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mää {interj} [onomatopoeia]  :: baa
mää {pron} [personal, dialectal]  :: I
{pron} [personal, colloquial]  :: I (first person singular personal pronoun)
M {abbr}  :: magna cum laude approbatur
ma {abbr}  :: maanantai (Monday)
ma. {abbr} [of a contract]  :: fixed-period, fixed-term
ma. {abbr} [of employment]  :: temporary
ma {pron} [personal, archaic, poetic]  :: I
-ma {suffix}  :: Forms action/result nouns from verbs
-ma {suffix}  :: The suffix of the agent participle
maa {n} [card games]  :: suit
maa {n}  :: country
maa {n}  :: countryside
maa {n}  :: earth
maa {n}  :: ground
maa {n}  :: land
maa {n}  :: soil
Maa {prop}  :: the planet Earth
maa-alkalimetalli {n} [inorganic chemistry]  :: alkaline earth metal
maa-alue {n}  :: land area
maa-artisokka {n}  :: Jerusalem artichoke, sunroot, topinambur (Helianthus tuberosus)
maa-asema {n}  :: ground station
maadoittaa {vt} [electricity]  :: to earth, ground, ground out
maadoitus {n} [electrical engineering]  :: earthing, grounding
maaeläin {n} [zoology]  :: A terrestrial animal
maaemo {n}  :: The Mother Earth
maagi {n}  :: mage
maagikko {n}  :: magician
maaginen {adj}  :: magical
maagisesti {adv}  :: magically
maagisuus {n}  :: magic
maahanhyökkäys {n}  :: invasion
maahanmuuttaja {n}  :: immigrant
maahanmuutto {n}  :: immigration
maahanmuuttopolitiikka {n}  :: immigration policy
maahantunkeutuminen {n}  :: An incursion, invasion
maahantuoja {n}  :: importer
maahantuonti {n}  :: import (practice of importing)
maaherra {n}  :: A person holding a similar position in another country, especially in Nordic countries
maaherra {n} [government]  :: The highest official of lääni (province), which is a Finnish administrative unit between the state and municipalities. Maaherra is appointed by the central government, and is usually translated as governor into English
maaherratar {n}  :: Female equivalent of maaherra
maahikas {n}  :: Any of the fungi of the genus Elaphomyces that resemble truffle and grow underground
maahinen {n} [mythology]  :: A man-like creature that lives in subterranean dwellings; a gnome, imp
maahockey {n}  :: field hockey, hockey
maahumala {n}  :: Ground ivy (Glechoma hederacea)
maailma {n}  :: a celestial body (especially a planet)
maailma {n}  :: an individual or group perspective or social setting
maailma {n}  :: a world
maailma {n}  :: the Earth
maailma {n}  :: the universe
maailmallinen {adj}  :: worldly
maailmallistua {vi}  :: To become worldly
maailmallisuus {n}  :: worldliness
maailmanavaruus {n}  :: space
maailmancup {n}  :: world cup
maailmanennätys {n} [sports]  :: world record
maailmanennätysaika {n}  :: world record time
maailmanennätystulos {n} [sports]  :: world record
maailmanhistoria {n}  :: world history
maailmanjärjestö {n}  :: world organization
maailmanjärjestys {n}  :: world order
maailmankaikkeus {n}  :: A universe
maailmankaikkeus {n}  :: The universe or the Universe
maailmankartta {n}  :: world map
maailmankatsomuksellinen {adj}  :: world-view (of or pertaining to a worldview)
maailmankatsomus {n}  :: worldview
Maailman kauppajärjestö {prop}  :: World Trade Organization
maailmankausi {n} [geology]  :: era (phase in Earth's development typically lasting hundreds of millions of years; subdivision of eon consisting of several periods)
maailmankirjallisuus {n}  :: world literature
maailmankolkka {n}  :: A part of the world
maailmankuulu {adj}  :: world-renowned, world-famous
maailmankuva {n}  :: world view, worldview
maailmanlaajuinen {adj}  :: worldwide, global
maailmanlaajuisesti {adv}  :: globally, worldwide
maailmanlista {n} [sports]  :: A ranking list of World's best athletes in a given event
maailmanloppu {n}  :: end of the world, apocalypse
maailmanluokka {n}  :: world-class
maailmanmarkkinahinta {n}  :: world market price (price at which a commodity is traded at the global marketplace)
maailmanmatkaaja {n}  :: globetrotter
maailmanmestari {n}  :: world champion
maailmanmestaruus {n}  :: world championship
maailmanmestaruuskilpailu {n} [often in plural]  :: world championship games
maailmanmusiikki {n}  :: world music
maailmannäyttely {n}  :: a World Exposition
Maailmanpankki {prop}  :: The World Bank
maailmanperintökohde {n}  :: World Heritage Site
maailmanpyörä {n}  :: Ferris wheel
maailmanrauha {n}  :: world peace
maailmansota {n}  :: World war
maailmantalous {n}  :: world economy
maailmantuska {n}  :: world-weariness, weltschmerz
maailmanuskonto {n}  :: world religion
maailmanvallankumous {n}  :: world revolution
maailmanvalta {n}  :: superpower
maailman vanhin ammatti {n} [euphemism]  :: world's oldest profession (prostitution)
maa- ja metsätalousministeri {n}  :: The Finnish Minister of Agriculture and Forestry
maa- ja metsätalousministeriö {n}  :: The Finnish Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
maajoukko {n} [military, usually in plural]  :: land troops
maajoukkue {n}  :: national team (team representing a country in an international sports event)
maajoukot {n} [military]  :: ground troops
maajussi {n}  :: farmer
maakaasu {n}  :: natural gas
maakaira {n}  :: earth drill
maakarhu {n}  :: brown bear, Ursus arctos
maakari {n}  :: master (skilled tradesman)
maakariliemi {n} [culinarism]  :: master stock
maakeskeinen {adj} [astronomy]  :: geocentric
maakeskinen {adj} [astronomy]  :: geocentric
maakeskisyys {n}  :: geocentrism
maakiitäjäinen {n}  :: ground beetle (any of a large cosmopolitan family of beetles, Carabidae)
maakotka {n}  :: A golden eagle (Aquila chrysaetos)
maakrapu {n}  :: landlubber
maakreivi {n}  :: landgrave (Landgraf)
maakumpu {n}  :: A mound of earth
maakunnallinen {adj}  :: county, provincial
maakunnan liitto {n}  :: regional council (association formed by municipalities of a region, responsible for regional zoning and promotion of regional economy)
maakunta {n}  :: county, province, region (administrative or historical region widely varying in size and significance but always a subdivision of a state and consisting of a number of municipalities)
maakuntahallitus {n}  :: regional board (executive board of a maakunnan liitto, regional council)
maakuntajohtaja {n}  :: The executive director of a [[maakunnan liitto regional council]]
maalaaja {n}  :: painter
maalaamaton {adj}  :: unpainted
maalaamo {n}  :: paint shop (workshop in which objects, e.g. cars, are painted)
maalailla {v}  :: to gild the lily (to add superfluous attributes to something)
maalailla {v}  :: to paint (to be painting, but not putting one's best effort to it)
maalailu {n}  :: painting (not with serious effort)
maalainen {adj}  :: originating from a certain country; used in direct and indirect questions
maalainen {adj}  :: rural, rustic; often
maalainen {n}  :: countryman, rustic (country dweller)
maalainen {n} [rare]  :: countryman (somebody from the same country)
maalais- {prefix}  :: rural
maalaisjärki {n}  :: common sense (ordinary sensible understanding)
maalaiskunta {n}  :: Rural municipality, a former type of municipalities in Finland
maalaisköyhälistö {n}  :: peasantry (impoverished rural farm workers)
maalaisliitto {n} [historical]  :: The former and original name of the Finnish political party now known as keskustapuolue, keskusta or more formally Suomen Keskusta
maalaismainen {adj}  :: rural, rustic
maalaismaisema {n}  :: rural landscape
maalaistollo {n} [pejorative]  :: yokel, hick, country bumpkin (person of rural background)
maalaistua {vi}  :: To become rustic
maalaisvoi {n}  :: Butter prepared directly in a farm
maalaji {n}  :: soil type
maalajikolmio {n} [geology]  :: soil triangle, soil classification triangle (graphic representation of classification of mineral soil types according to the proportions of sand, silt and clay in them)
maalajite {n}  :: soil separate (fraction of a given soil sample separated on the basis of grain size)
maalari {n}  :: Any person that paints, a painter
maalari {n}  :: One who makes paintings, an artist
Maalari {prop}  :: The constellation Pictor
maalarinteippi {n}  :: masking tape, painter's tape
maalata {v}  :: to paint
maalata {v}  :: to score (to make a goal in a ballgame)
maalata itsensä nurkkaan {phrase} [idiomatic]  :: to paint oneself into a corner
maalauksellinen {adj}  :: picturesque, paintinglike
maalauksellisempi {adj}  :: comparative form of maalauksellinen
maalauksellisuus {n}  :: picturesqueness
maalaus {n}  :: painting (act of applying paint)
maalaus {n}  :: painting (work of art)
maalausteline {n}  :: easel
maalauttaa {vt}  :: To have (sth) painted (by somebody = allative), make somebody (= allative) paint (sth)
maali {n} [military]  :: bogey (enemy aircraft)
maali {n} [music]  :: Different endings of a repeated section
maali {n}  :: paint
maali {n} [sports]  :: finish line, finish
maali {n} [sports]  :: goal
maali {n}  :: target
maalialue {n}  :: goalmouth
maalialue {n} [ice hockey]  :: goal area, goal crease
maalialue {n} [soccer]  :: goal area
maalijoukko {n} [mathematics]  :: codomain
maalilinja {n} [sports]  :: A goal line in ice hockey
maalinen {adj}  :: painty
maalintekijä {n}  :: scorer (one who scores, or makes a goal)
maalinteko {n}  :: scoring (the act of making a goal in a ballgame)
maalipaikka {n} [sports]  :: An opportunity to score (situation in a game, in which a player has good chances to make a goal; it may or may not lead to a goal)
maalipotku {n} [soccer]  :: goal kick
maaliraja {n} [soccer]  :: A goal line
maaliskuinen {adj}  :: Pertaining to March
maaliskuu {n}  :: March
maalisuora {n}  :: home stretch (final part of a race course)
maalitaulu {n}  :: target (butt or mark to shoot at)
maalitolppa {n} [ballgames]  :: A goal post
maaliton {adj}  :: goalless
maaliton {adj}  :: paintless
maalitykki {n} [sports]  :: A player in a ballgame who is especially good in shooting goals
maalivahti {n}  :: In ice hockey and lacrosse, a goaltender
maalivahti {n}  :: In most games, a goalkeeper
maaliviiva {n}  :: A goal line in ice hockey
maaliviiva {n} [athletics]  :: A finish line
maaliviiva {n} [colloquial]  :: A goal line in soccer
maaöljy {n}  :: petroleum
maallikko {n}  :: layman (non-professional)
maallikkosaarnaaja {n}  :: lay preacher
maallinen {adj}  :: secular
maallinen {adj}  :: worldly
maallistua {vi}  :: to become secular, worldly
maallistunut {adj}  :: secular
maallisuus {n}  :: earthliness, worldliness
maallisuus {n}  :: secularity
maalämpö {n}  :: geothermal heating
maamassa {n} [engineering, construction, mining]  :: A large quantity of soil which needs to be, is being or has been removed from one place to another, or is subject to some other kind of action, such as clean-up or research
maamassa {n} [geology]  :: landmass (large continuous area of land, such as a continent or large island)
maamerkki {n}  :: A landmark
maametalli {n} [chemistry]  :: Any of the four metals aluminum, gallium, indium and thallium that belong to the boron group of the periodic table of elements
maametalli {n} [chemistry]  :: rare earth metal, rare earth element, more precisely called harvinainen maametalli
maametallimineraali {n}  :: rare earth (naturally occurring oxides of the lanthanide metals)
maamies {n}  :: farmer
maamiina {n}  :: land mine
maammo {n} [poetic]  :: mother
maamo {n} [poetic]  :: mother
maamyyrä {n}  :: Any of the small burrowing insectivores of the family Talpidae
maamyyrä {n}  :: European mole (Talpa europea)
maamyyrä {n}  :: In plural, maamyyrät, the taxonomic family Talpidae
maamyyrärotta {n}  :: Any of the rodents in Bathyergidae
maamyyrärotta {n}  :: In plural maamyyrärotat, a taxonomic family within the superfamily Muroidea in the order Rodentia, Bathyergidae
maanalainen {adj}  :: subterranean (below the ground)
maanalainen {adj}  :: underground (below the ground)
maanalainen {adj}  :: underground (hidden, furtive, secret)
maanalainen {n}  :: An underground, a subway, a Tube or a metro (underground railway)
maanantai {n}  :: Monday
maanantaiaamu {n}  :: Monday morning
maanantai-ilta {n}  :: Monday evening
maanantaikappale {n}  :: something made on Monday, dud, lemon (defective or inadequate item, especially in comparison with other basically similar products)
maanantainen {adj}  :: Pertaining to Monday
maanantaisin {adv}  :: on Mondays
maanikko {n}  :: maniac
maaninen {adj}  :: manic
maanis-depressiivinen {adj}  :: manic-depressive
maanisesti {adv}  :: manically
maanisäkäs {n} [zoology]  :: terrestrial mammal
maanitella {v}  :: To coax
maanittelu {n}  :: coaxing
maanjäristys {n}  :: earthquake
maankaltainen {adj} [astronomy]  :: terrestrial (of a planet, being composed primarily of metals and rock)
maankamara {n}  :: ground
maankiertäjä {n}  :: tramp, vagabond
maankohoaminen {n}  :: (geology) postglacial rebound (such movement observed in areas formerly covered by continental ice)
maankohoaminen {n} [geology]  :: upthrust (upward movement of part of the Earth's crust)
maankuori {n}  :: The crust of Earth
maankuulu {adj}  :: widely known, famous, proverbial
maankäyttö {n}  :: land use
maanmies {n}  :: compatriot
maanmittari {n}  :: surveyor (person occupied with surveying -- the process of determining positions on the earth's surface)
maanmittaus {n}  :: geodesy (scientific discipline that deals with the measurement and representation of the Earth)
maanmittaus {n}  :: geomatics (discipline of gathering, storing, processing, and delivering geographic information)
maanmittaus {n}  :: surveying, land surveying (art and science of accurately determining the terrestrial or three-dimensional position of points and the distances and angles between them)
maanmittausoppi {n}  :: geodetics, geodesy
maannousema {n}  :: annosum root rot (tree disease caused by Heterobasidion fungi)
maannousemasieni {n}  :: A fungus of the genus Heterobasidion
maanomistaja {n}  :: landowner
maanomistus {n}  :: landowning
maanosa {n}  :: continent
maanpako {n}  :: exile (the state of being exiled)
maanpetos {n} [legal]  :: (High) treason, treachery
maanpetturi {n} [legal]  :: Traitor (to one's country)
maanpinta {n}  :: ground (The surface of the Earth)
maanpäällinen {adj}  :: aboveground, superterranean (above the surface of the ground)
maanpäällinen {adj} [in some expressions]  :: on earth
maanpäällinen {adj}  :: terrestrial (concerned with the world or worldly matters)
maanpuoleinen {adj}  :: landward (in the direction towards land, as opposed to in the direction out to sea)
maanpuolustus {n}  :: defence (of the country)
maanrakennus {n}  :: earthmoving
maanrakennus {n}  :: excavation
maansiirtokone {n}  :: An earthmover
maan sisäinen pakolainen {n}  :: internal refugee, internally displaced person
maantaa {v} [science fiction]  :: to terraform (to transform the atmosphere or biosphere of another planet into one having the characteristics of Earth)
maanteitse {adv}  :: through, by highway
maantie {n}  :: road
maantiede {n}  :: geography
maantiejuna {n}  :: A road train
maantiekiitäjä {n}  :: road runner (fictitious bird in the cartoon Kelju K. Kojootti, the Finnish version of "Wile E. Coyote")
maantierosvo {n}  :: bandit, highwayman
maantiesuola {n}  :: road salt
maantieteellinen {adj}  :: geographic
maantieteellisesti {adv}  :: geographically
maantieteilijä {n}  :: geographer
maantieto {n}  :: geography
maanvaiva {n}  :: Nuisance, pest, scourge (a person or thing)
maanvaltaaja {n}  :: squatter (one who occupies a building or land without title or permission)
maanviljelijä {n}  :: farmer
maanviljely {n}  :: agriculture, farming
maanviljelymaa {n}  :: An agricultural country
maanviljelys {n}  :: agriculture
maanvyöry {n}  :: landslide
maanvyörymä {n}  :: landslide
maanvyörymävoitto {n}  :: landslide victory
maanvyöryvoitto {n} [rare]  :: alternative form of maanvyörymävoitto
maaorava {n}  :: chipmunk (rodent of the genus Tamias in the family Sciuridae, the squirrel family)
maaorja {n}  :: serf
maaorjuus {n}  :: serfdom
maaottelu {n}  :: cap (player's appearance in such game)
maaottelu {n} [sports]  :: A match, game or contest between two national teams of any sport
maapala {n}  :: A patch of land
maapallo {n}  :: the globe; the planet Earth
maapalsta {n}  :: plot (piece of land)
maaperä {n}  :: soil (country or territory)
maaperä {n}  :: soil (unconsolidated mineral or organic material on the immediate surface of the earth)
maapähkinä {n}  :: peanut
maapähkinävoi {n}  :: peanut butter
maapäivät {n}  :: diet (assembly)
maaplaneetta {n} [astronomy]  :: terrestrial planet
maapuu {n}  :: brushwood (branches and twigs fallen from trees and shrubs)
maar {interj} [dialectal, Turku region]  :: Used as fortifier after e.g. words [[kyllä yes]], [[totta true]]
maaraja {n}  :: land border
maarakennus {n}  :: alternative form of maanrakennus
maarakennuskangas {n}  :: construction fabric
maareformi {n}  :: land reform
Maaret {prop}  :: female given name
maari {n} [geology]  :: maar
Maaria {prop}  :: female given name
Maarianhamina {prop}  :: The capital of Åland, an autonomous province of Finland; in English texts more frequently known by its Swedish name Mariehamn
maariankämmekkä {n} [plant]  :: heath spotted-orchid (Dactylorhiza maculata)
Maarit {prop}  :: female given name
maartti {adj} [Finglish]  :: Smart
maaru {n} [colloquial]  :: belly
Maas {prop}  :: the Meuse (major European river)
maasai {n}  :: A Maasai
maaselkärankainen {n}  :: A tetrapod
maaseutu {n}  :: countryside (rural area)
maaseutumainen {adj}  :: rural-like
maasiira {n}  :: woodlouse
maasika {n}  :: aardvark (Orycteropus afer)
maasälpä {n} [mineral]  :: feldspar
maassa maan tavalla {proverb}  :: when in Rome, do as the Romans do
maastakarkotus {n}  :: deportation
maastamuuttaja {n}  :: emigrant
maastamuutto {n}  :: emigration
maastanosto {n} [weightlifting]  :: deadlift
maastaveto {n} [weightlifting]  :: deadlift
maasto {n}  :: terrain
maastoauto {n}  :: off-road vehicle
maastohiihto {n}  :: cross-country skiing
maastojuoksu {n} [sports]  :: cross country (a running sport)
maastokartta {n}  :: A large-scale topographical map, usually in the scale 1:20,000 or larger
maastopalo {n}  :: wildfire
maastopyörä {n}  :: A mountain bike (bicycle specially designed for off-road riding)
maastopyöräily {n}  :: mountain biking
maasturi {n} [colloquial]  :: off-road vehicle
maasturi {n} [colloquial]  :: SUV
maasusi {n}  :: aardwolf (Proteles cristatus)
maata {vi}  :: to have sex(ual intercourse) (with somebody = genitive + kanssa)
maata {vi}  :: to lie (down, somewhere)
maata {vt} [archaic, legal]  :: of a male, to lay, to have sex with
maata {vt}  :: ~ väkisin = to rape
maatalo {n}  :: farmhouse
maatalous {n}  :: agriculture
maatalousministeri {n}  :: minister of agriculture
maatalouspolitiikka {n}  :: agricultural policy (a policy that aims to developing agriculture)
maataloustiede {n}  :: agrology
maataloustyöntekijä {n}  :: farm worker, agricultural labourer (person who works on, but does not own, a farm)
maatamo {n} [astronomy]  :: Earthshine
maata näkyvissä {phrase} [idiomatic, nautical, historical]  :: land ahoy!
maatiaismainen {adj} [pejorative]  :: rural
maatiaisrotu {n}  :: landrace
maatila {n}  :: farm
maatilatori {n}  :: farmer's market (market where farmers and growers sell produce directly to the public)
maaton {adj}  :: landless
maattaa {vt} [electronics]  :: to earth, ground
maatto {n} [electrical engineering]  :: grounding
maatua {vi}  :: To decompose
maatuki {n} [engineering]  :: abutment (construction that supports the ends of a bridge)
maatuska {n}  :: A matryoshka doll
maauimala {n}  :: [UK] lido (outdoor swimming pool)
maavaikutus {n} [aeronautics]  :: ground effect
maavaikutus {n} [aeronautics]  :: wing in ground effect
maavaikutusalus {n} [aviation, nautical]  :: ground-effect vehicle, ekranoplan
maavara {n} [automotive]  :: ride height, ground clearance, clearance
maavarsi {n} [botany]  :: rhizome
maavoima {n}  :: ground power (electric power supplied from ground sources to an airplane while it is on the ground)
maavoima {n}  :: ground power, shorepower (electric power supplied from the shore to a ship or boat while it is lying at berth)
maavoima {n}  :: in plural, ground forces, army; see maavoimat
maavoimat {n}  :: ground forces, army (branch of military forces)
macadamiapähkinä {n}  :: macadamia nut
macaolainen {adj}  :: Macao
macaolainen {n}  :: Macaoese
macaron {n}  :: macaron (small pastry or cookie made with almond)
machete {n}  :: machete
machiavellilainen {adj}  :: Machiavellian (related to the philosophical system of Niccolò Machiavelli)
machiavelliläinen {adj}  :: alternative spelling of machiavellilainen
machiavellimainen {adj}  :: Machiavellian (resembling the methods of Niccolò Machiavelli)
machiavellismi {n}  :: Machiavellianism, Machiavellism
machiavellisti {n}  :: A Machiavellian
machiavellistinen {adj}  :: Machiavellian
macho {adj}  :: macho
macho {n}  :: macho
machoilla {v}  :: To act as a macho
machoilu {n}  :: Acting as a macho
machomies {n}  :: macho, machoman, he-man
Madagaskar {prop}  :: Madagascar
madagaskarilainen {adj}  :: Madagascan
madagaskarilainen {n}  :: A Madagascan person
Madagaskarin tasavalta {prop}  :: The Republic of Madagascar
madallus {n}  :: Action of the verb madaltaa
madaltaa {vt}  :: To lower
madaltua {vi}  :: To become lower
madame {n}  :: madam
madaroosi {n} [pathology]  :: madarosis (loss of eyebrows or eyelashes)
made {n}  :: burbot (Lota lota)
madeira {n}  :: Madeira (fortified wine produced on Madeira)
madeiraviini {n}  :: Madeira
madeleine {n}  :: madeleine
madella {v}  :: To creep, worm
madella {v}  :: To move very slowly (e.g. in a traffic jam)
madjaari {n}  :: Hungarian
madonna {n}  :: Madonna (picture of Virgin Mary)
madonnamainen {adj}  :: Madonna-like
madonreikä {n}  :: wormhole
madonsyömä {adj}  :: Worm-eaten
madottaa {vt}  :: to deworm
madotus {n}  :: deworming
madrigaali {n} [music]  :: madrigal
maestro {n}  :: maestro
mafia {n}  :: mafia
mafioso {n}  :: Mafioso (member of the mafia)
Magdalan Maria {prop}  :: Mary Magdalene [biblical character]
Magellanin pilvi {prop} [astronomy]  :: A Magellanic Cloud
magenta {adj}  :: magenta (being of the magenta colour)
magenta {n}  :: magenta (pinkish purple colour)
magia {n}  :: magic
magiikka {n}  :: magic
magma {n}  :: magma
magmaattinen {adj}  :: magmatic
magmakivi {n} [geology]  :: igneous rock
magmakivilaji {n}  :: igneous rock
magmasäiliö {n} [geology]  :: magma chamber
magna {n} [colloquial]  :: magna cum laude approbatur
magnaatti {n}  :: magnate
magna cum laude approbatur {n}  :: An academic grade used in Finnish abitur and university theses, the third highest pass grade
magneetiton {adj}  :: nonmagnetic
magneetittomuus {n}  :: The property of being nonmagnetic
magneetti {n}  :: magnet
magneettikehä {n}  :: magnetosphere
magneettikenttä {n} [physics]  :: A magnetic field
magneettikiisu {n} [mineral]  :: pyrrhotite
magneettikuvaus {n}  :: magnetic resonance imaging, MRI
magneettikytkin {n}  :: magnetic switch, reed switch
magneettimyrsky {n}  :: magnetic storm
magneettinapa {n}  :: magnetic pole
magneettinauha {n}  :: magnetic tape
magneettinen {adj}  :: magnetic
magneettinen levitaatio {n}  :: magnetic levitation
magneettiraita {n}  :: magnetic stripe
magneettisesti {adv}  :: magnetically
magneettisuus {n}  :: magnetism
magneettivuo {n}  :: magnetic flux
magneetto {n}  :: magneto
magnesiitti {n} [mineral]  :: magnesite
magnesiokromiitti {n} [mineral]  :: magnesiochromite
magnesium {n}  :: magnesium
magnesiumdistearaatti {n}  :: magnesium distearate
magnesiumkarbonaatti {n}  :: magnesium carbonate
magnesiumkloridi {n}  :: magnesium chloride
magnesiumoksidi {n} [chemistry]  :: magnesium oxide
magnesiumsulfaatti {n}  :: magnesium sulfate, magnesium sulphate
magnetiitti {n} [mineral]  :: magnetite
magnetismi {n}  :: magnetism
magnetisoida {vt}  :: To magnetize
magnetisointi {n}  :: magnetization
magnetisoitua {vi}  :: to be(come) magnetized
magnetoenkefalografia {n}  :: magnetoencephalography
magnetofoni {n}  :: tape recorder
magnetoida {vt}  :: To magnetize
magnetointi {n}  :: magnetization
magnetoitua {vi}  :: To become magnetic
magnetoitumaton {adj}  :: unmagnetized
magnetoituminen {n}  :: magnetization (the process of becoming magnetic)
magnetometri {n}  :: magnetometer
magneto-optiikka {n}  :: magnetooptics
magnetosfääri {n}  :: magnetosphere
magnitudi {n}  :: In astronomy, a unit of the apparent brightness of a star, magnitude
magnitudi {n}  :: In mathematics, the absolute value of an exponent
magnitudi {n}  :: In mathematics, the norm of a vector, a magnitude
magnitudi {n}  :: In physics, the amplitude of oscillation
magnitudi {n}  :: In seismology, a measure of the energy released by an earthquake, magnitude
magnitudi {n}  :: (rarely) order of magnitude
magnolia {n}  :: magnolia
magnolidi {n} [botany]  :: magnoliid
magotti {n}  :: Barbary macaque, Macaca sylvanus
maha {n}  :: belly
mahahaava {n}  :: peptic ulcer, stomach ulcer
mahahappo {n}  :: gastric acid
-mahainen {adj}  :: bellied
mahakas {adj}  :: big-bellied
mahakatarri {n} [pathology]  :: gastritis
mahakelkka {n}  :: skeleton sled, sled (sled used in the sport of skeleton)
mahakelkkailija {n}  :: skeletoneer (one who rides a skeleton sled)
mahakelkkailu {n} [sports]  :: skeleton
mahakipu {n}  :: bellyache
mahalasku {n}  :: faceplant
mahalaukku {n} [anatomy]  :: stomach (digestive organ)
mahanpuru {n} [figuratively]  :: collywobbles (anxiety, fear)
mahanpuru {n} [pathology]  :: stomachache, collywobbles
maharadža {n}  :: maharajah, maharaja
maharadja {n}  :: alternative form of maharadža
maharaja {n}  :: alternative form of maharadža
maharauhanen {n} [anatomy]  :: gastric gland
mahasyöpä {n} [pathology]  :: stomach cancer, gastric cancer, bowel cancer
mahatauti {n} [pathology]  :: gastroenteritis, stomach flu, gastric flu
mahatma {n}  :: mahatma
mahdikas {adj}  :: mighty
mahdollinen {adj}  :: contingent
mahdollinen {adj}  :: possible
mahdollinen {adj}  :: prospective
mahdollinen {adj}  :: viable
mahdollisesti {adv}  :: possibly
mahdollistaa {vt}  :: to allow, enable
mahdollistaja {n}  :: enabler (one who enables bad behavior)
mahdollistua {vi}  :: To become possible
mahdollisuus {n}  :: A chance (opportunity, possibility or probability)
mahdollisuus {n}  :: An opportunity (chance for advancement, progress or profit)
mahdollisuus {n}  :: A possibility
mahdollisuus {n}  :: A probability
mahdoton {adj}  :: impossible
mahdottoman {adv}  :: impossibly
mahdottomasti {adv}  :: impossibly
mahdottomuus {n}  :: impossibility
mahjong {n}  :: mahjong (game for four)
mahjong {n}  :: mahjong (solitaire)
mahla {n}  :: sap, especially the sugary sap produced by some deciduous trees in spring
mahlainen {adj}  :: sappy (having sap)
maho {adj}  :: barren, sterile, unable to bear children
mahonia {n} [plant]  :: Oregon grape, Mahonia aquifolium
mahorkka {n}  :: Russian tobacco with a distinctive smell, makhorka (Nicotiana rustica)
mahous {n}  :: barrenness, sterility
mahtaa {vi} [auxiliary + infinitive]  :: must do, to probably (do)
mahtaa {vt}  :: to be able to, can do (about something = allative)
mahtaileva {adj}  :: grandiose, classy
mahtaileva {adj}  :: pretentious, showy
mahtailija {n}  :: bragger, boaster, show-off
mahtailla {v}  :: to boast, show off, put on airs
mahtava {adj}  :: grand, magnificent, awesome, great
mahtava {adj}  :: mighty, powerful, awesome
mahtava {adj} [slang]  :: awesome
mahtavaa {interj}  :: great
mahtavuus {n} [mathematics]  :: cardinality
mahti {adj} [slang]  :: awesome
mahti {n}  :: might, power
mahtimies {n}  :: potentate
mahtipontinen {adj}  :: bombastic
mahtipontinen {adj}  :: grandiloquent
mahtipontinen {adj}  :: pompous
mahtotapa {n} [grammar]  :: potential mood
mahtua {vi}  :: To fit (into a space = illative)
maidonkorvike {n}  :: milk substitute
maidontuottaja {n}  :: milk producer
maidonvalkea {adj}  :: milky white (pure white)
maidonvastike {n}  :: milk replacer
maihari {n}  :: army boot, military boot, combat boot
maihari {n}  :: A type of military-looking overcoat (maihinnousutakki)
maihinnousu {n}  :: disembarkation
maihinnousu {n} [military]  :: landing
maihinnousualus {n} [military]  :: amphibious warfare ship
maihinnousuportti {n} [nautical]  :: gangway (passage through the side of a ship)
maija {n} [colloquial]  :: Black Maria, paddy wagon
Maija {prop}  :: female given name
Maijala {prop}  :: Any of a number of small places in Finland
Maijala {prop}  :: Finnish surname
maijamyöhäinen {n} [idiomatic]  :: a female latecomer
Maiju {prop}  :: female given name
maikka {n} [colloquial]  :: A teacher
maikki {n} [colloquial]  :: mic, mike (microphone)
Maikki {prop}  :: female given name
maikkua {v} [dialectal, northern dialects]  :: of fish, to snap insects from the surface of water, causing expanding rings on it
maikkua {v} [dialectal, northern dialects]  :: to fidget, wiggle, twitch (to move around nervously or idly)
maila {n}  :: A tool used to handle the ball in various ball games. The translation into English depends on the kind of tool used in the particular game. Examples:
Maila {prop}  :: female given name
mailapoika {n} [golf]  :: caddie, caddy
maileri {n}  :: miler (athlete who specializes on one mile races)
maili {n}  :: A mile
Mailis {prop}  :: female given name
maina {n}  :: myna (bird of the genera Mino, Enodes, Ampeliceps, Gracula and Acridotheres in the starling family Sturnidae)
mainari {n}  :: miner
maine {n} [linguistics, archaic]  :: predicate
maine {n}  :: prestige, renown, fame
maine {n}  :: reputation
mainehikas {adj} [dated, literary]  :: alternative form of maineikas
maineikas {adj}  :: renowned, celebrated
mainen {adj} [dated]  :: worldly
-mainen {suffix}  :: Forms adjectives from nouns, signifying resemblance.; -like, -shaped, -ish, -ly, -y or -ous
maininki {n} [nautical]  :: swell (long series of rounded waves continuing after the wind has ceased)
maininta {n}  :: a mention
mainio {adj}  :: excellent, superb, great, wonderful, fine (very positive)
mainiosti {adv}  :: perfectly, outstandingly
mainita {v}  :: to mention
mainonta {n}  :: advertising
mainos {n}  :: advertisement
mainoskampanja {n}  :: advertising campaign
mainoskatko {n}  :: commercial break, adverts
mainoslehtinen {n}  :: flyer (leaflet for advertising)
mainosradio {n}  :: commercial radio
mainostaa {vt} [transitive + partitive]  :: To advertise
mainostaja {n}  :: advertiser
mainostaulu {n}  :: billboard
mainosteksti {n} [marketing]  :: copy (output of copywriter)
mainostelevisio {n}  :: commercial television
mainostoimisto {n}  :: An advertising agency
Maire {prop}  :: female given name
mairea {adj}  :: expressing flattery or cuteness that is probably not sincere, unctuous, flattering
maisema {n}  :: landscape, view
maisema-arkkitehti {n}  :: landscape architect, landscape gardener
maisema-arkkitehtuuri {n}  :: landscape architecture, landscape gardening
maisemaekologia {n}  :: landscape ecology
maisemahissi {n}  :: scenic elevator
maisemakonttori {n}  :: office landscape
maisemakortti {n}  :: landscape postcard
maisemakuva {n}  :: landscape photograph
maisemakuvaus {n}  :: landscape description
maisemakuvaus {n}  :: landscape photography
maisemamaalari {n}  :: landscapist
maisemamaalaus {n}  :: landscape painting (art)
maisemamaalaus {n}  :: landscape painting (work of art)
maisemansuojelu {n}  :: landscape protection
maisemansuunnittelu {n}  :: landscape design
maisemantutkimus {n}  :: landscape research
maisemasuunnittelu {n}  :: alternative term for maisemansuunnittelu
maisematapetti {n}  :: landscape wallpaper
maisemataulu {n}  :: landscape painting
maisematie {n}  :: scenic road, scenic route
maisematutkimus {n}  :: alternative term for maisemantutkimus
maisemavalokuvaus {n}  :: landscape photography
maisemoida {vt}  :: To landscape
maisemointi {v}  :: landscaping
maiskausäänne {n} [phonetics, dated]  :: click
maiskauttaa {v}  :: To kiss loudly
maiskauttaa {v}  :: To smack (with lips)
maiskuttaa {v}  :: To smack; to eat noisily in a smacking manner
maissa {postp}  :: around
maissi {n}  :: maize, corn (Zea mays)
maissihiutale {n}  :: corn flake (toasted flake of maize used chiefly as breakfast cereal)
maissihiutale {n} [in plural]  :: corn flakes (these flakes as dish)
maissikoira {n}  :: corn dog
maissintähkä {n} [botany]  :: ear of corn
maissintähkä {n} [food]  :: corn on the cob (cooked ear maize, specifically sweet corn)
maissitärkkelys {n}  :: cornstarch, cornflour
maistaa {vt} [transitive + accusative]  :: To taste (sense by taste)
maistaa {vt} [transitive + partitive]  :: To taste (try/sample by tasting)
maistaa omaa lääkettään {idiom}  :: to be given a taste of one's own medicine
maistaja {n}  :: A taster; one who tastes
maistanut {adj}  :: drunk
maistattaa {v}  :: To have something tasted, make someone taste something, give samples
maistella {vt}  :: To taste (to test different tastes)
maistelu {n}  :: try, tasting
maisteri {n}  :: A corresponding degree in a foreign university
maisteri {n}  :: [archaic] A formal way to address someone, or refer to someone, who has the degree
maisteri {n}  :: Formally, a degree earned in a Finnish university roughly corresponding to the master's degree. It generally requires about five years' full-time studies, including a thesis. It is normally accompanied with a specification of the branch of art or science
maisti {n} [colloquial]  :: drunkenness; mostly used in the expression [[olla maistissa to be drunk]]
maisti {n} [rare]  :: taste (sense)
maistiainen {n}  :: tasting (small amount of food or drink, especially one consumed or offered as sample)
maistraatti {n} [historical]  :: magistrate
maistraatti {n}  :: Since 1993, a local office of the state of Finland responsible for a number of administrative tasks, including those of registrar or register office and notary public; the English translation used of these offices is "local register office"
maistua {vi} [+ ablative]  :: To taste (like sth)
maistuva {adj}  :: tasty
maistuvainen {adj}  :: tasty
maiti {n}  :: milt (fish semen)
maitiainen {n} [botany]  :: A hawkbit
maitiaisneste {n}  :: The milky sap or latex produced by plants
maitikka {n} [plant]  :: cow-wheat (any plant of the genus Melampyrum)
maito {n}  :: milk (individual serving of milk)
maito {n}  :: milk, non-dairy milk, plant milk (white liquid obtained from a vegetable source by processing it)
maito {n}  :: milk (white liquid produced by the mammary glands of female mammals)
maitoallergia {n}  :: milk allergy
maitohammas {n}  :: milk tooth
maitohampaisto {n}  :: milk teeth, denture
maitohappo {n} [chemistry]  :: lactic acid
maitohappobakteeri {n}  :: lactic acid bacteria
maitohorsma {n} [plant]  :: fireweed, rosebay willowherb (Epilobium angustifolium)
maitoinen {adj}  :: including or being coated with milk
maitoinen {adj}  :: white as milk
maitojauhe {n}  :: milk powder
maitojauho {n} [nonstandard form of, maitojauhe, , milk powder]  ::
maitojäätelö {n}  :: ice milk; low-fat ice cream
maitokaakao {n}  :: milk chocolate
maitokahvi {n}  :: white coffee
maitokauppa {n}  :: dairy (shop)
maitokäärme {n}  :: milk snake, Lampropeltis triangulum or any of its numerous subspecies
maitokvartsi {n} [mineral]  :: milky quartz
maitolasi {n}  :: A glass of milk
maitolasi {n}  :: milk glass (type of white, opaque glass which has a milky appearance)
maitomainen {adj}  :: milky
maitonaama {n}  :: baby face (face looking like that of a baby)
maitonaama {n}  :: baby face (person with such face)
maitoparta {n}  :: peachfuzz (soft, scanty beard of an adolescent male)
maitoparta {n} [pejorative]  :: An adolescent male
maitopoika {n} [informal]  :: A teetotaler
maitopullo {n}  :: milk bottle
maitopulveri {n} [colloquial]  :: milk powder; see maitojauhe
maitopumppu {n}  :: A pump designed for pumping milk
maitopumppu {n} [dated]  :: A breast pump
maitorahka {n}  :: curd, quark
maitorasva {n}  :: milk fat
maitorauhanen {n} [anatomy]  :: mammary gland
maitorousku {n}  :: A milk-cap, Lactarius pargamenus
maitorupi {n} [pathology]  :: milk crust, cradle cap, crusta lactea, milk scall
maitosokeri {n}  :: lactose
maitosuklaa {n}  :: milk chocolate (countable and uncountable sense)
maitotölkki {n}  :: milk carton (consumer package for milk)
maitototi {n}  :: A hot toddy made in milk instead of water as, for example, milk punch
maitotuote {n}  :: dairy product
maitovalas {n}  :: beluga whale (Delphinapterus leucas)
maitovanukas {n}  :: milk pudding
maitse {adv}  :: by land, over land
maittaa {vi} [of food]  :: To do, be fit (for eating)
maittaa {vi} [of food]  :: To taste good
maiva {n}  :: a variety of vendace living in the Bothnian Bay
maja {n}  :: hut
majailla {vi}  :: To dwell
majakanvartija {n}  :: lighthouse keeper
majakka {n}  :: beacon
majakka {n}  :: lighthouse
majakkalaiva {n}  :: lightvessel
majatalo {n}  :: inn, guesthouse
majava {n}  :: beaver
majavanhausta {n}  :: castoreum
majesteetti {n}  :: Majesty
majesteettinen {adj}  :: majestic
majesteettirikos {n}  :: A lese majesty
majesteettisesti {adv}  :: majestically
majoittaa {vt}  :: to lodge, put up
majoittautua {vi}  :: alternative form of majoittua
majoittua {vi}  :: to come to live (temporarily) somewhere
majoitus {n}  :: accommodation, lodging (place to sleep with any amenities belonging to it)
majoitus {n}  :: shelter (temporary lodging)
majoneesi {n}  :: mayonnaise
majoneesinen {adj}  :: mayonnaisey (containing or covered with mayonnaise)
majoneesinen {adj}  :: mayonnaisey, mayonnaiselike (resembling mayonnaise)
majuri {n} [military ranks]  :: A major
makaaberi {adj}  :: macabre
makaki {n}  :: macaque (monkey)
makaroni {n}  :: macaroni
makaronilaatikko {n}  :: macaroni casserole
makasiini {n}  :: storeroom, warehouse
makasiini {n}  :: the clip or magazine of a gun
makea {adj}  :: fresh (water)
makea {adj}  :: sweet (taste)
makeahko {adj}  :: Slightly sweet, sweetish
makeampi {adj}  :: comparative form of makea
makeanveden {adj}  :: Alternative spelling of makean veden
makeasti {adv}  :: sweetly
makea vesi {n}  :: fresh water (water without dissolved salt)
makea vesi {n}  :: The genitive (makean veden) may be used like the English adjective freshwater
makedonia {n}  :: Macedonian (language)
Makedonia {prop}  :: Macedonia
Makedonia {prop}  :: The Republic of Macedonia
makedonialainen {adj}  :: Macedonian (of or pertaining to Macedonia)
makedonialainen {n}  :: A Macedonian (person)
Makedonian tasavalta {prop}  :: Republic of Macedonia (Republic of Macedonia)
makee {adj} [dialect]  :: sweet
makee {adj} [slang]  :: cool, great, beautiful
makein {adj}  :: superlative form of makea
makeinen {n}  :: sweet, candy
makeus {n}  :: sweetness
makeute {n}  :: sweetener
makeutettu {adj}  :: sweetened
makeuttaa {v}  :: To sweeten
makeutusaine {n}  :: sweetener, sugar substitute
maki {n}  :: lemur
makimainen puoliapina {n} [taxonomy]  :: lemur (prosimian of the infraorder Lemuriformes)
makkabilainen {n}  :: Maccabee
makkara {n}  :: sausage
makkarajärvi {n}  :: oxbow lake
makkarakastike {n}  :: sausage sauce
makkaramainen {adj}  :: sausagelike
makkaramassa {n}  :: sausage meat
makkaramato {n}  :: penis worm, priapulid (any of the marine worms of the Priapulida phylum)
makkarankuori {n}  :: sausage casing
makkaranpala {n}  :: A piece of sausage
makkaraperunat {n}  :: A street food consisting of fries and fried pieces of sausage, typically lenkkimakkara
makkarasoppa {n}  :: A kind of soup containing slices of sausage
makkarataikina {n}  :: sausage meat
makkari {n} [colloquial]  :: bedroom
makkipakki {n} [military slang]  :: portable toilet
Makkonen {prop}  :: Finnish surname
makoilla {v}  :: be laying around (for example on a floor, bed, bench)
makoisa {adj}  :: tasty
makramee {n}  :: macramé
makrilli {n}  :: mackerel, Scomber scombrus
makrillihauki {n}  :: Atlantic saury; Scomberesox saurus
makro {n} [computing, programming]  :: macro
makro- {prefix}  :: macro-
makrobiootikko {n}  :: A person who follows a macrobiotic diet
makrobioottinen {adj}  :: macrobiotic
makrofagi {n}  :: macrophage
makrofilia {n}  :: macrophilia
makrofyytti {n}  :: macrophyte
makrokieli {n} [computing]  :: macrolanguage
makrokosmos {n}  :: macrocosm
makrokuvaus {n}  :: macrophotography, close-up photography (photography that is done up close)
makromolekyyli {n}  :: macromolecule
makro-objektiivi {n} [photography]  :: macro lens
makroskooppinen {adj}  :: macroscopic
makrosporangio {n} [botany]  :: megasporangium
makrospori {n} [botany]  :: macrospore
makrotaloustiede {n}  :: macroeconomics
makrovirus {n} [computing]  :: macrovirus
maksa {n} [anatomy]  :: liver
maksaa {vi}  :: to cost
maksaa {v}  :: to pay back, repay (to pay an amount owed)
maksaa {vt}  :: to pay
maksaa potut pottuina {phrase} [idiomatic]  :: to pay back (to exact revenge)
maksaa samalla mitalla {phrase} [idiomatic]  :: to pay back (to exact revenge)
maksaa takaisin {v}  :: to pay back, repay, refund
maksahaima {n} [anatomy]  :: hepatopancreas, tomalley (organ in digestive tract of some arthropods, notably crayfish, the hepatopancreas of which is regarded a delicacy by the connoisseurs)
maksaja {n}  :: payer
maksakasvain {n} [oncology]  :: hepatoma
maksakirroosi {n} [pathology]  :: liver cirrhosis
maksalaatikko {n}  :: A traditional Finnish dish: casserole made from liver, rice, raisins, molasses, onion, eggs, butter and spices
maksaläiskä {n}  :: liver spot
maksamakkara {n}  :: liver sausage, liverwurst
maksamaton {adj}  :: unpaid
maksarousku {n}  :: A milk-cap, Lactarius badiosanquineus
maksasammal {n}  :: liverwort, hepatic
maksasyöpä {n}  :: hepatoma, hepatocarcinoma, hepatic cancer
maksatulehdus {n}  :: hepatitis
maksella {v}  :: To pay (in installments)
maksettu {adj} [finance]  :: paid-in
maksiimi {n}  :: A maxim
maksimaalinen {adj}  :: maximal (of highest degree or amount)
maksimi {n}  :: maximum
maksimoida {vt}  :: To maximize
maksimointi {n}  :: maximization
maksitakki {n}  :: maxicoat
maksoittua {v}  :: To coagulate, clot
maksu {n}  :: fee
maksu {n}  :: payment
maksuehto {n}  :: payment condition/term
maksuerä {n}  :: instalment
maksukyky {n} [finance]  :: solvency
maksukyvytön {adj}  :: insolvent
maksukyvyttömyys {n} [legal]  :: insolvency
maksuliikenne {n}  :: payments traffic, payment transactions
maksullinen {adj}  :: for-fee
maksullinen {adj}  :: paid
maksullinen {adj}  :: toll
maksullistaa {vt}  :: To make something subject to charge (non-free)
maksumääräys {n}  :: payment order (instruction to a bank, made by another bank or an account holder, to pay a prescribed amount of money to a third party)
maksupäivä {n}  :: date of payment (day of actual payment)
maksupäivä {n}  :: due date (day when a payment is due)
maksusuoritus {n}  :: payment
maksutapa {n}  :: method of payment
maksutase {n} [accounting, economics]  :: balance, balance of payments, account balance
maksuton {adj}  :: complimentary, gratuitous (free, provided at no charge)
maksuton {adj}  :: free (obtainable without payment)
maksuton {adj}  :: free of charge
maksuton {adj}  :: gratis
maksuton {adj}  :: toll-free
maksu-TV {n}  :: pay TV
maksuvalmius {n} [finance]  :: liquidity
maksuväline {n}  :: tender (means of payment)
maksuvälinepetos {n} [legal]  :: The act of using a tender without permission of its lawful owner, in order to receive unlawful, financial benefit or to obtain it for a person other than the lawful owner of the tender; the act of handing over a tender to a person who does not have a right to use it
maku {n} [physics]  :: flavour of a quark or a lepton
maku {n}  :: sense of taste
maku {n}  :: taste, flavour
makuaisti {n}  :: taste (sense)
makuasia {n}  :: matter of taste
makuasioista ei pidä kiistellä {proverb}  :: there's no accounting for taste
makuinen {adj}  :: -tasting
makureseptori {n} [anatomy]  :: taste receptor
makusilmu {n} [anatomy]  :: tastebud
makuu {n} [as a prefix]  :: sleeping
makuu {n}  :: lying (down)
makuuasento {n}  :: A decubitus (posture of someone in bed, or reclining)
makuuhaava {n} [pathology]  :: decubitus, bedsore, pressure ulcer
makuuhuone {n}  :: bedroom
makuupaikka {n}  :: A berth (fixed bunk for sleeping in caravans, trains, etc.)
makuupussi {n}  :: sleeping bag
makuuvaunu {n}  :: sleeping car, sleeper (railroad car with sleeping facilities)
malagassi {n}  :: Malagasy (language)
malaijanmuurahaiskäpy {n} [zoology]  :: Sunda pangolin, Manis javanica
malaiji {n}  :: Malay (language)
malaiji {n}  :: Malay (person)
malaijikarhu {n}  :: sun bear, Helarctos malayanus
malaijilainen {adj}  :: Malay
malaijilainen {n}  :: A Malay
malaijin kieli {n}  :: Malay (language)
malaijinkielinen {adj}  :: Malay, Malay language, Malay speaking (written or expressed in Malay)
malajalam {n}  :: Malayalam
Malakan niemimaa {prop}  :: The Malay Peninsula
malakantiikeri {n}  :: Malayan tiger, Panthera tigris jacksoni
malakiitti {n} [mineral]  :: malachite
malakiittivihreä {n} [chemistry]  :: malachite green
malaria {n}  :: malaria
malariasääski {n}  :: malaria mosquito (Anopheles gambiae)
Malawi {prop}  :: Malawi
Malediivit {prop}  :: The Maldives
maleiinianhydridi {n} [chemistry]  :: maleic anhydride
maleiinihappo {n} [chemistry]  :: maleic acid
maleksia {v}  :: To loiter
Malesia {prop}  :: Malaysia
malesialainen {adj}  :: Malaysian
malesialainen {n}  :: A Malay
malesianorava {n}  :: slender squirrel, Sundasciurus tenuis
mali {n}  :: wormwood (Artemisia absinthium)
Mali {prop}  :: Mali
maligni {adj} [oncology]  :: malignant
malignisoitua {v} [oncology, jargon]  :: To become malignant
malignistua {v} [oncology, jargon, rare]  :: To become malignant
maligniteetti {n}  :: malignity
malignoitua {v} [oncology, jargon, rare]  :: To become malignant
malikka {n}  :: A mushroom of the genus Clitocybe and some other genera
malilainen {adj}  :: Malian
malilainen {n}  :: A Malian person
Malinen {prop}  :: Finnish surname
malisiöösi {adj} [literary]  :: malicious
malja {n}  :: cup, goblet
Malja {prop}  :: the constellation Crater
malja-aste {n} [biology]  :: gastrula
maljakas {n}  :: Any of several bowl-shaped fungi, e.g. in genera Peziza, Aleuria and Scutellinia
maljakko {n}  :: vase
maljallinen {n}  :: bowlful
maljapuhe {n}  :: toast (salutation)
malka {n} [biblical]  :: beam (in one's eye)
malkoha {n}  :: malkoha (cuculine bird)
Malla {prop}  :: A fell with two peaks, and a nature reserve, in Finnish Lapland
Malla {prop}  :: female given name, Marja, Amalia etc
Malla {prop}  :: female given name of modern usage, transferred from the place name
mallas {n}  :: malt
mallasjuoma {n}  :: A general term for all kinds of fermented malt drinks including such internationally less known varieties as kalja and sahti
mallasjuoma {n}  :: In plural, the category of malt drinks
mallasohra {n}  :: malting barley (any of several cultivars of barley that are especially suitable for production of malt)
mallastaa {v}  :: To malt (to convert grain into malt)
mallastamo {n}  :: malthouse, malting (plant where malt is produced)
mallastus {n}  :: malting (process of turning grain into malt)
mallata {vt} [colloquial]  :: To adjust
malleekana {n}  :: mallee fowl (Leipoa ocellata)
malli {n}  :: A mannequin (person who models clothes)
malli {n}  :: A model
malli {n}  :: An example, a role model, a (good) influence
malliesimerkki {n}  :: model
malliesimerkki {n}  :: textbook example
mallikas {adj}  :: exemplary
mallikkaasti {adv}  :: exemplarily
malline {n}  :: stencil
malline {n}  :: template
mallinnus {n} [mathematics]  :: modeling
mallintaa {vt} [mathematics]  :: To model
mallintaminen {n} [mathematics]  :: modeling
mallinukke {n}  :: dummy, mannequin, lay figure (model of human body for displaying clothes, artistic or teaching purposes)
mallisto {n}  :: collection (set of clothes or other items offered for sale by a producer or designer)
malluainen {n}  :: backswimmer, an insect of the family Notonectidae
malmi {n}  :: ore
malmikas {adj}  :: Rich in ore
malminetsijä {n}  :: prospector
malmio {n}  :: ore body
malmirikas {adj}  :: Rich in ore
malonihappo {n} [chemistry]  :: malonic acid
maloninitriili {n} [chemistry]  :: malononitrile
malpositio {n} [pathology]  :: malposition, dystopia (abnormal position of an organ or other part of the body)
malta {n}  :: The Maltese language
Malta {prop}  :: Malta
maltaasi {n} [chemistry]  :: maltase
maltalainen {adj}  :: Maltese
maltalainen {n}  :: a Maltese
maltan kieli {n}  :: The Maltese language
maltankielinen {adj}  :: Maltese, in Maltese, Maltese language (expressed in Maltese language)
maltankoira {n}  :: Maltese (dog)
maltan risti {n} [mechanics]  :: Geneva wheel
Maltan risti {n}  :: Maltese cross (symbol)
malthusilaisuus {n}  :: Malthusianism
maltillinen {adj}  :: calm, collected, self-possessed
maltillinen {adj}  :: moderate (e.g. politician), sober, level-headed
maltillisesti {adv}  :: calmly
maltillisesti {adv} [politics]  :: moderately
maltillistua {vi}  :: To become more moderate
maltillisuus {n}  :: moderation (state or quality of being moderate; avoidance of extremes)
maltiton {adj}  :: impatient
maltittomasti {adv}  :: impatiently
maltittomuus {n}  :: impatience
malto {n}  :: flesh (soft, often edible, parts of fruits, vegetables, mushrooms)
maltodekstriini {n} [chemistry]  :: maltodextrin
maltoosi {n}  :: maltose
maltsa {n}  :: saltbush, orach
malttaa {vt} [auxiliary + infinitive]  :: To have patience (to do something)
malttaa mielensä {v}  :: To contain oneself
malttamaton {adj}  :: hasty, anxious (full of anxiety)
malttamaton {adj}  :: impatient
malttamattomasti {adv}  :: impatiently
malttamattomuus {n}  :: impatience
maltti {n}  :: patience
maltti {n}  :: temper; in the expression menettää malttinsa, to lose one's temper
malva {n}  :: mallow (flowering plant in the taxonomic family Malvaceae, especially in the genus Malva)
malvaseitikki {n} [mushroom]  :: A webcap, Cortinarius malachius
mamba {n}  :: mamba
mamelukki {n}  :: mameluke
mamero {n} [derogatory]  :: mama's boy (male person who is or is claimed to be overly attached to or influenced by his mother)
mamero {n}  :: sissy (of a male, overly timid and unassertive)
mami {n} [colloquial]  :: mom, mum
mamis {n} [derogatory]  :: mama's boy (male person who is or is claimed to be overly attached to or influenced by his mother)
mamis {n}  :: in plural, men's long underpants
mamis {n}  :: sissy (of a male, overly timid and unassertive)
mamma {n} [colloquial]  :: An elder, plump woman
mamma {n} [dialectal]  :: mama
mammalogia {n} [zoology]  :: mammalogy
mammanpoika {n} [derogatory]  :: mama's boy, momma's boy (male person who is or is claimed to be overly attached to or influenced by his mother)
mammanpoika {n}  :: sissy (of a male, overly timid and unassertive)
mammografia {n}  :: mammography
mammografiakuva {n}  :: mammogram
mammona {n}  :: mammon (wealth, material avarice)
mammoplastia {n}  :: mammoplasty, mastoplasty
mammutti {n}  :: mammoth
mammuttimainen {adj}  :: mammoth
mammuttipetäjä {n}  :: giant sequoia (Sequoiadendron giganteum)
mamu {n} [informal]  :: immigrant
mana {n}  :: death, Death (personification of death)
mana {n}  :: mana
manaaja {n}  :: exorcist
manaatti {n}  :: manatee
manageri {n}  :: manager (of a business etc.)
manailla {v}  :: To swear (to use offensive language)
manailu {n}  :: swearing
manala {n}  :: Any mythical underworld
manala {n}  :: The place where people go after dying according to the Finnish mythology
manata {vi}  :: To swear, curse, damn
manata {vt} [religion]  :: To exorcise, drive out (evil spirits)
manata {vt}  :: To invoke, call/dredge up
manata {vt}  :: To urge, (colloquial English) to egg on
manaus {n}  :: exorcism
manaus {n}  :: incantation
mandaatti {n}  :: mandate
mandariini {n}  :: mandarin (Chinese bureaucrat)
mandariini {n}  :: mandarin (fruit)
mandariini {n}  :: Mandarin; short of mandariinikiina (language)
mandariinikala {n}  :: a mandarin fish, Synchiropus splendidus
mandariinikiina {n}  :: Mandarin (language)
mandoliini {n}  :: mandolin
mandrilli {n}  :: mandrill, Mandrillus sphinx
maneeri {n}  :: mannerism
maneerinen {adj}  :: mannered (having mannerisms)
maneeristua {vi}  :: To become mannered
maneetti {n}  :: An animal belonging to the families Ctenophora (comb jellies) or Scyphozoa (jellyfish)
mangaani {n}  :: manganese
mangaanidioksidi {n} [chemistry]  :: manganese dioxide
manganiini {n}  :: manganin
mangostani {n}  :: mangosteen
mangrove {n}  :: mangrove (tropical tree or shrub of any taxon that grows on waterlogged brackish soils)
mangusti {n}  :: mongoose
mani {n} [colloquial]  :: money
mania {n}  :: mania
-mania {suffix}  :: -graph
manierismi {n}  :: Mannerism (style of art)
manifestaatio {n}  :: manifestation
manifesti {n}  :: A manifesto
manifestoida {vt}  :: To manifest
manifestoitua {vi}  :: To manifest (oneself)
manikealainen {adj}  :: Manichaean
manikealainen {n}  :: A Manichaean
manikyristi {n}  :: manicurist
manikyyri {n}  :: The act of having one's fingernails tended, a manicure
manila {n}  :: manila (hemp)
manilahamppu {n}  :: Manila hemp
manipulaatio {n}  :: manipulation
manipulaattori {n}  :: manipulator
manipuloida {vt}  :: To manipulate
manipuloija {n}  :: manipulator (one who manipulates)
manipulointi {n}  :: manipulation
manjaana {n}  :: mañana
mankeli {n}  :: mangle
mankeloida {v}  :: To wring, mangle
mankelointi {n}  :: wringing, mangling
mankka {n} [colloquial]  :: tape recorder
manksi {n}  :: The Manx Gaelic language
mankua {vi}  :: To beg
mankua {vi}  :: To whine
manna {n} [Bible]  :: manna (food substance)
manna {n}  :: manna (any good thing)
manna {n}  :: semolina
mannapuuro {n}  :: semolina pudding (porridge made of semolina grains)
manne {n} [humorous, derogatory]  :: A Romani man
Manne {prop}  :: male given name
mannekiini {n}  :: A dummy
mannekiini {n} [figuratively]  :: A showpiece; something or someone used as real-life example, either good or bad
mannekiini {n} [old-fashioned]  :: A model, mannequin (person employed for modeling clothes, make-up etc.)
manner {n}  :: As a modifier in compound terms, of or pertaining to the continent
manner {n}  :: continent (in geological sense)
manner {n}  :: The main island of Åland archipelago (Ahvenanmaan manner)
Mannerheim {prop}  :: Finnish surname
mannerilmasto {n}  :: continental climate
mannerjää {n}  :: icecap
mannerjalusta {n}  :: continental shelf
mannerjäätikkö {n}  :: continental glacier, ice sheet (permanent body of ice that covers an area larger than 50,000
manner-Kiina {prop}  :: mainland China
mannerkiinalainen {adj}  :: mainland Chinese (of or pertaining to mainland China)
mannerkiinalainen {n}  :: mainland Chinese (person living in or originating from mainland China)
mannerlaatta {n} [geology]  :: tectonic plate
mannerliikunta {n}  :: continental drift
mannerliikunto {n}  :: continental drift
mannermaalainen {n}  :: mainlander
mannerrinne {n} [geology]  :: continental slope
mannertenvälinen {adj}  :: intercontinental
Manninen {prop}  :: Finnish surname
manometri {n}  :: manometer
Mansaari {prop}  :: Isle of Man
mansardikatto {n}  :: A gambrel roof
Manse {prop}  :: Commonly used nickname of the city of Tampere, in Finland (pop. 200,000)
mansetti {n} [dialectal]  :: cuff
mansi {n}  :: A Mansi
mansi {n}  :: The Mansi language
mansikka {n}  :: strawberry
mansikkahillo {n}  :: strawberry jam
mansikkainen {adj}  :: strawberryish (having the aroma of strawberry)
mansikkainen {adj}  :: strawberryish (including strawberries to the extent that it characterizes the taste and feel of a food or drink)
mansikkajäätelö {n}  :: strawberry ice cream
mansikkaluomi {n} [pathology]  :: hemangioma
mansikkapuu {n}  :: strawberry tree (Arbutus unedo) (evergreen shrub or small tree in the family Ericaceae)
mansikkasammakko {n}  :: strawberry poison-dart frog, Dendrobates pumilio syn. Oophaga pumilio
manteli {n}  :: almond
mantelihapero {n}  :: A brittlegill, Russula integra
mantelihappo {n}  :: mandelic acid
mantelikuorrutus {n}  :: A garnish made with almonds
mantelimaito {n}  :: almond milk
mantelipilvi {n}  :: lenticular cloud
mantelipuu {n}  :: An almond tree, Prunus dulcis
mantelitumake {n} [anatomy]  :: amygdala
mantere {n}  :: alternative form of manner
mantereinen {adj}  :: Continental
-mantia {suffix}  :: -mancy
mantissa {n} [mathematics]  :: mantissa
manto {n} [botany]  :: sapwood
mantra {n}  :: mantra
manttaali {n} [historical]  :: A figure representing the relative production potential of a farm, introduced in Sweden in 1500's as taxation unit and to allocate exploitation rights to common lands and waters
mantteli {n}  :: overcoat, greatcoat (long, woollen and heavy overcoat, especially one used by the military)
manttelinperijä {n}  :: successor
mantšu {n}  :: A Manchu (person)
mantšu {n}  :: The Manchu language
mantu {n} [rare]  :: ground, soil; especially in connection of ownership
Mantšuria {prop}  :: Manchuria
mantšurialainen {adj}  :: Manchurian
mantšurialainen {n}  :: A Manchurian (person)
mantuseitikki {n} [mushroom]  :: A webcap, Cortinarius umbrinolens
manu {n} [colloquial]  :: studio director
Manu {prop}  :: male given name
manuaali {n}  :: A manual (booklet that instructs on the use of a particular machine or device)
manuaali {n}  :: A manual or keyboard of a musical instrument
manuaalinen {adj}  :: manual
manuaalisesti {adv}  :: manually, by hand
manuli {n}  :: Pallas' cat, Otocolobus manul
manumissio {n}  :: manumission
manuskripti {n}  :: manuscript
manööveri {n}  :: maneuver, manoeuvre
manöveroida {v}  :: To manoeuvre/maneuver
manövroida {v}  :: alternative form of manöveroida
maoismi {n}  :: Maoism
maolainen {adj}  :: Maoist
maolainen {n}  :: An advocate of Maoism
maolaisuus {n}  :: Maoism
maori {n}  :: A Maori (member of the indigenous people of New Zealand)
maori {n}  :: The Maori language
maorin kieli {n}  :: Maori (language)
mapittaa {v}  :: To file (archive)
mappi {n}  :: binder
mara {n} [folklore]  :: A demon in Finnish folklore, similar to nightmare
mara {n}  :: Mara, any member of the Dolichotis family of hare-like rodents
Mara {prop}  :: male given name
marabu {n}  :: any of the large wading birds of the genus Leptoptilos
marabu {n}  :: marabou, Leptoptilos crumeniferus
marakassi {n} [musical instruments]  :: maraca
marakatti {n}  :: A guenon
marathi {prop}  :: Marathi
maraton {n}  :: A marathon (extended or sustained activity)
maraton {n} [athletics]  :: A marathon
maratonjuoksija {n}  :: marathon runner
maratonjuoksu {n} [athletics]  :: marathon
maratoonari {n}  :: marathon runner
marenki {n}  :: meringue
Margareeta {prop}  :: female given name
Margareetta {prop}  :: female given name, usually a middle name
margariini {n}  :: margarine
marginaali {n}  :: margin
marhaminta {n}  :: halter
mari {n}  :: Mari (language)
mari {n}  :: Mari (person)
mari {n} [slang]  :: marijuana
Mari {prop}  :: female given name
Maria {prop}  :: female given name
Maria {prop}  :: Mary (Biblical character)
Maria Magdaleena {prop}  :: Mary Magdalene [biblical character]
Marianna {prop}  :: female given name, Marian
Marianne {prop}  :: female given name derived from French Marianne
marihuana {n}  :: marijuana
Mariia {prop}  :: female given name
Mariitta {prop}  :: female given name
Marika {prop}  :: female given name
marimba {n} [musical instrument]  :: marimba
marina {n}  :: continuing grumble, whining
marina {n}  :: marina (harbour for small boats)
marinadi {n}  :: marinade
marin kieli {n}  :: Mari (language)
marinkielinen {adj}  :: Mari, Mari-language (expressed in Mari language)
marinoida {vt}  :: To marinate
marinointi {n}  :: marinating
marinoitu {adj}  :: marinated
marinoitua {vi}  :: To marinate (become marinated)
marionetti {n}  :: marionette
marionettihallitus {n}  :: puppet government
mariseva {adj}  :: peevish
marisija {n}  :: kvetch
marista {vi}  :: to bleat, complain, kvetch
Marita {prop}  :: female given name
Maritta {prop}  :: female given name, variant of Marita
marja {n}  :: berry
Marja {prop}  :: female given name
marja-aika {n}  :: berry season
Marjaana {prop}  :: female given name. Diminutive: Jaana
marjahillo {n}  :: berry jam
marjainen {adj}  :: Made of berries
marjaisa {adj}  :: Rich in berries
marjaisin {adj}  :: superlative form of marjainen
marjakiisseli {n}  :: berry soup
marjakuusi {n}  :: yew (tree or shrub)
Marja-Leena {prop}  :: female given name
Marja-Liisa {prop}  :: female given name, popular in the 1940s and the 1950s
marjamaito {n}  :: Berries served in milk
marjamehu {n}  :: berry juice
marjanpoimija {n}  :: berry picker (one who collects berries)
marjanpoiminta {n}  :: berry picking
marjanpoimuri {n}  :: berry picker (a device)
marjaomenapuu {n}  :: Siberian crabapple, Malus baccata
marjapussi {n} [card games]  :: A popular card game in Finland
marjapussi {n} [literally]  :: A pouch or bag of berries
marjastaa {vi}  :: to pick berries; collect berries
marjastaja {n}  :: berrypecker (any of various birds of the families Melanocharitidae and Paramythiidae native to New Guinea)
marjastaja {n}  :: berry picker (person who picks berries)
marjastus {n}  :: berry-picking
Marja-Terttu {prop}  :: female given name
Marjatta {prop}  :: A virgin mother in the Kalevala, resembling the Virgin Mary
Marjatta {prop}  :: female given name
marjaviini {n}  :: berry wine (wine made of berries)
Marjo {prop}  :: female given name
marjoa {vi}  :: To produce berries
marjonta {n}  :: production of berries by plants
Marjukka {prop}  :: female given name
Marjut {prop}  :: female given name
market {n}  :: alternative form of marketti
Marketta {prop}  :: female given name
marketti {n} [informal]  :: supermarket or hypermarket
markiisi {n}  :: awning, blind
markiisi {n}  :: marquess
markiisikangas {n}  :: awning fabric
markiisitar {n}  :: marchioness
markka {n}  :: A mark, as a currency used in many European countries, notably Germany and Finland. Currently in use only in Bosnia and Herzegovina, see: convertible mark
markka {n}  :: A one-mark coin or note, also markanraha
markka {n}  :: Especially in plural (markat), money or wealth
markka {n}  :: Former Finnish currency, markka, mark
markka {n}  :: Short form of the former German currency, Saksan markka or saksanmarkka
markka {n} [slang]  :: One hundred, especially of speed
markka-aika {n}  :: The period of time when markka was the official currency of Finland. It ended in the beginning of 2002 when Finland joined the eurozone
markkina {n}  :: market area
markkina-alue {n}  :: market sector
markkina-arvo {n}  :: market value
markkinaehtoistuminen {n}  :: marketization (exposure of service industries to market forces)
markkinahinta {n}  :: A market price
markkinajohtaja {n}  :: A market leader
markkinaosuus {n}  :: A market share
markkinapaikka {n}  :: A marketplace
markkinarako {n}  :: market niche
markkinat {n}  :: fair (as an event for public entertainment and trade)
markkinat {n}  :: market
markkinatakaaja {n} [finance]  :: market maker
markkinatalous {n}  :: market economy
markkinatutkimus {n}  :: market research
markkinavoima {n}  :: market force (any of various forces which affect pricing in a market economy, principally supply and demand of products and factors of production)
markkinoida {vt} [economics]  :: to market
markkinointi {n}  :: marketing
markkinointijohtaja {n}  :: marketing director, director of marketing
markkinointikampanja {n}  :: marketing campaign
markkinointipäällikkö {n}  :: marketing manager
markkreivi {n}  :: A margrave
Markku {prop}  :: male given name
Markkula {prop}  :: Any of a number of small places in Finland
Markkula {prop}  :: Finnish surname
Marko {prop}  :: male given name
marksismi {n}  :: Marxism
marksisti {n}  :: Marxist
marksistinen {adj}  :: Marxist
Markus {prop}  :: male given name
Markus {prop}  :: Mark the Evangelist
Marleena {prop}  :: female given name
marmattaa {vi}  :: to grumble, grouse, complain
marmelaati {n}  :: marmalade
marmeladi {n}  :: marmalade
marmori {n}  :: marble
marmorinen {adj}  :: Made of marble
marmoripatsas {n}  :: marble statue
marmoroida {v}  :: to cover with marble
marmoroida {v}  :: to marble (to cause something to have the streaked or swirled appearance of certain types of marble)
marmotti {n}  :: A sloppy translation of marmot, (rodent of the genus Marmota)
Marokko {prop}  :: Morocco
marokkolainen {adj}  :: Moroccan
marokkolainen {n}  :: a Moroccan
marosi {n} [dialectal, Central Karelian Isthmus, obsolete]  :: ice cream
marras {adj} [archaic]  :: dead
marras {n} [archaic]  :: omen of death
marras {n} [archaic]  :: person soon to be dead
marras {n} [archaic]  :: soul of a dead person
marraskasvi {n} [botany]  :: saprophyte
marraskesi {n} [anatomy]  :: stratum corneum
marraskuinen {adj}  :: Pertaining to November
marraskuu {n}  :: November
mars {interj}  :: march! (military command)
Mars {prop} [Roman god, planet]  :: Mars
marsala {n}  :: Marsala (wine)
marsalaviini {n}  :: Marsala wine
marsalkansauva {n}  :: marshal's baton
marsalkka {n}  :: marshal
Marseljeesi {prop}  :: The Marseillaise
marshalli {n}  :: Marshallese
Marshallinsaaret {prop}  :: The Marshall Islands
marshrutka {n}  :: marshrutka (share taxi in Russia, usually a minibus operating on a fixed route)
marsilainen {adj}  :: Martian
marsilainen {n}  :: a Martian
marsipaani {n}  :: marzipan
marski {n}  :: salt marsh
marskimaa {n}  :: salt marsh, saltmarsh
marskinlilja {n}  :: Eremurus stenophyllus
marskinlilja {n}  :: foxtail lily, a plant of the genus Eremurus
marssi {n}  :: march
marssia {vt}  :: To march
marssija {n}  :: One who marches; marcher
marssijärjestys {n}  :: marching order
marssilaulu {n}  :: cadence (song)
marssinta {n}  :: marching
marsu {n}  :: guinea pig
martensiitti {n} [metallurgy]  :: martensite
martingaali {n}  :: martingale
martini {n}  :: martini
martio {n}  :: epidermis
martioida {v}  :: to emboss (to mark or decorate with a raised design or symbol, especially on paper and leather)
marto {adj}  :: infertile (unable to reproduce)
marto {n}  :: matrix (material or tissue in which more specialized structures are embedded); used primarily in compound terms [[hiusmarto scalp]] and [[kynsimarto matrix, nail matrix]]
martta {n}  :: A female member of the Martha organisation
Martta {prop}  :: female given name
Martta {prop}  :: Martha [biblical character]
marttakerho {n}  :: Any club or meeting of the Martha organisation of Finnish homemakers
Martti {prop}  :: male given name
Marttila {prop}  :: A municipality in western Finland
Marttila {prop}  :: Any of a number of small places in Finland
Marttila {prop}  :: Finnish surname
Marttinen {prop}  :: Finnish surname
marttyyri {n}  :: A martyr (one who sacrifices something of great value to him, especially life, for the sake of a cause, especially a religion)
marttyyriaika {n} [historical]  :: The Age of Martyrs
marttyyrius {n}  :: martyrdom
marttyyriys {n}  :: martyrdom
maruna {n}  :: An artemisia; a mugwort
maruna {n} [dialectal, obsolete]  :: grande wormwood
maruna {n}  :: In plural (marunat), Artemisia, a genus in the plant family Asteraceae
marxilainen {adj}  :: Marxist or Marxian
marxilaisuus {n}  :: Marxism
marxismi {n}  :: Marxism
marxismi-leninismi {n}  :: Marxism-Leninism (communist ideological stream)
marxisti {n}  :: Marxist
Masa {prop}  :: A common nickname from the male given name Matti
masennus {n} [psychology]  :: depression
masennuslääke {n}  :: antidepressant (drug)
masentaa {vt}  :: To depress (mentally)
masentava {adj}  :: depressing
masentua {vi}  :: To become/get depressed
masentunut {adj}  :: depressed
maserointi {n}  :: maceration
masi {n} [military, colloquial]  :: A conscript who has almost finished his service
masiina {n} [colloquial]  :: machine
masinoida {v}  :: To machinate
masinointi {n}  :: A machination (act of machinating)
masinointi {n}  :: A machination (clever plot)
maskara {n}  :: mascara
maskata {v}  :: To mask, make up
maskeradi {n} [dated]  :: masquerade
maski {n}  :: mask
maskotti {n}  :: mascot
maskuliini {adj} [grammar]  :: masculine
maskuliinimuoto {n} [grammar]  :: masculine form
maskuliininen {adj}  :: masculine (having male qualities, not feminine or effeminate.)
masokismi {n}  :: masochism
masokisti {n}  :: masochist
masokistinen {adj}  :: masochistic
massa {n}  :: bulk
massa {n}  :: mass
massahyödyke {n}  :: commodity (undifferentiated goods)
massakeskipiste {n} [physics]  :: center of mass
massamurha {n}  :: mass murder
massapsykoosi {n}  :: mass psychosis
massaspektrografia {n}  :: mass spectrography
massaspektrometria {n} [physics, analytical chemistry]  :: mass spectrometry
massata {vt}  :: to coat with anticorrosive material
massatuotanto {n}  :: mass production
massi {n} [dialect]  :: purse, wallet
massi {n} [slang]  :: money
massiivi {n}  :: massif
massiivinen {adj}  :: massive
massiivisesti {adv}  :: massively
massiivisuus {n}  :: massiveness
massoittain {adv}  :: masses of (large number of)
mastektomia {n} [surgery, medical terminology]  :: mastectomy (surgical procedure to remove of all or part of a breast)
mastiffi {n}  :: mastiff
masto {n} [nautical]  :: mast
mastodontti {n}  :: mastodon
mastonkaatolaite {n} [nautical]  :: tabernacle (device allowing for the easy folding of a mast)
mastoplastia {n}  :: mammoplasty, mastoplasty
masturbaatio {n}  :: masturbation
masturboida {v}  :: To masturbate
masturbointi {n}  :: masturbation
masu {n} [colloquial, childish]  :: belly
masurkka {n} [dance]  :: mazurka
masuuni {n}  :: blast furnace
mataa {v}  :: To creep, worm
mataa {v}  :: To move very slowly (e.g. in a traffic jam)
matadori {n} [bullfighting]  :: matador
matala {adj}  :: low
matala {adj}  :: shallow
matalahiilihydraattinen {adj}  :: low-carb
matalampi {adj}  :: comparative form of matala
matalaotsainen {adj}  :: lowbrow
matalapaine {n} [meteorology]  :: depression, low pressure area
matalasesonki {n}  :: low season, off-season
Mataleena {prop}  :: female given name
matalikko {n}  :: A bank, as an elevation or rising ground under the sea
matalikko {n}  :: A wash (area of shallow water)
mataloitua {v}  :: alternative form of madaltua
matami {n} [colloquial, dated]  :: madam
matara {n} [plant]  :: bedstraw
matelija {n}  :: reptile
matelu {n}  :: crawling
matemaatikko {n}  :: mathematician
matemaattinen {adj}  :: mathematical
matemaattisesti {adv}  :: mathematically
matemaattistaa {vt}  :: To mathematize
matemaattistua {vi}  :: To become mathematical
matematiikka {n}  :: mathematics
matematisoida {vt}  :: To mathematize
matematisoitua {v}  :: to be mathematized
materia {n}  :: matter
materiaali {n}  :: material
materiaalinen {adj}  :: material, as opposed to immaterial
materiaalistaa {vt}  :: To materialize
materiaalistua {vi}  :: to materialize
materialisaatio {n}  :: materialization
materialismi {n}  :: materialism
materialisoida {vt}  :: To materialize
materialisoitua {vi}  :: to materialize
materialisti {n}  :: materialist
materialistinen {adj}  :: materialistic
materialistisesti {adv}  :: materialistically
Matias {prop} [biblical character, ,, obsolete]  :: Matthias
Matias {prop}  :: male given name
matikka {n} [colloquial]  :: burbot, Lota lota (freshwater fish)
matikka {n} [colloquial]  :: mathematics (especially as a school subject)
Matilda {prop}  :: female given name, cognate to English Matilda
matinea {n}  :: matinée
matittaa {v} [chess]  :: to checkmate, mate
matjessilli {n}  :: matjes herring
matka {n}  :: distance
matka {n}  :: trip
matka-aika {n}  :: travel time
matkaaja {n}  :: traveller/traveler
matka-apuraha {n}  :: travel grant
matkailija {n}  :: tourist
matkailija {n}  :: traveler, traveller
matkailla {v}  :: To travel (as a recreation)
matkailu {n}  :: tourism
matkailuala {n}  :: tourism, travel industry, travel business
matkailuauto {n}  :: motor home, camper; campervan, camper van [UK]; recreational vehicle [US]; motorcaravan, caravanette [rare] (vehicle designed for use as living quarters, used for overnight recreational activities and travel)
matkailukausi {n}  :: tourist season
matkailukohde {n}  :: tourist attraction
matkailuteollisuus {n}  :: tourism industry
matkailuvaunu {n}  :: A camper (US); a caravan (UK)
matkakirja {n}  :: travel book
matkakoti {n}  :: inn (establishment where travellers can procure lodging, often also food and drink; cheaper and more modest than a hotel)
matkakumppani {n}  :: fellow traveller
matkalaukku {n}  :: suitcase, trunk, portmanteau
matkalippu {n}  :: A ticket (pass entitling the holder to board a train, a plane, or other means of transportation)
matkamittari {n}  :: An odometer
matkamuisto {n}  :: A souvenir
matkamuistomyymälä {n}  :: gift shop
matkan varrella {phrase}  :: en route, along the way
matkan varrella {phrase} [idiomatic]  :: down the track, down the line, down the road (further along, in terms of time or progress)
matkaopas {n}  :: travel guide; a person who guides tourists or a guide book
matkapahoinvointi {n}  :: motion sickness; airsickness, carsickness, seasickness
matkapäiväkirja {n}  :: travel journal, travelogue
matkapuhelin {n}  :: A mobile phone, mobile telephone, cellular or cell phone
matkapyörä {n}  :: touring bicycle (bicycle designed for long-distance journeys)
matkapyörä {n}  :: touring motorcycle (motorcycle designed for long-distance journeys)
matkasekki {n}  :: traveller's cheque
matkaseuralainen {n}  :: travel companion
matkasuunnitelma {n}  :: itinerary
matkata {vi}  :: To travel
matkatavara {n}  :: a piece of luggage
matkatavarakärry {n}  :: luggage cart
matkatavarasäilytys {n}  :: left-luggage office, cloakroom (place where luggage can be left for temporary storage)
matkatelevisio {n}  :: mobile television
matkatoimisto {n}  :: travel agency
matkavakuutus {n}  :: travel insurance
matkia {vt} [+ partitive]  :: To mimic, ape; imitate, impersonate
matkija {n}  :: imitator
matkija {n}  :: mimid (bird of the family Mimidae, including mockingbirds, thrashers, tremblers and New World catbirds)
matkija {n}  :: wannabe
matkue {n} [rare]  :: A traveling party
matkustaa {vi}  :: To travel
matkustaja {n}  :: occupant (person who has a seat in a vehicle)
matkustaja {n}  :: passenger
matkustaja {n}  :: traveller
matkustaja-alus {n}  :: passenger ship
matkustajajuna {n}  :: passenger train
matkustajakilometri {n}  :: passenger kilometer
matkustajakone {n}  :: passenger plane
matkustajakoti {n}  :: inn (establishment where travellers can procure lodging, often also food and drink; cheaper and more modest than a hotel)
matkustajalaiva {n}  :: passenger ship
matkustajalentokone {n}  :: passenger plane
matkustajaluettelo {n}  :: manifest (a list of passengers)
matkustajamäärä {n}  :: number of passengers
matkustajavaunu {n}  :: passenger car (railroad car)
matkustaminen {n}  :: travelling
matkustamohenkilökunta {n} [aviation]  :: cabin crew
matkustus {n}  :: travel
matkustuskielto {n}  :: travel ban
Matleena {prop}  :: female given name
mato {n} [colloquial]  :: maggot (soft, legless larva)
mato {n} [colloquial]  :: maggot (worthless person)
mato {n} [computing]  :: worm
mato {n}  :: worm
matogrossonvyötiäinen {n}  :: southern naked-tailed armadillo, Cabassous unicinctus
matoinen {adj}  :: wormy, having worms
matolääke {n} [medicine]  :: anthelmintic (any drug for the treatment of intestinal worm infestation)
-maton {suffix}  :: Forms negative participles; un- ~ -ed, in- ~ -able etc
matriarkaalinen {adj}  :: matriarchal
matriarkaatti {n}  :: matriarchate
matriarkka {n}  :: matriarch
matriisi {n} [math, computing]  :: matrix
matriisikirjoitin {n}  :: dot matrix printer
matrilineaarinen {adj}  :: matrilineal
matrilineaarisuus {n}  :: matrilineality
matronyymi {n}  :: matronym
matroona {n}  :: matron (mature woman with authority)
matruusi {n} [military ranks]  :: A seaman (lowest rank in the navy)
matsi {n} [colloquial]  :: match (sporting event)
Matt. {abbr} [Bible]  :: Matteuksen evankeliumi (Gospel of Matthew)
matta {adj}  :: matte
Matteus {prop} [biblical character]  :: Matthew
Matteus {prop}  :: male given name, rare in this form. Normal given name forms: Matias, Matti
matti {n}  :: checkmate (conclusive victory in chess)
matti {n} [colloquial, idiomatic]  :: State of being absolutely sure
matti {n} [idiomatic]  :: State of being out of cash
Matti {prop}  :: male given name
Matti {prop}  :: The letter "M" in the Finnish tavausaakkoset, a spelling system similar to ICAO spelling alphabet
Mattias {prop} [biblical character]  :: Matthias
Mattias {prop}  :: male given name, rare in this form
Mattila {prop}  :: Any of a number of small places in Finland
Mattila {prop}  :: Finnish surname
mattimeikäläinen {n}  :: Tom, Dick or Harry
Matti Meikäläinen {n}  :: Joe Average, Joe Public, John Doe (hypothetical average or generic individual; the common man)
mattimyöhäinen {n} [idiomatic]  :: a male latecomer
matto {n} [athletics]  :: mat (floor pad to protect athletes)
matto {n}  :: carpet, mat, rug
matto {n} [dialectal]  :: tapestry, esp. of rya type
matto {n} [figuratively]  :: mat (chiefly in compound terms, thick layer of something that resembles a mat or carpet)
matto {n}  :: mat, blasting mat (heavy, flexible cover, often made of used rubber tires and used to prevent debris from flying around during rock blasting)
-mattomuus {suffix}  :: A deverbal suffix that, when attached to the stem of a verb, transforms the verb to a noun which means lack of activity, failure or refusal to do something. The stem is often modified in the process
mattoveitsi {n}  :: utility knife, box cutter, Stanley knife, razor blade knife, carpet knife, stationery knife
maturaatio {n}  :: maturation
maukas {adj}  :: tasty
maukkaampi {adj}  :: comparative form of maukas
maukkaasti {adv}  :: tastily
maukua {v}  :: to meow
maukua {v}  :: to speak in a meowing tone as in order to complain, beg or ask for something
Mauno {prop}  :: male given name
Maunu {prop}  :: Finnish surname
Maunu {prop}  :: male given name
mauri {n}  :: A Moor
Mauri {prop}  :: male given name, Maurice
mauriainen {n}  :: black garden ant, Lasius niger
maurilainen {adj} [architecture]  :: Moorish
maurilainen {adj}  :: Moorish (of or pertaining to the Moors or their culture)
maurilainen {n}  :: bargeman (maggot of cadelle beetle)
maurilainen {n}  :: cadelle beetle (Tenebroides mauretanicus)
maurilainen {n} [dated]  :: Moor (person)
Mauritania {prop}  :: Mauritania
Mauritius {prop}  :: Mauritius
mauseri {n}  :: (informal) Mauser (any firearm produced by this company, especially a pistol)
mauseri {n} [informal]  :: vernier caliper (type of precision calipers originally patented by Mauser Werke)
mausoleumi {n}  :: mausoleum
maustaa {vt}  :: To flavour/flavor (to add flavoring)
maustaa {vt}  :: To salt (to include colorful language)
maustaa {vt}  :: To season (to flavour food with spices, herbs or salt)
maustaa {vt}  :: To spice (to add spice/spices to)
maustamaton {adj}  :: unflavored, natural, unspiced
mauste {n}  :: flavoring/flavouring, seasoning, flavor/flavour, condiment (substance used to produce a taste)
mauste {n}  :: spice (any variety of spice)
maustebasilika {n} [plant]  :: basil, Ocimum basilicum
mausteikko {n}  :: cruet
maustekrassi {n}  :: wasabi (plant)
maustekurkku {n}  :: A pickle (cucumber preserved in vinegar)
maustekurkuma {n}  :: turmeric (herb, Curcuma longa)
maustemeirami {n} [plant]  :: marjoram
mausteneilikka {n}  :: clove [spice]
mausteneilikka {n}  :: clove tree, Syzygium aromaticum
maustepippuri {n}  :: allspice [spice]
maustepippuri {n}  :: allspice [tree]
maustesahrami {n}  :: A saffron or saffron crocus, Crocus sativus
maustevoi {n}  :: seasoned butter
maustua {vi}  :: To become spiced
mauton {adj}  :: Tasteless
mauttomasti {adv}  :: tastelessly
mauttomuus {n}  :: tastelessness
mau'unta {n}  :: meow, the act of meowing
maya {n}  :: Maya
Möbiuksen nauha {n} [mathematics]  :: Möbius strip
mbuti {n} [in plural]  :: the Mbuti (pygmy people living in the NE Congo)
mbuti {n}  :: Mbuti (language of that people)
mbuti {n}  :: Mbuti (member of that people)
mädin {adj}  :: superlative form of mätä
mädännäisloinen {n}  :: saprophyte
mädänsyöjä {n}  :: saprophyte
mädäntyä {vi}  :: To rot, decay, putrefy
mädäntynyt {adj}  :: rotten
mädätä {vi}  :: To rot
mädättää {vt}  :: To rot, make something rotten
me {pron}  :: we
medaljonki {n}  :: locket
medaljonki {n}  :: medallion
medestäjä {n}  :: sunbird (bird of the family Nectariniidae)
media {n}  :: media
mediaani {n} [statistics]  :: median
mediaanitaso {n} [anatomy]  :: median plane (imaginary plane which divides the body evenly to the left and right halves)
mediantti {n} [music]  :: mediant
mediasirkus {n}  :: media circus
mediasoitin {n}  :: media player
medikalisaatio {n}  :: medicalization
medisiina {n} [colloquial]  :: medical student
meditaatio {n}  :: meditation
meditoida {vi}  :: To meditate
meditointi {n}  :: meditation
meduusa {n}  :: jellyfish
Meduusa {prop} [mythology]  :: Medusa
meedialainen {adj}  :: of or pertaining to Media (ancient kingdom)
meedialainen {n} [historical]  :: Mede (individual belonging to Medes people of ancient Iran)
meedio {n}  :: (spiritual) medium
meemi {n}  :: meme
meemipooli {n} [philosophy]  :: meme pool (set of all memes present in a given human population)
Meeri {prop}  :: female given name
meesjuusto {n}  :: brunost (brown Norwegian whey-cheese with a strong, sweet flavor)
meetvursti {n}  :: Mettwurst, an uncooked German sausage
mega- {prefix}  :: mega-
megafoni {n}  :: megaphone
megahertsi {n}  :: megahertz
megahitti {n}  :: mega hit
megaliitti {n}  :: megalith
megalopoli {n}  :: megalopolis
megapoli {n}  :: megapolis
megaron {n} [historical]  :: megaron
megasporangio {n} [botany]  :: megasporangium
megaspori {n} [botany]  :: megaspore
megatavu {n}  :: megabyte
megatähti {n}  :: megastar
megatonni {n}  :: megaton
megatrendi {n}  :: megatrend
megawatti {n}  :: megawatt
mehevä {adj}  :: juicy, lush, succulent
mehevöityä {vi}  :: to become (more) juicy
mehiläinen {n}  :: A bee
mehiläishaukka {n}  :: a honey buzzard; Pernis apivorus
mehiläishoitaja {n}  :: beekeeper, apiarist
mehiläishoito {n}  :: apiculture, beekeeping
mehiläiskenno {n}  :: honeycomb
mehiläiskuhnuri {n}  :: drone bee
mehiläiskuningatar {n}  :: queen bee
mehiläisparvi {n}  :: A swarm of bees
mehiläispesä {n}  :: beehive
mehiläispönttö {n} [informal]  :: An artificial beehive (man-made structure in which bees are kept for their honey)
mehiläissyöjä {n}  :: bee-eater (any bird in the family Meropidae)
mehiläissyöjä {n}  :: European bee-eater (Merops apiaster)
mehiläistarha {n} [agriculture]  :: An apiary
mehiläistarhuri {n}  :: beekeeper, apiarist
mehiläistäi {n}  :: bee lice
mehiläisvaha {n}  :: beeswax
mehiläisyhdyskunta {n}  :: bee colony
mehitähti {n}  :: houseleek
mehu {n}  :: juice (beverage made of plant liquids)
mehu {n}  :: juice (liquid from a plant)
mehuisa {adj}  :: juicy
mehujää {n}  :: frozen juice or flavored water, typically consumed as snack or dessert
mehujää {n}  :: ice lolly, ice pop, popsicle (a serving of this material, often sold individually packed)
mehujääpuikko {n}  :: ice pop, popsicle (a serving of frozen juice or flavored water on a stick)
mehukas {adj}  :: juicy (having lots of juice)
mehukas {adj}  :: (of a story, etc.) juicy, exciting, interesting, enticing
mehupilli {n}  :: drinking straw
mehustaa {v}  :: To add juice
mehustaa {v}  :: To juice (remove juice)
mehuste {n}  :: extract
mehustin {n}  :: juicer
mehutiiviste {n}  :: cordial [UK, Australia: concentrated noncarbonated soft drink which is diluted with water before drinking]
Meibomin rauhanen {n} [anatomy]  :: meibomian gland
meidän {pron}  :: The genitive plural of the personal pronoun me, in most cases (with the possessive suffix -mme appended to the main word owned) translated with the possessive pronoun our; after the verb olla: ours:
meidän {pron}  :: Used with verbs or verb structures that are used monopersonally such as pitää, täytyä, tulla, olla + passive present participle etc., and require genitive: translated into English we:
meidät {pron}  :: The accusative plural of the personal pronoun me, in most cases translated into English us (direct object):
meijeri {n}  :: dairy, milk processing plant
meijeriteollisuus {n}  :: dairy industry
meijerituote {n}  :: dairy product
meijerivoi {n}  :: Butter produced in a dairy
meikä {n}  :: I, me
meikata {v}  :: To apply makeup
meikkaaja {n}  :: makeup artist
meikkaus {n}  :: making up (applying cosmetics)
meikki {n}  :: makeup
meikkivoide {n}  :: [makeup] foundation, foundation cream
meikäläinen {n} [informal]  :: I; used sometimes in speech to express modesty or helplessness
meikäläinen {n}  :: one of us
meilata {v}  :: to email
meili {n} [Internet]  :: email
meillä {pron} [personal]  :: at our home/place etc
meillä {pron} [personal]  :: ~ on: we have
meinata {vt} [colloquial, + infinitive]  :: To almost do
meinata {vt} [colloquial, + infinitive]  :: To plan to do, intend to do, aim to do; to be going to do, will do
meinata {vt} [colloquial]  :: To mean
meininki {n}  :: atmosphere
meininki {n}  :: intention, event, happening
meininki {n}  :: party
meioosi {n} [cytology]  :: meiosis
meirami {n}  :: marjoram (seasoning)
meisseli {n} [colloquial]  :: penis
meisseli {n} [colloquial]  :: screwdriver
meistää {v}  :: to punch, die cut (to employ a punch to create a hole in or stamp or emboss a mark on something)
meistä {pron}  :: about us; of us:
meistä {pron}  :: in our opinion, we think that:
meistä {pron}  :: of us:
meisti {n}  :: die (device for cutting into a specified shape)
meitnerium {n}  :: meitnerium
meitsi {pron} [colloquial]  :: me
meitsie {n} [slang]  :: selfie
mekaanikko {n}  :: A mechanic
mekaaninen {adj}  :: mechanical
mekaanisesti {adv}  :: mechanically
mekaanistaa {v} [rare]  :: to mechanize (to furnish with machines, such as a process)
mekaanistaa {v}  :: to mechanize (to make something routine, automatic or monotonous)
mekaanistua {vi}  :: to be mechanized
mekaanisuus {n}  :: mechanicalness, mechanicality
mekaniikka {n}  :: mechanics
mekanismi {n}  :: mechanism
mekanisoida {v} [miltary]  :: to mechanize (to equip a unity with vehicles)
mekanisoida {v}  :: to mechanize (to equip something with machinery)
mekanisoitua {vi}  :: To be mechanized
mekanistinen {adj}  :: mechanistic
mekastaa {vi}  :: to make noise
mekatroniikka {n}  :: mechatronics
mekkala {n}  :: hullabaloo, hubbub
mekkaloida {vi}  :: To make noise
mekko {n}  :: dress (woman's garment)
meklari {n}  :: broker
Meksiko {prop}  :: Mexico
meksikolainen {adj}  :: Mexican (of, from, or something pertaining to Mexico)
meksikolainen {n}  :: A Mexican person
Meksikonlahti {prop}  :: The Gulf of Mexico
meksikonsusi {n}  :: Mexican wolf, Canis lupus baileyi
mela {n}  :: paddle (oar-like implement)
mela {n} [slang]  :: dick (penis)
melaa mekkoon {phrase} [vulgar, of a female]  :: getting laid
melaa mekkoon {phrase} [vulgar, of a male]  :: panna ~ : to fuck
melamiini {n}  :: melamine
melanesialainen {adj}  :: Melanesian
melanesialainen {n}  :: A Melanesian person
melaniini {n}  :: melanin
melankolia {n}  :: melancholy
melankolikko {n}  :: A melancholic person
melankolinen {adj}  :: melancholy
melankolisesti {adv}  :: melancholically
melankolisuus {n}  :: melancholy
melanooma {n} [oncology, pathology]  :: melanoma
melanosyytti {n}  :: melanocyte
melassi {n}  :: molasses
melatoniini {n}  :: melatonin
melissa {n}  :: melissa (plant of the genus Melissa)
melkein {adv}  :: almost, nearly, close to
melko {adv}  :: quite, somewhat
melkoinen {adj}  :: considerable, quite a
melkoisesti {adv}  :: quite a bit, considerably
mellakka {n}  :: A riot
mellakkapoliisi {n}  :: riot police
mellakoida {v}  :: To riot
mellakoija {n}  :: rioter
mellakoitsija {n}  :: alternative form of mellakoija
mellastaa {v}  :: To riot
mellastus {n}  :: racket (loud noise)
mellottaa {v} [metallurgy]  :: To decrease the amount of carbon in iron alloy (decarburization)
mellotus {n} [metallurgy]  :: decarburization, decarbonization
meloa {v}  :: ~ (kajakilla): to kayak (to use a kayak, to travel or race in a kayak, to traverse a body of water by kayak)
meloa {v}  :: ~ (kanootilla): to canoe (ride or paddle a canoe)
meloa {v}  :: to paddle (to propel something with a paddle)
melodia {n} [music]  :: melody, tune
melodiapilli {n} [music]  :: chanter (the pipe of a bagpipe on which the melody is played)
melodika {n} [musical instruments]  :: melodica
melodinen {adj}  :: melodic
melodisesti {adv}  :: melodically
melodraama {n}  :: melodrama
melodramaattinen {adj}  :: melodramatic
melodramaattisesti {adv}  :: melodramatically
melodramaattisuus {n}  :: The property of being melodramatic
melografi {n}  :: melograph
meloja {n}  :: canoeist, canoer (one who travels by canoe)
meloja {n}  :: kayaker (one who travels by kayak)
meloja {n}  :: paddler
meloni {n}  :: melon
melonta {n}  :: paddling
melontaretki {n}  :: canoe trip
melperoni {n} [chemistry, medicine]  :: melperone
melska {n} [rare]  :: ado, fuss, bustle
melskata {vi}  :: To make noise
melske {n}  :: din, racket
melto {adj}  :: ductile
meltorauta {n}  :: malleable iron
melu {n}  :: noise
melueste {n}  :: sound barrier (a structure designed to reduce noise)
meluisa {adj}  :: noisy
meluisasti {adv}  :: noisily
meluta {vi}  :: To make noise, be noisy
meluton {adj}  :: noiseless
meluttomasti {adv}  :: noiselessly
meluvalli {n}  :: sound barrier (a structure designed to reduce noise)
memantiini {n} [chemistry]  :: memantine
membraani {n}  :: membrane
membranofoni {n} [music]  :: membranophone (any musical instrument that produces sound via the vibration of a stretched membrane)
memeettinen {adj}  :: memetic
memorandumi {n}  :: memorandum
menadioni {n}  :: menadione
mendelevium {n}  :: mendelevium
mendelöidä {v} [genetics]  :: to mendelize
mendelismi {n}  :: Mendelism
mendelistinen {adj}  :: Mendelist
menehtyä {v}  :: To perish, pass away, die
meneillään {adv}  :: olla meneillään: to be going on, currently happening
meneillään oleva {phrase}  :: ongoing (presently or currently happening; being in progress)
menekki {n}  :: consumption, sales, demand (amount or quantity consumed or sold)
menestyä {vi}  :: To succeed, be successful, meet with success; be a success; to prosper, flourish, thrive
menestyjä {n}  :: success (One who, or that which, achieves assumed goals)
menestyksekkäästi {adv}  :: successfully
menestyksekkyys {n}  :: successfulness
menestyksekäs {adj}  :: successful
menestyksellinen {adj}  :: successful
menestyksellisesti {adv}  :: successfully
menestyksellisyys {n}  :: successfulness
menestyksetön {adj}  :: unsuccessful
menestyminen {n}  :: success
menestymätön {adj}  :: unsuccessful
menestynyt {adj}  :: successful (having had success in the past)
menestys {n}  :: success (achievement of one's aim or goal)
menestyskirja {n}  :: bestseller (book that has sold in large numbers)
menestystuote {n}  :: bestseller (product that has sold in large numbers)
menestyvä {adj}  :: successful, flourishing, prosperous (having success currently)
menetellä {vi}  :: To do, act, proceed
menetellä {vi}  :: To do, be good enough
menetelmä {n}  :: method
menetelmäoppi {n}  :: methodology
menettää {vt}  :: To lose, miss
menettely {n} [administration, legal]  :: procedure
menettelytapa {n}  :: procedure
menettää henkensä {v}  :: To lose one's life
menettää kasvonsa {v}  :: to lose face
menettää malttinsa {v}  :: to lose one's temper
menettää tajuntansa {v}  :: to pass out
menetys {n}  :: loss
menevä {adj}  :: active, busy
menevä {adj} [slang]  :: popular, fashionable, trendy
menševikki {n}  :: Menshevik
menhaden {n}  :: menhaden (fish)
menijä {n}  :: One who goes; a goer
meningiitti {n} [pathology]  :: meningitis (inflammation of the meninge, usually caused by a virus or bacteria)
meningokokki {n} [medicine]  :: meningococcus (pathogenic bacterium, Neisseria meningitidis, common cause of meningitis)
menkat {n} [colloquial]  :: period (menstruation)
meän kieli {n}  :: alternative form of meänkieli
meänkieli {n}  :: Meänkieli
meänkielinen {adj}  :: Pertaining to or characteristic of Meänkieli
mennä {vi}  :: To go
menneisyydessä {adv}  :: in the past
menneisyys {n}  :: past (the period of time that has already happened)
mennessä {postp}  :: (temporal) by
mennä hukkaan {v}  :: to come to nothing, come to nought (to fail completely; to have no result)
mennä hukkaan {v}  :: to get lost (to disappear, vanish)
mennä hukkaan {v}  :: to get wasted
menninkäinen {n}  :: goblin, bugbear (imaginary evil personality)
mennä kihloihin {vi}  :: ~ jonkun kanssa; to get (also to be) engaged to somebody (to mutually promise to marry each other)
mennä konkurssiin {v}  :: To go bankrupt
mennä lukkoon {v} [idiomatic]  :: to seize up, to freeze up
mennä lukkoon {v}  :: to lock (to become fastened in place), get locked
mennä manalle {v} [idiomatic, euphemistic]  :: to pass away
mennä manan majoille {v} [idiomatic, euphemistic]  :: to pass away
mennä mönkään {v} [colloquial]  :: to be screwed up, fumble, bumble; fail
mennä myttyyn {v} [figuratively, idiomatic]  :: to fail, collapse
mennä naimisiin {vi} [idiomatic]  :: To marry (someone = genitive + kanssa) (to take to husomeoneand or to wife; to be joined in marriage)
mennä nukkumaan {v}  :: to go to bed
mennä perille {vi} [idiomatic]  :: to strike home, be understood, hit home
mennä plörinäksi {v} [colloquial]  :: to screw up, fumble, bumble; fail
mennä rikki {v}  :: to break down (to fail to function)
mennä sukset ristiin {v} [idiomatic]  :: to cross swords (to have a dispute)
mennä virran mukana {vi} [idiomatic]  :: To go with the flow (same meaning)
mennä yhdestä korvasta sisään ja toisesta ulos {phrase}  :: to go in one ear and out the other
mennyt {n}  :: past, days of yore, bygones, halcyon days
mennyt {n}  :: water under the bridge
meno {n}  :: course
meno {n}  :: expense, expenditure
meno {n} [in the plural]  :: ceremony, ritual
menolippu {n}  :: one-way ticket (ticket granting permission to travel to a place but not back)
meno-paluu- {prefix}  :: return
meno-paluu- {prefix}  :: two-way
menopaluulippu {n}  :: return ticket (ticket granting permission to travel to a place and back)
menopausaalinen {adj}  :: menopausal (of, or pertaining to the menopause)
menopaussi {n}  :: menopause
menopeli {n} [colloquial, humorous]  :: vehicle
menora {n} [Judaism]  :: menorah (seven-branch candelabrum)
menossa {adv}  :: leaving, on one's way out
menossa {adv}  :: on the go, underway
menovesi {n} [informal]  :: juice (fuel for a motor vehicle)
Mäenpää {prop}  :: Any of a number of small places in Finland
Mäenpää {prop}  :: Finnish surname
mensalainen {adj}  :: Mensan (of or pertaining to Mensa)
mensalainen {n}  :: A Mensan (member)
menshevikki {n}  :: Menshevik
menstruaatio {n}  :: menstruation
menstruoida {v}  :: To menstruate
mensut {n} [colloquial]  :: menstruation
mentaalihygienia {n} [dated]  :: mental hygiene
mentaalinen {adj}  :: mental
mentaalisesti {adv}  :: mentally
mentalismi {n} [philosophy]  :: mentalism
mentalisti {n}  :: mentalist
mentaliteetti {n}  :: mentality
mentoli {n} [chemistry]  :: menthol
mentori {n}  :: mentor
mentorointi {n}  :: mentoring
menu {n} [computing]  :: menu (list from which the user may select an operation to be performed)
menu {n}  :: menu, bill of fare (details of the food to be served at a banquet)
menu {n}  :: menu (printed list of dishes offered in a restaurant)
menuetti {n}  :: minuet
menyy {n}  :: A menu, bill of fare
meppi {n}  :: Member of the European Parliament
merellinen {adj}  :: marine
merenalainen {adj}  :: submarine
meren antimet {n}  :: alternative form of merenantimet
merenantimet {n} [idiomatic]  :: seafood
merenelävä {n} [colloquial]  :: Any creature, fish, crustacean, mollusk etc. found in the sea
merenelävä {n} [normally in plural]  :: seafood (such creatures as food)
merenjumala {n}  :: sea god
merenkulkija {n}  :: seafarer, mariner, sailor
merenkulku {n} [nautical]  :: seafaring
merenkulkuoppi {n}  :: navigation (science)
Merenkurkku {prop}  :: Kvarken or Quarken
merenkävijä {n}  :: seafarer, mariner, sailor
merenkäynti {n}  :: seafaring
merenlahti {n}  :: A sea bay
merenneito {n}  :: A mermaid
merenpinta {n}  :: sea level
merenpohja {n}  :: seafloor
merenpuoleinen {adj}  :: seaward (in the direction towards sea, as opposed to in the direction to the land)
merenranta {n}  :: seashore
merenselkä {n}  :: open sea
merensininen {adj}  :: ultramarine
merensininen {n}  :: ultramarine
merentakainen {adj}  :: overseas, transmarine
merentutkimus {n}  :: oceanography
merenvaha {n} [mineral]  :: sepiolite
meren vilja {n} [rare]  :: seafood
mereologia {n} [logic]  :: mereology
meri {n}  :: sea (a single area or the seas altogether)
Meri {prop}  :: female given name
Meri {prop}  :: Finnish surname
meriahven {n}  :: Any of various species of saltwater fish in various families, or a specimen thereof, many species in the genus Sebastes
meriahven {n}  :: sea bass, grouper (perciform fishes of the family Serranidae)
meriahven {n}  :: used sometimes of common perch (Perca fluviatilis) that live in the brackish sea water of the Baltic Sea in order to differentiate from perch grown in fresh water
meriankerias {n}  :: conger eel, especially the European conger aka European conger eel, Conger conger
meriantura {n}  :: common sole (Solea solea)
meriarkeologia {n} [archaeology]  :: maritime archeology
meribassi {n}  :: European seabass, Dicentrarchus labrax
meribassi {n}  :: Japanese seabass, Lateolabrax japonicus
meribiologia {n} [biology]  :: marine biology
meridiaani {n}  :: A longitude (imaginary line from North Pole to South Pole)
meridiaani {n}  :: A meridian (imaginary line from North Pole to South Pole)
meriekologia {adj}  :: marine ecology
merieläin {n} [zoology]  :: marine animal
merihanhi {n}  :: greylag goose, Anser anser
meriharakka {n}  :: Eurasian oystercatcher, Haematopus ostralegus
meriharakka {n}  :: In plural (meriharakat), the taxonomic family Haematopodidae or the genus Haematopus
meriharakka {n}  :: oystercatcher (any bird of the family Haematopodidae)
meriherkkusieni {n}  :: An agaric, Agaricus bernardii
meriherruus {n}  :: sea supremacy
merihevonen {n}  :: sea horse
merihirviö {n}  :: sea monster
meri-ilmasto {n}  :: marine climate
meriitti {n}  :: merit
merijalkaväki {n} [military]  :: marine corps
merijuolavehnä {n}  :: sand couch-grass, Elymus farctus subsp. boreoatlanticus
merikaali {n}  :: sea kale, seakale, crambe, Crambe maritima
merikadetti {n} [nautical]  :: A midshipman (officer rank in navy)
merikala {n}  :: marine fish
merikarhu {n} [nautical]  :: seadog, tar (experienced sailor)
merikarhu {n} [zoology]  :: fur seal
merikartta {n}  :: navigational chart
merikeiju {n}  :: European storm-petrel, Hydrobates pelagicus
merikelpoinen {adj}  :: seaworthy
merikelpoisuus {n} [nautical]  :: seaworthiness
merikelvoton {adj} [nautical]  :: unseaworthy
merikihu {n}  :: Arctic skua, Stercorarius parasiticus
merikilpikonna {n}  :: sea turtle
merikissa {n}  :: seawolf, Atlantic wolffish
merikortti {n} [informal]  :: navigational chart
merikorva {n}  :: abalone
merikotka {n}  :: a white-tailed eagle (Haliaeetus albicilla)
merikäärme {n}  :: sea serpent
merikäärme {n}  :: sea snake
merikrotti {n}  :: monkfish, Lophius piscatorius
merilahna {n}  :: Any fish of the genus Brama, the pomfrets, in the family Bramidae
merilaki {n} [legal]  :: admiralty law, maritime law (area of law that deals with ships at sea and the rights of sailors, passengers, and owners of cargo)
merileguaani {n}  :: marine iguana, Amblyrhynchus cristatus
merilehmä {n}  :: dugong, sea cow (mammal of the family Dugongidae comprising dugong and the extinct Steller's sea cow)
merileijona {n}  :: sea lion
merileopardi {n}  :: leopard seal (Hydrurga leptonyx)
merilevä {n}  :: seaweed, kelp
merililja {n}  :: A crinoid
merilintu {n}  :: seabird
merilohi {n}  :: Atlantic salmon, Salmo salar
merilokki {n}  :: A seagull species, great black-backed gull, Larus marinus
merimaalaus {n}  :: marine painting; sea piece [archaic]
merimahti {n}  :: A sea power (a country with a formidable naval strength)
merimakkara {n}  :: sea cucumber
merimaruna {n} [botany]  :: sea wormwood (Artemisia maritima)
merimerkki {n} [nautical]  :: A general term for any kind of seamark or beacon as a nautical term
merimetso {n}  :: A great cormorant, Phalacrocorax carbo (type species of the cormorant family)
merimetso {n}  :: Any bird of the family Phalacrocoracidae (the cormorant family). The individual species in this family are either cormorants or shags by their English common name
merimies {n}  :: sailor, seaman
merimiessolmu {n}  :: reef knot
merimiina {n}  :: naval mine
merinahkakilpikonna {n}  :: leatherback (Dermochelys coriacea)
merinahkiainen {n}  :: sea lamprey (Petromyzon marinus)
merinisäkäs {n}  :: marine mammal
merinolammas {n}  :: merino (sheep)
merinorsu {n}  :: elephant seal
merinovilla {n}  :: merino (wool)
meriotakilokki {n} [plant]  :: prickly saltwort, Russian thistle, prickly glasswort, Kali turgida, formerly Salsola kali
meripeninkulma {n}  :: nautical mile
meripihka {n}  :: amber
meripihkahappo {n} [organic chemistry]  :: succinic acid
meriraja {n}  :: sea border
meriristeily {n}  :: sea cruise
merirokko {n}  :: bay barnacle, Balanus improvisus, a species of acorn barnacle which thrives in brackish water
merirosvo {n}  :: pirate
merirosvolaiva {n}  :: pirate ship
merirosvolippu {n}  :: Jolly Roger
merirosvoradio {n}  :: pirate radio
merirosvous {n} [nautical]  :: piracy
meriruoka {n}  :: seafood
merisaarto {n}  :: naval blockade
merisairas {adj}  :: seasick
merisairaus {n}  :: seasickness
merisaukko {n}  :: sea otter, Enhydra lutris
merisavu {n}  :: sea smoke, arctic steam fog
merisiili {n}  :: sea urchin
merisika {n} [dated]  :: porpoise
merisirri {n}  :: purple sandpiper, Calidris maritima
meriskorpioni {n}  :: sea scorpion, eurypteroid
merisotilaallinen {adj}  :: naval
merisulka {n}  :: Sea pen (Pennatulacea')
merisuola {n}  :: sea salt
Merita {prop}  :: A former major bank in Finland, now merged with banks from other Nordic countries to Nordea
Merita {prop}  :: female given name
meritaimen {n}  :: sea trout (Salmo trutta morpha trutta)
meritaistelu {n}  :: naval battle
meritähti {n}  :: starfish, seastar
meritie {n}  :: seaway
meritokratia {n}  :: meritocracy
meritse {adv}  :: (travel) by sea
meritursas {n}  :: [[[common octopus]], Octopus vulgaris
meritursas {n} [mythology]  :: A name of Iku-Turso, a mythical sea monster in the Finnish mythology
merivalta {n}  :: sea power (a country with formidable naval forces)
merivartija {n}  :: A coastguard
merivesi {n}  :: seawater
merivirta {n}  :: ocean current
merivoimat {n}  :: navy
merivuokko {n}  :: A sea anemone
meriväylä {n}  :: sea route
Merja {prop}  :: female given name
merjalainen {adj}  :: Meryan
merjalainen {n}  :: A Merya
merkantilismi {n}  :: mercantilism
merkantilisti {n}  :: A mercantilist
merkaptoetikkahappo {n} [chemistry]  :: thioglygolic acid
merkata {vt} [colloquial]  :: To mark
merkillinen {adj}  :: peculiar
merkintä {n} [accounting]  :: entry, booking, recording
merkintä {n}  :: marking
merkintäkieli {n}  :: markup language
merkitä {v} [accounting]  :: to enter, book, record
merkitä {v}  :: to indicate, mark, be a sign of, signify, symbolize
merkitä {v}  :: to mark, check off, tick off, tag, stamp, brand
merkitä {v}  :: to mean, denote
merkitä {v}  :: to subscribe (a share)
merkitä {v}  :: to write down, mark down, note down, make a note
merkitsevä {adj} [mathematics, statistics]  :: significant
merkitsevä aallonkorkeus {phrase} [nautical]  :: significant wave height
merkitsevyys {n} [statistics]  :: significance
merkitsijä {n}  :: One who marks; a marker
merkittävä {adj}  :: remarkable, notable
merkittävä {adj}  :: significant, prominent
merkittävästi {adv}  :: significantly
merkityksekäs {adj}  :: meaningful, significant
merkityksellinen {adj}  :: meaningful, significant, necessary
merkityksetön {adj}  :: insignificant
merkityksetön {adj}  :: meaningless
merkityksetön {adj}  :: negligible
merkitys {n}  :: meaning (symbolic value of something)
merkitysoppi {n}  :: semantics (the science of the meaning of words)
merkki {n}  :: character
merkki {n}  :: circumstance
merkki {n}  :: mark, sign
merkki {n}  :: symbol (character, glyph or material object representing an idea, concept or object)
merkkigeeni {n}  :: marker gene
merkkihenkilö {n}  :: dignitary, notable (person of distinction)
merkkijono {n} [computing]  :: string
merkkipaalu {n}  :: landmark (major, important event)
merkkipaikka {n}  :: landmark (notable location with historical, cultural, or geographical significance)
merkkipäivä {n}  :: red letter day, special day (any day of special significance)
merkkitorvi {n}  :: A bugle
merkkituli {n}  :: A beacon, as a signal fire
Merkurius {prop} [astronomy]  :: Mercury; the planet closest to the Sun in our solar system
Merkurius {prop} [Roman mythology]  :: Mercury; a Roman god
merovingiaika {n}  :: Vendel era
merseroida {v}  :: to mercerize (to treat cotton or other textile fibers with sodium hydroxide to make them more lustrous)
Mersu {prop}  :: Mercedes (short form of Mercedes Benz)
Mersu {prop}  :: Rolls-Royce (sthg that is best of its kind)
merta {n}  :: pot (a trap for fishing crabs)
Mervi {prop}  :: female given name
mesaani {n} [nautical]  :: mizzenmast
mesaani {n} [nautical]  :: mizzen sail
mesaanimasto {n} [nautical]  :: A mizzenmast
mesaanipurje {n} [nautical]  :: A mizzen sail
mesenaatti {n}  :: patron (supporter of arts etc.)
mesi {n}  :: nectar (sweet liquid secreted by flowers to attract pollinating insects and birds)
mesiangervo {n} [botany]  :: meadowsweet (Filipendula ulmaria)
mesikkä {n} [botany]  :: melilot, sweet clover
mesikämmen {n} [euphemistic]  :: a bear (Ursus arctos)
mesimarja {n}  :: An arctic raspberry, Rubus arcticus
mesimäyrä {n}  :: ratel (Mellivora capensis)
mesinuppiseitikki {n} [mushroom]  :: A webcap, Cortinarius multiformis
mesisieni {n}  :: Armillaria borealis
mesisieni {n}  :: honey fungus, mushrooms of the genus Armillaria
mesitangara {n}  :: honeycreeper, a bird of the the genus Cyanerpes
meskaliini {n}  :: mescaline
meslinki {n} [archaic, pathology]  :: measles
mesoa {v}  :: alternative form of mesota
mesoarkeeinen {adj} [geology]  :: Mesoarchean
mesodermi {n}  :: mesoderm (one of the three tissue layers in the embryo of a metazoan animal)
mesokarppi {n} [botany]  :: mesocarp
mesoliittinen {adj}  :: Mesolithic (of or referring to the Middle Stone Age)
mesoni {n}  :: A meson
mesosfääri {n}  :: mesosphere
mesota {vi}  :: To make noise
mesotsooinen {adj} [geology]  :: Mesozoic
messi {n}  :: mess (dining room on a boat)
messiaaninen {adj}  :: messianic
messias {n}  :: messiah
messingöidä {v}  :: to brass, plate with brass (to coat with brass)
messinginvärinen {adj}  :: brass (of the color of brass)
messinki {n}  :: brass (metal alloy)
messinki {n} [idiomatic]  :: naama messingillä: happy, content, glad
messinkibarbi {n}  :: gold barb, Chinese barb, Barbodes semifasciolatus a.k.a. Puntius semifasciolatus (small gold-colored cyprinid fish native to Red River basin in China, kept as aquarium fish)
messinkinen {adj}  :: brass, brazen (made of brass)
messinkinen {adj}  :: brassy (resembling brass)
messinkipuhallin {n} [rare]  :: alternative term for vaskipuhallin
messu {n} [religion]  :: mass
messukasukka {n}  :: A chasuble (liturgical vestment)
messulaulukirja {n} [Roman Catholicism]  :: gradual (service book containing the musical portions of the Mass)
messut {n}  :: fair, trade fair (professional event)
messuta {vi}  :: To chant
mesta {n} [colloquial, Helsinki slang]  :: A place (location)
mestaaja {n}  :: decapitator
mestari {n}  :: champion
mestari {n}  :: expert
mestari {n}  :: master
mestarinäyte {n}  :: masterwork (piece done to prove possession of skill sufficient to be ranked a master)
mestariteos {n}  :: masterpiece (work of outstanding creativity, skill or workmanship)
mestaroida {v}  :: To master
mestaruus {n}  :: championship
mestaruus {n}  :: mastery, virtuosity
mestaruuskilpailu {n} [sports]  :: championship (competition)
mestaruusottelu {n} [sports]  :: championship, final
mestaruussarja {n} [sports]  :: championship league (in many sports the national top division within which the national championship is competed of)
mestata {v}  :: to decapitate, behead
mestaus {n}  :: decapitation, beheading
mestitsi {n}  :: mestizo
mesu {n} [colloquial]  :: rakennusmestari
met {pron} [personal, dialectal, including, Kven]  :: we
META {initialism}  :: AOB, a.o.b.
metaani {n}  :: methane
metaanihappo {n} [chemistry]  :: methanoic acid
metaanihydraatti {n}  :: methane hydrate
metaanikaasu {n}  :: methane gas
metaanikarbonitriili {n}  :: acetonitrile
metaaniklatraatti {n}  :: methane clathrate
metabolia {n}  :: metabolism
metabolia {n}  :: metamorphosis
metaboliitti {n}  :: metabolite
metabolinen {adj}  :: metabolic
metabolinen oireyhtymä {n} [pathology]  :: metabolic syndrome
metafaasi {n}  :: metaphase
metafora {n} [figure of speech]  :: metaphor
metaforinen {adj}  :: metaphoric
metaforisesti {adv}  :: metaphorically
metafysiikka {n}  :: metaphysics
metafyysi {n}  :: metaphysis
metafyysikko {n}  :: metaphysician
metafyysinen {adj}  :: metaphysical
metakieli {n}  :: metalanguage
metakka {n}  :: fuss, ruckus, rumpus
metakritiikki {n}  :: metacriticism
metakryylialdehydi {n} [chemistry]  :: methacrolein
metalli {n}  :: metal
metallikangas {n}  :: gauze (thin woven metal or plastic mesh)
metallinen {adj}  :: metallic
metallinpaljastin {n}  :: metal detector
metallisaha {n}  :: hacksaw
metalliseos {n}  :: alloy
metallisoida {vt}  :: To metallize
metalliteollisuus {n}  :: metal industry
metallofoni {n} [musical instruments]  :: metallophone
metallografia {n}  :: metallography
metalloida {v}  :: alternative form of metallisoida
metallurgi {n}  :: metallurgist (person skilled in metallurgy)
metallurgia {n}  :: metallurgy
metamfetamiini {n} [chemistry]  :: methamphetamine
metamitsoli {n} [medicine]  :: metamizole (powerful non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug)
metamorfinen {adj}  :: metamorphic
metamorfoosi {n}  :: metamorphosis
metanoli {n}  :: methanol
metastaasi {n} [medicine]  :: metastasis
metastaasi {n}  :: metastatic tumor
metastasoida {vt} [medicine]  :: To metastasize
metateesi {n} [linguistics, chemistry]  :: metathesis
meteli {n}  :: noise, racket
meteli {n} [obsolete]  :: a crime of intentionally endangering public safety or making a threat of violence against a public officer
metelöidä {vi}  :: To be noisy in an offensive way, to make loud noise
metelöinti {n}  :: The act of making noise
metenamiini {n}  :: methenamine
meteori {n}  :: meteor
meteoriitti {n}  :: meteorite
meteoriittikraatteri {n} [geology, planetology]  :: impact crater
meteorikraatteri {n} [geology, planetology]  :: impact crater
meteoriparvi {n}  :: meteor shower
meteoroidi {n} [astronomy]  :: meteoroid
meteorologi {n}  :: meteorologist
meteorologia {n}  :: meteorology
metformiini {n} [pharmacology]  :: metformin (diabetes drug)
metioniini {n} [chemistry]  :: methionine
metka {adj} [colloquial]  :: nice, pleasant
metku {n}  :: shenanigan
metodi {n}  :: method
metodiikka {n}  :: methodology
metodisti {n} [Christianity]  :: Methodist (person)
metodistinen {adj}  :: Methodist (of or pertaining to the branch of Christianity)
metodologia {n}  :: methodology
metodologinen {adj}  :: methodological
metri {n}  :: metre; meter [US]
-metri {suffix}  :: -meter
metriikka {n}  :: metric
metrijärjestelmä {n}  :: metric system
metrinen {adj} [colloquial]  :: meter-long (having the length of approximately one meter, used also in multiples)
metrinen {adj} [math, computing]  :: metric
metrinen avaruus {n} [mathematics]  :: metric space
metrinen unssi {n}  :: metric ounce
metris {n} [colloquial]  :: A subway/metro station, especially one on the Helsinki Metro
metro {n}  :: An underground, a subway, a Tube or a metro
metroasema {n}  :: subway/underground station
metrojuna {n}  :: subway, metro train
metrologia {n}  :: metrology (science of weights and measures or of measurement)
metrologinen {adj}  :: metrological
metronomi {n}  :: metronome
metropoli {n}  :: metropolis
metropolialue {n}  :: metropolitan area
metropoliitta {n} [Christianity]  :: metropolitan [Orthodox Christian bishop]
metroseksuaali {n}  :: metrosexual
metroseksuaalisuus {n}  :: metrosexuality
metsä {n}  :: forest, woods
metsähallitus {n}  :: Alternative capitalization of Metsähallitus (state enterprise that administers the state-owned land and water areas)
metsähallitus {n}  :: An agency, authority or other organization vested with similar responsibility in another country
Metsähallitus {prop}  :: A Finnish state enterprise that administers the state-owned land and water areas comprising about 1/3 of the area of the country; there's no "official" translation as the organization uses its Finnish name also in English texts
metsähanhi {n}  :: bean goose, Anser fabalis
metsähiiri {n}  :: yellow-necked mouse, Apodemus flavicollis
metsiensuojelu {n}  :: forest conservation
metsikkö {n}  :: A small forest
metsäinen {adj}  :: forested
metsittää {v}  :: to forest, afforest
metsittää {v}  :: to reforest
metsittyä {vi}  :: To become forested
metsitys {n}  :: forestation
metsäjänis {n}  :: mountain hare, Lepus timidus
metsäkaarti {n}  :: (during the Finnish Civil War in 1918) The group of Reds who hid themselves in the forest (literally: the "Woods Guard")
metsäkaarti {n}  :: (during the Continuation War in 1941-1944) The group of (Finnish) deserters who hid themselves in the forest (literally: the "Woods Guard")
metsäkaartilainen {n}  :: (during the Finnish Civil War in 1918) A Red who hid himself/herself in the forest (literally: a member of the "Woods Guard")
metsäkaartilainen {n}  :: (during the Continuation War in 1941-1944) A deserter who hid himself in the forest (literally: a member of the "Woods Guard")
metsäkana {n}  :: A grouse (bird of the family Tetraonidae)
metsäkanalintu {n}  :: grouse
metsäkastikka {n}  :: rough small-reed (Calamagrostis arundinacea)
metsäkauris {n}  :: roebuck (the male of roe deer)
metsäkauris {n}  :: roe deer, Capreolus capreolus
metsäkaurisuros {n}  :: roebuck (male of roe deer, Capreolus capreolus)
metsäkeskus {n}  :: Short for the R&D organization Metsätalouden kehittämiskeskus Tapio|Metsätalouden kehittämiskeskus Tapio, ("Forestry Development Centre Tapio") [1]
metsäkeskus {n} Suomen Metsäkeskus, the state authority responsible for promoting forestry and good care of nation's forest resources. The authority uses "The Finnish Forest Centre" as its official English name. The centre belongs to the [[maa- ja metsätalousministeriö Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry]]
metsäkeskus {n}  :: Until 2011, any of the 13 regional authorities which were merged to establish the current state authority
metsäkissa {n}  :: wild cat, Felis silvestris
metsäkone {n}  :: forest machine
metsäkorte {n}  :: wood horsetail, Equisetum sylvaticum
metsäkuolema {n}  :: The death of a forest, especially due to pollution
metsäkurjenpolvi {n}  :: wood cranesbill (Geranium sylvaticum)
metsälauha {n} [plant]  :: wavy hair grass, Deschampsia flexuosa
metsälehmus {n}  :: small-leaved lime, Tilia cordata
metsämaitikka {n}  :: small cow-wheat, Melampyrum sylvaticum
metsämansikka {n}  :: wild strawberry, Fragaria vesca
metsämurmeli {n}  :: A groundhog, woodchuck, Marmota monax
metsämyyrä {n}  :: bank vole, Myodes glareolus (former genus names Clethrionomys and Evotomys)
metsäneläin {n}  :: An animal that lives in the forest
metsänhoitaja {n}  :: A forester (person who practices forestry)
metsänhoito {n}  :: forestry, silviculture
metsänhoitoyhdistys {n}  :: forest management association
metsän kuningas {n} [idiomatic]  :: One of the many nicknames of bear
metsänomistaja {n}  :: forest owner
metsänorsu {n}  :: African forest elephant, Loxodonta cyclotis
metsänraja {n}  :: border of a forest
metsänraja {n}  :: tree line
metsänreuna {n}  :: border of a forest
metso {n}  :: wood grouse, capercaillie, Tetrao urogallus (large, black bird of grouse family)
metsokukko {n}  :: a male capercaillie
metsäpalo {n}  :: forest fire
metsäpalovaroitus {n}  :: forest fire warning
metsäpeura {n}  :: Finnish forest reindeer (Rangifer tarandus fennicus)
metsäpäästäinen {n}  :: common shrew, Sorex araneus
metsäpäästäiset {n}  :: the genus Sorex
metsäraja {n}  :: tree line
metsäruusu {n}  :: cinnamon rose, Rosa majalis
metsäsika {n}  :: badger
metsäsopuli {n}  :: wood lemming
metsästää {v}  :: To hunt
metsästäjä {n}  :: A hunter
metsästäjä-keräilijä {n} [anthropology]  :: hunter-gatherer
metsästys {n}  :: hunting
metsästysase {n}  :: hunting weapon
metsästyskausi {n}  :: hunting season
metsästyskoira {n}  :: A hunting dog, gun dog
metsästysmaa {n}  :: hunting grounds
metsästystorvi {n}  :: hunting horn
metsäsuomalainen {n} [historical]  :: Forest Finn
metsätalous {n}  :: forestry (art and practice of cultivating, exploiting and renewing forests for commercial purposes)
metsätalousministeri {n}  :: Minister of Forestry, a former minister position in the Finnish government
metsäteollisuus {n}  :: Lumber industry
metsätiede {n}  :: forestry (an applied science which deals with geographics, zoology, dendrology, evaluation and economics of forests, their ecology and utilization)
metsätön {adj}  :: forestless
metsätyyppi {n} [forestry]  :: forest type (type of forest as specified in a classification system)
metsuri {n}  :: lumberjack, lumberman, timberjack, logger
metsävaahtera {n}  :: Norway maple (maple species Acer platanoides), usually called simply [[vaahtera maple]], because it is the only maple species naturally occurring in Finland
metsäyhtiö {n}  :: forest product company (any company involved in production of pulp, paper, sawn goods and other mass-produced forest products)
Mette {prop}  :: female given name, rare in Finland
metvursti {n}  :: mettwurst (German sausage)
metylaasi {n} [enzyme]  :: methylase (enzyme)
metyleeni {n}  :: methylene
metyleenidioksimetamfetamiini {n} [chemistry]  :: methylenedioxymethamphetamine
metyyli {n} [organic compound]  :: methyl
metyylialkoholi {n}  :: methanol
metyyliamiini {n} [chemistry]  :: methylamine
metyyliasetaatti {n} [chemistry]  :: methyl acetate
metyylibromidi {n} [chemistry]  :: bromomethane
metyylielohopea {n}  :: methylmercury
metyylifenidaatti {n} [chemistry]  :: methylphenidate
metyylifenobarbitaali {n} [chemistry]  :: methylphenobarbital
metyyliformiaatti {n} [chemistry]  :: methyl formate
metyylihydratsiini {n} [chemistry]  :: methylhydrazine
metyyli-isobutyyliketoni {n} [chemistry]  :: methyl isobutyl ketone
metyyli-isosyanaatti {n} [chemistry]  :: methyl isocyanate
metyylijodidi {n} [chemistry]  :: iodomethane, methyl iodide
metyylikloridi {n} [chemistry]  :: chloromethane, methyl chloride
metyylimerkaptaani {n} [chemistry]  :: methanethiol
metyylinitriitti {n} [chemistry]  :: methyl nitrite
metyylipropyyliketoni {n} [chemistry]  :: methyl propyl ketone
metyylisalisylaatti {n}  :: methyl salicylate
metyyliselluloosa {n}  :: methylcellulose
metyylisulfonyylimetaani {n} [chemistry]  :: methylsulfonylmethane
metyylisyanidi {n}  :: acetonitrile
metyylitertiääributyylieetteri {n} [chemistry]  :: methyl tert-butyl ether
metyylivinyyliketoni {n} [chemistry]  :: methyl vinyl ketone
meuhkata {vi}  :: To make noise
mezuza {n} [Judaism]  :: mezuzah
mezzoforte {n} [music]  :: mezzo forte
mezzopiano {n} [music]  :: mezzo piano
mezzosopraano {n} [music]  :: mezzo-soprano
mezzotinto {n}  :: mezzotint
mähkä {n}  :: Any plant in the family Selaginellaceae, or spike mosses
mähkä {n} [plant]  :: A lesser clubmoss, Selaginella selaginoides
möhkäkala {n}  :: ocean sunfish, common mola, Mola mola (type species of that genus)
möhkäkala {n}  :: sunfish (any fish of the family Molidae)
möhkäle {n}  :: lump
möhliä {v}  :: To mess up
möhlätä {vi}  :: To mess up
möhläys {n}  :: gaffe (foolish error)
Miami {prop}  :: Miami (city in Fla., USA)
miau {interj}  :: meow
michiganilainen {adj}  :: Michigander, Michiganian
michiganilainen {n}  :: Michigander, Michiganian
midihame {n}  :: midi skirt
midipituinen {adj}  :: midi
mie {pron} [personal, dialectal, including, Kven]  :: I
miedontaa {vt}  :: To dilute
miedontaa {vt}  :: To tame
miedontaa {vt}  :: To weaken
miehekkäästi {adv}  :: In a manly manner; like a man
miehekkyys {n}  :: manhood, manliness
miehekäs {adj}  :: manly
miehennielijä {n}  :: man-eater (a woman)
miehimys {n} [archaic, biblical]  :: homosexual
miehinen {adj}  :: manly
miehistö {n}  :: crew
miehistö {n} [military]  :: rank and file. In the Finnish army the term miehistö includes the ranks of sotamies and korpraali
miehistönkuljetusvaunu {n} [military]  :: A armored personnel carrier
miehistyä {vi}  :: To become manlier
miehisyys {n}  :: manliness
miehittää {v}  :: To staff (to supply with employees)
miehittää {vt}  :: To man (a boat, vessel , ship, craft etc.)
miehittää {vt}  :: To occupy, take possession of (a country)
miehittäjä {n}  :: occupier
miehittämätön {n}  :: unmanned
miehitys {n}  :: manning (of a boat, ship, vessel, craft etc.)
miehitys {n}  :: occupation (of a country)
miehitysarmeija {n}  :: army of occupation
miehusta {n}  :: bodice
miehuullinen {adj}  :: courageous, brave
miehuullinen {adj}  :: manly
miehuullisuus {n}  :: courageousness, braveness
miehuullisuus {n}  :: manliness
miehuus {n}  :: Manhood
miehuus {n}  :: Manliness
miekanisku {n}  :: sword-cut
miekanmittelö {n} [poetic]  :: swordfight
miekannielijä {n}  :: sword swallower
miekka {n}  :: sword
miekkailija {n}  :: fencer
miekkailija {n}  :: swordsman
miekkailla {vi}  :: to fence, duel (with swords)
miekkailu {n}  :: fencing (game)
miekkailu {n}  :: swordplay (fighting with a sword)
miekkailualue {n} [fencing]  :: piste, strip (field of play in a fencing match, abt. 14 x 2 meters in size)
miekkakala {n}  :: A swordfish
miekkalilja {n}  :: gladiolus
miekkalisäke {n} [skeleton]  :: xiphoid process [bone]
miekkari {n} [informal]  :: demonstration
miekkasampi {n}  :: paddlefish (Psephurus gladius)
miekkavalas {n}  :: killer whale (Orcinus orca)
mieleenpainuva {adj}  :: memorable
mieleinen {adj}  :: agreeable
mieleinen {adj}  :: cozy
mielekkäästi {adv}  :: reasonably, sensibly
mielekkyys {n}  :: sensibleness, reasonableness
mielekäs {adj}  :: reasonable, sensible
mielellään {adv}  :: gladly, willingly, with pleasure
mielellään {adv} [often, with saada in conditional mood and an infinitive]  :: preferably, rather
mielenfilosofia {n} [philosophy]  :: philosophy of mind
mielenhallinta {n}  :: mind control
mielenhäiriö {n}  :: mental disorder
mielenilmaisu {n}  :: demonstration (public display of group opinion)
mielenilmaus {n}  :: demonstration (public display of group opinion)
mielenkiinnoton {adj}  :: uninteresting
mielenkiinnottomasti {adv}  :: uninterestingly
mielenkiinto {n}  :: interest [attention]
mielenkiintoinen {adj}  :: interesting
mielenkiintoisemmin {adv}  :: comparative form of mielenkiintoisesti
mielenkiintoisesti {adv}  :: interestingly
mielenkiintoisimmin {adv}  :: superlative form of mielenkiintoisesti
mielenlujuus {n}  :: fortitude
mielenmaisema {n}  :: mindscape, mental landscape
mielenmuutos {n}  :: A change of heart
mielenmuutos {n}  :: A change of mind
mielenosoittaja {n}  :: demonstrator (person)
mielenosoitus {n}  :: demonstration (display of opinion)
mielenrauha {n}  :: peace of mind
mielenterveydellinen {adj}  :: Concerning mental health
mielenterveys {n}  :: mental health
mielenterveyshäiriö {n}  :: mental disorder
mielentila {n}  :: mood
mielentila {n}  :: state of mind
mielentilatutkimus {n}  :: psychiatric assessment
mielentyyneys {n}  :: equanimity
mielenvikainen {adj}  :: insane
mielenvikaisuus {n}  :: insanity
mielestä {postp}  :: jonkun mielestä + appropriate possessive suffix = in one's opinion
mieletön {adj} [informal]  :: Especially together with fortifier [[ihan totally]], fabulous, superb, great
mieletön {adj}  :: mad
mieletön {adj}  :: mindless, preposterous
mielettömästi {adv}  :: insanely
mielettömyys {n}  :: insanity
mieliä {vt} [auxiliary + infinitive]  :: To wish, desire, want (to do something)
mieli {n}  :: As the first part of a compound signifies favorite
mieli {n}  :: As the first part of a compound signifies mental
mieli {n}  :: In certain expressions, short form of [[mielipide opinion]]
mieli {n}  :: mind
mieliaihe {n}  :: alternative term for lempiaihe
mieliala {n}  :: mood (emotional state)
mielialahäiriö {n} [psychiatry]  :: mood disorder, affective disorder
mielihalu {n}  :: desire
mielihyvä {n}  :: satisfaction, complacency
mielihyväkeskus {n}  :: pleasure center, pleasure centre; nucleus accumbens (region of the brain which creates feelings of pleasure)
mielijohde {n}  :: impulse (wish or urge)
Mielikki {prop}  :: female given name
Mielikki {prop} [mythology]  :: Finnish goddess of the forest
mielikuva {n}  :: A mental image (mental picture)
mielikuvakartta {n}  :: mind map
mielikuvituksekas {adj}  :: imaginative
mielikuvituksellinen {adj}  :: fantastic
mielikuvitus {n}  :: As a former part of compound signifying imaginary
mielikuvitus {n}  :: Imagination
mielikuvitusleikki {n}  :: imaginary play
mielikuvitusmaa {n}  :: fantasy land
mielikuvitusmaailma {n}  :: fantasy world, imaginary world
mielikuvitusystävä {n}  :: imaginary friend
-mielinen {adj}  :: -minded, pro-
mielinen {adj}  :: see: -mielinen
mielipaha {n}  :: resentment, regret, malaise
mielipide {n}  :: An opinion
mielipide-ero {n}  :: difference of opinion
mielipidekirjoitus {n}  :: opinion piece
mielipidekysely {n}  :: opinion poll
mielipidemittaus {n}  :: opinion poll
mielipidetiedustelu {n}  :: An opinion poll
mielipidevanki {n}  :: political prisoner
mielipidevanki {n}  :: prisoner of conscience
mielipiteenvaihto {n}  :: exchange of opinions, ventilation
mielipiteenvapaus {n}  :: freedom of speech
mielipuoli {n}  :: An insane person
mielipuolinen {adj}  :: insane
mielipuolisesti {adv}  :: madly, insanely
mielipuolisuus {n}  :: madness, insanity
mielisairaala {n}  :: mental hospital
mielisairaampi {adj}  :: comparative form of mielisairas
mielisairas {adj}  :: mentally ill
mielisairas {n}  :: mental patient
mielisairaus {n}  :: mental illness, mental disorder
mielissään {adv}  :: Pleased, happy, glad, delighted (about something = elative)
mielistelijä {n}  :: flatterer, toady
mielistellä {v}  :: To curry favor, to suck up (seek to gain favor by flattery or attention)
mielistely {n}  :: flattery, adulation
mielitauti {n}  :: mental illness
mielitautinen {adj}  :: Having a mental illness
mieliteko {n}  :: want, desire, craving (something that one would want to do)
mielitietty {n}  :: darling, sweetheart
mielivaltainen {adj}  :: arbitrary
mielivaltainen {adj}  :: extrajudicial (carried out without legal authority)
mielivaltaisesti {adv}  :: arbitrarily
mielivaltaisuus {n}  :: arbitrariness
mielle {n} [rare]  :: A mental image
miellekartta {n}  :: mind map
miellyttää {v}  :: To please
miellyttävä {adj}  :: pleasant
mieltää {vi}  :: To perceive
mieltymys {n}  :: affection
mieltymys {n}  :: liking
mieltymys {n}  :: preference
mieluisa {adj}  :: pleasant
mieluiten {adv}  :: superlative form of mieluusti
mieluummin {adv}  :: comparative form of mieluusti
mieluummin {adv}  :: rather
mieluusti {adv}  :: gladly
mieluusti {adv}  :: pleasantly
miero {n}  :: outcast
mies {n}  :: husband (married man)
mies {n}  :: man (adult male human being)
mieshenkilö {n}  :: man, male person
miesjoukko {n}  :: group of men
mieskunto {n}  :: sexual virility
mieskuntoinen {adj}  :: virile
mieskuntoisuus {n}  :: virility
mieskuoro {n}  :: male choir
miesleski {n}  :: widower
miesmäinen {adj}  :: manlike (resembling a man)
miesmuistiin {adv}  :: in recent memory, within living memory, in living memory (within extant people's recorded history)
miesääni {n}  :: male voice
miesopettaja {n}  :: male teacher
miesopiskelija {n}  :: A male student
miespalvelija {n}  :: manservant, valet (male servant)
miesparka {n}  :: Poor, pitiful man
miespuolinen {adj}  :: male
miessukupuoli {n}  :: The male sex
miestappo {n}  :: manslaughter (killing of a man)
miestenhuone {n}  :: A men's room
miestennielijä {n}  :: man-eater (woman)
miestyövuosi {n}  :: man-year
miesvahvuus {n}  :: manpower
miesvanki {n}  :: male prisoner
miesviha {n}  :: misandry
miesystävä {n}  :: [adult] boyfriend
miete {n}  :: in plural, often with possessive suffix: brown study (melancholy mood accompanied by deep thought)
miete {n}  :: thought, especially a deep and serious one
mietelause {n}  :: An aphorism
mietintö {n}  :: report
mietintämyssy {n} [humorous]  :: thinking cap
mietiskelijä {n}  :: meditator
mietiskellä {v}  :: to meditate, ponder, ruminate, contemplate
mieto {adj}  :: mild
mietteliäs {adj}  :: pensive
miettiä {vt}  :: To think over, ponder
Miettinen {prop}  :: Finnish surname
miettiä päänsä puhki {v} [idiomatic]  :: to rack one's brain (to struggle to think of or remember something)
migmatiitti {n} [mineralogy]  :: migmatite
migraatio {n}  :: migration
migreeni {n} [pathology]  :: migraine
migreenikohtaus {n}  :: migraine attack
mäihä {n} [colloquial]  :: luck
mihin {pron}  :: to where, whereto, whither
mihinkään {adv}  :: (not) anywhere
Miia {prop}  :: female given name, cognate to English Mia
Miika {prop} [biblical character]  :: Micah
Miika {prop}  :: male given name
miikka {n} [school slang]  :: minus
Miikka {prop}  :: male given name
miilu {n}  :: coal kiln
miimikko {n}  :: mimic, mummer
miiminen {adj}  :: mimetic
miina {n}  :: A mine (explosive device)
Miina {prop}  :: female given name
miinaharava {n}  :: A metal detector used by a minesweeper
miinakenttä {n}  :: A minefield
miinakoira {n}  :: mine dog
miinalaiva {n}  :: minelayer
miinanraivaaja {n}  :: minesweeper (ship)
miinanraivaus {n}  :: demining
miinoite {n} [military, technical]  :: minefield
miinoittaa {vt}  :: To mine, sow mines on
miinus {adj}  :: minus
miinus {n}  :: minus
miinuslasku {n} [arithmetic]  :: subtraction
miinusmerkki {n}  :: minus sign
miinusmerkkinen {adj}  :: negative (number)
miinuspuoli {n} [colloquial]  :: con
miinustaa {vt} [colloquial]  :: to subtract
Miisa {prop}  :: female given name
miitinki {n} [colloquial]  :: meeting
mäikää {v}  :: alternative form of mäikyä
mikä {pron} [indefinite]  :: whatever
mikä {pron} [interrogative]  :: which, what
mikä {pron} [relative]  :: which, that, what
Mika {prop}  :: male given name
Mikael {prop} [biblical character]  :: Michael
Mikael {prop}  :: male given name
Mikaela {prop}  :: female given name
mäike {n}  :: noise
mikä hätänä {phrase}  :: what's the matter, what's the problem?
mikin {pron}  :: A form of mikä, same as "mikäkin", which. Used always in connection with another interrogative pronoun
mikittää {v}  :: to mike (to equip with microphones)
mikä kaikki {phrase}  :: what, what all, everything that; used as interrogative and relative pronoun
mikkeli {n}  :: Michaelmas
Mikkeli {prop}  :: Mikkeli
mikkelinpäivä {n}  :: Michaelmas
mikki {n} [colloquial]  :: mic, mike (microphone)
mikkihiiri- {adj}  :: Mickey Mouse (of dubious quality)
Mikki Hiiri {prop}  :: Mickey Mouse
mikko {n}  :: Michaelmas
mikko {n}  :: Reynard (name for a fox in fairy tales)
-mikko {n}  :: Suffix used in some compound nouns
Mikko {prop}  :: male given name
Mikkola {prop}  :: Any of a number of small places in Finland
Mikkola {prop}  :: Finnish surname
Mikkonen {prop}  :: Finnish surname
Mikko Repolainen {prop}  :: Reynard the Fox
mikäli {conj}  :: if, provided that, in the event that,
mikään {pron} [indefinite, with a negation verb form]  :: Nothing, not ... anything, no (modifies a noun referring to an animal or an inanimate object)
mikään {pron} [indefinite, in question clauses]  :: Anything, any (modifies a noun referring to an animal or an inanimate object)
Miko {prop}  :: male given name
mikä oli todistettava {phrase} [math]  :: quod erat demonstrandum (which was to be proved; which was to be demonstrated)
mikro {n} [colloquial]  :: microcomputer
mikro {n} [colloquial]  :: microwave oven
mikro- {prefix}  :: micro-
mikroaallot {n}  :: microwaves
mikroaalto {n} [physics]  :: A microwave
mikroaaltosäteily {n}  :: microwave radiation
mikroaaltouuni {n}  :: A microwave oven
mikroampeeri {n}  :: microamp
mikroauto {n}  :: go-cart (small, open-wheeled vehicle for racing)
mikrobi {n}  :: microbe
mikrobiekologia {n}  :: microbial ecology
mikrobiologi {n}  :: microbiologist
mikrobiologia {n}  :: microbiology
mikroelektrodi {n}  :: microelectrode
mikroelektromekaaninen {adj}  :: microelectromechanical
mikroelektroniikka {n}  :: microelectronics
mikrofilia {n}  :: microphilia
mikrofilmata {v}  :: To microfilm
mikrofilmaus {n}  :: microfilming
mikrofilmi {n}  :: microfilm
mikrofoni {n}  :: microphone
mikrogramma {n}  :: microgram
mikroilmasto {n}  :: microclimate
mikroilme {n}  :: microexpression
mikrokaarisekunti {n}  :: microarcsecond
mikrokefalia {n} [pathology]  :: microcephaly
mikrokemia {n}  :: microchemistry
mikrokemiallinen {adj}  :: microchemical
mikrokirurgia {n}  :: microsurgery
mikrokliini {n} [mineral]  :: microcline
mikrokosminen {adj}  :: microcosmic
mikrokosmos {n}  :: microcosm
mikrokuitu {n}  :: microfibre/microfiber
mikrokuitukangas {n}  :: microfiber fabric
mikrokuvaus {n}  :: microfilming
mikrolaina {n}  :: microloan (small loan given to a poor person)
mikrolisäys {n}  :: micropropagation
mikroluotto {n}  :: microloan (small loan given to a poor person)
mikromekaniikka {n}  :: micromechanics
mikrometri {n}  :: micrometer
Mikronesia {prop}  :: Micronesia
Mikronesian liittovaltio {prop}  :: Federated States of Micronesia (official name of Micronesia)
mikroni {n}  :: micron
mikro-organismi {n}  :: microorganism
mikropiiri {n}  :: integrated circuit
mikroprosessori {n} [computing]  :: A microprocessor
mikrorakenne {n}  :: microstructure
mikrosekunti {n}  :: microsecond
mikrosiru {n}  :: microchip
mikroskooppi {n}  :: microscope
Mikroskooppi {prop}  :: The constellation Microscopium
mikroskooppinen {adj}  :: microscopic
mikroskooppisesti {adv}  :: microscopically
mikroskopia {n}  :: microscopy
mikroskopoida {v}  :: To use a microscope
mikrosporangio {n} [botany]  :: microsporangium
mikrospori {n} [botany]  :: microspore
mikrostruktuuri {n}  :: microstructure
mikrosuoritin {n} [computing]  :: microprocessor
mikrotaloustiede {n}  :: microeconomics
mikrotietokone {n}  :: A microcomputer
mikrotuki {n}  :: PC support
mikrotukihenkilö {n}  :: PC support person
mikrovaltio {n}  :: microstate
miks {adv} [colloquial]  :: why
miksata {vt} [music]  :: to mix
miksaus {n}  :: mixdown, mixing (of sound)
miksauslaite {n} [music]  :: mixing console
miksei {contraction}  :: why doesn't he/she/it, why ... he/she/it not / (negation adverb) never/nothing etc.:
mikseivät {contraction}  :: why don't they, why ... they not / (negation adverb) never/nothing etc.:
miksemme {contraction}  :: why don't we, why ... we not / (negation adverb) never/nothing etc.:
miksen {contraction}  :: why don't I, why ... I not / (negation adverb) never/nothing etc.:
mikseri {n}  :: A mixer (non-alcoholic drink that is added to spirits to make cocktails)
mikset {contraction}  :: why don't you, why ... you not / (negation adverb) never/nothing etc. (addressing one person):
miksette {contraction}  :: why (don't) you, why ... you not / (negation adverb) never/nothing etc. (addressing many persons or politely or formally one person):
miksi {adv}  :: why (for what cause, reason, or purpose)
mikskä {pron} [colloquial]  :: alternative spelling of miksikä
miksotrofia {n} [biology]  :: mixotrophy
mikstuura {n} [medicine]  :: mixture (medicinal compound)
mikä tahansa {pron}  :: whatever, whichever, wherever, depending on the case of mikä tahansa
mikä vain {adj}  :: whatever
mäikyä {vt} [of a loud sound]  :: To reverberate
Mila {prop}  :: female given name
milaneesi {n}  :: Milanese (fabric)
miliisi {n}  :: militia
militantti {adj}  :: militant
militantti {n}  :: a militant
militarismi {n}  :: militarism
militarisoida {vt}  :: To militarise/militarize
militarisointi {n}  :: militarization
militarisoitua {vi}  :: To be(come) militarised/militarized
militaristi {n}  :: militarist
militaristinen {adj}  :: militaristic
milj {abbr}  :: [[miljoona million]]
miljöö {n}  :: milieu (social setting or environment)
Milja {prop}  :: female given name
miljardi {num} [cardinal]  :: A milliard, 109 (in the short scale, a billion)
miljardikertainen {adj}  :: billionfold
miljardis {ordinal num}  :: billionth/thousand millionth (1,000,000,000th)
miljardisosa {n}  :: one billionth/thousand millionth (1/1,000,000,000)
miljardööri {n}  :: billionaire
miljonääri {n}  :: millionaire
miljoona {num} [cardinal]  :: A million, 106
miljoonakala {n}  :: guppy (Poecilia reticulata)
miljoonakaupunki {n}  :: A city with a population of one million or more
miljoonakertainen {adj}  :: millionfold
miljoonakutoja {n}  :: red-billed quelea (Quelea quelea)
miljoonapalo {n}  :: A fire costing one million or more
miljoonas {adj} [ordinal]  :: the millionth, abbreviation 1 000 000.
miljoonasosa {n}  :: millionth
miljoonikko {n}  :: millionaire
miljoonittain {adv}  :: by millions
Milka {prop} [biblical character]  :: Milcah
Milka {prop}  :: female given name of biblical origin; rather rare
millä {pron}  :: on which, on what
millä {pron}  :: with which, with what
Milla {prop}  :: female given name
millainen {adj}  :: what kind of?
millennialismi {n}  :: millennialism
milleriitti {n} [mineral]  :: millerite
milletinpäästäinen {n}  :: crowned shrew, Millet's shrew (Sorex coronatus)
milli {n} [colloquial]  :: A millimetre/millimeter
milli {n} [colloquial]  :: A million; used of money
milli- {prefix}  :: milli-
milliampeeri {n}  :: milliampere
millibaari {n}  :: millibar (non-SI unit of pressure)
milligramma {n}  :: milligram (milligram)
millikaarisekunti {n}  :: milliarcsecond
millilitra {n}  :: millilitre
millimetri {n}  :: millimetre (unit of measure)
millimetripaperi {n}  :: millimeter paper
millisekunti {n}  :: millisecond
milliwatti {n}  :: milliwatt
milloin {adv}  :: when
milloinka {adv}  :: when?
milloinkaan {adv}  :: [[ei no]] + ~ : never
milloinkaan {adv}  :: [with [[älä don't]]]: ever
milloin mikäkin {phrase}  :: Used to indicate randomness, especially in action:
milloin missäkin {phrase}  :: in any which part, in any which place (in a random location)
milloin tahansa {adv}  :: whenever
miltä {pron}  :: from which, from what
miltei {adv}  :: almost, nearly
miltsi {n} [colloquial]  :: A million; used of money
mimiikka {n}  :: mimic art
mimiikka {n}  :: mimicry
mimikry {n} [biology]  :: mimicry
mimmi {n} [slang]  :: woman, girl
Mimmi {prop}  :: female given name
mimoosa {n} [plant]  :: mimosa
mimoosamainen {adj}  :: very sensitive, touchy, thin-skinned (overly sensitive, especially mentally)
Mimosa {prop}  :: female given name
minä {n} [psychology, no plural forms]  :: ego
minä {pron} [personal]  :: I (1st person singular personal pronoun)
minareetti {n}  :: A minaret
minariini {n}  :: minarine
mindanaonrotta {n}  :: Mindanao hairy-tailed rat (Batomys salomonseni)
mindanaonrottasiili {n}  :: Mindanao gymnure (Podogymnura truei)
Minea {prop}  :: female given name of modern usage
-minen {suffix}  :: Forms verbal nouns from verbs, mostly corresponds to the English gerund suffix -ing
-minen {suffix}  :: Suffix for the fourth infinitive
mineraali {n}  :: mineral
mineraaliesiintymä {n}  :: mineral deposit
mineraalikuitu {n}  :: mineral fiber
mineraalinen {adj}  :: Containing minerals
mineraalipitoinen {adj}  :: mineral-rich
mineraalistua {vi}  :: To become mineralized (impregnated with minerals)
mineraalisuola {n}  :: mineral salt
mineraalitärpätti {n}  :: white spirit, mineral spirit, Stoddard solvent
mineraalivesi {n}  :: mineral water
mineraalivilla {n}  :: mineral wool
mineralisoitua {v}  :: alternative form of mineraalistua
mineralogia {n}  :: mineralogy
mineraloginen {adj}  :: mineralogical
minervanpöllö {n}  :: a little owl, Athene noctua
minestronekeitto {n}  :: minestrone
miniä {n}  :: daughter-in-law
miniatyristi {n}  :: miniaturist
miniatyyri {n}  :: miniature (figure)
miniatyyrikoko {n}  :: miniature size
miniatyyrikokoinen {adj}  :: miniature-sized
minibaari {n}  :: minibar
minibussi {n}  :: minibus
minigolf {n} [colloquial]  :: miniature golf
minihame {n}  :: miniskirt
minimaalinen {adj}  :: minimal
minimaalisesti {adv}  :: minimally
minimalismi {n} [arts]  :: minimalism
minimalisti {n}  :: minimalist
minimalistinen {adj}  :: minimalistic
minimi {n}  :: minimum
minimiaika {n}  :: minimum time
minimipalkka {n}  :: minimum wage
minimisoida {v}  :: alternative form of minimoida
minimoida {vt}  :: To minimize
minimointi {n}  :: minimization
minisarja {n}  :: miniseries (television series with a small number of episodes)
ministeri {n}  :: A minister (member of the Cabinet)
ministeriö {n}  :: A political ministry, office
ministerikokous {n}  :: ministerial meeting
ministerineuvosto {n}  :: A council formed by ministers, especially:
ministerivaliokunta {n} [government]  :: A committee named from the ministers of a government for discussion and limited decision-making on a specified field, such as economic or security policy. Such committees within the government of Finland are called "Cabinet Committee" in English
minisukellusvene {n}  :: minisub
Minja {prop}  :: female given name of modern usage
minkä {pron} [interrogative]  :: what, which (as a direct object or as a object of a preposition)
minkä {pron} [relative]  :: what, which, that (as a direct object or as a object of a preposition)
minkä ikäinen olet {phrase}  :: how old are you?
minkki {n}  :: American mink, Neovison vison
minkki {n}  :: mink (fur)
minkkiturkki {n}  :: A mink coat
minkälainen {adj}  :: what kind of
minkäänlainen {adj}  :: whatsoever, of any kind
minkäs teet {phrase}  :: that's life
minkä taakseen jättää, sen edestään löytää {proverb}  :: what goes around comes around
minkä takia {adv}  :: what for
minkä tähden {adv}  :: what for
minäkuva {n}  :: self-image
minkä vuoksi {adv}  :: what for
minämuotoinen {adj}  :: alternative spelling of minä-muotoinen
minä-muotoinen {adj}  :: first-person (using verbs in the first person)
Minna {prop}  :: female given name
minne {adv} [of movement]  :: where (... to), whither
minnekään {adv}  :: (with a negation verb form) Nowhere, not ... anywhere
minnekään {adv}  :: (in question clauses) Anywhere
minnelaulaja {n}  :: minstrel
minnelaulu {n} [music]  :: minnesang
minnepäin {adv}  :: To where, to which direction
minoksidiili {n} [pharmacology]  :: minoxidil
minolainen {adj}  :: Minoan
minolainen {n}  :: Minoan
minä rakastan sinua {phrase}  :: I love you
määintä {n}  :: bleating
minätietoisuus {n}  :: self-consciousness (awareness of oneself as an entity)
minttu {n}  :: A plant of the genus Mentha
minttu {n}  :: The mint flavour
Minttu {prop}  :: female given name
minttusuklaa {n}  :: mint chocolate
minttutee {n}  :: mint tea
minulla on kysymys {phrase}  :: I have a question
minulla on nälkä {phrase}  :: I am hungry
minun {pron}  :: The genitive singular of the personal pronoun minä, in most cases (with the possessive suffix -ni appended to the main word owned) translated with the possessive pronoun my; after the verb olla: mine:
minun {pron}  :: Used with verbs or verb structures that are used monopersonally such as pitää, täytyä, tulla, olla + passive present participle etc., and require genitive: translated into English I:
minun mielestäni {phrase}  :: in my opinion, as far as I can see, if you ask me, in my book, in my view
minun on vaikea {phrase}  :: It is difficult to me
minun täytyy mennä {phrase}  :: I must go
minuskeli {n}  :: A minuscule (lower-case letter)
minusta {pron}  :: about me; of me
minusta {pron}  :: in my opinion, I think that
minuus {n}  :: self
minuus {n}  :: selfhood
minuutti {n}  :: minute
minuuttiosoitin {n}  :: minute hand
minuuttiviisari {n}  :: minute hand
mioseeni {n}  :: The Miocene epoch
mioseenikausi {n} [geology]  :: The Miocene epoch
mioseenikautinen {adj}  :: Miocene
Mira {prop}  :: female given name popular from the 1970s to the 1990s
Mira {prop} [star]  :: Mira
miraakkeli {n}  :: miracle
mirbanöljy {n} [organic chemistry]  :: oil of mirbane, nitrobenzene
mirha {n}  :: chrism, myrrh
mirhami {n}  :: chrism
mišääri {n}  :: Mishar (language)
mišääri {n}  :: Mishar (person)
Mirja {prop}  :: female given name
Mirjam {prop} [biblical character]  :: Miriam
Mirjam {prop}  :: female given name
Mirjami {prop}  :: female given name
Mirka {prop}  :: female given name
mirri {n}  :: pussy-cat
mirri {n}  :: (slang) pussy, vagina
mirrori {n} [computing, slang]  :: mirror server
mirtatsapiini {n} [medicine]  :: mirtazapine
Mirva {prop}  :: female given name
misantrooppi {n}  :: misanthropist
misantrooppinen {adj}  :: misanthropic
misantropia {n}  :: misanthropy
misantropisti {n} [rare]  :: A misanthropist
mishääri {n}  :: alternative form of mišääri
mäiskää {v}  :: alternative form of mäiskyä
Miska {prop}  :: male given name
mäiskyä {vi}  :: to splash against
misogynia {n}  :: misogyny
misogyyni {n}  :: misogynist
misogyyninen {adj}  :: misogynistic, misogynous
mispeli {n}  :: medlar (Mespilus germanica)
misääri {n} [card games]  :: misère (mode of game in which players try to lose tricks)
missä {adv}  :: (static) where
missä {pron} [interrogative, static]  :: in most cases translated in English with the preposition "in", in what/which, what/which ... in:
missä {pron} [relative, static]  :: where:
missata {v} [colloquial]  :: To miss (fail to hit or understand)
misseys {n}  :: The property of being a beauty contestant
missi {n} [in beauty contests]  :: miss
missikilpailu {n}  :: beauty contest
missikisa {n} [colloquial]  :: beauty contest
missio {n}  :: mission
missiologia {n}  :: missiology
mississippinalligaattori {n}  :: American alligator, Alligator mississipiensis
missiys {n}  :: alternative form of misseys
missä on vessa {phrase}  :: where is the toilet
missä pippuri kasvaa {phrase} [idiomatic]  :: faraway (most remote)
mistä {pron}  :: from where, whence
mistä {pron}  :: mistä tietää: how to know
misteli {n}  :: mistletoe
mistä lähtien {adv}  :: since when (from what time)
mistäpäin {adv}  :: From where
misu {n} [colloquial]  :: chick, honey (attractive woman)
misu {n}  :: pussy-cat
mitä {interj}  :: what?
mitä {pron} [interrogative]  :: what, which (as a direct object or as a object of a preposition)
mitä {pron} [relative]  :: what, which, that (as a direct object or as a object of a preposition)
mitali {n}  :: medal
mitalisti {n}  :: medalist (winner of a medal)
mitallinen {adj} [mathematics]  :: measurable
mitata {vt}  :: To measure (off/out), gauge
mitellä {vi}  :: to compete
mitella {n}  :: sling (bandage)
miten {adv}  :: how:
mitenkä {adv} [colloquial]  :: how, how…then, just how, sometimes what (fortified "how")
mitenkään {adv}  :: in any way, any way, any means
miten menee {phrase} [informal]  :: how are you
miten pääsen {phrase} [+illative case]  :: how do I get to...?
miten pääsisin {phrase} [+illative case]  :: how do I get to...?
miten sattuu {phrase}  :: willy nilly (seemingly at random, haphazardly)
miten sattuu {phrase}  :: willy nilly (without regard for consequences or the will of those affected)
mitä helvettiä {phrase} [colloquial]  :: what the hell (intensive form of what)
mitä jos {phrase}  :: what if
mitkä {pron}  :: which, what (plural)
mitä kuuluu {phrase}  :: how are you?
mitä kuuluu {phrase}  :: what's up?
mitä minä sanoin {phrase}  :: I told you so
mitäänsanomaton {adj}  :: bland, flavorless, pedestrian, vapid, nondescript (lacking character or definition)
mitäänsanomaton {adj}  :: uninspiring
mitoittaa {v}  :: to dimension (to mark something to specified dimensions or plan something for specified capacity)
mitoitus {n}  :: dimensioning (act of determining these dimensions)
mitoitus {n}  :: dimensioning (specified dimensions for a product, building etc.)
mitokondriaalinen {adj} [biology]  :: mitochondrial (of, or relating to mitochondria)
mitokondrio {n} [cytology]  :: mitochondrion
mitoosi {n} [cytology]  :: mitosis
mitra {n} [rare]  :: mitre (head covering of a church dignitary)
mitraaliläppä {n} [anatomy]  :: mitral valve
mitta {n}  :: measure
mitta {n}  :: size
mittaaja {n}  :: measurer (one who measures)
mittaamaton {adj}  :: immeasurable
mittaamattomasti {adv}  :: immeasurably
mittaamattomuus {n}  :: immeasurableness
mittaaminen {n}  :: measuring
mittabosoni {n} [nuclear physics]  :: gauge boson
mittain {n}  :: gauge
mittain {n}  :: meter
mittainen {adj}  :: measuring, of a measure, being of a certain size, length or height; translation into English varies by context
mittajärjestelmä {n}  :: metrology (system of weights and measurements)
mittajärjestelmä {n}  :: system of measurements
mittakaava {n}  :: scale (ratio of distances)
mittakivi {n}  :: dimension stone (natural stone or rock that has been fabricated to a specific shape / size)
mittanauha {n}  :: measuring tape, tape measure
mittapullo {n} [chemistry]  :: volumetric flask
mittari {n} [colloquial]  :: taxi; short for mittariauto
mittari {n} [insects]  :: geometrid moth
mittari {n}  :: meter, gauge, indicator (device for measuring)
mittari {n}  :: meter; short form of [[pysäköintimittari parking meter]]
mittari {n} [slang]  :: euphemism for age
mittarimato {n}  :: measuring worm, inchworm, looper, spanworm, geometrid
mittariperhonen {n}  :: geometrid moth
mittasuhde {n}  :: proportion
mittateoria {n} [mathematics]  :: measure theory
mittatikku {n}  :: yardstick
mittaus {n}  :: measurement
mittaustiede {n}  :: metrology (science of weights and measures or of measurement)
mittausvirhe {n}  :: measure error
mittava {adj}  :: large, big, great, extensive, large-scale
mittayksikkö {n}  :: unit of measure
mittelö {n} [poetic]  :: fight, battle
mitätöidä {vt}  :: to invalidate, cancel, (declare null and) void, annul, nullify
mitätöinti {n}  :: cancellation, nullification
mitätöityä {vi}  :: to be invalidated, cancelled, annulled, nullified
mitätön {adj}  :: diminutive
mitätön {adj}  :: insignificant
mitätön {adj}  :: negligible
mitätön {adj}  :: paltry
mitätön {adj}  :: puny
mitätön {adj}  :: trivial
mitätön {adj}  :: void
mitätöntää {vt} [rare]  :: alternative form of mitätöidä
mitättömin {adj}  :: superlative form of mitätön
mitä tulee {phrase}  :: as for (regarding; about; concerning)
mittumaari {n} [archaic]  :: Midsummer Day
mitä useampi kokki, sitä huonompi soppa {proverb}  :: too many cooks spoil the broth (literally "the more cooks, the worse the soup")
mitä varten {adv}  :: what for
mitä välii {phrase} [slang]  :: so what, who cares; what's the difference
mitä XX tarkoittaa {phrase}  :: what does XX mean
miuku {n} [informal]  :: The @ sign
miuku mauku {n} [informal]  :: at sign (@)
miukumauku {n} [informal]  :: alternative form of miuku mauku
mk {abbr}  :: Finnish markka
mökä {n} [colloquial]  :: Disturbing loud noise
Mäkelä {prop}  :: Any of a number of small places in Finland
Mäkelä {prop}  :: Finnish surname
Mäkeläinen {prop}  :: Finnish surname
määkiä {v}  :: to bleat, to baa [of a sheep]
mäki {n}  :: A hill (a relatively large, usually rounded elevation of earth; generally larger than [[kukkula hill, hillock]], smaller than [[vuori mountain]])
mäki {n}  :: A slope
Mäki {prop}  :: Any of a number of small places in Finland
Mäki {prop}  :: Finnish surname
mäkiauto {n}  :: soapbox car
mäkihorsma {n} [plant]  :: a plant in the willowherb family (Epilobium collinum)
mäkihyppääjä {n}  :: ski jumper
mäkihyppy {n}  :: ski jumping
mäkikäynnistys {n}  :: push start
Mäkilä {prop}  :: Any of a number of small places in Finland
Mäkilä {prop}  :: Finnish surname
mäkileinikki {n}  :: bulbous buttercup, Ranunculus bulbosus (a flowering plant in the genus Ranunculus)
mäkilähtö {n}  :: hill start
määkinä {n}  :: bleating
mäkinen {adj}  :: hilly
mäkinen {n}  :: small hill
Mäkinen {prop}  :: Finnish surname In 2010, the fourth most common in Finland (barely behind Nieminen, and ahead of Mäkelä).
mäkisin {adj}  :: superlative form of mäkinen
määkäistä {vi}  :: to utter a bleat, to bleat once
Mäkitalo {prop}  :: Any of a number of small places in Finland
Mäkitalo {prop}  :: Finnish surname
mäkitupalainen {n} [historical]  :: A tenant of a small piece of land, who earned his living mainly from other work than cultivating that piece of land; a crofter
mäkiviikko {n} [sports]  :: Four Hills Tournament
mäkki {n} [slang]  :: A McDonald's hamburger restaurant
mökki {n}  :: A small, usually wooden house; cottage, cabin
mökki {n} [card games]  :: In the card game kasino, a trick made by emptying the table of cards
mökki {n}  :: Short for kesämökki
Mäkki {prop} [colloquial]  :: A nickname for McDonald's (restaurant chain)
mökkihöperö {adj} [psychology]  :: showing symptoms of cabin fever
mökkihöperö {n} [psychology]  :: A person showing symptoms of cabin fever
mökkihöperyys {n} [psychology]  :: cabin fever
mäkkäri {n} [slang]  :: A McDonald's hamburger restaurant
mäkärä {n}  :: blackfly, buffalo gnat (any insect of the family Simuliidae)
mäkäräinen {n}  :: alternative form of mäkärä
mäkättää {vi}  :: to bleat
mäkättää {vi}  :: to nag (complain)
mököttää {vi}  :: To sulk, to express one's disdain or anger by remaining silent and withdrawing into oneself
mököttäjä {n}  :: sulker
mökötys {n}  :: sulking
määkyä {v}  :: To bleat, baa
määkynä {n}  :: bleating
ml. {abbr}  :: mukaan lukien, mukaan luettuna
mölistä {vi} [dated, derogatory]  :: To speak unclearly because of a physiological or mental disability, to mumble (especially in a noisy way)
mölistä {vi}  :: To make noise producing (intentionally) unclear phonemes
möljä {n}  :: mole (massive structure used as a pier or breakwater)
mlk {abbr}  :: Abbreviation of maalaiskunta ("rural municipality")
mölkky {n}  :: A recreational lawn game played with numbered wooden pegs (called keila), somewhat similar to skittles
mölkky {n}  :: The "master" peg in this game, which is used to throw at the numbered pegs to earn points
mälli {n} [colloquial]  :: chewing gum
mälli {n} [colloquial]  :: chewing tobacco, snuff
mälli {n} [colloquial]  :: sperm
mälsä {adj} [slang]  :: boring
möly {n}  :: noise
mölyapina {n}  :: howler monkey (New World monkey of the genus Alouatta)
mölyapina {n} [pejorative]  :: noisy brat (noisy and therefore annoying person, especially a child)
mölysammakko {n}  :: marsh frog (Rana ridibunda)
mölytä {vi}  :: To make noise
möläyttää {v}  :: to blurt
mm. {initialism}  :: inter alia
MM {abbr}  :: World championship; abbreviation of maailmanmestaruus
-mme {suffix} [personal]  :: Forms the first-person plural of verbs:
-mme {suffix} [possessive]  :: Always appended to a noun in the comitative case when the clause has the subject "we".
-mme {suffix} [possessive]  :: appended to a genitive-requiring postposition that is after or without meidän (the genitive of the personal pronoun me), us:
-mme {suffix} [possessive]  :: suffix used with or without meidän (the genitive of the personal pronoun me), corresponds to the English possessive pronoun our:
-mme {suffix} [possessive]  :: used in a final shortened sentence expressing "in order to do" when the clauses have the same subject "we", appended to the long first infinitive:
-mme {suffix} [possessive]  :: used in a participle structure replacing an "että" clause, preceded by a verb expressing e.g. telling, claiming, asserting, confirming, thinking, wish, desire, seeming, when the clauses have the same subject "we"; appended to the active past participle in genitive singular when the said/alleged (etc.) action antedates the main clause:
-mme {suffix} [possessive]  :: used in a participle structure replacing an "että" clause, preceded by a verb expressing e.g. telling, claiming, asserting, confirming, thinking, wish, desire, seeming, when the clauses have the same subject "we"; appended to the active present participle in genitive singular when the action is concurrent with the main clause:
-mme {suffix} [possessive]  :: used in a shortened sentence expressing concurrent actions when the clauses have the same subject "we", appended to the inessive of the active second infinitive:
-mme {suffix} [possessive]  :: used in a shortened sentence expressing subsequent actions when the clauses have the same subject "we", appended to the partitive of the passive past participle singular:
-mme {suffix} [possessive]  :: Used in some adverbs, when the clause has the subject "we"
MM-kilpailut {n}  :: world championship games, alternative term for maailmanmestaruuskilpailut
MM-kisat {n}  :: world championship games, alternative term for maailmanmestaruuskisat
mömmö {n} [colloquial]  :: drug, narcotic
mömmö {n} [colloquial]  :: sludge, ooze, muck, goo
mämmi {n}  :: A traditional Finnish Easter dessert made from rye flour, malted rye, molasses and orange zest
mämmikoura {n} [colloquial]  :: butterfingers (someone prone to dropping things)
München {prop}  :: Munich (capital of Bavaria)
mönjä {n} [colloquial]  :: goo
mönjä {n}  :: red lead
mönkiä {v}  :: To crawl
mönkiäinen {n}  :: creepy-crawly
mönkijä {n}  :: An all-terrain vehicle, ATV
mönkijä {n}  :: One that crawls; a crawler
mönkään {adv}  :: See: mennä mönkään
männä {adj} [dialectal]  :: in previous, last
männikkö {n}  :: pine forest
männynherkkutatti {n}  :: A bolete, Boletus pinophilus
männynkääpä {n} [mushroom]  :: red ring rot, white speck, Phellinus pini
männynkäpy {n}  :: pine cone
männynleppärousku {n}  :: saffron milk-cap, Lactarius deliciosus
männynrousku {n}  :: A milk-cap, Lactarius musteus
mäntä {n}  :: piston
mäntähöyrykone {n}  :: steam engine (piston engine driven by steam)
mäntämoottori {n}  :: piston engine
mäntti {n}  :: mook (disagreeable or incompetent person)
mänty {n}  :: pine, especially the Scots pine, Pinus sylvestris
mäntyinen {adj}  :: Consisting of pine wood
mäntyinen {adj}  :: Having pine trees, piny
mäntykangas {n}  :: A type of boreal forest consisting mostly of pine trees
Mäntylä {prop}  :: Any of a number of small places in Finland
Mäntylä {prop}  :: Finnish surname
mäntyöljy {n}  :: pine oil
mäntymetsä {n}  :: pine forest
mäntypuu {n}  :: pine
mäntypuu {n}  :: pine wood
-mo {suffix}  :: Forms flower names
-mo {suffix}  :: Forms nouns from verbs, indicating a place where the action is performed; -ery
moa {n}  :: moa
moaree {n}  :: moiré (fabric)
mobata {v}  :: To mob
mobbata {v}  :: A variant of mobata
mobiili {adj}  :: mobile
mobiililaite {n}  :: mobile device
mobiilipeli {n}  :: mobile game
mobiilisovellus {n}  :: mobile application, app (software perceived as a tool for a well-defined purpose and installed on a mobile device)
mobilisaatio {n}  :: mobilization
mobilisoida {vt}  :: To mobilise/mobilize
mobilisointi {n}  :: mobilization
mobiliteetti {n}  :: mobility
modaaliapuverbi {n}  :: modal verb
modaalinen {adj}  :: modal
modafiniili {n} [chemistry]  :: modafinil
modaliteetti {n}  :: modality
modeemi {n} [computing]  :: modem
modeemiyhteys {n}  :: modem connection
moderaattori {n} [Internet, colloquial]  :: moderator (of bulletin boards etc.)
moderni {adj}  :: modern
modernisaatio {n}  :: modernization
modernismi {n}  :: modernism
modernisoida {vt}  :: To modernise/modernize, make modern
modernisointi {n}  :: modernization
modernisoitua {vi}  :: To modernise/modernize, become modern
modernistaa {vt}  :: alternative form of modernisoida
modernisti {adv}  :: modernly
modernisti {n}  :: modernist
modernistinen {adj}  :: modernistic
modernistua {vi}  :: to be modernized
modernisuus {n}  :: modernity
modernius {n}  :: modernity
moderoida {v}  :: To moderate
modifikaatio {n}  :: modification
modifioida {vt}  :: To modify
modifiointi {n}  :: modification
modifioitua {vi}  :: To be modified
modisti {n}  :: A milliner
modulaarinen {adj}  :: modular
modulaatio {n}  :: modulation
modulaattori {n}  :: modulator
moduli {n}  :: absolute value, modulus
moduloida {vt}  :: To modulate
modulointi {n}  :: modulation
moduloitua {vi}  :: To be modulated
modus {n} [grammar]  :: mood
moduuli {n}  :: module
mogari {n} [slang]  :: botcher, bungler
moguli {n}  :: A mogul
mohikaani {n}  :: Mohican (indigenous North American)
mohikaani {n}  :: Mohican, or Mohawk hairstyle
mohikaanikampaus {n}  :: A Mohican hairdo
moi {interj}  :: hi
moikaa {v}  :: alternative form of moikua
moikata {v} [colloquial]  :: To greet, to say hello
moike {n} [Julian Assange]  ::
moikina {n}  :: alternative form of moike
moikka {interj}  :: hi, hello
moikka {interj}  :: so long
moikua {vi} [of low, loud voice]  :: To clang, toll
Moilanen {prop}  :: Finnish surname
moi moi {interj} [informal]  :: bye-bye
moinata {v} [nautical, slang, of wind]  :: to abate, calm, settle
moinen {adj}  :: Such (in an extraordinary or negative sense)
moiré {n}  :: moiré (fabric)
moisio {n} [agriculture]  :: A piece of former forest that has recently been converted to field for growing crops
moite {n}  :: blame
moite {n}  :: rebuke, reproof
moittia {v} [legal]  :: To dispute
moittia {v}  :: To criticize, to rebuke, to reproach
moittia {v}  :: To reprove (to convey one’s disapproval, especially in a gentle, sweet, kind tone)
moittia {v}  :: To scold, to lash (to criticize angrily or abusively)
mojauttaa {v}  :: to slam, pound, sock
mojito {n}  :: mojito (mixed drink)
mojova {adj}  :: hefty
moka {n} [colloquial]  :: blunder, gaffe, bad
mokša {n} [Hinduism, Buddhism]  :: moksha, mukti (liberation from samsara and the concomitant suffering; the ultimate goal of life)
mokša {n}  :: Moksha (language)
mokailla {v} [colloquial]  :: Frequentative aspect of [[mokata to fuck up, screw up]]
mokata {v} [colloquial]  :: to blunder, screw up, have a problem, be a problem
mokka {n}  :: mocha
mokka {n}  :: suede
mokkakangas {n}  :: suede
mokkanahka {n}  :: suede
mokkapannu {n} [informal]  :: moka pot, macchinetta, percolator (A stovetop coffee pot with an octogonal cross-section)
mokkasiini {n}  :: moccasin
mokkula {n}  :: A gadget, widget, contrivance (any unknown device)
mokkula {n}  :: A wireless USB modem
mokkula {n} [dialectal]  :: A machine or device working poorly or not at all
mokoma {adj}  :: damned, accursed
mokoma {n}  :: son of a bitch
mokomakin {adj}  :: Used as belittling or pejorative fortifier to define a noun, may often be translated into English with that
moku {n} [military slang]  :: A conscript who has served less than 180 days in the Finnish Army
moku {n} [military slang]  :: A recruit (a newly enlisted soldier not having taken the military oath or given the military declaration)
molaarisuus {n}  :: molarity
molari {n} [colloquial]  :: A goalie
Moldova {prop}  :: Moldova
molekyyli {n}  :: A molecule
molekyylibiologia {n}  :: molecular biology
molekyylifysiikka {n} [physics]  :: molecular physics
molekyylimassa {n} [chemistry]  :: molecular mass
molekyylipaino {n} [chemistry]  :: molecular weight
molekyylipilvi {n} [physics]  :: molecular cloud
molemmin puolin {phrase}  :: mutually, reciprocally, bilaterally
molemmin puolin {phrase}  :: on both sides (instructive plural of molemmat puolet - "both sides")
molemminpuolinen {adj}  :: mutual, reciprocal, bilateral
molemminpuolisesti {adv}  :: mutually
molemminpuolisuus {n}  :: mutuality
molempi {pron} [indefinite]  :: both:
molempikätinen {adj}  :: ambidextrous
molempikätisyys {n}  :: ambidexterity (property of being equally skillful with both hands)
mollamaija {n}  :: rag doll
mollata {v} [colloquial]  :: to slag off, verbally attack/abuse, to insult, to criticize
molli {n}  :: mollie (fish of the genus Poecilia)
molli {n} [music]  :: minor
molli {n} [music]  :: minor key
molliasteikko {n} [music]  :: minor scale
mollukka {n} [colloquial]  :: primarily, the sun; also any other large sphere
molluska {n} [pathology]  :: molluscum contagiosum
molo {n} [vulgar]  :: penis
molopää {n} [vulgar]  :: dickhead
Molotov {prop}  :: A romanisation of the Russian surname famously held by:
Molotovin cocktail {n}  :: alternative form of Molotovin koktaili
Molotovin koktaili {n}  :: Molotov cocktail (simple incendiary weapon)
Molotovin leipäkori {n}  :: Molotov bread basket (nickname of RRAB-3, a Soviet-made droppable bomb dispenser that was designed to scatter 100 or more incendiary bombs around)
molottaa {v} [derogatory, of foreign-language speakers]  :: To babble
molskahdus {n}  :: A splash
molskahtaa {vi}  :: To splash
molskaus {n}  :: A splash
molskina {n}  :: splash (repeated splashing sound)
molskis {interj}  :: splash
Molukit {prop}  :: The Maluku Islands
molukkirapu {n}  :: horseshoe crab (Limulus polyphemus)
molva {n}  :: ling, or more specifically common ling, Molva molva
molybdeeni {n}  :: molybdenum
molybdeenihohde {n} [mineral]  :: molybdenite
molybdeniitti {n} [mineral]  :: molybdenite
momentaani {n} [grammar]  :: momentane
momentti {n}  :: A moment, phase, point, element
momentti {n} [legal]  :: A paragraph, subsection, clause (in a legal code, a subsection of pykälä)
momentti {n} [physics]  :: A moment
momenttiavain {n}  :: torque wrench (tool used to precisely apply a specific torque to a fastener)
momenttimagnitudi {n} [geology]  :: moment magnitude
Monaco {prop}  :: Monaco
monacolainen {adj}  :: Monacan, Monégasque
monacolainen {n}  :: A Monacan, Monégasque person
monamarakatti {n}  :: mona monkey, Cercopithecus mona
monarkia {n}  :: monarchy
monarkismi {n}  :: monarchism
monarkisti {n}  :: monarchist
monarkki {n}  :: monarch
monasti {adv}  :: alternative form of monesti
moneltako {pron} [colloquial]  :: At what time
moneltako {pron}  :: From/of how many, how many
monenkeskinen {adj}  :: multilateral (involving more than one party)
monenlainen {adj}  :: of many kinds, many kinds of
monentaa {vt} [rare]  :: to multiply (in number)
mones {pron}  :: which, what (in order)
monesko {pron}  :: Used to ask a position in an ordered group; no single English equivalent
monesti {adv}  :: many times
monesti {adv}  :: often
monet {pron}  :: many
monetaarinen {adj}  :: monetary
monetarismi {n}  :: monetarism
mongerrus {n}  :: gibberish, jargon (incomprehensible speech)
mongertaa {v}  :: to speak incomprehensibly, to mumble
mongo {n}  :: möngö (one 100th of tugrik, the currency of Mongolia)
mongoli {n}  :: Mongol
mongoli {n}  :: Mongolian language
mongolia {n}  :: The Mongolian language
Mongolia {prop}  :: Mongolia
mongolialainen {adj}  :: Mongolian (of or relating to Mongolia or its peoples, languages, or cultures)
mongolialainen {n}  :: A Mongolian person
mongoliangaselli {n}  :: Mongolian gazelle (medium-sized antelope native to the semiarid Central Asian steppes, Procapra gutturosa)
mongolianvillihevonen {n}  :: Przewalski's horse, Equus ferus przewalskii
mongolidi {n}  :: mongoloid
mongolidinen {adj}  :: mongoloid
mongolilainen {adj}  :: Mongolian
mongoliläiskä {n} [anatomy]  :: Mongolian spot
mongolinkielinen {adj}  :: Expressed in the Mongolian language
mongolinkielinen {adj}  :: Mongolian-speaking
mongolipoimu {n} [anatomy]  :: epicanthus
mongolismi {n}  :: Down syndrome
mongoloidi {n}  :: A person who suffers from the Down syndrome
moni- {prefix}  :: multi-, poly-
moni {pron}  :: As a modifier in a compound term, signifies poly-, multi- or many-
moni {pron} [indefinite, as a modifier]  :: Many
moni {pron} [indefinite, without a noun, refers often to people]  :: Many people
moni {pron}  :: Together with determiner aika or melko, may also be translated as few
moniajaa {vt}  :: To multitask
moniajo {n} [computing]  :: multitasking (simultaneous execution of multiple tasks on a computer)
monias {adj} [rare]  :: many
moniavioinen {adj}  :: polygamous
moniavioisuus {n}  :: polygamy (having of a plurality of socially bonded sexual partners at the same time)
moniaviollinen {adj}  :: polygamous
monibiljoonainen {adj}  :: multitrillion (in US and UK umbering system)
monielinhäiriö {n} [medicine]  :: multiple organ failure
monihaarainen {adj}  :: branchy (having many branches)
monijoukko {n} [set theory]  :: multiset
monijumalainen {adj}  :: polytheistic
monijumalaisuus {n}  :: polytheism
monijumalisuus {n}  :: polytheism
moni kakku päältä kaunis {proverb}  :: you can't judge a book by its cover (literally: many cakes are beautiful from the outside)
monikansalaisuus {n}  :: multiple citizenship
monikansallinen {adj}  :: multiethnic
monikansallinen {adj}  :: multinational
monikasvoinen {adj}  :: multifaceted (having many aspects)
monikerroksinen {adj}  :: multilayered
monikerta {n} [mathematics]  :: multiple
monikielinen {adj}  :: multilingual
monikielinen {adj}  :: polyglot
monikielisyys {n}  :: multilingualism
monikko {n} [grammar]  :: plural
monikko {n}  :: tuple
monikkomuoto {n} [grammar]  :: plural form
monikkomuotoinen {adj} [grammar]  :: In plural form
monikkoperhe {n}  :: A family with two or more siblings born at the same time
monikollinen {adj} [grammar]  :: plural
monikärkiohjus {n}  :: Any kind of a multiple reentry vehicle
monikäsitteinen {adj}  :: ambiguous, unclear (which can be understood in many ways)
monikulmaluu {n} [anatomy]  :: One of two human carpus (wrist) bones os trapezium and os trapezoideum
monikulmio {n} [geometry]  ::  A polygon (plane figure bounded by straight edges)
monikulmioluku {n} [mathematics]  :: polygonal number
monikulttuurinen {adj}  :: multicultural (relating or pertaining to several different cultures)
monikulttuurinen {adj}  :: multicultured (having more than one culture)
monikulttuurisuus {n}  :: multiculturalism
monikäyttöinen {adj}  :: multipurpose (good for many purposes)
monimerkityksinen {adj}  :: equivocal, ambiguous (capable of multiple interpretation)
monimerkityksisyys {n} [semantics]  :: polysemy
monimiljardinen {adj}  :: multibillion (in US and UK numbering system)
monimiljonääri {n}  :: multimillionaire
monimiljoonainen {adj}  :: multimillion
monimiljoonikko {n}  :: multimillionaire
monimuotoinen {adj}  :: diverse
monimuotoinen alueellinen kipuoireyhtymä {n} [pathology]  :: complex regional pain syndrome, CRPS
monimuotoistua {vi}  :: To be diversified, become diverse
monimuotoisuus {n}  :: diversity
monimutkainen {adj}  :: complex, complicated
monimutkaistaa {vt}  :: To complicate, to make more complex
monimutkaistua {vi}  :: To become more complex, complicated
monimutkaisuus {n}  :: complexity
moninainen {adj}  :: diverse, manifold
moninaistaa {v}  :: to diversify
moninaistua {vi}  :: To be diversified
moninaisuudessaan yhtenäinen {phrase}  :: united in diversity (motto of the European Union)
moninaisuus {n}  :: diversity, manifoldness
moninapainen {adj}  :: multipolar (having more than two poles or centres)
moninkertainen {adj}  :: multiple
moninkertaistaa {vt}  :: To multiply, make multiple/manifold
moninkertaistua {vi}  :: To multiply, become multiple
monin paikoin {adv}  :: at many places (occurring in a number of locations)
monipuolinen {adj}  :: multifaceted, many-sided (having many aspects)
monipuolinen {adj}  :: versatile, diverse
monipuolinen {adj}  :: well-rounded (of a person's education or development)
monipuolisesti {adv}  :: diversely, in different ways, variously
monipuolistaa {vt}  :: to diversify, variegate
monipuolistua {vi}  :: To be diversified
monipuolisuus {n}  :: diversity, versatility, multifacetedness, manysidedness
monipuoluejärjestelmä {n} [politics]  :: multi-party system
moniselitteinen {adj}  :: equivocal, ambiguous
monisivuinen {adj}  :: multipage
monismi {n}  :: monism
monisoluinen {adj}  :: multicellular
monisärmäinen {adj}  :: multifaceted
monisärmäisyys {n}  :: multifacetedness
monistaa {vt}  :: To (photo)copy, duplicate, run off; to mimeograph
monistaa {vt}  :: To propagate (plants)
moniste {n}  :: A copy produced with a copier
monisti {n}  :: monist
monisto {n} [mathematics]  :: manifold
monistua {vi}  :: (of a plant) To multiply, propagate
monistua {vi}  :: To be (photo)copied, be duplicated, be run off; to be mimeographed
monistuminen {n}  :: multiplication
monitahoinen {adj}  :: multifaceted
monitahoinen {adj}  :: multilateral (having many sides or points of view)
monitahokas {n} [geometry]  :: A polyhedron
monitaitoinen {adj}  :: all-round (having many skills )
monitavoiteoptimointi {n} [computing, mathematics]  :: multiple criteria optimization
monitieteinen {adj}  :: multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary (relating to multiple areas of study)
monitietäjä {n}  :: A polymath, polyhistor
monitoimikeitin {n}  :: multifunctional cooker, multicooker
monitoiminen {adj}  :: multifunctional (having multiple functions)
monitoimisuus {n}  :: multifunctionality
monitori {n} [computing, colloquial]  :: screen, monitor
monitoroida {v}  :: To monitor
monitorointi {n}  :: monitoring
monityydyttymätön {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: polyunsaturated
moniulotteinen {adj}  :: multidimensional
moniulotteisesti {adv}  :: multidimensionally
moniulotteisuus {n}  :: multidimensionality
monivärihapero {n}  :: A brittlegill, Russula versicolor
monivärinen {adj}  :: multicoloured/multicolored/multi-coloured
monivärinen seitikki {n} [mushroom]  :: A webcap, Cortinarius triumphans
monivuotinen {adj}  :: multiyear
monivuotinen {adj}  :: perennial
monni {n}  :: catfish, sheatfish (freshwater catfish of the genus Silurus)
monni {n} [taxonomy]  :: catfish (fish of the order Siluriformes consisting of 37 families, hundreds of genera and some 3,000 species)
monni {n}  :: wels catfish, sheatfish, Silurus glanis
monninen {n}  :: cory (any fish belonging to the genus Corydoras, a group of South American freshwater catfish)
mono {adj}  :: mono (having only a single audio channel)
mono {n} [colloquial]  :: skiing shoe
mono {n} [slang, by extension]  :: shoe
monoamiinioksidaasi {n} [chemistry]  :: monoamine oxidase
monofonia {n}  :: monophony
monofoninen {adj}  :: monophonic
monoftongi {n} [phonetics]  :: monophthong
monoftongiutua {vi} [phonetics]  :: to monophthongize
monoftongiutuminen {n} [phonetics]  :: monophthongization
monofyleettinen {adj} [taxonomy]  :: monophyletic
monogaaminen {adj}  :: monogamous
monogamia {n}  :: monogamy
monogeneettinen {adj}  :: monogenetic
monografia {n}  :: monograph
monogrammi {n}  :: monogram
monogynia {n}  :: monogyny
monogyyninen {adj}  :: monogynous
monoidi {n}  :: monoid
monokkeli {n}  :: monocle
monoklonaalinen {adj}  :: monoclonal
monoklonaalinen vasta-aine {n}  :: monoclonal antibody
monokokki {n}  :: monocoque
monokromaattinen {adj}  :: monochromatic
monokromia {n}  :: monochromy
monoksidi {n}  :: monoxide
monokulttuuri {n}  :: monoculture
monoliitti {n}  :: monolith
monoliittinen {adj}  :: monolithic
monologi {n}  :: monologue
monomania {n}  :: monomania
monomi {n} [algebra]  :: monomial
mononukleoosi {n} [pathology]  :: mononucleosis
monopoli {n}  :: monopole (antenna)
monopoli {n}  :: monopoly
monopoli {n} [physics]  :: monopole
monopolisoida {vt}  :: To monopolise/monopolize
monopolisointi {n}  :: monopolization
monopolisoitua {vi}  :: To be monopolized
monopolistinen {adj}  :: monopolistic
monopoloida {v}  :: alternative form of monopolisoida
monopoloitua {vi}  :: to be monopolized
monopsoni {n}  :: monopsony
monorkia {n} [pathology]  :: monorchism
monosakkaridi {n} [carbohydrate]  :: monosaccharide
monosemia {n} [semantics]  :: monosemy
monosyytti {n} [immunology, cytology]  :: monocyte
monoteismi {n}  :: monotheism
monoteisti {n}  :: monotheist
monoteistinen {adj}  :: monotheistic
monotonia {n}  :: monotony
monotoninen {adj}  :: monotonic
monotonisesti {adv}  :: monotonically
monotonisuus {n}  :: monotony
monotypia {n}  :: monotype
monotyyppinen {adj} [taxonomy]  :: monotypic
monsteriauto {n}  :: monster truck
monstrumi {n} [medicine]  :: monstrosity; severe deformity
monsuuni {n}  :: A monsoon [wind]
monsuuni-ilmasto {n}  :: A monsoon [meteorological system]
monsuunikausi {n}  :: A monsoon season, monsoon or rainy season
monsuunimetsä {n}  :: monsoon forest
monsuunisade {n}  :: A monsoon [rain]
monsuunituuli {n}  :: A monsoon [wind]
montaasi {n}  :: A montage
montako {adv}  :: how many? (what number of?)
Montenegro {prop}  :: Montenegro
montenegrolainen {adj}  :: Montenegrin, Montenegran
montenegrolainen {n}  :: Montenegrin (person)
monttu {n}  :: pit
monttu {n}  :: pothole
monttu {n} [slang, colloquial]  :: mouth
monumentaalinen {adj}  :: monumental
monumentaalisesti {adv}  :: monumentally
monumentaalisuus {n}  :: monumentality
monumentaalitaide {n}  :: monumental art
monumentti {n}  :: monument
moodi {n}  :: mode
mooli {n}  :: mole (base unit of amount of substance)
moolimassa {n} [chemistry]  :: molar mass
moon {phrase} [dialectal, southern Ostrobothnia]  :: I'm
Moona {prop}  :: female given name of modern usage
moonbootsit {n} [colloquial]  :: A pair of moon boots
Mooseksen kirja {prop}  :: One of the Books of Moses
Mooses {prop}  :: Moses (Biblical figure)
Mooses {prop} [rare]  :: male given name of biblical origin
moottori {n}  :: engine, motor
moottoriajoneuvo {n}  :: motor vehicle
moottorikelkka {n}  :: snowmobile, snowscooter
moottorikelkkailija {n}  :: snowmobile rider, snowmobiler, snowmobilist
moottorikelkkailla {v}  :: To drive a snowmobile
moottorikelkkailu {n}  :: snowmobile driving
moottoriliikennetie {n}  :: An expressway [US], dual carriageway [UK], divided highway [Canada] (road designated for motor traffic only, but with lower technical standard than a motorway)
moottoriöljy {n}  :: motor oil
moottoripurjehtija {n} [nautical]  :: A motorsailer
moottoripurjelentokone {n} [aviation]  :: A motor glider
moottoripyörä {n}  :: motorcycle
moottoripyöräilijä {n}  :: motorcyclist
moottorisaha {n}  :: chainsaw
moottoritie {n}  :: [British] motorway, dual carriageway
moottoritie {n} [international]  :: expressway, freeway
moottoritie {n}  :: [US] turnpike, parkway, divided highway, superhighway
moottoriurheilu {n}  :: motorsport, motor racing
moottorivene {n}  :: motorboat
moottoriveneily {n}  :: motorboating
moottorivika {n}  :: engine trouble
moottoroida {vt}  :: to motorize
moottoroitua {v}  :: alternative form of motorisoitua
mopata {vt}  :: To mop
mopedi {n}  :: A moped
mopo {n}  :: A moped
mopo {n} [military slang]  :: A new recruit
mopoilija {n}  :: moped driver
mopoilla {v}  :: To drive a moped
mopottaa {vt} [slang]  :: To shaft (to engage in a malicious act)
moppi {n}  :: mop (cleaning implement)
mopsi {n}  :: pug
moraali {n}  :: Morale
moraali {n}  :: Moral (a moral practice or teaching)
moraali {n}  :: (singular, often translated into the plural form) Morals (common concepts of decency)
moraalifilosofia {n}  :: moral philosophy
moraalinen {adj}  :: Moral
moraalinvartija {n}  :: censor, moralist
moraalisesti {adv}  :: morally
moraalisuus {n}  :: morality
moraaliton {adj}  :: immoral
moraalittomasti {adv}  :: immorally
moraalittomuus {n}  :: immorality
moralismi {n}  :: moralism
moralisoida {vit}  :: To moralise/moralize
moralisointi {n}  :: The act of moralizing
moralisti {n}  :: moralist
moralistinen {adj}  :: moralistic
moraliteetti {n}  :: morality
moratorio {n} [finance]  :: moratorium (authorization to a debtor, permitting temporary suspension of instalments, sometimes even the interest)
morbiili {n}  :: measles, morbilli
mordva {n}  :: Mordvin (language)
Mordva {prop}  :: Mordovia (republic of Russia)
mordvalainen {adj}  :: Mordovian, Mordvin (of or pertaining to Mordovia)
mordvalainen {n}  :: Mordovian, Mordvin (person)
mordvankielinen {adj}  :: Mordvin-language, Mordvin
moreeni {n} [geology]  :: moraine, till (glacial drift consisting of a mixture of clay, sand, pebbles and boulders)
morfeemi {n} [linguistics]  :: morpheme
Morfeus {prop} [Greek mythology]  :: Morpheus, god of dreams
morfi {n} [biology]  :: morph (local variety of a species)
morfi {n} [linguistics]  :: morph (physical form of a morpheme)
morfiini {n}  :: morphine
morfinismi {n}  :: morphinism
morfinisti {n}  :: morphine addict
morfologia {n} [linguistics]  :: morphology
morfologinen {adj}  :: morphological
morjens {interj}  :: hi, hello, hullo
morjensta {interj}  :: alternative form of morjesta
morjenstaa {v}  :: alternative form of morjestaa
morjesta {interj} [colloquial]  :: hi, hello
morjestaa {vi} [colloquial]  :: to greet
morkkis {n} [slang, colloquial]  :: drinker's remorse
morkkis {n} [slang, colloquial]  :: (extreme) remorse about something (e.g. buyer's remorse)
mormoni {n}  :: A Mormon
mormoni {n}  :: As a former part of compound signifying Mormon
mormyska {n} [fishing]  :: A type of hook used in ice fishing
moro {interj} [colloquial]  :: Hello, hi (used when meeting, sometimes when parting). Used especially in Häme (Tavastia) region
morsian {n}  :: bride
morsian {n}  :: fiancée
morsio {n} [poetic]  :: bride
morsiosorsa {n}  :: wood duck, Aix sponsa
morsius- {prefix}  :: bridal (of or pertaining to a bride)
morsiuslunnaat {n}  :: bride price
morsiusneito {n}  :: bridesmaid
morsiuspuku {n}  :: wedding dress
mortadella {n}  :: mortadella
mortaliteetti {n}  :: mortality
mortteli {n}  :: mortar (vessel used to grind ingredients)
morula {n} [biology]  :: morula
mosaiikki {n}  :: mosaic
Mosambik {prop}  :: Mozambique
mosambikilainen {adj}  :: Mozambican (of, from, or pertaining to Mozambique, or the Mozambican people)
mosambikilainen {n}  :: Mozambican (person from Mozambique or of Mozambican descent)
moska {n}  :: A small sledgehammer
moska {n}  :: crud (dirt, filth or refuse)
moskeija {n}  :: A mosque
moskiitto {n}  :: (tropical) mosquito
moskiittoverkko {n}  :: mosquito net
Moskova {prop}  :: Moscow
Moskova {prop}  :: Muscovy (Grand Duchy of Moscow)
moskovalainen {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to Moscow
moskovalainen {n}  :: Muscovite
moskoviitti {n} [derogatory]  :: Russian
moskoviitti {n} [derogatory]  :: Russophile
moskoviitti {n}  :: Muscovite (resident of Muscovy, the ancient Grand Duchy of Moscow)
mosse {n}  :: nickname of the Russian-made Moskvitch cars; also with capital M
motelli {n}  :: motel
motetti {n} [music]  :: motet
motiivi {n}  :: motive
motivaatio {n}  :: motivation
motivaatiovemppa {n} [military slang]  :: malingerer (A conscript who acquires or has acquired exemptions from physical education for falsified reasons of health, i.e. by feigning sick.)
motivaattori {n}  :: motivator
motivoida {vt}  :: To motivate
motivoimaton {adj}  :: unmotivated
motivointi {n}  :: motivating
motivoitu {adj}  :: motivated
motivoitua {vi}  :: To be(come) motivated
motivoitunut {adj}  :: motivated
motkottaa {vi}  :: To nag (complain)
motocross {n}  :: motocross (sport)
motoriikka {n}  :: motor functions, motor co-ordination, motor coordination, motor skills
motorinen {adj}  :: motoric
motorisoida {vt} [old-fashioned]  :: to motorize
motorisoitua {vi}  :: To be motorized
motoristi {n}  :: biker (person whose lifestyle is centered on motorcycles)
motoristi {n}  :: motorcyclist, motorbiker (driver of a motorcycle)
motskari {n} [colloquial]  :: motorbike
motti {n}  :: A cubic metre of firewood
motti {n} [military]  :: A motti
motto {n}  :: A motto (sentence or a phrase with guiding principle)
motto {n} [heraldry]  :: A motto
moukan tuuri {n}  :: devil's luck
moukari {n} [athletics]  :: A hammer
moukari {n}  :: maul (heavy hammer)
moukarinheitto {n}  :: hammer throw
moukaroida {v}  :: To hammer
moukka {n}  :: A boor, peasant
moukka {n}  :: A boor, philistine (person lacking appreciation of culture)
moukka {n} [chess, informal]  :: A pawn
moukkamainen {adj}  :: boorish
moukku {n} [colloquial]  :: A drink [dose of strong alcoholic beverage]; snifter, sip
moukua {vi}  :: To meow
mouruta {vi}  :: to caterwaul (to cry as cats in rutting time)
move {n} [military slang]  :: A conscript who acquires or has acquired exemptions from physical education for falsified reasons of health, i.e. by feigning sick
movettaa {vi} [military slang]  :: To malinger, acquire exemptions from physical military education by feigning sick
movettaa {vt} [military slang, + genitive-accusative]  :: To malinger, skip (physical education, especially camps) by acquiring exemptions from physical military education by feigning sick
mööpeli {n} [colloquial]  :: piece of furniture
-mpi {suffix}  :: Forms adjectives that indicate relative location from some nouns that indicate location. In most of these cases the noun has disappeared from the language as independent word but continues to exist as prefix, and some cases are used as postpositions indicating location
-mpi {suffix}  :: Forms comparative adjectives
määrä {adj}  :: As modifier in compound terms, short form of määrätty; defined, determined
määrä {n}  :: amount, quantity
määrä {n}  :: count, number
määrä {n} [dated]  :: aim, target, ambition, obligation (more usually in compound words such as määränpää, päämäärä and määräaika)
määräaika {n}  :: deadline, time limit
määräaika {n}  :: set period of time
määräaikainen {adj}  :: fixed-period, fixed-term, fixed-duration
määräaikainen {adj}  :: temporary (valid or existing for a defined but usually short time)
määräaikainen {n}  :: temp (temporary worker)
mä rakastan sua {phrase} [colloquial]  :: I love you
mrd {abbr}  :: miljardi (billion, 109)
määre {n} [grammar]  :: attribute
määre {n} [grammar]  :: modifier, qualifier
möreä {adj}  :: low-pitched, low voice
märehdintä {n}  :: rumination
märehtiä {v}  :: To chew the cud, ruminate
märehtijä {n}  :: ruminant
märehtiminen {n} [psychology]  :: rumination
märehtiminen {n}  :: rumination
määräenemmistö {n}  :: qualified majority
määri {n}  :: A mayor, used of French mayors
Määri {prop}  :: Moravia (region in Czech)
määräilevä {adj}  :: domineering, overbearing
määräilevästi {adv}  :: domineeringly
määräillä {v}  :: To boss around
märin {adj}  :: superlative form of märkä
määräinen {adj}  :: As headword in a compound term indicates approximate quantity
määräinen {adj} [linguistics]  :: definite
määräinen artikkeli {n} [grammar]  :: definite article
määrite {n}  :: attribute
määritellä {vt}  :: to define (to state or explain the meaning of a word, sign or symbol)
määritellä {v}  :: ~ uudelleen: to redefine
määritelmä {n} [computing]  :: expression [a piece of code in a high-level language that returns a value]
määritelmä {n}  :: definition
määriteosa {n} [linguistics]  :: modifier (morpheme that qualifies the sense of the head of a compound)
määrittää {vt} [grammar]  :: To qualify, modify
määrittää {vt}  :: To diagnose (a disease)
määrittää {vt}  :: To specify, determine, define, set
määrittelemätön {adj}  :: undefined
määrittely {n}  :: specification
määrittelyjoukko {n} [mathematics]  :: domain
märkä {adj}  :: wet
märkä {n}  :: pus
mörkö {n}  :: A bogeyman or bugbear (imaginary creature meant to inspire fear in children)
märkiä {v}  :: To suppurate
märkile {n}  :: abscess
märkäinen {adj}  :: pussy (containing pus)
märkivä {adj}  :: abscessed
möräkkä {adj}  :: [of voice] low-pitched
märkäkorva {n}  :: greenhorn, novice, beginner, newcomer, somebody born yesterday
märkäkorva {n} [pejoratively]  :: whippersnapper
märkäpää {n} [paper production]  :: The wet end of a paper machine, i.e. the end from which the fiber mass enters the machine
märkäpaise {n}  :: abscess
märkäpesäke {n} [pathology]  :: An abscess
märkäpuku {n}  :: wetsuit
märkärakkula {n}  :: pustule
märkärupi {n} [pathology]  :: impetigo
märkä uni {n}  :: wet dream
määrällinen {adj}  :: quantitative
määrällinen elvytys {phrase}  :: quantitative easing (type of monetary policy)
määrällisesti {adv}  :: quantitatively
määrämuotoinen {adj} [legal]  :: Having a defined or predetermined form
määränpää {n}  :: Destination
määräpäivä {n}  :: due date (date by which a task is supposed to be completed)
määräraha {n}  :: allowance, purse (quantity of money given for a particular purpose)
määräraha {n}  :: budget (amount of money earmarked for a particular institution, activity or time-frame)
mörsky {n}  :: elfin saddle (mushroom of the genus Helvella)
mörssäri {n} [athletics, colloquial]  :: shot putter
mörssäri {n}  :: mortar (historical weapon)
märssykori {n} [nautical]  :: crow's nest (open-top shelter atop a mast)
määrätä {vt} [legal]  :: to levy, assess (taxes); to impose, inflict (a fine)
määrätä {vt}  :: to appoint, assign into a public office
määrätä {vt}  :: to (fore)ordain, decree, decide
määrätä {vt}  :: to prescribe, order (a medication)
määrätä {vt}  :: to specify, determine, set, fix
määrätä {vt} [transitive + accusative + 3rd inf. -maan/-mään]  :: to order, command, instruct, tell (someone to do something)
määrätietoinen {adj}  :: intent, purposeful, set, determined, single-minded, purposive, resolute, undistractable (intensely focused and concentrated on purpose)
määrätietoisesti {adv}  :: determinedly
määrätön {adj}  :: countless
määrätty {adj} [linguistics]  :: definite
määrätty {adj} [math]  :: definite
määrätty integraali {n} [math]  :: definite integral
määräävä {adj}  :: ruling
määräys {n}  :: appointment (to a job)
määräys {n} [legal]  :: injunction
määräys {n}  :: order, command, instruction
määräys {n}  :: ordinance, decree, regulation
määräys {n}  :: prescription (of a medication)
määräys {n}  :: specification
määräytyä {vi}  :: To be determined by
mäsä {adj} [slang]  :: broken
mäski {n} [brewing]  :: mash
mössö {n}  :: pap
mässäilijä {v}  :: A glutton, a gormandizer (one who eats voraciously)
mässäilijä {v}  :: A glutton (one who gluts himself)
mässäillä {v}  :: To glut oneself
mässäillä {v}  :: To gormandize
MS-tauti {n} [pathology]  :: multiple sclerosis
mätä {adj}  :: fishy (suspicious; inspiring doubt)
mätä {adj}  :: rotten
mätä {n}  :: pus
Mt {symbol}  :: megatavu; MB (megabyte)
mätiä {vi}  :: To putrefy, produce pus
mäti {n}  :: roe (of fish)
mötikkä {n}  :: A lump or chunk
MTK {initialism}  :: Maa- ja metsätaloustuottajain Keskusliitto, the Central Union of Agricultural Producers and Forest Owners of Finland
mätkähtää {vi}  :: to thud
mätkiä {v}  :: To whack
mätkäistä {v}  :: To slap
mätäkuu {n}  :: dog days
mätäkuun juttu {phrase} [idiomatic, colloquial]  :: A false or misleading report or story, a canard
mätämuna {n}  :: A bad egg [person]
mätänevä {adj}  :: Decomposable, putrescible
mätäpaise {n} [medicine]  :: abscess
mätäs {n}  :: A tussock
mättää {v} [colloquial]  :: mättää ruokaa: To eat
mättää {v} [colloquial]  :: mikä mättää: What's wrong? What's the matter?
mättää {v}  :: To pack
mättää {v}  :: To shovel
Määttä {prop}  :: Finnish surname
mötti {n}  :: A lump, chunk
mättäikkö {n}  :: ground with many tussocks
muassa {adv}  :: along with
muffini {n}  :: muffin
muffinsi {n} [deprecated]  :: alternative form of muffini
mufloni {n}  :: mouflon, Ovis aries orientalis
muhamettilainen {adj} [dated]  :: Mohammedan
muhamettilainen {n} [dated]  :: Mohammedan, Muslim
muhamettilaisuus {n} [dated]  :: Mohammedanism: Islam
Muhammad {prop}  :: Muhammad (prophet of Islam)
Muhammed {prop}  :: Muhammad (prophet of Islam)
muhea {adj}  :: alternative form of muhkea
muhennos {n}  :: stew
muhentaa {vt}  :: To mash
muhia {vi}  :: to brew
muhina {n} [colloquial]  :: hanky-panky
muhinoida {vi}  :: To make out, make love
muhkea {adj}  :: stately, imposing, grand, impressive
muhkeasti {adv}  :: impressively, imposingly
muhkura {n}  :: bump
muhvi {n}  :: muff [piece of cloth]
muija {n}  :: bitch
muija {n}  :: chick
muija {n}  :: girlfriend
muija {n}  :: hoe
muija {n}  :: wife
muija {n}  :: woman
muikea {adj} [figuratively]  :: sugary
muikistaa {v}  :: to grin
muikku {n}  :: Used also of some closely related North-American Coregonus species called cisco, usually as part of a compound term as in [[amerikanmuikku Coregonus artedi
muikku {n}  :: vendace, Coregonus albula (Eurasian species of fish in the Salmonidae family)
muinainen {adj}  :: ancient
muinais- {prefix}  :: ancient
muinais- {prefix}  :: old
muinais- {prefix}  :: prehistoric
muinaisaika {n}  :: antiquity
muinaisbulgaria {n}  :: Old Church Slavonic
muinaiseläin {n}  :: prehistoric animal
muinaisenglanti {n}  :: Old English
muinaisetiopia {n}  :: Ge'ez (language)
muinaishollanti {n}  :: Old Dutch
muinaiskieli {n}  :: ancient language
muinaiskiina {n}  :: Middle Chinese
muinaiskiina {n}  :: Old Chinese
muinaiskirkkoslaavi {n}  :: Old Church Slavonic
muinaiskreikka {n}  :: Ancient Greek (language)
muinaisnorja {n}  :: The Old Norse language
muinaispersia {n}  :: Old Persian
muinaispreussi {n}  :: Old Prussian
muinaisranska {n}  :: Old French
muinaistiede {n}  :: archeology
muinaistieteilijä {n}  :: archaeologist
muinaistutkija {n}  :: archaeologist
muinaisuus {n}  :: time immemorial, ancient time (time that extends beyond memory or record)
muinaisvenäjä {n}  :: Old East Slavic, Old Russian (Slavic language used from the 10th to the 14th centuries)
muina miehinä {adv}  :: minding one's own business
muina miehinä {adv}  :: negligently, in passing
muinoin {adv}  :: very long ago, in time immemorial
muissa maailmoissa {phrase} [idiomatic]  :: away with the fairies, out of touch with reality, not with it, dreaming, not all there
muistaa {vt}  :: to remember, recall, recollect
muistaakseni {adv}  :: as far as I can remember (I remember something happened the way I tell, but I can't be 100% sure)
muistaja {n}  :: rememberer
muistaminen {n}  :: remembering
muistella {vt} [transitive + partitive]  :: to commemorate
muistella {vt} [transitive + partitive]  :: to reminisce, recall, recollect, think back
muistelma {n} [rare]  :: A recollection, reminiscence
muisti {n}  :: memory
muistiaukko {n}  :: memory gap
muistiinpano {n}  :: jotting
muistiinpano {n}  :: note
muistijälki {n} [psychology]  :: engram (postulated physical or biochemical change in neural tissue that represents a memory)
muistikatko {n}  :: A blackout [temporary loss of consciousness or memory]
muistikirja {n}  :: A notebook
muistikortti {n}  :: memory card, flash card (insertable card which are used as external data storage with a variety of electronic devices including digital cameras, PC's, game consoles)
muistikortti {n}  :: memory card (personal computer's expansion memory module)
muistikuva {n}  :: remembrance, recollection, reminiscence (a person's mental picture of something happened to him in the past)
muistilappu {n}  :: crib sheet, cheat sheet
muistilappu {n}  :: palm card (card listing items to be discussed in a speech or presentation)
muistilehtiö {n}  :: A notepad
muistilista {n}  :: to-do list
muistinmenetys {n} [pathology]  :: memory loss, amnesia
muistinsuojaus {n}  :: memory protection
muistinvaraus {n}  :: memory allocation
muistio {n}  :: memorandum, memo
muistisääntö {n}  :: A mnemonic; an aide-memoire
muistitikku {n}  :: data stick, USB flash drive
muisto {n}  :: As modifier in compound terms, memorial
muisto {n}  :: memento, keepsake
muisto {n}  :: memory, recollection
muistoa kunnioittaen {phrase}  :: in memory of
muistoesine {n}  :: A memento
muistoesine {n}  :: A souvenir
muistohauta {n}  :: A cenotaph
muistoisa {adj}  :: Memorable
muistojuhla {n}  :: memorial celebration
muistokirjoitus {n}  :: Obituary (biography of a recently deceased person, in a newspaper)
muistokynttilä {n}  :: A candle lit to remember a deceased person or persons
muistomerkki {n}  :: memorial (structure intended to celebrate the memory of a person or event)
muistopuhe {n}  :: eulogy
muistotilaisuus {n}  :: commemoration (celebration designed to honor the memory of some person or event)
muistotilaisuus {n}  :: memorial service (informal service honoring a deceased person)
muistutella {vt} [+ partitive]  :: To remind (indifferently and/or repeatedly)
muistuttaa {v}  :: to remind
muistuttaa {v}  :: to resemble
muistutus {n}  :: reminder, note
muje {n} [dialect]  :: An Eastern Finnish word for vendace
muka {adv}  :: In partitive (mukaa) used in some expressions to indicate simultaneity, togetherness or causality; along, along with, together, simultaneously, in proportion, in pace with
muka {adv}  :: Used to express that what follows is doubtful or untrue; supposedly, allegedly
mukaan {adv} [of movement]  :: along, (in some cases) on
mukaan {postp}  :: according to, by, in sb's opinion
mukaan {postp}  :: as to, by, according to (in a manner conforming or corresponding to; in proportion)
mukaan {postp} [of movement]  :: along with
mukaan luettuna {adv}  :: including
mukaan lukien {adv}  :: including, inclusive
mukaansatempaava {adj}  :: compelling, absorbing
mukaantulo {n}  :: coming along, entry (act of joining a company, team, project etc.)
mukaelma {n}  :: adaptation, version
mukainen {adj}  :: consistent, compatible
mukaisesti {adv}  :: in accordance with
mukaisuus {n}  :: state of being consistent or compatible with something, consistency, compatibility
mukamas {adv}  :: supposedly
mukana {adv}  :: along, together, with; used also postpositionally
mukanaolo {n}  :: presence, being along
mukautua {vi} [+ illative]  :: To adapt to
mukautua {vi} [+ illative]  :: To comply with, condition to, defer to
mukautuminen {n}  :: adaptation, adjustment, modification (adjusting oneself to fit something new such as ideas or situation)
mukautuminen {n}  :: compliance with or deferral to something (as in, to societal norms);
mukautumiskyky {n}  :: adaptability
mukautuvainen {adj}  :: malleable
mukava {adj}  :: affable (friendly, courteous, sociable)
mukava {adj}  :: nice, pleasant; comfortable
mukavasti {adv}  :: conveniently, nicely
mukavuus {n}  :: comfort, ease
mukavuus {n}  :: convenience
mukavuusavioliitto {n}  :: marriage of convenience
mukavuuslaitos {n} [euphemistic]  :: comfort station (toilet)
mukavuuslippu {n}  :: flag of convenience (flag)
mukavuuslippulaiva {n}  :: A ship registered under a flag of convenience
mukes {n} [informal]  :: A mess hall, chow hall, galley, mess decks [US]; mess [UK] (informal term for a military dining room)
muki {n}  :: A mug (cup)
mukiinmenevä {adj} [idiomatic]  :: decent, passable, tolerable, nothing special
mukillinen {n}  :: mugful
mukiloida {v}  :: To bruise
mukina {n}  :: grumble, complaining
mukista {vi}  :: To grumble, grouse, complain
muks {interj}  :: The sound of somebody falling over
muksu {n} [colloquial]  :: A kid, child
mukula {n}  :: any small, hard lump that might be compared to a tuber, especially potato
mukula {n} [botany]  :: tuber (fleshy underground stem)
mukula {n} [dialectal]  :: kid (little child)
mukula-artisokka {n}  :: Jerusalem artichoke, sunroot, topinambur (Helianthus tuberosus)
mukulakivi {n}  :: cobblestone (rounded stone, especially when used for paving roads)
mukulaleinikki {n}  :: lesser celandine, (Ficaria verna, formerly Ranunculus ficaria) (a flowering plant in the family Ranunculaceae)
mulatti {n}  :: mulatto
muli {n}  :: A head with very short hair
mulkaista {vi}  :: To glance angrily; to scowl
mulkero {n} [vulgar]  :: A highly contemptible person; dick, prick, asshole
mulkku {n} [vulgar]  :: annoying person: asshole, prick
mulkku {n} [vulgar]  :: male genitalia: cock, dick, prick, schlong
mulkoilla {v}  :: To leer (to look at something or someone maliciously); to glare
mulkosilmä {n}  :: bulging eye
mulkosilmäinen {adj}  :: bug-eyed
mulkvisti {n} [vulgar, slang]  :: asshole, prick (someone unpleasant, rude or annoying)
mulla {n}  :: mullah
mulla on kysymys {phrase}  :: [colloquial] I have a question
mulli {n}  :: bull calf
mullikka {n}  :: bull calf
mullin mallin {adv}  :: topsy-turvy (disorderly; chaotically)
mullistaa {vt}  :: to revolutionize, to devastate
mullistus {n}  :: convulsion (violent turmoil)
mullistus {n}  :: subversion (act of undermining a convention)
mullistus {n}  :: upheaval, cataclysm (sudden, violent event)
mullo {n}  :: goatfish, red mullet, surmullet (fish of the family Mullidae)
mulperi {n}  :: mulberry (tree)
mulperiperhonen {n}  :: silkmoth, Bombyx mori
multa {n}  :: mould (soil)
multaantua {vi}  :: To become covered by earth
multaantua {vi}  :: To become earth
multainen {adj}  :: Dirtied with soil, earthy
multautua {vi}  :: alternative form of multaantua
multijoukko {n} [set theory]  :: alternative term for monijoukko
multilateraalinen {adj}  :: multilateral
multimediaviesti {n}  :: multimedia message
multippeliskleroosi {n} [pathology]  :: multiple sclerosis
multiversumi {n}  :: multiverse
multivisio {n}  :: multivision
Mumbai {prop}  :: Mumbai
mumina {n}  :: mumble, mumbling, mutter, muttering, murmur (low, indistinct sounds of speech)
mumista {vi}  :: To mutter, mumble, murmur
mummeli {n} [colloquial]  :: granny, an elderly woman
mummi {n} [colloquial]  :: grandmother (mother of someone’s parent)
mummila {n}  :: alternative form of mummola
mummo {n}  :: A grandma
mummo {n}  :: An old woman
mummo {n} [slang]  :: A mummonmarkka
mummola {n}  :: grandmother's home
mummonmarkka {n} [colloquial]  :: A Finnish markka, as opposed to or in comparison with euro. Sometimes abbreviated to mummo
mummu {n} [familiar]  :: grandma
muna {n}  :: any egg
muna {n}  :: hen's egg
muna {n}  :: ovoid (something egg-shaped, used especially in compound terms with a modifier that specifies the material)
muna {n}  :: ovum
muna {n} [slang]  :: the guts, or more literally, the balls
muna {n} [vulgar]  :: (singular) dick (penis), (plural) balls (male genitals)
muna-asento {n} [skiing]  :: tuck, tuck position
munahammas {n}  :: egg tooth
munahampurilainen {n}  :: eggburger (hamburger served with a fried egg as a topping)
munahapero {n}  :: A brittlegill, Russula lutea
munakas {n}  :: omelette
munakello {n}  :: egg timer
munakenno {n}  :: egg carton
munakoiso {n}  :: aubergine, eggplant, Solanum melongena
munakokkeli {n}  :: scrambled eggs
munakotelo {n} [biology, rare]  :: egg sac, ootheca
munakotelo {n}  :: eggbox
munakuppi {n}  :: An eggcup, egg cup
munaleikkuri {n}  :: egg slicer
munalikööri {n}  :: advocaat (liqueur made of egg yolks, sugar and brandy)
munalukko {n} [colloquial]  :: padlock
munamankeli {n} [slang]  :: bike
munanasetin {n} [anatomy]  :: ovipositor
munanjohdin {n} [anatomy]  :: Fallopian tube, oviduct, uterine tube, salpinx
munankeitin {n}  :: poacher (egg cooker)
munankeltuainen {n}  :: An egg yolk
munankuori {n}  :: eggshell
munanmuotoinen {adj}  :: ovoid, ovate, ooid, egg-shaped (shaped like an egg)
munanvalkuainen {n}  :: An egg white (white part of an egg)
munapää {n} [vulgar]  :: dickhead
munapussi {n} [biology]  :: egg sac, ootheca
munapussi {n} [colloquial, usually in plural]  :: nutbag (scrotum)
munapussit {n} [colloquial]  :: nutbag (scrotum)
munarakkula {n} [anatomy]  :: ovarian follicle
munasarja {n} [anatomy]  :: ovary
munasäkki {n} [biology]  :: egg sac, ootheca
munaskuu {n} [archaic]  :: kidney
munaskuu {n} [colloquial, by misconception, pluralonly]  :: testicles
munaskuu {n} [idiomatic, pluralonly]  :: guts
munasolu {n}  :: An ovum, egg, egg cell
munata {v} [colloquial]  :: to screw up
munaton {adj}  :: eggless, containing no egg
munaton {adj} [vulgar]  :: Lacking balls; gutless
munatorttu {n}  :: egg tart
munatorttu {n}  :: pastel de nata
munatorvi {n} [anatomy]  :: Fallopian tube, oviduct, uterine tube, salpinx
munatoti {n}  :: eggnog
munaus {n}  :: screwup
munavoi {n}  :: A spread made of butter and hard boiled eggs, used especially with karjalanpiirakka
mundo {n} [slang]  :: ecstasy (drug)
mungopapu {n}  :: alternative form of mungpapu ("mung bean")
mungpapu {n}  :: mung bean
munia {v} [colloquial]  :: To let somebody wait without any good reason, to loiter or to be sluggish [normally only in irritated questions]
munia {v}  :: To lay an egg
muninta {n}  :: egg laying
munituskana {n}  :: A layer [hen kept to lay eggs]
munitusmuna {n}  :: nest egg (egg placed in a bird's nest, to encourage the bird to lay its own eggs there)
munkisto {n}  :: order of monks
munkki {n}  :: doughnut, donut
munkki {n}  :: monk
munkki {n} [plant]  :: a plant of the genus Jasione
munkki {n} [slang]  :: luck
munkki {n} [slang]  :: woman's breast
munkkiaratti {n}  :: monk parakeet, quaker parrot, Myiopsitta monachus
munkkihylje {n}  :: Mediterranean monk seal, Monachus monachus
munkkihylje {n}  :: monk seal (seal of the genus Monachus)
munkkikorppikotka {n}  :: An Eurasian black vulture, monk vulture, cinereous vulture, Aegypius monachus
munkkikunta {n}  :: order of monks
munkkikurki {n}  :: hooded crane, Grus monacha
munkkilatina {n}  :: gibberish, mumbo jumbo (needlessly obscure or overly technical language)
munkkilatina {n}  :: Vulgar Latin, especially as used in the writings of monks
munkkilikööri {n}  :: Benedictine (liqueur)
munkkipossu {n}  :: alternative term for possumunkki
munkkirinkeli {n}  :: doughnut (baked good)
munkkirinkilä {n}  :: A doughnut
munkkisaki {n}  :: monk saki, Pithecia monachus (a New World monkey)
munkkitaikina {n}  :: doughnut dough
munkkius {n}  :: monkhood (the state of being a monk)
munniharppu {n}  :: Jew's harp
muntjakki {n}  :: Indian muntjac (Muntiacus muntjak)
muntjakki {n}  :: muntjac
munuainen {n} [anatomy]  :: kidney
munuaiskeränen {n} [anatomy]  :: renal corpuscle
munuaiskivi {n} [pathology]  :: kidney stone
munuaiskivitauti {n} [pathology]  :: nephrolithiasis
munuaiskotelo {n} [anatomy]  :: renal capsule
munuaislaskimo {n} [anatomy]  :: renal vein
munuaisoppi {n} [medicine]  :: nephrology
munuaisportti {n} [anatomy]  :: renal hilum, renal pedicle
munuaispuu {n}  :: cashew (tree)
munuaispyramidi {n} [anatomy]  :: renal pyramid
munuaissyöpä {n}  :: kidney cancer
munuaistulehdus {n} [pathology]  :: nephritis
munuaisvaiva {n}  :: kidney failure
muodikas {adj}  :: fashionable
muodikkaammin {adv}  :: comparative form of muodikkaasti
muodikkaasti {adv}  :: fashionably
muodikkaimmin {adv}  :: superlative form of muodikkaasti
muodistaa {vt}  :: To make fashionable
muodokas {adj}  :: embonpoint
muodokas {adj}  :: voluptuous
muodokkuus {n}  :: embonpoint
muodokkuus {n}  :: voluptuousness
muodollinen {adj}  :: formal
muodollisesti {adv}  :: formally
muodonmuutos {n}  :: transformation, metamorphosis
muodonvaihdos {n}  :: metamorphosis
muodostaa {vt}  :: to constitute
muodostaa {vt}  :: to form, create, formulate, build
muodostaminen {n}  :: formation
muodoste {n} [linguistics]  :: formation
muodostelma {n}  :: A formation (something possessing structure or form)
muodostelma {n} [military]  :: A formation
muodostelmaluistelu {n} [sports]  :: Synchronized skating
muodostua {vi}  :: to form (oneself), be formed
muodostuma {n}  :: formation [geological etc.]
muodostus {n}  :: formation (act of assembling a group or structure)
muodostus {n}  :: formation (something possessing structure or form); only as head word in compond terms
muodoton {adj}  :: shapeless
muokata {vt}  :: To curry (to dress leather after tanning)
muokata {vt}  :: To edit (to make changes to a text)
muokata {vt}  :: To modify (to make partial changes to)
muokata {vt}  :: To shape (to give something a shape)
muokata {vt}  :: To till (to prepare the soil for growing crops)
muokata {vt}  :: To work (to shape, form, or improve a material)
muokkaaja {n}  :: editor (person who edits)
muokkain {n} [computing]  :: editor
muokkaus {n} [computing]  :: edit
muona {n}  :: Food provisions, supplies
muonamies {n} [historical]  :: A dayworker on a farm, usually landless, paid partly with food supplies
muonittaa {v}  :: to supply with food, provision
muonitus {n}  :: food supply; the act of supplying with food
muonituskeskus {n}  :: A dining facility [US], cookhouse [UK] (official term for a military dining room)
muori {n}  :: grandma
muori {n}  :: mother, especially when old
muori {n}  :: old woman
muorinen {n}  :: A loving term of address used of an old woman, usually a family member; only used in the form muoriseni
muorinkukka {n}  :: radiator plant (plant of the genus Peperomia)
muoti {n}  :: vogue, fad (current craze)
muoti {n}  :: vogue, fashion (prevailing fashion or style)
muotihuume {n}  :: designer drug (alternative term to muuntohuume)
muotikoru {n}  :: A (piece of) fashion jewelry
muotinäytös {n}  :: fashion show
muotisana {n}  :: buzzword
muotisuunnittelija {n}  :: couturier (person who designs haute couture)
muoto {n}  :: A form
muoto {n}  :: A shape
muotoilija {n}  :: designer
muotoilla {vt}  :: to shape
muotoilu {n}  :: design (the form of art)
muotoilusavi {n}  :: modeling clay
muotoinen {adj}  :: Of a form, -formed, -shaped. Used always with a modifier which, if it is a noun or pronoun, is in genitive and determines the kind of form. The modifier and muotoinen are written as one or two words without a clear rule when to use which way of spelling. If the modifier is an adjective, it is always in nominative and the resulting word is written as one word
muotokuva {n}  :: A portrait
muoto-oppi {n} [linguistics]  :: morphology
muotosuhde {n}  :: aspect ratio (ratio of width of an object to its height)
muotoutua {v}  :: to take shape (to take a definite form)
muotti {n}  :: cast (mould used to make cast objects)
muotti {n}  :: die
muotti {n}  :: form (thing that gives shape to other things as in a mold)
muotti {n}  :: mould or mold (hollow form or matrix for shaping a fluid or plastic substance)
muovailuvaha {n}  :: playdough
muovata {v}  :: To mold, shape, model
muovausleikkaus {n}  :: cosmetic surgery, plastic surgery (surgical operation in order to improve the appearance or functionality of a body organ)
muovi {n}  :: plastic
muovikassi {n}  :: plastic shopping bag, carrier bag
muoviämpäri {n}  :: plastic bucket
muovinen {adj}  :: plastic
muovipussi {n}  :: plastic bag
muovipussi {n}  :: plastic shopping bag, carrier bag
muoviräjähde {n}  :: plastic explosive
muovisanko {n}  :: plastic bucket
mura {n}  :: gravel
mura {n}  :: sediment
murahtaa {vi}  :: To growl, snarl (once)
muratti {n}  :: common ivy, Hedera helix
muratti {n}  :: ivy
murea {adj}  :: crumbly (easy to break into small fragments)
murea {adj}  :: tender (of meat, soft and easily chewed)
mureena {n}  :: moray, moray eel (any member of the family Muraenidae)
mureena {n}  :: moray (Muraena helena)
murehtia {v}  :: To worry
mureke {n}  :: meatloaf or similar dish
muren {n}  :: crumb
murena {n}  :: crumb
murene {n}  :: alternative form of muren
murentaa {vt}  :: to crumble
murentua {vi}  :: alternative form of mureta
mureta {vi}  :: to crumble (to break progressively into small pieces)
mureuttaa {v}  :: To tenderise/tenderize
mureutua {vi} [of food]  :: To become tender
murha {n} [legal]  :: murder; first-degree murder [US]
murha {n}  :: murder, homicide
murhaaja {n}  :: A murderer; (when sure that perpetrator is female but not necessarily saying it) a murderess
murhaava {adj}  :: murderous
murhaavasti {adv}  :: murderously
murhamies {n}  :: murderer
murhanhimoinen {adj}  :: murderous, homicidal
murhata {vt}  :: To murder
murhayritys {n} [legal]  :: attempted murder
murhe {n}  :: sorrow
murheellinen {adj}  :: sorrowful
murheinen {adj}  :: sorrowful
murhenäytelmä {n}  :: A tragedy (also figuratively)
murikka {n}  :: rock, boulder
murina {n}  :: growl, snarl
murista {vi} [of a stomach]  :: To rumble
murista {vi} [of people or dogs]  :: To growl, snarl
murjaista {vt}  :: To crack a joke
murjaista {vt}  :: To crack, break
murjoa {v}  :: to maul
murjottaa {v}  :: to sulk
murju {n}  :: rathole (particularly squalid human residence)
murkina {n} [colloquial]  :: food
murkinoida {v} [colloquial]  :: To eat a meal
murkku {n} [colloquial]  :: ant
murkku {n} [colloquial]  :: teenager
murmeli {n}  :: A marmot (rodent in the genus Marmota)
Murphyn laki {prop}  :: Murphy's law
murre {n}  :: dialect
murre {n} [dialectal]  :: dog, pooch
murrejatkumo {n} [linguistics]  :: dialect continuum
murreraja {n}  :: dialect boundary
murrettu {adj}  :: broken (intentionally bent to the point of coming apart)
murrettu {adj}  :: broken (poorly spoken)
murri {n}  :: murrelet (seabirds in the genera Brachyramphus and Synthliboramphus of the auk family Alcidae)
murros {n}  :: abatis, abattis (means of defense made of felled trees, often enhanced with barbed wire and mines)
murros {n}  :: breaking, breakage], fracture, rupture (point or area at which something breaks)
murros {n}  :: Group of trees felled by a storm
murros {n}  :: turning point, culmination, critical period, crucial period, break (decisive point or period at which a significant change or historical event occurs)
murrosaika {n}  :: transition time
murrosikä {n}  :: puberty
murrostaa {v} [military]  :: to barricade
murroste {n} [military]  :: barricade
murskaaja {n}  :: crusher
murskaava {adj}  :: crushing, withering
murskain {n}  :: breaker
murskata {v} [figuratively]  :: To demolish
murskata {v}  :: To crush, smash, shatter, pulverize
murskata {v}  :: To grind
murskatappio {n}  :: walkover loss
murskaus {n}  :: crush, crushing
murskautua {vi}  :: to be crushed
murskavoitto {n}  :: walkover victory
mursu {n}  :: walrus, Odobenus rosmarus
mursunviikset {n}  :: walrus mustache (thick, bushy mustache that droop over the mouth, resembling the whiskers of a walrus)
murtaa {vt} [medicine]  :: Of a bone, to cause to crack under physical strain
murtaa {vt} [tennis]  :: To break, usually with the word syöttö (a serve) → murtaa syöttö
murtaa {vt}  :: To break (to cause a person or animal to lose his/her/its will), usually with the word tahto (will) → murtaa tahto
murtaa {vt}  :: To break (to cause to end up in two or more pieces)
murtaa {vt}  :: To fragment (to break apart)
murtaa leipä {phrase} [biblical]  :: to break bread (to eat, especially with others)
murtautua {vi}  :: To break in
murteellinen {adj}  :: dialectal
murteellisesti {adv}  :: dialectically
murto {n}  :: A burglary
murto {n}  :: As a defining part in compound words, refers to breaking in many different ways
murto {n}  :: The act of breaking
murtoluku {n} [mathematics]  :: A fraction
murtomaahiihto {n} [dated]  :: cross-country skiing
murtomies {n}  :: A burglar
murto-osa {n}  :: fraction
murtovakuutus {n}  :: burglary insurance
murtovaras {n}  :: A burglar
murtovarkaus {n}  :: burglary
murtovesi {n}  :: brackish water, brackishwater (water with salinity between that of seawater and freshwater)
murtoviiva {n} [math]  :: polygonal chain, polyline (connected series of line segments)
murtoyritys {n}  :: attempted burglary
murtsikka {n} [informal]  :: cross-country skiing, XC, XC skiing
murtsikka {n}  :: (informal, in plural) A pair of cross-country skis
murtua {v} [figuratively]  :: to break down, fall to pieces (to be emotionally devastated)
murtua {v}  :: to break, break down, fracture, fall to pieces
murtuma {n}  :: A fracture
murtumismekaniikka {n}  :: fracture mechanics
murtunut {adj}  :: broken (bent to the point of coming apart)
murtunut {adj}  :: broken (defeated and dispirited)
muru {n}  :: A crumb
muru {n}  :: A very small amount of something, a jot, an iota
muru {n} [colloquial]  :: honey (term of affection)
murunen {n}  :: a small crumb
murunen {n}  :: a very small amount of something, a jot, an iota
murunen {n}  :: diminutive form of muru
murustaa {v}  :: to crumble (to produce crumbs as an unwanted byproduct, e.g. when eating)
musa {n} [colloquial]  :: music
musaka {n}  :: moussaka
musamaku {n} [colloquial]  :: music taste
museo {n}  :: museum
museoida {v}  :: To change into a museum
museoida {v}  :: To preserve
museovirasto {n}  :: A similar authority in another country
museovirasto {n} [government]  :: usually capitalized: Museovirasto (the Finnish National Board of Antiquities)
Museovirasto {prop}  :: the Finnish National Board of Antiquities (cultural and research institution and a government authority charged with the protection of archaeological sites, built heritage, cultural-historically valuable environments and cultural property)
musertaa {vt}  :: To crush
musertaa {vt}  :: To overwhelm, daunt
musertava {adj}  :: overwhelming
musertua {vi}  :: To be crushed
musiikillinen {adj}  :: musical (of or relating to the music)
musiikki {n}  :: As modifier in compound words (musiikki-), music or musical
musiikki {n}  :: music
musiikkiala {n}  :: music industry
musiikki-instrumentti {n}  :: A musical instrument
musiikkijuhla {n}  :: music festival
musiikkileikkikoulu {n}  :: A music school for small children in which the tots learn the basics of music by playing
musiikkiopisto {n}  :: A music school providing musical training which starts from elementary level and prepares for professional studies
musiikkitalo {n}  :: A music hall
musiikkiterapia {n}  :: music therapy
musiikkitiede {n} [music]  :: musicology
musiikkitieteilijä {n}  :: musicologist
musikaali {n}  :: A musical [stage performance, show or film which involves singing, dancing and musical numbers as well as acting]
musikaalinen {adj}  :: musical (gifted or skilled in music)
musikaalisesti {adv}  :: musically
musikaalisuus {n}  :: musicality
musikantti {n}  :: musician
musikka {n}  :: A Russian peasant
musikologi {n}  :: musicologist
musikologia {n}  :: musicology
musisoida {vi}  :: [intransitive] to perform music
muskari {n} [colloquial, child speak]  :: music school, especially one that teaches preschool-age children
muskatsoni {n} [poison]  :: muscazone
muskelivene {n} [colloquial]  :: powerboat
musketööri {n}  :: A musketeer
musketti {n}  :: musket
muskettimies {n}  :: A musketeer
muskettisotilas {n}  :: musketeer
muskettisoturi {n}  :: A musketeer
muskoni {n} [chemistry]  :: muscone
muskotti {n}  :: nutmeg
muskoviitti {n} [mineral]  :: muscovite
musliini {n}  :: muslin
muslimi {n}  :: A Muslim
muslimi {n}  :: As a former part of compound signifying Muslim
mussukka {n}  :: darling, sugar, sweetheart, sweetie
mussuttaa {v} [colloquial]  :: To eat (especially continuously or loudly)
mussuttaa {v} [colloquial]  :: To speak unclearly
mussuttaa {v} [slang]  :: To speak annoyingly
musta {adj}  :: black (colour)
musta {adj}  :: black (person)
musta {n}  :: black (colour)
musta {n}  :: black (person)
musta aukko {n} [astronomy]  :: black hole
musta aukko {n} [figuratively]  :: black hole
mustaeväkampela {n}  :: Torbay sole, Glyptocephalus cynoglossus
mustahapero {n}  :: blackening russula, Russula nigricans
mustaherukka {n}  :: blackcurrant
musta hevonen {n}  :: dark horse
mustahuotrakala {n}  :: black scabbardfish (Aphanopus carbo)
mustaihoinen {adj}  :: black (having "black" skin, relating to persons of noticeable negroid African descent)
mustaihoisempi {adj}  :: comparative form of mustaihoinen
musta jää {n}  :: black ice
musta joulu {n}  :: snowless Christmas
musta joutsen {n}  :: black swan (occurrence believed to be impossible until it happens)
mustajoutsen {n}  :: black swan, Cygnus atratus
mustajuuri {n}  :: A black salsify (Scorzonera hispanica)
musta kahvi {n}  :: black coffee
musta kappale {n} [physics]  :: blackbody
mustakarhu {n}  :: black bear
mustakaulajoutsen {n}  :: black-necked swan, Cygnus melancoryphus
mustakondori {n}  :: black vulture (Coragyps atratus)
mustakumina {n}  :: A flower native to SW Asia, the seeds of which are used as spice; fennel flower, nutmeg flower, Roman coriander, blackseed, black caraway, black onion seed (Nigella sativa)
mustakurkkumuura {n}  :: band-tailed antshrike
musta laatikko {n}  :: black box
mustalainen {n}  :: (varying from neutral to pejorative) gypsy
mustalaiskieli {n} [colloquial]  :: Romani (language)
mustaleppälintu {n}  :: a black redstart; Phoenicurus ochruros
mustaleski {n}  :: black widow (Latrodectus ssp.)
mustaleukamuura {n}  :: dusky-throated antshrike
mustalipeä {n}  :: black liquor
musta lista {n}  :: A blacklist
mustamaalata {v} [figurative]  :: to denigrate, defame, discredit (to criticise so as to besmirch)
mustamaalaus {n}  :: smear campaign (effort to damage or call into question someone's reputation, by propounding negative propaganda)
musta magia {n}  :: black magic
mustamaija {n}  :: Black Maria, paddywagon (police van)
mustamaija {n} [card games]  :: A children's card game in which the loser is the one who is left with the queen of spades or Musta Maija in the end
mustamakkara {n}  :: A Finnish blood sausage, quite similar to black pudding
mustamamba {n}  :: black mamba
Mustameri {prop}  :: The Black Sea
mustamuurahainen {n}  :: common black ant (Formica fusca)
Mustanaamio {prop}  :: The Phantom (comic book character)
mustangi {n}  :: mustang
mustankipeä {adj}  :: jealous
mustankipeämpi {adj}  :: comparative form of mustankipeä
mustapää {n}  :: blackhead, comedo
mustapippuri {n}  :: black pepper [spice]
musta pörssi {n}  :: black market
mustapäästäinen {n}  :: A species of shrew, specifically Taiga shrew, Sorex isodon
mustapuumuura {n}  :: black antshrike
mustarastas {n}  :: blackbird (Turdus merula)
mustarotta {n}  :: black rat (Rattus rattus)
mustarousku {n}  :: ugly milk-cap (Lactarius necator)
mustaruuti {n}  :: black powder
musta ryssä {n}  :: Black Russian (cocktail)
musta savikivi {n} [geology]  :: black shale (type of rock)
musta savuttaja {n} [geology]  :: black smoker
mustasukkainen {adj}  :: jealous
mustasukkaisempi {adj}  :: comparative form of mustasukkainen
mustasukkaisesti {adv}  :: jealously
mustasukkaisimmin {adv}  :: superlative form of mustasukkaisesti
mustasukkaisuus {n}  :: jealousy
mustata {vt}  :: To blacken
mustata {vt}  :: To denigrate, defame
mustatiira {n}  :: black tern (small seabird, Chlidonias niger)
mustatiira {n}  :: In plural (mustatiirat), the genus Chlidonias
mustatokko {n}  :: black goby (Gobius niger)
musta torvisieni {n}  :: alternative spelling of mustatorvisieni
mustatorvisieni {n}  :: horn of plenty, black chanterelle, black trumpet, trompette de la mort, trumpet of the dead, Craterellus cornucopioides (edible mushroom)
mustatumake {n} [anatomy]  :: substantia nigra (brain structure)
mustavalas {n}  :: North Atlantic right whale, Eubalaena glacialis
mustavalas {n}  :: southern right whale, Eubalaena australis
mustavalkoinen {adj}  :: black and white
mustavalkotelevisio {n}  :: black-and-white television
mustavaris {n}  :: rook (Corvus frugilegus)
mustaviinimarja {n}  :: blackcurrant
muste {n}  :: ink
musteastia {n}  :: inkwell (container for ink, designed and usually positioned so that a person may conveniently dip a pen into it)
mustekala {n}  :: Any of the coleoid species, which form the taxonomic subclass Coleoidea (mustekalat); including e.g.octopus, squid (calamari), cuttlefish
mustekala {n}  :: bungee (elastic fabric-bound strap with a hook at each end)
mustekivi {n}  :: inkstone (stone used by Chinese artists and calligraphers to grind dry ink and to mix it with water)
mustelma {n}  :: bruise, contusion
mustempi {adj}  :: comparative form of musta
mustentaa {vt}  :: To blacken
mustepullo {n}  :: ink bottle (bottle for ink, usually with a wide mouth to allow dipping a pen into it)
mustesivellin {n}  :: inkbrush (brush used in Chinese calligraphy and painting)
mustesuihkutulostin {n}  :: An inkjet printer
musteta {vi}  :: To blacken
mustetahra {n}  :: inkblot
mustetanko {n}  :: inkstick (cake of solid ink used in traditional East Asian calligraphy and painting)
mustikka {n}  :: bilberry or blueberry, several closely related species of Vaccinium family, none of which grows naturally in Finland
mustikka {n}  :: bilberry, Vaccinium myrtillus; a common shrub in Finland, and its fruit
mustikkatyyppi {n} [forestry]  :: Myrtillus-type (forest type in the Finnish forest classification system; a moist spruce / birch forest typical for southern Finland)
mustin {adj}  :: superlative form of musta
Mustonen {prop}  :: Finnish surname
mustua {vi}  :: To blacken
mustuainen {n} [anatomy]  :: pupil (part of an eye)
mustuainen {n}  :: Used of some other small, black spots, such as [[kynnenmustuainen rim of dirt under a fingrnail]]
mustuus {n}  :: blackness
mut {conj} [coordinating, colloquial]  :: but
muta {n}  :: mire, mud; decaying organic matter in the bottom of a lake etc
mutaatio {n} [genetics]  :: mutation (any heritable change of the base-pair sequence of genetic material)
mutaatio {n} [linguistics]  :: mutation (alteration a particular sound of a word)
mutaatio {n} [rare]  :: mutation (any change or alteration)
mutageeni {n}  :: mutagen
mutaharakka {n}  :: magpie-lark, Grallina cyanoleuca
mutainen {adj}  :: muddy
mutaisempi {adj}  :: comparative form of mutainen
mutakakku {n}  :: Mississippi mud pie (dessert)
mutakakku {n}  :: mud pie (mass of mud shaped into the form of a pie, especially by children)
mutakuono {n} [offensive, racial slur]  :: A darkey; a dark-skinned person
mutantti {n}  :: A mutant
mutapaini {n}  :: mud wrestling
mutapainija {n}  :: mud wrestler
mutasara {n} [plant]  :: mud sedge, Carex limosa
mutatis mutandis {adv} [legal]  :: mutatis mutandis
mutatoida {vt}  :: To mutate
mutatoitua {vi}  :: To mutate
mutavyöry {n}  :: mudslide
mutiainen {n} [offensive]  :: A dark-skinned person
mutina {n}  :: mutter
mutista {vi}  :: To mutter
mutka {n}  :: bend
mutka {n}  :: curve (e.g. in road)
mutka {n} [plumbing]  :: elbow (pipe fitting)
mutka {n} [slang, weapons]  :: rod (gun, pistol)
mutkaton {adj}  :: easy-going
mutkaton {adj}  :: straightforward
mutkattomasti {adv}  :: straightforwardly
mutkikas {adj}  :: complicated
mutkikkaasti {adv}  :: complicatedly
mutkikkuus {n}  :: complicatedness
mutkistaa {vt}  :: to complicate
mutkistua {v}  :: to become more complicated
mutkistua {v}  :: to bend
mutkitella {vi}  :: To snake
mutkitella {v}  :: To zigzag
mutkitteleva {adj}  :: sinuous
mutristaa {v}  :: to purse, pout
mutsi {n} [slang]  :: mom, mother
mutt' {conj} [coordinating, poetic]  :: but
mutta {conj} [coordinating]  :: but
mutta {n} [idiomatic, informal]  :: ifs, ands, or buts; in a negative phrase, used like noun only in partitive plural (muttia) with qualifier mitään (modifications, limitations, or addenda; qualifications of any kind; speculations about whether a particular idea or enterprise is good, doubts)
muttei {contraction}  :: mutta + ei
mutteivät {contraction}  :: mutta + eivät
muttemme {contraction}  :: mutta + emme
mutten {contraction}  :: mutta + en
mutteri {n}  :: nut (fastener)
mutteri {n} [slang, sexuality]  :: nob, knob (slang for glans penis)
mutteripannu {n} [informal]  :: moka pot, see mokkapannu
muttet {contraction}  :: mutta + et
muttette {contraction}  :: mutta + ette
mutti {n}  :: A traditional Finnish food made from barley flour
mutu {n}  :: Eurasian common minnow (Phoxinus phoxinus)
mutu {n}  :: Poor reasoning or knowledge based on common beliefs as opposed to actual knowledge
mutustaa {v}  :: to eat by chewing slowly and with some difficulty, as with having sore teeth
mututuntuma {n}  :: A gut feeling
muu {interj}  :: (onomatopoietic) Moo, sound made by a cow
muu {pron} [indefinite]  :: else
muu {pron} [indefinite]  :: (in plural muut) the others (referring to people)
muu {pron} [indefinite]  :: other, another
muu {pron}  :: joku ~ = other (not the one previously referred to)
muu {pron}  :: With kuin; but, except
muualla {adv}  :: elsewhere
muualle {adv}  :: To elsewhere
muualta {adv}  :: from elsewhere
muuan {pron}  :: a, an
muuan {pron}  :: certain
muudan {pron}  :: dated form of muuan
muukalainen {n}  :: alien
muukalainen {n}  :: stranger
muukalaislegioona {n}  :: foreign legion
muukalaispassi {n}  :: alien's passport
muukalaisvihamielinen {adj}  :: xenophobic
muukalaisystävällinen {adj}  :: xenodochial
muu kuin {pron}  :: other than, besides, except for
muuli {n}  :: mule
muuliaasi {n}  :: A hinny
muu lihaan verrattava valmistusaine {n} [legal]  :: A food industry regulatory term for food additive which may include one or more of the following: mechanically separated (from bones) meat, internal organs, animal fat, pig skin, poultry skin and meat from the head of a cow or horse. The product resembles, but is not exactly the same as lean finely textured beef or pink slime
muulinajaja {n}  :: muleteer
muulloin {adv}  :: at another time
muulloin {adv}  :: otherwise
muumi {n}  :: Moomin
muumio {n}  :: mummy
muumioida {vt}  :: To mummify
muumioitua {vi}  :: to mummify, to become a mummy
muun muassa {adv}  :: inter alia, among other things
muunnelma {n}  :: A variant
muunneltava {adj}  :: convertible (capable of being converted)
muunnettu totuus {n} [euphemism]  :: terminological inexactitude (lie or falsehood)
muunnin {n}  :: modifier
muunnin {n}  :: transducer
muunnos {n} [mathematics]  :: transformation, transform
muunnos {n} [music]  :: alteration
muunnos {n} [taxonomy]  :: variety
muunnos {n}  :: variation, variant (related but distinct thing)
muunsukupuolinen {adj}  :: transgender (not identifying with culturally conventional gender roles and categories of male or female)
muuntaa {vt}  :: To convert, transform
muuntaja {n} [electronics]  :: transformer
muuntajakoppi {n} [electricity distribution]  :: transformer house (small building housing an electric transformer and usually some switchgear)
muuntelu {n}  :: variation
muuntogeeninen {adj}  :: genetically modified
muuntohuume {n}  :: designer drug (drug by modifying the molecular structure of an existing drug)
muuntokerroin {n}  :: conversion factor
muuntua {vi}  :: To transform, convert
muuntuva {adj}  :: transforming
muura {n}  :: Any bird in the taxonomic family Formicariidae, the family of ant-thrushes and antpittas
muurahainen {n}  :: An ant
muurahais- {prefix}  :: formic, ant
muurahaishappo {n} [chemistry]  :: formic acid
muurahaiskarhu {n}  :: anteater
muurahaiskasvi {n} [botany]  :: A common term for a myrmecophyte
muurahaiskeko {n}  :: anthill
muurahaiskorento {n} [zoology]  :: An adult antlion
muurahaiskäpy {n}  :: Any of several species of pangolin, or scaly anteater
muurahaiskuningatar {n} [zoology]  :: ant queen
muurahaiskuoriainen {n}  :: ant beetle (Thanasimus formicarius)
muurahaisleijona {n} [zoology]  :: A larva of an antlion
muurahaismyrkky {n}  :: An insecticide especially formulated to kill ants
muurahaispesä {n}  :: An ants' nest
muurahaispesä {n} [figuratively]  :: A beehive (place of busy activity)
muurahaissika {n} [dated]  :: aardvark
muurahaissuosija {n} [botany]  :: A common term for a myrmecophyte
muurahaistiede {n} [zoology]  :: A common term for myrmecology
muurahaisvieras {n} [zoology]  :: A common term for myrmecophile
muurahaisyhteiskunta {n}  :: ant colony
muurain {n}  :: cloudberry, Rubus chamaemorus
muurari {n}  :: A bricklayer
muurari {n}  :: A mason
muurarimehiläinen {n} [zoology]  :: mason bee
muurata {vt}  :: To mason
muurautua {vi}  :: To wall up
muuri {n} [figuratively]  :: barrier
muuri {n}  :: stonewall, wall (thick stone wall)
muurinmurtaja {n}  :: battering ram
Muurmanni {prop} [dated]  :: Murmansk
Muurmanski {prop}  :: Murmansk
muusa {n} [figuratively]  :: a muse
muusa {n} [mythology]  :: any of the Muses
muusata {v}  :: to mash (to convert into a mash)
muusi {n}  :: mash
muusi {n}  :: mashed potatoes
muusikko {n}  :: musician
muussata {v} [dialectal]  :: to mash (to convert into a mash)
muutama {pron} [indefinite]  :: A few, some
muutella {vt}  :: To modify, make (partial) changes to
muuten {adv}  :: by the way
muuten {adv}  :: tai ~ = or else, otherwise
muutenkin {adv}  :: anyway, as it is
muut esille tulevat asiat {phrase}  :: any other business (last item on the agenda of a meeting)
muutettavuus {n}  :: The state of being transformable into something else, transformability
muutoin {adv}  :: otherwise
muutoksenhakija {n} [legal]  :: appellant
muutoksenhaku {n}  :: appeal, petition
muutos {n}  :: change
muutos {n}  :: modification
muutostyö {n}  :: modifications (project for changing a building, process, arrangement etc. such that it better serves the needs of management, occupant, customer or other user)
muuttaa {vi}  :: To move, change one's residence
muuttaa {vt}  :: To modify, change, alter
muuttaa {vt}  :: To transform, transmute, convert, change, transubstantiate
muuttaa autuaammille metsästysmaille {v} [idiomatic, colloquial, humorous]  :: To die
muuttaa mielensä {v}  :: to change one's mind (to decide differently than one had decided before)
muuttaa mielensä {v}  :: with [[saada to get]], to change somebody else's mind (to convince someone to make a decision differing from a previous one)
muuttaa mieltään {v}  :: alternative form of muuttaa mielensä
muuttaja {n}  :: mover
muuttaja {n}  :: transformer
muuttaminen {n}  :: changing
muuttaminen {n}  :: moving
muuttaminen {n}  :: transformation
muutto {n}  :: migration (large-scale movement of people or of animals to another area)
muutto {n}  :: move, relocation (event of changing residence)
muuttoliike {n}  :: migration
muuttolintu {n}  :: migratory bird
muuttoreitti {n}  :: migration route
muuttua {vi}  :: To become, grow, turn (into)
muuttua {vi}  :: To change, alter
muuttua {vi}  :: To vary
muuttuja {n} [astronomy]  :: variable star
muuttuja {n} [mathematics]  :: variable
muuttuja {n} [programming]  :: variable
muuttuminen {n}  :: change, changing
muuttunut {adj}  :: changed, altered
muuttuva {adj}  :: changing, variable, mutable
muuttuva kustannus {n} [accounting]  :: variable cost
muuttuva tähti {n} [star]  :: variable star
myö {pron} [personal, dialectal]  :: we
myanmar {n}  :: The Burmese language
Myanmar {prop}  :: Myanmar
myanmarilainen {adj}  :: Myanmarese
myanmarilainen {n}  :: Myanmarese person
myödä {v} [dated]  :: alternative form of myydä
myeliini {n} [anatomy]  :: myelin
myeliinituppi {n} [anatomy]  :: myelin sheath
myelooma {n} [pathology]  :: myeloma
myöhä {adj}  :: late
möyheltää {v}  :: alternative form of möyhentää
myöhemmin {adv}  :: comparative form of myöhään
myöhemmin {adv}  :: later
myöhempi {adj}  :: Later
Myöhempien Aikojen Pyhien Jeesuksen Kristuksen Kirkko {prop}  :: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
möyhennin {n}  :: hand cultivator
möyhentää {vt}  :: to fluff (to make fluffy)
myöhentää {v}  :: to delay, postpone
myhäillä {v}  :: To smile (contentedly)
myöhäinen {adj}  :: late (as opposed to early)
myöhäis- {adj}  :: Form of [[myöhäinen late]], used as modifier in compound terms
myöhäisarkeeinen {adj} [geology]  :: Neoarchean
myöhäisglasiaaliaika {n} [geology]  :: The late glacial period
myöhäisilta {n}  :: late night, late evening
myöhäiskeskiaika {n}  :: The Late Middle Ages
myöhäiskivihiilikausi {n} [geology]  :: Pennsylvanian epoch (last epoch of the Carboniferous)
myöhäispermikausi {n} [geology]  :: Lopingian, Upper Permian, Later Permian (last epoch of the Permian)
myöhäispermikautinen {n} [geology]  :: Lopingian, Upper Permian, Later Permian (of last epoch of the Permian)
myhky {n}  :: knob, lump
myöhään {adv}  :: late
myöhässä {adv}  :: late (not in time)
myöhästellä {v}  :: To be late (repeatedly)
myöhästyä {vi} [+ elative or ablative]  :: To miss (a bus, train, etc.)
myöhästyä {vi}  :: To be delayed
myöhästyä {vi}  :: To be late
möyhy {n} [slang]  :: hashish (cannabis extract)
mykerö {n} [botany]  :: capitulum
mykerökukkainen {adj} [botany]  :: composite
mykevä {adj} [rare, dialectal]  :: convex
mykiö {n} [anatomy]  :: lens
mykiöntakainen {adj} [anatomy, medicine]  :: retrolental
mykistää {v}  :: To dumbfound
mykistää {v}  :: To mute
mykistyä {vi}  :: To mute
mykkä {adj}  :: mute
mykkäelokuva {n}  :: silent film
mykkäfilmi {n} [informal]  :: silent film
möykky {n}  :: A lump, gob, blob; a shapeless object
mykologi {n}  :: mycologist
mykologia {n}  :: mycology
mykorritsa {n}  :: mycorrhiza
mykotoksiini {n}  :: mycotoxin
myksomatoosi {n} [veterinary medicine]  :: myxomatosis (viral rabbit disease)
myky {n}  :: dumpling [dish consisting of varying fillings wrapped in dough]; more specific terms for different types of dumplings include pelmeni or pelmeny, ravioli, tortellini, dim sum, xiaolongbao etc.
myllerrys {n}  :: upheaval, turmoil
mylläkkä {n}  :: hassle, ruckus
mylläri {n}  :: A miller, an operator or owner of a mill
mylly {n} [colloquial]  :: A fight with many participants and no apparent reason or sense
mylly {n}  :: mill
Myllylä {prop}  :: Finnish surname
myllynkivi {n}  :: millstone
myllytonttu {n} [folklore]  :: An elf said to inhabit a mill and wake the miller if it ran out of grain
mylviä {v}  :: to bellow
mylviminen {n}  :: bellowing
mylvinä {n}  :: bellowing
mylvintä {n}  :: bellowing
mylväisy {n}  :: A bellow
myönnytys {n}  :: concession (the act of conceding, as e.g. in a negotiation)
myöntää {v}  :: ~ arvomerkki: to badge
myöntää {v} [legal]  :: ~ syyllisyytensä: to plead guilty
myöntää {v}  :: ~ tappionsa: to give up a fight
myöntää {v}  :: to award (a prize)
myöntää {v}  :: to concede, admit, agree
myöntää {v}  :: to grant, issue
myönteinen {adj}  :: affirmative
myönteinen {adj}  :: favourable/favorable:
myönteinen {adj}  :: positive (inspiring positive reactions)
myönteisesti {adv}  :: positively
myöntäminen {n}  :: acknowledgment
myöntäminen {n}  :: admittance
myöntäminen {n}  :: concession
myöntyä {v}  :: To consent
myoglobiini {n} [protein]  :: myoglobin
myologia {n} [anatomy]  :: myology
myoni {n}  :: A muon
myopatia {n} [pathology]  :: myopathy
mäyrä {n}  :: Any of the badger species
mäyrä {n}  :: The Eurasian badger or European badger (Meles meles)
myrha {n} [archaic]  :: myrrh
myriadi {n}  :: myriad
möyrintä {n}  :: digging, rooting up
myräkkä {n}  :: A blizzard, a storm
myrkky {n}  :: poison
myrkky {n}  :: venom
myrkkyhammas {n}  :: A poison fang
myrkkykaasu {n}  :: poison gas
myrkkykasvi {n}  :: poisonous plant
myrkkykoiso {n}  :: deadly nightshade (Atropa belladonna)
myrkkykäärme {n}  :: venomous snake
myrkkymuratti {n}  :: poison ivy (any of three ivy-like species of genus Toxicodendron)
myrkkynuoli {n}  :: poison arrow
myrkkypistin {n}  :: venomous stinger
myrkkyrauhanen {n}  :: poison gland
myrkkysieni {n}  :: poisonous mushroom
myrkkysyötti {n}  :: poison bait
myrkkytarhakäärme {n}  :: taipan
mäyräkoira {n} [colloquial]  :: A set of twelve beer bottles (compare six pack)
mäyräkoira {n}  :: dachshund
myrkyllinen {adj}  :: toxic, poisonous
myrkyllinen {adj}  :: venomous
myrkyllisesti {adv}  :: poisonously
myrkyllisyys {n}  :: toxicity
myrkytön {adj}  :: nonpoisonous
myrkyttää {vt}  :: To poison
myrkyttäjä {n}  :: poisoner
myrkyttyä {vi}  :: To become poisoned
myrkytys {n}  :: poisoning
myrkytysoire {n}  :: toxic symptom
myrmekofiili {n} [zoology]  :: A scientific term for myrmecophile
myrmekofyytti {n} [botany]  :: A scientific term for a myrmecophyte
myrmekologia {n} [zoology]  :: A scientific term for myrmecology
myrrha {n} [rare]  :: alternative form of mirha
myrsky {n}  :: A storm
myrskyfokka {n} [nautical]  :: A storm jib
myrskyinen {adj}  :: stormy
myrskyisä {adj}  :: stormy
myrskyisästi {adv}  :: stormily
myrskykeiju {n}  :: Leach's storm-petrel (Oceanodroma leucorhoa)
myrskyliitäjä {n}  :: fulmar (seabird of the genus Fulmarus)
myrskylintu {n} [inexactly]  :: fulmar (bird of the genus Fulmarus)
myrskylintu {n}  :: northern fulmar, Arctic fulmar, Fulmarus glacialis
myrskynsilmä {n}  :: An eye of a storm or a hurricane
myrskysää {n}  :: stormy weather
myrskysukeltaja {n}  :: diving petrel (any bird of the family Pelecanoididae)
myrskytä {vi}  :: to storm
myrskytuuli {n} [meteorology]  :: storm wind
myrskyvaroitus {n}  :: storm warning, gale warning
myrsky vesilasissa {phrase}  :: storm in a tea-kettle, tempest in a teapot, storm in a teacup (big fuss made in a small context)
myrtti {n}  :: myrtle (Myrtus communis)
myrtyä {vi}  :: To be embittered
myös {adv}  :: also, too
myski {n}  :: musk
myskihirvi {n}  :: musk deer
myskihärkä {n}  :: muskox (Ovibos moschatus)
myskirotta {n}  :: muskrat
myskisorsa {n}  :: Muscovy duck (Cairina moschata)
myöskään {adv}  :: [with ei] (not) either
mysli {n}  :: muesli
myssy {n}  :: cap (head covering)
myssy {n}  :: cosy
myöstää {v} [metallurgy]  :: to anneal
mysteeri {n}  :: mystery
mysteerio {n}  :: A mystery
mystifikaatio {n}  :: mystification
mystifioida {v}  :: To mystify
mystiikka {n}  :: mystic
mystikko {n}  :: A mystic
mystillinen {adj}  :: dated form of mystinen
mäystin {n}  :: A loop on the ski which is used to fasten the shoes
mystinen {adj}  :: mystical, enigmatic
mystisesti {adv}  :: mystically
mystisismi {n} [religion]  :: mysticism (beliefs, ideas, or thoughts of mystics: belief that higher truths or the essence of existence cannot be understood through reason but through intuition and direct communication between the soul and divinity)
myötä {adv}  :: along
myötä {adv}  :: for
myöten {adv}  :: along, up to, down to, reaching
myötähäpeä {n}  :: second-hand embarrassment (personal embarrassment one feels on account of and for another who is making a fool of him or herself)
myötäilijä {n}  :: yes man
myötäillä {v}  :: To conform, to go along with, to follow along
myötäjäiset {n}  :: dowry
myötäkäyminen {n}  :: success
myötäkytkentä {n}  :: feedforward
myötämaa {n}  :: downhill
myötämielinen {adj}  :: favorable
myötämäki {n}  :: downhill (downward slope)
myötämäki {n}  :: downhill (part of slope downhill of one's current position)
mytologi {n}  :: mythologist
mytologia {n}  :: mythology
mytologinen {adj}  :: mythological
myötäpäivään {adv}  :: clockwise
myötätunto {n}  :: compassion, sympathy
myötätuntoinen {adj}  :: compassionate
myötätuuli {n} [nautical]  :: A tailwind or fair wind
mytty {n}  :: bundle
myötävaikuttaminen {n}  :: contribution, collaboration (act of collaborating)
myötävaikutus {n}  :: contribution
myy {n}  :: mu (Greek letter)
myydä {vt}  :: to sell
myydä loppuun {v}  :: to sell out (to sell every item of a product line or the entire inventory)
myyjä {n}  :: seller, vendor
myyjäiset {n}  :: rummage sale (informal sale of usually donated items)
myyjätär {n}  :: Female seller; a saleswoman
myymälä {n}  :: shop (establishment that sells goods or services to the public)
myymäläapulainen {n}  :: shop assistant
myymäläpäällikkö {n}  :: store manager, shopman
myymälävaras {n}  :: shoplifter
myymälävarkaus {n}  :: shoplifting
myymään {v} [fi-infinitive of, t=3a, myydä, c=ill]  ::
myynti {n}  :: sale (exchange of goods or services for currency or credit)
myyntiapulainen {n}  :: sales assistant
myyntiedustaja {n}  :: sales representative
myyntihinta {n}  :: sales price, selling price (the price to which something is offered for sale, or the price to which something is actually sold)
myyntijohtaja {n}  :: sales director
myyntikate {n} [accounting]  :: gross profit (difference between net sales and the cost of goods sold)
myyntikurssi {n} [securities trading]  :: asking price
myyntimies {n}  :: salesman
myyntineuvottelija {n}  :: sales negotiator
myyntipäällikkö {n}  :: account manager
myyntipäällikkö {n}  :: sales manager
myyntipuhe {n}  :: sales pitch, pitch (remarks or demonstrations intended to persuade a consumer to make a purchase)
myyntisaatava {n} [accounting]  :: A receivable resulting from a sale on credit instead of cash
myyntisaatava {n} [accounting]  :: In plural (myyntisaatavat) accounts receivable (an account in a bookkeeping system)
myyntisihteeri {n}  :: sales secretary, sales assistant
myyntitarjous {n}  :: selling offer
myyntitulo {n}  :: sales revenue, revenue from sales
myyntivoitto {n} [accounting, taxation]  :: capital gain (amount by which the value or the proceeds of the sale of a capital asset exceed its cost to the seller)
myyntivoittovero {n}  :: capital gains tax (tax levied on the profit made from selling a capital asset)
myyrä {n}  :: A mole (internal spy)
myyrä {n}  :: A vole (several species of the small rodents within the family Cricetidae)
myyrä {n} [colloquial]  :: A mole (small burrowing insectivore of the family Talpidae)
myyrä {n}  :: In plural myyrät, the zoological family of Cricetidae
myyräkuume {n} [disease]  :: epidemic nephropathy, nephropathia epidemica
myyrävyötiäinen {n}  :: pink fairy armadillo, Chlamyphorus truncatus
myytillinen {adj} [dated]  :: alternative form of myyttinen
myytti {n}  :: myth
myyttinen {adj}  :: mythic, mythical
myytyjen tavaroiden hankintameno {n} [accounting]  :: cost of goods sold