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A partially cleaned list of most commonly occurring English words, based on the Wortschatz Leipzig 2016 English Wikipedia 1M sentence corpus, available for public download courtesy of Universität Leipzig / Sächsische Akademie der Wissenschaften / InfAI, 2023.[1]

See suggestions for how to use these lists. Most importantly, please remember inclusion on this list does not in itself satisfy the Criteria for Inclusion. Collocations may or may not warrant their own individual entries, and not necessarily in the exact form they appear here. If you see a word in this list which is clearly out of place (wrong language, punctuation, superfluous capitalisation), you are welcome to remove it. While creating entries for words, please leave valid bluelinks in place as these pages may be copied for use with other language projects in the future.



  1. ^ D. Goldhahn, T. Eckart & U. Quasthoff. "Building Large Monolingual Dictionaries at the Leipzig Corpora Collection: From 100 to 200 Languages.", in Proceedings of the 8th International Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC'12), 2012.


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