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p. {abbr} :: abbreviation of página
p {letter} :: letter
P {letter} :: The 17th letter of the Spanish alphabet
pa' {prep} [colloquial] :: apocopic form of para
pa {prep} [colloquial] :: apocopic form of para
pabellón {m} :: pavilion
pabellón {m} [Chile] :: operating room
pabellón {m} :: ensign (national flag flown on a vessel)
pabilo {m} :: candlewick
pábilo {m} :: alternative form of pabilo
pablismo {m} :: Support for Pablo Iglesias Turrión, a Spanish politician
pablista {adj} :: Supporting Pablo Iglesias Turrión, secretary-general of Podemos
pablista {mf} :: A supporter of Pablo Iglesias Turrión
Pablito {prop} {m} :: given name
Pablo {prop} {m} :: Paul [biblical character]
Pablo {prop} {m} :: given name
pábulo {m} :: fodder, pabulum
paca {f} :: bale (bundle)
paca {f} [colloquial, pejorative, Latin America] :: female police officer
paca {f} [chiefly Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay] :: paca (rodent of the genus Cuniculus)
Paca {prop} {f} :: A diminutive of the female given name Francisca
pacana {f} :: pecan
pacano {m} :: pecan
pacato {adj} :: timid, modest
pacaya {f} :: Costa Rican bamboo palm (Chamaedorea costaricana)
paceño {adj} :: Of or relating to the city of La Paz, in several countries
paceño {m} :: Someone from La Paz
pacense {adj} :: Of or from Badajoz
pacense {mf} :: Someone from Badajoz
pacer {v} :: to graze, to pasture
pacer {v} :: to put out to pasture
pacer {v} :: to eat away, to nibble, to gnaw
pacha {f} [El Salvador, Nicaragua] :: baby bottle
pachá {m} :: pasha
Pachamama {prop} {f} :: Pachamama
pachamámico {adj} [attributive] :: Pachamama
pachanga {f} :: party (social gathering)
pachanga {f} [sports] :: A pick-up game of a sport; a football, basketball or another sport kickabout; a friendly game
pachanguero {adj} :: noisy, boisterous
pacharán {m} :: patxaran
pache {m} :: A food from Guatemala, similar to a tamal but with potato dough
pacho {adj} :: lazy
pacho {adj} [Central America] :: short
pacho {adj} [El Salvador, Nicaragua] :: shallow, flat (not deep)
pacho {adj} [Central America, Chile] :: chubby and short
pachorra {f} [colloquial] :: laziness, apathy
pachorriento {adj} [colloquial, Argentina, Uruguay] :: lazy
pachuca {f} :: feminine noun of pachuco
pachucho {adj} :: poorly, under the weather
pachuco {adj} [Mexico] :: flashy, flashily dressed
pachuco {adj} [Costa Rica] :: slang (often considered low-class)
pachuco {m} [Costa Rica] :: uneducated person from the city who uses city slang
pachulí {m} :: patchouli (east Indian plant plant)
pachulí {m} :: patchouli (fragrance produced from this plant)
pachuquismo {m} [uncountable] :: the culture of the pachucos
pachuquismo {m} :: a word or expression from pachuco culture used in Spanish
paciencia {f} :: patience
paciente {adj} :: patient
paciente {mf} [medical] :: patient
pacientemente {adv} :: patiently
pacientísimo {adj} :: superlative of paciente
pacificación {f} :: pacification
pacificador {adj} :: pacifying, peace making
pacificador {m} :: pacifier (one who pacifies)
pacificadora {f} :: feminine of pacificador
pacíficamente {adv} :: peacefully
pacificar {v} :: to pacify
pacífico {adj} :: peaceful
Pacífico {prop} {m} [ocean] :: Short form of Océano Pacífico, the Pacific Ocean
pacifismo {m} :: pacifism
pacifista {mf} :: pacifist
pack {m} :: pack, package
pack {m} :: kit, set, bundle
packaging {m} :: packaging
paco {adj} :: reddish (color)
paco {m} :: llama
paco {m} [chiefly Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay] :: male paca
paco {m} [colloquial, pejorative, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Panamá] :: police officer
paco {m} [colloquial, obsolete, Spain] :: During Spanish occupation in Africa, a Moroccan sniper
paco {m} [Spain, recreational drug] :: A cheap drug made from cocaine paste mixed with raticide, caffeine and other chemicals
Paco {prop} {m} :: given name
pacos {mp} :: plural of paco
pacos {mp} [Chile, pejorative] :: the police
pacotilla {f} :: free luggage of a sailor
pacotilla {f} :: trash, junk, garbage (something of inferior quality)
pacotilla {f} [Latin America] :: mob, rabble
pacotilla {f} [El Salvador, Nicaragua] :: gang
pactar {v} :: to agree upon
pactismo {m} :: pactism
pactista {mf} :: pactist
pacto {m} :: pact
padana {f} :: feminine noun of padano
padano {adj} :: Padan
padano {m} :: Padan
padawan {m} :: padawan
paddock {m} [motor racing] :: paddock
padecer {vt} :: to suffer
padecimiento {m} :: The current action of suffering damage, injury or a disease
pádel {m} :: padel
Padilla {prop} {f} :: surname
Padilla {prop} {f} :: A placename
padrastrillo {m} :: diminutive of padrastre
padrastro {m} :: stepfather
padrastro {m} :: hangnail
padrazo {m} :: Great father
padre {m} [family] :: father
padre {m} [religion] :: father
padre {adj} [Mexico, slang] :: cool, acceptable, easy
Padre {pron} :: Father (a title for a Latin Catholic priest)
padrecito {m} :: diminutive of padre
padre nuestro {m} :: alternative form of padrenuestro
padrenuestro {m} :: Lord's Prayer
padrillo {m} [Latin America] :: stallion
padrinazgo {m} :: sponsorship
padrino {m} :: godfather
padrino {m} :: sponsor (at a wedding, graduation, First Communion, etc.)
padrino {m} [bullfighting] :: high-ranking bullfighter who gives the "alternativa" to a "novillero"
padrísimo {adj} :: superlative of padre
padrito {m} :: diminutive of padre
padrón {m} :: census
Padua {prop} :: Padua (capital city)
Padua {prop} :: Padua (province)
Padua {prop} :: surname
padyak {m} :: rickshaw
paella {f} :: paella
paellera {f} :: paellera
paf {interj} :: bang!
pág {f} :: abbreviation of página p (page)
paga {f} :: payment
paga {f} :: payoff
paga {f} :: salary
pagable {adj} :: payable
pagadero {adj} :: to be paid under certain conditions
pagadero {adj} :: payable
pagadero {m} :: payer
pagado {adj} :: paid
pagador {adj} :: paying
pagador {m} :: payer
pagafantas {m} [Spain, slang] :: orbiter (A man who pay drinks for women and treat them nicely, but never get remotely close to sealing the deal in the relationship sense)
págalo {m} :: skua
págalo ártico {m} :: Arctic skua (seabird)
págalo grande {m} :: great skua
págalo parasito {m} :: Arctic skua (seabird)
pagana {f} :: feminine noun of pagano
paganismo {m} :: paganism
pagano {adj} :: pagan
pagano {m} :: pagan
pagar {v} :: to pay
pagar {v} :: to pay for
pagar a escote {v} [idiomatic] :: to go Dutch; to split the bill
pagar a tocateja {v} [idiom] :: to pay a lot of money in cash
pagaré {m} :: promissory note, IOU
pagar el pato {v} [idiomatic] :: To bear the brunt; to take the rap
pagar los platos rotos {v} [idiomatic] :: to carry the can
pagarse {v} :: reflexive of pagar
page {m} :: page, pageboy
página {f} :: page
paginación {f} :: pagination
paginar {v} :: to paginate
página web {f} :: web page
pago {m} :: pay, payment
pago {m} :: estate [of a vineyard or olive farm]
pagoda {f} :: pagoda
pagro {m} :: porgy
paiche {m} :: the arapaima (Arapaima gigas)
paico {m} [Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru] :: epazote
paico {m} [Chile] :: euphemism for pico (penis), usually used in the phrase "pal pico" (meaning "in a very bad situation")
paidofilia {f} :: alternative spelling of pedofilia
paidófilo {adj} :: alternative form of pedófilo
paidófilo {m} :: alternative form of pedófilo
paila {f} :: paila (large bowl)
pailebot {m} :: alternative spelling of pailebote
pailebote {m} [nautical] :: a small schooner
pailebote {m} [nautical] :: pilot boat
paíño {m} :: storm petrel
paintball {m} :: paintball
país {m} :: country
paisa {m} [Latin America, slang] :: Someone from a rural or rustic area
paisa {m} [Latin America, slang] :: A Chinese immigrant
paisa {m} [Colombia, colloquial] :: Someone from the Paisa Region of northwest Colombia
paisa {m} [Panama, Ecuador, Venezuela, colloquial] :: Someone from any place in Colombia
paisa {m} [Costa Rica, colloquial] :: Someone from Nicaragua
paisa {m} :: paisa (a hundredth of a rupee or a taka)
paisaje {m} :: landscape (the view of an area of land)
paisaje {m} :: countryside
paisajismo {m} :: landscaping
paisajismo urbano {m} :: landscape gardening
paisajista {mf} :: landscaper
paisajísticamente {adv} :: when it comes to the landscape; in terms of views
paisajístico {adj} :: landscape [attributive]
paisana {f} :: feminine noun of paisano
paisanaje {m} :: collection of persons from the same original country/location
paisanito {m} :: diminutive of paisano
paisano {m} :: a fellow countryman
paisano {m} :: a peasant (someone who lives in the countryside)
paisano {m} [Jewish] :: a fellow Jew
Países Bajos {prop} {mp} :: Países Bajos (country)
Países Catalanes {prop} {m} :: Catalan Countries
paisito {m} :: diminutive of país
país miembro {m} :: member country
paisuchito {m} :: diminutive of paisucho
paisucho {m} :: pejorative of país
País Vasco {prop} {m} :: País Vasco (autonomous community)
paiute {adj} :: Paiute
paiute {mf} :: Paiute
paja {f} [countable] :: straw (dried stalk of a cereal plant)
paja {f} [uncountable] :: straw (dried stalks considered collectively)
paja {f} :: A drinking straw
paja {f} [slang] :: wank, handjob, masturbation
paja {f} [colloquial, countable, Guatemala, El Salvador] :: lie, falsehood
paja {f} [colloquial, uncountable, Colombia] :: bullshit, lies, falsehoods
paja {f} [Peruvian Spanish] :: very good, great, excellent
paja {f} [vulgar, uncountable, Argentinian Spanish] :: laziness, tiredness, fatigue
pajar {m} :: haystack
pájara {f} :: bird
pájara {f} :: paper bird; origami bird
pájara {f} :: kite (flying toy)
pájara {f} :: collapse (of a cyclist)
pajarear {vi} :: to be distracted, be absentminded, have one's head in the clouds, daydream
pajarear {vi} :: to go birding, to go birdwatching
pajarera {f} :: coop or large cage for birds
pajarera {f} :: very small room or house
pajarero {m} :: birdcatcher
pajarero {m} :: bird seller
pajarero {adj} [attributive] :: bird
Pajares {prop} :: surname
pajaril {adj} [attributive] :: bird; ornithic, avine
pajarillo {m} :: diminutive of pájaro
pajarita {f} :: a small bird
pajarita {f} :: an origami (piece of art made by folding paper)
pajarita {f} :: a bowtie, bow tie
pajarita {f} [Louisiana] :: butterfly
pajarito {m} :: diminutive of pájaro: birdie
pajarito {m} [slang, euphemistic] :: penis
pajarito {m} :: packsaddle for a mule or burro
Pajarito {prop} {m} :: surname
pajaro {m} :: obsolete spelling of pájaro
pájaro {m} :: bird (usually a small bird capable of flying)
pájaro {m} [Dominican Republic, Cuba, slang] :: homosexual
pájaro {m} [colloquial, Chile, Guatemala, Mexico, Venezuela] :: penis
pájaro {m} [colloquial, Spain] :: person of questionable or shady character, or involved in dubious affairs
pájaro carpintero {m} :: woodpecker
pájaro de mal agüero {m} [idiom] :: bird of ill omen
pajarón {adj} [colloquial, Chile, Peru] :: absentminded, distracted, scatty
pajarón {adj} [colloquial] :: stupid
pajarón {m} [Chile, Peru] :: a person, who pays no attention, an absentminded, distracted person, a daydreamer
pajarona {f} :: feminine noun of pajarón
pajaronear {vi} [colloquial, South America] :: to be distracted, be absentminded, have one's head in the clouds, daydream
pajaroneo {m} [South America] :: absent-mindedness
pajarraca {f} [colloquial] :: fuss
pajarraco {m} :: pejorative of pajaro, ugly bird
paja toquilla {f} :: The fiber of the Panama hat palm, Carludovica palmata
paja-toquilla {f} :: alternative spelling of paja toquilla
paje {m} :: page, pageboy
paje {m} :: cabin boy
pajear {vt} :: to masturbate someone
pajearse {vi} :: to masturbate oneself
pajecillo {m} :: diminutive of paje
pajero {m} :: Itinerant straw seller
pajero {m} [Nicaragua] :: plumber
pajero {m} [Central America] :: One who speaks nonsense
pajero {m} [El Salvador, colloquial] :: liar
pajero {m} [Latin America, colloquial, vulgar, pejorative] :: wanker, tosser (someone who wanks)
pajero {m} :: idiot (a stupid, annoying or ineffectual person)
pajero {m} :: bum, lazy ass
pajilla {f} [Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Spain] :: A drinking straw
pajilla {f} [vulgar, slang, Spain] :: wank, handjob, masturbation
pajillero {m} [colloquial, vulgar, pejorative] :: wanker, tosser (someone who masturbates)
pajita {f} :: drinking straw
pajizo {adj} :: covered or made of straw
pajizo {adj} :: yellowish, straw (color)
pajonal {m} :: scrubland, brushland
pajoso {adj} :: strawlike
pajoso {adj} :: full of straw
pajote {m} :: mulch
pajúo {adj} [Venezuela] :: idiotic
pajúo {m} [Venezuela] :: idiot, cretin
paki {m} [colloquial, Spain] :: Pakistani
paki {m} [colloquial, Spain] :: Paki shop
Pakistán {prop} {m} :: Pakistan
pakistaní {adj} :: alternative form of paquistaní
pakistaní {mf} :: alternative form of paquistaní
pal {contraction} [colloquial] :: contraction of para (for) + el (the)
pala {f} :: shovel, spade
pala {f} :: blade of an oar, a shovel, etc
pala {f} [shoemaking] :: upper, vamp
pala {f} :: setting (piece of metal in which a precious gem is fixed)
pala {f} :: paddle
palabra {f} :: word
palabra compuesta {f} :: compound word
palabra mágica {f} :: magic word, spell
palabreja {f} :: a strange or weird word
palabrería {f} :: claptrap (empty verbiage or nonsense)
palabrerío {m} :: claptrap (empty verbiage or nonsense)
palabrero {adj} :: wordy
palabrilla {f} :: diminutive of palabra
palabrita {f} :: diminutive of palabra
palabro {m} :: swear word
palabro {m} :: nonsense word; nonce word
palabrota {f} :: offensive word, swear word, swear
palacete {m} :: palace, mansion, villa
palacial {adj} :: palatial
palaciegamente {adv} :: palatially
palaciego {adj} :: palatial
palaciego {m} :: courtier
palacio {m} :: palace
palacio {m} :: mansion
Palacios {prop} {m} :: surname
palada {f} :: A strike with a spade
paladar {m} :: palate (roof of the mouth, and sense of taste)
paladar {m} :: A small family-run restaurant in a Cuban home
paladeable {adj} :: tasteable, savourable
paladear {v} :: to savor
paladear {v} :: to taste
paladear {v} :: to cleanse the palate
pala de dientes {f} [Asturias] :: pitchfork
paladín {m} :: paladin
paladín {m} :: defender, champion, forerunner
paladina {f} :: champion; paladin
paladinamente {adv} :: publicly
paladio {m} :: palladium
paladión {f} :: palladium
palafítico {adj} [attributive] :: stilts
palafito {m} :: stilt house
Palafox {prop} :: surname
palafrén {m} :: palfrey
palafrenera {f} :: feminine noun of palafrenero
palafrenero {m} :: palfreyman
palagonita {f} [geology] :: palagonite
palanca {f} :: lever
palanca {f} :: leverage, influence
palanca {f} :: joystick
palanca {f} :: handle (on a toilet)
palanca {f} :: diving board
palanca {f} [football] :: chip, chipped shot
palanca de cambios {f} :: gear stick, gear lever
palanca de mando {f} :: joystick
palanca de marchas {f} :: gear stick, gear lever
palangana {f} :: bowl, washbowl, vat
palangre {f} [fishing] :: longline
palangrero {m} [fishing] :: longline fishing boat
palangrero {m} [fishing] :: longline fisherman
palanqueo {m} :: leverage
palanqueta {f} :: crowbar
palanqueta {f} [Cuba, Mexico] :: cereal bar
palanquín {m} :: palanquin (a type of covered litter)
pa' lante {adv} [colloquial] :: apocopic form of para adelante; forward
Palao {prop} :: surname
Palaos {prop} :: Palau (Republic of Palau)
palapa {f} :: palapa
palasita {f} :: alt form pallasita
palatal {adj} :: palatal
palatal {m} :: palatal
palatalización {f} :: palatalization
palatalizar {v} :: to palatalize
palatino {adj} :: palatine
palatino {adj} :: palatial
palatización {f} :: palatalization
palauano {adj} :: Palauan
palauano {m} :: Palauan
palavolo {f} :: volleyball
palawan {m} :: Palawan
palazo {m} :: A hit or blow with a stick
palazzo {m} :: palazzo (palatial urban building in Italy)
palco {m} :: (theater) box
palco {m} :: bench
palé {m} :: pallet
pálea {f} :: palea
paleador {m} :: shoveler; someone who uses a shovel
paleador {m} [baseball] :: batter
paleadora {f} :: feminine noun of paleador
palear {v} :: to shovel
paleártico {adj} :: palearctic
Palencia {prop} {f} :: Palencia (province)
Palencia {prop} {f} :: Palencia (city)
Paleno {prop} {m} :: surname
palenque {m} :: palisade
palenque {m} :: pit (miniature arena for cockfighting)
Palenque {prop} :: Palenque
palenquero {m} :: Palenquero
palentino {adj} :: From Palencia
palentino {m} :: Someone from Palencia
paleoambiental {adj} :: paleoenvironmental
paleoantropología {f} :: paleoanthropology
paleoantropológico {adj} :: paleoanthropological
paleoantropólogo {m} :: paleoanthropologist
paleoartista {mf} :: paleoartist
paleobiogeografía {f} :: paleobiogeography
paleobióloga {f} :: feminine noun of paleobiólogo
paleobiología {f} :: paleobiology
paleobiólogo {m} :: paleobiologist
paleobotánica {f} :: paleobotany
paleobotánico {adj} :: paleobotanical
paleocristiano {adj} :: paleochristian
paleoecología {f} :: paleoecology
paleoecológico {adj} :: paleoecological
paleógeno {adj} :: Paleogene
paleogeografía {f} :: paleogeography
paleogeográfico {adj} :: paleogeographical
paleognato {m} :: paleognath
paleógrafa {f} :: paleographer
paleografía {f} :: paleography
paleográfico {adj} :: paleographic
paleógrafo {m} :: paleographer
paleohispánico {adj} :: Paleohispanic
paleolítico {adj} :: paleolithic
paleontóloga {f} :: feminine of paleontólogo
paleontología {f} :: paleontology
paleontológico {adj} :: paleontological
paleontólogo {m} :: paleontologist
paleozoico {adj} :: Paleozoic
paleozoico {m} :: Paleozoic
paleozoología {f} :: paleozoology
palera {f} :: feminine noun of palero
palero {m} :: A person who works with a spade, shovel, bat or paddle in various ways
palero {m} :: A vendor
palero {m} :: A gardener
palero {m} :: A stoker or shoveller (in the engine room)
palero {m} :: A cleaner
palero {m} [Mexico] :: shill (accomplice of a con artist)
palero {m} :: wild asparagus
palero {m} :: pigweed
palestina {f} :: feminine noun of palestino
Palestina {prop} {f} :: Palestine
palestino {adj} :: Palestinian
palestino {m} :: Palestinian
palestino {m} :: foulard
palestra {f} [historical] :: palaestra
palet {m} :: pallet
paleta {f} :: diminutive of pala
paleta {f} :: trowel, small shovel
paleta {f} :: lollipop, paleta
paleta {f} :: ice lolly, paleta
paleta {f} :: palette
paleta {f} :: feminine noun of paleto
paletada {f} :: trowel
paletada {f} :: trowelful
paletada {f} :: spadeful
paletada {f} :: spatula
paletada {f} :: sail, blade
paletada {f} :: palette
paletada {f} :: incisor (tooth)
paletada {f} :: hit with a spade or shovel
paletería {f} :: An ice lolly vendor
paletilla {f} :: diminutive of paleta
paletismo {m} :: ignorance, tastelessness
paletizar {v} :: To palletize
paleto {adj} [colloquial, pejorative] :: uncouth, ignorant, unsophisticated, tasteless, illiterate, clumsy, country bumpkin
paleto {m} [colloquial, pejorative] :: hick, yokel, hillbilly (illiterate person, clumsy with no style or manners, an unskilled peasant)
paletón {m} [El Salvador] :: pleat (on a pair of pants or a skirt)
paletonear {v} [El Salvador] :: to pleat
paliacate {m} [Mexico] :: a brightly colored scarf or handkerchief
paliación {f} :: palliation (temporary relief)
paliar {vt} :: to palliate, alleviate
paliativo {adj} [medicine] :: palliative
paliativo {m} [medicine] :: palliative
paliatorio {adj} :: palliative
pálida {f} [colloquial, Chile, Argentina] :: pallor, paleness (due to drug abuse or sickness)
pálidamente {adv} :: palely
palidecer {vi} :: to pale, to become pale
palidez {f} :: paleness
palidísimo {adj} :: superlative of pálido
pálido {adj} :: ashen
pálido {adj} :: pale
paliducho {adj} :: pale-looking
palilalia {f} :: palilalia
palillo {m} :: toothpick
palillo {m} :: chopstick (single eating utensil)
palillo {m} :: diminutive of palo: small stick
palillo {m} :: very thin person
palillo de cóctel {m} :: cocktail stick
palillona {f} [Honduras] :: majorette
palimpsesto {m} :: palimpsest
palíndromo {m} :: palindrome
palingenésico {adj} :: palingenesic
palinodia {f} :: palinode
palinología {f} :: palynology
palinspástico {adj} :: palinspastic
palio {m} :: pallium
palique {m} :: short humorous article
palique {m} :: chitchat
palista {mf} :: paddler
palista {mf} :: A pelota paleta player
palita {f} :: diminutive of pala
palito {m} :: diminutive of palo
palito {m} :: stick (of a lollipop, ice pop, popsicle)
palito {m} :: twig, little wooden stick or rod
palito {m} [Caribbean] :: cinnamon tea beverage
palito {m} [colloquial, euphemistic, Mexico] :: sexual intercourse
palitroque {f} :: small stick
palitroque {f} :: banderilla
paliza {f} :: beating, bashing
palizada {f} :: palisade
palizón {m} [colloquial] :: hit, whack
palladiana {f} :: feminine noun of palladiano
palladianismo {m} :: Palladian architecture
palladiano {adj} :: Palladian
palladiano {m} :: Palladian
pallar {v} [mineralogy] :: to extract
pallar {m} :: Lima bean
pallasita {f} [geology] :: pallasite
palloza {f} :: a house with thatched conical roof and circular plant, typical of the highlands of eastern Galicia
palma {f} :: palm of the hand
palma {f} :: palm tree
palma {f} :: palm leaf
palma aceitera {f} :: oil palm
palmadamente {adv} :: palmately
palma de la mano {f} :: palm (inner, concave part of hand)
Palma de Mallorca {prop} {f} :: Palma de Mallorca (city)
palmadita {f} :: diminutive of palmada
palmar {adj} :: related to palms (hand and tree); palmar
palmar {m} :: palm grove
palmar {v} [colloquial] :: to die
palmarés {m} :: list of winners or champions, prize list
palmariamente {adv} :: plainly, clearly
palmario {adj} :: clear, obvious, blatant
palmarla {v} [colloquial] :: to croak, snuff it (die)
palmatoria {f} :: cane (short stick used for corporal punishment)
palmatoria {f} :: a hit with the cane
palmatoria {f} :: a type of candlestick
palmear {v} :: to clap
palmear {v} :: to slap on the back
palmense {adj} :: Of or from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
palmense {mf} :: Someone from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
palmera {f} :: palm (tree)
palmera {f} :: palmier (pastry)
palmeral {m} :: palm tree wood or plantation
palmero {m} :: Someone who claps rhythmically in flamenco performances
palmero {adj} :: Of or pertaining to La Palma
palmero {m} :: Someone from La Palma
palmero {m} [colloquial, Spain] :: A unconditional fan or admirer; toadeater, sycophant, toady
palmesano {adj} :: Of or from Palma de Mallorca
palmesano {m} :: Someone from Palma de Mallorca
palmeta {f} :: cane (for hitting)
palmetazo {m} :: strike with a cane
palmicultor {adj} [attributive] :: palm tree
palmicultor {m} :: palm tree growers
palmilla {f} :: insole
Palmira {prop} :: Palmyra
palmita {f} :: palmita
palmitato {m} :: palmitate
palmítico {adj} :: palmitic
palmito {m} :: heart of palm
palmitoiltransferasa {f} [enzyme] :: palmitoyltransferase
palmo {m} :: span; handspan
palmo {m} :: inch; inkling (small amount)
palmo a palmo {adv} [idiomatic] :: step by step
palmotear {v} :: to applaud
palo {m} :: stake, stick, wood
palo {m} [card games] :: suit
palo {m} [heraldiccharge] :: pale
palo {m} :: hit, blow, strike (especially, with a stick)
palo {m} [figurative] :: blow
palo {m} [nautical] :: mast
palo {m} [sports] :: post; goalpost; woodwork
palo {m} [historical] :: execution by hanging or beheading
palo {m} [colloquial, El Salvador] :: tree
palo {m} [slang, Puerto Rico, Venezuela] :: shot (a small serving of alcoholic spirits)
palo {m} [vulgar, Latin America] :: dick; cock; wanger
palo de golf {m} :: golf club
paloma {f} :: dove, pigeon
paloma {f} [Central America, Venezuela] :: penis
Paloma {prop} {f} :: given name
paloma mensajera {f} :: homing pigeon
palomar {m} :: dovecot, dovecote
Palomares {prop} :: surname
paloma torcaz {f} :: common wood pigeon
palo mayor {m} :: mainmast
palomera {f} :: feminine noun of palomero
palomero {m} :: pigeon hunter
palometa {f} :: dropwort
palomilla {f} :: wing nut
palomilla {f} :: a mixture of water and anise liquor
palomilla {f} :: (piece of) popcorn
palomilla {f} :: white horse
palomilla {f} :: ball bearing
palomilla {f} :: sirloin (cut of beef)
palomilla {f} [Guatemala, Mexico] :: clique; club;. band (of people with a similar hobby)
palomilla {f} [Honduras, Mexico, Panama] :: gang (of criminals, thugs etc.)
palomilla {f} [Honduras, Mexico] :: gang (of youths)
palomilla {f} [Cuba, Panama] :: clique; club;. band (of people with a similar hobby)
palomilla {f} :: white horse; whitecap (wave)
palomilla {f} :: feminine of palomillo
palomilla {f} :: Any of a number of butterflies and plants
palomilla {f} :: Indianmeal moth (Plodia interpunctella)
palomilla {f} :: green oak tortrix (Tortrix viridana)
palomilla {f} :: fumitory (Fumaria)
palomilla {f} :: dyer's alkanet (Alkanna tinctoria)
palomilla {f} :: European columbine (Aquilegia vulgaris)
palomilla {f} :: ivy-leaved toadflax (Cymbalaria muralis)
palomilla {f} :: alpine toadflax (Linaria alpina)
palomino {m} :: palomino
palomino {m} :: squab (baby pigeon, baby dove, dove chick)
palomino {m} :: skid mark (visible stain left on underpants)
palomino {m} :: pigeon droppings
palomita {f} :: diminutive of paloma; little dove
palomita {f} :: popcorn (from its resemblance in appearance to doves)
palomita {f} [Peru] :: penis
palomo {m} :: male dove, male pigeon, cock pigeon
palomo {m} [vulgar] :: [Dominican Republic, slang] coward, no-good
palosanto {m} :: Any of a number of trees
palote {m} :: downstroke
palote {m} :: beanpole
palotino {adj} :: Pallottine
palotino {m} :: Pallottine
palpable {adj} :: palpable
palpablemente {adv} :: palpably
palpación {f} :: palpation
palpar {v} :: to feel
palpebral {adj} :: palpebral
palpitación {f} :: palpitation
palpitante {adj} :: throbbing, pulsing
palpitar {v} :: to palpitate
palpite {m} :: hunch
pálpito {m} :: hunch
palpo {m} :: palp; palpus
palquista {mf} :: burglar who enters through a window or balcony
palta {f} [Argentina, Chile, Peru, Uruguay] :: avocado (fruit)
palto {m} [Chile, Argentina] :: avocado (tree)
paltón {m} [slang, Chile] :: snob
paltona {f} :: feminine noun of paltón
paludal {adj} :: paludal, palustral
palude {f} :: rare form of paúl
palúdico {adj} :: malarial
paludismo {m} :: malaria (disease)
paluego {m} [colloquial, Spain] :: food debris between the teeth
palurda {f} :: feminine noun of palurdo
palurdo {adj} [colloquial, pejorative] :: boring, uncouth, ignorant, unsophisticated, tasteless, illiterate, clumsy (related to peasants)
palurdo {m} [colloquial, pejorative] :: hick, yokel (illeterate person, clumsy with no style or manners, an unskilled peasant)
palustre {adj} :: palustral
pama {adj} :: Paman
pambacería {f} :: A bakery that sells pambazo
pambazo {m} :: pambazo, a Mexican baguette of white bread used for making sandwiches
pambol {m} [colloquial, Mexico] :: football (association football)
pambolera {f} :: feminine noun of pambolero
pambolero {adj} [Mexico] :: footballing; football
pambolero {m} [Mexico] :: footballer
pame {adj} :: Pame
pame {mf} :: Pame
pamela {f} :: A type of straw hat with large brim, typically used by women
Pamir {prop} {m} :: Pamir (range)
pampa {f} :: pampa
pampanga {f} :: feminine noun of pampango
pampango {adj} :: Kapampangan
pampango {m} :: Kapampangan (people)
pampango {m} :: Kapampangan (language)
pámpano {m} :: shoot of a vine
pampeano {adj} :: Pampan
pampeano {m} :: Pampan
pampera {f} :: feminine noun of pampero
pampero {adj} :: Of or from the pampas
pampero {m} :: An inhabitant of the pampas
pampero {m} :: pampero (wind)
pampiniforme {adj} [anatomy] :: pampiniform
pamplina {f} :: nonsense
pamplinada {f} :: trifle (insignificant amount)
Pamplona {prop} {f} :: Pamplona
pamplonés {adj} :: From Pamplona
pamplonés {m} :: Someone from Pamplona
pamplonica {adj} :: of or from Pamplona
pamplonica {mf} :: Someone from Pamplona
pampsiquismo {m} :: panpsychism
pamú {mf} :: A member of the Pamu tribe in Equatorial Guinea
pan- {prefix} :: pan-
pan {m} :: bread
pan {m} [figurative] :: money, dough
pan {m} [figurative] :: work, job
PAN {prop} [Mexico] :: initialism of w:Partido Acción Nacional
PAN {prop} [Guatemala] :: initialism of w:Partido de Avanzada Nacional
pana {f} :: breakdown (of vehicle)
pana {f} :: velour, corduroy
pana {f} [Puerto Rico, Venezuelan, Ecuador, slang] :: dude, friend
pana {f} [Chile] :: liver (used as food)
panacea {f} :: panacea
pan ácimo {m} :: unleavened bread
panadera {f} :: feminine noun of panadero
panadería {f} :: bakery
panadero {m} :: baker (person who bakes and sells bread, etc)
panafricanismo {m} :: Pan-Africanism
panafricanista {mf} :: A supporter of Pan-Africanism
panafricano {adj} :: Pan-African
panal {m} [bees] :: honeycomb
pañal {m} :: A diaper, a nappy
pañalera {f} :: diaper bag; nappy bag
panalillo {m} :: sweet alyssum (Lobularia maritima)
pañalillo {m} :: Little nappy (diminutive of pañal)
panamá {m} :: Panama hat
Panamá {prop} :: Panama
panameñismo {m} :: patriotism for Panama
panameñismo {m} :: A word of saying found predominately in Panamanian Spanish
panameñista {adj} :: Of or pertaining to the Partido Panameñista, a Panamanian political party
panameñista {mf} :: A member of the Partido Panameñista
panameño {adj} :: Panamanian
panameño {m} :: Panamanian
panamericanismo {m} :: Pan-Americanism
panamericano {adj} :: Pan-American
panarabismo {m} :: pan-Arabism
panarra {m} :: bat (winged mammal)
panarra {m} [colloquial] :: simpleton
panca {f} [Andes] :: dried maize leaf
pancarta {f} :: banner (large sign)
pancartilla {f} :: diminutive of pancarta
pancatalanismo {m} :: pan-Catalanism
panceta {f} :: Cured bacon
Panchatantra {prop} :: Panchatantra
Panchen Lama {m} :: Panchen Lama
panchería {f} [Uruguay, Argentina] :: hot dog stand, hot dog joint
panchito {m} :: diminutive of pancho
panchito {m} :: fried peanut seed, usually with salt
panchito {m} [Spain, offensive, derogatory, slang] :: a Hispanic person from the Americas
pancho {adj} :: calm, relaxed
pancho {adj} :: satisfied
pancho {m} :: young blackspot sea bream
pancho {m} [colloquial] :: belly
pancho {m} [Argentina, Uruguay] :: hot dog
Pancho {prop} [colloquial] :: given name
pancista {adj} :: opportunist
pancista {mf} :: opportunist
pancita {f} :: diminutive of panza
pancita {f} :: tripe (food)
pancita de res {f} :: cow tripe
pancito {m} :: diminutive of pan
panco {m} :: A cabotage vessel formerly used in the Philippines
pan comido {m} [idiomatic] :: something easy to do, a piece of cake
pancracio {m} :: pankration
páncreas {m} :: pancreas
pancreático {adj} :: pancreatic
pancreaticoduodenal {adj} [anatomy] :: pancreaticoduodenal
pancrelipasa {f} [enzyme] :: pancrelipase
pancromático {adj} :: panchromatic
panda {f} :: [colloquial] gang
panda {m} :: panda
panda rojo {m} :: red panda
pandear {v} :: to bend
pandear {v} :: to be inclined
pandear {v} :: to bulge out
pan de Dios {m} [idiomatic, Argentina, Cuba, El Salvador, Mexico, Uruguay] :: A kindhearted, benevolent person
pandeiro {m} :: pandeiro
pandeísmo {m} :: pandeism
pandeísta {mf} :: pandeist
pandemia {f} :: pandemic
pandémico {adj} :: pandemic
pan de molde {m} :: sandwich bread
pandemónium {m} :: pandemonium
pan de oro {m} :: gold leaf
pandera {f} :: tambourine
pandereta {f} :: tambourine
pandero {m} :: tambourine (percussion instrument consisting of a small hoop closed on one side with a drum frame and featuring jingling metal disks on the tread)
pan de sal {m} :: pandesal (bread)
pandilla {f} :: gang
pandillera {f} :: feminine noun of pandillero
pandilleril {adj} [attributive] :: gang
pandillerismo {m} :: gangsterism
pandillero {m} :: gangster (member of a gang or group)
pandillismo {m} :: gang violence
pandillita {f} :: diminutive of pandilla
pandina {f} :: feminine of pandino
pandino {adj} :: Of or from the department of Pando Department, Bolivia
pandino {m} :: An inhabitant of the department of Pando Department, Bolivia
pando {adj} :: crooked, bent
pando {adj} :: shallow (water)
pando {adj} :: sluggish, slow (moving slowly)
pando {adj} [El Salvador] :: unlucky (having bad luck)
pando {m} :: plane (open flat land between mountains)
Pandora {prop} {f} [Greek mythology] :: Pandora
pan dulce {m} :: panettone
panecillo {m} :: diminutive of pan
panegírico {m} :: panegyric
panegírico {adj} :: panegyric
panegirista {mf} :: panegyrist
panel {m} :: panel
panela {f} :: panela (solid piece of unrefined sugar)
panelista {mf} :: panelist
panenteísmo {m} :: panentheism
paneo {m} :: panorama, panning
panera {f} :: breadbasket
panera {f} :: garner, granary
panero {m} :: A basket used in a bakery to place bread being taken out of the oven
panero {m} :: A small, round mat
panero {adj} [of a person] :: who has a great liking for bread
pañero {m} :: draper, clothier, dry-goods dealer
pañero {adj} [attributive] :: textile, cloth
panetela {f} [Cuba] :: pound cake
panetón {m} :: panettone
paneuropeo {adj} :: Pan-European
pánfilo {adj} :: slow of understanding: dull, naive
panfletaria {f} :: feminine noun of panfletario
panfletario {adj} :: propagandist
panfletario {m} :: propagandist
panfletillo {m} :: diminutive of panfleto
panfleto {m} :: pamphlet (but of a political, often defamatory, nature)
panga {f} [Latin America] :: panga (small inflatable motorboat used in Latin America)
panga {f} [Spain] :: swai, iridescent shark (Pangasianodon hypophthalmus)
panga {f} [fish] :: torpedo scad (Pterogymnus laniarius)
Pangea {prop} {f} :: Pangaea
pangermana {f} :: feminine noun of pangermano
pangermano {m} :: Pan-German
panglosiano {adj} :: Panglossian
pangolín {m} :: pangolin
pangrama {m} :: pangram
panhelénico {adj} :: Panhellenic
panhelenismo {m} :: panhellenism
panhispánico {adj} :: pan-Hispanic
paniaguarse {v} :: to make friends; buddy up
pánico {adj} :: pertainig to the good Pan
pánico {adj} :: panic (of fear, fright etc.)
pánico {m} :: panic
pánico {m} :: fear, fright
panícula {f} :: panicle
paniculada {f} :: panicle
panículo {m} :: panniculus
panificación {f} :: breadmaking
panificador {m} :: bread maker
panificadora {f} :: feminine noun of panificador
panificadora {f} :: (industrial) bakery
panismo {m} :: The political beliefs and ideologies of the Partido Acción Nacional
panista {adj} :: of or relating to PAN, a Mexican political party
panista {mf} :: A supporter or member of PAN, a Mexican political party
panizo {m} :: millet
panizo {m} :: maize; corn
panko {m} :: panko
paño {m} :: cloth
paño {m} :: wipe
panocha {f} :: corncob
panocha {f} :: ear of grain
panocha {f} [botany] :: panicle
panocha {f} [Colombia, Costa Rica, Chile] :: pancake made of cornmeal and cheese
panocha {f} [Mexico] :: coarse brown sugar
panocha {f} [vulgar, Cuba, Central America, Colombia, Mexico, Venezuela] :: pussy (vagina)
panocho {m} :: The dialect of Spanish spoken in Murcia
paño de cocina {m} :: dishcloth
paño de lágrimas {m} [idiomatic] :: shoulder to cry on
panoja {f} :: alternative form of panocha
pañol {m} [nautical] :: store, storeroom, locker
pañolada {f} :: The act of waving a white handkerchief at an event, especially a football game or a bullfight, as a form of protest
pañoleta {f} :: neckerchief
panoli {mf} [colloquial, Spain] :: dimwit, sucker
pañolillo {m} :: diminutive of pañol
pañolito {m} :: diminutive of pañol
pañolón {m} :: shawl
panoplia {f} :: panoply
panóptico {m} :: panopticon (hypothetical prison wherein all the cells are visible from the centre of the building)
panorama {m} :: panorama
panorama {m} :: outlook
panorámico {adj} :: panoramic
Paños {prop} :: surname
pañoso {adj} :: ragged
pan para hoy, hambre para mañana {proverb} :: There is a short-term benefit, but in the long run it isn't beneficial; short-term gain, long-term pain
panqué {m} [Mexico, US] :: pound cake
panqueca {f} :: pancake
panqueque {m} [Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Peru, Uruguay] :: crepe, pancake
panquequería {f} [South America] :: pancake house, pancake restaurant
panquita {f} :: diminutive of panca
pan rebanado {m} :: sliced bread
panregional {adj} :: pan-regional
pansexual {adj} :: pansexual
pansexualidad {f} :: pansexuality
pantagruélico {adj} :: lavish, excessive, pantagruelian
pantalán {m} :: finger pontoon
Pantaleón {prop} :: given name
Pantaleón {prop} :: surname deriving from the given name
pantaleta {f} [Mexico, also used in the plural] :: slip, underpants
pantaletas {fp} :: underpants, slip
pantaletas {fp} :: plural of pantaleta
pantalla {f} :: screen
pantalla {f} [computing] :: display screen
pantalla {f} :: lampshade
pantalla {f} [Puerto Rico] :: earring
pantallazo {m} [computing] :: screenshot
pantallita {f} :: diminutive of pantalla
pantalón {m} :: trousers, pants
pantaloncillo {m} :: shorts
pantaloncillo {m} :: underpants
pantaloncillos {mp} :: shorts
pantaloncito {m} :: diminutive of pantalón
pantalones vaqueros {mp} :: jeans
pantaloneta {f} :: Shorts used for sports
pantanal {m} :: swamp, marshland, wetland
pantano {m} :: swamp
pantano {m} :: moor
pantanoso {adj} :: swampy, marshy
pantanoso {adj} :: tricky, tough
panteísmo {m} :: pantheism
panteísta {mf} :: pantheist
pantenol {m} [organic compound] :: panthenol
panteón {m} :: pantheon
panteón {m} :: mausoleum
panteón {m} [Latin America] :: graveyard
Panteón {prop} {m} :: Pantheon
panteonero {m} [Latin America, Andalusia] :: gravedigger
panteonero {m} [Nicaragua, Peru] :: sexton
pantera {f} :: panther
pantera negra {f} :: black panther
panti {f} :: pantyhose [North America], tights [UK]
pantilla {f} :: sideburn
pantimedia {f} [Latin America] :: pantyhose [North America], tights [UK]
pantocrátor {m} :: Pantocrator
pantócrator {m} :: Pantocrator
pantógrafo {m} :: pantograph
Pantoja {prop} :: surname
pantomima {f} :: pantomime
pantoque {m} [nautical] :: bilge
pantorra {f} [colloquial] :: calf (muscle)
pantorrilla {f} :: calf (part of the leg)
pan tostado {m} :: toast
pantoténico {adj} :: pantothenic
pants {mp} :: pants
pantufla {f} :: slipper, pantofle, babouche
pantuflo {m} :: alternative form of pantufla
pan tumaca {m} :: Pa amb tomàquet, a Catalonian dish consisting of a slice of bread soaked in tomato, seasoned with olive oil and salt
pantumaca {m} :: alternative form of pan tumaca
panty {m} :: pantyhose
panucho {m} :: panucho
Pánuco {prop} {m} :: a river in North-Eastern Mexico, which flows out in the Gulf of Mexico, by Tampico
pañuelito {m} :: diminutive of pañuelo
pañuelo {m} :: handkerchief
Panyab {prop} {m} :: Punjab
panyabí {m} :: Punjabi (language)
panza {f} :: paunch
panza {f} :: stomach
panza {f} :: belly
panzazo {m} :: hit, strike or shove (made using the belly)
panzazo {m} :: hit, strike (received in the belly)
panzer {m} :: panzer
panzón {adj} [colloquial] :: with a big belly
panzudo {adj} :: paunchy (having a large belly)
papa {m} :: pope
papa {f} [Latin America, Canary Islands] :: potato
papa {f} [childish, familiar] :: very bland soup, or more broadly, food in general
papa {f} [figuratively] :: nonsense, trifle, rubbish
Papa {prop} {m} :: the Pope (head of both the Catholic and Coptic Churches)
papá {m} [colloquial, familiar] :: dad
papá {m} [colloquial, familiar, in the plural] :: parents
papa a la huancaína {f} :: A Peruvian dish consisting of boiled potatoes in a creamy sauce
papable {m} :: A papabile
papable {adj} :: papabile
papacito {m} :: diminutive of papá; daddy
papada {f} :: double chin
papada {f} :: dewlap, wattle
papado {m} :: papacy
papadum {m} :: papadum
papafigo {m} :: ortolan
papa frita {f} [Latin America] :: french fry, French fry
papagayo {m} :: parrot (Psittaciformes)
papagayo {m} :: parrotfish, in Scardidae
papagayo {m} :: peacock fish (Labrus mixtus, syn. Labrus variegatus)
papagayo {m} :: Any wrasse, (Labridae)
papagayo {m} :: roosterfish (Nematistius pectoralis)
papagayo {m} :: Joseph's coat (Amaranthus tricolor)
papagayo {m} :: elephant ear (Caladium)
papahuevos {m} :: A large effigy representing a person, often a famous person, at certain Spanish and Latin American festivities
papaína {f} [enzyme] :: papain
papaíto {m} :: diminutive of papá; daddy
papaja {m} :: papakha
papal {adj} :: papal
papalisa {f} [Bolivia, Peru] :: ulloco (Ullucus)
papaliza {f} :: alternate spelling of papalisa
papaloquelite {m} [Mexico] :: Any of several culinary herbs in the genus Porophyllum, notable for a very strong, distinctive flavor reminiscent of cilantro
papalota {f} [El Salvador] :: kite (kite)
papalote {m} [Cuba, Honduras, Mexico] :: kite (toy)
papamoscas {m} :: flycatcher
papamóvil {m} [colloquial] :: Popemobile
papanatas {m} :: gullible person
papanatismo {m} :: Excessive admiration
papanicolao {m} [medicine] :: Pap smear
papanicolaou {m} :: Pap test
Papá Noel {prop} {m} :: Father Christmas, Santa Claus
papar {v} :: to slurp, gulp
papar {v} [colloquial] :: to munch, chow down
paparazi {m} :: alternative spelling of paparazzi
paparazzi {m} :: paparazzo
paparrucha {f} :: nonsense, trifle, tosh
paparrucha {f} :: hoax
papaturro {m} :: Coccoloba caracasana papaturro
papaya {f} :: papaya (fruit)
papaya {f} [Cuba, slang] :: vagina
papaya {f} [slang] :: easy
papayo {m} :: papaya tree, pawpaw tree
papazote {m} :: augmentative of papá, big daddy
papel {m} :: paper
papel {m} :: role
papel aluminio {m} :: aluminium foil
papel carbón {m} :: carbon paper
papel de aluminio {m} :: aluminum foil, tinfoil
papel de calco {m} :: tracing paper
papel de lija {m} :: sandpaper
papel de plata {m} :: aluminium foil
papel de tornasol {m} :: litmus paper
papeleo {m} :: paperwork
papelera {f} :: garbage can, litter bin, wastebin
papelería {f} :: stationery shop / store
papelería {f} [uncountable] :: stationery
papelero {adj} [attributive] :: paper
papelero {m} :: paper maker
papelero {m} :: stationer
papelero {m} [vulgar, Dominican Republic, slang] :: liar, two-faced person, role player
papeleta {f} :: sheet of paper
papeleta {f} :: ballot (paper used for vote-casting)
papeleta {f} :: certificate
papeleta {f} :: bill
papel gráfico {m} :: graph paper
papel higiénico {m} :: toilet paper
papelillo {m} :: diminutive of papel
papelina {f} :: diminutive of papel
papelito {m} :: piece of paper, especially a small piece
papel maché {m} :: papier-mâché (paper mixed with glue used to create sculptures)
papel moneda {m} :: paper money
papelógrafo {m} :: flip chart
papelón {m} :: spectacle, scene, an embarrassing display
papelón {m} :: unrefined whole cane sugar
papelón {m} :: wastepaper, pasteboard
papelote {m} :: synonym of papelucho
papel pintado {m} :: wallpaper
papel tapiz {m} :: wallpaper
papelucho {m} :: pejorative of papel
papeo {m} [colloquial] :: grub
paperas {fp} [colloquial] :: mumps
papi {m} [colloquial] :: daddy
papiamento {m} :: Papiamento
papi chulo {m} :: a casanova, a cutie pie, a teddy bear, a machoman
papila {f} [anatomy] :: papilla
papilar {adj} :: papillary
papilla {f} :: baby food
papillote {f} :: papillote
papiloma {f} :: papilloma
papiloso {adj} :: papilliferous
papiráceo {adj} :: papyraceous
papiro {m} :: papyrus (a plant in the sedge family)
papiro {m} :: papyrus (a material similar to paper)
papiro {m} :: papyrus (a scroll or document written on papyrus)
papiroflexia {f} [chiefly uncountable] :: origami (the Japanese art of paper folding)
papiróloga {f} :: feminine of papirólogo
papirología {f} :: papyrology
papirólogo {m} :: papyrologist
papirotazo {m} :: flick
papisa {f} :: papess
papista {mf} :: papist
papista {mf} :: a person who obeys the pope in all things
papita {f} :: diminutive of papa
papito {m} :: diminutive of papá; daddy
páprika {f} :: paprika
papú {adj} :: Papua New Guinean
papú {mf} :: Papua New Guinean
Papúa Nueva Guinea {prop} {f} :: Papua New Guinea
pápula {f} :: papule
paquebote {m} :: packet-boat
paquetazo {m} :: augmentative of paquete
paquete {m} :: parcel
paquete {m} :: package
paquete {m} [colloquial, Spain] :: chump, blockhead, butterfingers (an incompetent person)
paquete {m} [colloquial, Spain] :: lunchbox (male genitals enclosed in clothing)
paquete {m} [colloquial] :: scrotum, package
paquetería {f} :: haberdashery (shop selling clothes for men)
paquetería {f} :: package, shipment
paquetico {m} :: diminutive of paquete
paquetito {m} :: diminutive of paquete; small packet
Paqui {prop} :: given name
paquicefalosaurio {m} :: pachycephalosaur
paquidérmico {adj} :: pachydermatous
paquidermo {adj} :: pachydermatous
paquidermo {m} :: pachyderm
paquimetría {f} :: pachymetry
paquiptilo {m} [archaic] :: synonym of pato-petrel (prion, bird of the genus Pachyptila)
paquistaní {adj} :: Pakistani
paquistaní {mf} :: Pakistani
Paquita {prop} {f} :: A diminutive of the female given name Francisca
Paquito {prop} {m} :: A diminutive and flattering form of Paco, or (via it) of the male given name Francisco
par {adj} :: even
par {m} :: pair
par {m} [physics] :: two equal non-collinear forces; that is a force couple in Newtonian mechanics
para {prep} :: for (for the purpose of)
para {prep} :: to
para abajo {m} :: A dance movement in salsa. It involves forward basic movement (boy with left) while turning the girl to the right. Then (boy with right) stepping right while pulling the girl close and turning her to the left. Meanwhile the girl keeps on taking sliding steps backwards
para abajo {adv} :: down
para abajo {adv} :: downward
para arriba y para abajo {adv} [idiomatic] :: all over the place
parabeno {m} :: paraben
parabenzoquinona {f} [organic compound] :: parabenzoquinone
parabidisminuido {adj} [geometry] :: parabidiminished
parabién {m} [usually in plural] :: congratulations
parabiosis {f} :: parabiosis
parábola {f} [mathematics] :: parabola
parábola {f} :: parable
parabólico {adj} :: parabolic
parabolizar {v} :: to parabolize
paraboloide {m} :: paraboloid
parabrisas {m} :: windscreen, windshield
paracaídas {m} :: parachute
paracaidismo {m} :: sky diving
paracaidismo {m} :: [colloqual] squatting
paracaidista {mf} :: parachutist
paracaidista {mf} [colloquial] :: gatecrasher
Paracelso {prop} {m} :: Paracelsus
paracentral {adj} :: paracentral
paracetamol {m} :: paracetamol
parachoques {m} :: bumper
parachoques {m} :: fender
parachoques {m} [slang] :: breasts, knockers, bumpers
para colmo {adv} :: moreover, besides, to boot, on top of that
para con {conj} [formal] :: relating to
paracorto {m} [baseball] :: shortstop
paracrino {adj} :: paracrine
parada {f} :: stop
parada {f} :: feminine noun of parado
parada en boxes {f} [motor racing] :: pit stop
para dar y tomar {adv} [idiomatic] :: all over the place
paradero {m} :: whereabouts
paradero {m} [Latin America] :: stop (bus, train, etc.)
paradigma {m} :: paradigm
paradigmático {adj} :: paradigmatic
paradisiaco {adj} :: heavenly, paradisiac
paradisíaco {adj} :: heavenly, paradisiac
paradita {f} :: diminutive of parada
parado {adj} :: stopped, halted, immobile, idle
parado {adj} :: standing
parado {adj} :: unemployed; on the dole
parado {adj} :: confused, bewildered
parado {adj} :: in a (good or bad) state
parado {adj} [slang, Mexico] :: erect [a penis, when using masculine nouns, preceded by the verb tener or traer]
parado {m} :: unemployed person
paradoja {f} :: paradox
paradoja francesa {prop} {f} :: French paradox
paradojal {adj} :: paradoxical
paradójicamente {adv} :: paradoxically
paradójico {adj} :: paradoxical
paradón {m} [sports] :: a great save or stop
parador {m} :: hostel
parador {m} [Spain] :: a kind of official luxury hotel
parador en corto {m} [baseball] :: shortstop
para el arrastre {adj} [idiom] :: knackered, worn out
para el arrastre {adj} [idiom] :: for the knacker's yard
paraestatal {adj} :: semipublic
paraestatal {f} :: A semipublic or semigovernmental organization
parafernalia {f} :: paraphernalia
parafilético {adj} :: paraphyletic
parafilia {f} :: paraphilia
parafina {f} :: paraffin
parafrasear {v} :: to paraphrase
paráfrasis {f} :: paraphrase
paragoge {f} :: paragoge
paragógico {adj} :: paragogic
paragolpes {m} :: bumper
paragón {m} :: obsolete spelling of parangón
parágrafo {m} :: alternative form of párrafo
paragua {m} [rare, non-standard] :: alternative spelling of paraguas
paraguariense {adj} :: Paraguayan (from or native to Paraguay)
paraguariense {adj} :: Paraguayan (pertaining to Paraguay)
paraguas {m} :: umbrella
paraguay {m} :: The Paraguayan parrot
Paraguay {prop} {f} :: Paraguay
Paraguay {prop} {f} :: Paraguay River
paraguayo {adj} :: Paraguayan (from or native to Paraguay)
paraguayo {adj} :: Paraguayan (pertaining to Paraguay)
paraguayo {mf} :: Paraguayan
paraguazo {m} :: a hit with an umbrella
paragüero {m} :: umbrella stand
paragüita {mf} :: diminutive of paraguas
paragüita {mf} :: a small umbrella or cocktail umbrella
para gustos colores {phrase} :: there's no accounting for taste, different strokes for different folks
para gustos hay colores {phrase} :: alternative form of para gustos colores
parahúso {m} :: a kind of screw
paraíso {m} :: paradise
paraíso {m} :: heaven
paraíso fiscal {m} :: tax haven (country or territory where certain taxes are very low)
paraje {m} :: place
paraje {m} :: stopover, layover
paraje {m} :: campground
paralaje {mf} :: parallax
paraldehído {m} [organic chemistry] :: paraldehyde
paralectotipo {m} :: paralectotype
paralegal {m} :: paralegal
paralela {f} :: parallel
paralelamente {adv} :: parallel, in a parallel way
paralelepípedo {m} [geometry] :: parallelepiped
paralelismo {m} :: parallelism
paralelización {f} :: parallelization
paralelizar {v} :: to parallelize
paralelo {adj} :: parallel
paralelogramo {m} [geometry] :: parallelogram
paralenguaje {m} [linguistics] :: paralanguage
paralímpico {adj} :: Paralympian
paralímpico {m} :: Paralympian
paralingüística {f} :: paralinguistics
paralipsis {f} [rhetoric] :: paraleipsis
parálisis {f} :: paralysis
parálisis cerebral {f} :: cerebral palsy
paralítico {adj} :: paralysed
paralítico {adj} :: paralytic
paralización {f} :: paralysation
paralizador {adj} :: paralyzing
paralizante {adj} :: paralyzing
paralizar {v} :: to paralyze
paramanteles {m} :: tablemat
Paramaribo {prop} :: Paramaribo
para más datos {v} [idiomatic] :: as a matter of fact; to be precise
para más inri {adv} [idiomatic] :: to make matters worse, on top of that
paramecio {m} :: paramecium
paramédica {f} :: feminine noun of paramédico
paramédico {m} :: paramedic
paramento {m} :: wall; facing
paramera {f} :: Area of moorland
parametrar {v} :: to parametrize
paramétrico {adj} :: parametric
parametrizable {adj} :: parametrizable
parametrización {f} :: parametrization
parametrizar {v} :: to parametrize
parámetro {m} :: parameter
paramilitar {adj} :: paramilitary
paramilitarismo {m} :: paramilitarism
páramo {m} :: wasteland, badlands
paramotor {m} :: paramotor
para muestra basta un botón {adv} [idiomatic] :: for example; for instance
para muestra un botón {adv} :: alternative form of para muestra basta un botón
Paraná {prop} {m} :: Paraná
Paraná {prop} {m} :: Paraná (river)
Paraná {prop} {m} :: Paraná (state)
Paraná {prop} {m} :: Paraná (city/provincial capital)
Paraná {prop} {m} :: Paraná (municipality)
para nada {adv} :: not at all, absolutely not
paranaense {adj} :: of or from Paraná
paranaense {mf} :: someone from Paraná
paranasal {adj} :: paranasal
parancera {f} :: feminine noun of parancero
parancero {m} :: birdcatcher
Parangaricutirimícuaro {prop} :: tongue twister similar to supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
parangón {m} :: comparison
parangonable {adj} :: comparable
parangonar {v} :: to compare
paraninfo {m} :: assembly hall
paraninfo {m} :: paranymph
paranoia {f} :: paranoia
paranoico {adj} :: paranoid
paranoico {m} :: paranoid person
paranoide {adj} :: paranoid
paranormal {adj} :: paranormal
parante {m} :: post (of wood, metal, etc.)
paranza {f} :: a hideout where the hunter waits for game to come by
paraolfatorio {adj} [anatomy] :: parolfactory
parapanamericano {adj} :: of or pertaining to the Parapan American Games
para parar un tren {phrase} [colloquial, idiomatic] :: in great quantity, coming out of one's ears
parapátrico {adj} [biology] :: parapatric
parapente {m} :: paragliding
parapentista {mf} :: paraglider
parapetar {v} :: to shield, hide, protect
parapeto {m} :: parapet, breastwork
parapetrolero {adj} :: para-petroleum
paraplejia {f} :: paraplegia
paraplejía {f} :: paraplegia
parapléjico {adj} :: paraplegic
parapléjico {m} :: paraplegic
parapolicial {adj} :: Within the police force but above the law
parapolítica {f} :: parapolitics
parapsicóloga {f} :: feminine noun of parapsicólogo
parapsicología {f} :: parapsychology
parapsicológico {adj} :: parapsychological
parapsicólogo {m} :: parapsychologist
para que {conj} :: so that (followed by the subjunctive)
parar {v} :: to stop, halt
parar {v} :: to put up, stand up
parar {v} :: to lift, raise
parar {vr} :: see pararse
parar {vp} [Chile] :: see pararlas
parar {v} :: (informal second-person singular (voseo) affirmative imperative only) to wait
parar el carro {v} [idiomatic] :: to rein in, to pull up, to put an end to something (stop somebody doing something by reprimanding)
pararlas {v} [Chile, colloquial] :: to make sense of the situation or of what has been said
parar los pies {v} [idiomatic] :: to stop (someone) in their tracks
pararrayo {m} :: alternative spelling of pararrayos
pararrayos {m} :: lightning rod (metallic conductor that protects from lightning)
pararse {v} :: reflexive of parar to stand up
pararse {v} :: reflexive of parar to situate oneself (standing)
parasailing {m} :: parasailing
para siempre {adv} :: forever
parasimpático {adj} :: parasympathetic
parasíntesis {f} [linguistics] :: parasynthesis (the formation of words by a simultaneous combination of compounding and adding an affix, as in tierraplanista, mileurista)
parasíntesis {f} [linguistics] :: parasynthesis (the formation of words in which the prefixing and the suffixing are involved simultaneously, as in amueblar)
parasintético {adj} [linguistics] :: parasynthetic
parasismo {m} :: alternative spelling of paroxismo
parasitación {f} :: parasitation
parasitar {v} :: to parasitize
parasitario {adj} :: parasitic
parasítico {adj} :: parasitic
parasitismo {m} :: parasitism
parásito {adj} :: parasitic
parásito {m} :: parasite
parasitoide {m} :: parasitoid
parasitología {f} :: parasitology
parasitosis {f} :: parasitosis
parasol {m} :: umbrella (used to protect against the sun)
parasol {m} :: sunshade
parasol {m} [automotive] :: sun visor
parasol {m} :: parasol
parasomnia {f} :: parasomnia
para sus adentros {adv} [idiom] :: inside, to oneself
parataxón {m} [taxonomy] :: parataxon
parate {m} :: halt; hiatus
paraterminal {adj} [anatomy] :: paraterminal
parathormona {f} [hormone] :: parathormone, parathyroid hormone
paratifoideo {adj} :: paratyphoid
paratión {m} :: parathion
paratipo {m} :: paratype
paratiroide {adj} :: parathyroid
paratiroide {f} :: parathyroid gland
paratiroideo {adj} :: parathyroid
paratránsito {m} [US] :: paratransit
paratransporte {m} :: paratransit
paraujano {m} :: Paraujano (language)
paraujano {m} :: Paraujano (person)
paraumbilical {adj} :: paraumbilical
parazonio {m} :: parazonium
parbolizado {adj} :: parboiled
parca {f} [poetic] :: personification of death
parca {f} :: One of the Fates
Parca {prop} {f} :: Grim Reaper
parcelación {f} :: parcelling of land
parcelamiento {m} :: neighbourhood
parcelar {v} :: to parcel
parcelario {adj} :: divided into plots
parcelita {f} :: diminutive of parcela
parchar {v} :: to patch
parche {m} :: patch (for clothing or software)
parche {m} :: eyepatch
parche {m} :: patch (e.g. nicotine patch)
parche {m} :: quick fix
parche {m} :: drumhead
parchear {vt} :: to patch; patch up
parchear {vt} :: to touch up; grope; feel up
parche curita {m} :: band-aid; plaster
parchís {m} :: Ludo, a board game
parchita {f} :: diminutive of parche
parcial {adj} :: partial (part of a whole)
parcial {adj} :: partial, biased (not impartial)
parcial {adj} :: mid-term
parcial {m} :: a tennis set
parcialidad {f} :: partiality
parcializar {v} :: to be biased
parcialmente {adv} :: partially
parco {adj} :: frugal
pardeamiento {m} :: browning
pardela {f} :: shearwater (Calonectris diomedea, a seabird of the Atlantic and Mediterranean)
pardiez {interj} [euphemistic, dated, Spain] :: for God's sake, by God
pardiez {m} :: swear word; curse word
pardilla {f} :: feminine noun of pardillo
pardillo {m} [colloquial] :: sucker, gullible person
pardo {adj} :: brown
pardo {adj} :: [of weather] dull, overcast
pardo {adj} :: [of a voice] gruff, hoarse
pardo {m} [poetic, literary] :: leopard
pardusco {adj} :: brownish, dun
parduzco {adj} :: alternative form of pardusco
paré {adj} [Louisiana] :: similar
pareada {f} :: A semi-detached house
parear {v} :: to pair; to form a pair
parece mentira {phrase} :: It's hard to believe
parecer {v} [impersonal] :: to seem
parecer {v} :: to believe [pronominal use]
parecer {v} :: to think [pronominal use]
parecer {v} :: to strike (seem, appear, make an impression)
parecer {m} :: appearance
parecer {m} :: opinion
parecerse {v} :: to look alike, to resemble one another
parecerse {v} :: to be like, to resemble
parecidísimo {adj} :: superlative of parecido
parecido {adj} :: similar
parecido {m} :: resemblance
pared {f} :: wall, especially of a house or room
pared celular {m} [biology] :: cell wall
Paredes {prop} :: surname
paredón {m} :: thick, stone wall
paredón {m} :: wall against which people are shot by firing squad
pareja {f} :: couple
pareja {f} :: partner (spouse)
Pareja {prop} :: surname
parejamente {adv} :: equally
parejita {f} :: diminutive of pareja
parejo {adj} :: level
parejo {adj} :: uniform
parejo {adj} :: even
paremia {f} :: proverb, saying; paroemia
paremiología {f} :: paremiology
parénesis {f} :: parenesis
parénquima {m} :: parenchyma
parenquimático {adj} :: parenchymatous
parénquimpia {m} :: parenchyma
parental {adj} :: parental
parentela {f} :: kinfolk, relatives, relations
parenteral {adj} :: parenteral
parentesco {m} :: kinship
paréntesis {m} :: parenthesis
paréntesis angular {m} :: angle bracket
parentético {adj} :: parenthetical
parenting {m} :: parenting
parentosoma {m} [cytology] :: parenthesome
pareo {m} :: pareo
paresia {f} :: paresis
parestesia {f} :: paresthesia
pargo {m} :: porgy
paria {mf} :: pariah, outcast
paria {mf} :: untouchable
parida {f} :: silly thing
parida {f} :: stupid remark
parida {f} :: nonsense
paridad {f} :: parity
paridera {f} :: birth, giving birth (of cattle)
paridera {f} :: place where cattle give birth
paridera {f} :: season of the year in which cattle give birth
parienta {f} :: female relative (member of one's family)
pariente {mf} :: relative, relation (member of one's family)
parietal {adj} [anatomy] :: parietal
parietal {m} :: parietal bone
parieto- {prefix} [anatomy] :: parieto-
parietooccipital {adj} [anatomy] :: parietooccipital
pariguayo {m} [Dominican Republic, slang] :: 'nerd', party-watcher
parihuela {f} :: stretcher
paripé {m} [colloquial] :: white lie
parir {v} [vulgar in some areas] :: to give birth
parir {v} :: to think up; imagine up
parir {v} :: to explain
parir a medias {v} [idiomatic] :: to go Dutch; go fifty-fifty; go halves
Paris {prop} {m} [Greek mythology] :: Paris, the Trojan prince
París {prop} :: París (capital city)
París {prop} :: The letter P in the Spanish phonetic alphabet
parisienne {f} [printing, dated] :: A small size of type, standardized as 5 point
parisiense {adj} :: Parisian
parisiense {mf} :: Parisian
parisino {adj} :: Parisian
parisino {m} :: Parisian
parista {mf} :: Someone on the dole
paritario {adj} :: equal, fair
pariteña {f} :: feminine noun of pariteño
pariteño {adj} :: Of or from Parita Province
pariteño {m} :: Someone from Parita Province
paritorio {m} :: delivery room
parka {m} :: parka
parking {m} :: car park [North America], parking lot [North America] (an area where cars may be parked)
parking {m} :: parking garage
párking {m} :: parking lot; car park
párkinson {m} :: Parkinson's
parkour {m} :: parkour
Parla {prop} :: Parla (city)
Parlament {prop} {m} :: parliament of Catalonia
parlamentar {v} :: to parley
parlamentaria {f} :: feminine of parlamentario
parlamentariamente {adv} :: parliamentarily
parlamentario {adj} :: parliamentary
parlamentario {m} :: parliamentarian (member of a parliament)
parlamentarismo {m} :: A parliamentary government
parlamentarista {mf} :: parliamentarian
parlamento {m} :: parliament
parlamento {m} :: reasoning, wording
Parlamento Europeo {prop} {m} :: European Parliament
parlanchín {adj} :: talkative; loquatious
parlante {m} [Latin America] :: loudspeaker
parlante {adj} :: speaker
parlar {v} :: to speak
parlar {v} :: to chatter
parlasuriano {adj} :: Of or relating to the Parlamento del Mercosur
parlasuriano {m} :: A member of the Parlamento del Mercosur
parlasurianoa {f} :: feminine noun of parlasuriano
parleño {adj} :: from Parla
parleño {m} :: Someone from Parla
parlero {adj} :: chatty; talkative
parlero {adj} :: jokey
parlero {adj} :: talking
parlero {adj} :: expressive
parlotear {v} :: to gab, waffle, prattle
par más inri {adv} [colloquial] :: on top of that; to make matters worse
Parménides {prop} {m} :: Parmenides
parmesano {adj} :: Parmesan
parmesano {m} :: parmesan (cheese)
parné {m} [colloquial] :: dough, cash (money)
paro {m} :: stagnation, freeze up
paro {m} :: unemployment
paro {m} :: strike (work stoppage)
paro {m} :: cardiac arrest, short form of paro cardíaco
paro {m} [Mexico] :: pretext
paro {m} [Mexico] :: a favour, help, cover-up, (preceded by hacerle un, hacerme un, to indicate "to do someone a favour", "to help someone", "to protect someone by lying")
parodia {f} :: parody
parodiar {v} :: to parody
paródico {adj} :: parodic
parodista {m} :: parodist
parola {f} [slang] :: hard-on, erection (erect penis)
parole {m} :: parole
parón {m} :: break, stop
parónimo {m} :: paronym (word with same root as other word)
parotiditis {f} :: mumps, parotitis
paroxetina {f} :: paroxetine
paroxismo {m} :: paroxysm
paroxístico {adj} :: paroxysmal
parpadeante {adj} :: flickering
parpadear {v} :: to blink (light or eyes)
parpadear {v} :: to bat one's eyelids, to flutter the eyelids
parpadeo {m} :: A flicker
parpadeo {m} :: wink
párpado {m} [anatomy] :: eyelid
parpar {v} :: to quack
parque {m} :: park
parque {m} :: parking lot
parqué {m} :: parquet
parqué {m} :: stock exchange
parqueadero {m} [Latin America] :: parking lot
parquear {vt} [Latin America] :: to park (to bring a vehicle to a halt in a specified place)
parque biosaludable {m} :: outdoor gym
parquecito {m} :: diminutive of parque
parquedad {f} :: thrift
parque de atracciones {m} :: amusement park
parque de bomberos {m} :: fire station
parque de diversiones {m} :: amusement park
parque nacional {m} :: national park
parqueo {m} [Latin America, regional] :: car park (an area where cars may be parked)
parquet {m} :: parquet
parque temático {m} :: theme park
parquímetro {m} :: parking meter
parquización {f} :: turning into a park
parquizar {vt} :: to make into a park
parra {f} :: grapevine (the plant on which grapes grow)
Parra {prop} :: surname
parrafada {f} :: sermon; long boring talk
parrafada {f} :: chat; heart to heart
parrafillo {m} :: diminutive of párrafo
parrafito {m} :: diminutive of párrafo
párrafo {m} :: paragraph
parral {m} :: vine arbour
parranda {f} :: (loud) party, shindig, jamboree, blast
parrandear {v} :: to party
parrandera {f} :: feminine noun of parrandero
parrandero {m} [Latin America] :: party animal
Parreño {prop} {mf} :: surname
parricida {adj} :: parricidal
parricida {mf} :: parricide (person)
parricidio {m} :: parricide (act)
parrilla {f} :: grill
parrilla {f} :: small grapevine (from "parra", grapevine)
parrilla {f} [Latin America] :: luggage rack
parrillada {f} :: barbecue (meal or event)
parrilla de salida {f} [sports] :: starting grid
parrilla de vuelos {f} [aviation] :: arrivals board or departures board
parrilla de vuelos {f} [aviation] :: List of destinations served by an airport
parrillera {f} :: grill (for cooking)
parrillero {m} :: broiler (chicken)
párroca {f} :: feminine noun of párroco
párroco {m} :: priest
parroquia {f} :: parish
parroquial {adj} :: parochial (pertaining to a parish)
parroquialización {f} :: The division of land into parishes
parroquiana {f} :: feminine noun of parroquiano
parroquiano {m} :: parishioner
parroquiano {m} :: patron (regular customer)
parsec {m} :: parsec
pársec {m} :: parsec (parallax second)
parsimonia {f} :: calmness
parsimoniosamente {adv} :: thriftily
parsimonioso {adj} :: unhurried, calm
parta {f} :: feminine noun of parto
parte {f} :: part, section, portion
parte {f} :: place, somewhere
parte {f} :: side
parte {m} :: message, report, dispatch
parte {m} :: traffic ticket, sticker
parteaguas {m} [geology, hydrology] :: watershed
parteaguas {m} [by extension, figuratively] :: watershed, turning point
partear {vt} :: to midwife
partecilla {f} :: diminutive of parte
partecita {f} :: diminutive of parte
parteluz {m} :: mullion
parte médico {m} :: medical report
partenaire {mf} :: partner
partenariado {m} :: partnership
partenogénesis {f} [biology] :: parthenogenesis
Partenón {prop} {m} :: The Parthenon
partera {f} :: midwife
partería {f} :: midwifery
parterre {m} :: Flowerbed
Partia {prop} {f} [history, geography] :: Parthia
partición {f} :: partition; effect of dividing or partitioning
particionado {m} :: partitioning
particional {adj} :: partitional
particionamiento {m} :: partitioning
particionar {vt} :: to partition
participación {f} :: participation
participante {adj} :: participating
participante {mf} :: participant, participator
participar {v} :: to take part, to participate
participativo {adj} :: participative
partícipe {adj} :: participating
partícipe {mf} :: participant
participio {m} [grammar] :: participle
participio pasado {m} :: past participle
participio presente {m} [grammar] :: present participle
partícula {f} :: particle
partícula alfa {f} :: alpha particle
partícula beta {f} :: beta particle
particulado {adj} :: particulate
partícula elemental {f} :: elementary particle
partícula gamma {f} :: gamma particle
particular {adj} :: specific, particular
particular {adj} :: personal
particular {adj} :: private
particularidad {f} :: particularity
particularísimo {adj} :: superlative of particular
particularismo {m} :: particularism
particularista {adj} :: particularistic
particularista {mf} :: particularist
particularización {f} :: particularization
particularizar {v} :: to personalize
particularizar {v} :: to single out
particularizar {v} :: to explain in detail
particularizar {v} :: to whittle down
particularizar {vr} :: to stand out
particularmente {adv} :: particularly
partícula subatómica {f} [physics] :: subatomic particle
partida {f} :: departure
partida {f} :: match, lot
partida {f} :: game (of cards etc.)
partida {f} :: passing (death)
partida {f} :: certificate
partidaria {f} :: supporter, partisan
partidario {adj} :: in favor of
partidario {m} :: supporter, partisan
partidazo {m} :: Great game
partidillo {m} :: diminutive of partido
partidismo {m} :: partisanship
partidista {adj} :: partisan
partidista {m} :: partisan
partidita {f} :: diminutive of partida
partido {adj} :: broken
partido {adj} [heraldry] :: divided into two equal parts vertically, per pale
partido {m} [politics] :: party
partido {m} [sports] :: game, match [chiefly for soccer]
partido {m} [hair] :: hair parting or part
partido {m} :: advantage, benefit
partidocracia {f} :: party rule
partidor {m} [genetics] :: primer
partidora {f} :: feminine of partidor
partío {adj} :: eye dialect of partido
partir {v} :: to divide, split
partir {v} :: to go away, leave, depart
partir {vr} [partirse] :: to crack up, have a laugh
partir {vr} [colloquial, partirse] :: to fall in love
partirse {v} :: reflexive of partir
partirse los codos {v} [idiomatic] :: to slog one's guts out; to work one's ass off
partisana {f} :: feminine noun of partisano
partisano {m} :: partisan (a guerrilla fighter)
partitocracia {f} :: partitocracy
partitura {f} [music] :: score
parto {m} :: childbirth
parto {m} :: offspring
parto {adj} :: Parthian
parto {m} :: Parthian
parturienta {f} :: parturient, woman in labor
party {m} :: party
parusía {f} :: parousia
parva {f} :: unthreshed grain
parva {f} :: pile, heap
parvada {f} [Central America] :: flock (of birds)
parvedad {f} :: small amount
parvo {adj} [formal] :: small, minute
párvula {f} :: feminine noun of párvulo
parvularia {f} :: feminine noun of parvulario
parvulario {m} :: nursery school, preschool
parvulario {m} :: kindergarten
parvulario {m} :: educator, teacher (in a nursery school or kindergarten)
parvulito {m} :: diminutive of párvulo
párvulo {m} :: toddler, preschooler
párvulo {adj} :: childlike
pasa {f} :: raisin
pasable {adj} :: passable, tolerable
pasablemente {adv} :: passably; tolerably
pasaboca {m} :: finger food
pasabolas {mf} [tennis] :: pusher
pasacalle {m} [music genre] :: passacaglia (historical Spanish dance)
pasada {f} :: transit, crossing
pasada {f} :: moment, time
pasada {f} :: superficial, quick work (for example haircut, paint, etc.)
pasada {f} :: wonder, marvel (something astonishing)
pasadera {f} :: bridge
pasadera {f} :: boardwalk
pasadía {m} :: field trip
pasadía {m} :: living; livelihood (enough money to get by from day to day)
pasadista {adj} :: old-fashioned; old-style
pasadizo {m} :: passage, corridor
pasadizo {m} :: shortcut
pasado {adj} :: past
pasado {adj} :: former
pasado {adj} :: last
pasado {m} :: past
pasado {m} [grammar] :: past
pasado de moda {adj} :: old-fashioned, dated
pasado mañana {adv} :: day after tomorrow (day after tomorrow)
pasado mañana {m} :: day after tomorrow (day after tomorrow)
pasador {m} :: bolt (of a crossbow, or of a door)
pasador {m} :: barrette; hairpin
pasador {m} :: pin for tie
pasador {m} :: pin (decorative)
pasador {m} :: sieve, colander
pasador {m} :: DVD player
pasador {m} [Latina America] :: rolling pin
pasador {m} :: cord; lace (for tying clothes)
pasador {m} :: converter (for example, VHS to DVD)
pasagero {m} :: archaic spelling of pasajero
pasaje {m} :: A ticket used for travel; a fare
pasaje {m} :: A narrow street
pasaje {m} :: A short reading of a book; an excerpt or passage
pasaje {m} [nautical] :: strait
pasaje digestivo {m} :: digestive tract
pasajera {f} :: feminine noun of pasajero
pasajeramente {adv} :: transiently
pasajero {adj} :: transient, passing
pasajero {m} :: passenger
pasamanería {f} :: passementerie
pasamano {m} :: handrail
pasamanos {m} :: alternative form of pasamano
pasamiento {m} :: passage (act of passing)
pasamiento {m} [euphemistic] :: death
pasamontaña {m} :: synonym of pasamontañas
pasamontañas {m} :: balaclava
pasanaku {m} [Bolivia] :: A form of economic agreement based on trust in which members of a group help each other out financially
pasante {m} :: intern, trainee
pasante {m} :: assistant
pasante {adj} [heraldry] :: passant
pasantía {f} :: internship
pasantía {f} :: practicum
pasapalo {m} [Venezuela] :: appetizer
pasapiezas {m} :: bughouse chess
pasaporte {m} :: passport
pasaportú {m} [Louisiana] :: saw
pasapurés {m} :: masher, potato masher
pasar {v} :: to pass
pasar {vi} :: to happen
pasar {vt} :: to pass (go past, by, over)
pasar {vt} :: to spend time
pasar {vi} :: to enter a room
pasar {vr} :: to go too far, exaggerate
pasar {vr} :: to exceed, surpass
pasar {vr} :: to ripen too much, become rotten, become off [food]
pasar {vt} :: to pass [filter]
pasar {vt} :: to break the law, rule, order
pasar {vt} :: to trespass (enter on someone's property without permission)
pasar {v} :: to puree (crush or grind food into a puree)
pasar {v} :: to omit, leave out
pasar a mayores {v} [idiom] :: to fully develop
pasar apuros {v} [idiom] :: to have a hard time
pasar de castaño oscuro {v} [idiomatic] :: to be beyond a joke; to go too far
pasarela {f} :: catwalk
pasarela {f} :: footbridge
pasarela {f} :: gangway
pasarela {f} :: pedestrian overpass
pasar factura {v} [idiomatic] :: to take its toll (on)
pasar la bola {v} [idiom] :: to pass the buck
pasarlas canutas {v} [idiom] :: have a bad time about it
pasarlas moradas {v} [idiom] :: have a bad time about it
pasarlas negras {v} [idiom] :: have a bad time about it
pasarlas putas {v} [idiom] :: have a bad time about it
pasar lista {v} [idiom] :: to call roll
pasarlo {v} [idiom] :: to enjoy (oneself in a certain way)
pasarlo bien {v} [idiomatic] :: To have a good time
pasarlo bomba {v} [idiomatic, colloquial] :: To have a whale of a time
pasarlo en grande {v} [idiomatic, colloquial] :: To have a whale of a time
pasarlo pipa {v} [idiomatic, colloquial] :: To have a whale of a time
pasarlo teta {v} [idiomatic, colloquial] :: To have a whale of a time
pasar página {v} [idiomatic] :: To turn the page, turn over a new leaf
pasar por alto {v} [idiom] :: to overlook; skip
pasar por la piedra {v} [idiomatic] :: to humiliate
pasar por la piedra {v} [idiomatic] :: to have one's wicked way (with)
pasar por las horcas caudinas {v} [idiomatic] :: to face the music, bite the bullet
pasar revista {v} [idiomatic] :: to do the rounds
pasar revista {v} [military, idiomatic] :: to inspect the troops
pasarse {v} :: reflexive of pasar
pasarse de la raya {v} [idiomatic] :: to cross the line
pasarse de rosca {v} [idiomatic] :: to go too far, overstep the mark
pasarse el arroz {v} [idiomatic] :: to be over the hill, to be past one's prime
pasárselas {v} [idiom] :: to kill time; pass time
pasarse la vida {v} [idiom] :: to be forever (doing something)
pasarse siete pueblos {v} [idiomatic] :: to go too far, go past the limit
pasarse tres pueblos {v} [idiomatic] :: to go too far, go past the limit
pasatiempo {m} :: pastime
pasbol {m} [baseball] :: passed ball
pascua {f} [Christianity] :: Easter
pascua {f} [Judaism] :: Passover
pascua {f} [Christianity] :: The period between the birth of Christ and the adoration of the Magi
Pascua {f} :: alternative letter-case form of pascua
pascual {adj} :: paschal
Pascual {prop} {m} :: given name
Pascuala {prop} {f} :: given name
pascualina {f} :: A type of vegetable pie, especially stuffed with spinach
pascuense {adj} :: Pascuense
pascuense {mf} :: Pascuense
pascuense {m} :: Pascuense (language)
pascuero {m} :: poinsettia (flower)
paseador {m} :: sitter, minder (one employed to look after something)
paseadora {f} :: feminine noun of paseador
paseante {adj} :: passing; going by
pasear {v} :: to walk, to take a walk
pasear {v} :: to promenade
pasearse {v} :: reflexive of pasear, to take a walk
paseíllo {m} [bullfighting] :: paseíllo
paseíto {m} :: diminutive of paseo
pase lo que pase {adv} :: come what may
paseo {m} :: walk, stroll
paseo {m} :: outing, excursion
paseo {m} :: promenade (place where one takes a walk for leisure)
paseo {m} [hyperbole] :: vacation, holiday
paseo {m} :: walk in the park, stroll in the park (something easy)
paseo {m} :: a summary execution committed as part of the White Terror during the Spanish Civil War
paseo de comida {f} :: food court
paseriforme {adj} :: passerine
pashmina {f} :: pashmina
pashtún {adj} :: Pashtun
pasible {adj} :: long-suffering
pasiega {f} :: feminine noun of pasiego
pasiego {adj} :: Of or related to Vega de Pas
pasiego {m} :: Someone from Vega de Pas
pasilla {f} :: pasilla (chili)
pasillismo {m} :: strutting, showing off
pasillo {m} :: corridor
pasión {f} :: passion
pasión {f} :: inertia, idleness (the opposite of action)
pasional {adj} :: passionate
pasionaria {f} :: passionflower (any of very many North American vines of the family Passifloraceae)
pasionista {adj} :: Passionist
pasionista {mf} :: Passionist
pasita {f} :: diminutive of pasa
pasito {m} :: diminutive of paso
pasito {m} :: nativity scene (in Costa Rica)
pasivación {f} :: passivation
pasivamente {adv} :: passively
pasividad {f} :: passivity
pasivo {adj} :: passive
pasivo {adj} [gay slang] :: bottom
pasivo {m} [accounting] :: any debt or material obligation of an enterprise or individual
paslama {f} :: green sea turtle
pasma {mf} [colloquial] :: cop, pig (Police officer)
pasma {f} [colloquial] :: fuzz, cops (police)
pasmado {adj} :: absent-minded
pasmado {adj} :: astounded, stunned
pasmado {adj} :: with bated breath
pasmado {adj} [heraldry] :: open-mouthed (fish)
pasmar {vt} :: to amaze, to surprise
pasmarote {mf} [colloquial] :: idiot, dimwit
pasmo {m} :: astonishment
pasmoso {adj} :: astounding
paso {adj} :: dry (said of fruit)
paso {m} :: A step or pace walking
paso {m} :: A step in a set of instructions
paso {m} :: A way
paso {m} :: The pitch of a helix or screw thread
paso {m} [geography] :: pass, col
paso {m} :: A float for a religious parade, carried on the backs of a group of people, called costaleros
paso a desnivel {m} [roads] :: overpass, grade separation
paso a nivel {m} :: level crossing
paso a paso {adv} :: step by step
paso cebra {m} :: zebra crossing
paso de cebra {m} :: zebra crossing
paso-doble {m} :: alternative spelling of paso doble
pasodoble {m} :: A certain kind of march (music)
paso elevado {m} :: overpass
paso inferior {m} :: underpass
pasola {f} [Dominican Republic, slang] :: motor scooter
paso superior {m} :: overpass
pasota {adj} [Spain, colloquial] :: apathetic
pasota {mf} [Spain, colloquial] :: Someone who couldn't care less, someone who doesn't give a damn
pasotismo {m} :: apathy
pasquín {m} :: pasquinade
passar {v} :: obsolete spelling of pasar
password {m} :: password
pasta {f} :: pasta
pasta {f} :: paste, dough
pasta {f} [Spain, slang] :: money, dough
pasta de papel {f} :: wood pulp
pastafrola {f} :: A type of sweet pie, most often filled with quince jelly
pastar {v} :: to graze
paste {m} [Mexico] :: pasty, pastie (a type of pie or turnover)
paste {m} :: loofah (plant in the Luffa genus)
pastear {v} :: to graze
pastel {m} :: cake, pie, pastry
pastelazo {m} :: a custard pie in the face
pastel de carne {m} :: meatloaf
pastel de carne {m} :: meat pie
pastel de luna {m} :: moon cake
pastelera {f} :: feminine noun of pastelero
pastelería {f} :: pastry shop, cake shop
pastelería {f} :: confectionery
pastelero {m} :: pastry cook, confectioner
pastelillo {m} :: diminutive of pastel, a small cake
pastelito {m} :: diminutive of pastel, small cake
pastelón {m} :: big cake
pastera {f} :: Someone whose job is to put ground olives into a basket, known as the capacho
pasterización {f} :: alt form pasteurización
pasterizar {v} :: to pasteurize
pastero {adj} :: grazing; suitable for pasture
pastero {m} :: Someone whose job is to put ground olives into a basket, known as the capacho
pasteurización {f} :: pasteurisation
pasteurizar {v} :: to pasteurize
pastiche {m} :: pastiche (work that imitates the work of a previous artist)
pastilla {f} :: pill
pastilla {f} :: cake (block of a dense material)
pastilla {f} :: bar (block of soap or chocolate)
pastilla {f} :: cube (cube of stock)
pastilla {f} :: pad (brake pad)
pastilla de frenos {f} :: brake pad
pastillero {m} :: pillbox
pastillita {f} :: diminutive of pastilla
pastis {m} :: pastis
pastizal {m} :: grassland, pasture (land covered with grass)
pasto {m} :: pasture
pasto {m} :: lawn
pasto {m} :: grass
pasto {m} :: Pashto (language)
pastón {m} [colloquial, Spain] :: bomb, fortune (a huge amount of money)
pastor {m} :: shepherd
pastor {m} :: herder
pastor {m} :: pastor, priest
pastora {f} :: shepherdess
pastoral {adj} :: pastoral
pastoral {f} :: pastoral
pastor alemán {m} :: German Shepherd
pastoralmente {adv} :: pastorally
pastorcilla {f} :: diminutive of pastora
pastorcillo {m} :: diminutive of pastor
pastorcito {m} :: diminutive of pastor
pastorear {v} :: to shepherd
pastorela {f} :: pastorela
pastoreo {m} :: grazing
pastoreo {m} :: shepherding
pastoril {adj} :: pastoral
pastoso {adj} :: thick, viscous
Pastrana {prop} :: Pastrana (town)
Pastrana {prop} :: surname
pastranismo {m} :: The political beliefs, or regime of, Andrés Pastrana Arango, President of Colombia from 1998 to 2002
pastrón {m} :: pastrami (seasoned cut of smoked beef)
pastún {m} :: Pashtun
pastún {m} [uncountable] :: Pashto (language)
pastura {f} :: pasture, grassland
pastusa {f} :: feminine noun of pastuso
pastuso {adj} :: Of or from Pasto
pastuso {m} :: Someone from Pasto
-pata {suffix} :: -path
pata {f} :: feminine noun of pato; female duck
pata {f} :: paw, foot, leg (of an animal)
pata {f} :: leg (of furniture)
pata {f} [colloquial] :: human leg, foot [often used in anger]
pata {f} [colloquial] :: footprint [often used in anger]
pata {f} :: pocket flap
pata {f} :: tie, draw
patache {m} :: patache (boat)
patacón {m} :: deep-fried plantain slice
pataconcito {m} [Panama] :: dump; garbage yard
pataconcito {m} :: diminutive of patacón
patada {f} :: kick
pata de ganso {f} [anatomy] :: pes anserinus
pata de ganso {f} :: See: pata ganso
patadita {f} :: diminutive of patada; small kick
patadón {m} :: Mighty kick
patagio {m} :: patagium
patagón {adj} :: Patagonian
patagón {m} :: Patagonian
patagona {f} :: feminine noun of patagón
Patagonia {prop} {f} :: Patagonia
patagónico {adj} :: Patagonian
patalear {v} :: to stamp, stomp
pataleo {m} :: stamp, stamping, stomp, stomping
pataleta {f} :: tantrum (childish display or fit of bad temper)
patán {m} :: boor (rude person)
patana {f} :: feminine of patán
patanería {f} :: loutishness
patarashca {f} :: A dish from Peru, in which a fish wrapped in leaves is cooked on hot coals
patas arriba {adj} [idiom] :: messy, in a mess
patas de gallo {fp} :: crow's feet
patata {f} [Spain, Philippines] :: potato
patata {f} [colloquial] :: piece of rubbish
patata caliente {f} [idiomatic, colloquial] :: hot potato (unwanted problem)
patata frita {f} :: singular of patatas fritas
patatal {m} :: potato field
patatas alioli {fp} :: A Spanish dish consisting of small pieces of potatoes, with aioli sauce
patatas bravas {fp} :: patatas bravas
patatas fritas {fp} :: fries, French fries, chips (UK)
patatas fritas {fp} :: chips (US), crisps, potato chips
patatera {f} :: potato (plant)
patatera {f} :: potato grower
patatero {adj} [attributive] :: potato (pertaining to or relating to potato)
patatero {m} :: potato grower/farmer/producer
patatero {m} :: potato merchant
patatús {m} [colloquial] :: swoon, faint (act of fainting)
patatús {m} [colloquial] :: heart attack
patchwork {m} :: patchwork
paté {m} :: pâté, pate
pateador {adj} :: kicking
pateador {m} :: kicker (something that kicks)
pateadura {f} :: stamping
pateadura {f} :: protest
patear {v} :: to kick
patear {v} :: to hit
patear {v} :: to stamp, stomp
patena {f} :: paten
patentabilidad {f} :: patentability
patentar {v} :: to patent
patente {adj} :: patent
patente {adj} :: blatant, obvious
patente {adj} :: clear, clear-cut
patente {m} :: patent (declaration issued by a government to an inventor)
patente {m} [Argentina, Chile] :: the license plate of a vehicle
patentemente {adv} :: patently, obviously, evidently
patentizar {v} :: to make obvious
patera {f} :: small boat (especially one used for illegal immigration across the Mediterranean Sea)
paterfamilias {m} :: paterfamilias
paternal {adj} :: paternal, fatherly
paternalismo {m} :: paternalism
paternalista {adj} :: paternalistic
paternalista {mf} :: paternalist
paternalistamente {adv} :: paternalistically
paternalmente {adv} :: paternally
paternidad {f} :: fatherhood
paternidad {f} :: paternity
paterno {adj} :: parental
paterno {adj} :: paternal
patéticamente {adv} :: pathetically
patético {adj} :: pathetic
patético {adj} [colloquial] :: awful, terrible (very bad)
patetismo {m} :: poignancy
pathos {m} :: pathos
patí {m} :: Luciopimelodus pati
-patía {suffix} :: [feeling or passion] -pathy
-patía {suffix} [pathology, abnormal state] :: -pathy
patibulario {adj} :: horrifying, harrowing
patibulario {adj} :: sinister
patíbulo {m} :: gallows
-pático {suffix} :: -pathic
patidifuso {adj} [colloquial] :: gobsmacked, astounded
patilla {f} :: sideburn
patilla {f} :: arm, sidepiece (of glasses)
patilla {f} [Colombia, Caribbean] :: watermelon
patillaje {m} :: pinout
patín {m} :: skate, roller skate
pátina {f} :: patina (a colored coating as results from oxidation of bronze or copper)
patinador {adj} :: skating
patinador {m} :: skater
patinadora {f} :: feminine noun of patinador
patinaje {m} :: skating
patinaje artístico {m} :: figure skating
patinaje de velocidad {m} :: speed skating
patinar {vt} :: To patine
patinar {vi} :: to skate
patinar {vi} :: to slip
patinata {f} [Venezuela] :: Group of ice skaters
patinazo {m} :: error, mistake
patinegro {adj} :: blackfoot, black-footed
patineta {f} :: scooter (child's foot-operated vehicle)
patineta {f} :: skateboard
patinete {m} :: kick scooter, push scooter, scooter
patinillo {m} :: diminutive of patín
Patiño {prop} :: surname
patio {m} :: yard, patio
patiperro {m} [Chile] :: globetrotter; avid journeyer
patirrojo {adj} :: red-footed
patisserie {f} :: patisserie
patita {f} :: diminutive of pata
patitieso {adj} [colloquial] :: having a numb leg or feet; with a dead leg
patitieso {adj} [colloquial] :: baffled
patitieso {adj} [colloquial] :: on end
patito {m} :: duckling
patizambo {adj} :: bow-legged
pato {m} :: duck, drake
pato {m} [vulgar, slang, Antilles, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Puerto Rico] :: homosexual, faggot (see puto)
Pato {prop} [Chile, colloquial] :: given name
pato almizclero {m} :: musk duck
pato arlequín {m} :: harlequin duck
Patoburgo {prop} {m} :: Duckburg (fictional city where Donald Duck lives)
patochada {f} [colloquial] :: bloomer, whopper, blunder
pato colorado {m} :: red-crested pochard
pato criollo {m} :: Muscovy duck
Pato Donald {prop} {m} :: Donald Duck (Disney character)
pato friso {m} :: gadwall
patogénesis {f} :: pathogenesis
patogenia {f} [pathology] :: pathogenesis
patogenicidad {f} :: pathogenicity
patogénico {adj} :: pathogenic
patógeno {adj} :: pathogenic
patógeno {m} :: pathogen
Patolandia {prop} {f} [Latin America] :: Duckburg (fictional city where Donald Duck lives)
patóloga {f} :: feminine noun of patólogo
patología {f} :: pathology
patológicamente {adv} :: pathologically
patológico {adj} :: pathological
patologista {mf} :: pathologist
patólogo {m} :: pathologist
pato silbador {m} :: whistling duck
patoso {adj} :: clumsy (lacking coordination)
patota {f} [Latin America] :: mob, gang
patotero {adj} :: thuggish
patotero {m} :: thug
patovica {m} :: bouncer (security guard employed at bars or nightclubs)
patraña {f} :: fake
patraña {f} :: boodle
patraña {f} :: lie
patria {f} :: fatherland
patria chica {f} :: hometown, native region
patriarca {m} :: patriarch
patriarcado {m} :: patriarchy
patriarcal {adj} :: patriarchal
Patricia {prop} {f} :: given name
patriciado {m} :: patricianship, patricianhood
patricio {m} :: patrician
Patricio {prop} {m} :: given name
patrilineal {adj} :: patrilineal
patrimonial {adj} :: patrimonial
patrimonialismo {m} :: patrimonialism
patrimonialista {mf} :: patrimonialist
patrimonializable {adj} :: Able to be part of the heritage
patrimonialización {f} :: the making part of heritage
patrimonializar {v} :: to make part of heritage
patrimonio {m} :: heritage
Patrimonio {prop} :: surname
patrio {adj} [formal] :: native, home (of one's homeland)
patriota {mf} :: patriot
patrioterismo {m} :: chauvinism (excessive patriotism)
patriotero {adj} :: jingoistic
patrióticamente {adv} :: patriotically
patriótico {adj} :: patriotic
patriotismo {m} :: patriotism
patrística {f} :: patristics
patrístico {adj} :: patristic
patrocinador {m} :: sponsor
patrocinadora {f} :: feminine noun of patrocinador
patrocinante {mf} :: sponsor
patrocinar {vt} :: to patronize, sponsor
patrocinio {m} :: sponsorship
Patroclo {prop} {m} [Greek mythology] :: Patroclus
patrón {m} :: protector
patrón {m} :: boss
patrón {m} :: master
patrón {m} :: patron
patrón {m} :: pattern
Patrón {prop} :: surname
patrona {f} :: feminine noun of patrón
patrona {f} :: feminine noun of patrono
patronal {adj} [attributive] :: patron saint
patronal {adj} :: patronal
patronal {adj} [attributive] :: owner of a house where someone is a guest
patronal {adj} [attributive] :: employer
patronal {adj} [attributive] :: management
patronal {adj} [attributive, nautical] :: skipper
patronal {f} :: management
patronal {f} :: employers
patronato {m} :: patronage
patronazgo {m} :: patronage
patronazgo {m} :: patronage of a saint
patronear {v} [nautical] :: to skipper
patronímico {adj} :: patronymic
patronizar {v} :: to patronize
patrono {m} [religion] :: patron saint
patrono {m} :: patron (one who protects and supports)
patrono {m} :: owner of a house where someone is a guest
patrono {m} :: employer
patrono {m} :: master
patrulla {f} :: patrol
patrullador {m} :: patroller
patrullaje {m} :: patrolling, patrol
patrullar {v} :: to patrol
patrullera {f} :: patrol boat
patrullero {adj} :: related to patrolling
patrullero {m} :: patrolman
patrullero {m} :: patrol boat
patujú {m} :: hanging lobster claw (Heliconia rostrata)
patullar {v} :: To stomp
patullar {v} :: To chat loudly
paujil {m} :: Any curassow of the genus Crax
paúl {m} :: a moor, a heath
Paula {prop} {f} :: given name
paulatinamente {adv} :: slowly, gradually
paulatino {adj} :: gradual
Paulette {prop} {f} :: given name
Paulina {prop} {f} :: given name
paulino {adj} :: Pauline (of or relating to the Apostle Paul)
Paulino {prop} {m} :: given name
paulista {mf} :: An inhabitant of São Paulo, Brazil
paulistana {f} :: feminine noun of paulistano
paulistano {m} :: Someone born in, or an inhabitant of, the municipality of São Paulo, Brazil
Paulito {prop} :: given name, diminutive of Paulo
pauperismo {m} :: pauperism
pauperización {f} :: impoverishment
pauperizar {v} :: to pauperize
paupérrimo {adj} [formal] :: superlative of pobre
pausa {f} :: break, pause
pausadamente {adv} :: pausingly, slowly
pausado {adj} :: slow, unhurried
pausar {v} :: to pause
pauta {f} :: ruler, rule
pauta {f} :: guideline, guiding principle
pauta {f} :: guide, rule, pattern, model
pautaje {m} [Ecuador] :: (ad) placement, scheduling [how often an ad is shown, at what times, what channels, during what programs, etc.]
pautaje {m} [Ecuador] :: advertisement, publicity
pautaje {m} :: logging [making entries in a log]
pautar {v} :: to trace lines
pautar {v} :: to regulate, to lay down rules
pautar {v} [Latin America] :: to advertise
pava {f} :: turkey hen
pava {f} [Spain, colloquial] :: bore
pava {f} :: A type of pot
pavada {f} :: turkey herd
pavada {f} :: A children's game
pavada {f} [colloquial, Argentina, Uruguay] :: bullshit, nonsense, tosh (dumb talk or act)
pava real {f} :: feminine noun of pavo real
pavarreal {f} :: feminine noun of pavorreal
pavazo {m} :: augmentative of pavo
pavera {f} :: feminine noun of pavero
pavero {m} :: turkey farmer
pavesa {f} :: ember (hot piece of ash)
pavezna {f} :: A poult; the young of a turkey
pavezno {m} :: A poult; the young of a turkey
pavía {f} :: A variety of peach
Pavía {prop} :: Pavía (province)
Pavía {prop} :: Pavía (city)
pávido {adj} [poetic] :: faint, shy (easily frightened)
pavimentación {f} :: paving
pavimentar {v} :: to pave
pavloviano {adj} :: Pavlovian
pavo {m} :: turkey
pavo {m} :: peacock
pavo {m} [slang] :: buck (dollar)
pavo {m} [slang] :: euro
pavo {m} [slang] :: moron, airhead, dummy, dope (dumb man)
pavón {m} [rare] :: peacock
pavón {m} :: moth of the genus Saturnia (so called because of the spots in its wings resemble those of the peacock)
pavonar {v} :: To bronze
pavonearse {vr} :: to show off
pavor {m} :: fright, fear
pavo real {m} :: peacock
pavorosamente {adv} :: frightfully
pavoroso {adj} :: dreadful
pavorreal {m} :: peacock
pavoso {adj} [Caribbean] :: unlucky
pavura {f} :: fear
paxte {m} :: alternative spelling of paste
pay {m} :: pie (food)
payana {f} [Argentina, Uruguay] :: jacks (children's game)
payana {f} [Nicaragua] :: broken rice
payanés {adj} :: Of or from Popayán, Colombia
payanés {m} :: Someone from Popayán, Colombia
payasa {f} :: feminine noun of payaso
payasada {f} :: antic, clowning
payasear {v} :: to goof
payasito {m} :: diminutive of payaso
payaso {m} :: clown
payés {m} [Spain, Catalonia] :: farmer, peasant
payo {adj} :: non-Romani person
payo {m} :: non-Romani person; gadjo
payoponi {mf} [pejorative, Spain] :: A South American
Paysandú {prop} :: Paysandú (city)
Paysandú {prop} :: Paysandú (department)
paz {f} :: peace
Paz {prop} {f} :: given name
Paz {prop} {f} :: surname derived from the given name, or from a nickname for a peaceful person
pazguato {adj} :: silly, foolish
pazguato {adj} :: prudish
pazo {m} [Spain] :: Galician manor
PCA {prop} [botany] :: DYC; "damn yellow composite"
PCE {prop} :: Communist Party of Spain
PCR {f} [Medicine] :: initialism of proteína C reactiva CRP
PCUS {prop} {mf} [history, politics] :: CPSU (initialism of Partido Comunista de la Unión Soviética)
pe {f} :: letter: p
peaje {m} :: toll (fee for using roads or bridges)
peán {m} :: paean
peana {f} :: pedestal
peatón {m} :: pedestrian
peatona {f} :: feminine noun of peatón
peatonal {adj} :: pedestrian (of or intended for those who are walking)
peatonalización {f} :: pedestrianization
peatonalizar {v} :: to pedestrianize
pebete {m} :: punk, fuse
pebete {m} :: incense stick
pebetero {m} :: A vessel for burning incense
pebre {mf} :: pepper (powdered condiment)
pebre {mf} :: A Chilean condiment containing coriander, vinegar, garlic and pepper
peca {f} :: freckle
pecable {adj} :: peccable; liable to sin
pecadillo {m} :: diminutive of pecado; a peccadillo, minor sin
pecado {m} :: sin
pecado mortal {m} :: mortal sin, deadly sin
pecado original {m} :: original sin
pecador {adj} :: sinful
pecador {m} :: sinner
pecadora {f} :: feminine noun of pecador
pecaminoso {adj} :: sinful
pecán {m} :: pecan
pecana {f} :: pecan (nut)
pecante {adj} :: sinning, sinful
pecar {v} :: to sin
pecarí {m} :: peccary
pecatriz {f} [obsolete] :: sinner
pececillo {m} :: diminutive of pez; fishy; a small fish
pececillo de plata {m} :: silverfish
pececito {m} :: diminutive of pez little fish
pecenista {adj} :: Of or relating to the National Coalition Party of El Salvador
pecenista {mf} :: A member or supporter of the National Coalition Party of El Salvador
pecera {f} :: fish tank, aquarium
Peces {prop} {m} {p} [zodiac] :: Pisces
peceto {m} :: eye of round
pechar {v} :: to pay a tax or other tribute
pechar {v} :: to trick (someone) out of money
pechar {v} :: to pay a fine
pechar {v} :: to put up with; to deal with
peche {adj} [El Salvador] :: skinny; skin and bones
peche {mf} [El Salvador] :: skinny person; skin and bones
pechenega {f} :: feminine noun of pechenego
pechenego {adj} :: Pecheneg
pechenego {m} :: Pecheneg
pechera {f} :: chestplate
pechera {f} :: (sport) bib
pechero {m} :: bib
pechiazul {m} :: The bluethroat. A small bird
pechiblanco {adj} :: white-breasted (of a bird)
pechina {f} [architecture] :: pendentive
pechirrojo {adj} :: red-breasted (said of many species of bird)
pecho {m} :: thorax
pecho {m} :: chest; the front of the thorax
pecho {m} :: breast (of a woman)
pecho {m} [figuratively] :: breast, heart; seat of the emotions, feelings, etc
pecho {m} [figuratively] :: valor, strength, fortitude
pechocha {f} [slang, pejorative] :: hot stuff; sugar lips; babe
pechonalidad {f} [slang] :: attractive breasts, as a trait standing in for having personality
pechoño {adj} :: churchy, overly sanctimonious, exaggeratedly pietistic
pechote {m} :: augmentative of pecho, big breast
pechuga {f} [ornithology] :: bird breast
pechuga {f} :: poultry breast
pechuga {f} [by extension] :: human chest or breast
pechugón {adj} :: barrel-chested
pechugón {adj} :: having large pectorals
pechugón {m} :: A large-chested man
pechugón {m} :: A man with large pectorals
pechugona {f} :: feminine noun of pechugón
pecio {f} :: shipwreck, wreck
peciolado {adj} :: petiolated
peciolo {m} :: alt form pecíolo
pecíolo {m} [botany] :: petiole
pecíolo {m} [entomology] :: petiole
peciólulo {m} :: petiolule
pécora {f} :: bitch
pécora {f} :: whore
pecorino {m} :: pecorino
pecoso {adj} :: freckled, freckly
pectato {f} :: pectate
pectina {f} [carbohydrate] :: pectin
pectinado {adj} [mycology] :: pectinate
pectíneo {adj} [anatomy] :: pectineal
pectíneo {m} [muscle] :: pectineus
pectoral {adj} :: pectoral (of or pertaining to the breast or chest)
pecuario {adj} :: Of or related to cattle raising
peculado {m} :: embezzlement
peculiar {adj} :: peculiar
peculiaridad {f} :: peculiarity; oddity
peculiarísimo {adj} :: superlative of peculiar
peculiarmente {adv} :: peculiarly
peculio {m} :: savings, scraps, nest egg
pecuniariamente {adv} :: financially, monetarily, pecuniarily
pecuniario {adj} :: financial, monetary, pecuniary
peda {f} [slang] :: state of being drunk, e.g. “lo besé pero fue por la peda”, “I kissed him but it was because I was drunk” (because of my drunken state)
pedacería {f} :: group of pieces, pieces, scraps, cullet
pedacillo {m} :: diminutive of pedazo
pedacito {m} :: diminutive of pedazo
pedacito {m} :: small piece
pedagoga {f} :: feminine of pedagogo
pedagogía {f} :: pedagogy
pedagógicamente {adv} :: pedagogically
pedagógico {adj} :: pedagogical, educational
pedagogo {m} :: pedagogue, educator
pedal {m} :: pedal (lever operated by one’s foot)
pedalada {f} :: the act of pedaling
pedalazo {m} [cycling] :: push of the pedal
pedalear {v} :: to pedal
pedalera {f} :: pedal keyboard
pedalero {m} :: pedalboard, pedal keyboard
pedalier {m} :: pedal keyboard
pedalista {mf} :: pedaller, cyclist
pedáneo {adj} :: small-town
pedanía {f} :: district, borough
pedante {adj} :: pedantic
pedante {mf} :: pedant (person overly concerned with formal rules and trivial points of learning)
pedantería {f} :: pedantry (overly ambitious display of learning)
pedantescamente {adv} :: pedantically
pedantesco {adj} :: pedantic
pedantismo {m} :: pedantry
pedazo {m} :: piece
pedazo de pan {m} [idiom] :: a harmless fellow; an angel
pedecista {mf} :: Member or supporter of the Partido Demócrata Cristiano
pedegista {m} :: A member or supporter of Democratic Party of Equatorial Guinea
pedegista {adj} :: Of or pertaining to Democratic Party of Equatorial Guinea, or its politics
pedemonte {m} :: piedmont
pederasta {m} :: pederast
pederastia {f} :: pederasty
pedernal {m} :: flint
pedestal {m} [architecture] :: pedestal (the base or foot of a column, statue, vase, lamp, or the like)
pedestal {m} [figuratively] :: pedestal (a place of reverence or honor)
pedestre {adj} :: pedestrian, walking
pediatra {mf} :: pediatrician
pediatría {f} :: pediatrics
pediátrico {adj} :: pediatric
pedicelado {adj} :: pedicellate
pedicelo {m} [botany, zoology, mycology] :: pedicel
pedículo {m} :: pedicel
pediculosis {f} :: pediculosis
pedicura {f} :: pedicure
pedicure {m} :: pedicure
pedicurista {mf} :: pedicurist
pedido {m} :: order
pedido {m} :: bulk purchase
pedigree {m} :: pedigree
pedigrí {m} :: pedigree
pedigüeña {f} :: feminine noun of pedigüeño
pedigüeñería {f} :: quality of being a schnorrer; beggarliness
pedigüeño {m} :: sponger
pedimento {m} :: petition
pedipalpo {m} :: pedipalp
pedir {v} :: to ask for something
pedir {v} :: to request someone else to do something
pedir {v} :: to order something
pedo {adj} [slang, vulgar] :: drunk, high, intoxicated
pedo {m} :: fart
pedo {m} [slang] :: drunkenness
pedo {m} [Mexico, El Salvador] :: party
pedo {m} [Latin America, slang] :: problem, issue (in this sense the 'd' is almost always dropped, thus the word is written and pronounced as "peo")
pedófila {f} :: feminine noun of pedófilo
pedofilia {f} :: pedophilia
pedófilo {adj} :: pedophilic
pedófilo {m} :: pedophile
pedofobia {f} :: pedophobia
pedorrear {v} :: to fart
pedorro {adj} [vulgar] :: farter (someone or something that farts)
pedorro {m} [vulgar] :: farter (someone or something that farts)
pedorro {m} [vulgar] :: ass, buttocks
pedrada {f} :: throw of a stone
pedrada {f} :: blow/hit of a stone
pedraplén {m} [construction, engineeering] :: rockfill (compacted rock used to prevent erosion or flooding)
pedrea {f} :: throw of a stone; casting of a stone
pedrea {f} :: stone-throwing fight
pedrea {f} :: hail
pedrea {f} :: small prize in a lottery
pedregal {m} :: A place or region with rocky terrain
pedregal {m} [Mexico] :: lava field
pedregaleño {adj} :: Of or from El Pedregal
pedregaleño {m} :: Someone from El Pedregal
pedregoso {adj} :: stony
pedrense {adj} :: OF or from Las Piedras, Uruguay
pedrense {mf} :: Someone from Las Piedras, Uruguay
pedrería {f} :: gemstone collection
pedrero {m} :: stone worker; stonecutter
pedrero {m} [historical] :: cannon shooting stone cannonballs
pedrisco {m} :: hail (balls of ice)
Pedro {prop} :: Peter [biblical character]
Pedro {prop} :: given name of biblical origin
pedrolo {m} [Spain, colloquial] :: big rock (large diamond)
pedroso {adj} [rare] :: stony; rocky
pedrusco {m} :: rock; stone
pedunculado {adj} [botany] :: pedunculate
peduncular {adj} [anatomy] :: peduncular
pedúnculo {m} [botany] :: peduncle
pedúnculo {m} [anatomy] :: peduncle (a bundle of neurons connecting parts of the brain)
peeling {m} :: peeling; peel (surgery of remove the outer layer of skin from a part of the body)
peer {v} :: to break wind, to fart
peer {vr} :: to break wind; fart
pega {f} [colloquial, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru] :: work
pega {f} :: glue
pega {f} :: gluing
pega {f} :: obstacle
pegacarteles {m} :: billposter
pegadito {adj} :: diminutive of pegado
pegadizo {adj} :: sticky
pegadizo {adj} :: catchy
pegadizo {adj} :: infectious
pegado {adj} :: cleaving
pegado {adj} :: sticking
pegado {adj} :: stuck
pegado {adj} :: adherent
pegado {adj} :: attached
pegado {adj} [computing] :: hanging
pegador {m} :: fighter; boxer
pegajoso {adj} :: tacky, sticky
pegajoso {adj} :: clingy
pegajoso {adj} :: slimy
pegamento {m} :: glue (substance)
pegamiento {m} :: gluing, glue (action of gluing)
pegante {m} [Colombia, Dominican Republic and perhaps other places] :: glue
pegar {vi} :: to stick
pegar {vt} :: to glue
pegar {vt} :: to hit
pegar fuego {v} :: to set fire
pegar la hebra {v} [idiom] :: to shoot the breeze; to chitchat
pegar las mangas {v} [euphemism, idiom] :: to kick the bucket; snuff it
pegar ojo {v} [idiomatic] :: To sleep
pegarse {vi} :: to stick, to become attached, to adhere
pegarse {vi} :: to take root
pegarse {vt} :: to have
pegársela {v} [idiom] :: to trick
pegársela {v} [idiom] :: to cheat on; cuckold
pegársele las sábanas {v} :: to oversleep
pegarse un tiro {v} [idiomatic] :: to shoot oneself
pegar un parche {v} [idiomatic] :: to pull the wool over someone's eyes, to pull a fast one
Pegaso {prop} {m} :: Pegasus
pegatina {f} :: sticker (adhesive label or decal)
pegmatita {f} :: pegmatite
pegmatítico {adj} :: pegmatitic
pegote {m} :: sticky mess, literally or figuratively
pegote {m} :: eyesore
pegote {m} :: burdock (Arctium lappa)
pegullo {m} [Aragón] :: flock; herd (of animals)
pehuén {m} :: monkey puzzle
pehuenche {adj} :: Pehuenche
peinado {m} :: hairstyle
peinado {m} :: hairdo
peinador {m} :: hairdresser, comber
peinador {m} :: combing machine
peinadora {f} :: comber
peinar {vt} :: to comb (something)
peinar {vr} :: to comb oneself
peinarse {v} :: reflexive of peinar
peine {m} :: comb
peine navaja {m} :: razor comb
peineta {f} [Latin America] :: comb
peinilla {f} [Latin America] :: comb
peirón {m} :: wayside cross
p. ej. {adv} :: e.g.
peje {m} :: fish
Peje {prop} {m} [colloquial] :: Mexican politician Andrés Manuel López Obrador
pejelagarto {m} [chiefly Mexico and Central America] :: gar; garfish (fish of the family Lepisosteidae)
pejerrey {m} :: Any of various fish, known in English as smelts, grunions, or silversides
pejiguera {f} :: nuisance
pejiguero {adj} :: petty
pejista {mf} [Mexico, politics] :: A supporter of Mexican politician Andrés Manuel López Obrador
pejotista {mf} :: justicialist
pejotista {mf} :: A supporter of the Justicialist Party
Pekín {prop} :: Pekín (capital city)
pekinés {adj} :: Pekingese
pekinés {m} :: Pekingese (native or inhabitant of Beijing)
pekinés {m} :: Pekingese (small dog)
pekinesa {f} :: feminine noun of pekinés
pela {f} :: a hit or a beating
pela {f} [colloquial] :: Peseta (former currency of Spain)
pelada {f} :: feminine noun of pelado
pelada {f} :: bald head
peladero {m} [latin America] :: desert, wasteland (area with no or little or no vegetation)
peladilla {f} :: sugared almond
pelado {adj} :: peeled, skinned, shelled (having the outer layer e.g. peel, skin, husk etc. removed)
pelado {adj} :: treeless, bare (with no or little vegetation)
pelado {adj} :: hairless
pelado {adj} :: bald
pelado {adj} [figuratively] :: broke, pennyless (without money)
pelado {adj} [figuratively] :: uncultivated, uncivilized
pelado {adj} [by extension, Mexico] :: obscene, filthy
pelado {adj} [Chile] :: promiscuous
pelado {m} :: baldie
pelador {adj} :: peeling
pelador {adj} :: gossip, calumnious
pelador {m} :: peeler
pelador {m} :: gossip
peladora {f} :: feminine noun of pelador
peladura {m} :: peeling (of skin)
peladura {m} :: falling out (of hair)
Peláez {prop} {m} :: surname
pelagatos {m} :: nobody (unimportant person)
pelágico {adj} :: pelagic
pelaíta {f} [Colombia] :: little girl
pelaje {m} :: fur coat
pelambre {m} :: abundant covering of hair
pelambre {m} :: patch of hair
pelambre {m} :: gossip (usually criticizing somebody not present)
pelambre {m} :: quality or condition of a person
pelambre {m} [rare] :: patch of bare skin
pelambrera {f} :: mop of hair
pelandusca {f} [colloquial] :: floozy, harlot (prostitute)
pelao {adj} :: eye dialect of pelado
pelapapas {m} :: potato peeler
pelapatatas {m} :: potato peeler
pelar {v} :: to peel (fruits, vegetables)
pelar {v} :: to skin (an animal)
pelar {v} :: to shell (nuts, shellfish)
pelar {v} :: to unwrap
pelar {v} :: to pluck (a bird)
pelar {v} :: to cut the hair of
pelar {vt} :: to spread negative gossip, run down, criticise somebody
pelar {v} :: to exfoliate
pelar {v} :: to steal
pelar {vtr} [vulgar] :: to matter
pelarse {vr} :: to have one's hair cut
pelarse {vr} :: to lose one's hair; to go bald
pelarse {vr} :: to peel (of skin, from the sun, etc.)
pelarse {vr} :: to fray (rope, wire)
pelarse {v} [Chile] :: to steal
pelarse {v} [Chile] :: to make out with a stranger on a social event
pelársela {v} [idiom, vulgar] :: To wank
pelársela {v} [idiom] :: To not give a shit
pelasga {f} :: feminine noun of pelasgo
pelasgo {m} :: Pelasgian
Pelayo {prop} {m} :: given name, Pelagius
peldaño {m} :: step, stair (single step in a staircase)
peldaño {m} :: step, rung (crosspiece forming a step of a ladder)
peldón {interj} :: eye dialect of perdón
pelea {f} :: fight, struggle
pelea de gallos {f} :: cockfight
peleador {adj} :: combative, fighting
peleador {adj} :: quarrelsome, feisty
pelear {vi} :: to fight (to contend in physical conflict)
pelear {v} [intranisitive] :: to fight, to argue
pelear {vi} :: to fight for, to struggle against
pelechar {v} :: to molt/moult
pelecoide {m} :: pelecoid
peledeísta {adj} :: Supporting the Partido de la Liberación Dominicana
peledeísta {mf} :: A Supporter of the Partido de la Liberación Dominicana
pelela {f} :: potty (child's urinal)
pelele {m} :: rompers (one-piece garment for babies)
pelele {m} :: dummy (stupid person)
pelele {m} :: puppet, tool
peleón {m} :: bully
peletera {f} :: feminine noun of peletero
peletería {f} :: the fur industry
peletería {f} :: a fur shop
peletero {m} :: furrier
peletizar {v} :: to pelletize
peli {f} [slang] :: short for película, movie
peliagudo {adj} :: difficult, tricky
pelícana {f} :: pelican
pelicano {m} :: alternative form of pelícano
pelícano {m} :: pelican
pelícano {m} [colloquial] :: a large nose
pelicorto {adj} :: shorthaired
película {f} :: film (layer)
película {f} :: movie
película {f} :: story (invented story, especially one as an excuse)
peliculero {adj} [colloquial] :: fantasizing, overly imaginative
peliculero {adj} [rare] :: related to movies
peliculero {adj} [rare] :: cinephile, filmaholic, filmgoer, moviegoer, movieholic, film buff (having a love of films or the cinema)
peliculón {m} :: great movie
peligrar {v} :: to be in danger
peligro {m} :: peril, danger
peligrosamente {adv} :: dangerously
peligrosidad {f} :: dangerousness
peligrosísimo {adj} :: superlative of peligro
peligroso {adj} :: perilous, dangerous
pelilargo {adj} :: long-haired
pelillo {m} :: diminutive of pelo
pelín {m} :: bit
pelirroja {f} :: feminine noun of pelirrojo
pelirrojita {f} :: feminine of pelirrojito
pelirrojito {m} :: diminutive of pelirrojo
pelirrojo {adj} :: redheaded
pelirrojo {m} :: redhead
pelita {f} :: pelite
pelítico {adj} :: pelitic
pelito {m} :: diminutive of pelo
pella {f} :: lump, dollop, mass
pelleja {f} :: animal skin, hide
pelleja {f} :: pelt
pellejería {f} :: tannery
pellejo {m} :: skin, hide
pellejo {m} :: (dead) skin
pellet {m} :: pellet (projectile)
pellizcar {v} :: to pinch, nip
pellizco {m} :: pinch (act of pinching)
pellizco {m} :: pinch (small amount of e.g. seasoning)
pellizquito {m} :: diminutive of pellizco
pelma {mf} [colloquial] :: bore
pelmazo {m} :: augmentative of pelma; great bore
pelo {m} :: hair (a single hair)
pelo {m} :: hair (all hair on the head)
peloide {m} :: peloid
pelón {adj} :: with little or no hair
pelón {adj} :: bald or balding
pelón {adj} :: with short hair
pelón {adj} :: barren
pelón {m} [Latin America] :: nectarine
peloponesia {f} :: feminine noun of peloponesio
peloponesio {adj} :: Peloponnesian
peloponesio {m} :: Peloponnesian
Peloponeso {prop} {m} :: Peloponnese
peloso {adj} :: hairy
pelo suelto {m} :: shaggy or bed head hair
pelota {f} :: ball
pelota {mf} :: people pleaser, toady, sycophant, bootlicker, toadeater, brown noser, kiss-ass [North America]
pelota paleta {f} :: A sport similar to Basque pelota using a bat to hit the ball, instead of the hand
pelotari {mf} :: pelota player
pelota vasca {f} :: Basque pelota
pelotazo {m} :: a hit with a ball
pelotear {v} [sports] :: to have an informal game, play for fun
pelotear {v} [tennis] :: to knock up
pelotear {v} [tennis] :: to kick a ball about
pelotear {vt} :: to twirl around, to swing about
pelotear {v} :: to bicker, argue
pelotear {vi} [idiomatic] :: to suck up; brownnose
peloteo {m} [tennis] :: knock-up
peloteo {m} [tennis] :: long rally
peloteo {m} [soccer] :: kick-about
peloteo {m} :: flattery
peloteo {m} :: sucking up
pelotera {f} :: row; quarrel
pelotera {f} :: baseball player
peloteril {adj} [attributive] :: baseball
peloterito {m} :: diminutive of pelotero
pelotero {m} :: baseball player
pelotita {f} :: diminutive of pelota
pelotón {m} :: group, team
pelotón {m} :: heap, bunch
pelotón {m} :: platoon
pelotón de fusilamiento {m} :: firing squad
pelotudez {f} [Argentina, Uruguay, colloquial] :: stupidity
pelotudo {adj} [Argentina, Chile, colloquial, highly vulgar] :: stupid, dumb
pelotudo {m} [Argentina, Chile, colloquial, highly vulgar] :: dummy, idiot, boob
peltado {adj} :: peltate
peltre {m} :: pewter (tin alloy)
pelu {f} :: hairdresser's; barber shop
peluca {f} :: wig
peluca de hombre {f} :: A toupee
peluca púbica {m} :: A merkin
peluche {m} [textiles] :: plush
peluche {m} [toys] :: soft toy, stuffed animal
pelúcido {adj} :: pellucid
peludo {adj} :: hairy
peludo {adj} :: furry, fuzzy
peludo {adj} :: hairball-like
peludo {m} [Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay] :: piss-up, boozer
peluqueada {f} :: haircut
peluquear {v} :: to cut someone's hair; give a haircut
peluquear {vr} :: to have one's hair cut; cut one's hair
peluquera {f} :: feminine noun of peluquero
peluquería {f} :: hair salon, hairdressing salon, hairdresser's
peluquero {m} :: barber, hairdresser
peluquín {m} :: diminutive of peluca; wiglet
peluquín {m} :: A type of wig with curls and a pigtail, once commonly used
pelusa {f} :: fluff (light fur)
pelusa {f} :: lint
pelusa {f} [colloquial] :: jealousy
pelusilla {f} :: diminutive of pelusa, fluff
pelvi {m} :: Middle Persian language
pelviano {adj} [anatomy] :: pelvic
pélvico {adj} :: pelvic
pelvis {f} :: pelvis
pemolina {f} [pharmaceutical drug] :: pemoline
pemón {m} :: Pemon
pena {f} :: punishment
pena {f} :: pain, sadness
pena {f} :: trouble
pena {f} [Latin America] :: embarrassment
pena {f} :: pity
peña {f} :: A rock, stone, cliff or outcropping
peña {f} :: A group of regulars, circle of friends
peña {f} [colloquial] :: people
peña {f} [Chile] :: a left wing cultural centre featuring music, dance, education, and activism
peña {f} [Sport] :: supporters club
Peña {prop} :: surname
penacho {m} :: tuft
pena de muerte {f} :: death penalty
penal {adj} :: penal
penal {m} :: a kind of prison
penal {m} [soccer] :: penalty
penalazo {m} [football] :: augmentative of penal
penalemente {adv} :: penally
penalidad {f} :: hardship
penalista {mf} :: expert in criminal law
penalizable {adj} :: penalizable
penalización {f} :: penalty
penalizar {vt} :: to penalize
penalmente {adv} :: penally
Peñalosa {prop} {f} :: A name of two archaeological sites in southern Spain:
Peñalosa {prop} {f} :: Peñalosa (archaeological site)
Peñalosa {prop} {f} :: Peñalosa (archaeological site)
Peñalosa {prop} {f} :: surname, a variant of Peñaloza
Peñaloza {prop} :: surname
penalti {m} [soccer] :: penalty
penalti {m} [family] :: shotgun wedding, a forced marriage that happens because the bride became pregnant
penar {v} :: to punish
Peñaranda {prop} :: surname
peñarolense {adj} [football] :: Of or relating to Club Atlético Peñarol, a football team from Uruguay
peñarolense {mf} :: Someone associated with Club Atlético Peñarol, a Uruguayan football team, as a coach, player, fan etc
peñascal {m} :: A place with lots of rocks or boulders
peñasco {m} :: large rock, boulder
peñascoso {adj} :: rocky, craggy
peñazo {adj} [colloquial] :: mind-numbingly boring, dull
peñazo {m} [colloquial] :: bore, drag
penca {adj} [Chile, slang] :: bad, lame, uncool
penca {adj} :: feminine singular of penco
penca {f} [botany] :: main rib or vein of a leaf
penca {f} :: fleshy stalk, leafstalk or leaf of certain plats e.g. celery leafstalks or nopal leaves
penca {f} [Chile] :: penis
penca {f} [Chile] :: radish (large oblong variety)
penca {f} :: agave
pencazo {f} [Chile, colloquial] :: hit (collision or other physical accident)
pencazo {f} [Chile, colloquial] :: bang, bash, punch
pencazo {f} [Chile, colloquial] :: shots (instance of drinking alcohol)
penco {m} :: nag (weak horse)
penco {m} :: numpty, buffoon
penco {m} [Louisiana] :: rabbit
pend {mf} [slang] :: dumbass; retard; plonker
pendeja {f} :: feminine noun of pendejo
pendeja {f} :: Feeble minded female, coward
pendeja {f} :: Dumb female woman or girl, idiot
pendeja {f} :: Degrading term to call a woman
pendejada {f} :: bullshit (deceitful statement)
pendejear {v} [pejorative, slang, vulgar, Latin America] :: To fool around; to procrastinate; to fritter aimlessly or distractedly
pendejismo {m} [pejorative, vulgar] :: stupidity, assholery, the quality of being a pendejo
pendejito {f} :: diminutive of pendejo
pendejo {m} :: A pubic hair
pendejo {m} [pejorative, vulgar] :: arsehole, asshole, dirtbag, scumbag
pendejo {m} [pejorative] :: dumbass (stupid person)
pendejo {m} [chiefly Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay] :: young boy
pendejo {m} [Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay] :: punk (an adolescent who presumes to be an adult)
pendejo {m} [Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Panama, Puerto Rico] :: coward
pendejo {m} [Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, US, Venezuela] :: dickhead (stupid person)
pendejo {m} [Bolivia, Peru] :: smart
pendejón {m} :: augmentative of pendejo
pendencia {f} :: quarrel, dispute, feud
pendenciero {adj} :: quarrelsome (looking for a fight)
pendenciero {m} :: troublemaker, quarreler, bully
pender {v} :: to hang, dangle
pender {v} :: to be pending, to be undecided
pender de un hilo {v} [idiom] :: hang by a thread
péndex {adj} :: young; kid
péndex {mf} :: kid; youngster; young'un
pendiente {adj} :: pending
pendiente {adj} :: hanging
pendiente {m} :: pendant (hanging piece of jewelry)
pendiente {m} :: pendant (hanging earring)
pendiente {f} :: slope (declivity)
péndola {f} :: pen, quill
péndola {f} :: pendulum
pendolista {mf} :: calligrapher
pendón {m} :: pennant, pennon
pendón {m} :: slob
pendón {m} :: slut
pendoncillo {m} :: diminutive of pendón
pendonear {vi} :: to laze around
pendrive {m} :: pen drive
pendular {adj} :: fickle
pendulazo {m} :: swing
péndulo {adj} :: hanging; dangling
péndulo {m} :: pendulum
pene {m} [anatomy] :: penis
pene artificial {m} :: strap-on
penecillo {m} :: diminutive of pene
penectomía {f} [surgery] :: penectomy
Penélope {prop} {f} :: Penelope
penepé {mf} :: A supporter of New Progressive Party (Puerto Rico)
peñero {m} [nautical] :: a small fishing boat
penetración {f} :: penetration
penetrador {adj} :: penetrating
penetrador {m} :: penetrator
penetradora {f} :: feminine noun of penetrador
penetrancia {f} :: penetrance
penetrante {adj} :: poignant
penetrante {adj} :: pervasive
penetrar {v} :: to penetrate
peneuvista {adj} [politics] :: Supporting the Basque Nationalist Party
peneuvista {mf} [politics] :: A Basque Nationalist Party member or supporter
Peñeyrúa {prop} [rare] :: surname, an alternative form of Piñeyrúa found principally in Uruguay
penicilasa {f} [enzyme] :: penicillinase
penicilina {f} :: penicillin
penillanura {f} :: peneplain
península {f} :: peninsula
peninsular {adj} :: peninsular
penique {m} :: penny
peñista {adj} :: Of, pertaining to, or supporting Enrique Peña Nieto, President of Mexico
peñista {mf} :: A supporter of Enrique Peña Nieto
peñista {mf} [sports] :: A member of a supporters club
peñista {mf} [sports] :: A reveler at a party (part of a peña)
penitencia {f} :: Penance
penitencial {adj} :: penitential
penitenciar {v} :: to penance
penitenciaría {f} :: penitentiary, prison
penitenciario {adj} :: related to penitentiaries
penitente {mf} :: a penitent
peño {m} :: foundling
penol {m} :: yardarm
peñón {m} :: crag (rocky outcrop)
penosamente {adv} :: painfully, sorrowfully
penosamente {adv} :: painstakingly, grudgingly
penosidad {f} :: pitifulness
penosidad {f} :: difficulty
penosidad {f} :: painfulness
penosísimo {adj} :: superlative of penoso
penoso {adj} :: tough, difficult
penoso {adj} :: painful
penoso {adj} :: awful, pitiful
penquista {adj} :: of, from, or pertaining to Concepción, Chile
penquista {mf} :: someone from Concepción
pensable {adj} :: thinkable, cogitable
pensador {m} :: thinker
pensadora {f} :: (female) thinker
pensamiento {m} :: thought
pensamiento {m} :: thinking
pensamiento {m} :: pansy
pensante {adj} :: thinking
pensar {v} :: to think
pensar {v} :: to reflect upon a situation
pensar {v} :: to intend; to try
pensar {v} :: to think about
pensar dos veces {v} [idiomatic] :: to think twice
pensar en la inmortalidad del cangrejo {v} :: to daydream
pensar en la inmortalidad del cangrejo {v} :: to contemplate
pensar en la inmortalidad del cangrejo {vi} :: To become lost in thought, to ponder
pensarse {v} :: reflexive of pensar
pensativamente {adv} :: pensatively
pensativo {adj} :: pensive
Pensilvania {prop} {f} :: Pennsylvania (US state)
pensión {f} :: guesthouse
pensión {f} :: pension
pensionable {adj} :: pensionable
pensional {adj} [attributive] :: pension
pensionar {vt} :: to pension
pensionario {m} :: pensioner
pensionario {adj} [attributive] :: pension
pensionista {mf} :: pensioner
pénsum {m} [Venezuela, Guatemala] :: university study plan
penta- {prefix} :: penta-
pentacampeón {m} :: five-time champion
pentacampeonato {m} :: five-time championship
pentácoron {m} [geometry] :: pentachoron
pentáculo {m} :: pentacle
pentadecágono {m} [geometry] :: pentadecagon
pentadecano {m} [organic compound] :: pentadecane
pentaedro {m} :: pentahedron
pentaeritritol {m} [organic compound] :: pentaerythritol
pentafluoruro {m} :: pentafluoride
pentagonal {adj} :: pentagonal
pentágono {adj} :: pentagonal
pentágono {m} :: pentagon
Pentágono {prop} {m} :: The Pentagon, the headquarters of the United States Department of Defense
pentagrama {f} [music] :: staff
pentagrama {f} [geometry] :: pentagram
pentaleno {m} [organic compound] :: pentalene
pentalogía {f} :: pentalogy
pentámero {adj} :: pentamerous
pentamillonaria {f} :: pentamillionaire
pentamillonario {m} :: pentamillionaire
pentano {m} [organic compound] :: pentane
pentanoato {m} [organic chemistry] :: pentanoate
pentanol {m} [organic compound] :: pentanol
pentaprisma {m} :: pentaprism
pentatleta {mf} :: pentathlete
pentatlón {m} :: pentathlon
pentatlón moderno {m} :: modern pentathlon
pentatónico {adj} :: pentatonic
pentavalente {adj} :: pentavalent
pentavocalismo {m} [linguistics] :: the notion that Quechua has five phonemic vowels, instead of three
pentecostal {adj} :: Pentecostal
pentecostalismo {m} :: Pentecostalism
pentecostés {m} :: Pentecost
penteno {m} [organic chemistry] :: pentene
penthouse {m} :: penthouse
pentilo {m} [organic chemistry] :: pentyl
pentino {m} [organic chemistry] :: pentyne
pentito {m} :: pentito
pentolita {f} :: pentolite
pentosa {f} [carbohydrate] :: pentose
penúltimo {adj} :: penultimate
penumbra {f} :: penumbra
penumbra {f} :: half-light
penumbra {f} :: shadow, shade
penumbral {adj} :: penumbral
penuria {f} :: shortage, lack
penutí {adj} :: Penutian
peón {m} :: foot soldier, infantryman
peón {m} :: child's toy top
peón {m} :: piece, token, or man in board games
peón {m} [chess] :: pawn
peón {m} [checkers] :: piece, checker, draughtsman
peón {m} [mechanical] :: axle, spindle
peón {m} :: beehive
peón {m} :: laborer, worker
peón {m} [bullfighting] :: matador's assistant
peona {f} :: feminine of peón
peonada {f} :: A unit of measure equivalent to around 400 m², the area which a peon could be expected to work in a day
peonaje {m} :: peonage
peón caminero {m} :: navvy
peón de brega {m} [bullfighting] :: matador's assistant
peoneta {m} :: alternative form of pioneta
peonia {f} :: feminine noun of peonio
peonía {f} :: peony
peonio {adj} :: Paeonian
peonio {m} :: Paeonian
peonza {f} :: spinning top
peor {adj} :: comparative of malo, worse
peor {adj} :: superlative of malo, worst
peor {adv} :: comparative of mal, worse
peorcito {adj} :: diminutive of peor
pepa {f} [Latin America] :: pip, stone (seed inside fruits)
pepa {f} [Latin America] :: pepita, certain large edible seeds e.g. sunflower seed
pepa {f} :: nugget (small piece of metal especially gold)
pepa {f} [Latin America, slang] :: pill (recreatinal drug in pill-form especially amphetamine)
pepa {f} [Latin America, slang] :: clitoris
Pepa {prop} {f} :: A diminutive of the female given name Josefa
Pepe {prop} {m} :: A diminutive of the male given name José
pepekausa {adj} :: Of, pertaining to, or supporting, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, 60th president of Peru (2016-)
pepena {f} [Mexico, Cetral America] :: collecting, gathering
pepenador {m} [Mexico] :: scavenger
pepenar {v} [Central America, Mexico] :: to scrounge
pepenar {v} [Central America, Mexico] :: to pick up, to collect
pepenar {v} [Mexico, Nicaragua] :: to steal, loot
pepero {adj} :: Of or relating to the Partido Popular
pepero {m} :: A member or supporter of the Partido Popular
peperomia {f} :: peperomia
peperoni {m} :: pepperoni
pepesca {f} [El Salvador] :: a small kind of fish (Brachyrhaphis olomina)
pepián {m} :: synonym of pipián (stew)
pepián {m} :: synonym of pipián (sauce)
pepinera {f} :: feminine noun of pepinero
pepinero {adj} :: of, relating to, or supporting, CD Leganés, a football team from Leganés, Spain
pepinero {m} :: cucumber farmer
pepinero {m} :: Someone connected with CD Leganés, as a player, coach, fan, etc
pepinillo {m} :: pickle (cucumber preserved in a solution)
pepino {m} :: cucumber (plant)
pepino {m} :: cucumber (vegetable)
pepino de mar {m} :: sea cucumber
pepita {f} :: pepita
pepita {f} :: nugget, especially of gold or platinum
Pepita {prop} {f} :: A diminutive of the female given name Josefa
pepitero {m} :: bitter orange
pepitero {m} :: saltator
pepito {m} :: A small sandwich with meat
Pepito {prop} {m} :: given name
peplum {m} :: peplum
pepón {m} [rare] :: watermelon
pepsina {f} [enzyme] :: pepsin
pepsinógeno {f} [biochemistry] :: pepsinogen
péptico {adj} :: peptic
peptidasa {f} [enzyme] :: peptidase
peptídico {adj} :: peptidic
péptido {m} :: peptide
peptidoglicano {m} [organic compound] :: peptidoglycan
peptona {f} [protein] :: peptone
peque {mf} [colloquial] :: kiddo (a child)
pequeña burguesía {f} :: petite bourgeoisie
pequeñajo {m} [pejorative] :: diminutive of pequeño, ugly little
pequeñez {f} :: smallness
pequeñez {f} :: pettiness
pequeñez {f} :: trifle, trivial thing
pequeñín {m} :: diminutive of pequeño
pequeñina {f} :: diminutive of pequeña
pequeñísimo {adj} :: superlative of pequeña
pequeñito {adj} :: diminutive of pequeño
pequeño {adj} :: small; little
pequeñoburgués {adj} :: petit bourgeois
pequeñuelo {adj} :: pejorative of pequeño
Pequín {prop} :: alternative spelling of Pekín
pequinés {adj} :: alternative spelling of pekinés
pequinés {m} :: alternative spelling of pekinés
pequinesa {f} :: feminine noun of pequinés
pera {f} :: pear
pera {f} [anatomy] :: chin
pera {f} [boxing] :: speed bag
perada {f} :: perry
peral {m} :: pear tree
Peralta {prop} :: surname
peraltar {vt} [architecture] :: to bank (a curve)
peraltar {vt} :: to bank (to form into a bank or heap)
peralto {m} :: altitude
peras y manzanas {fp} [idiomatic] :: apples and oranges
peras y manzanas {fp} :: See: peras y manzanas
perbromato {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: perbromate
perca {f} :: perch, Perca fluviatilis
perca {f} :: bass
perca común {m} :: European perch
percal {m} :: percale
percal {m} :: shebang
percal {m} :: feint of the cape. Term in bullfighting
percalina {f} :: percaline
percán {m} [coloquial, Chile] :: mold
percance {m} :: accident, mishap
per cápita {adv} :: per capita
percatado {v} :: past participle of percatarse
percatar {v} [archaic] :: to notice
percatar {vr} :: to take into account
percatarse {vr} :: To take into account
percebe {m} :: barnacle
percentil {m} :: percentile
percepción {f} :: perception
percepción extrasensorial {f} :: extrasensory perception
perceptibilidad {f} :: perceptiveness
perceptible {adj} :: perceptible
perceptiblemente {adv} :: perceptibly
perceptivo {adj} :: perceptive (having perception: insight, understanding or intuition)
perceptor {m} :: recipient
perceptora {f} :: feminine noun of perceptor
perceptual {adj} :: perceptual
percha {f} :: coat hanger
percha {f} :: coat rack
percha {f} :: perch
perchar {v} :: To card (with a carding machine)
perchero {m} :: coat rack
percherón {m} :: Percheron
percibir {v} :: to perceive
perclorato {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: perchlorate
percloroetileno {m} :: perchloroethylene
percolación {f} :: percolation
percolar {v} :: to percolate; permeate
percudir {v} :: to make grimy
percusión {f} :: percussion
percusionista {mf} :: percussionist
percusivo {adj} :: percussive
percutáneo {adj} :: percutaneous
percutar {v} :: alternative spelling of percutir
percutir {v} :: to strike
percutir {v} :: to tap
percutor {m} :: hammer (part of firearm)
perdedor {m} :: loser
perdedora {f} :: feminine noun of perdedor
perder {v} :: to lose
perder {v} :: to miss
perder {v} :: to waste
perder {vr} :: to get lost
perder aceite {v} [idiom, pejorative] :: to be gay
perder el culo {v} [idiomatic, vulgar] :: to be in a rush
perder el culo {v} [idiomatic, vulgar] :: to bust one's balls
perder fuelle {v} [idiomatic] :: to run out of steam
perder gas {v} [idiomatic] :: to run out of steam
perder los estribos {v} [idiomatic] :: to fly off the handle, lose one's head
perdición {f} :: ruin, perdition
pérdida {f} :: loss
pérdida {f} :: leak
perdidamente {adv} :: helplessly, hopelessly
perdido {adj} :: lost
perdidoso {adj} :: easily lost
perdigón {m} :: A young partridge
perdigón {m} :: A small lead pellet used as ammunition
perdigonazo {m} :: Shot by a pellet gun
perdiguero {m} :: pointer (dog)
perdiz {f} :: partridge
perdiz chilena {f} :: Chilean tinamou
perdiz negra {f} :: black partridge Melanoperdix niger
perdiz pardilla {f} :: grey partridge
Perdomo {prop} :: surname
perdón {interj} :: sorry, pardon me (excuse me)
perdón {interj} :: sorry, pardon (I didn't hear you)
perdón {m} :: pardon
perdón {m} :: mercy
perdonable {adj} :: forgivable, pardonable
perdonar {v} :: to pardon, excuse, forgive
perdonarse {v} :: reflexive of perdonar
perdonazo {m} :: Huge apology; apology from the bottom of one's heart
perdulario {adj} :: forlorn, dissolute
perdulario {m} :: ne'er-do-well
perdurabilidad {f} :: perdurability
perdurable {adj} :: durable
perduración {f} :: perduration
perdurar {v} :: to last for a long time
perdurar {v} :: to endure
perecear {v} [colloquial] :: to postpone, waste time, retard or defer something due to one's laziness, negligence, or sloth
perecedero {adj} :: perishable
perecer {vi} :: to die, to perish (cease to live)
perecer {v} :: to long for
perecible {adj} :: perishable, spoilable
peregrina {f} :: feminine noun of peregrino
peregrinación {f} :: pilgrimage
peregrinación {f} [by extension] :: voyage; journey
peregrinaje {m} :: pilgrimage
peregrinar {v} :: to peregrinate; to travel abroad
peregrinidad {f} :: strangeness
peregrino {adj} :: traveling, wandering, foreign
peregrino {adj} :: strange, weird, rare
peregrino {adj} [birds] :: migratory
peregrino {m} :: pilgrim
peregrino {m} :: traveler
perejil {m} :: parsley
perennal {adj} :: perennial
perenne {adj} :: perennial
perennemente {adv} :: perennially, endlessly
perennidad {f} :: perennity
perennifolio {adj} [botany] :: evergreen
perennizar {vt} :: to make permanent
perentoriamente {adv} :: peremptorily, urgently
perentoriedad {f} :: haste, urgency
perentorio {adj} :: decisive, final, absolute
perentorio {adj} :: urgent
Perera {prop} {f} :: surname
Pérez {prop} :: surname
pereza {f} :: laziness
pereza {f} [colloquial] :: a drag (something tedious)
perezjimenista {mf} :: A supporter of Marcos Pérez Jiménez, former president of Venezuela
perezosamente {adv} :: lazily
perezoso {adj} :: lazy
perezoso {m} :: sloth [mammal]
perfección {f} :: perfection
perfeccionador {adj} :: perfecting
perfeccionador {m} :: perfecter
perfeccionadora {f} :: feminine noun of perfeccionador
perfeccionamiento {m} :: An instance of perfecting
perfeccionar {v} :: to perfect
perfeccionismo {m} :: perfectionism
perfeccionista {adj} :: perfectionistic
perfeccionista {mf} :: perfectionist, anal-retentive
perfectamente {adv} :: perfectly
perfectibilidad {f} :: perfectibility
perfectible {adj} :: perfectible
perfectísimamente {adv} :: superlative of perfectamente
perfectísimo {adj} :: superlative of perfecto
perfectito {adj} :: diminutive of perfecto
perfectivo {adj} :: perfective
perfecto {adj} :: perfect
Perfecto {prop} {m} :: given name
pérfidamente {adv} :: perfidiously
perfidia {f} :: perfidy
pérfido {adj} :: perfidious
perfil {m} :: profile
perfilador {m} :: pencil (for various cosmetic uses)
perfilar {v} :: to outline
perfluoroctano {m} :: perfluorooctane
perfluorohexano {m} :: perfluorohexane
perforación {f} :: perforation
perforador {m} :: perforator
perforadora {f} :: hole punch
perforadora {f} :: keypunch
perforadora {f} :: mining drill
perforante {adj} :: perforating; perforant
perforar {vt} :: to perforate
perforarse {v} :: reflexive of perforar
performance {f} :: performance art
performance {f} :: performance (amount of useful work accomplished)
performativo {adj} [linguistics] :: performative
performer {mf} :: performer
perfumado {adj} :: scented, perfumed
perfumar {v} :: to scent
perfume {m} :: perfume
perfumería {f} :: perfumery, perfume shop
perfumista {mf} :: perfumer
perfusión {f} :: perfusion
pergamino {m} :: parchment (material, made from a polished animal skin, used like paper for writing)
pergelisol {m} :: permafrost
pergelisuelo {m} :: permafrost
pergeñar {v} [colloquial] :: to sketch out, draw up
pérgola {f} :: pergola, arbor
pergolero {m} :: bowerbird
peri- {prefix} :: peri-
periantio {m} [botany] :: perianth
perianto {m} :: alt form periantio
periastro {m} :: periapsis
pericardíaco {adj} :: alternative form of pericárdico
pericárdico {adj} [anatomy] :: pericardial
pericardio {m} :: pericardium
pericardiofrénico {adj} [anatomy] :: pericardiophrenic
pericarpelo {m} :: pericarpel
pericarpio {m} [botany] :: pericarp
pericas {adj} :: feminine plural of perico
pericia {f} :: skill, expertise
periciado {adj} :: skilled
pericial {adj} :: expert
pericito {m} :: pericyte
periclasa {f} [mineral] :: periclase
Pericles {prop} :: Pericles
periclitar {v} :: to decay, decline, wither
perico {m} :: parakeet
perico {m} :: Large fan (device used to fan oneself)
perico {m} :: headdress
perico {m} :: A Venezuelan dish made of scrambled eggs, butter, onions and tomatoes
perico {m} [colloquial] :: urinal
perico {m} [slang] :: coke, blow, snow (cocaine)
perico {adj} [football, attributive] :: A person connected with w:RCD Espanyol, as a player, fan, coach etc
perícopa {f} :: pericope
perico ripiao {m} :: type of traditional merengue music
pericos {adj} :: masculine plural of perico
pericote {m} :: a traditional dance of Asturias
pericú {mf} :: Pericú
peridental {adj} :: peridental
peridiolo {m} :: peridiole
peridotita {f} :: peridotite
peridoto {m} :: peridot
peridural {adj} :: peridural
perieco {m} :: on of the Perioikoi
periferia {f} :: periphery
periféricamente {adv} :: peripherally
periférico {adj} :: peripheral
periférico {m} :: peripheral
perifolio {m} :: chervil
perifollo {m} :: chervil
perífrasis {f} :: periphrasis
perigeo {m} [astronomy] :: perigee
periglaciar {adj} :: periglacial
perigonial {adj} :: perigonial
perihelio {m} [astronomy] :: perihelion
perilipina {f} [protein] :: perilipin
perilla {f} :: goatee
perilla {f} :: knob, doorknob
perimetral {adj} :: perimeter (attributive)
perimetralmente {adv} :: perimetrically
perimetrar {v} :: to perimeter
perimétrico {adj} :: perimetric
perímetro {m} :: perimeter
perimido {adj} :: outdated
perimuscular {adj} [anatomy] :: perimuscular
perinasal {adj} :: perinasal
perinatal {adj} :: perinatal
perinatóloga {f} :: feminine noun of perinatólogo
perinatología {f} :: perinatology
perinatólogo {m} :: perinatologist
periné {m} [anatomy] :: perineum
perineal {adj} :: perineal
perineo {m} [anatomy] :: perineum
perineorrafia {f} :: perineorraphy
perineumonía {f} :: peripneumonia
perinola {f} [Latin America] :: A kind of spinning top, usually with six sides, used for betting games
periódicamente {adv} :: periodically
periodicidad {f} :: regularity
periódico {adj} :: periodic
periódico {m} :: newspaper
periodificación {f} :: accrual
periodismo {m} :: journalism
periodista {mf} :: journalist
periodístico {adj} :: journalistic
periodización {f} :: periodization
periodo {m} :: period
periodo {m} :: menstruation days
período {m} :: period (time)
período {m} :: A woman’s period (menstrual cycle)
período {m} [geology] :: period
periodo de entreguerras {m} :: interwar period
periodoncia {f} :: periodontics, periodontology
periodontal {adj} :: periodontal
periodontitis {f} :: periodontitis
periostio {m} :: periosteum
peripatético {adj} :: peripatetic
peripecia {f} :: peripeteia
peripecia {f} :: incident
peripecia {f} :: adventure
periplo {m} :: round trip, journey
periquera {f} :: flock of parakeets
periquera {f} :: cacophonous gibberish
periquete {m} [colloquial] :: tick, jiffy
periquitas {adj} :: feminine plural of periquito
periquito {m} :: budgerigar
periquito {adj} [football, attributive] :: A person connected with w:RCD Espanyol, as a player, fan, coach etc
perirrenal {adj} [anatomy] :: perirenal
periscópico {adj} :: periscopic
periscopio {m} :: periscope
perisodáctilo {m} :: perissodactyl
peristalsis {f} :: peristalsis
peristáltico {adj} :: peristaltic
peristaltismo {m} :: peristalsis
peristilo {m} :: peristyle
peritación {m} :: expert
peritado {v} :: past participle of peritar
peritaje {m} :: expert
peritar {v} :: to evaluate as an expert witness
peritísimo {adj} :: superlative of perito
perito {adj} :: experienced; expert
perito {m} :: expert
peritoneal {adj} :: peritoneal
peritoneo {m} [anatomy] :: peritoneum
peritonitis {f} :: peritonitis
periurbano {adj} :: periurban
perivascular {adj} :: perivascular
perjudicador {adj} :: harmful, injurious, damaging (causing damage)
perjudicar {v} :: to damage, harm, injure
perjudicar {v} [Latin America] :: to malign, defame
perjudicial {adj} :: hurtful, harmful
perjuicio {m} :: detriment (the opposite of a benefit)
perjurador {m} :: perjurer
perjuradora {f} :: perjurer
perjurar {v} :: to perjure oneself
perjurar {v} :: to swear
perjurar {v} :: to swear again and again
perjurio {m} :: perjury
perjuro {adj} :: related to perjury
perjuro {m} [colloquial] :: perjury
perla {f} :: pearl
perla {f} :: bead
perla {f} [heraldiccharge] :: pall
perla {f} [printing, dated] :: a small size of type, standardized as 4 or 5 point
perlar {v} [poetic] :: to spatter; to sprinkle
perlita {f} :: perlite
permacongelamiento {m} :: permafrost
permacultura {f} :: permaculture
permafrost {m} [geology] :: permafrost
permagel {m} :: permafrost
permanecer {vi} :: to stay
permanencia {f} :: permanence
permanente {adj} :: permanent
permanente {f} :: perm, permanent wave, permanent
permanente {f} :: permanent marker
permanentemente {adv} :: permanently
permanganato {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: permanganate
permangánico {adj} :: permanganic
permeabilidad {f} :: permeability
permeabilizar {v} :: to clear
permeable {adj} :: permeable
permear {v} :: to permeate
permetrina {f} :: permethrin
permineralización {f} :: permineralization
permisible {adj} :: permissible, allowable
permisión {f} :: permission
permisionario {m} :: concessionaire
permisividad {f} :: permissiveness
permisivo {adj} :: permissive
permiso {m} :: permission
permiso {m} :: license
permiso {interj} :: excuse me, pardon
permitir {v} :: to allow, permit
permitirse {v} :: to allow oneself
permitividad {f} :: permittivity
permutación {f} [mathematics] :: permutation
permutar {v} :: to exchange
permutar {v} [mathematics] :: to permute
pernada {f} :: kick
pernambucano {adj} :: Pernambucan
pernambucano {m} :: Pernambucan
pernear {v} :: to stomp; stamp
pernear {v} :: to walk about
pernear {v} :: to shake one's legs
pernera {f} :: leg (of a pair of trousers, shorts etc.)
perniciosísimo {adj} :: superlative of pernicioso
pernicioso {adj} :: pernicious
pernil {m} :: knuckle of pork
perno {m} :: large spike
perno {m} :: bolt
pernoctación {f} :: pernoctation, a night spent sleeping away, particularly not at home
pernoctar {v} :: to spend the night; to overnight
pero {conj} :: but
pero {m} :: but (restriction)
perogrullada {f} :: truism (obvious truth)
perogrullo {particle} :: only in verdad de perogrullo
peroné {m} [skeleton] :: calf bone, fibula
peroneo {adj} :: fibular
peronismo {m} :: Peronism
peronista {mf} [Argentina, politics] :: Peronist
peronista {adj} [Argentina, politics] :: Peronist
peronizar {v} :: to cause to become more linked to the Peronist regime
peroración {f} :: peroration
peroración {f} :: long speech
perorar {v} :: to make a speech
perorata {f} [colloquial] :: boring speech, spiel
perovskita {f} [mineral] :: perovskite
peroxidación {f} :: peroxidation
peroxidasa {f} [enzyme] :: peroxidase
peróxido {m} [chemistry] :: peroxide
peróxido de hidrógeno {m} [inorganic compound] :: hydrogen peroxide
peroxinitrato {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: peroxynitrate
peroxinitrito {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: peroxynitrite
peroxisoma {m} [cytology] :: peroxisome
perpendicular {adj} :: perpendicular
perpendicularidad {f} :: perpendicularity
perpendicularmente {adv} :: perpendicularly
perpetración {f} :: perpetration
perpetrador {m} :: perpetrator
perpetradora {f} :: feminine noun of perpetrador
perpetrar {v} :: to carry out, to perpetrate
Perpetua {prop} {f} :: given name
perpetuación {f} :: perpetuation
perpetuamente {adv} :: perpetually
perpetuar {v} :: to perpetuate
perpetuidad {f} :: perpetuity
perpetuo {adj} :: perpetual
perpiaño {m} :: perpent stone
Perpiñán {prop} {f} :: Perpignan
perplejidad {f} :: perplexity
perplejidad {f} :: bafflement, bewilderment
perplejo {adj} :: perplexed, baffled, confused
perpunte {m} :: a padded jacket serving as an armor
perquirir {v} :: to seek out
perquirir {v} :: to investigate
perra {f} [feminine] :: dog, bitch
perra {f} :: bitch (despicable or disagreeable, aggressive female person)
perra {f} :: prostitute, whore
perra {f} :: slut
perra {f} [colloquial] :: cash, dosh, dough (money)
perra {f} [colloquial] :: booze-up
perrada {f} :: dogs; pack of dogs
perrarina {f} [Venezuela] :: dry dog kibble
perrazo {m} :: augmentative of perro
perrear {v} [Argentina, colloquial] :: to deceive
perrear {v} [slang] :: to twerk, to dance reggaeton
perredista {adj} :: of or relating to the Party of the Democratic Revolution, a social democratic party from Mexico
perredista {mf} :: Supporter of the Party of the Democratic Revolution, a social democratic party from Mexico
perreo {m} :: twerking
perrera {f} :: kennel
perrería {f} :: dogs
perrería {f} :: dirty trick
perrero {m} :: dogcatcher
perreta {f} :: fit; tantrum
perrezna {f} :: puppy
perrezno {m} :: diminutive of perro; a small dog
perrezno {m} [rare] :: diminutive of perro; a puppy, pup
perrilla {f} [Mexico] :: stye
perrillo {m} :: diminutive of perro
perrita {f} :: diminutive of perra, female doggy
perrito {m} :: doggy, diminutive of perro
perrito {m} :: puppy
perrito {m} :: hot dog
perrito caliente {m} :: hot dog
perrito faldero {m} [idiom] :: lapdog
perro {adj} :: doggy, doggish
perro {adj} :: awful
perro {adj} :: wicked, mean
perro {m} :: dog
perro caliente {m} :: hot dog
perro de agua {m} :: water dog
perro de agua {m} [Mexico] :: otter
perro de agua {m} [Mexico] :: ferret
perro de mil leches {m} :: mongrel, crossbred dog
perro de presa {m} :: hunting dog
perro faldero {m} :: lap dog
perroflauta {mf} :: crusty, (person), punk, hippie, hipster, very liberal person, anticapitalist, antisystem
perro guardián {m} :: watchdog
perro guía {m} :: guide dog
perro ladrador, poco mordedor {proverb} :: barking dogs seldom bite
perro que no camina, no encuentra hueso {proverb} :: practice makes perfect; no pain no gain
perrote {m} :: augmentative of perro, big dog
perro viejo {m} [idiom] :: old hand
perruno {adj} :: doglike
perruno {adj} [attributive] :: dog
persa {adj} :: Persian (Of, from, or pertaining to Persia)
persa {m} :: Persian (Persian language)
persa {mf} :: Persian (person from Persia)
persa antiguo {m} :: Old Persian language
persa medio {m} :: Middle Persian language
persa nuevo {m} :: New Persian language
persecución {f} :: persecution
persecución {f} :: chase
persecución {f} :: paranoia, persecution complex
persecución equipos {f} [cycling] :: team pursuit
persecución individual {f} [cycling] :: individual pursuit
persecutor {m} :: persecutor
persecutora {f} :: persecutor
persecutorio {adj} :: persecutory
Perséfone {prop} {f} [Greek god] :: Persephone
perseguible {adj} [law] :: indictable
perseguido {adj} :: obsessed
perseguido {adj} :: paranoid
perseguidor {m} :: chaser, pursuer
perseguidora {f} :: chaser, pursuer
perseguir {v} :: to pursue, to chase
perseidas {fp} :: Perseids
perseverancia {f} :: perseverance
perseverante {adj} :: persevering
perseverar {v} :: to persevere
Persia {prop} {f} :: Persia
persiana {f} :: blind
persiana {f} :: shutter
persignarse {vr} [Christianity] :: to cross oneself, (make the sign of the cross over oneself)
persistencia {f} :: persistence
persistente {adj} :: persistent
persistentemente {adv} :: persistently
persistir {v} :: to persist
persona {f} :: person
personación {f} :: appearance (in person)
persona de muchos oficios {f} :: jack of all trades
personaje {mf} :: personage
personaje {mf} :: personality
personaje {mf} :: character in a film, book or other media
personajillo {m} :: minor celebrity
personajillo {m} :: minor character
personal {adj} :: personal
personal {m} :: personnel
personalidad {f} :: personality
personalísimo {adj} :: superlative of personal
personalismo {m} :: personalism
personalista {mf} :: personalist
personalizable {adj} :: personalizable
personalización {f} :: personalization (act of personalizing something)
personalizar {v} :: to personalize
personalmente {adv} :: personally
personarse {v} [formal] :: To arrive, turn up, make one's way
personera {f} [Latin America] :: spokesperson
personería {f} :: legal status
personero {m} [Latin America] :: spokesperson
personificación {f} :: personification
personificar {v} :: to personify
personilla {f} :: diminutive of persona
personita {f} :: diminutive of persona
perspectiva {f} :: perspective
perspectiva {f} :: prospect
perspectiva linear {f} :: linear perspective
perspectivismo {m} :: perspectivism
perspectivo {m} :: perspectivist
perspicacia {f} :: perspicacity, acumen
perspicacidad {f} :: perspicacity
perspicaz {adj} :: perceptive, perspicacious, insightful, shrewd
perspicaz {adj} [of vision] :: acute
perspicazmente {adv} :: keenly, acutely
perspicuo {adj} :: perspicuous, clear
persuadir {v} :: to persuade
persuasión {f} :: persuasion
persuasión {f} :: inducement
persuasión {f} :: conviction
persuasivo {adj} :: persuasive
pertactina {f} [protein] :: pertactin
pertecnetato {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: pertechnetate
pertenecer {v} :: to belong; to pertain
pertenecerse {v} :: to be independent
perteneciente {adj} :: belonging to
pertenencia {f} :: belonging
pertenencia {f} :: property
pertener {v} :: obsolete form of pertenecer
pértiga {f} :: pole
pértiga {f} :: pole (used in the sport of pole vaulting)
pertiguero {m} :: verger
pertiguista {mf} :: pole vaulter
pertinacia {f} :: persistence
pertinacia {f} :: obstinacy
pertinaz {adj} :: pertinacious
pertinaz {adj} :: enduring, persistent
pertinencia {f} :: pertinence, importance
pertinente {adj} :: pertinent, relevant
pertinente {adj} :: appropriate
pertinentemente {adv} :: pertinently
pertita {f} [mineral] :: perthite
pertrechado {v} :: past participle of pertrechar
pertrechar {v} :: to outfit (to supply with equipment)
pertrecho {m} :: munitions, arms, instruments, machines, and other equipment needed for use by soldiers, defensive fortifications, or warships
pertrecho {m} :: instruments or equipment needed for any operations
pertrechos {mp} :: gear, equipment
perturbación {f} :: perturbation, disturbance, disruption, agitation
perturbado {adj} :: disturbed (person)
perturbador {adj} :: perturbing
perturbador {m} :: troublemaker
perturbador {m} :: agitator
perturbadora {f} :: feminine noun of perturbador
perturbadoramente {adv} :: disturbingly
perturbar {v} :: to perturb
perturbativo {adj} :: perturbative
pertussis {f} :: pertussis
Perú {prop} {m} :: Peru
peruana {f} :: feminine noun of peruano
peruanidad {f} :: Peruvianness
peruanista {mf} :: Peruanist
peruano {adj} :: Peruvian (from or native to Peru)
peruano {adj} :: Peruvian (pertaining to Peru)
peruano {m} :: a Peruvian
Perusa {prop} {f} :: Perugia (city)
peruviana {f} :: feminine noun of peruviano
peruviano {adj} :: Peruvian (from or native to Peru)
peruviano {adj} :: Peruvian (pertaining to Peru)
peruviano {m} :: a Peruvian
perversamente {adv} :: perversely, wickedly
perversidad {f} :: perversity, depravity
perversión {f} :: perversion
perverso {adj} :: bad, mean, wicked
perverso {adj} :: perverse (of desires etc)
perverso {adj} :: perverted
pervertido {adj} :: perverted
pervertir {v} :: to pervert, lead astray, garble, corrupt
pervivencia {f} :: survival, prevalence
pervivir {v} :: prevail, survive
peryodato {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: periodate
pesa {f} :: weight (object cf. peso)
pesa {f} [Latin America] :: balance, scales
pesadamente {adv} :: heavily
pesadamente {adv} :: annoyingly
pesadez {f} :: heaviness, heft (quality of weight)
pesadez {f} :: tediousness, boringness
pesadez {f} :: nuisance
pesadez {f} :: ache, pain (feeling of heaviness)
pesadilla {f} :: nightmare
pesadillesco {adj} :: nightmarish
pesadísimo {adj} :: superlative of pesado
pesadito {adj} :: diminutive of pesado
pesado {adj} :: heavy in weight
pesado {adj} :: annoying
pesado {adj} :: boring
pesado {adj} :: serious
pesado {m} [colloquial] :: pest, annoying person
pesadumbre {f} :: sorrow
pesadumbre {f} :: trouble
pesadumbre {f} :: heaviness
pesaje {m} :: weighing
pesaje {m} [sports] :: weigh-in
pésame {m} :: condolence
pesar {v} :: to weigh
pesar {v} :: to ponder
pesar {v} :: to have weight
pesar {v} :: to have seriousness. To be grave
pesar {m} :: grief, regret, chagrin
pesario {m} [medicine] :: pessary (vaginal suppository)
pesaroso {adj} :: regretful
pesaroso {adj} :: mournful
pesa rusa {f} :: kettlebell
pesca {f} :: fishing
pesca de arrastre {f} [fishing] :: trawling
pescadera {f} :: feminine noun of pescador
pescadería {f} :: fishmonger's, fish shop (shop that sells fish)
pescadería {f} :: fishmarket
pescadero {m} :: fishmonger (person who sells fish)
pescadilla {f} :: striped weakfish (Cynoscion striatus)
pescadilla {f} :: whiting (Merlangius merlangus)
pescadilla {f} :: fried fish taco (using whiting, tuna, red snapper, cod, etc.)
pescadilla que se muerde la cola {f} :: vicious circle
pescadilla que se muerde la cola {f} :: ouroboros
pescadito {m} :: diminutive of pescado, little fish
pescado {m} :: fish that has been caught; food fish
pescador {adj} :: That fishes
pescador {m} :: fisherman or fisher
pescadora {f} :: fisherwoman
pescadora {f} :: (female) fisher
pescador furtivo {m} [fish] :: poacher
pescante {m} [nautical] :: davit
pescar {v} :: to fish
pescar {v} :: to angle
pescar {v} [colloquial] :: to get
pescar {v} [colloquial] :: to catch
pescar {v} [colloquial] :: to mind, pay attention to (a person)
pescar {v} [colloquial] :: to search, or fish for information
pescar {v} [colloquial] :: to screw, to get action (have sex)
pescar una cogorza {v} [idiomatic] :: to go on a bender; to go out boozing
pescozón {m} :: smack on the neck
pescuecear {v} :: to crane one's neck
pescuecear {v} [Venezuela, of fighting cocks] :: to lock necks
pescuecear {v} [Venezuela] :: to stick one's neck out
pescueceo {m} :: The act of sticking out one's neck
pescuezo {m} :: scruff of the neck
pescuezo {m} :: neck (neck of animal)
pese a {prep} :: in spite of, despite
pese a quien pese {adv} [idiomatic] :: by all means, by any reckoning
pesebre {m} :: manger
pesebre {m} :: a confined space set apart for the feeding of animals
pesebre {m} :: nativity scene
pesera {f} :: feminine noun of pesero
pesero {m} :: butcher
pesero {m} :: minibus
peseta {f} :: peseta
pesetera {f} :: feminine noun of pesetero
pesetero {m} [colloquial, derogatory] :: tight-fisted, stingy, miser
pesetero {m} [colloquial, derogatory] :: moneygrubber/money-grubber
pesetilla {f} :: diminutive of peseta
peshmerga {mf} :: peshmerga
pesificación {f} :: conversion into pesos
pésimamente {adv} :: extremely poorly
pesimismo {m} :: pessimism
pesimista {adj} :: pessimistic
pesimista {mf} :: pessimist
pésimo {adj} :: superlative of malo: very bad
pesista {mf} :: weightlifter
pesito {m} :: diminutive of peso
peso {m} :: weight (the force on an object due to gravitational attraction)
peso {m} :: weight (a block of metal used in a balance)
peso {m} :: weight class
peso {m} :: peso (unit of currency)
peso {m} :: weight (importance or influence)
peso {m} :: weight (pressure; burden)
peso atómico {m} :: atomic weight
peso bruto {m} :: gross weight
peso específico {m} :: specific gravity
pésol {m} :: pea (vegetable)
peso molecular {m} :: molecular weight
peso muerto {m} :: deadlift
peso neto {m} :: net weight
peso pesado {m} [boxing] :: heavyweight
peso pesado {m} [idiom] :: heavyweight; big fish; big cheese
pespuntar {v} :: to backstitch
pespuntear {v} :: To backstitch
pesquera {f} :: fish company
pesquería {f} :: fishing (activity)
pesquería {f} :: fishing ground
pesquero {adj} :: fishing (which or who is fishing)
pesquero {adj} :: fishing (related to fishing)
pesquero {m} :: fishing boat
pesquisa {f} :: inquiry
pesquisaje {m} :: screening (detection of disease)
pesquisar {v} :: to investigate
pesquisidor {m} [archaic] :: investigator
pesquisidora {f} :: feminine noun of pesquisidor
pesquizaje {m} :: screening
pestaña {f} :: flange
pestaña {f} :: eyelash
pestaña {f} [computing] :: tab (navigational widget in a GUI)
pestañear {v} :: to wink, blink
pestañear {v} :: to bat an eyelid
pestañeo {m} :: flutter, flapping
pestañeo {m} :: wink, blink (blinking of an eye)
peste {f} :: plague
peste {f} :: contagious disease
peste {f} [slang, Mexico] :: reek, unpleasant or repulsive smell
peste bovina {f} :: rinderpest
peste negra {f} :: Black Death
pesticida {f} :: pesticide
pestífero {adj} :: pestiferous
pestilencia {f} :: pestilence
pestilencial {adj} :: pestilent
pestilente {adj} :: pestilent, stinking
pestillo {m} :: A latch
pestillo {m} :: A bolt (lock)
pestiño {m} :: a type of small pancake made with honey
pestiño {m} [colloquial] :: a boring or annoying person
pesto {m} :: pesto
pesuvista {adj} :: Of or pertaining to the United Socialist Party of Venezuela
pesuvista {mf} :: A member of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela
peta {f} [Bolivia] :: turtle
petaca {f} :: tobacco pouch
petaca {f} :: hip flask
petaca {f} [Mexico] :: suitcase
petaca {f} [Mexico, in the plural] :: buttocks
petado {adj} [colloquial] :: packed, full of people
pétalo {m} :: petal
petaloide {adj} :: petaloid
petaloideo {adj} :: petaloid
petámetro {m} :: petametre
petanca {f} [games] :: pétanque
petar {v} [colloquial] :: to please, gratify, content (transitive)
petarda {f} :: feminine of petardo
petardear {v} :: to backfire
petardo {m} :: firecracker (a firework)
petardo {m} :: joint (marijuana cigarette)
petardo {m} :: swindle
petardo {m} :: trash, rubbish
petardo {m} :: blowjob
petardo {m} :: a boring or annoying person
petardo {m} :: ugly woman
petareña {f} :: feminine noun of petareño
petareño {adj} :: Of or from the city of Petare, Venezuela
petareño {m} :: An inhabitant of the city of Petare, Venezuela
petate {m} :: Fibers obtained from the leaves of palm trees found in the Caribbean and Mesoamerica, (most commonly Leucothrinax morrisii and Thrinax radiata)
petate {m} :: A mat woven from petate, commonly used as a bedroll and for other purposes
petatearse {vp} [colloquial, Chile, El Savador, Mexico, Panama] :: to die
petazeta {m} :: pop rock
pete {m} [Latin America, slang] :: blowjob
pete {m} [Latin America, childish] :: pacifier, short form of chupete
pete {m} [Latin America, slang] :: noob, unskilled player
petear {v} [Latin America, slang] :: To give a blowjob. To give a pete
Petén {prop} :: Petén (department)
petenera {f} :: A type of Andalusian music played with the guitar
petequia {f} [medicine] :: petechia
petición {f} :: request
peticionante {adj} :: petitioning
peticionar {v} :: to petition
peticionaria {f} :: feminine of peticionario
peticionario {m} :: petitioner
petimetre {mf} :: dandy, fop
petirrojo {m} :: robin (Erithacus rubecula)
petiso {adj} [Latin America] :: little, small, wee
petista {mf} [politics] :: a person who supports or is affiliated to the Brazilian Workers' Party
petista {adj} [politics] :: pertaining or related to the Brazilian Workers' Party
petisú {m} :: cream puff
petisuis {f} [Spain, colloquial] :: sexy young minx; wee bonny lass; young babe
petitorio {adj} :: petitory
petizo {adj} [Argentina] :: little; wee
peto {m} :: bib
peto {m} :: breastplate
peto {m} :: shirtfront
peto {m} [zoology] :: plastron
peto {m} [historical] :: plastron
peto {m} [sports] :: chest pad
petral {m} [equestrian] :: breastplate
petrarquismo {m} :: Petrarchism
petrarquista {mf} :: Petrarchist
petrel {m} :: petrel
pétreo {adj} :: petrous
pétreo {adj} :: stony
pétreo {adj} :: rocky
pétreo {adj} :: of stone
pétreo {adj} :: stone
petricor {m} :: petrichor
petrificación {f} :: petrifaction, petrification
petrificar {vt} :: to petrify
petril {m} :: obsolete spelling of pertil
petro {m} :: petro
petrocasa {f} [Venezuela] :: A type of mass-produced Venezuelan house, manufactured by Corporación Petroquímica de Venezuela and used for public housing
petrochequera {f} [Venezuela] :: Donation of government money to foreign countries
petrodiésel {m} :: diesel
petrodiplomacia {f} :: petro-diplomacy
petrodólar {m} :: petrodollar
petroestado {m} :: petrostate
petroglifo {m} :: petroglyph
petrograbado {m} :: petroglyph
petrografía {f} :: petrography
petrolato {m} :: petrolatum; petroleum jelly
petróleo {m} :: petroleum, oil
petroleoquímica {f} :: petroleum chemistry
petroleoquímico {adj} :: Of or pertaining to the petroleum industry
petrolera {f} :: oil company
petrolero {adj} :: oil, petrol (related to mineral oil)
petrolero {adj} :: diesel (of vehicles powered with diesel fuel)
petrolero {m} :: oil tanker
petrolífero {adj} :: petroliferous
petrolífico {adj} :: synonym of petrolífero
petrología {f} [geology] :: petrology
petromacorisana {f} :: feminine noun of petromacorisano
petromacorisano {adj} :: Of or from the province of San Pedro de Macorís in the Dominican Republic
petromacorisano {m} :: An inhabitant of the province of San Pedro de Macorís in the Dominican Republic
petroprecios {mp} :: petrol prices
petroquímica {f} :: petrochemistry
petroquímico {adj} :: petrochemical
petroso {adj} :: stony; rocky
petroso {adj} [anatomy] :: petrous
petulancia {f} :: self-pride, conceitedness
petulante {adj} :: posing, self-proud, conceited
petulante {mf} :: poser (conceited person)
petunia {f} :: petunia
peuca {f} [slang, rural, Chile] :: sweetheart, a girl which is engaged with someone
peuca {f} [slang, Chile] :: term of contempt for a young woman (due to phonetical similitude with puta)
peuco {m} [Chile] :: an American hawk, Harris Hawk (Parabuteo unicinctus)
peyorativamente {adv} :: pejoratively
peyorativo {adj} :: pejorative
peyorativo {m} :: pejorative (disparaging, belittling or derogatory word or expression)
peyote {m} :: peyote
pez {f} :: pitch, tar
pez {m} :: fish (especially while alive)
pez {m} [colloquial] :: idiot, dimwit
pez cirujano {m} :: surgeonfish
pez de leche {m} :: milkfish
pez de San Pedro {m} :: John Dory
pez dorado {m} :: goldfish
pez espada {m} :: swordfish
pez gato {m} :: catfish
pez globo {m} :: blowfish
pez gordo {m} [idiomatic] :: head honcho, big cheese, fat cat
pez luna {m} :: sunfish; ocean sunfish (large marine fish)
pez mantequilla {f} :: halibut
pezón {m} [anatomy, especially, of a female] :: nipple
pez payaso {m} :: clownfish
pez plano {m} :: flatfish
pezuelo {m} :: end of a thread
pezuña {f} :: hoof
pez volador {m} :: flying fish
PGR {abbr} :: (Mexico) La Procuraduría General de la República, The attorney general of Mexico
phablet {m} :: phablet
philósopho {m} :: obsolete form of filósofo
phishing {m} [computing] :: phishing
photobomb {m} :: photobomb
photoshop {m} :: photoshop
photoshopear {v} :: to photoshop
pi {f} :: pi; the Greek letter Π, π
piada {f} :: chirping (action of chirping)
piada {f} [colloquial] :: Expression of someone similar to the other person usually used. Salvador tiene muchas piadas de su maestro
piadina {f} :: piadina
piadosamente {adv} :: piously
piadosísimo {adj} :: superlative of piadoso
piadoso {adj} :: pious
piadoso {adj} :: pitiful
piafar {v} [of animals, especially horses] :: to stamp
pialar {v} :: to lassoo
Piamonte {prop} {m} :: Piedmont
piamontés {m} :: Piedmontese (language)
piamontés {m} :: Piedmontese (person)
piamontés {adj} :: Piedmontese
piamontesa {f} :: feminine noun of piamontés
piangua {f} :: A species of mussel, Andara tuberculosa
pianismo {m} :: pianism
pianista {mf} :: pianist
pianístico {adj} :: pianistic
piano {m} :: piano
piano de cola {m} :: grand piano
pianola {f} [musical instruments] :: player piano, pianola
piar {v} :: to chirp
piara {f} :: herd [of pigs, sheep etc.]
piastra {f} :: piastre (historical Spanish and Spanish-American currency)
piastra {f} :: piastre (modern denomination in the Middle East)
PIB {m} :: Producto Interior Bruto; gross domestic product, GDP
piba {f} :: chick; lass; broad (woman)
pibe {m} [Argentina, Uruguay, Canary Islands, colloquial] :: kid, young person
pibe {m} [Argentina, Uruguay, colloquial] :: boyfriend
pibí {m} :: peewee
pibil {adj} [Mexico, said of a food] :: Wrapped in banana or plantain leaves and cooked underground
pibipollo {m} :: A Mayan dish made of chicken and pork, cornflour and various other ingredients
pibón {m} [colloquial, Spain] :: hottie, cutie (attractive person)
pica {f} :: pike, lance
pica {f} :: pick (digging tool)
pica {f} [card games] :: spade (a playing card of the suit spades, picas)
picacho {m} :: peak; summit
picada {f} :: peck (an act of striking with a beak)
picada {f} :: appetizer (small portion of food)
picadero {m} :: riding school
picadero {m} [slang] :: fuckpad; love nest (place for sexual relations)
picadillo {m} :: salad (made of chopped food)
picadillo {m} :: minced meat
picadito {adj} :: diminutive of picado
picado {adj} :: rotten, spoiled
picado {adj} :: piqued
picado {adj} [of a tooth] :: decayed
picado {adj} [of the sea] :: choppy
picado {adj} [of food, especially meat] :: minced, ground
picado {adj} [colloquial] :: bitter, pissed
picado {m} [film] :: overhead shot
picado {m} [music] :: staccato note
picado {m} [Argentina] :: kick around (informal football game)
picador {m} :: someone who stabs or wounds
picador {m} :: someone who cuts sugar-cane
picadora {f} :: feminine noun of picador
picadura {f} :: a bite, e.g. from a snake or insect
picadura {f} :: a wound
picaflor {m} :: hummingbird
picahielo {m} :: icepick
picajoso {adj} :: touchy
picamaderos {m} :: woodpecker
picana {f} [Latin America] :: prod, cattle prod
picaña {f} :: A type of rump steak
picante {adj} :: (of food) hot and spicy
picante {adj} :: vulgar, risque
picantera {f} :: A picantería cook
picantería {f} [Peru, Ecuador] :: A restaurant which specialises in spicy Andean cuisine
picantero {m} :: A picantería cook
picantito {adj} :: diminutive of picante
picapedrera {f} :: feminine noun of picapedrero
picapedrero {m} :: stonecutter
picapinos {m} :: great spotted woodpecker
picapleitos {mf} [colloquial, pejorative] :: shark lawyer
picaporte {m} :: doorknob, door handle
picaporte {m} :: knocker, door knocker
picar {v} :: to bite; to sting; to stab; to wound
picar {v} :: to rot; to decay; to eat away; to rust
picar {v} :: to chop
picar {v} :: to pique
picar {v} :: to itch
picar {v} :: to sting or be pungent to the lips or tongue, be spicy or hot
picar {v} [slang, Mexico] :: to sexually penetrate, fuck
picar {vr} :: to get angry, to get annoyed, to take offence
picar {vr} :: to turn sour
picar {vr} [Mexico, with con] :: to get addicted, fascinated, enraptured
pícaramente {adv} :: craftily; cunningly
picardía {f} :: naughtiness, craftiness
picardía {f} :: act of mischief, dirty trick
picardía {f} :: rude word, insult
Picardía {prop} {f} :: Picardía (region)
picardo {adj} :: Picard
picardo {m} :: Picard (person)
picardo {m} :: Picard (language)
picarescamente {adv} :: picaresquely
picaresco {adj} :: picaresque
picaridina {f} :: icaridin
picarillo {adj} :: diminutive of pícaro
pícaro {adj} :: lacking honor
pícaro {adj} :: malicious
pícaro {adj} :: cunning
pícaro {m} :: rogue
picarón {adj} :: naughty, feisty
picassesco {adj} :: Picassoesque
picasso {m} :: Picasso (work of art by Pablo Picasso)
Picasso {prop} {mf} :: A surname
Picasso {prop} {mf} :: Pablo Picasso, Spanish artist
Picasso {m} :: Picasso (work of art by Pablo Picasso)
picatartes {m} :: rockfowl
picatoste {m} :: A type of sweetened crouton
picaza {f} :: magpie
picazón {f} :: itch, itching
picazón {f} :: rash
piccolo {m} :: piccolo
pícea {f} :: spruce
picena {f} :: feminine noun of piceno
piceno {m} :: Picente
picha {f} [Spain, vulgar] :: penis
pichadura {f} [Paraguay] :: annoyance; disdain
pichel {m} [Spain] :: stein, small liquid container wider at the bottom than the top, closed by a hinged lid
pichel {m} [Mexico] :: water jug
pichel {m} [El Salvador, Costa Rica] :: pitcher
picheo {m} [baseball] :: pitch (throw)
pícher {m} [baseball] :: pitcher
pichi {m} :: pinafore
pichicatera {f} :: feminine noun of pichicatero
pichicatero {m} [Cono Sur] :: druggie; drug addict; junkie
pichichi {m} [football, Spain] :: top scorer in the league
pichilemino {adj} :: from Pichilemu, Chile
Pichilemo {prop} {m} :: alt form Pichilemu
Pichilemu {prop} {m} :: Pichilemu
Pichilemu {prop} {m} :: surname
pichinga {f} [colloquial, El Salvador] :: water jug
pichón {m} :: A young pigeon or dove
pichón {m} [colloquial] :: guy, fellow, fella
pichona {f} :: feminine of pichón
pichoncito {m} :: diminutive of pichón
pichula {f} [vulgar, Argentina, Chile, Peru] :: penis
pichulear {v} [Chile] :: to lie; fib
pichulear {v} [Uruguay, Argentina] :: to hunt bargains; to sniff out a good deal
pichuleo {m} [Cono Sur] :: stinginess
pickles {mp} :: pickles
pickup {m} :: pickup (vehicle)
picle {m} [Chile] :: pickle
picle {m} [Chile] :: any pickled food
pícnic {m} :: picnic (outdoor meal)
picnómetro {m} :: pycnometer
pico {m} :: beak (of a bird)
pico {m} :: sharp point
pico {m} :: pick, pickaxe
pico {m} :: peak, summit (of a mountain)
pico {m} :: a bit, a little
pico {m} [zoology] :: crest
pico {m} [colloquial, Bolivia, Chile, Costa Rica] :: penis
pico {m} [colloquial, Bolivia, Colombia] :: kiss
pico {m} [colloquial] :: trap; gob (mouth)
pico de gallo {m} :: A condiment generally made with diced raw onions, tomatoes, chiles, and cilantro
picogordo {m} :: hawfinch
picogramo {m} :: picogram
picogrueso {m} :: grosbeak
picoleto {m} [Spain, colloquial] :: cop (of the Guardia Civil)
picolezna {m} :: xenops
picoloro {m} :: parrotbill
pico menor {m} :: lesser spotted woodpecker
picómetro {m} :: picometer
picón {adj} :: chatty
piconera {f} :: coal seller
picop {m} :: pick-up truck
picopando {m} :: godwit
picoplano {m} :: flatbill
picor {m} :: stinging
picor {m} :: burning
picornavirus {m} :: picornavirus
picoroco {m} [Chile, Peru] :: Edible South American barnacle Austromegabalanus psittacus
picosito {adj} :: diminutive of picoso
picoso {adj} [Latin America] :: spicy
picota {f} :: pillory
picotazo {m} :: peck (with a beak)
picotazo {m} :: sting
picotazo {m} :: bite by an animal
picotear {vt} :: to peck (strike with a beak)
picotear {vit} :: to nibble
picoteo {m} :: pecking
picoteo {m} [Spain] :: finger food
picozapato {m} :: shoebill
picrato {m} :: picrate
pícrico {adj} :: picric
picto {m} :: Pict
pictografía {f} :: pictograph
pictográfico {adj} :: pictographic
pictograma {m} :: pictogram
pictorialismo {m} :: pictorialism
pictorialista {mf} :: pictorialist
pictóricamente {adv} :: pictorially
pictórico {adj} :: pictorial
picudo {adj} :: beaked
picudo {adj} :: pointy
picudo {adj} :: pointed
picudo {adj} :: pointy-nosed
picudo {adj} :: chatty
picudo {m} :: weevil
picunche {mf} :: Picunche
pídola {f} :: leapfrog
pie {m} :: foot [of a person]
pie {m} [poetry] :: foot
pié {m} :: obsolete spelling of pie
piececillo {m} :: diminutive of pie
piececito {m} :: diminutive of pie
piecito {m} :: diminutive of pie
piedad {f} :: pity, mercy
piedad {f} :: piety
Piedad {prop} {f} :: given name
pie de atleta {m} :: athlete's foot
pie de caballo {m} :: coltsfoot
pie de monte {m} :: foothill
piedemonte {m} :: foothill
piedra {f} :: stone (hard earthen substance that can form large rocks)
piedra {f} :: flint (small cylinder used to produce a spark in a lighter, etc.)
piedra {f} :: hailstone (single ball of hail, or solid precipitation)
piedra {f} :: crack (potent, relatively cheap, addictive variety of cocaine)
piedra angular {f} :: cornerstone
piedra de luna {f} [mineral] :: moonstone (gemstone)
piedra de moler {f} :: grinding stone
piedra de moler {f} :: grindstone, millstone
Piedra de Rosetta {prop} {f} :: Rosetta Stone
piedra de toque {f} :: touchstone
piedra filosofal {f} [occult] :: philosopher's stone
piedra pómez {f} :: pumice
piedra preciosa {f} :: gemstone
piedrazo {m} :: hit with a stone
piedrecilla {f} :: diminutive of piedra
piedrecita {f} :: diminutive of piedra
piedrita {f} :: diminutive of piedra
piel {f} :: skin
piel {f} :: fur
piélago {m} :: the open sea; pelagic waters
piélago {m} [poetic] :: the sea
piélago {m} [figuratively] :: something vast, countless, innumerable
piélago {m} [archaic] :: pond, reservoir
piel de gallina {f} [idiomatic] :: goose bumps; raised skin, usually on the neck or arms caused by cold or fear
pielero {m} :: leather seller
piel fina {m} :: thin-skinned [overly sensitive to criticism; quick to take offence; irritable; touchy]
piel fina {m} :: See: piel fina; thin-skinned
piensa mal y acertarás {proverb} :: Always assume the worst (of someone)
pienso {m} :: animal feed
pienso {m} [obsolete] :: thought
Pieonchang {prop} :: Pyeongchang
piercing {m} :: piercing
pierna {f} :: leg (lower limb of a human)
piernas {m} [dated] :: twit; idiot
piernita {f} :: diminutive of pierna
piernudo {adj} [colloquial, El Salvador] :: having big legs
pies de barro {mp} :: feet of clay
pies de plomo {mp} [idiomatic] :: great care
pietaje {m} :: footage
pietismo {m} :: Pietism
pietista {adj} :: Pietist
pietista {mf} :: Pietist
pieza {f} :: piece, part
pieza {f} :: room
pieza {f} [heraldry] :: ordinary
piezoeléctrico {adj} :: piezoelectric
piezómetro {m} :: piezometer
pífano {m} :: fife (musical instrument)
pifear {v} [colloquial] :: to screw up; mess up
pifia {f} [colloquial] :: small flaw, defect
pifia {f} [colloquial] :: mistake, fault, error
pifiar {vi} :: to drop the ball, screw up, mess up
pifiar {vt} [Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Peru] :: to boo
pifiar {vt} [Bolivia, , Peru] :: to mock, dig, make fun of
pifiar {vt} [Mexico] :: to nick, rob
pifiar {vi} [music] :: to blow across a flute or other reedless woodwind instrument
pigidio {m} :: pygidium
pigmentación {f} :: pigmentation
pigmentar {v} :: to pigment, to dye
pigmentario {adj} :: pigmented
pigmento {m} :: pigment
pigmentoso {adj} :: pigmentous
pigmeo {adj} :: pygmy
pigmeo {mf} :: pygmy
pigóstilo {m} [anatomy] :: pygostyle
pigricia {f} :: laziness
pihuel {m} :: red-backed hawk
pija {f} :: feminine noun of pijo
pija {f} [vulgar] :: penis
pijada {f} [colloquial, Spain] :: A pijo attitude, particularly, or things made by a pijo; snobbery, snobbism
pijada {f} [colloquial, Spain] :: nonsense, trifle, baloney
pijada {f} [colloquial, Spain] :: nonsense, stupidity
pijama {m} :: pyjamas
pijamada {f} :: pyjama party
pijao {mf} :: Pijao
pijao {adj} :: Pijao
pije {m} [Chile] :: snob; toff; posho
pijería {f} [colloquial, Spain] :: Characteristic of a pijo; snobbiness
pijería {f} [colloquial, Spain] :: Group of pijo people
pijerío {m} [colloquial, Spain] :: Characteristic of a pijo; snobbiness
pijerío {m} [colloquial, Spain] :: Group of pijo people
pijo {adj} [Spain] :: snobby
pijo {adj} [Spain] :: posh
pijo {m} [Spain] :: snob, dandy
pijo {m} [vulgar] :: penis
pijotada {f} :: alternative form of pijada
pijotero {adj} [colloquial, Spain] :: annoying
pijotero {adj} [colloquial, Argentina] :: stingy
pijuí {m} :: spinetail
pikachurina {f} [protein] :: pikachurin
pila {f} :: small battery
pila {f} :: pile, mound
pila {f} [colloquial] :: a lot
pila {f} [heraldiccharge] :: pile
pila {f} :: sink; washbasin
pila {f} :: font
piladora {f} :: chipper (machine)
pilar {m} :: pillar, pier
pilar {m} [rugby] :: The player who is next to the hooker in a scrum
pilar {v} :: to pound
Pilar {prop} {f} :: given name
pilarense {adj} :: Of or from Pilar Partido
pilarense {adj} :: Of or from Pilar, Buenos Aires
pilarense {adj} :: Of or from Pilar, Córdoba Province
pilarense {adj} :: Of or from Pilar (Santa Fe)
pilarense {adj} :: Of or from Pilar, Paraguay
pilarense {mf} :: Someone from Pilar Partido
pilarense {mf} :: Someone from Pilar, Buenos Aires
pilarense {mf} :: Someone from Pilar, Córdoba Province
pilarense {mf} :: Someone from Pilar (Santa Fe)
pilarense {mf} :: Someone from Pilar, Paraguay
pilastra {f} [architecture] :: pilaster (rectangular pillar that supports or decorates a wall or roof)
pilates {m} :: pilates
pilcha {f} [rural, Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay] :: low-quality clothes
pilcha {f} [colloquial, Argentina, Peru, Uruguay] :: high-quality clothes
pilcha {f} [Argentina, Bolivia, Uruguay] :: each element of the riding tack, such as a stirrup or saddle
píldora {f} :: pill
píldora del día después {f} :: morning-after pill
píleo {m} :: pileus (hat)
pileta {f} [Argentina] :: pool; swimming pool
pileta {f} :: basin
piletón {m} :: stream pool
Pili {prop} {f} :: A diminutive of the female given name Pilar
pilila {f} [Spain, colloquial, childish] :: penis
pillado {adj} [colloquial] :: crazy (in love); head over heels
pillaje {m} :: pillage
pillán {m} :: Pillan
pilla pilla {m} :: tag, it (children's chasing game)
pillar {v} :: to catch, get
pillar {v} :: to pilfer, steal
pillar {v} [colloquial] :: to get (a joke)
pillar {v} [colloquial] :: to catch, catch up to
pillar {v} [colloquial] :: to catch (someone doing something illegal)
pillar {v} [colloquial] :: to come down with, catch (an illness)
pillar cacho {v} [colloquial] :: To hook up (with someone)
pillarse un pedo {v} [idiomatic, slang] :: to get trashed, get wasted
pillar una cogorza {v} [idiomatic] :: to go on a bender; to go out boozing
pillastre {mf} :: scoundrel
pillastrón {m} [colloquial] :: rogue, rascal
pillería {f} :: tricking, playing tricks
pillete {m} :: scamp; rogue
pillín {m} [colloquial] :: naughty boy, rascal
pillo {adj} :: clever
pillo {adj} :: cheeky, impudent
pillo {adj} :: mean, nasty
pillo {m} :: cheeky or naughty person
pilluelo {m} :: rascal; scamp
pilocítico {adj} :: pilocytic
pilón {m} :: pylon
pilón {m} :: A gift given by a vendor to accompany a transaction
pilón {m} :: pestle
pilón {m} :: basin, sink
pilón {m} [Chile] :: deaf (hearing impaired)
piloncillo {m} :: panela
pilono {m} :: alternative spelling of pilón
píloro {m} [anatomy] :: pylorus
pilosidad {f} :: hairiness
piloso {adj} :: hairy
piloso {adj} [attributive] :: hair
pilotaje {m} :: piloting
pilotar {v} :: to pilot
pilote {m} [architecture] :: pile
pilotear {v} :: to pilot
piloto {m} :: pilot
piloto {m} :: driver (racing)
piloto {m} :: flashing light
piloto de prueba {m} :: test pilot
pil pil {m} :: alternative form of pil-pil
pil-pil {m} :: pil-pil
pil-pil {m} :: cod in pil-pil sauce
piltrafa {f} :: scrap of meat
piltrafa {f} :: offal, scrap, junk (object in very bad condition)
piltrafa {f} :: skinny, feeble person
Piluca {prop} {f} :: A diminutive of the female given name Pilar
pima {adj} :: Pima
pima {mf} :: Pima
Pimentel {prop} :: surname
pimentero {m} :: pepper mill
pimentón {m} :: A relish made from red sweet peppers
pimentón {m} :: The pimiento (fruit)
pimentón de la Vera {m} :: Pimentón de La Vera
pimentonero {m} [football] :: Someone, such as a fan, player, coach etc., that is associated with Real Murcia, a football club in Murcia, Spain
pimentoso {adj} :: piquant
pimienta {f} :: pepper (herb, peppercorns)
pimienta de Cayena {f} :: cayenne pepper
pimienta de Jamaica {m} :: allspice
pimienta negra {f} :: black pepper
pimiento {m} :: pepper (fruit of the capsicum)
pimiento {m} :: pepper plant
pimiento morrón {m} :: bell pepper
pim pam pum {phrase} :: bish bash bosh
pimpante {adj} :: lively
pimpina {f} [Venezuela] :: large petrol can
pimpinela {f} :: any plant of the genus Pimpinella
pimpinera {f} :: feminine noun of pimpinero
pimpinero {adj} :: of or pertaining to the illegal gasoline trade
pimpinero {m} [Colombia, Venezuela] :: Illegal gasoline (petrol) trader, near the border of Colombia and Venezuela
pimplar {v} [colloquial] :: to booze; to drink to excess
pimpollo {m} [agriculture] :: a seedling
pimpollo {m} [forestry] :: a pine tree sapling
pimpollo {m} [forestry] :: a young tree
pimpollo {m} [botany] :: a new stem either soft or wooden
pimpollo {m} [botany] :: a nearly blossomed rose flower
pimpollo {m} :: A very handsome, gallant, and graceful boy or young man
pimpón {m} :: ping pong
pin {m} :: pin, lapel pin
pin {m} [electricity] :: pin (any of the individual connecting elements of a multipole electrical connector)
pin {m} :: PIN, PIN number
PIN {acronym} :: alternative form of pin
PIN {acronym} :: Proyecto de Identificación Nacional
pina {f} :: border-stone
Pina {prop} {f} :: A diminutive of the female given name Josefa
piña {f} [botany] :: pinecone
piña {f} [fruit] :: pineapple
piña {f} [Canarias, Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay, Honduras, Cuba, Uruguay] :: punch (blow with the fist)
piña {f} [Argentina, colloquial] :: collision, accident, crash
piña {f} :: close-knit group
Piña {prop} {m} :: surname, variation of Peña
pinacate {m} [Mexico] :: pinacate beetle, stink beetle
pinacocito {m} [cytology] :: pinacocyte
pinacodermo {m} [zoology] :: pinacoderm
piña colada {f} :: A cocktail containing rum, pineapple juice, coconut milk and a dash of syrup, blended with crushed ice
pinacoteca {f} :: art gallery, especially one devoted to paintings
pináculo {m} [architecture] :: pinnacle
pináculo {m} [architecture] :: spire
pinado {adj} :: pinnate
pinar {m} :: pine grove
pinareño {adj} :: Of or from Pinar del Río
pinareño {m} :: Someone from Pinar del Río
piñata {f} :: Doll filled with candy, that gets hit with a hammer or a stick during birthday parties (also Mexican Christmas celebrations) until the candy falls out
pinaza {f} :: pinnace
pinaza {f} :: dead leaves from a pine tree
pinball {m} :: pinball
pincel {m} :: paintbrush
pincelada {f} :: brushstroke
pinchadiscos {mf} :: deejay
pinchado {adj} :: Something which is punctured
pinchar {v} :: to puncture, prick, pierce
pinchar {v} [animals, needle] :: to sting
pinchar {v} [computation] :: to click
pinchar {v} [colloquial] :: to flirt
pinchar {v} [colloquial] :: to get flirted
pinchar {v} [telephony] :: to call up by telephone and suspend before a conversation is initiated in order to make the receiver call back
pinchar {v} [telephony, colloquial] :: putting some tool for hearing in secret private conversation by phone; eavesdropping
pinchar {vi} [colloquial] :: to slip up (fail)
pinchar {v} [colloquial] :: to fuck
pinchar {v} [colloquial] :: to wind up, pester
pinchar en hueso {v} [idiomatic] :: to slip up (make a mistake)
pincharse {vr} :: to shoot up (to inject drugs intravenously)
pinchazo {m} :: prick, sting
pinchazo {m} :: puncture
pinchazo {m} :: eavesdropping
pinche {adj} [Mexico, vulgar] :: damned, goddamned
pinche {adj} [Costa Rica, Nicaragua, also by a minority in El Salvador] :: stingy, cheap
pinche {m} [Mexico] :: a kitchen servant
pinche {m} [Chile] :: hairpin (fastener for the hair)
pincher {m} :: pinscher
pinchito {m} :: diminutive of pincho
pinchito {m} [slang, vulgar, Spain, ] :: sexual intercourse
pincho {m} :: skewer
pincho {m} [slang] :: a shank
pincho {m} [slang] :: a shag (fornication)
pincho {m} [Spain] :: snack, small serving of food
pincho {m} [computing] :: stick, data stick, drive
pincho {m} :: prick
pincho moruno {m} :: skewer; skewered meat
pinchoteo {m} [Asturias] :: snack, light bite
pinciano {adj} :: Of or pertaining to Valladolid
pinciano {m} :: Someone from Valladolid
pinda {f} :: pinda sweda
pindari {m} :: Pindari
pindárico {adj} :: Pindaric
Píndaro {prop} {m} :: Pindar
pindín {m} :: A dance and music style from Panama
pindio {adj} [Northern Spain, especially Asturias] :: steep
pindonga {f} [slang] :: A woman who spends much of her time outside of home and generally in bad company or in little respected occupations
pineal {adj} :: pineal
Pineda {prop} {m} :: surname
piñén {m} [colloquial, Chile] :: dirt (on the body)
pineno {m} [organic chemistry] :: pinene
pinera {f} :: feminine noun of pinero
piñera {f} :: pineapple plantation
Piñera {prop} :: surname
piñeragate {m} :: Piñeragate scandal [a political scandal in Chile, 1992, involving right-wing politician Sebastián Piñera]
pinero {adj} :: Of or from Pinos del Valle
pinero {m} :: Someone from Pinos del Valle
Piñeyrúa {prop} :: surname
pinga {f} [Latin America, euphemistic] :: penis
pingajo {m} :: rag
pingajo {m} :: ragged person
pinganillo {m} [Spain] :: intercommunicating earpiece
pinganillo {m} [Spain] :: security earpiece or earphone
pinganillo {m} [Spain] :: hidden earpiece
ping pong {m} [sport] :: ping pong
ping pong {m} [by extension] :: a back and forth or volatile fluctuation of anything
ping-pong {m} :: ping pong; table tennis
pingüe {adj} :: fat, plump
pingüe {adj} :: abundant, copious
pingüedinoso {adj} :: plump
pingüinera {f} :: penguin colony
pingüino {m} :: penguin
pingüino {m} [Chile, colloquial] :: a student
pingüino rey {m} :: king penguin
pingullo {m} :: a type of bamboo flute
pinito {m} :: diminutive of pino
pinito {m} [usually in plural] :: first steps (made by an infant)
pinnadamente {adv} :: pinnately
pinnado {adj} :: pinnate
pinnatífido {adj} :: pinnatifid
pinnatisecta {f} :: pinnatisect
pinnípedo {m} :: pinniped
pínnula {f} :: pinnule
pino {m} :: pine
piño {m} [colloquial] :: tooth
pinocha {f} :: pine needle
Pinochet {prop} :: surname
pinochetismo {m} :: Pinochetism
pinochetista {mf} :: A supporter of the regime of Augusto Pinochet
pinochetista {adj} :: Supporting the regime of Augusto Pinochet
Pinocho {prop} :: Pinocchio
pinol {m} :: alternative form of pinole
Piñol {prop} :: surname of Catalan origin
pinole {m} [Latin America] :: pinole
pinolera {f} :: feminine noun of pinolero
pinolero {adj} [colloquial] :: Nicaraguan
pinolero {m} [colloquial] :: Nicaraguan
pinolillo {m} :: pinolillo
piñón {m} :: pine nut
piñón {m} :: pine sapling
piñón {m} [mechanics] :: pinion (small gear or spindle)
piñón {m} :: pinion (outer part of a bird's wing)
Piñón {prop} :: surname
piñonero {adj} :: yielding pine nuts
piños {n} :: plural of piño
pinsapo {m} :: Spanish fir
pinta {f} :: look, appearance
pinta {f} :: a small spot, dot or stain
pinta {f} [US Southwest, Northern Mexico, slang] :: jail
pinta {f} [Dominican Republic, Colombia, slang] :: being well-dressed or well-put
pintacaras {mf} :: facepainter
pintacaras {m} :: face painting
pintacaritas {mf} :: facepainter
pintacaritas {m} :: face painting
pintado {m} [history] :: the tattoed indigenous people of Cebu during the Spanish occupation of the Philippines
pintalabios {m} :: lipstick
pintamonas {mf} :: A novice painter; a painter with poor skills
pintar {vt} :: to paint (to apply paint to)
pintar {vti} :: to paint (to create an image with paints)
pintar {vt} :: to draw (to depict with lines)
pintar {vi} [of a situation] :: to look, to seem
pintar {v} [colloquial] :: to have to do somewhere
pintar la mona {v} [idiom] :: to do bugger all; to do jack shit
pintarrajear {v} :: to daub
pintarse {v} :: reflexive of pintar, to make up one's face
pintarse {v} :: to put lipstick on oneself
pintarse {v} :: to color one's hair
pintaúñas {m} :: nail polish
pintear {v} [impersonal] :: to drizzle
pintear {vr} :: to play hookey
pinteño {adj} :: Of or from Pinto
pinteño {m} :: Someone from Pinto
pinteriano {adj} :: Pinteresque
pintiparado {adj} :: identical, a carbon copy
pintiparado {adj} [colloquial] :: perfectly suitable
pinto {adj} [Latin America] :: spotted, pinto, mottled, blotchy
pinto {adj} [Caribbean] :: clever, cunning
pinto {adj} [Caribbean] :: drunk
pinto {adj} [Costa Rica] :: A meal served for lunch or dinner based on gallo pinto but also with a type of meat and possibly some extras
Pinto {prop} {m} :: Pinto (places)
Pinto {prop} {m} :: surname
pintojo {adj} :: speckled; spotted
pintón {adj} :: attractive; handsome (with a connotation of relatively fair skin and wealth)
pintón {adj} [of fruit] :: ripening
pintón {m} :: corn borer (Ostrinia)
pintor {m} :: painter
pintora {f} :: feminine noun of pintor
pintorescamente {adv} :: picturesquely
pintoresco {adj} :: picturesque, quaint
pintoresquismo {m} :: picturesqueness
pintoresquismo {m} [art] :: a tendency or movement in visual art that opts for the picturesque
pintorrear {v} :: to splash paint on
pintura {f} :: painting
pintura {f} :: paint (colorant substance)
pintura rupestre {f} :: cave painting
pinturera {f} :: feminine noun of pinturero
pintureramente {adv} :: elegantly, beautifully
pinturero {adj} :: swaggery
pinturero {m} :: show-off
pinturita {f} :: diminutive of pintura
pintxo {m} :: pintxo
piñuela {f} :: penguin (Bromelia pinguin)
piñuela {f} :: The edible fruit from this tree
pinyin {adj} :: pinyin
Pinyin {prop} {m} :: Pinyin
pinza {f} :: tweezers
pinza {f} :: pincers
pinza {f} :: claw (pincer of a crustacean)
pinza {f} :: clothes peg
pinza {f} :: clamp (tool)
pinzamiento {m} :: slipped disc
pinzar {v} :: to tweeze
pinzón {m} :: finch (bird)
pinzón real {m} :: The brambling. A small bird
pinzón vulgar {m} :: The chaffinch, a small bird
pío {m} :: chirp; cheep
pío {adj} :: pious
Pío {prop} {m} :: given name
piocha {f} [Mexico] :: goatee
piocha {f} [Chile] :: badge
piocianina {f} :: pyocyanin
pioderma {m} :: pyoderma
piojento {adj} :: of or relating to lice
piojento {adj} :: lousy (infested with lice)
piojito {m} :: tyrannulet
piojo {m} :: A louse; a kind of parasitic insect; lice
piojoso {adj} :: lousy (infested with lice)
piola {f} :: thin rope
piola {f} :: a messy ending of old string or wires
piola {f} :: firecracker
piola {adj} [Argentina] :: agreeable, charming, pleasant, having good countenance
piola {adj} [Argentina] :: awesome; cool
piola {adj} [Argentina] :: astute, quick-witted
piolet {m} [climbing] :: piolet, ice ax
piolín {m} [Latin America] :: cord, twine
pión {m} :: pion
pionera {f} :: feminine noun of pionero
pioneril {adj} :: Of or pertaining to the Palacio de los Pioneros
pionero {adj} :: pioneering
pionero {m} :: pioneer
pioneta {m} :: peonage
pioneta {m} :: codriver of a truck / lorry
pionono {m} :: A type of sweet pastry
Pionyang {n} :: Pyongyang
piornal {m} :: A type of brushland
piorrea {f} [pathology] :: pyorrhea, pyorrhoea
pipa {adv} [colloquial] :: very good
pipa {f} :: (smoking) pipe
pipa {f} :: barrel
pipa {f} [colloquial] :: gun
pipa {m} [colloquial] :: a genius, a smart person
pipa {m} [Spain] :: sunflower seed
pipa {f} [Central America] :: green coconut
pipa de agua {f} :: water pipe (device for smoking)
piparra {f} :: A type of Basque chili pepper
Pipe {prop} [Chile, colloquial] :: given name
Pipe {prop} :: diminutive of Felipe
piperazina {f} [organic compound] :: piperazine
piperidina {f} :: piperidine
piperita {f} :: peppermint
piperrada {f} :: pipérade
pipeta {f} :: pipette (small glass tube used for transferring liquid)
pipi {m} :: louse
pipí {m} [infantile] :: urine
pipián {m} :: a kind of zucchini
pipián {m} [Mexico] :: A type of sauce made with pumpkin seeds or almonds, toasted corn and green chili
pipián {m} [Mexico] :: A type of stew made with such sauce
pipiar {v} :: alternative spelling of piar
pipil {mf} :: Pipil
pipil {m} :: Pipil
pipil {adj} :: Pipil
pípila {f} [Mexico] :: (female) turkey
pipiola {f} :: feminine noun of pipiolo
pipiolo {m} :: kid (young person)
pipiolo {m} :: newbie, noob, fledgling
pipiolo {adj} :: young, junior
pipirigallo {m} :: sainfoin
pipoca {f} [Bolivia] :: popcorn
pipón {adj} [Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Perú] :: having a protruding belly
pipón {adj} [Uruguay, Argentina] :: having the appetite satisfied; stuffed, sated
pipope {adj} [Mexico, pejorative] :: Of or from Puebla
pipope {mf} [Mexico, pejorative] :: A native or inhabitant of Puebla
piporro {m} :: bassoon
piporro {m} :: bassoonist
pipote {m} [Venezuela] :: garbage can
pipote {m} :: small barrel
pique {m} [card games] :: spade
pique {m} :: downward movement
pique {m} :: jump, leap
pique {m} :: hit, fix (of drugs)
pique {m} :: rivalry, loggerheads
pique {m} :: grudge match
piqueo {m} :: snack; appetiser
piquera {f} :: hole, vent (in a beehive)
piquera {f} :: dive, hole (building of poor quality)
piquero {m} :: piker; pikeman (soldier)
piqueta {f} :: pickaxe (heavy iron tool with a head that is pointed on one side, chisel-edged on the other)
piqueta {f} :: peg, tent peg (peg, driven into the ground, to hold a rope that supports a tent)
piqueta {f} :: jump, leap (act of jumping)
piquete {m} :: prick (in the skin)
piquete {m} :: shot, jab (with a syringe)
piquete {m} :: injection
piquete {m} :: sting (bump in the skin made by an insect)
piquete {m} [slang, Mexico] :: a small or medium amount of a strong alcoholic beverage (usually tequila, rum or brandy) poured in a non-alcoholic beverage, such as punch, coffee, juice, soda beverage, etc
piquete {m} :: picket line
piquetear {v} :: to picket
piquete de ejecución {m} :: firing squad
piquetera {f} :: feminine noun of piquetero
piquetero {m} [Argentina] :: picketer
piquigualdo {adj} :: yello-beaked (said of various species of bird)
piquillo {m} :: piquillo
piquirrojo {adj} :: red-beaked (said of a number of bird species)
piquito {m} :: diminutive of pico
pira {f} :: pyre
pira {f} :: escape, flight
piradísimo {adj} :: superlative of pirado
pirado {adj} [colloquial] :: crazy
pirado {v} :: past participle of pirar
piragua {f} :: pirogue
piragua {f} [Puerto Rico] :: piragua
piragüismo {m} :: canoeing
piragüista {mf} :: canoer, canoeist
piramidal {adj} :: pyramidal (pyramid-shaped)
piramidal {adj} [anatomy] :: triquetrum
pirámide {f} :: pyramid
piramidólogo {m} :: pyramidologist
piraña {f} :: piranha
piránico {adj} [organic chemistry] :: pyranic
pirano {f} [organic compound] :: pyran
piranosa {f} [carbohydrate] :: pyranose
pirar {vp} [colloquial] :: to go away
pirargirita {f} [mineral] :: pyrargyrite
pirárselas {v} [idiom] :: to scram; to skedaddle; to beat it
pirata {mf} :: pirate
piratear {v} :: to pirate, to hijack
piratear {v} :: to pirate copy
pirateo {m} :: hack (illegal access to a computer network)
piratería {f} :: piracy
pirazina {f} [organic compound] :: pyrazine
pirazol {m} [organic compound] :: pyrazole
pirca {f} :: A low wall in Incan architecture
pirenaico {adj} :: Pyrenean (relating to the Pyrenees)
Pireo {prop} {m} :: Piraeus
piretrina {f} [organic compound] :: pyrethrin
piretroide {m} [organic compound] :: pyrethroid
pirexia {f} :: pyrexia
piricuaco {m} :: (Nicaragua) (offensive) Sandinista soldier or combatant
piridazina {f} [organic compound] :: pyridazine
piridina {f} [organic compound] :: pyridine
piridoxal {m} :: pyridoxal
piriforme {adj} :: pyriform
pirimetamina {f} [organic compound] :: pyrimethamine
pirimidina {f} [organic compound] :: pyrimidine
pirineo {adj} :: Pyrenean
Pirineos {prop} :: Pyrenees
pirinola {f} [Latin America] :: top (child’s spinning toy)
piripi {adj} [colloquial] :: tipsy
pirita {f} :: pyrite
pirítico {adj} :: pyritic
piro- {prefix} :: pyro-
piroclástico {adj} :: pyroclastic
piroclasto {m} [geology] :: pyroclast
pirocloro {f} [mineral] :: pyrochlore
pirodoxina {f} :: pyridoxine
pirofórico {adj} :: pyrophoric
pirofosfatasa {f} [enzyme] :: pyrophosphatase
pirofosfato {f} [inorganic compound] :: pyrophosphate
pirógeno {m} :: pyrogen
pirograbar {v} :: To pyrograph
pirólisis {f} [chemistry] :: pyrolysis
pirolusita {f} [mineral] :: pyrolusite
pirómana {f} :: feminine noun of pirómano
piromanía {f} :: pyromania
pirómano {m} :: arsonist
pirómano {m} :: pyromaniac
pirómetro {m} :: pyrometer (instrument designed to measure high temperatures)
piromusical {adj} :: pyromusical
piropeador {m} :: sweet talker
piropear {v} :: to sweet-talk
piropo {m} [mineral] :: pyrope (a type of garnet)
piropo {m} [colloquial] :: compliment, flattering comment (usually addressed to an unknown woman on the street); pick-up line, catcall
piroquinesis {f} [parapsychology, science fiction] :: pyrokinesis
pirosis {f} :: pyrosis, heartburn
pirotecnia {f} :: pyrotechnics
pirotecnia {f} :: fireworks or other explosive materials
pirotecnia {f} :: a factory of such materials
pirotécnica {f} :: feminine noun of pirotécnico
pirotécnico {adj} :: pyrotechnic
pirotécnico {m} :: pyrotechnist
piroxenita {f} :: pyroxenite
piroxeno {m} [mineral] :: pyroxene
pirrarse {vr} :: to be nuts (about); to be crazy (about) (really like)
pírrico {adj} :: Pyrrhic
pirrol {m} [organic compound] :: pyrrole
pirrolisina {f} [amino acid] :: pyrrolysine
pirrotina {f} [mineral] :: pyrrhotite
pirrotita {f} [mineral] :: pyrrhotite
pirrurris {mf} [Mexico, slang] :: posho; snob
pirsin {m} :: piercing (hole for jewelry, and the jewelry itself)
pirueta {f} :: pirouette
pirueta {f} :: caper (playful behaviour)
piruja {f} [vulgar, Mexico] :: prostitute
pirujo {m} [Central America] :: bread roll
piruleta {f} [Spain] :: lollipop
pirulí {m} :: lollipop
pirulo {m} [colloquial] :: penis
piruvato {m} [organic compound] :: pyruvate
pirúvico {adj} :: pyruvic
pis {m} :: pee, wee
Pisa {prop} {f} :: Pisa (province)
Pisa {prop} {f} :: Pisa (city)
pisada {f} :: footstep, footprint
pisador {adj} :: stepper (person or animal who steps energetically)
pisador {m} :: pestle, plunger
pisana {f} :: feminine noun of pisano
pisando huevos {adv} [idiomatic] :: very slowly
pisano {adj} :: Pisan (native or inhabitant of Pisa)
pisano {m} :: Pisan (native or inhabitant of Pisa)
pisapapeles {m} :: paperweight
pisapatatas {m} :: potato masher
pisar {vi} :: to step; to walk; to tread
pisar {vt} :: to walk on (something); to tread on (something)
pisar {vit} [vulgar, Cuba, El Salvador, Dominican Republic] :: to have sex, fuck
pisaverde {m} [colloquial] :: fop, coxcomb, popinjay, dandy
pisca {f} [Colombia, Venezuela] :: female turkey (bird)
pisca {m} [Mexico] :: harvesting (of coffee, cotton and corn in particular)
piscícola {adj} :: fish-breeding
piscicultor {m} :: fish farmer
piscicultora {f} :: fish farmer
piscicultura {f} :: pisciculture (the farming of fish)
piscifactoría {m} :: fish farm
piscigranja {f} :: fish farm
piscina {f} :: swimming pool
piscinazo {m} [football] :: dive (feigned foul)
piscinero {m} [sport, colloquial] :: diver
piscis {adj} :: Born under the zodiac sign Pisces
Piscis {prop} {m} :: Pisces (constellation)
pisco {m} [Colombia, Venezuela] :: turkey (bird)
pisco {m} :: pisco (see "English" above)
piscolabis {m} :: snack
piscucha {f} [El Salvador] :: kite
pisito {m} :: diminutive of piso
pisito {m} :: little rug
piso {m} :: flat, apartment
piso {m} :: floor
piso {m} :: story, storey (level of a building)
piso {m} :: decker (bus, bed)
piso {m} [Chile] :: footstool
piso {m} [Chile] :: carpet
piso franco {m} :: safe house
pisolítico {adj} :: pisolitic
pisolito {m} :: pisolite
pisotear {v} :: to trample
pisotón {m} :: stamp; stomp (with the foot)
pispar {v} [colloquial] :: to watch, to observe; to lurk, to spy on
pispear {v} :: to gaze; peer
pisque {m} :: synonym of tamal pisque
pisquera {f} :: feminine noun of pisquero
pisquero {adj} :: Of or from Pisco
pisquero {adj} [attributive] :: pisco
pisquero {m} :: Someone from Pisco
pista {f} :: track, course, trail
pista {f} :: (aviation) runway
pista {f} :: clue
pistache {m} :: alternative form of pistacho
pistachero {m} :: pistachio (tree)
pistacho {m} :: pistachio (nut)
pista de aterrizaje {f} :: landing strip
pista de baile {f} :: dance floor
pista de hielo {m} :: ice rink
pistear {v} [Mexico] :: to drink alcohol in a social setting
pistear {v} [Argentina] :: to participate in an illegal car race
pistilado {adj} :: pistillate
pistilo {m} [botany] :: pistil
pistilodio {m} :: pistillody
pisto {m} [slang, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras] :: money
pisto {m} [slang, Mexico] :: hard liquor
pisto {m} [cuisine] :: ratatouille [dish prepared with chopped vegetables, especially peppers, onion, eggplant, and zucchini, which is fried and mixed with tomato sauce and sometimes scrambled egg or a fried egg]
pistola {f} :: pistol; gun
pistola de aire {f} :: air pistol
pistola de clavos {f} :: nail gun
pistolera {f} :: holster
pistolera {f} :: fat thigh
pistolero {m} :: A gunman
pistolero {m} :: An armed bandit
pistoletazo {m} :: gunshot, firing of a gun
pistolete {m} :: A type of pistol
pistolita {f} :: diminutive of pistola
pistolón {m} :: musket
pistón {m} :: piston
pita {f} :: century plant (Agave americana)
pita {f} :: pita (fiber obtained from Agave americana)
pita {m} :: pita (flat bread pouch)
Pitágoras {prop} {m} :: Pythagoras (ancient Greek mathematician and philosopher)
pitagórica {f} :: feminine noun of pitagórico
pitagórico {adj} :: Pythagorean
pitagórico {m} :: Pythagorean
pitagorín {m} [colloquial] :: brainiac, brainbox
pitahaya {f} :: dragon fruit
pitajo {m} :: chat-tyrant
pitanza {f} :: daily bread
pitanza {f} :: ration (of food)
pitar {v} :: to whistle, buzz, beep, honk
pitar {v} [sports] :: to referee
pitazo {m} :: whistle blow
pitbull {m} :: pit bull terrier
pitchear {v} [business] :: to pitch
pitcheo {m} [baseball] :: pitching
pitcher {m} :: alternative spelling of pícher
pitén {m} [Cuba] :: pick-up game of baseball
piti {m} [colloquial, Spain] :: fag, ciggy (cigarette)
pitido {m} :: whistle, beep (sound)
pitido final {m} :: final whistle
pitillera {f} :: cigarette case
pitillo {m} [Colombia, Venezuela] :: drinking straw
pitillo {m} [colloquial, Spain] :: ciggy, fag, cig (cigarette)
pitillo {m} [Spain] :: slim-fit, skinny (pants)
pitiminí {adj} :: tiny and cute
pitiriasis {f} :: pityriasis
pitito {m} :: diminutive of pito
pitiyanqui {mf} [historical, Puerto Rico] :: Person opposed to the dictatorship
pitiyanqui {mf} [Venezuela] :: Person opposed to the dictatorship of Hugo Chavez
pitiyanqui {adj} :: of or pertaining to the pitiyanqui
pito {m} :: whistle
pito {m} :: fife
pito {m} :: catcall
pito {m} :: woodpecker
pito {m} [slang, Latin American Spanish] :: cigarette, especially marijuana cigarette
pito {m} [slang] :: penis
pito {m} [Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Uruguay] :: tobacco pipe
pito {m} [Central America] :: coffee bean
pitón {f} [snake] :: python
pitón {m} :: small horn
pitón {m} [colloquial, usually in plural] :: small tit, breast
pitonazo {m} [bullfighting] :: A hit with the horn
pitoncito {m} :: diminutive of pitón; small horn
pitonisa {f} [historical] :: Pythia (priestess presiding over the Oracle of Apollo at Delphi)
pitonisa {f} :: diviner, foreteller, fortune teller
pitonisa {f} :: magician
pito real {m} :: green woodpecker
pitorrearse {vr} :: to jibe; mock; poke fun at
pitorreo {m} [colloquial] :: jibing; mocking; scorn
pitorro {m} :: spout
pituco {adj} :: posh; toff
pitufa {f} :: feminine noun of pitufo
pitufeo {m} [finance] :: smurfing (the practice of making financial transactions in a specific pattern to avoid scrutiny)
pitufo {m} [comics, fictional character] :: smurf
pitufo {m} [colloquial] :: small child
pitufo {m} [colloquial] :: municipal policeman
pituitario {adj} :: pituitary
pituso {adj} :: cute
piurana {f} :: feminine noun of piurano
piurano {adj} :: Of or pertaining to the province of Piura, Peru
piurano {m} :: Someone from the province of Piura, Peru
piure {m} :: Edible tunicate (Pyura chilensis)
pivón {m} [Spain, colloquial] :: alternative form of pibón
pivot {m} [basketball] :: pivot
pívot {mf} [basketball] :: center
pivotante {adj} :: pivotal
pivotar {v} :: to pivot
pivotear {v} :: alternative form of pivotar
pixel {m} :: alt form píxel
píxel {m} :: pixel
pixelar {v} :: to pixelate
piyama {m} :: pyjamas
pizarra {f} :: slate (metamorphic rock)
pizarra {f} [education] :: blackboard, chalkboard
pizarra {f} [sports] :: scoreboard
pizarrera {f} :: feminine noun of pizarrero
pizarrero {m} :: slater
pizarrín {f} [euphemistic, Mexico] :: the penis
pizarrista {adj} :: Of or related to Gonzalo Pizarro, a conquistador, or especially to his battles
pizarrista {m} :: Someone fighting in Gonzalo Pizarro's army
Pizarro {prop} {m} :: surname most associated with the conquistador of the Inca Empire, Francisco Pizarro
pizarrón {m} [education] :: chalkboard, blackboard
pizarroso {adj} :: slaty; slatey
pizca {f} :: a little bit
pizca {f} :: pinch
pizca {f} :: whit
pizcar {v} :: to pinch
pizote {m} :: white-nosed coati (Nasua narica)
pizpereto {adj} :: alternative form of pizpireto
pizpireto {adj} :: lively, buzzy
pizquita {f} :: diminutive of pizca
pizza {f} :: pizza
pizzera {f} :: pizza maker
pizzería {f} :: pizzeria
pizzero {m} :: pizza maker
placa {f} :: plate
placa {f} :: shield, sign
placa {f} :: badge
placa {f} :: choppers (artificial teeth)
placa {f} [geology] :: plate
placa {f} [dentistry] :: tartar
placa base {f} [computing] :: motherboard
placa dentobacteriana {f} :: dental plaque
placaje {m} [sports] :: tackle
placa madre {f} [computing] :: motherboard
placar {v} [obsolete] :: to calm
placar {v} [rugby] :: to tackle
placear {v} :: To sell at retail price
placebo {m} :: placebo
placel {m} [geography] :: placer
placel {m} :: sandbank
pláceme {m} :: congratulation
placenta {f} [anatomy, botany] :: placenta
placentación {f} :: placentation
placentario {adj} :: placental
placenteramente {adv} :: pleasantly
placentero {adj} :: pleasant (giving pleasure; pleasing in manner)
placentina {f} :: feminine noun of placentino
placentino {adj} :: Of or from Plasencia
placentino {m} :: Someone from Plasencia
placer {v} :: to like (something or someone)
placer {v} [literary] :: to please (somebody)
placer {m} :: pleasure; something done to please
placer {m} [geology, mining] :: placer
placer {m} [nautical] :: sandbank
plácet {m} :: blessing
placeta {f} :: small square (in a town)
placeteña {f} :: feminine noun of placeteño
placeteño {adj} :: Of or from Placetas, Cuba
placeteño {m} :: Someone from Placetas, Cuba
plácidamente {adv} :: placidly
placidez {f} :: calm, placidness
plácido {adj} :: placid
placino {adj} [football] :: associated with the Panamanian football club Plaza Amador
placino {m} [football] :: Someone associated with the Panamanian football club Plaza Amador
placita {f} :: diminutive of plaza
plaço {m} :: obsolete spelling of plazo
placodermo {m} :: placoderm
placozoo {m} [zoology] :: placozoan
plaf {interj} :: bang!, boom!, crash!
plaff {interj} :: alternative spelling of plaf
plafón {m} :: ceiling lamp
plafón {m} :: soffit
plaga {f} :: plague
plaga {f} :: nuisance
plaga {f} [Venezuela] :: mosquito
plagar {vt} :: to plague
plagar {vt} [colloquial] :: to fill, infest
plagar {vr} [colloquial] :: to become full of, become infested
plagiador {m} :: plagiarist; one who plagiarizes
plagiadora {f} :: feminine noun of plagiador
plagiar {v} :: to plagiarize
plagiar {v} :: (americanismo) to capture, abduct, kidnap
plagiaria {f} :: feminine noun of plagiario
plagiario {adj} :: of or pertaining to plagiarism
plagiario {m} :: plagiarist
plagio {m} :: plagiarism
plagio {m} [Americanism] :: kidnapping
plagioclasa {f} [mineral] :: plagioclase
plaguicida {f} :: pesticide
plan {m} :: plan
plan {m} :: intention
plan {m} [colloquial] :: mood
planar {adj} :: planar (relating to a plane)
planaria {f} :: planarian
Planas {prop} :: surname
planazo {m} :: Great plan
plancha {f} :: iron (metal tool used for transferring heat)
plancha {f} :: ironing (the act of pressing clothes with an iron)
plancha {f} :: ironing (laundry that has been ironed)
plancha {f} :: slab (large, flat piece of solid material)
plancha {f} :: grill (cooking device)
plancha {f} :: push-up; plank (exercise)
plancha {f} :: embarrassing mistake
plancha {f} :: bellyflop
plancha {f} [soccer] :: foul (with the foot) [always used with the definite article la]
planchabragas {m} [colloquial, derogative] :: pussywhipped, under the thumb, henpecked, cowed (a man who lets himself be ruled by his partner)
planchabragas {m} [colloquial, derogative] :: allied man feminist
planchado {adj} :: ironed
planchado {adj} [South America, colloquial] :: tired, flattened
planchado {adj} [Chile, colloquial] :: broke
planchado {m} :: ironing [laundry to be or that has been ironed]
planchador {m} :: presser, ironer (someone who irons or presses clothes)
planchadora {f} :: feminine of planchador
planchar {v} :: to iron
planchar {v} [Mexico] :: to talk or chat romantically someone with his/her girlfriend/boyfriend, usually inside home, in porch or in a public place, without apparent sexual proposals
planchar {vt} [Mexico, Cuba] :: to stand someone up
planchar la oreja {v} :: to hit the sack
planchazo {m} :: cock-up
planchazo {m} [sports] :: big dive
planchazo {m} :: Hit with an iron
planchear {vt} :: to plate
planchita {f} :: diminutive of plancha
planctóloga {f} :: feminine noun of planctólogo
planctología {f} [biology] :: planktology
planctológico {adj} :: planktological
planctólogo {m} :: planktologist
plancton {m} [biology] :: plankton
planctónico {adj} :: planktonic
planctonología {f} :: alt form planctología
planctonológico {adj} :: alt form planctológico
planctonólogo {m} :: alt form planctólogo
planeación {f} :: planning
planeado {adj} :: planned
planeador {m} :: glider
planeadora {f} :: speedboat, powerboat
planeamiento {m} :: planning
planeante {adj} :: gliding
planear {v} :: to plan
planear {v} :: to plane, glide (fly unpowered, of a bird or plane)
planeo {m} :: gliding flight, volplane (unpowered flight, of a bird or plane)
planeta {m} :: planet
planeta enano {m} :: dwarf planet
planeta externo {m} :: outer planet
planeta interno {m} :: inner planet
planetario {adj} :: planetary
planetario {m} :: planetarium
planeta superhabitable {m} :: superhabitable planet
planetesimal {adj} :: planetesimal
planetita {f} :: diminutive of planeta
planetocéntrico {adj} :: planetocentric
planetoide {m} [astronomy] :: asteroid
planetología {f} [astronomy] :: planetology
planicidad {f} :: flatness
planicie {f} :: plain
plañidera {f} :: (professional) weeper, mourner, grieve (a woman paid to grieve at a funeral)
plañidero {adj} :: prone to crying; crybabylike
planificación {f} :: planification
planificador {m} :: planner
planificadora {f} :: feminine noun of planificador
planificar {v} :: to plan, arrange beforehand
planilla {f} [Latin America] :: form
planilla {f} :: payroll
planilla {f} :: list
planillar {v} :: to send documentation
planillón {m} :: sheet to gather signatures
planimetría {f} :: planimetry
planimétrico {adj} :: planimetric
planímetro {m} :: planimeter (measuring device)
planing {m} :: plan, planning
planing {m} :: timetable, schedule
plañir {v} :: to cry and groan
planisferio {m} :: planisphere
planísimo {adj} :: superlative of plano
planitud {f} :: flatness
Plan Marshall {prop} {m} :: Marshall Plan
plano {adj} :: plane, level
plano {adj} :: flat
plano {m} [geometry] :: plane (flat surface extending infinitely in all directions)
plano {m} :: level
plano {m} [cinematography] :: shot
plano {m} :: plan (of a building)
plano {m} :: street plan, map of a city
plano acotado {m} :: contour map
plano cartesiano {m} :: Cartesian plane
plano inclinado {m} :: inclined plane
planta {f} :: plant (organism of the kingdom Plantae)
planta {f} :: plant (factory)
planta {f} :: floor, level (of a high building)
planta {f} :: sole (bottom of a shoe or boot)
planta {f} [anatomy] :: sole
plantación {f} :: plantation
planta desaladora {f} :: desalination plant
plantador {m} :: planter
plantador {m} :: dibber, dibbler (person)
plantador {m} :: dibber, dibble (tool)
plantadora {f} :: feminine noun of plantador
planta obediente {f} :: arrowroot
plantar {v} :: to plant (put a plant or seeds into the ground)
plantar {v} :: to plant, place (an object in the ground)
plantar {v} :: to place, put
plantar {v} :: to stand up (not go to an agreed arrangement)
plantar {v} :: to smack, whack
plantar {v} :: to peck (kiss)
plantar {vr} :: to put oneself, to settle
plantar {vr} :: to stick to (an idea)
plantar {vr} [card games] :: to stick (not take any more cards)
plantar {adj} [anatomy] :: plantar
plantar cara {v} [idiomatic] :: to face up to
plantarse {v} :: reflexive of plantar
plantar un pino {v} :: See: plantar un pino
plantar un pino {v} [colloquial, idiomatic] :: to take a dump (to defecate)
planteamiento {m} :: approach, position
planteamiento {m} :: idea; plan
plantear {v} :: to suggest
plantear {v} :: to consider
plantearse {v} :: reflexive of plantear
plantel {m} :: schoolhouse (building where school is held)
plantel {m} :: staff, personnel
plantel {m} [Argentina, sports] :: squad; team
planteo {m} :: suggestion
planteo {m} :: protest
plantígrado {adj} [zoology] :: plantigrade
plantígrado {m} [zoology] :: plantigrade
plantilla {f} :: template
plantilla {f} :: staff, personnel
plantilla {f} [sport] :: squad
plantilla {f} :: insole (for the shoe)
plantilla {f} :: sole (of tights)
plantío {m} :: planting
plantío {m} :: patch, bed
plantita {f} :: diminutive of planta
plantón {m} :: sapling
plantón {m} :: sit-in (protest)
plantoso {adj} [colloquial, El Salvador] :: cool (said of a thing or a look)
plantoso {interj} [colloquial, El Salvador] :: cool!, alright!
plántula {f} :: seedling
plánula {f} :: planula
plaqueta {f} :: platelet
plaquetario {adj} :: platelet
plaquita {f} :: diminutive of placa
plasa {f} [Louisiana] :: place
Plasencia {prop} :: Plasencia (city)
plasma {m} [physics, biology] :: plasma
plasmable {adj} :: mouldable, shapable
plasmación {f} :: visualisation
plasmaféresis {f} :: plasmapheresis
plasmar {vt} :: to mould, to shape
plasmar {v} :: to express, represent, give shape to
plasmático {adj} :: of or relating to plasma, plasmatic
plásmido {m} :: plasmid
plasmina {f} :: plasmin
plasminógeno {m} [enzyme] :: plasmin
plasmodesmo {m} [biology] :: plasmodesma
plasmodio {m} :: plasmodium
plasta {f} :: lump, soft mass of matter
plasta {f} :: flattened object
plasta {f} :: plasticine, modelling clay
plasta {f} [colloquial] :: piece of shit; turd
plasta {f} [colloquial] :: annoying or stupid person
plasta {f} [colloquial] :: bore, dullard
-plastia {suffix} :: -plasty
plástica {f} :: art (school subject)
plásticamente {adv} :: plastically
plásticamente {adv} :: by means of art
plasticidad {f} :: plasticity
plástico {adj} :: plastic (constructed of plastic)
plástico {m} :: plastic (a stiff but usually slightly flexible synthetic material)
plastidecor {m} :: crayon
plastidio {m} :: synonym of plasto
plástido {m} :: synonym of plasto
plastificante {m} :: plasticizer
plastificar {v} :: to plasticise
plastilina {f} :: plasticine
plasto {m} [biology] :: plastid
plastocianina {f} [protein] :: plastocyanin
plastoquinona {f} :: plastoquinone
plastrón {m} [zoology] :: plastron
plata {adj} [heraldry] :: argent
plata {f} :: silver
plata {f} [Hispanic America] :: money
platabanda {f} [architecture] :: border, edging
plataforma {f} :: platform
plataforma de hielo flotante {f} :: ice shelf
plataforma de lanzamiento {f} :: launchpad
platal {m} [Latin America] :: fortune (large amount of money)
platanal {m} :: piece of land cultivating plantains
platanar {m} :: banana plantation
platanero {adj} [attributive] :: banana
platanero {m} :: banana grower
plátano {m} [Spain, botany] :: sycamore, plane (a tree belonging to the genus Platanus)
plátano {m} [Peru, Chile, Mexico, Spain] :: banana (fruit)
plátano {m} :: plantain (the plant and fruit related to banana, not the Plantago genus)
plátano guineo {m} :: banana (fruit)
plátano macho {m} :: plantain (banana)
platea {f} :: stalls (of a theatre)
plateado {adj} :: silver-plated
plateado {adj} :: silver, silvery (colour)
plateado {m} :: silver (color/colour)
platear {v} :: to silver-plate
platear {v} :: to turn silver
platelminto {m} :: flatworm, platyhelminth
platense {adj} :: of or from La Plata
platense {m} :: Someone from La Plata
plateresco {adj} :: plateresque
platería {f} :: silver shop / store
platero {m} :: silversmith
plática {f} :: discussion; chat
platicar {v} :: to chat
platicón {m} [Latin America] :: charlatan
platija {f} [ichthyology] :: European plaice (Pleuronectes platessa)
platija {f} [ichthyology] :: European flounder (Platichthys flesus)
platillo {m} :: saucer
platillo {m} :: stew
platillo volador {m} :: flying saucer (disc-shaped unidentified flying object)
platillo volante {m} :: flying saucer (disc-shaped unidentified flying object)
platina {f} [archaic] :: platinum
platina {f} :: stage (of a microscope)
platinado {adj} :: platinum (colored)
platinífero {adj} :: platiniferous
platino {m} :: platinum
platinoso {adj} [chemistry] :: platinous
platinotipia {f} :: platinum print
platirrino {adj} :: platyrrhine
platirrino {m} :: platyrrhine
platita {f} :: diminutive of plata
platito {m} :: diminutive of plato
plato {m} :: plate, dish (crockery)
plato {m} :: dish (of food)
plato {m} :: course (of a meal)
plato {m} :: plate (of a gear)
plató {m} :: stage, set (at TV or movies)
platón {m} :: augmentative of plato; large plate or bowl
Platón {prop} {m} :: Plato
platónica {f} :: feminine noun of platónico
platónicamente {adv} :: platonically
platónico {adj} :: Platonic
platónico {m} :: Platonist
platonismo {m} :: Platonism
plato principal {m} :: main course, main dish
plausibilidad {f} :: plausibility
plausible {adj} :: plausible
plausiblemente {adv} :: plausibly
play {m} :: play (button)
Play {prop} {f} :: PlayStation
playa {f} :: beach
playa {f} :: car park
playback {m} [music, singing] :: lip-syncing
playball {m} [baseball] :: The shout of "play ball!" said to start a baseball game
playboy {m} :: playboy
playera {f} [Mexico] :: T-shirt
playera {f} [Spain] :: trainer, sneaker (sports shoe)
playero {adj} [attributive] :: beach
playero {adj} [bullfighting] :: Having horns pointing horizontally out
playero {m} :: any of several species of sandpiper, in the genus Calidris
playero {m} [Spain] :: trainer, sneaker (sports shoe)
playero {m} [Equatorial Guinea] :: a member of any of various coastal ethnic groups, including the Kombe people, Kwasio people, Lengue people, and Benga people peoples
playita {f} :: diminutive of playa
playlist {m} :: playlist (list of music tracks to be played)
playo {adj} [Latin America] :: shallow or flat
playo {m} [Ecuador] :: pliers
playo {m} [slang, Costa Rica] :: a homosexual
playoff {m} [sports] :: playoff
playón {m} :: augmentative of playa
plaza {f} :: plaza, town square
plaza {f} :: fortified town
plaza {f} [employment] :: position
plaza {f} [entertainment] :: bullring
plaza {f} [commerce] :: mall, shopping center
plaza de armas {f} [Peru] :: town square
plaza de toros {f} :: bullring
plazo {m} :: period, term (time limit)
plazo {m} :: installment, payment
plazoleta {f} :: a small town square
plazuela {f} :: diminutive of plaza; small square
pleamar {f} :: high tide
plebe {f} :: plebeians, common people
plebe {f} [historical] :: plebs
plebe {mf} [colloquial, Sinaloa, Sonora, Mexico] :: kid, child
plebeya {f} :: feminine noun of plebeyo
plebeyo {m} :: commoner
plebeyo {m} [historical] :: plebeian
plebiscitar {v} :: to hold a plebiscite on
plebiscitar {v} :: to decide (something) by plebiscite
plebiscitar {v} :: to elect by plebiscite
plebiscitario {adj} :: plebiscitary
plebiscito {m} :: plebiscite
plecóptero {m} :: plecopteran
plectro {m} [music] :: plectrum (small piece of material for plucking strings)
plegable {adj} :: folding
plegable {adj} :: foldable
plegadizo {adj} :: bendy; pliable
plegamiento {m} :: folding
plegar {v} :: to fold
plegaria {f} :: request, asking, prayer
plegaria {f} :: intercession (prayer)
pleistocénico {adj} :: Pleistocene
pleistoceno {adj} :: Pleistocene
pleita {f} :: A strip of esparto for plaiting
pleitear {v} :: to take to court
pleitesía {f} :: respect
pleitesía {f} :: tribute
pleito {m} :: lawsuit
pleito {m} [Latin America] :: fight
pleito {m} [Latin America] :: argument
plen {adj} [Louisiana] :: much, a lot
plen {adv} [Louisiana] :: much, a lot
plena {f} [Louisiana] :: a plain, pl. plains
plenairista {adj} :: en plein air
plenairista {mf} :: a painter who paints en plein air
plenamente {adv} :: fully
plenario {adj} :: plenary
plenario {m} :: plenary session
plenilunio {m} :: full moon
plenipotenciario {adj} :: plenipotentiary
plenipotenciario {m} :: plenipotentiary
plenísimo {adj} :: superlative of pleno
plenitud {f} :: plenitude
pleno {m} :: plenary or joint session
pleno {adj} :: broad, full
pleno {adj} :: plenary
pleno {adj} :: fulfilling
pleonasmo {m} [rhetoric] :: pleonasm
pleonástico {adj} :: pleonastic
pleonexía {f} :: pleonexia
pleonéxico {adj} :: pleonexic
plequepleque {m} [Panama] :: hubbub, argument
pléroma {f} [gnosticism] :: pleroma
plesiosaurio {m} [paleontology] :: plesiosaur
pletina {f} :: tape deck
plétora {f} :: plethora
pletórico {adj} [medicine] :: plethoric
pletórico {adj} :: plethoric; overabundant
pleura {f} [anatomy] :: pleura
pleural {adj} :: pleural
pleuresía {f} :: pleurisy
pleurito {m} :: pleurite
pleuronectiforme {m} :: flounder (any fish of the order Pleuronectiformes)
pleuston {m} :: pleuston
plexiglás {m} :: plexiglass
plexo {m} :: plexus
pléyade {f} :: pleiad (group of important people)
pleyto {m} :: obsolete spelling of pleito
pliego {m} :: sheet (of paper)
pliego {m} :: document, folder
pliegue {m} :: A fold or crease
plieguecillo {m} :: diminutive of pliegue
plim {interj} :: meh (expressing indifference)
plin {interj} :: meh (expressing indifference)
Plinio {prop} {m} :: Pliny
plinto {m} :: plinth
pliosaurio {m} :: pliosaur
plisar {v} :: to pleat
plomada {f} :: plumb line
plomería {f} [Latin America] :: plumbing
plomero {m} [Latin American Spanish, Andalusia, Philippines] :: plumber
plomizo {adj} :: grey, leaden
plomizo {adj} :: leadlike (resembling the metal lead)
plomo {m} :: lead (heavy, pliable, inelastic metal)
plomo {m} :: grey (colour between white and black)
plomo {m} :: plumb line
plomo {m} :: fuse
plomo {m} [colloquial] :: bore, drag (something boring or dull)
plosivo {adj} :: plosive
plot {m} [story-telling] :: plot
plóter {m} [computing] :: plotter (device)
plugin {m} :: plugin
pluma {f} :: feather
pluma {f} :: pen, fountain pen
pluma {f} :: quill
pluma {f} [figurative] :: writer, penman
plumada {f} :: stroke of the pen
plumada {f} :: feathers
pluma de indio {f} :: Any of several species of bromeliad in the genus Vriesia (Bromeliaceae)
pluma de indio {f} :: The croton, a species of euphorb in the genus Codiaeum (Euphorbiaceae)
pluma estilográfica {f} :: fountain pen, pen
plumaje {m} :: plumage (feathers)
plumazo {m} :: stroke of the pen
plumazo {m} :: feather mattress
plumbato {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: plumbate
plúmbeo {adj} :: leaden (made of or resembling lead)
plumbito {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: plumbite
plumería {f} :: set of feathers
plumero {m} :: feather duster
plumero {m} :: pen holder
plumífero {adj} :: feathered
plumífero {m} :: fleece (jacket)
plumífero {m} :: hack (writer)
plumilla {f} :: nib (for writing)
plumín {m} :: nib
plumita {f} :: diminutive of pluma
plumón {m} :: marker
plumón {m} :: comforter, duvet
plumoso {adj} :: feathered; feathery
pluot {m} :: pluot
plural {adj} :: plural, multiple
plural {m} [grammar] :: plural
pluralidad {f} :: plurality
pluralismo {m} :: pluralism
pluralista {adj} :: pluralist
pluralista {mf} :: pluralist
pluralización {f} :: pluralization
pluralizar {v} :: to pluralize
pluralmente {adv} :: plurally
plurianual {adj} :: multiyear
pluricelular {adj} [biology] :: multicellular
pluricultural {adj} :: multicultural, pluricultural
pluriculturalidad {f} :: multiculturality
pluridimensional {adj} :: pluridimensional, pluridimensional
pluridisciplinar {adj} :: pluridisciplinary
pluriemplear {v} :: to work multiple jobs
pluriempleo {m} :: moonlighting (working of a second job)
plurilingüe {adj} :: multilingual
plurilingüismo {m} :: multilingualism
plurinacional {adj} :: multi-nationality
plurinacionalidad {f} :: The state of having a multi-nationality society
plurinacionalizar {v} :: to multinationalise
plurinominal {adj} :: plurinominal
pluriocupación {f} :: multiple advertising
pluripartidario {adj} :: multiparty
pluripartidismo {m} :: multiparty system
pluripartidista {adj} [politics] :: multiparty
pluripatológico {adj} :: multi-pathological; having mutliple illnesses
pluripotencia {f} :: pluripotency
pluripotencial {adj} :: pluripotential
pluripotente {adj} :: pluripotent
pluriregional {adj} :: multiregional
pluriverbal {adj} :: multiword
plus {m} :: bonus (extra earnings)
pluscuamperfecto {adj} :: pluperfect
pluscuamperfecto {m} :: pluperfect tense
plusmarca {f} :: record
plusmarquista {mf} :: record holder
plusvalía {f} :: capital gain or capital gains
plutarquiano {adj} :: Plutarchian
plutocracia {f} :: plutocracy
plutocrático {adj} :: plutocratic
plutón {m} [geology] :: pluton
Plutón {prop} {m} :: Pluto (dwarf planet)
Plutón {prop} {m} [mythology] :: Pluto
plutoniano {adj} :: Plutonian
plutoniano {adj} [geology] :: plutonic
plutónico {adj} [mineralogy] :: plutonic
plutonio {m} :: plutonium
pluvial {adj} :: pertaining to rain
pluviometría {f} :: pluviometry
pluviométrico {adj} [attributive] :: rainfall
pluviómetro {m} :: pluviometer, rain gauge
pluviosidad {f} :: rainfall
pluvioso {adj} :: pluvious
pluvioso {adj} :: rainy
pluviselva {f} :: rainforest
pluvisilva {f} :: rainforest
plycem {m} :: fibre cement
p. m. {abbr} :: p.m.
pm {adv} :: p.m. (after noon)
pneuma {m} :: obsolete form of neuma
pneumático {adj} :: obsolete form of neumático
pneumático {m} :: obsolete form of neumático
PNV {initialism} [politics] :: Basque Nationalist Party (Partido Nacionalista Vasco in Spanish)
po {interj} [colloquial, Chile] :: emphatical
población {f} :: population
población {f} :: town, village
poblacional {adj} [attributive] :: population
poblacionalmente {adv} :: populationally
pobladísimo {adj} :: superlative of poblado
pobladito {adj} :: diminutive of poblado
poblado {adj} :: having people, populous, populated
poblado {adj} [databases] :: populated, having data, being not empty
poblado {m} :: settlement (village)
poblador {m} :: settler, colonist
pobladora {f} :: feminine noun of poblador
poblamiento {m} :: (act of) population
poblano {adj} :: of or pertaining to the Mexican state of Puebla
poblano {m} :: poblano (chile pepper)
poblar {v} :: to populate
poblarse {v} :: reflexive of poblar
Poblete {prop} {m} :: Poblete (village)
Poblete {prop} {m} :: surname deriving from the village in Ciudad Real
pobre {adj} :: poor
pobrecilla {adj} :: diminutive of pobre
pobrecillo {adj} :: diminutive of pobre
pobrecillo {m} :: diminutive of pobre; poor thing
pobrecita {f} :: feminine noun of pobrecito
pobrecito {m} :: diminutive of pobre; poor thing
pobredad {f} [dated] :: poverty
pobremente {adv} :: poorly
pobrete {adj} :: diminutive of pobre
pobrete {mf} :: diminutive of pobre
pobretón {adj} :: augmentative of pobre, very poor
pobretón {m} :: poor guy
pobretona {f} :: feminine noun of pobretón
pobreza {f} :: poverty
pobrezafilia {f} :: An Internet trend of sexualizing poor, dark-skinned Mexican women
pobrísimo {adj} :: superlative of pobre
pocera {f} :: feminine noun of pocero
pocero {m} :: well digger
pocero {m} :: well cleaner
poceta {f} :: tide pool
poceta {f} [Mexico] :: pothole
poceta {f} [Venezuela] :: toilet bowl
pocha {f} [slang] :: a Mexican American female who speaks poor or broken Spanish, and has become a gringa
pochar {v} [culinary] :: to poach
pochear {v} [culinary] :: to poach
pochismo {m} [slang, uncountable] :: The state or phenomenon of being a pocho (a Mexican who has assimilated to white US culture)
pochismo {m} [slang] :: An anglicism in Spanish taken from US English
pocho {m} [slang] :: a Mexican American who speaks poor or broken Spanish, and has become a gringo
pocho {adj} [Spain, of fruit] :: rotten
pocho {adj} [Spain, of a person] :: sick
pochoclo {m} [Argentina, normally in plural] :: popcorn
pocholada {f} [colloquial] :: cutie; something cute as hell
pochote {m} [Mexico] :: silk-cotton tree
pocilga {f} :: pigsty
pocillo {m} :: bowl, dish
pocillo {m} [Latin America] :: small coffee cup, mug
pócima {f} :: potion (beverage with magical or medicinal powers)
poción {f} [beverage] :: potion
poco {adj} :: little, not much
poco {adj} :: few
poco {adj} :: short (time); not long (ago)
poco {adv} :: little, not much
poco {m} :: little
poco a poco {adv} :: little by little, step by step, gradually
poco hecho {adj} :: rare (cooked very lightly)
poco o nada {adv} [idiomatic] :: hardly at all; barely at all
pocotón {m} [Venezuela, Colombia, slang] :: A large amount of something
poda {f} :: pruning, cutting
podadera {f} :: billhook (tool used for pruning)
podador {m} :: pruner
podadora {f} :: lawn mower
podadora {f} :: feminine of podador
podar {v} :: to prune
podargo {m} :: frogmouth
podcast {m} :: podcast
podemista {adj} [politics] :: Pertaining to Podemos, a Spanish political party
podemista {mf} [politics] :: A support of Podemos
podemita {mf} [pejorative, Spain] :: A member or supporter of Podemos
podemizar {v} :: to cause to turn into, or adopt the politics of, Podemos
podemizar {vr} :: to become like, or adopt the policies of, Podemos
Podemos {prop} :: A Spanish left wing political party
podenco {m} :: hound (any of a variety of dog breeds)
podenco andaluz {m} :: Andalusian Hound
podenco ibicenco {m} :: Ibizan Hound
poder {m} :: power, reign
poder {m} :: authorization
poder {m} :: proxy (written certificate of authority to act for another)
poder {v} :: to be able, can
poder {vr} [El Salvador, colloquial] :: to be familiar with something, or with somebody's personality
poder con {v} :: to manage
poder con {v} :: to cope
poderdante {mf} [law] :: grantor
poderío {m} :: power
poderosamente {adv} :: powerfully, mightily
poderosísimo {adj} :: superlative of poderoso
poderoso {adj} :: powerful
poderse {v} :: reflexive of poder
podiatra {m} [Latin America] :: podiatrist
podio {m} :: podium
pódium {m} :: platform, podium
-podo {suffix} :: -pod
podocito {m} :: podocyte
podóloga {f} :: female podiatrist
podología {f} :: podology
podológico {adj} :: podological
podólogo {m} :: podiatrist
podómetro {m} :: pedometer (device that measures the number of steps taken)
podredumbre {f} :: putrefaction
podrido {adj} :: rotten
podrir {v} :: alternative form of pudrir
poema {m} :: poem
poemario {m} :: collection of poems
poema sinfónico {m} :: symphonic poem
poemático {adj} :: poetic
poemita {m} :: diminutive of poema
poesía {f} :: poetry
poeta {mf} :: poet
poetastro {m} :: poetaster
poéticamente {adv} :: poetically
poético {adj} :: poetic
poetisa {f} :: female poet, poetess (feminine noun of poeta)
poetizar {v} :: to embellish with poetry
po favó {interj} :: eye dialect of por favor
pogo {m} :: pogo
pogromo {m} :: pogrom
poison {m} [Louisiana] :: poison
pokemón {m} :: alternative spelling of pokémon
pokémon {m} :: Pokémon
pokemoniano {adj} [attributive] :: Pokemon
pokeparada {f} :: PokéStop
póker {m} :: poker (card game)
póker {m} [poker] :: four of a kind
póker {m} [sports] :: four or more goals scored in a match
polaca {f} :: feminine noun of polaco
polaco {adj} :: Polish (from or native to Poland)
polaco {adj} :: Polish (pertaining to Poland)
polaco {m} :: a Pole (person from Poland)
polaco {m} [Spain, offensive, derogatory, vulgar, slang] :: Derogatory term to designate a Catalan, a person from Catalonia
polaco {m} :: the Polish language
polacra {f} :: polacre (type of ship)
polaina {f} :: gaiter, spat
Polanco {prop} {m} :: Polanco (locality)
Polanco {prop} {m} :: surname
polar {adj} :: polar
polaridad {f} :: polarity
polarimetría {f} :: polarimetry
polarimétrico {adj} :: polarimetric
polarímetro {m} :: polarimeter
polarizabilidad {f} :: polarizability
polarización {f} :: polarization
polarizador {adj} :: polarizing
polarizante {adj} :: polarizing
polarizar {v} :: to polarize
polaroid {f} :: polaroid
polca {f} :: polka (lively dance originating in Bohemia)
polca {f} :: polka (music for this dance)
pólder {m} :: polder
pole {m} [motor racing] :: Pole position
polea {f} :: pulley
polemarca {m} [Ancient Greece] :: polemarch (military commander in chief in ancient Athens)
polémica {f} :: controversy, polemic
polémicamente {adv} :: polemically
polémico {adj} :: controversial, polemic
polemista {mf} :: polemicist
polemizar {v} :: to argue, debate (about a controversial topic)
polen {m} [botany] :: pollen
polenta {f} :: polenta
poleo {m} :: pennyroyal (Mentha pulegium)
polera {f} :: shirt
polerón {m} :: hoodie
polesa {f} :: feminine noun of poleso
poleso {adj} :: Of or from Pola de Siero
poleso {m} :: Someone from Pola de Siero
poli- {prefix} :: poly-
poli {mf} [colloquial] :: cop
poli {f} [colloquial] :: the police
poliaceno {m} [organic compound] :: acene
poliacetileno {m} [organic chemistry] :: polyyne, polyacetylene
poliacrilamida {f} :: polyacrilamide
poliacrilato {m} :: polyacrylate
poliadenilación {f} :: polyadenylation
polialcohol {m} [organic chemistry] :: polyalcohol
poliamina {f} [organic chemistry] :: polyamine
poliamor {m} :: polyamory (relationship with multiple partners with the consent of all involved)
poliamoroso {adj} :: polyamorous
poliandria {f} :: polyandry
poliandro {adj} :: polyandrous
poliarquía {f} :: polyarchy
poliárquico {adj} :: polyarchic
polibasita {f} [mineral] :: polybasite
polibutadieno {m} [organic chemistry] :: polybutadiene
policarbonato {m} :: polycarbonate
Policarpo {prop} :: surname
policétido {m} :: polyketide
policía {mf} :: police officer, policeman [for men], policeman [for women]
policía {f} :: police, police department, police force, police service
policiaco {adj} :: alternative spelling of policíaco
policíaco {adj} [Latin America] :: Related to the police, police force
policíaco {adj} :: whodunit, whodunnit [UK]
policíaco {adj} :: police procedural
policial {adj} [Spain] :: Related to the police, police force
policial {adj} :: police procedural
policial {adj} :: whodunit, whodunnit [UK]
policialmente {adv} :: in a policelike manner
policía secreta {f} :: secret police
policíclico {adj} :: polycyclic
policitemia {f} :: polycythemia
policivo {adj} [Colombia] :: police
policlínica {f} :: polyclinic
policlínico {m} :: polyclinic
policlonal {adj} :: polyclonal
policlorado {adj} :: polychlorinated
policloruro {m} [chemistry] :: polychloride
policondensación {f} :: polycondensation
policontusiones {fp} :: multiple bruising
policoral {adj} :: polychoral
policristalino {adj} :: polycristalline
policromar {v} :: to paint in various colours
policromía {f} :: polychromy
policromo {adj} :: varicolored (US), varicoloured (UK)
polícromo {adj} :: alternative spelling of policromo
policultivo {m} :: polyculture
polidactilia {f} :: polydactyly
polideportivo {adj} :: multisport
polideportivo {m} :: sports centre, sports center
poliducto {m} [Latin America] :: oil pipeline
poliédrico {adj} :: polyhedral
poliedro {m} [geometry] :: polyhedron
poliéster {m} [chemistry] :: polyester
poliestireno {m} :: polystyrene
polietileno {m} [organic chemistry] :: polyethylene
polifacético {adj} :: multi-faceted
polifacético {adj} :: polymathic
polifarmacológico {adj} :: polypharmacological
polifenismo {m} [genetics] :: polyphenism
polifenol {m} [organic chemistry] :: polyphenol
polifenólico {adj} [organic chemistry] :: polyphenolic
polifilético {adj} :: polyphyletic
polifonía {f} [music] :: polyphony (musical texture of independent voices)
polifónico {adj} :: polyphonic (of or relating to polyphony)
polifónico {adj} [music] :: polyphonic (having independent melodies)
polífono {adj} :: alt form polifónico
poliforum {m} :: multi-use building
polifosfato {m} [chemistry] :: polyphosphate
polifuncional {adj} :: polyfunctional
polifuncional {adj} [attributive] :: utility player
poligalacturonasa {f} [enzyme] :: polygalacturonase
poligamia {f} :: polygamy
polígamo {adj} :: polygamous
poligénesis {f} :: polygenesis
poliginia {f} :: polygyny
poliglandular {adj} :: polyglandular
poliglicerol {m} :: polyglycerol
poliglota {f} :: feminine noun of poligloto
poliglotismo {m} :: polyglotism
poligloto {m} :: rare form of polígloto
polígloto {m} :: polyglot (one who is able to speak multiple language)
polígloto {m} :: A multilingual Christian Bible
polígloto {adj} :: polyglot (of a person, able to speak multiple language)
polígloto {adj} :: multilingual (written in multiple languages)
poligonal {adj} :: polygonal
poligonera {f} [colloquial] :: chav, towny
poligonero {m} [colloquial, pejorative, Spain] :: chav, townie/towny
polígono {m} :: polygon
polígono {m} :: industrial park
polígono industrial {m} :: industrial park
polígono regular {m} [geometry] :: regular polygon
poligráfico {adj} :: polygraphic
polígrafo {m} :: polygraph
poliinsaturado {adj} :: polyunsaturated
polilla {f} :: moth
polilla {f} :: grub, woodworm, bookworm
polilla {f} :: cause of progressive destruction
polilobulado {adj} :: polylobulated
polilogaritmo {m} :: polylogarithm
polímata {mf} :: polymath
polimerasa {f} [enzyme] :: polymerase
polimérico {adj} :: polymeric
polimerización {f} :: polymerization
polimerizar {vt} :: to polymerize
polímero {m} [chemistry] :: polymer
polimetálico {adj} :: poly-metallic
polimixina {f} :: polymixin
polimodal {adj} :: polymodal
polimórfico {adj} :: polymorphic
polimorfismo {m} :: polymorphism
polimorfo {m} [mineralogy] :: polymorph
polimorfo {adj} :: polymorphous
polimorfonuclear {adj} :: polymorphonuclear
polinación {f} :: alternative form of polinización
polinesia {f} :: feminine noun of polinesio
Polinesia {prop} {f} :: Polynesia
Polinesia Francesa {prop} {f} :: French Polynesia
polinesio {adj} :: Polynesian
polinesio {m} :: Polynesian
polineuropatía {f} :: polyneuropathy
polinia {f} :: polynya
polinia {f} :: pollinium
polínico {adj} :: pollen (attributive)
polinización {f} :: pollination
polinizador {adj} :: pollinating
polinizador {m} :: pollinator
polinizar {v} :: to pollinate
polinomial {adj} [algebra] :: polynomial (relating to polynomials)
polinómico {adj} :: polynomial
polinomio {m} :: polynomial
polinomio característico {m} [linear algebra] :: characteristic polynomial
polinosis {m} :: hay fever
polinuclear {adj} :: polynuclear
polinucleótido {m} [biochemistry] :: polynucleotide
polio {f} :: polio
poliol {m} [organic chemistry] :: polyol
poliomielitis {f} :: poliomyelitis
polioperado {adj} [colloquial, usually derogative] :: Someone with many plastic surgeries
poliovirus {m} [virology] :: poliovirus
polioxometalato {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: polyoxometallate
polipasto {m} :: hoist (device)
polipeptídico {adj} [biochemistry] :: polypeptidic
polipéptido {m} [protein] :: polypeptide
poliploide {adj} :: polyploid
poliploidía {f} :: polyploidy
pólipo {m} [medicine, biology] :: polyp
poliporo {m} :: polypore
poliposis {f} :: polyposis
polipropileno {m} [organic chemistry] :: polypropylene
políptico {m} :: polyptych
poliqueto {m} :: polychete
poliquístico {adj} :: polycystic
polir {v} [obsolete] :: to polish
polirricinoleato {m} :: polyricinoleate
polirubro {m} [Argentina] :: convenience store
polis {f} :: polis
polisacárido {m} [carbohydrate] :: polysaccharide
polisario {adj} :: of or pertaining to the Frente Polisario
polisemia {f} :: polysemy
polisémico {adj} :: polysemous, polysemic
polisílabo {adj} [linguistics] :: polysyllabic
polisíndeton {m} [rhetoric] :: polysyndeton
polisintético {adj} :: polysynthetic
polisomnograma {m} :: polysomnogram
polisón {m} :: bustle (frame worn underneath a woman's skirt)
polispasto {m} :: hoist (device)
polista {mf} :: polo player
polisulfuro {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: polysulfide
politburó {m} :: politburo
politécnico {adj} :: polytechnic
politeísmo {m} :: polytheism
politeísta {adj} :: polytheistic
politerpeno {m} [organic compound] :: polyterpene
politerpenoide {m} [organic compound] :: polyterpenoid
política {f} :: politics
política {f} :: policy
política {f} :: feminine noun of político (female) politician
política de avestruz {f} [idiom] :: ostrich policy
políticamente {adv} :: politically
políticamente correcto {adj} :: politically correct
politicastro {m} :: corrupt politician
politicización {f} :: politicization
político {adj} :: political
político {adj} :: in-law
político {m} :: politician
politionato {m} [chemistry] :: polythionate
politípico {adj} :: polytypic
politiquear {v} :: To waffle on about politics; to drone on about politics
politiqueo {m} :: political manoeuvring
politiquera {f} :: political intriguer
politiquería {f} :: excessive politics
politiquero {m} :: political intriguer
politización {f} :: politicization
politizar {v} :: to