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-'s {suffix} [archaic] :: Used to form the genitive of proper names
-'s {suffix} :: Used to form the genitive of proper names under certain circumstances
-s- {interfix} :: Genitival interfix used to link elements in some compounds
-s {suffix} :: Used to form the genitive singular of most masculine nouns, neuter nouns, and proper nouns of all genders
-s {suffix} :: used to form nouns from verb stems
-s {suffix} :: Used to form the plurals of some nouns
-s {suffix} :: Used to form the plurals of personal names, particularly family names
's {art} [chiefly colloquial or poetic] :: contraction of das
's {pron} [chiefly colloquial or poetic] :: contraction of es
s. {abbr} :: abbreviation of siehe ("see")
S. {abbr} :: Seite
S. {abbr} :: Süden
S {letter} :: letter: es
S {abbr} :: abbreviation of Süd; south
Sa. {noun} :: abbreviation of Samstag, abbreviation of Sonnabend
Saal {m} :: hall or large room
Saale {prop} {f} :: Saale (river in Germany)
Saalkirche {f} :: aisleless church, single-nave church which consists of a single room which is not divided into aisles by columns
Saanenziege {f} :: Saanen goat
Saar {prop} {f} :: Saar (river in France and Germany)
Saarbrücken {prop} {n} :: Saarbrücken, the capital of Saarland
Saarland {prop} {n} :: Saarland
saarländisch {adj} :: Saarland (attributive)
Saat {f} :: seed
Saat {f} :: sowing
Saat {f} :: crop
Saatbank {f} :: seed bank, a place that stores seeds of various plants for long-time preservation
Saatkrähe {f} :: rook (bird)
Sabbat {m} :: the Sabbath
Sabbat {m} [poetic] :: Sunday
Sabbatjahr {n} :: sabbatical (year)
sabbeln {v} :: jabber, gab, rattle on, rabbit on (to talk a lot and quickly, or to talk nonsense)
sabbern {v} :: to drivel, to drool
Säbel {m} :: sabre
säbelbeinig {adj} :: bow-legged
säbelförmig {adj} :: sabrelike
Säbelrasseln {n} :: sabre-rattling
Säbelzahntiger {m} :: sabre-toothed tiger
S-Abf {abbr} :: SysRq
Sabina {prop} :: given name, a less popular form of Sabine
Sabine {prop} :: given name
Sabotage {f} :: sabotage
sabotieren {v} :: to sabotage
Sabrina {prop} :: given name borrowed from English, popular from the 1970s to the 1990s
Saccharid {n} [organic chemistry] :: saccharide
Sacha {prop} {n} :: Sakha
Sachalin {prop} {n} :: Sakhalin (Russian island)
Sacharja {prop} [biblical character] :: Zechariah
Sachbegriff {m} :: subject heading
sachbezogen {adj} :: relevant, pertinent
Sachbuch {n} :: non-fiction (book)
sachdienlich {adj} :: pertinent, relevant, helpful
Sache {f} :: affair
Sache {f} :: thing, object
Sache {f} [law] :: thing: corporeal object
Sache {f} :: cause, action
Sache {f} :: subject, matter, business
Sache {f} [chiefly in plural, colloquial] :: kilometers per hour
Sachertorte {f} :: Sacher torte (specific type of chocolate torte)
Sachet {n} [dated] :: sachet (A small, sealed packet containing a single-use quantity of any material.)
sachgemäß {adj} :: adequate, proper
sachgerecht {adj} :: proper, appropriate
Sachkenntnis {f} :: expert knowledge
sachlich {adj} :: objective, factual
sachlich {adv} :: objectively, factually
sächlich {adj} [grammar] :: neuter
Sachliteratur {f} :: nonfiction
Sachschaden {m} :: material damage
Sachse {m} :: Saxon (male or of unspecified sex) (a person from Saxony)
Sachse {m} :: Saxon (male or of unspecified sex) (a member of the medieval tribe which Roman authors called Saxones)
sächseln {v} [mildly derogatory] :: to speak or sound sächsisch (like one is from Saxony)
Sachsen {prop} {n} :: Saxony
Sachsen-Anhalt {prop} {n} :: Saxony-Anhalt
sachsen-anhaltinisch {adj} :: Saxony-Anhalt (attributive)
sachsen-anhaltisch {adj} :: synonym of sachsen-anhaltinisch
Sächsin {f} :: Saxon (female) (a person from Saxony)
Sächsin {f} :: Saxon (female) (a member of the medieval tribe which Roman authors called Saxones)
sächsisch {adj} :: Saxon (of Saxons, Saxony or Saxon language)
Sächsisch {prop} {n} :: Saxon, the language of the Saxons
sacht {adj} :: gentle, soft
sacht {adv} :: gently
sachte {adj} :: alternative form of sacht
sachte {adv} :: alternative form of sacht
Sachtler {prop} :: surname
sachverständig {adj} :: expert
Sack {m} :: A sack; a large bag made of fabric
Sack {m} [colloquial] :: The sack; a synonym for Hodensack (scrotum)
sackartig {adj} :: baggy
Sackerl {n} [regional, Austria, Bavaria] :: diminutive of Sack; a little bag, shopping bag
sackförmig {adj} :: saccular
Sackgasse {f} :: dead-end street, cul-de-sac
Sackgasse {f} [figuratively] :: dead end
Sackhüpfen {n} :: sack race
Sackkarre {f} :: hand truck
sackleinen {adj} :: hessian
Sackratte {f} [vulgar] :: crab louse
Sackratte {f} [derogatory] :: man
Sadismus {m} :: sadism
Sadist {m} :: sadist
sadistisch {adj} :: sadistic
säen {vti} :: to sow
Saenger {prop} :: alternative form of Sänger
Säer {m} :: agent noun of säen; sower, seeder
Safari {f} [tourism] :: a safari
Safe {m} {n} [vault] :: safe
Safflorit {n} [mineralogy] :: safflorite
Safran {m} :: saffron
Saft {m} [beverage] :: juice
Saft {m} [botany] :: sap
Saft {m} [zoology] :: fluid
Saft {m} [colloquial] :: power; electricity
Saft {m} [colloquial] :: agility; vitality; power
Saft {m} [slang, vulgar] :: sperm
saften {vi} :: to make juice
saften {vi} :: to exude juice or another liquid
saften {vi} :: to be or become full of sap
saften {vi} [colloquial] :: to make inappropriate comments
saftig {adj} :: juicy
saftiger {adj} :: comparative of saftig
saftigsten {adj} :: superlative of saftig
Sage {f} :: saga, legend, myth, story
Säge {f} :: saw
sägeförmig {adj} :: sawlike, serrated
Sägemehl {n} :: sawdust
Sägemesser {n} :: serrated knife
sagen {vt} :: to say (to pronounce; communicate verbally)
sagen {vt} :: to tell (to inform (someone) verbally)
sagen {vt} :: to mean (to convey or signify)
sagen {v} [with etwas] :: to speak up
sägen {vt} :: to saw
sagenhaft {adj} :: legendary, mythical: of or pertaining to a legend (myth) or saga
sagenhaft {adj} :: mythical: known only (or chiefly) through stories (and hence perhaps of dubious reality)
sagenhaft {adj} [slang] :: incredibly large or great
sagenhaft {adj} [slang] :: fabulous, terrific, awesome, incredible
sagenumwoben {adj} :: legendary (myth-enshrouded)
Sager {m} [Austria, mildly colloquial] :: remark; comment
sägerau {adj} :: roughly sawn
sage und schreibe {phrase} [colloquial] :: believe it or not
Sägezahn {m} :: saw tooth
sagittal {adj} :: sagittal
sag schnell {phrase} :: used to indicate that one is missing a word and to invite the collocutor to fill it in
Sahara {prop} {f} :: Sahara (desert in Africa)
Sahel {prop} {m} :: Sahel
Sahelzone {prop} {f} :: Sahel
Sahne {f} :: cream (milkfat)
Sahnebutter {f} :: creamery butter
Sahnehaube {f} :: cream topping
Sahnekännchen {n} :: creamer (jug for holding cream)
sahnig {adj} :: creamy
Saibling {m} :: char (fish of the genus Salvelinus)
Saison {f} :: season [a part of a year when something particular happens]
saisonal {adj} :: seasonal
Saite {f} [music] :: string (of a musical stringed instrument)
Saiteninstrument {n} :: string instrument
Saitenspiel {n} [music, uncountable] :: string music
Saitenspiel {n} [music, dated] :: string instrument
Saitenspiel {n} [dated, figurative] :: human emotions and feelings
Sake {m} :: sake, saké [Japanese rice wine]
Sakko {n} {m} :: sportcoat; sports coat; sports jacket
sakral {adj} :: sacred, holy
sakral {adj} :: sacral
Sakrament {n} :: sacrament
Sakrileg {n} :: sacrilege
Sakrilegium {n} :: sacrilege
Sakristei {f} :: sacristy (room in a church where sacred vessels, books, vestments, etc. are kept)
sakrosankt {adj} :: sacrosanct
säkular {adj} :: secular
Säkularismus {m} :: secularism
säkularistisch {adj} :: secularistic
-sal {suffix} :: alternative form of -sel
Salafist {m} :: Salafist
salafistisch {adj} :: Salafistic
Salamander {m} :: salamander
Salami {f} :: salami
Salamitaktik {f} :: salami tactics, salami technique
Salär {n} :: salary
Salat {m} :: salad (mixed, usually cold dish)
Salat {m} :: lettuce and related leaf vegetables
Salat {f} {n} [religion, Islam] :: obligatory prayer; salat
Salätchen {n} :: diminutive of Salat
Salatgabel {f} :: salad fork
Salatschleuder {f} :: salad spinner
Salatteller {m} :: salad plate
Salbe {f} :: ointment, salve
Salbei {m} :: sage, salvia
salben {v} :: to salve
salben {v} :: to anoint
Saldo {m} [accounting] :: balance (list of credits and debits)
Saldo {m} [accounting] :: bottom line (final balance)
Salerno {prop} :: Salerno (province)
Salerno {prop} :: Salerno (city)
Salicylsäure {f} [organic compound] :: salicylic acid
Saline {f} :: salt pan (salt evaporation pond)
Sallat {m} [rare] :: obsolete spelling of Salat
Sallingberg {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Lower Austria, Austria
Salm {m} [rare, archaic] :: salmon
Salmonelle {f} :: salmonella
Salmonellose {f} [pathology] :: salmonellosis
Salome {prop} {f} :: given name
Salomo {prop} :: Solomon (Biblical figure)
Salomonen {prop} {p} :: Solomon Islands
Salomonenralle {f} :: Woodford's rail
salomonisch {adj} :: Solomonic (relating to Solomon)
salomonisch {adj} :: Solomonic (of or from the Solomon Isles)
Salon {m} :: lounge
Salon {m} :: salon
Salon {m} :: saloon
Salon {m} [Austrian] :: living room
salonfähig {adj} :: socially acceptable; presentable
salopp {adj} :: casual
salopp {adj} :: sloppy
Salpeter {m} :: niter, saltpeter [US]; nitre, saltpetre [UK]
Salpetererde {f} :: nitrous earth
salpeterhaltig {adj} :: nitrous (containing saltpeter or similar nitrate salts)
Salpetersäure {f} [inorganic compound] :: nitric acid
Salpetersäureherstellung {f} :: nitric acid production
salpetrig {adj} :: nitrous
Salto {m} :: somersault
Salurn {prop} {n} :: A municipality in South Tyrol
Salut {m} :: salute
salutieren {v} :: to salute (make a gesture in honor of someone or something)
Salvadorianer {m} :: Salvadorian
salvadorianisch {adj} :: Salvadoran
Salvarsan {n} [medicine] :: salvarsan
Salve {f} :: salvo
Salz {n} [uncountable] :: salt, table salt
Salz {n} :: salt, sal
salzarm {adj} :: low-salt
salzartig {adj} :: saltlike
salzartig {adj} :: saline
Salzbildung {f} [inorganic chemistry] :: salt formation (reaction of an acid and a base)
Salzburg {prop} :: Salzburg
salzburgerisch {adj} :: alternative form of salzburgisch
salzburgisch {adj} :: Salzburgian
salzen {vt} :: to salt (something) for flavor; to season
salzen {vt} :: to preserve (something) with salt
salzend {v} :: Present participle of salzen
Salzfässchen {n} :: saltcellar
salzfrei {adj} :: saltfree
Salzgestein {n} [mineral] :: halite
Salzgitter {prop} :: Salzgitter (independent city in Lower Saxony, Germany)
Salzgletscher {m} :: salt glacier
Salzgurke {f} :: (salted) gherkin (small cucumber)
salzhaltig {adj} :: saline
salzhaltiger {adj} :: comparative of salzhaltig
salzhaltigsten {adj} :: superlative of salzhaltig
Salzhausen {prop} :: A small town in Lower Saxony, Germany
salzig {adj} :: briny, salty
Salzkorn {n} :: grain of salt
Salzkörnchen {n} :: diminutive of Salzkorn
Salzlagerstätte {f} :: salt deposit
Salzlake {f} :: brine (for pickling food)
Salzlauge {f} :: brine
Salzlöffel {m} :: saltspoon
salzlos {adj} :: saltless, saltfree
Salzlösung {f} :: saline solution
Salzsäure {f} :: hydrochloric acid
Salzschmelze {f} [inorganic chemistry] :: molten salt (as used in electrolytic production of metals)
Salzsee {m} :: salt lake
Salzsole {f} :: brine
Salzstange {f} :: pretzel stick
Salzstock {m} :: salt dome
Salzstreuer {m} :: salt shaker
Salzteig {m} :: salt dough (a doughlike paste used to create three-dimensional relief maps)
salztolerant {adj} :: salt-tolerant
Salzwasser {n} :: salt water
Salzwasserfisch {m} :: saltwater fish
Salzwiese {f} :: salt marsh
-sam {suffix} :: Used to form adjectives from verbs, nouns, and other adjectives; expressing similarity or the possession of a quality
-sam {suffix} :: Used to form adjectives from verbs; expressing the ability to undergo some action
Samantha {prop} :: given name
Samarium {n} :: samarium
Samarkand {prop} {n} :: Samarkand (city in Uzbekistan)
Samarskit {m} [mineral] :: samarskite
Samba {m} :: samba (Latin-American (Brazilian) dance)
Sambia {prop} {n} :: Zambia (country in Southern Africa)
sambisch {adj} :: Zambian
Same {m} :: Sami man
Same {m} :: alternative form of Samen
Samen {m} :: seed, grain
Samen {m} :: semen, sperm
Samen {m} [poetic, biblical] :: offspring
Samenbank {f} :: sperm bank (place that stores sperm used for artificial insemination)
Samenerguss {m} :: ejaculation (ejection of semen through the urethra)
Samenspender {m} :: sperm donor
sämig {adj} [chiefly of soups and sauces] :: viscous as a result of cooking or the addition of flour or a similar thickening agent
sämiger {adj} :: comparative of sämig
sämigsten {adj} :: superlative of sämig
samisch {adj} :: Sami
Samland {prop} :: Samland
Sämling {m} :: seedling
Sammelbegriff {m} :: collective noun
Sammelklage {f} [legal] :: class action
sammeln {vt} :: to gather; to assemble; to collect
sammeln {vr} :: to congregate; to assemble; to meet
sammeln {vi} :: to collect money
Sammeln {n} :: collecting [hobby]
sammelnd {adj} :: collecting
Sammelsurium {n} :: hodgepodge
Sammelwut {f} :: collecting mania
Sammelzahlwort {noun} [numeral] :: collective number
Sammet {n} :: archaic form of Samt
Sammler {m} :: agent noun of sammeln
Sammler {m} [person who collects] :: collector
Sammler {m} :: gatherer
Sammlung {f} :: collection
Sammlung {f} :: raising
Sammlung {f} :: gathering
Sammlung {f} :: contemplation, concentration, composure
sammt {prep} :: obsolete spelling of samt
Samoa {prop} {n} :: Samoa
Samoaner {m} :: Samoan (person)
Samoanerin {f} :: female Samoan
samoanisch {adj} :: Samoan
Samowar {m} :: samovar
Samstag {m} [now dominant except in former East Germany] :: Saturday
Samstagabend {m} :: Saturday evening
samstäglich {adj} :: weekly on a Saturday
Samstagmittag {m} :: Saturday noon
Samstagmorgen {m} :: Saturday morning
Samstagnachmittag {m} :: Saturday afternoon
samstags {adv} :: every Saturday, on Saturdays
Samstagvormittag {m} :: Saturday morning (time before noon)
samt {adv} :: only used in the phrase: samt und sonders
samt {prep} :: together with
Samt {m} :: velvet
samten {adj} :: velvet
Samtente {f} :: velvet scoter (Melanitta fusca)
Samthandschuh {m} :: velvet glove
samtig {adj} :: velvety
sämtlich {adj} :: all
sämtlich {adj} :: complete
samt und sonders {adv} :: the whole lot, each and every
samtweich {adj} :: velvety (soft as velvet)
Samuel {prop} :: Samuel (biblical figure)
Samuel {prop} :: given name
Samurai {m} :: samurai
san. {adj} [apartment listing] :: abbreviation of saniert
Sanatorium {n} :: sanatorium, sanitorium, sanitarium
Sand {m} :: sand (particles of rock)
Sandale {f} :: sandal
Sandbank {f} :: sandbank, shoal
Sandboden {m} :: sandy ground
Sandbox {f} [computing] :: sandbox
Sandburg {f} :: sandcastle
Sanddorn {m} [broadly] :: sea buckthorn (shrub of the genus Hippophae)
Sanddorn {m} [narrowly] :: sandthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides)
sandfarben {adj} :: sandy (color)
Sandguss {m} :: sand casting
sandig {adj} :: sandy (covered with sand)
Sandkasten {m} :: sandbox
Sandkatze {f} :: sand cat [Felis margarita]
Sandkiste {f} :: sandbox
Sandkorn {n} :: grain of sand
Sandler {m} :: A loser, a good-for-nothing
Sandler {m} :: A vagrant, a tramp
Sandmann {m} :: sandman
Sandmännchen {n} :: diminutive of Sandmann
Sandpapier {n} :: sandpaper
Sandra {prop} :: given name
Sandro {prop} :: given name, borrowed from the Italian pet form of Alessandro ( =Alexander)
Sandrocottus {prop} {m} :: Chandragupta Maurya, the first Mauryan emperor reigning 321—297 BCE
Sandsack {m} :: sandbag
Sandstein {m} :: sandstone
Sandstrand {m} :: sand beach, sandy beach
Sandsturm {m} :: sandstorm
Sanduhr {f} :: hourglass, sandglass
Sandwich {n} {m} :: sandwich (snack)
Sandwichtoaster {m} :: pie iron
Sandwichverbindung {f} [chemistry] :: sandwich compound
sanft {adj} :: gentle
sanftmütig {adj} :: gentle, meek
Sang {m} [archaic] :: song, chant
Sänger {m} :: agent noun of singen; singer (person who sings, often regularly or professionally)
Sänger {m} [specifically] :: singer (male or of unspecified sex)
Sänger {prop} :: surname
Sängerfest {n} [dated] :: singing festival, song festival
Sangerhausen {prop} :: A town in Saxony-Anhalt
Sängerin {f} :: singer (female), singeress, songstress
Sangria {mf} :: sangria (alcoholic drink)
sanguinisch {adj} :: sanguineous
Sani {m} [colloqial, military] :: Short for Sanitäter
sanieren {v} [construction] :: to redevelop
sanieren {v} [construction] :: to reconstruct
sanieren {v} [finance] :: to rehabilitate
sanieren {v} [medicine] :: to cure
saniert {adj} :: renovated, reconstructed, rehabilitated, redeveloped
Sanierung {f} :: renovation, redevelopment, refurbishment
Sanierung {f} :: rehabilitation, remediation (ecology)
Sanitäter {m} :: medic, ambulanceman, paramedic, EMT (male or of unspecified sex)
Sanitäterin {f} :: medic, ambulancewoman, paramedic, EMT (female)
Sanka {m} :: ambulance (emergency vehicle)
Sankra {m} [military] :: ambulance (emergency vehicle)
Sankt {adj} :: Saint: title given to a saint
Sanktion {f} :: sanction, punishment
sanktionieren {v} :: to give official approval to; to sanction
sanktionieren {v} :: to penalize with sanctions; to sanction
Sankt Petersburg {prop} {n} :: Saint Petersburg (city in Russia)
San-Marinese {m} :: person from San Marino; San Marinese
san-marinesisch {adj} :: San Marinese
San Marino {prop} {n} :: San Marino
Sanskrit {n} :: Sanskrit (the Sanskrit language)
sanskritisch {adj} :: Sanskrit
santomeisch {adj} :: São Toméan
são-toméisch {adj} :: synonym of santomeisch
São Tomé und Príncipe {prop} {n} :: São Tomé and Príncipe
Saphir {m} :: sapphire
saphirblau {adj} :: sapphire (blue in colour)
saphiren {adj} :: sapphire (attributive)
sapperlot {interj} [archaic] :: zounds! swounds! 'sdeath! my word!
sapperlot {interj} [archaic] :: golly!, zowie!, goodness gracious!, good heavens!, gee whiz!, blast!, doggone!
sapphisch {adj} :: Sapphic
sapphisch {adj} :: sapphic
Sara {prop} [biblical character] :: Sarah
Sara {prop} :: given name, often also spelled Sarah
Sarah {prop} {f} [biblical character] :: Sarah
Sarah {prop} {f} :: given name
Saraiki {prop} {n} :: Saraiki
Sarajevo {prop} {n} :: Sarajevo
Sarajewo {prop} {n} :: Sarajevo (capital of Bosnia and Hercegovina)
sarazenisch {adj} :: Saracenic
Sarde {m} :: Sardinian (man from Sardinia)
Sardelle {f} :: anchovy
Sardin {f} :: Sardinian (woman from Sardinia)
Sardine {f} :: sardine
Sardinien {prop} {n} :: Sardinia (island of Italy)
sardinisch {adj} :: Sardinian
sardisch {adj} :: Sardinian (related to Sardinia, the Sardinians or their language)
Sardisch {n} :: Sardinian (the Sardinian language)
sardonisch {adj} :: sardonic
Sardonyx {m} :: sardonyx
Sarg {m} :: coffin
Sarin {n} :: sarin (neurotoxin)
Sarkasmus {m} :: sarcasm
sarkastisch {adj} :: sarcastic
Sarkophag {m} :: sarcophagus
Sarleinsbach {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Upper Austria, Austria
sasanidisch {adj} :: Sassanian
Sascha {prop} :: given name
Sashimi {n} :: sashimi
Saskia {prop} :: given name borrowed from Dutch in the 20th century
sassanidisch {adj} :: alternative form of sasanidisch
Sasse {m} [archaic] :: inhabitant, owner or occupant of an abode
Sasse {f} [hunting] :: a low burrow in which hares rest and hide themselves
Satan {m} [singular only] :: Satan, the Devil
Satan {m} :: a satan, a devil
Satanas {m} :: alternative form of Satan
satanisch {adj} :: satanic
Satanismus {m} :: satanism
Satanist {m} :: Satanist
Satellit {m} :: satellite
Saterfriesisch {prop} {n} :: the Saterland Frisian language
sathmarschwäbisch {adj} :: Sathmar Swabian
Satin {m} :: satin
Satire {f} :: satire
satirisch {adj} :: satiric, satirical
Satrap {m} :: satrap (governor of a province in Ancient Persia)
satt {adj} :: not hungry, satiated
satt {adj} :: not willing to eat more food, full, done
satt {adj} :: fed up [see usage notes]
satt {adj} :: full, ample
Satteins {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Vorarlberg, Austria
Sattel {m} :: saddle
Sattelmacher {m} :: saddler, saddlemaker
satteln {v} :: to saddle
Sattelpunkt {m} [mathematics] :: saddle point
Satteltasche {f} :: saddlebag
satthaben {v} :: to be sick/tired of
sättigen {v} :: to satisfy, to gorge, to satiate
sättigen {v} :: to saturate
Sättigung {f} :: satiation
Sättigungsbeilage {f} [DDR] :: a starchy side dish, such as potatoes, noodles, or rice
Sättigungsdampfdruck {m} :: saturation vapour pressure
Sattledt {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Upper Austria, Austria
Sattler {m} :: saddler, saddlemaker
Saturn {prop} {m} :: Saturn, a planet in the Solar System
Saturn {prop} {m} :: Saturn, a Roman god
Satyr {m} [Greek mythology] :: a satyr (half-man and half-goat being)
Satyr {m} [figurative] :: a very lecherous man
Satz {m} :: sentence
Satz {m} [mathematics] :: proposition, theorem
Satz {m} :: set (matching collection of similar things)
Satz {m} [music] :: movement
Satz {m} [tennis] :: set
Satz {m} :: jump, leap
Satz {m} :: sediment, grounds (something that has precipitated from a liquid)
Satz {m} :: typeset
Satzanfang {m} :: beginning of a sentence
Satzbau {m} :: syntax
Satzbauplan {m} [linguistics] :: sentence structure
Satzbruch {m} :: anacoluthon
Satz des Pythagoras {prop} {m} :: Pythagorean theorem
Satzende {n} :: ending of a sentence
satzinitial {adj} :: at the beginning of a sentence
Satzlehre {m} [linguistics] :: syntax
Satzlehre {m} [music] :: the rules of harmony and counterpoint
Satzmitte {f} :: middle of a sentence
Satzung {f} :: statute, bylaw
Satzung {f} :: constitution
satzwertig {adj} [linguistics] :: sentential
Satzzeichen {n} :: punctuation mark
sau- {prefix} [slang] :: Intensifies nouns and adjectives
sau- {prefix} [slang, pejorative] :: Creates disparaging or pejorative forms of nouns
Sau {f} [archaic or dialectal] :: pig (male or female)
Sau {f} :: sow, female pig
Sau {f} [figurative] :: a dislikable or unethical person
Saubär {m} :: boar
sauber {adj} :: clean
sauber {adj} :: neat, tidy
sauber {adj} [Switzerland, Austria] :: pretty, cute
Sauberfrau {f} [humorous, chiefly politics] :: feminine noun of Saubermann
Sauberfrau {f} [humorous, rare] :: cleaning lady
Sauberkeit {f} :: cleanliness
säuberlich {adj} :: neat and tidy
saubermachen {v} :: to clean
Saubermann {m} [jocular, chiefly politics] :: "Mr. Clean" (Someone with a squeaky clean image or who cares about public morality.)
säubern {v} :: to clean, to cleanse
Säuberung {f} :: purge, cleansing
saubillig {adj} :: dirt cheap
Sauce {f} [cooking] :: synonym of Soße
Sauce hollandaise {f} :: hollandaise sauce
Saudi-Araber {m} :: Saudi Arabian (person from Saudi Arabia)
Saudi-Araberin {f} :: female Saudi Arabian
Saudi-Arabien {prop} {n} :: Saudi Arabia
saudi-arabisch {adj} :: Saudi Arabian (pertaining to Saudi Arabia)
saudisch {adj} :: Saudi, Saudi Arabian
sauer {adj} :: sour; acid; acidic
sauer {adj} [colloquial] :: upset; annoyed; angry
sauer {adj} [colloquial, rather rare] :: unpleasant
Sauerampfer {m} :: sorrel (plant)
Sauerbraten {m} :: sauerbraten
Sauerei {f} :: synonym of Schweinerei
Sauerkirsche {f} :: sour cherry, Prunus cerasus
Sauerkraut {n} :: sauerkraut
Sauerland {prop} {n} :: A hilly region in Westfalen, Germany
säuerlich {adj} :: sourish
Sauerstoff {m} :: oxygen
sauerstoffangereichert {adj} :: oxygenated (oxygen enriched)
Sauerstoffanreicherung {f} :: oxygenation (oxygen enrichment)
Sauerstoffanteil {m} :: oxygen content
sauerstoffarm {adj} :: anaerobic (having little oxygen)
Sauerstoffatom {n} :: oxygen atom
Sauerstoffbar {f} :: oxygen bar
Sauerstoffdifluorid {n} [inorganic compound] :: oxygen difluoride
Sauerstoffdruck {m} :: oxygen pressure
Sauerstoffflasche {f} :: oxygen flask; oxygen bottle; oxygen tank
sauerstofffrei {adj} :: oxygen-free
sauerstofffrei {adj} :: anaerobic
Sauerstoffgehalt {m} :: oxygen content
sauerstoffhaltig {adj} :: oxygen-containing
Sauerstoffion {n} :: oxygen ion
Sauerstoffisotop {n} :: oxygen isotope
Sauerstoffkonzentration {f} :: oxygen concentration
Sauerstoffkreislauf {m} :: oxygen cycle
Sauerstofflanze {f} :: oxygen lance
Sauerstofflasche {noun} :: obsolete spelling of Sauerstoffflasche
Sauerstoffmangel {m} :: hypoxia
Sauerstoffmangel {m} :: anoxia
Sauerstoffmaske {f} :: oxygen mask
Sauerstoffpartialdruck {m} :: oxygen partial pressure
sauerstoffproduzierend {adj} :: oxygen-producing
sauerstoffreich {adj} :: oxygenated, oxygen-rich
Sauerstoffsäure {f} [inorganic chemistry] :: oxyacid
Sauerstoffspur {f} :: trace of oxygen
sauerstofftransportierend {adj} :: oxygen-transporting
Sauerstoffverbindung {f} :: oxygen compound
Sauerstoffversorgung {f} :: oxygen supply
Sauerstoffzufuhr {f} :: oxygen supply
Sauerteig {m} :: sourdough
sauertöpfisch {adj} :: grumpy, disgruntled
Säuerung {f} :: acidification
saufen {vti} [of an animal] :: to drink
saufen {vti} [colloquial, of a person] :: to guzzle alcohol; to booze
Säufer {m} [pejorative] :: heavy drinker, boozer, alcoholic
Saufgelage {n} :: batter, binge (An event where people gather specifically with the intention of consuming large quantities of alcohol, sometimes to the point of poisoning.)
saugen {vi} :: to suck; to create underpressure with a tube-like object such as one's mouth
saugen {vt} :: to suck (something)
saugen {vt} [colloquial] :: to download something
saugen {vt} :: to vacuum
säugen {v} :: to lactate
säugen {v} :: to suckle, to give suck
Säuger {m} :: mammal
Säugetier {n} :: mammal
Säugling {m} :: baby, infant, newborn, suckling
Saugnapf {m} :: suction cup
Saugrohr {n} :: suction tube, sucker (pipe through which anything is drawn)
Saugrohr {n} :: intake manifold
Saugwurm {m} :: fluke (parasitic flatworm)
saukalt {adj} :: very cold
Saukerl {m} [offensive] :: bastard
Säule {f} [architecture] :: column, pillar
säulenförmig {adj} :: columnar
Säulenheiliger {m} [Christianity] :: stylite
Saulus {prop} [biblical character] :: Saul, the original name of Apostel Paul
Saum {m} :: hem (sewn edge of a garment or cloth)
Saum {m} [figurative] :: edge
Saum {m} [dialectal, otherwise obsolete] :: burden of a pack animal
säumen {v} :: To hem (put a hem on an article of clothing)
säumen {v} :: To border; to line; to skirt
säumen {v} :: To do something later than it could be done without a good reason
Saumfarn {m} :: bracken (fern of genus Pteris)
säumig {adj} :: belated (later in relation to the proper time)
säumig {adj} :: careless
saumselig {adj} :: dilatory
saumselig {adj} :: delinquent
Sauna {f} :: sauna
saunieren {v} :: to sauna
Säure {f} [chemistry] :: acid
säurebeständig {adj} :: acid-resistant
Säurebildner {m} :: acidifier
säurefest {adj} :: acid-resistant
säurefrei {adj} :: acid-free
Sauregurkenzeit {f} :: a period when there is little economic, political, and cultural activity, chiefly during the summer break
Sauregurkenzeit {f} [journalism] :: slow news day; silly season
säurehaltig {adj} :: acidic
Säurekonstante {f} [chemistry] :: acid dissociation constant
säurelöslich {adj} [chemistry] :: acid-soluble
saurer Regen {m} :: acid rain (unusually acidic rain)
Säurestärke {f} [chemistry] :: acid strength
Saurier {m} :: saurian, reptile of the Sauria
Saurier {m} [colloquial] :: dinosaur
Saus {m} [archaic] :: rush [noise], noisy festivity [today only used in the idioms in Saus und Braus and in Saus und Braus leben]
säuseln {v} :: to rustle (to make a soft crackling sound)
säuseln {v} :: to purr (to say something in a seductive manner)
sausen {v} :: to rush
sausen {v} :: to dash, to whizz
Sausewind {m} :: strong wind
Saustall {m} :: pigsty (shelter where pigs are kept)
Saustall {m} [slang] :: pigsty (dirty or very untidy place)
Sautens {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Tyrol, Austria
sauteuer {adj} :: very expensive
sautieren {v} :: to sauté
Savanne {f} :: savanna
Save {prop} {f} :: Sava (river)
Save {prop} {f} :: Save (river in France)
Save {prop} {m} :: Save (river in Africa)
Sax. {noun} [music] :: abbreviation of Saxophon
Saxen {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Upper Austria, Austria
Saxofon {n} :: saxophone
Saxophon {n} :: saxophone
Saxophonist {m} :: saxophonist
Saxophonistin {f} :: female saxophonist
S-Bahn {f} :: suburban metro railway (usually overground), a fast local train
S-Bahn {f} :: S-train
sbg. {adj} :: abbreviation of siebenbürgisch
sbg.-sächs. {adj} :: abbreviation of siebenbürgisch-sächsisch
S-Boot {n} :: fast attack craft
Scandium {n} :: scandium (a metallic chemical element with an atomic number of 21)
Scandiumbromid {n} [inorganic compound] :: scandium bromide
Scandiumchlorid {n} [inorganic compound] :: scandium chloride
Scandiumfluorid {n} [inorganic compound] :: scandium fluoride
Scandiumgruppe {f} [inorganic chemistry] :: scandium group
Scandiumiodid {n} [inorganic compound] :: scandium iodide
Scandiumnitrat {n} [inorganic compound] :: scandium nitrate
Scandiumoxid {n} [inorganic compound] :: scandium oxide
Scandiumsulfat {n} [inorganic compound] :: scandium sulfate
scannen {v} :: to scan
Scanner {m} :: scanner
-'sch {suffix} :: A suffix attached to names to produce eponymous adjectives: -ean, -ian, 's
-sch {suffix} :: A suffix attached to names to produce eponymous adjectives: -ean, -ian, 's
-sch {suffix} [dated or regional] :: A suffix attached to family names to produce a female form, used for wives: Mrs
Schaan {prop} :: The largest municipality in Liechtenstein
Schabbat {m} [Judaism] :: Shabbat
Schabbath {m} [chiefly obsolete] :: alternative spelling of Schabbat
Schabbes {m} [Judaism] :: shabbes, shabbat
Schabe {f} :: scabies
Schabe {f} :: cockroach
schaben {vt} :: to scrape; to scratch; to scour; to chafe
schaben {vi} :: to scrape
schaben {vr} :: to scrape oneself; to scrub oneself
schaben {vr} [figuratively] :: to shave oneself
Schabernack {m} [somewhat, dated] :: hoax, prank
schäbig {adj} :: shabby
schäbiger {adj} :: comparative of schäbig
Schäbigkeit {f} :: shabbiness; unkemptness (the property of being shabby.)
Schäbigkeit {f} :: meanness; stinginess
schäbigsten {adj} :: superlative of schäbig
Schablone {f} :: template, pattern (a generic model from which other objects are based or derived)
schablonenhaft {adj} :: like a template
schablonenhaft {adj} :: stereotyped, clichéd
Schablonenmethode {f} [software, object-oriented] :: The template method
Schablonenmethode {f} [software, object-oriented] :: The template method pattern
Schabracke {f} :: a shabrack
Schabrackenschakal {m} :: black-backed jackal
Schabrackentapir {m} :: Asian tapir, Malayan tapir
Schach {n} :: chess
Schach {n} :: check; a chess situation in which the king is directly threatened by enemy pieces
Schachbrett {n} :: chessboard
Schachendorf {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Burgenland, Austria
Schacher {m} :: haggling
Schacher {m} :: horsetrading
schachern {v} :: to haggle
Schachfigur {f} :: chess piece (any of the 16 white and 16 black pieces used in playing the game of chess)
Schachgegner {m} :: chess opponent
schachmatt {adj} :: checkmated
schachmatt {interj} :: checkmate (said when making the conclusive move in chess)
Schachmatt {n} [chess] :: checkmate (said when making the conclusive move in chess)
Schachspiel {n} :: chess
Schachspiel {n} :: chess set
Schachspieler {m} :: chess player
Schacht {m} :: shaft, mineshaft (tunnel)
Schachtel {f} :: box
Schachtelhalm {m} :: horsetail (plant)
schächten {v} :: to slaughter [in a kosher/halal manner]
Schachtofen {m} :: shaft furnace
Schachuhr {f} :: chess clock
Schachzug {m} [chess] :: move
Schachzug {m} [by extension] :: move, strategem
schad {adj} [colloquial, regional, central Germany, southern Germany, Austria] :: alternative form of schade
Schadchan {m} :: alt form Schadchen
Schadchen {m} {n} :: shadchen (Jewish marriage broker)
schade {adj} :: a pity; bummer; unfortunate; disappointing
schade {adj} [usually with zu] :: too good to waste
Schade {m} [archaic] :: alternative form of Schaden
Schädel {m} :: skull
Schädel {m} [colloquial] :: a headache, particularly one due to excessive drinking
Schädeldecke {f} [anatomy] :: skullcap
Schädelknochen {m} :: cranium (cranial bone)
schaden {vi} :: to damage; to harm; to hurt
Schaden {m} :: damage; harm
Schaden {m} [colloquial, colloquial] :: mental problem [in the sense of “crazy”]
Schadenersatz {m} :: compensation for damages
Schadenfreude {f} :: malicious enjoyment derived from observing someone else's misfortune; schadenfreude; gloating
schadenfroh {adj} :: gloating
schadenfroh {adj} :: maliciously gleeful in the downfall of others (i.e. one's enemies)
Schadensersatz {m} :: compensation for damages
schädigen {v} :: to damage, harm, hurt, injure
schädigend {adj} :: damaging
schädigend {adj} :: harmful
Schädigung {f} :: harm, injury, damage
schädlich {adj} :: harmful
schädlicher {adj} :: comparative of schädlich
Schädlichkeit {f} :: harmfulness
schädlichsten {adj} :: superlative of schädlich
Schädling {m} [agriculture] :: pest
Schädlingsbekämpfung {f} :: pest control
Schädlingsbekämpfungsmittel {n} :: pesticide, biocide
Schadsoftware {f} [computing] :: malware
Schadstoff {m} :: pollutant, contaminant
schadstoffarm {adj} :: low-pollutant
schadstofffrei {adj} :: pollutant-free
Schaefer {prop} :: alternative form of Schäfer
Schaf {n} :: sheep
Schäfchen {n} :: diminutive of Schaf
Schäfer {m} :: shepherd
Schäfer {prop} {mf} :: surname
Schäferhund {m} :: German shepherd (dog breed)
Schäferin {f} :: shepherdess
Schäfermatt {n} [chess] :: scholar's mate
schaffen {vt} :: to create; to produce; to make; to cause; to establish
schaffen {vt} :: to manage; to cope with
schaffen {vt} :: to finish smth. successfully; to succeed with; to accomplish
schaffen {vt} :: to convey; to carry; to take
schaffen {vi} [colloquial] :: to work; to busy oneself
Schäffern {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Styria, Austria
Schaffhausen {prop} :: Schaffhausen (canton)
Schaffhausen {prop} :: Schaffhausen (city)
Schaffleisch {n} :: mutton (the flesh of sheep (used as food))
Schaffner {m} [dated, somewhat, archaic] :: conductor (of a bus, tram, train etc)
Schaffnerin {f} :: a female conductor
schaffnerlos {adj} :: (of a tram, bus etc) that operates without a conductor
Schaffung {f} :: creation, generation, establishment, origin
Schafgarbe {f} :: yarrow (any of several pungent Eurasian herbs, of the genus Achillea)
Schafherde {f} :: flock of sheep, herd of sheep
Schafhirt {m} :: alternative form of Schafhirte
Schafhirte {m} :: shepherd
Schafott {n} :: scaffold (for executing people)
Schafsnase {f} :: dope (stupid person)
Schafsnase {f} :: A variety of apple
-schaft {suffix} :: -ship, -hood
Schaft {m} :: shaft (pole)
Schaftrift {f} :: sheep pasture, sheepwalk, sheep-run
Schaftrift {f} :: sheep track
Schah {m} :: shah (king of Persia)
Schakal {m} :: jackal
schäkern {v} :: to banter
schäkern {v} :: to dally
schäkern {v} :: to flirt
schal {adj} :: stale, flat, insipid
Schal {m} :: scarf
Schal {m} [less common] :: shawl
Schalchen {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Upper Austria, Austria
Schälchen {n} :: diminutive of Schale
Schale {f} :: peel; husk; shell (outer layer)
Schale {f} :: shell; scallop
Schale {f} [hunting] :: hoof
Schale {f} :: dish (shallow container)
Schale {f} :: bowl; cup (roughly hemispherical container)
schälen {vt} :: to peel; to pare; to husk; to skin
schälen {vr} :: to peel off
schalenförmig {adj} :: dished (in the shape of a dish)
Schalenmodell {n} [chemistry, physics] :: shell model (of atomic structure)
Schalentier {n} :: crustacean
Schalentier {n} :: shellfish
Schalenwild {n} :: hoofed game
Schäler {m} :: peeler
Schalk {m} [dated] :: joker; rogue
schalkhaft {adj} :: mischievous, roguish
Schall {m} :: sound
Schalldämpfer {m} :: silencer
Schalldämpfer {m} :: muffler (part of exhaust pipe)
schalldicht {adj} :: soundproof
Schalldichte {f} :: sound density
schallen {vi} :: to sound, ring (out)
Schallgeschwindigkeit {f} :: speed of sound
Schallplatte {f} :: (vinyl) record, gramophone record
Schallwelle {f} :: sound wave
Schalmei {f} [musical instruments] :: shawm
Schalmei {f} [musical instruments] :: a member of the shawm family
Schalotte {f} :: shallot
Schaltbild {n} :: circuit diagram, schematic
schalten {v} :: to switch
Schalter {m} :: agent noun of schalten
Schalter {m} :: switch (device to turn electric current on and off or direct its flow)
Schalter {m} :: information window, ticket window, box office (staffed cabin)
Schalter {m} [by extension] :: a counter in a train station, bank, state office, or similar place where a cabin as above would normally be found (even if it happens not to be one)
Schaltfläche {f} [computing] :: button
Schalthebel {m} :: switch lever
Schalthebel {m} :: gear shift
Schaltjahr {n} :: leap year
Schaltkreis {m} :: electric circuit, integrated circuit ("integrierter Schaltkreis")
Schaltplan {m} :: circuit diagram, schematic
Schaltsekunde {f} :: leap second
Schalttag {m} :: leap day
Schaltung {f} :: circuit (electrical)
Schaltung {f} :: wiring
Schaltung {f} :: gearshift, gear change
Schaltung {f} :: switching
schaltungsintern {adj} :: in-circuit
Schaltwerk {n} [bicycle part] :: derailleur
Schaltwerk {n} [electrical engineering] :: sequential logic circuit
Schaltzentrale {f} :: switchboard
Schaltzentrale {f} :: control centre
schalu {adj} [regional, Southwestern Germany] :: jealous
Schaluppe {f} :: sloop
Scham {f} :: shame
Scham {f} :: bashfulness, prudishness, shamefacedness (not in the sense of disgrace)
Scham {f} [dated, except in compounds] :: pubic region including the genitals
Scham {f} :: vulva
Schamane {m} :: shaman (male or of unspecified sex)
Schamanismus {m} :: shamanism
Schamba {f} [East Africa] :: shamba
Schambein {n} [anatomy] :: pubis
schämen {vr} :: to be ashamed or embarrassed
Schamentzündung {f} [pathology] :: inflammation of the genitalia
Schamhaar {n} :: pubic hair (collectively)
Schamhaar {n} :: pubic hair (a single hair growing in the pubic region)
schamhaft {adj} :: modest, bashful, coy
Schamlippe {f} :: labium
schamlos {adj} :: shameless (having no shame), indecent
schamlos {adj} :: brazen (impudent, immodest, or shameless), barefaced
Schamlosigkeit {f} :: shamelessness
Schamott {m} [regional] :: alternative form of Schamotte
Schamotte {f} [ceramics] :: grog, chamotte (ceramic raw material)
Schandblatt {n} :: a badmouthing newspaper, a tabloid
Schande {f} :: disgrace
schänden {v} [with non-personal objects] :: to desecrate; to dishonour
schänden {v} [with personal objects, chiefly dated, literary] :: to violate; to rape; to ravish
Schandfleck {m} :: A negative attribute that, annoyingly, destroys the otherwise good impression of something; blemish, flaw, defect
Schandfleck {m} :: blemish, stain
Schandfleck {m} :: eyesore
schändlich {adj} :: shameful
schändlich {adj} :: disgraceful
Schandmaul {n} :: a badmouthing character, a snot
Schandorf {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Burgenland, Austria
Schandpfahl {m} :: pillory
Schanghai {prop} {n} :: Shanghai
schanghaien {v} :: to shanghai
Schank {m} [chiefly, archaic] :: verbal noun of schenken
Schank {m} [chiefly, archaic] :: bar, tavern, pub
Schank {f} [Bavaria, Austria] :: alternative form of Schenke
Schänke {f} :: alternative spelling of Schenke
Schanktisch {m} :: bar (counter in a pub)
Schankwirt {m} :: barkeeper
Schankwirtin {f} :: barkeeper woman
Schanze {f} :: entrenchment, redoubt
Schanze {f} :: ski-jump
Schar {f} :: troop
Schar {f} [mathematics] :: family
Schar {f} :: plough-share
Scharade {f} :: charade
Scharbockskraut {n} :: lesser celandine (a European perennial herb, Ficaria verna, formerly Ranunculus ficaria)
Schardenberg {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Upper Austria, Austria
Schärding {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Upper Austria, Austria
scharenweise {adv} :: in droves
scharf {adj} :: sharp; able to cut (knife, edge)
scharf {adj} :: sharp (criticism, perception, intellect)
scharf {adj} :: sharp; in focus (picture, script)
scharf {adj} :: hot; spicy; pungent (taste)
scharf {adj} :: hot; sexy; attractive
scharf {adj} :: hot; aroused; horny
scharf {adj} :: live (bomb)
Schärfe {f} :: sharpness
Schärfe {f} :: spiciness, hotness
Schärfe {f} :: pungency
schärfen {vt} :: to sharpen
schärfen {vt} [figuratively] :: to strengthen; to sharpen
schärfer {adj} :: comparative of scharf
scharfkantig {noun} :: sharp-edged
Scharfmacher {m} [politics] :: agitator, demagogue, rabble-rouser, seditionary
Scharfrichter {m} :: executioner
Scharfschütze {m} :: sniper
Scharfsinn {m} :: acumen, perspicacity
scharfsinnig {adj} :: sharp-witted, astute
scharfzüngig {adj} :: sharp-tongued
Scharia {f} :: Shari'a (islamic religious law)
Scharlach {m} :: scarlet fever
Scharlach {n} {m} [chiefly specialist] :: scarlet (colour)
scharlachen {adj} :: Having scarlet fever
scharlachrot {adj} [chiefly specialist or literary] :: scarlet (colour)
Scharlatan {m} :: charlatan
Scharlatanerie {f} :: charlatanry
Scharm {m} :: alternative spelling of Charme
scharmant {adj} :: alternative spelling of charmant
Scharmützel {n} [military or figuratively] :: skirmish
Scharndorf {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Lower Austria, Austria
Scharnier {n} :: hinge
Scharnitz {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Tyrol, Austria
Scharnstein {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Upper Austria, Austria
Schärpe {f} [decorative length of cloth] :: sash
Scharping {prop} :: surname
scharren {v} :: to scrape
Scharrhans {m} [archaic] :: clodhopper
Scharte {f} :: notch
Scharten {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Upper Austria, Austria
schartig {adj} :: jagged
schartig {adj} :: notched
Schaschlik {m} {n} :: shashlik
schassen {v} :: to kick out
Schatten {m} :: shade, shadow
Schattenboxen {n} :: shadowboxing
Schattendorf {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Burgenland, Austria
schattenhaft {adj} :: shadowy, fuzzy, vague
Schattenmorelle {f} :: morello cherry (fruit)
Schattenmorelle {f} :: morello (tree)
Schattenregierung {f} :: shadow government
Schattenspiel {n} :: shadow play
Schattierung {f} :: shade, hue
schattig {adj} :: shady, shadowy
Schattwald {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Tyrol, Austria
Schatulle {f} :: casket [little box e.g. for jewelry]
Schatz {m} :: treasure
Schatz {m} :: darling, sweetheart
Schätzchen {n} :: diminutive of Schatz
Schätzchen {n} [affectionate] :: darling, honey
schätzen {vt} :: to estimate; to guess; to suppose; to assume
schätzen {vt} :: to evaluate; to price; to assess
schätzen {vt} :: to esteem; to appreciate; to value
Schatzkarte {f} :: treasure map
Schatzkiste {f} :: treasure chest
Schatzmeister {m} :: treasurer
schätzomativ {adj} :: approximately
schätzomativ {adj} :: estimated
Schatzsuche {f} :: treasure hunt
Schätzung {f} :: estimate, estimation, guess
Schätzung {f} :: appraisal, assessment, valuation
schätzungsweise {adv} :: approximately, roughly
Schätzwert {m} :: valuation, appraisal
Schau {f} :: show
Schaub {m} :: A sheaf, especially of straw
Schaube {f} :: A garment with wide sleeves similar to a cloak worn by men
Schäuble {prop} :: surname
Schaubühne {f} :: theater
Schaubühne {f} [figuratively] :: stage
Schauder {m} :: shudder, shiver, creeps, frisson, grue
schauderhaft {adj} :: horrible, ghastly, terrible, dreadful, awful, horrific
schaudern {vi} :: to shudder
schaudern {vi} :: to shiver, especially momentarily as when stepping out from a warm room into the cold
schaudern {vt} [impersonal] :: to make shudder, to make shiver
schauen {v} :: to look (at something)
schauen wie der Ochs vorm Berg {proverb} :: to look completely baffled (literally, “to look like an ox standing in front of a hill”)
Schauer {m} :: shower (brief period of precipitation; a quantity of something that has characteristics of a rain shower)
Schauer {m} :: shudder, shiver, thrill
schauerlich {adj} :: eerie, horrible
schauern {vi} :: to shiver
Schaufel {f} :: shovel
Schäufelchen {n} :: diminutive of Schaufel
schaufelförmig {adj} :: shovel-shaped
schaufeln {v} :: to shovel
Schaufenster {n} :: a shop window
Schaufensterauslage {f} :: (shop window) display
Schaufensterbummel {m} :: window-shopping (browsing shops with no intention of buying)
Schaufensterpuppe {f} :: (shop window) mannequin, dummy
Schaufensterscheibe {f} :: shop window pane
Schauinsland {prop} :: A mountain in the Black Forest
Schaukel {f} [narrow sense] :: swing (seat hanging on two lines)
Schaukel {f} [broad sense] :: any swinging construction, including seesaws and similar devices
Schaukelbrett {n} :: seat of a swing, plank of a seesaw
schaukeln {v} :: to swing
Schaukelpferd {n} :: rocking horse
Schaukelstuhl {m} :: rocking chair
Schaulust {f} :: love for sightseeing
Schaulust {f} [deprecative] :: curiosity
Schaulustige {f} :: feminine noun of Schaulustiger
Schaulustiger {m} :: rubberneck, onlooker
Schaum {m} :: foam, lather, froth
Schaum {m} :: head (beer)
Schaumbildung {f} :: foaming, frothing
Schaumblase {f} :: bubble of foam
Schaumburg {prop} :: surname
schäumen {v} :: to froth, to foam
schäumen {v} :: to fume [to feel or express great anger]
Schaumgummi {n} :: foam rubber
Schaumkrone {f} :: The head or foamy layer formed by bubbles rising from beer and other carbonated beverages
Schaumwein {m} :: sparkling wine
Schauplatz {m} :: scene, venue
schaurig {adj} :: creepy, eery, ghoulish, bloodcurdling, gruesome, scary, spooky, horrid, spine-chilling, spine-tingling
schaurig {adv} :: creepily, eerily, ghoulishly, etc
Schauspiel {n} :: play (theatrical performance)
Schauspieler {m} :: actor
Schauspielerei {f} [colloquial, uncountable] :: acting profession
Schauspielerei {f} [colloquial, often, pejorative, countable] :: acting, playacting
Schauspielerin {f} :: actress
schauspielerisch {adj} :: histrionic; acting (attributive)
schauspielern {v} [colloquial, often, pejorative] :: to work as an actor, to job as an actor
schauspielern {v} [colloquial, pejorative] :: to act, to playact
Schauwecker {prop} :: surname
Scheck {m} :: check
Scheckabschnitt {m} :: check stub, check counterfoil
scheel {adj} :: cross-eyed
scheel {adj} :: squinting
scheel {adj} [commonest sense] :: with a crooked look; looking disdainfully or aggressively from the side
Scheele {prop} :: surname
Scheele {prop} :: Carl Wilhelm Scheele, German chemist
Scheelit {m} [mineral] :: scheelite
scheelsüchtig {adj} :: resentful, jealous, envious
Scheffel {m} :: bushel
scheffeln {v} :: to accumulate
Scheherazade {prop} {f} :: given name
Scheherazade {prop} {f} :: Scheherazade (fictional character)
Scheherazade {f} :: A female storyteller or narrator of fairy tales
Scheibbs {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Lower Austria, Austria
Scheibchen {n} :: diminutive of Scheibe (small slice)
scheibchenförmig {adj} :: (small) disc-shaped
scheibchenweise {adv} :: In small slices
scheibchenweise {adv} :: little by little, bit by bit
scheibchenweise {adj} :: piecemeal, piece-by-piece
Scheibe {f} :: disc
Scheibe {f} :: pane
Scheibe {f} :: slice
Scheibe {f} [colloquial] :: music album
Scheibe {prop} :: surname
Scheibenbremse {f} :: disc brake
scheibenförmig {adj} :: disc-shaped, discoid
Scheibenwischer {m} :: windshield wiper, windscreen wiper [UK]
Scheich {m} :: sheik
Scheide {f} :: sheath, scabbard
Scheide {f} [anatomy] :: vagina
Scheidekunde {f} :: chemistry
Scheidekunst {f} [chiefly] :: chemistry
Scheidekunst {f} :: chemical analysis
Scheidemünze {f} :: divisional coin (coin whose metal value is less than its nominal value), small change
Scheidemünze {f} :: token coin
scheiden {vt} [dated, literary] :: to separate
scheiden {vir} [dated, literary] :: to leave one another; to part; to be separated; to be divided
scheiden {vt} :: to dissolve (a marriage); to divorce (a couple)
scheiden {vt} [with lassen] :: to have (a marriage) dissolved
scheiden {vr} [with lassen] :: to divorce (one's spouse); to get a divorce (from one's spouse)
scheidend {adj} :: retiring; resigning; about to be replaced
Scheidenkrampf {m} [healthcare] :: vaginismus
Scheidenpilz {m} :: fungal vaginitis, vaginal thrush (candidiasis)
Scheideweg {m} :: crossroads (decisive turning point)
Scheiding {prop} {m} :: The month September, ninth of the Gregorian calendar
Scheidung {f} :: divorce
Schein {m} :: shine, gleam, flash
Schein {m} :: certificate, ticket
Schein {m} :: bill, note
Schein {m} :: semblance, appearance
scheinbar {adv} :: apparently (seemingly)
scheinbar {adj} :: apparent, seeming
Scheinbuche {f} :: southern beech, any tree or shrub of the genus Nothofagus
scheinen {v} :: to shine; to gleam
scheinen {v} :: to seem; to appear; to look
scheinheilig {adj} :: sanctimonious (hypocritically pious)
Scheinhinrichtung {f} :: mock execution
Scheinlogik {f} :: sham logic, pseudo-logic, bogus logic
scheinselbstständig {adj} :: ostensibly independent
Scheinsieg {m} :: Pyrrhic victory
Scheintod {m} :: a condition in which a living being is without consciousness or signs of life, and so appears dead
scheintot {adj} :: appearing to be, but not dead, deceased
Scheinwerfer {m} :: spotlight
Scheinwerfer {m} :: headlight
Scheinwerfer {m} :: headlamp
Scheinwerfer {m} :: floodlight
Scheinwerfer {m} :: searchlight
Scheiss {noun} :: alternative spelling of Scheiß
scheiß- {prefix} [vulgar] :: fucking, motherfucking, effing, bloody, shitty, crappy
Scheiß {m} [vulgar] :: shit (feces)
Scheiß {m} [vulgar] :: nonsense, bullshit, horseshit
Scheißdreck {m} [vulgar, chiefly figuratively] :: crap, shit
Scheißdreck {m} [vulgar] :: nothing, jack shit, fuck all
Scheisse {noun} :: alternative spelling of Scheiße
Scheiße {f} [vulgar] :: feces, shit
Scheiße {f} [vulgar, figuratively] :: something worthless, shit
Scheiße {f} [vulgar] :: nothing, jack shit, fuck all
Scheiße bauen {v} :: to screw up, to fuck up
Scheißeficker {m} [vulgar, offensive] :: assfucker
Scheißefresser {m} [vulgar, offensive] :: shiteater
scheißegal {adj} [vulgar] :: totally unimportant
scheissen {v} :: alternative spelling of scheißen
scheißen {v} [vulgar] :: to shit
Scheißer {m} [vulgar, offensive] :: fucker
Scheißerei {f} [slang] :: Diarrhoea, the shits, the runs
Scheißewurst {f} :: human feces with the approximate shape of a sausage
scheißfreundlich {adj} :: falsely friendly
Scheißhaus {n} [vulgar] :: shithouse, outhouse
Scheißhäuschen {n} [vulgar] :: a small shithouse
Scheißhausfliege {f} :: fly in an outhouse
Scheißhausfliege {f} :: fly of the genus Calliphora, bluebottle
Scheißhausfliege {f} [vulgar, offensive] :: very annoying person
Scheißhausfotze {f} [vulgar, offensive] :: fucking cunt (swearword, usually used against women)
Scheißhäuslein {n} :: diminutive of Scheißhaus
Scheißhausratte {f} [vulgar, offensive] :: crazy and stupid person
Scheißkerl {m} [pejorative, offensive] :: son of a bitch, shithead, douchebag, motherfucker
Scheißkind {n} [vulgar, offensive] :: fucking child, bad child
Scheißtyp {m} [vulgar] :: a person with a really bad character, literally "shit type"
Scheit {n} :: log, billet, stick (of firewood)
Scheitel {m} [hair] :: parting
Scheitel {m} [mathematics] :: maximum, apex
Scheitelpunkt {m} :: apex, vertex, cusp, crest, peak
Scheiterhaufen {m} :: stake (pile of stakes used for execution by burning)
Scheiterhaufen {m} :: pyre
scheitern {v} :: to fail
Scheitern {n} :: collapse, breakup
Scheitern {n} :: failure
Schelde {prop} :: The river Scheldt
Schellack {m} :: shellac
Schelle {f} :: clamp
Schelle {f} :: small bell
schellen {v} :: to ring
Schellente {f} :: common goldeneye
Schellfisch {m} :: haddock (marine fish)
Schelm {m} :: imp, rogue, prankster
schelmisch {adj} :: roguish (Mischievous and playful.)
schelmisch {adj} [dated] :: deceitful
schelten {vt} :: to scold (someone); to rebuke; to chide
schelten {vi} :: to scold
Schema {n} :: schema
Schema F {n} :: cookie-cutter approach
schematisch {adj} :: schematic, diagrammatic
schematisch {adj} :: mechanical
Schemel {m} :: stool
schemenhaft {adj} :: shadowy
Schenk {m} [historical] :: cupbearer
Schenke {f} :: pub
Schenkel {m} :: shank (lower part of leg)
Schenkel {m} :: thigh (upper part of leg)
schenken {v} [archaic] :: to pour from a vessel, to serve
schenken {v} :: to give as a present, to gift
Schenkenfelden {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Upper Austria, Austria
Schenker {m} :: agent noun of schenken
Schenker {m} :: donor
Schenna {prop} {n} :: A municipality in South Tyrol
schepp {adj} :: alternative form of schief
Scherbe {f} :: shard, sherd, fragment
Scherbenhaufen {m} :: shambles, ruins
Scherbenkobalt {n} [obsolete] :: arsenic
Scherbrett {n} [fishing] :: otter board, otter door, trawl door (Any of the rectangular boards which are used to keep the mouth of a trawl net open.)
Schere {f} :: a pair of scissors, shears
Schere {f} [zoology] :: a pair of pincers (on a crab)
Schere {f} [figuratively] :: a gap, especially a widening one
scheren {vtt} :: to shear (sheep)
scheren {vtt} :: to clip; to prune (a hedge)
scheren {vtt} :: to cut; to trim (hair, especially beardhair)
scheren {vtt} :: to bother (someone); to trouble (someone)
scheren {vrt} [colloquial, with um] :: to care (about something); to mind (something)
scheren {vi} :: to go into a certain direction
scheren {vt} [geometry] :: to shear, to apply a shearing transformation to (displacing each point of a geometric figure in fixed direction by an amount proportional to its signed distance, thus preserving the area of the figure.)
scheren {vr} [colloquial] :: to scram; to beat it (often as wegscheren)
scheren {vt} :: to bother (someone); to trouble (someone)
scheren {vr} [colloquial, with um] :: to care (about something); to mind (something)
Scherenfernrohr {n} :: A pair of scissor binoculars; a pair of adjustable stereoscopic binoculars consisting of two short periscopes
Scherenschnitt {n} [literally] :: a scissor- or shear-cut
Scherenschnitt {n} :: the art of scherenschnitte (papercutting)
Scherenschnitt {n} :: an artwork produced by scherenschnitte
Scherflein {n} :: widow's mite, i.e. a small donation or contribution, esp. of monetary kind
Scherge {m} :: henchman
Scherkraft {f} :: shear force, shearing force
Schermodul {m} [mechanics] :: shear modulus
Scherspannung {f} :: shear stress
Scherung {f} [mechanics] :: shear
Scherung {f} [geometry] :: shear, shear mapping, shearing, transvection
Scherung {f} [barbering] :: clipping, shaving [archaic; confined to compounds]
Scherwinkel {m} :: shearing angle
Scherz {m} :: joke
Scherz {m} :: frolic
scherzen {vi} :: to joke; to jest; to frolic
scherzhaft {adj} :: jocular (humorous, amusing, joking)
Scherzo {n} [music] :: scherzo (piece of music played in a playful manner)
scheu {adj} :: shy (reserved)
scheu {adj} :: shy, skittish, startlish (easily frightened)
Scheu {f} :: shyness
scheuchen {v} :: to shoo, shoo away, drive away
scheuen {vt} :: to shrink from; shun
scheuen {vr} :: to be afraid of, shrink from (+ vor)
scheuern {vt} :: to scrub; to scour
scheuern {vti} :: to chafe
Scheuklappe {f} [screen attached to a horse's bridle] :: blinder, blinker
Scheune {f} :: barn
Scheusal {n} :: monster
Scheusal {n} :: beast
scheußlich {adj} :: hideous, atrocious, abominable
schH {abbr} :: German Schutzhund. English Protection dog. The name and abbreviation for Schutzhund titles awarded by the SV and other German Shepherd Dog organizations. Equivalent to VPG which is offered by other working dog organizations
Schi {m} :: alternative spelling of Ski
schiach {adj} :: alternative form of schiech
Schicht {f} :: layer
Schicht {f} :: sheet
Schicht {f} :: shift
Schicht {f} :: stint
Schichtdicke {f} :: thickness (of a slice or layer)
schichten {v} :: To layer, stratify, laminate
Schichtstruktur {f} :: layered structure
Schichtung {f} :: stratification
Schichtung {f} :: lamination, layering
schichtweise {adv} :: in layers, layer by layer
schichtweise {adj} :: layered, stratified, layer by layer
schick {adj} :: elegant, dressy
schick {v} :: Imperative of schicken
schicken {vt} :: to send
schicken {vr} :: to hurry (rare)
schicken {vr} :: to be decent, to be appropriate
schicker {adj} [colloquial, possibly dated] :: tipsy, mildly drunk
Schicklgruber {prop} :: surname ( The original surname of Adolf Hitler's father.)
Schicksal {n} :: destiny, fate
schicksalhaft {adj} :: fateful
schicksalhafter {adj} :: comparative of schicksalhaft
schicksalhaftesten {adj} :: superlative of schicksalhaft
schicksalsergeben {adj} :: fatalistic
schicksalsergebener {adj} :: comparative of schicksalsergeben
schicksalsergebensten {adj} :: superlative of schicksalsergeben
Schicksalsgöttin {f} :: goddess of fate
Schicksalsschlag {m} :: blow; (personal) calamity (an unfortunate, life-changing occurence)
Schicksalstag {m} :: a fateful day, a day of destiny
Schicksalstag {prop} {m} :: the November 9 in German history, the date of several key events in German history, including the replacement of the monarchy with the Weimar Republic, Kristallnacht, and the fall of the Berlin Wall
schicksalsträchtig {adj} :: fateful
Schickse {f} [Judaism, derogatory] :: shiksa (non-Jewish woman)
Schickse {f} [by extension, colloquial] :: woman
Schiebedach {n} :: sunroof
Schiebedach {n} :: sliding roof
schieben {vt} :: to push; to shove
schieben {vt} :: to slide; to slip; to put
schieben {vi} :: to push
schieben {vti} [colloquial] :: to traffic (something); to profiteer; to racketeer
Schiebetür {f} :: sliding door
schiech {adj} :: ugly
schiech {adj} :: angry
Schied {m} :: asp [fish]
Schiedsrichter {m} :: judge, referee, umpire
Schiedsrichterin {f} [sports, female] :: judge
Schiedsspruch {m} [law] :: award
schief {adj} :: skew, oblique, askew, leaning, slanting, aslant, inclined (neither parallel nor perpendicular)
schief {adj} :: slopy, sloping (characterised by a slope or slopes)
schief {adj} :: crooked, awry (set at an angle; not vertical or square)
schief {adj} :: lopsided (not even or balanced; not the same on one side as on the other)
schief {adj} [of facial expressions] :: wry (turned away, contorted)
schief {adj} [of an image] :: distorted (misshapen; brought out of shape)
schief {adj} :: worn (damaged and shabby as a result of much use)
schief {adj} [figurative] :: inappropriate (not suitable for the situation, time, or place)
schief {adv} :: crookedly, at an angle
schief {adv} :: lopsidedly
schief {adv} [figurative] :: askance (sideways; obliquely)
schief {adv} :: badly, wrong (in a way that isn't right)
Schiefer {m} :: shale, slate
Schiefer {m} [Austria] :: small splinter (sharp piece of wood, etc.)
schiefergrau {adj} :: slate-gray
Schiefergrauer Ameisenwürger {m} :: plain-winged antshrike
Schiefergrauer Würgerling {m} :: bicoloured antvireo (Dysithamnus occidentalis)
schiefern {vr} :: to shatter
schiefern {v} [Switzerland] :: to skip (a stone over water)
Schiefer Turm von Pisa {prop} {m} :: Leaning Tower of Pisa (famous bell tower in the Italian town of Pisa)
schiefgehen {v} :: to go wrong
schiefliegen {v} :: to be wrong
Schiege {f} :: a shoat, a geep: a sheep-goat hybrid
schielen {v} :: to squint
schielen {v} :: to leer
Schienbein {n} :: shinbone
Schiene {f} :: a staff on which something moves
Schiene {f} [railway] :: rail
Schiene {f} [mechanics] :: rack
Schiene {f} :: a staff or long construction that holds things together
Schiene {f} [medicine] :: orthotics; splint
Schiene {f} [woodwork] :: frame; skid
Schiene {f} [electronics] :: busbar
schienen {vt} :: to splint
Schienenersatzverkehr {m} [railways, transport] :: rail replacement bus service
Schienenersatzverkehr {m} [transport] :: bus replacement service
Schienenfahrzeug {n} [railway] :: rolling stock
Schienenwolf {m} [rail] :: railroad plow
schier {adj} :: next, adjacent, immediate, soon, sudden
schier {adv} :: soon, nearly, almost
schier {adj} :: pure, clear, bright, sheer
schier {adj} :: (of meat) without bones, fat, or tendons
Schierling {m} :: hemlock
Schießbefehl {m} [military] :: order to shoot
schiessen {v} :: alternative spelling of schießen
schießen {vti} [auxiliary: “haben”] :: to shoot; to fire
schießen {v} [sports, auxiliary: “haben”] :: to kick; to shoot
schießen {v} [photography, auxiliary: “haben”] :: to shoot
schießen {v} [slang, drugs, auxiliary: “haben”] :: to shoot up
schießen {vi} [auxiliary: “sein”] :: to dart; to shoot; to rush; to gush
Schießerei {f} :: shootout, gunfight
Schießgewehr {n} :: gun
Schießpulver {n} :: gunpowder
Schießscharte {f} :: arrow slit, embrasure, loophole
Schießstand {m} :: shooting range [facility for firearms practice]
Schießwesen {n} :: gunnery - the science of operating guns
schießwütig {adj} :: trigger-happy (having a tendency or desire to shoot a firearm irresponsibly)
Schiff {n} [nautical] :: ship
Schiff {n} [architecture] :: nave
Schiffahrt {f} :: obsolete spelling of Schifffahrt
schiffbar {adj} :: [for a body of water: sea, river etc.] navigable
Schiffbau {m} :: shipbuilding
Schiffbruch {m} :: shipwreck (event)
Schiffchen {n} :: diminutive of Schiff
Schiffchen {n} :: side cap
schiffen {v} :: to sail [go by ship]
schiffen {v} [colloquial] :: to urinate
Schiffer {m} [nautical] :: skipper
Schifffahrt {f} :: water transportation, water transport
Schiff-Luft {adj} [of a missile] :: surface-to-air
Schiffmann {prop} :: surname
Schiffsdeck {n} :: deck, deck of a ship
Schiffshebewerk {n} :: boat lift
Schiffskörper {m} [nautical] :: hull
Schiffsrumpf {m} [nautical] :: hull
Schiffsrumpf {m} :: hulk
Schiffstaufe {f} :: ship christening
Schiffsunglück {n} :: shipwreck, shipping accident, ship collision, boating accident
Schiffsverkehr {m} :: shipping, shipping traffic
Schiffswrack {n} :: shipwreck (vessel)
Schiitentum {n} :: Shia Islam
schiitisch {adj} [Islam] :: Shiite
Schikane {f} :: bullying, harassment
Schikane {f} [sports] :: chicane
schikanieren {v} :: to bully, to harass
schikanös {adj} :: bullying, harassing
Schikoree {noun} :: alternative spelling of Chicorée
Schild {m} {n} :: shield, buckler
Schild {n} :: sign, plate
Schildbürgerstreich {m} :: folly; foolish act
Schilddrüse {f} [anatomy] :: thyroid, thyroid gland
Schilddrüsenhormon {n} :: thyroid hormone
Schilddrüsenunterfunktion {f} [pathology] :: hypothyroidism
schildern {v} :: to depict, narrate
Schilderung {f} :: description, portrayal, depiction
Schilderung {f} :: narrative
schildförmig {adj} :: scutate, scutiform (shield-shaped)
Schildknappe {m} :: squire
Schildknappe {m} :: shield bearer
Schildknorpel {m} [anatomy] :: thyroid cartilage
Schildkrebs {m} :: tadpole shrimp (Triops)
Schildkröte {f} :: turtle, tortoise
Schildlaus {f} :: scale (insect)
Schildorn {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Upper Austria, Austria
Schildpatt {n} :: tortoiseshell
Schilf {n} :: reed
Schilf {n} :: (area overgrown with) reeds
schilfen {adj} :: made from reeds
schilfleinen {adj} :: made of reeds
Schill {m} :: zander (Sander lucioperca)
Schiller {prop} {mf} :: surname
schillern {v} :: to shimmer, to glisten
Schilling {m} :: schilling (Austrian pre-Euro currency)
Schilling {m} :: shilling
Schimäre {f} :: chimera (creature of the imagination)
schimärisch {adj} :: chimerical
Schimmel {m} :: mould, mold
Schimmel {m} :: mildew
Schimmel {m} :: a grey or white horse
schimmelig {adj} :: moldy, mouldy
Schimmelkäse {m} :: cheese with mold; blue cheese, etc
schimmeln {v} :: to mold; become mouldy
Schimmelpilz {m} :: mold, mildew (fungal)
Schimmelpimmel {m} [vulgar, offensive] :: dick, idiot, asshole
Schimmer {m} :: gleam, glimmer
Schimmer {m} :: clue
schimmern {v} :: to glimmer, to shimmer
schimmernd {adj} :: shimmering, gleaming, lustrous, iridescent
schimmlig {adj} :: mouldy
Schimpanse {m} :: chimpanzee
schimpfen {v} :: to tell off, scold
Schimpfwort {n} :: swear word
Schindel {f} :: shingle
Schinder {m} :: anyone and anything that performs actions of schinden
Schinder {m} :: someone who professionally strips the hides of dead animals, knacker
Schinder {m} :: spokeshave
Schindlerjude {m} [historical] :: A Jew saved by Oskar Schindler
Schinken {m} :: ham, pork from the hindquarter
Schinken {m} [slang] :: hams, buttocks
schintoistisch {adj} :: Shinto, Shintoist (attributive)
Schippe {f} :: shovel
Schippe {f} [figuratively] :: used as a typical property of manual labourers
schippen {v} :: to shovel
schippern {v} :: to go by ship, to sail (usually slowly)
schirch {adj} :: alternative form of schiech
Schiri {m} :: colloquial short form of Schiedsrichter; ref, ump
Schirm {m} :: screen
Schirm {m} :: umbrella
schirmen {v} :: to shield
schirmen {v} :: to screen or protect
schirmförmig {adj} :: umbrella-shaped
Schirmfrau {f} :: female patron
Schirmherr {m} :: patron
Schisma {n} [religion] :: schism
Schismatiker {m} [religion] :: schismatic (male or of unspecified sex) (a person involved in a schism)
Schismatikerin {f} [religion] :: female schismatic (a female person involved in a schism)
schismatisch {adj} [religion] :: schismatic (related to a schism)
schismogen {adj} :: schismogenic
Schiss {m} [vulgar, pejorative] :: fear
Schiß {m} :: alternative spelling of Schiss
Schisser {m} [vulgar, pejorative] :: coward
Schitte {interj} :: shit
schizophren {adj} :: schizophrenic
schizophren {adj} :: contradictory
Schizophrenie {f} :: schizophrenia
schlabbern {v} :: to slurp
Schlacht {f} :: battle
schlachten {v} :: to slaughter [an animal, in order to obtain meat or raw materials]
Schlachter {m} [regional, parts of Northern Germany] :: butcher (male or of unspecified sex)
Schlachter {m} [regional, including western Germany] :: someone who works in a slaughterhouse (male or of unspecified sex)
Schlächter {m} :: slaughterer; butcher (affective term for a killer) (male or of unspecified sex)
Schlächter {m} [regional] :: someone who works at a slaughterhouse (male or of unspecified sex)
Schlachtfeld {n} :: battlefield
Schlachthaus {n} :: slaughterhouse
Schlachthof {m} :: slaughterhouse
Schlachtplan {m} :: battleplan
Schlachtschiff {n} :: battleship
Schlachtung {f} :: slaughter
Schlacke {f} :: slag, dross, scoria
Schlacke {f} :: cinders, clinker
Schlacke {f} :: sediment, dregs, scum
Schlacke {f} [physiology] :: metabolic residue in body tissue or digestive system
Schlacke {f} [dialect] :: rectum
Schlacke {prop} {n} [jocular, often, pejorative] :: FC Schalke 04 (football club of Gelsenkirchen, Ruhrgebiet)
Schlackenlosigkeit {f} [metallurgy] :: slaglessness, the quality of being free of slag
Schlackenlosigkeit {f} [figurative] :: immaculateness, spotlessness, the quality of being free of any undesired elements or contents
Schladming {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Styria, Austria
Schlaf {m} :: sleep
Schlafanzug {m} :: pyjamas (clothes for wearing to bed and sleeping in)
Schläfchen {n} :: nap, sleep ((countable) act or instance of sleeping)
Schläfe {f} :: temple (region of skull)
schlafen {v} :: to sleep
schlafen {v} [with über + accusative] :: to sleep on something; to wait and think before making a decision
schlafen {v} [with mit] :: to sleep with; to have sex
Schlafentzug {m} :: sleep deprivation
Schläfer {m} :: sleeper
schlaff {adj} [of things] :: slack, limp
schlaff {adj} [of people] :: weak, weary
Schlafgemach {n} [formal] :: bedroom
Schlafittchen {n} [colloquial] :: something on somebody’s back by which they are grabbed in order to push or pull them: the collar, the hem of the jacket, the scruff of the neck
Schlafkrankheit {f} [pathology] :: sleeping sickness
Schlaflied {n} :: lullaby (a soothing song to lull children to sleep)
schlaflos {adj} :: sleepless
Schlaflosigkeit {f} :: sleeplessness, insomnia
Schlafmittel {n} [medicine] :: soporific, hypnotic, sleeping pill
Schlafmohn {m} :: opium poppy (Papaver somniferum)
Schlafmütze {f} :: nightcap
Schlafmütze {f} [figuratively] :: slowcoach, sleepyhead
schlafmützig {adj} :: dozy
schläfrig {adj} :: sleepy
schläfriger {adj} :: comparative of schläfrig
Schläfrigkeit {f} :: sleepiness
schläfrigsten {adj} :: superlative of schläfrig
Schlafrock {m} :: pyjamas
Schlafrock {m} :: nightgown
Schlafsaal {m} :: dormitory
Schlafsack {m} :: sleeping bag (padded or insulated bag)
Schlafstörung {f} :: sleep disorder
Schlaftablette {f} :: sleeping pill (a pill having a soporific effect)
schlaftrunken {adj} [formal] :: drowsy
schlaftrunken {adv} [formal] :: drowsily
schlafwandeln {v} :: to sleepwalk
Schlafwandeln {n} :: sleepwalking
Schlafwandler {m} :: sleepwalker
Schlafzimmer {n} :: bedroom
Schlafzustand {m} :: dormancy, dormant state, sleeping state
Schlag {m} :: blow, hit
Schlag {m} [music] :: beat (pulse on the beat level)
Schlagabtausch {m} [sports] :: exchange of blows
Schlagabtausch {m} [figuratively] :: fierce exchange, verbal exchange
Schlagader {f} :: artery
Schlaganfall {m} :: apoplexy, stroke
schlagartig {adj} :: abrupt
schlagartig {adv} :: abruptly
Schlagbaum {m} :: barrier (structure that bars passage)
Schlägel {m} :: mallet, maul
Schlägel {m} :: drumstick
schlagen {vt} :: to beat; to hit; to knock; to strike; to punch; to hammer; to pound
schlagen {vt} [figuratively] :: to beat; to win against; to defeat
schlagen {vi} :: to beat; to strike repeatedly; to pound
schlagen {vt} [cooking] :: to beat; to whip; to mix food in a rapid aerating fashion
schlagen {v} [of a clock] :: to chime
schlagen {vr} :: to fight
Schlager {m} :: schlager (European music genre)
Schlager {m} [dated] :: hit (music or entertainment success)
Schläger {m} :: agent noun of schlagen
Schläger {m} :: brawler
Schläger {m} [sports] :: bat, racquet, stick
Schläger {m} [historical] :: A kind of duelling-sword
Schlägerei {f} :: fight; brawl
Schlägerkopf {m} :: hosel, clubhead
schlagfertig {adj} :: quick-witted, glib, witty, witted (able to quickly give witty or humorous answers)
Schlaginstrument {n} :: percussion instrument
Schlagloch {n} :: pothole, road hole
Schlagmann {m} [rowing] :: stroke (the rower who is nearest to the stern of the boat)
Schlagobers {n} :: whipped cream
Schlagring {m} :: brass knuckles
Schlagsahne {f} :: whipped cream
Schlagsahne {f} :: semen
Schlagschrauber {m} :: impact screwdriver
Schlagstock {m} :: baton, truncheon, nightstick, bat, club
Schlagwerk {n} :: striking mechanism (in a clock)
Schlagwerk {n} [music] :: percussion
Schlagwort {n} :: buzzword, catchphrase (word drawn from or imitative of technical jargon)
Schlagzähigkeit {f} :: impact resistance
Schlagzeile {f} [newspaper] :: headline
schlagzeilen {v} :: to headline
schlagzeilenträchtig {adj} :: headline-grabbing
Schlagzeug {n} :: drum set, drum kit, percussion (musical instrument)
Schlagzeuger {m} :: drummer
schlahen {v} [dated] :: hit, beat, strike
schlahn {v} [now dialectal or poetic] :: alternative form of schlagen
schlaksig {adj} :: lanky, gangling
Schlamassel {m} {n} [colloquial] :: trouble, difficult situation, misfortune
Schlamm {m} :: mud
Schlamm {m} :: sludge, ooze
schlammartig {adj} :: muddy
schlammartig {adj} :: sludgy
schlammig {adj} :: muddy, miry, boggy
Schlammlawine {f} :: mudslide
Schlammschlacht {f} :: mudslinging
Schlampe {f} [pejorative] :: unclean or lazy woman
Schlampe {f} [vulgar, pejorative] :: sexually promiscuous woman, slut, bitch
Schlampenficker {m} [vulgar, offensive] :: slutfucker
Schlampenfotze {f} [vulgar, offensive] :: vulva of a slut (body part)
Schlampenfotze {f} [vulgar, offensive] :: cunt, slut (swearword used against women)
Schlampensau {f} [vulgar, offensive] :: slut (swearword used against women)
Schlamperei {f} :: sloppiness, untidiness
schlampig {adj} :: sloppy
schlampig {adj} [slang] :: slutty
schlampiger {adj} :: comparative of schlampig
Schlampigkeit {f} :: slutty act
schlampigsten {adj} :: superlative of schlampig
Schland {n} [colloquial, humorous] :: Germany
Schlanders {prop} {n} :: A municipality in South Tyrol
Schlange {f} :: snake
Schlange {f} :: line (of people waiting), queue
Schlange {f} [slang] :: penis
Schlange {f} [pejorative] :: a treacherous woman
schlängeln {vr} :: to snake
schlangenförmig {adj} :: [having the shape of a snake] serpentine
Schlangengrube {f} [historical capital punishment or figuratively] :: snake pit
Schlangenstein {m} [mineral] :: serpentine
Schlange stehen {v} :: to stand in line, to queue
schlank {adj} :: slim
Schlankheit {f} :: slimness
schlapp {adj} [of people] :: weak, weary
schlapp {adj} [of things] :: slack, flabby, limp
Schlappe {f} :: defeat
Schlappe {f} :: flop
Schlappe {f} [archaic] :: slap
Schlappen {m} :: A slipper
Schlapphut {m} :: slouch hat
Schlapphut {m} [colloquial] :: spy
schlapp machen {v} :: alternative form of schlappmachen
schlappmachen {v} :: to wilt
Schlappschwanz {m} [pejorative, slightly, vulgar] :: a weakling; a quitter; a limpdick
Schlaraffenland {n} :: Cockaigne
Schlatt {prop} {n} :: surname
Schlatt {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Upper Austria, Austria
schlau {adj} :: clever
Schlaube {f} :: The husk or shell of nuts and similar fruits
Schlauberger {m} :: smart person (typically used in an ironical way)
Schlauch {m} :: hose; tube (flexible pipe)
Schlauch {m} :: waterskin; wineskin (flexible container for liquids)
Schlauch {m} [colloquial, Austria] :: potbelly; paunch (protruding belly)
Schlauchboot {n} :: inflatable boat, rubber boat
schlauchen {vt} :: to wear out [to exhaust]
schlauchen {vt} :: to lead through a hose [e.g. beer through a beer bong]
schlauchen {v} [regional] :: to live off [+ bei (object) = off]
schlauchförmig {adj} :: tubular
Schlauchpilz {m} :: ascomycete
Schlauchsocke {f} :: tube sock
schlauerweise {adv} :: cleverly, cunningly
Schlaufe {f} :: loop
Schlaumeier {m} :: sly fox, cunning person
schlecht {adj} :: bad, evil, wicked (the opposite of good; immoral)
schlecht {adj} :: bad (unskilled; of limited ability)
schlecht {adj} :: bad (unhealthy, unwell)
schlecht {adj} :: bad (of poor physical appearance)
schlecht {adj} :: bad, off (spoiled, rotten, overripe)
schlecht {adj} :: dirty (dishonourable)
schlecht {adv} :: badly, poorly, not well (in a bad or poor manner)
schlecht {adv} :: with difficulty, not easily
schlechter {adj} :: comparative of schlecht
schlechterdings {adv} :: absolutely, virtually, utterly
schlechtes Gewissen {noun} :: bad conscience, guilty conscience
schlechthin {adv} :: absolutely
schlechthin {adv} :: as such
schlechtmachen {v} :: to badmouth
schlechtreden {v} :: to badmouth
schlecken {v} :: to lick, to lap
schleckig {adj} :: appetising
Schleckzeug {n} [Switzerland] :: sweets
Schleedorf {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Salzburg, Austria
Schlegel {m} :: obsolete spelling of Schlägel
Schlegel {prop} :: surname for a smith or for a strong man
Schlehe {f} :: sloe, blackthorn
schleichen {vi} :: to move in a quiet and inconspicuous manner, hence often slowly and/or ducked: to crawl, to sneak, to steal, to prowl, to creep, to slither (of a snake)
schleichen {vr} [with some adverb of location] :: to go somewhere in the above manner
schleichen {vi} [colloquial] :: to move slowly (especially in a car)
schleichen {vr} [colloquial] :: to leave meekly or sheepishly
Schleichwerbung {f} :: subliminal advertising
Schleichwerbung {f} :: product placement
Schleie {f} :: tench (Tinca tinca)
Schleier {m} :: veil
Schleier {m} :: haze, mist
Schleiereule {f} :: barn owl
Schleiereule {f} [pejorative slang] :: a woman wearing a veil, usually an Islamic niqab
schleierhaft {adj} :: cryptic, enigmatic
Schleifchen {n} :: diminutive of Schleife
Schleife {f} :: loop
Schleife {f} :: ribbon
schleifen {v} :: to whet, to move across a surface abrasively
schleifen {v} :: to drag, to pull along the ground
schleifen {v} [figuratively] :: to drag, to make people accompany oneself to a place they don't want to be
schleifen {v} :: to raze a castle, to bring down its walls to the ground
Schleifmittel {n} :: abrasive
Schleifpapier {n} :: abrasive paper
Schleifring {m} :: abrasive ring
Schleifscheibe {f} :: abrasive disc
Schleifstaub {m} :: abrasive dust
Schleifstein {m} :: whetstone, sharpening stone
Schleifstein {m} :: grindstone
Schleim {m} :: slime
Schleim {m} :: mucus
schleimen {v} :: to slime
schleimen {v} :: to smarm, to fawn on
Schleimhaut {f} [anatomy] :: mucous membrane, mucosa
schleimig {adj} :: slimy
schleimig {adj} :: mucous, mucoid
schleimiger {adj} :: comparative of schleimig
schleißen {v} [archaic] :: to tear, to split, to peel
Schleißheim {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Upper Austria, Austria
schleißig {adj} [Austria] :: unkempt
Schlemihl {m} :: schlemiel
schlemmen {vi} :: to debauch, feast
Schlemper {prop} :: surname
schlendern {vi} :: to stroll
Schleppe {f} :: train
schleppen {vt} :: to tow; to haul; to drag
schleppen {vt} :: to carry (something heavy); to hump
Schlepper {m} :: agent noun of schleppen
Schlepper {m} :: criminal individual who organises human trafficking or people smuggling
Schlepper {m} :: tugboat (boat used to pull barges or to help maneuver larger vessels)
Schlepper {m} :: platter lift (system for pulling skiers uphill, along the surface of the slope)
Schlepptau {n} :: towrope
Schlepptau {n} :: drag rope
Schlesien {prop} {n} :: Silesia (region)
Schlesier {m} :: Silesian
schlesisch {adj} :: Silesian
Schlesisch {n} :: Silesian (Lower Silesian, Silesian German)
Schleswiger {m} :: A person from Schleswig
Schleswig-Holstein {prop} :: Schleswig-Holstein
schleswig-holsteinisch {adj} :: Of or from Schleswig-Holstein
Schleswig-Holsteinische Frage {prop} [now historical] :: the Schleswig-Holstein Question
Schleuder {f} :: sling, slingshot
Schleuder {f} :: catapult
schleuderförmig {adj} :: slingshot-shaped, Y-shaped
Schleudergang {m} :: spin cycle
schleudern {vt} [auxiliary: “haben”] :: to hurl; to fling; to sling
schleudern {vt} [auxiliary: “haben”] :: to centrifuge; to spin
schleudern {vi} [of a car, auxiliary: “sein”] :: to skid
Schleudersitz {m} :: ejection seat; ejector seat
Schleudertrauma {n} :: whiplash
schleunig {adj} :: speedy, quick, rapid, prompt
schleunigst {adv} :: straight away
Schleuse {f} :: sluice
Schleuse {f} :: lock (water transport)
schleusen {vt} :: to bring something through a sluice
schleusen {vt} :: to smuggle
Schleuser {m} :: agent noun of schleusen
Schleuser {m} :: smuggler of people across borders
Schleuser {m} :: human trafficker
Schleuserin {f} :: smuggler (female) of people across borders
Schleuserin {f} :: human trafficker (female)
schlicht {adj} :: plain, simple, artless, natural
schlichten {v} [a dispute or argument] :: to settle, to mediate
schlichten {v} [metal or wood] :: to smoothen
schlichten {v} [Bavaria] :: to pile up
Schlichter {m} :: agent noun of schlich­ten; arbiter, mediator
schlichtweg {adv} :: simply
Schlick {m} :: silt (very fine kind of mud found at the ground and shore of some waters)
schliddern {v} :: to slide
schliefbar {adj} [Southern Germany, Austria, of caves, chimneys, pipes, etc.] :: just wide enough to crawl through
schliefen {v} [Southern Germany, Austria, otherwise archaic] :: synonym of schlüpfen
Schlieffen {prop} :: surname
schliefig {adj} :: doughy
Schlieper {prop} :: surname
Schlierbach {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Upper Austria, Austria
Schlierbach {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Baden-Württemberg, Germany
Schlierbach {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Lucerne, Switzerland
Schlierbach {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Upper Alsace
schließbar {adj} :: closable, lockable
schliessen {v} :: alternative spelling of schließen
schließen {vti} :: to shut; to close; to shut down
schließen {vti} :: to lock
schließen {vti} :: to conclude; to end; to close
schließen {vt} :: to come to (an agreement); to enter into (a relationship); to reach (a settlement)
schließen {vti} :: to gather; to conclude; to come to realize
Schließfach {n} :: safe-deposit box, locker, lockbox
Schließfach {n} :: post office box
schliesslich {adv} :: alternative spelling of schließlich
schließlich {adv} :: in the end, finally, eventually
schließlich {adv} :: after all
Schließung {f} :: closure (all senses)
Schließung {f} :: conclusion
schlimm {adj} :: bad
Schlimmbesserung {f} :: alt form Verschlimmbesserung
Schlinge {f} :: loop; noose
Schlinge {f} :: snare (trap using a loop)
Schlinge {f} :: sling (bandage for the arm)
Schlinge {f} [obsolete] :: sling (instrument for throwing)
Schlingel {m} :: scamp
schlingen {vt} :: to wind
schlingen {vt} :: to tie, knot
schlingen {vr} :: to wind, coil
schlingen {vr} [botany] :: to creep, twine
schlingen {v} :: to gobble, bolt
schlingern {v} [of a ship, car or other vehicle] :: to skid, to swerve, to fishtail, to roll (move in uncontrolled manner shaking from side to side)
schlingern {v} [of a person, e.g. a drunk one] :: to lurch
Schlins {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Vorarlberg, Austria
Schlips {m} :: necktie
Schlipsträger {m} [pejorative, metonymically] :: suit [formally dressed man]
Schlitten {m} :: sled; sledge; sleigh (any vehicle moving over snow or ice on parallel skids)
Schlittenfahrt {f} :: sleigh ride
Schlitters {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Tyrol, Austria
Schlittschuh {m} :: ice skate
Schlitz {m} :: slit, slash
Schlitz {m} :: groove
Schlitzauge {n} :: almond-shaped eye; Mongoloid eye; Asian eye
Schlitzauge {n} [pejorative, offensive] :: Chink; gook; slanteye (East Asian person)
schlitzäugig {adj} :: having almond-shaped eyes; having Mongoloid eyes; slant-eyed; slit-eyed
schlitzen {v} :: to slit
Schlitzrüssler {m} :: solenodon
Schlögl {prop} :: surname
schlohweiß {adj} :: snow-white
Schloss {n} :: lock
Schloss {n} :: castle (château, palace, not fortified)
Schloß {n} :: alternative spelling of Schloss
Schlosser {m} :: locksmith (male or of unspecified sex)
Schlosser {m} :: fitter, metalworker (male or of unspecified sex)
Schlosserei {f} :: locksmith's shop
Schlosserei {f} :: fitters shop, metalworking shop
schlossern {v} [colloquial] :: to do the job of a metalworker or fitter
Schlot {m} :: chimney (vertical tube or hollow column; a flue; smokestack of a steam locomotive; narrow cleft in a rock face)
Schlucht {f} :: canyon, chasm, gorge, ravine
schluchzen {v} :: to sob
Schluck {m} :: draught
Schluck {m} :: sip
Schluckauf {m} :: hiccup
schlucken {vti} :: to swallow
Schluckluder {n} [vulgar, offensive] :: woman who has oral sex with a man and swallows his semen
Schluckspecht {m} :: boozehound, drunk
schluderig {adj} :: sloppy
schludern {v} [colloquial] :: to skimp
Schluderns {prop} :: A municipality in South Tyrol
Schluff {m} [geology] :: silt (fine earth deposited by water)
Schluffen {m} [western Germany] :: house or bedroom slipper (shoe)
Schlummer {m} :: slumber
schlummern {vi} :: to sleep lightly or briefly; to doze; to slumber
Schlumpf {m} [comics, fictional character] :: smurf
Schlumpf {m} :: hoodie, hooded sweatshirt
Schlumpf {prop} {mf} :: surname
Schlund {m} [anatomy or figuratively] :: throat, maw
Schlupf {m} [nautical] :: slip
Schlupf {m} [technology] :: slip, slippage
schlüpfen {v} :: to slip (move quickly)
schlüpfen {v} :: to hatch
Schlüpfer {m} :: briefs, panties
Schlupfloch {n} :: loophole
schlüpfrig {adj} :: slippery, slick, greasy, slimy
schlüpfrig {adj} :: slippery, tricky, unstable, changeable
schlüpfrig {adj} [figuratively] :: risqué, salacious, scabrous
Schlupfwinkel {m} :: nook, corner
Schlupfwinkel {m} :: hideout, lair
schlurfen {v} :: to shuffle (walk without picking up one’s feet)
schlürfen {vti} :: to slurp; to sip loudly
Schluss {m} :: end, ending
Schluss {m} :: conclusion
Schluß {m} :: obsolete spelling of Schluss
Schlussantrag {m} [law] :: concluding opinion / final remarks and request for judgement (of a case)
Schlüssel {m} :: individual key
Schlüssel {m} :: short for certain compounds, such as Schraubenschlüssel (screw-wrench) or Notenschlüssel (clef)
Schlüsselbein {n} :: collar-bone
Schlüsseldienst {m} :: locksmith service
schlüsselfertig {adj} :: turnkey
Schlüsselkind {n} :: latchkey kid, latchkey child
Schlüsselring {m} :: keyring
Schlüsselrolle {f} :: key / pivotal role
schlussendlich {adv} :: finally, ultimately
schlussfolgern {v} :: to conclude
Schlussfolgerung {f} :: conclusion
Schlussfolgerung {f} [logic] :: implication
schlüssig {adj} :: conclusive
Schlussleuchte {f} :: taillight
Schluss machen {v} :: to break up [+ mit (object) = with]
Schluss machen {v} [colloquial] :: to be finished [+ mit (object) = with]
Schluss machen {v} [colloquial] :: to end it all, to commit suicide
Schlusspfiff {m} [sports] :: final whistle
Schlussstein {m} :: keystone
Schlussstrich {m} :: horizontal rule
Schlussstrich {m} [music] :: double bar line
Schlussverkauf {m} :: end-of-season sale
Schmach {f} :: disgrace
schmachten {v} :: to languish
schmachten {v} :: to pine
schmächtig {adj} :: lanky
Schmackes {m} [chiefly colloquial] :: power, force, vigour, especially when hitting or moving something heavy
schmackhaft {adj} :: tasty
schmafu {adj} [Austria] :: shabby, shameful
Schmäh {m} :: joke
Schmäh {m} :: humour
schmähen {v} :: To revile; mock; verbally abuse
schmähen {v} :: To blaspheme
schmählich {adj} :: shameful, ignominious, dishonorable
schmähstad {adj} :: speechless
schmal {adj} :: narrow
schmal {adj} :: small, slender
schmalbrüstig {noun} :: narrow-chested
schmälern {v} :: to reduce, to diminish
Schmalhans {m} [only in the expression mentioned below] :: someone who is miserly and avaricious
schmallippig {adj} :: tight-lipped
Schmalspur {noun} :: A narrow gauge. Some tramways and historic trains run on it
Schmalspurwichser {m} [vulgar, offensive] :: fucker, wanker
Schmaltz {prop} {n} :: alternative spelling of Schmalz
Schmalz {n} :: grease, lard
Schmalz {m} {n} [uncountable] :: schmaltz (excessively sentimental art or music)
Schmalz {prop} {n} :: surname famously held by:
Schmalz {prop} {n} :: Valentin Schmalz (1572–1622), German Socinian theologian
schmalzig {adj} :: schmaltzy
Schmand {m} :: thick, fermented (soured) cream; smetana, sour cream (with a high fat content)
Schmant {m} :: alternative form of Schmand
schmarotzen {v} :: to sponge, to freeload
schmarotzen {v} :: to be parasitic
Schmarotzer {m} :: parasite
Schmarotzer {m} [derogatory] :: freeloader
Schmatz {m} [colloquial] :: smacker, smackeroo, a loud kiss
schmatzen {vi} :: to make smacking or squelching sounds while chewing; to eat noisily or slurp in such a way
schmatzen {vi} [less common] :: to produce a smacking or squelching sound otherwise, e.g. of a kiss, wet soil, etc
Schmauch {m} :: dense smoke
schmauchen {v} :: to puff away at
Schmaus {m} [dated or humorous] :: feast
schmausen {v} [dated or humorous] :: to feast
schmecken {v} :: to taste
schmecken {v} :: to enjoy [the taste of something]
schmeckend {adj} :: tasting
schmeckend {adj} :: smacking
Schmeichelei {f} :: flattery
schmeichelhaft {adj} :: flattering
schmeicheln {vi} :: to flatter
schmeißen {vti} [or with mit] :: to throw; to fling; to hurl; to chuck; to slam
schmeißen {vt} [colloquial] :: to drop by accident
schmeißen {vt} [colloquial] :: to manage; to organize; to run
Schmeissfliege {f} :: alternative spelling of Schmeißfliege
Schmeißfliege {f} :: an insect of the family Calliphoridae: the blowfly
Schmelz {m} :: enamel
Schmelz {m} :: glaze, lustre
Schmelzbad {n} :: molten metal in a crucible
Schmelze {f} :: melt
schmelzen {vt} [auxiliary: “haben”] :: to melt; to liquefy
schmelzen {vt} [metallurgy, auxiliary: “haben”] :: to smelt; to fuse
schmelzen {vi} [auxiliary: “sein”] :: to melt; to liquefy
schmelzen {vi} [figuratively, auxiliary: “sein”] :: to dwindle; to melt away
Schmelzen {n} :: melting
schmelzend {adj} :: melting
schmelzend {adj} :: mellifluous
schmelzend {adj} :: languorous
Schmelzflocken {p} :: finely ground rolled oats / oatmeal that almost dissolves ("melts") in milk and is eaten as or added on top of breakfast cereal
Schmelzflocken {p} [colloquial] :: dandruff
Schmelzfluss {m} :: molten mass; flux
Schmelzflusselektrolyse {f} :: fused-salt electrolysis
schmelzflüssig {adj} :: molten
Schmelzkäse {m} :: processed cheese
Schmelzofen {m} :: furnace
Schmelzofen {m} :: smelter
Schmelzprozess {m} :: melting process
Schmelzpunkt {m} :: melting point
Schmelzpunkterniedrigung {f} [physics, chemistry] :: depression of the melting point
Schmelzsicherung {f} :: fuse (electrical safety device)
Schmelztemperatur {f} :: melting temperature
Schmelztiegel {m} :: melting pot
Schmelztopf {m} :: melting pot
Schmelzwärme {f} [physics] :: heat of fusion
Schmerle {f} :: loach
Schmerz {m} [chiefly plural] :: physical pain, ache (practically, as a sensation)
Schmerz {m} [chiefly singular] :: physical pain (theoretically, as a bodily mechanism or function)
Schmerz {m} [chiefly singular] :: emotional pain, sorrow, heartache
schmerzarm {adj} :: causing little pain
schmerzempfindlich {adj} :: sensitive to pain
schmerzen {v} :: to cause pain, to be painful, to ache or hurt
schmerzenvoll {adj} :: alternative form of schmerzvoll
schmerzfrei {adj} :: painless
schmerzhaft {adj} :: painful, doleful
schmerzlich {adj} :: painful, cruel
schmerzlos {adj} :: painless
Schmerzmittel {n} :: painkiller
Schmerztablette {f} :: painkiller tablet, pain pill
schmerzverzerrt {adj} :: distorted or contorted with pain
schmerzvoll {adj} :: painful
Schmetten {m} [Austria] :: cream
Schmetterling {m} :: butterfly (insect)
Schmetterling {m} :: butterfly (swimming stroke)
Schmetterlinge im Bauch haben {v} [idiom] :: to have butterflies in one's stomach (be in love or happy)
Schmetterlingsblütler {m} :: a plant of the Faboideae subfamily
Schmetterlingsbuntbarsch {m} :: ram cichlid, Mikrogeophagus ramirezi, a species of freshwater fish
Schmetterlingsfisch {m} :: a butterfly fish of the cichlid Pantodontidae family
Schmetterlingsfisch {m} :: a butterfly fish of the Chaetodontinae subfamily
Schmetterlingsraupe {f} :: butterfly caterpillar
schmettern {v} :: to smash
Schmid {prop} :: surname
Schmidt {prop} :: surname, equivalent to Smith in English
Schmied {m} :: smith
Schmied {m} :: blacksmith
Schmied {prop} :: surname, more often spelled Schmidt
schmiedbar {adj} :: malleable
Schmiede {f} :: forge (workshop), smithy
Schmiedeeisen {n} :: wrought iron
schmiedeeisern {adj} :: wrought-iron
Schmiedekunst {f} :: blacksmithing
schmieden {vt} :: to forge
schmieden {vt} [figuratively] :: to devise
Schmiedin {f} :: female smith
Schmiedin {f} :: female blacksmith
schmiegen {vr} :: to nestle up
Schmier {f} :: lubrication
Schmier {f} [slang] :: fuzz, pigs, etc. (police)
Schmierblatt {n} :: sheet of scratch paper
Schmiere {f} :: grease
Schmiere {f} :: goo, gunk
Schmiere {f} :: smear
Schmiere {f} :: cream, ointment
schmieren {v} :: to smear
schmieren {v} [bread] :: to butter
schmieren {v} :: to grease, to oil, to lubricate
schmieren {v} :: to bribe
schmieren {v} [colloquial] :: to scribble, to scrawl
Schmierfett {n} :: grease
Schmiergeld {n} :: lubrication payment, bribe
schmierig {adj} :: smudgy, mucky (covered with sticky dirt or fat residue)
schmierig {adj} [chiefly colloquial, usually of men] :: overtly polite, but with an underlying arrogance and possessiveness; oleaginous; unctuous
Schmiermittel {n} :: lubricant
Schmieröl {n} :: lubricating oil
Schmierpapier {n} :: scratch paper
Schmierstoff {m} :: lubricant
Schmierzettel {m} :: slip of scratch paper
Schminke {f} :: make-up
schminken {v} :: to put on make-up, to put on lipstick, to make one's face
schminken {v} :: to paint one's face
schmirgeln {v} :: to emery, to sand (abrade with sand or sandpaper)
Schmirgelpapier {n} :: sandpaper (paper coated with abrasive material)
Schmirn {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Tyrol, Austria
Schmitt {prop} :: surname
Schmitz {prop} :: surname
schmollen {v} :: to sulk, to pout
Schmorbraten {m} [, cooking] :: pot roast, braised meat
schmoren {v} :: to braise
Schmu {m} [colloquial] :: trick, cheat, fraud, corruption (in a clement tone)
schmuck {adj} [dated] :: pretty, spruce
Schmuck {m} :: jewelry
Schmuck {m} :: ornament, decoration
schmücken {vt} :: to adorn, to decorate
schmucker {adj} :: comparative of schmuck
Schmuckhandel {m} :: jewellery trade
Schmuckindustrie {f} :: jewellery industry
Schmuckstein {m} :: ornamental stone, gemstone
schmucksten {adj} :: superlative of schmuck
Schmuckstück {n} :: [piece of] jewellery
Schmuckwaren {fp} :: jewellery (as merchandise)
schmuddelig {adj} :: smudgy (soiled, especially with fat residue)
schmuddelig {adj} [weather] :: wet and cold
schmuddelig {adj} [films, books] :: mucky, pornographic
Schmuddelkind {n} [figuratively] :: pariah
Schmuggel {m} :: smuggling
schmuggeln {v} :: to smuggle
Schmuggler {m} :: smuggler
schmulen {v} :: to peek
schmunzeln {v} :: to smile in an amused and contented way
schmurgeln {v} [regional, northern and central Germany, of food] :: to be fried or baked slowly, making a sizzling sound
schmusen {v} :: to smooch
schmusen {v} :: to cuddle
schmusen {v} :: to fondle
Schmutz {m} :: dirt
schmutzig {adj} :: dirty, filthy, grimy
schmutzig {adj} :: shameless, obscene
Schnabel {m} :: beak, bill, pecker
Schnabel {m} [pejorative] :: mouth of a person
Schnabel {m} :: spout
schnabelförmig {adj} :: beaked
Schnabeltier {n} :: platypus, Ornithorhynchus anatinus
Schnabelwal {m} :: beaked whale
schnabulieren {v} [colloquial, humorous] :: to eat heartily; to indulge
schnabuliert {v} :: past participle of schnabulieren
schnacken {v} [colloquial, regional, northern Germany] :: to talk, to speak
Schnake {f} :: cranefly (Any of various large flies of the family Tipulidae)
Schnalle {f} :: anything that fastens and secures the position of something, clasp, frequently:
Schnalle {f} :: clasp on vestments, item fastened to a garment not without decorative functions, like or particularly a buckle of a belt
Schnalle {f} [Upper German] :: door handle
Schnalle {f} [mycology] :: clamp connection
Schnalle {f} [hunting, archaic] :: vulva of a wolf or fox
Schnalle {f} [derogatory, slang, men's speech] :: woman
Schnalle {f} :: harlot, hooker, strumpet
Schnalle {f} :: femoid, baggage, member of the other sex
schnallen {v} :: to fasten with a clasp
schnallen {v} [colloquial, juvenile] :: to grasp, to comprehend
Schnals {prop} :: A municipality in South Tyrol
schnalzen {v} :: To click (one's tongue)
schnalzen {v} :: To snap one's fingers
schnalzend {adj} :: clicking, snapping
Schnalzlaut {m} [phonetics] :: click
Schnappatmung {f} [medicine] :: Agonal respiration
Schnäppchen {n} :: a bargain; a cheap thing yet in good quality; something luckily seized/caught (see schnappen)
schnappen {v} :: to snap (with one’s mouth)
schnappen {v} :: to catch; to seize
schnappen {v} [colloquial] :: to nab (a criminal)
Schnapphahn {m} :: highwayman
Schnappschuss {m} [photography] :: snapshot
Schnaps {m} :: spirit, booze, hard liquor
Schnapsdrossel {f} :: boozehound
Schnapsidee {f} :: An impractical idea which seems brilliant when one is drunk
schnarchen {v} :: to snore
Schnarchralle {f} :: snoring rail
schnattern {v} [goose] :: to cackle
schnattern {v} [duck] :: to quack
schnauben {vi} :: to snort, to pant (to breathe loudly)
schnaufen {v} :: to snort, to pant (to breathe loudly)
schnaufen {v} [colloquial, regional, Austro-Bavarian] :: to breathe (in general)
schnäukig {adj} :: choosy about food
Schnauze {f} :: snout; muzzle
Schnauze {interj} :: shut up!
schnäuzen {v} :: to blow one's nose (to expel mucus from nose)
Schnauzer {m} :: alternative form of Schnäuzer
Schnäuzer {m} :: moustache
Schnecke {f} :: snail, slug
Schnecke {f} [slang] :: An attractive woman; chick
Schnecke {f} :: The cochlea in the inner ear
Schnecke {f} :: A screw or worm thread
Schnecke {f} [lutherie] :: scroll (the carved wooden spiral at the end of a stringed instrument's fingerboard)
Schnecke {f} :: pastry in the form of a snail
schneckenartig {adj} :: helical (snail-like)
Schneckenhaus {n} :: snailshell
Schneckenpost {f} :: snail mail
Schneckentempo {n} :: snail's pace
Schnee {m} [uncountable, meteorology] :: snow
Schnee {m} [uncountable, figuratively] :: snow (static on TV set etc.)
Schnee {m} [uncountable, slang] :: cocaine
Schneeball {m} :: snowball
Schneeball {m} :: viburnum, any shrub of the genus Viburnum
Schneeball {m} :: especially: Viburnum opulus, a shrub native to Europe; snowball bush, European cranberry
Schneeballschlacht {f} :: snowball fight
Schneeballsystem {n} :: pyramid scheme
schneebedeckt {adj} :: snow-covered
Schneebesen {m} :: whisk (kitchen utensil)
schneeblind {adj} :: snowblind
Schneeblindheit {f} :: snow blindness, photokeratitis
Schneeeule {f} :: snowy owl
Schnee-Eule {f} :: alternative form of Schneeeule
Schneefall {m} :: snowfall
Schneeflocke {f} :: snowflake (crystal)
schneefrei {adj} :: snow-free
Schneeglöckchen {n} :: snowdrop (plant)
schneeig {adj} :: snowy
Schneekanone {f} :: snow cannon, snowgun
Schneekette {f} :: snow chain
Schneekugel {f} :: snow globe
Schneemann {m} :: snowman
Schneemobil {n} :: snowmobile
Schneepflug {m} [vehicle] :: snow plow [US], snow plough [UK]
Schneepflug {m} [skiing] :: snowplow
Schneeräumer {m} :: snow plow [US], snow plough [UK]
Schneeregen {m} :: sleet
schneereich {adj} :: snowy
Schneereifen {m} :: snow tire, snow tyre
Schneeschaf {n} :: snow sheep, Ovis nivicola
Schneeschauer {m} [meteorology] :: snow shower
Schneeschaufel {f} :: snow shovel
Schneeschmelze {f} :: thaw
Schneeschuh {m} :: snowshoe
schneesicher {adj} :: snow-assured (of a winter sports location)
Schneesturm {m} :: snowstorm, blizzard
Schnee von gestern {noun} [idiom] :: water under the bridge
schneeweiß {adj} :: snow-white, pure white
Schneewittchen {prop} {n} :: Snow White (a German folktale)
Schneewittchen {prop} {n} :: Snow White (the main character of this tale)
Schneewittchen {n} :: a girl or woman with black or dark brown hair and pale skin
Schneeziege {f} :: mountain goat
schneidbar {adj} :: cuttable
schneidbarer {adj} :: comparative of schneidbar
schneidbarsten {adj} :: superlative of schneidbar
Schneidbrenner {m} :: blowtorch (for cutting metal)
Schneidbrett {n} :: chopping board, cutting board
Schneide {f} :: sharp edge
schneiden {vt} :: to cut; to carve; to slice
schneiden {vt} :: to pare; to clip; to mow; to prune; to trim
schneiden {vt} [driving, figuratively] :: to cut (someone) off; to cut in on (someone)
schneiden {vt} [film] :: to edit
schneiden {vtr} :: to intersect
schneiden {vr} :: to cut (oneself)
schneiden {vr} [colloquial] :: to delude (oneself); to become mistaken
schneiden {v} :: to avoid somebody (to cut someone)
Schneider {m} :: agent noun of schneiden
Schneider {m} :: tailor (male or of unspecified sex)
Schneider {m} :: cranefly
Schneider {prop} {mf} :: surname
Schneiderin {f} :: female tailor
Schneiderkreide {f} :: tailor's chalk (chalk-like material used for marking alterations on fabric)
Schneiderlein {n} :: diminutive of Schneider
Schneidersitz {m} :: sitting tailor-fashion (cross-legged seating position)
Schneidezahn {m} :: an incisor
schneidig {adj} :: dashing
schneidiger {adj} :: comparative of schneidig
schneidigsten {adj} :: superlative of schneidig
Schneidwerkzeug {n} :: cutter; edged / cutting tool
schneien {v} :: to snow
Schneise {f} :: a path cut into a location
Schneise {f} [forestry] :: aisle, swath, swathe
Schneise {f} [forestry] :: firebreak
Schneise {f} [aviation] :: corridor
Schneise {f} [dated] :: snare, sling, animal trap
schnell {adj} :: quick, fast
schnell {adv} :: quickly
schnell {adv} :: again; quick; used after a question to imply that one ought to know the answer
Schnellboot {n} :: fast attack craft
Schnelle {f} :: speed, velocity
schnelle Nummer {f} [sex] :: quickie
Schnellfeuergewehr {n} :: automatic rifle, assault rifle
Schnelligkeit {f} :: speed
Schnellkochtopf {m} [cookware] :: pressure cooker
Schnellkurs {m} :: crash course
schnelllebig {adj} :: fast-moving
Schnellrestaurant {n} :: fast-food restaurant
Schnellspanner {m} [bicycle part] :: quick release skewer, quick release clamp
schnellstmöglich {adj} :: as soon as possible
schnellwachsend {adj} :: fast-growing
Schnellzug {m} :: express train
Schnepfau {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Vorarlberg, Austria
Schnepfe {f} :: snipe (bird of the family Scolopacidae)
Schnepfe {f} :: woodcock
Schnepfe {f} [derogatory] :: unpleasant, unlikable woman
schneyden {v} :: obsolete spelling of schneiden
Schnickschnack {m} :: bric-a-brac, knick-knack
Schnickschnack {m} :: empty talk, chatter
Schnick Schnack Schnuck {n} :: Rock Paper Scissors (game)
Schniedel {m} [colloquial] :: willy (the penis)
schniegeln {v} :: to spruce up
schnieke {adj} [regional, chiefly Berlin] :: very elegant or chic
schnieke {adj} [regional, chiefly Berlin, by extension] :: great
Schnifis {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Vorarlberg, Austria
schnippen {v} :: to snap one's fingers
schnippen {v} :: to strike with a finger
schnippisch {adj} :: snappish (speaking in an irritable or angry way)
Schnipsel {m} :: scrap (small piece of paper, etc.)
Schnipsel {n} :: excerpt (small piece of text, audio, video, etc.)
Schnitt {m} :: cut
Schnittbrot {n} :: sliced bread
Schnitte {f} :: slice (of bread)
Schnittfläche {f} :: intersection
Schnittfläche {f} :: interface
Schnittkante {f} :: cutting edge
Schnittkäse {m} :: semihard / semisoft cheese
Schnittlauch {m} :: chive
Schnittlauch {m} :: chives
Schnittstelle {f} [software, UI] :: interface
Schnittstelle {f} [software, object-oriented] :: interface
Schnittstellenbeschreibungssprache {f} [software engineering] :: interface description language
Schnittstellendefinitionssprache {f} [software engineering] :: synonym of Schnittstellenbeschreibungssprache
Schnittstellentrennungsprinzip {prop} {n} [programming, object-oriented] :: interface segregation principle
Schnitz {m} [regional] :: piece, slice, segment
Schnitzel {m} {n} :: scrap (small piece of paper, etc.)
Schnitzel {n} :: cutlet (slice of filet meat)
Schnitzeljagd {f} [games] :: paperchase, hare and hounds
schnitzen {v} [wood] :: to carve
Schnitzer {m} :: carver
Schnitzer {m} :: blunder
Schnitzerei {f} :: carving
Schnitzwerk {n} :: carving
schnöd {adj} :: alternative form of schnöde
schnodderig {adj} :: brash, rude
schnoddrig {adj} :: alternative form of schnodderig
schnöde {adj} :: despicable, vile
Schnorchel {m} :: snorkel (underwater breathiing tube)
Schnorchel {m} :: submarine snorkel, snort
schnorcheln {v} :: to snorkel
Schnörkel {m} :: curlicue
Schnörkel {m} :: embellishment
schnörkellos {adj} :: simple, unfussy
Schnörkellosigkeit {f} :: the state of being without frills; straightforwardness
schnorren {v} :: to scrounge, sponge, cadge
Schnuckel {m} :: darling, sweetheart, baby
schnüffeln {vi} :: to sniff
schnüffeln {vi} :: to nose; to snoop, to sniff out (information)
schnüffeln {v} :: to sniff, to huff
Schnüffelstaat {m} :: surveillance state
schnullen {vt} [dialectal] :: to suck
Schnuller {m} :: pacifier, dummy
Schnullerbeißer {m} :: somebody that likes to drink sperm out of a condom. (a paraphilia)
schnupfen {v} :: to snort
Schnupfen {m} :: nasal congestion
Schnupfen {m} [by extension] :: cold (illness)
Schnupftabak {m} :: snuff
schnuppe {adj} :: worthless, unimportant
Schnuppe {f} :: shooting star
Schnuppen {m} [colloquial, regional, northern and central Germany] :: alternative form of Schnupfen
schnuppern {v} :: to smell, to nose, to sniff
Schnur {f} :: cord, string
Schnur {f} [chiefly colloquial] :: cable (electronic wire)
Schnur {f} [dialectal, otherwise obsolete] :: daughter-in-law
Schnürband {n} :: lace
schnüren {v} :: to lace
schnurgerade {adj} :: dead straight, straightway
schnurlos {adj} :: cordless
Schnurrbart {m} :: moustache
schnurrbärtig {adj} :: mustachioed
schnurren {v} :: to purr
schnurren {v} :: to produce a "healthy" sound (by an engine or mechanism, e.g. a well-maintained chain on a bicycle)
Schnurren {n} :: purr
Schnurren {n} :: the decent sound made by a technical system, like a good-maintained chain of a running bicycle
Schnurrhaar {n} :: whisker (of a cat or other animal)
Schnürsenkel {m} :: shoelace
schnurstracks {adv} :: straightway, straight, directly (going somewhere immediately and on the shortest way possible)
schnurz {adj} :: entirely unimportant
Schnute {f} [somewhat colloquial] :: pouting mouth
Schnute {f} [colloquial, colloquial] :: mouth (in general)
Schoah {prop} {f} :: the Shoah
Schober {m} :: stack
Schock {m} :: shock
Schock {n} :: A unitless measure indicating sixty (confer the English dozen, which indicates twelve)
schockieren {v} :: to shock
Schockzustand {m} :: state of shock
schofel {adj} :: paltry
schofelig {adj} :: vile, despicable
schofelig {adj} :: petty, stingy
Schöffe {m} [Germany, Austria and generally] :: a lay judge, an assistant judge
Schöffe {m} [Belgium, Luxembourg] :: a deputy mayor [for French échevin]
schoflig {adj} :: alternative form of schofelig
Schokolade {f} :: chocolate (food made from ground roasted cocoa beans)
Schokolade {f} [dated] :: cocoa drink
schokoladen {adj} :: chocolate (attributive)
Schokoladenfabrik {f} :: chocolate factory
Schokoladenkuchen {m} :: chocolate cake
Schokoladenpudding {m} :: chocolate pudding
schokoladig {adj} :: chocolaty, chocolatey
schokolieren {v} :: to coat or cover with chocolate
Schokoriegel {m} :: chocolate bar, candy bar
Scholastik {f} :: scholasticism
Schollach {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Lower Austria, Austria
Scholle {f} :: clod
Scholle {f} :: floe
Scholle {f} :: plaice
Schöllkraut {n} :: greater celandine (Chelidonium majus)
Scholz {prop} :: surname
Schomburgk-Ralle {f} :: ocellated crake [Micropygia schomburgkii]
schomma {adv} [colloquial, chat and text message slang] :: alternative spelling of schon mal
schon {adv} :: already (happening rather early, continuing rather long)
schon {adv} :: previously, before (at some time in the past; but not: before a certain event)
schon {adv} :: expresses that an action has been completed; already [but more frequent]; yet [in questions]
schon {adv} [modal particle] :: expresses a weighing of arguments, contrast between two statements, partial agreement, concession; admittedly; sure(ly); definitely; indeed
schön {adj} :: beautiful, lovely, pretty, handsome
schön {adj} :: good, great, splendid
schön {adj} :: nice, pleasant
schön {adv} :: well, beautifully
schön {adv} :: really
schön {adv} :: nicely
Schönbach {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Lower Austria, Austria
Schönbach {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany
Schönbach {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Saxony, Germany
Schöne {f} [obsolete] :: beauty, the quality of being beautiful
schonen {v} :: to spare
Schonen {prop} {n} :: Scania
schönen {v} :: to massage; to manipulate (data or a document) to make it more presentable, easier to work with, or to falsify it
schonend {adj} :: gentle, mild
schonend {adj} :: considerate
schonend {adj} :: indulgent
Schoner {m} :: A covering or device which something is protected by
Schoner {m} :: schooner
schönfärben {v} :: to whitewash, to window-dress
schöngefärbt {v} :: past participle of schönfärben
Schönheit {f} :: beauty, beautifulness
Schönheitsfehler {m} :: blemish
Schönheitsschlaf {m} :: beauty sleep, beauty rest
Schönit {m} [mineral] :: schönite
Schönlein {prop} :: surname
Schönling {m} [pejorative] :: pretty boy
schon mal {adv} [somewhat, colloquial] :: ever; before; already
schon mal {adv} [somewhat, colloquial] :: once in a while; at times; incidentally
schon mal {adv} [colloquial] :: used for emphasis
schonmal {adv} :: alternative form of schon mal
schönreden {vt} :: to embellish, to sugarcoat
Schönredner {m} :: clap speaker, rhetorician, spin doctor
Schönschrift {f} :: style of handwriting with (almost) perfectly formed letters
Schönschrift {f} :: elegant style of handwriting, calligraphy
Schönschrift {f} :: calligraphic font
Schonung {f} :: care, rest, treatment with care
Schonung {f} [forestry] :: young forest plantation
Schonungslosigkeit {f} :: ruthlessness
Schönwies {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Tyrol, Austria
Schonzeit {f} [hunting] :: closed season, close season
Schopf {m} :: tuft
schöpfen {v} :: to create
schöpfen {v} :: to draw (water or air, for example), scoop up
schöpfen {v} :: to derive
Schöpfer {m} :: creator
Schöpfer {m} [religion, Christianity, no plural] :: Creator
schöpferisch {adj} :: creative
Schöpfkelle {f} :: ladle (deep-bowled spoon with a long, usually curved, handle)
Schöpflöffel {m} :: dipper, ladle
Schopfpinguin {m} :: crested penguin
Schöpfung {f} :: creation
Schöpfung {f} [biblical] :: creation
Schöpfungsgeschichte {f} [religion] :: creation narrative
Schöpfungshöhe {f} [copyright] :: the threshold of originality, the measure of individual creativity and originality in intellectual work which determines if it may be copyrighted
Schöpfungstag {m} [biblical] :: one of the seven days of creation
Schoppen {m} :: (liquid measure, historically and regionally different, usually 0.4 - 0.5 liter)
Schoppen {m} :: pint, glass of beer, glass of wine
Schoppernau {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Vorarlberg, Austria
Schöps {m} [regional, eastern Germany, Austria] :: castrated ram
Schöps {m} [regional, eastern Germany, Austria] :: mutton
Schöps {m} [regional, eastern Germany, Austria] :: idiot; moron
Schorf {m} :: scab (incrustation over a wound)
Schorf {m} [now, chiefly colloquial] :: various kinds of scab-like skin disesases or conditions, such as scabies, scurf, dandruff
Schorf {m} [botany] :: scab
schorfig {adj} :: scabby, scaly
Schörl {m} [mineral] :: schorl
Schornstein {m} :: chimney
Schornsteinfeger {m} :: chimney sweep
Schornsteinfegerin {f} :: female chimney sweep
Schose {f} :: alternative spelling of Chose
Schoss {m} :: alternative spelling of Schoß
Schoß {m} :: lap (area between the waist and knees of a seated person)
Schoß {m} :: womb
Schoß {m} :: fold
schossfest {adj} [botany] :: resistant to bolting
Schoßhund {m} :: lap dog
Schote {f} :: pod; hull; husk
Schote {f} [colloquial] :: blunder
schotenförmig {adj} :: podlike
Schott {n} [nautical] :: bulkhead, baffle
Schott {n} [figurative, chiefly plural, often with dicht] :: gates, borders, limits
Schotte {m} :: Scot, Scotsman (male)
Schotter {m} :: gravel
schottern {v} :: to gravel
Schottin {f} :: female Scot, Scotswoman
schottisch {adj} :: Scottish
Schottisch-Gälisch {noun} :: Scottish Gaelic (the Gaelic language of Scotland)
Schottland {prop} {n} :: Scotland
Schottwien {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Lower Austria, Austria
schraffieren {v} :: to crosshatch (shade an area)
schräg {adj} :: oblique; slanted (neither parallel nor at a right angle to some implied line)
schräg {adj} [colloquial] :: strange; weird; awkward
Schrägbeziehung {f} [chemistry] :: diagonal relationship (of elements in the periodic table)
Schrägdach {n} :: sloping roof
Schrägschrift {f} :: italics
Schrägseilbrücke {f} :: cable-stayed bridge
Schrägstrich {m} :: slash (symbol)
Schramme {f} :: graze; scratch
Schrank {m} :: cabinet (storage closet either separate from, or built into, a wall), or [specifically]:
Schrank {m} :: cupboard (cabinet, often built into a wall, with shelves intended for storage)
Schrank {m} :: wardrobe, closet (cupboard or cabinet designed for storing clothes)
Schrank {m} :: bookcase (piece of furniture for the storage and display of books)
Schrank {m} :: locker (storage compartment with a lock)
Schranke {f} :: gate (barrier that can be pulled or moved up to allow passage)
Schranke {f} [by extension] :: a level crossing with such a gate
Schranke {f} [chiefly figurative] :: some other kind of barrier or limit
Schrankpapier {n} :: lining paper, shelf paper
Schrapnell {n} :: shrapnel
Schrattenbach {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Lower Austria, Austria
Schrattenberg {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Lower Austria, Austria
Schrattenthal {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Lower Austria, Austria
Schraube {f} :: screw
schrauben {v} :: to screw
Schraubendreher {m} :: screwdriver (tool)
Schraubensicherung {f} :: bolt locking mechanism
Schraubenzieher {m} :: screwdriver
Schraubklemme {f} :: screw terminal
Schraubklemme {f} :: spring clip
Schraubstock {m} :: vise, vice
Schraubverschluss {m} :: screw cap
Schraubzwinge {f} :: clamp (tool)
Schrebergarten {m} :: allotment (parcel of land where townspeople can grow vegetables or practice gardening as a leisure activity)
Schreck {m} :: fright
Schrecke {f} :: locust, grasshopper
schrecken {vt} :: to frighten, to scare
schrecken {vt} :: to intimidate or discourage, to deter
schrecken {vi} :: to wake or become alert with a start or scare [as from sleep or from being deep in thought]
Schrecken {m} :: fright
Schrecken {m} :: terror
schreckenerregend {adj} :: frightening, terrifying
schreckensblass {adj} :: pale because of fear
Schreckensherrschaft {f} :: reign of terror
schreckhaft {adj} :: jumpy
schrecklich {adj} :: awful, terrible, horrible
schrecklich {adv} :: awfully, terribly
schrecklicher {adj} :: comparative of schrecklich
Schrecklichkeit {f} :: awfulness, horror, horribleness, terribleness, frightfulness
schrecklichsten {adj} :: superlative of schrecklich
Schrecksekunde {f} [automotive] :: moment of shock
Schredder {m} :: shredder (machine)
Schrei {m} :: shout, cry, scream
Schrei {m} [figurative] :: cry
Schrei {m} [colloquial, idiomatic] :: craze
Schreibe {f} :: writing
Schreibe {f} :: (writing) style
schreiben {vt} :: to write, write out (to form the letters, words or symbols of)
schreiben {vt} :: to spell, spell out (to write or say the letters that form a word or part of a word)
schreiben {vi} :: to write (to form letters, words or symbols on a surface in order to communicate)
schreiben {vi} [of a book, etc.] :: to write, work (on) (to be an author)
schreiben {vi} :: to write (to) (to send written information, communication)
schreiben {vr} [impersonal] :: to write (to use for writing)
schreiben {vr} :: to write (to exchange correspondance)
schreiben {vr} :: to be spelled
schreiben {vr} :: to spell one's name
Schreiben {n} :: writing, letter
Schreiber {m} :: writer
Schreiber {m} :: clerk
Schreiber {prop} {mf} :: surname
schreibfaul {adj} :: lazy in writing letters (or in replying to them)
Schreibfeder {f} :: quill (pen)
Schreibfeder {f} :: nib
schreibgeschützt {adj} :: read-only
Schreibmaschine {f} :: typewriter [machine]
Schreibschrift {f} :: cursive; script (a font for handwriting, typically but not necessarily with letters joined together)
Schreibsekretär {m} [furniture] :: bureau, secretary
Schreibtisch {m} :: desk (table, frame, or case for the use of writers and readers)
Schreibtischfläche {f} :: desktop [top surface of a desk]
Schreibtischtäter {m} :: a mastermind; a person who arranges for (orchestrates) the commission of a crime without directly committing it
Schreibtischtäter {m} [in particular] :: an official who commands or authorizes by law some action which would otherwise be a crime; one who exploits their authority to allow another person to commit a crime
Schreibung {f} :: writing, printing
Schreibung {f} :: spelling
schreibungsabhängig {adj} [computer] :: case sensitive
schreibungsunabhängig {adj} [computer] :: case insensitive
Schreibweise {f} :: spelling
Schreibweise {f} :: notation
Schreibweise {f} :: (writing) style
schreien {vti} :: to shout; to yell; to cry; to scream; to howl
Schrein {m} [archaic] :: a wooden case or box; a cupboard (in general)
Schrein {m} [also, religion] :: an ornate case, typically but not necessarily wooden, to hold valuable things, especially relics
Schrein {m} [religion] :: a sanctuary, especially non-Christian, dedicated to some saint or deity
Schreiner {m} [chiefly western Germany, Southern Germany, Austria, Switzerland] :: joiner (maker of wooden furniture)
Schreinerei {f} [chiefly western Germany, Southern Germany, Austria, Switzerland] :: joinery
schreiten {vi} [formal] :: to stride; to step, to proceed
Schrems {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Lower Austria, Austria
Schrifft {f} :: obsolete spelling of Schrift
Schrift {f} :: font
Schrift {f} [mostly in the plural] :: writing (work of an author)
Schrift {f} :: hand, handwriting (characteristic writing of a particular person)
Schriftart {f} [typography, sensu stricto] :: typeface
Schriftart {f} [typography] :: font, font type
Schriftart {f} [typography] :: script (handwriting style)
Schriftdeutsch {prop} {n} :: written standard German (the standard variety of the German language which is used when writing)
schriftlich {adj} :: written
schriftlos {adj} :: unlettered
Schriftrolle {f} :: scroll
Schriftsprache {f} :: written language
Schriftsprache {f} [sociolinguistics] :: standard language
schriftsprachlich {adj} :: literary (of language)
Schriftsteller {m} :: author, writer
Schriftstellerin {f} :: authoress (female writer)
schriftstellerisch {adj} :: literary
Schriftstück {n} :: document
Schriftstück {n} [legal] :: writ
Schriftzeichen {n} :: character (of writing)
Schriftzug {m} :: logo
Schriftzug {m} :: legend (inscription)
schrill {adj} :: shrill
schrillen {v} :: to shrill
Schritt {m} :: step
Schritt {m} :: footstep
Schritt {m} :: crotch
Schrittfehler {m} [handball, basketball] :: travelling, traveling (violation committed by taking more steps than allowed while holding the ball)
Schritt für Schritt {adv} :: step by step
Schrittgeschwindigkeit {f} :: walking pace
Schrittgeschwindigkeit {f} [communications engineering] :: symbol rate
Schritttempo {n} :: walking pace
Schritt-Tempo {n} :: alternative spelling of Schritttempo
schrittweise {adv} :: step-by-step, step by step
Schröcken {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Vorarlberg, Austria
Schröder {prop} {n} :: surname
Schrödingergleichung {f} [physics] :: Schrödinger equation
Schrödingers Katze {noun} :: Schrödinger's cat
schroff {adj} :: steep
schroff {adj} :: gruff, bluff, harsh, rugged, brusque
Schroll {prop} :: surname
schröpfen {vt} [medicine] :: to bleed, to cup
schröpfen {vt} [figuratively] :: to bleed, to fleece, to milk (To take large amounts of money often by using tricks.)
Schrot {m} {n} :: crushed grain
Schrot {m} {n} :: small shot
Schrotflinte {f} :: shotgun
Schrotkugel {f} :: shot (metal bead)
Schrott {m} [usually, uncountable] :: scrap; junk (discarded material, especially metal)
Schrottanleihe {f} :: junk bond
schrotten {vt} :: to wreck, to make into scrap
schrottreif {adj} :: ready to be scrapped
Schrottwichteln {n} :: a variation of secret Santa where people try to give the most trashy/crappy gifts possible
Schrulle {f} :: quirk
Schrulle {f} :: quirky old woman
schrullig {adj} :: whimsical, quirky
schrumpeln {v} :: to shrivel (e.g. skin)
schrumpfen {vi} :: to shrink [auxiliary verb sein]
schrumpfen {vt} :: to shrink [auxiliary verb haben]
Schrumpfkopf {m} :: shrunken head
Schrumpfschlauch {m} :: heat shrink tube
Schrumpfung {f} :: shrinkage, contraction, diminution
schrundig {adj} :: chapped
schrundig {adj} :: cracked, cleft
Schruns {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Vorarlberg, Austria
Schtschi {m} :: shchi
Schub {m} [physics] :: thrust
Schub {m} [medicine] :: phase
Schub {m} [propulsion] :: drive
Schub {m} :: batch
Schub {m} [trading] :: push, shove
Schubert {prop} :: surname, notably of the Austrian composer Franz Schubert
Schubkarre {f} :: wheelbarrow
Schubkarren {m} :: alternative form of Schubkarre
Schubkraft {f} :: thrust
Schublade {f} :: drawer (open-topped box in a cabinet used for storing)
Schubladendenken {n} [idiomatic] :: stereotyped thinking [literally: drawer thinking]
Schubs {m} :: shove (an instance of shoving)
schubsen {v} :: to shove (push roughly)
schüchtern {adj} :: shy
Schüchternheit {noun} :: shyness
Schuft {m} :: scoundrel, villain
schuften {v} [colloquial] :: to drudge, toil
schuftig {adj} :: wretched, despicable
Schuh {m} :: shoe
Schuhanzieher {m} :: shoehorn
Schuhband {n} :: shoelace
Schuhcreme {f} :: shoe polish
Schuhcrème {f} [Switzerland] :: alternative spelling of Schuhcreme
Schuhgröße {f} :: shoe size
Schuhkrem {f} :: alternative spelling of Schuhcreme
Schuhkreme {f} :: alternative spelling of Schuhcreme
Schuhlöffel {m} :: shoehorn
Schuhmacher {m} :: shoemaker; cobbler (male or of unspecified sex)
Schuhmacher {prop} :: surname
Schuhspanner {m} :: shoe tree (to hold or stretch a shoe)
Schulabgang {m} :: departure from school
schulautonom {adj} :: (of a school) autonomous
Schulbuch {n} :: textbook
schulbuchmäßig {adj} [sports] :: textbook (attributive)
Schulbuchverlag {m} :: textbook publisher
Schulbus {m} :: school bus
Schuld {f} [usually plural] :: debt
Schuld {f} [no plural] :: fault
Schuld {f} [no plural] :: guilt
Schuld {f} [no plural] :: blame, responsibility
schuldbewusst {adj} :: guilty, conscious of guilt
Schuldeingeständnis {n} :: admission of guilt
Schuldeingeständnis {n} :: confession of guilt
Schuldeingeständnis {n} :: mea culpa
Schuldeingeständnis {n} :: guilty plea
schulden {vt} :: to owe
schulden {v} :: to be due to
Schuldenerlass {noun} :: the partial or total forgiveness of debt
schuldenfrei {adj} :: debtless
Schuldenschnitt {m} [finance] :: debt cut
Schuldgefühl {n} :: guilt; feeling of guilt; guilt pang
schuldig {adj} :: guilty, culpable, in debt
Schuldiger {m} :: culprit
Schuldiger {m} [biblical] :: culprit
Schuldkult {m} [neo-Nazi] :: "guilt culture"; derogatory term for the German Culture of Remembrance
Schuldner {m} :: debtor (a person or firm that owes money)
Schuldschein {m} [finance] :: A security similar to a bond in which a private placement is effected by a debt assignment rather than a promissory note
schuld sein {v} :: to be at fault
Schuldsumme {f} :: amount of debt
Schuldvertrag {m} :: debt contract
Schule {f} :: school (an institution dedicated to teaching and learning (especially before university); department/institute at a college or university; art movement; followers of a particular doctrine)
Schule {f} :: pod (group of whales or similar mammals)
schulen {v} :: to school
Schüler {m} [school] :: pupil, student, schoolboy or schoolgirl
Schüler {m} :: disciple
Schülerin {f} [school] :: a female pupil, student or schoolgirl
Schülerin {f} :: a female disciple
schulfrei {adj} :: free of teaching / lessons
Schulgebrauch {m} :: school use
Schulhof {m} :: schoolyard
schulisch {adj} :: scholarly
Schuljahr {n} :: school year
Schulkind {n} :: schoolchild
Schulleiter {m} :: rector, principal (headmaster of an educational institution)
Schulleiterin {f} :: A female director (principal, head, headmistress)
Schüller {prop} :: surname
Schulnote {f} :: mark, grade (score obtained at school)
Schultasche {f} :: schoolbag, bookbag, satchel
Schulte {prop} :: surname
Schulter {f} :: shoulder
Schulterblatt {n} :: shoulder blade
Schulterflecken-Ameisenwürger {m} :: band-tailed antshrike
Schulterhalfter {n} {f} :: shoulder holster
schultern {vt} :: to shoulder (to carry something on one's shoulders)
Schulterschluss {noun} :: shoulder-to-shoulder
Schultertasche {f} :: shoulderbag
Schulterzucken {n} :: shrug [of the shoulders]
Schultüte {f} :: A paper cone full of gifts that is given on the first day of school in Germany and nearby places in Central Europe
Schultz {prop} :: surname
Schulwart {m} :: caretaker (of a school)
Schulz {prop} :: surname
Schulze {m} [history] :: village headman, sheriff
Schulze {prop} {mf} :: surname
Schulzeit {f} :: schooldays
Schulzeugnis {n} :: report card
Schumacher {prop} :: surname
Schumann {prop} :: surname, notably of the German composer Robert Schumann
Schummelei {f} [colloquial] :: cheating
schummeln {vi} [somewhat, colloquial] :: to cheat (especially in games, but also in business, school, etc.)
Schummelzettel {m} :: cheat sheet (a sheet of paper used to assist on a test)
schummrig {adj} :: dim (poorly lit)
schunkeln {v} :: to swing [to music]
Schuppe {f} :: scale (keratin pieces covering the skin of certain animals)
Schuppe {f} :: piece of dandruff; and in the plural: dandruff
Schüppe {f} :: alternative form of Schippe
schuppen {vt} :: to scale (a fish)
schuppen {vr} [skin] :: to peel
schuppen {v} [regional, northern and central Germany, now, chiefly colloquial] :: to shove, to push, to hustle
Schuppen {m} :: shed
schuppenförmig {adj} :: scaly, imbricate, squamous
Schuppentier {n} :: pangolin
schuppig {adj} :: scaly
Schur {f} [of sheep] :: shearing, clipping
Schur {f} [agriculture: grass, hedges, etc.] :: clipping; mowing; trimming
schüren {v} :: to poke, stoke (to poke a fire to remove ash or promote burning)
schüren {v} [by extension] :: to stoke, stir up
schürfen {v} :: To prospect
schürfen {v} :: To dig up
schürfen {v} :: To graze (rub or scratch)
Schurke {m} :: villain, scoundrel
Schurkenstaat {m} :: rogue state
schurren {v} [regional] :: to scrape
Schurwolle {f} :: virgin wool
schurwollen {adj} :: made from virgin wool
Schürze {f} :: apron
Schürzenjäger {m} :: philanderer (habitual seducer of women), skirt chaser
Schuss {m} :: shot
Schuss {m} [colloquial, with haben] :: mild craziness
Schuss {m} [colloquial] :: (sexually) attractive person, usually female
Schuss {m} [colloquial] :: a narcotic injection
Schuß {noun} :: alternative spelling of Schuss
schussbereit {adj} :: ready to shoot or take a photograph
Schussel {m} :: scatterbrain
Schussel {m} :: butterfingers
Schüssel {f} :: bowl, platter
Schüssel {f} :: basin
Schüssel {f} [colloquial, telecommunications] :: clipping of Satellitenschüssel
schusselig {adj} :: scatty, scatterbrained
schussfertig {adj} :: synonym of schussbereit
schussfest {adj} :: bulletproof
schusslig {adj} :: alternative form of schusselig
schusssicher {adj} :: bulletproof
Schusswaffe {f} :: firearm
Schusswechsel {m} :: exchange of fire
Schuster {m} :: shoemaker, cobbler
Schuster {prop} :: surname
Schusterjunge {m} :: A cobbler's son, a shoemaker's son
Schusterjunge {m} :: A cobbler's apprentice, a shoemaker's apprentice
Schusterjunge {m} [Berlin dialect] :: A rye bread roll, rye roll, rye bun
Schusterjunge {m} [typography] :: An orphan, an orphaned word, an orphaned line
Schusterjunge {m} :: A special, traditional costume worn at the Cologne Carnival (German: Kölner Karneval)
Schutt {m} :: rubbish, rubble
Schuttcontainer {m} :: skip (large container for construction waste)
schütteln {vt} :: to shake
Schüttelreim {m} :: A combination of rhyme and spoonerism; poetic lines in which the last few syllables are the same except for some exchanged sounds
Schütteltanz {m} :: any dance that is largely based on shaking movements, chiefly of the upper part of the body, for example the Ethiopian eskista or the Harlem shake
schütten {v} :: to pour; of both liquids and solids
schütten {v} [colloquial, impersonal] :: to rain heavily
schütter {adj} :: scanty, thin
Schüttung {f} :: bed (area filled and levelled)
Schüttung {f} :: embankment
Schutz {m} :: protection
Schütz {n} [electrical engineering] :: contactor
Schutzbehauptung {f} :: false assertion, defensive lie, lie to cover oneself, self-serving declaration, attempt to justify one's behavior [an incorrect claim that someone makes to hide guilt in order to avoid negative consequences]
Schutzblech {n} :: fender, mudguard
Schütze {m} :: shooter
Schütze {m} :: archer, bowman
Schütze {m} :: rifleman
Schütze {m} [constellation, astrology] :: Sagittarius
schützen {vt} :: to defend; to protect; to shelter; to guard
schützen {vt} :: to cover
schützen {vr} :: to protect oneself
schützend {adj} :: protective, defending
Schützenfest {n} :: Schützenfest
Schützenfisch {m} :: archerfish, specifically banded archerfish
Schutzengel {m} :: guardian angel
Schützengraben {m} [military] :: trench
Schützenpanzer {noun} :: infantry fighting vehicle (IFV)
schützenswert {adj} :: worth protecting
Schutzgas {n} :: inert gas (in welding etc)
Schutzgasatmosphäre {f} :: protective atmosphere
Schutzgebiet {n} :: protectorate, dependency
Schutzgebiet {n} [environment] :: sanctuary, reserve
Schutzgeld {n} :: protection money
Schutzgelderpressung {f} :: protection racket
Schutzgruppe {f} [organic chemistry] :: protecting group
Schutzhaft {f} :: protective custody
Schutzhelm {m} :: hard hat
Schützit {m} [obsolete, mineral] :: synonym of Coelestin: celestine
Schutzkleidung {m} :: protective clothing
schutzlos {adj} :: defenseless
Schutzmann {m} :: a man who protects, outdated for policeman
Schutzmaßnahme {f} :: safeguard, precaution (safety measure)
Schutzschicht {f} :: protective layer / coating
Schutzschirm {m} :: shield, protective screen, protective umbrella
Schutzstaffel {f} :: Schutzstaffel, Schusta
Schutzstaffel {f} :: Schutzstaffel, SS
Schutzumschlag {m} :: dust jacket
Schutzwall {m} :: a protecting wall
Schutzwirkung {f} [chemistry, medicine] :: protective effect
Schwa {n} :: schwa
Schwabach {prop} :: Schwabach (independent city in Bavaria, Germany)
Schwabber {m} [nautical] :: scrubber, mop, swab, wherewith parts of the ship are wiped
Schwabber {m} [humorous, marine] :: epaulette
Schwabe {m} :: a (male) Swabian (person)
Schwabe {m} [Switzerland, pejorative] :: any (male) German
Schwaben {prop} {n} :: Swabia
Schwäbin {f} :: a female Swabian (person)
Schwäbin {f} [Switzerland, pejorative] :: any female German
schwäbisch {adj} :: Swabian, of or pertaining to Swabia
Schwäbisch {prop} {n} :: the Swabian lect
schwach {adj} [also grammar] :: weak
Schwäche {f} :: weakness
schwache Deklination {f} :: weak declension
Schwächegefühl {n} :: feeling of weakness
schwache Kernkraft {f} [physics] :: weak nuclear force
schwächeln {v} :: to weaken slightly
schwächen {vt} :: to weaken
schwächer {adj} :: comparative of schwach
schwache Wechselwirkung {f} [physics] :: weak interaction
Schwächezustand {m} :: state of weakness
Schwachheit {f} :: weakness, frailty, fatigue
Schwachkopf {m} [pejorative] :: idiot, jerk
schwächlich {adj} :: frail, sickly
schwächlicher {adj} :: comparative of schwächlich
schwächlichsten {adj} :: superlative of schwächlich
Schwächling {m} :: weakling
Schwachmat {m} [colloquial, pejorative] :: weakling, moron, chicken (weak, shy, cowardly, stupid or incompetent person)
Schwachmatikus {m} :: weakling
schwachsichtig {adj} :: weak-sighted, dim-sighted, visually impaired
Schwachsinn {m} :: nonsense
Schwachsinn {m} [medicine, dated] :: mental retardation
schwachsinnig {adj} :: halfwitted, feeble-minded, moronic
Schwachstelle {f} :: weakness, weak point
Schwachstelle {f} [technology or computing] :: vulnerability
schwächsten {adj} :: superlative of schwach
Schwächung {f} :: weakening, attenuation
Schwächung {f} :: impairment, enfeeblement
Schwade {mf} :: swath, windrow (row of cut grain or hay; both cut out herbage and the left empty space)
Schwade {mf} :: waft, cloud, plume
Schwaden {m} :: alternative form of Schwade
Schwadorf {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Lower Austria, Austria
Schwadron {f} [historical, military] :: squadron (the smallest unit of the cavalry)
schwadronieren {v} :: To talk in a voluminous and excited manner; to rant or ramble
schwafeln {v} :: to waffle
Schwager {m} :: brother-in-law
Schwager {m} [loosely] :: in-law; a fairly distant relative by marriage
Schwägerin {f} :: sister-in-law
Schwägerin {f} [loosely] :: in-law; a fairly distant relative by marriage
Schwalbe {f} :: swallow (bird)
Schwalbe {f} [sports, soccer] :: dive (deliberate fall, simulated foul)
Schwalbe {f} [aviation, military] :: a WWII Messerschmitt Me-262 jet-fighter
Schwalbenschwanz {m} :: swallowtail
Schwalbenschwanz {m} :: dovetail
Schwalbenschwanzzinne {f} :: notched merlon
Schwall {m} :: flood
Schwamm {m} :: sponge
Schwamm {m} :: fungus, mushroom, toadstool
Schwamm {m} [disease] :: morbid growth
Schwamm {m} :: dry rot
schwammartig {adj} :: spongy (having the structure of a sponge)
Schwammerl {n} [Austria] :: mushroom
schwammig {adj} :: pulpy, spongy
schwammig {adj} [figuratively] :: imprecise
Schwampel {f} :: a coalition in the German parliament consisting of the CDU, FDP, and the Green Party
Schwan {m} :: swan (male or of unspecified sex)
Schwan {m} [constellation] :: the constellation Cygnus
Schwanberg {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Styria, Austria
Schwanengesang {m} :: swan song (a final performance)
Schwanenjunges {n} :: cygnet
Schwanenstadt {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Upper Austria, Austria
schwanger {adj} :: pregnant (of humans)
schwanger {adj} [chiefly colloquial, sometimes frowned upon] :: pregnant, gravid (of animals)
schwanger {adj} [poetic] :: full of, laden with
Schwangere {f} :: expectant mother (pregnant woman)
schwängern {v} :: to impregnate (to cause to become pregnant)
Schwangerschaft {f} :: pregnancy
Schwangerschaftsabbruch {m} [originally, euphemistic] :: induced abortion
Schwänin {f} :: pen, swan (female)
schwank {adj} :: flexible, fluctuating
schwanken {vi} [auxiliary: “haben”] :: to fluctuate; to waver
schwanken {vi} [auxiliary: “haben”] :: to shake; to rock; to sway
schwanken {vi} [auxiliary: “sein”] :: to stagger
Schwankung {f} :: fluctuation
Schwanz {m} :: A tail
Schwanz {m} [colloquial, mildly, vulgar] :: a cock, a penis
Schwanz {m} [derogatory, of a person] :: A prick
Schwänzchen {n} :: diminutive of Schwanz
schwänzeln {v} :: to wag, wiggle
Schwänzeltanz {m} :: waggle dance (of bees)
schwänzen {v} [colloquial] :: to skip (school, work, etc., without permission); to truant; to play hooky (US); to wag (British slang); to skive
schwanzgesteuert {adj} [of a man] :: cock-driven (obsessed with sex)
Schwanzlutscher {m} [vulgar, offensive] :: cocksucker
Schwanzlutscherin {f} :: fellatrix
Schwanzstück {n} :: top sirloin (cut of beef near the tail)
Schwanzvergleich {m} :: dick-measuring contest (literally and figuratively)
schwären {vi} [elevated] :: to fester, to suppurate, to ulcerate and to hurt
Schwarm {m} :: swarm of insects; flock of birds; school of fish
Schwarm {m} :: crush; beloved; object of one’s (unfulfilled) love
schwärmen {v} [of birds and insects] :: to swarm; to fly in swarms or flocks
schwärmen {v} :: to romanticize; be given to romantic or mystic thoughts
schwärmen {v} [with für] :: to adore; fancy (to be romantically attracted by someone, often without making advances)
schwärmen {v} [with von] :: to gush; to rave about; to be enthusiastic about
schwärmen {v} [colloquial, with von] :: to praise highly; extol
Schwärmer {m} :: agent noun of schwärmen; enthusiast, zealot, extremist, sentimentalist, dreamer, visionary
Schwärmer {m} [moth] :: hawkmoth, sphinx moth, Sphingidae
Schwärmer {m} [firecracker] :: serpent, jumping jack
Schwärmerei {f} :: enthusiasm, rapture, fanaticism, ecstasy
Schwärmerin {f} :: female enthusiast, zealot, extremist, sentimentalist, dreamer, visionary
schwärmerisch {adj} :: enthusiastic
schwärmerisch {adj} :: infatuated
Schwarte {f} :: pork rind
Schwartz {prop} :: surname A spelling variant of Schwarz (black)
schwarz {adj} :: black, reflecting little or no light
schwarz {adj} [figurative] :: illegal
schwarz {adj} :: black, having a high amount of melanin in an organ, e.g. the skin
schwarz {adj} [politics, Germany] :: pertaining to the CDU or CSU (large center-right Christian Democratic parties, whose associated colour is black)
schwarz {adj} [of coffee] :: without milk
schwarz {adj} :: pertaining to Goth music or culture (called schwarze Szene (black scene) in German)
Schwarz {n} :: black (colour)
Schwarz {n} [heraldry] :: sable; black in heraldry
Schwarz {prop} :: surname Spelling variant: Schwartz
Schwarzach {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Vorarlberg, Austria
Schwarzach {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Baden-Württemberg, Germany
Schwarzach {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Bavaria, Germany
Schwarzafrika {prop} {n} :: sub-Saharan Africa
Schwarzarbeit {f} :: illicit work
schwarzarbeiten {vi} :: to moonlight (work illicitly)
Schwarzarbeiter {m} :: illicit or illegal worker, clandestine worker, undocumented worker [American], moonlighter [colloquial],
schwarzäugig {adj} :: black-eyed
Schwarzautal {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Styria, Austria
Schwarzbau {m} :: Illegally constructed building
Schwarzbier {n} [beverage] :: black beer
schwarzbraun {adj} :: very dark, blackish brown
Schwarzbrot {n} [regional] :: a synonym of Graubrot
Schwarzbrot {n} [regional, chiefly north-western Germany] :: a synonym of Pumpernickel
schwarzbunt {adj} [agriculture] :: having a black and white (splotchy) hide; piebald
Schwarzdrossel {f} :: blackbird (Turdus merula)
Schwarze {f} :: black woman
Schwärze {f} :: blackness, darkness, swarthiness
Schwärze {f} :: blacking
Schwärze {f} :: blackening
Schwärze {f} :: black
Schwärze {f} :: printer's ink
Schwärze {f} :: baseness, wickedness, atrociousness, heinousness
schwarze Johannisbeere {f} :: blackcurrant
schwarze Liste {f} :: blacklist
Schwarzenau {prop} {n} :: surname
Schwarzenau {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Lower Austria, Austria
Schwarzenau {prop} {n} [historical] :: Czerniejewo, Poland
Schwarzenbach {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Lower Austria, Austria
Schwarzenbach {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Bavaria, Germany
Schwarzenbach {prop} {n} :: Černava, Czechia
Schwarzenbach {prop} {n} :: Črna na Koroškem, Slovenia
Schwarzenberg {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Vorarlberg, Austria
Schwarzenberg {prop} {n} :: A town in Saxony, Germany
Schwarzenberg {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Lucerne, Switzerland
Schwarzenberg {prop} {n} [historical, archaic] :: Montenegro [name used during the era of the Austro-Hungarian Empire]
Schwarzenegger {prop} {mf} :: surname
Schwarzer {m} :: A black object or being
Schwarzer {m} :: [specifically] A black person, a person of naturally dark skin
schwärzer {adj} :: comparative of schwarz
Schwarzer Block {prop} {m} :: black bloc
Schwarzerde {f} :: chernozem, black earth
Schwarzerdegebiet {n} :: area where there is chernozem/black earth
Schwarzerden {prop} :: Schwarzerden, a municipality in the district of Bad Kreuznach in Germany
schwarzer Kaffee {m} :: black coffee
Schwarzer Peter {m} [card game] :: old maid
Schwarzer Peter {m} :: Black Peter
Schwarzer Peter {m} [metaphorical] :: buck, blame, responsibility, scapegoating, finger-pointing
Schwarzes Brett {n} :: bulletin board
Schwarzes im Auge {n} [colloquial] :: the pupil
Schwarzes im Auge {n} [colloquial, dated] :: the not white parts of the eye; the pupil and the iris
schwarzes Loch {n} :: black hole
Schwarzes Loch {n} :: alternative letter-case form of schwarzes Loch
Schwarzes Meer {prop} {n} :: Black Sea
schwarze Suppenschildkröte {f} :: black turtle, Chelonia agassizii
Schwarze Szene {f} :: literally "black scene", dark culture, the combined subcultures of gothic, darkwave, neofolk, industrial, electro, BDSM/fetish, metal and medieval
schwarzfahren {v} :: to use transportation without a valid fare
schwarzfahren {v} :: to drive without a valid license
Schwarzfahrer {m} :: fare dodger (one who uses public transportation without buying a ticket)
schwarzfeldrig {adj} [chess] :: dark-square, pertaining to or situated on a dark square
Schwarzfußkatze {f} :: black-footed cat [Felis nigripes]
schwarz-gelb {adj} [politics, Germany] :: pertaining to a coalition between the CDU/CSU (a large center right christian democratic party in Germany) and the FDP (a liberal and market-economy promoting political party in Germany)
Schwarzgeld {n} :: dirty money, illicit earnings
Schwarzgesicht-Ameisenwürger {m} :: black-crested antshrike
schwarzgrau {adj} :: very dark, blackish grey
Schwarzgrauer Ameisenwürger {m} :: blackish-gray antshrike
schwarz-grün {adj} [politics, Germany] :: pertaining to a coalition between the CDU/CSU (a large center right christian democratic party in Germany) and Bündnis 90/Die Grünen (the largest environmental party in Germany)
schwarzhaarig {adj} :: black-haired
Schwarzhandel {m} :: black-marketing
Schwarzhandgibbon {m} :: agile gibbon, black-handed gibbon (Hylobates agilis)
Schwarzkehl-Ameisenwürger {m} :: black-throated antshrike
Schwarzkiefer {f} :: European black pine, Austrian pine (any tree of the species Pinus nigra)
Schwarzkopf {m} [pejorative, offensive] :: wog (dark-haired foreigner, chiefly of North African, Middle Eastern, or Central Asian decent)
Schwarzkupfer {n} [mineral] :: black copper
schwärzlich {adj} :: blackish
Schwarzmarkt {m} :: black market
Schwarzmasken-Ameisenwürger {m} :: tufted antshrike
Schwarzmündige Bänderschnecke {f} :: grove snail
Schwarzpulver {n} :: black powder
schwarz-rot {adj} [politics, Germany] :: pertaining to a coalition between the CDU/CSU (a large center right christian democratic party in Germany) and the SPD (a large social democratic party in Germany)
schwarzrotgolden {adj} :: black, red, and gold, like the German flag
Schwarzschild {prop} :: surname
schwarzsehen {v} :: to be pessimistic
schwarzsehen {v} [television] :: to watch television without paying one's license
Schwarzseher {m} :: pessimist
Schwarzseher {m} [television] :: someone who watches television without paying their television licence
Schwarzseherei {f} :: defeatism, pessimism
Schwarzseherin {f} :: feminine noun of Schwarzseher
Schwarzspecht {m} :: black woodpecker (Dryocopus martius)
Schwärzung {f} [photography] :: density
Schwärzung {f} :: blackness
Schwärzung {f} :: redacting (replacing text with black areas)
Schwarzwald {prop} {m} :: Black Forest (mountainous region in southwestern Germany)
Schwarzwälder Kirsch {noun} :: synonym of Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte
Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte {f} :: Black Forest cake, Black Forest gâteau
Schwarzwasser {n} :: blackwater, waste water containing toilet remains
schwarzweiß {adj} [photography or film] :: black-and-white
schwarzweiß {adj} [idiomatic] :: black-and-white
Schwarzweißbild {n} :: black-and-white image, black-and-white photo
Schwarzweißdenken {n} [idiomatic] :: black-and-white thinking
Schwarzweißfilm {m} [film] :: black-and-white movie
Schwarzweißfilm {m} [photography] :: black-and-white film
Schwarzweißfotografie {f} :: black-and-white photography
Schwarzweißfotografie {f} :: black-and-white photo
Schwarzweißmalerei {f} [idiomatic] :: painting everything in black and white
Schwarzwurzel {f} :: black salsify (Scorzonera hispanica)
schwatt {adj} [colloquial, regional, Westphalia, Ruhrgebiet] :: alternative form of schwarz; particularly of a person: black-haired; black-skinned
Schwatz {m} :: chat
schwatzen {v} :: to babble, waffle, prattle
schwätzen {v} :: to babble (to talk much)
Schwätzer {m} :: windbag, babbler, prattler
Schwätzerin {f} :: feminine noun of Schwätzer
schwatzhaft {adj} :: talkative, garrulous, chatty
schwätzicht {adj} :: babbling, shattering
Schwaz {prop} :: A city in the Tyrol, Austria
Schwazer {m} :: A native or inhabitant of Schwaz
Schwazer {prop} :: surname
Schwebeablaut {m} [linguistics] :: floating ablaut, schwebeablaut (substitution of one root vowel for another)
schweben {v} :: to hover, to float
schweben {v} :: to soar
Schwebezustand {m} :: limbo, state of suspense
Schwebfliege {f} :: hover-fly, flower-fly
Schwechat {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Lower Austria, Austria
Schwechat {prop} {f} :: A river in Lower Austria, Austria
schwed. {adj} :: abbreviation of schwedisch
Schwede {m} :: Swede (Swedish person)
Schweden {prop} {n} :: Sweden
Schwedentrunk {m} :: a torture method consisting of forcibly pouring liquid into the victim's mouth
Schwedentrunk {m} :: The drink used in the torture
Schwedin {f} :: feminine noun of Schwede
schwedisch {adj} :: Swedish
Schwedisch {prop} {n} :: Swedish (language)
Schwedt {prop} :: surname
Schwefel {m} :: sulfur (chemical element, S, atomic number 16)
Schwefel {m} :: brimstone
schwefelähnlich {adj} :: sulfury / sulphury (similar to sulfur)
schwefelarm {adj} :: low-sulfur, low-sulphur
Schwefelbakterie {f} :: sulfur bacterium
Schwefelblüte {f} :: flowers of sulfur
Schwefeldampf {m} :: sulfur vapour / fumes
Schwefeldichlorid {n} [inorganic compound] :: sulfur dichloride
Schwefeldifluorid {n} [inorganic compound] :: sulfur difluoride
Schwefeldioxid {n} [inorganic compound] :: sulfur dioxide
Schwefelentfernung {f} :: sulfur removal (from petroleum etc)
schwefelgelb {adj} :: sulfur yellow
Schwefelhalogenid {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: sulfur halide
schwefelhaltig {adj} :: sulphurous / sulfurous (containing sulfur)
Schwefelhexafluorid {n} [inorganic compound] :: sulfur hexafluoride
Schwefelkohlenstoff {m} :: sulphuretted carbon (carbon disulfide)
Schwefelkreislauf {m} :: sulfur cycle
Schwefellagerstätte {f} :: sulfur deposit
Schwefelmonoxid {n} [inorganic compound] :: sulfur monoxide
schwefelorganisch {adj} [organic chemistry] :: organosulfur
Schwefeloxid {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: sulfur oxide
schwefelreich {adj} :: sulfur-rich
schwefelsauer {adj} [inorganic chemistry] :: sulfuric
Schwefelsäure {f} [inorganic compound] :: sulfuric acid
Schwefelsäurefabrik {f} :: sulfuric acid plant
Schwefelsäureherstellung {f} :: sulfuric acid production
schwefelsauren {adj} :: sulfated / sulphated
Schwefeltetrachlorid {n} [inorganic compound] :: sulfur tetrachloride
Schwefeltetrafluorid {n} [inorganic compound] :: sulfur tetrafluoride
Schwefeltrioxid {n} [inorganic compound] :: sulfur trioxide
Schwefelung {f} :: sulfurization
Schwefelverbindung {f} [chemistry] :: sulfur compound
Schwefelwasserstoff {m} [inorganic compound] :: hydrogen sulfide
schweflig {adj} [inorganic chemistry] :: sulfurous
schweflige Säure {f} :: sulfurous acid (the weak acid, H2SO3)
Schweif {m} :: tail (of animal, comet)
schweifen {v} [auxiliary: sein] :: to wander, to rove
schweifen {v} [auxiliary: haben] :: to curve
Schweigegeld {n} :: hush money
Schweigeminute {f} :: moment of silence
schweigen {vi} :: to be silent; to keep quiet
schweigen {vi} :: to stop talking; to shut up
Schweigen {n} :: silence (the lack of any sound)
Schweiger {m} :: man of few words (someone who rarely speaks)
Schweiggers {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Lower Austria, Austria
schweigsam {adj} :: silent (not speaking; indisposed to talk; speechless; mute; taciturn)
Schwein {n} :: swine, pig
Schwein {n} [pejorative] :: A dirty, or unethical person
Schwein {n} [often construed with haben] :: luck, good fortune
Schweinchen {n} :: diminutive of Schwein, piggy
schweinchenrosa {adj} :: piggy-pink
Schweinebraten {m} :: roast pork
Schweinefleisch {n} :: pork
Schweinegrippe {f} :: swine flu, H1N1 (influenza caused by orthomyxoviruses)
Schweinehirt {m} :: alternative form of Schweinehirte
Schweinehirte {m} :: swineherd, hogherd
Schweinehund {m} [pejorative] :: a term of offense, literally pig-dog; bastard
schweinekalt {adj} :: very cold
Schweinepriester {m} [pejorative, of a person] :: son of a bitch
Schweinerei {f} :: mess, nastiness, smutty business
Schweinerei {f} :: smut, filth, dirtiness
schweinern {adj} :: pork (attributive)
schweineteuer {adj} :: very expensive
Schweinfurt {prop} :: Schweinfurt (independent city in Bavaria, Germany)
Schweinfurter {m} :: Native or resident of Schweinfurt
Schwein haben {v} [idiomatic] :: To be lucky
Schweinhund {m} [rare] :: alternative form of Schweinehund
schweinisch {adj} :: filthy, dirty (sexual)
schweinisch {adj} :: like a pig
Schweinshaxe {f} [regional, Austro-Bavarian, cooking] :: pork knuckle
Schweiß {m} :: sweat
schweißbar {adj} :: weldable
Schweißbarkeit {f} :: weldability
Schweißdrüse {f} [anatomy] :: sweat gland
Schweißelektrode {f} :: welding electrode
schweißen {v} :: to weld
schweißen {v} [obsolete] :: to sweat
schweißen {v} [specialist, hunting] :: to bleed
Schweißen {n} :: welding
Schweißnaht {f} :: weld
Schweißstelle {m} :: weld (welded joint)
Schweißtechnik {m} :: welding technology
schweißüberströmt {adj} :: sweaty (literally "overflowing with sweat")
Schweißverfahren {n} :: welding process / technique
Schweiz {prop} {f} :: Switzerland (Swiss Confederation)
Schweizer {adj} :: from, of, or pertaining to Switzerland
Schweizer {m} :: Swiss person
Schweizer {m} :: Swiss Guard
Schweizer {m} :: milker, person who milks cows
Schweizer {m} :: (Catholic) sacristan
Schweizer {m} :: doorman
Schweizerdeutsch {n} :: Swiss German [the language]
Schweizerin {f} :: female Swiss
schweizerisch {adj} :: Swiss
schweizweit {adj} :: Swiss-wide (throughout Switzerland)
schwelen {v} :: to smoulder
schwelgen {vt} [dated] :: to eat or drink greedily
schwelgen {vi} :: to revel
Schwelle {f} :: threshold
Schwelle {f} :: railroad tie, railway sleeper
schwellen {vi} :: to swell up; to bulge
Schwellenland {n} :: newly-industrialized country; emerging economy
Schwellenpflug {m} [rail] :: railroad plow
Schwellenwert {m} :: threshold (of detection, or of a stimulus)
Schwellung {f} :: swelling
Schwemme {f} :: glut
Schwemme {f} :: a part of a beer hall with room for a large number of guests
Schwendau {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Tyrol, Austria
Schwengel {m} :: (bell)clapper
Schwengel {m} [vulgar] :: mentula
Schwenk {m} [photography] :: pan, tilt
Schwenk {m} :: swing, swivel, wheel (movement)
Schwenkbügel {m} :: swivelling handle
schwenken {vt} :: to wave; to brandish
schwenken {vt} :: to swivel (a lamp etc.)
schwenken {vti} :: to pan (a camera)
schwenken {vi} :: to swing
schwer {adj} :: heavy, weighty
schwer {adj} :: difficult, hard
schwer {adj} :: serious
schwer {adj} :: indigestible (food)
Schwere {f} :: heaviness
Schwere {f} :: severity
schwerelos {adj} :: weightless
Schwerelosigkeit {f} :: weightlessness
schwere Not {interj} :: alternative form of Schwerenot
Schwerenot {interj} [dated] :: A curse; an expression of aggravation or displeasure
schwerer {adj} :: comparative of schwer
schwerfallen {v} :: to be difficult
schwerfällig {adj} :: sluggish, clumsy, unwieldy
Schwergewicht {n} [boxing] :: heavyweight
schwerhörig {adj} :: hard of hearing
Schwerhörigkeit {f} :: hardness of hearing, hearing loss, deafness
Schwerin {prop} {n} :: Schwerin (independent city in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Germany)
Schwerindustrie {f} :: heavy industry
Schwerkraft {f} :: gravitation, gravity
schwerkrank {adj} :: very sick; very ill
schwerkriegsbeschädigt {adj} :: Severely war-injured
schwerkriegsbeschädigt {adj} :: Heavily war-damaged
schwerlich {adv} :: hardly
schwerlöslich {adj} :: slightly soluble (soluble with difficulty)
Schwerlöslichkeit {f} :: slight solubility
schwerlötig {adj} [obsolete] :: weighty, serious
Schwermetall {n} :: heavy metal (metal)
schwermetallfrei {adj} :: free of heavy metals
Schwermetallion {n} :: heavy metal ion
Schwermut {f} :: melancholy
schwermütig {adj} :: melancholic
Schweröl {n} :: heavy (fuel) oil
Schwerpunkt {m} :: center of mass
Schwerpunkt {m} :: center of gravity
Schwerpunkt {m} :: main point
schwerpunktmässig {adj} :: alternative spelling of schwerpunktmäßig
schwerpunktmäßig {adj} :: concentrating on main points
schwerpunktmäßig {adj} :: predominantly
schwerreich {adj} :: Very wealthy
Schwerspat {m} [mineral] :: barite / baryte
Schwerstbehinderter {noun} :: severely disabled person
schwerste {adj} :: superlative of schwer
Schwerstverletzter {noun} :: very critically injured person
Schwert {n} :: sword
Schwert {n} :: blade (of a chainsaw etc.)
Schwert {n} :: dorsal fin (of certain kinds of whales)
Schwert {n} [heraldiccharge] :: sword
Schwertberg {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Upper Austria, Austria
Schwertfisch {m} :: swordfish
schwertförmig {adj} :: sword-shaped
Schwertkampf {m} :: swordplay
Schwertlilie {f} :: iris
Schwertmannit {m} [mineral] :: schwertmannite
Schwertscheide {f} :: scabbard (sheath of a sword)
Schwertschlucken {n} :: sword swallowing
Schwertschlucker {m} :: sword swallower
schwertun {vr} [colloquial] :: to struggle [+ mit (object) = with]
Schwertwal {m} :: killer whale [Orcinus orca]
Schwerwasser {n} :: heavy water
Schwerwasserreaktor {m} :: heavy water reactor
schwerwiegend {adj} :: grave, severe
Schwester {f} :: sister
Schwester {f} [chiefly colloquial, short for Krankenschwester] :: nurse; by extension used to refer to any medical staff that is not a doctor (usually, but not necessarily, confined to female staff)
Schwester {f} :: nurse; used as a title of address for nurses
Schwester {f} [Christianity] :: sister; nun; used particularly, but not only, as a title of address
Schwesterchen {n} :: diminutive of Schwester; little sister
Schwesterherz {noun} [colloquial] :: sister, sis
schwesterlich {adj} :: sisterly, sororal
Schwestermodell {n} :: a model that has the same basis as another
schwieger- {prefix} :: -in-law
Schwiegereltern {noun} :: parents-in-law
Schwiegerelternteil {n} :: parent-in-law
Schwiegermutter {f} :: mother-in-law
Schwiegerschwager {m} :: alternative form of Schwippschwager
Schwiegerschwägerin {f} :: alternative form of Schwippschwägerin
Schwiegersohn {m} :: son-in-law
Schwiegertochter {f} :: daughter-in-law
Schwiegervater {m} :: father-in-law
Schwiele {f} :: callus
schwielig {adj} :: callous
schwielig {adj} :: difficult
schwierig {adj} :: difficult; hard; challenging
schwierig {adj} [of a person] :: difficult; prickly
schwieriger {adj} :: comparative of schwierig
Schwierigkeit {f} :: difficulty
schwierigsten {adj} :: superlative of schwierig
Schwimmbad {n} :: public pool, public swimming pool, baths, swimming bath
Schwimmbecken {n} :: swimming pool
schwimmen {vi} [auxiliary: “haben” or “sein”] :: to swim
schwimmen {vi} [auxiliary: “sein”] :: to float
schwimmen {vi} [colloquial, auxiliary: “sein”] :: to be flooded
Schwimmen {n} :: swim, the act of swimming
Schwimmer {m} :: float
Schwimmer {m} :: swimmer
schwimmfähig {adj} :: buoyant, floatable
Schwimmflügel {m} :: [swimming aid] armband, water wing
Schwimmhose {f} :: A pair of swimming trunks
Schwindel {m} :: swindle
Schwindel {m} :: dizziness, vertigo
schwindelerregend {adj} :: dizzying
schwindelfrei {adj} :: unafraid of heights
schwindelig {adj} :: dizzy (having a sensation of turning around)
schwindeln {vi} :: to tell harmless lies
schwindeln {vi} :: to make harmless trickeries
schwinden {vi} :: to dwindle (to decrease, shrink, vanish)
schwindend {adj} :: dwindling, waning, shrinking, declining
Schwindler {m} :: agent noun of schwindeln; swindler
Schwindsucht {f} [dated] :: tuberculosis, consumption
schwindsüchtig {adj} :: tubercular, consumptive
schwingen {vtr} [auxiliary: “haben”] :: to swing
schwingen {vt} [auxiliary: “haben”] :: to wave; to brandish
schwingen {vi} [physics, auxiliary: “haben”] :: to vibrate
schwingen {vi} [physics, auxiliary: “haben”] :: to oscillate
schwingen {vi} [auxiliary: “sein”] :: to swing
Schwingen {n} :: vibration, oscillation
Schwingen {n} [Switzerland] :: wrestling
Schwingen {f} [poetically, figuratively] :: (pair of) wings
Schwingung {f} :: oscillation
Schwingung {f} :: vibration, undulation
Schwingungsdämpfung {f} :: vibration damping
Schwingungszustand {m} :: oscillation state
Schwippschwager {m} :: co-brother-in-law: the brother-in-law of one's spouse; that is, the husband of one's sister-in-law (one's spouse's sister's husband), or, the brother of one spouse in relation to the siblings of the other spouse
Schwippschwager {m} :: co-brother-in-law: the brother of one's brother-in-law or sister-in-law; that is, one's sibling's spouse's brother (one's sister's husband's brother or one's brother's wife's brother)
Schwippschwägerin {f} :: co-sister-in-law: the siter-in-law of one's spouse; that is, the wife of one's brother-in-law (one's spouse's brother's wife), or, the sister of one spouse in relation to the siblings of the other spouse
Schwippschwägerin {f} :: the sister of one's sister-in-law or brother-in-law; that is, one's sibling's spouse's sister (one's brother's wife's sister or one's sister's husband's sister)
schwirren {v} [insect] :: to buzz
schwirren {v} [bird] :: to whirr
schwirren {v} [bowstring] :: to twang
schwirren {v} [arrow, bullet] :: to whiz
schwirren {v} :: to whirl around (in one's head)
Schwirrgerät {n} :: bullroarer
Schwirrholz {n} :: bullroarer
Schwirrvogel {m} [obsolete] :: hummingbird
schwitzen {vti} :: to sweat; to perspire (of living beings)
schwitzen {vi} :: to give off water (of things)
schwitzen {vi} [figuratively, with über + dative] :: to think hard; to work hard (on a mental task)
schwitzen {vi} [figuratively] :: to be in fear; to worry
Schwitzen {n} :: sweating
Schwoich {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Tyrol, Austria
schwören {vti} :: to swear; to take an oath
Schwuchtel {f} [pejorative, mildly vulgar] :: male homosexual; faggot, fairy, fruit, poof, queen [homosexual]
schwul {adj} [colloquial] :: homosexual/gay (of males)
schwul {adj} [pejorative, slang] :: having effeminate or flamboyant qualities; fruity, queer, swishy
schwül {adj} [weather] :: sultry, close, oppressive, muggy
schwulenfeindlich {adj} :: homophobic, anti-gay
Schwuler {m} :: gay man, homosexual
schwülstig {adj} :: pompous
schwülstig {adj} :: bombastic, grandiloquent
Schwung {m} :: momentum
Schwung {m} :: swing
Schwungrad {n} :: flywheel
schwungvoll {adj} :: jaunty, lively
Schwur {m} :: oath
Schwurgericht {n} :: court (with a jury)
Schwyz {prop} :: A town in Switzerland, the capital of the canton of Schwyz
Schwyz {prop} :: A canton of Switzerland
Schwyz {prop} [dialectal, Swiss] :: alternative form of Schweiz
Science-fiction {f} :: alternative spelling of Science-Fiction
Sciencefiction {f} :: alternative spelling of Science-Fiction
Science-Fiction {f} :: science fiction
Scientologie {f} :: Scientology
Scientology {noun} :: Church of Scientology
Scoop {m} [journalism] :: scoop
Scooter {m} :: bumper car
Scooter {m} :: scooter
Scratchen {n} [music] :: scratching
Screencast {m} :: screencast
Sczedrzik {prop} :: Sczedrzik, Szczedrzyk
s. d. {abbr} :: siehe dies, siehe dieses (which see)
s. d. {abbr} :: siehe dort (see there)
s.d. {abbr} :: nonstandard spelling of s. d.
Sd. {adj} :: abbreviation of sonder-
Sd.Kfz. {noun} :: abbreviation of Sonderkraftfahrzeug
Seaborgium {n} :: seaborgium
Séance {f} :: séance
Sebastian {prop} :: given name
Secharja {prop} [biblical character] :: Zachariah
sechs {num} :: six (numerical value represented by the Arabic numeral 6; or describing a set with six elements)
Sechs {f} :: six
Sechs {f} :: A failing grade in a class or course at school. The grades range from 1 (best) to 6 (worst)
sechsarmig {adj} :: six-armed
Sechseck {n} :: hexagon
sechseckig {adj} :: hexagonal, having six corners
Sechserpack {n} :: six-pack [set of six beverage cans or bottles]
sechsfach {adj} :: sixfold
sechsfach {adj} :: sextuple
sechsflüglig {adj} :: six-winged, hexapterous
sechshundert {num} :: six hundred
sechsköpfig {adj} :: six-headed
sechsmal {adv} :: six times
sechsmonatlich {adj} :: six-monthly (occurring once every six months)
sechsprozentig {adj} :: six-percent
Sechsring {m} [chemistry] :: six-membered ring
Sechsring {m} :: hexagon
sechssilbig {adj} :: hexasyllabic
sechsstellig {adj} :: six-figure
sechsstrahlig {adj} :: six-(jet)-engine
sechsstündig {adj} :: six-hour
sechste {ordinal num} :: sixth
sechstel {adj} :: sixth
Sechstel {n} :: sixth (fraction)
sechster Sinn {m} :: sixth sense
sechsthäufigste {adj} :: sixth most common / abundant
sechsundachtzig {num} [cardinal] :: eighty-six (86)
sechsunddreißig {num} [cardinal] :: thirty-six (36)
sechsundfünfzig {num} [cardinal] :: fifty-six (56)
sechsundneunzig {num} [cardinal] :: ninety-six (96)
sechsundsechzig {num} [cardinal] :: sixty-six (66)
sechsundsiebzig {num} [cardinal] :: seventy-six (76)
sechsundvierzig {num} [cardinal] :: forty-six
sechsundzwanzig {num} [cardinal] :: twenty-six
sechswertig {adj} [chemistry] :: hexavalent
sechswöchig {adj} :: six-week
Sechszylinder {m} :: an engine with six cylinders; six-cylinder engine
Sechszylinder {m} :: a car with a six-cylinder engine
sechzehn {num} [cardinal] :: sixteen
sechzehnfach {adj} :: sixteenfold
sechzehnhundert {num} :: sixteen hundred
sechzehnjährig {adj} :: sixteen-year
sechzehnte {ordinal num} [ordinal] :: sixteenth
sechzig {num} [cardinal] :: sixty
sechzigprozentig {adj} :: sixty-percent
sechzigste {ordinal num} [ordinal] :: sixtieth
Seckau {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Styria, Austria
Second-Class-Objekt {n} [programming, languages] :: second-class object
SED {prop} {f} [GDR, politics] :: the Sozialistische Einheitspartei Deutschlands, the Socialist Unity Party of Germany (the main political party in the German Democratic Republic)
sedezimal {adj} :: synonym of hexadezimal
sedieren {v} [medical, not generally understood] :: to sedate (tranquilize)
Sediment {n} :: sediment
Sedimentgestein {n} [geology] :: sedimentary rock
sedimentieren {v} :: To sediment
sedimentiert {v} :: past participle of sedimentieren
Sedimentschicht {f} [geology] :: layer of sediment
Sedisvakantismus {m} :: sedevacantism
See {m} :: lake
See {f} :: sea, ocean
See {f} :: sea, sea condition, swell
See {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Tyrol, Austria
Seeadler {m} :: white-tailed eagle (Haliaeetus albicilla)
Seeadler {m} :: sea eagle
Seeanemone {f} :: sea anemone
Seebeben {n} :: seaquake
Seebenstein {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Lower Austria, Austria
Seebestattung {f} :: burial at sea
Seefahrer {m} :: seafarer
Seefahrervolk {n} :: seafaring people
Seehafen {m} :: seaport (A town or harbour with facilities for seagoing ships to dock and take on or discharge cargo.)
Seeham {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Salzburg, Austria
Seehase {m} :: lumpsucker (scorpaeniform fish)
Seehase {m} :: sea hare
Seehecht {m} :: hake (fish)
Seehofer {prop} :: surname
Seehund {m} :: seal, especially the common seal or harbor seal, (Phoca vitulina, a type of pinniped, mammal living in the ocean)
Seeigel {m} :: sea urchin
Seekiefer {f} :: maritime pine (Pinus pinaster)
Seekiefer {f} :: Aleppo pine (Pinus halepensis)
seeklar {adj} :: seaworthy and ready to put to sea
seekrank {adj} :: seasick
Seekrankheit {f} :: seasickness
Seelachs {m} :: lit. "sea salmon" / "sea lox", a term invented by the fishing industry to enhance sales of the fish Köhler "pollock", Pollachius virens, which is not a salmon at all
Seeland {prop} {n} :: Zealand (Danish island)
Seeland {prop} {n} :: Zeeland, Zealand (Dutch province)
Seeland {prop} {n} :: Sealand (Principality of Sealand)
Seele {f} :: soul
Seele {f} :: mind, spirit
Seele {f} :: human being, soul
Seele {f} :: bore (of a gun)
Seele {f} :: swim bladder
Seele {f} :: core (of an electric cable)
Seele {f} [dated or colloquial] :: inhabitant (of a municipality)
Seelenfrieden {m} :: peace of mind
Seelenklempner {m} [colloquial] :: psychotherapist, shrink
seelenlos {adj} :: soulless
seelenruhig {adj} :: calm, placid
Seelentröster {m} :: comforter (a person who provides mental or emotional support to another)
Seelentröster {m} [humorous] :: stiffener, pick-me-up, bracer (as schnapps)
Seelentröster {m} :: security blanket, woobie (including teddy bears, etc.)
Seelentröster {m} :: soulmate
Seelentröster {m} :: comfort food
Seelenverkäufer {m} :: seller of souls
Seelenverkäufer {m} :: an unseaworthy boat or ship; a ship which is unsafe, dangerous to pilot (a floating coffin)
Seelenverwandte {f} :: female soulmate
Seelenverwandter {m} :: male soulmate
seelenvoll {adj} :: soulful
Seelenwanderung {f} :: reincarnation
seelisch {adj} :: mental, psychological
Seelöwe {m} :: sea lion
Seemacht {f} :: naval power
Seemann {m} :: sailor (worker on a ship)
Seemann {m} :: seaman
seemannssprachlich {adj} :: seaman's language (attributive)
Seemeile {f} :: nautical mile (nautical: a unit of measure equal to 1852 meters)
Seenot {f} :: distress at sea
Seeotter {m} :: sea otter, Enhydra lutris
Seepferdchen {n} :: sea horse
Seeräuber {m} :: pirate
Seeräuberei {f} :: piracy
Seerose {f} :: water lily
Seerose {f} :: sea anemone
Seerosenteich {m} :: water lily pond
Seescheide {f} :: sea squirt
Seeschiff {n} [nautical] :: seagoing vessel
Seeschifffahrt {f} [nautical] :: maritime shipping
Seeschlange {f} :: sea snake
Seeschlange {f} [mythology] :: sea serpent
seeschwäbisch {adj} :: Swabian from Lake Constance
Seeschwalbe {f} :: tern
seeseitig {adj} :: outlying (facing the sea)
Seeskorpion {m} :: shorthorn sculpin, short-spined sea scorpion, bull-rout, father-lasher, (Myoxocephalus scorpius)
Seestern {m} :: starfish
Seestück {n} [art] :: seascape (piece of art that depicts the sea or shoreline)
Seetang {m} :: seaweed
Seetang {m} :: kelp
Seetaucher {m} :: loon (bird of order Gaviiformes)
Seeteufel {m} :: sea-devil, allmouth, monkfish, anglerfish (Lophius piscatorius)
seetüchtig {adj} :: seaworthy
Seetüchtigkeit {f} :: seaworthiness
Seeungeheuer {n} :: sea monster
Seeungeheuer {n} :: lake monster
seewärtig {adj} :: seaward (toward the sea)
Seewasser {n} :: lake water
Seewasser {n} :: seawater
Seewolf {m} :: wolffish
Seezunge {f} :: sole (fish)
Segel {n} :: sail
Segelboot {n} [tourism] :: sailboat
Segelflugzeug {n} :: glider
segeln {v} :: to sail
Segelschiff {n} :: sailing ship
Segeltuch {n} :: canvas
Segen {m} :: blessing
segensreich {adj} :: beneficient, beneficial
Segler {m} :: sailor [amateur]
Segler {m} :: sailing ship
Segler {m} :: swift (bird)
Segment {n} :: segment
segmentieren {v} :: to segment
segnen {vt} :: to bless
Segner {m} [rare] :: agent noun of segnen; blesser
sehen {vi} :: to see; to look; to have sight
sehen {vi} [with nach] :: to take care (of something or someone); to make (something) happen; to see (to something); to look (after someone)
sehen {vt} :: to see (something); to view; to watch; to observe; to look at
sehen {vt} :: to notice; to perceive; to realize
sehen {vrt} [_, with a plural subject] :: to meet; to go to see
Sehen {n} :: "seeing"
sehenswert {adj} :: worth seeing
sehenswürdig {adj} :: worth seeing
Sehenswürdigkeit {f} :: something worth seeing, a sight, tourist attraction
Seher {m} :: [someone who foretells the future] seer
seherisch {adj} :: visionary
sehn {v} [colloquial, poetic, dated in formal prose] :: alternative form of sehen
Sehne {f} :: sinew (in the anatomical or general "string, cord" sense)
sehnen {vr} [usually with “nach ...”] :: to long (for ...)
sehnig {adj} :: wiry
sehnig {adj} :: sinewy, stringy
sehnlich {adj} :: eager, ardent, fervent
sehnlich {adj} :: devout
Sehnsucht {f} :: yearning, longing; pining
sehnsüchtig {adj} :: longing, wishful
sehnsüchtig {adv} :: longingly, wishfully
sehr {adv} :: very
sehr {adv} :: a lot, much
Sehstäbchen {n} :: rod (of the retina)
Sehvermögen {n} [ability to see] :: sight
Seibersdorf {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Lower Austria, Austria
Seibersdorf {prop} {n} [historical] :: Zebrzydowice, Poland
Seiche {f} [dialect, vulgar] :: urine, piss
Seiche {f} :: bullshit, nonsense, twaddle
seicht {adj} :: shallow (of water only)
seicht {adj} [figuratively] :: simple, light, having little depth (e.g. of a book)
Seide {f} :: silk
Seide {f} :: Any of several parasitic vines, of the genus Cuscuta, having small white flowers but no leaves
seiden {adj} :: silken
Seidenfaden {m} :: silk thread
Seidenfaden {m} [biology] :: silk filament
Seidenhemd {n} :: silk shirt
Seidenraupe {f} :: silkworm
Seidenschwanz {m} :: waxwing (songbird of genus Bombycilla)
Seidenschwanz {m} :: Bohemian waxwing (Bombycilla garrulus)
Seidenstraße {prop} {f} [history] :: Silk Road
seidig {adj} :: silky
Seidler {prop} :: surname
Seifart {prop} :: surname
Seife {f} [uncountable] :: soap (substance)
Seife {f} [countable] :: a piece of soap
Seife {f} [countable] :: a particular sort of soap
Seifenkraut {n} :: soapwort, any plant of the genus Saponaria
Seifenlagerstätte {f} [mining] :: placer deposit
Seifenoper {f} :: soap opera
Seifert {prop} {m} :: A German surname, derived from Siegfried
seifig {adj} :: soapy (taste of soap)
seiger {adj} :: vertical, perpendicular
seihen {v} :: to filter, to sift, to strain
Seil {n} :: rope, line, cord
Seilbahn {f} :: cable car, aerial tramway, gondola lift, ropeway conveyor
Seiler {m} :: ropemaker
Seiltanz {m} :: tightrope walking
Seiltänzer {m} :: tightrope walker
Seim {m} :: syrup
seimig {adj} [dated, literary] :: viscous; flowing only slowly
seimiger {adj} :: comparative of seimig
seimigsten {adj} :: superlative of seimig
sein {v} [with a predicate adjective or predicate nominative] :: to be
sein {v} [with a predicate adjective and an indirect object] :: to feel (to experience a certain condition)
sein {v} [auxiliary] :: forms the present perfect and past perfect tense of certain intransitive verbs
sein {vi} :: to exist; there to be; to be alive
sein {vi} [colloquial] :: to have the next turn (in a game, in a queue, etc.)
sein {vi} [child language] :: to be "it"; to be the tagger in a game of tag
sein {determiner} :: his
sein {determiner} :: its [agreeing with a neuter or masculine noun]
sein {determiner} :: one's
Sein {n} :: existence (the state of being, existing, or occurring)
seine Claims abstecken {v} [figuratively] :: to stake out one's claims
Seinemetropole {f} :: the metropolis on the River Seine: Paris
seinen Augen nicht trauen {v} [idiom] :: to not believe one's eyes
seinen Hut nehmen {v} [idiomatic] :: to resign; to quit (literally: "to take one's hat")
seinen Mann stehen {v} :: To stand one's ground
seinen Segen zu etwas geben {v} [idiom] :: to give one's blessing to
seinen Senf dazugeben {v} [idiomatic, colloquial] :: to add one's two cents (literally: "to add one's mustard")
seiner {pron} [personal] :: genitive of er, of him
seiner {pron} [personal] :: genitive of es, of it
seinerseits {adv} :: from him; on his behalf; as for him
seinerzeit {adv} :: then, at the time
seines {pron} [possessive, only in substantival use] :: nominative and accusative neuter of sein
seines {pron} [possessive, only in adjectival use] :: genitive masculine and neuter of sein
Seinestadt {f} :: the city on the River Seine: Paris
seinetwegen {adv} :: because of him, for his sake
seinetwegen {adv} :: as far as he is concerned (he doesn't mind if); for all he cares
sein Licht unter den Scheffel stellen {v} [idiomatic] :: to hide one's light under a bushel
seins {pron} [in substantival use only, chiefly colloquial, but accepted in writing] :: alternative form of seines
Seinsstufung {f} [philosophy, rare] :: gradation of different ways of being or existence
Seinsweise {f} [philosophy] :: "manner of being"
seismisch {adj} :: seismic
Seismograf {m} :: seismograph
seismografisch {adj} :: alternative form of seismographisch
Seismogramm {n} :: seismogram
Seismograph {m} :: alternative spelling of Seismograf
seismographisch {adj} :: seismographic
Seismologie {f} :: seismology
seismologisch {adj} :: seismologic, seismological
Seismometer {n} :: seismometer
seit {conj} :: since
seit {prep} :: since
seit {prep} :: for
Seitan {m} :: seitan, wheat gluten
seitdem {conj} :: since, ever since
seitdem {conj} :: since that
seitdem {adv} :: since
seitdem {adv} :: since then, since that time
Seite {f} [geometry and in general] :: a side; a bounding straight edge of a two-dimensional shape
Seite {f} [geometry] :: a face, side, surface of any three-dimensional object
Seite {f} :: a page; a single leaf of any manuscript or book
Seite {f} :: a side; one of the two surfaces of a sheet of paper
Seite {f} :: one side or half of something or someone
Seite {f} [figuratively] :: a certain aspect of a concept
Seite {f} [figuratively] :: a side, faction or group of competitors in a war, game, conflict or any other competitive situation in opposite to their opponents
Seite {f} :: the face of a coin or dice
Seite {f} [computing] :: a site, a website on the internet
Seiteneffekt {m} :: side effect
Seiteneingang {m} :: side entrance
Seitenfläche {f} [maths] :: side, face (of a geometric figure)
Seitenhieb {m} :: sideswipe
Seitenhieb {m} :: skit
Seitenhieb {m} [colloquial, figurative] :: potshot
Seitenhölgen {n} [religion, Moravian, diminutive] :: side hole, Jesus's side wound, object of religious admiration for early Moravians
Seitenlinie {f} [football] :: sideline, touchline
Seitensprung {m} :: affair, (instance of) infidelity: temporary, often sexual relationship with someone other than one's partner
Seitensprung {m} [dated] :: jump or hop to the side
Seitenstetten {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Lower Austria, Austria
Seitenwagen {m} :: sidecar
Seitenwinderklapperschlange {f} :: alternative spelling of Seitenwinder-Klapperschlange
Seitenwinder-Klapperschlange {f} :: sidewinder
seither {adv} :: since then
seitherig {adj} [archaic] :: hitherto
seitlich {adj} :: lateral
seitlich {adj} :: sideways
seitlich {adv} :: laterally
seitlich {adv} :: sideways
seitlich {adv} :: edgewise
seitlich {adv} :: edgeways
-seits {suffix} :: on the side of, from the side of
seitwärtig {adj} :: sideward (toward a side)
sekkant {adj} :: obnoxious, annoying
Sekret {n} :: secretion (substance that has been secreted)
Sekretär {m} :: Male secretary
Sekretär {m} [furniture] :: bureau, secretary
Sekretariat {n} :: secretariat
Sekretärin {f} :: female secretary
Sekretion {f} :: secretion
Sekt {m} :: sparkling wine
Sekte {f} :: cult (religious or ideological group practicing strict internal control and/or dissociation from society)
Sekte {f} [often avoided] :: sect (religious subgroup)
Sektion {f} :: section
Sektor {m} :: sector
sektoral {adj} :: sectoral
Sekundant {m} :: second (attendant of a duel or boxing match standing in for a contestant)
sekundär {adj} :: secondary
sekundär {adj} :: subsidiary
Sekundärlagerstätte {f} :: secondary deposit
Sekundärmineral {n} [mineralogy] :: secondary mineral
Sekunde {f} :: A unit of time; a second
Sekunde {f} :: A unit of angular measurement; a second
Sekunde {f} [music] :: An interval of 1 (kleine Sekunde) or 2 (große Sekunde) halftones
Sekundenbruchteil {m} :: split-second (fraction of a second)
sekundengenau {adj} :: accurate to the second
Sekundenkleber {m} :: instant adhesive; superglue
sekundenlang {adj} :: lasting for seconds, secondslong
Sekundenschlaf {m} :: microsleep due to fatigue especially while driving
sekundenschnell {adj} :: within seconds
sekündlich {adj} :: second-by-second
-sel {suffix} :: Creates nouns from verbs
Selan {n} [inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry] :: selane
selbe {pron} :: the same; weak form of selber
selber {pron} :: self, oneself, myself, himself, herself, itself, ourselves, yourselves, themselves
selber {pron} :: alone, on one's own, by oneself
selber {pron} :: the same; strong form of selbe
selbig {pron} :: the same
selbst {particle} :: personally, by oneself
selbst {adv} :: even
Selbstachtung {f} :: self-esteem
selbständig {adj} :: independent
Selbständigkeit {f} :: autonomy, independence
Selbständigkeit {f} :: self-reliance
Selbständigkeit {f} :: self-employment
Selbstanzeige {f} [law] :: A report to the authorities about a breach of law committed by oneself, especially to the tax authorities about a false or incomplete tax return
Selbstauslöser {noun} :: self-timer
Selbstbefriedigung {f} :: masturbation
selbstbestimmt {adj} :: self-determined
Selbstbestimmung {f} :: self-determination
Selbstbestimmungsrecht {n} :: right to self-determination
selbstbewusst {adj} :: self-confident, self-assured
selbstbewußt {adj} :: alternative spelling of selbstbewusst
Selbstbewusstsein {n} :: aplomb, self-assurance, self-confidence
Selbstbewusstsein {n} :: self-awareness
Selbstbewußtsein {noun} :: alternative spelling of Selbstbewusstsein
selbstbezüglich {adj} :: self-referential
Selbstbild {n} [psychology] :: self-image
Selbstdarstellung {f} :: self-portrait
Selbstdarstellung {f} :: self-representation
Selbstdisziplin {f} :: self-discipline
Selbstentfremdung {f} :: self-alienation, self-estrangement
selbstentzündlich {adj} :: self-igniting
Selbstentzündung {f} :: autoignition
Selbstentzündungstemperatur {f} :: autoignition temperature
selbsterfüllend {adj} :: self-fulfilling
selbsterfüllende Prophezeiung {f} :: self-fulfilling prophecy
Selbsterhaltung {f} :: self-preservation
selbsterklärend {adj} :: self-explanatory
Selbstfahrer {m} :: a person who drives his or her own vehicle, rather than being driven by a chauffeur
Selbstfahrer {m} :: an elevator that is operated by the passengers themselves, without the need for an elevator operator
Selbstfahrer {m} :: any vehicle that a physically disabled person can operate without assistance
Selbstfahrer {m} [dated] :: an automobile
selbstgebaut {adj} :: homemade; self-built
selbstgefällig {adj} :: complacent
selbstgefälliger {adj} :: comparative of selbstgefällig
selbstgefälligsten {adj} :: superlative of selbstgefällig
selbstgemacht {adj} :: self-made
selbstgemacht {adj} :: homemade
selbstgerecht {adj} :: self-righteous
Selbstgerechtigkeit {f} :: self-righteousness
Selbstgespräch {n} :: soliloquy
Selbstheirat {f} :: Marriage to oneself
Selbstheirat {f} [anthropology] :: Marriage within one's family or social group
selbstherrlich {adj} :: self-opinionated; autocratic, high-handed
selbstironisch {adj} :: self-deprecating (inclined to joke at one’s own expense, about one’s own faults)
selbstisch {adj} :: selfish
selbstklebend {adj} :: self-adhesive
selbstkritisch {adj} :: self-critical
Selbstlaut {m} [linguistics, phonetics] :: vowel
Selbstliebe {f} :: self-love
selbstlos {adj} :: selfless
Selbstmord {m} :: suicide
Selbstmordattentat {n} :: suicide attack
Selbstmordattentäter {m} :: suicide attacker; suicide bomber
Selbstmord begehen {v} :: commit suicide (to kill oneself)
Selbstmörder {m} :: suicide (male or of unspecified sex) (suicide victim, someone who commits suicide)
selbstmörderisch {adj} [extremely reckless] :: suicidal
selbstsicher {adj} :: self-confident
Selbstsicherheit {f} :: self-assurance
selbstständig {adj} :: independent
selbstständig {adj} :: self-employed
Selbstsucht {f} :: selfishness, self-interest, egoism
selbstsüchtig {adj} :: selfish
selbsttätig {adj} :: automatic
Selbstverkleinerung {f} :: self-dwarfing
Selbstverleugnung {f} :: self-denial
selbstverliebt {adj} :: narcissistic
selbstverständlich {adj} :: natural, self-evident
selbstverständlich {adj} :: granted
selbstverständlich {adv} :: naturally
Selbstverständlichkeit {f} :: naturalness, obviousness; matter of course
Selbstversuch {m} :: self-experimentation
Selbstverteidigung {f} :: self-defense, self-defence
Selbstvertrauen {n} :: self-confidence
Selbstverzwergung {f} :: self-dwarfing
Selbstwahrnehmung {f} :: introspection; self-awareness
Selbstwertgefühl {n} :: self-esteem
Selbstzensur {f} :: self-censorship
selbstzerstörerisch {adj} :: self-destructive
Selbstzerstörung {f} :: self-destruction
Selbstzerstörung {f} :: self-destruct
selbstzufrieden {adj} :: self-satisfied
Selbstzweck {m} :: end in itself
selchen {v} [south Germany, Austria] :: to smoke or cure (meat)
Selektion {f} :: selection
Selektion {f} :: screening (of candidates etc)
selektionistisch {adj} :: selectionist
selektiv {adj} :: selective
Selektivität {f} :: selectivity
Selen {n} :: selenium
Selenat {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: selenate
Selenatom {n} :: selenium atom
Selendefizit {n} [pathology] :: selenium deficiency
Selendioxid {n} [inorganic compound] :: selenium dioxide
Selendisulfid {n} [inorganic compound] :: selenium disulfide
Selengehalt {m} [mineralogy] :: selenium content
selenhaltig {adj} :: seleniferous
Selenhefe {f} :: selenium yeast
Selenhexafluorid {n} [inorganic compound] :: selenium hexafluoride
Selenid {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: selenide
selenig {adj} [inorganic chemistry] :: selenious, selenous
Selenit {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: selenite
Selenit {m} :: Selenite, Lunarian (inhabitant of the moon)
Selenit {m} [mineral] :: selenite
Selenmangel {m} [pathology] :: selenium deficiency
Selenmangelkrankheit {f} [pathology] :: selenium deficiency disease
Selenmineral {n} [mineralogy] :: selenium mineral
Selenmonoxid {n} [inorganic compound] :: selenium monoxide
Selenocystein {n} [organic compound] :: selenocysteine
Selenol {n} [organic chemistry] :: selenol
Selenologe {m} :: selenologist (male)
Selenologie {f} :: selenology
Selenologin {f} :: selenologist (female)
Selenomethionin {n} [organic compound] :: selenomethionine
Selenon {n} [organic chemistry] :: selenone
Selenophosphat {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: selenophosphate
Selenophosphatase {f} [enzyme] :: selenophosphatase
Selenoprotein {n} [protein] :: selenoprotein
Selenose {f} [pathology] :: selenosis
Selenoxid {n} [inorganic compound] :: selenium oxide
Selenphosphatsynthetase {f} [enzyme] :: selenophosphate synthetase
Selenquelle {f} :: source of selenium
selenreich {adj} :: selenium-rich
Selensalz {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: selenium salt
Selensäure {f} [inorganic compound] :: selenic acid
Selensulfid {n} [chemistry] :: selenosulfide
Selensupplementierung {f} :: selenium (dietary) supplementation
Selentrioxid {n} [inorganic compound] :: selenium trioxide
Selenunterversorgung {f} :: selenium (dietary) deficiency
Selenverbindung {f} [chemistry] :: selenium compound
Selenwasserstoff {m} [inorganic compound] :: hydrogen selenide
Selfie {n} [colloquial, mobile phones] :: selfie
Selfiestick {m} :: selfie stick
selig {adj} :: very or deeply happy; overjoyed
selig {adj} :: expressing such happiness; beatific
selig {adj} :: unworried; unanxious; tranquil
selig {adj} [chiefly Christianity] :: having been granted the eternal happiness of heaven
selig {adj} [Roman Catholicism] :: blessed (having been beatified)
selig {adj} [following mention of a dead person] :: short form of Gott hab ihn selig or Gott hab sie selig
seligsprechen {v} [Roman Catholicism] :: to beatify (declare someone a blessed, thereby allowing their veneration)
Seligsprechung {f} :: beatification
Selina {prop} :: given name
Sellait {m} [mineral] :: sellaite
Sellerie {f} :: celery (herb)
Sellrain {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Tyrol, Austria
selten {adj} :: rare, infrequent
selten {adj} :: unusual, curious
selten {adv} :: seldom; rarely
selten {adv} [chiefly colloquial, with adjective] :: unusually; extremely
Seltenerde {f} :: rare earth
Seltenerdmagnet {m} :: rare earth magnet
Seltenerdmetall {n} :: rare earth metal
Seltenheit {f} :: rarity
Seltenheit {f} :: scarcity
Seltenheit {f} :: curiosity
seltsam {adj} :: strange, odd
seltsamerweise {adv} :: strangely enough, curiously enough, oddly enough
Selz {prop} :: Seltz (Alsace)
Selzthal {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Styria, Austria
Semantik {f} :: semantics (study of the meaning of words)
Semantik {f} :: semantics (meaning of an individual word)
semantisch {adj} :: semantic
semantisch {adv} :: semantically
Semaphor {m} [computing] :: semaphore
semasiologisch {adj} :: semasiological
Semester {n} :: semester
semesterbegleitend {adj} :: semesterly (during a semester)
Semikolon {n} :: semicolon (a punctuation mark); used differently in German than in English
Seminar {n} :: seminar
Semiotik {f} [medicine, linguistics] :: semiotics (study of signs)
semiotisch {adj} :: semiotic (of or relating to semiotics or to semantics)
semitisch {adj} :: Semitic
Semitistik {f} :: Semitics
Semmel {f} [regional, chiefly Bavaria and Austria] :: bread roll
Semmelbrödchen {n} [obsolete, outside, dialects] :: alternative spelling of Semmelbrötchen
Semmelbrötchen {n} :: bun, roll
Semmelknödel {m} [dialect, Southeast German, cooking] :: bread dumpling
Semmering {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Lower Austria, Austria
Semriach {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Styria, Austria
Semsteranschrift {f} :: term-time address, the address of a student while engaged in a period of study set by an educational institution. Students may live away from home while at university in e.g. a hall of residence on or near campus, or they may live at home during term time, at the same address where they would live during holidays
Senat {m} :: senate
Senator {m} :: senator (member in the house or chamber of a legislature called a senate)
Senatsverwaltung {f} :: senate department
Sendegerät {n} [electronics] :: transmitter
senden {vti} :: to broadcast; to transmit
senden {vt} [chiefly literary] :: to send
sendend {v} :: Present participle of senden
Sender {m} :: agent noun of senden
Sender {m} :: sender
Sender {m} :: broadcaster
Sender {m} :: transmitter
Sendereihe {f} :: series, serial (especially on TV / radio)
Sendung {f} :: delivery (by a postal service)
Sendung {f} :: program (performance of a show or other broadcast on radio or television)
Sendung {f} :: transmission, broadcasting (broadcast of a radio or television programme)
Sendung {f} :: motivation, mission
Senegal {prop} {m} {n} :: Senegal (country)
Senegal {prop} {m} :: Senegal (river)
Senegalesin {f} :: female Senegalese
senegalesisch {adj} :: Senegalese
Senf {m} :: mustard
Senfgas {n} :: mustard gas, sulfur mustard
Senflöffel {m} :: mustard spoon
Senföl {n} :: mustard oil
Senfsoße {f} :: mustard sauce
Senftenbach {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Upper Austria, Austria
Senftenberg {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Lower Austria, Austria
Senftenberg {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Brandenburg, Germany
sengen {v} :: to singe
senil {adj} :: senile
Senilität {f} :: senility
Senior {m} :: father, senior, the elder (older of two close male relatives, especially with the same name)
Senior {m} [euphemistic, mostly in the plural] :: senior citizen, elderly person, older adult
Senior {m} [sports] :: adult
Seniorenheim {n} [especially, formal, officialese or euphemistic] :: retirement home, home for the aged
seniorentauglich {adj} :: suitable for the elderly
Senkblei {n} :: a mass of lead on a string used by masons to build straight walls
Senkbohrung {f} :: countersink
senken {v} :: to lower
Senkkasten {m} [engineering] :: caisson
senkrecht {adj} :: vertical (perpendicular to some roughly horizontal line, e.g. the surface of the earth)
Senkung {f} :: dip, reduction, lowering, drop, fall, descent
Sensation {f} :: sensation [widespread reaction of interest or excitement]
sensationell {adj} :: sensational
sensationslüstern {adj} :: attention-seeking
Sensationsmache {f} :: sensationalism
Sense {f} :: scythe
Sensenmann {m} :: The Grim Reaper
sensibel {adj} :: sensitive
Sensitivierung {f} :: sensitization
Sensor {m} :: sensor
sensuell {adj} :: sensual, erotic
sentimental {adj} :: sentimental
sentimentalisch {adj} :: sentimental, emotional
Sentimentalität {f} :: sentimentality
Seoul {prop} {n} :: Seoul (capital city)
separat {adj} :: detached, discrete, separate
Separation {f} :: separation
Separatismus {m} :: separatism
Separatist {m} :: separatist
Separee {n} [restaurant, etc.] :: private room (room accessible only to those who have reserved it)
Separee {n} [loosely] :: snug (freely accessible room which is somewhat secluded from the rest of the establishment)
Séparée {n} :: alternative spelling of Separee
separieren {v} :: to separate (divide (a thing) into separate parts)
sephardisch {adj} :: Sephardic
Sepiolith {m} [mineral] :: sepiolite
Sepp {prop} :: given name
Seppuku {f} :: seppuku, hara-kiri
September {m} :: September
septiert {adj} :: septate
Septillion {num} :: A long scale septillion, 1042; a short scale tredecillion
Septime {f} [music] :: An interval of 10 (kleine Septime) or 11 (große Septime) halftones
septisch {adj} :: septic
Septuaginta {prop} {f} :: Septuagint (Ancient Greek Bible translation)
sequentiell {adj} :: alternative form of sequenziell
Sequenz {f} :: sequence (series of musical phrases where a theme or melody is repeated)
sequenziell {adj} :: sequential
Sequester {m} [law] :: sequester (a person entrusted by the authorities to deposit the subject matter of a controversy between two or more parties)
Sequester {m} {n} [law] :: sequestration (the process of temporarily removing property from the possession of its owner to hold it as security against legal claims)
Sequester {m} {n} [medicine] :: sequestrum (a fragment of bone or other dead tissue)
Sequestrierung {f} [science] :: sequestration (capture/accumulation and storage of specific materials)
Sequestrierung {f} [law] :: sequestration, seizure (the act and process of removing property from the possession of its owner to hold it as security against legal claims)
Seraph {m} :: seraph (highest order of angels)
Seraphina {prop} :: given name, cognate to the English Seraphina
Seraphine {prop} :: given name, variant of Seraphina
seraphisch {adj} :: seraphic
Serbe {m} :: A (male) person of Serb descent
Serbien {prop} {n} :: Serbia
Serbien und Montenegro {prop} {n} :: Serbia and Montenegro
Serbin {f} :: Serb (person of Serb descent)
serbisch {adj} :: Serbian, Serb (pertaining to Serbia and Serbians)
Serbisch {n} :: the Serbian language
serbisch-montenegrinisch {adj} :: Of or from Serbia and Montenegro
serbokroatisch {adj} :: Serbo-Croatian (related to the language, in all three senses of the proper noun Serbo-Croatian)
Serbokroatisch {prop} :: Serbo-Croatian (language, in all three senses of the proper noun Serbo-Croatian)
Serenade {f} :: serenade (love song; instrumental composition)
Serfaus {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Tyrol, Austria
Sergej {prop} {m} :: A transliteration of the Russian male given name Серге́й.
serialisieren {v} [computing] :: to serialize
Serialisierung {f} [computing] :: serialisation
Serialnummer {f} :: serial number (unique number assigned to unit)
Serie {f} :: series (a number of things that follow on one after the other)
seriell {adj} :: serial
Serienausstattung {f} :: standard equipment
serienmässig {adj} :: alternative spelling of serienmäßig
serienmäßig {adj} :: standard
Serienmörder {m} :: serial killer
Serienmörderin {f} :: serial killer (female)
Seriennummer {f} :: serial number
Serienproduktion {f} :: batch / serial production
serienreif {adj} :: ready for serial production
serifenlos {adj} :: sans serif
Serin {n} [amino acid] :: serine (nonessential amino acid; CH2OH.CH(NH2)COOH)
seriös {adj} [of a, person] :: dignified, solemn
seriös {adj} [of an item] :: respectable; substantial [having good substance]
seriös {adj} [chiefly of or in business] :: respectable, reputable
seriös {adj} [of an, offer] :: serious; (which is) to be taken seriously
seriöser {adj} :: comparative of seriös
seriösesten {adj} :: superlative of seriös
Seriosität {f} :: respectability, seriousness, reliability
Sermon {m} [derogatory] :: a long, tedious speech
Sermon {m} [obsolete, Christianity] :: sermon (religious discourse)
Sernf {prop} {m} :: river in Glarus Süd, Switzerland
serotonerg {adj} :: serotonergic
Serotonin {n} :: serotonin
serpens {adj} [medicine, with Latin or Latin-like substantives] :: serpentlike
Serpentin {m} [mineral] :: serpentine
Serpentine {f} :: serpentine mountain road
Serpentinenstraße {f} :: serpentine mountain road
Serpentinit {m} :: serpentinite
Serum {n} :: serum
Serumspiegel {m} [pathology] :: serum level
Serval {m} :: serval (Leptailurus serval)
Server {m} [computing] :: server (a computer or software that provides services to other programs or users)
Serverlandschaft {f} :: server infrastructure
Serverzugriff {m} [computing, Internet] :: server access
Server-Zugriff {m} [computing, Internet] :: alternative form of Serverzugriff (server access)
Service {m} :: service (e.g. in a restaurant)
Service {n} [dishes] :: service, set
serviceorientierte Architektur {f} [computing, architecture] :: service-oriented architecture
servieren {v} :: To serve (food); to wait (at table)
Servierplatte {f} :: platter, serving dish
serviert {v} :: past participle of servieren
Serviette {f} :: napkin
Serviettenring {m} :: napkin ring
Servomotor {m} :: servomotor
servus {interj} [chiefly Southern Germany, Austria, colloquial] :: hello, hi
servus {interj} [ibid.] :: goodbye, bye, farewell
servus {interj} [as a toast] :: cheers
Sesam {m} :: sesame
Sesam öffne dich {phrase} :: open sesame!
Sessel {m} [chiefly Germany, Switzerland] :: armchair, easy chair (comfortable chair with supports for the arms or elbows)
Sessel {m} [chiefly Austria] :: chair (any item of furniture used for sitting by one person)
Sesselkonformation {f} [chemistry] :: chair conformation
sesshaft {adj} :: settled, resident, sedentary (living in one place; not nomadic)
seßhaft {adj} :: alternative spelling of sesshaft
Sesshaftigkeit {f} :: sedentism, sedentariness
Sesterz {m} {n} :: sestertius (Roman coin)
Sesterze {f} :: synonym of Sesterz
Set {n} :: place mat
Set {prop} {m} :: Set
Set {prop} {m} [biblical character, Protestant Bible] :: Seth
Set-Top-Box {f} [Denglisch] :: set-top box
setzen {vt} :: to set; to put
setzen {vr} [of a person] :: to sit down
setzen {vr} [of particles or contents] :: to settle
Setzling {m} :: seedling
Seuche {f} [archaic] :: disease
Seuche {f} :: epidemic
seufz {interj} [especially in Comics] :: alas
seufzen {vi} :: to sigh
Seufzer {m} :: sigh
SEV {abbr} :: abbreviation of Schienenersatzverkehr
Severin {prop} :: given name derived from Latin Severinus
Sevilla {prop} {n} :: Sevilla (city/capital)
Sex {m} :: sex (sexual intercourse)
Sexaffäre {f} :: sexual affair
Sexappeal {m} :: sex appeal
sexbesessen {adj} :: oversexed (obsessed with sex)
sexeln {v} :: To be sexually active, that is, to participate in some sexual activity
Sex haben {v} :: have sex (take part in a sexual act)
Sexismus {m} :: sexism
Sexist {m} :: sexist (person)
sexistisch {adj} :: sexist
Sexmonster {n} :: sex offender
Sexmonster {n} [colloquial] :: someone with considerable sexual prowess or a large sex drive
Sexperte {m} [jocular] :: sexpert
Sexpertin {f} [jocular] :: female sexpert
Sexshop {n} :: sex shop (a shop that sells sex toys, erotic lingerie, pornography etc)
Sexspiel {n} :: sex game
Sexspielzeug {n} :: sex toy
Sexsymbol {n} :: sex symbol (person with sexual ideals)
Sextant {m} :: sextant
Sexte {f} [music] :: An interval of 8 (kleine Sexte) or 9 (große Sexte) halftones
Sexten {prop} {n} :: A municipality in South Tyrol
Sextillion {num} :: A long scale sextillion, 1036; a short scale undecillion
Sextourismus {m} :: sex tourism
sexual {adj} [uncommon] :: sexual
Sexualisierung {f} [sexuality] :: sexualization
Sexualität {f} :: sexuality
Sexualkunde {f} :: sex education
Sexualmörder {m} :: sex murderer
sexuell {adj} :: sexual
sexuell {adv} :: sexually
sexuelle Orientierung {f} :: sexual orientation
sexy {adj} :: sexy
Seyal-Akazie {f} :: shittah
Seychellen {prop} {p} :: Seychelles
seychellisch {adj} :: Seychellois
seyn {v} :: obsolete spelling of sein
seyn {pron} :: obsolete spelling of sein
Sezession {f} [politics] :: secession
sezessionistisch {adj} :: secessionistic
Sezessionskrieg {m} [military, politics] :: a war of secession
Sezessionskrieg {prop} {m} [military history, politics] :: the American Civil War
sezieren {v} :: to dissect
s-förmig {adj} :: S-shaped
SGDI {prop} :: initialism of Sammlung der griechischen Dialekt-Inschriften
SGP {initialism} [Austria, economics] :: initialism of Simmering-Graz-Pauker AG
Shampoo {n} :: shampoo (product for washing hair)
Sheliak {prop} :: Beta Lyrae, a binary star system approximately 882 light-years away in the constellation Lyra
Sheriff {m} :: sheriff
Shetlandinseln {prop} :: Shetland Islands
Shiitake {m} :: shiitake
Shikimisäure {f} :: shikimic acid (shikimic acid)
shit happens {phrase} [colloquial] :: shit happens
Shitstorm {m} [chiefly Internet] :: shitstorm, outcry
shoppen {v} [colloquial] :: to shop
Shortcut {m} :: hotkey, shortcut
Shortlist {f} :: short list
Shorts {noun} :: shorts
Show {f} :: show, spectacle
Showmaster {m} :: host, compère, master of ceremonies
Siam {prop} {n} :: Siam
Siamese {m} :: Siamese (An inhabitant of Siam.)
siamesisch {adj} :: Siamese
siamesischer Zwilling {m} :: conjoined twin, Siamese twin (male or female)
Siamkatze {f} :: Siamese cat
Sibirien {prop} {n} :: Siberia (region of Russia)
sibirisch {adj} :: Siberian
Sibirische Fichte {f} :: Siberian spruce (any tree of the species Picea obovata)
Sibylle {noun} :: sibyl
Sibylle {prop} :: given name, cognate to Sibyl
sibyllinisch {adj} :: sibylline
sich {pron} [reflexive pronoun] :: Reflexive pronoun of the third person singular: herself, himself, itself, oneself (direct or indirect object)
sich {pron} [reflexive pronoun] :: Reflexive pronoun of the third person plural: themselves (direct or indirect object)
sich auf den Weg machen {v} :: to hit the road
sich auf den Weg machen {v} :: to head, to set forth
sich auf seinen Lorbeeren ausruhen {v} [idiom] :: to rest on one's laurels
sich aus den Fingern saugen {vr} [idiomatic] :: to think of something, to make up, to make up out of thin air, to invent (false stories, figures, etc.), to pull out of one's ass (fabricate a claim with no factual basis or evidence)
sich bei jemandem lieb Kind machen {v} [idiom] :: to curry favor
sich den Arsch aufreißen {v} [idiomatic, vulgar] :: to bust one's ass
sich den Kopf zerbrechen {adj} [idiomatic] :: rack one's brain
sich den Magen verderben {v} :: To get an upset stomach because of having eaten something bad
sich die Hörner abstoßen {v} [idiom] :: to sow one's wild oats (to spend a period of one's youth behaving irresponsibly)
sich ein Herz fassen {v} :: to pluck up courage
Sichel {f} :: sickle
Sichel {f} :: crescent (shape of the moon and some planets when partially illuminated)
sichelförmig {adj} :: crescent-shaped, sickle-shaped
Sichelmonat {m} [archaic] :: August
Sichelzellenanämie {f} :: sickle-cell disease
sicher {adj} :: safe
sicher {adj} :: secure
sicher {adj} :: certain
sicher {adv} :: safely
sicher {adv} :: surely, certainly
sichergegangen {v} :: past participle of sichergehen
sichergehen {v} :: to make sure
sichergestellt {v} :: past participle of sicherstellen
Sicherheit {f} :: certainty
Sicherheit {f} :: security
Sicherheit {f} :: safety
Sicherheitsabstand {m} :: safety clearance / distance
Sicherheitsanforderung {f} :: safety requirement
Sicherheitsdatenblatt {n} :: safety datasheet
Sicherheitsdienst {m} :: security service
Sicherheitsgurt {m} :: seat belt, safety belt
sicherheitshalber {adv} :: preventively
sicherheitshalber {adv} :: as a precaution
Sicherheitshinweis {m} :: safety precaution or advice / instruction
Sicherheitslücke {f} [computing] :: vulnerability, security hole, security bug
Sicherheitsnadel {f} :: safety pin, a pin, in the form of a clasp
Sicherheitsrat {m} :: UN Security Council
Sicherheitstechnik {f} :: safety engineering / technology
Sicherheitsventil {n} :: safety valve
Sicherheitsvertrauensperson {f} [Austria] :: trusted person for health and security issues in a company
Sicherheitsvorkehrung {f} :: security measure, safeguard
Sicherheitsvorschrift {f} :: safety regulation / rule
sich erkenntlich zeigen {v} [idiom] :: to show one's gratitude
sicherlich {adv} :: certainly
sichern {v} :: to secure
sicherstellen {v} [legal] :: to seize
sicherstellen {v} :: to ensure, to make sure, to guarantee
Sicherstellung {f} [legal] :: seizure, confiscation
Sicherstellung {f} :: securing
Sicherung {f} :: fuse (device preventing overloading of a circuit)
Sicherung {f} :: securing, safeguarding
sich etwas hinter die Ohren schreiben {phrase} [idiom] :: to commit something to memory
sich etwas unter den Nagel reißen {v} [idiom, colloquial] :: to take something that one doesn't own
sich gehen lassen {idiom} :: to let oneself go
sich geschlagen geben {v} [idiom] :: to admit defeat, to fold
sich in Luft auflösen {idiom} :: to vanish into thin air
sich nicht vom Fleck rühren {v} [idiom] :: stay put
Sicht {f} :: view
Sicht {f} :: sight
Sicht {f} :: visibility
sichtbar {adj} :: visible
Sichtbarkeit {f} [degree of being visible] :: visibility
Sichtbarkeit {f} :: visibleness
sichtbarlich {adj} :: visible
Sichtbereich {m} :: viewing area
Sichtbereich {m} :: field of vision
sichten {v} :: to sight
sichten {v} :: to sift, sort, winnow
sichten {v} :: to classify, sort over
Sichtfeld {n} :: field of view
Sichtgerät {n} :: monitor, terminal (display console)
Sichtkontakt {m} :: visual contact, intervisibility
sichtlaut {adj} [of a hunting dog] :: barking such that its position is known
sichtlich {adj} :: obvious
sichtlich {adj} :: visible
sichtlich {adv} :: obviously
sichtlich {adv} :: visibly
Sichtung {f} :: A sighting
Sichtung {f} :: A reviewing; examination; inspection
Sichtverhältnisse {np} [plurale tantum] :: visibility conditions
Sichtweise {f} :: standpoint
Sichtweite {f} [distance of sight] :: visibility
sich vom Acker machen {v} [idiomatic, colloquial] :: to clear off, to scram (literally: “to make oneself off of the field”)
sicken {v} [regional, colloquial, western Germany] :: to piss
sicken {v} [regional, colloquial, western Germany] :: to be annoyed; to be pissed off; to complain
sickern {v} :: to ooze
sickich {adj} :: alternative form of sickig
sickig {adj} [regional, colloquial, western Germany] :: annoyed, pissed off
siderisch {adj} :: sidereal (of or relating to the stars)
siderisch {adj} :: of or relating to iron
Siderit {m} [mineral] :: siderite
Siderium {prop} :: the Siderian
Siderose {f} [pathology] :: siderosis
sie {pron} :: she
sie {pron} :: it (when the object/article/thing/animal etc., referred to, is feminine (die))
sie {pron} :: they; them
Sie {pron} :: you (polite; singular and plural)
Sieb {n} :: sieve; colander; strainer (utensil used to separate solids from liquids or fine matter from coarse matter)
sieben {vt} :: to sift; to sieve
sieben {num} :: seven (numerical value represented by the Arabic numeral 7; or describing a set with seven elements)
Sieben {f} :: seven
Sieben {n} :: the act of sifting
Siebenbürgen {prop} {n} :: Transylvania
siebenbürgisch {adj} :: Transylvanian
siebeneckig {adj} :: heptagonal, having seven corners
siebenfach {adj} :: sevenfold
Siebenganggetriebe {n} :: a transmission with seven gears
siebenhundert {num} :: seven hundred
siebenjährig {adj} :: seven-year-old
Siebenkämpfer {m} :: heptathlete
Siebenkämpferin {f} :: female heptathlete
siebenmal {adv} :: seven times
Siebenmeilenstiefel {m} [folklore, fairy tales, often, plurale tantum] :: a seven-league boot (one of a pair of boots enabling the wearer to cross seven leagues at one stride)
siebenprozentig {adj} :: seven-percent
Siebensachen {fp} :: luggage; tools (items carried around e.g. when travelling)
Siebensachen {fp} [deprecative] :: stuff
Siebensachen {fp} [deprecative] :: belongings
Siebenschläfer {m} :: edible dormouse
Siebenschläfer {m} :: Seven Sleepers Day, June 27
Siebenschläfertag {prop} {m} :: Seven Sleepers Day
siebensilbig {adj} :: heptasyllabic
siebenstellig {adj} :: seven-digit
siebenstündig {adj} :: seven-hour
siebentägig {adj} :: seven-day, lasting seven days
siebente {ordinal num} [dated or regional, now chiefly eastern Germany] :: alternative form of siebte
sieben Todsünden {phrase} :: seven deadly sins
siebenundachtzig {num} [cardinal] :: eighty-seven (87)
siebenunddreißig {num} [cardinal] :: thirty-seven
siebenundfünfzig {num} [cardinal] :: fifty-seven (57)
siebenundneunzig {num} [cardinal] :: ninety-seven
siebenundsechzig {num} [cardinal] :: sixty-seven (67)
siebenundsiebzig {num} [cardinal] :: seventy-seven (77)
siebenundvierzig {num} [cardinal] :: forty-seven
siebenundzwanzig {num} [cardinal] :: twenty-seven
siebenwertig {adj} [chemistry] :: heptavalent
siebenwöchig {adj} :: seven-week
siebenzehn {num} [archaic] :: alternative form of siebzehn
siebenzig {num} [archaic] :: alternative form of siebzig
siebte {adj} [ordinal] :: seventh
siebzehn {num} [cardinal] :: seventeen
siebzehnfach {adj} :: seventeenfold
siebzehnhundert {num} :: seventeen hundred
siebzehnhundertste {adj} [ordinal] :: seventeen-hundredth
siebzehnjährig {adj} :: seventeen-year-old
siebzehnte {ordinal num} [ordinal] :: seventeenth
siebzig {num} [cardinal] :: seventy (70)
siebzigprozentig {adj} :: seventy-percent
siebzigste {ordinal num} [ordinal] :: seventieth
siech {adj} [literary] :: sick; ill; weak; frail; ailing; afflicted
siechen {v} [obsolete] :: to be sick
siedeln {vt} :: to introduce (an animal, wildlife etc.); to establish (an industry)
siedeln {vi} :: to settle [newly inhabit a place or region]
sieden {v} :: to simmer, seethe
sieden {v} :: to boil
siedend {adj} :: boiling, simmering, seething
Siedepunkt {m} :: boiling point
Siedetemperatur {f} :: boiling point (boiling temperature)
Siedewasserreaktor {m} :: boiling-water reactor
Siedler {m} :: settler [someone who settles in a new location]
Siedlung {f} :: settlement [a place or region newly settled]
Sieg {m} :: victory
Sieg {prop} {f} :: a river flowing into the Rhine through the Sauerland and the Oberbergische, 155 km long
Siegel {n} :: seal (the official pattern)
Siegel {prop} {mf} :: surname
siegen {v} :: to be victorious, to win
Siegendorf {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Burgenland, Austria
Sieger {m} :: agent noun of siegen; winner, victor
Siegerehrung {f} :: a ceremony honouring a winner at a sports competition, victory ceremony
Siegerjustiz {f} :: victor's justice
siegerländisch {adj} :: Of or from Siegerland
Siegert {prop} {m} :: given name
siegesbewusst {adj} :: certain of victory
siegesgewiss {adj} :: synonym of siegesbewusst‎
siegessicher {adj} :: confident of victory
Siegfried {prop} {m} [Germanic mythology] :: Siegfried
Siegfried {prop} {m} :: given name
Sieggraben {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Burgenland, Austria
sieghaft {adj} [archaic] :: victorious, triumphant
Sieghartskirchen {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Lower Austria, Austria
Sieg Heil {phrase} :: a greeting; literally "Hail, victory!"
Sieglind {prop} :: given name, variant of Sieglinde
Sieglinde {prop} :: given name, notably of the mother of Siegfried in German mythology
Siegmeister {prop} :: surname
Siegmund {prop} :: given name
siegreich {adj} :: victorious
siegreicher {adj} :: comparative of siegreich
siegreichsten {adj} :: superlative of siegreich
Siegtorschütze {m} :: soccer player who scores/scored the game-winning goal
siehe auch {phrase} :: see also
siehe da {interj} :: lo and behold!
siehste {contraction} [colloquial] :: contraction of siehst du
siehste {interj} [colloquial] :: you see?; didn't I tell you so?
Siel {m} :: The lock of a dike
Siel {m} :: A subterranean sewer
Siemens {n} [physics] :: siemens
Sierndorf {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Lower Austria, Austria
Sierning {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Upper Austria, Austria
Sierra Leone {prop} {n} :: Sierra Leone
sierra-leonisch {adj} :: Sierra Leonean
siezen {v} :: to address formally using the pronoun Sie
Siff {m} [colloquial] :: filth, dirt
Siff {m} [colloquial] :: nonsense, tosh
siffig {adj} [colloquial] :: very dirty, filthy
Sigel {n} [linguistics, stenography] :: siglum, a conventional abbreviation for a word or words
Sigelsuche {f} :: abbreviation or siglum search
Sigharting {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Upper Austria, Austria
Sigismund {prop} :: historical given name
Sigle {f} [linguistics, stenography] :: alternative form of Sigel
Sigleß {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Burgenland, Austria
Siglind {prop} :: given name, variant of Sieglinde
Siglinde {prop} :: given name, variant of Sieglinde
Sigma {n} :: sigma (Greek letter)
Sigmund {prop} :: given name, variant of Siegmund
Sigmundsherberg {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Lower Austria, Austria
Signal {n} :: signal
signalisieren {v} :: to signal
Signalleistung {f} :: signal power (the power of an electrical signal)
Signallicht {n} :: signal light
Signal-Rausch-Verhältnis {n} :: signal-to-noise ratio
Signaltransduktion {f} :: signal transduction
Signalübertragung {f} :: signalling
Signalübertragung {f} :: signal transmission / transduction
Signalweg {m} [physiology] :: signalling pathway
Signatur {f} :: signature (chiefly on paintings)
signieren {v} :: to sign (put a signature)
signifikant {adj} :: significant (having noticeable effect)
Signumfunktion {f} [mathematics] :: signum function
Sigrid {prop} :: given name
Sigrist {m} [Switzerland] :: sexton
Silage {f} :: silage
Silan {n} [organic chemistry] :: silane
Silbe {f} :: syllable
silbenbildend {adj} :: syllabic
Silbenschrift {f} :: syllabary
Silbenstrich {m} [music] :: A short vertical stroke through part of a staff to indicate a change of syllable in melismatic music
silbentragend {adj} :: syllabic
Silbentrennung {f} :: syllabification
Silber {n} :: silver (chemical element, Ag)
Silber {n} [heraldry] :: argent
Silberacetylid {n} [inorganic compound] :: silver acetylide
silberähnlich {adj} :: silvery (resembling silver)
Silberamalgam {n} :: silver amalgam
Silberanteil {m} [mineralogy, chemistry] :: silver content
Silberantimonglanz {m} [mineral] :: synonym of Miargyrit
Silberazid {n} [inorganic compound] :: silver azide
Silberbarren {m} :: silver bullion (silver bars)
silberbeschichtet {adj} :: silver-coated
Silberbeschichtung {f} :: silver coating
Silberbesteck {n} :: silverware; silver cutlery
Silberblech {n} :: silver plate
Silberbromid {n} [inorganic compound] :: silver bromide
Silberchalkogenid {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: silver chalcogenide
Silberchlorid {n} [inorganic compound] :: silver chloride
Silbercyanid {n} [inorganic compound] :: silver cyanide
Silberdraht {m} :: silver wire
silberempfindlich {adj} :: sensitive to silver
Silbererz {n} :: silver ore
Silberfaden {m} :: silver thread
Silberfarbe {f} :: silver colour
silberfarben {adj} :: silver-coloured, silvery
silberfarbig {adj} :: silver (having a color/colour like silver)
Silberfisch {m} :: silverfish
Silberfischchen {n} :: diminutive of Silberfisch
Silberfischchen {n} :: silverfish, slicker
Silberfolie {f} [colloquial] :: "silver foil", that is, aluminium foil [so called because it is generally silver-coloured]
Silberfolie {f} :: silver foil, silver leaf: thin foil of silver
Silberfulminat {n} [inorganic compound] :: silver fulminate
Silbergefäß {n} :: silver vessel
Silbergeflecht {n} :: silver mesh
Silbergehalt {m} [mineralogy, chemistry] :: silver content
Silbergeschirr {n} :: silver plate / dish
Silberglanz {m} [mineral] :: synonym of Argentit
Silberglanz {m} [mineral] :: synonym of Akanthit
silberglänzend {adj} :: silvery, shiny
silbergrau {adj} :: silver-grey
Silberhalogenid {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: silver halide
silberhaltig {adj} [mineralogy] :: argentiferous (silver-bearing)
Silberhochzeit {f} :: silver wedding
Silberhornerz {m} [mineral] :: synonym of Chlorargyrit
silberig {adj} :: silvery
Silberiodid {n} [inorganic compound] :: silver iodide
Silberion {n} :: silver ion
Silberkupferglanz {m} [mineral] :: synonym of Stromeyerit
Silberlachs {m} :: coho salmon, coho (Oncorhynchus kisutch)
Silberlagerstätte {f} :: silver deposit
Silberlegierung {f} :: silver alloy
Silberlot {n} :: silver solder
Silbermedaille {f} :: silver medal
Silbermineral {n} [mineralogy] :: silver mineral
Silbermöwe {f} :: The European Herring Gull (Larus argentatus)
Silbermünze {f} :: silver coin
silbern {adj} :: silver (having a color/colour like silver), silvern
silberne Löffel klauen {v} [idiomatic] :: to misconduct in a considerable and malevolent way, chiefly at the workplace
Silbernitrat {n} [inorganic compound] :: silver nitrate
Silbernitratlösung {f} :: silver nitrate solution
Silberoxid {n} [inorganic compound] :: silver oxide
Silberpapier {n} [colloquial] :: silver paper, that is, aluminium foil [so called because it is generally silver-coloured]
Silberpapier {n} :: silver paper: very thin sheet of silver
Silberpflege {f} :: care of silver (removal of black markings)
Silberplatte {f} :: silver platter
Silbersalz {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: silver salt
Silberschmuck {m} :: silver jewellery / ornament
Silberstandard {m} [economics] :: silver standard
Silberstreifen am Horizont {m} [idiomatic] :: light at the end of the tunnel [literally: a silver lining on the horizon]
Silbersulfat {n} [inorganic compound] :: silver sulfate
Silbersulfid {n} [inorganic compound] :: silver sulfide
Silbersulfidbelag {m} :: silver sulfide coating (on cutlery etc)
Silbertal {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Vorarlberg, Austria
Silberverbindung {f} [inorganic chemistry] :: silver compound
Silberwangen-Ameisenwürger {m} :: silvery-cheeked antshrike
Silberware {f} :: silverware
silberweiß {adj} :: silver-white
silbisch {adj} :: syllabic
silbrig {adj} :: silvery
silbrig {adj} :: bright, shiny, shimmering
silbriger {adj} :: comparative of silbrig
silbrigsten {adj} :: superlative of silbrig
silbrigweiß {adj} :: silvery-white
Silhouette {f} :: silhouette
Silicat {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: silicate
silicathaltig {adj} [geology, mineralogy] :: silicate-containing
silicatisch {adj} :: siliceous
Silicid {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: silicide
Silicium {n} :: alternative form of Silizium
Siliciumcarbid {n} [inorganic compound] :: alternative form of Siliziumcarbid
Siliciumdioxid {n} [inorganic compound] :: silicon dioxide
Siliciumhalogenid {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: silicon halogenide
siliciumhaltig {adj} :: alternative form of siliziumhaltig
Siliciumlegierung {f} :: alternative form of Siliziumlegierung
Siliciummonoxid {n} [inorganic compound] :: silicon monoxide
Siliciumnitrid {n} [inorganic compound] :: silicon nitride
Siliciumtetrachlorid {n} [inorganic compound] :: silicon tetrachloride
Siliciumtetrafluorid {n} [inorganic compound] :: silicon tetrafluoride
Siliciumwasserstoff {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: silicon hydride, silane
Silicon {n} [organic chemistry] :: silicone
Silikat {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: silicate
silikatisch {adj} :: siliceous
silikatreich {adj} [mineralogy, geology] :: silicate-rich
Silikon {n} [organic chemistry] :: silicone
silikonisiert {adj} :: siliconized
Silizium {n} :: silicon
Siliziumcarbid {n} [inorganic compound] :: silicon carbide
siliziumhaltig {adj} :: silicon-containing
Siliziumlegierung {f} :: silicon alloy
Siliziumsulfid {n} [inorganic compound] :: silicon sulfide
Silke {prop} :: given name, a Low German and Frisian diminutive of Cäcilie ( = Cecilia)
Sillian {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Tyrol, Austria
Sillimanit {m} [mineral] :: sillimanite
Silo {m} {n} :: silo
Silum {prop} {n} :: A village in Triesenberg, Liechtenstein
Silur {prop} :: the Silurian
Silvaner {prop} :: Silvaner (A variety of white wine grape, grown primarily in Germany and Alsace.)
Silvaner {prop} :: Silvaner (A white wine made from this grape)
Silver Goal {n} [football] :: silver goal
Silvester {n} :: New Year's Eve
Silvester {prop} {m} :: given name
Silvia {prop} :: given name
Simbabwe {prop} {n} :: Zimbabwe
simbabwisch {adj} :: Zimbabwean
similär {adj} :: similar
SIM-Karte {f} [mobile phones] :: SIM card
Simmering {prop} :: 11th district of Vienna, Austria,
Simon {prop} :: Simon (biblical figure)
Simon {prop} :: given name
Simon {prop} :: surname
Simone {prop} :: given name of French origin
Simonie {f} :: simony (act of buying and selling ecclesiastical offices and pardons)
simpel {adj} :: simple
simpelsten {adj} :: superlative of simpel
Simplex {m} [linguistics] :: a simplex, a simple word without affixes, though in German it may have morphemes of inflection
Simplex {m} [geometry] :: a simplex (an analogue in any dimension of the triangle or tetrahedron)
Sims {m} {n} :: ledge (protruding part of a wall that functions as a shelf)
Simse {f} :: bulrush, any of several herbs of the genus Scirpus
simsen {v} :: to text message, to text, to SMS
Simsen {prop} {p} :: the genus Scirpus
Simson {prop} :: Samson (Biblical figure)
Simulation {f} :: simulation
Simulator {m} :: simulator
simulieren {v} :: To feign
simulieren {v} :: To malinger
simulieren {v} :: To simulate
simuliert {v} :: past participle of simulieren
simuliert {adj} :: feigned, bogus
simuliert {adj} :: simulated
simultan {adj} :: simultaneous (at the same time)
Sina {prop} :: given name
Sinabelkirchen {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Styria, Austria
Sindelfingen {prop} :: A town near Stuttgart in Baden-Württemberg
Sindhi {n} :: a language spoken in parts of India and Pakistan; Sindhi
sind Sie gläubig {phrase} :: are you religious
Sinfonie {f} [music] :: symphony
sinfonisch {adj} [music] :: symphonic
Singapur {prop} {n} :: Singapore
Singapurer {m} :: Singaporean; a person from Singapore or of Singaporean descent
singapurisch {adj} :: Singaporean
Singdrossel {f} :: throstle, song thrush (Turdus philomelos)
singen {v} :: to sing
Singer {m} [dated] :: singer
Singhalese {m} :: member of a ethnic group in Sri Lanka; Sinhalese (person)
Singhalesin {f} :: female member of a ethnic group in Sri Lanka; Sinhalese (person)
singhalesisch {adj} :: relating to an ethnic group in Sri Lanka; Sinhalese
Singhalesisch {n} :: one of the languages spoken in Sri Lanka; Sinhalese
Single {f} [music] :: single (45rpm vinyl record)
Single {f} [music] :: single (song from an album, released individually)
Single {m} :: single; singleton (someone without a partner)
Single-Responsibility-Prinzip {prop} {n} [programming, object-oriented] :: synonym of Eine-Verantwortlichkeit-Prinzip
Singleton {n} [software] :: singleton
Singleton {n} [software, design] :: singleton pattern
Singsang {m} :: chant, singsong
Singspiel {n} :: singing game, musical comedy
Singspiel {n} :: singspiel
Singular {m} [grammar] :: singular
singulär {adj} [algebra] :: singular (of a matrix; having no inverse)
singulär {adj} :: strange; peculiar
Singularetantum {n} [grammar] :: singulare tantum (a noun that has no plural form)
Singularität {f} :: singularity
Singulärwertzerlegung {f} :: singular value decomposition
Singulett {n} [physics] :: singlet (spectral line)
Singultus {m} [medicine] :: singultus (hiccups)
Singvogel {m} :: songbird
sinistral {adj} :: sinistral
sinken {vi} :: to sink; to submerge; to set; to fall from the sky
sinken {vi} [figuratively, of prices, temperature, quantities, rates, etc.] :: to fall; to drop; to decline
sinkend {adj} :: subsiding, sinking
sinkend {adj} :: decreasing
Sinn {m} :: sense
Sinn {m} :: meaning, sense (the objects or concept that a word or phrase denotes, or that which a sentence says)
Sinn {m} :: point, idea, tenor
Sinn {m} :: mind, consciousness
Sinn {m} :: feeling
Sinn {m} [medicine] :: sense, sensus, aesthesia
Sinnbild {n} :: symbol, allegory
Sinnbild {n} :: emblem, ensign
Sinnbild {n} :: (tech, welding) symbol
sinnbildhaft {adj} :: allegorical, emblematic, figurative, symbolic
sinnbildhaft {adv} :: symbolically
sinnbildlich {adj} :: allegorical, emblematic, figurative, symbolic
sinnbildlich {adv} :: symbolically
sinnen {vt} [elevated] :: to think, to ponder, to cogitate
sinnen {vt} [elevated] :: to direct one's thoughts to something, to plan, to intend
sinnentstellend {adj} :: falsifying the sense (of something)
Sinn ergeben {vi} :: make sense
sinnergebend {adj} :: logical
Sinnesnerv {m} :: a sensory nerve
Sinnesorgan {noun} :: sense organ (an organic sensor)
Sinnestäuschung {f} :: hallucination, illusion
Sinneswahrnehmung {f} :: a sensory perception
Sinneswandel {m} :: the change of heart
sinnfällig {adj} :: meaningful
sinnfrei {adj} :: senseless, inane, absurd
Sinngedicht {n} :: epigram
Sinn gemacht {v} :: past participle of Sinn machen
sinngemäß {adj} :: mutatis mutandis
sinnhaft {adj} :: meaningful
Sinnhaftigkeit {f} :: meaningfulness
sinnieren {v} :: to meditate, to muse
sinniert {v} :: past participle of sinnieren
sinnig {adj} :: meaningful
sinnlich {adj} :: sensual, sensuous
sinnlich {adj} :: sensory
sinnlos {adj} :: meaningless, pointless
Sinn machen {vi} [colloquial] :: make sense
sinnstiftend {adj} :: meaningful
Sinnsuche {f} :: a search for meaning
sinnverwandt {adj} :: synonymous
sinnverwandt {adj} :: meaningful
sinnvoll {adj} :: meaningful
sinnvoll {adj} :: sensible
sinnvollerweise {adv} :: sensibly
Sinologie {f} :: Chinese studies, sinology / Sinology
sintemal {conj} [archaic] :: (especially) since, (especially) because, forasmuch
Sinter {m} [geology, metallurgy] :: sinter
sintern {v} :: to sinter
Sintflut {f} :: deluge The Deluge, predominantly when used as die Sintflut
Sintflut {f} :: deluge heavy rain, when used as eine Sintflut
Sintflut {f} :: flood of anything, abstract or material when used metahporicaly as eine Sintflut von Ideen (a flood of ideas)
sintflutartig {adj} :: torrential
Sinus {m} [trigonometry] :: sine
Sinusitis {m} :: sinusitis (inflammation)
Sipbachzell {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Upper Austria, Austria
Siphon {m} {n} [plumbing] :: trap (bend in a pipe that prevents the escape of gases)
Siphon {m} {n} :: siphon (bent pipe that makes use of hydrostatic pressure)
Siphon {m} {n} :: siphon; soda siphon
Sippe {f} :: tribe
Sippe {f} [colloquial] :: family
Sippschaft {f} [derogatory] :: synonym of Sippe
Sirene {f} :: siren (noisemaker)
Sirene {f} :: siren (mythology)
Sirene {f} :: rare word for Sirenia (marine mammal)
Sirene {prop} {f} :: Sirene 1009 (asteroid)
Sirius {prop} {m} [star] :: Sirius
siriusfern {adj} :: Very distant
Sirup {m} :: syrup; viscous, sweet (sugary) liquid or semiliquid
Sirup {m} :: viscous, sweet medicine
Sissi {prop} :: given name, diminutive of Elisabeth
Sistrans {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Tyrol, Austria
Sisyphus {prop} {m} :: Sisyphus
Sisyphusarbeit {f} :: Sisyphean labor, Sisyphean task
Sitar {f} [musical instruments] :: sitar (Asian musical instrument)
Sitka-Fichte {f} :: Sitka spruce (any tree of the species Picea sitchensis)
Sitte {f} :: custom, mores
Sitte {f} :: decency
Sittenpolizei {f} [law enforcement] :: vice squad
Sittenstrolch {m} :: someone who regularly shows lewd behaviour
sittenwidrig {adj} :: immoral, inappropriate
Sittersdorf {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Carinthia, Austria
Sittich {m} :: parakeet (various species of small parrots)
sittlich {adj} :: moral
Sittlichkeit {f} [philosophy] :: The Hegelian concept of "ethical life" or "ethical order"
sittsam {adj} :: demure, decent
sittsam {adj} :: prudish
Situation {f} :: situation, circumstances
Situation {f} :: setting (background, atmosphere)
Situationismus {m} :: situationism
situativ {adj} :: situational
situiert {adj} :: situated
situiert {adj} :: wealthy, prosperous
Sitz {m} :: seat
Sitz {m} [of an institution, company, organization, etc.] :: domicile
Sitzbein {n} [skeleton] :: ischium
Sitzbezug {m} :: seat cover
sitzen {vi} :: to sit; to perch
sitzen {vi} :: to stay (in one place); to remain; to be (in a particular place or state)
sitzen {vi} [of clothing] :: to fit
sitzen {vi} [in certain constructions, e.g. with voller] :: to be
sitzen {vi} [colloquial] :: to do time; to spend time in jail
sitzen {vi} [colloquial, of a strike, a comment, etc.] :: to hit home; to have a significant effect
sitzen bleiben {vi} :: to remain seated
sitzenbleiben {v} [colloquial] :: to stay down, be held back (to repeat a school year, not having been moved up a class/grade)
sitzenbleiben {v} [colloquial] :: [dated] to be left on the shelf (to remain unmarried as a woman)
sitzenbleiben {v} [colloquial] :: to be left with, to be sitting on (to find no customer for something)
sitzenbleiben {v} :: to be tarnished by, to be a black mark against somebody′s name
sitzenbleiben {v} [regional] :: [of dough] to not prove, to not rise (to not become aerated by the action of yeast)
sitzend {adj} :: sitting, seated
sitzend {adj} :: sedentary
Sitzfleisch {n} [colloquial] :: buttocks
Sitzfleisch {n} [colloquial, by extension] :: ability to sit still, Sitzfleisch
Sitzgelegenheit {f} :: seat; (plural) seating, seating accommodation
Sitz im Leben {m} [idiomatic] :: ("sit in life") sociological setting
Sitzkrieg {m} :: sitzkrieg
Sitzmann {prop} :: surname
Sitzplatz {m} :: seat
Sitzreihe {f} :: generally: row of seats
Sitzreihe {f} :: in a theatre: tier
Sitzriese {m} :: A person who appears much taller when they are sitting than when they stand, e.g. because of their being long-waisted or their individual sitting posture
Sitzung {f} :: meeting
Sitzung {f} :: session
Sitzung {f} :: assembly
Sitzung {f} :: sitting
Sitzzwerg {m} :: A person who appears much shorter when they are sitting than when they stand, e.g. because of their being short-waisted or their individual sitting posture
sixtinisch {adj} :: Sistine
Sizilianer {m} :: Sicilian (male person from Sicily)
Sizilianerin {f} :: Sicilian (female person from Sicily)
sizilianisch {adj} :: Sicilian (related to Sicily, the Sicilians or the Sicilian language)
Sizilianisch {n} :: Sicilian (the language of Sicily)
Sizilien {prop} {n} :: Sicily
Skabies {f} [pathology] :: scabies
skabrös {adj} :: scabrous
Skala {f} :: scale (ordered numerical sequence)
Skalar {m} :: scalar (physics, mathematics)
Skalar {m} :: angelfish, Pterophyllum scalare
Skalarfeld {n} :: scalar field
Skaleninvarianz {f} :: scale invariance
Skalierbarkeit {f} :: scalability
Skalpell {n} :: scalpel
Skandal {m} :: scandal
Skandalartikel {m} :: exposing article
skandalös {adj} :: scandalous
skandalträchtig {adj} :: impending to result in a scandal; potentially scandalous
skandieren {v} :: to chant
skandieren {v} [poetry] :: to scan
Skandinavien {prop} {n} :: Scandinavia; the countries of Denmark (excluding the Faroe Islands and Greenland), Norway and Sweden
skandinavisch {adj} :: Scandinavian
skandinavischsten {adj} [rare] :: superlative of skandinavisch
Skarn {m} [geology] :: skarn
Skat {prop} :: a type of card game played with 3 players, popular in Germany
Skate {m} :: a new-fashioned skate
Skate {m} :: a rollerblade
Skate {m} :: a modern professional speedskate
Skateboard {n} :: skateboard (wheeled platform for skating)
skaten {vi} :: to play the card game of skat
skaten {vi} :: to skate with a skateboard
skaten {vi} :: to skate with rollerblades
skatologisch {adj} :: scatological
Skelett {n} :: skeleton
Skelettfluorose {f} [pathology] :: skeletal fluorosis
Skepsis {f} :: skepticism (general disposition to doubt)
Skeptiker {m} :: sceptic
skeptisch {adj} :: skeptical, sceptical
skeptischsten {adj} :: superlative of skeptisch
Skeptizismus {m} :: skepticism
Sketch {m} :: sketch (short musical, dramatic or literary work or idea)
Sketsch {m} :: alternative spelling of Sketch
Ski {m} :: ski
Skifahrer {m} :: skier (someone who practices skiing)
Skinhead {m} :: skinhead
Skioptikon {n} :: magic lantern
Skipiste {f} :: piste, ski slope
Skischule {f} :: ski school
Skizze {f} :: sketch
skizzenhaft {adj} :: sketchy
skizzieren {v} :: to sketch (to create a sketch)
skizzieren {v} :: to outline
Sklave {m} :: slave (male or of unspecified sex)
Sklavenhalter {m} :: slaveholder (male or of unspecified sex)
Sklavenhandel {m} :: slave trade
Sklaventreiber {m} :: slave driver
Sklaverei {f} :: slavery
Sklavin {f} :: female slave
sklavisch {adj} :: slavish; abject
sklavisch {adj} :: slavish; obeying or sticking to a rule without reflection
sklawinisch {adj} :: Sclavinian
Skopje {prop} {n} :: Skopje
skoptisch {adj} :: mocking
Skorbut {m} :: scurvy
Skorpion {m} :: scorpion (arachnid of order Scorpiones)
Skorpion {prop} {m} [astronomy] :: Scorpio, a constellation
Skorpion {prop} {m} [astrology] :: Scorpio, a Zodiac sign used in astrology
Skorpionsfliege {f} :: scorpionfly
Skript {n} :: script (writing; written document)
Skript {n} [drama] :: script (text of the dialogue and action for a drama)
Skript {n} [computing] :: script (procedure or program in computing)
Skriptorium {n} :: scriptorium
Skriptum {n} :: script (writing; written document)
skrofulös {adj} :: scrofulous
Skrotum {n} :: scrotum (the bag of the skin and muscle that contains the testicles)
Skrupel {m} :: scruple; qualm
skrupellos {adj} :: unscrupulous (contemptuous of what is right or honourable)
SKU {abbr} [sport] :: abbreviation of Sportklub Union (sport club union)
Skua {f} :: skua, jaeger
Skuld {prop} {f} [Norse mythology] :: Skuld
Skulptur {f} :: sculpture (work of art)
Skunk {m} :: skunk (animal)
skurril {adj} :: bizarre, absurd, droll
Skutterudit {m} [mineral] :: skutterudite
skypen {v} :: to skype (make a Skype call)
skythisch {adj} :: Scythian
Slalom {m} :: slalom (same meanings as in English)
Slang {m} {n} :: slang
Slawe {m} :: Slav (male or of unspecified sex), member of a Slavic tribe
Slawin {f} :: Slav (female), member of a Slavic tribe
slawisch {adj} :: Slavic, Slav, Slavonic
Slawistik {f} :: Slavic studies
Slawonien {prop} :: Slavonia
Slip {m} :: a piece of underwear covering just the genitalia and buttocks: panties [for women]; briefs [for men]
Slipeinlage {f} :: pantyliner
Slogan {m} :: slogan (phrase associated with a product, used in advertising)
slow. {adj} :: abbreviation of slowenisch
slow. {adj} :: abbreviation of slowakisch
Slowake {m} :: Slovak (native of Slovakia)
Slowakei {prop} {f} :: Slovakia
Slowakin {f} :: female Slovak (native of Slovakia)
slowakisch {adj} :: Slovak (of Slovakia, the Slovaks, or their language)
Slowakisch {n} :: Slovak (language)
slowen. {adj} :: abbreviation of slowenisch
Slowene {m} :: Slovene (male or of unspecified sex) (person from Slovenia)
Slowenien {prop} {n} :: Slovenia
Slowenin {f} :: Slovene, Slovenian (female) (woman from Slovenia)
slowenisch {adj} :: Slovene, Slovenian (related to Slovenia, its people or its language)
Slowenisch {prop} {n} :: Slovene, Slovenian (the language)
Smalltalk {m} {n} :: small talk
Small Talk {m} {n} :: alternative spelling of Smalltalk
Smaragd {m} :: Emerald
smaragden {adj} [attributive] :: emerald, smaragdine
smaragdgrün {adj} :: emerald, emerald green (rich green colour)
Smaragdkehlkolibri {m} :: The emerald-chinned hummingbird, Abeillia abeillei
Smartcard {f} :: chip card, smart card
Smartphone {n} [mobile phones] :: smartphone
Smectit {m} :: alternative spelling of Smektit
Smegma {n} :: smegma
Smektit {m} [mineral] :: smectite
Smichow {prop} {n} :: Smíchov (district of Prague)
Smilodon {m} :: smilodon
Smithsonit {m} [mineral] :: smithsonite
Smog {m} :: smog
Smoking {m} :: Dinner jacket, tuxedo, tux
SMS {f} {n} :: SMS (text message)
SMS {initialism} [nautical, military] :: SMS - Seiner Majestät Schiff (His Majesty's Ship)
Snack {m} :: snack (a light meal)
Snaresinselpinguin {m} :: Snares penguin
Snob {m} :: snob
snöben {vi} [Switzerland] :: to snowboard, to do snowboarding
Snobismus {m} :: snobbery
snobistisch {adj} :: snobbish, snobby
Snooker {n} :: snooker (game)
Snowboard {n} :: snowboard
s. o. {abbr} :: Abbreviation of: siehe oben ("see above")
so {adv} :: so, that
so {adv} :: as [followed by an adjective or adverb plus wie in a statement of equality]
so {adv} :: thus, like this/that, in this/that way, in this/that manner
so {adv} [colloquial, ] :: expletive; sometimes intensifying, sometimes with no noticeable meaning
so {conj} [archaic] :: an, if
so {pron} [obsolete, relative] :: that, which, who
So. {abbr} :: abbreviation of Sonntag "Sunday"
Soap {f} :: soap opera, soap
sobald {conj} :: as soon as, by the time
so bald wie möglich {adv} :: as soon as possible
Söchau {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Styria, Austria
Socke {f} :: sock
Sockel {m} :: base
Sockel {m} :: pedestal, plinth
Sockel {m} :: socket
Sockenpuppe {f} :: sock puppet (simple puppet made from a sock)
Socrates {prop} {m} [dated, now uncommon] :: alternative form of Sokrates; Socrates
Soda {n} :: soda
Soda {n} :: soda water
Sodalith {m} [mineral] :: sodalite
Sodasee {m} :: soda lake
sodass {conj} :: so that
Sodbrennen {n} :: heartburn
Sodomie {f} :: a form of sexual intercourse considered perverse and unnatural
Sodomie {f} [now generally] :: bestiality; zoophilia
Sodomie {f} [archaic or derogatory] :: anal sex, especially homosexual
Sodomie {f} [archaic, rare] :: immoral behaviour in general, especially inhospitality
Sodomist {m} :: sodomist; sodomite; one who engages in a form of sexual intercourse considered perverse and unnatural
Sodomist {m} [now usually] :: zoophile
Sodomist {m} [archaic or derogatory] :: one who engages in anal sex, especially homosexual, and especially the active partner
sodomitisch {adj} :: sodomitic
soeben {adv} :: just now, just this moment
Soest {prop} :: a city in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
Sofa {n} :: sofa, couch (upholstered seat with a raised back and one or two raised ends, that accomodate at least two people)
Sofaschoner {m} :: antimacassar, throw, tidy
sofern {conj} :: provided (that), if
Sofi {f} [colloquial] :: clipping of Sonnenfinsternis
Sofia {prop} {f} :: given name, a less common spelling of Sophia
Sofia {prop} {n} :: Sofia (capital of Bulgaria)
Sofie {prop} :: given name, variant of Sophie or Sophia
sofort {adv} :: immediately, at once
sofortig {adj} :: immediate
Software {f} [only singular] :: ' software
Software {f} :: "a software" (cf. usage notes in the entry), a programme/program
Softwareentwickler {m} [programming] :: software developer
Softwareentwicklerin {f} [programming] :: female software developer
Softwareentwicklung {f} [software, development] :: software development
Softwareentwicklungsprozess {m} [software development] :: software development process
Softwareentwurf {m} [software, design] :: software design
Softwarekonfigurationsmanagement {n} [computing] :: software configuration management
sog. {abbr} :: [abbreviation of sogenannt] so-called
Sog {m} :: suction
Sog {m} :: wake
sogar {adv} :: even, actually, in fact
sogdisch {adj} :: Sogdian (related to the Sogdians or their language)
Sogdisch {n} :: Sogdian (the Sogdian language)
so gedacht {adj} :: meant to be like this
sogenannt {adj} :: so-called
sogenannt {adj} :: so named
sogleich {adv} :: readily, immediately, presently, straightaway
so Gott will {phrase} :: God willing; used to indicate acceptance of God’s will when expressing an intention or hope, and particularly to avert misfortune
so gut wie {adv} :: almost, as good as
Sohle {f} :: sole (of the foot/shoe)
söhlig {adj} :: horizontal
Sohn {m} :: son
Söhnchen {n} :: diminutive of Sohn
Söhngeit {m} [mineral] :: söhngeite
sohr {adj} :: parched, wilted
soigniert {adj} [dated] :: soigné, soignée
Soiree {f} :: soirée, soiree
so ist das Leben {phrase} :: such is life
Soja {f} {n} :: soy
Sojabohne {f} :: soy bean
Sojamehl {n} :: soya meal / flour
Sojamilch {f} :: soy milk
Sojasoße {f} :: soy sauce
Sokrates {prop} {m} :: Socrates
sokratisch {adj} :: Socratic
Sol {n} [music] :: sol, the fifth step in the solfège scale of C, preceded by fa and followed by la
Sol {n} [physical chemistry] :: sol, a type of colloid in which a solid is dispersed in a liquid
so lala {adj} :: so-so
solange {adv} :: meanwhile
solange {conj} :: as long as, while
solar {adj} :: solar
solarbetrieben {adj} :: solar-powered
Solarenergie {f} :: solar energy
Solarium {n} :: solarium (establishment where one can rent sunbeds)
Solarium {n} :: sunbed
Solarkraftwerk {n} :: solar power station
solarthermisch {adj} :: Using thermal energy from the Sun
Solarzelle {f} :: solar cell (semiconductor device)
solch {pron} [demonstrative] :: such
solcherart {adv} :: thus (in such a manner)
solchermaßen {adv} :: thus
Sold {m} :: income of a soldier, conscripts in military or other national service, and certain other professions
Soldanelle {f} :: snowbell, any plant of the genus Soldanella
Soldat {m} :: soldier
Soldatensprache {f} :: military slang
Soldatin {f} :: soldier (female)
Söldner {m} :: mercenary
Söldnerin {f} :: female mercenary
Sole {f} :: brine
Solei {n} :: pickled egg, cooked egg conserved in salted water
solenn {adj} :: solemn
solid {adj} :: solid
solidarisch {adj} :: solidary
solidarisch {adv} :: in solidarity
solidarisieren {vr} :: to declare one's solidarity
Solidarität {f} :: solidarity
solide {adj} :: alternative form of solid
Solingen {prop} {n} :: Solingen (city in North Rhine-Westphalia, western Germany)
solipsistisch {adj} :: solipsistic
solitär {adj} :: solitary
solitär {adj} :: single
Soliton {n} :: soliton
Sölk {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Styria, Austria
Soll {n} :: debit
Soll {n} :: kettle lake
Söll {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Tyrol, Austria
Sollbruchstelle {f} :: predetermined breaking point
sollen {v} [auxiliary] :: should; to be obligated (to do something); ought; shall
sollen {v} [auxiliary] :: to be recommended (to do something); to be asked (to do something)
sollen {v} [auxiliary] :: to be intended (to do something); to be meant (to be something)
sollen {v} [auxiliary] :: to be said (to do something); reportedly; they say that; I hear that; so they say; rumor has it; supposedly
sollen {v} [auxiliary, in a subordinate clause in the simple past tense] :: would; indicates that the subordinate clause indicates something that would happen in the past but after the time frame of the main clause
sollen {v} [auxiliary, in a subordinate clause in the subjunctive] :: should; indicates that the subordinate clause indicates a hypothetical and unlikely condition for the main clause
Sollenau {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Lower Austria, Austria
Sollzustand {m} :: target state
solo {adj} :: alone
solo {adj} :: single (not married nor dating)
Solo {n} :: solo (piece of music for one)
solomonisch {adj} :: solomonic
solubel {adj} :: soluble
solvent {adj} [finance] :: solvent
Somalia {prop} {n} :: Somalia
Somaliland {n} :: Somaliland
somalisch {adj} :: Somali
Somalisch {prop} {n} :: Somali (language)
somatisch {adj} [medicine] :: somatic
somit {adv} :: therefore, hence, thus
Somit {m} :: somite
Sommer {m} :: summer
Sommer {prop} :: surname originating as a nickname
Sommeranfang {m} :: beginning of summer
Sommerein {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Lower Austria, Austria
Sommerein {prop} {n} :: Šamorín, Slovakia
Sommerende {n} :: late summer, end of summer
sommerfest {adj} :: that remains firm throughout the summer
sommergrün {adj} :: deciduous (of or pertaining to trees that shed their leaves in winter)
Sommerkleid {n} :: A summer dress
sommerlich {adj} :: summerlike, summerly, summery
Sommerloch {n} [journalism] :: silly season; slow news day (time during the summer break when the media resort to reporting indifferent stories)
Sommerpause {f} :: summer break (especially such a parliamentary recess)
Sommerreifen {m} :: summer tire, summer tyre
sommers {adv} :: summers
Sommersonne {f} :: summer sun
Sommersonnenwende {f} :: summer solstice
Sommersprosse {f} :: freckle
sommersprossig {adj} :: freckled, freckly
Sommervogel {m} :: summer bird, migratory bird
Sommervogel {m} :: [regional, esp. Switzerland] butterfly
Sommerwetter {n} :: summer weather
Sommerzeit {f} :: summertime (the season of summer)
Sommerzeit {f} :: summer time; daylight saving time
Somnambulismus {m} :: somnambulism (sleepwalking)
so'n {pron} [colloquial] :: contraction of so ein
son {pron} :: alternative form of so'n
Sonar {n} :: sonar (device to determine positions of objects under water)
Sonate {f} :: sonata
Sonde {f} :: probe (device used to explore, investigate or measure)
Sonde {f} :: sonde
sonder- {prefix} :: special, nonstandard
sonder {prep} [archaic] :: without; except; not including
Sonderangebot {n} :: (special) bargain
Sonderausstattung {f} :: optional extra, optional extras
sonderbar {adj} :: strange, odd
Sonderbehandlung {f} :: special treatment
Sonderbericht {m} :: special report
Sonderbriefmarke {f} [philately] :: commemorative stamp, special issue
Sondereinheit {f} [military or law enforcement] :: special force
Sonderfall {m} :: special case
sondergleichen {adj} :: incomparable
Sonderkommando {n} :: special unit
Sonderkraftfahrzeug {noun} :: military vehicle, special purpose vehicle
sonderlich {adj} [not comparable] :: special, extra, very, particular
sonderlich {adj} :: strange
Sondermünze {f} :: commemorative coin
sondern {conj} [coordinating, with a negative in the preceding clause] :: rather, but (instead)
sondern {interj} :: so?, then what?, so you tell me!
sondern {vt} :: to separate, to sunder
Sonderpädagogik {noun} :: special education
sonderpädagogisch {adj} :: special education (attributive)
sonders {adv} :: only used in the phrase: samt und sonders
Sonderschule {f} :: special school
Sondersitzung {f} :: special / extraordinary meeting / session
Sondersprache {f} :: subvariety of a language only understood by a certain social group [i.e. jargon, argot, cant, slang]
Sonderstellung {f} :: special place / position / status
Sonderverkauf {m} :: special sale
Sonderweg {prop} {m} :: the supposed special path by which German political structures developed (differently from those of France, Britain, Russia, etc), and which German history took (see the English entry)
Sonderweg {m} :: special path; path different from the usual / normal one
Sonderzeichen {n} [typography] :: special character
Sonderzug {m} [Germany] :: special train, chartered train
sondieren {v} :: To sound out
sondieren {v} :: To probe
sondiert {v} :: past participle of sondieren
Sondierung {f} :: Sounding (test made with a probe or sonde)
Sondierung {f} :: Probe
Sondierung {f} :: Investigation
sone {pron} :: Ungrammatical alternative form of solch in plural
Sonett {n} :: sonnet
Song {m} [colloquial] :: a song of modern popular music
Songschreiber {m} :: songwriter
Songtext {m} [colloquial] :: lyrics, songtext
Sonja {prop} :: given name, cognate to Sonya
Sonnabend {m} [northern Germany, Eastern Germany] :: Saturday
Sonnabend {m} [Roman Catholicism, rather rare] :: Saturday evening (as being within the time period of roughly 30 hours in which the faithful may attend mass to fulfil their Sunday obligation)
Sonnabendabend {m} :: Saturday evening
Sonnabendmittag {m} :: Saturday noon
Sonnabendnachmittag {m} :: Saturday afternoon
sonnabends {adv} [northern Germany, Eastern Germany] :: every Saturday, on Saturdays
Sonnabendvormittag {m} :: Saturday morning (time before noon)
sonne {pron} [colloquial] :: contraction of so eine (so, ein)
sonne {pron} :: Ungrammatical synonym of solch in plural
Sonne {prop} {f} [astronomy] :: the Sun
Sonne {f} [astronomy] :: a sun, any star, especially when being the center of a solar system
Sonne {f} [uncountable] :: sunshine, sunlight; the light and warmth we receive on Earth from the sun
sonnen {vr} :: to sun, to sunbathe
Sonnenaktivität {f} :: solar variation
Sonnenaufgang {m} :: sunrise
Sonnenbad {n} :: sunbath
sonnenbaden {vi} :: to sunbathe
Sonnenbaden {n} :: "sunbathing"
Sonnenblume {f} :: sunflower
Sonnenblumenkern {m} :: sunflower seed
Sonnenblumenöl {n} :: sunflower oil
Sonnenbrand {m} :: sunburn
Sonnenbrille {f} :: sunglasses
Sonnencreme {f} :: sunscreen
Sonnencrème {f} [Switzerland] :: alternative spelling of Sonnencreme
sonnendurchflutet {adj} :: sun-drenched
Sonneneinstrahlung {f} :: sunlight (solar radiation)
Sonneneinstrahlung {f} :: insolation
Sonnenenergie {f} :: solar energy
Sonnenfinsternis {f} :: solar eclipse
Sonnenfleck {m} :: sunspot
Sonnenfleck {m} :: freckle
Sonnenfleck {m} :: sunny area
Sonnenhut {m} :: sunhat
Sonnenkorona {f} :: solar corona
Sonnenkrem {f} :: alternative spelling of Sonnencreme
Sonnenkreme {f} :: alternative spelling of Sonnencreme
Sonnenlicht {n} :: sunlight
Sonnenrad {n} :: sun wheel
Sonnenrad {n} :: swastika
Sonnenrad {n} :: black sun [a swastika-like symbol from the time of national socialism]
Sonnenrad {n} :: burning wheel [a wheel braided from straw, which is rolled down a hill in a festive celebration]
Sonnenrad {n} :: sun gear [component of a planetary gear train]
Sonnenrad {n} :: Rimostrombidium lacustris (Strobilidium lacustri) [oligotrichs, a group of ciliates]
Sonnenrauch {m} :: synonym of Höhenrauch
Sonnenschein {m} :: sunshine
Sonnenschirm {m} :: A parasol, type of umbrella used for protection against the sun
Sonnensegel {n} :: a solar panel on a spacecraft
Sonnensegel {n} :: a solar sail
Sonnensegel {n} :: a saillike, spreadable awning
Sonnenspektrum {n} :: solar spectrum
Sonnenstich {m} :: sunstroke
Sonnenstrahlung {f} :: solar radiation
Sonnensystem {prop} {n} [astronomy] :: The Solar System, consisting of the Sun in its center, eight planets and various other celestial bodies such as moons, comets and asteroids
Sonnensystem {n} [astronomy] :: Any other solar system with its set of celestial bodies
Sonnentau {m} :: sundew (group of insectivorous plants)
Sonnenuhr {f} :: sundial
Sonnenuntergang {m} :: sunset (time of day)
sonnenverbrannt {adj} :: sunburnt
Sonnenwende {f} :: solstice
Sonnenwende {f} :: heliotrope
Sonnenwind {m} [astronomy] :: solar wind
sonnig {adj} :: sunny
Sonntag {m} :: Sunday
Sonntag {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Vorarlberg, Austria
Sonntag {prop} {n} [historical] :: Zyndaki, an East Prussian village in Poland
Sonntagabend {m} :: Sunday evening
Sonntagberg {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Lower Austria, Austria
Sonntagmittag {m} :: Sunday noon
Sonntagnachmittag {m} :: Sunday afternoon
sonntags {adv} :: every Sunday, on Sundays
Sonntagsbraten {m} :: Sunday roast
Sonntagsbrötchen {n} :: a special kind of bread roll, prepared with buttermilk
Sonntagsfahrer {m} :: a person that drives badly, a Sunday driver
Sonntagskleidung {f} :: churchgoing outfit; one's Sunday best
Sonntagsschrift {f} :: diligently tidy handwriting (often used in an ironic fashion)
Sonntagsschrift {f} :: Sunday newspaper or magazine
Sonntagsstaat {m} :: Sunday best (a person’s finest clothes, particularly those worn to church on Sunday)
Sonntagvormittag {m} :: Sunday morning (time before noon)
sonst {adv} :: otherwise (under different circumstances)
sonst {adv} :: normally, usually
sonst {adv} [often with noch] :: else
sonst {adv} [colloquial] :: so; then; consecutive, but directed against an explicit or implicit alternative
sonstig {adj} [attributive] :: (any/all) other
Sooretama-Tropfenameisenwürger {m} :: Sooretama slaty antshrike
Sooß {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Lower Austria, Austria
Sophia {prop} {f} :: given name, cognate to English Sophia
Sophie {prop} :: given name, variant of Sophia
sophistisch {adj} :: sophist
Sopran {m} :: soprano (pitch)
Sopran {m} :: soprano (singer)
Sorbet {n} :: sorbet
sorbisch {adj} :: Sorbian (related to the Sorbian people or their language)
Sorbisch {adj} [obsolete] :: Sorbian, belonging or relating to the Sorbian people
Sorbisch {adj} [obsolete] :: Sorbian, in or relating to the Sorbian language
Sorbisch {n} :: The Sorbian (West Slavic) language
Sorge {f} :: concern, worry, apprehension, trouble, uneasiness, anxiety
Sorge {f} :: care, aid
sorgen {v} :: to care
sorgen {vr} [sich sorgen] :: to worry
sorgenfrei {adj} :: carefree, happy-go-lucky
sorgen für {v} :: to care for, take care of
sorgen für {v} :: to provide for
sorgen für {v} :: to cause (commotion, excitement, sensation)
sorgen für {v} :: to provide (music, provisions etc.)
sorgenlos {adj} :: carefree, unconcerned
Sorgfalt {f} :: carefulness, care, diligence
sorgfältig {adj} :: careful, meticulous
sorgfältiger {adj} :: comparative of sorgfältig
sorgfältigsten {adj} :: superlative of sorgfältig
Sorghum {n} [plant] :: sorghum (a kind of plant by genus)
sorglich {adj} [archaic] :: caring
sorglich {adv} [archaic] :: caringly
sorglos {adj} :: carefree
sorglos {adj} :: careless
sorgsam {adj} :: careful, mindful
Sorption {f} :: sorption
Sorte {f} :: sort, kind, variety
Sorte {f} :: type
Sorte {f} :: grade
Sortenplural {m} :: plural indicating different types of the noun
sortenrein {adj} :: unmixed
sortieren {v} :: to sort
Sortierverfahren {n} [computing] :: sorting algorithm
Sortiment {n} :: (product) range (the entirety or a particular grouping of the articles produced by a company or sold by a shop)
Soße {f} :: sauce, gravy
Soßenkelle {f} :: sauce ladle, gravy ladle
soteriologisch {adj} :: soteriological
Soubrette {f} [opera or theater] :: soubrette
Soufflé {n} :: soufflé
Soufflee {n} :: alternative spelling of Soufflé
Souffleur {m} [theater] :: prompter
Souffleuse {f} :: feminine noun of Souffleur
soufflieren {v} :: to prompt
Soul {m} {n} [music genre] :: soul music, soul
Soul {prop} {n} :: rare spelling of Seoul
soulig {adj} [music] :: soulful
Soundsystem {n} :: sound system
Souper {n} [literary] :: dinner, supper
Sout. {noun} [apartment listing] :: abbreviation of Souterrain
Soutane {f} :: cassock, soutane
Souterrain {n} :: basement
Souvenir {n} :: souvenir
souverän {adj} :: sovereign
souverän {adj} :: confident, masterful
Souverän {m} [monarch] :: sovereign
Souveränität {f} :: sovereignty
Souveränität {f} :: poise, confidence, calmness of emotion
soviel {conj} :: as far as, so far as
soviel {adv} :: so much, so many, as much, as many
so wahr mir Gott helfe {phrase} :: so help me God
sowas {pron} :: that, such a thing
soweit {conj} :: as far as (in the scope in which something holds)
soweit {conj} :: if (supposing that; assuming that)
so weit das Auge reicht {adv} [idiom] :: as far as the eye can see
sowie {conj} :: as well as
sowie {conj} :: as soon as
sowieso {adv} :: anyway, anyhow, in any case
sowieso {interj} :: something; replaces unknown or unimportant words
sowieso {interj} :: of course; sure; that’s a given; expresses agreement to a statement with the implication that it is trivial
Sowjet {m} :: soviet
sowjetisch {adj} :: Soviet
Sowjetrepublik {f} :: soviet republic
Sowjetunion {prop} {f} :: Soviet Union
sowohl {conj} :: both
sowohl ... als auch {conj} :: both ... and
Sozi {m} [often derogatory] :: A member of a socialist or social-democratic party; socialist; social democrat
sozial {adj} :: social
Sozialabgaben {p} :: social security contributions, contributions to the social security (unemployment aid etc.)
Sozialamt {n} :: welfare agency; benefits office
Sozialarbeiter {m} :: social worker
Sozialarbeiterin {f} :: female social worker
Sozialdarwinismus {m} :: social Darwinism (theory)
sozialdarwinistisch {adj} :: pertaining to social Darwinism
Sozialdemokrat {m} :: social democrat
Sozialdemokratie {f} :: social democracy
sozialdemokratisch {adj} :: social democratic
Sozialdemokratische Partei Deutschlands {prop} {f} [politics] :: German Social Democratic Party
sozialer {adj} :: comparative of sozial
sozialer Mord {m} :: social murder
Sozialhilfe {f} :: income support, minimal social assistance
sozialisieren {v} :: to socialize
Sozialismus {m} :: socialism
Sozialist {m} :: socialist / Socialist (male or of unspecified sex)
sozialistisch {adj} :: socialist, socialistic
Sozialistische Föderative Republik Jugoslawien {prop} {f} :: Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
sozialistischer {adj} :: comparative of sozialistisch
sozialistischsten {adj} :: superlative of sozialistisch
Sozialneid {m} :: class envy, social envy
Sozialparasit {m} [biology] :: Literally, "social parasite", a parasite of social animals utilizing common resources; e.g. wasps that live in beehives or bumblebee nests, feeding on honey or larvae
Sozialparasit {m} [pejorative] :: welfare parasite
Sozialpolitik {f} :: sociopolitics
sozialpolitisch {adj} :: sociopolitical
Sozialpsychologie {f} [sociology, psychology] :: social psychology (study of how people and groups interact)
Sozialschmarotzer {m} [derogatory] :: welfare parasite
Sozialstaat {m} :: welfare state
sozialsten {adj} :: superlative of sozial
Sozialtourismus {m} [politics] :: benefit tourism
Sozialversicherung {f} :: social insurance
Sozialversicherungsnummer {f} :: social security number, social insurance number
sozialverträglich {adj} :: socially acceptable
Sozialwissenschaft {f} :: social science
Sozinianer {m} :: Socinian (a member of a certain nontrinitarian Christian denomination)
Sozinianerin {f} :: Socinian (a member of a certain nontrinitarian Christian denomination)
soziokulturell {adj} :: sociocultural
Soziolekt {m} [linguistics] :: sociolect
Soziolinguistik {f} :: sociolinguistics
Soziologe {m} :: sociologist
Soziologie {f} :: sociology
Soziologin {f} :: female sociologist
soziologisch {adj} :: sociological
sozioökologisch {adj} ::