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â {letter}  :: A with circumflex, a letter used in French spelling, originally representing the sound /ɑ/
à {letter}  :: A with grave accent, a letter used in French mostly to distinguish some homographs and in transliteration
 {letter}  :: The letter A with a circumflex
à {prep}  :: at, in, on [said of a particular place]
à {prep}  :: at [said of a particular time]
à {prep} [before an infinitive]  :: to [used to express something not completed]
à {prep}  :: by
à {prep} [cuisine]  :: cooked in or with
à {prep}  :: of (belonging to)
à {prep}  :: on the, to [some directions]
à {prep}  :: or, to [used to express an approximate number]
à {prep}  :: till, until [used in farewells]
à {prep}  :: to [destination]
à {prep}  :: to (until)
à {prep}  :: Used to describe a part of something, often translated into English as a compound adjective
à {prep}  :: Used to indicate the recipient of certain phrasal verb
à {prep}  :: Used to make compound nouns to state what something is used for
a+ {abbr} [text messaging]  :: see you later, cu; ttyl
{m}  :: ai (sloth)
a {letter}  :: The first letter of the French alphabet, written in the Latin script
a- {prefix}  :: a-, non-, -less
a- {prefix}  :: A prefix forming words, especially verbs, that denote entering a state, making progress toward a goal, or the like
a {pron} [Quebec, colloquial]  :: alternative form of elle
-a {suffix}  :: Suffix indicating the third-person singular past historic of -er verbs
a {symbol}  :: are (100 square metres)
aa {m} [geology, often, attributive]  :: The surface of an aa lava flow
açaï {m}  :: açai
AA {initialism} [plurale tantum]  :: Alcooliques Anonymes
aalandais {adj}  :: alternative form of alandais
aalandais {m}  :: The dialect of Swedish spoken in Åland
Aalandais {m}  :: A person from Åland; an Ålander
Aalandaise {f}  :: feminine noun of Aalandais
Aalborg {prop}  :: Aalborg
aalénien {adj} [geology, paleontology]  :: Aalenian
Aalénien {prop} [geology, paleontology]  :: The Aalenian period
Aar {prop}  :: The Aar river
Aarau {prop}  :: Aarau
Aaron {prop}  :: Aaron (biblical figure)
Aaron {prop}  :: male given name
ababouiné {adj} [nautical, archaic, dialectal]  :: Said of a boat stopped by water's stillness; becalmed
abaca {m}  :: a banana tree, the abaca
abaca {m}  :: Manilla hemp
abacost {m} [Africa, chiefly, historical]  :: abacost
abacule {m} [arts, and, architecture]  :: a mosaic tessera; tessella; abaculus
abader {vp} [dialectal, Southern France]  :: to escape, get out, run away, figuratively take off
abader {vt} [dialectal, Southern France]  :: to allow out; to remove the restrains on
abaïer {v}  :: alternative form of abayer
abaissé {adj} [heraldry]  :: abased, lowered
abaissé {adj} [heraldry]  :: disclosed
abaissable {adj}  :: Which can be lowered
abaissant {adj} [dated]  :: Rendering morally inferior; degrading
abaisse {f} [cooking]  :: A piece of dough that has been flattened, usually with a rolling pin
abaisse-langue {m}  :: a tongue depressor
abaissement {m}  :: Action of lowering a value; reduction
abaissement {m}  :: Action of lowering oneself morally; abasement
abaissement {m}  :: Action of moving or pushing something in a downward direction; a lowering
abaissement {m} [archaic]  :: Action of rendering or becoming less powerful
abaissement {m} [dated]  :: State of something or someone which has lost all pride; abasement
abaissement {m}  :: State resulting from having moved down
abaisser {vt} [figuratively]  :: To abase, degrade, humiliate
abaisser {vt} [literally]  :: To lower; to reduce; to bring down
abaisser {vtr}  :: To come or go down; to descend
abaisseur {adj} [anatomy]  :: Said of a muscle that lowers a body part
abaisseur {adj} [engineering]  :: Which reduces or lowers a force like tension or pressure
abaisseur {m} [anatomy]  :: A muscle or similar body part that moves something downward; a depressor
abajoue {f} [anatomy, zoology]  :: A pouch in the cheek of some animals, usually used to carry food; a cheek pouch
abajoue {f} [slang]  :: A flabby face or cheek
abaler {v}  :: To bring down
abaliénation {f} [obsolete]  :: abalienation
abaliéner {v}  :: To abalienate
abaloger {v}  :: To bring down
abalone {m} [gastronomy, uncommon]  :: The abalone
abalourdir {v}  :: to make stupid
abandon {m}  :: abandonment
abandon {m}  :: surrender
abandon {m} [uncountable]  :: complete neglect
abandonné {adj}  :: given up, abandoned
abandonné {m}  :: An abandonee, one who is abandoned
abandonnataire {adj} [legal]  :: Which benefits from another party giving up something
abandonnataire {mf} [legal]  :: A natural or moral person who benefits from another party giving up something
abandonnateur {adj} [legal]  :: Which gives up something
abandonnateur {m} [legal]  :: A natural or moral person who gives up something
abandonnement {m} [dated]  :: Moral neglect
abandonnement {m} [dated]  :: The act of abandoning; abandonment
abandonnement {m} [dated]  :: The act of giving up or surrendering when faced with something
abandonnement {m} [dated]  :: The state resulting of such an act
abandonnement {m} [legal]  :: The transfer of goods or other values in a situation of indivision that allow all owners to receive their share
abandonner {v}  :: to abandon, forsake
abandonner {v}  :: to give up
abandonneur {adj} [uncommon]  :: Which abandons or gives up
abandonneur {m} [uncommon]  :: Somebody who abandons or gives up
abandonneuse {f}  :: feminine noun of abandonneur
abandonnique {adj} [psychology]  :: Suffering from, related to or typical of abandonment anxiety
abandonnément {adv} [obsolete]  :: With abandon, without any reserve
abandon scolaire {m}  :: The action of dropping out of school, usually secondary education
abandouner {v}  :: alternative form of abandonner
abaque {m} [architecture]  :: The abacus of a column
abaque {m} [historical]  :: An abacus for counting
abaque {m} [mathematics]  :: A nomogram
abarticulaire {adj} [medicine]  :: Having to do with the tissues near an articulation; juxta-articular
abasie {f}  :: abasia
abasourdi {adj}  :: Astonished; dumbfounded
abasourdi {adj}  :: Stuned or dazed by a loud sound
abasourdir {v}  :: to dumbfound; tobaffle; to astonish
abasourdir {v}  :: to stun or daze with a loud sound
abasourdissant {adj}  :: astonishing; bewildering; dumbfounding
abasourdissant {adj}  :: which stuns or overwhelms by its loudness
abasourdissement {m} [rare]  :: A state of dazedness caused by an overwhelmingly loud sound
abasourdissement {m} [rare]  :: Bewilderment; stupefaction
abasside {adj}  :: dated form of abbasside
abat {m}  :: giblet
abatant {m}  :: alternative spelling of abattant
abat-chauvée {f}  :: pulled wool of low quality, generally detached from the animal's skin by a lime treatment
abatée {f}  :: alternative spelling of abattée
abat-jour {m} [architecture]  :: skylight
abat-jour {m} [dated]  :: eyeshade
abat-jour {m}  :: lampshade
abats {n} [plurale tantum]  :: offal, giblets
abattage {m}  :: destruction, demolition of (a wall)
abattage {m}  :: felling or cutting down of [trees]
abattage {m}  :: slaughter or butchering for meat
abattant {adj}  :: flat and articulated so it can move from a horizontal to a vertical position
abattant {m}  :: a lid or flap which can move from a horizontal to a vertical position
abattant {m}  :: a toilet lid
abattant {m} [rare]  :: any sort of flap
abattée {f} [aeronautics]  :: A sudden nosedive of an aircraft due to a speed loss
abattée {f} [nautical]  :: A movement of the boat that brings it closer to tailwind
abattée {f} [paragliding]  :: A movement of the wing that brings it down toward the front of the pilot at a more or less pronounced angle
abattement {m}  :: A diminution of physical or moral strength; dejection; exhaustion; despondency
abattement {m} [business, rare]  :: A discount
abattement {m} [finance, or, legal]  :: A type of allowance or tax deduction
abattement {m}  :: obsolete form of abattage
abatteur {m}  :: a boaster
abatteur {m}  :: someone who fells; who knocks something down
abatteuse {f}  :: (forestry) harvester
abattis {m} [Canada]  :: An area that has been cleared of trees, but not yet of their stumps
abattis {m} [cooking, plurale tantum]  :: giblets
abattis {m} [dated, slang, plurale tantum]  :: limbs
abattis {m} [military]  :: abatis
abattis {m}  :: rubble
abattoir {m}  :: slaughterhouse; abattoir
abattre {vp} [of lightning]  :: to strike
abattre {vp}  :: to descend upon with violence or furor
abattre {vr}  :: to fall down, especially of tall things, such as trees
abattre {v}  :: to butcher; to slaughter for meat
abattre {v}  :: to cut down (a tree)
abattre {v}  :: to destroy or demolish (a wall)
abattre {v}  :: to shoot dead
abattu {adj}  :: dejected, dispirited, demoralized
abatture {f} [archaic]  :: alternative form of abattage
abattures {n}  :: The traces left by a deer in bushes, ferns and other tall grasses
abat-vent {m} [agriculture]  :: wind screen
abat-vent {m}  :: chimney cowl
abat-vent {m}  :: louver boarding (of window, opening), abat-vent
abat-voix {m}  :: abatvoix
abaya {f}  :: abaya
abayer {v}  :: archaic spelling of aboyer
abbé {m}  :: An abbot, the head of an abbey
abbé {m} [dated]  :: A title or honorific given to priests in general
abbasside {adj} [history]  :: Related to the Abbassid dynasty or empire
abbatial {adj}  :: abbatial
abbatial {m}  :: The quarters of the abbot and monks within an abbey
abbatiale {f}  :: An abbey church
abbatiat {m} [uncommon, chiefly, Roman Catholic]  :: abbacy
abbaye {f}  :: abbey
abbesse {f}  :: abbess (female abbot)
Abbeville {prop}  :: Abbeville
abbevillien {adj} [archaeology]  :: Abbevillian
Abbevillien {prop} [archaeology]  :: The Abbevillian period
abbevillois {adj}  :: From or related to the Northern French city of Abbeville
Abbevillois {m}  :: Someone from the French city of Abbeville
Abbevilloise {f}  :: feminine noun of Abbevillois
Abby {prop} [rare]  :: female given name
abc {m}  :: ABC, basics, fundamentals, rudiments
abécédaire {adj} [obsolete]  :: alphabetical
abécédaire {m}  :: An alphabet primer
abcéder {vip} [or, medicine]  :: To form into an abscess; to abscess
abcédographie {f} [medicine]  :: A radiography of an abscess
abcès {m}  :: An abscess
Abdallah {prop}  :: Abdallah
Abdias {prop}  :: Obadiah [biblical character]
abdicataire {adj}  :: Which has abdicated
abdication {f}  :: abdication
abdiquer {vi} [formal]  :: To give up; to abandon
abdiquer {vit}  :: To abdicate [one's powers]
abdo {m} [rare in the singular]  :: ab (abdominal muscle)
abdomen {m}  :: abdomen
abdominal {adj}  :: abdominal; of the abdomen
abdominaux {n} [collective]  :: the abdominal muscles; the abdominals
abdominaux {n} [plurale tantum]  :: sit-up
abdos {n}  :: abs (abdominal muscles)
abdos {n}  :: situps
Abdoul {prop}  :: male given name of Arabic origin, equivalent to Abdul
Abdoulaye {prop}  :: male given name, widely used in Islamic West Africa
Abdoulla {prop}  :: male given name, equivalent to Abdullah
abducteur {adj} [anatomy, physiology]  :: related to abductor muscles and their movement; abductive
abducteur {m} [anatomy]  :: abductor (muscle)
abductif {adj} [logic, computing]  :: abductive
abduction {f} [logic, computing]  :: Abductive reasoning; abduction
abduction {f} [physiology]  :: Abductive movement; abduction
abée {f} [chiefly, historical]  :: The sluice gate, sluice or flume to a water wheel
Abeau {prop}  :: male given name, a very rare variant of Abel
a beau mentir qui vient de loin {proverb}  :: long ways, long lies
abeilardiser {v}  :: To castrate
abeille {f}  :: bee, honeybee
abeille {f} [figuratively]  :: A writer whose style is considered pure like honey
abeille charpentière {f}  :: carpenter bee
abeille à miel {f}  :: honey bee
abeille ouvrière {f} [zoology]  :: worker bee
abeiller {adj} [uncommon]  :: Relative to bees and their keeping
abeiller {m} [archaic]  :: A bee-eater
abeiller {m} [archaic]  :: A beehive for bee keeping
abeiller {m} [archaic]  :: A beekeeper
abeillier {m} [archaic]  :: alternative form of abeiller ("beehive")
Abel {prop}  :: Abel [biblical character]
Abel {prop}  :: male given name
abelia {m} [rare]  :: alternative form of abélia
Abelin {prop}  :: French surname
Abelin {prop}  :: male given name,from a diminutive form of Abel
Abelone {prop} [extremely, rare]  :: female given name
aber {m} [geography]  :: A ria, especially one in Brittany
Aberdeen {prop}  :: Aberdeen
aberdonien {adj}  :: Aberdonian
Aberdonien {m}  :: Aberdonian
Aberdonienne {f}  :: feminine noun of Aberdonien
aberrance {f} [statistics]  :: Character of what is aberrant
aberrance {f} [uncommon]  :: An aberration or anomaly
aberrant {adj}  :: aberrant, abnormal or anomalous
aberrant {adj} [sciences]  :: Which is impossible according to the norms or rules
aberration {f}  :: aberration
aberration {f} [astronomy]  :: aberration
aberration {f} [optics]  :: aberration
aberration {f} [physiology]  :: aberration or mutation
aberration {f}  :: the state of being aberrant
aberrer {vi} [obsolete]  :: To lose oneself or deviate from a straight path
aberrer {vi} [very, rare]  :: To make a mistake; to wander in one's judgement
aberrer {vt} [very, rare]  :: To skew; to render inexact or aberrant
abessif {adj} [linguistics]  :: Abessive
abessif {m} [linguistics]  :: The abessive case
abeurver {v}  :: alternative form of abreuver
abhorrer {v}  :: to abominate, to abhor, to loathe
Abidjan {prop}  :: Abidjan
abidjanais {adj}  :: From, of, or relating to Abidjan; Abidjanese
Abidjanais {m}  :: Somebody from Abidjan, an Abidjanese
Abidjanaise {f}  :: feminine noun of Abidjanais
abies {m} [archaic]  :: A fir tree
abigéat {m} [legal, historical]  :: abigeat
abigeat {m} [legal, archaic]  :: alternative form of abigéat
abime {m}  :: alternative form of abîme
abimer {v}  :: alternative form of abîmer
abiogenèse {f} [biology]  :: abiogenesis
abiotique {adj} [ecology]  :: abiotic
abisser {v}  :: To damage, destroy
abisser {v}  :: To overthrow
abiétacée {f} [botany, historical]  :: A member of the Pinaceae plant family
abiétacées {n} [botany]  :: the Pinaceae plant family
Abitibi {prop}  :: Abitibi
abitibien {adj}  :: From, or related to the Abitibi region of Quebec; Abitibian
Abitibien {m}  :: Someone from Abitibi; an Abitibian
Abitibienne {f}  :: feminine noun of Abitibien
abiétin {adj} [very, rare]  :: Related or similar to fir trees
abject {adj} [literary, obsolete]  :: Of the lowest social position
abject {adj} [literary]  :: Worthy of utmost contempt or disgust; vile; despicable
abjectement {adv} [literary]  :: In manner worthy of absolute contempt or disgust
abjection {f} [literary]  :: Something that is worthy of utter contempt
abjurateur {adj} [formal]  :: alternative form of abjuratoire
abjurateur {m} [formal]  :: Someone who has committed abjuration
abjuration {f} [formal]  :: The action of abjurer
abjuratoire {adj} [formal, or, legal]  :: Related to the action of abjurer
abjurer {vit} [religion]  :: To formally renounce one's religious belief; to apostatise
abjurer {vit} [very, formal]  :: To renounce or abandon solemnly; to abjure
abjurer {v} [obsolete]  :: To reject by oath someone's authority
abkhaze {adj}  :: Related or belonging to the Abkhaz ethnic group, or their language
abkhaze {adj}  :: Related to or from Abkhazia, regardless of ethnicity
abkhaze {m}  :: The Abkhaz language
Abkhaze {mf}  :: An ethnic Abkhaz person
Abkhaze {mf}  :: Someone from Abkhazia regardless of ethnicity
Abkhazie {prop}  :: Abkhazia
abkhazien {adj}  :: Related to or from Abkhazia
Abkhazien {m}  :: A person from Abkhazia regardless of ethnicity
Abkhazienne {f}  :: feminine noun of Abkhazien
ablactation {f} [medicine, archaic]  :: The weaning of a child
ablactation {f} [medicine]  :: Interruption in secretion of breast milk, usually caused by a hormonal imbalance
Abélard {prop} [rare]  :: male given name, equivalent of Abelard
Abélard {prop}  :: The French philosopher and theologian Abelard
ablastine {f} [immunology]  :: ablastin
ablater {v} [engineering]  :: To progressively remove (usually in small amounts) due to an ablation process
ablater {vt} [medicine, rare]  :: To perform ablation of; to ablate
ablatif {adj} [engineering, sciences]  :: Conceived to resist a process of ablation
ablatif {adj} [linguistics, rare]  :: Related to or in the ablative case
ablatif {adj}  :: Related to or causing ablation
ablatif {m} [linguistics, countable]  :: A word or expression in the ablative case
ablatif {m} [linguistics, uncountable]  :: The ablative case
ablation {f} [medicine]  :: ablation
ablation {f} [sciences]  :: ablation
ablation {f}  :: The often forceful removal (physical or otherwise) or abolition of something
able {m}  :: A vernacular name of the common bleak (usually called ablette)
able {m}  :: A vernacular name of the moderlieschen, also called able de Heckel
able {m} [rare]  :: A vernacular name of some other related fishes in the genus Alburnus (Cyprinidae)
-able {suffix}  :: -able
ableret {m} [fishing]  :: a square lift net attached to the end of a perch and used for fishing bleaks ad similar small fishes
ablette {f}  :: (common) bleak (Alburnus alburnus)
ablégat {m} [Roman Catholicism]  :: ablegate
abélia {m}  :: A shrub member of Abelia
Abélia {prop} [rare]  :: female given name
abélianiser {v} [maths]  :: To abelianize
abélie {f}  :: alternative form of abélia
abélien {adj} [mathematics]  :: abelian
abélien {adj} [Roman Catholicism, historical]  :: Abelian
ablier {m} [fishing]  :: synonym of ableret
abéliser {v}  :: To charm (all senses)
abélite {mf}  :: Abelian (member of a sect living like Abel)
abélonien {m}  :: Abelian (member of a sect living like Abel)
abléphare {m} [zoology]  :: A skink of the genus Ablepharus
ablépharie {f} [medicine]  :: ablepharia
abluer {v} [obsolete]  :: To wash
ablution {f} [rare]  :: A washing, especially ritual
ablution {f} [Western Christianity]  :: Ritual rinsing of the priest's hand; ablution
ablutionner {v}  :: To ablute, wash
ablutions {n}  :: the washing of the body, particularly a ritual one; an ablution
abîme {m}  :: abyss, chasm
abîme {m}  :: bottom of a chasm or valley
abîme {m} [heraldry]  :: abyss of a shield, fess point
abîme {m} [literary]  :: hell
abîme {m} [literary]  :: infiniteness of thought
abîme {m} [literary]  :: superlative used with various abstraction and qualities; the climax or acme
abîmer {vp} [formal]  :: To become absorbed in something (tought, action...)
abîmer {vp} [formal]  :: To fall down or sink and disappear in a hole, depth, abyss
abîmer {v} [rare, or, archaic]  :: To throw down in a hole, depth etc
abîmer {v}  :: to damage
abénaquis {adj}  :: Abenaki
abénaquis {m}  :: the Abenaki language
Abénaquis {m}  :: an Abenaki Native American
Abénaquise {f}  :: feminine noun of Abénaquis
abnégation {f}  :: denial, abnegation
abnégation {f}  :: selflessness, self-sacrifice
aboi {m} [archaic]  :: The bark of a dog
aboiement {m}  :: a dog bark
abois {n} [hunting]  :: The last stage of coursing where the dogs are closing in on the game, and their cries at that time
aboiteau {m} [Canada, Acadia]  :: A dike built for land reclamation
aboiteau {m} [Canada, Acadia]  :: The sluice in a dike that allows water out at low tide, but blocks its entry at high tide
aboler {v}  :: alternative form of abolir
abolir {vt}  :: to abolish
abolissable {adj}  :: abolishable
abolissement {m} [obsolete]  :: An abolition, abolishment, abrogation
abolitif {adj} [legal, uncommon]  :: Abolishing; involving the abolition of something
abolition {f}  :: abolition
abolitioniste {adj}  :: alternative form of abolitionniste
abolitioniste {mf}  :: alternative form of abolitionniste
abolitionnisme {m}  :: abolitionism
abolitionniste {adj} [historical]  :: abolitionist
abolitionniste {mf} [historical]  :: abolitionist
aboméen {adj}  :: From or having to do with the Beninese city of Abomey
Aboméen {m}  :: A person from Abomey; Abomean, Abomeyan
Aboméenne {f}  :: feminine noun of Aboméen
Abomey {prop}  :: Abomey
Abomey {prop} [dated]  :: Dahomey
abominable {adj}  :: Absolutely loathsome; abominable
abominable {adj}  :: Exceedingly bad or ugly; abominable
abominable homme des neiges {m}  :: abominable snowman (manlike or apelike animal said to exist in the Himalayas)
abominablement {adv}  :: Exceedingly badly or poorly
abominablement {adv} [rare]  :: Abominably
abominablement {adv}  :: Unbearably; insufferably
abomination {f} [chiefly, religion]  :: Revulsion, abomination, disgust
abomination {f}  :: Something vile and abominable; an abomination
abominer {v} [literary]  :: To hold in abomination; to detest, abhor, execrate
abondamment {adv}  :: abundantly, copiously
abondance {f}  :: A large amount; a plethora or profusion
abondance {f} [sciences]  :: abundance
abondance {f}  :: Wealth of goods, abundance; opulence, prosperity
abondant {adj}  :: abundant
abondement {m} [Europe, finance]  :: Additional financing provided by a second party to funds amassed by a first party, such as by an employer to a retirement fund
abonder {vt} [Europe, finance]  :: to contribute financing to
abonder {v}  :: to be found in large amounts; to abound
abonder {vt}  :: to abound; to teem; to be swarming or overflowing with [object marked with en, rarely de]
abonder dans le sens {v}  :: to agree profusely with, to express the same opinions as
abonné {adj}  :: Regularly affected by; plagued or dogged with
abonné {m} [masculine only]  :: A household for the purpose of utility delivery
abonné {m}  :: season ticket holder
abonné {m}  :: subscriber
abonnée {f}  :: feminine noun of abonné
abonnement {m}  :: subscription
abonner {v} [ditransitive]  :: To subscribe somebody to a service; to take a subscription for
abonner {v} [rare]  :: To become accustomed to or a regular of
abonner {vr}  :: To subscribe to a service or publication
abonnir {vtr} [absolutive or reflexive, usually, inanimate, strongly dated]  :: to improve; to render or become better
abonnissement {m} [rare, agriculture]  :: Improvement or amelioration of the soil or of wine
abord {m} [archaic]  :: Arrival or accessibility by water
abord {m} [literary]  :: The manner with which one acts in the presence of another person or persons, especially in a first encounter
abord {m} [rare]  :: The surroundings of a place
abordable {adj}  :: approachable
abordable {adj} [archaic, nautical]  :: Said of a boat that is easy to attack
abordable {adj}  :: Not overly costly; affordable
abordable {adj} [uncommon]  :: accessible
abordage {m}  :: The assault on a ship
aborder {vt} [chiefly, nautical]  :: To reach, especially with a boat
aborder {vt} [of vehicles]  :: To place side to side
aborder {vt} [originally, nautical, literary, rare]  :: To attack, especially a boat
aborder {vt}  :: To approach or meet somebody
aborder {vt}  :: To deal with; to tackle; to approach a problem, situation or topic
abordeur {adj} [nautical, chiefly, historical]  :: Performing an attack on a boat
abordeur {adj} [rare]  :: Placing itself side to side to another vehicle
abords {mp} [plurale tantum]  :: The surroundings
aborigène {adj} [dated]  :: aboriginal, indigenous
aborigène {adj}  :: Of or relating to Indigenous Australians
aborigène {mf} [very, dated]  :: A generally primitive native from the land
Aborigène {mf}  :: An Indigenous Australian
abornement {m} [chiefly, France, legal]  :: Determination of the precise limits of a piece of land or a border
aborner {v} [historical, animate]  :: To add boundary stones or marks to
aborner {v} [literary, rare, inanimate]  :: To constitute the limit or boundary of
abortif {adj}  :: Abortive; unavailing; futile
abortif {adj} [botany]  :: Abortive, fruitless; sterile
abortif {adj} [medicine]  :: Capable of causing abortion when absorbed
abortif {m} [medicine]  :: An abortifacient
abot {m} [agriculture]  :: a horse hobble
aboteau {m} [Canada, rare]  :: alternative form of aboiteau
aboteau {m} [France, dialectal, chiefly, historical]  :: A levee or dam used in the draining of marshes
Abou {prop}  :: French surname
Abou {prop}  :: male given name
abouchement {m} [archaic]  :: The act of aboucher
aboucher {v} [archaic]  :: to put or get in contact or communication
aboucher {v} [archaic]  :: to touch via an opening
aboucher {v} [obsolete]  :: to talk with
aboucher {vp} [obsolete]  :: to put the mouth close to
Abou Dabi {prop}  :: Abu Dhabi, capital of the United Arab Emirates
Abou Dabi {prop}  :: Abu Dhabi, the emirate
Abou Dhabi {prop}  :: alternative form of Abou Dabi
Aboukir {prop}  :: Aboukir, a village and bay in Egypt site of two iconic battles of the French military
abouler {vi} [dialectal]  :: To roll along a surface
abouler {vip} [Europe, dated slang, or]  :: To rush or hurry over
abouler {vt} [Europe, dated slang]  :: To hand over or give money or goods; to pay
aboulie {m} [medicine]  :: aboulia
aboulique {adj} [medicine]  :: Related to or affected by aboulia; aboulic
aboulique {mf} [medicine]  :: A person affected by aboulia
Abou Simbel {prop}  :: The archeological site of Abu Simbel
about {m} [technical]  :: The extremity of a metallic or wooden element or piece
aboutement {m}  :: abutment, jointing
abouter {v}  :: to align end-to-end; to abut
abouter {v}  :: to join, link, attach or tie together by their extremities
aboutir {vi}  :: to reach a conclusion, to succeed
aboutir {vt} [figuratively, with à]  :: to lead to, to have the consequence of
aboutir {vt} [literally, with à]  :: to lead to, to end up in, to reach
aboutissant {m}  :: outcome
aboutissement {m}  :: A result or outcome, usually a positive one
aboutissement {m}  :: The end or conclusion of a process
aboyant {adj}  :: barking
aboyer {vi} [of a dog]  :: to bark
aboyer {vi}  :: to scream at or inveigh against somebody
aboyer {vt} [usually, pejorative]  :: to scream or yell in short bouts; to bark
aboyeur {adj} [uncommon]  :: Which barks or makes a sound like barking
aboyeur {m} [literary]  :: Someone who yells a lot at someone else, who heckles, or criticize violently in speech or writing
aboyeur {m} [slightly dated]  :: Someone whose job or involves crying out at people
abracadabra {interj}  :: abracadabra
abracadabra {m}  :: An unspecified magical formula
abracadabra {m} [historical]  :: A mystical word from kabbalism
abracadabrant {adj}  :: ludicrous, preposterous
abracadabrantesque {adj}  :: Totally ludicrous
abracadabrantesquement {adv}  :: Totally ludicrously
abréactif {adj} [psychoanalysis]  :: Having to do with abreaction; abreactive
abréaction {f} [psychoanalysis]  :: abreaction
abréagir {vit} [psychoanalysis]  :: To undergo abreaction; to abreact
Abraham {prop}  :: Abraham (Biblical character)
Abraham {prop}  :: male given name
abrahamique {adj}  :: Abrahamitic (relating to the patriarch Abraham)
abraser {vt} [technical]  :: To abrade
abrasif {adj}  :: Able to abrade a surface when scrubbed against it; abrasive
abrasif {m}  :: A usually granular abrasive substance used to polish or clean a surface
abrasimètre {m} [manufacturing]  :: A device for measuring abrasion
abrasin {m}  :: One of two species of East Asian trees in the genus Vernicia (Euphorbiaceae) who produce an oil used to make varnishes and paints
abrasion {f}  :: abrasion
abrasivité {f}  :: abrasiveness
abraxas {m} [gnosticism, historical]  :: abraxas
abreuvage {m} [archaic]  :: alternative form of abreuvement
abreuvement {m} [uncommon]  :: Action of abreuver
abreuver {v} [literary, ditransitive, with de]  :: to shower (someone) in
abreuver {v} [literary]  :: to water (cattle, fields etc.), give water to (a person)
abreuver {vp} [literary, s'abreuver]  :: to drink
abreuvoir {m}  :: a watering hole or place for animals
abreuvoir {m} [Canada, proscribed]  :: a drinking fountain
abrégé {m}  :: A small book or written work summarizing the major points of a general topic
abrégé {m}  :: A summarized synopsis or précis of a longer work
abrègement {m}  :: alternative form of abrégement
abrégement {m}  :: A shortening or abridgement
abréger {v}  :: to abbreviate
abréger {v}  :: to shorten in duration
abréger {v}  :: to shorten (in textual length) or summarize, to abridge
abrégément {adv}  :: abridgedly
abri {m}  :: A shelter or refuge against the elements or physical danger
abri anti-aérien {m}  :: bomb shelter; air-raid shelter
abri anti-atomique {m}  :: fallout shelter
abribus {m}  :: bus shelter
abricot {adj}  :: apricot (color)
abricoté {adj} [cooking]  :: Including apricots as an ingredient
abricoté {adj}  :: Similar or relating to apricots
abricoté {m}  :: sugared apricot
abricot {m}  :: apricot (color)
abricot {m}  :: apricot (fruit)
abricoter {vt}  :: To glaze (a cake etc) with a thin layer of apricot preserve dissolved in water
abricotier {m}  :: apricot tree
abricotine {f}  :: A Swiss eau-de-vie made from apricots
abérier {v}  :: To cover
abérier {v}  :: To shelter
abrier {v} [archaic, or, dialectal]  :: alternative form of abriter
abrier {v} [dialectal]  :: to cover with a bedcover; to tuck in
abri fiscal {m} [Canada]  :: tax shelter
abrine {f}  :: abrin
abri sous roche {m} [archaeology]  :: A rock shelter
abri-sous-roche {m}  :: rock shelter
abriter {vir} [s'abriter]  :: to shelter (intransitive)
abriter {v}  :: to shelter, to harbour
abriter {v}  :: to take cover; to shelter
abrivent {m} [agriculture]  :: windbreak
abrogatif {adj}  :: abrogative
abrogation {f}  :: abrogation
abrogatoire {adj}  :: alternative form of abrogatif
abrogeable {adj} [chiefly, legal]  :: repealable; rescindable
abroger {v}  :: to rescind, to repeal, to annul
abroutir {vt} [agriculture, obsolete]  :: To eat the young shoots of or off
abrupt {adj}  :: Curt and abrupt
abrupt {adj}  :: Done or said forwardly and without caution to avoid shocking
abrupt {adj}  :: Extremely steep, near vertical
abruptement {adv}  :: abruptly
abruti {adj} [chiefly, Europe, informal]  :: Moronic, idiotic
abruti {adj}  :: Whose physical or mental capacities have been impaired by tiredness or another factor; dazed
abruti {m} [chiefly, Europe, informal]  :: moron, idiot, fool
abrutie {f}  :: feminine noun of abruti
abrutir {vit}  :: To blunt or deaden the mind
abrutir {v} [literary]  :: To return to a brutish or bestial state
abrutir {vt}  :: To overwhelm, to devastate
abrutir {vt}  :: To render idiotic; to turn into idiots
abrutissant {adj} [formal]  :: exhausting
abrutissant {adj} [formal]  :: mind-numbing
abrutissement {m}  :: Process or action of rendering people stupid and idiotic
abruzzais {adj}  :: From or related to the Abruzzo region
Abruzzais {m}  :: A person from the Abruzzo
Abruzzaise {f}  :: feminine noun of Abruzzais
Abruzzes {prop} [plurale tantum]  :: Abruzzo
Abruzzes {prop} [plurale tantum]  :: A mountain chain in the Apennines
abréviatif {adj}  :: abbreviative
abréviatif {adj}  :: Making use of or relating to abbreviations
abréviation {f}  :: abbreviation (shortened or contracted form of a word or phrase)
abréviativement {adv}  :: abbreviatedly
abréviativement {adv}  :: abbreviatively
abrévier {v} [archaic]  :: To abbreviate
ABS {initialism} [automotive]  :: système de freinage antiblocage
Absalom {prop}  :: Absalom [biblical character]
Absalon {prop}  :: Absalom
absalonien {adj} [literary]  :: Having opulent hair
abscisse {f} [mathematics]  :: The x coordinate in Cartesian coordinates; abscissa
abscission {f} [botany]  :: abscission
absconder {v}  :: obsolete form of abscondre
abscondre {v} [obsolete]  :: To hide; to dissimulate
abscons {adj} [literary, pejorative]  :: So abstruse as to prevent comprehension entirely
absconser {v}  :: obsolete form of abscondre
absence {f}  :: absence (state of being absent or withdrawn)
absent {adj}  :: absent
absent {adj}  :: absent-minded
absent {m}  :: absentee; missing person
absenter {vr}  :: to leave; to absent oneself
absentéisme {m}  :: absenteeism
absentéisme {m}  :: abstention, nonparticipation (from a vote, etc.)
absentéisme {m}  :: lack, absence
absentéiste {adj}  :: absentee (attributive)
absent le chat, les souris dansent {phrase} [idiomatic]  :: when the cat's away the mice will play
absidal {adj}  :: apsidal
abside {f} [architecture]  :: apse
absinthe {f}  :: absinthe
absinthe {f}  :: wormwood (Artemisia absinthium)
absinthique {adj}  :: Containing wormwood
absinthisme {m}  :: absinthism
absolu {adj}  :: absolute
absolument {adv}  :: absolutely; totally; completely
absolution {f}  :: absolution (from sins or wrongs)
absolution {f} [legal]  :: acquittal, absolution
absolutiser {v}  :: absolutize
absolutisme {m}  :: absolutism
absolutiste {adj}  :: absolutist
absolutiste {mf}  :: absolutist
absolutoire {adj}  :: absolutory (relating to absolution)
absorbabilité {f}  :: absorbability
absorbable {adj}  :: absorbable
absorbance {f}  :: the fact of being absorbent
absorbant {adj}  :: absorbant
absorbant {m}  :: absorber, absorbant; something that absorbs
absorber {v}  :: to absorb
absorbeur {m}  :: absorber
absorbeuse {f}  :: feminine noun of absorbeur
absorption {f}  :: absorption
absorptivité {f}  :: absorptivity
absoudre {v}  :: to absolve
absoute {f}  :: absolution (song for the dead)
abstenir {vp}  :: (pronominal) to abstain
abstention {f}  :: abstention
abstentionnisme {m}  :: abstentionism
abstentionniste {m}  :: abstentionist
abstersif {adj}  :: abstergent
abstersif {m}  :: abstergent (a substance used in cleansing)
abstinence {f}  :: abstinence (act or practice of abstaining)
abstinence {f}  :: abstinence (specifically act or practice of abstaining from alcohol)
abstinence {f}  :: abstinence (specifically act or practice of abstaining from sexual relations)
abstinent {adj}  :: abstinent
abstinent {m}  :: abstinent
abstème {adj} [Quebec, legal, historical]  :: Refusing to communicate (that is, take communion) with wine in church
abstème {adj} [rare]  :: Abstaining from alcohol; abstemious; teetotal
abstracteur {m}  :: abstracter
abstracteuse {f}  :: feminine singular form of abstracteur
abstraction {f}  :: abstraction
abstractionnisme {m}  :: abstractionism
abstractionniste {adj}  :: abstractionist (related to abstract art)
abstractivement {adv}  :: abstractively
abstraire {v} [very, rare]  :: to abstract (to separate; to remove; to take away)
abstrait {adj}  :: abstract
abstraitement {adv}  :: abstractly
abstrus {adj} [literary, pejorative]  :: abstruse
absurde {adj}  :: absurd (contrary to reason or propriety)
absurdement {adv}  :: absurdly
absurdité {f}  :: absurdity
absurdité {f}  :: nonsense (meaningless words)
abâtardi {adj}  :: Having suffered change; defiled; bastardized
abâtardir {vp}  :: To degrade; to degenerate; to become bastardized
abâtardir {v}  :: to cause something's qualities or defining characteristics to degenerate; to defile or degrade; to bastardize
abâtardissement {m}  :: bastardization
abâteler {v}  :: To astound, astonish
abêtifier {vr}  :: to become dumb, stupid
abêtifier {v}  :: to make dumb, stupid
abêtir {vit}  :: To dumb down, render dumb, dim-witted; to deaden the mind of
abêtir {vr}  :: To become dim-witted and foolish
abêtissant {adj}  :: Slowly rendering dumb, foolish, dim-witted
abêtissement {m}  :: Process or result of slowly rendering dim-witted and foolish
abus {m}  :: abuse (improper usage)
abuser {v}  :: to abuse (use improperly)
abuseur {m}  :: abuser
abuseuse {f}  :: feminine noun of abuseur
abusif {adj}  :: abusive
abusivement {adv}  :: abusively
abus sexuel {m}  :: sexual abuse
abyme {m} [archaic]  :: alternative form of abime
abyssal {adj}  :: abyssal
abysse {m}  :: abyss
abysse {m}  :: deep sea
abyssin {adj}  :: Abyssinian
abyssin {m}  :: Abyssinian (cat)
Abyssinie {prop}  :: Abyssinia (former name of Ethiopia)
abyssinien {adj}  :: Abyssinian
abyssinien {m}  :: Abyssinian (cat)
abyssopélagique {adj}  :: abyssopelagic
-acé {suffix} [uncommon, sciences]  :: A suffix forming adjectives; -aceous
AC45 {f} [sports]  :: AC45 (America's Cup class)
AC72 {f} [sports]  :: AC72 (America's Cup class developed for the 2013 America's Cup)
AC90 {n}  :: AC90
acabit {m}  :: kind, type, sort
acacia {m}  :: acacia
Acadie {prop}  :: Rendering of the Ancient and mythical Acadia
Acadie {prop}  :: The name of a French Northern American colony, part of Nouvelle France (New France), comprising the present Canadian provinces of Nova Scotia (French Nouvelle Écosse) and New Brunswick (French Nouveau Brunswick, split off) and Cape Breton Island (French Île du Cap-Breton, split off but ultimately (re)integrated into Nova Scotia)
acadien {adj}  :: Acadian (of or pertaining to Acadia)
Acadien {m}  :: Acadian (a native of Acadia)
Acadienne {f}  :: feminine noun of Acadien
académicien {m}  :: academician (member of an academy)
académicienne {f}  :: feminine noun of académicien
académie {f}  :: academy (learned society)
académique {adj}  :: academic
académique {mf}  :: academic
académiquement {adv}  :: academically
académiser {v}  :: to academicize
académisme {f}  :: academicism
académiste {mf}  :: An academician
académiste {mf}  :: A scholar at an academy
acagnarder {v}  :: To become lazy
acajou {m}  :: cashew tree; also, its fruit
acajou {m}  :: mahogany tree; also, its timber
acanthe {f}  :: alternative form of feuille d'acanthe
acanthe {f}  :: Any of various species of plants in the genus Acanthus of the Acanthaceae; acanthus, bear's breeches
acanthite {f} [mineral]  :: acanthite
acanthocéphale {m}  :: acanthocephalan
acapulcoïte {f} [mineral]  :: acapulcoite
acarien {m}  :: mite (an arachnid)
acariâtre {adj}  :: cantankerous, ill-tempered, shrewish
acariâtreté {f}  :: shrewishness
acarophobie {f}  :: acarophobia
acatalectique {adj}  :: acatalectic
acathisie {f}  :: alternative form of akathisie
acatène {adj}  :: chainless
acaule {adj} [botany]  :: acaulous
acausal {adj}  :: acausal
acébutolol {m} [organic compound]  :: acebutolol
accablé {adj}  :: afflicted
accablé {adj}  :: stricken
accablant {adj}  :: overwhelming
accablement {m}  :: consternation, overwhelming despondency
accabler {v} [of testimony, etc.]  :: to condemn (someone)
accabler {v}  :: to devastate, overwhelm
accalmie {f}  :: lull
accalmie {f}  :: reprieve (period of calm)
accalmir {vr} [of the sea]  :: to lull
accaparement {m}  :: acquisition, occupation, grabbing
accaparement {m}  :: monopolization, cornering (of a market)
accaparer {v}  :: to engross, to preoccupy
accaparer {v}  :: to monopolize, to corner
accaparer {v}  :: to occupy, to grab, to aquire (often with force or money)
accapareur {m}  :: hoarder
accapareur {m}  :: monopolist
accapareuse {f}  :: hoarder (female)
accastillage {m}  :: hardware
accastillage {m} [nautical]  :: superstructure
accastiller {v} [nautical]  :: To fit out (originally to provide the fore- and aft- castles)
accédant {m}  :: accessor
accédante {f}  :: feminine singular form of accédant
accéder {v}  :: to access (information)
accéder {v}  :: to grant (permission)
accéder {v}  :: to obtain, to achieve, to reach (a goal)
accéder {v}  :: to reach (a place)
accelerando {adv}  :: accelerando
accent {m}  :: accent, manner or tone of speech
accent {m} [linguistics]  :: accent, stress
accent {m} [linguistics]  :: an accent symbol
accent {m} [music]  :: strain, section
accent aigu {m}  :: acute accent
accent circonflexe {m}  :: circumflex (diacritic)
accent grave {m}  :: grave accent
accentué {adj}  :: pronounced, marked, accented
accentuation {f}  :: stressing, accenting
accentuel {adj}  :: accentual
accentuer {v}  :: to accent (put an accent on a letter or symbol etc.)
accentuer {v}  :: to accentuate (emphasize)
acceptabilité {f}  :: acceptability
acceptable {adj}  :: acceptable
acceptant {adj}  :: acceptant
acceptation {f}  :: acceptance
acceptation {f}  :: approval
accepter {vt}  :: to accept
accepteur {m} [banking]  :: acceptor
acception {f}  :: meaning, sense (of a word), acceptation
accessibilité {f}  :: accessibility
accessible {adj} [of a person]  :: approachable
accessible {adj} [of a place, information, etc.]  :: accessible, attainable, obtainable, available
accessible {adj} [of a price]  :: affordable
accession {f}  :: accession (to throne)
accession {f} [legal]  :: accession
accessit {m} [school]  :: ≈ merit certificate
accessoire {adj}  :: accessory (having a supplementary function)
accessoire {m}  :: accessory
accessoire {m} [theater]  :: prop
accessoirement {adv}  :: accessorily
accessoirisé {adj}  :: accessorized (with)
accessoiriser {vt}  :: to accessorize (with)
accessoiriste {mf} [film cast]  :: a props assistant
accidenté {adj}  :: eventful (story)
accident {m}  :: accident
accidentalité {f}  :: accidentality
accidentalité {f}  :: accident frequency (especially the statistics of road accidents at specific locations)
accidentel {adj}  :: accidental (happening by chance)
accidentellement {adv}  :: accidentally (unexpectedly, unintentionally)
accidenter {vt}  :: to damage; to hurt (in an accident)
accidentologie {f}  :: accidentology
accidentologue {mf}  :: accidentologist
accise {f}  :: excise, excise tax
acclamation {f}  :: acclamation
acclamer {v}  :: to acclaim, applaud (to shout applause)
acclimatable {adj}  :: acclimatable
acclimatation {f}  :: acclimatization
acclimatement {m}  :: acclimatization
acclimater {v}  :: to acclimatize (get used to a new climate)
accélérateur {adj}  :: accelerative
accélérateur {m}  :: accelerator (accelerator pedal)
accélérateur {m} [physics]  :: accelerator
accélération {f} [countable and uncountable]  :: acceleration
accélérer {v} [ergative]  :: to accelerate
accélérographe {m}  :: accelerograph
accélérographe {m}  :: accelerometer
accéléromètre {m} [physics]  :: accelerometer
accointance {f}  :: companionship
accointance {f} [usually in plural]  :: amourous relations
accointer {v}  :: To get to know
accolé {adj}  :: bracketed
accolade {f}  :: curly bracket (brace)
accolade {f}  :: embrace
accolade {f} [historical]  :: accolade (knights)
accolement {m}  :: apposition
accoler {v}  :: to place side by side
accoler {v} [typography]  :: to bracket together
accommodant {adj}  :: accommodating; conciliatory
accommodat {m} [biology]  :: acquired characteristics
accommodateur {adj}  :: accommodatory
accommodation {f}  :: accommodation
accommodement {m}  :: settlement, arrangement
accommoder {v}  :: to accommodate
accompagnateur {m}  :: accompanier; co-(something)
accompagnateur {m} [music]  :: accompanist
accompagnatrice {f}  :: a female accompanist
accompagnement {m}  :: accompaniment
accompagnement {m}  :: side dish
accompagner {vt}  :: to accompany, to escort
accompli {adj}  :: achieved, accomplished
accomplir {v}  :: to accomplish
accomplissement {m}  :: accomplishment, achievement, fulfillment
accon {m}  :: alternative form of acon
acconage {m}  :: alternative form of aconage
acconier {m}  :: alternative form of aconier
acconière {f}  :: feminine singular form of acconier
accordé {adj} [grammar]  :: agreeing, which agrees with its subject
accord {m}  :: agreement
accord {m}  :: chord
accordable {adj}  :: accordable
accordailles {fp} [archaic]  :: betrothal (mutual promise)
accordement {m}  :: agreement
accordement {m}  :: granting
accordement {m}  :: tuning
accorder {v} [music]  :: to tune, to tune up
accorder {vr} [grammar]  :: to make agree
accorder {v} [sports]  :: to award (a free kick, a penalty, a foul, etc.)
accorder {v}  :: to link to, to be related to
accorder {vt}  :: to grant (something to someone)
accordeur {m} [music]  :: tuner (device that shows the deviation of the played pitch from the desired pitch)
accordoir {m}  :: tuning wrench
accordéon {m} [musical instruments]  :: accordion
accordéoniste {mf}  :: accordionist
accore {adj}  :: sheer (very steep)
accore {m}  :: shore, prop, strut
accorer {v}  :: To shore up
accort {adj}  :: cheerful, accommodating; comely
accortement {adv}  :: accordingly, accordantly
accostable {adj}  :: approachable (of a person)
accostable {adj} [nautical]  :: dockable (at which you can land a boat)
accostage {m}  :: docking, coming alongside
accoster {v} [nautical]  :: to come ashore
accoster {vt} [by extension]  :: to interrupt someone
accoster {vt}  :: to lay something next to another object
accotement {m}  :: hard shoulder, shoulder
accotement non stabilisé {m}  :: soft shoulder
accotement stabilisé {m}  :: hard shoulder
accoter {v} [Québec, informal]  :: to equal
accoter {vr}  :: to lean
accoter {vt}  :: to support, to rest (on)
accotoir {m}  :: armrest
accouchement {m}  :: delivery (act of giving birth)
accoucher {vi}  :: to give birth (de to)
accoucher {vt}  :: to deliver (a baby)
accoucheur {m}  :: midwife (male)
accoucheur {m}  :: obstetrician
accoucheuse {f}  :: midwife
accoudement {m}  :: A neck and neck situation
accoudement {m}  :: The action of leaning on ones elbows
accouder {vr}  :: to rest, lean (on one's elbows)
accoudoir {m}  :: armrest
accouer {v}  :: To harness horses one behind another
accouplement {m}  :: coupling, mating
accouplement {m} [lb, en, mechanics]  :: coupling
accoupler {vi}  :: to pair up, go together, get into a couple (of two things, to become one)
accoupler {vt}  :: to unite, put together, join (of two things, to cause to become one)
accourcir {v}  :: to shorten
accourcissement {m}  :: shortening
accourir {vi}  :: to rush up, run up, hurry (à, vers to)
accoutré {adj}  :: attired, dressed (in a particular manner)
accoutrement {m} [colloquial, pejorative]  :: getup
accoutrement {m} [obsolete]  :: (elaborate) outfit
accoutrer {v}  :: to accouter
accoutumé {adj}  :: accustomed
accoutumance {f}  :: habit, custom
accoutumance {f} [medical]  :: addiction, dependence
accoutumer {vr}  :: to get used to (à)
accoutumer {vt}  :: to accustom, get (someone) used (à to, à faire to doing)
accouvage {m}  :: incubation (of eggs) and subsequent hatching of chicks (in a hatchery)
accréditation {f}  :: accreditation
accréditer {v}  :: accredit
accréditeur {adj}  :: accrediting
accréditif {m}  :: letter of credit
accrescent {adj} [botany]  :: accrescent
accro {adj} [slang]  :: hooked: addicted, unable to resist
accro {mf} [slang]  :: addict
accrobranche {f}  :: A type of adventure park involving ropes or cables suspended through trees
accroc {m}  :: breach, infringement
accroc {m}  :: glitch
accroc {m}  :: tear, rip
accrochage {m}  :: clash
accrochage {m}  :: collision, bump
accroche {f} [journalism]  :: lead-in (attention-grabbing beginning to an article, advertisement etc.)
accroche-coeur {m}  :: kiss curl
accrocher {vr}  :: to cling onto, to hold on to
accrocher {vr}  :: to collide, to bump into one another
accrocher {vr}  :: To get hooked, to get addicted
accrocher {vt}  :: To get, to get hold of, to obtain something
accrocher {vt}  :: To hang up, to hang up the phone, to end a telephone conversation
accrocher {vt}  :: To hook, to hook up (to attach with a hook)
accrocher {vt}  :: To pick up, to become attached to
accrocher {vt}  :: To pick up, to come to learn (e.g. a skill)
accrocheur {adj}  :: attention-grabbing
accrocheur {adj}  :: catchy
accroire {vt}  :: to make (someone) believe (something)
accroire {vt}  :: to make (someone) believe that
accroissant {adj}  :: increasing, expanding, widening
accroissement {m}  :: growth
accroitre {v}  :: alternative form of accroître
accroître {vr}  :: To increase
accroître {vt}  :: To increase
accroupir {vr} [rare, literary]  :: to debase oneself (morally)
accroupir {vr}  :: to crouch, squat
accroupir {vt} [rare]  :: to make someone or something crouch or squat
accroupissement {m}  :: squat, squatting (body position)
accrétion {f}  :: accretion
accrue {f}  :: dry land created by draining
accès {m}  :: access
accès {m} [medicine]  :: attack, sudden fit
accu {m}  :: accumulator, battery
accueil {m}  :: acceptance
accueil {m} [computing]  :: home page (of a website)
accueil {m}  :: reception, hospitality
accueillant {adj}  :: welcoming, accommodating
accueillir {v}  :: to welcome, to accommodate
acculé {adj}  :: cornered
acculé {adj}  :: forced (à faire to do)
acculer {v}  :: to corner someone, to prevent retreat or escape
acculturation {f}  :: acculturation
acculturer {vr} [usually, or, passive]  :: acculture
accumulé {adj}  :: accumulated
accumulateur {m}  :: accumulator, battery
accumulation {f}  :: accumulation (action of accumulating)
accumulation {f}  :: accumulation (result of accumulating)
accumulatrice {f}  :: accumulator (thing that accumulates something)
accumuler {v}  :: to accumulate
accusateur {adj}  :: accusing, accusatory
accusateur {m}  :: accuser, prosecutor
accusatif {m} [grammar]  :: the accusative case
accusation {f}  :: accusation
accusatoire {adj} [legal]  :: accusatory
accuser {vi} [formal]  :: to show; to reveal
accuser {vt}  :: to accuse
accuser {vt}  :: to find fault with
acédie {f}  :: acedia
-acée {suffix} [botany]  :: Suffix replacing -acées when designating a single member of a plant family
ace {m} [tennis]  :: ace
acerbe {adj}  :: acerb (bitter to the taste)
acerbe {adj}  :: harsh
acerbité {f}  :: acerbity
-acées {suffix} [taxonomy]  :: -aceae
acescence {n}  :: acescence
acescent {adj}  :: souring
Aïcha {prop}  :: female given name, widely used in Islamic North Africa
Achab {prop}  :: Ahab [biblical character]
Achaïe {prop}  :: Achaea
achaine {m}  :: alternative form of akène
achalandé {adj}  :: busy (of a shop etc)
achalandage {m}  :: clientele, patronage, business
achalander {vt}  :: to supply with clientele
achalasie {f} [pathology]  :: achalasia
achaler {v} [Quebec]  :: To annoy, harass, badger
achard {m} [cooking]  :: achar, (Indian) pickle
acharisme {m} [Islam]  :: Ash'arism
acharné {adj}  :: fierce; relentless
acharnement {m}  :: fury
acharnement {m}  :: ruthlessness
acharnement {m}  :: stubbornness
acharnement thérapeutique {m} [idiomatic, medicine]  :: Insistence on maintaining patients alive, often in disregard of their, or their families' wishes
acharner {v}  :: attach oneself excessively
acharner {vr} [with après, contre or sur]  :: hound, fiercely attack
acharner {vr} [with après, contre or sur]  :: slave away, persevere
achat {m}  :: buy, purchase
ache {f}  :: celery (plant)
acheminement {m}  :: delivery, transporting
acheminer {vr}  :: To head (towards); head for; make one's way (to)
acheminer {vt}  :: To transport; send (off)
achéen {adj}  :: Achaean
achetable {adj}  :: buyable
acheter {v}  :: to purchase; buy
acheter chat en poche {v} [idiomatic]  :: to purchase without seeing the object in question; to buy on trust; to be sold a pig in a poke
acheteur {m}  :: buyer, purchaser (person who makes purchases)
acheteuse {f}  :: feminine noun of acheteur
acheuléen {adj} [archaeology]  :: Acheulean
achevé d'imprimer {m}  :: a colophon, printer notice at the end or beginning of a publication, not actually part of the author's manuscript but concerning the physical edition
achever {vr} [s'achever]  :: to finish
achever {vt}  :: to finish off (someone who is already incapacitated)
achever {vt}  :: to finish, to complete
achigan {m}  :: bass (fish)
achillée {f}  :: yarrow (any of several pungent Eurasian herbs, of the genus Achillea)
Achille {prop} [Greek mythology]  :: Achilles
Achille {prop}  :: male given name of Ancient Greek origin
achéménide {adj}  :: Achaemenid
acholi {adj}  :: Acholi (attributive)
acholi {m}  :: Acholi (people, language)
achondroplasie {f}  :: achondroplasia (the genetic disorder)
achondroplasique {adj}  :: achondroplastic
achoppement {m}  :: stumble; trip
achopper {vi} [figurative]  :: to hit a snag, find oneself up against something, to make a mistake, fail
achopper {vi}  :: to stumble (on a stone)
achopper {vr}  :: to hit a snag, to make a mistake
achour {m}  :: An Algerian government tax (in French colonial times)
achour {m} [Islam]  :: A koranic tax paid to a sultan (especially in Morocco)
Achoura {prop} [Islam]  :: Ashura
achromat {m}  :: achromat
achromaticité {f}  :: achromaticity
achromatique {adj}  :: achromatic
achromatiser {v}  :: To achromatize
achromatisme {m}  :: achromatism (achromatopia)
achromatopsie {f}  :: achromatopsia
achrome {adj}  :: colourless
achromie {f} [pathology]  :: vitiligo
achromique {adj}  :: achromic
Achéron {prop}  :: Acheron
achèvement {m}  :: completion, conclusion, finish
achylie {f} [pathology]  :: achylia
aciculaire {adj}  :: acicular
aciculaire {adj}  :: aciculiform
acide {adj}  :: acid, acidic, sour, tart
acide {adj} [chemistry]  :: acid, acidic
acide {m} [chemistry]  :: acid
acide {m} [slang]  :: LSD (acid)
acide abiétique {m}  :: abietic acid
acide acétique {m} [organic compound]  :: acetic acid
acide acétylsalicylique {m}  :: acetylsalicylic acid (acetate ester of salicylic acid; aspirin)
acide aminé {m}  :: amino acid
acide azotique {m} [obsolete, inorganic compound]  :: acide nitrique
acide benzoïque {n}  :: benzoic acid
acide bromhydrique {m} [inorganic compound]  :: hydrobromic acid
acide caprique {m}  :: capric acid
acide carboxylique {m} [organic chemistry]  :: carboxylic acid
acide chlorhydrique {m} [inorganic compound]  :: hydrochloric acid
acide citrique {m}  :: citric acid
acide crotonique {m} [label, en, organic chemistry]  :: crotonic acid
acide désoxyribonucléique {m} [genetics, biochemistry]  :: deoxyribonucleic acid, DNA
acide fluorhydrique {m} [inorganic compound]  :: hydrofluoric acid
acide folique {m}  :: folic acid
acide iodhydrique {m} [inorganic compound]  :: hydroiodic acid
acide malique {m} [organic compound]  :: malic acid
acide muriatique {m} [obsolete, inorganic compound]  :: muriatic acid
acide nitrique {m} [inorganic compound]  :: nitric acid
acide nucléique {m} [biochemistry]  :: nucleic acid
acide parabanique {m}  :: parabanic acid
acide paralactique {m} [organic compound]  :: paralactic acid
acide ribonucléique {m}  :: ribonucleic acid (derivative of DNA, used in the transcription of genetic material)
acide ricinoléique {m} [organic chemistry]  :: ricinoleic acid
acide sulfurique {m} [inorganic compound]  :: sulphuric acid (H2SO4)
acide urique {m} [biochemistry]  :: uric acid, urate
acidifié {adj}  :: acidified
acidifiable {adj}  :: acidifiable
acidification {f}  :: acidification
acidifier {v}  :: to acidify [make something acid]
acidimètre {m}  :: acidimeter
acidimétrie {f}  :: acidimetry
acidique {adj}  :: acidic
acidité {f}  :: acidity (the quality or state of being acid)
acidobasique {adj}  :: alternative form of acido-basique
acido-basique {adj} [chemistry]  :: acid-base (attributive)
acidocétose {f} [pathology]  :: ketoacidosis
acidogène {adj}  :: acidogenic
acidophile {adj}  :: acidophilic
acidophile {m}  :: acidophile
acidose {f} [pathology]  :: acidosis
acidulé {adj}  :: slightly acid; tart
acidulation {f}  :: acidulation
aciduler {v}  :: to acidulate; make slightly (more) acidic
acier {m}  :: steel
acier inoxydable {m}  :: stainless steel
acinésie {f}  :: akinesia
acinétique {adj}  :: akinetic
aciérage {m}  :: acieration, steelmaking
aciération {f}  :: synonym of aciérage
aciérer {v}  :: to acierate
aciérie {f}  :: steelworks
aciériste {mf}  :: steelmaker
ACL {m}  :: afficheur à cristaux liquidesLCD
aclinal {adj}  :: aclinal
aclinique {adj}  :: aclinical
acmé {f}  :: acme
acmé {f}  :: climax
acméisme {m}  :: Acmeism
acméiste {adj}  :: Acmeist
acméiste {mf}  :: Acmeist
acmite {f} [mineral]  :: synonym of aegirine
acné {f} [pathology]  :: acne
acénaphtène {m} [organic compound]  :: acenaphthene
acénaphtènequinone {m} [organic compound]  :: acenaphthoquinone
acénaphtylène {m} [organic compound]  :: acenaphthylene
acène {m} [organic chemistry]  :: acene
acône {adj} [of an animal's eye]  :: Having no cones
acnéique {adj}  :: acne (attributive)
acénocoumarol {m} [organic compound]  :: acenocoumarol
acnodal {adj} [maths]  :: acnodal
acolytat {m}  :: acolytate
acolyte {m}  :: henchman, sidekick
acolyte {m} [religion]  :: acolyte
acompte {m}  :: downpayment
acon {m} [nautical]  :: lighter (A flat-bottomed barge used for loading / unloading ships)
aconage {m} [nautical]  :: lighterage
aconier {m}  :: freight company
aconier {m}  :: stevedore (who works on an acon)
aconière {f}  :: feminine singular form of aconier
aconit {m}  :: aconite, monkshood
aconitine {f}  :: aconitine
acoquinement {m}  :: familiarity
acoquiner {vr}  :: to become familiar (à with)
acore {m}  :: sweet flag (or similar plant of the genus Acorus)
acore odorant {m}  :: sweet flag, Acorus calamus
acotylédone {adj}  :: acotyledonous
acotylédone {f}  :: acotyledon
acoumètre {m}  :: acoumeter
acoumétrie {f}  :: acoumetry
acouphène {m}  :: tinnitus (perception of nonexistent noise)
acousmatique {adj}  :: acousmatic
acousticien {m}  :: acoustician
acousticienne {f}  :: acoustician (female)
acoustique {adj}  :: acoustic (pertaining to hearing or the science of sounds)
acoustique {f}  :: acoustics
acoustiquement {adv}  :: acoustically
acéphale {adj} [of an organisation]  :: headless, leaderless
acéphale {adj} [zoology]  :: acephalous, headless
acéphale {mf}  :: acephal, acephalan
acquiescement {m}  :: agreement, acquiescence
acquiescer {v}  :: to acquiesce
acquinite {m} [organic compound]  :: acrolein
acquis {m}  :: asset
acquisitif {adj}  :: acquisitional (of or related to acquisition)
acquisition {f}  :: acquisition (the thing obtained)
acquisition {f}  :: purchase (the act or process of seeking and obtaining something)
acquisitivement {adv}  :: acquisitively
acquitté {adj}  :: paid, honored
acquittable {adj}  :: acknowledgeable
acquittement {m}  :: absolution
acquittement {m}  :: acknowledgement of something, such as a message, upon its receipt
acquittement {m}  :: acquittal of debt, discharge, settlement
acquittement {m}  :: cancellation
acquitter {v} [legal]  :: to clear, to acquit
acquitter {vr} [s'acquitter, ~ de]  :: to discharge, to complete (one's duty)
acquitter {vr} [s'acquitter]  :: to pay
acquitter {v}  :: to acknowledge (a signal), to notify the receipt of
acquitter {v}  :: to pay
acquéreur {m}  :: buyer, purchaser (of real estate)
acquérir {vr} [s'acquérir]  :: to gain, to win (approval, etc.)
acquérir {vt}  :: to acquire, to obtain
acquérir {vt}  :: to purchase
acquêt {m}  :: acquisition
acquêt {m}  :: profit; financial gain
acéré {adj} [of iron]  :: hardened with steel
acéré {adj}  :: sharp, keen
acraldéhyde {m} [organic compound]  :: acrolein
acre {f} [historical]  :: acre
acérer {v}  :: To sharpen (a point)
acribique {adj}  :: fastidious
acribique {adj}  :: immaculate
acribiquement {adv}  :: fastidiously
acribiquement {adv}  :: immaculately
acéricole {adj}  :: maple production (attributive)
acériculture {f}  :: maple production
acridien {adj}  :: acridian
acridien {m}  :: acridian
acrimonie {f}  :: acrimony
acrimonieusement {adv}  :: acrimoniously
acrimonieux {adj}  :: acrimonious
acritarche {m}  :: acritarch
acritique {adj}  :: acritical, uncritical
acrobate {mf}  :: acrobat
acrobatie {f}  :: acrobatics
acrobatie {f}  :: stunt, trick (dangerous feat)
acrobatique {adj}  :: acrobatic
acrobatiquement {adv}  :: acrobatically
acrocéphale {adj}  :: synonym of acrocéphalique
acrocéphalie {f}  :: acrocephaly
acrocéphalique {adj}  :: acrocephalic
acrocyanose {f} [pathology]  :: acrocyanosis
acrodynie {f} [pathology]  :: acrodynia
acérola {m}  :: acerola (fruit)
acroléine {f} [organic compound]  :: acrolein
acrolithe {mf}  :: acrolith
acrologique {adj}  :: acrologic
acrologiquement {adv}  :: acrologically
acroléïque {adj}  :: acroleic
acromégale {adj}  :: acromegalic
acromégale {mf}  :: acromegalic
acromégalie {f} [pathology]  :: acromegaly
acromégalique {adj}  :: acromegalic
acromial {adj}  :: acromial
acromion {m} [anatomy]  :: acromion
acron {m}  :: acron
acronyme {m}  :: acronym (pronounced as a normal word)
acrophobie {f}  :: acrophobia
acrophonie {f}  :: acrophony
acropole {f}  :: acropolis
acrostiche {mf}  :: acrostic
acrotère {m} [architecture]  :: acroter, acroterium, acroterion
acrylaldéhyde {m} [organic compound]  :: acrylaldehyde
acrylique {adj}  :: acrylic
acrylique {m}  :: acrylic
acétal {m} [organic chemistry]  :: acetal
acétaldéhyde {m} [organic compound]  :: acetaldehyde
acétalisation {f} [organic chemistry]  :: acetalization
acétaliser {v} [organic chemistry]  :: To acetalize
acétamide {m} [organic compound]  :: acetamide
actant {m}  :: actant
acétate {m}  :: acetate (salt or ester of acetic acid)
acétate {m}  :: acetate (transparent sheet)
actée {m}  :: baneberry (of genus Actaea)
acte {m}  :: act
acte de naissance {f}  :: birth certificate (official document certifying the details of a person's birth)
acte manqué {m}  :: a mistake which was unconsciously deliberate; accidentally on purpose; a Freudian slip
acter {v}  :: To enact
acteur {m}  :: actor
actif {adj}  :: active
actif {adj} [grammar]  :: active
actif {m} [grammar]  :: active
acétification {f}  :: acetification
acétifier {v}  :: To acetify
acétimètre {m}  :: acetimeter
actine {f} [protein]  :: actin
actiniaire {m}  :: actinian (sea anemone of the order Actiniaria)
actinide {m}  :: actinide
actinie {f}  :: sea anemone
actinique {adj} [chemistry, physics]  :: actinic
actinisme {m}  :: actinism
actinite {f} [pathology]  :: sunburn
actinium {m}  :: actinium
actinologie {f}  :: actinology
actinomorphe {adj}  :: actinomorphic (of a flower: with petals radially symmetric)
actinomètre {m}  :: actinometer
actinométrie {f}  :: actinometry
actinométrique {adj}  :: actinometric
actinomycine {f}  :: actinomycin
actinomycose {mf} [pathology]  :: actinomycosis
actinomycète {f}  :: actinomycete
actinopode {m}  :: actinopod
actinoscopie {f}  :: actinoscopy
actinote {f} [mineral]  :: actinolite
actinothérapie {f}  :: actinotherapy
action {f}  :: action, act
action {f}  :: campaign
action {f}  :: stock, share
action {f} [Switzerland]  :: a special offer
Action démocratique {prop} [Canada, politics]  :: Action démocratique du Québec
Action démocratique du Québec {prop} [Canada, politics]  :: a conservative autonomist political party in Québec
actionnable {adj}  :: actionable
actionnaire {mf}  :: shareholder
actionnalisme {m}  :: actionalism
actionnaliste {adj}  :: actionalist
actionnarial {adj}  :: stockholder, shareholder (attributive)
actionnariat {m} [in the plural]  :: shareholders
actionnariat {m}  :: shareholding
actionnement {m}  :: actuation
actionner {v}  :: to work (to set into action), actuate, action
actionneur {m}  :: actuator
acétique {adj}  :: acetic
activable {adj}  :: activable
activateur {m}  :: activator
activation {f}  :: activation
activement {adv}  :: actively
activer {vt}  :: to activate
activer {vt}  :: to speed up
activer {vt}  :: to stoke (e.g. a fire)
activeur {m} [chemistry]  :: activator
activisme {m}  :: activism
activiste {mf}  :: activist
activité {f}  :: activity
acétoacétate {m} [organic chemistry]  :: acetoacetate
acétoacétique {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: acetoacetic
acétoacétyl {m} [organic chemistry]  :: acetoacetyl
acétoarsénite {m}  :: acetoarsenite
acétobacter {m}  :: acetobacter
acétolactate {m} [organic chemistry]  :: acetolactate
acétolactique {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: acetolactic
acétoïne {f} [organic compound]  :: acetoin
acétone {f} [organic compound]  :: acetone
acétonitrile {m} [organic compound]  :: acetonitrile
acétonémie {f} [pathology]  :: acetonemia
acétonurie {f} [pathology]  :: acetonuria
actrice {f}  :: actress
actu {f} [informal]  :: news
actuaire {mf} [finance]  :: actuary
actualisation {f}  :: update
actualisation {f}  :: updating (action or process of updating)
actualiser {v} [philosophy]  :: to actualize
actualiser {v}  :: to update, upgrade, (make concrete)
actualisme {m} [geology]  :: actualism
actualité {f}  :: documentary
actualité {f} [especially in plural]  :: news, current affairs
actualité {f}  :: topic; topicality
actuariat {f}  :: Actuaries in general
actuariat {f}  :: The function of an actuary
actuariel {adj}  :: actuarial
actuateur {m}  :: actuator
actuel {adj}  :: current
actuellement {adv}  :: currently
actuellement {adv} [rare]  :: in actuality
acétylé {adj}  :: acetylated
acétyl {m} [organic chemistry]  :: acetyl
acétylation {f} [organic chemistry]  :: acetylation
acétylcholine {f} [organic compound]  :: acetylcholine
acétyler {vt} [organic chemistry]  :: To acetylate
acétylglucosamine {f} [organic compound]  :: acetylglucosamine
acétylméthylcarbinol {m} [organic compound]  :: acetylmethylcarbinol
acétylène {m} [organic chemistry]  :: acetylene
acétylénique {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: acetylenic
acétylsalicylique {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: acetylsalicylic
acétylure {m} [organic chemistry]  :: acetylide
acuité {adj}  :: accuracy, precision
acuité {f}  :: acuteness, acuity
acuité {f}  :: sharpness, intensity
aculéate {m}  :: aculeate
aculéiforme {adj}  :: aculeiform
acuminé {adj}  :: acuminate
acuponcteur {mf}  :: acupuncturist
acuponctrice {f}  :: acupuncturist (female)
acuponcture {f}  :: alternative form of acupuncture
acupuncteur {m}  :: alternative form of acuponcteur
acupunctrice {f}  :: alternative form of acuponctrice
acupuncture {f}  :: acupuncture
acutangle {adj} [geometry]  :: acute, acute-angled (triangle)
acyclique {adj}  :: acyclic (not cyclic)
acyle {m} [organic chemistry]  :: acyl
acyler {v} [organic chemistry]  :: To acylate
acylglycérol {m} [organic chemistry]  :: acylglycerol
acyloïne {m} [organic chemistry]  :: acyloin
aïd {m}  :: alternative form of Aïd
Aïd {m} [Islam]  :: Eid
aâda {f} [Algeria]  :: custom, tradition
ada {m}  :: tyrant (bird)
adage {m}  :: adage
adagio {adv} [music]  :: adagio
adagio {m} [music]  :: adagio
Adam {prop}  :: Adam (biblical figure)
Adam {prop}  :: male given name
adamantin {adj}  :: adamantine
adamien {adj}  :: Adamite
adamien {m}  :: Adamite
adamique {adj}  :: Adamic
adamisme {m}  :: Adamism
adamite {adj}  :: adamite, Adamite
adamite {f} [mineral]  :: adamite
adamite {mf}  :: Adamite
Adanet {prop}  :: French surname derived from a medieval diminutive of Adam
adaptabilité {f}  :: adaptability
adaptable {adj}  :: adaptable
adaptateur {adj}  :: adapting
adaptateur {m}  :: adapter (all senses); adaptor
adaptatif {adj}  :: adaptative
adaptation {f}  :: adaptation
adaptationnel {adj}  :: adaptional (relating to adaptation)
adaptatrice {f}  :: adapter (female)
adapter {vr} [s'adapter]  :: to adapt oneself or itself
adapter {vt}  :: to adapt
adaptif {adj}  :: adaptive
addict {m}  :: addict
addicte {f}  :: addict (female)
addictif {adj}  :: addictive (causing or tending to cause addiction; habit-forming)
addiction {f}  :: addiction
addictologie {f}  :: addictology
addictologique {adj}  :: addictological
addictologue {mf}  :: addictologist
Addis-Abeba {prop}  :: Addis Ababa (capital of Ethiopia)
additif {adj}  :: additive
additif {m}  :: addendum
additif {m}  :: additive (substance altering another substance)
addition {f}  :: addition (act of adding; thing added; in arithmetic)
addition {f}  :: bill [UK], check [US] [in a restaurant, etc]
additionnel {adj}  :: additional (supplemental or added to)
additionner {v}  :: to sum; to add (add together)
adducteur {m} [anatomy]  :: adductor
adduction {f}  :: adduction (all senses)
adduit {m} [chemistry]  :: adduct
aède {m}  :: bard, aoidos
Adeline {prop}  :: female given name
Adenot {prop}  :: French surname based on a medieval diminutive of Adam
adens {adv} [obsolete]  :: prone (literally, with the teeth on the ground)
adent {m}  :: joggle
adepte {adj}  :: adept, capable, adroit
adepte {mf}  :: expert, person who is adept
adermine {f}  :: synonym of pyridoxine (vitamin B6)
adessif {m} [grammar]  :: the adessive case
adextré {adj} [heraldry]  :: dexter
adhérence {f}  :: adherence
adhérent {adj}  :: adherent (adhering to something)
adhérent {m}  :: adherent (a person who has membership in some group)
adhérente {f}  :: feminine noun of adhérent
adhærer {v}  :: obsolete form of adhérer
adhérer {v} [of a person]  :: to belong to; to be part of; to be a member of
adhérer {v}  :: to adhere; to stick to (rules, regulations)
adhésif {adj}  :: adhesive
adhésif {m}  :: adhesive
adhésine {f} [biochemistry]  :: adhesin
adhæsion {f}  :: obsolete form of adhésion
adhésion {f}  :: adhesion, adherence
adhésivement {adv}  :: adhesively
adhésivité {f}  :: adhesivity
adiabatique {adj} [physics]  :: adiabatic
adiabatiquement {adv}  :: adiabatically
adiaphane {adj}  :: opaque, non-transparent, non-diaphanous
adiaphorèse {f}  :: adiaphoresis
adieu {interj} [dated]  :: goodbye
adieu {interj}  :: farewell, adieu
adieu {interj} [Southern France]  :: hello
adieu {m}  :: farewell
adipeux {adj} [anatomy]  :: adipose
adipique {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: adipic
adipolyse {f}  :: adipolysis
adiponitrile {m} [organic compound]  :: adiponitrile
adipopexie {f} [physiology]  :: adipopexis
adipose {f}  :: adiposis
adiposité {f}  :: adiposity
adipsie {f}  :: adipsia
adirer {v}  :: To lose, misplace
adja {f} [slang]  :: A word used only in certain set phrases (see below)
adjacent {adj}  :: adjacent
adjectif {adj}  :: adjective
adjectif {m}  :: adjective
adjectif possessif {m}  :: A possessive adjective, adjective serving as possessive determiner
adjectival {adj}  :: adjectival
adjectivalement {adv}  :: adjectivally
adjectivateur {adj}  :: adjectivizing
adjectivation {f}  :: adjectivization
adjectivement {adv}  :: adjectivally
adjectiver {v}  :: To adjectivize
adjoindre {vr}  :: to join up
adjoindre {v}  :: to adjoin
adjoint {m}  :: deputy, assistant
adjoint {m} [linguistics]  :: adjunct
adjointe {f}  :: deputy, assistant
adjonction {f}  :: addition, attachment
adjudant {m} [military]  :: adjutant; warrant officer
adjudant-chef {m}  :: sergeant major
adjudante {f} [military]  :: female adjutant; female warrant officer
adjudicataire {mf}  :: a winning bidder or tenderer
adjudicateur {m}  :: adjudicator
adjudicateur {m}  :: awarder (of a contract)
adjudicateur {m}  :: seller (at an auction)
adjudicatif {adj}  :: adjudicating
adjudicatif {adj}  :: adjudicative
adjudication {f}  :: adjudication
adjudicatrice {f}  :: adjudicator etc (female)
adjuger {vp} [s'adjuger]  :: to take (all for oneself), to grant (oneself) the prerogative to
adjuger {v}  :: to adjudicate
adjuger {v}  :: to auction
adjuration {f}  :: adjuration
adjurer {v}  :: to implore
adjutant {m} [military]  :: warrant officer class 1, warrant officer
adjuvant {adj}  :: adjuvant
adjuvant {m}  :: adjuvant
adjuvat {m}  :: adjutant (assistant)
Adélaïde {prop}  :: Adelaide ( the city)
Adélaïde {prop}  :: female given name, cognate to Adelaide
adèle {f}  :: fairy longhorn moth (of the genus Adela)
Adèle {prop}  :: female given name, cognate to Adela
Adlerism {n}  :: The psychology and psychotherapy theories of Alfred Adler
Adélie {prop}  :: Adélie Land (Antarctic)
Adélie {prop}  :: female given name
adlérisme {m}  :: The psychology and psychotherapy theories of Alfred Adler
admettre {v}  :: to admit (into), to accept (into) (a hospital or a university)
admettre {v}  :: to admit, to accept, to recognize
adminicule {m}  :: aid, auxiliary, assistant
administré {m}  :: citizen, from the point of view of their ruler or ruling administration
administrable {adj}  :: administrable
administrateur {m}  :: administrator
administratif {adj}  :: administrative
administration {f}  :: management (administration; the process or practice of managing)
administrativement {adv}  :: administratively
administratrice {f}  :: feminine noun of administrateur
administrer {v}  :: to administer
admirable {adj}  :: admirable
admirablement {adv}  :: admirably
admirateur {m}  :: admirer
admiratif {adj}  :: admiring (tending to admire)
admiration {f}  :: admiration
admirativement {adv}  :: admiringly
admiratrice {f}  :: feminine noun of admirateur
admirer {v}  :: to admire
admissibilité {f}  :: admissibility
admissible {adj}  :: admissible
admission {f}  :: admission (act of admitting; state of being admitted)
admittance {f} [physics]  :: admittance
admittatur {m}  :: admittatur
admixtion {f}  :: admixture
admonestation {f}  :: admonition
admonester {v}  :: to admonish; to reprimand
admonition {f}  :: an admonition, a warning
adné {adj}  :: adnate (linked or fused)
ADN {initialism} [biology, genetics]  :: acide désoxyribonucléique - DNA
adénine {f}  :: adenine
adénite {f} [pathology]  :: adenitis
adénocarcinome {m} [pathology]  :: adenocarcinoma
adénoïde {adj}  :: adenoid
adénoïde {adj}  :: glandular
adénoïdectomie {f} [surgery]  :: adenoidectomy
adénogramme {m}  :: adenogram
adénographie {f}  :: adenography
adénographique {adj}  :: adenographic
adénomatose {f} [pathology]  :: adenomatosis
adénome {m} [medicine]  :: adenoma
adnominal {adj} [grammar]  :: adnominal
adénopathie {f} [pathology]  :: adenopathy
adénosine {f} [organic compound]  :: adenosine
adénosyl {m} [biochemistry]  :: adenosyl
ado {mf} [colloquial]  :: teen, teenager
adobe {m}  :: adobe
adolescence {f}  :: adolescence
adolescent {adj}  :: adolescent
adolescent {m}  :: adolescent
Adolphe {prop}  :: male given name, cognate to Adolph
adonc {adv} [literary]  :: so; thus
adonide {m}  :: pheasant's eye (plant)
adoniser {v}  :: To adonise
adonner {v}  :: to devote oneself
adopté {m}  :: A male adoptee
adoptable {adj}  :: adoptable
adoptant {adj}  :: adopting
adoptée {f}  :: A girl or woman who was adopted. A female adoptee
adopter {v}  :: to adopt (claim a mannerism or style of someone else's)
adopter {v}  :: to adopt (claim legal ownership of a child)
adopter {v}  :: to adopt (claim ownership of a child)
adopter {v}  :: to vote (in politics)
adoptianisme {m}  :: adoptionism
adoptianiste {}  :: adoptionist
adoptif {adj}  :: adoptive, by or relating to adoption
adoption {f}  :: adoption
adorable {adj}  :: adorable
adorablement {adv}  :: adorably
adorateur {m} [religion]  :: worshipper
adoration {f}  :: adoration
adoration {f} [religion]  :: adoration
adoratrice {f} [religion]  :: worshipper
adorer {v} [religion]  :: to worship
adorer {v}  :: to love, to adore
ados {m}  :: A sloping mound of earth, against a wall, used for sowing
adossement {m}  :: backing
adosser {vr}  :: to back up (put one's back against something)
adosser {vr}  :: to lean (back)
adosser {vt}  :: to back up (put someone's back (against))
adoubement {m}  :: The ceremony of knighting somebody
adouber {v}  :: to adjust a piece in a board game, such as chess or backgammon
adouber {v}  :: to dub (bestow the title of knight upon)
adoucir {v} [figuratively, by extension]  :: to appease
adoucir {vr} [s'adoucir]  :: to become milder
adoucir {v}  :: to make mild
adoucir {v}  :: to soften
adoucir {v}  :: to sweeten
adoucissage {m}  :: softening
adoucissage {m}  :: sweetening
adoucissant {adj}  :: mild, balmy
adoucissant {adj}  :: softening
adoucissant {m}  :: demulcent
adoucissant {m}  :: fabric softener
adoucissement {m}  :: sweetening, mellowing, softening
adoucisseur {m}  :: water softener
ADQ {initialism} [Canada, politics]  :: Action démocratique du Québec - a political party in Québec
adéquat {adj}  :: suitable, appropriate, adequate
adéquatement {adv}  :: adequately
adéquation {f}  :: appropriateness, conformity, adequacy
adéquiste {adj} [Canada, politics]  :: pertaining to Action démocratique du Québec
adéquiste {mf} [Canada, politics]  :: a member of Action démocratique du Québec
adragant {m}  :: tragacanth (gum)
adragante {f}  :: alternative form of adragant
adressage {m}  :: addressing (all senses)
adresse {f}  :: address
adresse {f}  :: skill, adroitness
adresser {vr} [with à]  :: to address
adresser {vt}  :: to direct
adret {m} [geography, Alps]  :: sun-facing side of a mountain
adriatique {adj}  :: Adriatic (attributive)
Adriatique {prop}  :: Adriatic
Adrien {prop}  :: male given name, cognate to Adrian
Adrienne {prop}  :: female given name, feminine form of Adrien
adrénaline {f}  :: adrenaline
adrénergique {adj}  :: adrenergic
adrénocorticotrope {adj}  :: adrenocorticotropic‎
adroit {adj}  :: skilful, apt, skilled (possessing skill, skilled)
adroitement {adv}  :: adroitly, skilfully
adrézarach {m}  :: alternative form of azédarac
adscrit {adj}  :: adscript (written next to another character)
adsorbé {adj}  :: adsorbed
adsorbant {m}  :: adsorbent
adsorber {v}  :: To adsorb
adsorption {f}  :: adsorption
adstrat {m} [linguistics]  :: adstratum
adualiste {adj}  :: without duality
adulaire {f} [mineral]  :: adularia
adulateur {m}  :: adulator
adulation {f}  :: adulation
adulatrice {f}  :: feminine noun of adulateur
aduler {v}  :: to adulate
adulescent {m} [informal]  :: a kidult
adulte {adj}  :: adult
adulte {mf}  :: adult
adultisme {m}  :: adultism
adultération {f}  :: adulteration
adultère {adj}  :: adulterous
adultère {m}  :: adultery (sexual intercourse by a married person with someone other than their spouse)
adultère {mf}  :: adulterer
adultérer {vt} [obsolete]  :: to falsify, to fake
adultérin {adj}  :: adulterine, born out of adultery
adustion {f} [medicine]  :: cauterization
advection {f} [earth science, chemistry]  :: advection
advenir {v} [impersonal, literary, or, poetic]  :: to happen; to occur
adventice {adj}  :: adventitious
adventice {adj} [botany]  :: self-propagating
adventif {adj}  :: adventitious
adventiste {mf} [religion]  :: Adventist
adverbal {adj} [grammar]  :: adverbial
adverbe {m} [grammar]  :: adverb
adverbial {adj}  :: adverbial
adverbialement {adv}  :: adverbially
adversaire {mf}  :: adversary, opponent, opposition, antagonist
adversatif {adj} [grammar]  :: adversative
adversativement {adv}  :: adversatively
adverse {adj}  :: adverse
adversité {f}  :: adversity
advertir {v}  :: obsolete spelling of avertir
advertissement {m}  :: obsolete spelling of avertissement
advienne que pourra {adv}  :: come what may
adynamie {f} [pathology]  :: adynamia
adynamique {adj}  :: adynamic
aïe {interj}  :: interjection expressing a sharp pain: ouch!
aïe {interj}  :: interjection expressing worry: dang!
aegagropile {mf}  :: hairball, furball
aegirine {f} [mineral]  :: aegirine
aegosome {m}  :: A type of long-horned beetle (of the genus Aegosoma)
aeschne {mf}  :: hawker (dragonfly of the genus Aeshna)
aethusa {f}  :: fool's parsley (plant of the genus Aethusa)
aetiologie {f}  :: alternative form of étiologie
aïeul {m}  :: ancestor
aïeul {m}  :: grandfather
aïeul {m}  :: old man
aïeule {f}  :: grandmother
aïeux {n}  :: all those who lived in a past age
aïeux {n}  :: ancestors, forefathers
afar {adj}  :: Related to the Afar people
afar {m}  :: Afar (language)
Afar {prop}  :: A member of the Afar people
affabilité {f}  :: affability
affable {adj}  :: affable, amicable, sociable
affablement {adv}  :: Affably
affabulateur {m}  :: inveterate storyteller
affabulation {f}  :: fantasy, invention
affabulatrice {f}  :: storyteller (female)
affabuler {v}  :: to make up stories, to tell a fable
affacturage {m} [finance]  :: factoring
affacturer {v}  :: To factor
affadir {vt}  :: To make tasteless, insipid or bland
affadissant {adj}  :: fading
affadissement {m}  :: blandness
afféager {v}  :: To enfeoff
affaiblir {vr}  :: to weaken [to become weaker]
affaiblir {vt}  :: to weaken, to flag, to make weaker, to enfeeble, enervate, attenuate
affaiblissement {m}  :: weakening
affairé {adj}  :: busy
affaire {f}  :: affair, business
affaire {f}  :: deal
affaire {f} [Quebec, informal]  :: thingamajig
affaire {f} [Quebec, informal]  :: things; stuff
affaire de cœur {f} [idiomatic]  :: a love affair
affairement {m}  :: bustle, hustle and bustle (an excited activity; a stir)
affairer {vr}  :: to busy about
affaires étrangères {fp} [politics]  :: foreign affairs (policy)
affairisme {m}  :: racketeering
affairiste {mf}  :: racketeer
affairiste {mf}  :: wheeler-dealer
affaissement {m}  :: collapse, cave-in
affaissement {m}  :: subsidence
affaisser {vr}  :: to cave in, sag, give way, collapse
affaisser {vr}  :: to ebb, weaken
affaisser {vr}  :: to subside, go down, sink
affaisser {vt}  :: to cause to subside
affaitage {m}  :: hacking (training a falcon/hawk)
affaitement {m}  :: synonym of affaitage
affaiter {v}  :: To hack (train a hawk/falcon)
affaiteur {m}  :: hacker (person who trains a hawk)
affaiteuse {f}  :: feminine singular form of affaiteur
affalé {adj}  :: sprawling, slouching
affalement {m} [nautical]  :: lowering (of a mast etc)
affaler {v} [nautical]  :: to lower, let down
affaler {vr}  :: to slump, slouch, plop down
affamé {adj}  :: hungry
affamer {vt}  :: to starve
affameur {m}  :: exploiter
affameur {m}  :: starver
affameuse {f}  :: feminine singular form of affameur
affaneur {m} [obsolete]  :: journeyman (day labourer)
affect {m}  :: affection, fondness
affectable {adj}  :: affectable
affectataire {m}  :: assignee
affectataire {m}  :: beneficiary
affectation {m}  :: affectation
affectation {m}  :: allocation, allotment
affectation {m}  :: assignment
affectation {m}  :: posting
affecter {vt}  :: to affect, influence
affecter {vt}  :: to allocate (something), assign (someone) ([[à to]])
affecter {vt}  :: to feign, affect [an emotion, etc.]
affectif {adj}  :: emotional, affective
affection {f}  :: affection, love
affection {f}  :: medical condition, complaint, disease
affectionner {v}  :: to affectionate, to feel affection for, to be fond of
affectionnément {adv} [dated, rare]  :: affectionately
affectivement {adv}  :: affectionately
affectivement {adv}  :: softly
affectivité {f}  :: affectivity
affectueusement {adv}  :: affectionately
affectueux {adj}  :: affectionate; caring
affenage {m}  :: grazing, pasturing of cattle etc
affener {v}  :: To graze, pasture cattle
affermable {adj}  :: leasable
affermage {m}  :: leasing (action, property)
affermer {v}  :: to have a leasehold
affermir {vr}  :: to become firmer, sharper or stronger
affermir {vr}  :: to firm up
affermir {v}  :: to firm up
affermir {v}  :: to make firmer
affermir {v}  :: to strengthen
affermissement {m}  :: consolidation
affetto {adv} [music]  :: gracefully
affetto {adv} [music]  :: tenderly, softly
affettuoso {adv} [music]  :: in a loving, tender way
affichage {m}  :: billboarding, using a billboard
affichage {m} [computing]  :: display
affiche {f}  :: placard
afficher {vt}  :: to display
afficher {vt}  :: to flaunt
afficher {vt}  :: to put up (a notice etc)
afficher {vt}  :: to show
affichette {f}  :: a small poster or flyer
afficheur {m}  :: bill sticker
afficheur {m} [computing]  :: display
afficheur à cristaux liquides {m}  :: liquid crystal display
afficheuse {f}  :: feminine singular form of afficheur
affichiste {mf}  :: poster designer
afficionado {m}  :: alternative spelling of aficionado
affidé {adj}  :: trustworthy
affidavit {m}  :: affidavit
affilé {adj}  :: sharp
affilage {m}  :: sharpening
affiler {v}  :: to sharpen (to make sharp)
affileur {m}  :: sharpener
affileuse {f}  :: feminine singular form of affileur
affiliation {f}  :: affiliation
affilier {v}  :: to affiliate
affiloir {m}  :: sharpener (device)
affin {adj}  :: affine (all senses)
affiné {adj}  :: purifying, refining
affinage {m}  :: affinage
affinage {m} [metallurgy]  :: refining
affinement {m}  :: refinement
affiner {v}  :: to make finer
affiner {v}  :: to purify
affiner {v}  :: to refine
affinerie {f}  :: refinery (especially a place where metal is purified)
affineur {m}  :: one who ages cheese and purveys it
affineur {m}  :: one who refines; refiner
affineuse {f}  :: feminine noun of affineur
affinité {f}  :: affinity (a family relationship through marriage of a relative)
affinité {f} [chemistry]  :: affinity
affiquet {m}  :: bauble
affirmatif {adj}  :: affirmative (which affirms)
affirmatif {interj}  :: affirmative
affirmation {f}  :: affirmation
affirmativement {adv}  :: affirmatively
affirmer {v}  :: to affirm
affixal {adj}  :: affixal
affixe {m} [linguistics]  :: affix
affixer {v} [grammar]  :: to affix
affleurant {adj}  :: surfacing
affleurement {m}  :: outcrop
affleurer {v} [figuratively]  :: to crop up, to surface, to poke one's head out
affleurer {v}  :: to place on the same level with, to show on the same surface
afflictif {adj}  :: afflictive
affliction {f} [countable and uncountable]  :: affliction
affligeant {adj}  :: aggrieved
affligeant {adj}  :: distressing, saddening
affliger {v} [literary]  :: to smite (de with)
affliger {v}  :: to grieve, distress
afflouage {m}  :: refloating
afflouer {v}  :: alternative form of renflouer
affluence {f}  :: abundance
affluence {f}  :: crowds
affluent {adj}  :: tributary
affluent {m}  :: tributary, affluent
affluer {vi}  :: to flow (into) (said of rivers)
affluer {vi}  :: to pour (in), to come in in droves (said of people, things)
afflux {m}  :: influx (inward flow)
affolant {adj}  :: scary
affolement {m}  :: insanity, craziness, lunacy
affolement {m}  :: panic, terror
affoler {vi}  :: to run like crazy, leg it
affoler {vr} [informal]  :: to hurry up, to make haste
affoler {vr}  :: to go crazy, go bonkers
affoler {vt}  :: to madden, drive crazy (under the effects of a strong emotion)
affoler {vt}  :: to terrify, frighten, scare
affouage {m}  :: A right to gather wood from common land
affouillement {m}  :: scouring (by running water)
affouiller {v}  :: synonym of creuser
affouragement {m}  :: foddering
affourager {v}  :: To fodder
affourcher {v} [nautuical]  :: To anchor using the "forked moor" technique
affourcher {v}  :: To attach pieces of wood using tongue and groove
affourcher {v}  :: To straddle
affranchir {vr}  :: to release or free oneself
affranchir {vt} [slang]  :: to inform
affranchir {vt} [slang]  :: to pervert
affranchir {vt}  :: to discharge, exempt
affranchir {vt}  :: to free, liberate, enfranchise, emancipate
affranchir {vt}  :: to prepay (postage), frank (a letter)
affranchissement {m}  :: franking, metering
affranchissement {m}  :: manumission
afférent {adj}  :: [~ à] relative (to), pertaining (to)
afférent {adj} [biology]  :: afferent, carrying
affres {fp} [plurale tantum]  :: torment, torture, pain
affreusement {adv}  :: Dreadfully (in a dreadful manner), horribly
affreux {adj}  :: terrible, rubbish, awful
affriander {v}  :: To improve the taste of; to make delicious
affriander {v}  :: To tempt using something tasty or profitable
affriolant {adj}  :: alluring, enticing
affrioler {v}  :: To entice
affrioler {v}  :: To seduce
affrioler {v}  :: To tempt
affriqué {adj}  :: affricative
affriquée {f}  :: affricative
affriquer {v} [linguistics]  :: To affricate
affriter {v}  :: To condition a frying pan (etc) before its first use by heating with some fat
affront {m}  :: affront, insult, snub
affrontable {adj}  :: confrontable
affrontement {m}  :: confrontation, encounter
affronter {vr}  :: to face off, to clash
affronter {v}  :: to confront, face
affrèrement {m} [historical, religion]  :: adelphopoiesis (a ceremony where two men are united with one another)
affrètement {m}  :: affreightment
affréter {v}  :: to charter (a plane)
affréteur {m}  :: shipper
affruiter {v} [botany, of a plant]  :: To fruit
affété {adj}  :: affected, stilted
affût {m}  :: gun carriage
affût {m}  :: hunting from a blind
affût {m} [hunting]  :: hide, blind (a spot where hunters hide and await their game)
affût {m}  :: mount, tripod
affûtage {m}  :: sharpening, whetting
affûter {vr}  :: to wet one's whistle
affûter {v} [slang, rare]  :: to dance
affûter {v} [slang, rare]  :: to eat
affûter {v}  :: to sharpen; to whet (e.g. a tool)
afféterie {f}  :: affectation
affûteur {m}  :: sharpener (person)
affûteuse {f}  :: feminine singular form of affûteux
affûtiau {m}  :: a useless or worthless object, a trifle
affublement {m} [archaic]  :: attire; apparel
affubler {vr}  :: to deck out oneself, to equip oneself
affubler {vr}  :: to take on the surname of
affubler {vt} [with de]  :: to deck out (somebody in), to equip (someone with)
affurer {v}  :: To profit
affurer {v}  :: To steal
affurer {v}  :: To win
affusion {f}  :: affusion
affuter {v}  :: alternative spelling of affûter
afghan {adj}  :: Afghan (pertaining to Afghanistan)
aficionado {m}  :: aficionado (all senses)
afin {conj}  :: so that
afin {conj}  :: to
afin de {conj}  :: in order to
afin que {conj}  :: so that
afocal {adj}  :: afocal
AFP {abbr} [journalism, in France]  :: initialism of [[agence
africain {adj}  :: African (of, or pertaining to Africa)
Africain {m}  :: an African person
Africaine {f}  :: feminine noun of Africain
africanisation {f}  :: Africanization
africaniser {v}  :: To Africanize
africanisme {m}  :: Africanism
africaniste {mf}  :: Africanist
afrikaans {m}  :: Afrikaans (language)
afrikander {adj}  :: synonym of afrikaner
afrikaner {adj}  :: Boer
Afrique {prop}  :: Africa
Afrique du Sud {prop}  :: South Africa
Afrique noire {prop}  :: Those regions of Africa where native peoples are black, hence roughly sub-Saharan Africa
afro {m}  :: afro (hairstyle)
afro-américain {adj}  :: Afro-American
afro-asiatique {adj}  :: Afro-Asiatic, Afroasiatic
afro-cubain {adj}  :: Afro-Cuban
Afro-Eurasie {prop}  :: Afro-Eurasia (supercontinent)
afropolitain {adj}  :: synonym of négropolitain
after-dinner {m}  :: digestive (an alcoholic drink after a meal)
aga {m}  :: aga, agha
agaçant {adj}  :: annoying
agace {f} [dialectal, France, Belgium]  :: Magpie
agacement {m}  :: annoyance, irritation
agacer {v}  :: to irritate
agacer {v}  :: to tease
agacerie {f}  :: (especially in plural) teasing
agalactie {f} [pathology]  :: agalactia
agami {m}  :: agami
agamie {f} [biology]  :: agamogenesis
agamète {f} [biology]  :: agamete
agape {f}  :: agape (all senses)
agar {m}  :: synonym of agar-agar
agaric {m}  :: agaric
agate {m}  :: agate
Agathe {prop}  :: female given name, cognate to Agatha
agatiser {v}  :: To agatize
agavé {m}  :: agave
agavé {m}  :: nacré de la filipendule (butterfly)
agave {m}  :: agave
age {m}  :: beam
age {m}  :: shaft
-age {suffix}  :: Forming nouns with the sense of "action or result of Xing" or, more rarely, "action related to X"
-age {suffix}  :: Forming nouns with the sense of "state of being (a) X"
-age {suffix} [rare]  :: Forming collective nouns
agencé {adj}  :: arranged
agencé {adj}  :: prepared
agence {f}  :: agency
agence de rencontres {f}  :: dating agency
agencement {m}  :: arrangement, layout
agencer {v} [music]  :: to arrange
agencer {v}  :: to arrange, to lay out, to piece together
agenda {m}  :: organiser, appointment book, engagement book
agenouillé {adj}  :: kneeling, in a kneeling position
agenouillement {m}  :: kneeling
agenouiller {vr} [s'agenouiller]  :: to kneel (down)
agenouilloir {m}  :: hassock
agent {m}  :: agent
agente provocatrice {f}  :: feminine noun of agent provocateur
agent provocateur {m}  :: agent provocateur; instigator, troublemaker
ager {m}  :: terrain
ager {m}  :: territory
ageustie {f}  :: ageusia
aggiornamento {m}  :: aggiornamento
agglo {m} [informal]  :: conglomerate (in building trade)
aggloméré {m}  :: masonite
agglomérat {m} [geology]  :: agglomerate
agglomération {f}  :: agglomeration
agglomération {f}  :: village, town, any built-up area
agglomérer {v}  :: to agglomerate; fuse together
agglutinant {adj}  :: agglutinative (sticky)
agglutination {f}  :: agglutination
agglutiner {vt} [linguistics]  :: to agglutinate
agglutiner {vt}  :: to paste (together)
aggravé {adj}  :: aggravated
aggravant {adj}  :: aggravating
aggravation {f}  :: aggravation
aggraver {v}  :: to worsen (make worse)
agha {m}  :: agha
agile {adj}  :: nimble, agile (quick and light in movement or action)
agilement {adv}  :: agilely, nimbly
agilité {f}  :: agility
agio {m}  :: exchange premium, agio
agiographie {f}  :: obsolete spelling of hagiographie
agiotage {m}  :: agiotage
agiotage {m}  :: speculation
agioter {v}  :: To speculate (in the financial market)
agioteur {m}  :: speculator (in the financial market)
agioteuse {f}  :: feminine singular form of agioteux
agir {vi} [followed by sur]  :: to act on
agir {vi}  :: To act
agir {vi}  :: to act, behave
agir {vi}  :: to act, to do [something]
agir {v} [legal, followed by contre]  :: prosecute, sue
agir {vr} [followed by de]  :: To be all about
agissant {adj}  :: active
agissant {adj}  :: agitated
agissement {m} [pejorative, usually in plural]  :: doing, intrigue, scheme
agitateur {m}  :: agitator
agitateuse {f}  :: feminine noun of agitateur
agitation {f}  :: bustle (of street, room etc.); activity
agitation {f}  :: choppiness (of water), turbulence (in air), swaying (of branch etc.)
agitation {f}  :: (nervous) agitation
agitation {f}  :: restlessness
agitation {f}  :: (social) unrest
agitato {adv} [music]  :: agitato
agitato {m} [music]  :: agitato
agitatrice {f}  :: agitator (female)
agiter {v}  :: to agitate
agiter {v}  :: to shake, to wave (to move back and forth)
agitprop {f}  :: agitprop
aglacissage {m}  :: landing on glassy (reflective) surface
aglacissage {m}  :: landing (touchdown) on ice and/or snow
Aglukark {prop}  :: French surname
Aglukkaq {prop}  :: French surname
aglyphe {adj}  :: non-venomous
agnat {m}  :: agnate
agnathe {adj}  :: deprived of a jaw
agnathe {m}  :: any member of the Agnatha superclass; agnathan
agneau {m}  :: lamb (sheep meat)
agneau {m}  :: lambskin
agneau {m}  :: lamb (young sheep)
agnelage {m}  :: lambing
agneler {vi} [of a sheep]  :: to lamb; to give birth
agnelet {m}  :: (small) lamb (animal)
agnelin {adj}  :: lamb (attributive)
agnelin {adj}  :: lambswool (attributive)
agneline {f}  :: lambswool
agnelle {f}  :: female lamb
agnier {adj}  :: Mohawk (attributive)
Agniers {prop}  :: Mohawks (Mohawk people)
agnosie {f} [medicine]  :: agnosia
agnosticisme {m}  :: agnosticism
agnostique {adj}  :: agnostic
agnostique {mf}  :: agnostic
Agnès {prop}  :: female given name, cognate to Agnes
agénésie {f}  :: agenesis
agonie {f}  :: the moment just before death
agonir {v} [slang]  :: to throw (insults at), to spit (profanities at)
agonisant {adj}  :: dying
agoniser {vi}  :: to die slowly
agora {f}  :: agora
agoraphobie {f}  :: agoraphobia
agouti {m}  :: agouti (rodent)
agréable {adj}  :: agreeable, nice
agréablement {adv}  :: pleasantly, nicely
agrafage {m}  :: stapling
agrafe {f} [on clothing]  :: fastener, hook
agrafe {f}  :: staple (wire fastener used to secure stacks of paper)
agrafer {v}  :: to staple (secure with a staple)
agrafeuse {f}  :: stapler
agrainage {m}  :: The feeding of wild animals by spreading grain
agraire {adj}  :: agrarian, relating to land
agrammatical {adj} [linguistics]  :: ungrammatical
agrammatisme {m} [pathology]  :: agrammatism
agrandir {vr}  :: To grow, get bigger
agrandir {v}  :: to aggrandize
agrandir {v}  :: to embiggen
agrandir {vt}  :: To enlarge, make bigger
agrandir {vt}  :: To extend (a house, building, area)
agrandissement {m}  :: enlargement
agrandisseur {m} [photography]  :: enlarger
agranulocytose {f} [pathology]  :: agranulocytosis
agraphie {f}  :: agraphia
agrarien {adj}  :: agrarian
agérate {m}  :: ageratum
agréer {v} [archaic]  :: to prepare; rig; trim
agréer {v} [formal]  :: to accept
agresser {v}  :: to assault; to attack
agresseur {m}  :: aggressor
agresseuse {f}  :: feminine noun of agresseur
agressif {adj}  :: aggressive
agression {f}  :: aggression
agressivement {adv}  :: aggressively
agressivité {f}  :: aggression, aggressiveness
agreste {adj}  :: rustic
agrestement {adv}  :: rustically
agrég {f}  :: the highest teaching diploma in France
agrégat {m}  :: aggregate
agrégateur {m} [computing]  :: aggregator (feed reader)
agrégatif {adj}  :: aggregative
agrégation {f}  :: aggregation
agrégation {f}  :: a high-level competitive examination for the recruitment of teachers in France and Belgium
agréger {vr}  :: to form into a greater entity, to aggregate
agréger {vr} [with à]  :: to join
agri- {prefix}  :: agri-
agricole {adj}  :: agricultural
agriculteur {m}  :: farmer (person who works the land or who keeps livestock)
agricultrice {f}  :: feminine noun of agriculteur
agriculture {f}  :: agriculture
agriffer {v}  :: To claw
agriffer {v}  :: To grasp
agrile {m}  :: jewel beetle, buprestid
agrile du frêne {m}  :: Agrilus planipennis, emerald ash borer
agrion {m}  :: agrion
agriote {m}  :: click beetle
agripaume {f}  :: motherwort
agripper {v}  :: to grip, grab, cling on to, grab hold of
agritourisme {m}  :: agritourism
agrément {m}  :: approval (permission)
agrément {m}  :: congeniality, amenity
agrémenter {vt}  :: to brighten up
agrémenter {vt}  :: to liven up
agrémenter {vt}  :: to supplement, adorn
agro- {prefix}  :: agro-
agro-alimentaire {adj}  :: alternative form of agroalimentaire
agroalimentaire {adj}  :: food and agriculture (attributive)
agrochimie {f} [chemistry]  :: agrochemistry
agrochimique {adj}  :: agrochemical
agrochimiste {mf}  :: agrochemist
agroenvironnemental {adj}  :: agro-environmental
agroforesterie {f}  :: agroforestry
agroindustriel {adj}  :: agroindustrial
agrologie {f}  :: agrology
agrologique {adj}  :: agrological
agronome {mf}  :: agronomist
agronomie {f}  :: agronomy
agronomique {adj}  :: agronomic
agrostide {f}  :: bent, agrostis
agrosystème {m}  :: agrosystem (agricultural ecosystem)
agrotourisme {m}  :: alternative form of agritourisme
agrès {n} [gymnastics]  :: apparatus
agrès {n} [nautical]  :: rigging, gear [of a ship]
agrume {m}  :: citrus (fruit)
agrumiculture {f}  :: citrus farming
aguardiente {f}  :: aguardiente
aguerri {adj}  :: seasoned, hardened
aguerrir {v}  :: to harden (become or make something resistant or less sensitive to)
aguerrissement {m}  :: hardening, toughening
aguet {m}  :: lookout, observation post
aguet {m}  :: watching, spying
agueusie {f}  :: ageusia
agui {m}  :: bowline (knot)
aguichant {adj}  :: enticing
aguicher {vt}  :: to entice
aguicheur {adj}  :: alluring, enticing
aguille {f}  :: obsolete spelling of aiguille (needle, or point of a needle)
ah {interj}  :: ah
ahan {m}  :: groan
ahan {m}  :: pain due to manual labour
ahanant {adj}  :: panting
ahanement {m}  :: grunt
ahaner {v}  :: To pant due to exercise
ahuri {adj}  :: stunned, dumbfounded
ahurir {v}  :: to astound, dumbfound, stun
ahurissamment {adv}  :: astoundingly, dumbfoundingly
ahurissant {adj}  :: astounding
ahurissement {m}  :: stupefaction
-ai {suffix}  :: A suffix denoting the first-person singular imperfect indicative form of a verb
aiche {f}  :: alternative form of esche
aicher {v}  :: alternative form of escher
aidant {adj}  :: helping
aidant {m}  :: helper
aide {f}  :: help
aide-comptable {mf}  :: assistant accountant
aide-mémoire {m}  :: aide-mémoire, crib
aider {v}  :: to help; to aid
aide-soignant {m}  :: nursing auxiliary (UK), nurse's aide (US)
-aie {suffix}  :: used to form names of orchards or places where trees/plants are grown
-aient {suffix}  :: A suffix denoting the third-person plural imperfect indicative form of a verb
aigle {f}  :: a female eagle
aigle {f} [heraldiccharge]  :: a representation an eagle; the eagle as a heraldic symbol
aigle {m}  :: eagle (any of a number of species of birds of prey)
aigle {m} [figuratively]  :: a man of ingenuity and superior talent; a genius
aiglefin {m}  :: haddock
aiglet {m}  :: aiglet
aiglet {m}  :: needle
aiglette {f}  :: eaglet
aiglette {f} [heraldry]  :: alerion
aiglon {m}  :: an eaglet, eagle chick
aiglonne {f}  :: feminine noun of aiglon
aigre {adj}  :: sharp, sour, acid
aigre {adj}  :: shrill (voice), biting (wind etc.)
aigre-doux {adj} [literally, figuratively]  :: bittersweet, sweet and sour
aigrefin {m}  :: alternative form of aiglefin
aigrefin {m}  :: swindler
aigrelet {adj}  :: acidulous
aigrelet {adj}  :: sharpish
aigrelet {adj}  :: sourish, tart
aigrement {adv}  :: sharply, sourly, acidly
aigrement {adv}  :: shrilly, bitingly
aigremoine {f}  :: agrimony
aigretté {adj}  :: feathered, plumed
aigrette {f}  :: egret (Any of various wading birds of the genera Egretta or Ardea)
aigrette {f}  :: feather (atop a hat)
aigrette {f}  :: lumex
aigrette {f} [of certain birds]  :: crest (plumage)
aigrette {f}  :: pappus
aigreur {f}  :: bitterness (bitter emotion)
aigreur {f}  :: sourness (sour flavor)
aigri {adj}  :: embittered
aigrin {m}  :: A young apple tree or pear tree
aigrir {v}  :: to make bitter, to embitter
aigrissement {m}  :: souring
aigu {adj} [linguistics, of an accent]  :: acute
aigu {adj} [mathematics, of an angle]  :: acute
aigu {adj} [medicine]  :: acute
aigu {adj} [of intelligence]  :: acute, keen, discerning
aigu {adj} [of sound]  :: sharp, loud and high-pitched
aigu {adj}  :: sharp, pointy
aiguade {f}  :: watering (provisioning of water)
aiguail {m}  :: dew resting on foliage
aigue-marine {adj}  :: aquamarine
aigue-marine {f}  :: aquamarine
aiguillage {m}  :: points (railway)
aiguillage {m}  :: shunting, switching (railway)
aiguillat {m}  :: dogfish
aiguille {f} [botany, costumery, medicine]  :: needle
aiguille {f}  :: needle (of compass); hand (of watch); spire (of church)
aiguille {f} [railway]  :: point (UK), switch (US)
aiguiller {vt}  :: to change / switch points (railway)
aiguiller {vt}  :: to direct (towards)
aiguilleté {adj}  :: beribboned
aiguilletage {m}  :: lacing up
aiguilletage {m}  :: tying together
aiguilleter {v}  :: To lace up
aiguilleter {v}  :: To tie or knot together (with string, ribbon etc)
aiguillette {f}  :: needle
aiguillette {f}  :: needlefish
aiguillette {f}  :: ribbon; tie; cord
aiguillette baronne {f}  :: tri-tip
aiguilleur {m} [railways]  :: signalman; signaller
aiguillon {m}  :: stinger, sting (of a bee)
aiguillonnement {m}  :: prodding
aiguillonner {v}  :: to prod (figuratively)
aiguillot {m} [nautical]  :: pintle (a rudder’s pin which pivots in a gudgeon)
aiguière {f}  :: ewer
aiguisé {adj}  :: sharpened
aiguisage {m}  :: sharpening, honing, whetting
aiguisement {m}  :: sharpening, honing, whetting
aiguiser {v}  :: to hone (e.g. a skill)
aiguiser {v}  :: to sharpen (of a point, to make sharper)
aiguiser {v}  :: to whet
aiguiseur {m}  :: sharpener
aiguiseuse {f}  :: sharpener (female)
aiguisoir {m}  :: pencil sharpener
aiguisoir {m}  :: sharpener (tool)
aigument {adv}  :: harshly; abrasively
ailé {adj}  :: winged (having wings)
ailé {adj}  :: winglike
ail {m}  :: garlic
-ail {suffix}  :: Forming masculine nouns from verbs and nouns, having a collective sense
-ail {suffix}  :: Forming masculine nouns from verbs and nouns, having the sense of ‘tool, object for a specific purpose’
ailante {m}  :: tree of heaven
aile {f}  :: blade (of a propellor)
aile {f}  :: fender, wing (of an automobile)
aile {f} [figuratively]  :: wings
aile {f} [of the nose]  :: side, wing, ala
aile {f}  :: sail (of a windmill)
aile {f}  :: wing (of a bird or other flying animal; of poultry; of an aircraft; of a building; of an army; in football and rugby; in politics)
aileron {m}  :: Aileron
aileron {m} [anatomy]  :: fin (of some fish)
aileron {m} [anatomy]  :: flipper (of penguins and other animals)
aileron {m}  :: spoiler (of an automobile)
ailette {f}  :: small wing
ailier {m} [basketball]  :: small forward
ailier {m} [sports]  :: winger
ailier {m}  :: wingman
ailière {f}  :: feminine noun of ailier
-aille {suffix}  :: Forming feminine nouns having a colloquial or pejorative meaning, or indicating the means or result of an action
-ailler {suffix}  :: Forming verbs with frequentative effect, often somewhat pejorative
ailler {vt}  :: to add garlic (to)
ailleurs {adv}  :: elsewhere
ailloli {m}  :: alternative form of aïoli
ailurophile {adj}  :: ailurophile
ailurophile {mf}  :: ailurophile
aimable {adj}  :: likeable, amiable
aimablement {adv}  :: friendly (in a friendly manner)
aimant {adj}  :: loving, affectionate
aimant {m}  :: magnet
aimantation {f}  :: magnetization
aimanter {v}  :: to magnetize (cause to be magnetic)
Aimée {prop}  :: female given name, meaning "beloved"
aimer {v}  :: to like (often with bien)
aimer {v}  :: to love (usually of a person, otherwise the meaning is closer to like)
ainé {adj}  :: alternative spelling of aîné
-ain {suffix}  :: Suffix used to form demonyms, both nouns (uppercase) and adjectives (lowercase)
-ain {suffix}  :: Suffix used to form diminutives, both nouns and adjectives
Ain {prop}  :: Ain
aine {f}  :: groin
-aine {suffix} [noun-only]  :: Indicates approximation, suffixed to a number
ainsi {adv}  :: in this way, thus
ainsi que {conj}  :: as, just as, like
ainsi que {conj}  :: as well as
air {m}  :: air (gases of the atmosphere)
air {m}  :: air (pretension)
air {m}  :: appearance
air {m}  :: tune, aria
airain {m} [literary, countable, ]  :: object made of this alloy
airain {m} [literary, uncountable]  :: any alloy based on bronze
airbag {m}  :: airbag
airbag {m} [in the plural, slang]  :: knockers, tits
aire {f}  :: eyrie, aerie
aire {f} [geometry]  :: area
aire {f}  :: threshing floor
-aire {suffix}  :: -ary (adjectival suffix)
-aire {suffix}  :: -ary (nominal suffix)
airedale {m}  :: Airedale terrier
airelle {f}  :: cranberry; bilberry
airer {v}  :: to nest (make a nest)
aire urbaine {f}  :: metropolitan area
Air France {prop}  :: Air France, a French airline
aisé {adj}  :: easy to do, with ease, simple, effortless
aisé {adj} [obsolete]  :: Said about clothes that are very (too) comfortable to wear
aisé {adj}  :: smooth, fluid, about a movement, or a conversation
aisé {adj}  :: wealthy, with no money problems, affluent, prosperous, on easy street, in easy circumstances
ais {m}  :: board, plank
-ais {suffix}  :: The first person and second-person singular imperfect indicative form of a verb
-ais {suffix}  :: Used to form adjectives that denote where something or someone is from, or to form the name of the language spoken in this place, e.g., français, anglais, marseillais, etc
-ais {suffix}  :: Used to form nouns that denote where something or someone is from, e.g. Français, Anglais, Marseillais, etc
aisance {f}  :: ease
aise {adj}  :: joyous, glad
aise {f}  :: ease, facility, absence of effort
aise {f}  :: joy
aise {f}  :: satisfaction
-aise {suffix}  :: Used to form female adjectives that denote where something or someone is from, e.g., française, anglaise, marseillaise, etc
aisle {f}  :: obsolete form of aile
aisément {adv}  :: easily
aisné {adj}  :: obsolete form of aîné
aisné {m}  :: obsolete form of aîné
aisnée {f}  :: feminine noun of aisné
Aisne {prop}  :: Aisne
-aison {suffix}  :: Forming feminine nouns of action from verbs
aisseau {m}  :: A small, triangular, wooden roof tile
aisselle {f} [anatomy]  :: armpit
aisy {m}  :: A ferment use to make Gruyère cheese
-ait {suffix}  :: A suffix denoting the third-person singular imperfect indicative form of a verb
aitre {m}  :: alternative spelling of aître
Aix-en-Provence {prop}  :: A town in the Bouches-du-Rhône department of Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur
Aix-la-Chapelle {prop}  :: Aachen, the city in Germany
aixois {adj}  :: from or relating to any of the towns/cities in France with the name Aix
Aixois {m}  :: person from any of the towns/cities in France with the name Aix
Aixoise {f}  :: feminine noun of Aixois
AJ {f}  :: auberge de jeunesse
AJA {initialism} [soccer]  :: AJ Auxerre, a French football club from the town of Auxerre
ajaccien {adj}  :: From or relating to Ajaccio, Corsica
Ajaccien {m}  :: someone from Ajaccio, Corsica
Ajaccienne {f}  :: feminine noun of Ajaccien
ajacéen {adj}  :: From or relating to Ajaccio, Corsica
Ajacéen {m}  :: someone from Ajaccio, Corsica
Ajacéenne {f}  :: feminine noun of Ajacéen
ajiste {adj}  :: youth hostel (attributive)
ajiste {mf}  :: member of the youth hostel movement
ajointer {v}  :: To butt (join at the ends)
ajonc {m}  :: a gorse bush
ajouré {adj}  :: openwork (attributive); perforated, fretted
ajour {m}  :: A slit that lets in daylight
ajourd'hui {adv} [archaic, outside, Louisiana French]  :: alternative form of aujourd'hui
ajourer {v}  :: to perforate
ajournement {m}  :: adjournment
ajournement {m}  :: deferment, postponement
ajournement {m}  :: referral
ajourner {v}  :: postpone, adjourn, put off (an event)
ajout {m}  :: addition (something added)
ajout {m}  :: addition (the act of adding)
ajouter {v}  :: to add
ajustable {adj}  :: adjustable
ajustage {m}  :: adaptation, adjustment
ajustage {m}  :: fitting
ajustement {m}  :: adjustment, adjusting, tweak
ajuster {v}  :: to adjust; tweak
ajusteur {m}  :: adjuster
ajusteur {m}  :: fitter
akathisie {f} [pathology]  :: akathisia
akinésie {f} [pathology]  :: akinesia
akkadien {adj}  :: Akkadian
akkadien {m}  :: the Akkadian language
Akkadien {m}  :: an Akkadian person
Akkadienne {f}  :: feminine noun of Akkadien
akène {m} [botany]  :: achene
akvavit {m}  :: alternative spelling of aquavit
-al {suffix}  :: -al (of or pertaining to; adjectival suffix appended to various words, often nouns, to make an adjective form. Often added to words of Latin origin, but used with other words also)
aléa {m} [archaic]  :: chance
aléa {m}  :: hazard
alabandine {f} [mineral]  :: alabandite
alabastrite {m}  :: alabaster
alable {adj} [Canada]  :: alternative form of allable
alablement {adv} [Canada]  :: feasibly
alacrité {f}  :: alacrity, ardour, eagerness
alain {adj}  :: Alan (relating to the Alans)
Alain {prop}  :: male given name, equivalent to English Alan
alaire {adj}  :: wing (attributive)
alaise {f}  :: undersheet, drawsheet
alambic {m}  :: alembic, still (device for distilling liquids)
alambiqué {adj}  :: convoluted
alambiqué {adj}  :: overrefined
alambiquer {v}  :: To distill
alambiquer {v}  :: To refine
alandais {adj}  :: from Åland
alandier {m}  :: An opening at the base of a kiln that is used for firing ceramics
alangui {adj}  :: languid
alanguir {vr} [s'alanguir]  :: to become languid
alanguir {v}  :: to cause to become languid
alanguissement {m}  :: languor
alanine {f} [amino acid]  :: alanine
alaouite {adj}  :: Alawite (attributive)
alaouite {mf}  :: Alawite
alarmant {adj}  :: alarming
alarme {f}  :: alarm (alert)
alarme {f}  :: alarm (panic)
alarmer {v}  :: to alarm (alert)
alarmisme {m}  :: alarmism
alarmiste {adj}  :: alarmist
alarmiste {mf}  :: alarmist
alaskain {adj}  :: Alaskan
alastrim {m}  :: alastrim
alaterne {m}  :: buckthorn
aléatoire {adj}  :: doubtful, dubious, uncertain, unpredictable
aléatoire {adj}  :: random, aleatory
aléatoirement {adv}  :: doubtfully, dubiously, uncertainly, unpredictably
aléatoirement {adv}  :: randomly, aleatorily
Alban {prop}  :: male given name, cognate to English Alban
albanais {adj}  :: Albanian (from, or pertaining to Albania)
albanais {m}  :: Albanian, the Albanian language
Albanais {m}  :: Albanian
Albanaise {f}  :: (female) Albanian
Albane {prop}  :: female given name, feminine form of Alban
Albanie {prop}  :: Albania
Albanie du Caucase {prop}  :: Caucasian Albania
albatros {m}  :: albatross
albatros {m} [golf]  :: albatross
albédo {m} [physics]  :: albedo (the fraction of incident light or radiation reflected by a surface or body)
alberge {f}  :: A type of peach or apricot whose white flesh adheres to the kernel
Albert {prop}  :: male given name, cognate to Albert
Alberta {prop}  :: Alberta
albertain {adj}  :: Albertan (from Alberta)
Albertain {m}  :: Albertan (someone from Alberta)
Albertaine {f}  :: feminine noun of Albertain
Alberte {prop}  :: female given name, feminine form of Albert
Albertine {prop}  :: female given name, a feminine diminutive form of Albert
Albi {prop}  :: Albi (town and commune in southern France)
Albien {prop}  :: Albian
albigeois {adj}  :: Albi (attributive)
albinisme {m}  :: albinism
albinos {adj}  :: albino
albinos {mf}  :: albino
albite {f} [mineral]  :: albite
albophobie {f}  :: black supremacy; anti-white prejudice or racism
Alborg {prop}  :: alternative form of Aalborg
albâtre {m}  :: alabaster (variety of gypsum)
albuginé {adj}  :: albugineous
albuginée {f}  :: albuginea
album {m}  :: album (all meanings)
albumine {f} [organic chemistry]  :: albumin
albuminoïde {adj}  :: albuminoid
albuminoïde {m}  :: albuminoid
albuminurie {f} [pathology]  :: albuminuria
albuminurique {adj}  :: albuminuric
album live {m}  :: live album
albumose {f}  :: albumose
album studio {m}  :: studio album
alcade {m}  :: alcaide
alcalescence {f}  :: alkalescence
alcalescent {adj}  :: alkalescent
alcali {m}  :: alkali
alcalifiant {adj}  :: alkalifying
alcalifier {v}  :: To alkalify
alcalimètre {m}  :: alkalimeter
alcalimétrie {f} [chemistry]  :: alkalimetry
alcalimétrique {adj} [chemistry]  :: alkalimetric
alcalin {adj}  :: alkaline (nt acidic)
alcalin {adj}  :: alkaline (of or relating to an alkali)
alcaliniser {vt}  :: To alkalize, alkalinize
alcalinité {f}  :: alkalinity
alcaloïde {m}  :: alkaloid (organic heterocyclic base)
alcaloïfère {adj} [botany]  :: alkaloidiferous
alcalophile {m}  :: alkaliphile
alcalose {m} [pathology]  ::
alcane {m}  :: alkane
alcanoïque {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: alkanoic
alcaïque {adj}  :: alcaic
alcazar {m}  :: alcazar
Alceste {prop}  :: male given name
alchimie {f}  :: alchemy
alchimique {adj}  :: of or pertaining to alchemy; alchemical
alchimiste {m}  :: An alchemist; one who practices alchemy
alchémille {f}  :: lady's mantle
alcène {m}  :: alkene (unsaturated aliphatic hydrocarbon with one or more carbon-carbon double bonds)
alcénone {m} [organic chemistry]  :: alkenone
alcohol {m} [rare]  :: alternative spelling of alcool
alcoolé {m}  :: tincture (alcohol extract of herbs etc)
alcool {m}  :: alcohol
alcool {m}  :: spirits, hard liquor (strong alcoholic beverage, excludes wine, cider, beer)
alcoolat {m}  :: alcoholate
alcoolate {m} [organic chemistry]  :: alcoholate
alcoolature {f}  :: tincture
alcooleux {adj} [of a wine]  :: Having an unusually high concentration of alcohol
alcoolification {f}  :: alcoholification
alcoolique {adj}  :: alcoholic, related or pertaining to alcohol
alcoolique {adj}  :: Containing alcohol; alcoholic
alcoolique {mf}  :: alcoholic (a person addicted to alcohol)
alcooliquement {adv}  :: alcoholically
alcoolisé {adj}  :: alcoholic (having more than a trace amount of alcohol in its contents)
alcoolisable {adj}  :: alcoholizable
alcoolisation {f}  :: alcoholization
alcooliser {v}  :: to alcoholise
alcoolisme {m}  :: alcoholism
alcoolémie {f}  :: alcoholaemia; blood alcohol content
alcoolo {adj} [informal, pejorative]  :: alcoholic (person)
alcoolo {mf} [informal, pejorative]  :: alcoholic (person)
alcoomètre {m}  :: alcoholometer
alcoométrique {adj}  :: alcoholic strength (attributive)
alcootest {m}  :: breathalyser
alcootest {m}  :: breath test
alcoran {m}  :: synonym of Coran
alcotest {m}  :: alternative form of alcootest
alcoyle {m} [organic chemistry]  :: synonym of alkyle
alcôve {f}  :: alcove
alcyne {m}  :: alkyne (hydrocarbon)
alcynol {m} [organic chemistry]  :: alkynol
alcyon {m}  :: halcyon
alcyon {m}  :: kingfisher
Aldebaran {prop} [star]  :: Aldebaran
alderman {m}  :: alderman
aldéhyde {m} [organic chemistry]  :: aldehyde
aldéhydique {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: aldehydic
aldin {adj}  :: Aldine
aldol {m} [organic chemistry]  :: aldol
aldolique {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: aldolic
aldolisation {f} [organic chemistry]  :: aldolization
aldostérone {m} [organic compound]  :: aldosterone
aîle {f}  :: obsolete form of aile
ale {f}  :: ale
Alençon {prop}  :: a town in Orne:
alentir {v} [chiefly, obsolete]  :: to slow down
alentoir {adv}  :: alternative form of alentour
alentour {adv}  :: around
alentours {n} [plurale tantum]  :: surroundings, neighbouring areas
Alep {prop}  :: Aleppo (Syrian city)
alerte {adj}  :: alert
alerte {f}  :: alert
alertement {adv}  :: alertly
alerter {vt}  :: To alert
aleurite {f}  :: candlenut (or similar plant of the genus Aleurites)
aleurode {m}  :: whitefly
aleuromètre {m}  :: aleurometer
aleurone {f}  :: aleurone
alevin {m}  :: alevin
alevinage {m}  :: restocking (a river) with fish fry
aleviner {v}  :: To stock a river/lake with fry (young fish)
alevinier {m}  :: hatchery (for fish fry)
alevinière {f}  :: alternative form of alevinier
Alex {prop}  :: male given name, short form of Alexander and Alexis
alexandra {m}  :: A cocktail containing cognac, crème de cacao and crème fraîche with grated nutmeg for decoration
Alexandra {prop}  :: female given name
Alexandre {prop}  :: male given name, cognate to English Alexander
Alexandrie {prop}  :: Alessandria (in Italy)
Alexandrie {prop}  :: Alexandria (in Egypt)
alexandrin {adj}  :: alexandrine (attributive)
alexandrin {m}  :: alexandrine
Alexandrin {prop}  :: Alexandrian
Alexandrine {prop}  :: female given name, cognate to English Alexandrina
Alexia {prop}  :: female given name, feminine form of Alexis, cognate to English Alexia
alexie {f}  :: alexia
alexine {f}  :: alexine
alexipharmaque {adj}  :: Capable of counteracting a poison; antidotal, alexipharmical
alexipharmaque {m}  :: A substance capable of reverting the affects of a poison; antidote
alexique {adj}  :: alexic
Alexis {prop}  :: male given name
alezan {adj}  :: chestnut (colour of horse)
alezan {m}  :: chestnut (horse, its colour)
alezan {m}  :: palomino
alfa {m}  :: esparto
alfange {f}  :: A Moorish scimitar
alfatier {adj}  :: esparto (attributive)
alfatier {m}  :: esparto farmer
alfénide {m}  :: alfenide
Alfred {prop}  :: male given name
algaire {adj}  :: algal
algal {adj}  :: algal
algarade {f}  :: an insult, an angry outburst
algarade {f}  :: a row, a dispute, a quarrel
algazelle {f}  :: gemsbok, gemsbuck (Oryx gazella)
algèbre {f} [mathematics]  :: algebra
algèbre linéaire {f}  :: linear algebra (branch of mathematics)
algébrique {adj}  :: algebraic
algébriquement {adv}  :: algebraically
algébriste {mf}  :: algebraist
Alger {prop}  :: Algiers, the capital of Algeria
algide {adj}  :: algid
algidité {f}  :: algidity
algie {f} [pathology]  :: localised pain
alginate {m}  :: alginate
algine {f}  :: algin (any of various gelatinous gums derived from algae)
alginique {adj}  :: alginic
algique {adj}  :: algic (relating to localised pain)
algique {adj}  :: Algic (relating to this language)
algo {m}  :: algorithm
algo {m}  :: algorithmics
algol {m} [computing]  :: ALGOL
algonquien {adj}  :: Algonquian
algonquin {adj}  :: Algonquin
algonquin {m}  :: Algonquin language
algorithme {m}  :: algorithm
algorithmique {adj}  :: algorithmic (relating to an algorithm)
algorithmique {f}  :: algorithmics
algorithmiquement {adv}  :: algorithmically
algothérapie {f}  :: algotherapy
Algérie {prop}  :: Algeria
algérien {adj}  :: Algerian (of or pertaining to Algeria or its people or culture)
Algérien {m}  :: Algerian (person)
Algérienne {f}  :: feminine noun of Algérien
algérois {adj}  :: Algerian (of or from Algiers)
algual {adj}  :: algal
alguazil {m}  :: alguazil; loosely, law officer, constable
algue {f}  :: alga (any of many aquatic photosynthetic organisms)
algue verte {f}  :: green alga
alias {adv}  :: alias
alias {m}  :: alias
alibi {m}  :: alibi
aliboufier {m}  :: styrax (especially Styrax officinalis)
Alice {prop}  :: female given name of Germanic origin
Alicia {prop}  :: female given name, a Latinate form of Alice
alien {m}  :: alien (extraterrestrial)
alif {m}  :: alif (Arabic letter)
aliforme {adj}  :: aliform
alifère {adj}  :: winged (having wings)
alignement {m}  :: alignment (all senses)
aligner {v}  :: to align
aligoté {m}  :: aligoté
aliment {m}  :: food
alimentaire {adj}  :: food (attributive), alimentary
alimentation {f}  :: feeding
alimentation {f}  :: food
alimentation {f}  :: power supply
alimenter {v} [figurative]  :: to fuel (e.g. an argument)
alimenter {vr} [s'alimenter]  :: to eat, to feed
alimenter {v}  :: to feed, to give food to
alimenter {v}  :: to supply, to fund
aliéné {m}  :: One who is insane, mentally defective
alinéa {m} [Canada]  :: paragraph of a law
alinéa {m}  :: indented line (at the start of a new paragraph)
alinéa {m}  :: paragraph
aliénabilité {f}  :: alienability
aliénable {adj}  :: alienable
aliénataire {mf} [legal]  :: transferee
aliénateur {m} [legal]  :: transferor
aliénation {f}  :: alienation
aliénatrice {f}  :: feminine singular form of aliénateur
aliénée {f}  :: feminine noun of aliéné
Aline {prop}  :: female given name, a contraction of Adeline
aliéner {v}  :: to alienate
aliéniste {adj}  :: alienist
aliéniste {mf}  :: alienist
aliénité {f}  :: alienation
Aliénor {prop}  :: female given name, the Provençal equivalent of Eleanor
aliovalent {adj}  :: Aliovalent, having a different valence
aliphatique {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: aliphatic
aliquote {f}  :: aliquot
alise {f}  :: fruit of the whitebeam
alisier {m}  :: whitebeam
alisma {f}  :: alternative form of alisme
alisme {m}  :: water plantain
alité {adj}  :: bedridden
alitement {m}  :: bed rest
aliter {vr}  :: To be bedridden
aliter {v}  :: to cause to become bedridden
Alix {prop}  :: female given name, variant of Alice
alizé {m}  :: trade wind
alizari {m}  :: alizari
alizarine {f} [organic compound]  :: alizarin
alizier {m}  :: alternative form of alisier
al-Kanadi {prop}  :: al-Kanadi
al-Kanadi {prop}  :: surname of Arabic origin
alkékenge {m}  :: Chinese lantern, bladder cherry
alkoxyde {m} [organic chemistry]  :: alkoxide
alkylé {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: alkylated
alkylarène {m} [organic chemistry]  :: alkylarene
alkyle {m} [organic chemistry]  :: alkyl
alkyler {vt} [organic chemistry]  :: to alkylate
all. {abbr}  :: abbreviation of allemand
allô {interj} [telephone]  :: hello
allô {interj}  :: used to confirm that the person being addressed is listening, or to confirm if anyone is listening
allable {adj} [Canada]  :: doable, feasible
allaitement {m}  :: breastfeeding
allaitement {m}  :: suckling
allaiter {v} [of an animal]  :: to suckle
allaiter {v}  :: to breastfeed
allant {adj}  :: active
allant {m}  :: goer (used in the plural phrase "allants et venants" - "comers and goers")
allant au four {adj}  :: ovenproof
allantoïde {f} [anatomy]  :: allantoid
allatif {m} [grammar]  :: the allative case
alléchant {adj}  :: enticing
alléchant {adj}  :: mouth-watering
allèchement {m}  :: enticement
allèchement {m}  :: temptation, attraction
allécher {v}  :: to attract, appeal, allure, tempt; entice, draw in
allée {f}  :: action of going. (used nowadays only in the expression allées et venues : repeated action of going and returning)
allée {f}  :: aisle
allée {f}  :: allée
allée {f}  :: driveway
allée {f}  :: path
allegretto {adv}  :: allegretto
allegro {adv}  :: allegro
allegro {m}  :: allegro
Allemagne {prop}  :: Germany
Allemagne de l'Est {prop}  :: East Germany
allemand {adj}  :: German (related to or originating from Germany)
allemand {adj}  :: German (related to the German language)
allemand {m}  :: German (The German language)
Allemand {m}  :: German person
allemande {f}  :: allemande [dance]
Allemande {f}  :: feminine noun of Allemand; woman from Germany or of German background
allemaniste {mf}  :: Allemanist
aller {m}  :: Outward trip; journey out; trip away (implying not returning)
aller {vi}  :: to go
aller {v}  :: to be (feeling)
aller {v}  :: to go well with (clothes, colors, etc.)
aller {v} [when followed by an infinitive verb]  :: to be going (to); will soon; forms a near-future tense
aller au lit {vi}  :: to go to bed
aller comme un gant {v} [simile]  :: to fit like a glove
aller de Charybde en Scylla {v}  :: to go out of the frying pan, into the fire
aller de soi {vi}  :: to be self-evident, be obvious
allergie {f}  :: allergy
allergique {adj}  :: allergic (having an allergy)
allergisant {adj}  :: allergenic
allergène {adj}  :: allergenic
allergène {m}  :: allergen
allergénique {adj}  :: allergenic
allergologie {f}  :: allergology
allergologiste {mf}  :: allergologist
allergologue {mf}  :: allergist
aller-retour {m}  :: return ticket
aller-retour {m}  :: round trip
aller se faire foutre {phrase}  :: to go fuck oneself. (Usually used in the imperative form.)
aller se faire voir {v} [colloquial]  :: to get lost, go to hell
aller simple {m}  :: a one-way ticket
alleu {m}  :: allod
alleutier {m}  :: freeholder
alleutière {f}  :: feminine singular form of alleutier
allez {interj}  :: come on! (as encouragement)
allez savoir {interj} [idiomatic]  :: go figure!
allez voir là-bas si j'y suis {phrase} [idiomatic, colloquial, dismissal]  :: get lost! (go away)
allez-y {phrase} [formal, singular and plural]  :: go ahead; go on
allégation {f}  :: allegation
allégeance {f}  :: allegiance
allègement {m}  :: alternative form of allégement
allégement {m}  :: lightening (making lighter)
alléger {v}  :: to lighten
allégorie {f}  :: allegory
allégorique {adj}  :: allegoric, allegorical (of, or relating to allegory)
allégoriquement {adv}  :: allegorically
allégoriser {v}  :: To allegorize
allègre {adj}  :: joyful, happy
allégrement {adv}  :: happily, joyfully
allègrement {adv}  :: happily, joyfully
allégresse {f}  :: elation, joy, gladness
allégretto {adv} [music]  :: allegretto
allégretto {m} [music]  :: allegretto
allégro {adv}  :: allegro
allégro {m}  :: allegro
alléguer {v}  :: to allege
alléguer {v}  :: to invoke
allié {adj}  :: friendly; allied (military sense)
alliable {adj}  :: alliable
alliacé {adj}  :: garlicky
alliage {m}  :: alloying (mixing elements to make an alloy)
alliage {m}  :: alloy (metal combined of more elements)
alliaire {f}  :: garlic mustard (or any similar plant of the genus Alliaria)
alliance {f}  :: alliance, union
alliance {f}  :: (wedding) ring
alliée {f}  :: ally (female gender)
allier {v}  :: to alloy
allier {v}  :: to ally
Allier {prop}  :: Allier
alligator {m}  :: alligator (animal)
allitération {f}  :: alliteration
allèle {m} [genetics]  :: allele
allélomorphe {adj}  :: allelomorphic
alléluia {interj}  :: hallelujah
allémontite {m} [mineral]  :: allemontite
allène {m} [organic chemistry]  :: allene
allocataire {mf}  :: beneficiary
allocation {f}  :: allocation
allocation {f}  :: benefit, allowance
allocation {f}  :: granting, assignment
allocentrisme {m}  :: allocentrism
allocentriste {adj}  :: allocentrist
allochtone {adj}  :: allochthonous
allocs {n}  :: child benefit
allocutaire {mf}  :: addressee (person to whom something is adressed)
allocuteur {m}  :: addresser (person addressing)
allocution {f}  :: (short) speech
allocutrice {f}  :: feminine noun of allocuteur
allocyclique {adj}  :: allocyclic
allodial {adj}  :: allodial
allodialement {adv}  :: allodially
allogamie {f}  :: allogamy
allogène {mf}  :: An obvious immigrant
allogène {mf}  :: A person who has settled in a new nation or territory who still noticeably exhibits traits or characteristics of their previous nationality
alloimmunisation {f}  :: alloimmunization
allongeable {adj}  :: extendible
allongement {m}  :: lengthening, extension
allonger {vi} [of days]  :: to lengthen
allonger {vr}  :: to grow, to get longer
allonger {vr}  :: To lie, to lie down
allonger {vr}  :: to stretch out
allonger {vt}  :: to extend out, to stretch
allonger {vt}  :: to lay down
allonger {vt}  :: to lengthen, to make longer, to extend
allons-y {phrase} [informal, first person plural, imperative]  :: let's go
allons-y {phrase} [informal, first person plural, imperative]  :: let's go there
allons-y {phrase} [informal, imperative]  :: come with me, follow me
allopathe {m}  :: allopath
allœopathie {f}  :: obsolete form of allopathie
allopathie {f}  :: allopathy
allopathique {adj}  :: allopathic
allopathiquement {adv}  :: allopathically
allopurinol {m}  :: allopurinol
allosexuel {adj} [chiefly, Canada]  :: LGBT, trans or non-heterosexual: "allosexual"
allostérie {f}  :: allostery
allostérique {adj} [biochemistry]  :: allosteric
allotir {v}  :: To allot
allotissement {m}  :: allotting, allotment
allotriomorphique {adj}  :: allotriomorphic
allotrope {adj} [chemistry]  :: allotropic
allotrope {m} [chemistry]  :: allotrope
allotropie {f}  :: allotropy
allotropique {adj}  :: allotropic
allotétraploïde {adj}  :: allotetraploid
allotétraploïde {m}  :: allotetraploid
allouable {adj}  :: allottable, allocatable
allouer {vt}  :: to allot, allocate
alléser {v} [obsolete]  :: alternative form of aléser
allumé {adj} [of a heat source]  :: lit, on, on fire
allumé {adj} [of a light source]  :: lit, on, lit up
allumé {adj} [of a person]  :: congested
allumé {adj} [of a person]  :: drunk
allumage {m}  :: lighting
allumage {m}  :: switching on, turning on
allume-cigare {m}  :: cigar lighter
allumer {v}  :: to arouse, to turn on
allumer {v}  :: to light, to set alight
allumer {v}  :: to turn on (e.g. a light)
allumette {f}  :: match (small flammable object)
allumettier {m}  :: matchmaker (person who makes matchsticks)
allumettière {f}  :: feminine singular form of allumettier
allumeur {m} [sexuality]  :: a tease (person who excites sexually)
allumeuse {f}  :: a tease
allumeuse {f}  :: feminine noun of allumeur
allumoir {m}  :: An early form of cigarette lighter
alluré {adj}  :: alluring, elegant
allure {m}  :: angle of a boat from the wind
allure {m}  :: appearance, look
allure {m}  :: chemin de ronde (raised protected walkway behind a castle battlement)
allure {m}  :: gait (of a horse)
allure {m}  :: speed, pace
allusif {adj}  :: allusive
allusion {f}  :: allusion, innuendo
allusivement {adv}  :: allusively
alluvial {adj}  :: alluvial
alluvion {f} [geology, especially in plural]  :: alluvial deposits
alluvionnaire {adj}  :: alluvial
alluvionnement {m}  :: alluvial deposit
alluvionnement {m}  :: deposition of alluvium; alluviation
alluvionner {v}  :: To deposit alluvium
allyle {m} [organic chemistry]  :: allyl
allylique {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: allylic
allylène {m} [organic compound]  :: allylene
almageste {m}  :: almagest
almanach {m}  :: almanac
almandin {m}  :: almandine
alémanique {adj}  :: Alemannic
almasilium {m}  :: An alloy used to make milk cans
almée {f}  :: almah
almicantarat {m}  :: almucantar
almohade {adj}  :: Almohad
almoravide {adj}  :: Almoravid (attributive)
Almoravide {mf}  :: Almoravid
ALÉNA {prop}  :: NAFTA
alêne {f}  :: awl
alogie {f}  :: alogia
alogique {adj}  :: alogical
alogiquement {adv}  :: alogically (without logic)
aloi {m}  :: quality, taste
alopécie {f} [pathology]  :: alopecia
alors {adv}  :: so; hence
alors {adv}  :: then (at that time)
alors que {adv}  :: as, while, when; whereas
aloès {m}  :: aloe
alose {f}  :: shad (fishes of the herring family)
alouate {m}  :: howler monkey
alouette {f}  :: lark (bird)
alourdir {v}  :: to pile up (of e.g. problems, to get worse)
alourdir {vt}  :: To weigh down
alourdissement {m}  :: weighing-down (act of weighing down)
aléoute {adj}  :: Aleut
aléoute {m}  :: Aleut (language)
aloyau {m}  :: sirloin
alp {abbr} [Internet slang, texting]  :: à la prochaine
ALP {abbr}  :: TTYL/TTYA/cul8r; abbreviation of à la prochaine
alpaga {m}  :: alpaca (sheeplike animal of the Andes)
alpage {m}  :: alpine (high mountain) pasturage
alpague {mf}  :: An overcoat (typically of alpaca)
alpaguer {v} [slang]  :: To collar (catch, seize, arrest)
alpe {m}  :: alpine pasture
alpenstock {m}  :: alpenstock
Alpes {prop}  :: Alps (a mountain range in Western Europe)
Alpes-de-Haute-Provence {prop}  :: Alpes-de-Haute-Provence
Alpes-Maritimes {prop}  :: Alpes-Maritimes
alpestre {adj}  :: alpine
alpha {m}  :: alpha (Greek letter)
alphabet {m}  :: alphabet (set of letters considered as a group)
alphabet latin {m}  :: A Latin alphabet, any alphabet based on the Roman one (devised for Latin)
Alphabet phonétique international {prop}  :: International Phonetic Alphabet; IPA
alphabète {adj}  :: literate
alphabétique {adj}  :: alphabetical (in the order of the letters of the alphabet)
alphabétiquement {adv}  :: alphabetically
alphabétisation {f}  :: elimination of illiteracy, the process of learning to write and to read (and to compute)
alphabétiser {vt}  :: To eliminate illiteracy in (a country)
alphabétiser {vt}  :: To teach to read and write
alphabétisme {m}  :: alphabetism
alphabétisme {m}  :: literacy, the characteristic of knowing how to read, write, and speak
alphanumérique {adj}  :: alphanumeric
Alphée {prop}  :: Alpheus
Alphonse {prop}  :: male given name
alphonsine {adj}  :: Alfonsine
Alphonsine {prop}  :: female given name, feminine diminutive form of Alphonse, the French equivalent of Alfonso
Alpicois {m}  :: A person from Le Pecq
Alpicoise {f}  :: feminine noun of Alpicois
alpicole {adj}  :: alpine (living in alpine regions)
alpiculteur {m}  :: alpine farmer
alpicultrice {f}  :: feminine singular form of alpiculteur
alpiculture {f}  :: alpine farming
alépin {adj}  :: of Aleppo
alpin {adj}  :: Alpine (pertaining to the Alps)
alpinisme {m}  :: mountaineering; hiking
alpiniste {mf}  :: mountaineer
alpiste {m}  :: canary grass
alérion {m} [heraldry]  :: alerion
alérion {m}  :: ultralight (aircraft)
alésé {adj} [heraldry]  :: detached; not reaching the edges; often said of a cross
Alès {prop}  :: A town in the Gard department of Languedoc-Roussillon
alsace {m}  :: Any of several wines produced in Alsace
Alsace {prop}  :: Alsace (region of France)
alsacien {adj}  :: Alsatian, from Alsace
alsacien {m}  :: Alsatian; dialect of German spoken in what is today France
Alsacien {m}  :: person from Alsace
Alsacienne {f}  :: feminine noun of Alsacien
alésage {m}  :: reaming, boring
alsatique {adj}  :: Relating to the history etc of Alsace
alèse {f}  :: alternative form of alaise
aléser {v}  :: to ream (a hole)
aléseur {m}  :: reamer, borer (person)
aléseuse {f}  :: boring machine (machine for boring)
alésien {adj}  :: Of of from Alès
alésoir {m}  :: reamer
altaïque {adj}  :: Altaic
alter- {prefix}  :: alter-
altercation {f}  :: Altercation
altermondialisation {f}  :: antiglobalization
altermondialisme {m}  :: antiglobalization
altermondialiste {adj}  :: antiglobalist
altermondialiste {mf}  :: antiglobalist
alternance {f}  :: alternation
alternance de code {f} [linguistics]  :: code-switching
alternant {adj}  :: alternating
alternat {m}  :: alternation
alternat {m}  :: The imposition of circulation alternée
alternateur {adj}  :: alternating
alternateur {m}  :: alternator (an electric generator which produces alternating current)
alternatif {adj}  :: alternating
alternatif {adj}  :: alternative (different)
alternative {f}  :: alternative
alternativement {adv}  :: alternatively
alternativement {adv}  :: in turn
alterner {v}  :: to alternate
altesse {f}  :: highness, Highness (title of respect)
althæa {m}  :: alternative form of althée
althaea {m}  :: alternative form of althæa
althée {m}  :: marshmallow (plant Althaea officinalis)
aléthique {adj}  :: alethic (logic: pertaining to the modalities of truth)
altier {adj}  :: haughty
altimètre {m}  :: altimeter
altimétrie {f}  :: altimetry
altiport {m}  :: mountain airfield
altièrement {adv}  :: haughtily
altise {f}  :: flea beetle (of tribe Alticini)
altiste {mf} [music]  :: A person who plays the alto saxophone
altisurface {f}  :: An airstrip at high altitude (especially in the Alps)
altitonnant {adj}  :: That thunders from above (as an epithet for a god)
altitude {f}  :: altitude
alto {m} [music]  :: alto
alto {m} [musici]  :: viola
altéré {adj}  :: altered, changed
altérabilité {f}  :: alterability
altérable {adj}  :: alterable
altération {f}  :: alteration
altérer {v}  :: to alter; change; fiddle with
altérer {v}  :: to cause thirst
altérité {f}  :: alterity
altruisme {m}  :: altruism
altruiste {adj}  :: altruistic (regardful of others; beneficent; unselfish)
altruiste {mf}  :: altruist
alu {m} [colloquial]  :: Short for aluminium
alucite {f}  :: fungus moth (of family Tineidae)
aluette {f}  :: A French regional card game
alula {f}  :: alula (feather)
aluminage {m}  :: aluminizing
aluminate {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: aluminate
alumine {f} [inorganic chemisty]  :: alumina
aluminer {v}  :: To aluminize
aluminerie {f}  :: A factory in which bauxite (or similar ore) is converted into aluminium metal
aluminiage {m}  :: aluminization, aluminizing
aluminium {m}  :: aluminum (element)
aluminosilicate {m}  :: aluminosilicate
aluminothermie {f}  :: aluminothermy
alun {m}  :: alum
aluner {v}  :: To alum
alunifère {adj}  :: aluminiferous
alunir {v}  :: to land on the Moon
alunissage {m}  :: lunar landing; act of landing on the Moon
alunite {f} [mineral]  :: alunite
alvin {adj}  :: alvine
alvéolé {adj}  :: honeycombed
alvéolage {m}  :: honeycombing
alvéolaire {adj}  :: alveolar
alvéole {m} [anatomy]  :: alveolus
alvéole {m}  :: cavity (in rock)
alvéole {m}  :: cell (in honeycomb), alveolus (of beehive)
alvéolectomie {f} [surgery]  :: alveolectomy
alvéole pulmonaire {m}  :: pulmonary alveolus
alvéolite {f} [pathology]  :: alveolitis
alvéolopalatal {adj}  :: alveopalatal
alysse {f}  :: alyssum
alysson {m}  :: synonym of alysse
alyte {f}  :: midwife toad
amabile {adv} [music]  :: in a tender, loving style
amabilité {f}  :: friendliness
amabilité {f}  :: gentleness
amabilité {f}  :: kindness
amadou {m}  :: lure; bait
amadou {m}  :: tinder; kindling; touchwood; spunk
Amadou {prop}  :: male given name, widely used in Islamic West Africa
amadouer {v}  :: to cajole
amadouer {v}  :: to coax; to sweet-talk (persuade gradually)
amadouer {v}  :: to humour (person)
amadouvier {m}  :: touchwood, tinder
amagnétique {adj}  :: nonmagnetic, amagnetic
amaigrir {vr} [said of a person]  :: to get thinner (in an unhealthy way), to become emaciated
amaigrir {vt} [said of an illness, hard work, abuse etc.]  :: to emaciate make thinner (in an unhealthy way)
amaigrissement {m}  :: emaciation
amal {m}  :: Amal (language)
amalfitain {adj}  :: Of or from Amalfi
amalgamation {f}  :: amalgamation
amalgame {m}  :: amalgam
amalgame {m}  :: amalgamation
amalgamer {v}  :: to amalgamate
amandé {m}  :: almond milk
Amand {prop}  :: male given name
Amanda {prop}  :: female given name
amandaie {f}  :: almond grove / plantation
amande {f}  :: almond (the nut)
amandier {m}  :: almond tree
amandin {adj} [rare]  :: almond-like, amygdalic
amandine {f}  :: amandine
Amandine {prop}  :: female given name, popular from the 1980s to the 2000s
amanite {f}  :: amanita
amant {m}  :: lover
amante {f}  :: (Female) lover
amarantacée {f}  :: amaranth (of family Amaranthaceae)
amarante {adj}  :: amaranth (color)
amarante {f}  :: amaranth (colour)
amarante {f}  :: amaranth (herb)
amarante {f}  :: purpleheart (tree)
amaranthe {f}  :: archaic spelling of amarante
amaretto {m}  :: A glass of it
amaretto {m}  :: The sweet-bitter liquer amaretto
amareyeur {m}  :: synonym of ostréiculteur
amareyeuse {f}  :: feminine singular form of amareyeur
amaril {adj} [pathology]  :: yellow fever (attributive)
amarinage {m}  :: The act of becoming a sailor
amariner {v}  :: To become a sailor
amariner {v}  :: To get one's sea legs
amarnien {adj}  :: Of or from Amarna
amarrage {m}  :: docking (of spacecraft)
amarrage {m} [nautical]  :: mooring
amarre {f}  :: rope, mooring
amarrer {v} [nautical]  :: to moor
amarsir {vi} [of a spacecraft]  :: To land on the surface of the planet Mars
amarsissage {m}  :: (of a spacecraft) Mars landing
amaryllidacée {f}  :: amaryllid (of the family Amaryllidaceae)
amaryllis {m}  :: amaryllis
amas {m} [astronomy]  :: cluster
amas {m}  :: pile, heap
amas d'étoiles {m} [astronomy]  :: star cluster
amas globulaire {m}  :: globular cluster
amas ouvert {m}  :: open cluster (star cluster)
amasser {v}  :: to amass; to gather up
amassette {f} [art]  :: palette knife (used in mixing paint)
amas stellaire {m}  :: star cluster
amateur {adj}  :: amateur
amateur {m}  :: a lover of something
amateur {m}  :: amateur
amateurisme {m}  :: amateurism
amateurisme {m} [pejorative]  :: amateurishness
amatir {v}  :: To give gold or silver a matte finish
amaurose {f} [pathology]  :: amaurosis
amaurotique {adj} [pathology]  :: amaurotic
Amaury {prop}  :: male given name, cognate to English Amory
amazigh {adj}  :: Amazigh, Berber
amazigh {m}  :: Amazigh, Berber (language)
amazighité {f}  :: Amazighity
amazighophone {adj}  :: Berberophone
amazighophone {mf}  :: Berberophone
amazone {f}  :: amazon (bird)
amazone {f}  :: Amazon (race of females)
amazone {f} [equestrian]  :: sidesaddle (riding technique)
Amazone {prop}  :: Amazon (river)
amazonien {adj}  :: Amazon
amazonite {f}  :: amazonite
ambage {m} [especially in plural]  :: ambage
ambassade {f}  :: An embassy, diplomatic represention in a foreign state, notably headed by an ambassador
ambassadeur {m}  :: ambassador
ambassadrice {f}  :: ambassadress, female ambassador
ambassadrice {f}  :: wife of an ambassador
amœbe {f}  :: obsolete form of amibe
ambi- {prefix}  :: ambi-
ambiance {f}  :: ambiance, atmosphere
ambiancer {v} [Africa]  :: to make an ambience, to cause ambience
ambianceur {m}  :: host, entertainer, MC
ambianceur {m}  :: One who creates an ambiance or atmosphere
ambianceur {m}  :: party animal, partier
ambiant {adj}  :: ambient
ambidextre {adj}  :: ambidextrous (having equal ability with both hands)
ambidextre {mf}  :: ambidextrous person
ambidextrie {f}  :: ambidexterity
ambieanceuse {f}  :: feminine noun of ambianceur
amœbien {adj}  :: obsolete form of amibien
amœbiforme {mf}  :: obsolete form of amibiforme
ambigüité {f}  :: alternative form of ambiguïté
ambigrammatique {adj}  :: ambigrammatic
ambigramme {m}  :: ambigram (a design that may be read in two different ways)
ambigu {adj}  :: ambiguous (open to multiple interpretations)
ambigu {m}  :: ambiguation
ambigument {adv}  :: ambiguously
ambiguïté {f}  :: ambiguity (something liable to more than one interpretation)
ambiophonie {f}  :: ambiophonics
ambiophonie {f}  :: surround sound
ambisexué {adj}  :: ambisexual
ambitieusement {adv}  :: ambitiously
ambitieux {adj}  :: ambitious
ambition {f}  :: ambition (feeling)
ambitionner {v}  :: to aim for; go for; set as one's goal
ambivalence {f}  :: ambiguity
ambivalence {f}  :: ambivalence
ambivalent {adj}  :: ambivalent, ambiguous, equivocal
ambler {v}  :: to amble
ambleur {adj}  :: ambling (of a quadruped, walking with front and back legs in phase)
amblyope {adj}  :: amblyopic
amblyope {mf}  :: amblyope
amblyopie {f}  :: amblyopia (dimness or blurring of the eyesight)
amblyoscope {m}  :: amblyoscope
amblystome {m}  :: synonym of ambystome
amœbocyte {m}  :: obsolete form of amibocyte
amœboïde {adj}  :: obsolete form of amiboïde
amœboïde {m}  :: obsolete form of amiboïde
ambon {m} [architecture]  :: ambon
ambré {adj}  :: colored amber, of a brownish to yellow/orange colour
ambré {adj}  :: perfumed, notably musky with (or like) ambergris
ambre {m}  :: amber (fossil resin)
Ambre {prop}  :: female given name of modern usage, equivalent to English Amber
ambre gris {m}  :: ambergris (fatty substance)
ambre jaune {m}  :: amber (fossil resin)
ambrer {v}  :: to perfume with ambergris
ambrette {f}  :: abelmosk
ambroisie {f}  :: ambrosia, a food with a delicious flavour
ambroisie {f}  :: (Greek & Roman Mythology) ambrosia
ambrosien {adj}  :: Ambrosian
ambulacre {m}  :: avenue (with regular placing of trees)
ambulacre {m} [zoology]  :: ambulacrum
ambulance {f}  :: ambulance
ambulancier {m}  :: ambulance man, paramedic
ambulancière {f}  :: paramedic (female)
ambulant {adj}  :: walking, strolling
ambulatoire {adj}  :: ambulatory
ambuler {v}  :: To walk, stroll
ambystome {m}  :: mole salamander (of family Ambystomatidae)
AMC {initialism}  :: auto-mitrailleuse de combat: combat machine-gun carrier or armored car
AMD {initialism}  :: auto-mitrailleuse de découverte: reconnaissance machine-gun carrier or armored car
Ameline {prop}  :: female given name
amen {adv}  :: amen
amen {m}  :: amen
amenage {m}  :: bringing, fetching
amenage {m}  :: lift, ride (in a vehicle)
amendable {adj}  :: amendable
amende {f}  :: fine (payment)
amendement {m}  :: amendment
amender {vt} [figuratively]  :: to mend (one's ways), reform
amender {vt}  :: to amend
amender {vt}  :: to improve [e.g. land, conduct]
amener {v}  :: to bring (a person), take, fetch, give a lift, give a ride
amener {v}  :: to lead
amener {v}  :: to reel in (a fish)
amentifère {adj} [botany]  :: amentiferous
amenuir {v}  :: To dwindle, diminish
amenuisement {m}  :: diminution
amenuiser {vr} [of e.g. supplies]  :: to dwindle; to run low
amenuiser {vr}  :: to get slimmer; to slim
amenuiser {vt}  :: To make thinner
amenuiser {vt}  :: to thin out
amer {adj}  :: bitter
amer {adj}  :: sour
amerissage {m}  :: alternate spelling of amerrissage (splashdown [landing in the sea])
amerloque {m} [informal, sometimes, pejorative]  :: Yank, Yankee
amerrir {v}  :: to crash-land (in water)
amerrir {v}  :: to splash down (land in water)
amerrissage {m} [aeronautics]  :: splashdown (landing into water)
amerrissage {m} [aviation]  :: ditching (crash-landing into water)
amertume {f}  :: bitterness
ameublement {m}  :: furniture
ameublir {v}  :: To soften
ameublissement {m}  :: softening
ameuter {v}  :: to alert
ameuter {v}  :: to incite, to stir up
amha {adv}  :: alternative spelling of àmha
amharique {adj}  :: Amharic (relating to the Amharic language)
amharique {m}  :: Amharic (Ethiopian language)
ami {m}  :: friend (one who is affectionately attached to another)
ami {m}  :: male friend
amiable {adj}  :: amiable
amiablement {adv}  :: amicably
amiablement {adv}  :: kindly, graciously
amianté {adj}  :: asbestos-ridden; full of asbestos
amiantacé {adj}  :: Relating to, containing or resembling asbestos
amiante {m}  :: asbestos
amibe {f}  :: amoeba (a genus of unicellular protozoa)
amibiase {f} [pathology]  :: amoebiasis, amebiasis
amibien {adj}  :: amoeban
amiboïde {adj}  :: ameboid
amiboïde {m}  :: ameboid
amical {adj}  :: friendly, amicable
amicalement {adv}  :: friendly (in a friendly manner)
amict {m}  :: amice
amide {m} [organic chemistry]  :: amide
amidon {m}  :: starch
amidonnage {m}  :: starching
amidonner {v}  :: to starch (apply starch)
amidonnerie {f}  :: starch factory
amidonnier {m}  :: emmer (Triticum turgidum)
amidopyrine {f}  :: amidopyrine
amidure {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: amide (NH2- anion)
amie {f}  :: A (female) friend
Amiens {prop}  :: Amiens (city)
amiette {f} [archaic]  :: female lover
aminé {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: amino
amincir {vr}  :: to get thinner
amincir {vt}  :: to thin (down)
amincissant {adj}  :: slimming; slimline
amincissement {m}  :: thinning
amino- {prefix}  :: amino-
aminoacide {m} [organic chemistry]  :: amino acid
aminoadipique {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: aminoadipic
aminoalcool {m} [organic chemistry]  :: amino alcohol
aminobutyrique {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: aminobutyric
aminogramme {m}  :: aminogram
amiénois {adj}  :: pertaining to Amiens, France
Amiénois {m}  :: inhabitant of Amiens, France
Amiénoise {f}  :: feminine noun of Amiénois
aminolévulinique {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: aminolevulinic / aminolaevulinic
aminométhane {m} [organic compound]  :: aminomethane, methylamine
aminoplaste {m}  :: aminoplastic
amiral {adj}  :: of or belonging to an admiral
amiral {m}  :: admiral (military officer)
amirale {f}  :: feminine noun of amiral
amiraulté {f}  :: admiralship
amiraulté {f}  :: admiralty
amirauté {f} [nautical]  :: admiralty, admiralship
amitié {f}  :: friendship, amity
amitose {m} [biology]  :: amitosis
AML {initialism}  :: auto-mitrailleuse lourde: heavy machine-gun carrier or armored car
amélanchier {m}  :: serviceberry (plant)
Amélie {prop}  :: female given name, cognate to Amelia
améliorable {adj}  :: improvable (able to be improved)
améliorant {adj}  :: ameliorating
améliorateur {m}  :: ameliorator
amélioration {f}  :: improvement
amélioratrice {f}  :: feminine singular form of améliorateur
améliorer {v}  :: to improve, to ameliorate
ammeistre {m}  :: alderman (sometimes mayor) in Alsace
-amment {suffix}  :: Variant of -ment appended to adjectives ending with -ant
Ammerschwihr {prop}  :: A commune in Alsace, eastern France, near the large town of Colmar
ammestre {m}  :: alternative form of ammeistre
ammodyte {f}  :: ammodyte (all senses)
ammoniac {adj} [inorganic chemistry]  :: ammonic, ammonical
ammoniac {m} [inorganic compound]  :: ammonia
ammoniacal {adj}  :: ammoniacal
ammonisation {f}  :: ammonization
ammonite {f}  :: ammonite
ammonitique {adj}  :: ammonitic
ammonium {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: ammonium
ammophile {f}  :: marram (of genus Ammophila)
ammophile {f}  :: sand wasp (of genus Ammophila)
ammorti {m}  :: stop (tennis: short shot)
aménageable {adj}  :: developable, convertible (to a specific use)
aménagement {m}  :: adjusting
aménagement {m}  :: development (of a district)
aménagement {m}  :: fitting out (of a place)
aménagement {m}  :: laying out (of ground)
aménagement {m}  :: planning
aménager {v}  :: to develop, convert (to an intended use)
aménager {v}  :: to lay out, fit out
aménageur {m}  :: developer (etc)
aménageuse {f}  :: feminine noun of aménageur
amène {adj}  :: Amene; pleasant
amœne {adj}  :: obsolete form of amène
amniocentèse {f} [medicine]  :: amniocentesis
amnioscopie {f}  :: amnioscopy
amniotique {adj}  :: amniotic
amnistie {f}  :: amnesty
amnistier {vt}  :: to amnesty
aménité {f}  :: niceness; agreeableness
aménorrhée {f}  :: amenorrhea
amnésie {f}  :: amnesia
amnésique {adj}  :: amnesic
amocher {vt} [colloquial]  :: to mess up
amodiataire {m}  :: lessee (especially of land or a farm)
amodiateur {m}  :: lessee (especially of land or a farm)
amodiation {f}  :: leasing / renting (of land or a farm)
amodier {v}  :: To rent or lease land or a farm
amoindrir {vr}  :: to shrink, wean, reduce
amoindrir {vt}  :: to lessen, degrade, decrease, shrink
amoindrir {vt}  :: to weaken
amoindrissement {m}  :: weakening
amollir {v}  :: to soften
amollissant {adj}  :: softening; that softens
amollissant {m}  :: softener
amollissement {f}  :: softening
amome {m}  :: amomum
amonceler {vr}  :: to build up; to accumulate
amonceler {vt} [uncommon]  :: to pile up
amoncellement {m}  :: heap, pile
amoncèlement {m}  :: alternative spelling of amoncellement
amont {m}  :: The uphill part of a mountain
amont {m}  :: The upstream part of a river
amontillado {m}  :: amontillado
amorçage {m} [computing]  :: booting
amorçage {m}  :: priming
amoral {adj}  :: amoral
amoralement {adv} [rare]  :: amorally
amoralisme {m}  :: amoralism
amoraliste {m}  :: amoralist
amorcé {adj}  :: primed
amorce {f}  :: bait (used to catch fish)
amorce {f} [biology]  :: primer (strand)
amorce {f} [figuratively]  :: bait
amorce {f}  :: primer (substance used to start a fire)
amorcer {v} [computing]  :: To boot
amorcer {v} [fishing]  :: to bait, chum (try to attract fish with bait)
amorcer {v} [fishing]  :: to bait (lace with bait)
amorcer {v}  :: to bait (e.g. an enemy, to react)
amorcer {v}  :: to bait in, to string in, reel in
amorcer {v}  :: to begin, to get to work on (to commence a project)
amorcer {v}  :: to break ground (start construction work)
amorcer {v}  :: to prime , set in motion
amordancer {v}  :: To mordant
amoroso {adv} [music]  :: in a tender, loving style
amorphe {adj}  :: amorphous (physics: in the non-chrystalline state of solid)
amorphe {adj}  :: sluggish, inert (lacking vivacity)
amorti {m} [baseball]  :: bunt
amorti {m} [soccer]  :: first touch, control
amorti {m} [tennis]  :: drop shot
amortir {v} [architecture]  :: to put an amortizement on
amortir {v} [finance]  :: to pay off, amortize; to redeem (a title)
amortir {v}  :: to cushion, absorb, soften (shock, blow etc.)
amortir {v}  :: to deaden, muffle (noise)
amortissable {adj}  :: depreciable
amortissement {m}  :: amortizement
amortissement {m}  :: cushioning, softening, or deafening of a sound or impact
amortisseur {m}  :: damper
amortisseur {m}  :: shock absorber
amour {m}  :: love
Amour {prop}  :: Amur (the river between the Far East Russia and China)
amouracher {vr}  :: to fall hopelessly in love; to be infatuated ([[de with]])
amour de soi {m}  :: self-love
amourette {f}  :: a crush (feeling of romantic attraction)
amoureuse {f}  :: feminine noun of amoureux
amoureusement {adv}  :: amorously
amoureux {adj}  :: in love
amoureux {m}  :: lover
amour libre {m}  :: free love
amour-propre {m}  :: The quality of self-love, positive regard for oneself
amours {n}  :: love affairs
amovibilité {f}  :: removability
amovible {adj} [legal]  :: removable
amovible {adj}  :: removable, detachable
amoxicilline {f} [medicine]  :: amoxicillin
amphi {m} [colloquial]  :: lecture theatre
amphiarthrose {f}  :: amphiarthrosis
amphibie {adj}  :: amphibious (all meanings)
amphibie {m} [dated]  :: amphibian
amphibien {m}  :: amphibian
amphibole {f} [mineral]  :: amphibole
amphibologie {f}  :: amphibology
amphibologique {adj}  :: amphibological
amphibologiquement {adv}  :: amphibologically
amphictyon {m}  :: amphictyon
amphictyonie {f}  :: amphictyony
amphictyonique {adj}  :: amphictyonic
amphigouri {m}  :: gibberish
amphigouri {m}  :: rigmarole
amphigourique {adj}  :: enigmatic, obscure, puzzling
amphigouriquement {adv}  :: enigmatically, obscurely, puzzlingly
amphimixie {f}  :: amphimixis
amphipathique {adj} [chemistry]  :: amphipathic
Amphipolis {prop}  :: Amphipolis (ancient Greek city)
amphisbène {m}  :: amphisbaena
amphisbène {m}  :: worm lizard (of clade Amphisbaenia)
amphithéâtre {m}  :: amphitheatre
amphithéâtre {m}  :: lecture theatre
amphitryon {m}  :: host (at a dinner party)
ampholyte {m}  :: ampholyte
amphore {f}  :: amphora
amphotère {adj} [chemistry]  :: amphoteric
amphétamine {f}  :: amphetamine
ample {adj}  :: plentiful, abundant, copious, profuse, ample
amplement {adv}  :: amply
ampleur {f} [of clothing etc.]  :: fullness
ampleur {f}  :: opulence, liberalness (of style etc.)
ampleur {f}  :: scale, size, extent, scope (of problem, project, deficit etc.)
ampleur {f}  :: volume (of sound)
ampli {m}  :: amp (amplifier)
ampliatif {adj}  :: ampliative
ampliation {f}  :: ampliation
ampélidacée {f}  :: vine (of the family Ampelidaceae)
amplificateur {m}  :: amplifier
amplification {f}  :: amplification
amplifier {v}  :: to amplify
ampliforme {adj}  :: padded, enhanced, amplifying (of a bra)
amplitude {f}  :: amplitude
ampélographie {f}  :: ampelography
ampoulé {adj}  :: exaggerated; over the top
ampoule {f}  :: ampoule
ampoule {f}  :: light bulb
ampoulément {adv} [figuratively]  :: exaggeratedly
ampère {m}  :: ampere
Ampère {prop}  :: French surname, known for:
ampèremètre {m}  :: ammeter
amputation {f}  :: amputation
amputer {v}  :: to amputate
AMR {initialism}  :: auto-mitrailleuse de reconnaissance: reconnaissance machine-gun carrier or armored car
amèrement {adv}  :: bitterly
américain {adj}  :: pertaining to America or the American people
américain {m}  :: sandwich, generally with ham or pork, and French fries
Américain {m}  :: American; someone born in, or a citizen or inhabitant of, the United States of America
américaine {f} [cycling]  :: madison (cycling discipline)
Américaine {f}  :: feminine noun of Américain
américanisation {f}  :: Americanization
américaniser {v}  :: to Americanize (to make American)
américanisme {m}  :: Americanism
américaniste {adj}  :: Americanist (relating to the anthropology of Native Americans)
américanité {f}  :: Americanness
américium {m}  :: americium
américyle {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: americyl
amérindien {adj}  :: Amerindian
amérindien {m}  :: Amerindian
Amérindien {m}  :: Amerindian
Amérindienne {f}  :: feminine noun of Amérindien
Amérique {prop}  :: America (as in the Americas), may sometimes be used informally to refer to the United States of America
Amérique centrale {prop}  :: Central America
Amérique du Nord {prop}  :: North America
Amérique du Sud {prop}  :: South America
Amérique latine {prop}  :: Latin America
amérissage {m}  :: alternative form of amerissage
amstellodamien {adj}  :: Of or from Amsterdam
amstellodamois {adj}  :: From Amsterdam
Amsterdam {prop}  :: Amsterdam (placename)
ams tram gram {phrase}  :: eeny, meeny, miny, moe
AMT {prop} [transport]  :: MTA - AMT - Agence métropolitaine de transport - the public transit agency for the CMM
amétabole {adj} [biology]  :: ametabolous
améthyste {f}  :: amethyst
amétrine {f} [mineral]  :: ametrine
amétrope {adj}  :: ametropic
amétropie {f}  :: ametropia
amulette {f}  :: amulet (object intended to bring protection to its owner)
amuïr {v} [linguistics]  :: To mutate (become mute)
amure {f} [nautucal]  :: tack (sailing against the wind)
amurer {v} [nautical]  :: To tack (sail against the wind)
amusant {adj}  :: amusing; funny
amusant {adj}  :: fun
amuse-bouche {m}  :: hors d'oeuvre, appetiser/appetizer
amuse-gueule {m}  :: snack
amusement {m}  :: amusement
amuser {vr} [s'amuser]  :: to have fun, to enjoy oneself
amuser {vt}  :: to amuse, to entertain
amusette {f}  :: amusette (weapon)
amusette {f}  :: puzzle (enigma, question)
amuseur {m}  :: amuser
amuseur {m}  :: (mere) entertainer
amuseuse {f}  :: feminine noun of amuseur
amusie {f}  :: amusia
amuïssement {m} [linguistics]  :: mutation, muting
amygdale {f} [anatomy]  :: tonsil
amygdalectomie {f} [surgery]  :: tonsillectomy
amygdalite {f} [pathology]  :: tonsillitis
amylacé {adj}  :: starched
amylase {f} [enzyme]  :: amylase
amyle {m} [organic chemistry]  :: amyl
amylique {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: amylic
amylène {m} [organic compound]  :: amylene
amylobacter {m}  :: amylobacter
amylopectine {f} [carbohydrate]  :: amylopectin
amyotrophie {f} [pathology]  :: amyotrophy
amyotrophique {adj}  :: amyotrophic
aîné {adj}  :: oldest, elder (sibling)
aîné {m}  :: eldest (boy)
aîné {m}  :: older brother
an {m}  :: A year
ana- {prefix}  :: ana-
anabaptisme {m}  :: Anabaptism
anabaptiste {adj}  :: Anabaptist
anabase {f}  :: anabasis
anabolisant {adj}  :: anabolic
anabolisant {m}  :: anabolic steroid
anabolisme {m} [biochemistry]  :: anabolism
anabolite {f}  :: anabolite
anacarde {m}  :: cashew
anacardier {m}  :: cashew (tree)
anachorète {m}  :: anchorite (one who lives in seclusion)
anachorète {m}  :: anchorite (religious person)
anachorétique {adj}  :: anachoretic
anachorétisme {m}  :: anachoretism
anachronique {adj}  :: anachronic
anachroniquement {adv}  :: anachronistically
anachronisme {m}  :: anachronism (chronological mistake)
anacoluthe {m}  :: anacoluthon
anaconda {m}  :: anaconda
anacréontique {adj}  :: anacreontic
anacrouse {f} [music]  :: anacrusis
anacruse {f}  :: alternative form of anacrouse
anadrome {adj}  :: anadromous (of migratory fish)
anaglyphe {m}  :: anaglyph
anaglyptique {adj}  :: anaglyptic
anagnoste {m}  :: anagnostes
anagogie {f}  :: anagoge
anagogie {f}  :: anagogy
anagogique {adj}  :: anagogic
anagrammatique {adj}  :: anagrammatical
anagrammatiquement {adv}  :: anagrammatically
anagramme {f}  :: anagram (word or phrase created by rearranging letters from another word or phrase)
anal {adj}  :: anal (relating to the anus)
analement {adv}  :: anally
analeptique {adj}  :: analeptic
analgésie {f}  :: analgesia
analgésique {m}  :: analgesic, painkiller
analité {f} [psychology]  :: anality
anallergique {adj}  :: hypoallergenic
analogie {f}  :: analogy (similar example as explanation)
analogique {adj}  :: analog
analogique {adj}  :: analogous
analogiquement {adv}  :: analogously
analogon {m}  :: analogue
analogon {m} [psychology]  :: The other
analogue {adj}  :: analogous
analphabète {adj}  :: illiterate
analphabétisme {m}  :: illiteracy (inability to read)
analycité {f}  :: synonym of analyticité
analysable {adj}  :: analyzable, analysable
analyse {f}  :: analysis
analyser {v}  :: to analyse
analyseur {m}  :: analyser / analyzer
analyste {mf}  :: analyst (person who analyzes)
analyticité {f}  :: analyticity
analytique {adj}  :: analytic, analytical
analytiquement {adv}  :: analytically
anamnèse {f}  :: anamnesis (medical history of a patient)
anamorphose {f}  :: anamorphosis
ananas {m}  :: pineapple
Anansi {prop}  :: Anansi (trickster spider in West African and Caribbean folklore)
anéantir {v}  :: to wipe out, to destroy, to shatter
anéantissement {m}  :: annihilation, destruction
anapeste {m} [prosody]  :: anapest
anaphase {f}  :: anaphase
anaphore {f}  :: anaphora (repetition of a phrase used for emphasis)
anaphorique {adj}  :: anaphoric (relating to an anaphora)
anaphoriquement {adv}  :: anaphorically
anaphorèse {f}  :: anaphoresis
anaphrodisiaque {adj}  :: anaphrodisiac
anaphrodisiaque {m}  :: anaphrodisiac
anaphrodisie {f}  :: anaphrodisia
anaphylactique {adj}  :: anaphylactic
anaphylaxie {f} [pathology]  :: anaphylaxis
anaplastie {f}  :: anaplasty
anar {adj}  :: anarchist
anarchie {f}  :: Anarchy, absence of any form of political authority or government
anarchie {f} [figuratively]  :: A state of utter disorder, advanced disorganization and confusion
anarchique {adj}  :: anarchic
anarchiquement {adv}  :: anarchically
anarchisant {adj}  :: anarchist (attributive)
anarchisant {m}  :: anarchist
anarchisme {m}  :: anarchism
anarchiste {adj}  :: anarchistic
anarchiste {mf}  :: anarchist, adherent of anarchism
anarcho-syndicalisme {m}  :: alternative form of anarchosyndicalisme
anarchosyndicalisme {m}  :: anarchosyndicalism
anarcho-syndicaliste {adj}  :: alternative form of anarchosyndicaliste
anarchosyndicaliste {adj}  :: anarchosyndicalist
anaérobie {adj}  :: anaerobic
anaérobie {m} [biology]  :: anaerobe
anarthrie {f}  :: anarthria
Anaïs {prop}  :: female given name, a variant of the Greek Anaitis which is derived from the Old Persian Anahita
anasarque {f} [pathology]  :: anasarca, hydrops
anastase {f}  :: anastasis
Anastasie {prop}  :: female given name, cognate to Anastasia
anastigmat {m}  :: anastigmat
anastigmatique {adj}  :: anastigmatic
anastomosé {adj}  :: anastomosed
anastomose {f}  :: anastomosis
anastomoser {v}  :: To anastomose
anastrophe {f}  :: anastrophe
anastylose {f} [architecture]  :: anastylosis (reassembly of ruined monuments)
anathématisation {f}  :: anathematization
anathématiser {v}  :: To anathematize
anathème {f}  :: anathema (ban or curse)
anatidé {m}  :: anatid
anatife {f}  :: barnacle
anational {adj} [rare]  :: anational
anatocisme {m}  :: anatocism, compound interest
Anatole {prop}  :: male given name
anatolien {adj} [linguistics]  :: Anatolian
anatomie {f}  :: anatomy; dissection
anatomie {f}  :: anatomy (structure of a living being)
anatomie {f}  :: anatomy (study)
anatomie {f} [figuratively]  :: dissection; study
anatomique {adj}  :: anatomical
anatomiquement {adv}  :: anatomically
anatomiser {v}  :: To anatomize
anatomiste {mf}  :: anatomist
anatomopathologie {f}  :: pathological anatomy
anatoxine {f}  :: anatoxin
anatron {n}  :: obsolete form of natron
anavenin {m}  :: anavenom, antivenin
-ance {suffix}  :: -ance (suffix used to form nouns)
ancelle {f} [obsolete]  :: female servant
ancestral {adj}  :: ancestral
anche {f}  :: A chute by which flour falls from the mill to the bin
anche {f} [music]  :: reed
anchoïade {f}  :: A traditional Provençal dish consisting of anchovy, caper, olive oil and garlic
anchois {m}  :: anchovy (small saltwater fish)
anéchoïque {adj}  :: anechoic
ancien {adj} [after a noun]  :: ancient
ancien {adj} [before a noun]  :: old, former, ex-:
ancien français {m}  :: Old French (French language from 9th to the early 15th century)
anciennement {adv}  :: formerly
ancienneté {f}  :: oldness (state of being old)
ancienneté {f}  :: seniority (state of being senior)
ancien occitan {m}  :: the Old Occitan language
ancien régime {m}  :: a former government
Ancien Régime {prop} [historical]  :: Ancien Régime
Ancien Testament {prop}  :: Old Testament
ancillaire {adj}  :: ancillary
ancille {f}  :: alternative form of ancelle
Ancône {prop}  :: Ancona (city and province of Italy)
ancônitain {adj}  :: Anconan
Ancônitain {m}  :: Anconan
Ancônitaine {f}  :: feminine noun of Ancônitain
ancolie {f}  :: columbine (of genus Aquilegia)
ancré {adj}  :: anchoring, fixing
ancrage {m} [nautical]  :: anchorage (haven)
ancrage {m} [nautical]  :: anchoring (dropping the anchor)
ancre {f}  :: anchor (of a ship)
ancrer {v} [nautical]  :: to anchor
ancrer {v}  :: to fix, to anchor, to make permanent
ancêtre {mf}  :: forefather; ancestor
andain {m}  :: swath
andain de neige {m}  :: (man-made) snow pile
andalou {adj}  :: Andalusian
Andalou {m}  :: Andalusian
Andalouse {f}  :: feminine noun of Andalou
Andalousie {prop}  :: Andalusia (autonomous community of Spain)
andalousite {f} [mineral]  :: andalusite
andante {adv} [music]  :: andante
andante {m} [music]  :: andante
andantino {adv} [music]  :: andantino
Andes {prop}  :: the Andes
andin {adj}  :: Andean
andin {m}  :: Andean
andorran {adj}  :: Andorran
Andorran {m}  :: Andorran
Andorrane {f}  :: feminine noun of Andorran
Andorre {prop}  :: Andorra
Andorre-la-Vieille {prop}  :: Andorra la Vella
andouille {f}  :: andouille
andouille {f} [slang]  :: imbecile, numpty, fool
andouiller {vm} [hunting]  :: tine (a small horn that grows in the antlers of a deer, buck, or roe deer)
andouillette {f}  :: A piece of andouille; a small spiced pork sausage
André {prop}  :: Andrew. [biblical character]
André {prop}  :: French surname
André {prop}  :: male given name, cognate to English Andrew
Andrée {prop}  :: female given name, the feminine form of André; equivalent to English Andrea
andrinople {f}  :: Turkey red (colour)
andrène {mf}  :: sand bee, mining bee (of the family Andrenidae)
androcée {m} [botany]  :: androecium
androcéphale {adj}  :: androcephalous
androïde {m}  :: android (robot with human form)
androgenèse {f}  :: androgenesis
androgène {adj}  :: androgenous
androgénie {f}  :: androgeny
androgyne {adj}  :: androgynous
androgyne {mf}  :: androgyne, androgynous person
androgyne {mf}  :: androgyne, androgynous plant
androgynie {f}  :: androgyny
androgynéité {f}  :: androgyny
andrologie {f}  :: andrology
andrologue {mf}  :: andrologist
Andromède {prop}  :: Andromeda (mythical daughter of Cepheus)
Andromède {prop} [astronomy]  :: Andromeda
andropause {f}  :: andropause
androphobe {mf}  :: androphobe
androphobie {f}  :: androphobia
Andros {prop}  :: Andros
androstérone {f} [organic compound]  :: androsterone
andésite {f} [mineral]  :: andesite
aînée {f}  :: eldest (female person)
anecdote {f}  :: anecdote
anecdotier {m}  :: anecdotist, storyteller
anecdotique {adj}  :: anecdotal
anecdotiquement {adv}  :: anecdotally
anecdotière {f}  :: feminine singular form of anecdotier
anecdotiste {mf}  :: anecdotist
aneigissage {m}  :: landing (touchdown) on snow and/or ice
aînesse {f}  :: primogeniture
anesthésie {f}  :: anesthesia
anesthésier {v}  :: to anesthetize
anesthésiologie {f}  :: anesthesiology
anesthésiologiste {m}  :: anesthesiologist
anesthésique {adj}  :: anesthetic
anesthésique {f}  :: anesthetic
anesthésiste {mf}  :: anesthetist
aneth {m}  :: dill (herb)
aneutronique {adj} [physics]  :: aneutronic
anexact {adj} [philosophy]  :: Essentially, rather than accidentally inexact
anexactement {adv}  :: In an anexact manner
anfractuosité {f}  :: crevice
angarier {v}  :: To vex, torment
ange {m}  :: angel
Ange {prop} or=female given name, also used in compound names like Marie-Ange
ange déchu {m} [religion]  :: fallen angel
ange gardien {m}  :: guardian angel
angelet {m}  :: A little angel
angelin {adj}  :: of or relating to Los Angeles, California
Angelin {m}  :: Someone from Los Angeles, California
Angeline {prop}  :: female given name, a variant of Angelina
angelot {m}  :: small angel
angelus {m}  :: alternative spelling of angélus
angevin {adj}  :: of or from Angers
angevin {adj}  :: of or from the region of Anjou
Angevin {m}  :: someone of or from Angers
Angevin {m}  :: someone of or from Anjou
angiectasie {f} [pathology]  :: arterial ectasis
angiite {f} [pathology]  :: angiitis
angine {f} [disease]  :: angina, sore throat, pharyngitis
angine {f} [disease]  :: tonsillitis
angine de cœur {f} [disease, obsolete]  :: angina pectoris
angine de poitrine {f} [disease]  :: angina pectoris (intermittent chest pain)
angine pultacée {f} [disease]  :: pultaceous angina
angineux {adj}  :: anginal
angio- {prefix}  :: angio-
angiocardiographie {f}  :: angiocardiography
angiocholite {f} [pathology]  :: cholangitis
angiographie {f}  :: angiography
angiologie {f}  :: angiology
angiome {m} [medicine]  :: angioma
angiosperme {f}  :: angiosperm
angéite {f} [pathology]  :: vasculitis
anglais {adj}  :: English
anglais {m}  :: English language
Anglais {m}  :: (male) English person
anglais américain {m}  :: American English
anglais britannique {m}  :: British English
Anglaise {f}  :: feminine noun of Anglais
anglaiser {v}  :: castrate
anglaiser {v} [slang, vulgar]  :: bugger, sodomize, rape anally
anglais sud-africain {prop}  :: South African English
angle {m}  :: A location at the corner of something, such as streets, buildings, furniture etc
angle {m}  :: A viewpoint or angle
angle {m} [geometry]  :: A geometric angle
Angèle {prop}  :: female given name, cognate to Angela
angledozer {m}  :: angledozer
angle droit {m} [geometry]  :: right angle (angle of 90 degrees)
angle mort {m}  :: blind spot (part of the road that cannot be seen)
anglet {m}  :: A v-shaped cavity in a wall
Angleterre {prop}  :: England
Angleterre du Nord-Est {prop}  :: North East England
anglican {adj}  :: Anglican
anglican {m}  :: Anglican
anglicanisme {m}  :: Anglicanism
angliche {adj} [colloquial, pejorative]  :: pom, limey, English
Angliche {mf} [colloquial, pejorative, usually plural]  :: Englishman/Englishwoman
angliciser {v}  :: to anglicise
anglicisme {m}  :: anglicism
angliciste {mf}  :: Anglicist
angélique {adj}  :: angelic (of or relating to angels)
angélique {adj}  :: angelic (very well-behaved)
angélique {f}  :: angelica (plant)
Angélique {prop}  :: female given name, cognate to Angelica
angéliquement {adv}  :: angelically
angélisme {m}  :: angelism
angéliste {mf}  :: angelist
anglo- {prefix}  :: Anglo-
anglo-arabe {m}  :: Anglo-Arabian, Anglo-Arab (thoroughbred horse)
anglo-français {adj}  :: Anglo-French
anglo-français {m}  :: Anglo-French, Anglo-Norman
anglois {adj}  :: archaic spelling of anglais
anglois {m}  :: archaic spelling of anglais
Anglois {m}  :: archaic spelling of Anglais
Angloise {f}  :: feminine noun of Anglois
angélologie {f}  :: angelology
anglomane {adj}  :: Anglomaniac
anglomane {mf}  :: Anglomaniac
anglomanie {f}  :: Anglomania
anglomexicain {adj}  :: anglo-Mexican
anglonormand {adj}  :: alternative spelling of anglo-normand
anglo-normand {adj}  :: Anglo-Norman
anglonormand {m}  :: alternative spelling of anglo-normand
anglo-normand {m}  :: Anglo-Norman
anglophile {adj}  :: Anglophilic
anglophile {mf}  :: Anglophile
anglophilie {f}  :: Anglophilia
anglophobe {adj}  :: Anglophobic
anglophobe {mf}  :: Anglophobe
anglophobie {f}  :: Anglophobia
anglophone {adj}  :: Anglophone, English-speaking; said of a person, group, region, or the like
anglophone {mf}  :: An anglophone, an English-speaking person
anglosaxon {adj}  :: alternative spelling of anglo-saxon
anglo-saxon {adj}  :: Anglo-Saxon
anglosaxon {m}  :: alternative spelling of anglo-saxon
anglo-saxon {m}  :: Anglo-Saxon (Old English language)
anglésite {f} [mineral]  :: anglesite
angélus {m}  :: angelus
angélus {m}  :: angelus bell
angoissé {adj}  :: tense; nervous
angoissé {adj}  :: worried; scared
angoissant {adj}  :: scary, nerve-racking, creepy
angoisse {f}  :: anguish, distress
angoisse {f}  :: fear, dread
angoisse {f} [philosophy]  :: angst
angoisse {f} [psychiatry]  :: anxiety
angoisser {vt}  :: to stress, to worry; to cause panic or fear
angolais {adj}  :: Angolan: of or relating to Angola
Angolais {m}  :: Person from Angola
Angolaise {f}  :: feminine noun of Angolais
angon {m} [weapons]  :: angon
angor {m}  :: angina pectoris
angora {m}  :: angora (all senses)
Angora {prop}  :: Ankara (capital of Turkey)
angostura {m}  :: angostura
Angoulême {prop}  :: A town in the Poitou-Charentes region
angstroem {m}  :: alternative form of ångström
anguiforme {adj}  :: anguiform, serpentine
anguille {f}  :: eel
anguillère {f}  :: A fishpond in which eels are bred
anguillule {f}  :: eelworm
angulaire {adj}  :: angular
angulairement {adv}  :: angularly
anguleux {adj}  :: angular, jagged
anguleux {adj} [figuratively]  :: stiff, prickly
angusticlave {m}  :: angusticlave
angustifolié {adj} [botany]  :: angustifoliate
angustura {m}  :: alternative form of angostura
angusture {f}  :: alternative form of angostura
anharmonique {adj} [physics]  :: anharmonic
anhédonie {f}  :: Anhedonia
anhidrose {f}  :: alternative form of anidrose
anhiste {adj}  :: anhistous
anhistorique {adj}  :: ahistorical (lacking historical perspective)
anhélation {f} [medical]  :: anhelation, shortness of breath
anhéler {vi} [medicine]  :: to breathe with difficulty
anhydre {adj} [chemistry]  :: anhydrous
anhydre {adj}  :: waterless
anhydride {m} [chemistry]  :: anhydride
anhydrite {m} [mineral]  :: anhydrite
ani {m}  :: ani (bird)
anicroche {f}  :: hitch (minor difficulty)
anidrose {f} [pathology]  :: anhidrosis
aniline {f} [organic compound]  :: aniline
anilisme {m} [pathology]  :: anilism
animé {adj}  :: alive
animé {adj}  :: animated
animé {adj}  :: lively
animé {m}  :: anime
animadversion {f}  :: animadversion (all senses)
animal {adj}  :: animal
animal {m}  :: animal
animalcule {m}  :: animalcule
animal de compagnie {m}  :: pet (animal)
animal domestique {m}  :: pet
animalement {adv}  :: animally; in a brutish manner
animalerie {f}  :: laboratory for animal testing
animalerie {f}  :: pet shop
animalier {adj} [attributive]  :: animal, wildlife
animalier {m}  :: An artist who draws or sculpts animals, wildlife artist
animaliser {v}  :: To animalize
animalisme {m}  :: animalism
animalité {f}  :: animality
animateur {m}  :: leader; group leader (person responsible for looking after or entertaining children)
animateur {m}  :: presenter
animation {f}  :: animation
animatrice {f}  :: feminine noun of animateur
animer {v} [animation]  :: To animate (draw animation)
animer {v}  :: to animate (give something life)
animer {v}  :: to animate (give vigour)
animer {v}  :: to spur on
animeusement {adv} [obsolete]  :: With animosity
animisme {m}  :: animism
animiste {mf}  :: animist
animosité {f}  :: animosity
anion {m}  :: anion
anionique {adj}  :: anionic
anis {m}  :: anise (plant and spice)
aniser {v}  :: to flavour with aniseed
anisette {f}  :: anisette
anisogame {adj}  :: anisogamous
anisogamie {f}  :: anisogamy
anisotrope {adj}  :: anisotropic (exhibiting anisotropy)
anisotropie {f}  :: anisotropy
anisotropique {adj}  :: anisotropic
anisotropiquement {adv}  :: anisotropically
anis étoile {m}  :: star anise
Anita {prop}  :: female given name of Spanish origin
Anjou {prop}  :: Anjou
Ankara {prop}  :: Ankara (the capital of Turkey)
ankylosé {adj}  :: ankylosed
ankylosant {adj}  :: ankylosing
ankylose {f} [pathology]  :: ankylosis
ankyloser {v}  :: To ankylose
ankylostome {m}  :: hookworm
anæmie {f}  :: obsolete form of anémie
anémie {f}  :: anemia (medical condition with decreased oxygen transport)
anémier {v}  :: to make, or to become anemic / anaemic
anémique {adj}  :: anaemic / anemic
anémogamie {f}  :: anemogamy
anémogramme {f}  :: anemogram
anémographe {m}  :: anemograph
anémomètre {m}  :: anemometer
anémone {f} [botany]  :: anemone (any plant of genus anemone)
anémone {f} [zoology]  :: anemone, sea anemone
anémone de mer {f}  :: sea anemone (polyp)
anémophile {adj} [botany]  :: anemophilous
Anna {prop}  :: female given name
annal {adj} [legal]  :: usable or available only for one year
annale {f}  :: annal
annales {fp} [plurale tantum]  :: annals
annaliste {m}  :: annalist
Annam {prop} [history]  :: Annam, a former colonial province of China, now part of Vietnam's present-day Tonkin
Annam {prop} [history]  :: Annam, one of the French protectorates in Vietnam, located in Central Vietnam
annamite {adj} [dated]  :: Annamite, Annamese
Annamite {mf}  :: Annamite (native or resident of Annam)
annécien {adj}  :: of or from Annecy
Annécien {m}  :: someone of or from Annecy
Annécienne {f}  :: feminine noun of Annécien
année {f}  :: year (period)
Anne {prop}  :: Anna, the prophetess (biblical figure)
Anne {prop}  :: female given name, cognate to English Ann
Anne {prop}  :: Hannah (biblical figure)
anneau {m} [astronomy]  :: ring
anneau {m} [juggling]  :: ring
anneau {m}  :: ring (circular shape)
anneau {m}  :: ring (round piece of (precious) metal worn around the finger)
année bissextile {f}  :: leap year
Annecy {prop}  :: Annecy
année-homme {f}  :: man-year (one person's working time)
annelé {adj}  :: ringed; circumscribed by a ring
Anne-Laure {prop}  :: female given name, combination of Anne and Laure
anneler {v}  :: To form into a ring
annelet {m} [heraldiccharge]  :: annulet
annelet {m}  :: small ring (metal object)
année-lumière {f}  :: light year (astronomical distance)
Anne-Marie {prop}  :: female given name, combination of Anne and Marie
Anne-Sophie {prop}  :: female given name, combination of Anne and Sophie
Annette {prop}  :: female given name, diminutive of Anne
annexe {adj}  :: annex [attributive]
annexe {f}  :: annex, appendix
annexer {v}  :: to annex
annexion {f}  :: annexation
annexionnisme {m}  :: annexationism
annexionniste {adj}  :: Of, or pertaining to, annexationism
annexionniste {mf}  :: annexationist
Annick {prop}  :: female given name, from a Breton diminutive of Anne
Annie {prop}  :: female given name
annihilation {f}  :: annihilation
annihiler {v}  :: to annihilate (to reduce to nothing, to destroy, to eradicate)
anniversaire {m}  :: anniversary
anniversaire {m}  :: birthday
annélidé {m}  :: annelid
annélide {m}  :: annelid
annonce {f}  :: advertisement
annoncer {v} [card games]  :: To declare
annoncer {v}  :: to announce
annoncer {v}  :: to approach
annoncer {v}  :: to predict, foretell
annoncer {v}  :: to show
annonceur {m}  :: advertiser
annonceur {m} [sports]  :: announcer, commentator
annonceuse {f}  :: announcer, commentator (female)
annonciateur {adj}  :: presaging, heralding, precursory
annonciateur {m}  :: annunciator
annonciation {f}  :: annunciation, announcement
Annonciation {prop}  :: Annunciation
annonciatrice {f}  :: announcer (female)
annoncier {m}  :: advertising and announcement editor (of a newspaper)
annoncière {f}  :: feminine singular form of annoncier
annone {m}  :: soursop (of the genus Annona)
annotateur {m}  :: annotator; someone who adds annotations to a text
annotation {f}  :: annotation
annotatrice {f}  :: feminine singular form of annotateur
annoter {v}  :: to annotate
annuaire {m}  :: annual; year book (yearly publication)
annuaire {m}  :: directory
annuaire téléphonique {m}  :: telephone directory, phone book
annualité {f}  :: annuality
annuel {adj}  :: annual, yearly
annuellement {adv}  :: annually, yearly
annuité {m}  :: annuity
annulable {adj}  :: cancelable, destroyable, voidable
annulaire {adj}  :: annular, ring-shaped
annulaire {m}  :: ring finger
annulation {f}  :: cancellation, revocation
annuler {v}  :: to cancel (to invalidate, to annul)
annulène {m} [organic chemistry]  :: annulene
anoblir {vt}  :: to ennoble, to knight (to bestow nobility, knighthood or a similar title upon somebody)
anoblissement {m}  :: ennoblement
anode {f}  :: anode (the electrode through which current flows into a device or cell)
anodin {adj}  :: anodyne
anodin {adj}  :: trivial
anodinement {adv}  :: anodynely
anodinement {adv}  :: trivially
anodique {adj}  :: anodic
anodisé {adj}  :: anodized
anodisation {f}  :: anodization
anodiser {vt}  :: To anodize
anodonte {m}  :: anodon
anomal {adj}  :: anomalous
anomalie {f}  :: anomaly
anomalie {f} [astronomy]  :: anomaly
anomie {f}  :: anomie
anomère {m} [organic chemistry]  :: anomer
anonymat {m}  :: anonymity
anonyme {adj}  :: anonymous
anonyme {m}  :: anonym
anonymement {adv}  :: anonymously
anonymie {f}  :: anonymity
anonymisation {f}  :: anonymization (act of making anonymous)
anonymiser {v}  :: anonymize (to render anonymous)
anonymité {f}  :: anonymity
anophèle {m}  :: anopheles
anorak {m}  :: anorak (heavy weatherproof jacket)
anordir {v} [of the wind]  :: To become northerly
anorexie {f}  :: anorexia
anorexique {adj}  :: anorexic
anorexique {mf}  :: anorexic person
anorgasmie {f}  :: anorgasmia
anormal {adj}  :: abnormal
anormalement {adv}  :: abnormally
anormalité {f}  :: abnormality (state of being abnormal)
anosmie {f}  :: anosmia
anosmique {adj}  :: anosmic
anosmique {mf}  :: anosmic
aïnou {m}  :: Ainu (language)
anoure {adj}  :: tailless
anoxie {f}  :: anoxia (condition in which a tissue or environment is totally deprived of oxygen)
anoxique {adj}  :: anoxic
anoxémie {f} [pathology]  :: anoxemia
anépigraphe {adj}  :: anepigraphic
anéroïde {adj}  :: aneroid
anéroïde {m}  :: An aneroid barometer
anséatique {adj}  :: alternative form of hanséatique
anse {f}  :: A handle, part of an object to be hand-held when used or moved
anse {f}  :: A hansa, system of collaborating port-states
anse {f}  :: A small bay (body of water)
anse {f} [geometry]  :: An arc segment, from which an object is suspended
anser {vt}  :: to fix a handle (to)
anspect {m}  :: handspike
ansérine {adj}  :: anserine
anæsthésie {f}  :: obsolete form of anesthésie
anæsthésique {adj}  :: obsolete form of anesthésique
anæsthésique {f}  :: obsolete form of anesthésique
anœstrus {m}  :: anestrus/anoestrus
anté- {prefix}  :: ante-; pre-
-ant {suffix}  :: -ing; suffix denoting the present participle of a verb
-ant {suffix} [rare]  :: A suffix deriving adjectives from words other than verbs
-ant {suffix}  :: Used to form nouns and adjectives out of verbs
antagonique {adj}  :: antagonistic
antagonisme {m}  :: antagonism
antagoniste {adj}  :: antagonistic; antagonising
antagoniste {m}  :: antagonist
antalgique {adj} [medicine]  :: analgesic
antalgique {m} [medicine]  :: analgesic, painkiller
antan {m} [archaic]  :: last year
antan {m}  :: yesteryear, the old days
antarctique {adj}  :: antarctic
Antarctique {prop}  :: Antarctica
antécédemment {adv}  :: At an earlier point; previously, antecedently
antécédence {f}  :: antecedence
antécédent {adj}  :: antecedent, preceding
antécédent {m}  :: antecedent (any thing that precedes another thing)
antécédent {m} [grammar]  :: antecedent
antéchrist {m} [Christianity]  :: antichrist (someone that works against the teachings of Christ)
antédiluvien {adj}  :: antediluvian (all meanings)
ante {f}  :: anta
-ante {suffix}  :: feminine noun of -ant
antenne {f}  :: antenna (equipment to pick up an electrical signal)
antenne {f}  :: antenna (feeler organ on the head of an insect)
antenne {f}  :: branch, outlet
antenne de police {f} [France]  :: police box (small police station)
antéfixe {f}  :: antefix
anthanthrène {m} [organic compound]  :: anthanthrene
antéhistorique {adj}  :: prehistoric
anthocyane {f} [organic compound]  :: anthocyanin
anthocyanidine {f} [organic compound]  :: anthocyanidin
anthologie {f}  :: anthology
anthologique {adj}  :: anthological
anthologique {adj}  :: (by extension) extraordinary
anthonome {m}  :: boll weevil
anthracite {m}  :: anthracite (all senses)
anthracène {m} [organic compound]  :: anthracene
anthracnose {f}  :: anthracnose
anthracose {f} [pathology]  :: anthracosis
anthranilique {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: anthranilic
anthraquinone {m} [organic compound]  :: anthraquinone
anthère {f} [botany]  :: anther
anthrène {f}  :: carpet beetle (of genus Anthrenus)
anthropique {adj}  :: anthropic
anthropiquement {adv}  :: anthropically
anthropisation {f}  :: anthropization
anthropiser {v}  :: to anthropize
anthropocentrique {adj}  :: anthropocentric
anthropocentriquement {adv}  :: anthropocentrically
anthropocentrisme {m}  :: anthropocentrism
anthropoïde {mf}  :: anthropoid
anthropogenèse {f}  :: anthropogenesis
anthropogénie {f}  :: anthropogeny
anthropogénique {adj}  :: anthropogenic
anthropologie {f}  :: anthropology (the study of humanity)
anthropologique {adj}  :: anthropological
anthropologiquement {adv}  :: anthropologically
anthropologiste {mf}  :: anthropologist
anthropologue {mf}  :: anthropologist
anthropomorphe {adj}  :: anthropomorphic
anthropomorphique {adj}  :: anthropomorphic
anthropomorphisme {m}  :: anthropomorphism
anthropométrie {f}  :: anthropometry
anthropométrique {adj}  :: anthropometric
anthropophage {adj}  :: man-eating, cannibalistic
anthropophage {mf}  :: man-eater, cannibal
anthropophagie {f}  :: cannibalism, anthropophagy
anthropopithèque {m}  :: anthropopithecus
anthérozoïde {m} [botany]  :: antherozoid
anti- {prefix}  :: anti-
antiacide {adj}  :: antacid (attributive)
antiacide {m} [medicine]  :: antacid
antiadhésif {adj}  :: non-stick
antialcoolique {adj}  :: antialcohol, temperance (attributive)
antialcoolisme {m}  :: antialcoholism
antiallergique {adj}  :: antiallergenic
antiallergique {m}  :: antiallergen
antiamaril {adj} [medicine]  :: antiamarillic
antiaméricain {adj}  :: anti-American
antiaméricain {m}  :: anti-American
anti-américanisme {m}  :: alternative form of antiaméricanisme
antiaméricanisme {m}  :: anti-Americanism
antiandrogène {m}  :: antiandrogen
anti-aérien {adj}  :: air-raid (shelter)
antiaérien {adj}  :: antiaircraft
anti-aérien {adj}  :: anti-aircraft (weapon)
antiasthmatique {adj} [medicine]  :: antiasthmatic
antiatome {m} [physics]  :: antiatom
antiatomique {adj}  :: antiatomic (protecting against such radiation)
anti-avortement {m}  :: anti-abortion
antibactérien {adj}  :: antibacterial
antibactérien {m}  :: antibacterial
antibiotique {adj}  :: antibiotic
antibiotique {m}  :: antibiotic
antiblanc {adj}  :: antiwhite
antiblanchiment {adj}  :: antilaundering
antibois {adj}  :: of or relating to Antibes, a town in France
Antibois {m}  :: person from Antibes
Antiboise {f}  :: feminine noun of Antibois
antibolchevisme {m}  :: alternative form of antibolchévisme
antibolchévisme {m}  :: antibolshevism
antibolchéviste {adj}  :: antibolshevist
antibrouillé {adj}  :: antijamming (attributive)
antibrouillage {m}  :: antijamming
antibrouillard {adj}  :: antifog
antibruit {adj}  :: antinoise (that muffles sound)
antibuée {adj}  :: antimisting
anticalcaire {adj}  :: anti-scaling, anti-liming
anticancéreux {adj}  :: anticancer
anticapitalisme {m}  :: anticapitalism
anticapitaliste {adj}  :: anticapitalist
anticapitaliste {mf}  :: anticapitalist
anticasseur {adj}  :: anti-demonstrator(s)
anticasseurs {adj}  :: anti-demonstrator(s)
anticathode {m} [physics]  :: anode, anticathode
anticatholique {adj}  :: anticatholic
antichambre {f}  :: antechamber, anteroom
antichar {adj}  :: antitank
antichoc {adj}  :: shockproof (able to withstand shocks)
antichrèse {f}  :: antichresis
antichrétien {adj}  :: antichristian
anticipation {f}  :: anticipation
anticiper {v}  :: to anticipate
anticlinal {adj}  :: anticlinal
anticlinal {m}  :: anticline
anticlérical {adj}  :: anticlerical
anticléricalisme {m}  :: anticlericalism
anticolonial {adj}  :: anticolonial
anticolonialisme {m}  :: anticolonialism
anticolonialiste {adj}  :: anticolonialist
anticolonialiste {mf}  :: anticolonialist
anticommunautarisme {m}  :: anticomminitarianism
anticommunautariste {adj}  :: anticomminitarianist
anticommunautariste {mf}  :: anticomminitarianist
anticommunisme {m}  :: anticommunism
anticommuniste {adj}  :: anticommunist
anticommuniste {mf}  :: anticommunist
anticonceptionnel {adj}  :: contraceptive
anticoncurrentiel {adj}  :: anticompetitive
anticondensation {adj}  :: anticondensation
anticonformisme {m}  :: nonconformism
anticonformiste {adj}  :: nonconformist
anticonjoncturel {adj} [economics]  :: anticyclical
anticonstitutionnel {adj}  :: unconstitutional (contrary to the constitution)
anticonstitutionnellement {adv}  :: anticonstitutionally
anticonvulsivant {adj}  :: anticonvulsant
anticopie {adj}  :: anticopying
anticorps {m} [physiology]  :: antibody
anticorpuscule {m} [physics]  :: antiparticle
anticorruption {adj}  :: anticorruption
anticrise {adj}  :: anticrisis
anticrénelage {m} [computing]  :: anti-aliasing
anticryptogamique {adj}  :: anticryptogamic
anticyclique {adj}  :: anticyclic
anticyclonal {adj}  :: anticyclonic
anticyclone {m} [meteorology]  :: a high pressure zone, an anticyclone
anticyclonique {adj}  :: anticyclonic
antidater {vt}  :: To backdate
antidéflagrant {adj}  :: flameproof
antidiphtérique {adj}  :: antidiphtheritic
antidjihadiste {adj}  :: anti-jihadist
antidémocratique {adj}  :: antidemocratic
antidopage {adj}  :: antidoping
antidote {m}  :: Antidote
antidouleur {adj}  :: pain killing
antidouleur {m}  :: pain killer
antidépresseur {m}  :: antidepressant
antidérapant {adj}  :: nonskid, antiskid
antidreyfusard {adj} [historical]  :: Who opposed the release of Alfred Dreyfus in the Dreyfus Affair
antidrogue {adj}  :: antidrug
antidétonant {adj}  :: antiknock, antidetonation
antien {adj}  :: obsolete form of ancien
antienne {f}  :: chant, refrain
antienne {f} [religion]  :: antiphony
antiesclavagisme {m}  :: The antislavery movement
antiesclavagiste {adj}  :: antislavery
antiesclavagiste {mf}  :: antislaver
antifascisme {m}  :: antifascism
antifasciste {adj}  :: antifascist (opposed to fascism)
antifasciste {mf}  :: antifascist
antifédéral {adj}  :: antifederal
antifédéralisme {m}  :: antifederalism
antiferromagnétique {adj} [physics]  :: antiferromagnetic
antifisc {adj}  :: antitax (opposed to taxes)
antifiscal {adj}  :: antitax
antiféminin {adj}  :: antifeminist
antiféminisme {m}  :: antifeminism
antiféministe {adj}  :: antifeminist
antifongique {adj}  :: antifungal
antifongique {m} [medicine]  :: antifungal
antifrançais {adj}  :: anti-French
antigang {adj}  :: antigang
antigaspillage {adj}  :: antiwaste
anti-âge {adj}  :: antiaging
antigel {m}  :: antifreeze
antigène {m}  :: antigen
antigénique {adj}  :: antigenic
antigouvernemental {adj}  :: antigovernmental
antigravitationnel {adj} [science fiction]  :: antigravitational
antigrippal {adj}  :: antiflu
Antigua-et-Barbuda {prop}  :: Antigua and Barbuda
antiguerre {adj}  :: alternative form of anti-guerre
anti-guerre {adj}  :: anti-war
antihalo {adj}  :: antihalo
antihistaminique {m} [medicine]  :: antihistamine
antihitlérien {adj}  :: anti-Hitlerian
antihémorragique {adj}  :: antihemorrhagic
antihoraire {adj}  :: anticlockwise
antihéros {m}  :: antihero
antihygiénique {adj}  :: unhygienic
antihypertenseur {adj}  :: antihypertensive
antihypertenseur {m}  :: antihypertensive (agent that prevents or counteracts hypertension)
antihypertensif {m}  :: antihypertensive (agent that prevents or counteracts hypertension)
antijaponais {adj}  :: antijapanese
antijeu {m}  :: unsportsmanlike conduct, unsporting behaviour
antijihadiste {adj}  :: antijihadist
antijudaïsme {m}  :: antijudaism
antijuif {adj}  :: antijewish
antikomintern {adj}  :: anti-Komintern
antilibéral {adj}  :: antiliberal
antilithique {adj} [medicine]  :: antilithic
antillais {adj}  :: Antillean
Antillais {m}  :: Antillean (somone from the Antilles)
Antillaise {f}  :: feminine noun of Antillais
Antilles néerlandaises {prop}  :: The Netherlands Antilles
antilogarithme {m} [maths]  :: antilogarithm
antilogue {adj} [mineralogy, electricity]  :: antilogue
antilope {m}  :: antelope
antimalarique {m}  :: antimalarial drug
antimarxisme {m}  :: antimarxism
antimarxiste {adj}  :: antimarxist
antimatière {f}  :: antimatter
antiémeute {adj}  :: anti-riot
antimicrobien {adj}  :: antimicrobial
antimicrobien {m}  :: antimicrobial
antimigrant {adj}  :: antimigrant
antimilitarisme {m}  :: antimilitarism
antimilitariste {adj}  :: antimilitarist
antimissile {adj}  :: antimissile
antimite {m}  :: moth repellent, mothproofer
antimitotique {adj}  :: antimitotic
antimitotique {m}  :: antimitotic
antimoine {m}  :: antimony
antimonarchique {adj}  :: antimonarchic, antimonarchical
antimonarchiste {adj}  :: antimonarchist
antimondialisation {f}  :: antiglobalization
antimondialiste {adj}  :: antiglobalization (attributive)
antimondialiste {mf}  :: antiglobalist
antimonié {adj}  :: antimoniated
antimonial {adj} [inorganic chemistry]  :: antimonial
antimonieux {adj} [inorganic chemistry]  :: antimonious
antimoniure {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: antimonide
antimoral {adj}  :: antimoral
antiméridien {m}  :: antimeridian
antimutinerie {adj}  :: antiriot
antimycotique {adj}  :: antimycotic
antinational {adj}  :: antinational (all senses)
antinaturel {adj}  :: antinatural
antinazi {adj}  :: anti-nazi
antinoir {adj}  :: antiblack
antinomie {f}  :: antinomy
antinomique {adj}  :: antonymous
antinomiquement {adv}  :: antonymously
antinoyau {m} [physics]  :: antinucleus
antinucléaire {adj}  :: antinuclear
antinévralgique {adj}  :: antineuralgic
antioccidental {adj}  :: anti-west
antioccidentalisme {m}  :: anti-Westernism
Antioche {prop}  :: Antiochus
antiolympique {adj}  :: anti-Olympic
antioxydant {adj} [chemistry]  :: antioxidant (attributive)
antioxydant {m} [chemistry]  :: antioxidant
antipalestinien {adj}  :: anti-Palestinian
antipaludéen {adj} [medicine]  :: antimalarial
antipaludéen {m} [medicine]  :: antimalarial (drug)
antipaludique {adj} [medicine]  :: antimalarial
antipaludique {m} [medicine]  :: antimalarial (drug)
antipape {m}  :: antipope
antiparallèle {adj} [maths]  :: antiparallel
antiparallélogramme {m}  :: antiparallelogram
antiparasite {adj}  :: antiparasitic
antiparasite {m}  :: antiparasitic (drug)
antiparlementaire {adj}  :: antiparliamentary
antiparlementarisme {m}  :: antiparliamentary policy
antiparticule {f} [particle]  :: antiparticle
antipathie {f}  :: antipathy, dislike
antipathique {adj}  :: antipathic
antipatriotique {adj}  :: antipatriotic
antipatriotisme {m}  :: antipatriotism
antipelliculaire {adj}  :: antidandruff
antipersonnel {adj}  :: antipersonnel
antiphlogistique {adj}  :: antiphlogistic
antiphonaire {m} [music]  :: antiphonary, antiphonal, antiphoner
antiphrase {f}  :: antiphrasis
antipode {m} [especially in plural]  :: antipode
antipode {m}  :: opposite
antipodiste {mf}  :: antipodist
antipoison {adj}  :: anti-poison
antipoison {m}  :: antidote
antipoliomyélitique {adj}  :: anti-polio
antipollution {adj}  :: antipollution
antipéristaltique {adj}  :: antiperistaltic
antiprotectionniste {adj}  :: antiprotectionist, free trade (attributive)
antiproton {m} [physics]  :: antiproton
antipsychiatrie {f}  :: antipsychiatry
antipyrétique {m}  :: antipyretic (medication that reduces fever)
antiquaille {f}  :: (especially in plural) antique junk (of little value)
antiquaire {mf}  :: antiquer
antiquark {m} [particle]  :: antiquark
antique {adj}  :: ancient
antique {adj}  :: relating to the Antiquity
antiquement {adv}  :: anciently, long ago
antiquité {f}  :: antique (object from old times)
antiquité {f}  :: antiquity; ancientness
antiquité {f}  :: old days
antirabique {adj}  :: anti-rabies
antirachitique {adj}  :: antirachitic
antirachitisme {adj}  :: antirachitic
antiracisme {m}  :: antiracism
antiraciste {adj}  :: antiracist
antiradar {adj}  :: antiradar
antiradicalaire {adj} [chemistry]  :: antiradical, antioxidant
antiradicalaire {m} [chemistry]  :: antiradical, antioxidant
antirationnel {adj}  :: antirational
antireflet {adj}  :: antireflective, antiglare
antireligieux {adj}  :: antireligious
antiréglementaire {adj}  :: antiregulatory
antirhumatismal {adj}  :: antirheumatic
antiride {adj}  :: antiwrinkle
antirobespierriste {adj}  :: antiRobespierrist
antiroquette {adj}  :: antirocket
antirouille {adj}  :: antirust
antirépublicain {adj}  :: antirepublican
antirétroviral {adj}  :: antiretroviral
antirévisionnisme {m}  :: antirevisionism
antirévisionniste {adj}  :: antirevisionist
antirévisionniste {mf}  :: antirevisionist
antisèche {f} [France]  :: cheat sheet (a sheet of paper used to assist on a test)
anti-scientifique {adj}  :: alternative form of antiscientifique
antiscientifique {adj}  :: antiscientific
antiscorbutique {adj}  :: antiscorbutic
antiscorbutique {m}  :: antiscorbutic
antisens {m} [genetics]  :: antisense
antisepsie {f}  :: antisepsis
antiseptique {adj}  :: antiseptic (capable of preventing microbial infection)
antiseptique {m}  :: antiseptic (substance that inhibits the growth of microorganisms)
antiségrégationniste {adj}  :: antisegregationist
antisida {adj}  :: anti-AIDS
antisionisme {m}  :: anti-Zionism
antisioniste {adj}  :: anti-Zionist
antisioniste {mf}  :: anti-Zionist
antisismique {adj}  :: earthquake-proof/-resistant
antisémite {adj}  :: anti-Semitic
antisémitique {adj}  :: antisemitic
antisémitisme {m}  :: antisemitism
anti-sémitisme {m}  :: anti-Semitism (Prejudice or hostility against Jews)
antisocial {adj}  :: antisocial
antisocialiste {adj}  :: antisocialist
anti-sous-marin {adj}  :: antisubmarine
antisoviétique {adj}  :: antisoviet
antispasmodique {adj} [medicine]  :: antispasmodic
antispasmodique {m} [medicine]  :: antispasmodic
antisportif {adj}  :: anti-sport
antisportif {adj}  :: unsporting
antistalinien {m}  :: anti-Stalinist
antistalinienne {f}  :: feminine singular form of antistalinien
antistalinisme {m}  :: anti-Stalinism
antistérilité {adj}  :: anti-sterility (attributive)
antistérilité {adj}  :: fertility (attributive)
antistrophe {f}  :: antistrophe
antisudorifique {adj}  :: antiperspirant
antisudorifique {m}  :: antiperspirant
antisymétrique {adj} [mathematics]  :: antisymmetric
antisyphilitique {adj}  :: antisyphilitic
antisystème {adj}  :: anti-establishment
antitabac {adj}  :: anti-smoking (opposing smoking)
antitaliban {adj}  :: anti-Taliban
antiterrorisme {m}  :: antiterrorism
antiterroriste {adj}  :: antiterrorist
antithermique {adj} [medicine]  :: antithermic, antipyretic
antithèse {f}  :: antithesis
antithétique {adj}  :: antithetical
antitotalitaire {adj}  :: antitotalitarian
antitoxine {f}  :: antitoxin
antitoxique {adj}  :: antitoxic
antitrust {adj}  :: antitrust
antitétanique {adj} [medicine]  :: anti-tetanus
antituberculeux {adj}  :: antitubercular
antiturc {adj}  :: anti-Turkish
antitussif {adj}  :: antitussive
antitussif {m}  :: antitussive, cough mixture
antityphique {adj}  :: antityphoid
antivariolique {adj}  :: antivariolous, antismallpox
antivectoriel {adj} [maths]  :: antivectorial
antivenimeux {adj}  :: antivenin (attributive)
antivietnamien {adj}  :: anti-Vietnamese
antiviral {adj}  :: antiviral
antivol {adj}  :: antitheft
antivol {m}  :: antitheft device
antixérophtalmique {adj}  :: anti-xerophthalmic
anténatal {adj}  :: antenatal
Antoine {prop}  :: French surname
Antoine {prop}  :: male given name, equivalent to the English-language Anthony
Antoinette {prop}  :: female given name, a feminine diminutive form of Antoine
antonin {adj}  :: Antonine
antonomase {f}  :: antonomasia (figure of speech)
antonyme {m}  :: antonym (word which has the opposite meaning)
antonymie {m}  :: antonymy
antépénultième {adj}  :: antepenultimate (two before the last)
antéposer {v}  :: To put or place something before something else
antre {m} [anatomy]  :: antrum
antre {m}  :: cave
antre {m}  :: den, lair
antérieur {adj}  :: preceding, anterior
antérieur {adj}  :: previous
antérieurement {adv}  :: before
antérieurement {adv}  :: previously
antériorité {f}  :: precedence (in time), anteriority
antérograde {adj}  :: anterograde
antrustion {m}  :: antrustion
anuiter {v}  :: To benight
anurie {f} [pathology]  :: anuria
anus {m} [anatomy]  :: anus
anusvara {m}  :: anusvara
Anvers {prop}  :: Antwerp (city)
Anvers {prop}  :: Antwerp (province of Belgium)
anversois {adj}  :: from Antwerp; Antwerpian
Anversois {m}  :: someone from Antwerp; Antwerpian
Anversoise {f}  :: feminine noun of Anversois
anévrismal {adj} [pathology]  :: aneurysmal
anévrisme {m} [medicine]  :: aneurysm (abnormal blood-filled swelling)
anévrysme {m}  :: alternative form of anévrisme
anxien {adj}  :: obsolete form of ancien
anxieusement {adv}  :: anxiously
anxieusement {adv}  :: apprehensively
anxieux {adj}  :: anxious
anxieux {adj}  :: apprehensive
anxiogène {adj}  :: worrisome (causing worry; perturbing or vexing)
anxiolytique {adj}  :: anxiolytic
anxiolytique {m} [pharmacology]  :: anxiolytic
anxiété {f}  :: anxiety
anxiété {f} [pathology]  :: anxiety
A. O. {initialism}  :: Afrique orientale (East Africa), used as an overprint on stamps of Belgian Congo in 1918 for use in Belgian occupied German East Africa
AOC {f}  :: acronym of appellation d'origine contrôlée
aïoli {interj} [Marseille slang]  :: yo; respect
aïoli {m}  :: aioli
açoréen {adj}  :: Azorean
Açoréen {m}  :: Azorean
Açoréenne {f}  :: feminine noun of Açoréen
Açores {prop}  :: Azores
açorien {adj}  :: alternative form of açoréen
Açorien {m}  :: alternative form of Açoréen
aoriste {m}  :: aorist
aorte {f}  :: aorta
aortique {adj}  :: aortic
aortite {f} [pathology]  :: aortitis
aortocoronarien {adj}  :: coronary artery (attributive)
Aoste {prop}  :: Aosta
aostois {adj}  :: Aostan
Aostois {m}  :: Aostan
Aostoise {f}  :: feminine noun of Aostois
août {m}  :: August
aoûtat {m}  :: alternative form of aoutat
aoûtement {m}  :: hardening (of plants, so as to survive the coming winter)
aoûter {v}  :: To ripen or harden in the August heat
aoûtien {m} [colloquial]  :: someone who goes on holiday in August
aoust {m}  :: archaic spelling of août
aout {m}  :: alternative spelling of août
aoutat {m}  :: chigger, harvest mite
AP {abbr}  :: Awyer
AP {abbr}  :: Apalesarsoiär (Andorran commune)
AP {abbr}  :: Apará (Andorran commune)
AP {abbr}  :: Apples CH (Swiss commune)
AP {abbr}  :: Árouesa (Andorran commune)
apache {m}  :: Apache (gangster)
apache {m}  :: Apache (language)
Apache {prop}  :: Apache (city)
Apache {prop}  :: Apache (server)
Apache {prop}  :: Apache (tribe)
apagogie {f}  :: apagoge
apagogique {adj}  :: apagogic
apaisant {adj}  :: soothing, mollifying
apaisement {m}  :: calming down; appeasement
apaiser {vt}  :: to mollify; to appease, pacify, calm
apanage {m}  :: apanage
apanager {v}  :: To grant an apanage
apanagiste {mf}  :: grantee of an apanage
aparté {m}  :: aside, stage whisper, soliloquy
aparté {m}  :: secret conversation
apartheid {m}  :: apartheid (any policy of racial separation)
apartheid {m} [history]  :: apartheid (racial separation in South Africa from 1948 to 1990)
apathie {f}  :: apathy
apathique {adj}  :: apathetic
apathiquement {adv}  :: apathetically
apatride {adj}  :: stateless (without a state or nationality)
apax {m} [linguistics, rare]  :: alternative spelling of hapax
Apennins {prop}  :: Apennines
apens {m}  :: only used in the term guet-apens
apepsie {f} [pathology]  :: apepsy
aperception {f}  :: apperception
apercevable {adj}  :: perceptible, noticeable, appreciable
aperceveur {m}  :: glimpser (someone who glimpses)
aperceveuse {f}  :: feminine noun of aperceveur
apercevoir {v}  :: to see, to glimpse, to catch sight of
apert {adj} [archaic, literary]  :: clear, manifest, obvious
apertement {adv} [obsolete]  :: openly
aperçu {m}  :: glance, glimpse
aperçu {m}  :: insight, hint
aperçu {m}  :: overview
aperçu {m}  :: preview
aperçu {m}  :: rough estimate
aperçu {m}  :: sketch, outline, summary
aperçu {m}  :: view
apesanteur {m}  :: weightlessness
apeuré {adj}  :: frightened, afraid
apeurer {v}  :: to be frightened, to be in fear
aphasie {f}  :: aphasia (pathological speech disorder)
aphasique {adj}  :: aphasic
aphicide {m}  :: aphicide
aphélie {m}  :: aphelion (the point in the elliptical orbit of a planet where it is farthest from the sun)
aphone {adj}  :: voiceless
aphonie {f}  :: aphonia, aphony
aphorisme {m}  :: aphorism
aphoristique {adj}  :: aphoristic
aphærese {f}  :: obsolete form of aphérèse
aphrodisiaque {adj}  :: aphrodisiac (intensifying sexual desire)
aphrodisiaque {m}  :: aphrodisiac
Aphrodite {prop} [Greek god]  :: Aphrodite (goddess)
aphérèse {f}  :: aphaeresis
aphte {m}  :: mouth ulcer
aphteux {adj}  :: aphthous
aphylle {adj} [botany]  :: aphyllous
API {m}  :: API
API {prop}  :: IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet)
apical {adj}  :: apical (all senses)
apiéceur {m}  :: A tailor who worked from home
apico- {prefix}  :: apico- (all meanings)
apicole {adj} [beekeeping]  :: apicultural [attributive]
apiculteur {m}  :: beekeeper
apicultrice {f}  :: feminine noun of apiculteur
apiculture {f}  :: apiculture
apidé {m}  :: honey bee (of family Apidae)
apiol {m} [organic chemistry]  :: apiol
apion {m}  :: A type of weevil (of genus Exapion)
apiquer {v}  :: To make vertical
apitoiement {m}  :: compassion, pity, mercy, sympathy
apitoyer {vr}  :: to feel sorry for
apitoyer {v}  :: to make (someone) feel pity for (something)
aplanat {m}  :: aplanat
aplanir {v}  :: to level, even out
aplanissement {m}  :: leveling
aplanétique {adj}  :: aplanatic
aplasie {f}  :: aplasia
aplasique {adj}  :: aplastic (relating to aplasia)
aplat {m}  :: a flat area
aplat {m} [printing]  :: a tint area
aplati {adj}  :: flattened
aplatir {v}  :: to flatten (to make something flat)
aplatissage {m}  :: flattening
aplatissement {m}  :: flattening
aplatisseur {m}  :: flattener
aplatisseuse {f}  :: feminine singular form of aplatisseur
aplatissoir {m}  :: flattener (device)
aplatissoire {f}  :: rollers (for flattening hot metal in a rolling mill)
aplomb {m}  :: aplomb
aplomb {m}  :: stability, equilibrium
aplomb {m}  :: vertical (line)
APN {m}  :: initialism of appareil photo numérique (digital camera)
apnée {f}  :: apnea
apnée {f}  :: free-diving
apoastre {m} [astronomy]  :: apoapsis
apocalypse {f}  :: apocalypse (disaster)
Apocalypse {prop}  :: Book of Revelation
apocalyptique {adj}  :: apocalyptic
apocoper {v}  :: to apocopate
apocrite {m}  :: Any insects of the suborder Apocrita
apocryphe {adj}  :: apocryphal (of doubtful authenticity)
apode {adj}  :: apodal
apode {m}  :: apode
apodictique {adj}  :: apodictic
apodictiquement {adv}  :: apodictically
apogame {adj}  :: apogamic
apogamie {f}  :: apogamy
apogée {m} [astronomy]  :: apogee (a point in an orbit around the Earth)
apolaire {adj}  :: apolar, nonpolar
apolitique {adj}  :: apolitical (having no interest in politics)
apolitisme {m}  :: apoliticism
apollinien {adj}  :: Apollonian
apollon {m}  :: apollo (all senses)
Apollon {prop}  :: Apollo (god)
Apollonie {prop}  :: Apollonia
apollonien {adj}  :: Apollonian
apologie {f}  :: apology (formal justification, defence)
apologiste {m}  :: apologist
apologétique {adj}  :: apologetic
apologue {m}  :: apologue
apomorphine {f}  :: apomorphine
aponter {v}  :: alternative form of apponter
aponévrose {f} [anatomy]  :: aponeurosis
aponévrotique {adj}  :: aponeurotic
apophonie {f}  :: apophony (alternation of sounds within a word)
apophtegmatique {adj}  :: apothegmatic
apophtegme {m}  :: apothegm
apophysaire {adj}  :: apophyseal
apophyse {f}  :: apophysis
apoplectique {adj}  :: apoplectic
apoplexie {f} [symptom]  :: apoplexy
aporie {f}  :: aporia
aporétique {adj}  :: aporetic
aposiopèse {f}  :: aposiopesis, reticence
apostasie {f}  :: apostasy
apostasier {v}  :: To apostatize
apostat {m}  :: apostate
aposter {v}  :: To post, station (place in a position)
apostille {f}  :: apostille
apostiller {v}  :: To apostille
apostolat {m}  :: apostolate
apostolique {adj}  :: apostolic
apostoliquement {adv}  :: apostolically
apostrophe {f} [orthography]  :: apostrophe
apostrophe {f} [rhetoric]  :: apostrophe
apostropher {vt}  :: To apostrophize
apostropher {vt}  :: To speak sharply or harshly at
apothicaire {m} [historical]  :: apothecary
apothicairerie {f} [historical]  :: apothecary store
apothème {m} [maths]  :: apothem
apothéose {f}  :: apotheosis
apothéoser {vt}  :: to apotheosize
appairer {v}  :: alternative form of apparier
appairer {v}  :: To link (a pair of things in both directions)
Appalaches {prop}  :: Appalachians
appalachien {adj}  :: Appalachian
apparaitre {v}  :: alternative spelling of apparaître
apparat {m}  :: pomp, ceremony
apparatchik {m}  :: apparatchik
apparaître {v}  :: to appear (become visible)
apparaître {v} [video games]  :: to spawn
appareil {m} [anatomy]  :: a system (of organs)
appareil {m}  :: apparatus
appareil {m}  :: camera (for photographs)
appareillade {f}  :: mating (of animals for breeding)
appareillage {m}  :: device, equipment
appareillage {m} [nautical]  :: casting off
appareillement {m}  :: mating
appareiller {vi} [nautical]  :: to cast off
appareiller {vt}  :: to fit with a prosthesis
appareiller {vt}  :: to join or mix together
appareiller {vt}  :: to mate animals for breeding
appareiller {vt}  :: to prepare
appareil photo {m}  :: Camera (for still pictures)
appareil photo numérique {m}  :: A digital camera
apparemment {adv}  :: apparently (seemingly)
apparence {f}  :: appearance
apparent {adj}  :: apparent (all senses)
apparenté {adj}  :: related
apparentement {m}  :: similarity, apparentness
apparenter {vr} [~ à]  :: to resemble, be similar to
apparenter {vt}  :: to be related to
appariement {m}  :: coupling
appariement {m}  :: matching
apparier {vt} [of birds]  :: to couple or mate
apparier {vt}  :: to pair or match
appariteur {m}  :: attendant, porter, beadle, usher, verger, apparitor (especially at a university)
apparition {f}  :: appearance
apparition {f} [baseball]  :: plate appearance
apparition {f}  :: ghost
apparitorat {m} [Belgium, DR Congo]  :: office of student affairs (at a university)
apparoir {vi}  :: to appear
apparoir {vi}  :: to be evident or manifest
appart {m}  :: apartment
appartement {m}  :: apartment, flat
appartenance {f}  :: belonging
appartenance {f}  :: membership
appartenir {vi}  :: (+ à) to belong to
appartenir {vi}  :: (+ à) to concern
appas {n} [literary]  :: charms
appauvri {adj}  :: impoverished
appauvrir {vt}  :: to impoverish
appauvrissement {m}  :: impoverishment
appeau {m}  :: decoy
appel {m}  :: appeal
appel {m}  :: call
appelant {adj}  :: appellant
appelant {m}  :: appellant
appelant {m} [Quebec, no feminine]  :: A decoy for birdhunt
appelante {f}  :: feminine noun of appelant
appel d'air {n} [figuratively]  :: knock-on effect
appel d'air {n}  :: through draught
appel d'offres {m} [commerce]  :: invitation to tender
appeler {vi}  :: to call (out)
appeler {vr}  :: to be called
appeler {vt}  :: to call for, summon
appeler {vt}  :: to call (out)
appeler {vt}  :: to call, phone, ring
appeler un chat un chat {v} [idiomatic]  :: To call something what it is; to call a spade a spade
appellatif {adj} [grammar]  :: appellative
appellation {f}  :: call (instance of calling out)
appellation {f}  :: name; appellation
appellation contrôlée {f} [informal]  :: A synonym of the official term “appellation d’origine contrôlée
appellation d'origine contrôlée {f}  :: The French governmental certification granted to certain French geographical indications for wines, cheeses, butters, and other agricultural products
appendice {m}  :: gloss=text added to the end of a book or an article
appendice {m}  :: appendix (vermiform appendix)
appendicectomie {f} [surgery]  :: appendectomy
appendicite {f}  :: appendicitis (inflammation of the vermiform appendix)
appendiculaire {adj}  :: appendicular
appendre {v}  :: To hang (something) from
appentis {m}  :: lean-to, shed, appentice, pentice, pent, penthouse
appertisation {f}  :: appertisation
appertiser {vt}  :: to can [food]
appesantir {vr} [s'appesantir sur]  :: to condemn
appesantir {vr}  :: to get bogged down (with)
appesantir {v}  :: to dull
appesantir {vt}  :: to weigh down
appesantissement {m}  :: dullness, heaviness
applaudimètre {m}  :: clapometer (an audience reaction monitor)
applaudir {v}  :: applaud (to express approval by clapping)
applaudissement {m} [chiefly, in the plural]  :: applause, clapping
applaudisseur {m}  :: applauder (especially someone paid to applaud)
applaudisseuse {f}  :: feminine singular form of applaudisseur
Apples {prop}  :: A commune in Vaud, Switzerland
appli {f}  :: app
applicabilité {f}  :: applicability
applicable {adj}  :: applicable
applicage {m}  :: application (of something to a surface)
applicateur {m}  :: applicator
applicatif {adj}  :: applicative
application {f}  :: application
application {f} [mathematics]  :: mapping
applicatrice {f}  :: feminine singular form of applicateur
appliquer {vr} [~ à]  :: to apply to, to be applicable to
appliquer {vr}  :: to apply one's effort to something, to try hard, to dedicate oneself
appliquer {vt}  :: to apply, to employ, to make use of
appliquer {vt}  :: to apply, to put something on something else
appliquette {f}  :: applet (a small program module that runs under the control of a larger application)
appoggiature {f} [music]  :: appoggiatura
appogiature {f}  :: alternative form of appoggiature
appointé {adj}  :: appointed
appointé {adj}  :: salaried
appoint {m}  :: An amount of small change
appointemens {m}  :: obsolete form of appointement
appointement {m} [chiefly, in the plural]  :: stipend, pay, salary
appointer {vr} [s'appointer]  :: to unite; to become united
appointer {v}  :: to appoint (attribute a job, a position to someone)
appointer {v}  :: to salary (attribute a salary to a position)
appointer {v}  :: to sharpen into a point
appontage {m}  :: landing (of an aircraft on an aircraft carrier)
appontement {m}  :: landing stage, pier, wharf
apponter {vi}  :: to land [on an aircraft carrier]
apponteur {m} [nautical]  :: A handler or marshal on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier
apport {m}  :: contribution, input
apporter {v}  :: to bring about (change, revolution)
apporter {v}  :: to bring (improvement, freedom etc.)
apporter {v}  :: to bring in (funding)
apporter {v}  :: to bring (something)
apporter {v}  :: to give (support), to give, supply (explanation etc.)
apporter {v}  :: to take
apporteur {adj}  :: supporting (financially)
apposer {v} [legal]  :: to stamp, sign
apposer {vt}  :: to put up, stick up, attach
apposition {f}  :: apposition
appréciabilité {f}  :: substantiality
appréciable {adj}  :: noticeable
appréciable {adj}  :: substantial
appréciateur {m}  :: appreciator
appréciatif {adj}  :: appreciative
appréciation {f}  :: appreciation
appréciatrice {f}  :: feminine singular form of appréciateur
apprécier {v}  :: to appreciate
apprendre {v}  :: to learn
apprendre {v}  :: to teach
apprenti {m}  :: apprentice, trainee
apprentie {f}  :: trainee, apprentice (female)
apprentissage {m}  :: apprenticeship
apprentissage {m}  :: learning
appréhender {v}  :: to apprehend
appréhender {v}  :: to catch
appréhender {v}  :: to dread
appréhensif {adj}  :: apprehensive
appréhension {f}  :: apprehension
appris {adj}  :: learnt
apprivoisable {adj}  :: tameable
apprivoisement {f}  :: taming (of an animal etc)
apprivoiser {v}  :: to tame
apprivoiseur {m}  :: tamer
apprivoiseuse {f}  :: feminine singular form of apprivoiseur
approbateur {adj}  :: approving
approbatif {adj}  :: approbative
approbatif {adj} [dated]  :: approving
approbation {f}  :: approval (permission)
approbativement {adv} [dated]  :: approvingly
approbativité {f}  :: approbativement
approchable {adj}  :: approachable
approchant {adj}  :: oncoming, approaching
approchant {adj}  :: similar
approche {f}  :: approach
approcher {v}  :: to approach, to come close to, to move towards
approfondir {v}  :: to consider more thoroughly, to delve deeper into
approfondir {v}  :: to deepen
approfondissement {m}  :: deepening
approprié {adj}  :: appropriate
appropriateur {m}  :: appropriator
appropriation {f}  :: appropriation
appropriatrice {f}  :: feminine singular form of appropriateur
approprier {vr}  :: to make one's own
approprier {vr}  :: to seize, take
approprier {vt}  :: to adapt (something) to a situation
approuvable {adj}  :: approvable
approuver {v}  :: to approve (of)
approvisionnement {m}  :: supply, supplying, stocking up
approvisionner {v}  :: to supply; stock
approvisionneur {m}  :: supplier, purveyor
approvisionneuse {f}  :: feminine singular form of approvisionneur
approximé {adj}  :: approximated
approximatif {adj}  :: approximate (near correctness; nearly exact; not perfectly accurate;)
approximation {f}  :: approximation; an imprecise solution
approximativement {adv}  :: roughly, approximately
approximer {v}  :: to approximate (to carry or advance near; to cause to approach)
apprêt {m}  :: primer
apprêt {m}  :: priming
apprêtage {m}  :: preparation
apprêtage {m}  :: priming
apprêtage {m}  :: readiness
apprêter {vr} [followed by à]  :: to prepare for/to do, to get ready for/to do, to be about to do
apprêter {vt}  :: To prepare, to get ready, prime
apprêteur {m}  :: dresser (person)
apprêteur {m}  :: preparer, primer
apprêteuse {f}  :: feminine singular form of apprêteur
appât {m} [archaic]  :: (sexual) temptation
appât {m} [fishing]  :: bait
appât {m} [in the plural, literary]  :: charms
appât {m} [martial arts]  :: feint
appât {m} [obsolete]  :: lure
appétence {f}  :: appetence
appétent {adj}  :: palatable
appâter {v} [fishing]  :: to bait, lure
appéter {v}  :: To {instinctively) desire
appétissant {adj}  :: appetizing
appétit {m}  :: appetite
appui {m}  :: support
appui-bras {m}  :: armrest
appui-main {m} [art]  :: maulstick
appui-tête {m}  :: headrest (part of a seat)
appuyer {vr}  :: to put up with
appuyer {vr} [with sur/contre]  :: to lean (on/against)
appuyer {vr} [with sur]  :: to depend (on), to rely (on)
appuyer {vt}  :: to press, push
appuyer {vt}  :: to rest
appuyer {vt}  :: to support, to back
appuyer sur le champignon {v}  :: to step on it, step on the gas, put one's foot down
apragmatique {adj}  :: apragmatic
apragmatisme {m}  :: apragmatism
apraxie {f} [pathology]  :: apraxia
apraxique {adj}  :: apraxic
aprin {adv} [Canada]  :: by train
a priori {adj}  :: intuitively known, a priori
apriorique {adj}  :: aprioristic
apriorisme {m}  :: apriorism
aprioriste {mf}  :: apriorist
apriorité {f}  :: apriority
apéritif {m}  :: apéritif
apéritif géant {m}  :: A public drinking party
aprèm {mf}  :: afternoon
apéro {m}  :: apéritif (alcoholic drink served before a meal as an appetiser)
apéro {m}  :: apéritif (time before a meal when apéritifs are drunk)
apéro géant {m}  :: variant of apéritif géant
aprotique {adj} [chemistry]  :: aprotic
après {adv}  :: afterwards
après {prep}  :: after
après-demain {adv}  :: the day after tomorrow
après-dîner {m} [archaic]  :: afternoon (the time after the midday meal)
après-guerre {m}  :: post-war years, post-war period (especially the eight years following World War II)
après la lettre {phrase} [engraving]  :: Lettered. "Épreuve, gravure après la lettre": a print made after the caption is added (lettered proof)
après la pluie, le beau temps {proverb}  :: Every cloud has a silver lining
après-midi {mf}  :: afternoon
après-rasage {m}  :: aftershave, a lotion for use after finishing shaving
après ski {m} [idiomatic]  :: A place "after skiing". Typically a bar or pub where people go after a day on the slopes to ease off and meet other people
après-ski {m}  :: snowboot (a water-resistant type of footwear)
après tout {adv}  :: after all
apside {f} [astronomy]  :: apsis
apétale {adj} [botany]  :: apetalous
apte {adj}  :: apt
aptitude {f}  :: aptitude
apôtre {m}  :: apostle
aptère {adj}  :: apterous
aptère {m}  :: apteran
apôtresse {f}  :: feminine noun of apôtre
aptérygote {f}  :: apterygote
aptéryx {n}  :: kiwi (bird)
aptéryx {n}  :: kiwis
apuane {adj}  :: Apuan
Apulée {prop}  :: Apuleius (writer in the Roman Empire)
apulien {adj}  :: Apulian
apurement {m} [finance]  :: balancing (of an account)
apurer {vt} [finance]  :: to balance (an account)
apyrène {adj} [of grapes etc]  :: seedless
aquacole {adj}  :: aquaculture (attributive)
aquacomplexe {m} [chemistry]  :: A complex formed by a compound when dissolved in water
aquaculteur {m}  :: aquaculturist
aquacultrice {f}  :: feminine singular form of aquaculteur
aquaculture {f}  :: aquaculture
aquafortiste {m} [art]  :: etcher
aquagym {f}  :: aquaerobics
aqualudique {adj}  :: watersport (attributive)
aquanettoyage {f}  :: wet cleaning (contrasted with dry cleaning)
aquaphobie {f}  :: aquaphobia (fear of water)
aquaplanage {m}  :: aquaplaning
aquaplane {f}  :: aquaplane
aquaplaning {m}  :: aquaplaning
aquarellé {adj} [art]  :: Painted in watercolour
aquarelle {f}  :: aquarelle, watercolour
aquareller {v} [art]  :: To paint in watercolour
aquarelliste {mf}  :: watercolourist / watercolorist
aquarium {m}  :: aquarium
aquatinte {f} [art]  :: aquatint
aquatique {adj}  :: aquatic (relating to water; living in or near water, taking place in water)
aquavit {m}  :: aquavit
aqueduc {m}  :: aqueduct
aqueux {adj}  :: water, aqueous, aquatic
aquicole {adj}  :: alternative form of aquacole
aquiculteur {m}  :: alternative form of aquaculteur
aquicultrice {f}  :: feminine singular form of aquiculteur
aquiculture {f}  :: alternative form of aquaculture
aquifère {m}  :: aquifer (an underground layer of water-bearing porous stone, earth, or gravel)
aquilin {adj}  :: aquiline
aquilon {m} [literary]  :: north wind
aquisextain {adj}  :: Of or from Aix-en-Provence
aquitain {adj} [attributive]  :: Aquitaine
Aquitaine {prop}  :: Aquitaine
aéré {adj}  :: (well-)ventilated, airy
ara {m}  :: macaw
arabe {adj}  :: Arabic
arabe {m}  :: Arabic language
Arabe {mf}  :: Arab (person)
arabe andalou {m}  :: Andalusian Arabic
arabe du coin {m} [derogatory]  :: Paki shop
arabe espagnol {m}  :: Andalusian Arabic
arabe égyptien {m}  :: The Egyptian Arabic language
arabesque {adj} [obsolete]  :: Arabic (relating to Arabic peoples)
arabesque {f}  :: arabesque
arabica {m}  :: arabica (coffee)
Arabie {prop}  :: Arabia
Arabie saoudite {prop}  :: Saudi Arabia
Arabie Saoudite {prop}  :: alternative form of Arabie saoudite
arabinogalactane {m} [carbohydrate]  :: arabinogalactan
arabique {adj}  :: Arabian
arabisation {f}  :: Arabization
arabiser {v}  :: To Arabize
arabisme {m}  :: Arabism
arabiste {mf}  :: Arabist
arable {adj}  :: arable
arabophile {adj}  :: arabophilic
arabophobe {adj}  :: arabophobic
arabophone {adj}  :: Arabic-speaking
arabophone {mf}  :: Arabic speaker
aracée {f}  :: aroid (of the family Araceae)
arachide {f}  :: groundnut, peanut, goober
arachidier {adj}  :: groundnut (attributive)
arachidique {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: arachidic
arachidonique {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: arachidonic
arachnéen {adj}  :: gossamer (attributive)
arachnéen {adj}  :: spider (attributive)
arachnide {m}  :: arachnid
arachnoïde {f}  :: arachnoid mater
arachnologie {f}  :: arachnology
arachnologiste {mf}  :: arachnologist
arachnophobie {f}  :: arachnophobia (an abnormal or irrational fear of spiders)
aréage {m}  :: area of land measured in ares
Aragon {prop}  :: Aragon (region of Spain)
aragonais {adj}  :: Aragonese (from Aragon)
aragonais {m}  :: Aragonese (language)
Aragonais {m}  :: Aragonese person
Aragonaise {f}  :: feminine noun of Aragonais
aragonite {f} [mineral]  :: aragonite
araignée {f}  :: spider
araire {m}  :: ard, scratch plough
araméen {adj}  :: Aramaic (pertaining to the Aramaic language or culture)
araméen {m}  :: Aramaic language
Araméen {m}  :: Aramaic (person)
Araméenne {f}  :: feminine noun of Araméen
aramide {m}  :: aramid
aramon {m}  :: A variety of black grape from the South of France
aramon {m}  :: wine made from this grape variety
aranéide {m}  :: araneid
arantèle {f}  :: spider's web
arasement {m}  :: leveling
araser {vt}  :: to level, screed
araser {vt}  :: to plane
aérateur {m}  :: ventilator
aération {f}  :: Ventilation; airing out (of a space)
aratoire {adj}  :: ploughing (attributive)
araucaria {m}  :: monkey puzzle (tree of genus Araucaria)
arbalète {f} [skiing]  :: T-bar
arbalète {f} [weapons]  :: crossbow
arbalétrier {m}  :: crossbowman (someone equipped with a crossbow)
arbalétrière {f}  :: crossbowman (female)
arbalétrière {f}  :: loophole, arrowslit (in a castle)
arbi {m}  :: arab
arbi {m}  :: Arabic (singular only)
arbitrage {m}  :: arbitration (the act or process of arbitrating)
arbitrage {m} [economics]  :: trade-off
arbitrage {m} [finance]  :: arbitrage
arbitrage {m} [sports]  :: refereeing
arbitragiste {mf}  :: arbitrager
arbitraire {adj}  :: arbitrary (determined by impulse)
arbitrairement {adv}  :: arbitrarily
arbitral {adj}  :: arbitral
arbitralement {adv}  :: arbitrally
arbitre {mf} [legal]  :: mediator, arbitrator
arbitre {mf} [sports]  :: referee
arbitrer {v}  :: to arbitrate
arbitrer {v}  :: to referee
Arbois {prop}  :: A small town in the Jura department of Franche-Comté
arboisien {adj}  :: Of or from Arbois
arborer {v}  :: to fly, display (a flag)
arborer {v}  :: to sport (clothes, a badge etc.)
arborer {v}  :: to wear (a facial expression e.g. a smile, a frown)
arborescence {f}  :: arborescence
arborescent {adj}  :: arborescent
arboretum {m}  :: arboretum
arboricole {adj}  :: arboricole
arboriculteur {m}  :: arboriculturist
arboricultrice {f}  :: feminine singular form of arboriculteur
arboriculture {f}  :: arboriculture
arborisation {f}  :: treeplanting
arboriser {v}  :: To plant trees
arbouse {f} [botany]  :: [[arbutus berry]] (fruit of the strawberry tree)
arbousier {m}  :: strawberry tree (Arbutus unedo)
arbovirose {m} [pathology]  :: arbovirosis
arbre {m}  :: axle
arbre {m} [mechanics]  :: drive shaft
arbre {m}  :: tree (plant, diagram, anything in the form of a tree)
arbre à cames {n}  :: camshaft
arbre de Noël {m}  :: A Christmas tree, (usually conifer) tree set up during the Christmas holiday season
arbre généalogique {m}  :: family tree
arbre à pain {m}  :: breadfruit (tree)
arbre à palabres {m}  :: The talking tree. (The baobab tree, a symbol of communication in French-speaking West Africa)
arbrisseau {m}  :: bush; shrub
arbuscule {m}  :: arbuscle (all senses)
arbuste {m}  :: bush
arbustif {adj} [botany]  :: Having the shape and the size of a bush or a little tree
arc {m}  :: arc (curve)
arc {m} [architecture]  :: arch
arc {m}  :: bow (weapon)
arc {m} [geometry]  :: arc, circular arc, circle segment
arcade {f} [anatomy]  :: arch, ridge
arcade {f} [architecture]  :: arcade
arcade {f} [gaming]  :: arcade
arcade sourcilière {f} [anatomy]  :: supraorbital ridge
Arcadie {prop}  :: Arcadia
arcadien {adj}  :: Arcadian (relating to Arcadia)
Arcadien {m}  :: Arcadian (inhabitant of ancient Arcadia)
Arcadienne {f}  :: feminine noun of Arcadien
arcane {adj}  :: arcane, secret, mysterious
arcane {m} [chiefly, in the plural]  :: mysteries, arcanum
arcanson {m}  :: rosin
arcasse {f} [nautical]  :: stern
arcature {f}  :: blind arcade
arc-boutant {m} [architecture]  :: flying buttress
arcboutant {m}  :: flying buttress
arc-boutement {m} [mechanical engineering]  :: Load amplied on a slide joint, parallel to the sliding axis but with a lever arm, so that the resulting torque blocks the system and prevents the sliding. This phenomenon is due to friction, and can be used by purpose, e.g. for an F-clamp or a roller freewheel. Over-centering, over-center locking, more than acceptable edge loading
arcbouter {v}  :: alternative form of arc-bouter
arc-bouter {vr}  :: to press, lean, brace (à, contre [up] against)
arc-bouter {vr}  :: to stand firm (in opposition to someone)
arc-bouter {vt} [architecture]  :: to buttress
arc de courbe {m}  :: arc (of a circle)
arc de triomphe {m}  :: A triumphal arch, monumental arch commemorating a triumph, such as a military victory
arc-doubleau {m} [architecture]  :: transverse arch (in Gothic architecture)
arceau {m}  :: arc, arch, vault
arc-en-ciel {adj}  :: rainbow
arc-en-ciel {m}  :: rainbow
archal {m} [rare]  :: brass
archange {m}  :: archangel
archangélique {adj}  :: archangelic
archanthropien {m}  :: Any of various forms of Homo erectus
archaïque {adj}  :: archaic
archaïquement {adv}  :: archaically
archaïsant {adj}  :: archaic
archaïsant {adj}  :: archaistic
archaïsant {m}  :: archaist
archaïser {v}  :: To archaize
archaïsme {m}  :: archaism
archée {f} [biology]  :: archaean
arche {f} [architecture]  :: arch
arche {f}  :: ark (Noah's ship)
archelle {f}  :: A shelf with hooks used to hang cups by their handles
archéen {adj}  :: Archean
archéen {adj}  :: Of or from Arches
archer {m}  :: archer
archer à cheval {m}  :: horse archer, mounted archer
archerie {f}  :: a group of archers
archerie {f}  :: archery
Arches {prop}  :: A small town in the Vosges department of Lorraine
archet {m}  :: bow (rod used for playing stringed instruments)
archetier {m}  :: bowmaker
archevêché {m}  :: archbishopric, archdiocese
archevêché {m}  :: archbishop's palace
archevêque {m}  :: archbishop
archégone {m} [botany]  :: archegonium
archi- {prefix}  :: arch- (used for intensiveness)
archiatre {m}  :: chief physician
archibondé {adj} [informal]  :: packed, chock-a-block
archichancelier {m}  :: archchancellor
archichancelière {f}  :: feminine singular form of archichancelier
archichancellerie {f}  :: archchancellory
archichapelain {m}  :: archchaplain
archicélèbre {adj}  :: ultrafamous, superfamous
archiconfrérie {f}  :: archconfraternity
archiconnu {adj}  :: extremely well-known
archiconnu {adj}  :: hackneyed
archicube {m}  :: A student who repeats the third grade
archidiacre {m}  :: archdeacon
archidiocésain {adj}  :: archdiocesan
archidiocèse {m}  :: archdiocese
archiduc {m}  :: archduke (high nobiliary title)
archiducal {adj}  :: archducal
archiduché {m}  :: archduchy
archiduchesse {f}  :: archduchess
archie {f}  :: principle
-archie {suffix}  :: -archy
archifaux {adj}  :: Extremely wrong
archimandrite {m}  :: archimandrite
Archimède {prop}  :: Archimedes
archimédien {adj}  :: archimedean
archimillionnaire {adj}  :: Very, very rich
archimillionnaire {mf}  :: multimillionnaire
archine {f}  :: arshin
archipel {m}  :: archipelago
archiphonème {m} [linguistics]  :: archiphoneme
archiépiscopal {adj}  :: archiepiscopal
archiépiscopat {m}  :: archbishopric
archiplein {adj}  :: packed (filled with a large number or quantity of something)
archipresbytéral {adj}  :: archipresbyteral
archiprêtre {m}  :: archpriest
archière {f}  :: loophole, arrowslit (in the wall of a castle)
archisimple {adj}  :: Extremely simple or easy
architecte {mf}  :: architect (a designer of buildings)
architectonie {f}  :: synonym of architecture
architectonique {adj}  :: architectonic
architectonique {f}  :: architectonics
architectoniquement {adv}  :: architectonically
architectural {adj}  :: architectural
architecturalement {adv}  :: architecturally
architecture {f}  :: architecture
architecturer {v}  :: to architect
architransème {m} [translation studies]  :: an architranseme
architrave {f}  :: architrave
archivage {m}  :: archiving
archivage {m}  :: filing
archive {f}  :: A piece of archive, a document kept for historical interest
archiver {v}  :: to archive
archiviste {mf}  :: archivist
archivistique {adj}  :: archivistic, archival
archivistique {f}  :: archivistics (archival science)
archivolte {f}  :: archivolt
Archélaüs {prop}  :: Archelaus
archéo- {prefix}  :: archaeo-, archeo-
archéoastronome {m} [astronomy]  :: archaeoastronomer
archéoastronomie {f} [astronomy]  :: archaeoastronomy
archæologie {f}  :: obsolete form of archéologie
archéologie {f}  :: archaeology (scientific study of past remains)
archæologique {adj}  :: obsolete form of archéologique
archéologique {adj}  :: archaeological (relating to the science or research of archaeology)
archéologiquement {adv}  :: archaeologically
archæologue {mf}  :: obsolete form of archéologue
archéologue {mf}  :: archaeologist (someone who is skilled, professes or practices archaeology)
archéomagnétisme {m}  :: archaeomagnetism / archeomagnetism
archéométrie {f}  :: archeometry
archontat {m}  :: archonship
archonte {m} [historical]  :: archon
archère {f}  :: feminine singular form of archer
archère {f}  :: synonym of archière
archèterie {f} [music]  :: bowmaking
archétypal {adj}  :: archetypal
archétype {adj}  :: archetypal
archétype {m}  :: archetype
archétypique {adj}  :: archetypal, archetypic, archetypical
arc long anglais {m}  :: longbow
arc à poulies {m} [weapons]  :: compound bow
arctique {adj} [geography]  :: Arctic (pertaining to or of the Arctic)
Arctique {prop}  :: Arctic (northern region of the world)
-ard {suffix}  :: Used primarily to form pejoratives, diminutives, and nouns representing or belonging to a particular class or sort
Ardèche {prop}  :: Ardèche (department)
Ardèche {prop}  :: Ardèche (river)
ardéchois {adj}  :: from Ardèche
Ardéchois {m}  :: Someone from Ardèche
ardemment {adv}  :: ardently
ardennais {adj}  :: Of or from the Ardennes
Ardennes {prop}  :: Ardennes
ardent {adj}  :: burning; ablaze; aflame
ardent {adj}  :: fervent; passionate
ardeur {f} [figurative]  :: ardour, fervour, passion
ardeur {f}  :: intense heat
ardéiforme {m}  :: heron (or other bird of the family Ardeidae)
ardillon {m}  :: tongue (of buckle)
ardûment {adv}  :: arduously, difficultly
ardûment {adv}  :: steeply
ardoisé {adj}  :: slate gray
ardoise {f}  :: a small, portable chalkboard
ardoise {f} [figuratively]  :: an unpaid bill
ardoise {f}  :: slate
ardoiser {v}  :: To cover with slates (or with a slate colour)
ardoiser {v}  :: To put it on the slate (pay with an informal credit account)
ardoisier {adj}  :: slate (attributive), slaty
ardre {vi} [archaic]  :: to consume
ardre {vt} [archaic]  :: to burn
ardu {adj} [figuratively]  :: arduous, needing or using up much energy, difficult
ardu {adj} [literally]  :: steep, hence hard to climb
are {m}  :: An are
arec {m}  :: palm tree (of family Arecaceae)
aérer {v}  :: to air, to aerate
aréflexie {f}  :: areflexia
arganier {m}  :: argan
argenté {adj}  :: silver (having a color/colour like silver)
argent {m}  :: money
argent {m}  :: silver
argent {m} [tincture]  :: argent (white in heraldry)
argentage {m}  :: silver plating
argentan {m}  :: nickel silver
argent de poche {m}  :: pocket money
argenter {v}  :: to silverplate
argenterie {f}  :: silver cutlery, silverware
argenteur {m}  :: silver plater (person)
argenteuse {f}  :: feminine singular form of argenteur
argentier {m}  :: silversmith
argentifère {adj}  :: argentiferous
argentin {adj}  :: Argentine (from Argentina)
argentin {adj}  :: silvery
Argentin {m}  :: Argentinian, someone from Argentina
Argentine {f}  :: feminine noun of Argentin
Argentine {prop}  :: Argentina
argentinien {adj}  :: Argentinian
argentique {adj}  :: argentic (containing silver)
argentique {adj} [photography]  :: silver
argentière {f}  :: feminine noun of argentier
argentite {f} [mineral]  :: argentite
argenture {f}  :: silver plate
argüer {v}  :: alternative spelling of arguer
argien {adj}  :: Relating to Argos
argilacé {adj}  :: argillaceous
argilane {f} [geology]  :: argillan
argile {f}  :: clay
argileux {adj}  :: clayey
argilique {adj}  :: argillic
argilière {f}  :: claypit
argon {m}  :: argon
argonaute {mf}  :: argonaut
argot {m}  :: cant (secret language)
argot {m}  :: slang
argotier {m}  :: A person who speaks slang
argotique {adj}  :: slang (attributive)
argotiquement {adv}  :: With the use of slang
argotière {f}  :: feminine singular form of argotier
argotisme {m}  :: A slang word or term
argotiste {mf}  :: A person who studies slang
argoulet {m}  :: A light cavalryman (from the 1600s in France)
argouse {f}  :: the fruit of the sea buckthorn
argousier {m}  :: sea buckthorn
argousin {m} [archaic, slang]  :: rozzer, copper
argu {m}  :: synonym of argumentaire
arguer {v}  :: to argue
arguer {v}  :: to deduce (arrive at a conclusion)
argument {m}  :: argument
argumentaire {m}  :: sales pitch (set of arguments meant to convince a buyer)
argumentateur {m}  :: arguer
argumentateuse {f}  :: feminine singular form of argumentateur
argumentatif {adj}  :: argumentative
argumentation {f}  :: argument (process of reasoning)
argumenter {v}  :: to argue (have an argument)
argutie {f} [chiefly, in the plural]  :: quibble
argutieusement {adv}  :: quibblingly
argutieux {adj}  :: quibbling
Argœuves {prop}  :: Argœuves
argyraspide {m}  :: argyraspide
argyrie {f} [pathology]  :: argyria
argyrisme {m} [pathology]  :: argyrism (silver poisoning)
argyronète {f}  :: diving bell spider (of genus Argyroneta)
argyrose {f} [mineral]  :: synonym of acanthite
arhythmique {adj}  :: arhythmic
aria {f} [music]  :: aria
Ariane {prop}  :: female given name
Ariane {prop} [Greek mythology]  :: Ariadne
arianisme {m}  :: Arianism (heretical doctrine)
aride {adj}  :: arid (very dry)
aridité {f}  :: aridity
aridité {f}  :: barrenness
aérien {adj}  :: aerial (of, or in, the air)
aérien {adj} [attributive]  :: air
arien {adj}  :: Arian (relating to Arius)
arien {m}  :: Arian (type of Christian heretic)
aériennement {adv}  :: aerially
aériennement {adv}  :: in the air
ariette {f} [music]  :: arietta
Ariège {prop}  :: Ariège
ariégeois {adj}  :: of, from, or relating to, Ariège (the French department)
arille {m} [botany]  :: aril
arioso {adv} [music]  :: in an arioso style
ariser {v} [nautical]  :: To reef (a sail)
aristarque {m}  :: aristarch
Aristarque {prop}  :: Aristarchus
aristo {mf}  :: aristocrat
Aristobule {prop}  :: Aristobulus
aristocrate {adj}  :: aristocratic
aristocrate {mf}  :: aristocrat, noble
aristocratie {f}  :: An aristocracy
aristocratique {adj}  :: aristocratic
aristocratiquement {adv}  :: aristocratically
aristocratisme {m}  :: aristocratism
aristoloche {f}  :: birthwort
Aristophane {prop}  :: Aristophanes
aristophanesque {adj}  :: Aristophanic, Aristophanean
Aristote {prop}  :: Aristotle
aristotélicien {adj}  :: Aristotelian
aristotélicien {m}  :: Aristotelian
aristotélique {adj}  :: Aristotelian
aristotélisme {m}  :: Aristotelianism
arité {m}  :: arity (number of arguments)
arithmomanie {f}  :: arithmomania
arithméticien {m} [maths]  :: arithmetician
arithméticienne {f}  :: feminine singular form of arithméticien
arithmétique {f}  :: arithmetic (mathematics of numbers, etc.)
arithmétiquement {adv}  :: arithmetically (in an arithmetic manner)
aérium {m}  :: sanatorium (that employs fresh air)
Arkhangelsk {prop}  :: Arkhangelsk (city in Russia)
Arkhanguelsk {prop}  :: alternative spelling of Arkhangelsk
arkose {f} [geology]  :: arkose
arlequin {m}  :: buffoon
arlequin {m}  :: harlequin
arlequin {m}  :: jester
arlequinade {f}  :: buffoonery
arlequinade {f}  :: harlequinade
arlequine {f}  :: feminine singular form of arlequin
Arles {prop}  :: Arles (city and commune in Provence, southern France)
Arlette {prop}  :: female given name
Arlon {prop}  :: Arlon
arlésien {adj}  :: Of or from Arles
armé {adj}  :: armed (having weapons)
armada {f}  :: armada
armagnac {m}  :: Armagnac (brandy)
armailli {m} [Switzerland]  :: shepherd (of the Fribourg region)
Armand {prop}  :: male given name
armanien {adj}  :: relating to, or characteristic of Giorgio Armani or the Armani fashion house
armateur {m}  :: shipowner
armatole {m}  :: armatoli
armaturé {adj}  :: reinforced
armaturé {adj}  :: underwired (of clothing etc.)
armature {f}  :: framework (supportive structure)
armée {f} [military]  :: armed forces
armée {f} [military]  :: army
arme {f}  :: a weapon, arms
arôme {m}  :: aroma
arme blanche {f}  :: weapon with a blade (literally: "white weapon")
arme de destruction massive {f}  :: weapon of mass destruction (a chemical, biological, radiological nuclear or other weapon that is designed to cause death or serious injury to large numbers of civilians)
armée de l'air {f} [military]  :: air force, air corps or flying corps ; literally army of the air, air army
armée de l'espace {f} [military]  :: space force, aerospace force ; literally army of space, space army
armée de mer {f} [military, archaic]  :: navy; literally army of the sea
armée de terre {f} [military]  :: army ; literally army of the land, land army
arme d'hast {f}  :: polearm
arme à feu {f}  :: firearm
Armel {prop}  :: male given name
armeline {f}  :: A fine, white ermine from Lapland
Armelle {prop}  :: female given name, feminine form of Armel
armement {m}  :: armament
armement {m}  :: arming
armer {v}  :: to arm (equip with weapons)
armer {v}  :: to dub (a knight)
armet {m}  :: armet
armeur {m}  :: armourer
armeuse {f}  :: feminine singular form of armeur
armillaire {adj}  :: armillary
arminianisme {m}  :: Arminianism
arminien {adj}  :: Arminian
arminien {m}  :: Arminian
armistice {m}  :: armistice
Arménie {prop}  :: Armenia
arménien {adj}  :: Armenian
arménien {m}  :: Armenian language
Arménien {m}  :: Armenian (person)
arménien ancien {m} [language]  :: Old Armenian
arménien classique {m} [language]  :: Old Armenian
Arménienne {f}  :: feminine noun of Arménien
Arménistan {prop}  :: Armenistan
armoire {f}  :: wardrobe (British), closet (US), a cabinet, taller than it is wide, for storing things.
armoiries {fp}  :: coat of arms
armoise {f}  :: mugwort
armon {m}  :: coupling (of railway carriages)
armorial {adj} [heraldry]  :: armorial
armoricain {adj}  :: Armorican
armorier {vt}  :: to emblazon [with arms]
Armorique {prop}  :: Armorica
armure {f}  :: armor
armurerie {f}  :: arms factory
armurerie {f}  :: gun shop
armurier {m}  :: armourer / armorer
armurier {m}  :: gunsmith
aréna {m} [Canada]  :: a hockey arena
arénacé {adj}  :: arenaceous
arnaque {f} [colloquial]  :: con, rip-off
arnaquer {v}  :: to cheat
arnaquer {v}  :: to swindle, to dupe
arnaqueur {adj}  :: swindling; lying; cheating
arnaqueur {m}  :: swindler
arnaqueuse {f}  :: feminine noun of arnaqueur
Arnaud {prop}  :: French surname
Arnaud {prop}  :: male given name, cognate to Arnold
arène {f}  :: arena
arène {m}  :: arene
arnica {f}  :: arnica
arénicole {adj}  :: arenicolous
arénique {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: arenic
arénisation {f} [geology]  :: arenization
arénite {f} [mineral]  :: arenite
aéro- {prefix}  :: aero-
aérobase {f} [military]  :: An early form of airport
arobase {f} [computing]  :: The at symbol, @
arobe {f}  :: at sign (@)
aérobic {m} [sports]  :: aerobics
aérobie {adj}  :: aerobic (of or relating to aerobics)
aérobie {adj} [biology]  :: aerobic
aérobique {adj}  :: aerobic
aérobiquement {adv}  :: aerobically
aérochimique {adj} [chemistry]  :: aerochemical
aéroclub {m}  :: aero club, flying club
aéro-club {m}  :: alternative form of aéroclub
aroïdée {f}  :: arum (of subfamily Aroideae)
aérodrome {m}  :: aerodrome
aérodynamique {adj}  :: aerodynamic
aérodynamique {f}  :: aerodynamics (the science of the dynamics of bodies moving relative to gases)
aérodynamiquement {adv}  :: aerodynamically
aérodynamisme {m}  :: aerodynamism
aérodyne {m}  :: aerodyne (heavier-than-air aircraft)
aérogare {f}  :: airport terminal
aérogel {m}  :: aerogel
aéroglisseur {m}  :: hovercraft
aérogramme {m}  :: aerogram
aérographe {m}  :: airbrush
aréographie {f}  :: areography
aréolaire {adj}  :: areolar
aréole {f}  :: areola
aréole {f}  :: areole
aérolite {m}  :: aerolite
aérolithe {m}  :: aerolite
aérologie {f}  :: aerology (branch of meteorology)
aromal {adj}  :: aromatic (fragrant)
aéromancie {f}  :: aeromancy
aéromancien {m}  :: One who practises aeromancy; aeromancer
aromate {m} [chiefly, in the plural]  :: seasoning; herb; spice
aromathérapeute {mf}  :: aromatherapist
aromathérapie {f}  :: aromatherapy
aromaticité {f}  :: aromaticity (all senses)
aromatique {adj}  :: aromatic (all senses)
aromatisation {f}  :: aromatization
aromatiser {v}  :: to aromatize / aromatise
aræometre {m}  :: obsolete form of aréomètre
aéromodélisme {m}  :: aeromodelling
aréomètre {m}  :: areometer
aréométrie {f}  :: areometry
aréométrique {adj}  :: areometric
arçon {m} [horse riding]  :: A tree (wooden frame used in the construction of a saddle)
aéronaute {mf}  :: aeronaut
aéronautique {adj}  :: aeronautic, aeronautical
aéronaval {adj}  :: aeronaval
aronde {f}  :: swallow (bird)
aéronef {m}  :: aircraft (machine capable of atmospheric flight)
aéronef {m}  :: spaceship
aéronomie {f}  :: aeronomy
aréopage {m}  :: Areopagus
Aréopage {prop}  :: Areopagus
aréopagite {adj}  :: Areopagite
aérophagie {f} [medicine]  :: aerophagy
aéroplane {m}  :: aeroplane
aéroporté {adj}  :: airlifted, transported by air
aéroport {m}  :: airport (place, company managing such a place)
aéroportuaire {adj}  :: airport (attributive use)
aéropostal {adj}  :: airmail (attributive)
aérosol {m}  :: aerosol
aérospatial {adj}  :: aerospace; aerospatial
aérostat {m}  :: aerostat
aérostatier {m}  :: aerostat pilot, balloonist
aérostation {f}  :: ballooning
aérostatique {adj}  :: aerostatic
aérostier {m}  :: alternative form of aérostatier
aréostyle {m}  :: areostyle
aérotechnique {adj}  :: aerotechnic, aeronautic
aérotechnique {f}  :: aerotechnics, aeronautics
aérotrain {m}  :: aerotrain, hovertrain
aroumain {m}  :: Aromanian language
arpent {m}  :: arpent
arpentage {m}  :: survey
arpentage {m}  :: surveying
arpenter {v}  :: to pace, to measure
arpenter {v}  :: to pace, to walk to and fro
arpenter {v}  :: to survey land
arpenteur {adj}  :: surveying
arpenteur {m}  :: surveyor
arpenteuse {f}  :: measuring worm
arpette {mf}  :: alternative form of arpète
arpège {m} [music]  :: arpeggio
arpègement {m} [music]  :: The playing of an arpeggio
arpéger {v} [music]  :: To play an arpeggio
arpion {m}  :: (especially in plural) foot
arpitan {adj}  :: Arpitan
arpitan {adj}  :: Arpitanian
arpitan {m}  :: Arpitan (language)
arpète {mf}  :: apprentice (or worker who does odd jobs)
arquebusade {f}  :: arquebusade (shot of an arquebus)
arquebuse {f}  :: arquebus (firearm)
arquebusier {f}  :: arquebusier
arquer {vit}  :: to arc
arquer {vr} [s'arquer]  :: to arc (move in an arch shape)
aréquier {m}  :: areca
arracache {f}  :: arracacha
arraché {m} [weightlifting]  :: snatch
arrachage {m}  :: lifting (of potatoes etc)
arrachage {m}  :: weeding
arrachement {m}  :: extracting, extraction
arrachement {m}  :: snatching, grabbing
arrachement {m}  :: uprooting
arracher {vp}  :: to fight over (something)
arracher {vp}  :: to tear oneself away (à from)
arracher {v}  :: to b