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t {letter} :: letter: tee
-t {suffix} :: [case suffix] Forms the nominative plural
-t {suffix} :: [case suffix] Forms the accusative forms of the personal pronouns and the interrogative pronoun ken
-t {suffix} [personal] :: Forms the second person singular of verbs
t. {abbr} :: abbreviation of terveisin
{interj} [colloquial] :: what (exclamation used to express stupefaction or failure to understand somebody else's words)
T {letter} :: letter: tee
-ta {suffix} :: A suffix for the partitive singular case
-ta {suffix} :: Forms verbs from nouns
taa {postp} [poetic, dialectal] :: Of movement, behind; a shorter form of taakse
-taa {suffix} :: Forms causative verbs
-taa {suffix} :: Forms verbs from nouns and adjectives
taaempana {adv} :: alternative form of taempana
taaempi {adj} :: alternative form of taempi
taaimmaksi {adv} :: alternative form of taimmaksi
taaimpana {adv} :: alternative form of taimpana
taain {adj} :: alternative form of tain (located farthest back, behind other objects)
taaja {adj} :: thick, dense
taajaan {adv} :: densely, thickly
taajalti {adv} :: densely
taajama {n} :: (densely) populated community, population centre (locality with at least 200 inhabitants, and the individual houses not further than 200 metres from each other)
taajasti {adv} :: densely
taajentaa {vt} :: To make more frequent
taajeta {vi} :: To become denser
taajuinen {adj} :: having a frequency (usually of some kind)
taajuus {n} [physics] :: frequency
taajuusalue {n} :: band (part of radio spectrum)
taajuusjakaja {n} [electronics] :: frequency divider, clock divider, scaler
taajuuskaista {n} [physics] :: frequency band, frequency range
taajuuslaskin {n} [electronics] :: frequency counter
taajuusmodulaatio {n} :: frequency modulation
taajuusmuuttaja {n} [electronics] :: frequency changer
taajuusmuuttaja {n} [electronics] :: variable-frequency drive
taajuustaso {n} [math] :: frequency domain
taajuustaso {n} [physics] :: frequency level
taakka {n} :: burden
taakka {n} :: pack
taakse {adv} :: Of movement, behind:
taakse {adv} [nautical] :: abaft, astern
taakse {postp} :: Of movement, behind
taakse {postp} [nautical] :: abaft, aft, astern of
taakseen {adv} :: back, behind (oneself) (towards the back)
taaksepäin {adv} :: In the direction towards the back, backward
taala {n} [colloquial] :: dollar, buck
Taalainmaa {prop} :: Dalecarlia (Swedish province)
taalainmaalainen {n} :: Dalecarlian (someone from Dalecarlia)
taalainmaalainen {adj} :: Dalecarlian (of or pertaining to Dalecarlia)
taalari {n} :: synonym of taaleri
taaleri {n} :: taler, thaler (historical monetary unit in a number of European countries)
taaleri {n} :: daalder (historic Dutch currency)
taamoa {v} :: [reindeer herding] To tame
taannehtia {v} :: synonym of takautua
taannehtiva {adj} [legal] :: Ex post facto, retroactive (of a law or another decision made by an official)
taannoin {adv} :: recently
taannoinen {adj} :: recent
taantua {vi} :: To revert
taantuma {n} [economics] :: A recession, depression, economic downturn
taantumuksellinen {adj} :: reactionary (very conservative)
taapero {n} [colloquial] :: toddler
taapertaa {vi} :: To toddle
taaplata {vt} :: to stack planks or firewood
taara {n} [transport] :: tare (empty weight of a container)
taarata {v} :: to tare
taaraus {n} :: The act of taring
taari {n} :: beer
taari {n} :: kvass
taari {n} :: synonym of ruskolevä
taarna {n} :: great fen-sedge, saw-sedge, swamp sawgrass (Cladium mariscus)
taarna {n} :: any plant of genus Cladium
taaro {n} :: taro
taas {adv} :: again
taas {adv} :: on the other hand, for one
taasen {adv} :: alternative form of taas
taas kerran {adv} :: once again (once more, one more time, but probably not the last time)
taaskin {adv} :: again, once again
taata {vt} :: To warrant; to guarantee
taata {n} :: grandfather
taata {n} :: old man
taateli {n} :: date (fruit)
taateliluumu {n} :: date plum, Diospyros lotus (tree)
taateliluumu {n} :: date plum (fruit of that tree)
taatelipalmu {n} :: A date palm
taatti {n} :: Tat (language)
taatti {n} [dialectal] :: synonym of juhlapuku
taatto {n} :: father
taatto {n} [dialectal] :: grandfather
taattu {adj} :: guaranteed
taatusti {adv} :: certainly
Taava {prop} :: given name
taavetti {n} [nautical] :: davit (crane to sling a lifeboat, maintenance trapeze etc)
Taavetti {prop} :: given name
Taavi {prop} :: given name, short form of Taavetti ( =David)
Taavitsainen {prop} :: surname
tabascokastike {n} :: Tabasco sauce
tabascopippuri {n} :: alternative form of tabaskopippuri
tabasko {n} :: tabasco (hot sauce)
tabaskopippuri {n} :: tabasco pepper (particular variety of chili pepper)
tabernaakkeli {n} [Bible] :: tabernacle (portable tent used by the Jewish before the construction of the temple of Jeusalem)
tabernaakkeli {n} :: tabernacle (small ornamented cupboard or box used for the sacrament of the Eucharist in a Roman Catholic church)
tabernaakkeli {n} :: tabernacle (sukkah, booth used during the Jewish feast of Sukkot)
Tabita {prop} :: Tabitha [biblical character]
tablatuuri {n} [music] :: tablature
tabletti {n} :: pill, tablet
tabletti {n} :: place mat (protective table mat for a single setting of plates and dishes)
tabletti {n} [computing] :: tablet, tablet computer
tabloidi {n} :: tabloid
tabu {n} :: taboo
tabulaattori {n} :: tabulator, tab
tabulatuuri {n} [music] :: tablature
tabuloida {v} :: To tabulate
taco {n} :: taco
Tšad {prop} :: Chad (country)
Tšad {prop} :: Chad (lake)
tade {n} [obsolete] :: manure (when used as fertilizer)
Tadžikistan {prop} :: Tajikistan
tadžikki {n} [countable] :: Tajik (person)
tadžikki {n} [uncountable] :: Tajik (language)
tadikko {n} :: alternative form of talikko
tšadilainen {adj} :: Chadian (of or pertaining to Chad)
tšadilainen {adj} :: Chadic
tšadilainen {n} :: Chadian (person)
Tšadjärvi {prop} :: Lake Chad, Chad (lake in central Africa, divided between Nigeria, Cameroon, Chad and Niger)
tšador {n} :: chador (loose robe worn by Moslem women, especially in Iran)
tae {n} :: guarantee
tae {n} :: Something made of wrought iron, a forged object
taekwondo {n} [martial arts] :: taekwondo
taekwondoin {n} :: taekwondoka (person skilled in taekwondo)
taemmas {adv} :: (to/towards) closer to the back or behind (of something)
taempana {adv} :: more behind, further behind, further back (comparative of takana )
taempi {adj} :: further/farther behind, hinder (comparative of hind)
taeta {vi} [relatively rare] :: To go backwards, retrogress (temporally or locally)
taffelipiano {n} [musical instruments] :: square piano
tafti {n} :: taffeta (crisp, smooth plain-woven fabric used e.g. in gowns, slips, curtains)
tag {n} :: alternative form of tagi
tagaali {n} :: Tagalog (member of the second largest Filipino ethnic group)
tagalog {n} :: Tagalog (language)
tšagatai {n} :: Chagatai (extinct Turkic language)
tagi {n} :: tag (graffiti)
tagi {n} [computing] :: tag (markup, keyword)
tahallaan {adv} :: intentionally, on purpose, purposely, deliberately
tahallinen {adj} :: deliberate, intentional
tahallisesti {adv} :: intentionally, on purpose, purposely
tahalteen {adv} [colloquial or dialectal] :: alternative form of tahallaan
tahansa {adv} :: Used with interrogative pronouns (kuka, mikä, missä, milloin, millainen, kumpi etc.) to indicate that a choice between available options (which may be infinite) is indifferent or arbitrary in at least one respect; the English equivalents include any, -ever and either
tahaton {adj} :: unintended, involuntary, unintentional, unplanned, inadvertent
tahdas {n} :: dough
tahdikas {adj} :: tactful, discreet
tahdikkuus {n} :: tactfulness, discreetness
tahdistaa {vt} :: to synchronise/synchronize
tahdistin {n} :: synchronizer
tahdistin {n} :: pacemaker
tahditon {adj} :: tactless
tahdittaa {vt} :: To set the pace
tahdittomasti {adv} :: tactlessly
tahdon {interj} :: I do (a traditional phrase said upon acceptance of marriage)
tahdonvaltainen {adj} [legal] :: dispositive (that may be decided freely between or by parties)
tahdonvoima {n} :: willpower
tahdoton {adj} :: Involuntary; without or having no free will
tahi {conj} :: (coordinating; law) or
tahikka {conj} [archaic] :: alternative form of tahi
tahko {n} :: grindstone
tahko {n} [geometry] :: face
tahko {n} [of a, cheese] :: wheel
tahkoa {v} :: to use a grindstone
tahkoa {v} [colloquial] :: to effectively earn something
tahkota {vt} :: to grind with a grindstone
tahkota {vt} [colloquial] :: to do something boring or repetitive repeatedly or for a long time
tahkoutua {vi} :: to be grinded with a grindstone
tahma {n} :: gunk, goo (sticky substance)
tahmaantua {vi} :: To become sticky
tahmainen {adj} :: sticky
tahmariisi {n} :: sticky rice, glutinous rice
tahmata {v} :: to make sticky
tahmata {v} :: To jam, block, to make something to stuck
tahmautua {vi} :: alternative form of tahmaantua
tahmea {adj} :: sticky, gooey, tacky
tahmentaa {vt} :: To make stickier, make more viscous
tahmeta {vi} :: To become stickier
tahmeus {n} :: stickiness, tack
tahna {n} :: paste
taho {n} :: direction
taho {n} :: facet
taho {n} :: any group of humans or human institution (what type of human institution is meant, is given in the context)
tahokas {n} :: polyhedron
tahra {n} :: A speck of dirt, blemish, blot
tahraantua {v} :: To get dirty, blemished
tahrainen {adj} :: stained
tahrata {vt} :: To dirty, foul, defile
tahrata maineensa {v} [idiomatic] :: to have egg on one's face
tahraton {adj} :: unblemished
tahraton {adj} :: spotless, stainless
tahrattomuus {n} :: spotlessness
tahrautua {v} :: alternative form of tahraantua
tahria {vt} :: to smudge
tahriintua {vi} :: To get dirty, be soiled
tahriintua {vi} :: To be stained (lose reputation)
tahriintumaton {adj} :: spotless
tahriutua {v} :: synonym of tahriintua
tahti {n} :: pace, rate, rhythm
tahti {n} [music] :: bar [musical section]
tahtilaji {n} [music] :: meter (number of beats in a measure)
tahtilaji {n} [music] :: time signature (numerical sign that indicates the meter)
tahtimittari {n} :: metronome
tahtipuikko {n} [music] :: A baton
tahtiviiva {n} [music] :: bar line
tahto {n} :: will
tahto {n} :: way (determined course; resolved mode of action or conduct)
tahtoa {vt} :: to want
tahtoa {vt} [auxiliary, + infinitive] :: to want (to do something)
tahtoa {vi} :: to tend (to have a tendency to)
Tahvanainen {prop} :: surname
tai {conj} :: [coordinating; in affirmative clauses] or:
tai {n} :: OR (logic gate or connector)
taianomainen {adj} :: magical (wonderful, amazing or incredible)
taide {n} :: art
taide-esine {n} :: objet d'art, work of art
taidegalleria {n} :: An art gallery
taidehistoria {n} :: art history
taidehistorioitsija {n} :: art historian (expert in the history of art)
taidekokoelma {n} :: art collection
taidelainaamo {n} :: art rental shop
taidemaalari {n} :: painter (artist)
taidemuseo {n} :: art museum
taidenäyttely {n} :: art exhibition
taideteos {n} :: artwork, work of art
taidetoimikunta {n} :: arts council (in Finnish government, a board responsible for distributing the public funds reserved for promotion of art)
taidetoimikunta {n} :: art committee (body responsible for art purchases of an organization)
taidokas {adj} :: skillful, skilled
taidonnäyte {n} :: tour de force, feat, masterpiece
taidoton {adj} :: unskilled
taifuuni {n} :: typhoon
taiga {n} :: taiga
Taija {prop} :: given name
taiji {n} :: tai chi (Chinese martial art)
taika {n} :: magic
taika {n} :: spell, enchantment
taikajuoma {n} :: potion (magical)
taikakeino {n} :: synonym of taikatemppu
taikalamppu {n} :: magic lamp
taikamenot {n} :: magical rites
taikaneliö {n} [mathematics] :: magic square
taikapeili {n} :: magic mirror
taikasana {n} :: A magic word, open sesame
taikasauva {n} :: magic wand
taikasieni {n} :: magic mushroom
taikatemppu {n} :: magic trick
taikausko {n} :: superstition (a set of beliefs that future events may be influenced by one's behaviour in some magical or mystical way)
taikauskoinen {adj} :: superstitious
taikauskoisesti {adv} :: superstitiously
taikauskoisuus {n} :: superstition
taikavarpu {n} :: A divining rod
taikavoima {n} :: magical power
taikina {n} :: dough, paste
taikina {n} :: batter
taikinajuuri {n} :: starter dough
taikinamarja {n} :: alpine currant (Ribes alpinum)
taikinanjuuri {n} :: synonym of taikinajuuri
taikinapyörä {n} :: pastry wheel
taikinoida {vt} :: To cover or wrap, wholly or in part, in dough
taikka {conj} :: or
taiko {n} [musical instrument] :: taiko (instrument)
taikoa {vi} :: To conjure, perform magic tricks
taikoa {vt} :: ~ (esiin) = to conjure up
taikoa {vt} :: To turn (into = translative; by using magic)
taikominen {n} :: witchcraft
taikonautti {n} :: A taikonaut
taikuri {n} :: A magician, conjurer/conjuror
taikuus {n} :: magic
taimen {n} :: brown trout (Salmo trutta)
taimi {n} :: sapling (young tree, taller than a seedling)
taimi {n} :: seedling (any young plant grown from the seed)
Taimi {prop} :: given name
taimikko {n} :: A recently planted forest; group of saplings
taimisto {n} :: nursery, plant nursery, tree nursery
taimitarha {n} :: nursery, plant nursery, tree nursery
taimmainen {adj} :: alternative form of takimmainen
taimmaiseksi {adv} :: synonym of taimmaksi
taimmaksi {adv} :: farthest back (superlative of taakse; transferring to the position which is most distant from the speaker and behind comparable items)
taimpana {adv} :: farthest back (superlative of takana; being in the position which is most distant from the speaker and behind comparable items)
Taimyrin niemimaa {prop} :: Taimyr Peninsula, Taymyr peninsula
tain {adj} :: The most posterior
Taina {prop} :: given name
Tainio {prop} :: surname
tainnuttaa {vt} :: to stun
taintua {vi} :: to faint
taionta {n} :: synonym of taikominen
taipale {n} :: alternative form of taival
Taipalsaari {prop} :: Taipalsaari (municipality)
taipua {vi} :: To become curved, to bend
taipua {vi} :: To change one's opinion due to external influence, to give in or bend
taipua {vi} [grammar, of a verb] :: To (be) conjugate(d)
taipua {vi} [grammar, of an adjective, noun] :: To be declinable
taipuisa {adj} :: bendy, pliable, supple
taipumaton {adj} :: (physically, mentally) inflexible
taipumaton {adj} :: (mentally) inflexible, uncompromising, unyielding, unbending
taipumaton {adj} [of a word] :: indeclinable
taipumus {n} :: tendency
taipuva {adj} :: bendable, pliable, flexible (able to be bent, flexed or twisted without breaking)
taipuva {adj} [linguistics] :: inflectable (that can be inflected)
taipuvainen {adj} :: inclined (having a tendency, preference, likelihood, or disposition)
taipuvaisempi {adj} :: comparative of taipuvainen
taipuvaisin {adj} :: superlative of taipuvainen
taira {n} :: tayra (Eira barbara)
taistelevien läänitysvaltioiden kausi {n} [history] :: Warring States period (of Chinese history)
taistelevien valtioiden aikakausi {n} [history] :: Warring States period (of Chinese history)
taistelija {n} :: A fighter (someone who fights)
taistelija {n} :: A warrior
taistelija {n} :: A combatant
taistella {vi} :: To fight, struggle (to contend in physical conflict; with weapons; if the enemy is mentioned, it is in the partitive case, followed by the postposition vastaan)
taistella {vi} [figuratively] :: To fight, compete, contest (usually followed by the goal, e.g. voitosta, "for the victory")
taistella {vi} [figuratively, + partitive + vastaan] :: To combat, fiercely counteract
taistelu {n} :: A fight
taistelu {n} :: A struggle
taistelu {n} :: A battle
taistelu {n} :: A combat
taistelu {n} [military] :: An engagement (actual instance of active hostilities)
taisteluaine {n} [military] :: A chemical or biological substance other than explosive which is or may be used as weapon
taisteluasema {n} :: battle station, battle position
taisteluhaarniska {n} :: battle armor
taisteluhansikas {n} :: A gauntlet
taisteluharjoitus {n} :: A combat exercise (small-scale rehearsal of military maneuvers as practice for warfare)
taisteluhauta {n} :: trench, entrenchment
taisteluhelikopteri {n} :: attack helicopter
taisteluhuuto {n} :: battle cry
taistelujoukot {n} :: combat forces
taistelukaasu {n} [military] :: war gas, poison gas, gaseous chemical warfare agent
taistelukenkä {n} :: combat boot
taistelukenttä {n} [military] :: battlefield
taistelukirves {n} :: A battle axe
taistelukärki {n} :: warhead (part of a missile or other munition which contains the materials intended to inflict damage to the enemy)
taistelukukko {n} :: gamecock (fighting cock)
taistelulaiva {n} :: battleship
taistelulaji {n} :: synonym of kamppailulaji
taistelumarssi {n} :: tab (fast march or run with full kit)
taistelunhaluinen {adj} :: pugnacious
taistelupanssarivaunu {n} [military] :: A main battle tank
taistelusukeltaja {n} [military] ::   combat diver, frogman
taistelutaito {n} :: fighting skill, combat skill
taistelutanner {n} :: battleground
taistelutoveri {n} :: comrade, battle buddy, brother-in-arms
taistelu-urheilu {n} :: synonym of kamppailu-urheilu
taisteluväline {n} :: ordnance
taisteluväsymys {n} :: combat fatigue
taisto {n} [poetic] :: A fight
taisto {n} :: A battle
Taisto {prop} :: given name
taistolainen {n} [politics] :: A follower of taistolaisuus
taitaa {vt} [active past part. taitanut] :: to know, master, command, have a command of, have a proficiency in
taitaa {vt} [auxiliary + infinitive, active past part. taitanut or tainnut] :: to probably do, think that one does
taitaja {n} :: whiz (someone who is remarkably skilled at something)
taitava {adj} :: Expert, skilled, skillful, capable, able, experienced; competent, proficient
taitavasti {adv} :: skillfully (with great skill)
taitavasti {adv} :: ably (with great ability)
taitavuus {n} :: proficiency, skill, competence
taite {n} :: turn (e.g. vuosisadan taitteessa, at the turn of the century)
taite {n} :: fold
taiteellinen {adj} :: Artistic; relating to arts
taiteellinen vapaus {n} :: artistic licence, artistic license
taiteellisesti {adv} :: artistically
taiteellisuus {n} :: artisticness (quality of being artistic)
taiteellisuus {n} :: artistry (artistic skill)
taiteenfilosofia {n} :: art philosophy
taiteikas {adj} [rare] :: skillful
taiteilija {n} :: artist (person who creates art)
taiteilijatar {n} :: paintress (female painter)
taiteilijatar {n} :: female artist
taiteilla {v} :: To do something that demonstrates high skill, especially with one's hands or by performing a tricky set of motions
taiteilla {v} [figuratively] :: To walk a tightrope (to undertake a precarious course of action)
taiteilla {v} :: To produce a work of art such as a skillful drawing or painting (but not e.g. a piece of music or literature)
taitekatto {n} :: gambrel roof (roof shape)
taitekerroin {n} [physics] :: refractive index
taitekulma {n} [optics] :: angle of refraction (angle between the perpendicular and a ray refracted at a surface)
taitella {vt} :: to fold (repeatedly)
taiten {adv} :: with skill
taiten {adv} :: in a tactful manner
taitettava {adj} :: foldable, folding
taito {n} :: skill
taito {n} :: art (skill attained by study, practice, or observation)
Taito {prop} :: given name
taitoaine {n} [education] :: practical subject
taitoinen {n} [in compounds] :: proficient (being able to speak a language, especially as a foreign language)
taitoinen {n} :: (in compounds) skilled
taitolaji {n} :: art (skill that is attained by study, practice, or observation)
taitolentäjä {n} :: aerobat, stunt pilot
taitolento {n} :: aerobatics
taitoluistelija {n} :: figure skater
taitoluistelu {n} [sports] :: figure skating
taitoluistin {n} :: figure skate (type of skate used in figure skating)
taitoniekka {n} [dated] :: master, whiz
taitopeli {n} :: game of skill (game in which the outcome depends mainly on the physical and mental skills of the players)
taitos {n} :: fold, crease
taitotaso {n} :: skill level
taitotemppu {n} :: skill trick
taitotieto {n} :: know-how
taitouimari {n} :: synchronised swimmer
taitouinti {n} :: synchronised swimming, artistic swimming
taitovirhe {n} :: malpractice (usually medical malpractice)
taitovoimistelu {n} [sports] :: artistic gymnastics
taitse {postp} [with genitive, rare or dialectal] :: by the back of (when one goes through the space that is behind something):
taittaa {v} :: to fold (e.g. paper)
taittaa {v} :: to break (e.g. one's leg)
taittaa {v} [physics] :: to refract (to cause light to change direction as a result of entering a different medium)
taittaa {v} :: to lay out (a page of a newspaper)
taittaa {v} [idiomatic] :: ~ matka = to make a trip, cover a distance
taittaa {v} :: to reap (e.g. grain)
taittaa peistä {v} :: to break a lance
taitto {n} [publishing] :: layout
taittoherne {n} :: snap pea
taittokone {n} :: folding machine
taittomitta {n} :: folding rule
taittovika {n} [ophthalmology] :: refractive error
taittovoima {n} [optics] :: optical power
taittovoimakkuus {n} [physics, optics] :: optical power, dioptric power, refractive power (quantity usually measured with the unit diopter)
taittua {vi} :: To fold
taittua {vi} :: To break (due to bending)
taittua {vi} :: To refract
taittuvateräinen {adj} :: Having a folding blade
taituri {n} :: master, whiz
taiturikultarinta {n} :: melodious warbler, Hippolais polyglotta
taiturillisuus {n} :: wizardry (great ability in some specified field)
taiturimaisuus {n} :: wizardry (great ability in some specified field)
taiturimatkija {n} :: northern mockingbird, Mimus polyglottos
taituroida {vt} :: to do something masterfully
taituruus {n} :: wizardry (great ability in some specified field)
taivaallinen {adj} :: heavenly
taivaallinen {adj} :: divine
taivaallinen {adj} :: celestial
taivaanekvaattori {n} [astronomy] :: The celestial equator
taivaankansi {n} :: firmament, vault of the sky
taivaankappale {n} [astronomy] :: A celestial body, heavenly body
taivaan lintu {n} :: bird of the air, bird (metaphor of freedom)
taivaanmekaniikka {n} [astronomy] :: celestial mechanics
taivaanpallo {n} :: The celestial sphere
taivaanrannan maalari {n} :: daydreamer (one who wastes time daydreaming)
taivaanranta {n} :: skyline
taivaanranta {n} :: horizon
taivaansininen {adj} :: azure, sky-blue
taivaansininen {n} :: azure, sky-blue
taivaantähystäjä {n} :: stargazer, a fish in the family Uranoscopidae
taivaanvuohi {n} :: common snipe, Gallinago gallinago
taivaaseenastuminen {n} [Christianity] :: Ascension (entry of Jesus Christ into heaven after his resurrection)
taival {n} :: passage (part of journey)
Taivalkoski {prop} :: A municipality in nothern Ostrobothnia, Finland
Taivalkoski {prop} :: surname
taivaltaa {vi} :: to travel (especially by foot)
taivas {n} :: sky
taivas {n} :: heaven
taivashautaus {n} :: sky burial
taivaspallo {n} [astronomy] :: armillary sphere
Taivassalo {prop} :: A municipality in Southwest Finland
taivassukellus {n} :: skydiving (art, sport and practice)
taivassukellus {n} :: skydive (instance)
taivastella {v} :: to wonder, complain
taivasten valtakunta {n} [religion] :: Kingdom of Heaven
taive {n} :: bend, crook
taivo {n} [literary] :: sky, heaven
taivukas {n} :: layer (a shoot of a plant, laid underground for growth)
taivuksiin {adv} :: bent, bending (to the bent state)
taivuksissa {adv} :: bent
taivutella {v} :: to persuade, to coerce, to convince
taivutella {v} :: to bend (repeatedly)
taivutin {n} [machinery] :: A bender (device to aid bending of pipes etc. to a specific angle)
taivuttaa {vt} :: To make something curved, to bend
taivuttaa {vt} :: To persuade or bend somebody to change their opinion or make up their mind for something
taivuttaa {vt} [grammar] :: To inflect (a word)
taivuttaa {vt} [grammar] :: To conjugate (a verb)
taivuttaa {vt} [grammar] :: To decline (an adjective / a noun)
taivuttautua {vi} :: to bend oneself
taivutus {n} :: bending (act of bending something)
taivutus {n} :: inflection (}change in the form of a word)
taivutus {n} :: declension (act of inflecting a noun, pronoun or adjective)
taivutus {n} :: conjugation (act of conjugating a verb)
taivutuskone {n} :: synonym of kanttikone
taivutusluokka {n} [grammar] :: declension (way of categorizing nouns, pronouns, or adjectives according to the inflections they receive)
taivutusmuoto {n} [grammar] :: inflected form
Taiwan {prop} :: Taiwan
taiwanilainen {adj} :: Taiwanese
taiwanilainen {n} :: A Taiwanese person
taiwaninmakaki {n} :: Taiwan macaque (Macaca cyclopis)
taju {n} :: consciousness
taju {n} :: sense
tajuinen {adj} [rare] :: conscious; used mostly as head in compound terms
tajuissaan {adv} :: conscious (alert, awake)
tajunnanvirta {n} :: stream of consciousness
tajunta {n} :: consciousness
tajuta {v} :: to get the idea of something, to grasp
tajuta {v} :: to realize (become aware of something)
tajuta {v} [slang] :: To dig (to understand or show interest in)
tajuton {adj} :: unconscious (not awake)
tajuttomuus {n} [medicine] :: unconsciousness
taka- {prefix} :: A prefix signifying back, rear or hind
taka {n} [rare, poetic] :: the backside
taka {n} :: In the expression omasta takaa the word refers to self-support
takaa {adv} :: from behind (both abstractly and concretely)
takaa {postp} :: From behind
takaa-ajo {n} :: chase, pursuit
takaa-ajo {n} [cycling] :: individual pursuit
takaa-ajoasema {n} [sports] :: a disadvantageous position in which one has to chase or pursuit
takaaja {n} :: guarantor (one that gives a guarantee)
taka-ajatus {n} :: ulterior motive
taka-ajatus {n} :: hidden agenda
taka-ala {n} :: a background, mainly as a physical place
takaapäin {adv} :: From behind
takaapäin {adv} [sex] :: doggy style
takaheitto {n} [linguistics] :: metathesis
takahuone {n} :: backroom
takainen {adj} :: located behind something
takaisin {adv} :: Back
takaisin {adv} [colloquial, static] :: Back
takaisinheijastin {n} :: retroreflector
takaisinkäännös {n} [translation studies] :: back-translation (text that is translated from a translation back to its original language)
takaisinkääntäminen {n} [translation studies] :: back-translation (activity of translating a translated text back to the original language)
takaisinkytkentä {n} :: feedback
takaisinmallinnus {n} :: reverse-engineering
takaisinmallintaa {v} :: To reverse-engineer
takaisinosto {n} :: buyback, repurchase
takaisinpäin {adv} :: backwards
takaisinsironta {n} [physics] :: backscattering
takaisinsirota {v} [physics] :: to backscatter
takaisinviittaus {n} [regular expressions] :: backreference
takaisku {n} :: Setback
takaistuin {n} [legal] :: back seat
takajalka {n} :: hind leg
takakansi {n} :: back cover
takakenttä {n} [baseball, pesäpallo, cricket] :: outfield
takakenttä {n} [basketball] :: playing positions of the point guard and shooting guard collectively
takakohtainen {adj} [grammar] :: relative; as in relative pronoun
takakohtainen asemo {n} [grammar, rare] :: relative pronoun
takakontti {n} [automotive] :: synonym of tavaratila
takakäpälä {n} :: hind paw
takakulma {n} :: back corner
Takala {prop} :: surname
takalaiton {n} [pesäpallo] :: foul ball, outside the play area (on the first bounce) from the opposite side from that of the batter, caused by the ball flying too far
takaliikki {n} [nautical] :: leech (aft edge of a triangular sail)
takalisto {n} :: The buttocks
takamaa {n} :: hinterland, backwater
takamus {n} :: behind, bottom, backside, bum, can (buttocks)
takana {adv} :: [static] behind
takana {adv} [nautical] :: abaft, astern
takana {postp} :: [static] behind
takana {postp} [idiomatic] :: around
takana {postp} [nautical] :: abaft, aft of
takana {postp} [nautical] :: astern of
takaneljännes {n} :: hindquarter (rear half of a side of an animal)
takaosa {n} :: back (the part of something that goes last)
takaovi {n} :: A back door, (subsidiary entrance to a building or house at its rear)
takaovi {n} [slang] :: A back door (anus)
takapajuinen {adj} :: underdeveloped, backward
takapajuisuus {n} :: backwardness
takapajula {n} :: middle of nowhere, backwater
takapakkia {adv} [colloquial] :: Used postpositionally with verbs ottaa (to take) and mennä (to go) to signify: to backpedal, to reverse
takapeili {n} :: rear-view mirror
takapenkki {n} :: back seat (seat in the back)
takapenkki {n} [figuratively] :: back seat (powerless position)
takaperin {adv} :: In the direction reverse to normal, backwards
takaperoinen {adj} :: backward (of a movement)
takaperoinen {adj} :: illogical, unpractical, backward, topsy-turvy (of a way of thinking or doing things)
takaperoisesti {adv} :: backwardly
takaperoisjohdos {n} [linguistics] :: back-formation (word)
takaperoisjohto {n} [linguistics] :: back-formation (process)
takaperoisuus {n} :: backwardness
takapiha {n} :: backyard
takapolvi {n} :: hind knee
takapolvi {n} :: stifle (hind knee of various mammals)
takaportti {n} :: A rear gate (a gate at the back of a yard)
takaportti {n} [computing] :: A trapdoor or backdoor (secret access to a program)
takapotku {n} [music] :: back beat
takapuoli {n} :: rear, backside, behind of something
takapuoli {n} [anatomy] :: behind, bottom, bum, buttocks, backside
takapuolustaja {n} [American football] :: safety
takaraaja {n} :: hind limb
takaraivo {n} [anatomy] :: The back of the skull
takaraivolohko {n} [anatomy] :: occipital lobe
takaraivoluu {n} [skeleton] :: occipital bone
takaraivonluu {n} [anatomy] :: occipital bone
takaraja {n} :: rear boundary or limit
takaraja {n} :: deadline
takaruumis {n} [anatomy] :: abdomen (of an arthropod)
takas {adv} [colloquial] :: takaisin
takasatula {n} :: pillion (pad behind the saddle of a horse for a second rider; second saddle on a motorcycle)
takaseinä {n} :: back wall (wall forming the hind side of a structure)
takasiipi {n} :: hind wing
takasiipi {n} [automotive] :: rear wing
takasivu {n} :: backside, back side
takasääriluu {n} :: cannon bone (metatarsal bone of a horse)
takastaagi {n} [nautical, slang] :: backstay
takasuora {n} [sports] :: back straight (straight of a track opposite the finish line)
takatalvi {n} :: a prolonged and sometimes extreme cold spell in spring, experienced as a "return" of winter (understood as such in the past); a blackberry winter or blackthorn winter
takatalvi {n} :: wintry weather in spring; a cold snap with or without snowfall
takatasku {n} :: rear pocket, hip pocket
takauma {n} :: flashback
takaus {n} :: guarantee, guaranty (undertaking to answer for the payment of a debt, or the performance of a contract or duty, of another, in case of the failure of such other to pay or perform)
takautua {vi} :: to go back, to regress, to revert
takautua {vi} [finance, of a loan] :: to end up in a state where the collateral is to pay (of recourse debt)
takautuvasti {adv} :: retroactively
takavaaka {n} [gymnastics] :: back lever
takavalo {n} :: taillight
takavarikko {n} :: confiscation, seizure
takavarikoida {v} :: to confiscate, seize
takavarikointi {n} :: confiscation
takaveto {n} :: rear-wheel drive
takavetoinen {adj} :: rear-wheel drive (being rear-wheel driven)
takavetoisuus {n} :: rear-wheel drive (quality of being rear-wheel driven)
takavokaali {n} [phonetics] :: A back vowel; a vowel which is pronounced so that the tongue is drawn back, as in Finnish a, o and u
takavuosi {n} :: A year of the past; normally used in plural to denote past
takellella {v} :: to stammer, to stutter
Taškent {prop} :: Tashkent (capital of Uzbekistan)
takerrella {vi} :: to attempt to grab onto
takerrella {vi} :: to stutter
takertaa {v} :: synonym of takerrella
takertua {vi} :: to get stuck, to get bogged down
takertua {vt} :: to cling, to stick, to grab
takia {postp} :: because of, due to
takiainen {n} [botany] :: burdock
takiainen {n} [botany] :: burr
takila {n} [nautical] :: rig
takiloida {v} :: To rig (a ship)
takimmainen {adj} :: most behind
takimmaiseksi {adv} :: synonym of taimmaksi
takini {n} :: takin, Budorcas taxicolor
takinkääntö {n} :: volte-face, backflip, somersault, U-turn (reversal of policy, attitude or principle)
takinkääntö {n} :: tergiversation (act of abandoning something or someone, of changing sides; desertion; betrayal)
takinkääntäjä {n} :: turncoat
takioni {n} [physics] :: tachyon
takka {n} :: fireplace
takkahuone {n} :: fireplace room
takkatikku {n} :: fireplace match
takkatuli {n} :: fire in a fireplace
takkauuni {n} :: fireplace oven
takki {n} :: jacket
takki {n} :: coat
takkirauta {n} [metallurgy] :: pig iron
takku {n} :: tangle, frizz (mass of tightly curled hair)
takkuilla {v} :: frequentative form of takuta (to get tangled)
takkuilu {n} :: unsmooth operation of a process caused by any reason
takkuinen {adj} :: tangled, straggly
takkuuntua {vi} :: to tuft, to frizz
taklaaja {n} :: tackler
taklata {v} :: to tackle
taklaus {n} [sports] :: In ice hockey, checking
tšakma {n} :: alternative spelling of tsakma
takoa {vt} :: to forge
takoa {vt} :: to beat, pound, hammer, strike (to deliver a series of quick blows)
takoja {n} :: hammerer (one who hammers)
takoja {n} :: forger (one who operates a forge)
takomakone {n} :: forging machine
takometri {n} :: A tachometer
takomo {n} :: forging plant (an industrial scale facility for forging metals)
takoniitti {n} :: taconite (low-grade flint-like iron ore)
takorauta {n} :: wrought iron
takorautainen {adj} :: of or made of wrought iron
takovasara {n} :: synonym of pajavasara
tšakra {n} [Hinduism] :: alternative spelling of chakra
taksa {n} :: fee
taksamerkki {n} [dated] :: at sign, when used in the sense "at the rate of"
taksamittari {n} :: taximeter
taksi {n} :: taxi
taksia {n} [biology] :: taxis (movement of an organism in response to a stimulus)
taksiasema {n} :: taxi stand
taksijono {n} :: taxi line, taxi queue (line or queue of people waiting for a taxi)
taksikuski {n} [colloquial] :: A cabdriver, a cabby
taksimaksu {n} :: taxi fare, cab fare
taksimies {n} :: taxi driver
taksinkuljettaja {n} :: taxi driver, cabdriver
taksisuhari {n} [colloquial] :: cabbie
taksitolppa {n} :: taxi pole, taxi stand
taksivene {n} :: water taxi
taksoittaa {vt} :: to assess a fee or tax for
taksoni {n} :: taxon
taksonomia {n} :: taxonomy
taksonominen {adj} [science] :: taxonomic
taksvärkki {n} [historical] :: day's work (full working day that a tenant farmer had to work for a landlord instead or in addition to a cash rent)
taksvärkki {n} :: A quantity of work contributed to the Operation Day's Work movement, usually shorter than a full working day
taksvärkki {n} [by extension, colloquial] :: free work (work done without compensation)
taksvärkkipäivä {n} [historical] :: day's work (full working day that a tenant had to work for a landlord instead or in addition to a cash rent)
taktiikka {n} :: tactic, tactics
taktikko {n} :: A tactician
taktikoida {vi} :: To maneuver
taktinen {adj} :: tactical
takuta {v} :: to get tangled, to jam (to be congested, slow or difficult)
takuu {n} :: guarantee (anything that assures a certain outcome)
takuu {n} :: guarantee (written declaration that a product will be fit for a purpose and work correctly)
takuu {n} :: warranty (engagement or undertaking, that a certain fact regarding the subject of a contract is, or shall be, as it is expressly implied or promised to be)
takuu {n} :: warrant
takuu {n} [usually in plural] :: bail bond, bail (surety or money posted as bail)
takuuaika {n} :: guarantee period
takuulla {adv} :: most certainly
takuusitoumus {n} :: guarantee (detailed, elaborate commitment to provide a warranty)
takuutalletus {n} :: security deposit (amount of money paid in advance as security against the payor's non-performance of a contractual obligation)
takykardia {n} [cardiology] :: tachycardia
takykiniini {n} [chemistry] :: tachykinin
takymetri {n} :: A tachymeter
takyoni {n} [physics] :: alternative form of takioni
talamokortikaalinen {adj} [anatomy, pathology] :: thalamocortical (relating to, or connecting the thalamus and the cerebral cortex)
talamus {n} [anatomy] :: thalamus
talari {n} :: alternative form of taalari
talas {n} :: boat shed (simple shelter for boats, nets and other fishing gear)
talentti {n} :: talent (unit of weight and money)
tali {n} :: suet (fatty tissue that surrounds and protects the kidneys)
tali {n} :: tallow (hard animal fat obtained from suet)
tali {n} :: sebum (thick oily substance, secreted by the sebaceous glands of the skin)
taliaivo {n} [derogatory] :: blockhead, idiot
talidomidi {n} [medicine] :: thalidomide
talikko {n} :: digging fork, garden fork, manure fork, fork
talikynttilä {n} :: tallow candle
talinen {adj} :: sebaceous (exhibiting the presence of tallow, greasy)
talinvuoto {n} [pathology] :: seborrhea (skin disorder)
talipää {n} [vulgar] :: blockhead, idiot
talirauhanen {n} [anatomy] :: sebaceous gland
talismaani {n} :: talisman
talitiainen {n} [bird] :: great tit
talitintti {n} [colloquial, bird] :: great tit
talja {n} :: fleece (garment)
talja {n} :: tackle (a system of ropes and blocks (pulleys))
talja {n} :: hide (prepared skin of an animal)
taljanka {n} [music] :: garmon (small Russian accordion)
taljankka {n} [music, dialectal] :: synonym of harmonikka
taljasto {n} [nautical] :: tackle (system of ropes and blocks)
talkita {vt} :: To spread talc on
talkkari {n} [colloquial] :: janitor, super
talkki {n} [mineral] :: talc
talkkijauhe {n} :: talcum powder
talkkuna {n} :: Finnish/Estonian finely milled flour mixture (kama in Estonian)
talkoot {n} :: [usually plural] bee (gathering for carrying out a major task, such as harvesting or construction)
talkoot {n} :: Alternative term for talkootyö (volunteering, volunteer work)
talkootanssit {n} [historical] :: dance held at the end of a bee (gathering for carrying out a major task, such as harvesting or construction)
talkootyö {n} :: work performed in the form of talkoot (bee)
talkootyö {n} :: volunteering, volunteer work (work done by volunteers)
talla {n} [music] :: bridge (piece on a stringed instrument that supports the strings)
talla {n} :: sole (bottom or lower part of anything on which it rests)
talla {n} :: runner (smooth strip on which a sledge runs)
talla {n} [slang] :: gas pedal, acceleration pedal, accelerator, throttle (pedal)
tallaaja {n} :: stomper (one who stomps or tramples)
tallaantua {v} :: alternative form of tallautua
tallailla {vi} [frequentative] :: To saunter, stroll, wander
tallata {vt} :: to stomp, pad
tallautua {v} :: To be trampled
tallella {adv} :: left (remaining)
tallella {adv} :: in its proper place, still there (not stolen or moved)
tallelokero {n} :: a safe deposit box
tallenne {n} :: A record, recording
tallennin {n} :: recorder (apparatus)
tallennus {n} :: recording, data recording (act of recording data)
tallennusväline {n} [computing] :: storage device (piece of hardware whose main function is to store data)
tallentaa {vt} :: To record (to make a record or recording)
tallentaa {vt} :: To save or to file (to store a datafile on a storage medium)
tallentaa {vt} :: To download (to transfer a file/files to removable media)
tallentaa {vt} :: To capture (to store, as in sounds or image, for later revisitation)
tallentaja {n} [computing] :: keyboarder
tallentamaton {adj} :: unrecorded
tallentamaton {adj} [computing] :: unsaved
tallentua {vi} :: to be recorded
tallessa {adv} :: safe, secure (in a safe place, free from the danger of theft)
tallete {n} :: deposit
tallettaa {v} :: to deposit
tallettaa {v} :: to store
talletus {n} :: A deposit (asset left to the care of someone)
talletuspankki {n} [banking] :: deposit bank
talli {n} :: stable
talli {n} :: garage
talli {n} [car racing] :: team
tallikaveri {n} [motor sports] :: teammate (member of same motor sports team)
tallikaveri {n} :: stablemate
tallimestari {n} :: stablemaster, stable master, head groom
tallimestari {n} :: equerry
Tallinna {prop} :: Tallinn
tallipäitset {n} :: A halter (horse's headgear)
tallitonttu {n} [folklore] :: An elf said to inhabit the stables and take care of animals
tallium {n} :: thallium
talloa {vt} :: To stomp
tallukas {n} :: A traditional Finnish footwear
tallukka {n} :: Same as tallukas
tallustaa {vi} :: to walk, to romp, to plod
talo {n} [archaic] :: farm, homestead
talo {n} :: house
talo {n} :: building
talon etu {n} [gambling] :: hold (the percentage the house wins on a gamble as an average)
talonmies {n} :: A janitor, caretaker (someone who looks after the maintenance and cleaning of a building)
talonpoika {n} :: freeholder (person who holds tenure by freehold)
talonpoika {n} :: farmer (non-dependent person who earns his living by cultivating his own or rented land)
talonpoika {n} [chess] :: pawn
talonpoikainen {adj} :: peasantly
talonpoikaiskapina {n} :: peasant revolt, peasant uprising, peasant rebellion
talonpoikaisto {n} [historical] :: peasants, yeomanry (class of small freeholders who cultivated their own land)
talonrakennustekniikka {n} :: building technology
talonvaltaaja {n} :: squatter
talonvaltaus {n} :: squatting
talon viini {n} :: house wine
talonviini {n} :: alternative form of talon viini
talotekniikka {n} :: household engineering, building services engineering
talotekniikka {n} :: building technology, home technology, household technology
taloudellinen {adj} :: prudent, frugal, thrifty
taloudellinen {adj} :: economic
taloudellinen {adj} :: financial
taloudellisesti {adv} :: economically (in an economic manner)
taloudellisesti {adv} :: economically (in an economical manner)
taloudellistaa {vt} :: to make (more) economical
taloudenhoitaja {n} :: matron, housekeeper (person employed to run someone else's household)
taloudenhoitaja {n} :: char, charwoman, charlady, cleaning lady (similar, but the tasks are less responsible, such as cleaning)
talous {n} :: economy
talous {n} :: finance
talous {n} :: household
talousalue {n} :: economic region (often vaguely defined geographic region within which economic actors are interdependent on each other; often centered by a major city)
talousapu {n} :: economical aid, assistance
talousarvio {n} :: budget (itemized summary of intended expenditure and revenue)
talouselämä {n} :: economy
talousfolio {n} :: aluminum foil, especially when packed for household use
taloushallinto {n} :: financial management, financial administration
talousjohtaja {n} :: financial director, chief financial officer
talouskasvu {n} :: economic growth
talouskehitys {n} :: economic development
talouskone {n} :: household machine, household appliance
talouskriisi {n} :: economic crisis
talouskupla {n} :: economic bubble (trade in products or assets with unreasonably inflated prices)
talouslama {n} :: economic depression
talousmaantiede {n} [geography] :: economic geography
talousmatematiikka {n} :: mathematical economics
talousmenot {n} :: household expenses
talousnakki {n} [dated] :: A cheap variety of wiener sausage containing less meat than the ordinary wiener (nakki)
talouspakolainen {n} :: economic refugee (person fleeing poverty)
talouspaperi {n} :: kitchen paper, household towel, tissue (material: soft paper towel sold in rolls)
talouspaperi {n} :: paper towel, kitchen towel, tissue (individual sheet)
talouspäällikkö {n} :: financial manager
talouspoliittinen {adj} :: economic policy (of or pertaining to economic policy)
talouspolitiikka {n} :: economic policy
talousraha {n} :: money used to finance a household
taloussaarto {n} :: economic blockade (blockade aimed at stopping the international trade of a country)
taloussooda {n} :: washing soda, soda ash, Na2CO3
talousteoria {n} [social sciences] :: economics
taloustiede {n} :: economics (social science)
taloustieteellinen {adj} :: economical (related to economics)
taloustieteellisesti {adv} :: economically (pertaining to economics)
taloustieteilijä {n} :: economist
taloustikas {n} :: step ladder
taloustilanne {n} :: economic situation
talousvaaka {n} :: a scale for use in home
talousvaikeudet {n} :: economic problems
talousvaikeus {n} :: economic or financial difficulty / problem / trouble
talousveturi {n} [figuratively] :: economic driver (the leading economic power)
taloyhtiö {n} :: condominium (company established to own and govern one or more buildings, which may be residential or office building)
talsi {n} :: safe
talsi {n} [computing] :: cache
talsia {v} :: to tramp, traipse
talso {n} :: adze (axe-like tool)
taltata {vt} :: to chisel
talteen {adv} :: safe, secure (into a safe place, out of the danger of theft)
talteenotto {n} :: recovery (act or process of regaining or repossession of something lost, like heat, substances from wastewater etc.)
taltio {n} :: file copy
taltio {n} [computing] :: volume
taltioida {v} :: To record
taltiointi {n} :: recording (reproduction of sound and or image on any media)
taltta {n} :: A chisel
talttavasara {n} :: chisel hammer, chipping hammer
talttua {vi} :: to abate
taltuttaa {vt} :: To tame
talutin {n} :: leash (animal restraint)
taluttaa {v} :: to lead (a child, dog etc.)
taluttaa {v} :: to walk (to push (a vehicle) alongside oneself as one walks)
taluttaa {v} :: to walk (to walk someone with a firm grip)
talutushihna {n} :: leash, lead
talutusnuora {n} :: leash, a rope to restrain an animal
talvehdittaa {vt} :: to winter
talvehtia {vi} :: to winter, overwinter (spend the winter in)
talvehtimissilmu {n} [botany] :: turion, hibernaculum (wintering bud of certain aquatic plants)
talvella {adv} :: in the winter
talvemmalla {adv} :: later in the winter
talvempana {adv} :: later in the winter
talveton {adj} :: winterless
talveutua {vi} :: to prepare for winter, especially of animals or plants
talvi {n} :: winter
talviaamu {n} :: winter morning
talviaika {n} :: wintertime
talviaika {n} :: standard time (as opposed to daylight saving time)
talviasuttava {adj} :: A building where one can live in winter
talvifarkut {n} :: winter jeans
talvifarmarit {n} :: jeans with a lining for use in winter
talvihorros {n} :: The deep hibernation where the internal temperature of an animal is close to freezing point
talvijuurekas {n} :: enoki mushroom, Flammulina velutipes (mushroom with a long, thin stem, used in East Asian cuisine)
talvikausi {n} :: winter season
talvikisa {n} :: in plural, Winter Olympics
talvikisa {n} [rare] :: Any sports- or other competitive event held in winter
talvikisat {n} :: Winter Olympics
talvikisat {n} :: Any winter sports event
talvikki {n} :: wintergreen (any of the evergreen herbaceous plants of the genus Pyrola in the family Ericaceae)
Talvikki {prop} :: given name
talvikkiöljy {n} :: oil of wintergreen
talvikurpitsa {n} :: winter squash
talvikuu {n} [obsolete] :: Old Finnish name of December
talvilaji {n} :: a winter sport
talvilämmin {adj} :: warm or heated during winter
talviloma {n} :: A winter break, winter vacation, winter holidays
talvinen {adj} :: wintry
talvio {n} :: periwinkle
talviolympialaiset {n} :: Winter Olympics, Olympic Winter Games
talviomena {n} :: any apple tree that produces its fruit in the winter
talviomena {n} :: fruit of such trees
talvipäivä {n} :: winter day
talvipäivänseisaus {n} [calendar] :: winter solstice, midwinter
talvipuhde {n} :: winter twilight
talvipuku {n} :: winter coat (winter appearance of an animal]
talvirengas {n} :: snow tire, winter tire [US]; winter tyre [UK] (tire intended for use on snow and ice)
talvisaika {n} :: wintertime
talvisin {adv} :: during winters
talvisin {adj} :: superlative of talvinen
talvisipuli {n} :: spring onion, Japanese bunching onion, scallion or green onion; Allium fistulosum
talvisota {n} [uncountable] :: Winter War (war fought between Finland and Soviet Union in 1939-40)
talvisydän {n} [poetic] :: midwinter
talvitakki {n} :: winter coat (warm coat)
talvitammi {n} :: sessile oak (large deciduous tree, Quercus petraea)
talvitela {n} [automotive] :: winter track (caterpillar track designed for winter use)
talvitela {n} :: in plural also (see: talvitelat), state of being stored for winter
talvitelat {n} :: in adessive, ablative and allative cases only, state of being stored away for wintering; no direct English equivalent
talvitie {n} :: winter road (road only accessible in winter)
talviturkki {n} :: winter coat (winter appearance of a furred animal)
talviturkki {n} :: A thick fur coat intended to be used in winter
talviuni {n} :: winter sleep, hibernation, denning (winter rest of animals like bears)
talviurheilulaji {n} :: winter sport event
talviyö {n} :: winter night
tamaani {n} :: hyrax (African rodent-resembling animal of the order Hyracoidea)
tamarao {n} :: tamaraw, Bubalus mindorensis
tamariini {n} :: tamarin
tamarindi {n} :: tamarind (tree, Tamarindus indica)
tamarindi {n} :: tamarind (fruit)
tamariski {n} :: tamarisk (shrub of the genus Tamarix)
tambopatanmuura {n} :: A bamboo antshrike
tamburiini {n} :: tambourine
tamili {n} :: Tamil (language)
tamili {n} :: A Tamil (person)
tamili {n} :: When used as modifier in a compound terms, Tamil (of or pertaining to Tamils, their culture or language)
tamineet {n} [colloquial] :: uniform, clothes, supplies, equipment
tamma {n} :: mare (adult female horse)
Tammela {prop} :: A municipality in the region of Tavastia Proper
Tammela {prop} :: A suburb of the city of Tampere
Tammela {prop} :: surname
tammenrousku {n} :: A milk-cap, Lactarius quietus
tammensavurousku {n} :: A milk-cap, Lactarius azonites
tammenterho {n} :: acorn
tammi {n} :: oak
tammi {n} :: pedunculate oak, Quercus robur
tammi {n} [dialectal, archaic] :: heart, core, axis
tammi {n} [dialectal] :: dam
tammi {n} :: checkers, draughts (boardgame)
tammi {n} :: king (doubled piece in checkers)
Tammi {prop} :: surname
Tammi {prop} :: Any of a number of small places in SW Finland (warm enough for oaks)
tammihapero {n} :: A brittlegill, Russula pseudointegra
tammihiiri {n} :: garden dormouse, Eliomys quercinus. Despite its name it is not zoologically a mouse, but belongs to the family Gliridae (dormice)
tammihärkä {n} :: stag beetle, Lucanus cervus
tammikuinen {adj} :: Pertaining to January
tammikuu {n} :: January
Tammilehto {prop} :: surname
tammimetsä {n} :: oakwood (wood populated with oak trees)
tamminen {adj} :: oak, oaken (made from oak tree)
Tamminen {prop} :: surname
tamminkainen {n} :: stag beetle, Lucanus cervus
tammipuinen {adj} :: oak, oaken (made of oak wood)
tammisunnuntai {n} :: The day when the Finnish civil war broke out, i.e. Sunday the 27th of January 1918
tammivireo {n} :: Hutton's vireo (Vireo huttoni)
tammukka {n} :: brown trout (Salmo trutta morph fario, Salmo trutta morph lacustris)
tammukka {n} :: sea trout (Salmo trutta morph trutta)
tampata {v} :: to tamp (to pack down by frequent gentle strokes)
Tampere {prop} :: Tampere
tamperelainen {n} :: A person from, or an inhabitant of, Tampere
tamperelainen {adj} :: Of or pertaining to the city of Tampere or its citizens
tamponi {n} :: tampon
tamponoida {vt} :: to insert a tampon (into)
tamponoida {vt} :: to swab
tamppu {n} :: the stem of an ear of grain
tanakka {adj} :: stocky, sturdy, beefy (of a person or an animal, solidly built, heavy and compact)
tanakka {adj} :: strong, stiff, stout, thick (of an object, materially strong)
tanakka {adj} :: hearty, plentiful, nourishing, rich, abundant (of a meal, sufficient, at least quantity-wise)
tanakka {adj} :: steady (capable of keeping one’s balance or staying put)
tanakka {adj} :: firm, strong (e.g. of a grip)
tanakoitua {v} :: To become sturdier
tanatologia {n} :: thanatology
tandempyörä {n} :: tandem (bicycle)
tandooriuuni {n} :: tandoor
Taneli {prop} :: given name
Tanganjikajärvi {prop} :: Lake Tanganyika
tangeerata {vi} [geometry] :: synonym of sivuta
tangentiaalinen {adj} :: tangential
tangentti {n} [trigonometry] :: tangent
tangentti {n} :: the push-to-talk button (PTT) in a two-way radio
tangenttilause {n} [trigonometry] :: law of tangents, tangent rule, tangent formula
tangenttitaso {n} :: tangent plane
tangeriini {n} :: tangerine (type of çitrus fruit)
tango {n} :: tango
tangolaulaja {n} :: tango singer
tangonreuna {n} :: hoist (the vertical edge of a flag closest to the staff)
tangrammi {n} :: A tangram
tanhu {n} :: A Finnish folk dance
tanhua {n} :: stockyard
tanhuta {vi} :: To dance tanhu
Tanja {prop} :: given name
tanka {n} :: tanka (Japanese verse)
tankata {v} :: to fuel, to refuel
tankea {adj} :: stiff
tankeroenglanti {n} :: badly pronounced English
tankkaus {n} :: refueling, tanking up
tankkaustauko {n} :: A pit stop (brief stop for fuel, rest, and refreshment during an automobile journey)
tankkeri {n} [nautical] :: tanker (vessel designed for carrying liquids)
tankki {n} :: A tank (container)
tankki {n} :: A tank, armor
tankkiauto {n} [colloquial] :: tank truck (US), road tanker (UK), tanker (truck equipped with a tank for transporting liquids or sometimes powders)
tankkilaiva {n} [nautical] :: tanker (vessel used to transport large quantities of liquid)
tankkiveturi {n} [rail transport] :: tank engine
tanko {n} :: rod, bar, pole, staff (long stick)
tanko {n} [ballet] :: barre (handrail fixed to a wall to aid exercises)
tanko {n} [metallurgy] :: billet
tanko {n} :: quill (thin dried piece of something, especially cinnamon); see kanelitanko
tanko {n} :: stick (dried fruit of vanilla); see vaniljatanko
tanko {n} :: loaf (large block of soap); see saippuatanko
tankojuoppo {n} :: drunk driver of a bicycle etc
tankojuoppous {n} :: drunk driving of a bicycle etc
tankotanssi {n} :: pole dance
tankoteräs {n} :: bar steel
tanner {n} :: field
tanner {n} :: ground
tanner {n} :: hard tamped soil or snow
tanner {n} :: yard
tanner {n} :: open flat area
Tanner {prop} :: surname
tanniini {n} :: tannin
tanrekki {n} [zoology] :: tenrec (mammal of the family Tenrecidae, found in Madagascar and parts of African continent)
Tansania {prop} :: Tanzania (United Republic of Tanzania)
tansaniitti {n} [mineral] :: tanzanite
tanska {n} :: Danish (language)
Tanska {prop} :: Denmark
tanskalainen {n} :: Dane, Danish (person)
tanskalainen {adj} :: Danish, of or relating to Denmark
tanskalainen {adj} :: Danish, related to the Danish language:
Tanskalaismaa {n} [historical] :: Danelaw, Danelagen (part of England which was under Danish rule)
tanskalaistaa {v} :: to Danicize
tanskalaisuus {n} :: Danishness (state or property of being Danish)
tanskandoggi {n} :: Great Dane
Tanskanen {prop} :: surname
tanskankielinen {adj} :: Danish-speaking
tanskankielinen {adj} :: Expressed in the Danish language
Tanskan kuningaskunta {prop} :: The Kingdom of Denmark
Tanskanmaa {prop} [dated] :: synonym of Tanska
Tanska-Norja {prop} :: Denmark-Norway
tanskantaa {vt} :: to translate into Danish
tanskatar {n} :: A Danish woman
tanssata {v} [dialectal] :: to dance
tanssi {n} :: dance
tanssia {vi} :: To dance
tanssiaiset {n} :: dance (social event)
tanssiaiset {n} :: ball (dancing event)
tanssiaskel {n} :: dance step
tanssihäät {n} :: dance wedding (wedding that involves dancing)
tanssija {n} :: dancer
tanssijatar {n} :: A female dancer
tanssikoulu {n} :: dance school
tanssikurssi {n} :: dancing course
tanssilattia {n} :: dance floor
tanssiminen {n} :: dancing
tanssimusiikki {n} :: dance music
tanssiorkesteri {n} :: dance orchestra (orchestra that plays dance music)
tanssiryhmä {n} :: dance group
tanssisali {n} :: ballroom (large room used for dancing and banquets)
tanssit {n} :: dance (social event)
tanssitauti {n} [disease] :: chorea
tanssittaa {vt} :: To make someone dance
tanssittaa {vt} :: To dance with (someone), spin (someone around the floor)
tantaali {n} :: tantalum
tantere {n} :: alternative form of tanner
tantrinen {adj} [Buddhism, yoga] :: tantric
tantta {n} :: An elder, plump woman
tanttamainen {adj} [colloquial] :: like or similar to an elder woman
tantti {n} :: alternative form of tantta
tanu {n} :: A traditional Finnish bonnet worn by women
tao {n} :: tao
taoismi {n} [rare] :: Taoism
taolainen {adj} :: Taoist
taolainen {n} :: A Taoist
taolaisuus {n} :: Taoism
taonta {n} :: forging
taonta {n} :: hammering, beating
taos {n} :: That which has been forged, any product of the work of a blacksmith
taottaa {v} :: to have forged by a smith
taottava {adj} [metallurgy] :: malleable (capable to be shaped by hammering, or by pressure)
taottava {adj} [metallurgy] :: ductile (capable to be shaped very thin)
taottavuus {n} :: malleability
tapa {n} :: custom
tapa {n} :: habit
tapa {n} :: manner
tapa {n} :: way (to do a thing)
tapaaminen {n} :: meeting, appointment, gathering, rendezvous, get-together (informal meeting)
tapaamisoikeus {n} :: access, visitation (right of a separated or divorced parent to visit a child)
tapahtua {vi} :: To happen, take place, occur, come about, come up
tapahtuma {n} :: event, happening, occurrence, incident
tapahtumahorisontti {n} [astrophysics] :: event horizon
tapahtumaketju {n} :: A chain of events
tapahtumapaikka {n} :: Venue, scene
tapahtumarikas {adj} :: eventful
tapahtumasarja {n} :: A chain of events, cascade
tapahtunut tosiasia {n} :: fait accompli
tapailla {v} :: To date (to take someone on a series of dates)
tapailla {vt} :: to reach, to probe, to grope, to pitch, to meet
tapainen {adj} :: resembling, similar, like
tapainen {adj} :: mannered (as headword of a compound term: behaving in a way defined by the modifier)
tapainkuvaus {n} :: description of manners or etiquette (such as historical ones)
tapaintuomari {n} :: one who watches over manners or morals, moralist
tapainturmelus {n} :: depravation, degradation of manners
tapakasvatus {n} :: the teaching of manners to someone who is growing up
tapakristillinen {adj} :: culturally Christian, superficially Christian (such as celebrating Christian holidays but without being devout in the belief)
tapakristitty {n} :: cultural Christian, a superficially Christian person who is not devout in the belief
tapakulttuuri {n} :: customs collectively, the culture of these customs
tapaluokka {n} [grammar] :: mood, grammatical mood, modus
tapani {n} :: Boxing Day
Tapani {prop} :: given name
tapaninpäivä {n} :: St. Stephen's Day (December 26, coinciding with Boxing Day)
tapaoikeus {n} :: common law
taparikollinen {n} :: habitual criminal, habitual offender, repeat offender
taparikollisuus {n} :: habitual criminality
tapas {n} :: An individual item of tapas; mostly used in plural
tapatieto {n} :: knowledge of customs
tapattaa {v} :: to order to kill
tapaturma {n} :: accident, particularly one resulting in injury or death
tapaturma-asema {n} :: a clinical facility specializing in (relatively minor) accidental injuries
tapaturmaisesti {adv} :: accidentally
tapauksekas {adj} :: eventful
tapaus {n} :: An event, incident, occurrence, occasion
tapaus {n} :: (yksittäinen) ~ case, instance
tapauskohtainen {n} :: case-by-case, ad hoc, on occasion
tapella {vi} :: To fight (to contend in physical conflict; without weapons, with fists etc.)
tapella {vi} :: To quarrel, to squabble
tapetoida {vt} :: to wallpaper, to paper (to apply wallpaper to)
tapetointi {n} :: wallpapering
tapetti {n} :: wallpaper
tapiiri {n} :: tapir
Tapio {prop} :: The god of forest in Finnish mythology
Tapio {prop} :: given name
Tapio {prop} [rare compared to given name] :: surname
tapioka {n} :: tapioca (starchy foodstuff)
tapionherkkusieni {n} [mushroom] :: An agaric, Agaricus silvaticus
tapiseerata {v} [dialectal, dated] :: to wallpaper (to cover with wallpaper)
tapisoida {v} [rare] :: to wallpaper
tapittaa {v} [rare] :: to peg (to fasten using pegs)
tapittaa {v} [colloquial] :: to stare, ogle
tappaa {vt} [+ genitive-accusative] :: To kill, slay
tappaa aikaa {v} :: To kill time
tappaa kaksi kärpästä yhdellä iskulla {v} [idiomatic] :: To kill two birds with one stone (literally: "to kill two flies with one slap")
tappaja {n} :: killer, slayer
tappajaetana {n} [colloquial] :: Spanish slug, Arion vulgaris (highly invasive slug species)
tappajaiset {n} :: an event or occasion to celebrate a kill (such as of game)
tappamattomuus {n} :: nonkilling (moral principle)
tappaminen {n} :: killing
tappara {n} :: battle axe, axe (weapon)
tappelu {n} :: A fight, as a heated verbal or physical dispute between two or more parties; an altercation; a wrangle
tappeluhalu {n} :: alternative form of tappelunhalu
tappeluhaluinen {adj} :: alternative form of tappelunhaluinen
tappelukukko {n} :: cockfighter
tappelupukari {n} :: rowdy, brawler
tappi {n} :: peg (cylindrical wooden, metal etc. object used to fasten or as a bearing between objects)
tappi {n} :: peg (protrusion used to hang things on)
tappi {n} :: tap, spigot (pin or peg used to stop the vent in a cask)
tappi {n} :: plug (any piece of wood, metal, or other substance used to stop or fill a hole)
tappi {n} :: stopper, bung (object to prevent fluid passing through the neck of a bottle, a hole in a vessel etc.)
tappi {n} :: pin, dowel (cylinder often of wood or metal used to fasten or as a bearing between two parts)
tappi {n} :: tenon
tappi {n} :: cone cell, short for tappisolu
tappihiiri {n} [computing] :: pointing stick
tappiliitos {n} :: mortise-and-tenon joint
tappio {n} :: defeat
tappio {n} [economics] :: operating loss
tappio {n} [military] :: loss, casualty
tappiollinen {adj} :: unprofitable
tappiomieliala {n} :: defeatism
tappiomielinen {adj} :: defeatist
tappioputki {n} [sports] :: A losing streak
tappirasia {n} [music] :: pegbox
tappisolu {n} [anatomy] :: A cone cell
tappo {n} :: Killing or kill
tappo {n} [legal] :: A manslaughter
tappo {n} [common language] :: Voluntary manslaughter under mitigating circumstances
tapporaha {n} :: bounty, reward (reward for killing an unwanted animal, such as formerly paid for killing wolves in many countries)
tappouhkaus {n} :: death threat
tappura {n} [dated] :: Rough, low-quality fibres of hemp or cotton – waste fibres
tapsi {n} [fishing] :: wire trace
tapuli {n} :: campanile [US], belltower (freestanding belltower of a church)
tapuli {n} [archaic] :: tower
tapuli {n} [archaic] :: storage
tapuli {n} :: a kind of stack of planks
taputella {v} :: to pat (such as in baking, but also other uses)
taputella {v} :: to clap, to applaud
taputtaa {v} :: to clap
taputtaa {v} :: to pat
taputtaa {v} :: to applaud
taputus {n} :: pat, patting
taputus {n} :: clapping
taputus {n} :: applause
-tar {suffix} :: Forms the female counterpart of nouns indicating a person
tarakka {n} [colloquial] :: The rear luggage carrier (rack) of a bicycle or moped or similar
tarakumi {n} :: tara gum (food additive)
taranteli {n} :: tarantula
tarantella {n} :: tarantula
tarha {n} :: corral (enclosure for livestock)
tarha {n} :: yard (enclosed area designated for a specific purpose, e.g. on farms)
tarha {n} :: short for lastentarha
tarhaherkkusieni {n} :: An agaric, Agaricus hortensis
tarhaherne {n} :: garden pea
tarhakäärme {n} :: A colubrid, a snake of the family Colubridae
tarhamehiläinen {n} :: honey bee, especially the western honey bee, Apis mellifera, which is the only honey bee species that survives the Finnish winter
tarhapapu {n} :: common bean, Phaseolus vulgaris (herbaceous annual plant, grown for its edible bean)
tarhapöllö {n} [dated] :: Tengmalm's owl or boreal owl, Aegolius funereus
tarhata {v} :: To ranch, farm (animals in a farm)
tari {n} :: tahr (any of three species of large Asian wild goats)
tariffi {n} :: tariff (rate at which government-imposed duties on imports or exports are paid; a list of such duties, or the duties themselves)
tariffi {n} :: tariff (schedule of rates, fees or prices; especially if determined by a public authority)
tariffoida {v} :: to set a tariff
tarina {n} :: story, tale
tarinankertoja {n} :: storyteller
tarinoida {v} :: To tell stories
tarita {vt} [dated] :: To offer
Tarja {prop} :: given name
tarjeta {vi} :: To (be able to) withstand the cold, be warm enough (in order not to shiver with cold)
tarjoaja {n} :: bidder
tarjoaja {n} :: offeror
tarjoaja {n} :: provider
tarjoilija {n} :: waiter (male), waitress (female) (server in a restaurant or similar)
tarjoilija {n} :: server (unisex term for "waiter" and "waitress")
tarjoilijatar {n} :: A waitress
tarjoilla {v} :: to serve, dish out
tarjoilu {n} :: service (in a restaurant etc.)
tarjoiluastia {n} :: serving dish
tarjoiluaukko {n} :: pass through, hatch (opening in a wall for the purpose of serving food or other items, especially one without a door)
tarjoiluhenkilökunta {n} :: waitstaff (waiters collectively)
tarjoiluhuone {n} :: buffet
tarjoiluluukku {n} :: hatch, pass through (opening in a wall for the purpose of serving food or other items, especially one equipped with a door)
tarjokas {n} :: volunteer
tarjolla {adv} :: available
tarjonta {n} :: supply
tarjonta {n} :: selection
tarjota {v} :: to offer
tarjota {v} :: to treat (to entertain with food or drink, especially at one's own expense; to show hospitality to; to pay for as celebration or reward)
tarjota {v} :: to serve
tarjota {v} :: to pay, pick up the tab (the bill, e.g. in restaurant)
tarjotin {n} :: A tray
tarjotinpöytä {n} :: tray-table
tarjous {n} [commerce] :: offer, tender
tarjous {n} [in inessive singular, adverbially] :: on sale [US]; on offer [UK] (for sale at a reduced price)
tarjouskilpailu {n} :: bidding competition (process in which suppliers file competing bids to a purchaser who consequently chooses the most suitable as winner)
tarjouslaskenta {n} :: offer calculation
tarjouspyyntö {n} [accounting, finance] :: call for bids, call for tenders, request for proposals
tarjoutua {v} :: To occur (to present or offer itself)
tarkalleen {adv} :: just, precisely
tarkastaa {vt} [+ genitive-accusative] :: to check, inspect
tarkastaja {n} :: inspector, supervisor, superintendent
tarkastaja {n} :: revisor
tarkastella {v} :: To examine, scrutinise/scrutinize
tarkastelu {n} :: examination, inspection
tarkasti {adv} :: accurately, precisely, in detail
tarkastus {n} :: examination, inspection, supervision, survey
tarkastuskortti {n} [aviation] :: boarding pass
tarkastusleima {n} :: hallmark (official marking)
tarkastuslista {n} :: checklist
tarkastuspiste {n} :: checkpoint
tarkastuttaa {vt} :: to get checked, inspected or examined; to have (something) checked, inspected or examined
tarkata {v} :: synonym of tarkkailla
tarke {n} [typography] :: diacritical mark, diacritic
tarkemmin {adv} :: comparative of tarkasti
tarkempi {adj} :: comparative of tarkka
tarkenne {n} [grammar] :: determiner
tarkenne {n} :: specifier
tarkentaa {vt} :: To focus (a camera, projector)
tarkentaa {vt} :: To define, delineate, specify, particularise/particularize, itemise/itemize
tarkentua {vt} :: To sharpen, become more accurate/precise/exact
tarketa {vi} :: To sharpen, become more accurate/more precise/exacter
tarkin {adj} :: superlative of tarkka
tarkistaa {vt} [+ genitive-accusative] :: to check, inspect, verify, check up (to ensure something is functioning properly or is in the state or condition it is supposed to be)
tarkistin {n} :: checker (device or computer program to check something)
tarkistus {n} :: inspection, revision
tarkistusammunta {n} :: firing of artillery to verify whether it can hit its target
tarkistuttaa {vt} :: to get checked; to have (something) checked
tarkka {adj} :: exact, precise, accurate
tarkka {adj} :: particular, pedantic, strict
tarkkaamaton {adj} :: inattentive (not paying attention)
tarkka-ampuja {n} :: sniper, marksman, sharpshooter
tarkkaan {adv} :: carefully
tarkkaan {adv} :: precisely
tarkkaan {adv} :: strictly
tarkkaavainen {adj} :: attentive, observant
tarkkailija {n} :: observer
tarkkailla {v} :: to watch, to observe, to monitor
tarkkailu {n} :: monitoring
tarkkailu {n} :: watching, specifically in terms like lintujen tarkkailu (birdwatching), valaiden tarkkailu (whale watching)
tarkkailuasema {n} :: observation post
tarkkailulista {n} :: watchlist
tarkkailupiste {n} :: vantage point, observation post, lookout (place that provides a good view for keeping an eye on something)
tarkkampuja {n} :: dated form of tarkka-ampuja
tarkk'ampuja {n} :: dated form of tarkka-ampuja
tarkkanäköinen {adj} :: sharp-eyed (having good eyesight)
tarkkanäköinen {adj} :: sharp-eyed (attentive, given to noticing things, aware)
tarkkanäköinen {adj} :: discerning, perceptive, perspicacious (having keen insight)
tarkkuus {n} :: accuracy, precision
tarkkuus {n} :: exactness
tarkkuusammunta {n} :: precision shooting
tarkkuuskello {n} :: chronometer
tarkkuusporakone {n} :: jig borer
tarkoin {adv} :: carefully
tarkoite {n} [semantics] :: referent
tarkoittaa {vt} :: To mean
tarkoituksella {adv} :: intentionally, on purpose, purposely
tarkoituksellinen {adj} :: deliberate, intentional
tarkoituksellisesti {adv} :: intentionally, on purpose, purposely
tarkoituksenmukainen {adj} :: appropriate, expedient (fitting to the purpose)
tarkoituksenmukaisesti {adv} :: appropriately, expediently
tarkoituksenmukaistaa {vt} :: to make (more) appropriate or expedient (fitting to the purpose)
tarkoituksenmukaistua {vi} :: to become (more) appropriate or expedient (fitting to the purpose)
tarkoitus {n} :: meaning
tarkoitus {n} :: function, what something does or is used for
tarkoitus {n} :: purpose, end
tarkoitus {n} [linguistics] :: skopos
tarmo {n} :: energy, vigour
tarmo {n} :: drive (motivation to do or achieve)
Tarmo {prop} :: given name
tarmokas {adj} :: vigorous, energetic
tarokki {n} :: tarot
tarokkikortti {n} :: A tarot card
tarpeeksi {adv} :: enough
tarpeeksi {adv} :: saada tarpeekseen: to get enough
tarpeellinen {adj} :: necessary (needed, required)
tarpeellinen {adj} :: essential (being necessary)
tarpeellisuus {n} :: necessity (quality or state of being necessary)
tarpeen {adv} :: (with olla) necessary
tarpeen mukaan {phrase} :: when needed
tarpeen mukaan {phrase} :: (non-idiomatic, with possessive suffix) according to one's needs
tarpeeton {adj} :: useless, unnecessary, redundant, superfluous
tarpoa {v} :: to wade (to walk through something that impedes progress, especially snow or marsh)
tarpoa {v} :: to wade (to progress with difficulty)
tarpoa {v} :: to splash water with a (piston like) rod to harry fish into a seine
tarponi {n} :: tarpon
tarra {n} :: sticker, decal
tarrain {n} :: gripper, grabber (tool)
tarrata {vt} [+ elative + kiinni] :: to grab something
tarrautua {vi} [_, + illative] :: to cling
tartar {adj} :: tartare (chopped fine and served raw)
tartar {n} :: A dish prepared with finely chopped, raw ingredients; in English the names of these dishes are formed with the adjective "tartare"
tartar-kastike {n} :: tartare sauce
tartratsiini {n} :: tartrazine (lemon-yellow azo dye used as a food colouring; E102)
Tartto {prop} :: Tartu
tarttua {vi} [_, + illative] :: To catch, grab
tarttua {vi} [of a disease] :: to be transmitted; to be infectious, be contagious
tarttua {vi} [_, + illative] :: To adhere, stick
tarttumaelin {n} :: prehensile organ
tarttuminen {n} :: transmission, infection
tarttumisreseptori {n} [cytology] :: integrin (protein that functions as receptor in communication between cells)
tarttuva {adj} [medicine] :: infectious, contagious
tarttuva {adj} :: tenacious, adhesive
tarttuva {adj} [music] :: of a tune or song: catchy
tarttuva ontelosyylä {n} :: molluscum contagiosum, water wart
tartu hetkeen {phrase} :: carpe diem
tartunnanlevittäjä {n} [epidemiology] :: carrier, vector
tartunta {n} :: contagion, infection (spread or transmission of a contagious disease)
tartuntareitti {n} [pathology] :: infection route
tartuntatauti {n} [pathology] :: contagious disease
tartuntavaara {n} :: risk of infection
tartuttaa {vt} :: To infect (someone = illative, with something = genitive-accusative)
taru {n} :: epic, saga
taru {n} :: fiction, false
taru {n} :: legend, myth
Taru {prop} :: given name
tarumainen {adj} :: legendary
tarumainen {adj} :: fabulous (of the nature of a fable; unhistorical)
tarunhohtoinen {adj} :: fabled
taruolento {n} :: mythical creature
tarusankari {n} :: culture hero, mythical hero
tarusto {n} :: lore, mythology
Tarvainen {prop} :: surname
tarve {n} :: need, demand
tarveharkinta {n} :: means-testing (process of evaluating whether an individual qualifies for financial assistance, usually in the form of a social security benefit); see also means test, which may provide easier ways to translate tarveharkinta into English
tarvii {v} [dialectal, colloquial] :: alternative form of tarvitsee
tarviin {v} [dialectal, colloquial] :: alternative form of tarvitsen
tarviit {v} [dialectal, colloquial] :: alternative form of tarvitset
tarvike {n} :: a minor utensil
tarvike {n} :: accessory (supplementary part)
tarvike {n} :: article (object)
tarvike {n} [in the plural] :: gear
tarvita {vt} :: to need, require
tarvita {vt} :: to come in handy (to be useful or helpful)
tarvita {vi} [impersonal] :: genitive + 3rd-pers. singular = to need (to do something), have (to do something)
tarvitsen ... {phrase} :: I need ... (use the accusative case to say "I need a ...", use the partitive case to say "I need (some) ...")
tarvitsen lakimiehen {phrase} :: I need a lawyer
tarvitsen lääkärin {phrase} :: I need a doctor
tarvitsen vettä {phrase} :: I need water
tarvitsija {n} :: needer
tarvittaessa {adv} :: when necessary, where necessary, if necessary, when needed
Tarvo {prop} :: given name
tasa {adj} [archaic] :: of equal height
tasa {adj} [archaic] :: of the same level
tasa- {prefix} :: equi-, equal (indicates equality)
tasa-aineinen {n} :: homogeneous
tasaannuttaa {vt} :: to flatten
tasaannuttaa {vt} :: to stabilize
tasaannuttaa {vt} :: to equilibrate
tasaantua {vi} :: to flatten
tasaantua {vi} :: to stabilize
tasaantua {vi} :: to equilibrate
tasa-arvo {n} :: equality
tasa-arvoistaa {vt} :: to make (more) equal (in terms of equality)
tasa-arvoistua {vi} :: to become (more) equal (in terms of equality)
tasa-arvokäyrä {n} :: contour
tasaerä {n} :: equal instalment
tasain {n} :: equaliser/equalizer
tasain {n} :: balancer
tasainen {adj} :: even, flat
tasainen {adj} :: constant
tasainen {adj} :: stable
tasaisempi {adj} :: comparative of tasainen
tasaisesti {adv} :: smoothly, constantly, evenly
tasaisin {adj} :: superlative of tasainen
tasaisuus {n} :: flatness, smoothness
tasajakauma {n} [mathematics, statistics] :: uniform distribution
tasajännite {n} [electronics] :: direct voltage, DC voltage
tasakatto {n} [architecture] :: flat roof
tasakkain {adv} :: On the same level
tasakulmainen {adj} [geometry] :: equiangular (of a polygon, having all interior angles equal)
tasakylkinen {adj} [geometry] :: isosceles
tasakylkinen kolmio {n} [geometry] :: isosceles triangle
tasakylkinen puolisuunnikas {n} [geometry] :: isosceles trapezoid
tasalla {postp} :: At the level of, abreast (up to a certain level or line; equally advanced)
tasalämmin {adj} :: synonym of tasalämpöinen
tasalämpöinen {adj} [biology] :: homeothermic, homothermic, warm-blooded, endothermic (capable of maintaining a relatively constant body temperature)
tasalämpöinen {adj} :: Having a constant temperature
tasalämpöisyys {n} [biology] :: warm-bloodedness
tasaluku {n} :: round number (number whose decimal representation ends in one or more zeroes)
tasaluku {n} :: whole number (as opposed to a fractional number)
tasamaa {n} :: flatland
tasan {adv} :: exactly, precisely
tasanko {n} [geography] :: plain, flatland
tasanne {n} :: deck, landing
tasapaino {n} :: An equilibrium, balance or stability (condition of a system in which competing influences are balanced)
tasapaino {n} :: An equilibrium or sanity (mental balance)
tasapaino {n} [physics, chemistry] :: An equilibrium
tasapaino {n} [economics] :: An equilibrium (condition of an economy, in which there is no excess or deficit in supply and demand)
tasapainoaisti {n} :: equilibrioception
tasapainoasema {n} :: state of equilibrium, state of equality
tasapainoasema {n} [chess] :: a state where neither player has an advantage
tasapainoilla {v} :: to balance oneself
tasapainoilla {v} [figuratively] :: to walk a tightrope (to undertake a precarious course of action)
tasapainoilu {n} :: balancing (action of maintaining one's balance, as in a dangerous position)
tasapainoinen {adj} :: balanced
tasapainokivi {n} [anatomy] :: otolith
tasapainotaiteilija {n} :: acrobat
tasapainoton {adj} :: Unbalanced (not balanced, or in equilibrium)
tasapainoton {adj} :: Unbalanced, random, or unpredictable (irrational or mentally deranged)
tasapainottaa {v} :: to balance, to stabilize
tasapainotus {n} :: balancing (act of putting something into balance)
tasapainotuskone {n} :: balancing machine
tasapeli {n} :: draw, tie
tasapäistää {vt} :: to make homogenous, equalize/equalise (socially, in a negative sense)
tasapisteet {n} :: equal points
tasapuolinen {adj} :: evenhanded (fair and having no partiality)
tasapuolisesti {adv} :: evenhandedly
tasapuolistaa {vt} :: to make (more) evenhanded or equal
tasapuolistua {vi} :: to become (more) evenhanded or equal
tasapuolisuus {n} :: evenhandedness (quality or state of being evenhanded)
tasaraha {n} :: exact change (the amount of money given to a vendor that exactly matches the price of the bought item)
tasasaumainen {adj} [boatbuilding] :: carvel-built (having the planks of the hull laid flush)
tasasivuinen {adj} [geometry] :: equilateral
tasasivuinen kolmio {n} [geometry] :: equilateral triangle
tasasoukka {adj} [botany, of leaves] :: linear (long and narrow like a blade of grass)
tasasuhtaisuus {n} :: symmetry
tasasuunnata {v} :: to rectify (to transform alternating current into direct current)
tasasuuntaaja {n} [electrical engineering] :: rectifier
tasata {v} :: to divide into equal parts
tasata {v} :: to level
tasata {v} :: to align, to justify (to arrange (text) on a page or a computer screen such that the left and/or right ends of all lines within paragraphs are aligned)
tasaus {n} :: equalisation
tasaus {n} :: leveling
tasaus {n} :: justified (text alignment)
tasauslasku {n} :: balancing bill
tasauspyörästö {n} :: differential gear
tasauttaa {v} :: to have leveled
tasautua {v} :: synonym of tasaantua
tasavalta {n} :: republic
tasavaltaisuus {n} :: republicanism
tasavaltalainen {adj} :: republican
tasavaltalaiskalenteri {n} :: synonym of vallankumouskalenteri
tasavertainen {adj} :: equal
tasavirta {n} [electricity] :: direct current
tasaväkinen {adj} :: well-matched (of comparable strength or power)
tase {n} [accounting] :: balance sheet
tasinko {n} :: leveling compensation paid for by one party to another when property is divided
tasku {n} :: pocket
tasku {n} [bowling] :: pocket (ideal point to hit the pins that maximizes the chance for a strike)
taskubiljardi {n} [vulgar] :: pocket pool (act of a male secretly toying with his genitals while keeping the hands in the pocket)
taskukello {n} :: pocket watch
taskukirja {n} :: pocketbook, paperback
taskulamppu {n} :: flashlight, torch
taskulaskin {n} :: pocket calculator
taskumatti {n} :: hip flask, pocket flask (pocket-size container for alcoholic beverages)
taskunauris {n} [archaic, colloquial] :: pocket watch
taskupuhelu {n} :: pocket dial
taskupysäköidä {v} :: to parallel park
taskuraha {n} :: pocket money, allowance (money given to a child for small expenses according to its will)
taskuraha {n} :: pocket money (small amount of money carried on person for daily expenses)
taskuraha {n} :: small potatoes, peanuts, pin money (small amount of money)
taskurapu {n} :: crab
taskurotta {n} :: pocket gopher (burrowing rodent of the family Geomyidae)
taskusanakirja {n} :: pocket dictionary
taskutietokone {n} [computing] :: pocket computer, personal digital assistant, palmtop
taskuvaras {n} :: pickpocket
taskuveitsi {n} :: A pocketknife
Tasmania {prop} :: Tasmania
tasmanialainen {adj} :: Tasmanian
tasmanialainen {n} :: Tasmanian (person)
tasmanianmerileijona {n} :: Australian sea lion, Neophoca cinerea
taso {n} :: level
taso {n} :: standard
taso {n} [aviation] :: wing
taso {n} [geometry] :: plane
taso {n} :: tray (flat carrier for items)
tasoaalto {n} [physics] :: plane wave
tasoero {n} :: difference between levels
tasogeometria {n} :: plane geometry
tasohiiri {n} [computing] :: touchpad, trackpad
tasohiomakone {n} :: orbital sander (machine)
tasohöylä {n} :: thicknesser
tasohyppely {n} :: platform game
tasohyppelypeli {n} :: platform game
tasoihin {adv} :: even (as in the phrase "get even")
tasoinen {adj} :: of or having a certain standard or level
tasoinen {adj} :: -level (featuring a number of levels)
tasoissa {adv} :: even (being on equal terms)
tasoite {n} :: filler, putty
tasoitella {vt} :: to smoothen, to flatten, to make even (repeatedly or leisurely)
tasoitin {n} :: leveler
tasoitin {n} :: flat brush
tasoittaa {v} :: To level
tasoittaa {v} :: To flatten
tasoittaa {v} :: To even
tasoittava {n} [baseball, pesäpallo] :: bottom half (second half of an inning)
tasoittua {v} :: to be leveled, flattened or evened
tasoittua {v} :: to moderate (to become less excessive)
tasoittua {v} :: to calm down
tasoitus {n} :: leveling (act or process)
tasoitus {n} [sports] :: handicap
tasoitus {n} :: trim (moderate haircut)
tasoituslasta {n} :: A trowel (smoothing tool)
tasoitusmaali {n} [sports, ballgames] :: A goal made by the trailing team that makes the play even
tasoituttaa {vt} :: to get smoothened, to get flattened (make someone or something smooth or flatten something)
tasokas {adj} :: upscale, high-class
tasokas {adj} :: qualified
tasokoe {n} :: proficiency test
tasokone {n} :: flat knitting machine
tasokorotus {n} :: raising the level of salary or pensions
tasokulma {n} [geometry] :: plane angle
tasokurssi {n} [education] :: a course with several groups for different levels
tasokuvio {n} [geometry] :: plane figure
tasokäyrä {n} [mathematics] :: plane curve
tasolasi {n} :: float glass
tasoleikkaus {n} [geometry] :: plane intersection
tasoleikkaus {n} [geometry] :: plane intersection line
tasoliittymä {n} :: level junction
tasopeili {n} :: plane mirror, flat mirror
tasopinta {n} [geometry] :: level surface
tasopintainen {adj} :: planar (having a flat profile)
tasoristeys {n} :: level crossing, grade crossing
tasoryhmä {n} :: academic stream
tasoryhmitys {n} :: streaming (division of classes into academic streams)
tasotikas {n} :: stepladder with tray (stepladder with a tray attached on top of the frame for holding small items)
tasouttaa {vt} :: to make something into a (flat) plane
tasoylikäytävä {n} :: level crossing
tassi {n} [dialectal] :: saucer
tassu {n} :: A paw of dog or cat
tassun {interj} :: pad [indicating sound of soft footstep]
tassutella {v} :: to pad (to walk softly, quietly or steadily)
tassuttaa {vi} :: to tiptoe
tassutus {n} :: pad (sound of soft footsteps)
tataari {n} :: A Tatar
tataari {n} :: The Tatar language
tataarilainen {adj} :: Tatar (of or relating to the people or culture of Tatars)
tatami {n} :: tatami
tatar {n} :: plant of the family Polygonaceae (knotweed, buckwheat etc.)
tatarkasvi {n} [plant] :: A plant in the family Polygonaceae
tati {n} :: Tat (person or language)
tati {n} :: In plural (tatit) Tat (people)
tatska {n} [slang] :: tattoo
tattari {n} :: buckwheat, Fagopyrum esculentum (plant)
tattari {n} :: buckwheat (fruit of this plant as cereal)
tattarijauho {n} :: buckwheat flour
tatti {n} :: bolete
tattis {interj} [slang, colloquial] :: thanks
tattis {adj} [slang, colloquial] :: tired
Tatu {prop} :: given name
tatuoida {vt} :: to tattoo (to apply a tattoo on)
tatuoija {n} :: tattooist, tattoo artist
tatuointi {n} :: tattoo
tatuointi {n} :: tattooing
tatuointikone {n} :: tattoo machine
tau {n} :: tau (Greek letter)
tau {n} :: tauon, tau (elementary particle)
taudinaiheuttaja {n} [pathology] :: pathogen
taudinaiheuttaja {n} :: (pathology) pathogenic (when used as modifier in compound terms)
taudinkantaja {n} [epidemiology] :: carrier, vector
tauhka {n} [colloquial] :: Unnecessary stuff; junk
taukki {n} [colloquial] :: A dumb person
tauko {n} :: break (interruption)
tauko {n} :: caesura (break in a speech, play, poem etc.)
tauko {n} :: hiatus
taukomerkki {n} :: rest (symbol indicating pause in music)
taula {n} :: amadou; fine-grained tinder made from the polypore Fomes fomentarius
taulakääpä {n} [mushroom] :: horse's hoof fungus, tinder fungus, tinder bracket, Fomes fomentarius (polypore species)
taulu {n} :: painting
taulu {n} [art] :: picture, print etc., especially a framed one
taulu {n} :: board, as for example a billboard, switchboard, blackboard or whiteboard
taulu {n} :: dial (face of a clock, analogue meter etc.)
taulu {n} [archaic, mathematics, science] :: table (collection of data organized as a set to cover a certain area of interest or point of view; continues to be used in some compound terms.)
taulu {n} [databases] :: table
taulu {n} :: Short for maalitaulu
taulu {n} [colloquial] :: face (front part of the head)
tauluammunta {n} :: target shooting
taulukko {n} :: table, matrix, grid (of data)
taulukko {n} [computing] :: array (arrangement of memory elements)
taulukkolaskenta {n} :: spreadsheet computation
taulukoida {v} :: To tabulate
taulutelevisio {n} :: table television
taulutietokone {n} :: tablet computer
taumatiini {n} :: thaumatin
Tauno {prop} :: given name
tauota {vi} :: To pause
tauotta {adv} :: nonstop, incessantly (without stopping; without interruption or break)
tauottaa {vt} :: to make pauses
tauottaa {v} :: to pause
tauriini {n} :: taurine
tauriontatti {n} [mushroom] :: lurid bolete, Boletus luridus
taus {n} :: behind, backside
tausta {n} :: background
taustakangas {n} :: backcloth, backdrop
taustakulissi {n} :: backdrop
taustakuva {n} [computing] :: background image
taustalevy {n} [basketball] :: backboard
taustamusiikki {n} :: background music
taustapeili {n} :: rear-view mirror
taustaprosessi {n} [computing] :: daemon
taustasäteily {n} [physics] :: background radiation
taustatieto {n} :: background (relevant information)
taustavalo {n} :: backlight
taustaväri {n} [computing] :: background color
taustoittaa {vt} :: to provide context or background for
tauti {n} :: disease
tautioppi {n} :: pathology (branch of medicine)
tautofonia {n} :: tautophony
tautofoninen {adj} :: tautophonical
tautologia {n} :: tautology
tautologinen {adj} :: tautological
tav {n} :: taw (twenty-second letter of the Hebrew and Phoenician scripts and the Northwest Semitic abjad)
tavaaminen {n} :: spelling, saying the letters of a word
tavallaan {adv} :: in a way
tavalla tai toisella {phrase} :: one way or another, one way or the other
tavallinen {adj} :: ordinary, usual, normal, conventional
tavallinen {adj} :: trivial (common, ordinary)
tavallinen {adj} :: habitual (being regular or usual)
tavallinen {adj} :: random (from population at large)
tavallinen {adj} :: plain (ordinary; lacking adornment or ornamentation)
tavallinen {adj} :: standard
tavallisempi {adj} :: comparative of tavallinen
tavallisesti {adv} :: usually, ordinarily
tavallisuus {n} :: The state of being normal, normality, normalcy, ordinariness
tavanomainen {adj} :: conventional (pertaining to a convention)
tavanomainen {adj} :: commonplace, ordinary, conventional (having no remarkable characteristics)
tavanomainen {adj} :: ordinary, mundane (not new)
tavanomainen {adj} :: habitual (regular or usual)
tavanomainen {adj} :: habitual (recurring)
tavan vuoksi {phrase} :: as a matter of course
tavara {n} :: A good, goods, ware (item of merchandise)
tavara {n} :: Usually in plural (tavarat), belongings (possessions or personal items)
tavara {n} :: meat (volume or substance)
tavara {n} [vulgar] :: Female genitalia
tavara-arpajaiset {n} :: a prize draw where the prizes are goods
tavara-asema {n} :: freight depot, freight station
tavarahissi {n} :: freight lift, goods lift, freight elevator
tavarajuna {n} :: goods train, freight train
tavaramerkki {n} [legal] :: trademark
tavaramerkkinimi {n} :: name brand (trademark, or a distinctive name for a brand, or for a range of products by a single manufacturer)
tavarankuljetus {n} :: cargo transport
tavaratalo {n} :: department store
tavaratila {n} [automotive] :: trunk [US, Canada], boot [UK, Australia, NZ] (luggage storage compartment of a sedan/saloon style car)
tavaratila {n} :: (automotive) luggage compartment (luggage area of a station wagon)
tavaratila {n} :: hold (separate compartment for goods, especially luggage, such as in a bus)
tavaravaaka {n} :: package scale
tavaravaunu {n} [rail transport] :: goods wagon [UK]; freight car [US]
tavata {vt} [_, + accusative] :: to meet
tavata {v} :: to meet up (to meet by arrangement)
tavata {vt} :: to find, to catch
tavata {vt} :: to meet, to reach, to touch
tavata {vi} [+ illative] :: to touch, feel
tavata {vt} [auxiliary, + infinitive] :: To have a habit (of doing something), to usually (do) (something), used to (do) (something) (past tense sense), to tend to be
tavata {vt} :: To spell (a word; to pronounce a word letter by letter)
tavata {vt} :: To decipher (to read obscure or almost illegible text)
tavaton {adj} :: unusual, extraordinary
tavattavissa {adv} :: available (for a meeting), in
tavattomasti {adv} :: unusually, extraordinarily
tavaus {n} :: spelling
tavausaakkonen {n} :: in plural only, spelling alphabet, radio alphabet, telephone alphabet (set of standard words used to represent the letters of alphabet when spelling on the telephone or in other conditions where misunderstanding is likely)
tavausaakkonen {n} :: spelling word (word used to represent a letter when spelling)
taverna {n} :: tavern
tavi {n} :: common teal (Anas crecca)
tavis {n} [colloquial] :: An ordinary person, a random (unimportant person), a nobody, Mr. Nobody
tavoite {n} :: target, goal
tavoite {n} :: objective, aim
tavoitella {v} :: to go for, seek, strive after (to attempt to reach, achieve or gain)
tavoitella {v} :: to try to grab or catch, to attempt to reach
tavoittaa {v} :: to catch, catch up
tavoittaa {v} :: to reach (someone)
tavoitteellinen {adj} :: goal-directed, goal-oriented, result-oriented, tendentious
tavoittelija {n} :: seeker
tavoittelu {n} :: action noun of the verb tavoitella
tavu {n} [grammar, linguistics] :: A syllable
tavu {n} [computing] :: A byte
tavuheitto {n} [linguistics] :: haplology
tavukirjoitus {n} :: A syllabary (writing system)
tavumerkki {n} :: A syllabogram (writing symbol representing a syllable)
tavunraja {n} [linguistics] :: A syllable break
tavuraja {n} :: syllable boundary
tavuttaa {vt} :: To syllabify, to hyphenate
tavuttua {vi} :: to hyphenate
tavutus {n} :: hyphenation, syllabation, syllabification
tavutusvihje {n} [computing] :: soft hyphen
tavuviiva {n} :: a hyphen used to divide words between two lines
tax-free {adj} :: tax-free
tax-free {n} :: Short for tax-free-myymälä ("tax-free shop")
tax-free-myymälä {n} :: tax-free shop
tax-free-myynti {n} :: tax-free sales
täbäri {n} [military slang] :: full kit
täbärimarssi {n} [military, slang] :: yomp
täditellä {v} :: to call someone aunt (to use the word täti as an address)
tädyke {n} :: speedwell
te {pron} [personal] :: you (second-person plural; when addressing many persons or when addressing politely or formally one person)
Te {pron} [address] :: You (very formal, honorific or respectful 2nd person address both in singular and in plural)
Tea {prop} :: given name shortened from Dorotea ( =Dorothea)
teak {n} :: teak (timber or tree)
teaniini {n} [amino acid] :: theanine
teatraalinen {adj} :: theatrical (exaggerated)
teatraalisesti {adv} :: theatrically
teatraalisuus {adv} :: theatricality
teatteri {n} :: theatre [UK], theater [US]
teatterielokuva {n} :: feature film (film produced to be principally shown in cinemas)
teatterikiikari {n} :: opera glasses
teatterikuiskaus {n} :: A stage whisper
teatterikuiskaus {n} :: A wheeze (exaggerated whisper)
teatterilainen {n} :: a person who works at a theater
teatterillinen {adj} :: theatrical (of or relating to the theatre)
teatterisali {n} :: theater hall
tebaiini {n} [chemistry] :: thebaine
Tšeboksary {prop} :: Cheboksary (city in Russia)
teddykangas {n} :: soft plush, like that used on stuffed toys (fabric)
teddykarhu {n} :: teddy bear
tee {n} [uncountable] :: tea (dried leaves or buds of the tea plant, Camellia sinensis)
tee {n} [uncountable] :: tea (drink made by infusing these dried leaves or buds in hot water)
tee {n} [countable] :: tea (variety of the tea plant)
tee {n} [uncountable, by extension] :: tea (any drink made by infusing parts of various other plants)
tee {n} [countable] :: tea, cup of tea (cup of any one of these drinks)
tee {n} :: letter: t
teeastiasto {n} :: tea service
teeastiasto {n} :: tea set
teehuone {n} :: teahouse (restaurant that sells tea and light refreshments)
teekalusto {n} :: tea service
teekalusto {n} :: tea set
teekannu {n} :: teapot
teekkari {n} [student slang] :: A person studying for the degree of diplomi-insinööri in a university, a tech student or a student of technology
teekkarilakki {n} :: A tech student version of ylioppilaslakki (student cap), differentiated from the ordinary student cap with a hanging tussle
teekukka {n} :: flowering tea (bundle of tea leaves and flowers which open in hot water to a flower-like form)
teekupillinen {n} :: teacupful, teacup (unit of measure)
teekupillinen {n} :: tea (cup of tea)
teekuppi {n} :: teacup (cup for drinking tea)
teelehti {n} :: tea leaf
teelusikallinen {n} :: A teaspoonful
teelusikka {n} :: teaspoon (spoon)
teelusikka {n} [cooking] :: teaspoon (unit of measure; equivalent to 5 millilitres)
teema {n} :: theme
teema {n} :: subject
teemapuisto {n} :: theme park
teemoittaa {vt} :: to theme
Teemu {prop} :: given name
teenkeitin {n} :: tea maker
teenkeitin {n} :: tea urn
teenlehti {n} :: tea leaf (dried fragment of a leaf of the tea plant used in making the drink tea, usually used in the plural)
teennäinen {adj} :: artificial, affected, fake
teennäinen {adj} :: forced
teepannu {n} :: A teakettle, or, especially in the UK, kettle
teepensas {n} :: tea plant
teepussi {n} :: teabag
teerenpeli {n} :: flirtation, dalliance, sport
teerenpilkku {n} :: freckle
teeri {n} :: black grouse, Lyrurus tetrix, formerly Tetrao tetrix
teeriparvi {n} :: A flock of black grouses
teesi {n} :: thesis (a statement)
teesieni {n} :: tea fungus, tea mushroom (like what is used to make kombucha)
teesiivilä {n} :: tea strainer
teeskellä {v} [archaic] :: synonym of teeskennellä
teeskennellä {vt} :: To pretend; to feign, make believe; to affect, assume an air/a look of, put on airs of
teeskentelemätön {adj} :: unpretentious, unfeigned, genuine
teeskentelijä {n} :: pretender
teettää {vt} :: to have something done
teettää {vt} :: to commission
teettää {vt} :: to subcontract
teetättää {v} :: alternative form of teettää
teetätyttää {v} :: alternative form of teetättää
teevati {n} :: saucer
teevee {n} [colloquial] :: television
tefhirssi {n} :: teff (grain of Eragrostis tef)
teflon {n} [colloquial] :: Teflon (synthetic resin, used as surfactant due to its nonstick property)
tefloninen {adj} :: Teflon (containing Teflon)
tehdä {vt} :: to do, perform, execute
tehdä {vt} :: to make, manufacture
tehdä {vt} :: to commit, perpetrate, carry out, conduct (to do, as a crime, sin, or fault)
tehdä {vt} :: to make, render (somebody: accusative, adjective: translative or somebody: elative, noun: accusative)
tehdä {vt} :: to make, cost [said often by the salesperson to the customer]
tehdas {n} :: A factory
tehdas {n} :: A mill (factory)
tehdaspalo {n} :: factory fire
tehdassali {n} :: factory floor
tehdastyöläinen {n} :: factory worker, factoryworker
tehdastyöntekijä {n} :: factory worker, factoryworker
tehdä bänät {v} [colloquial] :: to break up with someone, to end a relationship, to make a clean break, to dump someone
tehdä huorin {v} :: to commit adultery
tehdä kauppaa {vi} [idiomatic] :: To do business, to trade
tehdä kauppansa {vi} [idiomatic] :: To sell fast, sell like hot cakes
tehdä kärpäsestä härkänen {idiom} :: make a mountain out of a molehill
tehdä mieli {vt} [idiomatic] :: To feel like, to would like, to fancy
tehdä oharit {v} :: to stand somebody up
tehdä perinnöttömäksi {v} :: to disinherit, disown, abdicate (to exclude from inheritance)
tehdä sopimus {v} [business] :: To make an agreement
tehdä tenä {v} :: to stop working (of a machine or device)
tehdä tenä {v} :: to refuse to do something, to stop cooperating
tehdä tiettäväksi {v} [idiomatic] :: to make clear, let know
tehdä tiettäväksi {v} [formal] :: to announce
tehdä töitä {v} :: To work, job
tehdä työtä {v} :: To work, job
Teheran {prop} :: Tehran, the capital city of Iran
tehkää hyvin {phrase} [dated] :: here you are, there you go
teho {n} [physics, electronics] :: power
teho {n} [colloquial] :: An ICU; a short of teho-osasto (intensive care unit)
teho {n} :: As modifier in compound terms (teho-) indicates boosting of the base term in one way or other. English equivalents include power, intensive, intense, super-
tehoaika {n} :: time during which medicine is active or effective
tehohoito {n} [medicine] :: intensive care (support and monitoring of critically ill patients)
tehoisa {adj} :: powerful
tehokas {adj} :: powerful, potent
tehokas {adj} :: effective
tehokas {adj} :: efficient
tehokeino {n} [rhetoric] :: A (rhetorical) device
tehokeino {n} [literature] :: A device, as in kirjallinen tehokeino (literary device)
tehokkaampi {adj} :: comparative of tehokas
tehokkaasti {adv} :: efficiently, effectively
tehokkuus {n} :: effectivity, effectiveness
teholaihdutus {n} :: crash diet
teholähde {n} :: power supply
teholähde {n} :: power source
tehollisarvo {n} :: quadratic mean, root mean square
teho-osasto {n} [medicine] :: intensive care unit, ICU
tehopiste {n} :: score point, point (unit of measuring the efficiency of an individual player in a ball game)
tehosekoitin {n} :: A blender (machine)
tehostaa {v} :: to increase the performance, effect, or effectiveness of something; to intensify, make more effective, enhance, strengthen, boost, beef up, step up
tehostaa {v} :: to optimize (to make something more efficient)
tehoste {n} [film] :: effect
tehostin {n} :: A device that enhances or strengthens a small force into a larger one. Translations into English vary by application. Despite the etymology, booster is normally something else than tehostin in Finnish
tehota {v} :: To affect, to have an effect on something
tehote {n} [rare] :: something that makes more effective
tehoton {adj} :: ineffective, powerless
tehottaa {vt} :: to make more effective
Tšehovin ase {n} [literature] :: Chekhov's gun
tehtailija {n} :: industrialist
tehtailla {vt} :: to manufacture or fabricate in large numbers
tehtailu {n} :: milling, manufacturing
tehtävä {n} :: A task (a piece of work done as part of one’s duties)
tehtävä {n} :: A task (a difficult or tedious undertaking)
tehtävä {n} :: A task (an objective)
tehtävä {n} :: A job (task)
tehtävä {n} :: A commission (mission)
tehtävä {n} :: A function (what something does or is used for)
tehtävä {n} :: A function (professional or official position)
tehtävä {n} :: A mission (duty that involves fulfilling a request)
tehtävä {n} :: A situation (position of employment; a post)
tehtävien eriyttäminen {n} [business, computing] :: separation of duties (concept of having more than one person required to complete a task in order to prevent fraud and error)
tehtävämoniste {n} [education] :: worksheet (sheet of paper on which problems are worked out or solved and answers recorded)
tehtävänimike {n} :: job title (specific designation of a post within an organization, normally associated with a job description that details the tasks and responsibilities that go with it)
tehtäväpaperi {n} [education] :: worksheet (sheet of paper on which problems are worked out or solved and answers recorded)
tehtäväsivu {n} [education] :: worksheet (computerized document on which problems are worked out or solved and answers recorded)
teidän {pron} :: The genitive plural of the personal pronoun te, in most cases (with the possessive suffix -nne appended to the main word owned) translated with the possessive pronoun your; after the verb olla: yours - when addressing many persons or when addressing politely or formally one person:
teidän {pron} :: Used with verbs or verb structures that are used monopersonally such as pitää, täytyä, tulla, olla + passive present participle etc., and require genitive: translated into English you - when addressing many persons or when addressing politely or formally one person:
Teidän {pron} :: The genitive plural of the personal pronoun Te, in most cases (with the possessive suffix -nne appended to the main word owned) translated with the possessive pronoun Your; after the verb olla: Yours - when addressing one or more persons very formally or honorifically
Teidän armonne {pron} :: your grace, your Grace
teidän korkeutenne {pron} :: alternative form of Teidän korkeutenne
Teidän korkeutenne {pron} :: Your Highness, Your Honour, Your Excellency
teidänlainen {adj} :: alternative form of teidänlaisenne
teidänlaisenne {adj} :: like you, like yourselves, like yourself [plural or respectful you]
teidät {pron} :: The accusative plural of the personal pronoun te, in most cases translated into English you (direct object, addressing many persons):
teiini {n} :: caffeine in tea
Teija {prop} :: given name
teijo {n} :: synonym of tuhto
Teijo {prop} :: given name
teikaroida {vi} :: to swagger
teikäläinen {n} :: one of you
teikäläinen {n} [colloquial] :: you (singular, familiar)
teilata {v} :: to wheel (to execute on the wheel):
teilata {v} :: to dismember (to remove the limbs from)
teilata {v} :: to reject, pan:
teili {n} :: A pole where a person subjected to breaking wheel execution was tied
teilipuu {n} :: synonym of teili
teilipyörä {n} :: breaking wheel
teiliratas {n} :: breaking wheel
teini {n} :: A teen
teini-ikä {n} :: teens (age)
teini-ikäinen {adj} :: teenage
teini-ikäinen {n} :: teenager
teinipeili {n} :: A selfie taken through a mirror, especially one that is published in the internet
teipata {vt} :: To tape (to fasten with adhesive tape)
teippi {n} :: adhesive tape, sellotape, tape
teiri {n} [dialectal] :: black grouse
teismi {n} :: theism
teistä {pron} :: about you; of you (addressing many persons or politely or formally one person):
teistä {pron} :: of you (addressing many persons):
teistä {pron} :: in your opinion, you think that (addressing many persons or politely or formally one person):
teisti {n} :: rock gunnel (Pholis gunnellus)
teisti {n} :: theist
teistinen {adj} :: theistic
teititellä {vt} [+ partitive] :: to address with the polite V-form, to address someone (especially the elderly and people with higher social status) formally in the second-person (in languages in which such form is distinguishable)
teitittely {n} :: using V-form (act or custom of addressing someone formally in second person)
teitittelymuoto {n} [inguistics] :: V-form (second-person form of address used in formal situations)
teitse {adv} [archaic] :: by way of; now chiefly used as headword in compound terms
Tšeka {prop} :: Cheka (Soviet security organization)
tekaista {vt} :: To make up (dishonestly: a story; legal charges)
tekarit {n} [colloquial] :: artificial teeth, denture
tekeillä {adv} :: in the making (in the process of being made)
tekele {n} :: A product of poor quality, an example of poor workmanship
tekeminen {n} :: Action noun of the verb tehdä (to make), making
tekemätön {adj} :: not done, undone
te-keskus {n} [dated] :: alternative form of TE-keskus
TE-keskus {n} [Finland] :: A regional office of työ- ja elinkeinoministeriö (Ministry of Employment and the Economy), discontinued in 2010 and merged with offices of two other ministries to ELY-keskus
tekevälle sattuu {proverb} :: whoever does something is bound to some kind of misfortune; used in a comforting way
tekeytyä {vi} [_, + translative] :: to feign, to pretend to be, to pose as or play the role of
tekijä {n} :: author, auteur
tekijä {n} :: maker
tekijä {n} :: doer
tekijä {n} :: perpetrator
tekijä {n} [chiefly mathematics] :: factor
tekijännimi {n} [grammar] :: agent noun (noun that denotes an agent who does the action denoted by the verb from which the noun is derived)
tekijänoikeudettomuus {n} :: public domain (feature of intellectual property being not protected under patent or copyright,)
tekijänoikeus {n} :: copyright (right to determine who may publish, copy and distribute a piece of writing, music or other work of authorship)
tekijänoikeuslaki {n} [law] :: copyright act
tekijänoikeusmerkki {n} :: copyright symbol, copyright (symbol ©)
tšekin kieli {n} :: Czech (language)
Tšekinmaa {prop} [rare] :: Czechia
tšekinmaalainen {adj} :: Czech (of or pertaining to the Czech Republik or its people or culture)
tšekinmaalainen {n} :: Czech (person)
Tšekin tasavalta {prop} :: The Czech Republic (a country in Central Europe)
tšekisti {n} [historical] :: Chekist
tšekki {n} :: Czech (person)
tšekki {n} :: Czech (language)
Tšekki {prop} :: The Czech Republic
tšekkiläinen {adj} :: Czech
tšekkiläinen siili {n} [military] :: Czech hedgehog (obstacle for tanks)
tšekkiläisyys {n} :: Czechness (state or property of being Czech)
Tšekkoslovakia {prop} :: Czechoslovakia (former country in Central Europe)
tšekkoslovakialainen {adj} :: Czechoslovakian
tšekkoslovakialainen {n} :: Czechoslovakian
Tekla {prop} :: given name
teknetium {n} :: technetium
tekniikan ylioppilas {n} :: student of technology
tekniikka {n} :: technology
tekniikka {n} :: technique
tekniikka {n} :: method
tekniikka {n} :: engineering
teknikko {n} :: technician
teknikko {n} [archaic] :: engineer
teknillinen {adj} :: technical
tekninen {adj} :: technical
tekninen piirustus {n} :: technical drawing, drafting
teknisesti {adv} :: technically
teknistää {vt} :: to make technical or more technical
teknistyä {vi} :: to become (more) technical
tekno {n} [music] :: techno
tekno- {prefix} :: techno-
teknobileet {n} [slang] :: techno party
teknokraatti {n} :: technocrat
teknokratia {n} :: technocracy
teknologi {n} :: technologist
teknologia {n} :: technology (the study of or a collection of techniques)
teknologiateollisuus {n} :: technology industry
teknologinen {adj} :: technological
teknomusiikki {n} [music] :: techno
teko {n} :: act, deed
teko {n} :: achievement
teko {n} :: As modifier in a compound term, signifies artificial, manmade, false, mock, cod, simulated
teko {n} :: As modifier in a compound term, refers to a deed, especially in a legal context
tekoallas {n} :: reservoir
tekoelin {n} :: artificial organ
tekoelämä {n} :: artificial life
tekohampaat {n} [colloquial] :: artificial denture
tekohengitys {n} [first aid] :: artificial respiration
tekoinen {adj} [as headword in compound terms] :: -made, -built
tekojää {n} :: artificial ice
tekojärvi {n} :: reservoir, artificial lake
tekojäsen {n} :: prosthesis
tekokieli {n} :: constructed language, artificial language
tekokuitu {n} :: man-made fiber
tekokuu {n} :: artificial satellite
tekolumi {n} :: synonym of tykkilumi
tekoäly {n} [artificial intelligence] :: artificial intelligence
tekonen {n} :: offense, misdeed, violation
tekonivelleikkaus {n} [medicine] :: joint replacement surgery
tekopyhä {adj} :: hypocritical
tekopyhä {adj} :: sanctimonious
tekopyhästi {adv} :: sanctimoniously
tekopyhyys {n} :: hypocrisy
tekopyhyys {n} :: sanctimony
tekoripset {n} :: false eyelashes, artificial eyelashes
tekosana {n} :: artificial word (invented word that is not of any particular language)
tekosuoli {n} :: artificial intestine, artificial gut
tekosyy {n} :: A pretext
tekosyy {n} :: An excuse, a plea
tekotapa {n} :: way of doing, method
tekotukka {n} :: hairpiece
tekovika {n} :: defect
Teksas {prop} :: Texas (US state)
teksasilainen {adj} :: Texan
teksasilainen {n} :: A Texan
tekstaaja {n} :: texter
tekstailla {v} :: To text message (to engage in the activity of sending and receiving text messages)
tekstari {n} [colloquial] :: text message
tekstata {v} :: To text message (to transmit a text message to)
tekstata {v} :: To text message (to send as a text message)
teksti {n} :: text
teksti {n} [journalism] :: copy (text of a newspaper article)
teksti {n} [marketing] :: copy (output of copywriter; short for mainosteksti)
tekstiasu {n} :: text layout, text form, textual form
tekstieditori {n} [computing] :: text editor
tekstiili {n} :: fabric, textile, cloth
teksti-ilmoitus {n} :: textual notice or announcement
tekstijulkaisu {n} :: published text or an edition of such
tekstikenttä {n} [graphical user interface] :: text box, text field
tekstikriittinen {adj} :: that is related or pertaining to textual criticism
tekstikritiikki {n} :: textual criticism
tekstiladelma {n} :: text typesetting
tekstilaji {n} :: text form, text genre
tekstilingvistiikka {n} :: text linguistics
tekstimainonta {n} :: text advertising, textual advertising
tekstinkatkelma {n} :: excerpt or passage from a text
tekstinkäsittelijä {n} :: word processor (person)
tekstinkäsittely {n} :: word processing
tekstinkäsittelyjärjestelmä {n} [computing] :: word processing system
tekstinkäsittelylaite {n} :: word processor (device)
tekstinkäsittelyohjelma {n} :: word processor (software)
tekstinlukulaite {n} :: optical reading device (device that reads text)
tekstinsiirto {n} :: transmission of text
tekstintää {vt} :: to transcribe into text
tekstinvalmistus {n} :: text production
tekstipuhelin {n} :: text telephone (especially one designed for those with hearing impairment)
tekstisuunnittelija {n} :: copywriter
tekstitelevisio {n} :: Teletext
tekstitietokanta {n} :: textbase, text database
tekstitoimittaja {n} :: synonym of tekstisuunnittelija
tekstittää {vt} :: To subtitle
tekstitys {n} :: subtitle (textual versions of the dialog in films)
tekstitys {n} :: subtitling (act or art of creating subtitles)
tekstitys {n} :: surtitle, supertitle (text, typically translation, provided above a stage)
tekstiviesti {n} :: text message (SMS)
tekstiyhteys {n} :: context within a text
tekstuaalinen {adj} :: textual
teksturoida {v} :: To texturise/texturize
tekstuuri {n} :: texture
tektiitti {n} [geology] :: tektite
tektoniikka {n} :: tectonics
tektoninen {adj} :: tectonic
tektosilikaatti {n} [mineral] :: tectosilicate, silica (silicate mineral having a silicon to oxygen ratio of 1:2)
tektosilikaatti {n} [in plural] :: silica group
tektosilikaattiryhmä {n} [mineralogy] :: silica group (group of silicate minerals having a silicon to oxygen ratio of 1:2)
teku {n} [colloquial] :: technical college
tela {n} :: One of a set of round logs used as support to keep something, such as a boat or a pile of firewood, from touching directly the ground, or to help move a large object by rolling it over the logs
tela {n} [by extension] :: A place where something is left or stored; usually in adessive, ablative or allative plural
tela {n} :: roller, cylinder
tela {n} :: track (short of telaketju - "caterpillar track")
tšelada {n} :: alternative spelling of tselada
telahermo {n} [anatomy] :: trochlear nerve
telaketju {n} :: A caterpillar track
telakka {n} :: shipyard (place to build and repair ships)
telakka {n} :: dockyard (place to repair and outfit ships)
telakka {n} [computing] :: docking station, dock (piece of hardware into which a laptop computer can be plugged for use as a desktop computer)
telakoida {v} :: to dock (to connect a vessel to another; such as a spaceship to a space station)
telakoida {v} :: to take a vessel to a dockyard for service or repair
telakointi {n} :: docking
telakoitua {vi} :: to dock (to join two moving items)
telakoituminen {n} :: docking (connecting spacecraft)
telakoituminen {n} :: docking (type of homosexual act)
telalavetti {n} [military] :: an armored vehicle used as a missile launcher
telaluu {n} [skeleton] :: talus, astragalus
telamiina {n} [military] :: anti-tank mine
telapuu {n} :: log or timber used as horizontal support
telata {vt} :: To paint using a paint roller
telatie {n} :: a road built out of logs
telatraktori {n} :: caterpillar tractor (tractor with caterpillar tracks)
telavaunu {n} :: a wagon or carriage with caterpillar tracks
tele- {prefix} :: tele-
tele {n} [photographing, colloquial] :: telephoto lens
telefoni {n} [obsolete] :: alternative term for puhelin
telekinesia {n} :: telekinesis
telekommunikaatio {n} :: telecommunication
telekopio {n} :: fax
telemaattinen {adj} :: telematic
telematiikka {n} :: telematics
telemetria {n} :: telemetry
teleologia {n} :: teleology
telepaatikko {n} :: telepath
telepaatti {n} :: telepath
telepaattinen {adj} :: telepathic
telepatia {n} :: telepathy
teleportaatio {n} :: teleportation
teleportti {n} :: teleportation
teleskooppi {n} :: telescope
televisio {n} [television] :: television
televisio {n} :: A television set
televisioantenni {n} :: television antenna, TV aerial
televisioasema {n} :: television station
televisiodokumentti {n} :: A TV documentary
televisioelokuva {n} :: A TV movie, made-for-TV movie (movie made for and initially broadcast by a television channel)
televisioida {v} :: to televise (to air an event etc. on TV)
televisiointi {n} :: telecast (television broadcast, especially outside of a studio)
televisiointi {n} :: televising, telecasting (action)
televisiokanava {n} :: television channel (radio frequency or band of frequencies used for transmitting television)
televisiokanava {n} :: television channel (station or broadcaster using the band)
televisiolähetin {n} :: television transmitter
televisio-ohjelma {n} :: television program, television show
televisioruutu {n} :: television screen
televisiosatelliitti {n} :: television satellite
televisiouutiset {n} :: television news
teli {n} [railroading] :: bogie
teline {n} :: rack, stand
teline {n} :: scaffold, staging (structure supporting workmen on a construction site etc.)
teline {n} [gymnastics] :: apparatus
telinevoimistelu {n} [sports] :: artistic gymnastics
Tšeljabinsk {prop} :: Chelyabinsk (city)
telje {n} :: alternative form of telki
teljetä {vt} :: to bar, to bolt, to latch (to secure a door by locking or barring it)
teljo {n} [nautical] :: thwart
telki {n} :: bolt (door bolt)
telkien taakse {adv} [idiomatic] :: behind bars (to prison)
telkien takana {adv} [idiomatic] :: behind bars (in prison)
telkkä {n} :: Any of the ducks in the goldeneye genus Bucephala
telkkä {n} :: The type species of the goldeneye genus, the common goldeneye, Bucephala clangula
telkka {n} [colloquial] :: television
telkkari {n} [colloquial] :: television, telly
telkku {n} [colloquial] :: television
-tella {suffix} :: Forms verbs for calling someone by a name or a label
-tella {suffix} :: Forms verbs that describe act of pretending to be something
Tellervo {prop} :: In Finnish mythology, a goddess of forest, wife or daughter of Tapio
Tellervo {prop} :: given name
telluuri {n} :: tellurium
telluurio {n} :: tellurion
telmää {v} :: alternative form of telmiä
Tel Megiddo {n} :: Mount Megiddo
telmiä {v} :: to romp, frolic
telmätä {v} :: synonym of telmiä
teloa {vi} :: to hurt, to injure (usually of one's own body parts)
teloittaa {v} :: to execute (to kill as a punishment for capital crimes)
teloittaa {v} :: to electrocute (to execute by electric shock, as in an electric chair)
teloittaja {n} :: executioner
teloitus {n} :: execution (act of putting to death)
teloituttaa {vt} :: to have (someone) executed
telomeeri {n} :: telomere
telso {n} :: synonym of talso
teltta {n} :: a tent
telttailija {n} :: camper
telttailla {vi} :: To camp (to live in a tent, temporarily, usually for pleasure)
telttailu {n} :: camping
telttakangas {n} :: canvas
telttakatto {n} :: pyramid roof
telttamaja {n} [Bible] :: tabernacle (portable tent used by the Jewish before the construction of the temple of Jeusalem)
telttasänky {n} :: camp bed
telttatuoli {n} :: camping chair or camping stool
telugu {n} :: Telugu (language)
temaattinen {adj} :: thematic (relating to, or having a theme or a topic)
tematiikka {n} :: thematics
temmata {vt} :: To snatch, grab, jerk, pull, tear
temmata {v} [figurative] :: To draw (e.g. a sword)
temmelkenttä {n} [archaic] :: synonym of taistelukenttä
temmellä {vt} [archaic] :: to pull repeatedly
temmellä {v} [archaic] :: to rage (to move with great violence) [of people, storm, fire]
temmellä {v} [archaic] :: to romp, frolic
temmellys {n} :: frolicking
temmeltää {vi} :: to romp, frolic (to play about roughly, energetically or boisterously)
temmi {n} [dialectal] :: penis
temminckinmuurahaiskäpy {n} [zoology] :: ground pangolin (Manis temminckii)
temmirauta {n} [colloquial] :: chisel
tempaista {vt} :: To wrench
tempaus {n} :: An act of snatching, yanking or jerking
tempaus {n} :: escapade (daring or adventurous act; an undertaking which goes against convention)
tempautua {vt} [+ elative] :: to break away (from)
tempautua {vi} :: to get caught up (in)
tempe {n} :: tempeh
tempera {n} :: tempera
temperamentikas {adj} :: temperamental
temperamentti {n} :: temperament
temperamenttinen {adj} :: temperamental
temperoida {vt} :: to temper (treat with heat, mostly of tempering chocolate)
tempo {n} [music] :: tempo
tempoa {v} :: to tear at (to pull something violently and repeatedly as in an attempt to tear it apart or break loose of it)
tempoilla {vt} :: to tear or pull at violently and repeatedly
tempoilla {v} :: to wince (kick or flounce when unsteady or impatient)
temporaali {n} [grammar] :: temporal case
temporaalilohko {n} [anatomy] :: temporal lobe
temporaalinen {adj} :: temporal
temporaalinen distributiivi {n} [grammar] :: temporal distributive, distributive-temporal case
temppeli {n} :: temple (place of worship)
temppeliblokki {n} [musical instruments] :: temple block
temppeliherra {n} :: Templar
temppelinimi {n} [history] :: (Chinese) temple name
temppeliritari {n} :: paladin
temppeliviikuna {n} :: sacred fig, bodhi tree, Ficus religiosa (species of fig venerated by Buddhists because they believe the Buddha attained enlightenment while sitting underneath such a tree)
Temppelivuori {prop} :: Temple Mount (hill in Jerusalem)
temppu {n} :: trick, stunt
temppuilija {n} :: trickster
temppuilla {v} :: to monkey around, to monkey about
tempus {n} [linguistics, dated] :: tense
tenä {n} :: hindrance, obstacle
tenä {n} :: tehdä ~ : to stop working (a machine), to refuse to do sthg
-ten {suffix} :: Forms causative adverbs
tenava {n} [colloquial] :: kid, child
tendenssi {n} :: tendency
tenderi {n} [rail transport] :: tender (railroad car towed behind a steam engine to carry fuel)
tenho {n} :: charm, appeal, enchantment
Tenho {prop} :: given name
tenhota {vt} :: To enchant
tenkkapoo {n} [colloquial] :: problem
tennari {n} [colloquial] :: plimsoll (rubber-soled, laced canvas shoe)
tennessiini {n} :: tennessine
tennis {n} :: tennis
tenniskenkä {n} :: tennis shoe (athletic shoe designed for playing tennis)
tenniskenttä {n} :: tennis court
tenniskyynärpää {n} :: tennis elbow
tennismaila {n} :: A tennis racket
tennispallo {n} :: A tennis ball
tennispelaaja {n} :: tennis player
tennistossu {n} [dated] :: tennis shoe (low-ankle sneaker)
tenori {n} [music] :: tenor
tenorikitara {n} [music] :: tenor guitar
tenorisaksofoni {n} [musical instrument] :: tenor saxophone, tenor sax
tensidi {n} [chemistry] :: surfactant
tensio {n} :: tension
tensori {n} [mathematics, physics] :: tensor
tensoritulo {n} [mathematics] :: tensor product
tenätä {vi} :: to struggle against, to be insubordinate
tentti {n} :: examination
tenttiä {v} :: to take an examination, especially in a university
tenttijä {n} :: A participant of an exam
tenttu {n} [colloquial] :: denatured alcohol, methylated spirit (denatured strong alcohol used e.g. as fuel or solvent)
tenu {n} [colloquial] :: methylated spirit (denatured strong alcohol used e.g. as fuel)
teo- {prefix} :: theo-
teobromiini {n} [chemistry] :: theobromine
teodoliitti {n} :: theodolite
teofylliini {n} :: theophylline
teokraatti {n} :: theocrat
teokraattinen {adj} :: theocratic
teokratia {n} :: theocracy
teollinen {adj} :: industrial
teollinen muotoilu {n} :: industrial design
teollistaa {vt} :: to industrialize (to develop industry)
teollistua {vi} :: to industrialize (to become industrial)
teollistuminen {n} :: industrialization
teollistunut {adj} :: industrialized (having undergone industrialization)
teollisuudenharjoittaja {n} :: industrialist
teollisuus {n} :: industry
teollisuusalue {n} :: industrial area, industrial region
teollisuusalue {n} :: industrial park, industry park
teollisuusimuri {n} :: industrial vacuum cleaner
teollisuuskompleksi {n} :: industrial complex
teollisuusmaa {n} :: developed country
teollisuusministeri {n} :: A minister of industry
teollisuusmittakaava {n} :: industrial scale (large quantity)
teollisuusmittakaava {n} :: In attributive use, may also be translated with industrial strength
teollisuuspuisto {n} :: industrial park
teollisuustyöntekijä {n} :: industrial worker
teollisuusvakoilu {n} :: industrial espionage
teologi {n} :: theologian
teologia {n} :: theology
teologinen {adj} :: theological
teologisesti {adv} :: theologically
teonsana {n} [grammar] :: verb (a grammatical category of words that indicate an action, event or a state)
teoreema {n} :: theorem
teoreetikko {n} :: theorist
teoreettinen {adj} :: theoretic, theoretical
teoretisoida {v} :: alternative form of teorioida
teoretisointi {n} :: synonym of teoriointi
teoria {n} :: theory
teorianmuodostus {n} :: theorisation (development of a theory)
teorioida {v} :: to theorise, theorize (to develop or formulate a theory)
teoriointi {n} :: theorisation
teos {n} :: work (literary, artistic, or intellectual production)
teos {n} :: oeuvre, opus (work of art)
teosofi {n} :: theosophist
teosofia {n} :: theosophy
teosofinen {adj} :: theosophic
tepä {pron} :: te + -pä
tepastella {vi} :: to strut, to prance (walk haughtily)
Teppo {prop} :: given name
tepsiä {v} [colloquial] :: to do the trick, to work okay
tepsuttaa {v} :: To walk in short quick steps, as a little dog might do
tepuinpuumuura {n} :: streak-backed antshrike
tequila {n} :: tequila
terä {n} :: blade, edge
terä {n} :: head (of an axe)
terä {n} :: terminal part of the leg, foot
terä {n} :: the degree of sharpness of a cutting tool
tera- {prefix} :: tera-
terabitti {n} [computing] :: terabit
terajoule {n} :: terajoule
terapeutti {n} :: therapist
terapeuttinen {adj} :: therapeutic
terapia {n} :: therapy
terapoida {v} :: To therapize
teräase {n} :: An edged weapon
terassi {n} :: A terrace
terassi {n} :: A beer garden
teratavu {n} :: terabyte
teratogeeni {n} :: teratogen
teratogeeninen {adj} :: teratogenic
teratogeneesi {n} [teratology] :: teratogenesis
teratologia {n} [medicine] :: teratology
teratologinen {adj} :: teratologic
terawatti {n} :: terawatt
terawattitunti {n} :: terawatt-hour
terbium {n} :: terbium
tere {n} [textiles] :: piping
tereftaalihappo {n} [chemistry] :: terephthalic acid
tšeremissi {n} [dated] :: Mari (member of a Volga-Finnic people in the Volga region)
tšeremissi {n} [dated] :: Mari (language spoken by these people)
tšeremissin kieli {n} [dated] :: Mari (language)
tšeremissinkielinen {n} [dated] :: synonym of marinkielinen
Tšerenkovin säteily {n} [physics] :: Cerenkov radiation
terhakas {adj} :: brisk
terhakasti {adv} :: briskly
terhakka {adj} :: brisk
terhakkaasti {adv} :: briskly
terhen {n} :: Thin fog, mist
terhennellä {vi} :: to bluster, to act or speak snappily or aggressively
Terhi {prop} :: given name
Terhikki {prop} :: given name, variant of Terhi
terho {n} :: an acorn
Terho {prop} :: given name
Terho {prop} :: surname
terhotikka {n} :: acorn woodpecker, Melanerpes formicivorus
teriö {n} [botany] :: A corolla
terittää {vt} :: to furnish with a blade
tšerkessi {n} :: Cherkess (person belonging to the Circassian population of northern Karachay-Cherkessia)
Tšerkessk {prop} :: Cherkessk (city in Russia)
terkku {n} [colloquial] :: greetings
teräkäs {n} :: A legless sock
teräksinen {adj} :: steel
teräksinen {adj} [figuratively] :: steely
terälehti {n} [botany] :: petal
termari {n} :: thermos
termi {n} :: term (word or phrase)
termi {n} [mathematics] :: term
termiikki {n} :: A thermal (column of rising air in the lower atmosphere created by uneven heating of Earth's surface)
termiinikauppa {n} [finance] :: forward trade (deal between two parties to buy or to sell an asset at a specified future time at a price agreed upon today)
termiinikauppa {n} :: forward trading (business or practice of making such deals)
termiinimarkkinat {n} :: forward markets
termiitti {n} :: termite
termiitti {n} [chemistry] :: thermite
termiittikeko {n} :: termite mound
termiittipesä {n} :: termite mound, termitarium (termite colony as physical structure in which the termites live)
termiittipesä {n} :: termite colony (termite colony as society of termites)
termiittisammakko {n} :: red-banded frog, Phrynomerus bifasciatus
terminaali {n} :: terminal
terminaalihoito {n} :: hospice (provision of palliative care for terminally ill patients)
terminaattori {n} [electronics] :: terminator
terminaattori {n} [astronomy] :: terminator
terminaattorikodoni {n} :: synonym of lopetuskodoni
terminatiivi {n} [grammar] :: terminative case
terminen {adj} :: thermal
terminoida {vt} [finance] :: To hedge
terminologi {n} :: terminologist
terminologia {n} :: terminology (doctrine of terms)
terminologinen {adj} :: terminological
termistö {n} :: terminology (set of terms), nomenclature
termistori {n} :: thermistor
termo- {prefix} :: thermo-
termoanalyysi {n} [chemistry, metallurgy] :: thermal analysis
termodynaaminen {adj} :: thermodynamic
termodynaaminen lämpötila {n} [physics] :: thermodynamic temperature
termodynamiikka {n} [physics] :: thermodynamics
termofysiikka {n} :: thermophysics
termokemia {n} [chemistry, physics] :: thermochemistry
termokliini {n} [hydrology] :: thermocline
termoluminesenssi {n} :: thermoluminescence
termolyysi {n} :: thermolysis
termonukleaarinen {adj} :: thermonuclear
termoplastinen {adj} :: thermoplastic
termos {n} [colloquial] :: thermos
termosfääri {n} :: thermosphere
termospullo {n} :: A thermos, thermos flask
termostaatti {n} :: thermostat
termoterapia {n} :: thermotherapy
ternimaito {n} :: colostrum, beestings, first milk
Tšernobyl {prop} :: Chernobyl (city in Ukraine)
Tšernomyrdin {prop} :: A Finnish transliteration of the Russian surname Черномы́рдин (Chernomyrdin)
Tero {prop} :: given name
teroitin {n} :: A pencil sharpener
teroittaa {vt} :: to sharpen
teroittamaton {adj} :: unsharpened
teroittua {vi} :: to sharpen, to be sharpened
terpeeni {n} [chemistry] :: terpene
teräpuoli {n} :: cutting edge (sharp edge of the blade of a knife or other cutting tool)
terraario {n} :: terrarium
terrakotta {n} :: terracotta (hard red-brown unglazed earthenware)
terramysiini {n} :: terramycin
terri {n} [dialectal] :: black grouse
terrieri {n} :: terrier
territoriaalinen {adj} :: territorial
territorio {n} :: territory
terrori {n} :: terror (terror as tool of terrorists)
terrori-isku {n} :: terrorist strike
terrorismi {n} :: terrorism
terrorisminvastainen {adj} :: antiterrorist
terrorisoida {vt} :: To terrorize
terroristi {n} :: terrorist
terroristihyökkäys {n} :: terrorist attack
terroristijohtaja {n} :: terrorist leader
terroristijärjestö {n} :: terrorist organization
terroristinen {adj} :: terroristic
terroriteko {n} :: An act of terror
teräs {n} :: steel
teräsbetoni {n} :: reinforced concrete (with steel)
teräsharja {n} :: steel wire broom, steel wire brush
teräsjää {n} :: A type of bright, solid ice that is formed when the water body freezes
terska {n} [anatomy] :: glans penis
teräsmies {n} :: superman (person of extraordinary powers)
Teräsmies {prop} :: Superman (fictional character)
terssi {n} [music] :: third
terästää {vt} :: to steel, to add steel into
terästää {vt} [figuratively] :: to strengthen
terästää {vt} :: to spike (to covertly put alcohol or another intoxicating substance into a drink; to add a small amount of one substance to another)
teräste {n} :: The ingredient used in strengthening of a drink
terästyä {vi} :: to become stronger or sharper, to be hardened
terästäytyä {vi} :: to steel oneself
teräsvilla {n} :: steel wool
tertiaarinen {adj} :: tertiary
tertiaarinen {adj} :: alternative form of tertiäärinen
tertiili {n} [statistics] :: tertile (each of the two numerical values that divide an ordered sample into three equally numerous subsets)
tertiili {n} [by extension] :: tertile (subset thus obtained)
tertiäärikausi {n} :: Tertiary
tertiäärikautinen {adj} [geology] :: Tertiary
tertiäärinen {adj} :: tertiary (of third rank or order)
tertiäärinen alkoholi {n} [chemistry] :: tertiary alcohol
terttu {n} :: cluster
terttu {n} [botany] :: raceme
Terttu {prop} :: given name
terävä {adj} :: sharp
terävä {adj} :: smart, clever, bright, quick-witted
terävä {adj} [geometry] :: acute (of an angle, less than 90 degrees)
terävä {adj} [botany] :: acute (of the tip or base of a leaf, pointed, having a short sharp apex angled less than 90°)
terva {n} :: tar
tervaantua {v} :: alternative form of tervautua
tervahauta {n} :: tar kiln (dry distillation oven, historically used in Scandinavia for producing tar from wood)
tervainen {adj} :: tarry
tervaisempi {adj} :: comparative of tervainen
tervakko {n} [plant] :: A plant of the genus Viscaria
tervaleppä {n} :: A black alder, common alder, European alder (Alnus glutinosa)
tervapaperi {n} :: tarpaper
tervapata {n} :: tar pot (pot used for burning tar)
tervapata {n} :: duck, duck, goose (children's game)
tervapeippo {n} :: chestnut-breasted negrita (Nigrita bicolor)
tervaporvari {n} [historical] :: tar trader, especially one active during the heyday of Finnish tar exports to the rest of Europe in the 19th century
tervapääsky {n} :: swift, especially the common swift (Apus apus)
tervas {n} :: a piece of pine wood which is more resinous than average
tervas {n} :: slices of the said wood
tervasaippua {n} :: tar soap
tervata {vt} :: To tar, coat with tar
tervaus {n} :: tarring
tervautua {vi} :: To become tarred
terve {adj} :: healthy, sane (enjoying health and vigor of body, mind, or spirit)
terve {adj} :: healthy, sound (beneficial)
terve {adj} :: sound, well (free from injury, disease)
terve {adj} :: sound (complete, solid, or secure)
terve {adj} :: able-bodied (having a sound, strong body)
terve {interj} [colloquial] :: Said when meeting, hello
terve {interj} [colloquial] :: Said when departing, bye
terveellinen {adj} [of food etc.] :: healthy
terveempi {adj} :: comparative of terve
terveesti {adv} :: healthily
tervehdys {n} :: A greeting
tervehdys {n} :: A salute, salutation
tervehdyssanat {n} :: words of welcome, welcoming speech
tervehdyttää {vt} :: to heal, to cure, to recover
tervehtää {v} :: synonym of tervehtiä
tervehtiä {vt} [_, + partitive] :: to greet
tervehtiä {vt} [military + partitive] :: to salute
tervehtiä {v} :: to give the time of day, to say hello (to acknowledge somebody; to give some respect or attention)
tervehtijä {n} :: greeter
tervehtyä {vi} :: to heal, to recover, to recuperate
terveiset {n} :: regards, wishes, greetings, compliments
tervemenoa {interj} [colloquial] :: good riddance (indicates that a departure, or loss is welcome)
tervetullut {adj} :: welcome
tervetuloa {interj} :: [when greeting] welcome, great to see you, nice you could come
tervetuloa {interj} :: [after having arranged a visit] looking forward to seeing you
tervetuloa {interj} :: [when inviting someone] Would you like to visit us? It'd be nice to have you over sometime. (Please) come again! (only by salespeople:) (Please) call again!
tervetuloseremonia {n} :: welcoming ceremony
terveydeksi {interj} :: bless you
terveydenhoitaja {n} :: public health nurse, community health nurse
terveydenhoito {n} :: health care
terveydenhuolto {n} :: health care
terveydentila {n} :: health, state of one's health
terveys {n} :: health
terveysala {n} :: health sector (people, institutions and businesses that work to promote, restore and maintain health)
terveysasema {n} :: medical center, municipal clinic, clinic (municipal facility for providing outpatient services for residents of a designated area)
terveysjärjestö {n} :: health organization
terveyskeskus {n} :: (public, free) health center, health care center, clinic (municipal facility providing medical services for residents of a designated area, not: outpatient clinic, which is a poliklinikka in Finnish)
terveyskeskuslääkäri {n} :: physician who works in an outpatient clinic
terveyslautakunta {n} :: health board (in municipal government, a board responsible for organizing and overseeing the health services provided for the citizens)
terveysministeri {n} :: minister of health, secretary of health
terveysministeriö {n} :: ministry of health
terveyspalvelu {n} :: health service
terveysside {n} :: sanitary towel, sanitary napkin
terveystarkastus {n} :: physical
terveystieto {n} :: health education
terveystoimi {n} :: health services; usually as a branch of municipal government
terveysturismi {n} :: medical tourism
terveysvaara {n} :: health risk
terveysvaikutteinen {adj} :: health (attributive, with health benefits)
terveysvaikutteinen {adj} [nutrition] :: functional (of foods, having positive effect on health)
terveyttää {vt} :: to cure, to heal
terävähampainen {adj} :: sharp-toothed
terävöittää {vt} :: to sharpen
terävöityä {vi} :: to become sharper
terävä kulma {n} [geometry] :: acute angle
teräväkulmainen {adj} [geometry] :: acute-angled (of a triangle, having all angles smaller than 90°)
terävämpi {adj} :: comparative of terävä
terävänipukkainen {adj} [botany] :: synonym of pitkäsuippuinen
Tervo {prop} :: surname
Tervo {prop} :: A municipality in Northern Savonia, Finland
Tervola {prop} [uncountable] :: Tervola (municipality)
Tervola {prop} :: surname
teräväpiirtotelevisio {n} :: high-definition television, HDTV
teräväpäinen {adj} :: sharp-witted
teryleeni {n} :: terylene [UK], dacron [US] (fiber and fabric made of polyethylene terephthalate)
tesaurus {n} :: synonym of käsitesanakirja
tesla {n} :: tesla
teslamuuntaja {n} :: Tesla coil (resonant transformer circuit used to produce high voltage, low current, high frequency alternating current electricity)
tesma {n} [plant] :: American milletgrass (Milium effusum)
tesserakti {n} [geometry] :: tesseract
testaaja {n} :: tester
testaaminen {n} :: testing
testamentata {vt} :: to bequeath, devise, will
testamentti {n} :: will (a legal document stating who is to receive a person's estate and assets after his/her death)
testamentti {n} [Christianity] :: testament
testata {vt} :: to test
testaus {n} :: testing
testi {n} :: test
testijäljitelmä {n} [programming] :: test double
testisijainen {n} [programming] :: test double
testitulos {n} :: test result
testosteroni {n} [biochemistry] :: testosterone
tet {pron} [personal, dialectal, including, Kven] :: you (plural; in archaic English: ye)
tet {n} :: teth (ninth letter of the Hebrew and Phoenician scripts and the Northwest Semitic abjad)
tetanus {n} [pathology] :: tetanus
tšetšeeni {n} :: Chechen (person or language)
tšetšeeni {n} :: in plural also the Chechen ethnic group
tšetšeenin kieli {n} :: Chechen (language)
tšetšeeninkielinen {adj} :: Chechen, Chechen-language (expressed in Chechen language)
Tšetšenia {prop} :: Chechnya
tšetšenialainen {adj} :: Chechen (of or pertaining to Chechnya)
tetra {n} :: Tetra Pak (type of container)
tetra {n} :: tetra (fish of the family Characidae, commonly kept as aquarium fish)
tetraatio {n} [arithmetic] :: tetration
tetraedri {n} [geometry] :: tetrahedron
tetraetyylilyijy {n} [chemistry] :: tetraethyl lead
tetragoninen {adj} [crystallography] :: tetragonal
tetrahydrofuraani {n} [chemistry] :: tetrahydrofuran
tetrahydrogestrinoni {n} [chemistry] :: tetrahydrogestrinone
tetrahydrokannabinoli {n} [chemistry] :: tetrahydrocannabinol
tetrahydrotiofeeni {n} [chemistry] :: tetrahydrothiophene
tetrametri {n} :: A tetrameter
tetrapakkaus {n} :: synonym of tetra (type of container)
tetrapodi {n} :: tetrapod (member of superclass Tetrapoda)
tetrapodi {n} :: tetrapod (concrete structure)
tetri {n} [dialectal] :: black grouse
tetroksidi {n} [chemistry] :: tetroxide
tetum {n} :: The Tetum language
teuras {n} :: An animal to be slaughtered
teuraskarja {n} :: slaughter cattle
teurastaa {v} :: To slaughter, butcher
teurastaa {v} :: To massacre
teurastaja {n} :: A butcher (person who slaughters animals, usually for meat)
teurastaja {n} :: A butcher (brutal killer)
teurastamo {n} :: slaughterhouse, abattoir
teurastus {n} :: slaughter (killing of animals)
teurastus {n} [figuratively] :: slaughter of people, bloodbath
teurgia {n} :: theurgy
teutaroida {vi} :: to romp, to gambol
teutoni {n} :: A Teuton
Teuva {prop} :: Teuva
Teuvo {prop} :: given name, cognate to Theodore
texasilainen {adj} :: Texan
texasilainen {n} :: A Texan
texmexruoka {n} :: Tex-Mex
teyri {n} [dialectal] :: black grouse
tägi {n} :: tag (graffiti)
thai {n} :: Thai (person)
thai {n} :: Thai (language)
thaihieronta {n} :: Thai massage (massage in traditional Thai style)
thaikieli {n} :: Tai language (language in the Tai group of the Tai-Kadai family of languages)
Thaimaa {prop} :: Thailand
thaimaalainen {adj} :: Thai
thaimaalainen {n} :: A Thai
thaimaalaisuus {n} :: Thainess
Thaimaan kuningaskunta {prop} :: The Kingdom of Thailand
thaimusiikki {n} :: Thai music
thain kieli {n} :: Thai (language)
thainkielinen {adj} :: Thai, Thai language, Thai speaking (written or expressed in Thai)
thainyrkkeily {n} [sports] :: Muay Thai, Thai boxing
thairavintola {n} :: Thai restaurant (restaurant serving food prepared in Thai style)
thairuoka {n} :: Thai food (food prepared in Thai style)
thaisilkki {n} :: Thai silk
thanatologia {n} :: alternative spelling of tanatologia
thangka {n} :: thangka
thatcherismi {n} :: Thatcherism
tähde {n} [usually plural] :: residue, remnant, leftover (whatever remains when something - usually the useful part - has been removed)
tähde {n} :: leftovers, table scraps (food remaining after a meal; excess food eaten later)
tähdekäs {adj} :: starry
tähdellinen {adj} :: starry, having (pictures of) stars
tähdellinen {adj} :: significant, necessary, meaningful
tähdellisesti {adv} :: meaningfully, in a meaningful way
tähdellisyys {n} :: meaningfulness
tähden {adv} :: because of, for the sake of, for
tähdenlento {n} :: A shooting star, meteor
tähdenlento {n} :: A person who had short-lived fame
tähdenlentoparvi {n} :: meteor shower
tähdenpeitto {n} [astronomy] :: occultation
tähdenpilkku {n} [astronomy] :: starspot
tähdenpilkkujakso {n} [astronomy] :: starspot cycle (cycle similar to solar cycle but observed in stars)
tähdentää {vt} :: To emphasize, highlight
tähdetön {adj} :: starless
tähdikki {n} :: star-of-Bethlehem (plant of the genus Ornithogalum)
tähdikäs {adj} :: starry
tähdistö {n} [astronomy] :: constellation (any of the 88 officially recognized regions of the sky)
tähdistäennustaja {n} :: alternative term for astrologi
tähdittää {v} :: To star (to appear as a featured performer)
tähdätä {vt} [_, + partitive] :: To aim at, target
tähdätä {vi} [figuratively + illative] :: To aim at, strive for
thebanlepakko {n} :: Egyptian slit-faced bat, Nycteris thebaica
theeta {n} :: theta (Greek letter)
thelema {n} [religion] :: Thelema (type of spiritual and social philosophy)
theremin {n} [musical instruments] :: theremin
töhertää {vt} :: to scribble
töhertää {vt} :: to bedaub, to besmear
tähkä {n} :: ear (fruiting body of a grain plant)
tähkä {n} [botany] :: spike (type of inflorescence)
töhkä {n} :: dirt
tähkähelmikkä {n} :: hairy melic, Melica ciliata (grass)
tähkiä {vi} :: to produce an ear (of grain)
tähkiö {n} :: catstail (plant of the genus Phleum)
tähkäidäntä {n} [agriculture] :: ear sprouting
tähkämaitikka {n} [plant] :: crested cow-wheat (Melampyrum cristatum)
Tähkäpää {prop} :: Rapunzel
tähkylä {n} [botany] :: spikelet
tähän asti {adv} :: so far, thus far, heretofore, until now, as yet
tähän asti kaikki hyvin {phrase} [idiomatic] :: so far so good
tähänastinen {adj} :: Used to refer to action that has taken place from undetermined past to this day, usually implying that some sort of continuation is expected; translated into English with adverbial expressions such as until now, up to now, until this day
tähän mennessä {adv} :: so far, thus far, heretofore, until now, as yet
tähän mennessä {adv} :: by now
tähän saakka {adv} :: so far, thus far, heretofore, until now, as yet
thomsoningaselli {n} :: Thomson's gazelle, Eudorcas thomsonii (common species of gazelle)
thorax {n} :: thorax
thoraxkirurgia {n} :: thorax surgery, cardiothoracic surgery (field of medicine involved in surgical treatment of diseases affecting organs inside the thorax)
Thot {prop} :: Thoth (Egyptian god)
töhriä {vt} :: to smudge, smear
töhrijä {n} :: smearer, smudger
töhriytyä {vi} :: to be smudged or smeared
töhryinen {adj} :: smeared, smudgy, smudged, scruffy
töhräytyä {vi} :: to be dirtied or smudged
tähtevä {adj} [poetic] :: starry
tähteys {n} :: stardom
tähti {n} :: star
tähti {n} [astronomy] :: star (astronomical object)
tähti {n} :: a famous person, celebrity
tähti {n} :: a white spot on the forehead of a horse
tähtiaika {n} [astronomy] :: sidereal time
tähtianis {n} :: star anise (dried fruit of the plant Illicium verum, used as spice)
tähtiassosiaatio {n} [astronomy] :: stellar association
tähtienvälinen {adj} :: interstellar
tähtienvälinen aine {n} [astronomy] :: interstellar medium (matter that exists in the space between star systems in a galaxy)
tähtihalma {n} :: alternative term for kiinanšakki
tähtiharrastus {n} :: astronomy as an hobby
tähtihedelmä {n} :: carambola, the fruit and the plant (Averrhoa carambola)
tähtihetki {n} :: highlight, high point (especially significant or interesting detail or event)
tähtihetki {n} :: culmination, climax, acme, pinnacle (all-time high; a point of greatest achievement or success)
tähtiholvi {n} [architecture] :: Gothic vault
tähtiholvi {n} [poetically] :: vault of the stars (the starry sky)
tähtihyppy {n} :: The star jump exercise
tähtihyytelö {n} :: star jelly (mythical substance that falls on the Earth during meteor showers)
tähtijoukko {n} [astronomy] :: star cluster
tähtijärjestelmä {n} [astronomy] :: star system
tähtikaksikko {n} [sports] :: star duo (two stars seen as a unison in team sports)
tähtikirkas {adj} :: [of night sky] clear
tähtikuonokontiainen {n} :: star-nosed mole, Condylura cristata
tähtikuonomaamyyrä {n} :: alternative term for tähtikuonokontiainen
tähtikuvio {n} [astronomy] :: asterism
tähtikuvio {n} :: constellation (formation of stars perceived as pattern)
tähtikuvio {n} :: constellation (image associated with a group of stars)
tähtikuvio {n} [colloquial] :: constellation (any of the 88 officially recognized regions of the sky)
tähtikuvio {n} [astrology] :: constellation (configuration of planets at a given time)
tähtilatva {n} :: synonym of joulutähti (plant Euphorbia pulcherrima)
tähtimö {n} [plant] :: starwort
tähtimerkki {n} :: alternative term for asteriski (typographical symbol)
tähtimerkki {n} :: alternative term for horoskooppimerkki (zodiac sign)
tähtimäinen {adj} :: starlike
tähtimoottori {n} :: radial engine
tähtäin {n} :: sight (aiming device of a weapon)
Tähtinen {prop} :: surname
tähtiparvi {n} :: star cluster
tähtiryöppygalaksi {n} [astronomy] :: starburst galaxy
tähtisade {n} :: The light effect caused by a cluster of meteorites entering the atmosphere
tähtisade {n} :: A similar light effect in fireworks, consisting of glowing pieces of material falling down from the sky
tähtisadetikku {n} :: sparkler (hand-held firework that emits sparks)
tähtisampi {n} :: sevruga, starry sturgeon (Acipenser stellatus)
tähtisara {n} [plant] :: star sedge, Carex echinata
tähtisikermä {n} [astronomy, dated] :: A star cluster
tähtisumu {n} [astronomy] :: nebula, stardust
tähtitaivas {n} :: starry sky
tähtitiede {n} :: astronomy
tähtitieteellinen {adj} :: astronomical
tähtitieteellinen yksikkö {n} [astronomy] :: astronomical unit
tähtitieteellisesti {adv} :: astronomically
tähtitieteilijä {n} :: astronomer
tähtitorni {n} :: observatory (building or tower-like part of a larger building equipped for observing celestial phenomena)
tähtituuli {n} :: stellar wind
tähtivuorokausi {n} [astronomy] :: stellar day, sidereal day
tähtivuosi {n} [astronomy] :: sidereal year
tähtönen {n} :: diminutive of tähti
tähtönen {n} :: starlet
tähtäys {n} :: aiming
tähyillä {v} :: to peer
tähystää {v} :: To keep a lookout
tähystin {n} :: endoscope
tähystäjä {n} :: lookout
tähystys {n} :: viewing
tähystys {n} :: lookout
tähystys {n} [medicine] :: endoscopy
tähystyspallo {n} [military] :: observation balloon
tähytä {vi} :: to watch attentively
ti {abbr} :: tiistai (Tuesday)
ti {n} :: dit (spoken representation of a dot in radio and telegraph Morse code)
täi {n} :: louse
-ti {suffix} :: Forms caritive adverbs
-ti {suffix} :: Forms adverbs of manner
tiaara {n} :: alternative spelling of tiara
tiabendatsoli {n} :: thiabendazole
tiainen {n} :: a chickadee, tit (a small passerine bird of the genus Parus or the family Paridae)
Tiainen {prop} :: surname
tiaiskerttuli {n} :: northern parula, Parula americana (a New World warbler)
tiamiini {n} [biochemistry] :: thiamine
tiara {n} :: tiara (papal crown or ornamental coronet)
tic-oire {n} [pathology] :: tic
tie {n} :: way [by which to go/walk/move]
tie {n} :: road
tie {n} :: avenue
tie {n} :: path
tiede {n} :: science
tiede {n} :: one of the liberal arts or humanities
tiedeakatemia {n} :: academy of sciences
tiedehenkilö {n} [rare] :: scientist; a gender-neutral term sometimes used to replace tiedemies (scientist)
tiedekeskus {n} :: science center
tiedekunta {n} :: faculty (in a university)
tiedelehti {n} :: A magazine focused on science
tiedemies {n} :: scientist
tiedenainen {n} :: scientist, female scientist
tiedepuisto {n} :: science park
tiedeseura {n} :: learned society
tiedoksianto {n} [legal] :: A notification
tiedonanto {n} :: notification, announcement, notice (formal act of informing or a document delivering the information)
tiedonhakujärjestelmä {n} :: information retrieval system
tiedonhaluinen {adj} :: inquisitive, curious
tiedonjanoinen {adj} :: inquisitive
tiedonjyvä {n} :: piece of information, bit of information
tiedonlouhinta {n} :: data mining
tiedonpakkaus {n} [computing] :: data compression
tiedonsiirto {n} :: data transfer
tiedon valtatie {n} [dated] :: information superhighway (high-speed data transfer network)
tiedostaa {vt} [+ genitive-accusative] :: To be aware of
tiedostamaton {adj} :: subconscious
tiedosto {n} [computing] :: file
tiedostojärjestelmä {n} [computing] :: file system
tiedostomuoto {n} [computing] :: file format
tiedote {n} :: bulletin
tiedoton {adj} :: unconscious, unknowing, unaware (without directed thought or awareness)
tiedottaa {v} :: to inform, make known, announce
tiedottaja {n} :: A public communicator, communicator, mouthpiece; spokesman, spokesperson
tiedottaminen {n} :: informing, reporting
tiedotus {n} :: advice, information, guidance
tiedotus {n} :: announcement, publicity
tiedotuslehti {n} :: bulletin, newsletter
tiedotuspäällikkö {n} :: communications manager
tiedotustilaisuus {n} :: briefing
tiedotusväline {n} :: news medium
tiedät-kyllä-kuka {pron} :: you-know-who
tiedätte-kyllä-ketkä {pron} :: you-know-who (polite or plural)
tiedustaa {v} :: alternative form of tiedustella
tiedustelija {n} :: A scout (one who conducts reconnaissance)
tiedustella {v} :: to inquire, enquire
tiedustella {v} :: to reconnoitre
tiedustelu {n} :: inquiry, enquiry
tiedustelu {n} [military] :: reconnaissance
tiedustelu {n} :: intelligence (spying)
tiedustelu {n} :: scout (act of scouting or reconnoitering)
tiedustelukone {n} :: synonym of tiedustelulentokone
tiedustelulentokone {n} :: reconnaissance aircraft
tiedustelupalvelu {n} :: intelligence agency, intelligence service (governmental agency devoted to gathering of information for purposes of national security and defense; used mostly of other than Finnish agencies)
tiehöylä {n} :: grader
tiehyt {n} [anatomy] :: duct
tiehytmato {n} :: flukeworm (worm of the class Trematoda)
tiejyrä {n} [construction] :: road roller
tiekartta {n} :: road map
tiekone {n} :: road machine
tielaitos {n} :: public roads authority, public roads administration (government body responsible for planning, construction and/or maintenance of public roads)
tielaitos {n} :: with capital initial, a former (until 2001) Finnish government authority responsible for planning, construction and maintenance of public roads
tieliikenne {n} :: road traffic
tieliikennelaki {n} :: traffic code, traffic act
tienata {v} [colloquial] :: to earn money
tienhaara {n} :: fork in the road (junction of roads where one road becomes two)
tienhaara {n} :: crossroads
tienoilla {adv} :: about, around
tienoo {n} [dialectal] :: neighbourhood, region, tract
tienristeys {n} :: road crossing, intersection
tienvarsi {n} :: roadside
tienvarsipommi {n} :: roadside bomb
tienviitta {n} :: signpost
tieoikeus {n} :: right of way (legal right)
tiepiiri {n} [dated] :: A former regional organizational unit of Finland's Ministry of Transport and Communications, which was responsible for maintenance and construction of roads in its designated area. The term is no longer in official use as their tasks have been transferred to the ELY-keskus
tiera {n} :: Snow that sticks to or flies off the hoof of a horse in the winter
tieraivo {n} :: road rage
ties {adv} :: God knows, who knows
tiestö {n} :: roads collectively, road network
tiesulku {n} :: roadblock
tietää {vt} :: To know, be aware of (meaning the superficial knowledge on, see the usage notes below)
tietää {vt} :: To signify, mean, presage, spell
tieteellinen {adj} :: scientific
tieteellinen nimi {n} :: A binomial name, scientific name
tieteellisesti {adv} :: scientifically
tieteellistää {vt} :: to make (more) scientific
tieteellistyä {vi} :: to become (more) scientific
tieteenala {n} :: A branch of science
tieteenfilosofia {n} [philosophy] :: philosophy of science
tieteenteoria {n} :: philosophy of science
tieteidenvälinen {adj} :: multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary (relating to multiple areas of study)
tieteilijä {n} :: -ologist, scientist
tieteillä {vi} :: to dabble in science
tieteiselokuva {n} :: sci-fi film, sci-fi movie
tieteisfiktio {n} :: science fiction
tieteiskirjallisuus {n} :: (literary) science fiction
tieteislaskin {n} [mathematics, computing] :: scientific calculator
tieteisleffa {n} [colloquial] :: science fiction film
tieten {adv} :: knowingly
tieten {adv} :: tieten tahtoen: wilfully and knowingly
tietenkin {adv} :: Of course
tietenkään {adv} :: of course not
tieten tahtoen {adv} :: willfully, purposely, knowingly
tietäjä {n} :: wise man, sage, seer
tietääkseni {adv} :: as far as I know
tietääkseni {adv} :: as if not noticing, treating like air
tietämillä {adv} [usually genitive + ~] :: in the region of, in the ballpark of, around, about (especially temporally or spatially, but also abstractly)
tietämätön {adj} :: unaware, ignorant
tietämätön {adj} :: clueless
tietämättömämpi {adj} :: comparative of tietämätön
tietämättömyys {n} :: ignorance
tietämättään {adv} :: unknowingly, unbeknownst (to)
tietämyksenhallinta {n} :: knowledge management
tietämys {n} :: sphere of knowledge, knowledge (unified body or collection of knowledge regarding a specific subject)
tietön {adj} :: roadless
tieto {n} :: knowledge
tieto {n} :: data
tieto {n} :: information
tieto {n} :: notice
tieto {n} :: intelligence
tietoinen {adj} :: conscious
tietoinen {adj} :: cognizant
tietoinen läsnäolo {n} [Buddhism, psychology] :: mindfulness
tietoisesti {adv} :: consciously, knowingly, volitionally (in a conscious manner)
tietoisuus {n} :: consciousness
tietojenkäsittely {n} :: data processing
tietojenkäsittelyjärjestelmä {n} :: information system, data processing system
tietojenkäsittelylaite {n} :: data processing device, data processing equipment
tietojenkäsittelyoppi {n} [dated] :: synonym of tietojenkäsittelytiede
tietojenkäsittelyteoria {n} [computer science] :: theoretical computer science
tietojenkäsittelytiede {n} :: computer science
tietojohtaminen {n} :: knowledge management as used in business
tietojärjestelmä {n} :: information system
tietojärjestelmäarkkitehtuuri {n} [computer science] :: information systems architecture
tietokanta {n} [computing] :: database
tietokantahallinnoija {n} [computing] :: database administrator
tietokantaohjelma {n} [computing] :: database(software)
tietokantasuunnittelija {n} :: database designer
tietokilpailu {n} :: quiz
tietokirjallisuus {n} :: nonfiction
tietokone {n} :: computer (device)
tietokoneajo {n} [computing] :: batch job
tietokoneanimaatio {n} :: computer animation
tietokoneasiantuntija {n} :: computer expert
tietokoneavusteinen {adj} :: computer-aided
tietokone-ennuste {n} :: prediction or forecast made with a computer
tietokonegrafiikka {n} :: computer graphics
tietokonehaku {n} :: computer search, search done from or with a computer
tietokoneinsinööri {n} :: A computer engineer
tietokoneistaa {vt} [computing] :: to computerize
tietokoneistua {vi} [computing] :: To become computerized
tietokoneistus {n} :: computerization
tietokonekerroskuvaus {n} :: computed tomography scan, CT scan
tietokonekerroskuvaus {n} :: computed tomography
tietokonekieli {n} :: computer language (language associated with computers)
tietokonekomponentti {n} :: computer component
tietokonekäsittely {n} :: computer processing, processing with a computer
tietokoneladonta {n} :: computer typesetting
tietokonelaukku {n} :: computer bag
tietokonelingvistiikka {n} [linguistics, computer science] :: computational linguistics (interdisciplinary field dealing with the statistical and/or rule-based modeling of natural language from a computational perspective)
tietokonemusiikki {n} [computing, music] :: computer music
tietokoneohjauksinen {adj} :: computer-controlled
tietokoneohjaus {n} :: computer control, computer controlling
tietokoneohjelma {n} :: computer program
tietokoneohjelmisto {n} :: computer software
tietokoneohjelmoija {n} [computing] :: computer programmer
tietokoneoperaattori {n} :: system operator, computer operator
tietokonepeli {n} [computer games] :: A computer game
tietokonepeli {n} :: An electronic game
tietokonepohjainen {n} [computing] :: computer-based
tietokonepääte {n} [computing] :: computer terminal
tietokonerikollisuus {n} :: cybercrime, computer crime (as a practice, habit or collective term)
tietokonerikos {n} :: cybercrime, computer crime (instance of such)
tietokonesali {n} :: computer room, computer hall
tietokonesimulointi {n} :: computer simulation
tietokonetaide {n} :: computer art
tietokonetaitto {n} :: desktop publishing
tietokonetekniikka {n} :: computer engineering (branch of engineering)
tietokonetekniikka {n} :: computer technology
tietokoneteknikko {n} :: computer technician
tietokonetomografia {n} :: computed tomography
tietokoneverkko {n} [computing] :: computer network
tietokonevirus {n} [computing] :: virus, computer virus
tietolähde {n} :: A source of information
tietoliikenne {n} :: telecommunication
tietoliikennejärjestelmä {n} :: telecommunications system
tietoliikennesatelliitti {n} :: communications satellite
tietoliikennetekokuu {n} [rare] :: synonym of tietoliikennesatelliitti
tieto lisää tuskaa {proverb} :: ignorance is bliss
tietomallinnus {n} [computing] :: data modeling
tietoniekka {n} [dated] :: someone knowing remarkably much of something; a master of quiz
tieto on valtaa {proverb} :: knowledge is power
tietopankki {n} :: A data bank
tietorakenne {n} :: data structure
tietorikas {adj} :: knowledgeable
tietosanakirja {n} :: encyclopedia
tietosähke {n} [computing] :: datagram
tietosisältö {n} :: data content
tietotaito {n} :: know-how
tietotekniikka {n} :: information technology
tietotekniikkaoikeus {n} [computing, law] :: information technology law (branch of law)
tietotekniikkarikollisuus {n} :: cybercrime (crime committed using a computer, usually over the internet)
tietotekniikkarikos {n} :: cybercrime (criminal act committed using a computer, usually over the internet)
tietoteoreettinen {adj} :: epistemological
tietoteoria {n} :: epistemology, theory of knowledge
tietotoimisto {n} [dated] :: news agency
tietoturva {n} [computer security] :: information security, data security
tietoturva-aukko {n} [computer security] :: security hole
tietoturvauhka {n} :: data security threat
tietotyöläinen {n} :: knowledge worker
tietotyöntekijä {n} :: A knowledge worker
tietotyyppi {n} [programming] :: data type
tietoverkko {n} :: data network
tietoviisas {n} :: a whiz of quiz
tietoviisas {n} :: [sarcastic or ironic] someone pretending to know remarkably much of something
tietovisa {n} :: quiz
tietovuoto {n} :: information leakage
tietoyhteiskunta {n} :: information society
tietsikka {n} [colloquial] :: computer
tiettävästi {adv} :: as far as is known, presumably
tietty {adj} :: certain (having been determined but unspecified)
tietty {adj} :: designated
tietty {adv} [dialectal, colloquial] :: alternative form of tietenkin
tietue {n} [computing] :: record (a set of data)
tietulli {n} :: road toll
tietävä {v} :: in the know (informed, aware)
tietäväinen {adj} :: knowledgeable
tietyö {n} :: Roadworks
tietymätön {adj} :: uncertain, unknown
tietynlainen {adj} :: of certain type, of certain kind
tietyntyyppinen {adj} :: of a certain kind, certain
tietysti {adv} :: of course, naturally
tieura {n} :: a track of a road
tieverkosto {n} :: road network
tigrinja {n} :: Tigrinya (language)
Tigris {prop} :: Tigris
tiheä {adj} :: dense, thick
tiheikkö {n} :: thicket, copse (dense, but generally small, growth of shrubs, bushes or small trees)
tiheä joukko {n} [mathematics] :: dense set
tiheämpi {adj} :: comparative of tiheä
tihentää {vt} :: To make more dense or frequent
tihentyä {vi} :: To become denser
tihentyä {vi} :: To become more frequent (in time)
tihertää {vi} :: to cry or sob quietly
tihertää {vi} :: to do something quietly
tiheästi {adv} :: densely
tihetä {vi} :: To become denser
tiheä virtsaaminen {n} :: pollakiuria
tiheys {n} :: density
tiheys {n} :: frequency
tiheys {n} :: rate
tiheysfunktio {n} [probability theory] :: probability density function
tihku {n} :: drizzle (mist or sprinkle)
tihkua {v} :: to percolate, seep
tihkua {v} [figuratively] :: to exude
tihkuinen {adj} :: drizzly
tihkuminen {n} :: percolation, seepage (process by which a liquid leaks through a porous substance)
tihkusade {n} :: a drizzle (light rain)
tihkusateinen {adj} :: drizzly
tihkuta {vi} :: To drizzle (light rain)
tihkuttaa {v} :: to drizzle (to rain lightly)
tihkuttaa {v} :: to exude (to discharge small quantities of a substance through pores or incisions)
tihruinen {adj} [of eyes] :: beady
tihruinen {adj} [of weather] :: drizzly
tihruinen {adj} [of light] :: dim, gloomy
tihu {n} :: drizzle
tihuttaa {v} :: To drizzle (to rain lightly)
tihuuttaa {v} :: synonym of tihuttaa
tii {n} [golf] :: tee (peg)
Tiia {prop} :: given name. Popular in the end of the 20th century
tiiata {v} :: to tee off (to hit the first shot of the hole, from the tee)
tiibet {n} :: The Tibetan language
Tiibet {prop} :: Tibet
tiibetiläinen {adj} :: Tibetan
tiibetiläinen {n} :: A Tibetan person
tiibetinhanhi {n} :: bar-headed goose, Anser indicus
tiibetinmakaki {n} :: Tibetan macaque, Macaca thibetana
tiibetinmastiffi {n} :: Tibetan Mastiff
tiibetinspanieli {n} :: Tibetan spaniel
tiibetinterrieri {n} :: Tibetan terrier
tiibetinvesipäästäinen {n} :: elegant water shrew (Nectogale elegans)
Tiihonen {prop} :: surname
tiikeri {n} :: tiger (Panthera tigris)
Tiikeri {prop} :: Tiger (the third animal in the 12-year cycle in Chinese zodiac)
tiikeriahven {n} :: tiger perch, crescent grunter, crescent perch, jarbua terapon, Terapon jarbua
tiikerihai {n} :: A tiger shark, Galeocerdo cuvier
tiikerihai {n} :: A requiem shark (any of the 52 species in the family Carcharhinidae)
tiikerijäätelö {n} :: a type of vanilla ice cream with orange marmalade
tiikerikakku {n} :: marble cake
tiikerikissa {n} :: oncilla, Leopardus tigrinus
tiikerilinsanki {n} :: banded linsang, Prionodon linsang
tiikerinsilmä {n} [mineral] :: tiger's eye
tiikeripussikissa {n} :: tiger quoll, spotted-tailed quoll, Dasyurops maculatus
tiikerisalamanteri {n} :: tiger salamander
tiikki {n} :: teak (timber or tree)
tiikoni {n} :: tigon
tiilenpää {n} :: end of a brick
tiilenpoltto {n} :: burning bricks
tiilenpunainen {adj} :: fire brick (of colour)
tiilenpunainen {n} :: fire brick (colour)
tiilenvärinen {adj} :: brick-colored
tiili {n} :: brick (construction block)
tiili {n} :: brick (material)
tiili {n} :: tile (used mostly of unglazed heavy tiles, such as roof tiles)
tiiliarkkitehtuuri {n} :: brick architecture
tiilielementti {n} :: any prefab made of bricks
tiilihissi {n} [construction] :: elevator designed for lifting construction materials on a construction site
tiiliholvi {n} :: brick arching
Tiilikainen {prop} :: surname
tiilikasarmi {n} :: brick barracks
tiilikatto {n} :: tile roof
tiilikivi {n} :: rock brick, brick rock
tiilimurska {n} :: crushed brick, brick dust
tiilimuuraus {n} :: brickwork, brick masonry
tiilimuuri {n} :: brick wall (wall made of bricks)
tiilinen {adj} :: brick (made of brick or bricks)
tiilipiippu {n} :: brick chimney, brick pipe
tiiliputki {n} :: brick pipe ((thin) pipe made of bricks)
tiilirakenne {n} :: brick structure
tiilirakennus {n} :: brick building
tiiliseinä {n} :: brick wall (in both concrete and idiomatic sense)
tiiliskivi {n} :: brick
tiiliskivi {n} [colloquial] :: a very thick book
tiilitalo {n} :: brick house
tiilitehdas {n} :: brick factory
tiiliteollisuus {n} :: brick industry
tiilittää {v} [computing] :: to tile (to arrange tile-like objects in a regular pattern)
tiiliuuni {n} :: brick oven
tiiliuuni {n} :: brickkiln
tiiliverhous {n} :: brick cladding
tiima {n} [archaic] :: A moment
tiima {n} [archaic] :: An hour
tiimalasi {n} :: An hourglass
tiimalasivartalo {n} :: hourglass figure
tiimi {n} [colloquial] :: team
tiimityö {n} [colloquial] :: teamwork
Tiina {prop} :: given name
tiine {adj} [of animals] :: pregnant
tiinehtää {vt} [of animals] :: to impregnate
tiinehtiä {vi} [of animals] :: To become pregnant
tiinehtyä {vi} [of animals] :: to become pregnant
tiineys {n} :: pregnancy, gestation, gravidity; especially of an animal
tiineysaika {n} :: pregnancy, gestation, gravidity, period of pregnancy (period between conception and birth)
tiineyttää {v} :: synonym of tiinehtää
tiipii {n} :: tipi
tiira {n} :: tern (birds, mostly of the genus Sterna but also of Chlidonias and Phaetusa in the family Laridae - gulls and terns)
tiirailla {v} :: to peer (to look with difficulty, or as if searching for something)
tiirata {v} :: to peer
tiirikka {n} :: lockpick
tiirikoida {v} :: To pick a lock
tiirikointi {n} :: lock picking
tiistai {n} :: Tuesday
tiistaiaamu {n} :: Tuesday morning
tiistai-ilta {n} :: Tuesday evening
tiistainen {adj} :: Pertaining to Tuesday
tiistaisin {adv} :: On Tuesdays
tiistaisin {adj} :: superlative of tiistainen
tiisti {n} [archaic] :: mongrel (dog of mixed breed)
Tiitinen {prop} :: surname
Tiitus {prop} :: Titus [in older versions of the Bible]
Tiitus {prop} :: given name
tiiviö {n} :: airtight container
tiiviimpi {adj} :: comparative of tiivis
tiiviisti {adv} :: tightly
tiiviisti {adv} :: densely
tiiviisti {adv} :: closely
tiivis {adj} :: tight, compact, dense
tiivistää {vt} :: To condense (to decrease size or volume by concentration toward the essence)
tiivistää {v} :: To seal (to close securely to prevent leakage)
tiivistää {v} :: To weatherstrip [US], draughtproof [British] (to apply a weatherstrip)
tiivistää {v} :: To squeeze up (to move closer together to make space for someone else.)
tiiviste {n} :: A seal, gasket
tiiviste {n} :: A concentrate
tiiviste {n} :: A weatherstrip
tiiviste {n} :: A sealant
tiiviste {n} [computing] :: A hash
tiivistelmä {n} :: summary, synopsis, compendium
tiivistenauha {n} :: A weatherstrip
tiivistenauha {n} :: Any sealant supplied in the form of a strip
tiivistyä {vi} :: to condense
tiivistymisjuova {n} :: condensation trail, contrail
tiivistymisvana {n} :: condensation trail, contrail
tiivistysaine {n} :: A sealant (sealing material)
tikahtua {vi} :: to choke, especially of laughter (to be unable to breathe because of obstruction of the windpipe)
täikampa {n} :: louse comb
tikanheitto {n} [uncountable] :: A simplified version of darts popular in Finland in which the board consists of concentric rings numbered from 1 to 10; also the darts are more robust than those used in the game of "darts"
tikanheitto {n} [countable] :: The act of throwing a dart
tikanheitto {n} [rare] :: synonym of darts
tikankontti {n} :: lady's slipper, slipper-orchid, Cypripedium calceolus
tikankonttikasvi {n} :: lady's slipper, lady's slipper orchid (orchid in the subfamily Cypripedioideae)
tikapuut {n} [pluralonly] :: ladder
tikarappuset {n} :: synonym of tikapuut
tikaraput {n} :: synonym of tikapuut
tikari {n} :: A dagger (stabbing weapon)
tikas {n} :: ladder
tikasauto {n} :: A ladder truck; a fire truck equipped with a rescue ladder
tikata {v} :: to stitch, sew [to sew with sewing machine]
tikata {v} :: synonym of kipittää
tikata {v} :: to shoot in rapid pace
tikittää {vi} :: to tick
tikitys {n} :: tick, ticking (relatively quiet but sharp sound generally made repeatedly by moving machinery)
tikka {n} :: woodpecker (bird in the family Picidae)
tikka {n} :: dart (sharp-pointed missile used in the games of darts and tikanheitto)
tikkaat {n} :: ladder
Tikkanen {prop} :: surname
tikkari {n} :: A lollipop
tikkataulu {n} :: dartboard
tikkaus {n} :: suture (seam formed by sewing two edges of skin together)
tikki {n} :: stitch
tikki {n} [card games] :: trick
tikkikangas {n} :: quilted cloth (type of fabric)
tikkipeli {n} [card games] :: trick-taking game
tikku {n} :: splinter
tikku {n} :: sliver
tikku {n} :: chip (of wood)
tikku {n} :: stick
tikkua ristiin {phrase} [idiomatic, of work or effort, used with negation verb ei] :: not anything, nothing
tikkukaramelli {n} :: A lollipop
tikkukirjain {n} :: A block letter, block capital
tikkunekku {n} :: rock (confectionary made from sugar)
tikkuri {n} [archaic] :: Old Finnish unit of amount; ten squirrel furs
tikkusuora {adj} [figurative] :: very straight, straight as a die
tikkutiistai {n} [dated, Christianity] :: Holy Tuesday
tikku-ukko {n} :: stick man, stick figure
tikli {n} :: European goldfinch, (Carduelis carduelis)
täikärpänen {n} :: ked (parasitic fly of the family Hippoboscidae)
tiäksä {phrase} [slang] :: you know
tiku {n} :: unpleasant smoke or fumes in a smoke sauna
tikutaku {n} :: chipmunk
tila {n} :: state (condition or situation)
tila {n} :: condition (state of an object, especially health status)
tila {n} :: short for maatila
tila {n} :: space (volume)
tila {n} :: space (area or volume occupied by or intended for a person or thing)
tila {n} :: room (space)
tila {n} :: stead (place or room which another person had, has, or might have)
tilaaja {n} :: subscriber
tila-auto {n} :: minivan
tilaisuus {n} :: occasion (special event or function)
tilaisuus {n} :: opportunity, chance (chance for advancement, progress or profit)
tilakaavio {n} :: state diagram
tilalla {postp} :: in place of, instead, in lieu of
tilalle {postp} :: (to) in place of, instead, in lieu of
tilallinen {adj} :: Having a farm
tilallinen {n} :: An owner of a farm
tilanhoitaja {n} :: A steward, estate manager, majordomo, caretaker, farm manager, farm superintendent (person in charge of managing a farm that belongs to someone else)
tilanjakaja {n} :: room divider
tilanjakaja {n} :: partition, screen
tilanne {n} :: situation
tilanne {n} :: position
tilanne {n} :: occasion
tilanne {n} :: circumstances
tilannekomedia {n} :: sitcom, situation comedy
tilannetaju {n} :: discretion, the ability to make circumspect decisions
tilapalkki {n} [computing, graphical user interface] :: status bar
tilapäinen {adj} :: temporary, provisional (limited in time)
tilapäinen {adj} :: occasional, casual (limited to certain occasion)
tilapäinen {adj} :: makeshift (made to work or suffice; improvised; substituted)
tilapäisasumus {n} :: temporary dwelling, tabernacle
tilapäisesti {adv} :: temporarily
tilarivi {n} [computing, graphical user interface] :: status bar
tilasiirtymä {n} [comptheory] :: state transition, state change
tilasiirtymäkaavio {n} :: state transition diagram
tilasto {n} :: statistics (organized data)
tilastoaika {n} :: synonym of tilastotulos (when the result is a time)
tilastoida {v} :: To compile statistics
tilastokeskus {n} :: A national authority for collecting and compiling statistics on various fields of society and economy. The English terminology varies by country: see United States Census Bureau, Statistics Canada, Australian Bureau of Statistics, Office for National Statistics [UK]. The Finnish Tilastokeskus is officially Statistics Finland in English
tilastollinen {adj} :: statistical
tilastomatematiikka {n} :: mathematical statistics
tilastotiede {n} [sciences] :: statistics
tilastotieteellinen {adj} :: statistical
tilastotieteilijä {n} :: statistician
tilastotulos {n} [sports] :: official result (sports result recorded in the official statistics kept by a a national sports association)
tilata {v} :: to order (to request some product or service)
tilata {v} :: to sign up for (to agree to purchase some good or service)
tilata {v} :: to subscribe to (a magazine etc.)
tilaton {adj} [computing] :: stateless (of a system or protocol, such that it does not keep a persistent state between transactions)
tilaton {adj} :: landless (not owning land)
tilaus {n} :: order (request for some product or service), subscription, booking, reservation
tilausaika {n} :: synonym of toimitusaika
tilausaika {n} :: ordering period
tilauskanta {n} :: order backlog (orders for goods or services that are waiting to be fulfilled)
tilausnumero {n} :: order number
tilausvahvistus {n} :: confirmation of order
tilava {adj} :: spacious, roomy
tilavampi {adj} :: comparative of tilava
tilavasti {adv} :: spaciously
tilaviini {n} :: wine made at a winery
tilavin {adj} :: superlative of tilava
tilavuus {n} :: volume (unit of three dimensional measure that consists of a length, a width and a height)
tilavuus {n} :: capacity
tilavuusintegraali {n} [math] :: volume integral
tilavuusyksikkö {n} :: unit of volume
Tilda {prop} :: given name, short form of Matilda
tilde {n} :: tilde
tilhi {n} :: Bohemian waxwing, Bombycilla garrulus
tili {n} :: account
tiliöidä {vt} :: to post (mark the account on which a bill or bills are to be logged, carry an account from the journal to the ledger)
tilikausi {n} [accounting] :: accounting period (the period with reference to which accounting books of an entity are prepared); usually synonymous to fiscal year
tilikirja {n} :: ledger, account book
tilinauha {n} :: payslip
tilinpäätös {n} [accounting] :: financial statement (formal record of all relevant financial information of a business, person, or other entity)
tilintarkastaja {n} :: auditor (one who audits bookkeeping accounts)
tilinumero {n} :: account number
tilinylitys {n} :: overdraft (act of overdrawing a bank account)
tilinylitys {n} :: overdraft (amount overdrawn)
tiliote {n} :: bank statement, account statement, statement of accounts (record of transactions and their effect on bank account balances)
tilisiirto {n} :: wire transfer, account transfer, credit transfer, bank transfer
tilitoimisto {n} :: firm of accountants, accounting company, accounting firm
tilittää {v} :: to account for, account, report (to make or render a reckoning of funds, persons, or things)
tilittää {v} :: to recount, reminisce (to relate in detail, especially to tell or narrate the particulars of one's life or some painful event)
tilivuosi {n} [accounting] :: fiscal year, financial year, budget year (accounting period of twelve months usually, but not necessarily, coinciding with the calendar year)
tilke {n} :: stuffing
tilkerauta {n} :: caulking iron
tilkesana {n} :: filled pause, filler word
tilkintä {n} :: sealing, stuffing
tilkitä {vt} :: to seal, stuff
tilkka {n} :: A small amount of liquid; dribble, dash, drop
tilkku {n} :: A piece of textile; patch, clout, swatch
tilkkutäkki {n} :: patchwork quilt
tilli {n} :: dill (Anethum graveolens, syn. Peucedanum graveolens)
tilliitti {n} [geology] :: tillite
tillittää {vi} [dialectal] :: to cry or weep, especially quietly
tilpehööri {n} :: assorted goods, stuff, things
tilpehööri {n} :: accessories, attachments
tilsa {n} :: Snow that sticks, for example, to the hooves of a horse or the bottom of a ski
tiltaltti {n} :: chiffchaff (Phylloscopus collybita)
tilus {n} :: A piece of land
tiluttaa {v} [music, slang] :: to shred (to play an instrument, especially guitar, very fast)
timali {n} :: Old World wabbler, timaliid
timantti {n} :: diamond (material)
timantti {n} :: diamond (precious stone)
timanttihäät {n} :: diamond wedding (60th wedding anniversary)
timanttikaivos {n} :: diamond mine
timanttikirjoahven {n} :: African butterfly cichlid, Anomalochromis thomasi (cichlid fish native to West Africa, popular as aquarium fish)
timanttilaikka {n} :: diamond disc (for grinding)
timanttisormus {n} :: diamond ring (finger ring with a diamond or diamonds)
timanttisormus {n} :: diamond ring (optical phenomenon during a solar eclipse)
timanttitetra {n} :: diamond tetra, Moenkhausia pittieri (characin fish native to Venezuela, popular as aquarium fish)
timanttitonkija {n} :: whitespotted eartheater, Satanoperca leucosticta (cichlid fish native to South America, popular as aquarium fish)
timbaali {n} :: timbale (mould or dish)
timbaali {n} [musical instruments] :: in plural (timbaalit) timbales (pair of tunable Latin American drums)
timbaalit {n} [music] :: timbales (pair of tunable single-headed, metal-shelled cylindrical drums, used in Latin American music)
Timbuktu {prop} :: Timbuktu
Timi {prop} :: given name
Timișoara {prop} :: Timișoara
timjami {n} :: thyme (as spice)
Timo {prop} :: given name
Timonen {prop} :: surname
timorinhirvi {n} :: Javan rusa, Sunda sambar, Rusa timorensis (species of deer native to Java, Bali and Timor)
timotei {n} :: timothy, Phleum pratense (grass)
Timoteus {prop} :: Timothy [biblical character] or either Book of Timothy
timperi {n} [dialectal] :: carpenter (carpentry person of any kind)
timpermanni {n} [dialectal] :: carpenter
timpuri {n} :: alternative form of timperi
timpurinkynä {n} :: carpenter's pencil
timpurinsaha {n} :: crosscut handsaw
tina {n} :: tin (metal)
tina {n} :: pewter (tin alloy containing 85-99% tin plus copper and antimony, used e.g. for making tableware)
tina-astia {n} :: tin vessel (vessel made of tin)
tina-astia {n} :: trifle (utensil made from a kind of tin pewter)
tinaesine {n} :: piece of pewterware
tinaharkko {n} :: tin ingot
tinainen {adj} :: tin (made of tin)
tinajäkälä {n} :: any lichen of the genus Stereocaulon
tinajäkälä {n} [in the plural] :: the genus Stereocaulon
tinajuote {n} :: synonym of juotostina
tinajuotos {n} :: joint soldered with solder
tinakannu {n} :: tin-pot
tinakauha {n} :: ladle for molybdomancy
tinakivi {n} [mineral] :: cassiterite
tinalasite {n} :: tin glaze
tinalasitus {n} :: tin glazing, glazing with tin
tinalautanen {n} :: pewter plate, tin plate
tinamalmi {n} :: tin ore
tinami {n} :: A tinamou
tinanappi {n} :: tin button
tinanappi {n} [slang, chiefly in the plural] :: police, cop
tinanvalanta {n} :: tin casting (act of casting objects of molten tin)
tinanvalanta {n} :: molybdomancy (ancient form of divination by interpreting shapes formed when molten metal, typically lead or tin is dropped into water; now chiefly practised for fun on New Year's Eve)
tinanvalu {n} :: synonym of tinanvalanta
tinanvalu {n} :: casting tin
tinapaperi {n} :: tinfoil
tinapilli {n} [musical instruments] :: tin whistle
tinaseos {n} :: tin alloy (any alloy containing tin as a major ingredient)
tinaseppä {n} :: whitesmith, tinsmith
tinasotamies {n} :: tin soldier
tinasotilas {n} :: tin soldier
tinata {v} :: to tin
tinata {v} :: to tin-plate
tinata {v} :: to solder with tin
tinattu {adj} :: tinned, tin-plated
tinatuoppi {n} :: pewter tankard
tinayhdiste {n} [chemistry] :: tin compound
tingata {v} [colloquial] :: synonym of tinkiä
tingata {v} [dialectal] :: to stickle, to argue
Tšingis-kaani {prop} [historical] :: Genghis Khan
tinka {n} :: quarrel
tinka {n} :: shortage
tinki {n} :: haggling
tinkiä {v} :: To bargain, haggle
tinktuura {n} :: tincture (alcoholic extract of plant material, used as a medicine)
tinktuuri {n} [heraldry] :: tincture (colour or metal used in the depiction of a coat of arms)
tinktuuri {n} [rare] :: tincture (alcoholic extract used as medicine)
tinneri {n} :: paint thinner (volatile mixture of solvents used for thinning paint and cleaning paint brushes)
tinnitus {n} :: tinnitus
tintata {v} [colloquial, dialectal] :: to punch, to strike
tintata {v} [colloquial, dialectal] :: to drink, to get drunk
tintti {n} [colloquial] :: tit (bird)
Tintti {prop} :: Tintin (comic book character)
töin tuskin {adv} :: hardly
tiofeeni {n} [chemistry] :: thiophene
tioli {n} [chemistry] :: thiol
tiomersaali {n} :: thimerosal
tionyylikloridi {n} [chemistry] :: thionyl chloride
tiopentaali {n} [chemistry] :: thiopental
tiosulfaatti {n} [chemistry] :: thiosulfate
tiosyanaatti {n} [chemistry] :: thiocyanate
tipahdella {vi} [frequentative] :: To drop (over a period of time), keep dropping (one by one)
tipahtaa {v} :: to drop (once)
tipahtaa {v} :: to drop off
tipauttaa {vt} :: to drop
tipotiessään {adv} :: completely gone, vanished
tippa {n} :: drop
tippa {n} :: A (least) bit, in the saying ei tippaakaan, "not a bit" or "not the least bit"
tippaakaan {adv} [colloquial, with a negation verb] :: not a bit
tippaleipä {n} :: funnel cake
tippi {n} :: A tip (small amount of money)
tippua {vi} :: to drop
tippukivi {n} :: dripstone
tippuri {n} [disease] :: Gonorrhea
tipsuttaa {vi} :: to tiptoe
tipu {n} :: chick, chicken (very young chick of hen, when still yellow with its natal down)
tipu {n} :: chick (young of bird)
tipu {n} :: any small bird
tipu {n} [colloquial] :: chick (attractive young woman)
tipula {n} [colloquial] :: girls' school
tiputella {vt} [frequentative] :: To drop (repeatedly)
tiputtaa {vt} [colloquial] :: to drop, down
tiputtaa {vi} :: to drip (to fall one drop at a time)
tiputus {n} :: the act of dripping
tiputus {n} [medicine, colloquial] :: intravenous therapy, drip (infusion of liquid substances directly into a vein)
tiramisu {n} :: tiramisu (dessert)
tirehtööri {n} :: ringmaster
tiristä {vi} :: To sizzle
tiristää {vt} :: to squeeze (figuratively and literally, like juice from a lemon)
tiristää {vt} [cooking] :: to cook in a pan with fat
tirkistää {vi} :: to peep, to peek
tirkistelijä {n} :: voyeur, peeping tom
tirkistellä {v} :: to peek (to look with the eyes half closed, or through a crevice)
tirkistellä {v} :: to peep (to look, while trying not to be seen or noticed)
tirkistellä {v} :: to engage in voyeurism
tirkistely {n} :: voyeurism (derivation of sexual satisfaction by watching people secretly)
Tiroli {prop} :: Tyrol (mountainous region in Austria and Italy)
Tiroli {prop} :: Tyrol (state in Austria)
tirri {n} :: A small fish
tirsat {n} [colloquial] :: nap
tirskahtaa {vi} :: to drip, to dribble (of small amounts of liquid)
tirskahtaa {vi} :: to chortle or giggle briefly
tirskauttaa {vt} :: to make small amounts of liquid drip or dribble
tirskua {v} :: to titter (to giggle in a nervous or repressed manner)
tirskua {v} :: to chirp (of birds, to make a short, sharp, cheerful note)
tirskuminen {n} :: synonym of tirskunta
tirskunta {n} :: titter (nervous or repressed giggle)
tirskuttaa {v} :: to snigger
tiskaaja {n} :: dishwasher (one who washes dishes)
tiskata {vt} :: To wash (the dishes)
tiski {n} :: desk
tiski {n} :: counter
tiski {n} [colloquial] :: dishes (dirty containers, utensils etc. to be washed after eating)
tiskiaine {n} :: dishwashing liquid, detergent
tiskiharja {n} [colloquial] :: dish brush, dishwashing brush
tiskijukka {n} :: disk jockey
tiskikone {n} [colloquial] :: dishwasher (machine)
tiskipöytä {n} [colloquial] :: draining board
tiskirätti {n} :: dishcloth (cloth used to wash dishes)
tiskivesi {n} [colloquial] :: dishwater
tislaamo {n} :: distillery
tislain {n} :: distiller
tislata {vt} :: To distill
tislattu {adj} :: distilled, rectified
tislattu vesi {n} :: distilled water
tislautua {vi} :: to distill (to undergo distillation)
tisle {n} :: distillment
tismalleen {adv} [colloquial] :: precisely, to a tee
tissi {n} [colloquial] :: tit, boob
tissipano {n} [vulgar, colloquial] :: tit fuck
tissutella {v} :: To tipple (to drink regularly but not in excess)
tissuttaa {vi} :: to tiptoe
tisu {n} [colloquial] :: tit, teat
Tšita {prop} :: Chita (city in Russia)
titaani {n} :: Titanium
titaani {n} [Greek mythology] :: A titan
titaanidioksidi {n} :: titanium oxide
titaaninitridi {n} [chemistry] :: titanium nitride
titaanioksidi {n} :: titanium oxide
titaanitetrakloridi {n} [chemistry] :: titanium tetrachloride
titaniitti {n} :: titanite or sphene
titrata {vt} [analytical chemistry] :: to titrate
Titta {prop} :: given name of modern usage
titteli {n} [colloquial] :: title (prefix or suffix added to name)
tituleerata {vt} :: to address (as)
tituloida {vt} :: To address
tiu {n} :: score (quantity of twenty pieces, used mainly of eggs)
tiu {interj} :: Imitation of a small bird's sound
tiuha {adj} :: dense (e.g. forest)
tiuha {adj} :: frequent
tiuhentaa {vt} :: To increase frequency
tiuheta {vi} :: to become dense
tiukasti {adv} :: tightly, fast
tiukata {v} :: to demand, to extort
tiukempi {adj} :: comparative of tiukka
tiukentaa {vt} :: To tighten
tiukentaa {vt} :: To make stricter
tiukentua {v} :: alternative form of tiuketa
tiuketa {vi} :: To tighten
tiukka {adj} :: tight
tiukka {adj} :: taut
tiukka {adj} :: [of a turn] sharp (steep; precipitous; abrupt)
tiukkapipoinen {adj} [slang] :: straight-laced, prudish (having narrow views on moral matters)
tiukkua {vi} :: To trickle
tiukkuus {n} :: tightness
tiuku {n} :: A small bell
tiuskahdella {vi} [frequentative] :: To keep snapping (to say abruptly or sharply)
tiuskaista {vi} :: to snap (to say abruptly or sharply)
tiuskia {vi} [frequentative] :: to act verbally snappily and irritably
tivata {vt} [+ ablative + partitive] :: To ask (someone) tirelessly/persistently (about/for something), demand (from someone), press (someone for something)
tivata {vt} :: To dun (someone = ablative, for a payment = partitive)
tivoli {n} :: funfair
tivolilainen {n} :: carny (person who works in a carnival)
Tizian {prop} :: Titian
tj {initialism} :: CEO, MD
tj {initialism} [military slang] :: Days left of military service
tjs. {initialism} :: or something like that
Tjumen {prop} :: Tyumen (city in Russia)
tökerö {adj} :: uncouth (unrefined, crude)
tökerösti {adv} :: uncouthly
täkki {n} :: quilt [US]; duvet, continental quilt [UK]; doona [Australia]
täkki {n} [nautical, slang] :: deck
tökkiä {v} :: to poke (repeatedly)
tökkäistä {vt} :: To jab, poke (once)
tökkäys {n} :: jab (quick stab)
täkäläinen {adj} :: local (referring to here)
täkänä {n} [textiles] :: double-weave
töksähdellä {vi} :: to knock, strike, bump, bump into repeatedly
töksähdellä {vi} :: to abruptly stop repeatedly, to jerk repeatedly
töksähtää {v} :: to bump into and stop
töksähtää {v} :: to stop suddenly
töksäyttää {vt} :: to make bump into something and stop
töksäyttää {v} :: to blurt out
tökätä {v} :: to poke, jab
tökätä {v} [internet] :: to poke
tökötti {n} [dated] :: birch tar
tökötti {n} [colloquial] :: slime, ooze, goo
täky {n} :: bait
tl {abbr} :: tsp (teaspoon as a unit of measure)
tölkinavaaja {n} :: can opener, tin opener
tölkittää {vt} :: to can (to put in a can or tin)
tölkki {n} :: can, tin, carton (small container of hard or stiff material)
tölkkiolut {n} :: canned beer
täällä {adv} :: [static] here (around)
täällä {adv} :: over here (in this place)
tällä {pron} :: at this, on this; with this
töllö {n} [colloquial] :: TV, telly
tällainen {adj} :: this kind of
tällä erää {adv} :: for now (at the moment; until later)
tällä haavaa {adv} :: for now (at the moment; until later)
tällä hetkellä {adv} :: at the moment, currently (at this moment; right now)
tällä hetkellä {adv} :: nowadays (at the present time)
tölli {n} :: cottage, house
tällöin {adv} :: now, then, at this time
tälläinen {adj} [proscribed] :: alternative form of tällainen
töllistellä {vt} :: to ogle, to gawk, to gape
tällätä {vt} :: To deck
töllötin {n} [colloquial] :: boob tube (television set)
töllöttää {v} [colloquial] :: To ogle
tällä välin {adv} :: in the meantime, meanwhile
tällä välin {adv} :: currently
tälläytyä {vi} :: to dress up, to prepare oneself
täältä {adv} :: from here
tältä osin {phrase} :: for this part (as far as this specific issue is concerned)
täältä pesee {phrase} :: definitely, certainly, you bet (used to strengthen a positive response to a request for action)
täältä pesee {phrase} :: catch it, get it (used primarily as interjection to show readiness to deliver a response or to fight)
töltti {n} :: tölt, tolt (type of horse's gait)
T-luupihvi {n} :: T-bone steak
tölväistä {vi} :: to insult or affront by saying something or speaking
tämä {pron} [demonstrative] :: this
tömähtää {vi} :: To thump, thud
töminä {n} :: thud, clump (low noise)
tömistä {vi} :: to thud, to clump, to thunder
tömistää {vt} :: to stamp, to stomp
tömistellä {vt} [frequentative] :: To stomp (ground, floor)
tömisyttää {v} :: synonym of tömistää
tömäkkä {adj} :: robust
tömäkkä {adj} :: assertive
tämmöinen {pron} [dialectal] :: this kind of
tämän {pron} [accusative] :: this (direct object):
tämän {pron} :: (genitive) of this:
tämänaamuinen {adj} :: Occurring on this morning
tämänhetkinen {adj} :: Occurring now; current, actual
tämäniltainen {adj} :: Occurring on this evening
tämänkaltainen {adj} :: this kind of
tämänkertainen {adj} :: taking place this time
tämänkesäinen {adj} :: Occurring in this summer
tämänkeväinen {adj} :: Occurring on this spring
tämänlainen {adj} :: synonym of tällainen
tämänpäiväinen {adj} :: today's; occurring or appearing today
tämänsyksyinen {adj} :: Occurring on this autumn, fall
tämän takia {phrase} :: because of this, due to this, this is why
tämäntalvinen {adj} :: Occurring on this winter
tämäntyyppinen {adj} :: this type of, this kind of
tämänviikkoinen {adj} :: Occurring on this week
tämän vuoksi {phrase} :: because of this
tämänvuotinen {adj} :: This year's
tämä päivä {n} [literally] :: this day
tämä päivä {n} :: today, present day, this day
tämä päivä {n} :: used in certain cases adverbially and adjectivally in the sense current time as a wider concept
tms. {abbr} :: tai muuta sellaista ("or something like that")
tönö {n} :: A shack
töniä {vi} :: To push, shove, jostle (people physically, for example in a line)
tänäinen {adj} [rare] :: today's (of, pertaining to, occurring or appearing today)
tönäistä {vt} :: To nudge
tönkkö {adj} [colloquial] :: stiff
tänään {adv} :: today
tänne {adv} :: here (to this place), hither
tännemmäs {adv} :: closer (to) here, (to) more over here
tännepäin {adv} :: this way, here, toward me (towards the direction of the speaker)
to {abbr} :: Thu (abbreviation of Thursday)
toaletti {n} :: toilet, water closet
toalettipaperi {n} :: toilet paper, bathroom tissue
toccata {n} [music] :: toccata
todella {adv} :: really
todellinen {adj} :: real
todellinen {adj} :: actual
todellinen {adj} :: real-life
todellisempi {adj} :: comparative of todellinen
todellisin {adj} :: superlative of todellinen
todellistua {vi} :: to become true or reality
todellisuus {n} :: reality
todellisuustelevisio {n} :: synonym of tosi-tv
todenmukainen {adj} :: truthful
todenmukainen {adj} :: realistic
todenmukaisesti {adv} :: truthfully
todenmukaisesti {adv} :: realistically
todenmukaisuus {n} :: veracity, truthfulness
todennäköinen {adj} :: likely, probable
todennäköisempi {adj} :: comparative of todennäköinen
todennäköisesti {adv} :: probably, likely
todennäköisyys {n} :: probability, likelihood, odds
todennäköisyysharkinta {n} :: balance of probabilities
todennäköisyysjakauma {n} [mathematics] :: probability distribution
todennäköisyyslaskelma {n} :: probability calculation (result of calculating probability)
todennäköisyyslaskenta {n} [math] :: probability calculus
todennäköisyyspaperi {n} :: probability paper
todennäköisyysteoria {n} [mathematics] :: probability theory
todennus {n} :: authentication
todentaa {vt} :: to authenticate
todentua {vi} :: To be realized (become real)
toden tullen {adv} :: if push comes to shove
todeta {vt} :: To state, note
todeta {vt} :: To notice, discover, find (out)
todeta {vt} :: To diagnose
todistaa {vt} [+ genitive-accusative] :: To prove, demonstrate, substantiate
todistaa {vt} [+ genitive-accusative] :: To witness, give/bear witness to, testify to, attest to; (religiously) to give a testimonial of/to
todistaa {vi} [legal] :: To testify, depose, take the stand
todistaja {n} [legal] :: witness
todistaja {n} [figuratively] :: witness
todistajanlausunto {n} [legal] :: testimony; deposition
todistamaton {adj} :: unproved
todiste {n} :: A piece of evidence; in plural (todisteet) evidence (both in legal contexts and elsewhere)
todistettavissa {adv} [~ oleva] :: provable
todistua {vi} :: To become proven
todistuksen maja {n} :: tabernacle (tent)
todistus {n} :: certificate
todistus {n} :: diploma, report card
todistus {n} [mathematics] :: proof
todistusaineisto {n} :: evidence
todistuskappale {n} :: A piece of evidence, exhibit
todistustaakka {n} [legal] :: burden of proof
toe {n} [rare] :: A small dam, usually made of logs
toeta {v} [obsolete] :: to be able to
toeta {v} :: to recover, heal, regain consciousness
toeta {v} :: to calm down, abate, subside
toeta {v} [rare] :: to build a toe (small log dam)
toffee {n} :: toffee
toffeekastike {n} :: butterscotch (sauce)
toffeeomena {n} :: candy apple [US], toffee apple [UK] (aple dipped in toffee)
tofu {n} :: tofu (protein-rich food made from curdled soy milk)
tofujäätelö {n} :: tofu ice cream
toga {n} :: alternative form of tooga
Togliatti {prop} :: alternative spelling of Toljatti
Togo {prop} :: Togo
tohelo {n} :: A lummox
toheloida {v} [colloquial] :: to bungle, botch up (to mess up)
toheltaa {vi} :: to fluster, to flurry
tohina {n} :: A fuss, hassle (excessive activity, worry, bother, or talk about something)
tohina {n} :: A kind of low-pitch noise, like the sound of a welding flame or of a lively burning gas burner
tohista {vi} :: to bustle, to rush
tohista {vi} :: to clamor, to fuss
tohkeissaan {adv} :: enthusiastic, enthusiastically, excited, excitedly, [colloquially] jazzed up (about = elative)
Tohmajärvi {prop} :: Tohmajärvi
Toholampi {prop} :: A municipality in Central Ostrobothnia, Finland
tohtia {vt} [auxiliary, + infinitive] :: To can bring oneself (to do), dare ((to) do), venture (to do), have the nerve (to do)
tohtori {n} :: doctor (degree)
tohtori {n} [colloquial] :: physician
tohtorikoulu {n} :: graduate school
tohtorinväitöskirja {n} :: doctoral thesis
tohtoroida {v} :: To doctor
tohtoroitua {vi} :: to graduate as a doctor (tohtori)
tohveli {n} :: slipper (shoe)
tohvelieläin {n} :: paramecium, slipper animalcule (any animal of the genus Paramecium)
toi {pron} [colloquial] :: synonym of tuo (that)
Toijala {prop} :: A former town in the region of Pirkanmaa, now part of Akaa and its largest population center
toikkaroida {vi} :: to stagger
toilailla {v} :: to fool around
toiletti {n} :: toilet
toim. {abbr} :: ed., eds. (editor, editors)
toim. {abbr} :: In toim.joht., executive
toim {abbr} :: See: toim.
toimeenpano {n} :: implementation
toimeenpano {n} :: execution (act of executing a decision or the state of being executed)
toimeenpano {n} :: execution (process of carrying a court decision, contract, will etc. into effect)
toimeenpanovalta {n} :: executive power
toimeenpanovalta {n} :: executive branch
toimeentulo {n} :: A livelihood, subsistence or living (means of supporting oneself)
toimeentulotuki {n} :: income support [UK], supplementary benefit [UK 1966 to 1988]
toimekas {adj} :: energetic
toimeksianto {n} :: assignment (act of assigning, or an assigned task)
toimeksianto {n} :: order
toimelias {adj} :: energetic
toimenkuva {n} :: job description
toimenkuvaus {n} :: job description
toimenpide {n} :: operation
toimenpide {n} :: action
toimenpide {n} :: measure
toimenpide {n} :: procedure
toimenpide {n} :: intervention
toimesta {postp} :: by, at the hands of (by the actions of)
toimeton {adj} :: idle, unoccupied
toimettomuus {n} :: inaction, idleness, inertness
toimi {n} :: chore, task, job, duty
toimi {n} [plural only] :: activities, business, operations, affairs, action
toimi {n} :: action measure
toimi {n} :: post, job, position
toimi {n} :: service (in compounds, branch of government, e.g. pelastustoimi)
Toimi {prop} :: given name
toimia {v} :: to work, function, run (to act as intended, to be in action)
toimia {v} :: to serve, act, work (as = essive)
toimia {v} :: to be powered (by = adessive)
toimiaika {n} :: term of office
toimia kuin junan vessa {v} [idiomatic, simile, colloquial] :: to work like a charm (to work well, efficiently and reliably)
toimiala {n} :: (branch of) industry, branch (of business), (industrial) sector, line of business, trade (businesses of the same type, considered as a whole)
toimielin {n} :: organ (organization's body that is dedicated to performing certain functions)
toimielin {n} [mechanics, rare] :: device such as a valve that an actuator controls
toimihenkilö {n} :: official, clerk
toimija {n} :: actor, agent, operator
toimikas {n} :: twill (pattern created by the way threads are passed over and under each other during weaving)
toimikausi {n} :: term
toimikunta {n} :: task force, working group, committee
toimilupa {n} :: concession, franchise (permission to run a regulated business, exploit a natural resource etc.)
toimimaton {adj} :: dysfunctional (not performing properly)
toiminimi {n} [accounting, economics, business, legal] :: sole trader, sole proprietor (type of business enterprise or proprietorship)
toiminimi {n} :: trade name (name under which a business or firm operates)
toiminnallinen {n} :: functional
toiminnallinen {n} [business, accounting, finance] :: active
toiminnallisuus {n} [computing] :: functionality (ability of a programme or device to perform a task or function)
toiminnanharjoittaja {n} [legal] :: A natural or juristic person who has the control of the facility he operates
toiminnanjohtaja {n} :: A leading executive position in a non-profit organization. English terms for corresponding position include CEO, secretary-general
toiminne {n} :: feature (capability)
toiminta {n} :: action, activity
toiminta-aika {n} :: operating time
toiminta-alue {n} :: sphere (region in which something or someone is active)
toimintaedellytys {n} :: prerequisite for operation
toimintaelokuva {n} :: action movie
toimintakalenteri {n} :: calendar (a list of planned events)
toimintakyky {n} :: performance (ability to function)
toimintakyvytön {adj} :: deactivated, disabled (made incapable of performing its normal function)
toimintakyvytön {adj} :: inoperable, inoperative (incapable of correct operation or function)
toimintalinja {n} :: course of action
toimintamalli {n} :: operating model (abstract representation of how an organization operates)
toimintaperiaate {n} :: A principle, as a basic idea of how the laws of nature are applied to produce a desired result or action
toimintaperiaate {n} :: A policy, as a prudent or instructed course of action
toimintapiiri {n} :: synonym of toiminta-alue
toimintasäde {n} :: range, reach (of activity)
toimintasuunnitelma {n} :: action plan
toimintatapa {n} :: way of acting
toimintaterapeutti {n} :: occupational therapist
toimintaterapia {n} :: occupational therapy
toimintaympäristö {n} :: operational environment
toiminto {n} :: feature [capability]
toiminto {n} :: function
toimipaikka {n} :: place of business (factory, shop, office or other establishment controlled by a firm, in which it conducts its business)
toimipiste {n} :: place of business
toimipiste {n} :: office, agency
toimipiste {n} :: outlet
toimisto {n} :: office (building or room where clerical or professional duties are performed; the staff performing those duties)
toimistoaika {n} :: office hours
toimistosali {n} :: office floor, office hall
toimistotarvike {n} :: office supply, office accessory, office appliance; used often in plural as mass noun
toimistotuoli {n} :: office chair
toimistotyö {n} :: office work, desk work
toimistotyöaika {n} :: office hours
toimistotyöntekijä {n} :: office worker, clerical worker
toimitalo {n} :: office building
toimite {n} :: publication
toimitila {n} :: business premises
toimitsija {n} :: agent
toimittaa {v} :: To send, deliver, take, get, fetch; to give (someone = allative, something = genitive-accusative), supply/provide (someone = illative or allative, with something = genitive-accusative)
toimittaa {v} :: To hold, conduct, perform, preside at
toimittaa {v} :: To edit (a book, a magazine)
toimittaa {v} :: To copy edit (a text)
toimittaja {n} :: A reporter, journalist, editor
toimittaja {n} :: A supplier, vendor
toimittajakunta {n} :: journalists or reporters collectively
toimittajakunta {n} :: suppliers collectively
toimitus {n} :: delivery, dispatch
toimitus {n} :: editorial staff
toimitus {n} :: editorial office
toimitus {n} :: ecclesiastical ceremony
toimitus {n} :: action or performance; the act of performing something (often ritual or unusual)
toimitus {n} :: (law) proceedings
toimitusaika {n} :: delivery time
toimituserä {n} :: consignment
toimitusjohtaja {n} :: managing director, executive director
toimitusjohtaja {n} :: chief executive officer, CEO (in large companies)
toimitusketju {n} [logistics] :: supply chain
toimituskulut {n} :: delivery costs
toimituskunta {n} :: editorial board
toimituslauseke {n} [international trade] :: Incoterm
toimitusministeristö {n} [politics] :: caretaker government (temporary government during a period when there's no parliamentarily elected government in place)
toimitusvarmuus {n} :: reliability of delivery
toimituttaa {vt} :: to have (something) sent or delivered
toimiva {adj} :: working
toimivalta {n} :: jurisdiction (the power, right, or authority to interpret and apply the law)
toimivaltainen {adj} [legal] :: competent (having jurisdiction or authority over a particular issue or question)
toimivuus {n} :: operability (extent to which a system or device is operable)
toim.joht. {abbr} :: toimitusjohtaja (managing director)
toinen {adj} [ordinal] :: the second, abbreviation 2., in the names of monarchs and popes II
toinen {pron} [indefinite] :: other, another
toinen {pron} :: In plural [toiset] the others, other ones
toinenkolmatta {adj} [archaic, ordinal] :: twenty-second
toinen kotimainen {n} :: Swedish (language, from the perspective of Finnish-speaking Finns)
toinen kotimainen {n} :: Finnish (language, from the perspective of Swedish-speaking Finns)
toinen maailmansota {n} :: The Second World War, World War II
toinen pääsiäispäivä {n} :: Easter Monday
toinen sunnuntai ennen paastonaikaa {n} :: Sexagesima (Sunday two weeks before Lent)
Toini {prop} :: given name
tointua {vi} :: To regain consciousness
toipilas {n} :: A convalescent
toipilasaika {n} :: convalescence [period of time]
toipua {vi} :: to recover, recuperate, convalesce
toipuminen {n} :: convalescence (gradual healing after illness or injury)
toipumisaika {n} :: recovery time
toipuva {adj} :: recovering (being in the process of recovery)
toipuva {adj} :: convalescent (recovering one's health and strength after a period of illness)
toisaalla {adv} :: (at, in, on) elsewhere
toisaalle {adv} :: (to) elsewhere
toisaalta {adv} :: on the other hand, then
toisaalta {adv} :: (from) elsewhere
toisarvoinen {adj} :: secondary
toiseksi {adv} :: secondly, for the second (in the second place)
toiseksi viimeinen {adj} :: penultimate, next to last, second-to-last, second last
toisen asteen palovamma {n} :: second-degree burn
toisen asteen polynomi {n} [mathematics] :: quadratic polynomial (polynomial of the second degree, i.e. of the form )
toisen asteen yhtälö {n} [mathematics] :: quadratic equation ()
toisenlainen {adj} :: of another kind; different
toisensa {pron} [indefinite] :: [they ...] each other, one another
toisensa jälkeen {phrase} :: after another
toisenvarainen {adj} :: heterotrophic
toiseus {n} :: otherness, differentness (esp. from a cultural norm)
toiseuttaminen {n} [psychology] :: othering
toisin {adv} :: otherwise, differently
toisinaan {adv} :: sometimes, occasionally
toisinajattelija {n} :: dissident
toisinajattelija {n} :: dissenter
toisinajattelu {n} :: dissent, dissidence
toisinpäin {adv} :: the other way around, vice versa
toisin sanoen {conj} :: that is, that is to say
toisin sanoen {conj} :: in other words
toisintaa {vt} :: To reproduce (to produce a copy)
toisiopalvelin {n} [computing] :: mirror server
toisiotutka {n} [aviation] :: secondary surveillance radar
toisistaan {adv} :: from each other
toispuolinen {adj} :: lopsided
toissa {adv} :: Denotes the period before last
toissa-aamuinen {adj} :: having taken place in the morning of the day before yesterday
toissa päivä {n} :: day before yesterday
toissapäivä {n} :: Common misspelling of toissa päivä
toissapäiväinen {adj} :: of the day before yesterday; nudiustertian [archaic]
toissa päivänä {adv} :: the day before yesterday
toissapäivänä {adv} :: alternative form of toissa päivänä
toissijainen {adj} :: secondary (of second rank or order)
toissijaisesti {adv} :: secondarily
-toista {suffix} :: -teen (but used to form numbers all the way from 11 to 19)
toistaa {vt} :: to repeat, reiterate
toistaiseksi {adv} :: for the time being (temporarily; until later)
toistaiseksi {adv} :: indefinitely
toistaiseksi {adv} :: so far
toistaiseksi voimassa oleva {adj} [legal, idiomatic] :: permanent; especially of employment contract or other contract which is valid until further notice
toistakymmentä {num} :: more than ten (but less than twenty)
toistamiseen {adv} :: again, anew, for a second time
toiste {n} [rare] :: Something repeated
toiste {adv} :: Another time; again
toistettavuus {n} :: repeatability
toistettavuus {n} :: reproducibility
toisto {n} :: repetition
toisto {n} :: tautology
toisto {n} [fencing] :: renewal, redoublement (renewal of an attack that missed, was short, or was parried)
toistohyökkäys {n} [computer security] :: replay attack
toistokyky {n} [audio] :: fidelity
toistomerkki {n} :: ditto mark
toistomerkki {n} :: A traffic sign installed for the purpose of reminding the drivers of the continuing validity of an earlier sign
toistua {vi} :: To recur (happen again)
toistua {vi} :: To repeat itself
toistuva {adj} :: repeating, repetitive, recurrent
toistuvasti {adv} :: repeatedly
toitottaa {v} :: to trumpet, bugle (to announce, sing, or cry in the manner of a musical bugle)
toitottaa {v} :: to honk (to make a sound like a goose)
toittaa {v} [dialectal] :: to feed; to maintain, uphold, keep up
Toivakka {prop} :: A municipality in Central Finland
Toivanen {prop} :: surname
toive {n} :: wish
toiveajattelu {n} :: wishful thinking
toiveikas {adj} :: hopeful
toiveikkaasti {adv} :: hopefully (in a hopeful manner)
toivelista {n} :: wish list
toiviomatka {n} :: pilgrimage
toiviomatkalainen {n} :: pilgrim
toivioretkeläinen {n} :: pilgrim
toivioretki {n} :: pilgrimage
toivo {n} :: hope
Toivo {prop} :: given name
toivoa {vt} :: To hope for, wish
toivomus {n} :: wish
toivomuskaivo {n} :: wishing well
toivomuslista {n} :: wish list
toivomusluu {n} [anatomy] :: wishbone
Toivonen {prop} :: surname
toivonkipinä {n} :: A spark of hope
toivoton {adj} :: hopeless
toivoton {adj} :: desperate
toivoton {adj} :: futile
toivottaa {vt} :: To wish (to bestow a thought)
toivottaa {vt} :: To bid (to utter a greeting)
toivottava {adj} :: desirable, advisable
toivottavasti {adv} :: hopefully, it is hoped that
toivottomasti {adv} :: hopelessly
toivottomuus {n} :: hopelessness
toka {num} [colloquial] :: second (e.g. position)
toka {n} [colloquial] :: runner-up
toka {adj} [colloquial] :: second
tokaari {n} :: Tocharian (extinct language)
tokaari {n} :: Tocharian (speaker of that language)
tokaarilainen {adj} :: Tocharian (of or pertaining to Tocharian language or the Tocharians)
tokaista {vi} [colloquial] :: to blurt, to blurt out
tokaisu {n} :: blurt (sudden and unadvised utterance)
tokaji {n} :: tokay (Hungarian dessert wine)
tokajinviini {n} :: Alternative term for tokaji
tokaluokkalainen {n} :: second-grader
tokari {n} [colloquial] :: report card
tokeegekko {n} :: tokay gecko, Gekko gecko (species of gecko native to Southeast Asia)
tokelau {n} :: Tokelauan (language)
Tokelau {prop} :: Tokelau
tokelaunkielinen {adj} :: Tokelauan (expressed in Tokelauan language)
tokelaunkielinen {adj} :: Tokelauan-speaking
toki {adv} :: sure, certainly
toki {interj} :: certainly, by all means, sure
Tokio {prop} :: Tokyo
tokiolainen {adj} :: Tokyoite (relating to Tokyo)
tokiolainen {n} :: Tokyoite (someone from Tokyo)
tokiponankielinen {adj} :: Toki Pona (expressed in Toki Pona language)
tokiponankielinen {adj} :: Toki Pona-speaking
tokka {n} :: a large herd, especially of reindeer
tokko {n} :: goby (fish of the genus Gobius)
tokko {adv} :: I don't think, hardly; used to express doubt, often with softening clitic -pa or -han
tokko {conj} [archaic] :: if, whether; used to begin an indirect question
tokkopa {adv} :: I don't think, hardly; used to express doubt
tokkura {n} :: stupor
tokkurainen {adj} :: groggy
tokoferoli {n} [organic chemistry] :: tocopherol
toksemia {n} :: toxemia
toksiini {n} [biology] :: toxin
toksikologia {n} :: toxicology
toksinen {adj} :: toxic
toksinen šokkioireyhtymä {n} [pathology] :: toxic shock syndrome
toksinen sokkioireyhtymä {n} :: alternative spelling of toksinen šokkioireyhtymä
toksisuus {n} :: toxicity
tola {n} [archaic] :: A track or trail, especially a skiing track
tola {n} [idiomatic] :: state of affairs, track
tolaltaan {adv} :: out of one's mind, out of one's right mind
toleranssi {n} :: tolerance
toleranssiraja {n} :: tolerance limit
tolerantti {adj} :: tolerant
toliini {n} [chemistry] :: tholin
Toljatti {prop} :: Toljatti (city)
toljottaa {v} :: To goggle
tolkku {n} :: sense
tolkuttaa {vt} :: to try to make (someone) understand by repeating or emphasis
tollanen {adj} [colloquial] :: synonym of tuollainen
tollo {adj} [colloquial] :: moronic, dumb, goofy, foolish
tollo {n} [colloquial] :: moron, dumbass, goof, fool
tollo {n} :: A piece of paper wrinkled and squeezed into a ball, as for throwing away
tollottaa {vt} :: to gawk, to gape
tolma {n} [archaic] :: dust
tolmu {n} [archaic] :: dust
Tolonen {prop} :: surname
tolppa {n} :: post, pole, stilt (long piece of heavy timber or other material protruding out of ground)
tolppa {n} :: bollard (post preventing vehicle access to a pedestrian area etc.)
tolppa {n} [ballgames] :: short of maalitolppa (goal post)
tolppa {n} [slang, colloquial] :: 12-pack of beer
tolppa {n} [slang, colloquial] :: taxicab stand
tolppapallo {n} :: synonym of salkopallo
tolstoilainen {adj} :: Tolstoyan
tolteekki {n} :: A Toltec
toltti {n} [archaic] :: A dozen (a quantity of 12, used mainly of boards)
tolueeni {n} [organic compound] :: toluene
tolueenidi-isosyanaatti {n} [chemistry] :: toluene diisocyanate
tolvana {n} :: ignoramus, nincompoop, blockhead
Tolvanen {prop} :: surname
tomaatti {n} :: tomato
tomaattihapero {n} :: A brittlegill, Russula persicina
tomaattikastike {n} :: tomato sauce
tomaattikeitto {n} :: tomato soup
tomaattimehu {n} :: tomato juice
tomaattimurska {n} :: crushed tomatoes
tomaattipyre {n} :: synonym of tomaattipyree
tomaattipyree {n} :: tomato purée, tomato paste
tomaattisalaatti {n} :: tomato salad
tomaattisilakat {n} :: a type of food with Baltic herring and tomato sauce
tomaattisose {n} :: tomato purée, tomato mash, tomato paste
tomera {adj} :: brisk, energetic, saucy
Tomi {prop} :: given name
Tommi {prop} :: given name
tommoinen {adj} [colloquial] :: synonym of tuollainen
tommonen {adj} [colloquial] :: synonym of tuollainen
tomografi {n} :: tomograph
tomografia {n} [medicine] :: tomography
tompakki {n} :: tombac (brass alloy)
tomppeli {n} :: ignoramus (dumb person)
tomppeli {n} :: dumbledore (blundering person)
tomu {n} :: dust (very fine particles of a solid substance)
tomu {n} :: ashes or remains (the remains of a person)
tomu {n} [religion] :: In Biblical speech, earth or soil
tomuhiukkanen {n} :: dust particle
tomuinen {adj} :: dusty
tomumaja {n} [Christianity] :: tabernacle (human body as the temporary abode of the soul)
tomupilvi {n} :: a cloud of dust
tomusokeri {n} :: powdered sugar, icing sugar or confectioners' sugar
tomuta {vi} :: to make or emit dust
tomuttaa {vt} :: to dust
tomuttua {vi} :: to become dusty
-ton {suffix} :: Indicates lack of something; -less
tonaalinen {adj} :: tonal
tonaalisesti {adv} :: tonally
tonaalisuus {n} :: tonality
Tonava {prop} :: Danube
tonetti {n} [musical instruments] :: tonette
tonga {prop} :: Tongan (language)
Tonga {prop} :: Tonga
tongalainen {n} :: Tongan (person from Tonga or of Tongan descent)
tongalainen {adj} :: Tongan (of or pertaining to Tonga)
tonget {n} [pluralonly, dialectal] :: alternative form of tongit (tool)
tongit {n} :: pliers
Toni {prop} :: given name
tonkia {v} :: To grub (to dig in search of something, as e.g. a pig does to find food)
tonkia {v} :: To scavenge (to search through unwanted material for useful material)
tonkia {v} :: To dig (to research a particular subject, especially a suspicious case)
tonne {adv} [colloquial, of movement] :: there (when the speaker points at the place):
tonni {n} :: A metric ton
tonni {n} [colloquial] :: grand (One thousand units of currency)
tonnikala {n} :: A tuna
tonsilla {n} [anatomy] :: tonsil
tonsilliitti {n} :: tonsillitis
tonsuuri {n} :: tonsure
tontittaa {vt} :: to divide or distribute into plots
tontti {n} :: parcel, plot, property
tonttu {n} [folklore] :: A miniature mythical humanoid creature believed to live in the forests and in or near people's dwellings, similar to an elf or gnome
tonttu {n} :: An elf (Santa's helper)
tonttu {n} :: A fool (person with poor judgment or little intelligence)
tonttuilla {vi} [colloquial] :: to screw around, to fool around
tooga {n} :: A toga
tooni {n} [linguistics] :: tone
toonika {n} [music] :: The tonic
toonimerkki {n} :: tone mark
toope {n} :: A moron, rock, dumbass, bugger, goof, dork, nincompoop, dolt, dumbbell etc. (an unintelligent person)
toora {n} :: Torah (Jewish law)
toora {n} :: Torah (Five Books of Moses)
toosa {n} :: A small box or container made of metal, plastic or cardboard etc
toosa {n} [colloquial] :: A TV set or radio
toosa {n} [colloquial] :: A (poor) machine
toosa {n} [vulgar] :: vagina
topaasi {n} [mineral] :: topaz
topakka {adj} :: gutsy, plucky, saucy
topata {v} :: To stuff, pad (to line with soft material)
topata {v} :: To bundle (to dress someone warmly)
topata {v} :: To quilt
topata {v} [dialectal] :: To stop
topi {n} :: common tsessebe, Damaliscus lunatus
Topi {prop} :: given name
Topias {prop} :: given name
topografi {n} :: topographer
topografia {n} :: topography
topografinen {adj} :: topographic
topografisesti {adv} :: topographically
topologia {n} [mathematics] :: topology
topologinen {adj} :: topological
topologinen avaruus {n} [mathematics] :: topological space
toponomastiikka {n} [linguistics] :: toponymy, toponomastics (lexicological study of place names)
toponyymi {n} [linguistics] :: toponym (word derived from a placename)
toppa {n} :: loaf (solid block of food, especially sugar)
toppahousut {n} :: padded pants
toppakangas {n} :: Fabric consisting of two, usually thin, often wind- or water-resistant sheets of fabric with padding between them, used e.g. in winter sports clothing
toppapuku {n} :: snowsuit
toppasokeri {n} :: loaf sugar (refined sugar formed to a cone)
toppatakki {n} :: quilted jacket
toppi {n} :: A top (garment)
toppi {n} [nautical] :: A top (masthead)
toppi {n} [colloquial] :: A stop (action of stopping; interruption of travel)
toppi {n} [colloquial] :: A halt (permanent cessation)
toppuuttaa {vt} [colloquial] :: synonym of toppuutella
Tor {prop} [Norse mythology] :: Thor
tora {n} :: quarrel
torahammas {n} :: fang
torailla {vi} :: To quarrel
torailu {n} :: quarreling
torainen {adj} :: quarrelsome, grumpy
toraisa {adj} :: quarrelsome
torajyvä {n} :: ergot
torakka {n} :: cockroach
torata {v} :: to quarrel
toreadori {n} [bullfighting] :: toreador
tori {n} :: market, market square (city square or other place where traders set up stalls and buyers browse the merchandise)
tori {n} :: town square
tori {n} :: forum (town square or market place in a Roman town)
toriaika {n} :: the time period during which a marketplace is open
toriaukio {n} :: market square (open area)
torihinta {n} :: price at a (public) market
torikammo {n} :: agoraphobia
torikassi {n} :: market bag
torikauhu {n} :: agoraphobia
torikauppa {n} :: trading by setting up a market (stall)
torikauppias {n} :: market vendor (the person doing the trading at a market)
torikokous {n} [figuratively] :: a gathering of a crowd, or the crowd that has gathered
torilla tavataan {phrase} :: good luck; said especially before an important event in which one can win or lose, such as a championship match, job interview or final exams
torilla tavataan {phrase} [Internet slang, jocular] :: said when Finland or something related to it is mentioned
torimyynti {n} :: selling on a market (stall)
Torino {prop} :: Turin (town)
toripäivä {n} :: market day
toritaide {n} :: art sold at a market stall
toritapahtuma {n} :: a public event held at a marketplace
torium {n} :: thorium
torjua {v} :: to defend successfully, ward off an attack, tackle
torjua {v} :: to turn down, defy, scorn
torjua {v} :: to reject, rebuff (for example, a proposal)
torjua {v} :: to tackle; especially a negative phenomenon
torjua {v} [sports] :: to save (to catch or deflect a shot at goal)
torjuminen {n} :: refusal, denial
torjunta {n} :: prevention
torjunta {n} :: foiling of an attack; prevention, block, intercept, parrying etc
torjunta {n} [sports] :: save (block that prevents an opponent from scoring)
torjunta-aine {n} :: pesticide
torjuntahävittäjä {n} [military] :: An interceptor (fighter aircraft)
torkahtaa {vi} :: to doze off, to doze, to snooze (briefly)
torke {n} :: The state of mind preceding sleep
torkku {n} [usually, in plural] :: nap, snooze
torkku {adj} :: sleepy
torkkua {v} :: to snooze, doze, drowse
torkkuja {n} :: snoozer, dozer, drowser
torkkuja {n} :: sleeper goby (fish of the family Eleotridae)
tornado {n} :: tornado
torni {n} :: tower
torni {n} :: spire (tapering body that shoots up or out to a point in a conical or pyramidal form)
torni {n} [chess] :: rook
torninosturi {n} [construction] :: tower crane (type of crane in which a jib rotates on top of a mast; typically used on construction sites)
Tornio {prop} :: Tornio
tornionlaaksonsuomi {n} :: Meänkieli (Finnic language spoken in northern Sweden)
tornipöllö {n} :: barn owl (owl of the genus Tyto)
tornipöllö {n} :: western barn owl, Tyto alba
tornittaa {v} [chess] :: To castle
tornitus {n} [chess] :: A castling
toroidi {n} :: toroid
Toronto {prop} :: Toronto (Canadian city)
torpata {vt} [colloquial] :: to turn down, defy, scorn, reject, rebuff (such as a proposal)
torpedo {n} :: torpedo (self-propelled cylindrical explosive projectile that can travel underwater)
torpedoida {v} :: to torpedo
torpedoida {v} [figuratively] :: to undermine, torpedo
torppa {n} [historical, Sweden and Finland from 17th to early 20th century] :: copyhold (farm, part of a larger farm or manor, the rent of which was paid through work on the owner's land and sometimes with produce)
torppa {n} :: A house on such farm
torppa {n} :: cottage (small farmhouse)
torppari {n} [historical] :: copyholder (tenant of a farm who paid his rent by working for the landlord, and earned his own living mainly from the rented land)
torppari {n} [figuratively, ironic] :: By extension, any person who is in a long-term relation in which he/she feels that the best part of his work goes to the benefit of someone else
torpparius {n} :: socage, burgage (form of land tenure)
torrakko {n} [colloquial] :: gun
torri {n} :: torr (non-SI unit of pressure, equal to 1/760 of standard atmospheric pressure)
torsio {n} [physics] :: torsion (twisting or wrenching of a body by the exertion of a lateral force tending to turn one end or part of it about a longitudinal axis, while the other is held fast or turned in the opposite direction)
torso {n} :: torso
torso {n} [colloquial] :: loser
torstai {n} :: Thursday
torstaiaamu {n} :: Thursday morning
torstai-ilta {n} :: Thursday evening
torstainen {adj} :: Pertaining to Thursday
torstaisin {adv} :: On Thursdays
torstaisin {adj} :: superlative of torstainen
Torsti {prop} :: given name
tortilla {n} :: tortilla
tortti {n} :: stick or lantern distaff
torttu {n} :: tart, pie (type of pastry)
torttu {n} [colloquial] :: turd (piece of excrement)
torua {v} :: to scold, rebuke
torus {n} [topology] :: torus
torut {n} :: reprimand
torveilla {vi} [colloquial] :: to behave stupidly or obnoxiously
torvensoittaja {n} :: hornblower (one who blows a horn)
torvi {n} :: A horn (e.g. a musical instrument)
torvi {n} :: A tube or pipe, especially one that widens in one end
torvi {n} [colloquial] :: A fool
torvijäkälä {n} :: cup lichen
torvikotilo {n} :: common northern whelk, Buccinum undatum
Torvinen {prop} :: surname
torvisieni {n} :: any fungus of genus Craterellus
torvisieni {n} [in the plural] :: the genus Craterellus
torvisoittokunta {n} :: marching band, brass band
torvivoirousku {n} :: A milk-cap, Lactarius auriolla
tosa {n} :: tosa (Japanese breed of fighting dog)
tosi {n} :: truth, reality, real thing
tosi {n} [as modifier in compound term] :: real-life
tosi {adj} :: True
tosi {adj} :: Real, serious
tosi {adv} [colloquial] :: really, very
tosiaan {adv} :: indeed, all right
tosiasia {n} :: a fact
tosiasiallinen {adj} :: factual
tosiasiallisesti {adv} :: factually, in fact
tosielämä {n} :: real life (life outside of a contrived or fantastical environment)
tosikertomus {n} :: true story
tosikko {n} :: A humourless person
tosin {adv} :: although
tosin {adv} :: however
tosio {n} :: fact
tosiolot {n} :: reality, actuality, real conditions
tosipohjoinen {n} :: true north
tosiseikka {n} :: datum, fact
tosissaan {adv} :: Serious(ly), in earnest (about something = genitive + suhteen)
tositapa {n} [grammar] :: indicative mood
tositapahtuma {n} :: real event, true event, an event that actually took place
tosite {n} :: voucher
tositelevisio {n} :: reality television
tositelevisio-ohjelma {n} :: reality show
tosi-tv {n} :: reality television
Toskala {prop} :: surname
Toskana {prop} :: Tuscany
Tossavainen {prop} :: surname
tossu {n} [colloquial] :: A slipper
tossu {n} :: A sneaker
tota {interj} [colloquial] :: space filler or pause during conversation
totaali {n} [slang] :: total objector (one who refuses military and non-military service)
totaalikieltäytyminen {n} :: total objection; refusing military as well as non-military service
totaalinen {adj} :: total
totaalisesti {adv} :: totally
totaalisuus {n} :: totality
totalisaattori {n} :: totalizator
totalisaattoriravit {n} :: harness racing event with pari-mutuel betting
totalitaarinen {adj} :: totalitarian
totalitarismi {n} :: totalitarianism
totalitaristi {n} :: totalitarian
totalitaristinen {adj} :: totalitarian
toteamus {n} :: statement (declaration or remark)
toteemi {n} :: totem
toteemieläin {n} :: totem animal
toteemipaalu {n} :: totem pole
toteemipatsas {n} :: totem pole
toteennäyttö {n} :: substantiation, showing something true
totella {v} :: To obey (to do as ordered)
totemismi {n} :: totemism
toteuttaa {vt} :: to realise/realize, carry out, put into practice, put into effect, effectuate, execute, implement
toteuttaminen {n} :: realization, execution
toteuttaminen {n} [psychology] :: actualization; especially in the concept of itsensä toteuttaminen (self-actualization)
toteuttamiskelpoinen {adj} :: feasible, viable, workable
toteutua {vi} :: to come true (to become real: to become true or existent)
toteutumaton {adj} :: unrealized
toteutunut {adj} :: ex post, actual, real
toteutus {n} :: realization, execution, implementation
toti {n} :: hot toddy, toddy, grog (drink made of hot water, strong liquor - usually rum - and sugar, sometimes also spices)
totinen {adj} :: grave, serious
totisempi {adj} :: comparative of totinen
totisesti {adv} [biblical] :: truly, verily, amen
toto {n} :: totalizator, tote (in horse racing etc.)
totoravit {n} :: harness racing event with pari-mutuel betting
totota {vi} :: to play pari-mutuel
totta {interj} :: true
totta kai {adv} :: certainly, of course
totta töriset {phrase} [colloquial] :: absolutely, you can say that again
tottelemaan {v} :: infinitive of totella
tottelematon {adj} :: disobedient
tottelemattomampi {adj} :: comparative of tottelematon
tottelemattomin {adj} :: superlative of tottelematon
tottelemattomuus {n} :: disobedience
tottelevainen {adj} :: Obedient
tottelevaisuus {n} :: obedience
Totti {prop} :: given name
tottua {vi} :: To get used to, become accustomed to
tottumaton {adj} :: unaccustomed
tottumus {n} :: habit, custom, routine
tottunut {adj} :: accustomed
totunnainen {adj} :: conventional
totuttaa {vt} :: To accustom
totuttautua {vi} [_, + illative] :: to become/get accustomed to
totuudenjälkeinen {adj} :: post-truth
totuudenmukainen {adj} :: truthful
totuudenmukaisesti {adv} :: truthfully
totuudenpuhuja {n} :: one who tells or speaks the truth; soothsayer
totuus {n} :: truth
totuusarvo {n} [logic] :: truth value
totuusarvomuuttuja {n} [computing] :: Boolean, Boolean variable (variable that can hold a single true/false valua)
totuusfunktio {n} [logic] :: truth function
totuusjakauma {n} [logic] :: valuation
totuuskomissio {n} :: truth commission
touchdown {n} [American football] :: touchdown
touhottaa {vi} :: to fuss (be very worried or excited about something, often too much)
touhu {n} :: bustle, hustle, fuss
touhuissaan {adv} :: busy, occupied or absorbed with one's chores
touhukas {adj} :: active, energetic, bustling
touhuta {vi} :: to bustle, flit, hustle, scamper, scurry, run around, run about
touhutippa {n} :: precum, pre-ejaculate
toukka {n} :: A larva (distinct juvenile form of many animals)
toukka {n} :: A caterpillar (larva of Lepidoptera)
toukka {n} :: A maggot (larva of fly)
toukka {n} :: A cutworm (larva of owlet moth)
toukka {n} [humorous, derogatory] :: A baby, unborn human fetus
toukkahoito {n} :: maggot therapy
toukkaterapia {n} :: maggot therapy
touko {n} [agriculture] :: sowing, planting; especially of grain
touko {n} :: growing field of grain
Touko {prop} :: given name
toukoaika {n} :: time for sowing, planting
toukohärkä {n} :: blister beetle (beetle of the family Meloidae)
toukokuinen {adj} :: Pertaining to May
toukokuu {n} :: May
toukotyöt {n} :: the work of sowing or planting grain
toutain {n} :: asp (Aspius aspius)
touvi {n} [nautical] :: hawser
toveri {n} [political] :: comrade
toveri {n} :: companion, buddy
toverukset {n} :: alternative term for kaverukset
toveruus {n} :: companionship
tovi {n} :: a moment
täpö {adv} :: An intensifier, see täpötäysi, täpötäyteen
täpö {n} [poker, slang] :: boat (full house)
töpö {n} :: stump, stub (remains of something that has been cut off; especially the remains of a shortened tail)
T-paita {n} :: T-shirt
T-palkki {n} [engineering] :: T-beam (beam with cross-section shaped like the capital letter T)
töpeksiä {vt} :: to blunder
töpeksintä {n} :: a blunder
töpöhäntä {n} :: bobtail (short, or deliberately shortened tail)
töpöhäntä {n} :: bobtail (animal having such tail)
töpöhäntäinen {adj} :: bobtailed (having a bobtail)
täpinä {n} :: A flutter (state of emotional agitation). Mostly used in plural, especially in the expression: olla täpinöissä ( + possessive suffix) = to be aflutter
töpinä {n} [colloquial] :: bustle
töpökiitäjä {n} :: spinetailed swift (tropical Old World swift of the genus Rhaphidura)
töpökkä {n} :: a gnateater
täplä {n} :: spot, speck
täpläharmomittari {n} [insects] :: engrailed (Ectropis crepuscularia)
täplähyeena {n} :: spotted hyena (Crocuta crocuta)
täplähylje {n} :: spotted seal, Phoca largha (true seal, inhabiting ice floes and waters of the north Pacific Ocean and adjacent seas)
täplikäs {adj} :: spotted
täplittää {v} :: to speckle, fleck (to mark with speckles)
täplämerikissa {n} :: spotted wolffish, Anarhichas minor (North Atlantic species of wolffish)
täplämetsäkalastaja {n} :: A kingfisher of the genus Actenoides
täplämetsäkalastaja {n} [in plural] :: the genus Actenoides
täpläperhonen {n} :: brush-footed butterfly, nymphalid (butterfly of the Nymphalidae family)
täplärapu {n} :: signal crayfish, Pacifastacus leniusculus
täpläsilli {n} :: twaite shad, Alosa fallax (fish in herring family)
töppöillä {v} :: to blunder or screw up repeatedly
täpärä {adj} :: close, narrow, short
täpärästi {adv} :: narrowly
täpäryys {n} :: narrowness, closeness, shortness
töpseli {n} [colloquial] :: plug (electric connecting device)
täpösen {adv} :: completely; used as intensifier with the adjective täysi (full) and adverbs täynnä and täyteen
töpätä {v} [colloquial] :: to blunder
töpätä {vt} :: to paint one point at a time without doing strokes
täpötäysi {adj} :: full to the brim, as full as possible
törö {n} :: gudgeon (Gobio gobio)
traagikko {n} :: tragedian
traagillinen {adj} :: dated form of traaginen
traaginen {adj} :: tragic
Traakia {prop} :: Thrace
traakialainen {adj} :: Thracian
traakialainen {n} :: Thracian
traakki {n} :: wyvern
traakkipuu {n} :: dragon tree (tree of the genus Dracaena)
traani {n} :: The blubber of Arctic animals
tradenomi {n} :: bachelor of business administration who has completed his/her degree in a polytechnic (ammattikorkeakoulu); BBA
tradenomi {n} :: this degree
traditio {n} :: tradition
traditionaalinen {adj} :: traditional
traditionalismi {n} :: traditionalism
traditionalistinen {adj} :: traditionalist
trafiikki {n} :: traffic
tragantti {n} :: tragacanth
tragedia {n} :: A tragedy
tragiikka {n} :: tragedy
tragikomedia {n} :: tragicomedy (type of drama)
tragikoominen {adj} :: tragicomic
tragopaani {n} :: tragopan
traileri {n} :: A special-purpose trailer designed to carry e.g. boats
traktaatti {n} :: religious pamphlet, booklet, tract
traktaatti {n} :: international treaty
traktori {n} :: A tractor (farm vehicle)
traku {n} [colloquial] :: A tract
trakyytti {n} [geology] :: trachyte
tramadoli {n} [uncountable] :: tramadol (a synthetic opiate)
tramadoli {n} [countable] :: A pill containing this substance
trampata {vi} [colloquial] :: to go to and fro
trampoliini {n} :: trampoline
transaminaasi {n} :: transaminase
transatlanttinen {adj} :: transatlantic
transdermaalinen {adj} [medicine] :: transdermal
transferenssi {n} :: transference
transformaatio {n} :: transformation
transformoida {vt} :: To transform
transformointi {n} :: transformation
transgeeninen {adj} :: transgenic
transgeneesi {n} [genetics] :: transgenesis
transgressio {n} [geology] :: transgression
transihminen {n} [sexuality] :: trans person
Transilvania {prop} :: Transylvania
transistori {n} :: transistor
transistoroida {vt} :: To transistorize
transitiivinen {adj} [grammar] :: transitive (of a verb, that takes an object or objects)
transitiivinen {adj} [set theory] :: transitive
transitiivinen {adj} [algebra] :: transitive
transitiivinen {adj} [graph theory] :: transitive
transitiivinen sulkeuma {n} [mathematics, set theory, graph theory] :: transitive closure
transitiiviverbi {n} [grammar] :: transitive verb
transkendenttinen {adj} :: transcendent
transkonduktanssi {n} [physics, electronics] :: transconductance
transkriboida {v} [linguistics] :: to transcribe (to convert symbols of one writing system to another, e.g. Chinese to Latin)
transkriboida {v} :: to transcribe (to convert language from live or recorded speech to text)
transkriboida {v} [computing] :: to transcribe
transkriboida {v} [music] :: to transcribe
transkriboida {v} [biology] :: to transcribe
transkriptio {n} :: transcription
transkutaaninen {adj} [medicine] :: transcutaneous
translaatio {n} [mathematics, physics, biology] :: translation
translatiivi {n} [grammar] :: translative. In Finnish translative refers to transforming or becoming something else or to having a surprising quality. Its ending is -ksi
translatiivinen {adj} [grammar] :: translative (of, or relating to the translative case)
translitteraatio {n} :: transliteration
translitteroida {vt} :: to transliterate (to transform text from one alphabetic script to another, e.g. Cyrilic to Latin, usually using a target language -specifiic standardized set of letters to represent the letters of the original script; compare transkriboida)
translitterointi {n} :: transliteration
translokaatio {n} [genetics] :: translocation
transmies {n} [sexuality] :: transman
transnainen {n} [sexuality] :: transwoman
Transnistria {prop} :: Transnistria
transoseaaninen {adj} :: synonym of valtamerentakainen
transparenssi {n} :: transparence
transparentti {adj} :: transparent
transpiraatio {n} [botany] :: transpiration
transplantaatio {n} :: transplantation
transplantaatti {n} [medicine] :: transplant (transplanted organ or tissue)
transplantoida {vt} :: To transplant
transplantointi {n} :: transplantation
transponoida {vt} :: To transpose
transponointi {n} [music] :: transposition
transpoosi {n} [mathematics] :: transpose
transrasva {n} :: trans fat
transseksuaali {n} [sexuality, dated] :: transsexual
transseksuaalinen {adj} :: transsexual
transseksuaalisuus {n} :: transsexuality
transseksualismi {n} :: transsexualism
transsendenssi {n} :: transcendence
transsendentti {adj} :: transcendent
transsendenttiluku {n} [mathematics] :: transcendental number
transsendenttinen {adj} :: transcendent
transsi {n} :: trance
transsukupuolinen {adj} :: transgender, transsexual
transsukupuolinen {n} :: a transgender or transsexual person
transu {n} [derogatory] :: transvestite, tranny
transu {n} [derogatory] :: transgender person, tranny
transuraani {n} [chemistry] :: transuranium element
transvaginaalinen {adj} [medicine] :: transvaginal
transversaali {n} [geometry] :: transversal
transversaalinen {adj} :: transversal
transversaalitaso {n} [anatomy] :: transverse plane, horizontal plane, axial plane, transaxial plane (any plane that divides the body into upper and lower parts)
transvestiitti {n} :: A transvestite
transvestismi {n} :: transvestism
transvestitismi {n} :: transvestism
trap {n} :: trapshooting, trap (type of shooting sport)
trap-ammunta {n} :: trap shooting
trapetsi {n} :: trapeze
trappi {n} :: bustard (bird of the family Otididae)
tratta {n} :: draft (financial instrument)
tratti {n} :: funnel (vessel)
trauma {n} :: trauma
traumaattinen {adj} :: traumatic
travertiini {n} [geology] :: travertine
treema {n} :: diaeresis (diacritic ¨ placed over a vowel letter indicating that it is sounded separately, as in naïve)
treema {n} :: umlaut (diacritic ¨ placed over a vowel to indicate assimilation of vowel)
treenata {v} [colloquial] :: To work out, exercise
treeni {n} :: training
treffata {v} [slang] :: to meet
treffit {n} [colloquial] :: date
trehaloosi {n} :: trehalose
tremoliitti {n} [mineral] :: tremolite
tremolo {n} [music] :: tremolo
tremulantti {n} [music] :: vox angelica (organ stop giving a gentle tremolo effect)
tremulantti {n} [linguistics] :: trill consonant
trendi {n} :: trend
trendikkäästi {adv} :: trendily
trendikkyys {n} :: trendiness
trendikäs {adj} :: trendy (of, or in accordance with the latest trend, fashion or hype)
trenditietoinen {adj} [of a person] :: trendy (aware of and following trends, especially in fashion)
trenditietoinen {adj} :: ~ (henkilö): trendite
trenssi {n} :: A trench coat
treoniini {n} [amino acid] ::  threonine
tärähdellä {vi} :: to jolt or shake repeatedly
tärähdys {n} :: jolt, percussion
tärähtää {v} :: to jolt
törähtää {vi} :: to honk or sound once (make a low sharp sound)
tärähtänyt {adj} [slang] :: stupid, crazy
tri {abbr} :: tohtori
tri- {prefix} :: tri-
trialogi {n} :: trialogue
triammoniumsitraatti {n} [organic chemistry] :: triammonium citrate, ammonium citrate
triangeli {n} [musical instruments] :: triangle
trias {n} [geology] :: The Triassic
triasetaatti {n} [textiles] :: triacetate
triasetiini {n} [organic compound] :: triacetin
triaskausi {n} [geology] :: Triassic, Triassic period
triaskautinen {adj} [geology] :: Triassic
triathlon {n} :: triathlon (swimming, cycling and running)
triatsiini {n} [chemistry] :: triazine
tribadi {n} [dated] :: tribade
tribologia {n} :: tribology
tribunaali {n} :: tribunal
tribus {n} [taxonomy] :: tribe
tribuuni {n} :: tribune (in the ancient Rome)
trieeri {n} [nautical, historical] :: A trireme
trietyyliamiini {n} [chemistry] :: triethylamine
trietyyliboraani {n} [chemistry] :: triethylborane
trifenyylifosfiini {n} [chemistry] :: triphenylphosphine
trifenyylifosfiinioksidi {n} [chemistry] :: triphenylphosphine oxide
triforio {n} [architecture] :: triforium
triftongi {n} :: triphthong
triglyseridi {n} [organic chemistry] :: triglyceride
trigoninen {adj} [crystallography] :: trigonal
trigonometria {n} :: trigonometry
trigonometrinen {adj} :: trigonometric
trigonometrinen funktio {n} [mathematics, trigonometry] :: trigonometric function
trikarboksyylihappo {n} [organic chemistry] :: tricarboxylic acid
trikarboksyylihappokierto {n} [biology] :: synonym of sitruunahappokierto
trikiini {n} :: trichina
trikinoosi {n} [pathology] :: trichinosis
trikki {n} :: trick
trikliininen {adj} [crystallography] :: triclinic
triklokarbani {n} :: triclocarban
triklooribentseeni {n} [chemistry] :: trichlorobenzene
trikloorietyleeni {n} [chemistry] :: trichloroethylene
trikloorifluorimetaani {n} [chemistry] :: trichlorofluoromethane
triklosaani {n} :: triclosan
trikolori {n} :: tricolor
trikoo {n} :: tricot (fabric)
trikoo {n} :: in plural (trikoot), leotard, maillot, tights (tight-fitting garments made of this fabric, worn typically by gymnasts and dancers)
trikuspidaaliläppä {n} [anatomy] :: tricuspid valve
triljardi {num} [cardinal, rare] :: trilliard, 1021
triljoona {num} [cardinal] :: quintillion (short scale), trillion (long scale); 1018
trilleri {n} :: thriller
trilli {n} [music] :: trill
trilobiitti {n} :: trilobite
trilogia {n} :: trilogy
trimaraani {n} :: trimaran
trimetyyliboraatti {n} [chemistry] :: trimethyl borate
trimmaaja {n} :: One who trims, trimmer
trimmata {v} :: To trim (to reduce slightly; to cut; to remove excess)
trimmata {v} [nautical] :: To trim (to cause a vessel to assume a certain position, or trim, in the water)
trimmata {v} [nautical] :: To trim (to set the sails to the most advantageous angle relative to the wind)
trimmaus {n} :: trimming
trimmeri {n} :: trimmer (trimming device)
trimmeri {n} :: string trimmer
tärinä {n} :: tremor
Trinidad ja Tobago {prop} :: Trinidad and Tobago
trinomi {n} [algebra] :: trinomial
tärinäraita {n} :: rumble strip, sleeper line, audible line
trio {n} :: trio
triojäätelö {n} :: Neapolitan ice cream (variety of ice-cream combining chocolate-, vanilla- and strawberry-flavors in one serving)
trioksidi {n} [chemistry] :: trioxide (oxide containing three oxygen atoms)
tripla {n} :: triple
tripodi {n} :: tripod
trippi {n} [slang] :: Drug-induced trip
trippi {n} [slang] :: Juice in a small box, commonly in the amount of 2dl
triptyykki {n} :: triptych
trireemi {n} [nautical, historical, rare] :: A trireme
tärisevä {adj} :: shaking, quivering, trembling (e.g. of someone's voice)
triskele {n} :: triskele
täristä {vi} :: To shake (to move from side to side)
täristää {vt} :: to jolt, to shake, to vibrate
T-risteys {n} :: T-junction
tärisyttää {vt} :: to shake, to vibrate (to move from side to side)
tritikali {n} :: triticale (grain crop, a hybrid of wheat and rye, that gives a high yield, used chiefly as forage and fodder)
tritium {n} [isotope] :: tritium
tritonus {n} [music] :: tritone
tritti {n} [computing] :: trit
triumfi {n} :: triumph (in ancient Rome)
triumviraatti {n} [historical] :: triumvirate
triviaalein {adj} :: superlative of triviaali
triviaali {adj} :: trivial
triviaalimpi {adj} :: comparative of triviaali
trivialisoida {v} :: To trivialize
täräjää {v} [poetic] :: alternative form of täristä
tärkeä {adj} :: important
tärkeä {adj} :: erittäin tärkeä: very important, crucial
tärkeä {adj} [colloquial] :: self-important
törkeä {adj} :: coarse, boorish, base
törkeä {adj} :: indecent, obscene, disgusting, distasteful (of language), offensive (of language), (colloquial) gross
törkeä {adj} [legal] :: gross, grave, grand, felonious, aggravated:
tärkeilemätön {adj} :: informal, relaxed, casual
tärkeilevä {adj} :: self-important (behaving in a self-important manner)
tärkeilijä {n} :: pompous ass, stuffed shirt; prig
tärkeilijä {n} :: phony; pretender
tärkeilijä {n} [slang, derogatory, rare] :: bouncer, bully, intimidator, oppressor, persecutor, tormentor
tärkeillä {vi} :: to act pompous, to priss
törkeillä {vi} [colloquial] :: to behave in a coarse or indecent way
tärkein {adj} :: superlative of tärkeä
törkeä lapsen seksuaalinen hyväksikäyttö {n} [law] :: statutory rape
tärkeämpi {adj} :: comparative of tärkeä
törkeä rikos {n} [legal] :: felony
tärkeästi {adv} :: importantly
tärkeys {n} :: importance
tärkeysjärjestys {n} :: order of importance
tärkkelys {n} :: starch
tärkkelysjauho {n} :: starch flour (synonym of starch)
tärkkelyspitoinen {adj} :: starchy (containing starch)
tärkki {n} :: starch (any of various starch-like substances used as a laundry stiffener)
tärkkäys {n} :: starching (act of treating with laundry starch)
tärkätä {v} :: to starch (to apply or treat with laundry starch)
tärkätty {adj} :: starched, starchy (stiffened with starch)
törky {n} :: dirt, filth (also figuratively)
törkyisesti {adv} :: dirtily, sleazily, filthily, in a foul manner
törmä {n} :: A steep embankment of earth
törmä {n} :: A relatively high bank of a river or other watercourse
törmänne {n} :: embankment
törmäpääsky {n} :: sand martin, bank swallow, Riparia riparia
törmätä {v} :: To impact, collide, crash
törmätä {v} [colloquial] :: To bump into, stumble upon
törmäviini {n} :: riverbank grape, frost grape, Vitis risiparia
törmäys {n} :: impact, crash
törmäyskivilaji {n} [petrology] :: impact breccia (rock born in a collision of a meteorite against the surface of the Earth)
törmäyskraatteri {n} [geology, planetology] :: impact crater
törmäyskurssi {n} :: collision course
törmäyslista {n} [nautical] :: rubbing strip
törmäystesti {n} :: crash test
törmäysvirhe {n} [basketball] :: charging (offensive foul)
törmäytin {n} :: collider
törmäyttää {vt} :: To collide
Troija {prop} :: The city of Troy
troijalainen {adj} :: Trojan (of, or relating to, the famed city of Troy or its inhabitants)
troijalainen {adj} [astronomy] :: Trojan, trojan (of, or relating to a Trojan point)
troijalainen {adj} [computing] :: Trojan (of, or relating to, a certain type of malware)
troijalainen {n} :: Trojan (inhabitant of the mythical city of Troy)
troijalainen {n} [astronomy] :: Trojan asteroid
troijalainen {n} [computing] :: Trojan, trojan (certain type of malware)
troijan hevonen {n} :: alternative form of Troijan hevonen
Troijan hevonen {n} [mythology] :: Trojan horse
Troijan hevonen {n} [computing] :: Trojan horse, trojan (type of malware)
troikka {n} :: A troika
trokari {n} :: bootlegger
trokari {n} [derogatory] :: Any trader
trokata {v} [slang] :: to deal, to bootleg, to fence (especially of alcohol)
trokee {n} [prosody] :: trochee
trollata {v} [Internet, slang] :: to troll
trolli {n} [Internet] :: troll
trombi {n} [weather] :: tornado when occurring in Europe
trombi {n} [pathology] :: thrombus
trombosyytti {n} [cytology] :: thrombocyte, blood platelet
Tromssa {prop} :: Tromsø
troolari {n} [nautical] :: A trawler (fishing boat)
troolata {v} :: To trawl
trooli {n} [fishing] :: A trawl
troopillinen {adj} :: dated form of trooppinen
trooppi {n} [music] :: trope
trooppinen {adj} :: tropical
trooppinen sademetsä {n} :: tropical rainforest
trooppinen vuosi {n} :: tropical year (time between two successive vernal equinoxes)
tropari {n} [music] :: troparion
tropiikki {n} :: tropics
tropiikkiliitäjä {n} :: Audubon's shearwater, Puffinus lherminieri
tropiikkilintu {n} :: tropicbird (any of the various seabirds of the family Phaethontidae, typically found in the open ocean in the tropics)
tropinoni {n} [chemistry] :: tropinone
tropismi {n} [biology] :: tropism
tropopaussi {n} :: tropopause
troposfääri {n} :: troposphere
troppi {n} [colloquial] :: medicine, especially one that is administered in drops
trossi {n} [nautical] :: hawser (heavy rope used to tow or moor a ship)
trotskilainen {adj} :: Trotskyist
trotskilainen {n} :: Trotskyist
trotskilaisuus {n} :: Trotskyism
trotskismi {n} :: Trotskyism
troy-naula {n} :: troy pound, pound (unit of weight equal to 12 troy ounces, or 373.2417 grams, used in weighing precious metals)
troy-pauna {n} :: troy pound, pound (unit of weight equal to 12 troy ounces, or 373.2417 grams, used in weighing precious metals)
törppö {adj} :: bungling
törppö {n} :: bungler
törppö {n} :: jerk
tärppi {n} [fishing] :: bite
tärppiä {vi} :: synonym of tärpätä
törppöillä {vi} [colloquial] :: to mess up, to blunder
tärpätä {vi} :: to catch, to bite, to have a fish catch the bait
tärpätti {n} :: turpentine
törröttää {vt} :: To stick out, to jut
tärskähtää {vi} :: to make a hard crashing sound once
tärskyä {vi} :: to bonk (make a sound of a hard hit)
törsätä {vt} :: To spend lavishly, to splurge
törttö {n} :: bugger (foolish person)
törttö {n} :: bungler
törttöillä {vi} [colloquial] :: to behave in an obnoxious or unlikable manner
trubaduuri {n} :: troubadour
truismi {n} :: truism
truk {n} [dated] :: synonym of chuuk
trukki {n} :: A forklift or other similar industrial vehicle used to lift and carry objects over short distances, typically inside a warehouse or within the area of a port
trulli {n} :: A witch who conducts mischief, especially in Easter
trumpetisti {n} :: trumpeter, trumpet player
trumpetti {n} :: trumpet
trumpettijoutsen {n} :: trumpeter swan (Cygnus buccinator)
trumpettikurki {n} :: whooping crane, Grus americana (species of crane native to North America)
trusti {n} :: trust (group of businessmen or traders organised for mutual benefit to produce and distribute specific commodities or services)
truveeri {n} [music] :: trouvère
tärvellä {v} :: to destroy
tärvellä {v} :: to vandalize
tärvätä {v} [colloquial] :: to destroy, to ruin
tärväytyä {v} :: synonym of tärvääntyä
täry {n} :: vibration
tryffeli {n} :: truffle
tärykalvo {n} [anatomy] :: eardrum (membrana tympanica)
tärykalvontulehdus {n} [pathology] :: myringitis, tympanitis
trymoo {n} :: trumeau (pillar in the middle of doorway or window opening)
trymoo {n} :: trumeau mirror (wall mirror set in a decorative frame)
trymoo {n} :: pier glass (tall narrow mirror set between two windows, often above a pier table)
trypsiini {n} [chemistry] :: trypsin
tryptamiini {n} [chemistry] :: tryptamine
tryptofaani {n} [amino acid] ::  tryptophan
tärytin {n} :: A heavy-duty vibrator for construction work
täryttää {vt} :: to vibrate
täräyttää {vt} :: to whack, to jab, to jolt, to slam
ts. {abbr} :: toisin sanoen (in other words)
tsaari {n} :: czar, tsar, tzar
tsaarikunta {n} :: czardom, tsardom
tsaarillinen {adj} :: tsarian (of, relating to, or ruled by a tsar)
tsaarinaika {n} [colloquial] :: The period of Finnish history when Finland belonged to Russia, i.e. the years 1809 through 1917
tsaarinaikainen {adj} :: tsarist (from the time of the tsar in Russia)
tsaarinaikainen {adj} [mockingly] :: old-fashioned, outdated
tsaarinvalta {n} :: tsarism (system of government ruled by a tsar)
tsaaritar {n} :: A tsarina
tsaarivalta {n} :: alternative form of tsaarinvalta
tsade {n} :: tsade (eighteenth letter of the Hebrew and Phoenician scripts and the Northwest Semitic abjad)
tsaguti {n} :: Hispaniolan hutia, Plagiodontia aedum
tsaiju {n} [dialectal] :: tea (drink)
tsakma {n} :: chacma, chacma baboon, Cape baboon, Papio ursinus (species of baboon, in earlier classifications a subspecies of yellow baboon, Papio cynocephalus)
tsakra {n} [Hinduism] :: alternative spelling of chakra
tsarismi {n} :: tsarism (system of government)
tsaristi {n} :: tsarist (supporter of tsarism)
tsaristinen {adj} :: tsarist (expressing support for a tsar)
tsasouna {n} :: An Eastern Orthodox village chapel
tsatsiki {n} :: tzatziki (dish)
tse {interj} :: alternative spelling of tseh
-tse {suffix} :: alternative form of -itse
tseeta {n} :: alternative form of zeeta
tseh {interj} :: Used to call a dog
tsekata {v} [colloquial] :: to check, to check out
Tsekinmaa {prop} :: alternative form of Tšekinmaa
tsekkaus {n} [colloquial] :: check (inspection or examination)
Tsekko-Slovakia {prop} [dated] :: synonym of Tšekkoslovakia
tselada {n} :: gelada, Theropithecus gelada
tsempata {vi} :: to improve oneself, to do one's best
tsemppi {n} [slang] :: fighting spirit, spirit, energy
tsepto- {prefix} :: zepto-
tseptosekunti {n} :: zeptosecond
tseta {n} :: letter: z
tseta {n} :: The letter "Z" in the Finnish tavausaakkoset, a spelling system similar to ICAO spelling alphabet
tsetsekärpänen {n} :: tsetse, tsetse fly (fly of the genus Glossina, native to Africa, that feeds on human and animal blood; known primarily as a carrier of parasitic trypanosomes)
tsetta- {prefix} :: zetta-
Tsheka {prop} :: Cheka (Soviet security organization)
tshekin kieli {n} :: alternative spelling of tšekin kieli
tshekki {n} :: alternative spelling of tšekki
Tshekki {prop} :: alternative form of Tšekki
Tshekkoslovakia {prop} :: alternative spelling of Tšekkoslovakia
Tshernomyrdin {prop} [dated] :: A Finnish transliteration of the Russian surname Черномы́рдин (Chernomyrdin)
tshetsheeni {n} :: alternative spelling of tšetšeeni
Tshetshenia {prop} :: alternative spelling of Tšetšenia
tshetshenialainen {n} :: alternative spelling of tšetšenialainen
tshetshenialainen {adj} :: alternative spelling of tšetšenialainen
tsiigata {v} [slang] :: to watch, look
tsiikata {v} [slang] :: alternative form of tsiigata
tsiljoona {n} :: zillion
tsintsillahiiri {n} :: Altiplano chinchilla mouse, Chinchillula sahamae
tsintsillarotta {n} :: chinchilla rat (caviomorph rodent of family Abrocomidae)
tsintsilloni {n} :: synonym of tsintsillarotta
tsinuski {n} :: alternative form of kinuski
tsirra {n} [slang] :: alternative form of sirra
tsäkä {n} [slang] :: luck
täsmennys {n} :: clarification, disambiguation, qualification
täsmentää {vt} :: to clarify, define (to be more exact)
täsmentämätön {adj} :: unspecified
täsmälähetys {n} [networking, computing] :: unicast
täsmälleen {adv} :: exactly, precisely
täsmällinen {adj} :: exact, precise, accurate
täsmällinen {adj} :: explicit, strict
täsmällinen {adj} :: detailed
täsmällinen {adj} :: punctual
täsmällisesti {adv} :: punctually
täsmällisesti {adv} :: accurately, precisely
täsmällisyys {n} :: precision
täsmäpommi {n} :: smart bomb
täsmätä {vi} :: to match
täsmävaaka {n} :: precision balance
täsmäyttää {vt} :: to reconcile (make things compatible or consistent)
täsmäyttää {vt} [accounting] :: to reconcile (make the net difference in credits and debits of a financial account agree with the balance)
täsmäyttäminen {n} [accounting] :: reconciliation (process of matching accounting records and bank statements)
tsoledronihappo {n} [chemistry, medicine] :: zoledronic acid
tsostsos {n} :: mountain degu, Octodontomys gliroides (South American rodent)
tässä {adv} :: here (close)
tässä {adv} :: here you are
tässä ja nyt {adv} :: here and now, hic et nunc
tästedes {adv} :: henceforth, from now on, hereinafter (in the future or in continuation, starting now)
täst'edes {adv} [dated] :: alternative spelling of tästedes
tästä lähin {adv} :: In the future, henceforth
tsätti {n} :: alternative spelling of chatti
tsuhna {n} :: Finn; used by Finnish speakers when referring to Russians' attitude or behaviour towards Finns, particularly when it is considered as negative
tsunami {n} :: tsunami
tsunamiaalto {n} :: tsunami wave
tsunamivaara {n} :: tsunami risk
tsunamivaroitus {n} :: tsunami warning
tsuppari {n} [colloquial] :: errand boy
tsuudi {n} :: Chud, Chude (person)
tswana {n} :: Tswana (language and person)
tsydeemi {n} [slang] :: synonym of systeemi (metasyntactic term)
tsygä {n} [slang] :: bicycle
tsyge {n} [slang] :: bicycle
tsygomorfinen {adj} :: zygomorphic, zygomorphous
tsygootti {n} :: zygote
-ttä {suffix} :: Front vowel form of the case suffix -tta
tööt {interj} :: honk
tööt {adv} [colloquial] :: exhausted, beat, dead tired:
TT {n} :: initialism of tietokonetomografia
TT {n} :: initialism of teologian tohtori
-tta {suffix} :: Suffix for the abessive case, without
-tta {suffix} :: A suffix for the partitive singular
-ttaa {suffix} :: Forms causative verbs. May be applied to verbs and nominals
-ttaa {suffix} :: Forms curative verbs (subset of causative verbs) out of transitive verbs. Curative verbs describe an action in which an agent makes a patient do something. If the patient is expressed, it's in the adessive case. They can be often translated into English using "to make someone do" or "to have done by someone"
-ttain {suffix} :: Forms distributive adverbs
-ttain {suffix} :: Forms adverbs expressing manner
-ttain {suffix} :: Forms adverbs that express position
-tte {suffix} [personal] :: Forms the second-person plural of verbs
täten {adv} :: thus
täti {n} :: An aunt, as mother's or father's sister
täti {n} [colloquial] :: An aunt, as the wife of an uncle, paternal as well as maternal
täti {n} [childish] :: Any woman other than the close relatives
täti {n} [colloquial] :: Any older, but usually not very old woman. (The latter are referred to as mummo)
tätienergia {n} :: energy, power or liveliness associated with older women (compare girl power)
tätinen {n} :: auntie (diminutive of aunt, used chiefly with a possessive suffix)
tätipuoli {n} :: Mother's or father's half-sister
tätipuoli {n} :: Stepmother's or -father's sister
tätä kautta {phrase} :: this way (used to indicate the direction to take)
tätönen {n} :: auntie (diminutive form of täti - aunt)
tätä nykyä {adv} :: nowadays, currently, in this day and age
töötätä {vi} [onomatopoeia] :: To honk
tötterö {n} :: cone (cone-shaped object, like an ice cream cone)
tööttäillä {v} :: to honk (repeatedly)
-ttu {suffix} :: Forms the past passive participle of a verb, which is normally used like an adjective. The English equivalent is normally -ed
-tua {suffix} :: Forms inchoative or passive intransitive verbs from transitive verbs
tuaregi {n} :: In plural only, Tuareg, Touareg (nomadic people of Sahara)
tuaregi {n} :: Tuareg (member of that people)
tuaregi {n} :: Tuareg (their language)
tuberkkeli {n} [pathology] :: tubercle (small rounded nodule forming the characteristic lesion of tuberculosis)
tuberkkeli {n} [anatomy] :: tubercle (round nodule, small eminence, or warty outgrowth found on bones especially for the attachment of a muscle or ligament)
tuberkuloosi {n} [pathology] :: tuberculosis
tuberkuloottinen {adj} :: tubercular
tuberoosa {n} :: tuberose
tuenta {n} :: supporting
tuffi {n} [geology] :: tuff
tuftata {v} [textiles] :: to tuft
tugrik {n} :: alternative spelling of tugrug
tugrug {n} :: A tugrik
tuhahtaa {vt} :: To snort, sniff
tuhannen taalan {adv} :: golden (advantageous or very favourable)
tuhannes {adj} [ordinal] :: the thousandth, abbreviation 1000.
tuhannesosa {n} :: One thousandth
tuhannesti {adv} :: thousand times
tuhansittain {adv} :: by the thousands
tuhantinen {adj} :: of (some) thousands
tuhat {num} [cardinal] :: one thousand
tuhatjalkainen {n} :: A myriapod, any member of the subphylum Myriapoda (millipedes, centipedes etc.)
tuhat ja yksi {adj} :: thousand one (great number)
tuhatkertainen {adj} :: thousandfold
tuhatkunta {n} :: About one thousand
tuhatlukuinen {adj} :: consisting of thousands of something
tuhatpäinen {adj} :: thousand-headed
tuhatta {num} :: thousand; when used as the head of a compound word meaning a cardinal number larger than one thousand
tuhatvuotinen {adj} :: millennial (lasting thousand years)
tuhatvuotinen {adj} :: millennial (thousand years old). Used mainly in compound terms, in which appears in the form tuhatvuotis-
tuhatvuotinen valtakunta {n} :: The millennium (period of one thousand years during which Christ will reign on Earth); the millennial reign, millennial kingdom
tuhatyksi {num} [cardinal] :: thousand one
tuhertaa {v} :: To work inefficiently, to waste (time)
tuhertaa {v} [idiomatic] :: With the noun itku (weeping) as object, to sob
tuhina {n} :: sniffle, snivel
tuhista {vi} :: to sniffle, to snivel
tuhka {n} :: ash (residue after burning)
tuhkahapero {n} :: A brittlegill, Russula acrifolia
tuhkakartio {n} [geology] :: cinder cone
tuhkakeskiviikko {n} :: Ash Wednesday
tuhkakuppi {n} :: ashtray
tuhkalapio {n} :: ash shovel
tuhkaluukku {n} :: An ashdump door
tuhkaluukku {n} [slang, vulgar] :: A back door (anus)
tuhkamainen {adj} :: cinereous (like ash)
tuhkamuna {n} [colloquial] :: jaffa (infertile man)
tuhkanharmaa {adj} :: ash-gray, cinereous (of colour), ashen
tuhkanharmaa {n} :: ash-gray, cinereous (colour)
tuhkapilvi {n} :: ash cloud
tuhkapitoinen {adj} :: cinereous (containing ash)
tuhkapuumuura {n} :: uniform antshrike
tuhkarokko {n} [disease] :: measles
tuhkasade {n} :: ash rain
tuhkata {vt} :: To cremate
tuhkaus {n} :: cremation (act or practice of cremating the dead, burning a corpse)
tuhkavarpunen {n} :: grey-headed sparrow (Passer griseus)
Tuhkimo {prop} :: Cinderella (the fairy tale and the protagonist)
tuhkimotarina {n} :: rags to riches story
tuhkis {n} [colloquial] :: ashtray
tuhlaaja {n} :: waster (someone or something that wastes)
tuhlaajapoika {n} :: A prodigal son
tuhlaantua {vi} :: to be wasted, to be squandered
tuhlaava {adj} :: wasteful
tuhlaavainen {adj} :: prodigal
tuhlari {n} :: A spendthrift, prodigal
tuhlata {v} :: to squander, waste, dissipate
tuhlaus {n} :: An act of wasting or squandering something, as money or other resources
tuhlautua {vi} :: to be wasted, to be squandered
tuhma {adj} :: naughty
tuhma {adj} :: dirty
tuhma poika {n} :: Madagascar jewel, Euphorbia leuconeura (plant endemic to Madagascar, commonly used as house plant)
tuhmasti {adv} :: naughtily
tuhmeli {n} :: synonym of tuhmeliini
tuhmeliini {n} [affectionate] :: naughty (person)
tuhmempi {adj} :: comparative of tuhma
tuho {n} :: destruction
tuhoaja {n} :: destroyer
tuhoalue {n} :: disaster area
tuhoaminen {n} :: destruction, annihilation
tuhoamisleiri {n} :: extermination camp
tuhoeläin {n} :: pest, vermin
tuhoisa {adj} :: destructive
tuhoisa {adj} :: devastating
tuhoisin {adj} :: superlative of tuhoisa
tuholainen {n} :: pest, vermin
tuholaismyrkky {n} :: pesticide
tuholaistorjunta {n} :: pest control
tuhontekijä {n} :: waster (one who destroys, used in Proverbs)
tuhooja {n} :: destroyer
tuhopolttaja {n} :: arsonist
tuhopoltto {n} :: arson
tuhosieni {n} :: any fungus that destroys plants
tuhota {vt} :: To destroy, decimate
tuhoutua {vi} :: to be destroyed
tuhoutuminen {n} :: destruction, annihilation
tuhraantua {vi} :: to be dirtied, to be soiled
tuhrata {v} :: To dirty, soil
tuhrata {v} :: To work inefficiently, to waste (time)
tuhrautua {vi} :: to be dirtied, to be soiled
tuhria {vt} :: to smudge
tuhriutua {vi} :: to be smudged
tuhti {adj} :: heavy, substantial
tuhto {n} [nautical] :: thwart
tuija {n} :: white cedar, red cedar, thuja (any one of the species in the genus Thuja)
Tuija {prop} :: given name
tuijotella {v} :: To stare
tuijottaa {v} :: To stare
tuikahdus {n} :: twinkle, glint
tuikahtaa {vi} :: to glint, to gleam, to flash
tuikata {v} :: To poke, thrust
tuikata {v} :: To stick, prick, stab
tuikata {v} :: tuikata tuleen: To set afire
tuike {n} :: twinkle
tuikea {adj} :: stern
tuikeaine {n} [physics] :: scintillator
tuikehtia {vi} :: To twinkle
tuikein {adj} :: superlative of tuikea
tuiki {adv} :: very, extremely
tuikinta {n} :: twinkling
tuikkaa {vi} :: alternative form of tuikkia
tuikkia {vi} [of a source of light, eyes etc.] :: to twinkle
tuikku {n} :: Any small and weak source of light, such as an oil lamp, candle lantern or candle
tuikku {n} [by extension] :: tealight
tuikku {n} :: dram (small quantity of a drink, especially an alcoholic drink)
tuima {adj} [of powers of nature, struggle etc.] :: severe, vigorous, fierce
tuima {adj} :: stern, somber, severe, grim (grim and forbidding in appearance)
tuima {adj} [of food, in western dialects] :: spicy, sharp, pungent, excessively salty (having a strong taste)
tuima {adj} [of food, in eastern dialects] :: bland, saltless, lacking salt
tuimentaa {vt} :: to make stern, somber
tuimentaa {vt} :: to make vigorous
tuimeta {vi} :: to become stern, somber
tuimeta {vi} :: to become vigorous
tuimistua {v} :: synonym of tuimeta
Tuire {prop} :: given name
tuiretuinen {n} [archaic] :: darling
tuiskahtaa {vi} :: to billow or puff once
tuiskahtaa {vi} :: to tumble, to fall over
tuiske {n} :: bustle, fuss, fluster
tuiskia {vi} :: to billow
tuiskia {vi} :: to snap (to say abruptly or sharply)
tuiskina {n} :: billowing
tuiskina {n} :: snapping (saying something abruptly or sharply)
tuiskinta {n} :: billowing
tuiskinta {n} :: snapping (saying something abruptly or sharply)
tuisku {n} :: blizzard, snowstorm
tuiskupyssy {n} [firearms] :: organ gun
tuiskuta {vi} :: To whirl
tuiskuttaa {vi} [of snow] :: to flurry
tuittuilla {vi} :: to snap, to crank, to act up (act snappily)
tuivertaa {vi} :: To blow
tuivio {n} :: Microbiota, a genus of evergreen shrub in the family Cupressaceae
tuivio {n} :: Microbiota decussata, the only species of the genus
tujoni {n} :: thujone
tuju {adj} [of an odor or flavor, colloquial] :: strong, powerful
tukaani {n} :: toucan
Tukaani {prop} :: the constellation Tucana, the Toucan
tukahduttaa {v} :: To smother
tukahduttaa {v} :: To quell, stifle
tukahduttaa {v} :: To suppress, repress
tukahtua {v} :: to suffocate
tukahtua {v} :: to smother
tukahtua {v} :: to stifle
tukala {adj} :: hard, tricky (situation)
tukaloitua {vi} :: to become hard or harder, tricky or trickier
tukanleikkuu {n} :: haircut
tukanraja {n} :: hairline
tuke {n} :: Any material used to create a clog; a block
tukea {vt} :: To support, shore/prop/back up (mentally or physically)
tukea {vt} :: To support/back (financially), give financial support to, subsidize, finance; to sponsor
tukea {vt} :: To sustain
tukea {vt} :: To substantiate, corroborate
tukehduttaa {vt} :: To suffocate
tukehtua {vi} :: To suffocate, choke, asphyxiate (to die due to insufficient oxygen supply to the body)
tuketa {vt} :: alternative term for tukkia (to block, bar, obstruct)
tukeutua {v} :: to lean on (to depend upon for support)
tukeva {adj} :: sturdy, solid, robust, substantial, stout
tukeva {adj} :: heavy-duty
tukeva {adj} :: corpulent, bulky, massive
tukevampi {adj} :: comparative of tukeva
Tukholma {prop} :: Stockholm
tukholmalainen {adj} :: Stockholmer (of, from or pertaining to Stockholm)
tukholmalaisittain {adv} :: in a way typical for Stockholm or Stockholmers
tuki {n} :: support
tuki {n} :: back, backing
tuki {n} :: strut, prop, crutch
tuki {n} :: (social) allowance, dole, benefit
tukialue {n} :: stronghold (place of domination by a particular group or idea)
tukialue {n} [military] :: An area outside the actual combat field used for operations that support the fighting units
tukialus {n} :: mother ship, tender, support vessel
tukiasema {n} :: base station
tukiasema {n} [computing] :: access point
tukihenkilö {n} :: support person
tukihiukset {n} :: short hair that supports the longer hair
tukija {n} :: supporter
tuki ja turva {n} [idiomatic] :: foundation, mainstay, bread and butter, warp and woof
tuki ja turva {n} :: used literally: support and safety, support and security
tukikangas {n} :: buckram
tukikohta {n} :: A fort (any permanent army post)
tukikohta {n} :: A stronghold (fortress)
tukikohta {n} :: A base (permanent structure for housing military personnel and material)
tukimuuri {n} [architecture] :: abutment (solid structure that supports the lateral pressure of an arch or vault)
tukimuuri {n} :: retaining wall (wall used to restrain a vertical-faced mass of earth)
tukinuitto {n} :: timber rafting
tukiosa {n} :: In some social security benefits, an amount paid on top of the base amount, if the specific circumstances of the receiver of the benefit justify such additional payment
tukiosa {n} :: In various physical structures, an element or part which acts as support for other parts
tukipaketti {n} [politics, economics] :: stimulus package (set of funding and actions by a government or financial institution that is intended to encourage activity and growth in the economy or in a particular industry or area)
tukipilari {n} [architecture] :: buttress (brick or stone structure built against another structure - e.g. a wall - to support it)
tukipiste {n} [physics] :: fulcrum, pivot point
tukipylväs {n} :: A load-bearing pillar
tukipylväs {n} [figuratively] :: pillar
tukiranka {n} [anatomy] :: skeleton (internal or external system that provides support to an organism)
tukirauta {n} :: iron retainer
tukirimoitus {n} :: The lathwork supporting a lath and plaster wall
tukistaa {vt} [+ partitive] :: To pull someone's hair
tukivoima {n} [mechanics] :: normal force (component of the contact force that is perpendicular to the surface that an object contacts)
tukka {n} :: hair (covering the human head)
-tukkainen {adj} :: -haired (having some specific type of hair)
tukkakoskelo {n} :: red-breasted merganser, Mergus serrator
tukkanauha {n} :: twistband (elastic hair tie for e.g. making a ponytail)
tukkanauha {n} :: snood (band or ribbon for keeping the hair in place)
tukkapinni {n} :: synonym of hiuspinni
tukkasotka {n} :: tufted duck (Aythya fuligula)
tukkeuma {n} :: obstruction
tukkeuttaa {vt} :: to clog, to block (make something clog)
tukkeutua {vi} :: to become clogged
tukki {n} :: log, stock (heavy, usually round piece of lumber)
tukki {n} [forestry] :: log; collectively also timber (piece of raw timber big enough to be used as raw material for a sawmill)
tukki {n} [firearms] :: stock
tukki {n} [nautical] :: stock (transverse bar of an anchor)
tukki {n} :: beam of a loom
tukkia {vt} :: to block, to bar, to obstruct
tukkia {vt} :: to clog
tukkia {v} :: tukkia suu: to muzzle
tukkiintua {v} :: synonym of tukkeutua
tukkilainen {n} :: log driver
tukkilaiskisat {n} :: timber rafting sports event or competition
tukkimiehentäi {n} :: pine weevil, Hylobius abietis
tukkimies {n} [dated] :: logger, lumberjack
tukkiminen {n} :: Action noun of the verb tukkia (to block); blocking
tukkipihdit {n} :: synonym of tukkisakset
tukkisakset {n} :: log lifting tongs
tukko {n} :: tuft
tukkoinen {adj} :: congested
tukku {n} :: wholesale
tukku {n} :: wad [of money]
tukku {n} :: tuft
tukkuhinta {n} :: wholesale price (the price which a wholesaler charges for goods sold to retailers)
tukkukauppa {n} [business] :: wholesale
tukkumyynti {n} [business] :: wholesale selling, wholesaling
tukkutori {n} :: wholesale market
tukos {n} :: block, jam
tukossa {adv} :: stopped up, blocked, plugged
Tšukotka {prop} :: Chukotka, Chukotka Autonomous Okrug
tuksuttaa {v} :: to chug (to make dull, fairly quick explosive or percussive sounds, as if made by a labouring engine)