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çà {adv} [archaic]  :: hither
çà {interj} [archaic]  :: la! (expressing strong emotion of anger, surprise etc.)
çà {interj}  :: so, well, then (with exhortative or intensive effect)
Ç {letter}  :: A letter used in writing French, representing /s/
ç {letter}  :: "c cédille"
ç' {pron} [colloquial]  :: contraction of ça
ça {pron}  :: it
ça {pron} [psychoanalysis]  :: id
ça {pron}  :: that
ça a été {phrase}  :: was everything OK?, did it go well?
ça commence à bien faire {phrase}  :: enough is enough!
ça gaze {phrase} [informal]  :: how's things?, how's tricks?
ça ira {phrase} [idiomatic]  :: it will be all right; it will be OK
ça m'est égal {phrase}  :: It doesn't matter to me; I don't mind; I don't care
ça ne fait rien {phrase}  :: it doesn't matter
ça ne fait rien {phrase}  :: never mind
ça suffit {interj}  :: that does it
ça va {interj} [as a question]  :: how are you? how is it going? how are things?
ça va {interj} [as a response]  :: Things are going fine
ça va barder {idiom}  :: all hell will break loose!
ça va bien {phrase}  :: I'm fine, I'm alright
ça va sans dire {phrase}  :: it goes without saying
ça y est {phrase} [idiomatic]  :: there we go, there you go, there you have it, that's it, etc
c. {conj}  :: abbreviation of comme
{m}  :: letter: c
c. {f}  :: abbreviation of collection
c {letter}  :: letter
c' {pron}  :: apocopic form of ce
C. {f} [music]  :: b-d, bd, BD (bass drum)
ca {prep}  :: circa
CA {m}  :: abbreviation of conseil d'administration
CA {m} [Canada, accounting]  :: CA; initialism of comptable agréé
cabale {f}  :: cabal
cabaliste {m}  :: cabalist
cabalistique {adj}  :: cabalistic
cabalistiquement {adv}  :: cabalistically
caban {m}  :: reefer jacket
cabane {f}  :: cabin, hut, shack; shed
cabane {f} [slang]  :: prison
cabanon {m} [archaic]  :: hut
cabanon {m} [Provence , dialect]  :: (holiday) cottage
cabaret {m}  :: cabaret
cabaret {m} [Quebec, Louisiana]  :: tray (object on which things are carried)
cabaretier {m}  :: innkeeper
cabaretier {m}  :: person who hosts a cabaret
cabaretière {f}  :: feminine noun of cabaretier
cabas {m}  :: shopping basket
caberlot {m} [slang]  :: noggin, bonce
cabernet {m}  :: Cabernet (grape variety)
cabestan {m}  :: capstan (vertical cleated drum or cylinder)
cabillaud {m}  :: cod
cabillot {m} [obsolete]  :: cleat
cabine {f}  :: cabin (aeroplane)
cabine d'essayage {f}  :: fitting room
cabinet {m}  :: a cabinet
cabinet {m}  :: a cabinet of government advisors
cabinet {m}  :: an office, a surgery
cabinet {m} [archaic]  :: a study
cabinet {m} [in the plural]  :: the toilet, lavatory
cabinet médical {m}  :: doctors' surgery; doctors'
cabochard {adj} [informal]  :: stubborn
caboche {f} [colloquial, anatomy]  :: head
cabochien {adj}  :: Cabochien
cabossé {adj}  :: battered
cabossé {adj}  :: dented
cabosser {vt}  :: to dent
cabot {m} [informal]  :: pooch, mutt, cur (dog)
cabotage {m}  :: cabotage
caboter {vi}  :: to transport goods or passenger, provide cabotage
caboteur {m} [nautical]  :: coaster
cabotier {m}  :: a cabotage ship, a transport ship
cabotin {adj}  :: camp, overly theatrical
cabotin {m}  :: ham (actor)
cabotin {m}  :: poser
cabrer {vt}  :: to rear up (horse)
cabri {m}  :: kid (young goat)
cabri {m} [Louisiana]  :: goat
cabriolant {adj}  :: cavorting
cabriole {f}  :: capriole (jump)
cabriole {f} [dressage]  :: capriole
cabrioler {vi}  :: to caper, cavort
cabriolet {m}  :: a cabriolet carriage
cabriolet {m}  :: a convertible car
cabriolet {m}  :: a Directoire style hat type
cabriolet {m}  :: a knotted cord, each end tied to wood, to tie criminals to by the wrists
CAC 40 {prop} [business, economics]  :: (French) stock market index; ≈ stock exchange
caca {m} [childish]  :: poo (childish word for excrement)
cacahouète {m}  :: alternative spelling of cacahuète
cacahuète {f}  :: peanut, goober
cacao {m}  :: cocoa
cacaoté {adj}  :: with cocoa
cacaotier {m}  :: cacao (tree)
cacaotière {f}  :: farm growing cocoa
cacaoyer {adj}  :: Related to cocoa
cacaoyer {m}  :: cacao (tree)
cacaoyère {f}  :: cocoa plantation
cacatoès {m}  :: cockatoo (bird)
caché {adj}  :: hidden
cachalot {m}  :: sperm whale
cache {f}  :: hiding place
cache {m}  :: cover, mask
cache-cache {m}  :: hide and seek
cache-col {m}  :: muffler; scarf
cache-œil {m}  :: eyepatch
cachemire {m}  :: cashmere (fabric)
Cachemire {prop} {m}  :: Kashmir (region)
cachemiri {m}  :: Kashmiri (language)
Cachemiri {prop} {m}  :: Kashmiri (person)
Cachemirie {prop} {f}  :: feminine noun of Cachemiri
cachemirien {adj}  :: Kashmiri
cachemirien {m}  :: Kashmiri (language, masculine only)
cachemirien {m}  :: Kashmiri (person)
cache-nez {m}  :: scarf, muffler
cache-pot {m}  :: cachepot
cacher {adj}  :: alternative spelling of casher
cacher {vr} [ , se cacher]  :: to hide (oneself)
cacher {vt}  :: to hide
cacherout {f} [Judaism]  :: kashrut (Jewish dietary laws)
cacheroute {f}  :: alternative spelling of cacherout
cacheté {adj}  :: sealed
cachet {m}  :: cachet
cachet {m}  :: pill
cachet {m}  :: seal
cacheter {vt}  :: to seal (put a seal on a letter, a package, a wine bottle, etc.)
cachette {f}  :: hideaway, hiding place
cachot {m}  :: dungeon, prison
cachot {m} [ice hockey]  :: penalty box
cachotterie {f}  :: mystery, secrecy
cachottier {adj}  :: secretive
cacique {m} [by extension]  :: a very powerful person
cacique {m} [historical]  :: chieftain (Indian chief in a tribe)
cacodyle {m} [organic compound]  :: cacodyl
cacodylique {adj} [chemistry]  :: cacodylic
cacographie {f}  :: cacography
cacolet {m}  :: cacolet
cacophonie {f}  :: cacophony
cacophonique {adj}  :: cacophonous
cactée {f}  :: cactus
cactus {m}  :: cactus
caïd {m}  :: caid
caïd {m} [colloquial]  :: big shot, big man; boss (especially of a criminal gang)
cadastral {adj}  :: cadastral
cadastre {m}  :: cadastre (a register showing details of land ownership and value)
caïdat {f}  :: The function or government of a caid
cadavre {m}  :: corpse, cadaver
cadavre {m}  :: empty bottle, empty
cadavéreux {adj}  :: cadaverous
cadavérique {adj}  :: cadaver-like (deathly pale)
cadavérique {adj} [medicine]  :: cadaveric
caddie {m} [golf]  :: caddie
caddie {m}  :: shopping cart (conveyance used to carry items while shopping)
caddy {m} [golf]  :: caddy
caddy {m}  :: golf cart
caddy {m}  :: supermarket trolley
cadeau {m}  :: present, gift
cadenas {m}  :: padlock
cadenassé {adj}  :: locked up
cadenasser {vt}  :: to padlock
cadencé {adj}  :: rhythmic
cadence {f}  :: cadence
cadencer {vt}  :: to cadence
cadet {adj} [family]  :: youngest
cadet {m}  :: a younger sibling
cadet {m}  :: cadet, student officer
cadet {m}  :: junior sportsperson, young player
Cadix {prop} {f}  :: Cadix
Cadix {prop} {f}  :: Cádiz
cadmiage {m}  :: electroplating with cadmium
cadmie {f}  :: cadmia
cadmier {v}  :: To electroplate with a thin layer of cadmium
cadmium {m}  :: cadmium
cadré {adj} [sports]  :: on target
cadrage {m} [imaging]  :: framing (position of an image within a frame or border)
cadran {m}  :: dial
cadran {m}  :: face (of clock)
cadran lunaire {m}  :: moondial (instrument for telling time)
cadran solaire {m}  :: sundial
cadrat {m}  :: spacer (in typesetting)
cadratin {m}  :: em
cadre {m}  :: An executive
cadre {m}  :: An imprinted box on a page
cadre {m}  :: A scope or framework
cadre {m}  :: context, parameters
cadre {m}  :: frame (of a bicycle)
cadre {m} [military]  :: cadre
cadre {m}  :: The backbone of an organization
cadre {m}  :: The frame of a door or picture
cadrer {v} [photography]  :: To frame (put into the field of vision)
cadrer {v}  :: to fit (go well together)
cadreur {m}  :: cameraman
caduc {adj} [botany]  :: deciduous (of or pertaining to trees that shed their leaves in winter)
caduc {adj}  :: null and void
caduc {adj}  :: obsolete
caducifolié {adj} [of trees]  :: deciduous
caducité {f}  :: caducity
caducité {f}  :: transience
caduque {f}  :: decidua
caelifère {m}  :: any grasshopper belonging to the Caelifera suborder
Caen {prop}  :: Caen
caennais {adj}  :: of or from Caen
Caennais {m}  :: someone from the city of Caen
Caennaise {f}  :: feminine noun of Caennais
café {adj}  :: Of the colour of coffee
café {m}  :: cafe, coffee shop
café {m}  :: coffee colour
café {m}  :: coffee [drink]
café {m}  :: public house
café allongé {m}  :: (long) coffee, americano
cafard {m}  :: cockroach
cafard {m}  :: depression, melancholy
cafard {m}  :: tattletale, informant, rat
cafarder {v}  :: to tattle
cafardeux {adj}  :: depressing
cafardeux {adj}  :: glum, gloomy
café au lait {adj}  :: Light brown
café au lait {m}  :: white coffee
café crème {m}  :: coffee with cream
cafetan {m}  :: kaftan (long tunic worn in the Eastern Mediterranean)
cafetier {m}  :: café owner
cafetière {f}  :: coffee pot
caféiculture {f}  :: coffee culture
caféier {m}  :: coffee (plant)
cafier {m}  :: alternative form of caféier
cafignon {m}  :: a little shadowy nook
cafignon {m} [Switzerland]  :: slippers, particularly slippers that are closed at the back
caféine {f}  :: caffeine
caféière {f}  :: Coffee-plantation
caféisme {m}  :: caffeinism
café noir {m}  :: black coffee
cafouillage {m}  :: screw-up
cafouiller {vi}  :: to play up, be in a mess, fall apart
cafre {m} [obsolete, offensive]  :: Kaffir
caftan {m}  :: kaftan (long tunic worn in the Eastern Mediterranean)
cafter {v}  :: to denounce
cafter {v}  :: to rat; to rat on
café-théâtre {m}  :: A café or restaurant that stages cabaret or other theatrical performances
cafétéria {f}  :: cafeteria
café-vélo {m}  :: a cycling café, a type of café specializing in serving a clientele that bicycles
caféylquinique {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: caffeoylquinic
cage {f}  :: cage
cage {f} [soccer, colloquial]  :: area, penalty area
cage d'escalier {f}  :: stairwell
cageot {m}  :: bottle crate
cage thoracique {f}  :: rib cage (part of skeleton)
cagette {f}  :: carton, (small) crate (or similar packaging)
cagette {f}  :: punnet
cagibi {m}  :: cubbyhole
cagibi {m}  :: storeroom (small rooms without windows)
cagliaritain {n}  :: of or from Cagliari
Cagliaritain {m}  :: someone of or from Cagliari
Cagliaritaine {f}  :: feminine singular of Cagliaritain
cagna {f} [military slang]  :: dugout
cagnard {adj}  :: lazy
cagnard {adj} [obsolete]  :: cowardly
cagnard {m}  :: lazy person
cagnard {m} [obsolete]  :: coward
cagnard {m}  :: suntrap (masculine only)
cagnarder {v}  :: To be lazy
cagneux {adj}  :: knock-kneed (having the knees abnormally close together)
cagnotte {f}  :: pool, kitty, pot (of money, for distribution)
cagot {adj} [dated]  :: sanctimonious
cagot {m} [dated]  :: sanctimonious person, hypocrite
cagot {m} [obsolete, outside, historical]  :: cagot
cagotement {adv}  :: sanctimoniously
cagoterie {f} [historical]  :: A quarter of a town to which cagots were restricted
cagou {m}  :: kagu
cagoulé {adj}  :: masked by a balaclava
cagoulard {m} [historical]  :: cagoulard
cagoularde {f}  :: feminine noun of cagoulard
cagoule {f}  :: balaclava
cagouler {vr} [se cagouler]  :: to wear a balaclava
caguer {v} [France, informal]  :: to defecate
cahier {m}  :: notebook, exercise book
cahier {m}  :: quire
cahier des charges {m} [commerce]  :: specifications, specs, requirements; brief
cahin-caha {adv}  :: hobbling along
cahors {m}  :: A red wine from Cahors
cahot {m}  :: jolt, bump
cahotant {adj}  :: jolting
cahoter {vi}  :: to jolt along, bounce along
cahoter {vt}  :: to bump, jolt
cahoteux {adj}  :: bumpy; jolty
cahute {f}  :: shack, hut
cahutte {f}  :: alternative spelling of cahute
caillage {m}  :: curdling
caillassage {m}  :: stoning
caillasser {v}  :: To stone (throw stones at)
caille {adj}  :: multicoloured, spotted
caille {f}  :: quail
caillebotis {m}  :: duckboard
caillement {m}  :: curdling
cailler {vi} [slang]  :: To be very cold, to freeze
cailler {v} [slang, impersonal]  :: To be very cold, to be brass monkeys
cailler {v}  :: to curdle
caillera {m} [slang]  :: rabble, riffraff, thug
cailleter {vi} [dated]  :: to gossip, chew the cud
caillette {f}  :: abomasum
caillette {f}  :: curd (of milk to make cheese)
caillette {f}  :: frivolous gossiping woman
caillot {m}  :: clot
caillot {m}  :: curd
caillou {m}  :: gravel, small stone
caillouter {vt}  :: to metal [a road]
caillouteux {adj}  :: stony, pebbly
cailloutis {m}  :: gravel
cairote {adj}  :: Of, or pertaining to Cairo
caisse {f}  :: bank
caisse {f}  :: box
caisse {f}  :: cash register
caisse {f} [colloquial]  :: car
caisse {f}  :: fund
caisse {f} [vulgar]  :: fart
caisse enregistreuse {f}  :: cash register (machine)
caisse noire {f}  :: slush fund (money stored for illegal or dishonest purposes)
caisse à outils {f}  :: toolbox
caissier {m}  :: cashier
caissière {f}  :: feminine noun of caissier
caisson {m}  :: box
Caiète {prop}  :: Gaeta
cajeput {m} [botany]  :: cajuput, a tree (Melaleuca leucadendra or Melaleuca cajuputi) of Australia and southeast Asia
cajoler {v} [dated]  :: to flatter, to cajole
cajoler {v}  :: to cuddle, to cradle in one's arms
cajolerie {f}  :: cuddling, hugging
cajolerie {f} [dated]  :: cajolery
cajoleur {m}  :: cuddler (someone who cuddles)
cajou {m}  :: cashew (tree)
cake {m}  :: fruitcake (containing rum)
cake {m}  :: quick bread (a smallish loaf-shaped baked good which may be sweet like an English cake or salty and with bits of meat. See insert)
cake-walk {m}  :: cakewalk (the dance)
cakilier {m}  :: searocket or similar plant of the genus Cakile
cal {m}  :: callus (hardened part of the skin)
calabrais {adj}  :: Calabrian
calabrais {m}  :: Calabrian, the Calabrian language
calabraise {f}  :: Calabrian woman
Calabre {prop}  :: Calabria
calade {f}  :: a harmonious, decorative and useful arrangement of medium-sized pebbles, fixed to the ground
caladrius {m}  :: caladrius
calage {m}  :: adjustment
calage {m}  :: synchronization
calage {m}  :: timing (of an engine)
calaisien {m}  :: of or from Calais
Calaisien {m}  :: someone of or from Calais
calaisienne {f}  :: feminine noun of calaisien
Calaisienne {f}  :: feminine noun of Calaisien
calamandrier {m}  :: wall germander (of the species Teucrium chamaedrys)
calamar {m}  :: squid
calament {m}  :: calamint (of the genera Acinos or Calamintha)
calamine {f}  :: calamine (zinc oxide or silicate)
calamine {f}  :: Residue of carbon deposited in the cylinders of two-stroke engines
calamité {m}  :: calamity, disaster
calamiteusement {adv}  :: calamitously
calamiteux {adj}  :: calamitous
calamondin {m}  :: calamondin
calandre {f}  :: calandra lark (Melanocorypha calandra)
calandre {f}  :: calender (machine)
calandre {f}  :: radiator grill (on a car)
calandre {f}  :: wheat weevil larva (Sitophilus granarius)
calanque {f}  :: creek (rocky inlet)
calao {m}  :: hornbill (bird)
calbar {m} [slang]  :: underpants
calcaire {adj}  :: calcareous
calcaire {m}  :: limestone
calcarifère {adj}  :: calciferous
calcédoine {f}  :: chalcedony
calèche {f}  :: calèche, carriage
calcifier {v}  :: to calcify
calciférol {m} [organic compound]  :: calciferol
calciné {adj}  :: calcinated
calciné {adj}  :: calcined
calcin {m}  :: cullet
calcination {f}  :: calcination
calciner {vt}  :: to calcinate
calciner {vt}  :: to calcine
calcineurine {f}  :: calcineurin
calcique {adj}  :: calcic
calcium {m}  :: calcium
calciurie {f} [pathology]  :: calcinuria
calcémie {m} [pathology]  :: calcemia
calcul {m}  :: calculus (maths)
calcul {m}  :: calculus (medicine)
calcul {m} [computing]  :: computing
calculable {adj}  :: calculable
calculateur {adj}  :: calculating
calculateur {m}  :: calculating person
calculateur {m}  :: calculator (device)
calculatrice {f}  :: calculator (electronic calculation device)
calculer {v}  :: to calculate (all meanings)
calculette {f}  :: calculator (handheld device)
caldeira {f}  :: caldera
caldoche {adj}  :: Describing European French inhabitants of New Caledonia
Calédonie {prop} {f}  :: Caledonia
calédonien {adj}  :: Caledonian
calédonien {adj}  :: New Caledonian
cale {f}  :: chock (for wheel)
cale {f} [golf]  :: wedge
cale {f}  :: hold (of a ship)
cale {f} [obsolete]  :: immersion (in water)
cale {f}  :: slipway
cale {f}  :: wedge (under door etc.)
calebasse {f}  :: calabash
calembour {m}  :: pun (joke or type of wordplay)
calenda {f}  :: calinda
calendaire {adj}  :: calendar (attributive)
calende {f}  :: Calends. The first day of the Roman month
calendrier {m}  :: calendar
calendrier {m}  :: program, schedule
calendrier de l'Avent {m}  :: Advent calendar
calendrier grégorien {m}  :: Gregorian calendar
caleçon {m}  :: boxer shorts, boxer briefs
calepin {m}  :: notebook
caler {vi} [colloquial]  :: (of person eating) to give up, be full
caler {vi}  :: to stall (of driver, engine)
caler {vt}  :: to fill (someone) up
caler {vt}  :: to jam (machinery etc.), to stall (an engine)
caler {vt}  :: to synchronize
caler {vt}  :: to wedge (open) (a door)
calfater {v}  :: to caulk (to seal joints with caulk)
calfeutrage {m}  :: draughtproofing / draftproofing
calfeutrer {v}  :: caulk (to seal joints with caulk)
calfeutrer {v}  :: to draughtproof, draftproof
calibrage {m}  :: calibration
calibrer {v}  :: to calibrate
calibrer {v}  :: to grade
calice {interj} [Quebec, slang]  :: alternative form of câlisse
calice {m}  :: chalice
calicot {m}  :: calico
calicotome {m}  :: thorny broom (or similar plant of the genus Calicotome)
caléidoscope {f}  :: kaleidoscope
caléidoscopique {adj}  :: kaleidoscopic
califat {m}  :: caliphate
calife {m}  :: caliph
Californian spangled {m}  :: California spangled cat
Californie {prop} {f}  :: California
californien {adj}  :: Californian (of or relating to California)
Californien {m}  :: Californian (someone from CA)
Californienne {f}  :: feminine noun of Californien
californium {m}  :: californium
califourchon {m}  :: only used in à califourchon
calinotade {f}  :: stupidity, silliness
calisson {m}  :: A diamond-shaped confection made with ground almonds
calleux {adj}  :: calloused
calligramme {m}  :: calligram
calligraphe {mf}  :: calligrapher (one who practices calligraphy)
calligraphie {f}  :: calligraphy (art of writing with decorative strokes)
calligraphier {vt}  :: to calligraph
calligraphique {adj}  :: calligraphic
callipyge {adj}  :: callipygian (having beautifully shaped buttocks)
callistemon {m}  :: bottlebrush (tree of the genus Callistemon)
callosité {f}  :: callosity
callune {f}  :: ling, heather
calmant {m}  :: gripe water
calmar {m}  :: squid (the mollusk)
calmar colossal {m}  :: colossal squid
calmar géant {m}  :: giant squid
calme {adj}  :: calm
calme {adj}  :: quiet, peaceful
calme {m}  :: calmness, stillness
calme {m}  :: coolness (of a person)
calmement {adv}  :: calmly
calmer {vr}  :: to calm down, abate, subside
calmer {vt}  :: to calm, pacify, soothe
calmos {adv} [informal]  :: calmly
calmos {interj} [informal]  :: calm; (let's) stay calm
calomel {m} [inorganic compound]  :: calomel
calomelano {m} [inorganic compound]  :: calomel
calomelas {m}  :: alternative form of calomel
calomniateur {m}  :: slanderer; libeler
calomnie {f}  :: calumny; slander
calomnier {v}  :: to slander
calomnieusement {adv}  :: calumniously
calomnieux {adj}  :: calumnious
caloporteur {adj}  :: heat transfer (attributive)
calorie {f}  :: calorie
calorifique {adj}  :: calorific
calorifère {m}  :: heater, radiator
calorifuge {adj}  :: (heat) insulating
calorimètre {f} [physics]  :: calorimeter
calorimétrie {f}  :: calorimetry
calorimétrique {adj}  :: calorimetric
calorique {adj} [attributive]  :: heat; heat-emitting
calorique {adj}  :: caloric
calot {m}  :: forage cap
calot {m}  :: large marble used in kids' games
calotin {m}  :: A person who wears a calotte; any officer of the church
calotte {f} [Belgium]  :: calotte (religious skullcap)
calotte {f}  :: cap (of ice)
calotte {f}  :: kippah (Jewish cap)
calotte {f}  :: zucchetto
calotte glaciare {f}  :: ice cap
caloyer {m}  :: caloyer
caloyère {f}  :: feminine noun of caloyer
calqué {adj}  :: imitated, copied
calque {m}  :: calque (a loan translation)
calque {m}  :: tracing (the reproduction of an image made by copying it through translucent paper)
calquer {v}  :: to model, to imitate, to copy
calquer {v}  :: to trace, to copy onto a sheet of paper superimposed over the original, by drawing over its lines
calumet de la paix {m}  :: A (literal or figurative) peace pipe
calus {m}  :: callus (hardened part of the skin)
calva {m}  :: calva; calvados
Calvados {prop} {m}  :: Calvados
calvaire {interj} [Quebec, vulgar]  :: fuck, fucking hell, bloody hell
calvaire {m}  :: calvary
calvaire {m}  :: ordeal
calvinisme {m}  :: Calvinism (The Christian doctrines of John Calvin)
calviniste {adj}  :: Calvinist
calviniste {mf}  :: Calvinist
calvitie {f}  :: baldness (the state of being bald)
cam {abbr} [military, nautical]  :: contre-amiral (rear admiral (RAdm))
cam {f}  :: cam (device for filming)
cam. {m}  :: abbreviation of camarade
CAm {abbr} [military]  :: Contre-Amiral (Rear Admiral, or RAdm)
camaïeu {m} [art]  :: camaieu
camaïeu {m}  :: cameo (stone)
camaïeu {m}  :: (range of) shades, tones, hues (of a colour)
camail {m}  :: camail, capuchin (hood)
caïman {m}  :: caiman
camarade {m}  :: Buddy, mate
camarade {m}  :: Comrade (companion or fellow socialist or communist)
camaraderie {f}  :: camaraderie
camard {adj}  :: flat-nosed
camarguais {adj}  :: Pertaining to, or from the Camargue
camarilla {f}  :: camarilla
camarine {f}  :: crowberry
cambiste {m}  :: foreign exchange trader
Cambodge {prop} {m}  :: Cambodia
cambodgien {adj}  :: Cambodian (of or pertaining to Cambodia or its people or culture)
cambouis {m}  :: sludge (dirty oil / grease)
cambrer {v}  :: to arch (one's back, feet etc.)
cambrien {adj}  :: Cambrian
cambriolage {m}  :: burglary, robbery
cambrioler {v}  :: to burgle [UK], burglarize [US]
cambrioleur {m}  :: burglar
cambrioleuse {f}  :: feminine noun of cambrioleur
cambrousse {f}  :: countryside, outback
cambrure {f}  :: camber (of a road)
cambrure {f}  :: instep, arch (of the foot)
cambrure {f}  :: small of the back
cambusard {m} [nautical]  :: A rough red wine once distributed to French sailors
cambuse {f} [nautical]  :: a storeroom
cambuse {f} [slang]  :: a badly maintained and often ill-famed cabaret or inn
cambuse {f} [slang]  :: a hovel
camée {m}  :: cameo (stone)
came {f}  :: cam (part of engine)
camelin {adj}  :: cameline
camelin {m}  :: camlet
cameline {f}  :: camelina (plant)
camelot {m}  :: street vendor, peddler, hawker
camelote {f}  :: junk, rubbish, tat
camembert {m}  :: camembert (creamy French cheese)
camembert {m} [colloquial]  :: pie chart
camer {vr} [se camer]  :: to take drugs
cameraman {m}  :: alternative form of caméraman
camerlingue {m}  :: camerlengo
Cameroun {prop} {m}  :: Cameroon
camerounais {adj}  :: Cameroonian (of or pertaining to Cameroon or its people or culture)
Camerounais {m}  :: a Cameroonian
Camerounaise {f}  :: feminine noun of Camerounais
camescope {m}  :: alternative spelling of caméscope
Camille {prop}  :: given name derived from Latin Camilla
Camille {prop}  :: given name derived from Latin Camillus
camion {m}  :: lorry (UK); truck (US)
camion-balai {m}  :: broom wagon
camion-citerne {m}  :: tanker (UK), tank truck (US)
camionnage {m}  :: haulage / trucking
camionnette {f}  :: van
camionneur {m}  :: haulier
camionneur {m}  :: lorry/truck driver
camionneuse {f}  :: feminine noun of camionneur
camionneuse {f} [pejorative]  :: butch lesbian
camion plateau {m}  :: flatbed truck, flatbed lorry
camisole {f}  :: camisole
camisole de force {f}  :: straitjacket
camélée {f}  :: spurge olive (of species Cneorum tricoccon)
camélia {m}  :: camellia (plant or the flower from the plant)
camélidé {m} [usually , in the plural]  :: any member of the Camelidae taxonomic family
caméléon {m}  :: chameleon (person who always changes)
caméléon {m}  :: chameleon (reptile)
caméo {m}  :: cameo (brief appearance)
camomille {f}  :: camomile (plant)
camorra {f}  :: Camorra (crime organization)
camouflage {m}  :: camouflage
camoufler {v}  :: to camouflage (hide, disguise)
camouflet {m} [military]  :: camouflet
camouflet {m}  :: snub, affront
camp {adj}  :: camp (Intentionally tasteless or vulgar, self-parodying, affected, exaggerated)
camp {m}  :: camp (A base of a military group, not necessarily temporary)
camp {m}  :: camp (A group of people with the same ideals or political leanings, strongly supported.)
camp {m}  :: camp (An outdoor place acting as temporary accommodation in tents or other temporary structures.)
camp {m}  :: camp (Semi-temporary accommodation)
camp {m}  :: camp, summer camp
camp {m}  :: campness; An affected, exaggerated or intentionally tasteless style
campagnard {adj}  :: country (attributive)
campagnard {adj}  :: rustic
campagnard {m}  :: countryman
campagne {f}  :: campaign
campagne {f}  :: country (the country, rural area, as opposed to the town or city)
campagnol {m}  :: vole
Campanie {prop}  :: Campania
campanologie {f}  :: campanology (study of bells)
campanologique {adj}  :: campanologic
campanologue {mf}  :: campanologist
campanulé {adj}  :: campaniform
campanulacé {adj}  :: campanulaceous
campanule {f}  :: bellflower (plant of genus Campanula)
campêche {m}  :: logwood
camp de travail {m}  :: labor camp
camp de travail {m}  :: workcamp
campement {m}  :: camping gear
campement {m}  :: camping (the action of staying in a camp)
campement {m}  :: campsite
camper {v}  :: to camp
campeur {m}  :: camper
camphène {m} [organic compound]  :: camphene
camphorée {f}  :: camphorweed
camphorique {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: camphoric
camphré {adj}  :: camphorated
camphre {m}  :: camphor
camphrier {m}  :: camphor tree
camping {m}  :: camping
camping {m}  :: campsite
camping-car {m}  :: motor home
campus {m}  :: campus (of university)
caméra {f}  :: video camera
caméral {adj}  :: cameral
caméraman {m} {m}  :: cameraman
camérier {m}  :: chamberlain
camériste {f}  :: maid (or similar servant)
caméscope {m}  :: a camcorder
camus {adj}  :: flat-nosed
Camus {prop}  :: surname of Basque origin
Caïn {prop} {m}  :: Cain (son of Adam and Eve)
Canada {prop} {m}  :: Canada
canadair {m}  :: firefighting aircraft
canadianiser {v}  :: Canadianize (to make Canadian)
canadianisme {m}  :: Canadianism (word or phrase originated in Canada or with special meaning in Canada)
canadien {adj}  :: Canadian
Canadien {m}  :: A (male) Canadian
Canadienne {f}  :: Canadian woman
Canadiens {prop} [Canada]  :: the Montreal Canadiens hockey club
canaille {f} [archaic]  :: rabble (collectively)
canaille {f}  :: rascal, blackguard, scoundrel, scum
canaillerie {f}  :: blackguardism
canal {m}  :: canal
canal {m}  :: channel (broadcasting: specific radio frequency or band of frequencies)
canalaire {adj} [anatomy]  :: ductal
canalisation {f}  :: canalisation
canaliser {v}  :: to canalise (render into a canal)
canaliser {v}  :: to channel (direct one's efforts)
canaliser {v}  :: to channel; to canalise (direct the flow)
canal nommé {m} [computing]  :: named pipe
canamelle {f}  :: sugarcane
cananéen {adj}  :: Canaanite
canapé {m}  :: nibble (small bits of food, e.g. at a party)
canapé {m}  :: piece of toast covered with some savory (finger) food
canapé {m}  :: sofa
canaque {adj}  :: Kanak
canard {m}  :: drake (male duck)
canard {m}  :: duck (of either sex)
canard {m} [slang, familiar]  :: a man who complies with every desire of his partner in order to avoid conflict
canard {m} [slang, familiar]  :: a man who tries to attract women by offering them gifts
canard {m} [slang, familiar]  :: newspaper
canard brun {m}  :: mottled duck (Anas fulvigula)
canarder {v}  :: to snipe at someone
canardière {f}  :: punt gun (for shooting wildfowl)
canari {m}  :: canary (bird from Canary Islands)
canarien {adj}  :: Canarian
Canaries {prop} {fp}  :: Canary Islands, Canaries
canasson {m} [informal]  :: horse
canasta {f}  :: canasta
cancan {m}  :: cancan (dance)
cancan {m}  :: gossip
cancanement {m}  :: gossiping
cancanement {m}  :: quacking (making the sound of ducks)
cancaner {v}  :: to gossip
cancaner {v}  :: to quack
cancaneuse {f}  :: cancan dancer
cancanier {adj}  :: gossiping
cancer {m}  :: cancer
canche {f}  :: hair grass (of family Poaceae)
canche {f} [slang]  :: dump
cancre {m}  :: blockhead, dunce, dolt
cancre {m} [dated]  :: crayfish
cancre {m} [obsolete]  :: pauper
cancrelat {m}  :: cockroach
cancéreux {adj}  :: cancerous
cancérigène {adj}  :: carcinogenic (causing or tending to cause cancer)
cancérogenèse {f}  :: carcinogenesis
cancérogène {adj}  :: alternative form of cancérigène
cancérogénicité {f}  :: carcinogenicity
cancérologie {f}  :: oncology
cancérologique {adj}  :: oncologic; oncological
cancérologue {mf}  :: oncologist
candela {f}  :: candela (SI unit of luminous intensity)
candeur {f}  :: confidence
candeur {f}  :: honesty; candour
candeur {f}  :: purity
candi {adj}  :: candied
candi {m}  :: sugar candy
candidat {m}  :: candidate
candidate {f}  :: feminine noun of candidat
candidater {v}  :: To stand (put oneself forward) as a candidate
candidature {f}  :: candidature
candide {adj}  :: candid, frank
candide {adj}  :: naive, overtrusting
candide {m}  :: A mountain clouded yellow (Colias phicomone), a butterfly of Europe
candide {mf}  :: a candid person
candidement {adv}  :: candidly
candidement {adv}  :: confidently
candidement {adv}  :: purely, in a pure way
candir {vi}  :: to crystallize
candir {vt}  :: to cover with crystallized sugar
candéla {f}  :: candela
candélabre {m}  :: candelabrum
cane {f}  :: duck (female duck)
canelle {f}  :: alternative form of cannelle
canepetière {f}  :: little bustard
caneton {m}  :: duckling
canette {f}  :: can, tin, tin can
canette {f}  :: duckling
canevas {m} [cartography]  :: network
canevas {m}  :: framework
canevas {m} [sewing]  :: canvas; tapestry
cange {f}  :: small boat used on the Nile
caniche {mf}  :: poodle (dog)
caniculaire {adj}  :: canicular
caniculaire {adj}  :: scorching
canicule {f} [astronomy]  :: Sirius, Dog Star
canicule {f} [figuratively]  :: Any heat wave or hot spell
canicule {f}  :: The dog days of summer
canidé {m} [usually, in the plural]  :: a member of the Canidae family
canif {m}  :: penknife
canin {adj}  :: canine
canine {f}  :: canine, cuspid
caniveau {m} [on a road]  :: gutter
cannabinique {adj}  :: cannabic
cannabis {m}  :: cannabis
cannage {m}  :: caning (working with canes, cane craftwork)
cannamelle {f}  :: alternative form of canamelle
canne {f}  :: cane; stick
canne {f} [familiar]  :: peg; leg
canne {f}  :: rod; fishing rod
canneberge {f}  :: cranberry (berry)
canne blanche {f}  :: cane (white stick used by blind people)
canne des tranchées {f}  :: trench stick
cannelé {adj}  :: fluted
cannelé {adj} [heraldry]  :: invected
cannelier {m}  :: cinnamomum
cannelle {adj}  :: cinnamon (in colour)
cannelle {f}  :: cinnamon (the spice)
cannelure {f} [botany]  :: striation (on a plant)
cannelure {f}  :: groove (linear indent)
canne à pêche {f}  :: fishing rod (rod used for angling)
canner {v} [France, slang]  :: to die
canner {v} [Quebec, informal]  :: to can
Cannes {prop}  :: Cannes
canne à sucre {f}  :: sugar cane (species of grass whose sap is a source of sugar)
cannibale {adj}  :: cannibalistic, cannibal
cannibale {m}  :: cannibal
cannibalisation {f}  :: cannibalization
cannibaliser {v}  :: to cannibalise
cannibalisme {m} [figuratively]  :: Extreme ferocity, ruthlessness
cannibalisme {m} [literally]  :: The practice of cannibalism, eating another of one's own species
cannois {adj}  :: From Cannes
Cannois {m}  :: Cannois, someone from Cannes
Cannoise {f}  :: feminine singular of Cannois
cannonière {f}  :: gunboat
canoé {m}  :: alternative spelling of canoë
canoë {m}  :: canoe
canoéiste {mf}  :: canoeist
canon {m}  :: barrel (of firearm)
canon {m}  :: cannon, (big) gun
canon {m}  :: cannon for a horse
canon {m}  :: canon
canon {m} [music]  :: canon
canon {m} [religion]  :: canon
canon {m} [slang]  :: glass of wine
canon {m} [slang]  :: hottie, dish, bombshell (attractive man/woman)
canonial {adj}  :: canonical
canonialement {adv}  :: canonically
canonique {adj}  :: canonic, canonical
canoniquement {adv}  :: canonically
canonisable {adj}  :: worthy of being canonized
canonisation {f}  :: canonization
canoniser {v}  :: to canonize
canonnade {f}  :: cannonade
canon à neige {m}  :: snow cannon (machine that spurts out snow over pistes)
canonner {v}  :: To cannon, cannonade
canonnier {m}  :: cannoneer
canonnière {f}  :: gunboat
canopée {f}  :: canopy (in forest)
canope {m}  :: An ancient Egyptian vase
canot {m}  :: dinghy (small boat)
canot {m} [Quebec]  :: canoe
canotage {m} [nautical]  :: rowing
canot automobile {m}  :: motorboat
canot de sauvetage {m}  :: raft, safety raft, life raft
canoter {v}  :: to go canoeing
canoteur {m} [nautical]  :: rower
canotier {m}  :: boater (hat)
canotier {m} [nautical]  :: canoeist, rower
canotiere {f}  :: feminine noun of canotier
canéphore {f} [architecture]  :: canephorus
céans {adv} [archaic , or , literary]  :: (in) here
cantabile {adj} [music]  :: cantabile
cantabile {m} [music]  :: cantabile
cantabrique {adj}  :: Cantabrian
cantal {m}  :: Cantal (cheese)
Cantal {prop} {m}  :: Cantal
cantaloup {m}  :: cantaloupe
cantatrice {f}  :: cantatrice
Canterbury {prop} {m}  :: Canterbury (city in England)
canthaxanthine {m} [organic compound]  :: canthaxanthin
cantillation {f}  :: cantillation (the act of cantillating)
cantiller {v}  :: cantillate
cantilène {f} [music]  :: cantilena
cantine {f}  :: canteen (small cafeteria or snack bar)
cantinier {m}  :: cellarman
cantinier {m}  :: sutler
cantinière {f}  :: cantinière
cantinière {f}  :: female cellarman
cantique {m}  :: canticle
cantoche {f} [slang]  :: cantine
canton {m}  :: canton (of Switzerland, France or Luxembourg)
canton {m} [heraldiccharge]  :: canton
Canton {prop}  :: Canton (former name for Guangdong)
Canton {prop}  :: Canton (former name for Guangzhou)
cantonade {f} [theatre, archaic]  :: box seats
cantonais {adj}  :: Cantonese
cantonais {m}  :: Cantonese (language)
cantonais {m}  :: Cantonese (people)
cantonaise {f}  :: feminine noun of cantonais
cantonal {adj}  :: cantonal
cantoniste {m} [historical]  :: cantonist
cantonnement {m}  :: billet; billeting
cantonnement {m}  :: cantonment
cantonner {vi} [military]  :: to be stationed, be billeted
cantonner {v} [military]  :: to station; billet (troops)
cantonner {vr} [military, with dans]  :: to fortify, set up or establish defenses
cantonner {vr} [with à, dans]  :: be restricted, confined
cantonner {vr} [with à, dans]  :: to restrict oneself (to); focus (on)
cantonner {vr} [with dans]  :: to take refuge (in)
cantonner {vt}  :: to confine (someone to)
cantonnier {m}  :: roadman, roadmender
cantonnier {m}  :: trackman (railways)
cantonnière {f}  :: feminine noun of cantonnier
Cantorbéry {prop} {m}  :: Canterbury (city in England)
canular {m}  :: hoax (anything deliberately intended to deceive or trick)
canuse {f}  :: feminine singular of canut
canut {m}  :: A former hand weaver (who worked at home)
canut {m}  :: (by extension) A very poor person
canyon {m}  :: canyon
canyonisme {m} [sports]  :: canyoning
caïon {m} [Switzerland]  :: pig, pork
cañon {m}  :: alternative spelling of canyon
caoua {m} [colloquial]  :: coffee
caoutchouc {m}  :: rubber (natural and synthetic)
caoutchouté {adj}  :: rubberized
caoutchouter {v}  :: To coat with rubber
caoutchouter {v}  :: To decorate with rubber
caoutchouteux {adj}  :: rubbery; having the appearance or consistency of rubber
cap {m} [archaic]  :: head
cap {m} [geography]  :: cape
cap {m} [nautical]  :: heading
cap {m} [Quebec, geography]  :: cap (summit of a mountain)
Cap {prop} {m}  :: only in Le Cap
capabilité {f}  :: capability
capable {adj}  :: able, capable
capablement {adv}  :: capably
capacité {f}  :: capacity (measure of the ability to hold, receive or absorb; maximum amount that can be contained)
capacité {f}  :: skill (capacity to do something well)
capacitaire {adj}  :: (of a voting system) In which only those meeting a certain educational standard may vote
capacitaire {m} [legal]  :: A person having a specified capacity, especially one having a law degree
capacitif {adj} [physics]  :: capacitive
capacité électrique {f}  :: capacitance (property of an element of an electrical circuit)
caparaçon {m}  :: caparison
caparaçonner {vt}  :: to caparison
cape {f}  :: cape
caper {v} [finance]  :: to cap (set a limit to)
caper {v} [sports]  :: to cap (award a player a cap for playing for their national team)
Capernaüm {prop}  :: Capernaum
capharnaüm {m} [figuratively]  :: shambles
Caïphe {prop}  :: Caiphas
capillaire {adj}  :: capillary (related to hair)
capillaire {m}  :: capillary (any of small blood vessels that connect arteries to veins)
capillarité {f}  :: capillarity; capillary action
capilliculteur {m}  :: coiffeur
capillicultrice {f}  :: feminine noun of capilliculteur
capilotade {f}  :: capilotade
capitaine {m}  :: captain, leader
capitaine de vaisseau {m}  :: Naval military officer in command of a capital ship or a small squadron. Equivalent of a ship of the line captain in commonwealth navies and a full captain in the United States navy. Ranking above a capitaine de corvette and below contre-amiral
capitainerie {f} [obsolete]  :: captaincy
capitainerie {f}  :: port authority
capital {adj}  :: capital (important)
capital {m}  :: capital (money and wealth)
capitale {f}  :: capital, capital city
capitale {f}  :: capital letter
capitalement {adv}  :: capitally
capitalisable {adj}  :: capitalizable
capitalisation {f}  :: capitalisation
capitaliser {vt} [finance, typography]  :: to capitalize
capitalisme {m}  :: capitalism
capitaliste {adj}  :: capitalist
capitaliste {mf}  :: capitalist
capitalistique {adj}  :: capitalistic
capitalistiquement {adv}  :: capitalistically
capitanat {m}  :: captaincy
capiter {v}  :: To tax on a per capita basis
capiteux {adj}  :: heady
capiteux {adj}  :: intoxicating
capitolin {adj}  :: Capitoline (attributive)
capitonnage {m}  :: padding
capitonnage {m}  :: upholstery
capitonner {v}  :: to pad (fill with padding)
capitoul {m} [historical]  :: A capitoul or capitol: the former chief magistrates of the city of Toulouse, France. The requirements included being male, married, over 25 years of age, and Catholic; having a house in Toulouse; and plying an honorable profession, such as the law or trade
capitoulat {m}  :: Capitoulate:
capitulaire {adj}  :: capitular
capitulairement {adv}  :: capitularly (as an ecclesiastical chapter)
capitulation {f}  :: capitulation
capituler {v}  :: to surrender; to capitulate (to give oneself up into the power of another)
capnie {f}  :: capnia (carbon dioxide in the blood)
capoeira {f}  :: capoeira
caponner {vi}  :: to act cowardly, be yellow, chicken
caponner {v}  :: to cat (raise anchor to cathead)
caponnière {f}  :: caponier
caporal {m}  :: caporal (tobacco)
caporal {m} [military]  :: corporal
capot {m}  :: bonnet [UK], hood [US]
capote {f}  :: greatcoat
capote {f} [of a car]  :: soft top
capote {f} [slang]  :: shorter form of capote anglaise
capote anglaise {f} [slang]  :: French letter, rubber johnny, condom
capoter {vi} [figurative]  :: to fail
capoter {vi} [Quebec, colloquial]  :: to freak out, to lose it
capoter {vi} [Quebec]  :: to founder
capoter {vi}  :: to derail
capoter {vi}  :: to overturn (of a boat, car etc.)
Cappadoce {prop}  :: Cappadocia
cappadocien {adj}  :: Cappadocian
Cappadocien {m}  :: Cappadocian
Cappadocienne {f}  :: feminine noun of Cappadocien
cappuccino {m}  :: cappuccino
caprice {m}  :: tantrum
caprice {m}  :: whim; wish
capricieusement {adv}  :: capriciously
capricieux {adj}  :: capricious
capricorne {m}  :: longhorn beetle (of the family Cerambycidae)
Capricorne {mf}  :: Capricorn (someone born with a Capricorn star sign)
Capricorne {prop} {m}  :: Capricorn (constellation)
Capricorne {prop} {m}  :: Capricorn (star sign)
caprifiguier {m}  :: common fig (Ficus carica)
caprifoliacé {adj}  :: caprifoliaceous
caprin {adj}  :: caprine
capriné {m}  :: caprine
caprin {m}  :: caprid, goat antelope
caprin {m}  :: goat, domestic goat
capriole {f} [dressage]  :: dated form of cabriole
caprique {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: capric
caprolactame {m} [organic compound]  :: caprolactam
caproïque {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: caproic
caprylique {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: caprylic
capsaïcine {f} [organic compound]  :: capsaicin
capésien {m}  :: Candidate or holder of the certificate of aptitude of secondary education
capsien {adj} [archaeology]  :: Capsian, concerning a specific Mediterranean Paleolithic culture
capésienne {f}  :: feminine noun of capésien
capsule {f}  :: bottle cap
capsule {f}  :: cap or primer for a gun
capsule {f}  :: capsule
capsule temporelle {f}  :: time capsule
captage {m}  :: capture
captage {m}  :: harnessing (of energy)
captage {m}  :: picking up (of a radio station)
captation {f} [legal]  :: inveiglement, captation
capter {v} [informal]  :: to understand
capter {v}  :: to capture, to catch, to pick up
capter {v}  :: to detect, to sense, to receive (Note: capteur means sensor)
capteur {m}  :: a sensor
capteur de rêves {m}  :: dreamcatcher
capteur pollinique {m}  :: pollen counter
capétien {adj}  :: Capetian
captieusement {adv}  :: speciously, misleadingly, sophistically
captieux {adj}  :: specious, misleading, sophist
captif {adj}  :: captive
captif {m}  :: captive
captivant {adj}  :: captivating; fascinating; absorbing
captiver {v}  :: to engross; to captivate (to engage completely)
captivité {f}  :: captivity
capture {f}  :: a catch, a take
capture {f}  :: capture
capture d'écran {f}  :: screenshot
capturer {v}  :: to capture (catch, seize e.g. an enemy)
capuce {m}  :: hood (headgear)
capuche {f}  :: hood (headwear)
capuche {f}  :: hoodie
capuchon {m}  :: A hood, which may be attached to a cape, permanently or detachable
capuchon {m}  :: Certain resembling objects
capucin {m}  :: A monk of the frères mineurs capucins
capucin {m}  :: capuchin (primate)
Capucine {prop} {f}  :: given name of modern usage
cap-verdien {adj}  :: Cape Verdean
capverdien {adj}  :: Cape Verdean
Capverdien {m}  :: Cape Verdean
Capverdienne {f}  :: feminine noun of Capverdien
Cap Vert {prop} {m}  :: Cape Verde
Cap-Vert {prop} {m}  :: Cape Verde (country in Western Africa)
CAQ {prop} {f} [Canada, politics]  :: acronym of Coalition Avenir Québec (Coalition pour l'avenir du Québec)
caïque {m} [nautical]  :: A small craft/boat used in the archipelago and Constantinople
caque {f}  :: keg, barrel (especially for storing herring)
caquelon {m} [Switzerland, Belgium]  :: caquelon
caquenlit {m} [regional]  :: annual mercury (Mercurialis annua)
caïque à queue courte {m}  :: short-tailed parrot
caquet {m}  :: cackle, clucking
caqueter {vit}  :: to cackle
caqueter {vit}  :: to prattle
caquiste {adj} [Canada, politics]  :: pertaining to the Coalition Avenir Québec
caquiste {mf} [Canada, politics]  :: a member of the Coalition Avenir Québec
car {conj}  :: as, since, because, for
car {m}  :: car
car {m}  :: coach
caraïbe {adj}  :: Caribbean (Pertaining to the sea and region bounded by the American continent and the West Indies)
caraïbe {mf}  :: Caribbean (someone from the Caribbean)
Caraïbes {prop} {fp}  :: Caribbean
carabiné {adj}  :: violent, excessive
carabin {m}  :: carabineer
carabin {m}  :: medical student
carabine {f}  :: rifle
carabinier {m}  :: carabineer
carabinière {f}  :: feminine singular of carabinier
caracal {m}  :: caracal
caraco {m} [archaic]  :: loose blouse
caraco {m}  :: (women's) undershirt, camisole
caracole {f} [architecture]  :: caracole
caracole {f} [Belgium]  :: snail
caracole {f} [equestrianism]  :: caracole
caracoler {v} [figuratively]  :: to sit pretty, to be (well) ahead, nestle (appear comfortable at the top of a ranking)
caracoler {v}  :: go round and round, buzz round, flit about, flit around
caracoler {v} [of a horse]  :: to caracole
caractère {m}  :: character, demeanour, personality
caractère {m}  :: character (written symbol)
caractère chinois {m}  :: Chinese character (hanzi)
caractériel {adj}  :: emotionally disturbed
caractériel {adj}  :: temperamental
caractérisé {adj}  :: characterized
caractérisation {f}  :: characterization
caractériser {v}  :: to characterize
caractéristique {adj}  :: characteristic
caractéristique {f}  :: characteristic, trait
caractérologie {f}  :: characterology
carafe {f}  :: carafe
carafon {m}  :: small carafe
carambolage {m} [billiards]  :: a carom, a cannon
carambolage {m} [by extension]  :: pile-up (car accident involving 3 or more cars hitting each other successively)
carambole {f} [by extension, dated]  :: French billiards
carambole {f} [cue sports, dated]  :: cannon
carambole {f} [dated, billiards]  :: red (ball)
carambole {f}  :: star fruit
caramboler {vt}  :: to collide with
carambouille {f}  :: con in which someone sells something bought on credit, and then disappears without paying his debt
caramel {m}  :: caramel, fudge
caramélisation {f}  :: caramelisation
caraméliser {v}  :: to caramelise
carapace {f}  :: shell
carapater {v} [informal]  :: to run, to make haste
carapater {vr} [informal]  :: to run away
Caravage {prop}  :: Caravaggio
caravagesque {adj}  :: Caravaggiesque
caravane {f}  :: caravan (convoy of travelers)
caravane {f}  :: travel trailer
caravanier {m}  :: caravanner (all senses)
caravanière {f}  :: feminine noun of caravanier
caravansérail {m}  :: caravanserai
carbaldéhyde {m} [organic chemistry]  :: carbaldehyde
carbène {m} [organic chemistry]  :: carbene
carbocationique {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: carbocationic
carbochimie {f} [chemistry]  :: carbochemistry
carbochloration {f} [chemistry]  :: carbochlorination
carboglace {f}  :: dry ice (solid carbon dioxide)
carboné {adj}  :: carbonaceous
carboné {adj}  :: carbonized
carbonarisme {m}  :: Carbonarism
carbonaté {adj}  :: carbonated
carbonate {m}  :: carbonate
carbone {m}  :: carbon
carboneutralité {f}  :: carbon neutrality
carboneutre {adj}  :: carbon neutral
carbonifère {adj} [geology]  :: Carboniferous
Carbonifère {prop} {m} [geology]  :: the Carboniferous
carbonique {adj}  :: carbonic
carbonisé {adj}  :: charred, carbonized
carboniser {v}  :: to char (to burn something to charcoal)
carbonitruration {f}  :: carbonitriding
carbonitrurer {vt}  :: to carbonitride
carbonné {adj}  :: carbonized
carbonylé {adj}  :: carbonylated
carbonyler {vt} [chemistry]  :: to carbonylate
carboplatine {m} [organic compound]  :: carboplatin
carboréduction {f} [inorganic chemistry]  :: carboreduction
carboxaldéhyde {m} [organic chemistry]  :: carboxaldehyde
carboxyhémoglobine {f} [biochemistry]  :: carboxyhemoglobin
carboxylé {adj}  :: carboxylated
carboxyle {m} [organic chemistry]  :: carboxyl
carboxyler {vt} [organic chemistry]  :: to carboxylate
carboxylique {adj}  :: carboxylic
carboxyméthylcellulose {f} [organic compound]  :: carboxymethylcellulose
carburéacteur {m}  :: aviation (jet) fuel
carburant {m}  :: fuel (to power machines)
carburateur {m}  :: carburetor
carbure {m} [chemistry]  :: carbide
carburer {v} [slang, followed by the preposition à]  :: to run on, live on (to use a substance to work, to get on)
carcan {m}  :: straitjacket
carcan {m}  :: yoke, shackles
carcasse {f}  :: carcass (dead animal)
carcasse {f}  :: carcass; skeleton; bones (of a plan)
carcassonnais {adj}  :: Of the city of Carcassonne
carcino- {prefix}  :: carcino-
carcinoïde {m} [pathology]  :: carcinoid
carcinogène {adj}  :: carcinogenic
carcinogène {m}  :: carcinogen
carcinogénèse {f}  :: carcinogenesis
carcinome {m} [pathology]  :: carcinoma
carcéral {adj}  :: prison (attributive), penal
cardabelle {f}  :: A type of carline thistle (Carlina acanthifolia)
cardage {m}  :: carding
cardamome {mf}  :: cardamom
cardan {m}  :: gimbal
carde {f} [botany]  :: cardoon (perennial plant related to the artichoke)
carde {f}  :: card (a machine for disentagling the fibres of wool prior to spinning)
carde {f} [culinary, in the plural]  :: edible stalks of either cardoon or chard
carder {v}  :: to card (use a carding machine)
cardeur {m}  :: carder (person who cards wool)
cardeuse {f}  :: feminine singular of cardeur
cardiacé {adj}  :: heart-shaped
cardiaque {adj} [attributive]  :: heart
cardiaque {adj}  :: cardiac
cardigan {m}  :: cardigan
cardinal {adj}  :: Important; paramount
cardinal {adj} [mathematics]  :: cardinal
cardinal {m}  :: Cardinal (bird)
cardinal {m}  :: cardinal (color)
cardinal {m}  :: Cardinal number
cardinal {m} [religion]  :: cardinal
cardinalat {m}  :: cardinalate
cardinalesque {adj}  :: Characteristic of a cardinal
cardio- {prefix} [anatomy]  :: cardio-
cardioïde {adj}  :: cardioid
cardioïde {f}  :: cardioid (epicycloid with one cusp)
cardiographe {m}  :: cardiograph
cardiographie {f}  :: cardiography
cardiologie {f}  :: cardiology
cardiologique {adj}  :: cardiac
cardiologique {adj}  :: cardiological
cardiologue {mf}  :: cardiologist (physician)
cardiorespiratoire {adj}  :: cardiorespiratory
cardiovasculaire {adj}  :: cardiovascular (relating to the circulatory system)
cardite {f} [medicine]  :: carditis
cardon {m}  :: cardoon
cardoncelle {f}  :: A type of cardoon (Carduncellus mitissimus)
cardousse {f}  :: A type of thistle (Scolymus hispanicus)
carduacé {adj}  :: Resembling a thistle
carence {f}  :: deficiency, lack, insufficiency
carence {f}  :: gap
carencer {vt}  :: to cause a deficiency [in someone]
carer {v} [slang]  :: alternative spelling of carrer
caresme {m}  :: alternative form of carême
caressant {adj}  :: affectionate
caressant {adj}  :: cuddly
caresse {f}  :: caress; stroke
caresser {v}  :: to stroke; to caress (to move the hand over the surface of)
caresser {v}  :: to touch up; put the final touches on
caresser {v}  :: to toy with
caresser dans le sens du poil {vt} [figuratively]  :: to butter up, to soft-soap
caret {m}  :: hawksbill (turtle)
caret {m}  :: yarn (thread of a rope)
car-ferry {m}  :: car ferry
cargaison {f}  :: cargo (freight carried by a ship)
cargo {m}  :: ship designed to carry a cargo
carhaisien {adj}  :: Of or from Carhaix-Plouguer
cari {m}  :: curry
cariacou {m}  :: carjacou; whitetail
caribéen {adj}  :: Caribbean
caribou {m}  :: caribou
caricatural {adj}  :: caricatural
caricaturalement {adv}  :: grotesquely
caricaturalement {adv}  :: ridiculously
caricature {f}  :: caricature
caricaturer {v}  :: to caricature
caricaturesque {adj}  :: caricaturesque
caricaturiste {mf}  :: caricaturist
carie {f} [botany]  :: rot (of a plant)
carie {f} [dentistry]  :: decay (of bone or teeth)
carier {v}  :: to rot, to rot away
carillonner {vi}  :: to ring, chime, peal [of bells]
Carine {prop}  :: given name, alternative spelling of Karine
carinet {m}  :: navelwort (Umbilicus rupestris)
caritatif {adj} [attributive]  :: charity
caritatif {adj}  :: charitable
Carla {prop}  :: given name borrowed from Italian
Carélie {prop} {f}  :: Karelia (region)
carélien {m}  :: Karelian (language)
carlin {m}  :: pug (dog)
carlingue {f}  :: cabin of aircraft
carlisme {m}  :: Carlism
carliste {adj}  :: Carlist
carliste {mf}  :: Carlist
carlovingien {adj}  :: Carlovingian
carmagnole {f} [archaic]  :: An old variety of apple
carmagnole {f} [historical]  :: carmagnole (lively song and street dance)
carmagnole {f} [historical, clothing]  :: carmagnole (short jacket fashionable during the French Revolution)
carême {m}  :: Lent
carme {m}  :: Carmelite, white friar
Carmen {prop} {f}  :: given name of Spanish origin
carmin {adj}  :: carmine, crimson
carminé {adj}  :: carmine
carmin {m}  :: carmine
carmin {m}  :: cochineal
carminatif {adj}  :: carminative
carmélite {f}  :: Carmelite nun
caréné {adj}  :: ducted
carénage {m}  :: fairing (on an aircraft etc)
carénage {m} [nautical]  :: careenage
carnage {m}  :: carnage (all senses)
carnassier {adj}  :: carnivorous
carnation {f} [countable]  :: skin tone
carnation {f} [uncountable]  :: a fleshy pinkish color (not the color of a carnation flower)
carnaval {m}  :: The carnival, last festive occasion before Lent, notably on Shrove Tuesday, marked by a masked parade and/or ball
carnavalesque {adj}  :: carnival (attributive)
carnavaleuse {f}  :: feminine singular of carnavaleux
carnavaleux {m}  :: carnival-goer
carnavalier {adj}  :: carnival (attributive)
carnavaliser {v}  :: To give a carnival-like atmosphere to
carène {f} [nautical]  :: hull; keel
carne {f}  :: angle, corner (projecting)
carne {f} [informal]  :: meat (usually of bad quality)
carne {f}  :: nag (old useless horse)
carne {f}  :: The tubular part of a pen
caréner {vt} [nautical]  :: to careen
carnet {m}  :: booklet, notebook
carneter {v} [Internet]  :: synonym of bloguer
carnichot {m}  :: a large hole dug underneath a tree's roots and covered with branches
carnier {m}  :: A small sack used by hunters to carry game birds
carnivore {adj}  :: carnivorous (predatory or flesh-eating)
carnivore {m}  :: carnivore
Caro {prop} {f}  :: given name. An intimate form of several given names such as Carole, Caroline and Carolane
carole {f} [historical]  :: carol (round dance accompanied by singing)
Carole {prop}  :: given name, an equivalent of Carol
Caroline {prop} {f}  :: given name, one of several feminine equivalents of Charles
Caroline {prop} {f}  :: One of the two US States named Carolina in English
Caroline du Nord {prop} {f}  :: North Carolina (state of the United States)
Caroline du Sud {prop} {f}  :: South Carolina
Carolines {prop} {fp}  :: Carolinas
carolingien {adj}  :: Carolingian
caron {m}  :: háček (the háček diacritic)
Caron {prop}  :: surname
caronade {f}  :: carronade
carotène {m} [organic chemistry]  :: carotene
caroténoïde {m} [organic chemistry]  :: carotenoid
carotté {adj} [Quebec]  :: That has a tartan pattern
carotte {f}  :: carrot
carotte {f}  :: The red sign outside a tabac or bar-tabac
carottier {m}  :: wangler
carottière {f}  :: feminine noun of carottier
caroube {f}  :: carob (fruit)
caroubier {m}  :: carob (tree)
carouge {f}  :: carob (pod)
carouge {f}  :: carob (wood)
carouge {m}  :: blackbird (precisely, New World blackbird)
carouge {m}  :: rudd (Scardinius erythrophthalmus)
Carpates {prop} {fp}  :: Carpathians
carpe {f}  :: carp
carpe {m} [skeleton]  :: carpus
carpeau {m}  :: young carp
carpelle {m} [botany]  :: carpel
carpien {adj}  :: carpal (any of the eight bones of the wrist)
carpophage {adj}  :: carpophagous
carpophage {m}  :: pigeon (any of a number of fruit-eating pigeons)
carquois {m}  :: quiver (for arrows)
carré {adj} [maths]  :: quadratic
carré {adj}  :: square
carré {adj}  :: straightforward
carré {m}  :: patch (of land)
carré {m} [poker]  :: four of a kind
carré {m}  :: square
carraghénane {m}  :: carrageenan
carré d'agneau {f}  :: rack of lamb
carre {f}  :: angle
carre {f}  :: skating figure
carre {f}  :: stature
carre {f}  :: the side of a sword blade
carreau {m}  :: bolt (crossbow projectile)
carreau {m} [card games]  :: diamonds (card suit)
carreau {m}  :: square (as a geometrical shape)
carreau {m}  :: tile (compare with carrelage, meaning tiles or tiling)
carreau {m}  :: windowpane
carrefour {m}  :: crossroads
carrelage {m}  :: tiling, tiles
carreler {vt}  :: to pave
carreler {vt}  :: to tile
carrelet {m}  :: carlet
carrelet {m} [fencing]  :: (type of) square-bladed foil
carrelet {m}  :: fishing cabin
carrelet {m} [fishing]  :: (type of) fishing net; lift net
carrelet {m}  :: plaice
carreleur {m}  :: tiler
carreleuse {f}  :: feminine noun of carreleur
carrer {v}  :: to square (a number)
carret {m}  :: alternative form of caret (yarn)
carriole {f} [Canada]  :: sleigh
carriole {f}  :: cart
carrière {f}  :: career
carrière {f} [originally]  :: racecourse
carrière {f}  :: quarry
carriérisme {m}  :: careerism (priority given to one's career)
carriériste {mf}  :: careerist (person who pursues his or her own career as his or her main aim)
carrément {adv} [informal]  :: definitely, for sure, really
carrément {adv} [informal]  :: really, completely, real (US), well (UK slang)
carrément {adv} [informal]  :: right, slap-bang
carrément {adv} [informal]  :: straight out, bluntly (of asking, speaking etc.)
carrément {adv}  :: Lit.: “squarely”. In the shape of a square; (of motion etc.) at right angles
carrossable {adj}  :: passable (for motor vehicles)
carrosse {m}  :: carriage (luxury horse-drawn vehicle)
carrosserie {f}  :: bodywork, body (of car)
carrossier {m}  :: coachbuilder
carrossier {m}  :: draught horse
carrossière {f}  :: feminine noun of carrossier
carroyer {v}  :: to divide into squares
carrure {f}  :: build (physique of a human body)
carrure {f}  :: calibre
carrure {f}  :: shoulders (of person, clothes)
cart. {m}  :: abbreviation of cartulaire
cartable {m}  :: satchel; school bag
carte {f}  :: card
carte {f}  :: chart; map
carte {f}  :: menu
carte bancaire {f}  :: bank card
carte blanche {f}  :: carte blanche (unlimited discretionary power to act; unrestricted authority)
carte bleue {f}  :: blue card
carte bleue {f} [France]  :: bank card
carte de crédit {f}  :: credit card (plastic card, with a magnetic strip)
carte de visite {f}  :: A business card, small card with a person’s name and professional information
carte de visite {f} [literally]  :: A visiting card
carte heuristique {f}  :: mind map
cartel {m}  :: A cartel
carte mère {f} [computing]  :: motherboard (primary circuit board of a computer)
carte postale {f}  :: postcard
carter {m}  :: housing (of an engine)
carter {v}  :: To verify a person's age etc by inspecting his identity card
carterie {f}  :: artwork on personalized cards
carterie {f}  :: a shop selling postcards
carterie {f}  :: printing found on post cards or playing cards
carte routière {f}  :: a road map
carte SIM {f}  :: a SIM card
carte verte {f}  :: green card (motor insurance certificate)
carte verte {f}  :: green card (US work permit)
carte vierge {f}  :: blank map, blank card
Carthage {prop} {f}  :: Carthage
carthaginois {adj}  :: Carthaginian
Carthaginois {m}  :: Carthaginian
Carthaginoise {f}  :: feminine singular of Carthaginois
cartier {m}  :: playing card maker
cartilage {m} [anatomy]  :: cartilage
cartilagineux {adj}  :: cartilaginous, gristly
cartogramme {m}  :: cartogram
cartographe {mf}  :: cartographer
cartographié {adj}  :: mapped, charted
cartographiable {adj}  :: mappable
cartographie {f}  :: cartography
cartographier {vt}  :: to map, chart
cartographique {adj}  :: cartographic (of or relating to cartography)
cartographiquement {adv}  :: cartographically
cartomancie {f}  :: cartomancy
cartomancien {m}  :: fortune teller (from tarot or playing cards)
cartomancienne {f}  :: feminine noun of cartomancien
carton {m} [arts]  :: sketch; cartoon
carton {m}  :: card
carton {m}  :: cardboard
carton {m} [cartography]  :: inset map
carton {m}  :: carton, cardboard box
carton {m}  :: target
carton jaune {m}  :: yellow card (card in sports)
cartonné {adj}  :: hardback
cartonnage {m}  :: A cardboard covering of a parcel for protection during delivery
cartonner {vi} [colloquial]  :: to be in danger, exposed, etc
cartonner {vi} [colloquial]  :: to get into a collision, a car accident
cartonner {vi} [colloquial]  :: to hit the jackpot
cartonner {vt} [colloquial]  :: to attack, vigorously critique
cartonner {vt} [slang, sexuality]  :: to possess sexually
cartonner {vt}  :: to cover with cardboard; [of a book] to print in hardcover
cartonnerie {f}  :: cardboard manufacturing plant
carton-pierre {m}  :: carton-pierre (papier-mâché made to resemble wood, stone, or metal)
carton rouge {m} [sports]  :: red card
cartouche {f}  :: cartridge
cartouche {m}  :: cartouche (Egyptian hieroglyphic of name)
cartouche {m}  :: cartouche (ornamental figure)
cartouche {m}  :: title block (technical drawing)
cartoucherie {f}  :: A factory that makes small arms ammunition
cartouchière {f}  :: bandolier, cartridge belt
cartouchière {f}  :: cartridge pouch
cartésianisme {m}  :: Cartesianism
cartésien {adj}  :: Cartesian
cartul. {m}  :: abbreviation of cartulaire
cartulaire {m}  :: cartulary
carvi {m}  :: caraway (plant)
carvi {m}  :: caraway (spice)
caryatide {f}  :: alternative spelling of cariatide
cas {m}  :: case, situation
cas {m} [grammar]  :: case
cas {m} [law]  :: case
cas {m} [medicine]  :: case
casablancais {adj}  :: Of or from Casablanca
casanier {adj}  :: stay-at-home
casanier {m}  :: homebody
casaque {f}  :: blouse
casaque {f}  :: jersey (of a jockey)
casaquin {m} [dated]  :: (type of) short gown (associated with working-class or peasant women)
casbah {f}  :: casbah
cascade {f}  :: A stunt performed for cinematic imitation or entertainment
cascade {f}  :: cascade (series of event)
cascade {f}  :: cascade (waterfall)
cascade {f} [juggling]  :: cascade
cascader {v}  :: to cascade
cascadeur {m}  :: stuntman, stuntperson (one who performs stunts)
cascadeuse {f}  :: feminine noun of cascadeur
cas d'école {m}  :: A real-life case that matches the theory perfectly; a textbook case
cas d'école {m}  :: A theoretical case used for study of a theory
cas de figure {m}  :: hypothesis, eventuality
case {f}  :: box (on form)
case {f}  :: hut, cabin, shack
case {f}  :: square (on board game)
case à cocher {f} [graphical user interface]  :: checkbox
casemate {f}  :: pillbox, blockhouse
caser {v}  :: to fit
caserne {f}  :: barracks
caserne de pompiers {f}  :: fire station
casernement {m}  :: barracks
caserner {v}  :: to barrack
cash {adv} [colloquial]  :: in cash (of paying)
cash {adv} [colloquial]  :: straight up (abruptly)
casher {adj} [Judaism]  :: kosher
casier {m}  :: lobster trap
casier {m}  :: locker (for storage)
casier judiciaire {m}  :: criminal record (a record of past crimes)
caséine {f} [protein]  :: casein
casino {m}  :: a casino
casoar {m}  :: cassowary
Caspienne {prop}  :: Caspian
casque {m}  :: headphones
casque {m}  :: helmet
casque {m} [zoology]  :: casque
casque bleu {m} [military]  :: United Nations peacekeeper; a blue helmet or blue beret
casquer {vit}  :: to cough up, stump up, fork out, shell out [money]
casquette {f}  :: cap, baseball cap, flat cap
cas régime {m} [grammar]  :: objective case, object case. Especially used in the context of Old French
cassé {adj}  :: broken
cassé {adj} [Quebec]  :: broke (lacking money)
cassable {adj}  :: breakable
cassage {m}  :: breaking
cassant {adj}  :: brittle
cassant {adj}  :: harsh, cutting, catty
cassation {f} [legal]  :: cassation
casse {f} [informatics]  :: case
casse {m} [slang]  :: heist
casse-briques {m} [video games]  :: A style of video game in which the player moves a paddle to deflect a ball so as to clear a grid of bricks by striking them with the ball
casse-cou {m}  :: daredevil (a person who risks life)
casse-cou {m}  :: deathtrap
casse-couille {adj}  :: alternative spelling of casse-couilles
casse-couille {m}  :: alternative spelling of casse-couilles
casse-couilles {adj} [vulgar]  :: irritating
casse-couilles {m} [vulgar]  :: ball-buster; pain; pain in the arse (figuratively, someone who is irritating)
casse-croûte {m}  :: snack bar
casse-croûte {m}  :: snack, light meal taken between larger ones
casse-croûte {m}  :: snack, the food that makes up that meal, usually quite portable
casse-croute {m}  :: alternative spelling of casse-croûte
casse-noisette {f}  :: nutcracker
casse-noix {m}  :: nutcracker (bird)
casse-noix {m}  :: nutcracker (tool)
casse-pied {adj}  :: annoying
casse-pied {mf}  :: pain, pain in the ass, pain in the neck
casse-pipe {m}  :: A difficult, risky or life-threatening situation
casse-pipe {m} [by extension, military]  :: A dangerous mission or battle; a war
casse-pipe {m} [figuratively]  :: Disaster
casser {v}  :: to break
casser {v}  :: to break up (with somebody)
casser le cul {v} [idiomatic, vulgar]  :: to break one's arse; to work extremely hard; to push oneself to the limit
casser les couilles {v} [idiomatic, vulgar]  :: To piss off, to annoy a lot
casser les pieds {v} [idiomatic, colloquial]  :: annoy
casserole {f}  :: saucepan (contents of a saucepan)
casserole {f}  :: saucepan (utensil)
casser sa pipe {v} [euphemistic, or, humorous]  :: to kick the bucket; to snuff it
casse-tête {m}  :: brainteaser, puzzle
casse-tête {m} [by extension]  :: headache, problem
casse-tête {m}  :: warclub
cassette {f}  :: a cassette tape
cassette {f}  :: any small box
cassette {f}  :: treasure box
casseur {m}  :: rioter, hooligan
casseuse {f}  :: feminine noun of casseur
cassican {m}  :: butcherbird (in the genus Cracticus)
cassie {f}  :: cassie (perfume)
cassie {f}  :: needle bush, cassie
cassier {m}  :: sweet acacia, needle bush (Acacia farnesiana or Vachellia farnesiana
cassiopéium {m}  :: cassiopeium
cassis {m}  :: blackcurrant (fruit)
Cassis {prop}  :: a town in southeastern France
cassitérite {f} [mineral]  :: cassiterite
cassonade {f}  :: (soft) brown sugar
cassos {mf} [vulgar, slang]  :: loser
cassoulet {m}  :: cassoulet
cas sujet {m} [grammar]  :: subjective case, subject case. Especially used in the context of Old French
cassure {f}  :: break
cassure {f}  :: crack, fissure
castagnette {f} [chiefly, in the plural]  :: castanets
castagnole {f}  :: pomfret
caste {f}  :: caste (hereditary class)
caste {f}  :: class (social position)
castillan {adj}  :: Castilian
castillan {m}  :: Castilian (language)
Castille {prop} {f}  :: Castile
castiller {vi}  :: to argue
casting {m}  :: casting (selection of actors)
castor {m}  :: beaver (aquatic mammal)
Castor {prop} [Greek mythology]  :: Castor
Castor {prop} [star]  :: Castor
castrat {m}  :: castrato
castration {f}  :: castration
castrer {v}  :: to neuter, to castrate (to remove sex organs from an animal)
castrisme {m}  :: Castroism
castriste {adj}  :: Castrist
castriste {mf}  :: Castrist
casuel {adj}  :: casual; fatal (happening by chance)
casuellement {adv}  :: casually
casuiste {m}  :: casuist
cata {f} [informal]  :: disaster
catabatique {adj}  :: katabatic
catabolisme {m} [biochemistry]  :: catabolism
catachrèse {f} [rhetoric]  :: catachresis
cataclysme {m}  :: cataclysm
cataclysmique {adj}  :: cataclysmic
catacombe {f}  :: catacomb
catadioptre {m}  :: reflector, retroreflector
catafalque {m}  :: catafalco, catafalque
catalan {adj}  :: Catalan, Catalonian
catalan {m}  :: Catalan language
Catalan {m}  :: A Catalan person
Catalane {f}  :: feminine noun of Catalan
catalanophone {adj}  :: Catalan-speaking
catalanophone {mf}  :: Catalan-speaking person
catalectique {adj}  :: catalectic
catalepsie {f} [pathology]  :: catalepsy
cataleptique {adj}  :: cataleptic
Catalogne {prop} {f}  :: Catalonia
catalogue {m}  :: A systematical catalogue
cataloguer {v}  :: to catalogue
catalysé {adj}  :: catalyzed
catalyse {f} [chemistry]  :: catalysis
catalyser {vt} [chemistry]  :: to catalyze
catalyseur {adj}  :: catalytic
catalyseur {m}  :: catalyst
catalytique {adj}  :: catalytic
catalytiquement {adv}  :: catalytically
catamaran {m}  :: catamaran, a twin-hulled ship or boat
catanais {adj}  :: of or from Catania
Catanais {m}  :: someone of or from Catania
Catanaise {f}  :: feminine singular of Catanais
catananche {m}  :: cupid's dart (Catananche caerulea)
Catane {prop} {f}  :: Catania, town and province in Italy
cataphatique {adj}  :: cataphatic
cataphote {m}  :: reflector (on a bicycle etc)
cataplasme {m}  :: cataplasm, poultice
catapultage {m}  :: catapulting
catapulte {f}  :: catapult
catapulter {v}  :: to catapult
catapulteur {m}  :: catapulter
cataracte {f}  :: cataract (eye disease)
cataracte {f}  :: cataract (waterfall)
catarrhe {m}  :: catarrh
catarrheux {adj}  :: catarrhal
catastrophe {f}  :: catastrophe
catastropher {vt}  :: to stagger [a person, with an announcement]
catastrophique {adj}  :: catastrophic
catastrophiquement {adv}  :: catastrophically
catastrophisme {m}  :: doomsaying (having dire predictions)
catastrophisme {m} [geology]  :: catastrophism
catastrophiste {mf}  :: catastrophist
catatonie {f} [medicine]  :: catatonia
catatonique {adj} [medicine]  :: catatonic
catatrufa {m}  :: smooth golden fleece (Urospermum dalechampii)
catch {m}  :: wrestling; professional wrestling
catcher {v} [Quebec]  :: to catch
catcher {v} [Quebec]  :: to catch, get (understand fully)
catcher {v}  :: to wrestle
catcheur {m}  :: professional wrestler (fighter in simulated wrestling)
catcheuse {f}  :: feminine noun of catcheur
catéchine {f} [organic compound]  :: catechin, catechol
catéchiser {vt}  :: to catechise
catéchisme {m}  :: catechism
catécholamine {f}  :: catecholamine
catéchèse {f}  :: catechesis
catéchétique {adj}  :: catechetical
catéchumène {mf}  :: catechumen
catégorie {f}  :: category
catégoriel {adj}  :: categorical (relating to categories)
catégorique {adj}  :: categorical
catégoriquement {adv}  :: categorically
catégorisation {f}  :: categorisation
catégoriser {vt}  :: to categorize
cathare {adj} [religion]  :: Catharist
cathare {mf} [religion]  :: Cathar
catharisme {m}  :: Catharism: a Christian religious sect of the High Middle Ages
cathartique {adj}  :: cathartic
cathéchétique {adj}  :: catechetical
cathédral {adj}  :: cathedral
cathédrale {f}  :: cathedral
catherine {f} [Canada]  :: chamber pot
Catherine {prop} {f}  :: given name, cognate to English Catherine
catherinette {f}  :: A girl of 25 years old who is unmarried by St Catherine's Day (25th November)
catho {adj} [informal]  :: Catholic
catho {mf} [informal]  :: Catholic, often one who is overly-pontifical
cathode {f}  :: cathode
cathodique {adj}  :: adjectival form of tube cathodique (CRT)
cathodique {adj}  :: cathodic
cathodiquement {adv}  :: cathodically
catholicisme {m}  :: Catholicism
catholicité {f}  :: catholicity
catholique {adj}  :: Catholic
catholique {mf}  :: Catholic
catholiquement {adv} [religion]  :: Catholically
cathéter {m}  :: catheter
catigot {m}  :: A type of stew, often of eels, from the South of France
catimini {adj}  :: sly
catin {f} [Canada, Louisiana]  :: doll; mannequin, dummy
catin {f} [dated , or , literary]  :: harlot, slattern
catin {m} [obsolete, metallurgy]  :: vessel for molten metal
cation {m}  :: cation
cationique {adj} [chemistry]  :: cationic
caténaire {f}  :: overhead line
caténation {f}  :: catenation (all senses)
caténoïde {f}  :: catenoid
catogan {m}  :: ponytail attached by this ribbon
catogan {m}  :: ribbon to attach the hair
Caton {prop} {m} [history]  :: given name
Caton {prop} {m}  :: surname
catoptrique {adj}  :: catoptric
catoptriquement {adv}  :: catoptrically
catoptromancie {f}  :: catoptromancy
catze {m} [obsolete]  :: penis
Caucase {prop} {m}  :: Caucasus (geographic region)
caucasien {adj} [anthropology, rare]  :: Caucasian, white
caucasien {adj} [geography, linguistics]  :: Caucasian (pertaining to the Caucasus region)
Caucasien {m}  :: Caucasian (native of the Caucasus region)
Caucasienne {f}  :: feminine noun of Caucasien
cauchemar {m}  :: nightmare
cauchemardement {adv}  :: nightmarishly
cauchemarder {v}  :: to have a nightmare
cauchemardesque {adj}  :: nightmarish (resembling a nightmare)
caucher {m}  :: the beating of gold into gold leaf
cauchois {adj}  :: Cauchois, pertaining to the Caux region of France
Cauchon {prop}  :: surname
caudal {adj} [anatomy]  :: caudal
caudillo {m}  :: caudillo
Caumartin {prop}  :: surname
cauri {m}  :: cowry, money cowry
causal {adj}  :: causal
causalement {adv}  :: causally
causalité {f}  :: causality (agency of cause)
causatif {adj}  :: causative
causatif {m} [grammar]  :: causative
causativement {adv}  :: causatively
cause {f}  :: case (a legal proceeding)
cause {f}  :: cause
causer {vi} [informal]  :: to speak, talk, chat; to be waffling on about
causer {vt} [informal]  :: to speak (a language)
causer {v}  :: to cause, to be the cause of
causerie {f}  :: chat, talk
causette {f}  :: chat, casual conversation
causette {f} [Internet]  :: online chatting
causeur {adj}  :: talkative
causeur {m}  :: talkative person
causeuse {f}  :: causeuse, love seat
causeuse {f}  :: feminine noun of causeur
caustique {adj}  :: caustic (all senses)
caustique {adj}  :: scathing, biting, pungent
cauteleusement {adv}  :: craftily
cauteleux {adj}  :: wily, crafty
caution {f}  :: caution, guaranty, bail
caution {f}  :: deposit
cautionnement {m}  :: guarantee
cautionnement {m}  :: security (amount of money deposited)
cautionner {v} [legal]  :: to post bail
cautionner {v}  :: to support
cautère {m} [surgery]  :: cautery (all senses)
cautériser {vt} [surgery]  :: to cauterize
cavalcade {f}  :: cavalcade
cavalcader {vi}  :: to ride with a group
cavalcader {vi}  :: to run in all directions
cavale {f} [colloquial]  :: escape
cavale {f}  :: mare (female horse)
cavaler {v} [colloquial]  :: to rush about
cavaler {v} [obsolete]  :: to bestride
cavaler {v}  :: to be on the run
cavalerie {f}  :: cavalry
cavalier {adj}  :: cavalier (all senses)
cavalier {adj}  :: equestrian
cavalier {m}  :: A horseman, particularly:
cavalier {m} [card games, m]  :: A knight (in tarot)
cavalier {m} [chess, m]  :: A knight
cavalier {m} [m]  :: A staple
cavalièrement {adv}  :: offhandedly (in a cavalier manner)
cavatine {f} [music]  :: cavatina
cave {adj}  :: Cavernous
cave {adj}  :: Concave
cave {adj}  :: Pitted
cave {f}  :: A cellar or basement
cave {f} [by extension]  :: A wine selection
cave {f}  :: cave à liqueurs: A chest for the storage of liquors
cave {f}  :: caves: An estate where wine grapes are grown or (especially) where wine is produced
cave {f} [specifically]  :: A wine cellar; or, a piece of furniture that serves the purpose of a wine cellar
cave {m} [Quebec, slang]  :: An imbecile, a stupid person
caveau {m} [Canada]  :: A dug-out or sod hut
caveau {m}  :: sepulchre
caveçon {m}  :: cavesson
caverne {f}  :: cavern
caverneux {adj}  :: cavernous
caverneux {adj} [of a voice]  :: sonorous
cavernicole {adj}  :: cavernicolous
cave à vin {f}  :: wine cellar, wine vault
caviar {m}  :: caviar
caviarder {v}  :: to redact
caviste {mf}  :: cellarman (person in charge of a wine cellar)
cavité {f}  :: cavity
cavitation {f} [science]  :: The formation of gas bubbles in a fluid in a vacuum
caye {f}  :: key (small island)
Cayenne {prop} {f}  :: Cayenne
Cayor {prop} {m}  :: Cayor (country)
Cb. {f} [music]  :: db, Cb. (double bass)
C.-B. {abbr}  :: Colombie-Britannique, a province in Canada
CB {f}  :: abbreviation of carte bleue
CB {f}  :: abbreviation of cul-bénit: a priest's darling
CB {f}  :: ham radio
CB {prop} {f}  :: abbreviation of Colombie-Britannique
cébidé {m}  :: cebid
câblé {adj}  :: wired, cabled (connected by wires etc)
câblage {m}  :: wiring, cabling (action of laying cables etc or the resulting cables)
câble {m}  :: cable
câble coaxial {m}  :: coaxial cable (a transmission line)
câbler {v}  :: to cable
câbler {v}  :: to twist together into a cable, to cable together
câbleur {m}  :: cable guy
câblier {m}  :: cable layer; cable ship
câblodiffusion {f}  :: cable television
câblodistribution {f}  :: cable television
câblogramme {m}  :: cablegram
C.Bon. {m} [music]  :: C.Bon. (contrabassoon)
C.Bssn. {m} [music]  :: C.Bssn. (contrabassoon)
cæcal {adj}  :: Caecal, cæcal, cecal
CCE {m}  :: (comité central d'entreprise) ≈ works council
Cécile {prop} {f}  :: given name, cognate to Cecilia
Cécilia {prop} {f}  :: given name
cæcité {f}  :: obsolete form of cécité
cécité {f}  :: blindness (condition of being blind)
CCITT {prop} {m} [telecommunication, initialism]  :: initialism of Comité Consultatif International Téléphonique et Télégraphique, called since 1993 ITU-T
cæcum {m}  :: caecum
c.-à-d. {abbr}  :: i.e.
cédé {m}  :: CD, compact disc
CD {m}  :: CD (compact disk)
cédant {m} [legal]  :: transferor (of a right etc)
cédante {f}  :: feminine singular of cédant
CDD {m}  :: fixed-term contract
céder {v}  :: to give way
céder {v}  :: to yield
CDI {m}  :: open-ended contract (as opposed to a CDD)
cédille {f}  :: cedilla
cdlt {adv}  :: cordially
CDM {prop} {F} [sports, cycling, skiing]  :: initialism of Coupe du Monde (World Cup (e.g., the World Cup of Skiing, or World Cup of Cycling))
cédraie {f}  :: A plantation of cedars
cédrat {m}  :: citron [fruit]
cèdre {m}  :: cedar (tree)
cèdre de l'Atlas {m}  :: Atlas cedar (Cedrus atlantica)
Cédric {prop} {m}  :: given name borrowed from English Cedric
Cédrika {prop} {f}  :: Cedrica, feminine of Cédric given name derived from English Cedric
cédérom {m}  :: CD-ROM
Cédron {prop}  :: Kidron (valley in Israel)
cédule {f} [archaic]  :: payment agreement
cédule {f}  :: debt certificate, borrower's note
ce {determiner}  :: this, that
ce {pron}  :: it, this, that
CE {m}  :: a part of the primary school
CE {m}  :: works council
CE {prop} {f}  :: EC (European Community)
ceci {pron}  :: this
CEDEX {abbr}  :: Courrier d'Entreprise à Distribution Exceptionnelle: a postcode system used in France for bulk commercial postal mail
ce faisant {phrase}  :: in doing so, by doing so, thereby
CEI {prop} {f}  :: initialism of w:fr:Commission électrotechnique internationale: IEC
ceindre {v} [figuratively]  :: to don (an item of ceremonious clothing)
ceindre {vt}  :: to put on (clothes, which fit around a part of the body)
ceindre {vt}  :: to wrap round
ceinture {f}  :: belt (item of clothing)
ceinture de sécurité {f}  :: seatbelt, safety belt
ceinturer {vt}  :: to belt; belt up; girt; put a belt (or something similar) around
ceinturer {vt}  :: to surround
ceinturer {vt}  :: to wrap; wrap up
ceinturon {m} [by extension]  :: any wide leather belt
ceinturon {m}  :: leather belt for holding knives, swords, daggers, etc
cejourd'hui {adv}  :: synonym of aujourd'hui
celà {adv}  :: alternative form of cela
cela {pron}  :: that
cela va sans dire {phrase}  :: it goes without saying
celer {vt} [literary]  :: to conceal or hide
cella {f}  :: cella
cellier {m}  :: storeroom (for food, wine etc.)
cellulaire {adj} [chiefly, biology]  :: cellular
cellulaire {m} [Quebec]  :: cellular phone, mobile phone
cellulairement {adv}  :: cellularly
cellule {f} [biology]  :: cell
cellule {f}  :: cell (of prison)
cellule {f} [computing]  :: table cell
cellule {f} [electronics]  :: cell
cellule {f} [geometry]  :: cell
cellule {f} [optics]  :: cell
cellule sanguine {f} [cytology]  :: blood cell
cellule souche {f}  :: stem cell
cellulite {f}  :: cellulite
cellulite {f}  :: cellulitis
celluloïd {m}  :: celluloid
cellulose {f}  :: cellulose
cellulosique {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: cellulosic
celte {adj}  :: Celtic (of the Celts; of the style of the Celts)
celte {m}  :: Celtic, (the language of the Celts)
Celte {mf}  :: Celt (person of Celtic origin)
celtique {adj}  :: Celtic (of the Celts; of the style of the Celts)
celtiser {v}  :: To Celticize
celtitude {f}  :: The quality, state or characteristic of being Celtic
celui {pron}  :: the one
celui-ci {pron}  :: the latter
celui-ci {pron}  :: this one
celui-là {pron}  :: that one
celui-là {pron}  :: the former
celuy {pron}  :: obsolete spelling of celui
ce mot-ci {pron}  :: this word
ce mot-là {pron}  :: that word
Cenchrées {prop}  :: Kechries
cendré {adj}  :: ashen
cendrée {f} [tincture, rare]  :: The blazoning term for gray
cendre {f}  :: ash (of fire, etc.)
cendreux {adj}  :: ashen
cendreux {adj}  :: cindery
cendrier {m}  :: ashtray
cendriette {f}  :: cineraria (plant)
Cendrillon {prop} {f}  :: Cinderella (character)
Cendrillon {prop} {f}  :: Cinderella (fairy tale)
ce n'est pas le Pérou {phrase} [idiomatic]  :: it's nothing to write home about
ce n'est pas à un vieux singe qu'on apprend à faire des grimaces {proverb}  :: don't teach your grandmother to suck eggs
censé {adj}  :: supposed to
censeur {m}  :: censor
censeur {m}  :: headmaster (or deputy head)
censeure {f}  :: feminine noun of censeur
censier {adj}  :: poll tax (attributive)
censier {m}  :: census document
censitaire {adj}  :: census (attributive)
censément {adv}  :: supposedly
censure {f}  :: censorship
censurer {v}  :: to censor
censurer {v}  :: to formally rebuke; to censure
cent {m} [money]  :: cent (one-hundredth of a dollar or of a euro)
cent {num} [cardinal]  :: hundred
centaine {f}  :: hundred, about a hundred, about one hundred
centaine {f}  :: (in plural centaines) hundreds (in arithmetic)
centaure {m}  :: centaur (mythical half horse, half man)
centauresque {}  :: centauresque
centauresse {f}  :: centauress (female centaur)
centenaire {mf}  :: centenarian (someone aged 100 years or more)
centenaire {mf}  :: centenary (period of 100 years, to mark an anniversary)
centenaire {mf}  :: centennial (100 year anniversary)
centenier {m}  :: centurion
centennal {adj}  :: centennial
centi- {prefix}  :: centi-
centigrade {adj}  :: centigrade (all meanings)
centigramme {m}  :: centigram, centigramme
centikatal {m}  :: Centikatal
centilitre {m}  :: centilitre, centiliter
centième {adj}  :: hundredth
centième {mf}  :: hundredth
centime {m}  :: centime (hundredth of a franc, coin)
centime {m}  :: cent (one-hundredth of a euro), eurocent
centimètre {m}  :: centimetre
centimétrique {adj}  :: centimetric
centipède {adj}  :: centipede
centipède {m}  :: centipede (A segmented arthropod of class Chilopoda)
centon {m}  :: cento
centon {m}  :: motley
centrafricain {adj}  :: Central African
Centrafricain {m}  :: Central African
Centrafricaine {f}  :: feminine noun of Centrafricain
Centrafrique {prop}  :: Central Africa
Centrafrique {prop}  :: Central African Republic
centrage {m}  :: centering (act of putting into the center)
central {adj}  :: central
centrale nucléaire {f}  :: nuclear powerplant
centralien {m}  :: A eq. master degree in engineering offered at Ecole Centrale Paris, the Centralien curriculum
centralisateur {adj}  :: centralizing (tending to centralize)
centralisateur {m}  :: centralizer
centralisation {f}  :: centralization, centralisation
centraliser {v}  :: to centralise
centralisme {m}  :: centralism
centralité {f}  :: centrality
centraméricain {adj}  :: Central American
centranthe {m}  :: Any plant of the genus Centranthus
centre {m}  :: centre, center
centre {m} [soccer]  :: cross, specifically one directed into the penalty area
centre aéré {f}  :: An outdoor centre for recreation
centre commercial {m}  :: mall; shopping center, especially one with multiple floors
centre de jeunesse {m}  :: youth center
centre de la petite enfance {m}  :: synonym of garderie
Centre de la sécurité des télécommunications {prop} [Canada]  :: Communications Security Establishment
Centre de la sécurité des télécommunications Canada {prop} [Canada]  :: Centre de la sécurité des télécommunications - Communications Security Establishment, literally Communications Security Establishment Canada
centrer {v}  :: to center (put into, move into to center)
centre-ville {m}  :: town centre, city center, downtown, central business district (CBD)
centrifuge {adj}  :: centrifugal
centrifugeuse {f}  :: centrifuge
centripète {adj}  :: centripetal (directed or moving towards a centre)
centrique {adj}  :: central
centrique {adj}  :: centric
centrisme {m}  :: centrism
centriste {adj} [politics]  :: centrist
centriste {mf} [politics]  :: a centrist
centrolécithe {adj}  :: centrolecithal
centromère {m} [genetics]  :: centromere
centupler {v}  :: to centuple, to multiply by one hundred
centurie {f}  :: century (Roman army type unit)
centurie {f} [literary, obsolete]  :: century (period of 100 years)
centurion {m}  :: centurion (Roman officer)
cep {m}  :: vine
cependant {adv}  :: meanwhile
cependant {conj}  :: however, nevertheless, yet
cephalæe {f}  :: obsolete form of céphalée
cepstral {adj}  :: cepstral
cepstre {m}  :: cepstrum
ce que {conj}  :: what (relative pronoun - direct object)
ce que femme veut, Dieu le veut {proverb}  :: Women always manage to obtain what they want
ce qui {conj}  :: what (that which; those which; the thing that)
cerbère {m}  :: bad-tempered bouncer (door keeper)
Cerbère {prop} {m}  :: Cerberus
cerceau {m} [gymnastics]  :: hoop
cerceau {m}  :: hoop (circular-shaped ring)
cerclé {adj}  :: encircled
cercle {m}  :: circle
cercler {vt}  :: to ring, hoop, encircle (with)
cercle unité {m}  :: unit circle (circle of radius 1)
cercle vicieux {m}  :: vicious circle
cercope {m}  :: froghopper, spittlebug
cercosporine {f}  :: cercosporin
cercueil {m}  :: coffin, casket
cerf {m}  :: A stag, a hart
cerfeuil {m}  :: chervil
cerf rouge {m}  :: red deer, Cervus elaphus
cerf-volant {m} [geometry]  :: kite
cerf-volant {m}  :: kite (toy)
cerf-volant {m}  :: stag beetle
cerisaie {f}  :: cherry orchard
cerise {adj}  :: cerise colour
cerise {f}  :: cerise
cerise {f}  :: cherry (fruit)
ceriseraie {f}  :: cherry orchard
cerise sur le gâteau {phrase}  :: the icing on the cake
cerisier {m}  :: cherry tree
cerisier à grappes {m}  :: bird cherry (Prunus padus)
cerné {adj}  :: having dark circles around one's eyes (due to fatigue and etc...)
CERN {prop} {m}  :: CERN
cerne {m}  :: dark bluish coloration around the eyes, periorbital dark circle
cerne {m}  :: dark circle around a lesion
cerne {m}  :: tree ring
cerner {vt}  :: To figure out
cerner {vt}  :: To surround
cerque {m}  :: cercus
certain {adj}  :: certain (fixed, determined)
certain {adj}  :: certain (specified, particular)
certain {adj}  :: certain (sure, positive)
certain {determiner}  :: certain: a determined but unspecified amount of ; some
certain {m}  :: certain; certainty
certainement {adv}  :: certainly (with certainty, without doubt)
certes {adv}  :: indeed, admittedly, fair enough, certainly, surely, absolutely, decidedly, definitively
certif {m} [colloquial]  :: certificate
certifié {adj}  :: certified
certifié {adj}  :: notarized
certificat {m}  :: certificate, certification, credentials
certificat {m}  :: diploma
certificat de travail {m} [legal]  :: A proof of employment
certificateur {m}  :: certifier
certification {f}  :: certification (all meanings)
certificatrice {f}  :: feminine singular of certificateur
certifier {v}  :: to certify (to attest as to)
certitude {f}  :: certitude
cerveau {m}  :: brain
cervelas {m}  :: saveloy
cervelet {m}  :: cerebellum (part of the hindbrain in vertebrates)
cervelle {f} [archaic , or , pejorative]  :: brain (organ of thought)
cervelle {f} [cooking]  :: brains
cervical {adj}  :: cervical
cervicapre {adj}  :: Relating to the blackbuck (Antilope cervicapra)
cervidé {m}  :: cervid, deer
Cervin {m}  :: Matterhorn
cervoise {m}  :: Ancient beer made during Antiquity and the Middle Ages with barley or wheat but without hops
cervolisme {m}  :: kite flying
cervoliste {mf}  :: kite flyer (person who flies kites)
CES {m} [France]  :: initialism of collège d’enseignement secondaire
CES {m} [Quebec]  :: initialism of certificat d’études secondaires: ≈ GED (high-school diploma)
ces jours-ci {adv}  :: these days, currently
cesoird'hui {adv} [rare]  :: this evening
cespiteux {adj} [botany]  :: Cespitous, having several stems or trunks from the same root system and close to one another, forming a compact or bushy tuft
CESR {prop} {m} [astrophysics]  :: initialism of w:Centre d'Etude Spatiale des Rayonnements
cesse {f} [dated]  :: end
cesser {v}  :: to break up (e.g. a relationship)
cesser {v}  :: to cease; to stop
cesseur {m}  :: synonym of cédant
cesseuse {f}  :: feminine singular of cesseur
cessez-le-feu {m}  :: ceasefire
cessible {adj}  :: transferable
cession {f}  :: cession
c'est {contraction}  :: it is
c'est {contraction}  :: this is
c'est ça {adv}  :: Confirmation of a question: that's right
c'est ça {adv}  :: Ironic negation of a statement, by antiphrasis
c'est combien {phrase}  :: how much is it?
c'est de l'hébreu {phrase}  :: it's all Greek to me (literally "Hebrew"), a phrase indicating that something's impossible to understand
c'est-à-dire {phrase}  :: that is to say
c'est du chinois {phrase}  :: it's all Greek to me (literally "it's Chinese"), a phrase indicating that something is impossible to understand
ceste {m}  :: cestus (boxing glove)
ceste {pron}  :: obsolete spelling of cette
c'est en forgeant que l'on devient forgeron {proverb}  :: alternative form of c'est en forgeant qu'on devient forgeron
c'est en forgeant qu'on devient forgeron {proverb}  :: practice makes perfect
c'est kif-kif {phrase} [expression, informal]  :: it's all the same, it makes no difference
c'est la vie {phrase}  :: that’s life, such is life, c’est la vie
c'est quand le jeu devient dur que les durs commencent à jouer {proverb}  :: when the going gets tough, the tough get going
cestreau {m}  :: cestrum (of the genus Cestrum)
cet {determiner}  :: this
cette {pron}  :: feminine singular of ce
ceviche {m}  :: ceviche
Ceylan {prop} {m}  :: Ceylon (old name for Sri Lanka)
céfran {adj} [slang]  :: French
céfran {prop} {m} [slang]  :: the French language
Céfran {m} [slang]  :: a French person
CGCC {prop} {m}  :: initialism of Cotre de Garde côtière canadienne (Canadian Coast Guard Cutter)
cégep {m}  :: cégep (college in Québec)
cégépien {adj}  :: Of or relating to a cégep
cégépien {m}  :: A student who attend a cégep
CGT {initialism}  :: Confédération générale du travail (a French trade union)
cégétiste {adj}  :: Pertaining to the CGT
cégétiste {mf}  :: Someone who supports the CGT
ch {adj}  :: ea (each)
ch. {adj}  :: ea. (each); abbreviation of chaque
ché {contraction}  :: alternative form of chais
ch {m}  :: hp (horsepower)
ch. {m}  :: hp (horsepower); abbreviation of cheval-vapeur
ch. {m}  :: rm. (room); abbreviation of chambre
CH {m}  :: abbreviation of centre hospitalier (lit. hospital center)
CH {prop} {mp} [Canada]  :: the hockey club, les Canadiens de Montréal
chabab {mf}  :: A member of Al-Shabaab (militant group)
chabbat {m}  :: Jewish Shabbat, biblical seventh day
chabiha {m}  :: A militiaman loyal to Bashar al-Assad
chabin {m} [Antilles, slang]  :: A person of African descent with pale skin
chabin {m}  :: sheep-goat hybrid, "geep"
Chablais {prop}  :: Chablais
chablaisien {adj}  :: Of or from Chablais
chablis {mf}  :: Chablis (grape variety or wine)
chablis {mf}  :: fallen timber
chabrette {f} [musical instruments]  :: chabrette
chabrol {m}  :: A mixture of broth and wine
chabrot {m}  :: alternative form of chabrol
chacal {m}  :: jackal
chacal à chabraque {m}  :: black-backed jackal
chacal doré {m}  :: golden jackal
chacal à flancs rayés {m}  :: side-striped jackal
chacun {pron}  :: each, each one
chacun {pron}  :: every, everyone
chacun pour soi {phrase}  :: every man for himself
chadda {f}  :: shadda (diacritic used in the Arabic script)
chaebol {m}  :: chaebol
chafouin {adj}  :: sly, cunning
chafouin {adj}  :: surly, cranky
chafouinement {adv}  :: slyly
Chagnon {prop}  :: surname
chagrin {adj} [literary]  :: despondent, woeful
chagrin {adj} [literary]  :: disgruntled, morose
chagrin {m}  :: sorrow, grief, chagrin
chagrinement {adv}  :: sorrowfully, sadly
chagriner {vt}  :: to bother, worry
chagriner {vt}  :: to grieve
chagriner {vt}  :: to upset
chah {m}  :: alternative spelling of schah
chahut {m}  :: horseplay, racket, the act of messing around
chahuter {v} [usually of children]  :: to playfight, to horseplay, to mess around
chahuteur {adj}  :: rowdy, raucous (rough and disorderly)
chahuteur {m}  :: troublemaker, rowdy
chaine {f}  :: alternative spelling of chaîne
chair {f}  :: flesh
chair à canon {f}  :: cannon fodder
chair de poule {f}  :: goose pimples
chaire {f}  :: chair (of university)
chaire {f}  :: pulpit
chaire {f}  :: rostrum
chaire {f}  :: throne (of the pope)
chais {contraction} [informal]  :: contracted form of je sais "I know"
chaise {f}  :: chair, seat
chaise à bascule {f}  :: rocking chair (chair with a curved base which can be gently rocked)
chaise longue {f}  :: chaise longue (reclining chair with a long seat)
chaise pliante {f}  :: folding chair
chaise roulante {f}  :: wheelchair
chaises musicales {fp} [plurale tantum]  :: musical chairs (game)
chaland {m}  :: a regular client, a returning client
chaland {m}  :: barge (flat-bottomed bulk carrier mainly for inland waters)
chalandage {m}  :: shopping
chalande {f}  :: feminine noun of chaland
chalandise {f}  :: shopping mall
chalcogène {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: chalcogen
chalcographie {f}  :: chalcography
chalcolithique {adj}  :: chalcolithic
chalcosine {f} [mineral]  :: chalcocite
chaldaïque {adj}  :: Chaldaic
Chaldée {prop}  :: Chaldea
chaldéen {adj}  :: Chaldean
Chaldéens {prop}  :: Chaldeans
chalef {m}  :: silverberry, oleaster (of the genus Elaeagnus)
chalet {m}  :: chalet
chaleur {f}  :: heat (a state of sexual aggression)
chaleur {f} [temperature]  :: heat
chaleureusement {adv} [closing a letter]  :: with warm regards
chaleureusement {adv}  :: passionately, warmly, animatedly
chaleureux {adj} [of a color]  :: Warm.
chaleureux {adj} [of an alcoholic drink, especially wine]  :: Rich in alcohol, feeling physically warm.
chaleureux {adj} [of a person or his personality]  :: Ardent, excited, emotive; especially, warm, cordial, showing affection.
chaleureux {adj} [of a piece of literature or work of art]  :: Expressive; showing the author's or artist's feelings.
chaleureux {adj} [of a thing that has a particular effect on the senses]  :: Agreeable for its own qualities.
chaleureux {adj} [rare]  :: Animated, as of a discussion.
chaleureux {adj} [rare]  :: Physically warm, radiating warmth.
chaleureux {adj} [rare]  :: Quick to anger.
chaleureux {m}  :: A soft, expressive style of literature or art.
chaleureux {m}  :: A warm, emotive person.
challenge {m}  :: challenge
challenger {v}  :: to challenge
challengeur {m}  :: challenger (one who challenges)
chaloir {v} [impersonal, literary]  :: to be of import
chaloir {v} [impersonal]  :: to matter
chalon {m}  :: Chalon (language)
chalonnais {adj}  :: Of or from any of several places called Chalon or Chalonnes in Frence
Chalonnais {m}  :: A native or resident of any of several places called Chalon or Chalonnes in Frence
Chalonnaise {f}  :: feminine singular of Chalonnais
chaloupe {f} [nautical]  :: launch
chaloupe {f}  :: rowing boat (UK), rowboat (US)
chalouper {v}  :: to sway, to rock (said of dancing or walking)
chalumeau {m}  :: blow torch
chalumeau {m} [musical instruments]  :: chalumeau
chalut {m}  :: trawl (net); dragnet
chalutage {m}  :: trawling
chaluter {v}  :: to trawl
chalutier {m} [nautical]  :: trawler (fishing boat)
cham {adj}  :: Cham
cham {m}  :: khan
chamade {f}  :: chamade
chamailler {vr}  :: to bicker, to squabble, to quarrel, especially over something of little value
chamaillerie {f}  :: bicker; quarrel
chamaillis {m} [rare, literary]  :: quarrel, fracas
chaman {m}  :: shaman
chamane {f}  :: feminine noun of chaman
chamanique {adj}  :: shamanic
chamanisme {m}  :: shamanism
chamarré {adj}  :: bedizened (richly brocaded)
chambard {m}  :: bedlam, rumpus, hullabaloo
chambard {m}  :: mayhem
chambardement {m}  :: upheaval
chambarder {vit}  :: to radically reorganize
chambarder {vit}  :: to turn upside down
chambellan {m}  :: chamberlain
chambertin {m}  :: Chambertin (wine)
chamboulement {m}  :: upheaval
chambouler {vt} [informal, by extension]  :: to upset
chambouler {vt} [informal]  :: to shatter; to shake
chambouler {vt} [informal]  :: to turn upside down
chambré {adj}  :: room temperature (of wine), chambré
chambranle {m}  :: frame, casing (of door/window)
chambranle {m}  :: mantlepiece
chambrée {f}  :: barracks (for soldiers)
chambrée {f}  :: dormitory
chambre {f}  :: A chamber in its various senses, including:
chambre à air {f}  :: inner tube
chambre à coucher {f}  :: bedroom (room in a house where a bed is kept for sleeping)
chambre d'ami {f}  :: guest room (room in a home set aside for the use of visiting guests)
chambre de combustion {f}  :: combustion chamber (space in a heat engine)
Chambre des communes {f} [politics]  :: House of Commons
chambre-forte {f}  :: strongroom, vault
chambre magmatique {f} [geology]  :: magma chamber
chambre noire {f} [photography]  :: darkroom
chambre opératoire {f} [rare]  :: operating room, operating theatre
chambrer {v}  :: to bring wine to room temperature
chambrer {v}  :: to mock
chambrette {m}  :: diminutive of chambre
chambrette {m}  :: small bedroom
chambérien {adj}  :: of or from Chambéry
Chambérien {m}  :: Someone of or from Chambéry
Chambérienne {f}  :: feminine singular of Chambérien
chambrier {m}  :: chamberlain
chambrier {m}  :: chambermaid (or similar male servant)
chambrière {f}  :: chambermaid
chambriste {mf}  :: A member of a certain French Catholic sect in the early nineteenth century
chambriste {mf}  :: A player of chamber music
chameau {m}  :: (male) camel
chameau de Bactriane {m}  :: Bactrian camel (Camelus bactrianus)
chamelier {m}  :: camel rider (or soldier mounted on a camel)
chamelière {f}  :: feminine noun of chamelier
chamelle {f}  :: (female) camel
chamitique {adj}  :: Hamitic (relative to the Hamites)
chamæleon {m}  :: obsolete form of caméléon
chamæléon {m}  :: obsolete form of caméléon
chaméléon {m}  :: obsolete form of caméléon
chamois {m}  :: chamois (animal)
chamois {m}  :: chamois (leather)
chamoiserie {f}  :: a shop selling, or making, chamois products
chamomille {f}  :: obsolete form of camomille
chamorro {m}  :: Chamorro language
champ {m}  :: field in its various senses, including:
champagne {m} [countable , and , uncountable]  :: champagne (wine from the Champagne region)
champagne {m} [heraldiccharge]  :: base; bottom third of a coat of arms
champagne {m} [non-European French, informal, legally incorrect in some jurisdictions]  :: sparkling wine, generic champagne
Champagne {prop} {f}  :: Champagne, a region in the northeast of France
Champagne {prop} {f}  :: surname
champ de bataille {m} [military]  :: battlefield
champ de courses {m}  :: racecourse
champ de force {m} [chemistry]  :: force field
champ de force {m} [physics]  :: force field, field
champ de force {m} [science fiction]  :: force field
champ de vision {m}  :: field of view, line of sight
champenois {adj}  :: of Champagne
champignon {m} [colloquial]  :: accelerator pedal
champignon {m}  :: fungus in general
champignon {m}  :: mushroom
champignon chinois {m} [Canada, food, informal]  :: Chinese mushroom synonym of shiitake
champignonner {v}  :: to mushroom (grow quickly)
champignonner {v}  :: to mushroom (to pick mushrooms)
champion {m}  :: champion
champion du monde {m}  :: world champion
championnat {m}  :: championship
championne {f}  :: champion
champ magnétique {m}  :: magnetic field
champoreau {m}  :: A mixture of coffee and wine (or other alcohol)
Champs-Élysées {prop} {mp}  :: A major boulevard in Paris, running between the Place de la Concorde and the Arc de Triomphe
Champs-Élysées {prop} {mp}  :: The Elysian Fields, home of the blessed in the afterlife
champtocéen {adj}  :: Of or from Champtocé-sur-Loire
Champtocé-sur-Loire {prop}  :: A small town in the Maine-et-Loire department of Pays de la Loire
champêtre {adj}  :: pastoral, of or relating to the countryside
chamérops {m}  :: A dwarf palm tree (Chamaerops humilis)
chaîné {adj}  :: chained
chançard {adj}  :: lucky
chance {f}  :: chance
chance {f}  :: luck
chancel {m}  :: chancel
chancelant {adj}  :: hazy, unclear
chancelant {adj}  :: shaky
chancelant {adj}  :: tottering, staggering, faltering
chancelant {adj}  :: unresolved
chanceler {v}  :: to falter, waver (of resolve etc.)
chanceler {v}  :: to stagger, totter, reel (of person)
chanceler {v}  :: to wobble (of object)
chancelier {m}  :: chancellor
chancelière {f}  :: (female) chancellor
chancellerie {f}  :: chancellery
chanceux {adj}  :: with good luck; fortunate
chancre {m} [medicine]  :: canker, chancre
chancre {m} [obsolete]  :: lobster, crab
chandail {m} [Quebec]  :: T-shirt
chandail {m}  :: sweater, jumper
Chandeleur {prop} {f} [Christianity]  :: Candlemas
chandelier {m}  :: candlemaker
chandelier {m}  :: candlestick
chandelier {m}  :: chandelier
chandelle {f}  :: a
chandelle {f}  :: a jack stand
chandelle {f}  :: a (tallow) candle
chandelle {f}  :: candlelight
chaîne {f}  :: chain
chaîne {f} [computer science]  :: character string
chaîne {f} [music]  :: hi-fi or stereo system
chaîne {f} [textiles]  :: warp
chaîne {f} [TV]  :: channel
chaîne alimentaire {f}  :: food chain
chaîne de caractères {f}  :: string (sequence of characters in computing)
chaîne du froid {f}  :: cold chain
Chanel {prop}  :: surname
chaîne latérale {f} [organic chemistry]  :: sidechain
chaîner {v}  :: to chain
chaînette {f} [sewing]  :: chain stitch
chaînette {f}  :: (small) chain
chanfrein {m}  :: chamfer, bevel
change {m}  :: exchange
changeable {adj}  :: changeable (capable of being changed)
changeant {adj}  :: changeable (tending to change suddenly or quickly)
changement {m}  :: change
changer {vi}  :: to change
changer {vp}  :: to change (one's clothes), get changed
changer {v}  :: to put clean diapers to babies
changer {vt}  :: to change, alter (something en into)
changer {vt}  :: to change (money, a job, one's circumstances etc.)
changer {vt}  :: to exchange (something)
changer d'avis {vi}  :: to change one's mind
changer de main {v} [idiomatic]  :: to change hands
changer son fusil d'épaule {v} [idiomatic]  :: to change tack, change one's tune (change ideas)
changeur {m}  :: changer
changeur {m}  :: changer; money changer
chanlatte {f}  :: chevron
chanlatte {f}  :: V-shaped gutter or similar structure on a roof
chanmé {adj}  :: excellent, very enjoyable, wicked
chanmé {adj} [slang, verlan]  :: méchant, evil or wicked
chanoine {m} [religion]  :: canon (person)
chanoinesse {f}  :: canoness (female canon)
chaînon {m} [geology]  :: secondary range (of mountains)
chaînon {m}  :: link (in a chain)
chaînon manquant {m}  :: missing link
chanson {f}  :: song
chansonner {v}  :: To be satirized in song
chansonnette {f}  :: chansonnette
chansonnier {m}  :: singer, chansonnier
chansonnier {m}  :: songbook, chansonnier
chansonnière {f}  :: feminine noun of chansonnier
chant {m}  :: song
chant {m}  :: The discipline of singing
chantable {adj} [music]  :: singable, cantabile
chantage {m}  :: blackmail, shakedown (threat to obtain some advantage)
Chantal {prop} {f}  :: given name
chantant {adj}  :: singing (in the act or process of singing)
chantefable {m}  :: chantefable
chanter {v}  :: to crow
chanter {v}  :: to sing
chanter comme une casserole {v} [simile]  :: To sing very badly; to be unable to carry a tune in a bucket [US]
chanteur {adj}  :: that sings
chanteur {m}  :: a (male) singer
chanteuse {f}  :: A (female) singer
chantier {m}  :: building site
chantier {m} [colloquial]  :: jumble, mess
chantier {m}  :: passage
chantier {m}  :: workcamp (for volunteers)
chantier {m}  :: worksite
chantier naval {m}  :: dockyard, shipyard
chantilly {f}  :: Chantilly cream
chantonner {vit}  :: to sing or hum (to oneself)
chantre {m} [archaic]  :: singer, songster
chantre {m} [figuratively]  :: figurehead; champion; advocate
chantre {m} [literary]  :: bard, minstrel
chantre {m} [religion]  :: cantor
chanturgue {m}  :: A red wine from the Auvergne
chanvre {m}  :: hemp
Chaon {prop}  :: A small village in Centre
chaos {m}  :: chaos
chaotique {adj}  :: chaotic
chaotiquement {adv}  :: chaotically
chaouch {m} [historical]  :: chiaus
chaouch {m} [Morocco]  :: A service industry worker
chaouch {prop} {m} [agriculture]  :: alternative case form of Chaouch
Chaouch {prop} {m} [agriculture]  :: Chaouch
chaouche {m}  :: [historical] archaic spelling of chaouch
chaoui {adj}  :: Berber (relating to people who speak the Berber langiage)
chaoui {m}  :: Berber (language, singular only
chaoui {m} [Louisiana French]  :: raccoon
chaouin {m}  :: A form of French spoken in Quebec
Chaouis {prop}  :: A Berber people from Numidia
chapardage {m}  :: pilfering (petty theft)
chaparder {vt}  :: to pinch, pilfer
chapardeur {m}  :: pilferer (petty thief)
chapardeur {m}  :: sticky fingers (habit of pilfering)
chape {f} [archaic]  :: cape, cloak
chape {f}  :: cope, cappa (ceremonial cape)
chape {f} [manufacturing]  :: clevis
chape {f} [nautical]  :: gin block
chape {f}  :: tread (of tyre)
chapeau {interj}  :: Used to express appreciation
chapeau {m}  :: cap (of a mushroom)
chapeau {m}  :: hat
chapeau {m} [law]  :: introductory text
chapeau {m} [printing]  :: lead of an article
chapeau bas {interj}  :: hats off
chapeau melon {m}  :: bowler hat
chapeauter {v}  :: to hat (put a hat on someone)
chapeauter {v}  :: to head (be in control of something)
chapelain {adj}  :: relating to any of several places in France with Chapelle as part of its name
chapelain {m}  :: chaplain
chapelet {m} [figuratively]  :: string, hatful (of objects, ideas etc.)
chapelet {m} [obsolete]  :: wreath (of flowers)
chapelet {m}  :: rosary, beads
chapelet Thaï {m}  :: (set of) anal beads
chapelier {m}  :: hatter (person who makes, sells, or repairs hats)
chapelle {f}  :: chapel
chapelle {f}  :: covering for the head
chapellerie {f}  :: hat shop; hat trade
chapellerie {f}  :: headwear
chapelure {f} [chiefly, in the plural]  :: (dried) breadcrumb(s)
chaperon {m}  :: chaperon
chaperonner {vt}  :: to chaperone
chaperonner {vt}  :: to hood
chapiteau {m}  :: a circus tent, or any similar set-up used for spectacles or events
chapiteau {m} [aeronautics]  :: the conical part at the front end of a rocket
chapiteau {m} [architecture]  :: the capital of a column, baluster or similar structure
chapiteau {m} [chemistry]  :: the top part of an alembic, where condensation occurs
chapitre {m}  :: chapter
chapitre {m} [religion]  :: chapter
chapitre {m}  :: subject, issue
chapitrer {v}  :: to reprimand
Chapleau {prop}  :: surname
chapon {m}  :: capon (meat)
chaponner {v} [dated]  :: to cut (the ears, etc.) off [of a hide, as part of tanning it]
chaponner {v} [Louisiana French]  :: to castrate
chaponner {v}  :: to caponize, castrate [a cockerel]
chappe {f}  :: alternative form of chape
chapska {m}  :: shapka
chaque {adj}  :: each
chaque {adj}  :: every
char {m}  :: chariot, carriage
char {m} [military]  :: tank
char {m} [Quebec, Louisiana]  :: car, auto
charabia {m} [colloquial]  :: double Dutch
charabia {m}  :: gibberish
charabia {m} [obsolete]  :: Auvergnat dialect
charabier {v} [slang]  :: to talk gobbledegook, to babble
charade {f}  :: charade (kind of riddle)
charade {f}  :: Something bizarre or hard to understand
charançon {m}  :: weevil
char à bancs {m}  :: alternative form of char-à-bancs
charbon {m}  :: anthrax
charbon {m}  :: coal
charbon de bois {m}  :: charcoal (substance)
charbonnage {m}  :: coal mining
charbonnage {m} [in the plural]  :: The coal mines of a region
charbonnage {m} [nautical]  :: coaling
Charbonneau {prop}  :: surname
charbonnerie {f}  :: coal warehouse
charbonnerie {f}  :: The French form of Carbonarism
charbonneux {adj}  :: carbonaceous
charbonneux {adj}  :: charcoal gray (in colour)
charbonnier {m}  :: coal bunker (place where coal is stored)
charbonnier {m}  :: coalman (or person who sells charcoal)
charbonnière {f}  :: feminine noun of charbonnier
charcuter {v}  :: to chop or cut badly
charcuterie {f}  :: charcuterie (all senses)
charcutier {m}  :: A person involved in charcuterie; a butcher
charcutière {f}  :: feminine noun of charcutier
char de guerre {m} [military]  :: a tank; synonym of char
chardon {m} [botany]  :: thistle
chardon {m} [in the plural]  :: spikes (on wall etc.)
chardonnay {m}  :: Chardonnay (grape, wine)
chardonneret {m}  :: goldfinch (bird)
chardousse {f}  :: A type of thistle (Carlina acanthifolia)
charentais {adj} [attributive]  :: Charente
charentaise {f}  :: carpet slipper
Charente {prop} {f}  :: Charente
Charente-Maritime {prop} {f}  :: Charente-Maritime
chargé {adj}  :: busy
chargé d'affaires {m}  :: chargé d'affaires
charge {f}  :: cargo, freight
charge {f} [in the plural]  :: costs, expenses
charge {f} [legal]  :: charge
charge {f}  :: load, burden
charge {f} [military]  :: charge
charge {f}  :: responsibility, charge
chargement {m} [computing]  :: upload
charger {v} [military, sports]  :: to charge
charger {vr} [se charger de]  :: to take care of, see to
charger {v} [theater]  :: to overact, ham it up
charger {v}  :: to charge (battery)
charger {v}  :: to charge (somebody of a crime)
charger {v}  :: to load (firearm)
charger {v}  :: to load (up) (vehicle, animal etc.)
charger {v}  :: to put in charge; to charge (somebody with doing something)
charger la barque {v} [idiomatic]  :: to overdo it, exaggerate
chargeur {m}  :: cassette, film-holder
chargeur {m}  :: (electrical) charger
chargeur {m} [military]  :: ammo clip
chargeur {m} [military]  :: loader (of canons)
chargeur {m} [nautical]  :: loader, shipper, freighter, shipping agent
chargeur {m}  :: stoker, fireman
charge utile {f}  :: payload (all meanings)
chargino {m}  :: chargino
charia {f}  :: shari'a
charibotée {f}  :: (large) swarm
chariot {m}  :: carriage (of a computer printer)
chariot {m}  :: trolley
chariot élévateur {m}  :: forklift
charismatique {adj}  :: charismatic
charisme {m}  :: charisma
charité {f}  :: charity
charitable {adj}  :: charitable (all senses)
charitablement {adv}  :: charitably
charivari {m}  :: A racket, banging in general, rumpus
charivari {m}  :: charivari, shivaree, mock serenade of discordant noise, notably to heckle a publicly reviled figure
Charland {prop}  :: surname
charlatan {m}  :: charlatan (trickster)
charlatan {m} [dated]  :: a street-seller of drugs
charlatane {f}  :: feminine noun of charlatan
charlatanisme {m}  :: charlatanism
charlatanisme {m}  :: quackery, fraud, humbug
Charlemagne {prop}  :: Charlemagne (emperor)
Charleroi {prop}  :: Charleroi
Charles {prop} {m}  :: given name, cognate to English Charles
charlevoisien {adj}  :: Of or from Charlevoix
Charlevoix {prop}  :: Charlevoix
Charlevoix {prop}  :: surname
Charlène {prop} {f}  :: given name, fashionable in France around 1990
Charlot {prop} {m} [theatre, cinema]  :: a comedic character who has as accessories a mustache, a bowler hat, a cane, etc
charlotte {f}  :: charlotte (dessert)
charlotte {f}  :: Charlotte hat, Charlotte bonnet
Charlotte {prop} {f}  :: given name; a feminine diminutive form of Charles
charmé {adj}  :: charmed
charmant {adj}  :: charming
charmantissime {adj}  :: supercharming
charme {m} [botany]  :: Trees of genus Carpinus (hornbeam), of the Betulaceae family
charme {m}  :: charm, attractive quality
charme {m}  :: enchantment; originally, magical incantation
charmer {v}  :: to charm
charmer {v}  :: to charm (with magic)
charmeur {adj}  :: charming
charmeur {m}  :: a charmer; something or someone that charms
charmeuse {f}  :: feminine noun of charmeur
charmille {f}  :: bower, arbor
charnel {adj}  :: carnal (relating to the physical and especially sexual appetites)
charnellement {adv} [sexuality]  :: carnally
charnier {m}  :: mass grave
charnière {f}  :: hinge
charnière {f}  :: joint (of a bone)
charnière {f} [philately]  :: hinge
charnière {f}  :: turning point (pivotal moment)
charnière {n}  :: pivotal
charnu {adj}  :: fleshy; plump
charognard {adj}  :: scavenging
charognard {m} [figuratively, colloquial]  :: vulture (person who profits from the suffering of others)
charognard {m}  :: scavenger (animal feeding on decaying matter)
charogne {f}  :: carrion
charogne {f} [slang, pejorative]  :: asshole, bastard
charolais {adj}  :: pertaining to, or from Charols
Charols {prop}  :: A commune in the Drôme department of the Rhône-Alpes region
charpente {f}  :: build (of person)
charpente {f}  :: framework
charpenter {v}  :: to tailor, to tailor make
charpenterie {f}  :: carpenter's workshop
charpenterie {f}  :: carpentry
charpentier {adj}  :: carpentry (attributively)
charpentier {m}  :: carpenter
charpentière {f}  :: feminine noun of charpentier
charpie {f}  :: lint
charretée {f}  :: cartload
charretier {adj}  :: cart, wagon (attributive)
charretier {m}  :: carter, wagoner
charrette {f}  :: cart
charrette {f}  :: urgent job, vital piece of work
charrette des condamnés {f} [historical]  :: tumbril
charrier {v} [colloquial]  :: to tease relentlessly, to pull somebody's leg
charrier {v}  :: to carry, carry along; to transport (a cargo etc.)
charriot {m}  :: alternative spelling of chariot
charrière {f}  :: a path, way, route, or road, large enough to fit carriages, chariots, carts, wagons, etc
charroi {m}  :: cartage (transport by cart etc., money paid for such transport)
charron {m}  :: wheelwright
charroyage {m}  :: carting, cartage (transport by cart etc)
charroyer {v}  :: To cart (transport by cart or waggon)
charrue {f} [agriculture]  :: plough
charrue {f} [Quebec]  :: snow plow [US], snow plough [UK]
charte {f}  :: charter
charter {m}  :: a charter flight
charter {m}  :: a charter pilot
charter {m}  :: a charter plane
chartisme {m}  :: Chartism
chartiste {adj}  :: Chartist
chartiste {mf}  :: A Chartist
chartiste {mf}  :: A person who studies old charters
chartiste {mf} [finance]  :: A chartist
chartrain {adj}  :: From Chartres
chartre {f}  :: charter
chartre {f}  :: prison; place of safekeeping
Chartres {prop}  :: Chartres
chartreuse {f}  :: a Carthusian monastery, a charterhouse
chartreuse {f}  :: chartreuse (liqueur)
chartreux {adj}  :: of or belonging to the Carthusian Order
Chartreux {prop}  :: a Chartreux cat
Chartreux {prop}  :: the Order of Carthusian
chartrier {m}  :: cartulary
chas {m}  :: eye (of a needle)
chasier {m}  :: alternative spelling of chasière
chasier {m}  :: obsolete spelling of casier
chassé {m} [dance]  :: A chassé
chassable {adj}  :: huntable, chasable
chasse {f}  :: hunt
chasse {f}  :: hunting
chasse d'eau {f}  :: flush (of a toilet etc.)
chasséen {adj}  :: Of or from either of two places called Chassey
chasse-neige {m}  :: snow plow [US], snow plough [UK] (machine for moving snow)
chasse patate {f}  :: A pointless chase, wild goose chase
chasse patate {f} [cycling]  :: potato chase (a group chasing a breakaway that fails to catch it and then gets stuck between the breakaway and the peloton)
chassepot {m}  :: A breechloading, rapid-fire, long-range rifle used in the French army from 1866 to 1874
chasser {v}  :: to chase
chasser {v}  :: to drive off
chasser {v}  :: to hunt
chasseresse {f}  :: huntress
chasseur {m}  :: A fighter plane
chasseur {m}  :: A hunter
chasseur {m}  :: A la façon chasseur, a style of cooking in which meat is cooked with a sauce containing mushrooms, shallots and white wine
chasseur {m}  :: A servant or attendant
chasseur-cueilleur {m}  :: hunter-gatherer
chasseuse {f}  :: feminine noun of chasseur
chassie {f}  :: sleep (in the corner of the eye)
chassieux {adj}  :: bleary, rheumy
chassieux {adj}  :: sticky, gummy
chaste {adj}  :: chaste; celibate
chastement {adv}  :: chastely
chasteté {f}  :: chastity
chasuble {f}  :: chasuble
chat {m}  :: cat (feline)
chat {m} [Internet]  :: chat (online discussion)
chat {m}  :: (male) cat, tom, tomcat
chat {m}  :: tag, tig (children’s game)
chat bai {m}  :: bay cat
chat échaudé craint l'eau froide {proverb}  :: once bitten, twice shy
chateaubriand {m}  :: chateaubriand (a steak cut from a beef tenderloin)
Chateaubriand {prop}  :: surname
chateaubriant {m}  :: alternate spelling of chateaubriand
chat-huant {m}  :: barn owl
chatière {f}  :: catflap
chatoiement {m}  :: shimmer, shimmering
chaton {m} [by extension]  :: the jewel itself (around which the collet is, on a ring)
chaton {m}  :: catkin
chaton {m}  :: collet, beazle (around a jewel, on a ring)
chaton {m}  :: kitten, kitty (baby cat)
chatonne {f}  :: female kitten
chatouillant {adj}  :: tickling
chatouillement {m}  :: tickle, an act of tickling
chatouiller {v}  :: to tickle
chatouilleur {m}  :: tickler (person who tickles)
chatouilleux {adj}  :: ticklish
chatouilleux {adj}  :: touchy (sur about)
chatoyant {adj}  :: shimmering, iridescent
chatoyer {vi}  :: to iridesce (to reflect light in different colors depending on the direction and orientation)
chatte {f}  :: she-cat
chatte {f} [slang , or, vulgar]  :: luck
chatte {f} [vulgar]  :: pussy, vagina
chattement {adv} [dated]  :: in a catlike way
chatterie {f} [in the plural, archaic]  :: playful caresses
chatterie {f}  :: titbit, morsel
chatterton {m}  :: insulating tape
chatteur {m}  :: chatter; specifically someone who engages in Internet chatroom discussions
chatteuse {f}  :: feminine noun of chatteur
Chattien {prop} {m}  :: Chattian period
chat-tigre {m}  :: wildcat; (often specifically) margay, oncilla
chaud {adj} [slang]  :: enthusiastic, willing, up
chaud {adj} [slang]  :: horny, randy (showing interest in sexual activity)
chaud {adj} [slang]  :: risky, dangerous; hard
chaud {adj}  :: warm, hot
chaud {adv}  :: hot
chaud {m}  :: heat, warmth
chaudasse {f} [slang]  :: slut
chaudement {adv}  :: hotly
chaude-pisse {f} [slang]  :: the clap (gonorrhea)
chaudière {f}  :: boiler
chaudière {f}  :: cauldron (large pot)
chaudière {f} [Quebec]  :: bucket
chaudron {m}  :: cauldron
chaudron {m} [Quebec]  :: pot
chaudronner {v}  :: To work metal (practice metalworking)
chaudronnerie {f}  :: boilermaking (and similar metalworking trades); the place where such trade is carried out
chaudronnier {m}  :: A person who makes or sells pots and pans
chaudronnier {m}  :: coppersmith
chaudronnière {f}  :: feminine singular of chaudronnier
chauffage {m}  :: heating
chauffagiste {mf}  :: heating engineer
chauffant {adj}  :: heating (attributive)
chauffard {m} [slang]  :: road hog, bad driver
chauffe-eau {m}  :: water heater (appliance for heating water)
chauffer {v}  :: to heat, to warm, to warm up
chaufferette {f}  :: (small) heater; foot heater, bed warmer
chaufferie {f}  :: boiler room or generally any kind of heating system
chauffeur {m}  :: chauffeur
chauffeur {m}  :: driver
chauffeuse {f}  :: Female chauffeur
chauffeuse {f}  :: fireside chair
chauffoir {m}  :: stove
chauffoir {m}  :: warming pan
chauffoir {m}  :: warming room
chaulage {m}  :: liming, whitewashing
chauler {vt}  :: to whitewash
chaume {m}  :: stubble (in fields)
chaume {m}  :: thatch (for roof)
chaumière {f} [literary, humorous]  :: (small rural) cottage
chaumière {f}  :: thatched cottage
chaussée {f}  :: causeway
chaussée {f}  :: highway; street
chaussée {f}  :: surface (of road)
chausse {f} [historical, in the plural]  :: stockings; hose
chausse {f}  :: straining bag, filter cloth (for wine)
chausse-pied {m}  :: shoehorn (tool used to assist the foot)
chausser {vr} [se chausser]  :: to put on footwear
chausser {v}  :: to mulch
chausser {v}  :: to put footwear on someone
chausser {v}  :: to shoe (a horse)
chaussetier {m} [obsolete]  :: hosier
chaussette {f}  :: sock
chausseur {m}  :: shoemaker
chausseuse {f}  :: feminine noun of chausseur
chausson {m}  :: ballet shoe (UK), ballet slipper (US)
chausson {m}  :: bootee
chausson {m} [cooking]  :: turnover
chausson {m}  :: slipper (footwear)
chaussure {f}  :: shoe
chaussure {f}  :: the shoe industry
chauve {adj}  :: Bald; devoid of hair; often used substantively.
chauve {adj}  :: Bare, barren; devoid of a thing (such as vegetation); often construed with de
Chauveau {prop}  :: surname
chauve-souris {f}  :: bat (small flying mammal)
Chauvet {prop}  :: surname
chauvin {adj}  :: chauvinistic
chauvin {m}  :: chauvinist
chauvinisme {m}  :: chauvinism
chauvir {vi} [dated]  :: to perk up, to rise up (said of the ears of certain equine animals like donkeys)
chauvissant {adj}  :: balding
chauvissant {adj}  :: cocking the ears (said of horses, mules, and donkeys)
chaux {f}  :: lime, limestone
chavirage {m}  :: capsizing
chavirer {vi} [figuratively]  :: to roll (of eyes); to reel, spin (of room etc.); to turn over (of heart)
chavirer {vi}  :: to overturn, keel over, tip over (of objects etc.)
chavirer {vti}  :: to capsize
chavirer {vt}  :: to bowl over, shatter (someone)
chavisme {m}  :: Chavism
chaviste {adj}  :: Chavist
chaviste {mf}  :: Chavista
chawarma {f}  :: shawarma
chayotte {f}  :: chayote (plant)
chébec {m}  :: alternative form of chebec
chéchia {f}  :: chechia
cheau {m}  :: Cub of a dog, wolf, fox, badger, or otter
chebec {m} [nautical]  :: xebec
checker {v}  :: to check, verify
cheddar {m}  :: Cheddar cheese
chef {m}  :: A boss, chief, leader
chef {m}  :: A culinary chef, chief cook
chef {m}  :: article, principal point
chef {m} [heraldiccharge]  :: chief; top third of a coat of arms
chef {m} [now , literary]  :: head
chef {m}  :: principal motive
chef d'accusation {m}  :: charge (of a crime, as in a court); principal point of an accusation
chef de file {m} [general]  :: leader
chef de file {m} [nautical]  :: lead ship
chef de file {m} [politics]  :: party leader
chef d'État {m}  :: chief of state
chef-d'œuvre {m}  :: masterpiece
cheffe {f}  :: feminine noun of chef
cheffer {v}  :: synonym of dire
cheffer {v}  :: To work as a chef
chefferie {f}  :: leadership (the characteristics of leading by the leader)
chef-lieu {m}  :: An administrative centre in various French-speaking countries
cheftaine {f}  :: captain; chieftain
cheik {m}  :: sheik
cheikh {m}  :: sheikh
cheikhat {m}  :: sheikdom
cheiroptérophilie {f}  :: chiropterophilia
chelin {m} [money]  :: shilling
chelou {adj}  :: shady, creepy
chemin {m} [Louisiana]  :: road
chemin {m}  :: path, way
chemin de croix {m} [figuratively]  :: painful, strenuous experience
chemin de croix {m}  :: Way of the Cross; Via Crucis
chemin de fer {m}  :: Railroad, railway
cheminée {f}  :: a chimney
cheminée {f}  :: a fireplace or hearth
cheminée {f}  :: a hole at the centre of some models of parachute
cheminée {f}  :: a vertical vent, exhaust or gallery
cheminée {f} [geology]  :: a vertical mineral vein
cheminée {f} [geology]  :: the exhaust of a volcano
cheminée {f} [technology]  :: a vertical vacuum forming in a gasifier
cheminée {f} [theatre]  :: large pipe containing ropes that serves to control theater backdrops
cheminée {f}  :: the glass tube protecting the flame of a kerosene or similar wick lamp
cheminée {f} [welding]  :: a type of welding fault
chemineau {m}  :: migrant worker
chemineau {m}  :: vagabond
cheminement {m}  :: progress, course
cheminer {v}  :: to walk on, to keep walking
cheminot {m}  :: A railway worker
chemise {f}  :: folder (office supplies)
chemise {f}  :: shirt
chemise de nuit {f}  :: nightie
chemiser {v}  :: to line (cover the inside surface of)
chemiserie {f}  :: outfitters' (shop), haberdashery
chemisette {f}  :: short-sleeved shirt/blouse
chemisier {adj} [attributive]  :: shirtmaking
chemisier {m}  :: blouse
chemisier {m}  :: shirtmaker
chemisière {f}  :: feminine noun of chemisier
chenal {m}  :: canal, channel (all nautical senses)
chenal {m}  :: eavesdrop, eavestrough, gutter
chenapan {m}  :: rogue, rascal, scoundrel
cheneau {f}  :: alternative form of chéneau
chenet {m}  :: firedog, andiron
chenette {f}  :: wall germander ((Teucrium chamaedrys)
chenil {m} [colloquial, figuratively]  :: pigsty (dirty or very untidy place)
chenil {m}  :: kennel; kennels
chenille {f}  :: caterpillar
chenille {f}  :: caterpillar track, snow chain
chenille {f}  :: chenille
chenille {f}  :: whirligig (fairground attraction)
chenillette {f} [military]  :: tankette
chenillette {f} [road equipment]  :: a tracked sidewalk tractor, especially one equipped with a sidewalk (UK: pavement) clearing snowplow
chenillette {f} [ski resort equipment]  :: a snowcat
chenin {m}  :: A white wine from the Loire valley in France
chenu {adj}  :: grey-haired, grey-headed
chenu {adj}  :: hoary, snow-capped
cheptel {m}  :: livestock
cher {adj} [after the noun]  :: dear, expensive
cher {adj} [before the noun]  :: dear (beloved)
cher {adj} [salutation of a letter]  :: dear
cher {adv}  :: dearly
Cher {prop} {m}  :: a department in the French region of Centre
Cherbourg {prop}  :: Cherbourg
cherbourgeois {adj}  :: Of or from Cherbourg
chercher {vi} [followed by à]  :: to look (to do something)
chercher {vt} [slang]  :: to mess with someone, ask for trouble
chercher {vt}  :: to look for, to seek
chercheur {m}  :: researcher
chercheur {m}  :: searcher (one who searches)
chercheuse {f}  :: feminine noun of chercheur
cherokee {adj}  :: Cherokee
cherokee {m}  :: Cherokee (language)
cherté {f}  :: expensiveness, high cost
chervis {m}  :: skirret
chevaine {m}  :: chub (Leuciscus cephalus)
cheval {m}  :: horse
cheval {m}  :: horsepower
cheval {m} [slang]  :: horse, H (narcotic)
cheval {m} [slang]  :: tall and slim woman, beautiful woman (only in the feminine form, jument)
cheval à bascule {m}  :: rocking horse (a child’s toy consisting of a (usually wooden) horse mounted on a rocker or swing)
cheval d'arçons {m} [sports]  :: horse; pommel horse (gymnastic equipment)
cheval de bataille {m} [figuratively]  :: hobbyhorse, favourite theme
cheval de bataille {m}  :: war-horse, battle-charger
cheval de bât {m}  :: packhorse
cheval de frise {m}  :: cheval de frise
cheval de main {m}  :: led horse
cheval de Przewalski {m}  :: Przewalski's horse
cheval de trait {m}  :: draft horse
cheval de Troie {m} [computing]  :: Trojan horse (malware)
cheval de Troie {m}  :: Trojan horse (a wooden horse used by the Greeks)
chevaleresque {adj} [historical]  :: chivalrous (relating to Medieval chivalry)
chevaleresquement {adv}  :: chivalrously
chevalerie {f}  :: chivalry (state of being a knight in the Middles Ages)
chevalet {m} [arts]  :: easel
chevalet {m}  :: bridge (of guitar, violin etc.)
chevalet {m} [rare, crafts]  :: A structure used to keep whatever is being worked on at a certain height; a bench or table
chevalet {m} [[[Scrabble]]]  :: rack
chevalet {m}  :: (torture) rack
chevalet {m}  :: trestle, support
chevalier {m}  :: knight
chevalier {m}  :: sandpiper (bird)
Chevalier {prop}  :: surname
chevalin {adj}  :: equine (related to horses)
chevalière {f}  :: signet ring
cheval qui boit dans son blanc {m}  :: horse that has a white nose and the rest of its body another colour
cheval-vapeur {m}  :: horsepower
chevauchée {f}  :: ride on horseback, usually for the purpose of raiding and pillaging
chevauchement {m}  :: overlap
chevaucher {vp}  :: to overlap
chevaucher {v}  :: to ride on horseback, usually for the purpose of raiding and pillaging
chevaucher {v}  :: to span, sit/be across
chevaucher {v}  :: to straddle, be astride
chevêche {f}  :: little owl
chevelu {adj}  :: hairy, long-haired
chevelure {f}  :: hair
chevelure {f}  :: tail (of a comet)
chevesne {m}  :: chub (Leuciscus cephalus)
chevet {m} [architecture]  :: apse, chevet
chevet {m}  :: bedside
cheveu {m}  :: a hair on a person's head
chevillé {adj}  :: pinned, pegged (attached by a pin, peg)
cheville {f}  :: ankle
cheville {f}  :: dowel, peg
cheville {f} [poetry]  :: cheville
cheville {f}  :: wall plug
cheville ouvrière {f}  :: linchpin (central cohesive source of stability and security)
chevillette {f}  :: A latch hidden in a door with the tab sticking through a slot
chevillette {f}  :: An unidentified part of the locking mechanism of Little Red Riding Hood's grandmother's door
chevillier {m} [music]  :: pegbox (on a violin etc)
chevreau {m}  :: goatskin
chevreau {m}  :: kid (young goat)
chevrette {f}  :: doe
chevrette {f}  :: kid (young goat)
chevrette {f} [Louisiana]  :: shrimp
chevreuil {m}  :: roe deer, roebuck
chevrier {m}  :: goatherd
chevrière {f}  :: feminine noun of chevrier
chevron {m} [heraldiccharge]  :: chevron
chevron {m}  :: rafter
chevronné {adj}  :: experienced, seasoned
chevrotant {adj}  :: quavering; shaking
chevroter {vi} [of the voice]  :: to quaver
chevroter {vit}  :: to bleat
chevrotin {adj}  :: Of or from Chevreuse, Chevrières, Chevroz or Chevru
chevrotin {m}  :: A type of cheese, made from goat's milk, from the Savoy
chevrotin {m}  :: A young deer (less than 6 months old)
chevrotin {m}  :: leather from a deer or goat
chevrotine {f}  :: buckshot
chevêtre {m} [archaic]  :: halter
chewing-gum {m} [France]  :: chewing gum
cheyenne {adj}  :: Cheyenne
cheyenne {m}  :: Cheyenne language
Cheyenne {mf}  :: Cheyenne (member of the Cheyenne tribe)
chez {prep}  :: among (a group of things or people of the same type)
chez {prep}  :: at the house of
chez {prep}  :: at the office or place of business of
chez {prep}  :: to the house of
chez soi {adj}  :: at home (at one's abode)
chez soi {adj}  :: at home (comfortable)
chez-soi {m}  :: home, nest
chiac {m}  :: A dialect consisting of French mixed with English, spoken by Acadians in New Brunswick
chiadé {adj}  :: thorough (made with special care)
chialer {v} [Canada, informal]  :: To complain
chialer {v} [informal, usually, derogatory]  :: To cry
chialeux {adj} [Quebec]  :: who is complaining often
chialeux {m} [Quebec]  :: someone who is complaining often
chiant {adj} [vulgar]  :: fucking annoying
chiant {adj} [vulgar]  :: fucking boring
chianti {m}  :: Chianti (wine)
chiaoux {m}  :: chiaus
chiasse {f} [slang, figurative]  :: vexation, pain, annoyance
chiasse {f} [slang]  :: the runs, diarrhoea
chiaux {m}  :: obsolete form of chiaoux
chibouque {f}  :: chibouk (Turkish tobacco pipe)
chibre {m} [vulgar, slang]  :: cock, dick
chic {adj}  :: considerate
chic {adj}  :: elegant
chic {m}  :: elegance
chic {m}  :: skillfulness; adroitness
chicane {f}  :: Bickering, quibbling, especially as delay tactic
chicane {f} [road , transport]  :: Chicane (obstruction designed to reduce speed), double road bend
chicaner {vr}  :: to quibble, squabble (to complain or argue in a trivial or petty manner)
chicaner {vt}  :: to get (someone) into an argument
chicanerie {f}  :: niggling; hairsplitting
chicaneur {adj}  :: quibbling, pettifogging
chicaneur {m}  :: quibbler, pettifogger
chicard {m}  :: A chic person
chicaya {f}  :: squabble
chicharron {m}  :: chicharron (a Spanish dish)
chicharron {m}  :: pork rinds, pork scratchings
chichement {adv}  :: meanly, sparingly, niggardly
chichi {adj}  :: chichi
chichi {m}  :: affected manners, demanding behaviour
chichi {m}  :: something showy
chichi {m}  :: sort of fritter, churro
chichiteux {adj}  :: chichi
chich taouk {m}  :: shish taouk, grilled skewered chicken cubes
chiclette {f} [Belgium, Switzerland]  :: chewing gum
chicon {n} [Belgium]  :: chicon; witloof (edible chicory bud)
chicorée {f} [by extension, culinary]  :: coffee substitute prepared from the roasted roots of the common chicory
chicorée {f} [plant]  :: chicory (Cichorium intybus or Cichorium endivia)
chicot {m}  :: stump, stub
chicote {f}  :: alternative form of chicotte
chicotte {f}  :: whip, chicotte
chicoutai {f} [Canada]  :: cloudberry
chiée {f}  :: shitload
chien {m}  :: cock, hammer (of a firearm)
chien {m}  :: dog
chien chaud {m} [Quebec]  :: hot dog
chienchien {m} [colloquial, hypocoristic]  :: doggy (usually addressing a single dog, chiefly used in the plural)
chien d'eau {m}  :: water dog
chien d'eau portugais {m}  :: Portuguese Water Dog
chien de chasse {m}  :: A hound, canine breed used for hunting
chien de garde {m}  :: A guard dog
chien de Jean de Nivelle {m}  :: a disobedient animal or a person
chien de la casse {m} [slang, of a man]  :: junkyard dog
chiendent {m}  :: couch grass, quackgrass
chiendent {m}  :: weed (unwanted plant that is difficult to eradicate)
chien de poche {m} [Quebec]  :: A dog who always insist to follow its master as closely as possible
chien de poche {m} [Quebec]  :: Someone whose behaviour reminds of such a dog
chien de prairie {m}  :: prairie dog (burrowing rodent)
chienlit {f}  :: havoc, chaos
chienlit {f}  :: masquerade, carnival
chienlit {mf} [archaic]  :: pissabed, repugnant person
chienlit {mf}  :: someone in a carnival mask
chienne {f}  :: feminine noun of chien
chienne {f} [slang, vulgar]  :: a bitch (objectionable woman)
chienne {f} [slang, vulgar]  :: a whore; a prostitute
chienne de prairie {f}  :: feminine noun of chien de prairie
chiennerie {f}  :: A large group of dogs
chiennerie {f}  :: An immodest act
chiennerie {f}  :: (familiar) Avarice
chiennerie {f}  :: (old, vulgar) An untenable situation
chiennerie {f}  :: (rare) Things pertaining to dogs
chier {v} [vulgar, slang]  :: to shit, defecate
chier dans son froc {v} [idiomatic, vulgar]  :: to shit oneself (to be very afraid)
chierie {f} [slang]  :: a piece of crap, piece of shit
chiffe {f}  :: drip (person of weak character)
chiffe {f}  :: rag
chiffon {m}  :: rag
chiffon {m}  :: scrap (of paper)
chiffonner {v} [colloquial]  :: to bother, to perplex
chiffonner {v}  :: to crumple, crease
chiffonnier {m}  :: chiffonier (item of furniture)
chiffonnier {m}  :: rag-gatherer
chiffrable {adj}  :: computable
chiffrable {adj}  :: quantifiable
chiffrage {m}  :: ciphering
chiffrage {m}  :: numbering
chiffre {m}  :: a digit i.e. 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9
chiffre {m}  :: cipher (code)
chiffre {m}  :: cipher (method of transforming a text to conceal meaning)
chiffre {m} [colloquial, or, dated]  :: a number
chiffre {m}  :: figure (number)
chiffre {m}  :: monogram
chiffre {m} [music]  :: figure
chiffre arabe {m} [mathematics]  :: Arabic numeral
chiffrement {m}  :: encryption (process of obscuring information to make it unreadable without special knowledge, key files, and/or passwords)
chiffrer {vi}  :: To add up (accumulate)
chiffrer {vt}  :: To cipher, to encrypt (add a cipher to, for protection)
chiffrer {vt}  :: To number (to add a number to)
chiffre romain {m}  :: Roman numeral (a numeral represented by letters)
chiffreur {m}  :: cipherer
chiffreuse {f}  :: feminine noun of chiffreur
chigner {vi} [informal, pejorative]  :: to whine, moan, complain, or grumble in a childish manner. (followed by de to mean "about")
chignole {f}  :: brace (bitstock)
chignon {m}  :: roll or twist of hair worn at the nape of the neck; a bun
chihuahua {m}  :: chihuahua
chiisme {m}  :: Shi'a (branch of Islam)
chiite {adj}  :: Shiite
chiite {mf}  :: Shiite
Chili {prop} {m}  :: Chile
chiliarque {m}  :: chiliarch
chilien {adj}  :: Chilean
Chilien {m}  :: Chilean, someone from Chile
Chilienne {f}  :: feminine noun of Chilien
chilogone {m}  :: A polygon with 1000 sides and 100 angles
chilomètre {m}  :: rare spelling of kilomètre
chimaphile {f}  :: wintergreen (plant of Chimaphilia)
chimie {f}  :: chemistry (the science)
chimie nucléaire {f}  :: nuclear chemistry
chimie organique {f}  :: organic chemistry (chemistry of carbon containing compounds)
chimiluminescence {f} [chemistry]  :: chemiluminescence
chimio {f} [informal]  :: chemotherapy
chimiostratigraphie {f} [chemistry, geology]  :: chemostratigraphy
chimiosynthèse {f} [biochemistry]  :: chemosynthesis
chimiothérapeutique {adj}  :: chemotherapeutic
chimiothérapie {f}  :: chemotherapy
chimiotoxicité {f}  :: chemotoxicity
chimiotrophe {m}  :: chemotroph
chimiotrophie {f}  :: chemotropism
chimique {adj}  :: chemical (related to chemistry)
chimiquement {adv}  :: chemically
chimiquier {m}  :: chemical tanker
chimiste {mf}  :: chemist (scientist of chemistry)
chimiste inorganique {mf}  :: inorganic chemist (chemist whose field is inorganic chemistry)
chimiste organique {mf}  :: organic chemist (chemist whose field is organic chemistry)
chimou {m}  :: annual mercury (Mercurialis annua)
chimpanzé {m}  :: chimpanzee (ape)
chimère {f} [biology]  :: chimera (organism with cells from two zygotes)
chimère {f}  :: chimaera (fish)
chimère {f}  :: chimera (creature of the imagination)
chimère {f}  :: chimera (mythical monster)
chimérique {adj}  :: chimeric, fanciful, imaginary
chimérique {adj} [genetics]  :: chimeric
chimérique {adj}  :: unrealistic, quixotic
chimériquement {adv}  :: chimerically
chinchard {m}  :: jack mackerel
Chine {prop} {f}  :: China
Chine continentale {prop} {f}  :: mainland China
chiner {v}  :: to dye and interweave fabrics
chinetoque {m} [slang, pejorative, ethnic slur]  :: Chink (person of Chinese descent)
chineur {m}  :: bargain hunter
chineuse {f}  :: feminine singular of chineur
chinois {adj}  :: Chinese (relating to China)
chinois {m}  :: Chinese (language)
chinois {m}  :: Greek (something difficult to understand)
Chinois {m}  :: Chinese, someone from China
Chinoise {f}  :: feminine noun of Chinois
chinoiser {v}  :: to argue; to quibble; to squabble
chinoiserie {f} [arts]  :: chinoiserie
chinoiserie {f} [in the plural]  :: complications
chinois simplifié {prop} {m}  :: Simplified Chinese
chinois traditionnel {prop} {m}  :: Traditional Chinese
chiot {m}  :: puppy (baby dog, of either sex)
chiotte {f} [slang]  :: car
chiotte {f} [vulgar, slang, chiefly, in the plural]  :: shitter, toilet
chioukh {m}  :: synonym of cheikh
chiourme {f} [archaic]  :: convict
chiourme {f} [archaic]  :: galley slave
chiper {vt} [colloquial]  :: to pinch; to steal; to rob
chipie {f} [colloquial]  :: cow, bitch, harpy, vixen
chipie {f} [colloquial]  :: (female) brat
chipotage {m}  :: nitpicking
chipoter {vit}  :: to nibble
chipoter {vit}  :: to quibble, haggle
chips {n} [Anglicism]  :: chips [American English], crisps [British English]
chiqué {m}  :: affectation; airs
chique {f} [Belgium]  :: chewing gum
chiquement {adv}  :: chicly, fashionably
chiquenaude {f}  :: flick, flip
chiquer {vi} [Belgium]  :: to chew gum
chiquer {vi}  :: to chew tobacco
Chirac {prop}  :: surname
chiral {adj}  :: chiral
chiralement {adv}  :: chirally
chiralité {f}  :: chirality (a property of asymmetry important in several branches of science)
chiraquie {f}  :: The sphere of influence of former French president Jacques Chirac
chiraquien {adj}  :: Relating to, or supporting Jacques Chirac
chiraquisme {m}  :: The political philosophy of Jacques Chirac
chirographie {f}  :: chirography
chirologie {f}  :: chirology
chiromancie {f}  :: chiromancy
chiromancien {m}  :: palmist, chiromancer
chiromancienne {f}  :: feminine noun of chiromancien
Chiron {prop} [astronomy, astrology]  :: Chiron, a centaur (minor planet) and asteroid-like/comet-like object, orbiting between Saturn and Uranus
Chiron {prop} [Greek mythology]  :: an old, wise centaur who served as Achilles' mentor and teacher
chironome {m}  :: chironomid
chiropracteur {m}  :: chiropractor
chiropractie {f}  :: chiropractic
chiropraticien {m}  :: chiropractor
chiropraxie {f}  :: chiropractic, chiropraxy
chiroptère {m}  :: bat (animal of the Chiroptera order)
chirurgical {adj}  :: surgical
chirurgicalement {adv} [medicine]  :: surgically
chirurgie {f} [medicine]  :: Surgery, medical operation
chirurgie {f}  :: That branch of medicine
chirurgie de réassignation sexuelle {f}  :: sex reassignment surgery
chirurgie de réattribution sexuelle {f}  :: sex reassignment surgery
chirurgien {m}  :: a surgeon, a doctor who performs surgery
chitine {f}  :: chitin (polymer of N-acetylglucosamine, found in arthropod and fungi)
chitineux {adj}  :: chitinous
chiure {f}  :: frass (fly specks)
chlamyde {f}  :: chlamys
chlamydiase {f} [disease]  :: chlamydiasis
chlamydiose {f} [disease]  :: chlamydiasis
chélaté {adj} [chemistry]  :: chelated
chélatant {adj}  :: chelating
chélate {m} [chemistry]  :: chelate, chelate compound
chélateur {adj}  :: chelating
chélateur {m} [chemistry]  :: chelator, chelating agent
chélation {f} [chemistry]  :: chelation
châle {m}  :: shawl
chleuh {adj} [pejorative]  :: German
chleuh {adj}  :: Tashelhit
chleuh {m} [countable, pejorative, ethnic slur]  :: a German
chleuh {m} [uncountable]  :: Tashelhit; one of the Berber languages
Chleuh {m}  :: a Chleuh
Chleuhe {f}  :: feminine noun of Chleuh
chélidoine {f}  :: celandine
chlinguer {vi} [informal]  :: to stink
châlit {m}  :: bedstead (originally a large, enclosed wooden structure)
Chloé {prop}  :: given name; equivalent to Chloe
chéloïde {f}  :: keloid
chélone {f}  :: chelone, snakehead
chélonien {m}  :: chelonian
chlorarachniophyte {f}  :: chlorarachniophyte
chloration {f}  :: chlorination (all senses)
chloraurique {adj} [inorganic chemistry]  :: chloroauric
chlore {m}  :: chlorine
chlorer {v}  :: to chlorinate
chloreux {adj} [inorganic chemistry]  :: chlorous
chlorhydrate {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: hydrochloride
chlorhydrique {adj} [inorganic chemistry]  :: hydrochloric
chlorique {adj} [inorganic chemistry]  :: chloric
chlorite {m}  :: chlorite (salt of chlorous acid)
chloroacétique {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: chloroacetic
chlorofluorocarbure {m} [organic chemistry]  :: chlorofluorocarbon
chloroforme {m} [chemistry]  :: chloroform [an anesthetic]
chloroformer {v}  :: to chloroform (to treat with chloroform, or to render unconscious with chloroform)
chlorogénique {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: chlorogenic
chlorolyse {f} [chemistry]  :: chlorinolysis
chlorophénol {m} [organic chemistry]  :: chlorophenol
chlorophylle {f}  :: chlorophyll
chlorophyllien {adj}  :: chlorophyllic
chlorophytum {m}  :: spider plant (of genus Chlorophytum)
chloroplaste {m} [biology]  :: chloroplast
chloroplatinique {adj} [inorganic chemistry]  :: chloroplatinic
chlorose {f}  :: chlorosis (yellow-green colouration of the skin)
chloroéthane {m} [organic compound]  :: chloroethane
chlorotique {adj}  :: chlorotic (afflicted with chlorosis)
chlortétracycline {f}  :: chlortetracycline
chloruré {adj}  :: chlorinated
chlorure {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: chloride
chlorurer {vt} [chemistry]  :: to chlorinate
chélydre {f}  :: a snapping turtle
chélydre {m} [obsolete]  :: a venomous and amphibious serpent
chômage {m}  :: idleness
chômage {m}  :: unemployment
chômage technique {m}  :: lay off (from work when it's impossible for some reason)
chômer {v}  :: to be idle
chômer {v}  :: to be out of work
chômeur {m}  :: An unemployed person
chômeuse {f}  :: feminine noun of chômeur
chênaie {f}  :: oak plantation
chêne {m}  :: oak (tree), oak tree
chêne {m}  :: oak (wood)
chêneau {m}  :: A young oak
chéneau {m}  :: eavesdrop (space around a house on which such water drips)
chéneau {m}  :: gutter
chnek {f}  :: [slang, derogatory] young woman; slut
chnek {f}  :: [slang, vulgar] vulva, pussy
chêne-liège {m}  :: cork oak
chêne vert {m}  :: holm oak (evergreen tree, Quercus ilex)
chènevis {m}  :: Seeds of hemp, used for feed birds. (derived from chanvre)
chœnix {m}  :: obsolete form of chénix
chénopodiacée {f} [biology]  :: chenopod
choc {m}  :: clash
choc {m}  :: hit, strike
choc {m} [Louisiana French]  :: blackbird
choc {m}  :: shock (surprise, startling)
chochotte {f}  :: pansy (effeminate homosexual)
chochotte {f}  :: sissy, wuss, pansy
chocolat {adj}  :: chocolate; chocolate-coloured
chocolat {adj}  :: deceived; tricked
chocolaté {adj}  :: chocolate (attributive)
chocolat {m}  :: chocolate
chocolat {m}  :: hot chocolate
chocolat au lait {m}  :: chocolate milk
chocolat au lait {m}  :: milk chocolate
chocolat blanc {m}  :: white chocolate
chocolat chaud {m}  :: hot chocolate
chocolater {v} [rare]  :: To add chocolate to, to cover with chocolate
chocolaterie {f}  :: chocolate factory
chocolaterie {f}  :: chocolate shop
chocolatier {adj} [attributive]  :: chocolate
chocolatier {m}  :: chocolatier
chocolatine {f} [south half of France, Canada]  :: a chocolate-filled pastry
chocolatière {f}  :: (female) chocolatier
chocolat noir {m}  :: dark chocolate
choc terminal {m} [astronomy]  :: termination shock
choeur {m}  :: nonstandard spelling of chœur
choir {v} [literary]  :: to fall
choisir {v} [obsolete]  :: to perceive, distinguish
choisir {v}  :: to choose
choix {m}  :: choice
cholécalciférol {m} [biochemistry]  :: cholecalciferol
cholestérique {adj}  :: cholesteric
cholestérol {m}  :: cholesterol (an essential component of mammalian cell membranes)
cholestérolémie {f} [pathology]  :: cholesterolemia
choline {f} [biochemistry]  :: choline
Cholon {prop}  :: Cholon
choléra {m}  :: cholera (infectious disease)
cholérique {adj}  :: choleraic (pertaining to cholera)
cholérique {adj}  :: choleric (showing anger)
chomer {v}  :: alternative form of chômer
chondre {m} [mineralogy]  :: chondrule
chondrome {m}  :: chondroma
chondrosarcome {m}  :: chondrosarcoma
chondroïtine {m} [organic compound]  :: chondroitin
Chooz {prop}  :: A French commune in the département of Ardennes
chope {f} [colloquial]  :: beer, quick beer, quick one (glass of beer)
chope {f}  :: tankard, mug
choper {v} [slang]  :: steal: nick, pinch, swipe
chopine {f}  :: an amount of wine equivalent to an imperial pint
chopine {f}  :: a type of women's clog or overshoe; a chopine
chopine {f} [historical, Canada]  :: imperial pint
chopiner {v}  :: to tope (drink excessively)
chopper {vi} [archaic]  :: to stumble
choqué {adj}  :: shocked, startled
choquant {adj}  :: shocking (surprising)
choquer {v}  :: to hit, to collide
choquer {v}  :: to shock (surprise, startle)
Choquette {prop}  :: surname
choral {adj}  :: choral
choral {m}  :: chorale
chorale {f}  :: chorus (group of people in a play or performance who recite together), a choir
choralement {adv}  :: chorally
chorde {f}  :: obsolete form of corde
chorée {m} [pathology]  :: chorea
chorégraphe {mf}  :: choreographer
chorégraphie {f}  :: choreography
chorégraphier {v}  :: to choreograph
chorégraphique {adj}  :: choreographic
chorial {adj}  :: chorial
chorioptique {adj}  :: chorioptic
choriste {mf}  :: chorister
choriste {mf}  :: member of the chorus (operatic)
chorizo {m}  :: chorizo
chorographie {f}  :: chorography
chorus {m}  :: chorus
chose {f}  :: thing
chose jugée {f}  :: res judicata (something decided on by a court of law)
chose promise, chose due {proverb}  :: a promise is a promise
chott {m} [geology]  :: chott
chou {m}  :: baby, darling, sweetheart (term of endearment)
chou {m}  :: cabbage
Chou {prop}  :: Shu (Egyptology)
chouïa {adv} [colloquial]  :: little, bit
chouan {adj}  :: Chouan (attributive)
Chouan {prop}  :: surname
chouannerie {f}  :: counterrevolution
choucas {m}  :: jackdaw (Coloeus monedula)
Chouchanik {prop}  :: given name, Shushanik
chouchen {m}  :: alcoholic beverage made by fermenting honey, popular in Brittany. See also: hydromel
chouchou {m}  :: a hair scrunchie
chouchou {m} [childish]  :: term of endearment (like petit chou, mon chou)
chouchou {m} [Réunion]  :: chayote
chouchou {m}  :: teacher's pet (student perceived to be favored by the teacher)
chouchoute {f}  :: feminine noun of chouchou
chouchouter {vt}  :: to spoil, pamper
choucroute {f}  :: sauerkraut (a dish made by fermenting finely chopped cabbage)
chou de Bruxelles {m}  :: Brussels sprout
chouette {adj} [informal]  :: great, cool, swell
chouette {f}  :: owl (specifically, an owl without a crest)
chouette {interj} [informal]  :: Uttered when one learns of something pleasing
chouette effraie {f}  :: barn owl
chouette effraie {f}  :: screech owl
chouettement {adv} [informal]  :: really well
chou-fleur {m}  :: cauliflower
chou frisé {m}  :: curly kale
chouia {adv}  :: alternative form of chouïa
chouia {m} [Central Africa]  :: brochette, grilled meat
chouillat {adv}  :: alternative form of chouïa
Chouinard {prop}  :: surname
chouinegomme {m} [rare, dated]  :: chewing gum
choupique {m} [Louisiana French]  :: bowfin, mudfish
chouré {adj} [slang]  :: hot, stolen
chou-rave {m}  :: kohlrabi (cabbage cultivar)
chouraver {v} [slang]  :: To nick, pinch (steal)
chourer {v}  :: To steal
chouriner {v} [obsolete, slang]  :: to knife, stab
choute {f}  :: feminine noun of chou
chow mein {m}  :: chow mein
choyer {v}  :: to cherish, pamper
chèque {m}  :: check (a note promising to pay money to a named person or entity)
chèque en blanc {m}  :: blank cheque (a signed cheque with the value left blank)
chéquier {m}  :: chequebook
chère {f} [archaic , or , humorous]  :: fare, food, cheer
chère {f} [obsolete]  :: visage, face
chèrement {adv}  :: dearly
chresmologue {mf}  :: chresmologue
chéri {adj}  :: cherished; beloved
chéri {m}  :: dear, darling, honey, sweetheart
chérie {f}  :: feminine noun of chéri
chérif {m}  :: sharif
Chérif {prop} {m}  :: given name: Sharif
chérifien {adj}  :: Sherifian
chérir {vt}  :: to cherish
Christ {prop} {m}  :: Christ
christadelphe {adj}  :: Christadelphian
christadelphe {mf}  :: Christadelphian
Christelle {prop}  :: given name, variant of Christine
Christian {prop}  :: given name, cognate to Christian
Christiane {prop} {f}  :: given name, feminine form of Christian, cognate to English Christiana
christianisé {adj}  :: Christianized
christianisation {f}  :: Christianization
christianiser {v}  :: to Christianize (to convert to Christianity)
christianisme {m}  :: Christianity
Christine {prop} {f}  :: given name, cognate to Christina
christique {adj}  :: Christlike
Christophe {prop}  :: given name, French form of Christopher
Christopher {prop}  :: given name
chrématistique {adj}  :: chrematistic
chrématistique {f}  :: chrematistics
chromé {adj}  :: chrome / chromium (attributive)
chromé {adj}  :: chromium-plated
chromage {m}  :: chrome plating
chromamétrique {adj}  :: chromometric
chromatine {f} [cytology]  :: chromatin
chromatinique {adj} [cytology]  :: chromatinic
chromatique {adj}  :: chromatic
chromatiquement {adv}  :: chromatically
chromatogramme {m} [chemistry]  :: chromatogram
chromatographe {m} [chemistry]  :: chromatograph
chromatographie {f} [analytical chemistry]  :: chromatography
chromatographique {adj}  :: chromatographic
chromatopsie {f}  :: chromatopsia
chrome {m}  :: chromium
chromique {adj}  :: chromic
chromolithographie {f}  :: chromolithography
chromoprotéine {f} [protein]  :: chromoprotein
chromosome {m} [biology, cytology]  :: chromosome
chromosome Y {m} [genetics]  :: Y chromosome
chromosomique {adj}  :: chromosomal (of, or relating to chromosomes)
chromosphère {f}  :: chromosphere
chromotypographie {f}  :: chromotypography
Chæronée {prop} {f}  :: obsolete form of Chéronée
chronicité {f}  :: chronicity
chronique {adj}  :: chronic (that which continues over an extended period of time)
chronique {f}  :: chronicle
chronique {f}  :: newspaper column
chronique {mf}  :: a patient who has a chronic condition
chroniquement {adv}  :: chronically
chroniquer {v}  :: to chronicle
chroniquer {v}  :: to write a column (for a newpaper)
chronique scandaleuse {f}  :: Chronique scandaleuse
chroniqueur {m}  :: chronicler
chroniqueur {m}  :: columnist
chrono {m} [informal]  :: timer
chrono {m} [informal]  :: time (the length of time recorded on a timer)
chrono- {prefix}  :: chrono-
chronocide {m}  :: chronocide
chronographe {m}  :: chronograph
chronologie {f}  :: chronology
chronologique {adj}  :: chronological
chronologiquement {adv}  :: chronologically
chronométrage {m}  :: timing (action of keeping time or a record of timing)
chronomètre {m} [computing]  :: timer
chronomètre {m} [sports]  :: stopwatch
chronomètre {m} [timing]  :: chronometer
chronométrer {v}  :: to time (measure time)
chronométreur {m}  :: timekeeper, a person who records the times elapsed in a sporting event
chronométrie {f}  :: chronometry
chronométrique {adj}  :: chronometric
chronophage {adj}  :: time-consuming
chronophotographie {f}  :: chronophotography
chronopsychologie {f}  :: chronopsychology
chronostratigraphie {f} [geology]  :: chronostratigraphy
chronostratigraphique {adj}  :: chronostratigraphic
chronotachygraphe {m}  :: tachograph
chörten {m} [Buddhism]  :: chorten, Tibetan stupa
chrétien {adj}  :: Christian
chrétien {m}  :: Christian; follower of the Christian faith
Chrétien {m}  :: Christian (member of the Christian religion)
Chrétien {prop}  :: surname
chrétienne {f}  :: feminine noun of chrétien
Chrétienne {f}  :: feminine noun of Chrétien
chrétiennement {adv} [religion]  :: Christianly
chrétienté {f}  :: Christendom
chérubin {m}  :: cherub
chrysalide {f}  :: pupa, chrysalis
chrysanthème {m}  :: chrysanthemum
chrysène {m} [organic compound]  :: chrysene
chrysobéryl {m} [mineral]  :: chrysoberyl
chrysolithe {f}  :: chrysolite
chrysomèle {m}  :: leaf beetle (of family Chrysomelidae)
chrysothérapie {f}  :: chrysotherapy
CHSLD {m}  :: abbreviation of centre d'hébergement et de soins de longue durée (lit. long-term care and housing center)
châsse {f}  :: coffin
châsse {f}  :: reliquary
châssis {m}  :: chassis, frame
châssis {m} [Québec, Acadia, Louisiana]  :: window
châtaigne {f}  :: (sweet) chestnut
châtaigneraie {f}  :: chestnut plantation
châtaignier {m}  :: chestnut; chestnut tree
châtain {adj} [hair]  :: chestnut-coloured, brown
châtain {adj}  :: having brown hair, brunette
châtain {m}  :: chestnut brown
chtarbé {adj} [slang]  :: crazy, bonkers
château {m}  :: castle (fortified building or similar structure; winegrower's estate)
châteaubriand {m}  :: alternate form of chateaubriand
châteaubriant {m}  :: alternate spelling of chateaubriand
château d'eau {m}  :: water tower
château de cartes {m}  :: house of cards
château de sable {m}  :: sandcastle
château-fort {m}  :: castle (fortified building)
château lapompe {m} [familiar, humorous]  :: tap water
châteaux en Espagne {mp}  :: castles in the air; pipe dreams
châtelain {m} [obsolete]  :: lord (master of a household)
châtelain {m}  :: someone who lives in a castle
châtelaine {f}  :: feminine noun of châtelain
châtellenie {f}  :: lordship (jurisdiction of a châtelain)
châtelleraudais {adj}  :: Of or from Châtellerault
Châtellerault {prop}  :: A town in the Vienne department of Poitou-Charentes
Châtelperron {prop}  :: A small town in the Allier region of Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes
châtelperronien {adj}  :: Châtelperronian
chtetl {m}  :: alternative spelling of shtetl
chthonien {adj}  :: chthonian
châtié {adj}  :: refined
ch'ti {adj}  :: alternative spelling of chti
chti {adj}  :: Of, or pertaining to the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region, or its inhabitants, culture or dialect
ch'ti {m}  :: alternative spelling of chti
chti {m}  :: chtimi, the regional dialect of Picard spoken in Nord-Pas-de-Calais
Chti {mf}  :: someone from the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region of France, especially someone who speaks Picard
châtier {vt}  :: to chastise, punish, castigate
chétif {adj}  :: meagre, paltry
chétif {adj}  :: puny, scrawny
châtiment {m}  :: punishment
chtimi {adj}  :: Of, or pertaining to, the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region
chtimi {m}  :: chti, a Picard dialect spoken in Nord-Pas-de-Calais region
Chtimi {mf}  :: Someone from the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region
chétivement {adv}  :: meagrely
chétivement {adv}  :: punily
chtonien {adj}  :: alternative form of chthonien
châtré {adj}  :: castrated
châtré {m}  :: eunuch
châtrer {v}  :: to castrate
châtreur {m}  :: castrator, gelder
châtreuse {f}  :: feminine singular of châtreur
chu {phrase} [Quebec, colloquial]  :: I am
CHU {m}  :: abbreviation of centre hospitalier universitaire (lit. university hospital center); a teaching hospital
Chuchanik {prop}  :: alternative form of Chouchanik
chuchotage {m}  :: chuchotage
chuchotage {m} [rare]  :: whispering
chuchotement {m}  :: A whisper or murmur
chuchotement {m}  :: Rustling (of leaves)
chuchoter {v} [of leaves]  :: to rustle
chuchoter {v}  :: to whisper
chuchoteur {m}  :: whisperer
chuchoteuse {f}  :: feminine noun of chuchoteur
chuintement {m}  :: buzz
chuintement {m}  :: lisp
chuintement {m}  :: swish, hiss
chuinter {vi} [of a door]  :: to creak
chuinter {vi} [of a machine]  :: to buzz, whirr, whoosh
chuinter {vi} [of an owl]  :: to hoot, screech
chuinter {vi} [of tires]  :: to hiss
chuinter {vi}  :: to pronounce the phoneme s as ʃ, often seen as a speech defect or regionalism. Can be compared to lisping in the English language.
chuinter {vi}  :: to swish
chum {m} [Canada, chiefly, slang]  :: A friend, usually male; a chum (Feminine form: chum de fille)
chum {m} [Canada, informal]  :: A boyfriend (Feminine form: blonde)
chum de fille {f} [Canada, informal]  :: Non-romantic girlfriend, female friend (especially of a woman)
chœur {m}  :: choir
chœur {m}  :: chorus
chut {interj}  :: shush (a request of silence)
chute {f}  :: conclusion (of a joke or a story, i.e. the last words that bring the comic effect or the conclusion)
chute {f}  :: fall
chute {f}  :: fall, drop (e.g. in price)
chute {f}  :: final part of an ensemble or a shape
chute {f}  :: waterfall
chute libre {f} [physics]  :: Freefall
chuter {v}  :: (e.g. of prices) to fall, to drop
chuter {v}  :: to fall, to drop
chutney {m}  :: chutney (condiment)
chèvre {f}  :: goat
chèvre {m}  :: goat cheese (US), goat's cheese (UK)
chèvrechoutiste {adj} [Belgium]  :: Attempting to please everybody or reconcile conflicting options
chèvrefeuille {m} [plant]  :: honeysuckle
chymie {f}  :: obsolete spelling of chimie
chymiste {mf}  :: obsolete spelling of chimiste
chymotrypsine {f}  :: chymotrypsin
Chypre {prop} {f}  :: Cyprus. official name : République de Chypre
chypriote {adj}  :: alternative spelling of cypriote
Chypriote {mf}  :: alternative spelling of Cypriote
ci {adv}  :: here
ci {adv}  :: this
-ci {particle}  :: this: always used with ce or pronouns such as celui, celle
CIA {prop} {f}  :: CIA (Central Intelligence Agency)
ciao {interj}  :: ciao
cibiste {mf}  :: breaker (user of CB radio)
ciblage {m}  :: targeting
cible {f}  :: aim, goal (figurative)
cible {f}  :: target (literal)
cibler {vt}  :: to target
ciboire {m} [Quebec]  :: A mild profanity
ciboire {m}  :: The ciborium cup
cibole {interj} [Quebec, euphemistic]  :: alternative form of ciboire
ciboule {f}  :: scallion (Allium fistulosum)
ciboulette {f}  :: chives (the herb)
ciboulette {f}  :: chive (the plant)
ciboulot {m} [colloquial]  :: bonce, nut, noggin (head)
cicatrice {f}  :: scar
cicatrisant {adj}  :: that heals wounds
cicatrisation {f}  :: scarring
cicatriser {v}  :: to scar
cicindèle {f}  :: tiger beetle (of genus Cicindela)
ci-contre {prep}  :: thereagainst
CICR {prop} {m}  :: ICRC (International Committee of the Red Cross)
Cicéron {prop} {m}  :: Cicero
cicérone {m}  :: cicerone
ci-dessous {adv}  :: below, underneath (under this point)
ci-dessus {adv}  :: above, above here
ci-devant {adj}  :: formerly
ci-devant {adj}  :: one-time
ci-devant {mf} [historical, French Revolution]  :: former aristocrat
cidre {m}  :: cider
cidre de glace {m}  :: ice cider (alcoholic beverage made from fermented apple juice squeezed from naturally frozen apples left on the tree into winter)
cidre de poire {m}  :: pear cider (an apple-based alcoholic cider infused with pear or artificial pear flavour)
cidre de poire {m}  :: synonym of poiré (perry)
cidre mousseux {m}  :: sparkling cider (a bubbly fizzy alcoholic potable created from fermented apple juices similar to champagne)
cidrerie {f}  :: cider house
cidrerie {f}  :: cider-makers
cidrier {m}  :: cider brewer
cie {f} [business]  :: abbreviation of compagnie - Co. (company)
ciel {interj}  :: heavens!
ciel {m}  :: canopy (of a bed, etc.)
ciel {m}  :: heaven
ciel {m}  :: sky
cierge {m} [botany]  :: cereus
cierge {m} [religion]  :: candle
cigale {f}  :: cicada (any of several insects of the order Hemiptera)
cigare {m}  :: cigar
cigarette {f}  :: cigarette
cigarettier {m}  :: cigarette company
cigarettier {m}  :: cigarette seller
cigüe {f}  :: hemlock (umbellifer)
cigogne {f}  :: stork
cigogne blanche {f}  :: white stork (large wading bird, Ciconia ciconia)
ci-gît {phrase} [epitaph]  :: here lies
ciguë {f}  :: hemlock (umbellifer)
ci-joint {adj}  :: attached
ci-joint {adj}  :: enclosed
ci-joint {adv}  :: herewith
cil {m}  :: eyelash
cilié {adj} [biology]  :: ciliated
cilié {m} [botany]  :: Ciliate
cilié {m} [zoology]  :: Ciliate
ciliaire {adj}  :: ciliary
ciliature {f}  :: ciliature
Cilicie {prop}  :: Cilicia
ciller {v}  :: to bat an eyelash
ciller {v}  :: to blink
cimaise {f}  :: cymatium
cimaise {f}  :: picture rail
cime {f}  :: peak, summit (of mountain)
cime {f}  :: top (of tree)
ciment {m}  :: cement
cimentation {f}  :: cementation
cimentation {f}  :: cementing
cimenter {vt}  :: to cement
cimenter {vt}  :: to confirm
cimenterie {f}  :: cement works
cimentier {m}  :: cementer (someone who works with cement)
cimentière {f}  :: feminine noun of cimentier
cimer {interj} [slang]  :: thank you; thanks
cimeterre {m}  :: scimitar
cimetière {m}  :: cemetery, graveyard
cimmérien {adj}  :: cimmerian
ciné {m} [colloquial]  :: cinema; movie theater
cinabre {m} [mineral]  :: cinnabar
cinéaste {mf}  :: filmmaker
cinchonacé {adj}  :: cinchonaceous
cindynique {f}  :: cindynics
cingalais {adj}  :: Sinhalese
cingalais {m}  :: Sinhalese language
cinghalais {adj}  :: alternative spelling of cingalais
cinghalais {m}  :: alternative spelling of cingalais
cinglé {adj} [slang]  :: nuts, bonkers, crazy
cinglage {m}  :: shingling (in iron making)
cinglant {adj}  :: scathing, stinging
cingler {v}  :: to hit; to strike; to knock
cingler {v}  :: to sail; to navigate
cinéma {m}  :: cinema (film or movies as a group)
cinéma {m}  :: cinema (movie theatre)
cinéma {m}  :: cinema (the art of making films and movies)
cinéma {m}  :: cinema (the film and movie industry)
cinéma {m} [informal]  :: playacting, drama, fuss
cinémathèque {f}  :: film archive
cinématique {adj}  :: kinematic
cinématique {f} [physics]  :: kinematics
cinématiquement {adv}  :: cinematically
cinématographe {m}  :: cinematograph
cinématographie {f}  :: cinematography
cinématographique {adj}  :: cinematographic
cinématographiquement {adv}  :: cinematographically
cinnamaldéhyde {m} [organic compound]  :: cinnamaldehyde
cinnamique {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: cinnamic
cinoche {m} [slang]  :: movie, pictures
cinoque {adj}  :: alternative spelling of sinoque
cinéphage {f}  :: moviegoer; film buff, movie junkie
cinéphagie {f}  :: movie addiction; quality of being a film junkie
cinéphile {mf}  :: cinephile
cinéphilie {f}  :: cinephilia
cinq {num}  :: five
cinq à sept {m} [France, colloquial, idiomatic]  :: quick afternoon tryst
cinq à sept {m} [Quebec]  :: afternoon get-together similar to a happy hour, cocktail party, or wine and cheese, held approximately between 5 and 7 p.m
cinquantaine {f}  :: About 50
cinquante {m}  :: fifty
cinquante {num}  :: fifty
cinquantenaire {m}  :: fifty-year anniversary
cinquantième {adj}  :: fiftieth
cinquantième {mf}  :: fiftieth
cinquième {adj}  :: fifth
cinquième {mf}  :: fifth
cinquièmement {adv}  :: fifthly
cinquième roue du carrosse {f} [idiomatic]  :: fifth wheel (anything superfluous or unnecessary)
cinéraire {adj}  :: cinerary
cinsault {m}  :: cinsault (grape and wine)
cinsaut {m}  :: alternative form of cinsault
cinèse {f}  :: alternative form of kinèse
cinétique {adj}  :: kinetic (relating to motion)
cinétique {f}  :: kinetics
cinétiquement {adv}  :: kinetically
cintré {adj}  :: curved
cintré {adj}  :: fitted (clothes)
cintrage {m}  :: centering (temporary support to an arch)
cintre {m} [architecture]  :: centring
cintre {m} [architecture]  :: curve
cintre {m}  :: hanger (for clothes)
cintrer {vt}  :: to bend
cintrer {vt}  :: to take in [at the waist]
cintrer {vt}  :: to vault
cipaille {m} [Canada]  :: sea pie
cipaye {m}  :: A sepoy, native Indian soldier in a European colonial regiment, notably in British or French service, mostly infantry
CIPM {prop} {m} [physics, standardisation]  :: initialism of w:Comité International des Poids et Mesures
cippe {m}  :: cippus
ciprofloxacine {f} [medicine]  :: ciprofloxacin
cirage {m}  :: polish (product used to make things shiny)
cirage {m}  :: waxing, polishing, wax, polish (act of waxing or polishing)
circa {prep}  :: approximately, about
circadien {adj}  :: circadian
circassien {adj}  :: Circassian
circassien {adj}  :: circus (attributive)
circassien {m}  :: A member of a circus troupe
circassien {m}  :: Circassian
circaète {m}  :: snake eagle
circaète jean-le-blanc {m}  :: short-toed snake eagle
circoncellion {m}  :: circumcellion
circoncire {v}  :: to circumcise
circoncision {f}  :: circumcision (excising foreskin from penis)
circonfixe {m}  :: circumfix (affix with both a pre- and sufixing part)
circonflexe {adj}  :: circumflex
circonflexe {m}  :: circumflex (diacritic)
circonférence {f}  :: circumference
circonlocution {f}  :: circumlocution
circonscription {f}  :: electoral district, constituency, riding
circonscrire {v}  :: to circumscribe (all meanings)
circonspect {adj}  :: circumspect, cautious, prudent
circonspectement {adv}  :: circumspectly, cautiously, prudently
circonspection {f}  :: circumspection (attention to all the facts and circumstances)
circonstance {f}  :: circumstance
circonstance atténuante {f}  :: extenuating circumstance
circonstancié {adj}  :: circumstantial
circonstancié {adj}  :: detailed
circonstancié {adj}  :: particular
circonstanciel {adj} [grammar]  :: adjectival
circonstancier {vt}  :: to present the circumstances of an affair
circonvallation {f}  :: circumvallation
circonvenir {vt}  :: to circumvent
circonvoisin {adj}  :: neighboring, located around, circumjacent
circonvolution {f}  :: convolution, twist
circuit {m}  :: circuit
circuiter {v}  :: To circuit
circulaire {adj}  :: circular
circulaire {f}  :: decree
circulaire {f}  :: election leaflet [1][2]
circulairement {adv}  :: circularly
circulateur {m}  :: circulator
circulation {f} [anatomy]  :: circulation (of blood)
circulation {f}  :: circulation (act of moving in a circular shape)
circulation {f}  :: distribution, circulation (of a newspaper/magazine)
circulation {f}  :: traffic
circulation alternée {f}  :: Road space rationing (traffic management via alternation of the direction of circulation)
circulatoire {adj}  :: circulatory
circuler {vi}  :: To circulate
circuler {vi}  :: To go by, to get around
circulène {m} [organic compound]  :: circulene
circumbinaire {adj} [astronomy]  :: circumbinary
circumlunaire {adj}  :: circumlunar
circumnavigation {f}  :: circumnavigation
circumpolaire {adj}  :: circumpolar
circumterrestre {adj}  :: circumterrestrial (around the globe)
cire {f}  :: beeswax
cire {f}  :: cere
cire {f}  :: earwax
cire {f}  :: sealing wax
cire {f}  :: wax
cire {f}  :: (wax) taper (wax candle)
cire perdue {f}  :: lost wax, cire perdue
cirer {v}  :: to wax (apply wax to something)
cirer les pompes {v} [idiomatic, slang]  :: to suck up, to flatter
cireur {m}  :: shoeshine boy, shoeshiner
cireuse {f}  :: (electric floor) polisher, floor polishing machine
cireuse {f}  :: shoeshine girl, (female) shoeshiner
cireux {adj}  :: waxen
cireux {adj}  :: waxy, sallow
cirque {m}  :: circus
cirque {m} [colloquial]  :: a mess, a disorder
cirque {m} [geology]  :: cirque
cirque {m} [historical]  :: a circular arena, such as in the ancient Roman Empire
cirrhose {f}  :: Cirrhosis
cisaillant {adj}  :: clipping, shearing
cisailler {vt}  :: to clip, shear
cisailles {fp}  :: shears, clippers
cisalpin {adj}  :: cisalpine
ciseau {m}  :: chisel
ciseau {m} [colloquial]  :: scissors
ciseau {m}  :: scissor kick
ciseau {m}  :: sculpture
ciseler {v} [of spices]  :: to chop finely
ciseler {v}  :: to chisel
ciselet {m}  :: small pair of scissors
ciseleur {m}  :: chiseler (one who uses a chisel for carving)
ciseleuse {f}  :: feminine noun of ciseleur
cisellement {m}  :: chiseling (action of chiseling)
ciselure {f}  :: carving, tooling
ciselure {f}  :: engraving, chasing
cisgenre {adj}  :: cisgender (definition)
cisgenre {mf}  :: cis person
Cisjordanie {prop} {f}  :: West Bank
cisplatine {m}  :: cisplatin
cistercien {adj}  :: Cistercian
cistercien {m}  :: Cistercian
cistre {m} [musical instruments]  :: cittern
cistronique {adj} [genetics]  :: cistronic
cité {f}  :: city
cité {f}  :: housing estate
citadelle {f}  :: citadel
citadin {adj}  :: of or pertaining to a city
citadin {mf}  :: city dweller, urbanite
citadinité {f}  :: citizenry (the state of being a city-dweller)
citation {f}  :: citation, quotation
citer {v}  :: to cite, to quote
citer {v}  :: to name
citer {v}  :: to summon
citerne {f}  :: cistern
cithare {f}  :: zither (musical instrument)
citoyen {m}  :: citizen
citoyenne {f}  :: feminine noun of citoyen
citoyenneté {f}  :: citizenship
citriculture {f}  :: citricutlure
citérieur {adj} [rare, literary]  :: hither; located near a certain point, usually defined relative to the speaker
citrine {f}  :: citrine
citrinine {f} [organic compound]  :: citrinin
citrique {adj} [chemistry]  :: citric
citron {m}  :: brimstone [butterfly]
citron {m} [colloquial]  :: noggin (head)
citron {m}  :: lemon
citron {m}  :: lime [citrus]
citron {m} [Quebec, informal]  :: lemon (defective item)
Citroën {prop}  :: A French automobile manufacturer
citronné {adj}  :: lemon flavoured or scented
citronnade {f}  :: lemonade
citronnelle {f}  :: lemongrass
citronnier {m}  :: lemon tree
citron vert {m}  :: lime [citrus]
citrouille {adj}  :: pumpkin, pumpkin-colored
citrouille {f}  :: pumpkin (the fruit)
City {prop} {f} [finance, with definite article]  :: the City
Ciudad de Guatemala {prop} {f}  :: Guatemala City
cive {f}  :: chive
civelot {m} [military slang]  :: civvy, civilian
civet {m}  :: (cuisine) ragout of hare, rabbit or wild mammal, with red wine and onions, bound with the animal’s blood
civette {f}  :: civet
civettone {f} [organic compound]  :: civetone
civil {adj}  :: civilian
civil {adj}  :: civil [war, marriage etc.]
civil {adj} [literary]  :: civil, courteous, polite
civil {adj} [politics]  :: lay
civil {m}  :: civilian
civilement {adv}  :: civilly
civilisé {adj}  :: civilized
civilisable {adj}  :: civilizable
civilisateur {adj}  :: civilizing
civilisation {f}  :: civilization
civilisationnel {adj}  :: civilizational
civiliser {vt}  :: To civilize
civilité {f}  :: civility
civilité {f} [in the plural]  :: compliments
civique {adj}  :: civic
civière {f} [historical]  :: the rank of a noble without a fief
civière {f}  :: stretcher (for carrying injured people, etc.)
civisme {m}  :: citizenship
civisme {m}  :: public-spiritedness
civétone {f} [organic compound]  :: civetone
ckoi {abbr} [internet slang, texting]  :: c'est quoi
clé {f}  :: key (device for unlocking)
clé {f}  :: key (essential attribute)
clé {f}  :: wrench, spanner
Cl. {f} [music]  :: Cl. (clarinet)
clac {m}  :: a clack (clacking sound)
clac {m}  :: a hit; a strike
cœlacanthe {m}  :: coelacanth
clade {m}  :: branch
clade {m}  :: clade
céladon {adj}  :: celadon
céladon {m}  :: celadon (color)
céladon {m}  :: celadon (glaze)
clafoutis {m} [culinary]  :: clafoutis (type of dessert cake made with fresh fruits and batter)
claie {f}  :: hurdle (temporary fence, hedge)
claie {f}  :: wicker rack; trellis
clair {adj}  :: clear (see-through)
clair {adj}  :: clear (understandable)
clair {adj}  :: [of a color] light (having a light shade, not dark)
clair {adv}  :: clearly
clair {m}  :: light
clairage {m}  :: clarity, transparency
clair comme de l'eau de roche {adj} [simile]  :: crystal clear
clair de lune {m}  :: moonlight
clair de Terre {m}  :: Earthshine (reflected Earthlight)
Claire {prop}  :: given name
clairement {adv}  :: clearly
clairer {vt}  :: to enlighten
clairet {adj}  :: claret coloured
clairet {m}  :: an infusion of fragrant plants in honeyed wine
clairet {m}  :: claret (wine)
claire-voie {f} [architecture]  :: clerestory (high section of wall that contains windows above eye level)
clairière {f}  :: clearing (an area of land within a wood or forest devoid of trees)
clair-obscur {m} [arts]  :: chiaroscuro
clairon {m}  :: bugler (someone who plays the bugle)
clairon {m} [musical instruments]  :: bugle (music: a simple brass instrument consisting of a horn with no valves)
clairon {m} [music]  :: clairon (saxophone register)
claironner {v}  :: to bugle (play the bugle)
claironner {v}  :: to holler, yell
clairsemé {adj}  :: scattered
clairsemé {adj}  :: sparse
clairsemer {v}  :: To disperse, scatter
clairsemer {v}  :: To dwindle
clairsemer {v}  :: To thin out
clairvoyance {f}  :: clairvoyance
clamecer {v}  :: to snuff it
clamer {v}  :: to proclaim
clameur {f}  :: outcry
clameur de haro {f}  :: hue and cry
clampin {m}  :: laggard
clamser {v} [colloquial]  :: to die
clan {m}  :: clan
clanche {f} [Lorraine, Normandy, Champagne Ardennes, Alsace]  :: doorknob
clandestin {adj}  :: clandestine
clandestinement {adv}  :: clandestinely
clandestinité {f}  :: clandestinity
clé anglaise {f}  :: monkey wrench (a wrench)
clanique {adj}  :: clannish
clanisme {m}  :: clanism (society based on clans)
clap {m}  :: clapperboard
claper {v}  :: to clap; to clack (make a clapping noise)
clapet {m} [informal]  :: mouth
clapet {m}  :: valve
clapier {m}  :: an overcrowded, unhealthy dwelling, dump
clapier {m}  :: rabbit hutch
clapier {m}  :: scree
clapotant {adj}  :: lapping
clapotement {m}  :: lapping of water
clapoter {v} [of , water]  :: to swash, slosh, lap
clapoteux {adj}  :: choppy (of seas etc)
clapotis {m}  :: lapping of water against a surface
clapper {v}  :: to click (the tongue)
claqué {adj} [colloquial]  :: dead
claqué {adj} [colloquial]  :: knackered
claquage {m}  :: electrical breakdown
claquage {m}  :: pulled muscle
claque {f} [Quebec]  :: overshoe
claque {f}  :: slap
claque {f}  :: slap on the cheek
claque {f} [sports]  :: thrashing; thumping (heavy defeat)
claque {m} [slang]  :: gambling den
claque {m} [slang]  :: whorehouse, brothel
claquement {m}  :: a click or clacking sound; crack
claquemuré {adj}  :: caged, cooped up
claquemuré {adj}  :: enclosed
claquemuré {adj}  :: isolated
claquemuré {adj}  :: shut-in, shut up
claquemurer {vr} [informal]  :: to limit or restrict oneself
claquemurer {vr}  :: to shut oneself away
claquemurer {vt} [figurative]  :: to trap
claquemurer {vt}  :: to enclose
claquemurer {vt}  :: to shut up, shut in
claquer {vi} [of a flag]  :: to flap
claquer {vi} [of a whip]  :: to crack
claquer {vi} [of fingers]  :: to click, to snap
claquer {vi} [of gunshots]  :: to rattle
claquer {vi} [of shutters]  :: to rattle
claquer {vi} [of teeth]  :: to chatter
claquer {vi}  :: to clack (make a sharp sound)
claquer {vi}  :: to click (to make a click sound with the mouth)
claquer {v} [of hands]  :: to clap
claquer {vr}  :: to snap
claquer {v}  :: to sole a shoe
claquer {vt}  :: to slam (a door)
claquer {vt}  :: to slap (hit with the hand)
claquettes {fp}  :: tap dancing
Clara {prop}  :: given name
clarification {f}  :: clarification
clarifier {v}  :: to clarify
clarinette {f}  :: clarinet
clarinettiste {mf}  :: clarinetist
Clariond {prop}  :: surname
Clarisse {prop}  :: given name, equivalent to Clarissa
clarissime {adj}  :: superclear
clarté {f}  :: clarity
clarté {f}  :: light, illumination
Clary {prop}  :: surname
clasico {m} [football]  :: An annual football match between Olympique de Marseille and Paris Saint-Germain F.C
classable {adj}  :: classable
classe {f}  :: class, type, group
classe {f} [military]  :: "Une classe de conscrits" refers to all the recruits conscripted in a particular year. In the plural, "classes" refers to a period of military training
classe {f} [object-oriented programming]  :: class
classe abstraite {f} [object-oriented]  :: abstract class
classe anonyme {f} [object-oriented]  :: anonymous class
classe concrète {f} [object-oriented]  :: concrete class
classe dérivée {f} [object-oriented]  :: derived class
classe externe {f} [object-oriented]  :: outer class
classe fille {f} [object-oriented]  :: subclass
classe finale {f} [object-oriented]  :: final class
classe générique {f} [object-oriented]  :: generic class
classe interne {f} [object-oriented]  :: nested class
classe lexicale {f}  :: part of speech
classe locale {f} [object-oriented]  :: local class
classe membre {f} [object-oriented]  :: member class
classement {m}  :: classification
classement {m}  :: ranking
classement {m}  :: sorting, ordering
classe moyenne {f}  :: middle class
classe mère {f} [object-oriented]  :: superclass
classer {vt}  :: to classify
classer {vt}  :: to file
classe statique {f} [object-oriented]  :: static class
classeur {m}  :: file (stationery to keep documents together)
classe wrapper {f} [object-oriented]  :: wrapper class
classicisme {m}  :: classicism
classificateur {m} [grammar]  :: measure word, classifier
classification {f}  :: classification
classifier {v}  :: to classify
classifieur {m} [object-oriented]  :: Classifier
classique {adj}  :: classic
classique {adj}  :: classical
classique {m}  :: classic, a classic work of art, literature etc
classiquement {adv}  :: classically
clastique {adj} [geology]  :: clastic
clastogène {adj}  :: clastogenic
clathrate {m} [chemistry]  :: A clathrate compound
Claude {prop}  :: given name
Claude {prop}  :: given name, cognate to Claude
Claude {prop}  :: surname
Claudette {prop}  :: given name, a feminine diminutive from of Claude
Claudia {prop}  :: given name, a latinate variant of the female given name Claudie
claudication {f}  :: limp, lameness
Claudie {prop}  :: given name, equivalent to Claudia
claudien {adj}  :: Claudian
Claudine {prop}  :: given name, a feminine diminutive form of Claude
claudiquer {v}  :: to limp
clause {f}  :: clause
claustral {adj}  :: claustral (relating to a cloister)
claustration {f}  :: confinement
claustration {f} [psychology]  :: withdrawal
claustrer {vt}  :: to confine
claustrophobe {adj}  :: claustrophobic
claustrophobe {mf}  :: claustrophobe
claustrophobie {f}  :: claustrophobia
clavardage {m} [Internet, Quebec]  :: online chatting
clavarder {v} [Canada]  :: to chat by typing on a keyboard
claveau {m} [architecture]  :: keystone
clavecin {m} [musical instruments]  :: harpsichord (musical instrument)
claveciniste {mf}  :: harpsichordist
clavette {f}  :: key, peg
claviculaire {adj}  :: clavicular
claviculaire {adj}  :: (less frequently) of, pertaining to the ankle
clavicule {f}  :: clavicle
clavier {m}  :: Keyboard (musical instrument)
clavier {m}  :: keyboard (of a computer)
claviériste {mf}  :: keyboardist
clayette {f}  :: shelf (in a refrigerator)
clayette {f}  :: small slatted tray
claymore {f}  :: claymore
clébard {m} [derogatory, slang]  :: dog; pooch
célébrateur {m}  :: celebrator
célébration {f}  :: celebration
célébratrice {f}  :: feminine singular of célébrateur
célèbre {adj}  :: famous
célébrer {v}  :: to celebrate
célébrissime {adj}  :: superfamous
célébrité {f} [countable]  :: a celebrity
célébrité {f} [uncountable]  :: the celebrity
clé à cliquet {f}  :: ratchet wrench (a type of wrench)
clé à douille {f}  :: socket wrench (a type of wrench)
clebs {m} [slang]  :: dog, mutt
clef {f}  :: alternative form of clé
clef {f} [heraldiccharge]  :: key; the device as shown on a coat of arms
clef {f} [music]  :: clef
clef de voûte {f}  :: keystone (of a vault)
cleido- {prefix}  :: Pertaining to clavicle
clenche {f}  :: latch, clench
cœlentéré {adj}  :: coelenteric
cœlentéré {m}  :: coelenterate
clepsydre {f}  :: water clock, clepsydra
cleptocrate {mf}  :: kleptocrat (corrupt leader)
cleptocratie {f}  :: alternative form of kleptocratie
cleptomane {mf}  :: kleptomaniac
cleptomanie {f}  :: kleptomania
céler {vt}  :: obsolete form of celer
clerc {m}  :: a clergyman, usually in Christianity
clerc {m}  :: clerk (office worker)
clergé {m}  :: clergy (people trained to officiate at religious ceremonies and services)
céleri {m}  :: celery
cèleri {m}  :: celery
célerin {m}  :: a kind of sardine
céleri-rave {m}  :: celeriac
Clermont-Ferrand {prop} {m}  :: Clermont-Ferrand
clermontois {adj}  :: of or from any of the French towns called Clermont
clermontois {adj}  :: of or from Clermont-Ferrand
Clermontois {m}  :: someone of or from any of the French towns called Clermont
Clermontois {m}  :: someone of or from Clermont-Ferrand
Clermontoise {f}  :: feminine noun of Clermontois
célesta {m} [musical instrument]  :: celesta
cæleste {adj}  :: obsolete form of céleste
céleste {adj}  :: celestial
Céleste {prop} {f}  :: given name, equivalent to Celeste
célestement {adv}  :: celestially
célestine {f} [mineral]  :: celestine
Célia {prop}  :: given name, cognate to Celia
cœlialgie {f}  :: coeliac disease
cœliaque {adj}  :: celiac
cælibat {m}  :: obsolete form of célibat
célibat {m}  :: celibacy (state of being unmarried)
célibat {m}  :: celibacy (state of not engaging in sexual intercourse)
célibataire {adj}  :: single (without a life partner)
célibataire {mf}  :: a single (person who is single)
clic {m} [computing]  :: click
cliché {m} [by extension]  :: snapshot
cliché {m} [figurative]  :: cliché; stereotype (overused phrase or expression)
cliché {m} [photography]  :: negative
cliché {m} [printing]  :: stereotype (printing plate)
clicher {v}  :: to stereotype (in either sense of the word)
client {m}  :: customer; client (one who purchases or receives a product or service)
cliente {f}  :: feminine noun of client
clientèle {f}  :: clientele (body of clients)
clientélisme {m}  :: clientelism
clientélisme {m}  :: patronage
clientéliste {adj}  :: clientelist
clignement {m}  :: wink, blink
clignement {m}  :: winking, blinking
cligner {v}  :: to squint
cligner des yeux {v} [idiomatic]  :: to wink
clignotant {m}  :: indicator (in a vehicle, to signal a turn)
clignotement {m}  :: blink, blinking
clignoter {v}  :: to blink
clignoter {v}  :: to indicate (flash the lights on a vehicle)
clim {f} [colloquial]  :: air-con
climacique {adj}  :: climactic
climat {m}  :: climate
climatique {adj}  :: climate, climatic
climatisé {adj}  :: air-conditioned
climatisation {f}  :: air conditioning
climatiser {v}  :: to air-condition
climatiseur {m}  :: air conditioner
climatisme {m}  :: climatotherapy
climatologie {f}  :: climatology
climatologique {adj}  :: climatological
climatologue {mf}  :: climatologist
climatoscepticisme {m}  :: climate change skepticism
climatosceptique {adj}  :: alternative form of climato-sceptique
climato-sceptique {adj}  :: climate change skeptic (attributive)
climatosceptique {mf}  :: alternative form of climato-sceptique
climato-sceptique {mf}  :: climate change skeptic
climatérique {adj}  :: climacteric (all senses)
climatérique {f}  :: climacteric (all senses)
climax {m}  :: climax (all senses)
câlin {adj}  :: cuddly
câlin {m}  :: hug, cuddle
clin {m}  :: Found only in the expression clin d’œil
clin d'œil {m}  :: A wink
clin d'œil {m} [figuratively]  :: An instant, a blink of an eye
Céline {prop} {f}  :: given name
câlinement {adv}  :: In a cuddly, touchy way
câliner {v}  :: to be physically affectionate; to cuddle
câlinerie {f}  :: caress, cuddle
câlinerie {f}  :: softness, tenderness
clinicien {m}  :: clinician
clinicienne {f}  :: feminine singular of clinicien
clinique {adj}  :: clinical
clinique {f}  :: clinic (small hospital)
cliniquement {adv}  :: clinically
clinker {m}  :: clinker
clinomètre {m}  :: clinometer
clintonisme {m}  :: Clintonism (political philosophy of Bill Clinton)
cœlioscopie {f}  :: Celioscopy; coelioscopy; cœlioscopy
cœlioscopique {adj}  :: Celioscopic; coelioscopic; cœlioscopic
cœliotomie {f}  :: Celiotomy; coeliotomy; cœliotomy
clip {m}  :: clip-on (earring)
clip {m}  :: music video
clipper {m} [aviation]  :: transatlantic airplane
clipper {m} [nautical]  :: heavy sailing ship
clique {f}  :: clique
cliquer {vi} [computing]  :: to click
cliquet {m}  :: pawl
cliqueter {vi}  :: to jingle, rattle, clink
cliquetis {m}  :: jingle, clatter, clank, clash
câlisse {interj} [Quebec, vulgar]  :: fuck!
câlisser {v} [Quebec, vulgar, slang]  :: to throw
câlisser {vr} [Quebec, vulgar, slang]  :: to not give a fuck, to not care
célite {m} [mineral]  :: diatomite, kieselguhr
clitique {adj}  :: clitic
clitique {m}  :: clitic (morpheme attached to another word)
clito {m} [slang]  :: clit
clitoridectomie {f}  :: clitoridectomy
clitoridien {adj}  :: clitoral
clitoridiennement {adv}  :: clitorally
clitoris {m}  :: clitoris
clivable {adj}  :: cleavable
clivage {m}  :: cleavage
clivage {m} [figurative]  :: deep divide between two entities, chasm
clivage {m}  :: separation, dissociation
clivant {adj}  :: divisive
cliver {v}  :: to cleave
Clélia {prop} {f}  :: given name
Clœlia {prop}  :: given name
Clélie {prop} {f}  :: given name
Clélie {prop} {f} [Roman mythology]  :: Cloelia
Clœlius {prop}  :: given name
CLM {initialism}  :: contre la montre (Eng. (lit.): against the clock) - a time trial, as in cycle racing
clématite {f} [flowers]  :: clematis
clémence {f}  :: clemency (moderation of the severity of a punishment)
Clémence {prop}  :: given name, feminine form of Clément
clément {adj}  :: merciful, clement, lenient
clément {adj} [weather]  :: clement, mild
Clément {prop}  :: given name, cognate to Clement
Clément {prop}  :: surname
clémentine {f}  :: clementine (fruit)
Clémentine {prop}  :: given name
clémentinier {m}  :: clementine (fruit tree)
clé à molette {f}  :: an adjustable spanner
cloaque {m}  :: cesspool, cesspit
cloaque {m}  :: cloaca
clochard {m} [pejorative]  :: tramp; vagrant
clocharde {f}  :: feminine noun of clochard
cloche {adj} [colloquial]  :: clumsy, stupid
cloche {f}  :: A bell-shaped, close-fitting women’s hat with a deep rounded crown and narrow rim
cloche {f}  :: A glass covering, originally bell-shaped, for garden plants to prevent frost damage and promote early growth
cloche {f}  :: bell (metal apparatus used to produce sound)
cloche {f} [colloquial]  :: a clumsy person, an oaf
clocher {m}  :: bell tower, steeple
clocheton {m} [architecture]  :: pinnacle
clochette {f}  :: bellflower
clochette {f}  :: (little) bell
clodoche {m}  :: synonym of clochard
cloison {f} [anatomy, botany]  :: septum, partition
cloison {f}  :: partition
cloisonner {vt}  :: to partition, compartmentalize
cloistre {m}  :: archaic spelling of cloître
cloitre {m}  :: alternative spelling of cloître
cloitrer {v}  :: alternative spelling of cloîtrer
CLOM {m}  :: MOOC (massive open online course)
cœlomate {adj}  :: Coelomate; cœlomate
cœlomate {m}  :: Coelomate; cœlomate
cœlomique {adj}  :: coelomic, cœlomic, celomic
côlon {m}  :: colon (organ of the digestive system)
clonage {m}  :: cloning
clone {m}  :: clone
cloner {v}  :: to clone
Clopas {prop}  :: Clopas
clope {f} [slang]  :: a cigarette
clopin-clopant {adv}  :: hobbling, limping
clopiner {v}  :: to limp; to hobble; to halt
cloporte {m}  :: woodlouse
Cléopâtre {prop} {f} [historical]  :: Cleopatra
cloqué {adj}  :: blistered, puckered
cloque {f}  :: blister
cloquer {v}  :: to blister, get blisters
clore {v}  :: close (put an end to)
clos {adj}  :: closed, shut
clos {adj}  :: shut in, enclosed
Clothilde {prop}  :: given name, a spelling variant of Clotilde
Clotilde {prop} {f}  :: given name, best known for Saint Clotilde, a sixth century queen
cloître {m}  :: cloister (part of a monastery)
cloîtrer {v}  :: to cloister (confine to a cloister)
clou {m}  :: clove (of garlic)
clou {m} [figurative]  :: highlight, climax
clou {m}  :: nail (metal pin)
clou {m} [usually, in the plural, des clous]  :: not likely, no way, you'll be so lucky
cloué au lit {v}  :: confined to bed, bedridden
cloud {m} [computing, Anglicism, with le]  :: the cloud
clou de girofle {m}  :: clove [spice]
clouer {v}  :: to nail (to attach using a nail)
clouer {v} [vulgar]  :: to nail, shag, fuck
clouté {adj}  :: studded
clouter {v}  :: to decorate with nails; to stud
cloutier {m}  :: nailer (person who makes nails)
Cloutier {prop}  :: surname from the common noun cloutier
cloutière {f}  :: feminine noun of cloutier
Clovis {prop}  :: given name, notably of four Frankish kings
clown {m}  :: clown (performer)
clown {m}  :: clown (person who acts in a comic way)
clownerie {f}  :: clowning
clownesque {adj}  :: clownish; characteristic of clowns
clé primaire {f} [databases]  :: primary key
clé publique {f} [cryptography]  :: public key
cléricaille {f} [pejorative]  :: clergy
clérical {adj}  :: clerical (relating to clerical work)
clérical {adj}  :: clerical (relating to the clergy)
cléricalement {adv}  :: clerically
cléricalisme {m}  :: clericalism
céléripède {adj} [archaic]  :: swift-footed
céléripède {m}  :: celeripede
célérité {f}  :: celerity (speed)
célérité {f} [physics]  :: celerity
CLSC {m}  :: initialism of centre local de services communautaires (lit. local community service center); a CLSC
clé étrangère {f} [databases]  :: foreign key
clôture {f}  :: closing, closure (of a business, shop, argument etc.)
clôture {f}  :: fence; hedge, wall
clôturer {vi} [finance, stock market]  :: to close
clôturer {vt}  :: to close, finish (a project, an evening)
clôturer {vt}  :: to fence off
club {m}  :: club (association)
club {m} [golf]  :: club
clubement {adv}  :: In the manner of a club (organization)
clubman {m} [dated]  :: clubman
clunisien {adj}  :: Cluniac (attributive)
clunisien {m}  :: Cluniac
clé USB {f} [computing]  :: USB flash drive
cluster {m}  :: cluster
clévéite {f} [mineral]  :: cleveite
clypéacé {adj}  :: Having the form of a shield
clystère {m}  :: clyster
Côme {prop}  :: Como, town and province in Italy
Côme {prop}  :: given name, equivalent to English Cosmo
cémentation {f}  :: carburizing, cementation
cœmetiere {m}  :: obsolete form of cimetière
cœmetière {m}  :: obsolete form of cimetière
CMM {prop} {f} [government]  :: Communauté métropolitaine de Montréal - MMC - the supramunicipal level of government for Metropolitan Montreal. It was formed in 2002 and replaced the CUM
cémétérial {adj}  :: cemeterial
CMU {prop} {f}  :: Couverture maladie universelle
cénacle {m}  :: cenacle (all senses)
cône {m}  :: cone (all senses)
Cène {f} [arts]  :: Last Supper
Cène {f}  :: Holy Communion
CNES {abbr}  :: Centre National d'Études Spatiales, the French space agency
cnidaire {m}  :: cnidarian
Cnide {prop}  :: Knidos (town of Greece)
cœnobite {m}  :: obsolete form of cénobite
Cénomanien {prop} {m}  :: Cenomanian period
cénotaphe {m}  :: cenotaph
cénote {m}  :: cenote
CNRS {initialism}  :: Centre national de la recherche scientifique, a French science agency
CNSS {initialism}  :: (Morocco) Caisse Nationale de Sécurité Sociale (≈ DSS); social security
CNTP {initialism}  :: conditions normales de température et de pression (STP)
cénure {m}  :: coenure (larva of taenia)
cœnure {m}  :: coenure
co- {prefix}  :: co- (together; jointly)
coaccusé {m}  :: co-defendant (co-accused person)
coaccusée {f}  :: feminine noun of coaccusé
coach {m}  :: coach, trainer, instructor
coacher {v} [sports]  :: to coach
coactionnaire {mf}  :: co-shareholder, co-stockholder, co-stakeholder
coadjuteur {m}  :: coadjutor
coagulabilité {f} [pathology]  :: coagulability
coaguler {v}  :: to coagulate
coaliser {vr}  :: to join forces, coalize, form a coalition
coaliser {vt}  :: to form into a colation, unite
coalition {f}  :: coalition
coassement {m}  :: croak, croaking
coasser {v}  :: to croak (like a frog)
coati {m}  :: coati
coauteur {m}  :: coauthor
coauteur {m}  :: cowriter
coax {m}  :: coax (coaxial cable)
coaxial {adj}  :: coaxial
coaxial {m} [by ellipsis]  :: coaxial cable
cobalt {m}  :: cobalt
cobalticinium {m} [chemistry]  :: cobaltocenium
cobaltocène {m} [chemistry]  :: cobaltocene
cobaye {mf}  :: guinea pig
cobelligérance {f} [military]  :: alliance (in a war)
cobra {m}  :: cobra (snake)
coca {m}  :: coca (plant)
coca {m}  :: Coke (serving of Coca-Cola)
coca {m}  :: cola (serving of any cola drink)
coca {m} [informal]  :: cocaine
cocagne {f}  :: Cockaigne
cocaïné {adj}  :: Addicted to, or using cocaine
cocaïne {f}  :: cocaine (the drug)
cocaïnomane {m}  :: cocaine addict, cokehead
cocard {m}  :: a black eye
cocard {m}  :: an old cock (male hen)
cocarde {f}  :: cockade
cocarde {f}  :: rosette
cocardier {adj}  :: jingoistic, chauvinistic
cocasse {adj}  :: amusing; funny; comical
cocasserie {f}  :: Something amusing; absurdity
coccidie {f}  :: coccidia
coccigrole {f}  :: synonym of alkékenge
coccinelle {f}  :: ladybird
coccolithe {m}  :: coccolith
coccolithophoridé {f}  :: coccolithophorid
coccosphère {f}  :: coccosphere
coccyx {m} [anatomy]  :: coccyx, tailbone
coche {f} [dated]  :: a sort of large boat previously used for transporting passengers and merchandise
coche {f} [dated]  :: sow (female pig)
coche {f}  :: tick, checkmark (symbol)
coche {m}  :: stage-coach
cochenille {f}  :: cochineal (insect & pigment)
cocher {m}  :: stagecoach driver
cocher {vt}  :: to cross (to place a cross symbol on, e.g. a form)
cocher {vt}  :: to tick; to tick off (to place a tick symbol on, e.g. a form)
Cochinchine {prop}  :: Cochinchina
cochlée {f}  :: cochlea (the complex, spirally coiled, tapered cavity of the inner ear)
cochon {adj} [slang]  :: dirty, smutty
cochon {m} [obsolete]  :: piglet
cochon {m}  :: pig
cochon {m} [slang]  :: dirty pig, swine, contemptible person
cochonceté {f} [informal]  :: crap
cochonceté {f}  :: lewdness, obscenity, smut, pornography
cochon de lait {m} [cooking]  :: suckling pig
cochon de lait {m}  :: piglet
cochon d'Inde {m}  :: guinea pig
cochonium {m} [informal]  :: An alloy of aluminium and antimony that has poor mechanical properties
cochon marron {m} [Antilles]  :: wild boar
cochonnaille {f}  :: charcuterie made from pork
cochonne {f}  :: sow (female pig)
cochonne {f} [vulgar, pejorative]  :: slut (promiscuous woman)
cochonner {v}  :: to mess up
cochonnerie {f}  :: dirt, muck, crap
cochonnerie {f}  :: rubbish, junk
cochonnet {m} [boules]  :: jack
cochonnet {m}  :: piglet, young pig
cochère {adj}  :: only used in porte cochère
cocker {m}  :: cocker spaniel
cockney {m}  :: cockney
cockpit {m}  :: cockpit
cocktail {m}  :: A cocktail
cocktail {m} [metonymic]  :: A cocktail party
cocktail Molotov {m}  :: Molotov cocktail
coco {m}  :: A kind of bean
coco {m} [dated]  :: A type of licorice drink, by analogy with coconut milk
coco {mf} [informal]  :: Commie (masculine)
coco {mf} [informal]  :: Friendly, joking term for a friend; pal, mate, buddy
coco {mf} [informal, pejorative]  :: Aggressive, disdainful term of address, usually preceded by mon, ma, or mes. Roughly punk or buddy, as in “You wanna try, punk?”, or “Hey buddy, what do you think you’re doing?”
coco {m}  :: Fruit of the coconut palm, also called noix de coco
coco {mf} [slang]  :: cocaine (feminine)
coco {m} [informal, dated, childish]  :: egg
coco {m} [slang]  :: Motor fuel
cocoler {v} [Switzerland]  :: to pamper
cocon {m} [figuratively]  :: cocoon
cocon {m} [zoology]  :: cocoon
cocorico {m}  :: cock-a-doodle-do
cocoter {vi} [said of women]  :: to yap, jabber, blather
cocoteraie {f}  :: coconut tree plantation
cocotier {m}  :: coconut, coconut palm
cocotte {f} [child talk]  :: chicken, hen
cocotte {f} [colloquial]  :: honey, darling
cocotte {f}  :: promiscuous woman, prostitute
cocotte {f}  :: small casserole (pot) for individual portions, similar to a Dutch oven
cocotte-minute {f}  :: pressure cooker (cooking vessel)
cocotter {vi} [said of women]  :: to yap, jabber, blather
coécrire {v}  :: to co-write
Cocteau {prop}  :: surname
cocu {adj}  :: cuckolded
cocu {m}  :: cuckold
cocue {f}  :: feminine noun of cocu
cocufier {vt}  :: to be unfaithful to; to cuckold
Cocyte {prop} {m}  :: Cocytus
coda {f} [linguistics]  :: a syllable coda
coda {f} [music]  :: coda
codage {m}  :: coding
codant {adj}  :: coding
codécouvreur {m}  :: codiscoverer
codécouvreuse {f}  :: feminine singular of codécouvreur
code {m}  :: code
code-barres {m}  :: barcode
code génétique {m}  :: genetic code (the set of rules by which the sequence of bases in DNA are translated into the amino acid sequence of proteins)
code hérité {m} [computing]  :: legacy code (source code that relates to a no-longer supported or manufactured operating system)
code machine {m} [computer science]  :: machine code
code pénal {m}  :: penal code
coder {v}  :: to code; to encode
Coderre {prop}  :: surname
code source {m} [computing]  :: source code
codeur {m}  :: coder (device for coding)
codeur {m} [computing]  :: coder (computer programmer)
codeuse {f}  :: feminine noun of codeur
code vestimentaire {m}  :: dress code
codex {m}  :: codex (all senses)
codicille {m} [legal]  :: codicil
codiffusion {f}  :: joint broadcast (on two or more channels)
codification {f}  :: codification
codifier {v}  :: to codify
codéine {f}  :: codeine
codirecteur {m}  :: codirector, associate director
codirectrice {f}  :: codirector (female)
codiriger {v}  :: codirect, comanage
coéditeur {m}  :: coeditor
coéditeur {m}  :: copublisher
coéditrice {f}  :: feminine noun of coéditeur
codon {m} [biochemistry]  :: codon
codétenir {v}  :: To detain (or be detained) together with another
codétenu {m}  :: a fellow prisoner
codétenue {f}  :: feminine noun of codétenu
coefficient {m}  :: coefficient
coefficient de remplissage {m} [business]  :: occupancy rate
coefficient de remplissage {m} [technical]  :: delivery ratio
coeliaque {adj}  :: misspelling of cœliaque
coelioscopie {f}  :: coelioscopy
coentreprise {f}  :: joint venture (a cooperative business partnership)
coercitif {adj}  :: coercive
coercition {f}  :: coercion
coeur {m}  :: nonstandard spelling of cœur
coexistant {adj}  :: coexisting
coexistence {f}  :: coexistence
coexister {vi}  :: to coexist
cofacteur {m} [biochemistry]  :: cofactor
coffrage {m}  :: formwork
coffre {m}  :: boot [UK], trunk [US]
coffre {m}  :: chest, box
coffre-fort {m}  :: safe (a box, usually made of metal, in which valuables can be locked for safekeeping)
coffrer {vt}  :: to lock up; to put away or inside
coffrer {vt}  :: to make formwork
coffret {m}  :: box set
coffret {m}  :: small box or chest; casket, tin, case; cassette
cofinancement {m}  :: joint funding or financing
cofinancer {vt}  :: to cofinance
cofondateur {m}  :: cofounder
cofondatrice {f}  :: feminine noun of cofondateur
cofonder {v}  :: to cofound
cogestion {f}  :: comanagement, coadministration
cogiter {v}  :: to cogitate, think about
cognac {m}  :: cognac
cognassier {m}  :: quince (tree)
cognée {f}  :: axe, hatchet
cognement {m}  :: knocking, pounding
cogner {v}  :: to whack, to bash, to thump (hit hard)
cognitif {adj}  :: cognitive
cognitivement {adv} [chiefly, psychology]  :: cognitively
cogénération {f}  :: cogeneration
cogérer {v}  :: to co-manage, to co-run
cohabitation {f}  :: cohabitation (act of living together)
cohabiter {v}  :: to cohabit, to live together
cohorte {f}  :: cohort (all meanings)
cohéremment {adv}  :: coherently
cohérence {f}  :: coherence, consistence, consistency
cohérent {adj}  :: coherent
cohéritier {m}  :: coinheritor
cohésif {adj}  :: cohesive
cohæsion {f}  :: obsolete form of cohésion
cohésion {f}  :: cohesion (the state of cohering, or of sticking together)
cohésion {f} [figuratively]  :: cohesion
cohue {f}  :: crowd, rabble
coi {adj} [dated]  :: silent
coi {adj} [dated]  :: speechless
coi {interj} [archaic]  :: Cry of a huntsman to send the dogs on chase
coi {m} [archaic]  :: quiet
coiffe {f}  :: coif (headgear in general)
coiffer {vr}  :: To do one's own hair
coiffer {vt}  :: To cover the head
coiffer {vt}  :: To give a haircut; to do the hair of
coiffeur {mf}  :: hairdresser
coiffeuse {f}  :: a dressing table
coiffeuse {f}  :: (female) hairdresser
coiffure {f}  :: hairstyle
coiffure {f}  :: headwear, headgear (garment worn on someone's head)
coin {interj}  :: quack
coin {m}  :: area, part, place, spot
coin {m}  :: corner
coin {m}  :: wedge, cornerpiece
coincé {adj} [colloquial]  :: not at ease, unconfident, uptight; close-minded
coincé {adj}  :: stuck
coincer {v} [figurative]  :: to corner, to trap
coincer {vi} [informal]  :: to cause problem
coincer {v} [informal]  :: to catch out, to expose
coincer {vr} [se coincer]  :: to get stuck
coincer {v}  :: to turn a corner
coincer {v}  :: to wedge, to jam, to catch (e.g. one's finger in a door)
coincoin {interj}  :: quack quack (cry of a duck)
coincoin {m}  :: charlatan
coincoin {m}  :: cootie catcher
coin-coin {m}  :: quack (sound made by a duck)
coin de rue {m}  :: streetcorner
coing {m}  :: quince (fruit)
cointéressé {adj}  :: alternative form of coïntéressé
cointéressé {m}  :: alternative form of coïntéressé
Coiteux {prop}  :: surname
coitus interruptus {m}  :: coitus interruptus
coke {f}  :: coke (cocaine)
coke {m}  :: coke (form of carbon)
cokerie {f}  :: coke works (type of factory or place of production)
cokéfier {v}  :: to cokify, transform into coke
col {m}  :: col
col {m}  :: collar
col {m}  :: neck (now especially of objects, vases etc.)
Colas {prop}  :: surname
colback {m}  :: calpack
colchicacé {adj}  :: Resembling a crocus
colchicine {f}  :: colchicine
colchique {m}  :: crocus, autumn crocus
col Danton {m}  :: Danton collar
col de l'utérus {m} [anatomy]  :: cervix
colectomie {f} [surgery]  :: colectomy
colere {f} [before approximately 1780]  :: obsolete form of colère
coleta {f} [bullfighting]  :: coleta
Colette {prop}  :: given name, short for Nicolette, feminine diminutive form of Nicolas ( =Nicholas)
colibacille {m}  :: colon bacillus (E. coli)
colibacillose {f}  :: colibacillosis
colibrettiste {m}  :: co-librettist
colibri {m}  :: hummingbird
colifichet {m}  :: trinket, knick-knack, bauble
coliforme {adj}  :: coliform
coliforme {m}  :: coliform bacteria
colimaçon {m}  :: alternative form of limaçon
colin {m}  :: coalfish
Colin {prop}  :: given name
Colin {prop}  :: surname
Coline {prop}  :: given name, short for Nicoline, feminine diminutive from of Nicolas ( =Nicholas)
colineau {m}  :: a young coalfish
colinguisme {m}  :: The inclusion of regional languages within a national one
colinot {m}  :: a young coalfish
colique {f}  :: colic
colique {f}  :: diarrhoea
colis {m}  :: baggage, luggage
colis {m}  :: parcel, package
Colisée {prop} {m}  :: Colosseum
colistier {m} [politics]  :: fellow-candidate on a party list; running mate
colistière {f}  :: feminine noun of colistier
colite {f} [pathology]  :: colitis
coll. {f}  :: abbreviation of collection
collabo {mf}  :: quisling (traitor)
collaborateur {m}  :: collaborator
collaboratif {adj}  :: collaborative
collaboration {f}  :: collaboration
collaborationniste {adj}  :: collaborationist
collaborationniste {mf}  :: synonym of collaborateur
collaborativement {adv}  :: collaboratively
collaboratrice {f}  :: female collaborator
collaborer {v}  :: to collaborate
collage {m}  :: collage
collage {m} [photography]  :: montage
collagiste {mf}  :: collagist (one who makes collages)
collagène {adj}  :: collagenous
collagène {m}  :: collagen
collant {adj}  :: hard to shake off; clingy, clinging
collant {adj}  :: skintight, close-fitting, clinging
collant {adj}  :: sticky, gluey
collant {m}  :: body stocking, leotard
collant {m} [usually, in the plural]  :: tights [UK], pantyhose [US]
collante {f} [European French, school slang]  :: Notification of an examination, especially the bac
collante {f} [European French, school slang]  :: Result sheet for an examination
collante {f} [[[Scrabble]]]  :: A play were all or most letters form perpendicular words
Collard {prop}  :: surname
collatif {adj}  :: collative
collatif {adj}  :: That may be referred to; reference (used attributively)
collation {f} [Canada]  :: a light snack usually taken between breakfast and lunch (often employed as the analogue of English brunch)
collation {f}  :: (used in collation des grades) the process of granting an academic degree
collationner {v}  :: To collate
collationner {v}  :: To verify (documents) by comparing them
collatéral {adj}  :: collateral
collatéralement {adv}  :: collaterally
colle {f}  :: glue
collecte {f}  :: collecting, collection
collecter {v}  :: to collect, to gather
collecteur {m}  :: collector (all senses)
collecteur {m}  :: main drain / sewer (masculine only)
collectif {adj}  :: collective
collectif {m}  :: collective
collection {f}  :: collection
collectionner {v}  :: to collect (accumulate items)
collectionneur {m}  :: collector; one who collects
collectionneuse {f}  :: feminine noun of collectionneur
collectionnite {f}  :: collectomania, collectionitis
collectivement {adv}  :: collectively
collectiviser {vt}  :: to collectivize
collectivisme {m}  :: The ideological system collectivism, in which the means are owned and controlled by people collectively
collectiviste {adj}  :: collectivist
collectivité {f}  :: community
collectrice {f}  :: feminine singular of collecteur
collembole {m}  :: springtail, collembolan
coller {vr}  :: To be sticky; to stick
coller {v}  :: to stick, to glue
collerette {f} [botany]  :: ring, annulus
collerette {f}  :: collarette
collerette {f} [historical]  :: ruff
collerette {f} [technology]  :: flange
collet {m} [botany]  :: neck
collet {m} [dentistry]  :: neck (of tooth)
collet {m} [obsolete]  :: collar
collet {m}  :: (short) cape
collet {m}  :: snare, noose
Collet {prop}  :: surname
colletage {m}  :: collection (act of collecting)
colleter {v}  :: to wrap round the collar
colleter {vt}  :: to collar (grab by the collar)
colletin {m} [historical]  :: jerkin
Collett {prop}  :: surname
colleur {m}  :: sticker, gluer; wallpaper hanger
colleuse {f}  :: feminine noun of colleur
colley {m}  :: collie (group of dog breeds)
collège {m}  :: academy
collège {m}  :: junior high school
collège {m} [Switzerland]  :: high school, secondary school
collégial {adj}  :: collegial
collégial {adj}  :: collegiate
collégialement {adv}  :: collegially
collégialité {f}  :: collegiality
collégien {m}  :: A pupil at a collège (junior high school)
collégienne {f}  :: feminine noun of collégien
collègue {mf}  :: colleague
collier {m}  :: A necklace, string-shaped jewel worn around the neck
collier {m}  :: collar (e.g. of a dog)
collier {m}  :: collar (on animals, colored fur around the neck)
colliger {v}  :: To collate
colliger {v}  :: To compile
collimateur {m}  :: collimator
collimateur {m}  :: sight (on a weapon)
Collin {prop}  :: surname
collinaire {adj} [botany]  :: That grows in hilly ground
colline {f}  :: hill, downs
collision {f}  :: collision (an instance of colliding)
collisionneur {m} [physics]  :: collider
colloïdal {adj}  :: colloidal
colloïdalement {adv}  :: colloidally
colloïde {m}  :: colloid
colloque {m}  :: conference, colloquium
colloque {m}  :: secret or mysterious meeting
collusoire {adj}  :: collusive
collusoirement {adv}  :: collusively
collutoire {m}  :: mouthwash (or similar oral medication)
colluvion {m}  :: colluvium (a loose accumulation of rock and soil debris at the foot of a slope)
collyre {m} [medicine]  :: eyewash
colémanite {f} [mineral]  :: colemanite
Colmar {prop}  :: A city in central Alsace, eastern France
colmatage {m}  :: clogging
colmatage {m}  :: plugging
colmater {vr}  :: to fill up
colmater {vt}  :: to fill in (a low land)
colmater {vt}  :: to plug (a hole)
coloc {mf} [colloquial]  :: housemate, roommate, co-tenant, joint tenant
colocase {f}  :: taro (plant)
colocataire {mf}  :: flatmate, housemate, joint tenant, co-tenant
colocation {f}  :: renting of a house with another tenant
Cologne {prop} {f}  :: Cologne
colombage {m}  :: half-timbering
colombard {adj}  :: Of of from Colombier-Saugnieu
colombard {m}  :: A white grape variety from Charentes; a wine made from these grapes
Colombard {m}  :: Someone form Colombier-Saugnieu
Colombarde {f}  :: feminine singular of Colombard
colombe {f}  :: dove, white pigeon
colombe {f}  :: joist, upright
Colombie {prop} {f}  :: Colombia
Colombie-Britannique {prop} {f}  :: British Columbia, a province in Canada
colombien {adj}  :: Colombian
Colombien {m}  :: Colombian (A person from Colombia)
Colombienne {f}  :: feminine noun of Colombien
colombite {f} [mineral]  :: columbite
colon {m}  :: camper (child in a colonie de vacances)
colon {m}  :: colonist, colonizer
colon {m}  :: sharecropper in the system of colonat partiaire
colonaire {adj}  :: columnar
colonat {m}  :: serfdom
colonel {m}  :: An ice cream dessert consisting of lemon sherbet and vodka
colonel {m}  :: colonel
coloniaire {adj} [biology, of an organism]  :: Consisting of a colony of similar organisms physiologically linked together
colonial {adj}  :: colonial
colonialisme {m}  :: colonialism
colonialiste {adj}  :: colonialist
colonialiste {mf}  :: colonialist
colonie {f}  :: colony
colonie de vacances {f}  :: camp; summer camp
colonisateur {m}  :: coloniser
colonisation {f}  :: colonization
colonisatrice {f}  :: feminine noun of colonisateur
coloniser {v}  :: to colonise
colonnade {f}  :: colonnade
colonne {f} [architecture]  :: column, pillar (cylindrical part of a structure, for support)
colonne {f} [chess]  :: file
colonne {f} [computing]  :: column (vertical part of a table or grid)
colonne {f} [journalism]  :: column
colonne éruptive {m}  :: eruption column
colonnette {f}  :: a small column
colonne vertébrale {f}  :: vertebral column, backbone
colonne volcanique {f}  :: eruption column
colonoscopie {f}  :: alternative form of coloscopie
colophane {f}  :: rosin
colophon {m}  :: colophon, final notice about printer, editor, paper, etc., with bibliophilic information
colophon {m}  :: colophon, final notice on manuscript
coléoptile {m} [botany]  :: coleoptile (thin membrane sheathing a plumule)
coléoptère {m}  :: beetle
coloquinte {f} [plant]  :: colocynth, bitter apple
colorant {m}  :: colouring in general
colorant {m}  :: food colouring
coloration {f}  :: color; coloring; coloration
colorature {adj}  :: coloratura (attributive)
colorature {f} [music]  :: coloratura
colorectal {adj}  :: colorectal
colorer {v}  :: to color
coloriage {m}  :: colouring in
coloriage {m}  :: colouring (the act of adding color to something)
colorier {v}  :: to color
colorimétrie {f}  :: colorimetry (science of measuring colours and assigning them numeric values)
colorimétrique {adj} [analytical chemistry]  :: colorimetric (analytical chemistry: of or pertaining to colorimetry)
coloris {m}  :: act of mixing colors
coloris {m}  :: a mix of color
coloris {m} [figuratively]  :: style, panache
colorisation {f}  :: colorization
coloriser {vt}  :: to colorize
coloscopie {f} [medicine]  :: colonoscopy
colossal {adj}  :: colossal, huge
colossalement {adv}  :: hugely, enormously
colosse {m}  :: colossus
Colosses {prop}  :: Colossus
Colossiens {prop} {mp}  :: Colossians
colporter {v}  :: to peddle; to hawk
colporter {v}  :: to spread (gossip, accusation)
colporteur {m}  :: peddler, hawker
colporteuse {f}  :: feminine noun of colporteur
colposcopie {f} [medicine]  :: colposcopy
colère {f}  :: anger, rage
coléreux {adj}  :: irritable; tending to anger
colérique {adj}  :: habitually angry or bad-tempered
colériquement {adv}  :: angrily; frustratedly
coltiner {vp} [colloquial, se coltiner]  :: to get lumbered with, to get stuck with
coltiner {vt} [dated]  :: to lug, to carry on the shoulder
colubridé {m}  :: colubrid
colvert {m}  :: mallard
colza {m}  :: canola
colza {m} [originally]  :: oilseed rape
coma {m}  :: coma (state of unconciousness)
comanche {adj}  :: Comanche
comanche {m}  :: Comanche (language)
comarque {f}  :: comarca
comater {v} [colloquial]  :: To pass out (faint)
comateux {adj}  :: comatose
combat {m}  :: combat (hostile interaction)
combat {m} [figuratively]  :: combat (contest; competition)
combat {m} [in the plural]  :: battle; military combat
combatif {adj}  :: combative, aggressive, assertive
combativement {adv}  :: combatively, aggressively, assertively
combativité {f}  :: combativeness
combat à l'arc {m}  :: a game/session of the sport/game
combat à l'arc {m} [sports, games]  :: archery tag / dodge bow (a sport/game similar to tagball or paintball played with archery bows using balled arrows)
combattant {m}  :: combatant; fighter
combattante {f}  :: feminine noun of combattant
combattif {adj}  :: alternative form of combatif
combattre {v}  :: to fight, to combat (against)
combattre {v}  :: to oppose, to struggle
combattre le feu par le feu {v} [idiomatic]  :: to fight fire with fire
combe {f} [geography]  :: coomb, combe
combien {adv}  :: how many (for countable nouns)
combien {adv}  :: how much (for money)
combien {adv}  :: how much (for uncountable nouns)
combientième {adj} [interrogative, nonstandard, colloquial]  :: whatth; at which rank or number of an order
combientième {pron} [interrogative, nonstandard, colloquial]  :: what day of the month, whatth
combientième {pron} [interrogative, nonstandard, colloquial]  :: which is at which rank or number of an order, whatth, howmanyeth
combiné {adj}  :: combined
combiné {m} [chemistry]  :: compound
combiné {m}  :: corselet, corselette
combiné {m} [radio]  :: radiogram
combiné {m} [skiing]  :: combination (event)
combiné {m}  :: (telephone) receiver
combinaison {f}  :: combination, combining
combinaison {f}  :: combination (of lock, safe etc.)
combinaison {f}  :: (full-length) slip
combinaison {f}  :: jumpsuit; overalls
combinat {m}  :: combine (in the old Soviet Union)
combinatoire {adj}  :: combinatory
combinatoire {f}  :: combinatorics (branch of mathematics)
combine {f} [colloquial]  :: trick, scheme
combiner {v}  :: to combine (bring (two or more things or activities) together)
combiné nordique {m}  :: Nordic combined
combishort {m}  :: playsuit
comblé {adj}  :: fulfilled, satisfied
comble {adj}  :: packed, heaving, crowded
comble {m} [figuratively]  :: pinnacle
comble {m} [heraldiccharge]  :: comble
comble {m}  :: overabundance; overload
comble {m}  :: summit, peak (of a building)
comblement {m}  :: fulfilment, satisfaction
combler {v}  :: to counter
combler {v}  :: to fill (add contents to, so it is full)
combler {v}  :: to fill (to install someone)
combler {v}  :: to fulfil, satisfy
Coïmbre {prop} {f}  :: Coimbra (a city in that district)
Coïmbre {prop} {f}  :: Coimbra (a district in central Portugal)
combustibilité {f}  :: combustibility
combustible {adj}  :: combustible
combustible {m}  :: combustible
combustion {f}  :: combustion, burning, incineration
comédie {f}  :: acting, playacting
comédie {f}  :: comedy (genre of theatre, film, television etc.)
comœdie {f}  :: obsolete form of comédie
comédie de situation {f}  :: sitcom, situation comedy (episodic comedy television program)
comédie musicale {f}  :: musical
comédien {m}  :: actor
comédienne {f}  :: feminine noun of comédien; Comedienne; a female comedian
comédique {adj}  :: comedic
comédon {m}  :: comedo
comeback {m}  :: (anglicism) comeback; a return
comestible {adj}  :: comestible
comics {m}  :: comic strip
Comines {prop}  :: Comines
Comino {prop}  :: Comino
comique {adj}  :: comic
comique {m}  :: clown (person who acts silly)
comique {m}  :: comedy
comiquement {adv}  :: comically; farcically
comité {m}  :: committee
comitatif {m} [grammar]  :: the comitative case
Comité de surveillance des activités de renseignement de sécurité {prop} [Canada]  :: Security Intelligence Review Committee
comité exécutif {m} [government, politics, Quebec]  :: executive committee, the equivalent of the cabinet of ministers for a city government, serving the mayor
commac {adv} [slang, archaic]  :: like that
commandant {m}  :: commander (function)
commandant {m}  :: major (rank)
commande {f}  :: order (request for some product or service)
commandement {m}  :: command, order
commandement {m}  :: (metonymie) authority, power to command, to give orders; command (in this second, figurative sense)
commandement {m}  :: (similitude) commandment; rule or law imposed by a superior power (as in the 10 commandments)
commander {v}  :: to order (ask for a product)
commander {v}  :: to order (tell someone to do something)
commanderie {f}  :: commandery, commandry
commandeur {m}  :: commander
commandeuse {f}  :: commander (female)
commanditaire {m}  :: a sponsor
commanditaire {m} [informal]  :: a silent partner, a sleeping partner
commanditer {v}  :: to commission, finance
commando {m}  :: commando (troop, trooper)
comme {conj}  :: as
comme {conj}  :: how
comme {conj}  :: like
comme ça {adv}  :: Suddenly and unexpectedly; just like that
comme ci comme ça {adv} [dated]  :: comme ci comme ça, so-so
comme des petits pains {adv} [simile]  :: like hot cakes (used to describe something which is selling quickly)
comme d'hab {adv} [colloquial]  :: as usual
comme d'habitude {adv}  :: as usual
comme il se doit {adv} [informal]  :: as expected
comme marée en carême {adv} [simile]  :: opportunely
commençant {adj}  :: incipient
commençant {adj}  :: starting
commencement {m}  :: beginning, start
commencer {v}  :: to begin, commence
commensal {adj}  :: commensal
commensal {m}  :: commensal
commensalisme {m}  :: commensalism
comment {adv}  :: how
commentaire {m}  :: commentary
commentaire {m}  :: comment, remark
commentaire en bloc {m} [programming]  :: block comment
comment allez-vous {phrase}  :: (formal or plural) how are you
commentateur {m}  :: commentator
commentatif {adj}  :: commentative
commentatrice {f}  :: feminine noun of commentateur
comment ça va {phrase} [informal]  :: how are you
comment cela {phrase}  :: What do you mean?
commenter {v}  :: to comment
comment vas-tu {phrase} [informal , singular]  :: How are you?
comme quoi {phrase}  :: A phrase used to say that: this recent fact or result confirms what we always thought.: it goes to show
commer {v}  :: To compare
commerçant {adj}  :: trading; mercantile
commerçant {m}  :: shopkeeper
commerçant {m}  :: trader, retailer
commerce {m}  :: commerce, trade
commerce {m}  :: store, shop, trader
commercer {vi}  :: to trade
commercial {adj}  :: commercial
commercial {m}  :: a salesman, sales representative
commercialement {adv}  :: commercially
commercialisable {adj}  :: marketable
commercialisation {f}  :: commercialization
commercialiser {v}  :: to commercialise
comme si {conj}  :: as if; as though (as to suggest that)
commettant {m}  :: constituent (denizen)
commettant {m}  :: principal
commettre {v}  :: to commit
comme un cheveu sur la soupe {adv} [idiomatic]  :: out of the blue (unexpectedly)
comme un chien dans un jeu de quilles {adv} [simile]  :: also : "Etre reçu comme un chien dans un jeu de quille" : To have been given a bad reception
comme un chien dans un jeu de quilles {adv} [simile]  :: Very suddenly and incongruously
comme un dératé {adv} [simile]  :: Very fast
comme un dératé {adv} [simile]  :: Very hard and for extended periods of time
comme un éléphant dans un magasin de porcelaine {adv} [simile]  :: like a bull in a china shop
comme un poisson dans l'eau {adv} [simile]  :: like a duck takes to water
commis {adj}  :: commercial
commis {m}  :: clerk
commis {m}  :: shop assistant; salesclerk
commisération {f}  :: commiseration
commissaire {mf}  :: chief of police, head of police, superintendent
commissaire {mf}  :: commissioner
commissaire-priseur {m}  :: auctioneer
commissariat {m}  :: A commissionership
commissariat {m}  :: A police station
commission {f}  :: commission (fee charged by an agent or broker for carrying out a transaction)
commissionné {adj}  :: commissioned
commissionnaire {mf}  :: A person who charges commission
commissionnaire {mf}  :: commissionaire
commissionner {v}  :: To commission (an officer, ship etc)
commissure {f}  :: commissure
commémoratif {adj}  :: Commemorative
commémoration {f}  :: commemoration
commémorer {vt}  :: to commemorate
commode {adj}  :: convenient (of or pertaining to convenience; simple; easy; expedient)
commode {f}  :: chest of drawers, commode
Commode {prop}  :: Commodus
commodité {f}  :: commodity, amenity
commodité {f} [in the plural]  :: toilet
commodément {adv}  :: comfortably
commodore {mf} [military, nautical]  :: commodore, a naval military rank between captain (capitaine de vaisseau or capitaine de croiseur) and rear admiral (contre-amiral)
commotion {f}  :: concussion (head injury)
commotion {f}  :: shock, surprise
commotionné {adj}  :: concussed, shocked, shaken
commérage {m}  :: gossip (idle talk)
commère {f}  :: gossip, busybody
commérer {v}  :: to gossip; to talk about others' personal information
commuer {v} [legal]  :: to commute (a sentence)
commun {adj}  :: common (of low class)
commun {adj}  :: common (popular)
commun {adj}  :: common (widespread)
commun {adj}  :: communal
communal {adj}  :: of or relating to a commune
communalité {f}  :: commonality
communard {m}  :: A drink made from red wine and crème de cassis
communard {m}  :: Communard
communarde {f}  :: Communard (female)
communauté {f}  :: community
communautaire {adj}  :: communal, relating to a community
communautarisme {m}  :: communitarianism
communautariste {adj}  :: communitarian
commune {f}  :: commune (administrative subdivision)
Commune {f}  :: Either of the French revolutionary governments (of 1792 or of 1871)
communiant {m}  :: communicant
communiante {f}  :: communicant (female)
communicabilité {f}  :: communicability
communicable {adj}  :: communicable
communicant {adj}  :: communicating
communicateur {adj}  :: communicating
communicateur {m}  :: communicator (one who communicates)
communicatif {adj}  :: communicative (person)
communicatif {adj}  :: infectious, catching (disease)
communication {f}  :: communication
communicativement {adv}  :: communicatively
communier {vi}  :: To receive communion
communier {vt}  :: To administer communion
communier {vt}  :: To communicate
communion {f}  :: Communion; communion
communiqué {m}  :: communiqué, statement
communiquable {adj}  :: alternative spelling of communicable
communiqué de presse {m}  :: press release
communiquer {v}  :: to communicate
communisant {adj}  :: communistic (favourable to communism)
communisme {m}  :: (commonly) The Marxist ideology communism
communisme {m} [literally]  :: Any collectivism
communiste {adj}  :: communist (of or relating to communism)
communiste {mf}  :: Communist
communément {adv}  :: commonly, collectively, communally
communément {adv}  :: popularly
commutateur {m} [computing]  :: command line option, switch
commutateur {m} [math]  :: commutator
commutateur {m}  :: switch (electrical)
commutatif {adj}  :: commutative (such that the order in which the operands are taken does not affect their image under the operation)
commutatif {adj}  :: interchangeable
commuter {v} [electronics]  :: to switch
commuter {v} [mathematics]  :: to commute
Comores {prop} {fp}  :: Comoros
comorien {adj}  :: Comorian
Comorien {m}  :: Comorian
Comorienne {f}  :: feminine noun of Comorien
compacité {f}  :: compactness
compact {adj}  :: compact [closely packed], dense
compact {adj}  :: compact [having all necessary features fitting neatly into a small space]
compact {m}  :: compact camera
compact {m}  :: compact disc
compact {m}  :: music center [US], music centre [UK]
compacter {v}  :: to compact
compagne {f}  :: companion (female)
compagnie {f}  :: company
compagnie aérienne {f}  :: airline (company that flies airplanes)
compagnon {m}  :: companion
compagnon {m}  :: friend, buddy, pal
compagnon {m}  :: lifelong partner
compagnonnage {m}  :: companionship
compagnonnique {adj}  :: companionable
comparabilité {f}  :: comparability; comparableness
comparable {adj}  :: comparable (suitable to be compared)
comparablement {adv}  :: comparably
comparaison {f}  :: comparison
comparaison {f}  :: simile (figure of speech)
comparaitre {v}  :: alternative spelling of comparaître
comparateur {m}  :: comparator
comparatif {adj}  :: comparative
comparatif {m} [grammar]  :: comparative (word in comparative form)
comparativement {adv}  :: comparatively
comparaître {v}  :: to appear before a judge or government official
comparer {v}  :: to compare
comparse {mf} [colloquial]  :: sidekick
comparse {mf} [theatre]  :: extra
compartimenté {adj}  :: compartmentalized
compartiment {m}  :: compartment
compartimentation {f}  :: compartmentalization
compartimenter {v}  :: to put into compartments, compartmentalize, to section off
comparution {f} [legal]  :: appearance
compas {m}  :: (marine, aviation) magnetic compass
compas {m} [music]  :: A genre of modern Haitian music descended from the traditional style méringue
compas {m}  :: pair of compasses
compassé {adj}  :: scrupulous, meticulous
compassé {adj}  :: stuffy
compassement {m}  :: Exact measurement or regulation
compasser {v}  :: to compass (measure with a compass)
compassion {f}  :: compassion, pity
compassionnel {adj}  :: compassionate
compassionner {v} [archaic]  :: to pity, feel sorry for
compatibilité {f}  :: compatibility
compatibilité ascendante {f} [computing]  :: forward compatibility (compatibility with newer data)
compatibilité descendante {f} [computing]  :: backward compatibility (compatibility with older data)
compatible {adj}  :: compatible
compatiblement {adv}  :: compatibly
compatir {v}  :: to sympathise, empathise, feel for
compatissant {adj}  :: compassionate
compatissant {adj}  :: sympathetic
compatriote {mf}  :: compatriot, fellow countryman
compendieusement {adv}  :: compendiously
compendieux {adj}  :: compendious
compendium {m}  :: compendium, abstract
compendium {m}  :: vitrine showing didactic material
compensateur {adj}  :: compensatory
compensation {f}  :: compensation
compensatoire {adj}  :: compensatory
compensatoirement {adv}  :: compensatorily
compenser {v}  :: to compensate for, to offset
compilateur {m}  :: compiler (person who compiles)
compilateur {m} [programming, masculine only]  :: compiler
compilation {f}  :: compilation (all senses)
compilatrice {f}  :: compiler (person, female)
compiler {v} [programming]  :: to compile
complainte {f}  :: complaint, lament
complaire {vr} [pejorative]  :: to wallow, to revel in
complaire {vr}  :: to get stuck in, to get caught in
complaire {vr}  :: to take pleasure in, to bask in
complaisamment {adv}  :: complacently, indulgently
complaisamment {adv}  :: kindly
complaisance {f}  :: complacency
complaisance {f}  :: indulgence
complaisance {f}  :: kindness
complaisant {adj}  :: complaisant, obliging, eager to please
complet {adj}  :: complete, entire
complet {adj}  :: full, without room for more
complexé {adj}  :: complexed
complexé {adj}  :: troubled, hung up
complexe {adj}  :: complex
complexe d'Œdipe {m}  :: Oedipus complex
complexe d'Électre {m}  :: Electra complex
complexer {v}  :: To form or establish a complex (in any sense)
complexification {f}  :: complexification
complexifier {v}  :: to complexify
complexité {f}  :: complexity
complication {f}  :: complication
complice {adj}  :: kindred, close
complice {mf}  :: accomplice
complicité {f}  :: complicity
compliment {m}  :: compliment (positive comment)
complimenter {v}  :: To compliment
complimenteur {m}  :: flatterer
complimenteuse {f}  :: feminine noun of complimenteur
compliquer {v}  :: to complicate
compliquer {v}  :: to elaborate
complément {m}  :: complement, thing added that makes a whole
complément {m} [mathematics]  :: complement
complément {m} [optics]  :: complement
complémentaire {adj}  :: complementary
complémentairement {adv}  :: complementarily
complémentarité {f} [physics, mathematics]  :: complementarity
complémentarité {f}  :: the act of working hand-in-hand, the act of complementing one another, coupling
complémenter {vt}  :: To complement
complot {m}  :: plot; conspiracy
comploter {v}  :: to plot, especially something illegal or immoral
comploteur {m}  :: conspirator
comploteuse {f}  :: feminine noun of comploteur
complotisme {m}  :: conspiracy theory
complotiste {adj}  :: conspiracy theorist (attributive)
complotiste {mf}  :: conspiracy theorist
complétement {adv}  :: alternative form of complètement
complètement {adv}  :: completely
complétement {m}  :: alternative form of complètement
complètement {m}  :: completion
compléter {v}  :: to complete
complétude {f} [rare]  :: completeness
compénétrer {v}  :: To penetrate deeply
compo {f} [sports]  :: lineup
comportement {m}  :: behavior, demeanor
comportemental {adj}  :: behavioural
comporter {vr}  :: to behave, act
comporter {vt}  :: to consist of, comprise
comporter {vt}  :: to entail (formal, risk), involve
comporter {vt}  :: to include
composé {m} [chemistry]  :: compound
composant {adj}  :: component (attributive)
composant {m}  :: component (smaller, self-contained part of larger entity)
composer {v}  :: to compose
composer {v}  :: to constitute, to make up
composer {v}  :: to dial (a number)
composite {adj}  :: composite
composite {m}  :: composite material
compositeur {m} [music]  :: composer
compositeur {m}  :: typesetter
composition {f}  :: composition, makeup
composition {f}  :: composition, work of art
composition {f}  :: essay
composition {f} [linguistics]  :: composition, formation of compound words
composition {f} [object-oriented]  :: composition
composition {f} [printing]  :: composition, typesetting
composition {f} [sports]  :: lineup
composé organique volatil {m} [organic compound]  :: volatile organic compound
compost {m}  :: compost, natural fertilizer produced by decaying organic matter
composter {vt}  :: To stamp (a ticket) to validate it before boarding a train or a bus
composteur {m}  :: A machine used for validating tickets
composteur {m} [gardening]  :: A composter (garden waste container)
composteur {m} [printing]  :: composing stick
compote {f}  :: stewed fruit or meat, compote
compoter {vt}  :: to stew [fruit, etc.]
compotier {m}  :: fruit bowl
compère {m} [obsolete]  :: the godfather of one's child or the father of one's godchild
compère {m}  :: partner, accomplice
comprehendre {v} [chiefly, before 1900]  :: obsolete spelling of comprendre
comprenable {adj} [Canada]  :: understandable; comprehensible
comprendre {v}  :: to include
comprendre {v}  :: to understand
compresse {f}  :: compress (cloth used to dress or apply pressure to wounds)
compresser {v}  :: to compress
compresseur {m}  :: compressor
compressibilité {f}  :: compressibility
compressible {adj}  :: compressible
compressif {adj}  :: compressive
compression {f}  :: compression (act, instance of compressing)
compression {f}  :: compression (cycle of an internal combustion engine)
compréhensible {adj}  :: comprehensible; understandable
compréhensif {adj} [archaic]  :: Capable of intellectual comprehension
compréhensif {adj}  :: Emotionally understanding; compassionate
compréhensif {adj} [rare]  :: Encompassing many elements; having many characteristics
compréhensif {adj} [rare, or, logic]  :: Encompassing a certain number of elements or characteristics
compréhension {f}  :: comprehension, understanding
comprimé {m}  :: pill
comprimer {v}  :: to compress
compris {adj}  :: included
compris {adj}  :: understood
compromettant {adj}  :: incriminating
compromettre {v}  :: to compromise, jeopardise
compromis {m}  :: compromise, trade-off
compromission {f}  :: compromise (of opinions or principles)
comptabilisé {adj}  :: recorded
comptabilisé {adj}  :: taken into account
comptabilisation {f}  :: counting, accounting
comptabiliser {v}  :: to count; keep score
comptabilité {f}  :: Accounting
comptable {adj}  :: accountable, responsible
comptable {mf}  :: accountant
comptage {m}  :: counting, enumeration
comptant {adv}  :: cash
compète {f}  :: apocopic form of compétition
compte {m}  :: a count (ie. the action of counting)
compte {m}  :: an account
compte bancaire {m}  :: bank account (fund deposited by a customer for safekeeping in a bank)
compte courant {m}  :: current account (checking account)
compte de résultat {m}  :: income statement (financial statement of net income)
compte d'épargne {m}  :: savings account
compte-goutte {m}  :: dropper (device for dropping water)
compte-gouttes {m}  :: dropper (utensil for dropping liquid)
compétence {f}  :: skill
compétence {f}  :: talent, capability
compétent {adj}  :: competent (able)
compéter {v} [legal]  :: To be competent; to have jurisdiction
compter {v} [catenative]  :: to intend
compter {vit}  :: to count
compter {vt}  :: to include
compter {vt}  :: to reckon, allow
compte à rebours {m}  :: countdown (to an event)
compte rendu {m}  :: exposé
compte rendu {m}  :: report (of research etc)
compte-rendu {m}  :: proceedings (published record)
compte-rendu {m}  :: summary
compter sur {v} [idiomatic]  :: to count on, rely on
compte tenu de {conj}  :: given that, considering that
compteur {m}  :: Counter
compteur {m} [sports]  :: table (league)
compteur de vitesse {m}  :: speedometer
comptine {f}  :: nursery rhyme (short poem or song for children)
compétiteur {m}  :: competitor, rival
compétitif {adj}  :: competitive
compétition {f}  :: competition
compétitivité {f}  :: competitiveness
compétitrice {f}  :: feminine singular of compétiteur
comptoir {m}  :: A counter, countertop, as of a store or bank
comptoir {m}  :: A trading post in overseas colonies
compulser {vt}  :: to consult
compulsif {adj}  :: compulsive
compulsivement {adv}  :: compulsively
comput {m}  :: computus
computation {f}  :: (old) computation
computationnel {adj} [mathematics, computing]  :: computational
computer {v} [old]  :: to compute
comté {m} [Canada]  :: riding
comté {m}  :: county
comtadine {adj}  :: Of or from Comtat (in the Vaucluse)
cométaire {adj}  :: cometary
comète {f}  :: comet
comte {m}  :: count, earl
comtesse {f}  :: countess
comtoir {m} [ante 1900]  :: obsolete spelling of comptoir
comtois {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to Franche-Comté or its inhabitants
Comtois {m}  :: person from Franche-Comté, France
Comtoise {f}  :: feminine noun of Comtois
con {m} [vulgar]  :: arsehole, asshole, fucktard, cunt, retard (stupid person)
con {m} [vulgar]  :: cunt, pussy
conard {m}  :: alternative spelling of connard
conasse {f}  :: alternative spelling of connasse
Con.Bn. {m} [music]  :: Con.Bn. (contrabassoon)
concasser {vt}  :: to crush, grind, kibble
concaténation {f} [programming]  :: concatenation
concaténer {v}  :: to concatenate
concave {adj}  :: concave
concavité {f}  :: concavity
concéder {v}  :: to concede
concentration {f}  :: concentration (mental state of being concentrated)
concentration {f}  :: concentration (quality of being concentrated)
concentrationnaire {adj}  :: concentration camp (attributive)
concentrer {vr} [se concentrer]  :: to concentrate
concentrer {vt}  :: to concentrate (something)
concentrique {adj}  :: concentric
concentriquement {adv}  :: concentrically
concept {m}  :: concept
concepteur {m}  :: conceiver (someone who comes up with an idea)
concepteur {m}  :: ideas man
conception {f}  :: ability to understand
conception {f}  :: concept, idea
conception {f}  :: conception (beginning, start)
conception {f}  :: conception (of a child)
conception {f}  :: viewpoint; angle
conceptrice {f}  :: feminine noun of concepteur
conceptualisable {adj}  :: conceptualizable
conceptualiser {v}  :: to conceptualize (to conceive the idea for something)
conceptuel {adj}  :: conceptual
conceptuellement {adv}  :: conceptually
concerné {adj}  :: concerned, involved
concernant {prep}  :: concerning, regarding
concerner {v}  :: to concern (be concerned with, be associated with)
concert {m}  :: concert
concertation {f}  :: concertation
concerter {vt}  :: to concert; plan
concertiste {mf} [music]  :: concert performer (especially a soloist)
concession {f}  :: concession
concessionnaire {mf}  :: concessionaire, agent
concessionnaire {mf}  :: dealer, distributor
concevable {adj}  :: conceivable
concevoir {v}  :: to conceive (a baby)
concevoir {v}  :: to conceive (an idea)
concevoir {v}  :: to conceive (to understand, to comprehend)
concevoir {v}  :: to design
conchyliculture {f}  :: shellfish farming
coïncidemment {adv}  :: coincidently
coïncidence {f}  :: coincidence (all meanings)
coïncider {v}  :: to coincide
concierge {m}  :: concierge
concierge {m}  :: house-porter, doorkeeper, caretaker
concierge {m}  :: keeper, jailor (prison)
concierge {m}  :: lodge-keeper of a château
concierge {m}  :: [US] janitor, custodian
conciergerie {f}  :: caretaker's or doorkeeper's lodge
conciergerie {f}  :: the rank or status of a caretaker or doorkeeper
concile {m} [religion]  :: council
conciliabule {m}  :: consultation, meeting; confab
conciliaire {adj}  :: conciliar
conciliaire {adj}  :: conciliary
conciliairement {adv}  :: conciliarly
conciliant {adj}  :: conciliatory
conciliant {adj}  :: manageable, tractable
conciliateur {adj}  :: conciliatory
conciliateur {m}  :: conciliator, mediator, go-between
conciliation {f}  :: conciliation
concilier {v}  :: to conciliate
concilier {v}  :: to reconcile
concis {adj}  :: concise
concision {f}  :: concision
concisément {adv}  :: concisely
concitoyen {m}  :: fellow citizen, fellow countryman
conclaviste {m}  :: conclavist
conclu {adj}  :: concluded
concluant {adj}  :: concluding
concluant {adj}  :: conclusive
conclure {v}  :: to conclude
conclusif {adj} [grammar]  :: conclusive
conclusion {f}  :: conclusion
concocter {v}  :: to concoct
concoction {f}  :: concoction (mixture)
concombre {m}  :: cucumber (plant)
concombre {m}  :: cucumber (vegetable)
concombre de mer {m}  :: sea cucumber
concomitamment {adv}  :: concomitantly
concomitant {adj}  :: concomitant
con comme la Lune {adj} [simile, rare]  :: Extremely easy or simple; easy as pie
con comme la Lune {adj} [simile]  :: Very stupid; thick as two short planks; dumb as a doorknob
con comme un balai {adj} [simile, vulgar]  :: Very stupid; thick as a brick; dumb as a post
concordamment {adv}  :: concordantly
concordance {f}  :: accord, agreement, accordance, concurrence, consonance, concord
concordant {adj}  :: concordant
concordataire {adj}  :: Relating to a concordat, but especially to the 1801 Concordat between France and the Papacy
concorde {f}  :: harmony, concord
concorder {vi}  :: to concur
concorder {vi}  :: to match, tally
concourir {v} [followed by the preposition à]  :: to contribute, to play a role in
concourir {vi}  :: to compete, to contend
concourir {v} [mathematics]  :: to converge
concours {m}  :: competition
concours {m}  :: (competitive) examination
concours complet {m}  :: eventing
concours d'entrée {m}  :: entrance examination
concret {adj}  :: concrete, real, existing
concrètement {adv}  :: concretely, solidly
concrétion {f}  :: concretion
concrétisation {f}  :: embodiment
concrétisation {f}  :: realization
concrétiser {vr} [se concrétiser]  :: to become fulfilled, to become a reality
concrétiser {v} [sports]  :: to score
concrétiser {v}  :: to solidify, to make (something) real and tangible, to concretize
concubin {m}  :: cohabitant
concubin {m} [in the plural]  :: A cohabiting couple
coïnculpé {m} [legal]  :: A person charged, with others, with an offence
coïnculpée {f}  :: feminine singular of coïnculpé
concupiscence {f}  :: concupiscence
concupiscent {adj}  :: concupiscent
concurremment {adv}  :: concurrently; in competition
concurrence {f}  :: competition (action of competing)
concurrence {f}  :: concurrence (instance of simultaneous occurrence)
concurrencer {vt}  :: to compete with, be in competition with
concurrent {adj}  :: competitive, in competition
concurrent {adj}  :: concurrent, simultaneous
concurrent {m}  :: competitor (person against whom one is competing)
concurrente {f}  :: feminine noun of concurrent
concurrentiel {adj}  :: competitive
concussion {f}  :: political corruption, misappropriation
concussionnaire {mf}  :: A person who takes bribes
condé {m} [slang]  :: cop, rozzer (UK)
condamné {adj}  :: convicted
condamné {adj}  :: doomed
condamné {m}  :: condemned person
condamnable {adj}  :: condemnable, reprehensible
condamnation {f}  :: sentencing
condamner {v}  :: to condemn
condamner {v}  :: to sentence, to punish
condensé {adj}  :: condensed
condensat {m}  :: condensate
condensateur {m}  :: capacitor
condensation {f} [all senses]  :: condensation
condenser {vt}  :: to compress
condenser {vt}  :: to concentrate
condenser {vt}  :: to condense
condenseur {m}  :: condenser (device to convert gas to liquid)
condescendance {f}  :: condescension
condescendant {adj}  :: condescending (assuming a tone of superiority or a patronizing attitude)
condescendre {v} [followed by the preposition à]  :: to assent (to); to agree (to); to condescend (to)
condigne {adj}  :: condign
condignement {adv}  :: condignly
condiment {m}  :: condiment
condition {f}  :: condition, state
condition {f}  :: social status, walk of life
condition {f}  :: term, condition
conditionné {adj}  :: conditioned (about a person)
conditionné {adj}  :: packaged (about a product)
conditionnel {adj}  :: conditional, depending on conditions
conditionnel {m}  :: Conditional, the conditional mood
conditionnellement {adv}  :: conditionally
conditionnement {adv}  :: conditional; with conditions
conditionner {v}  :: to condition
conditionner {v}  :: to package
conditionneur {m}  :: conditioner
conditionneur {m}  :: packager
conditionneuse {f}  :: feminine noun of conditionneur
conditions de vie {fp}  :: living conditions
condo {m} [Quebec]  :: condominium
condoléance {f}  :: sympathy, condolence
condoléancer {v}  :: to condole
condom {m} [Quebec]  :: condom
Condom {prop}  :: surname
condominium {m}  :: condominium (all senses)
condottiere {m}  :: condottiere
Condé-sur-Sarthe {prop} {f}  :: Small town near Alençon in France
conducteur {m}  :: A conductor, substance which conducts
conducteur {m}  :: A cue sheet
conducteur {m}  :: The driver of a vehicle or of a group of animated creatures
conductibilité {f} [physics]  :: conductivity
conductimétrie {f}  :: conductimetry
conductimétrique {adj}  :: conductimetric
conductivité {f} [physics]  :: conductivity
conductrice {f}  :: feminine noun of conducteur
conduire {vr} [se conduire]  :: To behave
conduire {v}  :: to drive (a vehicle)
conduire {v}  :: to lead
conduit {m}  :: conduit (connecting pipe/channel)
conduite {f}  :: Behavior, conduct
conduite {f}  :: drive, driving
conduite {f}  :: duct
conduite {f}  :: guidance
condyle {m}  :: condyle
confœderation {f}  :: obsolete form of confédération
confédéré {adj}  :: confederate
confédéral {adj}  :: confederal
confédération {f}  :: an alliance, confederation
confœdération {f}  :: obsolete form of confédération
confédérer {v}  :: To confederate
confection {f}  :: making, creation, development, confection
confection {f}  :: ready-to-wear clothing
confection {f}  :: the ready-to-wear clothing industry
confectionner {v}  :: to fashion (clothes)
confectionner {v}  :: to make, create
confectionneur {m}  :: manufacturer
confectionneur {m}  :: outfitter
confesse {f} [religion]  :: confession
confesser {vtr}  :: to confess oneself (to confess having sinned)
confesser {vt}  :: to acknowledge, admit
confesseur {m} [chiefly, Christianity]  :: confessor
confession {f}  :: confession (admittance of having done something, good, bad or neutral)
confession {f}  :: confession (the disclosure of one's sins to a priest for absolution)
confession {f}  :: creed (a declaration of one's religious faith)
confessionnal {m}  :: confessional (a small room where confession is performed)
confessionnalisme {m}  :: confessionalism
confessionnel {adj}  :: denominational
confetti {m} [chiefly, in the plural]  :: confetti
confiance {f}  :: confidence
confiance {f}  :: trust
confiance en soi {f}  :: self-confidence
confiant {adj}  :: confident
confidemment {adv}  :: confidently
confidence {f}  :: confidence, secret
confident {m}  :: confidant
confidentialité {f}  :: confidentiality
confidentiel {adj}  :: confidential
confidentiellement {adv}  :: confidentially
confier {v}  :: to confide
confier {v}  :: to entrust
configuré {adj}  :: configured
configurable {adj}  :: configurable
configuration {f}  :: configuration
configurationnel {adj}  :: configurational
configurer {v}  :: to configure (to set up or arrange something)
confiné {adj} [of air]  :: stale
confiner {v}  :: to confine (to have a common boundary)
confins {mp}  :: confines, edges
confins {mp} [figuratively]  :: end
confiote {f} [colloquial]  :: jam
confire {v}  :: to pickle (food)
confire {v}  :: to preserve (food)
confirmation {f}  :: confirmation (all senses)
confirmer {vr}  :: to be confirmed, be corroborated
confirmer {vt}  :: to confirm (a fact etc.)
confirmer {vt}  :: to uphold (a decision)
confiscation {f}  :: confiscation
confiserie {f}  :: candy store
confiserie {f}  :: confectionery area of store
confiseur {m}  :: confectioner
confisquer {v}  :: to confiscate
confit {adj} [food]  :: preserved, pickled
confit {f}  :: confit
confiture {f}  :: jam [UK], jelly [US]
confiture {f}  :: preserve
confiture de lait {f}  :: dulce de leche (sweat dairy spread)
confiturier {m}  :: jam bowl
confiturier {m}  :: jam cupboard
confiturier {m}  :: jam maker
confiturière {f}  :: feminine singular of confiturier
conflictuel {adj}  :: conflictual
conflit {m}  :: conflict (clash or disagreement)
conflit d'intérêts {m} [law]  :: conflict of interest