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v. {n} :: vuosi
v. {n} :: vuotta
v. {n} :: vuonna, vuosina
v. {adj} :: vuotias
V {letter} :: letter: vee
-va {suffix} :: Forms the present active participle of a verb, which is normally used like an adjective. The English equivalent is normally -ing, but sometimes also -ish
-va {suffix} :: Forms an adjective from a noun
vaa’ankieli {n} :: pointer (in a balance beam, the needle-like part indicating the position of the beam)
vaa’ata {v} [rare] :: to weigh with scales
vaa’ata {v} :: alternative form of vaata
vaade {n} [legal] :: claim
vaadin {n} :: reindeer doe
vaahdoke {n} :: froth, foam
vaahdota {vi} :: to foam, froth
vaahdota {v} [of fermenting beer] :: to spurge
vaahdota {v} :: to vapor (to use insubstantial language)
vaahdote {n} :: foaming agent
vaahdotin {n} :: Any device used to produce foam or froth; a frother
vaahdottaa {v} :: to froth (to create froth)
vaaher {n} [archaic, dialectal] :: maple
vaahtera {n} :: maple (any tree of the genus Acer), especially the Norway maple (Acer platanoides), which is the only maple species naturally occurring in Finland,
vaahteranlehti {n} :: maple leaf (leaf and symbol)
vaahterasiirappi {n} :: maple syrup
vaahterasokeri {n} :: maple sugar
vaahto {n} :: foam
vaahto {n} :: head (foam that forms on top of beer or other carbonated beverages)
vaahtoamaton {adj} :: nonfoaming
vaahtoava {adj} :: foaming
vaahtoinen {adj} :: frothy
vaahtokarkki {n} :: marshmallow (type of confectionery)
vaahtokylpy {n} :: bubble bath, foam bath
vaahtomuovi {n} :: foam rubber
vaahtopää {n} :: Foamy wave crest
vaahtosammutin {n} :: foam extinguisher (fire extinguisher with foam as the effective substance)
vaahtosammutin {n} [inexactly] :: fire extinguisher
vaahtosammuttaja {n} :: foam extinguisher (fire extinguisher with foam as the effective substance)
vaahtosammuttaja {n} [inexactly] :: fire extinguisher
vaaita {v} [land surveying] :: to determine the height level of a point in relation to another
vaaita {v} :: alternative form of vaata
vaaja {n} [dated] :: wedge
vaajaluu {n} [anatomy] :: A cuneiform bone
vaaka {n} :: scales (weighing device)
Vaaka {prop} :: Libra (constellation)
Vaaka {prop} :: Libra (astrological sign)
vaakakuppi {n} :: scale (either of the pans, trays, or dishes of a balance)
vaakakuppi {n} [figuratively, idiomatic] :: criterion in decision making
vaakaraita {n} :: horizontal stripe
vaakasuora {adj} :: horizontal
vaakasuoraan {adv} :: horizontally
vaakasuoraan {adv} [crosswords] :: across
vaakkua {v} :: to quack
vaaksa {n} :: span (the space between thumb and little finger)
vaaksiainen {n} :: crane fly; daddy longlegs [UK] (any of the flies of the family Tipulidae)
vaakuna {n} :: A coat of arms, insignia or arms of a family, state etc
vaakunakilpi {n} [heraldry] :: A shield, an escutcheon, achievement
vaakunaoppi {n} :: heraldry
vaakunataiteilija {n} :: heraldist
vaakunatiede {n} :: heraldry
vaalea {adj} :: light, pale (of a shade of colour)
vaalea {adj} :: blond (of blond complexion), fair
vaaleahiuksinen {adj} :: fair-haired
vaaleahko {adj} :: Quite light (in color)
vaaleaihoinen {adj} :: white (skin color)
vaaleakeltaperhonen {n} :: pale clouded yellow, Colias hyale (small butterfly)
vaalealahnanruoho {n} :: spring quillwort, Isoëtes echinospora
vaaleampi {adj} :: comparative of vaalea
vaaleanharmaa {adj} :: light gray
vaaleanharmaa {n} :: light gray
vaaleankeltainen {adj} :: light yellow
vaaleankeltainen {n} :: light yellow
vaaleanoranssi {adj} :: pale orange (of color)
vaaleanpunainen {adj} :: pink
vaaleanpunainen {n} :: pink
vaaleanpunaisuus {n} :: pinkness (quality of being pink in color)
vaaleanruskea {adj} :: light brown
vaaleanruskea {adj} :: light brown
vaaleanruskea {adj} :: dirty blond [of hair]
vaaleansininen {adj} :: light blue
vaaleansininen {n} :: light blue
vaaleanvihreä {adj} :: light green
vaaleaorakas {n} [mushroom] :: hedgehog mushroom (Hydnum repandum)
vaaleapuumuura {n} :: Planalto slaty antshrike
vaaleatukkainen {adj} :: fair-haired
vaaleatyviseitikki {n} [mushroom] :: A webcap, Cortinarius dilutus
vaaleaverikkö {n} :: A blonde, blond
vaaleaverinen {adj} :: blond
vaalentaa {vt} :: To whiten
vaalentua {vi} :: To whiten, become white(r)
vaaleta {vi} :: To white (to become whiter)
vaaleus {n} :: lightness (of color)
vaali {n} :: [usually in plural: vaalit] election
vaalia {v} :: to cherish, treasure, foster, nurse, nurture (to hold dear and treat with extra care)
vaalialue {n} :: electoral district
vaaligalleria {n} [colloquial] :: A large poster, website etc. which displays all the candidates of one or all parties in an election together with their photographs and some key data of them
vaalikampanja {n} :: electioneering (act of campaigning for elective office)
vaalikampanja {n} :: election campaign (campaign for winning an elective office)
vaalikassa {n} :: war chest (funds dedicated for an electoral campaign)
vaalikausi {n} :: electoral term, term (the period between the successive elections for a parliament or other elected body)
vaalikeskustelu {n} :: election debate
vaalikone {n} :: voting advice application, voting aid application (internet application that helps voters find a candidate that stands closest to their opinions)
vaalilause {n} [heraldry] :: motto
vaaliliitto {n} :: electoral alliance (arrangement in which two or more parties participate in an election as one bloc)
vaaliluettelo {n} :: electoral register (list of all those people who are registered to vote in a particular locality)
vaalinta {n} :: The action of the verb vaalia
vaalipiiri {n} :: constituency, electoral district
vaaliruhtinas {n} :: Elector, elector (prince entitled to elect the emperor of the Holy Roman Empire)
vaalitaistelu {n} :: election campaign
vaalitapa {n} :: voting system
vaalitulos {n} :: poll results, election results
vaalitutkija {n} :: psephologist
vaalitutkimus {n} :: psephology
vaalityö {n} :: electioneering, campaigning (act of campaigning for an elective office)
vaalityö {n} :: election campaign (campaign for winning an elective office)
vaaliuurna {n} :: ballot box
vaalivaltti {n} :: electoral trump card
vaalivilppi {n} :: electoral fraud
vaalivoitto {n} :: election victory
vaami {n} [dialectal] :: reindeer doe
vaan {conj} :: but (... instead)
vaan {conj} [colloquial] :: just, only
vaani {n} :: Any of the Vanir, the principal deities in Norse mythology, who were opponents of the Æsir
vaania {vt} :: To stalk, lurk, prowl
vaanija {n} :: stalker (one who stalks)
vaaninta {n} :: stalking, lurking
vaapertaa {vi} [dialectal] :: To move uncertainly waddling
vaappu {n} [fishing] :: plug, wobbler, minnow (fishing lure)
vaappua {vi} :: To waddle, wobble (to move with an uneven or rocking motion)
vaapsahainen {n} [dialectal] :: crane fly
vaapukka {n} [dialectal] :: raspberry
vaapunta {n} :: waddling
vaara {n} :: danger, risk, peril, hazard, jeopardy
vaara {interj} :: warning, danger (in signs)
vaara {n} :: A large, forested hill (as opposed to fell)
vaarain {n} [dialectal] :: A raspberry
vaarallinen {adj} :: dangerous
vaarallisempi {adj} :: comparative of vaarallinen
vaarallisesti {adv} :: dangerously
vaarallisin {adj} :: superlative of vaarallinen
vaarallisuus {n} :: dangerousness
vaaranlaki {n} :: The top of a forested hill
vaarantaa {vt} :: To risk, endanger, compromise (incur risk to something)
vaarantua {vi} :: To become endangered
vaaratilanne {n} :: danger, peril, dangerous situation (situation of serious and immediate danger)
vaaraton {adj} :: harmless, safe, dangerless
vaarattomuus {n} :: harmlessness
vaaravyöhyke {n} :: danger zone
vaari {n} [colloquial] :: grandpa, grandfather
vaarinottaa {v} [dated, non-standard] :: to heed, take into account, obey
vaarna {n} :: tenon
vaarna {n} :: tent peg
vaarna {n} [Mormonism] :: stake (territorial division)
vaarua {vi} [rare] :: To rock, sway
vaarunta {n} :: The action of the verb vaarua
Vaasa {prop} :: The Finnish name for Vasa, the Swedish royal family from 1523 to 1689
Vaasa {prop} :: The city of Vaasa
vaasi {n} :: vase
vaata {v} :: to inspect that weights are calibrated correctly
vaate {n} :: piece of clothing, garment
vaate {n} :: [in plural] clothing, clothes
vaatekaappi {n} :: wardrobe
vaatekappale {n} :: garment (single item of clothing)
vaatekauppa {n} :: clothes shop, clothing store
vaatekoi {n} :: A common clothes moth, Tineola bisselliella
vaatekomero {n} :: wardrobe
vaatelias {adj} :: choosy, demanding
vaatemerkki {n} :: clothing brand
vaatemoka {n} :: wardrobe malfunction
vaatemoka {n} :: state of being inappropriately dressed to an event
vaatepuu {n} :: synonym of vaateripustin
vaateripustin {n} :: A clothes hanger, coat hanger
vaatetäi {n} :: body louse, Pediculus humanus
vaatetus {n} :: clothing
vaatia {v} :: To demand, insist, require, call for, ask
vaatia {v} :: To claim, demand, lay claim
vaatia {v} :: To need, take, necessitate
vaatia itselleen {v} :: to lay claim (to say that something belongs to oneself)
vaatimasta {v} :: infinitive of vaatia
vaatimaton {adj} :: modest
vaatimaton {adj} :: humble, unpretentious
vaatimattomasti {adv} :: modestly
vaatimattomin {adj} :: superlative of vaatimaton
vaatimattomuus {n} :: modesty (quality of being modest)
vaatimattomuus {n} :: modesty, reserve (moderate behaviour)
vaatimattomuus {n} :: self-effacement
vaatimus {n} :: demand, claim
vaatimus {n} :: requirement, requisite
vaatimustenmukainen {adj} :: compliant (compatible with or following guidelines, specifications, rules, or laws)
vaatimustenmukaisuus {adj} :: compliance (state of being compatible with or following guidelines, specifications, regulations, or laws)
vaativa {adj} :: demanding
vaativa {adj} :: challenging
vaatteettomuus {n} :: undress (state of having few or no clothes on)
vaatturi {n} :: tailor
vadelma {n} :: raspberry, Rubus idaeus
vadelmahillo {n} :: raspberry jam
vadelmamehu {n} :: A beverage made of raspberry syrup and water
vadelmamehu {n} :: raspberry juice
vadelmanpunainen {n} :: raspberry (colour)
vadelmapensaikko {n} :: raspberry bush
vadelmapensas {n} :: raspberry (plant)
vadelmapuska {n} :: alternative term for vadelmapensaikko
vadelmatee {n} :: raspberry tea (tea-like beverage made of raspberry leaves and sometimes dried berries)
vadelmikko {n} [rare] :: raspberry thicket
vadi {n} [geology] :: wadi
vadillinen {n} :: dish, dishful
vaellella {vi} :: to wander around, to roam, to drift
vaellus {n} :: hike
vaellus {n} :: peregrination
vaellus {n} :: migration
vaellushalu {n} :: wanderlust
vaeltaa {vi} :: To wander, roam, travel, trek, ramble; to hike
vaeltaa {vi} [of nations, animals] :: To migrate
vaeltaja {n} :: wanderer
vaeltajasimpukka {n} :: zebra mussel, Dreissena polymorpha (small freshwater mussel originiating from SW Russia, regarded as harmful invasive species in other ecosystems)
vaeltava {adj} :: migratory, peripatetic, itinerant, vagrant
vaeltava juutalainen {n} :: wandering Jew
vaelteleva {adj} :: wandering, peripatetic, nomadic, vagrant, itinerant
vagina {n} [anatomy] :: vagina
vaginaalinen {adj} :: vaginal
vaginismi {n} [pathology] :: vaginismus
vaginoplastia {n} :: vaginoplasty
vagushermo {n} [anatomy] :: vagus nerve
vaha {n} :: wax
vahakangas {n} :: oilcloth
vahakas {n} :: waxcap
vahakuva {n} :: wax figure, waxwork (figure made of wax)
vahakynttilä {n} :: wax candle
vahamainen {adj} :: waxy, waxlike
vahapatsas {n} :: synonym of vahakuva
vahas {n} :: stencil for mimeograph printing
vahasara {n} [plant] :: glaucous sedge, Carex flacca
vahaskopiokone {n} [dated] :: mimeograph
vahata {v} :: to wax
vahaus {n} :: waxing
vahdata {v} :: to guard
vahdata {v} :: to watch over
vahdinta {n} :: guarding
vahingoittaa {v} :: to damage
vahingoittaa {v} :: to harm, to injure (to cause injury to another; to hurt; to cause damage to something)
vahingoittaa {v} :: to prejudice (to have a negative impact on someone's position, chances etc.)
vahingoittaa {v} :: to maul (to handle someone or something in a rough way; to savage)
vahingoittaa {v} :: to deface (to damage something in a visible or conspicuous manner)
vahingoittaa {v} :: to hit (to affect negatively)
vahingoittaa {v} [legal] :: to damnify (to cause loss or injury)
vahingoittaa {v} [medicine] :: to affect (of a disease, to harm a part of the body)
vahingoittua {vi} :: To be damaged
vahingoittumaton {adj} :: uninjured, unhurt
vahingoittumaton {adj} :: undamaged
vahingollinen {adj} :: malignant (harmful, malevolent, injurious)
vahingollinen {adj} :: harmful
vahingollinen {adj} :: damaging
vahingollinen {adj} :: injurious
vahingollisesti {adv} :: harmfully
vahingollisuus {n} :: harmfulness
vahingonilo {n} :: schadenfreude
vahingoniloinen {adj} :: spiteful, malicious
vahingonkorvaus {n} :: damages
vahingonkorvausoikeus {n} [law] :: tort law (area of law pertaining actions that unfairly cause personal loss or harm resulting in legal liability for the person who commits the actions)
vahingonkorvausvaatimus {n} :: A claim for damages
vahingossa {adv} :: accidentally, by mistake
vahinko {n} :: mishap
vahinko {n} :: accident (event caused by human activity with unintentional negative consequences)
vahinko {n} :: damage
vahtera {n} [dialectal] :: alternative form of vaahtera
vahti {n} :: guard
vahti {n} :: watch (time on duty, guard group)
vahtia {vt} :: to guard, watch
vahtikoira {n} :: A watchdog
vahtimestari {n} :: porter, doorkeeper, doorman
vahtimestari {n} :: janitor (doorman)
vahtimestari {n} :: attendant
vahva {adj} :: strong, able-bodied, brawny, burly, powerful (of e.g. a man)
vahva {adj} :: strong (highly stimulating to the senses)
vahva {adj} :: thick (of e.g. clothes, walls)
vahvari {n} [music, colloquial] :: amp
vahvasti {adv} :: strongly
vahva vuorovaikutus {n} [physics] :: strong interaction
vahvempi {adj} :: comparative of vahva
vahventaa {vt} :: To strengthen
vahventua {vi} :: To become stronger, strengthen
vahvero {n} :: Any mushroom in the genus Cantharellus
vahvero {n} :: In plural (vahverot), the genus Cantharellus
vahvero {n} :: With a modifier (e.g. suppilovahvero), appears in the names of some trumpet-like mushrooms resembling chanterelle, but not belonging to the genus Cantharellus
vahveta {vi} :: To grow stronger
vahvike {n} :: reinforcement (mechanical)
vahvike {n} :: stay (piece of stiff material to stiffen a piece of clothing, such as the collar of a shirt)
vahvike {n} :: inset (small piece of material used to strengthen a garment)
vahvin {adj} :: superlative of vahva
vahvistaa {vt} :: To strengthen, harden, fortify; reinforce, to build/prop/shore up:
vahvistaa {vt} [technics, genitive + ääntä] :: To amplify
vahvistaa {vt} :: To confirm (having done = active past participle in genitive + possessive suffix), verify, corroborate, substantiate, validate
vahvistaa {vt} [legal] :: To ratify
vahvistaa {v} :: ~ testamentti: to probate
vahvistaminen {n} :: strengthening
vahvistaminen {n} :: confirmation
vahvistaminen {n} :: consolidation
vahvistaminen {n} :: validation
vahvistaminen {n} :: reinforcement
vahvistaminen {n} :: amplification
vahvistaminen {n} :: ratification
vahviste {n} :: reinforcement
vahvistettu {adj} :: confirmed
vahvistin {n} [technology] :: An amplifier (technical device e.g. to increase the amplitude and/or energy intensity of an electric signal)
vahvistua {v} :: to strengthen (to grow strong or stronger)
vahvistua {v} :: to be confirmed
vahvistukset {n} :: reinforcements
vahvistuminen {n} :: strengthening (becoming stronger)
vahvistus {n} :: strengthening, consolidation
vahvistus {n} :: confirmation, verification
vahvistus {n} :: reinforcement
vahvistusharha {n} [psychology] :: confirmation bias (cognitive bias towards giving more weight to information that seems to confirm one's opinion or theory than to contradicting information)
vahvuinen {adj} :: strong
vahvuinen {adj} :: thick
vahvuus {n} :: strength (positive attribute)
vahvuus {n} :: muster (total number of troops in a military formation)
vai {adv} [interrogative adverb, colloquial] :: is that so?
vai {conj} [coordinating; in question clauses] :: or
vaientaa {vt} :: To silence, gag, muzzle
vaieta {v} :: to fall silent
vaieta {v} :: to be silent, hold one's tongue
vaieta {v} [+ elative] :: to keep silent, say nothing (of), not to mention
vaihdannainen {adj} [math] :: commutative
vaihdannaisuus {n} [math] :: commutative property
vaihdanta {n} :: The action of the verb vaihtaa
vaihdantalaki {n} [mathematics] :: commutative law
vaihde {n} :: gear (as in reverse gear)
vaihde {n} [rail transport] :: switch
vaihde {n} [communication] :: switch
vaihdekeppi {n} :: gearstick
vaihdelaatikko {n} :: gearbox
vaihdella {vti} :: To change repeatedly
vaihdella {vi} :: To vary
vaihdella {vi} :: To fluctuate
vaihdettava markka {n} :: The currency unit of Bosnia and Herzegovina; convertible mark; BAM
vaihdevuodet {n} :: menopause
vaihdin {n} :: A device that replaces, exchanges, etc
vaihdokas {n} :: changeling
vaihdos {n} :: change, transition, transposition
vaihdunta {n} :: The action of the verb vaihtua
vaihe {n} :: A phase, stage, point, period
vaihe {n} [mathematics, physics, astronomy] :: phase (of a wave, moon, planet)
vaihe {n} :: stage (of a rocket)
vaiheikas {adj} :: eventful
vaiheilla {adv} [genitive, + ] :: ~ : around
vaihekulma {n} [astronomy] :: phase angle
vaihemodulaatio {n} :: phase modulation
vaihtaa {vt} :: to change
vaihtaa {vt} :: to replace
vaihtaa {vt} :: to exchange, switch
vaihtaa maisemaa {v} :: to skip town
vaihtaja {n} :: changer, exchanger
vaihtaja {n} :: derailleur (bicycle)
vaihteeksi {adv} [idiomatic] :: for a change (as a departure from the usual)
vaihteisto {n} [automotive] :: gearbox, transmission
vaihteleva {adj} :: variable, volatile, varying
vaihtelu {n} :: variation
vaihtelu {n} :: fluctuation
vaihteluraja {n} :: fluctuation limit
vaihtelu virkistää {proverb} :: variety is the spice of life
vaihteluväli {n} [statistics] :: range (difference between largest and smallest observation)
vaihto {n} :: exchange
vaihto {n} :: swap
vaihto {n} [computing] :: shift key
vaihto {n} [typography] :: break
vaihtoehto {n} :: alternative, option
vaihtoehtohypoteesi {n} [statistics] :: alternative hypothesis
vaihtoehtoinen {adj} :: alternative
vaihtoehtoiskustannus {n} [economics] :: opportunity cost
vaihtoehtolääke {n} :: alternative medicine (substance)
vaihtoehtolääketiede {n} :: alternative medicine
vaihtokauppa {n} :: barter, quid pro quo (trade by equal exchange, instead of money)
vaihtokurssi {n} :: synonym of valuuttakurssi
vaihtolava {n} :: roll-off (dumpster that can be rolled off and on a truck; typically used in collection of construction waste)
vaihtolämpöinen {n} [zoology] :: ectotherm (animal whose body temperature depends on the ambient temperature)
vaihtolämpöinen {adj} [zoology] :: cold-blooded, ectothermic, exothermic (having a variable body temperature)
vaihtolämpöisyys {n} [biology] :: cold-bloodedness
vaihto-oppilas {n} :: exchange student
vaihtopenkki {n} [soccer] :: substitutes' bench
vaihtopenkki {n} [ice hockey] :: players' bench
vaihtoraha {n} :: change; in Finnish often used in plural (amount of money given back to payer as a difference between a larger amount of money handed over and the required payment)
vaihtosähkö {n} :: alternating current
vaihtosopimus {n} [finance] :: A swap
vaihtosuhde {n} [foreign trade] :: terms of trade
vaihtosyöttäjä {n} [baseball, pesäpallo] :: relief pitcher (pitcher who enters the game after another pitcher is removed)
vaihtotase {n} [accounting, business] :: current account (part of balance of payments)
vaihtovirta {n} :: alternating current
vaihtovirtalaturi {n} [automotive] :: alternator
vaihtua {vi} :: To become replaced, swapped
vaihtuminen {n} :: replacement
vaija {n} [dialect, dated] :: grandfather
vaijeri {n} :: wire rope
vaijeri {n} :: cable (large-diameter wire)
vaikea {adj} :: Difficult, hard
vaikeampi {adj} :: comparative of vaikea
vaikeaselkoinen {adj} :: prolix, abstruse (hard to understand)
vaikeasti {adv} :: with difficulty, difficultly
vaikeasti {adv} :: seriously, gravely
vaikeroida {v} :: To moan, groan
vaikertaa {vi} :: To wail
vaikeuksien kautta voittoon {proverb} :: no pain, no gain
vaikeus {n} :: difficulty
vaikeuskerroin {n} :: coefficient (or factor) of difficulty
vaikeuttaa {vt} :: To complicate, make difficult
vaikeutua {vi} :: to get/become more difficult
vaikk' {conj} [subordinating; + indicative mood, poetic] :: although, though, even though
vaikk' {conj} [subordinating; + conditional mood, poetic] :: even if
vaikka {adv} :: for instance, for example
vaikka {conj} :: (subordinating; + indicative mood) although, though, even though
vaikka {conj} :: (subordinating; + conditional mood) even if
vaikka ja mitä {pron} :: this and that
vaikka kuinka mones {adv} :: umpteenth (occurring in a relatively large but unspecified position in a sequence)
vaikka mitä {adv} [colloquial] :: whatever (no matter what)
vaikkei {contraction} :: vaikka + ei
vaikkeivät {contraction} :: vaikka + eivät
vaikkemme {contraction} :: vaikka + emme
vaikken {contraction} :: vaikka + en
vaikket {contraction} :: vaikka + et
vaikkette {contraction} :: vaikka + ette
vaikku {n} [colloquial] :: earwax
vaikute {n} :: influence
vaikutelma {n} :: impression
vaikutin {n} :: A motive (that which incites to action)
vaikuttaa {v} :: + illative: to influence, have an influence on, affect, have an effect on, impact, have an impact on
vaikuttaa {v} :: + illative: have an effect on, act, work; (alkaa vaikuttaa) take effect, start working
vaikuttaa {v} :: + an adjective in ablative: to appear (to be), seem (to be)
vaikuttaa {v} [idiomatic, colloquial, + essive] :: to act as, to work as, to do (to have as one's job)
vaikuttaja {n} :: prominent figure, policymaker, influential person, opinion leader, power player, mover and shaker, dignitary, muckamuck, notable, panjandrum, very important person, VIP (one who has influence)
vaikuttaja {n} :: protagonist, activist
vaikuttava aine {n} :: active ingredient (compound in a natural or man-made mixture such as medicine that is responsible for the mixture's activity)
vaikuttavampi {adj} :: comparative of vaikuttava
vaikuttavuus {n} :: effectivity, effectiveness
vaikuttavuuskerroin {n} :: impact factor
vaikuttua {vi} :: To be impressed
vaikutus {n} :: influence, effect, impact (on sb/sth = illative)
vaikutus {n} :: impression (an outward appearance)
vaikutus {n} [chemistry] :: action
vaikutusaika {n} :: Duration of action (of a chemical substance)
vaikutusaltis {adj} :: impressionable (being easily influenced)
vaikutusmahdollisuus {n} :: possibility to influence
vaikutuspiiri {n} :: sphere of influence, realm (literal or figurative area influenced by a country, person, etc.)
vaikutusvalta {n} :: Influence, authority, clout (of a person or organization)
vaikutusvaltainen {adj} [of a person or organization] :: Influential, powerful
vaikutusvaltaisempi {adj} :: comparative of vaikutusvaltainen
vaikutusvaltaisin {adj} :: superlative of vaikutusvaltainen
vailla {prep} [often, in negative contexts] :: without:
vailla {postp} [often, in negative contexts] :: without (and in need/search of):
vailla {postp} [idiomatic] :: olla jotakin ~ : to want
vaille {postp} :: (temporal) to, till:
vaillinainen {adj} :: Not full; partial, incomplete, inadequate
vaimea {adj} :: muffled, subdued
vaimea {adj} :: uninterested, tepid
vaimeampi {adj} :: comparative of vaimea
vaimennin {n} :: silencer
vaimennin {n} :: damper
vaimennin {n} :: snubber
vaimennin {n} :: attenuator
vaimennin {n} :: muffler
vaimennus {n} :: attenuation
vaimentaa {vt} :: To muffle (a sound)
vaimentaa {vt} :: To stifle (unwanted criticism)
vaimentaa {vt} :: To damp, suppress (vibrations)
vaimeta {vi} :: to die down, to fade
vaimo {n} :: wife
vaimo {n} [archaic] :: woman, especially an elderly one
vaimoke {n} :: A wifelet (mistress)
vain {adv} :: only, merely, exclusively, solely, just
vain {adv} :: ever, in the phrasal adjective mikä vain
vain {adv} :: whenever, in the phrasal adjective milloin vain
vainaa {n} :: A deceased person
vainaja {n} :: dead person, deceased, decedent
vainaja {n} [as headword in a compound term] :: late, deceased
vainaja {n} [figuratively, colloquial, as headword in a compound term] :: deceased, scrapped, destroyed, ruined
vainajala {n} [mythology] :: Underworld; the place of dead
vainajan valvojaiset {n} :: synonym of ruumiinvalvojaiset
vainio {n} :: A large cultivated field
Vainio {prop} :: surname
Vainio {prop} :: Any of a number of small places in Finland
vaino {n} :: persecution
vainoharha {n} :: delusion of persecution
vainoharhainen {adj} :: paranoid
vainoharhaisuus {n} :: paranoia
vainota {vt} [_, + partitive] :: To persecute
vainovaatteet {n} [archaic] :: Complete set of equipment used for body protection in battle, an armour
vainovalkea {n} [historical] :: A fire set in order to alarm others for approaching enemy
vainu {n} :: scent (odour of a game animal as a trace sensed by a predator)
vainu {n} :: scent, sense of smell of an animal, especially of a hunting animal
vainu {n} [figuratively] :: hunch, scent
vainu {n} :: nose (skill in recognizing valuable information)
vainukoira {n} :: scenthound (type of hunting dog)
vainukoira {n} :: sniffer dog (type of police dog)
vainuta {vi} :: To scent
vainuta {vi} :: To have a hunch
vaippa {n} :: diaper, nappy, napkin
vaippa {n} [botany] :: tunic
vaippa {n} :: mantle
vaippa {n} [geology] :: mantle
vaippaeläin {n} :: tunicate
vaippahyeena {n} :: brown hyena (Parahyaena brunnea)
vaippaihottuma {n} [pathology] :: nappy rash, diaper rash
vaippaikä {n} :: diaperhood
vaippapaviaani {n} :: hamadryas, hamadryas baboon (Papio hamadryas)
vaippapaviaani {n} :: sacred baboon (hamadryas baboon in the context of ancient Egypt, where it was regarded as holy animal)
vaippasakaali {n} :: The black-backed jackal (Canis mesomelas)
vaipua {v} :: To fall (into sleep, coma, etc.)
vaipua {v} :: To sink
vaisto {n} :: instinct
vaisto {n} :: intuition
vaistoammunta {n} :: instinct shooting (art of accurately shooting instinctively, without aiming and concentrating on the target)
vaistomainen {adj} :: instinctive
vaistonvarainen {adj} :: instinctive
vaistota {vt} :: to sense/know instinctively/intuitively, intuit
vaisu {adj} :: silent, not talkative
vaisu {adj} :: bland, wan
vaitelias {adj} :: silent, closemouthed
vaiti {adv} :: silent, quiet (without uttering a sound)
vaitiolo {n} :: silence (the action of refraining from speaking)
vaitioloraha {n} :: hush money
vaitiolovelvollisuus {n} :: duty of confidentiality (obligation to maintain confidentiality on a specific issue or relationship)
vaitonainen {adj} :: silent (not talkative)
vaiva {n} :: bother, inconvenience
vaiva {n} :: ailment
vaivaantunut {adj} :: embarrassed, uneasy
vaivain {n} :: kneader (machine)
vaivain {n} :: kneader tool
vaivainen {adj} :: measly, paltry, miserable, wretched, pitiful, scrubby
vaivainen {adj} :: crippled
vaivainen {n} :: pauper
vaivainen {n} :: cripple
vaivaisenluu {n} :: bunion
vaivaishiiri {n} :: harvest mouse, Micromys minutus
vaivaiskoivu {n} :: dwarf birch (Betula nana)
vaivaispajunhapero {n} :: A brittlegill, Russula saliceticola
vaivaispajunrousku {n} :: A milk-cap, Lactarius salicisherbaceae
vaivaispäästäinen {n} :: A Eurasian pygmy shrew, Sorex minutus
vaivalloinen {adj} :: painstaking
vaivalloinen {adj} :: cumbersome, troublesome
vaivalloinen {adj} :: arduous
vaivalloinen {adj} :: trying
vaivannäkö {n} :: trouble
vaivata {v} :: to trouble, bother
vaivata {v} :: to be the trouble with someone, ail
vaivata {v} :: to knead
vaivaton {adj} :: easy, simple
vaivautua {vi} :: To be bothered
vaivero {n} :: leather leaf (Chamaedaphne calyculata)
vaivihkaa {adv} :: secretly, unnoticed (without drawing attention)
vaivoin {adv} :: synonym of hädin tuskin
vaivuttaa {v} :: to put into
vaja {n} :: hut
vajaa {adj} :: not full; partial, incomplete
vajaa {adj} :: shy (short, insufficient, less than)
vajaa {adj} [colloquial] :: mentally retarded; short for vajaamielinen
vajaahampainen {n} :: edentate (member of the superorder Xenarthra)
vajaakanttinen {adj} [woodworking] :: waned (having wanes)
vajaakuntoinen {adj} :: dysfunctional (functioning incorrectly or abnormally)
vajaalämpöisyys {n} :: hypothermia (medical condition)
vajaamiehinen {adj} [sports] :: shorthanded
vajaampi {adj} :: comparative of vajaa
vajaatyöllisyys {n} :: underemployment
vajaavaltainen {n} [legal] :: An incompetent person
vajaavaltainen {adj} [legal] :: Incompetent
vajakki {n} [pejorative] :: retard (person with mental retardation)
vajanto {n} [grammar, rarely used] :: abessive
vajaus {n} :: lack, deficiency
vaje {n} :: deficit
vajentaa {vt} :: to diminish, to make scarce
vajeta {vi} :: to lower, fall, sink (to grow less; used especially of the contents of a container)
vajoaminen {n} :: sinking (instance or process of sinking)
vajoaminen {n} :: subsidence (sinking of something to a lower level, especially of part of the surface of the Earth)
vajota {vi} :: To sink
vaka {adj} [archaic] :: stable, steady, firm
vakaa {adj} :: steady, stable, firm, steadfast, secure
vakaa {adj} :: patient, calm
vakaaja {n} :: stabilizer
vakaampi {adj} :: comparative of vakaa
vakaasti {adv} :: steadily, constantly
vakain {n} :: stabilizer
vakaumus {n} :: a conviction, belief (a firmly held belief)
vakaus {n} :: stability
vakausmekanismi {n} [literally] :: Any stabilizing mechanism
vakausmekanismi {n} [finance, EU] :: Short for Euroopan vakausmekanismi, the European Stability Mechanism (ESM), a permanent European rescue funding programme expected to be launched in July 2012
vakauttaa {vt} :: To steady, to stabilise/stabilize
vakava {adj} :: serious
vakavamielinen {adj} :: serious-minded
vakavaraisuus {n} [finance] :: financial solidity (ratio of total assets to total liabilities)
vakavasti {adv} :: seriously
vakavissaan {adv} :: Serious(ly), in earnest (about something = genitive + suhteen)
vakavoida {vt} :: To make more serious
vakavoitua {v} :: to get serious (for example, to suppress a smile and stay serious)
vakavuus {n} :: severity
vakavuus {n} :: seriousness
vakavuus {n} :: graveness, gravity
vakiinnuttaa {v} :: to establish, solidify, settle (to get one's position, power, economy etc. on a solid basis from the state of uncertainty or turmoil)
vakiintua {vi} :: To become established, become a standard
vakiintunut {adj} :: well-established (having been established for a long period of time)
vakinainen {adj} :: permanent
vakinaistaa {vt} :: To regularize
vakinaistuttaa {v} :: alternative form of vakinaistaa
vakio {n} [mathematics] :: constant
vakioida {vt} :: to normalize, to stabilize, to condition
vakioitua {vi} :: To become standardized
vakionopeudensäädin {n} :: cruise control
vakiopistooli {n} :: short for vakiopistooliammunta (rapid fire pistol)
vakiopistooli {n} :: A pistol used in this event
vakiopistooliammunta {n} :: rapid fire pistol (Olympic shooting event)
vakiovieras {n} :: habitué
vakipano {n} [vulgar] :: fuck buddy, fuckmate
vakituinen {adj} :: permanent
vakituinen {adj} :: steady
vakka {n} [historical] :: A unit of dry volume used in Sweden (halvspann in Swedish) and Finland before introduction of metric system. There has been regional and temporal variation, but the 1665 regulation defined it so that it's equal to 36.64 liters, which is quite close to an imperial bushel (36.3687 l)
vakka {n} :: A type of wooden container of varying size, made of bent thin board to make it strong and light, and equipped with a close fitting cap
vakka {n} [by extension] :: Any roundish, voluminous container equipped with a cap
vakka kantensa valitsee {proverb} :: a man is known by the company he keeps (people are similar in character to their friends)
vako {n} :: A plowed or similar furrow
vako {n} :: A cleft
vakoaura {n} [agriculture] :: lister (type of plow)
vakoilija {n} :: A spy
vakoilla {v} :: to spy
vakoilu {n} :: espionage, spying
vakoiluohjelma {n} :: spyware
vakoilurengas {n} :: A spy ring
vakoiluyritys {n} :: espionage attempt
vakooja {n} :: spy
vakosametti {n} :: corduroy (heavy fabric with vertical ribs)
vaksi {n} [colloquial] :: janitor
vakuoli {n} [cytology] :: vacuole (large membrane-bound vesicle)
vakuumi {n} :: vacuum
vakuus {n} [banking, finance] :: security, collateral (something, usually an asset or guarantee, that secures the fulfillment of an obligation such as repayment of a loan or fulfilment of a contract)
vakuutella {v} :: To reassure
vakuuttaa {vt} :: To assert, assure, convince
vakuuttaa {vt} :: To reassure
vakuuttaa {vt} :: To insure (property for cases of an accident, theft or another undesirable event)
vakuuttamaton {adj} :: uninsured
vakuuttava {adj} :: Convincing
vakuuttavasti {adv} :: convincingly
vakuuttua {vi} :: To be(come) convinced
vakuuttuneisuus {n} :: conviction (state of being convinced)
vakuuttunut {adj} :: convinced
vakuutus {n} :: insurance
vakuutus {n} :: assurance or promise
vakuutus {n} :: oath of office (abbreviated form of virkavakuutus)
vakuutusaika {n} :: insurance policy period
vakuutuskirja {n} :: insurance policy
vakuutuspetos {n} [legal] :: Insurance fraud
vakuutussopimus {n} :: insurance contract, insurance policy
vakuutusyhtiö {n} :: insurance company
vala {n} :: oath
valaa {vt} :: to cast, pour, throw (to pour liquid on something)
valaa {vt} :: to cast, mold (to make a cast using metal or plaster etc.)
valaa öljyä laineille {phrase} [idiomatic] :: to pour oil on troubled waters
valaanöljy {n} :: whale oil (oil extracted from blubber of whale)
valaanpäävaha {n} :: synonym of spermaseetti
valaanpyynti {n} :: whaling
valaanpyyntialus {n} :: whaling ship
valaanpyyntiasema {n} :: whaling station
valaanpyytäjä {n} :: whaler
valaanrasva {n} :: whale blubber
valaanrasva {n} :: whale oil (fat extracted from whale blubber)
valaanrasve {n} :: synonym of spermaseetti
valaansuomu {n} :: cuttlebone, cuttlefish bone
valaantäi {n} :: whale louse (parasitic crustacean of the family Cyamidae)
valaantraani {n} :: synonym of valaanrasva
valaehtoinen {adj} [legal] :: given under oath
valahtaa {v} :: to slump
valaisin {n} :: light fixture, luminaire, light fitting, lighting fixture (complete lighting unit attached to a wall or ceiling)
valaisin {n} :: lamp, light (piece of furniture holding one or more electric light sockets)
valaista {v} :: to light, illuminate
valaista {v} :: to shed light on, illuminate, clear, clear up, elucidate (to make clear)
valaistua {vi} :: To become alight
valaistua {vi} :: To become (spiritually) enlightened
valaistuminen {n} :: enlightenment
valaistunut {adj} :: enlightened
valaistus {n} :: lighting
valaistus {n} [religion, Buddhism] :: enlightenment; bodhi [Buddhism]
valaistusmestari {n} :: gaffer (chief lighting technician)
valaistusvoimakkuus {n} [physics, photometry] :: illuminance
valaisu {n} :: lighting, illumination
Valakia {prop} :: Wallachia (region in Romania)
valakka {adj} [dialectal] :: light, pale (of color)
valakka {n} :: gelding
valakki {n} :: A white horse
valakki {n} :: Wallachian (person)
valamiehistö {n} :: jury, grand jury
valamies {n} :: juror
valaminen {n} :: molding, casting (casting procedure)
valanta {n} :: casting, molding
valapatto {n} :: A perjurer, an oathbreaker
valapattoinen {adj} :: forsworn, perjured (having broken one's oath)
valas {n} :: whale
Valas {prop} :: The constellation Cetus
valashai {n} :: whale shark (Rhincodon typus)
Valaskala {prop} :: The constellation Cetus
Valde {prop} :: given name
Valdemar {prop} :: given name, cognate to Danish Valdemar
vale {n} [colloquial] :: A lie; an untruth; a fabrication
vale {n} :: As modifier in compound terms (vale-), false, virtual, pseudo-, fake
vale- {prefix} :: false, pseudo
valeakaasia {n} :: black locust, false acacia, Robinia pseudoacacia (tree)
valeasu {n} :: A disguise
valeavioliitto {n} :: Alternative term for näennäisavioliitto
valehdella {v} :: To lie, tell untruths
valehtelija {n} :: liar
valehuutaja {n} :: wall, chandelier (fictional bidder used to increase the price at an auction)
valehyökkäys {n} :: false attack (attack intended to deceive)
valekuolema {n} [pathology] :: suspended animation (temporary cessation of vital functions resembling death)
valekuristustauti {n} [pathology] :: croup (viral form of croup)
valekuva {n} [optics] :: A virtual image
valelukaste {n} :: affusion (method of baptism in which water is poured on the head of the person being baptized)
valenivel {n} [pathology] :: pseudarthrosis, false joint ‎(bony, flexible structure, resembling a joint, sometimes found after a poorly united fracture)
valenssi {n} [chemistry] :: valence
valenssivyö {n} [physics, semiconductors] :: valence band
valepuku {n} :: A disguise (clothing used to hide identity)
valeriaana {n} [plant] :: valerian, allheal
valeriaanahappo {n} [chemistry] :: valeric acid
valesota {n} :: Phoney War (period in the beginning of WWII)
valetasku {n} :: decorative pocket, fake pocket, false pocket (imitation pocket fixed to the outside of a garment as decoration)
valevahvero {n} [mushroom] :: A false chanterelle, Hygrophoropsis aurantiaca
valevampyyri {n} :: false vampire bat (Old World bat of the family Megadermatidae)
valhe {n} :: lie, fabrication, untruth
valheella on lyhyet jäljet {proverb} :: a lie has no legs (literally: a lie has short tracks)
valheellinen {adj} :: mendacious, false
valheenpaljastin {n} :: A lie detector, polygraph
validi {adj} :: valid
validiteetti {n} :: validity
valiini {n} [amino acid] :: valine
valikko {n} [computing] :: A menu in a computer graphical user interface
valikkopalkki {n} [computing] :: synonym of valikkorivi
valikkorivi {n} [computing] :: menu bar
valikoida {vt} :: To select
valikoidusti {adv} :: selectedly, selectively (in a selected manner)
valikoima {n} :: assortment
valikoitua {vi} :: to be selected
valikoiva {adj} :: selective, choosy
valikoivasti {adv} :: selectively
valimo {n} :: foundry
valin {n} :: A cast (mould used to make cast objects)
valinnainen {adj} :: optional, elective, discretionary
valinnaisesti {adv} :: facultatively, optionally
valinnanvara {n} :: choice (chance for choosing among several alternatives)
valinta {n} :: selection
valinta {n} :: choice
valinta {n} :: volition
valinta {n} :: trade-off
valintajalostus {n} :: selective breeding (practice of breeding the best specimens of a given organism to encourage certain features)
valintakoe {n} :: entrance examination
valintaliike {n} [rare] :: supermarket
valintaloru {n} :: A counting-out game
valintamyymälä {n} :: supermarket
valintaääni {n} :: dial tone, dialling tone
valio {n} :: An outstanding individual;a pick, choice, elite
valiokunta {n} :: standing committee (established parliamentary committee to which all proposed legislation, messages, petitions, memorials and other matters regarding a defined scope of subjects get referred to)
valioliiga {n} :: Premier League (the highest division of English association football); often in the form Englannin valioliiga to avoid confusion with the Finnish series
valioliiga {n} :: premier league (highest division of Finnish association football)
valioyksilö {n} :: elite individual
valistaa {vt} :: To enlighten (to increase the knowledge of)
valistua {v} :: to become educated, to become enlightened
valistunut arvaus {n} :: educated guess
valistus {n} :: Enlightenment
valistusaika {n} :: the Enlightenment, Age of Enlightenment
valita {vt} :: to choose, select, elect
valitella {v} :: to complain
valitella {v} :: to regret
valitettava {adj} :: lamentable
valitettavasti {adv} :: unfortunately
valitettavasti {adv} :: lamentably
valitseminen {n} :: selection
valitsija {n} :: chooser
valitsijamiehistö {n} :: electoral college
valitsijamies {n} :: elector (member of a body entitled to make an important election, such as to vote for a president in an indirect voting system)
valitsijayhdistys {n} :: electoral association
valitsin {n} :: dial, selector (switch or other element which is used to select the desired mode of operation, operating channel etc. of a device)
valitsin {n} [computing] :: switch (command line notation)
valittaa {vi} :: To moan, groan. (make a noise in response to a painful experience)
valittaa {vi} [+ elative] :: To complain about, grouse about, gripe about, whine about (orally or in writing)
valittaa {vi} [legal] :: To appeal (a decision = elative, to a higher instance = illative)
valittaa {vt} [+ partitive] :: To apologize for, make one's apologies, be sorry, deplore, regret
valittaja {n} :: Moaner, groaner (one who moans/groans)
valittaja {n} :: Complainer, grouser, gripper, whiner (one who complains/grouses/grips/whines about sth)
valittaja {n} [legal] :: Appellant
valittava {adj} :: moaning, groaning
valittava {adj} :: complaining, whining
valittava {adj} :: that is (going) to be elected/ chosen
valittavasti {adv} :: whiningly
valitus {n} :: A moan, groan, wailing, lament
valitus {n} :: A complaint, whining
valitus {n} [legal] :: An appeal
valitusaika {n} :: appeal period
valitustuomioistuin {n} :: appellate court (court having jurisdiction to hear appeals and review lower courts' decisions)
Valitusvirret {prop} [Bible] :: Lamentations (book of the Old Testament)
valitusvirsi {n} :: jeremiad
valitusvirsi {n} :: lament, lamentation, dirge
valjaat {n} :: harness
Valjakka {prop} :: surname
valjakko {n} :: A team, as a set of draught animals
valjastaa {vt} :: To harness (both in concrete and figurative manner)
valjeta {vi} :: To whiten, blanch, bleach (to become lighter or whiter in color)
valjeta {vi} :: To dawn (with the subject aamu, "morning", which is translated into the English impersonal subject it)
valjeta {vi} [e.g. of the sky] :: To light up, brighten
valjeta {vi} [figuratively] :: To dawn, light up, brighten
valju {adj} :: insipid, vapid
valju {adj} :: pale
valjulimaseitikki {n} [mushroom] :: slimy webcap; a webcap of the species Cortinarius mucifluus
valjurousku {n} :: A milk-cap, Lactarius pallidus
valkaista {vt} :: To whiten, to bleach (to treat with bleach)
valkama {n} :: haven (protected harbour or anchorage for small boats)
Valkama {prop} :: surname
valkea {adj} :: white
valkea {adj} :: bright
valkea {n} :: fire, campfire
valkea {n} [rare] :: light
valkea aine {n} [anatomy] :: white matter (region of brain)
valkeahko {adj} :: whitish
Valkeakoski {prop} :: Valkeakoski
valkeampi {adj} :: comparative of valkea
valkein {adj} :: superlative of valkea
valkeus {n} :: whiteness
valkeus {n} :: brightness
valkio {n} [golf] :: white ("green" of snow golf course)
valkkari {n} [colloquial] :: white wine
valkku {n} :: helleborine (orchid of the genus Cephalanthera)
valko- {prefix} :: white
valkoapila {n} :: white clover, Dutch clover, Trifolium repens (perennial clover used in landscaping and lawn seed mixes)
valkobeisa {n} :: synonym of arabiankeihäsantilooppi
valkogaselli {n} :: sand gazelle, slender-horned gazelle, Gazella leptoceros (gazelle with slender horns adapted to desert life)
valkohai {n} :: great white shark (Carcharodon carcharias)
valkoherkkusieni {n} :: Agaricus nivescens, a mushroom related to the button mushroom
valkoherukka {n} :: whitecurrant (fruit)
valkohäntägueretsa {n} :: king colobus, western black-and-white colobus, Colobus polykomos (primate species of the subfamily Colobinae, the leaf-eating monkeys; found in west Africa)
valkohäntäkauris {n} :: An alternative name for valkohäntäpeura; the white-tailed deer, Odocoileus virginianus
valkohäntäpeura {n} :: white-tailed deer, Odocoileus virginianus
valkohomejuusto {n} :: white mold cheese (type of cheese covered with white mold, such as brie or camembert)
valkohytykkä {n} :: snow fungus, Tremella fuciformis (white jelly-like parasitic tropical mushroom, used e.g. in Chinese cuisine)
valkoihoinen {adj} :: Caucasian
valkoihoinen {n} :: Caucasian
valkoihoisempi {adj} :: comparative of valkoihoinen
valkoinen {adj} :: White (colour)
valkoinen {adj} :: Caucasian (person)
valkoinen {n} :: A white colour
valkoinen {n} :: A Caucasian person
valkoinen fosfori {n} [chemistry] :: white phosphorus
valkoinen joulu {n} :: white Christmas
valkoinen kääpiö {n} [star] :: white dwarf
Valkoinen talo {prop} :: the White House
valkoinen valhe {n} :: white lie
valkoinen valurauta {n} :: white iron (kind of cast iron)
valkoisempi {adj} :: comparative of valkoinen
valkoisin {adj} :: superlative of valkoinen
valkoisuus {n} :: whiteness
valkokaarti {n} [historical] :: In the Finnish civil war of 1918 the armed troops that defended the prevailing society against the Red Guards
valkokangas {n} [film] :: screen
valkokangas {n} [film] :: silver screen
valkokapokkio {n} :: silk-cotton tree, Bombax ceiba
valkokarvarousku {n} :: A milk-cap, Lactarius scoticus
valkokastike {n} :: white sauce
valkokauluksinen {adj} :: white-collared (having a white collar)
valkokaulus- {adj} :: white-collar (of or pertaining to office work and office workers)
valkokaulusrikollisuus {n} :: white-collar crime
valkokärpässieni {n} :: destroying angel, Amanita virosa
valkokulta {n} :: white gold
valkokuonodelfiini {n} :: white-beaked dolphin, Lagenorhynchus albirostris
valkokuonovalas {n} :: Gray's beaked whale, Mesoplodon grayi
valkolakki {n} [literary] :: A Finnish student cap, see ylioppilaslakki
valkomesikkä {n} :: honey clover, tree clover, sweet clover, white-flowered sweet clover, white sweet clover, white melilot, Melilotus albus
valkonaama {n} :: whiteface (person of European origin)
valkonaamamaluri {n} :: whiteface (bird of the genus Aphelocephala, endemic to Australia)
Valkonen {prop} :: surname
valkoniskamuura {n} :: collared antshrike
valkopaju {n} :: white willow, Salix alba
valkopartamuura {n} :: white-bearded antshrike
valkopesu {n} :: whitewash
valkopilkkahai {n} :: oceanic whitetip shark, Carcharhinus longimanus
valkopippuri {n} :: white pepper (spice)
valkopälvi {n} :: vitiligo
valkopäämerikotka {n} :: the American eagle, Haliaeetus leucocephalus
valkoposkihanhi {n} :: barnacle goose, Branta leucopsis (black and white wild goose from the northern hemisphere)
valkopyykki {n} :: white laundry (white textiles considered as items to be washed)
valkoretikka {n} :: daikon
valkosarvikuono {n} :: synonym of leveähuulisarvikuono
valkosilmäkuha {n} :: walleye (Sander vitreus or Stizostedion vitreum)
valkosipuli {n} :: garlic, Allium sativum (plant)
valkosipuli {n} :: garlic (bulb of this plant)
valkosipulileipä {n} :: garlic bread
valkosipulisuola {n} :: garlic salt (salt mixed with dried garlic, used as seasoning)
valkosipulivoi {n} :: garlic butter
valkosolu {n} [hematology, cytology, immunology] :: leukocyte
valkoturska {n} :: whiting (Merlangius merlangus)
valkovenäjä {n} :: Belarusian (language)
Valko-Venäjä {prop} :: Belarus
valkovenäjänkielinen {adj} :: Belarusian (pertaining to Belarusian language)
Valko-Venäjän tasavalta {prop} :: The Republic of Belarus
valkovenäläinen {adj} :: Belarusian (of, from, or pertaining to Belarus, the Belarusian people or the Belarusian language)
valkovenäläinen {n} :: Belarusian (person from Belarus or of Belarusian descent)
valkovenäläinen {n} :: White Russian (drink)
valkovenäläisyys {n} :: Belarusianness (state or quality of being Belarusian)
valkoviini {n} :: white wine
valkovillaseitikki {n} [mushroom] :: A webcap, Cortinarius laniger
valkovuokko {n} :: A wood anemone (Anemone nemorosa). Other English names: windflower, European thimbleweed and smell fox
valkovuokkoleinikki {n} :: large white buttercup, Ranunculus platanifolius (a flowering plant in the genus Ranunculus)
valkovyöseitikki {n} [mushroom] :: A webcap, Cortinarius glandicolor
valkuainen {n} :: The egg white, albumen (white part of an egg)
valkuainen {n} :: As a short form of the noun valkuaisaine, protein, used when speaking of protein in general
valkuaisaine {n} :: protein
valkuaisnuora {n} [zoology] :: chalaza (spiral band which attaches to the yolk of an egg, suspending it in the white)
valkuaisside {n} [zoology] :: chalaza (spiral band which attaches to the yolk of an egg, suspending it in the white)
valkyria {n} :: Valkyrie
vallabi {n} :: wallaby, pademelon
vallan {adv} :: quite
vallanhimoinen {adj} :: power-hungry (greedy for power)
vallankaappaaja {n} :: coupist
vallankaappaus {n} :: coup d'état, coup (the sudden overthrow of a government by a small group of people)
vallan kolmijako {n} [political science] :: trias politica; separation of powers into three independent branches: legislative, executive and judiciary
vallankumouksellinen {adj} :: revolutionary
vallankumouksellinen {n} :: revolutionary, revolutionist
vallankumouksellisempi {adj} :: comparative of vallankumouksellinen
vallankumouksellisin {adj} :: superlative of vallankumouksellinen
vallankumous {n} :: revolution
vallankumouskalenteri {n} :: French Republican Calendar
vallan ositus {n} [political science] :: separation of powers (model for governance, which features the division of sovereign power into at least three organs of state in order to forestall tyranny; also, such an arrangement)
vallata {vt} :: To seize, occupy, subdue, take over, capture
vallata {vt} :: To claim, stake a claim for (an unpopulated land area); to reclaim (a swampland; a maritime area)
vallata {vt} [figuratively, of an emotion] :: To overcome, wrack
vallata {v} :: To squat (to occupy without permission)
vallaton {adj} :: rambunctious
valli {n} :: embankment, bank
valli {n} :: dike
valli {n} [billiards] :: A cushion, rail, rail cushion, cushion rubber, bumper
vallihauta {n} :: moat
vallinsarvi {n} :: bastion
valliriutta {n} :: barrier reef
vallita {vi} :: to prevail, predominate
vallita {vt} :: to dominate, administer
valloillaan {adv} :: free, loose
valloilleen {adv} :: free, loose of restrictions; describing transition to the state of freedom, compare valloillaan (in the state of freedom)
valloittaa {vt} :: To conquer, take (a country)
valloittaa {vt} :: To captivate, mesmerise/mesmerize, encapture, win over (e.g. audience)
valloittaja {n} :: conqueror
valloitus {n} :: conquest
valloitussota {n} :: war of conquest
valloni {n} :: A Walloon
valloni {n} :: The Walloon language
Vallonia {prop} :: Wallonia
Vallu {prop} :: A nickname for male given names beginning with Val-, such as Valentin or Valfrid
Valma {prop} :: given name
valmennus {n} :: coaching
valmentaa {vt} :: To coach
valmentaja {n} :: coach [trainer]
valmentautua {vi} :: To coach oneself; to prepare oneself
valmis {adj} :: completed, finished
valmis {adj} :: ready, poised, set up
valmis {adj} :: ready-made; in this sense often a modifier in a compound term
valmis {adj} :: prefabricated, prefab; in this sense often a modifier in a compound term
valmis {adj} [construction] :: prehung (of doors and windows, used as modifier: delivered to the customer as an installation-ready package, i.e. attached to its frame)
valmisikkuna {n} [construction] :: prehung window (window delivered to the customer as installation-ready package, already attached in its frame)
valmisovi {n} [construction] :: prehung door (door delivered to the customer as installation-ready package, already attached in its frame)
valmistaa {vt} :: To make, prepare; (also figuratively) to prepare someone (= partitive) for something (= illative)
valmistaa {vt} :: To make, produce, manufacture
valmistaja {n} :: manufacturer
valmistaminen {n} :: production, fabrication
valmistautua {vi} [_, + illative] :: To prepare (oneself) for
valmistautuminen {n} :: preparation
valmistavara {n} :: ready-made (object)
valmiste {n} :: product, preparation
valmistelija {n} :: preparer
valmistella {vt} :: To prepare (for a future purpose); to make preparations (in a more or less indifferent manner)
valmistelu {n} :: preparation
valmistettavuus {n} :: producibility
valmistettu {adj} :: made, -made, manufactured
valmistevero {n} :: excise tax
valmistua {vi} :: to be completed
valmistua {vi} :: to graduate (to be recognized by a learning institution as having completed its requirements for a degree)
valmistujaiset {n} :: graduation party
valmistuminen {n} :: graduation
valmistumisaika {n} :: the time (date, year) of graduation
valmistus {n} :: The act of being produced, fabrication, making, production
valmistusaika {n} :: production time
valmistusaine {n} [food] :: ingredient
valmistusvika {n} :: factory defect
valmius {n} :: readiness
valmius {n} [employment, usually plural] :: transferable skill (generic skill, such as communication, computer literacy, time management, public speaking etc.)
valmuska {n} [mushroom] :: Any mushroom of the genus Tricholoma
valo {n} :: light (radiation)
valoammus {n} :: flare
valoaukko {n} :: skylight
valodiodi {n} :: photodiode
valodiodi {n} [colloquial] :: light-emitting diode, LED
valoelin {n} [anatomy] :: photophore
valoenergia {n} :: luminous energy, light energy
valoherkkä {adj} :: sensitive to light, photosensitive (reacting or responding easily to light)
valoisa {adj} :: Bright, full of light
valoisampi {adj} :: comparative of valoisa
valoisuus {n} :: lightness, brightness
valoisuusarvo {n} [arts] :: value (relative brightness of a color)
valokaari {n} :: electric arc
valokaariuuni {n} :: electric arc furnace
valokeila {n} :: A shaft or beam of light, searchlight
valokenno {n} [physics] :: photovoltaic cell (device that absorbs radiant energy and converts it into electrical energy)
valokki {n} [dialectal] :: cloudberry, Rubus chamaemorus
valokopio {n} :: photocopy (copy made using a photocopier)
valokopioida {vt} :: to photocopy
valokuva {n} :: photograph, photo
valokuvaaja {n} :: photographer
valokuva-albumi {n} [photography] :: photo album
valokuvamalli {n} :: model (person)
valokuvapaperi {n} :: photographic paper, photo paper, photopaper (paper coated with light-sensitive chemicals, used for making photographic prints)
valokuvasuurennos {n} :: photo enlargement (enlarged reproduction of a photograph, typically to show a detail of the original)
valokuvata {vt} :: to photograph
valokuvauksellinen {adj} :: Looking good when photographed; photogenic
valokuvaus {n} :: photographing (act of taking photographs)
valokuvaus {n} :: photography (art and technology of producing images on photosensitive surfaces)
valokuvaus {n} :: photo shoot (session in which a photographer takes shots of an individual or group)
valokuvauskone {n} [obsolete] :: A camera
valokvantti {n} [physics] :: light quantum, photon
valokynä {n} [computing] :: light pen (pen-like device allowing a computer user to interact with the screen display)
valomerkki {n} :: a last call announced non-verbally by flashing the lights at pubs, bars and nightclubs to inform the customers that the venue is being closed
valonarka {adj} :: sensitive to light (both concretely and figuratively)
valonarka {adj} :: photosensitive (easily affected or damaged by light)
valonarkuus {n} [medicine] :: photophobia
valonheitin {n} :: searchlight
valon nopeus {n} :: The speed of light in a medium
valon nopeus {n} :: The speed of light in a vacuum
valonnopeus {n} :: alternative form of valon nopeus
valonsäde {n} :: A ray of light
valonvälähdys {n} :: A flash of light
valo-ohjattu {adj} :: controlled with light or lights, such as with traffic lights
valo-oppi {n} :: optics
valopistooli {n} [colloquial] :: flare gun
valos {n} :: A cast (object made in a mould by pouring in liquid material (molten metal, plaster etc.), which then hardens); mould (something that is made in or shaped on a mould)
valosaaste {n} :: light pollution
valosapeli {n} :: lightsaber
valosekunti {n} [astronomy] :: light second
valosähköilmiö {n} [physics] :: photovoltaic effect (conversion of electromagnetic radiation into electricity)
valosähköinen {adj} :: photovoltaic, photoelectric
valoton {adj} :: lightless
valottaa {vt} :: To expose (film)
valottaa {vt} :: To illuminate (make clear)
valottua {vi} :: To be exposed (to light)
valotus {n} [photography] :: exposure (details of the time and f-number used)
valotusaika {n} :: shutter speed, exposure time
valovirta {n} [physics, photometry] :: luminous flux
valovoima {n} [physics, photometry] :: luminous intensity
valovoima {n} :: luminosity
valovoimainen {adj} :: luminous
valovoimainen {adj} [idiomatic] :: charismatic
valovuosi {n} [astronomy] :: light year
valpas {adj} :: alert
valpastua {vi} :: To become (more) alert
Valpo {abbr} :: Valtiollinen poliisi; the name of the Finnish security police in 1939 - 1948
Valpuri {prop} :: given name
valööri {n} [arts] :: value (relative darkness or lightness of a color)
valööriarvo {n} [colloquial] :: alternative form of valööri
valssain {n} :: rolling mill
valssata {v} :: to roll (in metal press)
valssata {v} :: to waltz (to dance waltz)
valssaus {n} :: rolling (metal pressing)
valssi {n} [dance, music] :: waltz
valssi {n} :: roll (metal press)
valssimylly {n} :: gristmill
valta {n} :: power, authority, rule
valta {n} :: as modifier in compound term main, principal
valta {n} :: country, state, power
valtaaja {n} :: intruder, encroacher
valtaapitävä {adj} [politics] :: belonging to the establishment (sense "ruling class")
valtaapitävät {n} [politics] :: The establishment (ruling class)
valta-asema {n} :: ascendancy
valtaisa {adj} :: Huge, hulking, enormous, impressive, tremendous
valtaistuin {n} :: throne
valtaistuinhuone {n} :: throne room
valtaistuinsali {n} :: throne room
valtakatu {n} :: Main Street
valtakausi {n} :: reign, regime (period of time)
valtakirja {n} :: power of attorney, letter of attorney (legal authorization of one person to act as the agent of another)
valtakunnallinen {adj} :: national (as opposed to local)
valtakunnallinen {adj} :: nationwide
valtakunnallisesti {adv} :: nationwide
valtakunnanoikeus {n} :: High Court of Impeachment (court that handles charges against highest government and judicial officials)
valtakunnanomena {n} :: A globus cruciger, orb, globe or mound (part of royal regalia)
valtakunnanraja {n} :: national boundary
valtakunnansali {n} :: Kingdom Hall
valtakunnansovittelija {n} :: conciliator general
valtakunnansyyttäjä {n} [legal, in Finland] :: Prosecutor general
valtakunnansyyttäjävirasto {n} :: national prosecutor's office
valtakunnanverkko {n} [electricity] :: national grid
valtakunta {n} :: An independent state. Depending on context, may be translated into English as country, state, kingdom, empire, nation, realm etc
valtakunta {n} :: A realm, domain, kingdom (sphere of activity or influence)
valtakunta {n} :: A domain (geographic area owned or controlled by a single person or organization)
valtamerentakainen {adj} :: transoceanic (beyond or on the other side of an ocean)
valtameri {n} :: ocean
valtaoikeus {n} :: prerogative (right, or power that is exclusive to a monarch etc, especially such a power to make a decision or judgement)
valtaosa {n} :: Major part, majority, bulk
valtarakenne {n} :: power structure (system of authoritative power in an institution)
valtatie {n} :: A highway
valtaus {n} :: seizing, occupation, act of occupying sth, act of taking over sth
valtava {adj} :: huge, vast, colossal
valtavampi {adj} :: comparative of valtava
valtavasti {adv} :: hugely
valtavasti {adv} :: enormously
valtavirta {n} :: mainstream (that which is common; the norm)
valtaväylä {n} :: A highway
valtias {n} :: ruler, sovereign
valtias {n} :: lord
valtiatar {n} :: lady, queen (powerful or forceful female person)
valtikka {n} :: scepter
valtimo {n} [anatomy] :: artery
Valtimo {prop} :: Valtimo
valtimon haurauskovetustauti {n} [pathology] :: atherosclerosis
valtimonkovettumatauti {n} [pathology] :: arteriosclerosis
valtimonkovettumistauti {n} [pathology] :: alternative form of valtimonkovettumatauti
valtimonkovetustauti {n} [pathology] :: alternative form of valtimonkovettumatauti
valtimonrasvoittuma {n} [medicine] :: An atheroma
valtimotauti {n} [pathology] :: A common term used rather indiscriminately of arteriosclerosis and atherosclerosis
valtimotulehdus {n} [pathology] :: arteritis (inflammation of arterial walls)
valtio {n} :: government, state (political entity asserting ultimate authority over a large geographical area)
valtiojärjestys {n} [law, political science] :: form of government
valtiokapitalismi {n} [economics] :: state capitalism
valtiokirkko {n} :: alternative spelling of valtionkirkko
valtiokirkollisuus {n} :: antidisestablishmentarianism
valtioliitto {n} :: confederation
valtiollinen {adj} :: state, governmental, national, public
valtiolliset hautajaiset {n} :: state funeral
valtiomahti {n} :: organ of state (any of the three primary divisions of a state’s sovereignty, namely, the executive, the legislature, or the judiciary)
valtiomahti {n} :: estate, as in neljäs ~, the fourth estate, or the press
valtiomies {n} :: statesman
valtiomiestaito {n} :: statesmanship (craft or skill of being a statesman, of leading a government well)
valtiomuoto {n} [political science] :: form of government
valtionapu {n} :: state aid
valtioneuvosto {n} [legal] :: government, cabinet (group of ministers responsible for creating government policy and for overseeing the departments comprising the executive branch)
valtioneuvoston jäsen {n} :: Official term for a cabinet minister of the Finnish government
valtionhoitaja {n} :: caretaker head of state (person or group of persons selected to act as a temporary head of state when the legal head of state is unable to govern)
valtionkirkko {n} :: established church, state church
valtionmaa {n} :: crown land [UK and Commonwealth], federal land [US], state land (land that belongs to the state)
valtionosuus {n} :: A subsidy similar to equalization payment, but made by the national government to municipalities in order to compensate for the differences between the municipalities in demographic and economic conditions
valtionperintö {n} :: Inheritance by the state; an estate (property and liabilities of a deceased person) that belongs to the state due to lack of heirs
valtionpäämies {n} :: A head of state
valtionsalaisuus {n} :: alternative form of valtiosalaisuus
valtionsyyttäjä {n} [legal, in Finland] :: State prosecutor
valtiontalous {n} :: state finances (revenue and expenditure of a national government taken as a whole)
valtionuskonto {n} :: official religion, state religion (religion recognized by a government; there's a wide variety of what this means in practice, ranging from a mere recognition to religious monopoly)
valtionvelka {n} [economics] :: national debt
valtionyhtiö {n} :: state-owned company (company in which the state owns at least half of the shares)
valtiopetos {n} :: high treason
valtiopäivämies {n} [dated] :: parliamentarian, parliament member
valtiopäivämies {n} :: Member of Parliament in the riksdagen (parliament) of Sweden, Denmark or Norway
valtiopäivät {n} :: legislative session, parliamentary session (period of time in which the Finnish or other Parliament is convened for the purpose of lawmaking)
valtiopäivät {n} :: Diet, diet (national council or assembly of leaders)
valtiopäivät {n} :: Riksdag (the parliament of Sweden)
valtiopäivät {n} :: parliament, Parliament (parliament of some other countries, notably Denmark, Iceland and Norway)
valtiopäivätalo {n} :: Parliament House (building in which a parliament called valtiopäivät convenes; Parliament House of Denmark, Iceland, Norway or Sweden)
valtiosalaisuus {n} :: state secret (restricted information of national importance)
valtiosali {n} :: The main reception room in a parliament or in the residence of a head of state
valtiosihteeri {n} :: In Finnish ministries, the highest official below a minister, appointed for the term of the minister, also called määräaikainen valtiosihteeri or ministerin valtiosihteeri to separate from the permanent secretaries of state
valtiosihteeri {n} :: In Finnish ulkoministeriö (Ministry for Foreign affairs) and valtiovarainministeriö (Ministry of Finance) the highest-ranking permanently employed official of the ministry. In other ministries similar post is called kansliapäällikkö
valtiosihteeri {n} :: A Secretary of State in the bureaucracy of another government, with the excpetion of the United States, the Secretary of State of which is normally called ulkoministeri (Minister for Foreign Affairs) in Finnish
valtiosääntö {n} [legal] :: constitution (the formal or informal system of primary principles and laws that regulates a government or other institutions)
valtiosääntöoikeus {n} [legal] :: constitutional law (area of law which deals with the interpretation and application of a constitution, particularly that of a national government)
valtioterrorismi {n} :: state terrorism
valtiotiede {n} :: political science
valtiotieteilijä {n} :: A political scientist
valtiotieteilijä {n} :: A politician (political scientist)
valtioton {adj} :: stateless
valtiovalta {n} :: government, state (the state and its institutions understood as a whole, as juxtaposed to the citizens and their free will, exercising its powers over them)
valtiovarainministeri {n} :: A minister or secretary (US) of finance, or in some countries, treasurer
valtiovarainministeriö {n} :: Ministry of Finance; Department of the Treasury [U.S.], Her Majesty's Treasury, Treasury [UK]
valtiovierailu {n} :: state visit (formal visit by a foreign head of state or a minister to another nation)
Valto {prop} :: given name
valtoin {adj} :: loose
Valtonen {prop} :: surname
Valtter {prop} :: given name
Valtteri {prop} :: given name, cognate to English Walter
valtti {n} [card games] :: trump
valtti {n} [figuratively] :: trump, advantage (especially one held in reserve)
valttikortti {n} [card games] :: triumph
valtuus {n} :: authorization, powers (right to act on behalf of someone else)
valtuus {n} :: ylittää valtuutensa: to exceed one's powers, to be out of one's league (to exceed one's ability to act)
valtuuskunta {n} :: delegation, a group of delegates
valtuusto {n} :: council
valtuusto {n} :: delegation
valtuustoryhmä {n} :: parliamentary group in a council, especially a kunnanvaltuusto (municipal council)
valtuutettu {n} :: representative
valtuutettu {n} :: councilmember, councilman, councilwoman, councilor, councillor (member of a council)
valtuutettu {n} :: [only in compounds] ombudsman
valtuuttaa {v} :: To authorize
valtuuttaa {v} :: To empower
valtuuttaa {v} :: To mandate
valtuutus {n} :: authorization, mandate, power of attorney (authorisation of one person to act as the agent of another)
valtuutus {n} :: empowerment
valu {n} :: cast (casting procedure)
valua {v} [of a liquid or viscous fluid] :: to run, flow (slowly), stream (slowly), pour, drip
valua {v} :: to swelter (to perspire excessively due to heat); usually with hikeä (sweat)
valua kuiviin {v} :: to bleed to death, bleed out (to die due to loss of blood)
valukouru {n} :: sow (channel that conducts molten metal to molds)
valuma-alue {n} [geography] :: drainage basin, catchment basin, river basin
valumatuuli {n} :: katabatic wind
valumisaukko {n} [nautical, architecture] :: A scupper (drainage hole in a ship's bulwark, in the wall of a building etc.)
valumuotti {n} :: cast (mould used to make cast objects)
valunta {n} :: runoff (surface flow of excess water from a given area of land)
valunta {n} :: flowing (act of flowing)
valurauta {n} [metallurgy] :: cast iron (material)
valurauta {n} :: Used as modifier in compound terms to mean valurautainen (made of cast iron)
valurautainen {adj} :: castiron (made of cast iron)
valurautapata {n} :: cast iron pot
valusanko {n} [metallurgy] :: ladle, (container used in a foundry to transport and pour out molten metal)
valusydän {n} :: mould core, foundry core, core (in metallurgy, the portion of a foundry mold that creates an internal cavity within a casting or that makes a hole in or through a casting)
valuttaa {vt} :: to trickle
valuttaa {vt} :: to tap
valuttaa {vt} :: to instill
valuutanvaihto {n} :: foreign exchange, currency exchange
valuutanvaihto {n} :: bureau de change; short form of valuutanvaihtotoimisto
valuutanvaihtotoimisto {n} :: bureau de change
valuutta {n} :: currency
valuuttakoodi {n} :: currency code
valuuttakori {n} :: currency basket
valuuttakriisi {n} :: A currency crisis
valuuttakurssi {n} :: exchange rate
valuuttamarkkinat {n} :: foreign exchange market, forex market
valuuttarahasto {n} [uncountable] :: Short for Kansainvälinen valuuttarahasto - the International Monetary Fund (IMF)
valuuttarahasto {n} [finance, countable] :: currency fund (investment fund which invests mainly in currencies)
valuvika {n} :: casting defect, flaw
valve {n} :: The state of being awake
valveilla {adv} :: awake (in the state of awakeness)
valveillaoloaika {n} :: waking hours (time that one is awake)
valvoa {vi} :: to stay up, stay awake (to remain awake, to not go to bed)
valvoa {vt} [_, + partitive] :: to oversee, supervise, superintend, guide
valvoa {v} :: to watch, keep an eye on
valvoa {v} :: to enforce (law)
valvoa {v} :: to supervise, proctor, monitor, invigilate (an examination)
valvoa yötä myöten {v} [idiomatic] :: To burn the midnight oil, pull an all-nighter
valvoja {n} :: overseer
valvoja {n} :: regulator
valvoja {n} :: inspector
valvonta {n} :: monitoring, surveillance
valvonta {n} :: supervision
valvonta {n} :: control
valvonta {n} :: the act of staying awake
valvontaelin {n} :: supervising body
valvontakamera {n} :: surveillance camera
valvottaa {vt} [causative] :: To keep awake
vamma {n} :: handicap (physical or mental disadvantage)
vamma {n} :: injury
vammainen {adj} :: disabled, handicapped
vammainen {n} :: disabled person, handicapped person
vammainen {n} :: In plural, the disabled (the disabled people as a group)
vammaisurheilija {n} :: disabled sportsman, disabled sportswoman
vammaisurheilu {n} [collectively] :: disability sport [UK]; disabled sports, parasports [US]
vammaisurheilulaji {n} :: [UK] disability sport; [US] disabled sport, parasport (sport played by people with a physical disability)
vammaisuus {n} :: disablement, invalidity
Vammala {prop} :: A former town in the region of Satakunta, now the center of the larger town Sastamala
vammautua {vi} :: To be disabled
vampirismi {n} [mythology] :: vampirism
vamppi {n} :: A vamp (woman)
vampyyri {n} :: vampire (mythological creature)
vampyyri {n} [zoology] :: vampire, vampire bat (blood-sucking bat of the subfamily Desmodontinae, includes three species)
vampyyrilepakko {n} :: vampire bat (bat of the subfamily Desmodontinae, which consists of three species that feed on blood)
vampyyritursas {n} :: vampire squid, Vampyroteuthis infernalis
vana {n} :: wake (path left behind an object that moves through a fluid)
vana {n} :: trail, track especially a fluid one
vana {n} [botany] :: scape (leafless stalk ending in a flower or inflorescence)
vanadiini {n} :: vanadium
vanamo {n} :: twinflower ( Linnaea borealis)
Vanamo {prop} :: given name
vanavesi {n} :: wake (of a ship)
vandaali {n} :: vandal
vandaali {n} :: Vandal
vandalismi {n} :: vandalism
vandalisoida {vt} :: To vandalize
vaneri {n} :: plywood
vaneri {n} [figuratively] :: Any hard, flat material, such as the hard bread served by the army canteens
vanginvartija {n} :: prison guard, guard, corrections officer, prison officer, jailer, warden, warder (one who guards inmates in a prison)
vangita {vt} [+ genitive-accusative] :: To imprison, incarcerate, jail (put in prison; both in legal contexts and elsewhere)
vangita {vt} [+ genitive-accusative] :: To arrest, place under arrest, take into custody, put in detention (both in legal contexts and elsewhere)
vangita {v} :: to capture (to reproduce convincingly)
vangitsemismääräys {n} [legal] :: writ of attachment
vangitseva {adj} :: captivating
vangitsija {n} :: jailer
vangittu {adj} :: captive
vangituttaa {vt} :: To have somebody imprisoned
vanha {adj} :: old
vanha Aatami {n} :: Adam (original sin)
vanhahko {adj} :: oldish
vanhahtava {adj} :: dated, archaic
vanhainkoti {n} :: nursing home, rest home, old people's home, old-age home, rest-home, old folks' home
vanhakaupunki {n} :: old town (old part of a city or town)
vanha kuin taivas {phrase} [simile, idiomatic] :: old as the hills
vanha kunnon {adj} :: good old
Vanhala {prop} :: surname
vanhalle koiralle ei voi opettaa uusia temppuja {proverb} :: you can't teach an old dog new tricks
vanha markka {n} :: Literally "old mark", a common term used to refer to the currency of Finland (Finnish mark, markka or Suomen markka) as it was before the monetary reform of 1961, which dropped two zeros from the denominations. Thus 100 old marks were equal in value to 1 new mark (nykymarkka). The official name of the currency did not change
vanhanaikainen {adj} :: antiquated, old-fashioned
vanhanaikainen {adj} :: obsolete
vanhanaikaisin {adj} :: superlative of vanhanaikainen
Vanhanen {prop} :: surname
vanha pieru {n} [idiomatic] :: old fart
vanhapiika {n} :: A spinster (unmarried woman who is past normal marrying age)
vanhapoika {n} :: A bachelor who is clearly past normal marrying age
Vanhatalo {prop} :: surname
Vanhatalo {prop} :: Any of a number of small places in Finland
Vanha testamentti {n} [Christianity] :: The Old Testament
vanhemmat {n} :: parents
vanhemmiten {adv} :: In later life, the older one gets
vanhemmuus {n} :: parenthood
vanhempainvapaa {n} :: parental leave
vanhempi {adj} :: comparative of vanha
vanhempi {adj} :: In titles etc., senior
vanhempi {n} :: parent
vanhempi {n} [military] :: A conscript who has served more than 180 days in the (Finnish) army
vanhempi konstaapeli {n} :: senior constable, constable, police constable (second lowest rank in the Finnish police force, above nuorempi konstaapeli and below ylikonstaapeli)
vanheneminen {n} [biology] :: aging, senescence
vanheneminen {n} :: obsolescence (process of becoming obsolete, outmoded or out of date)
vanhentaa {vt} :: To make older
vanhentua {vi} :: To become old, to grow old, age
vanhentua {vi} :: To expire
vanhentumisaika {n} [law] :: prescription, limitation, negative prescription (time period within which a right must be exercised, unless the right will be extinguished)
vanhentumissääntö {n} [legal] :: statute of limitations (any law or clause in a contract that sets a time limit, after which a person may not be tried for a crime, or after which some other legal action may not take place)
vanhentuneisuus {n} :: datedness
vanhentunut {adj} :: dated, outdated, obsolete, out of date (no more valid or usable)
vanheta {vi} :: to age
vanhin {adj} :: superlative of vanha
vanhin {n} :: elder (e.g. village elder)
vanhoillinen {adj} :: conservative
vanhoillinen {n} :: A conservative
vanhurskas {adj} :: [archaic] righteous
vanhurskaus {n} [religion] :: righteousness
vanhus {n} :: old person
vanhustenhoito {n} :: eldercare, elderly care
vanhustenhuolto {n} :: eldercare, elderly care
vanhuudenheikkous {n} :: An infirmity caused by old age
vanhuudenhöperö {adj} :: senile
vanhuudenhöperö {n} :: dotard
vanhuudenhöperyys {n} :: senility
vanhuus {n} :: age (the stage of life)
vanikka {n} [colloquial] :: crisp bread
vanilja {n} :: vanilla
vaniljasokeri {n} :: vanilla sugar (sugar with vanilla beans or sugar mixed with vanilla extract)
vaniljatanko {n} :: vanilla bean, vanilla pod
vaniljauute {n} :: vanilla extract
vanilliini {n} :: imitation vanilla
vanilliinisokeri {n} :: vanillin sugar; a mix of sugar with vanillin as opposed to real vanilla beans or vanilla extract, often as a cheaper alternative to actual vanilla sugar
vanja {n} [derogatory] :: A Russian
vankentaa {vt} :: to strengthen
vanketa {vi} :: synonym of vankistua
vankeus {n} :: imprisonment
vankeus {n} :: captivity
vankeusaika {n} :: captivity (period of being captive)
vankeusrangaistus {n} :: A prison sentence
vankeustuomio {n} :: prison sentence
vanki {n} :: prisoner
vankila {n} :: prison
vankilanjohtaja {n} :: prison warden
vankilapako {n} :: jailbreak, prison escape
vankityrmä {n} :: dungeon
vankka {adj} :: robust, sturdy, strong
vankka {adj} :: staunch
vankkumaton {adj} :: staunch, unflinching
vankkuri {n} :: wagon
vanna {n} [dialectal] :: bathtub
vannas {n} :: share (part of plough)
vannasluu {n} [skeleton] :: The vomer bone
vannasputki {n} [nautical] :: stern tube
vanne {n} :: hoop
vanne {n} :: band
vanne {n} :: rim
vannehame {n} :: hoop skirt (women's undergarment)
vannehtia {v} :: to hoop (to fasten with a hoop)
vannesaha {n} :: band saw
vannike {n} :: vol-au-vent
vannoa {v} :: To swear, take an oath, vow
vannoa {v} :: ~ uskollisuutta + allative = to pledge allegiance to
vannoa {v} :: ~ väärä vala / ~ väärin = to perjure oneself, commit perjury
vannonta {n} :: swearing, taking an oath, vowing
vannoutunut {adj} :: devoted
Vantaa {prop} :: Vantaa
vantinlevittäjä {n} [nautical] :: A spreader
vanttera {adj} :: sturdy, hefty, stocky, fleshy
vantti {n} [nautical] :: A shroud
vanttu {n} :: alternative form of vantus
vanttuut {n} [dialectal] :: One or more pairs of knitted mittens or mitts
vantus {n} [dialectal] :: A knitted mitten or mitt. Normally used only in plural: vanttuut
vanu {n} :: cotton wool, absorbent cotton, wadding (soft fibrous cotton or wool)
vanua {vi} :: To felt, mat
Vanuatu {prop} :: Vanuatu
vanujalkaseitikki {n} [mushroom] :: A webcap, Cortinarius claricolor
vanukas {n} :: pudding (jelly-like dessert)
vanupuikko {n} :: cotton swab, cotton stick, Q-tip [US]; cotton wool bud, cotton bud, ear bud [UK]
vanuttaa {v} :: To full (to make cloth denser and firmer by soaking, beating and pressing)
vapa {n} :: A pole (long and slender object)
vapa {n} :: A fishing rod
vapaa {adj} :: free (not imprisoned or enslaved)
vapaa {adj} :: free (unconstrained)
vapaa {adj} :: free (released)
vapaa {adj} :: free, off (without obligations)
vapaa {adj} :: spare, free (not filled with activity or work)
vapaa {adj} :: vacant
vapaa {adj} :: unmarried, single
vapaa {adj} :: free-range (of, pertaining to, or produced by animals that are allowed to roam freely, rather than being confined indoors)
vapaa {n} :: leave (from work, military service, etc.)
vapaa-aika {n} :: leisure, spare time, free time
vapaa-ajan asunto {n} :: vacation home [US], holiday home [UK] (building or piece of property used as a secondary residence during vacations)
vapaaehtoinen {adj} :: volunteer (of or pertaining to a volunteer)
vapaaehtoinen {adj} :: voluntary (done, given, or acting of one's own free will)
vapaaehtoinen {adj} :: voluntary (working or done without payment)
vapaaehtoinen {n} :: A volunteer (one who enters military or other service out of his free will)
vapaaehtoisesti {adv} :: voluntarily, of one's own accord
vapaaehtoistyö {n} :: volunteering, volunteer work
vapaaheitto {n} [basketball] :: free throw
vapaaherra {n} :: baron
vapaaherratar {n} :: baroness (wife of a vapaaherra)
vapaajakso {n} [finance] :: grace or grace period (relief period for a debtor)
vapaakauppa {n} :: free trade
vapaakauppa-alue {n} :: free trade area
vapaakivääriammunta {n} :: free rifle (former Olympic shooting event)
vapaamielinen {adj} :: liberal
vapaamielinen {adj} :: licentious
vapaamielistyä {vi} :: To become (more) liberal
vapaa mitta {n} [prosody] :: free verse (poetic form divided into lines of no particular length or meter, without a rhyme scheme)
vapaammin {adv} :: comparative of vapaasti
vapaampi {adj} :: comparative of vapaa
vapaamuurari {n} :: a Freemason
vapaamuurarius {n} :: Freemasonry
vapaaottelu {n} :: pankration
vapaapalokunta {n} :: voluntary fire brigade [UK], volunteer fire department [US]
vapaapistooli {n} :: short for vapaapistooliammunta (free pistol) (former term for shooting event now called '50 meter pistol')
vapaapistooli {n} :: A pistol used in this event
vapaapistooliammunta {n} [dated, sports, shooting] :: free pistol (former term for "50 meter pistol")
vapaapäivä {n} :: holiday, day off (day off from work)
vapaapotku {n} :: A free kick (in soccer and some other ballgames)
vapaa pääsy {phrase} :: free entry, free entrance (there's no fee for entry)
vapaasatama {n} :: free port, freeport
vapaasti {adv} :: Freely
vapaasti aluksessa {adv} :: free on board (without charge to the purchaser for delivery on board a carrier)
vapaasukellus {n} :: free-diving (aquatic discipline in which divers attempt to stay underwater without breathing apparatus)
vapaataival {n} [baseball, pesäpallo] :: A walk
vapaat kädet {phrase} :: free rein, free hand
vapaauinti {n} [sports] :: Freestyle (swimming event)
vapahtaa {vt} [religion] :: To redeem
Vapahtaja {prop} :: synonym of Jeesus Kristus
vapahtava {adj} [religion] :: redeeming, saving
vapaimmin {adv} :: superlative of vapaasti
vapain {adj} :: superlative of vapaa
vapari {n} [colloquial, soccer] :: A free (abbreviation of free kick)
vapaus {n} :: freedom
vapaus {n} :: liberty
vapaus {n} :: licence [UK], license [US] (freedom to deviate deliberately from normally applicable rules or practices)
vapausaste {n} :: degree of freedom
vapaussota {n} :: war of liberation
vapaussota {n} :: The Finnish Civil War fought in the sping of 1918
vapauttaa {vt} :: To (set) free/loose, let loose/go, loose, liberate, emancipate
vapauttaa {vt} [legal] :: ~ (syytteestä) = to acquit someone (of something = elative), drop charges against, exonerate, exculpate
vapauttaa {vt} [legal] :: To exempt, excuse (from something = elative)
vapauttaa {vt} [legal] :: ~ tehtävistään = to relieve from his/her duties
vapauttaa {vt} :: To lift the restrictions on, decontrol, deregulate, liberalise/liberalize
vapauttaja {n} :: liberator
vapauttamaan {v} :: infinitive of vapauttaa
vapauttaminen {n} :: liberation
vapauttaminen {n} :: emancipation
vapauttava tuomio {n} [legal] :: acquittal
vapautua {vi} :: To be freed/set free/let go/released/liberated/emancipated/relieved/deregulated
vapautua {vi} :: To free oneself (of = elative), get rid of
vapautua {vi} [of a room] :: To be vacated, (of a post) become vacant, (of telephone) become free
vapautuminen {n} :: liberation (state of being liberated)
vapautuminen {n} :: emancipation (act of getting free from the power of another)
vapautuminen {n} :: release (the act of being released or let go)
vapautuminen {n} :: The process of feeling more relaxed, e.g. when being in the company of previously unknown people
vapautus {n} :: liberation
vapautus {n} :: emancipation
vapautus {n} :: exemption
vapautus {n} :: release, setting free, letting loose (act of setting free)
vapautus {n} [military slang] :: profile (exemption from certain duty, usually on physical grounds)
vapautusarmeija {n} :: liberation army
vapautusliike {n} :: liberation movement
vapautustaistelija {n} :: freedom fighter
vapautustaistelija {n} [military slang] :: A conscript who has acquired exemptions from service
vapina {n} :: shiver, tremor
vapista {v} [nonstandard] :: alternative form of vavista
vapiti {n} :: wapiti
vappu {n} :: May Day, Labor Day (1st of May)
Vappu {prop} :: given name, diminutive of Valpuri
vappuaatto {n} :: May Day eve
vapunaatto {n} :: alternative form of vappuaatto
vara {n} :: reserve, backup
vara {n} [usually, in the plural] :: resources, reserves, funds, means, assets
vara {n} [usually, in the singular] :: room, margin; allowance
vara {n} [mostly in idioms and proverbs] :: caution, concern, care; often translated into English with an adjective, see also pitää varansa
vara- {prefix} :: A prefix singifying extra, spare, contingency, safety, emergency
vara- {prefix} :: A prefix singifying vice, deputy, lieutenant, assistant, (sports) substitute, second-string
vara-amiraali {n} [military ranks] :: An officer rank in the Finnish navy. The official translation is vice admiral
varaani {n} :: monitor lizard
-varainen {adj} :: based, relying on
varajäsen {n} :: deputy member, supplementary member
varakas {adj} :: wealthy, affluent, prosperous, well-heeled
varakkuus {n} :: affluence (moderate level of wealth)
varakreivi {n} :: viscount
varakreivitär {n} :: A viscountess
varakuningas {n} :: viceroy
varallaoloaika {n} :: availability time (time that one is available in reserve or as a backup)
varallisuudensiirto {n} :: redistribution of wealth
varallisuudensiirto {n} :: transfer of wealth
varallisuus {n} :: wealth (valuable material possessions)
varallisuusoikeudet {n} [legal] :: property rights (rights pertaining to the ownership and possession of a given piece of property)
varallisuusvero {n} [legal, Finland] :: property tax (tax based on one's wealth, including in principle all wealth, both fixed, movable and financial)
varalta {adv} :: just in case
varamies {n} [sports] :: substitute, reserve (reserve player)
varamies {n} [theater] :: understudy
varamies {n} [colloquial] :: substitute, deputy
varanto {n} [banking] :: A reserve (funds kept on hand to meet liabilities)
varanäyttelijä {n} :: understudy, standby
varaosa {n} :: spare part
varaosamyyjä {n} :: spare parts salesman, spare parts salesperson
varapääministeri {n} :: vice premier
varapresidentti {n} :: vice president
varapuheenjohtaja {n} :: vice-chairman, vice-chairperson
varapuhemies {n} :: vice chairman, deputy speaker; a title used of the deputy to the chair of certain bodies, such as a parliament, instead of the more common varapuheenjohtaja
vararengas {n} :: spare tire [US], spare tyre [British]; spare wheel
vararikko {n} :: bankruptcy
vararikkoinen {n} :: bankrupt
vararikkoinen {adj} :: bankrupt
varas {n} :: thief
varaslähtö {n} :: false start
varasänky {n} :: extra bed (lightweight, often foldable bed or cot used to accommodate occasional visitors)
varastaa {vt} :: to steal, purloin
varastaminen {n} :: thieving (action of theft)
varasteleva {adj} :: thieving (that thieves)
varastella {v} :: to steal habitually, or repeatedly
varastelu {n} :: Habitual or continuous thieving
varastettu {adj} :: stolen
varasto {n} :: stock, supply, storage
varasto {n} :: warehouse
varasto {n} :: depot
varastoelin {n} [botany] :: storage organ (botany: part of a plant specifically modified for storage of energy)
varastohuone {n} :: storeroom (room used for storage)
varastoida {v} :: To store
varastointiaika {n} :: storage time, shelf time
varastoitua {vi} :: to be stored
varastomies {n} :: storeman, stockman, storage worker
varastotyöntekijä {n} :: storeman, stockman, storage worker
varasuunnitelma {n} :: plan B, contingency plan, backup plan, fallback (alternative plan for the main plan or plan A)
varat {n} :: [always plural] (Natural) resources, (natural) reserves
varat {n} :: [always plural] Stores, stocks
varat {n} :: [always plural] Funds; means; assets
varata {vt} :: To reserve, book
varata {vt} :: To put aside
varatoimitusjohtaja {n} :: deputy managing director [UK], deputy president [US] (in a business, second in rank under the top executive)
varaton {adj} :: Having no money; broke
varattu sana {n} [computing] :: reserved word
varatuomari {n} [legal] :: A formal title granted to a lawyer who has been trained on the bench and thus gained sufficient experience to act as a judge in a court
varaus {n} :: reservation (arrangement by which something is secured in advance)
varaus {n} :: booking (reservation for a service)
varaus {n} :: provision (supplies or money set aside for future use)
varaus {n} [accounting] :: provision
varaus {n} [physics] :: charge
varaustiheys {n} :: charge density
varautua {v} :: to prepare oneself
varautua {v} :: to be charged (to take on an electric charge)
varautunut {adj} :: reserved
varautunut {adj} :: prepared
varautunut {adj} [physics] :: charged
varaventtiili {n} :: alternative form of varoventtiili
varavirtalähde {n} [electronics] :: powerbank
varavuode {n} :: extra bed (lightweight, often foldable bed or cot used to accommodate occasional visitors)
varhain {adv} :: early
varhainen {adj} :: early
varhais- {adj} :: Form of varhainen (early), used as modifier in compound terms
varhaisarkeeinen {adj} [geology] :: Paleoarchean
varhaisegypti {n} :: Old Egyptian
varhaiskantasuomi {n} :: The early Proto-Finnic language
varhaiskeskiaika {n} :: Early Middle Ages
varhaiskivihiilikausi {n} [geology, dated] :: Mississippian (geologic period)
varhaiskivihiilikautinen {adj} [geology] :: Mississippian (of a geologic epoch from about 359 to 318 million years ago)
varhaiskristillisyys {n} :: Early Christianity (period of Christianity preceding the First Council of Nicaea in 325)
varhaiskypsä {adj} :: precocious
varhaislapsuus {n} :: infancy (earliest period of childhood)
varhaispermikausi {n} [geology] :: Cisuralian, Lower Permian, Early Permian (earliest epoch of the Permian)
varhaisproterotsooinen {adj} [geology] :: Paleoproterozoic
varhaispunasolu {adj} [anatomy] :: erythroblast
varhennettu {adj} :: early, advance (something that has been moved to be earlier in time)
varhentaa {vt} :: To make earlier
vari {n} :: hot weather
vari {n} [rare] :: shadow
variaabeli {n} :: variable
variaatio {n} :: variation
variaatiokerroin {n} [statistics] :: coefficient of variation
varianssi {n} [statistics] :: variance
varietee {n} :: variety theater
varieteeteatteri {n} :: variety theater, music hall
varikko {n} :: depot (storage facility, especially for motor vehicles or military supplies)
varikko {n} [motor racing] :: pit
varikkokäynti {n} [car racing] :: A pit stop
varikkopysähdys {n} [car racing] :: pit stop
variksenmarja {n} :: black crowberry, Empetrum nigrum
variksenmarja {n} :: crowberry (any species in genus Empetrum)
variksenpelätin {n} :: A scarecrow
variksenpelätti {n} :: scarecrow
variksenpelätti {n} :: bird scarer
varioida {v} :: To vary
variointi {n} :: variation
varis {n} :: hooded crow, grey crow, Corvus cornix
varis {n} :: corvid, crow (any bird of the genus Corvus)
Varis {prop} :: surname
varislintu {n} :: A corvid (specific), a crow (common)
varista {vi} :: To shed, lose, drop (e.g. leaves)
varistaa {vt} :: To shed, lose, drop (e.g. leaves)
variste {n} :: leaf spot (disease of currants and gooseberry caused by the fungus Drepanopeziza ribis)
varjella {v} :: To protect
varjelluin {adj} :: superlative of varjeltu
varjeltu {adj} :: protected, safeguarded
varjo {n} :: shade
varjo {n} :: shadow
varjo {n} :: umbrella, as a short form of sateenvarjo, päivänvarjo or aurinkovarjo
varjohaikara {n} :: hammerkop, Scopus umbretta
varjohallitus {n} :: shadow government
varjoinen {adj} :: shady
varjoisa {adj} :: shady
varjokuva {n} :: silhouette
varjonyrkkeilijä {v} :: shadowboxer
varjonyrkkeillä {v} :: to shadowbox
varjonyrkkeily {v} :: shadowboxing
varjostaa {v} :: to shade (to provide shade)
varjostaa {v} [drawing] :: to shade
varjostaa {v} :: to hatch (to shade an area in a drawing with parallel lines)
varjostaa {v} :: to shadow, tail (to follow someone)
varjostaja {n} :: tail (surreptitious follower)
varjostin {n} :: lampshade
varjostin {n} :: shade (light blocker)
varjostin {n} :: screen (technical term for surface or area for viewing moving picture or slide presentation)
varjostin {n} [computer graphics] :: shader
varjostus {n} :: shadowing
varjostus {n} :: shadow (type of lettering form)
varjota {v} [rare] :: synonym of varjostaa (to provide shade)
varjoteatteri {n} :: shadow play
varkain {adv} :: secretly, surreptitiously
varkaudenestolaite {n} :: antitheft device
varkaus {n} :: theft
Varkaus {prop} :: Varkaus (town)
varma {adj} :: sure, certain
Varma {prop} :: given name
Varma {prop} :: given name
Varma {prop} :: surname
varmaan {adv} :: probably
varmaan {adv} :: for sure
varmasti {adv} :: certainly, definitely, positively, surely
varmempi {adj} :: comparative of varma
varmenne {n} :: certificate
varmennuskoodi {n} :: verification code (on credit cards and such)
varmentaa {vt} :: To confirm
varmeta {v} :: synonym of varmentua
varmistaa {v} :: To make sure, to recheck, to verify, to double-check
varmistaa {v} :: To assure, to confirm
varmistaa {v} :: To assure, to ensure
varmistaa {v} :: To secure (to make firm and stable)
varmistautua {vi} :: To make sure
varmiste {n} :: check bit
varmistin {n} :: A safety (mechanism to prevent accidental operation of a firearm or other dangerous item)
varmistua {vi} :: To make sure, assure oneself about something
varmuuden vuoksi {adv} :: for good measure
varmuuden vuoksi {adv} :: just in case
varmuus {n} :: certainty
varmuuskopio {n} :: backup
varoa {vt} [+ partitive] :: To be careful with/of, handle carefully
varoa {vt} [+ partitive] :: To look out for, watch out for, beware of
varoaika {n} :: withholding period
varoiksi {adv} :: just in case
varoiksi {adv} :: for good measure
varoitella {v} :: To warn (repeatedly)
varoitin {n} :: Any device that is designed to give a warning, a beacon or an alarm
varoittaa {vt} :: To warn; to forewarn
varoittaminen {n} :: warning (instance of warning someone)
varoittava {adj} :: warning (serving as a warning)
varoitus {n} :: warning
varoitusaika {n} :: notice
varoke {n} :: A fuse (in an electronic circuit)
varokeino {n} :: precaution
varomaton {adj} :: incautious, reckless
varomaton {adj} :: careless
varomattomasti {adv} :: incautiously
Varonen {prop} :: surname
varotoimenpide {n} :: precaution
varotoimi {n} :: precaution
varovainen {adj} :: careful
varovainen {adj} :: cautious
varovaisesti {adv} :: carefully
varovaisuus {n} :: caution, concern, care (state of being cautious)
varovasti {adv} :: carefully, cautiously
varoventtiili {n} :: safety valve, relief valve
varpaankynsi {n} :: toenail
varpaanluu {n} [anatomy] :: A phalange or phalanx of the foot (bone)
varpajaiset {n} :: A party arranged by the father of a newborn child to his male friends soon after the birth
varpapurje {n} [nautical] :: spritsail
varpata {vt} [nautical] :: to warp (move a vessel by hauling on a line or cable that is fastened to an anchor or pier)
varpatanko {n} [nautical] :: sprit
varpio {n} :: A plant of the genus Cassiope
varppi {n} [nautical] :: warp (line used in warping)
varpu {n} :: A twig, bare twig
varpu {n} :: A shrub
Varpu {prop} :: given name
varpuluuta {n} :: besom
varpunen {n} :: sparrow
varpunen {n} [as modifier in compound terms] :: passerine, sparrow
varpushaukka {n} :: a European sparrowhawk, sparrow hawk, sparrowhawk, Accipiter nisus
varpushaukka {n} :: a number of hawk species in the genus Accipiter
varpuslintu {n} :: a perching bird, passerine
varpusparvi {n} :: flock of sparrows
varpusparvi {n} [vulgar] :: If one's excrement is compared to varpusparvi, it means that it is watery
varpuspöllö {n} :: Eurasian pygmy owl (Glaucidium passerinum)
varras {n} :: rotisserie, skewer (pin used to secure food during cooking)
varras {n} :: horizontal rod for securing drying bread and for storing it
varras {n} :: The part of the kantele to which the strings are attached and are held by the ponsi
varrastaa {vt} :: To skewer
varrekas {adj} :: One that has a stalk or similar structure; stalked, shafted
varrekas {adj} [footwear] :: legged
varrella {postp} :: along, alongside, by (preceding word in genitive)
varrentaa {v} [gardening] :: To graft (to insert a graft in a branch or stem of another tree)
varrota {v} [dialectal] :: to wait for, await (to expect someone to come or something to happen)
varrota {v} [dialectal] :: to wait (to delay action until some event or time)
vars. {abbr} :: varsinainen (ordinary)
vars. {abbr} [in dictionaries] :: varsinkin (especially)
varsa {n} :: foal
varsi {n} :: The stalk of a plant
varsi {n} :: The handle of many tools. In order to be called varsi, the handle needs to be longish in shape. An axe and a hammer have varsi, but a knife has kahva
varsi {n} :: An arm in the sense of any structure that resembles a human arm
varsi {n} :: The part of a boot or a sock which covers the leg or part of it
varsi {n} :: A stem of a tobacco pipe, or a musical note
varsi {n} :: (technology) Usually compounded with a defining beginning, a rod
varsi {n} :: As the last part of a compound word, refers to some parts of a human body (see related terms below)
varsi {n} :: (rare) The human body when discussed from a structural point of view, the figure
varsi {n} :: As the last part of a compound word, refers to an area considered to be close to a waterway or a traffic route, a side
varsi {n} :: In cases referring to location, used like a postposition to refer to passing of time or a journey, along, during or in the course of; see: varressa, varresta, varteen, varrella, varrelta, varrelle
varsi {n} :: As the first part of a compound word, indicates that the object is equipped with a stalk, an arm or similar
varsieväinen {n} :: Any of the fish in the subclass Crossopterygii. For these fish it is characteristic that they have fins at the end of short arms
varsieväkala {n} :: coelacanth (any fish of the order Coelacanthiformes)
varsijousi {n} :: crossbow
varsiluuta {n} :: besom
varsin {adv} :: quite
varsin {adv} :: very
varsin {adv} :: exceedingly
varsinainen {adj} :: actual, real, essential, proper
varsinainen hylje {n} [zoology] :: true seal, earless seal (seal of the family Phocidae)
varsinainen koiperhonen {n} [zoology] :: synonym of aitokoi
varsinais {adj} :: An attributive form of varsinainen (actual, essential, proper); used as modifier in compound terms
varsinaisesti {adv} :: actually, really
varsinaiskarjala {n} :: Karelian proper (dialect group of Karelian language)
Varsinais-Suomi {prop} :: A province (maakunta) of Finland
varsinkaan {adv} :: With the negative verb: especially (not)
varsinkin {adv} :: (used only in a positive clause) especially, particularly, notably
varsoa {vi} :: To foal
Varsova {prop} :: Warsaw
varsovalainen {n} :: Varsovian (person from Warsaw)
varsovalainen {adj} :: Varsovian (of, from or relating to Warsaw)
Varsovan liitto {prop} :: Warsaw Pact (organization)
Varsovan sopimus {prop} :: Warsaw Convention
Varsovan sopimus {prop} :: the treaty by which the Varsovan liitto (Warsaw Pact) was established in 1955
varsta {n} :: flail (tool)
vartalo {n} :: body, torso (main structure of a human or animal frame excluding the extremities)
vartalo {n} [grammar] :: stem
vartalo {n} [botany] :: style
vartaloskanneri {n} :: full body scanner
vartalotaide {n} :: body art (art made on, with, or consisting of, the human body)
varta vasten {adv} :: willfully, purposely, knowingly, deliberately
varte {n} :: graft (small shoot or scion of a tree inserted in another tree)
varteenotettava {adj} :: worthy, considerable
varteenottaa {v} :: alternative form of ottaa varteen
varten {postp} :: for (to be used by; to be capitalised by)
Vartiainen {prop} :: surname
vartija {n} :: guard
vartin yli {phrase} :: quarter past (fifteen minutes past hour)
vartio {n} :: guard, watch (group of guardians)
vartio {n} :: troop (basic unit of girl or boy scouts, consisting of 6 to 10 youngsters)
vartioida {v} :: To guard
vartiointi {n} :: guarding
vartiokoppi {n} :: sentry box, sentry-box
vartiomies {n} :: guard, sentry, sentinel
vartiotorni {n} :: watchtower
vartoa {vi} [dialectal] :: to wait
varttaa {v} :: To shaft (to equip with a shaft)
varttaa {v} :: To graft (to insert a graft in a branch or stem of another tree)
varttaminen {n} :: grafting
vartti {n} :: A quarter
vartti {n} :: A quarter of an hour
vartti {n} :: A quart; used especially in American Finnish and by car mechanics as measure of motor oil quantity
varttia vaille {phrase} :: quarter to (fifteen minutes before the next hour)
varttitunti {n} :: quarter of an hour
varttua {vi} :: To grow up
varuilla {adv} :: alert
varuilla {adv} :: Ole varuillasi! = Be alert! (singular)
varuilla {adv} :: Olkaa varuillanne! = Be alert! (plural)
varuillaanolo {n} :: alertness
varuskunta {n} :: garrison
varusmies {n} :: (Male) conscript, (male) draftee
varusmiesaika {n} :: conscription period
varusmiespalvelus {n} :: Military service
varustaa {v} :: To equip, fit (up/out), supply, apparel; to provision; to arm, supply with arms
varustaa {v} :: To prepare, get someone ready (for = illative); to make arrangements/preparations
varustaa {v} :: outfit
varustamo {n} :: shipping company
varustautua {v} :: to get equipped or prepared
varustautuminen {n} :: equipping or preparing oneself
varustautuminen {n} :: [specifically] arming, rearmament
varuste {n} :: A piece of equipment; accessory
varustelu {n} :: armament (process of building up one's military capacity)
varustelu {n} :: feature (feature in a setting such as an architectural feature thus a built up feature)
varustelu {n} :: build-up (process of something that is built-up)
varustettu {adj} :: equipped
Varvara {prop} :: A transliteration of the Russian female given name Варва́ра
varvas {n} :: toe
varvasastuja {n} [zoology] :: A digitigrade
varvassandaali {n} :: flip-flop (sandal, secured to the foot by straps mounted between the big toe and its neighbour)
varvassukka {n} :: toe sock
varvastossu {n} :: flip-flop (sandal, usually of rubber, secured to the foot by straps mounted between the big toe and its neighbour)
varvikko {n} :: brush (vegetation)
varvukko {n} :: alternative form of varvikko
Vas. {abbr} :: Vasemmistoliitto
vasa {n} :: A fawn, or calf (of eg. a deer, elk or antelope)
vasalli {n} :: vassal
vasallikunta {n} :: vassal (administrative entity with lesser than state status that is vassal of another country or other superior power)
vasallimaa {n} :: vassal state; more commonly vasallivaltio
vasallisuhde {n} :: suzerainty (relation between states in which one is subservient to the other)
vasallius {n} :: vassaldom, vassalage (state of being vassal)
vasallivaltio {n} :: vassal state (state subordinated to another)
vasama {n} :: A bolt, as a blunt-headed arrow
vasara {n} :: hammer (tool)
vasara {n} :: hammer (piano part)
vasara {n} [skeleton] :: malleus, hammer (one of the bones in the ear)
Vasara {prop} :: surname
vasarahai {n} :: hammerhead (shark)
vasarakirveskulttuuri {n} [archaeology] :: Battle-axe culture, Corded ware cuture
vasaraluu {n} [anatomy] :: A malleus
vasaroida {v} :: to hammer (to strike repeatedly with a hammer)
vasaroida {v} :: to malleate (to shape with hammer)
vasarointi {n} :: hammering (action)
vasektomia {n} :: vasectomy
vaseliini {n} :: vaseline, petroleum jelly
vasemmanpuoleinen {adj} :: left, left-hand
vasemmanpuoleisempi {adj} :: comparative of vasemmanpuoleinen
vasemmanpuoleisin {adj} :: superlative of vasemmanpuoleinen
vasemmanpuolimmainen {adj} :: leftmost
vasemmisto {n} [politics] :: The left
vasemmisto {n} :: As modifier in compound terms (vasemmisto + something), leftist
vasemmistodiktatuuri {n} :: A leftist dictatorship
vasemmistoenemmistö {n} :: leftist majority
vasemmistohallitus {n} :: A leftist government
vasemmistolainen {adj} :: left-wing
vasemmistolainen {n} :: leftwinger
vasemmistolaistua {vi} :: To become politically (more) leftist
vasemmistolaisuus {n} [politics] :: leftism
vasemmistoliitto {n} :: A Finnish political party
Vasemmistoliitto {prop} :: alternative case form of vasemmistoliitto
vasemmistopuolue {n} :: left-wing party (a political party that is regarded as being on the left)
vasempi {adj} :: comparative of vasen
vasempi {adj} :: left (as opposed to right)
vasen {adj} :: left
vasenkierteinen {adj} :: left-hand threaded
vasenkätinen {adj} :: left-handed
vasenkätinen {n} :: One who is left-handed, a left-hander, southpaw
vasenkätisyys {n} :: left-handedness
vasikanliha {n} :: veal
vasikka {n} :: A calf of a cow
vasikka {n} :: A rat (person who is known for betrayal; a traitor)
vasikoida {v} :: To calve (to give birth to a calf)
vasikoida {v} :: To inform on, snitch, squeal, squeak, rat on
vaskata {v} :: To pan (to wash earth in a pan in search for gold)
vaski {n} [archaic] :: copper
vaski {n} [archaic] :: bronze; in this sense still living in vaskikello (a bell especially church-bell made of bronze)
vaski {n} [archaic] :: brass; in this sense still living in musical terminology, e.g. vaskipuhallin (brass instrument)
vaski {n} [music] :: In plural (vasket), the brass section of an orchestra
vaskinen {adj} [dated] :: copper, coppery
vaskipuhallin {n} [musical instruments] :: brass instrument
vaskiseitikki {n} [mushroom] :: A webcap, Cortinarius saginus
vaskisektio {n} [music] :: brass section
vaskisoitin {n} [musical instruments] :: brass instrument
vaskitsa {n} :: slowworm (Anguis fragilis)
vaskooli {n} :: pan (wide receptacle used in gold washing)
vaskuliitti {n} [pathology] :: vasculitis
vasoa {vi} [of deer, elk etc.] :: To calve
vasonta {n} :: calving
vasta {n} :: A kind of whip made of birch twigs and used in the sauna to enhance the effect of heat by gently beating oneself with it
vasta {adv} :: Expressing delay or that something takes place later; not until, only, but
vasta {adv} :: Expressing that something happened only recently; newly, freshly, just
vasta {adv} :: Expressing disappointment or frustration in a task; only
vasta- {prefix} :: Expressing opposition or contrast: counter-, anti-
vasta- {prefix} :: Expressing that something took place recently: new-, freshly, just, recently
vasta- {prefix} :: Expressing reciprocity: return
vasta-aihe {n} [medicine] :: contraindication (factor or symptom which makes a certain treatment inadvisable)
vasta-aine {n} :: antibody
vastaaja {n} :: Answerer, person who answers or responds
vastaaja {n} :: Answering machine; voicemail
vastaaja {n} [legal] :: Defendant; (in crime cases) the accused; (in divorce cases) respondent
vastaaja {n} [tennis] :: Receiver
vasta-alkaja {n} :: A beginner or novice
vastaan {adv} :: Back
vastaan {adv} :: ottaa ~ = to receive, meet, accept
vastaan {postp} [of an opinion] :: against:
vastaan {postp} [of movement] :: towards:
vastaan {postp} [of movement] :: against:
vastaan {postp} :: (in commerce) for; against:
vastaanotin {n} :: receiver, set (device for receiving broadcast radio waves; a radio or television)
vastaanottaa {vt} :: to receive, accept
vastaanottaa {vt} :: meet, welcome, greet, pick up, see (a visitor, in an official function), take (a phone call
vastaanottaja {n} :: receiver, recipient
vastaanotto {n} :: reception (act of receiving)
vastaanotto {n} :: reception (ability to receive signals)
vastaanotto {n} :: reception (social engagement)
vastaanotto {n} :: reception (reaction)
vastaanotto {n} :: reception, front desk (front desk in a hotel, office etc.)
vastaanotto {n} :: soirée (formal evening party, which is not a seated dinner, but usually a buffet is served)
vastaanotto {n} :: welcome (act of greeting someone's arrival)
vastaanotto {n} :: acceptance (act of receiving and accepting)
vastaanotto {n} :: receipt (act of receiving)
vastaanotto {n} :: consultation or appointment with a professional person
vastaanottokeskus {n} [Finland] :: A facility run by the Ministry of Interior (sisäasiainministeriö) that accommodates arriving refugees and asylum seekers, officially translated into English as reception centre
vastaansanomaton {adj} :: undeniable, undownable
vasta-argumentti {n} :: A counterargument
vastaava {adj} :: corresponding, similar, having equal effect
vastaava {adj} :: analogous
vastaavanlainen {adj} :: similar
vastaavasti {adv} :: correspondingly
vastaavasti {adv} :: analogously
vastaehdokas {n} :: rival candidate e.g. in an election
vastaehdotus {n} :: A counterproposal, counterproposition
vastaesimerkki {n} :: counterexample
vastahakoinen {adj} [of a person] :: grudging, reluctant, unwilling, disinclined, loth
vastahakoinen {adj} [of a materia] :: intractable
vastahakoisesti {adv} :: grudgingly
vastahakoisuus {n} :: reluctance
vastahakoisuus {n} :: unwillingness
vastahakoisuus {n} :: inertia (unwillingness to take action)
vastahakoisuus {n} :: aversion (fixed dislike)
vastaherttamainen {adj} [botany] :: obcordate (of leaf, heart-shaped, stem attaches at the tapering end)
vastahiukkanen {n} [physics] :: antiparticle
vastahyökkäys {n} :: A counter-attack
vastainen {adj} [weather, of wind] :: foul, head-
vastainen {adj} :: anti-, in-, un-
vastainen {adj} :: (time) occurring in the future
vastainen {adj} [time, of a night in relation to the next day only] :: before
vastainen {n} [nautical] :: headwind
vastaisesti {adv} :: against
vastaisin {adj} :: superlative of vastainen
vastaisku {n} :: A counterblow or counterpunch
vastaisku {n} :: A return/retaliatory blow
vastaisku {n} :: A counterattack
vastaiskumoottori {n} :: synonym of bokserimoottori
vastaisuus {n} :: opposition, in compound terms often anti- (action of opposing or of being in conflict)
vastaisuus {n} :: future
vastakahdentaa {v} [card games] :: to redouble (in contract bridge: to double an opponent's doubling bid)
vastakaiku {n} :: positive response, especially to a proposal, speech, feelings
vastakanne {n} [legal] :: A counterclaim
vastakappale {n} :: A counterpart
vastakauppa {n} :: countertrade
vastake {n} :: A socket (for plug)
vastake {n} [computing] :: synonym of pistoke
vastakierteinen {adj} :: left-hand threaded
vastakirja {n} [banking, dated] :: bankbook, passbook
vastakkain {adv} :: against (one against another)
vastakkain {adv} :: face to face, vis-à-vis
vastakkainasettelu {n} :: confrontation, (set in) opposition (to), pit against, adversarial
vastakkainasettelu {n} :: juxtaposition
vastakkainen {adj} :: opposite, contrary
vastakkaismerkkinen {adj} [math] :: discordant (of opposite sign)
vastakäännös {n} [nautical] :: tack (sailing maneuver)
vastakohta {n} :: A contrast (difference between two objects, people or concepts)
vastakohta {n} :: An antonym (word which has the opposite meaning to another)
vastakohta {n} :: An opposite (something opposite or contrary to another)
vastakohta {n} :: An antithesis (proposition that is the diametric opposite of some other proposition)
vastakohtainen {adj} :: contrasting, contrastive
vastakohtainen {adj} :: zygomorphic, zygomorphous
vastakohtaisuus {n} :: antonymy
vasta kun {adv} :: only after, only when, not before (expresses that something happens after a delay)
vastakysymys {n} :: counterquestion
vastalahja {n} :: return gift (something given voluntarily in return for a gift, favor etc.)
vastalaukka {n} [horsemanship] :: counter-canter, counterlead
vastalause {n} :: protest
vastalause {n} [legal] :: objection
vastaleivottu {adj} :: freshly baked
vastalääke {n} :: antidote
vastaluku {n} [mathematics] :: complement, additive inverse
vastaluku {n} [computing] :: numeric complement
vastamaa {n} :: climb, ascent
vastamainonta {n} :: subvertising (practice of making parodies of corporate and political advertisements in order to make an ironic statement)
vastamainos {n} :: subvert (advertisement created by parodying a commercial or political advertisement)
vastamäki {n} :: climb, ascent, uphill (upward slope)
vastamäki {n} :: uphill (part of slope uphill of one's current position)
vastamyrkky {n} :: antivenin, antivenom
vastanainut {n} :: newlywed
vastanainut {adj} :: newlywed
vastanäyttelijä {n} :: An actor in an opposite role
vastapaavi {n} [Christianity] :: antipope
vastapaine {n} [engineering] :: backpressure
vastapaino {n} :: counterweight, counterbalance
vastapaistettu {adj} :: freshly baked
vastapelaaja {n} :: An opponent in a game
vastapäinen {adj} :: opposite, facing
vastapisto {n} [fencing] :: riposte, ripost
vastapäiväinen {adj} :: anticlockwise
vastapäivään {adv} :: counterclockwise
vastapooli {n} :: antithesis
vastapäätä {postp} :: opposite, vis-à-vis, across
vastapuhelu {n} :: A collect call
vastapuikea {adj} [botany] :: spatulate
vastapuoli {n} :: The opposite side
vastapuoli {n} :: An opponent
vastapuoli {n} [finance] :: A counterparty
vastapuristettu {adj} :: freshly-squeezed]], fresh-squeezed (of juices, squeezed from fresh fruit right before consumption)
vastarakastunut {adj} :: newly fallen in love
vastarannan kiiski {n} :: contrarian (person who expresses a contradicting viewpoint, especially one who denounces the majority persuasion)
vastaranta {n} :: opposite shore
vastarinta {n} :: Resistance
vastarintaliike {n} :: resistance movement
vasta sitten {phrase} :: only then (then, but not before)
vastassa {adv} :: faced with
vastasyntynyt {adj} :: newborn (recently born)
vastasyntynyt {n} :: newborn, neonate (newborn infant)
vastasyytös {n} :: A recrimination
vastata {vi} [_, + illative] :: to answer (someone or something), to reply to; to respond to
vastata {vi} [_, + illative] :: to react, to counter, to respond (to take action in response to)
vastata {vt} [_, + partitive] :: to correspond to, be similar to, be equivalent to
vastata {vi} [_, + elative] :: to be responsible for, be liable for
vastata {vi} [_, + allative] :: to account to (to be accountable or responsible to)
vastata {vi} [_, + elative] :: to be in charge (to have the responsibility of leading or overseeing)
vastatiedustelu {n} :: countersurveillance
vastatoimi {n} :: counteraction, countermeasure (any opposing action)
vastatoimi {n} :: reaction (action in response to a stimulus or other event)
vastatusten {adv} :: against, facing (one against another)
vastatusten {adv} :: face to face, vis-à-vis
vastatuuli {n} [nautical] :: A wind that is against the direction into which one is sailing or wants to sail, a headwind or foul wind
vastaus {n} :: answer (response), reply
vastausprosentti {n} [statistics] :: response rate
vastauspuhelu {n} :: return call
vastavaikutus {n} :: reaction (action or statement in response to a stimulus or other event)
vastavakoilu {n} :: The counterespionage or counterintelligence
vastavalittu {adj} :: Elect, newly elected
vastavallankumouksellinen {adj} :: counterrevolutionary
vastavallankumouksellinen {n} :: A counterrevolutionary
vastavallankumous {n} :: A counterrevolution
vastaveto {n} :: ripost
vastavierailu {n} :: reciprocal visit
vastavirta {n} :: upstream
vastaväite {n} :: counterargument
vastaväite {n} :: antithesis
vastaväite {n} :: backtalk
vastaväittäjä {n} [academic] :: examiner (person performing the oral examination of a dissertation in a thesis defense)
vastavoima {n} :: A counterforce
vastavuoroinen {adj} :: reciprocal, mutual
vastavuoroisesti {adv} :: reciprocally
vastavuoroisuus {n} :: reciprocity, mutuality
vaste {n} :: A reaction
vastedes {adv} :: from now on, henceforth, hereafter
vasten {adv} [colloquial, dialectal] :: against
vasten {postp} :: against (of a position, touching)
vasten {postp} :: against (of a position, against a background)
vasten {postp} :: preceding, before (immediately before)
vasten {postp} :: towards, against (to a direction)
vasten {postp} :: against (in opposition to, opposing)
vasten {postp} :: against (contrary to)
vasten {postp} [colloquial] :: for (a purpose)
vastenmielinen {adj} :: disgusting, repulsive, appalling
vastenmielisyys {n} :: disgust (an intense dislike or repugnance)
vastentahtoinen {adj} :: involuntary
vastike {n} :: substitution
vastike {n} :: compensation, quid pro quo (something in return)
vastike {n} :: dues
vastike {n} :: value
vastikkeeton {adj} [legal] :: gratuitous (given free, without receiving anything of value in return)
vastikään {adv} :: just, newly
vastin {n} :: stopper
vastine {n} :: equivalent
vastine {n} :: answer (document filed in response to a complaint)
vastine {n} :: counterpart
vastineeksi {adv} :: in return
vastinkulma {n} [geometry, usually in plural] :: corresponding angle
vastinpiste {n} [geometry, usually in plural] :: corresponding point
vastinsivu {n} [geometry, usually in plural] :: corresponding side
vastoa {vt} :: To whip with a vasta
vastoherttainen {adj} [botany, dated] :: synonym of vastaherttamainen
vastoin kaikkea todennäköisyyttä {adv} :: against all odds
vastoinkäyminen {n} :: adversity
vastoinkäyminen {n} :: misfortune
vastoinkäyminen {n} :: hardship
vastus {n} :: resistor [electronic component]
vastus {n} :: resistance [the act of resisting, or the capacity to resist]
vastus {n} :: resistance [in physics, force that tends to oppose motion]
vastus {n} :: resistance [in physics, electrical resistance]
vastus {n} :: drag [resistance of air or other fluid to something moving in it]
vastus {n} :: opposition [opposing side in competition]
vastus {n} :: element [short form of heating element]
vastustaa {v} :: to object, to oppose, to contest (to raise an objection)
vastustaa {v} :: to protest (to make a strong objection)
vastustaa {v} :: to resist, to oppose, counteract, hinder (to attempt to counter the actions or effects of someone or something)
vastustaa {v} :: to antagonize (to work against; to oppose; especially to incite reaction)
vastustaja {n} :: An opponent in a game, fight, competition, politics etc
vastustamaton {adj} :: irresistible
vastustamaton {adj} :: undownable
vastustamattomampi {adj} :: comparative of vastustamaton
vastustava {adj} :: opposed
vastustava {adj} :: anti
vastustus {n} :: resistance, opposition
vastustuskyky {n} [medicine] :: immunity (protective resistance against infection)
vastustuskyky {n} :: resistance (capacity to resist)
vastustuskykyinen {adj} :: resistant
vastuu {n} :: responsibility, charge; see also: in charge
vastuu {n} [legal] :: liability
vastuualue {n} :: area of responsibility
vastuuhenkilö {n} :: person in charge
vastuullinen {adj} :: accountable, answerable
vastuunalainen {adj} :: accountable, responsible
vastuuntunnoton {adj} :: irresponsible, reckless
vastuuntunto {n} :: sense of responsibility
vastuussa {adv} :: responsible
vastuuton {adj} :: irresponsible
vastuuttomuus {n} :: irresponsibility (state of being irresponsible)
vastuuvakuutus {n} :: liability insurance
vastuuvapaus {n} :: freedom of responsibility (state of being released from a requirement or liability)
vastuuvapauslauseke {n} :: disclaimer, disclaimer of liability, waiver of liability (clause)
vastuuvapaussopimus {n} :: waiver (contract that releases someone from a requirement or liability)
vastuuvapautus {n} :: waiver (act or writ that releases someone from a requirement or liability)
vastuuvapautussopimus {n} :: waiver (contract that releases someone from a requirement or liability)
vasu {n} :: basket
vasuri {n} [colloquial] :: A left hand
vasuri {n} [colloquial] :: A southpaw
vasuri {n} [colloquial] :: In ice hockey, soccer and other ballgames, a left-winger
vasuri {adj} [dated] :: left-handed
vata {n} :: a type of net
Vatanen {prop} :: surname
vateriitti {n} [mineralogy] :: vaterite (polymorph of calcium carbonate)
Vaterin ampulla {n} [anatomy] :: ampulla of Vater
vati {n} :: dish (especially a large dish where one can for example wash his dishes)
Vatikaani {prop} :: The Vatican City
Vatikaanikaupunki {prop} :: The Vatican City
vatja {n} :: The Votic language
vatkaantua {vi} :: alternative form of vatkautua
vatkain {n} :: mixer
vatkata {vt} :: To whisk (in cooking)
vatkautua {vi} [of cream etc.] :: To become whipped
vatkuli {n} [food] :: blanquette
vatsa {n} :: stomach
vatsaevä {n} [anatomy, of a fish] :: a pelvic fin
vatsaevällinen {adj} :: abdominal (having abdominal fins)
vatsahaava {n} [pathology] :: peptic ulcer
vatsahappo {n} :: gastric acid
vatsakalvo {n} [anatomy] :: peritoneum
vatsakalvodialyysi {n} [medicine] :: peritoneal dialysis
vatsakalvontakainen {adj} [anatomy, medicine] :: retroperitoneal
vatsakalvontulehdus {n} :: peritonitis (inflammation of the peritoneum)
vatsakas {adj} :: big-bellied
vatsakipu {n} :: bellyache, stomachache
vatsalaukku {n} [anatomy] :: stomach
vatsalihakset {n} :: abdominals, abdominal muscles, abs
vatsalihas {n} :: ab
vatsanpuru {n} [pathology] :: stomachache, collywobbles
vatsaontelo {n} [anatomy] :: abdominal cavity
vatsarutistus {n} :: sit-up
vatsastapuhuja {n} :: ventriloquist
vatsastapuhuminen {n} :: ventriloquism
vatsatanssi {n} :: belly dance
vatsatanssija {n} :: belly dancer
vatsatanssijatar {n} :: belly dancer
vatsatauti {n} [pathology] :: gastroenteritis, stomach flu, gastric flu
vatsatyrä {n} [pathology] :: hernia abdominalis
vatsavaiva {n} [pathology] :: upset (non-serious stomach problems in general)
vatti {n} :: mud flat
vattu {n} [colloquial] :: raspberry
vatukka {n} :: bramble (US, plant of the genus Rubus)
vatukka {n} [dialectal] :: raspberry
vatukko {n} :: raspberry thicket
vatuloida {v} [dialectal] :: synonym of jahkailla
vatupassi {n} [colloquial] :: spirit level
vatustaagi {n} [nautical] :: bobstay, gammon
vatvoa {v} :: to dwell on
vau {interj} :: wow!
vauhdikas {adj} :: speedy, fast, rapid
vauhdikas {adj} :: eventful
vauhdikkaasti {adv} :: fast
vauhdinotto {n} [athletics] :: run-up (approach run of a high jumper or other athlete in order to gather speed or momentum)
vauhdinottorata {n} [athletics] :: runway (track for run-up in high jump or other event in which the athlete needs to gain speed or momentum for their performance)
vauhdittaa {v} :: to speed up, push, give a push (to cause a process to proceed faster)
vauhko {adj} :: raving, wild, panicky
vauhkoontua {v} [of horses] :: To bolt
vauhkoutua {v} :: alternative form of vauhkoontua
vauhti {n} :: In everyday speech: speed, velocity, pace
vauhti {n} :: In everyday speech: momentum
vauhti {n} :: In physics: speed
vauhti {n} :: speed (slang term for methamphetamine)
vauhtia {interj} :: hurry up, let's go
vauhtipyörä {n} :: flywheel
vauhtiraita {n} :: speed stripe
vauhtiraita {n} :: skid mark (visible stain of feces in underpants)
vauhtiveikko {n} :: A speedster
V-aukko {n} :: V neckline, V-neckline (V-shaped neckline)
vaunu {n} :: A wagon, coach, stagecoach; often used in plural (vaunut) also of a single vehicle (wheeled vehicle, generally drawn by horse power)
vaunu {n} [railroads] :: wagon, [US] car, [UK] carriage
vaunu {n} [military] :: armoured combat vehicle, tank
vaununkaatolaite {n} [railroads] :: tipple
vaunuseppä {n} :: wheelwright
vauras {adj} :: well-to-do, substantial
vaurastua {v} :: to prosper (e.g. financially)
vauraus {n} :: prosperity
vaurio {n} :: damage (abstract measure of something not being intact; harm)
vaurioittaa {vt} :: To damage (to make something less intact or even destroy it; to harm or cause destruction)
vaurioitua {vi} :: to be damaged
vautsi {interj} :: wow, whoa!
vautsi vau {interj} :: alternative form of vautsi-vau
vautsi-vau {interj} :: wow, whoa, yowzah!
vauva {n} :: baby (a very young child)
vauva {n} [colloquial] :: a baby animal
vauvabuumi {n} [colloquial] :: A baby boom
vauvakieli {n} :: baby talk
vauvakutsut {n} :: baby shower (celebration)
vauvala {n} :: baby kindergarten
vauvaöljy {adj} :: baby oil
vauvamainen {adj} :: babylike
vauvanruoka {n} :: baby food
vauvansininen {adj} :: baby blue (shade of pale blue)
vauvantalkki {n} :: baby powder
vauvaperhe {n} :: A family with a baby
vauvarasva {adj} [colloquial] :: puppy fat, baby fat (natural fat on the body of a child that normally disappears at adolescence)
vauvareppu {n} :: child carrier, baby carrier (any device for carrying babies or very young children within a framework carried as a backpack or on the front of the body)
vauvarokko {n} [disease] :: roseola
vauveli {n} :: baby
vavahdella {v} :: to shake, tremble
vavahtaa {vi} :: to shake (once)
vavahtelu {n} :: tremor
vave {n} [dialectal, northern] :: A rod or stick attached in a horizontal position into which fishing nets may be hanged for drying
vavista {vi} :: To shiver, shudder, quiver, tremble
vedalainen {adj} :: Vedic
vedalaisuus {n} :: The Vedic religion
vedanta {n} [Hinduism] :: Vedanta (Hindu school of philosophy)
veda-uskonto {n} :: The Vedic religion
Vedda {n} :: One of an indigenous people of Sri Lanka
vedekkyys {n} :: wateriness
vedekäs {adj} :: watery
vedellä {vt} :: to pull (indifferently and/or repeatedly)
vedenalainen {adj} :: underwater
vedenerotin {n} :: water separator
vedenhaltija {n} :: merman, water spirit
vedenhankinta {n} :: water acquisition
vedenheitto {n} [euphemistic] :: urination
vedenjakaja {n} [geography] :: watershed [outside US], drainage divide, water divide (boundary between two drainage basins)
vedenjakelu {n} :: water supply
vedenkantaja {n} :: water carrier (person that carries water)
vedenkeitin {n} :: electric kettle, water boiler
vedenkesto {n} :: water resistance
vedenkestävä {adj} :: waterproof
vedenkestävyys {n} :: waterproofness
veden kiertokulku {n} :: water cycle
vedenkirkas {adj} :: Very clear, completely transparent
vedenkorkeus {n} :: water level
vedenkulutus {n} :: water consumption
vedenlaatu {n} :: water quality
vedenlämmitin {n} :: water heater
vedenneito {n} :: water nymph
vedenpaine {n} :: water pressure
vedenpaisumus {n} :: deluge
vedenpaisumus {n} [Biblical] :: Deluge (the Biblical flood during the time of Noah)
vedenpaljous {n} :: A large amount of water
vedenpehmennin {n} :: water softener
veden peitossa {adv} :: covered by water
veden peitossa {adv} :: olla veden peitossa: be awash
vedenpinta {n} :: water surface
vedenpinta {n} :: water level
vedenpitävä {adj} :: watertight
vedenpitävyys {n} :: waterproofness
vedenpäällinen {adj} :: Above the surface of water
vedenpohja {n} :: bottom, bed (of a water body)
vedenpoisto {n} :: drainage
vedenpoistoletku {n} :: drainage hose
vedenpoistopumppu {n} :: dewatering pump
vedenpuhdistamo {n} :: water treatment plant
vedenpuhdistin {n} :: water purifier
vedenpuhdistus {n} :: water purification
vedenpuhdistuslaitos {n} :: water treatment plant
vedenpuute {n} :: water shortage
vedenraja {n} :: shoreline
vedensekainen {adj} :: Mixed with water, watery
vedensäännöstely {n} :: water rationing
vedensyvyys {n} :: water depth
vedestä noutava lintukoira {n} :: water dog
vedetön {adj} :: waterless
vedetty lasi {n} :: rolled glass (sheet glass produced by casting molten glass between two rollers; method now largely replaced by floating)
vedike {n} :: synonym of vedin
vedin {n} :: pull (device meant to be pulled, as a lever, knob, or handle)
vedin {n} [slang] :: In plural (vetimet), clothes, attire
vedonlyönti {n} :: betting
vedonlyöntikohde {n} :: stake, wager (the subject of a bet)
vedonvälittäjä {n} :: bookmaker, bookie
vedos {n} :: draft
vedos {n} [visual art] :: print
vedos {n} [computing] :: dump
vedostaa {v} :: to make a print, to print copies, to copy
vedostaa {v} [visual art] :: to xylograph
vedota {vi} :: To appeal
vedättää {v} :: to cause something or someone to pull
vedättää {v} [slightly, colloquial] :: to mislead, cheat, scam, take for a ride, troll
vedättää {v} :: to cause (e.g. prices) to inflate by dishonest means
vedättäjä {n} :: shill (accomplice at a confidence trick)
vedätys {n} :: scam, fraud, swindle, cheat, cheating
vedätyttää {v} :: alternative form of vedättää
vee {n} :: letter: v
veena {n} [musical instruments] :: veena (instrument)
Veera {prop} :: given name
Veeti {prop} :: given name
vegaani {n} :: vegan
vegaaninen {adj} :: vegan (relating to vegans or veganism)
veganismi {n} :: veganism
vegepurilainen {n} :: veggie burger, garden burger
vegetaari {n} :: vegetarian
vegetaarinen {adj} :: vegetarian
vegetariaani {n} :: vegetarian
vegetarianismi {n} :: vegetarianism
vegetarismi {n} :: vegetarianism
vegetaristi {n} :: vegetarian
vegetaristinen {adj} :: vegetarian
vegetatiivinen {adj} :: vegetative
vehje {n} :: An unspecified piece of apparatus, or one for which one does not know a real name, a gimmick or a thingamajig
vehje {n} [colloquial] :: Contraption
vehje {n} [colloquial] :: In plural, the male genitals
vehje {n} [colloquial] :: In plural, the equipment or the utensils
vehka {n} :: calla (Calla palustris)
vehkeillä {v} :: To conspire
vehmas {adj} :: lush
vehnä {n} :: wheat
vehnäjauho {n} :: wheat flour
vehnäleipä {n} :: wheat bread
vehnänalkio {n} :: wheat germ
vehnänjyvä {n} [archaic] :: grain of wheat
vehnänorasmehu {n} :: wheatgrass juice
vehnäolut {n} :: weissbier, wheat beer
vehreä {adj} :: verdant
vehreys {n} :: verdure (greenness of lush or growing vegetation; also: the vegetation itself)
veijari {n} :: trickster (impish or playful person)
Veijo {prop} :: given name
veikata {v} :: To guess, bet
veikata {v} :: To bet for money
veikeä {adj} :: funny, jovial
Veikka {prop} :: given name, a modern variant of Veikko
veikkaus {n} :: guess
Veikkausliiga {prop} :: The name of the Finnish national championship league in soccer since 1990
veikko {n} [poetic] :: brother
veikko {n} :: chap, fellow
Veikko {prop} :: given name
Veiksel {prop} :: Vistula
veisata {v} :: To psalm, to sing for the praise of God, especially in a divine service
veistää {vt} :: To carve, cut
veistää {vt} :: To sculpture, sculpt, hew
veistos {n} :: A sculpture (a work of art created by sculpting)
Veistotaltta {prop} :: the constellation Caelum, the Chisel
veisu {n} [dated] :: chant
veisuu {n} :: chanting, psalmody (singing of psalms, such as part of worship)
veiterä {adj} [dialectal] :: synonym of näppärä
veiterä {adj} [dialectal] :: synonym of nokkela
veitikka {n} :: rascal
veitikkamainen {adj} :: roguish, mischievous
veitsi {n} :: knife
veitsikytkin {n} [electricity distribution] :: knife switch
veitsiteline {n} :: knife block
veitsituki {n} :: knife rest (piece of kitchenware)
veivata {vt} :: To crank
veivi {n} :: crank
veivilista {n} [slang, rare] :: bucket list (list of things to do before the death)
vekara {n} [colloquial] :: kid, child
vekata {v} :: to pleat (to form one or more pleats in a piece of fabric or a garment)
veke {adv} [colloquial] :: away
vekittää {v} :: to pleat (to form one or more pleats in a piece of fabric or a garment)
vekkaus {n} :: pleating (action or arrangement in which something is pleated)
vekki {n} :: pleat
vekkihame {n} :: pleated skirt
vekkuli {n} :: scamp, imp, clown
vekkuli {adj} :: jocose
vekotin {n} [colloquial] :: An unspecified piece of apparatus, or one for which one does not know a real name; a gimmick, thingamajig, contraption, contrivance, device, fandango, gadget, widget
veks {adv} [colloquial] :: away
väekäs {adj} :: populous
vekseli {n} :: bill of exchange, bill
vekselitakaus {n} [finance] :: aval
veksillologia {n} :: vexillology (study of flags)
vektori {n} :: A vector
vektorialgebra {n} [mathematics] :: vector algebra
vektorianalyysi {n} :: vector calculus
vektoriavaruus {n} :: vector space
vektorikenttä {n} :: vector field
vektoritulo {n} [vector algebra] :: vector product
velaari {n} [phonetics] :: A velar
velaarinen {adj} [phonetics] :: velar
velallinen {n} [legal] :: A debtor
velallinen {adj} [religion, rare] :: Having debt in figurative sense, as towards other people and the God due to committed sins
velaton {adj} :: debt-free, debtless
velho {n} :: wizard
velhokala {n} :: stonefish (Synanceia verrucosa)
velhotar {n} :: A sorceress, wizardess
velhous {n} :: wizardry, sorcery
veli {n} :: brother
Veli {prop} :: given name
veliinipaperi {n} :: vellum
Veli-Matti {prop} :: given name
Veli-Pekka {prop} :: given name
velipuoli {n} :: half-brother
velipuoli {n} :: stepbrother
veljeillä {v} :: To fraternize
veljekset {n} :: brothers (collective term for people who are each other's brothers)
veljellinen {adj} :: brotherly, fraternal
veljenpoika {n} :: fraternal nephew
veljentytär {n} :: fraternal niece
veljes {n} :: brother
veljeskunta {n} :: brotherhood (society)
veljessota {n} :: One of the various names of the the Finnish Civil War (1918)
veljestö {n} :: brotherhood (association)
veljeys {n} :: fraternity, brotherhood (concept)
velka {n} :: debt
velka {n} :: olla ~ : to owe (someone)
velka {n} :: olla veloissa + possessive suffix: to be indebted, to owe
velkaantua {vi} :: to run into debt
velkainen {adj} :: indebted
velkaisin {adj} :: superlative of velkainen
velkaisuus {n} :: indebtedness
velkakirja {n} [finance] :: promissory note, note (written or printed paper acknowledging a debt, and promising payment)
velkakirja {n} [finance, colloquial] :: IOU
velkaorja {n} [historical] :: indentured servant (debt bondage worker)
velkaorja {n} [by extension, colloquial] :: debt slave (someone heavily in debt, an indebted person)
velkaorjuus {n} [historical] :: debt bondage, indenture
velkaorjuus {n} [by extension, colloquial] :: debt slavery (state of being heavily indebted)
velkaraha {n} :: borrowed money
velkataakka {n} :: debt burden
velkatodistus {n} :: debenture (certificate that certifies an amount of money owed to someone)
velkauttaa {v} :: alternative form of velkaannuttaa
velkoa {v} :: To dun (to ask or beset a debtor for payment)
velkoja {n} :: creditor
Vellamo {prop} :: A goddess of waters, the wife of Ahto in the Kalevala
Vellamo {prop} :: given name
velli {n} :: gruel
vellihousu {n} :: synonym of jänishousu
velloa {v} :: to churn, swirl about, mill (to move rapidly and repetitively with a rocking motion)
vellonta {n} :: churning
velmuilija {n} :: joker, prankster
velmuilla {v} :: To joke, do pranks
velodromi {n} :: velodrome
veloittaa {v} :: to charge (to assign a debit to an account)
veloitus {n} :: charge (amount of money levied for a service)
veloituslasku {n} :: debit note
velosipedi {n} :: penny farthing (type of bicycle popular in the 19th century, with the front wheel far larger than the rear one)
velosipedi {n} [rare] :: bicycle
veltostua {vi} :: To slacken
veltostuttaa {v} :: To make indolent or slack
veltostuttava {adj} :: indolent (inducing laziness)
veltto {adj} :: limp (as opposed to stiff)
veltto {adj} :: sluggish, lethargic, slothful
velttoilija {n} :: slacker
velttoutua {vi} :: alternative form of veltostua
velvoite {n} :: obligation, commitment
velvoiteoikeus {n} [law] :: law of obligations, civil law (area of private law under civil-law legal systems concerning the rights and duties arising between natural persons and non-governmental legal persons)
velvoittaa {v} :: To obligate
velvoittava {adj} :: obligatory, binding
velvollinen {adj} :: bound, obliged
velvollisuus {n} :: responsibility
velvollisuus {n} :: duty
velvollisuus {n} :: obligation
vemmel {n} :: shaft bow
vemmelsääri {n} :: A nickname of a hare in many folk fables
vemmelsuoli {n} [anatomy, colloquial] :: sigmoid colon
vempain {n} :: widget, contraption, gadget, gizmo
vempele {n} :: alternative form of vemmel
vemppa {n} [military slang] :: profile [US] (exemption from marching, combat and physical education)
vemppa {n} [military slang] :: conscript exempted from such education
vemputin {n} :: gizmo, apparatus
vemputtaa {vi} [colloquial] :: to wank, to rub one out
vena {n} [anatomy] :: vein (blood vessel that transports blood from the capillaries back to the heart)
venakko {n} :: Russian female
venata {vt} [slang, colloquial + partitive] :: to wait, await
venda {n} [nautical slang] :: A tack (sailing maneuver)
vendi {n} :: Wend (person)
vendikausi {n} :: the Vendian, former name of the Ediacaran
vendikautinen {adj} [geology] :: Vendian
vendiläinen {adj} :: Wendish (of or pertaininf to the Wends)
vene {n} :: boat
veneenrakentaja {n} :: boatbuilder
veneenveistäjä {n} :: boatwright (maker of boats, especially of traditional wooden construction)
veneerinen {adj} :: venereal
veneetön {adj} :: boatless, free of or lacking boats
veneihminen {n} :: boat person (one who enjoys boats)
veneilijä {n} :: boater
veneily {n} :: boating
veneluu {n} [anatomy] :: navicular bone; scaphoid bone
venemuoto {n} :: A shape resembling that of a boat
venemuoto {n} [biochemistry] :: boat (one of the conformationss of cyclohexane)
venepakolainen {n} :: boat person (member of boat people)
venepoliisi {n} :: water police
venerologia {n} :: venereology
venesatama {n} :: marina (harbour mainly intended for pleasure boats and yachts)
venesektio {n} [medicine] :: venesection
Venetsia {prop} :: Venice
venetsialainen {adj} :: Venetian
venetsialainen {n} :: a Venetian person
Venetsianlahti {prop} :: The Gulf of Venice
venevaja {n} :: boathouse
veneveistämö {n} :: boatyard (place where boats are built and repaired)
Venezuela {prop} :: Venezuela
venezuelalainen {adj} :: Venezuelan
venezuelalainen {n} :: a Venezuelan person
venezuelanvyötiäinen {n} :: Llanos long-nosed armadillo, Dasypus sabanicola
venähdys {n} :: strain
venähdys {n} :: distension
venhe {n} :: dated form of vene
venho {n} [archaic, poetic] :: boat
venähtää {v} :: To bolt (grow quickly)
venähtää {v} :: To strain (injure)
venäjä {n} :: Russian (language)
Venäjä {prop} :: Russia
Venäjän federaatio {prop} :: The Russian Federation
Venäjän Kaukoitä {prop} :: Russian Far East (Russian administrative entity)
venäjän kieli {n} :: Russian (language)
venäjänkielinen {adj} :: Russian-speaking, Russophone
venäjänkielinen {adj} :: Russian, Russian-language (expressed in the Russian language)
venäjännös {n} :: Russian translation
venäjänsampi {n} :: Russian sturgeon (Acipenser gueldenstaedtii)
Venäjän SFNT {prop} [historical] :: Russian SFSR
Venäjän sosialistinen federatiivinen neuvostotasavalta {prop} :: Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic (official name of Russia when part of the Soviet Union)
venäjäntää {vt} :: to translate into Russian
venäjänvinttikoira {n} :: borzoi
venkoilu {n} :: monkey business (activity that may be considered illegal, questionable, or a vice, but not felonious)
Venla {prop} :: given name
venäläinen {adj} :: Russian
venäläinen {n} :: Russian (person)
Venäläinen {prop} :: surname
venäläisperäinen {adj} :: of Russian origin
venäläistää {vt} :: To Russify (to make Russian)
venäläistäminen {n} :: russification (act or process of making or becoming Russian in character)
venäläistyä {vi} :: to Russify, to become Russian
venäläistyminen {n} :: Russification (becoming more Russian)
venäläisyys {n} :: Russianness (quality or characteristic of being Russian)
Vennamo {prop} :: surname
venografia {n} :: venography
venät {n} [rare] :: A Russian
venät {n} [Eastern dialects] :: Russian (language)
ventata {v} [slang] :: To wait
ventilaatio {n} :: ventilation
ventiloida {v} :: To ventilate
ventovieras {adj} :: absolutely strange, utterly unknown, completely unfamiliar
venttiili {n} :: A valve
venturi-ilmiö {n} [physics] :: venturi effect
venturipesuri {n} :: A venturi scrubber
venturiputki {n} :: venturi tube
Venus {prop} :: Venus (planet)
Venus {prop} :: Venus (Roman goddess)
venyä {vi} :: To stretch
venyke {n} :: elastic (piece of elastic material)
venyke {n} [historical, linguistics] :: circumflex used to write long vowels in Finnish in a former alternative orthography
venytellä {v} :: to stretch, flex (one's own muscles)
venytellä {v} :: to rax (to stretch after sleep)
venytetty {adj} :: stretched
venyttää {vt} :: to stretch (to cause to become longer by stretching)
venyttää totuutta {v} :: To stretch the truth
venyttäytyä {vi} :: To stretch oneself
venytys {n} :: stretch
vepsä {n} :: the Veps language
Vepsäläinen {prop} :: surname
veranta {n} :: veranda
verbaalinen {adj} :: verbal
verbalisoida {v} :: To verbalize
verbena {n} :: verbena (plant of genus Verbena)
verbena {n} [in plural] :: the genus Verbena
verbenoni {n} [chemistry] :: verbenone
verbi {n} [grammar] :: verb
verbilauseke {n} [grammar] :: verb phrase (phrase that functions syntactically as a verb)
verekäs {adj} :: Containing blood
verekäs {adj} :: plethoric
verenhimo {n} :: bloodlust
verenhimoinen {adj} :: bloodthirsty
verenhimoisesti {adv} :: bloodthirstily
verenhimoisuus {n} :: bloodthirstiness
verenhukka {n} :: blood loss, bloodloss
verenimijä {n} :: bloodsucker (animal that feeds with blood, e.g. mosquito, vampire bat)
verenimijä {n} :: vampire bat (any of the three species of bat in the subfamily Desmodontinae)
verenimijä {n} [figuratively] :: bloodsucker, leech, parasite, shark (person who exploits others)
verenkierto {n} :: blood flow, circulation of blood
verenkierto {n} :: vascular, cardiovascular or circulatory; as modifier in compound terms
verenkuva {n} [medicine] :: blood count
verenluovuttaja {n} :: blood donor
verenluovutus {n} :: blood donation
verenmuodostus {n} :: hematopoiesis, haematopoiesis [UK] (process by which blood cells are produced in the body, particularly in the bone marrow)
verenmyrkytys {n} [pathology] :: sepsis blood poisoning (serious medical condition in which the whole body is inflamed, and a known or suspected infection is present)
verenmyrkytys {n} :: (pathology) septicemia, septicaemia, blood poisoning (form of sepsis in which the pathogens are concentrated in blood)
verenpaine {n} :: blood pressure
verenpisara {n} :: fuchsia (plant of the genus Fuchsia, with red, pink or purple flowers, many of which are popular garden plants)
verenpuna {n} :: hemoglobin
verenpunainen {adj} :: crimson
verenpunainen {n} :: crimson
verenpurkauma {n} [pathology] :: hematoma
verensekainen {adj} :: sanguinolent (containing or tinged with blood)
verensiirto {n} :: blood transfusion
verensokeri {n} :: blood sugar
veren tahrima {adj} :: bloodstained
verentahrima {adj} :: alternative form of veren tahrima
verentungos {n} [medicine] :: congestion (overfullness of blood vessels)
verenvuodatus {n} :: A bloodshed (shedding or spilling of blood)
verenvuodon tyrehdyttäminen {n} [medicine] :: hemostasis
verenvuoto {n} :: bleeding
verenvuotokuume {n} [pathology] :: hemorrhagic fever
verenvuototauti {n} [pathology] :: haemophilia/hemophilia
veres {adj} :: fresh
verestää {vt} :: To refresh (memories)
veretön {adj} :: bloodless
verettömyys {n} :: bloodlessness
verettömyys {n} [pathology] :: ischaemia
verevä {adj} :: fresh
verhiö {n} [botany] :: A calyx
verho {n} :: curtain
verho {n} :: window blind
verhoilija {n} :: upholsterer
verhoilla {v} :: To upholster
verhoilu {n} :: upholstery
verhoilukangas {n} :: upholstery fabric
verhokangas {n} :: curtain fabric
verhota {vt} :: To curtain
verhoutua {vt} :: To curtain, to cloak
veri {n} :: blood (liquid flowing in human and animal bodies)
veriapila {n} :: crimson clover, Italian clover, Trifolium incarnatum (annual clover used as forage and hay)
veriappelsiini {n} :: blood orange (type of orange)
verifikaatio {n} :: verification
verifikaatti {n} :: verification
verifioida {v} :: To verify
verigreippi {n} :: pink grapefruit (type of grapefruit)
verihaava {n} :: bloody wound, bleeding wound
verihapero {n} :: a brittlegill (Russula sanguinea)
verihelttaseitikki {n} [mushroom] :: A webcap, Cortinarius semisanguineus
veriherkkusieni {n} :: An agaric, Agaricus langei
verihierakka {n} :: Alternative term for punahierakka (bloody dock), Rumex sanguineus
verihiutale {n} [biology] :: platelet, thrombocyte
verijuotikas {n} :: European medicinal leech, Hirudo medicinalis
verijuuri {n} [plant] :: agrimony
verikivi {n} :: haematite, hematite
verikivi {n} :: bloodstone (green chalcedony that has been sprinkled with red spots)
verikoe {n} :: blood test
verikoira {n} :: A bloodhound (dog)
verikoira {n} :: A bloodhound (person)
verikosto {n} :: Vendetta
verikotka {n} :: blood eagle (Vikings' execution method)
verileipä {n} :: blood bread (bread made with blood)
verilöyly {n} :: A massacre, bloodbath, carnage, bloodshed
verimakkara {n} :: blood sausage (sausage including blood)
verimyrkky {n} [chiefly cytology] :: hemotoxin
verinahka {n} [anatomy] :: dermis
verinen {adj} :: bloody (covered in blood)
verinen {adj} :: bloody (characterised by bloodshed)
verinen {adj} :: bloody (containing blood)
verineste {n} :: blood plasma
veriohukas {n} :: A kind of crêpe or thin pancake made of blood
verioppi {n} :: hematology
veripankki {n} :: blood bank
veripeippi {n} [plant] :: shiso, perilla (herb Perilla frutescens)
veriplasma {n} [hematology] :: blood plasma
verirousku {n} :: A milk-cap, Lactarius sanquifluus
veriryhmä {n} :: blood type
veriseitikki {n} [mushroom] :: A webcap, Cortinarius sanguineus
verisesti {adv} :: bloodily
verisolu {n} :: blood cell
verisovitus {n} [religion, Mormonism] :: blood atonement
verisukulainen {n} :: blood relative, blood relation (person related through birth)
verisukulaisuus {n} :: blood relationship, consanguinity (state of being related through birth)
verisuoni {n} [anatomy] :: A blood vessel
verisuonikasvain {n} [pathology] :: angioma (benign tumor caused by overgrowth of capillary vessels)
verisuonisto {n} :: vasculature (arrangement of blood vessels in a body or organ)
verisuonten kalkkeutuminen {n} :: A widely used but inexact common term for ateroskleroosi, atherosclerosis
verisuonten kalkkiutuminen {n} :: alternative form of verisuonten kalkkeutuminen
verisyöpä {n} :: blood cancer
verisyöpä {n} :: leukemia [US], leukaemia [UK] (type of blood cancer affecting blood cells)
verisyys {n} :: bloodiness
veritahra {n} :: blood stain
veritankkaus {n} [sports, doping] :: blood doping (the (illegal) practice of giving additional red blood cells to an athlete in order to improve his/her performance)
veritautioppi {n} :: hematology, haematology
veritulppa {n} [hematology] :: blood clot, thrombus
veritulppa {n} [pathology] :: thrombosis (formation of thrombi)
veriura {n} :: A fuller (groove in the blade of a sword or knife)
verivana {n} :: blood trail
veriveli {n} :: blood brother
verivihollinen {n} :: archenemy, mortal enemy
verivirtsainen {adj} [pathology] :: hematuric
verivirtsaisuus {n} [pathology] :: hematuria
veräjä {n} :: gate
veräjä {n} [electronics] :: gate
verka {n} :: baize (type of woollen fabric)
verka {n} [billiards] :: cloth, felt, green baize
verkkaan {adv} :: slowly
verkkainen {adj} :: slow, sluggish
verkkainen {adj} :: deliberate
verkkaisa {adj} :: slow, sluggish
verkkaisasti {adv} :: alternative form of verkkaisesti
verkkaisesti {adv} :: slowly, sluggishly
verkkaisuus {n} :: slowness, sluggishness
verkkarit {n} [colloquial] :: sweatpants
verkko {n} :: net
verkko {n} :: network
verkko {n} :: mesh
verkko {n} :: web
verkko {n} :: grid
verkko {n} :: grill
verkko {n} :: fishnet (short of kalaverkko, a net used to catch fish)
Verkko {prop} :: The constellation Reticulum, the Reticle
verkkokalvo {n} [anatomy] :: retina
verkkokalvon rappeuma {n} [pathology, ophthalmology] :: macular degeneration
verkkokamera {n} :: A webcam
verkkokangas {n} :: fishnet (fabric)
verkkokauppa {n} :: online store, online shop
verkkokonferenssi {n} :: web conference
verkkokurssi {n} [education] :: online course
verkkolaturi {n} :: AC adapter, mains charger, wall wart
verkkomaha {n} :: A reticulum, honeycomb stomach (second stomach of a ruminant)
verkkomainen {n} :: webbed, weblike, netlike
verkkonimimerkki {n} :: nom de Web
verkkopallo {n} [sports, archaic] :: tennis
verkkopallo {n} [sports] :: netball
verkkopalvelin {n} [computing] :: web server
verkkopalvelu {n} :: web service
verkkopeli {n} :: online game
verkkoprotokolla {n} :: Internet Protocol (communication protocol that enables networking a large number of computers to the Internet by providing the basis for packet switching, routing, addressing and other essential functions of the net)
verkkopuumuura {n} :: bar-crested antshrike
verkkorikollinen {n} :: cybercriminal
verkkorikollisuus {n} :: cybercrime (crime committed using computer networks)
verkkorikos {n} :: cybercrime (individual crime committed using computer networks)
verkkoroolipeli {n} :: online role-playing game
verkkoselain {n} [Internet] :: web browser
verkkosähkö {n} :: grid electricity
verkkosiipinen {n} :: neuropteran, net-winged insect (insect of the order Neuroptera)
verkkosilikaatti {n} [mineralogy] :: phyllosilicate (mineral)
verkkosilmä {n} :: A compound eye
verkkosivu {n} :: web page
verkkosivujen suunnittelu {n} :: web design
verkkosivusto {n} [Internet] :: web site
verkkosuoninen {adj} [botany] :: net-veined, reticular (of leaves, having veins that form a net-like pattern)
verkkoteoria {n} :: graph theory
verkkourkinta {n} :: phishing
verkkoutua {vi} :: To network
verkkovakoilu {n} :: cyberespionage
verkkoyhteys {n} :: internet access
verkonpaino {n} :: A (small) weight attached to the lower edge of a fishing net to keep it upright in the water
verkonpaino {n} [colloquial] :: paperweight (useless object)
verkosto {n} :: network
verkosto {n} :: connections, network (people with whom one is acquainted who can offer help and influence)
verkostoitua {vi} :: alternative form of verkkoutua
verkostua {vi} :: alternative form of verkkoutua
verkottua {vi} :: alternative form of verkkoutua
vermeet {n} [slang] :: gear, stuff
vermikuliitti {n} [mineral] :: vermiculite
vermiselli {n} :: vermicelli
vermutti {n} :: vermouth
Verna {prop} :: given name
vernalisaatio {n} [horticulture] :: vernalisation, vernalization
Verneri {prop} :: given name
vernissa {n} :: varnish (liquid containing processed oils, resins and solvents in varying proportions, which forms a glossy finish on e.g. wood and paintings when dried)
vero {n} :: tax
veroaste {n} :: tax rate
veroaste {n} :: millage (property tax rate expressed in mills)
verohelpotus {n} :: tax relief (lowering of a tax through special provisions other than general cut of tax rate)
veroilmoitus {n} [accounting, government] :: tax return
veroinen {adj} :: comparable, equal, match
verokanta {n} :: tax rate
verokarhu {n} :: taxman
verokertymä {n} :: taxation (revenue gained from taxes)
verokortti {n} :: income-tax card
verokortti {n} :: (US closest equivalent) payroll withholding statement, withholding statement, W-2 Form (officially Form W-2, Wage and Tax Statement)
veroleikkaus {n} :: tax cut (lowering of a tax rate)
verollinen {adj} :: taxable, taxed (subject to taxation)
verollinen {adj} :: taxes included, including taxes, with tax
veromerkki {n} [dated] :: tax stamp (stamp used as proof of collection of income tax in 1944-78)
veromerkki {n} [dated] :: tax stamp (sticker affixed on the windscreen of a car as proof of payment of the vehicle tax in 1994-96)
veronalainen {adj} :: taxable (subject to taxation)
veronalainen {n} :: Veronese (person from Verona)
veronalainen {adj} :: Veronese (of or relating to Verona, Italy)
veronalennus {n} :: tax cut (lowering of a tax rate)
veronhuojennus {n} :: tax relief
veronkantaja {n} :: tax collector (person or entity responsible for collecting taxes)
veronkanto {n} :: tax collection, collection of taxes
veronkevennys {n} :: tax cut (an act of lowering taxes)
veronkiertäjä {n} :: tax evader, tax dodger (one who illegally avoids paying tax)
veronkierto {n} :: tax avoidance
veronmaksaja {n} :: taxpayer (one who pays taxes)
veronpalautus {n} :: tax refund, tax rebate
vero-oikeus {n} [law] :: tax law (area of law concerning the statutory and regulatory rules applicable to taxation)
veropaketti {n} :: tax package (political decision combining a number of tax-related issues, supposedly coordinated and balancing each other)
veroparatiisi {n} :: tax haven
veropetos {n} :: tax fraud
veropohja {n} :: tax base (cashflow or property used as basis on which taxes are collected)
veroprosentti {n} :: tax rate
veroratkaisu {n} :: A part of a tulopoliittinen sopimus ("income policy agreement") concerning taxes; see usage notes under tulopolitiikka for explanation of central income policy terminology
verorästi {n} [often plural] :: taxes not paid on time
verosuunnittelu {n} :: tax avoidance (legal practices of optimizing taxation)
verotettava {adj} :: taxable
verotoimisto {n} :: tax office (branch office of the national tax authority)
veroton {adj} :: taxfree, taxless
verottaa {vt} [+ partitive] :: To tax
verottaja {n} :: tax collector, taxman
verotulo {n} :: tax revenue (total revenue which a taxing entity - state, municipality etc. - gets from all taxes)
verotulot {n} :: tax revenues
verotus {n} [government, accounting] :: taxation
verovalmistelu {n} :: tax preparation
verovapaa {adj} :: tax-free
verovapaa {adj} :: tax-exempt
verovapaus {n} :: exemption from taxes
verovelvollinen {n} :: taxpayer (person liable for paying taxes)
verovähennyskelpoinen {adj} :: Tax-deductible
veroviranomainen {n} :: A tax collector
verovirasto {n} :: synonym of verotoimisto
verran {adv} :: much, about, amount; used to indicate inexact quantities in comparison to something else
verrannollinen {adj} :: proportional
verrannollinen {adj} :: comparative
verrata {v} :: to compare, contrast
verraten {adv} :: comparably, relatively
verraton {adj} :: unparalleled
verrattain {adv} :: comparably, relatively
verrattavissa {v} :: olla verrattavissa: to be comparable to
verrattuna {adv} :: verrattuna + illative: compared to
verrokki {n} :: something to be compared to something else, a comparison, reference or control
verrytellä {v} :: to flex
verryttely {n} :: flexing, flex (act of flexing)
verryttelyasu {n} :: sweatsuit, tracksuit
verryttelyhousut {n} :: sweatpants, sweatsuit trousers
verryttelypuku {n} :: sweatsuit, tracksuit
versaali {n} :: upper case, capital letter
versaali {adj} :: upper case
versaalisini {n} [mathematics, obsolete] :: versed sine
versini {n} [mathematics, rare] :: versed sine
versio {n} :: version
versionhallinta {n} [computing] :: revision control, source control, version control
versionumero {n} [programming] :: version number
verso {n} :: sprout, shoot
versoa {v} :: to sprout
versonta {n} :: sprouting
verstas {n} :: A workshop
verta {n} [archaic] :: match (equal or superior in comparison); currently mostly used in a number of idiomatic expressions
vertahyytävä {adj} :: bloodcurdling
vertaileva {adj} :: comparative
vertailla {vt} :: To compare
vertailu {n} :: comparison
vertailuaste {n} [grammar] :: degree of comparison
vertailukelpoinen {adj} :: comparable
vertailumuoto {n} [grammar] :: A degree of comparison
vertainen {adj} :: equal, peer
vertaisarviointi {n} :: A peer review
vertaisverkko {n} [computing] :: peer-to-peer network
vertauskuva {n} :: allegory
vertauskuvallinen {adj} :: metaphorical
vertauskuvallinen {adj} :: symbolic, symbolical
vertauskuvallisesti {adv} :: metaphorically
vertauskuvallistaa {v} :: to metaphorize (to describe something using metaphors)
verteksi {n} [computer graphics] :: vertex (point in 3D space)
verteksivarjostin {n} [computer graphics] :: vertex shader
vertikaali {adj} :: vertical
vertikaalinen {adj} :: vertical
Vertti {prop} :: given name
veruke {n} :: pretext, pretense (false, contrived, or assumed purpose or reason)
veruke {n} :: excuse (explanation designed to avoid or alleviate guilt or negative judgment)
vesa {n} :: A new shoot or sprout of a plant, especially a new branch of a tree or the new growth at the tip of a branch
vesa {n} :: A young tree
vesa {n} :: A scion [descendant]
vesa {n} [colloquial] :: A child, kid
Vesa {prop} :: given name
Vesa {prop} [uncommon] :: surname
vesaikko {n} :: alternative form of vesakko
vesakko {n} :: coppice, copse (thicket of young trees)
vesi {n} :: water
vesi {n} :: (in place names) lake
vesi {n} :: rheum; often in plural (vedet) (watery or thin discharge from the eyes)
vesi {n} [in some compounds] :: aqueous, hydro-
vesiallas {n} :: water pool
vesialue {n} :: water area (area covered by water)
vesibiologia {n} :: hydrobiology
vesiekosysteemi {n} :: aquatic ecosystem
vesielämä {n} :: aquatic life
vesiharus {n} [nautical] :: bobstay, gammon
vesihaude {n} :: bain-marie, double boiler (cooking method)
vesihiihto {n} :: water skiing
vesihämähäkki {n} :: diving bell spider, water spider, Argyroneta aquatica (species of spider living almost entirely underwater)
vesihoito {n} :: hydrotherapy
vesihuolto {n} :: water supply (provision of water by public utilities, commercial organisations, community endeavours or by individuals, usually via a system of pumps and pipes)
vesihöyry {n} [physics] :: The gas phase of water; the water vapour [British], or water vapor [US]
vesihöyry {n} [colloquial] :: Visible droplets of water suspended in the air; steam, mist, water vapor
vesijää {n} :: water ice (ordinary frozen water, especially when a distinction needs to be made from other frozen substances)
vesijetti {n} :: jet ski, water scooter
vesijäähdytys {n} :: water cooling
vesijohto {n} :: water pipe
vesijohtoputki {n} :: water pipe, plumbing tube
vesijohtovesi {n} :: tap water
vesikalvo {n} [anatomy] :: amnion (innermost membrane of the fetal membranes)
vesikannu {n} :: A pitcher, waterjug, water jar (wide-mouthed, deep vessel for holding liquids, with a spout or protruding lip and a handle)
vesikastanja {n} :: water chestnut, Eleocharis dulcis
vesikastanja {n} :: water chestnut (edible seed of this plant)
vesikasvi {n} [botany] :: water plant, aquatic plant, hydrophyte
vesikatto {n} [technical] :: The outermost part of a roof structure
vesikauhu {n} [pathology] :: rabies, hydrophobia
vesikauhuinen {adj} :: rabid, hydrophobic
vesikauris {n} :: water deer, Hydropotes inermis
vesikehä {n} :: hydrosphere
vesikehärousku {n} :: A milk-cap, Lactarius aquizonatus
vesikello {n} [medicine] :: A blister, bulla, or dermal vesicle that has a diameter of more than 5 mm
vesikello {n} :: water clock
vesikidutus {n} :: waterboarding (torturing method)
vesikidutus {n} :: water torture
vesikirppu {n} :: water flea
vesikives {n} [pathology] :: hydrocele testicle
vesikko {n} :: European mink (Mustela lutreola)
vesikoira {n} :: A Spanish Water Dog or Portuguese Water Dog
vesikrassi {n} [botany] :: watercress (Nasturtium officinale)
vesikäärme {n} [mythology] :: Hydra
vesikäärme {n} :: water snake (any snake that spends a lot of time in water)
Vesikäärme {prop} :: The constellation Hydra
vesikulkuneuvo {n} :: A vehicle that operates in water
vesikuoppa {n} :: A waterhole
Vesilahti {prop} :: Vesilahti
vesilaitos {n} :: water works
vesilasi {n} :: glass of water
vesilasi {n} :: sodium silicate, water glass
vesilautailu {n} :: wakeboarding
vesilehti {n} [botany, rare] :: A leaf of a living plant that floats in the water, e.g. the leaf of a waterlily
vesilehti {n} [heraldry] :: A heraldic charge that resembles the leaf of a waterlily with a trefoil in the middle
vesileima {n} :: watermark
vesileima {n} :: digital watermark
vesileimallinen {adj} :: watermarked
vesileimata {v} :: To watermark (to mark paper with watermark)
vesileimata {v} :: To waterstamp (to mark a datafile with watermark)
vesileimaus {n} :: watermarking (process)
vesileimaus {n} :: A watermark (mark)
vesilentokone {n} :: seaplane
vesiliirto {n} :: hydroplaning, aquaplaning (of a road vehicle, to slide on a thin film of water)
vesililja {n} :: water lily
vesilinja {n} [nautical] :: A waterline
vesilintu {n} :: waterfowl
vesilisko {n} :: smooth newt, common newt (Lissotriton vulgaris, Triturus vulgaris)
vesiliukoinen {adj} :: water-soluble (capable of dissolving in water)
vesiliukumäki {n} :: water slide (recreational slide with water flowing down it to reduce friction)
vesilude {n} :: water bug (generic term)
vesilude {n} :: water bug (member of infraorder Nepomorpha)
vesilude {n} :: in plural: the infraorder Nepomorpha
vesilukko {n} :: trap (bend, sag, or other device in a waste-pipe arranged so that the liquid contents form a seal which prevents the escape of noxious gases, but permits the flow of liquids)
vesimeloni {n} :: watermelon
vesimies {n} [astrology] :: Aquarius
Vesimies {prop} [constellation] :: The constellation Aquarius
Vesimies {prop} [astrology] :: The zodiac sign Aquarius
vesiminttu {n} :: watermint, Mentha aquatica
vesimittari {n} :: water meter (device)
vesimittari {n} :: water strider (insect of the family Gerridae)
vesimuodostuma {n} [science, legal] :: body of water
vesimylly {n} :: watermill
vesimyyrä {n} :: water vole (any of three Old World and one New World vole species called "water vole" in English)
vesimyyrä {n} [zoology, in plural] :: genus Arvicola
vesimyyrä {n} :: European water vole, Arvicola amphibius, formerly Arvicola terrestris
vesinokkaeläin {n} :: A platypus, Ornitorhynchus anatinus
vesinäyte {n} :: water sample
vesiohenteinen {adj} :: water-soluble (of paints, capable of being diluted by water)
vesioikeus {n} [legal] :: water law (branch of law dealing with the ownership, control, and use of water as a resource)
vesioikeus {n} [Finland] :: Until 2000, a court specialized in water law and related administration; now their tasks belong mostly to aluehallintovirasto (regional state administrative agency)
vesioinas {n} :: hydraulic ram
vesipää {n} :: hydrocephalus
vesipallo {n} :: water polo
vesiperhonen {n} :: caddis fly (insect of the order Trichoptera)
vesipöhö {n} [pathology] :: edema
vesipähkinä {n} :: water caltrop (either of closely related water plants, West Eurasian Trapa natans or East Asian Trapa bicornis)
vesipähkinä {n} :: water caltrop (edible seed of these plants)
vesipiippu {n} :: A water pipe, hookah (Turkish waterpipe)
vesipisara {n} :: drop of water, waterdrop
vesipoolo {n} :: water polo
vesiposti {n} :: hydrant
vesipääsky {n} :: phalarope (small wading birds in the genus Phalaropus)
vesipääsky {n} :: red-necked phalarope, Phalaropus lobatus (type species of the genus Phalaropus)
vesipäästäinen {n} :: The Eurasian water shrew
vesipuhveli {n} :: A water buffalo, Bubalus bubalis
vesipuisto {n} :: aquapark, water park
vesipula {n} :: water shortage
vesipullo {n} :: water bottle
vesipumppu {n} :: water pump
vesiputki {n} :: water pipe
vesiputous {n} :: A waterfall
vesipyörä {n} :: water wheel
vesipyörre {n} :: water vortex
vesipyörre {n} :: whirlpool
vesiraja {n} :: waterfront (the line that separates a body of water from the dry land, or the land in the immediate vicinity of it)
vesiraja {n} [nautical] :: waterline (line formed by the surface of the water on the hull of a ship when she is afloat)
vesiraja {n} :: waterline (line showing where the water has been)
vesiraja {n} [colloquial] :: The imaginary line at the waist, below which the pubic hair grows
vesirako {n} [botany] :: hydathode
vesirinkeli {n} :: bagel
vesirokko {n} [disease] :: chickenpox
vesirutto {n} :: Canadian pondweed, American waterweed (Elodea canadensis)
vesirutto {n} :: waterweed (plant in genus Elodea)
vesirutto {n} :: (in plural) the genus Elodea
Vesisaari {prop} :: Vadsø
vesisade {n} :: rain
vesisalaatti {n} :: water cabbage, water-lettuce (Pistia stratiotes)
vesiselvä {adj} :: stone cold sober (having zero alcohol in blood)
vesisiippa {n} :: Daubenton's bat, Myotis daubentoni
vesisika {n} :: capybara (Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris)
vesisäiliö {n} :: cistern, water tank (reservoir or tank for holding water)
vesisäiliö {n} :: cistern, toilet tank (in a flush toilet, the container in which the water used for flushing is held)
vesiskootteri {n} :: jet ski, water scooter, personal water craft
vesiskorpioni {n} :: water scorpion
vesisärötys {n} :: hydraulic fracturing (oil extraction technique)
vesistö {n} :: water system, body of water
vesistö {n} :: drainage basin
vesisuksi {n} :: water ski
vesisynnytys {n} :: water birth (form of childbirth)
vesitaksi {n} :: water taxi
vesitankkeri {n} :: water carrier, water tanker (ship)
vesitaso {n} :: seaplane
vesiterapia {n} :: hydrotherapy
vesitie {n} :: waterway
vesitiede {n} :: hydrology
vesitiiveys {n} :: watertightness
vesitiivis {adj} :: watertight
vesitiivistää {v} :: To waterproof
vesitiiviys {n} :: alternative form of vesitiiveys
vesitorni {n} :: water tower
vesitse {adv} :: by water, over water
vesittää {vt} :: To water down (weaken)
vesittyä {vi} :: To become watered down (also figuratively)
vesiturbiini {n} :: water turbine
vesitykki {n} :: water cannon
vesitystauti {n} [pathology] :: diabetes insipidus
vesiurheilu {n} :: watersport, aquatics
vesivaaka {n} :: A spirit level
vesivarat {n} :: water reserves
vesivatsa {n} [pathology] :: ascites
vesiveski {n} [colloquial] :: WC, water toilet
vesivessa {n} :: flush toilet
vesiviljely {n} :: hydroponics
vesivoima {n} :: hydropower
vesivoimala {n} :: hydroelectric plant
vesiväri {n} :: watercolor
vesivärimaalaus {n} :: watercolour, aquarelle (painting made by using water-soluble pigments)
vesivärimaalaus {n} :: watercolour, watercolor painting (this kind of painting as a genre)
vesivärimaali {n} :: watercolour, watercolour paint (paint made for artistic purposes of water-soluble pigments, binder and additives, usually sold as concentrate in tubes or dried cakes called pans)
vesivärimaali {n} [rare] :: any water-soluble paint
veska {n} [colloquial] :: bag; handbag, purse
veska {n} [colloquial] :: goalie, goalkeeper, goaltender
veski {n} [colloquial] :: WC, washroom
vesoa {v} :: to shoot, sprout (to produce new growth, especially new branches to a tree or bush)
vespa {n} [colloquial] :: scooter (motorcycle or moped equipped with a platform for the operator's feet)
vessa {n} [colloquial] :: toilet (room or seat)
vessaharja {n} [colloquial] :: toilet brush (brush to clean toilet bowl)
vessanpönttö {n} [colloquial] :: toilet seat
vessapaperi {n} [colloquial] :: toilet paper
vessapaperirulla {n} :: toilet roll
väestö {n} :: Population; the people living within a political or geographical boundary
Vesterinen {prop} :: surname
vestibulaarinen {adj} [anatomy] :: vestibular (of or pertaining to the vestibule of the inner ear)
väestömaantiede {n} [geography] :: population geography
väestönkasvu {n} :: population growth
väestönlaskenta {n} :: Census
väestönsuoja {n} :: air-raid shelter
väestönsuoja {n} :: a general shelter similar to an air-raid shelter (but not necessary protecting against air raids only)
väestönsuojelu {n} :: civil defence, civil defense, civil protection
väestöntiheys {n} :: alternative form of väestötiheys
väestöpyramidi {n} :: population pyramid
väestörekisteri {n} :: civil registry, civil register, population registry
Väestörekisterikeskus {prop} :: the Finnish Population Register Centre (census-keeping authority in Finland)
väestöräjähdys {n} :: population explosion
väestöryhmä {n} :: a demographic, a demographic group
väestötiede {n} :: demography
väestötiheys {n} :: population density
vesuri {n} :: A wood-cutting hand tool, with a hook-shaped point, and fitted with a (short) handle, used mainly in pruning; a bill or a billhook
vesuvianiitti {n} [mineral] :: vesuvianite
vetää {vt} :: to pull
vetää {vt} :: to lead
vetää {vi} :: to blow (of the draft)
vetää {v} :: to wind up (to tighten by winding or twisting)
vetää {v} :: ~ oikeuteen : to bring to justice, sue
vetää {v} :: ~ vessa : to flush the toilet
vetää {vt} [colloquial] :: to ingest
vetää {v} [slang, art, music] :: to perform
vetehinen {n} [mythology] :: merman (male water spirit in Finnish mythology, sometimes evil, but mostly friendly)
vetelä {adj} :: thin (of porridge etc.)
vetelä {adj} :: squishy
vetelä {adj} :: sloppy, slack, lethargic
vetelehtiä {v} :: to mess around, fool around, goof off, mooch about, dawdle
vetelehtijä {n} :: loiterer
vetelys {n} :: slacker, slob
veteraani {n} :: veteran, old-timer
vetää hirsiä {v} :: To saw wood (to snore)
vetinen {adj} :: watery
vetäistä {vt} :: To yank, give a quick pull
vetistää {v} :: to water down
vetistellä {vi} :: To cry, shed a tear
vetäisy {n} :: yank, pull
vetäisy {n} :: saccade (act of checking a horse with a single pull of the reins)
vetää itsensä jojoon {phrase} :: to commit suicide by hanging
vetäjä {n} :: puller (one who or something that pulls)
vetäjä {n} :: leader (one who leads, especially a small group)
vetää käteen {v} [vulgar] :: To masturbate; to wank, jerk off
vetämätön {adj} :: lethargic
vetää naamaan {v} [vulgar] :: to feed one's face (to eat)
vetää nenästä {v} :: To outwit, to outsmart, to outfox
veto {n} :: pull (act of pulling)
veto {n} :: pull (attractive force)
veto {n} :: draught/draft of air
veto {n} :: stroke of hand, oar etc
veto {n} :: bet, wager (e.g. in gambling)
veto {n} [colloquial] :: move, as in a debate or game
veto {n} :: veto
vetoaura {n} :: a plough being pulled by an animal or a machine
vetoauto {n} :: A tractor (truck used to pull a trailer or a semi-trailer)
vetoeläin {n} :: synonym of vetojuhta (animal used to draw a load)
vetohevonen {n} :: draft horse [US], draught horse [UK]
vetoinen {adj} :: drafty, draughty, drawn (of a building etc.: not properly sealed against drafts)
vetoinen {adj} [in compounds] :: -drive, -driven
vetoinen {adj} [in compounds] :: having a certain type of draft through a flue
vetoisa {adj} :: drafty (of a building etc.: not properly sealed against drafts)
vetoisuus {n} :: tonnage (of a ship)
vetoisuus {n} :: capacity (volume)
vetoisuus {n} :: draft, draught (current of air)
vetojärjestys {n} [calligraphy] :: stroke order
vetojuhta {n} :: draught animal
vetokaappi {n} :: fume hood (a ventilated compartment in which chemical procedures may be undertaken)
vetoketju {n} :: zip fastener, zip, zipper
vetokoe {n} :: tensile test
vetokoukku {n} :: trailer hitch
vetolaatikko {n} [furniture] :: A drawer (open-topped box that can be slid in and out of the cabinet that contains it)
vetomurtolujuus {n} :: ultimate tensile strength (greatest tensile stress a material can withstand before it fractures)
vetonaula {n} :: attraction (of visitors etc.), drawcard
vetonuppi {n} [automotive] :: pull knob
veto-oikeus {n} :: veto (right to stop a decision or law)
vetoomus {n} :: A petition, plea
vetoomustuomioistuin {n} [legal] :: appellate court, court of appeals (court having jurisdiction to hear appeals and review a lower court's decisions)
vetoomustuomioistuin {n} :: court of arbitration
vetopalkka {n} :: synonym of ajopalkka
vetopasuuna {n} [musical instruments] :: trombone (a musical instrument in the brass family)
vetopeli {n} :: accordion
vetopeli {n} [colloquial] :: tractor (piece of machinery, usually a vehicle, that pulls something)
vetoporo {n} :: synonym of ajoporo
vetosilmukka {n} :: A slip knot, running knot
vetota {v} [rare] :: to veto
vetovastuu {n} :: responsibility in leadership (in the sense of driving force)
vetovaunu {n} :: power car (in a tram, the car that propels the tram)
vetovoima {n} :: gravity
vetovoima {n} :: attraction
vetovoimainen {adj} :: attractive
vetää puoleensa {v} :: To attract
vetreä {adj} :: nimble, spry
vetskari {n} [colloquial] :: zipper
vetää suonta {v} :: to cramp, to have a cramp (to contract painfully and uncontrollably, especially in foot or leg)
vetää turpaan {v} :: to beat up
vettyä {vi} :: To become soaked with water
veturi {n} :: locomotive
veturinkuljettaja {n} :: engine driver
vety {n} :: hydrogen
vetyatomi {n} :: hydrogen atom
vetyauto {n} :: A hydrogen car
vetybromidi {n} [chemistry] :: hydrogen bromide
vetyfluoridi {n} [chemistry] :: hydrogen fluoride
vetykarbonaatti {n} [chemistry] :: bicarbonate
vetykenno {n} :: hydrogen fuel cell
vetykloridi {n} [chemistry] :: hydrogen chloride (inorganic compound with the formula HCl, which forms hydrochloric acid when dissolved in water)
vetymolekyyli {n} :: hydrogen molecule
vetymoottori {n} :: hydrogen engine
vetyperoksidi {n} [chemistry] :: hydrogen peroxide (H2O2)
vetypommi {n} :: hydrogen bomb
vetysidos {n} [chemistry] :: hydrogen bond
vetysulfiitti {n} [chemistry] :: bisulfite, hydrogen sulfite
vetysyanidi {n} :: hydrogen cyanide
vetytalous {n} :: hydrogen economy
vetäytyä {v} :: to retreat
vetäytyä {v} :: to withdraw, pull out
vetäytyä {v} :: to pull into
vetäytyä {v} :: ~ eläkkeelle: to retire
vetäytyä kuoreensa {vi} [idiomatic] :: to withdraw (into oneself), disconnect, zombie out
vetäytyä kuoreensa {v} :: used literally: to retreat into one's shell
vety-yhdiste {n} :: hydrogen compound
veuhtoa {v} :: To pull, tug
vähä {n} :: the little
vähä {adj} :: little, few, scarce (low in number or amount)
vähä- {prefix} :: Signifying low quantity or content and especially in names, small size; minor, lesser, having less, low-
Vähä-Aasia {prop} :: Asia Minor
väheksyä {vt} [+ partitive] :: To underrate, underestimate
väheksyä {vt} [+ partitive] :: To dismiss, downplay, play down
väheksyä {vt} [+ partitive] :: To belittle, disdain, despise, scorn, ridicule, disparage, look down on
vähemmistö {n} :: minority
vähemmistöhallitus {n} :: minority government (government backed by less than half of votes in parliament)
vähemmistökieli {n} :: minority language
vähemmän {adv} :: less
vähempi {adj} :: comparative of vähä
vähenevä {adj} :: decreasing
vähenevä {adj} :: dwindling
vähennettävä {adj} :: to be subtracted
vähennettävä {adj} :: reducible
vähennettävä {n} [arithmetic] :: minuend
vähennys {n} :: decrease (in quantity)
vähennys {n} :: subtraction, deduction
vähennyskelpoinen {adj} [taxation] :: deductible
vähennyskelpoisuus {n} [taxation] :: deductibility
vähennyskelvoton {adj} [taxation] :: nondeductible
vähennyskelvottomuus {n} [taxation] :: nondeductibility
vähennyslasku {n} [arithmetic] :: subtraction (a calculation involving subtracting)
vähentää {vt} :: To decrease, reduce, diminish
vähentää {vt} :: To deduct (in taxation)
vähentää {vt} [arithmetic] :: To subtract
vähentäjä {n} :: reducer (something that reduces)
vähentäjä {n} [arithmetic] :: subtrahend
vähentyä {vi} :: to decrease in number or amount
vähentynyt {adj} :: reduced, diminished
vähetä {vi} :: To decrease in number or amount
vähetä {v} [astronomy] :: To wane
vähähappinen {adj} :: oxygen-poor
vähimmäis- {adj} :: alternative form of vähin ("least"), used as modifier in compound terms
vähimmäisaika {n} :: minimum time
vähimmäishinta {n} :: minimum price, price floor
vähimmäisikä {n} :: minimum age
vähimmäispalkka {n} :: minimum wage
vähimmäisraja {n} :: minimum limit
vähimmäisvarantojärjestelmä {n} [banking] :: fractional reserve banking
vähin {adj} :: superlative of vähä
vähäinen {adj} :: slight
vähäinen {adj} :: diminutive (very small)
vähintään {adv} :: at least
vähintään yhtä {phrase} :: at least as
vähäisempi {adj} :: comparative of vähäinen
vähitellen {adv} :: gradually, little by little, bit by bit (in small quantities)
vähiten {adv} :: least
vähittäin {adv} :: retail (direct to consumers, in retail quantities, or at retail prices)
vähittäinen {adj} :: gradual, stepwise, piecemeal (proceeding by steps or small degrees; advancing step by step)
vähittäishinta {n} :: retail price
vähittäiskauppa {n} [uncountable] :: retail, retail trade (business of selling of goods directly to the consumer)
vähittäiskauppa {n} [countable] :: retailer (individual business selling goods directly to the consumer)
vähittäismyynti {n} :: retail (activity of selling of goods directly to the consumer)
vähittäismyyntihinta {n} :: retail price
vähäjärkinen {adj} :: dim-witted
vähäksyä {vi} :: alternative form of väheksyä
Vähä-Liettua {prop} [geography] :: Lithuania Minor (region of Lithuania)
vähällä {adv} :: on the verge (very near or close)
vähä-älyinen {adj} :: retarded
vähä-älyisyys {n} :: retardedness
vähämerkityksellinen {adj} :: unimportant
vähämetallinen {adj} :: metal-poor
vähämielisyys {n} [dated] :: imbecility
vähän {adv} :: few
vähän {adv} :: a little
vähän {adv} [slang, often in the beginning of a sentence] :: very
vähän aikaa {adv} :: awhile, for a while (for some time; for a short time)
vähänläntä {adj} [dated] :: short
vähäosainen {adj} :: underprivileged (deprived of opportunities and advantages)
vähäosainen {adj} :: poor
vähäosainen {n} :: underprivileged (deprived person)
vähäpätöinen {adj} :: insignificant
vähäpätöinen {adj} :: negligible
vähärasvainen {adj} :: low-fat
Vähä-Syrtti {prop} :: The Gulf of Gabès, Minor Syrtis
vähätellä {vt} [_, + partitive] :: To underrate, underestimate
vähätellä {vt} [_, + partitive] :: To minimise/minimize, understate, downplay, play down
vähätellä {vt} [_, + partitive] :: To belittle, ridicule, disparage, disdain, detract
vähättely {n} :: underrating, underestimating
vähävarainen {adj} :: An euphemism for poor
Vähä-Venäjä {prop} [historical] :: Little Russia
vähäverinen {adj} :: anemic
vähäverisyys {n} :: anemia (medical condition with decreased oxygen transport)
vähä vähältä {adv} :: little by little, bit by bit, gradually (in small quantities)
vähyys {n} :: scarcity
-vi {suffix} :: An archaic/poetic variant of the standard third-person present
via {adv} :: via
viallinen {adj} :: faulty, defective
viallisuus {n} :: faultiness, defectiveness
Viangchan {prop} :: The official transliteration (recommended by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs) of the Lao name of Vientiane, the capital of Laos
viaton {adj} :: innocent
viaton {adj} :: immaculate (having no stain or blemish, spotless, undefiled, clear, pure)
viaton {adj} :: pure (free of immoral behavior or qualities; clean)
viattomasti {adv} :: innocently
viattomuus {n} :: innocence
vibraatio {n} :: vibration
vibraattori {n} :: A vibrator (device used for sexual stimulation)
vibraattori {n} [technical] :: A vibrator (any device that produces vibration)
vibrafoni {n} :: vibraphone
vibrafonisti {n} :: vibraphone player, vibist
vibrioosi {n} :: vibriosis
vichyvesi {n} :: Vichy water
Victorianjärvi {prop} :: Lake Victoria (Africa's largest lake)
video {n} :: video
video {n} [usually plural] :: videocassette recorder, VCR
video {n} :: VHS
videoida {vt} :: to videotape (to record with a camcorder)
videokamera {n} :: camcorder
videokasetti {n} :: videocassette
videokeskustelu {n} :: video chat
videokirjasto {n} :: video library
videokonferenssi {n} :: video conference
videonauha {n} :: videotape
videonauhoite {n} :: video recording
videonauhoitus {n} :: video recording
videonauhuri {n} :: VCR, videocassette recorder
videoneuvottelu {n} :: video conference (conference held by video link)
videopelaaja {n} :: gamer (one who plays video games)
videopeli {n} :: video game
videopelikonsoli {n} [rare] :: video game console
videopuhelin {n} :: videophone
videotykki {n} :: video projector (device that projects digital video images on a screen)
viedä {v} :: to take, bring away
viedä {v} :: to steal
viedä {v} :: to use up, take, occupy (of time or space)
viedä {v} :: to export
viedä {v} :: ~ oikeuteen : to bring to justice
viedä sivuun {v} :: to take aside
viedä ulos {v} :: To take out
viehe {n} :: lure (artificial fishing bait)
viehkeä {adj} :: fair, graceful
viehkeästi {adv} :: gracefully
viehättää {v} :: To attract, charm, allure
viehättävä {adj} :: attractive
viehättävästi {adv} :: attractively
viehättyä {v} :: to be fascinated
viehtymys {n} :: affinity (passionate love for something)
viejä {n} :: One who carries, takes away
viejä {n} :: exporter
viejähaarake {n} [cytology] :: axon
viekas {adj} :: cunning
viekkaasti {adv} :: cunningly
viekkaus {n} :: cunning
viekoitella {vt} :: To lure, tempt, entice; (sexually) to seduce
viekoitella {vt} :: To con someone (= ablative) out of something (= partitive/genitive-accusative)
viekotella {v} :: alternative form of viekoitella
vielä {adv} :: yet
vielä {adv} :: even
vielä {adv} :: still
vielä {pron} :: another
vielä kerran {adv} :: yet again
vieläkin {adv} :: emphasized still
vieläkin {adv} :: all the more, even more (more notably due to additional information)
viemäri {n} :: sewer
viemäröidä {v} :: To add a sewer to
viemärinavausjousi {n} :: plumber's snake (tool for opening clogged pipes)
viemäripumppu {n} :: plunger, force cup, plumber's friend, plumber's helper (device consisting of a rubber suction cup and shaft, used to remove blockages from a toilet or sink by suction)
viemäriputki {n} :: sewer pipe
viemärirassi {n} [colloquial] :: plumber's snake (tool for opening clogged pipes)
viemärirotta {n} :: sewer rat
viemärisuoli {n} [anatomy] :: cloaca
Viena {prop} :: A loosely defined region to the west and south of the White Sea (Vienanmeri in Finnish) in NW Russia
Viena {prop} :: archaic Archangel (Russian city at the mouth of the river Vienanjoki (Northern Dvina) in NW Russia)
Viena {prop} :: synonym of Vienan Karjala
Viena {prop} :: given name
Vienanjoki {prop} :: Northern Dvina (river in NW Russia)
Vienan Karjala {prop} :: White Karelia; a region east of the White Sea in NW Russia, now part of the Republic of Karelia
Vienankaupunki {prop} [obsolete] :: synonym of Arkangeli
Vienan Kemi {prop} :: Kem (town by the White Sea in NW Russia)
Vienanmeri {prop} :: The White Sea
vieno {adj} :: mild, gentle
Vieno {prop} :: given name
Vieno {prop} [uncommon] :: given name
vienosti {adv} :: mildly, gently
vienti {n} :: export
Vientiane {prop} :: Vientiane (capital of Laos)
vientikielto {n} :: export embargo
vientikiintiö {n} :: export quota
vientikoulutus {n} :: export training
vientilisenssi {n} :: export license
vientitavara {n} :: export, export good (something that is exported)
vientituote {n} :: export (something that is exported)
viera {n} [regional] :: A roll of kenkäheinä
vieraampi {adj} :: comparative of vieras
vieraannuttaa {vt} :: To estrange, alienate
vieraantua {v} :: to be(come) alienated, be(come) estranged
vieraantua {v} :: to lose touch with
vieraantuminen {n} :: alienation
vieraanvarainen {adj} :: hospitable
vieraanvaraisesti {adv} :: hospitably
vieraanvaraisuus {n} :: hospitality
vierailija {n} :: visitor
vierailla {vi} :: To visit (someone = genitive + luona)
vierailu {n} :: visitation, call
vierailuaika {n} :: visiting time
vieras {adj} :: unfamiliar
vieras {adj} :: foreign
vieras {n} :: guest, visitor
vieras {n} :: stranger
vierashuone {n} :: guest room, guestroom
vierashuone {n} :: xenodochium (guest room or guesthouse of a monastery)
vierasjoukkue {n} [sports] :: visiting team, away team, visitor team, visitors
vieraskielinen {adj} :: foreign-language (expressed oe expressing in a foreign language)
vieraskorea {adj} [of a guest] :: overly courteous
vieraskoreampi {adj} :: comparative of vieraskorea
vieraskorein {adj} :: superlative of vieraskorea
vieraslajisiirre {n} [medicine] :: A xenotransplant (that which is transplanted in a xenotransplantation)
vieraslajisiirto {n} [medicine] :: A xenotransplantation (transplantation of an organ or part thereof from one species to another).
vierasmaalainen {n} :: foreigner, alien
vierasmaalainen {adj} :: foreign, alien
vierasmaalaisuus {n} :: foreignness, alienness (condition of being from another country)
vierasmaja {n} :: guesthouse (separate small house to lodge guests, private or paying ones)
vierasmaja {n} :: xenodochium (guesthouse of a monastery)
vierasottelu {n} [sports] :: away game
vieraspeli {n} [sports] :: away game, road game
vierastaa {vt} [+ partitive] :: To be shy of
vierastalo {n} :: guesthouse (separate house to lodge guests, private or paying ones)
vierasvenesatama {n} :: A marina that provides mooring and other services, usually for a fee, for visiting boats and yachts, as opposed to a private marina yksityinen venesatama, which may have comparable facilities but where visitors are not welcome
vierasvuode {n} :: guest bed
viereen {postp} :: next to, used of movement or other type of appearance next to something
vierehen {postp} [dialectal, poetic] :: alternative spelling of viereen
viereinen {adj} :: adjacent
vierekkäin {adv} :: side by side
vierekkäin asettelu {n} :: juxtaposition, placing side by side
vierelle {postp} :: alternative form of viereen
vieressä {adv} :: (static) At, beside, by, near, near to, nearby, next to
vieretysten {adv} :: side by side
vierähtää {v} :: to elapse
vieriä {vi} :: To roll (like a stone)
vieri {n} :: side
vierihoito {n} :: rooming-in care
vierimiskitka {n} [physics] :: rolling resistance (force that resists the rolling of a circular object )
vierimisvastus {n} [physics] :: alternative term for vierintävastus
vierinkivi {n} :: boulder
vierintälaakeri {n} :: roller bearing
vierintävastus {n} [physics] :: rolling resistance (force that resists the rolling of a circular object)
vierittää {v} :: to roll
vierittää {v} :: to scroll
vierittää {v} :: ~ syy: to scapegoat (to blame someone for an error of someone else)
vieroa {v} :: To shun
vieroittaa {v} :: to wean (a baby)
vieroittaa {v} :: to break (a drug addict) of a habit, cure (sb's addiction), help (sb kick the habit)
vieroittaa {v} :: to alienate, estrange
vieroittua {v} :: to wean (to cease to depend of mother's milk)
vieroittua {v} :: to wean (to cease to depend)
vieroitus {n} :: weaning
vieroitus {n} [medicine] :: withdrawal (process of terminating addictive use of a substance such as alcohol or heroin)
vieroitusaika {n} :: weaning period
vieroitusoire {n} :: withdrawal symptom, abstinence symptom (individual symptom of terminating the use of an addictive substance)
vieroitusoire {n} [in plural] :: withdrawal, withdrawal syndrome, abstinence syndrome (such symptoms collectively)
vieroksua {v} :: To dislike, to consider something strange
vieroksunta {n} :: repulsion, dislike
vierre {n} :: wort (liquid extract from the ground malt and grain soaked in hot water)
vieruskaveri {n} :: seatmate, person sitting next to someone
vieruskäsite {n} :: cohyponym
vieruskulma {n} [geometry] :: adjacent angle
vierustoveri {n} :: synonym of vieruskaveri
viesti {n} :: message
viesti {n} [athletics] :: relay, relay race
viesti {n} [military] :: signal corps
viestiä {vi} :: To communicate
viestijuoksu {n} :: Relay (race)
viestikapula {n} [sports] :: baton (in relay races)
viestiketju {n} [Internet] :: A thread on a bulletin board or a newsgroup
viestikilpailu {n} :: A relay race
viestimies {n} [military ranks] :: A private in the signal corps
viestin {n} :: medium (format for communicating or presenting information)
viestintä {n} :: communication
viestintäsatelliitti {n} :: communications satellite
viestinviejä {n} :: messenger
viestitellä {vi} :: to exchange messages, keep in touch, stay in communication
viestittää {v} :: to communicate
vietellä {vt} [+ genitive-accusative] :: To lure, tempt, entice; (sexually) to seduce
vieteri {n} :: spring (device)
vieteriukko {n} :: jack-in-the-box
vieteriukko {n} [figuratively] :: Tigger (overly enthusiastic person)
vietnam {n} :: Vietnamese (language)
Vietnam {prop} :: Vietnam
vietnamilainen {adj} :: Vietnamese, of or relating to Vietnam
vietnamilainen {adj} :: Vietnamese, relating to the Vietnamese language
vietnamilainen {n} :: Vietnamese (person)
vietnamin kieli {n} :: Vietnamese (language)
vietnaminkielinen {adj} :: Vietnamese, Vietnamese language, Vietnamese speaking (written or expressed in Vietnamese)
viettää {v} :: viettää aikaa: to spend time, pass the time
viettää {v} :: viettää lomaa: to vacation
viettää {v} :: viettää juhlaa: to celebrate; similarly, viettää syntymäpäiviä: to celebrate birthday, to have a birthday party, etc
viettää {vi} :: ~ (alas) = to slope (down), incline
viettää aikaansa {v} :: to while away (to spend time idly but pleasantly)
viettelevä {adj} :: seductive, tempting, alluring
viettelevästi {adv} :: seductively, temptingly, alluringly
viettelijä {n} :: seducer
viettelijätär {n} :: temptress, femme fatale
viettely {n} :: seduction (act of seducing)
vietti {n} :: instinct (natural or inherent impulse or behaviour)
vietti {n} :: urge (strong desire; an itch to do something)
vietti {n} :: drive (strong motivational tendency or instinct)
vietto {n} :: celebration
vietto {n} [together with a modifier] :: something on which time is spent
vietto {n} :: gradient, declivity
vigilanssi {n} [psychology] :: vigilance
vigilantismi {n} :: vigilantism
vigilia {n} :: vigil
vigvami {n} :: wigwam
viha {n} :: anger, fury, rage, wrath, ire
viha {n} :: hate, hatred, hostility, ire
vihaaja {n} :: hater
vihainen {adj} :: angry
vihaisesti {adv} :: angrily
vihaisuus {n} :: angriness
vihamielinen {adj} :: hostile
vihamielisesti {adv} :: hostilely
vihamielisyys {n} :: animosity, hostility
vihamies {n} :: (descriptive) An enemy
vihanlietsoja {n} :: hatemonger (one who encourages hatred)
vihannes {n} :: vegetable
vihannes {n} [colloquial] :: person in a vegetative state
vihanneskasvi {n} :: vegetable plant
vihanneskauppias {n} :: greengrocer
vihanneskeitto {n} :: vegetable soup
vihanneskrassi {n} :: garden cress
vihanneslajike {n} :: vegetable variety
vihannesmehu {n} :: vegetable juice
vihannesportulakka {n} [plant] :: purslane (Portulaca oleracea)
vihannessinappi {n} :: komatsuna
vihannestori {n} :: vegetable market
vihannoida {v} :: To be verdant
vihanpito {n} :: feud
vihanpurkaus {n} :: outburst of anger
vihanta {adj} :: verdant, fresh (abundant in verdure)
vihapuhe {n} :: hate speech
viha-rakkaussuhde {n} :: love-hate relationship
viharikos {n} :: hate crime
vihastua {vi} :: To get angry
vihastuttaa {v} :: To make someone angry
vihata {vt} [+ partitive] :: to hate
vihdoin {adv} :: finally, at last
vihdoinkin {adv} :: finally, at last
vihdonta {n} :: whipping with a vihta
viheliäinen {adj} :: wretched
vihellys {n} :: whistle
viheltää {vti} :: To whistle
viheltää {interj} [military] :: Shouted when the "whistling" sound of a grenade is heard, used to command infantry to get down in order to shield their body against the explosion
viheltäjä {n} :: whistler
viheltäjähiirihaukka {n} :: broad-winged hawk, Buteo platypterus
viheltäjäsorsa {n} :: whistling duck (bird of the genus Dendrocygna)
viheltäminen {n} :: whistle, whistling
viher- {prefix} :: Used as defining part in many compound nouns to indicate that the object is green. Viher is never used as an independent word. The corresponding independent adjective is vihreä
viheralue {n} [city planning] :: greenspace
viheriö {n} :: A small lawn or garden
viheriö {n} [golf] :: putting green
viheriöidä {v} :: To be green
viherkaihi {n} [medicine] :: glaucoma
viherkaulus {adj} :: green-collar: in Finnish only used as modifier in compound terms
viherkesanto {n} [agriculture] :: green fallow
viherkobra {n} :: Cape cobra (Naja nivea)
viherlakihapero {n} :: A brittlegill, Russula olivaceoviolascens
viherlevä {n} :: green alga
viherluumu {n} :: A greengage
viherminttu {n} :: spearmint, Mentha spicata
viherpeippo {n} :: European greenfinch (Chloris chloris, syn. Carduelis chloris)
viherpestä {v} :: to greenwash (to disseminate information which aims at giving a misleading picture of environment-friendliness of a product or activity)
viherpesu {n} :: a greenwash
viherpippuri {n} :: green pepper (spice)
viherrys {n} :: greening (the act of becoming green)
viherseitikki {n} [mushroom] :: A webcap, Cortinarius venetus
vihersillihapero {n} :: A brittlegill, Russula elaeodes
vihersilmä {n} :: greeneye (any of the deep-sea fish of the family Chlorophthalmidae)
vihersimpukka {n} :: New Zealand green-lipped mussel, New Zealand mussel, greenshell mussel, Perna canalicula, often also Perna canaliculus (species of mussel native to and chiefly cultivated in New Zealand)
vihersipuli {n} :: scallion
vihertää {vi} :: to have a green shade
vihertikka {n} :: A green woodpecker, yaffle, Picus viridis
vihertävä {adj} :: greenish (somewhat green)
vihertyä {vi} :: To become green or greener
vihertyä {vi} :: To green (become environmentally aware)
vihervarpunen {n} :: Eurasian siskin Spinus spinus ( <= Carduelis spinus)
vihervoirousku {n} :: A milk-cap, Lactarius olivinus
vihi {n} [hunting, archaic] :: In some traditional hunting traps, a fence that serves to guide the prey towards the trap
vihi {n} [figuratively] :: wind, inkling, scent (slight suspicion or hint)
vihikoira {n} :: A bloodhound (breed of dog)
vihjaileva {adj} :: allusive
vihjailevasti {adv} :: suggestively
vihjailla {v} :: to suggest, imply (to express in a suggestive manner rather than as a direct statement)
vihjaista {vi} :: To hint
vihjata {vi} :: to suggest, to imply, to insinuate
vihjata {vi} [_, + elative] :: to hint to or towards, to allude to
vihjaus {n} :: An insinuation, implication or innuendo (derogatory hint or reference to a person or thing)
vihje {n} :: hint
vihkaista {vt} [colloquial] :: to perform, carry out a wedding (unite in wedlock or matrimony)
vihkiä {vt} :: To marry, wed, join in holy matrimony (to perform the ceremony of joining spouses)
vihkiä {vt} [_, + genitive-accusative + translative] :: To ordain (priest); to consecrate (bishop)
vihkiä {vt} :: To consecrate, dedicate (a church); to open, inaugurate (something to be used)
vihkiä {vt} :: To devote, dedicate, consecrate (one's life; to something = allative)
vihkialttari {n} :: wedding altar
vihkiminen {n} :: consecration (act of consecrating)
vihkipiispa {n} :: auxiliary bishop
vihkisormus {n} :: A wedding ring or wedding band
vihkivesi {n} [Christianity] :: holy water
vihko {n} :: notebook
vihko {n} :: block (set of sheets joined together)
vihko {n} [archaic] :: bundle, bunch
vihkonen {n} :: booklet
vihlaista {vi} :: to sting (either figurative or in the sense "to hurt")
vihloa {vt} [_, + partitive] :: To grate on, hurt, ache (to cause strong, sharp pain, especially to ears or teeth)
vihloa {vt} [impersonal] :: partitive + 3rd-pers. singular = to have a stabbing pain in
vihma {n} :: drizzle
vihmin {n} [Orthodox Christianity] :: aspergillum (brush-like liturgical implement used to sprinkle holy water)
vihmoa {vi} [weather] :: to drizzle and blow simultaneously
vihmoitin {n} :: drizzler (device that turns a steady flow of liquid, such as water from a hose or tap, into a drizzle)
vihmoittaa {vt} :: to turn (a flow of liquid) into a drizzle
vihne {n} [botany] :: awn
vihneetön {adj} :: awnless, beardless (lacking awn)
vihnemänty {n} :: Rocky Mountains bristlecone pine, Pinus aristata
vihoissaan {adv} :: Angry, mad (at someone = allative)
vihoitella {vi} :: To be angry/mad (at someone = allative)
vihollinen {n} :: An enemy
viholliskone {n} [military, aircraft] :: An enemy aircraft, a bogey
vihollissotilas {n} :: enemy soldier
vihollistaistelija {n} [military] :: enemy combatant
vihonviimeinen {adj} :: dead last
vihoviimeinen {adj} :: The very last
vihr {abbr} :: Vihreät (Finnish political party)
Vihr. {abbr} :: The abbreviation for Vihreät, the Greens (a political party in Finland)
vihreä {adj} :: green
vihreä {n} :: The color green
vihreä {n} [politics] :: green
vihrein {adj} :: superlative of vihreä
vihreäkivi {n} [geology] :: greenschist
vihreä leski {n} :: grass widow
vihreämpi {adj} :: comparative of vihreä
vihreä papu {n} :: green bean (immature pod of common bean)
vihreäsilmä {n} [rare] :: A green-eyed person
vihreäsilmäinen {adj} :: green-eyed (having green eyes)
vihreäsilmäisyys {n} :: green-eyedness (quality of having green eyes)
Vihreät {prop} :: The Greens (a political party e.g. in Finland)
vihreys {n} :: greenness
vihta {n} :: A kind of whip made of birch twigs and used in the sauna to enhance the effect of heat by beating oneself with it
vihtoa {vt} :: To whip with a vihta
vihtori {n} :: A man supported by his wife
vihtori {n} :: A henpecked husband
Vihtori {prop} :: given name, cognate to Victor
Vihtori {prop} :: The letter "V" in the Finnish tavausaakkoset, a spelling system similar to ICAO spelling alphabet
vihtrilli {n} :: vitriol (term traditionally used of some metal sulphates)
vihtrilliöljy {n} [rare] :: sulphuric acid, H2SO4
vihulainen {n} [jocular] :: alternative form of vihollinen
vihurirokko {n} [disease] :: The rubella or German measles
vihvilä {n} [botany] :: rush (any plant of the genus Juncus)
vii {num} [colloquial, counting] :: five
viidakko {n} :: thicket
viidakko {n} :: jungle
viidakkokissa {n} :: jungle cat, Felis chaus
viidakkoveitsi {n} :: machete
viidennes {n} :: (one-)fifth (one of five equal parts of a whole)
viides {adj} [ordinal] :: the fifth, abbreviation 5., in the names of monarchs and popes V
viides herätysliike {n} :: A revivalist movement born in 1920's
viideskymmenes {adj} [ordinal] :: eightieth
viidesneljättä {adj} [archaic, ordinal] :: thirty-fifth
viidesosa {n} :: one fifth (fifth part)
viidesti {adv} :: five times
viidestoista {adj} [ordinal] :: the fifteenth, abbreviation 15., in names of monarchs and popes XV
viidestoista päivä {phrase} :: See:fifteenth day
viidestoista päivä {phrase} [idiom] :: Opposite of "now" or "at once", used as fortifier when telling someone to do something right now
viihde {n} :: entertainment
viihdeala {n} :: showbusiness, showbiz (entertainment industry)
viihdekirja {n} :: recreational book (book regarded as having chiefly recreational value)
viihdekirjallisuus {n} :: entertainment literature
viihdelehti {n} :: entertainment magazine
viihdemusiikki {n} [music] :: easy listening
viihdeohjelma {n} [television] :: entertainment program
viihdyke {n} :: pastime
viihdyte {n} :: alternative form of viihdyke
viihdyttää {v} :: to entertain
viihdyttäjä {n} :: entertainer
viihtyä {vi} :: To get on, get along, enjoy
viihtyä {vi} :: To enjoy oneself (to take pleasure, to have feelings of enjoyment)
viihtyä {vi} :: To thrive, flourish (to grow vigorously or luxuriantly)
viihtyisä {adj} :: cosy/cozy
viihtyisä {adj} :: comfortable, agreeable (providing physical comfort and ease)
viihtyisin {adj} :: superlative of viihtyisä
viihtyisämpi {adj} :: comparative of viihtyisä
viihtyisästi {adv} :: cozily
viihtyvyys {n} :: comfort (quality of being found as comfortable, in the sense of providing agreeable conditions)
viikarointi {n} :: knavery (boyish mischief)
viikate {n} :: scythe
viikatemies {n} :: Grim Reaper (personification of death)
viikinki {n} :: Viking
viikinkiaika {n} :: The Viking Age
viikinkilaiva {n} :: longship (Viking sea vessel)
viikinkimäinen {adj} :: Viking-like (resembling a Viking)
viikko {n} :: A week
viikkolehti {n} :: weekly (publication that is published once a week)
viikoittain {adv} :: weekly
viikoittainen {adj} :: weekly (of or relating to a week)
viikoittainen {adj} :: weekly (happening once a week, or every week)
viikonloppu {n} :: weekend
viikonloppuisin {adv} :: at weekends [UK]; on weekends [US]
viikonpäivä {n} :: A day of the week
viikonvaihde {n} :: weekend
viikottain {adv} :: alternative form of viikoittain
viikottainen {adj} :: alternative form of viikoittainen
viiksekäs {adj} :: moustached
viikset {n} :: moustache/mustache
viikset {n} :: whiskers [of a cat or other animal]
viiksi {n} [rare] :: One half of a moustache
viiksi {n} :: In plural (viikset), a moustache
viiksi {n} :: Short of viiksikarva; a whisker (a long, projecting hair growing at the sides of the mouth of an animal, e.g. a cat)
viiksi {n} [vulgar] :: vulva
viiksikalastaja {n} :: moustached kingfisher (Actenoides bougainvillei)
viiksikarva {n} :: A single hair of a moustache
viiksikarva {n} :: A whisker (one of the long, projecting hairs growing at the sides of the mouth of an animal, e.g. a cat)
viiksikäs {adj} :: alternative form of viiksekäs
viiksiniekka {n} :: A person having a moustache
viiksisiippa {n} :: whiskered bat, Myotis mystacinus (European species of bat)
viiksitimali {n} [birds] :: bearded tit (Panurus biarmicus)
viiksivaha {n} :: moustache wax
viikuna {n} :: fig (fruit)
viikuna {n} :: fig, figtree (tree)
viikunanlehti {n} :: fig leaf
viikunapuu {n} :: fig (tree or shrub)
viila {n} :: file (tool)
viilata {vt} :: To file [to smooth, grind, or cut with a file]
viileä {adj} :: cool
viileämpi {adj} :: comparative of viileä
viilentää {vt} :: to cool, chill (to cause to become cooler)
viileästi {adv} :: coolly
viiletä {vi} :: To cool
viilettää {v} :: to fly, speed, career (to move rapidly, especially without mechanical power on foot, bicycle, skis etc.)
viileys {n} :: coolness
viili {n} :: Nordic kind of sour milk, similar to yoghurt but less sour
viilipytty {n} :: A container in which viili is fermented
viilipytty {n} [figuratively] :: A person who keeps calm even in a situation where an average person would lose his temper
viille {n} [rare] :: alternative form of viillos
viillellä {vt} :: To incise (repeatedly, continuously and/or indifferently)
viillokki {n} [food] :: fricassee (sliced, boiled meat - usually chicken or veal - in a white sauce, or its own gravy)
viillos {n} :: slash, cut
viiltää {vt} :: To incise, slit
viiltely {n} :: incising, incision (the act)
Viiltäjä-Jack {prop} :: Jack the Ripper
viilto {n} :: incision, slash, cut, slit, gash (longish, straight, sharp-edged opening resulting from incising, cutting etc.)
viiltohaava {n} :: An incision or an incised wound
viiltosara {n} [plant] :: acute sedge, Carex acuta
viilu {n} :: A veneer as thin layer of fine wood
viilu {n} :: Any thin layer of wood (not necessarily a "fine" one), such as one cut for production of plywood
viima {n} :: strong, cold wind
viime {adj} :: past, last (most recent, last so far)
viime {adj} :: Last, dying (unsuffixed of the adjective viimeinen, synonymous but used especially in literature and idioms)
viimeaikainen {adj} :: recent
viime aikoina {adv} :: lately, of late (in the recent past)
viime hetki {n} :: last minute
viimein {adv} :: finally
viimeinen {adj} :: last, final
viimeinen {adj} :: translative of ordinal number + ~ : nth last
viimeinen {adj} :: dying (pertaining to the moments before death)
viimeinen ehtoollinen {n} [Christianity] :: Last Supper
viimeinen huuto {n} :: state of the art
viimeinen saarna {n} [countable] :: last sermon
viimeinen saarna {n} [uncountable] :: Last Sermon (last sermon of Muhammed given on Mount Arafat in 632)
viimeinen sana {phrase} :: final say, last word (final decision, or the right to make one)
viimeinen sana {phrase} :: last word (finest, highest, or ultimate representative of some class of objects)
viimeinen sana {phrase} :: last word (concluding remark, final observation)
viimeinen sana {phrase} [in plural] :: last words (final statement before death)
viimeinen tuomio {n} [Christianity] :: Last Judgment, Final Judgment
viimeinen voitelu {n} [dated, Catholicism] :: extreme unction (sacrament of the Catolic Church)
viimeinkin {adv} :: finally
viimeiseksi {adv} :: lastly, finally, ultimately (indicating the last item)
viimeisen päälle {adv} [colloquial] :: to a T, perfectly, with great attention to detail
viimeisin {adj} :: latest so far, most recent
viimeiste {n} [leather, textiles] :: A finish or finishing substance applied to leather or textiles
viimeistä edellinen {adj} :: penultimate
viimeistelijä {n} :: A polisher (one who refines or gives the finishing touch)
viimeistellä {v} :: To finish (to apply a final treatment to)
viimeistely {n} :: finishing
viimeistään {adv} :: at the latest
viimeistään {adv} :: not later than
viime kädessä {adv} :: ultimately, in the end, eventually
viimeksi {adv} :: at the last time, previous time
viime tingassa {adv} :: at the last hour, at the last moment
viimevuotinen {adj} :: of or pertaining to the last year, i.e. the year before the current one
viime yönä {adv} :: last night
viina {n} :: liquor (US), spirits (UK, Aus, NZ) (distilled alcoholic beverage)
viina {n} :: brandy (brandy made of fermented fruit juice, usually with a modifier that specifies the raw material)
viina {n} :: booze (any alcoholic beverage)
viinaan menevä {adj} :: boozy (inclined to consume considerable amounts of alcohol)
viinakauppa {n} [colloquial] :: A bottle shop
viinakramppi {n} :: Rather the same as delirium tremens, but sometimes considered to possibly come during the drinking streak, and not during withdrawal. Symptoms are similar
Viinanen {prop} :: surname
viinanhimoinen {adj} :: addicted to alcohol
viineri {n} :: Danish pastry, danish
viini {n} :: wine
viini {n} :: quiver
viinietikka {n} :: wine vinegar
viinihapero {n} :: A brittlegill, Russula vinosa
viinihappo {n} :: tartaric acid
viinihumalainen {adj} :: vinous (affected by drinking wine)
Viinijärvi {prop} :: A village in the municipality of Liperi in North Karelia
viinikaappi {n} :: wine cooler (cabinet for storing wine in correct temperature)
viinikellari {n} :: wine cellar (storage for wine)
viinikellari {n} :: wine cellar (collection of wine)
viiniköynnös {n} :: grapevine (plant on which grapes grow)
viinilasi {n} :: wine glass, wineglass
viinimö {n} [rare] :: winery (place where wine is made)
viinimalja {n} :: winecup (vessel for drinking wine that is not an ordinary wine glass, e.g. one made of thick glass or other material than glass)
viinimarja {n} :: currant (species of genus Ribes)
viinimäinen {adj} :: vinous (having the characteristics of wine)
viininen {n} :: vinous (of taste, having the characteristics of wine)
viininjäähdytin {n} :: wine cooler (table-top vessel for cooling wine)
viininpunainen {adj} :: A deep purplish shade of red; claret-coloured, burgundy
viininpunainen {n} :: claret, burgundy
viininvalmistamo {n} :: winery (place where wine is made, wine processing plant)
viininviljelijä {n} :: winegrower, viticulturist
viininviljely {n} :: viniculture, viticulture
viinioikeudet {n} :: B-license (in Finland, a license that allows an establishment to retail alcoholic drinks with up to 22% of alcoholic content by volume)
viinipikari {n} :: winecup (vessel for drinking wine, usually one that is not an ordinary wine glass, e.g. one made of thick glass or other material than glass)
viinipullo {n} :: wine bottle
viinipulloteline {n} :: wine rack
viinirypäle {n} :: grape (the fruit)
viinisuolaheinä {n} :: A commercial name for punahierakka (bloody dock), Rumex sanguineus
viinitalo {n} :: winery (company involved in production and trade of wine)
viinitarha {n} :: vineyard
viiniteline {n} :: wine rack
viinitila {n} :: winery (farm on which wine is produced)
viinivaahtokastike {n} [food] :: zabaglione
viipale {n} :: piece, slice
viipaloida {vt} :: To slice
viipalointi {n} :: slicing (act)
viipalointitaktiikka {n} :: salami tactics (piecemeal removal or scaling back of something)
viippua {v} :: alternative form of vaappua
Viipuri {prop} :: Vyborg
viipurinrinkeli {n} :: A sweet pretzel spiced with cardamom and nutmeg, said to originate from the Franciscan monastery of the city of Vyborg
viipyä {vi} :: To stay, remain; to dwell on, linger
viipyä {vi} :: To take one's time, dawdle
viipyä {vi} :: To be delayed, be late
viipyminen {n} :: delay
viipyminen {n} :: tarry, sojourn
viipymättä {adv} :: without delay, at once
viira {n} :: screen (woven material)
viiri {n} :: pennon, pennant, streamer
viiriäinen {n} :: common quail (bird Coturnix coturnix)
viiriäinen {n} :: quail (bird of the genus Coturnix)
viiriäinen {n} :: New World quail (bird of the family Odontophoridae)
viiriäiskoira {n} :: German spaniel
viiriäiskyyhky {n} :: quail-dove
viiriäispilli {n} :: quail pipe
viiru {n} :: streak, scratch
viirukas {adj} :: alternative form of viirullinen
viirulakkimuura {n} :: streak-crowned antvireo
viirullinen {adj} :: striped
viirunuppiseitikki {n} [mushroom] :: A webcap, Cortinarius glaucopus
viirupöllö {n} :: Ural owl, Strix uralensis (species of owl)
viis {num} [colloquial] :: five
viis {interj} :: said to ignore something
viis {interj} :: adverbially used only as a part of the phrase viis veisata jostakin, "not to give a damn" (about something)
viisaammin {adv} :: comparative of viisaasti
viisaampi {adj} :: comparative of viisas
viisaasti {adv} :: wisely
viisaimmin {adv} :: superlative of viisaasti
viisain {adj} :: superlative of viisas
viisari {n} :: pointer, hand (of a timepiece)
viisas {adj} :: wise
viisaskin menee vipuun {proverb} :: even Homer nods
viisastaa {vt} :: To make wise or wiser, enwisen
viisastelija {n} :: smartass, wiseguy
viisastelija {n} :: pedant [one overly concerned with formal wisdom]
viisastella {vi} :: To wise off, be a smart-aleck/smart-ass
viisasten kivi {n} :: philosopher's stone
viisasten kivi {n} [figuratively, idiomatic] :: An ideal solution to a complex problem
viisastua {vi} :: To wise, wisen, become wise(r)
viisaudenhammas {n} :: wisdom tooth (rearmost molar in humans)
viisaus {n} :: wisdom
viisi {num} [cardinal] :: five
viisiö {n} :: five-room apartment (not counting the kitchen or bathroom)
viisiarvoinen {adj} [chemistry] :: pentavalent
viisiatominen {adj} [chemistry] :: pentatomic (having five atoms in each molecule)
viisikanta {n} :: pentagram
viisikko {n} :: A group of five
viisikulmio {n} :: pentagon
viisikulmioluku {n} [mathematics] :: pentagonal number
viisikymmentä {num} [cardinal] :: fifty
viisikymmentäkahdeksan {num} [cardinal] :: fifty-eight
viisikymmentäkaksi {num} [cardinal] :: fifty-two
viisikymmentäkolme {num} [cardinal] :: fifty-three
viisikymmentäkuusi {num} [cardinal] :: fifty-six
viisikymmentäluku {n} :: The fifties, 1950s
viisikymmentäneljä {num} [cardinal] :: fifty-four
viisikymmentäseitsemän {num} [cardinal] :: fifty-seven
viisikymmentäviisi {num} [cardinal] :: fifty-five
viisikymmentäyhdeksän {num} [cardinal] :: fifty-nine
viisikymmentäyksi {num} [cardinal] :: fifty-one
viisikymppinen {adj} :: fiftysomething, in his/her fifties
viisikymppinen {n} :: fiftysomething
viisineljättä {num} [archaic, cardinal] :: thirty-five
viisinkertainen {adj} :: quintuple
viisinkertaistaa {vt} :: to quintuple
viisinkertaistua {vi} :: to quintuple
viisiottelija {n} :: A pentathlete
viisiottelu {n} [athletics] :: pentathlon (ancient athletics discipline)
viisiottelu {n} [athletics] :: modern pentathlon
viisiottelu {n} [athletics] :: pentathlon in general
viisisataa {num} [cardinal] :: five hundred
viisisataa {n} :: A card game, somewhat similar to canasta
viisisävelinen {adj} [music] :: pentatonic
viisitoista {num} [cardinal] :: fifteen
viisituhatta {num} [cardinal] :: five thousand
viisivuotias {adj} :: five-year-old
viisivuotias {n} :: five-year-old
viiskyt {num} [colloquial] :: synonym of viisikymmentä
viismauste {n} :: five-spice powder (Asian spice mix)
viistää {v} :: To bevel
viiste {n} :: bevel, chamfer
viistäjä {n} :: beveller (one who bevels)
viistäjä {n} [zoology] :: gadfly petrel (petrel of the genus Pterodroma)
viisto {adj} :: oblique, slanting, inclined (not erect or perpendicular; neither parallel to, nor at right angles from, the base)
viisto {adj} :: slanted
viisto {adj} :: diagonal (having a slanted or oblique direction)
viisto {adj} [nautical] :: fore-and-aft
viistoperä {n} :: hatchback (automobile body style with a rear door that swings upward to provide access to a cargo area)
viistopurje {n} [nautical] :: A fore-and-aft sail
viistota {vt} :: To bevel
viisu {n} [archaic] :: song
viisumi {n} :: A visa (permit to enter a country)
viita {n} :: A thicket of young deciduous trees
viitahapero {n} :: A brittlegill, Russula gracillima
Viitala {prop} :: surname
Viitala {prop} :: Any of a number of small places in Finland
Viitanen {prop} :: surname
viitapalsamirousku {n} :: A milk-cap, Lactarius glyciosmus
Viitasaari {prop} :: A town in the region of Central Finland
viitaseitikki {n} [mushroom] :: A webcap, Cortinarius uliginosus
viitata {vi} :: To point at/to (with one's hand); to beckon, wave; to raise one's hand (in order to get the floor)
viitata {vi} [+ illative] :: To point to, indicate, suggest
viitata {vi} [+ illative] :: To refer to, allude to, make a reference/an allusion to
viite {n} :: reference (academic writing: short written identification of a previously published work which is used as a source for a text; the work itself)
viite {n} :: clue, hint
viiteavain {n} [computing, databases] :: foreign key
viitekehys {n} [sociology] :: frame of reference
viitekehys {n} :: framework (basic conceptual structure)
viitekirjasto {n} :: reference library
viitisen {adv} :: about five
viitisenkymmentä {adv} :: about fifty
viitonen {n} :: The digit five
viitonen {n} :: Something that can be identified with the number 5; e.g. a number five tram, or the player nr. 5 in a football team. When used as modifier in compound terms contracts to viitos-
viitonen {n} :: Something that is valued as five units of something, such as a five-euro bill, five of spades, a five in a game of dice
viitonen {n} :: quintuplet (one of a group of five babies born from the same mother during the same birth)
viitonen {n} [card games, in plural] :: five of a kind (five cards of the same rank, only possible if more than one deck or at least one joker is used)
viitoslaisuus {n} [Christianity] :: A nickname for viides herätysliike
viitsiä {v} :: To bother
viitta {n} :: cape, cloak
viitta {n} :: abbreviated form of tienviitta, road sign
viittaus {n} :: raise of hand (hand movement to catch someone's attention, such as one made at school by a student when he/she wants to speak up)
viittaus {n} :: wave (sideways movement movement of the hand, especially to show a direction)
viittaus {n} :: reference (short written identification of a previously published work which is used as a source for a text)
viittaus {n} :: hint, insinuation
viittaustermi {n} [information science] :: synonym of ohjaustermi
viitteellinen {adj} :: referential; guideline, reference (serving as reference)
viitteellinen {adj} :: suggestive, suggested (tending to suggest or imply)
viittilöidä {v} :: To wave, hail
viittoa {v} :: To wave, hail
viittoa {v} :: To sign
viittoa {v} :: To communicate using a sign language
viittoilija {n} :: waver, gesturer (someone who waves or gestures)
viittomakieli {n} :: A sign language
viittätoista vaille {phrase} :: synonym of varttia vaille (fifteen minutes to hour)
viiva {n} :: A line [path through two or more points]
viiva {n} :: A bar, in the term bar code (viivakoodi)
viiva {n} [slang] :: A snort (dose of drug)
viivain {n} :: A ruler (measuring or drawing tool)
viivain {n} :: A straightedge (drawing, cutting or checking tool, "ruler without markings")
viivaintegraali {n} [math] :: line integral
viivakoodi {n} :: barcode
viivakoodinlukija {n} :: barcode reader
viive {n} :: lag, delay
Viivi {prop} :: given name
viivoitin {n} :: ruler (measuring or drawing tool)
viivoitin {n} :: straightedge (tool used to draw, cut or check the straightness of straight lines)
viivoittaa {vt} :: To hatch (to shade with parallel lines)
viivästyä {vi} :: to delay
viivästymisaika {n} :: delay time
viivästyskorko {n} [finance] :: penalty interest (interest on overdue payments)
viivästyskorko {n} [business, sales] :: interest for late payment, statutory interest for late payment
viivytellä {vi} :: to linger, dawdle
viivytellä {vt} :: to temporize
viivyttää {vt} :: To delay, to postpone, to procrastinate, to put off, to retard (to put off until a later time)
viivyttää {vt} :: To impede, to hinder, to stall (to cause a delay to someone else by making his task difficult)
viivyttely {n} :: procrastination
viivytys {n} :: delay
väijyä {vt} :: To lurk
väijyä {vt} [military] :: To ambush, lie in ambush for
väijyjä {n} :: lurker
väijyksissä {adv} :: in ambush (lying in wait to attack by surprise)
väijyksistä {adv} :: from ambush
väijyntä {n} :: ambush
väijytys {n} :: ambush
vika {n} :: flaw, malfunction, failure, problem
vika {n} :: fault
vika {n} :: stain or flaw in character
vika {n} :: wrong (adjective)
vika {adj} [colloquial] :: the last
vikasietotila {n} [computing] :: safe mode
vikatiheys {n} :: failure rate (frequency with which an engineered system or component fails)
vikautuvuus {n} :: failure rate (frequency with which an engineered system or component fails)
vikavirtasuojakytkin {n} :: residual-current device, residual current circuit breaker, ground fault circuit interrupter, ground fault interrupter (device that disconnects an electric circuit whenever it detects an imbalance between the energized conductor and the return conductor)
vikellys {n} [sports] :: vaulting, equestrian vaulting
vikinä {n} :: whining
vikistä {v} :: To whine, snivel
vikitellä {vt} [+ partitive] :: To lure, tempt, entice; (sexually) to seduce
vikkelä {adj} :: quick, fast, rapid
vikkelästi {adv} :: quickly, rapidly
väikkyä {vi} :: To glitter, gleam
vikla {n} :: Short for tundravikla (buff-breasted sandpiper), Tryngites subruficollis
viklo {n} :: sandpiper, redshank, greenshank, yellowlegs, tattler, willet (birds of the sandpiper and snipe family Scolopacidae)
Viktoria {prop} :: given name
Viktoria {prop} :: Victoria (Finnish spelling of some famous Victorias)
viktoriaaninen {adj} :: Victorian (of or relating to the period of the reign of Queen Victoria)
vikunja {n} :: vicugna, vicuña
vikuroida {vi} :: To buck
vilahtaa {v} :: to zip (to move in haste)
vilaus {n} :: flash, tick (very short period of time)
vilautella {v} :: To flash (to make visible briefly, repeatedly)
vilauttaa {v} :: To flash (to make visible briefly)
Vilhelm {prop} :: William (of foreign historical persons)
Vilhelm {prop} :: given name, usually a middle name (arguably Swedish, not Finnish)
Vilhelmi {prop} :: given name, rather rare in this full form
Vilhelmiina {prop} :: given name
Vilho {prop} :: given name
Vili {prop} :: given name of modern usage
vilinä {n} :: bustle
vilistä {vi} :: To bustle, to teem
vilistä {v} :: to go past in a blur (due to speed)
vilja {n} :: grain, cereal
vilja {} :: viljava
vilja {} :: viljellä
vilja {} :: viljely
vilja {adj} [rare] :: abundant
Vilja {prop} :: given name
vilja-aitta {n} :: granary (building)
vilja-aitta {n} [figuratively] :: granary, breadbasket (productive farming area)
viljahirssi {n} :: proso millet, common millet, Panicum miliaceum
Viljam {prop} :: given name
Viljami {prop} :: given name
Viljanen {prop} :: surname
viljapehkiäinen {n} :: cadelle beetle, Tenebroides mauritanicus
viljatatar {n} :: buckwheat, Fagopyrum esculentum (plant)
viljaympyrä {n} :: crop circle
viljelijä {n} :: farmer
viljellä {vt} :: To cultivate, farm, till (land)
viljellä {vt} :: To raise, grow (plants)
viljellä {vt} :: To culture (e.g. bacteria, as in a biological experiment)
viljelmä {n} :: plantation (estate or area of land designated for agricultural growth)
viljelmä {n} :: culture (growth of a bacterial or other microbiological entity in an artificial medium)
viljelty {adj} :: cultivated, farmed
viljely {n} :: culture, cultivation
viljelyaine {n} [microbiology] :: alternative term for kasvatusalusta
viljelykelpoinen {adj} :: arable, tillable
viljelypalsta {n} :: allotment, community garden (small plot of land made available for non-commercial gardening, usually in the vicinity of a city)
viljelys {n} [often, in plural] :: synonym of viljelmä
viljelys {n} :: synonym of viljely
Viljo {prop} :: given name
vilkaista {vi} :: To glance
vilkaisu {n} :: glance
vilkaisu {n} :: cast (squint)
vilkas {adj} :: lively, vivacious, perky (living thing)
vilkas {adj} :: vivid (imagination)
vilkas {adj} :: quick, fast
vilkas {adj} :: busy, heavy (traffic)
vilkastua {v} :: to be enlivened, invigorated, animated or vitalized (to become more lively, vivacious, perky, vivid, quick, fast or busy)
vilke {n} :: glint, twinkle, gleam
vilkeuni {n} :: REM sleep
vilkkaasti {adv} :: actively
vilkkaus {n} :: liveliness
vilkku {n} :: blinker
vilkku {n} :: turn signal
vilkkua {vi} [of a flickering light] :: To twinkle
vilkkuluomi {n} [anatomy] :: nictitating membrane, plica semilunaris
vilkkumajakka {n} :: flashing light (device emitting flashing light, used e.g. on emergency vehicles)
vilkuilija {n} :: peeker, peeper, glancer
vilkuilla {v} :: to peep, peek, glance, keep glancing (to look at repeatedly at something, especially when trying not to be noticed)
vilkunta {n} :: twinkling
vilkutella {v} :: to wave repeatedly, but not vigorously and/or taking short breaks
vilkuttaa {v} :: to wave (e.g. hand)
vilkuttaa {v} :: to flash repeatedly (such as when signaling with a torch)
vilkuttaja {n} :: waver (someone who waves)
villa {n} :: wool
villa {n} [rare] :: villa
villa-apina {n} :: woolly monkey (any New World monkey of the genus Lagothrix)
villaherkkusieni {n} :: An agaric, Agaricus leucotrichus
villainen {adj} :: woollen (made of wool)
villakangas {n} :: wool (texture)
villakarvamammutti {n} :: woolly mammoth, Mammuthus primigenius
villakarvarousku {n} :: A milk-cap, Lactarius pubescens
villakko {n} [plant] :: ragwort (plant of the genus Senecio)
villakoira {n} :: poodle
villakoira {n} :: dust bunny
villakoiran ydin {phrase} [idiomatic] :: core of the issue, essence, trick, catch (inherent nature of an idea, especially one that is not apparent)
villakuore {n} :: capelin, Mallotus villosus
villamammutti {n} :: woolly mammoth, Mammuthus primigenius
villapaita {n} :: A sweater, jersey, jumper, cardigan (any knitted woollen garment that covers the upper body)
villapusero {n} :: woollen sweater or pullover; jumper [UK]
villasukka {n} :: woolen stocking
villatakki {n} :: A cardigan
villavoirousku {n} :: A milk-cap, Lactarius leonis
Ville {prop} :: given name
villi {adj} :: wild
villiaasi {n} [zoology] :: wild-ass
Villiam {prop} :: given name
villieläin {n} :: wild animal (as contrasted to a domesticated animal)
villieläin {n} [in the plural] :: wildlife (wild animals collectively)
villieringenetti {n} [zoology] :: Haussa genet, Genetta thierryi
villihanhi {n} :: wild goose
villihevonen {n} :: wild horse, Equus feral
villihiivaolut {n} :: synonym of spontaanikäymisolut
villi-ihminen {n} :: savage (uncivilized or feral human)
villiintyä {vi} :: run wild, go nuts, knock oneself out
villikaali {n} [botany] :: wild cabbage, Brassica oleracea (original wild form of cabbage, native to North African and South and West European coasts)
villikaniini {n} :: European rabbit, common rabbit, Oryctolagus cuniculus (species of rabbit native to SW Europe and NW Africa)
villikarju {n} :: A male wild boar (Sus scrofa), also wild boar as species
villikarjuammunta {n} [sports] :: running game target (Olympic shooting event)
villikaura {n} :: wild oats
villikissa {n} :: wild cat, Felis silvestris
villikissa {n} [colloquial] :: feral cat (domestic cat returned to the wild)
villikko {n} :: rascal, mischief-maker (naughty child)
villilapsi {n} :: feral child
villilintu {n} :: wild bird
Villi länsi {prop} :: Wild West (Western United States in 19th century)
villiminkki {n} :: wild mink (mink that lives in the wild as opposed to one that is kept in a fur farm)
villimpi {adj} :: comparative of villi
villiomena {n} :: A wild apple tree, wild apple (apple tree that grows wild)
villiomena {n} :: A wild apple (fruit of that tree)
villiomenapuu {n} :: A wild apple tree, wild apple (apple tree that grows wild)
villipeto {n} :: A predator, especially a large mammal that is potentially dangerous to man, such as bear, wolf or wolverine
villipeto {n} [figuratively] :: wildcat (person who acts like a wildcat, (usually) a violent and easily-angered person or a sexually vigorous one)
villipeura {n} [rare] :: synonym of metsäpeura
villiporkkana {n} :: wild carrot, bird's nest, bishop's face, Queen Anne's lace (Daucus carota)
villiriisi {n} :: wild rice (plant and seeds)
villiruusu {n} :: wild rose
villisika {n} :: A wild boar; a boar (wild boar); Sus scrofa
villisilkki {n} :: wild silk (fibre obtained from the cocoons of wild silkworms)
villisti {adv} :: wildly
villitä {vt} :: To drive wild; to agitate, incite, stir up, foment
villitys {n} :: A fad, rage, trend, craze
villivarsa {n} [figuratively] :: A wild child, especially a girl
villivehnä {n} :: wild rye (any grass of the genus Elymus)
villivehnä {n} [in plural] :: The genus Elymus
villivihannes {n} :: wild vegetable (wild plant used as food, other than berries or fruits)
villiviini {n} :: creeper (vine of the genus Parthenocissus)
villivuohi {n} :: wild goat, Capra aegagrus
villiys {n} :: wildness (quality of being wild)
villiytyä {vi} :: alternative form of villiintyä
Vilma {prop} :: given name
Vilna {prop} :: Vilnius
vilpas {adj} :: cool, fresh (of temperature)
vilpas {adj} :: lively
vilpillinen {adj} :: insincere, deceitful (willfully misleading)
vilpillisesti {adv} :: insincerely
vilpitön {adj} :: sincere, bona fide (done in good faith)
vilpittömästi {adv} :: sincerely, candidly, frankly
vilpittömyys {n} :: sincerity
vilpittömyys {n} :: rectitude (rightness of principle or practice)
vilpoisa {adj} :: [of air] cool
vilpola {n} :: arbor (shady place to sit)
vilpola {n} :: ramada (US: open porch or arbor)
vilppaus {n} :: coolness, freshness
vilppaus {n} :: liveliness
vilppi {n} :: deceit, mendacity, fraud (act of deceiving someone)
Vilppu {prop} :: given name, a rather rare equivalent of the English Philip
Vilppula {prop} :: A former municipality in the region of Pirkanmaa, Finland, now merged with Mänttä to form the town of Mänttä-Vilppula
Vilppula {prop} :: surname
vilske {n} :: bustle, stir
viltti {n} :: blanket
vilttiketju {n} [sports, colloquial] :: bench-warmers (those players collectively who don't get much time on the field)
vilttiketjulainen {n} [sports, colloquial] :: bench-warmer (player who rarely or never gets to play in the games or matches, and is most often a substitute)
vilu {n} :: cold (sensation)
viluinen {adj} :: chilly
vilukissa {n} [colloquial] :: A person who easily feels cold
vilukko {n} :: A flower, parnassia palustris, the county flower of Cumberland and Sutherland in the United Kingdom
vilunki {n} [colloquial] :: Cheating, a scam, prank, joke, fiddle, minor fraud
vilunki {n} :: A prankster, swindler, fraudster
vilunki {n} :: A workaround, fiddle (adjustment intended to cover up a basic flaw)
vilustua {v} :: To catch a cold
vilustuminen {n} :: the act of catching cold
vilustuminen {n} :: cold, common cold (illness)
vilustunut {adj} :: Having cold or common cold
vilvoitella {v} :: to cool off, cool (to cool oneself, concretely, for feeling hot)
vimma {n} :: rage
vimma {n} :: frenzy
vimmaisa {adj} :: frenzied
vimpa {n} :: vimba (Vimba vimba)
vimpain {n} :: widget, contraption, gadget
Vimpeli {prop} :: Vimpeli
Väinö {prop} :: given name
-vinaan {suffix} :: Indicates pretended or suggested action; multiple English equivalents
vingahdella {v} :: to squeak
vingahdus {n} :: squeak, zip, squeal, yip
vingahtaa {v} :: to squeak
vingunta {n} :: squealing, squeaking
vingunta {n} :: whining
vinguttaa {vt} :: To make (sth) squeak
vinguttaa {vt} [colloquial] :: To use heavily
vinha {adj} :: fast, breakneck, furious
vinha {adj} :: odd, wild, peculiar, curious
vinjetti {n} :: vignette
vinjetti {n} :: windshield sticker showing a road tax has been paid
Väinäjoki {prop} :: Daugava
vinka {n} [rare] :: Cold wind
vinkaista {vi} :: to squeak, cry out (quickly)
vinkata {v} :: to wave, beckon (to give a sign to someone by raising one's hand, e.g. to stop a car, to call a waiter)
vinkata {v} :: to give a hint, to tip
vinkata {v} :: ~ silmää : to give a wink, to wink (to blink with only one eye as a message, signal, or suggestion)
vinkkeli {n} [colloquial, dated] :: right angle
vinkkeli {n} [colloquial] :: point of view
vinkki {n} :: hint
vinkki {n} :: tip
vinkku {n} [slang] :: wine (any type of wine)
vinksallaan {adv} [colloquial] :: messed up, screwed up, fucked up, quality of something being wrong or not right
vinku {n} [rare] :: whine (childish complaint)
vinkua {v} :: to squeal, squeak
vinkua {v} :: to whine (to complain or protest in a childish manner or about trivial things)
Vinku-Intia {prop} [humorous] :: Ruritania (fictive, exotic country)
vinkuintiaani {n} [humorous] :: Ruritanian
vinkuintialainen {n} :: Ruritanian
vinkuintialainen {adj} :: Ruritanian
vinkuna {n} :: zip, wheeze, squeal (high-pitched sound)
Väinämö {prop} :: given name
Väinämöinen {prop} :: The main hero of the Finnish national epic Kalevala
Väinämöisen viikate {prop} [astronomy, dated] :: Orion
Väinänlinna {prop} :: Daugavpils
väinönputki {n} [botany] :: garden angelica, Angelica archangelica
vino {adj} :: oblique, askew
vinokas {n} [mushroom] :: A common term used of some, not necessarily related, species of mushrooms that grow on trunks of trees
vinokas {n} [slang] :: A hypernym of LGBT people, queer
vinoneliö {n} [geometry] :: rhombus (quadrilateral with sides of equal length)
vino nenän väliseinä {n} [pathology] :: deviated nasal septum (common physical disorder of the nose, involving a displacement of the nasal septum)
vinosilmä {n} [pejorative] :: slant, gook (Asian person)
vinosilmäinen {adj} :: slant-eyed
vinossa {adv} :: askew (tilted)
vinosti {adv} :: slantingly, sideways, askew, diagonally, bias (in a slanting manner)
vinottain {adv} :: diagonally
vinouma {n} [statistics] :: bias
vinous {n} :: obliqueness
vinouttaa {v} :: to bias (to place bias upon; to influence)
vinoutua {vi} :: To become slanted, inclined
vinoutua {vi} :: To become biased
vinoviiva {n} :: A slash, stroke [UK] (symbol "/")
vinssi {n} :: winch
vintiö {n} :: rascal, imp (badly behaving child)
vintti {n} :: attic
vinttikaivo {n} :: well pole, well sweep, swape, shadoof (water lifting device consisting of a pivoted pole, a bucket and a counterweight)
vinttikoira {n} :: sighthound, gazehound
vintturi {n} :: A capstan
vinylaali {n} [textiles] :: vinal, vinylal (synthetic fiber)
vinyyli {n} :: vinyl (plastic material)
vinyyli {n} :: vinyl (phonograph record)
vinyyliasetaatti {n} [chemistry] :: vinyl acetate
vinyylikloridi {n} [chemistry] :: vinyl chloride
vinyylilevy {n} :: vinyl record (type of phonograph record)
vinyyliryhmä {n} [organic chemistry] :: vinyl (univalent radical)
vioittua {vi} [e.g. of a machine] :: To be(come) damaged, be(come) impaired
viola {n} [musical instruments] :: viola
Viola {prop} :: given name
violetti {adj} :: violet
violetti {n} :: colour violet
violettihapero {n} :: A brittlegill, Russula violacea
violettiseitikki {n} [mushroom] :: A webcap, Cortinarius violaceus hercynicus
violisti {n} :: violinist
vipa {adj} [colloquial] :: last
vipajaa {v} [poetic] :: alternative form of vipistä
vipata {vi} [colloquial] :: to chuck (to throw in careless or inaccurate manner)
vipata {vt} [colloquial] :: to lend, to borrow
vipata {vt} [colloquial] :: to be crazy
vipattaa {vi} :: to flap (to move loosely back and forth)
vipeltää {vi} :: To scurry
vipinä {n} :: hustle
vipistä {vi} :: synonym of vipattaa
vippa {n} [electronics] :: flip-flop
vippi {n} :: accommodation, loan
vipstaaki {n} :: thingamajig, gizmo, widget
vipu {n} :: lever
vipukytkin {n} :: toggle switch
vipusin {n} :: synonym of vipu
vipuvarsi {n} :: lever
vipuvoima {n} :: leverage
viraapelityö {n} [dialectal] :: alternative form of firaabelityö
virallinen {adj} :: official
virallisemmin {adv} :: comparative of virallisesti
virallisempi {adj} :: comparative of virallinen
virallisen syytteen alainen rikos {phrase} [legal] :: A crime which is of the type that the public prosecutor may present a case in a criminal trial against an individual suspected for committing that crime; indictable offence
virallisesti {adv} :: officially
virallisimmin {adv} :: superlative of virallisesti
virallistua {vi} :: To become official
viranhaltija {n} :: office holder, officeholder (person who holds a public office)
viranomainen {n} :: A public body that carries out some official function(s)
viranomainen {n} :: An official, public officer working for such a body
virantoimitus {n} :: duty
virassaoloaika {n} :: tenure, incumbency
virasto {n} :: bureau, office, agency, board (operative unit in the public sector on central (state), regional or local (municipal) level)
virastoaika {n} :: office hours
vire {n} :: A light breeze or the small, disappearing waves on top of water produced by a breeze
vire {n} :: A shed (area between upper and lower warp yarns in a loom)
vireä {adj} :: active, animate
vireessä {adv} :: in tune (of an instrument)
vireillä {adj} :: pending (begun but not completed)
vireämpi {adj} :: comparative of vireä
vireo {n} :: vireo (bird of the genus Vireo)
vireomuura {n} :: plain antvireo
virginianpeura {n} [rare] :: Alternative term for valkohäntäpeura; white-tailed deer, Odocoileus virginianus
virginianpihta {n} [countable] :: Fraser fir, Abies fraseri (North American species of fir)
virhe {n} :: mistake
virhe {n} :: error
virhe {n} :: flaw
virhearvio {n} :: error estimate
virheellinen {adj} :: erroneous, incorrect
virheellisesti {adv} :: erroneously
virheellisyys {n} :: falsity (characteristic of being untrue)
virheetön {adj} :: flawless
virheetön {adj} :: pure (free of flaws or imperfections)
virheetön {adj} :: impeccable (perfect, having no faults, flaws or errors)
virheettömyys {n} :: correctness
virheettömyys {n} :: flawlessness
virhefunktio {n} [mathematics] :: error function
virheilmoitus {n} [computing] :: error message
virhelopetus {n} :: abend (abnormal termination of a program)
virhemarginaali {n} [statistics] :: margin of error
virhepaikkainen {adj} [medicine] :: ectopic
virheraja {n} :: limit of error
virheravitsemus {n} :: malnutrition (the state of being under- or overnourished)
virheravittu {adj} :: malnourished
virhesijaintinen {adj} [medicine] :: ectopic
viri {n} :: small ripples
viri {n} :: breath of wind
viriö {n} [weaving] :: shed
viriili {adj} :: virile
virike {n} :: stimulus
virike {n} :: incentive
viritä {vt} :: to spark, for example, a debate
viritellä {v} :: to tune
viritellä {v} :: to cautiously activate, to try to start, to try to get going
viritin {n} :: tuner
virittää {vt} :: to tune (to modify a musical instrument so that it produces the correct pitches)
virittää {vt} :: to tune (to adjust a mechanical, electric or electronic device so that it functions optimally)
virittää {vt} :: to tune (to make more precise, intense, or effective)
virittää {vt} :: to voice (to tune the pipes of an organ)
virittää {vt} :: to tune in (to adjust the frequency of a receiver to match with that of a specific television or radio station)
virittää {vt} :: to set, arm, activate (of a trap or similar, to make ready for action)
virittää {vt} :: ~ tuli: to light (to light a fire)
virittää {vt} :: to jury-rig (to create a makeshift, ad hoc solution from resources at hand)
virittää {vt} [mathematics] :: to span
virittäjä {n} :: tuner
virittyä {vi} :: To cock (to be prepared to be triggered)
virittyä {vi} [physics, of electrons] :: To become excited
virittyä {v} :: To get tuned
virittynyt {adj} :: tuned in
virittynyt {adj} [nuclear physics] :: excited
viritys {n} :: tuning
viritys {n} [colloquial] :: makeshift solution, MacGyvering
virka {n} :: post, position, office, public office (public sector work)
virka {n} :: purpose, point, function
virkaanasettajaiset {n} :: inauguration (ceremony of inducting someone into office)
virka-asu {n} :: uniform
virkailija {n} :: clerk
virkailija {n} :: functionary
virkakausi {n} :: tenure, incumbency
virkakieli {n} :: official Finnish / Swedish / English, official language, official terminology
virkakieli {n} :: (rare, pejorative) bureaucratese, officialese
virkamerkki {n} :: badge
virkamies {n} :: civil servant, public officer, official (holder of a public office)
virkamieshallitus {n} [politics] :: A type of caretaker government in which the ministers are not politicians. This type of cabinet is sometimes nominated when the parliament is unable to form a majority government
virkapuku {n} :: uniform (outfit)
virkata {vi} :: To talk, shortly, uttering a sentence or two
virkata {vt} :: To crochet
virkatie {n} :: official channels (means of conveying information in a bureaucracy)
virkatodistus {n} :: official certificate
virkavala {n} :: oath of office
virkavaltainen {adj} :: bureaucratic
virkavaltaistaa {v} :: to bureaucratize
virkaveli {n} :: colleague (fellow member of a profession, staff, academic faculty or other, primarily public service or government organization)
virke {n} [grammar] :: A sentence
virkeä {adj} :: Alert (as opposed to tired)
virkistää {vt} :: To refresh
virkistää {vt} :: To reinvigorate
virkiste {n} :: stimulant
virkiste {n} :: tonic
virkistyä {vi} :: To refresh oneself; to gain strength
virkistys {n} :: recreation
virkistys {n} :: relaxation
virkistyskalastus {n} :: recreational fishing
virkistäytyä {vi} :: To refresh oneself
virkkaa {vi} [rare, literary, dialectal] :: To speak, talk
virkkaa {vt} [rare, literary, dialectal] :: To say, utter
virkkoa {v} :: to say, utter
virkku {adj} :: alert, brisk
virkkuu {n} :: crocheting
virna {n} :: vetch, tare
virnaperhonen {n} :: wood white (Leptidea sinapis)
virne {n} :: smirk
virnistää {v} :: to grin, smirk
virnistys {n} :: grin, smirk
virnuilla {vi} :: To grin, pull faces
viro {n} :: The Estonian language; compare eesti
Viro {prop} :: Estonia
Virolahti {prop} :: Virolahti
virolainen {n} :: An Estonian
virolainen {adj} :: Estonian, of or relating to Estonia
virolainen {adj} :: Estonian, related to the Estonian language:
Virolainen {prop} :: surname
virolaisuus {n} :: Estonianness (state or property of being Estonian)
virologi {n} :: virologist
virologia {n} :: virology
virologinen {adj} :: virological
viron kieli {n} :: Estonian (language)
vironnos {n} :: Estonian translation
virontaa {vt} :: To translate into Estonian
Viron tasavalta {prop} :: The Republic of Estonia
virota {vi} :: To resuscitate, regain consciousness, come to
virottaa {vt} [rare] :: to revitalize, refresh
virpi {n} :: sprig
virpi {n} :: sapling, seedling
Virpi {prop} :: given name
virpoa {v} [folk tradition] :: to wish another person health and happiness on Palm Sunday by tapping them lightly with a willow twig and chanting a rhyme
virpoa {v} [currrently] :: to perform a similar act from door to door disguised as witch; done by children in quest for candy
virpominen {n} :: Action noun of the verb virpoa
virranahto {n} [physics] :: skin effect (tendency of alternating current to concentrate on the surface of a conductor)
virranjakaja {n} :: A distributor (device that distributes current to the spark plugs)
Virrat {prop} :: Virrat
virrata {vi} :: To flow
virroitin {n} :: pantograph (device that collects electric current from overhead lines)
virroittaa {vt} :: to energize, to charge, to power
virsi {n} :: A religious hymn or chant
virsikirja {n} :: hymnal, hymnbook (collection of hymns in book format)
virsikirja {n} [nautical] :: wing and wing, goose wing (position of sails in a fore-and-aft rigged sailboat)
virsta {n} :: An old Russian unit of measure, the verst, 1066.80 m, or 2/3rds of a mile
virsta {n} :: Finnish virsta, 1068.80 m., or 2/3rds of a mile
virstanpylväs {n} :: milestone (both concrete and figurative sense)
virstanpylväs {n} :: landmark (major, important event)
virsu {n} :: A shoe made of strips of birchbark or bast, worn earlier by the poor in Finland and Russia, one of a pair of lapti
virta {n} :: flow, stream
virta {n} :: river
virta {n} :: current (physics, electronics)
virta {n} :: electricity
virta {n} :: zip, energy, vigor, vim (personal energy)
Virta {prop} :: surname
virta-alli {n} :: harlequin duck, Histrionicus histrionicus (North American wild duck)
virtaama {n} :: flow (amount of a fluid that moves or the rate of fluid movement)
virtaama {n} [hydorology] :: discharge, volumetric flow rate
virtaava {adj} :: flowing, running, rolling (of water, liquids)
virtahepo {n} :: hippopotamus, Hippopotamus amphibius
virtahepo {n} :: any member of the family Hippopotamidae
virtahepo {n} [biblical, 1992 translation] :: behemoth (the mythical monster of Job 40)
virtaisa {adj} :: [of a body of water] Having a strong current
virtamittari {n} :: ammeter
Virtanen {prop} :: surname In 2010, the most common in Finland (barely ahead of Korhonen).
virtapiiri {n} :: electric circuit, circuit
virtaska {n} [colloquial] :: juice (electric power)
virtaus {n} :: current (of e.g. water)
virtauskaavio {n} :: flow diagram
virtausmekaniikka {n} [physics] :: fluid mechanics
virtausnopeus {n} :: flow rate
virtaviiva {n} :: streamline
virtaviivainen {adj} :: streamlined
virtaviivaistaa {v} :: To streamline
virtavästäräkki {n} :: grey wagtail, Motacilla cinerea
virtolainen {n} :: A person from Virrat
virtsa {n} :: urine
virtsa {n} :: When used as modifier in compound terms (virtsa-), urinary
virtsa-aine {n} :: urea
virtsaaminen {n} :: urination
virtsaelimet {n} [anatomy] :: urinary system, genitourinary system (GUS)
virtsaelin {n} [anatomy] :: urinary organ
virtsaelintautioppi {n} [medicine] :: urology
virtsahappo {n} :: uric acid
virtsainkontinenssi {n} [pathology] :: urinary incontinence
virtsakivi {n} [pathology] :: bladder stone, kidney stone, renal calculus
virtsakivitauti {n} [pathology] :: urolithiasis
virtsamyrkytys {n} [pathology] :: uremia
virtsaneritys {n} [physiology] :: production of urine
virtsanjohdin {n} [anatomy] :: ureter
virtsankarkailu {n} [pathology] :: urinary incontinence
virtsanäyte {n} :: urine sample
virtsapurkki {n} :: urine collection device (any container used for taking a sample of urine for testing)
virtsaputki {n} [anatomy] :: urethra
virtsarakko {n} [anatomy] :: urinary bladder
virtsata {vti} :: to urinate
virtsatie {n} [anatomy] :: urinary tract
virtsatiehyt {n} [anatomy] :: urinary tract
virtsatieinfektio {n} [pathology] :: urethritis
virtsatietulehdus {n} [medicine] :: urinary tract infection
virtsaumpi {n} [pathology] :: urinary retention, ischuria
virttyä {vi} [of clothes] :: To wear out
virtuaalihiukkanen {n} [physics] :: virtual particle
virtuaalimuisti {n} [computing] :: virtual memory
virtuaalinen {adj} :: virtual
virtuaalitodellisuus {n} :: virtual reality
virtuoosi {n} :: virtuoso
virtuoosisuus {n} :: virtuosity
virtuositeetti {n} :: virtuosity
virua {vi} :: To languish (to live in miserable or disheartening conditions)
virulenssi {n} :: virulence
virulentti {adj} :: virulent
virus {n} :: virus
virusinfektio {n} :: viral infection (infection caused by a virus)
virusoppi {n} :: virology
Virva {prop} :: given name
virvatuli {n} :: A will o' the wisp
Virve {prop} :: given name
virveli {n} [fishing] :: spinning rod
virveli {n} [musical instruments] :: snare drum
virvelöidä {v} [fishing] :: To fish using a spinning rod
virvoitus {n} :: refreshment
virvoitusjuoma {n} :: soft drink, soda pop, pop, soda (sweet carbonated drink)
virvoke {n} :: refreshment
visa {n} :: A kind of birch (wood), in which the fibers are twisted, resulting in a very hard and decorative wood material
visa {n} :: A quiz
visaginkultamyyrä {n} :: Visagie's golden mole (Chrysochloris visagiei)
visailu {n} :: game show
visainen {adj} :: curly grained (especially in birch trees)
visainen {adj} :: difficult, knotty, tricky
visakoivu {n} :: A cultivar of silver birch, Betula pendula var. carelica; valued for its decorative wood, which resembles the bird's eye figure
visayanhirvi {n} :: Visayan spotted deer (Rusa alfredi)
visentti {n} :: European bison (Bison bonasus)
viserrys {n} :: chirp, twitter
visertää {vi} [of a bird] :: To chirp, twitter
visiiri {n} :: visor
visiiri {n} :: vizier
visiitti {n} :: visit
visio {n} :: vision (goal)
visioida {v} :: To envision
visiointi {n} :: envisioning (act or process)
visionaarinen {adj} :: visionary
visionääri {n} :: visionary
visionäärinen {adj} :: visionary
viskaaminen {n} :: throwing (act)
viskaaminen {n} :: winnowing (separating chaff from grain by throwing)
viskain {n} :: bail (vessel to scoop water from a boat)
viskain {n} :: winnowing basket, or similar tool used for winnowing
viskata {v} :: To throw, cast
viskatša {n} :: alternative spelling of viskatsa
viskatsa {n} :: viscacha (South American rodent)
viskatsarotta {n} :: viscacha rat, Octomys mimax (South American rodent)
viski {n} :: whiskey/whisky
viskin {n} :: winnowing basket, or other tool used for winnowing
viskin {n} :: bail (vessel to scoop water from a boat)
viskipullo {n} :: whiskey bottle
viskisieppo {n} [humorous] :: drunkard, especially one who is fond of whisky
viskoa {vt} :: To throw, toss (repeatedly)
viskonta {n} :: throwing, tossing
viskoosi {n} :: viscose (liquid obtained by chemical treatment of cellulose)
viskoosi {n} :: viscose (fiber made of liquid viscose)
viskoosikuitu {n} :: viscose (fiber)
viskoosinen {adj} :: viscous
viskoosisuus {n} :: viscosity (the state of being viscous)
viskoottinen {adj} :: viscous
viskositeetti {n} :: viscosity
vislailla {v} [colloquial] :: To whistle
vislailla {v} :: To whistle in the dark (to make a show of bravery)
vismutiniitti {n} [mineral] :: bismuthite
vismutti {n} :: bismuth
vismuttihohde {n} [mineral] :: bismuthite
vismuttisitraatti {n} :: bismuth citrate
vismuttisubnitraatti {n} :: bismuth subnitrate
Väisänen {prop} :: surname
vispaantua {vi} :: alternative form of vispautua
vispata {vt} :: To whisk (in cooking)
vispautua {vi} [of cream etc.] :: To become whipped
vispikerma {n} :: whipping cream, double cream
vispilä {n} :: whisk, eggwhisk, eggbeater (kitchen utensil)
vispilä {n} [slang] :: helicopter
vispilöidä {vt} [cooking] :: To whisk
vispipuuro {n} :: A dessert made from whipped semolina pudding and lingonberries
vissiin {adv} [colloquial] :: probably
vissy {n} :: Vichy water, mineral water
vissy {n} :: Soda water, carbonated water
väistää {v} :: to give way (to give precedence to other road users)
väistää {v} :: to avoid
väistää {v} :: to evade
Väistö {prop} :: surname
väistin {n} :: crossguard
väistämissääntö {n} [nautical] :: give-way rule
väistämätön {adj} :: inevitable
väistämättä {adv} :: inexorably, inevitably
väistämättömästi {adv} :: inevitably, inexorably
visto {adj} [dialectal] :: disgusting, nasty
väistyä {v} :: to yield, give way
väistyä {v} :: to retreat
visu {adj} [colloquial, dialectal] :: careful, precise
visuaalinen {adj} :: visual
visuaalisesti {adv} :: visually
visuaalistaa {vt} :: To visualize
visuaalisuus {n} :: visuality
visualisoida {v} :: To visualize
visualisoija {n} :: visualizer
visualisointi {n} :: visualization
visusti {adv} :: closely
visva {n} :: pus
visvainen {adj} :: pussy
visvasyylä {n} [pathology] :: condyloma
vita {n} :: pondweed (aquatic plant of the genus Potamogeton)
vitaali {adj} :: synonym of vitaalinen
vitaalielin {n} :: vital organ
vitaalikapasiteetti {n} [biology] :: vital capacity (maximum volume of air that can be discharged from the lungs following maximum inspiration)
vitaalinen {adj} :: vital (relating to, or characteristic of life)
vitaalinen {adj} :: vital (necessary to the continuation of life; being that on which life depends)
vitaaliparametri {n} [medicine] :: vital sign (measurement of a patient's condition taken regularly to assess the state of bodily functions)
vitaalisuus {n} :: vitality
vitaalitoiminto {n} [biology, medicine] :: vital function
vitaalius {n} :: synonym of vitaalisuus
vitaliteetti {n} :: vitality
vitamiini {n} [biology] :: vitamin
vitamiinikas {adj} :: Rich in vitamins
vitamiininen {adj} :: Containing vitamins
vitaminoida {vt} :: To vitaminize
väite {n} :: claim, argument
väite {n} [math] :: proposition, conjecture (assertion which can be considered true or false)
väitellä {v} :: to argue, debate
viti {n} :: freshly fallen white and dry snow
vitikko {n} :: thicket (dense growth of bushes and small trees, especially of willows, alders and other fast-growing deciduous trees)
vitivalkoinen {adj} :: snow-white (white as snow, extremely white)
vitja {n} :: [usually plural] chain
vitka {n} [physics] :: inertia
vitkaan {adv} :: slowly
vitkalaukaisin {n} :: self timer (device on a camera)
vitkastelija {n} :: laggard
vitoa {v} [dialectal] :: To run as fast as one can, especially in fear
vitoa {v} :: To scutch (to beat or flog for extracting the fibers from flax stalks)
vitonen {n} [dialectal] :: alternative form of viitonen
vitriini {n} :: showcase
vitrioli {n} :: vitriol
Vitruviuksen mies {n} :: Vitruvian Man
väitös {n} [academia] :: dissertation
vitsa {n} :: birch (stick, rod or bundle of twigs made from birch wood, used for punishment)
vitsa {n} :: wicker (flexible branch or twig, used as raw material of wickerwork)
vitsailija {n} :: joker, one who tells jokes
vitsailla {v} :: To joke, jest (do for humorous amusement)
vitsailu {n} :: joking
vitsaus {n} :: plague, scourge, plight
vitsi {n} :: joke
vitsikäs {adj} :: jokey, joking, jocular, facetious (pleasantly humorous)
vitsiniekka {n} :: joker (person who makes jokes)
väitöskirja {n} :: A doctoral dissertation or thesis
väitöskirjatutkimus {n} :: dissertation research (research carried out for the purpose of obtaining material for a dissertation)
vitsoa {v} :: to whip
väitöstilaisuus {n} [academic] :: thesis defense (public presentation in which a doctoral candidate defends his thesis towards an opponent)
väittää {vi} :: To claim, contend, assert, argue, maintain; to allege
väittää {v} [legal] :: To plead
väittää {v} [logic] :: To predicate
väittelijä {n} :: debater (one who debates or participates in a debate; one who argues)
väittelijä {n} [academia] :: doctoral candidate, doctorand; especially in connection with their väitöstilaisuus (thesis defense)
väittely {n} :: argument, debate
väittämä {n} :: statement
väittämä {n} :: claim
vittu {n} [vulgar, slang] :: cunt, pussy
vittu {n} :: An intensifier, roughly equivalent to "fucking" or "fuck"
vittu {interj} [vulgar] :: fuck
vittuilija {n} :: a bully, a person who intentionally annoys someone
vittuilla {vi} [vulgar] :: To bully, annoy, harass, ride; to give somebody a hard time; to be a prick (with somebody)
vittuilla {vi} [vulgar] :: To fuck around (with somebody)
vittuilla {vi} [vulgar] :: To fuck with somebody
vittuilu {n} [vulgar] :: The process of annoying someone, of pissing them off
vittumainen {adj} [vulgar] :: Someone or something that is a pain in the ass, annoying, difficult, obnoxious, repulsive, very unpleasant etc
vittuuntua {vi} [vulgar] :: To become/get pissed off, become/get annoyed, become/get angry, become/get upset
vittuuntunut {adj} [vulgar] :: Very angry or annoyed; pissed, see the article of the verb vituttaa
väittää vastaan {v} [idiomatic] :: to talk back, to backtalk, to argue
väittää vastaan {v} :: to object, to contest
vitu {n} :: synonym of vitun kieli
vitun {adv} [vulgar, intensifier] :: fucking
vitun kieli {n} :: Vitu (language of Papua New Guinea with fewer than 10,000 speakers)
vitusti {adv} [vulgar] :: An intensifier
vituttaa {vt} [vulgar] :: To annoy; to cause annoyance; to piss off
vituttaa {vt} [monopersonal, vulgar] :: partitive + 3rd-pers. singular = to be annoyed, be pissed off
vitutus {n} [vulgar] :: The state of being extremely annoyed, irritated, or pissed off, also describes being bugged by something. Further description in the article of the verb vituttaa
viuh {interj} :: whoosh, whizz
viuhahdus {n} :: zip, whish
viuhahdus {n} :: nude run
viuhahtaa {v} :: to swoosh (to move with a rushing or swirling sound in one-time action)
viuhahtaa {v} [by extension] :: to streak (to run naked in public)
viuhahtaja {n} :: streaker (person who runs naked through a public place)
viuhahtelija {n} :: streaker
viuhina {n} [onomatopoeic] :: swoosh; whoosh
viuhka {n} :: hand fan, fan
viuhka {n} :: fan (anything resembling a hand fan)
viuhka {n} [colloquial] :: luck
viuhkaeväinen {adj} [taxonomy, fish] :: ray-finned
viuhkaeväinen {n} :: ray-finned fish
viuhkaeväinen {n} :: in plural also Actinopterygii (taxonomic class of ray-finned fish)
viuhkamainen {adj} :: fan-shaped
viuhkamainen {adj} [botany, zoology] :: flabellate
viuhke {n} [onomatopoeic] :: swoosh; whoosh
viuhko {n} [botany] :: A cymose inflorescence
viuhtoa {v} :: to wave one's arms vigorously
viuhtoa {v} :: to walk or run fast by simultaneously flinging one's arms back and forth vigorously
viuhtoja {n} :: steamer duck (anseriform bird of the genus "Tachyeres)
viulisti {n} :: violinist (person who plays violin)
viulu {n} :: violin
viulu {n} [colloquial, in plural] :: costs, bill
viulunrakentaja {n} :: luthier, violin maker
viulunsoittaja {n} :: fiddler
viulunsoittaja {n} :: violinist
vivahde {n} :: hue, tint
vivahde {n} :: shade (a distinct but marginal variant in brightness or colour)
vivahde {n} :: nuance (a shade of meaning)
vivahduksekas {adj} :: alternative form of vivahteikas
vivahteikas {adj} :: nuanced (having nuances; possessed of multiple layers of detail, pattern, or meaning)
väive {n} :: chewing louse
vivipaarinen {adj} :: viviparous
vivisektio {n} :: vivisection
vivuta {vt} :: To lever
Vjatšeslav {prop} :: A transliteration of the Russian male given name Вячесла́в
vääjäämätön {adj} :: inevitable, inexorable
vääjäämättä {adv} :: inevitably, inexorably
vääjäämättömästi {adv} :: inevitably, inexorably
väkä {n} :: A barb
väkevä {adj} :: strong
väkevä {adj} [alcohol] :: hard
väkevä {adj} [biblical] :: mighty
väkevä {adj} :: potent
väkevä {adj} :: concentrated [not dilute]
väkevä {n} [normally in plural] :: liquor (any distilled alcoholic drink)
väkevöidä {vt} [of liquid] :: to concentrate
väkevöidä {vt} :: to enrich (to increase the amount of one isotope in a mixture of isotopes, especially in production of nuclear fuel)
väkevöite {n} :: concentrate
väkevöittää {v} :: alternative form of väkevöidä
väkevöityä {vi} :: to concentrate, condense (of a solution, to increase the concentration by getting rid of useless material)
väkevöity {adj} :: concentrated
väkevöity {adj} :: enriched
väki {n} [, singular] :: people, crowd
väki {n} [archaic, also as modifier in compound terms] :: power, strength, force
väkijoukko {n} :: crowd
väkijoukko {n} :: mob
väkijuoma {n} [dated] :: synonym of alkoholijuoma
väkilannoite {n} :: artificial fertilizer
väkiluku {n} :: population (number of inhabitants)
väkinäinen {adj} :: forced, contrived
väkipyörä {n} :: pulley
väkipyssy {n} :: blunderbuss (historical firearm)
väkirehu {n} :: concentrated fodder, concentrate feed (fodder with elevated content of nutrients)
väkirikas {adj} :: populous (having a large population)
väkisin {adv} :: by force, involuntarily
väkisinmaata {vt} [legal] :: to rape (to force sexual intercourse)
väkisinmakaaminen {n} [legal, obsolete] :: rape
väkivallaton {adj} :: nonviolent
väkivallattomasti {adv} :: nonviolently
väkivallattomuus {n} :: nonviolence
väkivalloin {adv} :: violently
väkivalta {n} :: Violence (action intended to cause destruction, pain or suffering)
väkivaltainen {adj} :: Violent (taking actions intended to cause destruction, pain or suffering)
väkivaltaisempi {adj} :: comparative of väkivaltainen
väkivaltaisesti {adv} :: violently
väkivaltaisin {adj} :: superlative of väkivaltainen
väkivaltaisuudet {n} [pluralonly] :: Widespread fighting, violence
väkivaltaisuus {n} :: Violence, state of being violent (i.e. taking actions intended to cause destruction, pain or suffering)
väkivaltarikollisuus {n} :: violence crime (criminal behaviour involving violence towards the offer)
väkivaltarikos {n} :: violent crime (criminal act involving violence against a victim)
väkiviina {n} :: rectified spirit
väkkärä {n} :: toy waterwheel
väkkärä {n} :: pinwheel (toy: flower-like propeller attached to a stem; the flower spins round in the wind)
väkänen {n} :: barb (anything that stands out with a sharp point obliquely or crosswise to something else)
vko {abbr} :: week
V-laakso {n} [geography] :: A V-shaped valley
Vladivostok {prop} :: Vladivostok (city in Russia)
välähdellä {v} :: To flash, blink (repeatedly)
välähdys {n} :: flash
välähtää {v} :: to glint
välähtää {v} :: to flash
väli {n} :: gap, space
väli {n} :: interval
väli {n} :: distance
väli {n} :: difference
väli- {prefix} :: mid-, middle-, intermediate, inter-
väliaika {n} :: intermission (break between two performances or sessions)
väliaika {n} :: entr'acte (interval between two acts of a play or opera)
väliaika {n} [sports] :: half time (interval between two halves of a game)
väliaikainen {adj} :: temporary, transitory
väliaikaisesti {adv} :: temporarily, transitorily
väliaine {n} [physics] :: medium
väliaineen vastus {n} :: drag (force which resists motion of an object through a fluid)
väliaivot {n} [anatomy] :: diencephalon
Väli-Amerikka {prop} :: Middle America, Mesoamerica (geographical region comprising Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean)
väliamerikkalainen {adj} :: Mesoamerican
välierä {n} [sports] :: A semifinal
välietappi {n} :: staging post
välihuomautus {n} :: comment, remark, especially an interrupting one
väli-ilmansuunta {n} :: half-cardinal point (an ordinal direction or intercardinal direction between north, east, south and west)
väliin {adv} :: (in) between (into a position that is between something; used postpositionally)
väliin {adv} [temporal] :: sometimes, at times
väliintulo {n} :: interference
väliintulo {n} :: intervention
välijäähdytin {n} :: intercooler
välikarsina {n} [anatomy] :: mediastinum
välike {n} :: spacer (object inserted to hold a space)
välikkö {n} :: passage (short passageway or corridor between two or more rooms)
välikoe {n} :: quiz (school examination of less importance, or of greater brevity, than others given in the same course)
välikohtaus {n} :: incident (event that causes an interruption or a crisis)
välikorva {n} [anatomy] :: middle ear
välikorvantulehdus {n} [pathology] :: otitis media (inflammation of the middle ear)
välikäsi {n} :: A middleman, an intermediary, especially a commercial one
välikysymys {n} [politics] :: interpellation
välilasku {n} :: Stop-over (of a flight; meaning only the interruption of flight, not the place of the interruption)
välilehti {n} :: tab (navigational widget)
välileuanluu {n} :: incisive bone (in humans, portion of the maxilla adjacent to the incisors)
välileuanluu {n} :: premaxilla (similar bone in many animals)
välilevy {n} [anatomy] :: intervertebral disc; short for nikamavälilevy
välilevy {n} :: any disk or plate located between two other things
välilevypullistuma {n} [pathology] :: slipped disk, spinal disc herniation (protrusion of a vertebral disk into the spinal canal)
välilevytyrä {n} [pathology] :: hernia nuclei pulposi, spinal disc herniation
väliliha {n} [anatomy] :: perineum
välillä {adv} :: between
välillä {adv} :: occasionally, at times
välillinen {adj} :: indirect
välillisesti {adv} :: indirectly, vicariously
välilyönti {n} :: space bar
Välimaa {prop} :: surname
välimatka {n} :: distance (between two points)
välimerellinen {adj} :: Mediterranean
välimerellistää {v} :: to Mediterraneanize
välimerentaateli {n} :: date palm (Phoenix dactylifera)
Välimeri {prop} :: The Mediterranean Sea
välimerkittää {v} [linguistics] :: to punctuate
välimerkittäminen {n} [linguistics] :: punctuation (act)
välimerkitys {n} [linguistics] :: punctuation
välimerkki {n} [grammar] :: punctuation mark
välimerkki {n} :: In plural, punctuation (set of punctuation marks)
välimies {n} :: middleman, intermediary
välimies {n} :: intermediator, mediator
välimies {n} [legal] :: arbitrator, referee (person who settles a dispute)
välimiesoikeus {n} :: arbitral tribunal, arbitration forum, arbitrator (body of one or more persons called arbitrators, to which disputing parties trust the settlement of their differences and agree to be bound by the arbitration decision)
välimiesoikeus {n} :: arbitration court (institution whose business is to make such judgments)
välimuisti {n} [computing] :: cache
väline {n} :: tool, means, implement
välinegatiivi {n} :: internegative
välinen {adj} :: Being located between something, concretely or figuratively. Often tanslated into English with prepositions between, in between or prefix inter-, or the adjective interjacent may be used
välinpitämätön {adj} :: indifferent
välinpitämättömästi {adv} :: unconcernedly, indifferently
välinpitämättömyys {n} :: indifference, disregard
välinpitämättömyys {n} :: neglect
välinäytös {n} :: interlude
välipala {n} :: snack
välipala {n} :: snack food
välipäivä {n} :: day off (day in which a person does not do whatever would keep them busy otherwise)
välipäivä {n} :: off day (day in which a person is not performing up to their usual level of ability)
välipäivä {n} [in plural] :: boxing week (days between Christmas and New Year)
välipuite {n} [construction] :: muntin
väliseinä {n} [architecture] :: dividing wall
väliseinä {n} [anatomy, zoology, mycology, botany] :: septum
välisijavirhe {n} [physics] :: interstitial, interstitial defect (type of crystallographic defect in which an extra atom occupies a space between the ordinary atom positions in the crystal lattice)
välissä {adv} :: between
välistä {adv} :: From between
välistä {adv} :: occasionally
välitila {n} :: Any intermediate state or space
välitila {n} [anatomy] :: interstitium (space between cells or organs)
välitila {n} :: interregnum (intermission in any order of succession)
välitila {n} [Catholicism, teology] :: limbo (place where innocent souls exist temporarily until they can enter heaven)
välitön {adj} :: immediate, instantaneous (without delay)
välitön {adj} :: spontaneous, natural, unaffected (of a character)
välittää {vt} :: To transmit, convey, forward, pass on
välittää {vt} :: To supply, provide, procure, act as an agent in something
välittää {vt} :: To (inter)mediate, arbitrate
välittää {vi} [+ elative] :: To take care of, handle, deal with, worry about, bother oneself about, trouble oneself about
välittää {vi} [+ elative] :: To care for/about, like, be fond of
välittäjä {n} :: middleman, dealer, broker
välittäjä {n} :: mediator, arbiter
välittömästi {adv} :: immediately
välittämättä {adv} :: regardless of, heedless of
välittyä {vi} :: To be transmitted, be conveyed, be forwarded, be passed on (also figuratively)
välitulos {n} :: intermediate result, preliminary result
välitunti {n} :: break, recess (between school lessons)
välituote {n} :: intermediate product (product that requires further processing before it is saleable to the ultimate consumer)
välitys {n} :: transmission
välitys {n} :: mediation
välitys {n} :: intercession
välitysoikeus {n} :: synonym of välimiesoikeus
väliviiva {n} :: a hyphen used in compounds with colliding vowels (e.g. linja-auto)
väliväri {n} :: secondary colour
välivuosi {n} :: year off, gap year, sabbatical
väljä {adj} :: loose (not fitting tightly)
väljentää {vt} :: To loosen
väljentyä {vi} :: to loosen, grow loose
väljetä {vi} :: alternative term for väljentyä
väljähtyä {vi} [of drinks] :: To become stale
väljähtynyt {adj} :: flat (of a carbonated drink, having lost most of its carbon dioxide)
välke {n} :: gleam, glitter, sparkle
välke {n} :: blip, pip (small dot registered on electronic equipment, such as a radar or oscilloscope screen)
välke {n} :: clutter (unwanted radar or sonar wave reflection arising from the land or sea surface, clouds, rain etc.)
välke {n} [mineralogy] :: blende
välkehtiä {vi} :: to glitter
välkähdellä {v} :: to glint, flash repeatedly
välkähtää {v} :: alternative form of välähtää
välkky {adj} [psychology, colloquial] :: bright
välkkyä {v} :: to blink (to flash on and off at regular intervals)
välkkyä {v} :: to sparkle, glitter, twinkle, glint, shine
välkyntä {n} :: glittering, glinting
välkyttää {vt} :: to blink, to flash
vlogata {n} :: to vlog
vlogi {n} :: vlog (weblog using video as its primary presentation format)
välskäri {n} :: barber surgeon, army surgeon (medical practitioner charged with looking after soldiers during or after a battle)
välskäri {n} :: tang, surgeonfish, unicornfish (fish of the family Acanthuridae)
vältellä {vt} :: To evade, dodge, sidestep, avoid (a question)
vältellä {vt} :: To avoid, shun (a person; a place)
vältellä {vt} :: To shirk, evade, duck (doing sth, e.g. a duty)
välttää {vt} :: To avoid, evade, escape, dodge; to avert (a disaster)
välttää {vi} :: To refrain (from doing = active 3rd infinitive in elative), make a point (of not doing = act. 3rd. inf. in elat.)
välttää {vi} :: To do, be good enough
välttö {n} :: avoidance
välttelevä {adj} :: evasive
välttely {n} :: evasion
välttely {n} :: veron or verojen ~ : avoision, tax avoision
välttäminen {n} :: avoidance
välttämätön {adj} :: inevitable, necessary, essential
välttämätön aminohappo {n} [amino acid] :: essential amino acid
välttämättä {adv} :: necessarily, of necessity
välttämättä {adv} :: (with a negation verb) not necessarily
välttämättömyys {n} :: necessity
välttämättömyys {n} :: essentialness
välttämättömyystarvike {n} :: necessity, basic necessity, essential goods
välttävä {adj} :: passable, tolerable, mediocre, marginal (moderate in degree, barely acceptable, so-so)
välttävä {adj} [academic grade] :: below average
välttyä {vi} :: To escape (from a situation)
väläys {n} :: flash
väläyttää {v} :: To flash
v-mäinen {adj} [euphemism, vulgar] :: synonym of vittumainen
V-moottori {n} :: V engine, V-engine (type of motor in which the cylinders are arranged in a V shape)
-Vn {suffix} :: Forms the illative singular case
väänne {n} :: convulsion (of body parts)
väännellä {v} :: To wring (to hold tight and twist continuously)
Väänänen {prop} :: surname
väännin {n} :: knob
vänrikki {n} [military ranks] :: The lowest officer rank in the Finnish army. The English translation used by the army is second lieutenant
vänskä {n} [military slang] :: second lieutenant
vääntää {vt} :: To wrench, twist
vääntö {n} :: twist, torsion (act of turning, twisting or wrenching of a body by the exertion of a lateral force tending to turn one end or part of it about a longitudinal axis, while the other is held fast or turned in the opposite direction)
vääntö {n} [figuratively] :: A tough negotiation
vääntelehtiä {vi} :: to writhe, squirm
vääntää rautalangasta {vt} [idiomatic] :: to explain in plain English, to explain in words of one syllable, to spell out, to spoon-feed (to explain in concrete and simple terms, often condescendingly)
vääntää veistä haavassa {phrase} :: To rub salt in the wound, to add insult to injury (to make someone's suffering even worse)
vääntyä {vi} :: To be bent, be twisted
vääntymä {n} :: distortion, deformation, warp
vääntynyt {adj} :: twisted, bent, wry, warped
vääntäytyä {vi} :: To bend oneself
vääntäytyä {vt} [_, + illative or allative] :: To go someplace despite disinterest; to bother going
voda {n} [slang] :: water
vodjanoi {n} :: The Finnish transliteration of the , a water sprite or merman in the Slavic mythology. The equivalent creature in Finnish mythology is called vetehinen
vodka {n} :: vodka
voguli {n} :: A Vogul
voguli {n} :: The Vogul language
vohkia {v} [colloquial] :: to snatch, steal
vohla {n} :: kid (young goat)
vohveli {n} :: waffle
vohvelikangas {n} :: waffle cloth
vohvelirauta {n} :: waffle iron
voi {n} :: butter
voi {interj} :: oh
voida {vt} [auxiliary, + infinitive] :: can, to be able to, to be capable
voida {v} [in the conditional mood] :: could
voida {v} :: may, to be allowed, to be permitted
voida {v} :: (in negative sentences) should (not)
voida {vi} :: (to enquire about wellbeing, or as a formal greeting) to be, feel, do
voide {n} :: ointment, salve
voide {n} :: lotion, cream
voidella {vt} :: To grease, oil, lubricate
voidella {vt} :: To anoint
voidella {vt} [figuratively] :: To grease someone's palm, bribe
voi ei {interj} :: oh dear, oh no
voihan {interj} :: Used in front of a swearword as fortifier
voihan {interj} :: Sometimes used alone to convey the message without actually swearing
voihappo {n} [chemistry] :: butyric acid
voi helvetti {interj} :: Oh bugger; bloody hell (A curse, expressing deep annoyance when things go badly)
voihkaista {vi} :: To utter a moan, groan
voihkaisu {n} :: A moan, groan
voihke {n} :: moan, moaning
voihkia {vi} :: To groan, moan
voihkina {n} :: groan, moan
voihkinta {n} :: groan, moan
voi hurja {interj} :: gee (exclamation of surprise)
voi hyvin {phrase} :: keep well ("may you remain in good health")
Voijonmaa {prop} [archaic] :: Gotland (large island in the Baltic Sea)
voikala {n} :: butterfish (perciform fish of the family Stromateidae, including the genera Pampus, Peprilus and Stromateus)
voi kiesus {interj} [colloquial] :: jeez, crikey, oh my God
voikka {n} [slang] :: gymnastics
voikoukku {n} :: butter curler (kitchen tool designed to produce decorative butter shapes)
voikukka {n} [botany] :: dandelion
voilee {n} :: voile
voileipä {n} :: bread and butter, bread with butter (buttered slice of bread)
voileipä {n} :: open sandwich (slice of bread with some toppings)
voileipä {n} :: sandwich (two slices of bread with fillings between them)
voileipä {n} :: in the game of ducks and drakes, an individual jump of the stone from the surface of water; see heittää leipiä (to play ducks and drakes)
voileipägrilli {n} :: pie iron, sandwich toaster
voileipäkakku {n} :: sandwich cake (savory Swedish cake)
voileipäkeksi {n} :: sa