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a- {prefix} :: a-: Not, without, opposite of
a. {adv} :: anno
a. {adv} :: auch
a. {contraction} :: am
a. {prep} :: an
a {letter} :: letter
A {letter} :: letter
A {n} :: A
à {prep} [dated] :: at (a specified price or rate of exchange)
a. a. {abbr} :: abbreviation of ad acta
Aa {n} [childish] :: poo, poop (faeces)
Aa {prop} {f} :: any of several rivers in Germany
Aa {prop} :: surname
AA {initialism} :: initialism of Anonyme Alkoholiker (Alcoholics Anonymous)
AA {initialism} :: initialism of Arbeitsamt
AA {initialism} :: initialism of Arbeitsanteil
AA {initialism} :: initialism of Arbeitsanweisung
AA {initialism} :: initialism of Arbeitsausschuss
AA {initialism} :: initialism of Assistenzarzt
AA {initialism} :: initialism of Aufgabeart
AA {initialism} :: initialism of Ausbildungsabteilung
AA {initialism} :: initialism of Auslandsabteilung
AA {initialism} :: initialism of Auswärtiges Amt
AA {prop} {f} :: initialism of American Airlines
Aab {prop} :: surname
Aach {prop} :: any of several rivers in Germany
Aach {prop} :: any of several towns and villages in Germany
Aach {prop} :: surname
Aachen {prop} {n} :: Aachen (city)
Aachener {m} :: A native or inhabitant of Aachen
Aachener {adj} :: from, of, or pertaining to Aachen
Aachenerin {f} :: A native or inhabitant of Aachen (female)
Aa gemacht {v} :: past participle of Aa machen
Aak {n} [nautical] :: A flat cargo vessel used on the Lower Rhine
Aal {m} :: eel
Aal {m} :: Bad crease or crumple
Aal {m} [slang] :: torpedo
aalähnlich {adj} :: eellike
aalartig {adj} :: eellike
Aalauge {m} :: eye of an eel
Aalauge {m} [vulgar, offensive] :: idiot, asshole
Aalbeere {f} :: blackcurrant
aalen {v} :: to hunt eels, to go on an eel-hunt
aalen {vr} [colloquial] :: to stretch out, especially laughing (compare rotfl)
aalen {v} [colloquial] :: to relax (eg as on vacation)
Aalen {prop} {n} :: Aalen (city)
Aalfang {m} [uncountable] :: the catching of eels, eel fishing
Aalfang {m} [countable] :: an eelbuck, a device placed in flowing water to catch eels
Aalfang {m} [countable, possibly dated] :: a pond or place to catch or keep eels
Aalfell {noun} [dated, rare] :: eelskin
Aalfett {n} :: eel fat
Aalfischer {m} :: eeler, eel fisher
aalförmig {adj} :: anguilliform
aalglatt {adj} [figuratively] :: slippery as an eel
aalglatter {adj} :: comparative of aalglatt
aalglattesten {adj} :: superlative of aalglatt
aalgleich {adj} :: eellike
Aalhaut {f} :: eelskin
Aalkorb {m} :: eel basket, eelpot
Aalleiter {f} :: eel ladder
Aalmolch {m} :: amphiuma, conger eel, congo snake (a genus of aquatic salamanders (and thus actually amphibians, and not fish, nor reptiles), the only extant genus within the family Amphiumidae)
Aalmutter {f} :: viviparous blenny (Zoarces viviparus)
Aalmutter {f} :: eelpout (fish of the family Zoarcidae)
Aalquappe {f} :: burbot (Lota lota)
Aalquappe {f} :: eelpout (Zoarces viviparus)
Aalräucherei {f} :: eel smokehouse, eel smokery
Aalraupe {f} :: burbot (Lota lota)
Aalreuse {f} :: eel basket, eelpot, eel trap
Aalschwanz {m} :: tail of an eel
Aalspeer {m} :: eelspear
Aalstechen {n} :: eel spearing
Aalstrich {m} [zoology] :: dorsal stripe
Aalsuppe {f} :: eel soup
Aaltierchen {n} [zoology] :: eelworm
Aam {f} :: aam (measure of liquids)
Aa machen {v} [childish, colloquial] :: to poo, pooh, or poop: to defecate
a.a.O. {abbr} [sometimes proscribed] :: “am angeführten Orte” or “am angegebenen Orte”: ibid.; at the given place; an abbreviation when a source is cited multiple times
Aar {m} [poetic, formal or dated] :: eagle
Aare {prop} {f} :: Aar (a river in Switzerland)
Aargau {prop} {m} :: Aargau
aargauisch {adj} :: Of or from Aargau
Aarmühle {prop} {f} :: former name of Interlaken, Switzerland
Aaron {prop} {m} :: Aaron (biblical figure)
Aaron {prop} {m} :: given name
Aas {n} :: carrion
Aas {n} :: bait
Aas {n} :: beast, devil
Aas {n} [slang] :: sod, bugger
Aasblume {f} [botany] :: carrion flower
aasen {v} :: to feed on carrion
aasen {v} :: to waste or spoil something, to make a mess of (something)
Aaser {m} [hunting, Southern Germany] :: gamebag, hunting bag
Aaser {m} [hunting, Switzerland] :: a meal eaten in the nature; picnic
Aasfliege {f} :: blowfly, an insect of the family Calliphoridae
Aasfliege {f} :: a flesh-fly (Sarcophaga carnaria)
Aasfliege {f} [uncommon] :: A person with a habit of exploiting other people
aasfräßig {adj} :: alternative form of aasfressig‎
aasfressend {adj} :: scavenging; carrion-eating
Aas fressend {adj} :: alternative spelling of aasfressend
Aasfresser {m} :: scavenger (an animal that feeds on carrion)
aasfressig {adj} :: synonym of aasfressend‎
Aasgeier {m} :: vulture (especially the Egyptian vulture or the griffon vulture)
Aasgeruch {m} :: carrion smell
aasig {adj} :: putrid
aasig {adj} :: disgusting
aasig {adv} :: very
Aasinsekt {n} :: carrion insect
Aasjäger {m} [hunting] :: pothunter
Aasjägerei {f} [hunting] :: pothunting
Aaskäfer {m} :: carrion beetle
Aaskrähe {f} :: carrion crow
Aaß {n} :: obsolete spelling of Aas
Aasseite {f} [tannery] :: flesh side
Aasvogel {m} :: bird feeding on carrion
Aasvogel {m} [figuratively] :: vulture, a person who profits from the suffering of others
Aa-Wurst {f} [childish] :: human feces with the approximate shape of a sausage
Aayden {prop} :: given name, form of Aidan
ab- {prefix} :: Separable verb prefix that indicates removal or quitting, off, away
ab- {prefix} :: Separable verb prefix that indicates a downward movement, down
ab- {prefix} :: Separable verb prefix that indicates from or of
ab- {prefix} :: Noun prefix that indicates deviation or being different from the source
ab {prep} :: Beginning at that time or location; from
ab {adj} [colloquial, predicative] :: off; not attached to anything anymore
ab {adj} [nonstandard, attributive] :: off; not attached to anything anymore
AB {m} :: abbreviation of Anrufbeantworter
AB {m} [apartment listing] :: abbreviation of Altbau
Aba {f} [clothing] :: aba
abaissiert {adj} [heraldry] :: abaissé
Abaka {m} :: abaca (plant)
abakteriell {adj} :: abacterial
Abakus {m} :: abacus (table with balls on wires or counters in groves, for counting)
Abakus {m} [architecture] :: abacus (uppermost part of a column)
Abalienation {f} :: abalienation, alienation, estrangement
Abalienation {f} :: disposal, sale
abalienieren {v} [dated] :: to divest (oneself) (of something), to dispose of something, to alienate (for example) property
abalienieren {v} [dated] :: to alienate (a person, etc)
Abalone {f} :: abalone (edible univalve mollusc)
abänderbar {adj} :: alterable
abänderlich {adj} :: changeable, amendable, modifiable, variable
abändern {vt} :: to change, to alter
abändern {vt} :: to revise, modify
abändern {vt} :: to amend
abändern {vt} :: to commute
Abänderung {f} :: alteration, change
Abänderung {f} :: modification, revision
Abänderung {f} :: amendment
Abänderung {f} :: commutation
Abänderungsantrag {m} [politics] :: amendment
Abänderungsklage {f} [law] :: petition to modify a judgement
Abänderungsvorschlag {m} :: proposal for modification
Abandon {m} [legal] :: abandonment
abandonnieren {v} [rare] :: to abandon
abandonnieren {v} :: to abandon ship
ABAP {initialism} [computing] :: allgemeiner Berichts-Aufbereitungs-Prozessor
abarbeiten {v} :: to work off (a debt, the items on a to-do list, etc); to resolve or take care of something by working
abarbeiten {v} :: to work hard, to slave away
Abart {f} :: subspecies, subkind, subvariety; a kind which deviates from a standard or a convention or a norm
Abart {f} :: degenerate or deviation
abarten {vi} [dated] :: to deviate, to degenerate
abartig {adj} :: deviant, abnormal
abartig {adj} :: sexually deviant
Abartigkeit {f} :: deviance, abnormality
Abartigkeit {f} :: sexual deviance
Abartung {f} :: A deviation or degeneration from something's normal state
Abartung {f} :: A variety or particular variation
Abartung {f} [biology] :: The occurrence of mutations in a plant or animal species
Abasie {f} :: abasia (incapacity to walk)
Abate {m} [religion] :: abbot
abatisch {adj} :: abasic
Abaton {n} :: abaton
abätzen {v} :: to clean or remove with etchants
abaxial {adj} :: abaxial
Abbaggerung {f} :: removal or excavation with the help of an excavator
Abbaggerung {f} :: destruction or demolition with the help of an excavator
abballern {vt} [colloquial] :: to shoot dead
Abbau {m} :: dismantling, demolition
Abbau {m} :: mining
Abbau {m} :: decomposition, separation, analysis
abbaubar {adj} :: degradable
abbaubar {adj} :: demountable (disk etc)
Abbaubarkeit {f} :: degradability
abbauen {v} :: to dismantle
abbauen {v} [mining] :: to mine
abbauen {v} :: to reduce
abbauen {v} :: to degrade
Abbauerscheinung {f} :: degenerative change
Abbaugerechtigkeit {f} [law, mining] :: mining rights
Abbaumethode {f} :: mining method
Abbauort {m} :: mining site
Abbauprodukt {n} [chemistry, biology] :: product of the decomposition of a long-chain molecule
Abbauprozess {m} [biology, chemistry] :: degradation process
abbauwürdig {adj} [of a mine] :: exploitable, workable
Abbé {m} :: abbé
Abbeförderung {f} :: dispatching, removal
Abbeförderung {f} :: euphemism for killing
abbeissen {v} :: alternative spelling of abbeißen
abbeißen {v} :: to bite off
abbeißen {v} :: to snap off
abbeißen {vr} :: (with von) to pursue, to strive after, to strive to
Abbeizmittel {n} :: paint remover, paint stripper
abbekommen {v} :: to get a share of something (pleasant or unpleasant)
abberufen {vt} :: to withdraw
abberufen {vt} :: to recall
Abberufung {f} :: dismissal, revocation
abbestellen {v} :: to cancel a subscription
abbestellen {v} :: in a more general sense: to cancel any kind of delivery of a thing or summons of a person you have ordered
Abbestellung {f} :: cancellation
abbezahlen {v} :: to pay off
Abbezahlung {f} :: repayment
abbiegen {vt} :: to bend
abbiegen {vt} [technical] :: to fold (metal)
abbiegen {vt} [figurative] :: to head off, to stave off
abbiegen {vi} :: to turn, to turn off
abbiegen {vi} :: to branch off
Abbiegespur {f} :: filter lane, turning lane
Abbiegung {f} :: bend
Abbild {n} :: image, reflection
Abbild {n} :: image, picture, portrayal
abbildbar {adj} :: imageable
abbilden {v} :: To portray, to depict, to picture
abbilden {v} :: To map, to outline
Abbildung {f} :: depiction, image, figure, picture, illustration
Abbildung {f} :: mapping
Abbildungsfehler {m} [optics] :: aberration, image defect
Abbildungsmaßstab {m} [photography] :: image scale
Abbildungstechnik {f} :: synonym of Abbildungstechnologie
Abbildungstechnologie {f} :: (digital) imaging technology
Abbindebeschleuniger {m} :: accelerant (construction material)
abbinden {vt} :: to untie, undo
abbinden {vt} :: to lace
abbinden {vt} [medicine] :: to ligate
abbinden {vi} :: to bind
abbinden {vi} [tech, constr] :: to set
Abbitte {f} :: apology, request to be forgiven
abbitten {v} :: to apologize
abblasen {vt} :: to call off (performance, party)
Abblaseventil {n} :: relief valve
abblättern {vi} :: to chip off, to peel off, to flake off
abblätternd {adj} :: flaking, peeling off, shedding
abblenden {vt} :: to dim
Abblendlicht {n} :: anti-dazzle light, low beam, dimmed light
abblitzen {v} :: to rebuff
abblocken {v} [sports] :: to block
Abbrand {m} :: burnup
Abbrand {m} :: combustion
abbrechen {v} :: To break off (remove by breaking)
abbrechen {v} :: To terminate, cancel (end incompletely)
abbrechen {v} :: To discard (throw away)
abbrechen {v} :: To pull down (demolish)
Abbrecher {m} :: dropout
Abbrecher {m} :: demolition company, demolition worker
Abbrecherquote {f} :: dropout rate
abbremsen {vi} :: to slow down, decelerate
Abbremsen {n} :: () braking, deceleration
abbrennen {v} :: to burn down
abbrennend {adj} :: burnt, scorched
abbrennend {adj} :: burnt away
Abbreviation {f} :: abbreviation
Abbreviatur {f} :: abbreviation
abbringen {vt} [chiefly in phrases] :: to dissuade, discourage, put/throw off course
abbröckeln {v} :: To crumble away
abbröckeln {v} :: To flake off
Abbruch {m} :: demolition
Abbruch {m} :: termination, discontinuation
Abbruch {m} [computing or military] :: abort
Abbrucharbeiter {m} :: demolition worker
Abbruchbirne {f} :: wrecking ball
Abbruchfirma {f} :: demolition company
Abbruchgenehmigung {f} :: demolition permit
Abbruchhaus {n} :: condemned building
abbruchreif {adj} :: ramshackle
Abbruchunternehmen {n} :: demolition company
abbuchen {v} :: to debit
abbügeln {vt} [idiom] :: to brush off (To disregard something, to dismiss or ignore someone.)
Abc {n} :: alternative form of ABC
ABC {n} :: ABC, alphabet
ABC {initialism} [weapons] :: NBC. Initialism of "Atomare, Biologische und Chemische"
Abc-Buch {n} :: primer (book)
Abchase {m} :: Abkhaz
Abchasien {prop} {n} :: Abkhazia (a region/country in the Caucasus)
abchasisch {adj} :: Abkhaz (of or pertaining to Abkhazia)
Abchasisch {prop} {n} :: Abkhaz (a Northwest Caucasian language spoken in Abkhazia)
Abc-Schütze {m} :: alternative form of ABC-Schütze
ABC-Schütze {m} [colloquial, dated in some regions] :: first-year pupil; child who has just started school; abecedarian (male or of unspecified sex)
ABC-Waffen {fp} :: NBC weapons
ABC-Waffen-frei {adj} :: NBC-weapons-free
Abdampf {m} :: exhaust steam, waste steam
Abdampfen {n} :: evaporation, vaporization
abdämpfen {v} :: to dampen
abdämpfen {v} [music] :: to mute, especially kettledrums
Abdampfentöler {m} :: exhaust-steam oil separator
Abdampfrate {f} :: rate of evaporation
Abdampfschale {f} :: evaporating dish
Abdampfturbine {f} :: exhaust-steam turbine
abdanken {v} :: to resign
abdankend {adj} :: abdicating, resigning
Abdankung {f} :: resignation
abdecken {v} :: to cover
abdecken {v} :: to cover costs
abdecken {v} :: to uncover, untile
Abdecker {m} :: knacker (one who deals with animal cadavers)
Abdeckplatte {f} :: panel
Abdeckung {f} :: cover, covering
Abdeckung {f} :: coverage
abderitisch {adj} :: abderitic
Abdestillation {f} [chemistry] :: fractional distillation
abdestillieren {v} :: To distil off (remove by distillation)
abdestilliert {v} :: past participle of abdestillieren
abdichten {v} :: to seal (prevent leakage)
Abdikation {f} :: abdication
abdikativ {adj} :: abdicative
abdingbar {adj} :: amendable, cancellable
abdirigieren {v} :: To direct away
Abdomen {n} [anatomy, rare] :: abdomen
abdominal {adj} :: abdominal
abdominell {adj} :: abdominal
abdrehen {vi} :: to turn
abdrehen {vi} [nautical] :: to veer
abdrehen {vi} [aviation] :: to peel off
abdreschen {vt} :: to thresh
abdriften {vi} :: to drift off course
Abdruck {m} :: imprint, impression (the mark left behind by pressing on or printing something); print (of e.g. a finger)
abdrücken {v} :: to fire, to shoot (a weapon etc.); to pull the trigger
abdrücken {v} [technology] :: to pressure-test
Abduktion {f} :: abduction (physiology: movement separating limb from axis)
Abduktion {f} :: Abductive reasoning
Abduktor {m} :: abductor (muscle)
Abece {n} :: ABC
Abecedarium {n} :: abecedarium
Abeillekolibri {m} :: The emerald-chinned hummingbird, Abeillia abeillei
abeisen {v} [Austria] :: to defrost
-abel {suffix} :: -able, -ible
Abend {m} :: evening; the time from dusk onwards (unlike in English, now generally including the first hours of the night, until midnight)
Abend {m} [archaic] :: The west
Abendappell {m} :: Evening roll call
Abendblatt {n} :: evening paper
Abendbrot {n} :: supper, dinner (evening meal), typically consisting of bread, sliced meat, cheese, and pickles
Abenddämmerung {f} :: dusk (a period of time occurring at the end of the day during which the sun sets)
abendessen {v} [southern Germany, Austria] :: to sup, to have supper (the evening meal)
Abendessen {n} :: dinner, supper (the evening meal)
abendfüllend {adj} :: all-night
Abendgebet {n} :: evening prayer
Abendkasse {f} :: ticket office (office where tickets may be purchased immediately before the performance)
Abendkleid {n} :: evening dress
Abendland {n} :: The Western world; Christendom
abendländisch {adj} :: occidental
abendlich {adj} :: evening
Abendmahl {n} [Christianity] :: Last Supper (Biblical event)
Abendmahl {n} [Protestantism] :: Communion; Eucharist (sacrament)
Abendmahl {n} [southern Germany, Austria, otherwise archaic, literary] :: supper; evening meal
Abendmahlsfeier {f} [Roman Catholicism] :: a mass on Maundy Thursday in remembrance of the biblical Last Supper
Abendmahlsfeier {f} [Protestantism] :: Communion; Eucharist (sacrament)
Abendrot {n} :: Red color of the (western) sky around the time of sunset
Abendroth {prop} :: surname
abends {adv} :: at night, p.m.
Abendschule {f} :: night school
Abendsonne {f} :: evening sun, setting sun
Abendstern {prop} {m} [astronomy] :: Evening star; the planet Venus as seen in the western sky in the evening
Abendstern {prop} {m} [astronomy] :: Evening star; any star (or planet, anciently thought to be a star) seen in the evening, especially the planets Mercury and Jupiter
Abendwind {m} :: evening wind
Abendwind {m} :: west wind, zephyr
Abenteuer {n} :: adventure
abenteuerdurstig {adj} :: adventurous
Abenteuerfilm {m} :: adventure film
abenteuerhungrig {adj} :: adventurous
Abenteuerin {f} :: An adventuress, female adventurer
abenteuerlich {adj} [related to adventures] :: adventurous
Abenteuerlichkeit {f} :: adventurousness
abenteuerlichsten {adj} :: superlative of abenteuerlich
abenteuerlustig {adj} [inclined to adventure] :: adventurous
abenteuerlustiger {adj} :: comparative of abenteuerlustig
abenteuerlustigsten {adj} :: superlative of abenteuerlustig
Abenteuerspielplatz {m} [leisure time] :: adventure playground
abenteuersüchtig {adj} :: adventurous
Abenteurer {m} :: adventurer
Abenteurerin {f} :: An adventuress, female adventurer
aber {conj} :: but; however; though
aber {adv} [obsolete, except in compounds] :: again
aber {adv} [qualifier] :: rather; quite; unusually; used with adjectives to express a surprising degree, whether this surprise be real or for effect
aber {adv} :: nonetheless, nevertheless
Aber {n} :: an objection
Aberglaube {m} :: superstition
Aberglauben {m} :: superstition
abergläubig {adj} :: alternative form of abergläubisch
abergläubisch {adj} :: superstitious
abergläubischer {adj} :: comparative of abergläubisch
abergläubischsten {adj} :: superlative of abergläubisch
aber hallo {interj} :: absolutely!, you bet!
aberhundert {adj} :: hundredfold
aberkennen {v} :: to revoke [e.g. a right, a title, an award]
abermalig {adj} :: repeated
abermals {adv} :: anew
aberrant {adj} :: aberrant
aberranter {adj} :: comparative of aberrant
aberrantesten {adj} :: superlative of aberrant
Aberration {f} :: aberration (deviation)
Aberration {f} [optics] :: aberration
Aberration {f} [physiology] :: aberration
abertausend {adj} :: thousandfold
aberwitzig {adj} :: ludicrous
aberwitzig {adv} :: ludicrously
aberwitziger {adj} :: comparative of aberwitzig
aberwitzigsten {adj} :: superlative of aberwitzig
Abessinien {prop} {n} :: Abyssinia (the historical name of Ethiopia)
Abessinien {n} [dated, slang] :: a nude beach, a nudist beach
abessinisch {adj} :: Abyssinian
abfackeln {v} :: to burn off
abfahrbereit {adj} :: ready to leave / depart
abfahren {v} :: to depart, to leave
abfahren {v} [idiomatic, colloquial] :: to be crazy about something
Abfahrt {f} :: departure
Abfahrt {f} [sports] :: downhill
Abfahrt {f} :: slip road
abfahrtbereit {adj} :: synonym of abfahrbereit
Abfahrthalle {f} [rare] :: alternative form of Abfahrtshalle (departure room of a train station)
Abfahrtshalle {f} :: departure room of a train station
Abfahrtsliste {f} :: sailing list
Abfall {m} :: waste, garbage, rubbish, litter
Abfall {m} :: decrease, decline, drop
Abfall {m} [religion] :: apostasy
Abfalleimer {m} :: rubbish bin; dustbin; trash can (small container for wet rubbish, either indoors or a fixed one outdoors)
abfallen {v} :: to fall off, to drop off
abfallen {v} [religion] :: to apostatize
abfällig {adj} :: derogatory, disparaging
abfällig {adv} :: disparagingly, pejoratively
Abfallprodukt {n} :: waste product
Abfallstoff {m} :: waste product
abfangen {v} :: to intercept
abfangen {v} :: to pull up
abfangen {v} :: to pull an aircraft out of a dive
abfärben {vi} [of inks or dyes] :: to bleed
abfärben {vi} [idiomatic] :: to rub off [+ auf (object) = jemanden = on]
abfassen {v} :: to write down
abfassen {v} [cant] :: to arrest
abfedern {v} :: to cushion (a blow)
abfertigen {v} :: To make ready for dispatch
Abfertigung {f} :: act of finishing
Abfertigung {f} :: dispatch
Abfertigung {f} :: clearance
Abfertigung {f} :: expedition
Abfertigung {f} :: smart rejoinder
Abfertigung {f} :: reproof, snub
Abfertigung {f} :: dismissal
Abfertigungsgebäude {n} [aviation] :: terminal building
Abfertigungsschalter {m} :: dispatch counter
Abfertigungsschalter {m} [aviation] :: check in counter
abfeuern {v} :: to fire off, to fire (a weapon)
Abfeuerung {f} :: discharge, firing (as of a gun)
abfiltern {v} :: To filter off (remove by filtration)
abfiltriert {v} :: past participle of abfiltrieren - filtered off/out
abfinden {vt} :: to pay compensation
abfinden {vr} [+ mit] :: to come to terms, to face
Abfindung {f} [money] :: settlement, compensation
abflachen {vt} :: to flatten
abflachen {v} [reflective] :: to flatten (sich abflachen)
abflaken {v} :: To shoot down with antiaircraft fire
abfliegen {v} [aviation] :: to take off (from the ground), to fly away
abfliegen {v} :: to depart
abfliegen {v} [of birds] :: to migrate
abfliegen {vt} :: to fly over, overfly
abfliessen {v} :: alternative spelling of abfließen
abfließen {v} :: to drain
Abflug {m} [aviation] :: take-off
Abflug {m} [aviation] :: departure
Abflugzeit {f} :: time of departure [of a plane]
Abfluss {m} :: drain; plughole [especially in the bathroom, also toilet]
Abfluss {m} :: outlet
Abfluß {m} :: alternative spelling of Abfluss
Abflussleitung {f} [technology] :: drainpipe
Abflußleitung {f} :: alternative spelling of Abflussleitung
abflusslos {adj} :: undrained (having no discharge)
Abfolge {f} :: succession (sequence arranged in order)
Abfrage {f} :: query
abfragen {v} :: to query, question
abfräsen {v} :: to chamfer, to bevel
Abführmittel {n} :: laxative (substance with a laxative effect)
abfüllen {v} :: to fill up
abfüllen {v} :: to bottle, to bag [something into containers]
abfüllen {v} [colloquial] :: to get drunk
Abgabe {f} :: tax, duty
Abgabe {f} :: delivery, contribution
Abgabeleistung {f} [electricity] :: delivery power
abgabenfrei {adj} :: duty-free, tax-free
Abgang {m} :: exit
Abgang {m} :: departure
Abgang {m} :: sale
Abgänger {m} :: graduate
abgängig {adj} :: missing (especially of people)
Abgas {n} :: emission, exhaust, exhaust gas, waste gas, exhaust fumes, offgas
Abgaskatalysator {m} :: catalytic converter (in a vehicle)
Abgasklappe {f} [technology] :: exhaust door
Abgassonderuntersuchung {f} [historical] :: exhaust emission test
Abgasstrom {m} :: exhaust stream
Abgastemperatur {f} :: exhaust gas temperature
Abgasturbine {f} :: exhaust gas turbine
abgebaut {adj} :: degraded, decomposed, dismantled
abgebaut {adj} :: mined
abgeben {v} :: to hand in
abgeben {v} :: to deliver
abgeben {v} :: to deposit
abgeben {v} :: to give away
abgeben {v} :: to sell
abgeben {v} :: to hand over
abgeben {v} :: to pass on
abgeben {v} :: to concede
abgeben {v} :: to emit, give off
abgeben {vt} [sports] :: to pass a ball
abgeben {v} :: (shoot) to fire
abgeben {v} :: (declaration) to give
abgeben {v} :: (vote) to cast
abgeben {v} :: (stuff, plot, background, frame) to provide
abgeben {v} :: (to act like someone) to make
abgeben {vi} [sports] :: to pass
abgeben {vr} :: to bother oneself with somebody/something, to associate with somebody/something, to mess around with somebody
abgebildet {adj} :: depicted, pictured
abgebildet {adj} :: mapped
abgeblasen {v} :: past participle of abblasen
abgebrannt {adj} :: destitute
abgebrannt {adj} :: broke, bankrupt
abgebremst {v} :: past participle of abbremsen - slowed down, decelerated
abgebröckelt {v} :: past participle of abbröckeln
abgebrüht {adj} [chiefly derogatory, sometimes commendatory] :: callous and cunning; experienced in “the game”, in immoral behaviour
abgebügelt {v} :: past participle of abbügeln
abgedichtet {v} :: past participle of abdichten
abgefahren {adj} [not comparable] :: just left, recently departed
abgefahren {adj} [idiomatic] :: outstanding, great, cool
abgefahrener {adj} :: comparative of abgefahren
abgefahrensten {adj} :: superlative of abgefahren
abgefasst {v} :: past participle of abfassen
abgefeimt {adj} :: wicked, malevolent
abgefertigt {v} :: past participle of abfertigen
abgefiltert {v} :: past participle of abfiltern
abgeflacht {adj} :: flattened
abgeflacht {adj} :: levelled
abgeflacht {adj} :: oblate
abgeflakt {v} :: past participle of abflaken
abgefuckt {adj} :: fucked-up
abgeführt {v} :: past participle of abführen
abgeführt {adj} :: discharged
abgefüllt {v} :: past participle of abfüllen
abgefüllt {adj} :: bottled
abgefüllt {adj} :: filled (up)
abgegeben {adj} :: delivered
abgegeben {adj} :: submitted
abgegossen {v} :: past participle of abgießen
abgegossen {adj} :: decanted
abgehackt {adj} :: chopped off, hacked off
abgehackt {adj} :: choppy [way of moving, etc]
abgehackt {adj} :: clipped [way of speaking, screaming, etc]
abgehalftert {adj} :: abandoned, neglected
abgehalten {v} :: past participle of abhalten
abgehärtet {adj} :: hardened, hardy
abgehärteter {adj} :: comparative of abgehärtet
abgehauen {v} :: past participle of abhauen
abgehen {vi} :: to come off, come loose
abgehen {vi} :: to set off, set out
abgehört {v} :: past participle of abhören
abgejagt {v} :: past participle of abjagen
abgekämmt {v} :: past participle of abkämmen
abgekämpft {adj} :: weary
abgekämpft {adj} :: exhausted, worn-out
abgekartet {adj} :: put-up, collusive
abgekartete Sache {f} :: put-up affair
abgekartetes Spiel {n} :: put-up job, put-up, stitch-up
abgeklärt {v} :: past participle of abklären
abgeklärt {adj} :: prudent
abgeklärt {adj} :: clarified
abgeklärt {adj} :: mellow
abgeknickt {v} :: past participle of abknicken
abgekühlt {adj} :: cooled, chilled
abgekühlt {adj} :: abgekühlte Luft
abgekühlt {adj} :: slowed down
abgekühlt {adj} :: eine abgekühlte Konjunktur
abgeladen {v} :: past participle of abladen
abgelagert {v} :: past participle of ablagern
abgelaufen {adj} :: expired, lapsed, out of date
abgelebt {v} :: past participle of ableben
abgelegen {adj} :: remote (distant or otherwise inaccessible)
abgelegener {adj} :: comparative of abgelegen
abgelegensten {adj} :: superlative of abgelegen
abgelegt {v} :: past participle of ablegen
abgelehnt {adj} :: rejected, declined
abgelehnt {adj} :: opposed
abgeleitet {adj} :: derived
abgeleitet {adj} :: derivative
abgelesen {v} :: past participle of ablesen
abgelöst {v} :: past participle of ablösen
abgelöst {adj} :: detached
abgelöst {adj} :: replaced
abgelöst {adj} :: ousted
abgemacht {adj} :: agreed
abgemacht {adj} :: settled
abgemeiert {v} :: past participle of abmeiern
abgeneigt {adj} :: averse, loath
abgeneigt {adj} :: opposed
abgenutzt {v} :: past participle of abnutzen
abgenutzt {adj} :: worn, shabby
abgenutzt {adj} :: worn out
Abgeordnete {f} :: female Member of Parliament
Abgeordnetenhaus {n} :: house of representatives / deputies (in parliament)
Abgeordneter {m} :: delegate, assemblyman, representative, Member of Parliament
abgepackt {v} :: past participle of abpacken
abgepackt {adj} :: packed, packaged
abgeraten {v} :: past participle of abraten
abgeraten {adj} :: discouraged
abgeraten {adj} :: dissuaded
abgerechnet {v} :: past participle of abrechnen
abgereichert {v} :: past participle of abreichern
abgerissen {adj} :: ragged, tattered
abgerissen {adj} :: seedy
abgerufen {v} :: past participle of abrufen - accessed, retrieved, fetched
abgesagt {v} :: past participle of absagen
abgesagt {adj} :: postponed; called off, cancelled
abgesättigt {v} :: past participle of absättigen
abgesaugt {v} :: past participle of absaugen - sucked off
abgeschabt {v} :: past participle of abschaben
abgeschabt {adj} :: shabby, threadbare
abgeschafft {v} :: past participle of abschaffen
abgeschieden {adj} :: secluded
Abgeschiedenheit {f} :: seclusion
abgeschirmtes Kabel {n} :: screened cable, shielded cable
abgeschlagen {v} :: past participle of abschlagen
abgeschlagen {adj} :: severed, cut off
abgeschlagen {adj} :: repulsed, beaten
abgeschlossen {adj} :: separate, enclosed
abgeschlossen {adj} :: secluded
abgeschlossen {adj} :: completed
abgeschmackt {adj} :: outrageous
abgeschmackt {adj} :: corny, fatuous
abgeschmackter {adj} :: comparative of abgeschmackt
abgeschmacktesten {adj} :: superlative of abgeschmackt
abgeschnallt {adj} :: unstrapped
abgeschöpft {v} :: past participle of abschöpfen
abgeschöpft {adj} :: skimmed
abgeschreckt {v} :: past participle of abschrecken
abgeschweift {v} :: past participle of abschweifen
abgesehen {v} :: past participle of absehen - disregarded
abgesehen {adv} :: other than
abgesenkt {v} :: past participle of absenken
abgesichert {v} :: past participle of absichern
abgesichert {adj} :: secured, protected
abgesoffen {v} :: past participle of absaufen
abgespannt {adj} :: exhausted
abgespannter {adj} :: comparative of abgespannt
abgespanntesten {adj} :: superlative of abgespannt
abgesperrt {adj} :: locked
abgesperrt {adj} :: fenced off
abgespielt {v} :: past participle of abspielen
abgespritzt {v} :: past participle of abspritzen
abgesprochen {v} :: past participle of absprechen
abgestellt {v} :: past participle of abstellen
abgestellt {adj} :: parked (car)
abgestochen {v} :: past participle of abstechen
abgestorben {adj} :: dead, necrotic
abgestorben {adj} :: mortified
abgestossen {v} :: past participle of abstossen
abgestrahlt {v} :: past participle of abstrahlen
abgestrahlt {adj} :: radiated
abgestreift {v} :: past participle of abstreifen
abgestumpft {v} :: past participle of abstumpfen
abgestumpft {adj} :: blunted, dulled, jaded, deadened
abgestumpft {adj} :: truncated
abgesunken {v} :: past participle of absinken
abgetippt {v} :: past participle of abtippen
abgetrennt {adj} :: detached, severed, separated
abgewandt {v} :: past participle of abwenden
abgewartet {v} :: past participle of abwarten
abgewehrt {v} :: past participle of abwehren
abgewendet {v} :: past participle of abwenden
abgewertet {v} :: past participle of abwerten
abgewirtschaftet {adj} :: rundown
abgewirtschafteter {adj} :: comparative of abgewirtschaftet
abgewöhnen {vr} :: to give up, to break [a habit]
abgewöhnen {v} [ditransitive] :: to make sombody give up [a habit]
abgeworfen {v} :: past participle of abwerfen
abgeworfen {adj} :: dropped
abgeworfen {adj} :: thrown (from a horse)
abgewrackt {v} :: past participle of abwracken
abgezockt {adj} [colloquial] :: ripped off
Abglanz {m} :: reflection
Abgott {m} :: a false god; an idol
abgöttisch {adj} :: adoring
abgöttisch {adj} :: idolatrous
abgrenzen {v} :: to delimit, to demarcate
Abgrenzung {f} :: demarcation
Abgrenzung {f} :: differentiation
Abgrund {m} :: abyss
abgründig {adj} :: abysmal
abgründiger {adj} :: comparative of abgründig
abgründigsten {adj} :: superlative of abgründig
abgrundtief {adj} :: abysmal
abgünstig {adj} :: jealous
Abguss {m} :: mold, cast
Abh. {f} :: abbreviation of Abhandlung
abhaben können {v} :: alternative form of haben können
abhacken {v} :: to chop up with an axe
abhaken {v} :: to checkmark
abhaken {v} [figuratively] :: to finish, to forget about
abhalten {vt} :: to stop, prevent (someone (from) doing something)
abhalten {vt} :: to hold (a service, ceremony etc.)
abhalten {vt} [nautical] :: to change the direction from
abhandeln {v} :: to deal with, cover [a topic]
abhandeln {v} :: to strike a deal to buy
abhanden {adv} :: gone, lost
Abhandlung {f} :: treatise (systematic discourse on some subject)
Abhang {m} :: slope, incline
Abhang {m} :: hillside, declivity
abhängen {vi} [abhängen von] :: (+ dative) to depend (on)
abhängen {v} [slang] :: to hang out
abhängig {adj} [with von] :: dependent (on)
abhängig {adj} [with von] :: addicted (to)
abhängiger {adj} :: comparative of abhängig
Abhängigkeit {f} :: dependency
Abhängigkeit {f} :: addiction
Abhängigkeits-Invertierungs-Prinzip {prop} {n} [programming, object-oriented] :: dependency inversion principle
abhängigsten {adj} :: superlative of abhängig
abhauen {vt} [auxiliary verb: haben, cutting weapon] :: to cut off
abhauen {vi} [auxiliary verb: sein] :: to do a runner
abhauen {vi} [auxiliary verb: sein, pejorative] :: to piss off
abheben {vi} :: to lift off
abheben {vi} [of airplanes] :: to take off
abheben {v} [telephone, pick up the receiver] :: to answer
abheben {vt} [banking, of bank accounts] :: to withdraw
abheben {v} [card games] :: to cut
abheben {vr} :: to be dissimilar to, differ from (von)
abheilend {adj} :: healing
Abhilfe {f} :: remedy, relief
Abhilfe {f} :: redress
abhold {adj} :: lofty
abholen {v} :: to collect, pick up or fetch someone or something
abholzen {v} :: to cut down the trees, to clear of timber
Abholzung {f} :: extensive cutting of trees: logging, deforestation, clear-felling
abhören {v} :: to wiretap a phone call
abhören {v} :: to auscultate
abhörsicher {adj} :: (of rooms or equipment) secure, bugproof
Abhörverbrecher {m} :: (World War II) A person who illegally listens to foreign radio broadcasts
Abi {n} :: clipping of Abitur
Abi {prop} {m} :: given name
Abia {prop} {m} :: given name
Abiogenese {f} :: abiogenesis
Abiogenesis {f} :: abiogenesis
abiotisch {adj} :: abiotic
Abitur {n} :: final exams taken by pupils at the end of their secondary education in Germany and Finland
Abiturient {m} :: A pupil / student who is taking, or who has taken and passed, the Abitur. (male or of unspecified sex) (roughly, high-school graduate)
Abiturientin {f} :: Abiturient (female) (roughly, high-school graduate)
abjagen {v} :: to take, to snatch away, to steal
abjekt {adj} :: abject
abjekt {adj} :: despicable
abkacken {v} [vulgar] :: to fuck up (to do badly at something)
abkacken {v} [vulgar] :: to die
abkacken {v} [vulgar] :: to pass out
abkacken {v} [vulgar] :: to crash
abkacken {v} [vulgar] :: to be stunned, to be stricken by amaze
abkämmen {v} :: To search an area
abkämmen {v} :: To destroy by bombing
abkanzeln {v} [colloquial] :: to rebuke
abkapseln {vt} :: to seclude, to shut off
Abkapselung {f} :: encapsulation
abkarten {v} [colloquial] :: to secretly prearrange to advance one's own interest
abkaufen {v} :: to buy, buy out
abkaufen {v} [idiomatic] :: to buy into, buy [to believe something]
Abkehr {f} :: rejection; renunciation
abklären {v} :: to clarify, to clear up
Abklärung {f} :: clarification
Abklatsch {m} [printing] :: cliché
Abklatsch {m} :: poor copy, poor imitation
abklingen {v} [of, sound, light] :: to fade away
abklingen {v} [physics] :: to decay
Abklingzeit {f} [physics, music] :: decay time
abknabbern {vt} :: to nibble off
abknallen {v} :: to shoot down, to bump off, to pick off
abknicken {v} :: to snap
abknicken {v} :: to break
Abkomme {m} :: descendant
abkommen {v} [dated] :: to come from, to derive from
abkommen {v} :: to stray from (something)
abkommen {v} :: to unintentionally stray from (a chosen course)
abkommen {v} :: to digress from (a goal or subject)
abkommen {v} :: to abandon
abkommen {v} [sports] :: to start (a competition, event, etc) (in a particular way)
abkommen {v} :: to free oneself
abkommen {v} :: to get away, to tear oneself away (from an activity)
abkommen {v} :: to turn from, to estrange oneself from (someone)
abkommen {v} :: to get clear of (something or someone), to get or be free of
abkommen {v} :: to go out of style (to become disused or obsolete)
abkommen {v} [dialectal] :: to grow thin and gaunt, to go to rack
abkommen {v} [regional, Namibia, of a Rivier (arroyo)] :: to (be filled with and) carry water
abkommen {v} [regional, Namibia, of weather: of the wind, a draught/draft, a storm, etc] :: to (unexpectedly) form or arise and draw near
Abkommen {n} :: accord
abkömmlich {adj} :: dispensable
Abkömmling {m} :: descendant
Abkömmling {m} [chemical derived from another] :: derivative
abkönnen {v} [idiomatic, colloquial] :: to be able to stand or endure something or someone
abkrageln {v} [colloquial, regional] :: to kill
abkratzen {v} :: to scrape
abkratzen {v} :: to kick the bucket, snuff it (die)
abkriegen {v} [colloquial] :: to get
abkriegen {v} [colloquial] :: to pull (someone), to pick up
abkriegen {v} [colloquial] :: to get off, remove
abkühlen {v} :: to cool off
Abkühlen {n} :: cooling, quenching
Abkühlgeschwindigkeit {f} :: rate of cooling
Abkühlung {f} :: cooling
Abkunft {f} :: parentage
abkupfern {v} :: to plagiarize, to copy
abkürzen {vt} :: to abbreviate
Abkürzung {f} :: abbreviation
Abkürzung {f} :: shortcut
Abkürzungsdschungel {m} [figuratively] :: alphabet soup (overabundance of acronyms and abbreviations)
Abkürzungsverzeichnis {n} :: list of abbreviations
Abl. {abbr} :: abbreviation of Ablöse
abladen {v} :: to unload
Ablage {f} :: storage
ablagern {v} :: To deposit
ablagern {v} :: To season or age (especially timber)
Ablagerung {f} :: deposit, sediment
Ablagerung {f} :: debris
Ablagerung {f} :: residue
Ablagerung {f} :: deposition
ablandig {adj} :: offshore (moving away from the shore)
Ablass {m} :: drain
Ablass {m} :: cessation
Ablass {m} [Roman Catholic Church] :: indulgence
Ablaß {m} :: alternative spelling of Ablass
ablassen {v} :: to drain; to let off, to let out
ablassen {v} :: to let go
ablaßen {v} :: obsolete spelling of ablassen
Ablasshandel {m} [historical, Roman Catholicism] :: selling of indulgences
Ablaßhandel {m} :: obsolete spelling of Ablasshandel
Ablassventil {n} [technology] :: bleed valve, drain valve
Ablaßventil {n} :: obsolete spelling of Ablassventil
Ablation {f} :: ablation
Ablativ {m} [grammar] :: the ablative case
ablativisch {adj} :: ablative
Ablauf {m} :: process, procedure
Ablauf {m} :: expiry, expiration
Ablauf {m} :: flow, course
ablaufen {v} :: to expire, to run off
Ablaut {m} [linguistics] :: ablaut (substitution of one root vowel for another)
ableben {v} [literary] :: to decease, to die, to pass away, to leave this life
Ableben {n} [literary] :: passing (away), demise, death
ablebig {adj} [literary] :: deceased, dead, having left this life, having passed on
ablegen {v} :: To take off, put aside
Ableger {m} :: spin-off of a parent company or parent organisation
Ableger {m} [botany] :: layer, shoot of a plant
ablehnen {v} :: to decline, refuse, reject, turn down
Ablehnung {f} :: rejection
ableitbar {adj} :: derivable, deducible
ableiten {v} :: to derive
Ableitung {f} :: derivative (something derived)
Ableitung {f} :: derivation
Ableitung {f} [mathematics] :: derivative
Ableitung {f} [linguistics, process] :: derivation
Ableitung {f} [linguistics, product] :: derivative
ablenken {v} :: to divert
ablenken {v} :: to distract
Ablenkung {f} :: diversion
Ablenkung {f} :: distraction
ablesen {v} :: To read (take a reading)
abliefern {v} :: to deliver
Ablieferungspflicht {f} :: delivery duty
Ablöse {f} [rented dwelling] :: one-off payment [to previous tenant for immovable installations]
Ablöse {f} [sports] :: transfer fee
ablösefrei {adj} [sport] :: That can be transferred to another club with no compensation payment
ablösen {v} :: To detach or remove
ablösen {v} :: To supersede or take over from
ablösen {v} :: To relieve
Ablösung {f} :: removal
Ablösung {f} :: relief, replacement
abluchsen {v} [colloquial] :: to obtain through slyness or quickness; to wangle
ABM {abbr} :: Arbeitsbeschaffungsmaßnahme {f}
abmachen {v} :: to remove
abmachen {v} :: to agree
Abmachung {f} :: deal (agreement, arrangement)
abmagern {v} :: to lose weight
abmahnen {v} [law] :: to cease and desist
abmeiern {v} [archaic] :: To take away the right of ownership of a farm
abmelden {v} :: to log out, log off
abmessen {v} :: to measure
abmeßen {v} :: obsolete spelling of abmessen
Abnahme {f} :: abatement
abnehmbar {adj} :: removable, detachable
abnehmen {v} :: to decrease, to diminish
abnehmen {v} :: to lose weight
abnehmen {v} :: to accept
abnehmen {v} :: to receive
abnehmen {v} :: [of telephones] to pick up
abnehmend {adj} :: decreasing, declining, waning, shrinking
Abnehmer {m} :: consumer, buyer
Abnehmertausch {m} :: consumer exchange
Abneigung {f} :: aversion (dislike)
abnorm {adj} :: abnormal
abnormal {adj} :: abnormal
abnormaler {adj} :: comparative of abnormal
abnormalsten {adj} :: superlative of abnormal
abnutzen {vt} :: to wear out (by use)
abnutzen {vr} [to suffer due to use] :: to wear
Abnutzung {f} [damage of an item caused by use over time] :: wear
Abo {n} :: Short form of Abonnement
Abolitionismus {m} :: abolitionism
abominabel {adj} :: abominable
Abonnement {n} :: subscription
Abonnent {m} :: subscriber
Abonnentin {f} :: feminine noun of Abonnent
abonnieren {v} :: to subscribe
aboral {adj} :: aboral
Abordnungsgeld {n} :: relocation money
Aborigine {m} :: Aborigine, Aboriginal Australian (male or of unspecified sex)
Aborigine {f} :: Aborigine, Aboriginal Australian (female)
Abort {m} [dated] :: toilet, loo
Abort {m} [formal, medicine] :: miscarriage, spontaneous abortion, abort
abortiv {adj} :: abortive
Abortus {m} :: abortion
Abpfiff {m} [sports] :: final whistle
Abraham {prop} {m} :: Abraham (Biblical character)
Abraham {prop} {m} :: given name
abrahamitisch {adj} :: Abrahamic
Abrasion {f} :: abrasion (act of abrading)
Abrasion {f} [geology] :: abrasion
Abrasionsbeständigkeit {f} :: abrasion resistance
Abrasionsplatte {f} :: abrasion platform (loping or nearly flat bedrock surface extending out from the foot of a marine cliff under shallow water of a breaker (wave) zone)
abrasiv {adj} :: abrasive
abraten {v} :: to discourage, dissuade
abräumen {v} :: to clear away, to clear
abrechnen {vi} :: To settle up; to establish (and balance) all earnings and costs
abrechnen {vt} :: To sum up; cash up; to make a final account or bill of something; to include something in such a bill
abrechnen {vt} :: To subtract
abrechnen {vi} [figurative] :: To settle scores with someone or something; to make one's final reckoning; to get even; to have closure or revenge
Abrechnung {f} :: settlement (final invoice)
Abrechnung {f} :: reckoning, payoff
Abrede {f} [dated] :: agreement
abreiben {v} :: to rub off, scuff, or abrade
abreiben {v} :: to rub
abreiben {v} [cookery] :: to grate
Abreibung {f} :: abrasion
Abreibung {f} [figuratively] :: beating
abreichern {v} :: to deplete, to remove
Abreicherung {f} :: depletion
Abreise {f} [of a voyage] :: departure
abreisen {v} [at a voyage] :: to leave, depart (nach for)
abreisend {adj} :: departing
abreissen {v} :: alternative spelling of abreißen
abreißen {v} :: to tear off
abreißen {v} [a building] :: to tear down, to demolish
abret. {adj} :: abbreviation of altbretonisch
Abrieb {m} :: abrasion, wear
Abrieb {m} :: attrition
abriegeln {v} [of a door, etc.] :: to bar, to bolt
abriegeln {v} [of an area with barriers] :: to close off, to block off
Abriss {m} :: demolition
Abriss {m} :: summary, outline
Abriß {m} :: alternative spelling of Abriss
Abrissbirne {f} :: wrecking ball
Abrissparty {f} [colloquial] :: before the demolition of a building last private or public farewell event
Abrösten {n} :: roasting, torrefaction (of ores)
abrücken {vit} :: to move away [+ von (object) = from]
abrufbar {adj} :: available, accessible, retrievable
abrufen {v} :: To access, fetch or retrieve
abrunden {v} :: to round off (change the shape of an object to make it more circular; to complete or finish something)
abrunden {v} [arithmetic] :: to round down (round downwards to the desired accuracy)
abrunden {v} :: to top off (complete, to put the finishing touch to)
abrupt {adj} :: abrupt, suddenly
abrupt {adj} :: jerkingly
Abrüstung {f} :: disarmament
Abs. {m} :: abbreviation of Absatz
Abs. {m} :: abbreviation of Absender
ABS {initialism} :: initialism of Antiblockiersystem (anti-lock braking system)
Absage {f} :: refusal, rejection
absagen {v} :: to cancel, to call off
absagen {v} [of an invitation] :: to decline
absägen {v} :: to saw off
Absam {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Tyrol, Austria
absatteln {vt} :: to unsaddle (a horse)
absatteln {vi} [figurative] :: to halt, stop
absättigen {v} [chemistry] :: to be incapable of any further reaction or bond
absättigen {v} [psychology] :: to satisfy (a need, desire)
Absättigung {f} :: saturation
Absatz {m} :: heel (part of shoe)
Absatz {m} :: paragraph (passage in text)
Absatzbewegung {f} :: disengagement
Absatzbewegung {f} :: military retreat
absatzweise {adv} :: intermittently, in batches
absatzweise {adv} :: paragraph by paragraph, in paragraphs
absatzweise {adj} :: batchwise
Absatzzeichen {n} :: pilcrow, (a paragraph mark)
absaufen {v} [slang] :: to drown
absaufen {v} :: to lose altitude
absaugen {v} :: to suck off
absaugen {v} [slang] :: to give a blowjob
absaugen {v} :: to vacuum
Absaugung {f} :: suction
Absaugung {f} :: extraction (by suction)
abschaffen {v} :: to abolish, to annul
Abschaffung {f} :: abolition
abschälen {v} :: to bark
abschalten {v} :: to switch off
Abschattung {f} :: shading, shadowing
Abschattung {f} [philosophy] :: adumbration
abschätzig {adj} :: disparaging, derogatory
Abschaum {m} :: dregs, scum (the worst and lowest)
abscheiden {v} :: To deposit, precipitate
abscheiden {v} :: To eliminate
abscheiden {v} :: To separate
Abscheidung {f} :: precipitation, deposition
Abscheidung {f} :: sequestration
Abscheu {mf} :: abhorrence, abomination
abscheulich {adj} :: abominable, hideous
abscheulich {adj} :: abhorrent, detestable
abscheulich {adv} :: hideously, beastly, abominably, detestably
abscheulicher {adj} :: comparative of abscheulich
Abscheulichkeit {f} :: abomination
Abscheulichkeit {f} :: hideousness
abscheulichsten {adj} :: superlative of abscheulich
abschieben {v} :: to deport (from a country)
abschieben {v} :: to shift (blame or responsibility onto someone or onto certain circumstances)
Abschiebung {f} [legal] :: deportation
Abschied {m} :: parting, farewell
Abschiedsbrief {m} :: farewell letter
Abschiedsbrief {m} :: suicide note
Abschiedsgeschenk {n} :: parting gift
abschießen {v} :: to shoot off
abschießen {v} :: to shoot down
abschirmen {v} :: to screen, to protect
Abschirmung {f} :: shield, shielding
Abschirmung {f} :: screen, screening
Abschirmung {f} :: protection
abschlachten {v} :: to slaughter [to kill brutally]
abschlachten {v} :: to commit mass murder
Abschlag {m} :: discount, rebate
Abschlag {m} :: advance payment
Abschlag {m} [accounting] :: markdown
Abschlag {m} [sports] :: kick off
Abschlag {m} [golf] :: drive
abschlagen {v} :: to knock off
abschlagen {v} :: to cut off, chop off
abschlagen {v} [figurative] :: to refuse, to deny, to reject
abschlagen {v} [golf] :: to tee off
abschlagen {v} [football] :: to punt
Abschleppdienst {m} :: breakdown service
abschleppen {vt} :: to tow; to tow away (a car etc.)
abschleppen {vt} [colloquial] :: to pick up (a person in a pub etc.)
Abschleppwagen {m} :: tow truck
abschliessen {v} :: alternative spelling of abschließen
abschließen {v} :: to end, to finish or complete (eg one's studies)
abschließen {v} :: to shut off
abschließen {v} :: to lock up; to seal off
abschließen {v} :: to conclude (a contract, a deal), to finalise/finalize (a contract, an agreement)
abschließend {adj} :: final, concluding, closing
abschließend {adv} :: in conclusion
Abschluss {m} :: exclusion
Abschluss {m} :: end (finish)
Abschluss {m} :: graduation (the action or process of graduating)
Abschluß {m} :: obsolete spelling of Abschluss
Abschlussdeich {prop} {m} :: the Afsluitdijk, a dike damming the Zuiderzee off from the North Sea
Abschlussprüfung {f} :: final (test or examination given at the end of a term or class)
abschmecken {v} :: to taste a dish and, if necessary, add more spices to it
abschmettern {vt} [colloquial] :: to reject
abschminken {v} :: to remove make-up
abschneiden {vt} :: to cut off
abschneiden {vt} :: to truncate
abschneiden {vt} :: to shorten
abschneiden {vt} :: to amputate
abschneiden {vi} :: to score (well etc.)
Abschnitt {m} :: section (cutting)
Abschnitt {m} :: paragraph
Abschnitt {m} :: segment
abschnittsweise {adj} :: sectional
abschnittsweise {adv} :: sectionally (section by section)
abschnittweise {adv} :: in sections, section by section
Abschottung {f} :: partition, bulkhead
Abschottung {f} :: seclusion (of a person, a group, etc)
Abschottung {f} :: compartmentalisation (of a market)
Abschottung {f} :: isolation (of oneself, the desired result of isolationism)
abschrauben {vt} :: to unscrew
abschrecken {v} :: to discourage [to take away or reduce the courage of], to daunt, to repel, to scare
abschrecken {v} :: to quench [metal]
Abschrecken {n} :: quenching (of steel)
abschreckend {adj} :: deterrent, serving to deter and scare off
Abschreckung {f} :: deterrence
Abschreckung {f} :: terror
abschreiben {v} :: to transcribe
abschreiben {v} :: to plagiarize
abschreiben {v} [accounting] :: to write off
abschreiben {v} :: to consider something a write-off, as in colloquial use; to call defeat
Abschreibung {f} [finance] :: writedown, writeoff
abschreiten {vt} :: to pace or stride along (walk slowly along some path, as an officer inspecting a line of soldiers)
abschreiten {vt} :: to step off; to pace off (measure by steps)
Abschrift {f} :: transcript
Abschub {m} :: expulsion
abschüssig {adj} :: steep, sloping, precipitious
Abschußring {m} :: a marking made on the side of an antiaircraft gun to indicate the number of enemy planes it has shot down
abschütteln {v} :: to shake off
abschütten {v} :: to pour off (excess liquid)
abschwächen {vtr} :: to abate, weaken, attenuate
abschwächen {vtr} :: to alleviate, mitigate
abschweifen {v} :: to digress
abschweifend {adj} :: digressing, meandering, wandering, digressive, excursive
Abschweifung {f} :: digression
abschwören {v} :: to abjure, renounce [+ dative]
Abschwung {m} :: downturn, downswing
Absdorf {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Lower Austria, Austria
absehbar {adj} :: foreseeable
absehbar {adj} :: conceivable
absehen {vt} :: to foresee
absehen {v} :: to overlook, to disregard, to willfully not refer to a fact
abseilen {v} :: to descend
abseilen {v} :: (slang) to take a dump, as in "einen abseilen". "Einen" is the accusative of the male indefinite article "ein", so "einen abseilen" fully extended means "einen Scheißhaufen abseilen", translating as "to rope down a pile of shit", using the often graphic character of German youth language
Abseiler {m} [offensive] :: a lazy person who avoids doing his tasks
abseits {adv} :: apart, aside
abseits {prep} :: off, out of
Abseits {n} [sports] :: offside
Abseitsfalle {f} [football] :: offside trap
Abseitstor {m} :: Offside goal
abseitsverdächtig {adj} [soccer] :: possibly offside
Absence {f} [medicine] :: absence (temporary loss or disruption of consciousness)
Absence {f} [formal] :: absent-mindedness
absenden {v} :: to forward, send on
Absender {m} :: sender
absenkbar {adj} :: lowerable
absenken {vt} :: to lower, to sink, to deepen
Absenkung {f} :: lowering, sinking
Absenkung {f} [geology] :: drawdown
absent {adj} :: absent, not present
absent {adj} :: absent-minded
absetzbar {adj} [taxation] :: deductible
absetzen {v} :: to set down
absetzen {v} [to remove a monarch from power] :: to depose, dethrone
absetzen {v} [from the tax] :: to deduct
absetzen {vr} :: to break away
absichern {v} :: To secure, safeguard
absichern {v} :: To hedge
Absicherung {f} :: (insurance) coverage
Absicherung {f} :: protection, safeguard, hedge
Absicht {f} :: intention
Absicht {f} :: intent
absichtlich {adj} :: intentional
absichtlicher {adj} :: comparative of absichtlich
absichtlichsten {adj} :: superlative of absichtlich
Absiedler {m} :: emigrants
absinken {v} :: To sink, slump or fall
absinken {v} :: To plummet
Absinken {n} :: subsidence
Absinken {n} :: decline
absinkend {adj} :: sagging
Absinth {m} :: absinth (liquor)
absitzen {vt} [auxiliary: haben] :: to serve [time]
absitzen {vi} [auxiliary sein] :: to dismount [from a horse]
absolut {adj} :: absolute
absolut {adv} :: absolutely
Absolutadjektiv {n} [grammar] :: noncomparable adjective
Absolute Beginner {m} :: incel, a love-shy person
Absolution {f} [Christianity] :: absolution
Absolutismus {m} :: absolutism
absolutistisch {adj} :: absolutist, absolutistic
Absolvent {m} :: alumnus, graduate (of an educational institution)
Absolventin {f} :: female alumnus, graduate (of an educational institution)
absolvieren {v} :: to pass (successfully complete)
absolvieren {v} [theology] :: to absolve (pronounce free or give absolution from sin)
absonderlich {adj} :: weird, strange
absondern {v} :: to separate, to segregate
absondern {vr} :: to seclude oneself
absondern {v} [biology] :: to secrete
Absorber {m} :: absorber
absorbieren {v} :: to absorb, to soak up
absorbierend {adj} :: absorbing
Absorption {f} :: absorption (act or process of absorbing, either liquid or light)
Absorptionsfähigkeit {f} :: absorbency
Absorptionsgrad {m} [physics] :: (coefficient of) absorption; absorbance, absorptivity
Absorptionsspektrum {n} :: absorption spectrum
abspalten {v} :: to split off
Abspaltung {f} :: secession
Abspaltung {f} [physics] :: dissociation
Abspaltung {f} [chemistry] :: elimination
Abspann {m} :: end credits
abspannen {v} :: to wind down
abspecken {vi} :: to lose weight
abspecken {vt} [figuratively] :: to diminish
Absperre {f} :: closing off, dismissal
Absperrhahn {m} :: stopcock
abspielen {v} :: to play (a tape, a movie, an audio or video file etc.); to replay
abspielen {v} [sport] :: to pass
Absprache {f} :: agreement
Absprache {f} :: collusion
absprechen {vt} :: to arrange, to agree upon
absprechen {vt} :: to deny, to dispute
abspringen {v} :: to jump off
abspringen {v} [by extension] :: to abandon, leave in the lurch
abspritzen {v} [slang] :: cum (to have an orgasm; to ejaculate)
abspritzen {v} :: to inject
abspritzen {v} [slang] :: to murder by lethal injection
Abspritzer {m} [vulgar, offensive] :: man who ejaculates semen (typically into a woman)
Abspritzer {m} [vulgar] :: semen which has been ejaculated
Abspritzer {m} [offensive] :: person who kills other people using lethal injection (especially in connection with the Third Reich)
abspulen {vt} :: to unwind, to unspool
abstammen {v} :: to descend
abstammen {v} :: to stem
abstammen {v} :: to derive
Abstammung {f} :: descent, ancestry, lineage, parentage, genealogy
Abstammungsbescheid {m} :: genealogical certificate. Used during World War II to prove Aryan descent
Abstand {m} :: distance, interspace, spacing, interval
abstatten {vt} :: to do formally
abstauben {v} :: To dust, to wipe away dust
abstauben {v} :: To scrounge
abstauen {v} :: to stow away
abstechen {v} :: To cut off, cut out
abstechen {v} :: To stab (to death)
Abstecher {m} :: detour, side trip
abstecken {v} :: to stake out
absteigen {v} :: to get off, to dismount
absteigend {adj} :: downward, descending
absteigender {adj} :: comparative of absteigend
absteigendsten {adj} :: superlative of absteigend
abstellen {v} :: to put down, to set down
abstellen {v} [of a vehicle etc.] :: to park, to leave
abstellen {v} [military] :: to detach, to assign
abstellen {v} :: to turn off, to switch off
abstellen {v} [law, constructed with auf] :: to focus on a certain point
Abstellkammer {f} :: cubbyhole
Abstellraum {m} :: storeroom, storage room
abstempeln {v} :: to stamp
abstempeln {v} [figurative] :: to mark, to label, to brand [hastily]
absterben {v} :: to atrophy
absterben {v} :: to necrotize
absterben {v} :: to die back
Absterben {n} :: dieback
Abstieg {m} :: descent
Abstieg {m} [sports] :: relegation
abstimmen {v} :: to vote
abstimmen {vr} :: sich abstimmen: to coordinate or synchronise with someone:
Abstimmung {f} :: vote
Abstimmung {f} :: co-ordination, synchronising, agreement
abstimmungsberechtigt {adj} :: discussed, voted on, and agreed upon
Abstimmungsort {m} :: place or location, where one could or can vote; polling place
abstinent {adj} :: abstinent, teetotal
abstinentesten {adj} :: superlative of abstinent
Abstinenz {f} :: abstinence (the act or practice of abstaining)
Abstinenzler {m} :: teetotaler (male or of unspecified sex)
Abstoß {m} [soccer] :: goal kick
abstossen {v} :: alternative spelling of abstoßen
abstoßen {v} :: to repel
abstoßen {v} :: to push
abstoßend {adj} :: repulsive, repellent, repugnant
Abstossung {f} :: alternative spelling of Abstoßung
Abstoßung {f} :: repulsion
Abstoßung {f} :: rejection
Abstoßungsreaktion {f} [immunology] :: rejection reaction
Abstract {m} :: abstract
abstrafen {v} :: to punish, often out of vengefulness
Abstrafung {f} :: punishment (often out of vengefulness)
abstrahieren {v} :: to abstract [to consider abstractly]
Abstrahlung {f} :: radiation, emission
abstrakt {adj} :: abstract
abstrakte Fabrik {f} [software, object-oriented] :: abstract factory pattern
abstrakte Klasse {f} [software, object-oriented] :: abstract class
abstrakte Methode {f} [software, object-oriented] :: abstract method
abstrakter {adj} :: comparative of abstrakt
abstrakte Schnittstelle {f} [computing, object-oriented] :: abstract interface
abstraktesten {adj} :: superlative of abstrakt
Abstraktion {f} :: abstraction
Abstraktum {n} :: abstract term, abstract noun
Abstrebung {f} :: buttress, base
abstreifen {v} [ring, etc.] :: to slip off
abstreifen {v} [shoes, etc.] :: to wipe; to wipe off
abstreifen {v} [bark, etc.] :: to strip off
abstreiten {v} :: to repudiate
abstreiten {v} :: to contest
abstrus {adj} :: abstruse
abstrus {adv} :: abstrusely
abstufen {v} :: to divide
abstufen {v} :: to set in layers
Abstufung {f} :: gradation
abstumpfen {v} :: to blunt, dull, deaden
Absturz {m} :: crash
Absturz {m} [figurative] :: downfall, ruin
Absturz {m} [computing] :: crash
Absturz {m} [colloquial] :: heavy drinking
abstürzen {v} :: to crash
abstürzen {v} [aviation, computing] :: to crash
abstützen {v} :: to brace, to support, to underpin, to prop up
absuchen {v} :: to scour
absuchen {v} :: to search
absurd {adj} :: absurd
absurdesten {adj} :: superlative of absurd
Absurdität {f} :: absurdity
Abszess {m} {n} :: abscess
Abszeß {m} :: alternative spelling of Abszess
Abszisse {f} :: abscissa (first of two coordinates)
Abt. {f} :: abbreviation of Abteilung or Abteilungen
Abt. {f} :: abbreviation of Abteil or Abteile
Abt {m} :: abbot
abtauchen {v} :: to submerge; to plunge, descend
abtauchen {v} [figuratively] :: to go to ground, disappear
Abtei {f} :: abbey
Abtei {prop} :: A municipality in South Tyrol
Abteil {n} :: compartment
abteilen {vt} :: to divide, to split apart, to sunder, to section
Abteilung {f} :: department
Abteilung {f} :: division
Abteilung {f} :: battalion
Abteilungsleiter {m} :: manager (of a department)
Abtenau {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Salzburg, Austria
Abtheilung {f} :: obsolete spelling of Abteilung
abtippen {v} :: to typewrite
Äbtissin {f} :: abbess (female superior of a nunnery)
Abtlg. {f} :: abbreviation of Abteilung
abtörnen {v} :: to turn off, to repulse
abtörnend {adj} :: repulsive, revolting
abtöten {v} [religion, etc.] :: to mortify
abtöten {v} :: to kill; to kill off; usually in masses, of vermin or germs
abtragen {v} :: to remove, denude
abtragen {v} :: to degrade, wear down
abtragen {v} :: to pay off
abtragen {v} :: to carry off
abtragen {v} :: to clear up, clear away
abtragen {v} :: to take down, tear down
abträglich {adj} :: harmful
abträglich {adj} :: detrimental
abträglich {adj} :: derogatory
abträglicher {adj} :: comparative of abträglich
abträglichsten {adj} :: superlative of abträglich
Abtransport {m} :: transportation
abtransportieren {v} :: to transport away
abtransportieren {v} :: to evacuate
abtreiben {vi} :: to go/be sent off course
abtreiben {vi} :: to have an abortion
abtreiben {vt} :: to abort (a baby)
Abtreibung {f} :: abortion (of a baby)
abtrennbar {adj} :: detachable, removable, separable
abtrennen {v} :: to cut off, sever
abtrennen {v} :: to separate
Abtrennung {f} :: separation, detachment
Abtrennung {f} :: partition, secession
abtreten {vt} :: to kick away
abtreten {vt} :: to wipe off (the soles of one’s shoes)
abtreten {vt} :: to wear out (one’s shoes)
abtreten {vi} [with auxiliary sein] :: to step away, walk off
abtreten {vi} [with auxiliary sein] :: to resign (one’s job) [with von]
abtreten {vi} [euphemism, with auxiliary sein] :: to die
abtreten {vt} :: to relinquish, trade away, cede
abtrünnig {adj} :: renegade
Abtrünnigkeit {f} :: apostasy
abtun {v} :: To dismiss, brush aside, snub
abtun {v} :: To waive
abulg. {adj} :: abbreviation of altbulgarisch
Abulie {f} :: The condition abulia, absence of will-power or decisiveness
abundant {adj} :: abundant
ab und zu {adv} [idiom] :: now and then; occasionally
abverlangen {vt} :: to demand
abwägen {v} :: to weigh (to determine the intrinsic value or merit of an object)
Abwahl {f} :: voting someone out of office
abwandern {v} :: to emigrate
abwandern {v} [slang] :: to deport
Abwanderung {f} :: emigration
Abwanderungsabgabe {f} :: emigration fee
Abwärme {f} [technology] :: waste heat
Abwart {m} [Switzerland] :: caretaker, janitor (male or of unspecified sex)
abwarten {v} :: to await; to wait for
abwarten {v} :: to wait around
abwartend {adj} :: wait-and-see
abwartend {adv} :: hesitantly
abwärts {adv} :: downwards, downhill
abwärts {adv} :: downstream
abwaschen {vi} :: to wash up (clean utensils, dishes, etc.)
Abwasser {n} :: wastewater
Abwasser {n} :: water contaminated from human usage; sewage
Abwasseranlage {f} :: wastewater plant; sewage works
Abwasserkanal {m} :: sewer
Abwasserreinigung {f} :: wastewater / sewage treatment
abwechseln {v} :: to alternate
abwechselnd {adj} :: alternate, alternating
abwechselnd {adj} :: rotational
Abwechslung {f} :: alternation
Abwechslung {f} :: diversion, change
abwechslungsreich {adj} :: diversified, varied
abwechslungsreicher {adj} :: comparative of abwechslungsreich
abwechslungsreichsten {adj} :: superlative of abwechslungsreich
abwegig {adj} :: erroneous
abwegig {adj} :: perverse, wayward
abwegig {adj} :: eccentric
abwegig {adj} :: absurd
Abwehr {f} :: defence: action to stop an attack
Abwehr {f} :: a method or means of defence
Abwehr {f} :: repulse
Abwehr {f} :: counter-intelligence
Abwehr {f} :: rejection
Abwehr {prop} {f} :: the military intelligence service of the German Weimar Republic and Third Reich, from 1920 to 1944 or 1945
abwehrbereit {adj} [military] :: ready for defense, prepared for defense
abwehren {v} :: to fend off
abwehren {v} :: to refuse, to say no
Abwehrmechanismus {m} [psychology] :: defense mechanism
Abwehrschlacht {f} :: defensive battle
Abwehrspieler {m} [sports] :: back; defender (player; male or of unspecified sex)
Abwehrstoff {m} :: antigen, antibody
Abwehrstoff {m} :: antitoxin
abweichen {v} :: to differ or vary
abweichen {v} :: to deviate or diverge
abweichend {adj} :: different, variant, divergent
abweichend {adj} :: dissonant
abweichend {adv} :: differently, divergently
Abweichung {f} :: aberration, deviation
abweisen {v} :: to dismiss (reject)
abweisen {v} :: to repel an attack
abwenden {vt} :: to avert
abwenden {vr} :: to turn away
abwerben {vt} [a client or employee] :: to entice, to poach
abwerfen {vt} :: To throw down, to let fall
abwerfen {vt} [sport] :: To hit with the ball
abwerfen {vt} [finance] :: To get money from
abwerten {vt} :: to devaluate, to denigrate, to depreciate, to devalue
abwertend {adj} :: derogatory, pejorative, disparaging
abwesend {adj} :: absent (being away from a place)
abwesend {adj} :: distracted; not concentrated; absentminded
Abwesenheit {f} :: absence (state of being absent)
Abwesenheitspfleger {m} :: trustee during absence of owner
AB-Whg. {f} [apartment listing] :: abbreviation of Altbauwohnung
abwickeln {v} :: to unwind
abwickeln {v} :: to wind up (to dissolve a partnership or corporation and liquidate its assets)
Abwicklung {f} :: handling, processing, implementation
Abwicklung {f} :: transaction
abwiegen {v} :: to weigh, to weigh out
abwischbar {adj} :: Able to be wiped away / clean
abwracken {v} :: to wreck (down)
abwürgen {vt} [colloquial] :: to silence; to squash (prevent someone from finishing an utterance, or an utterance from being finished)
abwürgen {vt} [colloquial] :: to stall a car (cause the engine of a manual-transmission car to turn off by going too slowly for the selected gear)
abzählbar {adj} [maths] :: countable
Abzeichen {n} :: badge (distinctive mark)
abzeichnen {v} :: to draw (something or someone)
abzeichnen {v} :: to sign off on something
abzeichnen {v} :: (reflexive, with sich) to be outlined (against something), to stand out (against a background)
abzgl. {prep} :: abbreviation of abzüglich
abziehen {v} :: to subtract, to deduct
abziehen {vt} [troops, etc.] :: to pull out
abziehen {vi} :: to leave
abziehen {vi} :: to pull the trigger
abziehen {v} [colloquial] :: to rip off (to cheat, to charge an exorbitant or unfair rate)
Abzocke {f} [colloquial] :: rip-off
abzocken {v} :: to rip off (to cheat, to charge an exorbitant or unfair rate)
Abzocker {m} [vulgar, offensive] :: swindler
Abzug {m} [of a gun] :: trigger
Abzug {m} :: drawback
Abzug {m} :: deduction
Abzug {m} :: hood, fume hood (covering of a vent to suck away smoke or fumes)
abzüglich {prep} :: less, minus
Abzugshaube {f} :: synonym of Dunstabzugshaube
Abzweigung {f} :: branch (something that divides like the branch of a tree, especially of roads and rivers)
AC90 {noun} :: AC90
Accessoire {n} [arts or fashion] :: accessory
Accessoire {n} [figurative] :: adjunct; something unnecessary
Accuratesse {f} [obsolete] :: accuracy, exactness
ACE {acronym} :: A+C+E(-Saft "ACE juice", from the vitamins A,C, and E. A fruit juice mixture of orange, carrot, and lemon juice)
Acetal {n} [organic chemistry] :: acetal
Acetaldehyd {m} :: acetaldehyde (the organic compound CH3CHO)
Acetamid {n} [organic compound] :: acetamide
Acetat {n} [organic chemistry] :: acetate
Acetessigsäure {f} :: acetoacetic acid
Aceton {n} :: acetone
acetonämisch {adj} [pathology] :: acetonemic
Acetonitril {n} [organic compound] :: acetonitrile
Acetylcholinesterase {f} :: acetylcholinesterase
Acetylen {n} :: acetylene
Acetylid {n} :: acetylide
acetylieren {v} [organic chemistry] :: To acetylate
acetyliert {v} :: past participle of acetylieren
acetyliert {adj} [organic chemistry] :: acetylated
Acetylrest {m} [organic chemistry] :: acetyl radical
Acetylsalicylsäure {f} :: acetylsalicylic acid (acetate ester of salicylic acid; aspirin)
ach {interj} :: oh [expressing surprise, wonder, amazement, or awe]
ach {interj} :: oh [expressing sorrow]
ach {interj} :: oh [expressing understanding, recognition, or realization]
ach {interj} :: oh [preceding an offhand or annoyed remark]
ach {interj} :: oh [preceding an invocation or address, but rarely a solemn one]
Achäne {f} :: achene (small, dry fruit)
Achat {m} :: agate
achaten {adj} :: agaten
Achatschnecke {f} :: achatine snail (Achatinidae)
Achau {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Lower Austria, Austria
Achenkirch {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Tyrol, Austria
acherontisch {adj} :: acherontic
Achill {prop} {m} [Greek mythology] :: Achilles; alternative form of Achilleus
Achill {prop} {m} [rare] :: given name of Ancient Greek origin
Achillesferse {f} :: Achilles heel
Achillessehne {f} :: Achilles tendon
Achilleus {prop} {m} [Greek mythology] :: Achilles
Achim {prop} {m} :: given name
achlamydeisch {adj} [botany] :: achlamydeous
Achlaut {m} [phonology] :: voiceless velar fricative, [x]
achromatisch {adj} [optics] :: achromatic
Achse {f} :: axis
Achse {f} :: axle
Achse des Bösen {f} :: axis of evil
Achsel {f} :: armpit, axilla (cavity under the shoulder)
Achsel {f} :: shoulder; shoulder joint (see usage notes below)
Achselchen {n} [very, rare] :: diminutive of Achsel
Ächselchen {n} [very, rare] :: diminutive of Achsel
Achselhöhle {f} [anatomy, rather formal] :: armpit
Achselzucken {n} :: shrug
achsensymmetrisch {adj} :: axisymmetric
ach so {interj} :: ah, oh, I see; expresses understanding or surprise
achso {interj} :: alternative form of ach so
acht {num} [cardinal] :: eight (numerical value represented by the Arabic numeral 8; or describing a set with eight elements)
Acht {f} :: the natural number eight
Acht {f} :: the numeral sign 8
Acht {f} :: a playing card with the value eight
Acht {f} :: a figure eight shape; a bicycle wheel bent out of shape
Acht {f} [obsolete, found in toponyms] :: field
Acht {f} :: attention, regard
Acht {f} :: ban, banishment, outlawry
achtarmig {adj} :: octopod (attributive), eight-armed
achtbändig {adj} :: in eight volumes
achtbar {adj} :: reputable, respectable
Achtbarkeit {f} :: respectability, honorableness
achte {ordinal num} [ordinal] :: eighth
Achteck {n} :: octagon
achteckig {adj} :: octagonal, having eight corners
Achtel {n} {m} :: an eighth (one of eight equal parts of a whole)
Achtelfinale {n} [sports] :: last 16 or eighth final (the round before the quarterfinal)
Achtelnote {f} [music] :: quaver
achten {vi} [with auf and accusative] :: to care about, to pay attention to
achten {vi} [with auf and accusative] :: to keep an eye on
achten {vt} :: to respect
ächten {vt} :: to outlaw, declare as not being protected by law
achtenswert {adj} :: reputable, worthy, estimable
achter- {prefix} [nautical] :: after-, back- (in the back of the ship)
Achter {m} :: eight, number eight (figure)
Achter {m} :: figure-of-eight
Achter {m} :: octet (group of eight)
Achterbahn {f} :: rollercoaster
Achterdeck {n} :: afterdeck (of a ship or boat)
achterer {adj} [nautical] :: after, back, rear (in the back of the ship)
achterlich {adj} [nautical] :: astern
achtern {adv} [nautical] :: abaft (in the back of the ship)
achtfach {adj} :: eightfold
achtgeben {v} :: to pay attention, watch out
achtgeben {v} :: to be careful
Acht geben {v} :: alternative spelling of achtgeben
achtgeschossig {adj} :: eight-storey
achthäufigste {adj} :: eighth most common or abundant
achthundert {num} :: eight hundred
achtjährig {adj} :: eight-year
achtjährig {adj} :: eight-year-old
achtlos {adj} :: heedless, unheeding
achtlos {adj} :: careless; thoughtless
achtmal {adv} :: eight times
achtmal {adv} :: octuply
achtprozentig {adj} :: eight-percent
achtsam {adj} :: mindful, careful, wary, heedful
Achtsamkeit {f} :: mindfulness, wariness
achtseitig {adj} :: octagonal, eight-sided
achtsilbig {adj} :: octasyllabic
achtstellig {adj} :: eight-digit
achtstündig {adj} :: eight-hour
acht Uhr {noun} :: eight o'clock
achtundachtzig {num} [cardinal] :: eighty-eight
achtunddreissig {num} :: alternative spelling of achtunddreißig
achtunddreißig {num} [cardinal] :: thirty-eight
achtundfünfzig {num} [cardinal] :: fifty-eight
achtundneunzig {num} [cardinal] :: ninety-eight
achtundsechzig {num} [cardinal] :: sixty-eight (68)
achtundsiebzig {num} [cardinal] :: seventy-eight
achtundvierzig {num} [cardinal] :: forty-eight
achtundzwanzig {num} [cardinal] :: twenty-eight
Achtundzwanzigeck {n} :: icosioctagon: polygon with 28 vertices
Achtung {f} :: attention
Achtung {f} :: esteem
Achtung {f} :: respect
Achtung {interj} :: watch out, attention, warning or caution
achtunggebietend {adj} :: Imposing
achtungheischend {adj} :: attention-seeking
achtungsheischend {adj} :: alternative form of achtungheischend
achtwertig {adj} [chemistry] :: octavalent
achtwöchig {adj} :: eight-week
achtwöchig {adj} :: eight-weeks-old
achtzehn {num} [cardinal] :: eighteen
achtzehnfach {adj} :: eighteenfold
achtzehnjährig {adj} :: eighteen-year-old
achtzehnte {ordinal num} [ordinal] :: eighteenth
achtzig {num} [cardinal] :: eighty
Achtziger {m} :: octogenarian
Achtziger {m} :: synonym of Achtzigerjahre
Achtzigerjahre {noun} :: The eighties (1980s)
achtzigprozentig {adj} :: eighty-percent
achtzigste {ordinal num} [ordinal] :: eightieth
ächzen {v} [of people] :: to groan
ächzen {v} [of things] :: to creak
Acid {n} [slang] :: LSD, acid (drug)
Acid {n} :: a musical genre marked by fast, often computer-generated rhythms; acid
Acidität {f} :: acidity (the quality or state of being acid)
acidoklin {adj} :: acidophilic
Acidolyse {f} [chemistry] :: acidolysis
acidophil {adj} :: acidophilic
Acker {m} :: field (wide, open space used to grow crops)
Ackerbau {m} :: cultivation of arable land; agriculture (in the stricter sense)
Ackerbaukunde {f} :: agronomy
ackerbaulich {adj} :: agricultural
ackerbaulich {adv} :: agriculturally
Ackerboden {m} :: soil
Ackerboden {m} :: farmland
Ackerkrume {f} :: topsoil
Ackerkrume {f} :: tilled soil
Ackerland {n} :: farmland
ackern {v} :: to plow
ackern {v} [colloquial] :: to slog away, to work hard
Ackerschachtelhalm {m} :: horsetail (Equisetum arvense)
Acne {f} [rare] :: alternative spelling of Akne
Aconitase {f} [enzyme] :: aconitase
Acrolein {n} [organic compound] :: acrolein
Acrylfarbe {f} :: acrylic paint
Acrylglas {n} :: Perspex, Plexiglass, Lucite (polymethyl methacrylate)
Actinium {n} [chemistry] :: chemical element actinium (atomic number 89)
Actinoid {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: actinide
Action {f} [uncountable] :: action (fast-paced, often violent activity)
Action {f} [uncountable, film] :: a genre characterised by such activity
Action {f} [countable, computer] :: ?
activ {adj} :: obsolete spelling of aktiv
active {adv} [grammar, obsolete] :: actively
Acyloin {n} [organic chemistry] :: acyloin
ADAC {initialism} :: initialism of w:de:Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil-Club (General German Automobile Club)
ad acta {adv} :: to the files
Adalbert {prop} :: given name, an old form of Adelbert, Albert
Adalbrecht {prop} [rare] :: given name, variant of Albert
Adalger {prop} {m} [rare] :: given name, variant of Adelger
Adalwin {prop} :: given name,a rare equivalent of Alwin
Adam {prop} {m} :: Adam (biblical figure)
Adam {prop} {m} :: given name. Pet form: Adi
Adamantan {n} [organic compound] :: adamantane
Adamin {n} [mineral] :: adamite
Adamsapfel {m} :: Adam's apple
Adam und Eva {prop} :: Adam and Eve
Adaptation {f} :: adaptation
Adapter {m} :: adapter (device or application used to achieve operative compatibility)
adaptieren {v} :: to adapt
Adaptierte {f} :: adaptee
Adaption {f} :: adaptation
adaptiv {adj} :: adaptive
adäquat {adj} :: adequate
adäquater {adj} :: comparative of adäquat
adäquatesten {adj} :: superlative of adäquat
Adäquatheit {f} :: adequacy, adequateness
adaxial {adj} :: adaxial
addieren {v} :: to add up, to sum
Addis Abeba {prop} :: Addis Ababa
Addition {f} [arithmetic] :: addition
Addition {f} [chemistry] :: addition reaction
additiv {adj} :: additive
Additiv {n} :: additive
Addukt {n} [chemistry] :: adduct
ade {interj} :: [archaic, poetic or regional] farewell, adieu
Adel {m} :: nobility
Adelar {prop} [rare] :: given name
Adelbert {prop} [rare] :: given name, variant of Albert
Adele {prop} {f} :: given name
Adelger {prop} {m} [rare] :: given name
Adelgunde {prop} {f} :: given name
Adelheid {prop} :: given name
Adeliepinguin {m} :: Adelie penguin
adelig {adj} :: alternative form of adlig
Adelmar {prop} [rare] :: given name, cognate to Aylmer
adeln {v} :: to ennoble
Adelung {f} :: ennoblement
Adenauer {prop} :: surname
Adenin {n} :: (biochemistry) adenine (C10H13N5O4, a base in DNA)
Adenosin {n} [organic compound] :: adenosine
Adenosintriphosphat {n} [biochemistry] :: adenosine triphosphate
Adenylyltransferase {f} [enzyme] :: adenylyltransferase
Ader {f} :: blood vessel
Ader {f} :: a vein of metallic ore that lies within definite boundaries, or within a fissure
Ader {f} :: gift, disposition
Äderchen {n} [anatomy] :: diminutive of Ader; small vein; venule, veinlet
Aderhaut {f} [anatomy] :: choroid membrane
Aderklaa {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Lower Austria, Austria
Aderlass {m} :: bloodletting (medical and figurative)
Adhäsion {f} :: adhesion
adhäsiv {adj} :: adhesive
Adi {prop} :: A diminutive of the male given name Adolf
adiabatisch {adj} :: adiabatic
adipös {adj} :: adipose
adipös {adj} :: obese
Adipositas {f} :: adiposity
Adiuretin {n} :: adiuretin, argipressin, vasopressin
Adj. {n} :: abbreviation of Adjektiv and Adjektivum, in oder texts also of Adjectiv and Adjectivum
adjazent {adj} [maths] :: adjacent
Adjektiv {n} [grammar] :: adjective
Adjektivierung {f} [linguistics] :: adjectivization
Adjutant {m} [military] :: adjutant (male or of unspecified sex)
Adler {m} :: eagle
Adler {m} [heraldiccharge] :: eagle, as used on a coat of arms
Adler {m} :: Aquila
Adler {m} :: surname
adlerartig {adj} :: eaglelike
Adlerbussard {m} :: long-legged buzzard (Buteo rufinus)
Adlerjunges {n} :: eaglet, eagle chick, eagle fledgling
adlig {adj} :: highborn, noble [of noble ancestry]
adlig {adj} :: pertaining to the nobility
Adliger {m} :: nobleman, noble, patrician, aristocrat (male or of unspecified sex)
Adlwang {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Upper Austria, Austria
Administration {f} :: administration
administrativ {adj} :: administrative
Administrator {m} :: administrator, admin
Admiral {m} :: admiral
Admont {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Styria, Austria
Adnet {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Salzburg, Austria
Adolar {prop} [rare] :: given name
Adoleszenz {f} :: adolescence
Adolf {prop} :: given name, equivalent to English Adolph
Adolfine {prop} {f} :: given name
Adolph {prop} :: given name, a spelling variant of Adolf
adoptieren {v} :: to adopt [a child]
Adoption {f} :: adoption (voluntary acceptance of a child of other parents to be the same as one's own child)
Adposition {f} :: adposition
Adrenalin {n} :: adrenaline
Adrenodoxin {f} [protein] :: adrenodoxin
Adressat {m} :: addressee
Adressbuch {n} :: address book
Adresse {f} :: address
adressieren {v} :: to address
adrett {adj} [somewhat, dated] :: neat, tidy (relating to clothing or appearance)
adretter {adj} :: comparative of adrett
adrettesten {adj} :: superlative of adrett
Adria {prop} {f} :: the Adriatic Sea
Adrian {prop} {m} :: given name
Adriatisches Meer {prop} {n} :: Adriatic Sea (sea that stretches from the Ionian Sea to the Gulf of Venice)
adsorbieren {v} :: to adsorb (to accumulate on a surface)
Adsorption {f} :: adsorption
Adsorptionskalorimetrie {f} :: adsorption calorimetry
adsorptiv {adj} :: adsorptive
Adstringens {n} :: astringent
adstringierend {adj} :: astringent
Adulf {prop} :: given name, a rare variant of Adolf
adult {adj} [medicine] :: adult
A-dur {m} :: A major
Advent {m} [Christianity] :: Advent
Adventskalender {m} :: Advent calendar
Adventskranz {m} [Christianity] :: Advent wreath
Adventssonntag {m} :: Advent Sunday
Adverb {n} [grammar] :: adverb
adverbial {adj} :: adverbial
Adverbialbestimmung {f} [grammar] :: adverbial (grammar: word or phrase modifying a verb)
Adverbialsatz {m} :: (linguistics) adverbial clause
adverbiell {adj} :: adverbial
adversativ {adj} :: adversative
Advocatus Diaboli {m} :: devil's advocate
Advokat {m} [dated] :: lawyer (male or of unspecified sex)
adygeisch {adj} :: Adygeic
æ {symbol} [obsolete] :: Vowel borrowed from Latin. Succeeded by ä
Aeltern {noun} :: obsolete spelling of Eltern
aeol. {adj} :: abbreviation of äolisch
aeolisch {adj} :: alternative spelling of äolisch
Aernde {f} :: obsolete spelling of Ernte
aerob {adj} :: aerobic
Aerobic {n} :: aerobics
Aerodynamik {f} :: aerodynamics
aerodynamisch {adj} :: aerodynamic, aerodynamical
aerodynamischer {adj} :: comparative of aerodynamisch
aerodynamischsten {adj} :: superlative of aerodynamisch
Aerogel {n} :: aerogel
Aerophobie {f} :: aerophobia
Aerosol {n} :: aerosol (dispersion)
afebril {adj} :: afebrile (without a fever, having no fever)
affabel {adj} :: affable
Affäre {f} :: affair, business
Affäre {f} :: affair, fling
Affe {m} :: monkey or ape (male or female of unspecified sex)
Affekt {m} :: affect (strong emotional experience)
affektiert {adj} :: affected
affektiert {adj} :: la-di-da
affektiv {adj} :: affective
Affenarschloch {m} [vulgar, offensive] :: idiot, asshole, monkey's asshole
Affenbrot {n} :: baobab fruit, monkey bread
Affenbrotbaum {m} :: monkey bread, baobab tree (Adansonia)
Affenente {f} :: freckled duck [Stictonetta naevosa]
Affenficker {m} [vulgar, offensive] :: fucker, idiot, asshole
affengeil {adj} :: awesome, wicked (extremely good)
Affenjacke {f} :: monkey jacket, shell jacket
Affenpinscher {m} :: Affenpinscher
Affenschaukel {f} :: A shoulder cord on a military uniform
affentittengeil {adj} :: awesome, wicked (very good)
Affenzahn {m} :: breakneck speed
affig {adj} :: conceited, stuck up, vain, la-di-da
affig {adj} :: silly
affig {adj} :: affected
affig {adj} :: apish
-affin {suffix} :: affine (having a specified affinity)
affin {adj} :: affine
Äffin {f} :: monkey or ape (female)
Affinerie {f} :: refinery (especially a place where metal is purified)
Affinität {f} :: affinity
Affirmation {f} :: affirmation
affirmativ {adj} :: affirmative
äffisch {adj} :: ape-like
Affix {n} [grammar] :: affix (sensu lato)
Affix {n} [grammar, dated, rare] :: affix (sensu stricto), suffix, postfix
affixlos {adj} :: unaffixed
Affront {m} :: affront
affrös {adj} :: hideous
Afghane {m} :: Afghan, person from Afghanistan or of Pashtun descent
Afghane {m} :: Afghan hound (Afghanischer Windhund)
Afghane {m} :: a type of black hashish (Schwarzer Afghane "Black Afghan")
Afghanin {f} :: Afghan (female)
afghanisch {adj} :: Afghan (Pertaining to Afghanistan)
Afghanisch {prop} {n} :: Afghan, i.e. Pashto, the language of Afghanistan
afghanischer {adj} :: comparative of afghanisch
Afghanischer Windhund {m} :: Afghan hound
afghanischsten {adj} :: superlative of afghanisch
Afghanistan {prop} {n} :: Afghanistan
Aflenz {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Styria, Austria
Afrika {prop} {n} :: Africa
afrikaans {adj} :: Afrikaans (language)
Afrikaans {prop} {n} :: Afrikaans (language)
Afrika-Eurasien {prop} :: Afro-Eurasia (supercontinent)
Afrikaner {m} :: African (person)
Afrikanerin {f} :: African (female)
afrikanisch {adj} :: African
afro- {prefix} :: Afro-
Afroamerikaner {m} :: African-American (a black American)
afroamerikanisch {adj} :: African-American, Afro-American
afroasiatisch {adj} :: Afro-Asiatic
afrodeutsch {adj} :: Afro-German
afrz. {adj} :: abbreviation of altfranzösisch
after- {prefix} [no longer productive] :: after-, sub-, second... (expressing that something comes after another thing)
after- {prefix} [no longer productive] :: pseudo-, spurious... (expressing that something is false or fake)
after {prep} [chiefly Early New High German] :: after
After {m} [anatomy, formal, literary] :: anus
After {m} [obsolete] :: buttocks, backside
Afterforscher {m} :: pseudoscientist
Aftergelehrter {m} :: pseudoscientist
Afterlecker {m} [vulgar, offensive] :: ass-licker
Afterlehen {n} [Medieval] :: A fief, which a liege lord received then subsequently enfeoffed wholly or partially to a vassal or vassals; Afterlehen
Afterphilosophie {f} :: pseudo-philosophy
afterreden {vt} :: to speak ill of (someone); slander
Aftershave {n} :: aftershave (a lotion used after finishing shaving)
Afterwelt {f} [dated] :: posterity
Afterwissenschaft {f} :: synonym of Pseudowissenschaft
Afterwissenschaftler {m} :: pseudoscientist
AG {initialism} :: initialism of Aktiengesellschaft (corporation) {f}
AG {initialism} :: initialism of Amtsgericht {n}
AG {initialism} :: initialism of Arbeitsgemeinschaft {f}
Ägäis {prop} {f} :: Aegean Sea (sea of the northeastern part of the Mediterranean Sea)
Ägäisches Meer {prop} {n} :: Aegean Sea (sea of the northeastern part of the Mediterranean Sea)
agamisch {adj} :: agamic
Agar {m} {n} :: agar (a material obtained from the marine algae)
Agatha {prop} :: given name
AGB {noun} [business] :: initialism of Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen
Agenda {f} :: agenda (a temporally organized plan or list of things to be addressed)
Agens {n} [also linguistics] :: agent
Agens {n} [physics] :: medium
Agens {m} [, linguistics] :: agent
Agent {m} :: agent (intermediary for certain services, such as for artistic performances or public relations)
Agent {m} :: agent, spy (person working for a secret service)
Agententhriller {m} :: spy thriller
Agentin {f} :: agent (female)
Agent provocateur {m} :: alternative spelling of Agent Provocateur
Agent Provocateur {m} :: agent provocateur
Agentur {f} :: agency
Agglomeration {f} :: agglomeration
agglutinierend {adj} :: agglutinating
Aggregat {n} :: aggregate
Aggregat {n} :: unit
Aggregatzustand {m} [physics] :: state of matter
Aggression {f} :: aggression
aggressiv {adj} :: aggressive
aggressiver {adj} :: comparative of aggressiv
Aggressivität {f} :: aggressiveness
aggressivste {adj} :: superlative of aggressiv
aggressivsten {adj} :: superlative of aggressiv
Aggressor {m} :: aggressor
Aggsbach {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Lower Austria, Austria
Ägid {prop} :: given name of mostly historical use, equivalent to Aegidius
Ägide {f} [protection] :: aegis
Ägidius {prop} :: given name of historical use, equivalent to Aegidius
agieren {v} :: to act
agil {adj} :: agile (having the faculty of quick motion in the limbs)
Ägis {f} [mythological shield] :: aegis
Agitation {f} [politics] :: agitation
Agitator {m} :: agitator
agitatorisch {adj} :: agitating, agitatorial, rabble-rousing
agnath {adj} [zoology] :: jawless
Agnes {prop} {f} :: given name
Agnosie {f} :: agnosia
Agnostiker {m} :: agnostic
Agnostikerin {f} :: agnostic (female)
agnostisch {adj} :: agnostic
Agnostizismus {noun} :: agnosticism
agnostizistisch {adj} :: agnostic, agnostical
agogisch {adj} :: agogic
Agon {m} :: agon (struggle or contest; test of will; contest in Ancient Greece)
agonal {adj} :: agonistic
agonal {adj} :: agonal
Agonie {f} :: (mortal) agony, (death) throes
Agora {f} :: agora
Agoraphobie {f} :: agoraphobia (fear of open spaces)
Agram {prop} :: Zagreb
agrarisch {adj} :: agrarian, agricultural
Agrarrohstoff {m} :: agricultural commodity
Agrikultur {f} :: agriculture
agrobiologisch {adj} :: agrobiological
Agrochemikalie {f} :: agrochemical
agrochemisch {adj} :: agrochemical
Agronom {m} :: agronomist
Agronomie {f} :: agronomy
ags. {adj} :: abbreviation of angelsächsisch
Ägypten {prop} {n} :: Egypt
Ägypter {m} :: Egyptian
Ägypterin {f} :: Egyptian (female)
ägyptisch {adj} :: Egyptian (related to Egypt, to the Egypts or to the Egyptian language)
Ägyptisch {n} :: Egyptian (language)
ägyptische Schrift {f} :: Egyptian script
Ägyptologe {m} :: Egyptologist
Ägyptologie {f} :: Egyptology
Ägyptologin {f} :: Egyptologist (female)
ah {interj} :: expressing understanding
ah {interj} :: expressing contentment
äh {interj} :: an exclamation of disgust; yuck, ew, ugh
äh {interj} :: uh, er (expression of confusion or uncertainty)
aha {interj} :: aha
Aha-Erlebnis {n} :: An "aha experience". An experience which gives a sudden insight, solution or answer to a problem that has troubled someone for some time
Ahasveros {prop} :: Ahasuerus (biblical king of Persia)
Ahaus {prop} :: Ahaus (town in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany)
ahd. {adj} :: abbreviation of althochdeutsch
Ahd. {abbr} :: abbreviation of Althochdeutsch
ahistorisch {adj} :: ahistorical
Ahle {f} :: awl
Ahlen {prop} {?} :: Ahlen (town in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany)
Ahmed {prop} {m} :: given name
Ahn {m} :: ancestor
ahnden {v} :: to punish
Ahndung {f} :: punishment (especially legal)
Ahndung {f} :: (literary or dated) Ahnung: premonition
Ahne {m} :: forefather
ähneln {v} :: to resemble
ahnen {v} :: to suspect, to guess
Ahnenforschung {f} :: genealogy
Ahnengleichheit {f} :: the identity i.e. identicalness of two of one's ancestors (for example, if one's maternal great-grandfather is the same person as one's paternal great-grandfather), which constitutes or causes pedigree collapse
Ahnenprobe {f} :: proof of ancestry
Ahnenschein {m} :: genealogical document
Ahnenschwund {m} :: pedigree collapse
Ahnentafel {f} :: genealogical chart
Ahnherr {m} :: primogenitor, first ancestor
Ahnherr {m} :: forefather
ähnlich {adj} :: similar
ähnlich {adv} :: similarly, in a similar way
ähnlicher {adj} :: comparative of ähnlich
Ähnlichkeit {f} :: similarity
ähnlichsehen {vi} :: to be typical
ähnlichsten {adj} :: superlative of ähnlich
Ahnung {f} :: anticipation, inkling
Ahnung {f} :: clue, idea, notion
ahnungslos {adj} :: clueless
ahoi {interj} :: general greeting between ships
Ahorn {m} :: A maple Acer; the common tree
Ahorn {m} [uncountable] :: maple; the wood of the tree
Ahorn {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Upper Austria, Austria
Ahorn {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Baden-Württemberg, Germany
Ahorn {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Bavaria, Germany
ahornblättrig {adj} :: maple-leaved; having maple leaves
Ahornsirup {m} :: maple syrup
Ähre {f} [botany, countable] :: the ear [of corn]
Ähre {f} [botany, countable] :: the head, ear [of grass seed]
Ähre {f} [botany, countable] :: the spike [of a flower]
Ahrntal {prop} {n} :: A municipality in South Tyrol
Aich {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Styria, Austria
Aichach-Friedberg {prop} :: a district of Bavaria
Aichkirchen {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Upper Austria, Austria
aidskrank {adj} :: Afflicted with Aids
aidsverseucht {adj} :: Contaminated with the Aids virus
Aikido {n} :: aikido
Ainet {prop} {n} :: a municipality in Tyrol, Austria
air. {adj} :: abbreviation of altirisch
Airbag {m} :: airbag
Airport {m} :: airport
Ais {noun} [music] :: A-sharp
Aische {prop} {f} :: given name
Aische {f} [slang, mildly, offensive] :: a woman or girl of Turkish descent
Aistersheim {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Upper Austria, Austria
Ajatollah {m} [Islam] :: ayatollah
Ajax Amsterdam {prop} {n} [football] :: conventional name of AFC Ajax (football club from Amsterdam)
AK {abbr} :: Abendkasse, (Abend + Kasse) an abbreviation often found on concert or event tickets indicating a price that has to be paid at the venue at the evening of the event, as opposed to a presale ticket price
Akad. {f} :: abbreviation of Akademie
Akademie {f} :: academy (learned society)
Akademieausgabe {f} :: Academy edition
Akademiker {m} :: professionalist (someone who belongs to a profession that requires higher education)
Akademiker {m} :: graduate (someone who has passed higher education)
Akademiker {m} :: academic (a member of an academy, college, or university)
akademisch {adj} :: academic
akademischer {adj} :: comparative of akademisch
akademischsten {adj} :: superlative of akademisch
akalorisch {adj} :: acaloric
Akanthit {m} [mineral] :: acanthite
akatalektisch {adj} :: acatalectic
akausal {adj} :: acausal
Akazie {f} :: acacia (tree)
Akdalait {m} [mineral] :: akdalaite
Akelei {f} :: columbine (any plant of the genus Aquilegia)
akephal {adj} :: acephalous
Akkadier {m} :: Akkadian, man from Akkad
Akkadierin {f} :: Akkadian (female), a woman or girl from Akkad
akkadisch {adj} :: Akkadian, related to the ancient city or empire of Akkad
Akkadisch {n} :: Akkadian, the Akkadian language
Akklamation {f} :: acclamation
Akkord {m} [music] :: chord
Akkord {m} :: piecework
Akkordarbeit {f} :: piecework
Akkordeon {n} :: accordion
Akkordeonspieler {m} :: accordionist (player of an accordion)
Akkordeonspielerin {f} :: (female) accordionist
akkordisch {adj} [music] :: achordal
akkreditieren {v} :: to accredit
Akkretionsscheibe {f} :: accretion disk
Akku {m} :: rechargeable battery
akkubetrieben {adj} :: accumulated
Akkumulation {f} :: accumulation
akkumulativ {adj} :: accumulative
Akkumulator {m} :: accumulator (battery)
akkumulieren {v} :: To accumulate
akkumuliert {v} :: past participle of akkumulieren - accumulated
akkurat {adj} :: meticulous
akkurat {adj} :: exact
akkurat {adv} :: exactly
Akkusativ {m} [grammar] :: the accusative (case)
Akne {f} :: acne
Akolyth {m} [Christianity, now, chiefly Roman Catholicism] :: acolyte, altar boy (generally, an assistant who performs liturgical duties such as carrying the wine, water and lights at Mass)
Akontozahlung {f} :: payment on account
akquirieren {v} :: to acquire (to gain, usually by one's own exertions; to get as one's own)
Akquise {f} :: Short form of Akquisition
Akquisition {f} :: acquisition
akral {adj} :: acral
Akribie {f} :: meticulousness
akribisch {adj} :: meticulous
akribischer {adj} :: comparative of akribisch
akribischsten {adj} :: superlative of akribisch
Akrobat {m} :: acrobat
Akrobatik {f} :: acrobatics
Akrobatin {f} :: acrobat (female)
akrobatisch {adj} :: acrobatic
Akrolekt {m} [linguistics] :: acrolect
Akronym {n} :: acronym (word formed by initial letters)
Akrophobie {f} :: acrophobia
Akropolis {prop} {f} :: the Acropolis (of Athens)
Akrozyanose {f} [pathology] :: acrocyanosis
Akt {m} :: act
Akt {m} :: nude; artwork of a naked person
Akte {f} :: file (collection of papers)
Aktenkoffer {m} :: attaché case (briefcase with a hard, rectangular surface)
Aktenordner {m} :: ring binder
Aktentasche {f} :: briefcase
Aktenzeichen {n} :: file number, reference number
Akteur {m} :: actor
Aktie {f} [finance] :: share, stock
Aktiengesellschaft {f} :: joint-stock company, Public Limited Liability Company, a company owned by shareholders publicly traded at the stock market
Aktienindex {m} :: stock market index
Aktienkurs {m} :: quotation, share price
Aktienmarkt {m} :: stock market
Aktinolith {m} [mineral] :: actinolite
Aktion {f} :: action (something done so as to accomplish a purpose)
Aktionär {m} :: shareholder
Aktionismus {m} :: actionism
Aktionspotential {n} :: action potential
aktiv {adj} :: active
aktiv {adj} [grammar] :: active
Aktiv {n} [grammar, no plural] :: active voice (the form in which the subject of a verb carries out some action)
Aktiv {n} [grammar] :: active verb
Aktivator {m} :: activator
aktiver {adj} :: comparative of aktiv
aktiver galaktischer Kern {m} [astronomy] :: active galactic nucleus
aktives Wahlrecht {noun} :: the right to cast a vote
aktivieren {vt} :: to activate, to enable (to put into operation)
aktivieren {vt} :: to activate (to encourage development or induce increased activity)
aktivieren {vt} [chemistry] :: to activate (to convert into a reactive form)
aktivieren {vt} [physics] :: to activate (to make radioactive)
Aktivierung {f} :: activation
Aktivierungsenergie {f} [chemistry] :: activation energy
aktivisch {adj} [linguistics] :: active
Aktivismus {m} :: activism
Aktivist {m} :: activist
Aktivistin {f} :: activist (female)
aktivistisch {adj} :: activistic
Aktivität {f} :: activity
Aktivkohle {f} :: activated carbon, activated charcoal
aktivsten {adj} :: superlative of aktiv
aktualisieren {v} :: to update
aktualisieren {v} [computing] :: to refresh
Aktualisierung {f} :: update
Aktualismus {m} :: actualism
aktuell {adj} :: current, in action at the time being, live (in sense of a broadcast)
aktuell {adj} :: recent
aktuell {adj} :: up-to-date
aktueller {adj} :: comparative of aktuell
aktuellsten {adj} :: superlative of aktuell
Akupunkteur {m} :: acupuncturist
Akupunktur {f} :: acupuncture
Akustik {f} :: acoustic, acoustics
Akustikkoppler {m} :: acoustic coupler
akustisch {adj} :: acoustic
akut {adj} :: acute
akut {adj} :: severe
Akut {m} :: acute accent
akuter {adj} :: comparative of akut
akutesten {adj} :: superlative of akut
AKW {initialism} :: nuclear power plant [abbreviation for Atomkraftwerk]
Akzent {m} :: accent (modulation of the voice)
akzentfrei {adj} :: accentless
akzeptabel {adj} :: acceptable
akzeptabelsten {adj} :: superlative of akzeptabel
akzeptabler {adj} :: comparative of akzeptabel
Akzeptanz {f} :: acceptance, accepting
akzeptieren {v} :: to accept
akzeptiert {v} :: past participle of akzeptieren
akzeptiert {adj} :: accepted
akzeptiert {adj} :: established
Akzeptor {m} :: acceptor
akzidentell {adj} :: accidental
-al {suffix} :: pertaining to, using; adjectival suffix appended to nouns
à la {prep} :: a la
Alabandin {m} [mineral] :: alabandite
Alabaster {m} [mineral] :: alabaster
alabasterfarben {adj} :: alabaster-coloured
alabastern {adj} :: alabaster (attributive)
alabastern {adj} :: translucent (as alabaster)
Åland {prop} {n} :: Åland
Alanin {n} :: alanine (nonessential amino acid; C3H7NO2)
Alant {m} :: A plant of the genus Inula, the elecampane
Alantbeere {f} [dated or archaic] :: black currant
Alarm {m} :: alert, alarm
Alarmanlage {f} :: burglar alarm, alarm system
alarmieren {vt} :: to alarm
alarmierend {adj} :: alarming
Alarmismus {m} :: alarmism
Alarm schlagen {v} [idiom] :: to sound the alarm, to raise the alarm
Alarmsignal {n} :: alarm signal
Alarmstufe {f} :: alert level
Alarmstufe Rot {phrase} :: red alert
Alarmzustand {m} :: alarm status, alarm state
Alasani {prop} :: the Alazani river
Alaska {prop} {n} :: Alaska (49th state of the United States of America)
Alaska {prop} {n} :: the Alaska peninsula
Map of Alaska Peninsula Volcanoes.gif
Alaun {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: alum
alaunhaltig {adj} :: aluminiferous
Alawit {m} [religion] :: (male) Alawite, Alawite boy or man
Alawitin {f} [religion] :: Alawite (female), Alawite girl or woman
Alb {m} :: elf, especially an evil one
Alb {m} :: nightmare or physical ailment [formerly believed to be caused by an elf sitting on one's chest while one slept]
Albaner {m} :: Albanian (person from Albania)
Albanerin {f} :: Albanian (female), a girl or woman from Albania
albanesisch {adj} :: Albanian
Albanesisch {n} :: the Albanian language
Albanien {prop} {n} :: Albania
Albanier {noun} :: alternative form of Albaner
Albanierin {f} :: alternative form of Albanerin
albanisch {adj} :: Albanian (of or pertaining to Albania or its people)
Albanisch {n} :: Albanian language
albanischer {adj} :: comparative of albanisch
albanischsten {adj} :: superlative of albanisch
Albatros {m} :: albatross
Albdruck {m} :: alternative form of Alpdruck
Albe {f} :: alb
Albedo {f} :: albedo
albern {adj} :: goofy
alberner {adj} :: comparative of albern
albernsten {adj} :: superlative of albern
Alberschwende {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Vorarlberg, Austria
Albert {prop} {m} :: given name
Albin {prop} :: given name
Albinismus {m} :: albinism
Albino {m} :: albino
Albit {m} [mineral] :: albite
Albrecht {prop} :: given name, a variant of Albert, rare today
Albrecht {prop} :: surname
Albtraum {m} :: nightmare
albtraumhaft {adj} :: nightmarish
albtraumhafter {adj} :: comparative of albtraumhaft
albtraumhaftesten {adj} :: superlative of albtraumhaft
Albuin {prop} :: given name, a variant of Albwin
Album {n} :: album
Albumin {n} :: albumin (type of proteins)
Albwin {prop} {m} :: given name
Alchemie {f} :: alchemy
Alchemist {m} :: alchemist (one who practices alchemy)
Älchen {n} :: diminutive of Aal
Älchen {n} :: eelworm
Alchimie {f} :: alchemy
Alchimist {m} :: alternative form of Alchemist; alchemist
Aldebaran {prop} {m} [star] :: Aldebaran
Aldehyd {m} [organic chemistry] :: aldehyde
Aldehydgruppe {f} [organic chemistry] :: aldehyde group (functional group)
Aldein {prop} {n} :: A municipality in South Tyrol
al dente {adj} :: al dente
Aldosteron {n} [biochemistry] :: aldosterone
Aldrans {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Tyrol, Austria
Ale {n} :: ale
Aleatorik {f} [music or arts or literature] :: aleatory
aleatorisch {adj} :: aleatory
aleatorischer {adj} :: comparative of aleatorisch
aleatorischsten {adj} :: superlative of aleatorisch
Alemanne {m} :: member of Alemanni tribe
alemannisch {adj} :: Alemannic (related to the Alemannic dialect group or language)
Alemannisch {prop} {n} :: Alemannic (dialect group or language)
Aleppiner {m} :: Aleppine (a native or inhabitant of Aleppo)
Aleppiner {adj} :: Aleppine (from, of, or pertaining to Aleppo)
aleppinisch {adj} :: Aleppine
Aleppo {prop} {n} :: Aleppo, in Syria
alert {adj} :: alert
Alex {prop} :: given name derived from Alexander and Alexius
Alexander {prop} :: given name, cognate to English Alexander
Alexandra {prop} :: given name
Alexandriner {m} :: an Alexandrian (a native or inhabitant of Alexandria)
Alexandriner {m} [poetry] :: alexandrine
Alexandrit {m} [mineral] :: alexandrite
alexandrowisch {adj} [very rare] :: of or pertaining to Alexandrov (town in Russia)
Alexithymie {f} [psychology] :: alexithymia
alexithymisch {adj} :: alexithymic
Alfabet {n} [rarer] :: alternative form of Alphabet; alphabet (the set of letters used when writing in a language)
Alfons {prop} :: given name
Alfred {prop} :: given name of English origin, fashionable in the 19th century
Alge {f} :: alga
Alge {prop} {mf} :: surname
Algebra {f} :: algebra
algebraisch {adj} :: algebraic
Algenkunde {f} :: phycology (the scientific study of algae)
Algerien {prop} {n} :: Algeria
Algerier {m} :: Algerian (a person from Algeria)
Algerierin {f} :: Algerian (female), a girl or woman from Algeria
algerisch {adj} :: Algerian (of Algeria or its people)
Algier {prop} {n} :: Algiers
Algologie {f} :: algology (the scientific study of algae)
Algologie {f} :: phycology
Algorithmus {m} :: algorithm (well-defined procedure)
Algund {prop} {n} :: A municipality in South Tyrol
Alibi {n} :: alibi
Alibifrau {f} :: token woman
Alice {prop} :: given name borrowed from English; cognate to modern German Adelheid
Alien {n} {m} :: alien, extraterrestrial
Alija {f} :: aliyah
alimentär {adj} :: alimentary
Alimente {noun} :: alimony (an allowance paid to someone at regular intervals, under court order, for his or her sustenance)
alimentieren {vt} :: to support financially
Alina {prop} :: given name, equivalent to English Alina
Aline {prop} :: given name borrowed from French
Alinea {n} :: pilcrow, (a paragraph mark)
aliphatisch {adj} [organic chemistry] :: aliphatic
aliquant {adj} :: aliquant
aliquot {adj} :: aliquot
Aliya {f} :: alternative form of Alija
Alizarinrot {n} :: alizarin red
Alk {m} :: auk, Alcidae
Alk {m} [colloquial] :: alcohol
Alkali {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: alkali
Alkalihydroxid {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: alkali hydroxide
Alkalilauge {f} :: lye
Alkalimetall {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: alkali metal
Alkalimetallsalz {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: alkali metal salt
alkalisch {adj} :: alkaline
Alkaloid {n} :: alkaloid
Alkan {n} [organic chemistry] :: alkane
Alken {n} [organic chemistry] :: alkene
Alkin {n} [organic chemistry] :: alkyne
Alkohol {m} :: alcohol, ethanol [substance]
Alkohol {m} :: alcohol, liquor [beverage containing the substance]
Alkoholabhängigkeit {f} :: alcohol dependence
alkoholarm {adj} :: low-alcohol
Alkoholat {n} [organic chemistry] :: alcoholate, alkoxide
alkoholfrei {adj} :: nonalcoholic
Alkoholgehalt {m} :: alcoholic content
alkoholhaltig {adj} :: alcoholic, containing alcohol
Alkoholiker {m} :: alcoholic
Alkoholikerin {f} :: (female) alcoholic
alkoholisch {adj} :: alcoholic
alkoholisiert {adj} :: intoxicated, alcoholized
alkoholisierter {adj} :: comparative of alkoholisiert
alkoholisiertesten {adj} :: superlative of alkoholisiert
Alkoholismus {m} :: alcoholism
Alkoholkranke {f} :: alcoholic (female)
Alkoholkranker {m} :: alcoholic (male or of unspecified sex)
Alkoholkrankheit {f} :: alcohol disease
Alkoholmissbrauch {m} :: alcohol abuse
alkoholselig {adj} :: merry (happy due to intoxication), tipsy
Alkoholsucht {f} :: alcohol addiction
alkoholsüchtig {adj} :: alcoholic (addicted to alcohol)
Alkoholvergiftung {f} :: alcohol poisoning
Alkoven {m} :: alcove, particularly: a bed built or let into the wall
Alkoven {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Upper Austria, Austria
Alkoxy {n} [organic chemistry] :: alkoxy
Alkoxygruppe {f} [organic chemistry] :: alkoxy group (functional group)
Alkyl {n} [organic chemistry] :: alkyl
Alkylbromid {n} [organic chemistry] :: alkyl bromide
Alkylhalogenid {n} [organic chemistry] :: alkyl halide
Alkylierung {f} [organic chemistry] :: alkylation
Alkylierungsmittel {n} [organic chemistry] :: alkylating agent
Alkylrest {m} [organic chemistry] :: alkyl radical
all {adj} :: all
all {adj} :: every (in time intervals, with plural noun)
All {n} :: cosmos
allabendlich {adj} :: nightly
Allah {prop} {m} :: Allah (God in Islam)
Alland {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Lower Austria, Austria
Allargentum {n} [mineral] :: allargentum
allbekannt {adj} :: well-known, commonly known
alle {adv} [colloquial] :: finished; gone
alle Brücken hinter sich abbrechen {v} [idiom] :: to burn one's bridges
alledem {pron} [dative only] :: everything said so far
Allee {f} :: avenue; street that is bordered on both sides by trees
Allegorie {f} :: allegory
Allegorik {f} :: (technique of) translating something into an allegory
allegorisch {adj} :: allegoric/allegorical
allegorisch {adv} :: allegorically
alle Hände voll zu tun haben {v} :: to have one's hands full
allein {adj} [only predicative] :: alone
allein {adv} :: alone
allein {adv} [formal, literary] :: only
alleine {adv} [chiefly colloquial , only occasionally in formal writing] :: alternative form of allein
alleinerziehend {adj} :: (having the status of a) single parent; single (mother/father)
Alleingang {m} :: solo action / effort
alleinig {adj} :: sole, only
alleinig {adj} :: exclusive
alleinstehend {adj} :: stand-alone, detached
alleinstehend {adj} :: single (not married nor having a life partner)
alle Jubeljahre {adv} [idiomatic] :: once in a blue moon
allel {adj} :: allelic
allel {adj} :: allelomorphic
allelopathisch {adj} :: allelopathic
allem {pron} :: Dative singular masculine and neutral gender forms of alles ("all")
allemachen {vt} [colloquial] :: to kill
allemal {adv} :: at any rate, at all events, by far
allemal {adv} [formal, poetic] :: always
allemal {adv} [old spelling] :: all times, each time, every time
Allemontit {m} [mineral] :: allemontite
allen {pron} :: Accusative singular masculine form of alles ("all")
allen {pron} :: Dative plural form of alles ("all")
allen {pron} :: Genitive singular masculine and neutral gender forms of alles ("all")
allenfalls {adv} :: at most, at best
allenfallsig {adj} :: occurring under certain circumstances
allenthalben {adv} [dated] :: everywhere
Allentsteig {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Lower Austria, Austria
aller- {prefix} [intensifying prefix] :: very; of them all
Aller {prop} {f} :: a river in Germany
allerdings {adv} :: but, however
allerdings {adv} :: indeed!
allerdurchlauchtig {adj} :: imperial (royalty, pertaining to a kaiser)
allergen {adj} :: allergenic
Allergen {n} :: allergen
Allergie {f} :: allergy
Allergiker {m} :: person that suffers from allergy
allergisch {adj} [medicine or figuratively] :: allergic
allergischer {adj} :: comparative of allergisch
allergischsten {adj} :: superlative of allergisch
Allergologe {m} :: allergist
Allergologie {f} :: allergology
aller guten Dinge sind drei {proverb} :: third time's a charm; but more general; used as a lighthearted justification for doing somethig a third time, including a third person, taking a third drink, etc
allerhand {adj} :: all sorts of
Allerheiligen {n} [especially, Roman Catholicism] :: All Saints' Day; Hallowmas (1 November; generally a public holiday in Catholic parts of German-speaking Europe)
allerlei {adj} :: all kinds of
Allerlei {n} :: potpourri, medley
allerliebst {adj} :: beloved
allerorten {adv} [rare, literary] :: everywhere
allerorts {adv} [rare, literary] :: everywhere
Allerseelen {n} [especially, Roman Catholicism] :: All Souls' Day
allerseits {adv} :: everybody, by everybody, to everybody
allerseits {adv} :: on all sides, from all sides
Allerweltshure {f} [vulgar, offensive] :: whore
Allerwertester {m} [colloquial, jocular] :: bottom, butt, rear
alles {pron} [indefinite] :: in singular without a noun (usually alles): everything
alles {pron} [indefinite] :: in singular with a noun: all (the) (+ singular noun)
alles {pron} [indefinite] :: in plural without a noun: everybody, everyone
alles {pron} [indefinite] :: in plural with a noun: all (the) (+ pl. noun)
allesamt {pron} :: all, everyone, everybody, all and sundry
Allesfresser {m} :: omnivore
alles Gute zum Geburtstag {phrase} :: happy birthday (literally, everything good for the birthday)
alles im grünen Bereich sein {v} [idiom] :: to have everything be working; to have everything be okay
alles in allem {adv} :: all in all
alles in Ordnung {phrase} [literally] :: Everything (is) in order; Everything is OK
Alleskönner {m} :: jack-of-all-trades
alles oder nichts {proverb} :: all or nothing
alles zu seiner Zeit {proverb} :: there's a time and place for everything, there's a time for everything, there's a right time for everything
alles zu seiner Zeit {proverb} :: (calming) all in good time, one thing at a time, one thing after another
alles zu seiner Zeit {proverb} :: cross that bridge when you come to it
alle Trümpfe in der Hand halten {v} [idiom] :: to hold all the aces
alle Wege führen nach Rom {proverb} :: all roads lead to Rome
allfällig {adj} [chiefly Switzerland, Austria] :: possible, potential
allgegenwärtig {adj} :: ubiquitous, omnipresent
allgemach {adv} [obsolete] :: gradually
allgemein {adj} :: general (common, basic, usual), universal
Allgemeinarzt {m} :: GP, general practitioner [UK] / family practitioner [US]
Allgemeinbefinden {n} :: general condition
Allgemeinbildung {f} :: general education, all-round education; general knowledge
Allgemeinbildung {f} [education] :: liberal education
Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen {noun} [business] :: general business conditions
allgemeiner {adj} :: comparative of allgemein
allgemeingültig {adj} :: universal
Allgemeinheit {f} :: generality
allgemeinsten {adj} :: superlative of allgemein
Allgemeinwissen {n} :: general knowledge
Allgemeinzustand {m} :: general condition
Allhaming {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Upper Austria, Austria
Allhartsberg {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Lower Austria, Austria
Allheilmittel {n} :: panacea, cure-all
Allianz {f} :: alliance
Allicin {n} [organic compound] :: allicin
Alligator {m} :: alligator (animal)
Alligator-Birne {noun} [obsolete, fruit] :: alligator pear (avocado fruit)
alliiert {adj} :: allied
Alliierte {m} [historical] :: Allies, the allied powers during World War II
Alliierte {m} :: Nominative singular of the weak declension of Alliierter
Alliierte {m} :: Nominative plural of the strong declension of Alliierter
Alliierte {m} :: Accusative plural of the strong declension of Alliierter
Alliin {n} [organic compound] :: alliin
Alliteration {f} :: alliteration
alljährlich {adj} :: annual, yearly
Allmacht {f} :: omnipotence
allmächtig {adj} :: omnipotent, all-powerful, almighty
Allmächtigkeit {f} :: omnipotence
allmählich {adj} :: gradual
allmählich {adv} :: gradually, slowly
allmählig {adj} :: alternative form of allmählich
allmählig {adv} :: alternative form of allmählich
allmonatlich {adj} :: monthly
allmorgendlich {adj} :: daily (but especially, every morning)
allnächtlich {adj} :: nightly (every night)
allochthon {adj} :: allochthonous
allophonisch {adj} :: allophonic
Allotria {n} [uncommon] :: tomfoolery, monkey business, foolish behavior
Allotriophagie {f} :: allotriophagy; pica
allotrop {adj} [chemistry] :: allotropic
Allotrop {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: allotrope
Allotropie {f} :: allotropy (having multiple atomic structures)
Allradantrieb {m} :: all-wheel drive, four-wheel drive
allstündlich {adj} :: hourly
Alltag {m} :: everyday life
alltäglich {adj} :: everyday
alltäglich {adj} :: quotidian
alltäglich {adj} :: usual, common
alltäglich {adj} :: trivial
alltäglicher {adj} :: comparative of alltäglich
alltäglichsten {adj} :: superlative of alltäglich
Alltagsrassismus {m} [sociology] :: everyday racism
Alltagssprache {f} :: everyday language
alltagstauglich {adj} :: usable for everydays life, suitable for daily use
Alltagstrott {m} [derogatory] :: daily grind, daily routine
allüberall {adv} [now, archaic] :: everywhere
allumfassend {adj} :: all-embracing
allumfassend {adj} :: universal, global
Allüre {f} [chiefly in the plural] :: affectation
Allusion {f} :: allusion
alluvial {adj} :: alluvial
Allwetterreifen {m} :: all-weather tire, all-weather tyre
allwissend {adj} :: all-knowing, omniscient
Allwissenheit {f} :: omniscience
allwöchentlich {adj} :: weekly
Allylalkohol {m} [organic compound] :: allyl alcohol
Allylchlorid {n} [organic compound] :: allyl chloride
allzu {adv} :: all too
allzuviel {adv} :: too much
Alm {f} :: alpine pasture
Alm {f} :: alp
Alma {prop} {f} :: given name
Almanach {m} :: almanac, yearbook
Almandin {m} [mineral] :: almandine
Almhütte {f} :: Alpine hut
Almosen {n} :: alms
Alois {prop} :: given name, cognate to Aloysius
Alopezie {f} [pathology] :: alopecia
Alp {m} :: alternative form of Alb (elf)
Alpacca {n} :: alternative spelling of Alpaka
Alpaka {n} :: alpaca (mammal)
Alpaka {n} :: alpaca, alpacca, nickel silver (metal alloy)
Alpaka {n} :: a type of guinea pig with long hair
Alpdruck {m} :: nightmare
Alpen {prop} {fp} :: the Alps
Alpen {prop} {fp} :: A municipality in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
Alpenbewohner {m} :: Alpine inhabitant (someone who lives in the mountains)
Alpengegend {f} :: Alpine region
Alpenglühen {n} :: alpenglow
Alpenveilchen {n} :: cyclamen (flower)
Alpenverein {m} :: alpine club, association
Alpha {n} :: alpha (Greek letter)
Alphabet {n} :: alphabet (the set of letters used when writing in a language)
alphabetisch {adj} :: alphabetical (in the sequence of the letters of the alphabet)
alphabetisieren {v} :: to alphabetize
alphabetisieren {v} :: to teach literacy
Alphabetisierung {f} :: alphabetization / alphabetisation
Alphabetisierung {f} :: literacy
Alphabetismus {m} :: alphabetism (form of literacy)
alphanumerisch {adj} :: alphanumeric
alphanummerisch {adj} [computing] :: alphanumeric
Alphastrahl {m} :: alpha ray
Alphastrahlung {f} :: alpha radiation
Alphateilchen {n} [physics] :: alpha particle
Alpha-Version {f} [computing, technology] :: alpha version
Alphazerfall {m} [physics] :: alpha decay
Alphorn {n} :: alphorn
Alphütte {f} :: Alpine hut
Alpinismus {m} :: alpinism
Alptraum {m} :: alternative spelling of Albtraum
alptraumhaft {adj} :: alternative spelling of albtraumhaft
alptraumhafter {adj} :: comparative of alptraumhaft
alptraumhaftesten {adj} :: superlative of alptraumhaft
Alraune {f} :: mandrake (botany)
als {conj} [subordinating, referring to something [thought of as] in the past] :: at the same moment; when; while; as
als {conj} [after comparative] :: than
als {conj} :: as; like; in the function of; in the form of
als {conj} :: as if
als {conj} [after negative pronoun] :: but
Als {f} :: creek, drainage channel
alsbald {adv} :: at once, immediately
alsdann {adv} [literary] :: thereupon, then
alsdenn {adv} [dated] :: thereupon
also {interj} :: so!; all right!; used as a lead-in or to start a new topic
also {adv} :: so
also {adv} :: thus
als ob {conj} :: as if, as though
Alsterwasser {n} [chiefly Northern Germany] :: shandy (beer mixed with lemonade)
als U-Boot {adv} :: in hiding, often using a false identity; only used in als U-Boot leben (to live in hiding, often using a false identity) and als U-Boot überleben (to survive in/by hiding, often using a false identity)
alt- {prefix} :: old
alt- {prefix} :: ancient
alt {adj} :: old
Alt {m} :: alto (musical voice; person or instrument that performs the alto part)
Alt {n} :: A type of beer, typical to the Rhineland region
Altach {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Vorarlberg, Austria
altägyptisch {adj} :: ancient Egyptian
Altai {prop} {m} :: Altay (a mountain range)
Altar {m} [religion, including Christianity] :: altar (table or similar structure used for religious rites)
Altarm {m} :: oxbow lake
altarmenisch {adj} :: Old Armenian (related to the Old Armenian language or to Ancient Armenia)
Altarmenisch {n} :: Old Armenian (the Old Armenian language)
Altarweihe {f} :: (religion) consecration of the altar
altäthiopisch {adj} :: Old Ethiopian
Altaussee {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Styria, Austria
altbacken {adj} :: stale
altbacken {adj} :: dowdy
Altbau {m} :: old building
Altbauwohnung {f} :: apartment or flat in an old building
altbewährt {adj} :: well-tried and reliable; long-standing
altblau {adj} :: blue that is slightly faded as if with age
altbraun {adj} :: brown that is slightly faded as if with age
altbretonisch {adj} :: Old Breton
altbulgarisch {adj} :: Old Bulgarian
altdänisch {adj} :: Old Danish
altdeutsch {adj} :: old German: from or resembling an earlier era of German culture (especially the 15th/16th centuries)
Altdorfer {m} :: a native or inhabitant of Altdorf
Altdorfer {adj} :: from, of, or pertaining to Altdorf
Alte {f} :: old woman
alteingesessen {adj} :: indigenous, endemic
Alteltern {noun} :: great-great-grandparents
Altenburg {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Lower Austria, Austria
Altenburg {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Thuringia, Germany
Altendorf {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Lower Austria, Austria
Altendorf {prop} {n} :: One of two municipalities in Germany
Altendorf {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Schwyz, Switzerland
Altenfelden {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Upper Austria, Austria
altenglisch {adj} :: Anglo-Saxon (related to the Old English language)
Altenglisch {n} :: Anglo-Saxon (the Old English language)
Altenheim {n} :: retirement home, old folks' home
Alter {n} :: age, old age
Alter {n} :: antiquity
Alter {n} :: epoch, age
Alter {m} :: old man; in the plural also old person
Alter {m} [slang, used in the vocative] :: dude
älter {adj} :: comparative of alt
Alter Ego {n} :: alter ego
Alterität {f} :: alterity
alter Kämpfer {m} [historical] :: long-time Nazi, old guard of the NSDAP [1930 and 1933 are often used as cut-off dates]
altern {v} :: to age
alternativ {adj} :: alternative
Alternative {f} :: alternative
Alternative {f} :: option, choice
alternative Fakten {phrase} [neologism, ;, politics, media] :: alternative facts (something presented as a fact for reasons of political expediency; a fiction, a falsehood, a lie)
alternativlos {adj} :: Without alternative
Alternativmedizin {f} [medicine] :: alternative medicine
alternierend {adj} :: alternating
altersbedingt {adj} :: age-related, age-conditioned
Altersbestimmung {f} :: dating (age determination)
Altersdiskriminierung {f} :: ageism (the treating of a person or people differently from others based on assumptions or stereotypes relating to their age)
Alterseinstufung {f} :: age rating [of computer games etc.]
Alterserscheinung {f} :: sign of age
Alterserscheinung {f} [pathology] :: symptom of old age
Altersgruppe {f} :: age group
Altersheilkunde {f} :: geriatrics
Altersheilkunde {f} :: geriatric medicine
Altersheim {n} :: retirement home
Altersunterschied {m} :: age difference
Alterszahnheilkunde {f} :: gerodontia
Alterszahnheilkunde {f} :: gerodontics (the branch of dentistry dealing with aging and the elderly)
Alterszahnheilkunde {f} :: gerodontology
Altertum {n} :: antiquity
altertümlich {adj} :: archaic
Altertumskunde {f} :: archaeology (archeology)
Altertumskunde {f} :: antiquity studies
Altertumskunde {f} :: classical studies
Alterung {f} :: ageing
Alterungsprozess {m} :: ageing, senescence
Altes {n} :: nominalization of altes: Something old
ältesten {adj} :: superlative of alt
ältestes Gewerbe der Welt {n} [euphemistic] :: the world's oldest profession
Altes Testament {prop} {n} :: Old Testament (first half of the Christian Bible)
altfränkisch {adj} :: Frankish; Old Franconian (pertaining to the Frankish empire from ca. 450 to ca. 900 AD)
altfränkisch {adj} :: outdated; very conservative
altfranzösisch {adj} :: Old French (related to the Old French language)
Altfranzösisch {n} :: Old French (the Old French language)
altfriesisch {adj} :: Old Frisian (related to the Old Frisian language)
Altfriesisch {n} :: Old Frisian (the Old Frisian language)
altgedient {adj} :: veteran
altgeorgisch {adj} :: Old Georgian (related to the Old Georgian language or to the ancient country of Georgia)
Altgeorgisch {n} :: Old Georgian (the Old Georgian language)
altgr. {adj} :: abbreviation of altgriechisch
altgriechisch {adj} :: Ancient Greek (related to the Ancient Greek language)
Altgriechisch {prop} {n} :: the Ancient Greek language
Altgroßeltern {noun} :: great-great-great-grandparents
Altheim {prop} {n} :: surname
Altheim {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Upper Austria, Austria
Altheim {prop} {n} :: One of three municipalities in Baden-Württemberg, Germany
althergebracht {adj} :: traditional, classical
althergebracht {adj} :: old-fashioned
althochdeutsch {adj} :: of or pertaining to Old High German
Althochdeutsch {prop} {n} :: Old High German
Althofen {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Carinthia, Austria
altindisch {adj} :: Old Indic
altirisch {adj} :: Old Irish (related to the Old Irish language)
Altirisch {n} :: Old Irish (the Old Irish language)
altisländisch {adj} :: Old Icelandic (related to the Old Icelandic language)
Altisländisch {n} :: Old Icelandic (the Old Icelandic language)
altjapanisch {adj} :: Old Japanese (related to the Old Japanese language)
Altjapanisch {n} :: Old Japanese (the Old Japanese language)
altjiddisch {adj} :: Old Yiddish
altkatalanisch {adj} :: Old Catalan (related to the Old Catalan language)
Altkatalanisch {n} :: Old Catalan (the medieval Catalan language)
altkatholisch {adj} :: Old Catholic
altkirchenslawisch {adj} :: Old Church Slavonic (related to the Old Church Slavonic language)
Altkirchenslawisch {n} :: Old Church Slavonic (the Old Church Slavonic language)
altklug {adj} :: precocious
altkoreanisch {adj} :: Old Korean (related to the Old Korean language)
Altkoreanisch {n} :: Old Korean (the Old Korean language)
altkrank {adj} [uncommon] :: having an old (longstanding) illness or injury
Altlast {f} :: contaminated site, hazardous site
Altlast {f} :: contaminated waste, hazardous waste
Altlast {f} :: legacy issue
Altlatein {n} :: Old Latin (language)
altlateinisch {adj} :: Old Latin (related to the Old Latin language)
Altlateinisch {n} :: Old Latin (language)
Altlengbach {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Lower Austria, Austria
ältlich {adj} [of a person] :: appearing older than one is; particularly: having the untimely appearance of an elderly person
ältlich {adj} [of physical traits, behaviour, etc.] :: appearing old or elderly; giving the appearance of advanced age (whether untimely or not)
Altlichtenwarth {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Lower Austria, Austria
alt machen {v} :: alternative form of altmachen
altmachen {vt} :: to age
altmachen {vt} :: to make someone look old
Altmaterial {n} :: old material
Altmaterial {n} :: recyclable materials
Altmelon {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Lower Austria, Austria
Altmetall {n} :: scrap metal
altmodisch {adj} :: outdated, old-fashioned, antiquated, outmoded, old-timey
altmodisch {adj} :: obsolete
altmodisch {adj} :: vintage
altmodischer {adj} :: comparative of altmodisch
altmodischsten {adj} :: superlative of altmodisch
altniederdeutsch {adj} :: Old Saxon, Old Low German (related to the Old Saxon or Old Low German language)
Altniederdeutsch {n} :: Old Saxon, Old Low German (language)
altniederländisch {adj} :: Old Dutch
altnordisch {adj} :: Old Norse (related to the Old Norse language)
Altnordisch {prop} {n} :: Old Norse (language of Scandinavia until about the 14th century)
altnorwegisch {adj} :: Old Norwegian (related to the Old Norwegian language)
Altnorwegisch {n} :: Old Norwegian (the Old Norwegian language)
altorientalisch {adj} :: old-oriental
altostnordisch {adj} :: Old East Norse
altostslawisch {adj} :: Old East Slavic (related to the Old East Slavic language)
Altostslawisch {n} :: Old East Slavic (the Old East Slavic language)
altpersisch {adj} :: Old Persian (related to the Old Persian language)
Altpersisch {n} :: Old Persian (the Old Persian language)
altpolabisch {adj} :: Old Polabian
altportugiesisch {adj} :: Old Portuguese (related to the Old Portuguese language)
Altportugiesisch {n} :: Old Portuguese (the Old Portuguese language)
altpreussisch {adj} :: alternative spelling of altpreußisch
altpreußisch {adj} :: Old Prussian (relating to the Old Prussian language)
Altpreußisch {n} :: Old Prussian (the Old Prussian language)
altprovenzalisch {adj} :: Old Provençal
Altrei {prop} {n} :: A municipality in South Tyrol
altrömisch {adj} :: Ancient Roman
altrosa {adj} :: having a pink color that is slightly darkened (as if with age) and discolored with blue or grey tones
altrot {adj} :: red that is slightly faded as if with age
altroth {adj} :: obsolete spelling of altrot
Altruismus {m} :: altruism
Altruist {m} :: altruist
altruistisch {adj} :: altruistic
altruistischer {adj} :: comparative of altruistisch
altruistischsten {adj} :: superlative of altruistisch
Altrussisch {n} :: Old Russian, Old East Slavic (the Old East Slavic language)
altsächs. {adj} :: abbreviation of altsächsisch
altsächsisch {adj} :: Old Saxon (related to the Old Saxon language)
Altsächsisch {n} :: Old Saxon (the Old Saxon language)
altschwäbisch {adj} :: Old Swabian
altschwedisch {adj} :: Old Swedish (related to the Old Swedish language)
Altschwedisch {n} :: Old Swedish (the Old Swedish language)
Altschwendt {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Upper Austria, Austria
altslawisch {adj} :: Old Slavic, Old Slavonic
altsorbisch {adj} :: Old Sorbian
altspanisch {adj} :: Old Spanish (related to the Old Spanish language)
Altspanisch {n} :: Old Spanish (the Old Spanish language)
altsprachlich {adj} [linguistics] :: pertaining to the classical languages
Altstadt {f} :: historic city center, old town
alttestamentlich {adj} [Christianity] :: of or pertaining to the Old Testament
alttürkisch {adj} :: Old Turkic
Altwasser {n} :: oxbow lake
Altweibermühle {f} [folklore] :: a mill where old women magically become young again
Altweibersommer {m} :: Indian summer (a stretch of warm days in autumn)
altweiß {adj} :: aged and hence slightly discoloured white, off-white
altweltlich {adj} :: old-world, Old World
altwestnordisch {adj} :: Old West Norse
Alu {n} :: abbreviation of Aluminium
Alufolie {f} :: aluminium foil
Aluminat {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: aluminate
aluminieren {v} :: To aluminize
aluminiert {v} :: past participle of aluminieren
Aluminit {m} [mineral] :: aluminite
Aluminium {n} :: aluminium (atomic number 13)
Aluminiumblech {n} :: aluminium sheet
Aluminiumbromid {n} [inorganic compound] :: aluminium bromide
Aluminiumchlorid {n} [inorganic compound] :: aluminium chloride
Aluminiumdruckguss {m} :: die-cast aluminium
Aluminiumfamilie {f} :: aluminium family
Aluminiumfolie {f} :: foil made of aluminium
Aluminiumgalliumarsenid {n} [inorganic compound] :: aluminium gallium arsenide
Aluminiumgeschirr {n} :: aluminium utensil
Aluminiumgusslegierung {f} :: aluminium casting alloy
aluminiumhaltig {adj} :: aluminous
Aluminiumherstellung {f} :: aluminium production
Aluminiumhydroxid {n} [inorganic compound] :: aluminium hydroxide
Aluminiumindustrie {f} :: aluminium industry
Aluminiumlegierung {f} :: aluminium alloy
Aluminiumleichtbau {m} :: lightweight aluminium (construction material)
Aluminiummetaphosphat {n} [inorganic compound] :: aluminium metaphosphate
Aluminiumnitrid {n} [inorganic compound] :: aluminium nitride
aluminiumorganisch {adj} [organic chemistry] :: organoaluminium
Aluminiumorthophosphat {n} [inorganic compound] :: aluminium orthophosphate
Aluminiumoxid {n} [inorganic compound] :: aluminium oxide
Aluminiumoxynitrid {n} [inorganic compound] :: aluminium oxynitride
Aluminiumphosphat {n} [inorganic compound] :: aluminium phosphate
Aluminiumpolyphosphat {n} [inorganic compound] :: aluminium polyphosphate
Aluminiumsalz {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: aluminium salt
Aluminiumsilikat {n} [inorganic compound] :: aluminium silicate
Aluminiumsulfat {n} [inorganic compound] :: aluminium sulfate
Aluminiumsulfid {n} [inorganic compound] :: aluminium sulfide
Aluminiumtrichlorid {n} [inorganic compound] :: aluminium trichloride
Aluminiumverhüttung {f} :: aluminium smelting
Aluminosilikat {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: aluminosilicate
Aluminothermie {f} :: aluminothermy
aluminothermisch {adj} :: aluminothermic
Alunit {m} [mineral] :: alunite
alveolar {adj} [phonetics] :: alveolar
Alveolar {m} [phonetics] :: alveolar
Alveole {f} :: alveolus
Alvíssmál {prop} {f} :: the Alvíssmál
Alwin {prop} :: given name, cognate to English Alwin
Alwina {prop} :: given name, a feminine form of Alwin
Alwine {prop} :: given name, a feminine form of Alwin
Alzheimer {prop} :: a surname
Alzheimer {noun} :: Alzheimer's disease
Alzheimer-Krankheit {f} :: Senile dementia of Alzheimer’s type. Alzheimer’s Disease
am {contraction} :: an + dem, at the, on the
am {contraction} :: auf + dem, on the, at the
am {contraction} :: Forms the superlative in adverbial and predicate use
AM {n} [software, development] :: acronym of w:de:Anwendungsmanagement
Amalgam {n} :: amalgam (alloy containing mercury)
Amalgamfüllung {f} [dentistry] :: amalgam filling
amalgamiert {v} :: past participle of amalgamieren
amalgamiert {adj} :: amalgamated
Amalia {prop} :: given name, a less common variant of Amelie and Amalie
Amalie {prop} :: given name. Variants: Amalia, Amelie
Amanda {prop} :: given name
Amarant {m} [plant, plural Amarante] :: amaranth, pigweed
Amarant {m} [plural Amaranten] :: firefinch
amaranten {adj} :: amaranthine (dark reddish purple)
Amaretto {m} :: amaretto (liqueur)
am Arsch {adv} :: For non-idiomatic uses see am and Arsch
am Arsch {adv} [colloquial, vulgar] :: broken; fucked
am Arsch {interj} [colloquial, vulgar] :: my arse; my foot
Amaryllis {f} :: amaryllis
Amateur {m} :: amateur
Amateurfunk {m} :: amateur radio
amateurhaft {adj} :: amateurish
amateurhafter {adj} :: comparative of amateurhaft
amateurhaftesten {adj} :: superlative of amateurhaft
Amazonenameise {f} :: Polyergus rufescens, an ant from the family Formicidae
Amazonien-Tropfenameisenwürger {m} :: Amazonian antshrike
Amberg {prop} {n} :: Amberg (independent city in Bavaria, Germany)
am besten {adj} :: superlative of gut; best
ambi- {prefix} :: ambi-
ambient {adj} :: ambient
Ambiente {n} :: ambiance
ambig {adj} :: ambiguous
Ambiguität {f} :: ambiguity
Ambition {f} :: ambition for some particular achievement
ambitioniert {adj} :: ambitious
ambitionierter {adj} :: comparative of ambitioniert
ambitioniertesten {adj} :: superlative of ambitioniert
ambitiös {adj} :: ambitious
ambivalent {adj} :: ambivalent
ambivalenter {adj} :: comparative of ambivalent
ambivalentesten {adj} :: superlative of ambivalent
Ambivalenz {f} :: ambivalence
Amblygonit {m} [mineral] :: amblygonite
Amboss {m} :: anvil (block used in blacksmithing)
Amboss {m} :: anvil (bone in inner ear)
Ambra {f} :: ambergris
Ambrosia {f} :: ambrosia (food of gods or delicious foods)
ambulant {adj} :: ambulant; outpatient [attributive noun]
Ambulanz {f} [automotive] :: ambulance
Ambulanz {f} [of a hospital] :: outpatient department
Ameise {f} :: ant
Ameisenbär {m} :: anteater
Ameisenficker {m} [vulgar, offensive] :: annoying person who wastes time by correcting and discussing unimportant details, nitpicker
Ameisenhaufen {m} :: anthill (a home built by ants resembling a small hill)
Ameisenhügel {m} :: anthill (a home built by ants resembling a small hill)
Ameisenigel {m} :: echidna, spiny anteater
Ameisenjungfer {f} :: antlion
Ameisenkönigin {f} :: A queen ant, reproductive female ant
Ameisenlöwe {m} :: antlion, doodlebug
Ameisensäure {f} [organic chemistry] :: formic acid
Ameisenwürger {m} :: antshrike
Amelie {prop} :: given name; cognate to English Amelia
Amen {adv} :: The formula amen
Amen {n} :: amen
amenagieren {v} [Luxembourg] :: to lay out, fit out
American Football {m} :: the game of American football
Americium {n} :: americium
Amerika {prop} {n} [continent] :: America
Amerika {prop} {n} [nation] :: the United States of America
Amerikaner {m} :: (male) American (from the Americas, the American continent)
Amerikaner {m} :: (male) American (from the United States of America (the United States / the States / the USA / the US) or just America for short)
Amerikaner {m} :: A round cakelike pastry of flour, butter, and lemon juice, with a sugar glaze, usually plain white, chocolate, or half-white/half-chocolate
Amerikanerin {f} :: American (female), a girl or woman from the Americas (the American continent)
Amerikanerin {f} :: American (female), a girl or woman from America (the United States of America)
amerikanisch {adj} :: American
Amerikanisierung {f} :: Americanization, Americanisation
Amerikanismus {m} :: Americanism
Amerikanistik {f} :: American studies (academic study of language and literature of North America)
Amethyst {m} :: amethyst
amethysten {adj} [poetic] :: amethyst (in colour)
amethystfarben {adj} :: amethyst (in colour)
Amethysttäubling {m} :: Russula amethystina, a conspicuous mushroom
Ametrin {m} [mineral] :: ametrine
amharisch {adj} :: Amharic
Amharisch {prop} {n} :: Amharic (language)
am hellichten Tag {adv} :: obsolete spelling of am helllichten Tag
am helllichten Tag {adv} :: in broad daylight
am Herd stehen {v} [idiomatic, colloquial] :: to cook, to prepare food
Ami {m} [colloquial, mildly, pejorative] :: Yank, Yankee, American (native or inhabitant of the USA)
Amid {n} [inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry] :: amide
amikal {adj} :: amical, amicable
Amiland {prop} {n} [colloquial, mildly, pejorative] :: the United States
Amin {n} [organic chemistry] :: amine
Aminogramm {n} :: aminogram
Aminogruppe {f} [organic chemistry] :: amino group (functional group)
Aminolävulinsäure {f} [organic compound] :: aminolevulinic acid
Aminosäure {f} :: amino acid
Aminoverbindung {f} [organic chemistry] :: amino compound; amine
amisch {adj} :: Amish
amitotisch {adj} :: amitotic
Amlach {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Tyrol, Austria
Amme {f} :: wet nurse
Amme {f} [archaic or regional] :: nanny, grandmother, mother
Ammenmärchen {n} :: old wives' tale
Ammer {m} :: The yellowhammer (Emberiza citrinella)
Ammer {m} :: any bunting (Emberiza)
Ammoniak {n} :: ammonia
ammoniakalisch {adj} :: ammoniacal
Ammoniakat {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: ammoniate
Ammoniaklösung {f} :: ammonia solution (household ammonia)
Ammoniaksynthese {f} [inorganic chemistry] :: ammonia synthesis
Ammoniakwasser {n} :: ammonia water, ammonium hydroxide
Ammonium {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: ammonium
Ammoniumcarbonat {n} [inorganic compound] :: ammonium carbonate
Ammoniumchlorid {n} [inorganic compound] :: ammonium chloride
Ammoniumdichromat {n} [inorganic compound] :: ammonium dichromate
Ammoniumion {n} :: ammonium ion
Ammoniummolybdat {n} [inorganic compound] :: ammonium molybdate
Ammoniummolybdophosphat {n} [inorganic compound] :: ammonium molybdophosphate, ammonium phosphomolybdate
Ammoniumnitrat {n} [inorganic compound] :: ammonium nitrate
Ammoniumnitrit {n} [inorganic compound] :: ammonium nitrite
Ammoniumpolyvanadat {n} [inorganic compound] :: ammonium polyvanadate
Ammoniumsalz {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: ammonium salt
Ammoniumsulfat {n} [inorganic compound] :: ammonium sulfate
Ammoniumverbindung {f} [inorganic chemistry] :: ammonium compound
Amnesie {f} :: amnesia
Amnestie {f} [legal] :: amnesty
amniotisch {adj} :: amniotic
Amöbe {f} :: amoeba
am offenen Herzen {adv} :: open-heart (in the context of medical operations)
Amok {m} :: amok
Amoklauf {m} :: killing spree; gun rampage; mass shooting (form of rather indiscriminate mass murder, usually for personal motives, excluding terrorism)
Amoklauf {m} [broader sense, dated] :: rampage; act of running amok
Amok laufen {v} :: to run amok
Amokläufer {m} [person running amok] :: gunman
Amokläuferin {f} :: gunwoman (person running amok)
a-Moll {n} [music] :: A-minor
amoralisch {adj} :: amoral (which cannot be judged by moral criteria)
amoralisch {adj} :: amoral (lacking any sense or understanding of morals)
amoralisch {adj} [less often] :: immoral (inconsistent with moral standards)
amorph {adj} :: amorphous
Amos {prop} {m} :: Amos
Amos {prop} {m} :: the book of Amos
Amouren {noun} [pluralonly, dated or ironic] :: love affairs
amourös {adj} :: amorous
Ampass {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Tyrol, Austria
Ampel {f} :: traffic light
Ampel {f} [politics, Germany] :: coalition consisting of the SPD, FDP, and the Green Party (derived from the colors red, yellow and green representing these parties)
Ampel {f} :: lamp which hangs from the ceiling
Ampel {f} :: container (e.g. for a plant) which hangs from the ceiling
Ampelfrau {f} :: female walking figure shown on pedestrian signals
Ampelkoalition {f} [politics] :: synonym of Ampel (coalition of the SPD, FDP, and the Green Party)
Ampelmännchen {n} :: walking figure shown on pedestrian signals
ampelografisch {adj} :: ampelographic
Ampelographie {f} :: ampelography (science of grapevine cultivars)
ampelographisch {adj} :: alternative form of ampelografisch
Ampere {n} :: The ampere, unit of electrical current
Amperewindung {f} :: ampere-turn
amperometrisch {adj} [chemistry, physics] :: amperometric
Ampfer {m} :: sorrel (plant)
Amphetamin {n} :: amphetamine
Amphibie {f} :: amphibian (vertebrate)
Amphibienfahrzeug {n} :: duck (amphibious vehicle)
Amphibol {m} [mineral] :: amphibole
amphibolisch {adj} :: amphibolic
amphipathisch {adj} [chemistry] :: amphipathic
Amphiprostylos {m} :: amphiprostyle (A temple or other building having columns at either end but not along the sides)
Amphitheater {n} :: amphitheater
Amphore {f} :: amphora (a two handled jar with a narrow neck)
amphoter {adj} [chemistry] :: amphoteric
Amphoter {m} [chemistry] :: amphoteric substance
Amphoter {m} :: dopant (for semiconductors)
Amplitude {f} :: amplitude (mathematics, physics)
Amplitudenmodulation {f} :: amplitude modulation
Ampulle {f} :: ampoule (small glass vial)
Amputation {f} :: amputation
amputieren {v} :: to amputate
Amputierte {m} :: amputee
AMS {initialism} [business, Austria] :: initialism of w:de:Arbeitsmarktservice (It is the formerly state-owned job centre in Austria)
am seidenen Faden hängen {v} [idiomatic] :: alternative form of an einem seidenen Faden hängen
Amsel {f} :: blackbird
Amsterdam {prop} {n} :: Amsterdam (capital city)
Amsterdamer {m} :: a native or inhabitant of Amsterdam
Amsterdamer {adj} :: from, of, or pertaining to Amsterdam
Amstetten {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Lower Austria, Austria
Amstetten {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Baden-Württemberg, Germany
Amt {n} :: agency; department; office (state institution responsible for specified concerns)
Amt {n} :: office; post (public function, e.g. of a civil servant)
Amt {n} [Roman Catholicism, chiefly in compounds] :: mass; office
amtierend {adj} :: incumbent (being the current holder of an office)
amtlich {adj} :: official; ministerial (of or by a state or regional authority)
Amtsanmaßung {f} :: unauthorised assumption of authority, usurpation of authority
Amtsantritt {m} :: inauguration (especially political)
Amtsdeutsch {prop} {n} :: German bureaucratese, officialese (the jargon-filled, obfuscatory and sometimes legalistic or euphemistic variety of the German language which is regarded as the language of German bureaucrats)
Amtsenthebungsverfahren {n} :: impeachment
Amtsgericht {n} [legal] :: local / district court
Amtsinhaber {m} :: (male) officeholder, incumbent
Amtsinhaberin {f} :: female officeholder, incumbent
Amtskollege {m} :: counterpart (a person, often a minister, who holds the same office in another country or region)
Amtskollegin {f} :: A female counterpart. (A female person, often a minister, who holds the same office in another country or region.)
Amtsleiter {m} :: commissioner
amtsmüde {adj} :: tired of being in office, tired of holding office
Amtsschimmel {m} :: excessive amount of bureaucracy; red tape
Amtssprache {f} :: official language
Amtsträger {m} :: authority holder
Amtsverzicht {m} :: resignation from office
Amtswalter {m} :: department manager
Amtswart {m} :: office official
amtswegig {adj} [Austria, legal] :: ex officio
Amtszeit {f} :: term, office term
Amulett {n} :: amulet
Amur {prop} {m} :: the Amur River
Amurleopard {m} :: Amur leopard, Panthera pardus orientalis
amüsant {adj} [somewhat, formal] :: amusing, fun
amüsanter {adj} :: comparative of amüsant
amüsantesten {adj} :: superlative of amüsant
Amüsement {n} :: amusement
amüsieren {v} :: to amuse
Amygdala {f} [anatomy] :: amygdala
Amylase {f} :: amylase (type of enzyme)
amyloid {adj} :: amyloid
an- {prefix} :: Separable verb prefix, on
an- {prefix} :: Separable verb prefix, up
an. {adj} :: abbreviation of altnordisch
an {prep} [local] :: on; upon; at; in; against
an {prep} :: by; near; close to; next to
an {prep} [temporal] :: on; in; at
an {prep} :: on; onto
an {prep} :: at; against
an {prep} :: to; for
an {adv} :: onward; on
Anabolismus {m} :: anabolism
Anachronismus {m} :: anachronism
anachronistisch {adj} :: anachronistic
anachronistischer {adj} :: comparative of anachronistisch
anachronistischsten {adj} :: superlative of anachronistisch
Anadiplose {f} [rhetoric] :: anadiplosis
anaerob {adj} :: anaerobic
Anagramm {n} :: anagram
Anakoluth {n} {m} [rhetoric] :: anacoluthon
Anakonda {f} :: anaconda
anakreontisch {adj} :: anacreontic
anal {adj} :: anal
Analbohrer {m} [vulgar, offensive] :: buttfucker
Analbohrer {m} :: buttplug
Analemma {n} [astronomy] :: analemma
Analgetikum {n} :: analgesic (medicine that reduces pain)
analgetisch {adj} :: analgesic (pain-reducing; of or relating to analgesia)
analog {adj} :: analogous
analog {adj} :: analogue
analog {adj} :: [colloquial] not computerised
Analogie {f} :: analogy (similar example as explanation)
Analogon {n} :: analogue
Analogon {n} :: analogy
Analoguhr {f} [retronym] :: analog clock, analog watch
Analphabet {m} :: illiterate (an illiterate person)
Analphabetin {f} :: illiterate (a female illiterate person)
analphabetisch {adj} :: illiterate
analphabetisch {adj} :: unlettered
Analphabetismus {m} :: illiteracy
Analratte {f} [vulgar, offensive] :: assfucker
Analritter {m} [vulgar, offensive] :: assfucker
Analverkehr {m} :: anal sex (sex involving the anus)
Analyse {f} :: analysis
Analysemethode {f} :: method of analysis
analysieren {v} :: to analyze
Analysis {f} [science] :: analysis
Analyst {m} :: business analyst
Analytik {f} :: analytics
Analytiker {m} :: analyst, analyser
analytisch {adj} :: analytical, analytic
Anämie {f} [pathology] :: anemia
anämisch {adj} [pathology] :: anaemic
Anamnese {f} :: anamnesis (medical history of a patient)
Anamnese {f} :: anamnesis, figurally: the history of a concept
anamorph {adj} :: anamorphic
Ananas {f} :: pineapple
Ananassaft {m} :: pineapple juice
anankastisch {adj} :: anankastic
Anapäst {m} [prosody] :: anapest
anapästisch {adj} :: anaphoric
Anapher {f} :: anaphora
Anaphrodisiakum {n} :: anaphrodisiac
anaphrodisisch {adj} :: anaphrodisiac
anaphylaktisch {adj} :: anaphylactic
Anarchie {f} :: anarchy
anarchisch {adj} :: anarchic
anarchischer {adj} :: comparative of anarchisch
Anarchismus {m} :: anarchism
Anarchist {m} :: anarchist (person)
Anarchistin {f} :: anarchist (female person)
anarchistisch {adj} :: anarchistic
anarchistischer {adj} :: comparative of anarchistisch
anarchistischsten {adj} :: superlative of anarchistisch
Anarchosyndikalismus {m} :: anarcho-syndicalism
Anästhesie {f} :: anaesthesia
Anästhesiologie {f} :: anaesthesiology
Anästhesist {m} :: anaesthetist, anesthesiologist
Anästhetikum {n} :: anaesthetic (substance)
Anastrophe {f} [rhetoric] :: anastrophe
anat. {adj} :: abbreviation of anatomisch
Anatol {prop} :: given name
Anatolien {prop} {n} :: Anatolia
Anatom {m} [medicine] :: anatomist
Anatom {m} :: dissector
Anatomie {f} [biology] :: Anatomy, study of the structure of living beings
Anatomie {f} [biology] :: Dissection
Anatomie {f} [biology] :: Structural makeup of an organism or parts thereof
Anatomie {f} :: Anatomy department, anatomical institute
Anatomie {f} :: Treatise on the science of anatomy
anatomisch {adj} :: anatomic, anatomical
anatomisch {adv} :: anatomically
anbahnen {vr} :: to be in the offing
anbahnen {vt} :: to pave the way for
Anbahnung {f} :: initiation
anbandeln {v} [Southern German] :: flirt
anbändeln {v} :: flirt
Anbau {m} [agriculture] :: cultivation
Anbau {m} :: extension, annex
anbauen {v} [agriculture] :: to grow, to cultivate
anbauen {v} :: to attach, to mount
Anbauschlacht {f} :: building campaign
anbei {adv} [literary] :: included [with a letter, package, etc]
anbeißen {v} :: to bite into
anbelangen {vt} :: to concern, to touch a matter
anbellen {vt} :: to bark at
anberaumen {v} :: to schedule
anbeten {vt} [religion or figurative] :: to worship, to adore
anbetenswert {adj} :: adorable
anbetreffen {v} :: to concern, to touch a matter, to be of relevance to
Anbetung {f} [religion] :: worship
anbieten {v} :: to offer, to provide
Anbieter {m} :: provider
Anbieter {m} :: vendor
Anbieter {m} :: supplier
anbinden {v} :: to tie up; to fasten
Anbindung {f} :: connection (act of)
Anbindung {f} :: binding, linkage
Anblick {m} :: view, sight, look
anblicken {v} :: to look at
Anbohren {n} :: spudding, drilling
an Bord {adv} :: aboard, on board
anbraten {v} :: to pan-fry quickly at great heat
anbräunen {v} :: to sauté; to lightly brown (something) in hot fat or oil
anbrechen {v} :: to start, commence, kick off
anbrennen {vt} [auxiliary: haben] :: to burn
anbrennen {vt} [auxiliary: haben] :: to light [e.g. cigarettes, cigars]
anbrennen {vi} [auxiliary: sein] :: to start to burn
anbringen {v} :: to add
anbringen {v} :: to fix, to affix, to attach
anbringen {v} :: to bring
Anchorman {m} :: The main host of a television or radio program, particularly one relating to the broadcast of news: anchorman
Anchovis {f} :: anchovy in oil
Andacht {f} [no plural, state of devoted attention] :: devotion
Andacht {f} [religion] :: devotion, devotions, devotional prayer
andächtig {adj} :: devotional, devout
andächtiger {adj} :: comparative of andächtig
Andachtsbild {n} :: devotional image (often a painting or sculpture that depicts the themes of Christian grief and suffering, such as the Pietà, intended to encourage meditation)
Andalusien {prop} :: Andalusia, region and now autonomous community in southern Spain
Andalusit {m} [mineral] :: andalusite
Andau {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Burgenland, Austria
andauern {vi} :: continue, go on, last
Andelsbuch {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Vorarlberg, Austria
Anden {prop} :: The Andes mountain range
an den Bettelstab bringen {vt} [idiom] :: to ruin
an den Haaren herbeigezogen {idiom} :: far-fetched, unlikely [literally, dragged along by the hairs]
Andenken {n} :: memory; remembrance (especially of a deceased person)
Andenken {n} :: memento; souvenir (something of emotional value kept as a reminder)
an den Pranger stellen {v} [idiom] :: to publicly denounce
ander {adj} :: See anderer.
ander {adj} [obsolete] :: the second
an der Ecke {phrase} [idiom] :: at the corner, nearby
andere Länder, andere Sitten {proverb} :: when in Rome, do as the Romans do
anderenfalls {adv} :: alternative form of andernfalls
anderer {adj} :: other, different
anderer {adj} [obsolete] :: second
andererseits {adv} :: on the other hand
anderes Ufer {n} :: for non-idiomatic uses see anderer, Ufer
anderes Ufer {n} [idiomatic, colloquial, somewhat jocular but not disrespectful] :: batting for the other team; being gay, queerness, homosexuality
anderleuts {pron} [indefinite, colloquial] :: other people's, someone else's
anderm {pron} :: alternative form of anderem
andern {pron} :: alternative form of anderen
ändern {vt} :: to change
ändern {vr} :: to vary
andernfalls {adv} :: otherwise, or else
andernorts {adv} [formal] :: elsewhere
anderntags {adv} :: the day after, the next day
anders {adv} :: different, differently
anders {adv} :: else
anders {adv} :: otherwise
andersartig {adj} :: different
anderseits {adv} :: then again, on the other hand
andersfarbig {adj} :: differently coloured
andersherum {adv} :: the other way round
andersrum {adv} :: the other way round
anderswo {adv} :: elsewhere
anderthalb {num} :: one and a half (1½), sesqui-
Änderung {f} :: change, modification
anderwärts {adv} [dated, formal] :: elsewhere
anderweit {adj} :: other
anderweit {adv} :: otherwise
anderweitig {adj} :: other
anderweitig {adj} :: elsewhere
anderweitig {adj} :: with someone else
andeuten {v} :: to suggest or imply
andeuten {v} :: to hint
andeuten {v} :: to insinuate
Andeutung {f} :: adumbration
Andi {prop} {m} :: given name
an die Kandare nehmen {v} [idiomatic] :: to put a tight rein on (literally: to put the curb on), to rein, to curb
andienen {vt} :: to press (etwas something jedem on someone)
andienen {vr} :: to offer one's services (jedem to someone)
an die Seite {adv} :: alternative form of zur Seite
Andlersdorf {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Lower Austria, Austria
andocken {v} :: to dock [in space]
Andorf {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Upper Austria, Austria
Andorra {prop} {n} :: Andorra
Andorra la Vella {prop} :: Andorra la Vella
Andorraner {m} :: Andorran ([male or female] man from Andorra)
Andorranerin {f} :: Andorran (woman from Andorra)
andorranisch {adj} :: Andorran (pertaining to Andorra)
Andragogik {f} :: andragogy
Andrang {m} :: rush
andre {pron} :: alternative form of andere
Andre {prop} :: given name, a High German variant of Andreas, or simplified from French André
André {prop} {m} :: given name borrowed from French
Andrea {prop} {f} :: given name, feminine form of Andreas
Andreas {prop} {m} :: Andrew (biblical figure)
Andreas {prop} {m} :: given name
Andreasberg {prop} :: A small mining town in Bestwig, Nordrhein-Westfalen
andrehen {v} :: to switch on, turn on
andrem {pron} :: alternative form of anderem
andren {pron} :: alternative form of anderen
andrer {pron} :: alternative form of anderer
andrerseits {adv} :: alternative form of andererseits
andres {pron} :: alternative form of anderes
Andrichsfurt {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Upper Austria, Austria
Androgen {n} :: androgen
androgyn {adj} :: androgynous (possessing qualities of both sexes)
androhen {vt} :: to threaten
Android {m} :: android
Androide {m} :: android
Andrologie {f} [medicine] :: andrology
androphil {adj} :: androphilic
androzentrisch {adj} :: androcentric
Äneas {prop} {m} :: Aeneas (Trojan hero)
aneignen {vr} :: to appropriate
aneignen {vr} :: to acquire
Aneignung {f} :: acquisition
Aneignung {f} :: appropriation
aneinander {adv} :: together
aneinander {adv} :: against each other
an einem seidenen Faden hängen {v} [idiomatic] :: to hang by a thread
Anekdote {f} :: anecdote
anekdotisch {adj} :: anecdotal, anecdotic
anekdotischer {adj} :: comparative of anekdotisch
anekdotischsten {adj} :: superlative of anekdotisch
Anemone {f} :: anemone
anerkannt {adj} :: recognized, accepted
anerkennen {v} :: to acknowledge
anerkennen {v} :: to recognize
Anerkennung {f} :: appreciation (a just valuation or estimate of merit, worth, weight, etc.; recognition of excellence)
Anerkennung {f} :: recognition
anerzogen {adj} :: educated; educative
Aneurysma {n} :: aneurysm
Anf. {m} :: abbreviation of Anfang
Anfahrt {f} :: approach by car
Anfahrt {f} :: access road, access route
Anfall {m} [now, rare] :: swift attack (military or criminal)
Anfall {m} :: fit; seizure; attack (medical or emotional)
Anfall {m} :: yield; volume; quantum (an amount or number of something, especially one that varies somewhat irregularly between periods of time)
anfallen {v} :: to accrue, to obtain
anfallend {adj} :: accruing, arising
anfallend {adj} :: contingent, incidental
anfällig {adj} :: susceptible, prone, vulnerable
anfällig {adj} :: fragile, delicate
Anfälligkeit {f} :: susceptibility, vulnerability, predisposition
Anfälligkeit {f} :: sensitivity
Anfang {m} :: start, beginning, origin
anfangen {vi} :: to begin; to commence
anfangen {vi} [with zu + infinitive] :: to start doing something
anfangen {vi} [with mit] :: to begin something; to start something
anfangen {vi} [with von] :: to start a topic; to keep talking about something
anfangen {vt} [colloquial] :: to begin something; to start something
Anfänger {m} :: agent noun of anfangen; beginner, novice
Anfängerin {f} :: a female beginner
anfänglich {adj} :: initial
anfangs {adv} :: initially, at the beginning
Anfangsbuchstabe {m} :: initial
Anfangsbuchstabe {m} :: [plural] monogram
Anfangszustand {m} :: initial state
anfassen {v} :: to touch
anfechtbar {adj} :: contestable, disputable
anfechtbar {adj} :: exceptional
anfechten {v} :: to contest
anfechten {v} :: to disturb, to care about, to bother
Anfeindung {f} :: hostility
Anfeindung {f} :: an instance of hostilities; a hostile action; a confrontation or attack
anfertigen {vt} :: to manufacture, make, produce
Anfertigung {f} :: making; creation; production
anfeuern {v} :: to cheer, root for
anfeuern {v} :: to light [i.e. an oven]
anflehen {v} :: to beg, beseech
Anflug {m} [aviation] :: approach
anfordern {v} :: to request, ask for, to order (something), to send for
Anforderung {f} :: request
Anforderung {f} :: requirement
Anfrage {f} :: inquiry
anfragen {vt} [someone for something] :: to ask
anfreunden {v} :: To befriend
anfügen {v} :: to append
anfühlen {vt} :: to feel [by touch]
anfühlen {vr} :: to feel
anführen {v} :: To lead; to command
anführen {v} :: To quote
Anführer {m} :: leader, head, chief, commander; person in charge of a group or organisation
Anführerin {f} :: female leader, head, chief, commander; female in charge of a group or organisation
Anführungszeichen {n} [typography] :: quotation mark ([„◌“] or [»◌«])
anfüllen {vt} :: to fill up
anfunkeln {vt} :: to glare [stare angrily]
Angabe {f} :: specification, declaration, statement
Angabe {f} [sports] :: serve
Angath {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Tyrol, Austria
angeben {v} :: to state, to specify
angeben {v} :: to quote, to cite
angeben {v} :: to brag, to show off
angeben {v} [card games] :: to deal first
Angeber {m} :: bragger, braggart, boaster, swaggerer, showoff
Angeberei {f} :: showing-off
angeberisch {adj} :: in a bragging / boasting / swaggering way
angeberischer {adj} :: comparative of angeberisch
angeberischsten {adj} :: superlative of angeberisch
angeblich {adj} :: alleged, pretended, reported
angeblich {adv} :: allegedly, supposedly, reportedly
angeblickt {v} :: past participle of anblicken
angeboren {adj} :: inherent
angeboren {adj} :: innate, inborn, congenital
angeboren {adj} :: native
Angebot {n} :: offer
Angebot {n} [economics, no plural] :: supply
Angebot {n} [low-priced offer] :: bargain
angeboten {adj} :: offered, proffered, tendered
angeboten {adj} :: provided
angebracht {adj} :: apposite, seemly, appropriate
angebrochen {v} :: past participle of anbrechen
angebunden {adj} :: bound, connected
angedacht {adj} :: planned, envisaged
angedauert {v} :: past participle of andauern
angedeutet {v} :: past participle of andeuten
angedickt {v} :: past participle of andicken - thickened
angefertigt {v} :: past participle of anfertigen
angefeuchtet {v} :: past participle of anfeuchten
angefeuchtet {adj} :: moistened, wetted
angeflanscht {adj} :: flanged
angefordert {v} :: past participle of anfordern
angefordert {adj} :: requested
angeführt {v} :: past participle of anführen
angeführt {adj} :: quoted, cited
angegeben {adj} :: specified, stated
angeglichen {v} :: past participle of angleichen
angegliedert {v} :: past participle of angliedern
angegriffen {adj} :: attacked
angehabt {v} :: past participle of anhaben
angehalten {adj} :: stopped, halted
angehangen {v} :: past participle of anhängen
angehängt {adj} :: adhered, attached
angehäuft {v} :: past participle of anhäufen - accumulated
angehäuft {adj} :: cumulative
angeheftet {adj} :: attached, affixed, pinned
angeheizt {adj} :: heated, warmed
angeheizt {adj} :: heated, heightened, whipped up
angehen {vt} :: to concern, regard
angehen {vt} :: to tackle (a problem); to start (a project); to enter into
angehen {vi} [of a machine etc.] :: to turn on, start, be started
angehimmelt {adj} :: idolized
angehimmelt {v} :: past participle of anhimmeln
angehimmelter {adj} :: comparative of angehimmelt
angehören {v} :: To belong to (a group etc)
Angehörige {f} :: relative, next of kin, relation (female)
Angehörige {f} :: member (of an organization), national (of a country) (female)
Angehöriger {m} :: relative, next of kin, relation (male or of unspecified sex)
Angehöriger {m} :: member (of an organization), national (of a country) (male or of unspecified sex)
Angehörigkeit {noun} :: membership, affiliation
angehört {v} :: past participle of anhören
angejahrt {adj} :: aged (no longer young)
angekettet {adj} :: chained [to an object]
Angeklagte {f} [legal] :: accused; defendant
Angeklagter {m} :: defendant (person prosecuted or sued)
angekratzt {v} :: past participle of ankratzen
angekündigt {adj} :: announced
angekündigt {adj} :: advertised
angekündigt {adj} :: forecast
Angel {f} :: fishing rod
Angel {f} :: tackle, fishhook
Angel {f} :: hinge (a jointed or flexible device that allows the pivoting of a door, window, etc.)
Angela {prop} {f} :: given name, cognate to English Angela
angelagert {v} :: past participle of anlagern
angelangen {vi} :: to arrive
angelangt {v} :: past participle of anlangen
angelaufen {adj} :: tarnished
angelaufen {adj} :: initiated
Angelegenheit {f} :: matter, issue, affair
angelegentlich {adj} :: urgent
angelegentlich {adj} :: pressing
angelegentlich {adv} :: urgently
angelegentlich {adv} :: particularly
angelegt {adj} :: invested
angelegt {adj} :: applied
angelegt {adj} :: arranged
angelehnt {v} :: past participle of anlehnen
angelehnt {adj} :: ajar, to (slightly open)
angeleitet {v} :: past participle of anleiten
Angelhaken {m} :: fishhook
Angelika {noun} :: angelica
Angelika {prop} :: given name, popular in the mid-twentieth century
Angelina {prop} :: given name of Italian origin
Angeliter {m} :: A native or inhabitant of Angeln peninsula
Angeliter {adj} :: from, of, or pertaining to the Angeln peninsula
angeln {v} :: to angle, to fish [with a fishing rod]
Angelo {prop} :: given name borrowed from Italian Angelo
angelockt {v} :: past participle of anlocken
Angelrute {f} :: fishing rod
Angelsachse {m} :: Anglo-Saxon
angelsächsisch {adj} :: Anglo-Saxon (referring to the historic people)
angelsächsisch {adj} :: anglophone, Anglo-Saxon (referring to the whole of the modern anglophone world, but particularly Britain and the USA)
Angelschnur {f} :: fishing line
angemessen {adj} :: appropriate
angemessen {adj} :: adequate, due
angemessen {adj} :: suitable, proper
angenehm {adj} :: pleasant
angenehm {adj} :: short for 'pleased to meet you'
angeordnet {v} :: past participle of anordnen
angeordnet {adj} :: arranged, ordered
angepasst {adj} :: adjusted, adapted
angepasst {v} :: past participle of anpassen
angepaßt {v} :: alternative form of angepasst
angepasster {adj} :: comparative of angepasst
angepisst {adj} :: pissed (annoyed, angry)
angepisster {adj} :: comparative of angepisst
angepisstesten {adj} :: superlative of angepisst
angepriesen {v} :: past participle of anpreisen - praised, touted
Anger {m} :: village green
Anger {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Styria, Austria
Angerberg {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Tyrol, Austria
angeredet {v} :: past participle of anreden
angeregt {adj} :: animated, lively
angeregt {adj} [chemistry] :: excited
angeregter {adj} :: comparative of angeregt
angereichert {adj} :: enriched, fortified
angerichtet {v} :: past participle of anrichten
angesagt {adj} :: fashionable, trendy
angesäuert {adj} [chemistry] :: acidified
angesäuert {adj} :: leavened
angeschafft {v} :: past participle of anschaffen
angeschickert {adj} :: tiddly, tipsy
angeschlagen {adj} :: beleaguered
angeschlossen {adj} :: associated
angeschlossen {adj} :: affiliated
angeschlossen {adj} :: attached, connected
angeschnallt {adj} :: strapped
angeschuldigt {v} :: past participle of anschuldigen
angeschwärzt {v} :: past participle of anschwärzen
angeschwollen {v} :: past participle of anschwellen
angesehen {adj} :: reputable
angesehen {adj} :: respected
angesehen {adj} :: respectable
angesetzt {v} :: past participle of ansetzen
Angesicht {n} :: countenance, visage, face
angesichts {prep} :: at the sight of
angesichts {prep} :: in view of, in the face of
angesiedelt {v} :: past participle of ansiedeln
angespielt {v} :: past participle of anspielen
angespitzt {v} :: past participle of anspitzen
angesprochen {v} :: past participle of ansprechen
Angesprochener {m} :: One who is or has been addressed, spoken to
angespült {v} :: past participle of anspülen - washed-up
angestanden {v} :: past participle of anstehen
Angestellte {m} :: employee
Angestellte {f} :: female employee
angesteuert {v} :: past participle of ansteuern
angestrebt {v} :: past participle of anstreben
angestrebt {adj} :: sought
angestrengt {v} :: past participle of anstrengen
angetan {v} :: past participle of antun: "done"
angetan {adj} :: be taken with something; have taken a shine
angetan {adj} [elevated] :: suitable, appropriate, apposite, calculated
angetippt {v} :: past participle of antippen
angetreten {v} :: past participle of antreten
angetrieben {adj} :: driven, propelled, powered
angewachsen {v} :: past participle of anwachsen
angewandt {v} :: past participle of anwenden
angewandt {adj} :: applied, practical, used
angewendet {v} :: past participle of anwenden
angewendet {adj} :: applied
angewidert {adj} :: disgusted
angewiesen {adj} [with auf + accusative] :: dependent (on), reliant (on)
angewinkelt {adj} :: bent
Angewohnheit {f} :: habit, custom
angezeigt {v} :: past participle of anzeigen
Angina {f} :: angina
Angiografie {f} [healthcare] :: angiography
Angiographie {f} [healthcare] :: alternative form of Angiografie
Angiotensin {n} :: angiotensin
angleichen {v} :: to adapt, to adjust
Angleichung {f} :: adaption, adjustment
Angler {m} :: angler (person who fishes with a hook and line) (male or of unspecified sex)
Angler {m} :: anglerfish
Anglerfisch {m} :: anglerfish
angliedern {v} :: To annex, to incorporate
Anglikaner {m} :: Anglican
Anglikanerin {f} :: Anglican woman
anglikanisch {adj} :: Anglican
Anglistik {f} :: English studies
Anglizismus {m} :: anglicism
angloamerikanisch {adj} :: Anglo-American
anglofranzösisch {adj} :: Anglo-French
Anglo-Friesisch {n} :: Anglo-Frisian (language)
anglonormannisch {adj} :: Anglo-Norman (related to the Anglo-Norman language)
Anglonormannisch {n} :: Anglo-Norman (language)
anglophon {adj} :: Anglophone
Angola {prop} {n} :: Angola
Angolaner {m} :: Angolan (person from Angola or of Angolan descent)
Angolanerin {f} :: Angolan (woman from Angola or of Angolan descent)
angolanisch {adj} :: Angolan (of or pertaining to Angola or its people)
angreifbar {adj} :: vulnerable
angreifbar {adj} :: assailable
angreifen {v} :: to attack
angreifend {adj} :: attacking
Angreifer {m} :: attacker (someone who attacks)
Angreiferin {f} :: a female attacker
angrenzend {adj} :: adjacent, bordering, adjoining
angrenzend {adj} :: neighbouring
angrenzend {adj} :: contiguous
Angriff {m} :: attack, raid
Angriffsfläche {f} :: target
angriffslustig {adj} :: aggressive
angriffslustig {adj} :: belligerent
Angst {f} :: fear; fright; anxiety
angsteinflößend {adj} :: frightening, scary
Angsthase {m} :: coward
ängstigen {vt} :: to alarm; to frighten
ängstigen {vr} :: to be afraid; to be worried
ängstigend {adj} :: frightening
Ängstigung {f} :: a fear, a worry
ängstlich {adj} :: fearful, anxious
ängstlicher {adj} :: comparative of ängstlich
ängstlichsten {adj} :: superlative of ängstlich
Ångström {n} :: angstrom
Angstschweiß {m} :: cold sweat
angstvoll {adj} :: fearful
angstvoll {adj} :: apprehensive
Angstzustand {m} :: anxiety, anxiety state, state of panic
angucken {v} [colloquial] :: to watch, to look at
anhaben {v} :: to wear
anhaben {v} :: to harm
anhaben {v} [colloquial] :: to have turned on
Anhalt {m} :: indication
Anhalt {prop} {m} :: Anhalt
anhalten {v} :: to stop (cease moving)
anhalten {v} :: to continue
anhalten {v} :: to urge; to compel
anhaltend {adj} :: persistent, unrelenting
anhaltend {adj} :: continuous
Anhalter {m} :: agent noun of anhalten; hitchhiker
Anhalterin {f} :: (female) hitchhiker
Anhaltestab {m} :: Paddle-shaped signalling device used by police, traffic wardens, airport ground staff etc
Anhaltiner {m} :: A native or inhabitant of the duchy or principality of Anhalt
Anhaltspunkt {m} :: clue (information that may lead one to a certain point or conclusion)
anhand {prep} :: by means of, with (the help of)
Anhang {m} :: addendum
Anhang {m} :: supplement
Anhang {m} :: attachment (e.g., of an email)
Anhang {m} :: appendage
Anhängekalkulation {f} :: correction of a calculation
anhängen {vt} :: To hang, to make something linger while fixed at
anhängend {adj} :: attached
Anhänger {m} :: agent noun of anhängen
Anhänger {m} :: follower, fan
Anhänger {m} [vehicle] :: trailer
Anhänger {m} :: pendant
Anhängerkupplung {f} :: hitch (connection point for a trailer)
Anhängern {noun} :: dative plural of Anhänger
anhängig {adj} :: pending
anhängig {adj} :: pendent
anhänglich {adj} :: devoted
anhänglich {adj} :: clingy
Anhängsel {n} :: appendage, attachment
anhäufen {v} :: to accumulate, to pile up
anhäufend {adj} :: piling, accumulating, cumulating
Anhäufung {f} :: accumulation (act of accumulating, the state of being accumulated)
anheben {v} :: to lift up
anheben {v} :: to raise, to increase
anheben {v} [archaic, now rare] :: to begin (to do something)
Anhebung {f} :: elevation, raising, uplift
Anhebung {f} :: increase, accentuation
anheften {v} :: to attach, to affix, to pin
anheim- {prefix} :: Separable verb prefix that indicates movement to somebody’s area of control
anheimelnd {adj} :: cozy, homely
anheimfallen {v} [+ dative] :: to fall victim to
anheimgeben {v} [ditransitive] :: to leave something to somebody’s discretion or to entrust it
anheimstellen {v} [ditransitive] :: to leave something to somebody’s discretion
anheizen {v} [of an oven] :: to heat, to fire, to light
anheizen {v} [figuratively] :: to boost, to fuel, to kindle
anheuern {v} [nautical] :: to hire
anheuern {v} [nautical] :: to begin work
anhimmeln {v} [slang] :: to adore (someone)
anhimmeln {v} [slang] :: to idolise / idolize (a person)
Anhöhe {f} :: hill, knoll
anhören {v} [ditransitive] :: to listen to something [+ acc] for oneself [+ dat]
anhören {vr} :: to sound
Anhörung {f} [proceeding at which discussions are heard] :: hearing
Anhydrid {n} :: anhydride
Anhydrid {n} [organic chemistry] :: acid anhydride
Anhydrit {m} [mineral] :: anhydrite
Anif {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Salzburg, Austria
änigmatisch {adj} :: enigmatic
an ihren Taten sollt ihr sie erkennen {proverb} :: actions speak louder than words (a person’s actions indicate their true sentiments)
Anika {prop} {f} :: given name, a spelling variant of Annika
anikonisch {adj} :: aniconic
Anilin {n} [organic compound] :: aniline
Anilingelb {n} :: aniline yellow
Anilingus {m} :: anilingus
animalisch {adj} :: animal, brute (attributive)
Animateur {m} :: holiday representative, club representative, entertainer
Animation {f} :: animation
Anime {m} :: anime (Animated works that originated in Japan)
Animismus {m} :: animism
Animosität {f} :: animosity
Anion {n} [physics, chemistry] :: anion
anionisch {adj} [chemistry] :: anionic
Anis {m} :: anise (plant and spice)
Anisette {m} :: anisette (alcoholic liqueur)
anisotop {adj} :: anisotopic
anisotrop {adj} :: anisotropic
Anisotropie {f} :: anisotropy
Anissamen {m} :: aniseed
Anita {prop} :: given name of Spanish origin
Anja {prop} :: given name of Russian origin, popular in late 20th century
Ankara {prop} {n} :: Ankara
ankaufen {v} :: to buy (esp. real estate)
Anke {prop} :: given name, a Low German and West Frisian pet (diminutive) form of Anna
Anker {m} :: anchor
Ankerit {m} [mineral] :: ankerite
ankern {vi} :: to anchor
Ankerplatz {m} :: anchorage
anketten {vt} :: to chain
anketten {vt} :: to chain up
Anklage {f} [law] :: charge
Anklage {f} [figurative] :: accusation
anklagen {v} :: to indict (to make a formal accusation or indictment against (a party) by the findings of a jury)
Ankläger {m} :: prosecutor, accuser
Anklang {m} :: appeal, approval
Anklang {m} :: reminiscence
Ankleidekabine {f} :: changing cubicle
ankleiden {vt} :: to dress
anklicken {vt} :: to click on
anklingeln {v} :: to make a missed call, to drop call (US), to beep (Africa), (to get the other person to call back)
anklingeln {v} :: call, telephone (especially South Germany, Switzerland, Austria)
ankommen {vi} :: to arrive
ankommen {v} [impersonal, with preposition auf] :: to depend on
ankommen {v} [impersonal, with preposition auf] :: to be important, to matter
Ankömmling {m} [of a person] :: arrival, new arrival, newcomer, newly arrived person
ankönnen {v} [colloquial, with gegen] :: to be able to take (on); to be at least even to; to be able to beat
ankratzen {v} :: to scratch
ankreiden {v} :: to chalk up to, to blame
ankreuzen {vt} :: to cross, check, checkmark, tick off (mark with a cross)
ankucken {v} [Northern Germany, colloquial] :: alternative form of angucken
ankündigen {v} :: to announce
ankündigen {v} :: to herald
Ankündigung {f} :: announcement, notice
Ankunft {f} :: arrival
Ankunftszeit {f} :: time of arrival
ankurbeln {v} [of an engine, etc.] :: to crank up
ankurbeln {v} [figuratively] :: to boost
Ankurbelung {f} [of an engine, etc.] :: cranking up
Ankurbelung {f} [figuratively] :: boosting
Ankurblung {f} :: alternative form of Ankurbelung
anlächeln {v} :: to smile at
Anlage {f} :: public green area, site, park, garden
Anlage {f} :: (area or building) plant, facility, installation
Anlage {f} :: device, system, rig
Anlage {f} :: music centre
Anlage {f} :: annex, appendix
Anlage {f} [finance] :: asset
Anlage {f} [medicine, biology] :: disposition
Anlageform {f} [finance] :: form of investment (financial product)
Anlagemünze {f} :: bullion coin
Anlageprodukt {n} [finance] :: investment product
anlagern {v} [chemistry] :: To bind
anlagern {v} :: To connect, attach
anlangen {vt} [regional, auxiliary “haben”] :: to touch (literally)
anlangen {vi} [auxiliary “sein”] :: to arrive
anlangen {vt} [auxiliary “haben”] :: to concern, to touch
Anlass {m} :: cause, starting, motive
Anlass {m} :: occasion
Anlaß {m} :: obsolete spelling of Anlass
anlassen {v} :: to leave on
anlassen {v} [clothing] :: to keep on
anlassen {v} [a motor] :: to start
anlassen {vr} :: to get off to a (good, bad etc.) start
anlassen {v} :: To temper or anneal
Anlassen {n} :: tempering, annealing
Anlassen {n} :: starting
anlässlich {prep} :: On the occasion of
anläßlich {prep} :: alternative form of anlässlich
anlasslos {adj} :: without reason; motiveless, senseless
Anlauf {m} :: attempt, try
Anlauf {m} :: run-up (used with nehmen)
Anlauf {m} :: tarnish
anlaufbeständig {adj} :: tarnish-resistant
anlaufen {vi} :: to begin, to start
anlaufen {vi} :: (of a film) to open; (of a motor) to start
anlaufen {vi} :: to mist up, steam up (of a mirror, glass etc)
anlaufen {vi} :: to tarnish (of metal)
anlaufen {vi} :: to turn/go (a specified colour)
anlaufen {vi} :: to stand up to (gegen etwas)
anlaufen {vt} [naitical] :: to put into, call at (a port etc)
Anlaut {m} [linguistics] :: The initial sound at the beginning of a word or syllable; anlaut
anlegen {v} :: to create
anlegen {v} :: to put on
anlegen {vr} [with preposition: mit] :: to start a fight with
anlegen {v} [nautical] :: to dock
anlegen {v} [finance] :: to invest
Anleger {m} :: agent noun of anlegen
Anleger {m} :: investor
Anleger {m} [nautical] :: landing stage, jetty
anlegieren {v} :: To alloy
anlegiert {v} :: past participle of anlegieren
anlegiert {adj} :: alloyed
Anlehnung {f} :: dependence (on)
Anlehnung {f} :: borrowing (from)
Anlehnung {f} :: following, support
Anlehre {f} :: job training
Anleihe {f} :: bond (financial); debenture
Anleihe {f} :: loan
anleiten {v} :: to guide or to train
anleiten {v} [with preposition zu] :: to incite
Anleitung {f} :: guidance
Anleitung {f} :: manual
Anleitung {f} :: tutorial
Anlernling {m} :: trainee
Anlieferung {f} :: delivery
anliegen {v} :: to abut [+ an (object) = etwas = on]
anliegen {v} [electricity, of a voltage] :: to be applied
Anliegen {n} :: request
Anliegen {n} :: concern (matter of concern)
anlocken {vt} :: to lure
anlügen {vt} :: to lie to, to tell someone a lie, to tell someone lies
Anm. {f} :: abbreviation of Anmerkung, remark
Anmache {f} :: [sexual or romantic] advance
Anmache {f} :: harassment
anmachen {v} :: to switch on, to turn on (a lamp, a stove, an electronic device, etc.)
anmachen {v} :: to light, to start (a fire, a candle, gas etc.);
anmachen {v} :: to turn on (a person, sexually), to hit on (a person)
anmachen {v} [colloquial] :: to start something with (someone), to provoke (someone), to accost, (internet) to flame (approach aggressively)
anmachen {v} :: to dress (a salad)
Anmachspruch {m} :: pick-up line
anmaßen {vr} :: to claim as one's own
anmaßen {vr} :: to take upon oneself, to assume
anmaßend {adj} :: presumptuous, high-handed
anmaßend {adj} :: arrogant
anmaßend {adj} :: overbearing
Anmaßung {f} :: arrogation, presumption, pretension
Anmaßung {f} :: insolence
Anmaßung der Autorenschaft {f} :: arrogation of authorship, unjustified claim of authorship, plagiarism
anmelden {v} :: to announce, declare
anmelden {v} :: to enroll
anmelden {v} :: to register
Anmelder {m} :: enrollee, registrant
Anmelder {m} :: applicant
Anmeldung {f} :: application
Anmeldung {f} :: announcement, booking, registration
Anmeldung {f} [computing] :: login, logon
Anmeldung {f} [finance] :: reporting
anmerken {vt} :: to mark; to note; to make a note of (something)
anmerken {vt} [with someone as the indirect object] :: to observe (something) in (someone); to notice (something) about (someone)
Anmerkung {f} :: remark; note; comment; annotation
Anmut {f} :: grace (elegant movement, poise or balance)
Anmut {f} :: elegance
anmuten {v} [formal] :: to appear, seem (jeden to someone)
anmutig {adj} :: graceful, elegant
Anmutung {f} :: impression
Anna {prop} :: given name
Annabell {prop} {f} :: given name
Annaberg {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Lower Austria, Austria
Annaberg {prop} {n} :: Chałupki, Krzyżanowice, Poland
annähern {v} :: to approximate
Annäherung {f} :: approach (act of drawing near; access or opportunity of drawing near)
Annäherung {f} [golf] :: approach (a stroke whose object is to land the ball on the putting green)
Annahme {f} :: presupposition
Annahme {f} :: acceptance
Annahme {f} :: receipt, receiving
Annahme {f} :: assumption, hypothesis
Annalen {noun} :: annals
annalistisch {adj} :: annalistic
Annam {prop} {n} :: Annam (historical name of Vietnam)
Anne {prop} {f} :: given name
Änne {prop} :: A female given name, cognate with Anne or Anna
Annegret {prop} :: given name, a blend of Anne + Grete
annehmbar {adj} :: acceptable
annehmen {v} :: to assume, to suppose
annehmen {v} :: to receive
annehmen {v} :: to accept
annehmen {v} :: to adopt (a child)
annektieren {v} :: to annex
Anneli {prop} :: given name, a South German pet form of Anna, or shortened from Anneliese or Anne-Louise
Annelie {prop} {f} :: given name, a spelling variant of Anneli
Anneliese {prop} {f} :: given name, a combination of Anna and Elisabeth
Annemarie {prop} :: given name, combination of Anne and Marie
Annette {prop} :: given name borrowed from French
Annexion {f} :: annexation
Anni {prop} :: given name
Annihilation {f} :: annihilation
Annika {prop} {f} :: given name, a Low German and Swedish diminutive of Anna
Annina {prop} :: given name
Ann-Katrin {prop} :: given name
Annonce {f} :: classified ad
annullieren {v} :: to annul, nullify, cancel
Annullierung {f} :: annulment
Anny {prop} {f} :: given name, variant spelling of Anni
Anode {f} [physics] :: anode
anöden {v} [colloquial] :: to bore
anöden {v} [colloquial] :: to annoy [through speaking]
Anodenreaktion {f} [chemistry] :: anode reaction
Anodenschlamm {m} :: anode slime
anodisch {adj} :: anodic
anodisieren {v} :: To anodize
anodisiert {v} :: past participle of anodisieren
anomal {adj} [also grammar] :: anomalous
Anomalie {f} :: anomaly
anomisch {adj} :: anomic
anonym {adj} :: anonymous
anonyme Klasse {f} [software, object-oriented] :: anonymous class
anonymisieren {v} :: to anonymize
Anonymisierung {f} :: anonymization, anonymisation [UK]
Anonymität {f} :: anonymity
Anorak {m} :: parka, anorak
anordnen {v} :: to order, put in order
Anordnung {f} :: arrangement, array
Anordnung {f} :: order
Anordnung {f} :: layout
anorektisch {adj} :: anorectic
Anorexie {f} :: anorexia
anorganisch {adj} [chemistry] :: inorganic
anorganisch {adj} :: anorganic
anotherm {adj} :: anothermal: having a decreasing temperature with increasing water depth
anoxisch {adj} :: anoxic
anpassen {v} :: to adapt, to adjust
Anpassung {f} :: adaptation, customization, adjustment
anpassungsfähig {adj} :: adaptable
anpassungsfähiger {adj} :: comparative of anpassungsfähig
Anpassungsfähigkeit {f} :: adaptability
anpassungsfähigsten {adj} :: superlative of anpassungsfähig
Anpfiff {m} [sports] :: startingwhistle
anpingen {v} :: to ping
anpöbeln {vt} :: to provoke, accost
anprangern {v} :: to denounce
anpreisen {v} :: to praise, to advertise
anpreisen {v} :: to affix price tags on store merchandise
anprobieren {v} :: to try on (clothes)
anpusten {vt} :: to blow
Anras {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Tyrol, Austria
anrechenbar {adj} [finance] :: chargeable
anrechenbar {adj} :: (connumeration) countable
anrechenbar {adj} [economics] :: deductible
anrechenbar {adj} [tax] :: creditable, allowable
Anrecht {n} :: claim to a title or right
Anrecht {n} :: title
Anrecht {n} :: entitlement
Anrecht {n} :: right
Anrede {f} :: address, salutation, form of address
Anrede {f} :: a (short) speech to someone
Anredefall {m} :: vocative case
anreden {vt} :: To begin a talk with someone, often a stranger
anregen {v} :: to encourage
anregen {v} [physics] :: to excite
anregend {adj} :: stimulating, inspiring
Anregung {f} :: stimulus, excitation
Anregung {f} :: suggestion, proposal
anregungsarm {adj} :: unstimulating
anregungsreich {adj} :: stimulating
anreichern {v} :: to enrich, fortify
anreichern {v} :: to accumulate
Anreichern {n} :: () enrichment
Anreicherung {f} :: enrichment
Anreise {f} :: [reaching the destination of a journey using some means of transportation] arrival, journey
anreisen {v} :: to travel, to take a trip
anreisen {v} :: to arrive (aus from)
Anreiz {m} :: incentive
Anrichte {f} [furniture] :: sideboard
anrichten {v} :: to cause, to do
anrichten {v} :: to wreak (to do or cause harm)
anrichten {v} [of food] :: to prepare
anrichten {v} [of food] :: to serve, to dish up
anrüchig {adj} :: morally doubtful; unsavory; disreputable
Anruf {m} :: (phone) call
Anrufbeantworter {m} :: answering machine
anrufen {vt} :: to call by telephone; to ring (someone)
anrufen {vt} :: to call on (someone, e.g. a divine being); to appeal to; to call upon
Anrufer {m} [telephony] :: caller
Anruferin {f} :: feminine noun of Anrufer
anrühren {v} :: to touch
anrühren {v} :: to mix together, to whisk together
ans {contraction} :: an + das, on(to) the, to the
Ansage {f} :: announcement
ansagen {v} :: to announce
Ansammlung {f} :: gathering, collection, accumulation, assemblage
Ansammlung {f} :: crowd
an Sankt Nimmerlein {adv} [idiom] :: when pigs fly, never
ansässig {adj} :: resident (living in some place, local)
ansässig {adj} [less common] :: sedentary (living in one place, not nomadic)
ansässig {adj} [obsolete] :: resident in a city but not yet holding its citizenship (Bürgerrecht)
Ansatz {m} :: approach
Ansatz {m} :: ansatz
Ansatz {m} :: attempt
Ansatz {m} :: starting point
ansatzweise {adv} :: rudimentarily
ansatzweise {adv} :: to some extent
ansäuern {v} :: To acidify
ansäuern {v} :: To make (food) sour
Ansbach {prop} {n} :: Ansbach (independent city in Bavaria, Germany)
anschaffen {v} :: to get, purchase, buy
anschaffen {v} :: to work as a prostitute, to prostitute oneself
anschalten {v} :: to switch on
anschauen {v} :: to look at; to behold; to observe (visually); to view
anschaulich {adj} :: vivid
Anschauung {f} :: opinion; mode of view; outlook
Anschauung {f} :: intuition
Anschein {m} :: appearance, semblance, impression
anscheinend {adv} :: apparently
anschicken {vr} :: To get ready, to prepare to do something
Anschlag {m} :: attempt, attack
Anschlag {m} :: poster, notice, bulletin (printed or written note hanging on the wall, a pinboard etc.)
anschlagen {v} :: to bump
anschlagen {v} :: to chime
anschlagen {v} :: to chip
anschlagen {v} :: to hit
anschlagen {v} :: to strike
anschlagen {v} :: to strum
anschleichen {vr} [auxiliary: haben] :: to sneak up on
anschleichen {vi} [auxiliary: sein] :: to have snuck up
anschließen {v} :: connect
anschließen {vr} :: to join
anschließend {adv} :: afterwards
anschließend {adj} :: following
anschließend {adj} :: adjoining
Anschluss {m} :: connection, joining
Anschluss {m} :: annexation
Anschluss {m} [historical] :: Anschluss
Anschluss {m} :: contact
Anschluß {noun} :: alternative form of Anschluss
Anschlusstor {n} [sports] :: a goal that reduces a team’s deficit in the score to one, such as a 2-3 after a 1-3
Anschlusstor {n} [sports, loosely, rarer] :: a goal that reduces a team’s deficit so as to restore to them a realistic chance of equalizing, such as a 1-3 after a 0-3
anschmiegen {vr} :: to nestle, to snuggle
anschmiegsam {adj} :: slinky, soft and smooth
anschmiegsam {adj} :: cuddly, affectionate
anschnallen {vt} :: to fasten someone's seatbelt
anschnallen {vr} :: to fasten one's seatbelt; to buckle up
Anschnallgurt {m} [chiefly colloquial] :: seat belt
anschrauben {vt} :: to screw [on]
anschreiben {v} :: to address somebody in writing, especially per mail
anschreiben {v} :: to put on the slate
Anschreiben {n} :: cover letter
Anschrift {f} :: an address
anschuldigen {vt} :: to accuse
Anschuldigung {f} :: accusation
anschwärzen {v} :: to denigrate (criticise so as to besmirch; traduce, disparage, or defame), to calumniate, to denounce
anschwärzen {v} :: to blacken
anschwellen {v} :: To swell, rise or bulge
anschwitzen {v} :: to sweat (vegetables): to cook (vegetables) in a little fat, butter or oil at a low temperature
ansehen {v} :: to look at
ansehen {v} [figuratively] :: to regard
ansehen {vr} :: to view
Ansehen {n} :: prestige
Ansehen {n} :: renown
ansehnlich {adj} :: good-looking
ansehnlich {adj} :: respectable
ansehnlich {adj} :: considerable
ansehnlicher {adj} :: comparative of ansehnlich
ansehnlichsten {adj} :: superlative of ansehnlich
an sein {vt} [impersonal] :: to be on
ansenken {v} :: to countersink
Ansenkung {f} :: countersink
ansetzen {v} :: to implement
ansetzen {v} :: to attack
ansetzen {v} :: to start
Ansfelden {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Upper Austria, Austria
Ansgar {prop} :: given name, of mostly historical use
Ansicht {f} :: view; opinion
Ansichtskarte {f} :: picture postcard
Ansichtssache {f} :: matter of opinion
ansiedeln {v} :: To settle
ansiedeln {v} :: To introduce
ansiedeln {v} :: To establish
Ansiedlung {f} :: settlement (newly established colony; a place or region newly settled)
Ansinnen {n} :: request; imposition
ans Licht kommen {v} [idiom] :: come to light
ansonsten {adv} :: otherwise
ansonsten {adv} :: besides
anspielen {v} :: To allude to
anspielen {v} :: To insinuate
anspielen {v} :: To kick off
Anspielung {f} :: allusion (indirect reference; a hint), innuendo
anspitzen {v} [pencil] :: to sharpen
Anspitzer {m} :: sharpener, pencil sharpener
Ansporn {m} :: incentive
anspornen {v} [figuratively] :: to spur, to spur on
Ansprache {f} :: speech (an oration)
ansprechbar {adj} :: amenable
ansprechen {vt} :: to speak to; to address
ansprechen {vt} :: to appeal to
ansprechen {vt} :: to mention
ansprechen {vi} :: (of a patient etc.) to respond (auf to + acc.)
Anspruch {m} [a demand of ownership] :: claim
Anspruch {m} :: entitlement
Anspruch {m} :: demand
anspruchslos {adj} :: modest, unassuming, unpretentious
anspruchsvoll {adj} :: sophisticated, fastidious
anspruchsvoll {adj} :: demanding, ambitious, challenging
anspülen {v} :: To wash up, be cast up (on a shore etc)
anstacheln {v} :: to incite, pique
Anstalt {f} :: (public) institution, establishment
Anstalt {f} [colloquial] :: mental hospital
Anstand {m} [uncountable] :: decency, manners
Anstand {m} [countable, hunting] :: An interruption or break during stalking (hunting while moving silently and stealthily)
anständig {adj} :: decent, reputable, proper
anständig {adj} :: civilized
anständiger {adj} :: comparative of anständig
Anständigkeit {f} :: decency, respectability, honesty
anständigsten {adj} :: superlative of anständig
Anstandsdame {f} :: chaperone
anstarren {v} :: to stare at
anstatt {prep} [+ genitive] :: instead of
anstauen {vt} :: to dam up
anstecken {vt} :: to infect
anstecken {vr} [a disease] :: to contract [with preposition: mit]
anstecken {vt} :: to set fire to
ansteckend {adj} [pathology] :: contagious
ansteckend {adj} [figuratively] :: contagious
Anstecker {m} :: [US] pin (accessory attached with a pin)
Ansteckung {f} :: infection
Ansteckungsgebiet {n} :: contagious zone
anstehen {v} :: To stand in a queue
anstehen {v} :: To be pending, to be upcoming
anstehen {v} :: To befit
anstehen {v} [mining, geology] :: To protrude
anstehen {v} [Austria] :: To be dependent on something or someone
anstehend {adj} :: pending
ansteigen {v} :: to rise, increase
anstelle {prep} :: instead of
anstellen {vr} :: to queue, to line up
anstellen {vt} :: to hire, to appoint
anstellen {vt} :: to enable, to turn on
anstellen {vr} [colloquial] :: to behave
anstellen {vt} [colloquial] :: to perform
anstellig {adj} :: clever
anstellig {adj} :: handy
Anstellung {f} :: job
ansteuerbar {adj} :: commandable
ansteuerbar {adj} :: selectable
ansteuerbarer {adj} :: comparative of ansteuerbar
ansteuern {v} :: to head for, make for, strive for
Anstieg {m} :: increase, rise, surge
Anstieg {m} :: ascent
Anstieg {m} [maths] :: slope
anstiften {v} :: to incite
anstiften {v} :: to bring about
Anstiftung {f} :: incitement
Anstoß {m} :: impetus, initiation, trigger
Anstoß {m} :: offense
Anstoß {m} [football] :: kick-off
anstoßen {v} :: to push something (especially to start an avalanche effect)
anstoßen {v} :: to clink glasses, to propose a toast
anstoßen {v} :: to initiate (especially an idea)
anstößig {adj} :: offensive
anstößig {adj} :: obnoxious
anstreben {v} :: to pursue
anstrengen {vr} :: to make an effort, to work hard at something
anstrengen {vt} [a lawsuit or legal proceedings] :: to file
anstrengend {adj} :: strenuous (requiring great exertion)
anstrengend {adj} :: exhausting
Anstrengung {f} :: effort
Anstrengung {f} :: strenuousness, strain
Anstrich {m} :: livery
Anstrich {m} :: complexion
Anstrich {m} :: paint, painting
Anstrich {m} :: coat, coating
Anstrichfarbe {f} :: paint
Anstrichstoff {m} :: coating material
Anstrichstoff {m} :: paint
Ansturm {m} :: stampede
ansumpfen {v} :: to swamp
Antagonismus {m} :: antagonism
Antagonist {m} :: antagonist (all senses)
Antagonist {m} :: adversary
antagonistisch {adj} :: antagonistic
Antaphrodisiakum {n} :: antaphrodisiac
Antares {prop} {m} [astronomy] :: Antares
Antarktik {prop} {f} :: the Antarctic ocean
Antarktis {prop} {f} :: Antarctica
antarktisch {adj} :: Antarctic
Antau {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Burgenland, Austria
Antazidum {n} [medicine] :: antacid
Anteil {m} :: share, portion
anteilig {adj} :: partial, proportional, proportionate, pro rata
Anteilnahme {f} :: condolence
Anteilszahl {f} :: quota
Antenne {f} :: antenna
anterior {adj} [anatomy] :: anterior
Anthering {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Salzburg, Austria
Anthocyan {n} [organic chemistry] :: anthocyanin
Anthologie {f} :: anthology
Anthrax {m} :: anthrax
anthrazit {adj} :: anthracite (attributive)
Anthrazit {m} :: anthracite
anthrazitfarben {adj} :: anthracite (in colour)
anthropisch {adj} :: anthropic
anthropo- {prefix} :: anthropo-
Anthropodizee {f} :: anthropodicy
anthropogen {adj} :: anthropogenic
Anthropologe {m} :: anthropologist
Anthropologie {f} :: anthropology
anthropologisch {adj} :: anthropological
anthropomorph {adj} :: anthropomorphic
anthropomorphisieren {v} :: to anthropomorphize
Anthropomorphismus {m} :: anthropomorphism (the attribution or ascription of human characteristics to animals, inanimate objects, forces of nature etc)
Anthroposophie {f} :: anthroposophy
anthropozentrisch {adj} :: anthropocentric
Anthropozentrismus {m} :: anthropocentrism
anti- {prefix} :: anti-
Antialkoholiker {m} :: teetotaler / teetotaller, nondrinker / non-drinker (male or of unspecified sex)
antiamerikanisch {adj} :: anti-American
antiangiogenetisch {adj} :: antiangiogenic
antiangioneogenetisch {adj} :: synonym of antiangiogenetisch
Anti-Antifa {prop} {f} :: a collection of various far-right and fascist groups which oppose Antifa
antiautoritär {adj} :: antiauthoritarian
Antibabypille {f} :: contraceptive pill, the pill
antibakteriell {adj} :: antibacterial
antibindend {adj} [chemistry, physics] :: antibonding
antibiotikaresistent {adj} :: antibiotic-resistant
Antibiotikum {n} [pharmacology] :: antibiotic
antibiotisch {adj} :: antibiotic
antibolschewistisch {adj} :: anti-Bolshevik, antibolshevist
antichambrieren {v} :: to lobby
antichretisch {adj} :: antichretic
Antichrist {m} :: Antichrist
antichristlich {adj} :: antichristian
antidemokratisch {adj} :: antidemocratic
antidepressiv {adj} [medicine] :: antidepressive, antidepressant
Antidepressivum {n} :: antidepressant
antideutsch {adj} :: anti-German
Antidot {n} :: antidote
Antiesenhofen {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Upper Austria, Austria
antieuropäisch {adj} :: anti-European
Antifa {prop} {f} :: Antifa (decentralized militant left-wing anti-fascist movement)
Antifant {m} [derogatory] :: a member or sympathiser of the Antifa
Antifaschismus {m} :: anti-fascism
Antifaschist {m} :: antifascist
Antifaschistin {f} :: a female antifascist
antifaschistisch {adj} :: antifascist
antifaschistischer Schutzwall {m} [East Germany, propaganda] :: Antifascist Protection Rampart, the Berlin Wall
antiferromagnetisch {adj} :: antiferromagnetic
Antigen {n} :: antigen
Antiguaner {m} :: Antiguan ([male or female] man from Antigua)
Antiguanerin {f} :: Antiguan (woman from Antigua)
antiguanisch {adj} :: Antiguan (of, from, or pertaining specifically to Antigua or the Antiguan people)
antiguanisch {adj} :: of, from, or pertaining to Antigua and Barbuda
Antigua und Barbuda {prop} {n} :: Antigua and Barbuda
Antiheld {m} :: antihero
Antihistaminikum {n} :: antihistamine
antiinflammatorisch {adj} :: anti-inflammatory
antijüdisch {adj} :: anti-Jewish
antik {adj} :: of the age of Antiquity; Greek, Roman, etc
antik {adj} :: antique (old but possibly of value to collectors)
Antike {f} :: antiquity (ancient times, the period of the Greeks and Romans)
Antikenhändler {m} :: antiquities dealer (male or of unspecified sex)
antiklerikal {adj} :: anticlerical
Antiklopfmittel {n} :: antiknock additive
Antikoagulans {n} :: anticoagulant
antikolonial {adj} :: anticolonial (against colonialism)
antikommutativ {adj} [mathematics] :: anticommutative
Antikörper {m} :: antibody
Antilope {f} :: antelope
Antimakassar {m} :: antimacassar
antimanisch {adj} :: antimanic
Antimaterie {f} [physics] :: antimatter
antimikrobiell {adj} :: antimicrobial
antimilitaristisch {adj} :: antimilitaristic
Antimon {n} :: antimony
Antimonerz {n} :: antimony ore
Antimonfluorid {n} [inorganic compound] :: antimony fluoride
Antimonglanz {m} [mineral] :: stibnite
antimonhaltig {adj} :: antimonious, antimonial
Antimonhydrid {n} [inorganic compound] :: antimony hydride, stibine
Antimonid {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: antimonide
Antimonpentafluorid {n} [inorganic compound] :: antimony pentafluoride
Antimonpentaoxid {n} [inorganic compound] :: antimony pentoxide
Antimonpentasulfid {n} [inorganic compound] :: antimony pentasulfide
Antimonsalz {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: antimony salt
Antimontetroxid {n} [inorganic compound] :: antimony tetraoxide
Antimontrioxid {n} [inorganic compound] :: antimony trioxide
Antimontrisulfid {n} [inorganic compound] :: antimony trisulfide
Antimonverbindung {f} [inorganic chemistry] :: antimony compound
Antimonvergiftung {f} :: antimony poisoning
Antimuster {n} [architecture, software, design] :: antipattern
antimykotisch {adj} :: antimycotic
Antimyon {n} [physics] :: antimuon
antineoplastisch {adj} :: antineoplastic
antinoetisch {adj} [philosophy] :: antinoetic. See noetic
Antinomie {f} :: antinomy
antinomisch {adj} :: antinomic
Antioxidans {n} :: antioxidant
antiparallel {adj} :: antiparallel
Antipathie {f} :: antipathy
Antiphlogistikum {n} :: anti-inflammatory, antiphlogistic
Antiphrase {f} :: alt form Antiphrasis
Antiphrasis {f} [rhetoric] :: antiphrasis
Antipilzmittel {n} :: antifungal agent
Antipode {m} :: antipode
antippen {v} :: to tap
antippen {v} :: to touch lightly
Antipyretikum {n} :: antipyretic (medication that reduces fever)
antipyretisch {adj} :: antipyretic (that reduces fever)
Antiquark {n} :: antiquark
antiquiert {adj} :: antiquated
Antiquität {f} :: antique
Antiquitätenhändler {m} :: antique dealer, antiques dealer (dealer in antiques) (male or of unspecified sex)
antirussisch {adj} :: anti-Russian
antischiitisch {adj} :: anti-Shiite
Antisemit {m} :: anti-Semite (anti-Semite)
antisemitisch {adj} :: anti-Semitic (exhibiting anti-Semitism, inimical to Jews or Semites)
Antisemitismus {m} :: anti-Semitism (hostility or prejudice against Jews)
antiseptisch {adj} :: antiseptic
antisozial {adj} :: antisocial
antisozialer {adj} :: comparative of antisozial
antisozialsten {adj} :: superlative of antisozial
Antispasmodikum {n} :: antispasmodic (a drug that suppresses spasms)
antistatisch {adj} :: antistatic
antisymmetrisch {adj} :: antisymmetric
Antiteilchen {n} :: antiparticle
Antithese {f} :: antithesis
antithetisch {adj} :: antithetic, antithetical
Antitranspirant {n} :: antiperspirant
antiviral {adj} [medicine] :: antiviral
Antiwasserstoff {m} [physics] :: antihydrogen
antizionistisch {adj} :: anti-Zionist
Antizipation {f} :: anticipation
antizipativ {adj} :: anticipative
antizipieren {v} :: to anticipate
antizipiert {v} :: past participle of antizipieren
Antje {prop} {f} :: given name, a West Frisian and Dutch diminutive of Anna
Antlitz {n} :: countenance, face
Anton {prop} :: given name
Anton {symbol} :: The letter A in the German and Austrian spelling alphabets
Antonia {prop} :: given name, feminine form of Anton
Antonin {prop} {m} :: given name
Antonym {n} :: antonym (word which has the opposite meaning as another word)
Antonymie {f} :: antonymy
antonymisch {adj} :: antonymic
antörnen {v} :: to turn on, to arouse
Antrag {m} :: application, request
Antrag {m} :: motion, proposition, petition
antragen {vt} :: to offer
Antragsdelikt {n} [law] :: a type of crime requiring a complaint from a victim in order to be prosecuted
antragstellend {adj} :: applicant (attributive)
antreffen {vt} :: to come across
antreffen {vt} :: to meet
antreiben {v} :: to drive; to drive on; to propel
antreten {vi} [auxiliary sein] :: to arrive; to present oneself
antreten {v} [also, military] :: to line up; to stand for a muster or report
antreten {v} [also, sports, politics] :: to compete; to run
antreten {vt} [auxiliary haben] :: to begin (a duty or task, also a voyage); to take (office)
antreten {vt} [auxiliary haben] :: to kick against (a device or machine) to start it; to kick start (a motorcycle)
Antreten {n} [countable, military] :: muster; roll call
Antrieb {m} :: motive, incentive
Antrieb {m} :: drive (motor that does not take fuel)
antriebslos {adj} :: listless
Antriebslosigkeit {f} :: listlessness
Antriebssystem {n} :: drive system (means of propulsion)
antrinken {v} [with einen and reflexive dative] :: to get drunk or tipsy, especially as a purposeful action
antrinken {vt} [with reflexive dative] :: to obtain some quality by getting drunk, for example courage
antrinken {vi} [with gegen] :: to try to overcome something by getting drunk
antrinken {vt} :: to start drinking something; to have a first portion of something
antun {v} :: To do something to someone
antun {v} :: To appeal to someone
Antwerpen {prop} {n} :: Antwerp
Antwerpener {m} :: a native or inhabitant of Antwerp
Antwerpener {adj} :: from, of, or pertaining to Antwerp
Antwort {f} :: answer
antworten {vi} :: to answer, to reply
Anubis {prop} {m} :: Anubis
Anus {m} :: anus
anvertrauen {v} :: to entrust
anvisieren {v} :: to target
anwachsen {v} :: To accrue, rise, increase
anwachsen {v} :: To grow (on); to take root
Anwachsen {n} :: accumulation, accretion, growth
Anwalt {m} :: lawyer (male or of unspecified sex)
Anwältin {f} :: A female lawyer
anwärmen {vt} :: to warm up [make hotter]
anwärmen {vr} :: to warm up [prepare for an activity]
anwarten {v} [obsolete] :: to await
Anwärter {m} :: candidate
Anwärter {m} :: pretender
anweisen {v} :: to direct, order
Anweisung {f} :: directive, order
anwendbar {adj} :: applicable
Anwendbarkeit {f} :: applicability
anwenden {v} :: to use, apply, utilize or deploy (to put to use for a purpose)
Anwender {m} :: user of an application
Anwendung {f} :: application
Anwendungsbereich {m} :: scope; area of application
Anwendungsfall {m} [software, systems engineering] :: use case
Anwendungsgebiet {n} :: (area or field of) application
Anwendungsmöglichkeit {f} :: scope, applicability, relevance
Anwendungsmöglichkeit {f} :: possible / potential application
Anwendungsspektrum {n} :: range of applications / uses
Anwesen {n} :: property (piece of land with an owner)
anwesend {adj} :: present (in the immediate vicinity)
Anwesenheit {f} :: presence
anwidern {vt} :: to disgust
anwinkeln {v} :: to angle
anwinkeln {v} :: to bend slightly
Anwohner {m} :: resident
Anxiolytikum {n} :: anxiolytic
Anz. {m} :: abbreviation of Anzeiger
Anzahl {f} :: (a) number, an amount; a few
Anzahlung {f} :: deposit, down payment
Anzeichen {n} :: sign, indication
Anzeige {f} [newspaper] :: advertisement, announcement
Anzeige {f} [technical device] :: display
Anzeige {f} [law enforcement] :: charge, notification [of the authorities]
Anzeigegerät {n} :: indicator
Anzeigegerät {n} :: monitor, display (screen)
anzeigen {v} :: to indicate
anzeigen {v} :: to report (to the police)
anzeigend {adj} :: indicating, displaying
Anzeiger {m} :: indicator, index
Anzeiger {m} :: advertiser, journal, gazette
anzetteln {v} :: to instigate
anzetteln {v} :: to incite
anzetteln {v} :: to stir up
anziehen {vr} :: to get dressed
anziehen {vt} [often with a reflexive dative] :: to put on; to dress oneself in
anziehen {vt} :: to dress someone
anziehen {vt} [with an additional dative] :: to dress someone in
anziehen {vt} :: to attract
anziehen {vr} :: to attract one another
anziehen {vt} :: to fasten (a screw)
anziehen {vt} :: to pull (a lever)
anziehen {vt} :: to pull lightly
anziehen {vi} :: to speed up; to sprint
anziehen {vi} [of rates, stocks] :: to climb
anziehen {vr} [colloquial, regional, western Germany, with an indefinite pronoun and von] :: to be touched by; to care much about; to have oneself be impressed by; to feel responsible for
anziehend {adj} :: attractive, attracting
anziehend {adj} :: pleasing
Anziehsachen {noun} [slightly colloquial] :: clothes
Anziehung {f} :: attraction; pull; draw
Anziehungskraft {f} :: The power or tendency to attract; attraction
Anzug {m} :: suit (of clothes), outfit
anzüglich {adj} :: salacious, lewd, especially in a suggestive, insinuating way, less often explicitly
anzüglich {adj} [possibly, dated] :: suggestive; insinuating something embarassing
Anzüglichkeit {f} :: ribaldry, lewdness
anzünden {vt} :: to light (anything flamable)
anzünden {vt} :: to strike (a match)
anzünden {vt} :: to set on fire, to set fire to
anzünden {vt} :: to kindle (as in the process of making a camping fire or something comparable)
anzünden {vt} :: to torch (used when referring to arson or the destruction of vehicles by fire)
Anzünder {m} :: Tool to start a fire
Anzünder {m} :: One who starts fires
anzutreffen {adj} :: encountered
anzutreffen {adj} :: common (frequently encountered)
anzweifeln {v} :: to question, to challenge, to doubt
Anzweifeln {n} :: questioning, challenge (The act or process of putting something into question.)
Anzweifelung {f} :: questioning, challenge (The act or process of putting something into question.)
Anzweiflung {f} :: alternative form of Anzweifelung
äol. {adj} :: abbreviation of äolisch
äolisch {adj} :: Aeolic (of or pertaining to the Aeolic dialect of Ancient Greek)
Äolus {prop} {m} :: Aeolus
aon. {adj} :: abbreviation of altostnordisch
Äon {m} :: aeon, eon (exceedingly long period of time)
äonisch {adj} :: eonian
Aorist {m} [grammar] :: aorist
Aorta {f} :: aorta
Aortenbogen {m} [anatomy] :: aortic arch
apart {adj} :: fancy, distinctive
Apartheid {f} :: apartheid (South African policy of racial discrimination)
Apartheid {f} :: apartheid, segregation (policy or situation of discrimination based on a specified attribute)
Apartheidpolitik {f} :: apartheid policy
Apartheit {f} :: positive (attractive), unusual/uncommon quality or ability
Apartheit {f} :: alternative form of Apartheid
Apartment {n} :: apartment
Apastron {n} :: apastron
Apathie {f} :: apathy
apathisch {adj} :: apathetic
Apatit {m} [mineral] :: apatite
aper {adj} [Swiss, Austrian] :: snowless
aperiodisch {adj} :: aperiodic
Aperitif {m} :: apéritif
Apetlon {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Burgenland, Austria
Apex {m} :: apex
Apfel {m} :: apple (fruit)
apfelartig {adj} :: apple-like
Apfelbäckchen {n} [familiar, colloquial, jocular] :: [generally in the plural] round facial cheeklet with a fresh rosy complexion
Apfelbaum {m} :: apple tree
Apfelblüte {f} :: an apple blossom (the flower of an apple tree)
Apfelentkerner {m} :: apple-corer
apfelförmig {adj} :: apple-shaped
Apfelfrucht {f} :: pome (type of fruit)
apfelgrün {adj} :: apple-green
apfelig {adj} :: appley
Apfelkuchen {m} :: apple pie (pie with apple filling)
Apfelmännchen {n} [colloquial] :: Mandelbrot set
Apfelminze {f} :: apple mint
Äpfel mit Birnen vergleichen {v} :: to compare apples and oranges (compare two things that cannot properly be compared)
Apfelmus {n} :: apple sauce
Apfelsaft {m} [beverage] :: apple juice
Apfelschnecke {f} :: apple snail
Apfelschorle {f} :: a drink made of apple juice and carbonated water, mixed roughly half and half; one of the most popular non-alcoholic beverages in German-speaking Europe
Apfelsine {f} [regional, chiefly northern and central Germany, fruit] :: orange
Apfelsinenbaum {m} :: orange (tree)
Apfelsinensaft {m} [regional, chiefly northern and central Germany, beverage] :: orange juice
Apfelsinenschale {f} :: orange peel
Apfelstrudel {m} :: apple strudel
Apfelwein {m} :: cider, apple cider
Apg. {prop} {f} :: abbreviation of Apostelgeschichte
Aphärese {f} [linguistics] :: apheresis
Aphäresis {f} :: alt form Aphärese
Aphasie {f} :: aphasia (pathological speech disorder)
Aphel {n} [astronomy] :: aphelion (the point in the elliptical orbit of a planet where it is farthest from the sun)
Aphorismus {m} :: aphorism
aphoristisch {adj} :: aphoristic
aphoristischer {adj} :: comparative of aphoristisch
aphoristischsten {adj} :: superlative of aphoristisch
aphotometrisch {adj} :: aphotometric
Aphrodisiakum {n} :: aphrodisiac
aphrodisisch {adj} :: aphrodisiac
Apian {prop} {mf} :: surname of a German noble family
Apianus {prop} :: surname of a German noble family
Apiarium {n} :: apiary
apikal {adj} :: apical
Aplomb {m} :: aplomb
apnoisch {adj} :: apneic
apodiktisch {adj} :: apodictic
Apogäum {n} [astronomy] :: apogee (most distant point of an orbit around the Earth)
Apokalypse {f} :: apocalypse
Apokalyptiker {m} :: apocalyptic, apocalypticist
apokalyptisch {adj} :: apocalyptic
apokarp {adj} [botany] :: apocarpous (having carpels that are not joined)
Apokopat {m} [Arabic grammar] :: jussive; apocopate (a verbal mood with vague or miscellaneous senses, occurring after particles and in conditional clauses)
Apokope {f} [prosody] :: apocope
apokryph {adj} :: apocryphal
apolab. {adj} [rare] :: abbreviation of altpolabisch
Apoll {prop} {m} :: Apollo (the god)
apollinisch {adj} :: Apollonian
apollinisch {adj} :: apollonian
apologetisch {adj} :: apologetic
apophatisch {adj} :: apophatic
Apophthegma {n} :: apothegm
apophthegmatisch {adj} :: apophthegmatic
apoplektisch {adj} :: apoplectic
Apoplexia {f} [symptom] :: apoplexy
Apoplexie {f} [symptom] :: apoplexy
aporetisch {adj} :: aporetic
Apostasie {f} :: apostasy
Apostat {m} [formal] :: apostate (male or of unspecified sex)
Apostel {m} :: apostle (Apostle)
Apostelgeschichte {prop} {f} :: Acts of the Apostles (fifth book of the New Testament)
a posteriori {adj} :: a posteriori
a posteriori {adv} :: a posteriori
aposteriorisch {adj} :: a posteriori
apostolisch {adj} :: apostolic
Apostroph {m} {n} [typography] :: apostrophe
Apostroph {m} {n} [typography] :: inverted comma
Apotheke {f} :: pharmacy
apothekenfrei {adj} [medicine] :: Allowed to be sold by shops other than certified pharmacies (Apotheken)
apothekenpflichtig {adj} [medicine] :: Only available at certified pharmacies (Apotheken)
Apotheker {m} :: pharmacist, druggist, (dispensing) chemist [Brit.], apothecary [archaic] (male or of unspecified sex)
Apothekerin {f} :: pharmacist (female)
Apotheose {f} :: apotheosis
apotheotisch {adj} :: apotheotic
apotropäisch {adj} :: apotropaic
App {f} [Internet, mobile] :: app
Appaloosa {m} [uncommon] :: an appaloosa horse
Apparat {m} :: apparatus, device
Apparat {m} [telephony, short for Telefonapparat] :: phone
Apparatur {f} :: apparatus, equipment
Appartement {n} :: suite in a hotel
Appartement {n} [rare] :: apartment, flat
Appel {m} [colloquial, regional, northern and central Germany] :: alternative form of Apfel
Appell {m} [military] :: parade, muster
Appell {m} :: appeal, roll call
appellieren {v} :: To appeal
appelliert {v} :: past participle of appellieren
Appellmacher {m} :: person who performs roll call
Appelt {prop} :: surname
appendikuliert {adj} :: appendiculate
Appendix {f} :: appendix (organ)
Appendizitis {f} [pathology, scientific terminology] :: appendicitis
Appenzell Ausserrhoden {prop} :: Appenzell Outer Rhodes
Appenzeller {m} :: appenzeller
Appenzell Innerrhoden {prop} :: Appenzell Inner Rhodes
Appetit {m} :: appetite
appetitanregend {adj} :: appetizing, appetising [UK]
appetitanregender {adj} :: comparative of appetitanregend
appetitanregendsten {adj} :: superlative of appetitanregend
appetitlich {adj} :: appetizing
appetitlich {adj} :: attractive
appetitlos {adj} :: Without appetite
Appetitlosigkeit {f} [pathology] :: anorexia (lack of appetite)
applaudieren {v} :: to applaud
Applaus {m} :: applause
Applet {n} [computing] :: applet (a small program module that runs under the control of a larger application)
applicieren {v} :: obsolete spelling of applizieren
appliciren {v} :: obsolete spelling of applizieren
Applikation {f} :: application
applizieren {v} :: to apply
applizieren {v} :: to administer
applizieren {v} :: to appliqué
appliziert {v} :: past participle of applizieren
appliziert {adj} :: applied; appliqued
appliziren {v} :: obsolete spelling of applizieren
apportieren {v} [hunting dogs] :: to retrieve
Apportierhund {m} :: gun dog
Apposition {f} [grammar] :: apposition
approximativ {adj} :: approximate
apricot {adj} [uncommon] :: apricot-coloured
Aprikose {f} :: apricot
Aprikosenbaum {m} :: apricot tree
aprikosenfarben {adj} :: apricot (coloured)
Aprikosenkonfitüre {f} :: apricot confiture
Aprikosenmarmelade {f} :: apricot marmelade
Aprikosensaft {m} :: apricot juice
Aprikosenstein {m} :: apricot pit
April {m} :: April
Aprilscherz {m} :: April fool
a priori {adj} :: a priori
a priori {adv} :: a priori
apriorisch {adj} :: a priori
apropos {adv} :: apropos
aprov. {adj} :: abbreviation of altprovenzalisch
Apsis {f} :: apse (a semicircular projection from a building)
apulisch {adj} :: Apulian
Aquädukt {m} {n} :: aqueduct
Aquakomplex {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: metal aquo complex
Aquakultur {f} :: aquaculture
aquamarin {adj} :: aquamarine
Aquamarin {m} :: aquamarine
aquamarinblau {adj} :: aquamarine (in colour)
aquamarinfarben {adj} :: aquamarine (in colour)
Aquarienfisch {m} :: aquarium fish
Aquarienpflanze {f} :: aquarium plant
Aquaristik {f} :: actions and knowledge used to run an aquarium, aquaristics, fishkeeping
Aquarium {n} :: aquarium
aquatisch {adj} :: aquatic
Äquator {m} :: equator
äquatorial {adj} :: equatorial
Äquatorialguinea {prop} {n} :: Equatorial Guinea
äquatorialguineisch {adj} :: Equatorial Guinean (Of, from, or pertaining to Equatorial Guinea, the Equatorial Guinean people or the Equatorial Guinean culture)
Äquatorialgürtel {m} :: equatorial belt
äquatornah {adj} :: near-equitorial, near the equator
Aquavit {m} :: aquavit
äquidistant {adj} :: equidistant
Aquifer {m} :: aquifer (an underground layer of water-bearing porous stone, earth, or gravel)
äquimolar {adj} :: equimolar
Äquinoktium {n} :: equinox
äquivalent {adj} :: equivalent
Äquivalent {n} :: equivalent
Äquivalenz {f} :: equivalence
äquivok {adj} [literary] :: equivocal, capable of being interpreted in multiple ways
äquivok {adj} [linguistics, philosophy] :: equivocal, having multiple meanings; polysemous
Ar {m} {n} :: are
-är {suffix} :: -ary
Ara {m} :: macaw
Ära {f} :: era
Araber {m} :: Arab, person from Arabia
Araberin {f} :: Arab, female person from Arabia
Arabeske {f} :: arabesque
Arabien {prop} {n} :: Arabia (a peninsula between the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf)
arabisch {adj} :: Arabian, Arabic, Arab (of or pertaining to Arabs or Arab culture etc.)
Arabisch {n} :: the Arabic language or script
Arabische Republik Ägypten {prop} :: Arab Republic of Egypt
arabische Ziffer {f} :: Arabic numeral
Arabistik {f} :: Arab studies
Arachnophobie {f} :: arachnophobia
aragonesisch {adj} :: Aragonese
Aragonesisch {n} :: Aragonese (language)
Aragonien {prop} {n} :: Aragon (autonomous community of Spain)
aragonisch {adj} :: synonym of aragonesisch
Aragonit {m} [mineral] :: aragonite
aramäisch {adj} :: Aramaic (pertaining to the Aramaic language, alphabet or culture)
Aramäisch {n} :: Aramaic (the Aramaic language)
aranesisch {adj} :: Aranese
Ärar {n} [Austria, archaic] :: the treasury; the property of the state (or sometimes of another body, like a church)
ärarisch {adj} [Austria, archaic] :: belonging to the state, being the property of the state
Arate {m} :: arad
arational {adj} :: arational
arawakisch {adj} :: Arawak
Arbeit {f} :: work, labor, toil, job
Arbeit {f} :: job, task
Arbeit {f} :: performance, workmanship
Arbeit {f} :: employment
Arbeit {f} :: effort
arbeiten {vi} :: to work (to do a specific task by employing physical or mental powers)
arbeiten {vi} :: to work, function, run, operate (to be operative, in action)
arbeiten {vi} :: to ferment (to react, using fermentation)
arbeiten {vi} :: to work, execute (to set into action)
arbeiten {vt} [briefly artisanal] :: to make, produce (to create)
arbeiten {vt} [only with pronouns like etwas, nichts] :: to do, perform (to carry out or execute, especially something involving work)
arbeiten {vr} :: to work oneself (to) (to make oneself (a certain state) by working)
arbeiten {vr} :: to work one's way (to attain through work, by gradual degrees)
arbeiten {vr} [impersonal] :: to work (translated by rephrasing to use a generalyouor with the gerund,working”) (to do a specific task by employing physical or mental powers)
Arbeiter {m} :: agent noun of arbeiten; worker (male or of unspecified sex)
Arbeiter am Recht {m} [obsolete] :: lawyer
Arbeiterin {f} :: laborer, worker (female)
Arbeiterklasse {f} :: working class
Arbeitgeber {m} :: employer (male or of unspecified sex)
Arbeit macht frei {proverb} :: Work makes you free; work brings freedom
Arbeitnehmer {m} :: employee, worker (male or of unspecified sex)
arbeitnehmerfreundlich {adj} :: employee-friendly
arbeitsam {adj} :: hard-working, industrious
arbeitsamer {adj} :: comparative of arbeitsam
Arbeitsamkeit {f} :: industriousness, diligence
arbeitsamsten {adj} :: superlative of arbeitsam
Arbeitsamt {n} :: employment agency
Arbeitsamt {n} :: unemployment office
Arbeitsarzt {m} :: work doctor
arbeitsaufwändig {adj} :: labour-intensive
arbeitsaufwändig {adj} :: laborious
Arbeitsbedingungen {fp} :: working conditions
Arbeitsbereich {m} [computing] :: workspace
Arbeitsbeschaffung {f} :: job creation
Arbeitsbuch {n} :: workbook
Arbeitsbuch {n} :: employment record
Arbeitsdienst {m} :: labor service
Arbeitsdienstlager {n} :: work camp
Arbeitsdienstlager {n} :: training camp
Arbeitsdienstpflicht {f} :: work conscription
Arbeitseifer {noun} :: zeal for work; enthusiasm for work, eagerness to work
Arbeitseinsatz {m} :: work deployment
Arbeitseinsatzführer {m} :: labor supervisor
Arbeitseinsatzingenieur {m} :: work detail engineer
Arbeitseinstellung {f} :: walkout
Arbeitseinstellung {f} :: attitude to work
arbeitsfähig {adj} :: able to work
Arbeitsfeld {n} :: field of work
Arbeitsfeldarzt {m} :: Reich Labour Service field doctor. A medical officer in the Reichsarbeitsdienst with the equivalent rank of a captain
Arbeitsfläche {f} [computing] :: workspace
Arbeitsgemeinschaft {f} :: work community
Arbeitsgemeinschaft {f} :: cartel
Arbeitsgruppe {f} :: workgroup
Arbeitsgruppe {f} :: gang (of workers)
Arbeitsgruppe {f} :: task force
Arbeitshypothese {f} :: working hypothesis
Arbeitskamerad {m} :: work colleague
Arbeitskraft {f} :: worker, employee
Arbeitskraft {f} :: labor force
Arbeitskreis {m} :: workgroup, working party
Arbeitslager {n} :: labour camp
Arbeitsleistung {f} :: performance (on the job)
Arbeitslohn {m} :: wage, wages
arbeitslos {adj} [general] :: unemployed (having no work despite being willing to work)
arbeitslos {adj} [colloquial] :: on welfare; unemployed; idle (having no work and being supported by social benefits despite being able to work)
arbeitslos {adj} [law, Germany] :: working less than 15 hours a week, actively looking for a job that is subject to obligatory social-security payments, registered at the national employment agency, and responding to the latter’s placement services
Arbeitslose {m} :: unemployed person
Arbeitslose {f} :: (female) unemployed person
Arbeitslosengeld {m} :: dole money, unemployment benefit(s), unemployment compensation
Arbeitslosenquote {f} :: unemployment rate
Arbeitslosenversicherung {f} :: unemployment insurance
Arbeitslosigkeit {f} :: unemployment, joblessness, worklessness
Arbeitsmaid {f} :: female laborer
Arbeitsmann {m} :: workman, craftsman
Arbeitsmarkt {m} :: labor market, job market
arbeitsmarktpolitisch {adj} :: labour market policy (attributive)
Arbeitsmarktservice {n} [business, Austria] :: job center
arbeitsmäßig {adj} :: employment (attributive)
Arbeitsmaterial {n} :: work material
arbeitsmedizinisch {adj} :: occupational health / medicine (attributive)
Arbeitsmensch {m} :: workperson
Arbeitsmethode {f} :: technique (method of working)
Arbeitsministerium {n} :: labour ministry
Arbeitsniederlegung {f} :: an instance of organised stoppage of work
Arbeitsniederlegung {f} [usually] :: a strike
Arbeitsniederlegung {f} [less common] :: an interruption of work in order to pay respect, commemorate, celebrate, etc
Arbeitsoberfläche {f} [computing] :: workspace, desktop
Arbeitspass {m} :: work identification card
Arbeitspaß {m} :: alternative spelling of Arbeitspass
Arbeitspflicht {f} :: compulsory work
Arbeitspflichtiger {m} :: a person who has the duty to work
Arbeitsplatz {m} :: workplace
Arbeitsplatz {m} :: place of employment
Arbeitsplatz {m} :: employment, job, position
Arbeitsplatzwechselverordnung {f} [historical, Nazism] :: A legal order restricting workers’ right to change jobs
Arbeitsschritt {m} :: step/stage in a multi-stage process
Arbeitsschutz {m} :: industrial / occupational safety
Arbeitsschutzmaßnahme {f} :: occupational-safety measure
Arbeitsspeicher {m} [computing] :: random access memory
Arbeitsstelle {f} :: job, position
arbeitssuchend {adj} :: seeking work (though unemployed)
Arbeitstag {m} :: workday, working day
Arbeitstier {n} :: an animal that does labour for people; beast of burden
Arbeitstier {n} [figurative] :: a person who works exaggeratedly hard
Arbeitstier {n} :: workaholic (one who cannot relax)
Arbeitstier {n} :: plodder (one who must level out lacking talent)
Arbeitstier {n} [figurative] :: a machine, e.g. a car, kept for practical use rather than for leisure or as a status symbol
Arbeitstisch {m} :: workbench
arbeitsunfähig {adj} :: unfit for work
arbeitsunfähig {adj} :: unable to work
Arbeitsunfähigkeit {f} [healthcare] :: sick leave
Arbeitsunfähigkeitsversicherung {f} :: disability insurance, invalidity insurance (insurance against incapacity for work)
Arbeitsunfall {m} :: accident at work, workplace accident
Arbeitsvermögen {n} :: ability to work
Arbeitsvertrag {m} :: employment contract
Arbeitsweg {m} :: commute, journey to work
Arbeitswelt {f} :: workplace, work(ing) environment
arbeitswillig {adj} :: willing to work
Arbeitszeit {f} :: the time of duty at a workplace, the time spend working
Arbeitszeug {n} :: [collective] work clothes
Arbeitszeug {n} :: [collective] tools
Arbeitszimmer {n} :: workroom
Arbesbach {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Lower Austria, Austria
Arbing {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Upper Austria, Austria
arbiträr {adj} :: arbitrary
Arboretum {n} :: arboretum
Archaikum {prop} :: the Archaean
archaisch {adj} :: archaic
archaischer {adj} :: comparative of archaisch
archaischsten {adj} :: superlative of archaisch
Archaismus {m} :: archaicism
Archäologe {m} :: archaeologist (someone who is skilled, professes or practices archaeology)
Archäologie {f} :: archaeology / archeology
Archäologin {f} :: female archaeologist (a woman who is skilled, professes or practices archaeology)
archäologisch {adj} :: archaeological, archeological
Archäopteryx {m} :: archeopteryx
Archäozoikum {prop} :: synonym of Archaikum; the Archaeozoic
Arche {f} :: ark (noah's ship)
Arche Noah {prop} {f} :: Noah's ark
Archetyp {m} :: archetype
archetypisch {adj} :: archetypal
-archie {suffix} :: -archy
archimedisch {adj} :: Archimedean
Archipel {m} :: archipelago
Architekt {m} :: architect (male or of unspecified sex)
Architektin {f} :: architect (female)
Architektonik {f} :: architectonics
architektonisch {adj} :: architectural
Architektur {f} :: architecture
Architekturmuster {n} [software] :: architectural pattern
Architrav {m} :: architrave
Archiv {n} :: archive
Archivar {m} :: archivist
Archivierung {f} :: filing, storage
Archivierung {f} :: archiving
ARD {initialism} :: Arbeitsgemeinschaft der öffentlich-rechtlichen Rundfunkanstalten der Bundesrepublik Deutschland. A joint organization of Germany's regional public-service broadcasters
Ardagger {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Lower Austria, Austria
Ardennen {prop} {p} :: Ardennes
Ardning {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Styria, Austria
Areal {n} :: area (pocket of land)
areligiös {adj} :: areligious
Arena {f} :: arena (an enclosed area, often outdoor; the building housing such an arena; in Ancient Rome the sand-covered centre of an amphitheatre)
Areografie {f} [astronomy] :: areography (Although this term exists, the words Geografie is widely used for all terrestrial planets and satellites of planets in the Solar System.)
Areographie {f} [astronomy] :: alternative form of Areografie
Areologie {f} [astronomy] :: areology (Although this term exists, the words Geologie is widely used for all terrestrial planets and satellites of planets in the Solar System.)
Ares {prop} {m} :: Ares (Greek god of war)
aretologisch {adj} :: aretological
arg {adj} :: bad
Arg {n} [dated] :: malice, wickedness, falsehood, deceit
Argentinien {prop} {n} :: Argentina
Argentinier {m} :: Argentinian (person from Argentina)
Argentinierin {f} :: A female Argentinian, member of descendant of the people of Argentina
argentinisch {adj} :: Argentinian
Argentit {m} [mineral] :: argentite
Argentometrie {f} [inorganic chemistry] :: argentometry
Ärger {m} :: annoyance, anger
Ärger {m} :: trouble
Ärger {symbol} :: The letter Ä in the German and Austrian spelling alphabets
ärgerlich {adj} [of things, events] :: annoying (causing annoyance)
ärgerlich {adj} [of persons, chiefly predicative] :: annoyed (feeling annoyance)
ärgerlich {adv} :: crossly, angrily
ärgerlicher {adj} :: comparative of ärgerlich
ärgerlichsten {adj} :: superlative of ärgerlich
ärgern {vt} :: to annoy, to make angry (+accusative)
ärgern {vr} :: to be annoyed, to be angry, to get annoyed, to get angry
Ärgernis {n} :: annoyance
Arginase {f} [enzyme] :: arginase
Arginin {n} :: arginine (amino acid)
arglistig {adj} :: malicious
arglistig {adj} :: fraudulent
arglistige Täuschung {f} [idiomatic, legal] :: a fraudulent misrepresentation
arglistige Täuschung {f} [idiomatic, colloquial] :: a wilful or intentional deceit or deception
arglistige Täuschung {f} [idiomatic, colloquial] :: an act of deception
arglos {adj} :: innocent, unsuspecting, artless (not suspecting trouble)
arglos {adj} :: harmless, trustworthy (without bad intentions)
Arglosigkeit {f} :: artlessness, innocence, simplicity of a person, simpleness, guilelessness
Argon {n} :: argon (a chemical element with an atomic number of 18)
Argonfluorohydrid {n} [inorganic compound] :: argon fluorohydride
Argonhydrogenfluorid {n} [inorganic compound] :: argon fluorohydride
Argonverbindung {f} [inorganic chemistry] :: argon compound
Argument {n} :: proof, reason, point
Argument {n} [function variable] :: argument
Argumentation {f} :: argument (the process of reasoning)
argumentativ {adj} :: argumentative
argumentieren {v} :: to argue (to bring forward an argument)
argumentiert {v} :: past participle of argumentieren
Argusauge {n} :: eagle eye
Argwohn {m} :: suspicion
Argwohn {m} :: distrust
argwöhnisch {adj} :: suspicious, leery
Argyrie {f} [pathology] :: argyria
Argyrodit {m} [mineral] :: argyrodite
Arianer {m} [Christianity] :: Arian, a follower of Arius or the Arianism
Arianerin {f} [Christianity] :: Arian, a follower of Arius or the Arianism
arianisch {adj} [Christianity] :: Arian, related to Arius or Arianism
Arianismus {m} [Christianity] :: Arianism
arid {adj} :: arid
Arie {f} [music] :: An aria, solo singing piece, notably in operatic genres
Arier {m} [ethnography, archaic] :: Aryan (member of the Caucasian or Indo-European people)
Arier {m} [Nazism] :: Aryan (member of an alleged master race, usually defined as non-Jewish whites)
arisch {adj} [Nazism] :: Aryan (relating to the master race, usually defined as non-Jewish whites)
arisch {adj} [ethnography, obsolete] :: Aryan (relating to the Caucasian or Indo-European people)
Arisch {n} :: The Indo-Aryan language group
Arisch {n} :: The Indo-Aryan proto-language
Arisch {n} :: The Indo-Iranian language group
Arisch {n} :: The Indo-Iranian proto-language
Ariseur {m} [Nazism] :: a German who confiscates and appropriates Jewish property
arisieren {v} :: to Aryanize
arisieren {v} [Nazism] :: to confiscate Jewish property and make it the property of a German
Arisierer {m} [Nazism] :: a German who confiscates and appropriates Jewish property
Arisierung {f} :: Aryanization
Arisierung {f} [Nazism] :: the act of confiscating Jewish property and making it owned by a German
Aristokrat {m} :: aristocrat
Aristokratie {f} :: aristocracy
Aristokratin {f} :: aristocrat
aristokratisch {adj} :: aristocratic
Aristoteles {prop} :: Aristotle
aristotelisch {adj} :: Aristotelian
Aristotelismus {prop} {m} :: Aristotelianism (philosophical system)
Arithmasthenie {f} :: arithmasthenia
Arithmetik {f} :: arithmetic (the mathematics of numbers)
arithmetisch {adj} :: arithmetic, arithmetical
arithmetisch {adv} :: arithmetically
Arkade {f} [architecture] :: arcade
Arkadien {prop} {n} :: Arcadia (district or prefecture in the Peloponnese)
arkan {adj} :: arcane
Arkansas {n} :: Arkansas
Arkebuse {f} :: arquebus
Arklitten {prop} :: Arklitten
Arktis {prop} {f} :: Arctic
arktisch {adj} :: Arctic
Arktischer Ozean {prop} :: the Arctic Ocean
Arktur {prop} {m} [star] :: Arcturus
arm {adj} :: poor (having little money)
arm {adj} :: poor (to be pitied)
arm {adj} :: low (having a small amount)
Arm {m} [anatomy] :: an arm
Arm {m} [textiles] :: a sleeve
Arm {m} :: anything that resembles an arm (for example parts of a device, machine, etc.)
Arm {m} [geography] :: an arm of a creek or a river
Arm {m} [figuratively] :: a branch, a section of a structure
Armadill {m} [archaic] :: armadillo
Armatur {f} :: A fixture or controlling apparatus, a faucet, valve or tap, most prominently of a washbasin or sink
Armatur {f} :: A mechanical part being of an auxiliary nature
Armatur {f} [sculpture] :: The supporting framework of a sculpture
Armatur {f} [military] :: Equipment or gear, armor
Armatur {f} [electronics, engineering] :: A variable or moving part in an electromechanical device
Armatur {f} [heraldry] :: Decorative ornamentation used in heraldric crests and martial symbolism
Armaturenbrett {n} :: dashboard
Armband {n} :: bracelet; bangle; armlet (piece of jewellery or decoration worn on the arm)
Armbanduhr {f} :: wristwatch
Armbinde {f} :: armband (ribbon worn around the arm, e.g. by protestors or the captain of a football team)
Armbrust {f} :: crossbow, arbalest
Armbrustschütze {m} :: crossbowman (male or of unspecified sex)
Ärmchen {n} :: diminutive of Arm
armdick {adj} :: As thick as an arm
Arme {m} :: pauper (poor person)
Arme {f} :: pauper (female poor person)
Armee {f} :: Army (large tactical contingent consisting of several divisions)
Armee {f} :: military; a country’s armed forces as a whole; particularly of countries where a cognate term is commonly used in this sense, e.g. France
Armee {f} [chiefly archaic] :: army; ground forces; now only of countries where a cognate term is commonly used in this sense, e.g. the U.S
Ärmel {m} :: sleeve
Ärmelkanal {prop} {m} :: the English Channel
ärmellos {adj} :: sleeveless (of a garment, having no sleeves)
Armenhaus {n} :: poorhouse
Armenien {prop} {n} :: Armenia
Armenier {m} :: Armenian (person)
Armenierin {f} :: Armenian (female)
armenisch {adj} :: Armenian (of or pertaining to Armenia or its people)
Armenisch {prop} {n} :: Armenian (language)
Armenisch {prop} {n} :: Armenian (alphabet)
Armer {m} :: pauper (poor person)
ärmer {adj} :: comparative of arm
Armin {prop} {m} :: given name
armlang {adj} :: arm's-length
Armlehne {f} :: armrest
Ärmlein {n} :: diminutive of Arm
Armleuchter {m} :: candelabrum
Armleuchter {m} [pejorative, somewhat, dated] :: fool
ärmlich {adj} :: poor, meager, humble
arm machen {v} :: alternative form of armmachen
armmachen {vt} :: to impoverish
armselig {adj} :: abject, pathetic, paltry, miserable
Armsessel {m} :: armchair
ärmsten {adj} :: superlative of arm
Armut {f} :: poverty
armutsgefährdet {adj} :: poverty-stricken
Armutszeugnis {n} [historic, law] :: certificate of poverty
Armutszeugnis {n} [figurative] :: grave, damning indictment; a poor show; it's sad; sign/proof of inadequacy, incompetence, moral poverty, cowardice, etc
arm wie eine Kirchenmaus {adj} [simile] :: poor as a church mouse
Arne {prop} :: given name borrowed from Scandinavia; cognate to German Arno
Arnfels {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Styria, Austria
Arnika {f} :: Arnica (arnica)
Arno {prop} :: given name, short form of Germanic compound names beginning with arn- "eagle", such as Arnold
Arnold {prop} :: given name, cognate with English Arnold
Arnold {prop} :: surname derived from the given name
Arnoldstein {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Carinthia, Austria
Arnreit {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Upper Austria, Austria
Aroma {n} :: a (generally rather pleasant) spicy or fragrant taste or smell; aroma
Aromastoff {m} :: aromatic
Aromastoff {m} :: flavouring
Aromat {m} [organic chemistry] :: aromatic compound
aromatisch {adj} :: aromatic (all senses)
aromatischer {adj} :: comparative of aromatisch
aromunisch {adj} :: Aromanian (related to the Aromanian language)
Aromunisch {prop} {n} :: Aromanian (language)
Arrangement {n} :: arrangement
Arrangeur {m} [music] :: arranger
arrangieren {v} :: to arrange
arrangieren {vr} :: to come to an agreement
Arrest {m} :: arrest, confinement, detention
arretieren {v} [technology] :: to arrest, to lock
Arrhythmie {f} :: arrhythmia
Arriach {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Carinthia, Austria
arrivieren {v} :: to succeed; to make it
arriviert {adj} :: successful
arrogant {adj} :: arrogant
Arroganz {f} :: arrogance
Arsabenzol {n} [organic compound] :: arsinine, arsabenzene
Arsan {n} [chemistry] :: arsane
Arsch {m} [vulgar] :: arse, posterior, buttocks
Arschbacke {f} [vulgar] :: asscheek
Arschficker {m} [vulgar, offensive] :: assfucker
Arschgeige {f} [vulgar, offensive, derogatory] :: stupid bastard
Arschgesicht {n} [vulgar] :: A general insult. Literally: arse face
Arschgeweih {n} :: tramp stamp; arse antlers (tattoo on the lower back of a, most often female, person)
arschig {adj} :: mean, miserable, pathetic
Arsch in der Hose {m} [colloquial] :: strong, round buttocks
Arsch in der Hose {m} [colloquial, idiomatic, often in negation] :: courage; guts; balls
arschkalt {adj} [vulgar] :: bitterly cold
Arschkarte {f} [colloquial] :: bad luck
Arschkriecher {m} [idiomatic, pejorative, colloquial, vulgar] :: ass-kisser
Arschkriecherei {f} [idiomatic, pejorative, colloquial, vulgar] :: ass kissing
Arschlecker {m} :: asslicker
Arschloch {n} [vulgar, literally] :: arsehole/asshole
Arschloch {n} [vulgar, figurative] :: arsehole/asshole
Arschlochficker {m} [vulgar, offensive] :: assfucker
Arschrunzeln {n} [vulgar] :: expression to show lack of concern
Arsen {n} :: arsenic
Arsenal {n} :: arsenal
Arsenat {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: arsenate
arsenathaltig {adj} [mineralogy] :: arsenate-containing
Arsenatom {n} :: arsenic atom
Arsenbergwerk {n} :: arsenic mine
Arsenbestimmung {f} [inorganic chemistry] :: arsenic determination
arsenfrei {adj} :: arsenic-free
Arsengehalt {n} :: arsenic content (especially of minerals)
Arsengruppe {f} [mineralogy] :: arsenic group (arsenic, antimony and bismuth occurring as native metals)
arsenhaltig {adj} :: arsenic-containing
Arsenid {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: arsenide
arsenig {adj} :: arsenious
arsenig {adj} [inorganic chemistry] :: arsenous
Arsenik {n} :: arsenic (arsenic trioxide, not the element)
Arsenikesser {m} :: arsenic eater, one who consumes arsenic as a stimulant, appetite-booster, or performance enhancer
arsenikhaltig {adj} :: synonym of arsenhaltig
Arsenit {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: arsenite
Arsenkies {m} [mineral] :: arsenopyrite, mispickel
Arsenkupfer {n} [mineral] :: Any copper arsenide mineral
Arsenmenge {f} :: amount / quantity of arsenic
Arsenmineral {n} [mineralogy] :: arsenic mineral
Arsenmonosulfid {n} [inorganic compound] :: arsenic monosulfide (As4S4)
Arsenmord {m} :: arsenic murder
Arsenobetain {n} [organic chemistry] :: arsenobetaine
Arsenocholin {n} [organic compound] :: arsenocholine
Arsenolipid {n} [organic chemistry] :: arsenolipid
Arsenolith {m} [mineral] :: arsenolite
Arsenopyrit {n} [mineral] :: arsenopyrite
Arsenosaccharid {n} [organic chemistry] :: arsenosaccharide, arsenosugar
Arsenpentachlorid {n} [inorganic compound] :: arsenic pentachloride
Arsenpentafluorid {n} [inorganic compound] :: arsenic pentafluoride
Arsensäure {f} [inorganic compound] :: arsenic acid
Arsensulfid {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: arsenic sulfide
Arsentribromid {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: arsenic tribromide
Arsentrichlorid {n} [inorganic compound] :: arsenic trichloride
Arsentriiodid {n} [inorganic compound] :: arsenic triiodide
Arsentrioxid {n} [inorganic compound] :: arsenic trioxide
Arsentrisulfid {n} [inorganic compound] :: arsenic trisulfide
Arsentsumebit {m} [mineral] :: arsentsumebite
Arsenverbindung {f} [chemistry] :: arsenic compound
Arsenvergiftung {f} :: arsenic poisoning
Arsenwasserstoff {m} [inorganic compound] :: arsenic hydride, arsine
Arsin {n} [inorganic compound, organic chemistry] :: arsine
Arsinsäure {f} [organic chemistry] :: arsinic acid
Arsonsäure {f} [organic chemistry] :: arsonic acid
Arsoran {m} [organic chemistry] :: arsorane
Arsphenamin {n} [medicine] :: arsphenamine
Art {f} :: kind, sort, type (von of)
Art {f} [biology] :: species
Art {f} :: behaviour
Art {f} :: way, method
Art {f} [grammar, of verbs] :: mode, mood
Art {f} [grammar, rare, of verbs] :: voice
Artefakt {n} :: artifact
arten {v} [formal, with sein] :: to become [+ nach (object) = etwas = like]
artenreich {adj} :: speciose (species-rich)
Artensterben {n} :: species extinction
Artenvielfalt {f} :: species richness
Artepithet {n} :: specific epithet [word in the scientific name of a taxon following the name of the genus]
Arterie {f} :: artery
arteriell {adj} :: arterial
Arterienverkalkung {f} [pathology] :: arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries)
Arteriosklerose {f} :: arteriosclerosis
artesisch {adj} :: artesian
artfremd {adj} :: heterologous
artfremd {adj} [nazism] :: non-Aryan
Artgenosse {m} [biology] :: member of the same species
Artgenosse {m} [colloquial] :: fellow
artgerecht {adj} [animal husbandry] :: ensuring animal welfare by satisfying the specific requirements of the species held
Arthritis {f} :: arthritis
arthritisch {adj} :: arthritic
Arthrose {f} [pathology] :: arthrosis
arthrotisch {adj} :: arthrotic
Arthur {prop} :: given name borrowed from English in the 18th century
artifiziell {adj} :: artificial; unnatural
-artig {suffix} :: -like
artig {adj} :: well-behaved, good
Artikel {m} [media] :: article
Artikel {m} [economics] :: article, item, ware
Artikel {m} [legal] :: article, paragraph, clause
Artikel {m} [grammar] :: article
Artikelreihe {f} [journalism] :: series of articles
Artikelzeile {f} [journalism] :: article line
Artikulation {f} :: articulation (clarity of speech)
Artikulation {f} [music] :: articulation
Artikulation {f} [graph theory] :: articulation
Artikulation {f} [art] :: articulation
artikulatorisch {adj} :: articulatory
artikulieren {v} :: to articulate (to clarify)
Artillerie {f} :: artillery
Artischocke {f} :: artichoke (an edible plant related to the thistle)
Artist {m} :: one who performs extraordinary physical tricks, such as on a trapeze (male or of unspecified sex)
artistisch {adj} :: pertaining to the performers and performance of a circus
artistisch {adj} :: acrobatic, dexterous
artistisch {adj} :: skilful, technically accomplished
Art und Weise {f} :: method (process by which a task is completed)
Art und Weise {f} :: way of doing something (as in approach)
Art und Weise {f} :: manner
Artur {prop} :: given name, alternative spelling of Arthur
artverwandt {adj} :: species-related
Arylamin {n} [organic chemistry] :: arylamine
Arylhalogenid {n} [organic chemistry] :: aryl halide
Arys {prop} :: Arys
Arznei {f} [substance which promotes healing] :: medicine
Arzneibuch {n} [medicine] :: pharmacopoeia
Arzneimittel {n} [medicine] :: drug, medicine
Arzneimittelgesetz {n} :: The German medicines / drug law
Arzneistoff {m} :: active ingredient (active part of a medicine)
Arzneiwissenschaft {f} [obsolete] :: medical science
Arzneywissenschaft {f} :: dated spelling of Arzneiwissenschaft
Arzt {m} :: doctor, physician [without necessarily having a postgraduate degree]
Ärzteblatt {n} :: medical journal
Ärzteschaft {f} :: The medical profession; doctors
Arztfamilie {f} :: family of doctors
Arzthelfer {m} :: physician assistant
Arzthelfer {m} :: male nurse
Arzthelferin {f} :: physician assistant
Arzthelferin {f} :: nurse
Ärztin {f} :: doctor or physician (female)
Arztkittel {m} :: doctor's coat
ärztlich {adj} :: medical
as. {adj} :: abbreviation of altsächsisch
As {n} :: as, a unit and a Roman coin
As {n} :: ace, a playing card
As {n} [music] :: A-flat
asächs. {adj} :: abbreviation of altsächsisch
Asbest {m} :: asbestos
asbestfrei {adj} :: asbestos-free
Asbestose {f} :: asbestosis
Aschaffenburg {prop} :: Aschaffenburg (large town in north west Bavaria, Germany)
aschblond {adj} :: ash blonde
Asche {f} :: ash; ashes
Asche {f} [colloquial] :: money
Äsche {f} :: grayling [Thymallus thymallus]
aschearm {adj} :: low-ash
aschen {adj} :: ashen
Aschenbecher {m} :: ashtray
Aschenbrödel {prop} {n} :: Cinderella (fairy tale character)
Aschenbrot {n} :: ash bread, bread baked in hot ashes
Aschenkuchen {m} :: ash cake, cake (bread) baked in hot ash
Aschenputtel {prop} {n} :: Cinderella (fairy tale character)
Ascher {m} [colloquial] :: ashtray
Aschermittwoch {m} :: Ash Wednesday
Aschewolke {f} :: ash cloud
aschfahl {adj} :: ashy, ashen
aschfarben {adj} :: ashy (in colour)
aschgrau {adj} :: ash-gray (in colour)
Aschkenasi {m} :: Ashkenazi
aschkenasisch {adj} :: Ashkenazi
Aschlauch {m} [no plural] :: shallot
a-Schwa {n} {n} :: a-schwa [ ɐ ]
aschwed. {adj} :: abbreviation of altschwedisch
Ascorbinsäure {f} [chemistry] :: ascorbic acid (the white crystalline organic compound, C6H8O6)
As der Asse {noun} [military] :: ace of aces
As-dur {noun} :: A-flat major
aseismisch {adj} :: aseismic
aseptisch {adj} :: aseptic
Aser {m} [hunting, Southern Germany] :: gamebag, hunting bag
Aser {m} [hunting, Switzerland] :: a meal eaten in the nature; picnic
Äser {m} :: mouth, muzzle, snout, agent noun of äsen
Aserbaidschan {prop} {n} :: Azerbaijan
Aserbaidschaner {m} :: Azeri, Azerbaijani
Aserbaidschanerin {f} :: Azerbaijani
aserbaidschanisch {adj} :: Azerbaijani (pertaining to Azerbaijan)
Aserbaidschanisch {prop} {n} :: Azeri (language)
Aserbaidshan {prop} [DDR] :: Azerbaijan; alternative form of Aserbaidschan
asexual {adj} [uncommon] :: asexual
Asexualität {f} :: asexuality
asexuell {adj} :: asexual
Asi {m} [colloquial, pejorative] :: chav (working-class person, typically associated with low education, aggressive behaviour, and/or vulgarity in lifestyle, clothing, and speech)
Asi {m} [colloquial, pejorative] :: someone who behaves anti-socially or selfishly in a particular situation
Asiat {m} :: Asian (person)
Asiate {m} :: an Asian
Asiatin {f} :: Asian (female person from Asia)
asiatisch {adj} :: Asian
asiatische Wildkatze {f} :: Asiatic wildcat, Felis silvestris ornata
Asien {prop} {n} :: Asia (continent)
askanisch {adj} :: Ascanic
Askari {m} [historical] :: askari
Askese {f} :: asceticism
asketisch {adj} :: ascetic
asketisch {adj} :: austere
askriptiv {adj} :: ascriptive
Äskulap {prop} {m} [Greek god] :: Asclepius (Greek god of medicine and healing)
aso {interj} :: alternative form of ach so
Äsop {prop} {m} :: Aesop
asozial {adj} :: antisocial, asocial
Asoziale {m} :: [female] antisocial person
asozialer {adj} :: comparative of asozial
Asozialer {m} :: [male] antisocial person
asozialsten {adj} :: superlative of asozial
Aspach {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Upper Austria, Austria
Aspach {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Baden-Württemberg, Germany
Aspach {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Lothringia
Aspach {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Upper Alsace
Asparagin {n} [amino acid] :: asparagine (nonessential amino acid C4H8N2O3)
Asparaginsäure {f} :: aspartic acid (a nonessential amino acid)
Aspartam {n} :: aspartame
Aspartat {n} :: aspartate
Aspekt {m} :: aspect
aspektorientiert {adj} [software, aspect-oriented] :: aspect-oriented
aspektorientierte Programmierung {f} [software, aspect-oriented] :: aspect-oriented software development
aspektorientierter {adj} :: comparative of aspektorientiert
aspektorientiertesten {adj} :: superlative of aspektorientiert
Asperger {m} :: resident of Asperg
Asperger {m} :: ellipsis of Asperger-Syndrom, Asperger's syndrome
Asperger {adj} :: from, of, or pertaining to Asperg
Asperger-Syndrom {n} :: Asperger's syndrome
Asperhofen {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Lower Austria, Austria
Asphalt {m} :: asphalt, asphalt concrete, tarmac
asphaltieren {v} :: to asphalt
asphaltiert {adj} :: asphalted
asphaltiert {v} :: past participle of asphaltieren
Aspik {m} {n} :: aspic
Aspirant {m} :: aspirant
Aspiration {f} :: aspiration (burst of air that follows the release of some consonants)
Aspirin {n} :: aspirin
Ass {n} :: ace (a playing card)
Ass {n} :: a person who is extremely good at (at least) one discipline
Ass {n} [tennis] :: ace
Assam {prop} {n} :: Assam (state in India)
Assamesisch {n} :: one of the languages of India; Assamese
Assassine {m} :: assassin (member of the historical Ismaili Muslim militant group)
Assassine {m} :: assassin (professional, contracted murderer)
Assel {f} :: woodlouse, slater, pill bug
Assel {f} [zoology] :: isopod
Assembler {m} [computing] :: assembler
Assemblersprache {f} [software] :: assembly language
Asser {prop} :: Asher [biblical character]
Asser {prop} [rare] :: given name of biblical origin
assertiv {adj} :: assertive
assertorisch {adj} :: assertoric
assi {adj} [derogatory, of a, person] :: antisocial
assi {adj} :: crummy; of low quality
Assi {m} :: assistant
Assi {m} [derogatory] :: antisocial person
Assiette {noun} [literary, obsolete] :: plate, dish
assig {adj} :: variation of assi, which is short for asozial (asocial, antisocial)
Assimilation {f} :: assimilation
assimilieren {vtr} [to absorb a group of people into a community] :: to assimilate
assimiliert {v} :: past participle of assimilieren
Assistent {m} :: assistant
Assistentin {f} :: A female assistent
Assistenz {f} :: assistance
Assistenzsystem {n} :: a helping system for the user; assistance system
assistieren {v} :: to assist
Assling {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Tyrol, Austria
Assoziation {f} :: association (connection in imagination)
Assoziation {f} [archaic] :: association; organisation; club
assoziativ {adj} [mathematics] :: associative
assoziative Datenfeld {n} [computing] :: associative array
assoziieren {v} :: to associate
assoziiert {v} :: past participle of assoziieren - associated, allied
Assyrer {m} :: Assyrian
Assyriologe {m} :: Assyriologist
Assyriologie {f} :: Assyriology
Assyriologin {f} :: female assyriologist
assyriologisch {adj} :: Assyriological (related to assyriology)
assyrisch {adj} :: Assyrian
Ast {m} :: bough, limb, branch
Astat {n} :: astatine
Asten {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Upper Austria, Austria
Aster {f} [botany] :: A taxonomic plant genus, within tribe Astereae - the asters
Aster {prop} :: given name
Asterismus {m} [astronomy] :: constellation, asterism (group of stars)
Asterismus {m} [mineralogy] :: asterism
Asteroid {m} :: asteroid
asthenisch {adj} :: asthenic
Asthenosphäre {f} [geology] :: asthenosphere
ästhesiologisch {adj} :: aesthesiological, pertaining to aesthesiology
Ästhetik {f} :: aesthetics (the study of art or beauty)
ästhetisch {adj} :: aesthetic
Asthma {n} :: asthma
Asthmamittel {n} :: asthma medication
Asthmatiker {m} :: asthmatic (person)
asthmatisch {adj} :: asthmatic
Astigmatismus {m} :: astigmatism (both senses)
Astrachan {prop} {m} :: Astrakhan
astrachanisch {adj} :: of or pertaining to Astrakhan; Astrakhanian
astral {adj} :: astral
astrein {adj} :: free of knotholes
astrein {adj} [, somewhat, dated, colloquial] :: cool, excellent
astreinsten {adj} :: superlative of astrein
Astrid {prop} :: given name
astro- {prefix} :: astro-
Astrogeologie {f} :: astrogeology, planetary geology, exogeology
Astrologe {m} :: astrologist
Astrologie {f} :: astrology
Astronaut {m} :: astronaut (male or of unspecified sex)
Astronautik {f} :: astronautics
Astronom {m} :: astronomer
Astronomie {f} :: astronomy
Astronomin {f} :: female astronomer
astronomisch {adj} :: astronomical
Astronomische Einheit {f} :: astronomical unit
Astrophysik {f} :: astrophysics
Astrozyt {m} :: astrocyte
asturianisch {adj} :: alternative form of asturisch
Asturien {prop} {n} :: Asturias
asturisch {adj} :: Asturian
Asturisch {n} :: Asturian
ASU {prop} {f} :: Abgassonderuntersuchung; exhaust emission test
Asyl {n} :: asylum [shelter, refuge]
Asyl {n} [politics] :: political asylum
Asylant {m} :: A person seeking (political) asylum, an asylum seeker
Asylbewerber {m} :: person seeking political asylum, asylum seeker
Asylrecht {n} :: right of asylum
Asylwerber {m} [Austria] :: asylum seeker
Asymmetrie {f} :: asymmetry
asymmetrisch {adj} :: asymmetrical, asymmetric
Asymptote {f} :: asymptote (a straight line which a curve approaches arbitrarily closely)
asymptotisch {adj} :: asymptotic
asymptotischer Riesenast {m} [astronomy] :: asymptotic giant branch
asynchron {adj} :: asynchronous
Asynchronmotor {m} :: asynchronous / induction motor
asyndetisch {adj} :: asyndetic
Asyndeton {n} [rhetoric] :: asyndeton
AT {prop} {n} :: Altes Testament (OT; Old Testament)
Atacamawüste {prop} {f} :: Atacama (desert)
Atacamit {m} [mineral] :: atacamite
Ataman {m} [historical, politics, military] :: ataman, hetman
Atavismus {m} :: atavism
atavistisch {adj} :: atavistic
Ataxie {f} :: ataxia (lack of coordination)
Atelier {n} [artist's or photographer's workshop] :: studio
Atem {m} :: breath
atembar {adj} :: breathable
atemberaubend {adj} :: breathtaking
atemberaubendsten {adj} :: superlative of atemberaubend
Atemgas {n} :: breathing gas
Atemgerät {n} :: respirator, breathing apparatus
Atemlähmung {f} [pathology] :: apnoea (respiratory paralysis)
atemlos {adj} :: breathless
Atemlosigkeit {f} :: breathlessness
Atemluft {f} :: breathing air, respiratory air, tidal air
Atemnot {f} :: breathlessness
Atemnot {f} :: dyspnoea
atemraubend {adj} :: breathtaking
Atemstillstand {m} :: apnoea
Atemweg {m} :: airway (respiratory tract)
Atemzug {m} :: breath [a single act of breathing in and out]
Atheismus {m} :: atheism
Atheist {m} :: atheist
Atheistin {f} :: female atheist
atheistisch {adj} :: atheistic
Athen {prop} {n} :: Athens (capital city of Greece)
Athene {prop} {f} [Greek god] :: Athena
Athener {m} :: Athenian (a native or inhabitant of Athens)
Athener {adj} :: Athenian (from, of, or pertaining to Athens)
athenisch {adj} :: Athenian
Äther {m} :: ether
ätherisch {adj} :: ethereal
athermisch {adj} :: athermic, athermal
Äthiopien {prop} {n} :: Ethiopia
Äthiopier {m} :: Ethiopian (person)
Äthiopierin {f} :: female Ethiopian (female person)
äthiopisch {adj} :: Ethiopian (of, from, or pertaining to Ethiopia)
Athlet {m} :: athlete
Athletenherz {n} [medicine, sports] :: athlete's heart
athletisch {adj} :: athletic
Äthyl {n} [organic chemistry] :: ethyl
Ätiologie {f} :: aetiology (study of causes or origins)
ätiologisch {adj} :: etiological (of or pertaining to an aetiology)
Atlantik {prop} {m} :: the Atlantic Ocean
Atlantik-Bastardschildkröte {f} :: Kemp's Ridley, Lepidochelys kempii
atlantisch {adj} :: Atlantic
Atlantischer Ozean {prop} {m} :: Atlantic Ocean (the ocean lying between the Americas to the west and Europe and Africa to the east)
Atlas {m} [cartography or reference work] :: atlas (bound collection of maps)
Atlas {m} :: atlas (bound collection of tables, illustrations on any subject)
Atlas {m} [medicine] :: atlas (uppermost vertebra of the neck)
Atlas {m} [uncommon] :: atlas (figure of a man used as a column)
Atlas {prop} [Greek god] :: Atlas (son of Iapetus and Clymene, leader of the Titans ordered by Zeus to support the sky on his shoulders)
Atlas {prop} [geography] :: the Atlas Mountains (mountain range in northwest Africa)
Atlas {prop} [astronomy] :: Atlas (moon of Saturn)
Atlas {prop} [astronomy] :: Atlas (star in the Pleiades)
Atlas {prop} [astronomy] :: Atlas (crater in the first quadrant of the moon)
Atlas {prop} [warfare, U.S.] :: Atlas intercontinental ballistic missile
Atlas {m} :: atlas satin
Atlasgebirge {prop} :: Atlas Mountains
atlassen {adj} [rare] :: Composed of atlases
Atlatl {m} :: atlatl
atmen {v} :: to breathe
Atmen {n} :: breathing
atmend {adj} :: breathing, respiring
Atmo {noun} :: abbreviated form of Atmosphäre
Atmosphäre {f} :: atmosphere
Atmosphärenchemie {f} :: atmospheric chemistry
Atmosphärendruck {m} :: atmospheric pressure
atmosphärisch {adj} :: atmospheric (all senses)
atmosphärisch {adj} :: ambient
atmosphärisch {adj} :: evocative
Atmung {f} :: respiration, breathing
atmungsaktiv {adj} :: breathable (of clothing)
Atmungskette {f} [biochemistry] :: respiratory chain
Atoll {n} :: atoll
Atom {n} :: atom
Atomabsorptionsspektrometrie {f} [chemistry, physics] :: atomic absorption spectrometry
Atomabsorptionsspektroskopie {f} [chemistry, physics] :: atomic absorption spectroscopy
Atomabstand {m} :: interatomic distance
atomar {adj} :: atomic
atombetrieben {adj} :: atomic-powered, nuclear-powered
Atombombe {f} :: atomic bomb, nuclear bomb
Atombombenexplosion {f} :: atomic bomb explosion
Atomemissionsspektrometrie {f} [physics, chemistry] :: atomic emission spectroscopy
Atomenergie {f} :: atomic energy, nuclear energy (energy released by an atom)
Atomgewicht {n} [chemistry, physics] :: atomic weight
atomisieren {v} :: To atomize
atomisiert {v} :: past participle of atomisieren
atomistisch {adj} :: atomistic
Atomkern {m} [physics] :: nucleus (the massive, positively charged core of an atom)
Atomkraft {f} :: nuclear power (power from nuclear reactions)
Atomkraftwerk {n} :: nuclear power plant
Atomkrieg {m} :: nuclear war
Atommacht {f} :: nuclear power (nation with nuclear weapons)
Atommasse {f} :: atomic mass (mass of an atom)
Atommodell {n} [physics] :: atomic model
Atomorbital {n} [physics] :: atomic orbital
Atomphysik {f} [physics, atom] :: atomic physics
Atomphysiker {m} :: atomic physicist
Atompilz {m} [nuclear explosion] :: mushroom cloud
Atomprozent {n} [physics] :: atom percent
Atomradius {m} [physics] :: atomic radius
Atomreaktor {n} :: synonym of Kernreaktor
Atomspaltung {f} :: synonym of Kernspaltung (nuclear fission)
Atomspektrometrie {f} :: atomic absorption spectroscopy
Atomspektroskopie {f} :: atomic absorption spectroscopy
Atomstrom {m} ::