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ä {letter}  :: The second to last letter of the Finnish alphabet
{suffix} [case suffix]  :: Forms the partitive case of nouns, adjectives and pronouns
{suffix} [verbal suffix]  :: Forms the short form of the first infinitive of verbs
a {abbr}  :: approbatur
a- {prefix} [in loanwords]  :: non-, un-
-a {suffix} [case suffix]  :: Forms the partitive case of nouns, adjectives, numbers and some pronouns
-a {suffix} [verbal suffix]  :: Forms the short form of the first infinitive of verbs
A {abbr}  :: approbatur
Aabraham {prop} [Judaism, Christianity, Islam]  :: Abraham
Aada {prop} [archaic]  :: Adah (biblical character)
Aada {prop}  :: female given name, currently popular in Finland
Aadam {prop}  :: Adam [biblical character]
Aadolf {prop}  :: male given name
Aake {prop}  :: male given name
aakkonen {n}  :: A letter (symbol in an alphabet)
aakkonen {n}  :: In plural, (aakkoset) an alphabet
aakkosellinen {adj}  :: alphabetical
aakkosellisemmin {adv}  :: comparative form of aakkosellisesti
aakkosellisempi {adj}  :: comparative form of aakkosellinen
aakkosellisesti {adv}  :: alphabetically
aakkosellisimmin {adv}  :: superlative form of aakkosellisesti
aakkosellisuus {n}  :: alphabetical order
aakkoset {n}  :: alphabet, ABC (ordered set of letters used in a language)
aakkoset {n}  :: elements, rudiments, ABC (basic tenets of an area of knowledge)
aakkoshakemisto {n}  :: alphabetical index
aakkosittain {adv}  :: By alphabetical order, alphabetically
aakkosjärjestys {n}  :: An alphabetical order
aakkoskeitto {n}  :: alphabet soup
aakkoslaji {n}  :: case
aakkosnumeerinen {adj}  :: Alphanumeric
aakkosnumeerisemmin {adv}  :: comparative form of aakkosnumeerisesti
aakkosnumeerisesti {adv}  :: alphanumerically
aakkosnumeerisimmin {adv}  :: superlative form of aakkosnumeerisesti
aakkostaa {vt}  :: to alphabetise/alphabetize, to arrange in alphabetical order
aakkostaminen {n}  :: alphabetisation/alphabetization (process of arranging into alphabetical order)
aakkosto {n}  :: alphabet (an ordered set of letters used in a language)
aakkosto {n} [mathematics]  :: alphabet (non-empty finite set of symbols accepted by a given language)
aakkostus {n}  :: alphabetisation
AA-liike {n}  :: The Alcoholics Anonymous (movement)
aalloittain {adv}  :: In waves
aalloittainen {adj}  :: Taking places in waves
aalloittaisuus {n}  :: waviness (quality of coming or occurring in waves)
aallokas {adj}  :: Wavy (full of waves)
aalloke {n} [mathematics]  :: wavelet
aallokemuunnos {n}  :: wavelet transform
aallokko {n}  :: swell
aallokko {n}  :: waves
aallonharja {n}  :: crest of a wave
aallonjohdin {n} [physics]  :: waveguide
aallonkorkeus {n} [nautical]  :: wave height
aallonmuodostus {n} [hydrodynamics]  :: wave formation (process of creating waves, either by natural causes or by a moving vessel)
aallonmurtaja {n}  :: breakwater, jetty
aallonpituus {n}  :: wavelength
aallonpituusalue {n} [physics]  :: A wavelength band or a band of wavelengths
aallonpohja {n}  :: the lowest point or level
aallonpohja {n}  :: trough of a wave
aalloppi {n} [dialectal, rare]  :: drain, exhaust pipe (any pipe that carries waste material away)
aallota {vi} [of water or some other liquid]  :: To wave (usually once, violently or quickly)
aallotar {n} [mythology]  :: water nymph
Aallotar {prop}  :: female given name
aallottaa {vt}  :: To corrugate, make (sth) wavy/rolling/swelling/undulating (e.g. paper)
aallottaminen {n}  :: act of producing waves
aallottaminen {n}  :: making (sth, e.g. paper) wavy / rolling / swelling / undulating, corrugating, corrugation
aallotus {n}  :: corrugation
aaloe {n} [plant]  :: aloe
aalto {n}  :: outbreak (sudden increase)
aalto {n}  :: wave
Aalto {prop}  :: Finnish surname
aaltoallas {n}  :: wave pool
aaltoalue {n}  :: Short form of aallonpituusalue (wavelength band), used mainly of radio wavelengths and in compound terms
aaltoenergia {n}  :: wave power
aaltofunktio {n}  :: wave function
aalto-hiukkasdualismi {n} [physics]  :: wave-particle duality
aaltoileva {adj}  :: wavy
aaltoilevammin {adv}  :: comparative form of aaltoilevasti
aaltoilevampi {adj}  :: comparative form of aaltoileva
aaltoilevasti {adv}  :: wavily
aaltoilevimmin {adv}  :: superlative form of aaltoilevasti
aaltoilla {vi}  :: To wave
aaltoilu {n}  :: waving, the movement of waves
aaltoinen {adj}  :: wavy
aaltojuotos {n}  :: wave soldering
aaltolevy {n} [construction]  :: corrugated plate
aaltolevy {n} [optics]  :: wave plate
aaltoliike {n}  :: wave motion
aaltoluku {n}  :: wavenumber
aaltomainen {adj}  :: wavelike
aaltomekaniikka {n}  :: wave mechanics
aaltomittari {n}  :: scallop shell moth (Rheumaptera undulata)
aaltomuoto {n} [physics, mathematics]  :: waveform
aaltonen {n}  :: diminutive form of aalto
aaltonen {n} [mathematics]  :: wavelet
Aaltonen {prop}  :: Finnish surname
aaltopahvi {n}  :: corrugated cardboard
aaltopelti {n} [construction material]  :: corrugated iron, corrugated sheet
aaltopilvi {n}  :: wave cloud
aaltopituus {n}  :: alternative form of aallonpituus
aaltoputki {n} [physics]  :: waveguide
aaltorintama {n}  :: wavefront
aaltosulje {n}  :: A curly bracket, brace (symbols "{" and "}" )
aaltosulku {n}  :: A curly bracket (symbols "{" and "}")
aaltosulkumerkki {n}  :: A curly bracket sign
aaltotutkimus {n}  :: wave research
aaltovektori {n}  :: wave vector
aaltoviiva {n}  :: tilde
aaltoviiva {n}  :: wavy line
aaltovoima {n}  :: wave power
aaltovoimala {n} [electric power]  :: A wave power station, wave power plant, wave farm
aaltoyhtälö {n}  :: wave equation
aamen {interj}  :: amen
aami {n}  :: An old unit of volume, 157.03 litres
aamiainen {n}  :: breakfast
aamiaisaika {n}  :: breakfast time
aamiaishetki {n}  :: breakfast time
aamiaismajoitus {n}  :: bed and breakfast
aamiaismurot {n} [pluralonly]  :: breakfast cereal
aamiaistaa {vi}  :: To have breakfast
aamiaistapaaminen {n}  :: breakfast meeting (early meeting in which breakfast is served to the participants)
aamiaistunti {n}  :: breakfast hour (break of work, usually shorter than one hour, allowed for eating breakfast or sometimes lunch)
Aamon {prop} [biblical]  :: Amon
Aamos {prop}  :: Amos [biblical character]
aamu {n}  :: morning
Aamu {prop} [rare]  :: female given name
aamuaskare {n}  :: morning chore
aamuateria {n}  :: breakfast (first meal of the day, eaten in the morning)
aamuerektio {n}  :: morning erection, morning glory, morning wood
aamuhartaus {n}  :: lauds, matins, morning prayer (short divine office held in the morning)
aamuhetki {n}  :: early-morning hour
aamuhämärä {n}  :: dawn, morning twilight
aamuihminen {n}  :: morning person
aamuinen {adj}  :: taking place in the morning
aamuöinen {adj}  :: Taking place during small hours, or wee hours
aamuisin {adv}  :: In the morning
aamujumalanpalvelus {n}  :: morning service
aamujuna {n}  :: morning train
aamukahdeksan {n}  :: eight in the morning, 8 a.m.
aamukahvi {n}  :: breakfast
aamukahvi {n}  :: morning coffee (cup of coffee drunk early in the morning)
aamukampa {n} [figuratively, by extension]  :: The remaining last days of anything
aamukampa {n} [military slang]  :: A "morning comb"; a comb in which every tooth represents one remaining morning in the military service - every morning one tooth is removed. The comb can then be displayed to younger soldiers for their envy
aamukaste {n}  :: morning dew
aamukirkko {n}  :: morning mass
aamukylmä {n}  :: morning cool
aamulehti {n}  :: morning paper
Aamulehti {prop}  :: Finland's second-largest daily newspaper, published in Tampere
aamulenkki {n}  :: morning run
aamulepakko {n}  :: cave nectar bat (Eonycteris spelaea)
aamulähetys {n}  :: morning program, morning broadcast
aamulla {adv}  :: at morning
aamullinen {adj}  :: Occurring in the morning
aamulämpö {n}  :: morning temperature (body temperature in the morning)
aamulämpötila {n}  :: alternative term for aamulämpö (body temperature in the morning)
aamulämpötila {n}  :: morning temperature (atmospheric temperature in the morning)
aamulypsy {n}  :: morning milking
aamunavaus {n}  :: morning assembly (joint meeting at the beginning of a working day, chiefly held in schools, the purpose of which is to orientate the students to the working day, to share information or to deliver a message which may have ideological or religious content, depending on the country)
aamunkajo {n}  :: dawn (the first light of the day which appears some time before the sunrise)
aamunkoi {n}  :: dawn, sunrise, break of day
aamunkoite {n}  :: dawn, daybreak, first light, cockcrow
aamunkoitteessa {adv}  :: at dawn
aamunkoitto {n}  :: dawn, daybreak, break of dawn; sunrise
aamunraikas {adj}  :: fresh as the morning
aamunsarastus {adj}  :: dawn, daybreak
aamuntorkku {n}  :: late riser
aamunvirkku {n}  :: early riser
aamupahoinvointi {n}  :: morning sickness
aamupala {n}  :: breakfast
aamupalvelus {n}  :: matins
aamupäivä {n}  :: (late) morning, forenoon (part of the day roughly from the beginning of working hours to midday)
aamupäiväinen {adj}  :: Taking place during the morning half of the day
aamupäivisin {adv}  :: In the mornings (habitually taking place during the morning half of the day)
aamupäivätoiminta {n}  :: In Finnish comprehensive schools (peruskoulu), an optional non-curricular activity offered for the 1st and 2nd year students before the beginning of the school day. This allows working parents to bring their children to school in a time that fits their working hours
aamupuku {n}  :: morning dress, morning suit (men's formal attire worn during the day)
aamupuoli {n}  :: The part of day or night which is close to the morning, i.e. roughly the time from midnight to noon
aamurukous {n}  :: morning prayer (individual's prayer that is read in the morning)
aamuruoka {n}  :: breakfast
aamurusko {n}  :: light of dawn (change in the colour of the sky) before sunrise
aamuruuhka {n}  :: morning rush hour
aamusella {adv}  :: In the morning
aamusumu {n}  :: morning mist, morning fog
aamutakki {n}  :: dressing gown
aamutähti {n} [astronomy]  :: morning star
aamutohveli {n}  :: morning slipper
aamutorkku {n}  :: late riser
aamutorkku {n}  :: morning nap
aamutossu {n}  :: slipper
aamutuima {n}  :: early morning
aamutuimaan {adv}  :: Early in the morning
aamu-uninen {adj}  :: sleepy in the mornings
aamu-unisuus {n}  :: morning sleepiness
aamu-uutiset {n}  :: A morning newscast, morning news
aamuvarhain {adv}  :: Early in the morning
aamuvarhainen {n}  :: early morning
aamuvarhaisella {adv}  :: Early in the morning
aamuvartio {n}  :: morning watch
aamuvirkku {n}  :: early riser, early bird, morning person, lark (one who wakes early)
aamuvoimistelu {n}  :: morning calisthenics
aamuvuoro {n}  :: morning shift
aamuyö {n}  :: small hours (period from midnight to dawn)
aapa {n}  :: A type of open swamp
aapasuo {n}  :: minerotrophic bog; a type of open swamp
Aapeli {prop}  :: male given name
aapinen {n}  :: primer, ABC (textbook formerly used in primary education to teach the alphabet)
aapiskirja {n}  :: A primer or an ABC (textbook formerly used in primary education to teach the alphabet)
aapiskukko {n}  :: A rooster with a raised pointer stick in one foot - a symbol of learning and wisdom used since 1700's primarily in ABC books
Aapo {prop}  :: male given name
Aappo {prop}  :: male given name, a variant of Aapo
aaprotti {n} [plant]  :: southernwood (Artemisia abrotanum)
aaprottimaruna {n}  :: southernwood (Artemisia abrotanum)
aari {n}  :: 100 square metres, are
aari {n}  :: an Aari
aari {n}  :: the Aari language
aaria {n} [music]  :: aria
Aarne {prop}  :: male given name
Aarne {prop}  :: The letter "A" in the Finnish tavausaakkoset, a spelling system similar to ICAO spelling alphabet
aarni {n} [archaic, mythology]  :: treasure
Aarni {prop}  :: male given name
aarnialue {n} [ecology]  :: primeval forest
aarnihauta {n} [mythology]  :: A place where a treasure is said to be hidden
aarnihokko {n}  :: great curassow (Crax rubra)
aarnihonka {n}  :: A tall and old pine tree
aarnikotka {n}  :: griffon, griffin (mythical animal)
aarniluppo {n}  :: A species of lichen, Bryoria nadvornikiana
aarnimetsä {n}  :: alternative form of aarniometsä
aarnio {n} [mythology]  :: a hidden, buried treasure
aarnio {n}  :: thicket
aarniohauta {n} [mythology]  :: A buried treasure
aarniometsä {n}  :: primeval forest
aarnipuu {n}  :: A tall and old tree
aarnitoko {n}  :: black dwarf hornbill (Tockus hartlaubi)
aarnituli {n} [mythology]  :: A will o' the wisp, especially one that burns over a hidden treasure
aarnivalkea {n} [mythology]  :: A will o' the wisp, especially one that burns over a hidden treasure
Aarno {prop}  :: male given name
Aaro {prop}  :: male given name
Aaron {prop}  :: Aaron (biblical figure)
Aaron {prop}  :: male given name
aaroninparta {n} [plant]  :: Aaron's beard, Saxifraga stolonifera
aaroninsauva {n} [plant]  :: wild arum (Arum maculatum)
aarpora {n}  :: reamer
aarporata {v}  :: to ream
aarre {n}  :: treasure
aarre {n}  :: treasure trove (hidden tresure, subsequently discovered)
aarre {n}  :: treasure trove (valuable discovery)
Aarre {prop}  :: male given name
aarreaitta {n} [figuratively]  :: treasury (collection of valuable artistic or literary works)
aarreaitta {n}  :: treasury (place where state or royal money and valuables are stored)
aarrearkku {n}  :: treasure chest, treasury
aarrehauta {n} [mythology]  :: A buried treasure
aarrekammio {n}  :: treasure chamber
aarrekätkö {n}  :: treasure cache
aarrelöytö {n}  :: treasure trove (hidden treasure, subsequently discovered)
aarresaari {n}  :: treasure island
aarretuli {n} [mythology]  :: alternative term for aarnituli
aarrevalkea {n} [mythology]  :: alternative form of aarnivalkea
aarteenetsijä {n}  :: treasure hunter
aarteenetsintä {n}  :: treasure hunting
aarteenkaivaja {n}  :: treasure digger
aarteenmetsästys {n}  :: treasure hunt
aarteisto {n}  :: treasures
aasa {n} [mythology]  :: áss (one of the gods of the Æsir)
aasainusko {n}  :: Asatru, Ásatrú (neopaganistic religion which aims to revive the belief in, and worship of, the Æsir)
aasi {n}  :: donkey, ass (Equus asinus)
aasi {n}  :: stupid person
Aasia {prop}  :: Asia (continent)
aasialainen {adj}  :: Asian
aasialainen {n}  :: An Asian person
aasialaisuus {n}  :: The quality of being Asian
aasianharlekiini {n}  :: broadbill (bird of the genus Eurylaimus)
aasianhaukkanen {n}  :: falconet (any of the small falcons of the genus Microhierax)
aasianiibis {n}  :: ibis (bird of the genus Pseudibis in the family Threskiornithidae, ibises and spoonbills)
aasianiibishaikara {n}  :: painted stork, Mycteria leucocephala
Aasian ja Tyynenmeren alue {prop} [business]  :: Asia-Pacific
aasianjokipääsky {n}  :: white-eyed river martin, Pseudochelidon sirintarae, Eurochelidon sirintarae
aasiankalliokyyhky {n}  :: hill pigeon, Columba rupestris
aasiankalliopääsky {n}  :: dusky crag martin, Ptyonoprogne concolor
aasiankeisarikalastaja {n}  :: crested kingfisher Megaceryle lugubris
aasiankiitäjä {n}  :: fork-tailed swift, Pacific swift, Apus pacificus
aasiankilpikierto {n}  :: Asian moonseed, Menispermum dauricum
aasiankirjotikka {n}  :: fulvous-breasted woodpecker (Dendrocopos macei)
aasiankiuru {n}  :: oriental skylark, oriental lark, small skylark (Alauda gulgula)
aasiankoskikara {n}  :: brown dipper, Cinclus pallasii
aasiankääpiöhaukka {n}  :: white-rumped pygmy falcon, white-rumped falcon, Polihierax insignis
aasiankääpiöorava {n}  :: black-eared squirrel, Nannosciurus melanotis
aasiankääpiösorsa {n}  :: cotton teal, Indian pygmy-goose, Nettapus coromandelianus
aasiankukaali {n}  :: greater coucal, Centropus sinensis
aasiankultakissa {n}  :: Asian golden cat, Pardofelis temminckii
aasiankultakutoja {n}  :: Asian golden weaver, Ploceus hypoxanthus
aasianleijona {n}  :: Asiatic lion, Panthera leo persica
aasianlumivarpunen {n}  :: snowfinch, (any of the four passerine bird species in the genus Montifringilla which were formerly classified in their own genus Pyrgilauda)
aasianlumivarpuset {n} [ornithology]  :: The genus Pyrgilauda
aasianmangrovemedestäjä {n}  :: copper-throated sunbird, Leptocoma calcostetha
aasianmarmorimurri {n}  :: long-billed murrelet, Brachyramphus perdix
aasianmedestäjä {n}  :: sunbird (bird of the genus Leptocoma in the family Nectariniidae, the family of sunbirds)
aasianmetsäpyy {n}  :: hill partridge (bird of the genus Arborophila)
aasianmutakala {n}  :: pond loach, dojo loach, oriental weather loach, Japanese weather loach, Misgurnus anguillicaudatus (freshwater fish in the loach family Cobitidae, native to East Asia, sometimes used as an aquarium fish)
aasiannakkeli {n}  :: chestnut-bellied nuthatch, Sitta castanea
aasiannorsu {n}  :: Asian elephant, Elephas maximus
aasianpalmukiitäjä {n}  :: Asian palm swift, Cypsiurus balasiensis
aasianpalokärki {n}  :: white-bellied woodpecker, Dryocopus javensis
aasianpensaskiuru {n}  :: rufous-winged bushlark, Mirafra assamica
aasianpikkutikka {n}  :: grey-capped pygmy woodpecker, Dendrocopos canicapillus
aasianpöllökehrääjä {n}  :: frogmouth (bird of the genus Batrachostomus)
aasianpääskykahlaaja {n}  :: oriental pratincole, Glareola maldivarum
aasianpyhäiibis {n}  :: black-headed ibis, Threskiornis melanocephalus
aasianrakonokka {n}  :: Asian openbill, Anastomus oscitans
aasianrilli {n}  :: oriental white-eye, Zosterops palpebrosus
aasianrääkkiäinen {n}  :: Swinhoe's rail, Coturnicops exquisitus
aasianräystäspääsky {n}  :: Asian house martin, Delichon dasypus
aasiansatulahaikara {n}  :: black-necked stork, Ephippiorhynchus asiaticus
aasiansieppokerttu {n} [ornithology]  :: A bird of the genus Seicercus of the family Phylloscopidae (separated from Sylvidae, the Old World warblers)
aasiansieppokertut {n} [ornithology]  :: The genus Seicercus of the family Phylloscopidae (separated from Sylvidae, the Old World warblers)
aasiansininärhi {n}  :: dollarbird, dollar roller Eurystomus orientalis
aasiantiikerihyttynen {n}  :: Asian tiger mosquito, Aedes albopictus
aasiantoko {n}  :: grey hornbill (bird of the genus Ocyceros)
aasiantöpökerttunen {n} [in plural]  :: the genus Urosphena
aasiantöpökerttunen {n}  :: stubtail (any of the three passerine birds in the genus Urosphena)
aasiantöpökiitäjä {n}  :: silver-rumped soinetailed swift, Rhaphidura leucopygialis
aasiantörmäpääsky {n}  :: pale sand martin, Riparia diluta
aasiantrogoni {n}  :: trogon (bird of the genus Harpactes)
aasiantupsuhäntäpiikkisika {n}  :: Asiatic brush-tailed porcupine, Atherurus macrourus
aasianturturikyyhky {n}  :: spotted-necked dove, Streptopelia chinensis
aasiantöyhtötikka {n}  :: rufous woodpecker, Celeus brachyurus
aasianuikkukana {n}  :: masked finfoot, Heliopais personatus
aasianuuttukyyhky {n}  :: pale-backed pigeon, yellow-eyed pigeon, Columba eversmanni
aasianviheltäjä {n}  :: mangrove whistler, Pachycephala cinerea
aasianvihervarpunen {n}  :: yellow-breasted greenfinch, Carduelis spinoides
aasianvilliaasi {n}  :: kulan, Equus hemionus
aasianvillihevonen {n}  :: Przewalski's horse, Equus ferus przewalskii
aasianvuoripeippo {n}  :: Asian rosy finch, Leucosticte arctoa
aasimainen {adj}  :: asinine
aasimaisempi {adj}  :: comparative form of aasimainen
aasimaisesti {adv}  :: asininely
aasimaisuus {n}  :: asininity
aasinajaja {n}  :: donkey driver
aasinkorva {n} [plant]  :: Syngonium auritum
aasinmaksaruoho {n} [plant]  :: A plant, Sedum burrito
aasinpotku {n} [figuratively]  :: own goal, backfiring
aasinsilta {n} [math, rare]  :: pons asinorum (Euclid's fifth theorem)
aasinsilta {n} [rhetoric, literature]  :: An awkward transition from one topic to another
aasintamma {n}  :: she-ass, jenny-ass, jenny (female donkey)
aasiori {n}  :: jackass (male donkey)
aasta ööhön {phrase}  :: from A to Z
aatami {n} [figuratively]  :: Adam
Aatami {prop} [Christianity, colloquial]  :: Adam (first man, according to the Bible)
Aatami {prop}  :: male given name, equivalent of Adam
aataminaikainen {adj}  :: Really old, antediluvian
aataminomena {n} [anatomy]  :: Adam's apple, thyroid cartilage, laryngeal prominence
aataminpuku {n} [euphemistic]  :: birthday suit (nakedness)
Aataminsilta {prop} [geography]  :: Adam's Bridge
aate {n}  :: An ideology
aatehistoria {n}  :: history of ideologies
aatekilpailu {n} [architecture]  :: ideas competition (competition for architects to find the best and most attractive general idea for a construction project, often for an area or zone rather than an individual building)
aateli {n}  :: nobility
aateliike {n} [dated]  :: ideological movement
aatelinen {adj}  :: noble (belonging to nobility)
aatelinen {n}  :: nobleman, noblewoman (member of nobility)
aatelisarvo {n}  :: noble rank
aatelisherra {n}  :: nobleman
aateliskalenteri {n}  :: calendar of nobility (listing of the members of noble families)
aateliskartano {n}  :: noble estate (large estate owned by a nobleman, often originally granted as privilege by the)
aateliskartano {n}  :: The main building of such an estate, even if separated from the original land ownership
aatelismies {n}  :: nobleman
aatelisnainen {n}  :: noblewoman
aatelisneiti {n}  :: noble-miss
aatelisneito {n}  :: noblewoman
aatelisnenä {n}  :: A type of nose associated with nobility i.e. a relatively tall nose with a more or less visible hump
aatelisrouva {n}  :: noblewoman
aatelissääty {n}  :: nobility (nobility as an estate of the realm)
aatelissuku {n}  :: noble family (family that belongs to nobility)
aatelisto {n}  :: nobility
aatelisuus {n}  :: nobility, nobleness (quality of being of noble birth)
aatelisvaakuna {n}  :: A coat of arms of a noble family
aateliton {n}  :: commoner (not of noble rank)
aatella {v} [dialectal]  :: alternative form of ajatella
aatelma {n}  :: alternative form of ajatelma
aateloida {vt}  :: To ennoble, raise to the nobility/peerage
aatelointi {n}  :: ennobling, ennoblement (making one noble)
aateluus {n}  :: nobility, nobleness (quality)
aateluus velvoittaa {phrase}  :: noblesse oblige
aatemaailma {n}  :: ideology (doctrine, body of ideas)
aatepiiri {n}  :: sphere of ideas
aaterakennelma {n}  :: ideology, system of thought (body of beliefs or principles belonging to an individual or group, especially one that has been organized to a theory)
aaterikkaus {n}  :: richness of ideas, richness of thought
aatesisar {n}  :: ideological sister (female ideological companion)
aatesuunta {n}  :: current of thought, ideological current
aatetoveri {n}  :: co-ideologist, ideological companion
aateveli {n}  :: ideological brother (male ideological companion)
aatevirtaus {n}  :: current of thought, ideological current
Aato {prop} [rare]  :: male given name
aatonaatto {n}  :: eve's eve (day before an eve)
aatos {n} [literary]  :: thought
Aatos {prop}  :: male given name
aatra {n} [dialectal]  :: plough
aatra {n} [historical]  :: ard, scratch plough (simple plough)
aatteellinen {adj}  :: Ideological; adhering to an ideology
aatteellisemmin {adv}  :: comparative form of aatteellisesti
aatteellisempi {adj}  :: comparative form of aatteellinen
aatteellisesti {adv}  :: ideologically
aatteellisimmin {adv}  :: superlative form of aatteellisesti
aatteellisin {adj}  :: superlative form of aatteellinen
aatteellisuus {n}  :: The state of being ideological
aatteeton {n}  :: unideological
-aatteinen {adj} [dated]  :: -minded
-aatteinen {adj} [dated]  :: -thinking
aatto {n}  :: eve
Aatto {prop}  :: male given name
aattoaika {n}  :: An unspecified period before an eve, when preparations are made for the celebration
aattoaika {n}  :: opening hours on an eve
aattoilta {n}  :: eve's eve; the evening of an eve, particularly the evening before [[juhannus Midsummer]], [[joulu Christmas]] or [[uusivuosi New Year]]
aattopäivä {n}  :: eve day, eve
aattoyö {n}  :: eve night, eve's night (night of an eve, particularly the night before [[juhannus Midsummer]], [[joulu Christmas]] or [[uusivuosi New Year]])
Aatu {prop}  :: male given name
aava {adj}  :: open, wide (featuring a very large open area, especially sea)
aava {n}  :: open sea
Aava {prop}  :: female given name
aavameri {n}  :: A rare spelling of aava meri, ("high seas, open sea"), used principally attributively in genitive singular, as in aavanmeren laivasto
aave {n}  :: ghost (spirit of a dead person)
aavejuna {n}  :: ghost train (supernatural manifestatiopn of a train)
aavekaupunki {n}  :: A ghost town
aavekipu {n}  :: phantom pain
aavekuva {n}  :: ghost image (undesired image appearing at the image plane of an optical system)
aavelaiva {n}  :: ghost ship
aavemainen {adj}  :: ghostly
aavemaisemmin {adv}  :: comparative form of aavemaisesti
aavemaisempi {adj}  :: comparative form of aavemainen
aavemaisesti {adv}  :: eerily
aavemaisimmin {adv}  :: superlative form of aavemaisesti
aavemaisin {adj}  :: superlative form of aavemainen
aavemaisuus {n}  :: ghostliness
aavempi {adj}  :: comparative form of aava
aavesärky {n} [medicine]  :: phantom pain
aavikko {n}  :: desert
aavikkoalue {n}  :: desert area
aavikkogundi {n}  :: Val's gundi, Ctenodactylus vali (rodent found in parts of northern Sahara)
aavikkohaukka {n}  :: saker, saker falcon (Falco cherrug)
aavikkoiguaani {n}  :: desert iguana, Dipsosaurus dorsalis
aavikkoilmasto {n}  :: desert climate
aavikkoilves {n}  :: caracal (Caracal caracal)
aavikkoinen {adj}  :: desert, barren (consisting of, or like a desert)
aavikkojerbo {n}  :: jerboa, desert rat
aavikkojäniskenguru {n}  :: Lake Mackay hare-wallaby (Lagorchestes asomatus)
aavikkojuoksija {n}  :: cream-coloured courser, Cursorius cursor
aavikkokaniini {n}  :: desert cottontail, Sylvilagus audubonii
aavikkokauppiasrotta {n}  :: desert woodrat, Neoroma lepida
aavikkokehrääjä {n}  :: Egyptian nightjar, Caprimulgus aegyptius
aavikkokenguru {n}  :: desert rat-kangaroo (Caloprymnus campestris)
aavikkokerttu {n}  :: streaked scrub warbler, Scotocerca inquieta
aavikkokettu {n}  :: fennec (Fennecus zerda)
aavikkokissa {n}  :: African wildcat, Felis silvestris lybica
aavikkokiuru {n}  :: desert lark, Ammomanes deserti
aavikkokiuru {n} [in plural]  :: Ammomanes (genus of birds in lark family)
aavikkokultakontiainen {n}  :: Grant's golden mole, Eremitalpa granti
aavikkokultamyyrä {n}  :: Grant's golden mole, Eremitalpa granti
aavikkokultarinta {n}  :: Sykes's warbler, Iduna rama
aavikkomara {n}  :: Chacoan mara, Dolichotis salinicola
aavikkopikkumarsu {n}  :: southern mountain cavy, Microcavia australis
aavikkopöllö {n}  :: Hume's owl, Strix butleri
aavikkopäästäinen {n}  :: Crawford's gray shrew, Notiosorex crawfordi
aavikkopussimäyrä {n}  :: desert bandicoot, Perameles eremiana
aavikkopyy {n} [in plural]  :: Amnoperdix (genus of birds consisting of two species)
aavikkopyy {n}  :: sand partridge, Ammoperdix heyi
aavikkorotta {n}  :: A desert rat or jerboa, especially the lesser Egyptian jerboa, Jaculus jaculus
aavikkosiili {n}  :: long-eared hedgehog, Hemiechinus auritus
aavikkotaipaani {n}  :: inland taipan, small scaled snake or fierce snake, Oxyuranus microlepidotus
aavikkotasku {n}  :: desert wheatear, Oenanthe deserti
aavikkotaskurotta {n}  :: desert pocket gopher, Geomys arenarius
aavikkotrappi {n}  :: Arabian bustard, Ardeotis arabs
aavikkotulkku {n} [in plural]  :: Bucanetes (genus of passerine birds consisting of two species)
aavikkotulkku {n}  :: trumpeter finch, Bucanetes githagineus
aavikkotylli {n}  :: greater sand plover, Charadrius leschenaultii
aavikkounikeko {n}  :: desert dormouse, Selevinia betpakdalaensis
aavikkovarpunen {n}  :: desert sparrow (Passer simplex)
aavikoittaa {v}  :: to desertify (to cause to become desert)
aavikoitua {vr}  :: to desertify (to become desert)
aavikoituminen {n}  :: desertification
aavin {adj}  :: superlative form of aava
aavistaa {vt}  :: To anticipate; to have a feeling that..., have a premonition of
aavistamaton {adj}  :: unexpected, unforeseen
aavistamatta {adv}  :: unsuspectedly
aavistamatta {adv}  :: unsuspectingly
aavisteleminen {v} [fi-infinitive of, t=4, aavistella]  ::
aavistella {vi}  :: To have a hunch, to have a funny feeling
aavistuksenomainen {adj}  :: premonition-like
aavistus {n}  :: premonition, intuition
aavistuslähtö {n} [sports]  :: false start
abaattinen {adj} [medicine]  :: abasic (lacking the ability to walk)
abakaviiri {n}  :: abacavir
abaksiaalinen {adj}  :: abaxial (facing to a direction away from the central axis of an organism)
abakteriaalinen {adj}  :: abacterial (not caused by bacteria, characterized by lack of bacteria)
abakterielli {adj} [rare]  :: Alternative term for abakteriaalinen
abaloni {n}  :: An abalone, a pawa (New Zealand English)
abasia {n} [medicine]  :: abasia (inability to walk)
abatasepti {n} [pharmacology]  :: abatacept
abatsi {n}  :: abachi, obeche, wawa, ayous, samba (Triplochiton scleroxylon)
abbedissa {n} [Christianity]  :: An abbess
abbotinsukeltaja-antilooppi {n}  :: Abbott's duiker (Cephalophus spadix)
ABC-ase {n}  :: ABC weapon (atomic, biological or chemical weapon of mass destruction)
abdikaatio {n}  :: abdication
abdikoida {vi}  :: To abdicate
abdominaali {adj}  :: abdominal, ventral (of or pertaining to the abdomen)
abdominaalimigreeni {n} [pathology]  :: abdominal migraine (variant of migraine)
abdominaalinen {adj}  :: abdominal
abdominoplastia {n} [plastic surgery]  :: abdominoplasty
abduktiivinen {adj}  :: abductive
abduktio {n}  :: abduction (wrongful, and usually forcible, carrying off of a human being, especially by aliens)
abduktio {n} [logic]  :: abduction (form of argument)
abduktio {n} [physiology]  :: abduction (movement which separates a body part from the center line of the body or a limb)
abduktoida {v}  :: To abduct
abduktori {n} [anatomy]  :: abductor (muscle which serves to draw a part out)
abeetalipoproteinemia {n} [pathology]  :: abetalipoproteinemia (rare autosomal recessive disorder, lack of beta-lipoproteins in blood)
aberraatio {n}  :: aberration
aberrantti {adj}  :: aberrant
abessiivi {n} [grammar]  :: abessive
abessiivisija {n} [grammar]  :: abessive case
Abessinia {prop}  :: Abyssinia (historical name of Ethiopia)
abessinialainen {adj} [historical]  :: Abyssinian
abessinialainen {n}  :: Abyssinian (breed of cat)
abessinialainen {n} [historical]  :: Abyssinian (person)
abessiniangenetti {n}  :: Abyssinian genet, Genetta abyssinica (carnivore of the family Viverridae - civets and relatives, found in moorland, grasslands and sub-desert areas in Ethiopia, Sudan, Eritrea and Djibouti)
abessinianleijona {n}  :: Masai lion, Panthera leo roosevelti
abhaasi {n}  :: An Abkhaz
abhaasi {n}  :: The Abkhaz language
abhaasin kieli {n}  :: Abkhaz language
abhaasinkielinen {adj}  :: Abkhaz (expressed in Abkhaz language)
abhaasinkielinen {adj}  :: Abkhaz-speaking
abhaasintaa {v}  :: to translate into Abkhaz
Abhasia {prop}  :: Abkhazia (a region/country in the Caucasus)
abhasialainen {adj}  :: Abkhazian
abhasialainen {n}  :: Abkhaz (person from Abkhazia)
abi {n} [colloquial]  :: A candidate for the matriculation examination
abikoliitin {n}  :: A type of electrical connector for small diameters of electric wire which are attached to the end of the line by pressing
abikopihti {n} [usually in plural]  :: A pair of pliers designed specially for pressing electric connectors to the ends of conductor wires, see abikoliitin
abiogeneesi {n}  :: abiogenesis
abioottinen {adj}  :: abiotic
abiotrofia {n} [pathology]  :: abiotrophy
abiristeily {n}  :: A cruise organized for the last year students of one or more high schools (lukio). This type of cruises are often organized by the students of the Finnish high schools located conveniently to the cruise harbors
abiturientti {n}  :: A student on the last class of a high school, a candidate for the matriculation examination
abivuosi {n}  :: A student's last year in high school (lukio)
ablaatio {n}  :: ablation
ablatiivi {n} [grammar]  :: ablative
ablatiivinen {adj}  :: ablatival
ablatiivisija {n} [grammar]  :: ablative case
abnormaali {adj}  :: Abnormal
abnormi {adj}  :: abnormal
abnormiteetti {n}  :: abnormality
abnormius {n}  :: abnormality
abo {n}  :: abo
abolitionismi {n}  :: abolitionism
abolitionisti {n}  :: abolitionist
aboraalinen {adj} [zoology]  :: aboral (located away from the mouth)
aboriginaali {n}  :: Aboriginal (original inhabitant of Australia)
aboriginaaliheimo {n}  :: Aboriginal tribe
aborigine {n}  :: Aborigine (aboriginal Australian)
abortiivinen {adj}  :: abortive
abortinvastainen {adj}  :: antiabortion
abortoida {vt}  :: To abort (a fetus; to cause a premature termination of a fetus)
abortoiminen {n}  :: abort, aborting
abortointi {n}  :: abort
abortti {n} [medicine]  :: abortion, induced abortion (procedure that terminates pregnancy by removing the fetus)
aborttiklinikka {n}  :: abortion clinic (medical facility that specializes in abortions)
aborttilainsäädäntö {n}  :: abortion legislation
aborttipilleri {n}  :: abortion pill (drug that induces abortion)
aborttitabletti {n}  :: Alternative term for aborttipilleri
abraasio {n}  :: abrasion
abrahamilainen {adj}  :: Abrahamic
abrakadabra {interj}  :: abracadabra (used by performing magician to indicate the moment of performing a magical trick or illusion)
abrakadabra {n}  :: abracadabra (complicated technical or other jargon)
abrakia {n} [pathology]  :: abrachia (congenital absence of arms)
absenssi {n}  :: absence
absessi {n} [pathology]  :: An abscess
absidi {n} [architecture]  :: apse (semicircular projection from a building, especially the rounded east end of a church that contains the altar)
absidi {n} [rare]  :: vestibule of a double skin tent
absiksimabi {n} [pharmacology]  :: abciximab
absintti {n}  :: absinthe, absinth (strong alcoholoc beverage)
abskessi {n} [medicine]  :: abscess
abskissa {n} [mathematics]  :: abscissa
absolutiivi {n} [grammar]  :: The absolutive case
absolutismi {n}  :: absolutism
absolutismi {n}  :: the ideal of abstaining from the consumption of alcohol
absolutisti {n}  :: absolutist (one who favours an absolute government)
absolutisti {n}  :: teetotaler (one who drinks no alcohol at all)
absolutistinen {adj}  :: absolutist
absoluutio {n}  :: absolution
absoluutti {n}  :: absolute
absoluuttinen {adj}  :: absolute
absoluuttinen lämpötila {n}  :: absolute temperature
absoluuttinen nollapiste {n} [physics]  :: absolute zero
absoluuttisemmin {adv}  :: comparative form of absoluuttisesti
absoluuttisesti {adv}  :: absolutely
absoluuttisimmin {adv}  :: superlative form of absoluuttisesti
absoluuttisuus {n}  :: absoluteness (state of being absolute)
absorbanssi {n}  :: absorbance
absorbentti {n}  :: absorbent
absorboida {vt} [physics]  :: To absorb
absorbointi {n}  :: absorption
absorboitua {vi} [physics, + illative]  :: To be absorbed into
absorptio {n} [chemistry, physics]  :: absorption
absorptiokerroin {n}  :: absorption coefficient
absorptiometria {n}  :: absorptiometry
absorptiospektri {n} [physics]  :: absorption spectrum
absorptioviiva {n}  :: absorption line
abstinenssi {n}  :: abstinence
abstinenssioire {n}  :: Alternative term for vieroitusoire
abstrahoida {vt}  :: To abstract, make an epitome/a general concept of
abstrahointi {n}  :: abstraction
abstrahoitua {vi}  :: To be abstracted, be generalized
abstrakteimmin {adv}  :: superlative form of abstraktisti
abstraktein {adj}  :: superlative form of abstrakti
abstrakti {adj}  :: Abstract (free from representational qualities)
abstrakti {adj}  :: Abstract (apart from practice or reality; not concrete; ideal; vague; theoretical; impersonal)
abstrakti {adj}  :: Abstract (difficult to understand; abstruse)
abstrakti algebra {n} [mathematics]  :: abstract algebra
abstraktijulkaisu {n}  :: abstract publication (publication publishing abstracts)
abstraktimmin {adv}  :: comparative form of abstraktisti
abstraktimpi {adj}  :: comparative form of abstrakti
abstraktinen {adj}  :: abstract
abstraktio {n}  :: abstraction
abstraktisesti {adv}  :: alternative form of abstraktisti
abstraktistaa {v}  :: A variant of abstrahoida
abstraktisti {adv}  :: abstractly
abstraktistua {vi}  :: To become abstract
abstraktisuus {n}  :: alternative form of abstraktius
abstraktius {n}  :: abstractness (quality of being abstract)
absurdeimmin {adv}  :: superlative form of absurdisti
absurdein {adj}  :: superlative form of absurdi
absurdi {adj}  :: absurd
absurdimmin {adv}  :: comparative form of absurdisti
absurdimpi {adj}  :: comparative form of absurdi
absurdismi {n}  :: absurdism
absurdisti {adv}  :: absurdly
absurdisti {n}  :: absurdist
absurditeetti {n}  :: absurdity
absurdius {n}  :: absurdity
abulia {n} [psychiatry]  :: abulia
abuulinen {adj} [psychiatry]  :: abulic
abyssaalinen {adj}  :: abyssal
abyssinen {adj}  :: alternative form of abyssaalinen
acajoupähkinä {n} [rare]  :: cashew nut, acajou
aceh {n}  :: Acehnese, Aceh (Malayo-Polynesian language spoken in Aceh, Sumatra, Indonesia)
adaktylia {n} [pathology]  :: adactylism (congenital absence of fingers or toes)
adamantaani {n}  :: adamantane
adamantiini {n} [anatomy]  :: enamel (hard covering on the exposed part of a tooth)
adapaleeni {n} [pharmacology]  :: adapalene (medicine used topically to treat skin conditions)
adaptaatio {n}  :: adaptation (process of becoming adapted)
adapteri {n}  :: adapter
adaptiivinen {adj}  :: adaptive
adaptoida {vt}  :: To adapt
adaptointi {n}  :: An adaptation; the process of adapting
adaptoitua {vi}  :: To be(come) adapted
adaptoituminen {n}  :: adaptation
addikti {n}  :: An addict
addiktio {n}  :: an addiction
addiktoida {v}  :: to addict (to cause to become addicted)
addiktoitua {v}  :: to addict (to become addicted)
addiktoiva {adj}  :: addictive
Addis {prop} [informal]  :: Addis Ababa (Ethiopia's capital city)
Addis Abeba {prop}  :: Addis Ababa (capital of Ethiopia)
Addisonin tauti {n} [pathology]  :: Addison's disease
addisonismi {n} [pathology]  :: Addison's disease
additiivinen {adj}  :: additive
additio {n} [chemistry]  :: addition
addukti {adj} [chemistry]  :: adduct
adduktiivinen {adj}  :: adductive
adduktio {n} [physiology]  :: adduction (movement which brings a body part towards the center line of the body or a limb)
adduktiovääntökoe {n} [pathophysiology]  :: adduction test (test for determining the condition of a joint by examining its movements)
adduktori {n} [anatomy]  :: adductor (muscle which draws a limb or part of the body toward the middle line of the body, or closes extended parts of the body)
adekvaatisti {adv}  :: adequately
adekvaatti {adj} [medicine]  :: adequate
adekvaattinen {adj}  :: alternative form of adekvaatti
adekvaattius {n}  :: adequacy
adeniini {n}  :: adenine
adeniitti {n} [pathology, jargon]  :: adenitis (glandular inflammation)
adenoblasti {n} [cytology]  :: adenoblast (embryonic cell that can develop to form glandular parenchyma)
adenofibrooma {n} [pathology]  :: adenofibroma (benign glandular and fibrous neoplasm)
adenohypofyysi {n} [anatomy]  :: adenohypophysis
adenoidektomia {n} [surgery]  :: adenoidectomy, adenotomy
adenoidiitti {n} [pathology, jargon]  :: adenoiditis (inflammation of the adenoid)
adenoidinen {n} [anatomy]  :: glandiform
adenokarsinooma {n} [oncology]  :: adenocarcinoma
adenolipooma {n} [pathology, jargon]  :: adenolipoma (benign lipoma of a gland containing both glandular and fat tissue)
adenolymfooma {n} [pathology]  :: adenolymphoma (benign tumour of the salivary glands)
adenomatoidi {adj} [pathology]  :: adenomatoid (of or pertaining to adenoma)
adenomatoidikasvain {n} [pathology]  :: adenomatoid tumor (benign mesothelial tumour of the genital tract)
adenomatoidinen {adj}  :: alternative form of adenomatoidi
adenomatoosi {n} [pathology]  :: adenomatosis (type of cancer)
adenomatoottinen {adj} [pathology]  :: adenomatotic (of or pertaining to adenomatosis)
adenomyomatoosi {n} [pathology]  :: adenomyomatosis (condition)
adenomyoosi {n} [pathology]  :: adenomyosis
adenooma {n} [pathology]  :: adenoma
adenoosi {n} [pathology]  :: adenosis (benign swelling, scarring or enlargement of the lymph glands)
adenosarkooma {n}  :: adenosarcoma (uncommon form of cancer)
adenosiini {n} [biochemistry]  :: adenosine (a nucleoside)
adenosiinideaminaasi {n}  :: adenosine deaminase
adenosiinidifosfaatti {n} [biochemistry]  :: adenosine diphosphate (a nucleotide)
adenosiinimonofosfaatti {n} [biochemistry]  :: adenosine monophosphate
adenosiininukleotidi {n} [biochemistry]  :: adenosine nucleotide
adenosiinitrifosfaatti {n} [biochemistry]  :: adenosine triphosphate
adenosiinitrifosfataasi {n} [biochemistry]  :: adenosinetriphosphatase
adenosyytti {n} [cytology]  :: adenocyte (secretory cell of a gland)
adenotomia {n} [surgery]  :: adenoidectomy
adenotonsillektomia {n} [surgery]  :: adenotonsillectomy
adenotonsilliitti {n} [pathology]  :: adenotonsillitis (inflammation of the tonsils and adenoids)
adenovirus {n}  :: adenovirus
adenylaattideaminaasi {n}  :: AMP deaminase (enzyme)
adenylaattisyklaasi {n} [biochemistry]  :: adenylate cyclase, adenylyl cyclase (enzyme with key regulatory roles in essentially all cells)
adenyylisyklaasi {n}  :: alternative form of adenylaattisyklaasi
aderinsukeltaja-antilooppi {n}  :: Ader´s duiker, Cephalophus adersi (species of antelope)
adessiivi {n} [grammar]  :: adessive. In Finnish adessive can indicate adjacency, indeterminate location, property, ownership or means of doing something. The ending of the adessive case is -lla (with back vowels (takavokaali) or -llä (with front vowels (etuvokaali))):
adessiivisija {n} [grammar]  :: adessive case
adheesio {n}  :: adhesion (ability of a substance to stick to an unlike substance)
adheesio {n} [medicine]  :: (abnormal union of surface by the formation of new tissue)
adheesiomolekyyli {n}  :: adhesion molecule (protein on the surface of a cell that helps the cell stick to other cells and to its surroundings)
adherenssi {n} [medicine]  :: adherence (extent to which a patient continues an agreed or proscribed treatment plan)
adherenssi {n} [pathology]  :: adherence (attachment of bacteria to the surface of cells)
adherentti {adj} [medicine]  :: adherent (having the quality of clinging or sticking fast to something)
adhesiini {n} [biochemistry]  :: adhesin (substance that facilitates adhesion of bacteria on their target cells)
adhesiivinen {adj}  :: adhesive (sticky; tenacious, apt or tending to adhere; clinging)
adhesiiviotiitti {n} [pathology]  :: adhesive otitis, adhesive otitis media (condition in which abnormal adhesions develop in the middle ear as a result of an inflammation)
ad hoc {adj} [rare]  :: ad hoc (for a particular purpose)
adiabaattinen {adj} [physics]  :: adiabatic
adiadokokineesi {n} [anatomy, medicine]  :: adiadochokinesia, adiadochokinesis (inability to perform rapid alternating movements)
adipiinihappo {n}  :: adipic acid
adipiinihapponitriili {n}  :: adiponitrile
adipolyysi {n} [anatomy, medicine]  :: adipolysis (process of converting fat into free fatty acids, esp. by the action of enzymes)
adipolyyttinen {adj} [anatomy, medicine]  :: adipolytic (converting fat into free fatty acids, esp. by the action of enzymes)
adiponitriili {n}  :: adiponitrile
adipoosi {adj} [medicine]  :: adipose, fatty (containing, composed of, or consisting of fat)
adipoosinen {adj}  :: alternative form of adipoosi
adiposyytti {n} [cytology]  :: adipocyte
adjektiivi {n} [grammar]  :: adjective
adjektiiviattribuutti {n} [grammar]  :: adjective attribute
adjektiivijohdos {n} [grammar]  :: adjectival derivative (derivative, or derived word, which is an adjective)
adjektiivikantainen {adj} [grammar]  :: deadjectival (deriving from an adjective)
adjektiivilauseke {n} [grammar]  :: adjective phrase
adjektiivimäärite {n} [grammar]  :: adjective attribute
adjektiivinen {adj}  :: adjectival
adjektiiviryhmä {n} [grammar]  :: Alternative term for adjektiivilauseke
adjektiivisesti {adv}  :: adjectivally (in a manner of an adjective)
adjektiivisuus {n}  :: adjectivity (state or condition of being an adjective])
adjunkti {n}  :: adjunct
adjutantti {n}  :: An adjutant
adjuvantti {adj} [medicine]  :: adjuvant (enhancing effectiveness of a medical treatment)
adjuvanttihoito {adj} [medicine]  :: adjuvant therapy (secondary treatment for cancer given after the primary treatment in order to remove residual microscopic disease)
administraatio {n}  :: administration
administraattori {n} [computing]  :: administrator
administratiivinen {adj}  :: administrative
admittanssi {n} [physics]  :: admittance
adneksiitti {n} [pathology]  :: adnexitis
adolesenssi {n}  :: adolescence
adolesentti {adj}  :: adolescent
adonis {n}  :: Adonis (beautiful man)
adoptio {n}  :: The adoption of a child
adoptioisä {n}  :: adoptive father
adoptioäiti {n}  :: adoptive mother
adoptiolapsi {n}  :: adoptee (adopted child or a person who was adopted as a child)
adoptioperhe {n}  :: adoptive family (family into which an adoptee is adopted)
adoptiosisarus {n}  :: adoptive sibling
adoptiovanhempi {n}  :: adoptive parent
adoptoida {vt}  :: To adopt (a child)
adoptointi {n}  :: adoption
adoraalinen {adj}  :: adoral (located near the mouth)
adorantti {n} [fine arts]  :: orant, orans (image of a person with hands up in prayer)
adpositio {n} [grammar]  :: adposition
adpositionaalinen {adj} [grammar]  :: adpositional (of or pertaining to adpositions)
adrenalektomia {n} [medicine]  :: adrenalectomy (removal of one or both adrenal glands)
adrenaliini {n}  :: adrenaline
adrenaliitti {n} [pathology]  :: adrenalitis (inflammation of one or both adrenal glands)
adrenarke {n}  :: adrenarche (maturation of the cortex of the human adrenal glands, typically occurring at age 6 to 10, causing some physical changes in both girls and boys)
adrenerginen {adj} [medicine]  :: adrenergic (containing or releasing adrenaline)
adrenerginen {adj} [medicine]  :: adrenergic (having the same effect as adrenaline or epinephrine)
adrenogenitaalinen {adj} [medicine]  :: adrenogenital (of or pertaining to excessive production of androgen hormone)
adrenogenitaalinen oireyhtymä {n} [pathology]  :: adrenogenital syndrome (group of symptoms caused by excessive secretion of androgenic hormones)
adrenogenitaalisyndrooma {n} [pathology]  :: adrenogenital syndrome (group of symptoms caused by excessive secretion of androgenic hormones)
adrenokortikaalinen {adj} [anatomy, pathology]  :: adrenocortical (of or pertaining to the adrenal cortex)
adrenokortikotrooppinen {adj} [medicine]  :: adrenocorticotropic, adrenotropic (that stimulates the adrenal cortex)
adrenokortikotropiini {n} [anatomy, medicine]  :: adrenocorticotropin (hormone secreted by the anterior pituitary gland, regulates metabolism by regulating the cortex of the adrenal gland)
adrenokromi {n}  :: adrenochrome
adrenoleukodystrofia {n} [medicine]  :: adrenoleukodystrophy (degenerative genetic disease)
adrenolyyttinen {adj} [medicine]  :: adrenolytic (that inhibits the effect of adrenaline)
adrenomedulliini {n} [medicine]  :: adrenomedullin (peptide associated with a tumor of the adrenal medula)
adrenoreseptori {n} [medicine]  :: adrenoreceptor, adrenergic receptor (site in the surface membranes of cells innervated by adrenergic neurons)
adrenotrooppinen {adj} [medicine]  :: adrenotropic, adrenocorticotropic (that stimulates the adrenal cortex)
adressaatti {n}  :: addressee
adressi {n}  :: petition, address
Adrianmeri {prop}  :: The Adriatic Sea
adsorbentti {n}  :: adsorbent
adsorboida {vt}  :: To adsorb
adsorbointi {n}  :: adsorption
adsorboitua {vi} [physics]  :: To be(come) adsorbed
adsorboiva {adj}  :: adsorptive, adsorbent
adsorptio {n}  :: adsorption
adsorptiokromatografia {n}  :: adsorption chromatography (method of chromatography in which a solid adsorbing substance serves as the stationary phase)
adstringentti {n}  :: astringent (substance which draws tissue together, thus restricting the flow of blood)
adstringoiva {adj}  :: astringent (having the effect of drawing tissue together)
adsukipapu {n}  :: azuki bean, adsuki bean
adukipapu {n}  :: alternative form of azukipapu
adulaari {n} [mineral]  :: adularia
A-duuri {n} [music]  :: A major
advektio {n}  :: advection
adventismi {n}  :: Adventism
adventisti {n}  :: An Adventist
adventti {n}  :: The four weeks right before the Christmas, the Advent
adventtiaika {n}  :: advent (period)
adventtikalenteri {n}  :: Advent calendar
adventtikirkko {n}  :: divine service of the Advent
adventtiseurakunta {n}  :: Adventist congregation
adventtisunnuntai {n}  :: Advent Sunday (the first Sunday of Advent, i.e. the fourth Sunday before Christmas)
adventtisunnuntai {n}  :: Sunday of Advent (together with an ordinal number, any of the four Sundays of the Advent)
adverbi {n} [grammar]  :: an adverb
adverbiaali {n} [grammar]  :: adverbial
adverbiaalinen {adj} [grammar]  :: adverbial
adverbiaalisemmin {adv}  :: comparative form of adverbiaalisesti
adverbiaalisesti {adv}  :: adverbially
adverbiaalisimmin {adv}  :: superlative form of adverbiaalisesti
adverbiaalisuus {n}  :: adverbiality (condition of having characteristics of an adverb)
adverbinen {adj}  :: adverbial
adverbisesti {adv}  :: adverbially
adverbisuus {n}  :: alternative term for adverbiaalisuus
adversatiivinen {adj} [linguistics]  :: adversative
adversatiivisemmin {adv}  :: comparative form of adversatiivisesti
adversatiivisesti {adv}  :: adversatively
adversatiivisimmin {adv}  :: superlative form of adversatiivisesti
adversatiivisuus {n}  :: adversativity
advokaatti {n}  :: advocate
aedeagus {n} [anatomy]  :: aedeagus
aeolinen {adj}  :: alternative form of eolinen
aerobatia {n}  :: aerobatics
aerobic {n}  :: aerobics
aerobicata {v} [rare]  :: alternative form of aerobikata
aerobikata {vi} [colloquial]  :: To do aerobics
aerobikkaaja {n}  :: One who does aerobics
aerobikkaus {n}  :: aerobics (form of exercise)
aerobikki {n} [colloquial]  :: aerobics
aerobinen {adj}  :: aerobic (as opposed to anaerobic)
aerobiologia {n}  :: aerobiology
aerobiologinen {adj}  :: aerobiological
aerobiologisemmin {adv}  :: comparative form of aerobiologisesti
aerobiologisesti {adv}  :: aerobiologically
aerobiologisimmin {adv}  :: superlative form of aerobiologisesti
aerobiontti {n} [biology]  :: aerobe (organism that needs oxygen to survive)
aerobioosi {n}  :: aerobiosis
aerodontalgia {n} [dentistry]  :: aerodontalgia
aerodynaaminen {adj}  :: aerodynamic
aerodynaamisemmin {adv}  :: comparative form of aerodynaamisesti
aerodynaamisempi {adj}  :: comparative form of aerodynaaminen
aerodynaamisesti {adv}  :: aerodynamically
aerodynaamisimmin {adv}  :: superlative form of aerodynaamisesti
aerodynaamisin {adj}  :: superlative form of aerodynaaminen
aerodynamiikka {n}  :: aerodynamics
aeroelastinen {adj} [aerodynamics]  :: aeroelastic
aeroelastisuus {n}  :: aeroelasticity
aeroembolia {n} [pathology]  :: air embolism, aeroembolism (condition caused by bubbles of gas in vascular system)
aerofobia {n}  :: aerophobia
aerofobinen {adj}  :: aerophobic
aerofotografia {n}  :: aerial photography
aerogeeli {n}  :: aerogel
aerogeofysiikka {n}  :: aerogeophysics (branch of geophysics based on airborne measurements of the Earth's surface)
aeromekaniikka {n}  :: aeromechanics (branch of mechanics dealing with gases)
aero-otiitti {n} [pathology]  :: aerotitis (otitis caused by a change in atmospheric pressure)
aerosinuiitti {n} [pathology]  :: aerosinusitis (sinusitis resulting from change in barometric pressure)
aerosoli {n}  :: aerosol
aerosolifysiikka {n} [science]  :: aerosol physics (study of physical properties of aerosols)
aerosolipakkaus {n}  :: aerosol package
aerosolipullo {n}  :: aerosol can
aerosolipurkki {n}  :: aerosol can
aerosolitölkki {n}  :: aerosol can
aerostatiikka {n}  :: aerostatics (study of gases in equilibrium)
aerotropismi {n}  :: aerotropism
afaatikko {n}  :: An aphasic person
afaattinen {adj}  :: when a boy is chasing a girl on the PIE (P(an)-I(sland) E(xpressway)) inSingapoe
afakia {n} [pathology]  :: aphakia (absence of the lens of the eye)
afar {n}  :: Afar (language)
afar {n}  :: An Afar (person)
afari {n}  :: Afar (person)
afarinetelänapina {n}  :: Australopithecus afarensis (extinct hominid that lived between 3.9 and 2.9 million years ago)
afasia {n} [pathology]  :: aphasia
afebriili {adj} [pathology, jargon]  :: afebrile (having no fever)
afemia {n} [pathology]  :: aphemia
afereesi {n} [medicine]  :: apheresis
affekti {n} [psychology]  :: affect
affektihäiriö {n}  :: affective disorder, mood disorder
affektiivinen {adj}  :: affective
affektiivisesti {adv}  :: affectively
affektiivisuus {n}  :: affectivity
affektikohtaus {n} [medicine]  :: alternative term for affektikouristus
affektikouristus {n} [medicine]  :: affective spasm (spasm triggered by powerful emotion, especially fury; usually affects kids younger than 6 years)
affektilabiilisuus {n} [medicine]  :: affective lability (tendency to get affective spasms)
affektinen {adj}  :: affective
affektio {n} [medicine]  :: affection
affektisesti {adv}  :: affectively
affektisuus {n}  :: affectivity
affenpinseri {n}  :: affenpinscher, Affenpinscher (breed of dog)
afferentti {adj} [anatomy]  :: afferent (carrying towards)
affiini {adj}  :: affine
affiinikuvaus {n} [mathematics]  :: affine transformation
affiinimuunnos {n} [mathematics]  :: affine transformation
affiininen {adj}  :: affine
affiksi {n}  :: affix
affiniteetti {n} [chemistry, medicine, computing]  :: affinity
affisio {n} [medicine]  :: lesion
affisioida {v} [medicine, professional jargon]  :: To affect (to infect or harm a part of the body)
affrikaatta {n}  :: affricate
afgaani {n}  :: Afghan hound
afgaani {n}  :: afghani
afgaani {n}  :: an Afghan
afgaani {n}  :: the Afghan language, or Pashto
afgaaninvinttikoira {n}  :: Afghan hound, Afghan
Afganistan {prop}  :: Afghanistan
afganistanilainen {adj}  :: Afghan
afganistanilainen {n}  :: An Afghan person
afganistaninpiiskujänis {n}  :: Afghan pika, Ochotona rufescens (species of small rodent)
afganistaninpika {n}  :: Afghan pika, Ochotona rufescens (species of small rodent)
aflatoksiini {n}  :: aflatoxin (any of a family of mycotoxins produced by molds of the Aspergillus genus)
afonia {n}  :: aphonia (inability to speak)
afoninen {adj}  :: aphonic (of, relating to, or exhibiting aphonia; unable to speak)
aforismi {n}  :: aphorism
aforismikokoelma {n}  :: A collection of aphorisms
aforisti {n}  :: aphorist (person who writes or recites aphorisms)
aforistikko {n} [dated]  :: aforisti
aforistinen {adj}  :: aphoristic
afrasia {n} [pathology]  :: aphrasia (condition of being unable to speak)
afääri {n} [colloquial]  :: A commercial affair
africanis {n}  :: Africanis (breed of dog)
afrikaaneri {n}  :: An Afrikaner (member of an ethnic group of northwestern European ancestry and associated with southern Africa and the Afrikaans language)
afrikaani {n}  :: alternative form of afrikaaneri
afrikaans {n}  :: the Afrikaans language
afrikaansin kieli {n}  :: Afrikaans (language)
afrikaansinkielinen {adj}  :: Expressed in Afrikaans language
afrikaansinkielinen {adj}  :: Speaking Afrikaans
afrikaansintaa {v}  :: to translate into Afrikaans
afrikandi {n}  :: An Afrikaner
afrikanhanhi {n}  :: Egyptian goose, Alopochen aegyptiaca
afrikaniibishaikara {n}  :: yellow-billed stork, Mycteria ibis
afrikanistiikka {n}  :: African studies, Africanistics
afrikankalliopääsky {n}  :: rock martin, Ptyonoprogne fuligula
afrikankapustahaikara {n}  :: African spoonbill, Platalea alba
afrikankastanjasirkku {n}  :: cinnamon-breasted bunting, Emberiza tahapisi
afrikankeisarikalastaja {n}  :: giant kingfisher Megaceryle maxima
afrikankielilepakko {n}  :: Woermann's bat, Woermann's fruit bat, Megaloglossus woermanni
afrikankääpiöhaukka {n}  :: African pygmy falcon, pygmy falcon, Polihierax semitorquatus
afrikankääpiöorava {n}  :: African pygmy squirrel, Myosciurus pumilio
afrikankäärmekaula {n}  :: African darter, Anhinga rufa
afrikankukaali {n}  :: Senegal coucal, Centropus senegalensis (bird in the cuckoo order)
afrikankultakissa {n}  :: African golden cat, Profelis aurata
afrikankyttyrädelfiini {n}  :: humpback dolphin, Sousa teuszii
afrikanlauluhaukka {n}  :: dark chanting goshawk, Melierax metabates
afrikanlinsanki {n}  :: African linsang, oyan, Poiana richardsonii (viverrine living in the jungles of central Africa)
afrikanmanaatti {n}  :: African manatee, Trichechus senegalensis
afrikanmarabu {n}  :: marabou, Leptoptilos crumeniferus
afrikanmerikarhu {n}  :: South African fur seal (Arctocephalus pusillus)
afrikanmetsäpäästäinen {n}  :: Olivier's shrew, Crocidura olivieri
afrikanmetsärotta {n}  :: Jackson's soft-furred mouse, Praomys jacksoni
afrikanniittyrotta {n}  :: Natal multimammate mouse, Mastomys natalensis
afrikannorsu {n}  :: African elephant, Loxodonta africana
afrikanpalmukiitäjä {n}  :: African palm swift, Cypsiurus parvus
afrikanpalmunäätä {n}  :: African palm civet, Nandinia binotata
afrikanpelikaani {n}  :: pink-backed pelican, Pelecanus rufescens
afrikanpiikkisika {n}  :: Cape porcupine, Hystrix africaeaustralis
afrikanpingviini {n}  :: jackass penguin, Spheniscus demersus
afrikanpurorotta {n}  :: Issel's groove-toothed swamp rat, Pelomys isseli
afrikanrakonokka {n}  :: African openbill, Anastomus lamelligerus
afrikansaksinokka {n}  :: African skimmer, Rynchops flavirostris
Afrikan sarvi {prop}  :: The Horn of Africa
afrikansatulahaikara {n}  :: saddle-bill stork, Ephippiorhynchus senegalensis
afrikansivettikissa {n}  :: African civet, Civettictis civetta
afrikansuopöllö {n}  :: marsh owl, Asio capensis
afrikansuorotta {n}  :: African shaggy rat, Dasymys incomtus
afrikantupsuhäntäpiikkisika {n}  :: African brush-tailed porcupine, Atherurus africanus
afrikantöyhtöhyyppä {n}  :: black-headed lapwing, Vanellus tectus
afrikantylli {n}  :: Kittlitz’s sand plover, Charadrius pecuarius
afrikanunikeko {n}  :: woodland dormouse, Graphiurus murinus
afrikanvaris {n}  :: pied crow, Corvus albus
afrikanvilliaasi {n}  :: African wild ass, Equus africanus
Afrikka {prop}  :: the continent of Africa
afrikkalainen {adj}  :: African
afrikkalainen {n}  :: An African
afrikkalaisamerikkalainen englanti {n}  :: African American Vernacular English
afrikkalaisuus {n}  :: state or quality of being African
afro {n}  :: afro (hairstyle)
afro- {prefix}  :: Afro-, African (of or pertaining to Africa)
afroaasialainen {adj}  :: Afroasiatic
afroamerikkalainen {adj}  :: African-American, Afro-American
afroamerikkalainen {n}  :: African-American, Afro-American (person)
afrodiitti {n}  :: aphrodite (mineral)
afrodiitti {n} [pathology, archaic]  :: A person with atrophic genitals[1]
afrodisia {n}  :: aphrodisia (state of sexual desire)
afrodisiakumi {n} [dated]  :: aphrodisiac
afrokampaus {n}  :: afro (hairstyle)
afrokommunismi {n}  :: Afrocommunism (communism as applied in Africa)
afromusiikki {n}  :: African music (music or music style originating in Africa)
afrosentrismi {n}  :: Afrocentrism
afta {n} [pathology]  :: aphthous ulcer, oral ulcer, aphtha
aftainen {adj} [pathology]  :: having aphthas or oral ulcers
aftoosi {n} [pathology]  :: candidiasis, oral thrush, thrush, aphtha (fungal infection of the mucous membranes of the mouth caused by any species of yeast from the genus Candida)
aftoosinen {adj} [pathology]  :: having the medical condition of candidiasis, oral thrush, thrush, aphtha (fungal infection of the mucous membranes of the mouth caused by any species of yeast from the genus Candida)
agaatti {n}  :: agate
agaave {n}  :: agave
Ašgabat {prop}  :: Ashgabat (capital of Turkmenistan)
agakonna {n}  :: cane toad, marine toad, Bufo marinus (now Rhinella marina)
agalmatofilia {n}  :: agalmatophilia
agama {n}  :: agama
agape-terapia {n}  :: agape therapy (form of therapy based on Christian love for others, promoted by the Pentecostalist movement)
agar {n}  :: alternative term for agar-agar
agar-agar {n}  :: agar (material)
agaroosi {n} [organic chemistry]  :: agarose
agaropektiini {n} [organic chemistry]  :: agaropectin
agba {n}  :: agba, Gossweilerodendron balsamiferum
agenda {n}  :: An agenda
agentti {n}  :: agent (person or firm authorized to perform certain action on behalf of another)
agentti {n} [computing]  :: agent
agentti {n} [grammar]  :: agent
agenttifilmi {n}  :: spy movie, spy film
agenttikirjallisuus {n}  :: spy literature
agenttipartisiippi {n} [grammar]  :: An agent participle; a verb form that allows the property of something being a target of an action to be formatted as an adjective-like attribute
agenttiromaani {n}  :: spy novel
agenttitoiminta {n}  :: espionage
agentuuri {n}  :: agency (office or place of business of an agent)
agentuuri {n}  :: agency (relation between a principal and his agent)
agentuuriliike {n}  :: agency (office or place of business of an agent)
agglomeraatio {n}  :: agglomeration
agglomeraatti {n} [geology]  :: agglomerate
agglutinaatio {n} [linguistics]  :: agglutination
agglutinaatio {n} [physiology]  :: agglutination
agglutinatiivinen {adj} [linguistics]  :: agglutinative
agglutinoida {v} [linguistics]  :: To agglutinate
agglutinoiva {adj} [linguistics]  :: agglutinative
aggregaatti {n}  :: internal combustion engine generator
aggregointi {n}  :: aggregation
aggressiivinen {adj}  :: aggressive
aggressiivisemmin {adv}  :: comparative form of aggressiivisesti
aggressiivisempi {adj}  :: comparative form of aggressiivinen
aggressiivisesti {adv}  :: aggressively
aggressiivisimmin {adv}  :: superlative form of aggressiivisesti
aggressiivisin {adj}  :: superlative form of aggressiivinen
aggressiivisuus {n}  :: aggressiveness
aggressio {n}  :: aggression
agitaatio {n}  :: agitation
agitaattori {n}  :: agitator (one who agitates; one who stirs up or excites others)
agitatorinen {adj}  :: agitative
agitoida {vt}  :: To agitate (people to support or to be opposed to sth)
agitoija {n}  :: agitator
agitointi {n}  :: agitation
aglykoni {n} [organic chemistry]  :: aglycone
agnostikko {n}  :: An agnostic
agnostinen {adj}  :: agnostic
agnostisesti {adv}  :: agnostically (in an agnostic manner)
agnostisismi {n}  :: agnosticism
agnostismi {n}  :: agnosticism (view that the existence of a God or gods is unknown, unknowable, unproven, or unprovable)
agnostisuus {n}  :: state or quality of being agnostic
agonia {n}  :: agony, death struggle
agora {n}  :: agora (marketplace in Classical Greece)
agorafobia {n} [psychology]  :: agoraphobia
agraari {n} [obsolete]  :: agrarian (person who advocates the interests of farmers)
agraari {n} [obsolete]  :: student of agriculture
agraari- {prefix}  :: agrarian
agraarinen {adj}  :: agrarian
agraaripolitiikka {n}  :: agrarian policy
agraaripuolue {n}  :: agrarian party
agraarisuus {n}  :: state or quality of being agrarian
agraarivaltio {n}  :: agrarian state
agraariyhteiskunta {n}  :: agrarian society
agrafia {n} [pathology]  :: agraphia
agro- {prefix}  :: agro-
agrobiologia {n}  :: agrobiology (branch of biology)
agrologi {n}  :: agrologist
agrologia {n}  :: agrology
agronomi {n}  :: agronomist
agronomia {n}  :: agronomy
aguti {n}  :: agouti (long-legged rodent of the family Dasyproctidae)
ahaa {interj}  :: aha
ahaa-elämys {n}  :: aha moment
ahaggarinkivitamaani {n}  :: Hoggar hyrax, Heterohyrax brucei antineae (subspecies of yellow-spotted rock hyrax endemic to Hoggar highglands in Algeria)
ahah {interj}  :: Same as ahaa
ahava {n}  :: cold wind
ahava {n}  :: weather-beaten skin
ahavoida {v}  :: alternative form of ahavoittaa
ahavoittaa {vt}  :: to chap (of wind or sunlight, e.g. lips: to tan or blow dry and parched)
ahavoitua {vi} [e.g. of lips, due to cold and dry wind]  :: To (get) chap(ped)
ahavoitua {vi} [of a fish when off water, due to cold and dry wind]  :: To dry up/out
ahdas {adj}  :: cramped
ahdas {adj}  :: narrow
ahdashenkinen {adj}  :: narrow-minded (having restricted or rigid views, being unreceptive to new ideas)
ahdashenkisesti {adv}  :: narrow-mindedly
ahdashenkisyys {n}  :: narrow-mindedness
ahdaskatseinen {adj}  :: narrow-minded
ahdasmielinen {adj}  :: narrow-minded
ahdasmielisesti {adv}  :: narrow-mindedly
ahdasmielisyys {n}  :: narrow-mindedness
ahdasnäköinen {adj}  :: narrow-minded, narrow sighted (having mentally a narrow view)
ahdasnäköisesti {adv}  :: narrow-mindedly
ahdasnäköisyys {n}  :: narrow-mindedness
ahdasrajainen {adj} [figuratively]  :: close-minded, doctrinaire, dogmatic, hidebound, illiberal, inflexible, intolerant, narrow-minded, partisan, pigheaded, rigid, stubborn, unpersuadable (unreceptive to new ideas)
ahdasrajainen {adj}  :: tightly limited (having narrow bounds for movement)
ahdasrajaisesti {adv} [figuratively]  :: dogmatically, illiberally, inflexibly, intolerantly, narrow-mindedly, partisanly, pigheadedly, rigidly, stubbornly (in a maneer which is unreceptive to new ideas)
ahdasrajaisesti {adv}  :: Within tighly defined limits
ahdasrajaisuus {n}  :: The property or state of being ahdasrajainen, in all senses
ahdata {vt}  :: To load or unload (cargo)
ahde {n}  :: hillside, bank, embankment
ahdekaunokki {n}  :: brown knapweed, brownray knapweed, Centaurea jacea (herbaceous perennial plant native to dry meadows and open woodland throughout Europe)
ahdelauha {n} [plant]  :: wavy hair grass, Deschampsia flexuosa
ahdettu {adj}  :: turbocharged (having a turbocharger)
ahdin {n}  :: supercharger (inlet air compressor for an internal combustion engine)
ahdinko {n}  :: plight, distress
ahdinkotila {n}  :: plight, distress (state of being plighted or distressed)
ahdinmoottori {n}  :: supercharged engine (engine equipped with a supercharger)
ahdinparta {n} [plant]  :: A seaweed, Cladophora glomerata
ahdistaa {vi}  :: To constrict, strangle, (of a shoe) pinch
ahdistaa {vt}  :: To bait, heckle, hector
ahdistaa {vt}  :: To chase, pursue
ahdistaa {vt}  :: To harass, pester, badger
ahdistaa {vt}  :: To irritate, vex, annoy
ahdistaa {vt}  :: To (op)press, push, pressure
ahdistaa {vt}  :: To worry, distress, bother
ahdistaja {n}  :: tormentor
ahdistava {adj}  :: distressing
ahdistelija {n}  :: molester
ahdistelija {n}  :: stalker
ahdistella {v}  :: To harass
ahdistella {v}  :: To molest (sexually abuse)
ahdistelu {n}  :: harassment
ahdistua {vi}  :: To get anxious/nervous (about = elative), start feeling disturbed/uneasy, give in to one's fears, give one's anxieties full rein
ahdistuneesti {adv}  :: distressedly, anxiously, uneasily
ahdistuneisuus {n}  :: anxiety
ahdistuneisuushäiriö {n}  :: anxiety disorder
ahdistunut {adj}  :: distressed, anxious, uneasy
ahdistus {n}  :: angst
ahdistus {n}  :: anxiety
ahdistushäiriö {n} [medicine]  :: anxiety disorder
ahdistusneuroosi {n}  :: generalized anxiety disorder, GAD (anxiety disorder characterized by excessive, uncontrollable and often irrational worry which may interfere with daily functioning)
ahdistustila {n}  :: anxiety, angst (state of being anxious)
ahdos {n} [agriculture]  :: Collective noun for sheaves of grain arranged on beams (parsi) for drying
aherrus {n}  :: toil, grind, labour
ahertaa {vi}  :: To work hard, apply oneself (to a task), hustle, labour/labor, toil
ahertaja {n}  :: one who works hard, labours much, toils
ahjo {n}  :: forge, furnace
ahkera {adj}  :: industrious, hardworking
ahkeraliisa {n}  :: busy Lizzy, balsam, impatiens (Impatiens walleriana, syn. Impatiens sultanii)
ahkerammin {adv}  :: comparative form of ahkerasti
ahkerasti {adv}  :: diligently, studiously
ahkerimmin {adv}  :: superlative form of ahkerasti
ahkeroida {vi}  :: To work hard, apply oneself (to a task), hustle, labour/labor, toil
ahkerointi {n}  :: toil (labour, work)
ahkeruus {n}  :: industriousness, diligence, industry; work ethic (tendency to work persistently)
ahkio {n}  :: type of toboggan or sledge without runners, suitable for carrying goods or people in deep snow, usually drawn by a man or a reindeer
ahma {n}  :: wolverine (Gulo gulo)
ahmaista {vt}  :: To wolf down, eat quickly, gulp, gobble, hog, stuff oneself with (without regard for table manners)
ahmaisu {n}  :: gulp
ahmatti {n}  :: glutton (voracious eater)
ahmatti {n}  :: gourmand
ahmattimainen {adj}  :: gluttonous
ahmattimaisuus {n}  :: gluttonousness, gluttony (quality of being gluttonous)
ahmia {vt}  :: To wolf down, eat quickly, gulp, gobble, hog, stuff oneself with (without regard for table manners)
ahmija {n}  :: gobbler (one who eats food very quickly, without decorum)
ahmiminen {n}  :: binge, binge eating (eating disorder, often as symptom of bulimia)
ahmiminen {n}  :: devouring, gobbling, wolfing (action of eating large amounts fast)
ahmimishäiriö {n} [medicine]  :: bulimia
ahminta {n}  :: gorging
ahnaasti {adv}  :: gluttonously
ahnaasti {adv}  :: voraciously
ahnas {adj}  :: gluttonous
ahnas {adj}  :: voracious
ahnastella {v}  :: alternative term for ahnehtia
ahnastelu {n}  :: gluttony
ahnastelu {n}  :: greediness
ahnaus {n}  :: gluttonousness
ahnaus {n}  :: voraciousness
ahne {adj}  :: greedy
ahneempi {adj}  :: comparative form of ahne
ahneesti {adv}  :: greedily
ahnehdinta {n}  :: hoarding
ahnehtia {vt}  :: To be greedy for, be eager for; to crave, lust after, desire
ahnehtia {vt}  :: To hog, hoard
ahnehtia {vt}  :: To wolf down, eat quickly, gulp, gobble, hog, stuff oneself with (without regard for table manners)
ahnehtija {n}  :: Agent noun of the verb ahnehtia
ahnein {adj}  :: superlative form of ahne
ahneus {n}  :: greed, greediness
aho {n}  :: glade (grassy open or cleared space in a forest, especially one that is a result of slash-and-burn cultivation)
Aho {prop}  :: Any of a number of small places in Finland
Aho {prop}  :: Finnish surname
Ahola {prop}  :: Any of a number of small places in Finland
Ahola {prop}  :: Finnish surname
aholeinikki {n}  :: many-flowered buttercup, Ranunculus polyanthemos (a flowering plant in the genus Ranunculus)
ahomansikka {n}  :: wild strawberry, Fragaria vesca
Ahonen {prop}  :: Finnish surname
ahoniitty {n}  :: A glade which is large and rich enough to serve as source of hay for cattle
ahonoidanlukko {n} [plant]  :: A plant, Botrychium multifidum
ahopaju {n}  :: A willow, Salix starkeana
ahovahakas {n} [mushroom]  :: butter waxcap, Hygrocybe ceracea
ahrain {n}  :: alternative form of atrain
-ahtaa {suffix}  :: Forms momentane or semelfactive verbs
ahtaa {v}  :: to cram, stuff, fill, pack full
ahtaa {v}  :: to supercharge (to increase the power of an internal combustion engine by compressing the inlet air)
ahtaa {v}  :: to turbocharge (to apply a turbocharger to increase the air pressure in the intake manifold of an engine)
ahtaaja {n}  :: longshoreman, stevedore (worker who loads and unloads ships in a harbor)
ahtaalla {adv}  :: in dire straits, hard-pressed, in difficulties (in a difficult position)
ahtaalle {adv}  :: into dire straits, hard-pressed, into difficulties (into a difficult position)
ahtaaminen {n}  :: Action noun of the verb [[ahdata to stevedore]], stevedoring
ahtaampi {adj}  :: comparative form of ahdas
ahtaasti {adv}  :: crampedly, narrowly (without much room)
ahtauma {n}  :: constriction
ahtaus {n}  :: crowding, congestion, throng
ahtaus {n}  :: tightness (condition of not having sufficient space)
ahtaus {}  :: stevedoring, stowage (action of stowing, especially of cargo)
ahtausliike {n}  :: stevedoring firm
ahtaustyö {n}  :: stevedoring work
ahtauttaa {vt}  :: To have (cargo) loaded or unloaded, have/make someone (= allative) load/unload (cargo)
ahtauttaa {vt}  :: To make (more) cramped or narrow
ahtautua {vi}  :: To become/get narrow(er)
ahtautua {vi}  :: To pack, crowd (into = illative)
ahtautuma {n}  :: alternative form of ahtauma
ahteri {n} [colloquial]  :: bottom, butt, hindquarter, behind
ahteri {n} [nautical]  :: stern
ahti {n} [Christianity]  :: An act in the passion play
Ahti {prop}  :: male given name
Ahti {prop} [mythology]  :: The god of depths, water, and fishing in Finnish mythology
Ahtisaari {prop}  :: Finnish surname
ahtisaarna {n}  :: A sermon given during the Holy Week, the topic of which is taken of the Passions of Jesus
ahto {n}  :: action noun of the verb [[ahtaa to cram, to turbocharge]]
Ahto {prop}  :: A variation of Ahti, name of the god of the depths, water, and fishing in Finnish mythology
Ahto {prop}  :: male given name, a rare variation of Ahti
ahtoilma {n}  :: The compressed intake air of a turbocharged engine
ahtojää {n}  :: pack ice
ahtopaine {n}  :: manifold pressure, intake pressure, boost pressure (in a turbocharged engine, the air pressure in the intake manifold, increased above atmospheric pressure by the turbo)
ahtoutua {vi} [of ice]  :: To become packed
ahven {n} [colloquial, in compounds]  :: bass
ahven {n}  :: European perch, Perca fluviatilis
ahven {n} [in compounds]  :: perciform; short for [[ahvenkala perciform fish]], see e.g. seeprakirjoahven
ahven {n} [in plural]  :: Percidae (taxonomic family in the order Perciformes)
ahven {n}  :: perch (any fish in the genus Perca)
Ahvenanmaa {prop}  :: Åland
ahvenanmaalainen {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to Åland
ahvenanmaalainen {n}  :: A person from Åland
ahvenanmaanlammas {n}  :: Aland sheep (breed of sheep native to Aland Islands)
ahvenheinä {n}  :: water weed, aquatic weed (unspecified weedy aquatic plant, used e.g. of ahvenvita, järvisätkin)
ahvenkala {n}  :: perciform (a fish of the order Perciformes)
ahvenkalat {n}  :: the order Perciformes
ahvenruoho {n}  :: pond water-crowfoot (Ranunculus peltatus)
ahvenvita {n}  :: clasping-leaf pondweed, perfoliate pondweed, Potamogeton perfoliatus (globally widely distributed perennial aquatic plant)
Ahvo {prop}  :: male given name
ai {interj}  :: oh!
ai {interj}  :: ouch!
aiai {n}  :: alternative spelling of ai-ai
ai-ai {n}  :: aye-aye (Daubentonia madagascariensis)
aidanne {n}  :: Freely growing hedgerow
aidanvieri {n}  :: The side of a fence
aidas {n}  :: An individual piece of wood from which a traditional pole fence is made
aidaskääpä {n} [mushroom]  :: A polypore, Gloeophyllum sepiarium
aidata {vt}  :: To fence (in), build a fence around, enclose with a fence; to corral, hedge, pen
aidoimmin {adv}  :: superlative form of aidosti
aidoin {adj}  :: superlative form of aito
aidoittaa {vt}  :: To fence
aidommin {adv}  :: comparative form of aidosti
aidompi {adj}  :: comparative form of aito
aidosti {adv}  :: honestly, really
AIDS {n}  :: AIDS
aie {n}  :: An intention, intent
aiemmin {adv}  :: earlier, hitherto (before now or a stated point of time in the past, up to this or that time)
aiempi {adj}  :: Earlier
aiennus {n}  :: The act of bringing forward (in time)
aientaa {vt}  :: to bring forward (to make occur earlier)
Aigeianmeri {prop}  :: The Aegean Sea
aihe {n}  :: motif (recurring or dominant element in a work of art)
aihe {n}  :: reason, cause
aihe {n}  :: topic, subject, theme
aiheellinen {adj}  :: justifiable
aiheellisemmin {adv}  :: comparative form of aiheellisesti
aiheellisesti {adv}  :: justifiably, properly, reasonably
aiheellisimmin {adv}  :: superlative form of aiheellisesti
aiheellistaa {v}  :: To justify (to make or prove an action necessary)
aiheenmukainen {adj}  :: thematic (relating to, or having a theme or a topic)
aiheeton {adj}  :: unnecessary
aiheettomammin {adv}  :: comparative form of aiheettomasti
aiheettomasti {adv}  :: unnecessarily
aiheettomimmin {adv}  :: superlative form of aiheettomasti
-aiheinen {adj}  :: -themed
aihelma {n}  :: The motive of an artwork
aihepiiri {n}  :: subject matter (that which is made the object of thought or study)
aihetodiste {n} [legal]  :: A piece of circumstantial evidence, normally used in plural (aihetodisteet) circumstantial evidence
aiheuttaa {vt}  :: to arouse, awaken, stir up
aiheuttaa {vt}  :: to cause, bring about, bring to pass
aiheuttaa {vt}  :: to give rise to, inspire, induce, call forth
aiheuttaa {vt}  :: to produce, make, create
aiheuttaa {vt}  :: to result in, lead to
aiheuttaja {n}  :: cause
aiheutua {vi} [intransitive + elative]  :: To be caused by, be brought about by, lead/follow/result from, be due to
aiheutua {vi} [intransitive + elative]  :: To grow/arise/flow out of, originate in/from, derive from
aiheutua {vi}  :: To accrue (from = elative, to = allative)
aiheutus {n}  :: causing
aihio {n} [label, en, computing]  :: template
aihio {n} [metallurgy]  :: billet (semi-finished length of metal)
aihio {n} [music]  :: motif (short melodic passage that is repeated in several parts of a work)
aihio {n}  :: work in progress, unfinished work (any work that is not finished)
aihki {n}  :: A very old and slowly grown pine tree
Aija {prop}  :: female given name
aijai {interj}  :: ouch!
aika {adv}  :: quite
aika {n}  :: appointment (arranged meeting)
aika {n}  :: time, moment
aika {n}  :: time (temporal distance)
aika-ajo {n} [auto racing]  :: qualification; often used in plural
aika ajoin {adv}  :: from time to time, periodically, at intervals
aikaansaada {vt} [idiomatic]  :: To accomplish, work out, achieve, get something done
aikaansaada {vt} [idiomatic]  :: To cause, generate, set off, do
aikaansaamaton {adj}  :: inefficient, unproductive
aikaansaannos {n}  :: accomplishment
aikaansaannos {n}  :: achievement
aikaansaapa {adj}  :: alternative form of aikaansaava
aikaansaava {adj}  :: efficient, productive, competent
aikaansa edellä {phrase}  :: ahead of one's time
aika-avaruus {n} [physics]  :: spacetime
aikaavievä {adj}  :: time-consuming
aikaavievimmin {adv}  :: superlative form of aikaavievästi
aikaavievämmin {adv}  :: comparative form of aikaavievästi
aikaavievästi {adv}  :: In a time-consuming manner
aikadilaatio {n} [physics]  :: time dilation
aikadilataatio {n} [physics]  :: time dilatation
aikaero {n} [colloquial]  :: short for [[aikaerorasitus jet lag]]
aikaero {n}  :: time difference
aikaerorasitus {n}  :: jet lag
aikaeroväsymys {n}  :: jet lag
aikailla {vi}  :: To waver, dawdle, vacillate, hesitate
aikailu {n}  :: loitering
aikainen {adj}  :: early
aikainen {adj}  :: genitive + ~ ; from the times of
aikainen {adj}  :: genitive + ~ ; taking place during
aikainen {adj} [in transitive singular]  :: done; in the expression saada aikaiseksi ("to get something done")
aikainen lintu madon nappaa {phrase}  :: the early bird gets the worm (same meaning)
aikaisemmin {adv}  :: earlier
aikaisempi {adj}  :: comparative form of aikainen
aikaisheteisyys {n} [botany]  :: protandry
aikaisin {adj}  :: superlative form of aikainen
aikaisin {adv}  :: ahead of time
aikaisin {adv}  :: early
aikaisintaan {adv}  :: Not before, not earlier than, at the earliest
aikaistaa {vt}  :: To move (temporally) ahead, move up, make earlier
aikaistua {vi}  :: To become earlier (to be going to take place, happen earlier)
aikaistus {n}  :: The act of bringing forward (in time)
aikajana {n}  :: timeline
aikajärjestys {n}  :: chronological order
aikakausi {n}  :: age, era
aikakauslehti {n}  :: periodical, magazine (publication that appears at fixed intervals)
aikakone {n}  :: time machine
aika kultaa muistot {phrase}  :: memories grow sweeter with time
aika lailla {adv} [idiomatic]  :: quite a bit, considerably (of a considerable amount)
aikalainen {n}  :: contemporary (person)
aikaleima {n}  :: timestamp
aikalisä {n} [ice hockey]  :: A time-out
aikaluokka {n} [grammar]  :: tense
aikamatka {n}  :: time travel
aikamatkailu {n}  :: time travel
aikamatkustaja {n}  :: time-traveller
aikamatkustus {n}  :: time travel
aikamies {n}  :: adult man
aikamoinen {adj}  :: quite a, quite some
aikamuoto {n} [grammar]  :: tense
aikana {adv}  :: Used postpositionally in the structure genitive of the definition of the period + aikana + eventual possessive suffix, which is translated into English as: during or within + definition of the period
aikanaan {adv}  :: eventually, in due time, in due course
aika näyttää {phrase}  :: time will tell
aikapalkka {n}  :: rate (wage calculated in relation to a unit of time)
aikapalvelin {n} [computing]  :: time server
aikapommi {n}  :: time bomb
aikapula {n} [chess]  :: zeitnot
aikapula {n}  :: lack of time, shortage of time
aikasarja {n} [statistics]  :: time series
aikasarja-analyysi {n} [statistics]  :: time series analysis
aikaskaala {n}  :: time scale
aikataulu {n}  :: schedule
aikataulu {n}  :: timetable
aikatauluttaa {vt}  :: to schedule, slate
aikauttaa {vt} [military]  :: To time (the detonation of an explosive device, such as a mine or grenade)
aikautus {n} [military]  :: timing
aikavakio {n} [physics, mathematics]  :: A time constant
aikaväli {n}  :: timespan, interval (period of time between two events)
aikavyöhyke {n}  :: time zone
aikayksikkö {n}  :: unit of time
aikeissa {adv}  :: about, with the intention/intent of
aikmofobia {n}  :: aichmophobia
aikoa {vt} [auxiliary, + infinitive]  :: To plan to do, intend to do, aim to do; to be going to do, will do
aikoinaan {adv}  :: at one time, once
aikomus {n}  :: intent
aikuinen {adj}  :: adult
aikuinen {n}  :: adult (person)
aikuisdiabetes {n} [pathology]  :: adult-onset diabetes; diabetes mellitus type 2
aikuisempi {adj}  :: comparative form of aikuinen
aikuiskoulutuskeskus {n}  :: A learning institution principally serving vocational training needs of adult population; variety of terms are used of similar institutions in the English-speaking world, e.g. center for adult learning in the US
aikuismainen {adj}  :: adultlike
aikuistua {vi}  :: To grow up, mature, reach maturity, become an adult, come of age
aikuisuus {n}  :: adulthood
aikuisviihde {n}  :: adult entertainment
Aila {prop}  :: female given name
ailahdella {vi} [of a person]  :: To waver, vacillate, have mood shifts, (of somebody’s mood, emotions and opinions) to change unpredictably, suddenly or rapidly (in a continuous manner)
ailahdella {vi} [physically]  :: To shift, move about, rise and fall, come and go, rock from side to side
ailahdus {n} [of emotions]  :: A sudden change
ailahtaa {vi} [of mental mood, emotions]  :: To change suddenly or rapidly
ailahtaa {vi} [of mental mood, emotions]  :: To find expression suddenly/rapidly, be expressed/manifested
ailahtelu {n}  :: shift of moods
ailakki {n}  :: A campion, a flower of the genus Silene
Aili {prop}  :: female given name
ailurofobia {n}  :: ailurophobia
aimara {n}  :: An Aymara
aimara {n}  :: Aymara (language of South America)
aimo {adv}  :: An intensifier, used to emphasize quality in a positive sense
Aimo {prop}  :: male given name
aina {adv}  :: always
aina {n} [fishing]  :: The string in the upper or lower edge of a fishing net or seine
Aina {prop}  :: female given name
ainainen {adj}  :: constant, perpetual, eternal
ainaiseksi {adv}  :: alternative form of ainiaaksi
ainakaan {adv}  :: connegative form of [[ainakin at least]], used always with the negation verb ei; see ei ainakaan
ainakin {adv}  :: at least
ainakin {adv}  :: for one (as one person among other people)
aina kun {adv}  :: every time, whenever
ainavihanta {adj}  :: evergreen (plant)
aine {n}  :: essay (written composition of moderate length exploring a particular issue or subject, especially on written as part of one's schoolwork)
aine {n}  :: matter, material, substance
aine {n}  :: subject (particular area of study, especially one thought in a school)
aineellinen {adj}  :: corporeal
aineellistaa {vt}  :: to materialize
aineellistua {vi}  :: to materialise/materialize
aineellistuma {n}  :: abstract (something that concentrates in itself the qualities of something else)
aineellisuus {n} [accounting]  :: materiality
aineenvaihdunta {n}  :: Metabolism
aineeton {adj}  :: intangible, immaterial, incorporeal
aineettomampi {adj}  :: comparative form of aineeton
-aineinen {adj}  :: As headword of compound terms only: consisting of the type of substance as defined by the modifier
aineistaa {vt} [rare]  :: To materialise/materialize
aineisto {n}  :: material (texts, etc.)
aineistua {vi} [rare]  :: to materialize/materialise, become material
aineistuma {n}  :: alternative form of aineellistuma
-aineksinen {adj}  :: As head word of compound terms only, consisting of ingredients such as defined by the modifier
aineluokka {n}  :: A class of substances, such as the classes into which dangerous substances are classified in the ADR (Treaty)|Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road
aineluokka {n} [education]  :: A classroom specifically equipped for teaching a given topic
ainemäärä {n} [chemistry]  :: amount of substance
aines {n}  :: ingredient, constituent
aines {n}  :: material
ainesana {n} [grammar]  :: material noun
ainesosa {n}  :: ingredient
ainevirsi {n}  :: alternative term for graduaalivirsi
Aini {prop}  :: female given name, variant of Aino
ainiaaksi {adv}  :: forever (for all time, for all eternity); chiefly used in contexts where something or someone is gone for ever
ainiaan {adv} [poetic]  :: always (at all times; ever; perpetually; throughout all time; continually)
Ainikki {prop}  :: female given name
aino {adj} [archaic, ,, poetic]  :: only, sole
aino {n}  :: Ainu
Aino {prop}  :: A heroine in the Kalevala
Aino {prop}  :: female given name
ainoa {adj}  :: only (having no siblings)
ainoa {adj}  :: only, sole
ainoastaan {adv}  :: only, just, alone
ainokainen {n}  :: only child
ainokainen {n}  :: singleton (single object)
ainu {n}  :: an Ainu
ainu {n}  :: the Ainu language
ainunkielinen {adj}  :: Ainu-language, Ainu-speaking, Ainu (of Ainu language)
ainuntaa {v}  :: to translate into Ainu language
ainut {adj}  :: only
ainutkertainen {adj}  :: Unique (one that occurs only once)
ainutkertaisempi {adj}  :: comparative form of ainutkertainen
ainutlaatuinen {adj}  :: unique (without equal)
ainutlaatuisempi {adj}  :: comparative form of ainutlaatuinen
aioli {n}  :: aioli
aiolinen {adj} [music]  :: Aeolian
aion {n}  :: aeon
aion {n} [geology]  :: eon
aioni {n}  :: eon (very long period of time)
aioni {n} [geology]  :: eon
Aira {prop}  :: female given name
Airi {prop}  :: female given name. Variant: Aira
airo {n}  :: oar
airokala {n}  :: giant oarfish, king of herrings (Regalecus glesne), in Finnish the name species of the family Regalecidae
airokala {n}  :: oarfish (any fish in the family Regalecidae)
aironveto {n}  :: stroke of oar
airopari {n}  :: A pair of oars
airue {n}  :: herald
airut {n}  :: A harbinger, omen, messenger
airutkuvio {n}  :: An ordinary (standard geometric design in heraldics)
ais {n} [music]  :: A-sharp
aisa {n}  :: pole (of a cart or wagon)
aisa {n}  :: shaft (one of the poles between which an animal is harnessed to a vehicle)
aisankannattaja {n}  :: cuckold
aisapari {n}  :: bedfellow
aisata {v}  :: To bark (strip the bark from a tree) partially, in order to speed up drying of the wood
aisaus {n}  :: barking (stripping the bark from a tree)
aisti {n}  :: sense
aistia {vt}  :: To sense
aistiharha {n}  :: hallucination
aistihavainto {n}  :: sensory perception
aistikas {adj}  :: tasteful, artistic, charming, cultivated, cultured, delicate, elegant, exquisite, judicious
aistikkaampi {adj}  :: comparative form of aistikas
aistillinen {adj}  :: sensual
aistimus {n}  :: perception
aistin {n}  :: sensor, sense organ (organ)
aistinelin {n} [anatomy]  :: sense organ
-aistinen {adj}  :: As headword of compound terms only, having senses of the type defined by the modifier
aistiton {adj}  :: senseless (having no senses, sensory organs)
aistittomampi {adj}  :: comparative form of aistiton
aistittomin {adj}  :: superlative form of aistiton
aita {n}  :: fence
aitajuoksu {n}  :: hurdling
aitajuoksu {n}  :: In the names of specific events hurdles
aitalikusteri {n}  :: wild privet, common privet, European privet, Ligustrum vulgare
aitaorapihlaja {n}  :: A species of hawthorn (Crataegus flabellata var. grayana, syn. Crataegus grayana)
aitaus {n}  :: An area surrounded by fences; a yard, corral
aitio {n}  :: A box in a theatre etc
aito {adj}  :: bona fide (authentic, genuine)
aito {adj}  :: real, authentic
aitoa {vi} [sports]  :: To run hurdles
aitoamerikkalainen {adj}  :: all-American
aitohunajakukka {n}  :: lacy phacelia, purple tansy, Phacelia tanacetifolia (annual herb used as cover crop, to attract bees or as ornamental plant)
aitoja {n}  :: A hurdler
aitojalohaukka {n}  :: falcon (any of the birds of prey in the genus Falco)
aitokana {n}  :: Any bird of the family Phasianidae, including e.g. turkeys, grouse, pheasants, partridges and Old World quails
aitolehti {n} [botany]  :: true leaf
aitolepakko {n}  :: vesper bat (member of the Vespertilionidae family of bats)
aitomaksasammal {n} [botany]  :: any liverwort of the family Jungermanniales
aito murtoluku {n} [arithmetic]  :: proper fraction
aito osajoukko {n} [set theory]  :: proper subset
aitopihta {n}  :: noble fir, Abies procera
aitosammal {n} [botany]  :: Any member of the moss subclass Bryidae
aitososiaalisuus {n} [biology]  :: eusociality
aitosypressi {n}  :: A graveyard cypress, Italian cypress, Mediterranean cypress, pencil pine, Spanish cypress or Tuscan cypress; Cupressus sempervirens
aitotumainen {adj}  :: eukaryotic (of or pertaining to Eukaryota)
aitotumainen {n}  :: eukaryote (any of the species belonging to Eukaryota)
aitotumallinen {n}  :: eukaryote
aitous {n}  :: authenticity
aitovieri {n}  :: alternative form of aidanvieri
aitovyötiäinen {n}  :: long-nosed armadillo (armadillo of the genus Dasypus)
aitta {n} [figuratively]  :: granary (fertile area especially suitable for farming); used normally with a modifier as in ruoka-aitta or vilja-aitta
aitta {n}  :: granary or other unheated farm storehouse of relatively firm build, used as a storage of various goods which are relatively valuable and not too voluminous. Compare with lato and vaja
aituri {n}  :: A hurdler
aivan {adv}  :: exactly, precisely
aivan {adv}  :: indeed
aivan {adv}  :: totally
aivastaa {vi}  :: to sneeze
aivastella {vi}  :: To sneeze (repeatedly)
aivastus {n}  :: sneeze
aivastuttaa {vt} [impersonal]  :: partitive + 3rd-person singular = to feel like having to sneeze
aivastuttaa {vt}  :: To make sneeze
aivastuttava {adj}  :: Causing one to sneeze, errhine
aivastuttavampi {adj}  :: comparative form of aivastuttava
aivastuttavin {adj}  :: superlative form of aivastuttava
aivina {n}  :: heckled flax
aivoödeema {n} [pathology]  :: cerebral oedema
aivohalvaus {n} [medicine]  :: stroke
aivohermo {n} [anatomy]  :: cranial nerve
aivoinfarkti {n} [pathology]  :: stroke
aivoitus {n}  :: A thought, idea
aivokalvo {n} [anatomy]  :: meninges
aivokalvontulehdus {n} [pathology]  :: meningitis (inflammation of the meninges, usually caused by a virus or bacteria)
aivokammio {n} [anatomy]  :: ventricle (one of the four cavities of the brain)
aivokasvain {n} [pathology]  :: a brain tumour
aivokirurgi {n}  :: brain surgeon
aivokoppa {n} [skeleton]  :: A braincase
aivokudos {n}  :: brain tissue
aivokuolema {n}  :: brain death
aivokuollut {adj}  :: brain-dead
aivokuollut {n}  :: brain-dead
aivokuorenalainen {adj} [anatomy, pathology]  :: subcortical (of or pertaining to the subcortex)
aivokuori {n} [anatomy]  :: cerebral cortex
aivokuorukka {n} [anatomy]  :: putamen
aivokurkiainen {n} [anatomy]  :: corpus callosum
aivokuume {n} [colloquial, originally medical jargon]  :: encephalitis
aivokäyrä {n} [medicine]  :: electroencephalogram
aivoleikkaus {n}  :: brain surgery
aivolisäke {n} [anatomy]  :: pituitary gland
aivolisäkkeen etulohko {n} [anatomy]  :: anterior pituitary gland, anterior pituitary, adenohypophysis
aivolohko {n}  :: A lobe (division of the brain)
aivomato {n} [anatomy]  :: cerebellar vermis
aivoneste {n} [physiology, colloquial]  :: cerebrospinal fluid, brain fluid
aivonesteviemäri {n} [anatomy]  :: cerebral aqueduct
aivopaise {n} [pathology]  :: cerebral abscess
aivopestä {vt}  :: To brainwash
aivopesu {n}  :: brainwash
aivopähkinä {n}  :: brain-teaser
aivopoimu {n}  :: gyrus (ridge or fold on the cerebral cortex)
aivopuolisko {n} [anatomy]  :: cerebral hemisphere, hemisphere
aivoriihi {n}  :: brainstorming session
aivoriihi {n}  :: think tank, brain trust, kitchen cabinet
aivorunko {n} [anatomy]  :: brain stem
aivosairaus {n} [pathology, neurology]  :: encephalopathy (any of various conditions affecting the brain)
aivo-selkäydinneste {n} [physiology]  :: cerebrospinal fluid
aivoselkäydinneste {n} [physiology]  :: cerebrospinal fluid
aivosähkökäyrä {n} [medicine]  :: electroencephalogram
aivosilta {n} [anatomy]  :: pons of the brain
aivosirppi {n} [anatomy]  :: falx celebri
aivosolu {n}  :: brain cell
aivosto {n} [anatomy]  :: brains (collectively)
aivosyöpä {n} [pathology]  :: brain cancer
aivosyylä {n} [pathology]  :: brain wart
aivot {n} [anatomy, always plural]  :: brain
aivotoiminta {n} [physiology]  :: brain activity
aivoton {adj}  :: brainless
aivotärähdys {n} [medicine]  :: concussion
aivotrusti {n} [rare]  :: brain trust
aivottomampi {adj}  :: comparative form of aivoton
aivottomuus {n} [pathology]  :: anencephaly
aivotulehdus {n} [pathology]  :: encephalitis
aivoturso {n} [anatomy]  :: hippocampus
aivovamma {n} [medicine]  :: brain damage
aivovaurio {n} [medicine]  :: brain injury, brain damage
aivoverenkiertohäiriö {n} [pathology]  :: A stroke, cerebrovascular accident
aivoverenvuoto {n} [medicine]  :: cerebral hemorrhage
aivovuoto {n}  :: brain drain
ajaa {v}  :: several other forms of movement
ajaa {vt} [computing]  :: to run, execute (a computer program)
ajaa {vt}  :: to advocate certain idea
ajaa {vt}  :: to drive away, chase, pursue, expel, deport
ajaa {vt}  :: to drive, ride, travel in a vehicle, transport in a car
ajaa {vt}  :: to force into a certain state
ajaa {vt}  :: to herd (animals) in a particular direction
ajaa {vt}  :: to operate a device
ajaa {vt}  :: to shave, cut
ajaa karille {v} [nautical]  :: to run aground, strand
ajaantua {vi}  :: To drift
ajaa partansa {v}  :: to shave (to cut the facial hair)
ajaa takaa {v}  :: to chase
ajaa takaa {v}  :: to pursue
ajaa ylinopeutta {vi}  :: To exceed the speed limit; to speed
ajaja {n}  :: A driver
ajaja {n}  :: A rider
ajallaan {adv}  :: according to timetable
ajallaan {adv}  :: in its time
ajallinen {adj}  :: temporal (relating to time)
ajanhaaskaus {n}  :: waste of time
ajan henki {n} [idiomatic]  :: zeitgeist
ajanhukka {n}  :: A waste of time
ajaninkuusi {n}  :: Jezo spruce, Picea jezoensis
ajanjakso {n}  :: timespan, period of time
ajankohta {n}  :: A point in time; date; also other time-related terms may apply
ajankohtainen {adj}  :: current
ajankohtaisempi {adj}  :: comparative form of ajankohtainen
ajankohtaisin {adj}  :: superlative form of ajankohtainen
ajankohtaistaa {vt}  :: To make current, timely or urgent
ajankohtaistua {vi}  :: to become current
ajankuluke {n}  :: pastime
ajankuva {n}  :: zeitgeist
ajankäytön suunnittelu {n} [time management]  :: The process of allocating time for various tasks
ajanlasku {n}  :: chronology (science)
ajanlasku {n}  :: Common Era
ajan merkki {n} [idiomatic]  :: sign of the times (symbol of an era); often used in plural in Finnish
ajanmukainen {adj}  :: up-to-date
ajanmukaistaa {vt}  :: To modernize
ajanmukaistua {vi}  :: to be modernized
ajanotto {n}  :: Timing (instance of recording the time of something)
ajanottolaite {n}  :: chronograph (device which marks or records time or time intervals)
ajantasainen {adj}  :: up-to-date
ajantasaistaa {vt}  :: to update
ajantasaistus {n}  :: update
ajan tasalla {adv} [idiomatic]  :: up to date, updated, posted
ajanvaraus {n}  :: appointment
ajanviete {n}  :: pastime
ajanvietteellinen {adj}  :: recreational
ajanvietto {n}  :: recreation
A ja O {phrase}  :: alpha and omega; also capitalized and with definite article: the Alpha and the Omega (the first and last; the beginning and end)
ajastaa {v}  :: To time (to choose the time for)
ajastaika {n} [archaic]  :: year
ajastin {n}  :: timer
ajastus {n}  :: timing (setting a timer)
ajatar {n} [mythology]  :: An evil spirit in Finnish folklore
ajatella {vt} [+ partitive]  :: To think about
ajatelma {n}  :: aphorism
ajateltavissa {adv}  :: thinkable, conceivable, imaginable (capable of being conceived or imagined)
ajatollah {n}  :: ayatollah
ajaton {adj}  :: timeless
ajattaa {vt}  :: To have something driven (by someone)
ajattaja {n}  :: One who makes someone to drive
ajattelematon {adj}  :: ill-advised
ajattelematon {adj}  :: unthinking, inconsiderate
ajattelemattomuus {n}  :: thoughtlessness
ajattelevainen {adj}  :: thoughtful (demonstrating kindness or consideration for others)
ajattelija {n}  :: thinker
ajattelu {n}  :: thinking, thought
ajattelutapa {n}  :: way of thinking
ajatteluttaa {v}  :: To make think
ajatteluttaa {v}  :: To puzzle, perplex
ajattomampi {adj}  :: comparative form of ajaton
ajattomin {adj}  :: superlative form of ajaton
ajatuksekas {adj}  :: thoughtful (demonstrating thought)
ajatuksekkaampi {adj}  :: comparative form of ajatuksekas
ajatuksekkaasti {adv}  :: thoughtfully
ajatuksellinen {adj}  :: conceptual
ajatukseton {adj}  :: meaningless
ajatukseton {adj}  :: thoughtless
ajatus {n}  :: A thought
ajatuskartta {n}  :: mind map
ajatuskatko {n}  :: A short blackout of memory
ajatuskoe {n}  :: thought experiment
ajatuskulku {n}  :: train of thought (flow of thoughts)
ajatus on tärkein {phrase}  :: it's the thought that counts
ajatuspaja {n}  :: think tank, brain trust, kitchen cabinet
ajatusrikos {n}  :: thoughtcrime
ajatusviiva {n}  :: dash (typographic symbol)
ajatusvirhe {n}  :: aberration (reasoning error)
ajautua {vi}  :: to drift (somewhere)
ajautuma {n}  :: drift (instance of being drifted)
ajelehtia {vi}  :: To drift
ajella {vit}  :: to drive, motor (in a casual manner or for recreation)
ajella {vt}  :: to shave
ajelu {n}  :: A ride
ajeluttaa {vt}  :: To have something driven by someone (repeatedly and/or indifferently)
ajettua {vi}  :: To swell; used of swelling of body parts due to injury or disease
ajettuma {n} [pathology]  :: swelling
ajo {n}  :: chase
ajo {n}  :: driving
ajoaika {n}  :: drive time
ajoaika {n}  :: run time
ajoaine {n}  :: propellant
ajoankkuri {n}  :: sea anchor, drag sail
ajoharjoittelu {n}  :: driving practice
ajoissa {adv}  :: in time (at or before the time assigned)
ajoittaa {vt}  :: To date (to determine the age of)
ajoittaa {vt}  :: To time
ajoittain {adv}  :: Once in a while, from time to time, at times, occasionally, periodically
ajoittainen {adj}  :: intermittent
ajoittua {vi}  :: To be dated (located to certain time)
ajoitus {n}  :: dating (measurement of age)
ajoitus {n}  :: timing (regulation of the pace, especially that of the occurrence of a series of events.)
ajoitus {n}  :: timing (synchronization of the spark plugs)
ajoitus {n}  :: timing (time when something happens)
ajojää {n}  :: drift ice
ajojahti {n}  :: chase, coursing (sport of hunting an animal by chasing it)
ajojahti {n} [figuratively]  :: witch-hunt
ajojahti {n}  :: manhunt
ajokas {n}  :: A horse or reindeer used for work or transport
ajokas {n}  :: Eelgrass, a seagrass of the genus Zostera
ajokeli {n}  :: driving conditions
ajokki {n}  :: A motor vehicle
ajokki {n}  :: An animal used in transport
ajokki {n}  :: The vehicle the animal pulls
ajokoe {n}  :: driving test, driving exam
ajokoira {n}  :: hound
Ajokoirat {prop}  :: The constellation Canes Venatici, the Hunting Dogs
ajokortti {n}  :: A driver's license, driving license
ajoluiska {n}  :: ramp (inclined surface)
ajomies {n}  :: [hunting] beater
Ajomies {prop}  :: the constellation Auriga, the Charioteer
ajomiina {n} [military, naval]  :: A drifting mine
ajoneuvo {n}  :: A ground vehicle (excluding trains and such)
ajoneuvovaaka {n}  :: A weighbridge
ajoneuvoyhdistelmä {n}  :: Any truck/tractor + trailer/semi-trailer combination; a tractor-trailer
ajopiirturi {n}  :: tachograph
ajopäiväkirja {n}  :: A driving log or logbook of details of using a motor car, especially one made for the taxman to record private and job-related driving
ajoporo {n}  :: A reindeer which pulls a sledge
ajopurje {n} [nautical]  :: flying jib
ajopuu {n}  :: driftwood
ajopuuteoria {n}  :: A rejected historical theory according to which Finland involuntarily fought alongside Nazi Germany against the Soviet Union
ajorata {n} [roads]  :: carriageway
ajos {n}  :: abscess
ajotie {n}  :: (pihatie, i.e. only if the context indicates it's a private road leading to a building) driveway, (UK also: drive)
ajotie {n}  :: road, roadway, pavement
ajovalo {n}  :: headlight
aju {n}  :: sweetfish, ayu (Plecoglossus altivelis)
ajuri {n} [computing]  :: driver
ajuri {n} [dated]  :: A person who drives
ajuruoho {n}  :: thyme (plant of the genus Thymus)
akaatti {n}  :: agate
akallinen {adj} [colloquial]  :: Having a wife; married
akamprosaatti {n} [pharmacology]  :: acamprosate
akan {n}  :: Akan (West African language spoken mainly in Ghana and Ivory Coast)
akana {n}  :: In plural (akanat), chaff (inedible parts of a plant whose seeds are eaten as grain)
akana {n}  :: The husk of a grain
akani {n}  :: alternative spelling of akan (West African language Akan)
akankaali {n}  :: bugleweed, bugle, ground pine, carpet bugle (any plant of the genus Ajuga in the family Lamiaceae)
akankanto {n}  :: wife carrying
akansieni {n}  :: shaggy parasol (Macrolepiota rhacodes)
akantappaja {n} [colloquial]  :: sidecar (one-wheeled attachment to a motorcycle)
akantappokone {n} [colloquial]  :: sidecar (one-wheeled attachment to a motorcycle)
akantti {n}  :: acanthus (ornament)
akantti {n}  :: acanthus (plant)
akanvirta {n}  :: eddy (current of water running back, or in an opposite direction to the main current)
akarboosi {n} [pharmacology]  :: acarbose
akasia {n}  :: acacia
akateemikko {n}  :: An Academian (follower of Plato's filosofy, a Platonist)
akateemikko {n}  :: An academician (member of an academy, or society for promoting science, art, or literature)
akateemikko {n} [rare in current usage]  :: An academic or academian (member or student of an academy, college, or university)
akateeminen {adj}  :: academic
akateemisemmin {adv}  :: comparative form of akateemisesti
akateemisesti {adv}  :: academically
akateemisimmin {adv}  :: superlative form of akateemisesti
akateemisuus {n}  :: academic
akatemia {n}  :: An academy, as any high-quality place of learning
akatemia {n}  :: An academy (a school or place of training in which some special art is taught; as, a military academy)
akatemia {n}  :: An academy (a society of learned men united for the advancement of the arts and sciences)
Akava {prop}  :: A trade union confederation representing employees with university- or other high-level training in both public and private sector; its full English name is "The Confederation of Unions for Academic Professionals in Finland (Akava)"
aškenasi {n}  :: Ashkenazi
akettaa {v} [military slang]  :: To (practice) combat in urban areas
Akhilleus {prop}  :: Achilles (greek mythical hero)
Aki {prop}  :: male given name
akileija {n}  :: columbine
akilleenkantapää {n}  :: Achilles' heel
akilleenkantapää {n} [anatomy]  :: Achilles tendon
Akilles {prop} [dated]  :: Achilles (Greek mythical hero)
akillesjänne {n} [anatomy]  :: Achilles tendon
akka {n} [derogatory]  :: woman; wife; hag, witch
akka {n}  :: hag, crone (old woman)
akka {n} [informal, chess, card games]  :: queen, bitch
akkalansaame {n}  :: The Akkala Sami language
akkamainen {adj}  :: sissy
akkautua {vi} [colloquial, derogatory, of an organization, branch or similar]  :: to become dominated by women
akkautua {vi} [colloquial, of women]  :: to grow older
akklimatisaatio {n}  :: acclimatization
akklimatisoida {v}  :: To acclimatize (to make used to new climate)
akklimatisointi {n}  :: acclimatization (making acclimatized)
akklimatisoitua {vi}  :: To acclimatize
akkommodaatio {n}  :: accommodation
akkreditoida {v}  :: To accredit (to send with letters credential, as an ambassador)
akkreditointi {n}  :: accreditation
akku {n}  :: An accumulator, rechargeable battery
akkukäyttöinen {adj}  :: battery-operated, battery-powered (of an electric or electronic device, getting its operating power from a rechargeable battery)
akkulturaatio {n}  :: acculturation
akkumulaatio {n}  :: accumulation
akkumulaattori {n}  :: accumulator
akkumulatiivinen {adj}  :: accumulative
akkumuloida {vt}  :: To accumulate
akkuna {n} [dialectal]  :: alternative form of ikkuna
akkusatiivi {n} [grammar]  :: accusative, accusative case
akkusatiivisija {n} [grammar]  :: accusative case
akkusatorinen {adj} [legal]  :: Accusatorial (of or pertaining to the system of a public trial in which the facts are ascertained by the judge or jury from evidence presented by the prosecution and the defence)
akkusähköauto {n}  :: battery electric vehicle (type of electric vehicle)
akmiitti {n} [mineral]  :: aegirine
akne {n} [pathology]  :: acne
akoittua {vi} [colloquial, of a man]  :: to get married
akoittua {vi} [colloquial, rare, of a woman]  :: to get old
akolyytti {n}  :: acolyte (Catholic Church: one ordained to carry the wine, water and lights at Mass)
akonitiini {n}  :: aconitine
akordi {n} [finance]  :: accord, arrangement, composition, settlement
akordi {n} [music]  :: chord
akridiini {n}  :: acridine
akro- {prefix}  :: acro-
akrobaatti {n}  :: acrobat
akrobaattinen {adj}  :: acrobatic
akrobatia {n}  :: acrobatics
akrobatiavoimistelu {n}  :: acrobatic gymnastics (competitive gymnastic discipline)
akrofobia {n}  :: acrophobia (fear of heights)
akroleiini {n}  :: acrolein
akroleiinihappo {n}  :: acrylic acid
akromaattinen {adj} [optics]  :: achromatic
akromaattisuus {n} [optics]  :: achromaticity
akromegalia {n} [disease]  :: acromegaly
akronyymi {n}  :: acronym
akropolis {n}  :: acropolis
Akropolis {n}  :: The Acropolis
akrosomi {n}  :: acrosome
akrosyanoosi {n} [pathology]  :: acrocyanosis
akryyli {n} [in compounds]  :: acrylic
akryyli {n}  :: plexiglass, polymethyl methacrylate
akryyliamidi {n}  :: acrylamide
akryylihappo {n}  :: acrylic acid
akryylimaalaus {n}  :: acrylic painting
akryylinitriili {n}  :: acrylonitrile
akseleraatio {n} [physics]  :: acceleration
akseleraattori {n}  :: accelerator
akseleroida {vt}  :: To accelerate
akseli {n}  :: axle, axis, shaft
Akseli {prop}  :: male given name
-akselinen {adj}  :: axled, shafted
akselinlaskija {n}  :: axle counter
akselisto {n}  :: axles collectively
akselivallat {n}  :: The Axis Powers
aksentti {n}  :: accent (e.g. foreign accent)
aksentti {n}  :: accent (mark or character)
aksenttimerkki {n}  :: accent mark, accent (diacritical mark showing accent)
akseptantti {n}  :: acceptor, drawee
akseptata {vt} [banking, dated]  :: To accept a negotiable instrument, such as a check, bill of exchange etc
akseptaus {n} [commerce]  :: acceptance
aksepti {n} [economics]  :: acceptance
akseptoida {vt} [banking, archaic]  :: To accept a negotiable instrument, such as a check, bill of exchange etc
akseptointi {n} [commerce]  :: acceptance
akseptori {n} [physics, chemistry]  :: acceptor
aksessorinen {adj}  :: accessory
aksiaalinen {adj}  :: axial
aksiaalitaso {n} [anatomy]  :: transverse plane, horizontal plane, axial plane, transaxial plane (any plane that divides the body into upper and lower parts)
aksiisi {n} [dated]  :: excise tax
aksiniitti {n} [mineral]  :: axinite
aksiomaattinen {adj}  :: axiomatic
aksiomaattisemmin {adv}  :: comparative form of aksiomaattisesti
aksiomaattisesti {adv}  :: axiomatically
aksiomaattisimmin {adv}  :: superlative form of aksiomaattisesti
aksiomaattisuus {n}  :: The property of being axiomatic
aksiomi {n} [logic, mathematics]  :: axiom
aksioni {n} [physics]  :: axion
aksiooma {n} [logic, mathematics]  :: axiom
aksolotli {n}  :: axolotl, Ambystoma mexicanum
aksoni {n} [cytology]  :: axon
aksoplasma {n} [cytology]  :: axoplasm
akti {n}  :: act
aktiivi {adj}  :: active
aktiivi {n}  :: activist
aktiivi {n} [grammar]  :: Active voice
aktiivi {n} [grammar]  :: Any other personal verb form than the fourth person
aktiivihiili {n}  :: activated carbon
aktiivihiilisuodatin {n}  :: activated carbon filter
aktiiviliete {n}  :: activated sludge
aktiivinen {adj}  :: active
aktiivipalvelus {n}  :: active duty
aktiivisemmin {adv}  :: actively (instructive form of aktiivinen)
aktiivisesti {adv}  :: actively
aktiivisimmin {adv}  :: superlative form of aktiivisesti
aktiivistaa {vt}  :: To make more active
aktiivistua {vi} [rare]  :: to become more active
aktiivisuus {n}  :: activity
aktiiviupseeri {n}  :: frontline service
aktiivius {n}  :: activity
aktinidi {n}  :: actinide
aktinium {n}  :: actinium
aktinoidi {n} [chemistry]  :: actinide
aktinoliitti {n} [mineral]  :: actinolite
aktinomykoosi {n} [pathology, jargon]  :: actinomycosis
aktio {n}  :: action
aktivaattori {n}  :: activator
aktivismi {n}  :: activism
aktivisti {n}  :: activist
aktiviteetti {n}  :: activity (pleasure or entertainment)
aktivoida {vt}  :: To activate
aktivointi {n}  :: activation
aktivoitua {vi}  :: To become (more) active
aktivoitumisenergia {n} [physics, chemistry]  :: activation energy
aktuaali {adj}  :: (ajankohtainen) current (existing or occurring at the moment)
aktuaali {adj}  :: (todellinen) real
aktuaalinen {adj}  :: (ajankohtainen) current (existing or occurring at the moment)
aktuaalinen {adj}  :: (todellinen) real
aktuaalistaa {vt}  :: to actualize/actualise (to make actual)
aktuaalistua {vi}  :: to actualize (to become actual or real)
aktuaari {n}  :: actuary
aktualisoida {vt}  :: alternative form of aktuaalistaa
aktualisointi {n}  :: actualization
aktualisoitua {vi}  :: alternative form of aktuaalistua
aktuelli {adj}  :: (ajankohtainen) current (existing or occurring at the moment)
aktuelli {adj}  :: (todellinen) real
Aku {prop}  :: male given name
Aku Ankka {prop}  :: Donald Duck
akupunktio {n}  :: acupuncture
akupunktuuri {n}  :: acupuncture
akustiikka {n}  :: acoustics
akustinen {adj}  :: acoustic
akustinen basso {n} [musical instruments]  :: double bass
akustinen kitara {n}  :: acoustic guitar
akustisemmin {adv}  :: comparative form of akustisesti
akustisesti {adv}  :: acoustically
akustisimmin {adv}  :: superlative form of akustisesti
akusto {n}  :: battery
akuutti {adj}  :: acute
akuuttiaksentti {n}  :: acute accent (diacritic mark ( ´ ))
akuuttinen {adj}  :: acute
akuutti vatsa {n} [pathology]  :: acute abdomen
akvaario {n}  :: aquarium
akvaattinen {adj}  :: aquatic
akvamariini {n} [mineral]  :: aquamarine
akvarelli {n}  :: aquarelle
akvatinta {n}  :: aquatint
akvaviitti {n}  :: aquavit, akvavit
akvedukti {n}  :: aqueduct
ala {n}  :: area of work or study
ala {n}  :: branch or sector (of business, studies, etc.)
ala {n} [in working life, in science]  :: field
ala- {prefix}  :: under-, sub-, lower, nether; inferior
ala-arvoinen {adj}  :: base
ala-arvoinen {adj}  :: inferior (of quality)
ala-asema {n} [electrical engineering]  :: A substation (site where electricity is transformed and/or regulated for local distribution)
ala-aste {n}  :: Elementary school, primary school; the first six grades of the comprehensive school
alabasteri {n}  :: alabaster (variety of gypsum)
alabasterinen {adj}  :: alabaster (made of alabaster)
aladobi {n}  :: head cheese [US], brawn [UK] (meat jelly cooked from the head of a pig or calf)
aladobi {n}  :: meat jelly
alaheimo {n} [taxonomy]  :: A subfamily
alahuone {n}  :: lower house of a parliament
alahuuli {n} [anatomy]  :: lower lip
alaikäinen {adj}  :: underage
alaikäinen {n} [legal]  :: infant (underage person)
alaikäinen {n}  :: minor (underage person)
alaikäiseen sekaantuminen {n} [law, obsolete]  :: statutory rape (act of sexual intercourse by an adult with a minor who is below the age of consent)
alaikäisen väkisinmakaaminen {n} [law, obsolete]  :: statutory rape
alaikäisyys {n} [legal]  :: infancy (state of being minor)
alaikäraja {n}  :: minimum age limit
alaindeksi {n}  :: subscript
alainen {adj}  :: subject to or under [often as a latter part of a compound word]
alainen {n}  :: A subordinate
alaisuus {n}  :: state of being subordinate; no direct English equivalent
alajärjestelmä {n}  :: A subsystem
alajuoksu {n} [construction]  :: sill plate, sole plate, bottom plate (bottommost wall plate on a wall)
alajuoksu {n}  :: downriver (section of a river that is towards its mouth from the observer)
alakajetto {n} [phonetics]  :: subglottal cavities
alakansi {n} [nautical]  :: An orlop or orlop deck (the lowest deck of a ship)
alakerta {n}  :: A lower store; downstairs
alakieli {n} [linguistics]  :: flash (language created by a repressed minority to maintain cultural identity)
alakieli {n} [music]  :: A low-pitched string in a stringed instrument
alakierre {n} [sports]  :: backspin
alakkain {adv}  :: one below another
alakkainen {adj}  :: alternative form of allekkainen
alakohta {n}  :: subsection
alakohtainen {adj}  :: sectoral, sector-wise, sectorwise (of or pertaining to a sector)
alakonjunktio {n} [astronomy]  :: inferior conjunction
alakoulu {n}  :: grades 1 to 6 of the Finnish peruskoulu; similar to US elementary school
alakäsite {n}  :: hyponym
alakulo {n}  :: melancholy
alakuloinen {adj}  :: blue
alakuloinen {adj}  :: in low spirits
alakuloinen {adj}  :: melancholy, as of being sad
alakuloisempi {adj}  :: comparative form of alakuloinen
alakuloisuus {n}  :: melancholy
alakulttuuri {n}  :: subculture
alakuu {n}  :: waning moon
alakyynelpiste {n} [anatomy]  :: inferior lacrimal punctum (lacrimal punctum of the lower eyelid)
alalahko {n} [taxonomy]  :: suborder
alalaji {n}  :: subspecies
alaleuanluu {n} [skeleton]  :: lower jawbone, mandible
alaleuka {n} [skeleton]  :: lower jaw, mandible
alaleukaluu {n} [anatomy, skeleton]  :: mandible
alalla {adv} [euphemistic]  :: on the game (working as a prostitute)
alaluokka {n}  :: The lower class (in school; in the society)
alaluomi {n} [anatomy]  :: The lower eyelid
alamaa {n}  :: downhill
alamaa {n}  :: lowland
alamaailma {n}  :: criminal underworld
alamaailma {n}  :: netherworld, underworld
alamainen {n}  :: subject (a citizen in a monarchy)
alamitta {n} [fishing]  :: The minimum allowed length of a fish that can be caught
alamittainen {adj}  :: [of fish or crabs] Too small in size
alamäki {n}  :: decline, declivity (downward slope)
alamäki {n} [figuratively]  :: descent (drop to a lower status or condition)
alamäki {n}  :: low part of a slope
alamäki {n}  :: the part of a slope which is downhill from one's current position
alamäkiajo {n} [cycling]  :: downhill biking, downhill cycling
alaniini {n}  :: alanine
alanko {n}  :: lowland
alankomaalainen {adj}  :: Dutch, Netherlands (of or pertaining to the Netherlands)
alankomaalainen {n}  :: A Dutch
Alankomaat {prop} [pluralonly]  :: The Netherlands
Alankomaiden Guayana {prop} [historical]  :: Dutch Guiana (colonial era name of current Suriname)
alanne {n}  :: depression
alanne {n}  :: lowland
alanurkka {n}  :: lower corner
alaonttolaskimo {n} [anatomy]  :: An inferior vena cava
alaotsikko {n}  :: subtitle
alapää {n}  :: bottom (the lowest part)
alapää {n}  :: genitalia, genitals
alapaine {n} [physiology]  :: diastolic blood pressure
alapuoli {n}  :: In adessive, ablative and allative cases, used postpositionally to signify "at, from or to the underside", or underneath, under or below
alapuoli {n}  :: The underside of anything
alapuolinen {adj}  :: downstream; often used postpositionally in adessive, ablative and allative
alapuolinen {adj}  :: lower, bottom, underneath; often best translated into English with a prepositional structure (being on the underside of something)
alapuolinen {adj}  :: sub-
alapurenta {n}  :: underbite
alaraaja {n} [anatomy]  :: lower limb
alaraja {n}  :: lower boundary
Alarik {prop}  :: Alaric (Visigoth king)
Alarik {prop}  :: male given name of Germanic origin
alarmismi {n}  :: alarmism (production of needless alarms)
alarmisti {n}  :: alarmist (one who causes others to become alarmed without cause)
alaruumis {n} [anatomy]  :: lower body
alas {adv}  :: down
alas {adv}  :: downward
alas {interj} [followed by a nominative]  :: down with [e.g. in demonstrations]
alasajo {n}  :: shutdown, especially a step-wise process of stopping a system such as an industrial process or a business in a controlled manner
alasaksa {n}  :: The Low Saxon language
alasaksi {n}  :: the Low Saxon language
Ala-Saksi {prop}  :: Lower Saxony
alasaranoitu {adj}  :: bottom-hinged (having hinges on the bottom, as opposed to having them on top or on the side)
alaselkä {n} [anatomy]  :: lower back (lower part of the back, consisting of lumbar and pelvic region)
alasin {n}  :: anvil
alasin {n} [skeleton]  :: incus
alasinluu {n} [skeleton]  :: incus
alaskanhusky {n}  :: Alaskan Husky
alaskanpiiskujänis {n}  :: collared pika (Ochotona collaris)
alaskirjata {v} [accounting]  :: to write off, write down
alaslaskettava {adj}  :: fold-down
alaspäin {adv}  :: downwards (from a high position to a lower one)
alasti {adv}  :: naked
alastomampi {adj}  :: comparative form of alaston
alastomin {adj}  :: superlative form of alaston
alastomuus {n}  :: nudity, nakedness
alastomuuskulttuuri {n}  :: nudity culture
alaston {adj}  :: nude, naked
alaston {n}  :: A naked person
alastonkuva {n}  :: nude (picture)
alastonuinti {n}  :: skinny dipping
alastulo {n}  :: A dismount (last part of gymnastics routine)
alastulo {n}  :: A landing
alasuku {n} [taxonomy]  :: subgenus
alasuojus {n}  :: jockstrap
Alatalo {prop}  :: Any of a number of small places in Finland
Alatalo {prop}  :: Finnish surname
alati {adv} [dated]  :: always
alatoopi {n}  :: head cheese [US], brawn [UK] (meat jelly cooked from the head of a pig or calf)
alatoopi {n}  :: meat jelly
Alattio {prop} Alta
alatunniste {n}  :: A footer (line of information at the bottom of a page)
alatusten {adv}  :: one below another
alatyyli {n}  :: vulgar or obscene language
alatyylinen {adj}  :: Said of a written or oral expression, vulgar (obscene)
alava {adj}  :: low-lying
alaviite {n}  :: footnote
alaviitti {n} [religion]  :: Alawite (member of a Shia sect)
alaviiva {n} [typesetting]  :: underscore
alavirta {n}  :: downstream
alavirta {n}  :: Used postpositionally to signify "downstream of", or below
alayksikkö {n}  :: unit of area
alba {n}  :: An alb; a long white gown worn in various Christian ceremonies by the priest or the parishioners, especially in a confirmation by the people who are being confirmed
albaani {n}  :: Albanian (person)
albania {n}  :: The Albanian language
Albania {prop}  :: Albania
albanialainen {adj}  :: Albanian
albanialainen {n}  :: An Albanian
albanian kieli {n}  :: The Albanian language
albatrossi {n}  :: albatross
Albert {prop}  :: male given name
albertanvalkokuusi {n}  :: white spruce, Picea glauca var. albertiana
Albertiina {prop}  :: female given name
albiino {n}  :: albino
albiitti {n} [mineral]  :: albite
albinismi {n}  :: albinism
albumi {n}  :: An album
albumiini {n} [chemistry]  :: albumin
aldehydi {n}  :: aldehyde
aldoosi {n}  :: aldose
aldriini {n}  :: aldrin
ale {n}  :: ale
ale {n} [colloquial]  :: short for alennusmyynti
Ale {prop} [rare]  :: male given name
alehalli {n}  :: discount store
alekkain {adv}  :: alternative spelling of alakkain
Aleksandra {prop}  :: female given name
Aleksandria {prop}  :: Alexandria, an ancient city in Egypt (other Alexandrias are spelled with "x" also in Finnish)
aleksandriitti {n} [mineral]  :: alexandrite (type of chrysoberyll)
Aleksanteri {prop}  :: male given name
Aleksanteri Suuri {prop}  :: Alexander the Great
Aleksei {prop}  :: A transliteration of the Russian male given name Алексей
Aleksi {prop}  :: male given name
Aleksis {prop}  :: male given name
aleksitymia {n} [psychology]  :: alexithymia
aleksityymikko {n}  :: A person suffering from alexithymia
aleksityyminen {adj}  :: alexithymic
alemmaksi {adv}  :: comparative form of alas
alemmas {adv}  :: alternative form of alemmaksi
alemmuudentunne {n} [psychology]  :: feeling of inferiority
alemmuus {n}  :: inferiority
alemmuuskompleksi {n} [psychology]  :: inferiority complex
alempana {adv}  :: lower, down, below (located farther below)
alempi {adj}  :: (physically) lower, under-, nether; (socially or physically) inferior
alempiarvoisuus {n}  :: inferiority
alendronihappo {n} [pharmacology]  :: alendronic acid
alenema {n}  :: drop, fall, decline (amount lost in height)
alennus {n}  :: abasement
alennus {n}  :: degradation
alennus {n}  :: discount
alennushalli {n}  :: discount store
alennusmerkki {n} [music]  :: flat symbol (♭)
alennusmyynti {n}  :: sale (at lower prices)
alennustavaratalo {n}  :: discount store
alennustila {n}  :: degradation, abasement
alentaa {vt}  :: To degrade, demote, abase, humiliate (a person)
alentaa {vt}  :: To lower, downgrade, decrease, reduce, diminish
alentaa {vt}  :: To slash, mark down, bring down (prices)
alentava {adj}  :: humiliating, condescending
alentava {adj}  :: improper
alentava {adj}  :: shameful
alentava {adj}  :: Something below one's dignity
alentua {vi}  :: to descend, come/go down, move downwards
alentua {vi}  :: to lower
alentua {vi}  :: to stoop, condescend, lower oneself
alentuminen {n}  :: condescension (act of condescending, courtesy toward inferiors)
alentuva {adj}  :: condescending
alentuvainen {adj}  :: condescending
alentuvaisemmin {adv}  :: comparative form of alentuvaisesti
alentuvaisesti {adv}  :: condescendingly
alentuvaisimmin {adv}  :: superlative form of alentuvaisesti
alentuvammin {adv}  :: comparative form of alentuvasti
alentuvasti {adv}  :: condescendingly
alentuvimmin {adv}  :: superlative form of alentuvasti
alerion {n} [heraldry]  :: An alerion (eagle depicted without legs and beak)
aleta {vi}  :: To descend, come/go down, move downwards
Aleutit {prop}  :: The Aleutian Islands
aleutti {n}  :: An Aleut (native inhabitant of the Aleutian Islands)
aleviitti {n} [religion]  :: Alevite (member of a Shia sect)
Alex {prop}  :: male given name
alfa {n}  :: alpha; the Greek letter Α, α
alfahajoaminen {n} [physics]  :: alpha decay
alfahiukkanen {n} [physics]  :: alpha particle
alfahydroksihappo {n}  :: alpha-hydroxy acid
alfa-kierre {n} [biochemistry]  :: An alpha helix
alfalfa {n}  :: alfalfa
alfanaaras {n}  :: alpha female
alfanumeerinen {adj}  :: alphanumerical
alfasäteilijä {n} [physics]  :: alpha emitter
alfasäteily {n}  :: alpha radiation
alfauros {n}  :: alpha male
Alfred {prop}  :: Alfred Nussi
Alfred {prop}  :: male given name
Alfred Nussi {prop} [vulgar, humorous]  :: A fictitious person who may be blamed for petty thefts
algebra {n}  :: algebra
algebrallinen {adj}  :: algebraic
algebrallinen geometria {n} [mathematics]  :: algebraic geometry
algebrallinen kokonaisluku {n} [mathematics]  :: algebraic integer
algebrallinen rakenne {n} [mathematics]  :: algebraic structure
algebrallinen ryhmä {n} [mathematics]  :: algebraic group
algebrallinen sulkeuma {n} [mathematics]  :: algebraic closure
algebrallinen topologia {n} [mathematics]  :: algebraic topology
Alger {prop}  :: Algiers
Algeria {prop}  :: Algeria
algerialainen {adj}  :: Algerian
algerialainen {n}  :: An Algerian
algiinihappo {n}  :: alginic acid
algologia {n} [botany]  :: algology
algoritmi {n}  :: algorithm
algoritminen {adj}  :: algorithmic
alhaalla {adv}  :: [static] at the bottom
alhaalla {adv}  :: [static] down below, below
alhaalla {adv}  :: [static] downstairs
alhaalla {adv}  :: [static] down there/here
alhaalle {adv}  :: Expresses movement to a spatially lower position:
alhaalta {adv}  :: from below
alhainen {adj}  :: ignoble
alhainen {adj}  :: lowly
alhaisin {adj}  :: superlative form of alhainen
alhaiso {n}  :: common people, rabble
alho {n} [dated]  :: dell (small and usually wooded valley); vale, dale
ali {postp}  :: beneath, underneath (when one goes through the space that is underneath something):
ali- {prefix}  :: under-, sub-
Ali {prop}  :: male given name
aliarvioida {vt}  :: To underestimate
aliarviointi {n}  :: underestimation
aliarvostaa {v}  :: To undervalue
aliavaruus {n}  :: subspace
alibi {n}  :: alibi
alidiakoni {n}  :: subdeacon
aliedustettu {adj}  :: underrepresented
aliedustus {n}  :: underrepresentation
alieni {n}  :: alien, extraterrestrial
alifaattinen {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: aliphatic
alifaattinen yhdiste {n}  :: aliphatic compound
alihakemisto {n}  :: subdirectory
alihankkija {n}  :: subcontractor
ali-ihminen {n}  :: subhuman
Aliina {prop}  :: female given name, variant of Alina
Aliisa {prop}  :: female given name
alijäähtyä {vi}  :: To supercool; to undergo supercooling
alijäähtyminen {n}  :: supercooling
alijäämä {n}  :: deficit
alijäämäinen {adj} [economics]  :: deficient
alijättiläinen {n} [astronomy]  :: subgiant
alikasvos {n}  :: undergrowth
alikehittynyt {adj}  :: Pertaining to something that has failed to develop and is thus underdeveloped or backward
alikersantti {n} [military ranks]  :: The lowest NCO rank in the Finnish defence forces
alikääpiö {n} [astronomy]  :: subdwarf star
alikriittinen {adj}  :: subcritical
alikulku {n}  :: underpass
alikäytävä {n}  :: underpass
alilämpö {n}  :: hypothermia (medical condition)
alilämpöinen {adj}  :: (medicine) algid
alilämpöinen {adj} [medicine]  :: hypothermic
alilämpöisyys {n} [medicine]  :: algidity
alilämpöisyys {n} [medicine]  :: hypothermia
aliluutnantti {n} [military ranks]  :: The lowest officer rank in the Finnish navy. The official English translation is sub-lieutenant
alimmainen {adj}  :: undermost
alimmaksi {adv}  :: superlative form of alas
alin {adj}  :: lowest, undermost
Alina {prop}  :: female given name
alinen {adj} [rare]  :: under, underlying
alinomaa {adv}  :: constantly
alinomainen {adj}  :: continuous, incessant
aliohjautuminen {n}  :: understeer
aliohjautuva {adj}  :: understeering
alioikeus {n}  :: A principal trial court or court of first instance (the lowest level in a court system, on which most criminal and civil lawsuits are first judged)
alipaine {n}  :: underpressure
alipaineinen {adj}  :: Having too low gas pressure
alipainetauti {n}  :: decompression sickness, bends
alipaino {n}  :: underweight
alipainoinen {adj}  :: underweight
alipalkattu {adj}  :: underpaid
alipalkatumpi {adj}  :: comparative form of alipalkattu
alipalkkainen {adj}  :: underpaid
aliravitsemus {n}  :: undernutrition, undernourishment, malnutrition, emaciation (the state of being undernourished)
aliravittu {adj}  :: undernourished
aliravitumpi {adj}  :: comparative form of aliravittu
aliresursoitu {adj}  :: under-resourced
aliryhmä {n}  :: subgroup
Alisa {prop}  :: female given name
alistaa {vt}  :: to dominate, subject, subjugate, subordinate
alistaminen {n}  :: Domination, subjection, subjugation, subordination
alistaminen {n}  :: Repression, oppression, tyranny, bullying
alistaminen {v} [fi-infinitive of, t=4, alistaa]  ::
alisteinen {adj} [linguistics]  :: subordinate
alisteinen {adj} [military]  :: subordinate
alistua {vi}  :: To accommodate oneself, (reluctantly) resign oneself (to give up one's views etc. by adjusting them to other views), defer, acquiesce
alistua {vi}  :: To submit, give in, yield, surrender (to a person)
alistus {n}  :: subjugation, subordination
alistuskonjunktio {n} [grammar]  :: subordinating conjunction
alistussuhde {n} [grammar]  :: hypotaxis
alistussuhde {n}  :: subordination
alistuva {adj}  :: submissive
alistuvainen {adj}  :: alternative form of alistuva
alistuvammin {adv}  :: comparative form of alistuvasti
alistuvasti {adv}  :: submissively
alistuvimmin {adv}  :: superlative form of alistuvasti
alisuorittaja {n}  :: underachiever
alisuoriutuja {n}  :: underachiever
alisuoriutuminen {n}  :: underachievement
alitajuinen {adj}  :: Subconscious, below the level of consciousness
alitajuisemmin {adv}  :: comparative form of alitajuisesti
alitajuisesti {adv}  :: subconsciously
alitajuisimmin {adv}  :: superlative form of alitajuisesti
alitajunta {n}  :: subconscious, subconsciousness
alitsariinipunainen {n}  :: madder (dye, clour)
alitse {postp}  :: by beneath, by underneath (when one goes through the space that is underneath something):
alittaa {vt} [sports]  :: To beat (a time record)
alittaa {vt}  :: To pass underneath, go under
alittua {vi} [sports, of a time record]  :: To be beaten
alittua {vi}  :: To be passed underneath, be gone under
alituinen {adj}  :: continuous, incessant
alituisemmin {adv}  :: comparative form of alituisesti
alituisesti {adv}  :: constantly
alituisimmin {adv}  :: superlative form of alituisesti
alitus {n}  :: The act of passing underneath
alitus {n}  :: The beating of a time record
alityöllisyys {n}  :: underemployment
alityöntö {n} [geology]  :: subduction
alitäyttää {v}  :: to underfill
aliupseeri {n} [military]  :: A non-commissioned officer; an NCO. The NCO ranks in the Finnish Army are alikersantti, kersantti, ylikersantti, vääpeli and sotilasmestari
aliurakoitsija {n}  :: subcontractor
alivalottaa {vt}  :: To underexpose
alivalottua {vi}  :: To be underexposed
alivalotus {n} [photography]  :: underexposure
aliverkko {n}  :: subnetwork
alivoimamaali {n} [sports]  :: short-handed goal, shortie
alivoimapeli {n} [sports]  :: In ice hockey, a penalty kill
alivuokralainen {n}  :: boarder (one who pays for meals and lodging in someone else's house)
alivuokralainen {n}  :: subtenant, lodger (one who rents from a tenant)
alkaa {vi}  :: To initiate, set in, be initiated, originate, be originated, take its origin
alkaa {vt} [auxiliary, + infinitive/+ illative of 3rd infinitive]  :: To begin (to do something), start (doing something)
alkaani {n}  :: alkane (saturated hydrocarbon of formula CnH2n+2)
alkaen {adv}  :: as of
alkaen {adv}  :: from on (often used with ages, e. g. vuotiaista alkaen)
alkaen {adv}  :: since
alkaja {n}  :: One who starts; beginner, starter
alkajaiset {n}  :: opening, opening event
alkajaisiksi {adv}  :: for starters
alkali {n}  :: alkali
alkalimetalli {n} [inorganic chemistry]  :: alkali metal
alkalinen {adj}  :: alkaline
alkaliparisto {n}  :: alkaline battery
alkaloidi {n} [organic chemistry]  :: alkaloid
alkaloosi {n} [pathology]  :: alkalosis
alkaminen {n}  :: starting, beginning, onset
alkamisaika {n}  :: time of starting, beginning
alkamishetki {n}  :: time of beginning, starting time
alkeellinen {adj}  :: basic
alkeellinen {adj}  :: primitive
alkeellisemmin {adv}  :: comparative form of alkeellisesti
alkeellisempi {adj}  :: comparative form of alkeellinen
alkeellisesti {adv}  :: primitively
alkeellisimmin {adv}  :: superlative form of alkeellisesti
alkeellisuus {n}  :: primitiveness
alkeeni {n}  :: An alkene (unsaturated aliphatic hydrocarbon with one or more carbon-carbon double bonds)
alkeet {n}  :: (always plural) basics, fundamentals; the ropes
alkeis- {prefix}  :: basic, elemental, fundamental, rudimentary
alkeisfunktio {n} [mathematics]  :: elementary function
alkeishiukkanen {n} [physics]  :: fundamental particle, elementary particle
alkeishiukkasfysiikka {n} [physics]  :: elementary particle physics
alkeisjuuri {n} [botany]  :: radicula
alkeiskoppi {n} [mineralogy]  :: unit cell (in a crystal, the smallest repeating structure of atoms from which the structure of the complete crystal can be inferred)
alkeiskurssi {n}  :: elementary course, basic course
alkeislehti {n} [botany]  :: cotyledon
alkeissilmu {n} [botany]  :: plumule
alkeistumallinen {n}  :: prokaryote
alkeisvaraus {n} [physics]  :: elementary charge
alkeisvarsi {n} [botany]  :: hypocotyle
alkemia {n}  :: alchemy
alkemisti {n}  :: alchemist
alkio {n}  :: element, member (of a set)
alkio {n}  :: embryo
alkiokalvo {n}  :: embryonic membrane
alkiolainen {n}  :: Adherent of alkiolaisuus
alkiolevy {n} [embryology]  :: embryonic disk
alkionkehitys {n}  :: embryonic development
alkiorakko {n} [biology]  :: embryo sac, embryonic sac
alkkarit {n} [pluralonly, colloquial]  :: underpants
alko {n} [informal]  :: A liquor store, bottle shop
alkoholi {n}  :: alcohol (intoxicating beverage that contains ethanol)
alkoholi {n} [organic chemistry]  :: alcohol (organic compound containing a hydroxyl functional group)
alkoholidehydrogenaasi {n} [chemistry]  :: alcohol dehydrogenase
alkoholijuoma {n}  :: alcoholic beverage
alkoholikäyminen {n} [biology]  :: alcoholic fermentation
alkoholimyrkytys {n}  :: alcohol poisoning
alkoholinkäyttö {n}  :: drinking (of alcohol)
alkoholiongelma {n}  :: drinking problem
alkoholipitoinen {adj}  :: alcoholic (containing alcohol)
alkoholipitoisuus {n}  :: alcohol content
alkoholirikos {n}  :: alcohol crime (criminal act involving illegal production, trade, distribution or retail of alcohol)
alkoholismi {n} [pathology]  :: alcoholism
alkoholisoitua {vi}  :: To become addicted to alcohol; to become an alcoholic
alkoholisti {n}  :: alcoholic (person addicted to alcohol)
alkoholiton {adj}  :: nonalcoholic
alkoksidi {n}  :: alkoxide
alkometri {n}  :: A breathalyzer
alkovi {n}  :: alcove
alku {n}  :: A start, beginning, inception, incipience
alku {n}  :: When used as modifier in compound terms, first, prime, primeval, primordial etc
alkuaan {adv}  :: originally, initially, at first
alkuaika {n}  :: starting time
alkuaine {n}  :: A chemical element, element
alkuarvo {n}  :: initial value
alkuasukas {n}  :: native, aborigine, aboriginal
alkueliö {n} [biology]  :: protist
alkueläin {n}  :: protozoan
alkuerä {n} [sports]  :: qualifier, qualifying round
alkuhärkä {n}  :: An aurochs, Bos primigenius
alkuideaali {n} [mathematics]  :: prime ideal
alkuihminen {n}  :: prehistoric man
alkuilta {n}  :: early evening
-alkuinen {adj}  :: beginning with, that begins with
-alkuinen {adj}  :: of origin, -origin
alkuinen {adj}  :: See -alkuinen
alkujuuri {n} [figuratively]  :: root, source
alkukala {n} [biology]  :: ostracoderm
alkukantainen {adj}  :: primitive
alkukausi {n}  :: early season
alkukehto {n} [figuratively]  :: cradle; the place of origin
alkukesä {n}  :: early summer (an inexactly defined period covering the first few weeks of the summer)
alkukevät {n}  :: early spring
alkukieli {n}  :: original language
alkukieli {n}  :: protolanguage
alkukirjain {n}  :: initial letter
alkukohta {n}  :: starting point
alkukristillinen {adj}  :: early Christian
alkukuva {n}  :: preimage
alkulima {n} [biology]  :: protoplasm
alkulintu {n}  :: Archaeopteryx
alkulohko {n} [sports]  :: qualification group, group; also other terms may be used, depending on sport (in a tournament with multiple participants, any of the divisions into which the original participants are divided in order to select the participants to the finals)
alkuluku {n} [mathematics]  :: prime number, prime
alkulukulause {n} [mathematics]  :: prime number theorem
alkulukupari {n} [mathematics]  :: twin prime
alkumuodostelma {n} [dancing]  :: set (initial or basic formation of dancers)
alkumuodostelma {n}  :: initial setting, arrangement or setup
alkunilviäinen {n} [biology]  :: monoplacophoran
alkupala {n}  :: An appetizer, starter, hors d'oeuvre (small, light first course)
alkuperä {n}  :: origin
alkuperäinen {adj}  :: Original
alkuperäisempi {adj}  :: comparative form of alkuperäinen
alkuperäiskansa {n}  :: aboriginal/native/indigenous people; First Nation, First Nations [Canada]
alkuperäiskappale {n}  :: original
alkuperäiskieli {n}  :: original language
alkuperäluokitus {n}  :: appellation (indication for wine that describes its geographic origin)
alkuperämaa {n}  :: country of origin
alkupiste {n}  :: starting point, base
alkupotku {n}  :: kick-off (opening sequence of any event)
alkupotku {n} [rare, soccer]  :: kick-off
alkupuoli {n}  :: first half or a more vaguely defined first part of anything, like of a period of time, semester, holiday, trip etc
alkupuolisko {n}  :: first half of anything, like of a period of time, semester, holiday, trip etc
alkupuolisko {n} [sports, informal]  :: first half (period of a game before the half-time)
alkuräjähdys {n}  :: The Big Bang
alkuruoka {n}  :: An appetizer, starter, hors d'oeuvre
alkusanat {n}  :: preface
alkusointu {n}  :: alliteration
alkusoitto {n} [music]  :: overture, prelude
alkusyksy {n}  :: early autumn
alkusynty {n} [biology]  :: abiogenesis
alkutalvi {n}  :: early winter
alkutekijä {n} [mathematics]  :: prime factor
alkuunpanija {n}  :: beginner (one who puts something in motion)
alkuvaihe {n}  :: early stage, early phase
alkuviikko {n}  :: Any of the first weeks of a longer period of time
alkuviikko {n}  :: Some cases are used adverbially to produce expressions similar to English "early week", see alkuviikolla, alkuviikosta
alkuviikko {n}  :: The beginning of a week, usually understood to include Monday and Tuesday
alkuvuosi {n} [in the plural]  :: The first years of a period
alkuvuosi {n}  :: The early part of a year
alkydi {n}  :: alkyd
alkydimaali {n}  :: alkyd paint
alkyylihalidi {n}  :: haloalkane, alkyl halide
alkyyni {n}  :: alkyne
alla {adv}  :: beneath, underneath, below
alla {postp} [static]  :: under, underneath
allakka {n}  :: almanac
Allan {prop}  :: male given name
allantoiini {n}  :: allantoin
allapäin {adv}  :: down, crestfallen (depressed)
allas {n}  :: basin
allas {n}  :: pool, tank
allas {n}  :: reservoir
allas {n}  :: tub
allastaa {v}  :: To equip with a basin, normally as a precaution against damages that may be caused by leaking liquids
allastelakka {n} [nautical]  :: A dry dock, drydock
allatiivi {n} [grammar]  :: allative
allatiivisija {n} [grammar, rare]  :: allative case
alle {adv}  :: less than:
alle {postp}  :: (expressing movement) under:
alleeli {n} [genetics]  :: allele
allegoria {n}  :: allegory
allegorinen {adj}  :: allegorical
allegorisesti {adv}  :: allegorically
allekirjoittaa {vt} [figuratively]  :: To underwrite, accept
allekirjoittaa {vt}  :: To sign, subscribe, underwrite
allekirjoittaja {n}  :: signer
allekirjoittaminen {n}  :: signing (to write one's signature in a document)
allekirjoittanut {n} [colloquial]  :: yours truly, I
allekirjoitus {n}  :: autograph
allekirjoitus {n}  :: signature
allekkain {adv}  :: one below another
allekkainen {adj}  :: One below another
allelopatia {n}  :: allelopathy
allergeeni {n}  :: allergen
allergeeninen {adj} [medicine]  :: allergenic
allergia {n}  :: allergy
allergialääkäri {n}  :: allergist (physician who specializes in treatment of allergies)
allergikko {n}  :: allergic person
allerginen {adj}  :: allergic (having an allergy)
allerginen {adj}  :: allergic (of or pertaining to allergy)
allerginen {adj} [figuratively]  :: allergic (excessively sensitive)
allerginen nuha {n} [pathology]  :: allergic rhinitis
allergisempi {adj}  :: comparative form of allerginen
allergisin {adj}  :: superlative form of allerginen
allergisoida {vt}  :: to make allergic
allergisoitua {vi}  :: To become allergic to something
allergisoiva {adj}  :: allergenic (having the effect of an allergen)
allergistaa {vt}  :: to make allergic
allergistua {v}  :: alternative form of allergisoitua
allergisuus {n}  :: allergicity
allergologi {n}  :: allergist (physician who specializes in treatment of allergies)
allergologi {n}  :: allergologist (scientist who studies allergies)
alleviivata {vt} [figuratively]  :: To emphasize, underline, underscore
alleviivata {vt}  :: To underline, underscore
alleviivaus {n}  :: underscore, underline
alli {n}  :: long-tailed duck (Clangula hyemalis)
Alli {prop}  :: female given name
allianssi {n}  :: An alliance
alligaattori {n}  :: alligator
allikko {n}  :: puddle (small pond of water, usually in the middle of an ombrotrophic raised bog)
allisiini {n}  :: allicin
allit {n}  :: flabby skin or flesh under upper arms
allitteraatio {n}  :: alliteration
allofoni {n}  :: allophone
allokaatio {n}  :: allocation
allokoida {v}  :: To allocate
allokointi {n}  :: allocation
alloktoninen {adj} [geology]  :: allochthonous (found in a place remote from the site of formation)
allomorfi {n} [linguistics]  :: allomorph
allopaattinen {adj} [homeopathy]  :: allopathic
allopatia {adj} [homeopathy]  :: allopathy
allotrooppi {n} [chemistry]  :: allotrope
allotrooppinen {adj} [chemistry]  :: allotropic
allotropia {n} [chemistry]  :: allotropy
allyylipropyylidisulfidi {n} [chemistry]  :: allyl propyl disulfide
Alma {prop}  :: female given name, cognate with English Alma
almanakka {n}  :: almanac
almanakka {n}  :: calendar
almandiini {n}  :: almandine (gemstone)
almikki {n}  :: solenodon
almu {n}  :: alms
aloite {n}  :: initiative
aloite {n}  :: private member's bill; short of edustaja-aloite (proposed law introduced by a member of a legislature who is not acting on behalf of the executive government)
aloitekyky {n}  :: initiative (the ability to act first or on one's own)
aloitekykyinen {adj}  :: enterpriser
aloitekykyinen {adj}  :: person who has initiative
aloitekykyinen {adj}  :: venturous
aloitekyvytön {adj}  :: lacking in initiative or drive (of a person)
aloitekyvyttömyys {n}  :: lack of initiative, dependency (state of dependence; a refusal to exercise initiative)
aloitella {vi}  :: To start, begin (gradually, indifferently)
aloittaa {v}  :: to go ahead
aloittaa {v}  :: to start, begin, commence
aloittainen {adj}  :: sectoral
aloittaja {n}  :: One who starts; starter, beginner
aloittamaton {adj}  :: Not started
aloitteellinen {adj}  :: Having initiative
aloitteellisuus {n}  :: initiative (the ability to act first or on one's own)
aloitteikas {adj}  :: A person having initiative
aloitteikkaampi {adj}  :: comparative form of aloitteikas
aloitteikkain {adj}  :: superlative form of aloitteikas
-aloitteinen {adj}  :: Having an initiative (ability to act on one's own)
aloittelija {n}  :: A beginner
aloitus {n}  :: A start
aloitus {n} [ice hockey]  :: A faceoff
aloituskodoni {n} [biology]  :: start codon (codon that instructs protein synthesis to begin)
aloitusmaali {n} [sports, ballgames]  :: opening goal (the first goal of either of the teams)
aloituspiste {n} [ice hockey]  :: faceoff spot
aloitussyöttö {n}  :: A serve or service in a ball game
aloitustaso {n}  :: entry level (job level simple enough for a person without any specific training or experience)
alokas {n} [military]  :: A recruit, rookie (newly enlisted soldier)
alokasaika {n}  :: rookie time
alokasmainen {adj}  :: rookie-like
alokasmainen {adj}  :: trivial; especially of an error
aloke {n} [phonology, acoustics]  :: onset
alottaa {v} [dialectal]  :: [[aloittaa to begin, start]]
alpakka {n}  :: alpaca
alpakka {n}  :: nickel silver
alpakkainen {adj}  :: Made of the wool of alpaca
alpi {n}  :: A plant of the genus Lysimachia
Alpi {prop}  :: male given name
alpiininen {adj}  :: alpine
alpinismi {n}  :: alpinism
alpinisti {n}  :: alpinist (mountaineer)
alpinisti {n}  :: downhill skier
Alpit {prop}  :: the Alps
Alpo {prop}  :: male given name
alppi {n}  :: alp
alppihiihto {n} [sports]  :: alpine skiing, downhill skiing
alppikauris {n}  :: alpine ibex, Capra ibex ibex
alppikärhö {n}  :: alpine clematis (Clematis alpina)
alppikuusama {n}  :: alpine honeysuckle (Lonicera alpigena L.)
alppimänty {n}  :: mountain pine, Pinus mugo subsp. uncinata
alppimurmeli {n}  :: alpine marmot, Marmota marmota
alppinaakka {n}  :: alpine chough, Pyrrhocorax graculus
alppiniitty {n}  :: alpine meadow
alppinisti {n}  :: [deprecated] alternative form of alpinisti
alppiorvokki {n}  :: a cyclamen
alppiruusu {n}  :: rhododendron (genus of flowering plants in the heather family Ericaceae)
alppisembra {n}  :: Swiss pine, Arolla pine; Pinus cembra
alppitorvi {n} [musical instruments]  :: alphorn
alta {postp}  :: from under, from underneath, from beneath
altainorapihlaja {n}  :: A species of hawthorn, Crataegus korolkovii
altavastaaja {n}  :: An underdog (somebody thought to have slim chances to win)
altimetri {n}  :: altimeter
altimetria {n}  :: altimetry
altis {adj}  :: exposed, endangered, vulnerable
altis {adj}  :: ready, inclined, disposed, prone to (having a tendency, preference, likelihood, or disposition)
altis {adj}  :: sensitive (responsive to stimuli)
altis {adj}  :: susceptible (likely to be affected by something)
altistaa {vt}  :: To endanger
altistaa {vt}  :: To expose
altistaa {vt}  :: To predispose
altiste {n}  :: exposure agent
altistettu {adj}  :: predisposed
altisti {n} [music]  :: violist, viola player
altistua {vi}  :: To be exposed (to = allative)
altistuminen {n}  :: exposure (condition)
altistus {n}  :: exposure
altistusaika {n}  :: exposure time (to radiation etc.; not photography)
altitudi {n}  :: altitude
altruismi {n}  :: altruism
altruisti {n}  :: altruist
altruistinen {adj}  :: altruistic
altruistisempi {adj}  :: comparative form of altruistinen
altruistisesti {adv}  :: altruistically
alttari {n}  :: altar
Alttari {prop}  :: the constellation Ara, the Altar
alttein {adj}  :: superlative form of altis
Altti {prop}  :: male given name
alttiimpi {adj}  :: comparative form of altis
altto {n} [music]  :: alto
alttohuilu {n}  :: alto flute
alttoklarinetti {n} [musical instruments]  :: alto clarinet
alttosaksofoni {n}  :: alto saxophone
alttoviulisti {n}  :: violist, viola player
alttoviulu {n}  :: viola
alttoviulukonsertto {n} [music]  :: viola concerto
alue {n}  :: area
alue {n}  :: field
alue {n} [mathematics, topology]  :: domain
alue {n} [music, as headword in compound terms]  :: register (range of a voice or instrument)
alue {n} [physics]  :: band (wavelength band)
alue {n}  :: region
alue {n}  :: reserve; usually as head word in compound terms (tract of land reserved, or set apart, for a particular purpose)
alueellinen {adj}  :: regional
alueellisesti {adv}  :: regionally
aluehallintovirasto {n}  :: regional state administrative agency (official translation); regional branch of the state government of Finland executing all legislative implementation, steering and supervision functions in the regions
alueittainen {adj}  :: regional
aluejohtaja {n}  :: regional leader
alueliitos {n}  :: annexation
aluemeri {n}  :: territorial sea
alueministeri {n}  :: regional minister
aluemurre {n} [linguistics]  :: dialect (variant of language used in a geographic region)
alueorganisaatio {n}  :: local organization
aluepoliittinen {adj}  :: regional policy (of or pertaining to regional policy)
aluepolitiikka {n}  :: regional policy (a policy that aims to developing less developed regions of a state, usually by transferring funds from richer areas to the poorer ones)
alueraja {n}  :: territorial border
aluesairaala {n}  :: regional hospital (in Finnish healthcare system, a hospital serving a region of typically about 100,000 people. For most demanding care, they rely on the better equipped central hospitals, or keskussairaala)
aluetaloustiede {n}  :: regional economics
aluetiede {n}  :: regional science
aluetutkimus {n}  :: area studies (interdisciplinary research pertaining to a particular geographical or cultural region)
aluevedet {n}  :: territorial waters
aluevesi {n}  :: territorial waters; normally used in plural (aluevedet)
aluevesiraja {n}  :: sea frontier
aluke {n} [biology]  :: primer
aluksi {adv}  :: first, in the beginning
alumiini {n}  :: aluminium, aluminum
alumiinifolio {n}  :: aluminum foil
alumiinifosfidi {n}  :: aluminum phosphide
alumiinihydroksidi {n}  :: aluminum hydroxide
alumiinikloridi {n}  :: aluminum chloride
alumiininen {adj}  :: aluminic
alumiinioksidi {n}  :: aluminum oxide
alumiinisulfaatti {n}  :: aluminum sulfate
alumiinisulfidi {n} [chemistry]  :: aluminum sulfide
aluminaatti {n}  :: aluminate
aluminoida {vt}  :: To aluminise/aluminize
aluminointi {n}  :: aluminizing
aluna {n} [chemistry]  :: alum
alunaliuske {n} [geology]  :: alum shale
alunen {n}  :: underlay (anything underlaid)
alun perin {adv}  :: originally, initially
alun pitäen {adv}  :: originally (as it was in the beginning)
alus {n} [grammar, rare]  :: subject
alus {n}  :: underlay (anything underlaid)
alus {n}  :: vessel, craft, ship (vehicle designed for navigation in or on water or air or through outer space)
alusastia {n}  :: bedpan
alushame {n}  :: An underskirt, petticoat (skirt worn underneath another skirt)
alushame {n}  :: A slip (light female underwear worn under skirt or dress)
alushousut {n}  :: underpants
aluskarva {n}  :: An individual hair of undercoat
aluskarva {n}  :: undercoat, underfur, underhair (layer of short hairs underneath the longer ones of an animal's fur)
aluskasvillisuus {n} [biology]  :: undergrowth, underbrush
aluskimono {n}  :: An under-kimono
aluslakana {n}  :: bottom sheet (part of bedding)
aluslakana {n}  :: muotoiltu ~ : fitted sheet
aluslehti {n} [botany]  :: underleaf
alusmaa {n}  :: A dependency (territory)
alusta {n}  :: platform (something that serves as a base)
alustaa {v} [computing]  :: to format
alustaa {v} [computing]  :: to initialize (to format a storage medium, to prepare any hardware for use)
alustaa {v} [programming]  :: to initialize (to set an initial value)
alustaa {v}  :: to lecture, to give a presentation, particularly with the purpose of serving as basis for discussion
alusta alkaen {adv}  :: from scratch
alusta alkaen {adv} [idiomatic]  :: from the very beginning, from the outset, from the inception, from the word go, from the get-go
alustaja {n}  :: beginner (someone who sets something in motion)
alusta lähtien {adv}  :: From the beginning
alustaminen {n} [computing]  :: initialization (act of setting an initial value)
alustaminen {n} [computing]  :: initialization, formatting (formatting a storage medium like a hard disk or memory)
alustaminen {n}  :: presenting (act of giving a presentation)
alustava {adj}  :: rough, rudimentary, undeveloped
alustava {adj}  :: tentative, preliminary, provisional, introductory
alustavasti {adv}  :: tentatively
alustus {n} [computing]  :: formatting (preparation of a mass storage medium)
alustus {n}  :: introduction (a short presentation of a subject, followed by a more in-depth discussion)
alusvaate {n}  :: A piece of underwear
alusvaate {n}  :: [in plural] lingerie (women's underwear, especially seductive ones)
alusvaate {n}  :: [in plural] underwear, underclothes, underclothing
alv. {abbr}  :: value added tax
alv {initialism}  :: value added tax
ALV {initialism} [taxation]  :: arvonlisävero; [British] VAT, Canada and US sales tax, Australia and New Zealand GST
Alvar {prop}  :: male given name occasionally borrowed from Swedish
Alvari {prop}  :: male given name
alvejuuri {n} [botany]  :: wood fern, buckler fern (fern of the genus Dryopteris)
alveolaarinen {adj} [phonetics]  :: alveolar
Alvi {prop}  :: male given name
Alzheimerin tauti {n} [pathology]  :: Alzheimer's disease
amalgaami {n} [chemistry]  :: amalgam (alloy containing mercury)
amalgaamipaikka {n} [dentistry]  :: amalgam filling
Amalia {prop}  :: female given name
Amanda {prop}  :: female given name
amantadiini {n}  :: amantadine
amanuenssi {n}  :: A museum assistant
amanuenssi {n} [higher education]  :: A teaching assistant
amanuenssi {n} [medicine]  :: An intern, a medical intern
amarantti {n}  :: amaranth (seeds of Amaranthus hypochondriacus as foodstuff)
amarantti {n}  :: amaranth (shade of red)
amarantti {n} [botany]  :: alternative term for revonhäntä
amarantti {n} [botany]  :: Prince-of-Wales feather, prince's feather (Amaranthus hypochondriacus), cultivated for its seeds
amaryllis {n}  :: amaryllis
amatoli {n}  :: amatol
amatööri {n}  :: amateur
amatöörimäinen {adj}  :: amateurish
amatsoni {n}  :: amazon
amatsoni {n}  :: Amazon parrot (parrot of the genus Amazona)
amazonianpuumuura {n}  :: Amazonian antshrike, Thamnophilus amazonicus
amazonianvyötiäinen {n}  :: greater long-nosed armadillo, Dasypus kappleri
amazoninmanaatti {n}  :: Amazonian manatee (Trichechus inunguis)
ambi- {prefix}  :: ambi-
ambidekstria {n} [rare, medicine]  :: ambidexterity (property of being equally skilful with both hands)
ambient-musiikki {n}  :: ambient, ambient music (music that put an emphasis on tone and atmosphere over traditional musical structure or rhythm)
ambigrammi {n}  :: ambigram
ambiofonia {n}  :: ambiophony
ambiofoninen {adj}  :: ambiophonic
ambitio {n}  :: ambition
ambivalenssi {n}  :: ambivalence
ambivalentti {adj}  :: ambivalent
ambivalenttinen {adj}  :: ambivalent
amblyopia {n} [pathology, medical parlance]  :: amblyopia
ambra {n}  :: ambergris
ambra {n} [dated]  :: The term keltainen ambra refers to amber [fossil resin]
ambrosia {n}  :: ambrosia
ambulanssi {n}  :: ambulance
ameba {n} [biology]  :: amoeba
amebamainen {adj}  :: amoeba-like
ameloblasti {n}  :: ameloblast
amenorrea {n}  :: amenorrhoea [British], amenorrhea [US]
amerikanankerias {n}  :: American eel (Anguilla rostrata)
amerikanenglanti {n}  :: American English
amerikanhaapa {n}  :: American aspen, Populus tremuloides
amerikanhalava {n}  :: shining willow, Pacific willow, whiplash willow, Salix lucida
amerikanhaukkanen {n}  :: forest falcon (any of the small falcons of the genus Micrastur)
amerikanhummeri {n}  :: American lobster, true lobster, northern lobster, Maine lobster, Homarus americanus (species of clawed lobster from the western Atlantic Ocean, from Labrador to New Jersey)
amerikanhuuhkaja {n}  :: great horned owl, Bubo virginianus
amerikanismi {n}  :: Americanism
amerikanjalopähkinä {n}  :: butternut, white walnut, Juglans cinerea
amerikanjääkuikka {n}  :: great northern diver (Gavia immer)
amerikankelasköynnös {n}  :: bittersweet (Celastrus scandens)
amerikanlehmus {n}  :: American linden, basswood, Tilia americana
amerikanmuikku {n}  :: cisco (North-American fish related to vendace, “Coregonus artedi”)
amerikanmustapoppeli {n}  :: eastern cottonwood, Populus deltoides
amerikanorapihlaja {n}  :: Copenhagen hawthorn, thicket hawthorn, Crataegus intricata
amerikanpihlaja {n}  :: American mountain ash, Sorbus americana syn. Pyrus americana
amerikanpiiskujänis {n}  :: American pika (Ochotona princeps)
amerikanpika {n}  :: American pika (Ochotona princeps)
amerikanplataani {n}  :: sycamore, American sycamore, American planetree, occidental plane, buttonwood, Platanus occidentalis
amerikanpunamänty {n}  :: red pine, Pinus resinosa
amerikanpyökki {n}  :: American beech, Fagus grandifolia
amerikanrauta {n}  :: An old-style North American car
amerikansamoalainen {adj}  :: American Samoan
amerikansamoalainen {n}  :: American Samoan
amerikansuomalainen {adj}  :: Finnish American
amerikansuomalainen {n}  :: A Finnish American person
amerikansuomi {n}  :: Finglish; also American Finnish (a variant of Finnish spoken by Finnish immigrants in North America and their descendants)
amerikantaikapähkinä {n}  :: A species of witch hazels, Hamamelis virginiana, American witch hazel
amerikantelkkä {n}  :: Barrow's goldeneye (Bucephala islandica)
amerikanviiriäinen {n}  :: new world quail, quail (any bird of the family Odontophoridae)
Amerikan yhdysvallat {prop}  :: The United States of America (official name of the USA in Finnish, used mostly in formal and diplomatic contexts)
amerikium {n}  :: americium
amerikiumdioksidi {n}  :: americium dioxide
amerikka {n} [derogative]  :: American (American English spoken with strong local accent)
Amerikka {prop}  :: America (continent)
Amerikka {prop} [colloquial]  :: America (USA)
amerikkalainen {adj}  :: American (very often of or relating to the USA or its people)
amerikkalainen {n}  :: American (a person from the USA)
amerikkalainen jalkapallo {n}  :: American football
amerikkalainen pesäpallo {n} [sports, archaic]  :: baseball
amerikkalaisittain {n}  :: In the American way
amerikkalaistaa {vt}  :: to Americanize (to make American)
amerikkalaistua {vi}  :: To become Americanized
amerikkalaistuminen {n}  :: Americanization
amerikkalaisvastaisuus {n}  :: anti-Americanism
ametisti {n}  :: amethyst
ametistihapero {n}  :: species of brittlegill, Russula amethystina
amfetamiini {n}  :: A common-language term used of methamphetamine, especially when used as (illegal) drug
amfetamiini {n}  :: amphetamine
amfibinen {adj}  :: amphibious
amfiboli {n} [mineral]  :: amphibole
amfiboliitti {n} [mineral]  :: amphibolite
amfiteatteri {n}  :: An amphitheater/amphitheatre (outdoor theatre from the classical period of ancient Rome)
amfolyytti {n} [chemistry]  :: ampholyte
amfora {n}  :: amphora
amhara {n}  :: Amharic (language)
amiini {n}  :: amine
aminoetikkahappo {n} [pharmacology]  :: aminoacetic acid
aminohappo {n} [biochemistry]  :: amino acid
aminohippurihappo {n} [pharmacology]  :: aminohippuric acid
aminokapronihappo {n} [pharmacology]  :: aminocaproic acid
aminolevuliinihappo {n} [pharmacology]  :: aminolevulinic acid
aminosalisyylihappo {n} [pharmacology]  :: aminosalicylic acid
aminovaleriaanahappo {n} [pharmacology]  :: aminovaleric acid
amiraali {n} [butterfly]  :: red admiral, Vanessa atalanta
amiraali {n} [military ranks]  :: admiral
amiraaliperhonen {n}  :: admiral (butterfly)
amis {n} [slang]  :: A person who attends one
amis {n} [slang]  :: A vocational school
amisviikset {n}  :: Thin, unkempt mustache such as sometimes grown by teenagers when trying to look older; teen mustache
Amman {prop}  :: Amman
ammateittainen {adj}  :: profession-wise
ammatillinen {adj}  :: occupational, vocational
ammatillistaa {v}  :: To professionalise
ammatillistua {vi}  :: To be(come) professionalized
ammatinvalinnanohjaus {n}  :: vocational guidance (the act or process of counseling a young person in choosing a vocation)
ammatti {n}  :: occupation, profession
ammattiajaja {n}  :: professional driver
ammattiala {n}  :: professional field
ammattijärjestö {n}  :: trade union
ammattikalastaja {n}  :: professional fisher
ammattikieli {n}  :: jargon, argot
ammattikirjailija {n}  :: professional writer
ammattikorkeakoulu {n}  :: university of applied sciences, (dated) polytechnic
ammattikoulu {n} [informal]  :: A vocational school
ammattikoululainen {n}  :: A student in a vocational school
ammattikoulutus {n}  :: professional education
ammattikunta {n}  :: A profession (practitioners of an occupation collectively, especially of one requiring great knowledge and skill)
ammattilainen {n}  :: professional, pro
ammattilaistaa {v}  :: To professionalize
ammattilaistua {vi}  :: To become professionalized
ammattilaisurheilu {n}  :: professional sport
ammattiliitto {n}  :: A national trade union typically representing employees within a branch of industry. Typically so called blue collar and white collar employees are organized in separate unions
ammattimainen {adj}  :: professional
ammattimaisempi {adj}  :: comparative form of ammattimainen
ammattimaisesti {adv}  :: professionally
ammattimies {n}  :: craftsman (professional in a trade which requires a specific skill, such as a mason, carpenter)
ammattimies {n}  :: expert (person with extensive ability in a given subject)
ammattimies {n} [rarely, by extension]  :: professional
ammattimies {n}  :: tradesman (skilled manual worker, such as electrician or plumber)
ammattiopisto {n}  :: vocational school
ammattioppilaitos {n}  :: vocational school, trade school
ammattiosasto {n}  :: A local chapter of a trade union; lodge (US)
ammattislangi {n}  :: argot, jargon, vernacular (specialized vocabulary and terminology of a certain field or profession)
ammattisuoja {n}  :: occupational immunity
ammattitaidoton {adj}  :: unprofessional
ammattitaito {n}  :: professional skills of a person as a whole
ammattitaito {n}  :: workmanship (skill of an artisan or craftsman)
ammattitaitoinen {adj}  :: qualified, professional
ammattitaitoinen {adj}  :: skilled
ammattitappaja {n}  :: contract killer, hitman, hatchet man (a person whose profession is to kill people)
ammattitutkinto {n}  :: vocational examination
ammattiurheilija {n}  :: professional athlete
ammattiyhdistys {n}  :: A trade union or labor union, especially a local association that organizes employees within a plant or a company
ammattiyhdistysliike {n}  :: trade union movement (the trade unions collectively)
amme {n}  :: bathtub
ammennus {n}  :: scooping
ammentaa {vt}  :: To gain benefit or influences
ammentaa {vt}  :: To scoop, draw, ladle
ammis {n} [colloquial]  :: alternative form of amis
ammoin {adv}  :: Very long ago, in the time immemorial
ammoinen {adj}  :: ancient, age-old
ammoliitti {n}  :: ammolite (gemstone)
ammollaan {adv}  :: wide open, agape
ammoniakki {n} [chemistry]  :: ammonia
ammoniakkihiippo {n} [mushrooms]  :: nitrous bonnet (Mycena leptocephala)
ammoniitti {n}  :: ammonite (cephalopod)
ammoniitti {n} [dated]  :: ammonite (explosive)
ammoniumfluoridi {n}  :: ammonium fluoride
ammoniumkloridi {n}  :: ammonium chloride
ammoniumnitraatti {n}  :: ammonium nitrate
ammoniumperkloraatti {n}  :: ammonium perchlorate
ammoniumsulfaatti {n} [inorganic compound]  :: ammonium sulfate
ammoniumsulfidi {n}  :: ammonium sulfide
ammottaa {v}  :: to be wide open, be agape
ammottava {adj}  :: gaping (wide open)
ammu {n}  :: A moo-moo (cow)
ammua {vi}  :: To moo
ammuminen {n}  :: mooing
ammunta {n}  :: mooing
ammunta {n}  :: shooting
ammuntapeli {n}  :: shooting game, shooter (type of video game)
ammus {n}  :: bullet, projectile
ammuskelija {n}  :: shooter (especially a criminal)
ammuskella {vi}  :: To shoot around
ammuskelu {n}  :: shooting (with firearms)
ammusvarasto {n}  :: magazine (ammunition storehouse)
ammusvyö {n}  :: ammo belt
ammuttaa {v}  :: To order a shooting
ammuu {interj}  :: moo!
amnesia {n}  :: amnesia
amnestia {n}  :: amnesty
amniosenteesi {n} [medicine]  :: amniocentesis (procedure for obtaining amniotic fluid)
amnioskooppi {n}  :: amnioscope
amnioskopia {n}  :: amnioscopy
amobarbitaali {n}  :: amobarbital
amok {n}  :: amok
amoraalinen {adj}  :: amoral
amorfinen {adj}  :: amorphic, amorphous
amoriini {n}  :: amoretto, cherub
ampaista {v}  :: To shoot, to soar (to move very quickly and suddenly)
ampakiini {n}  :: ampakine
ampeeri {n} [physics, electronics]  :: ampere
ampeerimittari {n}  :: ammeter
ampiainen {n}  :: A wasp
ampiaispesä {n}  :: wasp nest, vespiary
amplitudi {n}  :: amplitude
amplitudimodulaatio {n}  :: amplitude modulation
amppari {n} [colloquial]  :: wasp
ampu {n}  :: blast, detonation, explosion
ampua {vt}  :: To shoot (+ partitive = wounding; + genitive-accusative = killing)
ampuilla {vi}  :: To shoot (casually)
ampuja {n}  :: A shooter
ampulli {n}  :: ampoule
ampuma-ase {n}  :: firearm
ampuma-aukko {n}  :: loophole (slit in a castle wall)
ampumahaava {n}  :: gunshot wound, bullet wound
ampumahauta {n}  :: trench
ampumahautakuume {n} [pathology]  :: trench fever
ampumahiihto {n} [sports]  :: biathlon (winter sport)
ampumarata {n}  :: range, shooting range
ampuminen {n}  :: shooting (using a weapon)
amputaatio {n}  :: amputation
amputoida {v}  :: To amputate
amputointi {n}  :: amputation
amuletti {n}  :: amulet
amurinkorkkipuu {n}  :: Amur cork tree, Phellodendron amurense
amurinleopardi {n}  :: Amur leopard
amurinvaahtera {n}  :: A species of maple, Manchurian striped maple, Manchu snakebark maple, Acer tegmentosum
amurinviini {n}  :: Amur grape, Vitis amurensis
amusia {n}  :: amusia
amylaasi {n}  :: amylase
-an {suffix}  :: (case suffix) A suffix variant for the illative singular, see -Vn
-an {suffix} [personal]  :: Forms the impersonal indicative present forms of verbs that include back vowels (a, o or u or i or e with a, o or u - compare -än), appended to the infinitive
-an {suffix} [possessive]  :: A variant for the third-person suffix -nsa, see the usage notes below
anaali- {prefix}  :: anal
anaalinen {adj} [anatomy]  :: anal
anaalirauhanen {n} [anatomy]  :: anal gland
anaaliseksi {n}  :: anal sex
anaalisesti {adv}  :: anally
anaalis-retentiivinen {adj} [psychology]  :: anal-retentive
anaalitappi {n}  :: A butt-plug
anaaliyhdyntä {n}  :: anal intercourse
anabaptismi {n}  :: Anabaptism (doctrine)
anabaptisti {n}  :: Anabaptist (Christian of the Radical Reformation of 16th-century Europe, or a present-day follower of similar beliefs)
anaboli {n}  :: An anabolic
anabolinen {adj}  :: anabolic
anadrominen {adj} [biology]  :: anadromous
anaerobinen {adj}  :: anaerobic
anaerobisesti {adv}  :: anaerobically
anafylaksia {n} [medicine]  :: anaphylaxis
anafylaktinen {adj} [medicine]  :: anaphylactic
anagrammi {n}  :: anagram
anakoluutti {n}  :: anacoluthon
anakoluuttinen {adj}  :: anacoluthic
anakonda {n}  :: anaconda
anakronismi {n}  :: anachronism (something that seems to belong to a different time)
anakronistinen {adj}  :: anachronistic
anakruusi {n}  :: anacrusis (unstressed syllable at the start of a verse)
analemma {n} [astronomy]  :: analemma
analfabeetti {n}  :: An analphabet
analgeetti {n} [medicine]  :: analgesic, painkiller
analgeettinen {adj} [medicine, jargon]  :: analgesic
analgesia {n}  :: analgesia
analogia {n}  :: analogy
analoginen {adj}  :: analogue, analogic, analogical
analsiimi {n} [mineral]  :: analcime
analsiitti {n} [mineral]  :: analcime
analysaattori {n}  :: analyzer
analysoida {vt}  :: To analyse/analyze
analysointi {n}  :: The process of analysing
analytiikka {n}  :: analytics
analyysi {n}  :: analysis
analyytikko {n}  :: analyst
analyyttinen {adj}  :: analytical
analyyttisesti {adv}  :: analytically
anamneesi {n} [medicine]  :: anamnesis
anamnestinen {adj}  :: anamnestic
anamorfi {n} [mycology]  :: anamorph
ananas {n}  :: pineapple
ananaskirsikka {n} [fruit]  :: A cape gooseberry
ananasöljy {n}  :: ethyl butyrate
anapesti {n} [poetry]  :: anapest
anarkia {n}  :: anarchy
anarkinen {adj}  :: alternative form of anarkistinen
anarkismi {n}  :: anarchism
anarkisti {n}  :: anarchist
anarkistinen {adj}  :: anarchistic
anastaa {vt}  :: To take possession (of something) without the owner's permission, seize, grab, steal, purloin, annex, usurp
anastaja {n}  :: One who steals
anastigmaattinen {adj}  :: anastigmatic
anastus {n}  :: theft, appropriation
anatomi {n}  :: anatomist
anatomia {n}  :: anatomy
anatominen {adj}  :: anatomic
anatomisesti {adv}  :: anatomically
Ancylusjärvi {prop}  :: Ancylus Lake (historic phase of the Baltic Sea)
andalusiitti {n} [mineral]  :: andalusite
andante {n}  :: andante
andesiitti {n} [geology]  :: andesite
andienisomuura {n}  :: undulated antshrike
andienvyötiäinen {n}  :: hairy long-nosed armadillo, Dasypus pilosus
Andit {prop}  :: The Andes
Andorra {prop}  :: Andorra
andorralainen {adj}  :: Andorran
andorralainen {n}  :: Andorran
Andreas {prop}  :: Andrew (the Apostle)
Andreas {prop} [rare]  :: male given name
androfobia {n}  :: androphobia
androgeeni {n}  :: androgen
androgeeninen {adj}  :: androgenic
androgynia {n}  :: androgyny
androgyyni {n}  :: androgyne
androgyyninen {adj}  :: androgynous
androidi {n}  :: android
andrologi {n}  :: andrologist
andrologia {n}  :: andrology
androloginen {adj}  :: andrological
Andromeda {prop} [astronomy]  :: The Andromeda
Andromeda {prop} [constellation]  :: The constellation Andromeda
Andromeda {prop} [Greek mythology]  :: Andromeda
ane {n}  :: Indulgence [pardon or release from the expectation of punishment in purgatory, after the sinner has been granted absolution]
aneeminen {adj}  :: anemic
aneemisesti {adv}  :: anemically
anekdootti {n}  :: anecdote
anella {vt}  :: To beg (submissively, e.g. mercy)
Anelma {prop}  :: female given name
anemia {n}  :: anemia
anesteetti {n}  :: anesthetic
anestesia {n} [medicine]  :: anesthesia, anaesthesia
anestesia-aine {n} [medicine]  :: anaesthetic/anesthetic
anestesiologi {n}  :: anesthetist, anesthesiologist
anestesiologia {n} [medicine]  :: anesthesiology, anaesthesiology
anestesiologinen {adj}  :: Pertaining to anesthesiology
aneurysma {n} [pathology]  :: aneurism
anfangi {n} [architecture]  :: A void in a stone wall, serving as impost for an arch
anfangi {n} [typography, calligraphy]  :: initial (distinguished initial letter of a chapter or section of a document)
angelologia {n}  :: angelology
angervo {n}  :: a plant of the genus Filipendula
angiina {n} [medicine]  :: tonsillitis, angina tonsillaris
angiogeneesi {n}  :: angiogenesis
angiografia {n}  :: angiography
angiogrammi {n} [medicine]  :: angiogram, angiograph (X-ray image of the blood vessels)
angiokeratooma {n} [pathology]  :: angiokeratoma (benign cutaneous lesion of capillaries)
angiotensiini {n} [biochemistry]  :: angiotensin (any of several polypeptides that narrow blood vessels)
anglikaaninen {adj}  :: Anglican
anglismi {n}  :: An Anglicism (word or feature borrowed from English to another language)
anglismi {n}  :: An Briticism, Anglicism (word or figure of speech used in Britain exclusively or primarily)
anglisti {n}  :: Anglicist
anglistiikka {n}  :: Anglistics
angloamerikkalainen {adj}  :: Anglo-American
anglofiili {n}  :: anglophile
anglonormanni {n}  :: Anglo-Norman (language)
anglonormanni {n}  :: Anglo-Norman (person)
anglonormannilainen {adj}  :: Anglo-Norman (of or pertaining to Anglo-Normans or their language)
anglo-normannilainen kieli {n} [dated]  :: Anglo-Norman (language)
anglosaksi {n}  :: An Anglo-Saxon person
anglosaksinen {adj}  :: Anglo-Saxon
Angola {prop}  :: Angola
angolalainen {adj}  :: Angolan
angolalainen {n}  :: Angolan
angora {n}  :: angora (hair of angora rabbit)
angoravilla {n}  :: angora wool
angsti {n}  :: angst
anguillalainen {adj}  :: Anguillan
anguillalainen {n}  :: Anguillan
anhydridi {n} [chemistry]  :: anhydride
anhydriitti {n} [mineral]  :: anhydrite
ani {adv}  :: very, extremely
ani {n}  :: ani (bird of genus Crotophaga in the cuckoo family)
aniharva {adj}  :: extremely few; used often like a noun
aniharvoin {adv}  :: extremely seldom
aniitti {n}  :: A powdery ammonium nitrate explosive
anikäki {n}  :: An ani
aniliini {n}  :: aniline
animaalinen {adj}  :: animal
animaatio {n}  :: animation (technique)
animaattori {n}  :: animator
anime {n}  :: anime
animismi {n}  :: animism
animisti {n}  :: animist
animistinen {adj}  :: animistic
animoida {vt}  :: To animate
anioni {n} [chemistry]  :: anion
anis {n}  :: anise, aniseed (seeds used as spice)
anisherkkusieni {n}  :: wood mushroom (Agaricus silvicola)
anismalikka {n} [mushrooms]  :: Clitocybe fragrans
anisnuppiseitikki {n} [mushroom]  :: A webcap, Cortinarius odorifer
anisoli {n} [chemistry]  :: anisole
anisruoho {n}  :: anise (the plant Pimpinella anisum)
Anita {prop}  :: female given name
Anitta {prop}  :: female given name, variant of Anita
Anja {prop}  :: female given name
anjovis {n}  :: anchovy, especially European anchovy (Engraulis encrasicolus)
ankanpoika {n}  :: duckling (young of a duck)
ankanpoikanen {n}  :: duckling
ankara {adj}  :: barren, austere, desolate (landscape)
ankara {adj}  :: harsh, hard, strict (person)
ankara {adj}  :: harsh, sharp, fierce (weather, winter)
ankara halla {n}  :: hard freeze
ankarampi {adj}  :: comparative form of ankara
ankarasti {adv}  :: harshly, hardly, strictly
ankea {adj}  :: dismal, dreary
ankea {adj}  :: narrow, pressed
ankeampi {adj}  :: comparative form of ankea
ankerias {n}  :: eel (any fish in the order Anguilliformes)
ankerias {n}  :: European eel, eel (species Anguilla anguilla)
ankeriaskala {n}  :: Any fish in the order Anguilliformes (true eels)
ankeriaskala {n}  :: In plural (ankeriaskalat), Anguilliformes
ankeriasmainen {adj}  :: eel-like
ankeriasmonni {n}  :: airbreathing catfish (any fish of the Clariidae family)
ankeroinen {n}  :: A type of nematoid worm
ankka {n}  :: canard
ankka {n}  :: domestic duck (Anas platyrhynchos domestica)
Ankkalammikko {prop} [humourous]  :: The Swedish Finland (Finland's Swedish speaking minority as an ethnic and cultural entity)
ankkuri {n}  :: anchorman, anchorwoman (final runner in relay race)
ankkuri {n}  :: anchor (something that serves to provide a fixing point)
ankkuri {n}  :: anchor (tool to hook a vessel into bottom of the sea)
ankkuri {n}  :: TV anchorman or anchorwoman
ankkuriköysi {n} [nautical]  :: rode (rope)
ankkuripaikka {n}  :: An anchorage; a place for anchoring
ankkuripeli {n} [nautical]  :: A capstan or windlass used to weigh the anchor in a ship
ankkuritalja {n}  :: cat (strong tackle used to hoist an anchor to the cathead of a ship)
ankkurivarustus {n}  :: An anchor, as used to refer to the anchoring gear of a ship as a whole
ankkuroida {vt}  :: To anchor, as to hook a ship to the bottom of the sea or to fasten other object in a fixed spot
ankkurointi {n}  :: anchoring
ankkurointimaksu {n}  :: An anchorage; a fee charged for anchoring
ankkuroitua {vi}  :: To moor
Anna {prop}  :: female given name
Anna {prop} [obsolete]  :: Anna (biblical prophetess)
Annala {prop}  :: Any of a number of small places in Finland
Annala {prop}  :: Finnish surname
Anna-Liisa {prop}  :: female given name
anna olla {phrase} [idiomatic]  :: let it be (o leave something to follow its natural course)
anne {n} [archaic]  :: gift
Anne {prop}  :: female given name
Annele {prop}  :: female given name, a less common form of Anneli
Anneli {prop}  :: female given name
annella {vt} [rare]  :: To give (indifferently, repeatedly)
Anni {prop}  :: female given name
annihilaatio {n}  :: annihilation
Anniina {prop}  :: female given name
Annika {prop}  :: female given name
Annikki {prop}  :: A forest goddess in Finnish mythology
Annikki {prop}  :: female given name
Annina {prop}  :: female given name
anniskella {v}  :: To tipple, to retail alcohol for immediate consumption at the premises of the seller
anniskelu {n} [archaic]  :: a saloon, pub or other establishment licensed to sell alcoholic drinks
anniskelu {n}  :: dispensing, serving (sale of alcoholic drinks for consumption at the seller's premises)
annoona {n}  :: cherimoya (Annona cherimola)
annos {n}  :: dose
annos {n}  :: portion
annos {n}  :: serving
annosmittari {n}  :: dosimeter
annostaa {v}  :: to dose (to prescribe a dose)
annostella {v}  :: To apportion (to divide into portions and distribute)
annostella {v}  :: To dose
annostelu {n}  :: dosage, dosing
annostelulokerikko {n}  :: pill dispenser
annostelureitti {n} [pharmacology]  :: route of administration (path by which a drug or other substance is taken into the body)
annostus {n}  :: dosage
annosvuoka {n}  :: ramekin (small dish for baking in oven)
annuiteetti {n}  :: annuity
Annukka {prop}  :: female given name
Ano {prop} [rare]  :: male given name
anoa {n}  :: anoa
anoa {vt}  :: To ask, request, plead, beg, implore, entreat, petition, solicit
anoa {vt}  :: ~ virkaa = to apply for a post/job
anodi {n}  :: anode
anodisoida {vt}  :: To anodize
anodisointi {n}  :: anodization
anoja {n}  :: applicant
anoja {n}  :: petitioner
anoksia {n} [ecology]  :: anoxia
anomaalinen {adj}  :: anomalous, anomalistic
anomalia {n}  :: anomaly
anomus {n}  :: an application, a plea, a requisition
anonymiteetti {n}  :: anonymity
anonyymi {adj}  :: anonymous
anonyymisti {adv}  :: anonymously
anopikset {n} [pluralonly]  :: Mothers-in-law; mothers, whose children are married with each other
anopinkieli {n}  :: snake plant, mother-in-law's tongue (Sansevieria trifasciata, originally West African herbaceous plant commonly used as houseplant)
anoppi {n}  :: mother-in-law
anoppila {n}  :: mother-in-law's home
anorakki {n}  :: anorak, parka
anoreksia {n} [colloquial]  :: anorexia nervosa
anoreksia {n} [pathology]  :: anorexia (loss of appetite, especially as a symptom of disease)
anorektikko {n}  :: an anorectic, anorexic
anorektinen {adj}  :: anorectic
anorexia nervosa {n} [pathology]  :: anorexia nervosa (serious eating disorder)
anortiitti {n} [mineral]  :: anorthite
ansa {n}  :: A booby trap
ansa {n}  :: A trap
ansainta {n}  :: earning (of money)
ansaita {vt}  :: To deserve, merit, be entitled to, be worthy of (+ infinitive or a noun)
ansaita {vt}  :: To earn, make, win, gain (money)
ansaitsematon {adj}  :: undeserved
ansaitsematon {adj}  :: unearned
ansakuoppa {n}  :: trapping pit
ansari {n}  :: greenhouse
ansaripetopunkki {n}  :: A predatory mite, Phytoseiulus persimilis
ansas {n} [architecture]  :: truss (structure made up of one or more triangular units made from straight beams of wood or metal, which is used to support a structure as in a roof or bridge)
ansastaa {vt}  :: to entrap, trap, ensnare, snare, trammel (to hunt animals by setting traps)
ansatsi {n} [music]  :: embouchure
Anselmi {prop}  :: male given name
ansio {n}  :: income
ansio {n} [in plural]  :: earnings (wages, money earned, income)
ansio {n}  :: merit
ansio {n}  :: virtue
ansioitua {vi}  :: To merit
ansiokas {adj}  :: meritorious
ansioluettelo {n}  :: curriculum vitae
ansiosidonnainen {adj} [social security]  :: earnings-related
ansioton {adj}  :: Having no income
ansioton {adj}  :: undeserving
ansiotulo {n}  :: [usually plural] earned income
ansoittaa {v}  :: To trap (to set traps)
ansoitus {n}  :: trapping
Anssi {prop}  :: male given name
antaa {v} [colloquial]  :: To consent to have sex (with = allative)
antaa {vt}  :: To distribute, hand/pass out
antaa {vt}  :: To give; to allow; to present, donate; to issue
antaa {vt}  :: To grant, confer
antaa {vt} [transitive + genitive + infinitive]  :: To let, allow, permit
antaa anteeksi {v} [theology]  :: to absolve (to remit a sin; to give absolution for a sin)
antaa anteeksi {v}  :: to forgive (someone = allative); to condone
antaa ilmi {v}  :: to blow the whistle, inform, report
antaa kaikkensa {v} [idiomatic]  :: To bring it, to give one's all (in a particular effort)
antaa opetus {v}  :: to teach someone a lesson (to punish someone)
antaa periksi {vi} [idiomatic]  :: To give up, give in, cave, surrender
antaa periksi {v}  :: To budge (to change one's opinion)
antaa potkut {v}  :: To fire (to terminate the employment of)
antaa selkään {v} [archaic]  :: to whip (for punishment)
antaa selkään {v}  :: to bash up, beat up, give somebody a spanking, tan someone's hide
antaa turpaan {v} [idiomatic, + allative]  :: to beat up, batter, bung (to hit someone in the face)
antaa ylen {vi} [formal, idiomatic]  :: to regurgitate
antaa ymmärtää {phrase}  :: to imply, hint, insinuate, suggest tacitly (to express suggestively rather than as a direct statement)
antagonismi {n}  :: antagonism
antagonisti {n}  :: antagonist
antagonistinen {adj}  :: antagonistic
antaja {n}  :: giver
antaminen {n} [colloquial]  :: consenting to have sex
antaminen {n}  :: distributing, handing/passing out
antaminen {n}  :: giving; allowing; presenting, donating; issueing
antaminen {n}  :: letting, allowing, permitting
antarktinen {adj}  :: Antarctic
Antarktis {prop}  :: Antarctica
antasidi {n}  :: antacid
antasidinen {adj}  :: antacid
antaumuksellinen {adj}  :: dedicated, devoted
antaumus {n}  :: dedication, devotion
antautua {vi}  :: to surrender, capitulate (to give oneself up into the power of another)
antautuminen {n}  :: surrender
anteeksi {adv}  :: antaa anteeksi = to forgive, condone
anteeksi {adv}  :: pyytää anteeksi = to apologize, ask for forgiveness
anteeksi {interj}  :: beg your pardon, pardon
anteeksi {interj}  :: sorry, excuse me/us!
anteeksiannettava {adj}  :: forgivable
anteeksiantamaton {adj}  :: inexcusable, unforgivable
anteeksiantava {adj}  :: forgiving
anteeksiantavaisuus {n}  :: forgiveness (readiness to forgive)
anteeksianto {n}  :: forgiveness, pardon, remission, expiation, atonement, propitiation
anteeksipyyntö {n}  :: apology
anteeksipyytelemätön {adj}  :: unapologetic
anteeksipyytelevä {adj}  :: apologetic
anteeksipyytävä {adj}  :: apologetic
antefiksi {n} [architecture]  :: antefix (vertical blocks which terminate the covering tiles of the roof of a Roman, Etruscan, or Greek temple)
anteliaampi {adj}  :: comparative form of antelias
anteliaasti {adv}  :: generously
anteliaisuus {n}  :: generosity, munificence
antelias {adj}  :: generous
antenataalinen {adj}  :: antenatal
antenni {n}  :: antenna, aerial (device)
antennimasto {n}  :: antenna mast
Antero {prop}  :: male given name
anterogradinen {adj} [medicine]  :: anterograde
anti {n} [finance]  :: offering, issue (of shares, bonds etc)
anti {n}  :: the achieved outcome or result (of a meeting etc.)
anti- {prefix}  :: anti-
antiaine {n}  :: antimatter
antiatomi {n} [physics]  :: antiatom
antibakteerinen {adj}  :: antibacterial
antibiootti {n}  :: antibiotic
antibioottinen {adj}  :: antibiotic
antidepressiivi {n}  :: antidepressant
antiderivaatta {n}  :: antiderivative
antidootti {n}  :: antidote
antifasismi {n}  :: anti-fascism
antifasisti {n}  :: antifascist
antifeminismi {n}  :: antifeminism
antigeeni {n}  :: antigen
antigeeninen {adj}  :: antigenic
antigoriitti {n} [mineral]  :: antigorite
antiguabarbudalainen {adj}  :: Antiguan and Barbudan
antiguabarbudalainen {n}  :: Antiguan and Barbudan
Antigua ja Barbuda {prop}  :: Antigua and Barbuda
antihistamiini {n} [pharmacology]  :: antihistamine
antihiukkanen {n}  :: antiparticle
antiikin Kreikka {prop}  :: Ancient Greece
antiikin Rooma {prop}  :: Ancient Rome
antiikki {adj} [rare]  :: antique
antiikki {n} [uncountable]  :: A group noun for antiques or antiquities (old pieces of furniture or other items)
antiikki {n} [uncountable]  :: The Antiquity, classical antiquity (the age between Homer and the Middle Ages)
antiikkinen {adj}  :: antique (old, used especially of furniture and household items; out of date)
antiikva {n}  :: Roman typeface
anti-inflammatorinen {adj}  :: anti-inflammatory
antikapitalismi {n}  :: anticapitalism
antikapitalisti {n}  :: anticapitalist
antikatodi {n}  :: anticathode
antiketju {n} [mathematics]  :: antichain
antikliimaksi {n}  :: anticlimax
antikliini {n} [geology]  :: anticline
antikoagulantti {n} [medicine]  :: anticoagulant
antikodoni {n} [biology]  :: anticodon (mirror image of a codon)
antikommunismi {n}  :: anticommunism
antikommunisti {n}  :: anticommunist
antikommunistinen {adj}  :: anticommunist
antikommutatiivinen {adj}  :: anticommutative
antikristus {n}  :: antichrist
Antikristus {prop}  :: Antichrist
antikvaarinen {adj}  :: antiquarian
antikvariaatti {n}  :: antiquarian bookshop
Antillit {prop}  :: Antilles
antilooppi {n}  :: antelope
antilooppijänis {n}  :: antelope jackrabbit (Lepus alleni)
antimateria {n}  :: antimatter
antimet {n}  :: gift, treat; used only in plural and with a genitive attribute in expressions such as:
antimitoottinen {adj}  :: antimitotic
antimoni {n}  :: antimony
antimonipentafluoridi {n} [chemistry]  :: antimony pentafluoride
antineoplastinen {adj} [oncology]  :: antineoplastic
antineutriino {n} [physics]  :: antineutrino
antineutroni {n} [physics]  :: antineutron
antinominen {adj} [religion]  :: antinomian
antinomisti {n} [religion]  :: antinomian
antioksidantti {n}  :: antioxidant
antipasto {n}  :: antipasto
antipatia {n}  :: antipathy
antiperspirantti {n}  :: antiperspirant
antipodi {n}  :: antipode
antiprotoni {n} [physics]  :: antiproton
antipyriini {n} [chemistry]  :: phenazone
antisankari {n}  :: antihero
antisemiitti {n}  :: anti-Semite
antisemiittinen {adj}  :: anti-Semitic
antisemitismi {n}  :: anti-Semitism
antisemitistinen {adj}  :: anti-Semitic
antisepti {n}  :: antiseptic
antiseptinen {adj}  :: antiseptic
antisosiaalinen {adj}  :: antisocial
antistaattinen {adj}  :: antistatic
antistaattisempi {adj}  :: comparative form of antistaattinen
antistaattisin {adj}  :: superlative form of antistaattinen
antisykloni {n} [meteorology]  :: anticyclone
antiteesi {n}  :: antithesis
antitoksiini {n}  :: antitoxin
antitromboottinen {adj} [medicine]  :: antiplatelet
anto {n}  :: delivery, output
antofylliitti {n} [mineral]  :: anthophyllite
antoisa {adj} [figuratively]  :: fruitful
antolainaus {n} [banking]  :: lending (the business of granting loans to the customers)
antologia {n}  :: anthology
Anton {prop}  :: male given name
antonyymi {n}  :: antonym
antosyaani {n} [chemistry]  :: anthocyanin
antrakinoni {n} [organic compound]  :: anthraquinone
antraniilihappo {n} [organic compound]  :: anthranilic acid
antraseeni {n} [organic compound]  :: anthracene
antrasiitti {n}  :: anthracite
antropofagia {n} [scientific]  :: anthropophagy (act of eating human flesh)
antropologi {n}  :: anthropologist
antropologia {n}  :: anthropology
antropologinen {adj}  :: anthropological
antropomorfinen {adj}  :: anthropomorphic
antroposofi {n}  :: anthroposophist
antroposofia {n}  :: anthroposophy
Antti {prop}  :: male given name
Anttila {prop}  :: Any of a number of small places in Finland
Anttila {prop}  :: Finnish surname
Antto {prop}  :: [rather rare today] male given name
Antton {prop}  :: male given name
Anttonen {prop}  :: Finnish surname
Anttoni {prop}  :: male given name
antura {n}  :: sole
anturi {n}  :: sensor
Antwerpen {prop}  :: Antwerp (city and province)
Anu {prop}  :: female given name
anubispaviaani {n}  :: olive baboon, Papio anubis
anus {n}  :: anus
anusvara {n}  :: anusvara (Sanskrit diascript)
A-oikeudet {n}  :: A-license (in Finland, a license that allows an establishment to retail alcoholic drinks with up to 80% of alcoholic content by volume)
aortankaari {n} [anatomy]  :: aortic arch
aortiitti {n} [disease]  :: aortitis
aortta {n} [anatomy]  :: aorta
aorttaläppä {n} [anatomy]  :: aortic valve
aorttatulehdus {n} [disease]  :: aortitis
ap {abbr}  :: a.m., (in the morning, before noon)
ap {abbr} [informal]  :: morning (hours roughly from the beginning of the working hours to the noon)
apaattinen {adj}  :: apathetic
apaattisempi {adj}  :: comparative form of apaattinen
apaattisesti {adv}  :: apathetically
apaattisuus {n}  :: apathy (state of being apathetic)
apašši {n}  :: dated form of apassi
apaja {n} [fishing]  :: A fishing water; normally used in plural (apajat)
aparaatti {n}  :: apparatus
apartheid {n}  :: apartheid
apartheidpolitiikka {n}  :: apartheid policy
apassi {n}  :: Apache (language)
apassi {n}  :: Apache (Parisian gangster)
apassi {n}  :: Apache (person)
apassi {n}  :: apachi (timber of that tree, valued by guitar makers and picture framers; in Finland also as material for sauna benches due to its low heat capacity and conductivity, and lack of resin)
apassi {n} [in plural]  :: Apache (any of several Athabascan-speaking peoples of the American southwest)
apassi {n}  :: Triplochiton scleroxylon (African tropical tree)
apatia {n}  :: apathy
apatiitti {n} [mineral]  :: apatite
ape {n} [colloquial]  :: food
ape {n}  :: horse feed
apea {adj}  :: melancholic, dejected, depressed, dispirited, blue, sad, moody (on a low spirit)
apeampi {adj}  :: comparative form of apea
apeksi {n} [astronomy]  :: An apex
Apenniinien niemimaa {prop}  :: Apennine Peninsula, Italian Peninsula
Apenniinit {prop}  :: the Apennines (mountain range)
aperitiivi {n}  :: An aperitif
apeus {n}  :: moodiness, gloominess, melancholy
apeutua {vi}  :: To become depressed
apheli {n}  :: aphelion
apikaalisilmu {n} [botany]  :: apical bud
apila {n}  :: clover
apilanlehti {n}  :: cloverleaf, trefoil (leaf of a clover plant)
apilapelto {n}  :: cloverfield
apina {n}  :: ape
apina {n}  :: monkey
apinaihminen {n}  :: apeman
apinamainen {adj}  :: simian, apish
apinamaisempi {adj}  :: comparative form of apinamainen
apinamaisin {adj}  :: superlative form of apinamainen
apinanleipäpuu {n}  :: baobab, Adansonia digitata
apinarokko {n} [disease]  :: monkeypox
apinoida {v}  :: To mimic
apinointi {n}  :: aping
aplikoida {v} [art, textiles]  :: to applique
aplodeerata {vi} [colloquial]  :: To applaud
aplodeeraus {n}  :: applauding
aplodi {n} [usually plural]  :: applause
apnea {n}  :: apnea
apoentsyymi {n} [enzyme]  :: apoenzyme
apogeum {n} [astronomy]  :: apogee (point in the orbit of any object which is at the largest distance from the center of the central body)
apokalypsi {n}  :: apocalypse
apokalyptinen {adj}  :: apocalyptic
apokromaattinen {adj} [optics]  :: apochromatic
apokryfi {n}  :: apocrypha
apokryfinen {adj}  :: apocryphal
apokryfisuus {n}  :: alternative form of apokryfisyys
apokryfisyys {n}  :: apocryphalness
apologeetta {n}  :: apologist
apologeettinen {adj}  :: apologetic
apologia {n}  :: apologia
apomagmaattinen {adj} [geology]  :: apomagmatic
apoptoosi {n}  :: apoptosis
aposematismi {n}  :: aposematism
apostoli {n}  :: apostle
apostolinen {adj}  :: apostolic
apostolinen uskontunnustus {n} [Christianity]  :: Apostles' Creed
apostrofi {n} [rare]  :: apostrophe (punctuation mark)
apostrofi {n} [rhetoric]  :: apostrophe (sudden exclamatory piece of dialogue addressed to someone or something)
apoteema {n} [geometry]  :: apothem (the distance from the center of a regular polygon perpendicular to one of its sides)
apotti {n}  :: abbot
apotti {n}  :: guardian (superior in a Franciscan monastery)
apottiluostari {n}  :: abbey
apottius {n}  :: abbotship
appaa {vt} [dated]  :: To eat ravenously, to devour
appela {n}  :: father-in-law's home
appellatiivi {n} [grammar]  :: A common noun
appelsiini {n}  :: orange (fruit)
appelsiinimarmeladi {n}  :: orange marmalade
appelsiinimehu {n}  :: orange juice
appelsiininkuori {n}  :: orange peel
appelsiinipuu {n}  :: orange tree
appendisiitti {n} [pathology, medical terminology]  :: appendicitis (inflammation of the vermiform appendix)
appenzellerjuusto {n}  :: appenzeller
apperseptio {n} [philosophy, psychology]  :: apperception
appi {n}  :: father-in-law
appivanhemmat {n}  :: parents-in-law
applikaatio {n}  :: application
applikoida {v} [medicine]  :: To apply (to put something in its right place, like medicaments to a diseased part of the body)
applikoida {v}  :: To applique
applikointi {n}  :: application
applisoida {v}  :: alternative form of applikoida
apposen {adv}  :: completely; used only to strengthen the word [[auki open]] or its synonyms
apposen auki {adv}  :: wide open
appositio {n} [grammar]  :: apposition
appositio {n} [rhetoric]  :: appositio
appro {n}  :: Short form of approbatur, used mainly in spoken language
approbatur {n}  :: An academic grade used in Finnish abitur and university theses, the lowest passing grade
approbatur {n}  :: The shortest university syllabus in Finland
approksimaatio {n}  :: approximation
approksimoida {vt}  :: To approximate
aprikoida {vi}  :: To think, ponder
aprikointi {n}  :: pondering
aprikoosi {n}  :: apricot
aprikoosihapero {n}  :: A brittlegill, Russula risigallina
aprikoosipuu {n}  :: apricot tree, Prunus armeniaca
aprikoosiseitikki {n} [mushroom]  :: A webcap, Cortinarius armeniacus
aprillata {v}  :: To April-fool
aprillaus {n}  :: April-fooling
aprilli {n}  :: April fool
aprillipila {n}  :: April fool
aprillipäivä {n}  :: April Fools' Day (April 1st)
apriorinen {adj}  :: a priori
apriorisuus {n}  :: apriority
apro {n} [colloquial]  :: Same as appro, approbatur
a propos {prep} [rare]  :: apropos (regarding or concerning)
apsidi {n}  :: An apsis, apside (either of the points in the elliptical orbit of a planet or comet where it is closest or furthest from the sun)
apsis {n} [rare]  :: An apse (architectural element)
aptameeri {n} [chemistry]  :: aptamer
apteekkari {n} [pharmacy]  :: pharmacist
apteekki {n}  :: pharmacy, drugstore
apu {n}  :: A helping hand
apu {n}  :: An aid
apu {n}  :: A relief
apu {n}  :: A remedy
apu {n}  :: A rescue
apu {n} [as a modifier in compound words]  :: Auxiliary, additional, accessory
apu {n}  :: A service
apu {n}  :: assistance
apu {n}  :: A support
apu {n}  :: help
apu- {prefix}  :: additional, auxiliary, assistant, secondary etc
apua {interj}  :: help!
apua {interj}  :: oh no! oh God!
apuehdokas {n}  :: paper candidate
apukieli {n}  :: auxiliary language
apulainen {n}  :: As a former part of compound (as the stem apulais-) signifies associate, deputy, vice-, under-
apulainen {n}  :: assistant, helper
apulais- {prefix}  :: associate, deputy, vice-, under-
apulaisjohtaja {n}  :: deputy director
apulaiskaupunginjohtaja {n}  :: deputy mayor, vice mayor
apulaisohjaaja {n}  :: assistant director
apulaisoikeusasiamies {n}  :: deputy ombudsman
apulaispääministeri {n}  :: deputy prime minister
apulaisprofessori {n}  :: associate professor
apulaissheriffi {n}  :: deputy sheriff
apulanta {n} [colloquial]  :: artificial fertilizer
apulause {n}  :: lemma
apumies {n}  :: hand (unskilled manual worker in subordinate postion, often to a skilled worker)
apumies {n}  :: helper (one who provides assistance for another person)
apumoottori {n}  :: auxiliary engine, auxiliary motor (motor or engine that provides reserve or additional power to the main source of propulsion, such as for sailship or bicycle)
apumoottorillinen {adj}  :: auxiliary (equipped with auxiliary motor)
apuneuvo {n}  :: aid
apuneuvo {n}  :: resource
apuohjelma {n} [software]  :: utility program
apupyörä {n}  :: one of a pair of training wheels
apupyörät {n}  :: training wheels
apuraha {n}  :: grant (quantity of money given by an institution to a qualifying individual or group of individuals to support their academic or artistic work etc.)
apuraketti {n}  :: booster rocket, auxiliary rocket
apuri {n}  :: helper, aide
apuri {n}  :: sidekick
apusana {n} [grammar]  :: particle
aputuomari {n} [sports]  :: assistant referee
apuva {interj} [humorous]  :: A variant of apua
apuverbi {n} [grammar]  :: An auxiliary verb
apuviiva {n}  :: guideline (light line, used in lettering, to help align the text)
apuviiva {n} [music]  :: ledger line
apuväline {n}  :: ancillary; tool (something that serves an ancillary function)
ara {n}  :: macaw (various parrots of the genus Ara and some closely related genera)
araalia {n}  :: alternative form of aralia
arabeski {n}  :: arabesque
arabi {n}  :: Arab
arabia {n}  :: Arabic (language)
arabialainen {adj}  :: Arabian, Arabic
arabialainen {n}  :: Arabian (breed of horse)
arabialainen {n}  :: Arabian (person of Arabian origin)
arabianaavikkokiuru {n}  :: Dunn’s lark, Eremalauda dunni
arabianbulbuli {n}  :: white-spectacled bulbul, Pycnonotus xanthopygos
arabianhevonen {n}  :: Arab (horse)
arabiankahvi {n}  :: arabica (Coffea arabica)
arabiankeihäsantilooppi {n}  :: Arabian oryx (Oryx leucoryx)
arabiankerttu {n}  :: Red Sea warbler, Sylvia leucomelaena
arabian kieli {n}  :: Arabic (language)
arabiankielinen {adj}  :: Arabic, Arabic language (written or expressed in Arabic)
arabiankonnapääagama {n}  :: Arabian toadhead agama, Phrynocephalus arabicus
Arabianmeri {prop}  :: The Arabian Sea
Arabian niemimaa {prop}  :: The Arabian Peninsula
arabiansusi {n}  :: Arabian wolf (Canis lupus arabs)
arabiantaa {v}  :: to translate into Arabic
arabiantari {n}  :: Arabian tahr, Arabitragus jayakari (species of tahr native to Arabia)
arabiantiira {n}  :: white-cheeked tern, Sterna repressa
arabiantikka {n}  :: Arabian woodpecker, Dendrocopos dorae
arabiantimali {n}  :: Arabian babbler, Turdoides squamiceps
Arabiemiirikunnat {prop}  :: Emirates (short for Yhdistyneet arabiemiirikunnat - United Arab Emirates)
arabiemiirikuntalainen {adj}  :: Emirati (of, from, or pertaining to the United Arab Emirates)
Arabiemiirikuntien liitto {prop}  :: United Arab Emirates
arabiemiraattilainen {adj}  :: Emirati (of, from, or pertaining to the United Arab Emirates)
arabihaukka {n}  :: barbary falcon, Falco pelegrinoides
arabikevät {n}  :: Arab Spring (pro-democracy movement in Arab countries)
arabikumi {n}  :: gum arabic (edible substance taken from one of two species of sub-Saharan acacia trees)
arabimaa {n}  :: An Arab country
arabinoosi {n} [chemistry]  :: arabinose
arabisti {n}  :: An Arabist
arabistiikka {n}  :: The study of the Arab culture
arabivastaisuus {n}  :: Anti-Arabism
aragoniitti {n} [mineral]  :: aragonite
arakidonihappo {n} [chemistry]  :: arachidonic acid
araknofobia {n}  :: arachnophobia
araknoidea {n} [anatomy]  :: arachnoid mater
aralia {n}  :: aralia
Araljärvi {prop}  :: The Aral Sea
aramea {n}  :: The Aramaic language
aramealainen {adj}  :: Aramaic
aramealainen {n}  :: Aramaic (person)
aramean kieli {n}  :: Aramaic (language)
arameankielinen {adj}  :: Aramaic, Aramaic language (written or expressed in Aramaic)
aranen {n}  :: parrotlet (miniature parrots of the genera Forpus, Nannopsittaca and Touit)
arapaima {n}  :: arapaima
arastaa {vt} [transitive + partitive]  :: To be shy/timid towards
arastella {v}  :: To avoid
arastella {v}  :: To shy
arastelu {n}  :: hesitation
arasti {adv}  :: timidly, shyly
aratti {n}  :: parakeet (any of a number of parrot species in several genera)
araukaria {n}  :: Araucaria
arava {n}  :: A loan subsidized by Arava [see etymology]; also aravalaina
arava-asunto {n}  :: A flat or home financed within the framework of Arava system for financing social housing
aravahuoneisto {n}  :: A flat financed within the framework of Arava system for financing social housing
aravajärjestelmä {n}  :: A system for financing social housing run by Arava, a special purpose government agency
aravalaina {n}  :: A loan granted within the framework of Arava system for financing social housing
aravalainoittaa {v}  :: To grant a loan within the framework of Arava system for financing social housing
aravalainoitteinen {adj}  :: financed by Arava
aravalainoitus {n}  :: financing provided or subsidized by Arava
aravana {n}  :: silver arowana, Osteoglossum bicirrhosum (freshwater bony fish commonly kept in aquaria)
aravatalo {n}  :: A residential building financed within the framework of Arava system for financing social housing
Aravirta {prop}  :: Finnish surname
arbitraasi {n} [finance]  :: arbitrage
arbitraatio {n}  :: arbitration (form of justice where the concerned parties designate a person whose ruling they will accept)
arboretum {n}  :: arboretum
arboristi {n}  :: arborist (practitioner of arboriculture)
arbovirus {n}  :: arbovirus
arbuusi {n}  :: watermelon
areena {n}  :: arena
areiolainen {adj} [Christianity]  :: Arian (of or pertaining to Arius; or Arianism)
areiopagi {n}  :: Areopagus (the supreme judicial and legislative council of ancient Athens)
areiopagi {n} [figuratively, rare]  :: Any court or body that has the ultimate power to solve an issue
arempi {adj}  :: comparative form of arka
arenti {n}  :: tenancy
aresti {n}  :: arrest, custody (confinement or detention of a person)
arfvedsoniitti {n} [mineral]  :: arfvedsonite
argaali {n}  :: argali or mountain sheep, Ovis ammon
Argentiina {prop}  :: Argentina
argentiinalainen {adj}  :: Argentinian
argentiinalainen {n}  :: An Argentinian person
argentiinanvyötiäinen {n}  :: southern long-nosed armadillo (Dasypus hybridus)
arginiini {n}  :: arginine
argon {n}  :: argon
argonautti {n} [Greek mythology]  :: Argonaut
argon-fluorihydridi {n} [chemistry]  :: argon fluorohydride
argumentaatio {n}  :: argumentation
argumentoida {v}  :: To reason (to examine or discuss by arguments; to debate or discuss)
argumentointi {n}  :: argumentation
argumentti {n}  :: argument (fact or statement used to support a proposition; a reason)
argumentti {n} [mathematics]  :: the argument of a complex number
Arhippa {prop} [rare]  :: male given name
arho {n}  :: sandwort
Arho {prop} [rare]  :: male given name
Ari {prop}  :: male given name
arina {n}  :: The grating on the floor of a fireplace
arinakääpä {n} [mushrooms]  :: Phellinus igniarius
ariosofia {n}  :: Ariosophy
aristaa {vt} [monopersonal]  :: 3rd-pers. singular + partitive = to be sore
aristaa {vt} [+ partitive]  :: To be shy/timid/bashful with (usually as a lasting feature of personality)
aristaa {vt} [+ partitive]  :: To be (very) careful with (something because it's sore), handle (very) carefully (something because it's sore)
aristava {adj}  :: tender (sensitive or painful)
aristella {v}  :: aristella silmiänsä: to be careful with one's eyes (e.g. to protect them from sunlight etc.)
aristella {vi}  :: to be shy, be bashful, be timid
aristella {vt} [+ partitive]  :: to be very careful with, handle very carefully (in a continuous manner)
aristokraatti {n}  :: aristocrat
aristokraattinen {adj}  :: aristocratic
aristokraattisesti {adv}  :: aristocratically
aristokraattisuus {n}  :: aristocracy
aristokratia {n}  :: aristocracy
Aristoteles {prop}  :: Aristotle
aristua {vi}  :: To become tender, sore
aristus {n}  :: pain, sore
aritmeettinen {adj}  :: arithmetic
aritmeettinen keskiarvo {n} [mathematics]  :: arithmetic mean
aritmeettisesti {adv}  :: arithmetically
aritmetiikka {n}  :: arithmetic
Arja {prop}  :: female given name popular in the 1940s and the 1950s
arjalainen {adj}  :: Aryan
arjalainen {n}  :: An Aryan
arka {adj}  :: sensitive
arka {adj}  :: tender, sore
arka {adj}  :: timid, shy, bashful
arkaainen {adj}  :: archaic
arkadi {n}  :: arcade
arkailla {vi}  :: To draw/hang back, shy, withdraw, retire; to be shy/timid/bashful
arkaismi {n}  :: archaism
arkaistinen {adj}  :: archaic
arkaistisesti {adv}  :: archaically
arkaistisuus {n}  :: archaism
arkajalka {n}  :: tenderfoot
arkala {n} [figuratively]  :: A figurative place where noncourageous, fearful and timid people live, used only in idioms
arkaluonteinen {adj}  :: sensitive, touchy, delicate (of an issue, capable of offending, upsetting or hurting)
arkaluontoinen {adj}  :: alternative form of arkaluonteinen
arkana {n}  :: arcana
Arkangeli {prop}  :: Archangel (city)
arkatunteinen {adj}  :: touchy, oversensitive, thin-skinned (easily offended)
arkatunteisuus {n}  :: touchiness, oversensitiveness (property of being easily offended)
arkebuusi {n}  :: harquebus, arquebus
arkeeinen {adj} [geology]  :: Archaean (of, or relating to the geologic eon from about 3,800 to 2,500 million years ago)
arkeoastronomia {n} [astronomy, archaeology]  :: archaeoastronomy
arkeologi {n}  :: archaeologist
arkeologia {n}  :: archaeology
arkeologinen {adj}  :: archaeological
arkeologisesti {adv}  :: archaeologically
Arkhimedeen kappale {n} [geometry]  :: An Archimedean solid
Arkhimedes {prop}  :: Archimedes
arki {n}  :: ordinary or non-special days in life
arki {n}  :: weekday
arkielämä {n}  :: everyday life
arkikielinen {adj}  :: colloquial
arkinen {adj}  :: everyday, ordinary
arkipäivä {n}  :: weekday
arkipäiväinen {adj}  :: everyday
arkipäiväinen {adj}  :: prosaic
arkipäiväistää {vt}  :: To make something ordinary, mundane
arkipäiväistyä {vi}  :: To become ordinary, become mundane
arkipäiväisyys {n}  :: commonplace, ordinariness
arkipyhä {n}  :: midweek holiday
arkisin {adv}  :: on weekdays
arkisto {n}  :: archive (place for storing earlier material)
arkistoida {vt}  :: To archive
arkistointi {n}  :: archiving
arkistointi {n}  :: filing
arkistonhoitaja {n}  :: archivist
arkistua {vi}  :: To become mundane
arkisuus {n}  :: mundaneness
arkki {n}  :: An ark (Noah's Ark, Ark of the Covenant)
arkki {n}  :: Any of the species belonging to the domain Archaea
arkki {n}  :: A sheet (of paper etc.)
arkki- {prefix}  :: arch-
arkkiatri {n}  :: An archiatre/archiater. In Finland, the highest honorary title given a physician; there may be only one archiater at a time
arkkibakteeri {n}  :: archaebacterium
arkkidiakoni {n}  :: archdeacon
arkkienkeli {n}  :: archangel
arkkiherttua {n}  :: archduke
arkkiherttuatar {n}  :: archduchess
arkkihiippakunta {n} [Christianity]  :: archdiocese
arkkikonna {n}  :: archvillain
arkkimandriitta {n}  :: archimandrite
arkkipiispa {n}  :: archbishop
arkkisimpukka {n} [mollusks]  :: An ark clam; any clam in the family Arcidae
arkkitehti {n}  :: architect
arkkitehtoninen {adj}  :: architectonic
arkkitehtonisesti {adv}  :: architectonically
arkkitehtuuri {n}  :: architecture
arkkitranseemi {n} [translation studies]  :: an architranseme
arkkityyppi {n}  :: archetype
arkkityyppinen {adj}  :: archetypal
arkkiveisu {n}  :: broadside (printed lyrics of a folk song or ballad)
arkkiveisu {n}  :: song printed on a broadside
arkkivihollinen {n}  :: archenemy, nemesis
arkku {n}  :: chest (box)
arkku {n}  :: coffin
arkkupakastin {n}  :: chest freezer (stand-alone freezer unit shaped like a chest)
arkkuvaate {n}  :: pall (heavy canvas laid over a coffin)
arkontti {n}  :: archon
arktinen {adj}  :: arctic
arkullinen {n}  :: chestful
arkunkantaja {n}  :: A pallbearer
arkuskosini {n} [trigonometry]  :: arccosine
arkuskotangentti {n} [trigonometry]  :: arccotangent
arkussini {n} [trigonometry]  :: arcsine
arkustangentti {n} [trigonometry]  :: arctangent
arkuus {n}  :: tenderness, soreness
arkuus {n}  :: timorousness, shyness
armada {n}  :: armada
armagnac {n}  :: Armagnac (brandy)
armahainen {adj} [dated, poetic]  :: alternative form of armas
armahdus {n}  :: pardon, amnesty
armahtaa {vt} [+ genitive-accusative]  :: To pardon, reprieve, grant amnesty to
armahtaa {vt} [+ partitive]  :: To have mercy/pity on
armahtaa {vt} [religion]  :: To redeem
armahtava {adj}  :: merciful
armahtavainen {adj}  :: merciful
armainen {adj}  :: dear (loved; lovable)
armanjakki {n}  :: Armagnac (brandy)
armas {adj} [literary, poetic]  :: blessed, pleasing, pretty
armas {adj} [literary, poetic]  :: dear, beloved, cherished
armas {n} [literary, poetic]  :: darling, sweetheart, dear
Armas {prop}  :: male given name
armastella {v} [archaic]  :: to make love
armeija {n}  :: army
armeija {n}  :: military
armeijakunta {n} [military]  :: corps
armeliaisuus {n}  :: mercy, mercifulness; pity, compassion (tendency toward forgiveness, pity, or compassion)
armeliaisuus {n} [obsolete]  :: charity
armelias {adj}  :: merciful
armenia {n}  :: Armenian (language)
Armenia {prop}  :: Armenia
armenialainen {adj}  :: Armenian (of or pertaining to Armenia)
armenialainen {n}  :: Armenian (person)
Armenian apostolinen kirkko {prop}  :: The Armenian Apostolic Church
armenian kieli {n}  :: Armenian (language)
armeniankielinen {adj}  :: Armenian, Armenian-language (expressed in Armenian language)
armeniankielinen {adj}  :: Armenian-speaking
Armi {prop}  :: female given name
armias {adj} [dated, poetic]  :: merciful
armillaari {n} [astronomy]  :: armillary sphere
armo {n}  :: grace
armo {n}  :: mercy
armoinen {adj}  :: merciful
armoistuin {n}  :: alternative form of armonistuin
armoitettu {adj}  :: gifted
armokuolema {n}  :: euthanasia
armollinen {adj}  :: merciful
Armollinen Armahtaja {n} [chiefly Islam]  :: God, the merciful mercy-giver; the Most Merciful
armollisesti {adv}  :: mercifully
armollisuus {n}  :: mercifulness
armomurha {n}  :: euthanasia, mercy killing
armonaika {n}  :: grace, respite
armonisku {n}  :: coup de grace
armonistuin {n} [Christianity]  :: mercy seat
armoton {adj}  :: ruthless, unrelenting, pitiless
armottomasti {adv}  :: mercilessly, ruthlessly
armottomuus {n}  :: ruthlessness
arnikki {n}  :: arnica, particularly the species Arnica angustifolia or Arctic arnica, narrowleaf arnica
aro {n}  :: A watery, marshy place; lowland covered by grass, see references
aro {n}  :: steppe
arohilleri {n}  :: steppe polecat, Mustela eversmanii
arojuoksija {n}  :: plains wanderer (small quail-like bird in the monotypic family Pedionomidae, endemic to south-eastern Australia, Pedionomus torquatus)
arokettu {n}  :: corsac fox, steppe fox, Vulpes corsac
arokissa {n}  :: manul, Pallas' cat, Otocolobus manul
arokotka {n}  :: steppe eagle (Aquila nipalensis)
Arola {prop}  :: Any of a number of small places in Finland
Arola {prop}  :: Finnish surname
aromaattinen {adj}  :: aromatic
aromaattinen hiilivety {n} [chemistry]  :: aromatic hydrocarbon
aromaattinen yhdiste {n} [chemistry]  :: aromatic compound
aromaattisuus {n}  :: aromaticity (property of having a distinctive, pleasant smell)
aromaattisuus {n} [organic chemistry]  :: aromaticity
aromataasi {n} [enzyme]  :: aromatase
aromaterapia {n}  :: aromatherapy
aromi {n}  :: aroma, flavor
aromikas {adj}  :: fragrant, spicy, aromatic
aromikkuus {n}  :: fragrance, spiciness, aromaticness
arominvahvenne {n}  :: flavor enhancer
aromiterapia {n}  :: alternative form of aromaterapia
aromurmeli {n}  :: Bobak marmot, Marmota bobak
aromuurahaiskäpy {n} [zoology, dated]  :: ground pangolin, Manis temminckii
aronia {n}  :: chokeberry (plants of the genus Aronia
aroseepra {n}  :: plains zebra, Equus quagga
arotundra {n}  :: steppe-tundra
arovuokko {n}  :: A snowdrop windflower. Sometimes also called wood anemone in English
arpa {n}  :: lot (for example dice)
arpajaiset {n} [legal]  :: An activity in which the participants pay a fee and by that obtain a partially or fully random possibility to win a prize of monetary value
arpajaiset {n}  :: lottery, draw, raffle
arpakuutio {n}  :: A die (polyhedron used in games of chance)
arpalippu {n}  :: lottery ticket
arpeuma {n}  :: scar
arpeuttaa {vt}  :: scar, cicatrise
arpeutua {vi}  :: to cicatrise (to form a scar or cicatrix)
arpeutua {vi}  :: to scab, to grow a scab (of a wound, to get covered by a scab)
arpeutua {vi}  :: to scar (to become marked by a scar)
arpeutuma {n}  :: scar
arpi {n}  :: scar
arpikudos {n}  :: scar tissue
arpinen {adj}  :: scarred
arpisempi {adj}  :: comparative form of arpinen
arpisuus {n}  :: scabbiness
arpitaani {n}  :: Franco-Provençal, Arpitan (Romance language)
arpoa {vi} [colloquial]  :: To hesitate, vacillate, shilly-shally
arpoa {v}  :: To draw lots, to raffle, to cast lots
arrakki {n}  :: arrack (East Asian liquor)
arrakkipunssi {n}  :: A liqueur based on arrack, neutral spirits and flavorings. Originates in Sweden and mostly not known outside Nordic countries. There's no established English name for it, but "arrack liqueur" might be a good bet
arroganssi {n}  :: arrogance
arrogantisti {adv}  :: arrogantly
arrogantti {adj}  :: arrogant
arrowjuuri {n}  :: arrowroot
arseeni {n}  :: arsenic
arseenikiisu {n} [mineral]  :: arsenopyrite
arseenitrioksidi {n} [chemistry]  :: arsenic trioxide
arsenaali {n}  :: arsenal
arsenaatti {n} [chemistry]  :: arsenate
arseniitti {n}  :: arsenite
arsenikki {n}  :: arsenic trioxide; also arsenic (oxide of arsenic; formula As2O3)
arsenopyriitti {n} [mineral]  :: arsenopyrite
Arsi {prop} [rare]  :: male given name
arsiini {n} [inorganic compound]  :: arsine (AsH3)
arsina {n}  :: arshin, or Russian cubit (71.12 cm)
arteesinen {adj}  :: artesian
arteesinen kaivo {n}  :: artesian well
artefakti {n}  :: An artifact, as a man-made object
artenomi {n}  :: A person who has completed a bachelor's degree in applied arts in a polytechnic (ammattikorkeakoulu
artenomi {n}  :: This degree
arteria {n} [medicine]  :: Artery
arteriitti {n} [pathology]  :: arteritis (inflammation of arterial walls)
arterioskleroosi {n} [pathology]  :: arteriosclerosis
artesaani {n}  :: artisan
artikkeli {n}  :: An article (object). Rarely alone, used mostly in compound words:
artikkeli {n}  :: An article (story, report, or opinion piece)
artikkeli {n} [grammar]  :: An article (part of speech)
artikla {n}  :: article (section of a legal document)
artikulaatio {n}  :: articulation
artikuloida {v}  :: To articulate, to speak clearly
artikulointi {n}  :: articulation
artisokan pohja {n}  :: artichoke bottom
artisokka {n}  :: artichoke, Cynara scolymus
artisokka {n}  :: Jerusalem artichoke, Helianthus tuberosus
artisti {n}  :: artist
artistinen {adj}  :: artistic
artistisuus {n}  :: The quality of being artistic in the sense of "relating to or characteristic of art or artists"
Arto {prop}  :: male given name
artoteekki {n}  :: art rental shop
artriitti {n} [pathology]  :: arthritis
artrometri {n}  :: An arthrometer
artroosi {n} [pathology]  :: osteoarthritis
Arttu {prop}  :: male given name
Arttur {prop}  :: male given name
Artturi {prop}  :: male given name
arubalainen {adj}  :: Aruban
arubalainen {n}  :: Aruban
arunnauraja {n}  :: spangled kookaburra (Dacelo tyro)
arvaamaton {adj}  :: unpredictable
arvaamattomampi {adj}  :: comparative form of arvaamaton
arvaamattomasti {adv}  :: unpredictably
arvaamattomuus {n}  :: unpredictability
arvailla {vt}  :: To guess (repeatedly, continuously and/or indifferently)
arvailu {n}  :: act of guessing
arvailu {n}  :: guesswork
arvata {vt}  :: To guess
arvaus {n}  :: a guess
arvelevainen {adj}  :: cautious
arvella {vt}  :: To believe, suppose, think
arvelu {n}  :: conjecture
arveluttaa {vt}  :: (+ partitive) To look dubious/questionable/suspicious/shady to
arveluttaa {vt}  :: (+ partitive) To look unreliable/untrustworthy/undependable
arveluttava {adj}  :: dubious, doubtful
arveluttavuus {n}  :: dubiousness, doubtfulness
arvettua {vi}  :: To scab
Arvi {prop}  :: male given name
arvio {n}  :: An estimate, assessment
arvioida {vt}  :: To estimate, evaluate, determine, judge, assess, appraise
arvioida {vt}  :: To grade, mark (accomplishments at school)
arvioija {n}  :: critic
arviointi {n}  :: criticism
arviointi {n}  :: evaluation
arvioitsija {n}  :: alternative form of arvioija
arvioittaa {v}  :: to let evaluate or estimate, have estimated or evaluated
arvioituttaa {v}  :: alternative form of arvioittaa
arviolasku {n}  :: estimated bill
arviolta {adv}  :: approximately
arvo {n}  :: prestige
arvo {n}  :: rank, standing, title
arvo {n}  :: value, worth
Arvo {prop}  :: male given name
arvoasteikko {n}  :: scale (of values)
arvoinen {adj}  :: worth
arvoisa {adj}  :: honored
arvoisuus {n}  :: worthiness
arvoituksellinen {adj}  :: enigmatic, cryptic, mysterious, puzzling
arvoituksellisuus {n}  :: mysteriousness
arvoitus {n}  :: conundrum, brain-teaser (difficult question, puzzle or riddle)
arvoitus {n}  :: mystery (someone or something with an obscure or puzzling nature)
arvoitus {n}  :: puzzle, enigma (anything that is difficult to understand or make sense of)
arvoitus {n}  :: riddle, puzzle, enigma (a verbal puzzle or mystery)
arvojoukko {n} [mathematics]  :: range
arvokas {adj}  :: dear
arvokas {adj}  :: dignified
arvokas {adj}  :: expensive, pricey
arvokas {adj}  :: precious
arvoketju {n}  :: value chain
arvokisa {n}  :: A top-level sports event such as the Olympic Games, World Championship games or national championships in some sports; no single clearly established English equivalent
arvokkaampi {adj}  :: comparative form of arvokas
arvokkuus {n}  :: dignity
arvokkuus {n}  :: worth
arvollinen {adj}  :: worthy
arvomaailma {n}  :: values, value system (the set of values that directs the actions of an individual or a group of individuals)
arvomerkki {n}  :: insignia
arvonalennus {n} [accounting]  :: impairment, write-down, revaluation
arvonalentuminen {n} [accounting]  :: impairment, write-down, revaluation
arvonimi {n}  :: honorific (word that conveys esteem or respect when used in addressing or referring to a person)
arvonimi {n}  :: title of a person (prefix or suffix added to a person's name to signify veneration, position or qualification)
arvonlisävero {n}  :: A value added tax. In some countries (Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, possibly others) this kind of tax is called goods and services tax
arvonta {n}  :: lottery
arvo-osuus {n}  :: book entry
arvopaperi {n}  :: security, bond
arvopaperistaa {v}  :: To securitize
arvopaperistaminen {n} [finance]  :: securitization
arvopaperistua {vi} [finance]  :: to become securitized
arvoposti {n}  :: registered mail
arvosana {n}  :: A grade, score, rating
arvostaa {v}  :: To appreciate (to view as valuable)
arvostaa {v}  :: To revere, to venerate (to regard someone or something with great awe or devotion)
arvostaa {v}  :: To value, appreciate, think much of (to regard highly; to hold in high esteem)
arvostaa {v}  :: To value, to prize (to hold dear)
arvostaa {v}  :: To venerate (to treat with great respect and deference)
arvosteleva {adj}  :: critical
arvostelija {n}  :: critic, reviewer
arvostelija {n}  :: examiner (person who marks an examination)
arvostella {vt}  :: To attack, criticize/criticise, disparage, (find) fault (with)
arvostella {vt}  :: To evaluate, appraise, assess, judge
arvostella {vt}  :: To review, criticise/criticize, critique
arvostelma {n}  :: judgement
arvostelu {n}  :: As a modifier in compound words, critical (relating to literary criticism)
arvostelu {n}  :: criticism
arvostelu {n}  :: The process of giving grades in a learning institution etc
arvostettu {adj}  :: distinguished
arvostettu {adj}  :: eminent
arvostettu {adj}  :: recognized, recognised
arvostettu {adj}  :: respected
arvostettu {adj}  :: valued
arvostetumpi {adj}  :: comparative form of arvostettu
arvostus {n}  :: appreciation (increase in value)
arvoteoria {n} [philosophy]  :: value theory
arvoton {adj}  :: worthless
arvottomampi {adj}  :: comparative form of arvoton
arvottomuus {n}  :: worthlessness
arvovalta {n}  :: authority, prestige
arvovaltainen {adj}  :: prestigious
arvovaltaisuus {n}  :: prestigiousness
arvuuttaa {v}  :: to quiz (to make somebody guess, to ask questions to which another person has to guess the right answer, as in a guessing game)
as {n} [music]  :: a flat
asap {adv} [office slang]  :: As soon as possible, ASAP
asbesti {n} [mineral]  :: asbestos
asbestikangas {n}  :: asbestos cloth
asbestoosi {n} [pathology]  :: asbestosis
As-duuri {n} [music]  :: A-flat major
ase {n}  :: gun
ase {n}  :: weapon [also figuratively]
aseapu {n}  :: military aid (in the form of weapons)
asebutololi {n} [pharmacology]  :: acebutolol
asediasulfoninatrium {n} [pharmacology]  :: acediasulfone sodium
aseellinen {adj}  :: armed (carried out using weapons)
aseenkantaja {n}  :: henchman (loyal supporter)
aseenkantaja {n} [historical]  :: squire, armourbearer (one who carries armour for another)
aseenkanto {n}  :: bearing of arms
aseenkantolupa {n}  :: firearms license
aseenkanto-oikeus {n}  :: right to keep and bear arms
aseenkäsittely {n}  :: weapon handling
aseenkäyttö {n}  :: use of weapon
aseeton {adj}  :: unarmed
aseettomuus {n}  :: The property of being unarmed
aseidenriisunta {n}  :: disarmament
aseidentuonti {n}  :: import of arms
aseidenvienti {n}  :: export of arms
-aseinen {adj}  :: -armed (with a weapon)
aseistaa {vt}  :: To arm, supply with arms
aseistakieltäytyjä {n}  :: conscientious objector
aseistakieltäytyminen {n}  :: conscientious objection
aseistamaton {adj}  :: unarmed
aseistariisuminen {n}  :: disarmament
aseistariisunta {n}  :: disarmament
aseistautua {vi}  :: To arm oneself, supply oneself with arms
aseistautumaton {adj}  :: unarmed
aseistautuminen {n}  :: arming, acquisition of weapons
aseistautunut {adj}  :: armed (meaning that the person has armed him-/herself - compare aseistettu)
aseistettu {adj}  :: armed (meaning that someone else has armed the person than the person him-/herself — compare aseistautunut)
aseistus {n}  :: armament, weaponry, munition
asekauppa {n}  :: gun store
asekauppa {n}  :: weapons trade
aseklofenaakki {n} [pharmacology]  :: aceclofenac
aseksuaali {n}  :: asexual person
aseksuaalinen {adj}  :: asexual
aseksuaalisuus {n}  :: asexuality
aselepo {n}  :: A ceasefire, truce, armistice
aselepolinja {n}  :: armistice line
asema {n} [computing]  :: drive
asema {n} [military]  :: post
asema {n}  :: state, position, situation
asema {n}  :: station
asema {n}  :: status (person’s position or standing relative to that of others)
asemakaava {n}  :: A city plan or town plan, which shows in detail each lot, positioning of buildings on the lot, traffic areas etc
asemalaituri {n}  :: platform (for railroad passengers)
asemapiirustus {n} [engineering]  :: A layout (map or drawing of construction site)
asemapäällikkö {n}  :: stationmaster (person in charge of a railroad station)
asemasota {n}  :: trench warfare
asematyyppi {n} [chess]  :: position type
asemenot {n}  :: military expenditure
asemo {n} [grammar, rare]  :: A pronoun
asemoida {vt} [marketing]  :: To position
asemointi {n}  :: imposition
asemointi {n}  :: positioning
asemosana {n} [grammar, rare]  :: pronoun
asenne {n}  :: attitude
asennoitua {vi}  :: To take a stand
asennus {n}  :: installation, installment, setup
asenokumaroli {n} [pharmacology]  :: acenocumarol
asentaa {vt}  :: To install
asentaa {vt}  :: To set up
asentaja {n}  :: mechanic, mounter, assembler, installer, fitter (one who installs, mounts or assembles something)
asenteellinen {adj}  :: prejudiced, biased
asenteellisuus {n}  :: bias
asento {interj} [military]  :: Attention! (used as a command to bring soldiers to the attention position)
asento {n}  :: A position, posture, pose, stance
asento {n} [military]  :: attention (state of alertness in the standing position)
asentoaisti {n}  :: proprioception
asepalvelus {n}  :: Military service
asepromatsiini {n} [pharmacology]  :: acepromazine
aseptiikka {n}  :: Protection against infections
aseptinen {adj}  :: aseptic
aseptisuus {n}  :: The property of being aseptic
aseriisunta {n}  :: disarmament
aseseppä {n}  :: gunsmith
aseseppä {n}  :: weaponsmith
asessori {n}  :: assessor
asetaatti {n}  :: acetate
asetaldehydi {n} [organic compound]  :: acetaldehyde
asetamidi {n} [chemistry]  :: acetamide
asetarsoli {n} [pharmacology]  :: acetarsol
asetatsoliamidi {n} [pharmacology]  :: acetazolamide
asete {n}  :: bill of exchange, draft
asete {n} [music]  :: embouchure
asetehdas {n}  :: weapons factory
asetella {vt}  :: To set (to arrange type)
asetelma {n}  :: An initial setting
asetelma {n}  :: A still life, as a motif of a painting
asetelma {n} [often, in the plural]  :: The situation or position (of several parties concerned, in connection of each other)
asetelmamaalaus {n}  :: still life (painting)
aseteollisuus {n}  :: weapon industry
asetildenafiili {n} [pharmacology]  :: acetildenafil
asetin {n}  :: applicator
asetofenatsiini {n} [pharmacology]  :: acetophenazine
asetofenoli-isatiini {n} [pharmacology]  :: acetphenolisatin
asetofenoni {n} [chemistry]  :: acetophenone
asetoheksamidi {n} [pharmaceutical drug]  :: acetohexamide
asetohydroksamiinihappo {n} [pharmacology]  :: acetohydroxamin acid
asetoni {n}  :: acetone
asetonidikarboksyylihappo {n} [chemistry]  :: acetonedicarboxylic acid
asetoniperoksidi {n} [chemistry]  :: acetone peroxide
asetonitriili {n}  :: acetonitrile
asettaa {vt}  :: To arrange, compose, organise/organize, coordinate
asettaa {vt}  :: To pacify, appease, calm, quiet (down), soothe, placate
asettaa {vt}  :: To put, place, set, (move into) position, locate
asettaa {vt}  :: To set up, found, institute (usually as an administrative order)
asettaa kyseenalaiseksi {v}  :: call into question (to cause to be questioned, to introduce doubt regarding)
asettaja {n}  :: setter (one who sets)
asettamaan {v} [fi-infinitive of, t=3a, asettaa, c=ill]  ::
asettautua {vi}  :: To place oneself
asettelija {n}  :: setter (one who sets)
asettelu {n}  :: layout
asetti {n}  :: saucer
asettua {vi} [of a person]  :: to calm/quiet/simmer/settle down, compose/collect oneself, cool off
asettua {vi} [of bleeding]  :: to stop (bleeding), coagulate, clot, dry up
asettua {vi} [of weather]  :: to abate, subside, dwindle (down), weaken
asettua {vi}  :: to settle down (to live somewhere)
asettua {vi}  :: to take up a position, take a stand/stance
asetus {n} [European Union law]  :: regulation (self-effecting legislative act, which requires no further intervention by the Member States to become law)
asetus {n} [legal]  :: decree, commandment, edict; ordinance, rule
asetus {n}  :: setting, (pl.) configuration (especially of a computer program)
asetyleeni {n} [organic compound]  :: acetylene
asetyyli {n} [organic compound]  :: acetyl
asetyylidigitoksiini {n} [pharmacology]  :: acetyldigitoxin
asetyylidigoksiini {n} [pharmacology]  :: acetyldigoxin
asetyyli-isovaleryyli-tylosiinitartraatti {n} [pharmacology]  :: acetylisovaleryltylosine tartrate
asetyylikoliini {n} [neurotransmitter]  :: acetylcholine
asetyylikoliiniesteraasi {n} [chemistry]  :: acetylcholinesterase
asetyylikoliinikloridi {n} [pharmacology]  :: acetylcholine chloride
asetyylikysteiini {n} [pharmacology]  :: acetylcysteine
asetyylisalisyylihappo {n}  :: acetylsalicylic acid
asetyylitransferaasi {n} [enzyme]  :: acetyltransferase
asevarustelu {n}  :: rearmament
aseveli {n}  :: brother-in-arms
asevelvollinen {n}  :: draftee, conscript (one who is drafted into a military service)
asevelvollisuus {n}  :: conscription, draft [US]
asevelvollisuusaika {n}  :: military service time
asevoima {n}  :: [usually plural] armed forces
asevoimat {n}  :: armed forces
asfaltoida {vt}  :: To pave with asphalt
asfaltointi {n}  :: The process of paving
asfaltti {n}  :: asphalt
asfaltti-ihottuma {n} [colloquial]  :: road rash (injury caused by abrasion with road surfaces)
asfalttinen {adj}  :: asphaltic
asfalttitaltta {n}  :: asphalt chisel
asfyksia {n} [pathology]  :: asphyxia
asia {n}  :: thing, matter, issue, business
asiaankuulumaton {adj}  :: Inappropriate, inapposite
asiaankuulumaton {adj}  :: Irrelevant, beside the point, extraneous (to the subject); inappropriate
asiaankuuluva {adj}  :: Relevant, pertinent, (having a) bearing (on), concerning, connected (with), tied in (with), applicable, suitable, to the point/purpose
asiainhoitaja {n}  :: chargé d'affaires (diplomat, ranking below an ambassador)
asiakas {n}  :: customer, client
asiakaskunta {n}  :: clientele, patronage, customer base (body of clients of a professional or a business)
asiakaslähtöinen {adj}  :: customer-oriented
asiakaspalvelija {n}  :: customer servant
asiakaspalvelu {n}  :: customer service
asiakasrekisteri {n}  :: customer register
asiakastyytyväisyys {n}  :: customer satisfaction
asiakirja {n}  :: A document
asiakkuus {n}  :: customership
asialista {n}  :: agenda
asiallinen {adj}  :: matter-of-fact, proper, appropriate, businesslike
asiallisesti {adv}  :: properly, appropriately
asiallisuus {n}  :: relevance
asiamies {n}  :: An agent (one who acts for, or in the place of, another, by authority from him)
asianajaja {n}  :: An advocate (person who argues the case of another, such as a lawyer in a court)
asianajaja {n} [legal]  :: A barrister (lawyer with the right to speak and argue as an advocate in court)
asianajajan salassapitovelvollisuus {n} [legal]  :: attorney-client privilege, legal professional privilege, solicitor-client privilege (legal doctrine that protects certain confidential communications between a lawyer and his or her clients)
asianajo {n}  :: advocacy
asianajotoimisto {n}  :: law firm, in which at least one of the lawyers is an [[asianajaja type of certified lawyer, see the corresponding entry]]
asianhaara {n} [legal]  :: circumstance (circumlocution; detail)
asianmukainen {adj}  :: appropriate, suitable (fitting to the situation or problem)
asianomainen {adj}  :: relevant, concerned, proper
asianomistaja {n} [legal]  :: Injured party (complainant in a crime case)
asianosainen {n} [legal]  :: A party
asiantuntemus {n}  :: expertise (great knowledge in a particular field or hobby)
asiantunteva {adj}  :: adept, expert
asiantuntija {n}  :: expert, adept
asiantuntijatodistaja {n} [legal]  :: expert witness
asian vierestä {adv} [idiomatic]  :: off the mark, out of context, beside the point, moot (not correct or appropriate)
asiasana {n} [information science]  :: index term, descriptor, subject term, subject heading (term that captures the essence of the topic of a document, used as keyword to retrieve documents in an information system, for instance a catalog or a search engine)
asiasanasto {n}  :: A glossary (list of terms in a particular domain of knowledge with the definitions for those terms)
asiasisältö {n}  :: subject matter (matter or thought presented for consideration in some statement or discussion)
asiaton {adj}  :: inappropriate
asiattomasti {adv}  :: inappropriately
asiattomuus {n}  :: inappropriateness
asiayhteys {n}  :: context
asidofiili {n}  :: acidophile
Asikainen {prop}  :: Finnish surname
asikloviiri {n} [pharmaceutical drug]  :: aciclovir
asioida {vi}  :: To act as agent/on commission
asioida {vi}  :: To take care of pressing matters, run errands, be busy
asioida {vi}  :: To transact/do business
asiointi {n}  :: running errands
askar {n}  :: chore
askare {n}  :: A chore (daily routine task), normally used in plural (askaret or askareet)
askaroida {v}  :: To busy
askarointi {n}  :: busying
askarrella {v}  :: to craft, to make handicrafts (used for light work, such as making a scrapbook)
askarrella {v}  :: to do chores
askarrella {v}  :: to provide, supply, deliver
askarruttaa {v}  :: To occupy, keep occupied
askarruttaa {v}  :: To puzzle, perplex
askartelija {n}  :: hobbyist
askartelu {n}  :: handicraft (activity of making things with one's hands and simple tools)
askartelupaperi {n}  :: construction paper
askeesi {n}  :: asceticism
askeetti {n}  :: An ascetic
askeettinen {adj}  :: ascetic
askeettisesti {adv}  :: ascetically
askeettisuus {n}  :: asceticism, austerity
askel {n}  :: step (kinematics: change of position effected by a motion of translation)
askel {n}  :: step (music: interval between two contiguous degrees of the scale)
askel {n}  :: step, pace (advance or movement made from one foot to the other)
askel {n}  :: step, pace (distance covered in a step)
askel {n}  :: step (proceeding; measure; action; act)
askel {n}  :: step (small space or distance)
askele {n}  :: alternative form of askel
askelfunktio {n} [mathematics]  :: step function
askelittain {adv}  :: stepwise, step by step
askelittainen {adj}  :: stepwise (proceeding one step at a time)
askellaji {n}  :: gait (horse's way of moving)
askellin {n}  :: stepper (fitness training machine)
askellus {n}  :: gait
askelluslaite {n}  :: stepper (fitness training machine)
askelma {n}  :: rung (of ladder)
askelma {n}  :: step (of stairs)
askelmittari {n}  :: A pedometer
askelmoottori {n}  :: A stepping motor
askelmuutos {n}  :: A step change
askelpalautin {n}  :: backspace (typewriter key)
askelpalautin {n} [computing]  :: backspace (computer key)
askelpari {n}  :: pace (distance covered by taking two steps)
askeltaa {v}  :: To step
asketismi {n}  :: asceticism
aski {n}  :: A small box, case or carton
askiitti {n} [medicine]  :: ascites
askites {n} [pathology]  :: ascites
Asko {prop}  :: male given name
askorbiinihappo {n} [chemistry]  :: ascorbic acid
Aslak {prop}  :: male given name mainly used in Lapland
Asmara {prop}  :: Asmara (capital of Eritrea)
Asmo {prop}  :: male given name
asosiaalinen {adj}  :: asocial
asosiaalisuus {n}  :: The property of being asocial
asparagiini {n} [amino acid]  :: asparagine
asparagiinihappo {n}  :: aspartic acid
aspartaami {n} [organic compound]  :: aspartame
aspartaattiaminotransferaasi {n} [enzyme]  :: aspartate transaminase
aspekti {n}  :: aspect
Aspergerin oireyhtymä {n} [neurology]  :: Asperger's syndrome
aspi {n}  :: staple, hasp (a U-shaped metal fastener)
aspiriini {n}  :: aspirin, acetylsalicylic acid
aspiriini {n}  :: aspirin (pill containing acetylsalicylic acid)
aspiroida {v} [linguistics]  :: to aspirate (to produce an audible puff of breath. especially following a consonant)
aspiroida {v}  :: to aspirate (to inhale so as to draw something other than air into one's lungs)
aspiroida {v}  :: to aspirate (to remove a fluid by means of suction, especially from a cavity in a clinical operation)
Asser {prop}  :: Asher [biblical character]
Asser {prop}  :: male given name
Asseri {prop}  :: male given name
assimilaatio {n}  :: assimilation
assimiloida {vt}  :: To assimilate
assimilointi {n}  :: assimilation
assimiloitua {vi}  :: To be(come) assimilated
assistentti {n}  :: assistant
assistentuuri {n}  :: assistantship (position)
assonanssi {n}  :: assonance
assosiaatio {n}  :: association
assosiaatiolaki {n} [mathematics]  :: associative law
assosiatiivinen {adj} [mathematics]  :: associative
assosiatiivisuus {n}  :: associativity
assosioida {vt}  :: To associate with
assosiointi {n}  :: associating, association
assosioitua {vi}  :: To be associated with
assyrialainen {adj}  :: Assyrian
assyrialainen {n}  :: an Assyrian
assyriologi {n}  :: Assyriologist
assyriologia {n}  :: assyriology
Asta {prop}  :: female given name
astaatti {n}  :: astatine
astahtaa {v}  :: To step
astalo {n} [legal]  :: an item that is not designed as a weapon, but is used temporarily as a weapon for some reason, ex. a hammer used to murder someone
astatiini {n}  :: astatine
aste {n}  :: degree
aste {n} [everyday usage]  :: degree, degree Celsius (short for celsiusaste)
aste {n}  :: grade
aste {n}  :: order
asteekki {n}  :: An Aztec
asteenikko {n}  :: An asthenic person
asteeninen {adj}  :: asthenic
asteikko {n}  :: scale
-asteinen {adj}  :: degree (used only in compounds)
asteittain {adv}  :: gradually
asteittainen {adj}  :: gradual
asteittaisesti {adv}  :: gradually
asteittaisuus {n}  :: gradualness
astelevy {n}  :: A protractor
astella {v}  :: To step, pace
astelu {n}  :: stepping, pacing
astemitta {n}  :: protractor
astenia {n} [medicine]  :: asthenia
astenosfääri {n}  :: asthenosphere
asteri {n}  :: aster (a plant of the genus Aster)
asterikasvit {n} [botany]  :: The taxonomic family Asteraceae (formerly Compositae), commonly known in English also as aster, daisy or sunflower family
asteriski {n}  :: asterisk (symbol *)
asterismi {n} [astronomy]  :: asterism (group of stars that forms a visible pattern but is not an official constellation)
asterismi {n} [mineralogy]  :: asterism (star-shaped figure exhibited by some crystals)
asterismi {n} [typography]  :: asterism (rarely used symbol consisting of three asterisks placed in a triangle (⁂))
asteroidi {n} [astronomy]  :: asteroid
asteroidi {n} [geometry]  :: astroid
asteroidivyöhyke {n} [astronomy]  :: asteroid belt
astevaihtelu {n} [phonetics]  :: A type of apophony or mutation of consonants found in Finnic languages. Normally translated as consonant gradation into English
asti {postp}  :: (distance) all the way from
asti {postp}  :: (distance) up to, all the way to
asti {postp}  :: (temporally) since
asti {postp}  :: (temporally) until
astia {n}  :: A bin (container used for storage)
astia {n}  :: A container, a vessel or a receptacle (item in which objects or materials can be stored or transported)
astia {n}  :: A dish (vessel such as a plate for holding or serving food)
astiahuilu {n} [music]  :: vessel flute
astiallinen {adj}  :: Having a dish
astiallinen {n}  :: The amount contained by a dish (plate, cup, etc.)
astian maku {n} [idiomatic, colloquial]  :: something foul
astianpesijä {n}  :: dishwasher (person)
astianpesu {n}  :: dishwashing
astianpesukone {n}  :: dishwasher
astianpesuvesi {n}  :: dishwater
astiapyyhe {n}  :: kitchen towel, dish towel (towel for wiping dishes)
astiasto {n}  :: service (set of dishes or utensils)
astiasto {n}  :: tableware
astin {n}  :: A step (of stairs)
astinlauta {n}  :: running board (narrow board serving as a step beneath the doors of some cars)
astinlauta {n}  :: stepping stone (something used as a way to progress to something or somewhere)
astma {n} [pathology]  :: The chronic respiratory disease Asthma
astmaatikko {n}  :: An asthmatic person
astmaattinen {adj}  :: asthmatic
astmainen {adj}  :: asthmatic
astraalinen {adj}  :: astral
astrakaani {n}  :: astrakhan
astrakaaniturkki {n}  :: astrakhan (fleece)
astro- {prefix}  :: astro-
astrofobia {n}  :: astrophobia
astrofysiikka {n}  :: astrophysics
astrofyysikko {n}  :: astrophysicist
astrokemia {n}  :: astrochemistry
astrologi {n}  :: astrologist
astrologia {n}  :: astrology
astrologinen {adj}  :: astrological
astrologisesti {adv}  :: astrologically
astrometria {n} [astronomy]  :: astrometry
astronautiikka {n}  :: astronautics
astronautti {n}  :: An astronaut
astronomi {n}  :: astronomer
astronomia {n}  :: astronomy
astronominen {adj}  :: astronomical
astronominen hämärä {n} [astronomy]  :: astronomical twilight
astronominen yksikkö {n} [astronomy]  :: astronomical unit
astronomisesti {adv}  :: astronomically
astua {vi}  :: to step on, tread on, pace, stride
astua {vt} [agriculture]  :: to mount, serve, breed, cover, sire
astua {v}  :: to enter
astuja {n}  :: One who or which steps
astunta {n}  :: gait
astuttaa {vt} [agriculture]  :: To have (an animal) mounted/served/bred (by another animal), to make (an animal = allative) serve/mount/breed (another animal)
astutus {n} [agriculture, breeding]  :: service
asu {n}  :: appearance, looks
asu {n}  :: attire, dress, suit
asu {n}  :: form, figure, shape, build, structure
asu {n}  :: package, packaging (in advertising)
asu {n}  :: wording, phrasing, discursive form
asua {vi}  :: To live, reside
asuin- {prefix}  :: residential
asuinalue {n}  :: neighbourhood
asuinalue {n}  :: residential area
-asuinen {suffix}  :: dressed
asuinkelpoinen {adj}  :: habitable
asuinpaikka {n}  :: residence, place of residence, habitation, homestead (place where one lives)
asuinrakennus {n}  :: residential building
asuintalo {n}  :: building of residence
asuja {n}  :: dweller, inhabitant, denizen
asujaimisto {n}  :: population
asujain {n} [rare]  :: A denizen (inhabitant of a place; one who dwells in)
asukas {n}  :: resident, inhabitant
asukasluku {n}  :: A population, as the count of the number of residents in a given area
asukaspuisto {n}  :: residential park
asukastiheys {n}  :: population density
asukki {n}  :: dweller, denizen, inhabitant, often an unwanted or temporary one
asumaton {adj}  :: uninhabited
asumiskelpoinen {adj}  :: inhabitable, habitable
asumiskelvoton {adj}  :: uninhabitable
asumistuki {n}  :: housing allowance (form of social security, paid to qualifying low income tenants to support them in their reasonable housing costs, normally consisting of rent)
asumus {n} [Bible]  :: tabernacle (in 1933 translation of the Bible, the portable tent used by the Jewish before the construction of the temple of Jeusalem)
asumus {n}  :: dwelling
asunnoton {adj}  :: homeless
asunnoton {n}  :: a homeless person
asunnottomien asuntola {n}  :: homeless shelter (building set up to provide for the needs of homeless people)
asunnottomuus {n}  :: homelessness
asunto {n}  :: apartment
asunto {n}  :: residence
asuntoalue {n}  :: residential area
asuntoalus {n}  :: houseboat (vessel, such as a barge, used as a dwelling)
asuntokauppa {n}  :: apartment deal (instance of buying or selling an apartment)
asuntola {n}  :: boarding house (boarding school building where students live during term)
asuntola {n}  :: dormitory, dorm (building which houses students etc.)
asuntola {n}  :: hall of residence (building for university students to live in)
asuntolaina {n}  :: mortgage, home loan (loan taken to finance purchasing of residential property, in which the property acts as collateral to the loan)
asuntomessut {n}  :: housing fair (A trade fair with main focus on residential construction and home decoration)
asunto-osakeyhtiö {n} [legal]  :: A legal entity for ownership and management of a residential building similar to housing cooperative with the difference that Finnish asunto-osakeyhtiö is legally a corporation. The shares are divided into lots, each of which entitles the owner to occupy one apartment. The number of shares in each lot is usually proportional to the area of the flat. The official legal translation of asunto-osakeyhtiö into English is "Limited Liability Housing Company"
asuntorakentaminen {n}  :: residential construction (industry, activity, branch)
asuntotuotanto {n}  :: residential construction (the total amount of residential construction in a given area within a given period of time)
asuntovaunu {n}  :: A large and well-equipped camper [US] or caravan [UK]
asuntovaunu {n}  :: A mobile home, trailer (a trailer designed for permanent living)
asustaa {vi}  :: to dwell, reside
asuste {n}  :: accessory (article that completes one's basic outfit, such as a scarf or gloves)
asuttaa {vt}  :: To inhabit, people, populate, settle, colonise/colonize
asuttaa {vt}  :: To (re)locate (make someone live/reside somewhere)
asuttaja {n}  :: settler, colonizer
asuttava {adj}  :: habitable
asutus {n}  :: settlement
asutuskeskus {n}  :: center of population
asuuri {adj}  :: azure
asuurinsininen {adj}  :: azure
asvaltoida {v}  :: alternative form of asfaltoida
asvaltointi {n}  :: alternative form of asfaltointi
asvaltti {n}  :: alternative spelling of asfaltti
asvaltti-ihottuma {n}  :: alternative form of asfaltti-ihottuma
asvalttinen {adj}  :: alternative form of asfalttinen
asvalttitaltta {n}  :: asphalt chisel
asymmetria {n}  :: asymmetry
asymmetrinen {adj}  :: asymmetric
asymmetrisesti {adv}  :: asymmetrically
asymmetrisyys {n}  :: asymmetricalness
asymptootti {n} [mathematics]  :: asymptote
asyyli {n} [organic chemistry]  :: acyl
ataksia {n} [pathology]  :: ataxia
ataraksia {n} [medicine, philosophy]  :: ataraxia, ataraxy (peace of mind, tranquillity, calmness)
atarakti {n} [medicine]  :: An ataractic (drug that is used to tranquilize; a tranquilizer)
ataraktinen {n} [medicine]  :: ataractic (having a tranquilizing effect)
atari {n}  :: professional and habitual crime
atari {n}  :: professional and habitual criminal
atavismi {n}  :: atavism
atavistinen {adj}  :: atavistic
atavistisesti {adv}  :: atavistically
atavistisuus {n}  :: The property of being atavistic
Ateena {prop}  :: Athens
ateenalainen {adj}  :: Athenian
ateenalainen {n}  :: An Athenian person
ateismi {n}  :: atheism
ateisti {n}  :: atheist
ateistinen {adj}  :: atheistic
ateistisesti {adv}  :: atheistically
ateistisuus {n}  :: atheisticness
ateljee {n}  :: atelier
ateria {n}  :: meal
ateriakuljetus {n}  :: meals on wheels (service in which food is delivered to those unable to cook for themselves)
aterin {n} [in plural]  :: silverware (US: forks, knives and spoons)
aterin {n} [rare]  :: A piece of silverware
aterioida {vi}  :: To have a meal
ateriointi {n}  :: dining
aterooma {n} [medicine]  :: An atheroma
ateroskleroosi {n} [pathology]  :: atherosclerosis
atk {initialism}  :: information technology, IT
atlantinmerilahna {n}  :: Atlantic pomfret, Brama brama
Atlantin valtameri {prop}  :: The Atlantic Ocean
Atlantti {prop}  :: The Atlantic
atlanttinen {adj}  :: Atlantic (pertaining to the Atlantic Ocean)
atlas {n}  :: atlas
atlaskarhu {n}  :: Atlas bear, Ursus arctos crowtheri
atlasleijona {n}  :: Nubian lion, Barbary lion, Atlas lion, Panthera leo leo, (extinct subspecies of lion)
Atlasvuoret {prop}  :: Atlas Mountains
atleetikko {n}  :: athlete
atleetti {n}  :: athlete
atleettinen {adj}  :: athletic
atleettisuus {n}  :: The property of being athletic
at-merkki {n}  :: at sign, at symbol
atmosfääri {n}  :: atmosphere
atolli {n}  :: atoll
atomaarinen {adj}  :: atomic
atomi {n}  :: as a modifier in a compound signifies atomic
atomi {n}  :: atom
atomi- {prefix}  :: atom, atomic
atomiaika {n}  :: The Atomic Age
atomiase {n}  :: atomic weapon
atomienergia {n} [obsolete]  :: atomic energy
atomifysiikka {n}  :: atomic physics
atomikausi {n}  :: The Atomic Age
atomikello {n}  :: atomic clock
atomimalli {n} [physics]  :: atomic model
atomimassa {n} [physics]  :: atomic mass
atomimassayksikkö {n} [chemistry]  :: atomic mass unit
atomioppi {n} [philosophy]  :: atomism
atomipaino {n}  :: atomic weight
atomipommi {n} [dated]  :: atomic bomb, A-bomb
atomireaktori {n}  :: atomic reactor
atomismi {n} [philosophy]  :: atomism
atomistinen {adj} [philosophy]  :: atomistic
atomistisuus {n}  :: The property of being atomistic
atomiteoria {n} [physics]  :: atomic theory
atomivoima {n}  :: nuclear power
atomivoimala {n}  :: nuclear plant
atomivoimalaitos {n} [dated]  :: nuclear power plant
atomiydin {n}  :: atomic nucleus
atonaalinen {adj}  :: atonal
atonaalisuus {n}  :: atonality
atoopikko {n}  :: An atopic person
atooppinen {adj}  :: atopic
atooppinen ekseema {n} [pathology]  :: atopic dermatitis (hereditary skin disease)
atopia {n} [pathology]  :: atopy
atorvastatiini {n} [medicine]  :: atorvastatin
ATP {initialism} [sports]  :: Association of Tennis Professionals
atra {n} [dialectal]  :: alternative term for aatra
atrain {n}  :: trident, or other resembling fishing tool with any number of prongs, e.g. a gig
atria {n} [dated]  :: a meal
atrium {n}  :: atrium (central room in Roman homes)
atrium {n}  :: atrium (square hall lit from above)
Atro {prop} [rare]  :: male given name
atrofinen {adj} [medicine]  :: atrophic
atropia {n} [pathology]  :: atrophy
atropiini {n} [poison, pharmaceutical drug]  :: atropine
atsalea {n}  :: azalea
atselaiinihappo {n} [organic compound]  :: azelaic acid
atsidotymidiini {n} [chemistry]  :: zidovudine, azidothymidine
atsimuutti {n}  :: azimuth
Atso {prop}  :: male given name
atsoospermia {n} [pathology]  :: azoospermia (absence of live sperm in the semen)
atsoväri {n}  :: azo dye
atsteekki {n}  :: An Aztec
atsteekki {n}  :: In plural (atsteekit), the Aztec people or the Aztecs
atsteekki {n}  :: The Aztec language (also atsteekin kieli)
atsteekki {n}  :: The genitive plural case (atsteekkien) as well as compound forms (atsteekki-) can be used as an equivalent to the English adjective "Aztec"
atsuriitti {n} [mineral]  :: azurite
attasea {n}  :: attaché
Atte {prop}  :: male given name
attentaatti {n}  :: assault, especially a politically motivated assassination or an attempt to it
atto- {prefix}  :: atto-
attosekunti {n}  :: attosecond
attraktiivinen {adj}  :: attractive
attraktiivisuus {n}  :: attractiveness
attraktio {n}  :: attraction
attraktori {n}  :: attractor
attribuutio {n} [psychology]  :: attribution
attribuutti {n} [computing]  :: attribute
attribuutti {n} [grammar]  :: attribute, qualifier
atulat {n}  :: tweezers
au {interj}  :: ouch
aubergiini {n}  :: aubergine, eggplant (Solanum melongena)
auder {n}  :: haze
audienssi {n}  :: audience (a formal meeting)
audiofiili {n}  :: audiophile
audiovisuaalinen {adj}  :: audiovisual
audismi {n}  :: audism
auditiivinen {adj}  :: aural
auditoida {v}  :: To audit
auditoija {n}  :: auditor
auditointi {n}  :: audit
auditorio {n}  :: auditorium (large room for public meetings or performances)
auditorio {n}  :: lecture theatre, auditorium (similar room for giving lectures, especially one with pitched floor)
auer {n}  :: haze
auervaara {n}  :: casanova, Don Juan (promiscuous, philandering man)
aueta {vi}  :: to open (to be opened)
augiitti {n} [mineral]  :: augite
augmentatiivi {n} [grammar]  :: augmentative
augmentti {n} [grammar]  :: augment
August {prop}  :: male given name
auguuri {n}  :: augur
aukaisija {n}  :: opener
aukaisin {n}  :: opener
aukaista {vt}  :: To open
aukaisu {n}  :: opening (act)
aukea {adj}  :: open (of land, clear of obstacles for vision, such as trees)
aukea {n}  :: clearing (area of land devoid of obstacles to vision, such as trees)
aukeama {n}  :: spread (length of two printed pages which are visible at the same time)
aukeaminen {n}  :: The process of opening
aukeampi {adj}  :: comparative form of aukea
aukean paikan kammo {n}  :: agoraphobia
auki {adv} [colloquial]  :: broke, busted
auki {adv}  :: on, turned on
auki {adv}  :: open (not closed or locked)
auki {adv}  :: untied, unbuttoned
auki {adv}  :: up in the air, open (not yet resolved, finished, answered, decided or certain)
aukile {n} [anatomy]  :: fontanelle
aukinainen {adj}  :: Free (unobstructed)
aukinainen {adj}  :: Open (that which is not closed)
aukio {n}  :: clearing, glade, meadow
aukio {n}  :: plaza, square
aukiokammo {n}  :: agoraphobia
aukiolo {n}  :: of an office, business or similar, the state of being open for public
aukiolo {n}  :: short for [[aukioloaika opening hours, business hours, opening time]]
aukioloaika {n}  :: opening hours
aukko {n}  :: gap
aukko {n}  :: hole
aukko {n}  :: opening (something that is open)
aukko {n} [photography]  :: aperture
aukkoinen {adj}  :: holey
aukkokohta {n}  :: hole
aukkosuhde {n}  :: f-number
aukoa {vt}  :: To open (repeatedly)
aukoa päätään {v} [colloquial]  :: to criticize, nag, jest, oppose (to be negative in one's speech)
aukoton {adj}  :: Solid; having no holes, both in physical and abstract sense
auksidi {n}  :: frigate tuna (species of fish in tuna family, Auxis thazard)
auktorisoida {vt} [dated, formal]  :: To authorize
auktorisointi {n}  :: authorization
auktoritaarinen {adj}  :: authoritarian
auktoritatiivinen {adj}  :: authoritative
auktoritatiivisuus {n}  :: authoritativeness
auktoriteetti {n}  :: authority
auktoroida {v}  :: alternative form of auktorisoida
auktorointi {n}  :: alternative form of auktorisointi
Aukusti {prop}  :: male given name
aula {n}  :: lobby (spacious reception area, especially in a public building)
Auli {prop}  :: female given name, a short form of Aulikki
auliisti {adv}  :: helpfully, willingly
Aulikki {prop}  :: female given name
aulio {n} [plant]  :: abutilon
aulis {adj}  :: willing, helpful
Aulis {prop}  :: male given name
aulius {n}  :: willingness, helpfulness
auma {n}  :: spirit energy (In comparison to mana, being life energy)
auma {n}  :: stack
aumattu taitekatto {n}  :: mansard roof
Aune {prop}  :: female given name cognate with English Agnes
Auno {prop} [rare]  :: male given name
aunus {n}  :: The Olonets Karelian, a language or a variety of the Karelian language
aura {n}  :: aura
aura {n}  :: plough
aura {n}  :: wedge (group of birds flying in a V-shaped formation)
Aura {prop}  :: A municipality near Turku in Southwest Finland
Aura {prop}  :: A river in Southwest Finland
Aura {prop} [astronomy]  :: An alternative name for Otava
Aura {prop}  :: female given name
auraaja {n}  :: plower, plougher
aura-auto {n}  :: snow plow (vehicle)
aurata {v} [skiing]  :: to stem, snow plow
aurata {v}  :: to plough
aurata {v}  :: to snow plow (to clear roads, etc. using a snow plow)
auraus {n}  :: ploughing/plowing
aurauskulma {n}  :: toe (the alignment of wheels)
aurikalsiitti {n} [geology]  :: aurichalcite
auringonhattu {n}  :: echinacea, purple coneflower (any of the nine herbs of genus Echinacea)
auringonjumala {n}  :: sun god, solar deity
auringonkilo {n}  :: sunshine
auringonkukka {n}  :: sunflower
auringonkukkaöljy {n}  :: sunflower oil
auringonlasku {n}  :: A sunset or sundown [US]
auringonnousu {n}  :: sunrise
auringonotto {n}  :: sunbathing
auringonpaiste {n}  :: sunshine
auringonpalvoja {n}  :: sunbather
auringonpalvoja {n}  :: sun worshipper (one who worships the sun)
auringonpalvonta {n}  :: heliolatry (religion and sunbathing)
auringonpalvonta {n}  :: heliotheism (religion)
auringonpilkku {n} [astronomy]  :: sunspot
auringonpimennys {n} [astronomy]  :: A solar eclipse
auringonpistos {n}  :: sunstroke
auringonpurkaus {n} [astronomy]  :: solar flare
auringonsäde {n}  :: sunbeam, sun ray
auringonsuojakerroin {n}  :: sun protection factor
auringonsuojavoide {n}  :: sun lotion
auringonvalo {n}  :: sunlight
auringonvarjo {n}  :: sunshade, parasol
auringoton {adj}  :: sunless
aurinko {n}  :: As a modifier in compound terms (in nominative or genitive singular) signifies solar, sun- or helio-
aurinko {n}  :: A sun
aurinko {n}  :: The Sun
Aurinko {prop} [astronomy]  :: the Sun
aurinkoaika {n} [astronomy]  :: solar time
aurinkoauto {n}  :: solar car
aurinkoenergia {n}  :: solar energy
aurinkohapero {n}  :: A brittlegill, Russula solaris
aurinkoinen {adj}  :: sunny
aurinkoisemmin {adv}  :: comparative form of aurinkoisesti
aurinkoisesti {adv}  :: sunnily
aurinkoisimmin {adv}  :: superlative form of aurinkoisesti
aurinkoisuus {n}  :: sunniness
aurinkokaha {n} [obsolete]  :: solar collector
aurinkokala {n} [rare, Anglicism]  :: sunfish (any fish of the family Molidae)
aurinkokansi {n}  :: sundeck
aurinkokello {n}  :: A sundial
aurinkokenno {n}  :: solar cell
aurinkokeräin {n}  :: solar collector
aurinkokerääjä {n}  :: solar collector
aurinkokeskinen {adj} [astronomy]  :: heliocentric
aurinkokeskisyys {n}  :: heliocentrism
aurinkokuivattu {adj}  :: sun-dried (dried in the sun as part of a process of e.g. conserving foodstuffs)
aurinkokuningas {n}  :: mandarin (self-centered leader)
aurinkokunta {n} [astronomy]  :: solar system
Aurinkokunta {prop} [astronomy]  :: The Solar System
aurinkokurki {n}  :: sunbittern (species of bird, Eurypyga helias, the sole member of the family Eurypygidae, found in the tropical regions of the Americas)
aurinkokylpy {n}  :: A sunbath
aurinkolasit {n}  :: sunglasses
aurinkoöljy {n}  :: tanning oil (oil-based product used as sunscreen)
aurinkomonninen {n}  :: Burgess' cory, Corydoras burgessi (small tropical fish, kept as aquarium fish)
aurinkopaneeli {n}  :: solar panel
aurinkopaneeli {n}  :: solar thermal collector
aurinkopari {n}  :: solar cell
aurinkosuoja {n}  :: sunblock (strong), sunscreen (weak)
aurinkotuuli {n} [astronomy]  :: solar wind
aurinkouuni {n}  :: solar oven
aurinkovakio {n} [astronomy]  :: The solar constant
aurinkovarjo {n}  :: sunshade
aurinkovoide {n}  :: suntan lotion, suncream
aurinkovoimala {n}  :: solar plant
aurinkovuorokausi {n} [astronomy]  :: A solar day
aurinkovuosi {n} [astronomy]  :: solar year
Aurora {prop}  :: female given name
Aurora {prop} [Roman god]  :: Aurora
auskultaatio {n}  :: auscultation
auskultantti {n}  :: student teacher
auskultoida {vi}  :: To train (as a teacher)
auskultoida {vt} [medicine]  :: To auscultate
auskultointi {n}  :: auscultation
aussi {n}  :: An Aussie
aussifutis {n} [slang]  :: Aussie rules (Australian rules football)
austeniitti {n} [metallurgy]  :: austenite
Australia {prop}  :: Australia
australialainen {adj}  :: Australian
australialainen {n}  :: An Australian
australialaistaa {vt}  :: To Australianize/Australianise
australianenglanti {n}  :: Australian English
Australian liittovaltio {prop}  :: Commonwealth of Australia (formal name of Australia)
australianpähkinä {n}  :: macadamia nut, bauple nut, Queensland nut, nut oak (Macadamia integrifolia)
australiansotka {n}  :: hardhead (Aythya australis)
autarkia {n}  :: autarchy (condition of economic self-sufficiency)
autekologia {n}  :: autecology
autella {vt}  :: To help, repeatedly or in a little way
autenttinen {adj}  :: authentic
autenttisesti {adv}  :: authentically
autenttisuus {n}  :: authenticity
autere {n}  :: haze
autereinen {adj}  :: hazy
autio {adj}  :: desolate, uninhabited
autioin {adj}  :: superlative form of autio
autioittaa {vt}  :: to devastate, depopulate (to deprive of inhabitants)
autioitua {vi}  :: To become deserted, uninhabited, desolate
autiomaa {n}  :: wasteland, desert
autiompi {adj}  :: comparative form of autio
autiosaari {n}  :: desert island (uninhabited island)
autiotalo {n}  :: An abandoned house
autiotupa {n}  :: An unlocked hut or cabin in the wilderness, free for anyone to spend the night
autismi {n}  :: autism
autisti {n}  :: An autistic person
autistinen {adj}  :: autistic
autius {n}  :: desolation, desolateness
auto {n}  :: car, automobile
autoala {n}  :: automobile industry
autogiro {n} [aircraft]  :: autogiro
autohälytin {n}  :: car alarm
autoilija {n}  :: motorist, someone who drives a car
autoilla {vi}  :: To drive a car
autoilu {n}  :: motoring (act of driving car)
autoistua {vi}  :: To start to have more cars (meaning that its people have or use more cars)
autokaista {n}  :: car lane (lane meant specifically for cars, as opposed to e.g. bicycle lane)
autokaista {n}  :: drive-through (arrangement for providing drive-through service)
autokatos {n}  :: carport
autokefaalinen {adj}  :: autocephalous
autokorrelaatio {n} [statistics]  :: autocorrelation
autokoulu {n}  :: driving school
autokraattinen {adj}  :: autocratic
autokratia {n}  :: An autocracy [system of government in which power is held by one individual]
autoktoninen {adj} [geology]  :: autochthonous (found in the site of formation)
autokulkue {n}  :: motorcade
autokuski {n} [colloquial]  :: driver, motorist
autolautta {n}  :: ferry
autoletka {n}  :: A line of cars
autolyysi {n} [biology]  :: autolysis
automaatio {n}  :: automation
automaatti {n}  :: automaton
automaattikivääri {n}  :: automatic rifle
automaattinen {adj}  :: automatic
automaattiohjaus {n}  :: autopilot
automaattisesti {adv}  :: automatically
automaattistaa {vt}  :: to automatize
automaattistua {vi}  :: To become automatized
automaattisulake {n} [technology]  :: automatic fuse (small circuit braker used to protect electrical installations from overcurrent in a way similar to traditional fuses)
automaattisuus {n}  :: The property of being automatic
automaattivaihteisto {n}  :: automatic transmission
automatiikka {n}  :: automatism
automatisoida {vt}  :: To automatize, automate
automatisointi {n}  :: automation
automatisoitua {vi}  :: To become automatized
automekaanikko {n}  :: An auto mechanic
automobiili {n} [dated]  :: automobile, car
automyyjä {n}  :: car seller
autonasentaja {n}  :: An auto mechanic
autonkuljettaja {n}  :: motorist
autonomia {n}  :: autonomy
autonominen {adj}  :: autonomic
autonominen {adj}  :: autonomous
autonominen hermosto {n} [neuroanatomy]  :: autonomic nervous system
autonrengas {n}  :: car tire
autonrämä {n}  :: Literally "wreck of a car"; a jalopy
auto-onnettomuus {n}  :: car accident
autopesula {n}  :: car wash (place or room where cars are washed)
autopilotti {n} [informal]  :: autopilot
autopommi {n}  :: A car bomb (automobile loaded with explosives to be used as a bomb against external targets)
autopommi {n}  :: A car bomb (bomb installed in an automobile to kill the occupants)
autopurkamo {n}  :: car stripper bay, car dismantler (scrapyard specialized in dismantling cars)
autoradio {n}  :: car radio, car audio
autoritaarinen {adj}  :: authoritarian
autoritaarisuus {n}  :: The property of being authoritarian
autoritarismi {n}  :: authoritarianism (form of government)
autoritäärinen {adj}  :: authoritarian
autoritäärisyys {n}  :: alternative form of autoritaarisuus
autosomaalinen {adj}  :: autosomal
autosomi {n}  :: autosome
autotalli {n}  :: garage (place to store a car, etc.)
autotehdas {n}  :: car factory, automobile factory
autoteollisuus {n}  :: car industry, automobile industry
autotermiitti {n} [humorous]  :: A person who steals parts from abandoned cars
autotrofi {n} [biology]  :: autotroph
autotypia {n} [photography]  :: autotypy
autourheilu {n}  :: autosport
autovakuutus {n}  :: auto insurance, motor insurance
auts {interj}  :: ouch!
auttaa {v}  :: to help, assist, give assistance, lend a hand
auttaja {n}  :: A helper; one who helps
auttamaton {adj}  :: incorrigible
auttava {adj}  :: helpful
auttava {adj}  :: helping, one who helps
auttavainen {adj}  :: helpful, a person wanting to help
auttavaisuus {n}  :: helpfulness
auttavasti {adv}  :: passably
autti {n} [geography]  :: ravine, gorge
autuaallinen {adj}  :: blessed
autuaallisuus {n}  :: blessedness
autuaan tietämätön {adj}  :: blissfully unaware
autuas {adj}  :: blessed, blissful, glorified
autuus {n}  :: bliss
auvo {n}  :: bliss
Auvo {prop}  :: male given name
auvoisa {adj} [literary]  :: happy, euphoric
avaaja {n}  :: opener
avaamaton {adj}  :: unopened
avaari {n}  :: Avar (A North Caucasian language)
avaimenperä {n}  :: key fob
avaimenreikä {n}  :: keyhole
avain {n}  :: code (set of rules for converting information)
avain {n}  :: key
avain {n} [music]  :: clef, used especially in compound terms
avainasema {n}  :: key position (crucial or decisive position)
avainhenkilö {n}  :: key person
avainkaulalapsi {n}  :: latchkey kid
avainkehys {n}  :: keyframe
avainketju {n}  :: key chain (chain onto which a key may be attached)
avainkilpi {n}  :: keyplate (plate on a door that contains the keyhole)
avainkimppu {n}  :: bunch of keys
avainkoodi {n} [computing]  :: keycode (code that serves to unlock)
avainkortti {n}  :: keycard
avainkysymys {n}  :: key (to a problem)
avainlaji {n} [ecology]  :: key species
avainnippu {n}  :: bunch of keys
avainpelaaja {n}  :: key player
avainrengas {n}  :: keyring
avainromaani {n}  :: key novel
avainärsyke {n} [biology]  :: key stimulus
avainsana {n}  :: keyword
avaintekijä {n}  :: key factor
avaintodistaja {n}  :: key witness
avainviulu {n} [musical instruments]  :: keyed fiddle, nyckelharpa
avajaiset {n}  :: opening, opening ceremony (formal commencement)
avajaispäivä {n}  :: opening day (day when an opening ceremony of anything is held)
avajaisseremonia {n}  :: opening ceremony
avajaistarjous {n}  :: inaugural offer (special offer to celebrate the opening of a commercial establishment)
avanne {n}  :: ostomy
avanne {n} [pathology, medicine]  :: fistula (abnormal opening from one organ or vessel to another, usually natural, but sometimes fistula is also used of a surgically produced connection)
avantgardismi {n}  :: avant-gardism
avantgardisti {n}  :: avant-gardist
avantgardistinen {adj}  :: avant-garde
avanto {n}  :: A hole in ice, either man-made or natural
avantosukellus {n}  :: ice diving
avantouinti {n}  :: ice swimming
avara {adj}  :: spacious, roomy
avarakatseinen {adj}  :: broad-minded, tolerant
avaramielinen {adj}  :: open-minded
avaramielisesti {adv}  :: open-mindedly
avaramielisyys {n}  :: open-mindedness
avarampi {adj}  :: comparative form of avara
avarin {adj}  :: superlative form of avara
avarrin {n}  :: expander
avarruskone {n}  :: reamer
avartaa {vt}  :: To expand, enlarge, widen
avartua {vi}  :: to expand, enlarge, widen
avaruudellinen {adj}  :: spatial
avaruudellisesti {adv}  :: spatially
avaruus {n}  :: space
avaruus {n}  :: spaciousness
avaruusaika {n}  :: space age
avaruusalus {n}  :: spaceship, spacecraft
avaruusasema {n}  :: space station
avaruusgeometria {n}  :: space geometry
avaruuskapseli {n}  :: space caps