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{suffix} [case suffix] :: Forms the partitive case of nouns, adjectives and pronouns
{suffix} [verbal suffix] :: Forms the short form of the first infinitive of verbs
å {letter} :: letter: ruotsalainen oo
ä {letter} :: letter: ää
Å {letter} :: letter: ruotsalainen oo
ää {n} :: letter: ä
Ä {letter} :: letter: ää
a- {prefix} :: [in loanwords] non-, un-
-a {suffix} [case suffix] :: Forms the partitive case of nouns, adjectives, numbers and some pronouns
-a {suffix} [verbal suffix] :: Forms the short form of the first infinitive of verbs
a {letter} :: letter: aa
A {letter} :: letter: aa
A {abbr} :: approbatur
aa {n} :: a (letter: a)
Aabraham {prop} [Judaism, Christianity, Islam] :: Abraham
Aada {prop} :: given name, currently popular in Finland
Aada {prop} [archaic] :: Adah (biblical character)
Aadam {prop} :: Adam [biblical character]
Aadolf {prop} :: given name
Aake {prop} :: given name
aakkonen {n} :: letter (symbol in an alphabet)
aakkonen {n} [in plural] :: alphabet, ABC (ordered set of letters used in a language)
aakkonen {n} [in plural] :: elements, rudiments, ABC (basic tenets of an area of knowledge)
aakkosellinen {adj} :: alphabetical
aakkosellisemmin {adv} :: comparative of aakkosellisesti
aakkosellisempi {adj} :: comparative of aakkosellinen
aakkosellisesti {adv} :: alphabetically
aakkosellisimmin {adv} :: superlative of aakkosellisesti
aakkosellisuus {n} :: the quality of being in alphabetical order
aakkoshakemisto {n} :: alphabetical index
aakkosittain {adv} :: By alphabetical order, alphabetically
aakkosjärjestys {n} :: An alphabetical order
aakkoskeitto {n} :: alphabet soup
aakkoslaji {n} :: case
aakkosnimi {n} [in plural] :: spelling alphabet
aakkosnimi {n} :: spelling word
aakkosnumeerinen {adj} :: alphanumeric
aakkosnumeerisemmin {adv} :: comparative of aakkosnumeerisesti
aakkosnumeerisesti {adv} :: alphanumerically
aakkosnumeerisimmin {adv} :: superlative of aakkosnumeerisesti
aakkostaa {vt} :: to alphabetise/alphabetize, to arrange in alphabetical order
aakkostaminen {n} :: alphabetisation/alphabetization (process of arranging into alphabetical order)
aakkosto {n} :: alphabet (an ordered set of letters used in a language)
aakkosto {n} [mathematics] :: alphabet (non-empty finite set of symbols accepted by a given language)
aakkostus {n} :: alphabetisation
AA-liike {n} :: The Alcoholics Anonymous (movement)
aalloitse {adv} :: By waves
aalloitse {adv} :: Across waves
aalloittain {adv} :: In waves
aalloittainen {adj} :: Taking places in waves
aalloittaisuus {n} :: waviness (quality of coming or occurring in waves)
aallokas {adj} :: Wavy (full of waves)
aalloke {n} [mathematics] :: wavelet
aallokemuunnos {n} :: wavelet transform
aallokko {n} :: swell
aallokko {n} :: waves
aallokkoinen {adj} :: turbulent, rough, swelling (like that of waves)
aallonharja {n} :: crest of a wave
aallonjohdin {n} [physics] :: waveguide
aallonkorkeus {n} [nautical] :: wave height
aallonmuodostus {n} [hydrodynamics] :: wave formation (process of creating waves, either by natural causes or by a moving vessel)
aallonmurtaja {n} :: breakwater, jetty
aallonmurtaja {n} :: groyne (structure that projects from the shoreline to prevent erosion)
aallonpituus {n} :: wavelength
aallonpituusalue {n} [physics] :: A wavelength band or a band of wavelengths
aallonpohja {n} :: trough of a wave
aallonpohja {n} :: the lowest point or level
aalloppi {n} [dialectal, rare] :: drain, exhaust pipe (any pipe that carries waste material away)
aallota {vi} [of water or some other liquid] :: To wave (usually once, violently or quickly)
aallotar {n} [mythology] :: water nymph
Aallotar {prop} :: given name
aallottaa {vt} :: To corrugate, make (sth) wavy/rolling/swelling/undulating (e.g. paper)
aallottaminen {n} :: making (sth, e.g. paper) wavy / rolling / swelling / undulating, corrugating, corrugation
aallottaminen {n} :: act of producing waves
aallotus {n} :: corrugation
aaloe {n} [plant] :: aloe
aalto {n} :: wave
aalto {n} :: outbreak (sudden increase)
Aalto {prop} :: surname
aaltoallas {n} :: wave pool
aaltoalue {n} :: Short form of aallonpituusalue (wavelength band), used mainly of radio wavelengths and in compound terms
aaltoenergia {n} :: wave power
aaltofunktio {n} :: wave function
aalto-hiukkasdualismi {n} [physics] :: wave-particle duality
aaltoileva {adj} :: wavy
aaltoilevammin {adv} :: comparative of aaltoilevasti
aaltoilevampi {adj} :: comparative of aaltoileva
aaltoilevasti {adv} :: wavily
aaltoilevimmin {adv} :: superlative of aaltoilevasti
aaltoilevuus {n} :: waviness, curliness
aaltoilla {vi} :: To wave, undulate
aaltoilu {n} :: waving, the movement of waves
aaltoimpedanssi {n} [physics] :: wave impedance
aaltoinen {adj} :: wavy
aaltojohto {n} [physics] :: waveguide
aaltojuotos {n} :: wave soldering
aaltolevy {n} [construction] :: corrugated plate
aaltolevy {n} [optics] :: waveplate, wave plate
aaltoliike {n} :: wave motion
aaltoluku {n} :: wavenumber
aaltomainen {adj} :: wavelike
aaltomaisuus {n} :: waviness, undulation
aaltomekaniikka {n} :: wave mechanics
aaltomittari {n} :: scallop shell moth (Rheumaptera undulata)
aaltomuoto {n} [physics, mathematics] :: waveform
aaltonen {n} :: diminutive of aalto
aaltonen {n} [mathematics] :: wavelet
Aaltonen {prop} :: surname
aaltopahvi {n} :: corrugated cardboard
aaltopelti {n} [construction material] :: corrugated iron, corrugated sheet
aaltopilvi {n} :: wave cloud
aaltopituus {n} :: alternative form of aallonpituus
aaltoputki {n} [physics] :: waveguide
aaltorintama {n} :: wavefront
aaltosulje {n} :: A curly bracket, brace (symbols "{" and "}" )
aaltosulku {n} :: A curly bracket (symbols "{" and "}")
aaltosulkumerkki {n} :: A curly bracket sign
aaltoteoria {n} [physics] :: wave theory
aaltotutkimus {n} :: wave research
aaltovektori {n} :: wave vector
aaltoviiva {n} :: wavy line
aaltoviiva {n} :: tilde
aaltovoima {n} :: wave power
aaltovoimala {n} [electric power] :: A wave power station, wave power plant, wave farm
aaltoyhtälö {n} :: wave equation
aamen {interj} :: amen
aami {n} :: An old unit of volume, 157.03 litres
aamiainen {n} :: breakfast
aamiaisaika {n} :: breakfast time
aamiaishetki {n} :: breakfast time
aamiaismajoitus {n} :: bed and breakfast
aamiaismurot {n} [pluralonly] :: breakfast cereal
aamiaistaa {vi} :: To have breakfast
aamiaistapaaminen {n} :: breakfast meeting (early meeting in which breakfast is served to the participants)
aamiaistunti {n} :: breakfast hour (break of work, usually shorter than one hour, allowed for eating breakfast or sometimes lunch)
Aamon {prop} [biblical character] :: Amon
Aamos {prop} :: Amos [biblical character]
aamu {n} :: morning
Aamu {prop} [rare] :: given name
aamuaskare {n} :: morning chore
aamuateria {n} :: breakfast (first meal of the day, eaten in the morning)
aamuerektio {n} :: morning erection, morning glory, morning wood
aamuhartaus {n} :: lauds, matins, morning prayer (short divine office held in the morning)
aamuhetki {n} :: early-morning hour
aamuhämärä {n} :: dawn, morning twilight
aamuihminen {n} :: morning person
aamuinen {adj} :: taking place in the morning
aamuöinen {adj} :: Taking place during small hours, or wee hours
aamuisin {adv} :: In the morning
aamuisin {adj} :: superlative of aamuinen
aamujumalanpalvelus {n} :: morning service
aamujuna {n} :: morning train
aamukahdeksan {n} :: eight in the morning, 8 a.m.
aamukahvi {n} :: morning coffee (cup of coffee drunk early in the morning)
aamukahvi {n} :: breakfast
aamukampa {n} [military slang] :: A "morning comb"; a comb in which every tooth represents one remaining morning in the military service - every morning one tooth is removed. The comb can then be displayed to younger soldiers for their envy
aamukampa {n} [figuratively, by extension] :: The remaining last days of anything
aamukaste {n} :: morning dew
aamukirkko {n} :: morning mass
aamukylmä {n} :: morning cool
aamulehti {n} :: morning paper
Aamulehti {prop} :: Finland's second-largest daily newspaper, published in Tampere
aamulenkki {n} :: morning run
aamulepakko {n} :: cave nectar bat (Eonycteris spelaea)
aamulähetys {n} :: morning program, morning broadcast
aamulla {adv} :: at morning
aamullinen {adj} :: Occurring in the morning
aamulämpö {n} :: morning temperature (body temperature in the morning)
aamulämpötila {n} :: morning temperature (atmospheric temperature in the morning)
aamulämpötila {n} :: synonym of aamulämpö (body temperature in the morning)
aamulypsy {n} :: morning milking
aamunavaus {n} :: morning assembly (joint meeting at the beginning of a working day, chiefly held in schools, the purpose of which is to orientate the students to the working day, to share information or to deliver a message which may have ideological or religious content, depending on the country)
aamunkajo {n} :: dawn (the first light of the day which appears some time before the sunrise)
aamunkoi {n} :: dawn, sunrise, break of day
aamunkoite {n} :: dawn, daybreak, first light, cockcrow
aamunkoitteessa {adv} :: at dawn
aamunkoitto {n} :: dawn, daybreak, break of dawn; sunrise
aamunraikas {adj} :: fresh as the morning
aamunsarastus {adj} :: dawn, daybreak
aamuntorkku {n} :: late riser
aamunvirkku {n} :: early riser
aamupahoinvointi {n} :: morning sickness
aamupala {n} :: breakfast
aamupalvelus {n} :: matins
aamupesu {n} :: washing oneself in the morning
aamupäivä {n} :: (late) morning, forenoon (part of the day roughly from the beginning of working hours to midday)
aamupäiväinen {adj} :: Taking place during the morning half of the day
aamupäivisin {adv} :: In the mornings (habitually taking place during the morning half of the day)
aamupäivätoiminta {n} :: In Finnish comprehensive schools (peruskoulu), an optional non-curricular activity offered for the 1st and 2nd year students before the beginning of the school day. This allows working parents to bring their children to school in a time that fits their working hours
aamupäivävahti {n} :: forenoon watch (aboard a ship, a watch from 8 a.m. to noon)
aamupuhde {n} :: morning twilight
aamupuku {n} :: morning dress, morning suit (men's formal attire worn during the day)
aamupuoli {n} :: The part of day or night which is close to the morning, i.e. roughly the time from midnight to noon
aamurukous {n} :: morning prayer (individual's prayer that is read in the morning)
aamuruoka {n} :: breakfast
aamurusko {n} :: light of dawn (change in the colour of the sky) before sunrise
aamuruuhka {n} :: morning rush hour
aamusella {adv} :: In the morning
aamusumu {n} :: morning mist, morning fog
aamutakki {n} :: dressing gown
aamutähti {n} [astronomy] :: morning star
aamutohveli {n} :: morning slipper
aamutorkku {n} :: late riser
aamutorkku {n} :: morning nap
aamutossu {n} :: slipper
aamutuima {n} :: early morning
aamutuimaan {adv} :: Early in the morning
aamu-uninen {adj} :: sleepy in the mornings
aamu-unisuus {n} :: morning sleepiness
aamu-uutiset {n} :: A morning newscast, morning news
aamuvahti {n} [nautical] :: morning watch (aboard a ship, a watch from 4 a.m. to 8 a.m.)
aamuvarhain {adv} :: Early in the morning
aamuvarhainen {n} :: early morning
aamuvarhaisella {adv} :: Early in the morning
aamuvartio {n} :: morning watch
aamuvirkku {n} :: early riser, early bird, morning person, lark (one who wakes early)
aamuvoimistelu {n} :: morning calisthenics
aamuvuoro {n} :: morning shift
aamuyö {n} :: small hours (period from midnight to dawn)
-aani {suffix} [organic chemistry] :: -ane
aapa {n} :: A type of open swamp
aapasuo {n} :: minerotrophic bog; a type of open swamp
Aapeli {prop} :: given name
aapinen {n} :: primer, ABC (textbook formerly used in primary education to teach the alphabet)
aapiskirja {n} :: A primer or an ABC (textbook formerly used in primary education to teach the alphabet)
aapiskukko {n} :: A rooster with a raised pointer stick in one foot - a symbol of learning and wisdom used since the 1700s, primarily in ABC books
Aapo {prop} :: given name
Aappo {prop} :: given name, a variant of Aapo
aaprotti {n} [plant] :: southernwood (Artemisia abrotanum)
aaprottimaruna {n} :: southernwood (Artemisia abrotanum)
Aaretti {prop} :: given name
aari {n} :: 100 square metres, are
aari {n} :: an Aari
aari {n} :: the Aari language
aaria {n} [music] :: aria
Aarne {prop} :: given name
Aarne {prop} :: The letter "A" in the Finnish tavausaakkoset, a spelling system similar to ICAO spelling alphabet
aarni {n} [archaic, mythology] :: treasure
Aarni {prop} :: given name
aarnialue {n} [ecology] :: primeval forest
aarnihauta {n} [mythology] :: A place where a treasure is said to be hidden
aarnihokko {n} :: great curassow (Crax rubra)
aarnihonka {n} :: A tall and old pine tree
aarnikotka {n} :: griffon, griffin (mythical animal)
aarniluppo {n} :: A species of lichen, Bryoria nadvornikiana
aarnimetsä {n} :: alternative form of aarniometsä
aarnio {n} [mythology] :: a hidden, buried treasure
aarnio {n} :: thicket
aarniohauta {n} [mythology] :: A buried treasure
aarniometsä {n} :: old-growth forest, virgin forest
aarnipuu {n} :: A tall and old tree
aarnitoko {n} :: black dwarf hornbill (Tockus hartlaubi)
aarnituli {n} [mythology] :: A will o' the wisp, especially one that burns over a hidden treasure
aarnivalkea {n} [mythology] :: A will o' the wisp, especially one that burns over a hidden treasure
Aarno {prop} :: given name
Aaro {prop} :: given name
Aaron {prop} :: Aaron (biblical figure)
Aaron {prop} :: given name
aaroninparta {n} [plant] :: Aaron's beard, Saxifraga stolonifera
aaroninsauva {n} [plant] :: wild arum (Arum maculatum)
aarpora {n} :: reamer
aarporata {v} :: to ream
aarre {n} :: treasure
aarre {n} :: treasure trove (hidden tresure, subsequently discovered)
aarre {n} :: treasure trove (valuable discovery)
Aarre {prop} :: given name
aarreaitta {n} :: treasury (place where state or royal money and valuables are stored)
aarreaitta {n} [figuratively] :: treasury (collection of valuable artistic or literary works)
aarrearkku {n} :: treasure chest, treasury
aarrehauta {n} [mythology] :: A buried treasure
aarrekammio {n} :: treasure chamber
aarrekätkö {n} :: treasure cache
aarrelöytö {n} :: treasure trove (hidden treasure, subsequently discovered)
aarresaari {n} :: treasure island
aarretuli {n} [mythology] :: synonym of aarnituli
aarrevalkea {n} [mythology] :: alternative form of aarnivalkea
aarteenetsijä {n} :: treasure hunter
aarteenetsintä {n} :: treasure hunting
aarteenkaivaja {n} :: treasure digger
aarteenmetsästys {n} :: treasure hunt
aarteisto {n} :: treasures
aasa {n} [mythology] :: áss (one of the gods of the Æsir)
aasainusko {n} :: Asatru, Ásatrú (neopaganistic religion which aims to revive the belief in, and worship of, the Æsir)
aasainuskoinen {n} :: Asatruar (adherent of Asatru)
aasi {n} :: donkey, ass (Equus asinus)
aasi {n} :: stupid person
-aasi {suffix} [biochemistry] :: -ase (suffix used in terms for enzymes)
Aasia {prop} :: Asia (continent)
aasialainen {adj} :: Asian
aasialainen {n} :: An Asian person
aasialaisuus {n} :: The quality of being Asian
aasianharlekiini {n} :: broadbill (bird of the genus Eurylaimus)
aasianhaukkanen {n} :: falconet (any of the small falcons of the genus Microhierax)
aasianiibis {n} :: ibis (bird of the genus Pseudibis in the family Threskiornithidae, ibises and spoonbills)
aasianiibishaikara {n} :: painted stork, Mycteria leucocephala
Aasian ja Tyynenmeren alue {prop} [business] :: Asia-Pacific
Aasian ja Tyynenmeren maiden talousjärjestö {prop} :: APEC, Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation
aasianjokipääsky {n} :: white-eyed river martin, Pseudochelidon sirintarae, Eurochelidon sirintarae
aasiankalliokyyhky {n} :: hill pigeon, Columba rupestris
aasiankalliopääsky {n} :: dusky crag martin, Ptyonoprogne concolor
aasiankeisarikalastaja {n} :: crested kingfisher (Megaceryle lugubris)
aasiankiitäjä {n} :: fork-tailed swift, Pacific swift, Apus pacificus
aasiankilpikierto {n} :: Asian moonseed, Menispermum dauricum
aasiankirjotikka {n} :: fulvous-breasted woodpecker (Dendrocopos macei)
Aasian kisat {prop} [sports] :: Asian Games
aasiankiuru {n} :: oriental skylark, oriental lark, small skylark (Alauda gulgula)
aasiankoskikara {n} :: brown dipper, Cinclus pallasii
aasiankääpiöhaukka {n} :: white-rumped pygmy falcon, white-rumped falcon, Polihierax insignis
aasiankääpiöorava {n} :: black-eared squirrel, Nannosciurus melanotis
aasiankääpiösorsa {n} :: cotton teal, Indian pygmy-goose, Nettapus coromandelianus
aasiankukaali {n} :: greater coucal, Centropus sinensis
aasiankultakissa {n} :: Asiatic golden cat, Catopuma temminckii or Pardofelis temminckii
aasiankultakutoja {n} :: Asian golden weaver, Ploceus hypoxanthus
aasianleijona {n} :: Asiatic lion, Panthera leo persica
aasianlumivarpunen {n} :: snowfinch, (any of the four passerine bird species in the genus Montifringilla which were formerly classified in their own genus Pyrgilauda)
aasianlumivarpuset {n} [ornithology] :: The genus Pyrgilauda
aasianmangrovemedestäjä {n} :: copper-throated sunbird, Leptocoma calcostetha
aasianmarmorimurri {n} :: long-billed murrelet, Brachyramphus perdix
aasianmedestäjä {n} :: sunbird (bird of the genus Leptocoma in the family Nectariniidae, the family of sunbirds)
aasianmetsäpyy {n} :: hill partridge (bird of the genus Arborophila)
Aasian mustakarhu {n} :: synonym of kauluskarhu
aasianmutakala {n} :: pond loach, dojo loach, oriental weather loach, Japanese weather loach (Misgurnus anguillicaudatus) (freshwater fish in the loach family Cobitidae, native to East Asia, sometimes used as an aquarium fish)
aasiannakkeli {n} :: chestnut-bellied nuthatch, Sitta castanea
aasiannorsu {n} :: Asian elephant, Elephas maximus
aasianpalmukiitäjä {n} :: Asian palm swift, Cypsiurus balasiensis
aasianpalokärki {n} :: white-bellied woodpecker, Dryocopus javensis
aasianpensaskiuru {n} :: rufous-winged bushlark, Mirafra assamica
aasianpikkutikka {n} :: grey-capped pygmy woodpecker, Dendrocopos canicapillus
aasianpöllökehrääjä {n} :: frogmouth (bird of the genus Batrachostomus)
aasianpääskykahlaaja {n} :: oriental pratincole, Glareola maldivarum
aasianpyhäiibis {n} :: black-headed ibis, Threskiornis melanocephalus
aasianrakonokka {n} :: Asian openbill, Anastomus oscitans
aasianrilli {n} :: oriental white-eye, Zosterops palpebrosus
aasianrääkkiäinen {n} :: Swinhoe's rail, Coturnicops exquisitus
aasianräystäspääsky {n} :: Asian house martin, Delichon dasypus
aasiansatulahaikara {n} :: black-necked stork, Ephippiorhynchus asiaticus
aasiansieppokerttu {n} [ornithology] :: A bird of the genus Seicercus of the family Phylloscopidae (separated from Sylviidae, the Old World warblers)
aasiansieppokertut {n} [ornithology] :: The genus Seicercus of the family Phylloscopidae (separated from Sylviidae, the Old World warblers)
aasiansininärhi {n} :: dollarbird, dollar roller Eurystomus orientalis
aasiantiikerihyttynen {n} :: Asian tiger mosquito, Aedes albopictus
aasiantoko {n} :: grey hornbill (bird of the genus Ocyceros)
aasiantöpökerttunen {n} :: stubtail (any of the three passerine birds in the genus Urosphena)
aasiantöpökerttunen {n} [in plural] :: the genus Urosphena
aasiantöpökiitäjä {n} :: silver-rumped spinetail, silver-rumped spinetailed swift, Rhaphidura leucopygialis
aasiantörmäpääsky {n} :: pale sand martin, Riparia diluta
aasiantrogoni {n} :: trogon (bird of the genus Harpactes)
aasiantupsuhäntäpiikkisika {n} :: Asiatic brush-tailed porcupine, Atherurus macrourus
aasianturturikyyhky {n} :: spotted-necked dove, Streptopelia chinensis
aasiantöyhtötikka {n} :: rufous woodpecker, Celeus brachyurus
aasianuikkukana {n} :: masked finfoot, Heliopais personatus
aasianuuttukyyhky {n} :: pale-backed pigeon, yellow-eyed pigeon, Columba eversmanni
aasianviheltäjä {n} :: mangrove whistler, Pachycephala cinerea
aasianvihervarpunen {n} :: yellow-breasted greenfinch, Chloris spinoides
aasianvilliaasi {n} :: kulan, Equus hemionus
aasianvillihevonen {n} :: Przewalski's horse, Equus ferus przewalskii
aasianvuoripeippo {n} :: Asian rosy finch, Leucosticte arctoa
aasimainen {adj} :: asinine
aasimaisempi {adj} :: comparative of aasimainen
aasimaisesti {adv} :: asininely
aasimaisuus {n} :: asininity
aasinajaja {n} :: donkey driver
aasinkorva {n} [plant] :: Syngonium auritum
aasinmaksaruoho {n} [plant] :: A plant, Sedum burrito
aasinpotku {n} [figuratively] :: own goal, backfiring
aasinsilta {n} [rhetoric, literature] :: An awkward transition from one topic to another
aasinsilta {n} [math, rare] :: pons asinorum (Euclid's fifth theorem)
aasintamma {n} :: she-ass, jenny-ass, jenny (female donkey)
aasiori {n} :: jackass (male donkey)
aasitamma {n} :: jenny, jennet (female donkey or ass)
aasta ööhön {phrase} :: from A to Z
aatami {n} [figuratively] :: Adam
Aatami {prop} [Christianity, colloquial] :: Adam (first man, according to the Bible)
Aatami {prop} :: given name, equivalent of Adam
Aatamila {prop} :: surname
aataminaikainen {adj} :: Really old, antediluvian
aataminomena {n} [anatomy] :: Adam's apple, thyroid cartilage, laryngeal prominence
aataminpuku {n} [euphemistic] :: birthday suit (nakedness)
Aataminsilta {prop} [geography] :: Adam's Bridge
aate {n} :: An ideology
aatehistoria {n} :: history of ideologies
aatekilpailu {n} [architecture] :: ideas competition (competition for architects to find the best and most attractive general idea for a construction project, often for an area or zone rather than an individual building)
aateli {n} :: nobility
aateliike {n} [dated] :: ideological movement
aatelinen {n} :: nobleman, noblewoman (member of nobility)
aatelinen {adj} :: noble (belonging to nobility)
aatelisarvo {n} :: noble rank
aatelisherra {n} :: nobleman
aateliskalenteri {n} :: calendar of nobility (listing of the members of noble families)
aateliskartano {n} :: noble estate (large estate owned by a nobleman, often originally granted as privilege by the)
aateliskartano {n} :: The main building of such an estate, even if separated from the original land ownership
aatelismies {n} :: nobleman
aatelisnainen {n} :: noblewoman
aatelisneiti {n} :: noble-miss
aatelisneito {n} :: noblewoman
aatelisnenä {n} :: A type of nose associated with nobility i.e. a relatively tall nose with a more or less visible hump
aatelisnimi {n} :: noble name (surname of a noble family)
aatelisrouva {n} :: noblewoman
aatelissääty {n} :: nobility (nobility as an estate of the realm)
aatelissuku {n} :: noble family (family that belongs to nobility)
aatelisto {n} :: nobility
aatelisuus {n} :: nobility, nobleness (quality of being of noble birth)
aatelisvaakuna {n} :: A coat of arms of a noble family
aateliton {n} :: commoner (not of noble rank)
aatella {v} [dialectal] :: alternative form of ajatella
aatelma {n} :: alternative form of ajatelma
aateloida {vt} :: To ennoble, raise to the nobility/peerage
aatelointi {n} :: ennobling, ennoblement (making one noble)
aateluus {n} :: nobility, nobleness (quality)
aateluus velvoittaa {phrase} :: noblesse oblige
aatemaailma {n} :: ideology (doctrine, body of ideas)
aatepiiri {n} :: sphere of ideas
aaterakennelma {n} :: ideology, system of thought (body of beliefs or principles belonging to an individual or group, especially one that has been organized to a theory)
aaterikkaus {n} :: richness of ideas, richness of thought
aatesisar {n} :: ideological sister (female ideological companion)
aatesuunta {n} :: current of thought, ideological current
aatetoveri {n} :: co-ideologist, ideological companion
aateveli {n} :: ideological brother (male ideological companion)
aatevirtaus {n} :: current of thought, ideological current
-aatio {suffix} :: -ation
Aato {prop} [rare] :: given name
aatonaatto {n} :: eve's eve (day before an eve)
aatos {n} [literary] :: thought
Aatos {prop} :: given name
aatra {n} [historical] :: ard, scratch plough (simple plough)
aatra {n} [dialectal] :: plough
aatteellinen {adj} :: Ideological; adhering to an ideology
aatteellisemmin {adv} :: comparative of aatteellisesti
aatteellisempi {adj} :: comparative of aatteellinen
aatteellisesti {adv} :: ideologically
aatteellisimmin {adv} :: superlative of aatteellisesti
aatteellisin {adj} :: superlative of aatteellinen
aatteellisuus {n} :: The state of being ideological
aatteeton {n} :: unideological
-aatteinen {adj} [dated] :: -thinking
-aatteinen {adj} [dated] :: -minded
aatto {n} :: eve
Aatto {prop} :: given name
aattoaika {n} :: opening hours on an eve
aattoaika {n} :: An unspecified period before an eve, when preparations are made for the celebration
aattoilta {n} :: eve's eve; the evening of an eve, particularly the evening before juhannus (Midsummer), joulu (Christmas) or uusivuosi (New Year)
aattopäivä {n} :: eve day, eve
aattoyö {n} :: eve night, eve's night (night of an eve, particularly the night before juhannus (Midsummer), joulu (Christmas) or uusivuosi (New Year))
Aatu {prop} :: given name
aava {adj} :: open, wide (featuring a very large open area, especially sea)
aava {n} :: open sea
Aava {prop} :: given name
aavameri {n} :: A rare spelling of aava meri, ("high seas, open sea"), used principally attributively in genitive singular, as in aavanmeren laivasto
aave {n} :: phantom (something apparently seen, heard, or sensed, but having no physical reality)
aave {n} :: ghost (spirit of a dead person)
aavejuna {n} :: ghost train (supernatural manifestatiopn of a train)
aavekaupunki {n} :: ghost town
aavekipu {n} :: phantom pain
aavekuva {n} :: ghost image (undesired image appearing at the image plane of an optical system)
aavelaiva {n} :: ghost ship
aavemainen {adj} :: ghostly
aavemaisemmin {adv} :: comparative of aavemaisesti
aavemaisempi {adj} :: comparative of aavemainen
aavemaisesti {adv} :: eerily
aavemaisimmin {adv} :: superlative of aavemaisesti
aavemaisin {adj} :: superlative of aavemainen
aavemaisuus {n} :: ghostliness
aavempi {adj} :: comparative of aava
aaveraaja {n} [pathology] :: phantom limb
aavesärky {n} [medicine] :: phantom pain
aavikko {n} :: desert
aavikkoalue {n} :: desert area
aavikkogundi {n} :: Val's gundi, Ctenodactylus vali (rodent found in parts of northern Sahara)
aavikkohaukka {n} :: saker, saker falcon (Falco cherrug)
aavikkoiguaani {n} :: desert iguana, Dipsosaurus dorsalis
aavikkoilmasto {n} :: desert climate
aavikkoilves {n} :: caracal (Caracal caracal)
aavikkoinen {adj} :: desert, barren (consisting of, or like a desert)
aavikkojerbo {n} :: jerboa, desert rat
aavikkojäniskenguru {n} :: Lake Mackay hare-wallaby (Lagorchestes asomatus)
aavikkojuoksija {n} :: cream-coloured courser, Cursorius cursor
aavikkokaniini {n} :: desert cottontail, Sylvilagus audubonii
aavikkokauppiasrotta {n} :: desert woodrat, Neoroma lepida
aavikkokehrääjä {n} :: Egyptian nightjar, Caprimulgus aegyptius
aavikkokenguru {n} :: desert rat-kangaroo (Caloprymnus campestris)
aavikkokerttu {n} :: streaked scrub warbler, Scotocerca inquieta
aavikkokettu {n} :: fennec (Fennecus zerda)
aavikkokissa {n} :: African wildcat, Felis silvestris lybica
aavikkokiuru {n} :: desert lark, Ammomanes deserti
aavikkokiuru {n} [in plural] :: Ammomanes (genus of birds in lark family)
aavikkokultakontiainen {n} :: Grant's golden mole, Eremitalpa granti
aavikkokultamyyrä {n} :: Grant's golden mole, Eremitalpa granti
aavikkokultarinta {n} :: Sykes's warbler, Iduna rama
aavikkomara {n} :: Chacoan mara, Dolichotis salinicola
aavikkopikkumarsu {n} :: southern mountain cavy, Microcavia australis
aavikkopöllö {n} :: Hume's owl, Strix butleri
aavikkopäästäinen {n} :: Crawford's gray shrew, Notiosorex crawfordi
aavikkopussimäyrä {n} :: desert bandicoot, Perameles eremiana
aavikkopyy {n} :: sand partridge, Ammoperdix heyi
aavikkopyy {n} [in plural] :: Ammoperdix (genus of birds consisting of two species)
aavikkorotta {n} :: A desert rat or jerboa, especially the lesser Egyptian jerboa, Jaculus jaculus
aavikkosiili {n} :: long-eared hedgehog, Hemiechinus auritus
aavikkotaipaani {n} :: inland taipan, small scaled snake or fierce snake, Oxyuranus microlepidotus
aavikkotasku {n} :: desert wheatear, Oenanthe deserti
aavikkotaskurotta {n} :: desert pocket gopher, Geomys arenarius
aavikkotrappi {n} :: Arabian bustard, Ardeotis arabs
aavikkotulkku {n} :: trumpeter finch, Bucanetes githagineus
aavikkotulkku {n} [in plural] :: Bucanetes (genus of passerine birds consisting of two species)
aavikkotylli {n} :: greater sand plover, Charadrius leschenaultii
aavikkounikeko {n} :: desert dormouse, Selevinia betpakdalaensis
aavikkovarpunen {n} :: desert sparrow (Passer simplex)
aavikoittaa {v} :: to desertify (to cause to become desert)
aavikoitua {vr} :: to desertify (to become desert)
aavikoituminen {n} :: desertification
aavin {adj} :: superlative of aava
aavistaa {vt} :: To anticipate; to have a feeling that..., have a premonition of
aavistamaton {adj} :: unexpected, unforeseen
aavistamatta {adv} :: unsuspectedly
aavistamatta {adv} :: unsuspectingly
aavistella {vi} :: To have a hunch, to have a funny feeling
aavistuksenomainen {adj} :: premonition-like
aavistus {n} :: premonition, intuition
aavistuslähtö {n} [sports] :: false start
abaattinen {adj} [medicine] :: abasic (lacking the ability to walk)
abakaviiri {n} [pharmaceutical drug] :: abacavir
abaksiaalinen {adj} :: abaxial (facing to a direction away from the central axis of an organism)
abakteriaalinen {adj} :: abacterial (not caused by bacteria, characterized by lack of bacteria)
abakterielli {adj} [rare] :: Alternative term for abakteriaalinen
abaloni {n} :: An abalone, a pawa (New Zealand English)
abasia {n} [medicine] :: abasia (inability to walk)
abatasepti {n} [pharmacology] :: abatacept
abatsi {n} :: abachi, obeche, wawa, ayous, samba (Triplochiton scleroxylon)
abbedissa {n} [Christianity] :: An abbess
abbotinsukeltaja-antilooppi {n} :: Abbott's duiker (Cephalophus spadix)
ABC-ase {n} :: ABC weapon (atomic, biological or chemical weapon of mass destruction)
abdikaatio {n} :: abdication
abdikoida {vi} :: To abdicate
abdominaali {adj} :: abdominal, ventral (of or pertaining to the abdomen)
abdominaalimigreeni {n} [pathology] :: abdominal migraine (variant of migraine)
abdominaalinen {adj} :: abdominal
abdominoplastia {n} [plastic surgery] :: abdominoplasty
abduktiivinen {adj} :: abductive
abduktio {n} [physiology] :: abduction (movement which separates a body part from the center line of the body or a limb)
abduktio {n} [logic] :: abduction (form of argument)
abduktio {n} :: abduction (wrongful, and usually forcible, carrying off of a human being, especially by aliens)
abduktoida {v} :: To abduct
abduktori {n} [anatomy] :: abductor (muscle which serves to draw a part out)
abeetalipoproteinemia {n} [pathology] :: abetalipoproteinemia (rare autosomal recessive disorder, lack of beta-lipoproteins in blood)
abelinen {adj} [math] :: abelian
Abelin ryhmä {n} [math] :: Abelian group, commutative group
aberraatio {n} :: aberration
aberrantti {adj} :: aberrant
abessiivi {n} [grammar] :: abessive
abessiivisija {n} [grammar] :: abessive case
Abessinia {prop} :: Abyssinia (historical name of Ethiopia)
abessinialainen {adj} [historical] :: Abyssinian
abessinialainen {n} [historical] :: Abyssinian (person)
abessinialainen {n} :: Abyssinian (breed of cat)
abessiniangenetti {n} :: Abyssinian genet, Genetta abyssinica (carnivore of the family Viverridae - civets and relatives, found in moorland, grasslands and sub-desert areas in Ethiopia, Sudan, Eritrea and Djibouti)
abessinianleijona {n} :: Masai lion (Panthera leo massaica, syn. Panthera leo roosevelti)
abhaasi {n} :: An Abkhaz
abhaasi {n} :: The Abkhaz language
abhaasin kieli {n} :: Abkhaz language
abhaasinkielinen {adj} :: Abkhaz (expressed in Abkhaz language)
abhaasinkielinen {adj} :: Abkhaz-speaking
abhaasintaa {v} :: to translate into Abkhaz
Abhasia {prop} :: Abkhazia (a region/country in the Caucasus)
abhasialainen {adj} :: Abkhazian
abhasialainen {n} :: Abkhaz (person from Abkhazia)
abi {n} [colloquial] :: A candidate for the matriculation examination
abikoliitin {n} :: A type of electrical connector for small diameters of electric wire which are attached to the end of the line by pressing
abikopihti {n} [usually in plural] :: crimper (tool for joining electric connectors to the ends of conductor wires by pressing)
abiogeneesi {n} [evolution] :: abiogenesis
abioottinen {adj} :: abiotic
abiotrofia {n} [pathology] :: abiotrophy
abiristeily {n} :: A cruise organized for the last year students of one or more high schools (lukio). This type of cruises are often organized by the students of the Finnish high schools located conveniently to the cruise harbors
abitiinihappo {n} [organic chemistry] :: abietic acid
abiturientti {n} :: A student on the last class of a high school, a candidate for the matriculation examination
abivuosi {n} :: A student's last year in high school (lukio)
ablaatio {n} :: ablation
ablatiivi {n} [grammar] :: ablative
ablatiivinen {adj} :: ablatival
ablatiivisija {n} [grammar] :: ablative case
abnormaali {adj} :: Abnormal
abnormi {adj} :: abnormal
abnormiteetti {n} :: abnormality
abnormius {n} :: abnormality
abo {n} :: abo
abolitionismi {n} :: abolitionism
abolitionisti {n} :: abolitionist
aboraalinen {adj} [zoology] :: aboral (located away from the mouth)
aboriginaali {n} :: Aboriginal (original inhabitant of Australia)
aboriginaaliheimo {n} :: Aboriginal tribe
aborigine {n} :: Aborigine (aboriginal Australian)
abortiivinen {adj} :: abortive
abortinvastainen {adj} :: antiabortion
abortoida {vt} :: To abort (a fetus; to cause a premature termination of a fetus)
abortoiminen {n} :: abort, aborting
abortointi {n} :: abort
abortti {n} [medicine] :: abortion, induced abortion (procedure that terminates pregnancy by removing the fetus)
aborttiklinikka {n} :: abortion clinic (medical facility that specializes in abortions)
aborttilainsäädäntö {n} :: abortion legislation
aborttipilleri {n} :: abortion pill (drug that induces abortion)
aborttitabletti {n} :: Alternative term for aborttipilleri
abraasio {n} :: abrasion
abrahamilainen {adj} :: Abrahamic
abrakadabra {n} :: abracadabra (complicated technical or other jargon)
abrakadabra {interj} :: abracadabra (used by performing magician to indicate the moment of performing a magical trick or illusion)
abrakia {n} [pathology] :: abrachia (congenital absence of arms)
absenssi {n} :: absence
absessi {n} [pathology] :: An abscess
absidi {n} [architecture] :: apse (semicircular projection from a building, especially the rounded east end of a church that contains the altar)
absidi {n} [rare] :: vestibule of a double skin tent
absiksimabi {n} [pharmacology] :: abciximab
absintti {n} :: absinthe, absinth (strong alcoholoc beverage)
absinttiöljy {n} :: synonym of koiruohoöljy
abskessi {n} [medicine] :: abscess
abskissa {n} [mathematics] :: abscissa
abskissihappo {n} [organic chemistry] :: abscisic acid
absolutiivi {n} [grammar] :: The absolutive case
absolutismi {n} :: the ideal of abstaining from the consumption of alcohol
absolutismi {n} :: absolutism
absolutisti {n} :: absolutist (one who favours an absolute government)
absolutisti {n} :: teetotaler (one who drinks no alcohol at all)
absolutistinen {adj} :: absolutist
absoluutio {n} :: absolution
absoluutti {n} :: absolute
absoluuttinen {adj} :: absolute
absoluuttinen lämpötila {n} :: absolute temperature
absoluuttinen nollapiste {n} [physics] :: absolute zero
absoluuttisemmin {adv} :: comparative of absoluuttisesti
absoluuttisesti {adv} :: absolutely
absoluuttisimmin {adv} :: superlative of absoluuttisesti
absoluuttisuus {n} :: absoluteness (state of being absolute)
absorbanssi {n} :: absorbance
absorbentti {n} :: absorbent
absorboida {vt} [physics] :: To absorb
absorbointi {n} :: absorption
absorboitua {vi} [physics, + illative] :: To be absorbed into
absorptio {n} [chemistry, physics] :: absorption
absorptiokerroin {n} :: absorption coefficient
absorptiometria {n} :: absorptiometry
absorptiospektri {n} [physics] :: absorption spectrum
absorptioviiva {n} :: absorption line
abstinenssi {n} :: abstinence
abstinenssioire {n} :: Alternative term for vieroitusoire
abstrahoida {vt} :: To abstract, make an epitome/a general concept of
abstrahointi {n} :: abstraction
abstrahoitua {vi} :: To be abstracted, be generalized
abstrahoituma {n} [linguistics] :: A name that has been derived from an inflected form of another word
abstrakteimmin {adv} :: superlative of abstraktisti
abstraktein {adj} :: superlative of abstrakti
abstrakti {adj} :: abstract (free from representational qualities)
abstrakti {adj} :: abstract (apart from practice or reality; not concrete; ideal; vague; theoretical; impersonal)
abstrakti {adj} :: abstract (difficult to understand; abstruse)
abstrakti {adj} [programming] :: abstract
abstrakti algebra {n} [mathematics] :: abstract algebra
abstraktijulkaisu {n} :: abstract publication (publication publishing abstracts)
abstraktimmin {adv} :: comparative of abstraktisti
abstraktimpi {adj} :: comparative of abstrakti
abstraktinen {adj} :: abstract
abstraktio {n} :: abstraction
abstraktionismi {n} :: abstractionism
abstraktisesti {adv} :: alternative form of abstraktisti
abstraktistaa {v} :: A variant of abstrahoida
abstraktisti {adv} :: abstractly
abstraktistua {vi} :: To become abstract
abstraktisuus {n} :: abstractness (quality of being abstract)
abstraktius {n} :: synonym of abstraktisuus (quality of being abstract)
absurdeimmin {adv} :: superlative of absurdisti
absurdein {adj} :: superlative of absurdi
absurdi {adj} :: absurd
absurdimmin {adv} :: comparative of absurdisti
absurdimpi {adj} :: comparative of absurdi
absurdismi {n} :: absurdism
absurdisti {n} :: absurdist
absurdisti {adv} :: absurdly
absurditeetti {n} :: absurdity
absurdius {n} :: absurdity
abulia {n} [psychiatry] :: abulia
abuulinen {adj} [psychiatry] :: abulic
abyssaalinen {adj} :: abyssal
abyssinen {adj} :: alternative form of abyssaalinen
acajoupähkinä {n} [rare] :: cashew nut, acajou
aceh {n} :: Acehnese, Aceh (Malayo-Polynesian language spoken in Aceh, Sumatra, Indonesia)
Ackermannin funktio {n} [comptheory] :: Ackermann function
adaktylia {n} [pathology] :: adactylism (congenital absence of fingers or toes)
adalimumabi {n} :: adalimumab (antirheumatic drug)
adamantaani {n} :: adamantane
adamantiini {n} [anatomy] :: enamel (hard covering on the exposed part of a tooth)
adapaleeni {n} [pharmacology] :: adapalene (medicine used topically to treat skin conditions)
adaptaatio {n} :: adaptation (process of becoming adapted)
adaptationismi {n} [biology] :: adaptationism
adapteri {n} :: adapter
adaptiivinen {adj} :: adaptive
adaptoida {vt} :: To adapt
adaptointi {n} :: An adaptation; the process of adapting
adaptoitua {vi} :: To be(come) adapted
adaptoituminen {n} :: adaptation
addikti {n} :: An addict
addiktiivinen {adj} :: addictive
addiktio {n} :: an addiction
addiktoida {v} :: to addict (to cause to become addicted)
addiktoitua {v} :: to addict (to become addicted)
addiktoiva {adj} :: addictive
Addis {prop} [colloquial] :: Addis Ababa (Ethiopia's capital city)
Addis Abeba {prop} :: Addis Ababa (capital of Ethiopia)
Addisonin tauti {n} [pathology] :: Addison's disease
addisonismi {n} [pathology] :: Addison's disease
additiivinen {adj} :: additive
additio {n} [chemistry] :: addition
addukti {adj} [chemistry] :: adduct
adduktiivinen {adj} :: adductive
adduktio {n} [physiology] :: adduction (movement which brings a body part towards the center line of the body or a limb)
adduktiovääntökoe {n} [pathophysiology] :: adduction test (test for determining the condition of a joint by examining its movements)
adduktori {n} [anatomy] :: adductor (muscle which draws a limb or part of the body toward the middle line of the body, or closes extended parts of the body)
adefoviiridipivoksiili {n} :: adefovir dipivoxil (inhibitor used to treat hepatitis B)
adekvaatisti {adv} [rare] :: adequately
adekvaatti {adj} [medicine] :: adequate
adekvaattinen {adj} :: alternative form of adekvaatti
adekvaattius {n} :: adequacy
adele {n} :: Adele (language spoken in Ghana and Togo)
adeniini {n} :: adenine
adeniitti {n} [pathology, jargon] :: adenitis (glandular inflammation)
adenoblasti {n} [cytology] :: adenoblast (embryonic cell that can develop to form glandular parenchyma)
adenofibrooma {n} [pathology] :: adenofibroma (benign glandular and fibrous neoplasm)
adenohypofyysi {n} [anatomy] :: adenohypophysis
adenoidektomia {n} [surgery] :: adenoidectomy, adenotomy
adenoidiitti {n} [pathology, jargon] :: adenoiditis (inflammation of the adenoid)
adenoidinen {n} [anatomy] :: glandiform
adenokarsinooma {n} [oncology] :: adenocarcinoma
adenolipooma {n} [pathology, jargon] :: adenolipoma (benign lipoma of a gland containing both glandular and fat tissue)
adenolymfooma {n} [pathology] :: adenolymphoma (benign tumour of the salivary glands)
adenomatoidi {adj} [pathology] :: adenomatoid (of or pertaining to adenoma)
adenomatoidikasvain {n} [pathology] :: adenomatoid tumor (benign mesothelial tumour of the genital tract)
adenomatoidinen {adj} :: alternative form of adenomatoidi
adenomatoosi {n} [pathology] :: adenomatosis (type of cancer)
adenomatoottinen {adj} [pathology] :: adenomatotic (of or pertaining to adenomatosis)
adenomyomatoosi {n} [pathology] :: adenomyomatosis (condition)
adenomyooma {n} :: adenomyoma (complex tumor including components derived from glands and muscle)
adenomyoosi {n} [pathology] :: adenomyosis
adenooma {n} [pathology] :: adenoma
adenoosi {n} [pathology] :: adenosis (benign swelling, scarring or enlargement of the lymph glands)
adenopatia {n} [pathology] :: synonym of rauhastauti
adenosarkooma {n} :: adenosarcoma (uncommon form of cancer)
adenosiini {n} [biochemistry] :: adenosine (a nucleoside)
adenosiinideaminaasi {n} :: adenosine deaminase
adenosiinidifosfaatti {n} [biochemistry] :: adenosine diphosphate (a nucleotide)
adenosiinimonofosfaatti {n} [biochemistry] :: adenosine monophosphate
adenosiininukleotidi {n} [biochemistry] :: adenosine nucleotide
adenosiinitrifosfaatti {n} [biochemistry] :: adenosine triphosphate
adenosiinitrifosfataasi {n} [biochemistry] :: adenosinetriphosphatase
adenosyytti {n} [cytology] :: adenocyte (secretory cell of a gland)
adenotomia {n} [surgery] :: adenoidectomy
adenotonsillektomia {n} [surgery] :: adenotonsillectomy
adenotonsilliitti {n} [pathology] :: adenotonsillitis (inflammation of the tonsils and adenoids)
adenovirus {n} :: adenovirus
adenylaattideaminaasi {n} :: AMP deaminase (enzyme)
adenylaattisyklaasi {n} [biochemistry] :: adenylate cyclase, adenylyl cyclase (enzyme with key regulatory roles in essentially all cells)
adenyylihappo {n} [organic chemistry] :: adenylic acid
adenyylisyklaasi {n} :: alternative form of adenylaattisyklaasi
aderinsukeltaja-antilooppi {n} :: Ader´s duiker, Cephalophus adersi (species of antelope)
adessiivi {n} [grammar] :: adessive. In Finnish adessive can indicate adjacency, indeterminate location, property, ownership or means of doing something. The ending of the adessive case is -lla (with back vowels (takavokaali) or -llä (with front vowels (etuvokaali))):
adessiivisija {n} [grammar] :: adessive case
adheesio {n} :: adhesion (ability of a substance to stick to an unlike substance)
adheesio {n} [medicine] :: (abnormal union of surface by the formation of new tissue)
adheesiomolekyyli {n} :: adhesion molecule (protein on the surface of a cell that helps the cell stick to other cells and to its surroundings)
adherenssi {n} [pathology] :: adherence (attachment of bacteria to the surface of cells)
adherenssi {n} [medicine] :: adherence (extent to which a patient continues an agreed or proscribed treatment plan)
adherentti {adj} [medicine] :: adherent (having the quality of clinging or sticking fast to something)
adhesiini {n} [biochemistry] :: adhesin (substance that facilitates adhesion of bacteria on their target cells)
adhesiivinen {adj} :: adhesive (sticky; tenacious, apt or tending to adhere; clinging)
adhesiiviotiitti {n} [pathology] :: adhesive otitis, adhesive otitis media (condition in which abnormal adhesions develop in the middle ear as a result of an inflammation)
ad hoc {adj} [rare] :: ad hoc (for a particular purpose)
adiabaattinen {adj} [physics] :: adiabatic
adiadokokineesi {n} [anatomy, medicine] :: adiadochokinesia, adiadochokinesis (inability to perform rapid alternating movements)
adipiinihappo {n} [organic chemistry] :: adipic acid
adipiinihapponitriili {n} :: adiponitrile
adipolyysi {n} [anatomy, medicine] :: adipolysis (process of converting fat into free fatty acids, esp. by the action of enzymes)
adipolyyttinen {adj} [anatomy, medicine] :: adipolytic (converting fat into free fatty acids, esp. by the action of enzymes)
adiponitriili {n} :: adiponitrile
adipoosi {adj} [medicine] :: adipose, fatty (containing, composed of, or consisting of fat)
adipoosinen {adj} :: alternative form of adipoosi
adiposyytti {n} [cytology] :: adipocyte
adjektiivi {n} [grammar] :: adjective
adjektiiviattribuutti {n} [grammar] :: adjective attribute
adjektiivijohdos {n} [grammar] :: adjectival derivative (derivative, or derived word, which is an adjective)
adjektiivikantainen {adj} [grammar] :: deadjectival (deriving from an adjective)
adjektiivilauseke {n} [grammar] :: adjective phrase
adjektiivimäärite {n} [grammar] :: adjective attribute
adjektiivinen {adj} :: adjectival
adjektiiviryhmä {n} [grammar] :: Alternative term for adjektiivilauseke
adjektiivisesti {adv} :: adjectivally (in a manner of an adjective)
adjektiivisuus {n} :: adjectivity (state or condition of being an adjective)
adjunkti {n} :: adjunct
adjutantti {n} :: adjutant, aide-de-camp
adjuvantti {adj} [medicine] :: adjuvant (enhancing effectiveness of a medical treatment)
adjuvanttihoito {adj} [medicine] :: adjuvant therapy (secondary treatment for cancer given after the primary treatment in order to remove residual microscopic disease)
administraatio {n} :: administration
administraattori {n} [computing] :: administrator
administratiivinen {adj} :: administrative
admittanssi {n} [physics] :: admittance
adneksiitti {n} [pathology] :: adnexitis
adolesenssi {n} :: adolescence
adolesentti {adj} :: adolescent
adonis {n} :: Adonis (beautiful man)
adoptio {n} :: The adoption of a child
adoptioisä {n} :: adoptive father
adoptioäiti {n} :: adoptive mother
adoptiolapsi {n} :: adoptee (adopted child or a person who was adopted as a child)
adoptioperhe {n} :: adoptive family (family into which an adoptee is adopted)
adoptiosisarus {n} :: adoptive sibling
adoptiovanhempi {n} :: adoptive parent
adoptoida {vt} :: To adopt (a child)
adoptointi {n} :: adoption
adoraalinen {adj} :: adoral (located near the mouth)
adorantti {n} [fine arts] :: orant, orans (image of a person with hands up in prayer)
adpositio {n} [grammar] :: adposition
adpositionaalinen {adj} [grammar] :: adpositional (of or pertaining to adpositions)
adrenalektomia {n} [medicine] :: adrenalectomy (removal of one or both adrenal glands)
adrenaliini {n} :: adrenaline
adrenaliitti {n} [pathology] :: adrenalitis (inflammation of one or both adrenal glands)
adrenarke {n} :: adrenarche (maturation of the cortex of the human adrenal glands, typically occurring at age 6 to 10, causing some physical changes in both girls and boys)
adrenerginen {adj} [medicine] :: adrenergic (having the same effect as adrenaline or epinephrine)
adrenerginen {adj} [medicine] :: adrenergic (containing or releasing adrenaline)
adrenogenitaalinen {adj} [medicine] :: adrenogenital (of or pertaining to excessive production of androgen hormone)
adrenogenitaalinen oireyhtymä {n} [pathology] :: adrenogenital syndrome (group of symptoms caused by excessive secretion of androgenic hormones)
adrenogenitaalisyndrooma {n} [pathology] :: adrenogenital syndrome (group of symptoms caused by excessive secretion of androgenic hormones)
adrenokortikaalinen {adj} [anatomy, pathology] :: adrenocortical (of or pertaining to the adrenal cortex)
adrenokortikotrooppinen {adj} [medicine] :: adrenocorticotropic, adrenotropic (that stimulates the adrenal cortex)
adrenokortikotropiini {n} [anatomy, medicine] :: adrenocorticotropin (hormone secreted by the anterior pituitary gland, regulates metabolism by regulating the cortex of the adrenal gland)
adrenokromi {n} :: adrenochrome
adrenoleukodystrofia {n} [medicine] :: adrenoleukodystrophy (degenerative genetic disease)
adrenolyyttinen {adj} [medicine] :: adrenolytic (that inhibits the effect of adrenaline)
adrenomedulliini {n} [medicine] :: adrenomedullin (peptide associated with a tumor of the adrenal medula)
adrenoreseptori {n} [medicine] :: adrenoreceptor, adrenergic receptor (site in the surface membranes of cells innervated by adrenergic neurons)
adrenotrooppinen {adj} [medicine] :: adrenotropic, adrenocorticotropic (that stimulates the adrenal cortex)
adressaatti {n} :: addressee
adressi {n} :: petition, address
Adrianmeri {prop} :: The Adriatic Sea
adsorbentti {n} :: adsorbent
adsorboida {vt} :: To adsorb
adsorbointi {n} :: adsorption
adsorboitua {vi} [physics] :: To be(come) adsorbed
adsorboiva {adj} :: adsorptive, adsorbent
adsorptio {n} :: adsorption
adsorptiokromatografia {n} :: adsorption chromatography (method of chromatography in which a solid adsorbing substance serves as the stationary phase)
adstringentti {n} :: astringent (substance which draws tissue together, thus restricting the flow of blood)
adstringoiva {adj} :: astringent (having the effect of drawing tissue together)
adsukipapu {n} :: azuki bean, adsuki bean
adukipapu {n} :: alternative form of azukipapu
adulaari {n} [mineral] :: adularia
A-duuri {n} [music] :: A major
advektio {n} :: advection
adventismi {n} :: Adventism
adventisti {n} :: An Adventist
adventti {n} :: The four weeks right before the Christmas, the Advent
adventtiaika {n} :: advent (period)
adventtikalenteri {n} :: Advent calendar
adventtikirkko {n} :: divine service of the Advent
adventtiseurakunta {n} :: Adventist congregation
adventtisunnuntai {n} :: Advent Sunday (the first Sunday of Advent, i.e. the fourth Sunday before Christmas)
adventtisunnuntai {n} :: Sunday of Advent (together with an ordinal number, any of the four Sundays of the Advent)
adverbi {n} [grammar] :: an adverb
adverbiaali {n} [grammar] :: adverbial
adverbiaalilauseke {n} [grammar] :: adverbial phrase
adverbiaalinen {adj} [grammar] :: adverbial
adverbiaalisemmin {adv} :: comparative of adverbiaalisesti
adverbiaalisesti {adv} :: adverbially
adverbiaalisimmin {adv} :: superlative of adverbiaalisesti
adverbiaalisuus {n} :: adverbiality (condition of having characteristics of an adverb)
adverbilauseke {n} [grammar] :: adverbial phrase
adverbinen {adj} :: adverbial
adverbisesti {adv} :: adverbially
adverbisuus {n} :: synonym of adverbiaalisuus
adversatiivinen {adj} [linguistics] :: adversative
adversatiivisemmin {adv} :: comparative of adversatiivisesti
adversatiivisesti {adv} :: adversatively
adversatiivisimmin {adv} :: superlative of adversatiivisesti
adversatiivisuus {n} :: adversativity
advokaatti {n} :: advocate
adyge {n} :: Adyghe (minority language in Russian Federation)
Adygeia {prop} :: Adygea (federal subject of Russia near the Black Sea)
aedeagus {n} [anatomy] :: aedeagus
aeolinen {adj} :: aeolian (referring to the action or the power of wind)
aerobatia {n} :: aerobatics
aerobic {n} :: aerobics
aerobicata {v} [rare] :: alternative form of aerobikata
aerobikata {vi} [colloquial] :: To do aerobics
aerobikkaaja {n} :: One who does aerobics
aerobikkaus {n} :: aerobics (form of exercise)
aerobikki {n} [colloquial] :: aerobics
aerobinen {adj} :: aerobic (as opposed to anaerobic)
aerobiologia {n} :: aerobiology
aerobiologinen {adj} :: aerobiological
aerobiologisemmin {adv} :: comparative of aerobiologisesti
aerobiologisesti {adv} :: aerobiologically
aerobiologisimmin {adv} :: superlative of aerobiologisesti
aerobiontti {n} [biology] :: aerobe (organism that needs oxygen to survive)
aerobioosi {n} :: aerobiosis
aerodontalgia {n} [dentistry] :: aerodontalgia
aerodynaaminen {adj} :: aerodynamic
aerodynaamisemmin {adv} :: comparative of aerodynaamisesti
aerodynaamisempi {adj} :: comparative of aerodynaaminen
aerodynaamisesti {adv} :: aerodynamically
aerodynaamisimmin {adv} :: superlative of aerodynaamisesti
aerodynaamisin {adj} :: superlative of aerodynaaminen
aerodynamiikka {n} :: aerodynamics
aeroelastinen {adj} [aerodynamics] :: aeroelastic
aeroelastisuus {n} :: aeroelasticity
aeroembolia {n} [pathology] :: air embolism, aeroembolism (condition caused by bubbles of gas in vascular system)
aerofobia {n} :: aerophobia
aerofobinen {adj} :: aerophobic
aerofotografia {n} :: aerial photography
aerogeeli {n} :: aerogel
aerogeofysiikka {n} :: aerogeophysics (branch of geophysics based on airborne measurements of the Earth's surface)
aeromekaniikka {n} :: aeromechanics (branch of mechanics dealing with gases)
aero-otiitti {n} [pathology] :: aerotitis (otitis caused by a change in atmospheric pressure)
aerosinuiitti {n} [pathology] :: aerosinusitis (sinusitis resulting from change in barometric pressure)
aerosoli {n} :: aerosol
aerosolifysiikka {n} [science] :: aerosol physics (study of physical properties of aerosols)
aerosolipakkaus {n} :: aerosol package
aerosolipullo {n} :: aerosol can
aerosolipurkki {n} :: aerosol can
aerosolitölkki {n} :: aerosol can
aerostatiikka {n} :: aerostatics (study of gases in equilibrium)
aerotropismi {n} :: aerotropism
afaatikko {n} :: An aphasic person
afaattinen {adj} :: when a boy is chasing a girl on the PIE (P(an)-I(sland) E(xpressway)) inSingapoe
afakia {n} [pathology] :: aphakia (absence of the lens of the eye)
afar {n} :: Afar (language)
afar {n} :: An Afar (person)
afari {n} :: Afar (person)
afarinetelänapina {n} :: Australopithecus afarensis (extinct hominid that lived between 3.9 and 2.9 million years ago)
afasia {n} [pathology] :: aphasia
afebriili {adj} [pathology, jargon] :: afebrile (having no fever)
afemia {n} [pathology] :: aphemia
afereesi {n} [medicine] :: apheresis
afereesi {n} [linguistics] :: apheresis
affekti {n} [psychology] :: affect
affektihäiriö {n} :: affective disorder, mood disorder
affektiivinen {adj} :: affective
affektiivisesti {adv} :: affectively
affektiivisuus {n} :: affectivity
affektikohtaus {n} [medicine] :: synonym of affektikouristus
affektikouristus {n} [medicine] :: affective spasm (spasm triggered by powerful emotion, especially fury; usually affects kids younger than 6 years)
affektilabiilisuus {n} [medicine] :: affective lability (tendency to get affective spasms)
affektinen {adj} :: affective
affektio {n} [medicine] :: affection
affektisesti {adv} :: affectively
affektisuus {n} :: affectivity
affenpinseri {n} :: affenpinscher, Affenpinscher (breed of dog)
afferentti {adj} [anatomy] :: afferent (carrying towards)
affiini {adj} :: affine
affiinikuvaus {n} [linear algebra, geometry] :: affine transformation
affiinimuunnos {n} [mathematics] :: affine transformation
affiininen {adj} :: affine
affiksi {n} :: affix
affiniteetti {n} [chemistry, medicine, computing] :: affinity
affisio {n} [medicine] :: lesion
affisioida {v} [medicine, professional jargon] :: To affect (to infect or harm a part of the body)
affrikaatta {n} [phonetics] :: affricate
afgaani {n} :: Afghan (person of Pashtun ethnicity or of Pashtun descent)
afgaani {n} :: Afghan, Pashto (language)
afgaani {n} [incorrectly] :: Afghanistani, Afghan (citizen of Afghanistan)
afgaani {n} :: Afghan hound, Afghan (breed of dog)
afgaani {n} :: afghani, Afghani (currency of Afghanistan)
afgaaninvinttikoira {n} :: Afghan hound, Afghan
Afganistan {prop} :: Afghanistan
afganistanilainen {adj} :: Afghanistani, Afghan (of or pertaining to Afghanistan)
afganistanilainen {n} :: Afghanistani, Afghan (citizen of Afghanistan)
afganistaninpiiskujänis {n} :: Afghan pika, Ochotona rufescens (species of small rodent)
afganistaninpika {n} :: Afghan pika, Ochotona rufescens (species of small rodent)
aflatoksiini {n} :: aflatoxin (any of a family of mycotoxins produced by molds of the genus Aspergillus)
afonia {n} :: aphonia (inability to speak)
afoninen {adj} :: aphonic (of, relating to, or exhibiting aphonia; unable to speak)
aforismi {n} :: aphorism
aforismikokoelma {n} :: A collection of aphorisms
aforisti {n} :: aphorist (person who writes or recites aphorisms)
aforistikko {n} [dated] :: aforisti
aforistinen {adj} :: aphoristic
afrasia {n} [pathology] :: aphrasia (condition of being unable to speak)
afääri {n} [colloquial] :: A commercial affair
africanis {n} :: Africanis (breed of dog)
afrikaaneri {n} :: An Afrikaner (member of an ethnic group of northwestern European ancestry and associated with southern Africa and the Afrikaans language)
afrikaani {n} :: alternative form of afrikaaneri
afrikaans {n} :: the Afrikaans language
afrikaansin kieli {n} :: Afrikaans (language)
afrikaansinkielinen {adj} :: Expressed in Afrikaans language
afrikaansinkielinen {adj} :: Speaking Afrikaans
afrikaansintaa {v} :: to translate into Afrikaans
afrikandi {n} :: An Afrikaner
afrikanhanhi {n} :: Egyptian goose, Alopochen aegyptiaca
afrikaniibishaikara {n} :: yellow-billed stork, Mycteria ibis
afrikanistiikka {n} :: African studies, Africanistics
afrikankalliopääsky {n} :: rock martin, Ptyonoprogne fuligula
afrikankapustahaikara {n} :: African spoonbill, Platalea alba
afrikankastanjasirkku {n} :: cinnamon-breasted bunting, Emberiza tahapisi
afrikankeisarikalastaja {n} :: giant kingfisher (Megaceryle maxima)
afrikankielilepakko {n} :: Woermann's bat, Woermann's fruit bat, Megaloglossus woermanni
afrikankääpiöhaukka {n} :: African pygmy falcon, pygmy falcon, Polihierax semitorquatus
afrikankääpiöorava {n} :: African pygmy squirrel, Myosciurus pumilio
afrikankäärmekaula {n} :: African darter, Anhinga rufa
afrikankukaali {n} :: Senegal coucal, Centropus senegalensis (bird in the cuckoo order)
afrikankultakissa {n} :: African golden cat, Profelis aurata
afrikankyttyrädelfiini {n} :: humpback dolphin, Sousa teuszii
afrikanlauluhaukka {n} :: dark chanting goshawk, Melierax metabates
afrikanlinsanki {n} :: African linsang, oyan, Poiana richardsonii (viverrine living in the jungles of central Africa)
afrikanmanaatti {n} :: African manatee, Trichechus senegalensis
afrikanmarabu {n} :: marabou, Leptoptilos crumeniferus
afrikanmerikarhu {n} :: South African fur seal (Arctocephalus pusillus)
afrikanmetsäpäästäinen {n} :: Olivier's shrew, Crocidura olivieri
afrikanmetsärotta {n} :: Jackson's soft-furred mouse, Praomys jacksoni
afrikanniittyrotta {n} :: Natal multimammate mouse, Mastomys natalensis
afrikannorsu {n} :: African elephant, Loxodonta africana
afrikanpalmukiitäjä {n} :: African palm swift (Cypsiurus parvus)
afrikanpalmunäätä {n} :: African palm civet, Nandinia binotata
afrikanpelikaani {n} :: pink-backed pelican, Pelecanus rufescens
afrikanpiikkisika {n} :: Cape porcupine, Hystrix africaeaustralis
afrikanpingviini {n} :: jackass penguin, Spheniscus demersus
afrikanpurorotta {n} :: Issel's groove-toothed swamp rat, Pelomys isseli
afrikanrakonokka {n} :: African openbill, Anastomus lamelligerus
afrikansaksinokka {n} :: African skimmer, Rynchops flavirostris
Afrikan sarvi {prop} :: The Horn of Africa
afrikansatulahaikara {n} :: saddle-bill stork, Ephippiorhynchus senegalensis
afrikansivettikissa {n} :: African civet, Civettictis civetta
afrikansormihirssi {n} :: finger millet, Eleusine coracana (grass widely grown as cereal in arid areas of Africa and Asia)
afrikansuopöllö {n} :: marsh owl, Asio capensis
afrikansuorotta {n} :: African shaggy rat, Dasymys incomtus
afrikantupsuhäntäpiikkisika {n} :: African brush-tailed porcupine, Atherurus africanus
afrikantöyhtöhyyppä {n} :: black-headed lapwing, Vanellus tectus
afrikantylli {n} :: Kittlitz’s sand plover, Charadrius pecuarius
afrikanunikeko {n} :: woodland dormouse, Graphiurus murinus
afrikanvaris {n} :: pied crow, Corvus albus
afrikanvilliaasi {n} :: African wild ass, Equus asinus africanus
Afrikka {prop} :: Africa (continent)
afrikkalainen {adj} :: African
afrikkalainen {n} :: An African
afrikkalainen sikarutto {n} :: African swine fever (haemorrhagic fever with high mortality rates in pigs)
afrikkalaisamerikkalainen englanti {n} :: African American Vernacular English
afrikkalaisuus {n} :: state or quality of being African
afro {n} :: afro (hairstyle)
afro- {prefix} :: Afro-, African (of or pertaining to Africa)
afroaasialainen {adj} :: Afroasiatic
afroamerikkalainen {adj} :: African-American, Afro-American
afroamerikkalainen {n} :: African-American, Afro-American (person)
afrodiitti {n} :: aphrodite (mineral)
afrodiitti {n} [pathology, archaic] :: A person with atrophic genitals[1]
afrodisia {n} :: aphrodisia (state of sexual desire)
afrodisiakumi {n} [dated] :: aphrodisiac
afrokampaus {n} :: afro (hairstyle)
afrokommunismi {n} :: Afrocommunism (communism as applied in Africa)
afromusiikki {n} :: African music (music or music style originating in Africa)
afrosentrismi {n} :: Afrocentrism
afta {n} [pathology] :: aphthous ulcer, oral ulcer, aphtha
aftainen {adj} [pathology] :: having aphthas or oral ulcers
aftoosi {n} [pathology] :: candidiasis, oral thrush, thrush, aphtha (fungal infection of the mucous membranes of the mouth caused by any species of yeast from the genus Candida)
aftoosinen {adj} [pathology] :: having the medical condition of candidiasis, oral thrush, thrush, aphtha (fungal infection of the mucous membranes of the mouth caused by any species of yeast from the genus Candida)
agaatti {n} :: agate
agaave {n} :: agave
Ašgabat {prop} :: Ashgabat (capital of Turkmenistan)
agakonna {n} :: cane toad, marine toad, Bufo marinus (now Rhinella marina)
agalmatofilia {n} :: agalmatophilia
agama {n} :: agama
agape-terapia {n} :: agape therapy (form of therapy based on Christian love for others, promoted by the Pentecostalist movement)
agar {n} :: synonym of agar-agar
agar-agar {n} :: agar (material)
agarliuos {n} :: agar (solution of agar, used as a bacterial culture medium, in electrophoresis and as a food additive)
agaroosi {n} [organic chemistry] :: agarose
agaropektiini {n} [organic chemistry] :: agaropectin
agba {n} :: agba, Gossweilerodendron balsamiferum
agenda {n} :: An agenda
ageneesi {n} [pathology] :: agenesis
agentiivi {n} [grammar] :: agentive
agentiivinen {n} [grammar] :: agentive
agentiivisuus {n} [grammar] :: agentivity
agentti {n} :: agent (person or firm authorized to perform certain action on behalf of another)
agentti {n} [computing] :: agent
agentti {n} [grammar] :: agent
agenttifilmi {n} :: spy movie, spy film
agenttikirjallisuus {n} :: spy literature
agenttipartisiippi {n} [grammar] :: An agent participle; a verb form that allows the property of something being a target of an action to be formatted as an adjective-like attribute
agenttiromaani {n} :: spy novel
agenttitoiminta {n} :: espionage
agentuuri {n} :: agency (office or place of business of an agent)
agentuuri {n} :: agency (relation between a principal and his agent)
agentuuriliike {n} :: agency (office or place of business of an agent)
agglomeraatio {n} :: agglomeration
agglomeraatti {n} [geology] :: agglomerate
agglutinaatio {n} [linguistics] :: agglutination
agglutinaatio {n} [physiology] :: agglutination
agglutinatiivinen {adj} [linguistics] :: agglutinative
agglutinoida {v} [linguistics] :: To agglutinate
agglutinoiva {adj} [linguistics] :: agglutinative
aggregaatti {n} :: internal combustion engine generator
aggregointi {n} :: aggregation
aggressiivinen {adj} :: aggressive
aggressiivisemmin {adv} :: comparative of aggressiivisesti
aggressiivisempi {adj} :: comparative of aggressiivinen
aggressiivisesti {adv} :: aggressively
aggressiivisimmin {adv} :: superlative of aggressiivisesti
aggressiivisin {adj} :: superlative of aggressiivinen
aggressiivisuus {n} :: aggressiveness
aggressio {n} :: aggression
agitaatio {n} :: agitation
agitaattori {n} :: agitator (one who agitates; one who stirs up or excites others)
agitatorinen {adj} :: agitative
agitoida {vt} :: To agitate (people to support or to be opposed to sth)
agitoija {n} :: agitator
agitointi {n} :: agitation
aglykoni {n} [organic chemistry] :: aglycone
agnosia {n} [pathology] :: agnosia
agnostikko {n} :: An agnostic
agnostinen {adj} :: agnostic
agnostisesti {adv} :: agnostically (in an agnostic manner)
agnostisismi {n} :: agnosticism
agnostismi {n} :: agnosticism (view that the existence of a God or gods is unknown, unknowable, unproven, or unprovable)
agnostisuus {n} :: state or quality of being agnostic
agogo {n} [musical instrument] :: agogo (instrument)
agonia {n} :: agony, death struggle
agora {n} :: agora (marketplace in Classical Greece)
agorafobia {n} [psychology] :: agoraphobia
agraari- {prefix} :: agrarian
agraari {n} [obsolete] :: agrarian (person who advocates the interests of farmers)
agraari {n} [obsolete] :: student of agriculture
agraarinen {adj} :: agrarian
agraaripolitiikka {n} :: agrarian policy
agraaripuolue {n} :: agrarian party
agraarisuus {n} :: state or quality of being agrarian
agraarivaltio {n} :: agrarian state
agraariyhteiskunta {n} :: agrarian society
agrafia {n} [pathology] :: agraphia
agro- {prefix} :: agro-
agrobiologia {n} :: agrobiology (branch of biology)
agrologi {n} :: agrologist
agrologia {n} :: agrology
agronomi {n} :: agronomist
agronomia {n} :: agronomy
aguti {n} :: agouti (long-legged rodent of the family Dasyproctidae)
aha {interj} :: uh-huh (indicates that the speaker agrees or is simply still listening)
ahaa {interj} :: aha, oh, I see (exclamation of understanding, realization, invention, or recognition)
ahaa-elämys {n} :: aha moment
ahaggarinkivitamaani {n} :: Hoggar hyrax, Heterohyrax brucei antineae (subspecies of yellow-spotted rock hyrax endemic to Hoggar highglands in Algeria)
ahah {interj} :: Same as ahaa
ahava {n} :: cold wind
ahava {n} :: weather-beaten skin
ahavoida {v} :: alternative form of ahavoittaa
ahavoittaa {vt} :: to chap (of wind or sunlight, e.g. lips: to tan or blow dry and parched)
ahavoitua {vi} [e.g. of lips, due to cold and dry wind] :: To (get) chap(ped)
ahavoitua {vi} [of a fish when off water, due to cold and dry wind] :: To dry up/out
ahavoituma {n} :: synonym of ahava (weather-beaten skin)
ahdas {adj} :: tight, narrow (such that it is difficult for something or someone to pass through it; fitting too close to the body)
ahdas {adj} :: narrow (of little extent)
ahdas {adj} [figuratively] :: narrow, restrictive (of limited scope, bigoted)
ahdas {adj} :: cramped (overcrowded or congested)
ahdas {adj} :: cramped (uncomfortably restricted in size)
ahdas {adj} :: cramped (uncomfortably restricted financially)
ahdashenkinen {adj} :: narrow-minded (having restricted or rigid views, being unreceptive to new ideas)
ahdashenkisesti {adv} :: narrow-mindedly
ahdashenkisyys {n} :: narrow-mindedness
ahdaskatseinen {adj} :: narrow-minded
ahdasmielinen {adj} :: narrow-minded
ahdasmielisesti {adv} :: narrow-mindedly
ahdasmielisyys {n} :: narrow-mindedness
ahdasnäköinen {adj} :: narrow-minded, narrow sighted (having mentally a narrow view)
ahdasnäköisesti {adv} :: narrow-mindedly
ahdasnäköisyys {n} :: narrow-mindedness
ahdasrajainen {adj} :: tightly limited (having narrow bounds for movement)
ahdasrajainen {adj} [figuratively] :: close-minded, doctrinaire, dogmatic, hidebound, illiberal, inflexible, intolerant, narrow-minded, partisan, pigheaded, rigid, stubborn, unpersuadable (unreceptive to new ideas)
ahdasrajaisesti {adv} :: Within tighly defined limits
ahdasrajaisesti {adv} [figuratively] :: dogmatically, illiberally, inflexibly, intolerantly, narrow-mindedly, partisanly, pigheadedly, rigidly, stubbornly (in a maneer which is unreceptive to new ideas)
ahdasrajaisuus {n} :: The property or state of being ahdasrajainen, in all senses
ahdata {vt} :: To load or unload (cargo)
ahde {n} :: hillside, bank, embankment
ahdekaunokki {n} :: brown knapweed, brownray knapweed, Centaurea jacea (herbaceous perennial plant native to dry meadows and open woodland throughout Europe)
ahdelauha {n} [plant] :: wavy hair grass, Deschampsia flexuosa
ahdettu {adj} :: turbocharged (having a turbocharger)
ahdin {n} :: supercharger (inlet air compressor for an internal combustion engine)
ahdinko {n} :: plight, distress
ahdinkotila {n} :: plight, distress (state of being plighted or distressed)
ahdinmoottori {n} :: supercharged engine (engine equipped with a supercharger)
ahdinparta {n} [plant] :: A seaweed, Cladophora glomerata
ahdistaa {vt} :: To distress, bother
ahdistaa {vt} :: To harass, pester, badger
ahdistaa {vt} :: To irritate, vex, annoy
ahdistaa {vt} :: To chase, pursue
ahdistaa {vt} :: To (op)press, push, pressure
ahdistaa {vt} :: To bait, heckle, hector
ahdistaa {vi} :: To constrict, strangle, (of a shoe) pinch
ahdistaja {n} :: tormentor
ahdistava {adj} :: distressing
ahdistelija {n} :: stalker
ahdistelija {n} :: molester
ahdistella {v} :: To harass
ahdistella {v} :: To molest (sexually abuse)
ahdistelu {n} :: harassment
ahdistua {vi} :: To get anxious/nervous (about = elative), start feeling disturbed/uneasy, give in to one's fears, give one's anxieties full rein
ahdistuneesti {adv} :: distressedly, anxiously, uneasily
ahdistuneisuus {n} :: anxiety
ahdistuneisuushäiriö {n} :: anxiety disorder
ahdistunut {adj} :: anguished, anxious, angstful (full of anxiety)
ahdistus {n} :: anxiety
ahdistus {n} :: angst
ahdistushäiriö {n} [medicine] :: anxiety disorder
ahdistusneuroosi {n} :: generalized anxiety disorder, GAD (anxiety disorder characterized by excessive, uncontrollable and often irrational worry which may interfere with daily functioning)
ahdistustila {n} :: anxiety, angst (state of being anxious)
ahdos {n} [agriculture] :: Collective noun for sheaves of grain arranged on beams (parsi) for drying
aherrus {n} :: toil, grind, labour
ahertaa {vi} :: To work hard, apply oneself (to a task), hustle, labour/labor, toil
ahertaja {n} :: one who works hard, labours much, toils
ahjo {n} :: forge, furnace
ahkera {adj} :: industrious, hardworking
ahkeraliisa {n} :: busy Lizzy, balsam, impatiens (Impatiens walleriana, syn. Impatiens sultanii)
ahkerammin {adv} :: comparative of ahkerasti
ahkerasti {adv} :: diligently, studiously
ahkerimmin {adv} :: superlative of ahkerasti
ahkeroida {vi} :: To work hard, apply oneself (to a task), hustle, labour/labor, toil
ahkerointi {n} :: toil (labour, work)
ahkeruus {n} :: industriousness, diligence, industry; work ethic (tendency to work persistently)
ahkeruus kovankin onnen voittaa {proverb} :: you can't keep a good man down
ahkio {n} :: type of toboggan or sledge without runners, suitable for carrying goods or people in deep snow, usually drawn by a man or a reindeer
ahma {n} :: wolverine (Gulo gulo)
ahmaista {vt} :: To wolf down, eat quickly, gulp, gobble, hog, stuff oneself with (without regard for table manners)
ahmaisu {n} :: gulp
ahmatti {n} :: glutton (voracious eater)
ahmatti {n} :: gourmand
ahmattiankerias {n} :: gulper eel (fish of the order Saccopharyngiformes)
ahmattimainen {adj} :: gluttonous
ahmattimaisuus {n} :: gluttonousness, gluttony (quality of being gluttonous)
ahmia {vt} :: To wolf down, eat quickly, gulp, gobble, hog, stuff oneself with (without regard for table manners)
ahmija {n} :: gobbler (one who eats food very quickly, without decorum)
ahmiminen {n} :: devouring, gobbling, wolfing (action of eating large amounts fast)
ahmiminen {n} :: binge, binge eating (eating disorder, often as symptom of bulimia)
ahmimishäiriö {n} [medicine] :: bulimia
ahminta {n} :: gorging
ahnaasti {adv} :: gluttonously
ahnaasti {adv} :: voraciously
ahnas {adj} :: gluttonous
ahnas {adj} :: voracious
ahnastella {v} :: synonym of ahnehtia
ahnastelu {n} :: gluttony
ahnastelu {n} :: greediness
ahnaus {n} :: gluttonousness
ahnaus {n} :: voraciousness
ahne {adj} :: greedy
ahneempi {adj} :: comparative of ahne
ahneesti {adv} :: greedily
ahnehdinta {n} :: hoarding
ahnehtia {vt} :: To hog, hoard
ahnehtia {vt} :: To be greedy for, be eager for; to crave, lust after, desire
ahnehtia {vt} :: To wolf down, eat quickly, gulp, gobble, hog, stuff oneself with (without regard for table manners)
ahnehtija {n} :: Agent noun of the verb ahnehtia
ahnein {adj} :: superlative of ahne
ahneus {n} :: greed, greediness
ahneus kunnian pettää {proverb} :: being too greedy may easily ruin one's reputation and dignity
aho {n} :: glade (grassy open or cleared space in a forest, especially one that is a result of slash-and-burn cultivation)
Aho {prop} :: surname
Aho {prop} :: Any of a number of small places in Finland
Ahokas {prop} :: surname
Ahola {prop} :: surname
Ahola {prop} :: Any of a number of small places in Finland
Aholainen {prop} :: surname
aholeinikki {n} :: many-flowered buttercup, Ranunculus polyanthemos (a flowering plant in the genus Ranunculus)
ahomansikka {n} :: wild strawberry (Fragaria vesca)
Ahonen {prop} :: surname
ahoniitty {n} :: A glade which is large and rich enough to serve as source of hay for cattle
ahonoidanlukko {n} [plant] :: A plant, Botrychium multifidum
ahopaju {n} :: A willow, Salix starkeana
ahovahakas {n} [mushroom] :: butter waxcap, Hygrocybe ceracea
ahrain {n} :: alternative form of atrain
ahtaa {v} :: to cram, stuff, fill, pack full
ahtaa {v} :: to supercharge (to increase the power of an internal combustion engine by compressing the inlet air)
ahtaa {v} :: to turbocharge (to apply a turbocharger to increase the air pressure in the intake manifold of an engine)
-ahtaa {suffix} :: Forms momentane or semelfactive verbs
ahtaaja {n} :: longshoreman, stevedore (worker who loads and unloads ships in a harbor)
ahtaalla {adv} :: in dire straits, hard-pressed, in difficulties (in a difficult position)
ahtaalle {adv} :: into dire straits, hard-pressed, into difficulties (into a difficult position)
ahtaaminen {n} :: Action noun of the verb ahdata (to stevedore), stevedoring
ahtaampi {adj} :: comparative of ahdas
ahtaanpaikankammo {n} :: claustrophobia
ahtaasti {adv} :: crampedly, narrowly (without much room)
ahtauma {n} :: constriction
ahtaus {n} :: tightness (condition of not having sufficient space)
ahtaus {n} :: crowding, congestion, throng
ahtaus {n} :: stevedoring, stowage (action of stowing, especially of cargo)
ahtausliike {n} :: stevedoring firm
ahtaustyö {n} :: stevedoring work
ahtauttaa {vt} :: To make (more) cramped or narrow
ahtauttaa {vt} :: To have (cargo) loaded or unloaded, have/make someone (= allative) load/unload (cargo)
ahtautua {vi} :: To pack, crowd (into = illative)
ahtautua {vi} :: To become/get narrow(er)
ahtautuma {n} :: alternative form of ahtauma
ahtera {adj} [dialectal] :: barren, sterile
ahteri {n} [nautical] :: stern
ahteri {n} [colloquial] :: bottom, butt, hindquarter, behind
ahti {n} [Christianity] :: An act in the passion play
Ahti {prop} [mythology] :: The god of depths, water, and fishing in Finnish mythology
Ahti {prop} :: given name
Ahtisaari {prop} :: surname
ahtisaarna {n} :: A sermon given during the Holy Week, the topic of which is taken of the Passions of Jesus
ahto {n} :: action noun of the verb ahtaa (to cram, to turbocharge)
Ahto {prop} :: A variation of Ahti, name of the god of the depths, water, and fishing in Finnish mythology
Ahto {prop} :: given name, a rare variation of Ahti
ahtoilma {n} :: The compressed intake air of a turbocharged engine
ahtojää {n} :: pack ice
ahtopaine {n} :: manifold pressure, intake pressure, boost pressure (in a turbocharged engine, the air pressure in the intake manifold, increased above atmospheric pressure by the turbo)
ahtoutua {vi} [of ice] :: To become packed
ahven {n} :: European perch, Perca fluviatilis
ahven {n} :: perch (any fish in the genus Perca)
ahven {n} [in plural] :: Percidae (taxonomic family in the order Perciformes)
ahven {n} [colloquial, in compounds] :: bass
ahven {n} [in compounds] :: perciform; short for ahvenkala (perciform fish), see e.g. seeprakirjoahven
Ahvenanmaa {prop} :: Aland, Åland (archipelago and province of Finland)
ahvenanmaalainen {n} :: A person from Åland
ahvenanmaalainen {adj} :: Of or pertaining to Åland
ahvenanmaanlammas {n} :: Aland sheep (breed of sheep native to Aland Islands)
ahvenheinä {n} :: water weed, aquatic weed (unspecified weedy aquatic plant, used e.g. of ahvenvita, järvisätkin)
ahvenkala {n} :: perciform (a fish of the order Perciformes)
ahvenkalat {n} :: the order Perciformes
ahvenruoho {n} :: pond water-crowfoot (Ranunculus peltatus)
ahvenvita {n} :: clasping-leaf pondweed, perfoliate pondweed, Potamogeton perfoliatus (globally widely distributed perennial aquatic plant)
Ahvo {prop} :: given name
ai {interj} :: ouch!
ai {interj} :: oh!
ai {interj} [colloquial, interrogative particle] :: Oh? As in...?
ai-ai {n} :: aye-aye (Daubentonia madagascariensis)
aiai {n} :: alternative spelling of ai-ai
Aias {prop} [Greek mythology] :: Ajax (either of two heroes of Trojan War)
aidake {n} :: fencelet (small fence or hedge, such as used e.g in gardens)
aidanne {n} :: Freely growing hedgerow
aidanpano {n} :: fence building, fence construction
aidanrako {n} :: slit in a fence
aidanseiväs {n} :: fencepost, especially a long and slender one, such as used in the traditional riukuaita
aidanvieri {n} :: The side of a fence
aidas {n} :: An individual piece of wood from which a traditional pole fence is made
aidaskääpä {n} [mushroom] :: A polypore, Gloeophyllum sepiarium
aidata {v} :: to fence in, fence (to enclose with a fence, to build a fence around)
aidata {v} :: to hedge (to enclose with a hedge)
aidoimmin {adv} :: superlative of aidosti
aidoin {adj} :: superlative of aito
aidoittaa {vt} :: To fence
aidommin {adv} :: comparative of aidosti
aidompi {adj} :: comparative of aito
aidosti {adv} :: honestly, really
AIDS {n} :: AIDS
AIDS-potilas {n} :: AIDS patient
AIDS-tukikeskus {n} :: AIDS support centre
aie {n} :: An intention, intent
aiemmin {adv} :: earlier, hitherto (before now or a stated point of time in the past, up to this or that time)
aiempi {adj} :: earlier
aiennus {n} :: The act of bringing forward (in time)
aientaa {vt} :: to bring forward (to make occur earlier)
aiepöytäkirja {n} :: memorandum of understanding
aiesopimus {n} :: letter of intent
aigeialainen {adj} :: Aegean (of or relating to the Bronze Age culture that thrived in the Aegean Sea area)
Aigeianmeri {prop} :: The Aegean Sea
aihe {n} :: topic, subject, theme
aihe {n} :: reason, cause
aihe {n} :: motif (recurring or dominant element in a work of art)
aiheellinen {adj} :: justifiable, justified (having a justification)
aiheellinen {adj} :: well-grounded, well-founded (based on reasoning, evidence and good judgement)
aiheellisemmin {adv} :: comparative of aiheellisesti
aiheellisesti {adv} :: justifiably, properly, reasonably
aiheellisimmin {adv} :: superlative of aiheellisesti
aiheellistaa {v} :: To justify (to make or prove an action necessary)
aiheellistua {vi} :: to become justifiable, become justified
aiheellisuus {n} :: justifiedness
aiheenmukainen {adj} :: thematic, topical (relating to, or having a theme or a topic)
aiheenvalinta {n} [writing, studies] :: selection of topic
aiheeton {adj} :: unnecessary
aiheettomammin {adv} :: comparative of aiheettomasti
aiheettomasti {adv} :: unnecessarily
aiheettomimmin {adv} :: superlative of aiheettomasti
aiheettomuus {n} :: unjustifiability
aihehakemisto {n} :: topical index
-aiheinen {adj} :: -themed
aiheisto {n} :: synonym of aihepiiri
aihelma {n} :: The motive of an artwork
aihepiiri {n} :: subject matter (that which is made the object of thought or study)
aihetodiste {n} [legal] :: A piece of circumstantial evidence, normally used in plural (aihetodisteet) circumstantial evidence
aihetunniste {n} :: hashtag
aiheuttaa {vt} :: to cause, bring about, bring to pass
aiheuttaa {vt} :: to result in, lead to
aiheuttaa {vt} :: to produce, make, create
aiheuttaa {vt} :: to give rise to, inspire, induce, call forth
aiheuttaa {vt} :: to arouse, awaken, stir up
aiheuttaja {n} :: cause
aiheutua {vi} [_, + elative] :: To be caused by, be brought about by, lead/follow/result from, be due to
aiheutua {vi} [_, + elative] :: To grow/arise/flow out of, originate in/from, derive from
aiheutua {vi} :: To accrue (from = elative, to = allative)
aiheutus {n} :: causing
aihio {n} :: work in progress, unfinished work (any work that is not finished)
aihio {n} [metallurgy] :: billet (semi-finished length of metal)
aihio {n} [music] :: motif (short melodic passage that is repeated in several parts of a work)
aihio {n} [computing] :: template
aihki {n} :: A very old and slowly grown pine tree
Aija {prop} :: given name
aijai {interj} :: ouch!
aika {n} :: time (temporal distance)
aika {n} :: time, moment
aika {n} :: appointment (arranged meeting)
aika {adv} :: quite
aika-ajo {n} [motor racing, chiefly in the plural] :: qualification, qualifying
aika ajoin {adv} :: from time to time, periodically, at intervals
aikaan {adv} :: at the time of, at a time
aikaansaada {vt} [idiomatic] :: To accomplish, work out, achieve, get something done
aikaansaada {vt} [idiomatic] :: To cause, generate, set off, do
aikaansaamaton {adj} :: inefficient, unproductive
aikaansaamattomuus {n} :: unproductiveness
aikaansaannos {n} :: accomplishment
aikaansaannos {n} :: achievement
aikaansaanti {n} :: accomplishment (act of accomplishing)
aikaansaapa {adj} :: alternative form of aikaansaava
aikaansaava {adj} :: efficient, productive, competent
aikaansa edellä {phrase} :: ahead of one's time
aika-arvo {n} :: time value
aika-asteikko {n} :: time scale
aika-avaruus {n} [physics] :: spacetime
aikaavievä {adj} :: time-consuming
aikaavievimmin {adv} :: superlative of aikaavievästi
aikaavievämmin {adv} :: comparative of aikaavievästi
aikaavievästi {adv} :: In a time-consuming manner
aikadilaatio {n} [physics] :: time dilation
aikadilataatio {n} [physics] :: time dilatation
aikaero {n} :: time difference
aikaero {n} [colloquial] :: short for aikaerorasitus (jet lag)
aikaerorasitus {n} :: jet lag
aikaeroväsymys {n} :: jet lag
aikaihminen {n} :: synonym of aikuinen
aikaikkuna {n} :: time frame, time window
aikailla {vi} :: To waver, dawdle, vacillate, hesitate
aikailu {n} :: loitering
aikainen {adj} :: early
aikainen {adj} :: genitive + ~ ; taking place during
aikainen {adj} :: genitive + ~ ; from the times of
aikainen {adj} [in transitive singular] :: done; in the expression saada aikaiseksi ("to get something done")
aikainen lintu madon nappaa {phrase} :: the early bird gets the worm (same meaning)
aikaisemmin {adv} :: earlier
aikaisemmin {adv} :: before
aikaisempi {adj} :: comparative of aikainen earlier
aikaisheteisyys {n} [botany] :: protandry
aikaisimmin {adv} :: earliest (written account of events and when they happened, ordered by time)
aikaisin {adv} :: early
aikaisin {adv} :: ahead of time
aikaisin {adj} :: superlative of aikainen
aikaisintaan {adv} :: Not before, not earlier than, at the earliest
aikaistaa {vt} :: To move (temporally) ahead, move up, make earlier
aikaistua {vi} :: To become earlier (to be going to take place, happen earlier)
aikaistus {n} :: The act of bringing forward (in time)
aikaisuus {n} :: earliness
aikajakso {n} :: period of time, timespan
aikajana {n} :: timeline
aikajänne {n} :: timespan
aikajärjestelmä {n} :: time standard
aikajärjestys {n} :: chronological order
aikakatkaista {vt} [communication] :: to time out (end due to a timeout)
aikakauppa {n} :: synonym of termiinikauppa
aikakausi {n} :: age, era, epoch
aikakausjulkaisu {n} :: periodical (regularly issued thematic publication)
aikakauskirja {n} :: periodical (voluminous periodical publication)
aikakauslehdistö {n} :: magazines (the magazines, in the sense periodical publication, collectively)
aikakauslehti {n} :: periodical, magazine (publication that appears at fixed intervals)
aikakauslehtiartikkeli {n} :: magazine article (artticle that is published in a magazine)
aikakautinen {adj} :: periodic (referring to a period or periods)
aikakirja {n} :: chronicle (written account of events and when they happened, ordered by time)
Aikakirjat {n} :: Chronicles (book of the Bible)
aikakone {n} :: time machine
aika kultaa muistot {phrase} :: memories grow sweeter with time
aikakysymys {n} :: synonym of ajan kysymys
aikakysymys {n} :: time issue
aikakytkin {n} :: time switch (switch that turns power on and off at specified times)
aika lailla {adv} [idiomatic] :: quite a bit, considerably (of a considerable amount)
aikalainen {n} :: contemporary (person)
aikalaukaisin {n} :: time trigger
aikaleima {n} :: timestamp
aikalisä {n} [sports] :: time-out
aikalukko {n} :: time lock
aikaluokka {n} [grammar] :: tense
aikamatka {n} :: time travel
aikamatkaaja {n} :: time-traveller
aikamatkailu {n} :: time travel
aikamatkustaja {n} :: time-traveller
aikamatkustus {n} :: time travel
aikamerkki {n} :: time signal
aikamies {n} :: adult man
aikamiespoika {n} :: An unmarried man who lives with his parents
aikamiina {n} [rare] :: synonym of aikapommi
aikamitta {n} [physics] :: measure of time
aikamitta {n} [music] :: tempo
aikamoinen {adj} :: quite a, quite some
aikamäärä {n} :: amount of time
aikamuoto {n} [grammar] :: tense
aikana {postp} :: during, within (a period of time)
aikanaan {adv} :: eventually, in due time, in due course
aika näyttää {phrase} :: time will tell
aika on rahaa {proverb} :: time is money
aikaosuus {n} :: time-share
aikaosuusjärjestelmä {n} :: time-sharing
aikapalkka {n} :: time-based pay (salary or wage that is paid in relation to the time worked rather than the result of work)
aikapalkkainen {n} :: One who earns a time-based pay
aikapalkkainen {adj} :: Getting paid according to the time worked, most commonly on monthly or hourly basis
aikapalkkaus {n} :: time-based pay system
aikapallo {n} :: time ball
aikapalvelin {n} [computing] :: time server
aika parantaa haavat {proverb} :: time heals all wounds
aikapeli {n} [sports] :: A game in which at least one of the teams plays for time
aikapommi {n} :: time bomb
aikapula {n} :: lack of time, shortage of time
aikapula {n} [chess] :: zeitnot
aikarahtaus {n} [shipping] :: time charter (hiring of a vessel for a specific period of time)
aikaraja {n} :: time limit
aikarajoitus {n} :: time limit (duration beyond which something may not exceed)
aikasarja {n} [statistics] :: time series
aikasarja-analyysi {n} [statistics] :: time series analysis
aikaskaala {n} :: time scale
aikasytytin {n} :: time detonator (detonator that activates after a pre-set period of time)
aikasytytteinen {adj} :: time-detonated
aikasytytyksinen {adj} :: synonym of aikasytytteinen
aikasytytys {n} :: time detonation
aikataso {n} [math] :: time domain
aikataulu {n} :: timetable
aikataulu {n} :: schedule
aikatauluttaa {vt} :: to schedule, slate
aikatiedotus {n} :: time announcement (recorded announcement of time)
aikatutkimus {n} [Taylorism] :: time study
aikaurakka {n} :: A fixed-price contract to perform an assignment within an agreed period of time
aikauttaa {vt} [military] :: To time (the detonation of an explosive device, such as a mine or grenade)
aikautus {n} [military] :: timing
aikavakio {n} [physics, mathematics] :: A time constant
aikavalotus {n} [photography] :: time exposure (exposure made by leaving a camera's shutter open for a period greater than a fraction of a second)
aikavaraus {n} :: synonym of ajanvaraus
aikaveloitus {n} [business] :: charging by time, time charging, time-based charging (practice of billing the customer by the time spent on the assignment)
aikaväli {n} :: timespan, interval (period of time between two events)
aikavyöhyke {n} :: time zone
aikayksikkö {n} :: unit of time
aikeissa {adv} :: about, with the intention/intent of
aikido {n} [martial arts] :: aikido
aikmofobia {n} :: aichmophobia
aikoa {vt} [auxiliary, + infinitive] :: To plan to do, intend to do, aim to do; to be going to do, will do
aikoinaan {adv} :: at one time, once
aikomus {n} :: intent
aikuinen {adj} :: adult
aikuinen {n} :: adult (person)
aikuisdiabetes {n} [pathology] :: adult-onset diabetes; diabetes mellitus type 2
aikuisdidaktiikka {n} :: andragogy
aikuisempi {adj} :: comparative of aikuinen
aikuisikä {n} :: adulthood (time of life)
aikuiskaste {n} :: adult baptism
aikuiskasvatus {n} :: synonym of aikuiskoulutus
aikuiskouluttaja {n} :: adult educator
aikuiskoulutus {n} :: adult education
aikuiskoulutuskeskus {n} :: A learning institution principally serving vocational training needs of adult population; variety of terms are used of similar institutions in the English-speaking world, e.g. center for adult learning in the US
aikuislukio {n} :: high school for adults
aikuismainen {adj} :: adultlike
aikuisopetus {n} :: adult education
aikuisopiskelija {n} :: adult learner [US], mature learner [UK]
aikuisopiskelu {n} :: adult learning
aikuistua {vi} :: To grow up, mature, reach maturity, become an adult, come of age
aikuisuus {n} :: adulthood (time of life)
aikuisuus {n} :: adultness (state or quality)
aikuisviihde {n} :: adult entertainment
aikuisviihde-elokuva {n} :: adult movie
aikuisviihdenäyttelijä {n} :: adult film actor
aikuisviihdenäyttelijätär {n} :: adult film actress
Aila {prop} :: given name
ailahdella {vi} [physically] :: To shift, move about, rise and fall, come and go, rock from side to side
ailahdella {vi} [of a person] :: To waver, vacillate, have mood shifts, (of somebody’s mood, emotions and opinions) to change unpredictably, suddenly or rapidly (in a continuous manner)
ailahdus {n} [of emotions] :: A sudden change
ailahtaa {vi} [of mental mood, emotions] :: To find expression suddenly/rapidly, be expressed/manifested
ailahtaa {vi} [of mental mood, emotions] :: To change suddenly or rapidly
ailahtelu {n} :: shift of moods
ailakki {n} :: A campion, a flower of the genus Silene
Aili {prop} :: given name
ailurofobia {n} :: ailurophobia (irrational fear or hatred for cats)
aimara {n} :: An Aymara
aimara {n} :: Aymara (language of South America)
aimo {adv} :: An intensifier, used to emphasize quality in a positive sense
Aimo {prop} :: given name
aina {adv} :: always
aina {n} [fishing] :: The string in the upper or lower edge of a fishing net or seine
Aina {prop} :: given name
ainainen {adj} :: constant, perpetual, eternal
ainaiseksi {adv} :: alternative form of ainiaaksi
ainaisjäsen {n} :: lifetime member (organization member who has earned the right for membership for the rest of their life, often by paying a high one-off fee)
ainaisvakuutus {n} :: lifetime insurance (insurance that is valid for the life of the insuree or the insured object)
ainakaan {adv} :: connegative form of ainakin (at least), used always with the negation verb ei; see ei ainakaan
ainakin {adv} :: at least
ainakin {adv} :: for one (as one person among other people)
aina kun {adv} :: every time, whenever
ainavihanta {adj} :: evergreen (plant)
aina voi oppia jotakin uutta {proverb} :: you're never too old to learn
aine {n} :: matter, material, substance
aine {n} :: subject, discipline (particular area of study, especially one thought in a school)
aine {n} :: essay (written composition of moderate length exploring a particular issue or subject, especially on written as part of one's schoolwork)
ainedidaktiikka {n} :: subject didactics (didactics applied to one topic or subject)
aineellinen {adj} :: corporeal
aineellistaa {vt} :: to materialize
aineellistua {vi} :: to materialise/materialize
aineellistuma {n} :: abstract (something that concentrates in itself the qualities of something else)
aineellisuus {n} [accounting] :: materiality
aineen häviämättömyys {n} [physics] :: conservation of mass
aineenkirjoittaja {n} :: essay writer
aineenkoetus {n} :: material testing, materials testing
aineenmukainen {adj} [dated] :: synonym of aiheenmukainen
aineenmukainen {adj} :: of a list, index etc., sorted by material
aineenopettaja {n} :: subject teacher (teacher that specializes in teaching one subject, as contrasted with luokanopettaja, "class teacher" who teaches all or majority of subjects to a given group of students)
aineenvaihdunta {n} :: metabolism
aineenvaihduntahäiriö {n} :: metabolic disturbance
aineenvaihduntatauti {n} :: metabolic disease
aineeton {adj} :: intangible, immaterial, incorporeal
aineettomampi {adj} :: comparative of aineeton
aineettomuus {n} :: immateriality
ainehiukkanen {n} [physics] :: immaterial particle, particle
-aineinen {adj} :: As headword of compound terms only: consisting of the type of substance as defined by the modifier
aineistaa {vt} [rare] :: To materialise/materialize
aineisto {n} :: material (texts, etc.)
aineistokoe {n} :: open-book exam
aineistonvalinta {n} :: choice of material
aineistua {vi} [rare] :: to materialize/materialise, become material
aineistuma {n} :: alternative form of aineellistuma
ainejakoinen {adj} :: Of teaching, being divided into a number of disciplines which don't connect with each other
ainejärjestö {n} :: In a university, an association of students who study the same major
ainekirjoitus {n} :: essay writing, composition
ainekoostumus {n} :: material composition
aineksenkeruu {n} :: material collection
-aineksinen {adj} :: As head word of compound terms only, consisting of ingredients such as defined by the modifier
aineluokka {n} [education] :: A classroom specifically equipped for teaching a given topic
aineluokka {n} :: A class of substances, such as the classes into which dangerous substances are classified in the ADR (Treaty)
aineluokkajärjestelmä {n} :: A way of organizing a school such that there is a dedicated classroom for teaching each topic
ainemäärä {n} [chemistry] :: amount of substance
aineopinnot {n} :: topical studies
aineosa {n} :: synonym of ainesosa
aines {n} :: material
aines {n} :: ingredient, constituent
ainesana {n} [grammar] :: material noun
aineseos {n} :: mixture of substances
aineskokoelma {n} :: collection of materials (collection of materials for facilitating research, writing of encyclopedia etc.)
ainesosa {n} :: ingredient
ainespuu {n} [forestry] :: rough lumber, timber (wood suitable as raw material for industries)
ainevalinta {n} :: course selection, selection of courses
ainevirsi {n} :: synonym of graduaalivirsi
ainevirta {n} :: material flow
aineyhdiste {n} :: synonym of yhdiste
aineyhdistelmä {n} :: synonym of ainekoostumus
aineyhdistelmä {n} :: combination of courses (the collection of academic courses that a student chooses to study)
Aini {prop} :: given name, variant of Aino
ainiaaksi {adv} :: forever (for all time, for all eternity); chiefly used in contexts where something or someone is gone for ever
ainiaan {adv} [poetic] :: always (at all times; ever; perpetually; throughout all time; continually)
ainiaksi {adv} [rare] :: synonym of ainiaaksi
ainian {adv} :: alternative form of ainiaan
Ainikki {prop} :: given name
aino {n} :: Ainu
aino {adj} [archaic, ,, poetic] :: only, sole
Aino {prop} :: A heroine in the Kalevala
Aino {prop} :: given name
ainoa {adj} :: only, sole
ainoa {adj} :: only (having no siblings)
ainoalaatuinen {adj} :: synonym of ainutlaatuinen
ainoalaatuisuus {n} :: synonym of ainutlaatuisuus
ainoastaan {adv} :: only, just, alone
ainoinen {adj} [rare] :: only
ainoiskappale {n} :: unique piece (only one of its kind)
ainokainen {n} :: singleton (single object)
ainokainen {n} :: only child, only
ainu {n} :: Ainu (person)
ainu {n} :: Ainu (language)
ainu {n} [in plural] :: Ainu (ethnic group)
ainun kieli {n} :: Ainu (language)
ainunkielinen {adj} :: Ainu-language, Ainu-speaking, Ainu (of Ainu language)
ainuntaa {v} :: to translate into Ainu language
ainut {adj} :: only
ainutkertainen {adj} :: one-shot, unique (occurring only once)
ainutkertaisempi {adj} :: comparative of ainutkertainen
ainutkertaisuus {n} :: uniqueness (state or quality of occurring only once)
ainutlaatuinen {adj} :: unique, one-of-a-kind, unprecedented (without equal)
ainutlaatuisempi {adj} :: comparative of ainutlaatuinen
ainutlaatuisuus {n} :: uniqueness (state or quality of being unique or one of a kind)
aioli {n} :: aioli
aiolinen {adj} [music] :: Aeolian
aion {n} [geology] :: eon
aion {n} :: aeon
aioni {n} [geology] :: eon
aioni {n} :: eon (very long period of time)
Aira {prop} :: given name
Airaksinen {prop} :: surname
airedalenterrieri {n} :: Airedale Terrier
Airi {prop} :: given name. Variant: Aira
airo {n} :: oar
airokala {n} :: giant oarfish, king of herrings (Regalecus glesne), in Finnish the name species of the family Regalecidae
airokala {n} :: oarfish (any fish in the family Regalecidae)
aironhanka {n} :: synonym of hankain
aironlapa {n} :: oar blade
aironveto {n} :: stroke of oar
airopari {n} :: A pair of oars
airue {n} :: herald
airut {n} :: A harbinger, omen, messenger
airutkuvio {n} :: An ordinary (standard geometric design in heraldics)
ais {n} [music] :: A-sharp
aisa {n} :: shaft (one of the poles between which an animal is harnessed to a vehicle)
aisa {n} :: pole (of a cart or wagon)
aisahevonen {n} :: poler (horse harnessed alongside the shaft or pole of a vehicle)
aisakello {n} :: shaft bell (bell attached to the shaft of a horse-drawn vehicle)
aisankannattaja {n} :: cuckold
aisapari {n} :: bedfellow
aisata {v} :: To bark (strip the bark from a tree) partially, in order to speed up drying of the wood
aisaus {n} :: barking (stripping the bark from a tree)
Aiskhylos {prop} :: Aeschylus (ancient Greek poet)
Aisopos {prop} :: Aesop
-aista {suffix} :: Forms momentane verbs
aisti {n} :: sense (any of the manners by which living beings perceive the physical world)
aistia {vt} :: to sense (to use the biological senses)
aistienvarainen {adj} :: alternative form of aistinvarainen
aistihairahdus {n} :: synonym of havaintoharha
aistiharha {n} :: hallucination
aistihavainto {n} :: sensory perception
aistiherkkä {n} :: sensitive (of the senses, highly responsive to stimuli)
aistikas {adj} :: tasteful, elegant
aistikkaampi {adj} :: comparative of aistikas
aistikkaasti {adv} :: elegantly
aistikkuus {n} :: elegance
aistikyky {n} :: sensory ability
aistillinen {adj} :: sensual
aistillisesti {adv} :: sensually
aistillisuus {n} :: sensuality
aistimaailma {n} :: physical world, existence (the part of the world that is observable by the senses; empirical reality; the substance of the physical universe)
aistiminen {n} :: sensing (act of sensation)
aistimuisti {n} :: sensory memory (brief storage of information (in memory) brought in through the senses; typically only lasts up to a few seconds)
aistimus {n} :: perception
aistin {n} :: sensor, sense organ (organ)
aistinelin {n} [anatomy] :: sense organ
-aistinen {adj} :: As headword of compound terms only, having senses of the type defined by the modifier
aistinsolu {n} [anatomy] :: receptor (type of cell)
aistinvarainen {adj} :: organoleptic
aistinvaraisesti {adv} :: organoleptically
aistiärsyke {n} :: sensory stimulus
aistiton {adj} :: lacking senses (having no senses, or functional sensory organs)
aistittomampi {adj} :: comparative of aistiton
aistittomin {adj} :: superlative of aistiton
aistittomuus {n} :: lack of senses
aistivaikutelma {n} :: sensory perception
aistivamma {n} :: sensory impairment
aistivammainen {adj} :: having a/with sensory impairment (having one or more of the senses impaired)
aistivammainen {n} :: person with a sensory impairment
aistivammaisuus {n} :: condition of having a sensory impairment
aistiviallinen {adj} [obsolete] :: synonym of aistivammainen
aistiviallisuus {n} [obsolete] :: synonym of aistivammaisuus
aita {n} :: fence
aita {n} :: (low) wall
aitaamaton {adj} :: unfenced (not enclosed by fence)
aitailla {v} :: to fence (to enclose by fence)
aitajuoksija {n} :: hurdler (athlete)
aitajuoksu {n} :: hurdling
aitajuoksu {n} :: In the names of specific events hurdles
aitalanka {n} :: fence wire, fencing wire
aitalikusteri {n} :: wild privet, common privet, European privet, Ligustrum vulgare
aitaorapihlaja {n} :: A species of hawthorn (Crataegus flabellata var. grayana, syn. Crataegus grayana)
aitapensas {n} :: hedge bush (type of bush planted to make hedges)
aitariuku {n} :: pole for building a riukuaita (roundpole fence)
aitaus {n} :: An area surrounded by fences; a yard, corral
aitautua {v} [rare] :: synonym of karsinoitua
aitio {n} :: A box in a theatre etc
aitiopaikka {n} :: box seat (seat among a group of seats in an enclosure, as at a theater or stadium)
aitiopaikka {n} [figuratively, by extension] :: box seat (favorable vantage pont)
aito {adj} :: real, authentic, genuine
aito {adj} :: bona fide (authentic, genuine)
aito {adj} [mathematics] :: proper
aitoa {vi} [sports] :: To run hurdles
aitoamaryllis {n} :: synonym of amaryllis (Amaryllis belladonna)
aitoamerikkalainen {adj} :: all-American
aitodelfiini {n} :: synonym of delfiini (Delphinus delphis)
aitohopea {n} :: synonym of hopea (silver, sometimes used of silver-rich alloys to emphasize the difference to uushopea, nickel silver)
aitohopea {n} :: synonym of mithril (fictitious metal in J.R.R. Tolkien's stories)
aitohunajakukka {n} :: lacy phacelia, purple tansy, Phacelia tanacetifolia (annual herb used as cover crop, to attract bees or as ornamental plant)
aitoja {n} :: A hurdler
aitojalohaukka {n} :: falcon (any of the birds of prey in the genus Falco)
aitokana {n} :: Any bird of the family Phasianidae, including e.g. turkeys, grouse, pheasants, partridges and Old World quails
aitokoi {n} [zoology] :: tineid moth, fungus moth (moth of the family Tineidae)
aitokoi {n} [in plural] :: Tineidae (taxonomic family)
aitolehti {n} [botany] :: true leaf
aitolepakko {n} :: vesper bat (member of the Vespertilionidae family of bats)
Aitolia {prop} :: Aetolia (region in Greece)
aitolialainen {n} :: Aetolian (person)
aitolialainen {adj} :: Aetolian
aitomaksasammal {n} [botany] :: any liverwort of the order Jungermanniales
aito murtoluku {n} [arithmetic] :: proper fraction
aito osajoukko {n} [set theory] :: proper subset
aitoperäinen {adj} :: authentic
aitopihta {n} :: noble fir, Abies procera
aitopyöriäinen {n} :: synonym of pyöriäinen (Phocoena phocoena)
aitosammal {n} [botany] :: Any member of the moss subclass Bryidae
aitososiaalisuus {n} [biology] :: eusociality
aitosuomalainen {n} [historical] :: A supporter of aitosuomalaisuus
aitosuomalainen {adj} [historical] :: Of or pertaining to aitosuomalaisuus
aitosuomalaisuus {n} [historical] :: A post-WWI nationalistic movement and ideology in Finland, which strived for further improvement of the status of Finnish language in national institutions, such as universities
aitosyöpä {n} :: crown gall (disease of plants characterised by a tumour-like growth or gall on the infected plant, often at the junction between the root and the shootplants)
aitosypressi {n} :: A graveyard cypress, Italian cypress, Mediterranean cypress, pencil pine, Spanish cypress or Tuscan cypress; Cupressus sempervirens
aitotäpläpleko {n} :: suckermouthed catfish, Hypostomus punctatus
aitotumainen {adj} :: eukaryotic (of or pertaining to Eukaryota)
aitotumainen {n} :: eukaryote (any of the species belonging to Eukaryota)
aitotumallinen {n} :: eukaryote
aitous {n} :: authenticity
aitovieri {n} :: alternative form of aidanvieri
aitovyötiäinen {n} :: long-nosed armadillo (armadillo of the genus Dasypus)
aitta {n} :: granary or other unheated farm storehouse of relatively firm build, used as a storage of various goods which are relatively valuable and not too voluminous. Compare with lato and vaja
aitta {n} [figuratively] :: granary (fertile area especially suitable for farming); used normally with a modifier as in ruoka-aitta or vilja-aitta
Aittoniemi {prop} :: surname
Aittoniemi {prop} :: A placename
aituri {n} :: A hurdler
aivan {adv} :: exactly, precisely
aivan {adv} :: totally, very
aivan {adv} :: indeed
aivan heti {adv} :: just now, right away
aivan kuin {conj} :: synonym of ikään kuin
aivan kuin {conj} :: just like (in exactly the same way as)
aivan kuten {conj} :: synonym of aivan kuin
aivastaa {vi} :: to sneeze
aivastaminen {n} :: sneezing (act)
aivastella {vi} :: To sneeze (repeatedly)
aivastelu {n} :: sneezing (repeated)
aivastus {n} :: sneeze
aivastuttaa {vt} [impersonal] :: partitive + 3rd-person singular = to feel like having to sneeze
aivastuttaa {vt} :: To make sneeze
aivastuttava {adj} :: Causing one to sneeze, errhine
aivastuttavampi {adj} :: comparative of aivastuttava
aivastuttavin {adj} :: superlative of aivastuttava
aivina {n} :: heckled flax
aivipisto {n} [sewing] :: overcast stitch
aivoaine {n} [anatomy] :: brain matter
aivoödeema {n} [pathology] :: cerebral edema
aivofilmi {n} [colloquial] :: synonym of aivosähkökäyrä
aivohalvaus {n} [medicine] :: stroke (loss of brain function arising when the blood supply to the brain is suddenly interrupted)
aivohermo {n} [anatomy] :: cranial nerve
aivoinfarkti {n} [pathology] :: stroke
aivoinvalidi {n} [pathology] :: synonym of aivovammainen
aivoinvalidi {n} [derogative] :: idiot
aivoitus {n} :: A thought, idea
aivojenpesu {n} [rare] :: synonym of aivopesu
aivojumppa {n} [colloquial] :: synonym of aivovoimistelu,
aivojuovio {n} [anatomy] :: corpus striatum (brain part)
aivokaari {n} [anatomy] :: fornix (brain part)
aivokalvo {n} [anatomy] :: meninges
aivokalvontulehdus {n} [pathology] :: meningitis (inflammation of the meninges, usually caused by a virus or bacteria)
aivokammio {n} [anatomy] :: ventricle (one of the four cavities of the brain)
aivokapasiteetti {n} :: brain capacity
aivokasvain {n} [pathology] :: a brain tumour
aivokirurgi {n} :: brain surgeon
aivokoppa {n} [skeleton] :: A braincase
aivokoralli {n} :: brain coral
aivokudos {n} :: brain tissue
aivokuolema {n} :: brain death
aivokuollut {adj} :: brain-dead
aivokuollut {n} :: brain-dead
aivokuorenalainen {adj} [anatomy, pathology] :: subcortical (of or pertaining to the subcortex)
aivokuori {n} [anatomy] :: cerebral cortex
aivokuorialue {n} [anatomy] :: cerebral cortex area (any of the several areas of the cerebral cortex for which a specific function has been identified)
aivokuorukka {n} [anatomy] :: putamen
aivokurkiainen {n} [anatomy] :: corpus callosum
aivokuume {n} [colloquial, originally medical jargon] :: encephalitis
aivokuva {n} :: brain image (image of brain that shows its structure and activity)
aivokuvaus {n} :: brain imaging, neuroimaging (generation of images that show brain structure and activity)
aivokäyrä {n} [medicine] :: electroencephalogram
aivoleikkaus {n} :: brain surgery
aivolisäke {n} [anatomy] :: pituitary gland
aivolisäkkeen etulohko {n} [anatomy] :: anterior pituitary gland, anterior pituitary, adenohypophysis
aivolohko {n} :: A lobe (division of the brain)
aivomato {n} [anatomy] :: cerebellar vermis
aivomuuri {n} [anatomy] :: claustrum
aivoneste {n} [physiology, colloquial] :: cerebrospinal fluid, brain fluid
aivonesteviemäri {n} [anatomy] :: cerebral aqueduct
aivopaine {n} [physiology] :: intracranial pressure
aivopaise {n} [pathology] :: cerebral abscess
aivoperäinen {adj} :: synonym of aivosyntyinen
aivopestä {vt} :: To brainwash
aivopesu {n} :: brainwash
aivopöhö {n} [pathology] :: synonym of aivoödeema
aivopähkinä {n} :: brain-teaser
aivopieru {n} [vulgar] :: brain fart (something ill-considered)
aivopoimu {n} :: gyrus (ridge or fold on the cerebral cortex)
aivopuolisko {n} [anatomy] :: cerebral hemisphere, hemisphere
aivorakkula {n} [anatomy] :: brain vesicle, cerebral vesicle, encephalic vesicle (in the embryo of vertebrate organisms, any of the three transient, bulge-like features from which the brain and central nervous system develop)
aivoriihi {n} :: brainstorming session, brainstorm
aivoruhje {n} :: cerebral contusion, brain contusion
aivorunko {n} [anatomy] :: brain stem
aivosaari {n} [anatomy] :: insula, insular cortex (structure in the brain)
aivosairaus {n} [pathology, neurology] :: encephalopathy (any of various conditions affecting the brain)
aivo-selkäydinneste {n} [physiology] :: cerebrospinal fluid
aivoselkäydinneste {n} [physiology] :: cerebrospinal fluid
aivosähkö {n} [colloquial] :: brain electricity (any electrical phenomena that take place in the brain)
aivosähköhäiriö {n} [pathology] :: electrical disturbance in the brain
aivosähkökäyrä {n} [medicine] :: electroencephalogram
aivosähkötoiminta {n} [anatomy] :: electrical activity of the brain
aivosilta {n} [anatomy] :: pons of the brain
aivosirppi {n} [anatomy] :: falx celebri
aivosolu {n} :: brain cell
aivosolukko {n} :: cerebral tissue
aivosto {n} [anatomy] :: brains (collectively)
aivosyntyinen {adj} :: of cerebral origin, cerebral
aivosyöpä {n} [pathology] :: brain cancer
aivosyylä {n} [pathology] :: brain wart
aivot {n} [anatomy, always plural] :: brains
aivotauti {n} [pathology] :: brain disease (any disease of brain)
aivoteltta {n} [anatomy] :: cerebellar tentorium, tentorium cerebelli
aivotoiminta {n} [physiology] :: brain activity
aivoton {adj} :: brainless
aivotärähdys {n} [medicine] :: concussion
aivotrusti {n} [rare, colloquial] :: brain trust
aivottomampi {adj} :: comparative of aivoton
aivottomuus {n} [pathology] :: anencephaly
aivotulehdus {n} [pathology] :: encephalitis
aivotuonti {n} :: brain gain
aivoturso {n} [anatomy] :: hippocampus
aivoturvotus {n} [pathology] :: synonym of aivoödeema
aivotutkija {n} :: brain researcher
aivotutkimus {n} :: brain research
aivotyö {n} :: brainwork, mental work
aivouurre {n} [anatomy] :: sulcus (groove on the surface of the brain)
aivovaltimo {n} [anatomy] :: cerebral artery (any of the six arteries that distribute blood to the brain)
aivovaltimotauti {n} [pathology] :: cerebral arteritis
aivovamma {n} [medicine] :: traumatic brain injury
aivovammainen {adj} [pathology] :: brain-disabled
aivovammainen {n} :: brain-disabled person
aivovaurio {n} [medicine] :: brain damage
aivovauriolapsi {n} :: brain-damaged child
aivoverenkierto {n} :: cerebral circulation
aivoverenkiertohäiriö {n} [pathology] :: A stroke, cerebrovascular accident
aivoverenvuoto {n} [medicine] :: cerebral hemorrhage
aivoveritulppa {n} [pathology] :: cerebral thrombosis
aivoverkosto {n} [anatomy] :: reticular formation
aivovienti {n} :: brain drain (migration of educated or talented people from less economically advanced areas to more economically advanced areas)
aivovoimistelu {n} :: brain exercise
aivovuoto {n} :: brain drain
ajaa {vt} :: to drive, ride, travel in a vehicle, transport in a car
ajaa {v} :: several other forms of movement
ajaa {vt} :: to drive away, chase, pursue, expel, deport
ajaa {vt} :: to herd (animals) in a particular direction
ajaa {vt} :: to advocate a certain idea
ajaa {vt} :: to force into a certain state
ajaa {vt} :: to operate a device
ajaa {vt} [computing] :: to run, execute (a computer program)
ajaa {vt} :: to shave, cut
ajaa karille {v} [nautical] :: to run aground, strand
ajaantua {vi} :: To drift
ajaa partansa {v} :: to shave (to cut the facial hair)
ajaa ylinopeutta {vi} :: to speed (to exceed the speed limit)
ajaja {n} :: A driver
ajaja {n} :: A rider
ajallaan {adv} :: in its time
ajallaan {adv} :: according to timetable
ajallansa {adv} :: synonym of ajallaan
ajallinen {adj} :: temporal (relating to time)
ajallisesti {adv} :: timewise (with respect to time)
ajallisuus {n} :: temporality (condition of being bounded in time)
ajallisuus {n} :: temporalness (state or quality of being temporal)
ajamaton {v} [of beard] :: unshaven
ajan {postp} :: for, during, throughout (a period of time)
ajanhaaskaus {n} :: waste of time
ajanhaaskaus {n} :: timewasting, wasting of time
ajan henki {n} [idiomatic] :: zeitgeist
ajanhukka {n} :: A waste of time
ajaninkuusi {n} :: Jezo spruce, Picea jezoensis
ajanjako {n} :: allocation of time
ajanjakso {n} :: period of time
ajankohta {n} :: A point in time; date; also other time-related terms may apply
ajankohtainen {adj} :: of current interest, current (existing or occurring at the moment and being of some importance)
ajankohtaisempi {adj} :: comparative of ajankohtainen
ajankohtaiset {n} [broadcasting] :: short for ajankohtaisohjelma (current affairs program)
ajankohtaisin {adj} :: superlative of ajankohtainen
ajankohtaislähetys {n} :: synonym of ajankohtaisohjelma
ajankohtaislähetys {n} [broadcasting] :: extra news broadcast
ajankohtaisohjelma {n} [broadcasting] :: current affairs program
ajankohtaistaa {vt} :: To make current, timely or urgent
ajankohtaistua {vi} :: to become current
ajankohtaisuus {n} :: currentness
ajankulu {n} :: pastime
ajankuluke {n} :: pastime
ajankuva {n} :: portrayal of the period
ajankuvaus {n} :: synonym of ajankuva
ajan kysymys {n} :: matter of time, question of time
ajankäytön suunnittelu {n} [time management] :: The process of allocating time for various tasks
ajankäyttö {n} :: time-use, use of time (utilization of time)
ajanlasku {n} :: chronology (science)
ajanlasku {n} :: Common Era
ajanluku {n} [archaic] :: synonym of ajanlasku
ajan merkki {n} [idiomatic] :: sign of the times (symbol of an era); often used in plural in Finnish
ajan mittaan {adv} :: as the time passes (by)
ajanmittaus {n} :: time measurement, measuring of time
ajanmääritys {n} :: determination of time
ajanmukainen {adj} :: up-to-date
ajanmukaisesti {adv} :: in an up-to-date manner
ajanmukaistaa {vt} :: To modernize
ajanmukaistaminen {n} :: contemporisation
ajanmukaistua {vi} :: to be modernized
ajanmukaisuus {n} :: up-to-dateness
ajanottaja {n} :: timer (someone who times)
ajanotto {n} :: timing (instance of recording the time of something)
ajanottolaite {n} :: chronograph (device which marks or records time or time intervals)
ajan pitkään {adv} [idiomatic] :: in the long run
ajanpitkään {adv} :: alternative form of ajan pitkään
ajanpuute {n} :: lack of time
ajansäästö {n} :: saving of time
ajantappo {n} :: killing of time
ajantasainen {adj} :: up-to-date
ajantasainen {adj} [computing] :: realtime
ajantasaistaa {vt} :: to update
ajantasaistus {n} :: update
ajantasaisuus {n} :: up-to-dateness
ajantasajärjestelmä {n} [computing] :: realtime system
ajantasakäsittely {n} [computing] :: real-time processing
ajan tasalla {adv} [idiomatic] :: up to date, updated, posted
ajantilaus {n} :: time reservation
ajantuhlaus {n} :: waste of time
ajantuhlaus {n} :: timewasting, wasting of time
ajanvaraus {n} :: appointment
ajanviete {n} :: pastime
ajanvieteautomaatti {n} :: arcade game
ajanvietekirja {n} :: synonym of viihdekirja
ajanvietekirjallisuus {n} :: synonym of viihdekirjallisuus
ajanvietelehti {n} :: synonym of viihdelehti
ajanvieteohjelma {n} :: synonym of viihdeohjelma
ajanvietepeli {n} :: entertainment game
ajanvietteellinen {adj} :: recreational
ajanvietto {n} :: spending time
A ja O {phrase} :: alpha and omega; also capitalized and with definite article: the Alpha and the Omega (the first and last; the beginning and end)
ajassa {adv} :: on time (punctually or according to the schedule)
ajassa {adv} :: set to the correct time
ajassaan {adv} :: synonym of ajassa (on time)
ajastaa {v} :: To time (to choose the time for)
ajastaika {n} [archaic] :: year
ajastin {n} :: timer
ajastus {n} :: timing (setting a timer)
ajatar {n} [mythology] :: An evil spirit in Finnish folklore
ajatella {vt} [+ partitive] :: To think about
ajatelma {n} :: aphorism
ajateltavissa {adv} :: thinkable, conceivable, imaginable (capable of being conceived or imagined)
ajatollah {n} :: ayatollah
ajaton {adj} :: timeless
ajattaa {vt} :: To have something driven (by someone)
ajattaja {n} :: One who makes someone to drive
ajattelematon {adj} :: unthinking, inconsiderate
ajattelematon {adj} :: ill-advised
ajattelemattomasti {adv} :: unthinkingly, inconsiderately
ajattelemattomuus {n} :: thoughtlessness
ajatteleminen {n} :: thinking (action noun)
ajattelevainen {adj} :: thoughtful (demonstrating kindness or consideration for others)
ajattelija {n} :: thinker
ajattelu {n} :: thinking, thought
ajatteluaika {n} :: synonym of ajatusaika
ajattelukyky {n} :: ability to think
ajattelukykyinen {adj} :: able to think
ajattelutapa {n} :: way of thinking, line of thought
ajatteluttaa {v} :: To make think
ajatteluttaa {v} :: To puzzle, perplex
ajattelutyö {n} :: synonym of ajatustyö
ajattomampi {adj} :: comparative of ajaton
ajattomasti {adv} :: timelessly
ajattomin {adj} :: superlative of ajaton
ajattomuus {n} :: timelessness
ajatuksekas {adj} :: thoughtful (demonstrating thought)
ajatuksekkaampi {adj} :: comparative of ajatuksekas
ajatuksekkaasti {adv} :: thoughtfully
ajatuksellinen {adj} :: conceptual
ajatuksellisesti {adv} :: conceptually
ajatuksenjuoksu {n} :: thinking, train of thought
ajatuksenkulku {n} :: synonym of ajatuskulku
ajatuksenriento {n} :: synonym of ajatuksenjuoksu
ajatuksensiirto {n} :: telepathy
ajatuksenvapaus {n} :: freedom of thought
ajatukseton {adj} :: unthinking (without proper thought)
ajatukseton {adj} :: thoughtless (lacking thought or consideration)
ajatuksettomasti {adv} :: thoughtlessly (in a manner lacking thought or consideration)
ajatuksettomuus {n} :: unthinkingness
-ajatuksinen {adj} :: -thinking
ajatus {n} :: thought (form created in the mind)
ajatus {n} :: idea (image formed in the mind)
ajatus {n} :: idea (result of mental activity)
ajatus {n} :: idea (conception of something to be done, plan, intention)
ajatus {n} :: idea (vague or fanciful notion)
ajatusaika {n} :: time to think
ajatushautomo {n} :: think tank
ajatuskanta {n} :: opinion, point of view
ajatuskartta {n} :: mind map
ajatuskatko {n} :: A short blackout of memory
ajatusketju {n} :: chain of thought
ajatuskoe {n} :: thought experiment
ajatuskulku {n} :: train of thought (flow of thoughts)
ajatuskupla {n} [cartoons] :: thought bubble
ajatuskyky {n} :: synonym of ajattelukyky
ajatusleikki {n} :: synonym of ajatuskoe; also forms of "to play with the thought"
ajatusmaailma {n} :: sphere of thought (person's thoughts, beliefs and ideas as a whole)
ajatusmaailma {n} :: thought-world
ajatusmylly {n} [rare] :: synonym of ajatuspaja
ajatus on tärkein {phrase} :: it's the thought that counts
ajatuspaja {n} :: think tank, brain trust
ajatusperäinen {adj} :: thought-based
ajatusperäinen {adj} :: abstract, conceptual
ajatusponnistelu {n} :: mental effort
ajatusrakennelma {n} :: thought construct (concept or model created by thought)
ajatusrikos {n} :: thoughtcrime
ajatussisällys {n} :: synonym of ajatussisältö
ajatussisältö {n} :: meaning (concept or intentionthat a word, phrase or longer text denotes)
ajatussuunta {n} :: school of thought
ajatustapa {n} :: way of thinking
ajatustenjuoksu {n} :: synonym of ajatuksenjuoksu
ajatustenlukija {n} :: thought-reader
ajatustenluku {n} :: thought reading
ajatustensiirto {n} :: telepathy
ajatusten tonava {n} [humorous, sarcastic] :: a person who has and expresses many ideas that are or turn out to be either nonsensical, pointless or even dangerous
ajatustenvaihto {n} :: exchange of ideas
ajatustoiminta {n} :: mind (non-material set of processes in which consciousness, perception, affectivity, judgement, thinking, and will are based)
ajatustyö {n} :: mental work
ajatusviiva {n} :: dash (typographic symbol)
ajatusvirhe {n} :: aberration, misconception (reasoning error)
ajatusvoima {n} :: power of thought
ajatusvoimistelu {n} :: synonym of aivovoimistelu
ajatusyhteys {n} :: synonym of asiayhteys
ajatusyhtymä {n} :: association (connection in the mind or imagination)
ajautua {vi} :: to drift (somewhere)
ajautuma {n} :: drift (instance of being drifted)
ajelehtia {vi} :: To drift
ajelehtiva hylkytavara {n} :: flotsam, jetsam
ajella {vti} :: to drive, motor (in a casual manner or for recreation)
ajella {vt} :: to shave
ajelu {n} :: ride (instance of riding a vehicle or in a vehicle, especially for pleasure)
ajeluttaa {vt} :: To have something driven by someone (repeatedly and/or indifferently)
ajettavuus {n} [automotive] :: drivability
ajettua {vi} :: To swell; used of swelling of body parts due to injury or disease
ajettuma {n} [pathology] :: swelling
ajettunut {adj} [pathology] :: swollen
ajetuksissa {adv} :: swollen
ajetus {n} [pathology] :: swelling (state of being swollen)
ajin {n} :: ayin (sixteenth letter of the Hebrew and Phoenician scripts and the Northwest Semitic abjad)
ajo {n} :: driving
ajo {n} :: chase
ajoaika {n} :: drive time
ajoaika {n} :: run time
ajoaine {n} :: propellant
ajoankkuri {n} :: sea anchor, drag sail, drift anchor
ajoharjoittelu {n} :: driving practice
ajoharjoittelurata {n} :: driving practice course
ajohiekka {n} :: drifting sand, drift sand
ajoissa {adv} :: in time (at or before the time assigned)
ajoittaa {vt} :: To time
ajoittaa {vt} :: To date (to determine the age of)
ajoittain {adv} :: Once in a while, from time to time, at times, occasionally, periodically
ajoittainen {adj} :: intermittent
ajoittaisuus {n} :: intermittency
ajoittua {vi} :: To be dated (located to certain time)
ajoitus {n} :: timing (regulation of the pace, especially that of the occurrence of a series of events.)
ajoitus {n} :: timing (time when something happens)
ajoitus {n} :: timing (synchronization of the spark plugs)
ajoitus {n} :: dating (measurement of age)
ajojää {n} :: drift ice
ajojahti {n} :: battue (form of hunting)
ajojahti {n} :: manhunt (organized search of a criminal)
ajojahti {n} [figuratively] :: witch-hunt
ajojuhta {n} :: A horse, reindeer or other draft animal used to drag a carriage, sled or other vehicle for travel
ajokaista {n} :: driving lane
ajokalusto {n} :: vehicle fleet
ajokas {n} :: synonym of ajojuhta
ajokas {n} :: eelgrass (seagrass of the genus Zostera)
ajokaskasvi {n} [botany] :: plant of the family Zosteraceae
ajokaskasvi {n} [in plural] :: Zosteraceae (taxonomic family)
ajokeli {n} :: driving conditions
ajokelpoinen {adj} :: driveable (of road or other surface, capable of being driven on safely or successfully)
ajokelpoisuus {n} :: driveability (of road or other surface, capability of being driven on safely or successfully)
ajokielto {n} :: driving ban
ajokilometri {n} [automotive] :: a kilometer driven
ajokki {n} :: An animal used in transport
ajokki {n} :: The vehicle the animal pulls
ajokki {n} :: A motor vehicle
ajokoe {n} :: driving test, driving exam
ajokoira {n} :: hound
ajokoirametsästys {n} :: hound hunting (mode of hunting in which hounds play a major role)
Ajokoirat {prop} :: The constellation Canes Venatici, the Hunting Dogs
ajokortti {n} :: driver's license [US], driving licence [UK], driver's licence [Canada]
ajokunto {n} :: ability to drive
ajokunto {n} :: drivability (condition of being drivable)
ajokuntoinen {adj} :: driveable (of vehicle, capable of being driven)
ajokyky {n} :: ability to drive
ajolähtö {n} [pesäpallo] :: a type of force play in which all the bases are full and thus all baserunners must run when the batter runs
ajolähtö {n} [by extension] :: forced resignation from an office etc
ajolähtö {n} [by extension] :: any forced leaving
ajolinja {n} [automotive] :: racing line
ajoluiska {n} :: ramp (inclined surface)
ajolupa {n} :: driving permission
ajomaksu {n} :: fare (money paid for transport)
ajomatka {n} :: driving distance
ajomestari {n} :: transport manager, transportation manager (manager responsible for managing day-to-day operations of a transportation company)
ajomestari {n} :: bus manager (ditto to a bus firm)
ajometsästys {n} :: battue (form of hunting)
ajomies {n} :: [hunting] beater
Ajomies {prop} :: the constellation Auriga, the Charioteer
ajomiina {n} [military, naval] :: A drifting mine
ajonestin {n} :: synonym of ajonestolaite
ajonestolaite {n} [automotive] :: immobiliser (security device)
ajoneuvo {n} :: A ground vehicle (excluding trains and such)
ajoneuvoasentaja {n} [automotive] :: synonym of autonasentaja
ajoneuvorekisteri {n} :: vehicle register
ajoneuvovaaka {n} :: A weighbridge
ajoneuvovero {n} :: vehicle tax
ajoneuvoyhdistelmä {n} :: Any truck/tractor + trailer/semi-trailer combination; a tractor-trailer
ajo-ohje {n} :: driving direction
ajo-olosuhde {n} [automotive, usually in plural] :: driving condition
ajo-ominaisuus {n} [automotive, in plural] :: road handling performance
ajo-ominaisuus {n} :: (automotive) Any element perceived to form a part of road handling performance
ajo-opetus {n} :: driving instruction (act of teaching a person to drive)
ajopalkka {n} :: A compensation for a driver and draft animal for transporting freight or passengers
ajopeli {n} [dialectal] :: synonym of ajoneuvo
ajopiirturi {n} :: tachograph
ajopäiväkirja {n} :: A driving log or logbook of details of using a motor car, especially one made for the taxman to record private and job-related driving
ajoporo {n} :: draft reindeer, draught reindeer (reindeer trained to pull a sledge)
ajopurje {n} [nautical] :: flying jib
ajopuu {n} :: driftwood
ajopuuteoria {n} :: A rejected historical theory according to which Finland involuntarily fought alongside Nazi Germany against the Soviet Union
ajopyynti {n} :: synonym of ajometsästys
ajorata {n} [roads] :: carriageway
ajoratamerkintä {n} :: road marking
ajoretki {n} :: road trip (recreational or impromptu excursion by car)
ajos {n} :: abscess
ajospahka {n} [pathology] :: carbuncle
ajosuunta {n} :: direction of traffic
ajotaito {n} [automotive] :: driving skills
ajotekniikka {n} [automotive] :: driving technique
ajotie {n} :: road, roadway, pavement
ajotie {n} :: (pihatie, i.e. only if the context indicates it's a private road leading to a building) driveway, (UK also: drive)
ajotietokone {n} :: trip computer
ajotilanne {n} [automotive] :: driving situation
ajotilanne {n} [sports] :: synonym of ajolähtö
ajoturvallisuus {n} [automotive] :: road safety, traffic safety
ajoura {n} :: rut (furrow, groove, or track worn in the ground, as from the passage of many wheels)
ajovalo {n} :: headlight
ajoverkko {n} [fishing] :: drift net
ajoverkkokalastus {n} [fishing] :: driftnetting
ajoviima {n} :: wind (perceived movement of air caused by the movement of a vehicle)
ajovirhe {n} [automotive] :: driving error
ajoväylä {n} :: roadway
aju {n} :: synonym of ajatus
aju {n} :: sweetfish, ayu (Plecoglossus altivelis)
ajukoppa {n} [dialectal] :: head, brain
ajuri {n} [computing] :: driver
ajuri {n} [dated] :: A person who drives
ajuruoho {n} :: thyme (plant of the genus Thymus)
Akaa {prop} :: Akaa
akaasia {n} :: alternative spelling of akasia
akaasiahunaja {n} :: acacia honey (honey from bees that have ample access to acacias, believed to be an especially healthy sort of honey by many)
akaatti {n} :: agate
akallinen {adj} [colloquial] :: Having a wife; married
akamprosaatti {n} [pharmacology] :: acamprosate
akan {n} :: Akan (West African language spoken mainly in Ghana and Ivory Coast)
akana {n} :: The husk of a grain
akana {n} :: In plural (akanat), chaff (inedible parts of a plant whose seeds are eaten as grain)
akani {n} :: alternative spelling of akan (West African language Akan)
akankaali {n} :: bugleweed, bugle, ground pine, carpet bugle (any plant of the genus Ajuga in the family Lamiaceae)
akankanto {n} :: wife carrying
akansieni {n} :: shaggy parasol (Macrolepiota rhacodes)
akantappaja {n} [colloquial] :: sidecar (one-wheeled attachment to a motorcycle)
akantappokone {n} [colloquial] :: sidecar (one-wheeled attachment to a motorcycle)
akantti {n} :: acanthus (plant)
akantti {n} :: acanthus (ornament)
akanvirta {n} :: eddy (current of water running back, or in an opposite direction to the main current)
akarboosi {n} [pharmacology] :: acarbose
akasia {n} :: acacia (plant of the genus Acacia)
akasiahunaja {n} :: alternative spelling of akaasiahunaja
akateemikko {n} :: An academician (member of an academy, or society for promoting science, art, or literature)
akateemikko {n} :: An Academian (follower of Plato's filosofy, a Platonist)
akateemikko {n} [rare in current usage] :: An academic or academian (member or student of an academy, college, or university)
akateeminen {adj} :: academic
akateemisemmin {adv} :: comparative of akateemisesti
akateemisesti {adv} :: academically
akateemisimmin {adv} :: superlative of akateemisesti
akateemisuus {n} :: academic
akatemia {n} :: An academy (a society of learned men united for the advancement of the arts and sciences)
akatemia {n} :: An academy (a school or place of training in which some special art is taught; as, a military academy)
akatemia {n} :: An academy, as any high-quality place of learning
Akatemia {prop} :: Short for Suomen Akatemia
Akava {prop} :: A trade union confederation representing employees with university- or other high-level training in both public and private sector; its full English name is "The Confederation of Unions for Academic Professionals in Finland (Akava)"
akbash {n} [dogs] :: akbash dog (Turkish breed of dog)
aškenasi {n} :: Ashkenazi, Ashkenazi Jew (person)
aškenasijuutalainen {n} :: Ashkenazi, Ashkenazi Jew (person)
akettaa {v} [military slang] :: to (practice) urban combat
Akhilleus {prop} :: Achilles (greek mythical hero)
Aki {prop} :: given name
akileija {n} :: columbine
akilleenkantapää {n} [anatomy] :: Achilles tendon
akilleenkantapää {n} :: Achilles' heel
Akilles {prop} [dated] :: Achilles (Greek mythical hero)
akillesjänne {n} [anatomy] :: Achilles tendon
akita {n} :: Akita (breed of dog originating in Japan)
akka {n} :: hag, crone (old woman)
akka {n} [derogatory] :: woman; wife; hag, witch
akka {n} [colloquial, chess, card games] :: queen, bitch
akkadin kieli {n} :: Akkadian (historical language)
akkainlehti {n} [derogatory] :: synonym of naistenlehti
akkalansaame {n} :: The Akkala Sami language
akkalauma {n} [pejorative] :: crowd of women
akkamainen {adj} :: sissy (effeminate)
akkamaisesti {adv} [pejorative] :: effeminately
akkamaisuus {n} :: sissiness
akkautua {vi} [colloquial, derogatory, of an organization, branch or similar] :: to become dominated by women
akkautua {vi} [colloquial, of women] :: to grow older
akkavalta {n} :: petticoat government
akklimatisaatio {n} :: acclimatization
akklimatisoida {v} :: To acclimatize (to make used to new climate)
akklimatisointi {n} :: acclimatization (making acclimatized)
akklimatisoitua {vi} :: To acclimatize
akkommodaatio {n} :: accommodation
akkommodaatiokyky {n} :: accommodation ability (of the eye, ability to accommodate to distance and amount of light)
akkreditiivi {n} [archaic, trade finance] :: An order from a buyer to a bank to issue a letter of credit
akkreditiivi {n} :: (archaic) accreditation letter, letter of accreditation
akkreditoida {v} :: To accredit (to send with letters credential, as an ambassador)
akkreditointi {n} :: accreditation
akkreditointikirje {n} :: accreditation letter
akku {n} :: battery (rechargeable device for storing electric energy)
akku {n} :: accumulator (UK term for wet-cell type of battery)
akku {n} [figuratively, usually in plural] :: batteries (strength, energy)
akkuhappo {n} :: battery acid
akkukone {n} :: any handheld machine powered by a battery, especially a power tool
akkukonesetti {n} :: power tool combo kit
akkukäyttöinen {adj} :: battery-operated, battery-powered (of an electric or electronic device, getting its operating power from a rechargeable battery)
akkulaturi {n} :: battery charger
akkulturaatio {n} :: acculturation
akkumulaatio {n} :: accumulation
akkumulaattori {n} :: accumulator
akkumulatiivinen {adj} :: accumulative
akkumuloida {vt} :: To accumulate
akkuna {n} [dialectal] :: alternative form of ikkuna
akkuporakone {n} :: cordless drill, battery drill
akkuruuvinväännin {n} :: battery screwdriver (battery-powered power screwdriver)
akkusatiivi {n} [grammar] :: accusative, accusative case
akkusatiivisija {n} [grammar] :: accusative case
akkusatorinen {adj} [legal] :: Accusatorial (of or pertaining to the system of a public trial in which the facts are ascertained by the judge or jury from evidence presented by the prosecution and the defence)
akkusähköauto {n} :: battery electric vehicle (type of electric vehicle)
akkutoiminen {adj} :: battery-operated
akkuvesi {n} :: battery water (distilled water for battery units)
akme {n} [rare] :: acme
akmeismi {n} :: Acmeism (literary movement)
akmiitti {n} [mineral] :: aegirine
akne {n} [pathology] :: acne
akoittua {vi} [colloquial, of a man] :: to get married
akoittua {vi} [colloquial, rare, of a woman] :: to get old
akolyytti {n} :: acolyte (Catholic Church: one ordained to carry the wine, water and lights at Mass)
akoniittihappo {n} [organic chemistry] :: aconitic acid
akonitiini {n} :: aconitine
akordi {n} [finance] :: accord, arrangement, composition, settlement
akordi {n} [music] :: chord
akridiini {n} :: acridine
akrivastiini {n} :: acrivastine (antihistamine drug)
akro- {prefix} :: acro-
akrobaatti {n} :: acrobat
akrobaattinen {adj} :: acrobatic
akrobatia {n} :: acrobatics
akrobatiavoimistelu {n} :: acrobatic gymnastics (competitive gymnastic discipline)
akrofobia {n} :: acrophobia (fear of heights)
akroleiini {n} :: acrolein
akroleiinihappo {n} :: acrylic acid
akromaattinen {adj} [optics] :: achromatic
akromaattisuus {n} [optics] :: achromaticity
akromegalia {n} [disease] :: acromegaly
akronyymi {n} :: acronym
akropolis {n} :: acropolis
Akropolis {n} :: The Acropolis
akrosomi {n} :: acrosome
akrosyanoosi {n} [pathology] :: acrocyanosis
akrylonitriili {n} :: synonym of akryylinitriili
akryyli {n} :: plexiglass, polymethyl methacrylate
akryyli {n} [in compounds] :: acrylic
akryyliamidi {n} :: acrylamide
akryylihappo {n} :: acrylic acid
akryylihartsi {n} [organic chemistry] :: acrylic resin
akryylimaalaus {n} :: acrylic painting
akryylimaali {n} :: acrylic paint
akryylimuovi {n} :: acrylic plastics
akryylinitriili {n} :: acrylonitrile
akryyliväri {n} :: acrylic paint
akseleraatio {n} [physics] :: acceleration
akseleraattori {n} :: accelerator
akseleroida {vt} :: To accelerate
akseli {n} :: axle, axis, shaft
Akseli {prop} :: given name
akselikaltevuus {n} [astronomy, rare] :: obliquity, axial tilt
akselikuormitus {n} [automotive] :: axle strain
-akselinen {adj} :: axled, shafted
akselinlaskija {n} :: axle counter
akselintappi {n} :: alternative form of akselitappi
akselipaino {n} :: axle load
akselisto {n} :: axles collectively
akselisymmetrinen {adj} :: axisymmetric
akselitappi {n} [engineering] :: journal (part of a shaft or axle that rests on bearings)
akseliteho {n} :: shaft power
akselivallat {n} :: The Axis Powers
akseliväli {n} [automotive] :: wheelbase
aksentoida {v} [music] :: to accentuate (to emphasize a note)
aksentti {n} :: accent (mark or character)
aksentti {n} :: accent (e.g. foreign accent)
aksenttimerkki {n} :: accent mark, accent (diacritical mark showing accent)
akseptantti {n} :: acceptor, drawee
akseptata {vt} [banking, dated] :: To accept a negotiable instrument, such as a check, bill of exchange etc
akseptaus {n} [commerce] :: acceptance
aksepti {n} [economics] :: acceptance
akseptoida {vt} [banking, archaic] :: To accept a negotiable instrument, such as a check, bill of exchange etc
akseptointi {n} [commerce] :: acceptance
akseptori {n} [physics, chemistry] :: acceptor
aksessorinen {adj} :: accessory
aksiaalinen {adj} :: axial
aksiaalisesti {adv} :: axially
aksiaalisuus {n} :: axiality
aksiaalitaso {n} [anatomy] :: transverse plane, horizontal plane, axial plane, transaxial plane (any plane that divides the body into upper and lower parts)
aksiisi {n} [dated] :: excise tax
aksiisinalainen {adj} [archaic] :: subject to excise tax
aksiniitti {n} [mineral] :: axinite
aksiologia {n} :: axiology
aksiomaattinen {adj} :: axiomatic
aksiomaattisemmin {adv} :: comparative of aksiomaattisesti
aksiomaattisesti {adv} :: axiomatically
aksiomaattisimmin {adv} :: superlative of aksiomaattisesti
aksiomaattisuus {n} :: The property of being axiomatic
aksiomi {n} [logic, mathematics] :: axiom
aksioni {n} [particle] :: axion
aksiooma {n} [logic, mathematics] :: axiom
aksis {n} [skeleton] :: axis vertebra
aksisymmetrinen {adj} :: axisymmetric
aksolotli {n} :: axolotl, Ambystoma mexicanum
aksoni {n} [cytology] :: axon
aksonikimppu {n} [cytology] :: axon bundle
aksoplasma {n} [cytology] :: axoplasm
aktantti {n} [linguistics] :: actant
akti {n} :: act
aktiivat {n} [accounting] :: assets (on a balance sheet)
aktiivi {n} :: activist
aktiivi {n} [grammar] :: active voice
aktiivi {adj} :: alternative form of aktiivinen
aktiivihiili {n} :: activated carbon
aktiivihiilisuodatin {n} :: activated carbon filter
aktiivijousitus {n} [automotive, technology] :: active suspension
aktiiviliete {n} :: activated sludge
aktiiviloma {n} :: active vacation
aktiivimuoto {n} [grammar] :: active form
aktiivinen {adj} :: active
aktiivipalvelus {n} :: active duty
aktiivisemmin {adv} :: actively (instructive form of aktiivinen)
aktiivisesti {adv} :: actively
aktiivisimmin {adv} :: superlative of aktiivisesti
aktiivistaa {vt} :: To make more active
aktiivistua {vi} [rare] :: to become more active
aktiivisuus {n} :: activeness, activity (state or quality of being active)
aktiiviupseeri {n} :: frontline service
aktiiviurheilija {n} :: active athlete
aktiivius {n} :: activity
aktiiviväestö {n} [economics] :: economically active population (the fraction of population that is either employed or actively seeking employment)
aktinidi {n} :: actinide
aktinium {n} :: actinium
aktinoidi {n} [chemistry] :: actinide
aktinoliitti {n} [mineral] :: actinolite
aktinomykoosi {n} [pathology, jargon] :: actinomycosis
aktio {n} :: action
aktivaatiotaso {n} [zoology] :: activation level
aktivaatiotietue {n} [computing] :: activation record
aktivaattori {n} :: activator
aktivismi {n} :: activism
aktivisti {n} :: activist
aktiviteetti {n} :: activity (pleasure or entertainment)
aktivoida {vt} :: to activate, to enable (to put something into action)
aktivoiminen {n} :: activation
aktivointi {n} :: activation
aktivointitietue {n} :: synonym of aktivaatiotietue
aktivoitua {vi} :: To become (more) active
aktivoitumisenergia {n} [physics, chemistry] :: activation energy
aktuaali {adj} :: (ajankohtainen) current (existing or occurring at the moment)
aktuaali {adj} :: (todellinen) real
aktuaalinen {adj} :: current (existing or occurring at the moment)
aktuaalinen {adj} :: actual, real, factual
aktuaalisesti {adv} :: currently
aktuaalisesti {adv} :: actually, factually, really
aktuaalistaa {vt} :: to actualize/actualise (to make actual)
aktuaalistua {vi} :: to actualize (to become actual or real)
aktuaalistuma {n} :: actualization; especially in religious context
aktuaalisuus {n} :: actuality (quality of being actual or factual)
aktuaari {n} :: actuary
aktualisoida {vt} :: alternative form of aktuaalistaa
aktualisointi {n} :: actualization
aktualisoitua {vi} :: alternative form of aktuaalistua
aktualisoituma {n} :: synonym of aktuaalistuma
aktuelli {adj} :: current (existing or occurring at the moment)
aktuelli {adj} :: real
Aku {prop} :: given name
Aku Ankka {prop} :: Donald Duck (Disney character)
akuhieronta {n} :: acumassage (type of massage therapy)
akuhoito {n} :: acutherapy
akunlaturi {n} :: alternative form of akkulaturi
akupainanta {n} :: acupressure (alternative medicine technique; instance of applying this technique)
akupiste {n} [alternative medicine] :: acupoint
akupunktio {n} :: acupuncture
akupunktiohoitaja {n} :: acupuncturist
akupunkturisti {n} :: acupuncturist
akupunktuuri {n} :: acupuncture
akupunktuurihoito {n} :: acupuncture therapy
akupunktuurineula {n} :: acupuncture needle
akupunktuuripiste {n} :: acupuncture point, acupoint
Akusti {prop} :: given name
akustiikka {n} :: acoustics
akustiikkalevy {n} [construction] :: acoustic board (sound-insulating board that may be installed on walls, ceilings etc.)
akustinen {adj} :: acoustic
akustinen basso {n} [musical instruments] :: double bass
akustinen kitara {n} :: acoustic guitar
akustisemmin {adv} :: comparative of akustisesti
akustisesti {adv} :: acoustically
akustisimmin {adv} :: superlative of akustisesti
akustisuus {n} :: The quality of being acoustic
akusto {n} :: battery
akuutisti {adv} [medicine] :: acutely
akuutti {adj} :: acute (urgent)
akuutti {adj} [medicine] :: acute
akuutti {adj} [orthography] :: acute, acute accent
akuuttiaksentti {n} :: acute accent (diacritic mark ( ´ ))
akuuttihoito {n} [medicine] :: acute care
akuuttinen {adj} :: synonym of akuutti
akuuttisesti {adv} :: synonym of akuutisti
akuuttisuus {n} [medicine] :: acuteness
akuutti vatsa {n} [pathology] :: acute abdomen
akvaario {n} :: aquarium
akvaariokala {n} :: aquarium fish (any fish commonly kept in aquarium by hobbyists)
akvaariokasvi {n} :: aquarium plant (any plant grown in an aquarium)
akvaariokauppa {n} :: aquarium shop
akvaarioliike {n} :: aquarium shop
akvaattinen {adj} :: aquatic
akvamariini {n} [mineral] :: aquamarine
akvarelli {n} :: aquarelle
akvarelliliitu {n} :: watercolor crayon
akvarellimaalaus {n} :: synonym of vesivärimaalaus
akvarelliväri {n} :: watercolour (water-soluble pigment)
akvatinta {n} :: aquatint
akvaviitti {n} :: aquavit, akvavit
akvedukti {n} :: aqueduct
ala {n} :: area, field, domain (one's field of expertise or activity)
ala {n} [in working life, in science] :: field, discipline
ala {n} :: industry, sector, branch (business, studies, etc.)
ala {n} [mathematics] :: area
ala- {prefix} :: under-, sub-, lower, nether; inferior
ala-arvoinen {adj} :: inferior (of quality)
ala-arvoinen {adj} :: base
ala-asema {n} [electrical engineering] :: A substation (site where electricity is transformed and/or regulated for local distribution)
ala-aste {n} [dated] :: elementary school, primary school (the lower level of the comprehensive school consisting of grades 1 through 6)
ala-asteelainen {n} :: alternative form of ala-astelainen
ala-astelainen {n} [dated] :: primary school student (student of the grades 1 to 6)
alabama {n} :: Alabama (language)
alabama {n} [in plural] :: Alabama (tribe)
alabasteri {n} :: alabaster (variety of gypsum)
alabasterinen {adj} :: alabaster (made of alabaster)
aladobi {n} :: meat jelly
aladobi {n} :: head cheese [US], brawn [UK] (meat jelly cooked from the head of a pig or calf)
aladominantti {n} [music] :: synonym of subdominantti
Ala-Egypti {n} [history] :: Lower Egypt
alaheimo {n} [taxonomy] :: A subfamily
alahuone {n} :: lower house of a parliament
alahuuli {n} [anatomy] :: lower lip
alaikäinen {adj} :: underage
alaikäinen {n} :: minor (underage person)
alaikäinen {n} [legal] :: infant (underage person)
alaikäiseen sekaantuminen {n} [law, obsolete] :: statutory rape (act of sexual intercourse by an adult with a minor who is below the age of consent)
alaikäisen väkisinmakaaminen {n} [law, obsolete] :: statutory rape
alaikäisyys {n} [legal] :: infancy (state of being minor)
alaikäraja {n} :: minimum age limit
alaindeksi {n} :: subscript
alainen {n} :: A subordinate
alainen {adj} :: subject to or under [often as a latter part of a compound word]
alaiseton {adj} [obsolete] :: naked, nude
alaisuus {n} :: state of being subordinate; no direct English equivalent
alajärjestelmä {n} :: A subsystem
Alajärvi {prop} :: Alajärvi
alajuoksu {n} :: downriver (section of a river that is towards its mouth from the observer)
alajuoksu {n} [construction] :: sill plate, sole plate, bottom plate (bottommost wall plate on a wall)
alakajetto {n} [phonetics] :: subglottal cavities
alakansi {n} [nautical] :: An orlop or orlop deck (the lowest deck of a ship)
alakerta {n} :: A lower store; downstairs
alakieli {n} [linguistics] :: flash (language created by a repressed minority to maintain cultural identity)
alakieli {n} [music] :: A low-pitched string in a stringed instrument
alakierre {n} [sports] :: backspin
alakkain {adv} :: one below another
alakkainen {adj} :: alternative form of allekkainen
alakohta {n} :: subsection
alakohtainen {adj} :: sectoral, sector-wise, sectorwise (of or pertaining to a sector)
alakonjunktio {n} [astronomy] :: inferior conjunction
alakoulu {n} :: grades 1 to 6 of the Finnish peruskoulu; similar to US elementary school
alakäsite {n} :: hyponym
alakulo {n} :: melancholy
alakuloinen {adj} :: blue, melancholic
alakuloinen {adj} :: in low spirits
alakuloisempi {adj} :: comparative of alakuloinen
alakuloisuus {n} :: melancholy
alakulttuuri {n} [sociology] :: subculture
alakuolokohta {n} [automotive] :: bottom dead center
alakuu {n} :: waning moon
alakyynelpiste {n} [anatomy] :: inferior lacrimal punctum (lacrimal punctum of the lower eyelid)
alalahko {n} [taxonomy] :: suborder
alalaita {n} :: lower edge, lower margin, lower side
alalaji {n} [taxonomy] :: subspecies
alalanka {n} [sewing] :: bottom thread (in a sewing machine, the thread that is fed from below the fabric)
alaleuanluu {n} [skeleton] :: lower jawbone, mandible
alaleuka {n} [skeleton] :: lower jaw, mandible
alaleukaluu {n} [anatomy, skeleton] :: mandible
alalla {adv} [euphemistic] :: on the game (working as a prostitute)
alaluokka {n} :: the lower class (in school; in the society)
alaluokka {n} [taxonomy] :: subclass
alaluokka {n} [programming] :: subclass
alaluomi {n} [anatomy] :: The lower eyelid
alamaa {n} :: lowland
alamaa {n} :: downhill
alamaailma {n} :: netherworld, underworld
alamaailma {n} :: criminal underworld
alamainen {n} :: subject (a citizen in a monarchy)
alamitta {n} [fishing] :: The minimum allowed length of a fish that can be caught
alamittainen {adj} :: [of fish or crabs] Too small in size
alamäki {n} :: decline, declivity (downward slope)
alamäki {n} :: low part of a slope
alamäki {n} :: the part of a slope which is downhill from one's current position
alamäki {n} [figuratively] :: descent (drop to a lower status or condition)
Alamäki {prop} :: surname
alamäkiajo {n} [cycling] :: downhill biking, downhill cycling
Alanen {prop} :: surname
alaniini {n} [amino acid] ::  alanine
alanko {n} :: lowland
alankomaalainen {n} :: A Dutch
alankomaalainen {adj} :: Dutch, Netherlands (of or pertaining to the Netherlands)
alankomaalaisuus {n} :: Dutchness (quality of being Dutchr)
Alankomaat {prop} [pluralonly] :: The Netherlands
Alankomaiden Antillit {prop} [historical] :: Netherlands Antilles (until 2010, autonomous area within the Netherlands, consisting of Dutch possessions in the Caribbean region)
Alankomaiden Guayana {prop} [historical] :: Dutch Guiana (colonial era name of current Suriname)
alanne {n} :: lowland
alanne {n} :: depression
alanurkka {n} :: lower corner
alaonttolaskimo {n} [anatomy] :: An inferior vena cava
alaosa {n} :: bottom (lowest part of anything)
alaosaton {adj} :: bottomless (not wearing clothes below the waist; particularly not wearing clothes that would cover the genitalia)
alaotsikko {n} :: subtitle
alapää {n} :: bottom (the lowest part)
alapää {n} :: genitalia, genitals
alapaine {n} [physiology] :: diastolic blood pressure
alapilvi {n} :: low-level cloud, low height cloud
alapuoli {n} :: The underside or underneath of anything
alapuoli {n} :: In adessive, ablative and allative cases, used postpositionally to signify "at, from or to the underside", or underneath, under or below
alapuolinen {adj} :: lower, bottom, underneath; often best translated into English with a prepositional structure (being on the underside of something)
alapuolinen {adj} :: sub-
alapuolinen {adj} :: downstream; often used postpositionally in adessive, ablative and allative
alapuolisko {n} :: lower half
alapurenta {n} :: underbite
alaraaja {n} [anatomy] :: lower limb
alaraja {n} :: lower boundary
Alarik {prop} :: Alaric (Visigoth king)
Alarik {prop} :: given name of Germanic origin
alarmismi {n} :: alarmism (production of needless alarms)
alarmisti {n} :: alarmist (one who causes others to become alarmed without cause)
alaruumis {n} [anatomy] :: lower body
alas {adv} :: down
alas {adv} :: downward
alas {interj} [followed by a nominative] :: down with [e.g. in demonstrations]
alasajo {n} :: shutdown, especially a step-wise process of stopping a system such as an industrial process or a business in a controlled manner
alasaksa {n} :: Low German, Low Saxon (language)
Alasaksa {prop} [archaic] :: Low Germany (north Germany)
alasaksi {n} :: Low Saxon
Ala-Saksi {prop} :: Lower Saxony
alasampuminen {n} :: shootdown
alasaranoitu {adj} :: bottom-hinged (having hinges on the bottom, as opposed to having them on top or on the side)
alaselkä {n} [anatomy] :: lower back (lower part of the back, consisting of lumbar and pelvic region)
alasin {n} :: anvil
alasin {n} [skeleton] :: incus
alasinluu {n} [skeleton] :: incus
alaskalainen {adj} :: Alaskan
alaskalainen {n} :: Alaskan (person)
alaskanhusky {n} :: Alaskan Husky
alaskanjupik {n} :: Yup'ik, Central Alaskan Yup'ik (language)
alaskankarikukko {n} :: black turnstone, Arenaria melanocephala
alaskanmalamuutti {n} :: Alaskan Malamute (breed of dog)
alaskanpiiskujänis {n} :: collared pika (Ochotona collaris)
alaskirjata {v} [accounting] :: to write off, write down
alaslaskettava {adj} :: fold-down
alasorbi {n} :: Lower Sorbian (Slavic language)
alaspäin {adv} :: downwards (from a high position to a lower one)
alasti {adv} :: naked
alastomampi {adj} :: comparative of alaston
alastomin {adj} :: superlative of alaston
alastomuus {n} :: nudity, nakedness
alastomuuskulttuuri {n} :: nudity culture
alaston {adj} :: nude, naked
alaston {n} :: A naked person
alastonkohtaus {n} [cinema] :: nude scene
alastonkuva {n} :: nude (picture)
alastonuinti {n} :: skinny dipping
alastulo {n} :: A landing
alastulo {n} :: A dismount (last part of gymnastics routine)
alasuku {n} [taxonomy] :: subgenus
alasuojus {n} :: jockstrap
alasvetovastus {n} [electronics] :: pull-down resistor
Alatalo {prop} :: surname
Alatalo {prop} :: Any of a number of small places in Finland
alati {adv} :: always
alatie {n} :: lower road
alatoopi {n} :: meat jelly
alatoopi {n} :: head cheese [US], brawn [UK] (meat jelly cooked from the head of a pig or calf)
Alattio {prop} :: The Finnish name of the Norwegian municipality of Alta, Norway
alatunniste {n} :: A footer (line of information at the bottom of a page)
alatusten {adv} :: synonym of allekkain
alatyyli {n} :: vulgar or obscene language
alatyylinen {adj} :: Said of a written or oral expression, vulgar (obscene)
alava {adj} :: low-lying
Alavieska {prop} :: A municipality in Northern Ostrobothnia, Finland
alaviite {n} :: footnote
alaviitti {n} [religion] :: Alawite (member of a Shia sect)
alaviiva {n} [typesetting] :: underscore
alavirta {n} :: downstream
alavirta {n} :: Used postpositionally to signify "downstream of", or below
alavokaali {n} [phonetics] :: open vowel; low vowel [US] (vowel sound in which the tongue is positioned as far as possible from the roof of the mouth)
Alavus {prop} :: Alavus
alayksikkö {n} :: unit of area
alba {n} :: An alb; a long white gown worn in various Christian ceremonies by the priest or the parishioners, especially in a confirmation by the people who are being confirmed
albaani {n} :: Albanian (person)
albania {n} :: The Albanian language
Albania {prop} :: Albania
albanialainen {adj} :: Albanian
albanialainen {n} :: An Albanian
albanialaisuus {n} :: Albanianness (state or quality of being Albanian)
albanian kieli {n} :: The Albanian language
albaniankielinen {adj} :: Albanian, Albanian language, Albanian speaking (written or expressed in Albanian)
albaniantaa {v} :: to translate into Albanian
albanologia {n} :: Albanology
albatrossi {n} :: albatross
Albert {prop} :: given name
albertanvalkokuusi {n} :: white spruce, Picea glauca var. albertiana
Albertiina {prop} :: given name
albigenssit {n} [Christianity, historical] :: Albigenses (French sect of reformers opposed to the church of Rome in the 12th century)
albiino {n} :: albino
albiinomonninen {n} :: synonym of täplämonninen (aquarium fish)
albiinomonninen {n} :: synonym of kuparimonninen (aquarium fish)
albiitti {n} [mineral] :: albite
albinismi {n} :: albinism
albumi {n} :: An album
albumiini {n} [chemistry] :: albumin
aldehydi {n} :: aldehyde
aldoosi {n} :: aldose
aldriini {n} :: aldrin
ale {n} [colloquial] :: sale (selling of goods at bargain prices)
ale {n} :: ale (type of beer)
Ale {prop} [rare] :: given name
alef {n} :: aleph (first letter of the Hebrew and Phoenician scripts and the Northwest Semitic abjad)
alehalli {n} :: discount store
alehinta {n} [colloquial] :: sale price, discount price
alehintainen {adj} [colloquial] :: sale priced, discount priced
alekkain {adv} :: alternative spelling of alakkain
Aleksandra {prop} :: given name
Aleksandria {prop} :: Alexandria, an ancient city in Egypt (other Alexandrias are spelled with "x" also in Finnish)
aleksandriitti {n} [mineral] :: alexandrite (type of chrysoberyll)
Aleksanteri {prop} :: given name
aleksanterinkaija {n} [archaic] :: synonym of kauluskaija
Aleksanteri Suuri {prop} :: Alexander the Great
Aleksei {prop} :: A transliteration of the Russian male given name Алексе́й
Aleksi {prop} :: given name
Aleksis {prop} :: given name
aleksitymia {n} [psychology] :: alexithymia
aleksityymikko {n} :: A person suffering from alexithymia
aleksityyminen {adj} :: alexithymic
alemmaksi {adv} :: comparative of alas
alemmas {adv} :: (to/towards) further down
alemmuudentunne {n} [psychology] :: feeling of inferiority
alemmuudentuntoinen {adj} :: feeling inferior
alemmuus {n} :: inferiority
alemmuuskompleksi {n} [psychology] :: inferiority complex
alempaa {adv} :: from further below, from further down
alempana {adv} :: lower, further down, further below (located farther below)
alempi {adj} :: lower, under-, nether (physically)
alempi {adj} :: inferior [socially or physically]
alempiarvoinen {adj} :: of lower value, of lesser value
alempiarvoisuus {n} :: inferiority
alempikorkoinen {adj} [finance] :: lower-interest (bearing lower interest rate)
alempipalkkainen {adj} :: lower-paid
alendronihappo {n} [pharmacology] :: alendronic acid
alenema {n} :: drop, fall, decline (amount lost in height)
alennus {n} :: discount
alennus {n} :: degradation
alennus {n} :: abasement
alennushalli {n} :: discount store
alennushinta {n} :: sale price, discount price
alennuskuponki {n} :: discount coupon
alennuslippu {n} :: discount ticket
alennusmerkki {n} [music] :: flat symbol (♭)
alennusmyynti {n} :: sale (at lower prices)
alennustavaratalo {n} :: discount store
alennustila {n} :: degradation, abasement
alennusvaihde {n} [mechanics] :: reduction gear
alentaa {vt} :: To lower, downgrade, decrease, reduce, diminish
alentaa {vt} :: To slash, mark down, bring down (prices)
alentaa {vt} :: To degrade, demote, abase, humiliate (a person)
alentava {adj} :: humiliating, condescending
alentava {adj} :: shameful
alentava {adj} :: improper
alentava {adj} :: Something below one's dignity
alentejonkoira {n} :: Rafeiro do Alentejo, Alentejo mastiff (breed of dog of Portuguese origin)
alentua {vi} :: to stoop, condescend, lower oneself
alentua {vi} :: to lower
alentua {vi} :: to descend, come/go down, move downwards
alentuma {n} :: synonym of alenema
alentuminen {n} :: condescension (act of condescending, courtesy toward inferiors)
alentuva {adj} :: condescending, patronizing
alentuvainen {adj} :: condescending, patronizing
alentuvaisemmin {adv} :: comparative of alentuvaisesti
alentuvaisesti {adv} :: condescendingly
alentuvaisimmin {adv} :: superlative of alentuvaisesti
alentuvaisuus {n} :: synonym of alentuvuus
alentuvammin {adv} :: comparative of alentuvasti
alentuvasti {adv} :: condescendingly
alentuvimmin {adv} :: superlative of alentuvasti
alentuvuus {n} :: condescension (patronizing attitude or behavior)
alerion {n} [heraldry] :: An alerion (eagle depicted without legs and beak)
aleta {vi} :: To descend, come/go down, move downwards
aletusten {adv} :: synonym of allekkain
Aleutit {prop} :: The Aleutian Islands
aleutti {n} :: An Aleut (native inhabitant of the Aleutian Islands)
aleuttientiira {n} :: Aleutian tern, Onychoprion aleuticus, formerly Sterna aleutica (species of tern that breeds in colonies on coasts and islands in Alaska and easternmost Siberia)
aleviitti {n} [religion] :: Alevite (member of a Shia sect)
Alex {prop} :: given name
Alexandroúpoli {prop} :: Alexandroupoli (town in mainland Greece near Turkish border)
alfa {n} :: alpha; the Greek letter Α, α
alfahajoaminen {n} [physics] :: alpha decay
alfahiukkanen {n} [physics] :: alpha particle
alfahydroksihappo {n} :: alpha-hydroxy acid
alfa-kierre {n} [biochemistry] :: An alpha helix
alfalfa {n} :: alfalfa
alfanaaras {n} :: alpha female
alfanumeerinen {adj} :: alphanumerical
alfasäde {n} [physics] :: alpha ray
alfasäteilijä {n} [physics] :: alpha emitter
alfasäteily {n} :: alpha radiation
alfauros {n} :: alpha male
Alfred {prop} :: given name
Alfred {prop} :: Alfred Nussi
Alfred Nussi {prop} [vulgar, humorous] :: A fictitious person who may be blamed for petty thefts
algareesi {n} :: Algherese (Catalan dialect)
algebra {n} :: algebra
algebrallinen {adj} :: algebraic
algebrallinen geometria {n} [mathematics] :: algebraic geometry
algebrallinen kokonaisluku {n} [mathematics] :: algebraic integer
algebrallinen rakenne {n} [mathematics] :: algebraic structure
algebrallinen ryhmä {n} [mathematics] :: algebraic group
algebrallinen sulkeuma {n} [mathematics] :: algebraic closure
algebrallinen topologia {n} [mathematics] :: algebraic topology
Alger {prop} :: Algiers
Algeria {prop} :: Algeria
algerialainen {n} :: An Algerian
algerialainen {adj} :: Algerian
algerialaisuus {n} :: Algerianness
algerianarabia {n} :: Algerian Arabic (variant of Arabic spoken in Algeria)
algeriangundi {n} :: synonym of aavikkogundi
algeriannakkeli {n} :: Algerian nuthatch, Sitta ledanti (species of nuthatch endemic to Algeria)
algiinihappo {n} :: alginic acid
algologia {n} [botany] :: algology
algoritmi {n} :: algorithm
algoritmiikka {n} [math, computing] :: algorithmics
algoritminen {adj} :: algorithmic
alhaalla {adv} :: [static] down below, below
alhaalla {adv} :: [static] down there/here
alhaalla {adv} :: [static] downstairs
alhaalla {adv} :: [static] at the bottom
alhaalle {adv} :: Expresses movement to a spatially lower position:
alhaallepäin {adv} :: synonym of alaspäin
alhaalta {adv} :: from below
alhaaltapäin {adv} :: synonym of altapäin
alhainen {adj} :: low (of location)
alhainen {adj} :: low (of quantity)
alhainen {adj} :: low (undeveloped, primitive)
alhainen {adj} :: lowly, low, lower (low in social rank or importance)
alhainen {adj} :: low, ignoble, dishonourable, unworthy, base, contemptible, despicable, abject, degraded (not honorable)
alhainen {adj} [dialectal] :: humble (not pretentious or magnificent)
alhaisaateli {n} :: petty nobility, lower nobility
alhaisesti {adv} :: lowly
alhaisin {adj} :: superlative of alhainen
alhaiso {n} :: common people, rabble
alhaisovalta {n} :: ochlocracy (rule of the mobs)
alhaisovalta {n} [archaic, derogatory] :: democracy
alhaissäätyinen {adj} [historical] :: of low estate
alhaissukuinen {adj} :: of low birth
alhaisuus {n} :: lowness
alho {n} [dated] :: dell (small and usually wooded valley); vale, dale
Alho {prop} :: surname
ali {postp} :: beneath, underneath (when one goes through the space that is underneath something):
ali- {prefix} :: under-, sub-
Ali {prop} :: given name
aliarvioida {vt} :: To underestimate
aliarviointi {n} :: underestimation
aliarvostaa {v} :: To undervalue
alias {n} :: alias
aliavaruus {n} :: subspace
alibi {n} :: alibi
alidiakoni {n} :: subdeacon
aliedustettu {adj} :: underrepresented
aliedustus {n} :: underrepresentation
alieni {n} :: alien, extraterrestrial
alifaattinen {adj} [organic chemistry] :: aliphatic
alifaattinen yhdiste {n} :: aliphatic compound
alihakemisto {n} [computing] :: subdirectory
alihankkija {n} :: subcontractor
ali-ihminen {n} :: subhuman
Aliina {prop} :: given name, variant of Alina
Aliisa {prop} :: given name
alijäähtyä {vi} :: To supercool; to undergo supercooling
alijäähtyminen {n} :: supercooling
alijäähtynyt {adj} :: supercooled
alijäämä {n} :: deficit
alijäämäinen {adj} [economics] :: deficient
alijättiläinen {n} [astronomy] :: subgiant
alikasvos {n} :: undergrowth
alikehittynyt {adj} :: Pertaining to something that has failed to develop and is thus underdeveloped or backward
alikellottaa {vt} [computing] :: To underclock
alikersantti {n} [military ranks] :: The lowest NCO rank in the Finnish defence forces
alikääpiö {n} [astronomy] :: subdwarf star
alikriittinen {adj} [physics] :: subcritical
alikulku {n} :: underpass (road or passage that runs underneath an obstacle)
alikulkutunneli {n} :: underpass tunnel
alikäytävä {n} :: underpass
alilämpö {n} :: hypothermia (medical condition)
alilämpöinen {adj} [medicine] :: hypothermic
alilämpöinen {adj} :: (medicine) algid
alilämpöisyys {n} [medicine] :: hypothermia
alilämpöisyys {n} [medicine] :: algidity
aliluutnantti {n} [military ranks] :: The lowest officer rank in the Finnish navy. The official English translation is sub-lieutenant
alimmainen {adj} :: undermost
alimmaksi {adv} :: superlative of alas
alin {adj} :: lowest, undermost
Alina {prop} :: given name
alinen {adj} [rare] :: under, underlying
alinomaa {adv} :: constantly
alinomainen {adj} :: continuous, incessant
alio {n} [legal] :: A paragraph, subsection, clause (in a legal code, a subsection of pykälä)
aliohjautuminen {n} :: understeer
aliohjautuva {adj} :: understeering
aliohjelma {n} [programming] :: subroutine, procedure
alioikeus {n} :: A principal trial court or court of first instance (the lowest level in a court system, on which most criminal and civil lawsuits are first judged)
alipaine {n} :: underpressure
alipaineinen {adj} :: Having too low gas pressure
alipainetauti {n} :: decompression sickness, bends
alipaino {n} :: underweight
alipainoinen {adj} :: underweight
alipalkata {v} [colloquial, rare] :: to underpay
alipalkattu {adj} :: underpaid (getting paid too little for one's work)
alipalkatumpi {adj} :: comparative of alipalkattu
alipalkkainen {adj} :: underpaid
alipäästösuodatin {n} [electronics, signal processing] :: lowpass filter
aliravitsemus {n} :: undernutrition, undernourishment, malnutrition, emaciation (the state of being undernourished)
aliravittu {adj} :: undernourished
aliravitumpi {adj} :: comparative of aliravittu
aliresursoitu {adj} :: under-resourced
aliryhmä {n} :: subgroup
Alisa {prop} :: given name
alisovittaa {v} [statistics] :: to underfit
alisovittaminen {n} [statistics] :: underfitting
alistaa {vt} :: to dominate, subject, subjugate, subordinate
alistaminen {n} :: Domination, subjection, subjugation, subordination
alistaminen {n} :: Repression, oppression, tyranny, bullying
alistaminen {v} :: infinitive of alistaa
alisteinen {adj} [linguistics] :: subordinate
alisteinen {adj} [military] :: subordinate
alisteinen {adj} [logic] :: subaltern
alistua {vi} :: To submit, give in, yield, surrender (to a person)
alistua {vi} :: To accommodate oneself, (reluctantly) resign oneself (to give up one's views etc. by adjusting them to other views), defer, acquiesce
alistus {n} :: subjugation, subordination
alistuskonjunktio {n} [grammar] :: subordinating conjunction
alistussuhde {n} [grammar] :: hypotaxis
alistussuhde {n} :: subordination
alistuva {adj} :: submissive
alistuvainen {adj} :: alternative form of alistuva
alistuvammin {adv} :: comparative of alistuvasti
alistuvasti {adv} :: submissively
alistuvimmin {adv} :: superlative of alistuvasti
alisuorittaja {n} :: underachiever
alisuoriutuja {n} :: underachiever
alisuoriutuminen {n} :: underachievement
alitajuinen {adj} :: Subconscious, below the level of consciousness
alitajuisemmin {adv} :: comparative of alitajuisesti
alitajuisesti {adv} :: subconsciously
alitajuisimmin {adv} :: superlative of alitajuisesti
alitajunta {n} :: subconscious, subconsciousness
alitsariini {n} :: alizarin, madder (chemical compound or the dye composed of such)
alitsariinipunainen {n} :: madder (dye, clour)
alitse {postp} :: by beneath, by underneath (when one goes through the space that is underneath something):
alittaa {vt} :: To pass underneath, go under
alittaa {vt} [sports] :: To beat (a time record)
alittua {vi} :: To be passed underneath, be gone under
alittua {vi} [sports, of a time record] :: To be beaten
alittuma {n} [rare] :: synonym of alittuminen
alituinen {adj} :: continuous, incessant
alituisemmin {adv} :: comparative of alituisesti
alituisesti {adv} :: constantly
alituisimmin {adv} :: superlative of alituisesti
alitus {n} :: The act of passing underneath
alitus {n} :: The beating of a time record
alityöllisyys {n} :: underemployment
alityöntö {n} [geology] :: subduction
alitäyttää {v} :: to underfill
aliupseeri {n} [military] :: A non-commissioned officer; an NCO. The NCO ranks in the Finnish Army are alikersantti, kersantti, ylikersantti, vääpeli and sotilasmestari
aliurakoitsija {n} :: subcontractor
alivalikko {n} [computing, graphical user interface] :: submenu
alivalottaa {vt} :: To underexpose
alivalottua {vi} :: To be underexposed
alivalotus {n} [photography] :: underexposure
aliverkko {n} :: subnetwork
alivoima {n} [ice hockey, sports] :: being shorthanded
alivoimamaali {n} [sports] :: short-handed goal, shortie
alivoimapeli {n} [ice hockey, sports] :: penalty kill
alivuokralainen {n} :: subtenant, lodger (one who rents from a tenant)
alivuokralainen {n} :: boarder (one who pays for meals and lodging in someone else's house)
alkaa {vt} [auxiliary, + infinitive/+ illative of 3rd infinitive] :: to begin (to do something), start (doing something)
alkaa {vi} :: to initiate, set in, be initiated, originate, be originated, take its origin
alkaani {n} :: alkane (saturated hydrocarbon of formula CnH2n+2)
alkaanitioli {n} [organic chemistry] :: alkanethiol
alkaen {adv} :: since
alkaen {adv} :: as of
alkaen {adv} :: from on (often used with ages, e. g. vuotiaista alkaen)
alkaja {n} :: One who starts; beginner, starter
alkajaiset {n} :: opening, opening event
alkajaisiksi {adv} :: for starters
alkali {n} [chemistry] :: synonym of emäs
alkalimetalli {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: alkali metal
alkalinen {adj} :: alkaline
alkaliparisto {n} :: alkaline battery
alkaloidi {n} [organic chemistry] :: alkaloid
alkaloosi {n} [pathology] :: alkalosis
alkaminen {n} :: starting, beginning, onset
alkamisaika {n} :: time of starting, beginning
alkamishetki {n} :: time of beginning, starting time
alkeellinen {adj} :: primitive
alkeellinen {adj} :: basic
alkeellisemmin {adv} :: comparative of alkeellisesti
alkeellisempi {adj} :: comparative of alkeellinen
alkeellisesti {adv} :: primitively
alkeellisimmin {adv} :: superlative of alkeellisesti
alkeellisuus {n} :: primitiveness
alkeeni {n} :: An alkene (unsaturated aliphatic hydrocarbon with one or more carbon-carbon double bonds)
alkeet {n} :: (always plural) basics, fundamentals; the ropes
alkeis- {prefix} :: basic, elemental, fundamental, rudimentary
alkeisfunktio {n} [mathematics] :: elementary function
alkeishiukkanen {n} [physics] :: fundamental particle, elementary particle
alkeishiukkasfysiikka {n} [physics] :: elementary particle physics
alkeisjuuri {n} [botany] :: radicula
alkeiskoppi {n} [mineralogy] :: unit cell (in a crystal, the smallest repeating structure of atoms from which the structure of the complete crystal can be inferred)
alkeiskurssi {n} :: elementary course, basic course
alkeislehti {n} [botany] :: cotyledon
alkeismatriisi {n} [linear algebra] :: elementary matrix
alkeisopinnot {n} :: basic studies
alkeissilmu {n} [botany] :: plumule
alkeistiedot {n} :: basic or fundamental knowledge or information
alkeistumallinen {n} :: prokaryote
alkeisvaraus {n} [physics] :: elementary charge
alkeisvarsi {n} [botany] :: hypocotyle
alkemia {n} :: alchemy
alkemisti {n} :: alchemist
alkio {n} :: embryo
alkio {n} :: element, member (of a set)
alkiokalvo {n} :: embryonic membrane
alkiolainen {n} :: Adherent of alkiolaisuus
alkiolevy {n} [embryology] :: embryonic disk
alkionkehitys {n} :: embryonic development
alkiorakko {n} [biology] :: embryo sac, embryonic sac
alkkarit {n} [pluralonly, colloquial] :: underpants
alko {n} [colloquial] :: A liquor store, bottle shop
alkoholi {n} [organic chemistry] :: alcohol (organic compound containing a hydroxyl functional group)
alkoholi {n} :: alcohol (intoxicating beverage that contains ethanol)
alkoholi {n} [in compounds] :: alcoholic
alkoholiannos {n} :: standard drink, unit of alcohol (usually defined as approximately 12 grams of alcohol in Finland)
alkoholidehydrogenaasi {n} [chemistry] :: alcohol dehydrogenase
alkoholijuoma {n} :: alcoholic beverage
alkoholikäyminen {n} [biology] :: alcoholic fermentation
alkoholimyrkytys {n} :: alcohol poisoning
alkoholinkäyttö {n} :: drinking (of alcohol)
alkoholiongelma {n} :: drinking problem
alkoholipitoinen {adj} :: alcoholic (containing alcohol)
alkoholipitoisuus {n} :: alcohol content
alkoholirikos {n} :: alcohol crime (criminal act involving illegal production, trade, distribution or retail of alcohol)
alkoholismi {n} [pathology] :: alcoholism
alkoholisoitua {vi} :: To become addicted to alcohol; to become an alcoholic
alkoholisti {n} :: alcoholic (person addicted to alcohol)
alkoholiton {adj} :: nonalcoholic, non-alcoholic
alkohooli {n} [obsolete] :: alternative form of alkoholi
alkoksidi {n} :: alkoxide
alkometri {n} :: breathalyzer
alkovi {n} :: alcove
alku {n} :: start, beginning, inception, incipience
alku {n} [in compounds] :: first, prime, primeval, primordial
alkuaan {adv} :: originally, initially, at first
alkuaika {n} :: starting time
alkuaine {n} :: A chemical element, element
alkuarvo {n} :: initial value
alkuasukas {n} :: native, aborigine, aboriginal
alkudrinkki {n} :: apéritif
alkueliö {n} [biology] :: protist
alkueläin {n} :: protozoan
alkuerä {n} [sports] :: qualifier, qualifying round
alkuheitto {n} [linguistics, dated] :: apheresis (elision, suppression, or complete loss of a letter or sound (syllable) from the beginning of a word)
alkuhärkä {n} :: An aurochs, Bos primigenius
alkuideaali {n} [mathematics] :: prime ideal
alkuihminen {n} :: prehistoric man
alkuilta {n} :: early evening
-alkuinen {adj} :: beginning with, that begins with
-alkuinen {adj} :: of origin, -origin
alkujuoma {n} :: apéritif
alkujuuri {n} [figuratively] :: root, source
alkukala {n} [biology] :: ostracoderm
alkukantainen {adj} :: primitive
alkukausi {n} :: early season
alkukehto {n} [figuratively] :: cradle; the place of origin
alkukesä {n} :: early summer (an inexactly defined period covering the first few weeks of the summer)
alkukevät {n} :: early spring
alkukieli {n} :: original language
alkukieli {n} :: protolanguage
alkukirjain {n} :: initial, initial letter
alkukirkko {n} [dated] :: Early Christianity (period of Christianity preceding the First Council of Nicaea in 325)
alkukohta {n} :: starting point
alkukoti {n} :: urheimat
alkukristillinen {adj} :: early Christian
alkukuukausi {n} :: first month, initial month
alkukuva {n} :: preimage
alkuliemi {n} :: primeval soup
alkulima {n} [biology] :: protoplasm
alkulintu {n} :: Archaeopteryx
alkulohko {n} [sports] :: qualification group, group; also other terms may be used, depending on sport (in a tournament with multiple participants, any of the divisions into which the original participants are divided in order to select the participants to the finals)
alkuluku {n} [number theory] :: prime number, prime
alkulukulause {n} [mathematics] :: prime number theorem
alkulukupari {n} [mathematics] :: twin prime
alkumeri {n} :: primeval sea
alkumuodostelma {n} [dancing] :: set (initial or basic formation of dancers)
alkumuodostelma {n} :: initial setting, arrangement or setup
alkunilviäinen {n} [biology] :: monoplacophoran
alkuopinnot {n} :: early or preliminary studies (such as for a specific profession)
alkupala {n} :: An appetizer, starter, hors d'oeuvre (small, light first course)
alkuperä {n} :: origin
alkuperäinen {adj} :: original (preceding all others; first in a series of versions)
alkuperäisempi {adj} :: comparative of alkuperäinen
alkuperäiskansa {n} :: aboriginal/native/indigenous people; First Nation, First Nations [Canada]
alkuperäiskappale {n} :: original
alkuperäiskieli {n} :: original language
alkuperäislaji {n} :: endemic species
alkuperäisteos {n} [literature] :: original work
alkuperäluokitus {n} :: appellation (indication for wine that describes its geographic origin)
alkuperämaa {n} :: country of origin
alkupiste {n} :: starting point, base
alkupotku {n} :: kick-off (opening sequence of any event)
alkupotku {n} [soccer] :: kick-off
alkupuoli {n} :: first half or a more vaguely defined first part of anything, like of a period of time, semester, holiday, trip etc
alkupuolisko {n} :: first half of anything, like of a period of time, semester, holiday, trip etc
alkupuolisko {n} [sports, colloquial] :: first half (period of a game before the half-time)
alkuräjähdys {n} :: Big Bang (initial explosion that gave rise to our universe)
alkuräjähdys {n} :: big bang (similar explosion in any universe)
alkuronium {n} :: alcuronium (drug)
alkuruoka {n} :: An appetizer, starter, hors d'oeuvre
alkusanat {n} :: preface
alkusointu {n} :: alliteration
alkusoitto {n} [music] :: overture, prelude
alkusyksy {n} :: early autumn
alkusynty {n} [biology] :: abiogenesis
alkutalvi {n} :: early winter
alkutekijä {n} [mathematics] :: prime factor
alkuteksti {n} :: original text, source text
alkutila {n} :: initial state
alkuunpanija {n} :: beginner (one who puts something in motion)
alkuvaihe {n} :: early stage, early phase
alkuvaikeudet {n} :: initial difficulties or troubles
alkuviikko {n} :: the beginning of a week, usually understood to include Monday and Tuesday
alkuviikko {n} [with locative cases] :: early week
alkuviikko {n} [in the plural] :: any of the first weeks of a longer period of time
alkuviikolla {adv} :: early week, early in the week
alkuviikosta {adv} :: (starting) from early week, (starting) from early in the week
alkuviikosta {adv} :: early week, early in the week
alkuvoima {n} :: primordial force
alkuvoima {n} :: initial force
alkuvuosi {n} :: The early part of a year
alkuvuosi {n} [in the plural] :: The first years of a period
alkydi {n} :: alkyd
alkydimaali {n} :: alkyd paint
alkyylihalidi {n} :: haloalkane, alkyl halide
alkyyni {n} :: alkyne
alla {adv} :: beneath, underneath, below
alla {postp} [static] :: under, underneath
Allah {prop} :: Allah
allakka {n} :: almanac
Allan {prop} :: given name
allantoiini {n} :: allantoin
allapäin {adv} :: down, crestfallen (depressed)
allas {n} :: pool, swimming pool
allas {n} :: tank (open container for liquids)
allas {n} :: basin (wide bowl for washing)
allas {n} [geography] :: basin, drainage basin (area of land from which water drains into a commom outlet)
allas {n} :: reservoir (natural or artificial lake used as a source of water supply)
allas {n} :: chamber, in "canal lock chamber" - kanavan sulkuallas
allastaa {v} :: To equip with a basin, normally as a precaution against damages that may be caused by leaking liquids
allastelakka {n} [nautical] :: A dry dock, drydock
allatiivi {n} [grammar] :: allative
allatiivisija {n} [grammar, rare] :: allative case
alle {adv} :: less than:
alle {postp} :: [expressing movement] under:
alleeli {n} [genetics] :: allele
allegoria {n} :: allegory
allegorinen {adj} :: allegorical
allegorisesti {adv} :: allegorically
allekirjoittaa {vt} :: To sign, subscribe, underwrite
allekirjoittaa {vt} [figuratively] :: To underwrite, accept
allekirjoittaja {n} :: signer, signatory
allekirjoittaminen {n} :: signing (to write one's signature in a document)
allekirjoittanut {n} [colloquial] :: yours truly, I
allekirjoitus {n} :: signature
allekirjoitus {n} :: autograph
allekirjoitus {n} [cryptography] :: signature, digital signature
allekkain {adv} :: one below another
allekkainen {adj} :: One below another
allekkainlasku {n} [arithmetic] :: a pen and paper algorithm for calculating basic arithmetic operations commonly used in education or when calculators are not available, including for instance long addition and long division
allelopatia {n} :: allelopathy
allergeeni {n} :: allergen
allergeeninen {adj} [medicine] :: allergenic
allergia {n} :: allergy
allergialääkäri {n} :: allergist (physician who specializes in treatment of allergies)
allergikko {n} :: allergic person
allerginen {adj} :: allergic (of or pertaining to allergy)
allerginen {adj} :: allergic (having an allergy; "to something" is expressed with allative case)
allerginen {adj} [figuratively] :: allergic (excessively sensitive)
allerginen nuha {n} [pathology] :: allergic rhinitis
allergisempi {adj} :: comparative of allerginen
allergisin {adj} :: superlative of allerginen
allergisoida {vt} :: to make allergic
allergisoitua {vi} :: To become allergic to something
allergisoiva {adj} :: allergenic (having the effect of an allergen)
allergistaa {vt} :: to make allergic
allergistua {v} :: alternative form of allergisoitua
allergisuus {n} :: allergicity
allergologi {n} :: allergist (physician who specializes in treatment of allergies)
allergologi {n} :: allergologist (scientist who studies allergies)
alletusten {adv} :: synonym of allekkain
alleviivata {vt} :: To underline, underscore
alleviivata {vt} [figuratively] :: To emphasize, underline, underscore
alleviivaus {n} :: underline, underlining
alli {n} :: long-tailed duck (Clangula hyemalis)
Alli {prop} :: given name
allianssi {n} :: An alliance
alligaattori {n} :: alligator
allikko {n} :: puddle (small pond of water, usually in the middle of an ombrotrophic raised bog)
allisiini {n} :: allicin
allit {n} :: flabby skin or flesh under upper arms
allitteraatio {n} :: alliteration
Allén {prop} :: surname
allofoni {n} :: allophone
allokaatio {n} :: allocation
allokoida {v} :: To allocate
allokointi {n} :: allocation
allokroninen {adj} [biology, evolution] :: allochronic
alloktoninen {adj} [geology] :: allochthonous (found in a place remote from the site of formation)
allomorfi {n} [linguistics] :: allomorph
allopaattinen {adj} [homeopathy] :: allopathic
allopatia {adj} [homeopathy] :: allopathy
allopatrinen {adj} [biology, speciation] :: allopatric
allotrooppi {n} [chemistry] :: allotrope
allotrooppinen {adj} [chemistry] :: allotropic
allotropia {n} [chemistry] :: allotropy
alluuvi {n} :: synonym of alluviumi
alluviumi {n} [geology] :: alluvium, alluvial deposit (material deposited by flowing water)
allyyli-isotiosyanaatti {n} [organic chemistry] :: allyl isothiocyanate, mustard oil
allyylipropyylidisulfidi {n} [chemistry] :: allyl propyl disulfide
Alma {prop} :: given name, cognate with English Alma
almanakka {n} :: calendar
almanakka {n} :: almanac
almandiini {n} :: almandine (gemstone)
almikki {n} :: solenodon
almoravidi {n} [historical] :: Almoravid
almu {n} :: alms
aloite {n} :: initiative
aloite {n} :: private member's bill; short of edustaja-aloite (proposed law introduced by a member of a legislature who is not acting on behalf of the executive government)
aloitekyky {n} :: initiative (the ability to act first or on one's own)
aloitekykyinen {adj} :: that who or which has initiative
aloitekykyinen {adj} :: venturous
aloitekykyinen {adj} :: enterprising
aloitekyvytön {adj} :: lacking in initiative or drive (of a person)
aloitekyvyttömyys {n} :: lack of initiative, dependency (state of dependence; a refusal to exercise initiative)
aloitella {vi} :: To start, begin (gradually, indifferently)
aloittaa {v} :: to start, begin, commence
aloittaa {v} :: to go ahead
aloittainen {adj} :: sectoral
aloittaja {n} :: One who starts; starter, beginner
aloittamaton {adj} :: Not started
aloittava {n} [baseball, pesäpallo] :: top half (first half of an inning)
aloitteellinen {adj} :: Having initiative
aloitteellisuus {n} :: initiative (the ability to act first or on one's own)
aloitteikas {adj} :: A person having initiative
aloitteikkaampi {adj} :: comparative of aloitteikas
aloitteikkain {adj} :: superlative of aloitteikas
-aloitteinen {adj} :: Having an initiative (ability to act on one's own)
aloittelija {n} :: A beginner
aloitus {n} :: A start
aloitus {n} [ice hockey] :: A faceoff
aloituskodoni {n} [biology] :: start codon, initiation codon (codon that instructs protein synthesis to begin)
aloitusmaali {n} [sports, ballgames] :: opening goal (the first goal of either of the teams)
aloituspiste {n} [ice hockey] :: faceoff spot
aloitussyöttö {n} :: A serve or service in a ball game
aloitustaso {n} :: entry level (job level simple enough for a person without any specific training or experience)
aloitusvalikko {n} [computing, Windows] :: Start Menu
alokas {n} [military] :: recruit, rookie (newly enlisted soldier)
alokasaika {n} :: rookie time
alokasmainen {adj} :: rookie-like
alokasmainen {adj} :: trivial; especially of an error
aloke {n} [phonology, acoustics] :: onset, initial
alottaa {v} [dialectal] :: aloittaa (to begin, start)
alpakka {n} :: alpaca
alpakka {n} :: nickel silver
alpakkainen {adj} :: Made of the wool of alpaca
alpi {n} :: A plant of the genus Lysimachia
Alpi {prop} :: given name
alpiininen {adj} :: alpine
alpinismi {n} :: alpinism
alpinisti {n} :: alpinist (mountaineer)
alpinisti {n} :: downhill skier
Alpit {prop} :: the Alps
Alpo {prop} :: given name
alppi {n} :: alp
alppihiihto {n} [sports] :: alpine skiing, downhill skiing
alppikauris {n} :: alpine ibex, Capra ibex ibex
alppikärhö {n} :: alpine clematis (Clematis alpina)
alppikuusama {n} :: alpine honeysuckle (Lonicera alpigena L.)
alppilaji {n} [sports] :: alpine discipline
alppimänty {n} :: mountain pine, Pinus mugo subsp. uncinata
alppimurmeli {n} :: alpine marmot, Marmota marmota
alppinaakka {n} :: alpine chough, Pyrrhocorax graculus
alppiniitty {n} :: alpine meadow
alppinisti {n} :: [deprecated] alternative form of alpinisti
alppiorvokki {n} :: a cyclamen
alppiruusu {n} :: rhododendron (genus of flowering plants in the heather family Ericaceae)
alppisauva {n} :: trekking pole
alppisembra {n} :: Swiss pine, Arolla pine; Pinus cembra
alppitorvi {n} [musical instruments] :: alphorn
ALS-tauti {n} [pathology] :: Lou Gehrig's disease
alta {postp} :: from under, from underneath, from beneath
altailainen {n} :: Altaic (of or pertaining to a hypothetical language group which includes Turkic, Mongolic and Tungusic languages)
altainorapihlaja {n} :: A species of hawthorn, Crataegus korolkovii
altapäin {adv} :: from below (from the direction below something)
altavastaaja {n} :: An underdog (somebody thought to have slim chances to win)
altimetri {n} :: altimeter
altimetria {n} :: altimetry
altis {adj} :: exposed, endangered, vulnerable
altis {adj} :: ready, inclined, disposed, prone to (having a tendency, preference, likelihood, or disposition)
altis {adj} :: sensitive (responsive to stimuli)
altis {adj} :: susceptible (likely to be affected by something)
altistaa {vt} :: To expose
altistaa {vt} :: To endanger
altistaa {vt} :: To predispose
altiste {n} :: exposure agent
altistettu {adj} :: predisposed
altisti {n} [music] :: violist, viola player
altistua {vi} :: To be exposed (to = allative)
altistuma {n} :: exposure, especially to a harmful substance
altistuminen {n} :: exposure (condition)
altistus {n} :: exposure
altistus {n} :: predisposition
altistusaika {n} :: exposure time (to radiation etc.; not photography)
altitudi {n} :: altitude
altruismi {n} :: altruism
altruisti {n} :: altruist
altruistinen {adj} :: altruistic
altruistisempi {adj} :: comparative of altruistinen
altruistisesti {adv} :: altruistically
alttari {n} :: altar
Alttari {prop} :: the constellation Ara, the Altar
alttein {adj} :: superlative of altis
Altti {prop} :: given name
alttiimpi {adj} :: comparative of altis
alttius {n} :: predisposition (state of being predisposed or susceptible to something, such as a disease)
altto {n} [music] :: alto
alttohuilu {n} :: alto flute
alttoklarinetti {n} [musical instruments] :: alto clarinet
alttosaksofoni {n} :: alto saxophone
alttoviulisti {n} :: violist, viola player
alttoviulu {n} :: viola
alttoviulukonsertto {n} [music] :: viola concerto
alue {n} :: area
alue {n} :: region
alue {n} [Russia] :: oblast (regional administrative unit in Russia)
alue {n} :: reserve; usually as head word in compound terms (tract of land reserved, or set apart, for a particular purpose)
alue {n} :: field
alue {n} [physics] :: band (wavelength band)
alue {n} [mathematics, topology] :: domain
alue {n} [music, as headword in compound terms] :: register (range of a voice or instrument)
aluebibliografia {n} :: regional bibliography
alueellinen {adj} :: regional
alueellinen koskemattomuus {n} [international law] :: territorial integrity
alueellisesti {adv} :: regionally
alueellistaa {v} :: to regionalize
alueellistaminen {n} :: regionalization
alue-ero {n} :: regional difference
aluehallintovirasto {n} :: regional state administrative agency (official translation); regional branch of the state government of Finland executing all legislative implementation, steering and supervision functions in the regions
-alueinen {adj} :: -area, -zone
alueittainen {adj} :: regional
aluejohtaja {n} [business] :: regional director
alueliitos {n} :: annexation
aluelingvistiikka {n} [linguistics] :: regional linguistics (study of regional differences in language)
alueloukkaus {n} [international law] :: breach of the territorial integrity
aluemaantiede {n} :: regional geography
aluemenetys {n} :: loss of territory, territorial loss
aluemeri {n} :: territorial sea
alueministeri {n} :: regional minister
aluemurre {n} [linguistics] :: dialect (variant of language used in a geographic region)
alueorganisaatio {n} :: local organization
alueorkesteri {n} :: regional orchestra
alueosasto {n} :: regional chapter (regional division of a national association or similar)
aluepiiri {n} :: krai (regional administrative unit in Russia)
aluepoliittinen {adj} :: regional policy (of or pertaining to regional policy)
aluepolitiikka {n} :: regional policy (a policy that aims to developing less developed regions of a state, usually by transferring funds from richer areas to the poorer ones)
alueraja {n} :: territorial border
aluesairaala {n} :: regional hospital (in Finnish healthcare system, a hospital serving a region of typically about 100,000 people. For most demanding care, they rely on the better equipped central hospitals, or keskussairaala)
aluetalous {n} :: regional economy
aluetaloustiede {n} :: regional economics
alueteatteri {n} :: regional theater
aluetiede {n} :: regional science
aluetoimisto {n} :: regional office
aluetoimitus {n} :: regional editorial office (regional office of a newspaper or other media)
aluetutkimus {n} :: area studies (interdisciplinary research pertaining to a particular geographical or cultural region)
alueuutinen {n} [in plural] :: regional news
alueuutinen {n} :: regional news item
aluevankila {n} :: regional prison
aluevedet {n} :: territorial waters
aluevesi {n} :: territorial waters; normally used in plural (aluevedet)
aluevesiraja {n} :: sea frontier
alueyhteistyö {n} :: regional cooperation
aluke {n} [biology] :: primer
aluksi {adv} :: first, in the beginning
alullaan {adv} :: in an early phase, in its beginnings
alumiini {n} :: aluminum
alumiinifolio {n} :: aluminum foil
alumiinifosfidi {n} :: aluminum phosphide
alumiinihydroksidi {n} :: aluminum hydroxide
alumiinikalvo {n} [metallurgy] :: aluminium membrane
alumiinikattila {n} [cookware] :: aluminium pot
alumiinikloridi {n} :: aluminum chloride
alumiinimalmi {n} [mining] :: aluminium ore
alumiininen {adj} :: (made) of aluminium, aluminium
alumiininen {adj} :: aluminic (resembling aluminium)
alumiininitraatti {n} [chemistry] :: aluminium nitrate
alumiininitridi {n} [chemistry] :: aluminium nitride
alumiinioksidi {n} :: aluminum oxide
alumiinipaperi {n} :: aluminium paper (thin paper coated with aluminium foil or -powder, used for wrapping food products, cigarettes etc.)
alumiinipinnoite {n} [metallurgy] :: aluminium coating
alumiiniseos {n} [metallurgy] :: aluminium alloy
alumiinisilikaatti {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: aluminium silicate
alumiinisulfaatti {n} :: aluminum sulfate
alumiinisulfidi {n} [chemistry] :: aluminum sulfide
alumiiniteippi {n} :: aluminium tape, aluminum tape
alumiinivanne {n} [automotive] :: aluminium wheel rim
alumiinivanne {n} :: Any hoop, band or rim (vanne) that is made of aluminium
alumiinivene {n} [nautical] :: aluminium boat (boat made of aluminium)
alumiinivuoka {n} :: baking pot or cake tin that is made of aluminium
aluminaatti {n} [chemistry] :: aluminate
aluminoida {vt} :: To aluminise/aluminize
aluminointi {n} :: aluminizing
alumnitoiminta {n} :: alumni activities
alumpana {adv} :: synonym of aiemmin (earlier; lit. closer to the beginning)
aluna {n} [chemistry] :: alum
alunaliuos {n} [chemistry] :: alum solution
alunaliuske {n} [geology] :: alum shale
alun alkaen {adv} :: at the very beginning
alunen {n} :: underlay (anything underlaid)
alun perin {adv} :: originally, initially
alun pitäen {adv} :: originally (as it was in the beginning)
alus {n} :: vessel, craft, ship (vehicle designed for navigation in or on water or air or through outer space)
alus {n} :: underlay, base (anything underlaid)
alus {n} [grammar, rare] :: subject
alusastia {n} :: bedpan
alusasu {n} :: underclothing, set of underwear (complete set of what one wears as underwear, consisting of one or more pieces)
alusavimaannos {n} [geology] :: alisol
alushame {n} :: A slip (light female underwear worn under skirt or dress)
alushame {n} :: An underskirt, petticoat (skirt worn underneath another skirt)
alushousut {n} :: underpants
alusjätelaki {n} [law, dated] :: short for Laki aluksista aiheutuvan vesien pilaantumisen ehkäisemisestä ("Act on the Prevention of Pollution from Ships"), Act nr. 300/1979 in the Statute Book of Finland
aluskarva {n} :: undercoat, underfur, underhair (layer of short hairs underneath the longer ones of an animal's fur)
aluskarva {n} :: An individual hair of undercoat
aluskasvillisuus {n} [biology] :: undergrowth, underbrush
aluskimono {n} :: An under-kimono
aluskuori {n} :: albedo (whitish inner portion of the rind of citrus fruits)
aluslaatta {n} :: synonym of aluslevy
aluslakana {n} :: bottom sheet (part of bedding)
aluslakana {n} :: muotoiltu ~ : fitted sheet
aluslanka {n} [sewing] :: bottom thread (in a sewing machine, the thread that is fed from below the fabric)
aluslautanen {n} :: saucer (small shallow dish to hold a cup and catch drips)
aluslehti {n} [botany] :: underleaf
aluslevy {n} :: washer (flat disk, placed beneath a nut or similar, to distribute pressure, alleviate friction or prevent leakage)
alusmaa {n} :: A dependency (territory)
aluspaita {n} :: undershirt
aluspaita {n} :: singlet (sleeveless type)
aluspiimä {n} :: A small amount of cultured milk used to start the desired type of fermentation that turns a batch of fresh milk into cultured milk
alusrimoitus {n} :: The lathwork supporting a lath and plaster wall
alussa mainittu {adj} :: that was mentioned in the beginning
alusta {n} :: platform (something that serves as a base)
alustaa {v} :: to lecture, to give a presentation, particularly with the purpose of serving as basis for discussion
alustaa {v} [computing] :: to initialize (to format a storage medium, to prepare any hardware for use)
alustaa {v} [computing] :: to format
alustaa {v} [programming] :: to initialize (to set an initial value)
alusta alkaen {adv} [idiomatic] :: from the very beginning, from the outset, from the inception, from the word go, from the get-go
alusta alkaen {adv} :: from scratch
alustaja {n} :: beginner (someone who sets something in motion)
alustalainen {n} [historical] :: tenant (copyholder, crofter or other person, including their families, who rented land from a manor)
alusta lähtien {adv} :: From the beginning
alustaminen {n} [computing] :: initialization, formatting (formatting a storage medium like a hard disk or memory)
alustaminen {n} [computing] :: initialization (act of setting an initial value)
alustaminen {n} :: presenting (act of giving a presentation)
alustatalous {n} [economics] :: platform economy, platform capitalism
alustava {adj} :: tentative, preliminary, provisional, introductory
alustava {adj} :: rough, rudimentary, undeveloped
alustavasti {adv} :: tentatively
alustus {n} [computing] :: formatting (preparation of a mass storage medium)
alustus {n} :: introduction (a short presentation of a subject, followed by a more in-depth discussion)
alusvaate {n} :: undergarment, piece of underwear
alusvaate {n} :: [in plural] underwear, underclothes, underclothing
alusvaate {n} :: [in plural] lingerie (women's underwear, especially seductive ones)
alusvaatekerta {n} :: set of underwear
alusvaateosasto {n} :: lingerie department
alusvaatteisillaan {adv} :: in one's underwear (wearing only the underwear)
alusvaatteisilleen {adv} :: to one's underwear
alusvesi {n} [geography, limnology] :: hypolimnion
alusviikko {n} :: A week preceding a holiday; used with attribute that specifies the holiday
alusvoide {n} [cosmetics] :: foundation (skin-colored cream used to cover minor flaws of the skin and acting as base for other makeup)
alv {initialism} :: value added tax
alv. {n} :: initialism of arvonlisävero
ALV {initialism} [taxation] :: arvonlisävero; [British] VAT, Canada and US sales tax, Australia and New Zealand GST
Alvar {prop} :: given name occasionally borrowed from Swedish
alvari {n} [archaic] :: heath, heathland
alvari {adj} [dialectal] :: frequent (taking place often)
alvari {adj} :: (dialectal) industrious, hardworking
alvari {n} [geology] :: alvar
Alvari {prop} :: given name
alvariin {adv} :: synonym of alvariinsa
alvariinsa {adv} [dialectal] :: frequently
alve {n} [rare] :: synonym of heisimato
alve {n} [archaic] :: synonym of kalanpoikanen
alvejuuri {n} [botany] :: wood fern, buckler fern (fern of the genus Dryopteris)
alveolaarinen {adj} [phonetics] :: alveolar
Alvi {prop} :: given name
Alviina {prop} :: given name
alzheimerintauti {n} [patology] :: Alzheimer's disease
Alzheimerin tauti {n} [pathology] :: Alzheimer's disease
amalgaami {n} [chemistry] :: amalgam (alloy containing mercury)
amalgaamimyrkytys {n} [pathology] :: amalgam poisoning
amalgaamipaikka {n} [dentistry] :: amalgam filling
Amalia {prop} :: given name
Amanda {prop} :: given name
amantadiini {n} :: amantadine
amanuenssi {n} [higher education] :: A teaching assistant
amanuenssi {n} [medicine] :: An intern, a medical intern
amanuenssi {n} :: A museum assistant
amarantti {n} [botany] :: Prince-of-Wales feather, prince's feather (Amaranthus hypochondriacus), cultivated for its seeds
amarantti {n} :: amaranth (seeds of Amaranthus hypochondriacus as foodstuff)
amarantti {n} [botany] :: synonym of revonhäntä
amarantti {n} :: amaranth (shade of red)
amaryllis {n} :: amaryllis (Amaryllis belladonna)
amatoli {n} :: amatol
amatööri {n} :: synonym of harrastaja
amatööri {n} :: synonym of harrastelija
amatöörielokuva {n} :: amateur film
amatöörimäinen {adj} :: amateurish
amatöörimäisesti {adv} :: amateurly
amatöörinoikeus {n} [sports, usually in plural] :: amateur status
amatöörinyrkkeilijä {n} :: amateur boxer
amatöörinyrkkeily {n} :: amateur boxing
amatöörinäyttelijä {n} :: amateur actor
amatööriorkesteri {n} :: amateur orchestra
amatööriottelu {n} :: amateur match
amatööriteatteri {n} :: amateur theater
amatööritähtitieteilijä {n} :: amateur astronomer
amatööriura {n} :: amateur career
amatööriurheilija {n} :: amateur athlete
amatööriurheilu {n} :: amateur sports
amatööriys {n} :: amateurism (quality of being amateur)
amatööriys {n} [sports] :: amateur status (state of being recognized as amateur)
amatsoni {n} :: amazon
amatsoni {n} :: Amazon parrot (parrot of the genus Amazona)
Amazon {prop} :: Amazon (river)
amazonasinskunkki {n} :: striped hog-nosed skunk, Conepatus semistriatus (skunk species of Central and South America)
Amazonia {prop} :: Amazonia
amazoniankondori {n} :: greater yellow-headed vulture, Cathartes melambrotus
amazonianpuumuura {n} :: Amazonian antshrike, Thamnophilus amazonicus
amazonianvyötiäinen {n} :: greater long-nosed armadillo, Dasypus kappleri
amazoninjokidelfiini {n} :: Amazon river dolphin, Inia geoffrensis
amazoninmanaatti {n} :: Amazonian manatee (Trichechus inunguis)
amazoninpuupiikkisika {n} :: Stump-tailed porcupine, Coendou rufescens, formerly Echinoprocta rufescens (species of porcupine found in Colombia and Ecuador)
amazoninvalkodelfiini {n} :: tucuxi, Sotalia fluviatilis (species of dolphin found in the river Amazon)
ambi- {prefix} :: ambi-
ambidekstria {n} [rare, medicine] :: ambidexterity (property of being equally skilful with both hands)
ambient-musiikki {n} :: ambient, ambient music (music that put an emphasis on tone and atmosphere over traditional musical structure or rhythm)
ambigrammi {n} :: ambigram
ambiofonia {n} :: ambiophony
ambiofoninen {adj} :: ambiophonic
ambitio {n} :: ambition
ambitiokysymys {n} :: question of ambition
ambivalenssi {n} :: ambivalence
ambivalentti {adj} :: ambivalent
ambivalenttinen {adj} :: ambivalent
amblyopia {n} [pathology, medical parlance] :: amblyopia
ambra {n} :: ambergris
ambra {n} [dated] :: The term keltainen ambra refers to amber [fossil resin]
ambrosia {n} :: ambrosia
ambulanssi {n} :: ambulance
ambulanssiauto {n} :: synonym of sairaankuljetusauto
ambulanssilentokone {n} :: ambulance airplane
ameba {n} [biology] :: amoeba
amebamainen {adj} :: amoeba-like
ameiva {n} :: giant ameiva, Ameiva ameiva (South American lizard in the family Teiidae)
ameloblasti {n} :: ameloblast
amenorrea {n} [pathology] :: amenorrhoea [British], amenorrhea [US] (absence of menstrual discharge)
amerikanakita {n} :: American Akita, Akita (American breed of dog based on Japanese Akita)
amerikanankerias {n} :: American eel (Anguilla rostrata)
amerikanbandoggi {n} :: bandog (large, ferocious dog bred by crossing American pit bull terriers with Neapolitan and English mastiffs)
amerikanbulldoggi {n} :: American Bulldog (breed of dog)
amerikancockerspanieli {n} :: American cocker spaniel (breed of dog)
amerikanenglanti {n} :: American English
amerikaneskimokoira {n} :: American Eskimo Dog (breed of dog)
amerikanginseng {n} :: synonym of amerikanginsengjuuri
amerikanginsengjuuri {n} :: American ginseng, Panax quinquefolius
amerikanhaapa {n} :: American aspen (Populus tremuloides)
amerikanhaapana {n} :: American wigeon, American widgeon (Anas americana)
amerikanhalava {n} :: shining willow, Pacific willow, whiplash willow, Salix lucida
amerikanhammasahven {n} :: scup, Stenotomus chrysops
amerikanharmaahaikara {n} :: great blue heron, Ardea herodias (North American species of heron)
amerikanhaukkanen {n} :: forest falcon (any of the small falcons of the genus Micrastur)
amerikanhiirihaukka {n} :: red-tailed hawk, Buteo jamaicensis (North American species of falcon)
amerikanhirvikoira {n} :: American staghound (breed of dog)
amerikanhömötiainen {n} :: black-capped chickadee, Parus atricapillus (small North American passerine bird)
amerikanhuitti {n} :: sora, Porzana carolina (small North American waterbird)
amerikanhummeri {n} :: American lobster, true lobster, northern lobster, Maine lobster, Homarus americanus (species of clawed lobster from the western Atlantic Ocean, from Labrador to New Jersey)
amerikanhuuhkaja {n} :: great horned owl, Bubo virginianus
amerikaniibishaikara {n} :: wood stork, Mycteria americana (North American species of stork)
amerikanintiaanikoira {n} :: Native American Indian Dog (breed of dog)
amerikanismi {n} :: Americanism
amerikanisolokki {n} :: glaucous-winged gull, Larus glaucescens (North American species of gull)
amerikanjalopähkinä {n} :: butternut, white walnut, Juglans cinerea
amerikanjassana {n} :: northern jacana, Jacana spinosa (Central American wader)
amerikanjääkuikka {n} :: great northern diver (Gavia immer)
amerikanjuutalainen {n} :: American Jew (American of Jewish descent)
amerikankarvatonterrieri {n} :: American hairless terrier (breed of dog)
amerikankaulushaikara {n} :: American bittern, Botaurus lentiginosus (North American wading bird)
amerikankelasköynnös {n} :: bittersweet (Celastrus scandens)
amerikankettukoira {n} :: American foxhound (breed of dog)
amerikankielinen {adj} [humorous] :: English (expressed in English language)
amerikankirjorastas {n} :: varied thrush, Ixoreus naevius
amerikankäki {n} :: yellow-billed cuckoo, Coccyzus americanus
amerikankorvayökkö {n} :: Townsend's big-eared bat, Corynorhinus townsendii (species of vesper bat)
amerikankoskikara {n} :: American dipper, Cinclus mexicanus
amerikankääpiökettuterrieri {n} :: synonym of amerikankääpiöterrieri
amerikankääpiöterrieri {n} :: Toy Fox Terrier (breed of dog)
amerikankäärmekaula {n} :: anhinga, Anhinga anhinga
amerikankullero {n} :: American globeflower, Trollius laxus (flowering plant of the Ranunculaceae family, native to North America)
amerikankurmitsa {n} :: American golden plover, Pluvialis dominica (North American wading bird)
amerikankuume {n} [historical] :: rush to America (mass emigration to America)
amerikanlehmus {n} :: American linden, basswood, Tilia americana
amerikanlehtokurppa {n} :: American woodcock, Scolopax minor
amerikanliito-orava {n} [in plural] :: New World flying squirrels, Glaucomys (North American genus of flying squirrels with two species)
amerikanliito-orava {n} [dated] :: northern flying squirrel, Glaucomys sabrinus
amerikanliito-orava {n} :: southern flying squirrel, Glaucomys volans
amerikanmerimetso {n} :: double-crested cormorant, Phalacrocorax auritus
amerikanmetsämyyrä {n} :: southern red-backed vole, Gapper's red-backed vole, Myodes gapperi
amerikanmetsäviklo {n} :: solitary sandpiper, Tringa solitaria
amerikanmuikku {n} :: cisco (North-American fish related to vendace, “Coregonus artedi”)
amerikanmustapoppeli {n} :: eastern cottonwood, Populus deltoides
amerikanmäyrä {n} :: American badger, Taxidea taxus
amerikannokikana {n} :: American coot, mud hen, Fulica americana
amerikannokkavarpunen {n} :: evening grosbeak, Coccothraustes vespertinus
amerikannäätä {n} :: American marten, American pine marten, Martes americana
amerikanorapihlaja {n} :: Copenhagen hawthorn, thicket hawthorn, Crataegus intricata
amerikanpihlaja {n} :: American mountain ash, Sorbus americana syn. Pyrus americana
amerikanpiiskujänis {n} :: American pika (Ochotona princeps)
amerikanpika {n} :: American pika (Ochotona princeps)
amerikanpikkuhaikara {n} :: least bittern, Ixobrychus exilis
amerikanpikkutiira {n} :: least tern, Sterna antillarum
amerikanpitbullterrieri {n} :: synonym of pitbull
amerikanplataani {n} :: sycamore, American sycamore, American planetree, occidental plane, buttonwood, Platanus occidentalis
amerikanpohjanlepakko {n} :: big brown bat, Eptesicus fuscus (medium-sized New World bat)
amerikanpääsky {n} :: American cliff swallow, Petrochelidon pyrrhonota
amerikanpunamänty {n} :: red pine, Pinus resinosa
amerikanpunasotka {n} :: redhead, Aythya americana (species of duck)
amerikanpyökki {n} :: American beech, Fagus grandifolia
amerikanrauta {n} :: An old-style North American car
amerikanruotsalainen {n} :: American Swede (American of Swedish origin or descent)
amerikansaksinokka {n} :: black skimmer, Rynchops niger
amerikansalaatti {n} :: synonym of jäävuorisalaatti
Amerikan Samoa {prop} :: American Samoa (U.S. territory in the Pacific)
amerikansamoalainen {adj} :: American Samoan
amerikansamoalainen {n} :: American Samoan
amerikansassafras {n} :: sassafras, white sassafras, Sassafras albidum (North American tree)
amerikansaukko {n} :: New World river otter (otter of the genus Lontra (4 species))
amerikansaukko {n} :: North American river otter, northern river otter, Lontra canadensis
amerikansipi {n} :: spotted sandpiper, Actitis macularius
amerikansirohaukka {n} :: swallow-tailed kite, Elanoides forficatus
amerikansirri {n} :: least sandpiper, Calidris minutilla
amerikanstaffordshirenterrieri {n} :: American Staffordshire Terrier (breed of dog)
amerikansuomalainen {adj} :: Finnish American
amerikansuomalainen {n} :: A Finnish American person
amerikansuomi {n} :: American Finnish, Finglish (variant of Finnish spoken by Finnish immigrants in North America and their descendants)
amerikantaikapähkinä {n} :: A species of witch hazels, Hamamelis virginiana, American witch hazel
amerikantapiiri {n} :: South American tapir, Tapirus terrestris
amerikantelkkä {n} :: Barrow's goldeneye (Bucephala islandica)
amerikantilhi {n} :: cedar waxwing, Bombycilla cedrorum
amerikantorakka {n} :: American cockroach, waterbug (Periplaneta americana)
amerikantukkasotka {n} :: ring-necked duck, Aythya collaris
amerikantunnelimyyrä {n} :: woodland vole, pine vole, Microtus pinetorum (small vole found in eastern North America)
amerikantuulihaukka {n} :: American kestrel, Falco sparverius
amerikantylli {n} :: killdeer, Charadrius vociferus
amerikanvaivaispäästäinen {n} :: North American least shrew, Cryptotis parva
amerikanvaris {n} :: American crow, Corvus brachyrhynchos
amerikanvesimyyrä {n} :: water vole, North American water vole, Microtus richardsoni
amerikanvesipääsky {n} :: Wilson's phalarope, Phalaropus tricolor
amerikanvesispanieli {n} :: American water spaniel (breed of dog)
amerikanviiriäinen {n} :: New World quail, quail (any bird of the family Odontophoridae)
amerikanviklo {n} :: greater yellowlegs, Tringa melanoleuca
Amerikan yhdysvallat {prop} :: The United States of America (official name of the USA in Finnish, used mostly in formal and diplomatic contexts)
amerikatar {n} :: female American
amerikium {n} :: americium
amerikiumdioksidi {n} :: americium dioxide
amerikka {n} [derogatory] :: American (American English spoken with strong local accent)
Amerikka {prop} :: America (continent)
Amerikka {prop} [colloquial] :: America (USA)
amerikkalainen {n} :: American (a person from the USA)
amerikkalainen {adj} :: American (very often of or relating to the USA or its people)
amerikkalainen jalkapallo {n} :: American football
amerikkalainen pesäpallo {n} [sports, archaic] :: baseball
amerikkalaisittain {adv} :: In the American way
amerikkalaistaa {vt} :: to Americanize (to make American)
amerikkalaistua {vi} :: To become Americanized
amerikkalaistuminen {n} :: Americanization
amerikkalaisuus {n} :: Americanness (state or property of being American)
amerikkalaisvastaisuus {n} :: anti-Americanism
ametisti {n} :: amethyst
ametistihapero {n} :: species of brittlegill, Russula amethystina
amfetamiini {n} :: amphetamine
amfetamiini {n} :: A common-language term used of methamphetamine, especially when used as (illegal) drug
amfibi {n} :: amphibian (vehicle or aircraft which can operate on land and water)
amfibi {n} [zoology] :: synonym of sammakkoeläin
amfibinen {adj} :: amphibious
amfibio {n} [dated] :: synonym of amfibi
amfibio {n} [used as modifier in compound terms] :: amphibious
amfibioajoneuvo {n} :: amphibious vehicle
amfibioauto {n} :: amphibious car
amfibiolentokone {n} :: amphibious airplane
amfibiopanssarivaunu {n} :: amphibious tank
amfiboli {n} [mineral] :: amphibole
amfiboliitti {n} [mineral] :: amphibolite
amfiteatteri {n} :: An amphitheater/amphitheatre (outdoor theatre from the classical period of ancient Rome)
amfolyytti {n} [chemistry] :: ampholyte
amfora {n} :: amphora
amhara {n} :: Amharic (official language of Ethiopia)
amidi {n} [organic chemistry] :: amide
amiini {n} :: amine
aminoetikkahappo {n} [pharmacology] :: aminoacetic acid
aminohappo {n} [biochemistry] :: amino acid
aminohippurihappo {n} [pharmacology] :: aminohippuric acid
aminokapronihappo {n} [pharmacology] :: aminocaproic acid
aminolevuliinihappo {n} [pharmacology] :: aminolevulinic acid
aminosalisyylihappo {n} [pharmacology] :: aminosalicylic acid
aminovaleriaanahappo {n} [pharmacology] :: aminovaleric acid
amiraali {n} [military ranks] :: admiral
amiraali {n} [butterfly] :: red admiral, Vanessa atalanta
amiraalikunta {n} :: admiralty (admirals of a navy collectively)
amiraalinlaiva {n} :: synonym of lippulaiva
amiraaliperhonen {n} :: admiral (butterfly)
amiraalius {n} :: admiralship (state or property of being an admiral)
amiraliteetti {n} :: admiralty (department or officers having responsibility over naval affairs; building housing this department)
amis {n} [slang] :: A vocational school
amis {n} [slang] :: A person who attends one
amissi {n} [in plural] :: Amish (North American sect)
amissi {n} :: Amish person, Amish man, Amish woman
amisviikset {n} :: Thin, unkempt mustache such as sometimes grown by teenagers when trying to look older; teen mustache
amma {n} :: wet nurse
amma {n} :: nanny
Amman {prop} :: Amman
ammateittain {adv} :: by the profession
ammateittainen {adj} :: profession-wise
ammatillinen {adj} :: occupational, vocational
ammatillinen oppilaitos {n} :: vocational school
ammatillisesti {adv} :: professionally
ammatillistaa {v} :: To professionalise
ammatillistua {vi} :: To be(come) professionalized
ammatillisuus {n} :: professionality
ammatinharjoittaja {n} :: self-employed person, businessman, tradesman, self-employed freelancer, practitioner (self-employed person who practices a profession without having a fixed place of business other than their home)
ammatinharjoittaminen {n} :: synonym of ammatinharjoitus
ammatinharjoitus {n} :: practice (ongoing pursuit of a craft or profession)
ammatinkuva {n} :: image of a profession (the way a profession is perceived by the public)
ammatinkuva {n} :: image of an occupation
ammatinopettaja {n} :: trade and industry teacher
ammatinvaihto {n} :: career change
ammatinvalinnanohjaaja {n} :: vocational guidance counselor (professional who counsels a young person in choosing a vocation)
ammatinvalinnanohjaus {n} :: vocational guidance (the act or process of counseling a young person in choosing a vocation)
ammatinvalinta {n} :: choice of vocation, vocational choice
ammatinvalintapsykologi {n} :: vocational guidance psychologist (psychologist who assists a young person in choosing a vocation)
ammatti {n} :: profession, vocation, occupation
ammatti {n} [as modifier in compound terms] :: professional, vocational, occupational
ammattiaine {n} [education] :: vocational subject (school subject that trains the student to a specific vocation, as opposed to generic subjects such as math, languages etc.)
ammattiajaja {n} :: professional driver
ammattiajokortti {n} :: professional driver's license
ammattiajolupa {n} :: professional driving permit
ammattiala {n} :: professional field
ammattialajärjestö {n} :: professional organization
ammattiapu {n} :: professional help
ammattiasema {n} [statistics, law] :: employment status (one's overall status in relation to working life, e.g. employee, self-employed, contractor, entrepreneur, unemployed or outside labor force)
ammattiasia {n} :: professional issue
ammattiautoilija {n} :: professional driver
ammattiauttaja {n} :: professional helper
ammattidiplomaatti {n} :: professional diplomat
ammattientarkastaja {n} [dated] :: synonym of työsuojelutarkastaja
ammattientarkastus {n} [dated] :: synonym of työsuojelutarkastus
ammattietiikka {n} :: professional ethics
ammattifilosofi {n} :: professional philosopher
ammattihaureus {n} [dated] :: synonym of prostituutio
ammattihistorioitsija {n} :: professional historian
ammatti-identiteetti {n} :: professional identity
ammatti-ihminen {n} :: professional
ammattijalkine {n} :: professional footwear
ammatti- ja taparikollisuus {n} :: professional and habitual crime
ammattijohtaja {n} :: professional manager
ammattijohto {n} :: professional management
ammattijärjestö {n} :: trade union
ammattijulkaisu {n} :: professional publication
ammattikalastaja {n} :: professional fisher
ammattikalastus {n} :: professional fishing
ammattikasvattaja {n} :: professional educator
ammattikasvatus {n} :: occupational training
ammattikateus {n} :: professional envy (envying a member of same profession for their achievements, position etc.)
ammattikieli {n} :: jargon, argot
ammattikirjailija {n} :: professional writer
ammattikirjallisuus {n} :: professional literature
ammattikokemus {n} :: professional experience
ammattikorkeakoulu {n} :: professional university, vocational university, university of applied sciences; polytechnic [dated]
ammattikorkeakoulukirjasto {n} :: ammattikorkeakoulun kirjasto (library of a university of applied sciences)
ammattikorkeakoululaki {n} :: Professional Universities Act
ammattikoulu {n} [colloquial] :: A vocational school
ammattikoululainen {n} :: A student in a vocational school
ammattikoululinja {n} :: vocational school program (program offered by a vocational school that trains to a specific trade)
ammattikoulunopettaja {n} :: vocational school teacher
ammattikoulutus {n} :: professional education
ammattikuljettaja {n} :: synonym of ammattiautoilija
ammattikulttuuri {n} :: professional culture
ammattikunnia {n} :: professional integrity
ammattikunta {n} :: profession (practitioners of an occupation collectively, especially of one requiring great knowledge and skill)
ammattikunta {n} [historical] :: guild (tradespeople collectively, or their association)
ammattikuntalaitos {n} [historical] :: guild system
ammattikurssi {n} :: vocational training course
ammattikurssikeskus {n} :: vocational training center
ammattikuva {n} :: synonym of ammatinkuva
ammattikuvaaja {n} :: professional photographer
ammattikäytäntö {n} :: professional standard
ammattilainen {n} :: professional, pro
ammattilaisgolfaaja {n} :: professional golfer
ammattilaisilta {n} :: professional night (night event for professionals)
ammattilaisjalkapallo {n} :: professional soccer
ammattilaisjoukkue {n} [sports] :: professional team
ammattilaiskehä {n} :: professional boxing ring
ammattilaisliiga {n} [sports] :: professional league
ammattilaisnyrkkeily {n} :: professional boxing
ammattilaisottelu {n} [sports] :: professional match
ammattilaissopimus {n} [sports] :: professional contract
ammattilaistaa {v} :: To professionalize
ammattilaistua {vi} :: To become professionalized
ammattilaisurheilija {n} :: professional athlete
ammattilaisurheilu {n} :: professional sport
ammattilaisuus {n} :: professionality (quality of being professional)
ammattilaisvuosi {n} :: year as professional
ammattilaisyleisö {n} :: professional audience (audience that consists of professionals)
ammattilehti {n} :: professional magazine
ammattiliikenne {n} :: All road traffic for which a professional driving permit (ammattiajolupa) is required - includes all person transport with more than eight people on board, taxi and road cargo businesses
ammattiliitto {n} :: A national trade union typically representing employees within a branch of industry. Typically so called blue collar and white collar employees are organized in separate unions
ammattiluokitus {n} :: occupational classification
ammattimainen {adj} :: professional
ammattimaisempi {adj} :: comparative of ammattimainen
ammattimaisesti {adv} :: professionally
ammattimaisuus {n} :: professionalism
ammattimies {n} :: tradesman (skilled manual worker, such as electrician or plumber)
ammattimies {n} :: craftsman (professional in a trade which requires a specific skill, such as a mason, carpenter)
ammattimies {n} :: expert (person with extensive ability in a given subject)
ammattimies {n} [rarely, by extension] :: professional
ammattiministeri {n} [politics] :: A minister (cabinet member), who does not represent any political party
ammattiministeriö {n} [government, rare] :: The permanent organization of a ministry, i.e. a ministry without the politically appointed staff that changes every time a new cabinet is elected
ammattiministeriö {n} [erroneously] :: synonym of ammattiministeristö
ammattiministeristö {n} [colloquial] :: synonym of toimitusministeristö
ammattimuusikko {n} :: professional musician
ammattinimike {n} :: occupational title, vocational title
ammattinimike {n} :: professional title
ammattinyrkkeilijä {n} :: professional boxer
ammattinyrkkeily {n} :: professional boxing
ammattinäyttelijä {n} :: professional actor
ammattiopettaja {n} :: synonym of ammatinopettaja
ammattiopetus {n} :: vocational education
ammattiopinnot {n} :: vocational studies
ammattiopisto {n} :: vocational school
ammattioppi {n} :: trade knowledge (body of knowledge and skills that one needs to acquire in order to be regarded a craftsman)
ammattioppilaitos {n} :: vocational school, trade school
ammattioppilas {n} :: apprentice (one who has made an apprenticeship contract with an employer)
ammattioppilaslautakunta {n} :: apprenticeship board
ammattiosasto {n} :: A local chapter of a trade union; union branch (UK), lodge (US)
ammattipedagogi {n} :: professional pedagogue
ammattiperinne {n} :: professional tradition
ammattipoliitikko {n} :: professional politician
ammattipätevyys {n} :: professional competence (skills and knowledge required for mastering a profession)
ammattirakenne {n} :: occupational structure (distribuotion of occupations among a population)
ammattirikollinen {n} :: professional criminal
ammattiryhmä {n} :: occupational group (people which have same occupation collectively)
ammattisalaisuus {n} :: professional secret
ammattisana {n} :: synonym of ammattitermi
ammattisanasto {n} :: trade terminology
ammattislangi {n} :: argot, jargon, vernacular (specialized vocabulary and terminology of a certain field or profession)
ammattisopimus {n} [rare] :: synonym of ammattilaissopimus
ammattisotilas {n} :: professional soldier
ammattisuoja {n} :: occupational immunity
ammattitaidoton {adj} :: unprofessional
ammattitaidoton {adj} :: unskilled
ammattitaidottomuus {n} :: lack of skill
ammattitaidottomuus {n} :: unprofessionalism
ammattitaiteilija {n} :: professional artist
ammattitaito {n} :: workmanship (skill of an artisan or craftsman)
ammattitaito {n} :: professional skills of a person as a whole
ammattitaitoinen {adj} :: qualified, professional
ammattitaitoinen {adj} :: skilled
ammattitaitokilpailu {n} :: skills competition
ammattitappaja {n} :: contract killer, hitman, hatchet man (a person whose profession is to kill people)
ammattitauti {n} :: occupational disease
ammattiteatteri {n} :: professional theater
ammattitermi {n} :: trade term
ammattitieto {n} :: professional knowledge
ammattitoveri {n} :: colleague
ammattitulo {n} [taxation] :: practitioner income (income from running a practice)
ammattitutkija {n} :: professional researcher
ammattitutkinto {n} :: vocational qualification
ammattityö {n} :: skilled work
ammattityöläinen {n} :: synonym of ammattityöntekijä
ammattityöntekijä {n} :: skilled worker
ammattityöntekijä {n} :: tradesman, craftsman
ammattityöväki {n} :: skilled workforce
ammattiunioni {n} [rare] :: synonym of ammattiliitto
ammattiura {n} :: professional career
ammattiurheilija {n} :: professional athlete
ammattiurheilu {n} :: synonym of ammattilaisurheilu
ammattiuskollisuus {n} :: loyalty to one's trade
ammattivalokuvaaja {n} :: professional photographer
ammattivapaus {n} :: synonym of elinkeinovapaus
ammattiyhdistys {n} :: A trade union (US labor union)
ammattiyhdistysaktiivi {n} :: trade union activist
ammattiyhdistysjohtaja {n} :: trade union leader
ammattiyhdistysjärjestelmä {n} :: trade union system
ammattiyhdistyslehti {n} :: trade union magazine
ammattiyhdistysliike {n} :: trade union movement (the trade unions collectively)
ammattiyhdistyspolitiikka {n} :: trade union politics
ammattiyhdistystoiminta {n} :: trade union activity
ammattiylpeys {n} :: professional pride
amme {n} :: bathtub, tub (large container for holding water in which a person may bathe)
ammehoito {n} :: bath treatment
ammekylpy {n} :: tub bath
ammekäyrä {n} [math] :: bathtub curve
ammematto {n} :: bathtub mat (non-slip mat placed in a tub to prevent accidents)
ammennus {n} :: scooping
ammentaa {vt} :: To scoop, draw, ladle
ammentaa {vt} :: To gain benefit or influences
ammis {n} [colloquial] :: alternative form of amis
ammo {n} [dialectal, rare] :: something that widens on a mouth section, like a mouth or a cavity
ammoin {adv} :: Very long ago, in the time immemorial
ammoinen {adj} :: ancient, age-old
ammoliitti {n} :: ammolite (gemstone)
ammolla {adv} :: wide open, agape; often with possessive suffix, see ammollaan
ammollaan {adv} :: wide open, agape
ammolle {adv} :: wide open, agape; describes transition to wide open state; often with possessive suffix, see ammolleen
ammolleen {adv} :: wide open, agape; describes transition to the wide open state
ammoniakki {n} [chemistry] :: ammonia
ammoniakkihiippo {n} [mushrooms] :: nitrous bonnet (Mycena leptocephala)
ammoniakkiliuos {n} [chemistry] :: ammonia solution
ammoniitti {n} :: ammonite (cephalopod)
ammoniitti {n} [dated] :: ammonite (explosive)
ammoninsarvi {n} [anatomy, rare] :: synonym of hippokampus
ammoniumalginaatti {n} [organic chemistry] :: ammonium alginate
ammoniumfluoridi {n} :: ammonium fluoride
ammoniumfosfatidi {n} [organic chemistry] :: ammonium phosphatide
ammoniumhydroksidi {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: ammonium hydroxide
ammoniumkarbonaatti {n} [chemistry] :: ammonium carbonate
ammoniumkloridi {n} [inorganic compound] :: ammonium chloride
ammoniumnitraatti {n} :: ammonium nitrate
ammoniumperkloraatti {n} :: ammonium perchlorate
ammoniumsulfaatti {n} [inorganic compound] :: ammonium sulfate
ammoniumsulfidi {n} :: ammonium sulfide
ammoniumtyppi {n} [chemistry] :: ammoniacal nitrogen
ammottaa {v} :: to be wide open, be agape
ammottava {adj} :: gaping (wide open)
ammu {n} :: A moo-moo (cow)
ammua {vi} :: To moo
ammuminen {n} :: mooing
ammunta {n} :: shooting, gunnery (firing of guns)
ammunta {n} :: mooing
ammuntalaji {n} [sports] :: shooting event
ammuntapeli {n} :: shooting game, shooter (type of video game)
ammus {n} :: bullet, projectile
ammuskelija {n} :: shooter (especially a criminal)
ammuskella {vi} :: To shoot around
ammuskelu {n} :: shooting (with firearms)
ammustarvike {n} :: synonym of ampumatarvike
ammustenkulutus {n} :: consumption of ammunition
ammustäydennys {n} :: ammunition resupply, replenishment of ammunition
ammusvarasto {n} :: magazine (ammunition storehouse)
ammusvyö {n} :: ammo belt
ammuttaa {v} :: To order a shooting
ammuu {interj} :: moo!
amnesia {n} :: amnesia
amnestia {n} :: amnesty
amniosenteesi {n} [medicine] :: amniocentesis (procedure for obtaining amniotic fluid)
amnioskooppi {n} :: amnioscope
amnioskopia {n} :: amnioscopy
amobarbitaali {n} :: amobarbital
amok {n} :: amok (one who runs amok)
amokjuoksija {n} :: amok runner
amokjuoksu {n} :: amok run
A-molli {n} [music] :: A minor
amoraalinen {adj} :: amoral
amorfinen {adj} :: amorphic, amorphous
amorfisuus {n} :: amorphousness (quality of being amorphic)
amoriini {n} :: amoretto, cherub
amorinkaari {n} [anatomy] :: Cupid's bow
ampaista {v} :: To shoot, to soar (to move very quickly and suddenly)
ampakiini {n} :: ampakine
AMP-deaminaasi {n} :: synonym of adenylaattideaminaasi
ampeeri {n} [physics, electronics] :: ampere
ampeerimittari {n} :: ammeter
amperotsidi {n} :: amperozide (veterinary antipsychotic drug)
ampiainen {n} :: A wasp
ampiaisenpisto {n} :: bee sting
ampiaispesä {n} :: wasp nest, vespiary
ampiaisvyötärö {n} :: wasp waist (very slim waist)
ampiaisvyötäröinen {adj} :: wasp-waisted
amplitudi {n} :: amplitude
amplitudimodulaatio {n} :: amplitude modulation
amppari {n} [colloquial] :: wasp
amppeli {n} :: hanging basket
amppelikasvi {n} :: hanging basket plant (plant that thrives in hanging basket)
ampu {n} :: blast, detonation, explosion
ampua {vt} :: To shoot (+ partitive = wounding; + genitive-accusative = killing)
ampuhaukka {n} :: merlin, Falco columbarius (small hawk)
ampuilla {vi} :: synonym of ammuskella
ampuja {n} :: A shooter
ampulli {n} :: ampoule
ampuma-ala {n} :: shooting sector
ampuma-ase {n} :: firearm
ampuma-asento {n} :: shooting position
ampuma-aserikos {n} [law] :: firearms offence (offence against the laws concerning handling and possession of firearms)
ampuma-aukko {n} :: embrasure, loophole, crenel (slit in a castle wall)
ampumaetäisyys {n} :: shooting distance
ampumahaava {n} :: gunshot wound, bullet wound
ampumahalli {n} :: shooting hall
ampumaharjoitus {n} :: shooting practice
ampumahauta {n} :: trench
ampumahautakuume {n} [pathology] :: trench fever
ampumahiihtäjä {n} :: biathlete
ampumahiihto {n} [sports] :: biathlon (winter sport)
ampumakilpailu {n} :: shooting competition
ampumakunto {n} :: The state of being fit for shooting
ampumaleiri {n} :: shooting camp
ampumalinja {n} :: line of fire
ampumamatka {n} :: shooting distance
ampumaoppi {n} :: gunnery (science of guns and gunfire)
ampumapeli {n} :: shooting game
ampumarata {n} :: range, shooting range
ampumataito {n} :: shooting skill
ampumatarkkuus {n} :: shooting precision
ampumatarvike {n} [in plural] :: ammunition
ampumatarviketäydennys {n} :: ammunition resupply, replenishment of ammunition
ampumataulu {n} :: shooting target
ampumaurheilu {n} :: shooting sport
ampuminen {n} :: shooting (using a weapon)
ampumisvälikohtaus {n} :: shooting incident
amputaatio {n} :: amputation
amputoida {v} :: To amputate
amputointi {n} :: amputation
amrinoni {n} :: amrinone, inamrinone (heart medicine)
Amsterdam {prop} :: Amsterdam, the capital city of the Netherlands
amsterdamsaarenmerikarhu {n} :: subantarctic fur seal, Arctocephalus tropicalis
Amudarja {prop} :: Amu Darya (river in Central Asia)
Amu-Darja {prop} :: alternative form of Amudarja
amuletti {n} :: amulet
amurinhaukka {n} :: Amur falcon, Falco amurensis
amurinkorkkipuu {n} :: Amur cork tree, Phellodendron amurense
amurinleopardi {n} :: Amur leopard
amurinrastas {n} :: pale thrush
amurinsopuli {n} :: Amur lemming, Lemmus amurensis
amurintiikeri {n} :: synonym of siperiantiikeri
amurinuunilintu {n} :: eastern crowned warbler, Phylloscopus coronatus (warbler found in South, Southeast and East Asia)
amurinvaahtera {n} :: A species of maple, Manchurian striped maple, Manchu snakebark maple, Acer tegmentosum
amurinviini {n} :: Amur grape, Vitis amurensis
amusia {n} :: amusia
amylaasi {n} [enzyme] :: amylase
amyloidi {n} :: amyloid (waxy compound of protein)
amyloidirappeuma {n} :: synonym of amyloidoosi
amyloiditauti {n} :: synonym of amyloidoosi
amyloidoosi {n} [pathology] :: amyloidosis
amyotrofinen lateraaliskleroosi {n} [pathology] :: synonym of ALS-tauti
-an {suffix} [personal] :: Forms the impersonal indicative present forms of verbs that include back vowels (a, o or u or i or e with a, o or u - compare -än), appended to the infinitive
-an {suffix} :: [case suffix] A suffix variant for the illative singular, see -Vn
-an {suffix} [possessive] :: A variant for the third-person suffix -nsa, see the usage notes below
anaali- {prefix} :: anal
anaalinen {adj} [anatomy] :: anal
anaalirauhanen {n} [anatomy] :: anal gland
anaaliseksi {n} :: anal sex
anaalisesti {adv} :: anally
anaalis-retentiivinen {adj} [psychology] :: anal-retentive
anaalitappi {n} :: A butt-plug
anaaliyhdyntä {n} :: anal intercourse
anabaattinen {adj} [meteorology] :: anabatic
anabaptismi {n} :: Anabaptism (doctrine)
anabaptisti {n} :: Anabaptist (Christian of the Radical Reformation of 16th-century Europe, or a present-day follower of similar beliefs)
anaboli {n} :: An anabolic
anabolia {n} :: anabolism (constructive metabolism of the body)
anabolinen {adj} :: anabolic
anadrominen {adj} [biology] :: anadromous
anaerobinen {adj} :: anaerobic
anaerobisesti {adv} :: anaerobically
anafora {n} :: anaphora
anaforinen {adj} :: anaphoric
anafylaksia {n} [medicine] :: anaphylaxis
anafylaktinen {adj} [medicine] :: anaphylactic
anagrammi {n} :: anagram
anakoluutti {n} :: anacoluthon
anakoluuttinen {adj} :: anacoluthic
anakonda {n} :: anaconda
anakronismi {n} :: anachronism (something that seems to belong to a different time)
anakronistinen {adj} :: anachronistic
anakronistisesti {adv} :: anachronistically
anakronistisuus {adj} :: The property of being anachronistic
anakruusi {n} :: anacrusis (unstressed syllable at the start of a verse)
analemma {n} [astronomy] :: analemma
analfabeetti {n} :: An analphabet
analgeetti {n} [medicine] :: analgesic, painkiller
analgeettinen {adj} [medicine, jargon] :: analgesic
analgeettisesti {adv} :: analgesically
analgeettisuus {adj} :: The property of being analgesic
analgesia {n} :: analgesia
analogia {n} :: analogy
analogia-digitaalimuunnin {n} [electronics] :: analog-to-digital converter
analogialaite {n} :: analog device
analogianäyttö {n} :: analog display
analogianäyttöinen {adj} :: analog display (featuring an analog display)
analogiatekniikka {n} :: analog technology
analoginen {adj} :: analog, analogue, analogic, analogical
analoginäyttö {n} :: alternative term for analogianäyttö
analogisesti {adv} :: analogically
analogisuus {n} :: analogicalness (state of being analogical)
analsiimi {n} [mineral] :: analcime
analsiitti {n} [mineral] :: analcime
analysaattori {n} :: analyzer (instrument)
analysoida {vt} :: To analyse/analyze
analysoija {n} :: analyzer (person who analyzes)
analysointi {n} :: The process of analyzing
analytiikka {n} :: analytics
analyysi {n} :: analysis
analyysi {n} [mathematics] :: mathematical analysis
analyysikone {n} [rare] :: analyzer (instrument)
analyysilaite {n} [rare] :: analyzer (instrument)
analyysimenetelmä {n} :: analysis method
analyysiohjelma {n} :: analysis program
analyysitaito {n} :: analytic skill
analyysitulos {n} :: result of an analysis
analyytikko {n} :: analyst
analyyttinen {adj} :: analytical
analyyttinen geometria {n} [geometry] :: analytic geometry
analyyttinen kemia {n} [chemistry] :: analytical chemistry
analyyttisesti {adv} :: analytically
analyyttisuus {n} :: alternative spelling of analyyttisyys
analyyttisyys {n} :: The property of being analytical
anamneesi {n} [medicine] :: anamnesis
anamnestinen {adj} :: anamnestic
anamorfi {n} [mycology] :: anamorph
ananas {n} :: pineapple (plant and fruit)
ananashamppu {n} :: pineapple fiber (fiber obtained from the leaves of pineapple plant)
ananashamppu {n} :: piña (cloth woven from this fiber)
ananaskala {n} :: pinecone fish (fish of the family Monocentridae)
ananaskala {n} :: Monocentris japonica (type species of the family)
ananaskasvi {n} :: pineapple, Ananas comosus (plant)
ananaskirsikka {n} [fruit] :: A cape gooseberry
ananasöljy {n} :: ethyl butyrate
ananasmehu {n} :: pineapple juice
ananasmurska {n} :: crushed pineapple
ananaspurkki {n} :: pineapple can (preserved pineapple in a can)
ananasrengas {n} :: pineapple ring
anapesti {n} [poetry] :: anapest
anarkia {n} :: anarchy
anarkinen {adj} :: alternative form of anarkistinen
anarkismi {n} :: anarchism
anarkisti {n} :: anarchist
anarkistinen {adj} :: anarchistic
anarkistisesti {adv} :: anarchistically
anarkistisuus {n} :: The quality of being anarchic
anarkosyndikalismi {n} :: anarcho-syndicalism
anastaa {vt} :: To take possession (of something) without the owner's permission, seize, grab, steal, purloin, annex, usurp
anastaja {n} :: One who steals
anastella {v} :: synonym of varastella
anastigmaattinen {adj} :: anastigmatic
anastus {n} :: theft, appropriation
anateema {n} :: anathema (ban or curse pronounced with religious solemnity by ecclesiastical authority, often accompanied by excommunication)
anatolianpaimenkoira {n} :: Anatolian shepherd (breed of dog originating in Turkey)
anatomi {n} :: anatomist
anatomia {n} :: anatomy
anatomiasali {n} :: dissecting room, especially one used for teaching
anatominen {adj} :: anatomic
anatomisesti {adv} :: anatomically
Ancylusjärvi {prop} [geohistory] :: Ancylus Lake (historic phase of the Baltic Sea, when it was separated from the Atlantic Ocean)
ancyluskausi {n} [geohistory] :: Ancylus period (period of existence of the Ancylus Lake, a stage in the formation of the current Baltic Sea, from ca. 8900 to 7200 B.C.)
ancyluskotilo {n} :: A European species of limpet, Ancylus fluviatilis, native to fresh waters from Ireland to Slovakia
andalusianpodenco {n} :: Andalusian hound (breed of dog originating in Andalusia, Spain)
andalusianrottaterrieri {n} :: Andalusian ratter (breed of dog originating in Andalusia, Spain)
andalusiitti {n} [mineral] :: andalusite
Andamaanienmeri {prop} :: Andaman Sea
Andamaanit {prop} :: Andaman Islands
Andamaanit ja Nikobaarit {prop} :: Andaman and Nicobar Islands
andante {n} :: andante
andesiitti {n} [geology] :: andesite
andienflamingo {n} :: Andean flamingo, Phoenicopterus andinus (species of flamingo, native to the Andes of Chile)
andienhiiri {n} :: Andean mouse, Andinomys edex (South American species of mouse)
andienisomuura {n} :: undulated antshrike
andienkissa {n} :: Andean cat, Leopardus jacobita (South American species of cat)
andienkondori {n} :: Andean condor, Vultur gryphus (South American vulture)
andienkärppä {n} :: Colombian weasel, Don Felipe's weasel, Mustela felipei (very rare species of weasel native to the mountains of Colombia)
andienrotta {n} [dated] :: alternative term for perunrotta
andiensuorotta {n} :: Andean swamp rat, Neotomys ebriosus
andienvesirattu {n} :: fish-eating rat (rat of the genus Anotomys)
andienvyötiäinen {n} :: hairy long-nosed armadillo, Dasypus pilosus
Andit {prop} :: the Andes (mountain range in South America)
Andorra {prop} :: Andorra
andorralainen {adj} :: Andorran
andorralainen {n} :: Andorran
andragogiikka {n} [rare] :: andragogy (methods or techniques used to teach adults; adult education)
Andreas {prop} :: Andrew (the Apostle)
Andreas {prop} [rare] :: given name
andrewinvalas {n} [archaic] :: alternative term for viistohammasnokkavalas (Andrews' beaked whale, Mesoplodon bowdoini)
androfobia {n} :: androphobia
androgeeni {n} :: androgen
androgeeninen {adj} :: androgenic
androgynia {n} :: androgyny
androgyyni {n} :: androgyne
androgyyninen {adj} :: androgynous
androidi {n} :: android
andrologi {n} :: andrologist
andrologia {n} :: andrology
androloginen {adj} :: andrological
andrologisesti {adv} :: andrologically
Andromeda {prop} [Greek mythology] :: Andromeda
Andromeda {prop} [constellation] :: The constellation Andromeda
Andromeda {prop} [astronomy] :: The Andromeda
andropaussi {n} :: andropause
ane {n} :: Indulgence [pardon or release from the expectation of punishment in purgatory, after the sinner has been granted absolution]
aneeminen {adj} :: anemic
aneemisesti {adv} :: anemically
aneemisuus {n} :: state of being anemic
anekauppa {n} :: indulgence trade (practice of granting indulgences against payment)
anekauppias {n} :: indulgence trader (one who sells indulgences)
anekdootti {n} :: anecdote
anekirja {n} :: letter of indulgence (writ that grants indulgence to someone)
anella {vt} :: To beg (submissively, e.g. mercy)
Anelma {prop} :: given name
anemia {n} :: anemia
anemometri {n} :: anemometer (instrument for measuring wind)
aneroidibarometri {n} :: aneroid barometer
aneroidi-ilmapuntari {n} :: aneroid barometer
anesteetti {n} :: anesthetic (substance)
anesteettinen {adj} [medicine] :: anesthetic [US], anaesthetic [UK]
anestesia {n} [medicine] :: anesthesia, anaesthesia
anestesia-aine {n} [medicine] :: anaesthetic/anesthetic
anestesiaerikoislääkäri {n} :: anesthesiologist (physician who specializes in anesthesiology)
anestesiakone {n} :: anesthesia monitor (device that monitors the vital functions of a patient during anesthesia)
anestesialääkäri {n} :: anesthesiologist
anestesiamuoto {n} :: category of anesthesia
anestesiaylilääkäri {n} :: senior anesthesiologist
anestesiologi {n} :: anesthetist, anesthesiologist
anestesiologia {n} [medicine] :: anesthesiology, anaesthesiology
anestesiologinen {adj} :: Pertaining to anesthesiology
anestesiologisesti {adv} :: anesthesiologically
aneurysma {n} [pathology] :: aneurysm
anfangi {n} [typography, calligraphy] :: initial (distinguished initial letter of a chapter or section of a document)
anfangi {n} [architecture] :: A void in a stone wall, serving as impost for an arch
angelologia {n} :: angelology
angervo {n} :: a plant of the genus Filipendula
angervohopeatäplä {n} :: lesser marbled fritillary, Brenthis ino (species of butterfly)
angiina {n} [medicine] :: tonsillitis, angina tonsillaris
angiinamyrkytys {n} [pathology] :: Lemierre's syndrome
angiogeneesi {n} :: angiogenesis
angiogeniini {n} [biochemistry] :: angiogenin
angiografia {n} :: angiography
angiogrammi {n} [medicine] :: angiogram, angiograph (X-ray image of the blood vessels)
angiokeratooma {n} [pathology] :: angiokeratoma (benign cutaneous lesion of capillaries)
angiotensiini {n} [biochemistry] :: angiotensin (any of several polypeptides that narrow blood vessels)
anglikaani {n} :: Anglican (member of Anglican church)
anglikaaninen {adj} :: Anglican
anglikaanisuus {n} :: Anglicanism
anglismi {n} :: An Briticism, Anglicism (word or figure of speech used in Britain exclusively or primarily)
anglismi {n} :: An Anglicism (word or feature borrowed from English to another language)
anglisti {n} :: Anglicist
anglistiikka {n} :: Anglistics
angloamerikkalainen {adj} :: Anglo-American
anglofiili {n} :: anglophile
anglonormanni {n} :: Anglo-Norman (person)
anglonormanni {n} :: Anglo-Norman (language)
anglonormannilainen {adj} :: Anglo-Norman (of or pertaining to Anglo-Normans or their language)
anglo-normannilainen kieli {n} [dated] :: Anglo-Norman (language)
anglosaksi {n} :: An Anglo-Saxon person
anglosaksilainen {adj} :: Anglo-Saxon
anglosaksinen {adj} :: Anglo-Saxon
Angola {prop} :: Angola
angolalainen {adj} :: Angolan
angolalainen {n} :: Angolan
angolangenetti {n} :: Angolan genet, miombo genet, Genetta angolensis (species of genet)
angolangueretsa {n} :: Angolan colobus, Colobus angolensis (species of colobus monkey)
angolanmangusti {n} :: Angolan kusimanse, Ansorge's kusimanse, Crossarchus ansorgei (species of kusimanse)
angolanolkalepakko {n} :: Angolan epauletted fruit bat, Epomophorus angolensis (species of bat endemic to the savannas of Angola and Namibia)
angolansiippa {n} :: Angolan hairy bat, Cistugo seabrae
angoninkorvarotta {n} :: Angoni vlei rat, Otomys angoniensis
angora {n} :: angora (hair of angora rabbit)
angorakani {n} :: angora rabbit (variety of domestic rabbit bred for its long, soft wool)
angorakaniini {n} :: alternative term for angorakani
angorakissa {n} :: Any of several long-haired breeds of domestic cat, e.g. Persian cat or Turkish Angora
angorakissa {n} :: alternative term for turkkilainen angora
angoralanka {n} :: angora yarn (yarn spun of angora wool)
angorapusero {n} :: angora sweater (sweater woven of angora yarn)
angoravilla {n} :: angora wool
angoravuohi {n} :: angora goat (variety of goat bred for its long, soft wool, originates in Turkey)
angstata {v} [colloquial] :: to be anxious or angstful
angsti {n} :: angst
angstinen {adj} [colloquial] :: angstful
anguillalainen {adj} :: Anguillan
anguillalainen {n} :: Anguillan
anhydridi {n} [chemistry] :: anhydride
anhydriitti {n} [mineral] :: anhydrite
ani {adv} :: very, extremely
ani {n} :: ani (bird of genus Crotophaga in the cuckoo family)
anidulafungiini {n} :: anidulafungin (drug)
aniharva {pron} :: alternative spelling of ani harva (extremely few)
ani harvoin {adv} :: extremely seldom
aniharvoin {adv} :: alternative spelling of ani harvoin
aniitti {n} :: A powdery ammonium nitrate explosive
anikäki {n} :: An ani
aniliini {n} :: aniline
aniliininpunainen {n} :: magenta (colour)
aniliininpunainen {adj} :: magenta (of this colour)
aniliininvärinen {adj} :: alternative term for aniliininpunainen (magenta)
aniliiniväri {n} :: aniline dye (dye based on aniline)
animaalinen {adj} :: alternative term for eläimellinen
animaalisuus {n} :: alternative term for eläimellisyys
animaatio {n} :: animation (technique)
animaatioelokuva {n} :: animated film
animaatiopiirtäjä {n} :: animator, cartoonist (one who creates an animation or cartoon)
animaatiosarja {n} :: animated series (animated television program which consists of several episodes that are broadcast in regular intervals)
animaatioteollisuus {n} :: animation industry
animaattori {n} :: animator
anime {n} :: anime
anime-elokuva {n} :: anime film
animesarja {n} :: anime series
animismi {n} :: animism
animisti {n} :: animist
animistinen {adj} :: animistic
animoida {vt} :: To animate
anioni {n} [chemistry] :: anion
anis {n} :: anise, aniseed (seeds used as spice)
anisetti {n} :: synonym of anislikööri
anisherkkusieni {n} :: wood mushroom (Agaricus silvicola)
aniskaramelli {n} :: anise candy (anise-flavoured candy)
anislikööri {n} :: anisette (anise flavoured liqueur)
anismalikka {n} [mushrooms] :: Clitocybe fragrans
anisnuppiseitikki {n} [mushroom] :: A webcap, Cortinarius odorifer
anisoli {n} [chemistry] :: anisole
anispastilli {n} :: anise lozenge (anise-flavoured lozenge)
anisruoho {n} :: anise (the plant Pimpinella anisum)
anisviina {n} :: anise liquor [US]; anise spirit [UK] (any anise-flavoured strong aperitif, especially one that does not fall into specific categories such as ouzo, pastis or raki)
Anita {prop} :: given name
Anitta {prop} :: given name, variant of Anita
Anja {prop} :: given name
anjovis {n} :: anchovy, especially European anchovy (Engraulis encrasicolus)
ankanmaksa {n} [foods] :: duck liver
ankanpoika {n} :: duckling (young of a duck)
ankanpoikanen {n} :: duckling
ankara {adj} :: harsh, hard, strict (person)
ankara {adj} :: harsh, sharp, fierce (weather, winter)
ankara {adj} :: barren, austere, desolate (landscape)
ankara halla {n} :: hard freeze
ankarahko {adj} :: relatively strict, harsh, austere etc., see ankara for all senses
ankarampi {adj} :: comparative of ankara
ankaranlainen {adj} :: synonym of ankarahko
ankarasanainen {adj} :: strictly worded
ankarasti {adv} :: harshly, hardly, strictly
ankaruus {n} :: strictness, harshness, austerity (characteristic)
ankea {adj} :: dreary, drab, dull (colorless, cheerless)
ankea {adj} :: dismal, dreary (gloomy and bleak)
ankeampi {adj} :: comparative of ankea
ankeasti {adv} :: dismally, drearily
ankerias {n} :: eel (any fish in the order Anguilliformes)
ankerias {n} :: European eel, eel (species Anguilla anguilla)
ankeriaskala {n} :: Any fish in the order Anguilliformes (true eel)
ankeriaskala {n} :: In plural (ankeriaskalat), Anguilliformes
ankeriasmainen {adj} :: eel-like
ankeriasmonni {n} :: airbreathing catfish (any fish of the Clariidae family)
ankeroinen {n} :: A type of nematoid worm
ankeus {n} :: dismalness, dreariness
ankeutua {v} :: to become dreary, dull or dismal
ankka {n} :: domestic duck, Anas platyrhynchos domestica
ankka {n} :: short for uutisankka ("canard")
ankkaemo {n} [foods] :: mother duck
ankkahöystö {n} [foods] :: duck ragout
ankkakukko {n} :: drake (male duck)
ankkala {n} :: duck house (shelter for ducks)
ankkalammikko {n} :: duck pond, duckpond
Ankkalammikko {prop} [humorous] :: The Swedish Finland (Finland's Swedish speaking minority as an ethnic and cultural entity)
Ankkalinna {prop} :: Duckburg (fictional city where Donald Duck lives)
ankkalinnalainen {n} :: A native or inhabitant of Duckburg (fictional town in the Disney universe); a Duckburgian
ankkalinnalainen {adj} :: Duckburgian, relating to Duckburg or its people
ankkuri {n} :: anchor (tool to hook a vessel into the seabed)
ankkuri {n} [figurative] :: anchor (something that serves to provide a fixing point)
ankkuri {n} [television] :: anchor, anchorman, anchorwoman
ankkuri {n} :: anchor, anchorman, anchorwoman (final runner in relay race)
ankkurihissi {n} :: T-bar (type of ski lift)
ankkurikela {n} [nautical] :: mooring reel (reel onto which the anchor line can be rolled when not in use)
ankkuriketju {n} :: alternative term for ankkurikettinki
ankkurikettinki {n} [nautical] :: anchor chain (chain to which ship's anchor is attached)
ankkuriköysi {n} [nautical] :: anchor line, rode (heavy rope for lifting the anchor)
ankkurimiina {n} [military] :: moored mine (type of naval mine that is anchored to the seabed)
ankkurinhaara {n} [nautical] :: arm (the horizontal "hand" of an anchor, the end of which is supposed to take a grab of the seabed)
ankkurinkoura {n} [nautical] :: fluke (triangular blade at the end of an anchor, designed to get a good grip of the seabed)
ankkuriosuus {n} [sports] :: anchor slot (last section in a relay race)
ankkuripaikka {n} :: An anchorage; a place for anchoring
ankkuripari {n} [television] :: anchor pair (two anchors working as a team)
ankkuripeli {n} [nautical] :: anchor windlass, anchor capstan (machine that restrains and manipulates the anchor chain on a boat, allowing the anchor to be raised and lowered by means of chain cable)
ankkuritalja {n} :: cat (strong tackle used to hoist an anchor to the cathead of a ship)
ankkuritouvi {n} [nautical] :: anchor line
ankkurivalo {n} [nautical] :: anchor light
ankkurivarustus {n} :: An anchor, as used to refer to the anchoring gear of a ship as a whole
ankkuroida {vt} :: To anchor, as to hook a ship to the bottom of the sea or to fasten other object in a fixed spot
ankkurointi {n} :: anchoring
ankkurointimaksu {n} :: An anchorage; a fee charged for anchoring
ankkurointipaikka {n} [nautical] :: alternative term for ankkuripaikka
ankkuroitua {vi} :: To moor
Anna {prop} :: given name
Anna {prop} [obsolete] :: Anna (biblical prophetess)
annaali {n} :: annal
Anna-Kaisa {prop} :: given name
Annala {prop} :: surname
Annala {prop} :: Any of a number of small places in Finland
Anna-Leena {prop} :: given name
Anna-Liisa {prop} :: given name
Anna-Maija {prop} :: given name
Anna-Mari {prop} :: given name
Anna-Maria {prop} :: given name
annamilainen {adj} :: Annamese
annamin kieli {n} [dated] :: Annamese (former name of Vietnamese language)
annansilmä {n} :: Christmas begonia, Begonia x cheimantha (cultivar of begonia popular as houseplant; cross-breed of Begonia dregei and Begonia socotrana)
anna olla {phrase} [idiomatic] :: let it be (to leave something to follow its natural course)
annatto {n} :: annatto (plant and dye)
anne {n} [archaic] :: gift
Anne {prop} :: given name
annektointi {n} [rare, literary] :: annexation
Annele {prop} :: given name, a less common form of Anneli
Anneli {prop} :: given name
annella {vt} [rare] :: to give (indifferently, repeatedly)
Anne-Mari {prop} :: given name
Anne-Maria {prop} :: given name
Anni {prop} :: given name
annihilaatio {n} :: annihilation
Anniina {prop} :: given name
Annika {prop} :: given name
Annikka {prop} :: given name
Annikki {prop} :: A forest goddess in Finnish mythology
Annikki {prop} :: given name
Annina {prop} :: given name
anniskella {v} :: To tipple, to retail alcohol for immediate consumption at the premises of the seller
anniskelu {n} :: dispensing, serving (sale of alcoholic drinks for consumption at the seller's premises)
anniskelu {n} [archaic] :: a saloon, pub or other establishment licensed to sell alcoholic drinks
anniskelukahvila {n} :: licensed café (café that is licensed to sell all types of liquor to its clients)
anniskelukielto {n} :: cancellation of liquor license (act of denying right to sell alcoholic beverages from individual establishment, typically due to breach of conditions of the license)
anniskelukielto {n} :: ban on dispensing alcohol (act of forbidding sale of alcohol more generally, such as in an area, during certain times etc.)
anniskelulupa {n} :: liquor licence (permit to sell alcoholic beverages)
anniskeluoikeus {n} :: alcohol license (permission to sell alcoholic beverages)
anniskeluravintola {n} :: licensed restaurant (restaurant that is licensed to sell all types of liquor to its clients)
anniskeluyhtiö {n} [law, archaic] :: Until 1919, a company that was licensed to sell alcoholic beverages to the public
-annoksinen {adj} :: (existing, dispensed, administered etc.) in certain type of portions or doses
annoksittain {adv} :: by the portion
annoona {n} :: cherimoya (Annona cherimola)
annoona {n} :: annona (fruit)
annos {n} :: portion
annos {n} :: serving
annos {n} :: dose
annosmittari {n} :: dosimeter
annosmäärä {n} :: dose (amount in a dose, especially that of ionizing radiation measured by a dosimeter)
annospala {n} [food industry] :: portion-size piece (piece of food, cut into standard size equal to a portion)
annostaa {v} :: to dose (to prescribe a dose)
annostella {v} :: To dose
annostella {v} :: To apportion (to divide into portions and distribute)
annostelu {n} :: dosage, dosing
annostelu {n} :: dispensing
annostelulokerikko {n} :: pill dispenser
annostelupumppu {n} :: dispensing pump, pump dispenser
annostelureitti {n} [pharmacology] :: route of administration (path by which a drug or other substance is taken into the body)
annostus {n} :: dosage
annostusohje {n} :: dosage guide
annosvuoka {n} :: ramekin (small dish for baking in oven)
annuiteetti {n} :: annuity
annuiteettilaina {n} [finance] :: annuity loan (loan that is paid back in agreed number of periodic installments which include both interest and repayment of the principal. If the interest rate is fixed for the duration of the loan, the periodic installment remains constant. In case of variable interest rate, the amount of the installment changes every time the interest rate changes)
Annukka {prop} :: given name
Ano {prop} [rare] :: given name
anoa {vt} :: To ask, request, plead, beg, implore, entreat, petition, solicit
anoa {vt} :: ~ virkaa = to apply for a post/job
anoa {n} :: anoa
anodi {n} :: anode
anodiparisto {n} [electronics] :: B battery (battery used to provide the plate voltage for a vacuum tube)
anodisoida {vt} :: To anodize
anodisointi {n} :: anodization
anoja {n} :: petitioner
anoja {n} :: applicant
anoksia {n} [ecology] :: anoxia
anomaalinen {adj} :: anomalous, anomalistic
anomaalisesti {adv} :: anomalously
anomaalisuus {n} :: anomalousness
anomalia {n} :: anomaly
anomus {n} :: an application, a plea, a requisition
anomuskaavake {n} :: application form
anomuskirjelmä {n} :: application letter
anomuslomake {n} :: application form
anonta {n} :: alternative term for anominen (act of applying)
anonymiteetti {n} :: anonymity
anonyymi {adj} :: anonymous
anonyymihautaus {n} :: anonymous burial
anonyyminen {adj} :: alternative form of anonyymi
anonyymisti {adv} :: anonymously
anonyymius {n} :: alternative form of anonyymiys
anonyymiys {n} :: anonymity
anopikset {n} [pluralonly] :: Mothers-in-law; mothers, whose children are married with each other
anopinkieli {n} :: snake plant, mother-in-law's tongue (Sansevieria trifasciata, originally West African herbaceous plant commonly used as houseplant)
anoppi {n} :: mother-in-law
anoppila {n} :: mother-in-law's home
anoppimuori {n} [humorously] :: mother-in-law
anorakki {n} :: anorak, parka
anoreksia {n} [colloquial] :: anorexia nervosa
anoreksia {n} [pathology] :: anorexia (loss of appetite, especially as a symptom of disease)
anorektikko {n} :: an anorectic, anorexic
anorektinen {adj} :: anorectic
anorexia nervosa {n} [pathology] :: anorexia nervosa (serious eating disorder)
anortiitti {n} [mineral] :: anorthite
anortosiitti {n} :: anorthosite (type of rock)
ansa {n} :: A trap
ansa {n} :: A booby trap
ansainta {n} :: earning (of money)
ansaintateoria {n} :: deferred compensation theory (theory treating work pension as worker's deferred salary)
ansaintatulo {n} [economics] :: The income of a household excluding any transfer payments, i.e. the sum of earned income and capital income
ansaita {vt} :: To earn, make, win, gain (money)
ansaita {vt} :: To deserve, merit, be entitled to, be worthy of (+ infinitive or a noun)
ansaitsematon {adj} :: undeserved
ansaitsematon {adj} :: unearned
ansaitusti {adv} :: deservedly
ansajuoni {n} :: synonym of ansaraitti
ansakuoppa {n} :: trapping pit
ansalanka {n} :: snare (trap made from a loop of wire, string, or leather)
ansalanka {n} :: trapping wire (wire used to make a snare)
ansapolku {n} :: synonym of ansaraitti
ansaraitti {n} :: trapping trail (route along which a hunter has set up his traps)
ansarauta {n} [hunting] :: leghold trap
ansari {n} :: greenhouse
ansarikasvi {n} :: greenhouse plant
ansarikukka {n} [figuratively] :: hothouse flower (person who is very fragile and vulnerable as a result of having been sheltered)
ansaripetopunkki {n} :: A predatory mite, Phytoseiulus persimilis
ansas {n} [architecture] :: truss (structure made up of one or more triangular units made from straight beams of wood or metal, which is used to support a structure as in a roof or bridge)
ansassilta {n} :: truss bridge (more specifically a king post truss bridge)
ansastaa {vt} :: to entrap, trap, ensnare, snare, trammel (to hunt animals by setting traps)
ansastus {n} [hunting] :: trapping
ansatie {n} :: synonym of ansaraitti
ansatsi {n} [music] :: embouchure
Anselmi {prop} :: given name
ansio {n} :: merit
ansio {n} :: income
ansio {n} :: virtue
ansio {n} [in plural] :: earnings (wages, money earned, income)
ansio {n} :: desert, especially in the expression "just deserts" (that which is deserved or merited; a just punishment or reward)
ansioeläke {n} :: earned pension (pension accrued on the basis of one's earned income (ansiotulo))
ansioäiti {n} :: working mother
ansioitua {vi} :: To merit
ansiokas {adj} :: meritorious
ansiokehitys {n} :: wage development
ansiokehitystakuu {n} :: wage development guarantee
ansiokkaasti {adv} :: meritoriously
ansiokkuus {n} :: meritoriousness
ansiolentäjä {n} [aviation] :: professional pilot
ansiolähde {n} :: source of earnings
ansioluettelo {n} :: curriculum vitae
ansiomahdollisuus {n} :: earning opportunity
ansiomerkki {n} :: decoration (mark of honor to be worn upon the person)
ansiomitali {n} :: medal, medal of honor (round or roundish mark of honor to be worn upon the person; may be awarded for military or civil achievements)
ansionmenetys {n} [insurance, social security] :: loss of income
ansionmuodostus {n} [economics] :: income formation
ansiopuoli {n} :: earnings side (earnings as one aspect of an activity)
ansioristi {n} :: cross, cross of honor (cross-shaped mark of honor to be worn upon the person; may be awarded for military or civil achievements)
ansiosidonnainen {adj} [social security] :: earnings-related
ansiosidonnaisuus {n} [social security] :: The quality of being earnings-related
ansiosta {postp} :: owing to, thanks to, due to (mostly of positive things)
ansiotakuu {n} :: earnings guarantee
ansiotaso {n} :: level of earnings
ansioton {adj} :: undeserving
ansioton {adj} :: meritless
ansiottomasti {adv} :: undeservingly
ansiottomasti {adv} :: meritlessly
ansiottomuus {adv} :: meritlessness
ansiotulo {n} [taxation] :: earned income (income from employment typically including wages, salaries, tips, bonuses, union strike benefits, disability benefits and earnings from self-employment. The exact content varies by jurisdiction.)
ansiotulovero {n} :: earned income tax (tax imposed on the basis of a person's earned income - wages, salaries, tips etc. - as opposed to unearned income such as capital gains, dividends, rents etc.)
ansioturva {n} [social security] :: compensation for loss of income
ansiotyö {n} :: gainful employment
ansoittaa {v} :: To trap (to set traps)
ansoitus {n} :: trapping
Anssi {prop} :: given name
antaa {vt} :: To give; to allow; to present, donate
antaa {vt} [_, + genitive + infinitive] :: To let, allow, permit
antaa {vt} :: To issue (to announce a legal statute)
antaa {vt} :: To distribute, hand/pass out
antaa {vt} :: To grant, confer
antaa {v} [colloquial] :: To consent to have sex (with = allative)
antaa anteeksi {v} :: to forgive (someone = allative); to condone
antaa anteeksi {v} [theology] :: to absolve (to remit a sin; to give absolution for a sin)
antaa arvoa {v} :: to appreciate, value
antaa heittää {v} [slang] :: alternative term for antaa vetää
antaa ilmi {v} :: to blow the whistle, inform, report
antaa kaikkensa {v} [idiomatic] :: To bring it, to give one's all (in a particular effort)
antaa kenkää {v} [colloquial] :: to give the boot (to terminate an employee's employment)
antaa mennä {v} :: to let go (to release from one's grasp)
antaa mennä {v} :: to let go (to emotionally disengage or to distract oneself from a situation)
antaa olla {v} :: to let be (to not meddle with; to leave something or someone be alone)
antaa olla {v} :: not to bother
antaa opetus {v} :: to teach someone a lesson (to punish someone)
antaa periksi {vi} [idiomatic] :: to give up, give in, cave, surrender
antaa periksi {v} :: to budge (to change one's opinion)
antaa piupaut {v} [idiomatic, colloquial] :: to not give a toss; to not care or mind
antaa potkut {v} :: To fire (to terminate the employment of)
antaa selkään {v} :: to bash up, beat up, give somebody a spanking, tan someone's hide
antaa selkään {v} [archaic] :: to whip (for punishment)
antaa turpaan {v} [idiomatic, + allative] :: to beat up, batter, bung (to hit someone in the face)
antaa vetää {v} [rude, used chiefly in imperative] :: to piss off, scram
antaa ylen {vi} [formal, idiomatic] :: to regurgitate
antaa ymmärtää {v} :: to imply, hint, insinuate, suggest tacitly (to express suggestively rather than as a direct statement)
antagonismi {n} :: antagonism
antagonisti {n} :: antagonist
antagonistinen {adj} :: antagonistic
antaja {n} :: giver
antaminen {n} :: giving; allowing; presenting, donating; issueing
antaminen {n} :: letting, allowing, permitting
antaminen {n} :: distributing, handing/passing out
antaminen {n} [colloquial] :: consenting to have sex
antamus {n} [rare] :: giving; used chiefly as headword in the term anteeksiantamus (forgiving), sometimes misspelled as anteeksi antamus
antarktinen {adj} :: Antarctic
Antarktis {prop} :: Antarctica
antasidi {n} :: antacid
antasidinen {adj} :: antacid
antatsoliini {n} :: antazoline (antihistamine drug)
antaumuksellinen {adj} :: dedicated, devoted
antaumuksellisesti {adv} :: dedicatedly, devotedly
antaumuksellisuus {adv} :: devotedness
antaumus {n} :: dedication, devotion
antautua {vi} :: to surrender, capitulate (to give oneself up into the power of another)
antautuminen {n} :: surrender (act of surrendering, submission into the possession of another)
antautuminen {n} :: capitulation (act of capitulating or surrendering to an enemy upon stipulated terms; the act of ceasing to resist an opponent or an unwelcome demand)
antautumisehto {n} :: condition of capitulation
antautumissopimus {n} :: capitulation agreement
anteeksi {adv} :: pyytää anteeksi = to apologize, ask for forgiveness
anteeksi {adv} :: antaa anteeksi = to forgive, condone
anteeksi {interj} :: sorry, excuse me/us!
anteeksi {interj} :: beg your pardon, pardon
anteeksiannettava {adj} :: forgivable
anteeksiantamaton {adj} :: inexcusable, unforgivable
anteeksiantamaton {adj} :: unforgiving
anteeksiantamattomasti {adv} :: inexcusably, unforgivably
anteeksiantamattomuus {adv} :: inexcusability, unforgivableness (quality of being unforgivable)
anteeksiantamattomuus {adv} :: unforgivingness (quality of not forgiving)
anteeksiantaminen {adv} :: forgiveness (act of forgiving)
anteeksiantamus {adv} [religion] :: forgiveness
anteeksiantava {adj} :: forgiving
anteeksiantavaisuus {n} :: forgiveness (readiness to forgive)
anteeksiantavasti {adv} :: forgivingly
anteeksianto {n} :: forgiveness, pardon, remission, expiation, atonement, propitiation
anteeksipyydellen {adv} :: begging for forgiveness
anteeksipyyntö {n} :: apology
anteeksipyytelemätön {adj} :: unapologetic
anteeksipyytelevä {adj} :: apologetic
anteeksipyytävä {adj} :: apologetic
antefiksi {n} [architecture] :: antefix (vertical blocks which terminate the covering tiles of the roof of a Roman, Etruscan, or Greek temple)
anteliaampi {adj} :: comparative of antelias
anteliaasti {adv} :: generously
anteliaisuus {n} :: generosity, munificence
antelias {adj} :: generous
antelu {adv} [rare] :: giving (repeated)
antenataalinen {adj} :: antenatal
antenni {n} :: antenna, aerial (device)
antennijärjestelmä {n} :: antenna system
antennikaapeli {n} :: antenna cable
antennimasto {n} :: antenna mast
antennipää {n} :: antenna head (someone or something that's got an antenna or antennae in his/her/its head)
antenniteho {n} :: antenna power
antennivahvistin {n} :: antenna amplifier
anteriorinen {adj} :: anterior (all senses)
Antero {prop} :: given name
anterogradinen {adj} [medicine] :: anterograde
Anteroinen {prop} :: surname
anterotsoidi {n} [botany] :: antherozoid
anti- {prefix} :: anti-
anti {n} [finance] :: offering, issue (of shares, bonds etc)
anti {n} :: the achieved outcome or result (of a meeting etc.)
antiaine {n} :: antimatter
antiatomi {n} [physics] :: antiatom
antibakteerinen {adj} :: antibacterial
antibiootti {n} :: antibiotic
antibioottihoito {n} [medicine] :: antibiotics treatment
antibioottikuuri {n} [medicine] :: cure of antibiotics
antibioottinen {adj} :: antibiotic
antibodi {n} :: alternative term for vasta-aine
antidepressiivi {n} :: antidepressant
antiderivaatta {n} :: antiderivative
antidootti {n} :: antidote
antifasismi {n} :: anti-fascism
antifasisti {n} :: antifascist
antifeminismi {n} :: antifeminism
antiferromagnetismi {n} [physics] :: antiferromagnetism
antifoni {n} [music] :: antiphon
antigeeni {n} :: antigen
antigeeninen {adj} :: antigenic
antigoriitti {n} [mineral] :: antigorite
antiguabarbudalainen {adj} :: Antiguan and Barbudan
antiguabarbudalainen {n} :: Antiguan and Barbudan
Antigua ja Barbuda {prop} :: Antigua and Barbuda
antigualainen {adj} :: Antiguan (of or pertaining to Antigua)
antigualainen {n} :: Antiguan (person)
antihistamiini {n} [pharmacology] :: antihistamine
antihiukkanen {n} :: antiparticle
antiikinkeräily {n} :: collection of antiques (activity of collecting antique objects)
antiikin Kreikka {prop} :: Ancient Greece
antiikin Rooma {prop} :: Ancient Rome
antiikki {n} [uncountable] :: The Antiquity, classical antiquity (the age between Homer and the Middle Ages)
antiikki {n} [uncountable] :: A group noun for antiques or antiquities (old pieces of furniture or other items)
antiikki {adj} [rare] :: antique
antiikkiesine {n} :: antique piece, antique object
antiikkihuonekalu {n} :: antique piece of furniture
antiikkikaluste {n} :: antique piece of furniture
antiikkikauppa {n} :: antique shop
antiikkikynttilä {n} :: A long, narrow, tapered candle
antiikkiliike {n} :: antique shop
antiikkinahka {n} :: antique leather (type of leather, slightly unevenly tanned in order to make it look antique)
antiikkinen {adj} :: antique (old, used especially of furniture and household items; out of date)
antiikva {n} :: Roman typeface
anti-inflammatori {n} [pharmacology] :: anti-inflammatory (agent that prevents or counteracts inflammation)
anti-inflammatorinen {adj} :: anti-inflammatory
antijournalismi {n} [derogatory] :: Used to imply that a newspaper, TV channel, newspaper article, radio program etc. is not "true" journalism but has a bias and should thus not be trusted
Antikainen {prop} :: surname
antikapitalismi {n} :: anticapitalism
antikapitalisti {n} :: anticapitalist
antikatodi {n} :: anticathode
antiketju {n} [mathematics] :: antichain
Antikka {prop} :: surname
antiklerikalismi {n} :: anticlericalism
antikliimaksi {n} :: anticlimax
antikliini {n} [geology] :: anticline
antiklimaattinen {adj} :: anticlimactic
antikoagulantti {n} [medicine] :: anticoagulant
antikodoni {n} [biology] :: anticodon (mirror image of a codon)
antikommunismi {n} :: anticommunism
antikommunisti {n} :: anticommunist
antikommunistinen {adj} :: anticommunist
antikommutatiivinen {adj} :: anticommutative
antikristus {n} :: antichrist
Antikristus {prop} :: Antichrist
antikvaari {n} :: alternative term for antikvariaatti
antikvaarikauppias {n} :: antiquarian bookseller
antikvaarinen {adj} :: antiquarian
antikvariaatti {n} :: antiquarian bookshop, second-hand bookshop, used bookstore
Antila {prop} :: surname
antillienkummitusnaamalepakko {n} :: Antillean ghost-faced bat, Mormoops blainvillei
Antillit {prop} :: Antilles
antilooppi {n} :: antelope
antilooppihyppymyyrä {n} :: alternative term for antilooppirotta
antilooppijänis {n} :: antelope jackrabbit (Lepus alleni)
antilooppiorava {n} :: Harris's antelope squirrel, Ammospermophilus harrisii
antilooppirotta {n} :: lesser gerbil, small Egyptian gerbil, Gerbillus gerbillus (small North African gerbil sometimes kept as pet)
antimateria {n} :: antimatter
antimet {n} :: gift, treat; used only in plural and with a genitive attribute in expressions such as:
antimilitarismi {n} :: antimilitarism
antimilitaristi {n} :: antimilitarist
antimilitaristinen {adj} :: antimilitarist
antimitoottinen {adj} :: antimitotic
antimoni {n} :: antimony
antimonipentafluoridi {n} [chemistry] :: antimony pentafluoride
antimyoni {n} [particle] :: antimuon
antineoplastinen {adj} [oncology] :: antineoplastic
antineutriino {n} [particle] :: antineutrino
antineutroni {n} [physics] :: antineutron
antinomia {n} [philosophy] :: antinomy
antinominen {adj} [religion] :: antinomian
antinomisti {n} [religion] :: antinomian
antioksidantti {n} :: antioxidant
antipartikkeli {n} :: alternative term for antihiukkanen
antipasto {n} :: antipasto
antipatia {n} :: antipathy
antipatiseerata {v} [rare, snobbish] :: antipathize
antiperspirantti {n} :: antiperspirant
antipodi {n} :: antipode
antiprotoni {n} [physics] :: antiproton
antipsykootti {n} :: antipsychotic (drug to cure psychosis)
antipsykoottinen {n} :: antipsychotic
antipyriini {n} [chemistry] :: phenazone
antirasismi {n} :: antiracism
antiromaani {n} [literature] :: antinovel
antisankari {n} :: antihero
antisemiitti {n} :: alternative term for antisemitisti
antisemiittinen {adj} :: anti-Semitic, antisemitic
antisemiittisesti {adv} :: antisemitically, anti-Semitically
antisemitismi {n} :: anti-Semitism
antisemitisti {n} :: anti-Semite
antisemitistinen {adj} :: anti-Semitic
antisepti {n} :: antiseptic
antiseptinen {adj} :: antiseptic
antisosiaalinen {adj} :: antisocial
antistaattinen {adj} :: antistatic
antistaattinen pussi {n} :: Faraday bag (bag made of a material that blocks electromagnetic signals in order to protect the content from them)
antistaattisempi {adj} :: comparative of antistaattinen
antistaattisin {adj} :: superlative of antistaattinen
antisykloni {n} [meteorology] :: anticyclone
antitau {n} [particle] :: antitauon, antitau
antiteesi {n} :: antithesis
antitoksiini {n} :: antitoxin