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p. {abbr} (page)  :: s.
paan {n} (psychoactive preparation of betel leaf)  :: paan
pace {n} /peɪs/ (step: step)  :: askel
pace {n} (step: distance covered)  :: askel [one], askelpari [two], askelmitta
pace {n} (way of stepping: rate or style of how someone moves with their feet)  :: liike, jalkatyö
pace {n} (way of stepping: gait of a horse)  :: passi, askellaji
pace {n} (speed)  :: tahti
pace {n} (collective noun for donkeys)  :: lauma
pace {v} (to walk to and fro)  :: astella edestakaisin
pace {v} (to set a race’s speed)  :: määrätä tahti
pace {v} (to measure by walking)  :: mitata askelin
pace {prep} /ˈpɑːtʃeɪ/ (With due respect to)  :: kaikella kunnioituksella
pace egg {n} /peɪs ɛɡ/ (coloured egg)  :: pääsiäismuna
pacemaker {n} /ˈpeɪsˌmeɪkəɹ/ (one who sets the pace in a race)  :: vauhdinpitäjä
pacemaker {n} (anatomy: set of nerves)  :: sydänhermo
pacemaker {n} (medical implement)  :: sydämentahdistin, tahdistin
pachinko {v} /pəˈtʃɪŋkəʊ/ (tumble down)  :: pomppia alas
pachyderm {n} /ˈpækʰ.ɪˌdɜː(ɹ)m/ (someone with thick skin)  :: paksunahkainen
pachyptile {n} (seabird in Pachyptila) SEE: prion  ::
Pacific herring {n} (Clupea pallasii)  :: tyynenmerensilli
Pacific Northwest {prop} (region of North America)  :: Pohjois-Amerikan luoteisosa
Pacific Ocean {prop} (the world's largest body of water)  :: Tyyni valtameri, Tyynimeri, [rare] Iso valtameri
Pacific Rim {prop} (lands around the rim of the Pacific Ocean)  :: Tyynenmeren reunavaltiot
Pacific silver fir {n} (Abies amabilis)  :: purppurapihta
pacifier {n} (one who pacifies)  :: rauhoittaja
pacifier {n} (for a baby)  :: tutti, huvitutti
pacifism {n} (doctrine that disputes should be settled without violence)  :: pasifismi, rauhanaate
pacifist {n} (one who loves, supports, or favours peace)  :: pasifisti
pacifist {n} (one who avoids violence)  :: pasifisti
pacifist {n} (one who opposes violence and is anti-war)  :: pasifisti
pack {n} /pæk/ (bundle to be carried)  :: taakka
pack {n} (full set of playing cards)  :: pakka
pack {n} (group of dogs)  :: lauma
pack {n} (group of wolves) SEE: wolfpack  ::
package {n} /ˈpækɪdʒ/ (something which is packed)  :: pakkaus, paketti
package {n} (something consisting of components)  :: paketti
package {n} (act of packing)  :: pakkaaminen
package {n} (something resembling a package)  :: pakkaus, paketti
package {n} (package holiday)  :: pakettiloma
package {n} (football formation)  :: ryhmitys
package {v} (to pack)  :: pakata
package {v} (to go on a package holiday)  :: mennä pakettimatkalle
package holiday {n} (type of holiday)  :: pakettimatka
package store {n} (liquor store) SEE: liquor store  ::
packaging {n} (the act of packing something)  :: paketointi, pakkaaminen
packaging {n} (the materials used to pack something)  :: pakkausmateriaali
packaging gas {n} (gas used to provide a modified atmosphere)  :: pakkauskaasu
pack animal {n} (animal used to carry heavy items) SEE: beast of burden  ::
packed lunch {n} (picnic meal)  :: eväät, eväspaketti
packet {n} /ˈpæ.kɪt/ (small pack)  :: paketti
packet {n} (vessel to convey mail)  :: paketti
packet {n} (small fragment of data)  :: paketti
packet {v} ((transitive) make into a packet)  :: paketoida
packet switching {n} (means of directing information in a network)  :: pakettikytkentä
pack horse {n} (horse used for carrying luggage)  :: kuormahevonen
packhorse {n} (packhorse) SEE: pack horse  ::
pack ice {n} (large consolidated mass of floating sea ice)  :: ahtojää
packing snow {n} (type of snow)  :: nuoska, nuoskalumi
pack journalism {n} (tendency)  :: sopulismi
packsaddle {n} (saddle for carrying goods)  :: kuormasatula
packshot {n} (close-up of a product in advertising)  :: lähikuva (tuotteesta)
pact {n} /pækt/ (an agreement; a league; a compact; a covenant)  :: sopimus
pad {v} (to stuff) SEE: stuff  ::
pad {n} /pæd/ (flattened mass of anything soft)  :: pehmuste, tyyny
pad {n} (cushion used as saddle)  :: tyynysatula
pad {n} (soft or small cushion)  :: tyyny
pad {n} (cushion-like thickening of the skin on the underside of the toes of animals)  :: antura, polkuantura
pad {n} (animal's foot or paw)  :: tassu, käpälä
pad {n} (stuffed guard or protection)  :: pehmuste
pad {n} (soft bag or cushion)  :: antura, tyyny
pad {n} (floating leaf of a water plant)  :: kelluslehti
pad {n} (cricket: batsman's leg pad)  :: pehmuste
pad {n} (block of paper)  :: lehtiö
pad {n} (keypad)  :: näppäimistö
pad {n} (flat surface or area from which a helicopter or other aircraft may land or be launched)  :: kenttä
pad {n} (electrical extension cord with a multi-port socket)  :: jatkojohto
pad {n} (slang: bed)  :: punkka
pad {n} (colloquial: place of residence)  :: luukku
pad {v} (to furnish with a pad or padding)  :: pehmustaa, topata
pad {v} (figuratively: to fill or lengthen)  :: suurennella, paisutella, paikata
pad {v} (to imbue uniformly with a mordant)  :: läpivärjätä
pad {v} (to travel along sthg)  :: kulkea jotakin pitkin
pad {v} (to travel on foot)  :: tallata
pad {v} (to wear a path by walking)  :: tallata
pad {v} (to walk softly, quietly or steadily)  :: tassutella
pad {interj} (indicating soft footsteps)  :: tassun, tissun-tassun
pad {n} (sound of soft footsteps)  :: tassutus
padding {n} /ˈpædɪŋ/ (Soft filling material used in cushions etc.)  :: pehmuste, pehmike
padding {n} (Extraneous text added to a message for the purpose of concealing its beginning, ending, or length)  :: pehmike
paddle {n} /ˈpædl̩/ (two-handed, single-bladed oar)  :: mela
paddle {n} (double-bladed oar used for kayaking)  :: mela
paddle {n} (time spent on paddling)  :: melonta, melontaretki
paddle {n} (slat of a paddleboat's wheel)  :: siipi
paddle {n} (paddlewheel)  :: siipiratas
paddle {n} (blade of a waterwheel)  :: siipi
paddle {n} (meandering walk or dabble through shallow water)  :: kahlailu
paddle {n} (kitchen utensil)  :: lasta
paddle {n} (bat-shaped spanking implement)  :: lätkä
paddle {n} (ping-pong bat)  :: maila
paddle {n} (flat limb of turtle etc.)  :: evä
paddle {n} (in a sluice, a panel that controls the flow of water)  :: läppä
paddle {v} (to propel something through water with a paddle, hands or similar instrument)  :: meloa
paddle {v} (to spank with a paddle)  :: piestä
paddle {v} (to walk or dabble playfully in shallow water)  :: kahlailla
paddleboat {n} (pedalo) SEE: pedalo  ::
paddle box {n} (structure around paddlewheel)  :: siipirattaan suojus
paddlefish {n} (fish of the family Polyodontidae)  :: miekkasampi (Psephurus gladius), lapasampi (Polyodon spathula)
paddling {n} (collective noun for ducks)  :: melonta, melominen
paddling pool {n} (type of pool) SEE: wading pool  ::
paddock {n} /ˈpædək/ (small enclosure or field)  :: haka
paddock {n} (field of grassland of any size)  :: laidun
paddock {n} (delimited part of a sheep or cattle property)  :: laidun
paddock {n} (motor racing: area where the racing vehicles are parked and worked on)  :: varikko
paddy {n} /ˈpædi/ (wet land where rice grows)  :: riisipelto
paddy field {n} (field where rice is grown) SEE: paddy  ::
paddy wagon {n} (a police van for transporting prisoners)  :: mustamaija
pademelon {n} (species of Thylogale)  :: vallabi
padlock {n} /ˈpadˌlɒk/ (type of lock)  :: riippulukko, munalukko
padlock {v} (to lock using a padlock)  :: sulkea riippulukolla
pad out {v} (add something)  :: paikata, topata
pad out {v} (sleep)  :: nukahtaa
pad saw {n} (type of narrow-bladed saw) SEE: keyhole saw  ::
pad thai {n} /ˌpæd ˈtaɪ/ (Thai dish)  :: phat thai, pad thai
paean {n} /ˈpiː.ən/ (any loud and joyous song; a song of triumph)  :: ilolaulu, paiaani
paean {n} (enthusiastic expression of praise)  :: ylistys
paediatry {n} (paediatry) SEE: pediatrics  ::
paella {n} /pɑːˈeɪ.(j)ə/ (Savory, cooked dish)  :: paella
pagan {adj} /ˈpeɪɡən/ (relating to non-Abrahamic religions)  :: pakanallinen, pakana-
pagan {adj} (immoral, uncivilized, savage)  :: pakanallinen, pakana-
pagan {n} (person not adhering to an Abrahamic religion)  :: pakana
pagan {n} (uncivilized or unsocialized person)  :: pakana [dated], sivistymätön ihminen
pagan {n} (unruly, badly educated child)  :: kakara, kauhukakara
paganism {n} /ˈpeɪɡənɪzm̩/ (local religions practiced before the introduction of Christianity)  :: pakanuus
page {n} (boy child) SEE: boy  ::
page {n} /peɪd͡ʒ/ (one side of a leaf of a book)  :: sivu
page {n} (type set up for printing a page)  :: sivuttaa, taittaa
page {n} (computing: contiguous block of memory)  :: sivu
page {v} (turn several pages of a publication)  :: selata, selailla
page {n} (serving boy)  :: paaši, paašipoika
page {n} (British: youth doing errands)  :: paašipoika
page {n} (Internet: web page) SEE: web page  ::
pageant {n} (beauty pageant) SEE: beauty pageant  ::
pageboy {n} (shoulderlength hair)  :: paašikampaus
pager {n} /peɪdʒə(ɹ)/ (device)  :: hakulaite
Paget's disease {n} (Paget's disease)  :: Pagetin tauti
pagewise {adj} (in terms of pages)  :: sivuttainen
pagewise {adv} (one page at a time)  :: sivuttain
pagoda {n} /pəˈɡoʊ.də/ (a tiered tower with multiple eaves)  :: pagodi
paid-in {adj} (having already pain)  :: maksettu
pai gow {n} (Chinese gambling game played with dominoes)  :: pai gow
pail {n} (bucket) SEE: bucket  ::
pain {n} /peɪn/ (ache or bodily suffering)  :: kipu, kärsimys, särky, tuska, piina
pain {n} (suffering as punishment)  :: piinaaminen
painful {adj} /ˈpeɪn.fəl/ (causing pain)  :: kivulias, tuskallinen
painful {adj} (suffering with pain)  :: kipeä, kivulias, tuskallinen
painful {adj} (requiring labor or toil)  :: raskas, rasittava, työläs
painfully {adv} /ˈpeɪnfəli/ (in a painful manner)  :: kivuliaasti, tuskallisesti
painfulness {n} (state of being painful)  :: tuskaisuus
pain in the arse {n} (pain in the ass) SEE: pain in the ass  ::
pain in the ass {n} (something that causes discomfort)  :: riesa, maanvaiva, kiusanhenki, kiusankappale, piikki lihassa
pain in the butt {n} (nuisance) SEE: pain in the ass  ::
pain in the neck {n} (that which is annoying) SEE: pain in the ass  ::
painkiller {n} /ˈpeɪnˌkɪlə(ɹ)/ (a drug that numbs the pain in the body)  :: kipulääke
painlessly {adv} (in a painless manner)  :: kivuttomasti
painstaking {adj} /ˈpeɪnˌsteɪkɪŋ/ (careful attentive; diligent)  :: vaivalloinen
paint {n} /peɪnt/ (substance)  :: maali
paint {n} (paints: set of containers or blocks of paints of different colours)  :: värit {p}
paint {v} (apply paint to)  :: maalata, sivellä
paint {v} (apply in the manner of paint)  :: sivellä
paint {v} (practise the art of painting pictures)  :: maalata
paintball {n} (sport)  :: värikuulasota
paintball {n} (capsule)  :: värikuula
paintbrush {n} /ˈpeɪntˌbɹʌʃ/ (thin brush)  :: sivellin
painted bunting {n} (Passerina ciris)  :: sateenkaarikardinaali
painted dog {n} (Lycaon pictus) SEE: African hunting dog  ::
painted hunting dog {n} (Lycaon pictus) SEE: African hunting dog  ::
painted snipe {n} /ˈpeɪntɛd.snaɪp/ (bird of the family Rostratulidae)  :: kurppo
painted wolf {n} (Lycaon pictus) SEE: African hunting dog  ::
painter {n} /ˈpeɪntɚ/ (artist)  :: maalari, taidemaalari
painter {n} (laborer)  :: maalari
painter {n} (rope)  :: kiinnitysköysi
painter's tape {n} (masking tape intended to protect areas from paint)  :: maalarinteippi
painting {n} /ˈpeɪn.tɪŋ/ (an illustration or artwork using paint)  :: maalaus
painting {n} (the action of applying paint)  :: maalaustaide
painting {n} (artistic application of paint)  :: maalaustaide
paintinglike {adj} (resembling a painting)  :: maalauksellinen
paint oneself into a corner {v} /ˈpeɪnt wʌnsɛlf ɪntʊ ə ˈkɔɹnɚ/ (to create a predicament or problem for oneself)  :: maalata itsensä nurkkaan
paintress {n} (female painter)  :: taiteilijatar
paint shop {n} (shop)  :: maalikauppa
paint shop {n} (part of a factory)  :: maalaamo
paint the town red {v} (party in a rowdy, wild manner)  :: juhlia railakkaasti
paint thinner {n} (solvent)  :: tinneri
pair {n} (number of things resembling one another, or belonging together) SEE: set  ::
pair {n} /pɛə(ɹ)/ (two similar or identical things)  :: pari
pair {n} (two people in relationship)  :: pari
pair {n} (used with binary nouns)  :: pari
pair {n} (couple of working animals attached to work together)  :: parivaljakko
pair {n} (poker hand)  :: pari
pair {n} (slang: pair of breasts)  :: daisarit
pair of binoculars {n} (binoculars) SEE: binoculars  ::
pair of compasses {n} (tool used to draw circles)  :: harppi
pair of eyeglasses {n} (spectacles) SEE: spectacles  ::
pair of glasses {n} (spectacles) SEE: spectacles  ::
pair of goggles {n} (goggles) SEE: goggles  ::
pair of scissors {n} (scissors) SEE: scissors  ::
pair of specs {n} (spectacles) SEE: spectacles  ::
pair of spectacles {n} (spectacles) SEE: spectacles  ::
pairwise {adj} (occurring in pairs)  :: parittainen
Paiwan {prop} (the people, collectively)  :: paiwanit
Paiwan {prop} (the language)  :: paiwan
Paiwan {n} (a person of Paiwan descent)  :: paiwan
pajamas {n} /pə.ˈd͡ʒɑ.məz/ (clothes for wearing to bed and sleeping in)  :: pyjama, yöpuku
Pakistan {prop} /ˈpækɪsˌtæn/ (country in South Asia)  :: Pakistan
Pakistani {n} (A person from Pakistan or of Pakistani descent)  :: pakistanilainen
Pakistani {adj} (Of, from, or pertaining to Pakistan, or its people)  :: pakistanilainen
palace {n} /ˈpæləs/ (large, lavish residence)  :: palatsi
Palace of Westminster {prop} (building in London housing the House of Commons and House of Lords)  :: Westminsterin palatsi
palaeoaeolian {adj} (relating to ancient winds)  :: muinaisten tuulten + agent participle of verb e.g. kuluttama, kuljettama, aiheuttama
palaeoclimatology {n} (science)  :: paleoklimatologia
palanquin {n} /ˌpæləŋˈkiːn/ (a covered type of litter)  :: palankiini
palatable {adj} /ˈpæl.ə.tə.bəl/ (pleasing to the taste)  :: maukas, maittava, makoisa
palatable {adj} (tolerable, acceptable)  :: hyväksyttävä
palatal {adj} /ˈpælətl̩/ (pertaining to the palate)  :: maku-
palatal {adj} ((dentistry) on the side facing the palate)  :: palataalinen
palatal {adj} ((phonetics) articulated at the hard palate)  :: palataalinen
palatal {n} ((phonetics) palatal consonant)  :: palataali, lakiäänne
palatalization {n} (state)  :: liudentuminen, palatalisaatio
palatalization {n} (instance)  :: liudennus, palatalisointi
palate {n} /ˈpælɪt/ (roof of the mouth)  :: suulaki, kitalaki
palate {n} (sense of taste)  :: makuaisti
palate {n} (figuratively: relish; taste; liking)  :: maku
palate {n} (figuratively: mental relish; intellectual taste)  :: maku
Palatinate {prop} (Palatinate)  :: Pfalz
Palatine {prop} (hill of Rome)  :: Palatinus
palatine bone {n} (bones that make up the hard palate)  :: suulaenluu
palatine tonsil {n} (palatine tonsil)  :: nielurisa
Palau {prop} /pəˈlaʊ/ (Republic of Palau)  :: Palau
Palauan {prop} (language)  :: palau
Palauan {n} (someone from Palau)  :: palaulainen
Palauan {adj} (from Palau)  :: palaulainen
palaver {n} /pəˈlɑː.və(ɹ)/ (unnecessary talk, fuss)  :: pulina
palaver {n} (a meeting at which there is much talk)  :: palaveri
pale {adj} /peɪl/ (light in color)  :: kalpea, kalvakka, kelmeä, vaalea
pale {v} (to become pale)  :: kalveta
pale {n} (wooden stake)  :: paalu, seiväs
pale {n} (fence made of wooden stakes)  :: paaluaita
pale {n} (limits, bounds)  :: rajoitus, rajoite
pale {n} (bounds of morality)  :: moraalin rajat
pale {n} (heraldry: vertical band)  :: halkio, paalu
pale {n} (defensive area held in another country)  :: tukikohta, etuvarustus
palea {n} (zoology: pendulous process of the skin on the throat of a bird) SEE: dewlap  ::
paleanthropology {n} (study of ancient human remains) SEE: paleoanthropology  ::
pale clouded yellow {n} (Colias hyale)  :: vaaleakeltaperhonen
paleface {n} (a white person of European descent, in the context of American Indians)  :: kalpeanaama
pale in comparison {v} (appear unimportant)  :: kalveta jonkun rinnalla
paleness {n} (condition or degree of being pale or of lacking color)  :: kalpeus
paleo- {prefix} /ˈpæ.li.əʊ/ (old)  :: paleo-, muinais-
paleo- {prefix} (primitive)  :: paleo-
paleo- {prefix} (related to paleontology)  :: paleo-
paleoanthropologist {n} (specialist in paleoanthropology)  :: paleoantropologi
paleoanthropology {n} (study of ancient human remains)  :: paleoantropologia
Paleoarchean {adj} (of a geologic era from 3,600 to 3,200 million years ago)  :: varhaisarkeeinen
Paleoarchean {prop} (Paleoarchean era)  :: varhaisarkeeinen maailmankausi
paleoatmosphere {n} (atmosphere in the geological past)  :: esi-ilmakehä
paleobiology {n} (branch of study)  :: paleobiologia
Paleocene {adj} /ˌpeɪ.liː.əʊˈsiːn/ (of or pertaining to the Paleocene epoch)  :: paleoseeninen, paleoseenikautinen
Paleocene {prop} (geologic epoch)  :: paleoseeni
paleoclimate {n} (the climate of the Earth at a specified point in geologic time)  :: paleoilmasto, muinaisilmasto
paleoclimatologist {n} (specialist in paleoclimatology)  :: paleoklimatologi
paleoclimatology {n} (palaeoclimatology) SEE: palaeoclimatology  ::
paleoeolian {adj} (palaeoaeolian) SEE: palaeoaeolian  ::
Paleogene {adj} (of period from 65 to 23 million years ago)  :: paleogeenikautinen, paleogeeninen
Paleogene {prop} (Paleogene period)  :: paleogeenikausi
paleographic {adj} (of or pertaining to paleography)  :: paleografinen
paleography {n} /ˌpeɪliˈɑɡɹəfi/ (study of old forms of writing)  :: paleografia
paleography {n} (ancient scripts or forms of writing)  :: vanhat kirjoitustyylit {p}
Paleolithic {n} /ˈpæl.ɪi.oʊˌlɪθ.ɪk/ (Old Stone Age)  :: paleoliittinen kausi
Paleolithic {adj} (of or referring to the Old Stone Age)  :: paleoliittinen
paleontological {adj} (of or pertaining to paleontology)  :: paleontologinen
paleontologist {n} (one who studies paleontology)  :: paleontologi
paleontology {n} (study of prehistoric forms of life)  :: paleontologia
paleo-organism {adj} (prehistoric organism)  :: muinaiseliö
Paleoproterozoic {prop} (era 2,500-1,600 Ma)  :: varhaisproterotsooinen maailmankausi
Paleoproterozoic {adj} (of an era from 2,500 to 1,600 million years ago)  :: varhaisproterotsooinen
Paleozoic {adj}  :: paleotsooinen
Paleozoic {prop} (Paleozoic era)  :: paleotsooinen maailmankausi
Palestine {prop} /ˈpæləsˌtaɪn/ (geographic region)  :: Palestiina
Palestine {prop} (West Bank and Gaza Strip collectively)  :: Palestiina
Palestine {prop} (historical: Roman province)  :: Palestiina
Palestine {prop} (historical: former British entity)  :: Palestiina
Palestine {prop} (historical: former British Mandate)  :: Palestiina
Palestinian {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Palestine and/or the Palestinian people)  :: palestiinalainen
Palestinian {n} (inhabitant of Palestine or Arab of Palestinian descent)  :: palestiinalainen
pale thrush {n} (Turdus pallidus)  :: amurinrastas
palette {n} /ˈpælɪt/ (board)  :: paletti
palette {n} (range of colors)  :: väripaletti
palette knife {n} (knife used in painting)  :: palettiveitsi
Pali {prop} /ˈpɑːli/ (a Middle Indo-Aryan language)  :: pali, paali
palindrome {n} /ˈpælɪndɹoʊm/ (a sequence of units that reads the same forwards as backwards)  :: palindromi
paling {n} /ˈpeɪlɪŋ/ (stick)  :: säle
paling {n} (fence)  :: säleaita
palisade {n} (a wall of wooden stakes)  :: paaluaita, paaluvarustus, palisadi
pall {n} /pɔl/ (cloth laid over coffin)  :: arkkuvaate
pall {n} (heraldry)  :: haaruristi
palladium {n} (chemical element)  :: palladium
Pallas {prop}  :: Pallas
pallbearer {n} (casket bearer)  :: arkunkantaja
pallet {n} /ˈpælɪt/ (a portable platform)  :: kuormalava, lava
pallet {n} (A straw bed)  :: olkivuode
pallet jack {n} (manually operated device for lifting and moving pallets)  :: pumppukärry, haarukkavaunu
pallet truck {n} (manually operated device for lifting and moving pallets) SEE: pallet jack  ::
palliate {v} /ˈpæl.i.eɪt/ (to relieve the symptoms of)  :: lievittää
palliate {v} (to cover or disguise the seriousness of something by excuses and apologies)  :: selitellä
palliate {v} (to placate or mollify)  :: hyvitellä
palliation {n} /pælɪˈeɪʃən/ (palliation)  :: lievitys
palliative care {n} (specialized area of healthcare)  :: palliatiivinen hoito
pallid {adj} /ˈpælɪd/ (appearing weak, pale or wan)  :: kalpea
pallidity {n} (state of being) SEE: pallor  ::
pallium {n} (cerebral cortex) SEE: cerebral cortex  ::
pallium {n} /ˈpæli.əm/ (liturgical vestment)  :: pallium
pallium {n} (cloak)  :: pallium
pallium {n} (mantle of mollusk)  :: vaippa
pallium {n} (sheet of cloud)  :: pilvipeite
pallor {n} (paleness; want of color; pallidity)  :: kalpeus
palm {n} /pɑm/ (inner, concave part of hand)  :: kämmen
palm {n} (corresponding part of the forefoot of a lower mammal)  :: kämmen
palm {v} (to hold or conceal something in the palm of the hand)  :: piilottaa kämmeneensä
palm {v} (to hold something without bending the fingers)  :: pitää kämmenellä
palm {v} (to move something with the palm of the hand)  :: siirtää kämmenellä
palm {n} (palm tree) SEE: palm tree  ::
palmate {adj} (botany: having three or more lobes or veins arising from a common point)  :: sormijakoinen [lobes]; kourasuoninen [veins]
palmate {adj} (botany: having more than three leaflets arising from a common point)  :: sormiosainen
palmated {adj} (having digits connected by thin membrane)  :: räpylä-, räpylöillä varustettu
palm card {n} (card listing items)  :: muistilappu
palmistry {n} (telling fortunes from the lines on the palms of the hand)  :: kädestäennustaminen
palm oil {n} (edible plant oil)  :: palmuöljy
Palm Sunday {n} (Sunday before Easter)  :: palmusunnuntai
palm thief {n} (coconut crab) SEE: coconut crab  ::
palmtop {n} (personal digital assistant) SEE: personal digital assistant  ::
palm tree {n} (tropical tree)  :: palmu, palmupuu
palomino {n} /pæləˈmiːnoʊ/ (horse)  :: palomino
palooka {n} (stupid, oafish or clumsy person)  :: palikka
palp {n} /pælp/ (zoology: appendage)  :: pyyntileuka, pedipalppi
palp {v} (to explore by touch)  :: tunnustella, palpoida
palpable {adj} /ˈpælpəbəl/ (capable of being touched)  :: käsinkosketeltava, kouriintuntuva
palpable {adj} (obvious)  :: selvä, kouriintuntuva, käsinkosketeltava
palpable {adj} (that can be detected by palpation)  :: tunnustelemalla havaittava, tunnusteltava
palpably {adv} (in a palpable manner; tangibly)  :: selvästi, kouraantuntuvasti
palpate {v} /ˈpælpeɪt/ (to examine by feeling)  :: tunnustella
palpation {n} (in medicine)  :: palpaatio
palpitate {v} /ˈpælpɪteɪt/ (of the heart: to beat strongly or rapidly)  :: tykyttää, hakata, jyskyttää
palpitate {v} (to cause to beat strongly or rapidly)  :: aiheuttaa tykytystä
palpitate {v} (to shake tremulously)  :: täristä, väristä, hytistä
palpitation {n} (abnormal awareness of the beating of the heart)  :: sydämentykytys
palsy {n} /ˈpɔːlzi/ (complete or partial muscle paralysis of a body part)  :: halvaus, pareesi
paltry {adj} /ˈpɔltɹi/ (trashy, trivial, of little value)  :: surkea
paltry {adj} (meager; worthless; pitiful; trifling)  :: mitätön
pamidronic acid {n} (drug)  :: pamidronihappo
Pamir {prop} (mountain range)  :: Pamir
Pamir {prop} (language group)  :: pamirilaiset kielet
Pamir Mountains {prop} (mountain range in Central Asia)  :: Pamir-vuoret
pampas cat {n} (Leopardus pajeros)  :: pampakissa
pampas deer {n} (Ozotoceros bezoarticus)  :: pampahirvi
pamper {v} /ˈpæmpə(ɹ)/ (to treat with excessive care, to indulge)  :: hemmotella, hyysätä, lelliä
pamphlet {n} (booklet) SEE: booklet  ::
pan- {prefix} (a combining form meaning "all")  :: yleis-, pan-
pan {n} /pæn/ (flat vessel used for cooking, see also: frying pan)  :: paistinpannu, pannu
pan {n} (contents of a pan)  :: pannullinen
pan {n} (cylindrical receptacle with one long handle)  :: kasari
pan {n} (wide receptacle used in gold washing)  :: vaskooli
pan {n} (geography: type of lake, natural depression or basin)  :: hauta
pan {n} (strong criticism)  :: murska-arvostelu, lyttäys
pan {n} (base part of a toilet)  :: allas
pan {n} (slang: face)  :: lätty
pan {v} (to wash in a pan)  :: vaskata
pan {v} (to criticise severely)  :: lytätä
pan {v} (to turn out well)  :: onnistua, käydä hyvin
pan {v} (to beat convincingly)  :: pieksää, piestä, rökittää
pan {v} (to turn horizontally)  :: kiertää
Pan {prop} (Greek god of nature)  :: Pan
panache {n} /pəˈnæʃ/ (ornamental helmet plume)  :: sulkatöyhtö, sulkakoriste
panache {n} (flamboyant style or action)  :: vauhdikkuus, lennokkuus, into
Panama {prop} /ˈpæn.ə.mɑː/ (country)  :: Panama
Panama {n} (Panama hat) SEE: Panama hat  ::
Panama Canal {prop} (Canal)  :: Panaman kanava
Panama hat {n} (a type of brimmed hat from South America)  :: panamahattu
Panamanian {n} /pænəˈmeɪni.ən/ (person from Panama)  :: panamalainen
Panamanian {adj} (pertaining to Panama)  :: panamalainen
Pan-American {adj} (covering or representing all of the Americas)  :: panamerikkalainen
pan-Arabism {n} /panˈaɹəbɪz(ə)m/ (movement)  :: panarabialaisuus
Panasonic {prop} (a multinational corporation in Japan)  :: Panasonic
pancake {n} /ˈpæn.keɪk/ (thin batter cake)  :: ohukainen, räiskäle, lätty; pannukakku
Pancake Day {prop} (Shrove Tuesday) SEE: Shrove Tuesday  ::
Pancake Tuesday {prop} (Shrove Tuesday) SEE: Shrove Tuesday  ::
Panchen Lama {n} (second-highest ranking lama of the Gelug sect of Tibetan Buddhism)  :: Panchen-lama
pancreas {n} /ˈpæŋkɹɪəs/ (gland near the stomach)  :: haima
pancreatectomy {n} (surgical operation)  :: haimanpoistoleikkaus
pancreatic cancer {n} (malignant neoplasm of the pancreas)  :: haimasyöpä
pancreatic juice {n} (juice produced by the pancreas)  :: haimaneste
panda {n} /ˈpændə/ (Ailuropoda melanoleuca)  :: isopanda, jättiläispanda, panda, pandakarhu
panda {n} (police car) SEE: police car  ::
panda {n} (red panda) SEE: red panda  ::
panda bear {n} (panda) SEE: panda  ::
pandeism {n} /pænˈdeɪˈĭzˈəm/ (belief combining elements of pantheism and deism)  :: pandeismi
pandemic {n} (pandemic disease)  :: pandemia
pandemonium {n} /ˌpændəˈmoʊni.əm/ (an outburst; loud, riotous uproar)  :: mekastus
pander {n} /ˈpændɚ/ (pimp or procurer)  :: parittaja
pander {n} (offer of illicit sex with a third party)  :: paritus
pander {v} (to offer illicit sex with a third party)  :: parittaa
pander {v} (to appeal or cater to)  :: vedota
Pandora {prop} /ˌpænˈdɔɹə/ (Character in Greek mythology)  :: Pandora
Pandora's box {n} (A source of unforeseen trouble.)  :: Pandoran lipas
panegyric {n} /ˌpænəˈd͡ʒɪɹɪk/ (praising speech or opus)  :: ylistys
panegyrical {adj} (lavish with praise)  :: ylistävä
panegyrically {adv} /pænəˈdʒɪɹək(ə)li/ (with lavish praise)  :: ylistävästi
panel {n} /ˈpænəl/ (rectangular section of a surface)  :: paneeli
panel {n} (group of people gathered to judge, interview, discuss etc)  :: paneeli
panel {n} (single frame in a comic strip)  :: ruutu
panel discussion {n} (type of conversation)  :: paneelikeskustelu
panentheism {n} /pænˈɛnθiɪzəm/ (a doctrine that the universe is within God)  :: panenteismi
panfish {n} (fish suitable for frying pan)  :: pannukala
pan flute {n} (panpipes) SEE: panpipes  ::
pan-fry {v} (fry in a pan)  :: paistaa pannulla vähässä rasvassa, käristää
panga {n} /ˈpæŋɡə/ (type of knife)  :: panga, viidakkoveitsi
panga {n} (fish)  :: pangasius, haimonni
Pangaea {prop} /pænˈdʒiːə/ (supercontinent prior to Triassic)  :: Pangea
pangasius {n} (fish of the genus Pangasius)  :: haimonni [fish], pangasius [meat]
pangolin {n} /ˈpæŋɡoʊˌlɪn/ (mammal)  :: muurahaiskäpy
pangram {n} /ˈpæn.ɡɹæm/ (a sentence that contains every letter of the alphabet)  :: pangrammi
panhandler {n} /ˈpæn.hænd.lə(ɹ)/ (one who panhandles)  :: kerjäläinen, pummi
panhandler {n} (bum)  :: pummi
panic {n} /ˈpænɪk/ (overpowering fright)  :: paniikki
panic attack {n} (sudden period of intense anxiety)  :: paniikkikohtaus
panic buying {n} (buying of commodities earlier than normal)  :: hamstraus
panicgrass {n} (grass of the genus Panicum)  :: hirssi
panini {n} (a sandwich)  :: panini
panjandrum {n} /pænˈd͡ʒæn.dɹəm/ (important, powerful or influential person)  :: kiho, vaikuttaja
panjandrum {n} (self-important or pretentious person)  :: lesottaja
pankration {n} /pæn.ˈkɹeɪti.ɒn/ (ancient Greek martial art)  :: vapaaottelu, pankration
panna cotta {n} /ˌpanə ˈkɒtə/ (Italian dessert made from double cream)  :: panna cotta
pannier {n} /ˈpæn.i.ɚ/ (large basket or bag fastened to the back of a bicycle or pack animal)  :: kuormakori (general), pyörälaukku (bicycles, motorcycles)
pannier {n} (hoop used to expand a woman's skirt to either side)  :: vanne
panoply {n} /ˈpæ.nəˌpliː/ (splendid display of something)  :: komeus
panoply {n} (collection or display of weaponry)  :: asekokoelma
panoply {n} (ceremonial garments, complete with all accessories)  :: juhla-asu
panoply {n} (complete set of armour)  :: täyshaarniska, sotisopa, haarniska
panoply {n} (something that covers and protects)  :: suoja
panopticon {n} (type of prison)  :: panoptikon
panopticon {n} (room for the exhibition of novelties)  :: panoptikon
panorama {n} /ˌpæ.nəˈɹæ.mə/ (unbroken view of an entire surrounding area)  :: panoraama, yleisnäkymä
panorama {n} (picture representing a continuous scene)  :: panoraamakuva
panorama {n} (figurative: comprehensive survey)  :: yleiskuva
pan pipes {n} (panpipes) SEE: panpipes  ::
panpipes {n} (musical instrument)  :: panhuilu
panpsychism {n} /panˈsʌɪkɪz(ə)m/ (the doctrine that all matter has a mental aspect)  :: panpsykismi
panpsychistic {adj} (relating to panpsychism)  :: panpsykistinen
pansexuality {n} /ˌpænsɛkʃuˈælɪti/ (sexual orientation)  :: panseksuaalisuus
Pan-Slavism {n} (movement)  :: panslavismi
pansy {n} (plant)  :: orvokki, tarhaorvokki
pansy {n} (colour)  :: orvokinsininen
pant {n} (a pair of pants) SEE: pants  ::
pant {n} /pænt/ (a quick breathing)  :: huohotus, puuskutus
pant {n} (a violent palpitation of the heart)  :: läpätys
pant {v} (to breathe quickly or in a labored manner)  :: huohottaa, läähättää, puuskuttaa
pant {v} (long for (something); be eager for (something))  :: kaivata
pant {v} (of the heart, to beat with unnatural violence)  :: läpättää, hakata
pantheism {n} /ˈpæn.θi.ɪz.əm/ (belief that the universe is divine)  :: panteismi
pantheist {n} (person who believes in pantheism)  :: panteisti
pantheistic {adj} /pænˈθiɪstɪk/ (pertaining to pantheism)  :: panteistinen
pantheistical {adj} (pantheistic) SEE: pantheistic  ::
pantheon {n} (a temple dedicated to all the gods)  :: pantheon
panther cap {n} (Amanita pantherina)  :: pantterikärpässieni
panties {n} (short underpants for women or girls)  :: pikkuhousut {p}, [underpants] alushousut {p}
pant leg {n} (either of the legs of a pair of pants)  :: lahje
pantlessness {n} (state)  :: housuttomuus
pantograph {n} /ˈpantəɡɹɑːf/ (rail transport: Device that collects electric current from overhead lines)  :: virroitin
pantry {n} /ˈpæntɹi/ (storage room)  :: ruokakomero; pentteri [nautical]
pants {n} /pænts/ (garment covering the body from the waist downwards)  :: housut {p}
pants {n} (undergarment covering the genitals)  :: alushousut, [for women] pikkuhousut
panty {n} (panties) SEE: panties  ::
pantyhose {n} /ˈpæntɪhəuz/ (nylon tights worn about legs)  :: sukkahousut {p}
pantyliner {n} (pad worn inside underwear)  :: pikkuhousunsuoja
panvitalism {n} (belief that all things are part of a single living universe)  :: panvitalismi
panvitalism {n} (belief that all things in the universe are alive)  :: panvitalismi
Panzerfaust {n} (grenade launcher)  :: panssarinyrkki
Panzerschrek {n} (portable anti-tank weapon)  :: panssarikauhu
pap {n} /pæp/ (soft food)  :: mössö
pap {n} (colloquial: nonsense)  :: potaska, lööperi, mössö
pap {n} (support from official patronage)  :: tukiaiset {p}
pap {n} (pulp of fruit)  :: hedelmäliha
pap {adj} (without character)  :: nössö
pap {v} (to feed with pap)  :: syöttää mössöä
pap {n} (female breast)  :: tissi, tisu
pap {n} (porridge) SEE: porridge  ::
papa {n} /ˈpɑː.pə/ (the letter "P")  :: Paavo
papa {n} (Father (familiar, conversational)) SEE: dad  ::
papakha {n} (type of hat)  :: papaha
papal {adj} /ˈpeɪpəl/ (related to the pope or papacy)  :: paavillinen
Papal States {prop} (state)  :: Kirkkovaltio
paparazzi {n} (paparazzo) SEE: paparazzo  ::
paparazzo {n} /ˌpɑpəˈɹɑtsoʊ/ (freelance photographer of celebrities)  :: paparazzi, lehtikuvaaja
papaveraceous {adj} (of or relating to Papaveraceae)  :: unikonsukuinen, unikko-, unikon
papaverous {adj} (of, pertaining to, or characteristic of the poppy)  :: unikkoinen
papaverous {adj} (inducing sleep)  :: unettava
papaya {n} /pəˈpaɪə/ (fruit)  :: papaija
papeda {n} (sago congee)  :: papeda
papeda {n} (subgenus Papeda)  :: papeda
papeda {n} (Ichang papeda) SEE: Ichang papeda  ::
paper {n} /ˈpeɪpɚ/ (sheet material)  :: paperi
paper {n} (open hand in the game of rock, paper and scissors)  :: paperi
paper {n} (written document shorter than a book)  :: raportti
paper {n} (academic paper)  :: julkaisu, tutkimus, artikkeli, esitelmä
paper {n} (scholastic essay)  :: aine, tutkielma
paper {n} (slang: money)  :: tuohi
paper {n} (university course)  :: kurssi
paper {n} (paper packet)  :: paperipakkaus, aski
paper {n} (medicinal preparation)  :: paperi
paper {adj} (made of paper)  :: paperinen, paperi-
paper {v} (to apply paper to)  :: paperoida [general], tapetoida [with wallpaper]
paper {n} (newspaper) SEE: newspaper  ::
paper {n} (wallpaper) SEE: wallpaper  ::
paper {n} (wrapping paper) SEE: wrapping paper  ::
paper {v} (to document) SEE: document  ::
paper aeroplane {n} (toy aeroplane made by folding up a sheet of paper)  :: paperilennokki
paper airplane {n} (paper aeroplane) SEE: paper aeroplane  ::
paperback {n} (book)  :: taskukirja, pokkari
paperback {adj} (having flexible binding)  :: pehmeäkantinen, nidottu
paper birch {n} (Betula papyrifera)  :: paperikoivu
paperboard {n} (thick paper)  :: kartonki
paperboy {n} (male who delivers newspapers)  :: lehdenjakaja
paper candidate {n} /ˈpeɪpə ˈkændɪdət/ (candidate with little chance of winning)  :: apuehdokas
paperchase {n} (dealing with paperwork)  :: paperisota
paper clip {n} (paper clip)  :: paperiliitin, klemmari [colloquial]
paper cup {n} (disposable cup)  :: pahvikuppi, pahvimuki
paper cut {n} (wound caused by piece of paper)  :: paperihaava, viiltohaava
papercutting {n} (jianzhi) SEE: jianzhi  ::
papercutting {n} (art of cutting decorative designs out of paper)  :: paperinleikkaus
paper fastener {n} (stationary item)  :: haaraniitti
paper flower {n} (Bougainvillea glabra)  :: kaljuihmeköynnös, ihmeköynnös
paper flower {n} (Campanula persicifolia)  :: kurjenkello
paperknife {n} (a knife for cutting paper or opening envelopes)  :: paperiveitsi
paperless office {n} (office where paper is not necessary)  :: paperiton toimisto
papermaking {n} (craft of making paper)  :: paperinvalmistus
paper mill {n} (factory)  :: paperitehdas
paper money {n} / ˌpeɪpər ˈmʌni / (a form of banknotes)  :: paperiraha, setelit {p}, seteliraha
paper money {n} (type of joss paper)  :: joss-raha
paper tiger {n} (paper tiger)  :: paperitiikeri
paper towel {n} (sheet of absorbent paper)  :: talouspaperi, talouspaperin pala
paperweight {n} (small, decorative, somewhat weighty object)  :: paperipaino
paperweight {n} (any object for this purpose)  :: paperipaino
paperweight {n} (slang: useless object)  :: verkonpaino
paperwork {n} /ˈpeɪ.pɚˌwɝk/ (work involving written documents)  :: paperityöt, paperisota
papery {adj} (being like paper)  :: paperinen
papescent {adj} (porridge-like)  :: puuromainen
Paphian {adj} /ˈpeɪfɪən/ (of or relating to Paphos)  :: paphoslainen
Paphian {n} ((literary) a prostitute)  :: kurtisaani
Paphian {n} (resident of Paphos)  :: paphoslainen
Papiamento {prop} (creole language) SEE: Papiamentu  ::
Papiamentu {prop} (language)  :: papiamento
papier-mâché {n} /ˌpeɪpɚ məˈʃeɪ/ (paper mixed with glue to create a sculptural object)  :: paperimassa
papilla {n} (anatomical structure)  :: papillii, papilla
papilloma {n} (epithelial tumour)  :: papillooma
papillomavirus {n} /papɪˈləʊməvʌɪɹəs/ (member of the genus Papillomavirus)  :: papilloomavirus
papism {n} (papistry) SEE: papistry  ::
papist {n} /ˈpeɪp.ɪst/ (Roman Catholic)  :: paavilainen, paavinuskoinen
papistry {n} (derogatory: Roman Catholic faith)  :: paavinusko
paprika {n} /pəˈpɹiːkə/ (spice)  :: paprika, paprikajauhe
Pap smear {n} (gynaecology: screening test)  :: Papa-koe
Pap test {n} (gynaecology: screening test)  :: Papa-koe
Papua New Guinea {prop} /ˈpæ.pu.ə ˌnu ˈɡɪ.ni/ (country in Oceania)  :: Papua-Uusi-Guinea
papule {n} (small, inflammatory spot on skin without pus)  :: näppylä
papyrologist {n} (a student of papyrology)  :: papyrologi
papyrology {n} (the study of ancient texts written on papyrus)  :: papyrologia
papyrus {n} /pəˈpaɪɹəs/ (plant in the sedge family)  :: papyruskaisla
papyrus {n} (material made from this plant)  :: papyrus
papyrus {n} (scroll or document written on this material)  :: papyrus
parable {n} /ˈpæɹ.ə.bəl/ (short story illustrating a lesson)  :: paraabeli, vertauskertomus
parabola {n} /pəˈɹæbələ/ (a conic section)  :: paraabeli
paracetamol {n} (acetaminophen) SEE: acetaminophen  ::
parachute {n} /ˈpæɹəʃuːt/ (a device designed to control the fall of an object)  :: laskuvarjo
parachute {v} (to jump with a parachute)  :: hypätä laskuvarjolla
parachuting {n} (sport)  :: laskuvarjohyppy
parachutist {n} (parachute user)  :: laskuvarjohyppääjä
parade {n} /pəˈɹeɪd/ (organized procession)  :: paraati, komeilu
paradigm {n} /ˈpæɹ.ə.daɪm/ (example serving as a model or pattern)  :: paradigma, ajatusmalli
paradigm {n} (linguistics: all forms which contain a common element)  :: paradigma, muotosarja
paradigm {n} (way of viewing reality)  :: paradigma, maailmankatsomus
paradigm shift {n} (change in thinking from an accepted point of view to a new one, necessitated by scientific discoveries)  :: paradigman muutos, ajattelutavan muutos
paradigm shift {n} (change in thinking from an accepted point of view to a new belief)  :: paradigman muutos, ajattelutavan muutos
paradise {n} /ˈpæɹədaɪs/ (heaven)  :: taivas, paratiisi
paradise {n} (very pleasant place)  :: paratiisi
Paradise {prop} /ˈpæɹədaɪs/ (Heaven)  :: taivas
Paradise {prop} (the Garden of Eden)  :: paratiisi
paradise on earth {n} (ideal or idyllic place)  :: maanpäällinen paratiisi, paratiisi maan päällä
paradise parrot {n} (colourful parrot)  :: paratiisikaija
paradox {n} /ˈpæɹədɑks/ (apparent contradiction which is nonetheless true )  :: paradoksi
paradox {n} (in logic: a self-contradictory statement )  :: paradoksi
paradox {n} (person or thing with contradictory properties )  :: kummajainen
paradoxical {adj} /ˌpæɹəˈdɒksɪkəl/ (having self-contradicting properties)  :: paradoksaalinen
paraffin {n} (kerosene) SEE: kerosene  ::
paraffin {n} /ˈpɛɹ.ə.fɪn/ (alkane hydrocarbon)  :: alkaani
paraffin {n} (paraffin wax) SEE: paraffin wax  ::
paraffin wax {n} (paraffin wax)  :: parafiini, parafiinivaha
paraglider {n} (one who paraglides)  :: varjoliitäjä
paraglider {n} (equipment)  :: varjoliidin
paraglider {n} (wing)  :: varjoliidin
paragliding {n} /ˈpæɹəɡlaɪdɪŋ/ (the sport of gliding with a paraglider)  :: varjoliito
paragon {n} /ˈpæɹəɡən/ (model or pattern)  :: perikuva, esikuva
paragon {v} (to serve as a model for)  :: olla esikuvana
paragraph {n} /ˈpɛɹəɡɹæf/ (passage in text)  :: kappale, paragraafi
Paraguay {prop} /ˈpɛɹ.ə.ɡweɪ/ (country in South America)  :: Paraguay
parakeet {n} /ˈpaɹəkiːt/ (various species of small parrots)  :: aratti
paralanguage {n} (non-verbal elements of speech)  :: parakieli, vokaliikka
paralegal {n} (one who assists a lawyer)  :: asianajajan avustaja
paralipsis {n} /ˌpæ.ɹəˈlɪp.sɪs/ (figure of speech)  :: paralipsis
parallax {n}  :: parallaksi
parallel {adj} /ˈpæɹəˌlɛl/ (equally distant from one another at all points)  :: yhdensuuntainen, samansuuntainen
parallel {adj} (having the same overall direction)  :: genitive + suuntainen; samansuuntainen, rinnakkainen (jonkin kanssa)
parallel {adj} (computing: processing multipe tasks at the same time)  :: rinnakkainen
parallel {adv} (with a parallel relationship)  :: genitive + suuntaisesti; samansuuntaisesti (jonkun kanssa)
parallel {n} (line of latitude)  :: leveyspiiri
parallel {v} (of a path etc: to be parallel to something else)  :: olla samansuuntainen
parallel {v} (to compare or liken something to something else)  :: rinnastaa
parallel bars {n} (set of apparatus)  :: nojapuut {p}
parallelepiped {n} /ˌpæɹəˌlɛləˈpaɪpɪd/ (solid figure)  :: suuntaissärmiö
parallel import {n} (import without permission of the intellectual property owner)  :: rinnakkaistuonti
parallelism {n} /ˈpaɹəlɛlɪz(ə)m/ (state or condition of being parallel)  :: samansuuntaisuus
parallelism {n} (agreement, similarity, resemblance)  :: samanlaisuus
parallelism {n} (parallel position)  :: samansuuntaisuus
parallelism {n} (grammar)  :: parallelismi, kerto
parallelization {n} (act of making parallel)  :: yhdensuuntaistus
parallelly {adv} (in a parallel direction; in a parallel manner)  :: samansuuntaisesti
parallelogram {n} /ˌpæ.ɹə.ˈlɛl.ə.ˌɡɹæm/ (convex quadrilateral in which each pair of opposite edges are parallel and of equal length)  :: suunnikas
parallel park {v} (park a vehicle with side parallel to curb)  :: taskupysäköidä
parallel postulate {n} (axiom of Euclidean geometry)  :: paralleeliaksiooma
parallel text {n} (text placed alongside its translation)  :: rinnakkaisteksti
parallel text {n} (text similar to one being translated)  :: rinnakkaisteksti
parallel universe {n} (universe that exists separately alongside another universe)  :: rinnakkainen maailmankaikkeus
Paralympic Games {prop} (international sports competition for people with physical disabilities)  :: paralympialaiset
Paralympics {prop} (Paralympic Games) SEE: Paralympic Games  ::
paralysis {n} /pəˈɹæləsəs/ (loss of muscle control)  :: halvaus
paralysis {n} (state of being inable to act)  :: lama, lamaannus
paralytic {adj} /ˌpæɹəˈlɪtɪk/ (affected by paralysis)  :: halvaantunut
paramecium {n} /paɹəˈmiːsɪəm/ (organism)  :: tohvelieläin
paramedic {n} (individual trained to stabilize people outside of hospital)  :: ensihoitaja
parameter {n} /pəˈɹæm.ɪ.tə/ (variable kept constant during an experiment, calculation or similar)  :: parametri
parameter {n} (name in a function or subroutine definition)  :: parametri
parametric {adj} (of, relating to, or defined using parameters)  :: parametrinen
parametric equation {n} (equations that define coordinates of dependent variables of a curve or surface)  :: parametriyhtälö, parametrinen yhtälö
paramount {adj} /ˈpæ.ɹəˌmaʊnt/ (supreme)  :: tärkein
paramour {n} /ˈpæɹəmɔɹ/ (illicit lover)  :: rakastaja [male], rakastajatar [female]
paranasal sinus {n} (one of of air-filled spaces, or sinuses)  :: nenän sivuontelo
paranoia {n} /ˌpæ.ɹəˈnɔɪ.ə/ (A psychotic disorder characterized by delusions of persecution)  :: paranoia
paranoia {n} (Extreme, irrational distrust of others)  :: vainoharhaisuus
paranoiac {n} (somebody who has paranoia) SEE: paranoid  ::
paranoid {adj} /ˈpɛɹ.ə.ˌnɔɪd/ (of, related to, or suffering from paranoia)  :: vainoharhainen [common language]; paranoidinen, paranoidi [medical terminology]
paranoid {adj} (exhibiting extreme and irrational fear or distrust of others)  :: vainoharhainen
paranoid {n} (someone suffering from paranoia)  :: vainoharhainen
paranoid schizophrenia {n} (form of schizophrenia accompanied by delusions)  :: paranoidinen skitsofrenia
paranormal {adj} (can not be explained by scientific methods)  :: paranormaali, yliluonnollinen
parapatric {adj} (not significantly overlapping)  :: parapatrinen
paraphernalia {n} /ˌpæɹəfəˈneɪli.ə/ (miscellaneous items)  :: varusteet {p}, tarvikkeet, tavarat
paraphyletic {adj} (Excluding some descendants of the most recent common ancestor)  :: parafyleettinen
paraplegia {n} (paralysed condition)  :: parapleic
paraplegic {adj} (of, related to, or suffering from paraplegia)  :: parapleginen
paraplegic {n} (person who suffers from paraplegia)  :: parapleegikko, alaraajoista halvaantunut
paraprosdokian {n} (figure of speech)  :: yllätys
parapsychological {adj} (of or pertaining to parapsychology)  :: parapsykologinen
parapsychology {n} /ˌpɛɹəˌsaɪˈkɑlədʒi/ (study of that which cannot yet be explained)  :: parapsykologia
parasite {n} /ˈpæɹəˌsaɪt/ (useless person who always relies on other people's work and gives nothing back)  :: parasiitti {m}
parasite {n} ((generally undesirable) living organism that exists by stealing resources from another living organism)  :: loinen
parasitic {adj} /pɛɹ.əˈsɪt.ɪk/ (pertaining to a biological or symbolic parasite)  :: lois-
parasitic {adj} (drawing upon another organism for sustenance)  :: lois-
parasitical {adj} (parasitic) SEE: parasitic  ::
parasitise {v} (parasitize) SEE: parasitize  ::
parasitize {v} (live off a host)  :: loisia, olla loisena
parasol {n} /ˈpɛɹəˌsɑl/ (umbrella used as protection from the sun)  :: auringonvarjo
parasol tree {n} (Polyscias kikuyuensis)  :: Polyscias kikuyuensis
parasol tree {n} (Firmiana simplex)  :: Firmiana simplex
parasympathetic nervous system {n} (parasympathetic nervous system)  :: parasympaattinen hermosto, parasympatikus
parataxis {n} /paɹəˈtaksɪs/ (in grammar)  :: parataksis
parataxis {n} (in literature)  :: parataksis
parathyroid gland {n} (any one of four endocrine glands situated in the neck)  :: lisäkilpirauhanen
paratransit {n} (auxiliary transit service for the disabled)  :: invataksi
paratrooper {n} (soldier that parachutes from aircraft)  :: laskuvarjojääkäri
paratyphoid fever {n} (acute infectious intestinal disease)  :: pikkulavantauti
parboil {v} (partially boil)  :: kiehauttaa, ryöpätä
parcel {n} /ˈpʰɑɹ.səɫ]/ (package wrapped for shipment)  :: paketti
parcel {n} (division of land bought and sold as a unit)  :: tontti
parcel {v} (to wrap into a package)  :: paketoida
parcel bomb {n} (bomb disguised as a parcel)  :: pakettipommi
parch {v} /pɑɹtʃ/ (to burn the surface of; to scorch)  :: korventaa, polttaa, paahtaa
parch {v} (to become scorched or superficially burnt; to be very dry)  :: korventua
parched {adj} /pɑɹtʃt/ (dry)  :: kuiva
parched {adj} (thirsty)  :: janoinen
parchment {n} /ˈpɑːtʃmənt/ (material)  :: pergamentti
parchment {n} (document)  :: pergamentti
parchment {n} (imitating paper)  :: pergamenttipaperi
parchment paper {n} (paper used in baking)  :: leivinpaperi
pardon {n} /ˈpɑɹ.dn̩/ (forgiveness for an offence)  :: anteeksianto
pardon {n} (releasing order)  :: armahdus
pardon {v} (to forgive)  :: antaa anteeksi
pardon {v} (to grant an official pardon)  :: armahtaa
pardon {interj} (interjection, request to repeat)  :: anteeksi?, anteeksi kuinka?, mitä? [colloquial]
pardoned {adj} (forgiven)  :: armahdettu
pardon me {phrase} (sorry, as an apology)  :: suokaa anteeksi
pardon me {phrase} (polite expression to get someone to repeat)  :: anteeksi
pardon my French {v} (please excuse my swearing or bad language (idiomatic))  :: anteeksi kielenkäyttöni
pare {v} /peə(ɹ)/ (To remove the outer covering or skin of something with a knife)  :: kuoria
pare {v} (To reduce or trim something (as if) by cutting off)  :: leikata, supistaa
pareidolia {n} /pæɹ.aɪˈdəʊ.li.ə/ (tendency to interpret vague stimuli as something familiar)  :: pareidolia
paremiology {n} (the study of proverbs)  :: paremiologia
parent {n} /ˈpɛəɹənt/ (person from whom one is descended)  :: vanhempi
parent {n} (person who acts as a parent in rearing a child)  :: vanhempi, ottovanhempi
parent {n} (biology: organism from which a plant or animal is biologically descended)  :: vanhempi
parent {n} (source or origin of something)  :: syntyperä
parent {v} (to act as parent)  :: kasvattaa
parent {n} (parent company) SEE: parent company  ::
parental {adj} (relating to parent)  :: vanhempien
parental leave {n} (leave of absence for a parent to take care of a baby)  :: vanhempainvapaa
parent company {n} (a company that owns or controls another company)  :: emoyhtiö
parenthesis {n} /pəˈɹɛnθəsɪs/ (a clause, phrase or word inserted into a passage which is already grammatically complete)  :: parenteesi
parenthesis {n} (either of a pair of brackets ( ))  :: sulkumerkki
parenthesis {n} ((mathematics, logic) brackets used to clarify expressions by grouping terms affected by a common operator)  :: sulkeet
parenthood {n} (state of being parent)  :: vanhemmuus
parenting {n} (process of raising and educating a child from birth until adulthood)  :: kasvatus
parent-in-law {n} (mother-in-law or father-in-law)  :: appivanhemmat {p}
parents {n} /ˈpɛɹənts/ (one's parents)  :: vanhemmat {p}
paresthesia {n} (sensation of burning, prickling, itching, or tingling of the skin with no obvious cause)  :: parestesia
paresthesis {n} (paresthesia) SEE: paresthesia  ::
Pareto principle {n} (principle)  :: Pareton periaate
par excellence {adj} /ˌpɑɹ ˌɛksəˈlɑns/ (being a quintessential example of a general type)  :: loistava, par excellence
parfait {n} (an iced dessert)  :: parfait, parfee
parhelion {n} (bright spot in the sky due to refraction of the sun by ice crystals) SEE: sun dog  ::
parietal bone {n} (either of two bones at the sides and top of the skull)  :: päälaenluu
parietal lobe {n} /pəˈɹaɪətəl ˌloʊb/ (Division of cerebrum)  :: päälaenlohko, parietaalilohko
pari-mutuel {n} /ˌpaɹiˈmjuːtʃʊəl/ (betting system)  :: toto, totalisaattori
pari-mutuel {n} (booth)  :: totokoppi
Paris {prop} /ˈpæɹ.ɪs/ (capital of France)  :: Pariisi
Paris {prop} (Trojan prince)  :: Pariisi
parish {n} /ˈpæɹɪʃ/ (part of a diocese)  :: seurakunta
parish {n} (members of the parish)  :: seurakunta
parish {n} (civil subdivision of a county)  :: kunta
parish assembly {n} (Jersey: the decision-making body of local government)  :: kuntakokous
parish church {n} (church that serves as the religious centre of a parish)  :: seurakunta
parishioner {n} (member of a parish)  :: seurakuntalainen
parish register {n} (record book of a parish)  :: kirkonkirja
Parisian {n} /pəˈɹiʒən/ (someone from Paris)  :: pariisilainen {m}{f}, pariisitar {f}
Parisian {adj} (of Paris)  :: pariisilainen
Parisienne {n} /pəɹɪzɪˈɛn/ (female from Paris)  :: pariisitar
Paris syndrome {n} (psychological disorder)  :: Pariisin syndrooma
parity {n} /ˈpæɹɪti/ (equality, comparability)  :: vastaavuus
parity {n} (math: classification into one set or the other)  :: pariteetti
parity {n} (physics: symmetry of interaction)  :: pariteetti
park {n} /pɑɹk]/ (ground for recreation)  :: puisto
park {v} (bring to a halt)  :: pysäköidä
parka {n} /ˈpɑɹkə/ (long jacket)  :: parka, anorakki
parking {n} /ˈpɑːkɪŋ/ (action)  :: pysäköinti
parking {n} (space)  :: pysäköintipaikka
parking brake {n} (brake intended for keeping a vehicle stationary without constant operator attention)  :: seisontajarru
parking coupon {n} /ˈpɑɹkɪŋ ˈkjuˌpɑn/ (coupon used to pay for parking)  :: pysäköintilippu
parking disc {n} (device placed inside a parked vehicle)  :: pysäköintikiekko
parking lot {n} (open area, generally paved, where automobiles may be left when not in use)  :: pysäköintialue
parking meter {n} (device for collecting parking fees)  :: pysäköintimittari
parking permit {n} (printed permission to park)  :: pysäköintilupa; asukaspysäköintitunnus
parking space {n} (space in which a vehicle can be parked)  :: pysäköintipaikka, [informal] parkkipaikka, autopaikka
parking ticket {n} /ˈpɑː.kɪŋ ˈtɪk.ɪt/ (legal summons for parking incorrectly)  :: pysäköintivirhemaksu
parking ticket {n} (ticket as proof of payment)  :: pysäköintilippu
parking violation {n} (illegal parking)  :: pysäköintivirhe
Parkinson's disease {n} (Parkinson's disease)  :: Parkinsonin tauti
park light {n} (light)  :: seisontavalo
parkour {n} /pɑɹˈkʊɹ/ (athletic discipline)  :: parkour
parlance {n} /ˈpɑɹ.ləns/ (A certain way of speaking (or using words))  :: puhetapa, -kieli, -slangi
parliament {n} /ˈpɑːləmənt/ (institution with elected or appointed members)  :: eduskunta, parlamentti, valtiopäivät
parliamentarian {n} (member of parliament)  :: kansanedustaja, parlamentaarikko
Parliament House {prop} (building)  :: eduskuntatalo, valtiopäivätalo, parlamenttitalo
parlor {n} /ˈpɑɹləɹ/ (drawing room)  :: salonki
parmesan {n} /ˈpɑː.məˌzɑːn/ (hard, full-fat Italian cheese from Parma)  :: parmesaani
Parmesan {n} (parmesan) SEE: parmesan  ::
parochial {adj} /pəˈɹoʊki.əl/ (pertaining to a parish)  :: seurakunnallinen
parochial {adj} (characterized by an unsophisticated focus on local concerns)  :: nurkkakuntainen
parochialism {n} (state of being parochial)  :: nurkkakuntaisuus
parody {n} /ˈpɛɹədi/ (expression making fun of something else)  :: parodia
parody {v} (to make a parody of something)  :: parodioida
paroemia {n} (proverb) SEE: proverb  ::
parole {n} /pə.ˈɹoʊɫ]/ (law: a release of (a prisoner))  :: ehdonalainen
parole {n} (an amount of time)  :: ehdonalainen
parole {n} (linguistics: language in use)  :: puhekieli, puhe
parole officer {n} (probation officer) SEE: probation officer  ::
paronychia {n} (infection under the cuticle) SEE: whitlow  ::
parosmia {n} (olfactory disorder)  :: parosmia
parotid {n} (parotid gland) SEE: parotid gland  ::
parotid gland {n} (salivary gland)  :: korvasylkirauhanen
parotitis {n} (inflammation of parotid gland)  :: parotiitti
paroxysm {n} /ˈpæɹ.əkˌsɪz.əm/ (random or sudden outburst)  :: kohtaus
paroxysm {n} (sudden recurrence of a disease)  :: kohtaus
parquet {n} (the part of a theatre between the orchestra and the parquet circle) SEE: stall  ::
parquet {n} /pɑːɹˈkeɪ/ (a wooden floor made of parquetry)  :: parketti
parr {n} (young salmon)  :: jokipoikanen
parricide {n} /ˈpæ.ɹɪ.saɪd/ (someone who kills a relative)  :: isänmurhaaja, äidinmurhaaja
parrot {n} /ˈpæɹət/ (kind of bird)  :: papukaija
parrot {n} (person who repeats what was said)  :: papukaija
parrot {v} (to repeat exactly without showing understanding)  :: hokea
parrot {n} (puffin) SEE: puffin  ::
parrot fever {n} (disease)  :: papukaijakuume, ornitoosi, psittakoosi
parrotfish {n} (tropical marine fish)  :: papukaijakala
parrothouse {n} (aviary for parrots)  :: lintutalo, papukaijatalo
parrotlet {n} (miniature parrot)  :: aranen
parry {n} /ˈpæɹi/ (a defensive or deflective action; an act of parrying)  :: torjunta
parry {v} (avoid, deflect, or ward off)  :: torjua
parse {v} /pɑɹs/ (linguistics: to resolve into elements)  :: jäsentää
parse {v} (computing: to split data into pieces)  :: jäsentää
parse {n} (act of parsing)  :: jäsentäminen, jäsennys, lauseenjäsennys, jäsentely
parse {n} (result of parsing)  :: jäsennys
parser {n} /ˈpɑː(ɹ).zə/ (computer program)  :: parseri, jäsentäjä
parsimonious {adj} /pɑɹ.sɪˈmo͡ʊn.i.əs/ (Exhibiting parsimony)  :: kitsas, pihi
parsimony {n} (great reluctance to spend money unnecessarily)  :: säästäväisyys
parsimony {n} (principle of using the least resources or explanations to solve a problem)  :: säästäväisyys
parsley {n} /ˈpɑː(ɹ)sli/ (herb)  :: persilja
parsnip {n} (the plant Pastinaca sativa)  :: palsternakka
parsnip {n} (the edible root of Pastinaca sativa)  :: palsternakka
parson {n} /ˈpɑɹsən/ (cleric having full control of a parish)  :: kirkkoherra
parson {n} (protestant minister)  :: pappi
part {n} /pɑːt/ (fraction of a whole )  :: osa
part {n} (group inside a larger group )  :: osa, osasto, osajoukko, klikki, fraktio, suuntaus, lahko, siipi
part {n} (position or role )  :: osa, rooli
part {n} (3.5 cl portion in a drink)  :: osa
part {n} (hair dividing line )  :: jakaus
part {v} (to leave)  :: lähteä
part {v} (to cut hair with a parting)  :: tehdä jakausдед
part {v} (to divide in two)  :: jakaa kahtia
part {adj} (partial) SEE: partial  ::
partake {v} /pɑɹˈteɪk/ (to take part in an activity)  :: osallistua, ottaa osaa
Parthia {prop} /ˈpɑɹθi.ə/ (empire of the Parthians)  :: Parthia
partial {adj} /ˈpɑɹʃəl/ (existing in part)  :: osittainen, osa-
partial {adj} (biased)  :: puolueellinen
partial derivative {n} (derivative with respect to one variable)  :: osittaisderivaatta
partial differential equation {n} (equation)  :: osittaisdifferentiaaliyhtälö
partial fraction {n} (mathematics: any of several fractions to the sum of which a single fraction is equal)  :: osamurtokehitelmä
participant {n} /pɑːɹˈtɪsəpənt/ (one who participates)  :: osanottaja, osallistuja
participate {v} /pɑːˈtɪsɪpeɪt/ (to join in, to take part, to involve oneself)  :: osallistua, ottaa osaa
participatory {adj} /pɑː(ɹ)ˈtɪsɪpətəɹi/ (open to participation)  :: osallistumiselle avoin
participial {n} (participle) SEE: participle  ::
participial {adj} (of or relating to a participle)  :: partisiippinen
participle {n} /ˈpɑɹtɪˌsɪpəl/ (verb form)  :: partisiippi
particle {n} /ˈpɑɹtɪkəl/ (body with very small size)  :: hiukkanen, partikkeli
particle {n} (word)  :: partikkeli
particle {n} (elementary particle or subatomic particle)  :: alkeishiukkanen [elementary particle], subatominen hiukkanen [subatomic particle], hiukkanen
particle accelerator {n} (a device that accelerates electrically charged particles to extremely high speeds)  :: hiukkaskiihdytin
particle board {n} (structural material manufactured from wood particles)  :: lastulevy
particle physics {n} (particle physics)  :: hiukkasfysiikka
particular {adj} /pəˈtɪkjəlɚ/ (specific; discrete; concrete)  :: nimenomainen, yksittäinen
particular {adj} (specialised; characteristic of a specific person or thing)  :: erityinen, ominainen
particular {adj} (distinguished in some way; special)  :: erityinen
particular {adj} (of a person, concerned with, or attentive to, details)  :: pikkutarkka, tarkka
particular {adj} (concerned with, or attentive to, details; minute; precise; fastidious)  :: yksityiskohtainen, tarkka
particular {adj} (legal: containing a part only)  :: osittainen
particular {adj} (legal: holding a particular estate)  :: osa- [e.g. particular tenant - "osavuokralainen"]
particular {adj} (logic: forming a part of a genus)  :: erityinen, partikulaari
particular {n} (small part)  :: yksityiskohta
particular {n} (person's own individual case)  :: yksilö
particular {n} (philosophy: individual thing as opposed to a whole class)  :: partikulaari
particular {adj} (partial) SEE: partial  ::
particular {adj} (known only to an individual person or group) SEE: confidential  ::
particularly {adv} /pəˈtɪkjəlɚli/ (especially)  :: erityisen
parting {n} /ˈpɑɹtɪŋ/ (farewell)  :: jäähyväiset
parting {n} (line dividing hair)  :: jakaus
partisan {n} /ˈpɑɹ.tɪ.zən/ (adherent to a party)  :: kannattaja [supporter]; puolueaktiivi [activist]
partisan {n} (fervent supporter of a party)  :: puoluepukari
partisan {adj} (adherent to a party or faction)  :: puolue-
partisan {adj} (devoted to a party or group)  :: puolue-, ryhmäkuntainen
partisan {adj} (serving as a commander or member of a body of detached light troops)  :: partisaani-, sissi-
partisan {n} (type of spear)  :: pertuska
partisan {n} (soldier)  :: pertuskamies
partisan {n} (member of a body of detached light troops) SEE: guerrilla  ::
partitive {adj} (that divides something into parts)  :: jakava, erottava
partitive {adj} (grammar: indicating a part)  :: partitiivi-, partitiivinen
partitive {n} (partitive case)  :: partitiivi
partitive case {n} (case used to indicate that an object is affected only partially by the verb) SEE: partitive  ::
partiture {n} (score (music)) SEE: score  ::
partly {adv} /pɑɹtli/ (in part)  :: osittain
partner {n} /ˈpɑɹtnɚ/ (someone who is associated with another in a common activity or interest)  :: partneri, kumppani, yhteistyökumppani
partner {n} (a member of a business or law partnership)  :: kumppani, yhtiömies
partner {n} (spouse, domestic, or romantic partner)  :: partneri, puoliso, kumppani, [domestic only] avomies {m}
partner {n} (dancing partner)  :: pari, tanssipari, partneri
partner {n} (either member of a pair in a card game or sports team (1.4))  :: pari
partnership {n} (state of being associated with a partner)  :: kumppanuus
partnership {n} (association of two or more people to conduct a business)  :: henkilöyhtiö
part of speech {n} (the function a word or phrase performs)  :: sanaluokka
partridge {n} /ˈpɑɹtɹɪd͡ʒ/ (any bird of the genera Perdix or Alectoris)  :: [Perdix] peltopyy, [Alectoria] punapyy
partridgeberry {n} (Vaccinium vitis-idaea) SEE: lingonberry  ::
partridgeberry {n} (Mitchella repens)  :: pyynmarja
partridgeberry {n} (Gaultheria procumbens)  :: lamosalali
parts interpreter {n} (someone who sells replacement parts for motor vehicles)  :: varaosamyyjä
part-time {adj} (involving less than the normal time)  :: osa-aikainen, sivutoiminen, osa-aika-
part-timer {n} (someone who is employed, or does something, part-time)  :: osa-aikainen työntekijä
parturition {n} (act of giving birth)  :: synnytys
part ways {v} (go in different directions)  :: luovuttaa, luopua
part with {v} (willingly let go of)  :: luovuttaa, luopua
party {n} /ˈpɑɹ.ti/ (law: particular side in a contract or legal action)  :: osapuoli [contract], asianosainen [legal action]
party {n} (someone who takes part)  :: osallinen
party {n} (group of people forming one side in a given dispute, contest etc.)  :: osapuoli
party {n} (military: discrete detachment of troops)  :: joukko
party {n} (social gathering)  :: juhla, juhlat {p}
party {n} (group of people travelling or attending an event together)  :: seurue
party {v} (to celebrate at a party)  :: juhlia
party {n} (political group) SEE: political party  ::
party animal {n} (person known for frequent, enthusiastic attendance at parties)  :: bilehile
party dress {n} (woman's elegant dress)  :: juhlamekko
party favor {n} /pɑɹɾiːˌfejvɹ̩/ (souvenir for a party guest)  :: osallistujalahja, pöytälahja
party game {n} (game played at a party)  :: seurapeli, seuraleikki
party game {n} (multiplayer video game)  :: seurapeli
party leader {n} (person who leads a political party)  :: puoluejohtaja
party member {n} (member of a political party)  :: puoluetoveri [Communist]
party pie {n} (small meat pie)  :: pikkupiirakka
party pooper {n} (one who dampens the fun of a group activity) SEE: spoilsport  ::
parula {n} (bird of the genus Parula)  :: kerttuli
par value {n} (face value) SEE: face value  ::
parvenu {n} /ˈpɑɹ.və.nju/ (a person who has risen, climbed up, or has been promoted to a higher social class)  :: nousukas
parvenu {adj} (being a parvenu; also, like or having the characteristics of a parvenu)  :: nousukasmainen
parvovirus {n} (virus of the genus Parvovirus)  :: parvovirus
pas {n} (step)  :: askel, tanssiaskel
pascal {n} /pæˈskæl/ (SI unit of pressure and stress)  :: pascal
Pascal's triangle {n} (Pascal's triangle)  :: Pascalin kolmio
Paschal Lamb {n} /ˈpæs.kəl ˈlæm/ (the lamb eaten at Passover)  :: pääsiäislammas
Paschal Lamb {n} (Jesus Christ, symbolized as a sacrifice)  :: Jumalan Karitsa
Paschal Lamb {n} (heraldry: a lamb depicted with nimbus and bearing a flag)  :: Jumalan Karitsa
pasha {n} /ˈpɑʃə/ (title)  :: pašša
Pashto {prop} (official language of Afghanistan)  :: paštu
Pashtun {prop} (Pashto) SEE: Pashto  ::
Pashtun {adj} (of or relating to the Pashtuns)  :: pataanilainen, paštulainen
Pashtun {n} (Pashtun person)  :: pataani, paštu
Pashtun {n} (Pashto-speaking person)  :: pataani, paštu
paska {n} (paskha) SEE: paskha  ::
paskha {n} (Easter dessert)  :: pasha
paso doble {n} (Spanish ballroom dance)  :: paso doble
pasque flower {n} (flower of Pulsatilla)  :: kylmänkukka, vuokko
pass {v} /pɑːs/ (move or be moved from one place to another)  :: liikkua [intransitive], liikuttaa [transitive]
pass {v} (change from one state to another)  :: muuttua, vaihtua
pass {v} (move beyond the range of the senses or of knowledge)  :: kadota
pass {v} (die)  :: poistua, kuolla
pass {v} (happen)  :: tapahtua, käydä
pass {v} (elapse)  :: kulua, mennä
pass {v} (go from one person to another)  :: siirtyä
pass {v} (advance through all the steps or stages necessary to validity or effectiveness)  :: läpäistä, mennä läpi
pass {v} (go through any inspection or test successfully)  :: mennä läpi, läpäistä, päästä läpi
pass {v} (to be tolerated)  :: sietää, käydä
pass {v} (to continue)  :: jatkua
pass {v} (decline to play in one's turn)  :: passata, jättää väliin
pass {v} (go by, over, etc)  :: kulkea
pass {v} (sports: to move the ball or puck to a teammate)  :: syöttää
pass {n} (opening, road, or track, available for passing)  :: sola, reitti
pass {n} (movement of a tool over something, or something over a tool)  :: pyyhkäisy
pass {n} (the state of things)  :: tila, asiaintila
pass {n} (permission or license to pass, or to go and come)  :: kulkulupa
pass {n} (document granting permission to pass or to go and come)  :: passi, kulkulupa, lippu
pass {n} (password) SEE: password  ::
passable {adj} (That may be passed or traversed)  :: kulkukelpoinen
passable {adj} (Tolerable; satisfactory; adequate)  :: välttävä
passacaglia {n} /ˌpɑsəˈkɑljə/ (historical Spanish dance)  :: passacaglia
passage {n} /ˈpæsɪd͡ʒ/ (section of text or music)  :: jakso, jae (numbered section of text); juoksutus (section of music)
passage {n} (part of a journey)  :: etappi, osuus
passage {n} (official agreement of a bill or act)  :: hyväksyminen
passage {n} (passageway)  :: käytävä, välikkö
passage {n} /ˈpasɑːʒ/ (movement in dressage)  :: passage
passageway {n} (covered walkway)  :: käytävä
passageway {n} (any way for passing in, out or through something)  :: reitti, käytävä
pass away {v} (to die (euphemistic))  :: nukkua pois
passbook {n} (booklet used to record bank transactions)  :: vastakirja, säästökirja
pass by {v} (go by) SEE: go by  ::
passcode {n} (string of characters used for authentication on a digital device)  :: salasana
passenger {n} /ˈpæsənd͡ʒəɹ/ (one who rides or travels in a vehicle)  :: matkustaja
passenger car {n} (A railroad car that carries passengers)  :: matkustajavaunu
passenger car {n} (A road vehicle that carries passengers)  :: henkilöauto
passenger dedicated line {n} (railroad line dedicated for the exclusive use of passenger trains)  :: henkilöjunarata
passenger kilometer {n} (unit)  :: matkustajakilometri
passenger pigeon {n} (an extinct bird of the species Ectopistes migratorius)  :: muuttokyyhky
passenger ship {n} (type of ship)  :: matkustajalaiva
passenger train {n} (type of train)  :: matkustajajuna, henkilöjuna
passer-by {n} (a person who is passing by)  :: ohikulkija
passerine {n} /ˈpæsəɹən/ (any bird of the order Passeriformes)  :: varpuslintu
passerine {adj} (relating to a passerine)  :: varpus-, varpuslintu-, varpuslintujen
pass gas {v} (break wind) SEE: break wind  ::
passing {adj} /ˈpɑːsɪŋ/ (that passes away; ephemeral)  :: ohimenevä, katoava, katoavainen
passing {adj} (pre-eminent, excellent)  :: suurenmoinen
passing {adj} (done only in passing; vague, cursory)  :: ohimennen [adverb - different structure]
passing {adv} ((now literary or archaic) Surpassingly, greatly)  :: peräti
passing {n} (death, dying; the end)  :: poismeno, loppu
passing {n} (fact of going past; movement from one place or state to another)  :: ohittaminen, ohitus, siirtyminen
passing {n} (law: act of approving a bill etc.)  :: hyväksyminen, läpimeno
passing {n} (sports: act of passing)  :: syöttö, syöttäminen
passing {n} (form of juggling)  :: syöttely
passion {n} /ˈpʰæʃən]/ (any great emotion)  :: intohimo
passion {n} (fervor, determination)  :: intohimo, kiihko, tunteen palo
passion {n} (object of passionate love or strong interest)  :: intohimo, intohimon kohde
passion {n} (suffering of Jesus)  :: kärsimys
passion {n} (commemoration of the suffering of Jesus)  :: passio, kärsimysnäytelmä
passionate {adj} /ˈpæʃənɪt/ (fired with intense feeling)  :: intohimoinen, kiihkeä, tulinen, palava
passionately {adv} (in a passionate manner)  :: intohimoisesti
passionflower {n} (plant of the genus Passiflora)  :: kärsimyskukka
passionflower {n} (flower)  :: kärsimyskukka
passion fruit {n} (edible fruit)  :: passiohedelmä
passion fruit {n} (flesh of the fruit)  :: passiohedelmä
passion pit {n} (drive-in theatre) SEE: drive-in  ::
passion pit {n} (place where sexual activity commonly occurs)  :: kutupaikka
passion play {n} (play depicting the Passion of Christ)  :: kärsimysnäytelmä
passion play {n} (religious story of martyrdom)  :: kärsimysnäytelmä
passivate {v} (to reduce the chemical reactivity of a surface)  :: passivoida
passive {n} (passive voice) SEE: passive voice  ::
passive {adj} /ˈpæs.ɪv/ (not active, but acted upon)  :: passiivinen
passive {adj} (taking no action)  :: passiivinen
passive {adj} (grammar: being in the passive voice)  :: passiivinen, passiivimuotoinen
passive {adj} (psychology: being inactive and receptive in a relationship)  :: passiivinen
passive {adj} (finance: not bearing interest)  :: koroton
passive {n} (form of verb)  :: passiivimuoto, passiivi
passive-aggressive {adj} (passive resistance)  :: passiivis-aggressiivinen
passively {adv} /ˈpæs.ɪ (in a passive manner; without conscious or self-directed action)  :: tahattomasti, passiivisesti
passively {adv} (in an acquiescent manner; resignedly)  :: hiljaisesti, passiivisesti
passive smoking {n} (inhalation of smoke from somebody else´s tobacco)  :: passiivinen tupakointi
passive vocabulary {n} (words and phrases that someone understands but does not commonly use)  :: passiivinen sanavarasto
passive voice {n} (grammatical term)  :: passiivi
pass muster {v} /ˌpæs ˈmʌs.tɚ/ (to meet or exceed a particular standard)  :: mennä läpi, läpäistä testi
pass muster {v} (to pass a formal or informal inspection)  :: päästä läpi
pass off {v} (to happen)  :: kulua, mennä
pass off {v} (to misrepresent)  :: esittää, tarjota
pass on {v} (To die) SEE: die  ::
pass out {v} (to faint)  :: pyörtyä, menettää tajuntansa
pass out {v} (to distribute)  :: jakaa, jaella
pass out {v} (to graduate)  :: valmistua
Passover {prop} (Pesach)  :: pesah, (juutalainen) pääsiäinen
passport {n} /ˈpæspɔɹt/ (official document)  :: passi
pass the buck {v} (transfer responsibility or blame from oneself)  :: pakoilla vastuuta
pass through {v} (to surreptitiously penetrate, enter or gain access) SEE: infiltrate  ::
pass through {v} (to make something move through something else)  :: mennä läpi
pass through {n} (aperture)  :: tarjoiluaukko, tarjoiluluukku
passthrough {n} (The act of passing through)  :: läpimeno
password {n} /ˈpæswɜːɹd/ (word used to gain admittance)  :: salasana, tunnussana
password {n} (computing: string of characters known only to a user)  :: salasana
past {adj} (ago) SEE: ago  ::
past {n} /pæst/ (period of time that has already happened)  :: menneisyys
past {n} ((grammar) past tense)  :: imperfekti
past {adj} (having already happened; in the past)  :: mennyt
past {adj} (of a period of time: having just gone by)  :: viime
past {adj} (grammar: expressing action that has already happened)  :: mennyt
past {adv} (in a direction that passes)  :: ohi
past {prep} (beyond in place)  :: jälkeen; yli [in expressions of time]
pasta {n} /ˈpɑstə/ (dough)  :: pasta
pasta {n} (dish or serving)  :: pastaruoka [dish]; pasta-annos [serving]
pasta {n} (type of pasta)  :: pastalaji
pasta e fagioli {n} /ˌpastə ɛ faˈdʒəʊlɪ/ (soup made with pasta and beans)  :: pasta e fagioli -keitto, italialainen pasta-papukeitto
paste {n} /peɪst/ (soft mixture of pounded foods)  :: tahna
paste {n} (lead-containing glass, or an artificial gemstone thereof)  :: korulasi
pastel {n} /pæsˈtɛl/ (any of several subdued tints of colors)  :: pastellisävy
pastel {n} (drawing made with these colors)  :: pastelli, pastellityö
pastel {n} (crayon made from such a paste)  :: pastelliliitu
pastel de nata {n} (Portuguese egg tart pastry)  :: munatorttu
pastern {n} /ˈpæstəɹn/ (area on a horse's leg)  :: vuohinen
pasteurisation {n} (treatment of perishable food)  :: pastörointi
pasteurise {v} /ˈpæstʃəɹaɪz/ (to heat food in order to kill harmful organisms)  :: pastöroida
Pasteur pipette {n} (an item of laboratory equipment)  :: pasteur-pipetti
past historic tense {n} (tense)  :: preteriti
pastiche {n} /pæsˈtiʃ/ (work that imitates the work of a previous artist)  :: pastissi
pastille {n} /pæsˈtil/ (soft flavoured candy)  :: pastilli
pastille {n} (medicinal pill)  :: kurkkupastilli
pastille {n} (small granular half spheroid piece of material)  :: pastilli
pastime {n} /ˈpæs.taɪm/ (that which amuses)  :: ajanviete, viihdyke, huvi
pastor {n} (shepherd) SEE: shepherd  ::
pastor {n} /ˈpæstɚ/ (a minister or priest)  :: pastori, pappi
pastoral {adj} /ˌpæsˈtɔːɹəl/ (of or pertaining to shepherds)  :: paimen-, pastoraalinen
pastoral {adj} (relating to the care of souls, or to the pastor of a church)  :: papillinen
pastoral {n} (poem)  :: pastoraali
pastoral {n} (cantata)  :: pastoraali
pastoral {n} (letter of a pastor)  :: paimenkirje
pastoral {n} (letter of the house of bishops)  :: paimenkirje, piispan kirje
pastorally {adv} (in a pastoral manner)  :: papillisesti [of priest]; pastoraalisesti [of the manner of shepherds]
pastorally {adv} (in the role of a pastor)  :: papillisesti [of priest]
past participle {n} (past participle)  :: partisiipin perfekti
past perfect {n} (pluperfect tense) SEE: pluperfect tense  ::
pastrami {n} /pəˈstɹɑːmi/ (seasoned smoked cut of beef)  :: pastrami
pastry {n} /ˈpeɪstɹi/ (food group)  :: leivos
pastry {n} (type of dough)  :: torttutaikina, pullataikina
pastrymaker {n} (baker of pastry products)  :: sokerileipuri
past tense {n} (form of language)  :: imperfekti, kertoma
pasture {v} (graze) SEE: graze  ::
pasture {n} /ˈpɑːstjə/ (land on which cattle can be kept for feeding)  :: laidun, laidunmaa
pasture {v} (to herd animals into a pasture)  :: laiduntaa
pastureland {n} (land for grazing)  :: laidunmaa
pasty {adj} /ˈpeɪsti/ (pale, lacking colour)  :: kalpea
pasty {n} /ˈpæsti/ (A type of seasoned meat and vegetable pie)  :: pasteija, piirakka
pat {n} /pæt/ (sound of a light slap or tap)  :: taputus
pat {n} (light tap or slap)  :: taputus
pat {n} (flattish lump of soft matter)  :: nokare
pat {v} (to tap gently)  :: taputtaa
pat {v} (to hit to make smooth or flat)  :: taputtaa, taputella
pat {v} (to gently rain)  :: lopottaa
pat {adv} (opportunely)  :: sopivasti, sattuvasti, oikein
pataca {n} (monetary unit of Macau)  :: pataca
patch {n} (figuratively: fit) SEE: fit  ::
patch {n} (paltry fellow) SEE: fool  ::
patch {n} /pætʃ/ (piece of cloth used to repair a garment)  :: paikka
patch {n} (small piece of anything used to repair a breach)  :: paikka
patch {n} (piece of black silk stuck to the face)  :: kauneuspilkku
patch {n} (medicine: piece of material used to cover a wound)  :: paikka, side
patch {n} (medicine: adhesive piece of material impregnated with a drug)  :: laastari, lääkelaastari
patch {n} (a small, distinct part of something larger - period of time)  :: kausi, ajanjakso
patch {n} (a small area, plot of land, or piece of ground)  :: tilkku, maatilkku; palsta
patch {n} (guns: block to do away with the effect of dispart in sighting)  :: jyvä, etutähtäin
patch {n} (computing: file describing changes made to source code)  :: pätsi [colloquial], paikkaus, korjaustiedosto
patch {n} (small piece of material used to clean a gun barrel)  :: tilkku
patch {n} (cable connecting two pieces of electrical equipment)  :: yhdyskaapeli
patch {v} (mend by sewing on cloth)  :: paikata
patch {v} (mend with pieces)  :: paikata
patch {v} (repair clumsily)  :: paikata, paikkailla
patch {v} (repair as with patches)  :: paikata
patch {v} (arrange in a hasty or clumsy manner)  :: paikata, improvisoida
patch {v} (computing: update source code with a patch)  :: paikata
patch {v} (connect two pieces of electrical equipment)  :: liittää, kytkeä
patch {n} (computing: patch file) SEE: patch file  ::
patch file {n} (patch) SEE: patch  ::
patch file {n} (input to a patch program)  :: paikkaustiedosto
patchouli {n} /pəˈtʃuli/ (any of several East Indian plants)  :: patsuli
patchouli {n} (the oil or perfume made from these plants)  :: patsuli
patch pocket {n} (pocket made of a patch)  :: paikkatasku
patchwork {n} (a work composed of many different colors and shapes)  :: tilkkutäkki
patchwork {n} (any kind of creation that utilizes many different aspects to create one, whole piece)  :: palapeli [figuratively]
patchwork quilt {n} (decorative quilt)  :: tilkkutäkki
patchwork quilt {n} (disorganized structure)  :: tilkkutäkki
patchy {adj} /ˈpætʃi/ (Not constant or continuous)  :: epätasainen, hajanainen
pate {n} /peɪt/ (top of the head)  :: päälaki
patella {n} (kneecap) SEE: kneecap  ::
patellofemoral pain syndrome {n} (pain originating from the patella and the femur)  :: polvilumpion kondromalasia
paten {n} (plate for the host during Eucharist)  :: pateeni, öylättilautanen
patent {n} /ˈpeɪtənt/ (declaration issued by a government to an inventor)  :: patentti
patent {v} (successfully register an invention with a government agency; to secure a letter patent)  :: patentoida
patent {adj} (explicit and obvious)  :: suoranainen, ilmeinen
patent {n} (patent leather) SEE: patent leather  ::
patentability {n} (condition of being patentable)  :: patentoitavuus
patented {adj} (for which a patent has been granted)  :: patentoitu
patent leather {n} (glossy leather)  :: kiiltonahka, lakeeri
patent log {n} (taffrail log) SEE: taffrail log  ::
patent medicine {n} (medicine protected by a patent)  :: patentoitu lääke
patent medicine {n} (any medicine with a proprietary formula)  :: patenttilääke
paternal {adj} /pəˈtɜː(ɹ)nəl/ (of or pertaining to one's father)  :: isänpuoleinen
paternal {adj} (fatherly; behaving as or characteristic of a father)  :: isällinen
paternal {adj} (received or inherited from one's father)  :: isänpuoleinen
paternal {adj} (acting as a father)  :: isän tekemä
paternal aunt {n} (the sister of one's father)  :: täti, sedän vaimo [in-law]
paternal custody {n} (arrangement in which the father has the custody of a child)  :: isän yksinhuoltajuus
paternal grandfather {n} (one's father's father)  :: isoisä, vaari, ukki, pappa, isänisä
paternal grandmother {n} (one's father's mother)  :: isänäiti
paternal uncle {n} (brother of one's father)  :: setä, setäpuoli [father's brother-in-law]
paternity {n} (fatherhood) SEE: fatherhood  ::
paternity leave {n} (a leave of absence from a job for a father to care of a baby)  :: isyysloma
paternity test {n} (test)  :: isyystesti
paternoster {n} (a rosary) SEE: rosary  ::
path {n} /pʰæθ~pʰɛəθ~pʰeəθ]/ (a trail for the use of, or worn by, pedestrians)  :: polku
path {n} (a course taken)  :: polku, reitti, rata
path {n} (a metaphorical course)  :: latu, tola, polku
path {n} (a method or direction of proceeding)  :: suunta, reitti
path {n} (computing: a specification for a location within a hierarchical or tree-like structure)  :: polku
path {n} (graph theory: a sequence of vertices from one vertex to another)  :: polku
-path {suffix} (used to form nouns indicating someone with a particular disorder)  :: -paatti
-path {suffix} (used to form nouns indicating someone with a particular capability, as a type of remedial treatment)  :: -paatti
pathetic {adj} /pəˈθɛtɪk/ (arousing pity, sympathy, or compassion)  :: säälittävä
pathetic {adj} (arousing scorn or contempt)  :: säälittävä
patheticness {n} (state of being pathetic)  :: pateettisuus
pathobiology {n} (branch of biology that deals with pathology)  :: patobiologia
pathogen {n} (an organism or substance that causes disease)  :: patogeeni, taudinaiheuttaja
pathogenetic {adj} (of, pertaining to, or causing pathogenesis)  :: patogeneettinen
pathogenic {adj} (able to cause disease)  :: patogeeninen
pathological {adj} (pertaining to pathology)  :: patologinen
pathologically {adv} (in a pathological manner)  :: patologisesti
pathologist {n} (expert in pathology)  :: patologi
pathology {n} (branch of medicine)  :: patologia, tautioppi
pathology {n} (medical specialty)  :: patologia
pathology {n} (abnormality)  :: poikkeama
pathos {n} /ˈpeɪˌθoʊs/ (the quality or property of anything which touches the feelings or excites emotions)  :: paatos
pathos {n} (a writer or speaker's attempt to persuade an audience through appeals)  :: paatos
patience {n} /ˈpeɪʃəns/ (quality of being patient)  :: maltti, kärsivällisyys
patience {n} (game that can be played by one person)  :: pasianssi
patient {adj} /ˈpeɪʃənt/ (not losing one's temper while waiting)  :: kärsivällinen
patient {adj} (constant in pursuit)  :: ptkämielinen
patient {n} (someone who receives treatment from a doctor)  :: potilas
patiently {adv} (in a patient manner)  :: kärsivällisesti
patina {n} /pəˈtiːn.ə/ (color or incrustation which age and wear give to objects)  :: patina
patinate {v} (coat with patina)  :: patinoida
Patras {prop} /pəˈtɹæs/ (city of Greece)  :: Patraksesta
patriality {n} /ˌpeɪtɹiˈælɪti/ (right)  :: kotipaikkaoikeus
patriarch {n} /ˈpeɪt(ʃ)ɹiɑɹk/ (male leader)  :: patriarkka
patriarchate {n} (term of office)  :: patriarkaatti
patriarchate {n} (office or ecclesial jurisdiction)  :: patriarkaatti
patriarchate {n} (office space)  :: patriarkaatti
patriarchy {n} /ˈpeɪt(ʃ)ɹiɑɹki/ (social system)  :: patriarkia
patriarchy {n} (power structure)  :: patriarkia
patriarchy {n} (dominance of men in social or cultural systems)  :: patriarkia, miesvalta, miesvaltaisuus
patriarchy {n} (office of the patriarch) SEE: patriarchate  ::
patricide {n} /ˈpætɹɪsaɪd/ (murder of one's father)  :: isänmurha
patricide {n} (murderer of own father)  :: isänmurhaaja
patrimony {n} (inheritance from one's ancestor)  :: isänperintö, perintö
patriot {n} /ˈpeɪ.t(ʃ)ɹi.ət/ (person who loves, supports and defends their country)  :: patriootti
patriotic {adj} (inspired by patriotism)  :: isänmaallinen, patrioottinen
patriotism {n} /ˈpeɪtɹi.əˌtɪzəm/ (love of one's own country)  :: isänmaallisuus
patrol {n} /pəˈtɹoʊl/ (going of the rounds)  :: partiointi
patrol {n} (movement by a small body of troops beyond the line of outposts)  :: partiointi
patrol {n} (guard or men who go the rounds for observation)  :: partio, vartio, vartiomies
patrol {n} (perambulation of a particular line or district)  :: partio
patrol {v} (go the rounds along a chain of sentinels)  :: partioida
patrol {v} (go the rounds of, as a sentry, guard or policeman)  :: partioida
patrol boat {n} (small naval vessel designed for coast defence)  :: partiovene
patrol car {n} (police car)  :: partioauto
patron {n} /ˈpeɪ.tɹən/ (supporter)  :: tukija, kannattaja
patron {n} (customer)  :: asiakas, kanta-asiakas
patron {n} (property owner)  :: rakennuttaja
patron {n} (wealthy individual who supports an artist etc.)  :: tukija, mesenaatti
patronage {n} /ˈpeɪtɹənɪd͡ʒ/ (the act of providing approval and support)  :: tukeminen, kannattaminen
patronage {n} (customers collectively; clientele; business)  :: asiakaskunta, asiakkaat {p}
patronage {n} (a communication that indicates lack of respect by patronizing the recipient)  :: holhoaminen, alentuvuus
patronage {n} (guardianship, as of a saint)  :: suojelus
patronage {n} (right of nomination)  :: nimitysvalta
patronage {n} (legal: right of presentation to church or ecclesiastical benefice)  :: nimitysvalta
patronise {v} /ˈpætɹənaɪz/ (make a patron)  :: tukea kannattaa, suojella
patronise {v} (belittle)  :: holhota
patronise {v} (frequent a business)  :: holhota
patronising {adj} (offensively condescending) SEE: condescending  ::
patronize {v} /ˈpeɪt(ʃ).ɹə.naɪz/ (make a patron)  :: tukea, kannattaa, suojella
patronize {v} (to assume a tone of unjustified superiority)  :: holhota, suhtautua alentuvasti
patronize {v} (to make oneself a regular customer of a business)  :: asioida, olla asiakkaana
patronizing {adj} (offensively condescending) SEE: condescending  ::
patron saint {n} /ˈpeɪtɹən ˈseɪnt/ (saint from whom a specific group claims special protection or prayer)  :: suojeluspyhimys
patronymic {n} (a name from father's name)  :: patronyymi, isännimi
patsy {n} (a person who is taken advantage of)  :: syntipukki; uhri
patter {n} /ˈpætə/ (sound of feet)  :: tepsutus
patter {v} (to make irregularly repeated sounds)  :: rapsahdella
patter {n} (glib and rapid speech)  :: paukutus
patter {v} (to speak glibly and rapidly)  :: paukuttaa
pattern {n} /ˈpætəɹn/ (that from which a copy is made)  :: alkuperäinen, originaali, malli
pattern {n} (motif or decoration)  :: kuvio, aihe, kuosi
pattern {n} (intelligible arrangement which has a mathematical, geometric, statistical etc. relationship)  :: kuvio
pattypan {n} (pattypan squash) SEE: pattypan squash  ::
pattypan squash {n} (squash)  :: kiekkokurpitsa, patisson
paucity {n} /ˈpɑsɪti/ (fewness in number; a small number)  :: niukkuus
paucity {n} (smallness in size or amount)  :: niukkuus
Paul {prop} /pɔl/ (the Apostle)  :: Paavali
Paul {prop} (male given name)  :: Paavali, Paavo, Pauli
Paula {prop} /ˈpɔːlə/ (female given name)  :: Paula
Pauli exclusion principle {n} (a principle in quantum mechanics)  :: Paulin kieltosääntö
Pauline {prop} /ˈpɔːˌliːn/ (female given name)  :: Pauliina
paunch {n} /pɔːntʃ/ (first stomach of ruminant; rumen)  :: pötsi
paunch {n} (large, protruding belly)  :: pötsi
paunch {v} (to remove organs of a ruminant)  :: suolistaa
pauper {n} /ˈpɔpɚ/ (one who is extremely poor)  :: rutiköyhä
pauper {n} (one living on or eligible for public charity)  :: sosiaaliturvan varassa elävä [living on charity]; sosiaaliturvaan oikeutettu [eligible]
pause {v} /pɔz/ (to interrupt something)  :: pysähtyä, tauota, tauottaa pitää tauko
pause {n} (temporary stop or rest)  :: pysähdys, tauko, keskeytys, väliaika, lepoaika, katko
pave {v} /peɪv/ ((British) to cover with paving stones)  :: kivetä
pave {v} ((North American) to cover with stones, asphalt, etc)  :: päällystää, kivetä
paved {adj} /peɪvd/ (covered in pavement)  :: päällystetty
pavement {n} /ˈpeɪvmənt/ (footpath)  :: jalkakäytävä, katukäytävä
pavement {n} (surface of road)  :: tiepäällyste, päällyste
pavement artist {n} (artist)  :: katumaalari
pavement artist {n} (specialist of outdoor surveillance on foot)  :: jalkamies
pave the way {v} /ˈpeɪv ðə ˈweɪ/ (to make future development easier)  :: tasoittaa tietä
pavilion {n} /pəˈvɪljən/ (ornate tent)  :: paviljonkiteltta
pavilion {n} (light roofed structure used as a shelter in a public place)  :: paviljonki
pavilion {n} (structure erected to house exhibits at a fair, etc)  :: paviljonki
pavilion {n} (cricket building)  :: paviljonki
pavilion {n} (detached / semi-detached building in a building complex)  :: siipi
pavilion {n} (lower surface of a brilliant-cut gemstone)  :: alaosa
pavilion {n} (cartiliginous part of the outer ear) SEE: pinna  ::
pavlova {n} (meringue dessert)  :: pavlova
Pavlovian {adj} /pævˈloʊvi.ən/ (of or relating to the theories of Ivan Pavlov)  :: pavlovilainen, Pavlovin (genitive of the name)
Pavlovian conditioning {n} (classical conditioning, see also: classical conditioning)  :: pavlovilainen ehdollistuminen
Pavo {prop} (constellation of the southern sky)  :: Riikinkukko
pavonine {adj} /ˈpævəˌnaɪn/ (of or pertaining to the genus Pavo)  :: riikinkukkojen (genitive of noun)
pavonine {adj} (possessing the coloring or iridescence of a peacock feather)  :: riikinkukkomainen
paw {n} /pɔ/ (soft foot of an animal)  :: tassu, käpälä
paw {v} (to feel or scrape with a paw or hoof)  :: kuopia
paw {v} (to touch someone (with the hands) in a sexual way)  :: käpälöidä, lääppiä
pawa {n} (edible univalve mollusc)  :: abaloni, punamerikorva
pawn {n} /pɔn/ (chess piece)  :: sotilas
pawn {n} (someone who is being manipulated)  :: pelinappula
pawn {n} (instance of pawning something)  :: panttaus
pawnbroker {n} /ˈpɔːnˌbɹəʊ.kə(ɹ)/ (person who makes monetary loans at interest, taking personal property as security)  :: panttilainaamon pitäjä
pawnbroking {n} (business of a pawnbroker)  :: panttilainaus
pawnshop {n} /ˈpɔːnʃɑːp/ (business premises of a pawnbroker)  :: panttilainaamo, kani [slang], kanikonttori
pawpaw {n} (fruit)  :: papaija
pay {v} /peɪ/ (to give money in exchange for goods or services)  :: maksaa
pay {v} (to discharge by giving or doing what is due or required)  :: maksaa
pay {v} (to be profitable for)  :: kannattaa
pay {v} (to give (e.g. attention))  :: antaa
pay {v} (to be profitable)  :: kannattaa
pay {v} (intransitive: to discharge an obligation or debt)  :: maksaa
pay {v} (intransitive: to suffer consequences)  :: maksaa
pay {n} (money given in return for work)  :: palkka
pay {adj} (operable or accessible on deposit of coins)  :: maksullinen, maksu-
pay {adj} (pertaining to or requiring payment)  :: maksullinen, maksu-
pay {v} (to cover with a waterproof substance)  :: sivellä
pay as you earn {n} (deduction of tax from salary)  :: ennakonpidätys
pay-as-you-go {n} (financial policy)  :: tulorahoitus
pay attention {v} (to be attentive)  :: huomioida, kiinnittää huomiota
pay a visit {v} (go to the toilet) SEE: go to the toilet  ::
pay a visit {v} (to visit)  :: käydä kylässä, vierailla
pay back {v} /peɪ bæk/ (to repay)  :: maksaa takaisin, palauttaa, hyvittää, maksaa
pay back {v} (to exact revenge)  :: maksaa samalla mitalla, maksaa potut pottuina, palauttaa
payback {n} /ˈpeɪbæk/ (an act of revenge)  :: takaisinmaksu
payback {n} (a form of recompense)  :: kompensaatio
pay day {n} (the day of the week/month etc. when wages are received)  :: palkkapäivä
payer {n} /ˈpeɪ.ɚ/ (one who pays)  :: maksaja
payess {n} (sidelocks worn by Hasidic and Orthodox male Jews) SEE: sidelock  ::
pay grade {n} (level indicating a base salary)  :: palkkaluokka
payload {n} /ˈpeɪloʊd/ (That part of a cargo that produces revenue)  :: hyötykuorma
payload {n} (The total weight of passengers, crew, equipment and cargo carried by an aircraft or spacecraft)  :: hyötykuorma
payload {n} (The actual data in a data stream)  :: tietosisältö
payment {n} /ˈpeɪmənt/ (the act of paying)  :: maksu
payment card {n} (card)  :: maksukortti
pay-off {n} /ˈpeɪ.ɔːf/ (a payment)  :: maksu
pay-off {n} (a reward)  :: palkkio
pay-off {n} (a bribe)  :: lahjus
payola {n} /peɪˈoʊlə/ (bribe)  :: lahjus
payot {n} (sidelocks worn by Hasidic and Orthodox male Jews) SEE: sidelock  ::
pay out {v} (to distribute money; to disburse)  :: maksaa
pay out {v} (nautical: to slacken by lengthening)  :: antaa löysää
pay out {v} (to repay, take revenge)  :: maksaa potut pottuina, kostaa
payout {n} (an amount of money paid out)  :: maksu
payout {n} (the value of dividends paid to shareholders)  :: osinkosumma
pay packet {n} (sealed envelope containing wages)  :: palkkapussi
pay packet {n} (amount a person earns)  :: palkkapussi
pay raise {n} (increase in salary) SEE: pay rise  ::
pay rise {n} (increase in pay)  :: palkankorotus
payrise {n} (pay rise) SEE: pay rise  ::
payroll {n} /ˈpeɪɹoʊl/ (list of employees who receive salary or wages, together with the amounts due to each)  :: palkkalista
payroll {n} (calculation of salaries and wages, department that does this)  :: palkanlaskenta, palkkatoimisto
paysheet {n} (document) SEE: payroll  ::
payslip {n} (document of employee's wage or salary)  :: tilinauha
pay the bills {v} (provide enough income)  :: tuoda voita leivän päälle
pay TV {n} (subscription-based television services)  :: maksu-TV
paywall {n} /ˈpeɪ.wɔːl/ (a feature of a website that only allows access to paying subscribers)  :: maksumuuri
PDA {n} (handheld computing device)  :: kämmentietokone
pea {n} /piː/ (plant)  :: herne
pea {n} (edible seed)  :: herne
peace {n} /piːs/ (tranquility, quiet, harmony; absence of violence)  :: rauha, hiljaisuus
peace {n} (state of mind)  :: rauha, mielenrauha, rauhallisuus
peace {n} (harmony; lack of conflict in personal relations)  :: rauha, harmonia
peace {n} (state of being free from war)  :: rauha
peaceable {adj} /ˈpiːsəb(ə)l/ (in favour of peace)  :: rauhaarakastava, rauhantahtoinen
peaceable {adj} (characterized by peace)  :: rauhallinen
peaceably {adv} (in a peaceable manner)  :: rauhanomaisesti
peace and quiet {n} (tranquility)  :: rauha ja hiljaisuus
peace bond {n} (Court order forbidding one party to bother another)  :: lähestymiskielto
peaceful {adj} /ˈpiːsfəl/ (not at war or disturbed by strife or turmoil)  :: rauhallinen, rauhanomainen
peaceful {adj} (inclined to peace; peaceable)  :: rauhallinen, rauhantahtoinen
peaceful {adj} (motionless and calm; placid)  :: rauhallinen
peaceful coexistence {n} (mutual non-interference)  :: rauhanomainen rinnakkaiselo
peacekeeper {n} (one that preserves the peace)  :: rauhanturvaaja
peacekeeper {n} (member of a military force charged with peacekeeping duties)  :: rauhanturvaaja
peacekeeping {n} /ˈpiːskiːpɪŋ/ (preserving peace)  :: rauhanturvaaminen
peace of mind {n} (absence of mental stress)  :: mielenrauha
peace out {v} (to pass out) SEE: pass out  ::
peace out {v} (to render unconscious)  :: tainnuttaa
peace out {v} (to experience altered state of consciousness)  :: olla muissa maailmoissa
peace out {v} (slang: to depart)  :: häipyä, häippästä, ottaa hatkat
peace pipe {n} (pipe)  :: rauhanpiippu
peace process {n} (negotiations)  :: rauhanprosessi
peace talks {n} (discussions between nation-states held to resolve conflict)  :: rauhanneuvottelut
peacetime {n} (period of peace)  :: rauhanaika
peace treaty {n} (an agreement to end fighting or conflict)  :: rauhansopimus
peach {n} /piːt͡ʃ/ (tree)  :: persikka
peach {n} (fruit)  :: persikka
peach {n} (colour)  :: persikka
peach blossom {n} (flower)  :: persikankukka
peach blossom {n} (moth)  :: vadelmavillaselkä
peachfuzz {n} (soft, scanty beard of an adolescent male)  :: nukka, haituva, maitoparta
peachfuzz {n} (fuzz on the skin of a peach)  :: nukka
peachtree {n} (peach) SEE: peach  ::
peachy {adj} /ˈpiːtʃi/ (very good)  :: mahtavaa, ihanaa
pea coat {n} (type of coat)  :: merimiestakki
peacock {n} /ˈpikɑk/ (pheasant of one of the genera Pavo and Afropavo)  :: riikinkukko
peacock butterfly {n} (butterfly)  :: neitoperhonen
Peacock Throne {prop} (throne once used in Persia)  :: riikinkukkovaltaistuin
Peacock Throne {prop} (former Persian monarchy)  :: riikinkukkovaltaistuin
peafowl {n} /ˈpiːˌfaʊl/ (a pheasant of the genus Pavo or Afropavo)  :: riikinkukko
peak {n} /piːk/ (point, sharp end)  :: kärki, lippa
peak {n} (highest value reached)  :: huippu
peak {n} (mountain top)  :: huippu
peak {n} (narrow part of bow)  :: keulapiikki
peak {n} (tip of anchor fluke)  :: kynsi
peak {n} (point where a function attains a maximum)  :: maksimipiste
peak {v} (to reach a peak)  :: saavuttaa huippunsa, olla korkeimmillaan
peak {v} (to rise or extend into a peak, to form or appear as a peak)  :: nousta huipulle [to rise]; olla huippu [to form]
peak hour {n} (rush hour) SEE: rush hour  ::
pea-knuckle {n} (thumb war) SEE: thumb war  ::
pea-knuckle war {n} (thumb war) SEE: thumb war  ::
peak season {n} (highest demand)  :: huippusesonki
peal {n} /piːl/ (loud sound)  :: kumina, kumu, jylinä, jyly, jyrinä, jyrähdys
peal {v} (to sound with a peal)  :: kumistaa, soittaa [transitive]; kumista, soida [intransitive]
peanut {n} /ˈpinət/ (a legume resembling a nut)  :: maapähkinä
peanut butter {n} (a spread made from ground peanuts)  :: maapähkinävoi
peanut milk {n} (milky liquid from peanuts)  :: maapähkinämaito
peanuts {n} /ˈpinəts/ (insignificant amount of money)  :: suolarahat {p}
pear {n} /pɛɚ/ (fruit)  :: päärynä
pear {n} (tree)  :: päärynä, päärynäpuu
pear cider {n} (perry) SEE: perry  ::
pearl {n} (light-colored tern) SEE: tern  ::
pearl {n} (mother-of-pearl) SEE: mother-of-pearl  ::
pearl {n} /pɝl/ (rounded shelly concretion produced by certain mollusks)  :: helmi
pearl {n} (figuratively: something precious)  :: helmi
pearl {n} (capsule)  :: helmi, kapseli
pearl {n} (whitish speck on the eye)  :: kaihi
pearl {n} (5-point type)  :: helmi
pearl {n} (fringe or border) SEE: fringe  ::
pearl {n} (brill) SEE: brill  ::
pearl {n} (one of the tubercles on a deer's antler) SEE: tubercle  ::
pearl diver {n} (person who dives for pearls)  :: helmensukeltaja
pearl diver {n} (dishwasher) SEE: dishwasher  ::
pearl millet {n} (Pennisetum glaucum)  :: helmisulkahirssi, helmihirssi
pearl necklace {n} (necklace made of pearls)  :: helminauha
pearl oyster {n} (bivalve mollusc that is a source of pearls)  :: helmisimpukka
pearl tapioca {n} (edible balls made from tapioca) SEE: tapioca pearl  ::
pearlwort {n} (plant of genus Sagina)  :: haarikko
pearly antshrike {n} (passerine bird)  :: helmipuumuura
pearly penile papules {n} (skin condition affecting male genitals)  :: helmiäisnystyt {p}
Pearson's long-clawed shrew {n} (Solisorex pearsoni)  :: pearsoninpäästäinen
peasant {n} /ˈpɛzənt/ (member of the agriculture low class)  :: pienviljelijä, torppari
peasant {n} (country person)  :: maalainen
peasant {n} (uncouth, crude, or ill-bred person)  :: moukka
peasant {n} (strategy games: worker unit)  :: talonpoika
peasantly {adj} (lile a peasant)  :: talonpoikainen
peasantry {n} (impoverished rural farm workers)  :: maalaisköyhälistö
pea soup {n} (soup made from peas)  :: hernekeitto
pea-souper {n} (fog)  :: hernerokkasumu
peat {n} /piːt/ (soil)  :: turve
peat moss {n} (sphagnum)  :: rahkasammal
pebble {n} /ˈpɛb.əl/ (stone)  :: pikkukivi
pebble {v} (To pave with pebbles)  :: päällystää mukulakivillä
pec {n} (a pectoral muscle)  :: rintalihas
pecan {n} /ˌpi(ː)ˈkɑn]/ (tree)  :: pekaanipähkinäpuu
pecan {n} (nut)  :: pekaanipähkinä
pecan pie {n} (pie made from corn syrup and pecans)  :: pekaanipähkinäpiirakka
Pechenga {prop} (town in Russia)  :: Petsamo
pechka {n} (Russian oven) SEE: Russian oven  ::
peck {v} /pɛk/ (to strike or pierce with the beak or similar)  :: nokkia
peck {v} (to do something in small, intermittent pieces)  :: näykkiä
peck {v} (to type key by key)  :: hakata
peck {v} (to type)  :: naputtaa, naputella
peck {v} (to kiss)  :: pussata
peck {n} (short kiss)  :: pusu
peck {n} (one quarter of a bushel, eight quarts)  :: peck
peck {n} (great deal; a large or excessive quantity)  :: kasa, läjä
pecker {n} (slang for penis) SEE: dick  ::
pecker {n} (slang for woodpecker) SEE: woodpecker  ::
pecker {n} (slang for courage) SEE: courage  ::
peckerwood {n} (woodpecker) SEE: woodpecker  ::
peckerwood {n} (white, especially ignorant or rustic) SEE: redneck  ::
peckerwood {n} (peckerwood sawmill) SEE: peckerwood sawmill  ::
peckerwood sawmill {n} (small-scale sawmill)  :: piensaha
pecking order {n} (The usually informal hierarchy of authority or command, often partial or approximate)  :: nokkimisjärjestys [idiomatic]
pectin {n} /ˈpɛktɪn/ (substance)  :: pektiini
pectoral {adj} /pɛkˈtɔɹəl/ (of or pertaining to the breast or chest)  :: rinta-; pektoraalinen
pectoral fin {n} (fin located on each side of a fish)  :: rintaevä
peculiar {adj} /pɪˈkjuljɚ/ (out of the ordinary)  :: outo, kummallinen, erikoinen, poikkeuksellinen, merkillinen
pecuniary {adj} /pəˈkjuniɛɹi/ (of or relating to money)  :: raha-, rahallinen, monetaarinen
ped {n} (pedestrian) SEE: pedestrian  ::
pedagogic {adj} (pedagogical) SEE: pedagogical  ::
pedagogical {adj} (of, or relating to pedagogy)  :: pedagoginen; opetuksellinen, opetusopillinen
pedagogical {adj} (haughty and formal)  :: oppimestarimainen, ylimielinen, muodollinen, jäykkä
pedagogy {n} /ˈpɛdəˌɡoʊdʒi/ (profession of teaching)  :: pedagogiikka
pedagogy {n} (activities of educating, teaching or instructing)  :: pedagogiikka
pedal {n} /ˈpɛdəl/ (lever operated by one's foot)  :: poljin, (in instruments) pedaali
pedal {v} (to operate a pedal)  :: polkea
pedalo {n} /ˈpɛdələʊ/ (small boat propelled by pedals)  :: polkuvene
pedant {n} /ˈpɛdənt/ (person overly concerned with formal rules and trivial points of learning)  :: saivartelija, viisastelija, pedantti
pedant {n} (person who emphasizes his/her knowledge through the use of vocabulary)  :: viisastelija, saivartelija
pedantic {adj} /pəˈdæn.tɪk/ (like a pedant)  :: pedanttinen, pikkumainen, pikkutarkka
pedantic {adj} (being showy of one's knowledge)  :: pedanttinen, rikkiviisas
pedantic {adj} (being finicky with language)  :: pedanttinen, sanatarkka, kirjaimellinen
pedantical {adj} (pedantic) SEE: pedantic  ::
pedantry {n} /ˈpɛd.ən.tɹi/ (excessive attention to detail or rules)  :: pikkutarkkuus, pedanttisuus, saivartelu
pedantry {n} (instance of being pedantic)  :: viisastelu, saivartelu
pedantry {n} (overly ambitious display of learning)  :: viisastelu, rikkiviisaus
peddle {v} (to sell things, especially door to door)  :: kaupustella, kaupitella
peddle {v} (to sell illegal narcotics)  :: diilata [slang], välittää [common language]
peddle {v} (to spread or cause to spread)  :: levittää
peddler {n} (itinerant seller of small goods)  :: kulkukauppias, kaupustelija
peddler {n} (dealer)  :: huumekauppias
pederast {n} /ˈpɛd.ɚ.ɹæst/ (practitioner of pederasty)  :: pederasti
pederastic {adj} (relating or pertaining to pederasty)  :: pederastinen
pederasty {n} /ˈpɛd.ə.ɹæs.ti/ (pederasty)  :: pederastia
pederasty {n} (archaic: homosexual anal sex) SEE: sodomy  ::
pedestal {n} /ˈpɛdəstəl/ (the base or foot of a column, statue, vase, lamp, or the like)  :: jalusta
pedestal fan {n} (electric oscillating fan)  :: jalkatuuletin
pedestrian {adj} /pəˈdɛst.ɹi.ən/ (of or intended for pedestrians)  :: jalankulku, jalka
pedestrian {adj} (ordinary)  :: mitäänsanomaton
pedestrian {n} (somebody walking rather than using a vehicle)  :: jalankulkija
pedestrian crossing {n} (place for pedestrians to cross a street)  :: suojatie
pedestrian island {n} (refuge island) SEE: refuge island  ::
pedestrian precinct {n} (area for pedestrians)  :: jalankulkualue
pedestrian refuge {n} (refuge island) SEE: refuge island  ::
pediatrician {n} /ˌpidi.əˈtɹɪʃən/ (physician who specialises in pediatrics)  :: lastenlääkäri
pediatrics {n} (branch of medicine)  :: lastentautioppi, pediatria
pedicab {n} /ˈpɛdiˌkæb/ (vehicle)  :: polkupyörätaksi
pedicel {n} /ˈpɛdɪsəl/ (stalk of an individual flower)  :: kukkaperä
pedicure {n} (superficial cosmetic treatment of the feet and toenails)  :: pedikyyri
pedigree {n} /ˈpɛ.dɪ.ɡɹi/ (chart of ancestors)  :: sukutaulu, kantakirja
pediment {n} /ˈpɛd.ɪ.mənt/ (architectural element)  :: päätykolmio, frontoni
pedology {n} (soil science)  :: pedologia
pedology {n} (study of children's behaviour)  :: pedologia
pedometer {n} (device)  :: askelmittari
pedophile {n} /ˈpɛ.dəˌfaɪl/ (an adult who is sexually attracted to children)  :: pedofiili
pedophilia {n} /ˌpɛ.dəˈfiː.li.ə/ (sexual feeling or desire by adults towards children)  :: pedofilia
pedophilia {n} ([medicine] sexual feeling or desire by adults or older adolescents towards prepubescent children)  :: pedofilia
pedophilia {n} (sexual acts between adults and children)  :: pedofilia
pedophilic {adj} (of, relating to, or pertaining to pedophilia)  :: pedofiilinen
pee {n} (urine)  :: pissa, pisu, pissi
pee {v} (to urinate)  :: pissata, pisauttaa
pee {n} (name of the letter P, p)  :: pee
pee {v} (to pass urine from the body) SEE: urinate  ::
pee {n} (liquid excrement) SEE: urine  ::
peek {v} /piːk/ (To look slyly, or with the eyes half closed, or through a crevice; to peep)  :: kurkistaa
peekaboo {n} (game for small children)  :: kurkistusleikki
peekaboo {adj} (of clothing, with holes, slits, or transparent fabric)  :: paljastava (revealing)
peel {v} /piːl/ (to remove skin)  :: kuoria
peel {v} (to remove the outer layer)  :: kuoria
peel {v} (to come away, especially in flakes or strips)  :: kuoriutua
peel {v} (to remove one's clothing)  :: riisuutua
peel {n} (skin of a fruit)  :: kuori
peel {n} (cosmetic preparation)  :: kuorintavoide
peel {n} (spadelike implement for removing loaves from an oven)  :: leipälapio
peeler {n} /ˈpiːlɚ/ (person who peels food)  :: kuorija
peeler {n} (kitchen utensil)  :: kuorimaveitsi
peep {n} /pip/ (quiet sound, particularly one from a baby bird)  :: piipitys
peep {n} (feeble utterance or complaint)  :: pihaus, hiiskaus
peep {v} (make a noise like a baby bird)  :: piipittää
peep {v} (speak briefly with a quiet voice)  :: kuiskata
peep {v} (to look)  :: vilkuilla, vilkaista
peep {n} (look)  :: vilkaisu
peep {n} (sandpiper) SEE: sandpiper  ::
pee-pee {n} (childish: urine) SEE: wee-wee  ::
pee-pee {n} (childish: genitalia) SEE: wee-wee  ::
peephole {n} /pʰiphoʊɫ/ (hole)  :: ovisilmä; kurkistusreikä, kurkistusaukko, kurkistusluukku
peeping tom {n} (person who secretly watches someone to gain sexual pleasure)  :: tirkistelijä, voyeuristi
peepshow {n} (sex show)  :: peepshow
peer {v} /piɹ/ (to look with difficulty or as if searching)  :: tiirailla, tähyillä
peer {n} (someone or something of equal level)  :: vertainen
peer {n} (someone of same age)  :: ikätoveri
peer {n} (noble)  :: pääri
peer {n} (comrade, companion, associate)  :: toveri
peerless {adj} (without peer or equal)  :: verraton, vertaansa vailla oleva
peer pressure {n} (encouragement by one's peers)  :: ryhmäpaine
peer review {n} (scholarly process)  :: vertaisarviointi
peer-to-peer {adj} (of a social network of equal partners able to conduct business without using a middle man)  :: keskinäinen, vertainen
peer-to-peer {adj} (of a network of two or more computers connected as equal partners)  :: vertaisverkko
peeve {n} /piːv/ (annoyance or grievance)  :: riesa, kiusa
peeve {v} (annoy; vex)  :: ärsyttää, pänniä
peevish {adj} /ˈpivɪʃ/ (constantly complaining)  :: mariseva
peg {n} /pɛɡ/ (a cylindrical object)  :: tappi
peg {n} (a protrusion used to hang things on)  :: naula (esp. for clothes), tappi
Pegasus {prop} (mythical winged horse)  :: Pegasus
Pegasus {prop} (constellation)  :: Pegasus
Pe̍h-ōe-jī {n} (a Latin alphabet-based orthography for Min Nan)  :: Pe̍h-ōe-jī -ortografia
Peipus {prop} /ˈpaɪpəs/ (lake in Estonia/Russia)  :: Peipsijärvi
pejorative {adj} /pəˈdʒɔɹəɾɪv/ (disparaging, belittling or derogatory)  :: halventava, väheksyvä, alentava
pejorative {n} (disparaging, belittling or derogatory word or expression)  :: pejoratiivi, haukkumasana
pekan {n} (fisher) SEE: fisher  ::
Peking {prop} (Beijing) SEE: Beijing  ::
Peking duck {n} (dish consisting of duck and pancake)  :: Pekingin ankka
Pekingese {n} (someone from Beijing)  :: pekingiläinen, beijingiläinen
Pekingese {n} (dog)  :: kiinanpalatsikoira, pekingeesi
Peking Man {prop} (Homo erectus pekinensis)  :: pekinginihminen
Peking opera {n} (form of Chinese theatre)  :: Pekingin ooppera
Peking willow {n} (Salix babylonica) SEE: weeping willow  ::
pelagic {adj} /pəˈlædʒɪk/ (living in the open sea)  :: pelaginen
pelagically {adv} (in a pelagic way)  :: pelagisesti
pelargonium {n} (flower of the genus Pelargonium)  :: pelargoni
peled {n} (Coregonus peled)  :: peledsiika
pelican {n} /ˈpɛl.ɪ.kən/ (any of various seabirds of the family Pelecanidae)  :: pelikaani
pelican crossing {n} (type of pedestrian crossing)  :: valo-ohjattu suojatie
pellagra {n} /pɪˈlaɡɹə/ (disease)  :: pellagra
pellet {n} (A small, compressed, hard chunk of matter)  :: pelletti
pellet {n} (A lead projectile used as ammunition in rifled air guns)  :: luoti
pellet {n} (Compressed byproduct of digestion regurgitated by owls)  :: oksennuspallo
pelletize {v} (to form into pellets)  :: pelletoida
Peloponnese {prop} /pɛləpəˈniːs/ (region of Greece)  :: Peloponnesos
pelorus {n} /pɪˈlɔːɹəs/ (device to take bearing)  :: suuntimalevy
peloton {n} (main group of riders in a cycling race)  :: pääjoukko
pelt {n} (skin of a beast with the hair on)  :: vuota [raw], talja [preserved]
pelt {n} (human skin, see also: skin)  :: nahka, iho
pelt {v} (to bombard)  :: pommittaa
pelt {v} (to throw)  :: heittää, heitellä; paskata, paiskoa [with force]
pelt {v} (to rain heavily)  :: sataa kaatamalla
pelt {v} (to throw out words)  :: paasata, pauhata, raivota
pelt {v} (to beat or hit repeatedly)  :: hakata, pieksää, piestä
pelt {v} (to move rapidly)  :: rynnätä, sännätä, syöksyä
Peltier effect {n} (thermodynamic effect)  :: Peltier'n ilmiö
pelvic {adj} /ˈpɛlvɪk/ (of, pertaining to, or in the region of, the pelvis; as, pelvic cellulitis)  :: lantio-
pelvic diaphragm {n} (pelvic floor) SEE: pelvic floor  ::
pelvic fin {n} (either of a pair of fins)  :: vatsaevä
pelvic floor {n} (muscular partition)  :: lantionpohja
pelvis {n} /ˈpɛlvɪs/ (bone)  :: lantiorengas
pemmican {n} /ˈpɛmɪkən/ (food mixture)  :: pemmikaani
pen {n} (wing) SEE: wing  ::
pen {n} /pɛn/ (enclosed area for animals)  :: karsina
pen {n} (prison cell)  :: selli, häkki
pen {v} (to enclose)  :: karsinoida, sulkea selliin/karsinaan
pen {n} (writing tool)  :: kynä, mustekynä
pen {n} (writer, or his style)  :: kynäilijä [writer]; kynä [style]
pen {n} (internal cartilage skeleton of a squid)  :: selkäkilpi
pen {n} (flight feather)  :: lentosulka
pen {v} (to write)  :: kynäillä
pen {n} (female swan)  :: naarasjoutsen
pen {n} ((baseball) bullpen) SEE: bullpen  ::
pen {n} (light pen) SEE: light pen  ::
penal code {n} (penal code) SEE: criminal code  ::
penal colony {n} (colonial territory)  :: rangaistussiirtola, työsiirtola
penalize {v} /ˈpiː.nəl.aɪz/ (to subject to a penalty)  :: rangaista
penalize {v} (to impose a handicap on)  :: rangaista
penalty {n} (legal sentence)  :: rangaistus
penalty {n} (punishment for violating rules of procedure)  :: sopimussakko, sopimuskorvaus
penalty {n} (punishment in ice hockey)  :: rangaistus, jäähy
penalty {n} (penalty kick) SEE: penalty kick  ::
penalty area {n} (area on a soccer pitch)  :: rangaistusalue
penalty box {n} (in ice hockey, enclosed bench for serving a penalty)  :: rangaistusaitio, jäähyaitio
penalty box {n} (penalty area) SEE: penalty area  ::
penalty goal {n} (goal scored from a penalty)  :: rangaistusmaali
penalty kick {n} ((soccer) a form of direct free kick)  :: rangaistuspotku, rangaistuslaukaus, [colloquial] rankkari
penalty kill {n} (period during the game)  :: alivoimapeli
penalty rate {n} (higher than usual wage)  :: työaikakorvaus
penalty shootout {n} (a series of penalty kicks)  :: rangaistuslaukauskilpailu (ice hockey), rangaistuspotkukilpailu (soccer)
penalty unit {n} (amount used as a basis of a penalty fine)  :: sakkoyksikkö
penchant {n} /ˈpɛnt͡ʃənt/ (taste, liking, or inclination (for))  :: mieltymys
pencil {n} /ˈpɛnsəl/ (graphite writing-instrument)  :: lyijykynä
pencil box {n} (container for stationery) SEE: pencil case  ::
pencil case {n} (object purposed to contain stationery)  :: penaali
pencil crayon {n} (pencil crayon) SEE: colored pencil  ::
pencil in {v} (to make a tentative booking)  :: tehdä alustava varaus
pencil pusher {n} (one who does office work)  :: kynänpyörittäjä, konttorirotta
pencil sharpener {n} (a device used to sharpen pencils)  :: kynänteroitin
pencil stub {n} (tiny pencil)  :: kynänpätkä
pencil tree {n} (Euphorbia tirucalli) SEE: naked lady  ::
pend {n} /pɛnd/ (a large vaulted passageway)  :: holvikäytävä
pendant {n} /ˈpɛnd(ə)nt/ (a piece of jewellery hung from a chain worn around the neck)  :: riipus, vitja
pending {adj} /ˈpɛndɪŋ/ (awaiting a conclusion or a confirmation)  :: avoin, ratkaisematon
pending {adj} (begun but not completed)  :: vireillä oleva
pending {adj} (about to happen; imminent or impending)  :: tulossa oleva
pen drive {n} (a small electronic device used to store digital data)  :: muistitikku
pendulous {adj} (hanging down)  :: riippuva, roikkuva
pendulum {n} /ˈpɛnd͡ʒələm/ (body suspended from a fixed support)  :: heiluri
penetrate {v} /ˈpɛnɪˌtɹeɪt/ (enter into)  :: tunkeutua, työntyä
penetrating {adj} (able to pierce or penetrate)  :: läpitunkeva, viiltävä
penetrating {adj} (demonstrating keen understanding)  :: viiltävä, syvällinen
penetration {n} /pɛnɪˈtɹeɪʃ(ə)n/ (act of penetrating)  :: läpäisy, lävistys
penfriend {n} (person with whom one exchanges letters) SEE: pen pal  ::
penguin {n} /ˈpɛŋɡwɪn/ (flightless sea bird)  :: pingviini
penicillin {n} (penicillin)  :: penisilliini
penile duplication {n} (diphallia) SEE: diphallia  ::
peninsula {n} /pəˈnɪn.sjə.lə/ (piece of land projecting into water)  :: niemimaa
penis {n} /ˈpinɪs/ (male organ for copulation and urination)  :: penis, siitin, elin, kalu
penis {n} (penis) SEE: member  ::
penis envy {n} (unconscious desire)  :: peniskateus
penisless {adj} (without a penis)  :: peniksetön
penis pump {n} (tubelike device placed over the penis)  :: penispumppu
penis worm {n} (marine worm of the phylum Priapulida)  :: makkaramato
penitence {n} (condition of being penitent)  :: katumus
penitence {n} (feeling of regret or remorse for doing wrong or sinning)  :: katumus
penitent {adj} /ˈpɛnɪtənt/ (Feeling pain or sorrow on account of sins or offenses; repentant; contrite; sincerely affected by a sense of guilt, and resolved on amendment of life)  :: katuvainen, katuva
penitent {n} (one who repents of sin)  :: katumuksentekijä
penknife {n} (small pocketknife)  :: linkkuveitsi
penlike {adj} (resembling or characteristic of a pen)  :: kynämäinen
penmanship {n} (art of good handwriting)  :: kaunokirjoitus
pen name {n} (name used by author)  :: nimimerkki, pseudonyymi
pen-name {n} (writer's pseudonym)  :: kirjailijanimi
pennant {n} /ˈpɛnənt/ (flag on ship to represent special condition)  :: viiri
penniless {adj} /ˈpɛnɪləs/ (utterly impoverished)  :: pennitön
Pennsylvanian {n} (resident of Pennsylvania)  :: pennsylvanialainen
Pennsylvanian {n} (geology: Pennsylvanian epoch)  :: pennsylvanialaiskausi, myöhäiskivihiilikausi
Pennsylvanian {adj} (of or pertaining to Pennsylvania)  :: pennsylvanialainen
Pennsylvanian {adj} (geology: of a Pennsylvanian epoch)  :: myöhäiskivihiilikautinen
penny {n} /ˈpɛ.ni/ (1/100 of a pound sterling or British pound)  :: penny
penny {n} (one-cent coin in US and Canada) SEE: cent  ::
penny farthing {n} (bicycle)  :: velosipedi
penny for your thoughts {phrase} /ˈpɛn.i fɔɹ jʊɹ ˈθɑts/ (inquiry into the thoughts)  :: penni ajatuksistasi
penny pincher {n} (one who spends little money)  :: penninvenyttäjä
penny stock {n} (highly speculative stock)  :: senttiosake
pennywhistle {n} (instrument)  :: tinapilli
penny wise and pound foolish {adj} (thrifty with small amounts of money but wasteful with large amounts)  :: Väärä säästö on huomisen velkaa
pen pal {n} (friend with whom one communicates using letters)  :: kirjekaveri, kirjeenvaihtotoveri, kirjeystävä
Penrose staircase {n} (Penrose stairs) SEE: Penrose stairs  ::
Penrose stairs {n} (endless staircase)  :: Penrosen portaat
Penrose steps {n} (Penrose stairs) SEE: Penrose stairs  ::
pension {n} /ˈpɛnʃ(ə)n/ (regular payment due to a person in consideration of past services)  :: eläke
pension {n} (boarding house)  :: matkakoti, majatalo
pension {v} (to force to retire)  :: siirtää eläkkeelle
pensioner {n} /ˈpɛnʃənɚ/ (someone who lives on a pension)  :: eläkeläinen
pensioner {n} (someone at typical age for a pensioner)  :: eläkeikäinen
pension fund {n} (pool of assets)  :: eläkerahasto
pensive {adj} /ˈpɛn.sɪv/ (having the appearance of thinking)  :: mietteliäs
pensive {adj} (looking thoughtful or sad)  :: mietteliäs
penstock {n} (sluice or pipe)  :: tulokanava
pentachloride {n} (pentachloride)  :: pentakloridi
pentaerythritol tetranitrate {n} (explosive)  :: pentriitti
pentafluoride {n} (compound that contains five fluorine atoms)  :: pentafluoridi
pentagon {n} /ˈpɛntəɡɑn/ (A polygon with five sides and five angles)  :: viisikulmio, pentagoni
Pentagon {prop} /ˈpɛntəɡɑn/ (headquarters of the United States of America's Department of Defense)  :: Pentagon
pentagram {n} (shape of five-pointed star)  :: pentagrammi, viisikanta
pentameter {n} (line in a poem)  :: pentametri
pentameter {n} (poetic metre)  :: pentametri
pentane {n} (aliphatic hydrocarbon: C5H12)  :: pentaani
pentanoic acid {n} (valeric acid) SEE: valeric acid  ::
pentanol {n} (isomer)  :: amyylialkoholi
Pentateuch {prop} /ˈpɛn.təˌtjuːk/ (first five books of the Bible)  :: pentateukki
pentathlete {n} /ˈpɛn.tæθ.lit/ (An athlete who competes in the pentathlon)  :: viisiottelija
pentathlon {n} (ancient pentathlon)  :: antiikin viisiottelu
pentathlon {n} (modern pentathlon)  :: nykyaikainen viisiottelu
pentatomic {adj} (having five atoms in each molecule)  :: viisiatominen
pentatonic {adj} (based on five notes)  :: pentatoninen, viisisävelinen
pentatonic scale {n} (scale having five notes)  :: pentatoninen asteikko, viisisävelinen asteikko
pentavalent {adj} (having a valence of 5)  :: viisiarvoinen
Pentecost {prop} /ˈpɛntɪkɔst/ (Jewish festival)  :: helluntai
Pentecost {prop} (Christian festival)  :: helluntai
Pentecostal {n} (a member of a Pentecostal church)  :: helluntalainen
Pentecostalism {n} (Christian religious movement)  :: helluntailaisuus
penthouse {n} /ˈpɛnthaʊs/ (an outhouse or other structure attached to the outside wall of a building)  :: kylkirakennus
penthouse {n} (an apartment or suite on the top floor of a tall building)  :: kattohuoneisto
penthouse {n} (any of the sloping roofs at the side of a real tennis court)  :: katsomon katto
pentice {n} (extension of a building's roof)  :: katos
pentode {n} (thermionic valve)  :: pentodi
pentoic acid {n} (valeric acid) SEE: valeric acid  ::
pentose {n} (saccharide containing five carbon atoms)  :: pentoosi
pentoxide {n} (oxide containing five oxygen atoms)  :: pentoksidi
pent roof {n} (sloping roof with a singular surface)  :: pulpettikatto
pent roof {n} (short roof appended to the side of a building)  :: sivukatos
pent roof {n} (engine type)  :: vinokone
pent roof {n}  :: pulpettikatto
pentroof {n} (pent roof) SEE: pent roof  ::
penultimate {adj} /pɪˈnʌltɪmət/ (next-to-last in a sequence)  :: toiseksi viimeinen, viimeistä edellinen
penultimate {n} (something right before the last one)  :: toiseksi viimeinen, viimeistä edellinen
penumbra {n} /pəˈnʌmbɹə/ (partially shaded area around a shadow, especially an eclipse)  :: puolivarjo, penumbra
penumbra {n} (region around a sunspot)  :: penumbra
peony {n} /ˈpiːəni/ (Paeonia genus of flowering plants)  :: pioni
people {n} /ˈpipəl/ (a body of human beings; a group of two or more persons)  :: väki, ihmiset {p}
people {n} (a group of persons forming or belonging to a particular nation etc.)  :: kansa, väestö
people {n} (a group of persons regarded as being employees etc.)  :: väki, henkilökunta
people {n} (a person's ancestors, relatives or family)  :: suku, sukulaiset
people {n} (the mass of community as distinguished from a special class)  :: kansa
people {v} (to fill with people)  :: asuttaa
people {v} (to become populous)  :: lisääntyä
people {v} (to inhabit, to occupy)  :: asua
peoplehood {n} (collective sense of being part of a distinct people)  :: kansallistunto
people mover {n} (automated mass transit system)  :: automaattijuna, automaattimetro
people person {n} (one who interacts skilfully with others)  :: sosiaalinen henkilö
people's army {n} (communist-based military organization)  :: kansanarmeija
People's Democratic Republic of Yemen {prop} (South Yemen)  :: Jemenin demokraattinen kansantasavalta
people's house {n} (leisure and cultural centre)  :: seurantalo, työväentalo
People's Liberation Army {prop} (army branch)  :: Kansan vapautusarmeija
people smuggler {n} (person who engages in people smuggling)  :: ihmissalakuljettaja
people smuggling {n} (smuggling of people) SEE: human smuggling  ::
people's republic {n} (people's republic)  :: kansantasavalta
People's Republic of Bangladesh {prop} (People's Republic of Bangladesh)  :: Bangladeshin kansantasavalta
People's Republic of China {prop} (official name of China)  :: Kiinan kansantasavalta
peoplewatching {n} (observing people as a recreational activity)  :: ihmisten tarkkailu, ihmisten katselu
people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones {proverb} (one shouldn't criticize others for having the same fault)  :: lasitalossa asuvan ei pitäisi heitellä kiviä
pepo {n} /ˈpi.poʊ/ (kind of fruit)  :: kurkku, meloni, kurpitsa (no single word covering all)
pepo {n} (plant producing such a fruit)  :: kurkkukasvi
pepper {n} /ˈpɛpɚ/ (plant)  :: pippuri
pepper {n} (spice)  :: pippuri
pepper {n} (fruit of the capsicum)  :: [mild] paprika, [strong] chili, chilipippuri
pepper {v} (add pepper to)  :: pippuroida
pepper {v} (strike with small particles)  :: suolata
pepper {v} (add at frequent intervals)  :: höystää
peppercorn {n} /ˈpɛpəkɔːn/ (the seeds of the plant Piper nigrum)  :: pippuri, pippurinmarja
peppercorn {n} (a small, insignificant quantity)  :: mitätön määrä
peppered {adj} (speckled) SEE: speckled  ::
pepper mill {n} (a small handheld grinder)  :: pippurimylly
peppermint {n} (herb)  :: piparminttu
peppermint {n} (confection)  :: piparminttukaramelli
pepper shaker {n} (a small container designed to hold pepper and facilitate sprinkling it)  :: pippurisirotin
pepper spray {n} (non-lethal riot-control agent)  :: pippurisumute, paprikasumutin
pepperwort {n} /ˈpɛpəwəːt/ (plant in the genus Lepidium)  :: krassi
Pepsi {prop} /ˈpɛpsi/ (the brand of drink)  :: Pepsi
pepsin {n} /ˈpɛpsɪn/ (digestive enzyme)  :: pepsiini
pep talk {n} /ˈpɛp ˌtɔk/ (a rallying speech made to instill enthusiasm)  :: kannustuspuhe
peptic ulcer {n} (ulcer)  :: mahahaava, vatsahaava
peptide {n} (class of organic compounds)  :: peptidi
peptide bond {n} (amine bond)  :: peptidisidos
peptization {n} (reaction)  :: peptisoituminen
per {prep} /pɝ/ (for each)  :: per, jokaiselta
per {prep} (used in expressing ratios of units)  :: per, -ssa [inessive case]
per {prep} (via)  :: kautta
per {prep} (in accordance with)  :: mukaisesti
perambulator {n} (pram) SEE: pram  ::
per annum {prep} (in a year)  :: vuosittain, joka vuosi
per annum {prep} (for each year)  :: vuosittain, vuodessa
PE ratio {n} (price-earnings ratio) SEE: price-earnings ratio  ::
P-E ratio {n} (price-earnings ratio) SEE: price-earnings ratio  ::
per capita {adj} (per person)  :: henkilöä kohti, asukasta kohti
perceivable {adj} (capable of being perceived)  :: havaittava
perceive {v} /pəˈsiːv/ (to understand)  :: huomata, havaita, tajuta, oivaltaa, hahmottaa
percent {n} /pɜɹ.sɛnt/ (a part or other object per hundred)  :: prosentti, sadasosa
percent {adj} (expressed in percent)  :: prosentin, prosenttia [genitive/partitive of noun]
percentage {n} /pəɹˈsentɪdʒ/ (part of a whole)  :: prosenttiosuus, prosentti, prosenttiluku
percentage {n} (share of the profits)  :: prosenttiosuus, prosentti, osuus
percentage {n} (informal: advantage)  :: hyöty
percentage point {n} (unit of the difference of two percentages)  :: prosenttiyksikkö
percentage rate {n} (coefficient)  :: prosentuaalinen muutosvauhti
percentile {n} (any of the ninety-nine points)  :: persentiili
percentile {n} (any one of the hundred groups so divided)  :: persentiili
percentual {adj} (expressed as a percentage)  :: prosentuaalinen
percentually {adv} (proportionately in percents)  :: prosentuaalisesti
percentwise {adj} (in percentage terms)  :: prosentuaalinen
percentwise {adv} (in percentage terms)  :: prosentuaalisesti
perception {n} /pɚˈsɛpʃ(ə)n/ (conscious understanding of something)  :: havainnointi, havaintokyky
perception {n} (vision (ability))  :: näkökyky, näkö
perception {n} (that which is detected by the five senses)  :: aistimus, havainto
perception {n} (acuity) SEE: acuity  ::
perceptive {adj} /pəˈsɛptɪv/ (having or showing keenness of perception, insight, understanding, or intuition)  :: havaintokykyinen, tarkkanäköinen, terävä
perceptual {adj} (relating to perception)  :: aisti-
perch {n} /pɝtʃ/ (fish of the genus Perca)  :: ahven
perch {n} (fish in the taxonomic family Percidae)  :: ahven
perch {n} (fish in the taxonomic order Perciformes)  :: ahvenkala, ahven
perch {n} (rod used by bird)  :: orsi
perch {v} (to rest on a perch, to roost)  :: istua orrella
perch {v} (to stay in an elevated position)  :: olla korkealla
perch {v} (to place something on a perch)  :: ripustaa, panna orrelle
perch {v} (to inspect cloth using a perch)  :: tarkastaa
perchlorate {n} (salt)  :: perkloraatti
perchloric acid {n} (strong acid)  :: perkloorihappo
perciform {n} (fish)  :: ahvenkala
percolate {v} /ˈpəɹkoʊleɪt/ ((transitive) pass a liquid through a porous substance)  :: suodattaa
percolate {v} ((intransitive) drain through a porous substance)  :: siivilöityä, tihkua läpi
percolation {n} (seepage or filtration of a liquid)  :: tihkuminen, perkolaatio
percolator {n} /ˈpɝkəleɪtɚ/ (coffee brewing device)  :: perkolaattori, pulputuspannu
percussion {n} /pɚˈkʌʃən/ (collision producing a sound)  :: lyönti
percussion {n} (sound produced by collision)  :: lyöntiääni
percussion {n} (medicine: tapping of the body)  :: koputtelu
percussion {n} (music: section of percussion instruments)  :: lyömäsoittimet {p}
percussion {n} (engineering: repeated striking)  :: tärytys
percussion cap {n} (metal cap on muzzleloading firearms)  :: nallihattu
percussion instrument {n} (type of instrument)  :: lyömäsoitin
percussionist {n} (musician)  :: lyömäsoittaja, perkussionisti
per diem {n} (daily stipend)  :: päiväraha
per diem {n} (daily allowable limit for expendables)  :: päiväannos, päiväkiintiö
perdition {n} /pɜː(ɹ).ˈdɪ.ʃən/ (eternal damnation)  :: kadotus
perdition {n} (hell)  :: helvetti
perdition {n} (absolute ruin)  :: tuho
peregrination {n} (journey by foot)  :: vaellus
peregrine falcon {n} /ˈpɛɹɛɡɹɪnˈfælkɒn/ (Falco peregrinus)  :: muuttohaukka, jalohaukka
peremptory {adj} /pəˈɹɛmptəɹi/ ((law) Precluding debate or expostulation; not admitting of question or appeal)  :: lopullinen
peremptory {adj} (Positive in opinion or judgment; decided, dogmatic)  :: ehdoton
peremptory {adj} ((obsolete) Firmly determined; obstinate)  :: ehdoton
perennial {adj} /pəˈɹɛni.əl/ ((of a plant) Having a life cycle of more than two years)  :: monivuotinen
perennial {n} (perennial plant)  :: monivuotinen kasvi
perestroika {prop} /pɛɹ.ɪˈstɹɔi.kə/ (reform in the Soviet Union in 1980s)  :: perestroika [of the Soviet Union], uudelleenrakentaminen [more general term]
perfect {adj} /ˈpɝːfɪkt/ (fitting its definition precisely)  :: täydellinen
perfect {adj} (having all of its parts in harmony with a common purpose)  :: täydellinen
perfect {adj} (grammar: of a tense or verb form: representing a completed action)  :: perfektinen, perfekti-
perfect {adj} (botany: having both male and female parts)  :: kaksineuvoinen, täydellinen
perfect {v} /pɚˈfɛkt/ (make perfect)  :: tehdä täydelliseksi
perfection {n} /pɚˈfɛkʃən/ (being perfect)  :: täydellisuus
perfectionism {n} (a dislike for anything less than perfection)  :: perfektionismi
perfectionist {n} (person who does not settle for anything that is not perfect)  :: perfektionisti
perfectionist {adj} (inclined or related to perfectionism)  :: perfektionistinen
perfectionistic {adj} (perfectionist) SEE: perfectionist  ::
perfectitude {n} (perfection) SEE: perfection  ::
perfectly {adv} /ˈpɝfɪktli/ (with perfection)  :: täydellisesti
perfectly {adv} (wholly, completely)  :: täysin, täydellisen, kaikin puolin
perfectness {n} (quality of being perfect)  :: täydellisyys
perfect number {n} (a number that is the sum of all of its divisors except itself)  :: täydellinen luku
perfect pitch {n} (ability)  :: absoluuttinen sävelkorva
perfect pitch {n} (exact pitch) SEE: absolute pitch  ::
perfect tense {n} (verb form indicating that an action has been completed)  :: perfektimuoto
perfidious {adj} /pɚˈfɪdi.əs/ (pertaining to perfidy)  :: petollinen
perfin {n} (perforated initial)  :: reijite
perforate {adj} (perforated) SEE: perforated  ::
perforate {v} (to pierce or penetrate)  :: rei’ittää, lävistää, puhkaista
perforate {v} (to make a line of holes)  :: rei’ittää
perforated {adj} (having a series of holes)  :: rei'itetty, perforoitu
perforator {n} (hole punch) SEE: hole punch  ::
perforator {n} (machine that bores)  :: pora
perform {v} /pə.ˈfɔːm/ (to do something)  :: suorittaa, tehdä
perform {v} (to do something in front of an audience)  :: esittää
performance {n} /pɚ.ˈfɔɹ.məns]/ (the act of performing; carrying into execution or action; accomplishment)  :: suoritus
performance {n} (that which is performed or accomplished)  :: suoritus, saavutus
performance {n} (live show or concert)  :: esitys, esiintyminen
performance {n} (amount of useful work accomplished)  :: suorituskyky
performance anxiety {n} (anxiety about performing in front of an audience) SEE: stage fright  ::
performance anxiety {n} (anxiety about the impressiveness of one's sexual performance)  :: suorituspaine
performance art {n} (a form of art)  :: performanssitaide
performance management {n} (process of ensuring that organisational goals are met)  :: suorituskyvyn johtaminen
performer {n} /pɚˈfɔɹmɚ/ (performer, see also: actor; singer; musician)  :: esiintyjä
performing arts {n} (arts involving performance)  :: esittävät taiteet {p}
perfume {n} /pɚˈfjuːm/ (pleasant smell)  :: tuoksu
perfume {n} (substance providing a pleasant smell)  :: hajuste, hajuvesi, parfyymi
perfume {v} (to apply perfume to)  :: hajustaa, parfymoida
perfumer {n} /pəˈfjuːmə/ (person who makes or sells perfume)  :: hajuvesimyyjä, parfymisti
perfumery {n} (shop selling perfumes)  :: parfymeria
perfunctory {adj} /pɚˈfʌŋ.tɚ.i/ (performed out of routine, with little care)  :: rutiininomainen, pintapuolinen, puolihuolimaton
perfuse {v} (to permeate or suffuse)  :: virrata läpi
perfusion {n} /pəɹˈfjuʒən/ (act of perfusing)  :: perfuusio, läpivirtaus
pergola {n} /ˈpɜːɡələ/ (framework)  :: pergola
perhaps {adv} /pɚˈhæps/ (indicating a lack of certainty)  :: ehkä, mahdollisesti
perianth {n} (sterile parts of a flower)  :: kehä
pericardium {n} (serous membrane that surrounds the heart)  :: sydänpussi, pericardium
pericarp {n} /ˈpɛɹɪˌkɑːp/ (outermost layer of a ripe fruit or ovary)  :: perikarppi, hedelmän seinä
Pericles {prop} /ˈpɛɹɪkliːz/ (Greek politician)  :: Perikles {m}
perigee {n} /ˈpɛɹədʒi/ (closest point in an orbit about the Earth)  :: perigeum
perigee {n} (closest point in an orbit about a planet)  :: periapsis
periglacial {adj} /pɛɹəˈɡleɪʃəl/ (pertaining to the area around the edge of a glacier)  :: periglasiaalinen
perigone {n} (perianth) SEE: perianth  ::
perihelion {n} (point where the planet or comet is nearest to the Sun)  :: periheli
peril {n} /ˈpɛɹəl/ (a situation of serious danger)  :: vaara, vaaratilanne
peril {n} (something that causes, contains, or presents danger)  :: vaara
perilla {n} /pəˈɹɪl.ə/ (East Asian herb)  :: veripeippi
perilous {adj} /ˈpeɹ.ɪ.ləs/ (dangerous, full of peril)  :: vaarallinen, hengenvaarallinen
perilune {n} (point of lunar orbit that is closest to the Moon)  :: periluni
perimeter {n} /pəˈɹɪmɪtə(ɹ)/ (sum of the distance of all the lengths of the sides of an object)  :: kehä
perimeter {n} (outer limits of an area)  :: ulkoreuna, reuna
perinatal {adj} (of or pertaining to the time around birth)  :: perinataalinen
perineum {n} /pɝɪˈniːəm/ (anatomical term)  :: väliliha
period {interj} /ˈpɪəɹɪəd/ (and nothing else)  :: piste
period {n} (length of time for a disease to run its course)  :: kestoaika
period {n} (end or conclusion; final point of a process)  :: päätepiste
period {n} (history: period of time seen as coherent entity)  :: aika, ajanjakso
period {n} (rhetoric: complete sentence)  :: lause
period {n} (punctation mark “.”)  :: piste
period {n} (length of time)  :: jakso, ajanjakso, aika
period {n} (length of time during which something repeats)  :: jakso
period {n} (specific moment during a process)  :: hetki, ajankohta
period {n} (section of an artist's career)  :: kausi
period {n} (division of school day)  :: tunti
period {n} (division of sports match)  :: erä
period {n} (chemistry: row in the periodic table)  :: jakso
period {n} (geology: subdivision of an era)  :: kausi
period {n} (menstruation) SEE: menstruation  ::
periodic {adj} /pɪ.ɹiˈɒdɪk/ (relative to a period or periods)  :: jaksollinen, aikakautinen
periodic {adj} (having repeated cycles)  :: jaksollinen
periodic {adj} (occurring at regular intervals)  :: säännöllinen, jaksollinen
periodic {adj} (periodical)  :: jaksollinen, kausittainen
periodic {adj} ((astronomy) pertaining to the revolution of a celestial object in its orbit)  :: jaksollinen
periodic {adj} ((mathematics) of a state)  :: jaksollinen
periodical {n} (publication that appears at fixed intervals)  :: aikakauslehti
periodical {n} (thematic publication)  :: aikakausjulkaisu
periodically {adv} (intermittently) SEE: intermittently  ::
periodically {adv} (in a regular, periodic manner)  :: säännöllisesti
periodicity {n} (property of being periodic)  :: jaksollisuus
periodic table {n} (chart)  :: jaksollinen järjestelmä, alkuaineiden jaksollinen järjestelmä
periodize {v} /ˈpɪəɹɪəˌdaɪz/ (divide history into periods)  :: jaksottaa
periodize {v} (split a training program into segments)  :: jaksottaa
periodlike {adj} (resembling a period (time of menstruation))  :: kuukautismainen
Perioikoi {n} /ˌpɛɹiˈɔɪkɔɪ/ (ancient inhabitants of Laconia)  :: perioikit
perioperative {adj} (relating to operation)  :: leikkaus-
peripatetic {adj} /ˌpɛɹ.ɪ.pəˈtɛt.ɪk/ (walking about; itinerant)  :: vaelteleva, kuljeskeleva
peripatetic {adj} (constantly traveling)  :: vaeltava, jatkuvasti liikkeellä oleva
peripatetic {adj} (Having to do with Aristotle's philosophy or school of thought)  :: peripateettinen
peripatetic {n} (one who walks about; a pedestrian; an itinerant)  :: kulkija, vaeltaja
peripatetic {n} (Aristotelian) SEE: Aristotelian  ::
peripatric {adj} (living in overlapping territories)  :: peripatrinen
peripatric {adj} (living in overlapping territories wothout interbreeding)  :: peripatrinen
peripheral {adj} /pəˈɹɪf(ə)ɹ(ə)l/ (on the periphery or boundary)  :: ääri-, reuna-
peripheral {adj} (beside the point)  :: toisarvoinen
peripheral {adj} (unimportant)  :: toisarvoinen
peripheral {adj} (auxiliary)  :: lisä-, oheis-
peripheral {n} (computing device) SEE: peripheral device  ::
peripheral device {n} (device that is outside the computer's system unit)  :: oheislaite
peripheral nervous system {n} (part of the nervous system which is not the central nervous system)  :: ääreishermosto
periphery {n} /pəˈɹɪfəɹi/ (outside boundary, parts or surface)  :: syrjäseutu
periphrase {n} (use of more words than necessary) SEE: periphrasis  ::
periphrasis {n} /pəˈɹɪfɹəsɪs/ (use of a longer expression instead of a shorter one)  :: perifraasi
periphyton {n}  :: perifyton
perish {v} /ˈpɛɹɪʃ/  :: menehtyä
perishable {n} (food that does not keep)  :: tuoretuote
perishable {adj} (liable to perish)  :: pilaantuva
perissodactyl {n} (odd-toed ungulate)  :: kavioeläin
peristalsis {n} /ˌpɛɹɪˈstælsɪs/ (rhythmic contraction of the digestive tract)  :: peristaltiikka
peristaltic {adj} (of or pertaining to peristalsis)  :: peristalttinen
peritoneal {adj} (of, relating to or affecting the peritoneum)  :: vatsakalvon, vatsakalvo-
peritoneal dialysis {n} (treatment for patients with severe chronic kidney disease)  :: vatsakalvodialyysi
peritoneum {n} (serous membrane in mammals)  :: vatsakalvo
peritonitis {n} (inflammation of the peritoneum)  :: vatsakalvontulehdus
peri-urban {adj} /ˌpɛɹ.ə.ˈɝ.bən/ (immediately adjoining an urban area)  :: ympärys-, reuna-, reunus-, kehys-
periwinkle {n} /ˈpɛɹiˌwɪŋkəl/ (plant)  :: talvio
perjure {v} (knowingly make a false statement of witness)  :: vannoa väärä vala
perjurer {n} /ˈpəɹdʒəɹəɹ/ (Someone who has lied under oath)  :: valapatto
perjury {n} /ˈpɜː(ɹ)dʒəɹi/ (deliberate giving of false or misleading testimony under oath)  :: väärä vala, perätön lausuma
perk {n} (perquisite)  :: etu
perky {adj} /ˈpɝki/ (lively or enthusiastic)  :: pirteä, pirtsakka, virkeä, terhakka
perky {adj} (standing upright; firm)  :: terhakka, pysty
perlite {n} (perlite)  :: perliitti
Perm {prop} (city in Russia)  :: Perm
permafrost {n} /ˈpɝməˌfɹɔst/ (permanently frozen ground)  :: ikirouta
permalink {n} /ˈpɜː(ɹ).mə.lɪŋk/ (static address)  :: ikilinkki
permanence {n} /ˈpɜɹmənəns/ (the state of being permanent)  :: pysyvyys
permanent {adj} /ˈpɝmənənt/ (without end)  :: pysyvä, ikuinen, jatkuva, kestävä, vakituinen
permanent {adj} (lasting for an indefinitely long time)  :: pysyvä, ikuinen, jatkuva, kestävä, vakituinen
permanent {n} (hair treatment)  :: permanentti, kestokiharat
permanently {adv} (in a permanent manner)  :: pysyvästi
permanent magnet {n} (material which retains its magnetism all the time)  :: kestomagneetti
permanent residency {n} (visa status)  :: pysyvä oleskelulupa
permanent resident {n} (person with permanent residency)  :: pysyvän oleskeluluvan haltija
permanent wave {n} (series of waves in the hair) SEE: permanent  ::
permanent wave {n} (physics: wave that does not change shape)  :: seisova aalto
permanganate {n} (salt of permanganic acid)  :: permanganaatti
permeable {adj} (that absorbs or allows the passage of fluids)  :: läpäisevä
permease {n} (enzyme that transports membrane proteins)  :: permeaasi
Permian {n} /ˈpəːmɪən/ (person)  :: permiläinen
Permian {adj} (pertaining to the Permian period)  :: permikautinen
Permian {prop} (Permian period)  :: permikausi
Permic {prop} (group of Finnic languages)  :: permiläiset kielet {p}
per mille {n} (permille) SEE: permille  ::
permille {n} /pə(ɹ)ˈmɪli/ (per thousand)  :: promille
permission {n} /pɚˈmɪʃən/ (authorisation)  :: oikeus, lupa
permission {n} (act of permitting)  :: lupa
permission {n} (in computing)  :: oikeudet, käyttöoikeudet
permissive {adj} (lenient)  :: salliva, suvaitsevainen
permit {v} /pɚˈmɪt/ (allow (something) to happen)  :: sallia
permit {n} (an artifact or document rendering something allowed or legal)  :: lupa
permittivity {n} (property of a dielectric medium)  :: permittiivisyys
permutation {n} (one-to-one mapping)  :: permutaatio
permutation {n} (ordering of a set of distinct elements)  :: permutaatio
permutation {n} (music: transformation of a set's prime form)  :: permutaatio
permute {v} ((mathematics) to make a permutation)  :: permutoida
pern {n} (honey buzzard) SEE: honey buzzard  ::
pernicious {adj} /pəˈnɪʃəs/ (causing much harm)  :: turmiollinen, haitallinen, tuhoisa
pernicious {adj} (causing death or injury)  :: tappava
pernicious anemia {n} (severe form of anemia)  :: näivetysveritauti
pernoctation {n} (an overnight stay)  :: yöpyminen
pernoctation {n} (action or instance of walking about at night)  :: yövartio
pernoctation {n} (Christianity: religious watch)  :: yömessu
peroxide {n} (chemical compound with two oxygen atoms)  :: peroksidi
peroxide {n} (hydrogen peroxide) SEE: hydrogen peroxide  ::
perpendicular {n} /pɝ.pɛnˈdɪk.ju.lɚ/ (line or plane)  :: kohtisuora
perpendicularity {n} (the condition of being perpendicular)  :: kohtisuoruus
perpetrate {v} /ˈpɜː(ɹ).pə.ˌtɹaɪt/ (to be guilty of, or responsible for; to commit)  :: tehdä (+ accusative), syyllistyä (+ illative), suorittaa
perpetrator {n} /ˈpɜː(ɹ).pɪ.ˌtɹeɪt.ə(ɹ)/ (one who perpetrates)  :: tekijä, syyllinen
perpetual {adj} /pɚˈpɛtʃuəl/  :: päättymätön, ikuinen, jatkuva
perpetual motion machine {n} (hypothetical device)  :: ikiliikkuja
perpetuate {v} (to make perpetual)  :: säilyttää
perpetuate {v} (to prolong the existence of)  :: jatkaa, pitkittää
perpetuation {n} (prolonging existence)  :: ikuistaminen, säilyttäminen
perplex {v} /pɚˈplɛks/ (To cause to feel baffled)  :: hämmentää, saattaa ymmälle, askarruttaa
perplexed {adj} (confused or puzzled)  :: ymmällään, hämmentynyt
perplexed {adj} (bewildered)  :: ymmällään, hämmentynyt
perquisite {n} /ˈpɜːkwɪzɪt/ (benefit beyond salary)  :: etuus
perquisite {n} (gratuity)  :: juomaraha, palveluraha
perquisite {n} (privilege)  :: etuoikeus
perry {n} /ˈpɛɹi/ (Beverage from pears)  :: päärynäsiideri
per se {adv} /pɚːˈseɪ/ (by itself)  :: sinänsä, pohjimmiltaan, itsessään
per se {adv} (as such; as one would expect from the name)  :: sellaisenaan, varsinaisesti
per se {adv} (legal: as a matter of law)  :: lain mukaan
per se {adv} (necessarily) SEE: necessarily  ::
persecute {v} /ˈpɝsəkjut/ (to pursue in a manner to injure, grieve, or afflict)  :: vainota
persecute {v} (to harass with importunity)  :: ahdistella
persecution {n} (the act of persecuting)  :: vainoaminen
persecution {n} (a program or campaign to subjugate or eliminate a specific group of people)  :: vaino
Persephone {prop} /pɚˈsɛfəniː/ (Greek goddess)  :: Persefone
Perseus {prop} /ˈpɝsi.əs/ (constellation)  :: Perseus
perseverance {n} (persistent determination to adhere to a course of action; insistence)  :: hellittämättömyys, itsepintaisuus, peräänantamattomuus, määrätietoisuus
perseverant {adj} /pɚsɪˈvɪɹənt/ (enduring)  :: sinnikäs
Persia {prop} (Iran) SEE: Iran  ::
Persia {prop} /ˈpɜː(ɹ).ʒə/ (region of ancient Iran)  :: Persia
Persian {prop} /ˈpɝːʒən/ (the Persian language)  :: persia, persian kieli, farsi, farsin kieli
Persian {n} (person from Persia)  :: persialainen
Persian {n} (Persian cat)  :: persialainen
Persian {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Persia)  :: persialainen
Persian {adj} (of or pertaining to the Persian people)  :: persialainen
Persian {adj} (of or pertaining to the Persian language)  :: persialainen, persiankielinen
Persian cat {n} (breed of cat)  :: persialainen; persiankissa [dated]
Persian Gulf {prop} (gulf between Iran and the Arabian peninsula)  :: Persianlahti
Persianness {n} (quality)  :: persialaisuus
persimmon {n} /pəɹˈsɪmən/ (fruit)  :: kaki, persimoni, sharon
persimmon {n} (tree)  :: kaki
persist {v} /pɚˈsɪst/ (continue to exist)  :: itsepintaisesti pitää kiinni, pysyä järkähtämättömänä, olla edelleen olemassa
persistent {adj} /pɚˈsɪstənt/ (refusing to give up)  :: sitkeä
person {n} /ˈpɝsn̩/ (individual)  :: henkilö, yksilö, ihminen
person {n} (specifically a human being, see also: human; human being; man)  :: ihminen, henkilö
person {n} (science fiction: sentient or socially intelligent being)  :: olento
person {n} (someone who likes or has an affinity for a specified thing)  :: ihminen
person {n} (any individual or formal organization with standing before the courts)  :: henkilö
person {n} (linguistic category)  :: persoona
personal {adj} /ˈpɜ˞.sən.əl/ (pertaining to human beings)  :: inhimillinen
personal {adj} (of or pertaining to a particular person)  :: henkilökohtainen
personal {adj} (pertaining to the external or bodily appearance)  :: fyysinen, ruumiillinen
personal {adj} (done in person)  :: henkilökohtainen, omakohtainen
personal {adj} (relating to an individual in an invidious and offensive manner)  :: henkilökohtainen; see also: henkilökohtaisuus
personal {adj} (grammar: denoting person)  :: persoona-
personal {n} (advertisement)  :: henkilökohtaista -ilmoitus
personal {n} (movable)  :: irtain; irtaimisto [one's movables as a whole]
personal area network {n} (very short range wireless network)  :: likiverkko
personal assistant {n} (personal assistant)  :: henkilökohtainen avustaja
personal attack {n} (making an abusive remark)  :: henkilökohtainen hyökkäys
personal best {n} (person's best performance at a task)  :: henkilökohtainen ennätys
personal computer {n} (small computer for use by one person at a time, see also: PC)  :: henkilökohtainen tietokone
personal conduct {n} (set of rules)  :: arvot {p}
personal conduct {n} (way a person behaves)  :: käytös, käyttäytyminen
personal data {n}  :: henkilötiedot {p}
personal day {n} (day off for attending to personal matters)  :: henkilökohtainen vapaapäivä
personal digital assistant {n} (hand-held electronic organizer)  :: kämmentietokone
personal effect {n} (item of personal property)  :: henkilökohtainen tavara
personal hygiene {n} (personal hygiene)  :: henkilökohtainen hygienia
personal identification number {n} (number used to confirm identity) SEE: PIN  ::
personal injury {n} (injury to the body)  :: henkilövahinko
personalism {n} (doctrine of subjective idealism)  :: personalismi
personality {n} /ˌpɜɹsəˈnælɪti/ (set of qualities that make a person distinct from other people)  :: persoonallisuus
personality {n} (assumed role or manner of behavior)  :: luonne
personality {n} (celebrity)  :: henkilö
personality {n} (charisma)  :: persoonallisuus
personality {n} (something said or written which refers to the person of some individual)  :: · henkilökohtaisuus
personality clash {n} (conflict between two people)  :: luonteiden yhteensopimattomuus
personality disorder {n} (class of mental disorders)  :: persoonallisuushäiriö
personalityless {adj} (devoid of personality)  :: persoonaton
personalize {v} (adapt to an individual)  :: personoida
personal lubricant {n} (lubricant used during human sexual activity)  :: liukuvoide, liukaste
personally {adv} /ˈpɜːsnəli/ (in a personal manner)  :: persoonallisesti, henkilökohtaisesti
personally {adv} (in person)  :: henkilökohtaisesti
personally {adv} (concerning oneself)  :: henkilökohtaisesti
personally {adv} (as a person)  :: henkilönä
personal pronoun {n} (part of speech)  :: persoonapronomini
personal record {n} (person's best performance) SEE: personal best  ::
personal space {n} (physical space closely surrounding a person)  :: henkilökohtainen tila, henkilökohtainen alue
personal space {n} (area regarded as belonging to a person)  :: henkilökohtainen tila, henkilökohtainen alue
personal stereo {n} (portable audio cassette player)  :: korvalappustereot {p}
personal trainer {n} (someone employed to help another with their fitness)  :: henkilökohtainen valmentaja, kuntosaliohjaaja
personal video recorder {n} (video recording device for personal use)  :: PVR-laite
personal water craft {n} (watercraft)  :: vesiskootteri
persona non grata {n} /pə(ɹ)ˈsəʊnə nɒn ˈɡɹɑːtə/ (a person who is not welcome)  :: ei-toivottu henkilö
personification {n} (person, thing or name typifying a certain quality or idea)  :: henkilöitymä
personification {n} (literary device)  :: henkilöinti, personifikaatio
personification {n} (artistic representation of an abstract quality as a human)  :: henkilöitymä
personify {v} (to be an example of)  :: henkilöidä
personify {v} (to create a representation in the form of a character)  :: henkilöidä
personnel {n} /pɝ.səˈnɛl/ (employees, office staff)  :: henkilökunta, henkilöstö
person-to-person {adj} (type of call)  :: henkilö- [see "henkilöpuhelu"]
perspective {n} /pɚˈspɛktɪv/ (view, vista or outlook)  :: näkymä
perspective {n} (appearance of depth in objects)  :: perspektiivi, syvyysvaikutelma
perspective {n} (technique of representing three-dimensional objects on a two-dimensional surface)  :: perspektiivikuva, projektio
perspective {n} (choice of a single point of view)  :: näkökulma
perspicacious {adj} /ˌpɜːɹ.spɪˈkeɪ.ʃəs/ (showing keen insight)  :: tarkkanäköinen
perspiration {n} (sweat) SEE: sweat  ::
perspiration {n} /ˈpɜɹ spəˈɹeɪ ʃən/ (process of perspiring)  :: hikoilu, hikoileminen
perspire {v} (sweat) SEE: sweat  ::
persuade {v} /pɚˈsweɪd/ (convince)  :: taivuttaa, vakuuttaa
persuasion {n} /pɚˈsweɪʒən/ (a strongly held conviction, opinion or belief)  :: vakaumus
persuasion {n} (one's power of persuading)  :: suostutteleminen, suostuttelu
persuasion {n} (a sort, type, or kind with respect to convictions and beliefs)  :: kuppikunta
persuasive {adj} (convincing)  :: suostutteleva, vakuuttava
PERT {acronym} (method)  :: PERT
pertain {v} (to belong)  :: kuulua
PERT chart {n} (chart depicting the flow of dependent tasks)  :: PERT-kaavio
Perth {prop} /ˈpɝθ/ (in Western Australia)  :: Perth
Perth {prop} (in Scotland)  :: Perth
pertinaciously {adv} /ˌpɝːtənˈeɪʃəsli/ (in a stubbornly resolute manner)  :: jääräpäisesti
pertinent {adj} /ˈpəːtɪnənt/ (pertaining)  :: osuva, relevantti, olennainen
pertuisan {n} (kind of halberd or pike)  :: pertuska
pertussis {n} (whooping cough) SEE: whooping cough  ::
Peru {prop} /pəˈɹuː/ (country in South America)  :: Peru
peruke {n} /pəˈɹuːk/ (wig)  :: peruukki
perusal {n} (studying something carefully)  :: tutkiminen, huolellinen lukeminen
peruse {n} /pəˈɹuːz/ (perusal)  :: tutkimus, tarkastelu
peruse {v} (to examine or consider with care)  :: tutkia
peruse {v} (to read completely)  :: lukea huolellisesti
Peruvian {n} /pəˈɹuːvi.ən/ (person from Peru)  :: perulainen
Peruvian {adj} (pertaining to Peru)  :: perulainen
Peruvian slaty antshrike {n} (bird)  :: köynnöspuumuura
perv {n} (pervert)  :: pervo
perv {v} (stare at others in a perverted manner)  :: pervoilla
pervade {v} /pɚˈveɪd/ (to be in every part of)  :: levitä
pervasive {adj} /pɚˈveɪ.sɪv/ (manifested throughout)  :: kokonaisvaltainen
pervasiveness {n} (the state or quality of being present in all parts of a particular thing or place)  :: läsnäolo kaikkialla
perverse {adj} /pɚˈvɝs/ (Turned aside; hence, specifically, turned away from the (morally) right; willfully erring; wicked; perverted)  :: perverssi, kieroutunut
perverse {adj} (Obstinately in the wrong; stubborn; intractable; hence, wayward; vexing; contrary)  :: uppiniskainen, jääräpäinen
pervert {n} /ˈpəːvəːt/ (one who has turned to error)  :: pervertti
pervert {n} (sexually perverted person)  :: pervertti, pervo [colloquial]
pervert {v} (to turn another way)  :: harhauttaa
pervert {v} (to turn from truth)  :: johtaa harhaan
pervert {v} (to misinterpret designedly)  :: vääristellä
pervert {v} (to take the wrong course)  :: harhautua
perxenate {n} (anion XeO64-)  :: perksenaatti
Pesach {prop} (Passover) SEE: Passover  ::
Pescadores {prop} (archipelago in the Taiwan Strait currently held by the Republic of China)  :: Peskadorit
pescetarian {n} /ˌpɛskɪˈtɛəɹi.ən/ (a person who consumes no animal flesh with the exception of fish)  :: pescovegetaristi
peshmerga {n} (a term used by Kurds to refer to armed Kurdish fighters)  :: peshmerga
pesky {adj} /ˈpɛski/ (annoying, troublesome, irritating)  :: ärsyttävä
peso {n} /ˈpeɪsəʊ/ (currency)  :: peso
pessary {n} (supporting device)  :: pessaari
pessary {n} (contraceptive device)  :: pessaari
pessary {n} (vaginal suppository)  :: vagitorio
pessimism {n} (general belief that bad things will happen)  :: pessimismi
pessimism {n} (doctrine that this world is the worst of all possible worlds)  :: pessimismi
pessimist {n} /ˈpɛsɪmɪst/ (someone who habitually expects the worst outcome)  :: pessimisti
pessimistic {adj} /ˌpɛ.səˈmɪs.tɪk/ (marked by pessimism and little hopefulness)  :: pessimistinen, synkkä
pessimistic {adj} (always expecting the worst)  :: pessimistinen, synkkämielinen
pessimistically {adv} (in a pessimistic manner)  :: pessimistisesti
pest {n} /pɛst/ (annoying creature)  :: tuhoeläin
pest {n} (annoying person)  :: maanvaiva, kiusankappale, kiusanhenki
pester {v} /ˈpɛstɚ/ (to annoy persistently)  :: kiusata
pesticide {n} /ˈpɛstɪsaɪd/ (substance used to kill or repress the activities of pests)  :: tuholaismyrkky
pestilence {n} (any highly contagious epidemic disease)  :: rutto, kulkutauti
pestle {n} /ˈpɛsəl/ (instrument used with a mortar to grind things)  :: petkel
pesto {n} /ˈpɛstoʊ/ (an Italian sauce especially for pasta)  :: pesto, pestokastike
pet {n} /pɛt/ (an animal kept as a companion)  :: lemmikkieläin, lemmikki
pet {n} (one who is excessively loyal to a superior)  :: lellikki
pet {v} (fondle (an animal))  :: silittää
pet {v} (fondle (another person) amorously)  :: hyväillä
pet {v} (intransitive: fondle amorously)  :: hyväillä
PET {n} (positron emission tomography) SEE: positron emission tomography  ::
PET {n} (polyethylene terephthalate) SEE: polyethylene terephthalate  ::
peta- {prefix} /ˈpɛtə/ (SI prefix)  :: peta-
petabyte {n} (1,000,000,000,000,000 bytes)  :: petatavu
petal {n} /ˈpɛtl̩/ (one of the component parts of the corolla of a flower)  :: terälehti
petaliter {n} (petalitre) SEE: petalitre  ::
petalitre {n} (1015 litres)  :: petalitra
pet cone {n} (Elizabethan collar) SEE: Elizabethan collar  ::
peter {n} /ˈpiːtə/ (slang: penis)  :: pippeli, kikkeli
Peter {prop} /ˈpiːtə/ (male given name)  :: Pietari, Petteri, Petri
Peter {prop} (the Apostle)  :: Pietari
Peter {prop} (one of the epistles of Peter)  :: Pietarin kirje
Peter {prop} (surname)  :: Pietarinen, Pietarila
Peter principle {prop} (theory)  :: Peterin periaate
Petersburgian {adj} (relating to Saint Petersburg)  :: pietarilainen
Petersburgian {n} (resident of Saint Petersburg)  :: pietarilainen
pet hate {n} (personal dislike) SEE: pet peeve  ::
petiole {n} /ˈpɛdiˌoʊl/ (stalk of a leaf)  :: lehtikanta
petite {adj} /pəˈtiːt/ (Of a woman: fairly short and of slim build)  :: siro
petite {adj} (of women's clothing: of small size)  :: pieni
petite {adj} (small, little; insignificant; petty)  :: pieni, pikkuinen, pikkuruinen, vähäinen, mitätön
petition {n} /pəˈtɪ.ʃən/ (formal, written request made to an official person)  :: anomus, hakemus, pyyntö, adressi
petition {n} (compilation of signatures)  :: adressi, vetoomus
petition {n} (legal: formal request for judicial action)  :: hakemus
petition {v} (to make a request)  :: anoa, pyytää, hakea
petit mal {n} /ˌpɛti ˈmal/ (form of epilepsy)  :: pieni kohtaus
pet lamp-shade {n} (Elizabethan collar) SEE: Elizabethan collar  ::
pet name {n} (name of endearment)  :: lempinimi, kutsumanimi
pet peeve {n} (something that is personally annoying; a personal dislike)  :: inhokki
pet project {n} (project pursued as a personal favorite)  :: lempiprojekti
Petrarchan {adj} (of or relating to Petrarch)  :: petrarcalainen
Petrarchan sonnet {n} (type of sonnet)  :: petrarcalainen sonetti, italialainen sonetti
petrel {n} /ˈpɛtɹəl/ (Procellariiformes)  :: ulappaliitäjä
Petri dish {n} /ˈpiːtɹi ˌdiʃ/ (dish used to culture bacteria)  :: elatusmalja, petrimalja
petrify {v} /ˈpɛ.tɹəˌfaɪ/ (to harden organic matter by depositing dissolved minerals)  :: kivettyä (intr), kivettää (tr)
petrify {v} (to produce rigidity akin to stone)  :: kivettyä (intr), kivettää (tr), kovettua (intr), kovettaa (tr)
petrify {v} (to immobilize with fright)  :: kivettyä (intr), kivettää (tr), jähmettyä (intr), jähmettää (tr)
petrochemistry {n} (the branch of chemistry that deals with petroleum)  :: petrokemia
pet rock {n} (rock as a pet)  :: lemmikkikivi
petrodollar {n} (money earned from oil)  :: öljyraha
petroglyph {n} (a rock carving, especially one made in prehistoric times)  :: kalliopiirros
Petrograd {prop} (city)  :: Pietari, Petrograd
petrograph {n} (drawing, writing or inscription on stone)  :: kalliopiirros
petrol {n} (gasoline) SEE: gasoline  ::
petrolatum {n} (petroleum jelly) SEE: petroleum jelly  ::
petrol engine {n} (engine that uses petrol)  :: ottomoottori
petroleum {n} (oil) SEE: oil  ::
petroleum ether {n} (petroleum fraction)  :: liuotinbensiini
petroleum jelly {n} (pale yellow semisolid mixture of hydrocarbons obtained from petroleum)  :: vaseliini
petrology {n} /pɛˈtɹɒlədʒi/ (the study of rock)  :: petrologia
petrol station {n} (gas station) SEE: gas station  ::
petrol tank {n} (petrol tank) SEE: gas tank  ::
Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky {prop} (city in Russia)  :: Petropavlovsk-Kamtšatski
Petrozavodsk {prop} (city in Russia)  :: Petroskoi
pet shop {n} (shop)  :: lemmikkieläinkauppa
petticoat {n} /ˈpɛtɪkəʊt/ (woman's undergarment worn under a skirt)  :: alushame
petticoat government {n} (government by women)  :: akkavalta
pettifogger {n} /ˈpɛtɪˌfɑːɡɚ/ (Someone who quibbles)  :: pilkunviilaaja
petting {n} /ˈpɛtɪŋ/ (stroking or fondling an animal)  :: silittely
petting {n} (kissing, stroking, etc., in a sexual manner)  :: suukottelu, halailu
petting zoo {n} (type of zoo)  :: kotieläintarha
petty bourgeoisie {n} (social class)  :: pikkuporvaristo
petty cash {n} (small amount of cash kept by a business)  :: käteiskassa
petty officer {n} (non-commissioned officer)  :: kersantti, pursimies
petty theft {n} (theft of property of low value)  :: näpistys
petulant {adj} /ˈpɛtʃələnt/ (easily irritated or annoyed)  :: kiukutteleva
petunia {n} /pəˈtuːnjə/ (flower)  :: petunia
pew {n} /pjuː/ (long bench in a church)  :: kirkonpenkki
pewter {n} /ˈpjutɚ/ (alloy of tin, copper and antimony)  :: astiatina, tina
pewter {n} (alloy of tin and lead)  :: tina, tinaseos
pewter {n} (items made of pewter)  :: tinaesine
pewter {n} (colour)  :: tinanharmaa
pewter {adj} (colour)  :: tinanharmaa
peyote {n} /peɪˈjoʊti/ (cactus)  :: myrkkykaktus, meskaliinikaktus
pfennig {n} /ˈpfɛn.ɪɡ/ (a hundredth of a Deutsche Mark)  :: pfennig
phablet {n} /ˈfæblɪt/ (electronic handheld device)  :: puhletti, fabletti, phabletti
phaeozem {n} (soil type)  :: harmaamultamaannos
-phage {suffix} (something that eats, or consumes)  :: -fagi
phagocyte {n} (cell of the immune system)  :: syöjäsolu, fagosyytti
phagocyte {v} (to phagocyte)  :: fagosytoida
phagocytise {v} (phagocytize) SEE: phagocytize  ::
phagocytize {v} (to destroy by phagosytosis)  :: fagosytoida
phagocytosis {n} /ˌfeɪɡəʊsaɪˈtəʊsɪs/ (the process by which a cell internalises foreign bodies)  :: fagosytoosi
-phagy {suffix} (the consumption of)  :: -fagia
Phaistos {prop} /ˈfɛstɒs/ (ancient Minoan city in southern Crete)  :: Faistos {m}
phalange {n} (phalanx) SEE: phalanx  ::
phalange {n} /ˈfælændʒ/ (political movement)  :: falangi, falangistit
phalanx {n} (ancient Greek military unit)  :: falangi
phalanx {n} (finger or toe bone)  :: varpaanluu [toe], sormiluu [finger]
phalanx {n} (large group of people)  :: falangi
phalarope {n} /ˈfæləɹəʊp/ (wading bird in the family Scolopacidae)  :: vesipääsky
phallic {adj} (having to do with the penis)  :: fallinen, fallos-
phallus {n} (penis) SEE: penis  ::
phallus {n} /ˈfæləs/ (the penis or its representation)  :: fallos
phanerogam {n} (plant that produces seeds)  :: siemenkasvi
phantasmal {adj} (eerie or frightening)  :: aavemainen
phantom {n} /ˈfæntəm/ (something having no physical reality)  :: aave
Phantom {prop} (comic and its main character)  :: Mustanaamio
phantom limb {n} (false sensation)  :: aaveraaja
phantom pain {n} (sensation of pain coming from a part of the body that has been amputated)  :: aavekipu
pharaoh {n} /ˈfæɹəʊ/ (supreme ruler of ancient Egypt)  :: faarao
pharaoh ant {n} (species of ant)  :: faraomuurahainen
pharisaic {adj} /ˌfæ.ɹɪ.seɪ̯.jɪk/ (of or pertaining to Pharisees)  :: farisealainen
pharisaic {adj} (of or pertaining to observance of ritual over meaning)  :: farisealainen, tekopyhä, ulkokultainen
pharisaic {adj} (self-righteous)  :: farisealainen, teeskentelevä, tekopyhä, ulkokultainen
pharisaical {adj} (both senses) SEE: pharisaic  ::
pharisaism {n} /ˈfaɹɪˌseɪɪz(ə)m/ (doctrines and practices of the Pharisees)  :: farisealaisuus
pharisaism {n} (rigid observance of external forms of religion)  :: farisealaisuus
Pharisee {n} /ˈfɛɹɪsiː/ (member of an ancient Jewish political party, social movement, etc)  :: fariseus
Pharisee {n} (person who values form over content)  :: fariseus, farisealainen
pharmaceutics {n} (pharmacy) SEE: pharmacy  ::
pharmacist {n} /ˈfɑɹməsɪst/ (professional who dispenses prescription drugs)  :: apteekkari, proviisori, farmaseutti
pharmacist {n} (one who studies pharmacy)  :: farmasian opiskelija
pharmacodynamics {n} (branch of pharmacology)  :: farmakodynamiikka
pharmacogenomics {n} (study of genes that code for enzymes that metabolize drugs)  :: farmakogenetiikka
pharmacognosy {n} (branch of pharmacology)  :: farmakognosia
pharmacokinetics {n} (branch of pharmacology)  :: farmakokinetiikka
pharmacologic {adj} (pharmacological) SEE: pharmacological  ::
pharmacological {adj} /ˌfɑɹməkəˈlɒdʒɪkəl/ (of or having to do with pharmacology)  :: farmakologinen
pharmacology {n} /ˌfɑɹməˈkɒlədʒi/ (science that studies the effects of chemical compounds on living animals)  :: farmakologia
pharmacopoeia {n} /ˌfɑɹ.mə.kəˈpi.ə/ (official book of medicines)  :: farmakopea
pharmacopoeia {n} (collection of drugs)  :: lääkekaappi, lääkevarasto
pharmacotherapy {n} (use of pharmaceuticals to treat disease)  :: farmakoterapia
pharmacy {n} /ˈfɑɹməsi/ (a place where prescription drugs are dispensed)  :: apteekki
pharmacy {n} (science of medicinal substances)  :: farmasia
pharmacy {n} (occupation of a pharmacist)  :: farmasia
pharyngeal {adj} /ˌfæɹɪnˈdʒiːəl/ (of or pertaining to the pharynx)  :: nielu-
pharyngeal {adj} (of pharyngeal sounds)  :: kurkku-, faryngaalinen
pharyngitis {n} (inflammation of the pharynx)  :: nielutulehdus, faryngiitti
pharyngoscope {n} (instrument used to examine the pharynx)  :: faryngoskooppi
pharyngoscopy {n} (medical examination of the pharynx)  :: faryngoskopia
pharyngotomy {n} (operation of making an incision into the pharynx)  :: faryngotomia
pharynx {n} /ˈfæɹɪŋks/ (part of alimentary canal)  :: nielu, farynks
phase {n} /feɪz/ (distinguishable part of a sequence)  :: vaihe
phase {n} (that which is exhibited to the eye)  :: näkymä
phase {n} (aspect of an object or view)  :: puoli
phase {n} (astronomy: particular appearance or state in a regularly recurring cycle)  :: vaihe
phase {n} (physics: point or portion in a recurring series of changes)  :: vaihe
phase {n} (chemistry: component in a material system)  :: faasi, olomuotoalue
phase {n} (zoology: colour variation)  :: värimuunnos
phase {n} (rugby union: period of play between breakdowns)  :: vaihe
phase {n} (haplotype) SEE: haplotype  ::
phase diagram {n} (graph, with axes representing temperature and pressure, showing the equilibrium conditions for a given substance to be a solid, liquid or gas)  :: faasidiagrammi
phase diagram {n} (similar diagram for a binary mixture of substances, with axes representing composition and temperature)  :: faasidiagrammi
phase modulation {n} (form of modulation)  :: vaihemodulointi, vaihemodulaatio
phatic {adj} /ˈfætɪk/ (more polite than meaningful)  :: faattinen
pheasant {n} /ˈfɛzənt/ (bird of family Phasianidae, often hunted for food)  :: fasaani
phenanthrene {n} (tricyclic aromatic hydrocarbon from coal tar)  :: fenantreeni
phenanthroline {n} (compound)  :: fenantroliini
phenol {n} (caustic compound derived from benzene)  :: fenoli
phenol {n} (any of a class of aromatic organic compounds having at least one hydroxyl group attached directly to the benzene ring)  :: fenoli
phenological {adj} (pertaining to phenology)  :: fenologinen
phenology {n} (study of the effect of climate)  :: fenologia
phenomenal {adj} (remarkable)  :: ilmiömäinen
phenomenal {adj} (sciences: perceptible)  :: havaittava
phenomenal {adj} (philosphy: pertaining to the appearance of the world)  :: fenomenaalinen
phenomenalism {n} (doctrine)  :: fenomenalismi
phenomenality {n} (state or property)  :: ilmiömäisyys
phenomenally {adv} (in a phenomenal manner)  :: ilmiömäisesti
phenomenography {n} (research methodology)  :: fenomenografia
phenomenology {n} /fɪˌnɑməˈnɑləɡi/ (philosophy based on intuitive experience of phenomena)  :: fenomenologia
phenomenon {n} /fɪˈnɑmənɑn/ (observable fact or occurrence)  :: ilmiö
phenomenon {n} (knowable thing or event)  :: ilmiö
phenomenon {n} (kind or type of phenomenon)  :: ilmiö
phenomenon {n} (perceptible aspect of something that is mutable)  :: ilmiasu
phenomenon {n} (unusual, curious, or astonishing fact or event)  :: ilmiö
phenomenon {n} (wonderful or very remarkable person or thing)  :: ilmiö
phenomenon {n} (philosophy: experienced object structured by the mind)  :: ilmiö
phenotype {n} /ˈfiːnə(ʊ)ˌtaɪp/ (appearance of organism)  :: fenotyyppi, ilmiasu
phenyl {n} /ˈfɛ.n(ə)l/ (univalent hydrocarbon radical (C6H5))  :: fenyyli, fenyyliryhmä
phenylalanine {n} (amino acid; C9H11NO2)  :: fenyylialaniini
phenylephrine {n} (α-adrenergic receptor agonist)  :: fenyyliefriini
phenylketonuria {n} /fɛnʌɪlkiːtəˈnjʊəɹɪə/ (metabolic disorder)  :: fenyyliketonuria
phew {interj} /fjuː/ (Used to show relief, fatigue, or surprise)  :: huh, huhhuh
phi {n} /faɪ/ (Greek letter)  :: fii
phial {n} (glass vessel) SEE: vial  ::
Philadelphia {prop} /fɪləˈdɛlfi.ə/ (largest city in Pennsylvania)  :: Philadelphia
philander {n} (lover) SEE: lover  ::
philander {n} /fɪˈlændəɹ/ (Caluromys philander)  :: philanderinvillapussirotta, venezuelanvillaopossumi
philander {n} (Macrotis lagotis)  :: isopussikaniini, isokorvapusseli
philanderer {n} /fɪ.ˈlæn.də.ɹɚ/ (fickle lover)  :: auervaara, hurmuri
philanthropically {adv} (in a philanthropic manner)  :: filantrooppisesti
philanthropinism {n} (system of education)  :: filantropinismi
philanthropist {n} (person who loves mankind)  :: filantrooppi
philanthropy {n} (charity) SEE: charity  ::
philanthropy {n} /fɪˈlænθɹəpiː/ (benevolent altruism with the intention of increasing the well-being of mankind)  :: filantropia, ihmisystävällisyys
philanthropy {n} (philanthropic act)  :: hyvä työ
philanthropy {n} (charitable foundation)  :: hyväntekeväisyysjärjestö
philately {n} /fɪˈlæt.ə.li/ (stamp collecting)  :: filatelia, postimerkkeily, postimerkkien keräily
philately {n} (the study of postage stamps, postal routes, postal history, etc.)  :: filatelia
-phile {suffix} (Forming nouns and adjectives denoting "friend")  :: -fiili
Philemon {prop} /ˌfaɪˈliːmɒn/ (book of the Bible)  :: Filemon
Philemon {prop} (Male given name)  :: Filemon
philharmonic {adj} (appreciative of the performance of music)  :: filharmoninen
philharmonic {n} (full-sized symphonic orchestra) SEE: symphony orchestra  ::
philharmonic orchestra {n} (symphony orchestra) SEE: symphony orchestra  ::
philhellene {n} (lover of Greek culture)  :: hellenisti
philhellene {n} (supporter of Greek independence)  :: filhelleeni
philhellenism {n} (intellectual movement)  :: filhellenismi
philia {n} (friendship) SEE: friendship  ::
philia {n} (liking) SEE: liking  ::
Philip {prop} /ˈfɪlɪp/ (biblical persons)  :: Filippus (disciple), Filippos (deacon)
Philip {prop} (male given name)  :: Vilppu
Philippa {prop} /ˈfɪ.lɪ.pə/ (female given name)  :: Hilppa
Philippi {prop} /fɪˈlɪpaɪ/ (ancient town)  :: Filippoi
Philippians {prop} (book of the Bible)  :: Kirje filippiläisille, Filippiläiskirje
philippic {n} /fɪˈlɪpɪk/ (any tirade or declamation full of bitter condemnation)  :: filippiikki
Philippine {adj} (Filipino) SEE: Filipino  ::
Philippine eagle {n} (species of eagle endemic to the Philippines)  :: filippiinienkotka
Philippine Islands {prop} (islands)  :: Filippiinit, Filippiinien saaristo
Philippines {prop} /ˈfɪlɪpinz/ (Republic of the Philippines)  :: Filippiinit {p}
Philippines {prop} (Philippine Islands) SEE: Philippine Islands  ::
Philippine tarsier {n} (Carlito syrichta)  :: filippiinienkummituseläin
Philippine Trench {prop} (trench)  :: Filippiinien hauta
philistine {n} (Philistine) SEE: Philistine  ::
philistine {adj} (lacking in appreciation for art or culture)  :: moukkamainen
Philistine {n} /ˈfɪl.ɪ.staɪn/ (person from Philistia)  :: filistealainen
Philistine {n} (person lacking appreciation of culture)  :: moukka, filisteri
Philistine {adj} (of or pertaining to the Philistines)  :: filistealainen
Philistine {adj} (philistine) SEE: philistine  ::
Phillips head {n} (screwdriver)  :: ristipääruuvimeisseli
Phillips head {n} (screw)  :: ristikantaruuvi
Phillips screw {n} (screw) SEE: Phillips head  ::
Phillips screwdriver {n} (screwdriver)  :: ristipääruuvimeisseli, ristipäämeisseli
phillumenist {n} /fɪˈluːmənɪst/ (collector)  :: fillumenisti
phillumeny {n} (hobby)  :: fillumenia
philological {adj} (pertaining to the history of literature)  :: filologinen
philologically {adv} (in a philological manner)  :: filologisesti
philology {n} /fɪˈlɒlədʒɪ/ (historical linguistics)  :: filologia
philosopher {n} /fəˈlɑsəfəɹ/ (person devoted to studying philosophy)  :: filosofi
philosopher's stone {n} (philosopher's stone)  :: viisasten kivi
philosophical {adj} (of or pertaining to philosophy)  :: filosofinen
philosophize {v} (to philosophically ponder or reason)  :: filosofoida
philosophy {n} /fɪˈlɒsəfi/ (academic discipline)  :: filosofia
philosophy {n} (comprehensive system of belief)  :: filosofia
philosophy {n} (view regarding fundamental principles)  :: filosofia
philosophy {n} (general principle)  :: filosofia, periaate
philosophy of mind {n} (area of philosophy)  :: mielenfilosofia
philosophy of science {n} (study of the assumptions, foundations, and implications of science)  :: tieteenfilosofia
philter {n} (love potion)  :: lemmenjuoma
philtrum {n} /ˈfɪltɹəm/ (shallow groove running down the centre of the outer surface of the upper lip)  :: filtrum
phimosis {n} /faɪˈməʊsɪs/ (contraction of the foreskin)  :: fimoosi
Phineas {prop} (biblical character) SEE: Phinehas  ::
Phinehas {prop} (biblical character)  :: Pinehas
phish {n} (an instance of a phishing attack)  :: phishing-hyökkäys, kalastelu
phishing {n} /ˈfɪʃɪŋ/ (malicious act)  :: verkkourkinta; khalastelu [informal]; phishing
phlebitis {n} /flɪˈbaɪtɪs/ (inflammation of vein)  :: laskimotulehdus, flebiitti
phlegm {n} /flɛm/ (historical: humour)  :: lima
phlegm {n} (mucus secreted in the bronchial passages)  :: lima
phlegm {n} (calmness, composure)  :: tyyneys, flegma
phlegmatic {adj} /flɛɡˈmætɪk/ (not easily excited to action)  :: flegmaattinen
phlegmatic {n} (person)  :: flegmaatikko
phloem {n} /ˈfləʊ.əm/ (vascular tissue)  :: nila
phlogiston {n} /flə(ʊ)ˈdʒɪstɒn/ (hypothetical fiery principle)  :: flogiston
phlox {n} (plant of Phlox)  :: leimu
Phnom Penh {prop} /pəˈnɔːm ˈpɛn/ (Capital city of Cambodia)  :: Phnom Penh
pho {n} /foʊ/ (Vietnamese rice noodle)  :: pho
-phobia {suffix} /ˌfəʊbi.ə/ (used to form nouns meaning fear)  :: -fobia
-phobia {suffix} (used to form nouns meaning hate)  :: -fobia
-phobia {suffix} (used to form nouns concerned with limiting a specific thing)  :: -fobia
phobia {n} /ˈfəʊbi.ə/ (irrational or obsessive fear or anxiety)  :: fobia
phobic {adj} (relating to a phobia)  :: foobinen
phobic {n} (person)  :: foobikko
phobophobia {n} (fear of fear)  :: fobofobia
phocine {adj} /ˈfəʊsʌɪn/ (pertaining to seals)  :: hylje-, hylkeiden; hyljemäinen
phocine {n} (member of subfamily Phocinae)  :: hylje, varsinainen hylje
Phoenicia {prop} /fəˈnɪʃɪə/ (land of the Phoenicians)  :: Foinikia
Phoenician {adj} /fəˈniːʃən/ (of, from, or related to the country or civilisation of Phoenicia)  :: foinikialainen
Phoenician {prop} (Semitic language spoken by the inhabitants of Phoenicia)  :: foinikian kieli
Phoenician {n} (inhabitant of Phoenicia)  :: foinikialainen
phoenix {n} /ˈfiːnɪks/ (mythological bird)  :: feeniks
Phoenix {prop} /ˈfiːnɪks/ (mythical firebird)  :: feeniks
Phoenix {prop} (constellation)  :: Feeniks
phonation {n} (process of producing vocal sound)  :: fonaatio
phone {v} /foʊ̯n/ (to call (someone) on the telephone)  :: soittaa (puhelimella)
phone {n} (speech segment)  :: äänne
phone {n} (telephone) SEE: telephone  ::
phone book {n} (telephone directory) SEE: telephone directory  ::
phonebook {n} (telephone directory) SEE: telephone directory  ::
phone booth {n} (telephone booth) SEE: telephone booth  ::
phone call {n} (telephone call) SEE: telephone call  ::
phonecard {n} (a chargecard used to pay for telephone calls)  :: puhelinkortti
phone in {v} (deliver a message by telephone)  :: soittaa (jollekin)
phone in {v} (to call a broadcasting station)  :: soittaa ohjelmaan
phone in {v} (to fulfill a responsibility with a minimum responsibility)  :: tehdä (jotakin) vasemmalla kädellä, tehdä (jotakin) rimaa hipoen
phone in {v} (to make a timid performance)  :: arastella
phone-in {n} (show)  :: keskusteluohjelma
phone line {n} (telephone line) SEE: telephone line  ::
phoneme {n} /ˈfoʊnim/ (indivisible unit of sound)  :: foneemi
phone number {n} (telephone number) SEE: telephone number  ::
phone sex {n} (erotic or sexual telephone conversation between two or more people)  :: puhelinseksi
phonetic {adj} /fəˈnɛtɪk/ (relating to sounds of spoken language)  :: äänteellinen, foneettinen
phonetic {adj} (linguistics: relating to phones)  :: foneettinen
phonetically {adv} (in the way it sounds)  :: foneettisesti
phonetic alphabet {n} (writing system)  :: foneettiset aakkoset
phonetic alphabet {n} (list of standard words)  :: tavausaakkoset
phonetics {n} /fəˈnɛtɪks/ (study of speech sounds and their representation by written symbols)  :: fonetiikka, äänneoppi
phone up {v} (to contact by telephone)  :: soittaa
Phoney War {prop} (Phoney War)  :: valesota
phoniatric {adj} (of or pertaining to phoniatrics)  :: foniatrinen
phoniatrics {n}  :: foniatria, ääntöhäiriöoppi
phonic {adj} (phonic)  :: fooninen
phonograph {n} (device that records or plays sound from cylinder records)  :: fonografi
phonograph {n} (archaic record player) SEE: gramophone  ::
phonologically {adv} (in acoordance with phonology)  :: fonologisesti
phonology {n} /fəˈnɑlədʒi/ (subfield of linguistics concerned with the way sounds function in languages)  :: fonologia
phonology {n} (way sounds function within a given language)  :: fonologia
phony {adj} (fraudulent; fake)  :: väärä, väärennetty
phony {n} (a person who assumes an identity or quality other than their own)  :: huijari
phosphate {n} (any salt or ester of phosphoric acid)  :: fosfaatti
phosphine {n} (PH3)  :: fosfiini
phosphite {n} (any salt or ester of phosphorous acid)  :: fosfiitti
phospholipid {n} (lipid consisting of a diglyceride combined with a phosphate group)  :: fosfolipidi
phosphonate {n} (chemistry: salt or ester of phosphonic acid)  :: fosfonaatti
phosphopeptide {n} (peptide that incorporates a phospate group as a result of phosphorylation)  :: fosfopeptidi
phosphor {n} (compound exhibiting phosphorescence)  :: loisteaine
phosphorelay {n} (phosphorus based signal transduction method)  :: fosforinsiirto
phosphoric {adj} (pertaining to phosphorus)  :: fosfori-
phosphoric acid {n} (the colourless liquid; H3PO4)  :: fosforihappo
phosphorite {n} (rock)  :: fosforiitti
phosphorus {n} /ˈfɑsfɚəs/ (element)  :: fosfori
phosphorylate {v} (to cause phosphorylation)  :: fosforyloida
phosphorylate {v} (to undergo phosphorylation)  :: fosforyloitua
phosphorylation {n} (the process of transferring a phosphate group from a donor to an acceptor)  :: fosforylaatio
photo {n} /ˈfoʊɾoʊ]/ (photograph)  :: valokuva, [informally] foto, kuva
photo {v} (to take a photograph)  :: valokuvata, kuvata
photocell {n} (photoelectric cell) SEE: photoelectric cell  ::
photochemical {adj} (relating to photochemistry)  :: fotokemiallinen
photochemical reaction {n} (chemical reaction)  :: fotokemiallinen reaktio
photochemistry {n} (study of photochemical reactions)  :: fotokemia
photocopier {n} (machine which reproduces documents by photographing the original over a glass plate and printing duplicates)  :: kopiokone, valokopiokone
photocopy {n} (copy made using a photocopier)  :: valokopio
photocopy {v} (to make a copy using a photocopier)  :: valokopioida
photocopying {n} (The process by which photocopies are made)  :: valokopiointi
photodiode {n} (semiconductor)  :: fotodiodi, valodiodi
photodynamic {adj} (of or relating to photo dynamics)  :: fotodynaaminen
photoelectric {adj} (relating to electric effects)  :: valosähköinen
photoelectric cell {n} (transducer)  :: valokenno
photoelectric effect {n} (emission)  :: valosähköinen ilmiö
photoelectricity {n} (electricity produced by the photoelectric effect)  :: valosähkö
photogenic {adj} /ˌfoʊ.toʊˈdʒɛn.ɪk/ (generated or caused by light)  :: fotogeeninen
photogenic {adj} (producing or emitting light)  :: valoa emittoiva
photogenic {adj} (looking good when photographed)  :: valokuvauksellinen
photograph {n} /ˈfoʊtəˌɡɹæf/ (picture)  :: valokuva
photograph {v} (to take a photograph)  :: valokuvata, ottaa kuva
photographer {n} /fəˈtɑɡɹəfɚ/ (one who takes photographs)  :: valokuvaaja
photographic memory {n} (eidetic memory)  :: valokuvamuisti
photography {n} /fəˈtɑɡɹəfi/ (art and technology of producing images on photosensitive surfaces)  :: valokuvaus, valokuvaaminen
photography {n} (occupation of taking (and often printing) photographs)  :: valokuvaus, valokuvaaminen
photoluminescence {n} (luminescence due to photon absorption)  :: fotoluminesenssi
photomontage {n} (composite image)  :: fotomontaasi
photon {n} /ˈfəʊtɒn/ (quantum of light)  :: fotoni, valohiukkanen
photopaper {n} (paper for photographic prints)  :: valokuvapaperi
photophobia {n} (excessive sensitivity to light)  :: valonarkuus
photophore {n} (light-emitting organ)  :: valoelin
photorealistic {adj} (art: of or pertaining to photorealism)  :: fotorealistinen
photosensitive {adj} (sensitive to light)  :: valoherkkä, valonarka
photo shoot {n} (photo session)  :: valokuvaus, kuvaus, kuvaukset {p}
photoshoot {n} (photo shoot) SEE: photo shoot  ::
photoshop {v} (to digitally edit a picture)  :: photoshopata
photosynthesis {n} /ˌfoʊtoʊˈsɪnθəsɪs/ (biological process)  :: fotosynteesi, yhteyttäminen
photosynthesize {v} (to synthesize carbohydrates)  :: yhteyttää
photosynthetic {adj} (of or relating to photosynthesis)  :: fotosynteettinen, yhteytys-; yhteyttävä
phototransistor {n} (semiconductor)  :: fototransistori
photovoltaic {adj} (producing a voltage when exposed to light)  :: valosähköinen
photovoltaic cell {n} (device)  :: valokenno, aurinkokenno
photovoltaic effect {n} (conversion of radiation into electricity)  :: valosähköilmiö
photovoltaics {n} (technology)  :: aurinkokennotekniikka
phrasal verb {n} (idiomatic phrase)  :: partikkeliverbi
phrase {n} /fɹeɪz/ (short written or spoken expression)  :: ilmaus
phrase {n} (grammar: group of two or more words that express an idea but do not form a complete sentence)  :: lauseke, fraasi
phrase {n} (music: small section of music in a larger piece)  :: fraasi, lauseke
phrase {v} (music: to perform a passage with the correct phrasing)  :: fraseerata
phrase {v} (to express by means of words)  :: ilmaista, pukea sanoiksi
phrase {v} (music: to divide into melodic phrases)  :: fraseerata
phrase book {n} (book of everyday expressions and vocabulary)  :: tulkkisanakirja, fraasisanakirja
phrasebook {n} (book used to learn foreign language) SEE: phrase book  ::
phraseology {n} (phrasebook) SEE: phrase book  ::
phraseology {n} (study of set or fixed expressions)  :: fraseologia
phraseology {n} (the style in which words and phrases are used in writing or speech)  :: fraseologia
phraseology {n} (group of specialized words and expressions)  :: fraseologia
phrasing {n} /ˈfɹeɪzɪŋ/ (the way a statement is put together)  :: sanamuoto
phrasing {n} (the way the musical phrases are put together)  :: fraseeraus
phrenology {n} (the discredited "science" or pseudo-science of phrenology)  :: frenologia
Phrygian {adj} /ˈfɹɪdʒɪən/ (of or relating to Phrygia, its people or their culture)  :: fryygialainen
Phrygian {n} (native or inhabitant of Phrygia)  :: fryygialainen
Phrygian {prop} (language)  :: fryygia
Phrygian cap {n} (conical close-fitting cap with the top bent forward)  :: fryygialaismyssy
phthalate {n} (salt or ester)  :: ftalaatti
phthiriasis {n} (infestation with crab lice)  :: satiaistauti, satiaisia
phycological {adj} (pertaining to the study of algae)  :: levätieteellinen, fykologinen
phycologist {n} (one who studies algae)  :: levätutkija
phycology {n} (study of algae)  :: levätiede
phyllo {n} /ˈfiːloʊ / (type of dough)  :: filotaikina
phylloquinone {n} (polycyclic aromatic ketone)  :: fyllokinoni
phyllosilicate {n} (type of silicate)  :: fyllosilikaatti
phylogenetically {adv} (based on phylogenetics)  :: fylogeneettisesti
phylogenetic tree {n} (tree diagram)  :: evoluutiopuu, fylogeneettinen puu
phylogeny {n} /faɪˈlɑdʒəni/ (evolutionary history of an organism)  :: lajinkehitys
phylum {n} /ˈfaɪləm/ ((biology, taxonomy) A rank in the classification of organisms, below kingdom and above class)  :: pääjakso
physalis {n} /ˈfɪsəlɪs/ (plant of the genus Physalis)  :: lyhtykoiso
physical {adj} /ˈfɪzɪkəl/ (having to do with the body)  :: ruumiillinen, fyysinen
physical {adj} (having to do with the material world)  :: fyysinen
physical {adj} (involving bodily force)  :: fyysinen, voima-
physical {adj} (having to do with physics)  :: fysikaalinen
physical {n} (physical examination)  :: kuntotarkastus
physical change {n} (change affecting the form of a chemical substance)  :: fysikaalinen muutos
physical chemistry {n} (the chemistry subdiscipline)  :: fysikaalinen kemia
physical culture {n} (bodybuilding) SEE: bodybuilding  ::
physical education {n} (curriculum component)  :: liikunta
physical examination {n} (type of examination of the patient's body)  :: lääkärintutkimus, lääkärintarkastus
physicalism {n} (philosophical position)  :: fysikalismi
physicality {n} (physical attributes)  :: fysikaalisuus
physically {adv} /ˈfɪzɪkli/ (in a physical manner)  :: fyysisesti
physically {adv} (according to the laws of physics.)  :: fysiikan lakien mukaan, fysikaalisesti
physically {adv} (using physical force.)  :: fyysisesti
physically attractive {adj} (having a pleasing appearance)  :: puoleensavetävä
physical map {n} (topographical map) SEE: topographical map  ::
physical quantity {n} (physical property)  :: suure, fyysinen suure
physical science {n} (branch of natural science)  :: fyysinen tiede
physical therapy {n} (therapy of exercises and activities to treat injury or dysfunction) SEE: physiotherapy  ::
physician {n} /fɪˈzɪʃən/ (medical doctor)  :: lääkäri
physicist {n} /ˈfɪz.ɪ.sɪst/ (person whose occupation specializes in the science of physics)  :: fyysikko
physic nut {n} (small tree)  :: öljyjatropa
physics {n} /ˈfɪz.ɪks/ (branch of science)  :: fysiikka
physiocracy {n} (teachings)  :: fysiokratia
physiocrat {n} /ˈfɪzɪəkɹat/ (economist)  :: fysiokraatti
physiognomy {n} /fɪziˈɑnəmi/ (art or pseudoscience of deducing the character or personality from the bodily appearance)  :: fysiognomia
physiologic {adj} (of or pertaining to physiology) SEE: physiological  ::
physiological {adj} /ˌfɪzi.əˈlɑdʒɪkəl/ (of, or relating to physiology)  :: fysiologinen
physiologically {adv} (in accordance with the science of physiology)  :: fysiologisesti
physiologist {n} (person)  :: fysiologi
physiology {n} /ˌfɪziˈɑ.lə.d͡ʒi/ (branch of biology)  :: fysiologia
physiotherapeutic {adj} (of or relating to physiotherapy)  :: fysioterapeuttinen
physiotherapist {n} (therapist who treats physical injury or dysfunction, usually with exercise)  :: fysioterapeutti
physiotherapy {n} (therapy that uses physical techniques such as massage and exercise)  :: fysioterapia
-phyte {suffix} /faɪt/ (taxonomic group of plants or algae)  :: -fyytti
-phyte {suffix} (plant that grows in a specified habitat)  :: -fyytti
-phyte {suffix} (plant that grows in a specified form or habit)  :: -fyytti
-phyte {suffix} (pathological growth)  :: -fyytti
phytic acid {n} (compound)  :: fytiinihappo
phytoestrogen {n} (compound)  :: fytoestrogeeni
phytogeography {n} (geobotany) SEE: geobotany  ::
phytolith {n} (mineral particle)  :: fytoliitti
phytoncide {n} (volatile antimicrobial compound given off by a plant)  :: fytonsidi
phytopathology {n} (study of plant diseases)  :: fytopatologia
phytophagy {n} (eating of plants)  :: kasvinsyönti
phytoplankton {n} (plankton which obatin energy by photosynthesis)  :: kasviplankton
phytotherapy {n} (medical use of plant extracts)  :: fytoterapia
pi {n} /paɪ/ (letter of Greek alphabet)  :: pii
pi {n} (irrational mathematical constant)  :: pii
pi {adj} (not part of the usual font)  :: erikois-
piña {n} (cloth)  :: ananashamppu
piaffe {v} (movement in dressage)  :: piaffe
pia mater {n} (innermost of the meninges)  :: pehmeäkalvo
pianist {n} /ˈpi.ənɪst/ (piano player)  :: pianisti
piano {n} /piˈænoʊ/ (a keyboard musical instrument)  :: piano; flyygeli [grand piano]
piano {adv} (music: softly)  :: piano, hiljaa
piano accordion {n} (type of accordion)  :: pianoharmonikka
piano bench {n} (a rectangular wooden bench used while playing the piano)  :: pianotuoli
pianoforte {n} /piˈænəfɔɹt/ (Piano)  :: pianoforte
pica {n} /ˈpaɪkə/ (disorder)  :: pica-oireyhtymä
piccolo {n} /ˈpɪkoloʊ/ (musical instrument)  :: piccolo, piccolohuilu
piccolo {n} (bottle of champagne)  :: pikkolopullo
piccoloist {n} (one who plays piccolo)  :: piccolohuilisti
pick {v} (to pick) SEE: choose  ::
pick {n} /pɪk/ (pickaxe)  :: hakku
pick {n} (tool to open a lock)  :: tiirikka
pick {n} (comb with long widely spaced teeth)  :: harva kampa
pick {n} (choice)  :: valinta
pick {v} (to grasp and pull with fingers)  :: tonkia
pick {v} (to remove a fruit or plant for consumption)  :: poimia
pick {v} (to decide between options)  :: valita
pick {v} (cricket: to recognise the type of ball being bowled)  :: lukea
pick {n} (music: plectrum) SEE: plectrum  ::
pickaxe {n} /ˈpɪkˌæks/ (heavy iron tool)  :: hakku
picket {n} (card game) SEE: piquet  ::
picket {n} (stake driven into the ground)  :: paalu
picket {n} (type of punishment)  :: paaluun paneminen
picket {n} (mountaineering tool)  :: lumikiila
picket {n} (soldiers placed forward of position)  :: etuvartio
picket {n} (protester outside a workplace during a strike)  :: mielenosoittaja
picketer {n} (someone who pickets; one participating in a demonstration or posted on a picket line)  :: lakkovahti
picket line {n} (military: barrier or fortification formed by pickets) SEE: stockade  ::
picket line {n} (boundary guarded by picket)  :: rajatolppa
pickle {n} /ˈpɪkl̩/ (cucumber preserved in brine or vinegar syrup)  :: maustekurkku (in vinegar), suolakurkku (in brine), kurkku (general)
pickle {n} (any vegetable preserved in vinegar and consumed as relish)  :: pikkelsi
pickle {n} (brine used for preserving food)  :: liemi, etikkaliemi, suolaliemi
pickle {n} (difficult situation)  :: liemi
pickle {v} (to preserve food in a salt, sugar or vinegar solution)  :: suolata, säilöä, säilöä etikkaliemeen
pickle {v} (to remove high-temperature scale and oxidation from metal with heated industrial acid)  :: peitata
pickled onion {n} (onion that has been pickled in vinegar)  :: hillosipuli
picklock {n} (device designed to pick locks)  :: tiirikka
pick 'n' mix {n} (selection of articles to pick and pay by weight or number)  :: irtotavara, or more specifically "irto- + name of article", see e.g. irtokarkki
pick one's nose {v} (insert a finger into one's nostril)  :: kaivaa nenäänsä
pickpocket {n} /ˈpɪkpɒkɪt/ (one who steals from the pocket of a passerby)  :: taskuvaras
pick up {v} (to lift; to grasp and raise)  :: nostaa, poimia
pick up {v} (to improve, increase, or speed up)  :: nousta, kasvaa
pick up {v} (to restart or resume)  :: jatkaa
pick up {v} (to collect an object, especially in passing)  :: ottaa samalla
pick up {v} (to collect a passenger)  :: ottaa kyytiin
pick up {v} (to learn, to grasp; to begin to understand)  :: ymmärtää, oppia
pick up {v} (to receive (a signal))  :: vastaanottaa
pick up {v} (to notice, detect or discern)  :: huomata, panna merkille
pick up {v} (to meet and seduce somebody for romantic purposes)  :: iskeä
pick up {v} (to answer (a telephone), see pick up the phone)  :: vastata
pick up {v} (to pay for)  :: maksaa
pickup {n} (pickup truck) SEE: pickup truck  ::
pickup artist {n}  :: pelimies
pick-up line {n} (Vocal introduction intended to garner sexual interest from a stranger)  :: iskurepliikki, [colloquial] iskurepla
pick up the phone {v} (to pick up the receiver of a telephone to answer a call)  :: vastata puhelimeen
pickup truck {n} (truck with an open cargo bed)  :: pick-up, lava-auto, avolava
picky {adj} /ˈpɪki/ (fussy, particular)  :: nirso
picnic {n} /ˈpɪknɪk/ (a meal eaten outdoors)  :: eväsretki
picnic {n} (an easy or pleasant task)  :: huviretki
pico- {prefix} /ˈpaɪ.ko/ (In the International System of Units and other metric systems of units, multiplying the unit to which it is attached by 10−12)  :: piko-
picometer {n} (picometre) SEE: picometre  ::
picometre {n} (10-12 of a metre)  :: pikometri
pico-ohm {n} (unit of electrical resistance)  :: piko-ohmi
picornavirus {n} (RNA virus of the family Picornaviridae)  :: pikornavirus
picosecond {n} /ˈpiː.kəʊˌsɛk.ənd/ (10-12 second)  :: picosekuntti
picric acid {n} (picric acid)  :: pikriinihappo
Pict {n} /pɪkt/ (member of an ancient people of northern and central Scotland)  :: pikti
Pictish {adj} (pertaining to the Picts)  :: piktiläinen
pictogram {n} (picture that represents a word or an idea)  :: piktogrammi
Pictor {prop} (constellation)  :: Maalari
pictorial {adj} /pɪkˈtɔɹi.əl/ (of, relating to, composed of, or illustrated by pictures)  :: kuvallinen
pictorial {adj} (represented as if in picture)  :: kuvauksellinen, elävä
pictorial {adj} (similar to painting)  :: maalauksellinen
pictorial {n} (magazine)  :: kuvalehti
pictorial {n} (article)  :: kuvareportaasi
pictorial {n} (stamp)  :: kuvamerkki
picture {n} /ˈpɪk(t)ʃɚ/ (representation of visible reality produced by drawing, etc)  :: kuva
picture {n} (photograph)  :: valokuva
picture {n} (informal: cinema)  :: elokuva
picture {v} (to imagine or envision)  :: kuvitella
picture {n} (painting) SEE: painting  ::
picture book {n} (a book for young children with illustrations)  :: kuvakirja
picture card {n} (flash memory card)  :: muistikortti
picture card {n} (playing card with picture)  :: kuvakortti
picture dictionary {n} (dictionary with pictures)  :: kuvasanakirja
picturesque {adj} /pɪktʃəˈɹɛsk/ (resembling a picture or painting)  :: pittoreski, maalauksellinen, kuvankaunis
Pi Day {prop} /ˈpaɪ deɪ/ (March 14th, an annual celebration of the mathematical constant π (pi))  :: piin päivä
pie {n} /paɪ/ (type of pastry)  :: piirakka, piiras, torttu
pie {n} (nonpastry dish resembling a pie)  :: piirakka, piiras, pasteija
pie {n} (whole of wealth or resource)  :: kakku
pie {n} (pejorative: gluttonous person)  :: rohmu
pie {n} (slang: vulva)  :: ripsipiirakka, pipari
pie {v} (to hit in the face with a pie)  :: kakuttaa
pie {n} (pizza) SEE: pizza  ::
piebald {adj} /ˈpaɪ.bɔld/ (spotted or blotched)  :: laikukas
piece {n} /piːs/ (part of a larger whole)  :: pala, osa, kappale
piece {n} (object played in a board game)  :: nappula
piece {n} (small coin)  :: pikkukolikko
piece {n} (artistic creation)  :: [music] kappale, [other] teos
piece {n} (sandwiches, packed lunch)  :: eväät {p}, lounaspaketii
piece {n} (slang: sexual encounter)  :: pano
piece {n} (slang: gun)  :: ase, tykki
piece {n} (artillery)  :: tykki
piece {n} (shoddy or worthless object)  :: romu
piece {n} (hairpiece) SEE: hairpiece  ::
piecemeal {adj} /ˈpiːs.miːl/ (Made or done in pieces or one stage at a time)  :: vähittäinen, asteittainen, askelittainen, paloittainen
piecemeal {adv} (piece by piece)  :: asteittain, vähä vähältä, pala palalta
piecemeal {adv} (into pieces or parts)  :: palasiksi
piece of cake {n} /ˈpiːsə(v)ˈkeɪk/ (simple or easy job)  :: helppo nakki
piece of clothing {n} (garment) SEE: garment  ::
piece of furniture {n} (item of furniture)  :: huonekalu
piece of paper {n} (sheet or scrap of paper)  :: paperinpala
piece rate {n} (pay per unit of production)  :: urakkapalkka, kappalepalkka
piece together {v} (to physically assemble from fragments or pieces)  :: liittää yhteen, yhdistää, koota
piece together {v} ((figuratively) to reconstruct an event or goal from incomplete or flawed elements)  :: selvittää
piecewise {adv} (piece at a time)  :: paloittain
piecewise {adv} (mathematics: throughout separate parts but not necessarily throughout the whole)  :: paloittain
piecewise linear {adj} (mathematics: equal to a sum of finitely many linear functions)  :: paloittain lineaarinen
pie chart {n} (graph)  :: piirakkadiagrammi, ympyräkaavio, viipalekaavio, sektoridiagrammi
Piedmont {prop} (region)  :: Piemonte
pied piper {n} (anyone or anything that draws many in its wake)  :: Hamelnin pillipiipari
piehole {n} (mouth (rude))  :: turpa, leipäläpi, naama
pie iron {n} (device for making sandwiches)  :: voileipägrilli
piemontite {n} /ˈpiməntaɪt/ (mineral)  :: piemontiitti
pier {n} /pɪə̯(ɹ)/ (raised platform built from the shore out over water)  :: laituri
pier {n} (similar structure used to provide entertainment)  :: laituri
pier {n} (structure used to accommodate ships)  :: laituri
pier {n} (structure supporting the junction between two spans of a bridge)  :: pilari
pier {n} (rectangular pillar, or similar structure, that supports an arch, wall or roof)  :: pilari
pierce {v} (puncture)  :: lävistää, puhkaista
pierce {v} (interrupt)  :: lävistää
pierce {v} (to pierce) SEE: puncture  ::
piercing {n} (hole for jewelry)  :: lävistys
piercing {n} (the jewelry itself)  :: lävistys
piercing {adj} (anything or anyone that pierces)  :: läpitunkeva
pier glass {n} (tall, narrow mirror)  :: trymoo
pierogi {n} /pɛˈɾoːɡi/ (dumpling)  :: piirakka
pietism {n} /ˈpʌɪətɪz(ə)m/ (movement in the Lutheran church)  :: pietismi
pietist {n} (supporter of pietism)  :: pietisti
piety {n} (reverence and devotion to God)  :: hurskaus
piety {n} (reverence to one's family)  :: kunnioitus
piffle {n} /ˈpɪf.əl/ (nonsense, foolish talk)  :: höpinä, höpötys
piffle {v} (to act or speak in a futile, ineffective, or nonsensical manner)  :: hölmöillä, höperehtiä
pig {n} /ˈpɪɡ/ (mammal of genus Sus)  :: sika
pig {n} (someone who overeats or eats rapidly)  :: porsas, sika
pig {n} (nasty or disgusting person)  :: sika
pig {n} (dirty or slovenly person)  :: sika, sottapytty
pig {n} (difficult problem)  :: pähkinä
pig {n} (cast metal block)  :: harkko
pig {n} (mold for a cast metal block)  :: muotti
pig {n} (device to clean or inspect a pipe from inside)  :: porsas
pig {n} (piglet) SEE: piglet  ::
pig {n} (pork) SEE: pork  ::
pigeon {n} /ˈpɪdʒən/ (bird of the pigeon and dove family Columbidae)  :: kyyhky
pigeon {n} (victim of a confidence game)  :: uhri, höynäytettävä
pigeon guillemot {n} (Cepphus columba)  :: tyynenmerenriskilä
pigeonhole {n} (one of an array of compartments)  :: lokero
pigeonhole {n} (roosting place for pigeons)  :: kyyhkyslakka
pigeonhole {v} (to categorize; especially to limit or be limited to a particular category, role, etc)  :: lokeroida, luokitella
pigeonite {n} (mineral)  :: pigeoniitti
pig-footed bandicoot {n} (small marsupial)  :: pussisika
piggery {n} (A place where pigs are kept or raised)  :: sikala
piggy bank {n} (small container to store small saved coins in)  :: säästöpossu
pig in a poke {n} (something whose true value is concealed or unknown)  :: sika säkissä [idiomatic]
pig iron {n} (a type of crude iron)  :: takkirauta
pig Latin {n} (wordplay)  :: kontinkieli
piglet {n} /ˈpɪɡ.lət/ (young pig)  :: porsas
pigling {n} (piglet) SEE: piglet  ::
pigman {n} (farm worker who looks after pigs)  :: sikojenhoitaja
pigment {n} /ˈpɪɡ.mənt/ (any color in plant or animal cells)  :: pigmentti, väriaine
pigment {n} (a dry colorant, usually an insoluble powder)  :: pigmentti, väriaine
pigment {v} (To add color or pigment)  :: värjätä
pigmentation {n} (coloration of tissue)  :: pigmentaatio, värjääntyminen, väritys
Pigovian {adj}  :: haitta- [see haittavero]
pigpen {n} (pigsty) SEE: pigsty  ::
pigpen {n} (something extremely dirty)  :: sikolätti, läävä
pig's ear {n} (cooked ear of a pig)  :: possunkorva
pig's trotter {n} (foot of a pig)  :: siansorkka
pigsty {n} /ˈpɪɡstaɪ/ (enclosure where pigs are kept)  :: sikolätti
pigsty {n} (dirty or very untidy place)  :: sikolätti, läävä
pigtail {n} /ˈpɪɡ.teɪl/ (braided plait of hair)  :: letti
pigtail {n} (either of two braids or ponytails)  :: saparo
pigtail {n} (tail of a pig)  :: siansaparo
pigtail macaque {n} (Macaca nemestrina) SEE: southern pig-tailed macaque  ::
pigweed {n} (Amaranthus spp)  :: revonhäntä
pigweed {n} (white goosefoot)  :: jauhosavikka
pigweed {n} (Portulaca spp)  :: portulakka
pika {n} /ˈpaɪkə/ (furry mammal of the family Ochotonidae)  :: pika
pike {n} (turnpike) SEE: turnpike  ::
pike {n} /paɪk/ (weapon)  :: peitsi
pike {n} (any fish of the genus Esox)  :: hauki
pikeman {n} (soldier)  :: peitsimies
pike-perch {n} (zander) SEE: zander  ::
pikestaff {n} (shaft of a pike)  :: peitsen varsi
pilaf {n} (dish)  :: pilahvi
pilaff {n} (pilaf) SEE: pilaf  ::
pilaster {n} /pɪˈlastə/ (a column attached to the wall)  :: pilasteri
pilau {n} (pilaf) SEE: pilaf  ::
pile {n} (funeral pile) SEE: pyre  ::
pile {n} (nap of a cloth) SEE: nap  ::
pile {n} /paɪl/ (heap)  :: kasa, pino
pile {n} (group or list of related items)  :: pino
pile {n} (galvanic pile)  :: paristo
pile {v} (to lay or throw into a pile)  :: kasata, pinota
pile {v} (to overload)  :: kasata, pinota
pile {v} (to add something to a great number)  :: kasata
pile {v} (to create a hold-up)  :: ruuhkauttaa
pile {n} (obsolete: dart, arrow)  :: piili
pile {n} (head of an arrow or spear)  :: pää, nuolenpää (arrow), kärki, keihäänkärki (spear)
pile {n} (stake of pointed timber, steel etc., driven into the earth)  :: paalu
pile {v} (to drive piles into)  :: paaluttaa
pile {n} (fine or short hair)  :: haiven, aluskarva
pile {n} (hemorrhoid) SEE: hemorrhoid  ::
pile {n} (obsolete: reverse of a coin) SEE: tails  ::
pileated woodpecker {n} (large North American woodpecker)  :: amerikanpalokärki
pile driver {n} (machine for forcing a pile into the ground)  :: paalujuntta, juntta
pile driver {adj} (forceful)  :: junttamainen
piles {n} (plural of pile) SEE: pile  ::
piles {n} (haemorrhoids) SEE: haemorrhoids  ::
pile up {v} (to form a pile etc.)  :: kasata [transitive], kasautua [intransitive]
pile up {v} (idiomatic: to accumulate)  :: kasautua
pile-up {n} (traffic accident)  :: ketjukolari
pilfer {v} /ˈpɪl.fɚ/ (to steal in small quantities)  :: näpistää, näpistellä
pilferage {n} /ˈpɪlf(ə)ɹɪd͡ʒ/ (theft)  :: näpistely
pilgarlic {n} (bald-headed person) SEE: egghead  ::
pilgarlic {n} /pɪlˈɡɑːlɪk/ (pitiable or foolish person)  :: polo, poloinen
pilgrim {n} (traveler, especially to religious sites)  :: pyhiinvaeltaja
pilgrimage {n} (religious journey, or one to a sacred place)  :: pyhiinvaellus, pyhiinvaellusmatka, toiviomatka
pilgrimage {v} (to go on a pilgrimage)  :: pyhiinvaeltaa, tehdä pyhiinvaellus
pill {n} /pɪl/ (small object for swallowing)  :: pilleri, tabletti
pill {n} (the pill - functions as a contraceptive)  :: ehkäisypilleri, pilleri
pill {n} (small piece of any substance)  :: hitunen, rahtu
pill {v} (to form small matted balls of fiber)  :: nukata, nukkaantua
pill {v} (to form into a shape of pill)  :: pyörittää pillereitä
pill {v} (to medicate with pills)  :: ottaa pillereitä
pillage {v} /ˈpɪl.ɪdʒ / (loot or plunder by force)  :: ryöstää, hävittää
pillage {n} (the spoils of war)  :: sotasaalis
pillage {n} (the act of pillaging)  :: ryöstäminen
pillar {n} /ˈpɪlɚ/ (large post, often used as supporting architecture)  :: pylväs, pilari
pillbox {n} /ˈpɪl bɑːks/ (box for pills)  :: pillerirasia
pillbox {n} (gun emplacement)  :: bunkkeri
pilling {n} (balls of fibre)  :: nukka, nöyhtä
pillion {n} /ˈpɪlɪjən/ (pad behind horse's saddle)  :: takasatula
pillion {n} (second saddle on a motorcycle)  :: takasatula
pillion {n} (person riding in the pillion)  :: matkustaja
pillion {adv} (riding behind the driving rider)  :: en croupe
pilliwinks {n} (thumbscrew) SEE: thumbscrew  ::
pillory {n} /ˈpɪləɹi/ (a framework on a post used as a means of punishment and humiliation)  :: häpeäpaalu
pillow {n} /ˈpɪləʊ/ (soft cushion used to support the head in bed)  :: tyyny
pillow case {n} (sheet for covering a pillow)  :: tyynynpäällinen, tyynyliina
pillowcase {n} (cover for pillows) SEE: pillow case  ::
pillow fight {n} /ˈpɪləʊ faɪt/ (a play fight that involves hitting others with pillows)  :: tyynysota
pillow lava {n} (rock type)  :: tyynylaava
pillowslip {n} (pillow case) SEE: pillow case  ::
pillow talk {n} (conversation shared by bedmates)  :: petipuhe
pilonidal {adj} (having body hairs which have grown in a concentrated area)  :: karvainen, pilonidaali
pilot {n} /ˈpaɪlət/ (controller of aircraft)  :: lentäjä, pilotti
pilot {n} (person who helps navigate the harbor or coast)  :: luotsi
pilot {n} (sample TV series episode)  :: koejakso
pilot {adj} (made or used as a test)  :: koe-, pilotti-
pilot {adj} (used as indicator)  :: merkki-
pilot {v} (to control an aircraft or watercraft)  :: ohjata
pilot {v} (to guide through coastal waters)  :: luotsata
pilot {v} (to test)  :: kokeilla, testata, pilotoida, demonstroida
pilot light {n} (flame used to ignite gas)  :: sytyke
pilot project {n} (prototype, proof of concept)  :: pilottihanke
pilsner {n} (pale, light beer)  :: pilsner, pilsner-olut
pimento {n} /pɪˈmɛntoʊ/ (red sweet pepper)  :: paprika
pimento {n} (tropical berry)  :: maustepippuri, maustepippuripuun marja
pimp {n} /pɪmp/ (prostitution solicitor)  :: sutenööri, parittaja
pimp {v} (to act as procurer of prostitutes)  :: parittaa, toimia sutenöörinä
pimp {v} (to prostitute someone)  :: tehdä jostakusta prostituoitu
pimp {v} (to excessively customize)  :: tuunata
pimp {v} (medicine)  :: tentata, kuulustella
pimp {v} (to promote, tout)  :: puffata
pimp {v} (to persuade or trick another into doing something for your benefit)  :: taivutella
pimpernel {n} /ˈpɪmpənɛl/ (Pimpinella saxifraga)  :: ahopukinjuuri, pukinjuuri
pimpernel {n} (Anagallis)  :: punka
pimping {n} /ˈpɪmpɪŋ/ (practise of procuring prostitutes)  :: paritus
pimping {n} (process of modifying a vehicle)  :: tuunaus
pimple {n} /ˈpɪmp(ə)l/ (inflamed spot on the surface of the skin)  :: näppy, finni, märkänäppylä
pimply {adj} (having pimples; pimpled)  :: näppyläinen
pimp up {v} (informal: to decorate, prettify)  :: tuunata, kruusata
pin {n} /pɪn/ (needle without an eye, used for fastening)  :: nuppineula
pin {n} (small nail)  :: listanaula
pin {n} (cylinder of wood or metal used to fasten or as a bearing between two parts)  :: tappi, sokka
pin {n} (wrestling: certain victory condition)  :: selätys
pin {n} (slender object specially designed for use in bowling)  :: keila
pin {n} (informal: leg)  :: tolppa, koipi
pin {n} (any of the individual connecting elements of a multi-pole electrical connector)  :: piikki, (in electronics) pinni, jalka
pin {n} (US: accessory attached with a pin)  :: pinssi
pin {n} (in chess)  :: kiinnitys
pin {n} (curling: spot at the exact centre of the house)  :: nänni
pin {n} (mood, a state of being)  :: tuuli
pin {n} (thing of small value; a trifle)  :: rahtu
pin {n} (peg in musical instrument)  :: tappi, viritystappi
pin {n} (engineering: short shaft)  :: kara
pin {n} (tenon of a dovetail joint)  :: tappi
pin {n} (brewing: eighth of a barrel)  :: ottinki
pin {v} (to fasten/attach with a pin)  :: kiinnittää
pin {v} (in chess)  :: kiinnittää
pin {n} (jewellery attached with a pin) SEE: brooch  ::
PIN {n} (personal identification number)  :: PIN-koodi, tunnusluku
pinata {n} /pɪnˈjɑːtə/ (candy-filled container that is hit with a stick)  :: piñata
pinball {n} (game)  :: flipperi
pinball {n} (ball)  :: pallo
pinball {v} (to dart about rapidly)  :: singahdella
pinball machine {n} (machine)  :: flipperi
pin bone {n} (bone in a fish)  :: ruoto
pince-nez {n} /pænsˈneɪ/ (type of eyeglasses)  :: nenälasit {p}, pinnelasit {p}
pincer attack {n} (attack from multiple sides)  :: pihtiliike
pincers {n} /ˈpɪnsəɹz/ (gripping tool)  :: hohtimet
pincers {n} (front claws)  :: sakset {p}
pinch {v} /pɪntʃ/ (to squeeze a small amount of skin)  :: nipistää
pinch {v} (to steal)  :: näpistää
pinch {v} (to arrest or capture)  :: napata
pinch {v} (horticulture: to cut shoots or buds)  :: leikata, latvoa
pinch {v} (nautical: to sail close-hauled)  :: piinata
pinch {n} (action of squeezing a small amount of skin)  :: nipistys
pinch {n} (small amount of powder)  :: hyppysellinen, hyppynen
pinch {n} (difficult situation)  :: pinteessä
pinch of salt {n} (small amount of salt)  :: ripaus suolaa
pinch of salt {n} (taken with caution)  :: varauksella
pinchpenny {n} (fussy, particular)  :: penninvenyttäjä, saituri
pincushion {n} (device to receive sewing pins)  :: neulatyyny
pincushion {n} (flowering plant in genus Leucospermum)  :: neulaprotea
pincushion {n} (flowering plant in genus Navarretia)  :: neulio
pincushion {n} (flowering plant in genus Scabiosa)  :: törmäkukka
pincushion {n} (flowering plant Nertera granadensis)  :: korallimätäs
pincushion {n} (pincushion cactus)  :: keräkaktus [Escobaria]; syyläkaktus [Mammillaria]
pine {n} /paɪn/ (tree of the genus Pinus)  :: mänty
pine {n} (tree which resembles pine in some respect)  :: mänty
pine {n} (pinewood)  :: mänty
pine {n} (painful longing)  :: piina
pine {v} (to languish, to droop)  :: riutua, nääntyä [to languish]; nuukahtaa [to droop]
pine {v} (to long for sufferingly)  :: ikävöidä, riutua, räytyä
pine {v} (to grieve or mourn for)  :: ikävöidä, surra
pine {v} (to inflict pain upon; to torment; to torture; to afflict)  :: piinata, kiduttaa, kiusata, rääkätä
pineal {adj} /ˈpɪnɪəl/ (in the shape of pine cone)  :: kävynmuotoinen
pineal {adj} (pertaining to pineal gland)  :: käpyrauhasen, käpyrauhas-
pineal gland {n} /ˈpaɪ.niːəl ˌɡlænd/ (small endocrine gland)  :: käpyrauhanen, epifyysi
pineapple {n} /ˈpaɪnæpəl/ (plant)  :: ananas, ananaskasvi
pineapple {n} (fruit)  :: ananas
pineapple bun {n} (sweet bun)  :: ananaspulla
pineapple cake {n} (small sweet cake)  :: ananastorttu
pineapple guava {n} (feijoa) SEE: feijoa  ::
pinecone {n} (seed-bearing cone of a pine tree)  :: männynkäpy
pinecone fish {n} (fish)  :: ananaskala
pine marten {n} (Martes martes)  :: näätä
pinene {n} (chemical compound)  :: pineeni
pine nut {n} /ˈpaɪn ˌnʌt/ (edible seeds of evergreen pine)  :: pinjansiemen
pinenut {n} (edible seeds of evergreen pine)  :: pinjansiemen
pine oil {n} (mixture of monoterpene alcohols)  :: mäntyöljy
pinery {n} (pinewood) SEE: pinewood  ::
pinesap {n} (Monotropa hypopitys)  :: mäntykukka
pine tree {n} (pine) SEE: pine  ::
pine weevil {n} (weevils feeding on spruce seedlings)  :: tukkimiehentäi
pinewood {n} (wood of the pine)  :: mänty, honka
pinewood {n} (forest or grove of pines)  :: mäntymetsä
ping {n} /pɪŋ/ (A high-pitched, short and somewhat sharp sound)  :: kilahdus
ping {n} (An email or other message sent requesting acknowledgement)  :: kilahdus
ping {v} (To make a high-pitched, short and somewhat sharp sound)  :: kilahtaa
ping {v} (To emit a signal and then listen for its echo in order to detect objects)  :: kaikuluodata
ping {v} (To send a packet in order to determine whether a host is present)  :: pingata [colloquial]
ping {v} (To flick)  :: näpäyttää
ping {v} (To bounce)  :: kimmota
ping {v} (To cause something to bounce)  :: kimmottaa
pingo {n} (flexible pole with a load suspended from each end) SEE: carrying pole  ::
ping pong {n} (table tennis) SEE: table tennis  ::
pinhead {n} /ˈpɪn.hɛd/ (head of a pin)  :: nuppineulanpää
pinhead {n} (ignorant, naïve, foolish, and stupid person)  :: ääliö, tomppeli, tollo
pinhead {n} (telemark skier)  :: tellumies
pink {n} /pɪŋk/ (flower)  :: neilikka
pink {n} (pale red colour)  :: vaaleanpunainen
pink {adj} (colored/coloured between red and white)  :: vaaleanpunainen, pinkki [colloquial]
pink-collar {adj} /pɪŋk ˈkɒlə/ (pertaining to employees in predominantly female service industries)  :: naisvaltainen
pink dollar {n} (business generated by homosexuals) SEE: pink pound  ::
pinkie {n} (little finger) SEE: little finger  ::
pinkie {n} /ˈpɪ (little toe)  :: pikkuvarvas
pinking shears {n} (scissors with zigzag cutting edges)  :: harkkosakset
pinkness {n} (condition)  :: vaaleanpunaisuus
pink pound {n} (business generated by homosexuals)  :: pinkki raha
pink slime {n} (pink microbial mass in paper making)  :: vaaleanpunainen lima
pink slime {n} (meat by-product)  :: muu lihaan verrattava valmistusaine
pink slip {n} (notice of termination of employment)  :: irtisanomisilmoitus
pink slip {n} (title for an automobile)  :: rekisteriote
pink slip {n} (auto inspection certificate)  :: katsastustodistus
pinky {n} (little finger) SEE: little finger  ::
pinky {n} /ˈpɪŋki/ (slang: methylated spirits)  :: tenttu, tenu
pinky {n} (baby mouse)  :: pinkki
pinky promise {n} (promise made by entwining pinky fingers)  :: pikkurillivala
pinna {n} (visible part of the ear)  :: korvalehti
pinnacle {n} (highest point)  :: huippu, huippukohta
pinnacle {n} (tall, sharp and craggy rock or mountain)  :: terävä huippu, kalliopaasi
pinnacle {n} (figuratively: all-time high)  :: kohokohta, huippuhetki
pinnacle {v} (put something on a pinnacle)  :: asettaa huipulle
pinnate {adj} /pɪnˈneɪt/ (resembling a feather)  :: sulkamainen
pinnate {adj} (having two rows of members arranged on each side of a common axis)  :: pariosainen [lobes]; parilehdykkäinen [leaflets]; sulkasuoninen [veins]
pinnatifid {adj} (of leaves, having lobes with incisions that extend less than half-way toward the midrib)  :: halkoinen
pinniped {n} (marine mammal)  :: eväjalkainen
pinniped {adj} (pertaining to pinnipeds)  :: eväjalkainen
PIN number {n} (PIN) SEE: PIN  ::
Pinocchio {prop} /pɪˈnoʊki.oʊ/ (protagonist)  :: Pinokkio
Pinocchio {prop} (fairy tale)  :: Pinokkio
Pinot Noir {n} /ˌpiːnəʊ ˈnwɑː(ɹ)/ (black grape)  :: Pinot Noir
Pinot Noir {n} (wine)  :: Pinot Noir
pins and needles {n} (tingling felt in limb)  :: kihelmöinti
pinstripe {n} (fabric with thin stripes)  :: liituraita
pinstripe {n} (suit made of such fabric)  :: liituraitapuku
pintail {n} (Anas acuta) SEE: northern pintail  ::
pintle {n} /ˈpɪntl/ (pivot for a hinge)  :: saranatappi
pinto bean {n} (variety of common bean)  :: pintopapu
pin-up {n} (photograph)  :: pin-up-kuva
pin-up {n} (person)  :: pin-up-tyttö
pinwheel {n} (fake flower for children)  :: väkkärä
pinworm {n} (worms)  :: kihomato [human pinworm, Enterobius vermicularis]
Pinyin {prop} /ˈpɪnjɪn/ (romanization of Mandarin Chinese)  :: pinyin
pion {n} /ˈpaɪɒn/ (particle)  :: pioni
piñon {n} (pine nut) SEE: pine nut  ::
pioneer {n} /ˌpaɪəˈnɪəɹ/ (one who goes before)  :: pioneeri
pioneer {n} (soldier)  :: pioneeri
pioneer {n} (member of a child organization in the Soviet bloc)  :: pioneeri
pioneer species {n} (pioneer species)  :: pioneerilaji
pious {adj} /ˈpaɪəs/ (of or pertaining to piety)  :: hurskas, harras, jumalinen, jumalaapelkääväinen
pious {adj} (practiced under the pretext of religion)  :: tekopyhä, muotojumalinen
piously {adv} (in a pious manner)  :: hurskaasti
pip {n} /pɪp/ (seed)  :: siemen (orange, apple), kivi (peach)
pip {n} (dot, symbol on domino, die, etc.)  :: piste
pip {n} (short electronically produced tone)  :: piippaus, piippi
pipa {n} (Chinese lute)  :: pipa
pipal {n} (Ficus religiosa) SEE: sacred fig  ::
pipe {n} /pʌɪp/ (musical instrument)  :: huilu, pilli
pipe {n} (organ pipe)  :: urkupilli
pipe {n} (hollow tube)  :: putki
pipe {n} (computing slang)  :: letku
pipe {n} (computing: means of interprocess communication)  :: putki
pipe {n} (smoking tool) SEE: tobacco pipe  ::
pipe cleaner {n} (wire which is used to clean small crevices)  :: rassi, piippurassi, piipunpuhdistaja
pipe dream {n} (near impossibility)  :: pilvilinna
pipeful {n} (enough tobacco to fill a pipe for smoking)  :: piipullinen
pipeline {n} /ˈpaɪpˌlaɪn/ (conduit made of pipes)  :: johto, putki, putkisto
pipeline {n} (channel by which information is transmitted)  :: kanava
pipeline {n} (system through which something is conducted)  :: putki
pipeline {n} (inside of a breaking wave)  :: kanava
pipeline {v} (To convey something by a system of pipes)  :: johtaa putkessa
pipeline {v} (To lay a system of pipes through something)  :: rakentaa putkisto
pip emma {adv} (informal: in the evening)  :: ii pee
piper {n} (bagpiper) SEE: bagpiper  ::
pipes of Pan {n} (panpipes) SEE: panpipes  ::
pipette {n} /paɪˈpɛt/ (small glass tube used for transferring liquid)  :: pipetti
pipette {v} (to transfer or measure the volume of a liquid using a pipet)  :: pipetoida
pipe wrench {n} (adjustable wrench)  :: putkipihdit
pipistrelle {n} /pɪpɪˈstɹɛl/ (bat of the genus Pipistrellus)  :: piippa
pip-squeak {n} (small and insignificant person)  :: hiirulainen
piquant {adj} /ˈpiːkənt/ (favorably stimulating to the palate)  :: pikantti
pique {n} /piːk/ (feeling of irritation or resentment)  :: närkästys
piqued {adj} /piːkt/ (mildly and temporarily annoyed)  :: närkästynyt
piquet {n} /pɪˈkɛt/ (a game of cards)  :: piketti
piracy {n} (robbery at sea)  :: merirosvous
piracy {n} (hijacking)  :: kaappaus
piracy {n} (unauthorized duplication)  :: piratismi
piracy {n} (unlicensed broadcasting)  :: piraattiradiotoiminta
Piraeus {prop} (city)  :: Pireus
piranha {n} /pɪˈɹɑːnjə/ (South American fish)  :: piraija
pirarucu {n} (arapaima) SEE: arapaima  ::
pirate {n} /ˈpaɪɹɪt/ (one who plunders at sea)  :: merirosvo
pirate {n} (armed ship)  :: merirosvolaiva
pirate {n} (one who breaks intellectual property laws)  :: piraatti
pirate {v} (appropriate by piracy)  :: kaapata
pirate {v} (make and/or sell an illegal copy)  :: harjoittaa piratismia
pirate {v} (engage in piracy)  :: harjoittaa merirosvousta
pirate {adj} (illegal imitated or reproduced)  :: piraatti
pirate ship {n} (ship manned by pirates)  :: merirosvolaiva
pirog {n} (a baked case of dough with a sweet or savoury filling)  :: piirakka
pirouette {n} /ˌpɪ.ɹəˈwɛt/ (whirling or turning on the toes)  :: piruetti
pirouette {n} (the whirling about of a horse)  :: piruetti
pirouette {v} (to perform a pirouette)  :: tehdä piruetti
pirozhki {n} /pɪˈɹɒʒkɪ/ (small pastries)  :: piirakka [singular], piirakat {p}
pirozhok {n} (pirozhki) SEE: pirozhki  ::
piscatory {adj} (of, about, or pertaining to the act of fishing)  :: kalastus-
Pisces {prop} /ˈpaɪsiːz/ (constellation)  :: Kalat
Pisces {prop} (astrological sign)  :: Kalat
pisciculture {n} /ˈpɪsɪˌkʌlt͡ʃə(ɹ)/ (rearing of fish)  :: kalanviljely, kalankasvatus
piscivore {n} /ˈpɪsɪvɔɹ/ (fish eater)  :: kalansyöjä
pisiform bone {n} (os pisiforme)  :: herneluu
pismire {n} (ant) SEE: ant  ::
piss {n} /pɪs/ (urine)  :: kusi [vulgar], pissa [euphemistic], virtsa [standard]
piss {v} ((vulgar) to urinate)  :: kusta, [euphemistic, childish] pissata
pissass {adj} (worthless, backward, or small)  :: kuppainen
pissed {adj} /pɪst/ (drunk)  :: kännissä, humalassa
pissed {adj} (annoyed, angry)  :: vihainen, vittuuntunut
pissed as a newt {adj} (drunk to the point of incapacity; inebriated)  :: kännissä kuin käki
pissed off {adj} (annoyed, upset, angry)  :: vihainen [standard]; vittuuntunut [vulgar]
pisser {n} (toilet) SEE: toilet  ::
pisser {n} (vulgar slang for toilet) SEE: shitter  ::
pissing contest {n} (competition to determine who can urinate the furthest up a wall)  :: pissauskilpailu
pissing contest {n} (pointless competition)  :: kauneuskilpailu
piss off {v} (to leave, to go away)  :: [vulgar] painua vittuun, [less vulgar] painua hiiteen, häipyä
piss off {v} (to annoy)  :: ärsyttää, potuttaa, [vulgar] vituttaa, ottaa päähän, ottaa kupoliin
piss one's pants {v} (wet oneself)  :: laskea alleen
piss one's pants {v} (laugh uncontrollably)  :: nauraa hervottomasti
pistachio {n} /pɪsˈtæʃioʊ/ (tree)  :: mantelipistaasi
pistachio {n} (fruit)  :: pistaasipähkinä
piste {n} ((skiing) a downhill trail)  :: rinne
piste {n} ((fencing) the field of play of a fencing match)  :: miekkailualue
pistil {n} (a discrete unit in the center of a flower which receives the pollen and produces a fruit)  :: emi
pistol {n} /ˈpɪstəl/ (handgun)  :: pistooli
pistol {n} (lively, bright small boy)  :: veitikka
pistol grip {n} (grip of a pistol)  :: pistoolin kahva
pistol grip {n} (similarly shaped grip)  :: pistoolikahva
piston {n} /ˈpɪstən/ (solid disk or cylinder that fits inside a hollow cylinder)  :: mäntä
piston engine {n} (engines having cylinders containing reciprocating pistons)  :: mäntämoottori
pit {n} (hole in the ground)  :: kuoppa, monttu
pit {n} (service area at a motor racetrack)  :: varikko
pit {n} (music: section of a marching band)  :: rumpusektio
pit {n} (archaeology: excavation hole)  :: kaivanto, kuoppa
pit {n} (something particularly unpleasant)  :: syvältä [idiomatic]
pit {n} (bottom part)  :: pohja
pit {n} (small surface hole or depression)  :: kolo
pit {n} (indented mark left by a pustule)  :: rokonarpi
pit {n} (grave or underworld)  :: hauta
pit {n} (part of a theatre)  :: permanto
pit {n} (part of a casino)  :: pelisali
pit {v} (to make pits in)  :: tehdä koloja
pit {v} (to put a dog into dog fight)  :: panna taistelemaan
pit {v} (to bring into opposition)  :: haastaa
pit {v} (motor racing: to return to the pits)  :: mennä varikolle
pit {n} (seed or stone inside a fruit)  :: siemen, kivi
pit {n} (the stone of a drupaceous fruit)  :: kivi, siemen
pit {v} (remove the stone from)  :: poistaa kivi
pit {n} (mine) SEE: mine  ::
pit {n} (armpit) SEE: armpit  ::
pit {n} (pit bull terrier) SEE: pit bull terrier  ::
pita {n} /ˈpɪtə/ (bread pouch used for making sandwiches)  :: pitaleipä, pita
pitaya {n} (dragon fruit) SEE: dragon fruit  ::
pit bull {n} (pit bull terrier) SEE: pit bull terrier  ::
pitbull {n} (pit bull terrier) SEE: pit bull terrier  ::
pit bull terrier {n} (breed of dog)  :: amerikanpitbullterrieri, pitbull
Pitcairn Islands {prop} (British territory)  :: Pitcairnsaaret
pitch {n} /pɪtʃ/ (sticky, gummy substance secreted by trees)  :: pihka
pitch {n} (dark, extremely viscous material made by distilling tar)  :: piki
pitch {n} (throw, toss or cast from the hand)  :: heitto, syöttö
pitch {n} (act of pitching a baseball)  :: syöttö
pitch {n} (field on which cricket, soccer, rugby or field hockey is played)  :: kenttä, nurmi
pitch {n} (effort to sell or promote something)  :: myyntipuhe, pitch
pitch {n} (distance between evenly spaced objects)  :: jako; nousu [distance btw. turns of screw thread]
pitch {n} (angle at which an object sits)  :: kallistus
pitch {n} (level or degree)  :: taso
pitch {n} (measure of the angle of attack of a propeller)  :: nousu
pitch {n} (point or peak, the extreme point or degree of elevation or depression, a limit or bound)  :: huippu [point or peak], pohja [depression], raja [limit or bound]
pitch {n} (caving: vertical cave passage)  :: kuilu
pitch {n} (person's or animal's height)  :: mitta
pitch {n} (descent, fall, a thrusting down)  :: pudotus
pitch {n} (point where a declivity begins, descending slope, the degree or rate of descent)  :: harja [point where declivity begins]; lasku, alamäki [descending slope]; jyrkkyys [rate of descent]
pitch {v} (to throw)  :: heittää
pitch {v} (baseball: to throw the ball toward home plate)  :: syöttää
pitch {v} (to play baseball in the position of pitcher)  :: syöttää
pitch {v} (to throw away; discard)  :: heittää menemään
pitch {v} (to promote, advertise, or attempt to sell)  :: kaupata, myydä, mainostaa; pitsata, pitchata [slang: to give a quick promotional speech]
pitch {v} (to deliver in a certain tone or style)  :: virittää, säätää
pitch {v} (to assemble or erect (a tent))  :: pystyttää
pitch {v} (to fix or place a tent or temporary habitation)  :: leiriytyä
pitch {v} (to move so that the front of the craft goes alternatively up and down)  :: keinuttaa [transitive], keinua [intransitive], nyökkiä
pitch {v} (golf: to play a short, high, lofty shot that lands with backspin)  :: lyödä pitch
pitch {v} (cricket: to bounce on the playing surface)  :: pomppia
pitch {v} (of snow, to settle and build up, without melting)  :: kinostua
pitch {v} (to come to rest from flight)  :: laskeutua
pitch {v} (to fix one's choice)  :: valita
pitch {v} (to plunge or fall)  :: kaataa, kaatua; viettää [of a slope]
pitch {v} (to set, face, or pave with rubble or undressed stones)  :: levittää sepeliä
pitch {v} (to set or fix, as a price or value)  :: lyödä lukkoon
pitch {v} (card games: to discard a card for some gain)  :: uhrata
pitch {n} (the perceived frequency of a sound or note)  :: sävelkorkeus
pitch {n} (pitchstone) SEE: pitchstone  ::
pitch-black {adj} (of the blackest black)  :: pikimusta, sysimusta
pitchblende {n} /ˈpɪtʃblɛnd/ (a type of uraninite)  :: pikivälke
pitch-dark {adj} (absolutely dark or black; as dark as pitch)  :: säkkipimeä, pilkkopimeä
pitcher {n} /ˈpɪtʃɚ/ (the player who throws the ball to the batter)  :: syöttäjä
pitcher {n} (A wide-mouthed, deep vessel for holding liquids)  :: vesikannu
pitcher {n} (A tubular or cuplike appendage or expansion of the leaves of certain plants)  :: vesikannu
pitchfork {n} /ˈpɪtʃˌfɔɹk/ (farm tool with tines)  :: hanko, heinähanko
pitch pipe {n} (device)  :: virityspilli
pitch simultaneity {n} (pitches which occur simultaneously)  :: sävelten samanaikaisuus
pitchstone {n} (natural glass)  :: laavalasi
piteous {adj} (pitiful)  :: säälittävä, surkea
Pite Sami {prop} (language)  :: piitimensaame
pitfall {n} /ˈpɪtfɔl/ (potential problem, hazard, or danger)  :: sudenkuoppa; vaara, riski
pitfall {n} (type of trap)  :: ansakuoppa
pitfall {n} (anti-pattern) SEE: antipattern  ::
pith {n} /pɪθ/ (soft spongy substance in the center of the stems of many plants and trees)  :: ydin
pith {n} (spongy interior substance of a feather)  :: ydin
pith {n} (essential or vital part)  :: ydin
pith {n} (albedo) SEE: albedo  ::
pith {n} (spinal cord; marrow) SEE: spinal cord  ::
pithy {adj} /ˈpɪθi/ (Concise and meaningful)  :: ytimekäs
pitiful {adj} /ˈpɪt.ɪ.fl̩/ (so appalling or sad that one feels or should feel sorry for it)  :: säälittävä
pitiful {adj} (of an amount or number: very small)  :: säälittävä
pitiless {adj} (having no pity)  :: armoton
Pitjantjatjara {prop} (the aboriginal language mainly spoken in central Australia)  :: pitjantjatjara
pitohui {n} (bird of the family Pachycephalidae)  :: viheltäjä
pitot tube {n} (pressure measuring instrument)  :: pitot-putki
pit prop {n} (beam)  :: kaivospölkky
pit stop {n} /ˈpɪt.stɑp/ (stop made during an automobile race at the pit to refuel)  :: varikkopysähdys, varikkokäynti
pit stop {n} (brief stop for fuel, rest and/or refreshment during an automobile journey)  :: tankkaustauko
pitta bread {n} (flat bread made from wheat flour) SEE: pita  ::
pittance {n} (meagre allowance of money or wages)  :: pikkuraha, pikkusumma
pittance {n}  :: mitätön summa
pitter-patter {n} (soft percussive sound)  :: tepsutus [tiny feet], ropina [rain]
pituitary {n} /pɪˈtjuːɪt(ə)ɹi/ (pituitary gland)  :: aivolisäke
pituitary gland {n} (endocrine gland)  :: aivolisäke
pity {n} /ˈpɪti/ (feeling of sympathy)  :: sääli
pity {n} (something regrettable)  :: sääli, ikävä
pity {v} (to feel pity for someone or something)  :: sääliä
pity {interj} (what a pity) SEE: what a pity  ::
pivot {n} /ˈpɪvət/ (that on which something turns)  :: tappi
pivot {v} (to turn on an exact spot)  :: kääntyä
pivotal {adj} /ˈpɪvətəl/ (being of crucial importance; central, key)  :: keskeinen, ratkaiseva, käänteentekevä
pixel {n} /ˈpɪksəl/ (one of the tiny dots that make up the representation of an image in a computer's memory)  :: pikseli, kuvapiste
pixelate {v} (divide an image into pixels)  :: pikselöidä
pixelate {v} (transform an image into large pixels)  :: pikselöidä
pixie {n} (playful sprite or elflike or fairy-like creature)  :: keiju
pizza {n} /ˈpitsə/ (baked Italian dish)  :: pizza, pitsa
pizza {n} (a single instance of that dish)  :: pizza, pitsa
pizza parlor {n} (pizzeria) SEE: pizzeria  ::
pizzeria {n} /ˌpiːt.səˈɹiː.ə/ (outlet that primarily sells pizza)  :: pizzeria
PKK {prop} (Kurdistan Workers Party)  :: PKK
placard {n} /ˈplæk.ɑɹd/ (a sheet of paper or cardboard)  :: juliste
placate {v} /ˈpleɪkeɪt/ (to calm)  :: lepyttää, rauhoittaa
place {n} /pleɪs/ (location, position)  :: paikka
place {n} (open space, courtyard, market square)  :: aukio
place {n} (group of houses)  :: talot {p}
place {n} (region of a land)  :: paikka, paikkakunta
place {n} (somewhere to sit)  :: paikka
place {n} (frame of mind)  :: paikka
place {n} (informal: house or home)  :: kämppä
place {n} (a role or purpose, a station)  :: tehtävä, asia
place {n} (numeric: the column counting a certain quantity)  :: paikka
place {n} (the position of a contestant in a competition)  :: sija
place {n} (the position as a member of a team)  :: paikka
place {v} (to put in a specific location)  :: panna, laittaa, asettaa, sijoittaa
place {v} (to earn a given spot in a competition)  :: sjoittua
place {v} (to remember where and when something or someone was previously encountered)  :: paikantaa
place {v} (passive: to achieve (a certain position))  :: sijoittua
place {v} (to sing (a note) with the correct pitch)  :: laulaa oikein
place {v} (to arrange for, make (a bet))  :: sijoittaa
place {v} (to recruit or match an appropriate person for a job)  :: sijoittaa
placebo {n} /pləˈsiboʊ/ (a dummy medicine containing no active ingredients; an inert treatment)  :: lumelääke, plasebo
placebo effect {n} (tendency for a substance to exhibit results due to belief of the recipient)  :: lumevaikutus, plasebovaikutus
place card {n} (card showing one's seat)  :: nimikortti
place mat {n} (protective table mat)  :: tabletti
placement {n} /ˈpleɪsmənt/ (the act of placing or putting in place)  :: sijoittaminen, sijoitus
placement {n} (a location or position)  :: sijoitus, sijainti
placement {n} (the act of matching a person with a job)  :: työhönsijoitus
placename {n} /ˈpleɪsːneɪm/ (the name of a place)  :: paikannimi
placenta {n} /pləˈsɛntə/ (anatomy: placenta)  :: istukka
place of decimals {n} (position of digit to the right of the decimal point) SEE: decimal place  ::
place of worship {n} (place where people can practise their faith)  :: palvontapaikka
place setting {n} (items arranged for a person at a dining table)  :: kattaus
plagiarism {n} /ˈpleɪdʒəˌɹɪzm/ (copying of someone's ideas)  :: plagiointi
plagiarism {n} (act of plagiarizing or something plagiarized)  :: plagiaatti
plagiarist {n} /ˈpleɪdʒəɹɪst/ (one who plagiarizes)  :: plagioija
plagiarize {v} (use, and pass off as one's own, someone else's writing/speech)  :: plagioida
plagiocephaly {n} (congenital condition)  :: vinokalloisuus, plagiokefalia
plagioclase {n} /ˈplædʒɪəkleɪz/ (group of feldspar minerals)  :: plagioklaasi
plague {n} /pleɪɡ/ (specific disease "the Plague")  :: rutto
plague {n} (an epidemic or pandemic caused by any pestilence)  :: kulkutauti
plague {n} (widespread affliction, calamity)  :: vitsaus
plague {v} (to harass)  :: kiusata, vaivata
plague {v} (to afflict with disease or calamity)  :: vaivata
plaice {n} /pleɪs/ (Pleuronectes platessa)  :: punakampela
plaice {n} (Hippoglossoides platessoides)  :: liejukampela
plain {adj} /pleɪn/ (ordinary; lacking adornment or ornamentation)  :: selvä, yksinkertainen, tavallinen
plain {adj} (unseasoned)  :: tavallinen
plain {n} (an expanse of land with relatively low relief)  :: tasanko
plainclothes {adj} (wearing civilian clothes)  :: siviilipukuinen
plainclothes {n} (ordinary civilian clothes)  :: siviiliasu
plainly {adv} /ˈpleɪnli/ (In a plain manner)  :: yksinkertaisesti
plainly {adv} (Obviously; clearly)  :: selvästi, ilmiselvästi
Plain of Jars {prop} (plateau in Laos)  :: Ruukkujen tasanko
plains-wanderer {n} /ˈpleɪnz.ˌwɒndəɹɜ/ (Pedionomus torquatus)  :: arojuoksija
plains zebra {n} (Equus quagga)  :: aroseepra, savanniseepra
plain text {n} (unencrypted text) SEE: cleartext  ::
plaintiff {n} (party bringing a suit in civil law against a defendant)  :: kantaja
plain-winged antshrike {n} (bird)  :: savipuumuura
plain-woven {adj} (woven with plain weave)  :: palttinasidoksinen
plait {v} (to double in narrow folds) SEE: pleat  ::
plait {n} /pleɪt/ (flat fold)  :: taite, vekki
plait {n} (braid)  :: letti
plait {v} (to interweave)  :: letittää [hair], punoa [rope]
plan {n} /plɛən]/ (technical drawing)  :: kaava, kaavapiirros
plan {n} (set of intended actions)  :: suunnitelma
plan {n} (2-dimensional drawing from above)  :: pohjakaava, pohjapiirros
plan {n} (subscription plan)  :: liittymä
plan {v} (to design)  :: suunnitella
plan {v} (to create a plan for)  :: suunnitella
plan {v} (to intend)  :: suunnitella, aikoa, kaavailla
Planalto slaty antshrike {n} (bird)  :: vaaleapuumuura
plan B {n} (alternative solution)  :: varasuunnitelma
planche {n} /plɑːn(t)ʃ/ (position where the gymnast is horizontal and face-down)  :: nojavaaka
Planck's constant {n} (constant)  :: Planckin vakio
plane {adj} /pleɪn/ (of a surface: flat or level.)  :: tasainen
plane {n} (level or flat surface)  :: taso
plane {n} (math: flat surface extending infinitely in all directions)  :: taso
plane {n} (level of existence)  :: taso
plane {n} (structure to create lateral force)  :: siipi
plane {n} (a tool)  :: höylä
plane {v} (to smooth with a plane)  :: höylätä
plane {n} (airplane)  :: lentokone, kone
plane {v} (to move in a way that lifts the bow of a boat out of the water)  :: liukua, plaanata, nousta plaaniin
plane {v} (to glide)  :: liitää, liukua
plane {n} (deciduous tree)  :: plataanipuu
planeful {n} (amount)  :: lentokoneellinen
plane geometry {n} (study of figures having parts that lie in a singular plane)  :: tasogeometria
planer {n} (woodworking tool)  :: höylä
planet {n} /ˈplænɪt/ (each of the seven major bodies which move relative to the fixed stars in the night sky)  :: planeetta
planet {n} (rocky or gaseous spherical bodies orbiting the Sun)  :: planeetta
planet {n} (similar body in orbit around a star)  :: planeetta
planetarium {n} /plænɪʔˈɛːɹɪəm/ (museum which displays images of space)  :: planetaario
planetary {adj} (of or relating to planets)  :: planetaarinen
planetary gear {n} (system of gears)  :: planeettapyörästö
planetary nebula {n} (nebulosity)  :: planetaarinen sumu
planetary science {n} (branch of astronomy)  :: planetologia
planetary system {n} (a group of various non-stellar objects orbiting a star or star system)  :: planeettakunta
planetless {adj} (without planets)  :: planeetaton
planetology {n} (the study of planets)  :: planeettatutkimus
planetree {n} (plane) SEE: plane  ::
planetree {n} (sycamore) SEE: sycamore  ::
Planet X {prop} (hypothetical planet)  :: planeetta X
plangent {adj} /ˈplænd͡ʒənt/ (having a loud mournful sound)  :: moikaava
plank {n} /pleɪŋk/ (long, broad and thick piece of timber)  :: lankku
plank {n} (political issue)  :: periaate
plank {v} (to cover something with planking)  :: lankuttaa
plank {v} (to bake on a piece of lumber)  :: loimuttaa
plank {v} (to lay down, as on a plank or table)  :: latoa
planking {n} (series of planks)  :: lankutus
plankton {n} (generic term for all the organisms that float in the sea)  :: plankton, keijusto
planned economy {n} (economy in which government directly manages)  :: suunnitelmatalous
planned obsolescence {n} (policy)  :: suunniteltu vanheneminen
planning {n} /ˈplænɪŋ/ (action of the verb to plan)  :: suunnitteleminen
planning {n} (act of formulating of a course of action)  :: suunnittelu
plan on {v} (to anticipate future actions on)  :: laskea jonkin varaan
planosol {n} (soil type)  :: pintavesimaannos
plant {n} /plɑːnt/ (organism capable of photosynthesis)  :: kasvi
plant {n} (organism of the kingdom Plantae)  :: kasvi
plant {n} (ecology: multicellular eukaryote that includes chloroplasts in its cells)  :: kasvi
plant {n} (object placed to incriminate)  :: lavaste
plant {n} (large piece of machinery)  :: kone
plant {v} (place in soil or other substrate in order that it may live and grow)  :: istuttaa, kylvää
plant {v} (to place (an object, or sometimes a person), often with the implication of intending deceit)  :: asettaa, sijoittaa, ujuttaa
plant {v} (to place or set something firmly or with conviction)  :: asettaa
plant {n} (factory) SEE: factory  ::
plantain {n} /ˈplæn.teɪn/ (small plant)  :: ratamo
plantain {n} (fruit)  :: keittobanaani, jauhobanaani, ruokabanaani
plantar fascia {n} (the thick connective tissue which supports the arch of the foot)  :: kantakalvo
plantar fasciitis {n} (painful inflammation of the plantar fascia)  :: plantaarifaskiitti, kantapiikki
plantation {n} /plænˈteɪʃən/ (large farm)  :: plantaasi, suurtila
plantation {n} (area where trees are grown for commercial purposes)  :: puuviljelmä, puuplantaasi
planter {n} (box or pot)  :: kukkalaatikko, kukkaruukku
planter {n} (machine)  :: istuttaja
planter {n} (owner of a plantation)  :: plantaasinomistaja
plantigrade {n} /ˈplæntɪɡɹeɪd/ (animal that walks with the entire sole of the foot)  :: kanta-astuja
planting {n} /ˈplæntɪŋ/ (freshly planted plant or clipping)  :: istukas [plant], pistokas [clipping]
plant milk {n} (milk-like product)  :: kasvimaito
plaque {n} /plaːk/ (flat, thin piece of metal or other material)  :: plaketti
plaque {n} (accumulation of bacteria on teeth)  :: plakki
plaque {n} (atheroma)  :: valtimonrasvoittuma, aterooma
plasma cell {n} (form of lymphocyte)  :: plasmasolu
plasma membrane {n} (cell membrane) SEE: cell membrane  ::
plasma rifle {n} (assault rifle-styled gun that shoots plasma)  :: plasmakivääri
plasma wakefield acceleration {n} (method of high-gradient particle acceleration)  :: plasmakiihdytys
plasma wakefield accelerator {n} (device that accelerates charged particles)  :: plasmakiihdytin
plasmid {n} /ˈplæzmɪd/ (loop of double-stranded DNA that is separate from the chromosomes)  :: plasmidi
plasmin {n} (proteolytic enzyme that dissolves the fibrin in blood clots)  :: plasmiini
plaster {n} /ˈplæstɚ/ (healing paste)  :: voide
plaster {n} (mixture for coating)  :: laasti
plaster {n} (cast)  :: kipsivalos
plaster {v} (to cover with plaster)  :: rapata
plaster {v} (to cover up, as with plaster)  :: peittää, tapetoida, teipata
plaster {n} (adhesive bandage) SEE: band-aid  ::
plaster {n} (plaster of Paris) SEE: plaster of Paris  ::
plasterboard {n} (rigid panel of several layers of fibreboard or paper bonded to a gypsum core)  :: kipsilevy
plaster cast {n} (healing aid)  :: kipsi
plaster cast {n} (copy)  :: kipsivalos, valos
plasterer {n} (a person who plasters walls)  :: rappari
plaster of Paris {n} (hemihydrate of calcium sulfate)  :: kipsi, kipsilaasti
plasterwork {n} /ˈplæstɚˌwɝk/ (work in plaster)  :: kipsityö
plastic {n} /ˈplæstɪk/ (synthetic thermoplastic polymer)  :: muovi
plastic {n} (any similar synthetic material)  :: muovi, muoviraha
plastic {n} (colloquial: credit cards or debit cards)  :: muovi
plastic {adj} (capable of being moulded; malleable, flexible, pliant)  :: muovailtava, plastinen
plastic {adj} (creative, formative)  :: luova
plastic {adj} (biology: capable of adapting to varying conditions)  :: plastinen, mukautuva, muuntautumiskykyinen
plastic {adj} (of or pertaining to the inelastic, non-brittle, deformation of a material)  :: plastinen
plastic {adj} (made of plastic)  :: muovinen, muovi-
plastic {adj} (inferior or not the real thing)  :: muovinen, muovi-; keinotekoinen, keino-
plastic {adj} (slang, of a person: fake, snobbish)  :: falski
plastically {adv} /ˈplastɪkli/ (in a plastic way)  :: plastisesti
plastic art {n} (three-dimensional art form)  :: plastinen taide
plastic bag {n} (type of packaging)  :: muovikassi, muovipussi
plasticine {n} (modeling clay)  :: muovailuvaha
plasticity {n} (quality of being plastic)  :: plastisuus
plasticity {n} (property of a solid body)  :: plastisuus, muokattavuus
plastic surgeon {n} (performer of plastic surgery)  :: plastiikkakirurgi
plastic surgery {n} (surgery involving the transfer of tissue)  :: plastiikkakirurgia
plastic surgery {n} (cosmetic surgery)  :: plastiikkakirurgia
plate {n} (Cockney rhyming slang: foot) SEE: foot  ::
plate {n} /pleɪt/ (flat dish)  :: lautanen
plate {n} (such dishes collectively)  :: lautaset {p}
plate {n} (contents of a plate)  :: lautasellinen
plate {n} (course at a meal)  :: ruokalaji
plate {n} (agenda of tasks, problems, or responsibilities)  :: työlista
plate {n} (flat metallic object)  :: levy, laatta
plate {n} (vehicle license plate)  :: kilpi
plate {n} (layer of a material on the surface of something)  :: päällyste, pinta, pinnoite
plate {n} (material covered with such a layer)  :: pinnoitettu materiaali
plate {n} (item coated with silver)  :: hopeoitu astia [dish], hopeoitu esine [other object]
plate {n} (weightlifting: weighted disk)  :: levy
plate {n} (printing: engraved surface used to transfer an image to paper)  :: painolaatta, laatta, painolevy
plate {n} (printing, photography: image or copy)  :: planssi
plate {n} (printing, publishing: full page illustration)  :: planssi
plate {n} (dental plate)  :: hammasproteesin pohjalevy
plate {n} (construction: horizontal framing member)  :: laatta
plate {n} (historical: plate armour)  :: haarniska
plate {n} (herpetology: large reptilian scale)  :: suomu
plate {n} (flat electrode)  :: levy
plate {n} (anode of vacuum tube)  :: anodi
plate {n} (silver coin)  :: hopearaha
plate {n} (chemistry: flat piece of material)  :: levy
plate {n} (aviation: ability of a travel agent to issue tickets on behalf of a particular airline)  :: lipunkirjoitusoikeus
plate {n} (VIN plate)  :: VIN-kilpi
plate {n} (very light steel horseshoe)  :: ravikenkä
plate {n} (skins sewn together for fur lining)  :: turkislevy
plate {n} (music: record)  :: levy; lätty [slang]
plate {v} (to cover the surface material of an object with a thin coat of another material)  :: päällystää, pinnoittaa
plate {v} (to perform cunnilingus)  :: nuolla
plate {v} (baseball: to score a run)  :: tehdä juoksu
plate {n} (baseball: home plate) SEE: home plate  ::
plate {n} (prize given to the winner in a contest) SEE: prize  ::
plate {n} (geology: tectonic plate) SEE: tectonic plate  ::
plateau {n} /plæˈtoʊ/ (level expanse)  :: ylätasanko
plateau {n} (stable level)  :: vakiintunut taso
plateau {v} (level off)  :: tasaantua, tasoittua
plateful {n} (the quantity contained on a plate)  :: lautasellinen
platelet {n} (particle found in the blood of mammals)  :: verihiutale
plater {n} (someone who installs sheet metal)  :: peltiseppä
plater {n} (machine)  :: kalanteri
plater {n} (inferior racehorse)  :: kaakki
plate tectonics {n} (large-scale movement of tectonic plates)  :: laattatektoniikka
platform {n} /ˈplætfɔːm/ (stage for speeches and performances)  :: lava, esiintymislava; puhujakoroke [stage for speeches]
platform {n} (place or opportunity to express one's opinion)  :: puheenvuoro
platform {n} (high shoe type)  :: platformi
platform {n} (foundation or stage)  :: lähtökohta
platform {n} (automotive: set of components shared by several vehicle models)  :: pohjalevy
platform {n} (computing: particular type of operating system or environment)  :: alusta, sovellusalusta
platform {n} (politics: political stance on a broad set of issues)  :: ohjelma, periaateohjelma
platform {n} (travel: raised structure for passengers)  :: asemalaituri, laituri
platform {n} (plan, sketch, model, pattern)  :: malli
platform game {n} (A video game characterized by jumping to and from suspended platforms or over obstacles)  :: tasohyppely, tasohyppelypeli
platinize {v} (to coat with platinum)  :: platinoida
platinoid {n} (metal resembling platinum)  :: platinoidi
platinum {n} /ˈplæt.ɪn.əm/ (metal)  :: platina
platinum {n} (colour)  :: platinanvaalea
platinum {n} (recording that has achieved platinum sales)  :: platinalevy
platinum {adj} (colour)  :: platinanvaalea
platinum {adj} (musical recording)  :: platina-
platinum {v} (to reach platinum)  :: päästä platinatasolle
platinum blond {adj} (of a silvery blond colour, especially of hair)  :: platinanvaalea
platinum blond {n} (colour)  :: platinanvaalea
platinum blond {n} (man)  :: platinanvaalea mies
platinum blonde {n} (woman)  :: platinablondi
platinum group {n} (group of elements)  :: platinaryhmä
platitude {n} /ˈplætɪtjuːd/ (often-quoted saying)  :: klisee, latteus
platitude {n} (triteness)  :: latteus
platonic {adj} /pləˈtɔnɪk/ (not sexual in nature)  :: platoninen
Platonic {adj} (related to Plato)  :: platonilainen
platonic love {n} (intimate but non-sexual affection)  :: platoninen rakkaus
Platonic solid {n} (Any one of five polyhedra)  :: Platonin kappale
Platonism {prop} (phillosophy of Plato)  :: platonismi
platoon {n} /pləˈtuːn/ (unit of 30-40 soldiers)  :: joukkue
platter {n} (a tray for serving food)  :: tarjotin
platter {n} (part of a turntable on which a gramophone record rests)  :: levylautanen
platypus {n} /ˈplætɪpəs/ (Ornithorhynchus anatinus)  :: vesinokkaeläin
platypusary {n} /ˈplætɪpʊsəɹi/ (place where platypuses are nurtured)  :: vesinokkaeläintarha
platypussary {n} (platypusary) SEE: platypusary  ::
plausible {adj} /ˈplɔːz.ɪ.bəl/ (likely, acceptable)  :: uskottava
plausible deniability {n} (organization of a clandestine activity)  :: uskottava kiistettävyys
play {v} /pleɪ/ (act in a manner such that one has fun)  :: leikkiä
play {v} (produce music using a musical instrument (transitive sense), affecting a noun)  :: soittaa
play {v} (produce music using a musical instrument (intransitive sense, not affecting a noun))  :: soittaa
play {v} (deal with a situation in a diplomatic manner)  :: hoitaa
play {v} (act in a performance)  :: näytellä
play {v} (participate in (a sport or game))  :: pelata
play {v} (use a device to hear (a recording))  :: soittaa
play {n} (playful activity)  :: leikki, peli
play {n} (individual's performance in a sport)  :: peli
play {n} (literary composition intended to be represented)  :: näytelmä
play {n} (theatrical performance)  :: näytelmä
play {n} (major move by a business)  :: siirto
play {n} (geological formation)  :: kenttä, esiintymä
play {n} (area of free movement for a part of a mechanism)  :: välys, klappi, löysä
play {n} (action carried out when it is one's turn to play)  :: siirto, peli
playback {n} (replaying of recorded sound or moving images)  :: toisto
playbill {n} (poster)  :: ohjelmajuliste
playbill {n} (program)  :: ohjelma, ohjelmavihkonen
playboy {n} /ˈpleɪˌbɔɪ/ (man who devotes himself to pleasure)  :: playboy, rattopoika
play by ear {v} (play music guided by one's musical ear)  :: soittaa korvakuulolta
play by ear {v} (do by guessing)  :: tehdä sormituntumalta, ajaa pers'tuntumalla
playdough {n} (childrens' modeling clay)  :: muovailuvaha
player {n} /ˈpleɪə(ɹ)/ (one who plays any game or sport)  :: pelaaja
player {n} (dramatic actor)  :: näyttelijä
player {n} (one who plays a musical instrument)  :: soittaja
player {n} (gambler, see also: gambler)  :: peluri
player {n} (mechanism that actuates a player piano or similar)  :: koneisto
player {n} (electronic device)  :: soitin
player {n} (software application)  :: soitin, soitto-ohjelma
player {n} (one without serious aims)  :: peluri
player {n} (significant participant)  :: tekijä
player {n} (person "playing the field")  :: pelimies, pleijeri
playfield {n} (playing field) SEE: playing field  ::
playfield {n} (area within which a game is played)  :: pelikenttä
play for time {v} (to delay until one is prepared)  :: pelata aikaa
playful {adj} /ˈpleɪfəl/ (liking or prone to play)  :: leikkisä
playful {adj} (funny, humorous, jesting, frolicsome)  :: hauska
playful {adj} (fun, recreational, not serious)  :: hauska, viihdyttävä
playground {n} /ˈpleɪɡɹaʊnd/ (large open space to play on, usually for children)  :: leikkikenttä, leikkipuisto
playground {n} (open-air space on a school campus where the children can play)  :: leikkipaikka, leikkikenttä, leikkipuisto
playground {n} (small area for children)  :: leikkipaikka
playground {n} (space to do what one pleases)  :: leikkikenttä
playgroup {n} (group of children)  :: leikkipiiri, leikkiryhmä
playgroup {n} (group of gamers)  :: peliporukka
play hookey {v} (To be absent without permission)  :: lintsata
play hooky {v} (to stay away from school, work, etc. without suitable permission or excuse)  :: lintsata
play house {n} (toy house for children to play in) SEE: Wendy house  ::
play house {v} (to act out family roles)  :: leikkiä kotia
play house {v} (to live unmarried as if being married)  :: elää avoliitossa
play house {n} (toy house for dolls) SEE: doll's house  ::
playhouse {n} (venue for performing plays) SEE: theater  ::
playing card {n} (one of usually 52 rectangular pieces of card)  :: pelikortti
playing field {n} (field on which a game is played)  :: pelikenttä
playing field {n} (any place or context of competitive activity)  :: pelikenttä
playland {n} (area of free recreation)  :: puuhamaa
playlist {n} /ˈpleɪˌlɪst/ (record)  :: soittolista
playlist {n} (computing)  :: soittolista
playmate {n} (companion to play with)  :: leikkitoveri
playoff {n}  :: pudotuspelit, pudotuspeli
playoff beard {n} (beard grown during postseason)  :: pudotuspeliparta, playoff-parta
play on words {n} (pun or similar humorous use of language)  :: sanaleikki
playpen {n} (enclosure for children to play in)  :: leikkikehä
playroom {n} (room dedicated for playing)  :: leikkihuone
play the field {v} (to date more than one person)  :: pyörittää useampaa naista kerralla
play the fool {v} (behave in a foolish manner)  :: pelleillä, hölmöillä
play the fool {v} (pretend ignorance)  :: teeskennellä tietämätöntä
playthrough {n} (playing a game from start to finish)  :: läpipeluu
play truant {v} (be absent from school without permission)  :: lintsata
play with fire {v} (put oneself in a precarious situation)  :: leikkiä tulella
playwright {n} /ˈpleɪˌɹaɪt/ (writer of plays for the theatre)  :: näytelmäkirjailija, dramaturgi
playwriter {n} (playwright) SEE: playwright  ::
PLC {n} (Abbreviation for Public Limited Liability Corporation)  :: oyj (or Oyj, OyJ, OYJ)
plea {n} /pliː/ (appeal, petition, entreaty)  :: vetoomus, anomus
plea {n} (excuse)  :: selitys, tekosyy, puolustelu
plea {n} (that which is presented in defense or justification)  :: puolustus, perustelu
plea {n} (law: defendant's answer to plaintiff’s declaration)  :: vastine, vastaus
plea {n} (law: cause in court)  :: oikeusjuttu
plea bargaining {n} (negotiating a verdict and sentence without a trial)  :: syyteneuvottelu
pleasant {adj} /ˈplɛzənt/ (giving pleasure; pleasing in manner)  :: miellyttävä, mukava, rattoisa
pleasantry {n} (courteous remark)  :: kohteliaisuus, kehu
pleasantry {n} (jest)  :: vitsailu
please {v} /pliːz/ (to make happy or satisfy)  :: miellyttää
please {v} (to desire; to will; to be pleased by)  :: haluta, mieliä, lystätä
please {adv} (interjection to make a polite request)  :: olkaa hyvä [V-form]; ole hyvä [T-form]
please {adv} (affirmative to an offer)  :: kiitos, kyllä kiitos, mieluusti, oikein mielellään
please {adv} (expression of annoyance or impatience)  :: pliis [slang]
pleased {adj} /pliːzd/ (happy, content)  :: hyvillään, mielissään, tyytyväinen, iloinen
pleased as Punch {adj} (idiom: pleased with one's achievements)  :: iloinen kuin peipponen
pleased to meet you {phrase} (polite formula used when being introduced to somebody)  :: hauska tavata, hauska tutustua
please help me {phrase} (please help me)  :: voisitteko auttaa minua
please pass the salt {phrase} (please pass the salt)  :: saisinko suolaa kiitos
please repeat after me {phrase} (phrase)  :: toistakaa mitä sanon, sanokaa (minun) perässäni
please say that again {phrase} (please say that again)  :: ole hyvä, sano se uudelleen; voisitteko toistaa
please sit down {phrase} (please sit down)  :: istu, ole hyvä [informal and singular]; istukaa, olkaa hyvä [polite or plural]
please speak more slowly {phrase} (please speak more slowly)  :: voitko puhua hitaammin? [informal], voitteko puhua hitaammin? [formal]
please turn left {phrase} (please turn left)  :: kääntykää vasemmalle
please turn right {phrase} (please turn right)  :: kääntykää oikealle
pleasurable {adj} (that gives pleasure)  :: miellyttävä
pleasure {n} /ˈplɛʒə/ (a state of being pleased)  :: huvi
pleasure boat {n} (pleasure boat) SEE: pleasure craft  ::
pleasure center {n} (region of the brain)  :: mielihyväkeskus
pleasure craft {n} (boat used for recreation)  :: huvialus
pleasure principle {n} (principle that human decisions are motivated by desire)  :: mielihyväperiaate
pleat {n} (fold in a fabric of a garment)  :: vekki
pleat {n} (botany: fold in an organ)  :: taite
pleat {v} (To form pleats in a piece of fabric or garment)  :: vekittää, vekata, pliseerata
pleat {n} (plait) SEE: plait  ::
pleating {n} (action or arrangement)  :: vekkaus
pleb {n} /plɛb/ (common person)  :: rahvas, prole
plebe {n} /plib/ (first year cadet)  :: simppu
plebe {n} (common person)  :: kansanmies; rahvas (collective noun)
plebeian {adj} /pləˈbiː.ən/ (of or pertaining to the common people)  :: rahvaanomainen
plebeian {n} (one of the common people in ancient Rome)  :: plebeiji
plebiscite {n} /ˈplɛbɨsaɪt/ (A referendum, especially one that concerns changes in sovereignty)  :: kansanäänestys
plebvision {n} (television (pejorative)) SEE: idiot box  ::
pleco {n} (type of fish)  :: pleko
plectrum {n} /ˈplɛk.tɹəm/ (music: small piece for plucking strings)  :: plektra
pledge {v} /plɛdʒ/ (to make a solemn promise)  :: luvata, sitoutua
pledge {v} (to deposit something as a security; to pawn)  :: pantata
pledge {n} (solemn promise)  :: lupaus
pledge {n} (security to payment)  :: pantti
pledge {n} (person who has taken a pledge of allegiance to a fraternity)  :: kokelas
pledge {n} (drinking toast)  :: maljapuhe
pledge {n} (promise to abstain from drinking alcohol)  :: raittiuslupaus
Pleiades {prop} /ˈpliːədiːz/ (Greek mythology)  :: Plejadit
Pleiades {prop} (astronomy)  :: Seulaset {p}, Plejadit {p}
pleiotropic {adj} (pertaining to pleiotropy)  :: pleiotrooppinen
Pleistocene {adj} /ˈplaɪstəˌsiːn, -toʊ-/ (of the Pleistocene epoch)  :: pleistoseenikautinen
Pleistocene {prop} ((geology) the Pleistocene epoch)  :: pleistoseenikausi
plenary {adj} /ˈpliːnəɹi/ (fully attended)  :: täys-
plenary session {n} (plenary session)  :: täysistunto, yleisistunto
plenary talk {n} (talk in plenary session)  :: pleenumiesitelmä
plenipotentiary {n} /plɛn.ɪ.poʊˈtɛn.ʃ(i)əɹ.i/ (person invested with supreme authority)  :: täysivaltainen edustaja
plenipotentiary {adj} (invested with full power)  :: täysivaltainen
plenipotentiary {adj} (of or relating to a plenipotentiary)  :: täysivaltainen
plentiful {adj} (existing in large number)  :: suuri, runsaslukuinen
plentiful {adj} (yelding abundance)  :: runsas
plenty {n} /ˈplɛnti/ (a more than adequate amount)  :: runsaasti
plenty {adv} (more than sufficiently or very)  :: riittävästi
plenty {adj} (plentiful) SEE: plentiful  ::
plenum {n} /ˈpliːnəm/ (A space that is completely filled with matter)  :: täysi tila
plenum {n} (A legislative meeting (especially of the Communist Party) in which all members are present)  :: täysistunto, yleiskokous
plenum {n} (enclosed space having greater than atmospheric pressure)  :: ylipainetila
plenum {n} (space above a false ceiling used for cables, ducts etc.)  :: alakaton ontelo, alakaton yläpuolinen tila, alakaton päällä oleva tila
pleonasm {n} /ˈpliːənæzəm/ (redundancy in wording)  :: pleonasmi
pleonasm {n} (phrase involving pleonasm)  :: pleonasmi
pleonastic {adj} (of, or relating to pleonasm)  :: pleonastinen
pleonastic {adj} (using an excess number of words)  :: pleonastinen, liikasanainen
plethora {n} /ˈplɛθəɹə/ (excess, abundance)  :: yletön määrä
pleura {n} (serous membrane that covers the lungs and thorax)  :: keuhkopussi
pleural cavity {n} (body cavity)  :: keuhkopussinontelo
pleurisy {n} (inflammation of lung pleura)  :: keuhkopussintulehdus
pleuronectiform {n} (member of Pleuronectiformes)  :: kampelakala
pleuston {n} (organisms)  :: pleuston
pleuston {n} (plants)  :: irtokellujat {p}
plexiglass {n} (common language term for polymethyl methacrylate)  :: pleksilasi
pliable {adj} (easily bent or formed)  :: taipuisa, notkea
plicate {adj} /ˈplaɪkət/ (folded)  :: poimuinen, poimukas
plicate {v} (biology: to fold)  :: poimuttua
pliers {n} /ˈplaɪ.ə(ɹ)z/ (gripping tool which multiplies the strength of the user's hand)  :: pihdit {p}, tongit {p}
plight {n} /plaɪt/ (unfortunate situation)  :: ahdinko
plight {n} (condition or state)  :: tilanne
plight {n} (that which is exposed to risk)  :: panos, sijoitus, vakuus, vastuu, lupaus
plimsoll {n} (early sports shoes)  :: tennari [low cut]; koripallokenkä [over ankle]
Plimsoll line {n} (International Load Line)  :: lastimerkki, Plimsollin merkki, Plimsollin lastimerkki
Plimsoll mark {n} (mark on the hull of a ship) SEE: Plimsoll line  ::
plinth {n} /plɪnθ/ (base for column, pedestal or statue)  :: jalusta
plinth {n} (bottom course of stones supporting a wall)  :: kivijalka, sokkeli
plinth {n} (base for a cabinet)  :: jalusta, sokkeli
plinthosol {n} (soil type)  :: anturamaannos
Pliny {prop} /ˈplɪni/ (Roman praenomen)  :: Plinius
Pliocene {prop} (geology, the Pliocene epoch)  :: plioseenikausi
plod {v} /plɒd/ (to walk slowly)  :: raahustaa, laahustaa
plop {v} (Heavy landing)  :: rojahtaa
plosive {n} /ˈploʊsɪv/ (consonant)  :: klusiili
plot {n} /plɑt/ (course of a story)  :: juoni
plot {n} (area of land used for building on or planting on)  :: tontti [to build on]; palsta [to plant on]
plot {n} (graph or diagram)  :: kuvio, graafi, diagrammi, käyrä
plot {n} (secret plan to achieve an end)  :: juoni, salajuoni
plot {v} (transitive: to conceive)  :: juonia, suunnitella
plot {v} (to trace out a graph or diagram)  :: tulostaa, plotata, piirtää käyrä, piirtää
plot {v} (to mark a point on a graph)  :: merkitä
plot {v} (intransitive: to conceive)  :: juonitella
plotter {n} (person)  :: piirtäjä, juonittelija
plotter {n} (device)  :: piirturi, plotteri
plot twist {n} (change in the direction or expected outcome of the plot)  :: juonenkäänne
plough {n} /plaʊ/ (device pulled through the ground)  :: aura
plough {n} (alternative name for Ursa Major)  :: Iso Karhu
plough {n} (plane for making grooves)  :: urahöylä
plough {n} (bookbinder's implement)  :: tasausleikkuri
plough {v} (to use a plough on to prepare for planting)  :: kyntää
plough {v} (to use a plough)  :: kyntää [to prepare for planting]; aurata [to use a plough e.g. for removing snow]
plough {v} (vulgar: to have sex with)  :: köyriä
plough {v} (to move with force)  :: jyrätä
plough {v} (to furrow)  :: urittaa; kynsiä [with nails]
plough {v} (nautical: to run through water)  :: kyntää
plough {v} (bookbinding: to trim)  :: tasata
plough {v} (joinery: to cut a groove in)  :: tehdä ura
Plough {prop} (Big Dipper) SEE: Big Dipper  ::
plov {n} (pilaf) SEE: pilaf  ::
plover {n} /ˈplʌvɚ/ (wading bird of the family Charadriidae)  :: kurmitsa
plow {n} (plough) SEE: plough  ::
plow {v} (plough) SEE: plough  ::
plowshare {n} (cutting edge of a plow)  :: vannas, auranvannas
pluck {v} /plʌk/ (to pull something sharply; to pull something out)  :: nykäistä, kiskaista
pluck {v} (music: to gently play a single string)  :: näppäillä
pluck {v} (to remove feathers from a bird)  :: kyniä
pluck {n} (nerve, fortitude, persistence)  :: sinnikkyys
plucky {adj} /ˈplʌki/ (having or showing pluck)  :: rohkea, sisukas
plug {n} /plʌɡ/ (electric connecting device)  :: pistoke, pistotulppa, töpseli (colloquial)
plug {n} (hole filler)  :: tulppa
plug {v} (to stop with a plug)  :: tukkia, sulkea
plug {v} (to blatantly mention)  :: puffata
plug {v} (to persist or continue with something)  :: työstää
plug {v} (to shoot a bullet into something)  :: tärskäyttää
plug {v} (slang: to have sex with)  :: tuikata
plug in {v} (connect an electrical device)  :: laittaa töpseli seinään
plug-in {n} /ˈplʌɡɪn/ (computer program addon)  :: liitännäinen
plug nickel {n} (nearly worthless amount)  :: puupenni
plum {n} /plʌm/ (the fruit)  :: luumu
plum {n} (the tree)  :: luumupuu
plum {adj} (colour)  :: luumunpunainen
plum {n} (raisin) SEE: raisin  ::
plumage {n} /ˈpluːmɪdʒ/ (feathers)  :: höyhenpeite, höyhenet, höyhenpuku
plumb {adj} /plʌm/ (truly vertical)  :: kohtisuora
plumb {adv} (in a vertical direction)  :: kohtisuoraan, kohtisuorasti, kohtisuorassa
plumb {adv} (squarely, completely)  :: suoraan [squarely]; täysin, kokonaan [completely]
plumb {n} (mass attached to a line to indicate vertical direction)  :: luoti
plumb {n} (nautical: mass attached to a line to indicate depth)  :: luoti
plumb {v} (to determine the depth)  :: luodata
plumb {v} (to attach to water supply or drain)  :: liittää vesijohtoon, liittää viemäriin
plumb {v} (to explore in depth)  :: syväluodata
plumb {v} (to use plumb bob)  :: luodata
plumb {v} (to accurately align)  :: rihdata
plumb {v} (to seal with lead)  :: juottaa lyijyllä
plumb {v} (to work as plumber)  :: olla putkimiehenä
plumb {v} (to fall or sink like a plummet)  :: pudota kuin kivi, upota kuin kivi
plumb {v} (to trace a road or track)  :: seurata
plumbago {n} (graphite)  :: grafiitti
plumbago {n} (leadwort)  :: lyijykukka
plumb bob {n} (metal weight)  :: luoti
plumber {n} /ˈplʌmə/ (one who works in lead)  :: lyijytyöntekijä
plumber {n} (one who fits, etc, pipes for water, gas or drainage)  :: putkimies [male]; putkiasentaja [neutral]
plumber's helper {n} (plunger) SEE: plunger  ::
plumbery {n} (business of a plumber) SEE: plumbing  ::
plumbing {n} /ˈplʌmɪŋ/ (pipes, etc, of a water/gas/sewage system in a building)  :: putkisto
plumbing {n} (informal: system of vessels or ducts in the human body, especially the genitourinary system)  :: suolisto, suolet, ruoansulatus
plumbism {n} (lead poisoning)  :: lyijymyrkytys
plumb line {n} (cord with a weight attached)  :: luotilanka
plum blossom {n} (the blossom of the Prunus mume)  :: luumukukka
plume {n} /ˈpluːm/ (feather)  :: sulka, höyhen
plume {n} (furry, curved tail of certain dogs)  :: kiehkura, pörröhäntä
plume {n} (cluster of feathers)  :: töyhtö
plume {n} (upward spray)  :: suihku
plume {n} (geology: upwelling of molten material)  :: pluumi
plume {v} (to preen and arrange feathers)  :: sukia
plume {v} (to congratulate oneself proudly)  :: rehvastella
plume {v} (to form a plume)  :: tupruta
plume {v} (to write; to pen)  :: kynäillä
plummet {n} /ˈplʌm.ət/ (lead on a line, plumb bob, plummet line)  :: koho
plummet {v} (to drop swiftly, in a direct manner; to fall quickly)  :: syöksyä, romahtaa
plump {adj} /plʌmp/ (Having a full and rounded shape, chubby)  :: pyylevä, pullea, pulska
plum pudding {n} (pudding containing a large amount of dried fruit)  :: luumuvanukas
plum tree {n} (tree that bears plums) SEE: plum  ::
plum wine {n} (fruit wine)  :: luumuviini
plum wine {n} (plum wine) SEE: umeshu  ::
plunder {v} /ˈplʌndə(ɹ)/ (to take all the goods of, by force (as in war) (transitive))  :: ryöstää
plunder {v} (to take by force or wrongfully)  :: ryöstää
plunder {v} (to commit robbery or looting (intransitive))  :: ryöstää
plunder {v} (to use or use up wrongfully)  :: ryöstää
plunder {n} (instance of plundering)  :: ryöstö
plunder {n} (loot attained by plundering)  :: ryöstösaalis
plunge {n} /plʌndʒ/ (The act of thrusting into or submerging; a dive, leap, rush, or pitch into, or as into, water; as, to take the water with a plunge)  :: sukellus
plunge {v} (to thrust into water, or into any substance that is penetrable; to immerse)  :: syöstä
plunger {n} /ˈplʌndʒɚ/ (device for removing blockages by suction)  :: imukuppi, viemäripumppu, tulisuudelma tai karhupumppu
plunger {n} (sliding activator of an exploder)  :: mäntä
plunger {n} (part of cafetière)  :: mäntä
plunger {n} (one who plunges)  :: sukeltaja
pluperfect {n} (pluperfect tense) SEE: pluperfect tense  ::
pluperfect {n} (verb in this tense)  :: pluskvamperfekti
pluperfect tense {n} (tense)  :: pluskvamperfekti
plural {adj} /ˈplʊə.ɹəl/ (more than one)  :: monikollinen, monikko-
plural {n} (word in plural form)  :: monikko
plurale tantum {n} /plʊˌɹɑleɪ̯ˈtɑntəm/ (a noun without a singular form)  :: pluratiivi, monikkosana
pluralism {n} (quality or state of being plural)  :: monikollisuus
pluralism {n} (state of pluralist)  :: pluralismi
pluralism {n} (social system with multiple cultural identities)  :: moniarvoisuus, pluralismi
pluralistic {adj} (characteristic of pluralism)  :: moniarvoinen
pluridimensional {adj} (multidimensional) SEE: multidimensional  ::
plus {n} (plus sign) SEE: plus sign  ::
plus {conj} /plʌs/ (arithmetic: sum)  :: plus, ynnä
plus {n} (useful addition)  :: etu, plussa
plus {adj} (being positive rather than negative or zero)  :: plus, positiivinen
plus {adj} (positive, involving advantage)  :: positiivinen, hyvä, myönteinen
plush {adj} /plʌʃ/ (having a soft, fluffy exterior)  :: pehmolelu
plush {n} (textile fabric)  :: plyysikangas, teddykangas
plush {n} (toy) SEE: plush toy  ::
plush toy {n} (child's soft toy with a plush covering)  :: pehmolelu
plus sign {n} (mathematical symbol)  :: plusmerkki
Plutarch {prop} /ˈplu.tɑɹk/ (Greek historian)  :: Plutarkhos
plutino {n} (planetoid)  :: plutino
Pluto {prop} /ˈplutoʊ/ (god)  :: Pluto
Pluto {prop} (Kuiper belt object - a dwarf planet)  :: Pluto
plutocracy {n} /pluːˈtɑːkɹəsi/ (government by the wealthy)  :: rahavalta, plutokratia
plutocracy {n} (controlling class of the wealthy)  :: rikkaat {p}
pluton {n} (geology)  :: plutoni
plutonic {adj} /pluːˈtɒn.ɪk/ (of rock that cooled and hardened below the surface of the Earth)  :: plutoninen, syvä- [see syväkivi]
plutonium {n} (chemical element)  :: plutonium
plywood {n} (construction material)  :: vaneri
plywood {n} (specific type or grade of this material)  :: vaneri
p.m. {abbr} (after noon)  :: p.m., iltapäivällä
PM {n} (after 12:00:00)  :: ip
pneumatic {adj} /njʊˈmæ.tɪk/ (of or relating to air or other gases)  :: pneumaattinen
pneumatic {adj} (of or relating to pneumatics)  :: pneumaattinen
pneumatic {adj} (powered by, or filled with compressed air)  :: pneumaattinen
pneumatic {adj} (spiritual: of or relating to the pneuma)  :: hengellinen
pneumatic {adj} (of a woman: well-rounded)  :: pullea
pneumatic {n} (person focused on spiritual reality)  :: hengellinen (ihminen)
pneumatic bone {n} (hole that contains many hollows)  :: onteloluu
pneumatic drill {n} (pneumatic drill) SEE: jackhammer  ::
pneumatics {n} (branch of mechanics)  :: pneumatiikka
pneumococcus {n} (Streptococcus pneumoniae)  :: pneumokokki
pneumoconiosis {n} (disease of the lungs)  :: pölykeuhko
pneumonia {n} /nuˈmoʊniə/ (inflammation of the lungs)  :: keuhkokuume, pneumonia
pneumothorax {n} (presence of air inside the pleural cavity)  :: ilmarinta
p-n junction {n} (interface between a p-type and n-type semiconductor)  :: pn-liitos
Po {prop} (longest river in Italy)  :: Po-joki, Po
poach {v} /ˈpoʊtʃ/ (to cook in simmering liquid)  :: hauduttaa
poach {v} (to be cooked in simmering liquid)  :: hautua
poach {v} (to become soft or muddy)  :: pehmetä
poach {v} (to make soft or muddy)  :: pehmentää
poach {v} (to take game or fish illegally)  :: salametsästää, metsästää salaa, salakalastaa, kalastaa salaa
poach {v} (to take illegally or unfairly)  :: kaapata
poach {v} (to cause an employee or customer to switch)  :: kaapata
poached egg {n} (type of cooked egg)  :: uppomuna
poacher {n} /ˈpoʊ.tʃɚ/ (a person who trespasses in order to take game illegally)  :: salametsästäjä
poaching {n} (trespassing in search of game)  :: [hunting] salametsästys
pochard {n} /ˈpəʊtʃəd/ (duck)  :: punasotka
pock {n} /pɒk/ (pus filled swelling)  :: rokko, rakkula
pocket {n} /ˈpɑkɪt/ (bag stitched to an item of clothing)  :: tasku
pocket {n} (billiards: net into which balls are struck)  :: pussi
pocket {n} (enclosed volume of one substance surrounded by another)  :: tasku
pocket {n} (military: area where military units are completely surrounded by enemy units)  :: motti
pocket {n} (bowling: ideal spot to hit the pins)  :: tasku
pocket {v} (to put into a pocket)  :: pistää/panna/laittaa taskuun
pocket {v} (to cause a ball to go into a pocket of a billiard table)  :: pussittaa
pocket {v} (to take and keep (especially money) that is not one's own)  :: pistää/panna/laittaa taskuunsa
pocket {adj} (of a size suitable for putting into a pocket)  :: taskukokoinen, tasku-
pocket {adj} (smaller or more compact than usual)  :: taskukokoinen, tasku-
pocketbook {n} (woman's purse)  :: käsilaukku
pocketbook {n} (one's personal budget)  :: lompakko
pocketbook {n} (small book)  :: taskukirja, pokkari
pocketbook {n} (notebook)  :: muistikirja, taskumuistio
pocket flask {n} (pocket-size container for alcoholic beverages) SEE: hip flask  ::
pocket gopher {n} (rodent of the family Geomyidae)  :: taskurotta
pocketknife {n} (small knife whose blades or tools can fold in its handle)  :: taskuveitsi, linkkuveitsi
pocket money {n} (money given to a child)  :: taskuraha
pocket money {n} (small amount of cash)  :: taskuraha
pocket pool {n} (masturbation through a pocket)  :: taskubiljardi
pocket watch {n} (watch)  :: taskukello
pockmark {n} (mark or scar)  :: rokonarpi
pockmarked {adj} (having pockmarks)  :: rokonarpinen
pockmarked {adj} (pitted)  :: kuoppainen
pod {n} /ˈpɑd/ (seed case)  :: palko
pod {n} (group of whales)  :: parvi; lauma [seals, hippos]
pod {v} (To remove peas from their case)  :: kuoria (herneitä)
podcast {n} (podcast)  :: podcast
podcast {v} (to deliver audio via an RSS feed)  :: lähettää podcastina, podcastata
Podgorica {prop} /ˌpɒdɡəˈɹɪtsa/ (capital city of Montenegro)  :: Podgorica
pod hotel {n} (capsule hotel) SEE: capsule hotel  ::
podiatrist {n} /pəˈdaɪətɹɪst/ (specialist in foot care)  :: podologi
podium {n} /ˈpəʊ.dɪi.ʌm/ (platform)  :: koroke
podium {n} (stand used to hold notes when speaking publicly)  :: puhujakoroke, puhujapönttö
podium {n} (sports: steepled platform)  :: palkintokoroke, palkintopalli
podium {n} (sports: result amongst the best three)  :: palkintosija, palkintopalli
podzol {n} (soil type)  :: podsoli
poem {n} /ˈpoʊ̯əm/ (literary piece written in verse)  :: runo
poem {n} (piece of writing in the tradition of poetry)  :: runo
poem {n} (piece of poetic writing)  :: runo
poet {n} /ˈpoʊət/ (person who writes poems)  :: runoilija
poetic licence {n} (departure from convention)  :: runollinen vapaus
poetics {n} (the theory of poetry)  :: poetiikka, runousoppi
poetry {n} /ˈpʰoʊ̯.ətˌɹi]/ (class of literature)  :: runous
pogo stick {n} (toy used for hopping)  :: hyppykeppi
pogrom {n} /ˈpoʊɡɹəm/ (riot with the intent to massacre or terrorize a certain group, usually Jews)  :: vaino, pogromi
Pohnpeian {prop} (Micronesian language)  :: ponape
poignant {adj} /ˈpɔɪn.jənt/ (incisive; penetrating)  :: kärkevä
poignant {adj} (neat; eloquent; applicable; relevant)  :: osuva
poignant {adj} (evoking strong mental sensation)  :: (evoking sharp mental pain') kipeä, arka; [emotionally moving] liikuttava
poignant {adj} (piquant; pungent)  :: pikantti, kirpeä, pistävä
Poincaré disk {n} (hyperbolic plane)  :: Poincarén kiekko
poinsettia {n} /ˌpɔɪnˈsɛ.ɾ(i)ə/ (plant)  :: joulutähti
point {n} /pɔɪnt/ (element in larger whole)  :: yksityiskohta
point {n} (particular moment in an event or occurrence)  :: piste, vaihe, hetki
point {n} (archaic: condition, state)  :: kunto
point {n} (opinion which adds to the discussion)  :: näkökohta, pointti
point {n} (smallest quantity of something)  :: rahtu, hitunen
point {n} (tiny amount of time)  :: hetki
point {n} (location or place)  :: piste, paikka
point {n} (geometry: zero-dimensional object)  :: piste
point {n} (purpose or objective)  :: mieli, järki
point {n} (full stop)  :: piste
point {n} (distinguishing quality)  :: puoli
point {n} (something tiny)  :: piste
point {n} (tenth part)  :: kymmenys
point {n} (mark or stroke above letter)  :: piste
point {n} (unit of scoring in a game or competition)  :: piste
point {n} (arithmetic: decimal point (note: many languages use a comma (',') rather than a dot as a decimal point, and hence the translations into these languages reflect this.))  :: desimaalipilkku, pilkku [decimal comma], piste [decimal point]
point {n} (economics: unit of change)  :: piste
point {n} (typography: unit of size)  :: piste
point {n} (sharp tip)  :: kärki
point {n} (any projecting extremity)  :: kärki
point {n} (object with sharp tip)  :: piikki
point {n} (backgammon: one of the twelve triangular positions)  :: kiila
point {n} (peninsula)  :: niemi, niemenkärki, nokka, niemimaa
point {n} (position at the front or vanguard of an advancing force)  :: kärki
point {n} (compass point)  :: ilmansuunta
point {n} (railroad switch)  :: vaihde
point {n} (area of contrasting color)  :: pilkku, täplä
point {v} (to extend finger)  :: osoittaa, [frequentative] osoitella
point {v} (direct)  :: osoittaa, näyttää
point {n} (wall socket) SEE: wall socket  ::
point-and-shoot {adj} (designed for quick use)  :: kompakti- [as in kompaktikamera]
pointe {n} /pwɑnt/ (ballet position)  :: pointe
pointed {v} /ˈpɔɪntɪd/ (sharp)  :: terävä, teroitettu, teräväkärkinen, kärjekäs
pointer {n} (advice) SEE: advice  ::
pointer {n} /ˈpɔɪntə/ (anything that points or is used for pointing)  :: osoitin
pointer {n} (of a timepiece or measuring device)  :: osoitin, viisari [colloquial]
pointer {n} (dog)  :: pointteri
pointer {n} (computer programming: variable that stores the address of another variable)  :: osoitin, pointteri [colloquial]
pointer {n} (computing: icon indicating mouse position) SEE: cursor  ::
point guard {n} (ballhandling guard in basketball)  :: pelintekijä
pointillism {n} (painting technique)  :: pointillismi
pointing stick {n} (computing device)  :: tappihiiri
pointing-trowel {n} (tool)  :: saumauslasta
pointless {adj} /ˈpɔɪntləs/ (having no point or sharp tip)  :: tylsä
pointless {adj} (having no purpose)  :: turha
point mass {n} (theoretical point with mass assigned to it)  :: massapiste
point of contact {n} (person who represents an organization)  :: yhteyshenkilö
point of contact {n} (person associated with an internet entity)  :: yhteyshenkilö
point of contact {n} (specific intersection)  :: yhtymäkohta
point of inflection {n} (point on a curve)  :: käännepiste
point of no return {n} ((aviation) the point in a flight when there is insufficient fuel to return to the origin)  :: toimintasäde
point of no return {n} ((idiomatic) the point when it is no longer possible to stop the process)  :: piste, josta ei ole paluuta
point of order {n} (motion)  :: työjärjestyspuheenvuoro
point of sale {n} /ˌpɔɪnt əv ˈseɪl/ (location at which payment for goods is made)  :: myyntipiste
point of view {n} (A position from which something is seen; outlook; standpoint)  :: näkökulma, näkökanta
point of view {n} (An attitude, opinion, or set of beliefs)  :: kanta, mielipide
point of view {n} (The perspective from which a narrative is related)  :: näkökulma
points {n} /pɔɪnts/ (moveable rails used to switch a train from one track to another)  :: vaihde
pointwise {adj} (occurring at each point)  :: pisteittäinen
pointwise {adv} (in a pointwise way)  :: pisteittäin
poise {n} /pɔɪz/ (state of balance, equilibrium or stability)  :: tasapaino
poise {n} (composure; freedom from embarrassment or affectation)  :: itsevarmuus, arvokkuus, luontevuus
poise {n} (a cgs unit of dynamic viscosity)  :: poisi
poised {adj} /pɔɪzd/ (Possessing poise, having self-confidence)  :: itsevarma
poised {adj} (Ready, prepared)  :: valmis
poison {n} /ˈpɔɪz(ə)n/ (substance harmful to a living organism)  :: myrkky
poison {v} (to use poison to kill or paralyse)  :: myrkyttää
poison dart frog {n} (frog of the family Dendrobatidae)  :: nuolimyrkkysammakko
poisoner {n} (person who poisons something or someone)  :: myrkyttäjä
poison gland {n} (specialized gland)  :: myrkkyrauhanen
poison hemlock {n} (poisonous plant) SEE: hemlock  ::
poisoning {n} (administration of a poison)  :: myrkyttäminen
poisoning {n} (state of being poisoned)  :: myrkytys
poison ivy {n} (one of several ivy-like urushiol-producing plants)  :: myrkkymuratti
poisonous {adj} /ˈpɔɪzənəs/ (containing sufficient poison to be dangerous)  :: myrkyllinen
poison sumac {n} (Toxicodendron vernix)  :: suomyrkkysumakki
Poisson's ratio {prop} (ratio)  :: Poissonin suhde
POJ {n} (a Latin alphabet-based orthography for Min Nan) SEE: Pe̍h-ōe-jī  ::
poke {v} /poʊk/ (to jab with an object such as a finger or a stick)  :: tökkiä, sorkkia, tökätä
poke {v} (to poke a fire to remove ash or promote burning)  :: kohentaa
poke {n} (sack or bag)  :: säkki, pussi
poke {n} (pokeweed) SEE: pokeweed  ::
poke {v} (rummage) SEE: rummage  ::
poke {n} (ice cream cone) SEE: ice cream cone  ::
poker {n} /ˈpoʊkɚ/ (metal rod for poking)  :: hiilihanko
poker {n} (one who pokes)  :: kohentaja
poker {n} (card game)  :: pokeri
poker face {n} (impassive facial expression preventing determining whether one's actions in the game are the result of a quality hand or of bluffing)  :: pokerinaama, pokka
poker face {n} (any similar expression preventing giving away one's motives etc.)  :: pokka
pokeweed {n} (Phytolacca americana)  :: kermesmarja
pokey {n} /ˈpoʊ.ki/ (prison)  :: pose [slang]
Polack {n} (derogatory: Polish person)  :: polakki
Polack {n} (archaic: Polish person)  :: polakki
Poland {prop} /ˈpoʊ.lənd/ (European country)  :: Puola
polao {n} (pilaf) SEE: pilaf  ::
polar {adj} /ˈpoʊ̯lɚ/ (relating to a geographic pole)  :: napa-, napaseudun, napaseutu-, polaarinen
polar {adj} (of an orbit passing near a geographic pole)  :: napa-, polaarinen, polaari-
polar {adj} (having a dipole)  :: polaarinen
polar {adj} (of a certain coordinate system)  :: polaarinen, napa-
polar bear {n} (Ursus maritimus)  :: jääkarhu
polar cap {n} (high-latitude region covered by ice)  :: napajäätikkö
polar circle {n} (either of the two parallels of the Earth)  :: napapiiri
polar cod {n} (Boreogadus saida)  :: jäämerenseiti
polar fox {n} (arctic fox) SEE: arctic fox  ::
Polaris {prop} /pɔʊˈlɑɹɪs/ (star)  :: Pohjantähti
polarity {n} (separation, alignment)  :: vastakohtaisuus, napaisuus, polariteetti
polarity {n} (one of two extremes)  :: ääripää, napa
polarity {n} (chemistry: dipole-dipole intermolecular force)  :: polaarisuus, polariteetti
polarize {v} /ˈpoʊləɹaɪz/ (to cause to have a polarization)  :: polarisoida
polarize {v} (to cause a group to be divided into extremes)  :: jakaa, polarisoida
polarized {adj} (having polarization)  :: polarisoitunut
polar night {n} (period of darkness)  :: kaamos
polarography {n} (electrochemical technique)  :: polarografia
polar vortex {n} (polar vortex)  :: napapyörre
pole {n} /poʊl/ (long and slender object)  :: seiväs, vapa, salko
pole {n} (type of fishing rod)  :: vapa
pole {v} (propel by pushing with poles)  :: sauvoa
pole {n} (extreme of an axis)  :: napa
pole {n} (magnetic point)  :: napa
Pole {n} /poʊl/ (person from Poland)  :: puolalainen
polecat {n} /ˈpəʊlkæt/ (weasel of the genus Mustela)  :: kärppä
polecat {n} (Mustela putorius)  :: hilleri
polecat {n} (skunk) SEE: skunk  ::
pole dance {n} (dancing centred around a pole)  :: tankotanssi
polemic {n} /pəˈlɛmɪk/ (argument or controversy)  :: polemiikki
polemic {adj} (having the characteristics of a polemic)  :: poleeminen
polemicize {v} (to engage in argument)  :: polemisoida
polenta {n} (starchy accompaniment to a meal)  :: polenta
pole position {n} (top qualifying position)  :: paalupaikka
pole position {n} (first place)  :: paalupaikka
poler {n} (boater)  :: sauvoja
poler {n} (horse)  :: aisahevonen
poles apart {adj} (totally opposite)  :: täysin vastakkainen
pole star {n} (the star)  :: napatähti
pole star {n} (a guiding principle)  :: johtotähti
Pole Star {prop} (star)  :: Pohjantähti
pole vault {n} (jumping event where an athlete vaults over a high bar with the aid of a pole)  :: seiväshyppy
pole-vault {v} (to perform a pole vault)  :: hypätä seivästä
pole-vault {v} (to vault over something using a pole vault)  :: hypätä seivästä
pole vaulter {n} (athlete who competes in the pole vault)  :: seiväshyppääjä
pole-vaulting {n} (sport of performing pole vaults)  :: seiväshyppy
police {n} /pəˈliːs/ (an organisation that enforces the law)  :: poliisi
police brutality {n} (use of excessive force by a police officer)  :: poliisiväkivalta
police car {n} (automobile used by a police officer)  :: poliisiauto, partioauto
police department {n} (local branch of a national police force)  :: poliisilaitos
police dog {n} (trained dog for police work)  :: poliisikoira
police force {n} (police organization, constabulary)  :: poliisi, poliisivoimat {p}
policeman {n} (a member of a police force)  :: poliisi
police state {n} (nation whose government controls people by police)  :: poliisivaltio
police station {n} (building of police force)  :: poliisiasema
policewoman {n} (a female police officer)  :: naispoliisi
policy {n} /ˈpɑləsi/ (principle of conduct)  :: politiikka, linja
policy {n} (prudent conduct)  :: linja, politiikka
policy {n} (law: insurance document)  :: vakuutuskirja
policy {n} (law: insurance) SEE: insurance  ::
policymaker {n} (one involved in the formulation of policies)  :: linjanvetäjä, vaikuttaja
poliomyelitis {n} /ˌpɒlɪəʊmaɪəˈlaɪtɪs/ (infection by the poliovirus)  :: polio, lapsihalvaus, poliomyeliitti
polish {n} /ˈpɑlɪʃ/ (substance used to polish)  :: kiillote, kiillotusaine
polish {n} (cleanliness; smoothness; shininess)  :: [shininess] kiilto, [smoothness] tasaisuus
polish {n} (cleanliness in performance or presentation)  :: viimeistely, selkeys, tyyli
polish {v} (make a surface smooth or shiny)  :: kiillottaa (make shiny), hioa (make smooth), puunata [colloquial]; lankata [shoes]
polish {v} (to refine; improve imperfections from)  :: hioa, parannella, kehittää
polish {v} (to apply shoe polish)  :: kiillottaa kenkiä, lankata
Polish {adj} /ˈpoʊlɪʃ/ (of Poland or its language)  :: puolalainen
Polish {prop} (the language of Poland)  :: puola, puolan kieli
polish a turd {v} (work on a time-consuming and ultimately pointless task)  :: hinkata
polished {adj} (made smooth or shiny by polishing)  :: kiillotettu
polished {adj} (refined, elegant)  :: hieno, hienostunut
polisher {n} (person who makes something smooth and shiny)  :: kiillottaja
polisher {n} (tool)  :: kiillotin
polisher {n} (machine)  :: kiillotin
polisher {n} (person who refines)  :: viimeistelijä
Polishness {n} (quality of being Polish)  :: puolalaisuus
Polish notation {n} (notation for arithmetic formulae)  :: puolalainen notaatio
politburo {n} /ˈpɒlɪtˌbjʊəɹəʊ/ (the governing Communist council)  :: politbyroo
politburo {n} (policymaking body)  :: politbyroo
polite {adj} /pəˈlaɪt/ (well-mannered)  :: kohtelias
political {adj} /pəˈlɪtɪkəl/ (concerning or relating to politics)  :: poliittinen
political {adj} (motivated by political calculation)  :: poliittinen
political {adj} (of or relating to views about social relationships that involve power or authority)  :: poliittinen
political animal {n} (person driven by political motives)  :: poliittinen eläin
political asylum {n} (protection, by a sovereign state)  :: poliittinen turvapaikka
political cartoon {n} (editorial cartoon) SEE: editorial cartoon  ::
political cartoonist {n} (editorial cartoonist) SEE: editorial cartoonist  ::
political climate {n} /pəˈlɪtɪkəl ˈklaɪmət/ (aggregate mood)  :: poliittinen ilmapiiri
political conservative {n} (person)  :: poliittinen konservatiivi
political consumerism {n} (standpoint)  :: poliittinen konsumerismi
political correctness {n} (being politically correct)  :: poliittinen korrektius
political football {n} (often discussed yet unresolved issue)  :: kuuma peruna
political football {n} (ongoing wrangling)  :: poliittinen pallottelu
politically {adv} (in a political manner)  :: poliittisesti
politically correct {adj} (avoiding offense, selectively)  :: poliittisesti korrekti
politically incorrect {adj} (not politically correct)  :: poliittisesti epäkorrekti
political machine {n} (political organization)  :: poliittinen voimatekijä
political opposition {n} (minority party or parties)  :: poliittinen oppositio, oppositio
political party {n} (political organization)  :: poliittinen puolue, puolue
political prisoner {n} (person)  :: mielipidevanki, poliittinen vanki
political risk {n} (risk)  :: poliittinen riski
political science {n} (study of politics)  :: valtiotiede
political scientist {n} (political science expert)  :: valtiotieteilijä
political system {n}  :: poliittinen järjestelmä
political vacuum {n} (state of relative anarchy)  :: poliittinen tyhjiö
politician {n} /pɑl.ɪˈtɪʃ.ən/ (one engaged in politics)  :: poliitikko
politicize {v} (to discuss politics)  :: politikoida
politicize {v} (to give something political characteristics)  :: politisoida
politicize {v} (to make someone politically active)  :: politisoida
politics {n} /ˈpɑl.ɪ.tɪks/ (a methodology and activities associated with running a government)  :: politiikka
politology {n} (political science) SEE: political science  ::
polity {n} /ˈpɑ.lɪ.ti/ (an organizational structure of the government)  :: hallinto, hallintokoneisto
polity {n} (politically organized unit)  :: hallintoalue
polka {n} /ˈpoʊ(l)kə/ (dance)  :: polkka
polka {n} (music for this dance)  :: polkka
poll {n} /poʊl/ (An election or a survey of a particular group)  :: äänestys, mielipidemittaus
poll {n} (place to vote)  :: äänestyspaikka
poll {v} (to solicit mock votes from (a person or group))  :: suorittaa mielipidetutkimus
poll {v} (to remove the horns of (an animal))  :: leikata sarvet
pollakiuria {n} (abnormally frequent passage of relatively small quantities of urine)  :: tiheä virtsaaminen
pollen {n} /ˈpɒlən/ (fine granular substance produced in flowers)  :: siitepöly
pollen grain {n} (single male reproductive particle of which the pollen of a plant consists)  :: siitepölyhiukkanen
pollinate {v} (To apply pollen to)  :: pölyttää
pollinator {n} (agent)  :: pölyttäjä
pollinator {n} (source of pollen)  :: pölyttäjä
polling {n} (action of taking a poll)  :: äänestäminen [voting], kysely [opinion survey]
polling {n} (technique of interrogating a peripheral device)  :: kiertokysely
polling booth {n} (voting booth) SEE: voting booth  ::
polling day {n} (election day)  :: vaalipäivä
polling station {n} (place where voters go to cast their ballot)  :: äänestyspaikka
pollock {n} /ˈpɑlək/ (food fish related to cod)  :: seiti [P. virens], lyyraturska [P. pollachius]
poll tax {n} (uniform tax per individual)  :: henkiraha, henkivero
pollutant {n} (something that pollutes)  :: saaste, epäpuhtaus
pollute {v} (to make something harmful)  :: saastuttaa
pollute {adj} (polluted)  :: saastunut, pilaantunut
polluted {adj} (defiled)  :: saastunut
polluter {n} (subject that pollutes)  :: saastuttaja
pollution {n} (the contamination of the environment by harmful substances)  :: saastuminen [state], saastuttaminen [act]
pollution {n} (something that pollutes; pollutant)  :: saaste
pollution {n} (medicine, obsolete: emission of semen at other times than in sexual intercourse)  :: itsesaastutus [masturbation]
polo {n} /ˈpoʊloʊ/ (ball game)  :: poolo, hevospoolo
polonaise {n} (dance)  :: poloneesi
polo-neck {n} (a light type of shirt with such a collar)  :: poolopaita
polonium {n} /pəˈloʊni.əm/ (chemical element)  :: polonium
polo shirt {n} (casual top)  :: pikeepaita
poltergeist {n} /ˈpɵ̙ltəɡaɪst/ (a disruptive ghost)  :: räyhähenki, poltergeist
poltroon {adj} (cowardly) SEE: cowardly  ::
poltroon {n} /pɑlˈtɹun/ (an ignoble or arrant coward)  :: lusmu
poly- {prefix} /ˈpɑli/ (many)  :: moni-, poly-
polyamory {n} /ˌpɒliˈæm(ə)ɹi/ (practices involving relationships with multiple partners)  :: polyamoria, monisuhteisuus
polyandry {n} (plurality of husbands at the same time)  :: polyandria, monimiehisyys
polyarchic {adj} (of or pertaining to a polyarchy)  :: poliarkinen
polyarchy {n} (government in which power is invested in multiple people)  :: poliarkia
polycarbonate {n} (polymer of aromatic carbonates)  :: polykarbonaatti
polyclinic {n} (a clinic in which diseases of many sorts are treated)  :: poliklinikka
polycyclic {adj} (having two or more rings of atoms in the molecule)  :: polysyklinen
polyester {n} (polymer)  :: polyesteri
polyester {adj} (of or consisting of polyester)  :: polyesteri, polyesterinen
polyethene {n} (polyethylene) SEE: polyethylene  ::
polyethism {n} (different work activities)  :: erikoistuminen
polyethylene {n} (polyethylene)  :: polyeteeni
polyethylene terephthalate {n} (type of polyester)  :: polyetyleenitereftalaatti
polygamous {adj} /pəˈlɪɡəməs/ (of, relating to, or practicing polygamy)  :: moniavioinen
polygamy {n} /pəˈlɪɡəmi/ (the having of a plurality of socially bonded sexual partners at the same time)  :: moniavioisuus, polygamia
polygamy {n} (zoology: the state or habit of having more than one mate)  :: polygamia
polygamy {n} (botany: the condition or state of a plant which bears both perfect and unisexual flowers)  :: polygamia
polygamy {n} (polygyny) SEE: polygyny  ::
polygenetic {adj} (having many sources)  :: polygeneettinen
polyglot {adj} /pɒliːɡlɒt/ (Versed in, or speaking, many languages)  :: monikielinen
polyglot {adj} (Containing, or made up of, several languages)  :: monikielinen
polyglot {adj} (Comprising various linguistic groups)  :: monikielinen
polyglot {n} (one who masters, notably speaks, several languages)  :: kielitaituri
polygon {n} /ˈpɑliɡɑn/ (plane figure bounded by straight edges)  :: monikulmio, polygoni
polygonal {adj} /pəˈlɪɡənəl/ (having many angles)  :: monikulmio-, polygonaalinen
polygon mesh {n} (collection of vetrices, edges and faces)  :: polygoniverkko
polygraph {n} (device to discern if a subject is lying)  :: valheenpaljastin
polygynous {adj} /pəˈlɪdʒɪnəs/ (plurality of wives at the same time)  :: monivaimoisuus, polygynia
polygyny {n} /pəˈlɪdʒɪnɪ/ (plurality of wives at the same time)  :: monivaimoisuus, polygynia
polyhedron {n} /pɒliˈhiːdɹən/ (geometry: solid figure)  :: monitahokas, polyedri
polyline {n} (continuous line composed of line segments)  :: murtoviiva
polymath {n} /ˈpɒlɪmæθ/ (person with extraordinarily broad and comprehensive knowledge)  :: monitietäjä, polyhistori, yleisnero
polymer {n} /ˈpɑ.lɪ.mɚ/ (molecule consisting of many identical monomers)  :: polymeeri
polymerase {n} (enzyme that catalyses the formation of polymers)  :: polymeraasi
polymeride {n} (polymer) SEE: polymer  ::
polymerization {n} /ˌpɒl.ɪ.məɹ.aɪˈzeɪ.ʃən/ (process in which polymers are formed)  :: polymerisaatio
polymerize {v} /ˈpɑləməˌɹaɪz/ (to convert a monomer to a polymer)  :: polymeroida
polymerize {v} (to undergo polymerization)  :: polymeroitua
polymethyl methacrylate {n} (transparent tough plastic)  :: polymetyylimetakrylaatti; pleksilasi, akryyli
polymethyl methyacrylate {n} (tough, transparent thermoplastic polymer)  :: pleksilasi
polymorphic {adj} /ˌpɑliˈmɔɹfɪk/ (relating to polymorphism)  :: monimuotoinen
polymorphism {n} /pɑliˈmɔɹfɪz(ə)m/ (ability to assume different forms or shapes)  :: monimuotoisuus, muunneltavuus
polymorphism {n} (biology: coexistence of two or more distinct forms independent of sex)  :: monimuotoisuus, polymorfismi
polymorphism {n} (crystallography: ability of a material to exist in more than one form)  :: polymorfia, polymorfismi
polymorphous {adj} (Having, or assuming, a variety of forms, characters, or styles)  :: monipuolinen, monimuotoinen
polymorphous {adj} (Having, or occurring in, several distinct forms)  :: polymorfinen
polymorphous {adj} (Crystallizing in two or more different forms; polymorphic)  :: monimuotoinen
Polynesia {prop} /ˌpɑːləˈniːʒə/ (part of Oceania)  :: Polynesia
Polynesian {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Polynesia)  :: polynesialainen
Polynesian {n} (person from Polynesia)  :: polynesialainen
polynomial {adj} (in algebra)  :: polynominen
polynomial {n} (algebraic expression)  :: polynomi
polynomial equation {n} (algebraic equation)  :: polynomiyhtälö
polynya {n} (an area of open water surrounded by sea ice)  :: polinja
polyomino {n} (polyform made of squares)  :: polyomino
polyp {n} (growth)  :: polyyppi
polyp {n} (coelenterate)  :: polyyppi
polypeptide {n} (organic chemistry: any polymer amino acids joined via peptide bonds)  :: peptidi
polypeptide {n} (biochemistry: any such polymer that is not folded into a secondary structure of a protein)  :: polypeptidi
polypeptide {n} (biochemistry: a small protein containing up to 100 amino acids)  :: polypeptidi
polyphonic {adj} (of or relating to polyphony)  :: moniääninen, polyfoninen
polyphyletic {adj} (having multiple ancestral sources)  :: polyfyleettinen
polyploidy {n} /ˈpɒlɪplɔɪdi/ (state or condition of being a polyploid)  :: polyploidia
polypod {adj} (having many feet)  :: monijalkainen
polypod {adj} (of or pertaining to Polypoda)  :: monijalkaisten (genitive of noun)
polypod {n} (animal with many feet)  :: monijalkainen
polypod {n} (fern of the family Polypodiaceae)  :: kallioimarrekasvi
polypody {n} /ˈpɒlɪpəʊdi/ (any fern of the genus Polypodium)  :: kallioimarre
polypoid {adj} (resembling a polyp)  :: polyyppimainen
polypore {n} (tough, leathery, poroid mushroom) SEE: bracket fungus  ::
polypropylene {n} (resin)  :: polypropeeni
polyptoton {n} /ˌpɑ.ləpˈtoʊ.tɑn/ (stylistic scheme)  :: polyptoton
polypurine {n} (continuous sequence of purines in a protein)  :: polypuriini
polysaccharide {n} (complex carbohydrate)  :: polysakkaridi
polysemic {adj} /pɒ.lɪ.ˈsiː.mɪk/ (having a number of meanings, interpretations or understandings)  :: monimerkityksinen
polysemous {adj} /ˌpɑːl.iˈsiː.məs/ (having multiple meanings)  :: monimerkityksinen
polysemy {n} /ˈpɒ.lɪ.siː.mi/ (ability to have multiple meanings)  :: polysemia, monimerkityksisyys
polyspast {n} (machine consisting of many pulleys)  :: väkipyörästö
polysynthetic {adj} (polysynthetic)  :: polysynteettinen
polytechnic {adj}  :: polyteknillinen
polytechnic {n} (educational institute)  :: ammattikorkeakoulu
polytetrafluoroethylene {n} (synthetic resin)  :: polytetrafluorieteeni
polytheism {n} /pɒliˈθiˈĭzˈəm/ (belief in the existence of many gods)  :: monijumalisuus, polyteismi
polytheistic {adj} /ˌpɒlɪθiːˈɪstɪk/ (of or relating to polytheism)  :: polyteistinen, monijumalainen
polythene {n} (polyethylene) SEE: polyethylene  ::
polyunsaturated {adj} (relating to long chain organic compounds)  :: monityydyttymätön
polyunsaturated fat {n} (a fat or oil containing a high proportion of polyunsaturated fatty acids)  :: monityydyttymätön rasva
polyurethane {n} (any of various polymeric resins containing urethane links)  :: polyuretaani
polyuria {n} (production of an abnormally large amount of urine)  :: polyuria, runsas virtsaneritys
polyvinyl chloride {n} (thermoplastic resin)  :: PVC-muovi
pomade {n} (greasy substance)  :: hiusrasva, pomada
pomarine skua {n} (Stercorarius pomarinus)  :: leveäpyrstökihu
pomegranate {n} /ˈpɒm.ɪˌɡɹæn.ɪt/ (shrub/tree)  :: granaattiomena, granaattiomenapuu
pomegranate {n} (fruit)  :: granaattiomena
pomelo {n} (grapefruit) SEE: grapefruit  ::
pomelo {n} /ˈpɒmɪləʊ/ (large fruit of the C. maxima or grandis)  :: pomelo, pummelo
pomelo {n} (tree)  :: pomelo
Pomerania {prop} (region of Europe on the southern shores of the Baltic Sea)  :: Pommeri
Pomeranian {prop} (Kashubian) SEE: Kashubian  ::
pomfret {n} (fish of family Bramidae)  :: pomfretti
pommel {n} (knob forming the finial of a turret or pavilion) SEE: finial  ::
pommel {n} /ˈpɑ.məl/ (upper front brow of a saddle)  :: nuppi
pommel {n} (knob on the hilt of an edged weapon such as a sword)  :: ponsi
pommel horse {n} (gymnastic apparatus)  :: hevonen
pommel horse {n} (athletic event)  :: hevonen
pomp {n} /ˈpɑːmp/ (show of magnificence)  :: mahtipontisuus, prameus, prameilu
Pompeii {prop} /pɑːmˈpeɪi/ (a historical city)  :: Pompeji
pomposity {n} (quality)  :: pompöösiys, mahtipontisuus, suurellisuus
pompous {adj} /ˈpɒmpəs/ (affectedly grand)  :: mahtipontinen, suurellinen
ponce {n} (pimp) SEE: pimp  ::
poncho {n} /ˈpɑn.tʃoʊ/ (simple garment of cloth)  :: poncho
poncho {n} (waterproof garment with hood)  :: sadeviitta
pond {n} /pɑnd/ (small lake)  :: lampi, allas
pond {n} (the Atlantic Ocean)  :: rapakko
ponder {v} /ˈpɒn.də(ɹ)/ (to think deeply)  :: pohtia
ponder {v} (to consider carefully)  :: pohtia
ponderous {adj} /ˈpɑn.dɚ.əs/ (heavy, massive, weighty)  :: raskas, painava, järkälemäinen
ponderous {adj} (serious, onerous, oppressive)  :: rasittava, raskas
ponderous {adj} (clumsy, unwieldy, or slow, especially due to weight)  :: kömpelö, raskas
ponderous {adj} (dull or boring)  :: rasittava, pitkäveteinen, uuvuttava, raskas
ponderous {adj} (characterized by or associated with pondering)  :: pohdiskeleva, raskassoutuinen
ponderous {adj} (dense) SEE: dense  ::
pond-skater {n} (any of various predatory insects) SEE: water strider  ::
pondweed {n} (plant of the genus Potamogeton)  :: vita
pondweed {n} (plant of the genus Elodea)  :: vesirutto
pondweed {n} (plant of the genus Aponogeton)  :: verkkolehti
pondweed {n} (alga of the order Charales)  :: näkinpartaislevä
pong {n} (bad smell)  :: lemu, löyhkä
pong {v} (to stink)  :: lemuta, löyhkätä
pongee {n} /ˈpɑndʒi/ (soft unbleached silk)  :: pongee-silkki
pons {n} (Part of brain)  :: aivosilta
pontiff {n} /ˈpɒntɪf/ (pope)  :: pontiff
pontifical {adj} (Of or pertaining to a pontiff)  :: paavillinen
pontifical {adj} (Pompous, dignified or dogmatic)  :: mahtava, mahtipontinen
pontificate {n} /pɑːnˈtɪfɪkət/ (state of a pontifex)  :: paavius, pontifikaatti
pontificate {v} /pɑːnˈtɪfɪkeɪt/ (speak in a patronizing, supercilious or pompous manner)  :: saarnata
pontoon {n} /pɒnˈtuːn/ (support for a temporary bridge)  :: ponttoni
pontoon {n} (floating structure supporting a bridge or dock)  :: ponttoni
pontoon {n} (box used to raise a sunken vessel)  :: ponttoni
pontoon {n} (float of a seaplane)  :: ilmatyyny
pontoon bridge {n} (a temporary bridge built over floating pontoons)  :: ponttoonisilta
pony {n} /ˈpoʊni/ (small horse)  :: poni
ponytail {n} /ˈpoʊniˌteɪl/ (hairstyle)  :: poninhäntä
poo {n} (faecal matter)  :: kakka
poo {n} (slang: marijuana resin)  :: tymi
poo {n} (slang: champagne)  :: skumppa
poo {v} (childish: to defecate)  :: kakata
pooch {n} (slang: dog)  :: piski, murre
pooch {n} (mongrel)  :: rakki
pooch {n} (bulge)  :: pullistuma
pooch {n} (distended or swelled condition)  :: pullistuma
pooch {v} (to extend beyond normal limits)  :: pullistua
pood {n} (Russian unit of mass)  :: puuta
poodle {n} /ˈpuː.dəl/ (any of various breeds of poodle)  :: villakoira, puudeli
poof {interj} /pʊf/ (deflating object or a magical disappearance)  :: puff
poof {n} (A male homosexual.)  :: hintti
Pooh {prop} /puː/ (short for Winnie the Pooh)  :: Puh
pool {n} /puːl/ (body of water)  :: lampi, suvanto, lammikko
pool {n} (small body of standing or stagnant water; a puddle)  :: lammikko, lätäkkö
pool {n} (supply of resources)  :: pooli, [computing] varanto
pool {v} (to put together)  :: yhdistää
pool {n} (swimming pool) SEE: swimming pool  ::
pool noodle {n} (long tube used as a toy in swimming pools)  :: uimanuudeli
poop {v} /puːp/ (to make a short blast)  :: töräyttää
poop {v} (to defecate)  :: kakata
poop {n} (low-pitch sound of a whistle)  :: tuut
poop {v} (to tire, exhaust)  :: väsähtää
poop {n} (slothful person)  :: vätys
poop {n} (feces) SEE: poo  ::
poop {n} (stern) SEE: stern  ::
poop {v} (to break wind) SEE: break wind  ::
poop bag {n} (bag)  :: koirankakkapussi
poop deck {n} (stern deck on top of the cabin(s))  :: puuppikansi, hyttikansi
pooper scooper {n} (scoop for the collection of pet excrement)  :: kakkalapio
poor {adj} /poː/ (with little or no possessions or money)  :: köyhä, varaton
poor {adj} (to be pitied)  :: raukka, rukka, poloinen, rassu
poor {adj} (of low quality)  :: kehno, heikkolaatuinen
poor {n} (those with no possessions)  :: köyhät {p}
poor as a church mouse {adj} (very poor)  :: köyhä kuin kirkon rotta, rutiköyhä
poorly {adj} (ill) SEE: ill  ::
poormouth {v} (claim to be poor)  :: väittää olevansa köyhä
poor thing {n} (someone or something to be pitied)  :: raukka
pop {v} (to hit) SEE: hit  ::
pop {n} /pɑp/ (loud, sharp sound)  :: poksahdus
pop {n} (soda pop)  :: limsa, limu, limppari
pop {v} (to burst something)  :: poksauttaa
pop {v} (to place something somewhere)  :: tyrkätä
pop {v} (slang: to swallow)  :: nappailla
pop {v} (to perform a move while riding a board or vehicle)  :: vetäistä
pop {n} (pop music)  :: pop, poppi
pop {v} (to ejaculate) SEE: ejaculate  ::
popcorn {n} /ˈpɑp.kɔɹn/ (a snack food made from corn kernels popped by dry heating)  :: popcorn, paukkumaissi, paahtomaissi
pop culture {n} (popular culture) SEE: popular culture  ::
pope {n} /poʊp/ (head of the Roman Catholic Church)  :: paavi
Popemobile {n} (any of various vehicles with bulletproof glass sides used to transport the Pope)  :: paavimobiili
Popeye {prop} /ˈpɒp.aɪ/ (tough cartoon sailor)  :: Kippari-Kalle
pop group {n} (musical group specializing in pop music)  :: pop-yhtye
pop gun {n} (a toy gun)  :: korkkipyssy
popinjay {n} (Picus viridis) SEE: green woodpecker  ::
popinjay {n} (parrot) SEE: parrot  ::
popinjay {n} /ˈpɑpənˌdʒeɪ/ (decorative image of a parrot)  :: papukaija
popinjay {n} (heraldic representation of a parrot)  :: papukaija
popinjay {n} (vain, gaudy person)  :: pintaliitäjä
popinjay {n} (archery: target to shoot at)  :: papukaija [rare]; maali
popliteal {adj} /pɒˈplɪtɪəl/ (area behind the knee)  :: polvitaive-, polvitaipeen
pop music {n} (music intended for or accepted by a wide audience)  :: pop-musiikki, populäärimusiikki
poppy {n} /ˈpɑpi/ (plant)  :: unikukka, unikko
poppy {n} (artificial poppy)  :: unikko
poppy {adj} (music style)  :: popahtava
poppyseed {n} (the seed of the poppy)  :: unikonsiemen
popsicle {n} /ˈpɑpsɪkl̩/ (serving of frozen juice on a stick)  :: mehujääpuikko
pop someone's cherry {v} (deflower) SEE: deflower  ::
pop the question {v} (pop the question)  :: kosia
populace {n} (inhabitants of a nation) SEE: population  ::
popular {adj} /ˈpɑpjələɹ/ (of or pertaining to the common people)  :: kansan-, kansanomainen
popular {adj} (aimed at the general public)  :: helppotajuinen
popular {adj} (adapted to the means of the common people; cheap)  :: talous-, kansan-
popular {adj} (liked by many people)  :: suosittu
popular culture {n} (prevailing vernacular culture)  :: populaarikulttuuri
popularise {v} (to make popular)  :: tehdä tunnetuksi
popularise {v} (to present in a widely understandable form)  :: helppotajuistaa, popularisoida
popularity {n} /ˌpɒp.jəˈlæɹ.ɪ.ti/ (the quality or state of being popular)  :: suosio
popular music {n} (genre that has wide appeal amongst the general public)  :: populaarimusiikki, pop, pop-musiikki
popular opinion {n} (public opinion) SEE: public opinion  ::
popular science {n} (interpretation of science)  :: populaaritiede
popular science {n} (of, or having to do with popular science)  :: populaaritieteellinen, yleistajuinen, tiedettä yleistajuistava
population {n} /ˌpɒpjʊˈleɪʃən/ (all people living within a political or geographical boundary)  :: väestö
population {n} (biology: collection of organisms)  :: kanta, populaatio
population {n} (number of residents in a given area)  :: asukasluku, väkiluku
population density {n} (average number of people per area)  :: väestöntiheys
population inversion {n} (creation of a system)  :: käänteinen miehitys, populaatioinversio
populism {n} (a political doctrine or philosophy)  :: populismi
populist {n} (person who advocates populism)  :: populisti
populist {n} (politician who advocates policies just because they are popular)  :: populisti
populist {n} (person who advocates democratic principles)  :: demokraatti
populist {adj} (democratic)  :: demokraattinen
populist {adj} (put forward just because it would be popular)  :: populistinen
populist {adj} (of or pertaining to populism)  :: populistinen
populous {adj} /ˈpɑpjələs/ (having a large population)  :: väkirikas, runsasväkinen
populous {adj} (densely populated)  :: tiheästi asuttu
populous {adj} (crowded with people)  :: ruuhkainen
pop up {v} (to appear without warning)  :: ilmestyä
pop-up {n} (advertisement that pops up when one accesses an Internet page)  :: ponnahdusikkuna
pop-up menu {n} (context menu)  :: ponnahdusvalikko
porbeagle {n} (a pelagic shark)  :: sillihai
porcelain {n} /ˈpɔəɹ.sə.lɪn/ (hard, white, translucent ceramic)  :: posliini
porcelain {n} (anything manufactured from this material)  :: posliini
porch {n} /pɔɹtʃ/ (a covered and enclosed entrance to a building)  :: porstua, kuisti
porch {n} (a portico; a covered walk)  :: pylväshalli
porcupine {n} (large rodent)  :: piikkisika
pore {n} /pɔɹ/ (a tiny opening in the skin)  :: huokonen
pore {n} (by extension any small opening)  :: huokonen
porgy {n} (fish of the family Sparidae)  :: hammasahven
Pori {prop} (city in Finland)  :: Pori
pork {n} /pɔɹk/ (meat of a pig)  :: sianliha, sika, porsas, possu
pork barrel {n} /ˈpɔːkˌbaɹəl/ (funds assigned for local expenditure)  :: tukiaiset {p}
pork-barrelling {n} (practice of giving favours or money for support)  :: siltarumpupolitiikka, tukipolitiikka
pork belly {n} (boneless