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çà {adv} [archaic]  :: hither
çà {interj} [archaic]  :: la! (expressing strong emotion of anger, surprise etc.)
çà {interj}  :: so, well, then (with exhortative or intensive effect)
Ç {letter}  :: A letter used in writing French, representing /s/
ç {letter}  :: "c cédille"
ç' {pron} [colloquial]  :: contraction of ça
ça {pron}  :: it
ça {pron} [psychoanalysis]  :: id
ça {pron}  :: that
ça a été {phrase}  :: was everything OK?, did it go well?
ça commence à bien faire {phrase}  :: enough is enough!
ça gaze {phrase} [informal]  :: how's things?, how's tricks?
ça ira {phrase} [idiomatic]  :: it will be all right; it will be OK
ça m'est égal {phrase}  :: It doesn't matter to me; I don't mind; I don't care
ça ne fait rien {phrase}  :: it doesn't matter
ça ne fait rien {phrase}  :: never mind
ça suffit {interj}  :: that does it
ça va {interj} [as a question]  :: how are you? how is it going? how are things?
ça va {interj} [as a response]  :: Things are going fine
ça va barder {idiom}  :: all hell will break loose!
ça va bien {phrase}  :: I'm fine, I'm alright
ça va sans dire {phrase}  :: it goes without saying
ça y est {phrase}  :: there we go, there you go, there you have it, that's it, etc
c. {conj}  :: abbreviation of comme
{n}  :: cee, the letter c / C
c. {f}  :: abbreviation of collection
c' {pron}  :: contraction of ça
c' {pron}  :: contraction of ce
C. {n} [music]  :: abbreviation of grosse caisse
ca {prep}  :: circa
CA {m}  :: abbreviation of conseil d'administration
cabale {f}  :: cabal
cabaliste {m}  :: cabalist
cabalistique {adj}  :: cabalistic
cabalistiquement {adv}  :: cabalistically
caban {m}  :: reefer jacket
cabane {f}  :: cabin, hut, shack; shed
cabane {f} [slang]  :: prison
cabanon {m} [archaic]  :: hut
cabanon {m} [Provence dialect]  :: (holiday) cottage
cabaret {m}  :: cabaret
cabaret {m} [Quebec]  :: tray (object on which things are carried)
cabaretier {m}  :: innkeeper
cabaretier {m}  :: person who hosts a cabaret
cabaretière {f}  :: feminine noun of cabaretier
cabas {m}  :: shopping basket
caberlot {m} [slang]  :: noggin, bonce
cabernet {m}  :: Cabernet (grape variety)
cabestan {m}  :: capstan (vertical cleated drum or cylinder)
cabillaud {m}  :: cod
cabillot {m} [obsolete]  :: cleat
cabine {f}  :: cabin (aeroplane)
cabine d'essayage {f}  :: fitting room
cabinet {m}  :: a cabinet
cabinet {m}  :: a cabinet of government advisors
cabinet {m}  :: an office, a surgery
cabinet {m} [archaic]  :: a study
cabinet {m} [in the plural]  :: the toilet, lavatory
cabinet médical {m}  :: doctors' surgery; doctors'
cabochard {adj} [informal]  :: stubborn
caboche {f} [colloquial, anatomy]  :: head
cabochien {adj}  :: Cabochien
cabossé {adj}  :: battered
cabossé {adj}  :: dented
cabosser {vt}  :: to dent
cabot {m} [informal]  :: pooch, mutt, cur (dog)
cabotage {m}  :: cabotage
caboter {vi}  :: to transport goods or passenger, provide cabotage
caboteur {m} [nautical]  :: coaster
cabotier {m}  :: a cabotage ship, a transport ship
cabotin {adj}  :: camp, overly theatrical
cabotin {m}  :: ham (actor)
cabotin {m}  :: poser
cabrer {vt}  :: to rear up (horse)
cabri {m}  :: kid (young goat)
cabriolant {adj}  :: cavorting
cabriole {f}  :: capriole (jump)
cabriole {f} [dressage]  :: capriole
cabrioler {vi}  :: to caper, cavort
cabriolet {m}  :: a cabriolet carriage
cabriolet {m}  :: a convertible car
cabriolet {m}  :: a Directoire style hat type
cabriolet {m}  :: a knotted cord, each end tied to wood, to tie criminals to by the wrists
CAC 40 {prop} [business, economics]  :: (French) stock market index; ≈ stock exchange
caca {m} [childish]  :: poo (childish word for excrement)
cacahouète {m}  :: alternative spelling of cacahuète
cacahuète {f}  :: peanut, goober
cacao {m}  :: cocoa
cacaoté {adj}  :: with cocoa
cacaotier {m}  :: cacao (tree)
cacaotière {f}  :: farm growing cocoa
cacaoyer {adj}  :: Related to cocoa
cacaoyer {m}  :: cacao (tree)
cacaoyère {f}  :: cocoa plantation
cacatoès {m}  :: cockatoo (bird)
caché {adj}  :: hidden
cachalot {m}  :: sperm whale
cache {f}  :: hiding place
cache {m}  :: cover, mask
cache-cache {m}  :: hide and seek
cache-œil {m}  :: eyepatch
cachemire {m}  :: cashmere (fabric)
Cachemire {prop}  :: Kashmir (region)
cachemiri {m}  :: Kashmiri (language)
Cachemiri {propm}  :: Kashmiri (person)
Cachemirie {prop}  :: feminine noun of Cachemiri
cachemirien {adj}  :: Kashmiri
cachemirien {m}  :: Kashmiri (language, masculine only)
cachemirien {m}  :: Kashmiri (person)
cache-nez {m}  :: scarf, muffler
cache-pot {m}  :: cachepot
cacher {adj}  :: alternative spelling of casher
cacher {vr} [reflexive se cacher]  :: to hide (oneself)
cacher {vt}  :: to hide
cacheté {adj}  :: sealed
cachet {m}  :: cachet
cachet {m}  :: pill
cachet {m}  :: seal
cacheter {vt}  :: to seal
cachette {f}  :: hideaway, hiding place
cachot {m}  :: dungeon, prison
cachot {m} [ice hockey]  :: penalty box
cachotterie {f}  :: mystery, secrecy
cachottier {adj}  :: secretive
cacodyle {m} [organic compound]  :: cacodyl
cacodylique {adj} [chemistry]  :: cacodylic
cacographie {f}  :: cacography
cacolet {m}  :: cacolet
cacophonie {f}  :: cacophony
cacophonique {adj}  :: cacophonous
cactée {f}  :: cactus
cactus {m}  :: cactus
caïd {m}  :: caid
caïd {m} [colloquial]  :: big shot, big man; boss
cadastral {adj}  :: cadastral
cadastre {m}  :: cadastre (a register showing details of land ownership and value)
caïdat {f}  :: The function or government of a caid
cadavre {m}  :: corpse, cadaver
cadavre {m}  :: empty bottle, empty
cadavéreux {adj}  :: cadaverous
cadavérique {adj}  :: cadaver-like (deathly pale)
cadavérique {adj} [medicine]  :: cadaveric
caddie {m} [golf]  :: caddie
caddie {m}  :: shopping cart (conveyance used to carry items while shopping)
caddy {m} [golf]  :: caddy
caddy {m}  :: golf cart
caddy {m}  :: supermarket trolley
cadeau {m}  :: Present, gift
cadenas {m}  :: padlock
cadenassé {adj}  :: locked up
cadenasser {vt}  :: to padlock
cadencé {adj}  :: rhythmic
cadence {f}  :: cadence
cadencer {vt}  :: to cadence
cadet {adj} [family]  :: youngest
cadet {m}  :: a younger sibling
cadet {m}  :: cadet, student officer
cadet {m}  :: junior sportsperson, young player
Cadix {prop}  :: Cadix
Cadix {prop}  :: Cádiz
cadmiage {m}  :: electroplating with cadmium
cadmie {f}  :: cadmia
cadmier {v}  :: To electroplate with a thin layer of cadmium
cadmium {m}  :: cadmium
cadré {adj} [sports]  :: on target
cadrage {m} [imaging]  :: framing (position of an image within a frame or border)
cadran {m}  :: dial
cadran {m}  :: face (of clock)
cadran lunaire {m}  :: moondial (instrument for telling time)
cadran solaire {m}  :: sundial
cadrat {m}  :: spacer (in typesetting)
cadratin {m}  :: em
cadre {m}  :: An executive
cadre {m}  :: An imprinted box on a page
cadre {m}  :: A scope or framework
cadre {m}  :: context, parameters
cadre {m}  :: frame (of a bicycle)
cadre {m} [military]  :: cadre
cadre {m}  :: The backbone of an organization
cadre {m}  :: The frame of a door or picture
cadrer {v} [photography]  :: To frame (put into the field of vision)
cadrer {v}  :: to fit (go well together)
cadreur {m}  :: cameraman
caduc {adj} [botany]  :: deciduous (of or pertaining to trees that shed their leaves in winter)
caduc {adj}  :: null and void
caduc {adj}  :: obsolete
caducifolié {adj} [of trees]  :: deciduous
caducité {f}  :: caducity
caducité {f}  :: transience
caduque {f}  :: decidua
caelifère {m}  :: any grasshopper belonging to the Caelifera suborder
Caen {prop}  :: Caen
caennais {adj}  :: of or from Caen
Caennais {m}  :: someone from the city of Caen
Caennaise {f}  :: feminine noun of Caennais
café {adj}  :: Of the colour of coffee
café {m}  :: cafe, coffee shop
café {m}  :: coffee colour
café {m}  :: coffee [drink]
café {m}  :: public house
café allongé {m}  :: (long) coffee, americano
cafard {m}  :: cockroach
cafard {m}  :: depression, melancholy
cafard {m}  :: tattletale, informant, rat
cafardeux {adj}  :: depressing
cafardeux {adj}  :: glum, gloomy
café au lait {adj}  :: Light brown
café au lait {m}  :: white coffee
café crème {m}  :: coffee with cream
cafetan {m}  :: kaftan (long tunic worn in the Eastern Mediterranean)
cafetier {m}  :: café owner
cafetière {f}  :: coffee pot
caféiculture {f}  :: coffee culture
caféier {m}  :: coffee (plant)
cafier {m}  :: alternative form of caféier
cafignon {m}  :: a little shadowy nook
cafignon {m} [Switzerland]  :: slippers, particularly slippers that are closed at the back
caféine {f}  :: caffeine
caféière {f}  :: Coffee-plantation
caféisme {m}  :: caffeinism
café noir {m}  :: black coffee
cafouillage {m}  :: screw-up
cafouiller {vi}  :: to play up, be in a mess, fall apart
cafre {m} [obsolete, offensive]  :: Kaffir
caftan {m}  :: kaftan (long tunic worn in the Eastern Mediterranean)
cafter {v}  :: to denounce
cafter {v}  :: to rat; to rat on
café-théâtre {m}  :: A café or restaurant that stages cabaret or other theatrical performances
cafétéria {f}  :: cafeteria
café-vélo {m}  :: a cycling café, a type of café specializing in serving a clientele that bicycles
caféylquinique {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: caffeoylquinic
cage {f}  :: cage
cage {f} [soccer, colloquial]  :: area, penalty area
cage d'escalier {f}  :: stairwell
cageot {m}  :: bottle crate
cage thoracique {f}  :: rib cage (part of skeleton)
cagibi {m}  :: cubbyhole, small storeroom with no windows
cagliaritain {n}  :: of or from Cagliari
Cagliaritain {m}  :: someone of or from Cagliari
Cagliaritaine {f}  :: feminine singular form of Cagliaritain
cagna {f} [military slang]  :: dugout
cagnard {adj}  :: lazy
cagnard {adj} [obsolete]  :: cowardly
cagnard {m}  :: lazy person
cagnard {m} [obsolete]  :: coward
cagnard {m}  :: suntrap (mascline only)
cagnarder {v}  :: To be lazy
cagneux {adj}  :: knock-kneed (having the knees abnormally close together)
cagnotte {f}  :: pool, kitty, pot (of money, for distribution)
cagot {adj} [dated]  :: sanctimonious
cagot {m} [dated]  :: sanctimonious person, hypocrite
cagot {m} [obsolete, outside, historical]  :: cagot
cagotement {adv}  :: sanctimoniously
cagoterie {f} [historical]  :: A quarter of a town to which cagots were restricted
cagoulé {adj}  :: masked by a balaclava
cagoulard {m} [historical]  :: cagoulard
cagoularde {f}  :: feminine noun of cagoulard
cagoule {f}  :: balaclava
cagouler {vr} [se cagouler]  :: to wear a balaclava
caguer {v} [France, informal]  :: to defecate
cahier {m}  :: notebook, exercise book
cahier {m}  :: quire
cahier des charges {m} [commerce]  :: specifications, specs, requirements; brief
cahin-caha {adv}  :: hobbling along
cahors {m}  :: A red wine from Cahors
cahot {m}  :: jolt, bump
cahotant {adj}  :: jolting
cahoter {vi}  :: to jolt along, bounce along
cahoter {vt}  :: to bump, jolt
cahoteux {adj}  :: bumpy; jolty
cahute {f}  :: shack, hut
caillage {m}  :: curdling
caillassage {m}  :: stoning
caillasser {v}  :: To stone (throw stones at)
caille {f}  :: quail
caillebotis {m}  :: duckboard
caillement {m}  :: curdling
cailler {vi} [slang]  :: To be very cold, to freeze
cailler {v} [slang, impersonal]  :: To be very cold, to be brass monkeys
cailler {v}  :: to curdle
caillera {m} [slang]  :: rabble, riffraff, thug
caillete {f}  :: abomasum
caillete {f}  :: curd (of milk to make cheese)
caillete {f}  :: frivolous gossiping woman
cailleter {vi} [dated]  :: to gossip, chew the cud
caillot {m}  :: clot
caillot {m}  :: curd
caillou {m}  :: gravel, small stone
caillouter {vt}  :: to metal [a road]
caillouteux {adj}  :: stony, pebbly
cailloutis {m}  :: gravel
cairote {adj}  :: Of, or pertaining to Cairo
caisse {f}  :: bank
caisse {f}  :: box
caisse {f}  :: cash register
caisse {f} [colloquial]  :: car
caisse {f}  :: fund
caisse {f} [vulgar]  :: fart
caisse enregistreuse {f}  :: cash register (machine)
caisse noire {f}  :: slush fund (money stored for illegal or dishonest purposes)
caisse à outils {f}  :: toolbox
caissier {m}  :: cashier
caissière {f}  :: feminine noun of caissier
caisson {m}  :: box
Caiète {prop}  :: Gaeta
cajeput {m} [botany]  :: cajuput, a tree (Melaleuca leucadendra or Melaleuca cajuputi) of Australia and southeast Asia
cajoler {v} [dated]  :: to flatter, to cajole
cajoler {v}  :: to cuddle, to cradle in one's arms
cajolerie {f}  :: cuddling, hugging
cajolerie {f} [dated]  :: cajolery
cajoleur {m}  :: cuddler (someone who cuddles)
cajou {m}  :: cashew (tree)
cake {m}  :: fruitcake (containing rum)
cake {m}  :: quick bread (a smallish loaf-shaped baked good which may be sweet like an English cake or salty and with bits of meat. See insert)
cake-walk {m}  :: cakewalk (the dance)
cal {m}  :: callus (hardened part of the skin)
calabrais {adj}  :: Calabrian
calabrais {m}  :: Calabrian, the Calabrian language
calabraise {f}  :: Calabrian woman
Calabre {prop}  :: Calabria
calade {f}  :: A harmonious, decorative and useful arrangement of medium-sized pebbles, fixed to the ground
caladrius {m}  :: caladrius
calage {m}  :: adjustment
calage {m}  :: synchronization
calage {m}  :: timing (of an engine)
calaisien {m}  :: of or from Calais
Calaisien {m}  :: someone of or from Calais
calaisienne {f}  :: feminine noun of calaisien
Calaisienne {f}  :: feminine noun of Calaisien
calamar {m}  :: squid
calamine {f}  :: calamine (zinc oxide or silicate)
calamine {f}  :: Residue of carbon deposited in the cylinders of two-stroke engines
calamité {m}  :: calamity, disaster
calamiteusement {adv}  :: calamitously
calamiteux {adj}  :: calamitous
calamondin {m}  :: calamondin
calandre {f}  :: calandra lark (Melanocorypha calandra)
calandre {f}  :: calender (machine)
calandre {f}  :: radiator grill (on a car)
calandre {f}  :: wheat weevil larva (Sitophilus granarius)
calanque {f}  :: creek (rocky inlet)
calao {m}  :: hornbill (bird)
calcaire {adj}  :: calcareous
calcaire {m}  :: limestone
calcarifère {adj}  :: calciferous
calcédoine {f}  :: chalcedony
calèche {f}  :: calèche, carriage
calcifier {v}  :: to calcify
calciférol {m} [organic compound]  :: calciferol
calciné {adj}  :: calcinated
calciné {adj}  :: calcined
calcin {m}  :: cullet
calcination {f}  :: calcination
calciner {vt}  :: to calcinate
calciner {vt}  :: to calcine
calcineurine {f}  :: calcineurin
calcique {adj}  :: calcic
calcium {m}  :: calcium
calciurie {f} [pathology]  :: calcinuria
calcémie {m} [pathology]  :: calcemia
calcul {m}  :: calculus (maths)
calcul {m}  :: calculus (medicine)
calcul {m} [computing]  :: computing
calculable {adj}  :: calculable
calculateur {adj}  :: calculating
calculateur {m}  :: calculating person
calculateur {m}  :: calculator (device)
calculatrice {f}  :: calculator (electronic calculation device)
calculer {v}  :: to calculate (all meanings)
calculette {f}  :: calculator (handheld device)
caldeira {f}  :: caldera
Calédonie {prop}  :: Caledonia
calédonien {adj}  :: Caledonian
calédonien {adj}  :: New Caledonian
cale {f}  :: chock (for wheel)
cale {f} [golf]  :: wedge
cale {f}  :: hold (of a ship)
cale {f} [obsolete]  :: immersion (in water)
cale {f}  :: slipway
cale {f}  :: wedge (under door etc.)
calebasse {f}  :: calabash
calembour {m}  :: pun (joke or type of wordplay)
calendaire {adj}  :: calendar (attributive)
calende {f}  :: Calends. The first day of the Roman month
calendrier {m}  :: calendar
calendrier {m}  :: program, schedule
calendrier de l'Avent {m}  :: Advent calendar
calendrier grégorien {m}  :: Gregorian calendar
caleçon {m}  :: boxer shorts, boxer briefs
calepin {m}  :: notebook
caler {vi} [colloquial]  :: (of person eating) to give up, be full
caler {vi}  :: to stall (of driver, engine)
caler {vt}  :: to fill (someone) up
caler {vt}  :: to jam (machinery etc.), to stall (an engine)
caler {vt}  :: to synchronize
caler {vt}  :: to wedge (open) (a door)
calfater {v}  :: to caulk (to seal joints with caulk)
calfeutrage {m}  :: draughtproofing / draftproofing
calfeutrer {v}  :: caulk (to seal joints with caulk)
calfeutrer {v}  :: to draughtproof, draftproof
calibrage {m}  :: calibration
calibrer {v}  :: to calibrate
calibrer {v}  :: to grade
calice {interj} [Quebec, slang]  :: alternative form of câlisse
calice {m}  :: chalice
calicot {m}  :: calico
caléidoscope {f}  :: kaleidoscope
caléidoscopique {adj}  :: kaleidoscopic
califat {m}  :: caliphate
calife {m}  :: caliph
Californian spangled {m}  :: California spangled cat
Californie {prop}  :: California
californien {adj}  :: Californian (of or relating to California)
Californien {m}  :: Californian (someone from CA)
Californienne {f}  :: feminine noun of Californien
californium {m}  :: californium
califourchon {n}  :: Only used in the term à califourchon
calisson {m}  :: A diamond-shaped confection made with ground almonds
calleux {adj}  :: calloused
calligramme {m}  :: calligram
calligraphe {mf}  :: calligrapher (one who practices calligraphy)
calligraphie {f}  :: calligraphy (art of writing with decorative strokes)
calligraphier {vt}  :: to calligraph
calligraphique {adj}  :: calligraphic
callipyge {adj}  :: callipygian (having beautifully shaped buttocks)
callosité {f}  :: callosity
calmant {m}  :: gripe water
calmar {m}  :: squid (the mollusk)
calmar colossal {m}  :: colossal squid
calmar géant {m}  :: giant squid
calme {adj}  :: calm
calme {adj}  :: quiet, peaceful
calme {m}  :: calmness, stillness
calme {m}  :: coolness (of a person)
calmement {adv}  :: calmly
calmer {vr}  :: to calm down, abate, subside
calmer {vt}  :: to calm, pacify, soothe
calmos {adv} [informal]  :: calmly
calmos {interj} [informal]  :: calm; (let's) stay calm
calomel {m} [inorganic compound]  :: calomel
calomelano {m} [inorganic compound]  :: calomel
calomelas {m}  :: alternative form of calomel
calomniateur {m}  :: slanderer; libeler
calomnie {f}  :: calumny; slander
calomnier {v}  :: to slander
calomnieusement {adv}  :: calumniously
calomnieux {adj}  :: calumnious
caloporteur {adj}  :: heat transfer (attributive)
calorie {f}  :: calorie
calorifique {adj}  :: calorific
calorifère {m}  :: heater, radiator
calorifuge {adj}  :: (heat) insulating
calorimètre {f} [physics]  :: calorimeter
calorimétrie {f}  :: calorimetry
calorimétrique {adj}  :: calorimetric
calorique {adj} [attributive]  :: heat; heat-emitting
calorique {adj}  :: caloric
calot {m}  :: forage cap
calot {m}  :: large marble used in kids' games
calotin {m}  :: A person who wears a [[calotte religious skullcap]]; any officer of the church
calotte {f} [Belgium]  :: calotte (religious skullcap)
calotte {f}  :: cap (of ice)
calotte {f}  :: kippah (Jewish cap)
calotte {f}  :: zucchetto
calotte glaciare {f}  :: ice cap
caloyer {m}  :: caloyer
caloyère {f}  :: feminine noun of caloyer
calqué {adj}  :: imitated, copied
calque {m}  :: calque (a loan translation)
calque {m}  :: tracing (the reproduction of an image made by copying it through translucent paper)
calquer {v}  :: to model, to imitate, to copy
calquer {v}  :: to trace, to copy onto a sheet of paper superimposed over the original, by drawing over its lines
calumet de la paix {m}  :: A (literal or figurative) peace pipe
calus {m}  :: callus (hardened part of the skin)
calva {m}  :: calva; calvados
Calvados {prop}  :: Calvados
calvaire {interj} [Quebec, vulgar]  :: fuck, fucking hell, bloody hell
calvaire {m}  :: calvary
calvaire {m}  :: ordeal
calvinisme {m}  :: Calvinism (The Christian doctrines of John Calvin)
calviniste {adj}  :: Calvinist
calviniste {mf}  :: Calvinist
calvitie {f}  :: baldness (the state of being bald)
cam {abbr} [military, nautical]  :: contre-amiral (rear admiral (RAdm))
cam {f}  :: cam (device for filming)
cam. {m}  :: abbreviation of camarade
CAm {abbr} [military]  :: Contre-Amiral (Rear Admiral, or RAdm)
camaïeu {m} [art]  :: camaieu
camaïeu {m}  :: cameo (stone)
camaïeu {m}  :: (range of) shades, tones, hues (of a colour)
camail {m}  :: camail, capuchin (hood)
caïman {m}  :: caiman
camarade {m}  :: Buddy, mate
camarade {m}  :: Comrade (companion or fellow socialist or communist)
camaraderie {f}  :: camaraderie
camard {adj}  :: flat-nosed
camarguais {adj}  :: Pertaining to, or from the Camargue
camarilla {f}  :: camarilla
camarine {f}  :: crowberry
cambiste {m}  :: foreign exchange trader
Cambodge {prop}  :: Cambodia
cambodgien {adj}  :: Cambodian (of or pertaining to Cambodia or its people or culture)
cambouis {m}  :: sludge (dirty oil / grease)
cambrer {v}  :: to arch (one's back, feet etc.)
cambrien {adj}  :: Cambrian
cambriolage {m}  :: burglary, robbery
cambrioler {v}  :: to burgle [UK], burglarize [US]
cambrioleur {m}  :: burglar
cambrioleuse {f}  :: feminine noun of cambrioleur
cambrousse {f}  :: countryside, outback
cambrure {f}  :: camber (of a road)
cambrure {f}  :: instep, arch (of the foot)
cambrure {f}  :: small of the back
cambusard {m} [nautical]  :: A rough red wine once distributed to French sailors
cambuse {f} [nautical]  :: a storeroom
cambuse {f} [slang]  :: a badly maintained and often ill-famed cabaret or inn
cambuse {f} [slang]  :: a hovel
camée {m}  :: cameo (stone)
came {f}  :: cam (part of engine)
camelin {adj}  :: cameline
camelin {m}  :: camlet
cameline {f}  :: camelina (plant)
camelot {m}  :: street vendor, peddler, hawker
camelote {f}  :: junk, rubbish, tat
camembert {m}  :: camembert (cheese)
camembert {m} [colloquial]  :: pie chart
camer {vr} [se camer]  :: to take drugs
cameraman {m}  :: alternative form of caméraman
camerlingue {m}  :: camerlengo
Cameroun {prop}  :: Cameroon
camerounais {adj}  :: Cameroonian (of or pertaining to Cameroon or its people or culture)
Camerounais {m}  :: a Cameroonian
Camerounaise {f}  :: feminine noun of Camerounais
camescope {m}  :: alternative spelling of caméscope
Camille {prop}  :: female given name derived from Latin Camilla
Camille {prop}  :: male given name derived from Latin Camillus
camion {m}  :: lorry (UK); truck (US)
camion-citerne {m}  :: tanker (UK), tank truck (US)
camionnage {m}  :: haulage / trucking
camionnette {f}  :: van
camionneur {m}  :: haulier
camionneur {m}  :: lorry/truck driver
camionneuse {f}  :: feminine noun of camionneur
camionneuse {f} [pejorative]  :: butch lesbian
camion plateau {m}  :: flatbed truck, flatbed lorry
camisole {f}  :: camisole
camisole de force {f}  :: straitjacket
camélia {m}  :: camellia (plant or the flower from the plant)
camélidé {m} [usually in the plural]  :: any member of the Camelidae taxonomic family
caméléon {m}  :: chameleon (person who always changes)
caméléon {m}  :: chameleon (reptile)
caméo {m}  :: cameo (brief appearance)
camomille {f}  :: camomile (plant)
camorra {f}  :: Camorra (crime organization)
camouflage {m}  :: camouflage
camoufler {v}  :: to camouflage (hide, disguise)
camouflet {m} [military]  :: camouflet
camouflet {m}  :: snub, affront
camp {adj}  :: camp (Intentionally tasteless or vulgar, self-parodying, affected, exaggerated)
camp {m}  :: camp (A base of a military group, not necessarily temporary)
camp {m}  :: camp (A group of people with the same ideals or political leanings, strongly supported.)
camp {m}  :: camp (An outdoor place acting as temporary accommodation in tents or other temporary structures.)
camp {m}  :: camp (Semi-temporary accommodation)
camp {m}  :: camp, summer camp
camp {m}  :: campness; An affected, exaggerated or intentionally tasteless style
campagnard {adj}  :: country (attributive)
campagnard {adj}  :: rustic
campagnard {m}  :: countryman
campagne {f}  :: campaign
campagne {f}  :: country (the country, rural area, as opposed to the town or city)
campagnol {m}  :: vole
Campanie {prop}  :: Campania
campanologie {f}  :: campanology (study of bells)
campanologique {adj}  :: campanologic
campanologue {mf}  :: campanologist
campanulacé {adj}  :: campanulaceous
campanule {f}  :: bellflower (plant of genus Campanula)
campêche {m}  :: logwood
camp de travail {m}  :: labor camp
camp de travail {m}  :: workcamp
campement {m}  :: camping gear
campement {m}  :: camping (the action of staying in a camp)
campement {m}  :: campsite
camper {v}  :: to camp
campeur {m}  :: camper
camphène {m} [organic compound]  :: camphene
camphorique {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: camphoric
camphré {adj}  :: camphorated
camphre {m}  :: camphor
camphrier {m}  :: camphor tree
camping {m}  :: camping
camping {m}  :: campsite
camping-car {m}  :: motor home
campus {m}  :: campus (of university)
caméra {f}  :: video camera
caméral {adj}  :: cameral
caméraman {m}  :: cameraman
camérier {m}  :: chamberlain
camériste {f}  :: maid (or similar servant)
caméscope {m}  :: a camcorder
camus {adj}  :: flat-nosed
Camus {prop}  :: French surname of Basque origin
Caïn {prop}  :: Cain (son of Adam and Eve)
Canada {prop}  :: Canada
canadair {m}  :: firefighting aircraft
canadianiser {v}  :: Canadianize (to make Canadian)
canadianisme {m}  :: Canadianism (word or phrase originated in Canada or with special meaning in Canada)
canadien {adj}  :: Canadian
Canadien {m}  :: A (male) Canadian
Canadienne {f}  :: Canadian woman
Canadiens {prop} [Canada]  :: the Montreal Canadiens hockey club
canaille {f} [archaic]  :: rabble (collectively)
canaille {f}  :: rascal, blackguard, scoundrel, scum
canaillerie {f}  :: blackguardism
canal {m}  :: canal
canal {m}  :: channel (broadcasting: specific radio frequency or band of frequencies)
canalaire {adj} [anatomy]  :: ductal
canalisation {f}  :: canalisation
canaliser {v}  :: to canalise (render into a canal)
canaliser {v}  :: to channel (direct one's efforts)
canaliser {v}  :: to channel; to canalise (direct the flow)
canal nommé {m} [computing]  :: named pipe
canamelle {f}  :: sugarcane
cananéen {adj}  :: Canaanite
canapé {m}  :: nibble (small bits of food, e.g. at a party)
canapé {m}  :: piece of toast covered with some savory (finger) food
canapé {m}  :: sofa
canaque {adj}  :: Kanak
canard {m}  :: drake (male duck)
canard {m}  :: duck (of either sex)
canard {m} [slang, familiar]  :: a man who complies with every desire of his partner in order to avoid conflict
canard {m} [slang, familiar]  :: a man who tries to attract women by offering them gifts
canard {m} [slang, familiar]  :: newspaper
canard brun {m}  :: mottled duck (Anas fulvigula)
canarder {v}  :: to snipe at someone
canardière {f}  :: punt gun (for shooting wildfowl)
canari {m}  :: canary (bird from Canary Islands)
canarien {adj}  :: Canarian
Canaries {prop}  :: Canary Islands, Canaries
canasta {f}  :: canasta
cancan {m}  :: cancan (dance)
cancan {m}  :: gossip
cancanement {m}  :: gossiping
cancanement {m}  :: quacking (making the sound of ducks)
cancaner {v}  :: to gossip
cancaner {v}  :: to quack
cancaneuse {f}  :: cancan dancer
cancanier {adj}  :: gossiping
cancer {m}  :: cancer
canche {f}  :: hair grass (of family Poaceae)
canche {f} [slang]  :: dump
cancre {m}  :: blockhead, dunce, dolt
cancre {m} [dated]  :: crayfish
cancre {m} [obsolete]  :: pauper
cancrelat {m}  :: cockroach
cancéreux {adj}  :: cancerous
cancérigène {adj}  :: carcinogenic (causing or tending to cause cancer)
cancérogenèse {f}  :: carcinogenesis
cancérogène {adj}  :: alternative form of cancérigène
cancérogénicité {f}  :: carcinogenicity
cancérologie {f}  :: oncology
cancérologique {adj}  :: oncologic; oncological
cancérologue {mf}  :: oncologist
candela {f}  :: candela (SI unit of luminous intensity)
candeur {f}  :: confidence
candeur {f}  :: honesty; candour
candeur {f}  :: purity
candi {adj}  :: candied
candi {m}  :: sugar candy
candidat {m}  :: candidate
candidate {f}  :: feminine noun of candidat
candidater {v}  :: To stand (put oneself forward) as a candidate
candidature {f}  :: candidature
candide {adj}  :: candid, frank
candide {adj}  :: confident
candide {adj}  :: pure
candidement {adv}  :: candidly
candidement {adv}  :: confidently
candidement {adv}  :: purely, in a pure way
candir {vi}  :: to crystallize
candir {vt}  :: to cover with crystallized sugar
candéla {f}  :: candela
candélabre {m}  :: candelabrum
cane {f}  :: duck (female duck)
canelle {f}  :: alternative form of cannelle
canepetière {f}  :: little bustard
caneton {m}  :: duckling
canette {f}  :: can, tin, tin can
canette {f}  :: duckling
canevas {m} [cartography]  :: network
canevas {m}  :: framework
canevas {m} [sewing]  :: canvas; tapestry
cange {f}  :: small boat used on the Nile
caniche {mf}  :: poodle (dog)
caniculaire {adj}  :: canicular
caniculaire {adj}  :: scorching
canicule {f} [astronomy]  :: Sirius, Dog Star
canicule {f}  :: heat wave, hot spell
canidé {m} [usually, in the plural]  :: a member of the Canidae family
canif {m}  :: penknife
canin {adj}  :: canine
canine {f}  :: canine, cuspid
caniveau {m} [on a road]  :: gutter
cannabinique {adj}  :: cannabic
cannabis {m}  :: cannabis
cannage {m}  :: caning (working with canes, cane craftwork)
cannamelle {f}  :: alternative form of canamelle
canne {f}  :: cane; stick
canne {f} [familiar]  :: peg; leg
canne {f}  :: rod; fishing rod
canneberge {f}  :: cranberry (berry)
canne blanche {f}  :: cane (white stick used by blind people)
canne des tranchées {f}  :: trench stick
cannelé {adj}  :: fluted
cannelé {adj} [heraldry]  :: invected
cannelier {m}  :: cinnamomum
cannelle {adj}  :: cinnamon (in colour)
cannelle {f}  :: cinnamon (the spice)
cannelure {f} [botany]  :: striation (on a plant)
cannelure {f}  :: groove (linear indent)
canne à pêche {f}  :: fishing rod (rod used for angling)
canner {v} [France, slang]  :: to die
canner {v} [Quebec, informal]  :: to can
Cannes {prop}  :: Cannes
canne à sucre {f}  :: sugar cane (species of grass whose sap is a source of sugar)
cannibale {adj}  :: cannibalistic, cannibal
cannibale {m}  :: cannibal
cannibalisation {f}  :: cannibalization
cannibaliser {v}  :: to cannibalise
cannibalisme {m} [figuratively]  :: Extreme ferocity, ruthlessness
cannibalisme {m} [literally]  :: The practice cannibalism, eating another of one's own species
cannois {adj}  :: From Cannes
Cannois {m}  :: Cannois, someone from Cannes
Cannoise {f}  :: feminine singular form of Cannois
cannonière {f}  :: gunboat
canoé {m}  :: alternative spelling of canoë
canoë {m}  :: canoe
canoéiste {mf}  :: canoeist
canon {m}  :: barrel (of firearm)
canon {m}  :: cannon, (big) gun
canon {m}  :: cannon for a horse
canon {m}  :: canon
canon {m} [music]  :: canon
canon {m} [religion]  :: canon
canon {m} [slang]  :: glass of wine
canon {m} [slang]  :: hottie, dish, bombshell (attractive man/woman)
canonial {adj}  :: canonical
canonialement {adv}  :: canonically
canonique {adj}  :: canonic, canonical
canoniquement {adv}  :: canonically
canonisable {adj}  :: worthy of being canonized
canonisation {f}  :: canonization
canoniser {v}  :: to canonize
canonnade {f}  :: cannonade
canon à neige {m}  :: snow cannon (machine that spurts out snow over pistes)
canonner {v}  :: To cannon, cannonade
canonnier {m}  :: cannoneer
canonnière {f}  :: gunboat
canopée {f}  :: canopy (in forest)
canope {m}  :: An ancient Egyptian vase
canot {m}  :: dinghy (small boat)
canot {m} [Quebec]  :: canoe
canotage {m} [nautical]  :: rowing
canot automobile {m}  :: motorboat
canot de sauvetage {m}  :: raft, safety raft, life raft
canoter {v}  :: to go canoeing
canoteur {m} [nautical]  :: rower
canotier {m}  :: boater (hat)
canotier {m} [nautical]  :: canoeist, rower
canotiere {f}  :: feminine noun of canotier
canéphore {f} [architecture]  :: canephorus
céans {adv} [archaic or literary]  :: (in) here
cantabile {adj} [music]  :: cantabile
cantabile {m} [music]  :: cantabile
cantal {m}  :: Cantal (cheese)
Cantal {prop}  :: Cantal
cantaloup {m}  :: cantaloupe
cantatrice {f}  :: cantatrice
canthaxanthine {m} [organic compound]  :: canthaxanthin
cantillation {f}  :: cantillation (the act of cantillating)
cantiller {v}  :: cantillate
cantilène {f} [music]  :: cantilena
cantine {f}  :: canteen (small cafeteria or snack bar)
cantinier {m}  :: cellarman
cantinière {f}  :: cantinière
cantinière {f}  :: female cellarman
cantique {m}  :: canticle
cantoche {f} [slang]  :: cantine
canton {m}  :: canton (of Switzerland, France or Luxembourg)
canton {m} [heraldiccharge]  :: canton
Canton {prop}  :: Canton (former name for Guangdong)
Canton {prop}  :: Canton (former name for Guangzhou)
cantonade {f} [theatre, archaic]  :: box seats
cantonais {adj}  :: Cantonese
cantonais {m}  :: Cantonese (language)
cantonais {m}  :: Cantonese (people)
cantonaise {f}  :: feminine noun of cantonais
cantonal {adj}  :: cantonal
cantonnement {m}  :: billet; billeting
cantonnement {m}  :: cantonment
cantonner {vi} [military]  :: to be stationed, be billeted
cantonner {v} [military]  :: to station; billet (troops)
cantonner {vr} [military, with dans]  :: to fortify, set up or establish defenses
cantonner {vr} [with à, dans]  :: be restricted, confined
cantonner {vr} [with à, dans]  :: to restrict oneself (to); focus (on)
cantonner {vr} [with dans]  :: to take refuge (in)
cantonner {vt}  :: to confine (someone to)
cantonnier {m}  :: roadman, roadmender
cantonnier {m}  :: trackman (railways)
cantonnière {f}  :: feminine noun of cantonnier
canular {m}  :: hoax (anything deliberately intended to deceive or trick)
canuse {f}  :: feminine singular form of canut
canut {m}  :: A former hand weaver (who worked at home)
canut {m}  :: (by extension) A very poor person
canyon {m}  :: canyon
canyonisme {m} [sports]  :: canyoning
caïon {m} [Switzerland]  :: pig, pork
caoua {m} [colloquial]  :: coffee
caoutchouc {m}  :: rubber (natural and synthetic)
caoutchouté {adj}  :: rubberized
caoutchouter {v}  :: To coat with rubber
caoutchouter {v}  :: To decorate with rubber
caoutchouteux {adj}  :: rubbery; having the appearance or consistency of rubber
cap {m} [archaic]  :: head
cap {m} [geography]  :: cape
cap {m} [nautical]  :: heading
cap {m} [Quebec, geography]  :: cap (summit of a mountain)
capabilité {f}  :: capability
capable {adj}  :: able, capable
capablement {adv}  :: capably
capacité {f}  :: capacity (measure of the ability to hold, receive or absorb; maximum amount that can be contained)
capacité {f}  :: skill (capacity to do something well)
capacitaire {adj}  :: (of a voting system) In which only those meeting a certain educational standard may vote
capacitaire {m} [legal]  :: A person having a specified capacity, especially one having a law degree
capacitif {adj} [physics]  :: capacitive
capacité électrique {f}  :: capacitance (property of an element of an electrical circuit)
caparaçon {m}  :: caparison
caparaçonner {vt}  :: to caparison
cape {f}  :: cape
caper {v} [finance]  :: to cap (set a limit to)
caper {v} [sports]  :: to cap (award a player a cap for playing for their national team)
Capernaüm {prop}  :: Capernaum
capharnaüm {m}  :: shambles
Caïphe {prop}  :: Caiphas
capillaire {adj}  :: capillary (related to hair)
capillaire {m}  :: capillary (any of small blood vessels that connect arteries to veins)
capillarité {f}  :: capillarity; capillary action
capilliculteur {m}  :: coiffeur
capillicultrice {f}  :: feminine noun of capilliculteur
capilotade {f}  :: capilotade
capitaine {m}  :: captain, leader
capitaine de vaisseau {m}  :: Naval military officer in command of a capital ship or a small squadron. Equivalent of a ship of the line captain in commonwealth navies and a full captain in the United States navy. Ranking above a capitaine de corvette and below contre-amiral
capitainerie {f} [obsolete]  :: captaincy
capitainerie {f}  :: port authority
capital {adj}  :: capital (important)
capital {m}  :: capital (money and wealth)
capitale {f}  :: capital, capital city
capitale {f}  :: capital letter
capitalement {adv}  :: capitally
capitalisable {adj}  :: capitalizable
capitalisation {f}  :: capitalisation
capitaliser {vt} [finance, typography]  :: to capitalize
capitalisme {m}  :: capitalism
capitaliste {adj}  :: capitalist
capitaliste {mf}  :: capitalist
capitalistique {adj}  :: capitalistic
capitalistiquement {adv}  :: capitalistically
capitanat {m}  :: captaincy
capiter {v}  :: To tax on a per capita basis
capiteux {adj}  :: heady
capiteux {adj}  :: intoxicating
capitolin {adj}  :: Capitoline (attributive)
capitonnage {m}  :: padding
capitonnage {m}  :: upholstery
capitonner {v}  :: to pad (fill with padding)
capitoul {n} [historical]  :: A capitoul or capitol: the former chief magistrates of the city of Toulouse, France. The requirements included being male, married, over 25 years of age, and Catholic; having a house in Toulouse; and plying an honorable profession, such as the law or trade
capitoulat {n}  :: Capitoulate:
capitulaire {adj}  :: capitular
capitulairement {adv}  :: capitularly (as an ecclesiastical chapter)
capitulation {f}  :: capitulation
capituler {v}  :: to surrender; to capitulate (to give oneself up into the power of another)
capoeira {f}  :: capoeira
caponner {vi}  :: to act cowardly, be yellow, chicken
caponner {v}  :: to cat (raise anchor to cathead)
caponnière {f}  :: caponier
caporal {m}  :: caporal (tobacco)
caporal {m} [military]  :: corporal
capot {m}  :: bonnet [UK], hood [US]
capote {f}  :: greatcoat
capote {f} [of a car]  :: soft top
capote {f} [slang]  :: shorter form of capote anglaise
capote anglaise {f} [slang]  :: french letter, rubber johnny, condom
capoter {vi} [Quebec]  :: to derail
capoter {vi} [Quebec]  :: to founder
capoter {vi} [Quebec]  :: to overturn
Cappadoce {prop}  :: Cappadocia
cappadocien {adj}  :: Cappadocian
Cappadocien {m}  :: Cappadocian
Cappadocienne {f}  :: feminine noun of Cappadocien
cappuccino {m}  :: cappuccino
caprice {m}  :: tantrum
caprice {m}  :: whim; wish
capricieusement {adv}  :: capriciously
capricieux {adj}  :: capricious
capricorne {m}  :: longhorn beetle (of the family Cerambycidae)
Capricorne {mf}  :: Capricorn (someone born with a Capricorn star sign)
Capricorne {prop}  :: Capricorn (constellation)
Capricorne {prop}  :: Capricorn (star sign)
caprifoliacé {adj}  :: caprifoliaceous
caprin {adj}  :: caprine
capriné {m}  :: caprine
caprin {m}  :: caprid, goat antelope
caprin {m}  :: goat, domestic goat
capriole {f} [dressage]  :: dated form of cabriole
caprique {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: capric
caprolactame {m} [organic compound]  :: caprolactam
caproïque {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: caproic
caprylique {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: caprylic
capsaïcine {f} [organic compound]  :: capsaicin
capésien {m}  :: Candidate or holder of the certificate of aptitude of secondary education
capsien {adj} [archaeology]  :: Capsian, concerning a specific Mediterranean Paleolithic culture
capésienne {f}  :: feminine noun of capésien
capsule {f}  :: capsule
capsule temporelle {f}  :: time capsule
captage {m}  :: capture
captage {m}  :: harnessing (of energy)
captage {m}  :: picking up (of a radio station)
captation {f} [legal]  :: inveiglement, captation
capter {v} [informal]  :: to understand
capter {v}  :: to capture, to catch, to pick up
capter {v}  :: to detect, to sense, to receive (Note: capteur means sensor)
capteur {m}  :: a sensor
capteur de rêves {m}  :: dreamcatcher
capteur pollinique {m}  :: pollen counter
capétien {adj}  :: Capetian
captieusement {adv}  :: speciously, misleadingly, sophistically
captieux {adj}  :: specious, misleading, sophist
captif {adj}  :: captive
captif {m}  :: captive
captivant {adj}  :: captivating; fascinating; absorbing
captiver {v}  :: to engross; to captivate (to engage completely)
captivité {f}  :: captivity
capture {f}  :: a catch, a take
capture {f}  :: capture
capture d'écran {f}  :: screenshot
capturer {v}  :: to capture (catch, seize e.g. an enemy)
capuce {m}  :: hood (headgear)
capuche {f}  :: hood (headwear)
capuche {f}  :: hoodie
capuchon {m}  :: A hood, which may be attached to a cape, permanently or detachable
capuchon {m}  :: Certain resembling objects
capucin {m}  :: A monk of the frères mineurs capucins
capucin {m}  :: capuchin (primate)
Capucine {prop}  :: female given name of modern usage
cap-verdien {adj}  :: Cape Verdean
capverdien {adj}  :: Cape Verdean
Capverdien {m}  :: Cape Verdean
Capverdienne {f}  :: feminine noun of Capverdien
Cap Vert {prop}  :: Cape Verde
Cap-Vert {prop}  :: Cape Verde (country in Western Africa)
CAQ {prop} [Canada, politics]  :: acronym of [[:w:fr:Coalition Avenir Québec (Coalition pour l'avenir du Québec)
caïque {m} [nautical]  :: A small craft/boat used in the archipelago and Constantinople
caque {f}  :: keg, barrel (especially for storing herring)
caquelon {m} [Switzerland, Belgium]  :: caquelon
caquet {m}  :: cackle, clucking
caqueter {vit}  :: to cackle
caqueter {vit}  :: to prattle
caquiste {adj} [Canada, politics]  :: pertaining to the Coalition Avenir Québec
caquiste {mf} [Canada, politics]  :: a member of the Coalition Avenir Québec
car {conj}  :: as, since, because, for
car {m}  :: car
car {m}  :: coach
caraïbe {adj}  :: Caribbean (Pertaining to the sea and region bounded by the American continent and the West Indies)
caraïbe {mf}  :: Caribbean (someone from the Caribbean)
Caraïbes {prop}  :: Caribbean
carabiné {adj}  :: violent, excessive
carabin {m}  :: carabineer
carabin {m}  :: medical student
carabine {f}  :: rifle
carabinier {m}  :: carabineer
carabinière {f}  :: feminine singular form of carabinier
caraco {m} [archaic]  :: loose blouse
caraco {m}  :: (women's) undershirt, camisole
caracole {f} [architecture]  :: caracole
caracole {f} [Belgium]  :: snail
caracoler {v} [figuratively]  :: to sit pretty, to be (well) ahead, nestle (appear comfortable at the top of a ranking)
caracoler {v}  :: go round and round, buzz round, flit about, flit around
caracoler {v} [of a horse]  :: to caracole
caractère {m}  :: character, demeanour, personality
caractère {m}  :: character (written symbol)
caractère chinois {m}  :: Chinese character (hanzi)
caractériel {adj}  :: emotionally disturbed
caractériel {adj}  :: temperamental
caractérisé {adj}  :: characterized
caractérisation {f}  :: characterization
caractériser {v}  :: to characterize
caractéristique {adj}  :: characteristic
caractéristique {f}  :: characteristic, trait
caractérologie {f}  :: characterology
carafe {f}  :: carafe
carafon {m}  :: small carafe
carambolage {m} [billiards]  :: a carom, a cannon
carambolage {m}  :: (by extension) a car accident involving 3 or more cars hitting each other successively, pile-up
carambole {f} [by extension, dated]  :: French billiards
carambole {f} [cue sports, dated]  :: cannon
carambole {f} [dated, billiards]  :: red (ball)
carambole {f}  :: star fruit
caramboler {vt}  :: to collide with
carambouille {f}  :: con in which someone sells something bought on credit, and then disappears without paying his debt
caramel {m}  :: caramel, fudge
caramélisation {f}  :: caramelisation
caraméliser {v}  :: to caramelise
carapace {f}  :: shell
carapater {v} [informal]  :: to run, to make haste
carapater {vr} [informal]  :: to run away
Caravage {prop}  :: Caravaggio
caravagesque {adj}  :: Caravaggiesque
caravane {f}  :: caravan (convoy of travelers)
caravane {f}  :: travel trailer
caravanier {m}  :: caravanner (all senses)
caravanière {f}  :: feminine noun of caravanier
caravansérail {m}  :: caravanserai
carbaldéhyde {m} [organic chemistry]  :: carbaldehyde
carbène {m} [organic chemistry]  :: carbene
carbocationique {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: carbocationic
carbochimie {f} [chemistry]  :: carbochemistry
carbochloration {f} [chemistry]  :: carbochlorination
carboglace {f}  :: dry ice (solid carbon dioxide)
carboné {adj}  :: carbonaceous
carboné {adj}  :: carbonized
carbonarisme {n}  :: Carbonarism
carbonaté {adj}  :: carbonated
carbonate {m}  :: carbonate
carbone {m}  :: carbon
carbonifère {adj} [geology]  :: Carboniferous
Carbonifère {prop} [geology]  :: the Carboniferous
carbonique {adj}  :: carbonic
carbonisé {adj}  :: charred, carbonized
carboniser {v}  :: to char (to burn something to charcoal)
carbonitruration {f}  :: carbonitriding
carbonitrurer {vt}  :: to carbonitride
carbonné {adj}  :: carbonized
carbonylé {adj}  :: carbonylated
carbonyler {vt} [chemistry]  :: to carbonylate
carboplatine {m} [organic compound]  :: carboplatin
carboréduction {f} [inorganic chemistry]  :: carboreduction
carboxaldéhyde {m} [organic chemistry]  :: carboxaldehyde
carboxyhémoglobine {f} [biochemistry]  :: carboxyhemoglobin
carboxylé {adj}  :: carboxylated
carboxyle {m} [organic chemistry]  :: carboxyl
carboxyler {vt} [organic chemistry]  :: to carboxylate
carboxylique {adj}  :: carboxylic
carboxyméthylcellulose {f} [organic compound]  :: carboxymethylcellulose
carburéacteur {m}  :: aviation (jet) fuel
carburant {m}  :: fuel (to power machines)
carburateur {m}  :: carburetor
carbure {m} [chemistry]  :: carbide
carburer {v} [slang, followed by the preposition à]  :: to run on, live on (to use a substance to work, to get on)
carcan {m}  :: straitjacket
carcan {m}  :: yoke, shackles
carcasse {f}  :: carcass (dead animal)
carcasse {f}  :: carcass; skeleton; bones (of a plan)
carcinoïde {m} [pathology]  :: carcinoid
carcinogène {adj}  :: carcinogenic
carcinogène {m}  :: carcinogen
carcinogénèse {f}  :: carcinogenesis
carcinome {m} [pathology]  :: carcinoma
carcéral {adj}  :: prison (attributive), penal
cardage {m}  :: carding
cardamome {mf}  :: cardamom
cardan {m}  :: gimbal
carde {f}  :: card (a machine for disentagling the fibres of wool prior to spinning)
carder {v}  :: to card (use a carding machine)
cardeur {m}  :: carder (person who cards wool)
cardeuse {f}  :: feminine singular form of cardeur
cardiacé {adj}  :: heart-shaped
cardiaque {adj} [attributive]  :: heart
cardiaque {adj}  :: cardiac
cardigan {m}  :: cardigan
cardinal {adj}  :: Important; paramount
cardinal {adj} [mathematics]  :: cardinal
cardinal {m}  :: Cardinal (bird)
cardinal {m}  :: cardinal (color)
cardinal {m}  :: Cardinal number
cardinal {m} [religion]  :: cardinal
cardinalat {m}  :: cardinalate
cardinalesque {adj}  :: Characteristic of a cardinal
cardio- {prefix} [anatomy]  :: cardio-
cardioïde {adj}  :: cardioid
cardioïde {f}  :: cardioid (epicycloid with one cusp)
cardiographe {m}  :: cardiograph
cardiographie {f}  :: cardiography
cardiologie {f}  :: cardiology
cardiologique {adj}  :: cardiac
cardiologique {adj}  :: cardiological
cardiologue {mf}  :: cardiologist (physician)
cardiorespiratoire {adj}  :: cardiorespiratory
cardiovasculaire {adj}  :: cardiovascular (relating to the circulatory system)
cardite {f} [medicine]  :: carditis
cardon {m}  :: cardoon
carduacé {adj}  :: Resembling a thistle
carence {f}  :: deficiency, lack, insufficiency
carence {f}  :: gap
carencer {vt}  :: to cause a deficiency [in someone]
carer {v} [slang]  :: alternative spelling of carrer
caresme {m}  :: alternative form of carême
caressant {adj}  :: affectionate
caressant {adj}  :: cuddly
caresse {f}  :: caress; stroke
caresser {v}  :: to stroke; to caress (to move the hand over the surface of)
caresser {v}  :: to touch up; put the final touches on
caresser {v}  :: to toy with
caret {m}  :: hawksbill (turtle)
caret {m}  :: yarn (thread of a rope)
car-ferry {m}  :: ferry
cargaison {f}  :: cargo (freight carried by a ship)
cargo {m}  :: ship designed to carry a cargo
carhaisien {adj}  :: Of or from Carhaix-Plouguer
cari {m}  :: curry
cariacou {m}  :: carjacou; whitetail
caribéen {adj}  :: Caribbean
caribou {m}  :: caribou
caricatural {adj}  :: caricatural
caricaturalement {adv}  :: grotesquely
caricaturalement {adv}  :: ridiculously
caricature {f}  :: caricature
caricaturer {v}  :: to caricature
caricaturesque {adj}  :: caricaturesque
caricaturiste {mf}  :: caricaturist
carie {f} [botany]  :: rot (of a plant)
carie {f} [dentistry]  :: decay (of bone or teeth)
carier {v}  :: to rot, to rot away
carillonner {vi}  :: to ring, chime, peal [of bells]
Carine {prop}  :: female given name, alternative spelling of Karine
caritatif {adj} [attributive]  :: charity
caritatif {adj}  :: charitable
Carla {prop}  :: female given name borrowed from Italian
Carélie {prop}  :: Karelia (region)
carélien {m}  :: Karelian (language)
carlin {m}  :: pug (dog)
carlingue {f}  :: cabin of aircraft
carlisme {m}  :: Carlism
carliste {adj}  :: Carlist
carliste {mf}  :: Carlist
carlovingien {adj}  :: Carlovingian
carmagnole {f}  :: carmagnole, a lively song and street dance
carmagnole {f}  :: carmagnole, a short jacket, fashionable during the French Revolution
carême {m}  :: Lent
carme {m}  :: Carmelite, white friar
Carmen {prop}  :: female given name of Spanish origin
carmin {adj}  :: carmine, crimson
carminé {adj}  :: carmine
carmin {m}  :: carmine
carmin {m}  :: cochineal
carmélite {f}  :: Carmelite nun
caréné {adj}  :: ducted
carénage {m}  :: fairing (on an aircraft etc)
carénage {m} [nautical]  :: careenage
carnage {m}  :: carnage (all senses)
carnassier {adj}  :: carnivorous
carnation {f}  :: The fleshy pinkish color (not the color of a carnation flower)
carnaval {m}  :: The carnival, last festive occasion before Lent, notably on Shrove Tuesday, marked by a masked parade and/or ball
carnavalesque {adj}  :: carnival (attributive)
carnavaleuse {f}  :: feminine singular form of carnavaleux
carnavaleux {m}  :: carnival-goer
carnavalier {adj}  :: carnival (attributive)
carnavaliser {v}  :: To give a carnival-like atmosphere to
carène {f} [nautical]  :: hull; keel
carne {f}  :: angle, corner (projecting)
carne {f} [informal]  :: meat (usually of bad quality)
carne {f}  :: nag (old useless horse)
carne {f}  :: The tubular part of a pen
caréner {vt} [nautical]  :: to careen
carnet {m}  :: booklet, notebook
carneter {v} [Internet]  :: synonym of bloguer
carnichot {m}  :: a large hole dug underneath a tree's roots and covered with branches
carnier {m}  :: A small sack used by hunters to carry game birds
carnivore {adj}  :: carnivorous (predatory or flesh-eating)
carnivore {m}  :: carnivore
Caro {prop}  :: female given name. An intimate form of several given names such as Carole, Caroline and Carolane
carole {f} [historical]  :: carol (round dance accompanied by singing)
Carole {prop}  :: female given name, an equivalent of Carol
Caroline {prop}  :: female given name, one of several feminine equivalents of Charles
Caroline {prop}  :: One of the two US States named Carolina in English
Caroline du Nord {prop}  :: North Carolina (state of the United States)
Caroline du Sud {prop}  :: South Carolina
Carolines {prop}  :: Carolinas
carolingien {adj}  :: Carolingian
caron {m}  :: háček (the háček diacritic)
caronade {f}  :: carronade
carotène {m} [organic chemistry]  :: carotene
caroténoïde {m} [organic chemistry]  :: carotenoid
carotté {adj} [Quebec]  :: That has a tartan pattern
carotte {f}  :: carrot
carottier {m}  :: wangler
carottière {f}  :: feminine noun of carottier
caroube {f}  :: carob (fruit)
caroubier {m}  :: carob (tree)
carouge {m}  :: blackbird (precisely, New World blackbird)
carouge {m}  :: Carob pod
Carpates {prop}  :: Carpathians
carpe {f}  :: carp
carpe {m} [skeleton]  :: carpus
carpeau {m}  :: young carp
carpelle {m} [botany]  :: carpel
carpien {adj}  :: carpal (any of the eight bones of the wrist)
carpophage {adj}  :: carpophagous
carpophage {m}  :: pigeon (any of a number of fruit-eating pigeons)
carquois {m}  :: quiver (for arrows)
carré {adj} [maths]  :: quadratic
carré {adj}  :: square
carré {adj}  :: straightforward
carré {m}  :: patch (of land)
carré {m} [poker]  :: four of a kind
carré {m}  :: square
carraghénane {m}  :: carrageenan
carré d'agneau {f}  :: rack of lamb
carre {f}  :: angle
carre {f}  :: skating figure
carre {f}  :: stature
carre {f}  :: the side of a sword blade
carreau {m}  :: bolt (crossbow projectile)
carreau {m} [card games]  :: diamonds (card suit)
carreau {m}  :: square (as a geometrical shape)
carreau {m}  :: tile (compare with carrelage, meaning tiles or tiling)
carreau {m}  :: windowpane
carrefour {m}  :: crossroads
carrelage {m}  :: tiling, tiles
carreler {vt}  :: to pave
carreler {vt}  :: to tile
carrelet {m}  :: carlet
carrelet {m} [fencing]  :: (type of) square-bladed foil
carrelet {m}  :: fishing cabin
carrelet {m} [fishing]  :: (type of) fishing net; lift net
carrelet {m}  :: plaice
carreleur {m}  :: tiler
carreleuse {f}  :: feminine noun of carreleur
carrer {v}  :: to square (a number)
carret {m}  :: alternative form of caret (yarn)
carriole {f} [Canada]  :: sleigh
carriole {f}  :: cart
carrière {f}  :: career
carrière {f} [originally]  :: racecourse
carrière {f}  :: quarry
carriérisme {m}  :: careerism (priority given to one's career)
carriériste {mf}  :: careerist (person who pursues his or her own career as his or her main aim)
carrément {adv} [informal]  :: definitely, for sure, really
carrément {adv} [informal]  :: really, completely, real (US), well (UK slang)
carrément {adv} [informal]  :: right, slap-bang
carrément {adv} [informal]  :: straight out, bluntly (of asking, speaking etc.)
carrément {adv}  :: in the shape of a square; (of motion etc.) at right angles
carrossable {adj}  :: passable (for motor vehicles)
carrosse {m}  :: carriage (luxury horse-drawn vehicle)
carrosserie {f}  :: bodywork, body (of car)
carrossier {m}  :: coachbuilder
carrossier {m}  :: draught horse
carrossière {f}  :: feminine noun of carrossier
carroyer {v}  :: to divide into squares
carrure {f}  :: build (physique of a human body)
carrure {f}  :: calibre
carrure {f}  :: shoulders (of person, clothes)
cart. {m}  :: abbreviation of cartulaire
cartable {m}  :: satchel; school bag
carte {f}  :: card
carte {f}  :: chart; map
carte {f}  :: menu
carte bancaire {f}  :: bank card
carte blanche {f}  :: carte blanche (unlimited discretionary power to act; unrestricted authority)
carte bleue {f}  :: blue card
carte bleue {f} [France]  :: bank card
carte de crédit {f}  :: credit card (plastic card, with a magnetic strip)
carte de visite {f}  :: A business card, small card with a person’s name and professional information
carte de visite {f} [literally]  :: A visiting card
carte heuristique {n}  :: mind map
cartel {m}  :: A cartel
carte mère {f} [computing]  :: motherboard (primary circuit board of a computer)
carte postale {f}  :: postcard
carter {m}  :: housing (of an engine)
carter {v}  :: To verify a person's age etc by inspecting his identity card
carterie {f}  :: Artwork on personalized cards
carterie {f}  :: A shop selling postal cards
carterie {f}  :: Printing found on postal cards or playing cards
carte routière {f}  :: a road map
carte SIM {f}  :: a SIM card
carte verte {f}  :: green card (motor insurance certificate)
carte verte {f}  :: green card (US work permit)
carte vierge {f}  :: blank map, blank card
Carthage {prop}  :: Carthage
carthaginois {adj}  :: Carthaginian
Carthaginois {m}  :: Carthaginian
Carthaginoise {f}  :: feminine singular form of Carthaginois
cartier {m}  :: playing card maker
cartilage {m} [anatomy]  :: cartilage
cartilagineux {adj}  :: cartilaginous, gristly
cartogramme {m}  :: cartogram
cartographe {mf}  :: cartographer
cartographié {adj}  :: mapped, charted
cartographiable {adj}  :: mappable
cartographie {f}  :: cartography
cartographier {vt}  :: to map, chart
cartographique {adj}  :: cartographic (of or relating to cartography)
cartographiquement {adv}  :: cartographically
cartomancie {f}  :: cartomancy
cartomancien {m}  :: fortune teller (from tarot or playing cards)
cartomancienne {f}  :: feminine noun of cartomancien
carton {m} [arts]  :: sketch; cartoon
carton {m}  :: card
carton {m}  :: cardboard
carton {m} [cartography]  :: inset map
carton {m}  :: carton, cardboard box
carton {m}  :: target
carton jaune {m}  :: yellow card (card in sports)
cartonné {adj}  :: hardback
cartonnage {m}  :: A cardboard covering of a parcel for protection during delivery
cartonner {vi} [colloquial]  :: to be in danger, exposed, etc
cartonner {vi} [colloquial]  :: to get into a collision, a car accident
cartonner {vi} [colloquial]  :: to hit the jackpot
cartonner {vt} [colloquial]  :: to attack, vigorously critique
cartonner {vt} [slang, sexuality]  :: to possess sexually
cartonner {vt}  :: to cover with cardboard; [of a book] to print in hardcover
cartonnerie {f}  :: cardboard manufacturing plant
carton rouge {m} [sports]  :: red card
cartouche {f}  :: cartridge
cartouche {m}  :: cartouche (Egyptian hieroglyphic of name)
cartouche {m}  :: cartouche (ornamental figure)
cartouche {m}  :: title block (technical drawing)
cartouchière {f}  :: bandolier, cartridge belt
cartouchière {f}  :: cartridge pouch
cartésianisme {m}  :: Cartesianism
cartésien {adj}  :: Cartesian
cartul. {m}  :: abbreviation of cartulaire
cartulaire {m}  :: cartulary
carvi {m}  :: caraway (plant)
carvi {m}  :: caraway (spice)
caryatide {f}  :: alternative spelling of cariatide
cas {m}  :: case
casablancais {adj}  :: Of or from Casablanca
casanier {adj}  :: stay-at-home
casanier {m}  :: homebody
casaque {f}  :: blouse
casaque {f}  :: jersey (of a jockey)
casaquin {m} [dated]  :: (type of) short gown (associated with working-class or peasant women)
casbah {f}  :: casbah
cascade {f}  :: A stunt performed for cinematic imitation or entertainment
cascade {f}  :: cascade (series of event)
cascade {f}  :: cascade (waterfall)
cascade {f} [juggling]  :: cascade
cascader {v}  :: to cascade
cascadeur {m}  :: stuntman, stuntperson (one who performs stunts)
cascadeuse {f}  :: feminine noun of cascadeur
cas d'école {m}  :: A real-life case that matches the theory perfectly; a textbook case
cas d'école {m}  :: A theoretical case used for study of a theory
cas de figure {m}  :: hypothesis, eventuality
case {f}  :: box (on form)
case {f}  :: hut, cabin, shack
case {f}  :: square (on board game)
case à cocher {f} [graphical user interface]  :: checkbox
casemate {f}  :: pillbox, blockhouse
caser {v}  :: to fit
caserne {f}  :: barracks
caserne de pompiers {f}  :: fire station
casernement {m}  :: barracks
caserner {v}  :: to barrack
cash {adv} [colloquial]  :: in cash (of paying)
cash {adv} [colloquial]  :: straight up (abruptly)
casher {adj} [Judaism]  :: kosher
casier {m}  :: lobster trap
casier {m}  :: locker (for storage)
casier judiciaire {m}  :: criminal record (a record of past crimes)
caséine {f} [protein]  :: casein
casino {m}  :: a casino
casoar {m}  :: cassowary
Caspienne {prop}  :: Caspian
casque {m}  :: headphones
casque {m}  :: helmet
casque {m} [zoology]  :: casque
casque bleu {m} [military]  :: United Nations peacekeeper; a blue helmet or blue beret
casquer {vit}  :: to cough up , stump up, fork out, shell out [money]
casquette {f}  :: cap, baseball cap, flat cap
cas régime {m} [grammar]  :: objective case, object case. Especially used in the context of Old French
cassé {adj}  :: broken
cassé {adj} [Quebec]  :: broke (lacking money)
cassable {adj}  :: breakable
cassage {m}  :: breaking
cassant {adj}  :: brittle
cassant {adj}  :: harsh
cassation {f} [legal]  :: cassation
casse {f} [informatics]  :: case
casse-cou {m}  :: daredevil (a person who risks life)
casse-cou {m}  :: deathtrap
casse-couille {adj}  :: alternative spelling of casse-couilles
casse-couille {m}  :: alternative spelling of casse-couilles
casse-couilles {adj} [vulgar]  :: irritating
casse-couilles {m} [vulgar]  :: ball-buster; pain; pain in the arse (figuratively, someone who is irritating)
casse-croûte {m}  :: snack bar
casse-croûte {m}  :: snack, light meal taken between larger ones
casse-croûte {m}  :: snack, the food that makes up that meal, usually quite portable
casse-croute {m}  :: alternative spelling of casse-croûte
casse-noisette {f}  :: nutcracker
casse-noix {m}  :: nutcracker (bird)
casse-noix {m}  :: nutcracker (tool)
casse-pied {adj}  :: annoying
casse-pied {mf}  :: pain, pain in the ass, pain in the neck
casse-pipe {m}  :: A difficult, risky or life-threatening situation
casse-pipe {m} [by extension, military]  :: A dangerous mission or battle; a war
casse-pipe {m} [figuratively]  :: Disaster
casser {v}  :: to break
casser {v}  :: to break up (with somebody)
casser le cul {v} [idiomatic, vulgar]  :: to break one's arse; to work extremely hard; to push oneself to the limit
casser les couilles {v} [idiomatic, vulgar]  :: To piss off, to annoy a lot
casser les pieds {v} [idiomatic, colloquial]  :: annoy
casserole {f}  :: saucepan (contents of a saucepan)
casserole {f}  :: saucepan (utensil)
casser sa pipe {v} [euphemistic, or, humorous]  :: to kick the bucket; to snuff it
casse-tête {m}  :: brainteaser, puzzle
casse-tête {m} [by extension]  :: headache, problem
casse-tête {m}  :: warclub
cassette {f}  :: a cassette tape
cassette {f}  :: any small box
cassette {f}  :: treasure box
casseur {m}  :: rioter, hooligan
casseuse {f}  :: feminine noun of casseur
cassican {m}  :: butcherbird (in the genus Cracticus)
cassie {f}  :: cassie (perfume)
cassie {f}  :: needle bush, cassie
cassiopéium {m}  :: cassiopeium
cassis {m}  :: blackcurrant (fruit)
Cassis {prop}  :: a town in southeastern France
cassitérite {f} [mineral]  :: cassiterite
cassonade {f}  :: (soft) brown sugar
cassoulet {m}  :: cassoulet
cas sujet {m} [grammar]  :: subjective case, subject case. Especially used in the context of Old French
cassure {f}  :: break
cassure {f}  :: crack, fissure
castagnette {f} [chiefly, in the plural]  :: castanets
castagnole {f}  :: pomfret
caste {f}  :: caste (hereditary class)
caste {f}  :: class (social position)
castillan {adj}  :: Castilian
castillan {m}  :: Castilian (language)
Castille {prop}  :: Castile
castiller {vi}  :: to argue
casting {m}  :: casting (selection of actors)
castor {m}  :: beaver (aquatic mammal)
Castor {prop} [Greek mythology]  :: Castor
Castor {prop} [star]  :: Castor
castrat {m}  :: castrato
castration {f}  :: castration
castrer {v}  :: to neuter, to castrate (to remove sex organs from an animal)
castrisme {m}  :: Castroism
castriste {adj}  :: Castrist
castriste {mf}  :: Castrist
casuel {adj}  :: casual; fatal (happening by chance)
casuellement {adv}  :: casually
casuiste {m}  :: casuist
cata {f} [informal]  :: disaster
catabatique {adj}  :: katabatic
catabolisme {m} [biochemistry]  :: catabolism
cataclysme {m}  :: cataclysm
cataclysmique {adj}  :: cataclysmic
catacombe {f}  :: catacomb
catadioptre {m}  :: reflector, retroreflector
catafalque {m}  :: catafalco, catafalque
catalan {adj}  :: Catalan, Catalonian
catalan {m}  :: Catalan language
Catalan {m}  :: A Catalan person
Catalane {f}  :: feminine noun of Catalan
catalanophone {adj}  :: Catalan-speaking
catalanophone {mf}  :: Catalan-speaking person
catalectique {adj}  :: catalectic
catalepsie {f} [pathology]  :: catalepsy
cataleptique {adj}  :: cataleptic
Catalogne {prop}  :: Catalonia
catalogue {m}  :: A systematical catalogue
cataloguer {v}  :: to catalogue
catalysé {adj}  :: catalyzed
catalyse {f} [chemistry]  :: catalysis
catalyser {vt} [chemistry]  :: to catalyze
catalyseur {adj}  :: catalytic
catalyseur {m}  :: catalyst
catalytique {adj}  :: catalytic
catalytiquement {adv}  :: catalytically
catamaran {m}  :: catamaran, a twin-hulled ship or boat
catanais {adj}  :: of or from Catania
Catanais {m}  :: someone of or from Catania
Catanaise {f}  :: feminine singular form of Catanais
cataphatique {adj}  :: cataphatic
cataphote {m}  :: reflector (on a bicycle etc)
cataplasme {m}  :: cataplasm, poultice
catapultage {m}  :: catapulting
catapulte {f}  :: catapult
catapulter {v}  :: to catapult
catapulteur {m}  :: catapulter
cataracte {f}  :: cataract (eye disease)
cataracte {f}  :: cataract (waterfall)
catarrhe {m}  :: catarrh
catarrheux {adj}  :: catarrhal
catastrophe {f}  :: catastrophe
catastropher {vt}  :: to stagger [a person, with an announcement]
catastrophique {adj}  :: catastrophic
catastrophiquement {adv}  :: catastrophically
catastrophisme {m}  :: doomsaying (having dire predictions)
catastrophisme {m} [geology]  :: catastrophism
catastrophiste {mf}  :: catastrophist
catatonie {f} [medicine]  :: catatonia
catatonique {adj} [medicine]  :: catatonic
catch {m}  :: wrestling; professional wrestling
catcher {v} [Quebec]  :: to catch
catcher {v} [Quebec]  :: to catch, get (understand fully)
catcher {v}  :: to wrestle
catcheur {m}  :: professional wrestler (fighter in simulated wrestling)
catcheuse {f}  :: feminine noun of catcheur
catéchine {f} [organic compound]  :: catechin, catechol
catéchiser {vt}  :: to catechise
catéchisme {m}  :: catechism
catécholamine {f}  :: catecholamine
catéchèse {f}  :: catechesis
catéchétique {adj}  :: catechetical
catéchumène {mf}  :: catechumen
catégorie {f}  :: category
catégoriel {adj}  :: categorical (relating to categories)
catégorique {adj}  :: categorical
catégoriquement {adv}  :: categorically
catégorisation {f}  :: categorisation
catégoriser {vt}  :: to categorize
cathare {adj} [religion]  :: Catharist
cathare {mf} [religion]  :: Cathar
catharisme {m}  :: Catharism: a Christian religious sect of the High Middle Ages
cathartique {adj}  :: cathartic
cathéchétique {adj}  :: catechetical
cathédral {adj}  :: cathedral
cathédrale {f}  :: cathedral
catherine {f} [Canada]  :: chamber pot
Catherine {prop}  :: female given name, cognate to English Catherine
catherinette {f}  :: A girl of 25 years old who is unmarried by St Catherine's Day (25th November)
catho {adj} [informal]  :: Catholic
catho {mf} [informal]  :: Catholic, often one who is overly-pontifical
cathode {f}  :: cathode
cathodique {adj}  :: adjectival form of tube cathodique (CRT)
cathodique {adj}  :: cathodic
cathodiquement {adv}  :: cathodically
catholicisme {m}  :: Catholicism
catholicité {f}  :: catholicity
catholique {adj}  :: Catholic
catholique {mf}  :: Catholic
catholiquement {adv} [religion]  :: Catholically
cathéter {m}  :: catheter
catigot {m}  :: A type of stew, often of eels, from the South of France
catimini {adj}  :: sly
catin {f} [dated or literary]  :: harlot, slattern
cation {m}  :: cation
cationique {adj} [chemistry]  :: cationic
caténaire {f}  :: overhead line
caténation {f}  :: catenation (all senses)
caténoïde {f}  :: catenoid
catogan {m}  :: ponytail attached by this ribbon
catogan {m}  :: ribbon to attach the hair
catoptrique {adj}  :: catoptric
catoptriquement {adv}  :: catoptrically
catze {m} [obsolete]  :: penis
Caucase {prop}  :: Caucasus (geographic region)
caucasien {adj} [anthropology, rare]  :: Caucasian, white
caucasien {adj} [geography, linguistics]  :: Caucasian (pertaining to the Caucasus region)
Caucasien {m}  :: Caucasian (native of the Caucasus region)
Caucasienne {f}  :: feminine noun of Caucasien
cauchemar {m}  :: nightmare
cauchemardement {adv}  :: nightmarishly
cauchemarder {v}  :: to have a nightmare
cauchemardesque {adj}  :: nightmarish (resembling a nightmare)
caucher {m}  :: the beating of gold into gold leaf
cauchois {adj}  :: Cauchois, pertaining to the Caux region of France
caudal {adj} [anatomy]  :: caudal
caudillo {m}  :: caudillo
Caumartin {prop}  :: French surname
cauri {m}  :: cowry, money cowry
causal {adj}  :: causal
causalement {adv}  :: causally
causalité {f}  :: causality (agency of cause)
causatif {adj}  :: causative
causatif {m} [grammar]  :: causative
causativement {adv}  :: causatively
cause {f}  :: case (a legal proceeding)
cause {f}  :: cause
causer {vi} [informal]  :: to speak, talk, chat; to be waffling on about
causer {vt} [informal]  :: to speak (a language)
causer {v}  :: to cause, to be the cause of
causerie {f}  :: chat, talk
causette {f}  :: chat, casual conversation
causette {f} [Internet]  :: online chatting
causeur {adj}  :: talkative
causeur {m}  :: talkative person
causeuse {f}  :: causeuse, love seat
causeuse {f}  :: feminine noun of causeur
caustique {adj}  :: caustic (all senses)
caustique {adj}  :: scathing, biting, pungent
cauteleusement {adv}  :: craftily
cauteleux {adj}  :: wily, crafty
caution {f}  :: caution, guaranty, bail
caution {f}  :: deposit
cautionnement {m}  :: guarantee
cautionnement {m}  :: security (amount of money deposited)
cautionner {v} [legal]  :: to post bail
cautionner {v}  :: to support
cautère {m} [surgery]  :: cautery (all senses)
cautériser {vt} [surgery]  :: to cauterize
cavalcade {f}  :: cavalcade
cavalcader {vi}  :: to ride with a group
cavalcader {vi}  :: to run in all directions
cavale {f} [colloquial]  :: escape
cavale {f}  :: mare (female horse)
cavaler {v} [colloquial]  :: to rush about
cavaler {v} [obsolete]  :: to bestride
cavaler {v}  :: to be on the run
cavalerie {f}  :: cavalry
cavalier {adj}  :: cavalier (all senses)
cavalier {adj}  :: equestrian
cavalier {m}  :: cavalier
cavalier {m} [chess]  :: knight (masculine only)
cavalier {m}  :: rider, horserider, outrider
cavalier {m}  :: staple (masculine only)
cavalièrement {adv}  :: offhandedly (in a cavalier manner)
cavatine {f} [music]  :: cavatina
cave {adj}  :: Cavernous
cave {adj}  :: Concave
cave {adj}  :: Pitted
cave {f}  :: A cellar or basement
cave {f} [by extension]  :: A wine selection
cave {f}  :: cave à liqueurs: A chest for the storage of liquors
cave {f}  :: caves: An estate where wine grapes are grown or (especially) where wine is produced
cave {f} [specifically]  :: A wine cellar; or, a piece of furniture that serves the purpose of a wine cellar
cave {m} [Quebec, slang]  :: An imbecile, a stupid person
caveau {m} [Canada]  :: A dug-out or sod hut
caveau {m}  :: sepulchre
caveçon {m}  :: cavesson
caverne {f}  :: cavern
caverneux {adj}  :: cavernous
caverneux {adj} [of a voice]  :: sonorous
cavernicole {adj}  :: cavernicolous
caviar {m}  :: caviar
caviarder {v}  :: to redact
caviste {mf}  :: cellarman (person in charge of a wine cellar)
cavité {f}  :: cavity
cavitation {f} [science]  :: The formation of gas bubbles in a fluid in a vacuum
caye {f}  :: key (small island)
Cayenne {prop}  :: Cayenne
Cayor {prop}  :: Cayor (country)
Cb. {n} [music]  :: abbreviation of contrebasse
C.-B. {abbr}  :: Colombie-Britannique, a province in Canada
CB {f}  :: Abbreviation of cul-bénit, a priest's darling
CB {f}  :: carte bleue
CB {f}  :: ham radio
CB {f} [singulare tantum]  :: Colombie-Britannique, a province in Canada
câblé {adj}  :: wired, cabled (connected by wires etc)
câblage {m}  :: wiring, cabling (action of laying cables etc or the resulting cables)
câble {m}  :: cable
câble coaxial {m}  :: coaxial cable (a transmission line)
câbler {v}  :: to cable
câbler {v}  :: to twist together into a cable, to cable together
câbleur {m}  :: cable guy
câblier {m}  :: cable layer; cable ship
câblodiffusion {f}  :: cable television
câblodistribution {f}  :: cable television
câblogramme {m}  :: cablegram
C.Bon. {n} [music]  :: abbreviation of contre-basson
C.Bssn. {n} [music]  :: abbreviation of contre-basson
cæcal {adj}  :: Caecal, cæcal, cecal
CCE {m}  :: (comité central d'entreprise) ≈ works council
Cécile {prop}  :: female given name, cognate to Cecilia
Cécilia {prop}  :: female given name
cæcité {f}  :: obsolete form of cécité
cécité {f}  :: blindness (condition of being blind)
CCITT {prop} [telecommunication, initialism]  :: initialism of [[w:fr:Comité Consultatif International Téléphonique et Télégraphique, called since 1993 ITU-T
cæcum {m}  :: caecum
c.-à-d. {abbr}  :: i.e.
cédé {m}  :: CD, compact disc
CD {m}  :: CD (compact disk)
cédant {m} [legal]  :: transferor (of a right etc)
cédante {f}  :: feminine singular form of cédant
CDD {m}  :: initialism of contrat à durée déterminée (contract of determined length)
céder {v}  :: to give way
céder {v}  :: to yield
CDI {m}  :: initialism of contrat à durée indéterminée (contract of undetermined length)
cédille {f}  :: cedilla
cdlt {adv}  :: cordially
CDM {prop} [sports, cycling, skiing]  :: initialism of Coupe du Monde (World Cup (e.g., the World Cup of Skiing, or World Cup of Cycling))
cédraie {f}  :: A plantation of cedars
cédrat {m}  :: citron [fruit]
cèdre {m}  :: cedar (tree)
Cédric {prop}  :: male given name borrowed from English Cedric
Cédrika {prop}  :: Cedrica, feminine form of Cédric female given name derived from English Cedric.
cédérom {m}  :: CD-ROM
Cédron {prop}  :: Kidron (valley in Israel)
cédule {f} [archaic]  :: payment agreement
cédule {f}  :: debt certificate, borrower's note
ce {determiner}  :: this, that
ce {pron}  :: it, this, that
CE {prop}  :: abbreviation of comité d’entreprise (works council)
CE {prop}  :: abbreviation of Communauté Européenne (European Community)
CE {prop}  :: abbreviation of cours élémentaire (a part of the primary school)
ceci {pron}  :: this
CEDEX {abbr}  :: Courrier d'Entreprise à Distribution Exceptionnelle: a postcode system used in France for bulk commercial postal mail
CEI {prop}  :: initialism of w:fr:Commission électrotechnique internationale: IEC
ceindre {v} [figuratively]  :: to don (an item of ceremonious clothing)
ceindre {vt}  :: to put on (clothes, which fit around a part of the body)
ceindre {vt}  :: to wrap round
ceinture {f}  :: belt (item of clothing)
ceinture de sécurité {f}  :: seatbelt, safety belt
ceinturer {vt}  :: to belt; belt up; girt; put a belt (or something similar) around
ceinturer {vt}  :: to surround
ceinturer {vt}  :: to wrap; wrap up
ceinturon {m} [by extension]  :: any wide leather belt
ceinturon {m}  :: leather belt for holding knives, swords, daggers, etc
cejourd'hui {adv}  :: synonym of aujourd'hui
celà {adv}  :: alternative form of cela
cela {pron}  :: that
cela va sans dire {phrase}  :: it goes without saying
celer {vt}  :: to conceal or hide
cella {f}  :: cella
celle-ci {pron}  :: the latter
celle-ci {pron}  :: this one
celles {pron}  :: Plural form of celle; those, those ones
celles-ci {pron}  :: the latter ones
celles-ci {pron}  :: these ones
celles-là {pron}  :: The former
celles-là {pron}  :: those ones
cellier {m}  :: storeroom (for food, wine etc.)
cellulaire {adj} [chiefly, biology]  :: cellular
cellulaire {m} [Quebec]  :: cellular phone, mobile phone
cellulairement {adv}  :: cellularly
cellule {f} [biology]  :: cell
cellule {f}  :: cell (of prison)
cellule {f} [computing]  :: table cell
cellule {f} [electronics]  :: cell
cellule {f} [geometry]  :: cell
cellule {f} [optics]  :: cell
cellule sanguine {f} [cytology]  :: blood cell
cellule souche {f}  :: stem cell
celluloïd {m}  :: celluloid
cellulose {f}  :: cellulose
cellulosique {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: cellulosic
celte {adj}  :: Celtic (of the Celts; of the style of the Celts)
celte {m}  :: Celtic, (the language of the Celts)
Celte {mf}  :: Celt (person of Celtic origin)
celtique {adj}  :: Celtic (of the Celts; of the style of the Celts)
celtiser {v}  :: To Celticize
celtitude {f}  :: The quality, state or characteristic of being Celtic
celui {pron}  :: the one
celui-ci {pron}  :: the latter
celui-ci {pron}  :: this one
celui-là {pron}  :: that one
celui-là {pron}  :: the former
celuy {pron}  :: obsolete spelling of celui
ce mot-ci {pron}  :: this word
ce mot-là {pron}  :: that word
Cenchrées {prop}  :: Kechries
cendré {adj}  :: ashen
cendrée {f} [tincture, rare]  :: The blazoning term for gray
cendre {f}  :: ash (of fire, etc.)
cendreux {adj}  :: ashen
cendreux {adj}  :: cindery
cendrier {m}  :: ashtray
Cendrillon {prop}  :: Cinderella (character)
Cendrillon {prop}  :: Cinderella (fairy tale)
ce n'est pas le Pérou {phrase} [idiomatic]  :: it's nothing to write home about
ce n'est pas à un vieux singe qu'on apprend à faire des grimaces {proverb}  :: you can't teach an old dog new tricks
censé {adj}  :: supposed to
censeur {m}  :: censor
censeur {m}  :: headmaster (or deputy head)
censeure {f}  :: feminine noun of censeur
censier {adj}  :: poll tax (attributive)
censier {m}  :: census document
censitaire {adj}  :: census (attributive)
censément {adv}  :: supposedly
censure {f}  :: censorship
censurer {v}  :: to censor
censurer {v}  :: to formally rebuke; to censure
cent {m} [money]  :: cent (one-hundredth of a dollar or of a euro)
cent {num} [cardinal]  :: hundred
centaine {f}  :: hundred, about a hundred, about one hundred
centaine {f}  :: (in plural centaines) hundreds (in arithmetic)
centaure {m}  :: centaur (mythical half horse, half man)
centauresse {f}  :: centauress (female centaur)
centenaire {mf}  :: centenarian (someone aged 100 years or more)
centenaire {mf}  :: centenary (period of 100 years, to mark an anniversary)
centenaire {mf}  :: centennial (100 year anniversary)
centenier {m}  :: centurion
centennal {adj}  :: centennial
centi- {prefix}  :: centi-
centigrade {adj}  :: centigrade (all meanings)
centigramme {m}  :: centigram, centigramme
centikatal {m}  :: Centikatal
centilitre {m}  :: centilitre, centiliter
centième {adj}  :: hundredth
centième {mf}  :: hundredth
centime {m}  :: centime (hundredth of a franc, coin)
centime {m}  :: cent (one-hundredth of a euro), eurocent
centimètre {m}  :: centimetre
centimétrique {adj}  :: centimetric
centipède {adj}  :: centipede
centipède {m}  :: centipede (A segmented arthropod of class Chilopoda)
centon {m}  :: cento
centon {m}  :: motley
centrafricain {adj}  :: Central African
Centrafricain {m}  :: Central African
Centrafricaine {f}  :: feminine noun of Centrafricain
Centrafrique {prop}  :: Central Africa
Centrafrique {prop}  :: Central African Republic
centrage {m}  :: centering (act of putting into the center)
central {adj}  :: central
centrale nucléaire {f}  :: nuclear powerplant
centralien {m}  :: A eq. master degree in engineering offered at Ecole Centrale Paris, the Centralien curriculum
centralisateur {adj}  :: centralizing (tending to centralize)
centralisateur {m}  :: centralizer
centralisation {f}  :: centralization, centralisation
centraliser {v}  :: to centralise
centralisme {m}  :: centralism
centralité {f}  :: centrality
centraméricain {adj}  :: Central American
centre {m}  :: centre, center
centre {m} [soccer]  :: cross, specifically one directed into the penalty area
centre aéré {f}  :: An outdoor centre for recreation
centre commercial {m}  :: mall; shopping center, especially one with multiple floors
centre de jeunesse {m}  :: youth center
Centre de la sécurité des télécommunications {prop} [Canada]  :: Communications Security Establishment
Centre de la sécurité des télécommunications Canada {prop} [Canada]  :: Centre de la sécurité des télécommunications - Communications Security Establishment, literally Communications Security Establishment Canada
centrer {v}  :: to center (put into, move into to center)
centre-ville {m}  :: town centre, city centre
centrifuge {adj}  :: centrifugal
centrifugeuse {f}  :: centrifuge
centripète {adj}  :: centripetal (directed or moving towards a centre)
centrique {adj}  :: central
centrique {adj}  :: centric
centrisme {m}  :: centrism
centriste {adj} [politics]  :: centrist
centriste {mf} [politics]  :: a centrist
centromère {m} [genetics]  :: centromere
centupler {v}  :: to centuple, to multiply by one hundred
centurie {f}  :: century (Roman army type unit)
centurie {f} [literary, obsolete]  :: century (period of 100 years)
centurion {m}  :: centurion (Roman officer)
cep {m}  :: vine
cependant {adv}  :: meanwhile
cependant {conj}  :: however
cephalæe {f}  :: obsolete form of céphalée
cepstral {adj}  :: cepstral
cepstre {m}  :: cepstrum
ce que {conj}  :: what (relative pronoun - direct object)
ce que femme veut, Dieu le veut {proverb}  :: Women always manage to obtain what they want
ce qui {conj}  :: what (that which; those which; the thing that)
cerbère {m}  :: bad-tempered bouncer (door keeper)
Cerbère {prop}  :: Cerberus
cerceau {m} [gymnastics]  :: hoop
cerceau {m}  :: hoop (circular-shaped ring)
cerclé {adj}  :: encircled
cercle {m}  :: circle
cercler {vt}  :: to ring, hoop, encircle (with)
cercle unité {m}  :: unit circle (circle of radius 1)
cercle vicieux {m}  :: vicious circle
cercope {m}  :: froghopper, spittlebug
cercueil {m}  :: coffin, casket
cerf {m}  :: A stag, a hart
cerfeuil {m}  :: chervil
cerf rouge {m}  :: red deer, Cervus elaphus
cerf-volant {m} [geometry]  :: kite
cerf-volant {m}  :: kite (toy)
cerf-volant {m}  :: stag beetle
cerisaie {f}  :: cherry orchard
cerise {adj}  :: cerise colour
cerise {f}  :: cerise
cerise {f}  :: cherry (fruit)
ceriseraie {f}  :: cherry orchard
cerise sur le gâteau {phrase}  :: the icing on the cake
cerisier {m}  :: cherry tree
cerisier à grappes {m}  :: bird cherry (Prunus padus)
cerné {adj}  :: having dark circles around one's eyes (due to fatigue and etc...)
CERN {prop}  :: acronym of [[w:Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire
cerne {m}  :: dark bluish coloration around the eyes, periorbital dark circle
cerne {m}  :: dark circle around a lesion
cerne {m}  :: tree ring
cerner {vt}  :: To figure out
cerner {vt}  :: To surround
cerque {m}  :: cercus
certain {adj}  :: certain (fixed, determined)
certain {adj}  :: certain (specified, particular)
certain {adj}  :: certain (sure, positive)
certain {determiner}  :: certain: a determined but unspecified amount of ; some
certain {m}  :: certain; certainty
certainement {adv}  :: certainly (with certainty, without doubt)
certains {pron}  :: some, some people
certes {adv}  :: indeed, admittedly, fair enough, certainly, surely, absolutely, decidedly, definitively
certif {m} [colloquial]  :: certificate
certifié {adj}  :: certified
certifié {adj}  :: notarized
certificat {m}  :: certificate, certification, credentials
certificat {m}  :: diploma
certificat de travail {m} [legal]  :: A proof of employment
certificateur {m}  :: certifier
certification {f}  :: certification (all meanings)
certificatrice {f}  :: feminine singular form of certificateur
certifier {v}  :: to certify (to attest as to)
certitude {f}  :: certitude
cerveau {m}  :: brain
cervelas {m}  :: saveloy
cervelet {m}  :: cerebellum (part of the hindbrain in vertebrates)
cervelle {f} [archaic or pejorative]  :: brain (organ of thought)
cervelle {f} [cooking]  :: brains
cervical {adj}  :: cervical
cervicapre {adj}  :: Relating to the blackbuck (Antilope cervicapra)
cervidé {m}  :: cervid, deer
Cervin {n}  :: Matterhorn
cervoise {m}  :: Ancient beer made during Antiquity and the Middle Ages with barley or wheat but without hops
cervolisme {m}  :: kite flying
cervoliste {mf}  :: kite flyer (person who flies kites)
CES {n}  :: initialism of certificat d’études secondaires
CES {n}  :: initialism of collège d’enseignement secondaire
ces jours-ci {adv}  :: these days, currently
cesoird'hui {adv} [rare]  :: this evening
cespiteux {adj} [botany]  :: Cespitous, having several stems or trunks from the same root system and close to one another, forming a compact or bushy tuft
CESR {prop} [astrophysics]  :: initialism of w:Centre d'Etude Spatiale des Rayonnements
cesse {f} [dated]  :: end
cesser {v}  :: to break up (e.g. a relationship)
cesser {v}  :: to cease; to stop
cesseur {m}  :: synonym of cédant
cesseuse {f}  :: feminine singular form of cesseur
cessez-le-feu {m}  :: ceasefire
cessible {adj}  :: transferable
cession {f}  :: cession
c'est {contraction}  :: it is
c'est {contraction}  :: this is
c'est ça {adv}  :: Confirmation of a question: that's right
c'est ça {adv}  :: Ironic negation of a statement, by antiphrasis
c'est combien {phrase}  :: how much is it?
c'est de l'hébreu {phrase}  :: it's all Greek to me (literally "Hebrew"), a phrase indicating that something's impossible to understand
c'est-à-dire {phrase}  :: that is to say
c'est du chinois {phrase}  :: it's all Greek to me (literally "it's Chinese"), a phrase indicating that something is impossible to understand
ceste {m}  :: cestus (boxing glove)
ceste {pron}  :: obsolete spelling of cette
c'est en forgeant que l'on devient forgeron {proverb}  :: alternative form of c'est en forgeant qu'on devient forgeron
c'est en forgeant qu'on devient forgeron {proverb}  :: practice makes perfect
c'est la vie {phrase}  :: that’s life, such is life, c’est la vie
cet {determiner}  :: this
cette {pron}  :: feminine singular form of ce
ceux-ci {pron}  :: the latter ones
ceux-ci {pron}  :: these ones
ceux-là {pron}  :: The former
ceux-là {pron}  :: those ones
ceviche {m}  :: ceviche
Ceylan {prop}  :: Ceylon (old name for Sri Lanka)
céfran {adj} [slang]  :: French
céfran {prop} [slang]  :: the French language
Céfran {m} [slang]  :: a French person
CGCC {prop}  :: initialism of Cotre de Garde côtière canadienne (Canadian Coast Guard Cutter)
cégep {m}  :: cégep (college in Québec)
cégépien {adj}  :: Of or relating to a cégep
cégépien {m}  :: A student who attend a cégep
CGT {initialism}  :: Confédération générale du travail (a French trade union)
cégétiste {adj}  :: Pertaining to the CGT
cégétiste {mf}  :: Someone who supports the CGT
ch. {adj}  :: ea. (each) abbreviation of chaque
ch {adj}  :: ea (each) alternate form of ch. [[[chaque]]]
ché {contraction}  :: alternative form of chais
ch. {n}  :: abbreviation of cheval-vapeur; hp
ch {n}  :: abbreviation of cheval-vapeur; hp
CH {prop} [Canada]  :: the hockey club, les Canadiens de Montréal
chabab {mf} Al-Shabaab
chabbat {m}  :: Jewish Shabbat, biblical seventh day
chabiha {m}  :: A militiaman loyal to Bashar al-Assad
chabin {m} [Antilles, slang]  :: black person with pale skin
chabin {m}  :: sheep-goat hybrid, "geep"
Chablais {prop}  :: Chablais
chablaisien {adj}  :: Of or from Chablais
chablis {mf}  :: Chablis (grape variety or wine)
chablis {mf}  :: fallen timber
chabrette {f} [musici]  :: chabrette
chabrol {m}  :: A mixture of broth and wine
chabrot {m}  :: alternative form of chabrol
chacal {m}  :: jackal
chacal à chabraque {m}  :: black-backed jackal
chacal doré {m}  :: golden jackal
chacal à flancs rayés {m}  :: side-striped jackal
chacun {pron}  :: each, each one
chacun {pron}  :: every, everyone
chacune {pron}  :: each, each one
chacune {pron}  :: every, every one
chacun pour soi {phrase}  :: every man for himself
chadda {f}  :: shadda (diacritic used in the Arabic script)
chaebol {m}  :: chaebol
chafouin {adj}  :: sly, cunning
chafouinement {adv}  :: slyly
chagrin {adj} [literary]  :: despondent, woeful
chagrin {adj} [literary]  :: disgruntled, morose
chagrin {m}  :: sorrow, grief, chagrin
chagrinement {adv}  :: sorrowfully, sadly
chagriner {vt}  :: to bother, worry
chagriner {vt}  :: to grieve
chagriner {vt}  :: to upset
chah {m}  :: alternative spelling of schah
chahut {m}  :: horseplay, racket, the act of messing around
chahuter {v} [usually of children]  :: to playfight, to horseplay, to mess around
chahuteur {adj}  :: rowdy, raucous (rough and disorderly)
chahuteur {m}  :: troublemaker, rowdy
chaine {f}  :: alternative spelling of chaîne
chair {f}  :: flesh
chair à canon {f}  :: cannon fodder
chair de poule {f}  :: goose pimples
chaire {f}  :: chair (of university)
chaire {f}  :: pulpit
chaire {f}  :: rostrum
chaire {f}  :: throne (of the pope)
chais {contraction} [informal]  :: contracted form of je sais "I know"
chaise {f}  :: chair, seat
chaise à bascule {f}  :: rocking chair (chair with a curved base which can be gently rocked)
chaise pliante {f}  :: folding chair
chaise roulante {f}  :: wheelchair
chaises musicales {n} [plurale tantum]  :: musical chairs (game)
chaland {m}  :: a regular client, a returning client
chaland {m}  :: barge (flat-bottomed bulk carrier mainly for inland waters)
chalandage {m}  :: shopping
chalande {f}  :: feminine noun of chaland
chalandise {f}  :: shopping mall
chalcogène {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: chalcogen
chalcographie {f}  :: chalcography
chalcolithique {adj}  :: chalcolithic
chalcosine {f} [mineral]  :: chalcocite
chaldaïque {adj}  :: Chaldaic
Chaldée {prop}  :: Chaldea
chaldéen {adj}  :: Chaldean
Chaldéens {prop}  :: Chaldeans
chalet {m}  :: chalet
chaleur {f}  :: heat (a state of sexual aggression)
chaleur {f} [temperature]  :: heat
chaleureusement {adv} [closing a letter]  :: with warm regards
chaleureusement {adv}  :: passionately, warmly, animatedly
chaleureux {adj} [of a color]  :: Warm.
chaleureux {adj} [of an alcoholic drink, especially wine]  :: Rich in alcohol, feeling physically warm.
chaleureux {adj} [of a person or his personality]  :: Ardent, excited, emotive; especially, warm, cordial, showing affection.
chaleureux {adj} [of a piece of literature or work of art]  :: Expressive; showing the author's or artist's feelings.
chaleureux {adj} [of a thing that has a particular effect on the senses]  :: Agreeable for its own qualities.
chaleureux {adj} [rare]  :: Animated, as of a discussion.
chaleureux {adj} [rare]  :: Physically warm, radiating warmth.
chaleureux {adj} [rare]  :: Quick to anger.
chaleureux {m}  :: A soft, expressive style of literature or art.
chaleureux {m}  :: A warm, emotive person.
challenge {m}  :: challenge
challenger {v}  :: to challenge
challengeur {m}  :: challenger (one who challenges)
chaloir {v} [literary]  :: to be of import
chaloir {v}  :: to matter
chalonnais {adj}  :: Of or from any of several places called Chalon or Chalonnes in Frence
Chalonnais {m}  :: A native or resident of any of several places called Chalon or Chalonnes in Frence
Chalonnaise {f}  :: feminine singular form of Chalonnais
chaloupe {f} [nautical]  :: launch
chaloupe {f}  :: rowing boat (UK), rowboat (US)
chalouper {v}  :: to sway, to rock (said of dancing or walking)
chalumeau {m}  :: blow torch
chalumeau {m} [musici]  :: chalumeau
chalut {m}  :: trawl (net); dragnet
chalutage {m}  :: trawling
chaluter {v}  :: to trawl
chalutier {m} [nautical]  :: trawler (fishing boat)
cham {adj}  :: Cham
chamade {f}  :: chamade
chamailler {vrr}  :: to bicker, to squabble, to quarrel, especially over something of little value
chamaillerie {f}  :: bicker; quarrel
chamaillis {m} [rare, literary]  :: quarrel, fracas
chaman {m}  :: shaman
chamane {f}  :: feminine noun of chaman
chamanique {adj}  :: shamanic
chamanisme {m}  :: shamanism
chamarré {adj}  :: bedizened (richly brocaded)
chambard {m}  :: bedlam, rumpus, hullabaloo
chambard {m}  :: mayhem
chambardement {m}  :: upheaval
chambarder {vit}  :: to radically reorganize
chambarder {vit}  :: to turn upside down
chambellan {m}  :: chamberlain
chambertin {m}  :: Chambertin (wine)
chamboulement {m}  :: upheaval
chambouler {v}  :: to shatter
chambré {adj}  :: room temperature (of wine), chambré
chambranle {m}  :: frame, casing (of door/window)
chambranle {m}  :: mantlepiece
chambrée {f}  :: barracks (for soldiers)
chambrée {f}  :: dormitory
chambre {f}  :: bedroom
chambre {f}  :: chamber
chambre {f}  :: house (of a parliament)
chambre {f}  :: room (in a hotel)
chambre à air {f}  :: inner tube
chambre à coucher {f}  :: bedroom (room in a house where a bed is kept for sleeping)
chambre d'ami {f}  :: guest room (room in a home set aside for the use of visiting guests)
chambre de combustion {f}  :: combustion chamber (space in a heat engine)
Chambre des communes {f} [politics]  :: House of Commons
chambre-forte {f}  :: strongroom, vault
chambre magmatique {f} [geology]  :: magma chamber
chambrer {v}  :: to bring wine to room temperature
chambrer {v}  :: to mock
chambrette {m}  :: diminutive form of chambre
chambrette {m}  :: small bedroom
chambérien {adj}  :: of or from Chambéry
Chambérien {m}  :: Someone of or from Chambéry
Chambérienne {f}  :: feminine singular form of Chambérien
chambrier {m}  :: chamberlain
chambrier {m}  :: chambermaid (or similar male servant)
chambrière {f}  :: chambermaid
chambriste {mf}  :: A member of a certain French Catholic sect in the early nineteenth century
chambriste {mf}  :: A player of chamber music
chameau {m}  :: (male) camel
chameau de Bactriane {m}  :: Bactrian camel (Camelus bactrianus)
chamelier {m}  :: camel rider (or soldier mounted on a camel)
chamelière {f}  :: feminine noun of chamelier
chamelle {f}  :: (female) camel
chamitique {adj}  :: Hamitic (relative to the Hamites)
chamæleon {m}  :: obsolete form of caméléon
chamæléon {m}  :: obsolete form of caméléon
chaméléon {m}  :: obsolete form of caméléon
chamois {m}  :: chamois [animal]
chamois {m}  :: chamois [leather]
chamoiserie {f}  :: a shop selling, or making, chamois products
chamomille {f}  :: obsolete form of camomille
chamorro {m}  :: Chamorro language
champ {m}  :: field (area of study)
champ {m}  :: field (wide open space)
champ {m} [mathematics, heraldry]  :: field
champagne {m} [countable and uncountable]  :: champagne (wine from the Champagne region)
champagne {m} [heraldiccharge]  :: base; bottom third of a coat of arms
Champagne {prop}  :: A region in the northeast of France
champ de bataille {m} [military]  :: battlefield
champ de courses {m}  :: racecourse
champ de force {m} [chemistry]  :: force field
champ de force {m} [physics]  :: force field, field
champ de force {m} [science fiction]  :: force field
champ de vision {m}  :: field of view, line of sight
champenois {adj}  :: of Champagne
champignon {m} [colloquial]  :: accelerator pedal
champignon {m}  :: fungus in general
champignon {m}  :: mushroom
champignonner {v}  :: to mushroom (grow quickly)
champignonner {v}  :: to mushroom (to pick mushrooms)
champion {m}  :: champion
champion du monde {m}  :: world champion
championnat {m}  :: championship
championne {f}  :: champion
champ magnétique {m}  :: magnetic field
champoreau {m}  :: A mixture of coffee and wine (or other alcohol)
Champs-Élysées {prop}  :: A major boulevard in Paris, running between the Place de la Concorde and the Arc de Triomphe
Champs-Élysées {prop}  :: The Elysian Fields, home of the blessed in the afterlife
champtocéen {adj}  :: Of or from Champtocé-sur-Loire
Champtocé-sur-Loire {prop}  :: A small town in the Maine-et-Loire department of Pays de la Loire
champêtre {adj}  :: pastoral, of or relating to the countryside
chaîné {adj}  :: chained
chançard {adj}  :: lucky
chance {f}  :: chance
chance {f}  :: luck
chancelant {adj}  :: hazy, unclear
chancelant {adj}  :: shaky
chancelant {adj}  :: tottering, staggering, faltering
chancelant {adj}  :: unresolved
chanceler {v}  :: to falter, waver (of resolve etc.)
chanceler {v}  :: to stagger, totter, reel (of person)
chanceler {v}  :: to wobble (of object)
chancelier {m}  :: chancellor
chancelière {f}  :: (female) chancellor
chancellerie {f}  :: chancellery
chanceux {adj}  :: with good luck; fortunate
chancre {m} [medicine]  :: canker, chancre
chancre {m} [obsolete]  :: lobster, crab
chandail {m} [Quebec]  :: T-shirt
chandail {m}  :: sweater, jumper
Chandeleur {prop} [Christianity]  :: Candlemas
chandelier {m}  :: candlemaker
chandelier {m}  :: candlestick
chandelier {m}  :: chandelier
chandelle {f}  :: candle
chandelle {f}  :: candlelight
chaîne {f}  :: chain
chaîne {f} [computer science]  :: character string
chaîne {f}  :: (stéreo/hifi/musique) hi-fi/stereo system
chaîne {f} [textiles]  :: warp
chaîne {f} [TV]  :: channel
chaîne alimentaire {f}  :: food chain
chaîne de caractères {f}  :: string (sequence of characters in computing)
chaîne du froid {f}  :: cold chain
chaîne latérale {f} [organic chemistry]  :: sidechain
chaîner {v}  :: to chain
chaînette {f} [sewing]  :: chain stitch
chaînette {f}  :: (small) chain
chanfrein {m}  :: chamfer, bevel
change {m}  :: exchange
changeable {adj}  :: changeable (capable of being changed)
changeant {adj}  :: changeable (tending to change suddenly or quickly)
changement {m}  :: change
changer {vi}  :: to change
changer {vp}  :: to change (one's clothes), get changed
changer {vt}  :: to change, alter (something en into)
changer {vt}  :: to change (money, a job, one's circumstances etc.)
changer {vt}  :: to exchange (something)
changer d'avis {vi}  :: to change one's mind
changer de main {v} [idiomatic]  :: to change hands
changer son fusil d'épaule {v} [idiomatic]  :: to change tack, change one's tune (change ideas)
changeur {m}  :: changer
changeur {m}  :: changer; money changer
chanlatte {f}  :: chevron
chanlatte {f}  :: V-shaped gutter or similar structure on a roof
chanmé {adj}  :: excellent, very enjoyable, wicked
chanmé {adj} [slang, verlan]  :: méchant, evil or wicked
chanoine {m} [religion]  :: canon (person)
chanoinesse {f}  :: canoness (female canon)
chaînon {m} [geology]  :: secondary range (of mountains)
chaînon {m}  :: link (in a chain)
chaînon manquant {m}  :: missing link
chanson {f}  :: song
chansonner {v}  :: To be satirized in song
chansonnette {f}  :: chansonnette
chansonnier {m}  :: singer, chansonnier
chansonnier {m}  :: songbook, chansonnier
chansonnière {f}  :: feminine noun of chansonnier
chant {m}  :: song
chant {m}  :: The discipline of singing
chantable {adj} [music]  :: singable, cantabile
chantage {m}  :: blackmail, shakedown (threat to obtain some advantage)
Chantal {prop}  :: female given name
chantant {adj}  :: singing (in the act or process of singing)
chantefable {m}  :: chantefable
chanter {v}  :: to crow
chanter {v}  :: to sing
chanter comme une casserole {v} [simile]  :: To sing very badly; to be unable to carry a tune in a bucket [US]
chanteur {adj}  :: that sings
chanteur {m}  :: A (male) singer
chanteuse {f}  :: A (female) singer
chantier {m}  :: building site
chantier {m} [colloquial]  :: jumble, mess
chantier {m}  :: passage
chantier {m}  :: workcamp (for volunteers)
chantier {m}  :: worksite
chantier naval {m}  :: dockyard, shipyard
chantilly {f}  :: Chantilly cream
chantonner {vit}  :: to sing or hum (to oneself)
chantre {m} [archaic]  :: singer, songster
chantre {m} [literary]  :: bard, minstrel
chantre {m} [religion]  :: cantor
chanturgue {m}  :: A red wine from the Auvergne
chanvre {m}  :: hemp
chaos {m}  :: chaos
chaotique {adj}  :: chaotic
chaotiquement {adv}  :: chaotically
chaouch {m} [historical]  :: chiaus
chaouch {m} [Morocco]  :: A service industry worker
chaouch {prop} [agriculture]  :: alternative case form of Chaouch
Chaouch {prop} [agriculture]  :: [[Chaouch id=grape]]
chaouche {m} [senseid, en, ottomanPerson] [historical]  :: archaic spelling of chaouch
chaoui {adj}  :: Berber (relating to people who speak the Berber langiage)
chaoui {m}  :: Berber (language, singular only
chaoui {m} [Louisiana French]  :: raccoon
chaouin {m}  :: A form of French spoken in Quebec
Chaouis {prop}  :: A Berber people from Numidia
chapardage {m}  :: pilfering (petty theft)
chaparder {vt}  :: to pinch, pilfer
chapardeur {m}  :: pilferer (petty thief)
chapardeur {m}  :: sticky fingers (habit of pilfering)
chape {f} [archaic]  :: cape, cloak
chape {f}  :: cope, cappa (ceremonial cape)
chape {f} [manufacturing]  :: clevis
chape {f} [nautical]  :: gin block
chape {f}  :: tread (of tyre)
chapeau {interj}  :: Used to express appreciation
chapeau {m}  :: hat
chapeau {m}  :: (law) introductory text
chapeau {m}  :: (mushroom) cap
chapeau {m}  :: (press) lead of an article
chapeau bas {interj}  :: hats off
chapeau melon {m}  :: bowler hat
chapeauter {v}  :: to hat (put a hat on someone)
chapeauter {v}  :: to head (be in control of something)
chapelain {adj}  :: relating to any of several places in France with Chapelle as part of its name
chapelain {m}  :: chaplain
chapelet {m} [figuratively]  :: string, hatful (of objects, ideas etc.)
chapelet {m} [obsolete]  :: wreath (of flowers)
chapelet {m}  :: rosary, beads
chapelet Thaï {m}  :: (set of) anal beads
chapelier {m}  :: hatter (person who makes, sells, or repairs hats)
chapelle {f}  :: chapel
chapelle {f}  :: covering for the head
chapellerie {f}  :: hat shop; hat trade
chapellerie {f}  :: headwear
chapelure {f} [chiefly, in the plural]  :: (dried) breadcrumb(s)
chaperon {m}  :: chaperon
chaperonner {vt}  :: to chaperone
chaperonner {vt}  :: to hood
chapiteau {m}  :: a circus tent, or any similar set-up used for spectacles or events
chapiteau {m} [aeronautics]  :: the conical part at the front end of a rocket
chapiteau {m} [architecture]  :: the capital of a column, baluster or similar structure
chapiteau {m} [chemistry]  :: the top part of an alembic, where condensation occurs
chapitre {m}  :: chapter
chapitre {m} [religion]  :: chapter
chapitre {m}  :: subject, issue
chapitrer {v}  :: to reprimand
chapon {m}  :: capon (meat)
chaponner {v} [dated]  :: to cut (the ears, etc.) off [of a hide, as part of tanning it]
chaponner {v} [Louisiana French]  :: to castrate
chaponner {v}  :: to caponize, castrate [a cockerel]
chappe {f}  :: alternative form of chape
chapska {m}  :: shapka
chaque {adj}  :: each
chaque {adj}  :: every
char {m}  :: chariot, carriage
char {m} [military]  :: tank
char {m} [Quebec, Louisiana]  :: car, auto
charabia {m} [colloquial]  :: double Dutch
charabia {m}  :: gibberish
charabia {m} [obsolete]  :: Auvergnat dialect
charabier {v} [slang]  :: to talk gobbledegook, to babble
charade {f}  :: charade (kind of riddle)
charade {f}  :: Something bizarre or hard to understand
charançon {m}  :: weevil
char à bancs {m}  :: alternative form of char-à-bancs
charbon {m}  :: anthrax
charbon {m}  :: coal
charbon de bois {m}  :: charcoal (substance)
charbonnage {m}  :: coal mining
charbonnage {m} [in the plural]  :: The coal mines of a region
charbonnage {m} [nautical]  :: coaling
charbonnerie {f}  :: coal warehouse
charbonnerie {f}  :: The French form of Carbonarism
charbonneux {adj}  :: carbonaceous
charbonneux {adj}  :: charcoal gray (in colour)
charbonnier {m}  :: coal bunker (place where coal is stored)
charbonnier {m}  :: coalman (or person who sells charcoal)
charbonnière {f}  :: feminine noun of charbonnier
charcuter {v}  :: to chop or cut badly
charcuterie {f}  :: charcuterie (all senses)
charcutier {m}  :: A person involved in charcuterie; a butcher
charcutière {f}  :: feminine noun of charcutier
char de guerre {m} [military]  :: a tank; synonym of char
chardon {m} [botany]  :: thistle
chardon {m} [in the plural]  :: spikes (on wall etc.)
chardonnay {m}  :: Chardonnay (grape, wine)
chardonneret {m}  :: goldfinch (bird)
charentais {adj} [attributive]  :: Charente
charentaise {f}  :: carpet slipper
Charente {prop}  :: Charente
Charente-Maritime {prop}  :: Charente-Maritime
chargé {adj}  :: busy
chargé d'affaires {m}  :: chargé d'affaires
charge {f}  :: cargo, freight
charge {f} [in the plural]  :: costs, expenses
charge {f} [legal]  :: charge
charge {f}  :: load, burden
charge {f} [military]  :: charge
charge {f}  :: responsibility, charge
chargement {m} [computing]  :: upload
charger {v} [military, sports]  :: to charge
charger {vr} [se charger de]  :: to take care of, see to
charger {v} [theater]  :: to overact, ham it up
charger {v}  :: to charge (battery)
charger {v}  :: to charge (somebody of a crime)
charger {v}  :: to load (firearm)
charger {v}  :: to load (up) (vehicle, animal etc.)
charger {v}  :: to put in charge; to charge (somebody with doing something)
charger la barque {v} [idiomatic]  :: to overdo it, exaggerate
chargeur {m}  :: cassette, film-holder
chargeur {m}  :: (electrical) charger
chargeur {m} [military]  :: ammo clip
chargeur {m} [military]  :: loader (of canons)
chargeur {m} [nautical]  :: loader, shipper, freighter, shipping agent
chargeur {m}  :: stoker, fireman
charge utile {f}  :: payload (all meanings)
chargino {m}  :: chargino
charia {f}  :: shari'a
charibotée {f}  :: (large) swarm
chariot {m}  :: carriage (of a computer printer)
chariot {m}  :: trolley
chariot élévateur {m}  :: forklift
charismatique {adj}  :: charismatic
charisme {m}  :: charisma
charité {f}  :: charity
charitable {adj}  :: charitable (all senses)
charitablement {adv}  :: charitably
charivari {m}  :: A racket, banging in general, rumpus
charivari {m}  :: charivari, shivaree, mock serenade of discordant noise, notably to heckle a publicly reviled figure
charlatan {m}  :: charlatan (trickster)
charlatan {m} [dated]  :: a street-seller of drugs
charlatane {f}  :: feminine noun of charlatan
charlatanisme {m}  :: charlatanism
charlatanisme {m}  :: quackery, fraud, humbug
Charlemagne {prop}  :: Charlemagne (emperor)
Charleroi {prop}  :: Charleroi
Charles {prop}  :: male given name, cognate to English Charles
charlevoisien {adj}  :: Of or from Charlevoix
Charlevoix {prop}  :: Charlevoix
Charlevoix {prop}  :: French surname
Charlène {prop}  :: female given name , fashionable in France around 1990
Charlot {prop} [theatre, cinema]  :: a comedic character who has as accessories a mustache, a bowler hat, a cane, etc
charlotte {f}  :: charlotte (dessert)
charlotte {f}  :: Charlotte hat, Charlotte bonnet
Charlotte {prop}  :: female given name; a feminine diminutive form of Charles
charmé {adj}  :: charmed
charmant {adj}  :: charming
charmantissime {adj}  :: supercharming
charme {m} [botany]  :: The tree species hornbeam, of the Castanaceae family
charme {m}  :: charm, attractive quality
charme {m}  :: enchantment; originally, magical incantation
charmer {v}  :: to charm
charmer {v}  :: to charm (with magic)
charmeur {adj}  :: charming
charmeur {m}  :: a charmer; something or someone that charms
charmeuse {f}  :: feminine singular form of charmeur
charmille {f}  :: bower, arbor
charnel {adj}  :: carnal (relating to the physical and especially sexual appetites)
charnellement {adv} [sexuality]  :: carnally
charnier {m}  :: mass grave
charnière {f}  :: hinge
charnière {f}  :: joint (of a bone)
charnière {f} [philately]  :: hinge
charnière {f}  :: turning point (pivotal moment)
charnu {adj}  :: fleshy; plump
charognard {adj}  :: scavenging
charognard {m} [figuratively, colloquial]  :: vulture (person who profits from the suffering of others)
charognard {m}  :: scavenger (animal feeding on decaying matter)
charogne {f}  :: carrion
charogne {f} [slang, pejorative]  :: asshole, bastard
charolais {adj}  :: pertaining to, or from Charols
Charols {prop}  :: A commune in the Drôme department of the Rhône-Alpes region
charpente {f}  :: build (of person)
charpente {f}  :: framework
charpenter {v}  :: to tailor, to tailor make
charpenterie {f}  :: carpenter's workshop
charpenterie {f}  :: carpentry
charpentier {adj}  :: carpentry (attributively)
charpentier {m}  :: carpenter
charpentière {f}  :: feminine noun of charpentier
charpie {f}  :: lint
charretée {f}  :: cartload
charretier {adj}  :: cart, wagon (attributive)
charretier {m}  :: carter, wagoner
charrette {f}  :: cart
charrette {f}  :: urgent job, vital piece of work
charrette des condamnés {f} [historical]  :: tumbril
charrier {v} [colloquial]  :: to tease relentlessly, to pull somebody's leg
charrier {v}  :: to carry, carry along; to transport (a cargo etc.)
charriot {m}  :: alternative spelling of chariot
charroi {m}  :: cartage (transport by cart etc., money paid for such transport)
charron {m}  :: wheelwright
charroyer {v}  :: To cart (transport by cart or waggon)
charrue {f} [agriculture]  :: plough
charrue {f} [Quebec]  :: snow plow [US], snow plough [UK]
charte {f}  :: charter
charter {m}  :: a charter flight
charter {m}  :: a charter pilot
charter {m}  :: a charter plane
chartisme {m}  :: Chartism
chartiste {adj}  :: Chartist
chartiste {mf}  :: A Chartist
chartiste {mf}  :: A person who studies old charters
chartiste {mf} [finance]  :: A chartist
chartrain {adj}  :: From Chartres
chartre {f}  :: charter
chartre {f}  :: prison; place of safekeeping
Chartres {prop}  :: Chartres
chartreuse {f}  :: a Carthusian monastery, a charterhouse
chartreuse {f}  :: chartreuse (liqueur)
chartreux {adj}  :: of or belonging to the Carthusian Order
Chartreux {prop}  :: a Chartreux cat
Chartreux {prop}  :: the Order of Carthusian
chartrier {m}  :: cartulary
chas {m}  :: eye (of a needle)
chassé {n} [dance]  :: A chassé
chassable {adj}  :: huntable, chasable
chasse {f}  :: hunt
chasse {f}  :: hunting
chasse d'eau {f}  :: flush (of a toilet etc.)
chasséen {adj}  :: Of or from either of two places called Chassey
chasse-neige {m}  :: snow plow [US], snow plough [UK] (machine for moving snow)
chassepot {m}  :: A breechloading, rapid-fire, long-range rifle used in the French army from 1866 to 1874
chasser {v}  :: to chase
chasser {v}  :: to drive off
chasser {v}  :: to hunt
chasseresse {f}  :: huntress
chasseur {m}  :: A fighter plane
chasseur {m}  :: A hunter
chasseur {m}  :: A la façon chasseur, a style of cooking in which meat is cooked with a sauce containing mushrooms, shallots and white wine
chasseur {m}  :: A servant or attendant
chasseur-cueilleur {m}  :: hunter-gatherer
chasseuse {f}  :: feminine noun of chasseur
chassie {f}  :: sleep (in the corner of the eye)
chassieux {adj}  :: bleary, rheumy
chassieux {adj}  :: sticky, gummy
chassis {m} [Acadia]  :: window
chaste {adj}  :: chaste; celibate
chastement {adv}  :: chastely
chasteté {f}  :: chastity
chasuble {f}  :: chasuble
chat {m}  :: cat (feline)
chat {m} [Internet]  :: chat (online discussion)
chat {m}  :: (male) cat, tom, tomcat
chat {m}  :: tag, tig (children’s game)
chat bai {m}  :: bay cat
chat échaudé craint l'eau froide {proverb}  :: once bitten, twice shy
chateaubriand {m}  :: alternative form of chateaubriant
chateaubriant {m}  :: chateaubriand
chat-huant {m}  :: barn owl
chatière {f}  :: catflap
chatoiement {m}  :: shimmer, shimmering
chaton {m} [by extension]  :: the jewel itself (around which the collet is, on a ring)
chaton {m}  :: catkin
chaton {m}  :: collet, beazle (around a jewel, on a ring)
chaton {m}  :: kitten, kitty (baby cat)
chatonne {f}  :: female kitten
chatouillant {adj}  :: tickling
chatouillement {m}  :: tickle, an act of tickling
chatouiller {v}  :: to tickle
chatouilleur {m}  :: tickler (person who tickles)
chatouilleux {adj}  :: ticklish
chatouilleux {adj}  :: touchy (sur about)
chatoyant {adj}  :: shimmering, iridescent
chatoyer {v}  :: to reflect light in different colors depending on the direction and orientation
chatte {f}  :: she-cat
chatte {f} [slang or, vulgar]  :: luck
chatte {f} [vulgar]  :: pussy, vagina
chattement {adv} [dated]  :: in a catlike way
chatterie {f} [in the plural, archaic]  :: playful caresses
chatterie {f}  :: titbit, morsel
chatterton {m}  :: insulating tape
chatteur {m}  :: chatter; specifically someone who engages in Internet chatroom discussions
chatteuse {f}  :: feminine noun of chatteur
Chattien {prop}  :: Chattian period
chat-tigre {m}  :: wildcat; (often specifically) margay, oncilla
chaud {adj} [slang]  :: enthusiastic, willing, up
chaud {adj} [slang]  :: horny, randy (showing interest in sexual activity)
chaud {adj} [slang]  :: risky, dangerous; hard
chaud {adj}  :: warm, hot
chaud {adv}  :: hot
chaud {m}  :: heat, warmth
chaudasse {f} [slang]  :: slut
chaudement {adv}  :: hotly
chaude-pisse {f} [slang]  :: the clap (gonorrhea)
chaudière {f}  :: boiler
chaudière {f}  :: cauldron (large pot)
chaudière {f} [Quebec]  :: bucket
chaudron {m}  :: cauldron
chaudron {m} [Quebec]  :: pot
chaudronnerie {f}  :: boilermaking (and similar metalworking trades); the place where such trade is carried out
chaudronnier {m}  :: A person who makes or sells pots and pans
chaudronnier {m}  :: coppersmith
chaudronnière {f}  :: feminine singular form of chaudronnier
chauffage {m}  :: heating
chauffagiste {mf}  :: heating engineer
chauffant {adj}  :: heating (attributive)
chauffard {m} [slang]  :: road hog, bad driver
chauffe-eau {m}  :: water heater (appliance for heating water)
chauffer {v}  :: to heat, to warm, to warm up
chaufferette {f}  :: (small) heater; foot heater, bed warmer
chaufferie {f}  :: boiler room or generally any kind of heating system
chauffeur {m}  :: chauffeur
chauffeur {m}  :: driver
chauffeuse {f}  :: Female chauffeur
chauffeuse {f}  :: fireside chair
chauffoir {m}  :: stove
chauffoir {m}  :: warming pan
chauffoir {m}  :: warming room
chaulage {m}  :: liming, whitewashing
chauler {vt}  :: to whitewash
chaume {m}  :: stubble (in fields)
chaume {m}  :: thatch (for roof)
chaumière {f} [literary, humorous]  :: (small rural) cottage
chaumière {f}  :: thatched cottage
chaussée {f}  :: causeway
chaussée {f}  :: highway; street
chaussée {f}  :: surface (of road)
chausse {f} [historical, in the plural]  :: stockings; hose
chausse {f}  :: straining bag, filter cloth (for wine)
chausse-pied {m}  :: shoehorn (tool used to assist the foot)
chausser {vr} [se chausser]  :: to put on footwear
chausser {v}  :: to mulch
chausser {v}  :: to put footwear on someone
chausser {v}  :: to shoe (a horse)
chaussetier {m} [obsolete]  :: hosier
chaussette {f}  :: sock
chausseur {m}  :: shoemaker
chausseuse {f}  :: feminine noun of chausseur
chausson {m}  :: ballet shoe (UK), ballet slipper (US)
chausson {m}  :: bootee
chausson {m} [cooking]  :: turnover
chausson {m}  :: slipper (footwear)
chaussure {f}  :: shoe
chaussure {f}  :: the shoe industry
chauve {adj}  :: Bald; devoid of hair; often used substantively.
chauve {adj}  :: Bare, barren; devoid of a thing (such as vegetation); often construed with de
chauve-souris {f}  :: bat (small flying mammal)
Chauvet {prop}  :: French surname
chauvin {adj}  :: chauvinistic
chauvin {m}  :: chauvinist
chauvinisme {m}  :: chauvinism
chauvir {vi} [dated]  :: to perk up, to rise up (said of the ears of certain equine animals like donkeys)
chauvissant {adj}  :: balding
chauvissant {adj}  :: cocking the ears (said of horses, mules, and donkeys)
chaux {f}  :: lime, limestone
chavirage {m}  :: capsizing
chavirer {vi} [figuratively]  :: to roll (of eyes); to reel, spin (of room etc.); to turn over (of heart)
chavirer {vi}  :: to overturn, keel over, tip over (of objects etc.)
chavirer {vit}  :: to capsize
chavirer {vt}  :: to bowl over, shatter (someone)
chavisme {m}  :: Chavism
chaviste {adj}  :: Chavist
chaviste {mf}  :: Chavista
chawarma {f}  :: shawarma
chayotte {f}  :: chayote (plant)
chébec {m}  :: alternative form of chebec
chéchia {f}  :: chechia
cheau {m}  :: Cub of a dog, wolf, fox, badger, or otter
chebec {m} [nautical]  :: xebec
checker {v}  :: to check, verify
cheddar {m}  :: Cheddar cheese
chef {m}  :: A boss, chief, leader
chef {m}  :: A culinary chef, chief cook
chef {m}  :: article, principal point
chef {m} [heraldiccharge]  :: chief; top third of a coat of arms
chef {m} [now literary]  :: head
chef {m}  :: principal motive
chef de file {m} [general]  :: leader
chef de file {m} [nautical]  :: lead ship
chef de file {m} [politics]  :: party leader
chef d'État {m}  :: chief of state
chef-d'œuvre {m}  :: masterpiece
cheffe {f}  :: feminine noun of chef
chefferie {f}  :: leadership (the characteristics of leading by the leader)
chef-lieu {m}  :: An administrative centre in various French-speaking countries
cheftaine {f}  :: captain; chieftain
cheik {m}  :: sheik
cheikh {m}  :: sheikh
cheikhat {m}  :: sheikdom
cheiroptérophilie {f}  :: chiropterophilia
chelin {m} [money]  :: shilling
chelou {adj}  :: shady, creepy
chemin {m}  :: path, way
chemin de croix {m}  :: Way of the Cross; Via Crucis
chemin de fer {m}  :: Railroad, railway
cheminée {f}  :: a chimney
cheminée {f}  :: a fireplace or hearth
cheminée {f}  :: a hole at the center of some models of parachute
cheminée {f}  :: a vertical vent, exhaust or gallery
cheminée {f} [geology]  :: a vertical mineral vein
cheminée {f} [geology]  :: the exhaust of a volcano
cheminée {f} [technology]  :: a vertical vacuum forming in a gasifier
cheminée {f} [theater]  :: large pipe containing ropes that serves to control theater backdrops
cheminée {f}  :: the glass tube protecting the flame of a kerosene or similar wick lamp
cheminée {f} [welding]  :: a type of welding fault
chemineau {m}  :: migrant worker
chemineau {m}  :: vagabond
cheminement {m}  :: progress, course
cheminer {v}  :: to walk on, to keep walking
cheminot {m}  :: A railway worker
chemise {f}  :: folder (office supplies)
chemise {f}  :: shirt
chemise de nuit {f}  :: nightie
chemiser {v}  :: to line (cover the inside surface of)
chemiserie {f}  :: outfitters' (shop), haberdashery
chemisette {f}  :: short-sleeved shirt/blouse
chemisier {adj} [attributive]  :: shirtmaking
chemisier {m}  :: blouse
chemisier {m}  :: shirtmaker
chemisière {f}  :: feminine noun of chemisier
chenal {m}  :: canal, channel
chenapan {m}  :: rogue, rascal, scoundrel
cheneau {f}  :: alternative form of chéneau
chenet {m}  :: firedog, andiron
chenil {m}  :: kennel; kennels
chenille {f}  :: caterpillar
chenille {f}  :: caterpillar track, snow chain
chenille {f}  :: chenille
chenille {f}  :: whirligig (fairground attraction)
chenillette {f}  :: tankette
chenin {m}  :: A white wine from the Loire valley in France
chenu {adj}  :: grey-haired, grey-headed
chenu {adj}  :: hoary, snow-capped
cheptel {m}  :: livestock
cher {adj} [after the noun]  :: dear, expensive
cher {adj} [before the noun]  :: dear (beloved)
cher {adj} [salutation of a letter]  :: dear
cher {adv}  :: dearly
Cher {prop}  :: a department in the French region of Centre
Cherbourg {prop}  :: Cherbourg
cherbourgeois {adj}  :: Of or from Cherbourg
chercher {vi} [followed by à]  :: to look (to do something)
chercher {vt} [slang]  :: to mess with someone, ask for trouble
chercher {vt}  :: to look for, to seek
chercheur {m}  :: researcher
chercheur {m}  :: searcher (one who searches)
chercheuse {f}  :: feminine noun of chercheur
cherokee {adj}  :: Cherokee
cherokee {m}  :: Cherokee (language)
cherté {f}  :: expensiveness, high cost
chervis {m}  :: skirret
chevaine {m}  :: chub (Leuciscus cephalus)
cheval {m}  :: horse
cheval {m}  :: horsepower
cheval {m} [slang]  :: horse, H (narcotic)
cheval {m} [slang]  :: tall and slim woman, beautiful woman
cheval à bascule {m}  :: rocking horse (a child’s toy consisting of a (usually wooden) horse mounted on a rocker or swing)
cheval d'arçons {m} [sports]  :: horse; pommel horse (gymnastic equipment)
cheval de bataille {m} [figuratively]  :: hobbyhorse, favourite theme
cheval de bataille {m}  :: war-horse, battle-charger
cheval de bât {m}  :: packhorse
cheval de main {m}  :: led horse
cheval de Przewalski {m}  :: Przewalski's horse
cheval de trait {m}  :: draft horse
cheval de Troie {m} [computing]  :: Trojan horse (malware)
cheval de Troie {m}  :: Trojan horse (a wooden horse used by the Greeks)
chevaleresque {adj} [historical]  :: chivalrous (relating to Medieval chivalry)
chevaleresquement {adv}  :: chivalrously
chevalerie {f}  :: chivalry (state of being a knight in the Middles Ages)
chevalet {m} [arts]  :: easel
chevalet {m}  :: bridge (of guitar, violin etc.)
chevalet {m} [rare, crafts]  :: A structure used to keep whatever is being worked on at a certain height; a bench or table
chevalet {m} [[[Scrabble]]]  :: rack
chevalet {m}  :: (torture) rack
chevalet {m}  :: trestle, support
chevalier {m}  :: knight
chevalier {m}  :: sandpiper (bird)
chevalin {adj}  :: equine (related to horses)
chevalière {f}  :: signet ring
cheval qui boit dans son blanc {m}  :: horse that has a white nose and the rest of its body another colour
cheval-vapeur {m}  :: horsepower
chevauchée {f}  :: ride on horseback, usually for the purpose of raiding and pillaging
chevauchement {m}  :: overlap
chevaucher {vp}  :: to overlap
chevaucher {v}  :: to ride on horseback, usually for the purpose of raiding and pillaging
chevaucher {v}  :: to span, sit/be across
chevaucher {v}  :: to straddle, be astride
chevêche {f}  :: little owl
chevelu {adj}  :: hairy, long-haired
chevelure {f}  :: hair
chevelure {f}  :: tail (of a comet)
chevesne {m}  :: chub (Leuciscus cephalus)
chevet {m} [architecture]  :: apse, chevet
chevet {m}  :: bedside
cheveu {m}  :: a hair on a person's head
chevillé {adj}  :: pinned, pegged (attached by a pin, peg)
cheville {f}  :: ankle
cheville {f}  :: dowel, peg
cheville {f}  :: wall plug
cheville ouvrière {f}  :: linchpin (central cohesive source of stability and security)
chevillette {f}  :: A latch hidden in a door with the tab sticking through a slot
chevillette {f}  :: An unidentified part of the locking mechanism of Little Red Riding Hood's grandmother's door
chevillier {m} [music]  :: pegbox (on a violin etc)
chevreau {m}  :: goatskin
chevreau {m}  :: kid (young goat)
chevrette {f}  :: doe
chevrette {f}  :: kid (young goat)
chevreuil {m}  :: roe deer, roebuck
chevrier {m}  :: goatherd
chevrière {f}  :: feminine noun of chevrier
chevron {m} [heraldiccharge]  :: chevron
chevron {m}  :: rafter
chevronné {adj}  :: experienced, seasoned
chevrotant {adj}  :: quavering; shaking
chevroter {vi} [of the voice]  :: to quaver
chevroter {vit}  :: to bleat
chevrotin {adj}  :: Of or from Chevreuse, Chevrières, Chevroz or Chevru
chevrotin {m}  :: A type of cheese, made from goat's milk, from the Savoy
chevrotin {m}  :: A young deer (less than 6 months old)
chevrotin {m}  :: leather from a deer or goat
chevrotine {f}  :: buckshot
chewing-gum {m} [France]  :: chewing gum
cheyenne {adj}  :: Cheyenne
cheyenne {m}  :: Cheyenne language
Cheyenne {mf}  :: Cheyenne (member of the Cheyenne tribe)
chez {prep}  :: among (a group of things or people of the same type)
chez {prep}  :: at the house of
chez {prep}  :: at the office or place of business of
chez {prep}  :: to the house of
chez soi {adj}  :: at home (at one's abode)
chez soi {adj}  :: at home (comfortable)
chez-soi {m}  :: home, nest
chiac {m}  :: A dialect consisting of French mixed with English, spoken by Acadians in New Brunswick
chiadé {adj}  :: thorough (made with special care)
chialer {v} [Canada, informal]  :: To complain
chialer {v} [informal, usually, derogatory]  :: To cry
chialeux {adj} [Quebec]  :: who is complaining often
chialeux {m} [Quebec]  :: someone who is complaining often
chiant {adj} [vulgar]  :: fucking annoying
chiant {adj} [vulgar]  :: fucking boring
chianti {m}  :: Chianti (wine)
chiasse {f} [slang, figurative]  :: vexation, pain, annoyance
chiasse {f} [slang]  :: the runs, diarrhoea
chibouque {f}  :: chibouk (Turkish tobacco pipe)
chibre {m} [vulgar, slang]  :: cock, dick
chic {adj}  :: considerate
chic {adj}  :: elegant
chic {m}  :: elegance
chic {m}  :: skillfulness; adroitness
chicane {f}  :: Bickering, quibbling, especially as delay tactic
chicane {f} [road transport]  :: Chicane (obstruction designed to reduce speed), double road bend
chicaner {vr}  :: to quibble, squabble (to complain or argue in a trivial or petty manner)
chicaner {vt}  :: to get (someone) into an argument
chicaneur {adj}  :: quibbling, pettifogging
chicaneur {m}  :: quibbler, pettifogger
chicard {m}  :: A chic person
chicaya {f}  :: squabble
chicharron {m}  :: chicharron
chichement {adv}  :: meanly, sparingly, niggardly
chichevache {prop}  :: a mythical cow that eats virtuous but ill-treated women
chichi {adj}  :: chichi
chichi {m}  :: affected manners, demanding behaviour
chichi {m}  :: something showy
chichi {m}  :: sort of fritter, churro
chichiteux {adj}  :: chichi
chich taouk {m}  :: shish taouk, grilled skewered chicken cubes
chiclette {f} [Belgium, Switzerland]  :: chewing gum
chicorée {f} [plant]  :: chicory (Cichorium intybus)
chicot {m}  :: stump, stub
chicote {f}  :: alternative form of chicotte
chicotte {f}  :: A knotted whip
chien {m}  :: cock, hammer (of a firearm)
chien {m}  :: dog
chien chaud {m} [Quebec]  :: hot dog
chien d'eau {m}  :: water dog
chien d'eau portugais {m}  :: Portuguese Water Dog
chien de chasse {m}  :: A hound, canine breed used for hunting
chien de garde {m}  :: A guard dog
chien de Jean de Nivelle {m}  :: a disobedient animal or a person