
bekoorlijk {adj} :: attractive
bekopen {vt} :: to pay for, to suffer punishment for
bekopen {vt} [now only in the passive] :: to swindle, to hustle
bekoren {vt} :: to charm
bekoren {vt} :: to captivate
bekoring {f} :: charm, appeal, attractiveness, allure
bekoring {f} :: temptation
bekoring {f} :: pleasure
bekorten {vt} :: to shorten
bekostigen {vt} :: to finance, to pay for
bekostiging {f} :: defrayment
bekrachtigen {vt} :: to ratify, to bring into force
bekrassen {vt} :: to scratch on, to produce scratches on
bekrassen {vt} :: to daub on
bekritiseren {vt} :: to criticise
bekrompen {adj} :: narrow-minded, prejudiced
bekronen {vt} :: to crown
bekronen {vt} :: to award
bekroning {f} :: crowning
bekruipen {vt} :: to creep on/ up to, to approach and/or mount by crawling, especially stealthily
bekruipen {vt} :: to steal upon, to come over, to assail (of feelings and thoughts)
bekruisen {vr} [with _, pronoun, Christianity, chiefly Roman Catholicism] :: to make the sign of the cross, to becross oneself
bekruisen {vt} [nautical] :: to repeatedly traverse a patrol area, to sail on patrol throughout a certain area
bekruisen {vt} :: to becross, to put a cross on
bekwaam {adj} :: capable, competent
bekwaamheid {f} :: competence, capability, skill, adeptness
bekwamen {vt} :: to train
bekwamen {vr} :: to study
bekwijlen {vt} :: to cover in drool, to drool on
bel {mf} :: bell
bel {mf} :: bubble
bel {mf} [obsolete] :: segment of a rattlesnake's rattle
belabberd {adj} :: ill, rotten, sick
belabberd {adj} :: terrible, rotten, of a very poor quality
belabberd {adj} [obsolete] :: impeded; especially having a speech impediment
belachelijk {adj} :: ridiculous, risible
belachen {vt} :: to laugh at, to belaugh [typically mocking]
beladen {v} :: to burden, to charge, to lade, to freight, to load, to encumber
beladen {v} :: to pack, to pile
beladen {adj} :: laden, fraught (heavily loaded or weighed down)
belagen {vt} :: to beleaguer, waylay
belagen {vt} :: to vex, harass or beset
belager {m} :: A harasser, crafty and/or persistent assailant, even a stalker
Belanda Hitam {prop} :: African KNIL soldiers
belanden {vi} :: to end up
belang {n} :: interest, concern
belang {n} :: importance, significance
belangeloos {adj} :: without a stake, without self-interest
belangeloosheid {f} :: selflessness
belanghebbend {adj} :: important
belanghebbend {adj} :: interested (e.g. owning a share of a company)
belanghebbende {noun} :: interested party
belangrijk {adj} :: important
belangstelling {f} :: interest (e.g. in a subject)
belangwekkend {adj} :: interesting
belastbaar {adj} :: taxable, subject to taxation
belasten {vt} :: to burden, encumber
belasten {vt} :: to charge (e.g. taxes)
belasteren {vt} :: to defame, discredit
belasting {f} :: strain, burden, load
belasting {f} :: tax, levy by public authorities
belasting {f} [electrical engineering] :: load
belastingaangifte {f} :: tax declaration
belastingafspraak {mf} :: advance tax ruling, tax ruling
belastingbetaler {m} :: taxpayer
belastingdruk {m} :: tax burden, tax pressure
belastingformulier {n} :: tax form
belastingfraude {f} :: tax fraud
belastinggeld {n} :: tax money
belastinginner {m} :: tax collector
belastingontduiking {f} :: tax evasion
belastingontwijking {f} :: tax avoidance
belastingovereenkomst {f} :: advance tax ruling, tax ruling
belastingparadijs {n} :: tax haven
belasting-paradijs {noun} :: archaic spelling of belastingparadijs
belazeren {vt} :: to con, to scam
bel de brandweer {phrase} :: call the fire brigade!
bel de politie {phrase} :: call the police!
belebberen {vt} :: to lick or lap intensively and audibly
belebberen {v} :: obsolete form of belabberen
beledigen {vt} :: to offend
belediging {f} :: insult, verbal abuse
beleefd {adj} :: polite (well-mannered)
beleefdheid {f} :: politeness
bel een ambulance {phrase} :: call an ambulance!
beleg {n} [military] :: siege on a city
beleg {n} :: bread topping
belegen {adj} :: mature, ripe (said of cheese, fruits and etc)
belegeren {vt} :: to besiege
belegering {f} :: siege
belegeringsmunt {f} :: obsidional coin
belegerkunde {f} :: siegecraft
beleggen {vt} :: to cover, smear, butter, spread over (e.g. a piece of bread with butter and jam)
beleggen {vt} [finance] :: to invest money
belegger {m} :: investor
belegsel {n} [uncommon] :: toppings to be used on bread; spread or cold cuts
belegsel {n} :: A fringe or border on an item of clothing, usually with a decorative function
beleid {n} :: policy
beleid {n} :: care, circumspection
beleidsmaker {m} :: policy maker
beleidsmedewerker {m} :: policy worker (someone employed to (co)develop policy)
belemmen {vt} [obsolete] :: to hinder
belemmeren {vt} :: to obstruct, to hinder, to hamper
belemmering {f} :: obstacle
belenen {vt} :: to pledge, to impawn
belenen {vt} [historical] :: to enfeoff
beletsel {n} :: obstacle, hindrance
beletten {vt} :: to hinder, prevent
beleven {vt} :: to experience, live, go through
beleven {vt} :: to profess, practice openly (notably a faith or conviction)
beleven {vt} [obsolete] :: to live, exist in (a time or space)
beleven {vt} [obsolete] :: to observe, follow (a command etc.)
belevenis {f} :: experience (something that is experienced)
beleving {f} :: experience (act of experiencing, something that is experienced)
belezen {vt} :: to enchant by reading a spell
belezen {vt} :: to exorcise
belezen {vt} :: to convince
belezen {adj} :: well-read, well informed and knowledgeable because of extensive reading
belezen {adj} :: hence book-smart, erudite
belfort {n} :: belfry (belltower not belonging to a church)
Belg {m} :: Belgian (inhabitant of Belgium)
belgen {vr} [dated] :: to become angry
belgen {vt} [archaic] :: to anger
België {prop} {n} :: Belgium
Belgisch {adj} :: Belgian (of or pertaining to Belgium or its people)
belgitude {f} :: the concept of Belgian national identity, formulated in a self-depreciating or humorous way
Belgrado {prop} {n} :: The city Belgrade, presently capital of Serbia and previously of Serbia-Montenegro, Yugoslavia and various of the previous states in this Balkan region
belgziek {adj} :: irritable, snappy (prone to growing angry)
belhamel {m} :: bellwether (the leading sheep of a flock, having a bell hung round its neck)
belhamel {m} :: tomboy, rascal
belichamen {vt} :: to embody
belichaming {f} :: embodiment
belichten {vt} :: to illuminate
belichten {vt} :: to expose
believen {vt} :: to please
belijden {vt} :: to confess
belijden {vt} :: to profess
belijdenis {f} :: confession
belijder {m} :: confessor
belijdster {f} :: female confessor
belikken {vt} [uncommon] :: to lick
Belize {prop} {n} :: Belize
belladonna {f} {m} :: belladonna, deadly nightshade (Atropa belladonna)
bellen {vi} :: to ring, like using a bell
bellen {vt} :: to call, by bell (originally) or (now mostly) telephone; to dial
bellen {vi} [regional] :: to bark, like a canine
bellen {vt} [regional] :: to bark, scold, insult, rage at
beller {mf} [telephony] :: caller
bellettrist {m} :: belletrist
belligerent {adj} :: belligerent, engaged in warfare
belligerent {m} :: A belligerent, armed party in warfare
Bellona {prop} {f} :: Bellona (Roman goddess of war)
beloega {m} :: beluga
beloeren {vt} :: to leer at, to gaze at, to lurk at
belofte {f} :: promise, vow, pledge
belofte maakt schuld {proverb} :: promise is debt
beloftenploeg {m} :: Alternative spelling of belofteploeg, used until 1966 and by those who pronounce the 'n'
belofteploeg {m} [soccer] :: A team of young promising players
belonen {vt} :: to reward
beloning {f} :: reward
belopen {vt} :: to walk
belopen {v} :: to amount to
beloven {vt} :: to promise
belt {m} [archaic] :: heap, hill
belt {m} [Suriname] :: (clothing) belt
beluisteren {vt} :: to listen to
Beëlzebub {prop} {m} :: Beelzebub (demon)
bemachtigen {vt} :: to acquire with difficulty
bemachtigen {vt} [obsolete] :: to empower, to give power to
bemannen {vt} :: to man (to supply with staff or crew)
bemanning {f} :: crew
bemanningslid {n} :: crew, member of a crew
bemazzel {m} :: lucky devil (person who is lucky)
bemeesteren {vt} :: to master
bemerken {vt} :: to notice
bemesten {vt} :: to fertilise, to manure (to apply fertiliser or manure to) [of soil, plants and crops]
bemetselen {vt} :: to apply masonry to [with bricks]
bemiddeld {adj} :: affluent, well-to-do
bemiddelen {vt} :: to mediate
bemiddeling {f} :: mediation
beminde {m} :: loved one
beminden {noun} :: plural of beminde
beminnaar {m} :: admirer, connoisseur, lover
beminnelijk {adj} :: lovely, with love
beminnelijk {adj} :: warmly
beminnen {vt} [formal or archaic] :: to love
beminnenswaardigheid {f} :: lovableness
bemoedigen {vt} :: to encourage
bemoeial {mf} :: A busybody, a meddlesome person
bemoeien {vr} :: to interfere, to meddle [+ met (object) = with]
bemoeienis {f} :: intervention
bemoeizucht {f} :: intrusiveness, meddlesomeness; a strong desire to meddle with other people's business
bemost {adj} :: mossy, covered in moss
benaaien {vt} :: to sew onto
benadelen {vt} :: to disadvantage, to wrong
benaderen {vt} :: to approach
benaderen {vt} :: to approximate
benadering {f} :: approach
benadering {f} :: approximation
benadrukken {vt} :: to emphasize
benaming {f} :: denomination, appellation
benauwd {adj} :: stuffy, poorly ventilated
benauwen {vt} :: to confine, to enclose
benauwen {vt} :: to oppress
benauwen {vt} :: to distress
bende {f} :: gang, squad
bende {f} :: mess as in: a disagreeable mixture of a large quantity of objects in disorder resulting from people misbehaving or animals stampeding
bende {contraction} [Brabantian] :: contraction of bent gij
Bende van Vier {prop} :: Gang of Four
benêe {adj} [dated] :: contraction of beneden
beneden {adv} :: below
beneden {adv} :: downstairs
beneden {prep} :: under, below, beneath
benedenbuur {m} :: downstairs neighbour
benedenbuurman {m} :: male downstairs neighbour
benedenbuurvrouw {f} :: female downstairs neighbour
beneden de Moerdijk {prep} [Netherlands] :: in the Southern Netherlands; [less commonly] in the southern Low Countries
beneden de Moerdijk {prep} [Belgium] :: in Belgium
benedenhuis {n} :: the downstairs or lower portion of a house, often a house separate (i.e. with separate inhabitants) from the upstairs or upper portion
benedenstad {f} :: lower city
benedenwaarts {adv} :: downwards
benedenwaarts {adj} :: downward
benedenwaarts {adv} :: downwards
benedenwinds {adj} :: leeward
benedictijner {adj} [Roman Catholicism] :: Benedictine
benee {adj} :: contraction of beneden
benemen {vt} :: to take away; snatch
benemen {vt} :: to purloin, to rob, to steal, to filch, to swipe
benen {adj} :: made of bone
benen {v} :: to walk in large strides
benenen {vt} [obsolete] :: to deny, to negate
benenwagen {m} [mildly, humorous] :: shanks' pony; the feet or legs as a form of transport
benevens {prep} :: besides
Bengaalse vos {m} :: Bengal fox (Vulpes bengalensis)
Bengalen {prop} {n} :: Bengal (region)
bengel {m} :: young rascal, a naughty to mischievous tomboy
bengel {m} :: club, stick, bat
bengel {m} [dated] :: bell (metal struck idiophone)
bengelen {vi} :: to dangle, swing around loosely
benieuwd {adj} :: longing to see, hear or understand, expectant
benieuwen {vt} :: to arouse a feeling of curiosity or longing to see, hear or understand something
benig {adj} :: bony
benigne {adj} [medicine] :: benign
benijden {vt} :: to envy, be envious or jealous
Benin {prop} {n} :: Benin
ben je allergisch voor medicijnen {phrase} [colloquial] :: are you allergic to any medications?
bennen {v} [nonstandard, Holland] :: alternative form of zijn (only the form zijn itself, not the other inflected forms)
benodigd {adj} :: required, necessary
benodigdheid {f} :: supply; requirement; requisite
benodigen {vt} :: to need, to require
benoemen {vt} :: to appoint, nominate
bent u allergisch voor medicijnen {phrase} [formal] :: are you allergic to any medications?
benul {n} :: understanding, idea; insight, awareness
benutten {vt} :: to make use of, to profit from, to take advantage of
benutten {vt} [sports] :: to convert (a penalty kick etc.)
beïnvloeden {vt} :: to influence
beïnvloeden {vt} :: to manipulate, to interact
benzeen {n} [organic compound] :: benzene
benzine {f} :: petrol, gas, gasoline
benzinestation {n} :: service station or petrol station [UK]; gas station [US]
beoefenaar {m} :: practitioner
beoefenen {vt} :: to practice regularly, ongoing: some sport, craft, skill, or profession
beogen {vt} :: to intend, aim at
beoliën {vt} :: to oil, to cover or lubricate with oil
beoordelen {vt} :: to evaluate, to assess, to judge
beoordeling {f} :: assessment, judgement
beoorlogen {vt} [uncommon] :: to wage war against, to war against
Bep {prop} {f} :: given name, diminutive of Elizabeth
bepaald {adj} :: certain
bepaald {adj} :: specific
bepaald {adv} :: certainly, definitely, absolutely
bepaaldelijk {adv} :: particularly
bepaald lidwoord {n} [grammar] :: definite article
bepalen {vt} :: to determine, to figure out
bepalen {vt} :: to determine, to decide, to choose
bepalen {vr} :: to limit oneself, to restrain oneself, to contain oneself
bepaling {f} :: definition (determination of meaning)
bepaling {f} :: condition (determination of possibility)
bepaling {f} [law] :: provision
bepalingaankondigend voornaamwoord {n} [grammar] :: a pronoun which announces that it should be immediately followed by a relative clause
bepeinzen {vt} :: to contemplate, to ruminate over, to mediate on
beperken {vt} :: to limit, to curtail, to restrict, to constrain
beperken {vt} :: to abridge
beperking {f} :: restriction, limitation, constraint
beperking {f} :: disability, handicap
beperkt {adj} :: restricted, limited
bepissen {vt} :: to piss on, to bepiss
bepissen {vr} :: to piss one's pants laughing
beplakken {vt} :: to glue together, to stick together
beplakken {vt} :: to stick something onto
beplanten {vt} :: to plant, to plant with (to provide with plants)
beplanten {vt} [military, dated] :: to supply [with artillery]
beplaten {vt} :: to plate
bepleiten {vt} :: to plead, to advocate
bepotelen {vt} [Southern Dutch, chiefly Belgian] :: to grope, to touch sexually
bepotelen {vt} [Southern Dutch, chiefly Belgian] :: to get one's hands on, to handle, to control
bepraten {vt} :: to talk over, discuss
beraad {n} :: consideration (the process of considering)
beraadslagen {vt} :: to discuss in depth, to deliberate
beraden {vr} :: to consider, to think, to wonder
beraden {adj} :: thoughtful
beramen {vt} :: to devise, to plot
beramen {vt} :: to calculate, to estimate, to plan expenditure
berberaap {m} :: Barbary macaque
Berbers {adj} :: Berber
berd {n} [archaic] :: table
berd {n} [Belgium] :: plank
berechten {vt} :: to judge, to try (take to court/trial)
berechtigd {adj} :: entitled
berechtigd {adj} :: authorized
berechtigen {v} :: to entitle
berechtigen {v} :: to authorize
beredeneren {vt} :: to argue, reason
beregeil {adj} [colloquial, Netherlands] :: incredibly sexy, incredibly horny
beregenen {vt} [uncommon] :: to berain, to rain upon
beregenen {vt} :: to spray water on, to sprinkle water on
bereid {adj} :: ready, prepared
bereid {adj} :: willing
bereiden {vt} :: to prepare
bereidheid {f} :: willingness
bereiding {f} :: preparation
bereik {n} :: The reach
bereik {n} :: A compass (area)
bereikbaar {adj} :: reachable
bereikbaar {adj} :: achievable, attainable
bereiken {vt} :: to arrive at, to reach, to get to
bereiken {vt} :: to achieve, to attain
berekenen {vt} :: to calculate, to compute
berekening {f} :: computation
berenleider {m} :: bear leader
beren op de weg zien {v} [idiom] :: to imagine (future) problems
berg {m} :: mountain, hill
bergachtig {adj} :: mountainous
bergaf {adv} [literal] :: downhill, moving down a slope
bergaf {adv} [figurative] :: downhill, worsening
bergafwaarts {adv} :: down the hill, in a downward direction
bergamot {f} :: bergamot (pear-shaped citrus fruit)
bergamotboom {m} :: bergamot tree
bergbewoner {m} :: mountain dweller
bergen {vt} :: to store, to stash away
bergen {vt} :: to salvage (a vessel)
Bergen {prop} {n} :: Mons city, in Hainaut, Belgium
Bergen {prop} {n} :: Bergen, a port city in Norway
Berg en Dal {prop} :: Berg en Dal (village)
Berg en Dal {prop} :: Berg en Dal (municipality)
Bergen op Zoom {prop} {n} :: Bergen op Zoom (city)
Bergen op Zoom {prop} {n} :: Bergen op Zoom (municipality)
berggeit {f} :: One of several goat antelopes that inhabit mountain regions, including (subspecies of) Capra aegagrus and Oreamnos americanus
berggod {m} :: mountain god
berggodin {f} :: mountain goddess
Berghen op Soom {prop} {n} :: obsolete spelling of Bergen op Zoom
Berghen op Zoom {prop} {n} :: obsolete spelling of Bergen op Zoom
berghoen {n} :: Any fowl of the genus Tetraogallus; a snowcock
berghoen {n} [obsolete] :: Any fowl of the genus Tetrao
bergijs {n} :: mountain ice (ice on or from a mountain)
berging {f} :: rescue, salvage (act of recovering or bringing to safety)
berging {f} :: storage room, storeroom
bergingsbedrijf {n} :: rescue company (for ships)
bergketen {f} :: mountain range
bergklassement {noun} [cycling] :: mountains classification
bergkristal {n} :: rock crystal (clear, colourless form of quartz)
bergleeuw {m} :: mountain lion, puma
bergnimf {f} [mythology] :: mountain nymph, oread
bergpad {n} :: mountain path, mountainous road
bergpas {m} :: mountain pass
bergplaats {f} :: storage location
bergère {f} :: wing chair
bergère {f} [obsolete] :: shepherdess
bergreeks {f} :: mountain range
bergreus {m} :: (general) mountain giant
bergreus {m} :: (specific) mountain giant in Norse mythology
bergrijst {f} {m} :: mountain rice (rice cultivated in dry fields at high altitudes)
bergrug {m} :: A mountain-ridge, (line/view formed by) a (chain of) mountain top(s)
bergrug {m} [metonymy] :: The top section of a mountain, where its slopes meet
Bergse Maas {prop} :: a canal that was constructed in 1904 to be the main distributary of the Maas River (French: Meuse) in the Dutch province of North Brabant
bergstof {f} [formal] :: mineral, mineral resource
bergtop {m} :: mountaintop, peak (the summit of a mountain)
bergvesting {f} :: mountain stronghold, mountain fort
bergvrede {m} :: fortified tower, donjon, keep
bericht {n} :: message
bericht {n} :: news
bericht {n} :: communication
berichten {vi} :: to report, inform
berijden {vt} :: to ride (a horse or other animal)
berijden {vt} :: to drive/travel over (a road)
berijder {m} :: A rider, who rides a mount
berijder {m} [history] :: A mobile deputy mandated by a Flemish baljuw (high feudal bailiff) to render justice in and under his jurisdiction
berin {f} :: a she-bear / female bear (large predatory mammal of the family Ursidae)
Beringzee {prop} :: Bering Sea
berispen {vt} :: to scold, reprimand
berisping {f} :: Admonition
berk {m} :: birch
berkelium {n} :: berkelium
Berkelland {prop} :: Berkelland (municipality)
berkenroede {f} :: a birch rod, a rod made from birch twigs
berkhaan {m} :: blackcock, heath cock, male of Lyrurus tetrix (syn. Tetrao tetrix)
berkhoen {n} :: black grouse, blackgame, Lyrurus tetrix (syn. Tetrao tetrix)
Berlijn {prop} {n} :: Berlin, capital of Germany
Berlijner {m} :: Berliner (inhabitant of Berlin)
berliner {m} :: newspaper on Berliner format
berlinerbol {m} :: Berliner (pastry)
berm {m} :: berm (strip of land next to a road, street or sidewalk)
bermbom {f} {m} :: roadside bomb
bermlamp {f} :: lamp on the side of a car to light the side of the road
bermprostitutie {f} :: roadside prostitution (prostitution that is advertised on the side of highways and other major roads)
bermtoerisme {n} :: roadside tourism (recreation one engages in at the side of a road)
bermtoerist {m} :: roadside tourist (one who engages in recreation at the side of a road)
Bern {prop} :: Bern
beroemd {adj} :: famous, renowned
beroemdheid {f} :: Fame
beroemdheid {f} :: Famous individual
beroep {n} :: profession, vocation
beroepen {v} [with op] :: to defend one's position according to a law or rule
beroepen {v} [ecclesiastical] :: to request ordination (admission into the ministry of a church)
beroepen {v} :: to refer to
beroepshalve {adv} :: In one's professional capacity, while doing one's job; professionally
beroepsmatig {adj} :: professional
beroerd {adj} :: bad, poor, crappy
beroeren {vt} :: to stir up, to cause unrest in
beroeren {vt} :: to touch
beroering {f} :: turmoil, tumult, commotion, ruckus, agitation
beroerte {f} [symptom] :: fit, stroke or seizure
beroezen {vr} [with reflexive pronoun] :: to drink oneself a high or into intoxication
berokken {v} :: alternative form of berokkenen
berokkenen {vt} :: to cause, to bring about (something negative)
berooid {adj} :: devoid of money and possessions
berooid {adj} :: poor, miserable
berooidheid {f} :: destitution, poverty
berooven {v} :: obsolete spelling of beroven
berouw {n} :: remorse
berouw {n} :: regret
berouwen {v} [ergative] :: to (cause to) regret, to rue, to repent
berouwvol {adj} :: regretful, repentant
beroven {vt} :: to rob [+ van (object) = of], to steal from
beroven {vt} :: to deprive [+ van (object) = of]
bersten {v} :: obsolete form of barsten
Bert {prop} {m} :: given name, cognate to English Bert
berucht {adj} :: notorious, infamous
berusten {vt} :: to rest, depend (on)
berusten {vt} :: to resign oneself, to accept after resisting; settle for
beryllium {n} :: beryllium
bes {f} :: berry
bes {f} [music] :: B flat
bes {f} [chiefly diminutive] :: an old woman
besabbelen {vt} :: to suck or suckle on
besabbelen {v} :: obsolete spelling of bezabbelen
beschaafd {adj} :: civilized, cultured
beschaafd {adj} :: courteous, polite
beschaamd {adj} :: ashamed
beschadigen {vt} :: to damage
beschadiging {f} :: damage
beschadiging {f} :: flaw
beschamen {vt} :: to embarrass, to cause shame
beschamen {vt} :: to disgrace, to dishonour
beschaven {vt} :: to civilize
beschaven {vt} [obsolete] :: to smoothen by scraping (with a plane)
beschaven {vt} [obsolete] :: to rob, to bereave
beschaving {f} :: civilization
bescheid {n} :: reply, response
bescheid {n} :: document, information
bescheiden {adj} :: modest, humble, unassuming
bescheidenheid {f} :: modesty
bescheidenheid {f} :: something modest, such as a small gift
beschenken {vt} [with the recipient as the direct object and the transferred indicated with "met"] :: to bestow (on), to confer
beschenken {vt} [with the recipient as the direct object] :: to give a drink
beschenken {vr} :: to get drunk
beschermen {vt} :: to protect
beschermengel {m} :: Guardian angel
beschermer {m} :: protector, guardian
beschermfeest {n} [Roman Catholicism] :: festival for a patron saint
beschermheilige {m} [Roman Catholicism] :: patron saint
bescherming {f} :: protection (state or quality of being protected)
bescherming {f} :: protection, shelter (something that protects)
beschermster {f} :: female form of beschermer: protectress
beschieten {vt} :: to shoot at, to fire at
beschijnen {vt} :: to shine on
beschikbaar {adj} :: available
beschikbaarheid {f} :: availability
beschikken {vt} :: to direct, have influence over, decide
beschikken {vi} :: to have at one's disposal [+ over (object)]
beschikking {f} :: power of control, direction or disposal; decision, ruling (by an authorized official or official body such as a court); mastery, command
beschikking {f} :: access
beschilderd {adj} :: painted
beschilderen {vt} :: to paint, to put paint on, apply paint to
beschimmelen {vi} :: to become mouldy
beschimpen {vt} :: to taunt
beschimpen {vt} :: to abuse
beschimping {f} :: mocking reproach
beschonken {adj} :: drunk, intoxicated
beschoren {adj} [usually predicatively] :: blessed with
beschouwen {vt} :: to contemplate
beschouwen {vt} :: to consider, to regard [+ als (object) = as]
beschouwing {f} :: consideration
beschrijven {vt} :: to write on
beschrijven {vt} :: to write (a letter) to
beschrijven {vt} :: to describe
beschrijving {f} :: description
beschroomd {adj} :: timid
beschuit {f} :: zwieback
beschuldigen {vt} :: to accuse, blame
beschuldiging {f} :: accusation
beschutten {vt} :: to protect, to provide cover, to shield [+ tegen (object) = against, from]
beschutting {f} :: shelter; protection, especially from the elements or from harm
beschutting {f} :: shelter; object or place that offers protection
besef {n} :: realisation
beseffen {vt} :: to realize
beslaan {vt} :: to cover, occupy
beslaan {vt} :: to surround, envelop
beslaan {vi} :: to fog up
beslaan {vt} :: to shoe (a horse with horseshoes)
beslag {n} [legal] :: arrest, detention
beslag {n} :: (metal) cover (e.g. of a book)
beslag {n} :: a horseshoe
beslag {n} :: a batter, a relatively fluid dough [more fluid than deeg]
beslag {n} :: the state of having reached the final decision or having definitively decided upon an arrangement
beslapen {vt} [chiefly with women as direct object] :: to sleep with, to have sex with, to bed
beslapen {vt} :: to sleep on (an object, e.g. a bed)
beslapen {vr} :: to sleep on (a subject or matter, to think it through)
beslechten {vt} :: to settle, to decide (a conflict)
beslissen {vt} :: to decide, to determine
beslissen {vt} :: to decide (between options)
beslissing {f} :: decision
beslist {adv} :: definitely, absolutely
beslommering {f} :: daily worry, daily concerns
besloten {adj} :: private
besloten {adj} :: agreed, decided
besluipen {vt} :: to stalk, to approach using stealth
besluipen {vt} [figuratively] :: to bother constantly, to harass
besluit {n} :: decision (e.g. after consideration of alternatives)
besluit {n} :: determination (to do or follow through with something)
besluiteloos {adj} :: indecisive, not decisive, unable or unwilling to make decisions or reach conlusions
besluiten {vt} :: to decide, to make a decision
besmeren {vt} :: to grease, to dirty, to apply grease or dirt to
besmettelijk {adj} :: contagious
besmetten {vt} :: to infect (with a disease)
besmetting {f} :: contagion, contamination
besmeuren {vt} :: to besmear, to stain, to soil, to dirty
besmuikt {adj} :: secret, secretive
besnijden {vt} :: to circumcise
besnijdenis {f} :: circumcision
besogne {f} :: everyday occupation, daily concern, daily business (that which occupies someone on an everyday basis)
besparen {vt} :: to spare, save from
besparen {vt} :: to save (money), economize
besparing {f} :: saving
bespelen {vt} :: to play (a musical instrument)
bespeler {m} :: player (e.g. of a musical instrument)
bespeuren {vt} :: to sense, to perceive
bespieden {vt} :: to spy on, to watch secretively
bespioneren {vt} :: to spy on, scope out
bespotten {vt} :: to mock, to scorn
bespraakt {adj} [uncommon] :: eloquent
bespreken {vt} :: to discuss
bespreking {f} :: a discussion
bespringen {vt} :: to jump or pounce on
best {adj} :: fine, okay
best {adv} :: quite, rather
best {f} [dated, chiefly diminutive] :: alternative form of bes
bestaan {vi} :: to exist, to be
bestaan {vi} :: to consist, to be made [+ uit (object) = out of]
bestaan {n} :: existence
bestaansminimum {n} :: subsistence income
bestaansminimum {n} :: legally set minimum income, basic income
bestand {n} :: archive, file
bestand {n} [computing] :: file
bestand {n} :: truce
bestand {adj} :: capable of withstanding, capable to withstand
bestanddeel {n} :: ingredient (one of the parts of a whole)
bestanddeel {n} :: component, element
bestandssysteem {n} [computing] :: file system
besteden {vt} :: to spend
besteding {f} :: spending
besteedbaar {adj} :: disposable
bestek {n} :: silverware, cutlery
bestek {n} :: planning (of a journey or a building project)
bestekamer {f} [historical] :: The best parlour in a home, in the old days only used on Sundays and holidays
bestekamer {f} :: The best room in a house
bestekamer {f} :: toilet, bathroom
bestel {n} :: order, establishment (especially political)
bestel {n} [obsolete] :: matter, issue
bestel {n} [obsolete] :: governance, rule
bestelbus {m} :: delivery van
bestelen {vt} :: to rob
bestelformulier {n} :: An order-form
bestellen {vt} :: to order, demand delivery
bestellen {vt} :: to deliver
besteller {m} :: A deliverer of orders
besteller {m} :: A client who orders or has ordered something
bestelling {f} :: order (requesting a product or service)
bestelwagen {m} :: delivery van
bestemmen {vt} :: to intend, destine
bestemming {f} :: purpose, future function of something
bestemming {f} :: the place set for the end of a journey; destination
bestemming {f} :: aim for one's life
bestemoeder {f} [dated, now, dialectal] :: grandmother
bestemoer {f} :: alternative form of bestemoeder
bestempelen {vt} :: to label [+ als (object) = as]
bestendig {adj} :: lasting, permanent, as in bestendige deputatie (executive college in a Belgian province)
bestendig {adj} :: resistant, enduring; -proof, in compounds indicating what against, e.g. weerbestendig 'weather-proof', hittebestendig 'heat-resistant'
bestendigen {vt} :: to perpetuate, to prolong, to reinforce, to consolidate
besterven {vi} :: to start to decompose after death
besterven {vi} [figuratively] :: to disappear as if dying
bestevaar {m} :: alternative form of bestevader
bestevader {m} [dated, now, dialectal] :: grandfather
bestiaal {adj} :: bestial, beastly
bestiaal {n} [historical] :: sale of livestock
bestiaal {n} [historical] :: tax on the sale of livestock
bestiaal {n} [obsolete] :: livestock, cattle
bestialiteit {f} :: bestiality
bestieren {vt} :: to govern
bestijgen {vt} :: to mount
bestijgen {vt} :: to climb, to ascend
bestijging {f} :: The act of rising to, climbing or mounting something
bestijging {f} :: Climbing an elevation
bestijging {f} :: Rising to sit on furniture or mounting a mount
bestijging {f} :: Sexual mounting
best oké {adj} :: passable
bestoken {vt} :: to attack, to shoot at
bestoken {vt} :: to shell, to bombard
bestoken {vt} :: to plague, to harass
bestormen {vt} :: to storm, to assault quickly
bestorming {f} :: quick attack, storming
bestraffen {vt} :: to punish
bestralen {vt} :: to shine upon
bestralen {vt} :: to irradiate
bestralen {vt} :: to treat with radiotherapy
bestraling {f} :: irradiation
bestraling {f} :: radiotherapy
bestraten {vt} :: to pave, to cover with stones
bestrijden {vt} :: to fight against
bestrijder {m} :: fighter
bestrijding {f} :: suppression, control
bestrijdster {f} :: female fighter
bestrijken {vt} :: to smear, spread
bestrijken {vt} :: to cover, to be spread across
bestuderen {vt} :: to study, investigate
besturen {vt} :: to steer
besturen {vt} :: to operate
besturen {vt} :: to drive (e.g. a car or vehicle)
besturen {vt} :: to govern
besturing {f} :: driving, operation
besturingsbus {m} [electronics] :: control bus
besturingssysteem {n} [software] :: operating system
bestuur {n} :: management
bestuur {n} :: governing board
bestuur {n} :: reign
bestuurder {mf} :: driver
bestuurder {mf} :: manager
bestuurlijk {adj} :: administrative
bestuurlijk sanctierecht {n} :: A domain (ermerging) in law between administrative law and criminal law
bestuursambtenaar {m} :: civil administrator
bestuursapparaat {n} :: administrative apparatus, government apparatus
bestuursdienst {m} :: civil administration
bestuurslui {noun} :: management people
bestuurstaal {f} :: An official language which is used by public authorities for administrative purposes
bestuursvorm {m} :: form of government; polity
bet. {abbr} :: betekenis
betaalbaar {adj} :: payable, affordable
betaalbewijs {n} :: receipt, written attestation of the transfer of money or goods
betaald krijgen {v} :: to get paid
betaald zetten {v} [ditransitive] :: to make (someone) pay for, to get back at (someone) for
betaalmeester {m} [slightly, dated] :: official in charge of payments, paymaster
betaalmuur {m} :: paywall (the mechanism on a website that provides certain content only to paying visitors)
betakeling {f} [nautical] :: whipping
betalen {vt} :: to pay
betaling {f} :: Payment
betalingstermijn {m} :: term of payment, payment deadline
betamelijk {adj} :: decent, proper
betamen {vi} :: to behoove, be appropriate, fitting or necessary, to suit
betamen {vi} :: to please, be welcome (to ...), befit
betamen {vi} :: to belong to, be due to
betasten {vt} :: to feel, to grope
betegelen {vt} :: to tile, to put tiles on
betegeling {f} :: tiling
betegeling {f} [geometry] :: tessellation
betekenen {vt} :: to mean, to signify
betekenis {f} :: meaning
betekenisloos {adj} :: meaningless
betekenisvol {adj} :: meaningful
betel {f} :: betel
betel {f} :: betel vine, Piper betle
betel {f} :: betel palm, Areca catechu
betelnoot {f} :: betel nut, areca nut
beteren {v} [ergative] :: to improve, to become/make better
beteren {vt} :: to tar
beter laat dan nooit {phrase} :: better late than never
beter één vogel in de hand dan tien in de lucht {proverb} [idiomatic] :: a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush
beterschap {f} :: betterness, the state of being or becoming better or well
beterschap {interj} :: get well; used to wish someone well when they are sick
beteugelen {vt} :: to curb, rein
beteunie {f} :: obsolete form of betonie
betichten {vt} :: to accuse falsely
betitelen {vt} :: to title, to name
betitelen {vt} :: to caption
betogen {vt} :: to demonstrate, to show
betogen {vt} :: to (attempt to) produce evidence or proof
betoger {m} :: demonstrator
betoging {f} :: demonstration
beton {n} :: concrete
betonen {vt} :: to show
betonen {vt} :: to emphasize, to accent
betonie {f} :: betony, Stachys officinalis
betonnen {adj} :: (made of) concrete
betonnen {vt} :: to buoy off a port side by equipping it with protective barrels
betonneren {vi} [Belgium] :: to pour concrete
betonneren {vt} [Belgium] :: to cast, to fit, to set in concrete
betonneren {vt} [figuratively, Belgium] :: to freeze, to set unchangeably (as if cast in concrete)
betonschaar {noun} :: bolt cutter, bolt cutters
betoog {n} :: argument, plea
betoveren {vt} :: to enchant
betoveren {vt} :: to fascinate
betoverend {adj} :: Enchanting
betovergroot- {prefix} :: great-great-grand-
betovering {f} :: enchantment, charm, allure, beguilement
betovering {f} :: spell, bewitchment, witchery, magic
betr. {abbr} :: (noun) betrekking
betr. {abbr} :: (verb) betreft
betr. {abbr} :: (adjective) betreffende
betrachten {vt} :: to exercise or consider carefully
betrachten {v} [Belgium] :: to pursue
betrappen {vt} :: to take by surprise, to catch unaware, someone who is doing something they should not be
betreden {vt} :: to tread upon
betreden {vt} :: to enter, to come in
betreffen {vt} :: to concern, to affect
betreffende {prep} :: concerning
betrekkelijk {adj} :: relative
betrekkelijk {adv} :: rather, quite, fairly
betrekkelijk voornaamwoord {n} [grammar] :: relative pronoun
betrekken {vt} :: to involve, to implicate
betrekken {vt} :: to live, to settle in
betrekken {vt} :: to obtain
betrekken {vi} :: to become cloudy
betrekking {f} :: relation
betreuren {vt} :: to regret, to grieve over
betreurenswaardig {adj} :: regrettable, lamentable
betreurenswaardig {adv} :: regrettably
betreurenswaardig {adv} :: grievingly
betrokken {adj} :: involved
betrokken {adj} [weather] :: clouded
betrokkenheid {f} :: involvement, implication (e.g. in a crime)
betrokkenheid {f} :: commitment
betrouwbaar {adj} :: trustworthy
betrouwbaarheid {f} :: reliability, trustworthiness
betrouwbaarheidsinterval {n} :: confidence interval
betrouwen {vt} [Southern Dutch] :: to trust, to rely on
betuigen {vt} :: to declare
betuiging {f} :: declaration
betuttelen {vt} :: to condescend, to patronise, to treat as less than adult
betutteling {f} :: condescension
Betuwe {prop} {c} :: An area located in the province of Gelderland, the Netherlands
betweter {m} :: know-it-all
betwijfelen {vt} :: to doubt
betwist {adj} :: disputed
betwistbaar {adj} :: questionable, arguable
betwisten {vt} :: to challenge, to dispute
beu {adj} :: fed up, having had enough
beug {f} [fishing] :: longline
beug {f} [fishing] :: trawlnet for anchovy catch on the former Zuiderzee
beugel {m} :: stay, brace, bracket, prop, support
beugel {m} :: dental braces
beugel {m} :: hinged clamp
beugel {m} :: stirrup
beugel {m} :: brace, orthosis
beuk {m} :: beech
beuk {m} :: part of a church building, compare middenbeuk
beukelaar {m} :: a small round shield used for parrying; a buckler
beuken {vt} :: to ram, to beat, to knock
beuken {adj} :: beechen (made of beech wood)
beukseks {m} :: rough sex (sexual intercourse)
beul {m} :: An executioner, torturer, one who carries out executions and other judicial corporal punishments
beul {m} [figuratively] :: A cruel person, in act or sadistic streak
beulin {f} [dated, figurative] :: cruel woman
beulin {f} [archaic, rare] :: wife of an executioner
beun {f} [historical] :: attic
beun {f} :: raised platform, often made out of wood
Beun de Haas {prop} {m} :: Personification of a dilettante manual worker
beunhaas {m} [historical] :: tradesman or merchant, especially a tailor, who wasn't associated with a guild
beunhaas {m} :: bungler, dilettante
beunhaas {m} [Netherlands] :: in particular, a dilettante who does untaxed paid manual work, or a professional who does it as an untaxed side job
Beuningen {prop} :: Beuningen (village)
Beuningen {prop} :: Beuningen (municipality)
beuren {vt} :: to lift, to raise
beuren {vt} :: to collect (debt, owed money)
beuren {vt} [poetic] :: to receive
beuren {vi} :: to happen, to occur
beuren {vt} :: to befall
beurs {f} :: purse, both as object and treasury
beurs {f} :: bursary
beurs {f} :: scholarship
beurs {f} :: stock exchange
beurs {f} :: event or place where goods are exchanged; a trade fair
beurs {adj} :: bruised, hence sore
beurshandel {m} [chiefly uncountable] :: exchange trading, stock trade
beurskrach {m} :: stock market crash
beurt {f} :: turn (a chance to use (something) shared in sequence with others)
beurt {f} [vehicles] :: maintenance, service
beurt {f} [vulgar] :: sex, intercourse
beurtbalk {m} :: A checkout divider, a separator to put between the products of different customers on the conveyor belt in a supermarket
beurtelings {adv} :: alternately
beurzensnijder {m} :: purse-snatcher, cutpurse, pick-pocket, a petty criminal who steals wallets, purses, etcetera
beurzensnijder {m} :: hence metaphorically, somebody charging outrageous prices. "Wat een beurzensnijderij!" (Such price-gouging, such highway robbery.)
bevaarbaar {adj} :: navigable
bevallen {vt} :: to please, satisfy
bevallen {vi} :: to give birth
bevallig {adj} :: charming, graceful, demure
bevalling {f} :: Labor (process of giving birth)
bevangen {adj} :: abashed, shy, timid
bevatten {vt} :: to contain
bevatten {vt} :: to comprehend
bevechten {vt} :: to fight against, to combat
bevederd {adj} :: feathered
beveiligen {vt} :: to protect
beveiliger {m} :: guard
beveiliging {f} :: protection, security
beveiligster {f} :: female guard
bevel {n} :: order, command
bevelen {vt} :: to order, to command
bevelhebber {m} :: commander
bevelhebster {f} :: female commander
bevelvoerder {m} :: commander, commanding officer
beven {vi} :: to shake, to shiver, to tremble
bever {m} :: beaver
beverboom {m} :: magnolia, tree or shrub of the genus Magnolia
beverburcht {f} :: beaver lodge
bevergeil {n} :: castoreum
beverharen {adj} [now, uncommon] :: made of beaver fur
beverrat {m} :: coypu
beverskul {f} [obsolete, chiefly plural] :: beaver sacs, castoreum
bevestigen {vt} :: to attach
bevestigen {vt} :: to confirm
bevestiging {f} :: confirmation
bevestiging {f} :: attachment
bevinden {vt} :: to discover, to find
bevinden {vr} :: to be located, to find oneself
beving {f} :: tremor
bevissen {vt} :: to fish at, to fish in (a body of water}
bevissen {vt} :: to fish for (fish or other aquatic organisms)
bevlekken {vt} :: to stain, to soil
bevlijtigen {vr} [formal] :: to become or be industrious
bevochten {vt} [obsolete] :: synonym of bevochtigen
bevochtigen {vt} :: to wet, to dampen
bevochtigen {vt} :: to moisturize
bevoegd {adj} :: competent
bevoegd {adj} :: qualified
bevoegdheid {f} :: authority, authorization
bevoegdheid {f} :: competence
bevolken {vt} :: to populate
bevolking {f} :: population (the actual group of residents of an area; not the number/statistic thereof)
bevolkingsdichtheid {f} :: population density
bevoogdend {adj} :: paternalizing
bevoordelen {v} :: to favour/favor
bevooroordeeld {adj} :: subjective, biased, preconceived
bevoorraden {vt} :: to supply, to provision
bevoorrechten {v} :: to favor/favour, to privilege
bevorderaar {m} :: patron
bevorderen {vt} :: to stimulate, to benefit
bevorderen {vt} :: to promote, to advance
bevorderlijk {adj} :: advantageous; favorable (US), favourable (Commonwealth)
bevrachten {vt} :: to load, to burden
bevredigen {vt} :: to satisfy, to satiate
bevreemden {vt} :: to surprise, to astonish
bevreemding {f} :: surprise, astonishment
bevreesd {adj} :: afraid
bevriend {adj} :: friendly
bevriezen {v} [ergative] :: to freeze (solid)
bevriezen {vi} :: to freeze, to be completely still and immobile
bevriezen {vt} :: to stop, to halt
bevrijden {vt} :: to liberate, to free
bevrijder {mf} :: liberator
bevrijding {f} :: liberation
bevrijding {f} :: liberation from
Bevrijdingsdag {prop} {m} :: "Liberation Day", i.e. VE Day (Victory in Europe day): celebrated as a holiday on May 5th in The Netherlands
bevrijdingskind {n} :: a child born not long after the liberation of the Netherlands at the end of World War II, as the result of relations between Dutch women and Allied soldiers
bevrijdingsoorlog {m} :: war of liberation
bevrijdingstheologie {f} [chiefly singular, Christianity, especially, Roman Catholicism] :: liberation theology (type of theology inspired by Marxism)
bevroeden {vt} [dated] :: to understand, to comprehend, to suspect, to realise
bevroeden {vt} [obsolete] :: to instruct, to inform
bevrouwen {vt} :: to woman, to staff with women
bevruchten {v} :: to fertilise, to inseminate
bevuilen {v} :: to sully (to corrupt or damage)
bevuilen {v} :: to dirty, to soil, to defile, to stain, to sully (to make dirty or impure)
bewaarder {m} :: keeper, custodian, conservator
bewaaren {v} :: obsolete spelling of bewaren
bewaarnis {f} [archaic, Belgium] :: storage
bewaarnis {f} [obsolete] :: protection, defence
bewaarnis {f} [obsolete] :: garrison, stationed troops
bewaken {vt} :: to watch over, to guard
bewaker {m} :: guard (person who protects something)
bewaking {f} :: surveillance, watch
bewapenen {vt} :: to arm (to supply with weapons)
bewaren {vt} :: to preserve, to keep
bewaren {vt} :: to guard, to watch over
bewaring {f} :: storage
bewaring {f} :: custody
bewaring {f} :: safekeeping
beweegbaar {adj} :: movable
beweeglijk {adj} :: mobile
beweegreden {f} :: A motive, reason to do something
bewegen {vir} [sometimes] :: to move, to be in motion
bewegen {vt} :: to move, to cause to be in motion
bewegen {vt} :: to budge, to motivate, to spur, to induce
beweging {f} :: movement, motion (act of physically moving)
beweging {f} :: physical activity, exercise
beweging {f} :: movement, group, organisation (people with a common ideology or goal)
bewegingsapparaat {n} [chiefly singular] :: locomotor system
bewegwijzeraar {m} :: signposter, one who provides signage
bewegwijzeren {vt} :: to signpost, to furnish with signage
bewegwijzering {f} :: signage (sign collectively)
beweiden {vt} :: to graze, to make animals graze on
bewelkomen {vt} [archaic] :: to welcome
bewenen {vt} :: to cry about, to bewail
beweren {vt} :: to claim, to assert, to allege
bewering {f} :: assertion
bewerkelijk {adj} :: laborious
bewerken {vt} :: to work
bewerken {vt} :: to work on, to till
bewerken {vt} :: to edit, to rework
bewerken {vt} :: to manipulate, to try change opinion
bewerking {f} :: edit
bewerking {f} [arithmetic] :: operation, calculation
bewerkstelligen {vt} :: to bring about, realize
bewerpen {vt} [archaic] :: to throw at
bewieroken {vt} :: to fill or cover with incense
bewieroken {vt} :: to laud, to hail
bewijs {n} :: proof
bewijsgrond {m} :: argument
bewijslast {m} :: burden of proof, onus
bewijsmateriaal {n} [chiefly collective] :: (piece of) evidence
bewijsmateriaal {n} [law, archaeology, chiefly collective] :: (piece of) material evidence
bewijs uit het ongerijmde {n} :: reductio ad absurdum
bewijsvoering {f} :: argumentation, deductive reasoning
bewijzen {vt} :: to prove
bewijzen {vt} :: to confer (a favor)
bewind {n} :: reign
bewind {n} :: government or whoever is reigning
bewindsman {mf} :: minister
bewindvoerder {noun} :: administrator
bewolking {f} :: cloud cover
bewolkt {adj} [weather] :: cloudy
bewonderen {vt} :: to admire
bewonderenswaardig {adj} :: admirable, worthy of admiration, deserving high esteem
bewondering {f} :: admiration
bewonen {vt} :: to live in, to inhabit
bewoner {mf} :: occupant, inhabitant
bewoning {f} :: habitation
bewoonbaar {adj} :: habitable, fit for inhabitation, where humans or other animals can live (or fairly comfortably)
bewoond {adj} :: inhabited
bewoorden {vt} :: to express in words, to put into words
bewoording {f} :: phrasing
bewust {adj} :: conscious, aware
bewust {adj} :: deliberate
bewust {adj} :: in question, very
bewust {adv} :: deliberately
bewusteloos {adj} :: unconscious
bewusteloosheid {f} :: unconsciousness
bewustenis {f} [archaic] :: conscience
bewustheid {f} :: consciousness
bewustmaken {v} :: to conscientize, to make aware
bewustzijn {n} :: consciousness
bezaaien {vt} :: to sow onto
bezaan {f} [nautical] :: mizzenmast (hindmost mast of a ship)
bezaan {f} [nautical] :: mizzensail (hindmost sail of a ship)
bezaanmast {m} :: alternative form of bezaansmast
bezaansmast {m} [nautical] :: mizzenmast
bezabberen {v} [archaic] :: to drool on, to drivel on
bezabberen {v} [obsolete] :: to stain, to besmirch
bezanden {vt} :: to cover with sand
bezanding {f} :: The action or process of covering something with sand; a layer of sand thus produced
bezant {m} :: bezant (coin)
bezant {m} [heraldiccharge] :: bezant
bezatten {vr} :: to get drunk
bezegelen {vt} :: to seal, to provide with a seal
bezegelen {vt} :: to confirm, to conclude, to finalise
bezem {m} :: broom (fibers bound together at the end of a long handle, used for sweeping)
bezem {m} :: (The Hague) pretty boy, player
bezemsteel {m} :: broomstick
bezemstuiver {m} [historical] :: a stuiver (5 cent piece) depicting a bundle of arrows
bezemstuiver {m} [figurative] :: any stuiver; an insignificant amount of money
bezeren {vt} :: to hurt, cause pain and/or injury
bezeren {vr} :: to hurt oneself, to get hurt
bezeten {adj} :: obsessed
bezeten {adj} :: (demonically) possessed
bezetene {noun} :: someone who is possessed, or acts as though they were
bezetten {vt} :: to occupy, to fill
bezetten {vt} :: to occupy (forcefully with military personnel), to conquer
bezetter {m} :: occupier
bezetting {f} :: occupation
bezichtigen {vt} [formal] :: to behold
bezichtigen {vt} [formal] :: to visit
bezie {f} [dated] :: berry
bezielen {vt} :: to give a soul to, to animate
bezielen {vt} :: to inspire
bezieling {f} :: inspiration, vitality
bezien {vt} :: to have a closer look at
bezien {vt} [obsolete] :: to view, to behold
bezienswaardig {adj} :: worth seeing
bezienswaardigheid {f} :: tourist attraction
bezig {adj} :: busy, occupied
bezigheid {f} :: busyness, occupation, activity
bezighouden {vt} :: to keep busy, to occupy
bezighouden {vr} :: to occupy oneself, to be productive
bezingen {v} :: to sing about a specific subject, to besing
bezinken {vi} :: to precipitate (to come out of a liquid solution into solid form)
bezinksel {n} :: dregs (the sediment settled at the bottom of a liquid)
bezinnen {vi} :: to reflect (i.e. think about)
bezinnen {vr} :: to reconsider, to think carefully
bezint eer ge begint {proverb} :: look before you leap
bezint eer gij begint {proverb} :: look before you leap
bezit {n} :: possession
bezit {n} :: estate
bezitten {vt} :: to own, to possess
bezitter {mf} :: possessor (and possibly, but not necessarily, also the owner)
bezitting {f} :: possession
bezoedelen {vt} [poetic] :: to stain, to besmirch
bezoek {n} :: visit
bezoek {n} :: visitors
bezoeken {vt} :: to visit
bezoeker {m} :: visitor
bezolden {v} [obsolete] :: synonym of bezoldigen
bezoldigen {vt} :: to pay salary to
bezondigen {vr} [with a _, pronoun as the direct object] :: to commit a misdeed, to commit a sin, to transgress [+ aan/tegen (object) = against]
bezorgd {adj} :: preoccupied, concerned
bezorgdheid {f} :: anxiety, concern
bezorgen {vt} :: to deliver (hand over)
bezorgen {vt} :: to provide
bezorgen {vt} [obsolete] :: to provide for, to care for
bezorging {f} :: delivery (of a package, for example)
bezuinigen {vi} :: to economize, to cut the budget
bezuiniging {f} :: the action of cutting spending
bezuiniging {f} [by extension] :: budget cut
bezuipen {vr} [with a reflexive object pronoun] :: to get drunk
bezwaar {n} :: objection
bezwaar {n} :: difficulty, obstacle
bezwaarlijk {adj} :: difficult, hard
bezwaarlijk {adj} :: objectionable, problematic
bezwaarschrift {n} :: remonstrance, written notice of objection
bezwaarschrift {n} [law] :: statement or written notice of appeal
bezwachtelen {vt} :: to bandage, to bind, to wrap
bezwangeren {vt} :: to impregnate, to make pregnant
bezwangering {f} :: impregnation, the act of making someone pregnant
bezwaren {vt} :: to burden
bezweet {adj} :: sweaty (covered in sweat)
bezwemmen {vt} :: to swim in/at
bezwendelen {vt} :: to defraud, to swindle
bezweren {vt} :: to control, to subdue
bezweren {vt} :: to enchant, to cast a spell over
bezweren {vt} [uncommon] :: to swear [by or as if by oath]
bezweren {vt} :: to try to influence, especially in order to avert, by means of wards or spells
bezwering {f} :: oath
bezwering {f} :: exorcism
bezwering {f} :: conjuration, incantation
bezwijken {vi} :: to give way, succumb
bezwijken {vi} :: to expire, to die
bezwijmen {vi} :: to faint, to lose consciousness
bezwijmen {vi} :: to swoon
bh {m} :: a bra
bühne {f} :: stage (where performances are held)
Bhutan {prop} {n} :: Bhutan
bi {adj} [colloquial] :: bisexual
bib {f} :: abbreviation of bibliotheek
bibber {m} :: shiver, tremble
bibberen {vi} :: to shiver, to tremble
bibbering {f} :: shiver, tremble
bibi {pron} [colloquial, Belgium] :: yours truly (I, me or myself)
bibliofiel {m} :: bibliophile
bibliofiel {adj} :: bibliophilic, pertaining to bibliophilia or bibliophiles
bibliofilie {f} :: bibliophilia
bibliofilistisch {adj} :: bibliophilic
bibliograaf {m} :: bibliographer
bibliografie {f} :: bibliography
bibliothecaris {m} :: librarian
bibliotheek {f} :: library
bibliothekaris {m} :: superseded spelling of bibliothecaris
biceps {m} [muscle] :: biceps; any two-headed muscle
biceps {m} :: the biceps brachii
bidden {vi} :: to pray
bidden {vt} :: to bid
bidder {m} :: someone who prays
bidon {m} :: A bottle, especially one used on a bicycle
bidsprinkhaan {m} [zoology] :: A praying mantis, any of various predatory insects of the Mantidae family
biecht {f} :: confession
biechten {vt} :: to confess
biechtspiegel {m} :: manual of confession (a list of common sins which can be consulted to examine whether one has some of them to confess)
biechtstoel {m} :: A confessional chair (often rather a booth) where a confessor can privately hear confession
biechtvader {m} :: A confessor, priest who administers the sacrament of confession, ad hoc or on a more regular basis with specific believers (e.g. his parishioners)
bieden {v} :: to make an offer, to bid
biefstuk {m} :: beefsteak, steak
biel {f} [archaic] :: railway sleeper
biels {f} :: railway sleeper
biep {m} :: A beep or bling, such sound, notably made as a signal by a beeper or any automatic - or control device
biepen {vi} :: to (make a sound like) beep
biepen {vt} :: to contact by beeper, pager
bieper {m} [literally] :: One that beeps
bieper {m} :: A beeper, noise-signalling device
bier {n} :: beer
bieraccijns {m} [historical] :: excise tax on beer
bierazijn {n} :: beer vinegar, alegar
bierbuik {m} :: a belly with an excess of subcutaneous fat, often blamed to excess consumption of beer; a potbelly, beer belly
bierbuik {m} :: someone with a beer belly
bierenbrood {n} [historical] :: A porridge made from beer and bread
bierfles {f} :: beer bottle
bierflesch {f} :: obsolete spelling of bierfles
biergist {f} :: a type of yeast extract
bierglas {n} :: beer glass
bierkelder {m} :: cellar where beer is stored
bierkelder {m} :: bierkeller [mostly in reference to Germany]
bierpens {f} :: beer belly, potbelly
bierpul {f} :: beer stein, tankard: a kind of beer mug
bierton {f} :: beer barrel
biervat {n} :: beer barrel
biervilt {m} [countable, uncountable, often diminutive] :: beer mat, a round or square cardboard mat to put underneath drinking glasses
biervlieg {f} [obsolete] :: Someone who regularly gets drunk on beer
bierworst {f} :: German Bierwurst
bierworst {f} [chiefly in the diminutive] :: a long, narrow smoked sausage, usually eaten as a snack
bies {f} :: rush (marsh plant)
bies {f} :: piping (on a seam)
biesbos {m} {n} :: rush bed, area grown with rush
biesbos {m} {n} :: bundle of rush
bieslook {m} :: chive
biest {f} :: beest, colostrum, beestings
biestmelk {f} :: beest, beestings, colostrum
biet {f} :: beet
bietebauw {m} [uncommon] :: bogeyman, bugbear, some kind of ghost figure used to scare children
bietsuiker {m} :: beet sugar
big {mf} :: piglet, little pig
bigaam {adj} :: bigamous
bigamie {f} :: bigamy
bigamist {m} :: (male) bigamist
biggelen {vt} :: to roll (of tears)
Big Mac {m} :: Big Mac
bij {prep} :: at, with
bij {prep} :: by, close to
bij {prep} :: to, towards
bij {adv} :: alongside, with
bij {adv} :: in order to adjust or improve
bij {f} :: bee
bij- {prefix} :: additional, secondary
bijbedoeling {f} :: ulterior motive, hidden intention
bijbehorend {adj} :: associated, matching
bijbel {m} :: bible (copy of the Bible)
bijbel {m} [by extension] :: any large book
Bijbel {prop} {m} :: Bible
bijbelneuker {m} [slang, pejorative] :: Bible thumper
bijbels {adj} :: alternative case form of Bijbels
Bijbels {adj} :: Biblical
Bijbels Aramees {prop} {n} :: Biblical Aramaic
Bijbels Hebreeuws {prop} {n} :: Biblical Hebrew
bijbelwetenschap {f} :: Biblical studies
bij benadering {adv} :: approximately
bij benadering {adv} :: odd (about)
bij bewustzijn {adj} :: conscious, aware, awake
bijbrengen {vt} :: to teach, to instill (an ideal)
bijbrengen {vt} :: to resuscitate, to bring around
bij de beesten af {prep} [idiom] :: horrible, outrageous, insufferable, disgusting
bijdehand {adj} :: bright, smart
bijdehand {adj} :: forward, bold
bij de konijnen af {prep} [idiom] :: despicable, insufferable, disgusting, horrible
bij de konijnen af {prep} [uncommon, sex] :: involving a lot of sex
bij de lurven pakken {v} [idiomatic] :: to seize
bij de lurven pakken {v} [idiomatic, figuratively] :: to arrest
bij de vleet {adv} :: in abundance, galore
bijdrage {f} :: contribution
bijdragen {vt} :: to contribute
bijdrukken {vt} :: to print additionally, to add by printing
bijectie {f} [set theory] :: bijection
bijectief {adj} [mathematics] :: bijective
bijeen {adv} :: together
bijeenhouden {vt} :: to hold together
bijeenkomst {f} :: meeting
bijeenroepen {vt} :: to call together (for a meeting)
bij elkaar {phrase} :: together
bij elkaar komen {v} :: to get together
bijendrom {m} :: beeswarm
bijeneter {m} :: bee-eater (various brightly-coloured, insectivorous, near-passerine birds)
bijenhuif {f} :: beehive
bijenkolonie {f} :: bee colony
bijenkoningin {f} :: a queen bee
bijenkorf {m} :: beehive
bijenmelk {f} {n} :: royal jelly
bijennest {n} :: beehive
bijensterfte {f} :: mass death of bees
bijenvolk {n} :: bee colony
bijenwas {n} {m} :: beeswax
bijenzwerm {m} :: beeswarm
bijfiguur {n} {m} :: minor or secondary character in a story
bijgebouw {n} :: outbuilding
bijgeloof {n} :: superstition (a set of unscientific beliefs that future events may be influenced by one's behaviour in some magical or mystical way)
bijgelovig {adj} :: superstitious
bijgelovigheid {f} :: superstition (superstitious belief)
bijgelovigheid {f} :: superstition (tendency to be superstitious)
bijgenaamd {adj} :: nicknamed
bijgerecht {n} :: side dish
bijgevolg {adv} :: consequently
bijgoochem {m} [Netherlands, chiefly Amsterdam] :: know-all, know-it-all, smart aleck
bijhouden {vt} :: to keep up with (the pace)
bijhouden {vt} :: to maintain, upkeep
bijkans {adv} :: almost, nearly
bijkeuken {f} :: a room near the kitchen; a scullery, a storeroom for the kitchen
bijklank {m} :: connotation
bijknippen {vt} :: to trim
bijkomen {vi} :: to regain consciousness, to come round
bijkomen {vi} :: to recuperate, to recover, to catch one's breath
bijkomen {vi} :: to gain weight
bijkomend {adj} :: additional
bijkomstig {adj} :: secondary, less important, having less weight
bijkomstigheid {f} :: something that is less important and secondary to the main issue
bijl {f} :: axe
bijlage {f} :: a supplement (to a document)
bijlage {f} [computer science] :: e-mail attachment
bijlbundel {m} :: fasces
bijldrager {m} [archaic] :: lictor
bijldrager {m} [dated] :: axeman
bijleren {vi} :: to learn more, add to one's knowledge or skills
Bijltje {n} [historical, Netherlands] :: An 18th-century shipwright who supported the house of Orange
bijna {adv} :: almost
bijna {adv} :: soon
bijnaam {m} :: nickname
bij nacht en ontij {phrase} :: at unusual times
bij nacht zijn alle katten grauw {proverb} :: all cats are grey in the dark
bijnier {f} :: adrenal gland
bijou {m} :: a piece of jewelry, often specifically with fake gems
bijproduct {n} :: byproduct, by-product
bijrol {f} {m} :: minor role
bijrol {f} {m} :: supporting role
bijschaduw {f} :: penumbra
bijschieten {vi} [with optional indirect object indicating the recipient of support] :: to come to the aid (of), to come to someone's aid
bijschrift {n} :: caption (a title or brief explanation attached to an illustration or cartoon)
bijspijkeren {vt} :: to brush up
bijstaan {vt} :: to assist
bijstaan {vi} :: to stand by or nearby
bijstand {m} :: social welfare, dole
bijstand {m} :: help, aid
bijstellen {vt} :: to adjust, to adapt
bijster {adj} :: lost, missing
bijster {adv} :: very
bijt {f} :: a man-made hole in ice (on the surface of a body of water)
bijtanken {vi} :: to refuel
bijtanken {vi} :: to invigorate, to refresh
bijten {vt} :: to bite
bijtgraag {adj} :: Mordacious, prone to biting
bij tijd en wijle {adv} :: from time to time
bijtijds {adv} :: in good time, well in advance; betimes, betides
bijtijds {adj} :: in good time, well in advance; betimes, betides
bij uitstek {adv} :: par excellence
bijv. {abbr} :: bijvoorbeeld; e.g.
bijvak {n} :: a minor subject (at a tertiary institution)
bijvakker {m} [tertiary education] :: One who takes a subject as a minor subject
bijval {m} :: approval, endorsement
bijval {m} :: accolade, applause
bijvallen {vi} :: to fall in addition
bijvallen {vt} :: to second, take side
bijverdienste {f} :: emolument (extra income)
bijverschijnsel {n} :: epiphenomenon
bij verstek veroordelen {vt} :: to condemn by default
bijvoegen {vt} :: to add, to include, to attach
bijvoegen {vt} :: to enclose
bijvoeglijk {adj} :: adjective
bijvoeglijk naamwoord {n} :: adjective
bij voorbaat {adv} :: beforehand
bijvoorbeeld {adv} :: for example
bijvrouw {f} :: concubine
bijvullen {v} :: to top up, to refill
bijw. {abbr} :: bijwoord
bijwerken {vt} :: to update (make something up to date)
bijwerking {f} [chiefly medicine] :: side effect, adverse effect
bijwerking {f} :: update, the act of keeping something up to date
bijwijf {n} :: concubine
bijwijfschap {n} [obsolete] :: concubinage (state of being a concubine)
bijwijlen {adv} [formal] :: sometimes
bijwonen {vt} :: to attend
bijwoning {f} :: attendance
bijwoning {f} [uncommon] :: cohabitation
bijwoning {f} [uncommon] :: An additional, secondary or annex residence
bijwoord {n} :: adverb
bijwoord {n} [obsolete] :: proverb
bijwoordelijk {adj} :: adverbial (of or relating to an adverb)
bijzaak {f} :: Matter of secondary or minor importance
bijzetten {vt} :: to add, to set beside something else
bijzijn {n} :: presence
bijzin {m} [grammar] :: subordinate clause
bijzit {f} :: concubine
bijzitster {f} :: concubine
bijzitten {vi} :: to sit along, to sit nearby
bijzitten {vt} :: to attend
bijzitten {vi} [obsolete] :: to be a concubine
bijzitter {m} [historical] :: Describing various non-voting magistrates: assessor, non-voting councillor
bijzonder {adj} :: special
bijzonder {adj} :: unusual
bijzonderheid {f} :: the property of being exceptional
bijzonderheid {f} :: an exceptional circumstance
bikini {m} :: bikini
bikkel {m} :: talus, a bone in a sheep's heel
bikkel {m} :: such a bone (often worked and) used as in a dice-like game of chance
bikkel {m} :: any artificial, similar throwing device; a die
bikkel {m} :: pebble
bikkel {m} :: robust, resilient person
bikkel {m} :: pickaxe
bikken {vt} :: to chip, chip off
bikken {vt} [colloquial] :: to eat
bil {f} :: A buttock, usually used in the plural: billen, unless specified as left/right
bil {f} :: a hammer-like double-edged tool used by stonecutters and millers
bildungsroman {m} :: bildungsroman
bilhamer {m} :: A small pick for dressing (applying grooves to) millstones
biljard {n} :: quadrillion (10)
biljard {n} :: obsolete spelling of biljart
biljart {n} :: billiards
biljartspel {n} :: cue sport
biljet {n} :: a note
biljet {n} :: a banknote
biljet {n} :: a ticket
biljoen {n} :: A trillion, 1012
billen {vt} :: to sharpen, to apply grooves to a millstone
billen {vt} :: to bed, to have sex with
billenflos {?} :: deliberate wedgie, forcing someone's (under)shorts in his buttcrack
billenkoek {m} :: spanking, a beating applied on the buttocks
billentikker {m} :: shortie, bum-coat (a coat design with tails at the back)
billijk {adj} [of prices] :: fair
billijken {v} :: to approve
bilnaad {m} :: buttcrack
bilocatie {f} :: bilocation
bilspleet {f} :: buttcrack
bilstuk {n} :: rump (meat from the hindquarters of an animal)
biltong {f} :: biltong
bima {f} :: bima (raised platform in a synagogue)
binden {vt} :: to tie
binden {vt} :: to wrap
binden {vt} :: to bind (generally, legally/contractually, of food)
bindingsangst {m} :: fear of commitment
bindweefsel {n} :: connective tissue
bingo {m} :: bingo (a game of chance)
bingo {m} :: bingo (a win in that game of chance)
bingo {interj} :: bingo; expression to claim a win in bingo
bingo {interj} :: bingo; expression to indicate that a hit has been landed or that one has an idea
bingoën {vi} :: to play bingo
binnen {adv} :: inside, indoors
binnen {adv} [postpositional] :: (to) inside, into
binnen {prep} :: inside, within
binnen {prep} :: within (a time)
binnen {adj} :: set for life, having obtained such success professionally and having been able to save enough money that one does not need to work any longer
binnen- {prefix} :: inside, inner
binnenbaan {f} [sports] :: indoor court, indoor playing field
binnenbaan {f} [sports] :: inner lane
binnenband {m} :: inner tyre
binnenbeurs {f} [obsolete] :: inside pocket
binnenbrengen {v} :: to come in, to move in; to get closer
binnenbrengen {v} :: to bring in (to earn money for a family or company)
binnendoor {adv} :: via a shortcut
binnendringen {v} :: to encroach, to intrude, to penetrate, to invade (to intrude unrightfully on someone else's rights or territory)
binnengaan {vt} :: to enter, go into (a room, etc.)
binnengaan {vi} :: to go inside
binnenhalen {vt} :: to bring in
binnenhalen {vt} [computing] :: to download
binnenkant {m} :: interior, inside
binnenkern {f} [geology] :: inner core
binnenkomen {vt} :: to enter, to come inside
binnenkort {adv} :: soon
binnenland {n} :: everything within the boundaries of a nation (as opposed to buitenland)
binnenland {n} :: inland
binnenlands {adj} :: interior, within a country, national, domestic
binnenlands {adj} [rare] :: inland, removed from coast/borders
binnenmoeder {f} :: headmistress of an orphanage
binnenplaats {f} {m} :: courtyard
binnenplaneet {f} [astronomy] :: inner planet
binnenpretje {noun} :: inside joke
binnenscheepvaart {f} :: inland navigation
binnenschip {n} :: ship used for inland navigation
binnenskamers {adv} :: indoors, inside a building
binnenskamers {adv} :: privately, not publicly
binnenskamers {adv} :: secretly
binnenst {adj} :: innermost
binnenstad {f} :: inner city
binnenstebuiten {adv} :: inside out
binnentrekken {vt} :: to march in, to invade
binnenvaart {f} [chiefly uncountable] :: inland navigation
binnenvaart {f} [uncommon, countable] :: waterway considered to be inside or internal to another area
binnenvaartschip {n} :: ship used for inland navigation
binnenvallen {vi} :: to drop in (especially unannounced)
binnenvallen {vt} :: to invade
binnenweg {m} :: a secondary or side road that is often used as a shortcut to circumvent traffic
binnenzak {m} :: An inside pocket, inner pocket
binnenzee {f} :: marginal sea
binocle {m} :: opera glass
binocle {m} :: field glass (binoculars)
binomiale nomenclatuur {f} [biology, taxonomy] :: binomial nomenclature
bint {n} :: heavy wooden beam
bint {n} :: several beams, forming the structure of a building
bintoerong {noun} :: binturong
bio- {prefix} :: life
biochemicus {m} :: biochemist (a chemist whose speciality is biochemistry)
biochemie {f} :: The branch of chemistry biochemistry, studying compounds that occur in living organisms and the processes occurring in their metabolism and catabolism
biochemisch {adj} :: biochemical (of or relating to biochemistry)
biodiversiteit {f} :: biodiversity (diversity of flora and fauna)
biofysica {f} :: biophysics
biofysicus {m} :: biophysicist
biograaf {m} :: biographer
biografie {f} :: biography
biografisch {adj} :: biographical
biographie {f} [dated] :: superseded spelling of biografie
biologe {f} :: female biologist
biologeren {vt} :: to entrance, to mesmerize
biologie {f} :: biology (science of living matter)
biologisch {adj} [science] :: biological (of biology)
biologisch {adj} :: organic; produced without chemical pest control (of food)
biologisch-dynamisch {adj} [religion, agriculture, Anthroposophy] :: biodynamic
bioloog {m} :: biologist
bioscoop {m} :: A cinema; movie theater
bioscoop {m} [usually diminutive] :: A visit at the cinema; a film seen there
bioscoop {m} [obsolete] :: A bioscope; motion-picture projector
bioscoopje {n} [literally] :: a small movie theater
bioscoopje {n} [metonymy] :: a visit to the movies
biosfeer {m} :: biosphere
biotechnologie {f} :: biotechnology
bips {f} [slightly, euphemistic] :: butt, buttocks
bischierig {adj} :: bi-curious
bisdom {n} :: bishopric
biseksualiteit {f} :: bisexuality
biseksueel {adj} :: bisexual
biseksueel {m} :: bisexual
Bislama {prop} {n} :: the Bislama language
bismut {n} :: bismuth
bisschop {m} :: bishop (official in Orthodox, Catholic and some Protestant churches overseeing a diocese)
bisschop {m} :: bishop, bishop's wine
bisschoppelijk {adj} :: episcopal, related to a bishop and/or to the episcopate
bisschopsmijter {m} :: episcopal mitre, mitre of a bishop
bisschopsring {m} [Christianity, Roman Catholicism] :: episcopal ring
bisschopswijn {m} :: A type of mulled wine, often drunk on and before Saint Nicholas' Eve (December 5), made of oranges; bishop's wine
bit {n} :: bit (for a working animal)
bit {n} :: bit (rotary cutting tool)
bit {n} :: mouthguard
bit {m} :: bit (binary digit)
bit {m} :: bit (unit of storage)
bit {m} :: bit (datum with two possible values)
bitch {f} [pejorative] :: bitch (somewhat general term of abuse for a woman; disagreeable, assertive, aggressive or malicious woman)
bitch {f} [pejorative] :: bitch (person in a submissive or low-placed position)
bits {adj} :: abrupt, snappy, unfriendly
bitter {adj} :: bitter (having an acrid taste)
bitter {adj} :: bitter, embittered
bitter {m} {n} :: A type of strong spirits made from jenever
bitterbal {m} :: A spherical croquette filled with ragout
bitteren {vi} :: to drink a bitter
bitterwortel {m} :: chicory
bitterzoet {adj} :: bittersweet, simultaneously sweet and bitter
bitterzoet {adj} :: bittersweet, evoking or involving both sad and pleasant emotions
bivakkeren {v} :: to bivouac
bivakmuts {f} :: skimask
bizar {adj} :: bizarre
bizon {m} :: bison
blaag {m} :: child, kid, only said of minors, in this sense usually in the plural
blaag {m} :: rascal, brat
blaam {f} :: blame
blaar {f} {m} :: blister
blaas {f} :: bladder
blaasinstrument {n} [music] :: wind instrument
blaasje {n} :: blister
blaasje {n} :: pimple
blaasje {n} :: vesicle
blaasje {n} :: diminutive of blaas ("bladder")
blaaskaak {m} :: blowhard, braggart
blaaskanker {m} [oncology] :: bladder cancer
blaaskapel {f} :: marching band
blaaspijp {f} :: blowgun
blaasroer {n} :: blowgun
blaauw {adj} :: obsolete spelling of blauw
blaauwachtig {adj} :: obsolete spelling of blauwachtig
blaauwagtig {adj} :: obsolete spelling of blauwachtig
blad {n} :: leaf [of a plant]
blad {n} :: sheet of paper, leaf (in a book)
blad {n} :: page
blad {n} :: magazine
blad {n} :: the flat section on the upper side of a table or desk
blad {n} :: the broad, flat blade of a weapon or tool; a blade
blad {n} [obsolete] :: usufruct (right to derive profit from somebody else's property)
bladder {f} {m} :: blister, particularly of paint
bladerdak {n} :: canopy
bladerdeeg {n} :: puff pastry
bladeren {vi} :: to leaf, to grow leaves
bladeren {vi} :: to browse
bladgoud {n} :: gold leaf
bladgroen {n} :: chlorophyll
bladgroente {f} :: leaf vegetable(s), greens; a species or type of greens
bladschede {f} [botany] :: leaf sheath
bladverliezend {adj} :: deciduous
bladvormig {adj} :: leaflike
bladwesp {f} :: sawfly, hymenopteran of the suborder Symphyta
bladwijzer {m} :: bookmark
bladzij {f} {m} :: a page
bladzijde {f} :: page
blaf {m} :: A single yelp of (notably canine) barking
blaffen {vi} :: to bark, like a canine and certain others species
blaffen {vi} :: to shout rudely etc
blaffen {vi} :: to grumble, notably said of a hungry stomach
blaffen {vi} :: to utter pointless sounds, e.g. protest or argue in vain
blaffende honden bijten niet {proverb} :: People who make big threats usually never carry them out; barking dogs seldom bite
blaffer {m} :: one who barks, usually a canine
blaffer {m} :: a (noisy) gun
blaken {vi} :: to scorch, blaze
blaken {vi} [figuratively] :: to be extremely good, to be full of (something)
blakeren {vt} :: to scorch, to singe
blank {adj} :: white, pale
blank {adj} :: white (having a light skin tone)
blanke {noun} :: a white person, a Caucasian
blanken {vi} :: to glow in a white or pallid colour
blanken {vt} :: to blank
Blankenberge {prop} {n} :: A municipality on the Belgian coast
blankvoorn {m} :: common roach, Rutilus rutilus
blaren {vt} :: to blister, to cause blisters
blaren {vi} :: To get/show blisters
blaren {vi} :: to bleat, cry like a sheep, goat or calf
blaren {vi} :: to make a loud and silly sound, whether speech, song or gibberish
blasfemeren {vi} :: to blaspheme
blasfemie {f} :: blasphemy
blasfemisch {adj} :: blasphemous, unsacred
blaten {vi} :: to bleat, produce the typical baa sound of sheep
blaten {vi} :: to speak as pointlessly as if it were gibberish
blauw {adj} :: blue
blauw {adj} :: visibly bruised, as in blauwe plek 'a bluish bruise'
blauw {adj} :: (slang) drunk
blauw {n} :: The colour blue
blauw {n} :: Police (especially in the phrase: blauw op straat (police on the street))
blauwachtig {adj} :: bluish, somewhat or resembling blue
blauwagtig {adj} :: obsolete spelling of blauwachtig
blauwalg {f} :: blue-green alga (but see also blauwalgen)
blauwdruk {m} :: blueprint
blauwe {noun} [vulgar] :: Indo (very offensive)
blauwe boon {f} [colloquial] :: bullet
blauwe haai {m} :: blue shark, Prionace glauca
blauwe hap {m} [military] :: Indo or (Dutch) Chinese food
blauwe maandag {m} [colloquial] :: short period of time
blauwe pinguïn {m} :: little penguin, Eudyptula minor
blauwe plek {f} :: A bruise where the initially reddened skin turns bluish or purplish
blauwe reiger {m} [zoology] :: The grey heron, the Old World wading bird species Ardea cinerea, of the heron family
blauwe vinvis {m} [zoology] :: blue whale, Balaenoptera musculus
blauwe zeedistel {mf} :: sea holly, Eryngium maritimum
blauwgrauw {adj} :: blue-grey
blauwgrijs {adj} :: blue-grey
blauwgroen {n} :: blue-green, cyan
blauwgroen {adj} :: cyan-coloured
blauwheid {f} [uncountable] :: blueness
blauwheid {f} [countable, rare] :: something blue
blauwhemd {m} [colloquial] :: police officer
blauwig {adj} :: bluish, of a colour or shade which resembles or hinges on blue and/or contains some blue
blauwogig {adj} :: blue-eyed
blauw oog {n} :: black eye
blauwschimmelkaas {m} :: blue cheese
blauwtje {noun} :: a rejection, in particular a romantic rejection
blauwtje {noun} :: a blue, a butterfly of the Polyommatinae
blauwverschuiving {f} [astronomy] :: blueshift
blauwvleugelsprinkhaan {m} :: blue-winged grasshopper, Oedipoda caerulescens
blazen {vi} :: to blow
bled {m} :: middle of nowhere
bledder {m} [Leiden, colloquial] :: football
bledder {m} [Leiden, colloquial] :: head [in particular a bald head]
bledder {m} [slang] :: boastful nonsense, hot air, bluster
bleek {adj} :: pale
bleek {adj} :: bleak
bleek {f} :: bleach (chemical used for bleaching)
bleek {f} :: the act of bleaching
bleek {f} :: bleachfield
bleekgezicht {n} :: paleface, an ethnic European as opposed to a native redskin
blei {f} :: upper layer of sludge
blei {f} :: sludge
blei {f} :: cowardly woman
blei {f} :: dumb or naive girl
blei {f} :: a type of carp; blay
blei {n} :: alternative form of blij
blein {f} :: blister
bleiten {vi} [chiefly Belgium] :: to shed tears, to cry
bleitsmoel {noun} [Belgium] :: crybaby
bleken {v} [ergative] :: to bleach
blekerd {m} [historical, obsolete] :: rosé, strongly associated with the German Rhineland
blekerd {m} [pejorative] :: A pale person
blekke {m} [cards] :: ten of diamonds
blende {f} :: metallic sulphide, in particular blende
blenden {vt} [archaic] :: to blind
blenden {vt} :: to mix in a blender, to blend
blesbok {m} :: blesbuck
blesseren {vt} :: to injure
blessure {f} :: injury (in particular, from practising a sport), sports injury
blessuretijd {m} :: injury time
bleuke {noun} [Belgium] :: novice
blij {adj} :: happy; blissful
blij {n} [archaic] :: lead (metal)
blij {n} [archaic] :: the colour of lead
blijde {f} :: catapult (medieval siege weapon)
blijdschap {f} :: joy, gladness
blijeinde {n} :: happy ending
blijheid {f} :: happiness
blijk {n} :: token
blijk {n} :: mark
blijkbaar {adv} :: apparently
blijkbaar {adj} :: evident, apparent
blijken {vi} :: to appear, to become apparent
blijken {v} [copulative] :: to appear
blijken {v} [copulative] :: to turn out
blijkens {prep} :: according to, judging from, as is apparent from
blijspel {n} :: a drama that is light and humorous; a comedy
blijven {vi} :: to stay, to remain
blijven {v} [copulative] :: to stay, to remain, to still be
blijven {v} [auxiliary] :: to keep/keep on, to continue to
blijvend {adj} :: permanent
blik {m} :: A glance
blik {n} :: A can, tin
blik {n} :: The metallic material tins are made of
blik {n} :: A dustpan
blikken {adj} :: tin, tinnen, made of a light tinplate (or similar metallic alloy) as produced for cans
blikken {vi} :: to look at, to glance
blikschade {f} :: minor damage to a vehicle (for example in an accident), limited to scratches and dents in the exterior
bliksem {m} :: lightning
bliksemafleider {m} :: a lightning rod
bliksemen {vi} :: to flash (lightning)
blikseminslag {m} :: lightning strike
bliksemoorlog {m} :: blitzkrieg
bliksemschicht {f} :: lightning bolt
blikvanger {m} [with blik meaning view] :: eyecatcher
blikvanger {m} [with blik meaning can] :: can catcher
blind {adj} :: blind (unable to see)
blind {n} :: window shutter
blinddoek {m} :: a blindfold
blinde {noun} :: blind person
blinde {f} :: window shutter
blindedarm {m} :: appendix
blindedarmontsteking {f} [pathology] :: appendicitis, inflammation of the vermiform appendix
blindelings {adv} :: blindly
blindengeleidehond {m} :: guide dog
blinde passagier {m} :: stowaway
blindheid {f} :: blindness, (medical) inability to see
blindheid {f} [figuratively] :: unwillingness to take notice
blinken {vi} :: to shine, to glitter (reflect light)
blister {m} :: blister
blister {m} :: blister pack
blits {adj} :: fashionable
blitskikker {m} [colloquial] :: a (usually young) person who follows fashion very closely, fashionista
bloed {n} :: blood
bloed {n} [figuratively] :: a grave consequence, a high price
bloed {n} [metonymy] :: a whole body; especially (plural also (archaic) bloeien in this sense) a (poor) person
bloed- {prefix} [colloqual] :: prefix meaning very
bloedarmoede {f} {m} [literally] :: The syndrome anemia
bloedarmoede {f} {m} [figuratively] :: Lack of inspiration, innovation etc. ('fresh blood')
bloedbaan {f} :: bloodstream
bloedbad {n} :: bloodbath, carnage
bloedbank {f} {m} :: blood bank
bloedbeeld {n} :: blood count
bloedcel {f} :: blood cell
bloeddiamant {m} :: blood diamond
bloeddorstig {adj} :: bloodthirsty
bloeddruk {m} :: blood pressure
bloedeloos {adj} :: bloodless (lacking emotion or vigor)
bloedeloos {adj} :: bloodless (lacking blood)
bloeden {vi} :: to bleed
bloederig {adj} :: bloody (physical sense only), sanguinary
bloederziekte {f} :: haemophilia
bloedgang {m} [obsolete] :: dysentery
bloedgeil {adj} [colloquial] :: horny as hell, pointedly sexually aroused
bloedgeld {n} :: blood money (money acquired at the cost of someone's life, or by causing great suffering)
bloedgeld {n} :: wergeld
bloedgroep {mf} :: blood type
bloedgroep {mf} [figurative] :: background, especially in an organisation that is the result of a merger
bloedheet {adj} :: hell-hot
bloedheet {adj} :: sweltering (hot and humid)
bloedhekel {m} :: abhorrence, extreme contempt towards something or someone
bloedhond {m} :: bloodhound
bloedhond {m} :: cruel person
bloedhond {m} [figurative] :: someone skilled in finding people; skilled or persistent tracker or stalker
bloedig {adj} :: bloody
bloeding {f} :: bleeding
bloedlink {adj} :: hazardous, treacherous, very risky
bloedloop {m} [obsolete] :: dysentery
bloedloop {m} [obsolete] :: any bloody stool
bloedmooi {adj} :: drop-dead gorgeous (especially said of women)
bloedplaatje {n} :: thrombocyte, platelet
bloedplasma {n} :: blood plasma
bloedrood {adj} :: blood-red
bloedschande {f} [formal, now, uncommon] :: incest (sexual activity with a close relative)
bloedsneeuw {f} :: watermelon snow, blood snow
bloedsomloop {m} :: blood circulation
bloedspat {m} :: blood stain
bloedsprookje {n} :: blood libel
bloedstolling {f} :: clotting, coagulation of blood
bloedstroom {m} :: blood flow
bloedtransfusie {f} :: blood transfusion
bloeduitstorting {f} :: haematoma
bloedvat {n} :: blood vessel
bloedvatenstelsel {n} :: circulatory system
bloedvergieten {n} :: bloodshed (violent loss of life)
bloedvergieten {n} [obsolete] :: bloodletting (removal of blood from the veins)
bloedvergieting {f} :: bloodshed (violent loss of life)
bloedvergieting {f} [literal] :: bleeding, the spilling or pouring of blood
bloedvergiftiging {f} :: blood poisoning (presence of micro-organisms in bloodstream enough to cause serious illness)
bloedverwant {adj} :: related
bloedverwant {m} :: a relative
bloedvete {f} :: blood feud
bloedvlag {f} [military, especially nautical, historical] :: A flag used as a signal of attack, originally red, but some black flags were in use during the 20th century
bloedwei {f} [dated] :: blood serum
bloedworst {f} {m} :: blood pudding
bloedzuiger {m} [literally] :: bloodsucker
bloedzuiger {m} [zoology] :: A leech, blood-sucking annelid
bloedzuiger {m} [figuratively] :: A ruthless exploiter, slave driver, pitiless debitor etc
bloedzuiger {m} [figuratively] :: A freeloader, moocher, sponger
bloedzuster {f} :: blood sister (sister to whom one is related)
bloedzuster {f} :: blood sister (intimate female friend, as if an adopted sister)
bloedzweer {f} :: carbuncle (type of purulent ulcer)
bloei {m} :: blossom
bloeien {vi} :: to blossom, to bear flowers
bloeien {vi} :: to grow, develop
bloeien {vi} :: to flourish, prosper
bloeien {vi} [uncommon] :: to produce a swelling or secretion
bloeien {vi} [obsolete] :: to blush, to redden in the face
bloeien {vi} [archaic, of people] :: to flourish, to be in one's period of maximum activity or influence
bloeisel {n} [dialectal] :: blossom
bloeisel {n} [uncommon] :: bloom, anything that blooms
bloeitijd {m} :: blossoming time, budding time; florescence (of flowers and other plants)
bloeitijd {m} :: heyday, prime (someone's youth or most productive years of life)
bloeitijd {m} :: golden age (of a civilization, country or other social group)
bloem {f} :: flower of flowering plant
bloem {f} :: flour of wheat or corn (uncountable)
bloembak {m} :: flower tub (a usually concrete quadrilateral tub used to hold flowers for decorative purposes)
bloembed {n} :: flower bed
bloembinder {m} :: a flower arranger who binds vegetal and sometimes other ingredients to ornamental pieces
bloemblad {n} :: (flower) petal
bloembol {m} :: flower bulb
bloembollenveld {n} :: field used for the cultivation of bulb flowers; flower field
bloemencorso {n} :: flower parade, flower pageant
bloemenkwekerij {f} :: flower farm
bloemenveiling {f} :: flower auction
Bloemfontein {prop} :: Bloemfontein
bloemist {m} :: florist, flowershop keeper
bloemist {m} [historical] :: speculator in tulips around the time of the tulip mania
bloemisterij {f} :: flower shop, florist's shop
bloemisterij {f} :: flower farm
bloemkool {mf} :: cauliflower
bloemkooloor {n} :: cauliflower ear
bloemkoolwijk {f} {m} :: a neighbourhood built around roads that branch like a tree diagram
bloemlezing {f} :: anthology
bloemperk {n} :: flower bed
bloempot {m} :: A flowerpot, (solid) container in which (flowering) plants are grown
bloempot {m} [metonymy] :: A (flowering) plant in such a pot
bloemrijk {adj} :: having many flowers, flowery [in a literal sense]
bloemrijk {adj} [figurative] :: flowery, ornate, florid (lavishly decorated or elaborate)
bloemstuk {n} :: flower arrangement (work consisting of arranged flowers and plants)
bloen {adj} :: grue (colour)
bloes {f} :: blouse (an outer garment, usually loose, that is similar to a shirt)
bloesem {m} :: blossom, bloom
blok {n} :: a block (e.g wood)
blok {n} :: a street block
blok {n} :: a political bloc
blokgolf {f} [engineering, signal processing, musical instruments] :: square wave
blokhut {f} :: log cabin
blokkade {f} [nautical] :: blockade
blokken {vi} :: to cram, study hard
blokkeren {vt} :: to block
blokkeren {vt} :: to close off (a road)
blokkeren {vt} :: to blockade
blokkeringsminderheid {f} :: a minority with the power to delay or stop a decision made by the majority; a blocking minority
blom {f} [dialectal] :: alternative form of bloem
blond {adj} :: of light colour (usually said about light hair colour, but it can also refer to beer)
blondine {f} :: A blonde (fair-haired) female
blood {adj} [archaic] :: not courageous
blood {adj} [archaic] :: timid
bloodaard {m} [dated] :: coward
bloodaard {m} [dated] :: timid person
bloot {adj} [literally] :: bare, naked, nude
bloot {adj} :: unprotected, uncovered
bloot {adj} :: unaided
bloot {adj} :: simple, uncomplicated
bloot {n} :: nakedness, especially as art subject or in porn
bloot {f} :: alternative form of ploot
blootgat {n} {m} :: [literally] A bare anus (arse, but usually pars pro toto for) naked buttocks
blootgat {n} {m} :: [figuratively] An extremely poor person, (as if) unable to afford any clothing; hence a term of abuse: poor slob, bugger
blootje {n} :: The bare, a state of total nudity
blootje {n} [figuratively] :: An embarrassing state of exposure, as to ridicule or criticism
blootleggen {vt} :: to lay bare, expose
blootstellen {vt} :: to expose
blootstelling {f} :: (usually used with aan) exposure (to)
blootvoets {adj} :: barefoot, without any footwear
blos {m} :: blush, reddening of the cheeks
bloterik {m} :: nudist, someone who is (nearly) naked, often in an unconventional place
blouse {f} :: alternative spelling of bloes
blozen {vi} :: to blush, flush
blèren {vi} [colloquial] :: to cry or whine loudly
bluffen {vi} :: to bluff
bluf-SUV {m} [colloquial] :: An SUV that doesn't function well as an off-road vehicle
blunder {m} :: blunder
blunderen {vi} :: to blunder, to make a mistake
blussen {vt} :: to extinguish, to put out
blusser {m} :: extinguisher
blut {adj} :: without money, broke, bankrupt
bm. {abbr} :: bisdom
bn. {abbr} :: bijvoeglijk naamwoord
BNP {abbr} :: Bruto Nationaal Product (GNP)
bnw. {n} :: initialism of bijvoeglijk naamwoord
bo {m} [Belgium] :: sandwich
Bo {prop} {m} :: given name
boa {m} :: boa, snake of the genus Boa
boa {m} :: fur or plumed scarf, boa
bob {m} :: designated driver
bob {f} {m} :: bob, bobsleigh
bobslee {f} :: bobsled, a sled used for the homonymous sport
bocht {f} {m} :: bend, curve, inflection
bocht {f} {m} :: bight, broad curvature of a coastline, bay
bocht {f} {m} :: junk, booze, moonshine
bocht {f} {m} :: disgusting drink, trash, rubbish
bockbier {n} :: bock beer
bockbier {n} :: a glass of bock beer
bod {n} :: order
bod {n} :: offer
bode {mf} :: messenger
bode {mf} :: servant
bodega {f} :: bodega, winery, wine bar
bodega {f} :: bodega, storeroom, cellar
bodem {m} :: bottom (e.g. of a box or of the sea)
bodem {m} :: soil, ground
bodem {m} :: earth surface
bodem {m} :: territory
bodemerij {f} :: bottomry (loan with a ship or goods as collateral)
bodemkunde {f} :: soil science
bodemloos {adj} :: bottomless
bodemprijs {m} [finance] :: price floor
bodemprijs {m} :: a very low price
bodemschat {m} :: mineral resource
bodemsoort {f} :: soil type
bodemtype {n} :: soil type
bodenbrood {n} [historical, archaic] :: reward for a messenger, specifically the first one to pass a message
body {m} :: A leotard
body {m} :: Body, substance
bodybuilder {m} :: bodybuilder
bodybuilding {n} :: bodybuilding
boe {interj} :: boo, exclamation to scare someone
boe {interj} :: boo, exclamation expressing strong disapproval
boe {interj} [onomatopoeia] :: moo, the sound of lowing cattle
boechelen {vi} [Brabant] :: play poorly, work badly
boechelploeg {noun} :: (Brabantian) team that plays poorly
boecht {noun} :: (Brabantian) junk
boecht {noun} [Brabantian, by extension] :: bad, disgusting, annoying people; scum
Boedapest {prop} {n} :: Budapest (the capital city of Hungary)
boeddhistisch {adj} :: Buddhist
boedel {m} :: estate (movable estate, not real estate)
boef {m} :: thief
boef {m} :: rascal
boeg {m} [nautical] :: bow (front of a boat or ship)
boegbeeld {n} :: figurehead
Boeginees {adj} :: Buginese
Boeginees {prop} {n} :: Buginese, the Buginese language
boegseren {vt} :: to tug, to tow
boegspriet {f} :: bowsprit (ship)
boei {f} :: buoy
boei {f} :: shackle
boeie {interj} :: don't care, whatev
boeien {vt} :: to tie down, tie up, bind, shackle
boeien {vt} :: to captivate, fascinate, interest
boeien {interj} :: alternative form of boeiend
boeien {vt} [nautical] :: to raise the ship's side with side-boards
boeien {vt} [building] :: to raise a similar extra on construction
boeiend {adj} :: captivating, interesting
boeiend {interj} [sarcastic] :: So what! Who cares!
boejemer {m} [Brabantian, original sense] :: gypsy
boejemer {m} [Brabantian] :: peculiar, untrustworthy or troublesome person
boek {n} :: book
boek {n} [obsolete, Hollandic] :: omasum
Boekarest {prop} :: Bucharest
boekdeel {n} :: volume, book (single book of a multi-book publication)
boekdelen spreken {vi} :: to speak volumes
boekdrukkunst {f} :: (the art of) printing using a printing press
boeken {vt} :: to book, to reserve
boeken {vt} :: to book, to register, to record
boeken {vt} :: to achieve
boekenkast {f} :: bookcase
boekenkennis {f} [chiefly derogatory] :: knowledge primarily based on reading about a subject rather than personal experience, book knowledge
boekenkennis {f} :: knowledge about books, such as bibliography or bibliology
boekenliefde {f} :: bibliophilia
boekenliefhebber {m} :: bibliophile
boekenliefhebberij {f} :: bibliophilia
boekennaam {m} :: A name, often a common name, whose use is limited to written language
boekenschouw {f} [dated] :: book review
boekenvriend {m} :: (male) bibliophile
boekenvriendin {f} :: female bibliophile
boekenvriendschap {f} [rare] :: bibliophilia
boekenwurm {m} :: bookworm
boekenzucht {f} :: bibliomania
boekerij {f} :: library
boekerij {f} :: collection of books
Boekestijntje {noun} [Netherlands, politics] :: verbal gaffe, faux pas
boeket {n} {m} :: bouquet (of flowers)
boeket {n} {m} :: aroma (e.g. of wine or cigar)
boekhandel {m} :: bookshop
boekhouding {f} :: bookkeeping, accounting
boekjesgoud {n} [archaic] :: gold leaf
boeklong {f} {m} [arachnology] :: book lung
boekmaag {f} :: omasum
boekpens {f} :: omasum
boekrecensie {f} :: book review
boekstaaf {m} :: letter
boekstaven {vt} :: to write down, to commit to paper
boekstaven {v} [obsolete] :: to spell
boekverluchting {f} :: illumination (colored adornment in a manuscript)
boekverluchting {f} :: illumination (the activity of producing such adornments)
boekweit {f} :: buckwheat
boekwinkel {m} :: bookshop
boel {m} :: a lot, bunch
boel {m} :: mess, disorderly heap
boel {m} :: quarrel
boel {m} [dated] :: lover
boel {m} [dated] :: adulterer, someone who commits adultery
boeleke {n} [dialectal] :: baby
boelen {v} [Surinam] :: to have anal sex
boelen {v} [obsolete] :: to adulterate, to have extramarital sex
boeler {m} [Surinam, pejorative] :: male homosexual
boeleren {v} [obsolete] :: to commit adultery, to fornicate (to have sex out of wedlock)
boel maken {v} :: create a ruckus
boem {interj} :: boom
boeman {mf} :: bogeyman
boemel {m} :: short for boemeltrein
boemel {m} :: another mode of transportation (notably a bus) with many stops
boemel {m} :: (used absolutely, with definite article: de boemel) loitering; partying
boemelen {vi} :: to go out at bars and cafés
boemelen {vi} :: to get drunk, typically in a boisterous or lavish fashion
boemelen {vi} :: to scrounge, to leech
boemelen {vi} :: to commute by train, especially when drunk
boemelen {vi} :: to travel slowly and stop frequently, of trains and less often of buses
boemeltrein {m} :: local train, commuter train, train that calls at every stop
boemerang {m} :: boomerang
boemlauw {adj} [colloquial, Netherlands, dated] :: really cool, wicked
boender {m} :: a brush, a scrub
boenen {vt} :: to scrub, polish
boer {m} :: (male) farmer, peasant
boer {m} :: -boer (in compounds) merchant (and sometimes producer) of a certain product group, mainly foods, often named after it, e.g. melkboer 'milkman', groenteboer '(male) greengrocer'
boer {m} :: A boor, yokel, ruffian
boer {m} :: A jack (playing card)
boer {m} :: A burp
boerderij {f} :: farm
boerderijdier {n} :: farm animal
boeren {vi} :: to farm, practice agriculture
boeren {vi} :: to do (well, badly...) in some business
boeren {vi} :: to burp
boerenbedrieger {m} :: charlatan, swindler, fraud
boerenbedriegerij {f} :: crude scam, fraud [connoting that the deceit is blatant or audacious]
boerenbedrog {n} :: crude deceit, sham, fraud [suggesting that the fraud is blatant and unsophisticated]
boerenjongen {m} [common] :: farmboy, country-boy
boerenjongen {m} :: a farmer's boy, i.e. son
boerenjongen {m} :: an alcoholic beverage with brandy and raisins
boerenjongen {m} :: raisin drenched in brandy
boerenkaas {m} :: farmhouse cheese, made from a farmer’s own herd and generally unpasteurized
boerenknecht {m} :: A farmhand or ranchhand, agricultural employee under supervision
boerenkool {mf} :: kale
boerenland {n} :: farmland, agricultural land
boerenleven {n} :: The country life, notably the way of life as/with a farmer or agricultural employee
boerenplaats {f} [now, uncommon, dialectal] :: farm
boerenstand {m} :: The peasantry, the rural component of the third estate
boerenstiel {m} [Flemish, Southern Dutch] :: agriculture
boerenstiel {m} [Flemish, Southern Dutch] :: farmer's profession
boerenzoon {m} [literally] :: a farmer's son
boerenzoon {m} [by extension, rather rare] :: farmboy, country-boy
boerin {f} :: (female) farmer
boerka {f} {m} :: burka
boerkaverbod {n} :: burqa ban, ban on wearing a burqa
boert {f} :: farce
boert {f} :: joke, prank
boert {f} :: jest, mockery
boertelijk {adj} [obsolete] :: farcical, burlesque
boertelijk {adj} [obsolete] :: humorous, comical
boerterij {f} [archaic] :: prank, joke
boerterij {f} [archaic] :: jest, mockery
boerternij {f} [obsolete] :: synonym of boerterij
boerterny {f} :: obsolete spelling of boerternij
boertery {f} :: obsolete spelling of boerterij
boertig {adj} :: farcical
boertig {adj} :: comical, humorous
boertig {adj} [Netherlands, pejorative] :: coarse, crude
boertiglijk {adv} :: farcically, burlesquely
boertje {n} :: The diminutive of boer (all senses and etymologies)
boes {f} {m} [dated, Hollandic, dialectal] :: The part of a cow stable's floor on which the cows' hindlegs stand
boete {f} :: (in full geldboete) fine, financial penalty
boete {f} :: (in full boetedoening) penance, paining atonement
boetedoening {f} :: making amends
boetedoening {f} :: atonement
boetedoening {f} :: serving a sentence
boeteling {m} :: penitant (someone who receives punishment or does penance)
boeten {vi} :: to pay for something as punishment
boeten {vi} :: to expiate
boetiek {f} :: boutique, shop, in particular a trendy upmarket one or one selling clothes or fashion items
boetseren {vt} :: to model (usually with clay)
boevengilde {n} [figurative, chiefly in the singular] :: organised crime, the underworld
boevenklok {f} [historical] :: curfew bell [indicating when establishments had to close and when it was illegal to be out on the street without a light, also used in similes in relation to loud voices]
boeventaal {f} :: criminal cant, thieves' cant (secret argot used by criminals)
boevenwereld {f} :: that part of society that is engaged in crime or vice; underworld
boezem {m} :: bosom
boezem {m} :: human chest (regardless of gender)
boezem {m} :: female breasts
boezem {m} [figurative] :: as the seat of emotion
boezem {m} :: body of water without a fully controlled water level, used for collecting water pumped out of polders before it is discharged into a major river or sea
boezem {m} :: atrium, sinus (body cavity)
boezemdijk {m} :: dyke around a body of water used as a temporary reservoir for polder water that lacks a controlled water level
bof {m} [uncountable] :: mumps (contagious disease)
bof {m} [countable] :: luck, fortune
boffen {vi} :: to get lucky
boffer {m} :: lucky person
bogen {vi} :: to claim recognition [+ op (object) = for]
bogen {vt} :: to (cause to) bend
bohrium {n} :: bohrium
boiler {m} [Belgium] :: water heater
bok {m} :: male goat, buck, billy
bok {m} [gymnastics] :: vaulting horse
bok {m} :: a crane on legs
bok {m} :: box, perch (driver's seat on a carriage)
bok {m} [printing] :: job case, type case
bok {m} :: sawbuck, buck
bok {m} [pejorative] :: churl, grouch
bok {m} [pejorative] :: oaf, bumpkin
bokaal {m} :: a goblet
bokaal {m} [sports] :: a cup (trophy)
bokbier {n} :: bock, bock beer
bokbier {n} :: a glass of bock beer
bokken {vi} [uncommon] :: to buck, said of a quadruped, e.g. a horse: to leap upward while arching its back
bokken {vi} :: to react to opposition or adversity grumpily and capriciously, like a crossed spoiled child
bokken {v} :: alternative form of bukken
bokkensprong {m} :: caper, capriole
bokkensprong {m} :: odd manoeuvre, eccentric or strange action
bokkesprong {m} :: superseded spelling of bokkensprong
bokking {m} :: buckling, smoked herring
bokking {m} [dated] :: rebuke, excoriation
boksbal {m} :: punching ball (implement with a punchable ball used in martial arts training)
boksen {vi} :: to box, to play boxing
bokshandschoen {m} :: boxing glove
bol {m} :: ball, sphere, globe, bulb
bol {m} [metaphorical] :: A head; brain
bol {m} :: A scoop (of ice etc.)
bol {m} :: (mainly the diminutive) A large, round spot, dot
bol {m} [heraldiccharge] :: roundel
bol {adj} :: convex; bulging
bol {adj} :: chubby
bolcoördinaten {p} [mathematics] :: spherical coordinates
bolder {m} :: a maritime bollard
bolderkar {f} :: Suspensionless two-axled rustic wagon used in farming and the like → farm wagon
bolderkar {f} :: Fairly small hand-pulled usually suspensionless two-axled wagon, used as a children's toy or for utility purposes; post-WWII primarily associated with its use as a beach utility and toy vehicle. Rarely roofed. → hand wagon, hand cart, toy wagon, utility wagon, beach wagon, beach cart
boleet {m} :: bolete, mushroom of the order Boletales
bolhoed {m} :: bowler hat
bolhoop {m} :: globular cluster
Bolivië {prop} {n} [dated] :: Bolivia
Bolivia {prop} {n} :: Bolivia
Boliviaan {m} :: Bolivian person
Boliviaans {adj} :: Bolivian
bolk {m} :: pouting, bib, Trisopterus luscus
bolk {m} [obsolete] :: whiting or cod
bolleboos {m} :: smart or clever person
bolleke {noun} :: diminutive of bol
bolleke {noun} :: A kind of rounded glass in which regular De Koninck beer is served
bolleke {noun} [by extension] :: A bolleke full of De Koninck
bollekestrui {noun} :: [Tour de France] official shirt worn and accorded daily to the leader in the mountains classification; polka dot jersey
bollen {vi} :: to swell, to billow
bollen {vt} :: to inflate
bollen {vr} :: to puff out
bolletje {noun} :: A small ingestible package for trafficking recreational drugs [see the lemma form for derived terms]
bolletjesslikker {m} :: drug mule, someone who transports containers with recreational drugs in body cavities
bolrond {adj} :: convex
bolsjewiek {m} [politics] :: Bolshevik
bolsjewisme {n} [politics] :: Bolshevism
bolster {m} :: a bur, a spiny cupule, often of a chestnut
bolus {m} :: A sweet, soft pastry containing cinnamon from Zeeland, originating from European Jewish cuisine
bolus {m} [colloquial, Netherlands, by extension] :: A turd, a pat
bolus {mf} :: A type of fat clay
bolvormig {adj} :: spherical, globular
bolwassing {f} :: (physical, now rare) a rough rub trough the hair, as a mild warning (usually to a junior) or just in jest
bolwassing {f} :: a verbal dressing-down
bolwerk {n} :: bastion, bulwark (fortification, small fort)
bom {f} {m} :: bomb (explosive)
bom {f} {m} [Surinam] :: gas cylinder (cylindrical vessel for compressed gas)
bom {f} [historical] :: flat-bottomed marine fishing vessel
bom {f} [archaic] :: bung, stopper [for barrels]
bombardeergaljoot {f} [historical, nautical] :: bomb-galliot (galliot armed with (usually 2) mortars)
bombarderen {vt} :: to bomb, to bombard (to attack with bombs)
bombarderen {vt} :: to bombard figuratively, to overload
bombardon {m} :: bombardon, certain bass instruments
bombrief {m} :: bomb letter (letter containing an explosive)
bomen {vt} :: to close/shut with a beam
bomen {vt} [nautical] :: to pole (push a craft forward with a pole)
bomen {vi} [hunting] :: to land on a tree (of a pheasant)
bomen {vi} :: to chat
Bomenaar {m} :: A native or inhabitant of Boom
bomijs {n} :: White, porous ice, caused by a layer of air under the ice
bomma {f} [Belgian] :: grandmother
bommelding {f} :: bomb report, bomb threat
bommenwerper {m} :: bomber aircraft
bommetje {noun} [swimming] :: cannonball
bompa {m} [Flanders] :: grandfather
bomschuit {f} :: flat-bottomed marine fishing boat
bomvol {adj} :: completely full, abrim
bomvrij {adj} :: bombproof
bon {m} :: receipt
bon {m} :: ticket (e.g. for speeding)
bon {m} :: voucher
bonbon {m} :: A small chocolate-covered candy
bond {m} :: society, fellowship
bond {m} :: union, association, guild
bond {m} :: coalition, alliance, league
bond {m} :: covenant, agreement
bond {m} [dated] :: bundle (set of objects packed or tied together)
bondgenoot {m} :: ally
bondgenootschap {n} :: alliance, confederation
bondig {adj} :: succinct, concise, terse
bondskanselier {m} :: federal chancellor
bondskist {f} {m} :: a toolkit given by the Royal Dutch Tourist Association to its members
bondskist {f} {m} :: the Ark of the Covenant (short for verbondskist)
bondsrepubliek {f} :: federal republic
Bondsrepubliek Duitsland {prop} {f} :: Federal Republic of Germany
bondstaat {m} :: a federation of substate regions with a degree of autonomy
bonenstaak {m} :: beanpole
bonje {f} [colloquial] :: bickering, quarrel
bonk {m} :: lump, clod
bonk {m} :: large, coarse man; gorilla, hulk
bonk {m} :: large marble (large bead used in games)
bonken {v} [ergative] :: to bang, to smash
bonken {vi} [vulgar] :: to fuck, to bang
bons {m} :: thump, knock, bang
bons {m} :: alternative form of bonze
bont {n} :: fur
bont {adj} :: multi-coloured, party-coloured, motley, mixed
bonten {adj} :: fur (consisting or made of fur)
bont en blauw {phrase} :: black and blue, so badly bruised that the skin is discolored
bont en blauw slaan {vt} :: to beat up thoroughly
bontheid {f} :: quality of being multi-coloured
bontjas {m} :: fur coat
bontkraag {m} :: fur collar
bontkraagje {noun} [slang, Netherlands, derogatory] :: a (male) youngster of (supposed) Moroccan background
bontwerk {n} [collective] :: processed fur or pelts
bonus {m} :: A bonus, an extra or premium
bonus {m} :: (by extension) Any one-off gain
bonus {m} :: Good marks in a rating scale, notably to calculate an insurance premium dependent on the number of accidents
bonze {m} :: bonze (Buddhist priest)
bonze {m} :: boss, bigwig
bonzen {vi} :: to thump, knock
bonzen {vi} :: to throb, bounce, pulsate
boobytrap {m} :: booby trap
boodschap {f} :: message
boodschap {f} :: errand
boodschappen {p} [plurale tantum] :: shopping, groceries
boodschappen doen {vi} :: to shop, to do the shopping (at a grocery store, not for luxury items)
boodschappentas {f} :: shopping bag
boodschapper {m} :: messenger
boog {m} :: bow (weapon)
boog {m} [geometry] :: arc
boog {m} [architecture] :: arch
boogbal {n} [ball sports, uncommon] :: lob (arching shot or pass)
boogbrug {f} :: arch bridge
booglamp {f} :: arc lamp
boogschieten {n} :: (the practice of) archery
boogschutster {f} :: archeress
boogschutter {m} :: archer (one who shoots and arrow from a bow or a bolt from a crossbow)
Boogschutter {prop} {m} [zodiac constellations, astrology] :: Sagittarius
boogschutterin {f} :: archeress
bool {m} [obsolete] :: A type of fat clay
boom {m} :: tree
boom {m} :: any solid, pole-shaped, usually wooden object
boom {m} :: beam
boom {m} :: mast
boom {m} :: boom
boom {m} :: boom, as in a market explosion
Boom {prop} :: A Belgian town and municipality in the Flemish province of Antwerp
boomaarde {f} :: Fertile soil primarily consisting of humus
boombast {m} :: tree bast
boombast {m} :: tree bark
boomblad {n} :: A leaf from a tree
boomgaard {m} :: orchard
boomgod {m} :: tree god
boomgodin {f} :: tree nymph
boomgodin {f} [less common] :: tree goddess
boomheiligdom {n} :: A tree sanctuary, a sacred grove or a sacred tree
boomhoen {n} :: Certain tree-dwelling birds of the family Cracidae
boomholte {f} :: tree cavity, hollow tree
boomhut {f} :: a treehouse
boomkikker {m} :: tree frog, any frog of the family Hylidae
boomkikker {m} :: European tree frog, Hyla arborea, as an individual or as a species
boomklever {m} :: Eurasian nuthatch, wood nuthatch, Sitta europaea
boomklever {m} :: nuthatch, any passerine bird of the family Sittidae
boomkor {f} :: A beam trawl
boomkreeft {f} :: Lord Howe Island stick insect, tree lobster, Dryococelus australis
boomkruiper {m} :: short-toed treecreeper, Certhia brachydactyla
boomkruiper {m} :: treecreeper, bird of the family Certhiidae
boomleeuwerik {m} :: woodlark, Lullula arborea
boommarter {m} :: pine marten, Martes martes
boomnimf {f} :: tree nymph
boomrijk {adj} :: wooded, having many trees
Booms {prop} {n} :: local variant of Brabantian spoken in and near the Flemish town of Boom
boomschors {f} :: tree bark
boomslang {f} {m} :: A boomslang
boomstam {m} :: A tree trunk, main structural member of a tree
boomstronk {m} :: tree stump
boomwond {f} {m} :: tree wound
boon {f} {m} :: bean
Boon {prop} :: surname
boonstaak {m} :: alternative form of bonenstaak
boontje komt om zijn loontje {proverb} :: he that mischief hatches, mischief catches
boor {f} :: drill
boor {n} :: boron
boord {m} :: border, boundary
boord {m} :: shore, bank
boord {m} [also neuter] :: collar (of a shirt)
boord {m} {n} [nautical] :: a collective term used for both sides of a ship (the starboard and the port)
boord {m} {n} :: the entire ship
boordevol {adj} :: filled to the brim
booreiland {n} :: drilling rig (platform used in drilling for mineral resources)
boorkop {m} :: drill bit
boorling {m} [chiefly Southern Dutch] :: alternative form of boreling
boorplatform {n} :: offshore drilling rig
boorschip {n} :: drillship
boortoren {m} :: drilling tower [as on an drilling rig or in a oil or gas field]
boorzuur {n} :: The compound boric acid
boos {adj} :: mad, angry
boos {adj} :: upset, frustrated
boos {adj} :: evil
boosaardig {adj} :: malevolent, malicious, evil
boosaardigheid {f} :: malevolence, maliciousness, evil
boosdoener {m} :: evildoer, perpetrator
boosheid {f} :: anger
boos oog {n} :: See: boos oog
boos oog {n} :: evil eye (curse or look causing misfortune according to superstition)
booswicht {m} :: wicked person, felon
booswil {m} :: malevolence
boot {mf} :: boat
Boot {prop} :: surname
bootreis {f} {m} :: boat trip
bootsman {m} :: bosun
bootsmannetje {noun} :: backswimmer (aquatic insect)
bord {n} :: plate, dish (cutlery)
bord {n} :: sign [traffic, etc.]
bord {n} :: board [as in "blackboard" (see schoolbord) or as in "chessboard" (see schaakbord)]
bordeauxrood {adj} [color] :: maroon, burgundy
bordeel {n} :: brothel, bordello
bordeelbrok {m} [obsolete, pejorative] :: punter, john (male client of a prostitute)
bordeelsluiper {m} :: suede shoe for men with a thick, soft sole
bordenwisser {m} :: blackboard eraser
bordes {n} :: steps that lead into a building
bordes {n} :: an intermediate platform between flights of stairs, which normally involves a change in direction; a landing
bordspel {n} :: board game
borduren {vt} :: to embroider
borduren {vt} :: to elaborate, to detail further
borduur {n} [obsolete] :: embroidery
boreling {m} [chiefly Southern Dutch] :: A newborn child, a newborn
boren {vt} :: to drill
borg {m} :: surety
borg {m} :: guarantor
borg {m} :: deposit
borgen {vt} :: to secure, to keep safe
borgen {vt} :: to guarantee
Borger-Odoorn {prop} :: Borger-Odoorn (municipality)
borgtocht {mf} [legal] :: bail
borgtogt {m} :: obsolete spelling of borgtocht
borie {f} [slang] :: cocaine, crack
boring {f} :: drilling
boring {f} :: bore of a car's cylinder or canon
borium {n} :: The metalloid element boron
born {f} [dialectal] :: obsolete form of bron
Born {prop} {n} :: A town in the Netherlands
Borneo {prop} {n} :: Borneo: a Pacific island shared by Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei
borrel {m} :: a shot of an alcoholic drink such as rum or gin; a tot
borrel {m} :: an informal, often impromptu reception or meetup, typically involving alcoholic drinks
borrelglas {n} :: shot glass (small glass from which liquor is drunk)
Borromeïsche eilanden {prop} {p} :: Borromean Islands
borst {f} :: chest, thorax
borst {f} :: breast
borstbeeld {n} :: bust (a sculptural portrayal of a person's head and shoulders)
borstbeen {n} :: breastbone, sternum
borstbol {m} :: hard candy cough drop
borstbol {m} [euphemistic] :: breast cancer
borstel {m} :: brush
borstel {m} :: bristle
borstelen {vt} :: to brush
borstelig {adj} :: prickly (of hair)
borsten {v} :: obsolete form of barsten
borstkas {f} :: ribcage
borstmelk {f} :: breast milk
borstrok {m} [historical] :: a type of long shirt covering the entire torso down to the thighs
borststuk {n} :: breastplate (piece of armour protecting the chest)
borststuk {n} :: breast (piece of meat from the chest)
borstvalling {f} :: bronchitis
borstvin {f} :: pectoral fin
borstvinnig {adj} :: having pectoral fins
borstvoeding {f} :: breast feeding
borstvoeding {f} :: breast milk
borstweer {m} [obsolete] :: synonym of borstwering
borstwering {f} :: breastwork, fortification
borstwering {f} :: parapet, balustrade (especially of a bridge)
bos {n} :: wood, forest
bos {m} :: bouquet, cluster, bunch
Bos {prop} :: surname
bosbedrijf {n} :: forestry
bosbes {f} :: bilberry
bosbes {f} :: bilberry plant
bosbewaring {f} :: forest conservation
bosbewoner {m} :: forest dweller
bosbouw {m} :: forestry, silviculture
bosbrand {m} :: forest fire
bosch {noun} :: obsolete spelling of bos
Bosch {prop} {n} :: A former island in the Wadden Sea
Bosch {prop} {n} :: surname
Boschman {prop} :: surname
boself {m} :: wood elf
boshoen {n} :: Any of several fowl of the genus Megapodius; scrubfowl
boskoe {f} :: forest cow (bovine that lives or grazes in forests)
boskoe {f} [Surinam] :: tapir
boskruid {n} :: obsolete form of buskruit
boskruit {n} :: obsolete form of buskruit
bosloos {adj} :: forestless
Bosnië {prop} {n} :: Bosnia
Bosnië en Herzegovina {prop} {n} :: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bosnisch {adj} :: Bosnian
Bosnisch {prop} {n} :: Bosnian (the language)
boson {n} [particle] :: boson
bospad {n} :: Forest path
bosrijk {adj} :: heavily wooded
bosui {m} :: spring onion, scallion (Allium fistulosum); particularly when cultivated for its bulb
bosuil {m} :: tawny owl, Strix aluco
boswachter {m} :: ranger, forest warden
boswachter {m} :: forester
boswerker {m} :: lumberjack, woodcutter
boswerker {m} :: forest worker
bot {adj} :: not sharp, blunt, dull
bot {adj} :: impolite, badly behaving: curt, blunt, rude
bot {n} :: bone
bot {m} :: flounder (a type of fish)
bot {m} [Belgium] :: boot
Bot {prop} :: surname
botanicus {m} :: botanist
botanie {f} :: botany
botanisch {adj} :: botanical, botanic
botanische tuin {m} :: botanic garden
botanist {m} [uncommon] :: botanist
botbreuk {f} :: fracture of a bone
boten {vt} :: to hit
boten {vt} [agriculture] :: to knock the seeds out of a flax plant
boter {f} :: butter
boterberg {m} [politics, usually in an EU context, hyberbole] :: butter mountain (surplus of butter)
boter bij de vis {f} [idiom] :: immediate payment at the moment of sale or delivery
boter bij de vis {interj} :: indication that one wants to be paid immediately
boterbloem {f} [botany] :: The wild herb buttercup, a yellow crowfoot species of genus Ranunculus
botergeel {adj} :: butter-colored
botergeil {adj} [colloquial] :: horny as hell, pointedly sexually aroused
boterham {m} :: a slice of bread
boterham {m} :: sandwich
boter, kaas en eieren {n} [games] :: tic-tac-toe
boterkoek {m} [Belgium] :: A type of small cake made of puff pastry
boterkoek {m} [Netherlands] :: A type of (usually) large, rather flat cake containing large amounts of butter
boterschijte {f} [West-Flemish] :: butterfly
botervlieg {m} [archaic] :: butterfly
botervlieghe {m} :: obsolete form of botervlieg
Boötes {prop} {m} [constellation] :: Boötes
botsauto {m} :: bumper car
botsballon {m} :: airbag
botsen {vi} :: to collide
botsing {f} :: collision
botsing {f} :: wreck
botsing {f} [figurative] :: argument
Botswana {prop} {n} :: Botswana
bottel {f} :: hip, rosehip
bottel {f} [obsolete] :: dogwood
bottel {f} [dated] :: bottle
bottelarij {f} [historical, nautical] :: A provision room on a ship
bottelarij {f} [obsolete] :: A wine cellar
bottelen {vt} :: to bottle, to put (a liquid) inside a bottle
botten {vi} [archaic] :: to bump, to collide
botten {vt} [archaic] :: to push
botten {vt} [archaic] :: to strike
Botterman {prop} :: surname
botvieren {v} :: to take it out on
botweg {adv} :: bluntly
boud {adj} [archaic] :: bold, brave
Boudewijn {prop} {m} :: given name, akin to Baldwin
bougeren {vi} [dialectal] :: to move, to budge
bouillon {m} :: broth (water in which meat (or other food) has been boiled)
bouillon {m} [dated] :: bullion, fringe of gold or silver wire
boulevard {m} :: boulevard
boulevardblad {n} :: tabloid
boulevardkrant {f} :: tabloid (low-quality, sensationalist newspaper)
boulevardpers {f} :: yellow press
bourgeois {m} :: bourgeois
bout {m} :: bolt (threaded metal cylinder)
bout {m} :: haunch, leg of an animal as food
bout {m} [vulgar] :: fart
bout {m} :: bolt (crossbow arrow)
bout {m} [Surinam] :: thigh
bout {m} :: bar, rod
bout {m} [archaic] :: darling, sweetheart, dear
bout {m} :: iron (apparatus for ironing clothing)
bouteille {f} [archaic] :: bottle
boutkogel {m} [historical] :: bar shot
bouw {m} :: construction
bouw {m} [dialectal, archaic] :: cultivation, tillage
bouw {f} [historical] :: A unit of measure for area on Java, equivalent to about 0.7 hectare; a portion of agricultural land of this size
bouwdoos {f} :: a toy which consists of a collection of parts needed for building a model or a finished toy
bouwen {vt} :: to build, to construct
bouwen {vt} [dialectal] :: to cultivate, to till
bouwer {m} :: builder
bouwer {m} [dialectal] :: alternative form of boer
bouwerij {f} [historical or dialectal] :: farm
bouwerij {f} [dialectal, obsolete] :: agriculture
bouwgedrocht {n} :: hideous building, architectural monstrosity
bouwgewrocht {n} :: building, edifice [often suggesting artistic merit]
bouwheer {m} [history] :: master mason
bouwkunde {f} :: architectural engineering
bouwlamp {f} :: construction light
bouwland {n} :: farmland, agricultural land where crops are cultivated
bouwman {m} [dialectal, dated] :: farmer
bouwman {m} [dated] :: construction worker, builder, workman
bouwmeester {m} :: architect
bouwnijverheid {f} :: the building industry
bouwpaus {m} :: A pope known for being (having been) an avid builder, a builder pope
bouwpaus {m} [derogatory, colloquial] :: A construction magnate
bouwplaats {f} :: a building site
bouwput {m} :: excavation
bouwsel {n} :: construction, building, something built
bouwterrein {n} :: a building site
bouwvak {n} {m} :: The construction business, trade
bouwvak {n} {m} :: The builder's profession, métier
bouwvak {n} {m} :: The builder's summer holidays
bouwvakarbeider {m} :: A construction laborer, (notably professional but low-skilled) builder
bouwvakker {m} :: A builder, (notably professional) construction worker
bouwvakkersdecolleté {n} [colloquial] :: cleavage visible between the buttocks, especially when squatting
bouwval {m} :: ruin
bouwvallig {adj} :: dilapidated, ramshackle
bouwwerf {f} [regional, Southern Dutch, Belgian Dutch] :: a building site
bouwwerk {n} :: a building, construction (i.e. something which has been built/constructed)
bouwwoede {f} :: building boom
boven {adv} :: above
boven {adv} :: upstairs
boven {prep} :: above
boven- {prefix} :: upper, above
bovenaan {adv} :: above, at the top
bovenal {adv} [formal] :: above all
bovenarm {m} :: upper arm
bovenbaas {m} [colloquial, Netherlands] :: boss, person who is (de facto) in charge
bovenbouw {m} :: the upper part, or superstructure, of a building
bovenbouw {m} [education] :: the upper-level classes of a school, e.g. the 6th, 7th, and 8th grades of grammar school, or the last two school years of high school, in the Netherlands
bovenbuik {m} :: the upper part of the abdominal cavity, epigastrium
bovenbuur {m} :: upstairs neighbour
boven de Moerdijk {prep} [Netherlands] :: in the Northern Netherlands
boven de Moerdijk {prep} [Belgium] :: in the Netherlands
bovendien {adv} :: besides; by the way
bovendien {adv} :: moreover, furthermore
bovengemiddeld {adj} :: above average
bovengistend {adj} :: overfermented
bovengoed {n} :: topmost tobacco leaves of the tobacco plant or tobacco made of those leaves
bovengoed {n} :: outer clothing, upper dres, clothes worn over one's underwear
bovengrens {f} :: upper limit, upper border
bovenhalen {vt} :: to unearth, to haul up
bovenkaak {f} :: the upper jaw
bovenkant {m} :: top (upper side)
bovenklasse {f} :: upper class
bovenkleed {n} :: A cloth upper garment, especially a robe
bovenkruier {m} :: smock mill
bovenlangs {adv} :: passing above, along the top
bovenleiding {f} :: overhead line
bovenlijf {n} :: Upper body
bovenlimiet {f} [chiefly singular] :: upper limit, upper border
bovenlip {m} :: upper lip
bovennatuurlijk {adj} :: supernatural
bovenop {adv} :: on top, above
bovenop {adv} :: in addition, over and above
bovenst {adj} :: uppermost
bovenstaand {adj} :: written/shown/mentioned above
bovenstem {f} [music] :: the highest part or register of a multivocal work
boventoon {m} [physics, music] :: overtone
bovenvermeld {adj} :: the above mentioned
bovenwaarts {adv} :: upwards
bovenwerkelijk {adj} :: surreal
bovenwerkelijkheid {f} :: surrealness
bovenwerkelijkheid {f} :: surreality
bovenwinds {adj} :: windward
bovenzang {m} [archaic, music, countable] :: the highest part or register of a multivocal work
bovenzang {m} [obsolete, music, uncountable] :: soprano register
bovenzijde {f} :: upper side, top
box {m} :: speaker, loudspeaker
box {m} :: playpen
boxershort {m} :: boxer shorts
boy {m} :: a male domestic servant, especially colored in a colony
boycot {m} :: boycott
boycotten {vt} :: to boycott
bozig {adj} :: angry
b-pion {m} [chess] :: b-pawn: pawn placed on the b-file at the beginning of the game
braadpan {f} :: Dutch oven, casserole
braadspit {n} :: skewer, roasting spit
braaf {adj} :: well-behaved, obedient
braaf {adj} :: honorable, virtuous
braai {m} :: A barbecue
braai {m} :: An open outdoor grill built specifically for the purpose of braaing
braai {m} :: A social meeting, including the braaing of meat
braaien {vt} :: to barbecue
braak {adj} :: fallow
braakakker {m} [agriculture] :: fallow field (piece of unused farmland)
braakbal {m} :: pellet vomited by a predator, including hairballs
braakdrank {m} [archaic, historical, except for the diminutive] :: vomitive, emetic
braakland {n} :: fallow, fallow land
braakloop {m} :: disease involving emesis as a symptom, used of cholera
braaksel {n} :: vomit (that which one has vomited out)
braam {f} :: bramble
Braband {prop} {n} :: obsolete spelling of Brabant
Brabander {m} :: A Brabantian, a person from Brabant
Brabant {prop} {n} [Belgium] :: Brabant (former province of Belgium)
Brabant {prop} {n} [Netherlands] :: North Brabant
Brabant {prop} {n} :: Duchy of Brabant
Brabants {adj} :: Brabantian
Brabants {prop} {n} :: Brabantian (language)
brabbelen {v} :: to babble unclearly, talk nonsense
brada {m} [slang] :: brother, friend
braden {vt} :: to roast; to grill
braden {vt} [chiefly with meat] :: to pan-fry
brader {m} :: One who roasts or fries meat; in particular one who is also a meat vendor
braderie {f} :: An open-air fair (market)
braderij {f} [historical] :: A business where roast meat is sold
braderij {f} [now, Belgium] :: alternative form of braderie
Braille {n} :: Braille
brak {adj} :: brackish
brak {adj} [colloquial] :: bad
brak {adj} [colloquial] :: hung over
brak {mf} :: hound, brach
braken {vi} :: to vomit
brakken {v} [Brabantian] :: play in a rambunctious way
Bram {prop} {n} :: given name
brancard {m} :: gurney, stretcher
brand {m} :: fire [such as a house fire]
brandbaar {adj} :: flammable
brandblusser {m} :: fire extinguisher
brandbom {f} :: firebomb, incendiary bomb
brandbrief {m} :: urgent letter to an organisation or (figure of) authority asserting an emergency situation
branden {vit} :: to burn, to set aflame, to be alight
branden {vi} [of lamps and such] :: to be lit
branden {vt} [computing] :: to burn, to write to a storage medium
brander {m} :: A receptacle in which a fuel or candle is placed to be burnt
brander {m} :: blowtorch
brander {m} [nautical] :: fireship
brandewijn {m} :: a brandy, type of strong liquor distilled from wine or another alcoholic beverage
brandewijnkroeg {f} [archaic] :: alternative form of brandewijnskroeg
brandewijnskroeg {f} [archaic, historical] :: A pub that primarily serves brandy and other spirits
brandewyn {m} :: obsolete spelling of brandewijn
brandhout {n} :: firewood
brandhout {n} [colloquial] :: something of very low quality
branding {f} :: breakers (foaming waves), surf
brandkogel {m} [historical] :: An incendiary or explosive artillery missile
brandkraan {f} :: fire hydrant
brandmeester {m} :: fire captain [of a fire brigade]
brandmeester {m} [historical] :: fire chief, fire commissioner [of a fire brigade]
brandmeester {m} [historical] :: official who supervises the use of burned plots of forest
brandmerk {n} :: brand, mark made by branding [on containers, livestock, slaves or convicts]
brandmerken {v} :: to brand with a branding iron
brandnetel {f} :: nettle (Urtica)
brandoffer {n} :: burnt offering, holocaust
brandofferen {vt} :: to offer as a burnt offering
brandpunt {n} [optics] :: focus - of a lens
brandpunt {n} [geometry] :: focus - of an ellipse
brandpuntsafstand {m} :: focal length
brandschilderen {vt} :: to stain glass
brandschip {n} [nautical] :: fireship
brandschoon {adj} :: immaculate, spotless, squeaky clean
brandslang {f} :: fire hose
brandspiegel {m} :: concave mirror
brandspuit {f} :: fire hose
brandstapel {m} :: pile used for burning at the stake
brandstapel {m} [metonym] :: burning at the stake as a method of execution
brandstichten {vi} :: to start a fire, to set fire to something, to practise arson
brandstichter {m} :: arsonist
brandstichting {f} [legal] :: arson (crime of setting a fire)
brandstichtster {f} :: female arsonist
brandstof {f} :: fuel
brandstofcel {mf} :: fuel cell
brandweer {f} {m} :: fire department
brandweerauto {m} :: fire engine, fire truck
brandweerkazerne {mf} :: A fire station, housing a fire brigade
brandweerman {m} :: A fireman, male member of a fire department
brandweervrouw {f} :: firewoman, female firefighter
brandweerwagen {m} :: fire engine, fire truck
brandwond {f} [chiefly Netherlands] :: burn
brandwonde {f} [chiefly Belgium] :: alternative form of brandwond
brasem {m} :: the edible cyprinid fish species bream (Abramis brama)
Brasilia {prop} {n} :: Brasilia (Brasília)
brauw {f} :: brow
braveren {vt} [formal] :: to taunt, to mock
braveren {vi} [obsolete] :: to flaunt, to show off
braveren {vi} [obsolete] :: to be brave
Brazilië {prop} {n} :: Brazil
Braziliaan {m} :: someone from Brazil; Brazilian
Braziliaans {adj} :: Brazilian
Breda {prop} {n} :: Breda (city)
Breda {prop} {n} :: Breda (municipality)
breed {adj} :: broad
breedband {m} [telecommunications] :: broadband, a wide band of frequencies
breedband {m} [Internet] :: broadband, a high-capacity connection
breedbandverbinding {f} [networking] :: broadband connection
breedbeeld {adj} :: widescreen
breedspraak {f} :: extensiveness in language
breedspraakig {adj} :: obsolete spelling of breedsprakig
breedsprakig {adj} [sometimes, derogatory] :: elaborate and extensive in language, verbose
breedte {f} :: width
breedte {f} :: latitude
breedtegraad {m} :: latitude (degree of latitude)
breedtesporter {m} :: non-professional athlete
breekal {m} :: butterfingers, someone who is prone to breaking things
breekbaar {adj} :: breakable, fragile
breekbaarheid {f} :: fragility, breakability
breekijzer {n} :: A crowbar, metal bar used as a lever to manually force things apart, fit or extering force to breaking point
breekpunt {n} [mechanics] :: breaking point
breekpunt {n} [politics] :: political red line, cause for ending coalition talks
breekvasten {n} [rare, regional] :: breakfast
breem {noun} :: dialectal form of braam
breeuwen {vt} :: to caulk, to fix a ship's seams with oakum
breeuwen {v} [historical, falconry] :: to sew the eyelids of a young falcon shut, in order to prevent it from seeing
breidelen {vt} :: to restrain, to curb
breiden {v} :: dated form of breien
breien {vt} :: to knit
breijen {v} :: obsolete spelling of breien
breiklos {m} :: knitting bobbin
breiloon {n} [historical] :: wages for knitting work
brein {n} :: brain
brein {n} :: mastermind
breinaald {f} :: knitting needle
breinbaas {m} :: cunning mastermind, sly weasel
breinloos {adj} :: brainless
breinvlies {n} :: meninges
breisel {n} :: knitting (something that has been knitted)
breiwerk {n} :: knitting (material that has been or is being knitted)
brekebeen {m} :: A clumsy or incompetent person
brekebeen {m} :: A person who broke one of his or her limbs or other bones; often one who habitually breaks one's bones
breken {v} [ergative] :: to break
breker {m} :: breaker, one who or something that breaks
breker {m} [nautical] :: breaker, a turbulent wave producing foam near the shore or shallows
brekingsindex {m} [optics] :: refractive index
brengen {vt} :: to bring, to carry
brengen {vt} :: to deliver, to supply
brenger {m} :: bringer, carrier, deliverer
bres {f} :: breach, gap, opening
Bretagne {prop} {n} :: Brittany
bretel {f} [clothing, most commonly used in the plural] :: suspender (US), brace (UK)
breuk {f} :: fracture, break
breuk {f} [arithmetic] :: fraction
breuk {f} [geology] :: fault
Breukelen {prop} :: municipality in the province of Utrecht, Netherlands
breve {f} [orthography] :: breve
brevier {n} :: breviary
bridge {n} :: bridge (card game)
brie {m} :: brie (variety of French cheese)
brief {m} :: letter (written message)
briefje {noun} :: note, bill (of money)
briefomslag {m} {n} :: An envelop, fit to post a letter in
briefopener {m} :: letter opener (knifelike device)
bries {m} :: soft breeze
briesen {vi} :: to snort (such as a horse or a pig)
briet {f} :: Jewish circumcision ceremony
brievenbus {f} :: letterbox, mailbox, post box
brievenbus {f} :: mail slot, letterbox
brievenbusfirma {f} :: shell company
brievenbusmaatschappij {f} :: shell company
brigade {f} :: brigade, a military unit consisting of two or more regiments, often using combined arms or of diverse disciplines
brigade {f} :: a police unit of varying size or purpose, but often serving a specialised purpose
brigadier {m} :: constable (police officer of some seniority)
brigadier {m} [historical] :: brigadier, corporal, or a colonel in charge of a brigade
brigadist {m} [historical] :: A member of the International Brigades
brij {m} :: porridge
brij {m} :: goop, muck
brijn {n} :: brine; solution for pickling
bril {m} :: glasses
bril {m} :: toilet seat
briljant {adj} :: brilliant
briljant {m} :: brilliant
brilledoos {f} :: superseded spelling of brillendoos
brillendoos {f} :: spectacle case
brillenhuis {n} :: shop where spectacles are sold
brillenhuis {n} [dated] :: spectacle case
brillenkoker {m} :: spectacle case
briller {m} :: person wearing glasses
brilslang {f} :: cobra
brink {m} :: village green, functioning as a central square
brink {m} :: edge or margin of a field
brink {m} :: edge or margin of a hill
brink {m} :: grassy edge or margin of a strip of land
brink {m} :: grassland
brinkdorp {n} :: village with a village green as central location for business and social life
brisant {adj} :: fast, snappy, explosive
Brit {m} :: Brit, Briton
Brits {adj} :: British
Britse Eilanden {prop} {p} :: British Isles
broddelaar {m} :: bumbler, bungler
broddelen {vit} :: to bumble, to mess up (one's handcrafted work) [generally relating to handicraft]
broddelen {vi} [linguistics] :: to speak incomprehensibly with incorrect grammar
broddelwerk {n} :: Very badly performed work, or a product of such work
brodden {vt} [obsolete] :: to repair with patches, to patch
brodden {vit} [dated] :: to bumble, to mess up (one's handcrafted work) [generally relating to handicraft]
broeden {vt} :: to breed (especially by birds or oviparous animals)
broeden {vi} :: to brood (keep an egg warm)
broeder {m} [dated] :: brother, male sibling
broeder {m} :: friar, member -especially non-priest- of certain ecclesiastical (notably Catholic clerical) groups
broeder {m} :: member of a brotherhood, fraternity, order etc
broeder {m} :: colleague, especially if member of a corporation or other profession-related organisation
broeder {m} :: fellow faithful, especially in certain sects, such as the Hussite Moravian Brothers
broeder {m} :: a certain bread-like dish
broeder {m} :: brooder
broedermoord {m} :: fratricide
broederschap {f} :: brotherhood, a fraternal quality or relationship
broederschap {f} :: fraternity, or any society of 'brothers' in the figurative sense, especially bound by some specific religious (notably Catholic) devotion, such as the veneration of a patron saint and/or celebration of (a) liturgical feast(s)
broedseizoen {n} :: breeding season
broedsel {n} :: brood, spawn
broedzorg {f} [ethology] :: parental care for offspring or eggs by animals
broeibak {m} :: A rectangular container with one or more lids on the top containing windows, used in growing plants
broeien {vi} :: to be hot
broeien {vt} :: to heat (up)
broeihoop {m} :: A heap of organic waste, in which snakes such as grass snakes lay their eggs
broeikas {f} :: greenhouse
broeikaseffect {n} :: greenhouse effect
broeikasgas {n} :: greenhouse gas
broeikasgasuitstoot {m} :: greenhouse gas emissions
broeinest {n} [figurative] :: hotbed
broeinest {n} :: place where a contaminative disease can fester
broeinest {n} [obsolete] :: bird's nest, where birds are hatching eggs
broek {f} :: trousers, pants
broek {n} :: marsh
broekdraagband {m} [clothing, obsolete] :: suspender (US), brace (UK)
broekschijter {m} [literally] :: a child which isn't quite potty-trained
broekschijter {m} [derogatory] :: a coward
broekspijp {f} :: trouser leg, pant leg
broekvent {m} [often, in the diminutive] :: an immature man (a metaphor that alludes to men that still wear boyish shorts)
broekvent {m} [figuratively] :: coward
broem {m} [Brabantian] :: dirty, thick foam on tea, coffee, brewing beer, vinaigre, soup, broth etc
broem {interj} :: sound made by a motorised vehicle
broer {m} :: brother (male sibling)
broge {f} [Judaism] :: alternative spelling of brooche
broger {m} [slang] :: guy, chap, dude, bloke
brok {m} {n} :: scrap
brok {m} {n} :: chunk, piece
brok {m} {n} [in the plural, colloquial] :: damage, harm, wreckage, pieces (as a consequence of an accident)
brokkelen {vi} :: to crumble
brokken {vt} :: to break into pieces
brol {adj} [Brabantian] :: rubbish, crap
brol {m} :: things of inferior quality or little value
brombeer {m} :: grouch, grump (usually male)
bromfiets {mf} :: moped, limited to 50 cc engine and 45 km/h speed
bromfiets {mf} :: (Belgium) snorfiets moped, limited to 25 km/h speed
brommen {vi} :: to mutter, mumble
brommen {vi} :: to hum, buzz
brommen {vi} [dialectal] :: to brag, to boast
brommen {vi} :: to drive a moped
brommen {vi} [colloquial] :: to be imprisoned, to spend time in prison
brommer {f} :: moped (low-powered motorcycle)
brommer {f} :: one who hums
brommer {f} [dialectal] :: infertile cow
brommer {f} [obsolete, Netherlands] :: coach taxi drawn by one horse
brompot {m} [colloquial] :: Grump (usually male)
bromvlieg {f} :: blowfly
bron {f} :: source
bron {f} :: spring, well
bronchit {m} [Brabantian] :: bronchitis
Bronckhorst {prop} :: Bronckhorst (municipality)
broncode {m} :: source code
bronnentaal {f} :: language that written documents are in, as opposed to the spoken language
brons {n} :: bronze
bronst {f} :: heat, rut (sexual excitement of animals)
bronst {f} :: a strong sexual urge to mate (for humans)
bronstijd {m} :: Bronze Age
bronsttijd {m} :: mating season
bronwater {n} :: mineral water, such as spa water
bronwater {n} [chiefly the diminutive] :: a glass or drink of it
bronzen {adj} :: bronze, bronzen
bronzen {vt} :: to bronze
brooche {f} [Judaism] :: blessing, bracha
brood {n} :: bread
brood {n} [by extension] :: Similar bakery product or other baked dish
brood {n} [metonymy] :: livelihood, especially in expressions like dagelijks brood
broodbeleg {n} :: bread topping (such as cheese, meat or jam)
broodbelegsel {n} :: bread topping
broodbus {f} :: bread box, bread bin
brooddeeg {n} :: bread dough (dough intended for baking bread)
broodhaan {m} [chiefly diminutive] :: A bread in the shape of a rooster, used in processions on Palm Sunday
broodje {noun} :: roll (shortened raised biscuit or bread)
broodmager {adj} [of a person or animal] :: very skinny
broodmes {n} :: bread knife (serrated knife wrought for slicing bread)
broodroof {m} :: denial of making a livelihood (e.g. by unfair competition or forced unemployment)
broodrooster {m} {n} :: toaster (appliance for toasting bread)
broodroven {vt} [Belgium] :: to deny a livelihood, to make it impossible to make ends meet
broodschrijfster {f} [often, derogatory] :: female author who writes for a living, often implied to have little regard for quality or principle
broodschrijver {m} [often, derogatory] :: author who writes for a living, often implied to have little regard for quality or principle
broodsuiker {m} :: white sugar (white refined sugar)
broodtrommel {m} :: lunchbox
broodtrommel {m} [historical] :: bread bin, breadbox (container for preserving bread)
broodwinner {m} :: financial provider for the entire family, the person who brings home the bacon; breadwinner
broodwinning {f} :: livelihood
broom {n} :: bromine
broom- {prefix} [functional group prefix] :: bromo-
broos {adj} [literally] :: brittle, crisp, physically fragile with a tendency to break into small pieces
broos {adj} [figuratively] :: fragile, perishable, vulnerable, weak, e.g. said of short-lived beauty
broos {f} [obsolete] :: cothurnus
broosheid {f} :: fragility
bros {adj} :: brittle
brouwen {vt} :: to brew
brouwen {vi} :: to pronounce the sound "r" as a uvular consonant
brouwer {m} :: brewer
Brouwer {prop} :: surname derived from the trade name brouwer, meaning "brewer"
brouwerij {f} :: brewery
brouwerij {f} [dated] :: the act of brewing
brouwhuis {n} :: brewery
brouwsel {n} :: concoction, brewage
browsen {vi} :: to browse
brr {interj} :: brr (exclamation of cold)
brr {interj} :: an exclamation of disgust or aversion
brug {mf} :: bridge
Brugge {prop} {n} :: Bruges
brugger {m} [Netherlands, colloquial, slightly, derogatory] :: a pupil in the first form or grade of secondary education, usually at the age of eleven or twelve
Brugger {prop} :: surname
Brugger {adj} [obsolete] :: Of or relating to Brugge
brugklas {f} [Netherlands] :: the first form or grade of secondary education
brugklas {f} [Netherlands] :: a school class of pupils at this level
brugklasser {m} [Netherlands] :: a pupil in the first form or grade of secondary education, usually at the age of eleven or twelve
brugpieper {m} [Netherlands, slang, pejorative] :: a pupil in the first form or grade of secondary education, usually at the age of eleven or twelve
brugwachter {m} :: bridge keeper, bridgetender, bridge operator
bruid {f} :: bride
bruidegom {m} :: bridegroom
bruidsbed {n} :: marriage bed, nuptial bed
bruidsgoed {n} [uncountable, countable] :: dowry, wedding gift
bruidsgoed {n} [uncountable] :: wedding clothes [particularly those of a bride]
bruidsjurk {f} [chiefly Netherlands] :: wedding dress
bruidskoe {f} :: bridal cow (cow given by the bride's parents as dowry or as a wedding gift)
bruidsschat {m} :: dowry
bruikbaar {adj} :: usable, functional, operable
bruikbaar {adj} :: useful, handy
bruikbaarheid {f} :: usefulness
bruiken {vt} [archaic] :: to make use of, to use, to have use for
bruiker {m} [dated, historical] :: tenant farmer
bruiloft {mf} :: wedding
bruiloftsbed {n} [archaic] :: marriage bed, nuptial bed
bruin {adj} :: brown
bruin {n} :: the color brown
bruin {c} [slang] :: heroin
bruinachtig {adj} :: brownish
bruine beer {m} :: brown bear, Ursus arctos
bruine beer {m} [Netherlands, idiom, slang] :: dump, defecation, donation
bruine rat {f} :: brown rat, Rattus norvegicus
bruinhemd {m} [historical] :: A member of the SA (Sturmabteilung)
bruinhemd {m} [historical, by extension] :: A Nazi, a member of the NSDAP
bruinig {adj} :: brownish, of a colour or shade which resembles or hinges on brown and/or contains some brown
bruinkool {f} :: lignite, brown coal
bruinogig {adj} :: brown-eyed
bruinvis {m} :: Any porpoise, marine mammal of the family Phocoenidae (certain small cetacean)
bruinvis {m} :: The harbour porpoise, Phocoena phocoena
bruinvisch {m} :: obsolete spelling of bruinvis
bruisen {vi} :: to form bubbles, to froth, to fizz
brullen {vi} :: to roar
brullen {vi} :: to cry (of a baby)
Brummen {prop} :: Brummen (village)
Brummen {prop} :: Brummen (municipality)
brunchen {vi} :: to (have) brunch, take a single meal serving as both (late) breakfast and (early) lunch
brunette {f} :: brunette (brown-haired or dark-haired female)
brus {mf} :: sibling
Brussel {prop} {n} :: Brussels (capital city of the EU, Brabant (former duchy and former province), Flanders, Wallonia (modern regions) and Belgium)
Brussel {prop} {n} [figuratively] :: any of the above legal entities decreeing from Brussels
Brussel {prop} {n} :: short for Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest, the smallest of Belgium's three federative regions
Brusselaar {m} :: An inhabitant of Brussels, the capital city of the EU, Brabant (duchy and former province), Flanders (modern region) and Belgium
Brusselaar {m} :: An inhabitant of the Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest, the smallest of Belgium's three federative regions
Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest {prop} {n} :: The bilingual central, bilingual region (i.e. constitutive member territory) of federal Belgium, comprising only the 19 municipalities of the capital metropolis Brussels; its constitutional status differs in several points from that of the far larger and more populous regions Flanders (northern, Dutch-speaking; Brussels is an enclave in it) and Walloonia (southern; francophone, with a small germanophone minority component)
brutaal {adj} :: impudent
brutaal {adj} :: outspoken
brutaliteit {f} :: impudence, audacity
bruusk {adj} :: brusque, unfriendly
bruusk {adj} :: abrupt, sudden
bruut {adj} :: brutish, rough
bruut {adj} :: brutal, fierce
bruut {m} :: brute, ruffian
Brythonisch {adj} :: Brythonic, Brittonic
bs. {abbr} :: bisschop
BTW {f} :: initialism of belasting op de toegevoegde waarde; VAT, value-added tax
bubbel {m} :: bubble (sphere containing air)
bubbel {m} :: bubble ((period of) economic activity depending on speculation or embezzlement)
bubbel {m} :: bubble (unknowingly socially divergent and isolated clique)
bubbeltje {noun} :: Diminutive of bubbel
bubbelwijn {m} [Netherlands] :: sparkling wine
bubbelwolk {f} :: asperitas
bucht {m} :: junk
bucht {m} :: disgusting drink, trash, rubbish
bucht {m} :: pests, weed
bucolisch {adj} :: bucolic
budget {n} :: a budget
budgettair {adj} :: budgetary
budgetteren {v} [transtive, intranstive] :: to budget, to plan (into) a budget
Buenos Aires {prop} {n} :: Buenos Aires
buffel {m} :: buffalo
bugel {m} :: bugle, flugelhorn, a brass instrument
buggy {m} :: baby buggy
bui {f} :: shower (rain), or generally a bout (of bad weather such as snow)
bui {f} :: mood
bui {f} [dated] :: gust, current of wind
buidel {m} :: pouch
buideldier {n} :: A marsupial, mammal of the infraclass Marsupialia, of which the female typically uses a pouch to keep the young in after birth
buidelhaas {m} :: long-nosed bandicoot, any marsupial of the genus Perameles
buidelhaas {m} :: hare-wallaby, any marsupial of the genus Lagorchestes
buidelmarter {m} :: quoll, native cat, any marsupial of the genus Dasyurus
buidelmiereneter {m} :: numbat, marsupial anteater, Myrmecobius fasciatus
buidelmol {m} :: marsupial mole, any animal of the two species from the genus Notoryctes and the family Notoryctidae
buidelrat {f} :: opossum, marsupial of the family Didelphidae
buigen {v} [ergative] :: to bend
buigen {v} [ergative] :: to bow
buiging {f} :: bow, kowtow
buigspier {f} :: flexor
buigzaam {adj} :: bendable, flexible
buigzaam {adj} :: compliant
buigzaamheid {f} :: flexibility, the quality to bend easily
buiig {adj} :: rainy, showery
Buijs {prop} :: surname
buik {m} :: belly
buik {m} :: paunch (referring euphemistically to a protrusive belly)
buik {m} [nautical] :: The lowest inner part of a ship's hull, where water accumulates
buikdans {m} :: belly dance
buikdansen {vi} :: to to a belly dance
buikdanser {m} :: belly dancer
buikdanseres {f} :: female belly dancer
buikdienaar {m} :: glutton, gastrolater
buikdienst {f} :: gastrolatry
buikdrager {m} :: baby sling that has the baby in front of the carrier
buikgriep {f} :: tummy bug, gastroenteritis
buikje {n} [endearing] :: a belly with a slight or moderate excess of fat; a potbelly
buikpijn {f} :: bellyache, stomachache
buikschuiver {m} :: moped with low handlebars
buikschuiver {m} :: belly slide
buiktyfus {m} :: typhoid fever
buikvin {f} :: abdominal fin
buikvinnig {adj} :: having abdominal fins
buikvlies {n} :: peritoneum
buikvliesontsteking {f} [pathology] :: peritonitis
buikwind {m} [formal] :: fart
buikworm {m} [obsolete] :: An intestinal parasitic worm
buil {m} :: bruise, bump
builenpest {f} :: bubonic plague
buis {f} :: pipe, duct
buis {f} [slang] :: television, compare tube
buis {n} [historical] :: gambeson
buis {n} :: A type of coat or jacket
buis {n} :: A type of blouse
buislamp {f} :: tubular fluorescent lamp
buiszwam {f} {m} :: polyspore, bracket fungus
buit {m} :: spoil, booty
buitelen {vi} :: to tumble, to roll, to somersault
buiten {adv} :: outside
buiten {prep} :: outside, out of
buiten {n} :: Mansion and surrounding estate in the countryside
buiten- {prefix} :: outside, outer
buitenaards {adj} :: extraterrestrial, alien
buitenaf {adv} :: from outside
buitenband {m} :: outer tyre
buitenbeentje {n} :: outsider, misfit
buitenbeentje {n} :: bastard (person born out of wedlock)
buiten bewustzijn {adj} :: unconscious
buitenboordbeugel {m} :: orthodontic headgear
buitenboordmotor {m} :: outboard motor, outboard engine
buiten de boot vallen {v} [idiom] :: to fall by the wayside (to be left out)
buitendeur {f} :: exterior door
buitenechtelijk {adj} :: extramarital
buitengaats {adj} :: offshore, off the harbour
buitengewoon {adj} :: extraordinary
buitengewoon {adv} :: extraordinarily, extremely, very
buitenissig {adj} :: extravagant, weird, eccentric
buitenissig {adj} :: tawdry, obtrusive, cloying
buitenkans {f} :: golden opportunity
buitenkant {m} :: the outer side: outside
buitenkern {f} [geology] :: outer core
buitenland {n} :: all foreign countries, collectively; anything abroad
buitenlander {m} :: foreigner, alien (person from outside one's country)
buitenlands {adj} :: foreign, exterior
buitenleven {n} :: The life, living, residence in the countryside
buitenlucht {f} :: The air outside, the outdoors
buitenmaatschappelijk {adj} :: extrasocietal
buitenplaneet {f} [astronomy] :: outer planet
buitenpolitiek {adj} :: extrapolitical
buiten 's lands {prep} [obsolete] :: abroad [used adverbially]
buitensluiten {vt} :: to shut out, to lock out
buitensluiten {vt} :: to exclude, to shun
buitensporig {adj} :: extravagant, lavish, excessive
buitenst {adj} :: outermost
buitenstaander {m} :: Outsider
buitentijds {adv} [obsolete] :: Outside regular or stipulated hours
buitentijds {adj} [uncommon] :: timeless, ageless, eternal
buitenverblijf {n} :: country house
buitenvrouw {f} [Suriname] :: A mistress
buitenvrouw {f} [dated, Netherlands] :: A woman from the countryside
buitenwaarts {adv} :: outwards
buitenwacht {f} :: outsiders
buitenwacht {f} [construction] :: safety supervisor for confined spaces
buitenwacht {f} :: outside guard
buitenwacht {f} :: guard duty outside
buitenwacht {f} [Flemish, idiom] :: having to stay outside (usually with hebben or krijgen)
buitenwereld {f} :: outside world
buitenwerk {n} [countable] :: An outwork, a separate smaller fortification serving to enhance the defence of another fortification
buitenwerk {n} [uncountable] :: Work outside, outdoor work
buitenwettelijk {adj} :: extralegal
buitenwijk {f} :: an outlying suburb
buitenwipper {m} [Belgium] :: bouncer
buitmaken {vt} :: to acquire through force, to capture, to loot
buizen {vi} :: to booze, to drink heavily
buizen {vt} [Belgium] :: to give a failing grade
buizen {vi} [Belgium] :: to get a buis, i.e. a failing grade
buizerd {m} :: buzzard
bukken {vi} :: to duck, to bend down
buks {f} {m} :: shotgun
buks {m} :: box (tree)
buksboom {m} :: box, box tree (any tree of the genus Buxus)
bul {m} :: bull
bul {m} :: surly person
bul {f} :: great seal affixed to certain documents, notably charters from reigning princes and certain dignitaries
bul {f} :: such charter
bul {f} :: specifically, a papal bull
bul {f} :: trinket, object of little value
bulderen {vi} :: to thunder, to make a thunderous sound
bulderen {vi} :: to shout, to roar
buldog {m} :: a bulldog
Bulgaar {m} :: Bulgar, Bulgarian (person)
Bulgaars {adj} :: Bulgarian
Bulgaars {prop} {n} :: Bulgarian (language)
Bulgarije {prop} {n} :: Bulgaria
bulhond {m} [dated, uncommon] :: bulldog
bulldog {m} :: alternative form of buldog
bullebak {m} :: bully, jerk, churl (rude and nasty man)
bullebak {m} [archaic, now, dialectal] :: bogeyman, bugbear
bullebak {m} [obsolete] :: evil spirit, imp, demon
bulleboer {m} [rare, dialectal] :: bull keeper
bullenpees {f} :: a bull's dried sinew
bullenpees {f} :: bullwhip, made from the above, a severe punitive implement
bullepees {f} :: superseded spelling of bullenpees
bully {m} [field hockey] :: bully (way of resuming the game with a standoff between two opposing players who repeatedly hit each other's sticks, then try to gain possession of the ball)
bult {m} :: bump
bult {m} :: hump
bultig {adj} :: lumpy, humped
bultig {adj} :: rugged, knobbly
bultrug {m} :: humpback whale
bumper {m} :: bumper of a car
bumperklever {m} :: Tailgater (dangerous driver)
bundel {m} :: bundle
bundel {m} :: edition of collected literary works, often poetry
bundel {m} :: any collection of products or services offered together
bundelen {vt} :: to bundle, to put together
bundelen {vt} :: to unite, to gather together
bundisme {n} :: Bundism
bundist {m} :: Bundist, adherent of Bundism
bungelen {v} :: alternative form of bengelen
bunzing {m} :: European polecat, Mustela putorius
bunzing {m} :: any polecat in general
burcht {f} :: citadel, castle, borough
burcht {f} :: burrow of a badger, fox or beaver
bureau {n} :: desk
bureau {n} :: office
bureaublad {n} [graphical user interface] :: desktop
bureaula {f} :: desk drawer
bureaustoel {m} :: office chair (desk chair used in an office)
Buren {prop} :: Buren (city)
Buren {prop} :: Buren (municipality)
burenhulp {f} :: neighbourly help, assistance provided to a neighbour
burgemeester {m} :: mayor, burgomaster
burger {m} :: citizen
burger {m} :: middle-class or bourgeois person, burgher
burger {m} :: burger
-burger {suffix} :: -burger
burgerdode {mf} :: civilian death, civilian fatality
burgerij {f} :: citizenry
burgerij {f} :: bourgeoisie
burgerin {f} [archaic] :: female citizen
burgerin {f} [archaic] :: female bourgeois
burgerklasse {f} :: bourgeoisie
burgerkrijg {m} [uncommon] :: civil war
burgerlijk {adj} :: civil
burgerlijke ongehoorzaamheid {f} :: civil disobedience
burgerlijke schemering {f} :: civil twilight
burgerlijke stand {m} :: civil registry
burgerluchtvaart {f} :: civilian aviation, civilian air travel
burgermoed {m} :: the courage of citizens when intervening at personal risk at the sight of someone in danger; civil courage
burgeroorlog {m} :: civil war
burgerpartij {f} :: middle-class and/or upper-class ("burgeois") political party
burgerrecht {n} :: civil right
burgerrechtenbeweging {f} :: civil rights movement
burgerregering {f} :: civilian government (government without formal ties to the military and not experiencing undue influence by the military)
burgerschap {n} :: citizenship
burgerschapsonderwijs {n} :: citizenship education
burgerscheepvaart {f} :: civilian navigation, civilian shipping
burgervoogd {m} [obsolete] :: mayor
burgerwagen {m} :: a police car that is not discernible from a normal 'civil' car
burgerwagen {m} :: a van-type car used to sell burgers
burgerzede {f} [chiefly plural] :: bourgeois ethic, bourgeois mores
burgerzin {m} :: civil responsibility, sense of civic duty
burggraaf {m} [originally] :: keeper of certain castles (and surrounding jurisdictions)
burggraaf {m} :: viscount, a peerage rank, below graaf (count)
burgwal {m} :: defensive wall in a city; a city wall or citadel wall
Burkina Faso {prop} {n} :: Burkina Faso
buro {n} :: nonstandard spelling of bureau
Burundi {prop} {n} :: Burundi
bus {m} [transport] :: bus, omnibus (vehicle)
bus {m} [transport, in diminutive] :: minibus, minivan
bus {m} :: bus (electrical conductor)
bus {f} :: container, box, tin
bus {f} :: bushing
busbaan {f} [transport] :: bus lane
busbestuurder {m} :: A bus driver
buschauffeur {m} :: bus driver
buschauffeuse {f} :: female bus driver
busdrager {m} [historical] :: rifleman (someone armed with a rifle or other firearm)
bushalte {f} :: bus stop
bushok {n} :: bus shelter
bushokje {noun} :: bus shelter
bushuis {n} [historical] :: arms depot, arsenal (depot for firearms)
buskruid {n} :: obsolete spelling of buskruit
buskruit {n} :: gunpowder
busmeester {m} [historical, dated] :: official who supervises firearms and artillery
busmeester {m} [historical, dated] :: treasurer
bussel {m} :: sheaf, bundle, package
busselen {vt} :: to wrap into a bundle
bussen {vt} :: to put into a mailbox
busstation {noun} :: bus station
buste {f} {m} :: bust (a sculptural portrayal of a person's head and shoulders)
buste {f} {m} :: breast, of a woman
bustehouder {m} :: a bra
but- {prefix} [hydrocarbon chain prefix] :: but-
butaan {n} [organic compound] :: butane
buteen {n} [organic compound] :: butene
Butler {prop} :: surname
butten {v} :: alternative form of botten
butyl {n} [organic chemistry] :: butyl
butyn {n} [organic compound] :: butyne
buuf {f} [colloquial, Netherlands] :: female neighbour
buur {m} :: neighbour
buurjongen {m} :: a boy who lives in the neighbourhood
buurkind {n} :: neighbour child, neighbouring child (child who is a neighbour)
buurland {n} :: neighboring country
buurman {m} :: neighbour [male]
buurschap {f} :: The condition of being neighbours
buurschap {f} {n} [chiefly in the Eastern Netherlands] :: alternative form of buurtschap
buurt {f} :: neighborhood, part of town
buurt {f} :: vicinity, proximity
buurten {vi} :: to visit a neighbour
buurthuis {n} :: community centre
buurtschap {f} {n} :: A small hamlet, a group of houses; generally without any central feature and with few businesses
buurtsuper {m} :: small neighbourhood supermarket, local grocery store, convenience store
buurtsupermarkt {m} :: small local supermarket, neighbourhood grocery store, convenience store
buurtwinkel {m} :: a convenience store situated in a residential area
buurvrijer {m} [obsolete] :: male neighbour who is a bachelor
buurvrouw {f} :: neighbour [female]
buxus {m} :: European boxwood, Buxus sempervirens
b. v. {adv} :: abbreviation of bij voorbeeld
bv. {abbr} :: bijvoorbeeld
b.v. {abbr} :: alternative form of b. v.
bw. {n} :: abbreviation of bijwoord
Byz. {abbr} :: Byzantijns