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Ç {letter}  :: A letter used in writing Portuguese, representing /s/
ç {letter}  :: "c cedilha" (the letter c with a cedilla)
{adv}  :: here (at this time; at the present situation)
{adv}  :: here (in this place)
{adv}  :: hither (to this place)
{m}  :: grey hair
{m}  :: khan (a ruler over various Turkish, Tatar and Mongol peoples in the Middle Ages)
{m}  :: cee (name of the letter C, c)
{pron} [informal]  :: you (singular)
caça {f}  :: fighter (military aircraft)
caça {f}  :: hunt (a hunting expedition)
caça {f} [uncountable]  :: game (animals hunted for food)
caça {f} [uncountable]  :: hunting (chasing animals for game or food)
Caaba {prop}  :: alternative form of Kaaba
caçadeira {f}  :: shotgun (gun that fires several small pellets)
caçador {adj}  :: hunting-
caçador {m}  :: hunter
caçadora {f}  :: feminine form of caçador; huntress
caçador de recompensas {m}  :: bounty hunter (person who catches criminals in return for a reward)
caçamba {f} [Brazil]  :: bed (platform of a lorry where the load is hauled)
caçamba {f} [Brazil]  :: skip (an open-topped rubbish bin)
caçamba de entulho {f} [Brazil]  :: skip (an open-topped rubbish bin)
caçapa {f} [billiards, pool, snooker, Brazil]  :: pocket (net into which balls are struck)
caçar {v}  :: to hunt (to chase down prey)
caçarola {f}  :: pan (flat vessel used for frying)
caçarola {f}  :: saucepan
Caçarola {prop}  :: Big Dipper (bright circumpolar asterism of the northern sky)
cabaça {f}  :: bong (for smoking marijuana)
cabaça {f}  :: calabash
cabaça {f}  :: gourd
cabaceira {f}  :: gourd (any of the vines producing fruit with hard rind)
cabaceiro {m}  :: calabash (a vine grown for its fruit)
cabal {adj}  :: complete
cabal {adj}  :: exact
cabal {adj}  :: rigorous
cabal {adj}  :: satisfactory
cabalmente {adv}  :: fully, thoroughly
cabana {f}  :: cabin, hut, shack
cabaço {m} [Brazil, informal]  :: hymen; hence cherry
cabaço {m}  :: gourd (fruit)
cabaré {m}  :: cabaret (live entertainment held in a restaurant or nightclub)
cabaret {m}  :: alternative spelling of cabaré
cabeça {f} [anatomy]  :: The head [part of the body]
cabeça {mf} [colloquial]  :: head [leader, boss]
cabeçada {f}  :: headbutt (sharp blow)
cabeça de impressão {f}  :: print head (part of a printer)
cabeça de merda {mf} de|merda
cabeça de merda {mf} de merda
cabeça de merda {mf} [rare, pejorative]  :: shithead (stupid or contemptible person)
cabeça-dura {adj}  :: stubborn (refusing to move or change one's opinion)
cabeçalho {m}  :: header (upper portion of a page layout)
cabeamento {m}  :: cabling (a collection of cables)
cabeça oca {n}  :: an empty-headed person
cabecear {vi} [lb, pt]  :: to nod (to gradually fall asleep)
cabecear {vi} [lb, pt]  :: to nod (to incline the head up and down, indicating agreement)
cabecear {v} [lb, pt, chiefly, sports]  :: to head (to strike with the head)
cabeceira {f} [especially, in plural]  :: source of a river
cabeceira {f}  :: headboard (of a bed)
Cabeceiras de Basto {prop}  :: A Portuguese village in Braga district
cabedal {m}  :: capital (money)
cabedal {m}  :: leather
cabeleireira {f}  :: feminine form of cabeleireiro
cabeleireiro {m}  :: beauty salon
cabeleireiro {m}  :: hairdresser (professional for haircutting or hairstyling)
cabelo {m}  :: hair (a single hair filament)
cabelo {m}  :: hair, head of hair
caber {v} [of clothing]  :: to fit (to be of a size so as to cover the body leaving relatively little space between the clothing and the body)
caber como uma luva {v}  :: to fit like a glove
cabeçuda {adj}  :: feminine form of cabeçudo
cabeçudas {adj}  :: feminine plural of cabeçudo
cabeçudo {adj}  :: having a large head
cabide {m}  :: coat hanger (device, in the shape of shoulders, used to hang up coats, shirts, etc.)
cabide de empregos {m}  :: an organisation that exists primarily to provide useless jobs
cabina {f}  :: cabin
cabinda {f}  :: Kongo (language)
cabine {f}  :: cabin
cabine de pilotagem {f}  :: cockpit (the space for pilot and crew in an aircraft)
cabine telefônica {f} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of cabine telefónica
cabine telefónica {f} [Portugal]  :: telephone booth (a small enclosure housing a public telephone)
cabisbaixa {adj}  :: feminine form of cabisbaixo
cabisbaixas {adj}  :: feminine plural of cabisbaixo
cabisbaixo {adj}  :: crestfallen (sad because of a recent disappointment)
cabisbaixo {adj}  :: having one’s head turned down, due to sadness
cablagem {f}  :: cabling, wiring
cabo {m}  :: a long handle, such as a shaft
cabo {m}  :: cable (assembly of wires used for electrical power or data circuits)
cabo {m}  :: cable (strong, large-diameter wire or rope)
cabo {m} [geomorphology]  :: cape (piece of land extending beyond the coast)
cabo {m}  :: head man (person in charge of an organisation or group)
cabo {m} [military]  :: rank roughly equivalent to corporal
cabo {m} [nautical]  :: any rope in a ship except the bell rope and the clock rope
cabo {m}  :: the final steps or moments of an event
cabocla {adj}  :: feminine form of caboclo
caboclas {adj}  :: feminine plural of caboclo
caboclo {adj}  :: copper-coloured
caboclo {m}  :: caboclo
Caboclo {m}  :: (Brasil) a Brasilian of mixed Caucasian and Native American ancestry; used especially to refer to those living in the Amazon Rain Forest
Caboclo {m}  :: (Brasil) a South American descended from the indigenous peoples of Brazil
Cabo da Boa Esperança {prop}  :: Cape of Good Hope (a cape in southwestern South Africa)
cabo de guerra {m}  :: tug of war (game)
cabouco {m}  :: alternative form of cavouco
Cabo Verde {prop}  :: Cape Verde (country in Western Africa)
cabra {f}  :: goat
cabra alpina {f}  :: ibex (type of wild mountain goat)
cabra brava {f}  :: ibex (type of wild mountain goat)
cabra-cega {f}  :: blind man's buff
cabra-montesa {f}  :: alternative form of cabra-montês
cabra-montês {f}  :: Alpine ibex (Capra ibex)
cabra-montês {f}  :: Spanish ibex (Capra pyrenaica)
cabreiro {m}  :: goatherd (person who tends goats)
cabresto {m}  :: halter (animal’s headgear)
cabria {f} [heraldiccharge]  :: chevron
cabrita {f}  :: feminine form of cabrito
cabrito {m}  :: kid (young goat)
cabrão {m}  :: billy goat (male goat)
cabrão {m}  :: cuckold (deceived husband or partner)
cabrocha {mf} [Brazil]  :: mulatto
Cabul {prop}  :: Kabul (capital of Afghanistan)
cabum {interj}  :: kaboom (the sound of an explosion)
cabum {interj}  :: the sound of thunder
cabível {adj}  :: admissible
cabível {adj}  :: appropriate
cabível {adj}  :: fitting
caca {f} [childish, or, euphemistic]  :: crap; excrement
cacarejar {vi}  :: to cackle (of a hen, to emit its cry)
cacarejo {m}  :: cackle (cry of a hen)
cacatua {f}  :: cockatoo (a bird)
cacau {m} [botany]  :: cacao
cacau {m}  :: cocoa
cacaueiro {m}  :: cacao (tree)
cacete {interj} [slang, vulgar]  :: Act of beating someone up
cacete {interj} [slang, vulgar]  :: Intensifier; demonstrates anger
cacete {m}  :: A bat or stick used to beat someone up
cacete {m}  :: A type of bread
cacete {m} [slang, vulgar]  :: penis
caceteando {v}  :: gerund of cacetear
cacetear {v} [Brazil]  :: To bore, annoy, harass
cacófato {m}  :: cacophony
cacófaton {m}  :: alternative form of cacófato
cachaça {f}  :: cachaça (a type of Brazilian rum)
cachalote {m}  :: cachalot, sperm whale
cachaço {m}  :: boar (male pig)
cachar {vt}  :: cover
cachar {vt}  :: hide
cacheado {adj}  :: curly (having curls)
cachecol {m}  :: scarf (long garment worn around the neck)
cacheira {adj}  :: feminine form of cacheiro
cacheiras {adj}  :: feminine plural of cacheiro
cacheiro {adj}  :: cunning, crafty, sly
cacheiro {m}  :: boar (male pig)
cachimbo {m}  :: pipe (smoking tool)
cacho {m} [botany]  :: raceme (an inflorescence in which the flowers are arranged along a single central axis)
cacho {m}  :: hand (bunch of bananas)
cacho {m}  :: lock (length of hair)
cachoeira {f}  :: waterfall
cachola {f} [lb, pt, colloquial]  :: head
cachola {f} [lb, pt, colloquial]  :: mind
cachopa {f}  :: girl
cachorra {f}  :: female dog
cachorrinho {m}  :: dog paddle
cachorrinho {m}  :: puppy (or small wolf etc)
cachorro {m} [Brazil]  :: dog
cachorro {m}  :: puppy
cachorro do mato {m}  :: alternative spelling of cachorro-do-mato
cachorro-do-mato {m}  :: bush dog (a wild canine animal)
cachorro-do-mato {m}  :: crab-eating fox (Cerdocyon thous)
cachorro-quente {m}  :: hot dog
cacildis {interj} [Brazil, humorous]  :: darn!
cacimba {f}  :: drizzle
cacimba {f}  :: fog
cacimba {f}  :: well (hole dug to obtain water)
cacique {m}  :: a very powerful person
cacique {m}  :: chieftain; an Indian chief, in a tribe
caco {m}  :: shard (broken piece)
cacoete {m}  :: grimace
cacoete {m}  :: tic (repetitive habit)
cacofonia {f}  :: cacophony (mix of discordant sounds; dissonance)
cacotenia {f}  :: cacotechny
cacto {m} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of cato
cacunda {f}  :: back
cacunda {f}  :: hump
cadê {pron}  :: where is?
cada {pron}  :: each (qualifying a singular noun, indicating all examples of the thing so named seen as individual or separate items)
cada {pron}  :: used as an intensifier
cadafalso {m}  :: gallows; scaffold (platform for executions)
cadarço {m}  :: shoelace
cadastro {m}  :: cadastre
cadastro {m}  :: census
cadastro {m}  :: criminal record
cada um {pron}  :: everyone
cada uma {pron}  :: feminine form of cada um
Cadaval {prop}  :: A Portuguese village in Lisboa district
cada vez {adv} vez
cada vez {adv} [followed by comparative; can despite the literal meaning also be used for gradual change]  :: increasingly; more and more
cadavérico {adj}  :: cadaveric (pale, sickly-looking)
cadavérico {adj}  :: cadaveric (relating to corpses)
cadeada {adj}  :: feminine form of cadeado
cadeadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of cadeado
cadeado {adj}  :: locked with a padlock
cadeado {m}  :: padlock (type of lock)
cadear {v}  :: to padlock (to lock using a padlock)
cadeia {f}  :: chain (a series of interconnected rings or links)
cadeia {f}  :: prison (a place of long-term confinement for those convicted of serious crimes)
cadeia de caracteres {f} [computing]  :: string (sequence of characters)
cadeia montanhosa {f}  :: mountain chain (a series of mountain ranges)
cadeira {f}  :: chair
cadeira de balanço {f}  :: rocking chair (chair with a curved base which can be gently rocked)
cadeira de escritório {f}  :: office chair (type of chair with a rotating base and small wheels)
cadeira de praia {f}  :: folding chair (a light portable chair)
cadeira de rodas {f}  :: wheelchair
cadeira eléctrica {f}  :: obsolete spelling of cadeira elétrica
cadeira elétrica {f}  :: electric chair (a device used for performing execution by electrocution)
cadela {f}  :: female dog
caderno {m}  :: notebook (book in which notes or memoranda are written)
cadete {n}  :: cadet (a student at a military school who is training to be an officer)
cadinho {m}  :: crucible, melting pot
caído {adj}  :: fallen
caducando {v}  :: gerund of caducar
caducar {v}  :: to lapse, expire
caducar {v}  :: to prescribe
caducidade {f}  :: expiry
caducidade {f}  :: obsolescence
caducidade {f}  :: old age
caducidade {f}  :: prescription
caducidade {f}  :: senility
caducifólia {adj}  :: feminine form of caducifólio
caducifólias {adj}  :: feminine plural of caducifólio
caducifólio {adj} [botany]  :: deciduous (of or pertaining to trees which lose their leaves in winter or the dry season)
cadáver {m}  :: cadaver, corpse
caes {m}  :: obsolete spelling of cais
caes {v}  :: obsolete spelling of cais
Caetano {prop}  :: Cajetan (male given name)
café {m}  :: a café, an establishment selling coffee and other beverages, alcoholic or not, simple meals or snacks, with a facility to consume them on the premises
café {m}  :: coffee
cafarnaum {m}  :: bedlam (a place of chaotic uproar, where confusion prevails)
café com leite {m} com|leite
café com leite {m}  :: greenhorn (inexperienced person)
café da manhã {m} [Brazil]  :: breakfast (first meal of the day)
cafelo {m}  :: the first layer of mortar on a wall
cafeína {f}  :: caffeine (alkaloid found naturally in tea and coffee plants)
cafeteira {f}  :: coffeemaker (kitchen apparatus used to brew and filter coffee)
cafeteira {f}  :: coffee pot (pot for coffee)
cafeteria {f}  :: cafeteria (type of restaurant)
cafetina {f} [Brazil, slang]  :: A madam, a procurer
cafetinar {vi}  :: to pimp (to act as procurer of prostitutes)
cafetão {m} [Brazil, slang]  :: A pimp, a procurer
cafezal {m}  :: coffee plantation
cafezeiro {m}  :: coffee (plant)
café gelado {m}  :: iced coffee (beverage)
cafona {adj}  :: tacky (dowdy, shabbily dressed)
café puro {m}  :: black coffee (coffee served without cream or milk)
cafre {m}  :: Kaffir
cafta {f}  :: kofta (meatball or meatloaf dish)
caftan {m}  :: kaftan (long tunic worn in the Eastern Mediterranean)
cafuné {m} [Brazil]  :: the act of fondling someone's hair
cagada {f} [vulgar]  :: accident
cagada {f} [vulgar]  :: An event of very unlikely good luck
cagada {f} [vulgar]  :: disaster
cagada {f} [vulgar]  :: shit
cagador {m}  :: shitter (one who shits)
cagalhão {m} [vulgar]  :: turd (a piece of excrement)
cagar {v} [vulgar]  :: to shit
cagar para {v} [vulgar, usually in the negative]  :: to give a shit (to care)
cagatório {m} [Brazil, vulgar slang]  :: bog (toilet)
Cagliari {prop}  :: Cagliari (capital of Cagliari)
cagão {adj} [vulgar, derogatory, of a person]  :: Who defecates excessively
cagão {adj} [vulgar, derogatory, of a person]  :: Who lacks courage; chicken; coward
cagão {m} [vulgar]  :: excrement, shit
caiaque {m}  :: kayak (a type of small boat)
caiçara {f}  :: deadwood
caiçara {f}  :: fence (made of dead branches etc)
caiçara {m}  :: hillbilly
caiçara {m}  :: tramp
caibro {m}  :: rafter (or similar beam)
caieira {f}  :: limekiln
Caiena {prop}  :: Cayenne (capital of French Guiana)
cai fora {interj}  :: piss off! leave! go away!
Caim {prop} [religion]  :: Cain (son of Adam and Eve)
caindo {v}  :: gerund of cair
caingangue {m}  :: Kaingang (native language spoken in South Brazil)
caingangue {n}  :: one of the Kaingang, a native people of South Brazil
Caio {prop}  :: Gaius
caiota {f}  :: chayote (fruit)
caipira {mf} [Brazil]  :: a hillbilly, yokel, rustic
caipirinha {f}  :: a traditional Brazilian drink prepared with cachaça, lime juice, sugar and ice
caipirinha {n}  :: diminutive form of caipira
caipora {m}  :: jinx (a person who brings bad luck to others)
cair {v}  :: to fall
cair a ficha {vi}  :: to click (to make sense suddenly)
cair como uma luva {v} [simile]  :: to fit like a glove (to be a perfect fit, to be exactly the right size)
cair da noite {m}  :: nightfall
cair fora {v} [slang]  :: to piss off; to leave
Cairo {prop}  :: Cairo (capital of Egypt)
cairota {adj}  :: Cairene (of or pertaining to Cairo)
cairota {n}  :: someone from Cairo, Egypt
cais {m}  :: quay, wharf, pier
caititu {m}  :: collared peccary (mammal)
caixa {f}  :: box
caixa {f}  :: cashier (in supermarket)
caixa {f}  :: snare drum Brazilian percussion instrument used in a samba Bateria|bateria (percussion/drum section)
caixa automático {m} [banking]  :: automated teller machine (banking)
caixa chata {f} [music]  :: snare (type of drum)
caixa clara {f} [music]  :: snare (type of drum)
caixa de areia {f}  :: sandbox (box with sand for children)
caixa de câmbio {f}  :: gearbox (part of a car containing the gears)
caixa de correio {f}  :: mailbox (box into which mail is put)
caixa de costura {f}  :: housewife (case for materials used in sewing)
caixa de entrada {f} [computing]  :: inbox (folder containing received messages)
caixa de guerra {f} [music]  :: snare (type of drum)
caixa de Pandora {f}  :: Pandora's box (a source of unforeseen trouble)
caixa de texto {f} [graphical user interface]  :: text box (widget that accepts textual input)
caixa e espiga {f} [woodworking, rare]  :: mortise-and-tenon joint, as a technique
caixa eletrónico {m} [banking, Portugal]  :: automated teller machine (banking)
caixa eletrônico {m} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of caixa eletrónico
caixa-preta {f} [aviation]  :: black box (recorder in an aircraft)
caixa registradora {f}  :: cash register (machine that registers transactions)
caixa torácica {f} [skeleton]  :: rib cage (part of skeleton)
caixa toráxica {f}  :: alternative form of caixa torácica
caixeiro {m}  :: clerk
caixeiro {m}  :: shop assistant
caixilho {m}  :: frame
caixinha {f}  :: diminutive form of caixa
caixão {m}  :: coffin
caixote {m}  :: a wooden crate
cajado {m}  :: staff (long, straight stick)
cajá-manga {m}  :: ambarella (tree)
caju {m}  :: cashew nut
caju {m}  :: cashew (pseudofruit)
caju {m}  :: cashew (tree)
cajueiro {m}  :: cashew (tree)
cal {m}  :: lime (calcium oxide)
calça {f}  :: ring (on a mushroom)
calça {f}  :: trousers, pants
calabouço {m}  :: dungeon (underground prison or vault)
calabresa {adj}  :: feminine form of calabrês
calabresas {adj}  :: feminine plural of calabrês
calabrês {adj}  :: Calabrian (of or from Calabria)
calabrês {m}  :: Calabrian (inhabitant of Calabria)
calabrês {m} [uncountable]  :: Calabrian (language)
calçada {adj}  :: feminine form of calçado
calçada {f}  :: pavement (footpath)
calçadeira {f}  :: shoehorn
calado {adj}  :: discreet
calado {adj}  :: silent, quiet
calçado {adj}  :: Wearing shoes
calçado {m}  :: footgear, shoes
calafate {m}  :: caulker
calafetado {v}  :: past participle of calafetar
calafetando {v}  :: gerund of calafetar
calafetar {v}  :: to caulk
calafrio {m}  :: shiver (the act or result of shivering)
calça-jeans {f}  :: jeans (denim trousers)
calçamento {m}  :: paving (process, or paved floor)
calamidade {f}  :: calamity (distress that results from some disaster)
calamidade {f}  :: calamity (event resulting in great loss)
calamitosa {adj}  :: feminine form of calamitoso
calamitosas {adj}  :: feminine plural of calamitoso
calamitoso {adj}  :: Involving calamity; disastrous; calamitous
calandra {f}  :: skylark (small brown passerine bird)
calar {vi}  :: shut up
calar {vt}  :: shut up (to stop (a person) from talking or (a person or thing) from making noise)
calçar {v}  :: shoe (to equip with protection)
calar a boca {vi}  :: to shut up
calar-se {vr}  :: to shut up (to stop talking or making noise)
calças {n} [plurale tantum]  :: pants (garment covering the body from the waist downwards)
calau {m}  :: hornbill (bird)
calaverita {f} [mineral]  :: calaverite
Calábria {prop}  :: Calabria (region of Italy)
calábrica {adj}  :: feminine form of calábrico
calábricas {adj}  :: feminine plural of calábrico
calábrico {adj}  :: Calabrian (from Calabria)
calcadoiro {m}  :: alternative form of calcadouro
calcadouro {m}  :: threshing floor
calcando {v}  :: gerund of calcar
calcanhar {m} [anatomy]  :: heel (part of the foot)
calcanhar de Achiles {m}  :: obsolete spelling of calcanhar de Aquiles
calcanhar de Aquiles {m}  :: Achilles heel (vulnerability in an otherwise strong situation)
calcanhar-de-Aquiles {m}  :: obsolete spelling of calcanhar de Aquiles
calcar {v}  :: to crush
calcar {v}  :: to humiliate
calcar {v}  :: to press (grapes etc)
calcar {v}  :: to trample
calcedônia {f}  :: chalcedony (form of fine-grained quartz)
calcificação {f}  :: calcification
calcinado {adj}  :: calcined
calcinando {v}  :: gerund of calcinar
calcinação {f}  :: calcination
calcinar {v}  :: to calcine
calcinha {f}  :: panties (underpants for females)
calciúria {f} [pathology]  :: calciuria
calcita {f} [geology]  :: calcite (calcium carbonate mineral)
calcâneo {m} [skeleton]  :: calcaneus; heel bone
calcogênio {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: chalcogen
calcolítica {adj}  :: feminine form of calcolítico
calcolíticas {adj}  :: feminine plural of calcolítico
calcolítico {adj}  :: chalcolithic
calcopirita {f} [mineral]  :: chalcopyrite
calcária {adj}  :: feminine form of calcário
calcárias {adj}  :: feminine plural of calcário
calcário {adj}  :: calcareous, chalky
calcário {adj}  :: limestone (attributive)
calcário {m} [geology]  :: limestone
calculador {m}  :: calculator (person or thing that performs calculations)
calculadora {f}  :: calculator (electronic device that performs mathematical calculations)
calculadora {f}  :: feminine form of calculador
calculação {f}  :: calculation (act or process of calculating)
calcular {v} [mathematics]  :: calculate (to determine value)
calculista {n}  :: calculator (person who calculates, schemes)
Calcutá {prop}  :: Kolkata
Caldas da Rainha {prop}  :: A Portuguese city in Leiria district
caldeira {f}  :: boiler (device for heating circulating water)
caldeira de recuperação {f}  :: recovery boiler (boiler for recovering soda)
caldeirão {m}  :: cauldron
caldeirão {m} [geology]  :: pothole
caldo {m}  :: broth, stock
caldo {m}  :: juice
calefação {f}  :: heating (a system that raises the temperature of a room or building)
caleidoscópio {m}  :: A kaleidoscope
calejada {adj}  :: feminine form of calejado
calejadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of calejado
calejado {adj}  :: callous (having calli)
calejado {adj}  :: jaded (cynically insensitive; made callous by experience)
calendas {n}  :: calends (the first day of the Roman month)
calendário {m}  :: calendar (means to determine the date)
calendário {m}  :: calendar (system by which time is divided)
calendário gregoriano {m}  :: Gregorian calendar
calendário lunar {m}  :: lunar calendar (a calendar that measures the passage of the year according to the phases of the moon)
calendário solar {m}  :: solar calendar (a calendar based on the movement of the Earth around the Sun)
calígrafo {m}  :: calligrapher (one who practices calligraphy)
calhamaço {m}  :: tome (large book)
calhambeque {m}  :: jalopy (old, dilapidated car)
calhando {v}  :: gerund of calhar
calhandra {f}  :: alternative form of calandra
calhar {v}  :: to agree
calhar {v}  :: to fit
calhar {v}  :: to happen
Calhari {prop}  :: obsolete spelling of Cagliari
calhau {m}  :: stone, boulder
calheta {f}  :: a narrow bay
Calheta {prop}  :: A Portuguese village in Madeira island
Calheta {prop}  :: A Portuguese village in the Azores
calibrar {v} [Brazil]  :: to inflate (to fill with gas)
calibrar {v}  :: to calibrate (to check or adjust by comparison with a standard)
calibre {m}  :: caliber / calibre (dimension)
calibre {m}  :: gauge (mathematics, physics)
caliemia {f} [pathology]  :: calcemia
califa {m}  :: caliph (political leader of the Muslim world)
califado {m}  :: caliphate (Islamic government)
californiano {adj}  :: Californian
californiano {m}  :: Californian
Califórnia {prop}  :: California
califórnio {m}  :: californium
caligrafia {f}  :: calligraphy, penmanship
caligrafia {f}  :: handwriting
caligráfica {adj}  :: feminine form of caligráfico
caligráficas {adj}  :: feminine plural of caligráfico
caligráfico {adj}  :: calligraphic
calipígia {adj}  :: feminine form of calipígio
calipígias {adj}  :: feminine plural of calipígio
calipígio {adj}  :: callipygian (having beautiful buttocks)
Calipso {prop} [astronomy]  :: Calypso (a moon of Saturn)
Calipso {prop} [Greek god]  :: Calypso (a sea nymph)
calligraphia {f}  :: obsolete spelling of caligrafia
callo {m}  :: obsolete spelling of calo
callo {v}  :: obsolete spelling of calo
calma {adj}  :: feminine form of calmo
calma {f}  :: calm
calma {f}  :: tranquility
calmamente {adv}  :: In context of being free from anger or anxiety; calmly; peacefully
calmaria {f}  :: calm (period without wind)
calúmnia {f}  :: obsolete form of calúnia
calmo {adj}  :: calm
calmo {adj}  :: serene
calúnia {f}  :: slander (false, malicious statement)
calão {adj}  :: indolent; lazy
calão {m}  :: an indolent individual
calão {m}  :: a tile used to cover the bottom of ditches, to prevent water from being absorbed into the ground
calão {m}  :: a type of fishing net, with floaters in three corners and a sinker in the fourth corner
calão {m}  :: a type of large container for liquids
calão {m}  :: a type of long boat used in the Algarve for fishing tuna
calão {m}  :: augmentative form of calo
calão {m}  :: Caló (the language of Spanish gypsies)
calão {m}  :: jargon (language characteristic of a particular group)
calão {m}  :: shoulder pole (a pole with a load in each end, carried on one’s shoulder)
calão {m}  :: vulgar slang; argot
calão {v}  :: obsolete form of calam
calção {f}  :: (especially in plural) shorts
calo {m}  :: callus (hardened area of the skin)
calo {m}  :: callus (material occurring in bone fractures)
caloiro {m}  :: alternative form of calouro
calombo {m}  :: bump (protuberance on a level surface.)
calombo {m}  :: bump (swelling on the skin)
calona {adj}  :: feminine form of calão
calonas {adj}  :: feminine plural of calão
Calíope {prop}  :: Calliope (mythology)
calopsita {f}  :: cockatiel (a small, rather atypical cockatoo with a distinctive pointed yellow crest)
calor {m}  :: an instance of high temperature
calor {m} [uncountable, physics]  :: heat
caloria {f}  :: calorie
caloroso {adj}  :: enthusiastic
caloroso {adj}  :: heart-warming
calosa {adj}  :: feminine form of caloso
calosas {adj}  :: feminine plural of caloso
caloso {adj}  :: callous (having calli)
calota {f}  :: hubcap (decorative disk for wheels)
calouro {m}  :: freshman (a person in the first year of an institution)
calípio {m} [lb, pt, Caipira, nonstandard]  :: alternative form of eucalipto
Calírroe {prop} [Greek god]  :: Callirrhoë (a naiad)
caluniar {v}  :: to calumniate; to slander (to make hurtful untrue statements)
Calvados {prop}  :: Calvados (département of France, in the Basse-Normandie region)
calvejante {adj}  :: balding (becoming bald)
calvice {f}  :: baldness (the state of being bald)
cal virgem {f}  :: quicklime (lime produced by heating limestone)
cal viva {f}  :: quicklime (lime produced by heating limestone)
calvo {adj}  :: bald (having no hair)
calvário {m}  :: calvary; ordeal (a painful or trying experience)
calvário {m}  :: calvary (representation of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ)
cama {f}  :: bed
camada {f}  :: layer
camada {f}  :: stratum
camada de ozônio {f} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of camada de ozónio
camada de ozónio {f} [Portugal]  :: ozone layer (a region of the stratosphere)
cama de casal {f}  :: double bed (a bed designed for two adults)
camal {m}  :: aventail
camaleão {m}  :: chameleon (reptile)
camapu {m}  :: cape gooseberry (fruit)
camapu {m}  :: cape gooseberry (plant)
camarabando {m}  :: cummerbund (type of sash)
camarada {adj}  :: friendly
camarada {adj}  :: generous
camarada {mf}  :: comrade
camareiro {m}  :: chamberlain
Camarões {prop}  :: Cameroon (country in Central Africa)
Camarilha dos Quatro {prop}  :: Gang of Four (leftist political faction)
camarim {m}  :: dressing room (room for changing clothes)
camarinha {f}  :: bedroom (or similar small room)
camarão {m}  :: shrimp (decapod crustacean)
camarote {m}  :: balcony (structure overlooking a stage)
camarote {m}  :: berth; bunk
cambada {f}  :: bunch
cambada {f}  :: gang, pack, herd
cambalacho {m}  :: scam, swindle
cambaleante {adj}  :: tottering, staggering
cambalear {vi}  :: to stagger (to move to one side and the other, as if about to fall)
cambalhota {f} [gymnastics]  :: roll
cambalhota {f} [gymnastics]  :: somersault
cambar {vi} [nautical]  :: to jibe (to perform a jibe)
cambiante {adj}  :: changing
cambiante {adj}  :: indecisive
cambiante {adj}  :: iridescent (colour)
cambiar {v}  :: to exchange (to trade or barter)
cambio {m}  :: obsolete spelling of câmbio
cambista {mf}  :: scalper (one who sells tickets unofficially)
camboa {f}  :: small, artificial lake near the sea, that traps fish
Camboja {prop}  :: Cambodia (country in Southeast Asia)
cambojana {adj}  :: feminine form of cambojano
cambojanas {adj}  :: feminine plural of cambojano
cambojano {adj}  :: Cambodian (of, from, or pertaining to Cambodia, the Cambodian people, or the Khmer language)
cambojano {m}  :: Cambodian (a person from Cambodia or of Cambodian descent)
cambojano {m} [uncountable]  :: Cambodian (language of Cambodia)
Cambrígia {prop}  :: Cambridge (city)
camelô {mf} [Brazil]  :: huckster, peddler, hawker
camelo {m}  :: camel
camelo bactriano {m} [rare]  :: Bactrian camel (Camelus bactrianus)
camerlengo {m}  :: camerlengo (cardinal who administers the Roman Catholic Church during the interregnum)
camicase {adj}  :: alternative form of kamikaze
camicase {m}  :: alternative form of kamikaze
Caminha {prop}  :: A Portuguese village in Viana do Castelo district
caminhada {f}  :: walk (trip made by walking)
caminhante {adj}  :: walking
caminhante {mf}  :: passer-by
caminhante {mf}  :: walker, hiker
caminhar {v}  :: walk (to travel a distance by walking)
caminhão {m} [Brazil]  :: truck (vehicle designed for carrying cargo)
caminho {m}  :: path
caminhão de lixo {m}  :: dustcart (vehicle for collecting refuse)
caminhoneta {f} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of camionete
caminhonete {f} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of camionete
camião {m} [Portugal]  :: lorry / truck
camião de lixo {m}  :: alternative form of caminhão de lixo
camioneta {f}  :: pick-up truck
camionete {f} [Portugal]  :: pickup truck
camionista {mf} [Portugal]  :: truck driver (person employed to drive a truck)
camisa {f}  :: shirt (article of clothing)
camisa de força {f} [Brazil]  :: straitjacket (garment that prevents arm movement)
camisa-de-vênus {f} [Brazil]  :: condom (flexible sleeve worn on the penis)
camisa-de-vénus {f} [Portugal]  :: alternative form of camisa-de-vênus
camiseta {f}  :: T-shirt (type of shirt)
camisinha {f}  :: condom
camisola {f} [Brazil]  :: camisole (short, sleeveless undergarment worn by women)
camisola {f} [Portugal]  :: sweater, jersey, jumper, pullover
camisola interior {f} [Portugal]  :: vest [Commonwealth English], undershirt [American English]
camisolão {m}  :: camisole
camisolão {m}  :: nightshirt
camélia {f}  :: camellia (plant)
camomila {f}  :: camomile (the plant or its flower)
camonismo {m}  :: A study of the works and life of Camões
camonismo {m}  :: A word or phrase used by Luís de Camões
campa {f}  :: a small bell
campa {f}  :: grave
campa {f}  :: gravestone
campa {f}  :: handbell
campainha {f}  :: bell, handbell
campainha {f}  :: doorbell
campainha {f} [informal]  :: uvula
campanha {f}  :: campaign (series of operations undertaken to achieve a set goal)
campanha {f}  :: open country; a large expanse of land without trees
Campanha {prop}  :: alternative form of Campânia
campanário {m}  :: belfry, bell tower, campanile
campanário {m}  :: steeple
campeche {m}  :: logwood (Haematoxylum campechianum, a tree of Central America)
campeira {f} [Brazil]  :: a type of manioc
campeão {m}  :: champion
campeonato {m}  :: championship
campeonato mundial {m}  :: world cup (competition involving competitors from around the world)
campesinato {m}  :: peasantry (impoverished rural farm workers)
campesino {adj}  :: rural (relating to non-urban areas)
campesino {m}  :: countryman (person who lives in a rural area)
campestre {adj}  :: campestral (relating to open fields or uncultivated land)
campestre {m}  :: clearing (area of land within a wood or forest devoid of trees)
campina {f}  :: meadow, grassland
campina {f}  :: prairie
camping {m}  :: camping spot
camping {m} [uncountable]  :: camping (activity)
campismo {m} [uncountable]  :: camping (activity)
Campânia {prop}  :: Campania (region of Italy)
campo {m}  :: field, specially one where crops are grown or sports are played
campo {m}  :: The country; the countryside
campo de batalha {m}  :: battlefield (place where a battle occurs)
campo de concentração {m}  :: concentration camp (camp where large numbers of persons are detained)
campo de extermínio {m}  :: death camp (facility where people are killed en-masse)
campo de força {m} [science fiction]  :: force field (a field of energy that prevents passage)
campo de golfe {m}  :: golf course
campo magnético {m} [physics]  :: magnetic field (a field of magnetic force)
Campo Maior {prop}  :: A Portuguese village in Portalegre district
camponês {m}  :: peasant (member of the agriculture low class)
campo vetorial {m} [mathematics]  :: vector field (construction)
Campucheia {prop}  :: Kampuchea (Former name for Cambodia)
campus {m}  :: campus
camuflagem {f}  :: camouflage (act of disguising)
camuflagem {f}  :: clothes, objects and techniques used as camouflage
camuflagem {f} [uncountable]  :: camouflage (disguise)
camuflar {v}  :: to camouflage (to hide, disguise)
camundongo {m} [Brazil]  :: mouse
camurça {f}  :: chamois (species of goat)
camurça {f}  :: suede (type of leather)
cana {f}  :: any plant with a fibrous, elongated stalk, such as a sugarcane or bamboo
cana {f} [Brazil, informal]  :: cachaça (Brazilian rum made of sugarcane)
cana {f} [Brazil, slang]  :: gaol; prison
cana {f}  :: canna (any plant of the genus Canna)
cana {f}  :: sugarcane (Saccharum officinarum, tropical grass from which sugar is extracted)
cana {mf} [Brazil, slang]  :: cop; police officer
Canaã {prop}  :: Canaan (historic region)
canabe {f}  :: alternative form of cânabis
Canadá {prop}  :: Canada
canada {f}  :: a blow with a cane
canada {f}  :: a former liquid measure of four quartilhos
cana-de-açúcar {f}  :: sugar cane (species of grass whose sap is a source of sugar)
canadense {adj}  :: Canadian
canadense {mf}  :: Canadian
canadiana {adj}  :: feminine form of canadiano
canadiana {f}  :: feminine form of canadiano
canadiano {m} [Portugal]  :: Canadian (person from Canada)
canado {m}  :: khanate (the realm of a khan)
canafístula {f}  :: golden shower (Cassia fistula)
canal {m}  :: canal (artificial waterway)
canal {m}  :: ditch
canal {m} [radio]  :: channel (broadcasting: specific radio frequency or band of frequencies)
canal {m} [television]  :: television channel
Canal da Mancha {prop}  :: English Channel (the part of the Atlantic Ocean between Great Britain and France)
canal deferente {m} [anatomy]  :: vas deferens
Canal de Suez {prop}  :: Suez Canal (canal)
Canal do Panamá {prop}  :: Panama Canal (canal)
canaleta {f}  :: gutter (duct or channel beneath the eaves)
canaleta {f}  :: gutter (groove beside a bowling alley)
canaleta {f}  :: swale (shallow troughlike depression created to carry water)
canalha {mf}  :: kids
canalha {mf}  :: scoundrel, villain, blackguard
canalhice {f}  :: villainy
canalizador {m}  :: someone who builds canals
canalizador {m}  :: someone who builds sewage and drainage systems
canalizador {m}  :: something which channels (directs something’s flow)
canalizando {v}  :: gerund of canalizar
canalização {f}  :: canalization
canalização {f}  :: plumbing (system), piping
canalizar {v}  :: to canalize
canalizar {v}  :: to channel, lead, direct, guide
cananeu {adj}  :: Canaanite
canaque {adj}  :: of or related to the Kanak people
canaque {mf}  :: Kanak (native of New Caledonia)
canará {m}  :: Kannada (language)
canarês {m}  :: Kannada (language)
canastra {f}  :: a large basket
canastra {f}  :: a type of armadillo
canastra {f}  :: the card-game canasta
canato {m}  :: alternative form of canado
canavial {m}  :: sugarcane plantation
Canberra {prop}  :: Canberra (Capital of Australia)
canábis {f}  :: alternative form of cânabis
cancelamento {m}  :: cancellation
cancelar {v}  :: call off (to cancel)
cancerígena {adj}  :: feminine form of cancerígeno
cancerígenas {adj}  :: feminine plural of cancerígeno
cancerígeno {adj}  :: carcinogenic
canceroso {adj} [oncology]  :: cancerous (relating to or affected with cancer)
cancioneiro {m}  :: A collection of lyrics or songs; songbook
cancro {m} [Portugal]  :: cancer
cancro do pulmão {m} [Portugal]  :: lung cancer (cancer of the lung(s))
canícula {f}  :: dog days (the days between early July and early September when Sirius rises and sets with the Sun)
candeeiro {m}  :: oil lamp (lamp using oil as fuel)
candeeiro {m} [Portugal]  :: street lamp (large outdoor light used to illuminate a public area)
candeeiro {m}  :: sconce, lamp, torch
candeia {f}  :: candle, or simple lamp having a wick dipped in oil
candelabro {m}  :: candelabrum, branched candlestick
candelabro {m}  :: chandelier
canídeo {m}  :: canid
candidatar-se {vr}  :: to stand (to seek election)
candidato {m}  :: applicant
candidato {m}  :: candidate
candidatura {f}  :: candidacy (the process of becoming a candidate)
candil {m}  :: a small lantern
candil {m} [historical]  :: candy (unit of mass)
candirú {m}  :: obsolete spelling of candiru
candomblé {m}  :: Candomblé (an Afro-Brazilian religion)
candura {f}  :: innocence
candura {f}  :: purity
caneca {f}  :: cup, mug
canela {f}  :: cinnamon (spice)
canela {f}  :: shin
caneleira {f}  :: shinguard (piece of apparel to protect the shin)
caneleira {f} [uncountable]  :: cinnamon (Cinnamomum verum)
canelite {f} [medicine]  :: shin splint (painful inflammation of muscles in the shins)
caneta {f}  :: pen (writing tool)
caneta de tinta permanente {f} [Portugal]  :: fountain pen (pen containing a reservoir of ink)
caneta esferográfica {f}  :: ballpoint pen
caneta hidrográfica {f}  :: felt-tip pen (pen that holds ink conveyed to a writing surface by a felt nib)
caneta-tinteiro {f} [Brazil]  :: fountain pen (pen containing a reservoir of ink)
canfieldita {f} [mineral]  :: canfieldite
cangambá {m}  :: skunk
cangueira {f}  :: callosity
canguru {m}  :: kangaroo
canhão {m} [Brazil, slang]  :: ugly woman, hag
canhão {m}  :: cannon (artillery piece)
canhoneira {f} [nautical]  :: gunboat (small armed vessel)
canhota {adj}  :: feminine form of canhoto
canhotas {adj}  :: feminine plural of canhoto
canhoto {adj}  :: left-handed (preferring the left hand over the right)
canhoto {m} [accounting]  :: ledger (collection of accounting entries)
canhoto {m}  :: left-hander (a person who is left-handed)
canibal {adj}  :: cannibal
canibalesco {adj}  :: cannibalistic (tending toward cannibalism)
canibalismo {m}  :: cannibalism (act of eating another of one's own species)
canil {m}  :: kennel (facility at which dogs are reared or boarded)
canindé {m} [Brazil]  :: A blue and yellow macaw (Ara ararauna)
canino {adj}  :: canine (pertaining to dogs)
canino {m}  :: fang (canine tooth)
caniço {m}  :: fishing rod
caniço {m}  :: reed, cane
canistel {m}  :: canistel (fruit)
canivete {m}  :: pocketknife
canivete suíço {m}  :: Swiss Army knife, penknife
canja {f}  :: anything that is easy to obtain or accomplish
canja {f}  :: chicken soup (with rice)
canjar {n}  :: khanjar (Arabian dagger)
canna {f}  :: obsolete spelling of cana
canção {f}  :: song
cano {m}  :: channel
cano {m}  :: tube, pipe
cíano {adj}  :: alternative form of ciano
cíano {m}  :: alternative form of ciano
canoa {f}  :: canoe (small long and narrow boat)
canoagem {f}  :: canoeing
canção de cisne {f}  :: alternative form of canção do cisne
canção de Natal {n}  :: Christmas carol
canção de ninar {f}  :: lullaby (a soothing song to lull children to sleep)
canção do cisne {f} [idiomatic]  :: swan song (a final performance)
canoinha {f}  :: small canoe
canola {f}  :: canola
cançoneta {f}  :: canzonet
canonicato {m}  :: canonry (the office of a canon)
canonizado {v}  :: past participle of canonizar
canonizando {v}  :: gerund of canonizar
canonização {f}  :: canonization
canonizar {v}  :: to canonize
canora {adj}  :: feminine form of canoro
canoras {adj}  :: feminine plural of canoro
canoro {adj}  :: singing; that sings
canoísta {mf}  :: canoer, canoeist
canária {adj}  :: feminine form of canário
canárias {adj}  :: feminine plural of canário
canário {adj}  :: Canarian
canário {m}  :: Canarian (an inhabitant of the Canary islands)
canário {m}  :: canary (bird)
cansada {adj}  :: feminine form of cansado
cansadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of cansado
cansado {adj}  :: Feeling irritation; fed up; irritated; annoyed; frustrated; disappointed
cansado {adj}  :: In need of rest or sleep; tired
cansando {v}  :: gerund of cansar
cansaço {m}  :: fatigue, tiredness, weariness
cansaço {m}  :: weakness
cansar {v}  :: to tire, weary
cansativa {adj}  :: feminine form of cansativo
cansativas {adj}  :: feminine plural of cansativo
cansativo {adj}  :: Causing fatigue or boredom; tiring; tiresome
Cantabrígia {prop}  :: Cambridge (city)
cantada {f} [colloquial]  :: seduction by flattery
cantador {adj}  :: singing
cantador {m}  :: troubadour
cantadora {adj}  :: feminine form of cantador
cantadoras {adj}  :: feminine plural of cantador
cantalupo {m}  :: cantaloupe (melon)
Cantanhede {prop}  :: A Portuguese city in Coimbra district
cantar {vi}  :: to express sounds musically through the voice
cantar {vt} [colloquial]  :: to seduce by flattery
cantar {vt}  :: to say with rhythm
cantar {vt}  :: to sing, to say musically, to execute a song
cantarela {f}  :: chanterelle (Cantharellus cibarius)
cantarelo {m}  :: alternative form of cantarela
cantarolando {v}  :: gerund of cantarolar
cantarolar {v}  :: to hum
cantautor {m}  :: singer-songwriter
Cantábria {prop}  :: Cantabria
canteiro {m}  :: gantry
canteiro {m}  :: median, central reservation
canteiro {m}  :: stonemason
canteiro central {m}  :: median, central reservation (the area separating two lanes of opposite-direction traffic)
canteiro de obras {m} [construction]  :: building site (location of a building under construction)
cantharo {m}  :: obsolete spelling of cântaro
cantiga {f}  :: cantiga (mediaeval monophonic song)
cantiga {f}  :: folk song (song handed down by oral tradition)
cantiga de Natal {n}  :: Christmas carol
cantil {m}  :: canteen (water bottle)
cantina {f}  :: canteen, cafeteria (a dining area)
cantão {m}  :: canton (state of Switzerland)
cantão {m}  :: canton (subdivision of an arrondissement)
cantão {m}  :: canton (subdivision of Bosnia and Herzegovina)
cantão {m}  :: canton (subdivision of Luxembourg)
cantão {m}  :: canton (subdivision of Serbia)
cantão {m} [heraldiccharge]  :: canton (charge in upper dexter corner of shield)
canto {m}  :: a bird’s song
canto {m}  :: an undetermined or unknown location
canto {m}  :: a remote location
canto {m}  :: chant
canto {m}  :: corner (space in the angle between converging lines or surfaces)
canto {m} [figurative]  :: any pleasant sound
canto {m} [poetry]  :: canto
canto {m}  :: singing (the act of using the voice to produce musical sounds)
canto {m} [sports]  :: the corner of the goal line and touchline
Cantão {prop}  :: Guangzhou (a city of China)
cantochão {m} [music]  :: plainchant
canto de cisne {m} [idiomatic]  :: swan song (a final performance)
canto do cisne {m}  :: alternative form of canto de cisne
canto gregoriano {m} [music]  :: Gregorian chant (unaccompanied monotonic singing style)
cantonesa {adj}  :: feminine form of cantonês
cantonesas {adj}  :: feminine plural of cantonês
cantonês {adj}  :: Cantonese (relating to Canton)
cantonês {adj}  :: Cantonese (relating to the Cantonese language)
cantonês {adj}  :: Cantonese (relating to the Cantonese people)
cantonês {m}  :: Cantonese (person from Canton)
cantonês {m} [uncountable]  :: Cantonese (language)
cantor {m}  :: singer
cantora {f}  :: singer (female)
cantoria {f}  :: an instance of people singing
Cantuária {prop}  :: Canterbury (ancient city in England)
canudo {m}  :: drinking straw (small hollow tube through which drink is sucked)
caçoada {f}  :: mockery
caçoar {v} [with de]  :: to laugh at; to mock (make an object of laughter or ridicule)
caolha {adj}  :: feminine form of caolho
caolhas {adj}  :: feminine plural of caolho
caolho {adj}  :: one-eyed (having only a single eye)
caos {m}  :: chaos
cap. {abbr}  :: capitão (captain)
capô {m}  :: bonnet (cover over the engine of a motor car)
capa {f}  :: cloak, cape
capa {f}  :: cover
capa {m}  :: kappa (name of the Greek letter Κ, κ)
capa {m} [lb, pt, Portugal]  :: kay (name of the Latin letter K, k)
capacete {m}  :: helmet (protective head covering)
capachinho {m}  :: diminutive form of capacho
capachinho {m}  :: wig (hair worn on the head)
capacho {m}  :: doormat (coarse mat that appears at the entrance to a house)
capacho {m} [figuratively]  :: doormat (someone that is over-submissive to others’ wishes)
capacidade {f}  :: capacity (the ability to hold, receive or absorb)
capacitar {v}  :: to capacitate (to make capable)
capacitância {f} [physics]  :: capacitance (property of an element of an electrical circuit)
capacitor {m}  :: capacitor
capacitor de fluxo {m} [science fiction]  :: flux capacitor (device that grants time travel)
capadócia {adj}  :: feminine form of capadócio
Capadócia {prop}  :: Cappadocia (ancient region)
capadócias {adj}  :: feminine plural of capadócio
capadócio {adj}  :: Cappadocian
capadócio {m} [Brazil]  :: charlatan, rascal
capadócio {m}  :: Cappadocian
capa de chuva {f}  :: raincoat (waterproof coat)
capar {v} [informal]  :: to castrate (to remove the testicles of)
capataz {m} [management]  :: foreman
capatazia {f}  :: A handling charge, such as on items passing through a port
capaz {adj}  :: able, capable
capciosa {adj}  :: feminine form of capcioso
capciosas {adj}  :: feminine plural of capcioso
capcioso {adj}  :: captious (that captures misleadingly)
capela {f}  :: a chapel
capelão {m}  :: chaplain, padre
capenga {adj} [Brasil]  :: lame (unable to walk properly because of a problem with one’s feet or legs)
capenga {adj} [Brasil]  :: low-quality, defective or incomplete
capenga {adj} [Brasil]  :: unsteady
capetagem {m} [Brazil]  :: mischief; devilry
capicua {f}  :: palindrome
capilar {adj}  :: capillary (of or relating to hair)
capilar {m} [anatomy]  :: capillary (any of small blood vessels that connect arteries to veins)
capim {m} [Brazil]  :: grass, sedge (various species, used for fodder)
capinar {v} [Brazil, Mozambique]  :: to weed (remove weeds from)
capinzal {m}  :: grassland
capitã {f}  :: female captain
capitais {adj}  :: plural of capital
capital {f} [geography]  :: capital city
capital {m} [financial]  :: capital
capitalismo {m}  :: capitalism (socio-economic system based on private property rights)
capitalista {adj}  :: capitalist (relating to capitalism)
capitalista {mf}  :: capitalist (supporter of capitalism)
capitalizando {v}  :: gerund of capitalizar
capitalização {f}  :: capitalization
capitalizar {v}  :: to capitalize
capitaneado {v}  :: past participle of capitanear
capitaneando {v}  :: gerund of capitanear
capitanear {v}  :: to command, captain, govern
capitania {f}  :: captaincy
capitato {m} [skeleton]  :: capitate bone
capitel {m} [architecture]  :: capital (uppermost part of a column)
capitânia {f} [nautical]  :: flagship
capitão {m} [military]  :: captain (army officer rank)
capitosa {adj}  :: feminine form of capitoso
capitosas {adj}  :: feminine plural of capitoso
capitoso {adj}  :: heady, intoxicating
capitulado {v}  :: past participle of capitular
capitulando {v}  :: gerund of capitular
capitulação {f}  :: capitulation, surrender
capitulação {f}  :: rendition, rendering
capitular {v}  :: to capitulate, surrender
capivara {f}  :: capybara
capão {m}  :: a castrated animal
capão {m}  :: capon (a cockerel which has been gelded and fattened for the table)
capoeira {f}  :: a martial art developed in Brazil
capoeira {f}  :: henhouse
capoeira {f} [slang]  :: brothel
capoeiragem {f}  :: a disorderly lifestyle
caponata {f}  :: caponata (Sicilian dish)
capota {f} [automotive]  :: hood; soft top (foldable roof of a convertible)
capotar {v}  :: to overturn (to turn over, capsize)
cappuccino {m}  :: cappuccino (type of coffee)
capricho {m}  :: caprice, fancy
capricho {m} [in the expression fazer com capricho]  :: stubbornness, obstinacy
capricho {m}  :: raze, rage
caprichoso {adj}  :: capricious (impulsive and unpredictable)
caprichoso {adj}  :: who keeps things tidy
caprichoso {adj}  :: who makes things with care
Capricórnio {prop}  :: Capricorn (zodiac sign)
captando {v}  :: gerund of captar
captação {f}  :: captation
captação {f}  :: catchment
captação {f}  :: collection
captar {v}  :: to capture
captar {v}  :: to catch
captar {v}  :: to intercept
capítulo {m}  :: chapter (administrative division of an organization)
capítulo {m}  :: chapter (section in a book)
captura de tela {f} [Brazil]  :: screenshot (image of computer screen output)
capturando {v}  :: gerund of capturar
capturar {v}  :: to arrest, apprehend
capturar {v}  :: to capture, catch
capturar {v}  :: to seize
capucho {m}  :: Capuchin
capucho {m}  :: hood (headwear)
capuz {m}  :: hood (headwear)
caquesseitão {m}  :: a creature mentioned in Fernão Mendes Pinto’s memoir Peregrinação, described as having the size of a large duck, being black, having bat-like wings, a lizard-like tail, a snake-like neck, spikes the length of a quill on its back and a rooster-like spur on the back of its head
cara {adj}  :: feminine form of caro expensive, dear
cara {f}  :: face
cara {f}  :: heads (side of coin)
cara {m} [Brazil, colloquial]  :: man, fellow, guy and any adult male
cara a cara {adv}  :: vis-à-vis; face to face
cara a cara {prep}  :: vis-à-vis (opposite)
caraças {interj}  :: An expression of irony, admiration or impatience
carabina {f}  :: carbine (short firearm)
carabina {f}  :: rifle
carabina de ar {f}  :: air rifle
caracal {m}  :: caracal (Caracal caracal)
Caracala {prop}  :: alternative form of Caracalla
Caracalla {prop}  :: Caracalla (emperor)
Caracas {prop}  :: Caracas (capital of Venezuela)
Carachi {prop}  :: Karachi (the capital of the province of Sindh, Pakistan)
caracol {m}  :: a lock of curly hair
caracol {m}  :: snail (any animal of the class Gastropoda having a shell)
caracol de Pascal {m} [geometry]  :: limaçon (plane curve)
caractecterizando {v}  :: gerund of caracterizar
caracter {m}  :: alternative form of caractere
caractere {m}  :: character (basic element in a text string)
caractere chinês {m} chinês
caractere chinês {m}  :: Chinese character (CJKV character)
caracterizando {v}  :: gerund of caracterizar
caracterização {f}  :: characterization (act or process of characterizing)
caracterizar {v}  :: to characterize
característica {f}  :: characteristic (all senses)
característica {f}  :: feature
característico {adj}  :: characteristic (being a distinguishing feature of a person or thing)
cara de pau {mf}  :: poker face (impassive facial expression preventing determining whether one's actions in the game are the result of a quality hand or of bluffing)
cara de pau {mf}  :: someone who tries to take advantage of others
cara-de-pau {mf}  :: obsolete spelling of cara de pau
cara de um, focinho de outro {phrase} [idiomatic]  :: much of a muchness (indicates little difference between multiple things)
caraguatá {m}  :: The South-American plant Bromelia pinguin
caralho {interj} [slang]  :: fuck!
caralho {m} [slang]  :: dick, cock
caramba {interj}  :: caramba!
carambola {f}  :: star fruit (fruit)
caramelo {m}  :: candy made of caramel
caramelo {m}  :: (generalisation) any candy
caramelo {m} [uncountable]  :: caramel (confection)
cara-metade {f}  :: significant other (romantic partner)
caramujo {m}  :: snail (any animal of the class Gastropoda having a shell)
carango {m}  :: crab louse; pubic louse (Pthirus pubis, a parasitic insect that lives amongst the pubic hairs of humans)
carango {m} [lb, pt, informal]  :: ride (affectionate term for one’s automobile)
caranguejo {m}  :: crab
caraoquê {m} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of karaokê
caraoque {m} [Portugal]  :: alternative form of karaokê
cara ou coroa {m}  :: heads or tails (flipping a coin in order to choose between two alternatives)
carapaça {f}  :: carapace, shell
cara-pálida {mf} [used by Indians]  :: paleface (white person)
carapuça {f}  :: a flexible, conical cap
caratê {m}  :: karate (martial art)
caraterizando {v}  :: gerund of caraterizar
caraterizar {v}  :: alternative form of caracterizar
caravana {f}  :: caravan (a convoy or procession of travelers, their vehicles and cargo, and any pack animals)
caravançará {m}  :: caravanserai (an inn having a central courtyard where caravans can rest)
caravançarai {m}  :: alternative form of caravançará
caravancerá {m}  :: rare form of caravançará
caravela {f}  :: caravel
caravela-portuguesa {f}  :: Portuguese man-of-war (Physalia physalis)
caravelão {m} [nautical]  :: fishing boat somewhat similar to a caravel
Caríbdis {prop} [Greek mythology]  :: Charybdis (Greek mythological monster)
carbeto {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: carbide
carbâmica {adj}  :: feminine form of carbâmico
carbâmicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of carbâmico
carbâmico {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: carbamic
carbúnculo {m}  :: carbuncle (large abscess)
carbúnculo {m} [pathology]  :: carbuncle (disease)
carbónica {adj}  :: feminine form of carbónico
carbônica {adj}  :: feminine form of carbônico
carbónicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of carbónico
carbônicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of carbônico
carbônico {adj} [Brazil, chemistry]  :: carbonic
carbónico {adj} [Portugal, chemistry]  :: alternative form of carbônico
carboidrato {m} [organic chemistry]  :: carbohydrate
carbonato {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: carbonate
carboneto {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: carbide
carbonila {f} [organic chemistry]  :: carbonyl
carbonilação {f} [chemistry]  :: carbonylation
carbonilo {m}  :: carbonyl
carbonizar {v} [lb, pt, by extension]  :: to burn completely
carbonizar {v}  :: to char (to burn something to charcoal)
carbonática {adj}  :: feminine form of carbonático
carbonáticas {adj}  :: feminine plural of carbonático
carbonático {adj} [geology]  :: carbonatic
carborano {m} [organic chemistry]  :: carborane
carboxila {f} [organic chemistry]  :: carboxyl
carboxílica {adj}  :: feminine form of carboxílico
carboxílicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of carboxílico
carboxílico {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: carboxylic
carburador {m}  :: carburetor (a device in an internal combustion engine)
carburação {f}  :: carburization
carbureto {m} [inorganic compound]  :: carbide
carcaça {f}  :: carcass
carcaju {m}  :: wolverine
carcereiro {m}  :: jailer / gaoler; warder
carícia {f}  :: caress
carícia {f}  :: cuddle
carcinógeno {m} [biology]  :: carcinogen
carcinogenicidade {f}  :: carcinogenicity
carcinogênica {adj}  :: feminine form of carcinogênico
carcinogênicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of carcinogênico
carcinogênico {adj}  :: carcinogenic
carcás {m} [weaponry]  :: quiver (arrow container)
carácter {m} [Portugal]  :: alternative form of caráter
Carcóvia {prop}  :: Kharkiv (Kharkiv)
cardíaca {adj}  :: feminine form of cardíaco
cardíacas {adj}  :: feminine plural of cardíaco
cardíaco {adj}  :: cardiac
cardamomo {m}  :: cardamom (plant)
cardamomo {m}  :: cardamom (spice)
cardar {v}  :: to tease; to card (to disentangle the fibres of fibrous material)
cardeal {adj}  :: cardinal (of fundamental importance)
cardeal {m}  :: cardinal (bird)
cardeal {m}  :: (Catholicism) cardinal
Cardiff {prop}  :: Cardiff (The capital city of Wales)
cardigã {m}  :: alternative spelling of cardigan
cardigan {m}  :: cardigan (type of sweater)
cardióloga {f}  :: feminine form of cardiólogo
cardiólogo {m}  :: cardiologist (heart hysician)
cardinal {adj}  :: cardinal (describing a number that indicates quantity)
cardinal {m}  :: cardinal (number indicating quantity)
cardinalidade {f} [mathematics]  :: cardinality (in set theory)
cardiologia {f} [medicine]  :: cardiology (study of the structure of the heart)
cardioprotector {adj}  :: cardioprotective
cardioprotectora {adj}  :: feminine form of cardioprotector
cardioprotectoras {adj}  :: feminine plural of cardioprotector
cardioscópio {m}  :: cardioscope (medical apparatus)
cardiovascular {adj} [lb, pt, anatomy]  :: cardiovascular (relating to the circulatory system)
cardo {m}  :: thistle (plant)
cardo de coalho {m} [rare]  :: cardoon (perennial plant)
cardo hortense {m} [rare]  :: cardoon (perennial plant)
cardápio {m}  :: a printed list of dishes offered by a restaurant
cardápio {m} [uncountable]  :: menu (details of the food to be served at a banquet)
cardume {m}  :: school (a group of fish)
careca {adj}  :: Having no hair; bald
careca {f}  :: bald patch
careca {mf}  :: a bald person
carecer {v}  :: to lack, to be lacking (in)
careira {adj}  :: feminine form of careiro
careiras {adj}  :: feminine plural of careiro
careiro {adj}  :: expensive (of a shop etc rather than the individual goods sold)
carente {adj}  :: destitute
carente {adj}  :: in need
carestia {f}  :: scarcity; shortage (inadequate amount of something)
careta {f}  :: grimace, smirk
carga {f}  :: cargo
carga {f}  :: charge (load or burden)
carga {f}  :: charge of a weapon
carga {f}  :: electrical charge
cargo {m}  :: office; responsibility
cargo {m}  :: post, occupation, profession
caribenha {adj}  :: feminine form of caribenho
caribenhas {adj}  :: feminine plural of caribenho
caribenho {adj}  :: Caribbean (pertaining to the sea and region bounded by the American continent and the West Indies)
caribu {m}  :: caribou (North American reindeer)
caricato {adj}  :: ludicrous
caricato {adj}  :: ridiculous
caricatura {f}  :: caricature (pictorial representation of someone for comic effect)
caridade {f}  :: a charitable act
caridade {f} [uncountable]  :: charity (providing of goods or money)
caridosa {adj}  :: feminine form of caridoso
caridosas {adj}  :: feminine plural of caridoso
caridoso {adj}  :: bountiful
caridoso {adj}  :: charitable
caril {m}  :: curry (sauce or relish flavored with curry powder)
carimã {m}  :: cotton anthracnose
carimã {m}  :: fine manioc flour
carimbado {v}  :: past participle of carimbar
carimbando {v}  :: gerund of carimbar
carimbar {v} [Brazil, footbal slang]  :: to kick or hit something very strongly
carimbar {v}  :: to stamp (give an official marking to, generally by impressing or imprinting a design or symbol)
carimbo {m}  :: postmark
carimbo {m}  :: (rubber) stamp
carinho {m}  :: caress
carinho {m}  :: endearment
carinho {m}  :: fondness, affection
carinhosa {adj}  :: feminine form of carinhoso
carinhosamente {adv}  :: affectionately
carinhosamente {adv}  :: gently
carinhosas {adj}  :: feminine plural of carinhoso
carinhoso {adj}  :: affectionate
carinhoso {adj}  :: gentle
carioca {mf}  :: An inhabitant of the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
carisma {m}  :: charisma (personal charm or magnetism)
carismática {adj}  :: feminine form of carismático
carismáticas {adj}  :: feminine plural of carismático
carismático {adj}  :: charismatic (of, related to, or having charisma)
carité {m}  :: shea (tree)
cariátide {f}  :: caryatid (a sculpted female figure serving as an architectural element)
cariz {m}  :: caraway (plant)
cariz {m}  :: caraway (seed/fruit)
Carélia {prop}  :: Karelia (region and a federal subject in Russia)
Carlos {prop}  :: male given name, equivalent to Charles
Carlos Magno {prop}  :: Charlemagne (king of the Franks)
Carlota {prop}  :: Charlotte (female given name)
carma {m} [Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Jainism]  :: karma (the total effect of a person’s actions and conduct during the successive phases of his existence)
carmelita {mf}  :: Carmelite
carmesim {adj}  :: crimson (having a deep red colour)
carmesim {m}  :: crimson (deep, slightly bluish red)
carmim {adj}  :: carmine (of the purplish red colour shade carmine)
carmim {m}  :: carmine (purplish-red pigment made from cochineals)
carmim {m}  :: cochineal (Dactylopius coccus, an insect)
carmim {m} [uncountable]  :: carmine (purplish-red colour, resembling that pigment)
carnagem {f}  :: carnage (death and destruction)
carnagem {f}  :: slaughter (killing of animals for food)
carnal {adj}  :: carnal (relating to the physical, especially sexual, appetites)
carnal {adj}  :: consanguineous (descending from the same ancestor)
carnal {adj} [religion]  :: carnal; earthly; worldly (concerned with human matters)
carnalita {f} [mineral]  :: carnallite
carnaval {m}  :: carnival (festive occasion marked by parades)
carência {f}  :: lack, shortage
carência {f}  :: scarcity
carne {f}  :: meat
carne {f} [uncountable]  :: flesh
carne de canhão {f}  :: cannon fodder (military forces considered to be expendable)
carneiro {m}  :: ram (male sheep)
Carneiro {prop} [Portugal]  :: Aries (zodiac sign)
carne moída {f} [uncountable]  :: mince (finely chopped meat)
carnificina {f}  :: massacre, carnage, butchery
carnotita {f} [mineral]  :: carnotite
Caríntia {prop}  :: Carinthia (state of Austria)
carnívora {adj}  :: feminine form of carnívoro
carnívoro {adj}  :: carnivorous
carnívoro {m}  :: carnivore (meat-eating animal)
carão {m}  :: airs (snobbish attitude)
carão {m}  :: core of an apple etc
carão {m}  :: frown, scowl
carão {m}  :: reproof, censure, severe reprimand
caro {adj}  :: Greatly valued; dear; loved; lovable
caro {adj}  :: Of high price; expensive
caroça {f}  :: the capsule (seed-case) of a flax plant
caroçama {f} [Brazil, rare]  :: an excessive amount of hard fruit seeds, or of growths (abnormal masses, such as a tumours)
caroba {f}  :: bignonia
carocha {f}  :: cockroach (type of insect)
Carolina {prop}  :: Caroline (female given name)
Carolina do Norte {prop}  :: North Carolina (state of the United States)
Carolina do Sul {prop}  :: South Carolina (US state)
carolíngia {adj}  :: feminine form of carolíngio
carolíngias {adj}  :: feminine plural of carolíngio
carolíngio {adj}  :: Carolingian
carona {f}  :: hitchhiker
carona {f}  :: hitchhiking (act of a free transportation in a vehicle)
caroneiro {m}  :: hitchhiker (a person who hitchhikes)
Caronte {prop}  :: Charon (astronomy)
Caronte {prop}  :: Charon (mythology)
caroço {m}  :: an undissolved chunk or pellet; for example, a pellet of dry flour in dough, or of dry dirt in mud
caroço {m} [by extension]  :: any hard seed found inside a fruit
caroço {m} [informal]  :: growth (an abnormal mass, such as a tumour)
caroço {m}  :: stone (hard nucleus of drupes)
caroçuda {adj}  :: feminine form of caroçudo
caroçudas {adj}  :: feminine plural of caroçudo
caroçudo {adj} [of a fruit]  :: containing a stone or hard seed
caroçudo {adj} [of milk]  :: chunky (containing chunks due to spoilage)
carpa {f}  :: carp (any fish of the Cyprinidae family)
carpe diem {proverb}  :: seize the day (enjoy the present)
carpete {m}  :: carpet (a fabric used as a floor covering)
carpino {m}  :: hornbeam (tree of Carpinus)
carpinteiro {m}  :: carpenter (person who works with carpentry)
carpo {m} [skeleton]  :: carpus
carpo {m}  :: wrist
carrapato {m}  :: tick (arthropod)
carrasco {m}  :: executioner (person who carries out a capital punishment)
carrasco {m} [figurative]  :: a cruel person
carrasco {m}  :: holm oak (Quercus ilex, a tree of the Mediterranean)
carrasco {m}  :: kermes oak (Quercus coccifera, a tree of the western Mediterranean)
Carrazeda de Ansiães {prop}  :: A Portuguese village in Bragança district
carreador {m}  :: driver
carreador {m}  :: leader
carreando {v}  :: gerund of carrear
carrear {v}  :: to drive
carrear {v}  :: to lead
carregada {adj}  :: feminine form of carregado
carregadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of carregado
carregado {adj}  :: laden, loaded
carregado {v}  :: past participle of carregar
carregador {m}  :: carrier (person)
carregador {m}  :: charger (electric)
carregador {m} [computing]  :: loader
Carregal do Sal {prop}  :: A Portuguese village in Viseu district
carregamento {m} [computing]  :: uploading
carregamento {m}  :: load, shipment, cargo, freight
carregando {v}  :: gerund of carregar
carregar {v}  :: carry
carregar {v}  :: charge (load equipment with material required for its use)
carregar {v}  :: load (load a software into the primary memory)
carregar {v}  :: load (put wares into a vehicle)
carreira {f}  :: a cocaine line
carreira {f}  :: a path or trail, particularly one which had to be opened
carreira {f}  :: career (one's profession)
carreira {f}  :: the trail(s) left by a moving vehicle
carreiro {m}  :: pathway
carreiro {m}  :: shortcut
carreta {f}  :: cart (small, open, wheeled vehicle)
carreta {f} [metonymical]  :: big rig; eighteen-wheeler
carreta {f}  :: semi-trailer (trailer pulled by a truck)
carretel {m}  :: spool (spindle of thread)
carreto {m}  :: carriage
carreto {m}  :: freight
carreto {m}  :: transportation
carriça {f}  :: wren (bird of family Troglolytidae)
carril {m}  :: rail (the metal bar that makes the track for a railroad)
carrilhão {m}  :: carillon
carrinha {f}  :: van (small commercial vehicle)
carrinho {m}  :: cart, trolley
carrinho de compras {m}  :: trolley; shopping cart
carrinho de mão {m}  :: wheelbarrow (type of small cart)
carrinho de supermercado {m}  :: shopping cart (conveyance used to carry items while shopping)
carriço {m}  :: sedge (any plant of the genus Carex)
carro {m}  :: any “vehicle” which is drawn, such as an elevator, a cable car, or a train wagon
carro {m}  :: car; automobile
carro {m}  :: cart (vehicle drawn or pushed by a person or animal)
carroça {f} [Brazil, pejorative]  :: a slow, old or low-quality car
carroça {f}  :: cart (small, open, wheeled vehicle, drawn or pushed by a person or animal)
carroçaria {f}  :: alternative form of carroceria
carro-bomba {m}  :: car bomb (automobile made a bomb)
carroceiro {m}  :: wagoner
carroceria {f}  :: body of a vehicle
carro-chefe {m}  :: flagship (the most important element)
carro de bombeiro {m}  :: fire engine; fire truck
carro de bombeiros {m}  :: alternative form of carro de bombeiro
carro de combate {m}  :: tank (military armoured fighting vehicle)
carro fúnebre {m}  :: hearse (vehicle for transporting a corpse)
carrossel {m}  :: merry-go-round; carousel
carruageiro {m}  :: coachman (one who drives a coach)
carruagem {f}  :: carriage, coach
carruagem {f}  :: vehicle
carruagem {f}  :: wagon
carso {m} [geology]  :: karst (type of land formation)
carste {m} [geology]  :: karst (type of land formation)
carta {f}  :: Any of the 52 rectangular pieces of card used to play games; playing card
carta {f}  :: chart
carta {f} [São Paulo, Portugal]  :: An official personal document that permits driving a vehicle; driver's license
carta {f}  :: Written message; letter
carta amorosa {f}  :: love letter (letter about the author's love)
carta branca {f} [idiomatic]  :: free rein (the absence of constraints)
carta de baralho {f}  :: playing card (one of usually 52 rectangular pieces of card)
carta de condução {f}  :: driving licence
carta de crédito {f} [finance, banking]  :: letter of credit (trade finance document)
carta de marca {f}  :: letter of marque (official commission authorising someone to seize the property or people of another nation)
carta geográfica {f}  :: map (visual representation of an area)
cartaginense {adj}  :: Carthaginian
cartaginesa {adj}  :: feminine form of cartaginês
cartaginesas {adj}  :: feminine plural of cartaginês
cartaginês {adj}  :: Carthaginian
cartaginês {m}  :: Carthaginian (person from Carthage)
Cartago {prop}  :: Carthage (Phoenician colony)
carta nas mangas {f} nas|mangas
carta nas mangas {f} [idiomatic]  :: ace up one's sleeve (a surprise advantage of which others are not aware)
cartaxo {m}  :: stonechat (any bird of the family Saxicola)
Cartaxo {prop}  :: A Portuguese city in Santarém district
cartaz {m}  :: poster
carteira {f}  :: handbag;
carteira {f}  :: wallet;
carteira {f}  :: writing desk
carteira de identidade {f} [Brazil]  :: ID card (card or badge showing the official identity of the wearer)
carteira de motorista {f} [Brazil]  :: driver's license (documenting permitting a person to drive)
carteiro {m}  :: postman / mailman
caráter {m}  :: character (distinguishing feature; characteristic)
caráter {m}  :: character (moral strength)
carthaginense {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of cartaginense
carthaginesa {adj}  :: feminine form of carthaginês
carthaginesas {adj}  :: feminine plural of carthaginês
carthaginez {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of cartaginês
carthaginez {m}  :: obsolete spelling of cartaginês
carthaginês {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of cartaginês
carthaginês {m}  :: obsolete spelling of cartaginês
Carthago {prop}  :: obsolete spelling of Cartago
cartilagem {f}  :: cartilage
cartilha {f}  :: catechism
cartilha {f}  :: primer, spelling book
cartinha {f}  :: diminutive form of carta
cartão {m}  :: cardboard (stiff or heavy paper)
cartão {m}  :: card (flat, normally rectangular piece of stiff paper or plastic)
cartão amarelo {m} [sport]  :: yellow card
cartão de crédito {m}  :: credit card (plastic card, with a magnetic strip)
cartão de débito {m}  :: debit card (card taking money directly from the bank account)
cartão de embarque {f}  :: boarding pass (a document to board a plane, ship, etc.)
cartão de ponto {m}  :: timecard (card for tracking work hours)
cartão do cidadão {m} [Portugal]  :: ID card (card or badge showing the official identity of the wearer)
cartografia {f}  :: cartography (the creation of charts and maps)
cartola {f}  :: top hat (type of cylindrical hat)
cartolina {f}  :: paperboard (thick paper)
cartomante {mf}  :: A fortuneteller
cartoon {m}  :: alternative form of cartune
cartão-postal {m}  :: postcard
cartão SIM {m}  :: SIM card (small, removable card which stores mobile phone data)
cartão vermelho {m} [sport]  :: red card
cartório {m}  :: registry (place where registers are kept)
cartucho {m} [computing]  :: cartridge (vessel which contains the ink for a computer printer)
cartucho {m}  :: (firearms) cartridge
cartum {m} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of cartune
Cartum {prop}  :: Khartoum (capital of Sudan)
cartune {m}  :: cartoon
cartunista {n} [comics]  :: cartoonist (creator of cartoons)
caruma {f}  :: pine needle (leaf of a pine tree)
carvalheira {f}  :: English oak (Quercus robur, a tree of Europe)
carvalho {m}  :: oak (tree)
carvalho {m}  :: oak (wood)
carvalho-português {m}  :: Portuguese oak (Quercus faginea)
carvão {m}  :: coal, charcoal
casa {f}  :: a digit position
casa {f} [board games]  :: a cell which may be occupied by a piece (such as a square in a chessboard)
casa {f}  :: home (one’s own dwelling place)
casa {f}  :: house (noble family)
casa {f}  :: house (structure serving as an abode of human beings)
casa {f} [in compounds]  :: shop (establishment that sells goods or service)
Casablanca {prop}  :: Casablanca (city in Morocco)
Casa Branca {prop} [lb, pt, obsolete]  :: Casablanca (city in Morocco)
Casa Branca {prop}  :: White House (the official residence of the President of the United States of America)
casaca {f}  :: dress coat
casacão {m}  :: overcoat
casaco {m}  :: coat
casa da moeda {f}  :: mint (money-producing building or institution)
casa da árvore {f}  :: treehouse (a house within a tree)
casa de banho {f} [Portugal]  :: bathroom, toilet
casa de botão {f}  :: buttonhole (hole for a button)
casa de campo {f}  :: countryside villa
casa de chá {f}  :: teahouse (restaurant that sells tea)
casa de chás {f}  :: alternative form of casa de chá
casa decimal {f}  :: decimal place
casa de câmbio {f}  :: bureau de change (a place where foreign currency can be exchanged)
casa de Deus {f} [alternative case form of, Casa de Deus]  ::
Casa de Deus {f}  :: tower (tarot card)
casa de ferreiro, espeto de pau {proverb}  :: alternative form of em casa de ferreiro, o espeto é de pau
casa de moeda {f}  :: alternative form of casa da moeda
casa de penhores {f}  :: pawnshop (business premises of a pawnbroker)
casa de praia {f}  :: beach villa
casa de retiro {f}  :: retirement home (multi-residence housing facility intended for the elderly)
casado {adj}  :: married
casado {m}  :: a married man
casal {m}  :: couple, married couple
casal {m}  :: farmhouse
casal {m}  :: pair
casal {m}  :: village, hamlet
casamata {f} [military]  :: bunker (hardened shelter)
casamata {f} [military]  :: casemate (bombproof chamber as part of fortification)
casamento {m} [uncountable]  :: marriage
casamento {m}  :: wedding (marriage ceremony)
casamento arranjado {m}  :: arranged marriage (marriage planned by someone else)
casamento da raposa {m}  :: sun shower (rain which occurs while the sun is shining)
casamento de raposa {m} [South Africa]  :: A sun shower, literally, a "vixen's wedding"
casamento de rapôsa {m}  :: obsolete spelling of casamento de raposa
casamento misto {m}  :: mixed marriage (marriage between people of different races, cultures, religions, etc.)
casa noturna {f}  :: nightclub (establishment that is open late at night)
casa onde não há pão, todos ralham e ninguém tem razão {proverb} [literally]  :: In a house without bread, everyone argues and no one is right
casar {v}  :: to marry, wed someone to (unite two others in wedlock)
casario {m}  :: terrace (of houses)
casarão {m} [irregular]  :: augmentative form of casa
casarão {m} [specifically]  :: a big colonial-styled house
casca {f}  :: bark
casca {f}  :: husk
casca {f}  :: peel
casca {f}  :: rind
casca {f}  :: shell
Cascais {prop}  :: A Portuguese village in Lisboa district
cascal {m} [archaeology]  :: midden (prehistoric pile of bones and shells)
cascalho {m}  :: gravel (small fragments of rock)
cascata {f}  :: cascade
cascata {f}  :: waterfall
cascatear {vi}  :: to cascade (to fall as a waterfall)
cascatear {vt}  :: to cascade (to arrange in a stepped series like a waterfall)
cascavel {f}  :: rattlesnake
cascavel {m}  :: jingle bell
casco {m} [nautical]  :: hull
casco {m}  :: skull, cranium
casebre {m}  :: hovel
casebre {m}  :: shack
caseira {adj}  :: feminine form of caseiro
caseiras {adj}  :: feminine plural of caseiro
caseiro {adj}  :: homemade, home-grown
caseoso {adj}  :: caseous (relating to or resembling cheese)
caserna {f}  :: garrison (post)
Casimiro {prop}  :: Casimir (male given name)
casinha {f}  :: cottage
casinha {f}  :: diminutive form of casa
casinha {f}  :: privy
casinha {f}  :: small house
casinha de cachorro {f}  :: kennel (shelter for a dog)
casino {m} [Portugal]  :: alternative form of cassino
casmurra {adj}  :: feminine form of casmurro
casmurras {adj}  :: feminine plural of casmurro
casmurro {adj}  :: stubborn
casmurro {m}  :: curmudgeon (an ill-tempered stubborn person)
caso {m}  :: an adulterous relationship, an affair
caso {m}  :: case (all senses)
caso {m}  :: occurrence, event, circumstance
caso abessivo {m} [grammar]  :: abessive case (case used to express the lack of something)
caso absolutivo {m} [grammar]  :: absolutive case (case used to indicate the patient or experiencer of a verb’s action)
caso adessivo {m} [grammar]  :: adessive case (noun case used to indicate adjacent location)
caso alativo {m} [grammar]  :: allative case (case used to indicate movement onto, or to the adjacency of something)
caso caritivo {m} [grammar]  :: caritive case (case used to express the lack of something)
caso comitativo {m} [grammar]  :: comitative case (case used to denote companionship)
caso contrário {adv}  :: or else; otherwise (as an alternative)
caso dativo {m} [grammar]  :: dative case (case used to express direction towards an indirect object)
caso delativo {m} [grammar]  :: delative case (case used to indicate movement from an object)
caso elativo {m} [grammar]  :: elative case (case used to indicate movement out of something)
caso ergativo {m} [grammar]  :: ergative case (case used to indicate the agent of a verb)
caso essivo {m} [grammar]  :: essive case (case used to indicate a temporary state of being)
caso genitivo {m} [grammar]  :: genitive (inflection pattern)
caso ilativo {m} [grammar]  :: illative case (case used to indicate movement into something)
caso inessivo {m} [grammar]  :: inessive case
caso instrumental {m} [grammar]  :: instrumental case (case to express agency or means)
caso locativo {m} [grammar]  :: locative case (case used to indicate place, or the place where)
caso nominativo {m} [grammar]  :: nominative case (case used to indicate the subject)
caso oblíquo {m}  :: oblique case (any noun case except the nominative)
caso possessivo {m} [grammar]  :: possessive case (case used to express direct possession)
casota {f}  :: doghouse (dog's house)
caspa {f}  :: dandruff
caspacho {m}  :: alternative form of gaspacho
casquinar {vi}  :: to snicker (to emit a snicker)
casquinha {f} [countable]  :: ice cream (in a cone)
casquinha {f}  :: diminutive form of casca
cassar {vt}  :: to revoke (to cancel or invalidate)
cassete {m}  :: cassette
cassetete {m}  :: nightstick; baton; truncheon
cassino {m} [Brazil]  :: casino (all senses)
Cassiopéia {prop}  :: Cassiopeia (mythology)
cassiterita {f} [mineral]  :: cassiterite
casta {adj}  :: feminine form of casto
casta {f}  :: bloodline; lineage
casta {f}  :: breed; race
casta {f}  :: caste (hereditary social classes)
castanha {adj}  :: feminine form of castanho
castanha {f}  :: chestnut
castanha-da-índia {m}  :: horse chestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum, a large deciduous tree of the Old World)
castanha-da-índia {m}  :: horse chestnut; conker (the large nutlike seed of the horse chestnut tree)
castanha de caju {f}  :: cashew, cashew nut
castanha-do-pará {f}  :: brazil nut (nut)
castanha do Pará {f}  :: alternative spelling of castanha-do-pará
Castanheira de Pera {prop}  :: A Portuguese village in Leiria district
castanheira-do-pará {m}  :: alternative form of castanheiro-do-pará
castanheiro {m}  :: chestnut tree (a tree that bears chestnuts)
castanheiro-da-índia {m}  :: horse chestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum, a large deciduous tree of the Old World)
castanheiro-do-pará {m}  :: brazil nut (tree)
castanheiro do Pará {m}  :: alternative spelling of castanheiro-do-pará
castanho {adj}  :: brown
castanho {m}  :: brown (colour)
castanho {m}  :: chestnut wood
castanhola {f} [musical instruments]  :: castanet (a single handheld percussion instrument)
castas {adj}  :: feminine plural of casto
Castela {prop}  :: Castile
Castela e Leão {prop}  :: Castile and León (autonomous community of Spain)
Castela-La Mancha {prop}  :: Castile-La Mancha (autonomous community of Spain)
castelhana {adj}  :: feminine form of castelhano
castelhanas {adj}  :: feminine plural of castelhano
castelhanismo {m}  :: Hispanicism (a Spanish language item as it appears in another language)
castelhano {adj}  :: Castilian (of, from or relating to Castile, Spain)
castelhano {m}  :: Castilian (inhabitant of Castile, Spain)
castelhano {m} [South Brazil]  :: an Uruguayan or Argentine
castelhano {m} [uncountable]  :: Castilian; Spanish (Romance language spoken in Spain and much of Latin America)
castelão {m}  :: augmentative form of castelo
castelão {m}  :: castellan (caretaker of a castle)
castelão {m}  :: Castilian (native of Castile, Spain)
castelão {m} [obsolete]  :: a feudal lord who owns a castle
castelo {m}  :: castle (fortified stronghold)
Castelo Branco {prop}  :: A district in central Portugal
Castelo Branco {prop}  :: A Portuguese city in Castelo Branco district
Castelo Branco {prop}  :: Portuguese surname
Castelo-Branco {prop}  :: alternative form of Castelo Branco
castelo de areia {m}  :: sandcastle (a sculpture made of sand and resembling a miniature castle)
Castelo de Paiva {prop}  :: A Portuguese village in Aveiro district
castelo de vento {m} [lb, pt, idiomatic]  :: castle in the air (idea that is unlikely to be ever realised)
Castelo de Vide {prop}  :: A Portuguese village in Portalegre district
castelo no ar {m} [lb, pt, idiomatic]  :: castle in the air (idea that is unlikely to be ever realised)
castiçal {m}  :: candlestick, candleholder
castidade {f}  :: chastity (abstaining from sexual intercourse outside of marriage)
castigado {adj}  :: Completely corrected; flawless
castigado {adj}  :: grounded (confined by one’s parent as punishment)
castigado {adj}  :: in a bad state due to lack of care
castigado {adj}  :: punished (having suffered punishment)
castigando {v}  :: gerund of castigar
castigar {v}  :: to castigate
castigar {v}  :: to punish
castigo {m} [figurative]  :: something which causes suffering
castigo {m}  :: grounding (state of being confined by one’s parents, as punishment)
castigo {m}  :: punishment (penalty to punish wrongdoing)
Castilla-La Mancha {prop}  :: Castile-La Mancha (autonomous community)
castão {m}  :: the pommel of a walking stick
casto {adj}  :: chaste (abstaining from sexual activity)
castor {m}  :: beaver
castrando {v}  :: gerund of castrar
castração {f}  :: castration
castrar {v}  :: to castrate
castrão {m}  :: wether (castrated buck goat)
castro {m}  :: fort (of Roman or prehistoric origin)
Castro Daire {prop}  :: A Portuguese village in Viseu district
Castro D'Aire {prop}  :: obsolete spelling of Castro Daire
Castro Marim {prop}  :: A Portuguese village in Faro district
Castroverde {prop}  :: A Spanish village in Galicia
Castro Verde {prop}  :: A Portuguese village in Beja district
casualmente {adv}  :: by chance (accidentally or unexpectedly)
casualmente {adv}  :: casually (in a casual manner)
casuar {m}  :: cassowary (a large flightless bird of the genus Casuarius)
casula {f}  :: chasuble
casulo {m}  :: cocoon, the silky case that protects the chrysalis of insects
cataclisma {m}  :: cataclysm (sudden, violent event)
cataclismo {m}  :: alternative form of cataclisma
catacrese {f}  :: the use of a word from a similar or comparable concept to represent another concept
catacumba {f}  :: catacomb (underground system of tunnels and chambers with recesses for graves)
catafracta {f}  :: cataphract (armor for the entire body and often for the horse)
catalã {adj}  :: feminine form of catalão
catalisador {adj}  :: catalyzing
catalisador {m}  :: catalyst
catalisador {m}  :: catalyzer
catalisadora {adj}  :: feminine form of catalisador
catalisadoras {adj}  :: feminine plural of catalisador
catalisando {v}  :: gerund of catalisar
catalisação {f}  :: catalysis, catalyzation
catalisar {v} [chemistry]  :: To catalyze
catalizando {v}  :: gerund of catalizar
catalizar {v}  :: to catalyze
catalão {adj}  :: Catalan
catalão {m}  :: Catalan (language)
catalão {m}  :: Catalan (person from Catalonia)
catalogar {v}  :: to catalogue (to put into a catalogue)
catalãs {adj}  :: feminine plural of catalão
catalítico {adj} [lb, pt, chemistry]  :: catalytic (of, or relating to catalysts)
Catalunha {prop}  :: Catalonia
catamarã {m}  :: catamaran (twin-hulled boat)
catamita {m}  :: catamite
catana {f}  :: katana (type of Japanese curved sword)
catana {f}  :: machete (a sword-like tool)
Catanzaro {prop}  :: Catanzaro (town and capital)
cataplasma {m}  :: poultice; cataplasm
catapora {f} [pathology, Brazil]  :: chickenpox (childhood disease)
catapulta {f}  :: catapult
catar {v}  :: to gather
catar {v}  :: to look for
Catar {prop}  :: Qatar
catarata {f}  :: cataract (large waterfall)
catarata {f} [pathology]  :: cataract (opacity of the lens in the eye)
catariana {adj}  :: feminine form of catariano
catarianas {adj}  :: feminine plural of catariano
catariano {adj}  :: Qatari
catariano {m}  :: Qatari person
Catarina {prop}  :: female given name, Portuguese equivalent of Catherine
catarinense {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to Santa Catarina
catarinense {mf}  :: Someone from Santa Catarina
catar milho {vi} [computing]  :: To type on a keyboard in a manner often associated with inexperience, by looking for each key individually and slowly
catarro {m}  :: phlegm (mucus secreted in the bronchial passages)
catarse {f}  :: catharsis
catatónico {adj} [lb, pt, medicine]  :: catatonic (of, relating to, or suffering from catatonia)
catatonia {f} [lb, pt, psychiatry]  :: catatonia (a severe condition characterised by a tendency to remain in a rigid state)
cata-vento {m} [Brazil]  :: water-pumping windmill
cata-vento {m}  :: weather vane (a device showing the direction of the wind)
cata-vento {m}  :: windmill; pinwheel (child’s toy)
catchup {m} [uncountable]  :: ketchup (tomato-vinegar based sauce)
catódica {adj}  :: feminine form of catódico
catódicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of catódico
catódico {adj}  :: cathodic
catódio {m} [electricity]  :: cathode (electrode through which current flows outward)
catechese {f}  :: obsolete spelling of catequese
catecismo {m}  :: catechism
catecúmeno {adj}  :: being or relating to a catechumen
catecúmeno {m}  :: catechumen (convert the Christianity prior to baptism)
catedral {m}  :: cathedral
categoria {f}  :: category
categoricamente {adv}  :: categorically (in a categorical manner)
categoricamente {adv}  :: flatly (in a manner showing complete certainty)
categorizado {v}  :: past participle of categorizar
categorizando {v}  :: gerund of categorizar
categorizar {v}  :: to categorize
categórico {adj}  :: categorical (absolute; having no exception)
categórico {adj}  :: categorical (of, pertaining to, or using categories)
catequese {f}  :: catechesis (religious instruction)
catequizado {v}  :: past participle of catequizar
catequizando {v}  :: gerund of catequizar
catequizar {v}  :: to catechize
cateter {m}  :: catheter (small tube inserted into a body cavity)
cathólica {adj}  :: feminine form of cathólico
cathólicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of cathólico
cathólico {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of católico
cathólico {m}  :: obsolete spelling of católico
catholico {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of católico
catholico {m}  :: obsolete spelling of católico
caótica {adj}  :: feminine form of caótico
caótico {adj}  :: Extremely disorganized; chaotic; shambolic
caótico {adj}  :: Filled with chaos; chaotic
catinga {f}  :: alternative form of caatinga
catinga {f}  :: reek (unpleasant smell)
catiônica {adj}  :: feminine form of catiônico
catiônicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of catiônico
catiônico {adj} [chemistry]  :: cationic
catião {m} [Portugal]  :: cation (a positively charged ion)
catita {adj}  :: pretty (nice-looking)
catita {f}  :: short-tailed opossum (any marsupial of the Monodelphis genus)
cativado {v}  :: past participle of cativar
cativando {v}  :: gerund of cativar
cativar {v}  :: to captivate, to charm, to seduce, to attract
cativar {v}  :: to capture
cativar {v}  :: to dominate
cativeiro {m}  :: captivity, bondage
cativeiro {m}  :: prison
catividade {f}  :: captivity (state of being captive)
cativo {m}  :: captive, prisoner
cativo {m}  :: slave
católica {adj}  :: feminine form of católico
católicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of católico
católico {adj}  :: Catholic
católico {m}  :: Catholic
catálise {f}  :: catalysis
catálogo {m}  :: catalogue (a systematic list of names, books, pictures etc.)
catálogo telefônico {m} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of catálogo telefónico
catálogo telefónico {m} [Portugal]  :: telephone directory (a listing of telephone subscribers)
cato {m} [Portugal]  :: cactus
catodo {m} [electricity, Brazil]  :: cathode (electrode through which current flows outward)
catolicismo {m}  :: Catholicism (faiths, practices and doctrines of a Catholic Church)
catolicismo {m}  :: Roman Catholicism (faiths, practices and doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church)
catorze {m}  :: fourteen
catorze {num}  :: fourteen
catota {f} [Northeast Brazil]  :: booger (piece of nose mucus)
catraca {f}  :: turnstile (rotating mechanical device)
catre {m}  :: cot (portable or temporary bed)
catástrofe {f}  :: catastrophe, disaster
caturra {adj}  :: stubborn
caturra {f}  :: cockatiel (a small, rather atypical cockatoo with a distinctive pointed yellow crest)
caturra {n}  :: curmudgeon (an ill-tempered stubborn person)
caubói {m}  :: cowboy (a man who identifies with cowboy culture, including wearing a cowboy hat and being a fan of country and western music)
caubói {m}  :: cowboy (person who tends cattle)
caucasiana {adj}  :: feminine form of caucasiano
caucasiana {f}  :: feminine form of caucasiano
caucasiano {adj}  :: caucasian
caucasiano {m}  :: caucasian
caucasoide {n}  :: Caucasoid (white person)
caucionando {v}  :: gerund of caucionar
caucionar {v} [legal]  :: To pay bail (or similar legal guarantee)
caucásica {adj}  :: feminine form of caucásico
caucásicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of caucásico
caucásico {adj}  :: Caucasian (all senses)
caucásico {m}  :: Caucasian (all senses)
caudal {adj}  :: torrential (flowing heavily)
caudal {adj} [zoology]  :: caudal (of or relating to the tail)
caudal {f}  :: caudal vertebra
caudal {m} [figuratively]  :: a great amount of volume of something
caudal {m} [hydrology]  :: discharge (volume of water transported by a river in a certain amount of time)
caudal {m}  :: torrent (heavy stream or flow)
caudalosa {adj}  :: feminine form of caudaloso
caudalosas {adj}  :: feminine plural of caudaloso
caudaloso {adj}  :: abundant
caudilhismo {m}  :: caudillismo (type of government ruled by a caudillo)
caudilhismo {m}  :: caudilloship (a caudillo’s government)
caudilho {m}  :: caudillo
caçula {adj} [of a sibling]  :: the youngest
caçula {mf}  :: the youngest sibling
caule {m} [botany]  :: stem (above-ground stalk of a vascular plant)
caulim {m} [mineral]  :: kaolin
caulinita {f} [mineralogy]  :: kaolinite (hydrous aluminosilicate mineral)
caução {f}  :: guarantee, pledge
caução {f} [legal]  :: bail
causa {f}  :: cause, reason
causa {f}  :: goal, aim
causa {f}  :: suit, lawsuit
causa de pedir {f} [legal]  :: cause of action (condition that entitles suing)
causador {adj}  :: causing, originating
causador {m}  :: causer, originator
causadora {adj}  :: feminine form of causador
causadoras {adj}  :: feminine plural of causador
causal {adj}  :: causal (of, relating to or being a cause of something)
causalidade {f}  :: causality
causar {vt}  :: to cause
causticante {adj}  :: burning, searing, caustic
causticidade {f}  :: causticity (the quality of being caustic)
cautchu {m}  :: caoutchouc
cautela {f}  :: caution (careful attention, prudence)
cautelosa {adj}  :: feminine form of cauteloso
cautelosamente {adv}  :: warily, carefully, gingerly
cautelosas {adj}  :: feminine plural of cauteloso
cauteloso {adj}  :: cautious
cauteloso {adj}  :: wary
cavador {m}  :: digger
cavaignac {m}  :: alternative form of cavanhaque
cavala {f}  :: mackerel (edible fish)
Cavala {prop}  :: Kavala (city)
cavalaria {f}  :: cavalry (military service that fights with riding horses)
cavalariça {f}  :: stable (building for horses)
cavaleiro {m}  :: horseman
cavaleiro {m}  :: knight (warrior, especially of the Middle Ages)
cavalete {m}  :: bridge(Music): A support for a wind instrument
cavalete {m}  :: easel (Upright frame for displaying or supporting something);
cavalete {m}  :: rack: An instrument of torture;
cavalete {m}  :: rack (Graphic arts): A support for a movable cylinder; toothed bar;
cavalete {m}  :: trestle (Engineering): A bridge support
cavalgando {v}  :: gerund of cavalgar
cavalgar {vi}  :: to ride a horse
cavalheirismo {m}  :: chivalry
cavalheiro {m}  :: cavalier
cavalheiro {m}  :: gentleman
cavalinha {f}  :: horsetail (plant)
cavalinho-de-deus {m}  :: praying mantis
cavalo {m} [chess]  :: knight
cavalo {m}  :: horse (mammal)
cavalo com alças {m}  :: pommel horse
cavalo de pau {m}  :: a skidding U-turn with a vehicle
cavalo de pau {m}  :: rocking horse (a child’s toy consisting of a (usually wooden) horse mounted on a rocker or swing)
cavalo de vapor {m} [rare]  :: horsepower (metric)
cavalo-marinho {m}  :: sea horse
cavalo-vapor {m}  :: horsepower (metric unit of power)
cavalo-vapor {m}  :: horsepower (non-metric unit of power)
cavando {v}  :: gerund of cavar
cavanhaque {m}  :: goatee (beard at the centre of the chin)
cavaquinho {m}  :: diminutive form of cavaco
cavaquinho {m} [musical instrument]  :: cavaquinho (small string instrument of the European guitar family)
cavar {v}  :: to dig, excavate, burrow, scoop
cave {m}  :: cellar
caveira {f} [informal]  :: skull
caveirão {m}  :: augmentative form of caveira
caveirão {m} [Brazil]  :: an armoured vehicle used by the Batalhão de Operações Policiais Especiais
caverna {f}  :: cave
Caverna de Platão {prop} [philosophy]  :: Plato's Cave (the allegorical cave)
cavernícola {adj}  :: cave-dwelling
cavernícola {mf}  :: cave-dweller
cavernoso {adj}  :: cavernous (having many caverns)
cavernoso {adj}  :: cavernous (resembling a cavern)
caviar {m}  :: caviar
cavidade {f}  :: cavity (hole or hollow depression)
cavidade {f}  :: cavity (hollow area within the body)
cavouco {m}  :: a manmade pit (hole in the ground)
Caxemira {prop}  :: Kashmir (region)
caxemirense {adj}  :: Kashmiri (of, from or relating to Kashmir)
caxemirense {n}  :: Kashmiri (person from Kashmir)
caxemiri {adj}  :: Kashmiri (of from or relating to Kashmiri)
caxemiri {m}  :: Kashmiri (Indo-Aryan language spoken in Kashmir)
caxirola {n}  :: caxirola
caxumba {f} [pathology]  :: mumps (contagious disease)
cays {m}  :: obsolete spelling of cais
Cazã {prop}  :: Kazan (city in Russia)
cazaque {adj}  :: Kazakh (of, from or relating to Kazakhstan)
cazaque {m}  :: Kazakh (language spoken in Kazakhstan)
cazaque {n}  :: Kazakh (person from Kazakhstan)
Cazaquistão {prop}  :: Kazakhstan (country in Central Asia)
cúbito {m}  :: elbow
cúbito {m} [skeleton, Portugal]  :: ulna
cábula {f}  :: cheat sheet (notes used to assist on a test)
CC {m}  :: initialism of cartão do cidadão
cóccix {m} [anatomy]  :: coccyx; tailbone (final vertebra)
cócegas {n}  :: desire, temptation
cócegas {n}  :: tickle
Cícero {prop}  :: Cicero (Roman statesman and orator)
cíclame {m}  :: alternative form of ciclame
cíclica {adj}  :: feminine form of cíclico
cíclicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of cíclico
cíclico {adj}  :: cyclic
cíclotron {m} [Brazil, physics]  :: cyclotron
cócoras {n} [only used in fixed expressions]  :: squat (position assumed by bending deeply at the knees while resting on one’s feet)
cáctus {m}  :: alternative form of cato
CD {m}  :: CD (compact-disc)
CDF {mf} [slang, sometimes derogatory, Brazil]  :: nerd (intellectual, skillful person, generally introverted)
códice {m}  :: codex (early manuscript book)
código {m}  :: code
código de barras {m}  :: barcode (set of machine-readable parallel bars)
código de endereçamento postal {m}  :: postcode (sequence of letters and/or numbers added to a postal address)
código de máquina {m} [programming]  :: machine language (set of instructions for a processor)
código fonte {m}  :: alternative spelling of código-fonte
código-fonte {m} [programming]  :: source code
código morse {m}  :: Morse code
código postal {m}  :: postcode (sequence of letters and/or numbers added to a postal address)
-cídio {suffix}  :: -cide (killing of)
Cádis {prop}  :: Cadiz (port city in Andalusia, Spain)
cádmio {m}  :: cadmium (chemical element)
CD player {m}  :: CD player (CD player)
cédula {f}  :: banknote (piece of paper currency)
CE {abbr}  :: abbreviation of Ceará (Brazilian state)
ceando {v}  :: gerund of cear
cear {v}  :: to dine
cear {v}  :: to have supper
cearense {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to Ceará
cearense {mf}  :: Someone from Ceará
cebola {f}  :: onion (a monocotyledonous plant of genus Allium allied to garlic, used as vegetable and spice.)
cebolinha {f}  :: chive (plant)
cebolinha verde {f}  :: alternative spelling of cebolinha-verde
cebolinha-verde {f}  :: spring onion (Allium fistulosum)
Cebu {prop}  :: Cebu (island, province and city in central Philippines)
cebuana {adj}  :: feminine form of cebuano
cebuanas {adj}  :: feminine plural of cebuano
cebuano {adj}  :: Cebuano
cebuano {m}  :: Cebuano (language)
cebuano {m}  :: Cebuano (person)
cecal {adj}  :: caecal (of or pertaining to caecum)
cecídio {m}  :: gall (growth found on the surface of plants)
cecear {v}  :: to lisp (to pronounce the sibilant letter /s/ imperfectly)
Cecina {prop}  :: Cecina (town in the province of Livorno)
Cecília {prop}  :: Cecilia (female given name)
ceco {m} [anatomy]  :: caecum (blind pouch connected to the large intestine)
cedê {m}  :: CD (compact disk)
ceder {vi}  :: to fall down, to collapse
ceder {vi}  :: to surrender at an argumentation, to be convinced after possibly long discussion
ceder {vt}  :: to cede, to give up, to give away, to hand over, to give own property or rights to others
ceder {vt}  :: to decide against own previous decision or after doubt
ceder {vt}  :: to lend
cedilha {f}  :: cedilla
cedência {f} [legal]  :: cession
cedo {adv}  :: At a time before expected; sooner than usual; early
cedro {m}  :: cedar (tree)
cedro {m}  :: cedar (wood)
cefaleia {f}  :: headache
cefaléia {f}  :: alternative form of cefaleia
Cefeu {prop}  :: Cepheus (mythology)
cegamente {adv}  :: blindly
cegamento {m}  :: blinding (act of causing blindness)
cegante {adj}  :: blinding (which blinds)
cegar {vt}  :: to blind, to cause blindness
cego {adj} [comparable]  :: Failing to see, acknowledge, perceive; blind
cego {adj} [not comparable, of a person, an animal or an eye]  :: Unable to see; blind
cegonha {f}  :: stork (large wading bird)
cegueira {f}  :: blindness
CEI {prop}  :: CIS; abbreviation of Comunidade dos Estados Independentes
ceia {f}  :: supper, evening meal
Ceifador {prop}  :: Grim Reaper (personification of Death)
ceifar {v}  :: to reap (to cut with a sickle or scythe)
ceifeira-debulhadora {f} [Portugal]  :: combine harvester (combine)
Ceilão {prop}  :: Ceylon
cela {f}  :: a very small room
cela {f}  :: cell (of a monastery)
cela {f}  :: cell (room in a prison for containing inmates)
celebrada {adj}  :: feminine form of celebrado
celebrando {v}  :: gerund of celebrar
celebração {f}  :: celebration (all senses)
celebrar {v}  :: to celebrate (all senses)
celebridade {f}  :: fame, celebrity
celeiro {m}  :: barn
celeiro {m}  :: granary
celerípede {adj}  :: who runs swiftly
celeste {adj} [astronomy]  :: celestial (relating to space)
celeste {adj}  :: celestial (relating to the sky)
celeste {adj} [religion]  :: heavenly (relating to heaven)
celeste {adj}  :: sky blue (of a pale blue colour, like that of the sky on a fine day)
celestial {adj} [religion]  :: heavenly (relating to heaven)
celestita {f} [mineral]  :: celestine
celeuma {f}  :: racket (loud noise)
celeuma {f}  :: sea shanty
celeuma {f}  :: work song
celga {f}  :: alternative form of acelga
celibato {adj}  :: celibate (abstaining from sexual relations)
celibato {adj}  :: celibate; unmarried
celibato {m}  :: celibacy (abstaining from sexual relations)
celibato {m}  :: celibacy (state of being unmarried)
celibatária {adj}  :: feminine form of celibatário
celibatárias {adj}  :: feminine plural of celibatário
celibatário {adj}  :: celibate (unmarried)
celibatário {m}  :: celibate (person who is not married)
celofane {m}  :: cellophane (transparent plastic film)
Celorico da Beira {prop}  :: A Portuguese village in Guarda district
Celorico de Basto {prop}  :: a Portuguese village in Braga district
celta {adj}  :: Celtic (of the Celts; of the style of the Celts)
celta {n}  :: Celt (a member of one of the ancient peoples of Western Europe)
celular {adj} [biology]  :: Consisting of biological cells; cellular
celular {adj}  :: Of or relating to cells; cellular
celular {m} [Brazilian Portuguese]  :: cellphone, mobile phone (short form of telefone celular)
celulose {f}  :: cellulose (the polysaccharide cellulose)
cem {m}  :: one hundred
cem {num}  :: one hundred
cementita {f} [mineral]  :: cementite
cemitério {m}  :: cemetery, graveyard
cem por cento {adv}  :: To a complete extent; one hundred percent; completely; utterly; fully
cena {f} [Portugal]  :: thing
cena {f}  :: scene
cena {f}  :: stage
cendrée {adj} [rare, of hair]  :: grey
cenoira {f}  :: alternative form of cenoura
cenotáfio {m}  :: cenotaph (monument to honor the dead whose bodies lie elsewhere)
cenoura {f}  :: carrot
cenoura brava {f}  :: alternative spelling of cenoura-brava
cenoura-brava {f}  :: parsnip (the plant Pastinaca sativa and its root)
cenário {m}  :: scenario
cenário {m}  :: scenery
cenário {m}  :: set (scenery for a film or play)
censo {m}  :: census (official count of members of a population)
censura {f}  :: censorship
censura {f}  :: censure
censurar {v}  :: to censor
censurar {v}  :: to censure
centauro {m}  :: centaur (mythical half horse, half man)
centavo {m}  :: cent (a hundredth of several monetary units, including the Brazilian real, the Portuguese escudo, and the Mozambican metical)
centeio {m}  :: rye (grass or its grains as food)
centelha {f}  :: sparkle
centena {m}  :: hundred
centena {m}  :: (in plural) lots, many
centenária {adj}  :: feminine form of centenário
centenárias {adj}  :: feminine plural of centenário
centenário {adj}  :: centennial
centenário {m}  :: centennial
centígrada {adj}  :: feminine form of centígrado
centígradas {adj}  :: feminine plural of centígrado
centígrado {adj}  :: Celsius (metric scale of temperature)
centímetro {m}  :: centimetre
centímetro cúbico {m}  :: cubic centimetre (a unit of volume)
cento {m}  :: hundred
centopeia {f}  :: centipede (A segmented arthropod of class Chilopoda)
centopéia {f}  :: obsolete spelling of centopeia
centípede {adj}  :: having a hundred feet
centípede {m} [lb, pt, rare]  :: centipede (a segmented arthropod of class Chilopoda)
central {adj}  :: central
central {f}  :: centre
central {f}  :: headquarters
central eléctrica {f}  :: obsolete spelling of central elétrica
central elétrica {f} [Portugal]  :: power station (an industrial complex where electricity is produced)
centralismo {m}  :: centralism (a system that centralises)
centralizando {v}  :: gerund of centralizar
centralizar {v}  :: to centralize
central telefônica {f} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of central telefónica
central telefónica {f} [telecommunication, Portugal]  :: switch (system which allows the interconnection of a calling party’s telephone line with any called party's line)
centrando {v}  :: gerund of centrar
centrar {v}  :: to centralize
centrar {v}  :: to centre
centrifugando {v}  :: gerund of centrifugar
centrifugação {f}  :: centrifugation
centrifugar {v}  :: to centrifuge
centro {m}  :: center (point on a line midway between the ends)
centro {m}  :: centre (middle of anything)
centro {m}  :: downtown
centro comercial {m}  :: mall, shopping centre
centésimo {ordinal num}  :: one hundredth
centáurea {f}  :: cornflower (Centaurea cyanus)
centurião {m}  :: centurion
Ceos {prop} [Greek god]  :: Coeus (a Greek titan)
CEP {m}  :: postcode (sequence of letters and/or numbers added to a postal address)
cepticismo {m}  :: skepticism
ceptro {m}  :: obsolete spelling of cetro
cera {f}  :: wax (oily, water-resistant substance)
cera de abelha {f}  :: beeswax (wax secreted by bees)
cera de ouvido {f}  :: earwax (waxy substance secreted by the ear)
ceramista {mf}  :: potter (one who makes pots and ceramic wares)
cerca {f}  :: fence (barrier)
cerca {prep}  :: around, approximately (followed by de)
cerca de {adv}  :: about; approximately
cercadinho {m}  :: diminutive form of cercado
cercadinho {m}  :: playpen (space for children to play)
cercando {v}  :: gerund of cercar
cercanias {n}  :: environs, surroundings
cercanias {n}  :: neighbourhood
cercanias {n}  :: proximity
cercanias {n}  :: suburb(s)
cercar {v}  :: to besiege
cercar {v}  :: to surround
cercilho {m}  :: a particular form of tonsure worn by some monks
cerco {m}  :: siege
cerda {f}  :: bristle
cereal {m}  :: breakfast cereal (food processed from grains and eaten with milk)
cereal {m}  :: cereal (type of grass cultivated for edible grains)
cereal {m} [uncountable]  :: cereal (the grains of such plants)
cereal matinal {m}  :: breakfast cereal (food made from processed grains)
cerebelo {m} [neuroanatomy]  :: cerebellum (part of the hindbrain in vertebrates)
cerebral {adj}  :: Of, or relating to the brain or cerebral cortex of the brain; cerebral
cerebrina {adj}  :: feminine form of cerebrino
cerebrinas {adj}  :: feminine plural of cerebrino
cerebrino {adj}  :: cerebral
cerebrino {adj}  :: fantastic
cerebrino {adj}  :: imaginative
cerebrovasculare {adj}  :: cerebrovascular
cerefólio {m}  :: chervil (herb)
cerefolho {m}  :: chervil (herb)
cereja {f}  :: cherry (fruit)
cerejeira {f}  :: cherry tree
Ceres {prop} [astronomy]  :: Ceres (dwarf planet)
Ceres {prop} [Roman god]  :: Ceres (Roman goddess)
cerica {adj}  :: feminine form of cérico
cericas {adj}  :: feminine plural of cérico
cerimônia {f}  :: ceremony (ritual with religious significance)
cerimónia {f} [Portugal]  :: ceremony
cerimónia {f} [Portugal]  :: rite, ritual
cerimónia {f} [Portugal]  :: solemnization
cerimonial {adj}  :: ceremonial
cerita {f} [mineral]  :: cerite
cerúleo {adj}  :: azure; cerulean; sky-blue
cerúleo {m}  :: cerulean (sky blue)
cerâmica {f}  :: ceramics, pottery
cerâmicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of cerâmico
cerâmico {adj}  :: ceramic, pottery
cerne {m}  :: heartwood (wood nearer the heart of a stem)
cerne {m}  :: kernel (core or essence of an object or system)
ceroso {adj}  :: waxen (having the pale smooth characteristics of wax)
ceroulas {fp}  :: long johns
cerquilha {f}  :: hash (name of the # symbol)
cerquinho {m}  :: Portuguese oak (Quercus faginea)
cerrado {adj}  :: closed, shut;
cerrado {adj}  :: thick, dense
cerrado {v}  :: past participle of cerrar
cerrando {v}  :: gerund of cerrar
cerrar {v}  :: to close, shut
cerrar {v}  :: to seal
Certã {prop}  :: obsolete spelling of Sertã
certa {adj}  :: feminine form of certo
certamente {adv}  :: certainly
certas {adj}  :: feminine plural of certo
certeza {f}  :: something which is certain
certeza {f} [uncountable]  :: certainty (state of being certain)
certeza {interj}  :: are you sure?
certeza {interj}  :: for sure
certidão {f}  :: certificate
certidão de nascimento {f}  :: birth certificate (official document certifying the details of a person’s birth)
certificando {v}  :: gerund of certificar
certificação {f}  :: certification
certificar {v}  :: to certify, attest
certo {adj}  :: certain; sure (without doubt)
certo {adj}  :: inevitable (impossible to avoid or prevent)
certo {adj}  :: morally right; just
certo {adj}  :: precise; accurate
certo {adj}  :: right; correct (not containing errors)
certo {adv}  :: correctly
certo {adv}  :: surely
certo {pron}  :: certain (determined but unspecified)
cerusita {f} [mineral]  :: cerusite
cerval {m}  :: Iberian lynx (Lynx pardinus)
cerveja {f}  :: beer
cerveja inglesa {f}  :: ale (type of liquor)
cerveja inglesa {f} inglesa
cervejaria {f}  :: brewery (company that brews beer)
cervejaria {f}  :: pub (house where alcoholic beverages are served)
cervejeira {adj}  :: feminine form of cervejeiro
cervejeiras {adj}  :: feminine plural of cervejeiro
cervejeiro {adj}  :: of or relating to the production of beer
cervejeiro {m}  :: beer brewer
cervo {m}  :: deer
Cesareia {prop} [historical]  :: Caesarea (any of the places called Caesarea)
cesariana {f}  :: Caesarean section
cessação {f}  :: cease
cessação {f}  :: cessation, surcease
cessar {vi}  :: to cease
cessar-fogo {m}  :: ceasefire (in warfare, an agreed end to hostilities for a specific purpose)
cessionário {m}  :: assignee
cessão {f} [legal]  :: assignment, cession; donation
cesta {f}  :: basket
cesto {m} [basketball]  :: basket
cesto {m}  :: basket (container)
cesura {f}  :: caesura (a pause or interruption)
cesura {f} [prosody]  :: caesura (using two words to divide a metrical foot)
ceticismo {m}  :: skepticism (general disposition to doubt)
cetim {m}  :: satin (cloth with a glossy surface and a dull back)
cetologia {f}  :: whalelore, cetology (study of cetaceans)
cetona {f}  :: ketone (organic chemicals with the >CO functional group)
cetro {m}  :: scepter (ornamental staff)
cevada {f}  :: barley (strong cereal of the genus Hordeum, or its grains)
cevado {v}  :: past participle of cevar
cevando {v}  :: gerund of cevar
cevar {v}  :: to fatten
cevar {v}  :: to feed
cf. {abbr}  :: cf
cágado {m}  :: a freshwater turtle
cágado {m} [specifically]  :: a chelid (member of the Chelidae family of turtles)
cágado-de-pescoço-comprido {m}  :: Argentine snake-necked turtle (Hydromedusa tectifera)
cágado-de-pescoço-de-cobra {f}  :: Argentine snake-necked turtle (Hydromedusa tectifera)
chá {m}  :: a late afternoon meal
chá {m} [slang]  :: any drug made by infusing substance
chá {m}  :: tea plant (Camellia sinensis, a bush whose leaves are used to make tea)
chá {m} [uncountable]  :: tea (drink made by infusing parts of plants)
chacal {m}  :: jackal
chacal-dourado {m}  :: golden jackal (Canis aureus)
chacal prateado {m} [rare]  :: side-striped jackal
chachlik {m}  :: shashlik (skewered dish)
chacina {f}  :: slaughter
chacinado {v}  :: past participle of chacinar
chacinando {v}  :: gerund of chacinar
chacinar {v}  :: to massacre
chacinar {v}  :: to slaughter
chacoalhar {v}  :: to shake up and down
chacra {m} [Hinduism, Ayurveda]  :: chakra (spiritual energy nexuses)
Chade {prop}  :: Chad (country in central Africa)
chador {m}  :: alternative spelling of xador
chafariz {m}  :: fountain (artificial water feature)
chafurdar {v}  :: to wallow (in mud); to paddle (walk in shallow water)
chaga {f}  :: sore (injured, infected, inflamed, or diseased patch of skin)
chahada {f} [Islam]  :: shahada (Islamic declaration of belief)
chakra {m}  :: alternative spelling of chacra
chalé {m}  :: cottage, chalet
chaleira {f}  :: kettle (vessel for boiling a liquid)
chalota {f}  :: shallot (vegetable in the onion family)
chalreta {f}  :: bar-tailed godwit
chalupa {f} [nautical]  :: sloop (single-masted sailboat)
chama {f}  :: flame
chamado {m}  :: calling
chamaleão {m}  :: obsolete spelling of camaleão
chamalote {m}  :: camlet (fabric)
chama-maré {m}  :: fiddler crab (Uca (genus of crab in which males have one oversized claw))
chamamento {m}  :: call, summons
chamar {v}  :: to call, summons
chamar {v}  :: to invoke
chamar {v}  :: to name (give a name to)
chamariz {m}  :: decoy, lure
chamar o hugo {v} [idiomatic]  :: to shoot the cat, to vomit
chamar-se {v}  :: to be called (to have a specific name)
chamativa {adj}  :: feminine form of chamativo
chamativas {adj}  :: feminine plural of chamativo
chamativo {adj}  :: calling, summoning
chamativo {adj}  :: flashy, showy
chaminé {f}  :: chimney
chamo-me {phrase}  :: my name is…
champô {m} [Portugal]  :: shampoo
champagne {m}  :: alternative spelling of champanhe
champanha {m}  :: alternative form of champanhe
champanhe {m}  :: champagne (sparkling wine made in Champagne)
champanhe {m} [informal]  :: sparkling wine (effervescent wine)
champignon {m}  :: champignon (Agaricus bisporus, a small, edible mushroom)
champinhão {m}  :: rare form of champignon
champinhom {m}  :: rare spelling of champignon
chamuça {f} [rare]  :: samosa (Indian snack)
Chamusca {prop}  :: a Portuguese village in Santarém district
chamuscando {v}  :: gerund of chamuscar
chamuscar {v}  :: to singe (to burn slightly)
chana {f} [geography]  :: savanna (tropical grassland with scattered trees)
chance {f}  :: chance, opportunity
chance {f}  :: Probability
chanceler {n}  :: chancellor (important notary; person in charge of some area of government)
Chandigarh {prop}  :: Chandigarh (Chandigarh, India)
chanfrar {vt}  :: to chamfer (to cut off the edge into a chamfer)
chanfro {m}  :: chamfer (obtuse-angled edge)
chaninho {m} [colloquial]  :: pussy (affectionate term for a cat)
chantagear {v}  :: to blackmail (to extort by threatening with injury other than bodily harm)
chantagem {f}  :: blackmail
chantagem emocional {f}  :: emotional blackmail (psychological misuse of a person’s emotions)
chantili {m}  :: whipped cream (thick cream that has had air incorporated into it by rapid beating)
chantilly {m}  :: alternative spelling of chantili
Chanucá {prop} [Judaism]  :: Hanukkah (the Jewish festival)
chapa {f}  :: license plate (an identifying plate attached to a vehicle)
chapa {f}  :: plate (flat piece of metal)
chapa {f}  :: X-ray (photograph made with X-rays)
chapado {adj}  :: stoned (high on drugs)
chapar {v}  :: to cover with metal plates
chapar {vt}  :: to stone (to intoxicate, especially with narcotics)
chapeleiro {m}  :: hatter (person who makes, sells, or repairs hats)
Chapeuzinho Vermelho {prop}  :: Little Red Riding Hood (a folktale)
chapim {m}  :: tit (a small passerine bird of the genus Parus)
chapim azul {m}  :: alternative spelling of chapim-azul
chapim-azul {m}  :: blue tit (a bird)
chapéu {m}  :: hat (head covering)
chapéu {m} [informal]  :: circumflex accent (the diacritic mark ^)
chapéu côco {m}  :: obsolete spelling of chapéu coco
chapéu coco {m}  :: bowler hat (hard round black felt hat)
chapéu-coco {m}  :: alternative spelling of chapéu coco
character {m}  :: obsolete spelling of caráter
characterização {f}  :: obsolete spelling of caracterização
charada {f} [figurative]  :: something hard to understand; a mystery
charada {f}  :: riddle (verbal puzzle)
charamela {f} [musical instrument]  :: shawm
charco {m}  :: puddle, pool
charco {m}  :: quagmire
charácter {m}  :: obsolete spelling of caráter
charge {f}  :: cartoon (satire of public figures)
chargista {n}  :: cartoonist (creator of political cartoons)
charia {f} [Islam]  :: shari'a (Islamic religious law)
Charia {f}  :: alternative spelling of charia
charlatânica {adj}  :: feminine form of charlatânico
charlatânicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of charlatânico
charlatânico {adj} [rare]  :: charlatanical (of or like a charlatan)
charlatão {m}  :: charlatan; imposter
charlatão {m}  :: quack; charlatan (false doctor)
charme {m}  :: charm (quality of inspiring delight or admiration)
charmosa {adj}  :: feminine form of charmoso
charmosas {adj}  :: feminine plural of charmoso
charmoso {adj}  :: charming (pleasant, charismatic)
charneca {f}  :: heathland (tract of scrubland habitats characterised by open, low growing woody vegetation)
charque {m}  :: jerky (lean meat cured and preserved by cutting into thin strips and air-drying in the sun)
charrete {f}  :: chariot (carriage used for ceremonial or pleasure purposes)
charro {m}  :: joint, a cigarette containing cannabis
charuto {m}  :: cigar
chassi {m}  :: chassis (base frame of motor vehicle)
chat {m}  :: chat (exchange of text or voice messages in real time)
chata {adj}  :: feminine form of chato
chatas {adj}  :: feminine plural of chato
chateando {v}  :: gerund of chatear
chateação {f}  :: annoyance
chatear {v}  :: to peeve; synonyms: to upset, pester, annoy, bore
chatice {f}  :: bore
chatice {f}  :: nuisance
chato {adj}  :: annoying
chato {adj}  :: boring
chato {adj}  :: flat
chau {interj}  :: goodbye
chauvinismo {m} [pejorative]  :: chauvinism (excessive patriotism)
chauvinismo {m} [pejorative]  :: chauvinism (unwarranted bias)
chave {f}  :: curly bracket
chave {f}  :: key
chave alien {f} [Brazil]  :: Allen key, Allen wrench
chave Allen {f}  :: Allen key, Allen wrench
chave de cadeia {f} [slang]  :: someone who brings trouble to those involved with them
chave de fenda {f}  :: screwdriver (tool)
chave de fendas {f}  :: alternative form of chave de fenda
chave de grifo {f}  :: pipe wrench; monkey wrench (adjustable wrench)
chave inglesa {f}  :: spanner (hand tool for adjusting nuts and bolts)
chave mestra {f}  :: alternative spelling of chave-mestra
chave-mestra {f} [figurative]  :: anything which creates opportunities
chave-mestra {f}  :: skeleton key (a key that opens a range of locks)
Chaves {prop}  :: a Portuguese city in Vila Real district
chácara {f}  :: farm, farmstead
Cheboksary {prop}  :: Cheboksary (city)
checape {m} [rare]  :: alternative form of check-up
checar {v}  :: to check (to inspect, examine)
chechena {adj}  :: feminine form of checheno
chechenas {adj}  :: feminine plural of checheno
checheno {adj}  :: Chechen
checheno {m}  :: Chechen (person from Chechnya)
checheno {m} [uncountable]  :: Chechen (language)
Chechênia {prop} [Brazil]  :: Chechnya (federal subject of Russia)
Chechénia {prop} [Portugal]  :: Chechnya (federal subject of Russia)
checksum {m}  :: checksum (number serving to detect error)
checkup {m}  :: alternative spelling of check-up
check-up {m}  :: checkup (physical inspection)
Checo-Eslováquia {prop} [Portugal]  :: alternative form of Tchecoslováquia
Checoslováquia {prop} [historical]  :: Czechoslovakia (former country in Central Europe)
Checo-Slováquia {prop} [lb, pt, Portugal]  :: rare form of Tchecoslováquia
cheddar {m}  :: Cheddar cheese (type of cheese)
cheeseburguer {m}  :: cheeseburger (hamburger sandwich with cheese)
cheesecake {m}  :: cheesecake (type of pie)
chef {mf}  :: chef (the head cook of an establishment such as a restaurant)
chefa {f}  :: female boss
chefatura {f}  :: chiefdom, leadership
chefe {mf}  :: chief, head, head man, boss
chefe {mf}  :: chieftain
chefe {mf} [heraldiccharge]  :: chief
chefe de estado {mf}  :: head of state (the chief public representative of a nation)
chefe de estação {m}  :: stationmaster
chefia {f}  :: chiefdom, leadership, government
chefiar {v}  :: to oversee (to direct the actions of a person or group)
chefiar {v}  :: to spearhead (to drive or campaign ardently)
chefão {m}  :: augmentative form of chefe
chefão {m}  :: boss (head of an organisation), especially of a criminal one
chefão {m} [video games]  :: boss (particularly challenging enemy)
chegada {f}  :: arrival (act of arriving or something that has arrived)
chegada {f}  :: finish line
chegado {adj}  :: arrived
chegado {adj}  :: close, intimate
chegado {adj}  :: near
chegar {vi}  :: to arrive
chegar {vi}  :: to come to, to total, to amount to
chegar {vi}  :: to reach (to extend to as far as)
chegar {vi}  :: to suffice
chegar {vr} [chegar-se]  :: to approach
chegar {vt}  :: to bring near
chegar ao fim do mês {v} [idiomatic]  :: to make ends meet (to get by financially)
chegar ao fim do mês {v} [idiomatic, usually in the negative]  :: to survive for very long
cheia {adj}  :: feminine form of cheio
cheia {f}  :: flood
cheio {adj} [figurative]  :: fed up, tired, annoyed
cheio {adj}  :: full, filled, completed
cheirando {v}  :: gerund of cheirar
cheirar {v}  :: to smell (have the smell of)
cheirar {v}  :: to smell (sense with nose)
cheiro {m}  :: smell (sensation)
cheirosa {adj}  :: feminine form of cheiroso
cheirosas {adj}  :: feminine plural of cheiroso
cheiroso {adj}  :: Having a good, pleasant smell; sweet-smelling; fragrant
Cheliabinsk {prop}  :: Chelyabinsk (city)
Chemnitz {prop}  :: Chemnitz (city in Saxony)
Chennai {prop}  :: Chennai (state capital of Tamil Nadu, India)
cheo {adj}  :: obsolete form of cheio
cheque {m}  :: a cheque
cheque-mate {interj}  :: alternative spelling of xeque-mate
cheque-mate {m}  :: alternative spelling of xeque-mate
Cheremetievo {prop}  :: Sheremetyevo (airport in Russia)
Chernobil {prop}  :: Chernobyl (city in Ukraine)
Chernobyl {prop}  :: alternative spelling of Chernobil
chernozem {m}  :: chernozem (black-coloured soil containing a high percentage of humus)
cherokee {m}  :: Cherokee (language spoken by the Cherokee people)
cherokee {n}  :: Cherokee (member of the Cherokee people)
cheroqui {adj}  :: alternative spelling of cherokee
cheroqui {m}  :: alternative spelling of cherokee
cheroqui {n}  :: alternative spelling of cherokee
cherovia {f}  :: parsnip (the edible root of Pastinaca sativa)
cherovia {f}  :: parsnip (the plant Pastinaca sativa)
Cherubim {m}  :: obsolete spelling of querubim
chetnim {m} [India]  :: chutney (condiment)
chá gelado {m}  :: iced tea (beverage)
Chhattisgarh {prop}  :: Chhattisgarh
chiar {v}  :: to complain
chiar {v}  :: to sizzle, to hiss
chiar {v}  :: to squeak, to squeal, to screech
chibata {f}  :: cane (a short wooden or bamboo rod or stick used for corporal punishment)
chibatar {v}  :: to cane (to beat with a cane)
chibateamento {m}  :: an instance of caning (beating with a cane)
chibatear {v}  :: alternative form of chibatar
Chicago {prop}  :: Chicago (large US city)
chicana {f}  :: chicanery (the use of trickery, quibbling, or subterfuge)
chicanar {v}  :: to use chicanery
chiclete {m}  :: gum (single piece of chewing gum)
Chico {prop}  :: Nickname for Francisco
chicotada {f}  :: a strike with a whip
chicote {m}  :: whip (flexible instrument used to create cracking sounds or for striking)
chicoteando {v}  :: gerund of chicotear
chicotear {v}  :: to whip (to strike with a whip)
chicória {f} [botany]  :: chicory (Cichorium intybus)
chifrar {v} [Brazil, slang]  :: to cuckold (to make a cuckold of someone)
chifrar {v}  :: to gore (to pierce with the horns)
chifre {m}  :: horn, antler
chifruda {adj}  :: feminine form of chifrudo
chifrudas {adj}  :: feminine plural of chifrudo
chifrudo {adj}  :: big-horned
chifrudo {adj}  :: who is a cuckold; who has been cheated by their spouse
chifrudo {m}  :: cuckold (man married to an unfaithful wife)
chifrudo {m} [euphemistic]  :: the Devil; Satan
chihuahua {n}  :: Chihuahua (breed of dog)
chile {m}  :: alternative form of chili
Chile {prop}  :: Chile (country in South America)
chilena {adj}  :: feminine form of chileno
chilenas {adj}  :: feminine plural of chileno
chileno {adj}  :: Chilean
chileno {m}  :: Chilean
chili {m}  :: chili pepper
chili {m} [uncountable]  :: chili (spice)
chilique {m} [Brazil]  :: a fainting
chilique {m} [Brazil]  :: a nervous fit
chilique {m} [Brazil]  :: tantrum (childish display of bad temper)
chilrear {vi} [of a bird]  :: to chirp
chilro {m}  :: chirp (of a bird)
chimarrão {m}  :: maté (hot drink made from the Ilex paraguarensis plant)
chimbal {m}  :: alternative form of chimbau
chimbau {m} [lb, pt, Brazil]  :: hi-hat (pair of cymbals actuated by a pedal)
chimíer {f}  :: alternative form of chimia
chimia {f}  :: a type of jam made in South Brazil with the juice and pulp of fruits
chimia {f} [South Brazil]  :: jam (bread spread)
chimpanzé {m}  :: chimpanzee
China {prop}  :: China (country)
Chinatown {prop}  :: Chinatown (a Chinese district outside China)
chinchila {m}  :: chinchilla (rodent)
chinela {f}  :: slipper
chinelo {m}  :: slipper (low shoe usually worn indoors)
chinelo {m}  :: (vulgar, Brazil) lowlife
chinelo de dedo {m}  :: flip-flop; thong (sandal, usually of rubber, secured to the foot by two straps)
chinesa {adj}  :: feminine form of chinês
chinesas {adj}  :: feminine plural of chinês
chinglês {m} [rare]  :: Chinglish (English influenced by Chinese)
chinificação {f}  :: sinicization (process of sinicising)
chinês {adj}  :: Chinese
chinês {m}  :: Chinese person
chinês {m} [uncountable]  :: Chinese language
chinês simplificado {m}  :: Simplified Chinese (Chinese written using simplified characters)
chinês tradicional {m} tradicional
chinês tradicional {m}  :: Traditional Chinese (Chinese written using traditional characters)
Chipre {prop}  :: Cyprus (country)
Chipre do Norte {prop}  :: Northern Cyprus (a de-facto state)
chips {n}  :: chips (thin-sliced and deep-fried potatoes sold in sealed bags)
chique {adj}  :: chic (elegant and fashionable)
chiqueirinho {m}  :: diminutive form of chiqueiro
chiqueirinho {m}  :: playpen (space for children to play)
chiqueiro {m}  :: sty, pigsty
chirúrgica {adj}  :: feminine form of chirúrgico
chirúrgicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of chirúrgico
chirúrgico {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of cirúrgico
chirurgião {m}  :: obsolete spelling of cirurgião
Chisinau {prop}  :: Chisinau (the capital city and a municipality of Moldova)
chispa {f}  :: a sudden and brief glow
chispa {f} [figurative]  :: a brief manifestation of emotion
chispa {f}  :: spark (small particle of glowing matter)
chispa {interj}  :: go away!
chita {f}  :: cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus)
Chita {prop}  :: Chita (city in Russia)
Chiva {prop}  :: alternative spelling of Shiva
chímica {adj}  :: feminine form of chímico
chímicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of chímico
chímico {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of químico
chímico {m}  :: obsolete spelling of químico
chão {m}  :: floor
chão {m}  :: ground
choca {adj}  :: broody
choca {adj}  :: feminine form of choco
choca {m}  :: bell, cowbell
chocadeira {f}  :: a brooding hen
chocadeira {f}  :: hatchery (a facility where eggs are hatched under artificial conditions)
chocadeira {f}  :: incubator (apparatus used to hatch eggs)
chocado {adj}  :: shocked (surprised, startled, confused or taken aback)
chocalho {m}  :: bell, cowbell (a small bell worn by cows and other animals)
chocalho {m}  :: rattle (a baby's toy)
chocalho {m}  :: rattle (of a rattlesnake)
chocalho {m}  :: shaker (instrument)
chocante {adj}  :: astonishing (which astonishes, amazes)
chocante {adj}  :: shocking (which shocks, causes mental disturbance)
chocar {v}  :: to bump, strike, collide with
chocar {v}  :: to hatch (an egg)
chocar {v}  :: to shock, offend
chocar-se {vr}  :: to hit (to come into contact with forcefully and suddenly)
chocólatra {n}  :: chocoholic (chocolate addict)
chocolate {m}  :: chocolate
chocolate ao leite {m}  :: alternative form of chocolate de leite
chocolate branco {m}  :: white chocolate (sweet made from cocoa butter)
chocolate de leite {m}  :: milk chocolate (chocolate with milk powder as an ingredient)
chocolateiro {m}  :: chocolatier (producer of chocolate)
chocolate quente {m}  :: hot chocolate (beverage)
chofer {m}  :: chauffeur, driver
choldra {f} [pejorative]  :: herd (a mass of people)
choque {m}  :: collision, shock (sudden, heavy impact)
choque {m}  :: electric shock (sudden burst of electric energy through something or someone)
choque {m} [medicine]  :: circulatory shock (inability of the circulatory system to supply enough oxygen to meet tissue requirements)
choque {m} [military]  :: a collision of troops
choque {m}  :: shock (something so surprising that it is stunning)
choque cultural {m}  :: culture shock (state of anxious confusion)
choque elétrico {m}  :: electric shock (shock caused by the flow of electricity through the body)
choramingar {v}  :: to whimper (to cry or sob softly and intermittently)
chorar {v}  :: to cry; to weep
chorar sobre leite derramado {v}  :: alternative form of chorar sobre o leite derramado
chorar sobre o leite derramado {v} [lb, pt, idiom]  :: to cry over spilt milk (to worry about unfortunate events which have already happened)
Chornobyl {prop}  :: alternative form of Chernobil
chorão {adj} [botany]  :: pendulous (having branches that bend downwards)
chorão {adj}  :: who is a crybaby
chorão {m}  :: any species of catfish capable of emitting a sound similar to crying
chorão {m} [Brazil]  :: Casuarina equisetifolia, a she-oak of Southeast Asia and Oceania
chorão {m}  :: crybaby (someone who cries readily)
chorão {m} [music]  :: a player of choro, a genre of Brazilian popular music
chorão {m}  :: red-spectacled amazon (Amazona pretrei, a parrot of southern South America)
chorão {m} [specifically]  :: Trachycorystes galeatus, a driftwood catfish
chorão {m}  :: variegated tinamou (Crypturellus variegatus, a bird of Brazil)
chorão {m}  :: weeping willow, or any willow cultivar characterised by extreme pendulousness
chorão {m}  :: white-bellied seedeater (Sporophila leucoptera, a bird of the Amazon forest)
chorão {v}  :: obsolete form of choram
choro {m}  :: cry
choro {m}  :: crying
choro {m}  :: (music) choro
choro {m}  :: wailing
chorona {adj}  :: feminine form of chorão
choronas {adj}  :: feminine plural of chorão
chorosa {adj}  :: feminine form of choroso
chorosas {adj}  :: feminine plural of choroso
choroso {adj}  :: mournful
choroso {adj}  :: tearful, weeping
chorume {m} [lb, pt, figurative]  :: abundance; plenty
chorume {m} [lb, pt, figurative]  :: opulence; wealth
chorume {m}  :: leachate that accumulates in landfills
chorume {m}  :: liquid fat that seeps from meat
chorume {m}  :: the liquid part of manure
choupana {f}  :: shack, hut, hovel
choupo {m}  :: poplar (tree of the genus Populus)
choupo-tremedor {m}  :: aspen (tree of genus Populus)
chouseira {f}  :: a pasture fenced during the summer
chousura {f} [obsolete]  :: a pasture fenced during the summer
chover {v}  :: to rain
chover a cântaros {v}  :: to rain cats and dogs (to rain very heavily)
chover a potes {v}  :: rain cats and dogs (to rain very heavily)
chover canivete {v} [idiomatic, Brazil]  :: for something catastrophic to occur; used in the format “pode chover canivete mas ...” (It could rain pocketknives but ...), “... nem que chova canivete” (... even if pocketknives rain) or similar, to indicate that something else will occur no matter what
chover canivete {v} [idiomatic, Brazil]  :: to rain pitchforks; to rain cats and dogs (to rain heavily)
chover canivete {v} [idiomatic, Brazil]  :: used to indicate that something very unlikely happened
chover canivetes {v}  :: alternative form of chover canivete
chow mein {m}  :: chow mein (westernised Chinese dish of stir-fried noodles with vegetables and meat or seafood)
chá preto {m}  :: black tea (tea leaves which have been oxidised)
Chéquia {prop}  :: Czechia (country in Europe)
chrónica {f}  :: obsolete spelling of crónica
chuchu {m}  :: chayote (fruit)
chuchuzeiro {m}  :: chayote (plant)
chucro {adj}  :: alternative spelling of xucro
chucrute {m}  :: sauerkraut (a dish made by fermenting finely chopped cabbage)
chuiva {f} [dated, dialectal]  :: alternative form of chuva
Chukotka {prop}  :: Chukotka
chulipa {f} [dated, Portugal]  :: railway sleeper or tie (piece of timber laid crossways to and supporting the rails of a railroad)
chulo {m}  :: [Portugal] pimp (prostitution solicitor)
chumbada {f} [fishing]  :: sinker (weight used in fishing)
chumbar {vt} [lb, pt, chiefly fishing]  :: to add lead weights to something
chumbar {vt} [lb, pt, slang]  :: to make someone stuporous or lethargic
chumbar {vt} [lb, pt, slang]  :: to shoot someone
chumbar {vt} [lb, pt]  :: to lead (to cover, fill or affect with lead)
chumbinho {m} [fishing]  :: sinker (weight used in fishing)
chumbo {m}  :: lead metal
chumbo {m}  :: shot, pellet
chuço {m}  :: any spear-like improvised weapon made in a jail
chuço {m} [colloquial]  :: umbrella
chuço {m}  :: pike (weapon)
chupa-chupa {m}  :: unidentified flying objects associated with the Colares UFO wave
chupada {f}  :: an instance of sucking
chupador {m}  :: sucker (someone or something that sucks, draws into the mouth)
chupar {v} [slang]  :: to suck off (to give a blowjob)
chupar {vt}  :: to suck (to use the mouth to pull in (liquid etc))
chupar {vt}  :: to suck (to work the lips and tongue on)
chupeta {f}  :: pacifier (for a baby)
chupisco {m} [slang]  :: blowjob
chupista {n} [slang]  :: bloodsucker; parasite (someone who takes advantage of others)
chupão {m}  :: hickey (bruise-like mark)
churrascaria {f}  :: steakhouse (restaurant specialising in meat)
churrasco {m}  :: barbecue (meal or event highlighted by food cooked on a barbecue)
churrasco {m}  :: churrasco; barbecued meat
churrasqueira {m}  :: barbecue (cooking instrument)
churro {m}  :: churro (type of fried pastry)
chutar {v} [Brazil]  :: kick (strike with or raise the foot or leg)
chutar {v} [Brazil]  :: to take a guess
chutar {v} [sports]  :: to kick a ball
chute {m}  :: kick
chutney {m}  :: chutney (condiment)
chuto {m} [Portugal, sports]  :: the act of kicking a ball
chuva {f}  :: rain
chuvache {adj} [rare]  :: Chuvash (from, or pertaining to Chuvashia)
chuva ácida {f}  :: acid rain (unusually acidic rain)
chuva congelante {f}  :: freezing rain (rain which freezes upon contact with the ground)
chuva de molhar bobo {f} [Brazil, colloquial]  :: rain that seems light enough for people to walk around in without getting wet, fooling those who do into getting drenched
chuva negra {f}  :: radioactive fallout (material from a radioactive plume)
chuva radioativa {f}  :: radioactive fallout (material from a radioactive plume)
chuveirada {f}  :: shower (instance of bathing with a shower), especially one that is done quickly
chuveiro {m}  :: shower (device for bathing)
chuvinha {f}  :: diminutive form of chuva
chuviscar {v}  :: to drizzle (to rain lightly)
chuvisco {m}  :: drizzle
chuvosa {adj}  :: feminine form of chuvoso
chuvosas {adj}  :: feminine plural of chuvoso
chuvoso {adj}  :: rainy
chávena {f}  :: cup (especially a teacup)
chá verde {m}  :: green tea (leaves of the tea plant)
chá verde {m}  :: green tea (tea made from the leaves of the tea plant)
CI {m}  :: initialism of circuito integrado
cia. {f}  :: abbreviation of companhia; co.
cianídrica {adj}  :: feminine form of cianídrico
cianídricas {adj}  :: feminine plural of cianídrico
cianídrico {adj} [inorganic chemistry]  :: hydrocyanic
cianeto {m} [chemistry]  :: cyanide
cianita {f}  :: kyanite (blue neosilicate mineral)
cianite {f}  :: alternative form of cianita
ciano {adj}  :: cyan (having a colour between blue and green)
ciano {m}  :: cyan (a colour between blue and green)
ciano- {prefix}  :: cyano-
cianobactéria {f}  :: cyanobacterium
cianureto {m} [chemistry]  :: cyanide
ciber- {prefix}  :: cyber-
ciberespaço {m}  :: cyberspace (world of information through the Internet)
cibernauta {mf}  :: internaut
cibernética {adj}  :: feminine form of cibernético
cibernética {f}  :: cybernetics (science of communication and control)
cibernética {f}  :: cybernetics (technology related to computers)
ciborgue {m}  :: cyborg
cãibra {f}  :: cramp (painful contraction of a muscle)
cicatriz {f}  :: scar
cicatrizando {v}  :: gerund of cicatrizar
cicatrização {f}  :: cicatrization
cicatrização {f}  :: healing
cicatrizar {v}  :: to cicatrize, to heal
cicerone {mf}  :: cicerone (guide who shows people tourist sights)
ciclame {m}  :: cyclamen (any plant of the genus Cyclamen)
ciclano {m} [organic chemistry]  :: cycloalkane
ciclismo {m}  :: cycling
ciclismo {n}  :: cycling
ciclista {mf}  :: biker; cyclist (a person who rides a bicycle)
ciclo {m}  :: a series of repeating events
ciclo {m}  :: cycle (complete rotation)
cicloalcano {m} [organic chemistry]  :: cycloalkane
ciclo da água {m}  :: water cycle
ciclo de Otto {m}  :: Otto cycle (basic thermodynamic cycle of the normal four-stroke internal combustion engine)
ciclo do carbono {m}  :: carbon cycle
cicloexano {m} [organic compound]  :: cyclohexane
ciclo hidrológico {m}  :: water cycle
ciclomotor {m}  :: moped (lightweid, two-wheeled motor vehicle)
ciclone {m}  :: cyclone (rotating system of winds)
cicloparafina {f} [organic chemistry]  :: cycloalkane
ciclope {m}  :: cyclops (giant of mythology)
ciclotrão {m} [physics]  :: cyclotron
ciclotron {m} [physics]  :: cyclotron
cicloxigenase {f} [enzyme]  :: cyclooxygenase
cicuta {f}  :: hemlock (poisonous plant of genus Conium)
cicutária {f}  :: cow parsley (Anthriscus sylvestris, a weedy biennial umbellifer)
-cida {suffix}  :: -cide (killer of)
cidadã {f}  :: feminine form of cidadão
cidadaõ {m}  :: obsolete spelling of cidadão
cidadam {m}  :: obsolete spelling of cidadão
cidadania {f}  :: citizenship (state of being a citizen)
cidadania {f} [collectively]  :: the citizens of a region
cidade {f}  :: city
Cidade de Ho Chi Minh {prop}  :: Ho Chi Minh City (largest city of Vietnam)
Cidade do Cabo {prop}  :: Cape Town (legislative capital of South Africa)
Cidade do México {prop}  :: Mexico City (capital of Mexico)
cidade dormitório {f}  :: bedroom community (residential urban community of a nearby metropolis)
cidade-dormitório {f}  :: alternative spelling of cidade dormitório
Cidade do Vaticano {prop}  :: Vatican City
cidade-estado {f}  :: city state
cidade fantasma {f}  :: ghost town (deserted town)
cidadela {f}  :: citadel (a strong fortress that sits high above a city)
cidadão {m}  :: citizen
cidra {f}  :: citron (tree)
cidreira {f}  :: citron (a small citrus tree, Citrus medica)
cidro {m}  :: citron (tree)
científica {adj}  :: feminine form of científico
científicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of científico
científico {adj}  :: scientific
cientificamente {adv}  :: scientifically
cientista {mf}  :: scientist
cientista político {m}  :: political scientist (expert in political science)
cientologia {f}  :: Scientology (belief system developed by L. Ron Hubbard)
cifraõ {m}  :: obsolete spelling of cifrão
cifrando {v}  :: gerund of cifrar
cifrar {v}  :: to cipher, encode, scramble
cifrão {m}  :: a symbol similar to $, but with two vertical strokes, used to represent various currencies of Portuguese speaking countries
cifrão {m}  :: dollar sign (the symbol $, used to represent the dollar and the peso)
cifrão {v}  :: obsolete form of cifram
cigano {adj}  :: Gypsy
cigano {m}  :: Gypsy
cigarra {f}  :: cicada (any of several insects of the order Hemiptera)
cigarreira {f}  :: cigarette case (a small flat case for holding cigarettes)
cigarro {m}  :: cigarette (cigarette)
cigarro eletrônico {m} [Brazil]  :: electronic cigarette
cilada {f}  :: pitfall
cilada {f}  :: snare, noose
cilada {f}  :: trap, ambush
Cilícia {prop} [historical]  :: Cilicia (ancient region)
cilindricidade {f} [rare]  :: cylindricity (quality of being cylindrical)
cilindrita {f} [mineral]  :: cylindrite
cilindro {m} [geometry]  :: cylinder
cilindro {m}  :: roller
cilindro de oxigênio {m}  :: oxygen cylinder
cilíndrico {adj}  :: cylindrical (shaped like a cylinder)
cima {f}  :: top
cãimbra {f}  :: alternative spelling of câimbra
câimbra {f} [Brazil]  :: alternative spelling of cãibra
ciúme {m}  :: jealousy
cimeira {f} [botany]  :: cyme (flattish or convex flower cluster)
cimeira {f}  :: crest of a helm
cimeira {f} [Portugal]  :: summit (gathering of leaders)
cimeira {f}  :: top (uppermost part)
cimento {m}  :: cement (any material with strong adhesive properties)
cimento {m}  :: cement (paste-like substance used in construction)
cimento {m}  :: cement (powdered substance that develops strong adhesive properties when mixed with water)
cimitarra {f}  :: scimitar (sword)
cimo {m}  :: top (uppermost part)
cimério {adj}  :: relating to the Cimmerians
cimério {m}  :: Cimmerian (one of the Cimmerii, ancient equestrian nomads of Indo-European origin)
cimério {m} [Greek mythology]  :: Cimmerian (member of the mythical people supposed to inhabit a land of perpetual darkness)
cinabre {m}  :: cinnabar (mineral)
cinábrio {m} [mineral]  :: cinnabar
ciência {f}  :: science (collective discipline of learning acquired through the scientific method)
ciência {f}  :: science (fact of knowing something)
ciência {f}  :: science (particular discipline or branch of learning)
ciência da computação {f}  :: computer science
ciência da informação {f}  :: informatics
ciência da informação {f}  :: information science
ciência política {f}  :: political science (study of politics)
cincão {m}  :: five units of currency
cinco {m}  :: five
cinco {num}  :: five
cinco ks {n}  :: five Ks (five items of faith worn by Khalsa Sikhs)
Cinderela {prop}  :: Cinderella (fairy tale)
Cinderela {prop}  :: Cinderella (main character in this fairy tale)
cindir {v}  :: to split; to divide; to separate
cindível {adj}  :: fissile
cinejornal {m}  :: newsreel (short film containing news or current affairs)
cinematografia {f}  :: cinematography (the art of making films)
cinematologia {f}  :: cinematology
cinemática {adj}  :: feminine form of cinemático
cinemática {f} [physics]  :: kinematics (the branch of mechanics concerned with objects in motion)
cinescópio {m}  :: cathode-ray tube (originally kinescope)
cinesiologia {f} [medicine]  :: kinesiology (the study of body movement)
Cinfães {prop}  :: a Portuguese village in Viseu district
cinéfilo {adj}  :: cinephilic (having a love of films or the cinema)
cinéfilo {m}  :: cinephile (enthusiast of films and cinema)
cingalá {m}  :: alternative form of cingala
cingala {m}  :: Sinhalese (a language of Sri Lanka)
cingalesa {adj}  :: feminine form of cingalês
cingalesas {adj}  :: feminine plural of cingalês
cingalês {adj}  :: Sinhalese (of or pertaining to Sri Lanka)
cingalês {m}  :: Sinhalese (member of the major ethnic group of Sri Lanka)
cingalês {m} [uncountable]  :: Sinhalese (a language of Sri Lanka)
cingindo {v}  :: gerund of cingir
cingir {v}  :: to connect, unite
cingir {v}  :: to encircle, girdle
cingir {v}  :: to limit, restrict
cinismo {m}  :: cynicism (skeptical, scornful or pessimistic attitude)
cinização {f}  :: sinicization (process of sinicising)
cinqüenta {m}  :: obsolete spelling of cinquenta
cinqüenta {num}  :: obsolete spelling of cinquenta
cinquenta {m}  :: fifty
cinquenta {num}  :: fifty
cinórrodo {m}  :: rosehip (the fruit of a rose plant)
cinésica {adj}  :: feminine form of cinésico
cinésicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of cinésico
cinésico {adj}  :: kinesic (of or pertaining to nonverbal behaviour related to movement)
cinta {f}  :: band (strip of material wrapped around things to hold them together)
cinta {f}  :: belt (band worn around the waist)
cintar {vt}  :: to band (to fasten with a band)
cintar {vt}  :: to belt (to fasten a belt)
cinteiro {m}  :: beltmaker (someone who makes belts)
cinteiro {m}  :: hatband (band around a hat)
cinético {adj}  :: kinetic (relating to motion)
cintilador {m}  :: scintillator
cintilação {f}  :: scintillation
cintilação {f}  :: sparkle
cintilar {v}  :: to scintillate; to sparkle
cintilar {v}  :: to shine (to reflect light)
cintilância {f}  :: sheen
cinto {m}  :: belt (band worn around the waist)
cinto de castidade {m}  :: chastity belt (belt-like garment used to prevent sexual intercourse)
cinto de segurança {m}  :: seat belt; safety belt (a belt hat attaches a person to an immovable object for safety)
cintura {f}  :: waist
cinturão {m}  :: belt
cinturão de Kuiper {prop}  :: Kuiper belt (region of space)
Cinturão de Kuiper {prop}  :: alternative spelling of cinturão de Kuiper
cinza {adj}  :: grey
cinza {m}  :: ash, ashes
cinza {m}  :: grey (colour)
cinzas {n}  :: ash, ashes
cinzas {n}  :: cremated remains
cinzeiro {m}  :: ashtray (receptacle for ashes)
cinzel {m}  :: chisel (tool consisting of an oblong piece of metal ending in a sharp edge)
cinzenta {adj}  :: feminine form of cinzento
cinzentas {adj}  :: feminine plural of cinzento
cinzento {adj}  :: grey (colour)
cinzento {adj}  :: melancholic
cio {m} [uncountable]  :: heat (condition where a mammal is aroused sexually or where it is especially fertile)
ciolita {f} [inorganic compound]  :: cyolite
ciosa {adj}  :: feminine form of cioso
ciosas {adj}  :: feminine plural of cioso
cioso {adj}  :: conscientious, careful, cautious
cioso {adj}  :: envious, jealous
cipó {m}  :: liana (climbing, woody vine)
cipaio {m}  :: alternative form of sipaio
cipó amargo {m}  :: a species of liana in the Cocculus genus
cipó amargo {m} amargo
cipó-amargoso {m}  :: Abuta candicans, a species of liana
cipayo {m}  :: obsolete spelling of sipaio
cipó-azougue {m}  :: a species of wild gourd in the Apodanthera genus
cipó-branco {m}  :: a species of climbing vine in the Fridericia genus
cipó-cabeludo {m}  :: Mikania hirsutissima, a species of liana
cipó-caboclo {m}  :: Davilla rugosa, a species of liana
cipó-camarão {m}  :: Bignonia binata, a species of liana
cipó capador {m}  :: a species of liana in the Echites genus
cipó-catinga {m}  :: Mikania cordifolia, a species of liana
cipó-chumbo {m}  :: Cuscuta umbellata, a species of liana
cipó-cravo {m}  :: Tynanthus elegans, a species of liana used in folk medicine
cipó-cruz {m}  :: Clematis dioica, a species of liana
cipó-cururu {m}  :: the name of several species of liana in the Anisolobus subgenus
cipó-d'alho {m}  :: Mansoa alliacea, a species of liana
cipó da mata {m}  :: a species of liana in the Thinouia genus
cipó-de-boi {m}  :: a small whip made of raw hide
cipó-de-cobra {m}  :: Any of several species of plant in family Menispermaceae
cipó-de-cobra {m}  :: a species of liana in the Aristolochia genus
cipó-de-fogo {m}  :: Cissus erosa, a species of liana
cipó-de-imbé {m}  :: any plant of the Philodendron genus
cipó-de-leite {m}  :: a species of liana in the Oxypetalum genus
cipó-de-macaco {m}  :: a species of liana in the Tecoma genus
cipó-de-morcego {m}  :: Dolichandra unguiculata, a species of liana
cipó de rego {m}  :: a species of liana in the Fridericia genus
cipó-de-sapo {m}  :: Araujia megapotamica, a species of vine
cipó-de-são-joão {m}  :: Pyrostegia venusta, a species of liana
cipó-d'água {m}  :: a species of liana in the Amphilophium genus
cipó-escada {m}  :: a species of vine in the Bauhinia genus
cipó-florão {m}  :: a species of vine in the Bauhinia genus
cipó-imbé {m}  :: alternative form of cipó-de-imbé
cipó-jibóia {m}  :: obsolete spelling of cipó-jiboia
cipó-jiboia {m} [Amazonian folklore]  :: a boa that camouflages itself as a liana
cipó-mata-cobras {m}  :: Aristolochia cymbifera, a species of liana
cipó-matador {m}  :: a parasitic plant in the Ficus genus, that withers its host trees
cipó-mil-homens {m}  :: the common name of liana species in the genus Aristolochia
cipoal {m}  :: a place with many lianas
cipoal {m} [figurative]  :: a complicated situation
cipoama {f}  :: a jumble of lianas
cipozal {m}  :: alternative form of cipoal
cipozinho {m}  :: diminutive form of cipó
cipozão {m}  :: augmentative form of cipó
cipó-pau {m}  :: a species of liana in the Trigonia genus
cipó-prata {m}  :: Banisteriopsis argyrophylla, a species of liana
cipó-preto {m}  :: Hippocratea volubilis, a species of liana
cipó-quina {m}  :: a species of liana in the Smilax genus
ciprestal {m}  :: a field of cypress trees
cipreste {m}  :: cypress
cipriota {adj}  :: Cypriot (of, from or relating to Cyprus)
cipriota {mf}  :: Cypriot (person from Cyprus)
cipó-suma {m}  :: a species of liana in the Anchietea genus
cipó-timbó {m}  :: any of several species of liana in the Serjania genus
cipó-titica {m}  :: Heteropsis jenmani, a plant
cipó-tuíra {m}  :: a species of liana
cipó-unha-de-boi {m}  :: a species of vine in the Bauhinia genus
cipó-unha-de-gato {m}  :: Dolichandra unguis-cati, a species of vine
cipòzinho {m}  :: obsolete spelling of cipozinho
circo {m}  :: circus
circuito {m}  :: circuit (all senses)
circuito elétrico {m}  :: electric circuit (paths that can carry an electric current)
circuito integrado {m}  :: integrated circuit
circulador de ar {m}  :: ventilator (device that circulates fresh air and expels stale or noxious air)
circulando {v}  :: gerund of circular
circulação {f}  :: circulation (all senses)
circulação {f}  :: dissemination, transmission
circular {adj}  :: circular, round
circular {m}  :: circular (publication)
circular {v}  :: to circle
circular {v}  :: to circulate
circulatória {adj}  :: feminine form of circulatório
circulatórias {adj}  :: feminine plural of circulatório
circulatório {adj}  :: circulatory
circum- {prefix}  :: circum- (around)
circumpolar {adj}  :: circumpolar (located throughout a polar region)
circun- {prefix}  :: alternative form of circum-
circuncidar {v}  :: to circumcise
circuncisa {adj}  :: feminine form of circunciso
circuncisas {adj}  :: feminine plural of circunciso
circuncisão {f}  :: circumcision
circunciso {adj}  :: circumcised
circunciso {m}  :: circumcised man
circundante {adj}  :: circulating
circundante {adj}  :: surrounding
circundar {vt}  :: to circle; to surround
circunferência {f} [geometry]  :: circumference
circunflexo {adj}  :: circumflex; curved, bent
circunscrição {f}  :: circumscription
circunscrição eleitoral {f} [politics, Brazil]  :: electoral district (district represented by one or more elected officials)
circunspecta {adj}  :: feminine form of circunspecto
circunspectas {adj}  :: feminine plural of circunspecto
circunspecto {adj}  :: cautious
circunspecto {adj}  :: circumspect
circunspecto {adj}  :: prudent
circunspeta {adj}  :: feminine form of circunspeto
circunspetas {adj}  :: feminine plural of circunspeto
circunspeto {adj}  :: circumspect (carefully aware of all circumstances)
circunstante {adj}  :: present; in the vicinity
circunstante {m}  :: onlooker
circunstância {f}  :: case
circunstância {f}  :: circumstance
circunstância {f}  :: condition
circunstância {f}  :: situation
circunvizinha {adj}  :: feminine form of circunvizinho
circunvizinhas {adj}  :: feminine plural of circunvizinho
circunvizinho {adj}  :: surrounding
Cirena {prop}  :: Cyrene (an Ancient Greek colony in North Africa)
Cirenaica {prop}  :: Cyrenaica (province on the North African coast)
Cirene {prop}  :: alternative form of Cirena
cireneia {adj}  :: feminine form of cireneu
cireneias {adj}  :: feminine plural of cireneu
cireneu {adj}  :: Cyrenian (relating to Cyrene)
cireneu {m}  :: Cyrenian (person from Cyrene)
cirilização {f}  :: Cyrillization (putting text into the Cyrillic alphabet)
Cirilo {prop}  :: Cyril (male given name)
cirílica {adj}  :: feminine form of cirílico
cirílicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of cirílico
cirílico {adj}  :: Cyrillic
cirílico {m}  :: Cyrillic (a script or alphabet)
cirúrgica {adj}  :: feminine form of cirúrgico
cirúrgicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of cirúrgico
cirúrgico {adj}  :: surgical (of or relating to surgery)
cirro {m} [botany]  :: cirrus (tendril)
cirro {m} [meteorology]  :: cirrus (cloud)
cirrose {f}  :: Cirrhosis
cirurgiã {f}  :: feminine form of cirurgião
cirurgia {f}  :: surgery (practice)
cirurgião {m}  :: surgeon (doctor who performs surgery)
cisalhar {v} [physics]  :: to shear (to deform because of shearing forces)
cisar {vt}  :: to cut, to separate
cisco {m}  :: speck (tiny particle)
cisgénero {adj}  :: alternative form of cisgênero
cisgênero {adj} [LGBT, of a person, rare]  :: cisgender (having a gender the same as one’s sex)
Cisjordânia {prop}  :: West Bank
cismando {v}  :: gerund of cismar
cismar {v}  :: to be apprehensive
cismar {v}  :: to brood (think much about)
cismar na morte da bezerra {v}  :: alternative form of pensar na morte da bezerra
cisne {m}  :: swan
cisne bravo {m}  :: whooper swan (the swan species Cygnus cygnus)
cisne negro {m}  :: alternative spelling of cisne-negro
cisne-negro {m}  :: black swan (Cygnus atratus)
cisão {f}  :: split, schism, division
cisteína {f} [amino acid]  :: cysteine
cisterna {f}  :: cistern
cisto {m}  :: cyst (morbid sac which develops in an organ)
citadina {adj}  :: feminine form of citadino
citadinas {adj}  :: feminine plural of citadino
citadino {adj}  :: urban (of, from or relating to cities)
citadino {m}  :: citizen (resident of a city)
citação {f}  :: citation
citar {v}  :: to cite, quote (to refer to a statement that has been made by someone else)
citar {v}  :: to summon
citocina {f} [protein, immunology]  :: cytokine
citoesqueleto {m} [cytology]  :: cytoskeleton (structure like a skeleton contained within the cytoplasm)
citofagia {f}  :: cytophagy (the ingestion of cells by phagocytes)
citogenético {adj}  :: cytogenetic (of or pertaining to cytogenetics)
citologia {f} [cytology, biology]  :: cytology
citologista {mf}  :: cytologist (scientist who studies the physical characteristics of chromosomes)
citoplasma {m} [cytology]  :: cytoplasm (contents of a cell excluding the nucleus)
citoquímica {adj}  :: feminine form of citoquímico
citoquímica {f} [biochemistry]  :: cytochemistry (the biochemistry of cells)
citoquímico {adj} [biochemistry]  :: cytochemical (pertaining to cytochemistry)
citosólica {adj}  :: feminine form of citosólico
citosólicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of citosólico
citosólico {adj}  :: cytosolic (of or pertaining to the cytosol)
citosol {m} [cytology]  :: cytosol (the solution of a cell’s cytoplasm)
citotóxico {adj}  :: cytotoxic (having a toxic effect on cells)
ciumenta {adj}  :: feminine form of ciumento
ciumentas {adj}  :: feminine plural of ciumento
ciumento {adj}  :: jealous (protective, guarding; careful in the protection of something one has or appreciates)
ciumento {adj}  :: jealous (suspecting rivalry in love; fearful of being replaced, in position or in affection)
ciumes {n}  :: envy (resentful desire of something possessed by another)
civeta {f}  :: civet (cat-like animal)
civil {adj}  :: civic (relating to citizens)
civil {adj}  :: civil (behaving in a reasonable or polite manner)
civil {adj}  :: civil; civilian (not relating to the military or clergy)
civil {adj} [legal]  :: relating to civil law
civil {adj}  :: occurring between the inhabitants of the same country
civil {mf}  :: civilian (person who is not a member of the military, police or belligerent group)
civilizado {adj}  :: civilised
civilizado {adj}  :: polite, educated
civilizador {adj}  :: civilizing
civilizadora {adj}  :: feminine form of civilizador
civilizadoras {adj}  :: feminine plural of civilizador
civilizando {v}  :: gerund of civilizar
civilização {f}  :: civilization
civilização do Vale do Indo {prop}  :: Indus Valley Civilization (ancient civilization)
civilizar {v}  :: to civilize
civilizar {v}  :: to polish
civil law {f} [legal]  :: civil law (legal system contrasting with common law)
cizânia {f}  :: disharmony
cizânia {f}  :: weed
clã {m}  :: clan (group having common ancestor)
cladódio {m} [botany]  :: cladode (flattened organ)
clamar {v} [chiefly, poetic]  :: to shout
clamar {v}  :: to demand
clamar {v}  :: to implore
clamar {v}  :: to protest vehemently
clamídia {f}  :: chlamydia (a sexually transmitted disease)
clamor {m}  :: din (loud noise)
clamoroso {adj}  :: clamorsome (noisy and loud)
clandestino {adj}  :: clandestine (done or kept in secret)
clandestino {adj}  :: illicit
claquete {m} [film]  :: clapperboard (device used in film)
clara {adj}  :: feminine form of claro
clara {f}  :: The white (of an egg)
clarabóia {f}  :: obsolete spelling of claraboia
claraboia {f}  :: skylight
claramente {adv}  :: In context of being known by simple observation; obviously; evidently; clearly
claras {adj}  :: feminine plural of claro
clareamento {m}  :: clearing (act or process of making or becoming clear)
clarear {vi} [of the day or the morning]  :: to break; to arrive
clarear {vi}  :: to lighten (become brighter or clearer)
clarear {v} [of the weather]  :: to clear up; to stop being stormy, foggy or overcast
clarear {v}  :: to clear (one’s.throat)
clarear {v}  :: to clear up; to clarify
clarear {vt}  :: to lighten (to make brighter or clearer)
clareira {f}  :: glade; clearing (open space in the woods)
clarete {adj}  :: (of wine) clear
clarete {m}  :: claret (wine)
clareza {f}  :: clarity
clareza {f}  :: transparency
claridade {f}  :: clarity
claridade {f}  :: splendour
claridade {f}  :: whiteness, lightness
clarificação {f}  :: clarification
clarificar {vt}  :: to clarify (make something understandable)
clarim {m} [music]  :: bugle (simple brass instrument)
clarinete {m} [musici]  :: clarinet (woodwind musical instrument)
clarividencia {f}  :: clairvoyance
clarividente {mf}  :: seer (someone who foretells the future)
clarividência {f} [parapsychology]  :: clairvoyance (the power to perceive objects that are not accessible to the senses)
clarão {m}  :: clarity
clarão {m}  :: flash
claro {adj}  :: bright (luminous; not dark)
claro {adj}  :: clear (distinct; sharp; well-marked; easily perceived as a unit)
claro {adj}  :: clear (free of ambiguity or doubt)
claro {adj}  :: clear (without clouds nor fog)
claro {adj}  :: evident (obviously true by simple observation)
claro {adj}  :: light (pale in colour)
claro {adj} [of eyes]  :: blue, green or grey
claro {adv}  :: clearly (without ambiguity)
claro {interj}  :: of course (indicates enthusiastic agreement)
claro {m}  :: clearing (area of land within a wood or forest devoid of trees)
classe {f}  :: class (a group of students)
classe {f}  :: class; elegance
classe {f}  :: class, kind (group, collection, category or set sharing characteristics or attributes)
classe {f}  :: class; lesson
classe {f}  :: classroom
classe {f} [taxonomy]  :: class
classe gramatical {f}  :: part of speech (the function a word or phrase performs)
classe lateral {f} [algebra]  :: coset (a copy of a subgroup multiplied by some element from the parent group)
classe lateral à direita {f} [algebra, rare]  :: right coset
classe lateral à esquerda {f} [algebra, rare]  :: left coset
classe média {f}  :: middle class (a social and economic class lying above the working class and below the upper class)
classe operária {f}  :: working class (social class doing physical work)
classe trabalhadora {f}  :: working class (social class doing physical work)
classificando {v}  :: gerund of classificar
classificação {f}  :: classification
classificar {v}  :: to classify, sort, rank, grade
classificar-se {vr}  :: to place (to earn a given spot in a competition)
classuda {adj}  :: feminine form of classudo
classudas {adj}  :: feminine plural of classudo
classudo {adj} [Brazil, slang]  :: classy (elegant and fashionable)
claustrófoba {f}  :: feminine form of claustrófobo
claustrófobo {m}  :: claustrophobe (one who suffers from claustrophobia)
claustro {m}  :: cloister
claustrofobia {f}  :: claustrophobia
clausura {f}  :: a cloistered life
clausura {f}  :: clausure, enclosure, claustral confinement
clausura {f}  :: convent
clava {f}  :: club [weapon]
clavícula {f}  :: collarbone, clavicle
clave {f}  :: juggling club
clave {f} [music]  :: clef (symbol)
clave de fá {f}  :: bass (clef sign)
clave de sol {f} [lb, pt, music]  :: G clef
cálcico {adj}  :: calcium [attributive]
cálcico {adj} [chemistry]  :: calcic
cálcio {m}  :: calcium (chemical element of atomic number 20)
cálculo {m}  :: calculation, computation
cálculo {m} [mathematics, uncountable]  :: calculus (differential calculus and integral calculus considered as a single subject)
cálculo {m} [medicine]  :: calculus (stony concretion)
cálculo {m} [poetic]  :: pebble
cálculo de variações {m} [calculus]  :: calculus of variations (a form of calculus)
cálculo renal {m} [medicine]  :: kidney stone (calculus in the kidney)
célebro {m}  :: eye dialect of cérebro
Cleópatra {prop}  :: Cleopatra (a given name of women in the Ptolemy dynasty)
clepsidra {f}  :: water clock (device for measuring time)
cleptocracia {f}  :: kleptocracy (corrupt and dishonest government)
cleptocrata {mf}  :: kleptocrat (corrupt leader)
cleptomaníaco {m}  :: kleptomaniac (one who steals compulsively)
cleptomania {f}  :: kleptomania (proclivity to steal)
cólera {f}  :: anger; fury; wrath
cólera {f} [pathology]  :: cholera (infectious disease)
célere {adj}  :: agile, speedy, fast
clerical {adj}  :: clerical
clero {m}  :: clergy (people trained to officiate at religious ceremonies and services)
cúli {m}  :: coolie (unskilled Asian worker)
Célia {prop}  :: Celia (female given name)
clicando {v}  :: gerund of clicar
clicar {vt}  :: to click
cálice {m} [botany, anatomy]  :: calyx
cálice {m}  :: chalice
cálice {m}  :: cup
clichê {m}  :: cliché (anything that is overused)
clichê {m}  :: cliché (overused phrase or expression)
cálido {adj} [figurative]  :: passionate, ardent
cálido {adj} [figurative]  :: sagacious, astute, perspicacious
cálido {adj}  :: warm
cliente {mf}  :: customer, client (one who purchases or receives a product or service)
clientela {f}  :: clientele (body of clients who frequent an establishment)
clima {m}  :: climate
climatólogo {m}  :: climatologist (person who studies the climate)
climatológica {adj}  :: feminine form of climatológico
climatológicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of climatológico
climatológico {adj}  :: climatological
climatologia {f}  :: climatology (science that studies the climate)
climatologista {n}  :: climatologist (person who studies the climate)
cílio {m}  :: eyelash
Clio {prop} [Greek god]  :: Clio (the Muse of history and heroic poetry)
clipe {m}  :: music video (motion picture accompanying a song)
clipe {m}  :: paper clip
clips {m} [colloquial]  :: paper clip
clister {m}  :: enema (fluid so injected)
clister {m}  :: enema (injection of fluid into the rectum)
clitóris {m} [anatomy]  :: clitoris (elongated erectile organ)
clivagem {f}  :: cleavage (of crystals)
cálix {m}  :: alternative form of cálice
Clímene {prop} [Greek god]  :: Clymene (nymph of Greek mythology)
clínica {adj}  :: feminine form of clínico (clinical)
clínica {f}  :: clinic (medical facility)
clínica {f}  :: feminine form of clínico (clinician)
clínica {f} [uncountable]  :: medicine
clínico {adj}  :: clinical
clínico {m}  :: clinician
clínico geral {m}  :: general practitioner (physician who provides primary care; family doctor)
cloaca {f} [anatomy]  :: cloaca (excretory and genital duct in bird, reptiles and fish)
cólon {m}  :: colon (digestive system)
clonar {v}  :: to clone (to create a clone)
clone {m}  :: clone (copy of something already existing)
clone {m}  :: clone (group of identical cells derived from a single cell)
clone {m}  :: clone (organism produced asexually from a single ancestor)
clorado {adj}  :: chlorinated
clorando {v}  :: gerund of clorar
cloração {f}  :: chlorination
clorar {v}  :: to chlorinate
clorato {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: chlorate
clorídrica {adj}  :: feminine form of clorídrico
clorídricas {adj}  :: feminine plural of clorídrico
clorídrico {adj} [chemistry]  :: hydrochloric
cloreto {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: chloride
cloreto de sódio {m} [inorganic compound]  :: sodium chloride (chemical term for table salt; NaCl)
clorito {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: chlorite
cloro {m}  :: chlorine
clorofila {f}  :: chlorophyll
clorofluorocarboneto {m} [organic chemistry]  :: chlorofluorocarbon
clorofórmio {m} [organic compound]  :: chloroform
cloroplasto {m}  :: chloroplast (photosynthetic organelle)
clorosa {adj}  :: feminine form of cloroso
clorosas {adj}  :: feminine plural of cloroso
cloroso {adj} [inorganic chemistry]  :: chlorous
cloroáurica {adj}  :: feminine form of cloroáurico
cloroáuricas {adj}  :: feminine plural of cloroáurico
cloroáurico {adj} [inorganic chemistry]  :: chloroauric
Clotilde {prop}  :: Clotilda (female given name)
Cloto {prop} [Greek god]  :: Clotho (One of the Fates)
clórica {adj}  :: feminine form of clórico
clóricas {adj}  :: feminine plural of clórico
clórico {adj} [inorganic chemistry]  :: chloric
clériga {f}  :: feminine form of clérigo; clergywoman
clérigo {m}  :: cleric, clergyman
célsius {adj}  :: Celsius (metric scale of temperature)
clássica {adj}  :: feminine form of clássico
clássicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of clássico
clássico {adj}  :: classic, classical
clástica {adj}  :: feminine form of clástico
clásticas {adj}  :: feminine plural of clástico
clástico {adj}  :: clastic
céltica {adj}  :: feminine form of céltico
célticas {adj}  :: feminine plural of céltico
céltico {adj}  :: Celtic (of the Celts; of the style of the Celts)
clube {m}  :: club (association of members)
Cláudia {prop}  :: female given name, feminine form of Cláudio
Cláudio {prop}  :: male given name, cognate to English Claude
célula {f}  :: cell
célula adormecida {f}  :: sleeper cell
célula branca {f} [hematology, cytology, immunology]  :: white blood cell (type of blood cell involved in immune response)
célula dendrítica folicular {f} [anatomy]  :: follicular dendritic cell
célula dormente {f}  :: sleeper cell
célula sanguínea {f} [haematology, cytology]  :: blood cell (any of the cells normally found in the blood)
célula-tronco {f} [medicine, cytology]  :: stem cell (primal undifferentiated cell)
célula vermelha {f} [hematology, cytology]  :: red blood cell (blood cell that transports oxygen)
cluster {m} [lb, pt, computing]  :: cluster (group of computers working concurrently)
cluster {m} [lb, pt, music]  :: cluster (chord of three or more notes)
cláusula {f} [legal]  :: clause (separate part of a contract)
câmara {f}  :: camera
câmara {f}  :: chamber
câmara {f}  :: council
câmara de comércio {f} [business]  :: chamber of commerce (community business association)
câmara de gás {f}  :: gas chamber (a sealed chamber in which people are executed with gas)
Câmara de Lobos {prop}  :: a Portuguese city in Madeira
câmara de vídeo {f}  :: alternative form of câmera de vídeo
câmara digital {f}  :: alternative form of câmera digital
câmara escura {f}  :: camera obscura (dark chamber with a small orifice into which an object is projected)
câmara escura {f}  :: darkroom (a dark room, where photographs are developed)
câmara fotográfica {f}  :: camera (device for taking still pictures)
câmara municipal {f}  :: city hall
câmara municipal {f}  :: the executive body of a municipality
câmara web {f} [rare]  :: webcam (video camera viewed over a computer network)
câmara Web {f}  :: alternative spelling of câmara web
câmbio {interj} [radio communication]  :: over (end of sentence, ready to receive reply)
câmbio {m} [botany]  :: cambium (layer of cells responsible for secondary growth of roots and stems)
câmbio {m}  :: commutation (substitution of one thing for another)
câmbio {m}  :: exchange, swap (act of exchanging or swapping)
câmbio {m}  :: transformation (act of transforming or being transformed)
câmbio {m}  :: transmission (assembly of gears in an motorcar)
câmbio {m} [uncountable]  :: currency exchange
câmbio {m}  :: walkie-talkie (portable, bi-directional radio transceiver)
câmera {f} [Brazil]  :: chamber
câmera {f}  :: camera
câmera de vídeo {f}  :: video camera (device for recording video)
câmera digital {f}  :: digital camera (electronic camera)
câmera filmadora {f}  :: camcorder (device that records video and audio)
câmera fotográfica {f}  :: alternative form of câmara fotográfica
câmera web {f}  :: alternative form of câmara web
câmera Web {f}  :: alternative form of câmara web
cômica {adj}  :: feminine form of cômico
cômicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of cômico
cômico {adj}  :: comical, funny
cómico {adj}  :: comic; funny
cómico {adj}  :: comic (related to comedy)
cômico {m}  :: comedian
cômoda {adj} [Brazil]  :: feminine form of cômodo
cómoda {adj}  :: feminine form of cómodo
cômoda {f} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of cómoda
cómoda {f} [Portugal]  :: chest of drawers
cómodas {adj}  :: feminine plural of cómodo
cômodo {adj} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of cómodo
cómodo {adj} [Portugal]  :: comfortable
cómodo {adj} [Portugal]  :: convenient
cómodo {m} [Portugal]  :: accommodation
cómodo {m} [Portugal]  :: convenience
cómodo {m} [Portugal]  :: employment, occupation
cúmplice {adj}  :: being an accomplice; aiding in a crime
cúmplice {adj} [figurative]  :: revealing guilt
cúmplice {mf}  :: accomplice (an associate in the commission of a crime)
cúmplice {mf} [rare]  :: cooperator (one who cooperates, aids)
cômputo {m} [countable]  :: calculation (reckoning, estimate)
cômputo {m} [mathematics, countable]  :: calculation (result of calculating)
cúmulo {m}  :: cumulus (a large white puffy cloud)
cúmulo {m}  :: cumulus (a mound or heap)
cúmulo {m} [figurative]  :: the foremost example of something
cúmulo-nimbo {m}  :: cumulonimbus (type of cloud)
cânabis {f}  :: cannabis (plant)
côncava {adj}  :: feminine form of côncavo
côncavas {adj}  :: feminine plural of côncavo
côncavo {adj}  :: concave (curved inward)
câncer {m} [Brazil]  :: cancer (disease)
Câncer {prop}  :: Cancer (constellation)
Câncer {prop}  :: Cancer (Zodiac sign)
câncer de pulmão {m}  :: lung cancer (cancer of the lung(s))
cândida {adj}  :: feminine form of cândido
cândidas {adj}  :: feminine plural of cândido
cândido {adj}  :: candid
cândido {adj}  :: innocent
cândido {adj}  :: naive
cônego {m} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of cónego
cónego {m} [Portugal]  :: canon (member of cathedral chapter)
cânfora {f} [organic compound]  :: camphor
cânhamo {m}  :: hemp (any Cannabis sativa variety used grown for its fibres, oil and seeds)
cónica {adj}  :: feminine form of cónico
cônica {f} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of cónica
cónica {f}  :: conic, conic section
cénico {adj}  :: theatrical
cínico {adj}  :: cynical (of or relating to cynicism)
cínico {adj}  :: cynical (sceptical of the integrity, sincerity, or motives of others)
cínico {m}  :: a cynical person
cônico {adj} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of cónico
cónico {adj} [geometry, Portugal]  :: conical (cone-shaped)
cónico {adj} [geometry, Portugal]  :: conical (of or relating to a cone)
cânion {m}  :: canyon (long, narrow, steep valley cut in rock)
cônjuge {m}  :: spouse (husband or wife)
cânon {m}  :: alternative form of cânone
cânone {m}  :: canon (generally accepted principle)
cânone {m}  :: round (song that is sung by groups of people with each subset of people starting at a different time)
Cnossos {prop}  :: Knossos (Minoan city)
cônsul {m}  :: consul
cântaro {m}  :: cantharus
cântaro {m}  :: pitcher (vessel)
cântico {m}  :: canticle
cântico de Natal {n}  :: Christmas carol
Cântico dos Cânticos {prop} [biblical]  :: Song of Solomon (book of the Bible)
cântigo {m}  :: dated form of cântico
cêntimo {m}  :: cent
cêntimo {m}  :: eurocent
cão {m}  :: dog
coça {n}  :: spanking
coabitante {n}  :: coinhabitant (one who dwells with another)
coabitar {v}  :: to cohabit
co a breca {interj}  :: alternative form of com a breca
co'a breca {interj}  :: alternative form of com a breca
coacção {f}  :: alternative form of coação
coactiva {adj}  :: feminine form of coactivo
coactivas {adj}  :: feminine plural of coactivo
coactivo {adj}  :: alternative form of coativo
coadjuvando {v}  :: gerund of coadjuvar
coadjuvar {v}  :: to assist
coadjuvar {v}  :: to cooperate with
coador {m}  :: filter (for coffee)
coador {m}  :: strainer, colander
coagindo {v}  :: gerund of coagir
coagir {v}  :: to coerce
coagulando {v}  :: gerund of coagular
coagulação {f}  :: clotting
coagulação {f}  :: coagulation
coagular {v}  :: to clot
coagular {v}  :: to coagulate
coala {m}  :: koala
coalescedor {m}  :: coalescer (device used to perform coalescence)
coalescer {v} [of a whole or a unit]  :: to coalesce (to form from different elements)
coalescer {v} [of separate elements]  :: to coalesce (to join into a single mass)
coalescência {f}  :: coalescence
coalhada {f}  :: A dessert made of curd
coalhar {v}  :: to coagulate
coalizão {f}  :: coalition (group of organisations)
coando {v}  :: gerund of coar
coação {f}  :: coercion
coação {f}  :: straining, leaching, percolation
coar {v}  :: to distill
coar {v}  :: to strain, to filter
coçar {v}  :: to itch
coçar {v}  :: to scratch (to rub a surface with a sharp object)
coassinar {v}  :: to cosign (to sign a document jointly with another person)
coati {m}  :: alternative form of quati
coativa {adj}  :: feminine form of coativo
coativas {adj}  :: feminine plural of coativo
coativo {adj}  :: coercive
coaxar {vi}  :: to ribbit or croak (make the sound of a frog or toad)
cobaia {f}  :: guinea pig (rodent)
cobaia {f}  :: guinea pig (volunteer for an experiment)
cobaltita {f} [mineral]  :: cobaltite
cobalto {m}  :: cobalt (element)
cobarde {adj}  :: cowardly
cobarde {mf}  :: coward
cobardemente {adv}  :: cowardly (in the manner of a coward)
cobardia {f}  :: alternative form of covardia
coberto {adj}  :: covered (overlaid with something)
coberto {adj}  :: insured (covered by an insurance policy)
coberto {adj} [of a cheque]  :: not bounced; not dishonoured; whose account has sufficient funds
coberto {adj} [of a debt]  :: paid
coberto {adj} [of a farm animal]  :: pregnant
coberto {adj} [of food]  :: iced (covered with icing)
cobertor {m}  :: blanket, coverlet
cobertura {f} [architecture]  :: penthouse (apartment on the top floor of a building)
cobertura {f} [banking]  :: funds for redeeming a cheque
cobertura {f} [communication]  :: news coverage (a media organisation’s account of an occurrence)
cobertura {f}  :: coverage (the extent to which a television radio or internet signal reaches)
cobertura {f}  :: cover (anything which covers other things)
cobertura {f} [ecology]  :: contents of the topmost layer of soil
cobertura {f}  :: icing (sweet covering of baked goods)
cobertura {f}  :: insurance warranty
cobertura {f} [military, law enforcement]  :: protection from enemy fire
cobertura {f} [sports]  :: the act of preventing adversaries from reaching a team
cobertura {f}  :: the act of covering something
cobertura {f} [topology]  :: cover (a set of sets whose union contains the given set)
cobertura de risco {f} [finance]  :: hedge (contract or arrangement reducing exposure to risk)
cobiçando {v}  :: gerund of cobiçar
cobiçar {v}  :: to aspire to
cobiçar {v}  :: to covet
cobiçar {v}  :: to wish for
cobra {f}  :: cobra
cobra {f}  :: snake
cobra-coral {f}  :: coral snake (snake of the genus Micrurus or Micruroides)
cobra-de-escada {f}  :: ladder snake (Rhinechis scalaris)
cobra-de-água-de-colar {f}  :: grass snake (Natrix natrix)
cobrado {v}  :: past participle of cobrar
cobrador {adj}  :: collecting, conducting, receiving
cobrador {m}  :: collector
cobrador {m}  :: conductor
cobrador {m}  :: receiver
cobradora {adj}  :: feminine form of cobrador
cobradoras {adj}  :: feminine plural of cobrador
cobra-lisa-austríaca {f} [rare]  :: smooth snake (Coronella austriaca)
cobrança {f}  :: collection (process)
cobrando {v}  :: gerund of cobrar
cobrar {v} [by extension]  :: to demand that something be done
cobrar {v} [sports]  :: to take
cobrar {v}  :: to charge (to ask for a certain amount of money for something)
cobrar {v}  :: to demand payment
cobra-real {f}  :: king cobra (Ophiophagus hannah)
cobre {m} [colloquial]  :: a small amount of money; little change
cobre {m}  :: copper (reddish-brown, malleable metal)
cobreada {adj}  :: feminine form of cobreado
cobreadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of cobreado
cobreado {adj}  :: copper (having the colour of copper)
cobrir {v}  :: cover (to conceal or protect)
cobrão {m} [informal]  :: shingles (herpes zoster)
cocó {f} [childish, Brazil]  :: chicken
cocô {m} [Brazil, informal, or, childish]  :: poop (excrement)
cocó {m} [informal, Portugal]  :: poop, excrements
coca {f}  :: coca (cultivated plant of the family Erythroxylaceae)
coca {f}  :: coca (dried leaf of Erythroxylon coca)
coca {f}  :: Coke (Coca-Cola)
coca {f} [uncountable, slang]  :: snow (cocaine)
Coca-Cola {prop}  :: Coca-Cola (particular carbonated soft drink)
cocaína {f}  :: cocaine
coccyx {m}  :: obsolete spelling of cóccix
coceguenta {adj}  :: feminine form of coceguento
coceguentas {adj}  :: feminine plural of coceguento
coceguento {adj}  :: ticklish (sensitive or susceptible to tickling)
coceira {f}  :: itch, itching
coche {m}  :: coach (wheeled vehicle drawn by horse power)
cocheira {f}  :: feminine form of cocheiro
cocheira {f}  :: stable (building where animals are lodged)
cocheira {f}  :: trough (a long, narrow, open container for feeding animals)
cocheiro {m}  :: coachman
cochichar {vi}  :: to whisper, to speak in quiet voice
cochilando {v}  :: gerund of cochilar
cochilar {v}  :: to nap, doze, nod off
Cochinchina {prop}  :: Cochin China (region)
cochinilha {f}  :: cochineal (insect)
cochonilha {f}  :: alternative form of cochinilha
cociente {m}  :: quotient
coco {m}  :: coconut (fruit of coco palm)
cocorocó {interj}  :: cock-a-doodle-doo (the cry of the rooster)
cão da pradaria {m}  :: alternative spelling of cão-da-pradaria
cão-da-pradaria {m}  :: prairie dog (burrowing rodent)
cão de caça {m}  :: hound (dog breed developed for assisting in hunting)
cão de água {m}  :: water dog
Cão de água português {m}  :: Portuguese Water Dog
cão de guarda {m}  :: guard dog; watchdog (dog used to protect a property)
codeína {f}  :: codeine
cão de serviço {m}  :: working dog (type of dog breed)
cão d'água {m}  :: water dog
Cão d'água português {m}  :: Portuguese Water Dog
codicilo {m} [legal]  :: codicil
codificador {m}  :: coder
codificador {m}  :: codifier
codificando {v}  :: gerund of codificar
codificar {v}  :: to codify
codificar {v}  :: to encode
codinome {m} [business, espionage, military]  :: code name (name used to clandestinely identify something)
codorna {f}  :: quail (any of several small species of game bird)
codorna-comum {f}  :: common quail (Coturnix coturnix, a bird)
codorniz {f}  :: quail (Any of various small game birds of the family Phasianidae or of the family Odontophoridae)
codorniz comum {f}  :: common quail (Coturnix coturnix, a bird)
cão dos prados {m}  :: alternative spelling of cão-dos-prados
cão-dos-prados {m}  :: prairie dog (burrowing rodent)
coeficiente {adj}  :: coefficient (cooperating)
coeficiente {m}  :: coefficient (measure of some property or characteristic)
coeficiente {m} [mathematics]  :: coefficient (algebraic constant)
coelhinha {f}  :: feminine form of coelhinho
coelhinho {m}  :: diminutive form of coelho; bunny
coelhinho da Páscoa {m}  :: Easter Bunny
coelho {m}  :: rabbit
Coelho {prop}  :: Portuguese surname
coentro {m}  :: Coriandrum sativum, cilantro (US), coriander (UK)
coerciva {adj}  :: feminine form of coercivo
coercivas {adj}  :: feminine plural of coercivo
coercivo {adj}  :: coercive
coercivo {adj}  :: punishing
coercivo {adj}  :: repressive
coerente {adj}  :: coherent (orderly, logical and consistent)
coerente {adj} [physics, of waves]  :: coherent (having the same direction, wavelength and phase)
coerência {f}  :: coherence
coerência {f}  :: consistency
coerção {f}  :: coercion (use or threat of force to compel)
coesão {f}  :: coherence
coesão {f}  :: cohesion
coeso {adj}  :: cohesive (having cohesion)
coetânea {adj}  :: feminine form of coetâneo
coetâneas {adj}  :: feminine plural of coetâneo
coetâneo {adj}  :: coeval (of the same age)
coevo {adj}  :: coeval (of the same age)
coexistindo {v}  :: gerund of coexistir
coexistir {v}  :: to coexist
coexistência {f}  :: coexistence (the condition of multiple things existing together)
coexistência pacífica {f} pacífica
coexistência pacífica {f} [politics]  :: peaceful coexistence (mutual non-interference)
cofator {m}  :: cofactor
coffinita {f} [mineral]  :: coffinite
cofiando {v}  :: gerund of cofiar
cofiar {v}  :: to stroke, smooth (hair, beard etc)
cofo {m}  :: creel
cofre {m}  :: safe (box in which valuables can be locked for safekeeping)
cofrinho {m} [Brazil, slang]  :: the portion of the butt crack that is visible when a person squats
cofrinho {m}  :: diminutive form of cofre
cofrinho {m}  :: piggy bank (a small container to store small saved coins in)
cogitação {f}  :: cogitation, thought, reflection
cogitar {vt}  :: to cogitate, to consider, to ponder
cognato {m}  :: (linguistics) cognate
cognição {f}  :: cognition (process of knowing)
cognitivo {adj}  :: cognitive (relating to the mental functions that deals with logic)
cognome {m}  :: cognomen; moniker (nickname or epithet by which someone is identified)
cognome {m}  :: cognomen (third part of the name of a citizen of ancient Rome)
cão guia {m}  :: alternative spelling of cão-guia
cão-guia {m}  :: guide dog (dog that is trained to be of assistance to a blind person)
coágulo {m}  :: clot
coágulo {m}  :: curd
cogumelo {m}  :: mushroom
cohorte {f}  :: obsolete spelling of coorte
coibir {vt}  :: to restrain (to control or keep in check)
coice {m}  :: a kick, especially one from a quadruped
coice {m} [firearms]  :: recoil (pushback from a fired firearm)
coifa {f}  :: coif (armour)
coifa {f}  :: hood
coifa {f}  :: hood (metal covering)
coiloníquia {f} [pathology]  :: koilonychia
Coimbra {prop}  :: a district in central Portugal
Coimbra {prop}  :: a Portuguese city in Coimbra district
coincidir {v}  :: to coincide
coincidência {f}  :: coincidence
coiote {m}  :: A smuggler of illegal immigrants across the land border from Mexico into the United States of America
coiote {m}  :: coyote (canine)
coiro {m}  :: alternative form of couro
coisa {f}  :: thing (that which is considered to exist)
coisa em si {f}  :: alternative spelling of coisa-em-si
coisa-em-si {f} [philosophy]  :: thing-in-itself
coisar {v} [informal, humorous]  :: used as replacement for any verb
coisarada {f}  :: jazz (unspecified things)
coisificar {vt}  :: to reify (to regard something abstract as if it were a concrete material thing)
coisinha {f}  :: diminutive form of coisa
coitada {adj}  :: feminine form of coitado
coitadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of coitado
coitadinho {m}  :: poor thing (someone or something to be pitied)
coitado {adj}  :: pitiful, wretched
coitar {v}  :: alternative form of acoitar
coitar {v} [archaic]  :: to cause pain;
coitar {v} [archaic]  :: to make unhappy, to bring misfortune to
coitar {v} [archaic]  :: to torment, to distress, to anguish
coito interrompido {m}  :: coitus interruptus (sexual intercourse interrupted by withdrawal of the penis)
cola {f} [botany]  :: kola (tree or fruit)
cola {f}  :: glue (sticky adhesive substance)
cola {f}  :: tail
colaborador {m}  :: collaborator
colaborando {v}  :: gerund of colaborar
colaboração {f}  :: collaboration
colaborar {v}  :: to collaborate
colagem {f} [art]  :: collage
colagem {f}  :: pasting, gluing
colagênio {m} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of colagénio
colagénio {m} [Portugal]  :: collagen
colante {adj}  :: adherent; adhesive; which sticks to things
colante {adj} [of an item of clothing]  :: close-fitting
colapso {m}  :: collapse (act of collapsing)
colapso {m}  :: faint (act of losing consciousness)
colar {m}  :: (clothing) collar
colar {m}  :: necklace, chain
colar {v}  :: to affix, to attach, to tie together
colar {v}  :: to glue [to join with glue]
colar {v}  :: to invest [to receive a priest's collar]
colar {v}  :: to settle a bill
colarinho {m} [architecture]  :: a band placed around a column, just below the chapiter
colarinho {m} [Brazil]  :: beer froth
colarinho {m}  :: collar (part of an upper garment that fits around the neck)
colarinho {m}  :: diminutive form of colar
colateral {adj}  :: collateral
colcha {f}  :: quilt (bed covering)
colcheia {f} [music]  :: quaver (an eighth note)
colchete {m}  :: square bracket
colchão {m}  :: mattress
coldre {m}  :: holster (leather case into which a gun fits snugly)
coleando {v}  :: gerund of colear
colear {v}  :: to wiggle
colecionar {v}  :: to collect (to accumulate items as a hobby)
colecção {f}  :: alternative form of coleção
colectiva {adj}  :: feminine form of colectivo
colectivamente {adv}  :: alternative form of coletivamente
colectivas {adj}  :: feminine plural of colectivo
colectivo {adj}  :: alternative form of coletivo
colega {mf}  :: buddy, friend
colega {mf}  :: colleague (fellow member of a profession)
colega de classe {mf}  :: classmate (someone who is or was in the same class)
colega de quarto {n}  :: roommate (a person with whom one shares a house)
colegial {adj}  :: collegiate
colegial {adj}  :: university (attributive)
coleira {f} [botany]  :: kola (tree)
coleira {f}  :: leash (long cord for dogs)
colemanita {f} [mineral]  :: colemanite
coleção {f}  :: collection
coleção {f}  :: compilation
coleção {f}  :: range
colesterol {m}  :: cholesterol
coletando {v}  :: gerund of coletar
coletar {v}  :: to collect, gather
colete {m}  :: waistcoat
colete balístico {m}  :: ballistic vest
colete de forças {m} [Portugal]  :: straitjacket (garment that prevents arm movement)
colete à prova de bala {m}  :: alternative form of colete à prova de balas
colete à prova de balas {m}  :: bulletproof vest
colete salva-vidas {m}  :: life jacket (floating clothing)
coletiva {adj}  :: feminine form of coletivo
coletivamente {adv}  :: collectively
coletivas {adj}  :: feminine plural of coletivo
coletivismo {m}  :: collectivism
coletivização {f}  :: collectivisation (the act of collectivising)
coletivo {adj}  :: collective
coletor {m}  :: collector (person or thing that collects)
coletor {m}  :: manifold (pipe fitting)
coletor de impostos {m}  :: tax collector (one who has the responsibility for collecting taxes)
coletor de lixo {m} [programming]  :: garbage collector (element that reclaims resources which are no longer in use)
colégio {m}  :: campus
colégio {m}  :: college, school
colhedeira {f}  :: combine harvester (machine that harvests, threshes, and cleans grain plants)
colheita {f}  :: harvest
colheitadeira {f} [Brazil]  :: combine harvester (machine that harvests, threshes, and cleans grain plants)
colher {f}  :: spoon (eating utensil)
colher {v}  :: to harvest, get, reap, gather
colherada {f}  :: a blow with a spoon
colherada {f}  :: spoonful (amount a spoon will hold)
colher de café {n}  :: teaspoon (literally a coffeespoon but equivalent to a teaspoon)
colher de chá {f} [figurative]  :: an opportunity given to someone for little or no effort
colher de chá {f}  :: teaspoon (a small spoon)
colher de chá {f}  :: teaspoon (a unit of volumetric measure, one-third of a tablespoon)
colher de pedreiro {f}  :: trowel (mason’s tool)
colher de sobremesa {f}  :: A spoon used for eating cereal etc. Equivalent to an Australian dessertspoon or an American tablespoon
colher de sopa {f}  :: a spoon the size and shape of an Australian tablespoon, bigger than an American tablespoon but the same shape, unlike a soupspoon but still used for soup
colhereiro {m}  :: spoonbill (bird)
colher o que semear {v} [idiomatic]  :: to reap what one sows (receive justice)
colhão {m} [vulgar, usually plural]  :: ball (a testicle)
colhér de chá {f}  :: obsolete spelling of colher de chá
colóide {m} [physics, chemistry]  :: colloid
colidindo {v}  :: gerund of colidir
colidir {v}  :: to collide, clash
colidir {v}  :: to impinge
coligir {v}  :: to collect (to accumulate items as a hobby)
coligir {v}  :: to gather; to collect (to bring together)
colina {f}  :: hill (elevated location)
colisão {f}  :: collision
collant {m}  :: leotard (skin-tight one piece suit of clothing)
collante {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of colante
collapso {m}  :: obsolete spelling of colapso
collarinho {m}  :: obsolete spelling of colarinho
collega {mf}  :: obsolete spelling of colega
collo {m}  :: obsolete spelling of colo
colmar {v}  :: to thatch (cover with thatch)
Colômbia {prop}  :: Colombia
Colúmbia Britânica {prop}  :: British Columbia (Province in western Canada)
colúmbio {m}  :: columbium
colmeia {f}  :: beehive
colméia {f}  :: obsolete spelling of colmeia
colmo {m} [countable, botany]  :: reed (hollow stem)
colmo {m}  :: thatch (straw for covering roofs or stacks)
colmo {m} [uncountable]  :: cane (slender flexible stem of plants such as bamboo)
colônia {f} [Brazil]  :: a settlement of immigrants
colônia {f} [Brazil]  :: colony (region or governmental unit)
colônia {f} [Brazil]  :: plantation
colónia {f} [Portugal]  :: alternative form of colônia
Colônia {prop} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of Colónia
Colónia {prop} [Portugal]  :: Cologne (city in Germany)
colo {m}  :: alternative form of cólon
colo {m} [anatomy]  :: cervix (necklike portion of any part)
colo {m} [anatomy]  :: neck; collum (part of body connecting the head and the trunk)
colo {m} [botany]  :: the channel of an archegonium
colo {m}  :: gap (mountain or hill pass)
colo {m}  :: lap (upper legs of a seated person)
colo {m} [skeleton]  :: neck (part of a bone that connects its head to its body)
colocado {adj}  :: placed, put
colocação {f}  :: collocation
colocação {f}  :: installation
colocação {f}  :: placement
colocação {f}  :: setting
colocar {v}  :: to hire
colocar {v}  :: to place
colocar {v}  :: to put
colocar lenha na fogueira {v}  :: to add fuel to fire
colocar o carro à frente dos bois {v} [idiomatic]  :: to put the cart before the horse (to have the wrong priorities)
colocatário {m} [rare]  :: roommate (someone with whom one shares an apartment or house)
colocolo {m}  :: colocolo (Leopardus colocolo)
colocolo {m}  :: monito del monte (Dromiciops gliroides)
colofão {m}  :: colophon (final note with information about the author and the manuscript)
colombiana {adj}  :: feminine form of colombiano
colombiana {n}  :: feminine form of colombiano
colombianas {adj}  :: feminine plural of colombiano
colombiano {adj}  :: Colombian
colombiano {m}  :: Colombian
Colombo {prop}  :: Colombo (capital of Sri Lanka)
Colombo {prop}  :: Columbus
colombofilia {f}  :: alternative form of columbofilia
colona {f}  :: feminine form of colono
colonial {adj}  :: colonial
colonialismo {m}  :: colonialism (colonial domination policy)
colonista {mf}  :: colonialist (specialist in colonial affairs)
colonizado {v}  :: past participle of colonizar
colonizador {m}  :: colonist (a founder or member of a colony)
colonizando {v}  :: gerund of colonizar
colonização {f}  :: colonization
colonizar {v}  :: to colonize
colono {m} [Brazil]  :: an immigrant farmer, especially from an European country
colono {m}  :: colonist (a founder or member of a colony)
coloproctologia {f}  :: coloproctology (branch of medicine)
coloquial {adj}  :: of colloquia
coloquial {adj} [of language]  :: colloquial; informal; familiar
Colorado {prop}  :: Colorado (US state)
coloradoita {f} [mineral]  :: coloradoite
coloração {f}  :: colouring, colouration
colorau {m}  :: red food dye made from achiote berries or bell peppers
colorida {adj}  :: feminine form of colorido
coloridas {adj}  :: feminine plural of colorido
colorido {adj}  :: coloured, colourful
colorido {adj}  :: dyed, tinted, stained
colorido {m}  :: colour, colouring, hue
colorir {v}  :: to color
colorretal {adj} [anatomy]  :: colorectal
colossal {adj}  :: colossal (extremely large)
colosso {m}  :: any creature or thing of gigantic size
colosso {m}  :: colossus (statue of gigantic size)
Colosso de Rodes {prop}  :: Colossus of Rhodes (the statue of Helios)
colostro {m} [medicine]  :: colostrum (a form of milk)
colóquio {m}  :: colloquy (conversation, dialogue)
colóquio {m}  :: colloquy (formal conference)
colóquio {m}  :: workshop; colloquium (academic meeting)
colérica {adj}  :: feminine form of colérico
coléricas {adj}  :: feminine plural of colérico
colérico {adj}  :: choleric (all senses)
colérico {adj}  :: indignant
columbita {f} [mineral]  :: columbite
columbofilia {f}  :: pigeon fancying
columna {f}  :: obsolete spelling of coluna
coluna {f}  :: a periodical's column (a recurring feature in a periodical, especially an opinion piece)
coluna {f} [architecture]  :: column; pillar
coluna {f}  :: a text column (body of text meant to be read line by line)
coluna {f} [military]  :: a military column (a long body of troops)
coluna {f}  :: spine; backbone
colunata {f}  :: colonnade (a series of columns at regular intervals)
coluna vertebral {f}  :: vertebral column, backbone
colza {f}  :: colza (cabbage variety)
com {prep}  :: with; against
com {prep}  :: with; alongside (in the company of)
com {prep}  :: with (as an accessory to)
com {prep}  :: with (by means of)
com {prep}  :: with (in support of)
coma {f}  :: abundant hair of the head
coma {f} [astronomy]  :: comet coma
coma {f}  :: mane
coma {m}  :: coma, state of unconsciousness
com a boca na botija {adv}  :: red-handed (in the act of wrongdoing)
com a breca {interj}  :: damn! (exclamation of surprise)
comadre {f}  :: A very dear and honoured female friend.
comadre {f}  :: gossip
comadre {f}  :: midwife
comadre {f}  :: The godmother of one's child.
comadre {f}  :: The mother of one's godchild.
comanche {m}  :: Comanche (Native-American language)
comanche {n}  :: one of the Comanche (Native-American ethnic group)
comandando {v}  :: gerund of comandar
comandante {mf}  :: commander (one who exercises control and direction over a group of persons)
comandante em chefe {mf}  :: alternative spelling of comandante-em-chefe
comandante-em-chefe {mf}  :: commander in chief (supreme commander of the armed forces of an entire country)
comandar {v}  :: to command, lead, head
comando {m}  :: command (right, authority or ability to order)
comando {m} [computing]  :: command (directive to a computer program to perform a specific task)
comando {m} [military]  :: area under the jurisdiction of a commander
comando {m} [military]  :: a unit headed by a commander
comando {m} [military]  :: commando (commando trooper)
comando {m} [military]  :: commando (small fighting force trained for quick raids)
comando {m}  :: order; command (task given to someone or something)
comando {m} [sports]  :: first place while a competition is underway
com a respiração em suspenso {adv}  :: with bated breath (eagerly)
com a respiração suspensa {adv}  :: with bated breath (eagerly)
comatoso {adj}  :: comatose (of or relating to coma)
combalir {v}  :: to become debilitated
combatendo {v}  :: gerund of combater
combatente {adj}  :: combatant, fighting
combatente {mf}  :: combatant, fighter
combatente do fogo {mf}  :: firefighter
combatente ilegal {n}  :: illegal combatant (one who engages in combat without meeting the Geneva Convention)
combater {v}  :: to fight
combatividade {f}  :: combativeness (state of being combative)
combinado {adj}  :: agreed
combinado {adj}  :: combined
combinado {m}  :: agreement
combinado {m}  :: combo
combinado {m}  :: compound
combinação {f}  :: combination
combinar {v}  :: to combine
combinar {v}  :: to set up, to arrange (a meeting)
comboiar {vt}  :: to convoy (to escort a group of vehicles)
comboio {m}  :: convoy (group of vehicles)
comboio {m} [nautical]  :: convoy
comboio {m}  :: train (line of connected cars or carriages)
combustão {f}  :: combustion
combustor {m} [Brazil]  :: lamppost
combustível {adj}  :: combustible
combustível {m}  :: fuel
comício {m} [historical]  :: comitia (popular legislative assembly in Ancient Rome)
comício {m}  :: political rally
comdado {m}  :: obsolete spelling of condado
comde {m}  :: alternative form of conde
comédia {f}  :: comedy
comédia de situação {f}  :: situation comedy
começar {vi}  :: to start a personal ability, to have a first experience
começar {vi}  :: to start, begin
começar {vt}  :: to make something start, to make something begin
começar do zero {v} [idiomatic]  :: to wipe the slate clean (to make a fresh start)
comediante {mf}  :: comedian
comediógrafo {m}  :: comedy writer
comedor {m}  :: eater (one who eats)
comedouro {m}  :: a place where animals eat
comemorando {v}  :: gerund of comemorar
comemoração {f}  :: commemoration
comemorar {v}  :: to celebrate, commemorate
comendador {m}  :: commander (capitalised, it is an honorary title)
comendar {v}  :: dated form of encomendar
comentar {v}  :: to comment (make a comment)
comentarista {mf}  :: commentator (person who comments professionally)
comentário {m}  :: commentary
comentário {m}  :: comment, observation, remark
comentário {m}  :: note, annotation
começo {m}  :: beginning, commencement
comequié {phrase}  :: eye dialect of como é que é
comer {vi}  :: to eat, to consume a meal
comer {vt} [chess, board games]  :: to capture a piece
comer {vt} [colloquial]  :: to destroy, to consume
comer {vt} [colloquial]  :: to spend money on food
comer {vt} [slang]  :: to fuck, to screw; a man having sex with someone, enjoying a role in which he penetrates his partner
comer {vt}  :: to eat, to consume a specific food
comer capim pela raiz {v} [idiomatic]  :: to be dead
comercial {adj}  :: commercial
comercial {m}  :: commercial (advertisement in a common media format)
comercializando {v}  :: gerund of comercializar
comercialização {f}  :: commercialization
comercializar {v}  :: to commercialize
comercializar {v}  :: to market
comerciante {n}  :: merchant; trader (one who gains a livelihood from trading)
comer com os olhos {v}  :: to ogle with desire
comer nas mãos de alguém {v} [idiomatic]  :: to eat out of someone's hand (to be submissive due to fascination)
comer o chapéu {v} [idiomatic]  :: to eat one's hat (used to express disbelief about a proposition)
comer o pão que o diabo amassou {v} [idiomatic]  :: to face great difficulties or suffering in one's life, often to one to obtain something
comes e bebes {n}  :: foods and drinks
comestível {adj} [colloquial]  :: Appearing to be true or real; verisimilar
comestível {adj} [colloquial]  :: Sexually attractive; sexy
comestível {adj}  :: That can be eaten without harm; edible
cometa {m} [astronomy]  :: comet (celestial body with a “tail” of matter)
cometendo {v}  :: gerund of cometer
cometer {v}  :: to commit, practice, undertake
cometimento {m}  :: alternative form of acometimento
comezinha {adj}  :: feminine form of comezinho
comezinhas {adj}  :: feminine plural of comezinho
comezinho {adj}  :: good to eat
comezinho {adj}  :: simple, homely
comforto {m}  :: obsolete spelling of conforto
comforto {v}  :: obsolete spelling of conforto
comichar {v}  :: to itch (to feel the need to scratch)
comichão {f} [figuratively]  :: a strong desire
comichão {f}  :: itch (a sensation felt on an area of the skin that causes a person or animal to want to scratch)
comida {f}  :: food, something edible
comida {f}  :: meal
comigo {pron}  :: prepositional form with com of eu: with me
comilão {m}  :: trencherman (person who eats a substantial amount of food)
cominando {v}  :: gerund of cominar
cominação {f} [legal]  :: commination
cominar {v} [legal]  :: To impose punishment for a violation
cominar {v}  :: to comminate
cominho {m}  :: cumin (cumin seeds used as spice)
cominho {m}  :: cumin (Cuminum cyminum, a plant)
Comintern {prop}  :: Comintern (international association of Communist parties)
comissionada {adj}  :: feminine form of comissionado
comissionadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of comissionado
comissionado {adj} [military]  :: commissioned
comissão {f}  :: commission
comissão {f}  :: committee
comissária de bordo {f}  :: feminine form of comissário de bordo
comissária de voo {f}  :: feminine form of comissário de voo
comissário {m}  :: commissar
comissário {m}  :: commissioner
comissário de bordo {m}  :: flight attendant (member of the crew of an aeroplane who is responsible for the comfort and safety of its passengers)
comitê {m} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of comité
comité {m} [Portugal]  :: committee (group of persons convened for the accomplishment of some specific purpose)
comitativa {adj}  :: feminine form of comitativo
comitativas {adj}  :: feminine plural of comitativo
comitativo {adj} [grammar]  :: comitative (indicating accompaniment)
comitativo {m} [grammar]  :: comitative case (case used to denote companionship)
comitente {adj}  :: commissioning
comitente {adj}  :: constituent
comitiva {f}  :: company, covey
comitologia {f}  :: comitology (art of resolving issues by committees)
com licença {phrase}  :: excuse me (request for attention)
com licença {phrase}  :: excuse me (request to pass)
commando {m}  :: obsolete spelling of comando
commando {v}  :: obsolete spelling of comando
comment {m} [Internet slang]  :: comment, remark
commercial {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of comercial
commercial {m}  :: obsolete spelling of comercial
commercio {m}  :: obsolete spelling of comércio
common law {f} [legal]  :: common law (law developed by judges)
commum {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of comum
communicada {adj}  :: feminine form of communicado
communicadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of communicado
communicado {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of comunicado
communicado {m}  :: obsolete spelling of comunicado
communicado {v}  :: obsolete spelling of comunicado
communicação {f}  :: obsolete spelling of comunicação
communicar {v}  :: obsolete spelling of comunicar
communidade {f}  :: obsolete spelling of comunidade
como {adv}  :: for example; such as; like (introduces a list of examples)
como {adv}  :: how (in what way, manner)
como {adv}  :: how (modifier to indicate surprise, delight, or other strong feelings)
como {adv}  :: why (for what cause, reason, or purpose), when the action is considered reproachful
como {conj}  :: as; because; since (usually used in the beginning of sentences)
como {conj}  :: how (in which way; in such way)
como {conj}  :: like, as (in the same way that; according to what)
como {interj}  :: sorry (used as a request for someone to repeat something not heard or understood clearly)
Como {prop}  :: Como (city and capital of Como)
como de costume {adv}  :: as usual
comodidade {f}  :: amenity
comodidade {f}  :: comfort, ease
comodidade {f}  :: convenience
comodidade {f}  :: welfare
como diria Jack o Estripador, vamos por partes {phrase} [humorous]  :: Let's carefully analyze the situation
Comodo {prop}  :: alternative spelling of Komodo
como já era de esperar {adv}  :: alternative form of como já era de se esperar
como já era de se esperar {adv}  :: unsurprisingly
como não {phrase} [rare]  :: yes
comoção {f}  :: commotion
comoção {f}  :: concussion
comoção {f}  :: riot, insurrection
com o passar do tempo {adv} [idiomatic]  :: As time goes on, in the long run
como é que é {phrase} é|que|é
como é que é {phrase}  :: excuse me?! what what what?!
Comores {prop}  :: Comoros (country in Eastern Africa)
como se {conj}  :: as though (as to suggest that)
como tas {interj}  :: informal form of como estás
como te chamas {phrase}  :: what is your name?
com o tempo {adv} [idiomatic]  :: As time goes on, in the long run
como um elefante em uma loja de cristais {adv}  :: alternative form of como um elefante numa loja de cristais
como um elefante em uma loja de louças {adv}  :: alternative form of como um elefante numa loja de cristais
como um elefante numa loja de cristais {adv} [simile, rare]  :: like a bull in a china shop (clumsily, aggressively)
como um elefante numa loja de louças {adv}  :: alternative form of como um elefante numa loja de cristais
como vai {phrase}  :: how are you? (a greeting)
comovente {adj}  :: moving, poignant, touching
comover {v}  :: to affect, move, touch
comovida {adj}  :: feminine form of comovido
comovidas {adj}  :: feminine plural of comovido
comovido {adj}  :: affected, impressed
comovido {adj}  :: sensitized
comovido {adj}  :: softened
compacto {adj}  :: compact
compadecer-se {vr}  :: To conform, be compatible with
compadecer-se {vr}  :: To pity, sympathise
compadecida {adj}  :: feminine form of compadecido
compadecidamente {adv}  :: compassionately
compadecidas {adj}  :: feminine plural of compadecido
compadecido {adj}  :: compassionate
compadre {m}  :: friend
compadre {m}  :: Godfather of one's child.
compadre {m}  :: Parent of one's godchild.
compaixão {f}  :: compassion
compaixão {f}  :: empathy
compaixão {f}  :: pity
compaixão {f}  :: sympathy
companha {f} [nautical]  :: crew (especially of a fishing boat); seamanship
companheira {f}  :: companion (female)
companheira {f}  :: consort, wife, concubine
companheiro {m}  :: companion, comrade
companheiro {m}  :: partner
companheiro de quarto {n}  :: roommate (a person with whom one shares a room)
companhia {f}  :: company (group of individuals)
companhia {f}  :: company (in legal context, a corporation)
companhia {f} [military]  :: company
comparando {v}  :: gerund of comparar
comparação {f}  :: comparison (the act of comparing or the state of being compared)
comparar {v}  :: to compare
comparar {v}  :: to liken
comparativa {adj}  :: feminine form of comparativo
comparativas {adj}  :: feminine plural of comparativo
comparativo {adj} [comparable]  :: Approximated by comparison; comparative; relative
comparativo {adj} [comparable]  :: Of or relating to comparison; comparative
comparativo {adj} [not comparable, grammar]  :: Showing a relative quality; comparative
comparativo {m}  :: comparative
comparecendo {v}  :: gerund of comparecer
comparecer {v}  :: to attend, appear, turn up
comparecimento {m}  :: appearance
comparecimento {m}  :: attendance
compartilhar {v}  :: to share (to give)
compartimento {m}  :: compartment
comparável {adj}  :: similar, comparable (which may be compared (to))
compassiva {adj}  :: feminine form of compassivo
compassivas {adj}  :: feminine plural of compassivo
compassivo {adj}  :: compassionate, tender-hearted
compasso {m} [music]  :: measure (musical designation)
compasso {m}  :: pair of compasses (tool used to draw circles)
compatibilidade {f}  :: compatibility
compatibilidade {f}  :: consistency
compatibilismo {m} [philosophy]  :: compatibilism (the doctrine of compatibility between determinism and free will)
compatrício {m}  :: compatriot (somebody from the same country)
compatriota {mf}  :: compatriot
compatível {adj}  :: compatible
compelir {v}  :: to compel
compelir {v}  :: to force, coerce
compensação {f}  :: compensation
compensar {v}  :: to compensate
compensar {v}  :: to pay, to pay off, to be worthwhile or profitable
compensatória {adj}  :: feminine form of compensatório
compensatórias {adj}  :: feminine plural of compensatório
compensatório {adj}  :: compensatory
compersão {f} [neologism]  :: compersion (the joy of seeing a loved one love another)
competente {adj}  :: competent (adequate for the purpose)
competente {adj}  :: competent (having sufficient skill, knowledge or qualifications)
competente {adj} [legal]  :: competent (having jurisdiction or authority over a particular issue)
competidor {m}  :: competitor (person against whom one is competing)
competindo {v}  :: gerund of competir
competição {f}  :: competition (all senses)
competir {v}  :: to compete (to contend)
competitividade {f}  :: competitivity; competitiveness (the state of being competitive)
competitivo {adj}  :: competitive (of, relating to or involving competition)
competitivo {adj} [of a person]  :: competitive (inclined to compete)
competitivo {adj} [of a product]  :: competitive; cheap
competência {f}  :: ability, proficiency
competência {f}  :: competence, competency
competência {f} [legal]  :: jurisdiction
compilada {adj}  :: feminine form of compilado
compiladas {adj}  :: feminine plural of compilado
compilado {adj} [computing]  :: In the form of an executable code after undergoing compilation; compiled
compilado {adj}  :: Put together; compiled
compilador {m}  :: compiler (a person who compiles)
compilador {m} [computing]  :: compiler (computer program that transforms source code into object code)
compilação {f}  :: compilation (act or process of compiling or gathering together from various sources)
compilação {f}  :: compilation (media composed of materials gathering from other media)
compilação {f} [computing]  :: compilation (translation of source code into object code by a compiler)
compilar {v} [computing]  :: to compile (to produce an executable from source code)
compilar {vt}  :: to compile (to assemble from a collection)
complô {m}  :: plot (secret plan to achieve an end)
complacente {adj}  :: complacent
complacente {adj}  :: compliant
complacência {f}  :: complaisance
complementado {v}  :: past participle of complementar
complementando {v}  :: gerund of complementar
complementar {adj}  :: complementary
complementar {v}  :: to complement
complementaridade {f}  :: complementarity
complemento {m} [grammar]  :: complement
completamente {adv}  :: altogether
completamente {adv}  :: completely; fully
completando {v}  :: gerund of completar
completar {v}  :: to complete
completar {v}  :: to supplement
completidão {f}  :: completeness (state or condition of being complete)
completo {adj}  :: completed
completo {adj}  :: full, complete
completude {f}  :: completeness
complexando {v}  :: gerund of complexar
complexação {f} [chemistry]  :: complexation
complexar {v} [chemistry]  :: to complex
complexidade {f}  :: complexity
complexo {adj}  :: complex; complicated (not simple or straightforward)
complexo {adj}  :: complex; intricate (having a great deal of fine detail or complexity)
complexo {adj} [grammar, of a clause’s subject or object]  :: compound (composed of elements)
complexo {adj} [mathematics]  :: complex (of a number, involving the square root of -1)
complexo {m}  :: compound (group of buildings situated close together)
complexo {m} [psychology]  :: complex (mental factors unconsciously associated with a subject)
complexo de messias {m}  :: God complex (narcissistic personality disorder)
complexo de vira-lata {m} [Brazil]  :: The belief that the culture, commerce, government and other social aspects of Brazil are inherently of poor quality in comparison with other countries
compliance {m} [business]  :: compliance (the department of a business that ensures government regulations are complied with)
complicada {adj}  :: feminine form of complicado
complicado {adj}  :: abstract; complex; complicated (difficult or convoluted)
complicação {f}  :: complication
complicação {f}  :: intricacy
complicar {vi} [of a situation, illness or problem]  :: to become serious or grave
complicar {vi}  :: to become complicated
complicar {vt}  :: to complicate (to combine or associate so as to make intricate or difficult)
compêndio {m}  :: compendium
compêndio {m}  :: summary
compêndio {m}  :: textbook, manual
compondo {v}  :: gerund of compor
componente {m}  :: component (smaller, self-contained part of larger entity)
compor {vt}  :: to compose
comportamental {adj}  :: behavioural (of or relating to behaviour)
comportamentismo {m}  :: behaviourism (approach to psychology focusing on behaviour)
comportamento {m}  :: behaviour (the way matter moves or acts)
comportando {v}  :: gerund of comportar
comportar {v}  :: to admit
comportar {v}  :: to bear, support
comportar-se {vr}  :: to behave (to act in a polite or proper way)
comportar-se {vr} [with adverb]  :: to behave (to act in a specific manner)
composição {f}  :: composition (all senses)
compositor {m}  :: composer (one who composes; an author)
compositor {m}  :: composer (one who composes music)
composta {adj}  :: feminine form of composto
compostar {v}  :: to compost (to produce compost)
compostas {adj}  :: feminine plural of composto
composto {adj}  :: compound, composed, composite
composto {m}  :: compound, composite
composto orgânico {m} [organic chemistry]  :: organic compound (carbon containing covalent compound)
composto químico {m} [chemistry]  :: compound (substance made by chemical combination of elements)
compostura {f}  :: composition (general makeup of something)
compostura {f} [uncountable]  :: composure; calmness
compota {f}  :: compote
compota {f}  :: jam (sweet mixture of fruit boiled with sugar)
compra {f}  :: purchase (that which is obtained for a price in money or its equivalent)
comprado {adj}  :: That has been obtained in exchange for money; bought
comprador {m}  :: buyer (person who makes purchases)
comprador {m}  :: customer
comprar {v}  :: to buy
com prazer {adv} [lb, pt, idiomatic]  :: with pleasure (willingly, without argument)
compreender {vt}  :: to accept a person, to like a person
compreender {vt}  :: to include
compreender {vt}  :: to understand, to comprehend, to be aware of the meaning
compreendido {adj}  :: covered, contained, included
compreendido {adj}  :: understood
compreensibilidade {f}  :: understandability (the property of being understandable)
compreensiva {adj}  :: feminine form of compreensivo
compreensivas {adj}  :: feminine plural of compreensivo
compreensivo {adj}  :: understandable (able to be easily understood)
compreensivo {adj}  :: understanding (showing compassion)
compreensão {f}  :: comprehension
compreensão {f}  :: sympathy for a troublesome situation
compreensível {adj}  :: understandable
comprehender {v}  :: obsolete form of compreender
compressão {f}  :: compression
compressor {m}  :: compressor
comprida {adj}  :: feminine form of comprido
compridas {adj}  :: feminine plural of comprido
comprido {adj}  :: long (having great distance)
comprimento {m}  :: length (measurement of distance)
comprimida {adj}  :: feminine form of comprimido
comprimidas {adj}  :: feminine plural of comprimido
comprimido {adj}  :: compressed
comprimido {m}  :: pill (a small portion of a drug or drugs to be taken orally)
comprimir {v}  :: to compress
comprobatória {adj}  :: feminine form of comprobatório
comprobatórias {adj}  :: feminine plural of comprobatório
comprobatório {adj}  :: comprobatory
comprometendo {v}  :: gerund of comprometer
comprometer {v}  :: to commit, engage
comprometimento {m}  :: commital
comprometimento {m}  :: commitment
compromisso {m}  :: a scheduled meeting
compromisso {m}  :: compromise (settlement of differences by arbitration or by consent reached by mutual concessions)
compromisso {m}  :: obligation
compromissória {adj}  :: feminine form of compromissório
compromissórias {adj}  :: feminine plural of compromissório
compromissório {adj} [legal]  :: arbitration (attributive)
comproprietário {m}  :: co-owner / coowner
comprovando {v}  :: gerund of comprovar
comprovação {f}  :: evidence
comprovação {f}  :: proof, substantiation
comprovação {f}  :: verification
comprovar {v}  :: to demonstrate (that something is true)
comprovar {v}  :: to prove, confirm
comprovativa {adj}  :: feminine form of comprovativo
comprovativas {adj}  :: feminine plural of comprovativo
comprovativo {adj} [legal]  :: probative, evidentiary
comprável {adj}  :: buyable
compósito {m}  :: composite (material)
compulsando {v}  :: gerund of compulsar
compulsar {v}  :: to compel
compulsar {v}  :: to consult (documents etc)
compulsão {f}  :: compulsion
compulsória {adj}  :: feminine form of compulsório
compulsórias {adj}  :: feminine plural of compulsório
compulsório {adj}  :: compulsory, mandatory, obligatory
compungida {adj}  :: feminine form of compungido
compungidas {adj}  :: feminine plural of compungido
compungido {adj}  :: compunctious
compungido {adj}  :: remorseful
compunção {f}  :: compunction
compunção {f}  :: remorse
computacional {adj}  :: computational (of or relating to computing or computation)
computador {adj}  :: That performs computations; computing
computador {m}  :: computer
computador de mesa {m}  :: desktop computer
computadorizada {adj}  :: feminine form of computadorizado
computadorizadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of computadorizado
computadorizado {adj}  :: computerized
computador pessoal {m}  :: personal computer
computador portátil {m}  :: laptop computer
computação {f}  :: computation (the act of computing something)
computação {f}  :: computing (the study, field of computers and computer programming)
computação em nuvem {f} [lb, pt, computing]  :: cloud computing (centralised computing services provided over the Internet)
computar {v}  :: compute (reckon or calculate)
computar {v} [computing]  :: of a computer, to execute operations
com quanto {conj}  :: obsolete spelling of conquanto
coméquié {phrase}  :: eye dialect of como é que é
comércio {m}  :: a company which engages in commerce
comércio {m} [uncountable]  :: commerce, trade (exchange)
comum {adj}  :: common (mutual)
comum {adj}  :: common (usual)
com uma mão nas costas {adv} [idiomatic]  :: hands down (without much effort, easily)
comumente {adv}  :: commonly
comuna {mf} [pejorative, slang]  :: commie
comungar {vi} [Christianity]  :: to communicate (to take part in the Holy Communion)
comungar {vt} [Christianity]  :: to communicate (to administer the Holy Communion)
comunhão {m}  :: communion (all senses)
comunhão {m}  :: community
Comunhão Anglicana {prop}  :: Anglican Communion (a worldwide network of churches that are in communion with the Church of England)
comunicado {adj}  :: which has been communicated
comunicado {m}  :: communiqué (official report or statement)
comunicando {v}  :: gerund of comunicar
comunicação {f}  :: notice, warning, notification
comunicação {f} [uncountable]  :: communication (concept of information exchange)
comunicar {v}  :: to communicate (to express or convey ideas)
comunicar {v}  :: to communicate (to impart information or knowledge of; to make known)
comunicar {v}  :: to communicate (to impart or transmit)
comunidade {f} [Brazil, euphemistic]  :: a poor neighbourhood
comunidade {f}  :: community (condition of having certain attitudes and interests in common)
comunidade {f}  :: community (group sharing a common understanding)
comunidade {f} [ecology]  :: community (group of organisms inhabiting the same region and interacting with each other)
Comunidade da Austrália {prop}  :: Commonwealth of Australia (formal and full name of Australia)
Comunidade das Nações {prop}  :: Commonwealth of Nations (association of independent states)
Comunidade de Estados Independentes {prop}  :: Commonwealth of Independent States (successor to the Soviet Union)
Comunidade Valenciana {prop}  :: Valencian Community (autonomous community in Spain)
comunismo {m}  :: communism (philosophy)
comunista {adj}  :: communist (of or relating to communism)
comunista {mf}  :: Communist. communist
comutador {m} [mathematics]  :: commutator (mathematical element, in a group)
comutador {m} [networking]  :: switch (device that connects multiple wires, allowing them to communicate simultaneously)
comutando {v}  :: gerund of comutar
comutar {v}  :: to commute, exchange, replace
comutativa {adj}  :: feminine form of comutativo
comutativas {adj}  :: feminine plural of comutativo
comutativo {adj} [algebra, of an algebraic structure]  :: commutative (having a commutative operation)
comutativo {adj} [mathematics, of a binary operation]  :: commutative (such that order of operands does not affect result)
comível {adj}  :: edible (able to be safely eaten)
comível {adj} [slang]  :: fuckable (able to be or worthy of being fucked)
cona {f} [offensive, vulgar]  :: vagina
concatenando {v}  :: gerund of concatenar
concatenação {f}  :: concatenation
concatenar {v}  :: to concatenate
concavanila {f} [protein]  :: concanavalin
concavidade {f}  :: concavity
concebendo {v}  :: gerund of conceber
conceber {v}  :: to conceive (all senses)
conceber {v}  :: to explain
conceber {v}  :: to interpret
conceber {v}  :: to think (of), imagine
concebido {adj}  :: designed, planned, conceived
concedendo {v}  :: gerund of conceder
conceder {v}  :: to grant, concede, allow
concedido {adj}  :: granted, conceded
conceição {f} [chiefly, archaic]  :: alternative form of concepção
conceição {f} [Christianity, usually capitalized]  :: Conception (moment when Mary was conceived)
Conceição {prop}  :: female given name
conceito {m}  :: concept
concelho {m}  :: county, municipality
concentrador {m}  :: concentrator
concentrando {v}  :: gerund of concentrar
concentração {f}  :: concentration (all senses)
concentrar {v}  :: to centralize
concentrar {v}  :: to concentrate
concentrar {v}  :: to focus or localize
conceção {f} [Portugal]  :: alternative form of concepção
concepção {f} [Brazil]  :: conception (all senses)
concepção {f} [Brazil]  :: idea
concernir {vt}  :: to concern (to be of importance to)
concertando {v}  :: gerund of concertar
concertar {v}  :: to agree
concertar {v}  :: to arrange
concertina {f} [musical instruments]  :: concertina
concerto {m}  :: concert (a musical entertainment in which several voices or instruments take part)
concessionária {f}  :: agent, concessionaire
concessão {f}  :: award
concessão {f}  :: franchise
concessão {f}  :: grant, concession
concha {f}  :: scoop (specialised spoon for serving)
concha {f}  :: seashell
concha {f}  :: the shell of any mollusk
concha nasal {f} [skeleton]  :: nasal concha
concha nasal inferior {f} [skeleton]  :: inferior nasal concha
conciliação {f}  :: reconciliation (the reestablishment of friendly relations; conciliation or rapprochement)
conciliável {adj}  :: reconcilable
concisa {adj}  :: feminine form of conciso
concisas {adj}  :: feminine plural of conciso
conciso {adj}  :: concise (brief and precise)
concílio {m}  :: council (especially a religious one)
concluindo {v}  :: gerund of concluir
concluir {v}  :: to complete, conclude, terminate
conclusão {f}  :: conclusion
conclusão {f} [European Union law]  :: opinion (judicial opinion delivered by an Advocate General to the European Court of Justice for a legal solution in a case)
concêntrica {adj}  :: feminine form of concêntrico
concêntricas {adj}  :: feminine plural of concêntrico
concêntrico {adj}  :: concentric
concordante {adj}  :: characterised by agreement, harmony
concordante {adj}  :: who or which agrees
concordar {v}  :: to agree
concorde {adj}  :: concordant (agreeing, correspondent, harmonious)
concordância {f}  :: agreement (state whereby several parties share a view or opinion)
concordância {f}  :: concordance (index showing the places a word may be found in a work)
concordância {f} [grammar]  :: agreement (the state of different words in a clause having the same value of a grammatical category)
concorrendo {v}  :: gerund of concorrer
concorrente {adj}  :: competing
concorrente {adj} [computing]  :: concurrent
concorrente {adj}  :: concurrent
concorrente {mf}  :: competitor (person against whom one is competing)
concorrer {v}  :: to compete
concorrer {v}  :: to concur
concorrer {v}  :: to tender, apply
concorrência {f}  :: competition, rivalry
concorrência {f}  :: concurrence
concórdia {f}  :: concord (a state of agreement; harmony; union)
concreta {adj}  :: feminine form of concreto
concretas {adj}  :: feminine plural of concreto
concretismo {m} [art]  :: concretism (abstractionist movement)
concretismo {m}  :: something which is concrete instead of abstract
concretizando {v}  :: gerund of concretizar
concretizar {vt}  :: to concretize, to make real
concreto {adj}  :: concrete
concreto {m}  :: concrete
concreto reforçado {m}  :: reinforced concrete (building material)
concubina {f}  :: concubine (a woman who lives with a man, but who is not a wife)
concunhada {f}  :: sister-in-law (spouse’s brother’s wife)
concunhado {m}  :: co-brother-in-law (one’s spouse’s brother-in-law)
concupiscência {f}  :: concupiscence, lust, longing, desire
concurso {m}  :: competition (contest for a prize or award)
concurso de beleza {m}  :: beauty pageant (competition on attractiveness)
concussão {f}  :: concussion (an injury to part of the body, especially the brain)
condado {m}  :: county (land ruled by a count or countess)
conde {m}  :: count (the male ruler of a county)
condecorando {v}  :: gerund of condecorar
condecoração {f} [military]  :: decoration (act, insignia)
condecorar {v} [military]  :: To decorate
Conde Drácula {prop}  :: Count Dracula (fictional vampire)
Condeixa-a-Nova {prop}  :: a Portuguese village in Coimbra district
condemnada {adj}  :: feminine form of condemnado
condemnadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of condemnado
condemnado {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of condenado
condemnado {m}  :: obsolete spelling of condenado
condemnado {v}  :: obsolete spelling of condenado
condenada {adj}  :: feminine form of condenado
condenadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of condenado
condenado {adj}  :: condemned
condenado {m}  :: convict (person convicted of a crime)
condenando {v}  :: gerund of condenar
condenação {f}  :: condemnation
condenação {f} [legal]  :: conviction
condenar {v} [legal]  :: To convict
condenar {v}  :: to condemn, doom
condenar {v}  :: to damn, denounce
condensado {adj}  :: condensed
condensado de Bose-Einstein {m} [physics]  :: Bose-Einstein condensate (gaseous superfluid)
condensador {m}  :: capacitor
condensador {m}  :: condenser
condensando {v}  :: gerund of condensar
condensação {f}  :: condensation (all senses)
condensar {v}  :: to condense
condensar {v}  :: to pile up
condescendente {adj}  :: accepting of others’ opinions and ideas
condescendente {adj}  :: condescending (assuming a tone of superiority or a patronizing attitude)
condessa {f}  :: countess
condestável {m}  :: constable (officer of a noble court)
condevedor {m}  :: codebtor
condicionado {adj}  :: accustomed (adapted to existing conditions)
condicionado {adj}  :: conditioned (dependent on a condition)
condicionado {adj} [psychology]  :: conditioned (exhibiting a conditioned reflex)
condicionador {m}  :: hair conditioner (cosmetic product)
condicionador de ar {m}  :: air conditioner
condicional {adj}  :: conditional (depending on a condition)
condicional {adj} [grammar, of a conjunction]  :: expressing a condition
condicional {adj} [legal, of an heir]  :: who must fulfil specified conditions before receiving his part of the inheritance
condicional {f} [grammar]  :: a conjunction expressing a condition
condicional {f} [legal]  :: parole (release of a prisoner on the understanding that he checks in regularly and obeys the law)
condicional {m} [grammar]  :: conditional mood (form of the verb used to signify that something is contingent upon the outcome of something else)
condicionamento {m}  :: conditioning (process of modifying a person or animal’s behaviour)
condicionamento {m}  :: control of stored products’ temperature and humidity
condicionamento {m}  :: fitness (quality of being physically fit)
condicionamento {m}  :: the act of establishing conditions
condicionar {v}  :: to acclimate (to adjust to a new environment)
condicionar {v}  :: to condition (place conditions or limitations upon)
condicionar {v}  :: to condition (shape the behaviour of someone to do something)
condicionar {v}  :: to store a product under controlled levels of temperature and humidity
condimentado {adj}  :: spiced (containing spice)
condimentar {vt}  :: to season (to flavour food)
condimento {m}  :: condiment (something used to enhance flavor)
condição {f}  :: condition
condiscípulo {m}  :: schoolmate, schoolfellow
condizer {v}  :: to agree (to be conformable; to resemble; to coincide; to correspond)
condolência {f}  :: condolence (sympathy for someone’s suffering)
condomínio {m}  :: A fee that each owner pays for common services
condomínio {m}  :: condominium (apartment building)
condor {m}  :: condor (American species of vultures)
condrito {m}  :: chondrite
condroesternal {adj} [anatomy]  :: chondrosternal
condrítica {adj}  :: feminine form of condrítico
condríticas {adj}  :: feminine plural of condrítico
condrítico {adj}  :: chondritic
conducente {adj}  :: conducive (tending to bring about some result)
conductibilidade {f} [physics]  :: conductivity
conductividade {f}  :: alternative form of condutividade
conductor {m}  :: obsolete form of condutor
condução {f}  :: government
condução {f}  :: leading, driving, conducting
conduta {f}  :: conduct, behaviour, demeanour, deportment
conduíte {m}  :: conduit (duct or tube into which electrical cables may be pulled)
condutibilidade {m}  :: conductibility
condutividade {f} [physics]  :: conductivity
condutor {m}  :: conductor (a person who takes tickets on public transportation)
condutor {m} [physics]  :: conductor
condutor {m}  :: someone of something which conducts
condutora {f}  :: conductor (female)
conduzida {adj}  :: feminine form of conduzido
conduzidas {adj}  :: feminine plural of conduzido
conduzido {adj}  :: conducted, transported
conduzido {v}  :: past participle of conduzir
conduzindo {v}  :: gerund of conduzir
conduzir {v}  :: to conduct
conduzir {v}  :: to drive a vehicle
conduzir {v}  :: to wage (to conduct or carry out)
cone {m} [geometry, etc.]  :: cone (conical shape)
conectar {v}  :: to connect (to join two or more pieces)
conectiva {adj}  :: feminine form of conectivo
conectivas {adj}  :: feminine plural of conectivo
conectivo {adj}  :: which connects
conectivo {m} [grammar]  :: connective (word used to connect words, clauses and sentences)
conectivo {m} [logic]  :: connective (function that operates on truth values)
conector {m}  :: connector
cone de escória {m} [vulcanology]  :: cinder cone (conical deposit of rock fragments)
conexão {f}  :: connection
Confúcio {prop}  :: Confucius (Chinese philosopher)
confeccionado {adj}  :: arranged
confeccionado {adj}  :: made, prepared
confeccionado {adj}  :: manipulated
confeccionado {v}  :: past participle of confeccionar
confeccionando {v}  :: gerund of confeccionar
confeccionar {v}  :: to arrange
confeccionar {v}  :: to make, prepare
confeccionar {v}  :: to manipulate
confecção {f}  :: confection (process)
confecção {f}  :: production
confederação {f}  :: confederation
confeitaria {f}  :: confectioner's (sweet shop)
confeitaria {f}  :: confectionery
confeiteiro {m}  :: confectioner
confeito {m}  :: sugar-coated almond etc
conífera {f} [botany]  :: conifer (cone-bearing seed plant with vascular tissue)
conferindo {v}  :: gerund of conferir
conferir {v}  :: to check (if something is correct)
conferir {v}  :: to confer, bestow
conferência {f}  :: conference
conferência {f}  :: congress
conferência {f}  :: lecture
confessado {v}  :: past participle of confessar
confessando {v}  :: gerund of confessar
confessar {v}  :: to confess, own up, admit
confessionário {m} [Roman Catholic church]  :: confessional (a small room where confession is performed)
confessória {adj}  :: feminine form of confessório
confessórias {adj}  :: feminine plural of confessório
confessório {adj} [legal]  :: confession (attributive)
confiabilidade {f}  :: reliability
confiador {m}  :: joint guarantor
confiança {f}  :: trust, confidence
confiando {v}  :: gerund of confiar
confiante {adj}  :: confident (being very sure of or positive about something)
confiar {v}  :: to confide, entrust
confiar {v}  :: to rely on
confidencial {adj}  :: confidential, private
confidente {n}  :: confidant (a person in whom one can confide or share one’s secrets)
confidência {f}  :: secrecy
confidência {f}  :: secret, confidence
configurado {adj}  :: configured
configuração {f} [computing]  :: settings
configuração {f}  :: configuration (relative disposition)
confim {m}  :: confine; a limit or border
confinar {vt}  :: to confine (to restrict; to keep within bounds)
confirmando {v}  :: gerund of confirmar
confirmação {f}  :: confirmation
confirmar {v}  :: to confirm, corroborate, affirm
confirmatória {adj}  :: feminine form of confirmatório
confirmatórias {adj}  :: feminine plural of confirmatório
confirmatório {adj}  :: confirmatory (serving to confirm something)
confiscar {vt}  :: to confiscate (to take possession of by force)
confissão {f} [Christianity]  :: confession
confiável {adj}  :: faithful, loyal
confiável {adj}  :: reliable
conflagração {f}  :: conflagration (a large, ferocious, and destructive fire)
conflitar {vi} [with com]  :: to conflict (be at odds (with))
conflito {m}  :: conflict, strife, war
conflito de interesses {m} [legal]  :: conflict of interest
conflituosa {adj}  :: feminine form of conflituoso
conflituosas {adj}  :: feminine plural of conflituoso
conflituoso {adj}  :: having or causing conflict
confluência {f}  :: confluence (convergence or combination of forces, people, or things)
confluência {f}  :: confluence (point where two rivers or streams meet)
conformacional {adj}  :: conformational
conformar {v}  :: to conform (to cause to be in accordance with a set of specifications)
conformar-se {vr} [of things, situations, etc.]  :: to conform (to be in accordance with a set of specifications)
conformar-se {vr}  :: to deal with (to come to terms with; to overcome any difficulties presented by something)
conforme {adj}  :: conformable (having the same shape)
conforme {conj}  :: as (varying through time to the same proportion that)
conformemente {adv} [lb, pt, manner]  :: accordingly (in accordance with)
conformidade {f}  :: analogy, resemblance
conformidade {f}  :: conformity
conformidade {f}  :: harmony
conformismo {m}  :: conformism (willingness to conform)
confortando {v}  :: gerund of confortar
confortar {v}  :: to comfort
confortavelmente {adv}  :: comfortably
conforto {m}  :: comfort; contentment; ease
conforto {m}  :: comfort (something relieving suffering or worry)
confortável {adj}  :: comfortable
confrade {m}  :: a member of a religious order
confrade {m} [by extension]  :: colleague (fellow member of a profession, staff, academic faculty or other organization)
confraria {f}  :: a religious order formed by laymen
confraria {f} [by extension]  :: a group of people with a common interest
confraternizar {v}  :: to fraternise (to associate with others in a friendly manner)
confrontar {vt}  :: to confront (to stand or meet facing, especially in competition, hostility or defiance)
confronto {m}  :: confrontation (a conflict between armed forces)
confronto {m}  :: confrontation (a hostile meeting)
confôrto {m}  :: obsolete spelling of conforto
confucianismo {m}  :: Confucianism (philosophy and teachings of Confucius)
confundido {adj}  :: confused
confundindo {v}  :: gerund of confundir
confundir {v}  :: to baffle
confundir {v}  :: to confound
confundir {v}  :: to confuse
confundir-se {vr}  :: to mistake something for another
confusa {adj}  :: feminine form of confuso
confusas {adj}  :: feminine plural of confuso
confusão {f}  :: confusion;
confusão {f}  :: mess;
confusão {f}  :: misunderstanding;
confusão {f}  :: unclearness
confuso {adj}  :: confused
confuso {adj}  :: confusing
congelado {adj}  :: frozen
congelador {m}  :: freezer (section of a refrigerator)
congelar {v}  :: to freeze
congestionado {adj}  :: congested; obstructed
congestionado {adj} [of traffic]  :: gridlocked (stationary in a gridlock)
congestionamento {m}  :: traffic jam (situation in which all road traffic is stationary or very slow)
congestão {f}  :: congestion
congénere {adj}  :: like
congénere {mf}  :: a peer, an individual of the same sort
congênito {adj} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of congénito
congénito {adj} [Portugal, of a trait]  :: congenital (present since birth)
Congo {prop}  :: Congo (river)
Congo-Brazzaville {prop}  :: Congo (country with Brazzaville as capital)
Congo-Kinshasa {prop}  :: Congo (country with Kinshasa as capital)
congolês {adj}  :: Congolese (of, from or relating to the Democratic Republic of Congo)
congolês {adj}  :: Congolese (of, from or relating to the Republic of Congo)
congolês {m}  :: Congolese (person from the Democratic Republic of Congo)
congolês {m}  :: Congolese (person from the Republic of Congo)
congraçamento {m}  :: appeasement
congraçamento {m}  :: reconciliation
congraçando {v}  :: gerund of congraçar
congraçar {v}  :: to appease
congraçar {v}  :: to reconcile
congregando {v}  :: gerund of congregar
congregação {f}  :: congregation (all senses)
congregação {f}  :: gathering
congregar {v}  :: to gather, congregate
congressista {mf}  :: congressman (member of congress)
congresso {m}  :: congress (academic conference)
congresso {m}  :: congress (legislative body)
conhaque {m}  :: cognac (type of brandy)
conhecedor {adj}  :: Who knowns; possessor of knowledge; knowing
conhecer {v}  :: to know (be acquainted or familiar with)
conhecer {v}  :: to meet someone for the first time
conhecido {adj}  :: known
conhecido {adj}  :: well-known, famous
conhecido {m}  :: acquaintance (person)
conhecimento {m}  :: knowledge
conhecimento é poder {proverb}  :: knowledge is power
conhecível {adj}  :: knowable (capable of being known)
Conimbriga {prop}  :: alternative form of Conímbriga
Conisberga {prop} [historical]  :: Königsberg (also|former capital of East Prussia)
conjectura {f} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of conjetura
conjectural {adj}  :: conjectural (in the nature of a conjecture)
conjecturar {v}  :: alternative form of conjeturar
conjetura {f} [Portugal]  :: conjecture (unproven statement; guess)
conjeturar {vi} [formal]  :: to conjecture (to venture an unproven idea)
conjugando {v}  :: gerund of conjugar
conjugação {f}  :: conjugation
conjugar {v}  :: conjugate
conjuncção {f}  :: obsolete spelling of conjunção
conjuncto {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of conjunto
conjuncto {m}  :: obsolete spelling of conjunto
conjunção {f}  :: conjunction (act of joining or being joined)
conjunção {f} [grammar]  :: conjunction
conjunta {adj}  :: feminine form of conjunto
conjuntamente {adv}  :: conjointly, together
conjuntas {adj}  :: feminine plural of conjunto
conjuntista {adj} [mathematics]  :: set-theoretic (of, relating to or using set theory)
conjuntiva {adj}  :: feminine form of conjuntivo
conjuntivas {adj}  :: feminine plural of conjuntivo
conjuntivo {adj}  :: conjunctive
conjuntivo {adj}  :: subjunctive
conjuntivo {m}  :: conjunctive
conjuntivo {m}  :: subjunctive
conjunto {adj}  :: adjoining, nearby
conjunto {adj}  :: contiguous
conjunto {adj} [uncomparable]  :: joined, linked
conjunto {adj} [uncomparable]  :: joint (done by two or more people together)
conjunto {m}  :: a group of people
conjunto {m}  :: collection, a group of objects
conjunto {m} [mathematics]  :: set (collection of mathematical objects, often having a common property)
conjunto {m} [music]  :: band
conjunto de caracteres {m} [computing]  :: character set (set of characters in a character encoding)
conjunto de partes {m} de|partes
conjunto de partes {m} [set theory]  :: power set (set of all subsets of a set)
conjuntura {f}  :: conjuncture
conjurando {v}  :: gerund of conjurar
conjuração {f}  :: conspiracy
conjuração {f}  :: exorcism
conjurar {v}  :: to conspire
conjurar {v}  :: to exorcise
Conímbriga {prop}  :: An Ancient Roman city, near modern Coimbra, Portugal
connectar {v}  :: obsolete spelling of conectar
Connecticut {prop}  :: Connecticut (a state of the United States of America)
connexão {f}  :: obsolete spelling of conexão
connosco {pron} [Portugal, prepositional]  :: alternative form of conosco
cono {m} [vulgar]  :: vagina
conosco {pron} [Brazil, prepositional]  :: with us
conotação {f}  :: connotation
conotar {vt}  :: to connote (to signify beyond principal meaning)
conotativa {adj}  :: feminine form of conotativo
conotativas {adj}  :: feminine plural of conotativo
conotativo {adj}  :: connotative
conquanto {conj}  :: although (in spite of the fact that)
conquista {f}  :: achievement
conquista {f}  :: conquest
conquistando {v}  :: gerund of conquistar
conquistar {v}  :: to conquer
Conrado {prop}  :: Conrad (given name)
consagrando {v}  :: gerund of consagrar
consagrar {v}  :: to consecrate, sanctify
consagrar {v}  :: to sacrifice
consanguinidade {f}  :: consanguinity (relationship by blood, descent)
conscienciosa {adj}  :: feminine form of consciencioso
conscienciosamente {adv}  :: conscientiously
conscienciosamente {adv}  :: scrupulously
conscienciosas {adj}  :: feminine plural of consciencioso
consciencioso {adj}  :: conscientious
consciencioso {adj}  :: scrupulous
consciente {adj}  :: aware (having knowledge of something)
consciente {adj}  :: ethical (morally approvable)
consciente {adj} [medicine]  :: conscious (not sleeping, fainted or in coma)
consciente {m} [psychology]  :: the part of the mind one consciously perceives
conscientemente {adv}  :: With knowledge of relevant facts; consciously; knowingly
consciência {f}  :: conscience (moral sense)
consciência {f}  :: consciousness
consócio {m}  :: comrade
consócio {m}  :: partner
conscrição {f}  :: conscription (involuntary labour, especially military service)
consecutivo {adj}  :: consecutive (following, in succession, without interruption)
conseguindo {v}  :: gerund of conseguir
conseguir {v}  :: to achieve
conseguir {v}  :: to get, to obtain
conselheira {adj}  :: feminine form of conselheiro
conselheiras {adj}  :: feminine plural of conselheiro
conselheiro {adj}  :: advisory
conselheiro {m}  :: advisor, counselor, mentor
conselho {m}  :: advice
conselho {m}  :: council
Conselho de Segurança das Nações Unidas {prop}  :: UN Security Council (international organ)
consenso {m}  :: consensus (general agreement)
consentimento {m}  :: consent, permission
consentimento {m}  :: license
consentindo {v}  :: gerund of consentir
consentir {v}  :: to agree to; to allow; to permit
consentir {v}  :: to consent
conseqüente {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of consequente
conseqüentemente {adv}  :: obsolete spelling of consequentemente
conseqüência {f}  :: obsolete spelling of consequência
consequente {adj}  :: consequent, consequential
consequentemente {adv}  :: consequently
consequentemente {adv}  :: therefore, hence
consequência {f}  :: consequence
consertar {v}  :: to fix, to repair
conservador {adj}  :: conservative (based on pessimistic assumptions)
conservador {adj} [politics]  :: conservative (supporting or relating to conservatism)
conservador {adj}  :: which conserves, preserves
conservador {m}  :: conservative (one who favours the status quo)
conservadorismo {m} [politics]  :: conservatism
conservando {v}  :: gerund of conservar
conservação {f}  :: conservation
conservação {f}  :: preservation
conservar {v}  :: to conserve
conservar {v}  :: to preserve
conservatório {m}  :: conservatoire
conservatório {m}  :: conservatory, greenhouse
consideração {f}  :: consideration
consideração {f}  :: valuation
consideração {f}  :: value, importance
considerar {v}  :: to consider
considerar {v}  :: to think highly of
consideravelmente {adv}  :: considerably
considerável {adj}  :: considerable
consignando {v}  :: gerund of consignar
consignação {f}  :: consignment
consignar {v}  :: to consign
consignatário {m}  :: consignee
consignatário {m}  :: cosignatory
consigo {pron}  :: impersonal reflexive pronoun with com (with oneself)
consigo {pron}  :: third-person plural reflexive prepositional pronoun with com (with themselves; with yourselves when the pronoun is vocês)
consigo {pron}  :: third-person singular reflexive prepositional pronoun with com (with himself; with herself; with itself; with yourself when the pronoun is você)
consistente {adj}  :: consistent (of a regularly occurring, dependable nature)
consistente {adj}  :: having a firm and elastic consistency
consistindo {v}  :: gerund of consistir - consisting (of)
consistir {v}  :: to consist (of)
consistência {f}  :: consistency
consistência {f}  :: solidity
consoada {f} [often, capitalized]  :: Christmas dinner (meal traditionally eaten at Christmas Eve)
consoante {f}  :: consonant
consogra {f}  :: co-mother-in-law (mother of one’s son- or daughter-in-law)
consogro {m}  :: co-father-in-law (father of one’s son- or daughter-in-law)
consolando {v}  :: gerund of consolar
consolação {f}  :: consolation
consolação {f}  :: solace
consolar {v}  :: to console, comfort
consolidando {v}  :: gerund of consolidar
consolidação {f}  :: consolidation
consolidar {v}  :: to consolidate
consolo {m}  :: consolation, comfort, solace
consolável {adj}  :: controllable
conspícuo {adj}  :: conspicuous (obvious or easy to notice)
conspirador {m}  :: conspirator (person who is part of a conspiracy)
conspiração {f}  :: plot, conspiracy (act of working in secret to obtain some goal)
conspurcar {vt}  :: to defile; to befoul (to make impure)
consórcio {m}  :: consortium
constante {adj}  :: constant (consistently recurring over time)
constante {adj}  :: constant (steady in purpose, action)
constante {adj}  :: constant (unchanged through time or space)
constante {adj}  :: which is included somewhere on in something
constante {f} [algebra]  :: constant (quantity that remains fixed)
constante {f}  :: constant (that which is permanent or invariable)
constante {f} [programming]  :: constant (identifier that is bound to an invariant value)
constante {f} [sciences]  :: constant (property that does not change)
constante arbitrária de integração {f} [calculus]  :: constant of integration (constant to be added at the indefinite integral)
constante de Hubble {f} [astronomy]  :: Hubble constant (rate of expansion of the universe)
constante de Planck {f} [physics]  :: Planck's constant
constantemente {adv}  :: constantly
Constantino {prop}  :: Constantine (male given name)
Constantinopla {prop}  :: Constantinople (present day Istanbul)
constatação {f}  :: investigation, verification
constatação {f}  :: noting
constatação {f}  :: proof, confirmation
constatar {v}  :: to verify
constelação {f}  :: constellation
consternação {f}  :: consternation (amazement or horror; terror, combined with amazement; dismay)
constipação {f}  :: cold (illness)
constituído {v}  :: past participle of constituir - constituted
constituindo {v}  :: gerund of constituir - constituting
constituinte {adj}  :: constituent
constituinte {m}  :: constituent, component
constituição {f}  :: constitution (all senses)
constituir {v}  :: to constitute
constância {f}  :: constancy (the quality of being constant)
Constância {prop}  :: a Portuguese village in Santarém district
constrangedor {adj}  :: awkward (not easily managed or effected; embarrassing)
constrangedora {adj}  :: feminine form of constrangedor
constrangedoras {adj}  :: feminine plural of constrangedor
constrangendo {v}  :: gerund of constranger
constranger {v}  :: to compel, oblige
constranger {v}  :: to constrain
constructo {m}  :: construct (concept or model)
construindo {v}  :: gerund of construir
construir {v}  :: to build
construir {v}  :: to construct
construção {f}  :: construction, building (act or process of building)
construtivismo {m} [arts]  :: constructivism (movement in modern art)
construto {m}  :: alternative form of constructo
construtor {adj}  :: construction (attributive)
construtor {m}  :: builder, constructor
construtora {adj}  :: feminine form of construtor
construtoras {adj}  :: feminine plural of construtor
consubstanciando {v}  :: gerund of consubstanciar
consubstanciação {f}  :: consubstantiation
consubstanciar {v}  :: to consubstantiate, consolidate
consubstanciar {v}  :: to unite intimately
consuetudinária {adj}  :: feminine form of consuetudinário
consuetudinárias {adj}  :: feminine plural of consuetudinário
consuetudinário {adj} [rare]  :: consuetudinal, habitual, usual
consuetudinário {adj}  :: unwritten (implicit or understood but not formally articulated)
consular {adj}  :: consular (pertaining to a consul)
consultar {v}  :: to consult (ask advice)
consultor {m}  :: consultant (person or party that is consulted)
consultoria {f}  :: consultancy (consulting firm)
consultório {m}  :: clinic
consultório {m}  :: consulting room
consultório {m}  :: office
consumando {v}  :: gerund of consumar
consumação {f}  :: consummation
consumar {v}  :: to consumate
consumar {v}  :: to consummate
consumidor {m}  :: consumer
consumidora {f}  :: consumer (female)
consumindo {v}  :: gerund of consumir
consumir {v}  :: to consume
consumo {m}  :: consumption
consumível {adj}  :: consumable
conta {f}  :: account (in a bank or computer)
conta {f}  :: bead (small round object, especially those of a rosary)
conta {f}  :: check (a bill, particularly at a restaurant)
conta {f} [mathematics]  :: equation
conta {f} [mathematics]  :: operation
conta bancária {f}  :: bank account (fund deposited by a customer for safekeeping in a bank)
contabilidade {f}  :: accountancy
contabilista {mf}  :: accountant
contactar {v}  :: to contact (establish communication with)
contacto {m}  :: connection
contacto {m}  :: contact
contacto {m}  :: touch
contacto imediato {m} [Portugal]  :: alternative form of contato imediato
contador {m}  :: accountant (someone who maintains financial matters for a person)
contador {m}  :: counter (one who counts)
contadora {f}  :: feminine form of contador
contagem {f}  :: count, counting
contagem {f}  :: score
contagem final {f}  :: countdown (backward count to mark the start of an event)
contagem regressiva {f}  :: countdown (backward count to mark the start of an event)
contagiante {adj}  :: contagious (of a disease, able to be transmitted to others)
contagiante {adj}  :: contagious (of a fashion, laughter, etc, easily passed on to others)
contagiar {vt} [figurative]  :: to infect (to make somebody feel the same way as oneself)
contagiar {vt}  :: to infect (to bring into contact with a substance that causes illness)
contagiosidade {f}  :: contagiousness (state or condition of being contagious)
contagioso {adj}  :: contagious (of a disease, able to be transmitted to others)
contaminado {adj}  :: contaminated
contaminador {m}  :: contaminant
contaminando {v}  :: gerund of contaminar
contaminante {m}  :: contaminant
contaminação {f}  :: contamination
contaminação {f}  :: infection, contagion
contaminar {v}  :: to contaminate
contanto {conj}  :: provided (that)
contanto que {conj}  :: as long as (if, assuming)
contar {vt}  :: to count
contar {vt}  :: to rely on
contar {vt}  :: to tell, to talk about
contar com {v}  :: to count on (to rely upon, trust, or expect)
contatando {v}  :: gerund of contatar
contatar {v}  :: alternative form of contactar
contato {m}  :: contact
contato imediato {m}  :: close encounter
contato visual {m}  :: eye contact (action of looking at another human or animal in the eye)
conteúdo {m}  :: content (that which is contained)
contemplação {m}  :: the act of beholding (staring with awe)
contemplação {m}  :: the act of contemplating (considering with attention)
contemplar {v}  :: to contemplate (think about something in a concentrated manner)
contemplar {vt}  :: to behold (to look at with awe)
contemporânea {adj}  :: feminine form of contemporâneo
contemporâneas {adj}  :: feminine plural of contemporâneo
contemporâneo {adj}  :: contemporaneous
contemporâneo {adj}  :: contemporary
contemporâneo {m}  :: contemporary
contempto {m} [uncommon]  :: contempt (the feeling or attitude of regarding someone or something as inferior)
contenciosa {adj}  :: feminine form of contencioso
contenciosas {adj}  :: feminine plural of contencioso
contencioso {adj}  :: contentious
contencioso {adj}  :: litigious
contenda {f}  :: contention; struggle
contender {vi}  :: to contend (to strive in opposition)
contendo {v}  :: gerund of conter
contenção {f}  :: contention; struggle
contenção {f}  :: restrainment (the act of restraining)
contentar {vt}  :: to content; to satisfy (to make content)
contente {adj}  :: In a state of satisfaction; satisfied
contentemente {adv}  :: In context of being happy; happily
contentor {adj}  :: containing (which contains something)
contentora {adj}  :: feminine form of contentor
contentoras {adj}  :: feminine plural of contentor
conter {v}  :: to contain, hold, carry
conter {v}  :: to include
contestado {adj}  :: contested, contradicted
contestando {v}  :: gerund of contestar
contestação {f}  :: contestation, countercharge
contestação {f}  :: controversy
contestar {v}  :: to challenge, dispute
contestar {v}  :: to contest
contestar {v}  :: to contradict
contestável {adj}  :: contestable (which can be contested)
contexto {m}  :: context (circumstances or settings)
contexto {m} [linguistics]  :: context (text in which a word appears)
contágio {m}  :: contagion (transmission of a contagious disease)
contíguo {adj}  :: contiguous
contigüidade {f}  :: obsolete spelling of contiguidade
contigo {pron}  :: with you (singular)
contiguidade {f}  :: contiguity (state in which objects are physically touching)
continental {adj}  :: continental
continente {m}  :: continent
contêiner {m}  :: container (a very large, typically metal, box used for transporting goods)
contingente {adj}  :: contingent
contingente {m}  :: contingent
continuamente {adv}  :: continuously (without stopping)
continuação {f}  :: continuation, continuance, continuity
continuação {f}  :: sequel
continuar {vt}  :: to continue; to proceed
continuidade {f}  :: continuity (lack of interruption or disconnection)
continuidade {f} [mathematics]  :: continuity (characteristic property of a continuous function)
contínua {adj}  :: feminine form of contínuo
contínuas {adj}  :: feminine plural of contínuo
contínuo {adj}  :: continuous (without break, cessation, or interruption in time)
conto {m}  :: count (a quantity counted)
conto {m} [dated, Portugal]  :: a thousand escudos
conto {m} [literature]  :: short story (work of fiction shorter than a novel)
conto {m} [obsolete]  :: one million reis
conto {m}  :: tale (account of an asserted fact or circumstance)
conto {m}  :: the butt of a spear or polearm
conto de fadas {m}  :: fairy tale (a fantasy folktale)
conto popular {m}  :: folktale (tale that is part of an oral tradition)
contorcida {adj}  :: feminine form of contorcido
contorcidas {adj}  :: feminine plural of contorcido
contorcido {adj}  :: contorted
contorcionista {mf}  :: contortionist (an acrobat who twists their body)
contornando {v}  :: gerund of contornar
contornar {v}  :: to avoid something in one’s path
contornar {v}  :: to draw the contour of something
contornar {v}  :: to overcome a problem with or without solving it
contornar {v}  :: to surround a location
contorno {m}  :: contour, outline
contra- {prefix}  :: counter- (in opposition to)
contra {prep}  :: against
contra-atacar {vi}  :: to counter-attack
contra-ataque {m}  :: counter-attack
contrabaixo {m}  :: bass guitar (electric stringed instrument similar to an electric guitar)
contrabaixo {m} [music]  :: double bass (the largest stringed instrument of the violin family)
contrabalancear {vt}  :: to counterbalance (to match in equal, but opposing, effect)
contrabandear {v}  :: to smuggle (to import or export illicitly)
contrabando {m}  :: contraband (goods which are prohibited from being traded, smuggled goods)
contrabando {m} [uncountable]  :: the practice of smuggling
contracultura {f}  :: counterculture (any culture whose values and lifestyles are opposed to those of the mainstream culture)
contradança {f}  :: contra dance, quadrille
contradicção {f}  :: obsolete spelling of contradição
contradição {f}  :: contradiction (statement that contradicts itself)
contradita {adj}  :: feminine form of contradito
contraditada {adj}  :: feminine form of contraditado
contraditadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of contraditado
contraditado {adj}  :: contested
contraditado {adj}  :: contradicted
contraditas {adj}  :: feminine plural of contradito
contradito {adj}  :: contested
contradito {adj}  :: contradicted
contraditoriamente {adv}  :: contradictorily
contraditória {adj}  :: feminine form of contraditório
contraditórias {adj}  :: feminine plural of contraditório
contraditório {adj}  :: contradictory (that contradicts something)
contraditório {adj}  :: contradictory (that is itself a contradiction)
contradizer {v}  :: to contradict (deny the truth of a statement or statements)
contradizê-la {v}  :: contraction of contradizer a
contraente {m}  :: contractor
contrafagote {m} [musical instruments]  :: contrabassoon
contrafação {f}  :: counterfeit; fake (non-genuine article)
contrafazendo {v}  :: gerund of contrafazer
contrafazer {v}  :: to counterfeit
contragolpe {m}  :: counterblow (blow delivered in return of another)
contragosto {m}  :: aversion, antipathy
contraindo {v}  :: gerund of contrair
contrair {v}  :: to contract, reduce, shrink, shorten
contrair {v}  :: to narrow
contrair {v}  :: to tighten
contrair-se {vr}  :: to contract (to draw together; shorten; lessen)
contramestra {f}  :: feminine form of contramestre
contramestre {m} [nautical]  :: petty officer who controls the work of other seamen
contramestre {m} [nautical]  :: substitute captain
contramestre {m}  :: overseer; supervisor (person with overseeing the work of a person or group)
contração {f}  :: contraction
contração {f}  :: shrinkage
contraparte {f}  :: counterpart
contrapartida {f}  :: counterpart
contraponto {m} [music]  :: counterpoint (a melody added to an existing one)
contraposição {f}  :: contraposition
contraprestação {f}  :: consideration (recompense payment)
contraprova {f} [legal]  :: counterevidence, rebuttal
contra-relógio {m}  :: time trial
contrariamente {adv}  :: contrarily (in a contrary manner)
contrariando {v}  :: gerund of contrariar
contrariar {v}  :: to contradict
contrariar {v}  :: to counter
contrariar {v}  :: to counteract
contrariar {v}  :: to thwart, frustrate
contrastante {adj}  :: contrasting
contrastar {vt}  :: to contrast (set in opposition in order to show the difference between)
contraste {m}  :: contrast
contratada {adj}  :: feminine form of contratado
contratadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of contratado
contratado {adj}  :: contracted (having a legal contract)
contratado {v}  :: past participle of contratar
contratando {v}  :: gerund of contratar
contratante {adj}  :: contracting (that makes a legal contract)
contratante {mf}  :: contractor
contratar {v}  :: to contract, hire
contratempo {m} [Brazil]  :: hi-hat (pair of cymbals actuated by a pedal)
contratempo {m}  :: contretemps (unfortunate event)
contratenor {m}  :: countertenor (male singing voice higher than the typical male range)
contrato de experiência {m}  :: probation (period of conditional employment or engagement)
contratorpedeiro {m} [military]  :: destroyer (type of warship)
contrato social {m} [philosophy, politics]  :: social contract (implicit agreement among members of a society)
contratual {adj}  :: contractual
contratualmente {adv}  :: contractually
contravariante {adj} [category theory, of a functor]  :: contravariant (which reverses composition)
contravariância {f}  :: contravariance (reversal of the order of data types acted upon by an operator)
contravenção {f}  :: contravention (act of contravening a rule)
contravenção {f} [legal]  :: misdemeanor (small crime)
contraventor {m}  :: offender
contravigilância {f}  :: countersurveillance (the art of evading surveillance)
contribuindo {v}  :: gerund of contribuir
contribuinte {adj}  :: contributory
contribuinte {mf}  :: contributor
contribuinte {mf}  :: taxpayer
contribuição {f}  :: contribution
contribuir {v}  :: to contribute
contribuir {v}  :: to subscribe
contrôlo {m}  :: obsolete spelling of controlo
controlador {adj}  :: controlling
controlador {m} [management]  :: controller, comptroller
controladora {adj}  :: feminine form of controlador
controladoras {adj}  :: feminine plural of controlador
controlar {v}  :: to contain (to limit through restraint)
controlar {v}  :: to control (to determine the behaviour of)
controlar {v}  :: to govern (to exercise sovereign authority)
controlar {v}  :: to keep under control
controlar {v}  :: to limit (not to allow to go beyond a certain bound)
controlavelmente {adv}  :: controllable
controle {m} [chiefly, Brazil]  :: alternative form of controlo
controle de natalidade {m}  :: birth control (voluntary control of the number of children conceived)
controle mental {m}  :: mind control (subverting an individual’s control of his mind)
controle remoto {m} [chiefly, Brazil]  :: alternative form of controlo remoto
controlo {m}  :: anything which controls something else
controlo {m}  :: control (influence or authority over something)
controlo {m}  :: monitoring; inspection; regulation
controlo {m}  :: self-control; composure
controlo {m} [specifically]  :: remote control (device used to operate a device from a short distance)
controlo {m}  :: the act of preventing something from spreading or increasing
controlo remoto {m} [chiefly, Portugal]  :: remote control
controverso {adj}  :: controversial (marked by controversy)
controvérsia {f}  :: controversy
contrária {adj}  :: feminine form of contrário
contrárias {adj}  :: feminine plural of contrário
contrário {adj}  :: contrary, opposite
contrário {adj}  :: opposed, against
contudo {adv}  :: In spite of what preceded; nevertheless
contusão {f}  :: contusion
convalescendo {v}  :: gerund of convalescer
convalescer {v}  :: to convalesce, recuperate
convalidando {v}  :: gerund of convalidar
convalidação {f}  :: convalidation
convalidar {v}  :: to validate
convelir {vi}  :: to seize (to have a seizure)
convencer {v}  :: to convince (to make someone believe, or feel sure about something)
convencida {adj}  :: feminine form of convencido
convencida {f}  :: feminine form of convencido
convencido {adj}  :: conceited (vain and egotistic)
convencido {m}  :: a conceited person
convencional {adj}  :: conventional
convencional {adj}  :: formal
convencionalmente {adv}  :: conventionally
convencionando {v}  :: gerund of convencionar
convencionar {v} [legal]  :: To agree on mutually satisfactory terms
convencionar {v}  :: to form a convention
conveniente {adj}  :: convenient; expedient (quick or easy to use)
convenientemente {adv}  :: In context of being convenient; favorably; conveniently
conveniência {f}  :: convenience
conveniência {f}  :: expediency
convenção {f}  :: agreement, contract
convenção {f}  :: convention (all senses)
convenção {f}  :: custom (normal practice)
convenção {f}  :: (formal) assembly
convento {m}  :: convent (for nuns)
convento {m}  :: monastery (for monks)
convergir {v}  :: to converge (to approach each other)
convergência {f}  :: convergence (all senses)
conversa {adj}  :: feminine form of converso
conversa {f}  :: an instance of conversation
conversa {f}  :: feminine form of converso
conversa {f} [uncountable]  :: conversation; talking
conversador {adj}  :: talkative
conversador {m}  :: conversationalist
conversadora {adj}  :: feminine form of conversador
conversadoras {adj}  :: feminine plural of conversador
conversa fiada {f}  :: nonsense (foolish or false statements)
conversando {v}  :: gerund of conversar
conversação {f}  :: conversation
conversa para boi dormir {f} [idiomatic]  :: tedious conversation
conversa pra boi dormir {f}  :: nonstandard spelling of conversa para boi dormir
conversar {v}  :: to talk
conversão {f}  :: conversion, transformation
conversível {adj}  :: convertible
convertedor {m}  :: converter
convertendo {v}  :: gerund of converter
converter {v}  :: to convert (all senses); to change
converter {v}  :: to transform
convertível {adj}  :: convertible (able to be converted)
convexa {adj}  :: feminine form of convexo
convexas {adj}  :: feminine plural of convexo
convexidade {f}  :: convexity
convexo {adj}  :: convex (curved or bowed outward like the outside of a bowl or sphere or circle)
convez {m}  :: obsolete spelling of convés
convicção {f}  :: conviction
convidar {v}  :: to invite (ask for the presence or participation of someone)
convidar para sair {v} [idiomatic]  :: to ask out (to invite someone on a date)
convindo {v}  :: gerund of convir
convindo {v}  :: past participle of convir
convir {v}  :: to agree
convir {v}  :: to be appropriate or convenient
convir {v}  :: to suit, fit
convite {m}  :: invitation, invite
convivência {f}  :: cohabitation
convivência {f}  :: intimacy
convocando {v}  :: gerund of convocar
convocação {f}  :: call
convocação {f}  :: convocation
convocação {f}  :: summons
convocar {v}  :: to convene, convoke
convocar {v}  :: to summon, muster, assemble
convolução {f} [lb, pt, anatomy]  :: convolution; gyrus (fold on the surface of the brain)
convolução {f}  :: the process of becoming twisted
convosco {pron}  :: with you (plural)
convés {m} [nautical]  :: deck (floorlike covering on a ship)
convés de proa {m}  :: foredeck (the part of the deck of a ship or boat that lies forward of the mast)
convulsar {vi}  :: to seize (to have a seizure)
convulsionar {v}  :: to convulse
convulsionar {v}  :: to have a seizure
convulsionar-se {vr}  :: to seize (to have a seizure)
convulsivo {adj}  :: convulsive (having or producing convulsions)
convulsão {f}  :: convulsion
convívio {m}  :: coexistence
convívio {m}  :: cohabitation
convívio {m} [obsolete]  :: banquet
cooperação {f}  :: cooperation (act of cooperating or being cooperative)
co-operação {f}  :: obsolete spelling of cooperação
Cooperação Econômica da Ásia e do Pacífico {prop} [Brazil]  :: Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (trade agreement)
Cooperação Económica da Ásia e do Pacífico {prop} [Portugal]  :: alternative form of Cooperação Econômica da Ásia e do Pacífico
cooperar {v}  :: to cooperate (to work together)
cooperativo {adj}  :: cooperative (of or relating to cooperatives)
cooperativo {adj}  :: cooperative (willing to work with others)
coordenada {f}  :: coordinate
coordenadas polares {n} [mathematics]  :: polar coordinates (coordinates of a point in a plane)
coordenação {f}  :: coordination
coordenar {v}  :: to coordinate (to run, to manage)
coordenar {v}  :: to coordinate (to synchronize)
coorte {f} [Ancient Rome, military]  :: cohort (tenth part of a legion)
copa {f}  :: breakfast room
copa {f}  :: crop (top of a plant)
copa {f}  :: cup (sports competition/trophy)
copa {f} [in the plural]  :: hearts (cards)
copaíba {f}  :: copaiba
copa do mundo {f}  :: world cup (competition involving competitors from around the world)
Copa do Mundo {prop}  :: the World Cup (football/soccer)
copas {f}  :: hearts (a suit of cards, )
cão pastor {m}  :: herding dog; sheepdog
cão-pastor {m}  :: alternative spelling of cão pastor
Copenhaga {prop}  :: Copenhagen (capital of Denmark)
Copenhagem {prop}  :: alternative form of Copenhaga
Copenhagen {prop}  :: alternative form of Copenhaga
Copenhague {prop}  :: alternative form of Copenhaga
Copenhaguem {prop}  :: alternative form of Copenhaga
Copenhaguen {prop}  :: alternative form of Copenhaga
copeque {m}  :: kopek (one-hundredth of a ruble)
copernício {m}  :: copernicium (chemical element)
copiador {m}  :: copier (one who makes copies)
copiadora {f}  :: feminine form of copiador
copiadora {f}  :: photocopier (machine which reproduces documents)
copiar {v}  :: to copy; to produce something identical
copião {m} [informal]  :: copycat (one who imitates others’ work)
copirraite {m}  :: copyright
copla {f}  :: couplet
coplanar {adj}  :: coplanar
copo {m}  :: glass
cão policial {m}  :: police dog (trained dog for police work)
copra {f}  :: copra (dried kernel of coconut)
copta {adj}  :: Coptic (of or pertaining to the Coptic language)
copta {adj}  :: Coptic (of or pertaining to the Coptic people or the Coptic Orthodox Church)
copta {m}  :: Coptic (language)
copta {n}  :: Copt (member of the Coptic church)
copular {v}  :: to bind; to connect
copular {v}  :: to copulate (to engage in sexual intercourse)
coque {m}  :: bun (a tight roll of hair worn at the back of the head)
coque {m}  :: coke (solid residue from roasting coal)
coqueiro {m}  :: coconut (coconut palm)
cão que ladra não morde {proverb}  :: barking dogs seldom bite (people who make big threats usually never carry them out)
coqueluche {f} [disease]  :: whooping cough (a contagious disease)
coquete {f}  :: coquette
coquetel {m}  :: cocktail (alcoholic beverage)
coquetel Molotov {m}  :: Molotov cocktail (simple incendiary bomb)
coquilha {f}  :: jockstrap (an athletic supporter)
coquinho {m}  :: The queen palm Syagrus romanzoffiana
cor {f}  :: colour [Commonwealth English], color [American English]
cor {m}  :: heart
corça {f}  :: doe (female deer)
coragem {f}  :: courage
corajosa {adj}  :: feminine form of corajoso
corajosamente {adv}  :: bravely
corajosas {adj}  :: feminine plural of corajoso
corajoso {adj}  :: courageous, brave, bold, intrepid
coral {m}  :: choir (group of singer)
coralina {adj}  :: feminine form of coralino
coralinas {adj}  :: feminine plural of coralino
coralino {adj}  :: coral (made of coral)
coralino {adj}  :: coral (yellowish pink in colour)
corante {adj}  :: that which dyes, colours
corante {m}  :: colourant, dye (a colourant, especially one that has an affinity to the substrate to which it is applied)
corante alimentar {m}  :: food colouring
corante alimentício {m}  :: food colouring
coração {f}  :: bleaching
coração {f}  :: blushing
coração {f}  :: coloration
coração {m}  :: center, core
coração {m}  :: emotions, kindness, spirit
coração {m}  :: heart (organ of the body)
coração partido {m}  :: broken heart (subjective feeling of grief or loss)
corar {vi}  :: to blush (to redden in the face from shame, excitement or embarrassment)
corar {v}  :: to bleach
corar {v}  :: to colour, to dye
corcel {m}  :: a good and fast steed
corcova {f}  :: hump (rounded fleshy mass, such as on a camel)
corcunda {f}  :: hump (deformity of the human back)
corcunda {mf}  :: humpback (humpbacked person)
corda {f}  :: rope, string
corda {f}  :: winding mechanism
corda de pular {f}  :: skipping rope (rope for play or exercise)
cordame {m} [nautical]  :: rigging (system of ropes, chains, and tackle)
corda vocal {f} [lb, pt, anatomy]  :: vocal cord (membrane fold in the human larynx)
cor de burro quando foge {adj} [lb, pt, humorous]  :: having an indistinct or nameless colour
cor de burro quando foge {f} [lb, pt, humorous]  :: an indistinct or nameless colour
cor-de-burro-quando-foge {adj}  :: alternative spelling of cor de burro quando foge
cor de cobre {adj}  :: alternative spelling of cor-de-cobre
cor-de-cobre {adj}  :: copper (having the colour of copper)
cor de framboesa {adj}  :: raspberry coloured (pinkish red)
cordeiro {m}  :: lamb (young sheep)
Cordeiro de Deus {prop}  :: Lamb of God (a title for Jesus that appears in the Gospel of John)
cordel {m}  :: strand (short string)
cor de laranja {adj}  :: alternative spelling of cor-de-laranja
cor de laranja {f}  :: alternative spelling of cor-de-laranja
cor-de-laranja {adj}  :: orange
cor-de-laranja {f}  :: orange (colour)
cor de lavanda {adj}  :: lavender-coloured (pale purple)
cor de linho {adj}  :: flaxen in colour (pale yellow brown)
cor de rosa {adj}  :: alternative form of cor-de-rosa
cor de rosa {m}  :: alternative form of cor-de-rosa
cor-de-rosa {adj}  :: pink
cor-de-rosa {m}  :: pink (color)
cordial {adj}  :: cordial (sincere; affectionate)
cordialidade {f}  :: cordialness (quality of being cordial)
cordialmente {adv}  :: cordially (in a cordial manner)
cordilheira {f}  :: mountain range
cordão {m}  :: cord
cordão {m}  :: cordon
cordão umbilical {m} [anatomy]  :: umbilical cord (cord between foetus and placenta)
coreana {adj}  :: feminine form of coreano
coreanas {adj}  :: feminine plural of coreano
coreano {adj}  :: Korean (relating to the Korean Peninsula)
coreano {m}  :: Korean (person)
coreano {m} [uncountable]  :: Korean (language)
coreógrafo {m}  :: choreographer (person who choreographs)
coreia {f}  :: dance, ball
coreia {f} [pathology]  :: chorea
Coreia {prop}  :: Korea (peninsula)
Coreia do Norte {prop}  :: North Korea (Democratic People's Republic of Korea)
Coreia do Sul {prop}  :: South Korea
coreografia {f}  :: choreography
coreto {m}  :: bandstand (platform for bands to play on)
Corfu {prop}  :: Corfu (city in the island of Corfu)
Corfu {prop}  :: Corfu (one of the Ionian Island in Greece)
Coréia {prop}  :: obsolete spelling of Coreia
Coréia do Norte {prop}  :: obsolete spelling of Coreia do Norte
Coréia do Sul {prop}  :: obsolete spelling of Coreia do Sul
Coréias {prop}  :: Koreas
corindo {m} [mineral]  :: corundum (mineral)
coringa {m}  :: alternative spelling of curinga
Corinto {prop}  :: Corinth (city in Greece)
coriza {f} [pathology]  :: coryza (inflammation of the mucous membranes lining the nasal cavity)
corja {f}  :: rabble (disorderly crowd)
cormorão {m}  :: cormorant (seabird)
cornalina {f} [mineralogy]  :: carnelian (a reddish brown chalcedony)
coríndon {m} [mineral]  :: corundum
corne inglês {m}  :: cor anglais (woodwind instrument)
corneta {f}  :: cornet (musical instrument)
corniso {m}  :: cornel (fruit of the cornel tree)
corniso {m}  :: cornel (tree of the genus Cornus)
corno {m}  :: horn (growth on the heads of certain animals)
corno {m} [vulgar]  :: cuckold
Corno de África {prop}  :: Horn of Africa (peninsula in East Africa)
cornogodinho {m}  :: rowan (Sorbus aucuparia, a deciduous tree or shrub of Eurasia)
corno manso {m}  :: mari complaisant (husband who tolerates his wife’s adultery)
Cornualha {prop}  :: Cornwall (county of England)
cornudo {adj}  :: horned (having horns)
corço {m}  :: roe deer (small deer species, Capreolus capreolus)
coro {m}  :: choir (singing group)
Corão {prop}  :: Qur'an
coroa {f}  :: crown (imperial or regal power, or those who wield it)
coroa {f}  :: crown (royal, imperial or princely headdress)
coroa {f} [dentistry]  :: crown (prosthetic covering for a tooth)
coroa {f} [heraldiccharge]  :: crown (as depicted above a coat of arms)
coroa {f}  :: krone
coroa {f} [slang, Brazil]  :: an old person
coroação {f}  :: coronation (the act of crowning, making king or queen)
coroar {v}  :: to crown (declare one a winner)
coroar {v}  :: to crown (to formally declare one a king or emperor)
coroar {v}  :: to crown (to place a crown on the head of)
coroinha {f}  :: diminutive form of coroa
coroinha {m}  :: altar boy (boy serving as an acolyte in certain forms of Christianity)
corolário {m} [mathematics, logic]  :: corollary (proposition which follows easily)
coronal {adj} [phonetics]  :: coronal (produced with tip or blade of tongue)
coronal {m} [phonetics]  :: coronal (consonant produced with tip or blade of tongue)
coronel {m} [Brazil]  :: a politician in rural areas
coronel {m}  :: colonel (commissioned office in the armed services)
coronha {f}  :: stock (part of a gun that rests against the shoulder)
coronária {adj}  :: feminine form of coronário
coronárias {adj}  :: feminine plural of coronário
coronário {adj}  :: coronary (all senses)
corpo {m} [anatomy]  :: body
corpo {m}  :: corpse, cadaver
corpo celeste {m} [astronomy]  :: celestial body, heavenly body
corpo de água {m} [uncommon]  :: alternative form of corpo d'água
corpo d'água {m}  :: body of water (large accumulation of water, such as a river, lake or sea)
corpo fechado {m} [of a person, chiefly in supernatural or superstitous context]  :: The characteristic of being virtually or completely impervious to any harm
corporal {adj}  :: corporal, carnal
corporal {m}  :: corporal
corporação {f}  :: corporation
corpóreo {adj}  :: bodily (relating to the body)
corpóreo {adj}  :: corporeal (having a body)
corpúsculo {m}  :: corpuscle (a minute particle)
corpulento {adj}  :: corpulent, stout
corpus {m}  :: body (collection of writings)
correcção {f}  :: alternative form of correção
correcta {adj}  :: feminine form of correcto
correctamente {adv}  :: obsolete spelling of corretamente
correctas {adj}  :: feminine plural of correcto
correcto {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of correto
corredeira {f}  :: rapid (fast-flowing section of a river)
corredor {adj}  :: running
corredor {m}  :: corridor, gallery, aisle
corredor {m}  :: runner, jogger
corredor aéreo {m}  :: air corridor (predefined route for aeroplanes)
corredor de ônibus {m}  :: busway
correia {f}  :: chain drive (transmission system)
correição {f}  :: swarm (large number of insects), especially of ants
correio {m}  :: mail (regular delivery of letters and small parcels)
correio eletrônico {m} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of correio eletrónico
correio eletrónico {m} [Portugal]  :: e-mail (message sent via e-mail)
correio eletrónico {m} [uncountable, Portugal]  :: e-mail (system of sending messages through the Internet)
correlacionando {v}  :: gerund of correlacionar
correlacionar {v}  :: to correlate
correlação {f}  :: correlation
correlação {f} [mathematics]  :: intersection
corrente {f}  :: chain
corrente alterna {f}  :: alternating current
corrente contínua {f} contínua
corrente contínua {f}  :: direct current (electric current in which the electrons flow in one direction)
corrente sanguínea {f}  :: bloodstream (flow of blood through the circulatory system of an animal)
correção {f}  :: correction
correção {f}  :: correctness
correr {v} [automobiles]  :: to drive fast, to speed
correr {v}  :: (rumors) to go around
correr {v}  :: (time) to elapse
correr {v}  :: to run (on foot)
correr {v}  :: to rush
correr {vt}  :: to draw (a curtain)
correr {vt}  :: to run (a risk)
correr {v}  :: (water) to flow
correr atrás {v} atrás
correr atrás {v} [with de]  :: to run after; to chase
correr atrás {v} [with de]  :: to run after; to seek
correspondendo {v}  :: gerund of corresponder
correspondente {adj}  :: corresponding (that have a similar relationship)
correspondente {n}  :: pen pal (person with whom one communicates using letters)
correspondentemente {adv}  :: correspondingly
corresponder {v}  :: to be equivalent (to)
corresponder {v}  :: to be proportional
corresponder {v}  :: to be suitable
corresponder {v}  :: to correspond, match
correspondência {f}  :: correspondence (all senses)
correta {adj}  :: feminine form of correto
corretamente {adv}  :: correctly
corretas {adj}  :: feminine plural of correto
corretismo {m}  :: correct procedure or conduct
corretissima {adj}  :: feminine form of corretissimo
corretissimamente {adv}  :: Perfectly correctly
corretissimas {adj}  :: feminine plural of corretissimo
corretissimo {adj}  :: Perfectly correct
corretiva {adj}  :: feminine form of corretivo
corretivas {adj}  :: feminine plural of corretivo
corretivo {adj}  :: corrective (pertaining to correction)
corretivo {m}  :: concealer (cosmetic designed to cover blemishes)
corretivo {m}  :: whiteout (fluid used to cover writing mistakes)
correto {adj}  :: correct
corretor {m}  :: broker (mediator between a buyer and seller)
corretor {m}  :: concealer (cosmetic)
corretor {m}  :: corrector (something which corrects, fixes)
corrida {adj}  :: feminine form of corrido (rushed)
corrida {f}  :: run (the act of running)
corrida {f} [sports]  :: race (an attempt to reach some goal before others)
corrida armamentícia {f}  :: arms race
corrida armamentista {f}  :: arms race
corrida de touros {f}  :: bullfight (bullfighting event)
corrida de touros {f}  :: bullfighting (performance art in which a matador manipulates and kills a bull)
corrigindo {v}  :: gerund of corrigir
corrigir {v}  :: to correct
corrimão {m}  :: handrail
corriqueira {adj}  :: feminine form of corriqueiro
corriqueiras {adj}  :: feminine plural of corriqueiro
corriqueiro {adj}  :: ordinary, commonplace, everyday
corroboração {f}  :: corroboration (that which corroborates)
corroboração {f}  :: corroboration (the act of corroborating)
corroborar {vt}  :: to corroborate (to confirm or support with additional evidence)
corroendo {v}  :: gerund of corroer
corroer {v}  :: to corrode, erode
corroer {v}  :: to gnaw
corromper {vt}  :: to corrupt (to change from good to bad)
corromper {vt}  :: to taint (to contaminate or corrupt something with an external agent, either physically or morally)
corrosão {f}  :: corrosion
corréu {m} [legal]  :: codefendant (any of several defendants answering the same charge)
corrupção {f}  :: bribery
corrupção {f}  :: corruption (all senses)
corrupto {adj}  :: corrupt (morally degenerate)
corrupto {m}  :: a corrupt politician
corso {adj}  :: Corsican
corso {m}  :: Corsican (person)
corsário {m}  :: pirate; corsair (one who plunders at sea)
cortada {adj}  :: feminine form of cortado
cortadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of cortado
cortado {adj}  :: chopped
cortado {adj}  :: cut
cortador de grama {m}  :: lawn mower (machine for cutting grass)
cortador de unha {m}  :: nail clipper (tool for trimming fingernails)
cortando {v}  :: gerund of cortar
cortante {adj}  :: able to cut; sharp (of a blade)
cortar {v}  :: to chop
cortar {v}  :: to cut
corte {f}  :: a court
corte {f}  :: stable
corte {m}  :: a cut
corte {m}  :: a cutting edge
corte de cassação {f} [legal]  :: court of cassation (the highest court of appeal in some countries)
cortejador {m}  :: wooer
cortejar {vt}  :: to court (to attempt to win someone’s affections)
cortejar {vt} [zoology]  :: to court (to engage in behaviour leading to mating)
cortesã {f}  :: courtesan (high-status prostitute)
cortesã {f}  :: feminine form of cortesão
cortesa {adj}  :: feminine form of cortês
cortesas {adj}  :: feminine plural of cortês
cortesia {f}  :: a freebie given to a customer
cortesia {f}  :: courtesy (polite gesture or remark)
cortesia {f} [uncountable]  :: courtesy (polite behaviour)
cortesão {m}  :: courtier (attendant at a royal court)
cortiça {f}  :: cork (bark of the cork oak)
cortina {f}  :: curtain (piece of cloth covering a window)
Cortina de Bambu {prop} [historical]  :: Bamboo Curtain (political barrier between communist and capitalist in Asia)
Cortina de Ferro {prop} [historical]  :: Iron Curtain (the dividing line between western Europe and the Soviet controlled regions)
cortina de fumaça {f} [idiomatic]  :: smokescreen (anything used to conceal or distract)
cortiço {m}  :: tenement
cortisona {f}  :: cortisone
cortês {adj}  :: courtly (suitable for a royal court)
cortês {adj}  :: polite; well-mannered
Coruche {prop}  :: a Portuguese village in Santarém district
coruchéu {m}  :: spire (pyramidal roof)
coruja {f}  :: owl (a bird)
coruja-das-torres {f}  :: screech owl (Tyto alba)
coruja-do-mato {f}  :: tawny owl (Strix aluco)
corujinha {f}  :: diminutive form of coruja
corujinha {f}  :: screech owl (Megascops)
corujão {m}  :: eagle owl (large owl of genus Bubo)
corundo {m}  :: alternative form of corindo
corveta {f}  :: corvette (ship)
corvina {adj}  :: feminine form of corvino
corvino {adj}  :: corvine
corvo {m}  :: crow, raven
Corvo {prop}  :: an island which in the Azores archipelago
Corvo {prop}  :: a Portuguese village in the Azores
corvo-marinho {m}  :: shag (sea bird in the family Phalacrocoracidae)
cosendo {v}  :: gerund of coser
co-seno {m}  :: obsolete spelling of cosseno
Cosenza {prop}  :: Cosenza (town)
coser {v}  :: to sew
cosmódromo {m}  :: cosmodrome (a site for launching spacecraft)
Cosme {prop}  :: Cosmas (given name)
cosmo {m}  :: cosmos (the universe)
cosmogênese {f}  :: cosmogenesis
cosmogénica {adj}  :: feminine form of cosmogénico
cosmogênica {adj}  :: feminine form of cosmogênico
cosmogénicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of cosmogénico
cosmogênicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of cosmogênico
cosmogénico {adj}  :: cosmogenic
cosmogênico {adj}  :: cosmogenic
cosmológica {adj}  :: feminine form of cosmológico
cosmológicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of cosmológico
cosmológico {adj}  :: cosmological
cosmologia {f}  :: cosmology (study of the physical universe)
cosmonauta {mf}  :: cosmonaut (an astronaut, especially a Russian or Soviet one)
cosmopolita {adj}  :: cosmopolitan (affecting the whole world)
cosmopolita {adj}  :: cosmopolitan (composed of people from all over the world)
cosmopolita {mf}  :: cosmopolite (cosmopolitan person)
cosmos {m}  :: alternative form of cosmo
cosmos {m}  :: cosmos (herb of the genus Cosmos)
cosmética {adj}  :: feminine form of cosmético
cosmética {f}  :: cosmetics (study of cosmetic products)
cospir {v}  :: obsolete spelling of cuspir
cosplay {m}  :: cosplay (subculture centred on dressing as characters)
cossaco {m}  :: Cossack (member of a Cossack military unit)
cossaco {m}  :: Cossack (member of semi-nomadic Eastern European people)
cosseno {m}  :: cosine
costa {f}  :: coast (shoreline)
Costa do Marfim {prop}  :: Ivory Coast (Côte d'Ivoire, country in Africa)
Costa Rica {prop}  :: Costa Rica
costa-riquenha {adj}  :: feminine form of costa-riquenho
costa-riquenhas {adj}  :: feminine plural of costa-riquenho
costa-riquenho {adj}  :: Costa Rican (of, from or relating to Costa Rica)
costa-riquenho {m}  :: Costa Rican (person from Costa Rica)
costa-riquense {adj}  :: Costa Rican (of, from or relating to Costa Rica)
costa-riquense {n}  :: Costa Rican (person from Costa Rica)
costas {fp} [plurale tantum]  :: back (the rear of body)
costeira {adj}  :: feminine form of costeiro
costeiras {adj}  :: feminine plural of costeiro
costeiro {adj}  :: coastal
costela {f}  :: rib
costeleta {f} [Brazil]  :: whisker (part of the beard that grows on the sides of the face)
costeleta {f}  :: cutlet (slice of meat)
costeletas {n} [Brazil]  :: sideburns (facial hair reaching from the top of the head down the side of the face to the side of the chin)
costovertebral {adj}  :: costovertebral
costumar {vt}  :: to accustom, to habituate
costume {m}  :: costume
costume {m}  :: custom
costume {m}  :: usual
costura {f}  :: sewing
costura {f}  :: stitches
costurar {v}  :: to sew; to stitch (use a needle to pass thread through pieces of fabric)
costurar {v}  :: to weave (to make (a path or way) by winding in and out or from side to side)
costureira {f}  :: seamstress
cota {f}  :: an armour coat
cota {f}  :: quota (proportional part or share; share or proportion assigned to each in a division)
cotaõ {m}  :: obsolete spelling of cotão
cota de malha {f}  :: chain mail (armour)
co-tangente {f}  :: obsolete spelling of cotangente
cotangente {f} [trigonometry]  :: cotangent
cotação {f}  :: quotation (for contracted work)
cotar {vt} [commerce]  :: to quote (to name the current price)
cotidiano {adj}  :: alternative form of quotidiano
cotidiano {m}  :: alternative form of quotidiano
cotão {m}  :: fine hair found on plants and fruits, such as peach velvet
cotão {m}  :: lint (fine material made by scraping cotton or linen)
cotão {m}  :: lint (fuzzy fluff that accumulates in pockets, navels, etc.)
cotoco {m}  :: stump (remains of a partially amputated limb)
cotonete {m}  :: cotton swab (a small wad of cotton wrapped around the end of a small rod used to clean the inner ear)
cotovelo {m} [anatomy]  :: elbow
cotovia {f}  :: lark, skylark
cottage {m}  :: cottage cheese (a cheese curd product)
couce {m}  :: alternative form of coice
coulomb {m}  :: coulomb (unit of electrical charge)
country {m}  :: country music
couraça {f}  :: any piece of armour made of leather
couraça {f}  :: breastplate
couraça {f}  :: cuirass
couraçada {adj}  :: feminine form of couraçado
couraçadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of couraçado
couraçado {adj}  :: armoured; hardened
couraçado {m} [nautical]  :: ironclad; dreadnought (battleship)
couro {m}  :: hide (the skin of an animal)
couro {m} [uncountable]  :: leather (material produced by tanning animal skin)
couro cabeludo {m}  :: scalp (part of head where the hair grows)
cousa {f} [dated]  :: alternative form of coisa
cousinha {f}  :: dated form of coisinha
couve {f}  :: cabbage (plant)
couve {f}  :: kale (plant)
couve chinesa {f}  :: alternative spelling of couve-chinesa
couve-chinesa {f}  :: bok choy (a Chinese cabbage variety, Brassica rapa chinensis)
couve-de-bruxelas {f}  :: Brussels sprout
couve de folhas {f}  :: alternative spelling of couve-de-folhas
couve-de-folhas {f}  :: kale Brassica oleracea acephala, an edible plant
couve-flor {f}  :: cauliflower
couve nabiça {f}  :: alternative spelling of couve-nabiça
couve-nabiça {f}  :: rutabaga (Brassica napus)
couve-nabo {f}  :: rutabaga
couve rábano {f}  :: alternative spelling of couve-rábano
couve-rábano {f}  :: kohlrabi (cabbage variety)
cova {adj}  :: feminine form of covo
cova {f}  :: cavern;
cova {f}  :: grave
cova {f}  :: hole, hollow, cavity;
cova coletiva {f}  :: mass grave (a grave with many corpses)
covarde {adj}  :: alternative form of cobarde
covarde {mf}  :: alternative form of cobarde
covardemente {adv}  :: alternative form of cobardemente
covardia {f}  :: cowardice (the lack of courage)
covariante {adj} [category theory]  :: covariant (which preserves composition)
covariância {f} [statistics]  :: covariance (statistical measure)
covas {adj}  :: feminine plural of covo
coveiro {m}  :: gravedigger (a person employed to dig graves)
cover {m} [music]  :: cover version (rerecording of a song by another musician or group)
covil {m}  :: a hideout of criminals
covil {m}  :: a lair of wild beasts
Covilhã {prop}  :: a Portuguese city in Castelo Branco district
covinha {f}  :: diminutive form of cova
covinha {f}  :: dimple (skin depression at corners of the mouth)
covo {adj}  :: concave
covo {m}  :: pot (trap used for fishing crabs and lobsters)
coxa {adj}  :: feminine form of coxo
coxa {f}  :: thigh
coxo {adj}  :: lame (unable to walk properly)
coysa {f}  :: obsolete spelling of coisa
cozer {v}  :: to bake
cozer {v}  :: to cook
cozido {adj} [cooking]  :: cooked (that has been prepared by cooking)
cozido {adj} [oenology]  :: fermented and purified; ready to be drunk
cozido {m}  :: stew (dish cooked by stewing)
cozimento {m}  :: cooking (the process of preparing food by using heat)
cozinha {f}  :: kitchen (room)
cozinhar {v}  :: to cook (food), to bake
cozinhar {v}  :: to fire (heat (pottery, etc.))
cozinhar o galo {v} [Brazil, colloquial, idiomatic]  :: not to do anything productive; to fool around
cozinheira {f}  :: cook (female)
cozinheiro {m}  :: cook (a person who prepares food for a living)
cãozinho {m}  :: puppy
cópia {f}  :: copy
cópia {f}  :: replica, reproduction
cópia {f}  :: transcript
cúprica {adj}  :: feminine form of cúprico
cúpricas {adj}  :: feminine plural of cúprico
cúprico {adj}  :: copper (attributive)
cúprico {adj} [inorganic chemistry]  :: cupric
cápsula {f} [botany]  :: capsule (seed-case)
cápsula {f}  :: capsule (part of spacecraft containing crew’s living space)
cápsula {f} [pharmacy]  :: capsule (small container containing a dose of medicine)
cápsula {f} [physiology]  :: capsule (membranous envelope)
cápsula {f}  :: pod (small vehicle)
cóptica {adj}  :: feminine form of cóptico
cópticas {adj}  :: feminine plural of cóptico
cóptico {adj}  :: Coptic (of or pertaining to the Coptic language)
cóptico {adj}  :: Coptic (of or pertaining to the Copts or the Coptic Orthodox Church)
cóptico {m}  :: Coptic (language)
cópula {f}  :: copula
cópula {f}  :: copulation
cópula {f}  :: coupling
cúpula {f}  :: cupola, dome
c.q.d. {interj}  :: QED; abbreviation of como queriamos demonstrar (as we wanted to demonstrate)
C.Q.D. {phrase}  :: initialism of como queriamos demonstrar QED
cáqui {adj}  :: khaki (dust-coloured)
cáqui {m}  :: alternative form of caqui
cáqui {m}  :: khaki (yellowish-brown colour)
crachá {m}  :: badge (card to grant access)
crack {m}  :: crack (variety of cocaine)
cracudo {m} [regional, Rio de Janeiro]  :: crackhead
Cracóvia {prop}  :: Cracow (city)
craniana {adj}  :: feminine form of craniano
cranianas {adj}  :: feminine plural of craniano
craniano {adj}  :: cranial (of or relating to the cranium)
crannog {m} [rare]  :: crannog (artificial island used in prehistoric and mediaeval Scotland and Ireland)
crapulosa {adj}  :: feminine form of crapuloso
crapulosas {adj}  :: feminine plural of crapuloso
crapuloso {adj}  :: crapulous, crapulent
craque {mf}  :: skillful person
craqueamento {m} [organic chemistry]  :: cracking
craquear {vt} [computing]  :: to crack (to circumvent software restrictions)
craqueiro {m}  :: crackhead
crase {f}  :: Assimilation of sounds of two identical vowels, throughout the evolution process of a language. For instance, the Old Portuguese word door has become, with time, the word dor. Compare elisão: elision
crase {f} [grammar]  :: Name given to the process of the contraction of “a + a”, that is, a merge (assimilation) of the Portuguese preposition “a” [to, for] + the article “a” [the]
crassa {adj}  :: feminine form of crasso
crassas {adj}  :: feminine plural of crasso
crasso {adj}  :: dense
crasso {adj}  :: thick
cratera {f} [astronomy]  :: crater (hemispherical pit)
cratera {f} [geology]  :: crater (opening of a volcano)
cratera {f} [informal]  :: crater (large pit)
Crato {prop}  :: a Portuguese village in Portalegre district
crau {m} [Brazil]  :: crawl (swimming style)
cravar {v}  :: to nail
cravar {v}  :: to stick firmly
cravejado {adj}  :: nailed
cravista {mf}  :: harpsichordist (one who plays the harpsichord)
cravo {m}  :: a type of nail used to crucify people
cravo {m}  :: carnation (a flower, Dianthus caryophyllus)
cravo {m}  :: clove (a tree, Eugenia aromatica)
cravo {m} [dermatology]  :: clavus; corn (callous growth on the foot)
cravo {m}  :: harpsichord (keyboard instrument which produces sound by plucking the strings)
cravo {m}  :: horseshoe nail
cravo {m}  :: pimple (inflamed spot on the skin)
cravo {m}  :: unexpanded buds of the clove tree, used as spice
cravo-da-índia {m}  :: clove (spice)
crawl {m}  :: crawl (swimming stroke)
Cérbero {prop}  :: Cerberus
cárcere {m}  :: jail, prison
círculo eleitoral {m} [politics, Portugal]  :: electoral district (district represented by one or more elected officials)
Círculo Ártico {prop}  :: Arctic Circle (one of the five major circles of latitude)
círculo vicioso {m}  :: vicious circle
cárdea {adj}  :: feminine form of cárdeo
cárdeas {adj}  :: feminine plural of cárdeo
côr de burro quando foge {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of cor de burro quando foge
côr de burro quando foge {f}  :: obsolete spelling of cor de burro quando foge
cárdeo {adj}  :: thistle-coloured
crédito {m}  :: credit
Córdova {prop}  :: Córdoba (city)
crédulo {adj}  :: gullible (easily deceived)
creador {m}  :: obsolete form of criador
creatura {f}  :: obsolete form of criatura
cérebro {m}  :: brain
cérebro {m}  :: cerebrum
crec {m} [onomatopoeia]  :: crack (sharp sound made when