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C++ {prop} (C++) :: C++
cab {n} /kæb/ (compartment) :: ohjaamo
cab {n} (taxi) SEE: taxi ::
cabal {n} /kəˈbɑːl/ (secret organization) :: salaliitto
cabaletta {n} /dkæbəˈlɛtə/ (repetitive aria) :: cabaletta
cabaret {n} /kæbɜːeɪ/ (live entertainment held in a restaurant or nightclub) :: kabaree
cabbage {n} /ˈkæbɪdʒ/ (plant) :: kaali
cabbage {n} (leaves of this plant eaten as a vegetable) :: kaali
cabbage {n} (person with severely reduced mental capacities due to brain damage) :: vihannes
cabbage {n} (money) :: hillo
cabbie {n} /ˈkæbi/ (taxi driver) :: taksikuski, taksisuhari
cabdriver {n} (one who drives a taxi) :: taksinkuljettaja
cabdriver {n} (one who drives a carriage) :: vuokra-ajuri, vossikka, hevoskuski
Cabernet Sauvignon {n} /kæbə(ɹ)ˈneɪ səʊvɪˈnjɒn/ (variety of red grape) :: Cabernet Sauvignon
Cabernet Sauvignon {n} (wine) :: Cabernet Sauvignon
cabin {n} /ˈkæbɪn/ (a small dwelling characteristic of the frontier) :: mökki
cabin {n} (a compartment on land) :: maja
cabin {n} (a private room on a ship) :: hytti
cabin {n} (the interior of a boat) :: kajuutta
cabin {n} (the passenger area of an aircraft) :: matkustamo
cabin boy {n} (a boy serving on a ship) :: hyttipoika
cabin crew {n} (members of staff aboard aircraft) :: matkustamohenkilökunta
cabinet {n} /ˈkæ.bɪ.nɪt/ (storage closet) :: kaappi [separate], komero [built-in]
cabinet {n} (group of advisors) :: esikunta
cabinet {n} (group of ministers) :: hallitus
cabinetmaker {n} (skilled woodworker) :: hienopuuseppä, huonekalupuuseppä
cabinet minister {n} (member of the executive branch of a government who has been appointed to the cabinet) :: ministeri, valtioneuvoston jäsen
cabin fever {n} (psychological condition) :: mökkihöperyys
cable {n} /keɪ.bl/ (large wire, rope) :: kaapeli
cable {n} (assembly of wires for electricity) :: kaapeli
cable {n} (heavy rope or chain as used for mooring) :: touvi
cable {n} (communications system with coaxial or fiber optic) :: kaapeliverkko
cable {n} (telegram) :: sähke
cable {n} (nautical unit of length) :: kaapelinmitta
cable car {n} (hanging carriage) :: köysirata
cable ferry {n} (cable ferry) :: lossi
cable length {n} (one tenth of a nautical mile) :: kaapelinmitta
cable-stayed bridge {n} (bridge supported by cables attached directly to pillars) :: vinoköysisilta
cable television {n} (television received through coaxial cables) :: kaapelitelevisio
cable terminal {n} (fixture designed to be installed in the end of a cable) :: kaapelikenkä
cable tie {n} (a type of fastener) :: nippuside
cable tray {n} (structure for supporting cables) :: kaapelihylly
cableway {n} (system of cables) :: köysirata
caboose {n} /kəˈbuːs/ (nautical: small galley) :: kapyysi
caboose {n} (last car on a train) :: jarruvaunu
caboose {n} (babytalk: buttocks) :: peppu
caboose {n} (sports: person or team in the last place) :: peränpitäjä, hännänhuippu
Cabo Verde {prop} (Cape Verde) SEE: Cape Verde ::
cabriolet {n} /kæ.bɹi.əˈleɪ/ (an automobile with a retractable top) :: avoauto
cabriolet {n} (a light carriage with a folding top, pulled by a single horse) :: hevoskärryt
cacao {n} /kəˈkaʊ̯/ (cacao tree) :: kaakaopuu
cacao {n} (cocoa bean) :: kaakaopapu
cachalot {n} (sperm whale) SEE: sperm whale ::
cache {n} /kæʃ/ (store) :: varasto, kätkö (hidden store)
cache {n} (computing: fast temporary storage for data) :: välimuisti
cache {n} (geocaching: hidden container) :: kätkö, geokätkö
cache {v} (to place in a cache) :: varastoida, piilottaa, kätkeä
cachexia {n} /kəˈkɛksɪə/ (systemic wasting of muscle tissue that accompanies a chronic disease) :: kakeksia
caciocavallo {n} (Italian cheese type) :: caciocavallo
cackle {n} (cry of a hen or goose, especially when laying an egg) :: kaakatus
cackle {n} (laugh resembling the cry of a hen or goose) :: kaakatus
cackle {v} (to make a sharp, broken noise or cry, as a hen or goose does) :: kaakattaa
cackle {v} (to laugh with a sound similar to a hen's cry) :: käkättää, kaakattaa
cacomixl {n} (Bassariscus astutus) :: kissafretti, kakomisti
cacophonous {adj} /kəˈkɑfənəs/ (containing or consisting of unpleasant sounds) :: kakofoninen
cacophony {n} /kəˈkɒfəni/ (mix of discordant sounds; dissonance) :: kakofonia
cacosmia {n} (condition) :: kakosmia
cactus {n} /ˈkæktəs/ (member of the Cactaceae) :: kaktus
cadastre {n} ((cartography) a public survey of land) :: kiinteistötoimitus
cadastre {n} (register) :: kiinteistörekisteri
cadaver {n} /kəˈdævɚ/ (a dead body) :: ruumis, kalmo
cadaver dog {n} (detection dog) :: ruumiskoira
caddie {n} /ˈkædi/ (golf: a golfer's assistant and adviser) :: mailapoika
caddie {v} (to serve as a golf caddie) :: toimia mailapoikana
caddis fly {n} (insect of the order Trichoptera) :: vesiperhonen, sirvikäs
caddy {n} /ˈkædi/ (one hired to assist another in playing the game of golf) :: mailapoika
caddy {v} (to serve as a caddy) :: toimia mailapoikana
cadelle beetle {n} (Tenebroides mauritanicus) :: viljapehkiäinen, maurilainen
cadence {n} /ˈkeɪ.dn̩s/ (balanced, rhythmic flow) :: rytmi
cadence {n} (measure or beat of movement) :: tahti
cadence {n} (modulation of the voice) :: sointi
cadence {n} (music: chord progression) :: kadenssi, lopuke
cadence {n} (dance move) :: kadenssi
cadence {n} (fencing: series of actions’ rhythm and sequence) :: rytmi
cadence {n} (№ of steps per minute) :: tahti, rytmi
cadence {n} (cycling:№ of revolutions per minute) :: kadenssi
cadence {n} (sung chant) :: marssilaulu
cadet {n} /kəˈdɛt/ (a student at a military school who is training to be an officer) :: kadetti
cadmium {n} /ˈkædmiəm/ (chemical element) :: kadmium
cadre {n} /ˈkæd.ɹi/ (frame or framework) :: kehys
cadre {n} (skeleton upon which regiment is formed) :: esikunta
cadre {n} (core of managing group) :: ydinjoukko, kaaderi
caecal {adj} (of or pertaining to caecum) :: umpisuolen [genitive of noun]
caecum {n} /ˈsiːkəm/ (blind pouch connected to the large intestine) :: umpisuoli
Caelum {prop} (constellation) :: Veistotaltta
Caesar {prop} /ˈsiːzəɹ/ (ancient Roman family name) :: Caesar
Caesar {n} (a title of Roman emperors) :: Caesar
Caesarean section {n} (incision in the womb) :: keisarileikkaus, sektio
Caesar salad {n} (Caesar salad) :: caesarsalaatti
caesium {n} /ˈsiːzi.əm/ (a metallic chemical element) :: cesium
caesura {n} /sɪˈʒʊɹə/ (a pause or interruption) :: tauko
caesura {n} (using two words to divide a metrical foot) :: kesuura
café {n} /ˌkæˈfeɪ/ (coffee shop) :: kahvila
caf {n} /kæf/ (colloquial term for "cafeteria") :: kuppila
café au lait {n} (coffee with milk) :: ranskalainen maitokahvi, café au lait
café au lait {n} (colour) :: maitokahvi
cafe {n} (café) SEE: café ::
cafestol {n} /kəˈfɛstɒl/ (diterpene molecule present in coffee) :: kafestoli
cafeteria {n} (restaurant) :: kafeteria; kahvio [usually as part of a larger entity such as a large retail store]
cafeteria {n} (dining area) :: ruokala, kanttiini
cafetière {n} (cylindrical glass jug used to make coffee) :: pressopannu
caffeine {n} /ˈkæfiːn/ (alkaloid found naturally in tea and coffee plants) :: kofeiini
caffeine-free {adj} (containing no caffeine) :: kofeiiniton
cage {n} /keɪdʒ/ (enclosure) :: häkki
cage diving {n} (activity) :: häkkisukellus
cagey {adj} /ˈkeɪdʒi/ (wary, careful, shrewd) :: ovela
cagey {adj} (uncommunicative) :: varautunut
caiman {n} /ˈkeɪ.mən/ (alligator relative) :: kaimaani
Cain {prop} /keɪn/ (son of Adam and Eve) :: Kain
caipirinha {n} /ˌkaɪ.pɪˈɹiː.njə/ (a traditional Brazilian drink) :: caipirinha
Cairene {adj} (of or pertaining to Cairo) :: kairolainen
Cairene {n} (native or inhabitant of Cairo) :: kairolainen
cairn {n} /kɛəɹn/ (monument) :: hautakumpu
cairn {n} (landmark) :: kummeli
cairn {n} (terrier) SEE: cairn terrier ::
cairn terrier {n} (breed of terrier) :: cairnterrieri
Cairo {prop} /ˈkaɪɹoʊ/ (capital of Egypt) :: Kairo
caisson {n} /ˈkeɪsɑn]/ (enclosure from which water can be expelled) :: kasuuni
caisson {n} (gate across the entrance to a dry dock) :: sulkuportti
caisson {n} (architecture: coffer) SEE: coffer ::
caisson disease {n} (decompression sickness) SEE: decompression sickness ::
cajole {v} /kəˈdʒoʊl/ (to encourage or persuade by effort) :: houkutella, suostutella
cake {n} /keɪk/ (a sweet dessert) :: kakku
cake {n} (small mass of baked dough) :: kakku, keksi
cake {n} (thin wafer-shaped mass of fried batter) :: pannukakku, keksi
cake {n} (a block of solid material) :: kakku
cake {v} (to coat with a crust) :: kuorruttaa
cake {v} (to form into a cake or mass) :: paakkuunnuttaa
cake {n} (a trivially easy task or responsibility) SEE: piece of cake ::
cake {v} (to cackle like a goose) SEE: cackle ::
cakery {n} (cake shop) SEE: patisserie ::
cake server {n} (a tool for serving cake) :: kakkulapio
cake shop {n} /ˈkeɪk ʃɑp/ (cake shop) :: konditoria
cake tin {n} (the tin in which a cake is baked) :: kakkuvuoka
calabash {n} (a vine grown for its fruit) :: pullokurpitsa, kalebassi
calabash {n} (that fruit) :: pullokurpitsa
calabash {n} (utensil made from it) :: kalebassi
Calabria {prop} (region of Italy) :: Calabria
calamari {n} (as mollusk) SEE: squid ::
calamari {n} /kæləˈmɑːɹi/ (as food) :: mustekala
calamitous {adj} (concerning or involving calamity, disastrous) :: tuhoisa, katastrofaalinen
calamity {n} /kəˈlæməti/ (event resulting in great loss) :: suuronnettomuus
calamity {n} (distress that results from some disaster) :: suurtuho
calamus {n} (quill) SEE: quill ::
calamus {n} (sweet flag) SEE: sweet flag ::
calaverite {n} (mineral form) :: kalaveriitti
calcaneus {n} (heel bone) SEE: heel bone ::
calèche {n} /kəˈlɛʃ/ (type of carriage) :: kiesit {p}
calcify {v} /ˈkælsɪfaɪ/ (transitive) :: kalkita
calcify {v} (intransitive) :: kalkkeutua, kalkkiutua
calcination {n} (the process of calcining) :: pasutus
calcine {v} /ˈkælsɪn/ (transitive) :: pasuttaa, kalsinoida
calcine {v} (intransitive) :: pasuttua
calcisol {n} (soil type) :: kalkkimaannos
calcite {n} /ˈkæl.saɪt/ (calcium carbonate mineral) :: kalsiitti, kalkkisälpä
calcium {n} /ˈkælsi.əm/ (chemical element of atomic number 20) :: kalsium
calcium carbide {n} (CaC2) :: kalsiumkarbidi
calcium carbonate {n} (CaCO3) :: kalsiumkarbonaatti
calcium hydroxide {n} (chemical compound) :: sammutettu kalkki, kalsiumhydroksidi
calcium oxide {n} (white powderous substance) :: kalsiumoksidi
calcium sulfate {n} (calcium salt of sulfuric acid) :: kalsiumsulfaatti
calculate {v} /ˈkælkjʊleɪt/ ((transitive) to determine value) :: laskea
calculate {v} ((intransitive) determine values or solutions) :: laskea
calculate {v} ((intransitive) plan) :: suunnitella, laskelmoida
calculatedly {adv} (in a calculated manner) :: laskelmoidusti
calculating {adj} (which serves one's own interests in an unemotional, analytical manner) :: laskelmoiva
calculation {n} /kælkjəˈleɪʃən/ (act or process of calculating) :: laskeminen, laskenta, lasku
calculation {n} (result of calculating) :: laskelma, lasku
calculation {n} (reckoning, estimate) :: laskelma, lasku
calculation {n} (expectation based on circumstances) :: laskelma
calculator {n} /ˈkæl.kjə.leɪ.tə(ɹ)/ (electronic device that performs mathematical calculations) :: laskin
calculator {n} (mechanical device that performs mathematical calculations) :: laskin, laskukone
calculator {n} (dated: a person who performs mathematical calculations) :: laskija
calculator {n} (person who calculates (in the sense of scheming)) :: laskelmoija, taulukko
calculator {n} (set of mathematical tables) :: laskuri
calculus {n} /ˈkælkjələs/ (formal mathematical system) :: laskenta
calculus {n} (differential calculus and integral calculus considered as a single subject) :: laskenta
calculus {n} (stony concretion in an organ) :: kivi
calculus {n} (deposits on teeth) :: kivi, hammaskivi
calculus of variations {n} (a form of calculus) :: variaatiolaskenta
Calcutta {prop} /kælˈkʌtə/ (former name of Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal) :: Kalkutta
Calcutta {prop} (current name of the city) SEE: Kolkata ::
caldera {n} /kælˈdɛɹ.ə/ (geology: a large crater formed by a volcanic explosion) :: kaldera
caldography {n} (screen printing) SEE: screen printing ::
Caledonia {prop} /kælɪˈdəʊnɪə/ (Latin-based name for Scotland) :: Kaledonia
Caledonian {adj} /ˌkæləˈdoʊni.ən/ (in or from Caledonia) :: kaledonialainen
Caledonian {n} (inhabitant of Caledonia) :: kaledonialainen
calendar {n} /ˈkæl.ən.dɚ/ (system by which time is divided) :: kalenteri, ajanlasku
calendar {n} (means to determine the date) :: kalenteri, almanakka [archaic]
calendar {n} (list of planned events) :: toimintakalenteri, aikataulu
calendar {n} (orderly list) :: luettelo, aikataulu, ohjelma
calendar day {n} (timespan) :: kalenteripäivä
calendar month {n} (period of duration) :: kalenterikuukausi
calendar year {n} (time between 1st January and 31st December) :: kalenterivuosi
calendar year {n} (time between corresponding dates in adjacent years) :: kalenterivuosi
calender {n} /ˈkæləndɚ/ (machine) :: kalanteri
calender {v} (to press between rollers) :: kalanteroida
calendrical {adj} /kəˈlɛndɹɪkl̩/ (of, pertaining to, or used by a calendar system) :: kalenteri-, ajanlasku-, ajanlaskun
calf {n} /kæf/ (young cow or bull) :: vasikka
calf {n} (young elephant, seal or whale (also used of some other animals)) :: poikanen
calf {n} (anatomy: back of the leg below the knee) :: pohje
calf {n} (muscle in the back of the leg below the knee) :: pohje
calf bone {n} (smaller lower-leg bone) :: pohjeluu
Cali {prop} (California) SEE: California ::
calibrate {v} (to check or adjust by comparison with a standard) :: kalibroida
calibration {n} /kælɪˈbɹeɪʃən/ (act of calibrating) :: kalibrointi
calibre {n} /ˈkæl.ɪb.ə(ɹ)/ (Diameter of the bore of a firearm) :: kaliiperi
calibre {n} (Figuratively: Capacity or compass of mind) :: kaliiperi
California {prop} /ˌkæl.ɪ.ˈfɔɹ.njə/ (state of the United States of America) :: Kalifornia
California condor {n} (Gymnogyps californianus) :: kaliforniankondori
Californian {adj} (of or relating to California) :: kalifornialainen
Californian {n} (an inhabitant of California) :: kalifornialainen
California poppy {n} (plant) :: kaliforniantuliunikko, tuliunikko
californium {n} /ˌkælɪˈfɔːɹniəm/ (chemical element) :: kalifornium
caliginous {adj} (dark, obscure) SEE: dark ::
caliper {n} (calipers) SEE: calipers ::
caliper {n} /ˈkælɪpɚ/ (part of a disc brake) :: jarrusatula, jarruies
caliper brake {n} (form of brake) :: vannejarru
calipers {n} /ˈkæl.ɨ.pɚz/ (device used to measure thickness between two surfaces) :: tulkki, työntömitta, rakotulkki
caliph {n} /ˈkeɪ̪lɪf/ (political leader of the Muslim world) :: kalifi
caliphate {n} /ˈkælɪfeɪt/ (Islamic government) :: kalifaatti
Caliphism {n} (political ideology) :: kalifaatin kannattaminen
calisthenics {n} /ˌkæl.ɪsˈθɛn.ɪks/ (gymnastic exercises) :: voimistelu, kehonpainoharjoittelu
call {n} /kɑl/ (telephone conversation) :: soitto, puhelinsoitto
call {n} (social visit) :: käynti, vierailu
call {n} (cry or shout) :: huuto
call {n} (characteristic cry of a bird or other animal) :: ääni
call {n} (beckoning or summoning) :: kutsu, kutsuhuuto
call {n} (the right to speak) :: puheenvuoro
call {n} ((finance): contract to buy stock) :: osto-optio
call {n} ((medicine): overnight duty in the hospital) :: päivystys
call {n} ((computing): the act of jumping to a subprogram) :: kutsu
call {n} ((poker): the act of matching a bet) :: kutsu
call {n} (Instrument to call birds or animals) :: pilli
call {v} (to request, summon, or beckon) :: kutsua, hakea
call {v} (to cry or shout) :: huudahtaa
call {v} (to contact by telephone) :: [puhelimella] soittaa
call {v} (to pay a social visit) :: vierailla, pysähtyä [of trains]
call {v} (to name or refer to) :: kutsua, nimetä
call {v} (to match or equal the amount of poker chips in the pot as the player that bet) :: maksaa, katsoa
call {v} (to require, demand) :: vaatia
call {v} (to jump to another part of a program) :: kutsua
call an ambulance {phrase} (request to call an ambulance) :: soittakaa ambulanssi
call a spade a spade {v} (to speak the truth) :: suomeksi sanottuna (saying in Finnish), totta puhuen (talking true), kutsua asioita niiden oikeilla nimillä, puhua asioista niiden oikeilla nimillä, mainitakseen asian oikealla nimellään (to call things by their names), olla suorasanainen, olla suorasukainen (to be straightforward), olla suorapuheinen (to be outspoken)
call back {n} (request for a second interview or audition) :: jatkokutsu
call back {v} (request someone's return) :: pyytää palaamaan
call back {v} (telephone someone again) :: soittaa takaisin
call back {v} (return to a shop or residence previously visited) :: tulla uudestaan
callback {n} (return of a situation) :: paluu
callback {n} (return telephone or radio call) :: paluupuhelu
callback {n} (product recall) :: takaisinkutsu
callback {n} (function pointer passed to another function) :: takaisinkutsufunktio
call center {n} (business location for calls) :: puhelinpalvelukeskus
call collect {v} (to make a phone call paid by the person receiving the call) :: soittaa vastapuhelu
callee {n} (the person who is called by the caller) :: soitettava
caller {n} /ˈkɔlɚ/ (the person who makes a telephone call) :: soittaja
call for {v} (to summon) :: kutsua
call for {v} (to ask for (something) in loud voice) :: vaatia
call for {v} (to request, demand) :: vaatia
call for {v} (to necessitate, demand) :: vaatia
call for {v} (to come to a place to ask for (someone)) :: tulla käymään
calligrapher {n} /kəˈlɪɡɹəfə(ɹ)/ (one who practices calligraphy) :: kalligraafikko
calligraphy {n} /kəˈlɪɡɹəfi/ (art of writing with decorative strokes) :: kalligrafia
calling {n} /ˈkɔːlɪŋ/ (strong urge to become religious) :: kutsumus
calling {n} (occupation) :: ammatti
calling card {n} (printed card identifying the bearer) SEE: business card ::
calling card {n} (characteristic) :: käyntikortti
calling card {n} (euphemistic: excrement) :: käyntikortti
calling card {n} (phonecard) :: puhelinkortti
calling name {n} (nickname) SEE: nickname ::
calling name {n} (name of animal) :: nimi
calling name {n} (name by which a person is identified in conversation) :: kutsumanimi
call into question {v} (to cause to be questioned) :: asettaa kyseenalaiseksi
Calliope {prop} /kəˈlaɪə.pi/ (the Muse of eloquence and epic) :: Kalliope
Callisto {prop} (in Greek mythology) :: Kallisto
Callisto {prop} (satellite of Jupiter) :: Kallisto
call it a day {v} (to retire) :: luovuttaa, lopettaa
call it a day {v} (to cease activity for the day) :: lopettaa joltakin päivältä
call it even {v} (declare debts resolved) :: olla sujut
call names {v} (to insult somebody childishly) :: nimitellä
call off {v} (to cancel) :: perua
calloo {n} (long-tailed duck) SEE: long-tailed duck ::
callous {adj} /ˈkæləs/ (emotionally hardened) :: tunteeton, kylmä, sydämetön
callous {adj} (having calluses) :: känsäinen
callow {adj} (bald) SEE: bald ::
call the police {phrase} (call the police) :: soittakaa poliisi
call to arms {n} (appeal to undertake a course of action) :: taistelukutsu
call to order {v} (to formally signal the start of) :: avata
call to prayer {n} (A public proclamation made five times a day in Muslim societies) :: rukouskutsu
call up {n} (order) :: kutsunta
call up {v} (to retrieve from memory) :: palauttaa (muistiin) (personal), hakea (muistista) (computer)
call up {v} (to call on telephone) :: soittaa (jollekin)
call up {v} (to select) :: kutsua, valita
callus {n} /ˈkæləs/ (hardened part of the skin) :: känsä
calm {adj} /kɑ(l)m/ (free from anger and anxiety) :: rauhallinen, tyyni, levollinen
calm {adj} (free of noise and disturbance) :: rauhallinen, tyyni, levollinen
calm {n} (condition of being unworried and free from anger) :: rauhallisuus, tyyneys, levollisuus
calm {n} (the state with absence of noise and disturbance) :: rauhallisuus, tyyneys, levollisuus
calm {n} (period without wind) :: tyven, tyyni, pläkä
calm {v} (to make calm) :: tyynnyttää, rauhoittaa
calm {v} (to become calm) :: tyyntyä, rauhoittua
calm before the storm {n} (peace before a disturbance or crisis) :: tyyni myrskyn edellä, tyyni ennen myrskyä
calm down {v} (To become less excited) :: rauhoittua, tyyntyä
calm down {v} (To cause to become less excited) :: rauhoittaa, tyynnytellä
calmly {adv} /ˈkɑː(ɹ) (in a calm manner) :: rauhallisesti, tyynesti, levollisesti
calmness {n} /ˈkɑ(l)mnəs/ (the state of being calm; tranquillity; silence) :: tyyneys
calomel {n} (mercurous chloride) :: kalomeli
calorie {n} /ˈkæləɹi/ (amount of heat to raise 1 gram of water by 1°C) :: kalori
calorific value {n} (amount of heat produced by the complete combustion of a material or fuel) :: lämpöarvo
calorific value {n} (amount of energy available from an item of food when digested) :: lämpöarvo
calorimeter {n} (apparatus for measuring amount of heat) :: kalorimetri
calorimetry {n} (the scientific discipline) :: kalorimetria
calque {n} /kælk/ (word formed by word-for-word translation of a word in another language) :: käännöslaina
calque {v} (adopt a word by translation of its parts) :: omaksua käännöslaina
Caltanissetta {prop} (city and province of Sicily) :: Caltanissetta
caltrop {n} /ˈkæltɹəp/ (weaponry) :: jalkapiikki, kavioansa
caltrop {n} (starthistle) :: piikkikaunokki
caltrop {n} (Tribulus terrestris) :: okarennokki
calumniate {v} /kəˈlʌmni.eɪt/ (to make hurtful untrue statements) :: mustamaalata
calumnious {adj} (possessing the traits of calumny) :: herjaava
calumniously {adv} (in the manner of a falsification intended to discredit another) :: herjaavasti
calumny {n} /ˈkæləmni/ (falsification intended to disparage or discredit another) :: herjaus, panettelu, vääristely
calvados {n} (apple brandy from Normandy) :: calvados
calvados {n} (glass of calvados) :: calvados
Calvados {prop} (département of France, in the Basse-Normandie region) :: Calvados
calve {v} /kæv/ (to give birth to a calf) :: vasikoida, poikia
calve {v} (to assist in giving birth to a calf) :: vasikoida
calve {v} (to shed a large piece) :: poikia
calver {n} (cow that produces young) :: emolehmä
Calvinism {n} (Christian religious tradition) :: kalvinismi
Calvinist {n} /ˈkælvənɪst/ (follower) :: kalvinisti
calvous {adj} (lacking most or all of one's hair) SEE: bald ::
calx {n} (calcium oxide) SEE: calcium oxide ::
calyx {n} (anatomy: structure in kidney) :: munuaispikari
calyx {n} (the sepals of a flower) :: verhiö
calyx {n} (zoology: crown of crinoid) :: lonkerokiehkura
cam {n} (camera) SEE: camera ::
cam {n} /kæm]/ (mechanical part) :: epäkesko, nokka, nostovarsi
cambelt {n} (motor part) :: jakohihna
camber {n} /ˈkæm.bɚ/ (slight convexity of a surface) :: kaltevuus
camber {n} (slope of a curved road) :: kaltevuus
camber {n} (alignment of wheels) :: sivukallistuma
camber {n} (curvature of an airfoil) :: kaarevuus
camber {v} (to curve upwards) :: kaareutua
camber {v} (to adjust the camber of the wheels) :: kallistaa
cambial {adj} (botany: of or pertaining to cambium) :: jälsi-
cambisol {n} (soil type) :: muutosmaannos
cambium {n} /ˈkambɪəm/ (botanical cell layer) :: jälsi
Cambodia {prop} /kæmˈboʊdi.ə]/ (country in Southeast Asia) :: Kambodža
Cambodian {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Cambodia, the Cambodian people, or the Khmer language) :: kambodžalainen, khmerinkielinen [of language]
Cambodian {n} (a person from Cambodia or of Cambodian descent) :: kambodžalainen
Cambodian {n} (the language of the Cambodian people) SEE: Khmer ::
Cambrian {adj} /ˈkam.bɹɪ.ən/ (of or pertaining to the Cambrian geologic period) :: kambrinen
Cambrian {adj} (of or pertaining to Wales) :: walesilainen
Cambrian {n} (a Welsh person) :: walesilainen
Cambrian {prop} (the Cambrian geologic period) :: kambrikausi
Cambrian explosion {prop} /ˈkam.bɹɪ.ən ɪkˈspləʊ.ʒən/ (the rapid appearance, around 541 million years ago, of most major animal phyla) :: kambrikauden räjähdys
Cambrian symbol {n} (literary: vegetable emblematic of Wales) SEE: leek ::
cambric {n} (finely-woven fabric) SEE: batiste ::
Cambridge {prop} /ˈkeɪm.bɹɪdʒ/ (city) :: Cambridge
Cambridge {prop} (university) :: Cambridgen yliopisto
camcorder {n} /ˈkæmˌkɔɹdɚ/ (electronic device) :: videokamera
camel {n} /ˈkæməl/ (beast of burden) :: kameli
camellia {n} /kəˈmɛlɪə/ (plant) :: kamelia
camelopard {n} (giraffe) SEE: giraffe ::
Camelopardalis {prop} (constellation) :: Kirahvi
camel spider {n} (arachnid belonging to the order Solifugae) :: arolukki
cameltoe {n} (clear visible presence of a woman's vulva) :: papu
camembert {n} /ˈkæmɒmˌbeə(ɹ)/ (creamy cheese from France) :: camembert, camembertjuusto
cameo {n} /ˈkæm.iː.əu/ (relief work) :: kamee, kameekoru
cameo {n} (brief appearance) :: cameorooli
camera {n} /ˈkæməɹə/ (still camera) :: kamera, valokuvakamera
camera {n} (movie camera) :: kamera, elokuvakamera, videokamera
camera angle {n} (viewpoint from which something is photographed) :: kamerakulma, kuvakulma
camera flash {n} (a device that produces a short flash of light) SEE: flash ::
cameraman {n} (somebody who operates a film or TV camera) :: kuvaaja
camera obscura {n} (darkened chamber in which the image of an outside object is projected and focused onto a surface) :: neulanreikäkamera, camera obscura
cameraphone {n} (mobile phone with built-in camera) :: kamerapuhelin
Cameroon {prop} /kæməˈɹuːn/ (country in Central Africa) :: Kamerun
Cameroonian {adj} (pertaining to Cameroon) :: kamerunilainen
Cameroonian {n} (person from Cameroon) :: kamerunilainen
camo {n} /ˈkæ.moʊ/ (clothes) :: maastopuku
camomile {n} /ˈkæ.məˌmaɪl/ (Matricaria recutita) :: kamomillasaunio
camomile {n} (Chamaemelum nobile) :: jalosauramo
camomile {n} (similar plant) :: sauramo, saunio
camomile {n} (camomile tea) SEE: camomile tea ::
camomile tea {n} (beverage) :: kamomillatee
camouflage {n} /ˈkæ.mə.ˌflɑːʒ/ (act of disguising) :: naamiointi
camouflage {n} (biology) :: suojaväritys
camouflage {n} (clothes) :: maastopuku
camouflage {v} (hide, disguise) :: naamioida
camouflaged {adj} (disguised) :: naamioitunut
camp {n} /kæmp/ (outdoor place) :: leiri
camp {n} (organized event) :: leiri
camp {n} (base) :: leiri
camp {n} (group) :: leiri
camp {v} (to live in a tent) :: telttailla
camp {v} (to set up a camp) :: leiriytyä
camp {n} (style) :: camp
camp {n} (summer camp) SEE: summer camp ::
campaign {n} /kæmˈpeɪn/ (series of operations undertaken to achieve a set goal) :: kampanja [usually non-military], sotaretki [usually military]
campaign {v} (to take part in a campaign) :: kampanjoida, sotia [military]
campaign group {n} (advocacy group) SEE: advocacy group ::
campanile {n} /kæmpəˈniːleɪ/ (bell tower) :: kellotorni; [freestanding, of a church] kellotapuli
camp bed {n} (a cot) :: kenttävuode, telttasänky
camper {n} /ˈkæmpə(ɹ)/ (person who camps) :: retkeilijä; telttailija [specifically in a tent]
camper {n} (video games: person who stays in one spot) :: kämppäri
camper {n} (motor vehicle) SEE: motor home ::
campervan {n} (motor home) SEE: motor home ::
campfire {n} (fire at a campground) :: leirituli, nuotio
campground {n} (area for tents) :: leirintäalue; leiri, leiripaikka
campground {n} (area where is a camp meeting is held) :: leiri, leirikeskus
camphor {n} /ˈkæmfɚ/ (white transparent waxy crystalline isoprenoid ketone) :: kamferi
camping {n} /ˈkæmpɪŋ/ (recreational activity) :: leirintä, camping
camping {n} (act) :: leiriytyminen
camping chair {n} (a lightweight folding chair used by campers) :: retkituoli
campion {n} (Lychnis) :: käenkukka
campion {n} (Silene) :: kohokki
campsite {n} (a place where a tent may be or is pitched) :: leirintäalue, leiripaikka
campus {n} /ˈkæmpəs/ (grounds or property of a school, etc) :: kampus
camshaft {n} (a shaft fitted with cams) :: nokka-akseli
can {v} /kæn/ (to be able) :: osata, voida, pystyä
can {v} (may) :: voida, saada
can {n} /kæn/ (a more or less cylindrical vessel for liquids) :: purkki
can {n} (a container used to carry and dispense water for plants) :: kastelukannu
can {n} (a tin-plate canister) :: säilyketölkki
can {n} (non-offensive slang for toilet, see also: toilet) :: vessa
can {n} (buttocks) :: takamus {n}
can {v} (to preserve) :: purkittaa
can {v} (to discard) :: hylätä
can {v} (to shut up) :: tukkia
can {v} (to fire or dismiss an employee) :: potkaista
can {n} (chamber pot) SEE: chamber pot ::
Cana {prop} /ˈkeɪnə/ (the site where Jesus miraculously turned water into wine) :: Kaana
Canaan {prop} /ˈkeɪnən/ (historic region) :: Kanaan
Canaan Dog {n} (Canaan Dog) :: kaanaankoira
Canada {prop} /ˈkænədə/ (country in North America) :: Kanada
Canada balsam {n} (turpentine produced from the resin of balsam fir) :: kanadanpalsami
Canada goose {n} (Branta canadensis) :: kanadanhanhi
Canada lynx {n} (Lynx canadensis) :: kanadanilves
Canadian {n} /kəˈneɪdiən/ (person from Canada) :: kanadalainen
Canadian {prop} (Canadian English) :: kanadanenglanti
Canadian {adj} (of or pertaining to Canada) :: kanadalainen
Canadian {adj} (of or pertaining to a Canadian, Canadians) :: kanadalainen
Canadian {adj} (of or pertaining to Canadian (the language), Canadian English) :: kanadalainen
Canadian dollar {n} (official currency of Canada) :: Kanadan dollari
Canadian football {n} (sport) :: kanadalainen jalkapallo
Canadianness {n} (state or quality of being Canadian) :: kanadalaisuus
Canadian Shield {prop} (area of very old bedrock) :: Kanadan kilpi
Canadian tuxedo {n} (double denim) SEE: double denim ::
canal {n} /kəˈnæl/ (artificial waterway) :: kanava
canaliculus {n} (anatomy: small canal) :: kanava
canapé {n} (a bite size slice open-faced sandwich) :: cocktailleipä
canapé {n} (elegant sofa) :: kanapee
canard {n} /kəˈnɑɹd/ (false or misleading report or story) :: uutisankka, ankka
canard {n} (winglike structure) :: siiveke
canary {n} /kəˈnɛəɹi/ (bird from the Canary Islands) :: kanarialintu
canary grass {n} (Phalaris canariensis) :: helpi
canary in a coal mine {n} (early indicator) :: kaivoksen kanarialintu
Canary Islands {prop} (an archipelago off the coast of north-western Africa) :: Kanariansaaret
canasta {n} (card game) :: canasta
Canberra {prop} /ˈkænbɹə/ (Capital of Australia) :: Canberra
cancan {n} (dance) :: cancan
cancel {v} /ˈkænsl/ (cross out) :: yliviivata
cancel {v} (invalidate, annul) :: mitätöidä, kumota, peruuttaa
cancel {v} (offset, equalize) :: kumota, poistaa
cancel {v} (remove a common factor) :: supistaa
cancellable {adj} (which can be cancelled) :: peruutettava
cancelled {adj} (No longer planned or scheduled) :: peruttu
cancellous {adj} (low-density (of bone)) :: hohkainen
cancer {n} /ˈkænsɚ/ (disease of uncontrolled cellular proliferation) :: syöpä
Cancer {prop} /ˈkænsɚ/ (constellation) :: Krapu
Cancer {prop} (astrological sign) :: Krapu
cancerless {adj} (free of cancer) :: syövätön
cancerogenic {adj} (carcinogenic) SEE: carcinogenic ::
cancerous {adj} /kænsəɹəs/ (relating to or affected with cancer) :: syöpäinen
cancer stick {n} (humorous: cigarette) :: syöpäkääryle
candela {n} /kænˈdēlə/ (unit of luminous intensity) :: kandela
candelabrum {n} /kændɪˈlɑːbɹəm/ (candle holder) :: kynttilänjalka, kynttelikkö
candid {adj} /ˈkæn.dɪd/ (impartial and free from prejudice) :: puolueeton
candidacy {n} (state or act of being a candidate) :: ehdokkuus
candidate {n} /ˈkæn.dɪ.deɪt/ (person running in an election) :: ehdokas, kandidaatti
candidateship {n} (candidacy) SEE: candidacy ::
candidiasis {n} /ˌkændɪˈdaɪəsɪs/ (fungal infection) :: hiivasienitulehdus
candidly {adv} (frankly) SEE: frankly ::
candidly {adv} /ˈkændɪdli/ (in a candid manner) :: vilpittömästi
candle {n} /ˈkændəl/ (a light source) :: kynttilä
candleflame {n} (flame) :: kynttilänliekki
candle holder {n} (candle holder) SEE: candlestick ::
candleholder {n} (device for holding one or more lit candles) :: kynttilänjalka, kynttelikkö
candle in the wind {n} (a fragile or vulnerable thing) :: kynttilänliekki, korttitalo
candlelight {n} /ˈkændllaɪt/ (the light of a candle) :: kynttilänvalo
candlelight vigil {n} (event) :: muistokynttilöiden sytyttäminen
Candlemas {n} /ˈkæn.dəl.məs/ (Christian feast) :: kynttilänpäivä
candlepower {n} (former measurement of brightness of a light source) :: kynttilä
candleshine {n} (light thrown from a lit candle) :: kynttilänvalo
candle snuffer {n} (device made to extinguish a candle) :: kynttilänsammutin
candlestick {n} /ˈkændəlˌstɪk/ (a holder with a socket or spike for a candle) :: kynttilänjalka
candlestick chart {n} (financial chart) :: kynttiläkaavio
candlewick {n} SEE: candle ::
Candomblé {prop} (religion) :: candomblé
candor {n} /ˈkæn.dɚ/ (sincere and open in speech, honesty in expression) :: vilpittömyys, suoruus
candy {n} /ˈkændi/ (piece of candy) :: karkki
candy {v} (to cook, or coat with sugar or syrup) :: kandeerata
candy {n} (confection) SEE: confectionery ::
candy apple {n} (apple with a hard sugar candy coating) :: toffeeomena
candy bar {n} (type of candy) :: karkkipatukka, makeispatukka [non-chocolate]; suklaapatukka [chocolate]
candy cane {n} (candy in the shape of a cane) :: piparminttukaramelli, tikkunekku
candy floss {n} (sweet) :: hattara
candy store {n} (sweetshop) SEE: sweetshop ::
candytuft {n} (plant of the genus Iberis) :: saippo
cane {n} /kʰeɪn]/ (slender flexible stem of plants such as bamboo) :: korsi, ruoko
cane {n} (plant itself) :: ruoko
cane {n} (a short wooden or bamboo rod or stick used for corporal punishment) :: keppi
cane {n} (the cane: corporal punishment consisting of a beating with a cane) :: keppi
cane {n} (long collapsible rod used by vision impaired people) :: keppi, valkoinen keppi
cane {v} (to beat with a cane) :: antaa keppiä
cane {n} (walking stick) SEE: walking stick ::
cane {n} (sugar cane) SEE: sugar cane ::
canefield {n} (field where cane is grown) :: sokeriruokopelto
cane sugar {n} (sugar from the sugar cane plant) :: ruokosokeri
Canes Venatici {prop} (constellation) :: Ajokoirat {p}
cane toad {n} (Bufo marinus) :: jättikonna
cangue {n} /kæŋ/ (heavy wooden collar or yoke) :: ies
can I buy you a drink {phrase} (can I buy you a drink?) :: voinko tarjota sinulle jotakin juotavaa
can I come in {phrase} /kən ˌaɪ kʌm ˈɪn/ (phrase) :: voinko tulla sisään
canid {n} /ˈkeɪnəd/ (member of Canidae) :: koiraeläin
canine {adj} /ˈkeɪ.naɪn/ (pertaining to dogs) :: koira-
canine {n} (dog or wolf) :: koiraeläin
canine {n} (canine tooth) SEE: canine tooth ::
canine tooth {n} (tooth) :: kulmahammas [humans]; raateluhammas [carnivors]
Canis Major {prop} (winter constellation of the northern sky) :: Iso koira
Canis Minor {prop} (small winter constellation of the northern sky) :: Pieni koira
canistel {n} (tree) :: poutapuu
canistel {n} (fruit) :: keltainen sapote
canister {n} (short range antipersonnel projectile) SEE: grapeshot ::
canister {n} /ˈkænɪstɚ/ (container) :: purkki
canister {n} (cylindrical metal receptacle) :: purkki
canister {n} (component of canister type protective mask) :: suodatin
canister {n} (projectile component) :: panos
canister shot {n} (grapeshot) SEE: grapeshot ::
can I use your phone {phrase} (can I use your phone?) :: saanko käyttää puhelintasi
cankle {n} /ˈkæŋkəl/ (an obese or otherwise swollen ankle) :: paksu nilkka
canna {v} (cannot) SEE: cannot ::
cannabinoid {n} /ˈkænəbəˌnɔɪd/ (any psychoactive compound found in cannabis) :: kannabinoidi
cannabis {n} /ˈkænəbɪs/ (plant) :: hamppu, kannabis
cannabis {n} (marijuana) SEE: marijuana ::
canned {adj} (preserved in cans) :: purkitettu, säilyke-, tölkki-
canned {adj} (drunk) :: humalassa, kännissä
cannellini bean {n} (white kidney bean) :: valkoinen kidneypapu
cannibal {n} /ˈkænɪbl/ (an organism which eats others of its own species) :: kannibaali, ihmissyöjä
cannibalise {v} (to eat one's own species) :: kannibalisoida; harjoittaa ihmissyöntiä [to eat human flesh]
cannibalise {v} (to remove parts of) :: ottaa osia [lit. "to take parts"]
cannibalise {v} (business: to reduce sales or market share of product by introducing another) :: kannibalisoida
cannibalism {n} (act of eating another of one's own species) :: kannibalismi
cannibalization {n} (act) :: kannibalisointi
canning {n} (preserving process) :: purkittaminen
Cannizzaro reaction {n} (reaction) :: Cannizzaro-reaktio
cannon {n} /ˈkæn.ən/ (artillery piece) :: tykki
cannon {n} (large muzzle-loading artillery piece) :: kanuuna
cannon {n} (baseball: good throwing hand) :: kanuuna, heittokäsi
cannon {v} (to bombard with cannons) :: tykittää, ampua tykillä, tulittaa
cannon {v} (to fire something rapidly) :: tykittää
cannon {n} (bone of horse's leg) SEE: cannon bone ::
cannonade {n} (firing artillery in a large amount for a length of time) :: tykistökeskitys
cannon bone {n} (metacarpal of a horse) :: etusääriluu
cannon bone {n} (metatarsal of a horse) :: takasääriluu
cannoneer {n} (person who operates a piece of artillery, especially a cannon) :: tykkimies
cannon fodder {n} (military forces considered to be expendable) :: tykinruoka
cannot {v} /ˈkæ(n.)nɑt/ (cannot, see also: can; not) :: ei osaa, ei voi
cannula {n} /ˈkænjʊlə/ (medicine: tube inserted in the body) :: kanyyli
cannulate {v} (to use or insert a cannula) :: kanyloida
canny {adj} (pleasant, nice) SEE: pleasant ::
canny {adj} /ˈkæni/ (careful, prudent, cautious) :: varovainen
canny {adj} (frugal, thrifty) SEE: frugal ::
canoe {n} /kəˈnuː/ (small long and narrow boat) :: kanootti
canoe {v} (to ride or paddle a canoe) :: meloa, meloa kanootilla
canoe birch {n} (Betula papyrifera) SEE: paper birch ::
canoeing {n} /kəˈnuɪŋ/ (sport) :: melonta, kanoottiurheilu
canoeist {n} (person who travels by canoe) :: meloja
canoer {n} (one who travels by canoe) SEE: canoeist ::
can of worms {n} (a complex, troublesome situation) :: soppa
canola {n} (cultivar of rapeseed Brassica napus) :: rypsi [Brassica rapa], rapsi [Brassica napus]
canola oil {n} (vegetable oil) :: rypsiöljy
canon {n} /ˈkæn.ən/ (generally accepted principle) :: kirjain [context: law]; periaate
canon {n} (works of a writer that have been accepted as authentic) :: kootut teokset
canon {n} (eucharistic prayer) :: ehtoollisrukous
canon {n} (religious law) :: kaanon
canon {n} (catalogue of saints acknowledged and canonized in the Roman Catholic Church) :: kaanon, pyhimysluettelo
canon {n} (in monasteries, a book containing the rules of a religious order) :: säännöt {p}
canon {n} (piece of music) :: kaanon
canon {n} (fandom: the works considered authoritative regarding a fictional universe) :: alkuperäisteokset {p}
canon {n} (printing: 48-point type) :: kaanon
canon {n} (part of a bell by which it is suspended) :: kruunu
canon {n} (billiards: carom) SEE: carom ::
canonical form {n} (standard or normal presentation of a mathematical entity) :: normaalimuoto
canonize {v} /ˈkænənaɪz/ (to define someone as a saint) :: kanonisoida, kanonistaa
canoodle {v} (To caress, pet, touch up, or make love) :: halailla, lemmiskellä
can opener {n} (device used to open tin cans) :: tölkinavaaja, purkinavaaja
can-opener {n} (can opener) SEE: can opener ::
canopy {n} /ˈkæ.nə.pi/ (high cover) :: katos
canopy {n} (overhanging or projecting roof structure) :: katos, lippa
canopy {n} (highest foliage and branches of a forest) :: latvusto
canopy {n} (transparent cockpit cover) :: kuomu
canopy {n} (parachute cloth) :: kupu
canopy bed {n} (a bed equipped with a canopy) :: pylvässänky
cant {n} /kænt/ (jargon of a particular class or subgroup) :: slangi, jargon
cant {n} (hypocritical talk) :: hurskastelu, höpöpuhe
cant {n} (whining speech, such as that used by beggars.) :: mankuminen
cant {n} (angle at which something is set) :: kaltevuus
cant {v} (set something at an angle) :: kallistaa
can't {v} (cannot) SEE: cannot ::
cantaloupe {n} /ˈkæn.tə.loʊp/ (melon) :: cantaloupe, verkkomeloni
cantankerous {adj} /kænˈtæŋkəɹəs/ (ill-tempered, cranky, surly, crabby) :: riidanhaluinen, ilkeä
canteen {n} /kænˈtiːn/ (small cafeteria or snack bar) :: ruokala, kanttiini, henkilöstöruokala
canteen {n} (box with compartments) :: ruokailuvälinelaatikko, aterinlaatikko
canteen {n} (military mess kit) :: ruokailuvälinesarja, pakki
canteen {n} (water bottle) :: kenttäpullo
canter {n} /ˈkæntə(ɹ)/ (gait) :: laukka
canter {n} (ride) :: laukka
canter {v} (to gait) :: laukata
Canterbury {prop} /ˈkæntəbəɹɪ/ (ancient city in England) :: Canterbury
Canticle of Canticles {prop} (Song of Songs) SEE: Song of Songs ::
Canticles {prop} (Song of Songs) SEE: Song of Songs ::
cantilever {n} (beam anchored at one end and projecting into space) :: ulokepalkki
canting arms {n} :: puhuva vaakuna
canton {n} /ˈkæntn̩/ (state of Switzerland) :: piirikunta, kantoni
canton {n} (heraldry; one of the ordinaries) :: kolkka
Canton {prop} (former official name for Guangzhou (city)) :: Kanton
Canton {prop} (Canton Province, former name for Guangdong (Province), and the province's former official name was Kwangtung) :: Kanton
Cantonese {adj} /kæn.təˈniːz/ (relating to Canton) :: kantonilainen
Cantonese {adj} (relating to the Cantonese people) :: kantonilainen
Cantonese {adj} (relating to the Cantonese language) :: kantoninkielinen
Cantonese {n} (person from Canton) :: kantonilainen
Cantonese {n} (language) :: kantoninkiina
Cantopop {n} (Cantonese pop music) :: kantopop
cantor {n} (singer) :: kanttori, esilaulaja
Canuck {n} /kəˈnʌk/ (a Canadian) :: kanukki
Canute {prop} (Male given name) :: Nuutti
canvas {n} /ˈkæn.vəs/ (a type of coarse cloth) :: purjekangas
canvas {n} (a piece of canvas cloth on which one may paint) :: kanvaasi
canvasback {n} (Aythya valisineria) :: isopunasotka
canvass {v} (to campaign) SEE: campaign ::
canvass {v} (to solicit voters) :: värvätä
canvass {v} (to conduct survey) :: tarkastaa, tutkia
canvass {v} (to examine thoroughly) :: tarkastaa, tutkia
canvass {v} (to examine by discussion) :: tarkastella
canyon {n} /ˈkænjən/ (a valley cut in rock by a river) :: kanjoni, kuru
can you help me {phrase} (can you help me?) :: voitko auttaa minua
can you tell us {phrase} (prefix indicating a polite request) :: voitteko kertoa meille
Cao Dai {prop} (syncretic monotheistic religion) :: cao dai
caoshu {n} (grass script) SEE: grass script ::
caoutchouc {n} /ˈkaʊtʃʊk/ (natural rubber) :: kautsu
cap {n} /kæp/ (head covering) :: lakki
cap {n} (head-covering to indicate rank etc.) :: virkalakki
cap {n} (academic mortarboard) :: lakki
cap {n} (protective cover or seal) :: korkki [on a bottle]; kansi [on a jar]
cap {n} (crown covering a tooth) :: kruunu
cap {n} (summit of a mountain) :: huippu
cap {n} (artificial upper limit) :: katto
cap {n} (top part of a mushroom) :: lakki
cap {n} (gunpowder charge for a toy gun) :: nalli
cap {n} (small amount of explosive used as detonator) :: nalli
cap {n} (soccer: international appearance) :: maaottelu
cap {v} (to cover or seal with a cap) :: korkittaa, kansittaa
cap {v} (to surpass or outdo) :: ohittaa, ylittää
cap {n} (informal: uppercase letter) :: tikkukirjain
capability {n} /keɪpəˈbɪləti/ (the power or ability to generate an outcome) :: pystyvyys, kykenevyys, kyky
capable {adj} /ˈkeɪpəbl̩/ (able and efficient) :: kyvykäs, kykenevä
capacious {adj} /kəˈpeɪʃəs/ (having a lot of space inside) :: tilava
capacitance {n} (property of an element of an electrical circuit) :: kapasitanssi
capacitance {n} (element) :: kapasitanssi, kondensaattori
capacitive {adj} (electrostatics: of capacitance) :: kapasitiivinen
capacitor {n} (electronic component) :: kondensaattori
capacity {n} /kəˈpæsɪti/ (the ability to hold, receive or absorb) :: kapasiteetti
capacity {n} (capability; the ability to perform some task) :: kyky, kapasiteetti
capacity {n} (the maximum that can be produced) :: tuotantokyky, kapasiteetti
capacity {n} (the position in which one functions) :: tehtävä, asema
capacity {n} (electrical capacitance) :: kapasitanssi
capacity {n} (legal authority) :: kapasiteetti
capacity utilization {n} (capacity utilization) SEE: capacity utilization rate ::
capacity utilization rate {n} (percentage of nominal capacity in use) :: kapasiteetin käyttöaste
caparison {n} (coverings for an animal, often ornamental) :: loimi [ordinary rug], koristeloimi [ornamental]
caparison {n} (gay or rich clothing) :: hepenet {p}
cape {n} /keɪp/ (headland) :: niemi, niemeke
cape {n} (garment) :: viitta
Cape buffalo {n} (large African bovid) :: kafferipuhveli
Cape Canaveral {prop} (cape) :: Cape Canaveral
cape gooseberry {n} (plant) :: karviaiskoiso
cape gooseberry {n} (fruit) :: karviaiskoiso
Cape Horn {prop} (southernmost headland of Tierra del Fuego) :: Kap Horn
capelin {n} (small fish) :: villakuore
Cape lion {n} (Panthera leo melanochaita) :: kapinleijona
Cape of Good Hope {prop} (a cape in southwestern South Africa) :: Hyväntoivonniemi
Cape porcupine {n} (African porcupine) :: afrikanpiikkisika
caper {n} (crime) SEE: crime ::
caper {n} (capercaillie) SEE: capercaillie ::
caper {n} /ˈkeɪpɚ/ (playful leap) :: loikka
caper {n} (pickled bud of Capparis spinosa) :: kapris
caper {n} (plant) :: kapris
caper {n} (Dutch vessel) SEE: privateer ::
capercaillie {n} /kæpəˈkeɪli/ (bird of the genus Tetrao) :: metso
capercaillie {n} (Tetrao urogallus) :: metso
Capernaum {prop} (The biblical town) :: Kapernaum
Cape Town {prop} (legislative capital of South Africa) :: Kapkaupunki
Cape Verde {prop} /keɪpˈvɝd/ (country in Western Africa) :: Kap Verde
capful {n} /ˈkæpfʊl/ (the amount that will fit into a cap) :: korkillinen
cap gun {n} (toy gun) :: nallipyssy
capias {n} (arrest warrant) SEE: arrest warrant ::
capillary {n} /ˈkæpɪˌlɛɹi/ (narrow tube) :: hiusputki
capillary {n} (any of small blood vessels that connect arteries to veins) :: hiussuoni
capillary action {n} (drawing of a liquid up interstices) :: kapillaari-ilmiö
capillary refill {n} (refilling of empty capillaries by blood) :: hiusverisuonten täyttyminen
capital {n} /ˈkæp.ɪ.təl/ (money and wealth) :: pääoma
capital {n} (uppermost part of a column) :: kapiteeli
capital {adj} (of prime importance) :: ensisijainen, pääasiallinen, pää- [in compounds]
capital {adj} (excellent) :: mahtava, suurenmoinen, loistava, fantastinen
capital {adj} (involving punishment by death) :: kuolemalla rangaistava
capital {adj} (uppercase) :: versaali, iso
capital {n} (capital letter) SEE: capital letter ::
capital {n} (capital city) SEE: capital city ::
capital account {n} (economics def) :: pääomatase
capital city {n} (city designated as seat of government) :: pääkaupunki
capital gain {n} (an increase in the value of a capital asset) :: arvonnousu
capital gain {n} (an amount by which the value or the proceeds of the sale of a capital asset by its owner exceed its cost to the owner) :: myyntivoitto
capital gains tax {n} (tax on profit made from selling capital) :: myyntivoittovero
capital-intensive {adj} (needing large capital expenditure) :: pääomavaltainen, pääomaintensiivinen
capitalism {n} /ˈkapɪt(ə)lɪz(ə)m/ (socio-economic system based on private property rights) :: kapitalismi
capitalist {adj} (supporting or endorsing capitalism) :: kapitalistinen, porvarillinen
capitalist {n} (supporter of capitalism) :: porvari
capitalist {n} (owner of capital) :: kapitalisti
capitalize {v} /ˈkæpətəˌlaɪz/ (In writing or editing, to make use of capital letters) :: kirjoittaa isoin kirjaimin
capitalize {v} (to have, contribute or acquire capital (money or other resources) for a business) :: rahoittaa, pääomittaa
capitalize {v} (to convert into capital) :: muuttaa rahaksi
capitalize {v} (to treat as capital, not as an expense) :: rahastoida
capitalize {v} (To seize, as an opportunity; to obtain a benefit) :: käyttää hyväkseen, hyödyntää
capital letter {n} (letters A B C) :: suuraakkonen, iso kirjain, versaali, versaalikirjain, majuskeli
capital market {n} (market) :: pääomamarkkinat {p}
capital of the world {n} (capital of world) :: maailman pääkaupunki
capital punishment {n} (punishment by death) :: kuolemanrangaistus
capital ship {n} (warship) :: pääalus
capital stock {n} (equity) :: osakepääoma; enimmäispääoma
capitate {n} (capitate bone) SEE: capitate bone ::
capitate bone {n} (os capitatum) :: iso ranneluu
capitation {n} /kapɪˈteɪʃən/ (performing headcount) :: henkilömäärän laskeminen, luvun ottaminen
capitation {n} (system of remunerating health care providers) :: kapitaatio
capitation {n} (poll tax) SEE: poll tax ::
capitol {n} (Capitoline temple of Jupiter) SEE: Capitol ::
capitol {n} (particular capitol buildings) SEE: Capitol ::
Capitol {prop} (temple of Jupiter in Rome) :: Jupiterin temppeli
Capitol {prop} (legislative building in Washington, D.C.) :: Yhdysvaltain kongressitalo
Capitol Hill {prop} (Congress) SEE: Congress ::
Capitol Hill {prop} (the hill in Washington, DC) :: Capitol Hill
capitulate {v} /kəˈpɪt͡ʃ.jʊ.leɪt/ (surrender; end all resistance; to give up; to go along with or comply) :: antautua, luovuttaa, antaa periksi
capitulation {n} (surrender to an enemy) :: antautuminen
capo {n} /ˈkæ.pəʊ/ (Mafia leader) :: capo
capo {n} (capotasto) SEE: capotasto ::
capon {n} /ˈkeɪpən/ (cockerel grown for food) :: salvukukko, kapuuni
caponier {n} (fortification structure) :: kaponieeri
capotasto {n} (device placed across the strings) :: kapo, capo
Cappadocia {prop} /kæpəˈdoʊʃə]/ (ancient region) :: Kappadokia
cappuccino {n} /ˌkæpəˈtʃinoʊ/ (beverage) :: cappuccino
cappuccino {n} (cup of this beverage) :: cappuccino
capric acid {n} (fatty acid) :: kapriinihappo
capriccio {n} (type of painting) :: capriccio-maalaus
capriccio {n} (piece of music) :: kapriisi
caprice {n} /kəˈpɹis/ (impulsive, seemingly unmotivated notion or action) :: heitto, möläys [notion]; oikku [action]
caprice {n} (unpredictable or sudden condition, change, or series of changes) :: oikku
caprice {n} (disposition to be impulsive) :: oikullisuus, oikuttelu
caprice {n} (impulsive change of mind) :: oikku
caprice {n} (capriccio) SEE: capriccio ::
capricious {adj} (Impulsive and unpredictable; determined by chance, impulse, or whim) :: oikukas, oikullinen
Capricorn {prop} (constellation) SEE: Capricornus ::
Capricorn {prop} /ˈkæpɹɪkɔːɹn/ (astrological sign) :: Kauris
Capricornus {prop} /ˌkæpɹɪˈkɔːɹnəs/ (constellation) :: Kauris
Capricornus {prop} (astrological sign) SEE: Capricorn ::
caproic acid {n} (the liquid fatty acid, CH3(CH2)4COOH) :: kapronihappo
caprolactam {n} (the organic compound) :: kaprolaktaami
caprylic acid {n} (fatty acid) :: kapryylihappo
capsaicin {n} /kæpˈseɪəsən/ (chemical compound) :: kapsaisiini
capsicum {n} /ˈkæpsɪkəm/ (plant of the genus Capsicum (only terms covering capsicum in general apply, NOT species-specific)) :: paprika
capsicum {n} (fruit of these plants) :: paprika
capsicum spray {n} (pepper spray) SEE: pepper spray ::
capsize {v} /kæpˈsaɪz/ ((intransitive) to overturn) :: kaatua
capsize {v} ((transitive) to cause to overturn) :: kaataa
capsizing {n} (An overturning of a boat) :: kaatuminen
capstan {n} /ˈkap.stən/ (cylindrical machine) :: vintturi, ankkuripeli
capsule {n} (weasel) SEE: weasel ::
capsule {n} /ˈkæps(ə)l/ (physiology: membranous envelope) :: kotelo
capsule {n} (botany: seed-case) :: kota
capsule {n} (part of spacecraft containing crew's living space) :: kapseli
capsule {n} (small container containing a dose of medicine) :: kapseli
capsule hotel {n} (hotel with capsules) :: kapselihotelli
captain {n} /ˈkæp.tən/ (An army officer with a rank between the most senior grade of lieutenant and major) :: kapteeni
captain {n} (A naval officer with a rank between commander and commodore or rear admiral) :: kommodori
captain {n} (The person lawfully in command of a sea-going vessel) :: kapteeni
captain {n} (The person lawfully in command of an airliner) :: kapteeni, lentokapteeni
captain {n} (One of the athletes on a sports team designated to make decisions) :: kapteeni
Captain Obvious {n} /ˌkæptən ˈɑbviəs/ (someone who makes superfluous statements) :: Ilmari Ilmiselvä
captative {adj} (linguistics: referring to hunting or catching) :: kaptatiivinen
captee {n} (captive) SEE: captive ::
caption {n} (capture) SEE: capture ::
caption {n} /ˈkæp.ʃən/ (descriptive title or heading of (part of) a document) :: otsikko
caption {n} (title or brief explanation attached to an illustration or cartoon) :: kuvateksti
caption {n} (piece of text appearing on screen as part of a film or broadcast) :: tekstitys
captious {adj} /ˈkæpʃəs/ (that captures misleadingly) :: harhaanjohtava
captious {adj} (having a disposition to find fault unreasonably or to raise petty objections) :: pikkumainen
captivate {v} /ˈkæptɪveɪt/ (to attract and hold interest and attention of) :: kiehtoa
captive {n} (a person who has been captured) :: vanki
captive {n} (a person held prisoner) :: vanki
captive {adj} (held prisoner) :: vangittu
captivity {n} (captives) SEE: captive ::
captivity {n} (state of being captive) :: vankeus
captivity {n} (period of being captive) :: vankeus, vankeusaika
capture {n} /ˈkæp.t͡ʃɚ/ (act of capturing) :: sieppaus
capture {n} (something that has been captured) :: siepattu
capture {v} (take control of) :: kaapata, napata, siepata
capture {v} (store, record) :: tallentaa
capture {v} (reproduce convincingly) :: vangita, tavoittaa
capture {v} (remove or take control of opponent’s piece) :: syödä [Chess]
capture the flag {n} (game) :: lipunryöstö
capturing group {n} :: kaappausryhmä
capuchin {n} (capuchin monkey) SEE: capuchin monkey ::
capuchin monkey {n} (New World monkey of the genus Cebus) :: kapusiiniapina, kapusiini
capybara {n} /ˌkæpiˈbɛɹə/ (Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris) :: vesisika, kapybara
car {n} /kɑɹ/ (automobile, a vehicle steered by a driver) :: auto
car {n} (passenger-carrying unit in a subway or elevated train, whether powered or not) :: vaunu
car {n} (moving, load-carrying component of an elevator) :: hissikori
car {n} (railway car, railroad carriage) SEE: carriage ::
carabid {n} (ground beetle) SEE: ground beetle ::
carabiner {n} /ˈkɛ.ɹəˌbi.nɚ/ (metal link with a gate) :: karbiinihaka, jousihaka
caracal {n} /ˈkaɹəkal/ (Caracal caracal) :: aavikkoilves, karakali
Caracalla {prop} (emperor) :: Caracalla
Caracas {prop} (capital of Venezuela) :: Caracas
carafe {n} /kəˈɹæf/ (bottle for serving wine, water, or beverages) :: karahvi, kannu
carambola {n} (fruit) SEE: star fruit ::
carambola {n} (tree) :: karambola
caramel {n} /ˈkæ.ɹə.məl/ (confection) :: kinuski, karamelli
caramel {n} (a piece of candy) :: karamelli
caramel {n} (color) :: keltaruskea
caramel apple {n} (apple dipped in caramel) :: karamelliomena
caramelize {v} (convert sugar into caramel) :: karamellisoida
caramelize {v} (brown sugar) :: karamellisoida
carapace {n} /ˈkeɹ.əˌpeɪs/ (hard protective covering) :: panssari
carat {n} /ˈkæ.ɹət/ (weight) :: karaatti
carat {n} (measure of the purity of gold) :: karaatti
caravan {n} /ˈkæɹəvæn/ (convoy or procession) :: karavaani
caravan {n} (vehicle) :: asuntovaunu, matkailuvaunu
caravanserai {n} /kaɹəˈvansəɹʌɪ/ (an inn having a central courtyard where caravans can rest) :: karavaaniseralji
caravel {n} (light lateen-rigged sailing vessel) :: karavelli
caraway {n} /ˈkæɹəˌweɪ/ (plant) :: kumina
caraway {n} (seed/fruit) :: kumina
carb {n} /kɑɹb/ (carbohydrate) :: hiilari
carb {n} (carburetor) :: kaasari
carbide {n} (any binary compound of carbon and a more electropositive element) :: karbidi
carbide lamp {n} (lamp) :: karbidilamppu
carbohydrate {n} /kɑːɹboʊˈhaɪdɹeɪt/ (organic compounds; sugar, starch or cellulose) :: hiilihydraatti
car bomb {n} (automobile made a bomb) :: autopommi
car bomb {n} (explosive device installed in an automobile) :: autopommi
carbon {n} /ˈkɑɹbən/ (chemical element) :: hiili
carbon {n} (informal: a sheet of carbon paper) :: kalkkeeripaperi
carbon {n} (informal: carbon copy) :: kopsu
carbon {n} (impure carbon (e.g., coal, charcoal)) :: hiili
carbon {n} (ecology: carbon dioxide, in the context of global warming) :: hiilidioksidi
carbon-12 {n} (isotope of carbon) :: hiili-12
carbonado {v} (to cut or hack) SEE: cut ::
carbonara {n} /ˌkɑɹbəˈnɑɹə/ (thick pasta sauce) :: carbonara
carbonara {n} (spaghetti dish) :: carbonara
carbonate {n} /ˈkɑɹbənət/ (any salt or ester of carbonic acid) :: karbonaatti
carbonated {adj} /ˈkɑɹ.bəˌneɪ.təd/ (containing dissolved carbon dioxide gas (under pressure)) :: hiilihapollinen, hiilihapotettu, hiilihappopitoinen
carbonated water {n} (water containing carbon dioxide) :: hiilihapotettu vesi
carbon-based {adj} (based on carbon) :: hiilipohjainen
carbon black {n} (fine black powder of amorphous carbon) :: hiilimusta, nokimusta, kimröökki
carbon copy {n} (a copy) :: hiilikopio
carbon cycle {n} (cycle of carbon) :: hiilikierto, hiilisykli
carbon dating {n} (radiocarbon dating) :: hiiliajoitus, radiohiiliajoitus
carbon dioxide {n} (CO₂) :: hiilidioksidi
carbon disulfide {n} (binary compound of carbon and sulfur) :: hiilidisulfidi, rikkihiili
carbon emissions trading {n} (trading of permits to emit carbon dioxide) :: hiilipäästökauppa
carbon fiber {n} (filament) :: hiilikuitu
carbon fiber {n} (cloth) :: hiilikuitukangas
carbon fibre {n} (carbon fibre) SEE: carbon fiber ::
carbon fixation {n} (process which converts carbon dioxide) :: yhteyttäminen
carbon footprint {n} (measure of carbon dioxide produced by someone) :: hiilijalanjälki
carbon group {n} (group of the periodic table) :: hiiliryhmä
carbonic acid {n} (A weak unstable acid, H2CO3) :: hiilihappo
carboniferous {adj} (containing or producing carbon) :: hiili-; hiilipitoinen
Carboniferous {adj} (relating to the geologic period) :: hiilikautinen, kivihiilikautinen
Carboniferous {prop} (the geologic period) :: hiilikausi, kivihiilikausi
carbonize {v} (turn something to carbon, especially by heating) :: hiiltää, karbonoida
carbon leakage {n} (transfer of carbon-intensive industries) :: hiilivuoto
carbon monoxide {n} (chemical of the formula CO) :: häkä, hiilimonoksidi
carbon nanotube {n} (nanostructure having graphene layers wrapped into perfect cylinders) :: hiilinanoputki
carbon neutral {adj} (having an overall zero carbon footprint after carbon emissions trading has been taken into account) :: hiilineutraali
carbon-neutral {adj} (absorbing as much carbon as it produces) :: hiilineutraali
carbon neutrality {n} :: hiilineutraalius
carbon paper {n} (paper used to make carbon copies) :: hiilipaperi
carbon star {n} (a type of star) :: hiilitähti
carbon steel {n} (alloy of iron and carbon) :: hiiliteräs
carbon tax {n} (tax levied on the use of fossil fuels) :: hiilidioksidivero, hiilivero
carbon tetrachloride {n} (solvent) :: hiilitetrakloridi
carbonyl {n} (functional group -CO-) :: karbonyyli
carbonyl chloride {n} (the compound COCl2) :: karbonyylikloridi
carboxyl {n} (carboxyl) :: karboksyyli
carboxylic {adj} (of, or relating to the carboxyl functional group) :: karboksyyli-
carboxylic acid {n} (organic compound containing a carboxyl functional group) :: karboksyylihappo
carboy {n} (demijohn) SEE: demijohn ::
carbuncle {n} /ˈkɑːɹbʌŋkəl/ (abscess) :: ajospahka
carburetor {n} /ˈkɑːɹb(j)əˌɹeɪtɚ/ (a device in an internal combustion engine) :: kaasutin
carburettor {n} (motor car part) SEE: carburetor ::
carburize {v} (carbonize) SEE: carbonize ::
carburize {v} (to treat or eact with carbon) :: hiilettää [to treat], hiilettyä [to react]
car carrier {n} (ship) :: autonkuljetuslaiva
car carrier {n} (railroad car) :: autonkuljetusvaunu
car carrier {n} (semi-trailer) :: autonkuljetusauto
carcass {n} /ˈkɑɹkəs/ (body of a dead animal) :: raato, ruho, haaska
carcass {n} (frame) :: runko
carcass {n} (body of a dead human) SEE: corpse ::
carceral {adj} /ˈkɑːsəɹəl/ (of or pertaining to imprisonment or a prison) :: vankila-
carcinogen {n} /kɑɹˈsɪnədʒən/ (substance or agent that can cause cancer) :: karsinogeeni, syöpää aiheuttava aine
carcinogenic {adj} (causing or tending to cause cancer) :: syöpää aiheuttava, karsinogeeninen
carcinoma {n} /ˌkɑɹsɪˈnoʊmə/ (type of tumor) :: karsinooma
carcinophobia {n} (dread of contracting cancer) :: karsinofobia
card {n} /kɑɹd/ (flat, normally rectangular piece of stiff paper, plastic etc.) :: kortti
card {v} (to check IDs) :: tarkistaa henkilöllisyys, kysyä paperit
card {n} (device to raise the nap on a fabric) :: karsta
card {n} (hand-held tool for preparing materials for spinning) :: karsta
card {n} (machine for disentagling the fibres of wool prior to spinning) :: karstauskone, karstain
card {v} (to use carding device) :: karstata
card {v} (to scrape or tear someone’s flesh) :: raapia
card {n} (playing card) SEE: playing card ::
card {n} (card game) SEE: card game ::
card {n} (greeting card) SEE: greeting card ::
cardamom {n} /ˈkɑɹ.də.məm/ (plant) :: kardemummapensas, kardemumma
cardamom {n} (spice) :: kardemumma
cardboard {n} /ˈkɑɹdbɔɹd/ (material resembling heavy paper) :: pahvi, kartonki
cardboard box {n} (container) :: pahvilaatikko
card counting {n} (strategy) :: korttien laskeminen
carder {n} /ˈkɑɹ.dɚ/ (person employed to card wool) :: karstaaja
carder {n} (machine) :: karstauskone
card game {n} (any of very many games played with playing cards) :: korttipeli
cardholder {n} (case) :: korttikotelo
cardholder {n} (authorized user) :: kortinhaltija
cardiac arrest {n} (cessation of the heartbeat resulting in the loss of effective circulation of the blood) :: sydänpysähdys, sydämenpysähdys
cardiac muscle {n} (involuntary muscle) :: sydänlihas
Cardiff {prop} (The capital city of Wales) :: Cardiff
cardigan {n} /ˈkɑːdɪɡən/ (type of sweater) :: villatakki
cardinal {adj} /ˈkɑɹdɪnəl/ (of fundamental importance) :: perus-, pää-, emä-, peri-, kardinaali-
cardinal {adj} (of or relating to the cardinal directions) :: kardinaali-
cardinal {adj} (describing a number that indicates quantity) :: perus-, kardinaali-
cardinal {adj} (having a bright red color) :: kardinaalinpunainen
cardinal {n} (number indicating quantity) :: kardinaaliluku, perusluku
cardinal {n} (official of the Catholic Church) :: kardinaali
cardinal {n} (bird of the genus Cardinalis) :: punakardinaali
cardinal {n} (any bird in family Cardinalidae) :: kardinaali
cardinal {n} (colour) :: kardinaalinpunainen
cardinal {n} (mulled wine) SEE: mulled wine ::
cardinal {n} (cardinal numeral) SEE: cardinal numeral ::
cardinal direction {n} (principal compass direction) SEE: cardinal point ::
cardinality {n} ((set theory)) :: mahtavuus
cardinal mark {n} (type of sea mark) :: kardinaalimerkki
cardinal number {n} (number denoting quantity) :: kardinaaliluku
cardinal number {n} (number used to denote the size of a set) :: kardinaaliluku
cardinal number {n} (cardinal numeral) SEE: cardinal numeral ::
cardinal numeral {n} /ˈkɑɹdɪnəl ˈnumɜɹəl/ (grammar: word used to represent a cardinal number) :: perusluku, kardinaalilukusana, kardinaaliluku
cardinal point {n} (cardinal point) :: pääilmansuunta
cardinal sin {n} (cardinal sin) :: kuolemansynti
carding machine {n} (machine for carding) :: karstauskone
cardio- {prefix} (pertaining to the heart) :: sydän-
cardioid {n} (epicycloid with one cusp) :: kardioidi
cardiologist {n} (physician) :: sydänlääkäri, kardiologi
cardiology {n} (study of the structure of the heart) :: kardiologia
cardiomyopathy {n} (deterioration of the myocardium) :: sydänlihassairaus
cardiopulmonary resuscitation {n} (a first aid procedure for cardiac arrest) :: painelu-puhalluselvytys
cardiovascular {adj} (relating to the circulatory system) :: sydän- ja verisuoni-
cardiovascular disease {n} (disease involving the heart or blood vessels) :: sydän- ja verisuonitaudit {p}
cardiovascular system {n} (circulatory system) SEE: circulatory system ::
card key {n} (keycard) SEE: keycard ::
cardoon {n} (perennial plant) :: kardoni
car door {n} (door designed for use on a car) :: auton ovi
cardphone {n} (public telephone that accepts cards rather than coins) :: korttipuhelin
cardplayer {n} (one who plays cards) :: kortinpelaaja
cards {n} (card game) SEE: card game ::
cardshark {n} (cardsharp) SEE: cardsharp ::
cardsharp {n} (cheater at cards) :: korttihai
card trick {n} (magic trick involving playing cards) :: korttitemppu
care {n} /kɛə/ (close attention, concern or responsibility) :: huolellisuus, varovaisuus
care {n} (worry) :: huoli
care {n} (maintenance, upkeep) :: hoito
care {n} (treatment of those in need) :: hoito, hoiva, hoitotyö, hoivatyö, hoitoala, hoiva-ala
care {n} (state of being cared for) :: huosta, hoiva
care {v} (to be concerned about) :: välittää, piitata
care {v} (to look after) :: hoitaa, huolehtia
care {v} (to be mindful of) :: välittää
care {v} (to want, politely) :: tahtoa [conditional form of], haluta [conditional form of]; maistua [of food and drink]
Care Bear {n} (fictional animal) SEE: Care Bears ::
Care Bears {n} (Fictional cartoon bears) :: Halinallet {p}
careen {v} /kəˈɹiːn/ (to heave a ship down on one side so as to expose the other) :: kallistaa
careen {v} (to tilt on one side) :: kallistua
careen {v} (to sway violently from side to side or lurch) :: heilua, horjua
career {n} /kəˈɹɪɹ/ (one's calling in life; a person's occupation) :: työ, ammatti
career {n} (an individual’s work and life roles over their lifespan) :: ura, työura
career {v} (to move rapidly straight ahead) :: kiitää, viilettää, pyyhältää
career change {n} (career changer - translation entry) :: uranvaihto
career changer {n} (career changer - translation entry) :: uranvaihtaja
carefree {adj} /ˈkɛɘfɹiː/ (worry free, light hearted, etc.) :: huoleton, suruton
careful {adj} /ˈkɛɹfəl/ (cautious) :: varovainen
careful {adj} (meticulous) :: huolellinen
carefully {adv} /ˈkɛːfəli/ (in a careful manner) :: tarkasti, tarkoin, varovasti, varovaisesti
caregiver {n} (carer) SEE: carer ::
care home {n} (place of residence for people with significant deficiencies) SEE: nursing home ::
care killed the cat {proverb} (curiosity killed the cat) SEE: curiosity killed the cat ::
careless {adj} /ˈkɛəlɘs/ (not giving sufficient attention or thought) :: huoleton
careless {adj} (not concerned or worried) SEE: carefree ::
carelessly {adv} (in a careless manner) :: huolimattomasti, muina miehinä
carer {n} /ˈkɛəɹɚ/ (someone who regularly looks after another person) :: hoitaja, omaishoitaja
caress {v} /kəˈɹɛs/ (touch or kiss lovingly) :: hyväillä
caret {n} /ˈkæ.ɹət/ (symbol) :: sirkumfleksi
caretaker {n} /ˈkɛɹ.ˌteɪ.kɚ/ (One who takes care of a place or thing.) :: huoltomies, hoitaja, talonmies
caretaker {n} (One who takes care of a person.) :: huoltaja, hoitaja
caretaker {adj} (temporary, on a short term basis) :: väliaikainen, virkaa tekevä
caretaker government {n} (temporary government) :: toimitusministeristö
carfare {n} (the passenger fare charged for riding on a streetcar or bus) :: bussimaksu [bus]; raitiovaunumaksu, ratikkamaksu [street car]; ajomaksu [general]
cargo {n} (freight carried by a ship) :: lasti
cargo bin {n} (aviation: compartment for luggage) :: ruuma
cargo hold {n} (ship's hold) :: ruuma
cargo ship {n} (ship that carries cargo) :: rahtilaiva, kauppalaiva
cargo vessel {n} (vessel designed to carry cargo) :: rahtialus
Caribbean {prop} /ˌkæɹɪˈbiːɪn/ (sea) :: Karibianmeri
Caribbean {prop} (countries) :: Karibia
Caribbean monk seal {n} (Monachus tropicalis) :: floridanhylje, karibianhylje
Caribbean Sea {prop} (a tropical sea in the Western Hemisphere) :: Karibianmeri
caribou {n} (North American reindeer) :: karibu
caricature {n} /ˈkæɹɪkətʃʊɚ/ (pictorial representation of someone for comic effect) :: pilakuva, karikatyyri
caricature {n} (grotesque misrepresentation) :: irvikuva
caricaturist {n} /ˈkæɹɪkəˌt͡ʃʊəɹɪst/ (person who draws caricatures) :: karikatyristi
caries {n} /ˈkɛə.ɹiːz/ (progressive destruction of bone or tooth by decay) :: karies, hammasmätä
carillon {n} /ˈkɛɹɪˌlɑn/ (a set of bells, often in a bell tower, originating from the Low Countries) :: tornikellopeli, carillon
Carina {prop} (constellation) :: Köli
Carinthia {prop} (state of Austria) :: Kärnten
Carinthia {prop} (region in Slovenia) :: Carinthia
carious {adj} (decayed, rotten) SEE: rotten ::
caritive case {n} (case used to express the lack of something) :: karitiivi
Carl {prop} (male given names cognate to Carl) SEE: Charles ::
carline thistle {n} (thistle) :: kurho
carload {n} /ˈkɑɹloʊd/ (content of an automobile) :: autokuorma
carmaker {n} (company) :: autonvalmistaja
Carmelite {n} (member of a certain Catholic religious order) :: karmeliitta
carmine {n} (purplish-red pigment) :: karmiini
carmine {n} (purplish-red colour) :: karmiininpunainen
carmine {adj} (of the purplish red colour shade carmine) :: karmiininpunainen
carmoisine {n} (carmoisine) :: karmosiini
carnage {n} /ˈkɑɹ.nɪdʒ/ (death and destruction) :: verilöyly
carnal {adj} /ˈkɑɹnəl/ (relating to the physical and especially sexual appetites) :: himokas
carnal {adj} (worldly or earthly; temporal) :: [worldly] maailmallinen, [earthly] maallinen; [temporal] ajallinen
carnal {adj} (of or relating to the body or flesh) :: [relating to the body] ruumiillinen; [relating to the flesh] lihallinen
carnal knowledge {n} (archaic term for sexual intercourse) :: lihallinen yhteys
carnation {n} /kɑɹˈneɪ.ʃən/ (plant) :: tarhaneilikka
carnation {n} (flower) :: neilikka
carnation {n} (rosy pink colour) :: neilikanpunainen
carnation {adj} (colour) :: heleänpunainen
carnauba wax {n} (yellow-brown wax) :: karnaubavaha
carnelian {n} (reddish brown chalcedony) :: karneoli
carnival {n} /ˈkæɹnɪvəl/ (festival held just before the beginning of Lent) :: laskiainen; karnevaali [Catholic]
carnival {n} (festive occasion marked by parades) :: juhlat {p}, karnevaali
carnival {n} (traveling amusement park) :: tivoli
carnivalesque {adj} (resembling a carnival) :: karnevalistinen
carnival glass {n} (type of glassware) :: sateenkaarilasi
carnivalic {adj} (carnivalesque) SEE: carnivalesque ::
carnivalistic {adj} (of or relating to carnival) :: karnevaali-
carnivalization {n} (act) :: karnevalisointi
carnivalize {v} (to subvert through humor) :: karnevalisoida
carnivore {n} /ˈkɑːnɪvɔː/ (meat-eating animal) :: lihansyöjä
carnivore {n} (mammal of the order Carnivora) :: petoeläin
carnivorism {n} (being carnivore) :: lihansyönti
carnivorous {adj} /kɑɹˈnɪv.əɹ.əs/ (Predatory or flesh-eating) :: lihansyöjä-, lihaa syövä
carnivorous {adj} (Insectivorous) :: lihansyöjä-
carnivorous plant {n} (any of several unrelated plants modified to capture and digest animals) :: lihansyöjäkasvi
carny {n} /ˈkɑː(ɹ)ni/ (a person who works in a carnival) :: tivolilainen
carob {n} (tree) :: johanneksenleipäpuu
carob {n} (fruit) :: johanneksenleipä
Caroline {prop} (female given name) :: Karoliina
Carolingian {adj} (of or pertaining to the Frankish dynasty) :: karolingien (genitive of noun)
Carolingian {n} (member of a Frankish noble family) :: karolingi
Carolinian {adj} (Carolingian) SEE: Carolingian ::
Carolinian {prop} (language) :: karoliini
carom {n} /ˈkæ.ɹəm/ (shot in which the cue ball strikes two balls) :: kara
carom {n} (board game) :: korona
caron {n} (háček diacritic) SEE: háček ::
carotene {n} (class of plant pigments) :: karoteeni
carotenoid {n} (class of organic compounds) :: karotenoidi
carotid {n} /kəˈɹɒ.tɪd/ (major artery) :: kaulavaltimo, karotisvaltimo
carousel {n} (merry-go-round) SEE: merry-go-round ::
carp {n} /ˈkɑɹp/ (Any of various freshwater fish of the family Cyprinidae) :: karppi
carp {v} (To complain about a fault) :: sättiä
carpal {n} /ˈkɑː(ɹ)pəl/ (any of the eight bones of the wrist) :: ranneluu
carpal bone {n} (carpal) SEE: carpal ::
carpale {n} (bone of the carpus) SEE: carpal ::
carpal tunnel syndrome {n} (repetitive stress injury) :: rannekanavaoireyhtymä
car park {n} (outdoor parking area) SEE: parking lot ::
car park {n} (multistorey parking facility) SEE: parking garage ::
Carpathians {prop} (mountainous system in Central Europe) :: Karpaatit {p}
carp bream {n} (Abramis brama) :: lahna
carpe diem {proverb} /ˌkɑɹ.peɪ ˈdi.əm/ (seize the day) :: tartu hetkeen
carpel {n} /ˈkɑː(ɹ)pəl/ (structural unit of a pistil) :: emilehti
carpenter {n} /ˈkɑɹpəntɚ/ (carpentry person) :: puuseppä, timperi, kirvesmies
carpenter {n} (nautical: person responsible for all the woodwork onboard) :: timperi
carpenter's pencil {n} (type of pencil) :: timpurinkynä
carpenter's square {n} (tool used to measure out right angles) :: suorakulma
carpentry {n} (trade of cutting and joining timber) :: puusepäntyö
carpentry {n} (carpenter's workshop) :: puusepänliike, puusepän paja
carpet {n} /ˈkɑːpɪt/ (a fabric used as a floor covering) :: matto
carpetbeater {n} /ˌkɑːpɪtˈbiːtə/ (a tool used in housecleaning) :: mattopiiska
carpet bomb {v} (bombing an entire area) :: mattopommittaa
carpet python {n} (carpet snake) SEE: carpet snake ::
carpet shark {n} (ferret) SEE: ferret ::
carpet shark {n} (shark of the order Orectolobiformes) :: partahai
carpet snake {n} (Morella spilota) :: mattopyton
carpet snake {n} (Pituophis melanoleucus) :: härkäkäärme
carphone {n} :: autopuhelin
carping {adj} (excessive complaining) :: motkottava
carping {n} (excessive complaining) :: motkotus
carpool {n} (arrangement) :: kimppakyyti
carpool {v} (travel together) :: mennä kimppakyydillä
carport {n} /kɑː(ɹ).pɔːt/ (roofed structure for automobile storage) :: autokatos
carrack {n} (ship) :: karakki
car radio {n} (radio specifically tuned for usage inside cars) :: autoradio
carrageenan {n} (Food additive made from extract of red seaweed) :: karrageeni
car rental {n} (hiring of cars for short periods) :: autonvuokraus
car rental {n} (business) :: autovuokraamo
carriage {n} /ˈkæɹɪdʒ/ (wheeled vehicle, generally drawn by horse power) :: vaunut {p}, kärryt {p}, rattaat {p}
carriage {n} (railroad car) :: vaunu, junavaunu
carriage {n} (manner of standing or walking) :: ryhti
carriage {n} (part of typewriter) :: tela
carriage bolt {n} :: Lukkoruuvi
carriage return {n} (The action on a typewriter or printer that returns it to the beginning of the line) :: telanpalautus
carriage return {n} ((computing) The carriage return control character (0x0D in ASCII)) :: vaununpalautus, telanpalautus
carriage return {n} (The key which initiates a carriage return action or generates the carriage return control character) :: telanpalautus
carriageway {n} (part of a road that carries traffic) :: ajorata
carrier {n} (person or object that carries someone or something else) :: kantaja, tukialus, kuljetusväline
carrier {n} (homing pigeon, racing pigeon, racing homer, homer) :: kirjekyyhky
carrier {n} (Old English carrier pigeon ("King of the Doos")) :: kirjekyyhky
carrier {n} (company in the business of shipping freight) :: kuljetustoimisto, kuljetusyritys
carrier {n} (signal modulated to transmit information) :: kantoaalto
carrier {n} (person or organism that has inherited a trait or disease but displays no symptoms) :: taudinkantaja
carrier bag {n} (thin bag) :: muovikassi, paperikassi
carrion {n} /ˈkæ.ɹi.ən/ (dead flesh; carcasses) :: haaska, raato
carrion crow {n} (Corvus corone) :: nokivaris
carrion crow {n} (Coragyps atratus) :: mustakondori
carrot {n} /ˈkæɹ.ət/ (Daucus carota ssp. sativus) :: porkkana
carrot {n} (shade) :: porkkananpunainen, porkkanankeltainen
carrot {n} (motivational tool) :: porkkana
carrot cake {n} (sweet cake) :: porkkanakakku
carrot top {n} (person with red hair) :: porkkanapää
carry {v} (to carry) SEE: bear ::
carry {v} /ˈkɛ.ɹi/ (to transport by lifting) :: kantaa
carry {v} (to extend) :: jatkaa
carry {v} (to stock or supply) :: [varastossa] olla
carry {v} (to adopt; take over or stand in) :: jatkaa
carry {v} (in an addition) :: merkitä muistiin
carry {v} (to transmit or travel) :: viedä
carry {n} (a manner of transporting or lifting something) :: ote
carry {n} (bit or digit carried in an addition) :: muistibitti, muistinumero
carry away {v} (nautical: to break under sudden wind) :: viedä mukanaan
carry away {v} (to take possession of the mind) :: ottaa pauloihinsa, viedä mukanaan
carry coals to Newcastle {v} (do something unneeded or redundant) :: kantaa vettä kaivoon [literally "carry water to the well"]
carrying capacity {n} (number of people or things that a vehicle can carry) :: kuljetuskyky
carrying capacity {n} (number of individuals that an environment can support) :: kantokyky
carrying pole {n} (a yoke of wood or bamboo, used by people to carry a load) :: korento, ämmänlänget, ies
carry on {v} /ˈkæri ˈɑn/ (to continue or proceed as before) :: jatkaa
carry oneself {v} (to move, especially emphasising the manner in which one moves) :: esiintyä
carry oneself {v} (behave, especially with respect to speech, body language, etc.) :: käyttäytyä
carry out {v} (to carry out) SEE: fulfill ::
carry out {v} (To fulfill) :: toteuttaa, täyttää
car seat {n} (seat in a motor car) :: autonpenkki
car seat {n} (detachable motor car seat) :: turvaistuin
carsickness {n} /ˈkɑː(ɹ)ˌsɪk.nəs/ (motion sickness due to riding in a vehicle) :: matkapahoinvointi
cart {n} /kɑɹt/ (small, open, wheeled vehicle, see also: wagon) :: kärry
carte blanche {n} /kɑɹtˈblɑnʃ/ (unlimited discretionary power to act; unrestricted authority) :: avoin valtakirja, vapaat kädet
carte de visite {n} (business card) SEE: business card ::
cartel {n} /kɑɹˈtɛl/ (group of businesses or nations that collude to fix prices) :: kartelli
carter {n} (person who transports a load on an animal-drawn cart) :: hevoskuski
Cartesian {adj} /kɑɹˈti.ʒən/ (of or pertaining to Descartes) :: karteesinen
Cartesian {adj} (of or pertaining to coordinates based on orthogonal axes) :: karteesinen
Cartesian coordinate {n} (the rectangular coordinates of a point) :: karteesinen koordinaatti
Cartesian coordinates {n} (coordinates of a point) :: karteesiset koordinaatit {p}
Cartesianism {n} (The philosophy of René Descartes) :: kartesiolaisuus
Cartesian plane {n} (set of all points) :: karteesinen taso
Cartesian product {n} (set of possible pairs) :: karteesinen tulo, ristitulo
Carthage {prop} /ˈkɑɹθɪdʒ/ (ancient city in North Africa) :: Karthago
Carthaginian {adj} (of or pertaining to Carthage) :: kartagolainen, puunilainen
Carthaginian {n} (person from Carthage) :: kartagolainen
cartilage {n} /ˈkɑɹtəlɪd͡ʒ/ (dense connective tissue) :: rusto, rustokudos
cartilaginous {adj} (comprising cartilage) :: rustoinen
cartilaginous {adj} (resembling cartilage) :: rustomainen
cartilaginous {adj} (mycology: having tough or fibrous texture) :: rustoinen
cartilaginous fish {n} (cartilaginous fish) :: rustokala
cartographer {n} (one who makes maps or charts) :: kartanpiirtäjä, kartantekijä, kartografi
cartographic {adj} /ˌkɑɹ.təˈɡɹæf.ɪk/ (of or pertaining to the making of maps) :: kartografinen
cartographical {adj} (cartographic) SEE: cartographic ::
cartographically {adv} :: kartografisesti
cartography {n} /kɑɹˈtɑɡɹəfi/ (creation of charts and maps) :: kartografia
cartography {n} (illustrative discussion of a topic) :: kartoitus
cartomancy {n} (fortune-telling using cards) :: korteista ennustaminen
carton {n} /ˈkɑɹtn̩/ (box-like container) :: pakkaus, kartonki, tölkki, laatikko, rasia, kenno
carton {n} (A carton of cigarette packs) :: kartonki
cartoon {n} /kɑɹˈtuːn/ (humorous drawing or strip) :: pilakuva [single-frame], sarjakuva [strip]
cartoon {n} (satire of public figures) :: pilapiirros, pilakuva
cartoon {n} (artist's preliminary sketch) :: luonnos
cartoon {n} (animated cartoon) :: piirrosfilmi, piirretty, piirrossarja, piirroselokuva
cartoon {n} (diagram in a scientific concept) :: kaavio
cartoonist {n} (creator of cartoons or strip cartoons) :: pilapiirtäjä [cartoons], sarjakuvapiirtäjä [strip cartoons]
cartoonist {n} (person who writes and illustrates comic books) :: sarjakuvataiteilija
cartouche {n} /kɑɹˈtuʃ/ (in architecture) :: kartussi
cartouche {n} (hieroglyphs) :: kartussi
cartridge {n} /ˈkɑɹtɹɪdʒ/ (firearms package) :: patruuna
cartridge {n} (vessel which contains the ink for a computer printer) :: kasetti, mustekasetti
cartwheel {n} (wheel of a cart) :: kärrynpyörä
cartwheel {n} (gymnastic maneuver) :: kärrynpyörä
caruncle {n} (small, fleshy excrescence on an animal) :: lihake
carve {v} /kɑɹv/ (cut) :: leikata
carved {adj} /kɑɹvd/ (of an object, made by carving) :: veistetty
carvel {n} (lateen-rigged vessel) :: karavelli
carvel {n} (sea blubber) SEE: sea blubber ::
carvel-built {adj} (where planks are flush) :: tasasaumainen
carver {n} /ˈkɑɹvɚ/ (one who carves) :: leikkaaja
car wash {n} (event at which people wash cars) :: autonpesu
car wash {n} (place at which a car is washed, often mechanically) :: autopesula
caryopsis {n} (type of fruit) :: jyvä
Casablanca {prop} /kæsəˈblæŋkə/ (city) :: Casablanca
Casanova {n} /ˌkæsəˈnoʊvə/ (man considered romantic and gallant) :: hurmuri
Casanova {n} (promiscuous, philandering man) :: auervaara
cascabel {n} /ˈkæskəbɛl/ (variety of chili pepper) :: cascabel, cascabel-chili
cascabel {n} (knob at the end of a cannon) :: nuppi
cascabel {n} (bell attached to a sleigh) :: aisakello, kulkunen
cascade {n} /kæsˈkeɪd/ (waterfall) :: köngäs, kaskadi, vesiputous
cascade {n} (sequence of events) :: tapahtumasarja
cascade {n} (series of electric components) :: sarja
case {n} /keɪs/ (actual event, situation, or fact) :: tapaus
case {n} (piece of work) :: tapaus
case {n} (instance or event as a topic of study) :: tapaus, case
case {n} (legal proceeding) :: oikeustapaus
case {n} (grammar: set of grammatical cases or their meanings) :: sijamuodot {p}
case {n} (medicine: instance of a specific condition or set of symptoms) :: tapaus
case {n} (box containing a number of identical items of manufacture) :: pakkaus
case {n} (piece of luggage that can be used to transport an apparatus) :: laukku
case {n} (suitcase) :: laukku, matkalaukku
case {n} (piece of furniture, constructed partially of transparent glass or plastic) :: vitriini
case {n} (outer covering or framework of a piece of apparatus) :: kotelo, kuori
case {n} (typography: the nature of a piece of alphabetic type) :: kirjainkoko, aakkoslaji
case {v} (to place into a box) :: pakata
case {v} (to survey surreptitiously) :: tutkia
case {n} (grammatical case) SEE: grammatical case ::
case dependent {adj} (case sensitive) SEE: case sensitive ::
casein {n} /ˈkeɪ.si.ɪn/ (protein) :: kaseiini
case in point {n} /keɪs ɪn pɔɪnt/ (example that illustrates a point) :: esimerkki
case insensitive {adj} (treating upper- and lowercase letters as being the same) :: kirjainkoosta riippumaton
case law {n} (law developed through court decisions) :: oikeuskäytäntö
casemate {n} (bombproof chamber as part of fortification) :: kasematti
casement {n} (window sash hinged on the side) :: sivusaranoitu puite
casement {n} (casement window) SEE: casement window ::
casement {n} (casemate) SEE: casemate ::
casement window {n} (type of window) :: sivusaranoitu ikkuna
case officer {n} (person assigned to manage a client's affairs) :: asiakasvastaava
case officer {n} (person who manages a network of agents) :: tiedustelupäällikkö
case sensitive {adj} :: kirjainkoosta riippuvainen, merkkikokoriippuvainen
case study {n} (research performed in detail on a single case) :: tapaustutkimus, case study
case study {n} (case used in such research) :: case, esimerkkitapaus
caseworker {n} (social worker) SEE: social worker ::
cash {n} /kæʃ/ (money in the form of notes/bills and coins) :: käteinen, käteisraha
cash {v} (to exchange (a check/cheque) for money) :: lunastaa
cash {n} (low-denomination coins of India or China) :: cash
cashbox {n} (a box for holding cash) :: kassa
cash cow {n} (something that generates free cash flow) :: lypsylehmä
cash cow {n} (someone or something which is a dependable source of appreciable amounts of money) :: lypsylehmä, rahasampo
cash crop {n} (crop grown for sale) :: rahakasvi
cash desk {n} (place with a cash register) :: kassa
cash dispenser {n} (automated teller machine) SEE: automated teller machine ::
cashed-up {adj} (suddenly in possession of a large amount of money) :: äkkirikas
cashew {n} /ˈkæʃuː/ (tree) :: munuaispuu
cashew {n} (cashew nut) SEE: cashew nut ::
cashew nut {n} (the seed of the cashew tree) :: cashewpähkinä
cash flow {n} (stream of funds) :: kassavirta
cash flow {n} (statement) :: kassavirtalaskelma
cashier {v} /kəˈʃɪə/ (to dismiss from service) :: erottaa
cashier {n} /kaˈʃɪə/ (one who works at a till or receives payments) :: kassamyyjä [in a grocery etc.], kassa [general], kassaneiti, kassavirkailija [in a bank or similar]
cashier {n} (person in charge of the cash of a business or bank) :: kassanhoitaja, pääkassa
cash in {v} (to die) SEE: die ::
cash in {v} (to profit from) :: rahastaa
cash in hand {adj} (receiving wages in the form of cash) :: pimeä
cash in hand {adv} (in a manner receiving direct payment) :: pimeästi
cash in hand {n} (direct payment in cash) :: käteismaksu
cash machine {n} (automated teller machine) SEE: automated teller machine ::
cashmere {n} /kæʒ.ˈmiɹ/ (fine, downy wool from beneath the outer hair of the Cashmere goat) :: pashminavilla
cashmere {n} (soft fabric made of wool) :: kašmirvilla
cash on delivery {n} (transaction) :: postiennakko
cashpoint {n} (automated teller machine) SEE: automated teller machine ::
cash register {n} (machine) :: kassakone
casing {n} /ˈkeɪsɪŋ/ (that which encloses or encases) :: kotelo, kuori
casino {n} /kæˈsinoʊ/ (public building or room for entertainment, especially gambling) :: kasino
cask {n} /kæsk/ (a large barrel for the storage of liquid) :: tynnyri
casket {n} /ˈkæs.kɪt/ (little box e.g. for jewelry) :: lipas
casket {n} (urn) :: uurna
casket {n} (coffin) SEE: coffin ::
cask wine {n} (wine packaged in a box) SEE: box wine ::
Caspar {prop} (male given name) :: Kasperi, Jasper
Caspian Sea {prop} /ˈkæspi.ən siː/ (landlocked sea) :: Kaspianmeri
Caspian tern {n} (Hydroprogne caspia) :: räyskä
Caspian tiger {n} (extinct tiger) :: kaspiantiikeri
cassava {n} /kəˈsɑːvə/ (manioc, the source of tapioca) :: maniokki
casserole {n} /ˈkæs.əˌɹoʊl/ (glass or earthenware dish) :: vuoka, uunivuoka
casserole {n} (food, such as a stew, cooked in such a dish) :: laatikko, pataruoka
cassette {n} /kəˈsɛt/ (small flat case containing magnetic tape) :: kasetti
cassette {n} (set of sprockets on a bicycle) :: rataspakka
cassette {n} (modular segment of DNA encoding genes for a single function) :: kasetti
cassette player {n} (a device capable of playing prerecorded cassette tapes) :: kasettisoitin
cassette tape {n} (magnetic tape in a cassette) :: ääninauha [audio], videonauha [video], kasettinauha [general]
Cassiopeia {prop} /ˌkæsi.əˈpiːə/ (constellation) :: Kassiopeia
cassis {n} (The blackcurrant plant, Ribes nigrum) :: mustaherukka
cassiterite {n} (mineral) :: kassiteriitti
cassock {n} /ˈkæsək/ (item of clerical clothing) :: kauhtana
cassowary {n} /ˈkæs.ə.ˌwɛɹ.i/ (a large flightless bird of the genus Casuarius) :: kasuaari
cast {v} /kæst/ (to throw forcefully) :: paiskata, heittää
cast {v} (to direct one's eyes) :: katsoa, katsella, suunnata katseensa
cast {v} (to throw a fishing line or net into the water) :: heittää, laskea
cast {v} (to add up a column of figures) :: laskea yhteen
cast {v} (astrology: to calculate the astrological value of) :: laatia
cast {v} (to perform, bring forth a magical spell or enchantment) :: lukea (loitsu), langettaa (kirous), taikoa, loitsia, loihtia
cast {v} (to throw on or upon something, or in a given direction) :: heittää, langettaa
cast {v} (to plan, intend to do something) :: aikoa
cast {v} (to remove, take off clothes) :: riisua
cast {v} (to throw down or aside) :: heittää, heittää menemään, heittää pois
cast {v} (to throw off the skin, shell etc.; to shed the hair or fur) :: luoda, pudottaa karvansa
cast {v} (to give birth prematurely) :: saada keskenmeno
cast {v} (to make by pouring into a mould) :: valaa
cast {v} (of fabric, timber etc.: to twist or warp) :: taivuttaa, vääntää
cast {v} (to assign a role in a play or performance) :: roolittaa, jakaa roolit, antaa rooli, valita näyttelijät
cast {v} (to deposit a ballot) :: äänestää, antaa ääni
cast {v} (computing: to change the type of a variable) :: muuntaa
cast {v} (hunting: to spread out and search for a scent) :: hakea vainu
cast {v} (to heave a lead and line in order to ascertain the depth of water) :: luodata
cast {v} (to set in a cast) :: lastoittaa
cast {n} (act of throwing) :: heitto
cast {n} (something which has been thrown dispersed) :: heite
cast {n} (small mass of earth thrown off by a worm) :: keko
cast {n} (group of actors performing together) :: näyttelijät, kokoonpano
cast {n} (casting procedure) :: valu, valaminen
cast {n} (object made in a mould) :: valos, valu
cast {n} (medicine: supportive and immobilising device) :: lastoitus, kipsi, lasta
cast {n} (mould used to make cast objects) :: muotti, valumuotti
cast {n} (squint) :: siristely, karsastus
cast {n} (visual appearance) :: ilme, piirre
cast {n} (animal and insect remains regurgitated by a bird) :: oksennuspallo
cast {n} (group of crabs) :: parvi
castanet {n} /ˌkæs.tə.ˈnɛt/ (a single handheld percussion instrument) :: kastanjetit {p}
castanets {n} (a percussion instrument) SEE: castanet ::
cast a shadow {v} (idiomatic) :: varjostaa
castaway {n} /ˈkæ.stə.weɪ/ (nautical: shipwrecked sailor) :: haaksirikkoinen
castaway {n} (discarded person or thing) :: hylkytavara [thing]; hylkiö [person]
castaway {n} (someone cast out of a group or society) :: hylkiö
caste {n} /kæst/ (hereditary social class) :: kasti
casteless {adj} (without caste) :: kastiton
Castelnau's antshrike {n} (passerine bird of the antbird family) :: nokipuumuura
caster {n} (someone or something that casts) :: heittäjä; heitin; valaja, valuri
caster {n} (wheeled assembly) :: kalustepyörä, huonekalupyörä, rullapyörä, pyörä
caster {n} (shaker with perforated top) :: sirotin
caster sugar {n} (fine granulated sugar) :: hienosokeri
castigation {n} :: [1] rangaistus
Castile {prop} /kəsˈtiːl/ (medieval Iberian kingdom) :: Kastilia
Castile {prop} (central Spain) :: Kastilia
Castile soap {n} (type of soap) :: oliiviöljysaippua
Castilian {prop} (language) :: espanja
Castilian {n} (native of Castile) :: kastilialainen
Castilian {adj} (relating to Castile) :: kastilialainen
casting {n} (manufacturing process using a mold) :: valaminen
cast iron {n} (hard, brittle alloy of iron, carbon, silicon) :: valurauta
cast iron {adj} (made of cast iron) :: valurautainen, valurauta-
cast iron {adj} (durable, tough, resiliant) :: rautainen [figurative]
cast iron {adj} (inflexible or without exception) :: kiveen hakattu [figurative] [lit. carved into stone]
castle {n} /ˈkæsəl/ (fortified building) :: linna
castle {v} (chess) :: tornittaa
castle {n} (chess piece) SEE: rook ::
castle in the air {n} /ˈkɑːs(ə)l ɪn ðiː ˈɛə/ (desire, idea, or plan unlikely to ever be realized) :: tuulentupa, pilvilinna
castle nut {n} (nut with rounded extensions projecting past the nut's opening) :: kruunumutteri
castling {n} /ˈkæsəlɪŋ/ (move in chess) :: linnoitus, tornitus
cast net {n} (a net thrown and then pulled back for hunting fish) :: heittoverkko
castor {n} (a pivoting roller) SEE: caster ::
castor {n} (container for sprinkling) SEE: caster ::
castor {n} /ˈkɑːs.tə/ (hat) :: majavahattu
castor bean {n} (seed of the castor oil plant) :: risiinipapu
castor oil {n} (pale yellow vegetable oil) :: risiiniöljy
castor oil plant {n} (Ricinus communis) :: risiini
cast pearls before swine {v} (cast pearls before swine) :: heittää helmiä sikojen eteen, helmiä sioille
castrate {v} /ˈka.stɹeɪt/ (remove the testicles of) :: kuohita, kuohia, kastroida, [dialectal] salvaa
castration {n} /kæˈstɹeɪʃən/ (act of removing the testicles) :: kastraatio, kastrointi, kuohinta, kuohiminen
casual {adj} /ˈkæʒuəl/ (happening by chance) :: satunnainen
casual {adj} (coming without regularity; occasional or incidental) :: satunnainen
casual {adj} (employed irregularly) :: satunnainen
casual {adj} (careless) :: huoleton
casual sex {n} (sexual activity that is undertaken without commitment) :: irtoseksi, irtosuhde
casualty {n} /ˈkaʒ(ʊ)əlti/ (person) :: uhri, kuolonuhri
casualwear {n} (clothing for non-formal occasions) :: vapaa-ajan vaatteet, vapaa-ajan asu
casuistics {n} (casuistry) SEE: casuistry ::
casuistry {n} /ˈkæʒuɪstɹi/ (process) :: kasuistiikka
cat {v} /kæt/ (raise anchor to cathead) :: nostaa ankkuri
cat {v} (flog) :: ruoskia yhdeksänhäntäisellä kissalla
cat {v} (vomit) :: [slang] yrjötä
cat {n} (spiteful woman) SEE: bitch ::
cat {n} (type of fish) SEE: catfish ::
cat {n} (cat-o'-nine-tails) SEE: cat-o'-nine-tails ::
cat {n} (domestic species) :: kissa
cat {n} (member of the suborder (or superfamily) Feliformia (Feloidea), "cat-like" carnivorans) :: kissamainen petoeläin
cat {n} (member of the family Felidae) :: kissaeläin
cat {n} (member of the subfamily Felinae) :: kissa
cat {n} (member of the subfamily Pantherinae) :: iso kissa
cat {n} (member of the extinct subfamily Machairodontinae) :: sapelihammaskissa
cat {n} (jazz enthusiast) :: jatsari
cat {n} (guy, fellow) :: kundi, heppu
cat {n} (strong tackle used to hoist an anchor to the cathead of a ship) :: ankkuritalja
catabolism {n} (destructive metabolism) :: katabolia
cataclysm {n} /ˈkætəˌklɪzm̩/ (sudden, violent event) :: mullistus
cataclysm {n} (sudden and violent change in the earth's crust) :: kataklysmi, luonnonmullistus
cataclysm {n} (great flood) :: suurtulva
catacomb {n} /ˈkætakoʊm/ (underground system of tunnels and chambers with recesses for graves) :: katakombi
catafalque {n} /ˈkatəfalk/ (platform to display or convey a coffin) :: katafalkki
Catalan {n} /ˈkæ.tə.ˌlæn/ (Person from Catalonia) :: katalaani, katalonialainen
Catalan {n} (The language of Catalonia) :: katalaani
Catalan {adj} (Of or pertaining to Catalonia) :: katalonialainen
Catalanness {n} (identification or conformity with Catalan values and customs) :: katalonialaisuus
catalepsy {n} (catalepsy) :: katalepsia
catalogue {n} /ˈkætəlɔɡ/ (a systematic list of names, books, pictures etc.) :: katalogi, luettelo
catalogue {v} (to put into a catalogue) :: luetteloida
catalogue {v} (to make a catalogue of) :: luetteloida
catalogue {v} (to add to an existing catalogue) :: luetteloida
Catalonia {prop} /ˌkæt.əˈləʊn.i.ə/ (autonomous community in Spain) :: Katalonia
Catalonian {adj} (Catalan) SEE: Catalan ::
Catalonian {n} (Catalan) SEE: Catalan ::
catalysis {n} /kəˈtæləsɪs/ (chemistry: the increase of the rate of a chemical reaction induced by a catalyst) :: katalyysi
catalyst {n} /ˈkæt.ə.lɪst/ (substance which increases the rate of a chemical reaction without being consumed in the process) :: katalyytti
catalyst {n} (someone or something that helps or encourages progress or change) :: katalysaattori, katalyytti
catalyst {n} (catalytic converter) SEE: catalytic converter ::
catalytic {adj} /ˌkætəˈlɪtɪk/ (of, or relating to catalysts) :: katalyyttinen
catalytic converter {n} (a chamber which oxidises carbon dioxide from exhaust gases) :: katalysaattori
catalyze {v} (to bring about the catalysis of a chemical reaction) :: katalysoida
catalyze {v} (to accelerate a process) :: kiihdyttää, jouduttaa, katalysoida
catamaran {n} /ˈkætəmɚˌæn/ (twin-hulled boat) :: katamaraani
catamite {n} /ˈkætəmaɪt/ (catamite) :: katamiitti
cat and mouse {n} (two keeping check on one another) :: kissa ja hiiri -leikki
cataplasm {n} (poultice) SEE: poultice ::
catapult {n} (slingshot) SEE: slingshot ::
catapult {n} /ˈkæ.tə.pʌlt/ (device for launching large objects) :: katapultti, heittokone
catapult {n} (instance of firing something) :: tykitys
catapult {v} (to fire a missile from a catapult) :: singota
catapult {v} (to fire or launch as if from catapult) :: singota, sinkauttaa
catapult {v} (to be fired from or as if from a catapult) :: ampaista, sinkoutua, singahtaa
catapult {v} (to have one's status increased rapidly) :: ampaista
cataract {n} /ˈkætəɹækt/ (waterfall) :: vesiputous
cataract {n} (opacity of the lens in the eye) :: kaihi
catarrh {n} /kəˈtɑɹ/ (inflammation of the mucous membranes) :: katarri
catastrophe {n} /kəˈtæstɹəfi/ (any large and disastrous event of great significance) :: katastrofi
catastrophe {n} (disaster beyond expectations) :: katastrofi
catastrophe {n} (Ancient Greek tragedies: the solution of the plot) :: katastrofi
catastrophe {n} (mathematics: type of bifurcation) :: katastrofi
catastrophe theory {n} (branch of mathematics) :: katastrofiteoria
catastrophic {adj} /kætəˈstɹɒfɪk/ (of or pertaining to a catastrophe) :: katastrofaalinen
catastrophic {adj} (disastrous; ruinous) :: katastrofaalinen
catatonia {n} (severe psychiatric condition) :: katatonia
catatonic {adj} /kæ.təˈtɑn.ɪk/ (of, relating to, or suffering from catatonia) :: katatoninen
cat café {n} (café with domestic cats) :: kissakahvila
catch {n} /kæt͡ʃ/ (the act of catching a ball) :: koppi
catch {n} (a find, in particular a boyfriend/girlfriend) :: saalis, löytö
catch {n} (a clasp which stops something from opening) :: haka, salpa, solki
catch {n} (a hidden difficulty, especially in a deal or negotiation) :: koukku
catch {n} (that which is captured or caught) :: saalis
catch {n} (the act of noticing, understanding or hearing) :: huomio
catch {n} (the game of catching a ball) :: kopittelu
catch {v} (to capture or snare) :: napata, saada kiinni
catch {v} (to intercept an object in the air etc. ) :: pyydystää, ottaa kiinni, napata, siepata
catch {v} (to contract a disease or illness) :: saada
catch {v} (to perceive and understand ) :: käsittää, ymmärtää
catch {v} (to seize an opportunity ) :: tarttua
catch {v} (to reach in time to leave ) :: ehtiä
catch {v} (to engage, stick, or grasp ) :: tarttua
catch {v} (to handle a computer error, especially an exception ) :: siepata
catch a buzz {v} (start to get drunk) :: alkaa tuntua, kihahtaa hattuun
catch a cold {v} (contract a cold) :: vilustua
catcher {n} /ˈkætʃ.ə(ɹ)/ (that which catches) :: sieppaaja, pyydystäjä, pyytäjä
catcher {n} (baseball player who receives pitches) :: sieppari
catch fire {v} (become engulfed in flames) :: syttyä tuleen
catchment {n} /ˈkatʃmənt/ (Any structure or land feature which catches and holds water) :: valuma-alue, sadealue
catchment basin {n} (region) :: valuma-alue
catchphrase {n} (a group of words) :: iskulause
catch someone red-handed {v} :: jäädä rysän päältä kiinni
catch up {v} (To be brought up to date with news) :: vaihtaa kuulumisia
catch up {v} (To reach something that had been ahead) :: saada kiinni, saavuttaa, kuroa välimatka umpeen
catchy {adj} /ˈkætʃi/ (instantly appealing and memorable) :: tarttuva, iskevä
catechetics {n} (religious teaching) :: kateketiikka
catechism {n} /ˈkætɪˌkɪzəm/ (book summarizing the principles of Christianity) :: katekismus
catechist {n} :: katekeetta
catecholamine {n} /katəˈkəʊləmiːn/ (any of a class of aromatic amines) :: katekoliamiini
catechumen {n} /ˌkæt.əˈkju.mən/ (convert to Christianity prior to baptism) :: katekumeeni
categorical variable {n} (nominal variable) SEE: nominal variable ::
categorization {n} (the process of sorting or arranging things into categories or classes) :: luokittelu
categorize {v} (to assign a category) :: luokitella
category {n} /ˈkætəˌɡɔɹi/ (group) :: luokka, kategoria
category {n} (collection in math) :: kategoria
category reference {n} (type of reference) :: kategoriaviittaus
category theory {n} (branch of mathematics) :: kategoriateoria
catena {n} (series of related items) :: ketju
catenary {n} /ˈkætəˌnɛɹi/ (curve of a flexible chain) :: ketjukäyrä
catenary {n} (curve of an anchor cable) :: ketjukäyrä
catenary {n} (power lines above trolley tracks) :: ajolanka
catenative {adj} /ˈkætn̩ə.tɪv/ (having the ability to catenate) :: ketjuuntuva
catenative verb {n} (verb able to be immediately followed) :: ketjuverbi
cater {v} /ˈkeɪdɚ/ (to provide food for a special occasion as a professional service) :: järjestää ruokatarjoilu
cater {v} (to provide food for a special occasion as a professional service) :: ottaa huomioon
cater-corner {adv} /ˈkætəˌkɔɹnɚ/ (diagonally across) :: kulmittain vastapäätä
cater-cousin {n} (bosom friend) SEE: bosom friend ::
catering {n} /ˈkeɪt(ə)ɹɪŋ/ (the business of providing food and related services) :: ateriapalvelu, catering
catering trolley {n} (Mobile furniture used for the distribution of meals and drinks) :: tarjoiluvaunu
caterpillar {n} /ˈkædərˌpɪlər/ (larva of a butterfly) :: perhostoukka
caterpillar {n} (vehicle with a caterpillar track) :: telaketjutraktori, [informally] katepillari
caterpillar track {n} (continuous track in the form of steel or rubber belt) :: telaketju
caterwaul {v} /ˈkæt.ɚ.wɔl/ (to cry as cats) :: mouruta
cat fight {n} (fight between two or more women) :: kissatappelu
catfish {n} (type of fish) :: monni, monnikala
cat flap {n} (small hinged panel cut into a door where a cat can come in) :: kissanluukku
cat-flap {n} (cat flap) SEE: cat flap ::
cat food {n} (type of food formulated for the feeding of cats) :: kissanruoka
catgirl {n} (female character with feline characteristics) :: kissatyttö
cat got someone's tongue {phrase} (why are you not saying anything?) :: veikö kissa kielesi?
Cathar {n} /ˈkæθɑɹ/ (a member of Christian sect) :: kataari
cathartic {adj} (purgative; inducing catharsis) :: ulostuksen aikaansaava
cathartic {n} (a laxative) :: laksatiivi, ulostusaine, ulostuslääke
cathead {n} (nautical: heavy piece of timber for holding an anchor in position) :: ranapalkki
cathedral {n} /kəˈθiːdɹəl/ (big church building) :: kirkko, katedraali
cathedral {n} (principal church of a bishop's diocese) :: tuomiokirkko, katedraali
Catherine {prop} /ˈkæθ(ə)ɹɪn/ (female given name) :: Katariina
catheter {n} /ˈkæθɪtə(ɹ)/ (small tube inserted into a body cavity) :: katetri
catheterization {n} (the procedure of introducing a catheter) :: katetrointi
catheterize {v} /ˈkæθətəɹaɪz/ (to introduce a catheter) :: katetroida
cathode {n} /ˈkæθ.oʊd/ (electrode through which current flows outward) :: katodi
cathode ray tube {n} (vacuum tube that displays images) :: kuvaputki, katodisädeputki
Catholic {adj} /ˈkæθ(ə)lɪk/ (of the Western Christian church, as differentiated from the Orthodox church) :: katolinen, roomalaiskatolinen
Catholic {adj} (of the Roman Catholic church) :: katolinen, roomalaiskatolinen
Catholic {n} (member of a Catholic church) :: katolilainen
Catholic Church {n} (24 particular churches in full communion with the Pope as the Bishop of Rome) :: katolinen kirkko
Catholic Church {n} (the whole body of Christendom before the division into Western and Eastern churches) :: katolinen kirkko, yhtenäinen kirkko
Catholic Church {n} (any of the independent Catholic Churches) :: katolinen kirkko
Catholicism {n} /kəˈθɔləsɪzm/ (faiths, practices and doctrines of a Catholic Church) :: katolisuus, katolilaisuus
catholicity {n} (Catholicism) SEE: Catholicism ::
cation {n} /ˈkætˌaɪ.ɒn/ (a positively charged ion) :: kationi
catkin {n} (botany: a type of inflorescence) :: norkko, pajunkissa
catless {adj} (without a cat or cats) :: kissaton
catlike {adj} (resembling a cat) :: kissamainen
cat litter {n} (grit used in a cat's toilet tray) SEE: kitty litter ::
cat meat {n} (cat eaten as meat) :: kissa, kissan liha, kissanliha
catmeat {n} (meat from a cat) :: kissa, kissan liha
catmeat {n} (meat for a cat) :: kissanruoka
catmeat {n} (someone badly beaten) :: jauheliha
cat milk {n} (milk suitable for cats) :: kissanmaito
catmint {n} (catnip) SEE: catnip ::
catnip {n} (plants of the genus Nepeta, family Lamiaceae) :: kissanmintut
catnip {n} (specific species which causes intoxication among cats) :: kissanminttu, aitokissanminttu
catoblepas {n} (mythological creature) :: katoblepas
cat-o'-nine-tails {n} (whip) :: yhdeksänhäntäinen kissa
catproof {adj} (resistant to damage caused by domestic cats) :: kissan kestävä
cat scratch disease {n} (benign disease) :: kissanraapimatauti
cat's eye {n} (retroreflective device placed on a road surface) :: tienpintaheijastin
cat's eye {n} (glass marble with elongated inclusions) :: lasikuula
cat's eye {n} (cymophane) SEE: cymophane ::
catshark {n} (catshark) :: kissahai
cat's-paw {n} (paw of a cat) :: kissan käpälä, kissan tassu
cat's-paw {n} (someone who acts in another's interest) :: apuri
cat's-paw {n} (nautical: minor breeze) :: tuulenvire
cat's-paw {n} (small crowbar for pulling nails) :: naulanvedin
cat's-paw {n} (bloodwort of the genus Anigozanthos) :: kenguruntassu
cat's tongue {n} (chocolate confectionery) :: kissankieli
cat's whisker {n} (wire that touches the crystal in a crystal radio) :: antennilanka
cattail {n} /ˈkæt.teɪl/ (any of several perennial herbs of the genus Typha) :: osmankäämi
cattle {n} /ˈkæt(ə)l/ (domesticated bovine animals) :: nautakarja, karja
cattle {n} (livestock) :: karja
cattle {n} (certain other livestock) :: karja
cattle {n} (pejorative: people who resemble cattle in behavior or destiny) :: karja, lauma
cattle chamois {n} (Budorcas taxicolor) SEE: takin ::
cattle egret {n} (cattle egret) :: lehmähaikara
cattleman {n} (man who raises or tends cattle) :: eläintenhoitaja
cattle station {n} (cattle farm) :: karjatila
cat tree {n} (structure for a cat to play on) :: raapimispuu
catty {adj} /ˈkæti/ (spiteful) :: ilkeä
Caucasian {adj} /kɔːˈkeɪʒən]/ (pertaining to the Caucasus region or people) :: kaukasialainen
Caucasian {adj} (pertaining to the anthropological race) :: valkoihoinen, valkoinen
Caucasian {n} (native of the Caucasus region) :: kaukasialainen
Caucasian {n} (member of Caucasian race) :: valkoinen, valkoihoinen
Caucasian zelkova {n} (species of tree) :: kaukasianselkova
Caucasoid {adj} :: kaukasidinen, europidinen
Caucasoid {n} (a person with Caucasoid characteristics) :: kaukasidi, europidi
Caucasus {prop} /ˈkɔːkəsəs/ (geographic region) :: Kaukasus
Cauchy sequence {n} (sequence in a normed vector space) :: Cauchyn jono
caudal {adj} /ˈkɔːdəl/ (pertaining to the tail) :: kaudaalinen, [mammals] häntä-, [fish, birds] pyrstö-, [general] perä-
caudal {n} (caudal vertebra) :: häntänikama
caudal fin {n} (the tailfin of a fish and other aquatic vertebrates) :: pyrstöevä
caudal peduncle {n} (part of a fish's body) :: pyrstövarsi
caudate {adj} /ˈkɔːdeɪt/ (botany: tapering into a long, tail-like extension at the apex) :: lisäkkeellinen
caudate {adj} (having a tail) :: hännällinen
caudate {adj} (zoology: of or pertaining to the Caudata) :: salamanteri-
caudate {n} (member of Caudata) :: salamanteri, pyrstösammakko
caught between the devil and the deep blue sea {adj} (choice between two undesirable options) :: puun ja kuoren välissä
caught with one's pants down {adj} (caught off guard, unprepared, or in an embarrassing situation) :: housut kintuissa
caul {n} /kɔːl/ (the thin membrane which covers the lower intestines) :: vatsakalvo
caul {n} (part of the amniotic sac which sometimes shrouds a baby’s head at birth) :: onnenhattu
cauldron {n} /ˈkɔːl.dɹən/ (large bowl-shaped pot) :: pata
cauldronful {n} (as much as a cauldron will hold) :: padallinen
cauliflower {n} /ˈkɑl.əˌflaʊ.ɚ/ (Vegetable) :: kukkakaali
cauliflower {n} (Edible head of a cauliflower plant) :: kukkakaali
cauliflower ear {n} (swollen and deformed outer ear) :: kukkakaalikorva
caulk {n} /kɔːk/ (substance for filling and/or sealing) :: tiiviste, kitti
caulk {v} (to seal joints with caulk) :: tilkitä
caulk {n} (caulking) SEE: caulking ::
caulking {n} (sealing material) :: rive [oakum], kitti [putty]; tiiviste, tilke [generic]
caulking iron {n} (a tool) :: riverauta
causal {adj} /ˈkɔːz.əl/ (of, relating to or being a cause of something) :: kausaalinen, syyperäinen
causality {n} (agency of cause) :: kausaliteetti
causate {v} (cause) SEE: cause ::
causation {n} (the act of causing) :: aiheuttaminen
causation {n} (agency by which an effect is produced) :: syy-yhteys
causation {n} (causality) SEE: causality ::
causative {adj} /ˈkɔːzətɪv/ (acting as a cause) :: aiheuttava
causative {adj} (linguistics: expressing cause or causation) :: kausatiivinen
causative {n} (linguistics) :: kausatiivi
cause {n} /kɔz/ (source or reason of an event or action) :: syy, juuri, lähde
cause {n} (goal, aim, principle) :: syy, tarkoitus
cause {v} (to set off an event or action) :: aiheuttaa, saada aikaan
cause and effect {n} (causation) SEE: causation ::
cause and effect {n} (causality) SEE: causality ::
cause a stir {v} (cause controversy) :: aiheuttaa hämmennystä, aiheuttaa häiriötä
cause célèbre {n} /kɔz sɛˈlɛb/ (issue or incident arousing heated public debate) :: kohuoikeudenkäynti [legal case]
cause of action {n} (legal: condition that entitles suing) :: syyteoikeus
cause of death {n} (official cause of a human death) :: kuolinsyy, kuolemansyy
causerie {n} (article) :: pakina
causeway {n} /ˈkɔːz.weɪ/ (raised roadway) :: pengertie
caustic {adj} /ˈkɔːstɪk/ (capable of destroying organic tissue) :: syövyttävä, kaustinen
caustic {adj} (severe; satirical; sharp) :: pureva, ivallinen, myrkyllinen
caustic {n} (caustic soda) SEE: caustic soda ::
caustic soda {n} (sodium hydroxide) :: lipeä, natriumhydroksidi
cauterize {v} /ˈkʰɒɾəɹaɪz]/ (burn tissue) :: polttaa; kauterisoida [medical term]
cauterizing stone {n} (lunar caustic) SEE: lunar caustic ::
caution {n} /ˈkɑːʃn/ (precept or warning against evil or danger) :: varoitus, neuvo, ohjenuora
caution {n} (careful attention, prudence) :: varovaisuus, huomio, huolellisuus, tarkkaavaisuus
caution {v} (to warn) :: varoittaa, neuvoa, teroittaa
cautionary tale {n} (story) :: opettavainen kertomus
caution - slippery when wet {phrase} (warning against slippery floor) :: varoitus - liukas märkänä
cautious {adj} /ˈkɔːʃəs/ (careful) :: varovainen
cautiously {adv} (in a cautious manner) :: varovasti
cavalcade {n} /ˈkævəlˌkeɪd/ (parade) :: kavalkadi, kulkue
cavalier {n} /ˌkævəˈlɪəɹ/ (military man serving on horse) :: ratsumies
cavalier {n} (sprightly military man) :: kavaljeeri
cavalier {n} (well mannered man; a gentleman) :: herrasmies
cavalier {n} (type of defensive work) :: kavaljeeri
cavalry {n} /ˈkævəlɹi/ (military service that fights with riding horses) :: ratsuväki
cavalry {n} (an individual unit of cavalry) :: ratsuväki
cavalry {n} (mechanized cavalry) SEE: mechanized cavalry ::
cavalryman {n} (a soldier in the cavalry) :: ratsumies, ratsujääkäri
cave {n} /keɪv/ (large, naturally occurring cavity formed underground) :: luola
cave {n} (hole, depression, or gap in earth or rock) :: luola
cave {n} (storage cellar) :: kellari
cave {n} (place of retreat) :: kolo, soppi
cave {n} (caving: naturally-occurring cavity large enough to be entered by an adult) :: luola
cave {n} (nuclear physics: shielded place for nuclear experiments) :: luola
cave {n} (drilling debris) :: porausjäte
cave {n} (mining: collapse or cave-in) :: sortuma
cave {n} (political slang: group that breaks on a particular issue) :: siipi
cave {v} (to surrender) :: antaa periksi, murtua
cave {v} (to collapse) :: sortua
cave {v} (to undermine) :: jäytää, kaivaa
cave {interj} /ˈkeɪvi/ (beware!) :: varo
caveat {n} /ˈkævɪæt/ (warning) :: varoitus
cave bear {n} (Ursus spelaeus) :: luolakarhu
cave in {v} (to collapse inward or downward) :: sortua, romahtaa
caveman {n} (early humans or related species) :: luolamies
cave painting {n} (paintings found in caves, especially prehistoric ones) :: luolamaalaus
cave pearl {n} (speleothem) :: luolahelmi
cavern {n} /ˈkæ.və(ɹ)n/ (large cave) :: luola
cavern {n} (underground chamber) :: luola
caviar {n} /kæviːɑɹ]/ (roe of the sturgeon or other large fish (black caviar)) :: kaviaari
cavil {v} /ˈkæv.əl/ (to criticise for petty or frivolous reasons) :: nipottaa
cavil {n} (petty or trivial objection or criticism) :: nipotus
cavitation {n} /ˌkævɪˈteɪʃən/ (formation of pits) :: reikiintyminen [of teeth]
cavitation {n} (formation of vapor bubbles) :: kavitaatio
cavitation {n} (biology: formation of cavities in an organ) :: onteloituminen
cavitied {adj} (containing cavities) :: onteloinen; reikäinen [of teeth]
cavity {n} /ˈkʰævɪɾi]/ (hole and soft area in tooth caused by caries) :: hammasreikä, reikä , karies, hammasmätä
cavort {v} /kəˈvɔɹt/ (move/play boisterously) :: kirmailla
cavy {n} (guinea pig) SEE: guinea pig ::
caw {n} /kɔː/ (cry of a crow) :: raakkuminen, raakunta
caw {v} (to make the cry of a crow, rook, or raven) :: raakkua
cayenne pepper {n} (hot chilli pepper) :: cayennenpippuri
cayenne pepper {n} (spice) :: cayennenpippuri
Cayman Islands {prop} (British territory in the Caribbean) :: Caymansaaret
CCITT {prop} /siːsiːaɪtiːtiː/ :: CCITT
CCP {prop} (Chinese Communist Party) :: KKP
CD {n} /ˌsiːˈdiː/ (abbreviations of compact-disc which are actually in use, see also: compact disc) :: CD
CD player {n} (CD player) :: CD-soitin
CD-ROM {n} /siː.diːˈɹɒm/ (CD-ROM) :: CD-ROM-levy, CD-ROM
cease {v} /siːs/ (intransitive) :: loppua, päättyä, lakata
cease {v} (transitive) :: lopettaa, päättää, lakata
cease and desist {v} (stop and not resume an action) :: lopettaa
cease-fire {n} (in warfare, an agreed end to hostilities for a specific purpose) :: tulitauko
Cebuano {n} (language) :: cebuano
Cebuano {adj} (pertaining to the language or its speakers) :: cebuanonkielinen
Cecilia {prop} /sɛˈsiːli.ə/ (female given name) :: Silja
cedar {n} /ˈsi.dɚ/ (coniferous tree in genus Cedrus) :: setri, setripuu
cedar {n} (aromatic wood) :: setri
cede {v} /siːd/ (give up) :: luovuttaa
cedilla {n} /səˈdɪlə/ (mark placed under the letter c) :: sedilji
Cedric {prop} (male given name) :: Sedrik
cee {n} /siː/ (name of the letter C, c) :: see
ceil {n} (ceiling) SEE: ceiling ::
ceiling {n} /ˈsiːlɪŋ/ (upper limit of room) :: katto, sisäkatto, laipio
ceiling {n} (upper limit of an object or action) :: katto
ceiling {n} (altitude) :: lakikorkeus
ceiling {n} (smallest integer) :: ylös pyöristetty luku
ceiling {n} (inner planking of a vessel) :: sisälankutus, karneeraus
ceiling fan {n} (fan fixture on a ceiling) :: kattotuuletin
celeb {n} /səˈlɛb/ (a celebrity) :: julkkis [colloquial], julkimo [colloquial]
celebrant {n} (person who officiates at a religious ceremony) :: vihkipappi [at marriage]; ehtoollispappi [at Eucharist], selebrantti
celebrant {n} (person who conducts formal ceremonies) :: selebrantti
celebrant {n} (person who is celebrating something) :: juhlija; juhlaväki [collectively]
celebrate {v} /ˈsɛl.ɪ.bɹeɪt/ (extol or honour in a solemn manner) :: ylistää
celebrate {v} (honour by rites, ceremonies, etc.) :: juhlia
celebrate {v} (to engage in joyful activity in appreciation of an event) :: juhlia
celebrate {v} (perform or participate in) :: juhlia
celebrated {adj} /ˈsɛl.ɪ.bɹeɪ.tɪd/ (famous or widely praised) :: kuuluisa, maineikas
celebration {n} (formal performance of a solemn rite) :: juhla
celebration {n} (observance of a holiday or feast day, as by solemnities) :: juhlinta, vietto
celebration {n} (act or process of showing gratitude, appreciation or remembrance) :: juhla
celebration {n} (social gathering for entertainment and fun) :: juhlat {p}
celebrity {n} /sɪˈlɛbɹɪti/ (famous person) :: julkisuuden henkilö, [colloquial] julkkis
celebrity {n} (fame) :: kuuluisuus
celecoxib {n} (drug) :: selekoksibi
celeriac {n} (form of celery) :: selleri, juuriselleri
celery {n} /ˈsɛl.ə.ɹi/ (herb) :: selleri
celery {n} (the stalks of this herb) :: selleri, varsiselleri
celery salt {n} (spice) :: sellerisuola
celesta {n} /səˈlɛstə/ (musical instrument) :: celesta
celestial {adj} /səˈlɛstiəl/ (relating to heaven (religious)) :: taivaallinen, taivas- [in compounds]
celestial {adj} (relating to sky) :: taivas- [in compounds]
celestial body {n} (natural object beyond Earth's atmosphere) :: taivaankappale
celestial equator {n} (great circle) :: taivaanekvaattori
celestial mechanics {n} (dynamics of celestial bodies) :: taivaanmekaniikka
celestial sphere {n} (abstract sphere of infinite radius) :: taivaanpallo
celestial stem {n} (heavenly stem) SEE: heavenly stem ::
celibacy {n} /ˈsɛləbəsi/ (state of being unmarried) :: selibaatti
celibacy {n} (abstaining from sexual relations) :: selibaatti
celibate {adj} /ˈsɛləbət/ (unmarried) :: naimaton
celibate {n} (person who is not married) :: selibaatti
cell {n} /sɛl/ (component of an electrical battery) :: kenno, paristo
cell {n} (room in a prison for containing inmates) :: selli, tyrmä
cell {n} (room in a monastery for sleeping one person) :: kammio
cell {n} (small group of people forming part of a larger organization) :: solu
cell {n} (small thunderstorm that forms ahead of a storm front) :: solu
cell {n} (basic unit of a living organism) :: solu
cell {n} (biological cavity) :: kenno [of a honeycomb]
cell {n} (a short, fixed-length packet as in asynchronous transfer mode) :: solu
cell {n} (informal: a cellular telephone, see also: mobile phone) :: kännykkä [informal]
cell-adhesion molecule {n} (protein) :: soluadheesiomolekyyli
cellar {n} /ˈsɛlɚ/ (underground space) :: kellari
cellar {n} (wine collection) :: viinikellari
cellar {n} (slang: last place in competition) :: jumbosija
cellar {v} (to store in cellar) :: pitää kellarissa, kellaroida
cellar door {n} (door leading to a cellar) :: kellarin ovi
cellar door {n} (part of a winery) :: myymälä
cell line {n} (cells that are genetically identical) :: solulinja
cell membrane {n} (semipermeable membrane surrounding the cytoplasm of a cell) :: solukalvo
cell nucleus {n} (cytology: large organelle found in cells) SEE: nucleus ::
cello {n} /ˈtʃɛloʊ/ (musical instrument) :: sello
cellophane {n} /ˈsɛləfeɪn/ (the transparent plastic film) :: sellofaani
cellophane noodle {n} (type of transparent Asian noodle) :: lasinuudeli
cell phone {n} (mobile phone) SEE: mobile phone ::
cell theory {n} (scientific theory) :: soluteoria
cellular {n} (mobile phone) SEE: mobile phone ::
cellular {adj} (of, relating to, consisting of, or resembling a cell or cells) :: solu-, solumainen
cellular automaton {n} (automaton) :: soluautomaatti
cellular phone {n} (mobile phone) SEE: mobile phone ::
cellulase {n} (an enzyme) :: sellulaasi
cellulite {n} (dimpled appearance of skin) :: selluliitti
cellulose {n} (the polysaccharide cellulose) :: selluloosa
cellulose acetate {n} (bioplymer) :: selluloosa-asetaatti
cellulose nitrate {n} (nitrocellulose) SEE: nitrocellulose ::
cell wall {n} /sɛl wɔːl/ (thick layer around cells of plants, fungi, and algae) :: soluseinä
Celsius {adj} /ˈsɛlsiːəs/ (metric scale of temperature) :: celsius
Celt {prop} /kɛlt/ (ancient) :: keltti
Celt {prop} (modern) :: keltti
Celtic {prop} /ˈsɛltɪk/ (branch of languages) :: kelttiläinen
Celtic {adj} (of the Celts; of the style of the Celts) :: kelttiläinen
Celtic studies {n} (academic discipline) :: kelttitutkimus
Celtology {n} (Celtic studies) SEE: Celtic studies ::
celtuce {n} /ˈsɛlt.əs/ (type of lettuce) :: parsasalaatti
cembalo {n} (cembalo) SEE: harpsichord ::
cembra {n} (Pinus cembra) SEE: Swiss pine ::
cement {n} /ˈsimɛnt/ (a powdered substance) :: sementti
cement {n} (the paste-like substance) :: sementti
cement {n} (any material with strong adhesive properties) :: liima
cement mixer {n} (device to make concrete) :: betonimylly
cemetery {n} (a place where the dead are buried) SEE: graveyard ::
-cene {suffix} (suffix indicating a geologic period) :: -seeni
cenotaph {n} /ˈsɛn.ə.tæf/ (monument to honor the dead whose bodies lie elsewhere) :: muistohauta, kenotafi
cenote {n} /sɛˈnoʊteɪ/ (deep natural well or sinkhole) :: sortumakaivo
Cenozoic {adj} /ˌkɛnɵˈzoʊɪk/ (of a geological era from 65 million years ago to present) :: kenotsooinen
Cenozoic {prop} (geological epoch) :: kenotsooinen maailmankausi
cense {v} (to perfume with incense) :: suitsuttaa
censer {n} /ˈsɛn.sɚ/ (religious ornamental container for burning incense) :: suitsutusastia, kadilo
censor {n} /ˈsɛn.sɚ/ (Roman magistrate) :: sensori
censor {n} (official responsible for removal of objectionable or sensitive content) :: sensori
censor {n} (one who condemns or censors) :: arvostelija, moraalinvartija, sensori
censor {n} (psychology: hypothetical subconscious agency) :: ydinminä, sensori
censor {v} (to review in order to remove objectionable content) :: sensuroida
censor {v} (to remove objectionable content) :: sensuroida
censored {adj} (having had objectionable content removed) :: sensuroitu
censorial {adj} /ˌsɛnˈsɔɹi.əl/ (relating to a censor) :: sensuuri-
censorious {adj} (apt to condemn) :: tuomitseva
censorious {adj} (implying or expressing censure) :: suut tukkiva, sensuurihenkinen
censor morum {n} (censor of morals) :: moraalinvartija
censorship {n} /ˈsɛnsɚˌʃɪp/ (use of state or group power to control freedom of expression) :: sensuuri
censurer {n} (censor) SEE: censor ::
census {n} /ˈsɛnsəs/ (official count of members of a population) :: väestönlaskenta
census {v} (collect a census) :: suorittaa väestönlaskenta
cent {n} /sɛnt/ (subunit of currency in US and elsewhere) :: sentti
cent {n} (one-hundredth of a euro) :: sentti
cent {n} (coin) :: sentti
centaur {n} /ˈsɛntɑɹ/ (mythical half-man, half-horse) :: kentauri
centaury {n} /ˈsɛntɔɹi/ (Centaurium) :: sappi, rantasappi
centenarian {n} /ˌsɛn.tɪˈnɛəɹ.i.ən/ (one who is at least 100 years old) :: satavuotias
centenarian {adj} (being at least 100 yrs old) :: satavuotias
centenarian {adj} (of or relating to a centenarian) :: satavuotinen, satavuotis-
centenary {n} (centennial) SEE: centennial ::
centenary {adj} (of, or pertaining to, or completing a period of 100 years) :: satavuotis-
centenier {n} (centurion) SEE: centurion ::
centennial {n} /sɛnˈtɛnɪəl/ (100th anniversary) :: satavuotispäivä
center {n} /ˈsɛn.tɚ/ (point equidistant from all points on the perimeter of a circle) :: keskipiste
center {n} (point equidistant from all points on the surface of a sphere) :: keskipiste
center {n} (middle portion of something) :: keskikohta, keskusta, keskialue
center {n} (point on a line midway between the ends) :: keskipiste
center {n} (point in the interior of figure with mean coordinates) :: keskipiste
center {n} (place where a function or activity occurs) :: keskus
center {n} (topic of particular importance) :: ydin, keskipiste
center {n} (in basketball) :: sentteri
center {n} (in ice hockey) :: keskushyökkääjä, sentteri
center {n} (in American and Canadian football) :: sentteri
center {n} (soccer: pass into the center of the pitch) :: keskitys
center {n} (architecture: temporary structure) :: holvituki
center {n} (engineering: one of the two conical steel pins in a lathe) :: kärki, tukikärki
center {n} (engineering: conical recess) :: keskipiste
center {n} (politics: ensemble of centrist parties) :: keskusta
center {adj} (of, at or related to center) :: keski-, keskusta-
center {v} (cause to occupy the center) :: asettaa keskelle
center {v} (cause something to have a value midway between extremes) :: keskittää
center {v} (concentrate on) :: keskittyä
center fielder {n} (outfielder) :: keskikoppari
centerfold {n} /ˈsɛntɚfoʊld/ (single sheet of paper that forms the middle two pages of a magazine) :: keskiaukeama
centerfold {n} (large photograph printed on this sheet) :: keskiaukeamakuva
centerfold {n} (person in such a photograph) :: keskiaukeaman tyttö, keskiaukeaman poika
center of gravity {n} /ˌsen.təɹ əv ˈɡɹæv.ə.ti/ (point, near or within a body, at which the object's mass can be assumed to be concentrated) :: painopiste
center of gravity {n} (any pivotal or central idea or group) :: painopiste
centi- {prefix} (10-2) :: sentti-
centigram {n} (a metric measurement of 1/100 of a gram) :: senttigramma
centillion {num} (10303) :: kymmenen potenssiin 303
centillion {num} (10600) :: sentiljoona
centimeter-gram-second {n} (system of units) :: senttimetri-gramma-sekunti -järjestelmä, cgs-järjestelmä
centimetre {n} /ˈsɛn.tɪ.miː.tə/ (one-hundredth of a metre) :: senttimetri
centipede {n} /ˈsɛnt.ɪ.pid/ (a segmented arthropod of class Chilopoda) :: juoksujalkainen
central {adj} /ˈsɛntɹəl/ (being in the centre) :: keski-, keskus-
central {adj} (being the most important) :: keskeinen
central {adj} (having or containing the centre of something) :: keskus-
Central Africa {prop} (region) :: Keskinen Afrikka
Central African {n} (A person from Central Africa or of Central African descent) :: keskiafrikkalainen
Central African {adj} (Of, from, or pertaining to Central Africa or the Central African people) :: keskiafrikkalainen
Central African Republic {prop} (country in Central Africa) :: Keski-Afrikan tasavalta
Central America {prop} (part of North America) :: Keski-Amerikka
central angle {n} (an angle positioned with its vertex at the center of a circle) :: keskuskulma
Central Asia {prop} (smaller area of Central Asia) :: Keski-Aasia
central bank {n} (the principal monetary authority of a polity) :: keskuspankki
central business district {n} (central area of a city) :: liikekeskusta
Central Europe {prop} /ˈsɛntɹəl ˈjʊɹəp/ (geographical region in the center of Europe) :: Keski-Eurooppa
Central European {adj} (Central European) :: keskieurooppalainen
Central European {n} (Central European person) :: keskieurooppalainen
central government {n} (highest level of government in a unitary state) :: keskushallinto
Central Greece {prop} (geographic region) :: Keski-Kreikka
Central Greece {prop} (periphery) :: Keski-Kreikka
central heating {n} (heating system) :: keskuslämmitys
centralism {n} (system that centralizes) :: keskusvalta
central limit theorem {n} (the theorem) :: keskeinen raja-arvolause
centrally {adv} /ˈsɛnt.ɹə.li/ (in a central manner or situation) :: keskeisesti
Central Macedonia {prop} (periphery of Greece) :: Keski-Makedonia
central nervous system {n} (that part of the nervous system comprising the brain, brainstem and spinal cord) :: keskushermosto
Central Park {prop} (park in Manhattan) :: Keskuspuisto
central processing unit {n} (part of a computer) :: keskussuoritin, suoritin, prosessori
central reservation {n} (area which separates opposing lanes of traffic) :: keskikaista
central vacuum {n} (built-in vacuum cleaner) :: keskuspölynimuri
centre {n} (center) SEE: center ::
centre {v} (center) SEE: center ::
centreboard {n} (The adjustable keel on a small yacht) :: nostoköli
centre of attention {n} (something that attracts a lot of attention) :: huomion keskipiste
centre of buoyancy {n} (centre of mass of displaced water) :: nostepiste
centre of mass {n} (point where the mass can be considered concentrated) :: massakeskipiste
centrifugal {adj} /sɛnˈtɹɪf(j)əɡəl/ (tending, or causing, to recede from the center) :: keskipakoinen, sentrifugaalinen
centrifugal force {n} (force) :: keskipakoisvoima
centrifuge {n} /ˈsɛntɹɪˌfjʊdʒ/ (device for separation of substances) :: linko, sentrifugi
centrifuge {v} (to rotate something in a centrifuge in order to separate its constituents) :: lingota
centriole {n} /ˈsɛntɹɪˌəʊl/ (barrel shaped microtubule) :: keskusjyvänen, sentrioli
centripetal {adj} /sɛnˈtɹɪpətəl/ (directed or moving towards a centre) :: sentripetaalinen, keskihakuinen
centripetal {adj} (directed towards the central nervous system) :: keskihakuinen
centripetal force {n} (the force on a rotating or orbiting body in the direction of the centre of rotation) :: keskihakuisvoima, keskihakuvoima, sentripetaalivoima
centroid {n} (point at the centre of any shape) :: painopiste
centromere {n} /ˈsɛntɹəˌmiɚ/ (region of a eukaryotic chromosome) :: sentromeeri
centurion {n} /sɛnˈtjʊɹ.i.ən/ (commander of a century of soldiers) :: sadanpäämies, kenturio
century {n} /ˈsɛn.t͡ʃə.ɹiː/ (100 years) :: vuosisata
century {n} (Roman army type unit) :: kenturia
century egg {n} (Chinese delicacy) :: satavuotinen muna, tuhatvuotinen muna
CEO {n} (chief executive officer) :: TJ, tj
cep {n} /sɛp/ (Boletus edulis) :: herkkutatti
cephalalgia {n} (headache) SEE: headache ::
cephalopod {n} (mollusc) :: pääjalkainen
-cephaly {suffix} (head) :: -kefalia
Cephas {prop} (apostle Peter) :: Keefas
Cepheus {prop} /ˈsiːfi.əs/ (constellation) :: Kefeus
ceramic {adj} /səˈɹæmɪk/ (of or pertaining to ceramic as material) :: keraaminen
ceramic {n} (material) :: keramiikka, keraami
ceramic {n} (object) :: keramiikkaesine
ceramics {n} (art) :: keramiikka
ceramics {n} (ceramics objects as a group) :: keramiikka
ceramidase {n} (enzyme) :: keramidaasi
cereal {n} (breakfast cereal) SEE: breakfast cereal ::
cereal {n} /ˈsɪəɹiːəɫ]/ (type of grass) :: vilja
cereal {n} (grains of such a grass) :: vilja, viljanjyvä
cerebellum {n} /ˌseɹəˈbeləm/ (part of the hindbrain in vertebrates) :: pikkuaivot {p}
cerebral {adj} /ˈsɛɹ.ə.bɹəl/ (of, or relating to the brain) :: aivoperäinen, serebraalinen, aivo-
cerebral {adj} (intellectual) :: älyllinen
cerebral {adj} (retroflex) SEE: retroflex ::
cerebral aqueduct {n} (channel in the brain) :: aivonesteviemäri
cerebral cortex {n} (layer of the brain) :: aivokuori
cerebral edema {n} (excess accumulation of water in the brain) :: aivoödeema
cerebral hemisphere {n} (region of the brain) :: aivopuolisko
cerebral palsy {n} (group of non-contagious conditions) :: CP-vamma, CP-oireyhtymä
cerebrate {v} (to think or cogitate) :: järkeillä
cerebrospinal fluid {n} (clear bodily fluid) :: aivoselkäydinneste
cerebrum {n} /ˈsɛ.ɹɪ.bɹəm/ (upper part of the brain) :: isot aivot {p}, isotaivot
ceremonial {adj} (of, relating to, or used in a ceremony) :: seremoniallinen
ceremonial {n} (a ceremony, or series of ceremonies) :: muodollisuus
ceremony {n} /ˈsɛɹɪməni/ (ritual with religious significance) :: seremonia
ceremony {n} (official gathering to celebrate) :: seremonia, juhla, juhlallisuudet {p}
ceremony {n} (formal socially-established behaviour) :: muodollinen käytös, muodollisuus; kursailu
Cerenkov radiation {n} (light emitted by the Cerenkov effect) :: Tšerenkovin säteily
Ceres {prop} /ˈsɪəɹiːz/ (Roman goddess) :: Ceres
Ceres {prop} (dwarf planet) :: Ceres
cerium {n} /ˈsɪəɹiəm/ (chemical element) :: cerium
certain {adj} /ˈsɝtn̩/ (sure, positive, not doubting) :: varma
certain {determiner} (having been determined but not specified) :: tietty, muuan
certainly {adv} /ˈsɝʔn̩li/ (without doubt, surely) :: todellakin, varmasti, epäilemättä
certainly {adv} (emphatic affirmative answer) :: totta kai, ilman muuta, kyllä kiitos
certainty {n} /ˈsɝtn̩ti/ (state of being certain) :: varmuus
certificate {n} /səɹˈtɪfɪkɪt/ (a document containing a certified statement) :: todistus, sertifikaatti
certify {v} (to attest as to) :: todistaa
cerulean {n} /səˈɹuːli.ən/ (sky blue) :: taivaansini
cerulean {adj} (sky-blue) :: taivaansininen
cerumen {n} (earwax) SEE: earwax ::
cervical {adj} /ˈsɝːvɨkl̩/ :: kohdunkaula-, kohdunkaulan
cervical cancer {n} (cancer of the cervix) :: kohdunkaulansyöpä
cervical cap {n} (contraceptive device) :: pessaari
cervical smear {n} (gynaecology: screening test) :: irtosolukoe
cervical vertebra {n} (any of the seven vertebrae of the neck) :: kaulanikama, niskanikama
cervix {n} (neck) SEE: neck ::
cervix {n} /ˈsɝ.vɪks/ (lower, narrow portion of the uterus where it joins with the top end of the vagina) :: kohdunkaula
cesarean section {n} (Caesarean section) SEE: Caesarean section ::
Cesky terrier {n} (breed of terrier) :: ceskyterrieri
cessation {n} /sɛˈseɪʃən/ (a ceasing or discontinuance) :: lakkaaminen, lopettaminen
cesspool {n} /ˈsɛsˌpuːl/ (place for sewage) :: likakaivo
cesspool {n} (filthy place) :: läävä
c'est la vie {phrase} (such is life) SEE: such is life ::
cestode {n} (any of various parasitic tapeworms in the Cestoda) :: heisimato
cetacean {n} /sɪˈteɪʃən/ (an animal belonging to the order Cetacea) :: valas
Cetus {prop} (winter constellation of the northern sky) :: Valas, Valaskala
Ceylon {prop} (Sri Lanka) SEE: Sri Lanka ::
Ceylon {prop} /seɪˈlɑn/ (old name for Sri Lanka) :: Ceylon
Ceylonese {adj} (of Ceylon) :: Ceylonin
cf. {v} (compare) :: vrt.
C-flat major {n} (major key) :: Ces-duuri
CFP franc {n} (currency) :: CFP-frangi
cha-cha {n} (ballroom dance) :: cha-cha, cha-cha-cha
cha-cha {n} (music) :: cha-cha, cha-cha-cha
chacha {n} (Georgian grape vodka) :: chacha
cha-cha-cha {n} (cha-cha) SEE: cha-cha ::
chachalaca {n} (bird of the genus Ortalis) :: kaklattaja
Chad {prop} /tʃæd/ (country) :: Tšad
Chad Basin {prop} (area surrounding Lake Chad) :: Tšadjärven allas
Chadian {adj} (pertaining to Chad) :: tšadilainen
Chadian {n} (person from Chad) :: tšadilainen
Chadic {adj} (belonging to a language family in Africa) :: tšadilainen
chador {n} (a loose robe worn by Muslim women) :: tšador
chaetognath {n} (arrow worm) SEE: arrow worm ::
chafe {n} /tʃeɪf/ (injury or wear caused by friction) :: hiertymä, hankauma
chafe {n} (vexation; irritation of mind; rage) :: ärsytys
chafe {v} (to excite passion or anger in) :: ärsyttää
chafe {v} (to fret and wear by rubbing) :: hangata
chafe {v} (to rub; to come together so as to wear by rubbing; to wear by friction) :: hangata
chafe {v} (to be worn by rubbing) :: hankautua
chafe {v} (to be vexed; to fret; to be irritated) :: ärsyyntyä
chaff {n} /tʃæf/ (inedible parts of grain plant) :: ruumen
chaff {n} (excess or unwanted material) :: akanat
chaff {n} (loose material dropped from aircraft to interfere with radar) :: silppu
chaff {n} (straw or hay cut up for cattle food) :: silppu
chaff {n} (light jesting talk) :: irvailu, vinoilu
chaff {v} (to use idle language to ridicule) :: irvailla, vinoilla
chaff {v} (to make fun of) :: irvailla, vinoilla
chaffer {v} /ˈtʃæfɚ/ (haggle or barter) :: tinkiä
chaffer {n} (upper sieve of a cleaning shoe) :: yläseula
chaffinch {n} /ˈt͡ʃæfɪnt͡ʃ/ (bird) :: peippo
chaga {n} (fungus) :: pakurikääpä
chaga {n} (conk) :: pakuri
Chagatai {prop} (extinct Turkic language) :: tšagatai
chagrin {n} /ʃəˈɡɹɪn/ (distress from failure; vexation or mortification) :: mielipaha
chagrin {v} (bother or vex; to mortify) :: olla pahoillaan
chai {n} (spiced black tea) SEE: masala chai ::
chain {n} /ˈt͡ʃeɪn/ (series of interconnected rings or links) :: ketju, kettinki
chain {n} (series of interconnected things) :: ketju
chain {n} (series of stores or businesses with the same brand name) :: ketju, kauppaketju
chain {n} (number of atoms in a series, which combine to form a molecule) :: ketju
chain {n} (surveying: series of interconnected links as a measuring device) :: ketju
chain {n} (sequence of linked house purchases) :: ketju
chain {v} (to fasten with a chain) :: kiinnittää ketjulla
chain {v} (to link together) :: ketjuttaa
chain {v} (to secure someone with fetters) :: kahlita
chain {v} (to obstruct with a chain) :: sulkea ketjulla
chain {v} (computing: to relate data items with a chain of pointers) :: ketjuttaa
chain {v} (to be chained to another data item) :: ketjuttua
chain drive {n} (transmission system) :: ketjuvälitys
chain letter {n} (a letter that is mailed successively to different recipients) :: ketjukirje
chainlink {n} (type of fencing) :: panssariverkkoaita, verkkoaita
chain mail {n} (a flexible defensive armor) :: silmukkapanssari, rengashaarniska
chain mail {n} (chain letters collectively) :: ketjukirjeet {p}
chain of command {n} (hierarchy in which one rank obeys the one above it) :: komentoketju
chain reaction {n} (type of nuclear reaction) :: ketjureaktio
chain reaction {n} (series of events) :: ketjureaktio
chainring {n} /ˈtʃeɪnɹɪŋ/ (large forward ring on a bicycle) :: eturatas
chainsaw {n} /ˈt͡ʃeɪn.ˌsɔː/ (saw with a power-driven chain) :: moottorisaha
chain-smoke {v} :: polttaa ketjussa
chain smoker {n} (one who smokes continuously) :: ketjupolttaja
chain smoker {n} (one who habitually smokes a lot) :: ketjupolttaja
chain-smoker {n} (person who chain-smokes) :: ketjupolttaja
chain store {n} (retail outlet that is one of a group) :: ketjuliike
chair {n} /t͡ʃɛə(ɹ)/ (furniture) :: tuoli
chair {v} (to act as chairperson) :: johtaa puhetta
chair {n} (chairperson) SEE: chairperson ::
chair conformation {n} (chemical conformation) :: tuolikonformaatio
chairlift {n} (moving series of open seats) :: tuolihissi
chairman {n} /ˈtʃɛːmən/ (person presiding over a meeting) :: puheenjohtaja
chairmanship {n} (office or term of a chairman) :: puheenjohtajuus, puheenjohtajakausi
chairperson {n} (a person who presides over a meeting, a board) :: puheenjohtaja
chairwoman {n} (female chairperson) :: puheenjohtaja
chaise longue {n} /ˌʃeɪz ˈlɔŋ/ (reclining chair with a long seat) :: lepotuoli
chai tea {n} (masala chai) SEE: masala chai ::
chakra {n} /ˈtʃæk.ɹə/ (spiritual energy nexuses) :: chakra, tsakra, tšakra
chalaza {n} /kəˈleɪzə/ (zoology: spiral band) :: valkuaisnuora, valkuaisside
chalaza {n} (botany: location) :: kalatsa
chalcedony {n} /kælˈsɛdəni/ (form of fine-grained quartz) :: kalsedoni
Chalcis {prop} (city) :: Khalkis
Chaldea {prop} (region in the southern portion of Babylonia) :: Kaldea
Chaldean {adj} (of ancient Babylonia) SEE: Babylonian ::
Chaldean {n} (native of Chaldea) :: kaldealainen
chalice {n} /ˈtʃæl.ɪs/ (large drinking cup) :: kalkki, malja, pikari
chalk {n} /t͡ʃɔːk/ (a soft, white, powdery limestone) :: liitukivi
chalk {n} (a piece of chalk used for drawing and on a blackboard) :: liitu
chalk {n} (... prevent from falling when climbing) :: liitu, magnesium
chalk {n} (tailor's chalk) SEE: tailor's chalk ::
chalkboard {n} /t͡ʃɔk.bɔː(ɹ)d/ (slate board for writing on with chalk) :: liitutaulu
chalk up to {v} (idiomatic: to attribute something to something) :: laittaa jonkin piikkiin
challenge {n} /ˈtʃæl.ɪndʒ/ (that which encourages someone to do something they otherwise would not) :: haaste
challenge {n} (difficult task) :: haaste
challenge {n} (judge's interest in the result of the case for which they should not be allowed to sit) :: jäävi, esteellisyysperuste
challenged {adj} (lacking attribute or skill) :: rajoitteinen
challenged {adj} (used jocularly) :: rajoitteinen
Challenger Deep {prop} (deepest point in the world) :: Challengerin syvänne
challenging {adj} (difficult; hard to do) :: haastava, vaikea, hankala
Cham {n} /t͡ʃɑːm/ (ethnic group) :: tšam
Cham {prop} (language) :: tšam
Cham {adj} (pertaining to the Cham people or their language) :: tšamilainen
chamber {n} /ˈtʃeɪmbə(ɹ)/ (room or set of rooms) :: huone [room]; huoneisto [set of rooms]
chamber {n} (individual's private room) :: huone
chamber {n} (bedroom) :: makuuhuone, kamari
chamber {n} (private office of a judge) :: toimisto
chamber {n} (room used for deliberation by a legislature) :: istuntosali, sali
chamber {n} (rooms in a lodging house) :: asuntola
chamber {n} (legislative body) :: kamari
chamber {n} (enclosed space similar to a room) :: kammio; allas [lock chamber]; pesä [furnace chamber]
chamber {n} (part of a firearm holding the round before firing) :: patruunapesä
chamber {n} (compartment holding a bullet of a revolver) :: patruunapesä
chamber {n} (chamber pot) SEE: chamber pot ::
chamberlain {n} /t͡ʃæmbɚlɪn/ (an officer in charge of managing the household of a sovereign) :: kamariherra
chambermaid {n} /ˈtʃeɪm.bə(ɹ).meɪd/ (a maid who handles the chores in a bedroom) :: huonesiivooja [in a hotel], huonepalvelija
chamber music {n} (chamber music) :: kamarimusiikki
chamber of commerce {n} (community business association) :: kauppakamari
chamber orchestra {n} (orchestra to play chamber music) :: kamariorkesteri
chamber pot {n} (a container used for urination and defecation, see also: urinal; chemical toilet) :: yöastia, potta
chameleon {n} /kəˈmiːlɪən/ (reptile) :: kameleontti
chamois {n} /ˈʃæmwɑː/ (goat) :: gemssi
chamois {n} (cloth) :: säämiskä
chamois leather {n} (suede leather) SEE: suede ::
Chamorro {prop} /tʃəˈmɔɹoʊ/ (Austronesian language) :: chamorro, tšamorro
champagne {n} /ʃæmˈpeɪn/ (sparkling white wine produced in Champagne) :: samppanja
champagne {n} (any sparkling white wine) :: kuohuviini, (samppanja)
champagne {n} (glass of champagne) :: samppanja
champagne {n} (colour) :: samppanja
Champagne {n} (champagne) SEE: champagne ::
champagne bucket {n} (bowl or bucket) :: samppanjaämpäri
champagne flute {n} (stemware for champagne) :: samppanjalasi
champagne socialist {n} (false socialist) :: salonkisosialisti, samppanjasosialisti
champagne whisk {n} (whisk for stirring champagne) :: samppanjavispilä
champ at the bit {v} (of horse: to bite the bit) :: purra kuolainta
champ at the bit {v} (to show impatience when delayed) :: hermoilla
champian {n} (field of inquiry or study) SEE: field ::
champian {n} (flat expanse of land) SEE: plain ::
champian {n} (species of landscape) SEE: plain ::
champian {n} (level open countryside) SEE: plain ::
champian {n} (battlefield) SEE: battlefield ::
champian {n} (agriculture: common land) SEE: common land ::
champignon {n} /ʃæmpinˈjɒn/ (Agaricus bisporus) :: herkkusieni
champion {n} /ˈtʃæm.pi.ən/ (someone who has been winner in a contest) :: mestari
champion {n} (defender of a cause) :: puolestapuhuja
champion {adj} (something very positive) :: mestari
champion {v} (to advocate) :: puolustaa, taistella jonkun puolesta
championship {n} /ˈtʃæmpi.ənʃɪp/ (competition to determine a champion) :: mestaruusottelu, loppuottelu, mestaruuskilpailu
championship {n} (position of champion, or winner) :: mestaruus
chance {n} /tʃʰɛəns~tʃʰeəns]/ (an opportunity or possibility) :: mahdollisuus
chance {n} (random occurrence) :: sattuma
chance {n} (probability of something happening) :: mahdollisuus, todennäköisyys
chance {v} (to try or risk) :: ottaa riski
chance {v} (to discover by chance) :: löytää/kohdata/tavata sattumalta
chance card {n} (card) :: sattuma-kortti
chancel {n} /ˈtʃænsəl/ (space around the altar in a church) :: kuori
chancellor {n} /ˈtʃɑːnsələ/ (senior secretary or official with administrative or legal duties, sometimes in charge of some area of government) :: kansleri, kansliapäällikkö
chancellor {n} (head of government in some German-speaking countries) :: kansleri
chancellor {n} (senior record keeper of a cathedral; senior legal officer for a bishop or diocese) :: kansliapäällikkö; kansleri [historical]
chancellor {n} (head of a university) :: kansleri
chancellor {n} (foreman of a jury) :: lautamiesten puheenjohtaja
chancellor {n} (chief judge of a court of chancery) :: tuomari
chancellor {n} (short for Chancellor of the Exchequer) SEE: Chancellor of the Exchequer ::
Chancellor of the Exchequer {prop} (minister responsible for governmental finances and treasury) :: valtiovarainministeri
chancre {n} /ˈʃæŋ.kɚ/ (lesion) :: sankkeri
chancroid {n} (disease) :: pehmeä sankkeri
chandelier {n} /ʃændəˈlɪə(ɹ)/ (branched, often ornate, lighting fixture suspended from the ceiling) :: kattokruunu
chandler {n} (person who makes or sells candles) :: kynttiläntekijä [maker]; kynttiläkauppias [seller]
chandler {n} (dealer in provisions or supplies) :: kauppias
Chandrasekhar limit {prop} (maximum theoretical mass of a white dwarf) :: Chandrasekharin raja
Changchun {prop} (a sub-provincial city in northeastern China) :: Changchun
change {v} /t͡ʃeɪnd͡ʒ/ (to become something different) :: muuttua
change {v} (to make something into something different) :: muuttaa
change {v} (to replace) :: vaihtaa
change {v} (to replace one's own clothing) :: vaihtaa vaatteensa
change {v} (to transfer to another vehicle) :: vaihtaa
change {n} (the process of becoming different) :: muutos
change {n} (small denominations of money given in exchange for a larger denomination) :: vaihtoraha
change {n} (a replacement) :: vaihto
change {n} (a transfer between vehicles) :: vaihto
change {n} (money given back) :: vaihtoraha
change hands {v} (to become the property of someone else.) :: vaihtaa omistajaa
changeling {n} ((Mythology) an infant of a fairy, sprite or troll that the creature has secretly exchanged for a human infant) :: vaihdokas
change of heart {n} (change of opinion) :: mielenmuutos
change one's mind {v} (to decide differently than one had decided before) :: muuttaa mielensä, muuttaa mieltään
change places {v} (to exchange positions) :: vaihtaa paikkaa, vaihtaa paikkoja
changeroom {n} (changing room) :: pukuhuone, pukukoppi
change someone's mind {v} (to convince someone to make a decision) :: saada muuttamaan mielensä
changing room {n} (room in gym etc.) :: pukuhuone, pukukoppi
changing room {n} (room in shop) :: sovituskoppi, sovitushuone
Chang Jiang {prop} (Yangtze) SEE: Yangtze ::
Changsha {prop} (city in south-central China) :: Changsha
channel {n} /ˈtʃænəl/ (physical confine of a river or slough) :: uoma
channel {n} (natural or man-made deeper course through shallow body of water) :: kanava
channel {n} (narrow body of water between two land masses) :: kanaali
channel {n} (communication: path for conveying electrical or electromagnetic signals) :: kanava
channel {n} (communication: single path provided by a transmission medium via physical separation) :: kanava
channel {n} (communication: single path provided by a transmission via spectral or protocol separation) :: kanava
channel {n} (broadcasting: specific radio frequency or band of frequencies) :: kanava
channel {n} (broadcasting: specific radio frequency or band of frequencies used for transmitting television) :: kanava
channel {v} (direct the flow) :: kanavoida
channel {v} (assume personality of other person) :: kanavoida
Channel Islands {prop} (group of islands in the English Channel) :: Kanaalisaaret
Channel Tunnel {prop} (man-made tunnel) :: Kanaalin tunneli
chanoyu {n} (tea ceremony) SEE: tea ceremony ::
chansonnier {n} (book) :: laulukirja
chant {v} /tʃænt/ (sing monophonically without instruments) :: messuta
chanter {n} (the pipe of a bagpipe) :: melodiapilli
chanterelle {n} /ˈtʃæntəɹɛl/ (Cantharellus cibarius) :: kantarelli, keltavahvero
chaos {n} /ˈkeɪ.ɑs/ (state of disorder) :: kaaos, epäjärjestys, sekasorto
chaos theory {n} (chaos theory) :: kaaosteoria
chaotic {adj} /keɪˈɑt.ɪk/ (Filled with chaos) :: kaoottinen
chaotic {adj} (Extremely disorganized or in disarray) :: sekasortoinen, kaoottinen
chaotically {adv} (In a chaotic manner) :: kaoottisesti, sekasortoisesti
chap {n} /tʃæp/ (man or fellow) :: kaveri; kundi [dialectal]
chap {n} (dialectal: customer, buyer) :: kundi
chap {n} (colloquial: child) :: kersa
chap {v} (of skin: to split or flake) :: ahavoitua; halkeilla
chap {v} (of skin: to cause to split or flake) :: ahavoida
chap {n} (the jaw) :: leuka
chapel {n} /ˈtʃæ.pəl/ (place of worship) :: kappeli, rukoushuone, tsasouna
chaperon {n} (an adult who accompanies unmarried men or women) SEE: chaperone ::
chaperone {n} /ˈʃæ.pəˌɹoʊn/ (an older person who accompanies younger people to ensure good behaviour) :: esiliina, kaitsija
chaperone {v} :: olla esiliinana (jollekin)
chaplain {n} /ˈtʃæp.lɪn/ (member of a religious body) :: kappalainen
chaplaincy {n} /ˈtʃæp.lɪ (office) :: kappalaisen virka
chapped {adj} /tʃæpt/ (of skin: dry and flaky) :: rohtunut
chapter {n} /ˈt͡ʃæptɚ/ (section in a book) :: [in a book] luku; [in a legal statute] pykälä
char {v} /tʃɑɹ/ (to burn something to charcoal) :: hiiltää
char {v} (to burn slightly) :: hiillyttää, ruskistaa
char {n} (a charred substance) :: puuhiili, hiili
char {n} /tʃɑɹ/ (fish) :: puronieriä, nieriät
char {n} /tʃɑɹ/ (cleaning woman) :: taloudenhoitaja, siivooja
character {n} /ˈkɛɹəktɚ/ (being in a story) :: hahmo, henkilö
character {n} (distinguishing feature) :: luonne
character {n} (moral strength) :: luonne
character {n} (notable or eccentric person) :: persoona, tyyppi
character {n} (symbol for a sound or a word) :: kirjain, merkki, kirjoitusmerkki
character {n} ((computing) basic element in a text string) :: merkki
character {n} ((informal) unknown or suspicious person) :: tyyppi
character amnesia {n} (phenomenon) :: kirjoitusmerkkien unohtaminen
character assassination {n} (malicious discourse designed to damage someone's reputation) :: mustamaalaus
character class {n} (group) :: hahmoluokka
character class {n} (in regex) :: merkkiryhmä
character encoding {n} (well-defined correspondence between text characters and numeric values) :: merkistökoodaus, tavuesitys
characteristic {adj} /ˌkʰæɹəktəˈɹɪstɪk]/ (being a distinguishing feature of a person or thing) :: ominainen, luonteenomainen, tunnusomainen
characteristic {n} (distinguishing feature) :: tuntomerkki, erityispiirre, tunnusmerkki
characteristic {n} (integer part of a logarithm) :: karakteristika
characteristically {adv} (in a usual or expected way) :: tyypillisesti
characteristic function {n} (a complex function completely defining a probability distribution) :: karakteristinen funktio
characteristic polynomial {n} (linear algebra) :: karakteristinen polynomi
characterization {n} (act or process of characterizing) :: luonnehtiminen
character set {n} (set of characters in a character encoding) :: merkistö
charade {n} (party game) SEE: charades ::
charades {n} (game) :: pantomiimi
charango {n} /t͡ʃəˈɹæŋɡəʊ/ (small guitar-like stringed instrument) :: charango
charcoal {n} /ˈtʃɑː.kəʊl/ (substance) :: puuhiili
charcoal {n} (stick used for drawing) :: hiili
charcoal {n} (charcoal drawing) :: hiilipiirros
charcoal {n} (colour) :: antrasiitti
charcoal {adj} (colour) :: antrasiitti
charcoal drawing {n} (charcoal drawing) SEE: charcoal ::
charcuterie {n} /ʃɑːɹˌkuːtəˈɹi/ (cured meat, ready to be eaten) :: lihaleikkeleet {p}
chard {n} /tʃɑɹd/ (Beta vulgaris subsp. cicla) :: lehtimangoldi, mangoldi, lehtijuurikas
chard {n} (blanched artichoke leaves and shoots) :: kaltattu artisokka
Chardonnay {n} /ˌʃɑː(ɹ)dəˈneɪ/ (grape) :: chardonnay-rypäle
Chardonnay {n} (wine) :: chardonnay, chardonnay-viini
chargé d'affaires {n} (diplomat) :: asiainhoitaja
charge {n} /t͡ʃɑɹd͡ʒ/ (scope of responsibility) :: vastuu
charge {n} (someone or something entrusted to one's care) :: vastuu
charge {n} (load or burden) :: kuorma, taakka, lasti
charge {n} (amount of money levied for a service) :: maksu, veloitus
charge {n} (instruction) :: määräys, ohje
charge {n} (ground attack) :: rynnäkkö, hyökkäys
charge {n} (accusation) :: syytös, syyte
charge {n} (electric charge) :: varaus
charge {n} (basketball: offensive foul) :: törmääminen, törmäysvirhe
charge {n} (measured amount of powder and/or shot) :: lataus
charge {n} (heraldry: image displayed on an escutcheon) :: tunnus, tunnuskuvio
charge {n} (forceful forward movement) :: ryntäys
charge {n} (position of a weapon fitted for attack) :: tana
charge {v} (to place a burden upon, to assign a duty) :: kuormata, sälyttää
charge {v} (to assign a duty to) :: määrätä
charge {v} (to formally accuse of a crime) :: syyttää
charge {v} (to demand payment) :: laskuttaa
charge {v} (to assign a debit to an account) :: veloittaa
charge {v} (to pay on account) :: maksaa luottokortilla
charge {v} (to load equipment with material required for its use) :: ladata
charge {v} (to cause to take on an electric charge) :: varata
charge {v} (to add energy to) :: ladata
charge {v} (of a battery or device: to gain energy) :: latautua
charge {v} (to move forward forcefully) :: hyökätä, rynnistää
charge {v} (military: to attack by moving forward quickly) :: rynnäköidä, hyökätä
charge {v} (basketball: to commit a charging foul) :: törmätä
charge density {n} (the amount of electric charge per unit volume of space or unit area of a surface) :: varaustiheys
charge nurse {n} (supervisory nurse) :: osastonhoitaja
charger {n} /ˈtʃɑɹdʒɚ/ (a device that charges or recharges) :: laturi
charging {n} (act or process) :: lataaminen, lataus, varaaminen
charging {n} (basketball: offensive foul) :: törmäysvirhe
chargino {n} (particle) :: chargiino
chariot {n} (vehicle used in warfare) :: sotavaunut {p}
chariot {n} (carriage used for ceremonial or pleasure purposes) :: juhlavaunut {p}
charisma {n} /kəˈɹɪzmə/ (personal charm or magnetism) :: karisma
charismatic {adj} (of, related to, or having charisma) :: karismaattinen
charitable {adj} (pertaining to charity) :: hyväntekeväisyys-
charitable {adj} (kind, generous) :: hyväntahtoinen
charitable organization {n} (organization) :: hyväntekeväisyysjärjestö
charity {n} /ˈtʃɛɹəti/ (Christian love) :: armeliaisuus
charity {n} (attitude) :: armeliaisuus
charity {n} (providing of goods or money) :: hyväntekeväisyys
charity {n} (goods or money given) :: hyväntekeväisyys
charity {n} (organization) :: hyväntekeväisyysjärjestö
Charity {prop} (female given name meaning Christian love) :: Lempi
charity stamp {n} (type of postage stamp) SEE: semi-postal stamp ::
charivari {n} (cacaphonous noise, hubbub) SEE: cacophony ::
char kway teow {n} (noodle dish) :: char kway teow
charlady {n} (woman who cleans houses and offices) SEE: charwoman ::
charlatan {n} /ˈʃɑɹlətən/ (malicious trickster) :: huijari, puoskari
Charlemagne {prop} /ˈʃɑɹlɨmeɪn/ (king of the Franks) :: Kaarle Suuri
Charles {prop} /tʃɑɹlz/ (given name) :: Kaarle, Kaarlo
Charles's law {prop} /ˌtʃɑːlz ˈlɔː/ (physical law stating the density of an ideal gas is inversely proportional to its temperature at constant pressure) :: Charlesin laki
Charleston {n} (dance) :: charleston
Charles' Wain {prop} (bright circumpolar asterism of the northern sky) SEE: Big Dipper ::
charley horse {n} (a muscle cramp, usually in the thigh or leg) :: puujalka, jalkakramppi
Charlie {prop} (diminutive of Charles or its translations in other languages) :: Kalle
Charlie {prop} (diminutive of Charlotte or Charlene or its translations in other languages) :: Karo
Charlie {prop} (the letter "C" in a national spelling alphabet) :: celsius
Charlotte {prop} /ˈʃɑɹlət/ (female given name) :: Lotta
charm {n} /tʃɑɹm/ (something with magic power) :: lumous [enchantment], taika [spell], taikakalu [trinket], amuletti [amulet]
charm {n} (quality of inspiring delight or admiration) :: lumo, tenho, viehätysvoima
charm {n} (property of subatomic particle) :: lumo
charm {n} (a small trinket on a bracelet or chain) :: amuletti
charm {v} (seduce, entrance or fascinate) :: hurmata, lumota
charm {v} (use a magical charm) :: lumota
charmed {adj} (bewitched, under a magic spell) :: lumottu
charmer {n} /ˈtʃɑɹmɚ/ (a charming person) :: hurmuri
charming {adj} /ˈtʃɑː(ɹ).mɪŋ/ (pleasant, charismatic) :: viehättävä, ihastuttava
charm offensive {n} (campaign of deliberately using charm and flattery) :: hymykampanja
charm quark {n} (charm quark) :: lumo-kvarkki
Charon {prop} /ˈkɛəɹən/ (a moon of Pluto) :: Kharon
Charon {prop} (the ferryman of Hades) :: Kharon
Charpy impact test {n} (test of the impact strength of a material) :: Charpyn iskukoe
char siu {n} /ˌtʃɑː ˈʃuː/ (style of preparation of barbecued pork) :: char siu
chart {n} (map) SEE: map ::
chart {n} (graph) SEE: graph ::
chart {n} (table) SEE: table ::
chart {n} /tʃɑɹt/ (navigator's map) :: merikortti
chart {n} (non-narrative presentation of data) :: kaavio, taulukko
chart {v} (draw a chart or map) :: kartoittaa
chart {v} (draw or figure out a route or plan) :: laatia
chart {n} (diagram) SEE: diagram ::
charter {n} /ˈtʃɑɹɾɚ/ (document issued by some authority, creating a public or private institution, and defining its purposes and privileges) :: peruskirja
charter {n} (document conferring rights and privileges on a person, corporation etc) :: peruskirja
charter {n} (the temporary hiring or leasing of a vehicle) :: vuokraus
charwoman {n} (awoman employed to do housework) :: taloudenhoitaja
chase {n} (hunt) SEE: hunt ::
chase {v} (to hunt) SEE: hunt ::
chase {n} /tʃeɪs/ (action of the verb "to chase") :: jahti, takaa-ajo
chase {v} (to pursue, to follow at speed) :: ajaa takaa, jahdata
chase {v} (nautical: to pursue a vessel) :: ajaa takaa, jahdata
chase {v} (cricket: to attempt to score required number of runs) :: tavoitella
chase {v} (To groove; indent) :: loveta, kolota
chase {v} (To cut (the thread of a screw)) :: kierteittää
chase {v} (to decorate (metal) by engraving or embossing) :: kaivertaa, pakottaa
chaser {n} /ˈtʃeɪsə/ (a person or thing (ship, plane, car, etc.) who chases) :: jahtaaja
chasm {n} /ˈkæz(ə)m/ (gap) :: kuilu, rotko
chasm {n} (difference of opinion) :: kuilu
chasma {n} (aurora) SEE: aurora ::
chassis {n} /ˈtʃæsi/ (base frame of motor vehicle) :: alusta, runko
chassis {n} (frame or housing containing electrical or mechanical equipment) :: runko; asennuspohja; räkki
chaste {adj} (modest) SEE: modest ::
chaste {adj} /tʃeɪst/ (abstaining from sexual intercourse) :: siveä
chaste {adj} (celibate) SEE: celibate ::
chaste {adj} (innocent) SEE: innocent ::
chaste {adj} (austere) SEE: austere ::
chasten {v} (discipline) SEE: discipline ::
chasten {v} (purify) SEE: purify ::
chastise {v} /tʃæˈstaɪz/ (to punish or scold) :: ojentaa
chastity {n} /ˈtʃæstɪti/ (abstaining from sexual activity) :: siveys
chastity belt {n} (belt-like garment) :: siveysvyö
chasuble {n} /ˈt͡ʃæzjʊbəl/ (liturgical vestment) :: kasukka, messukasukka
chat {v} /tʃæt/ (be engaged in informal conversation) :: jutella, rupatella, turista, horista, lörpötellä
chat {v} (talk more than a few words) :: puhella
chat {v} (exchange messages in real time) :: tsättäillä, chatata
chat {n} (informal conversation) :: juttelu, rupattelu
chat {n} (conversation to stop an argument or settle situations) :: keskustelu
chat {n} (exchange of text or voice messages in real time) :: tsätti, chatti
chat {n} (bird in the subfamily Saxicolini) :: pensastasku
chat {n} (mining waste) :: rikastusjäte
chateaubriand {n} /ˌʃatəʊˈbɹiːɒ̃/ (steak cut from a beef tenderloin) :: chateaubriand
chattel {n} /ˈtʃæt.əl/ (tangible, movable property) :: irtain
chattel {n} (slave) :: orja, sielu
chatter {n} /ˈtʃætɚ/ (talk, especially meaningless or unimportant talk) :: jaarittelu, juttelu, rupattelu, lörpöttely
chatter {n} (sound of talking) :: pulina
chatter {n} (sound of a magpie) :: räkätys
chatter {n} (intermittent noise, as from vibration) :: kalina, kolina
chatter {n} (degree of communication between suspects) :: chattailu
chatter {v} (talk idly) :: jutella, rupatella, lörpötellä, [colloquial] turista
chatter {v} (make a chattering noise) :: kalista
chatterbox {n} (one who chats or talks to excess) :: lörppö, lörpöttelijä, hölösuu
chatty {adj} /ˈtʃæti/ (chatting a lot or fond of chatting) :: puhelias, suulas
chatty {adj} (expressed in a conversational style) :: tuttavallinen
chat up {v} (talk in a charming manner) :: liehitellä
chauffeur {n} /ʃoʊˈfɝ/ (a person employed to drive a motor car) :: autonkuljettaja, kuljettaja
chauffeur {v} (intransitive: to be, or act as a chauffeur) :: ajaa
chauffeur {v} (transitive: to transport someone in a motor car) :: kuljettaa, ajaa
chauvinism {n} /ˈʃoʊ.vɪˌnɪzm̩/ (excessive patriotism) :: kiihkokansallisuus, kansalliskiihko
chauvinism {n} (unwarranted bias) :: sovinismi, šovinismi
chauvinist {adj} (pertaining to chauvinism) :: sovinistinen
chauvinist {n} (chauvinist person) :: sovinisti
chauvinist {adj} (chauvinistic) SEE: chauvinistic ::
chauvinistic {adj} (of or pertaining to chauvinism or chauvinists) :: sovinistinen [all sorts]; kansalliskiihkoinen (excessively nationalist)
chavender {n} (chub) SEE: chub ::
chayote {n} /tʃɑˈjoʊti/ (plant) :: kajottikurpitsa
chayote {n} (fruit) :: kajottikurpitsa
cheap {adj} /t͡ʃip/ (low in price) :: halpa
cheap {adj} (reduced in price) :: halpa, alennettu
cheap {adj} (of poor quality) :: kehno, huono, halpa
cheap {adj} (of little worth) :: vähäarvoinen, halpa
cheap {adj} (slang: unfairly powerful) :: halpa
cheap {adj} (frugal, stingy) :: pihi
cheapen {v} (to make cheaper) :: laskea hintaa, alentaa hintaa, halpuuttaa, halventaa
cheapen {v} (to make vulgar) :: halventaa
cheapen {v} (to become cheaper) :: halveta, halventua
cheapen {v} (to bargain for) :: tinkiä
cheaply {adv} /ˈtʃiːpli/ (in a cheap manner) :: edullisesti, halvalla, halvasti
cheapness {n} /ˈtʃiːpnəs/ (state of being cheap) :: halpuus [being low in price]
cheapskate {n} (someone who avoids spending money) :: kitupiikki, saituri
cheapskate {n} (someone who doesn't give freely) :: kitupiikki, saituri
cheat {v} /tʃiːt/ (violate rules to gain advantage) :: huijata, luntata
cheat {v} (being unfaithful) :: pettää
cheat {v} (manage to avoid something) :: välttää, huijata
cheat {n} (someone who is dishonest or cheats) :: huijari
cheat {n} (card game) :: fusku
cheat {n} (unfair advantage in a computer game) :: huijaus
cheater {n} (cheat) SEE: cheat ::
cheatgrass {n} /ˈtʃiːtɡɹɑːs/ (Bromus tectorum) :: kattokattara
cheat on {v} (be unfaithful to) :: pettää
cheat sheet {n} (sheet of paper used to assist on a test) :: lunttilappu, luntti [often without permission]; muistilappu [often with permission]
cheat sheet {n} (any summary or quick reference) :: muistilappu, lunttilappu
Cheboksary {prop} /ˌt͡ʃɛbɒkˈsæɹiː/ (city) :: Tšeboksary
Chebyshev's inequality {prop} (theorem) :: Tšebyšovin epäyhtälö
Chechen {adj} /ˈtʃɛ.tʃɛn/ (of or pertaining to Chechnya) :: tšetšenialainen
Chechen {n} (person) :: tšetšeeni
Chechen {prop} (ethnic group) :: tšetšeenit
Chechen {prop} (language) :: tšetšeeni
Chechnya {prop} /ˈtʃɛtʃ.ni.ə/ (federal subject of Russia) :: Tšetšenia
check {n} /t͡ʃɛk/ (chess: when the king is directly threatened by an enemy piece) :: shakki, šakki
check {n} (a mark like a v or sometimes x used as an indicator) :: tarkistusmerkki, pukki
check {n} (a bill, particularly at a restaurant) :: lasku
check {n} (a control, limit or stop) :: hallinta, kuri
check {n} (an inspection or examination) :: tarkastus, tutkimus
check {v} (to inspect, examine) :: tarkistaa, tutkia, tsekata [colloquial]
check {v} (to verify the accuracy of a text or translation) :: tarkistaa, kielentarkistaa
check {v} (to mark with a checkmark) :: merkitä, rastia
check {v} (to control, limit, or halt) :: hillitä
check {v} (to verify or compare with a source of information) :: tarkistaa, tsekata [colloquial]
check {v} ((poker) to remain in the hand without betting) :: sököttää
check {n} (a checkered pattern) :: ruutukuvio {s}
check {n} (bank order) SEE: cheque ::
checkbook {n} (chequebook) SEE: chequebook ::
checkbox {n} /ˈtʃɛkbɑks/ (A place on a form that can be checked or not) :: ruutu, valintaruutu
checkbox {n} ((graphical user interface): a feature on a webpage that can be marked or not) :: valintaruutu
checker {n} /ˈtʃɛkɚ/ (One who checks or verifies something) :: tarkastaja
checker {n} (The clerk who tallies cost of purchases and accepts payment) :: kassa
checkerboard {n} (pattern of squares of alternating colours) :: ruutukuvio, shakkikuvio
checkerboard {n} (game board) :: shakkilauta
checkered {adj} (divided into squares) :: ruudullinen
checkered {adj} (changeable) :: kirjava, värikäs
checkers {n} (draughts) SEE: draughts ::
check in {v} (to record one's arrival) :: tehdä lähtöselvitys [at airport], kirjautua sisään [at hotel]
check-in {n} (act of checking in) :: lähtöselvitys (at airport), sisäänkirjautuminen [hotel]
checking {n} /ˈtʃɛkɪŋ/ (ice hockey) :: taklaus
checking account {n} (current account) SEE: current account ::
checklist {n} /ˈtʃɛklɪst/ (list of things to be verified) :: muistilista, tarkastuslista
check mark {n} (mark to indicate agreement) :: oikein-merkki [note that a different sign is used in Finnish to indicate correctness]
check mark {n} (athletics) :: askelmerkki
checkmate {interj} /ˈt͡ʃɛkmeɪt/ (said when making the conclusive move in chess) :: shakki ja matti
checkmate {n} (conclusive victory in a game of chess) :: matti
checkmate {n} (losing situation with no escape) :: nurkka, umpikuja
checkmate {v} (to put an opponent into checkmate) :: matittaa, tehdä matti
checkmate {v} (to lead to a situation of no escape) :: saattaa umpikujaan, panna ahtaalle
check out {v} (to pay when leaving) :: maksaa lasku, maksaa, kirjautua ulos [hotel]
check out {v} (to withdraw (an item) from a library etc., and have the withdrawal recorded) :: kuitata
check out {v} (to record someone as leaving) :: kirjata ulos
check out {v} (to examine, inspect, look at closely) :: katsoa, tsekata, tsekkailla
check out {v} (to obtain computer source code from a source code control system) :: kuitata ulos
check out {v} (to leave in a hurry) :: häipyä
check out {v} (to die) :: heittää hokkarit
checkout {n} (supermarket checkout position) :: kassa
checkpoint {n} (point along a road or on a frontier) :: tarkastuspiste
checkpoint {n} (computing) :: tarkastuspiste
checkpoint {n} (video games) :: tarkastuspiste
checks and balances {n} (system for balancing the powers between branches of government) :: vallan tasapainotus
checksum {n} (number serving to detect error) :: tarkiste, tarkistussumma, tarkastussumma
check up {v} :: tarkistaa, tarkastaa, katsastaa
checkup {n} (physical checkup) :: tarkastus
checkup {n} (routine inspection) :: tarkistus, tarkastus, katsastus
cheddar {n} /ˈtʃɛdə(ɹ)/ (cheese) :: cheddar, cheddarjuusto
Cheddar {prop} (Cheddar cheese) SEE: Cheddar cheese ::
Cheddar cheese {n} (cheese) :: cheddarjuusto, cheddar
cheek {n} /tʃiːk/ (part of face) :: poski
cheek {n} (colloquial: buttock) :: pakara
cheek {n} (colloquial: impudence) :: otsa
cheekbone {n} (bone) :: poskiluu
cheeked {adj} /tʃiːkt/ (having some specific type of cheek) :: -poskinen
cheekpiece {n} (part of the bridle of a horse) :: poskihihna
cheek pouch {n} (pouch in the cheek) :: poskipussi
cheeky {adj} /ˈtʃiːki/ (impudent; impertinent) :: röyhkeä, rääväsuinen, näsäviisas
cheep {v} /tʃiːp/ (make high-pitched sounds) :: sirkuttaa
cheer {n} /t͡ʃɪə(ɹ)/ (A cheerful attitude; gaiety) :: iloisuus, hilpeys
cheer {n} (A cry of "hurrah", "hurray", "yeah", or some other word expressing joy) :: hurraahuuto, kannustushuuto
cheer {v} (to make cheerful) :: ilahduttaa
cheer {v} (To shout a cheer or cheers) :: hurrata, kannustaa
cheerful {adj} /ˈtʃɪɹfəl/ (happy) :: hilpeä, iloinen
cheerful {adj} (bright) :: hilpeä, iloinen
cheerio {interj} /ˈtʃɪəɹ.i.oʊ/ (translations to be checked: exclamation used when greeting as well as when parting) :: terve, hei
Cheerios {prop} /ˈtʃɪəɹ.i.əʊz/ (cereal) :: Cheerios
cheerleader {n} (person (usually female) who encourages applaus) :: cheerleader
cheerleader {n} (person who rallies support for any cause) :: kellokas
cheerleading {n} (physical activity) :: cheerleading
cheer on {v} (to cheer and support) :: kannustaa
cheers {interj} /tʃɪɹz/ (toast when drinking) :: kippis
cheers {interj} (informal: goodbye) :: terve, moikka
cheers {interj} (informal: thank you) :: kiitti
cheer up {v} (to become happy) :: piristyä, ilahtua
cheer up {v} (to make someone happy) :: piristää, ilahduttaa
cheer up {interj} (an encouragement) :: piristy!
cheese {n} /t͡ʃiːz/ (dairy product) :: juusto
cheese {n} (countable: any particular variety of cheese) :: juusto
cheese {n} (slang: money) :: hillo
cheese {interj} (said while being photographed) :: muikku
cheeseburger {n} (hamburger with cheese) :: juustohampurilainen
cheesecake {n} (dessert food) :: juustokakku, rahkatorttu
cheesemaker {n} (person skilled in making cheese) :: juustomestari
cheesemaking {n} (production or making of cheese) :: juustonvalmistus
cheese mite {n} (category of mite) :: juustopunkki
cheese puff {n} (puffed corn snack) :: juustonaksu
cheese sauce {n} (sauce made by melting cheese) :: juustokastike
cheese slicer {n} (instrument for slicing cheese) :: juustohöylä
cheesy {adj} /ˈtʃiːzi/ (of cheese) :: juustomainen
cheesy {adj} (resembling cheese) :: juustomainen
cheesy {adj} (overdramatic, clichéd) :: kitsahtava, juustoinen, kliseinen
cheesy {adj} (cheap) :: halpa, kehno
cheesy {adj} (smile or grin) :: imelä
cheetah {n} /ˈtʃiːtə/ (Acinonyx jubatus) :: gepardi
chef {n} /ʃɛf/ (head cook of an establishment such as a restaurant) :: keittiömestari, kokki
Cheka {prop} (Soviet security organization) :: Tsheka, Tšeka
Chekhov's gun {prop} /t͡ʃɛ.kʰɔfs ɡʌn/ (dramatic principle) :: Tšehovin ase
Chekhov's gun {prop} (element) :: Tšehovin ase
Chekist {n} (member of the Cheka) :: tšekisti
Chelyabinsk {prop} /tʃɪˈljabinsk/ (city) :: Tšeljabinsk
chemical {adj} /ˈkɛmɪkəl/ (relating to chemistry) :: kemiallinen
chemical {n} (any specific element or chemical compound) :: kemikaali, kemiallinen aine
chemical {n} (an artificial chemical compound) :: (keinotekoinen) kemikaali
chemical {n} (an addictive drug) :: kova huume
chemical agent {n} (noxious substance) :: kemiallinen taisteluaine
chemical biology {n} (study that embraces both chemistry and biology) :: kemiallinen biologia
chemical bond {n} (any of binding forces) :: kemiallinen sidos
chemical castration {n} (medical treatment to inhibit the function of a man's testes) :: kemiallinen kastraatio
chemical composition {n} (information about the elements of a compound) :: kemiallinen koostumus
chemical compound {n} (in chemistry: substance formed by the union of two or more chemical elements) :: kemiallinen yhdiste
chemical element {n} (any one of the simplest chemical substances that cannot be decomposed in a chemical reaction) :: alkuaine
chemical energy {n} (net potential energy) :: kemiallinen energia
chemical engineering {n} (branch of engineering that deals with the process plants) :: kemiantekniikka
chemical equation {n} (symbolic representation of a chemical reaction) :: kemiallinen yhtälö
chemical formula {n} (alternative name for molecular formula) :: kemiallinen kaava
chemical plant {n} (industrial facility) :: kemiantehdas
chemical reaction {n} (process in which chemical substances are changed into others) :: kemiallinen reaktio
chemicals {n} (chemical industry) :: kemianteollisuus
chemical substance {n} (material with a specific chemical composition) :: kemiallinen aine
chemical toilet {n} (Toilet or chamber pot treating waste in place with chemicals, see also: toilet; chamber pot) :: kemiallinen käymälä
chemical warfare {n} (use of chemical substances as weapons of war) :: kemiallinen sodankäynti
chemical weapon {n} (noxious substance in a delivery system) :: kemiallinen ase
chemise {n} /ʃəˈmiːz/ (short nightdress) :: yöpaita, paituli
chemist {n} /ˈkɛmɪst/ (person working in chemistry) :: kemisti
chemist {n} (pharmacy) SEE: pharmacy ::
chemist {n} (pharmacist) SEE: pharmacist ::
chemistry {n} /ˈkɛm.ɪ.stɹi/ (branch of natural science) :: kemia
chemistry {n} (application of chemical theory and method to a particular substance) :: kemia
chemistry {n} (mutual attraction between two people) :: vetovoima, kemia
chemistry {n} (as modifier: relating to or using chemistry) :: kemian, kemian-
chemist's {n} (pharmacy) SEE: pharmacy ::
chemosynthesis {n} (production of carbohydrates and other compounds from simple compounds) :: kemosynteesi
chemotherapy {n} (therapeutic chemical treatment) :: kemoterapia
chemotherapy {n} (chemical treatment to kill or halt cancer) :: kemoterapia
chemotroph {n} (type of organism) :: kemotrofi
chemotrophic {adj} (of or relating to chemotropism) :: kemotrofinen
chemtrail {n} /ˈkɛmtɹeɪl/ (contrail consisting of chemicals or biological agents) :: kemikaalivana
chengguan {n} (officer) :: (chengguan-viraston) tarkastaja [inspector in Chengguan-agency]
chengyu {n} (certain kind of Chinese set phrase) :: chengyu
Chennai {prop} /ˈtʃenaɪ/ (state capital of Tamil Nadu, India) :: Chennai
cheongsam {n} (qipao) SEE: qipao ::
cheque {n} /tʃɛk/ (a note promising to pay money to a named person or entity) :: sekki, šekki
chequebook {n} (folder containing cheques) :: šekkivihko, shekkivihko
chequered flag {n} (flag) :: ruutulippu
chequy {adj} (heraldry; chequered) :: shakkiruutuinen
cherish {v} /ˈtʃɛɹɪʃ/ (to treat with affection, nurture with care) :: vaalia
cherish {v} (to have a deep appreciation of) :: vaalia
Cherkessk {prop} (city in Russia) :: Tšerkessk
Chernobyl {n} /tʃɚˈnoʊbəl/ (city in Ukraine) :: Tšernobyl
chernozem {n} /ˈt͡ʃɜː(ɹ)nəˌzɛm/ (black-coloured soil containing a high percentage of humus) :: tšernozem, mustamulta, mustamultamaannos
Cherokee {prop} /ˈt͡ʃɛɹ.ə.kiː/ (indigenous North American people) :: cherokeet {p}
Cherokee {prop} (language) :: cherokee
Cherokee {prop} (syllabary) :: cherokee-kirjoitus
cheroot {n} /tʃəˈɹuːt/ (cigar) :: cheroot-sikari
cherry {n} /ˈt͡ʃɛɹi/ (fruit) :: kirsikka
cherry {n} (tree) :: kirsikkapuu
cherryade {n} (drink) :: kirsikkalimonadi
cherry birch {n} (Betula lenta) :: sokerikoivu
cherry blossom {n} (blossom of the cherry tree) :: kirsikankukinta, kirsikankukka
cherry brandy {n} (liqueur) :: kirsikkalikööri
cherry laurel {n} (Prunus laurocerasus) :: laakerikirsikka
cherryless {adj} (without cherries) :: kirsikaton
cherrylike {adj} (resembling cherry) :: kirsikkamainen
cherry pepper {n} (pimento) SEE: pimento ::
cherry-pick {v} (to select only the best from a range of options) :: poimia rusinat pullasta
cherry-pick {v} (in sports, to position oneself near the opponent's goal) :: kärkkyä
cherry picker {n} (boom lift for lifting people) :: henkilönostin
cherry picker {n} (one who picks the best for themselves) :: rusinanpoimija
cherry pie {n} (flowering plant) SEE: heliotrope ::
cherry pie {n} (pie) :: kirsikkapiirakka, kirsikkapiiras
cherry pit {n} (stone of a cherry) :: kirsikankivi
cherry pitter {n} (device) :: kirsikankivenpoistaja
cherry plum {n} (Prunus cerasifera) :: kirsikkaluumu
cherry plum {n} (the fruit) :: kirsikkaluumu
cherry-pop {v} (to take the virginity of) :: korkata [slang]
cherry-popper {n} (one who takes virginity) :: korkkaaja [slang]
cherry red {n} (Red color) :: kirsikanpunainen
cherry red {adj} (Of a red color) :: kirsikanpunainen
cherry tomato {n} (type of tomato) :: kirsikkatomaatti
cherry tree {n} (tree of subgenus Cerasus) :: kirsikkapuu
cherrywood {n} (hardwood from cherry tree) :: kirsikkapuu
cherub {n} /ˈtʃɛɹəb/ (winged creature represented in the Bible as attending on God) :: kerubi
cherub {n} (statue or other depiction of such a being) :: kerubi
cherub {n} (person seen as being particularly innocent or angelic) :: enkeli
chervil {n} /ˈtʃɜː(ɹ)vɪl/ (spice) :: kirveli
Cheshire cat {prop} /ˌtʃɛʃɚ ˈkæt/ (fictional grinning cat) :: Irvikissa
Cheshire cheese {n} (type of cheese) :: cheshire
chess {n} /t͡ʃɛs/ (two-player board game) :: shakki, šakki
chessboard {n} (square board used in the game of chess) :: shakkilauta, šakkilauta
chess clock {n} (clock system used in chess games) :: shakkikello
chessman {n} (chess piece) SEE: chess piece ::
chess piece {n} (any of the 16 white and 16 black pieces used in playing the game of chess) :: shakkinappula, šakkinappula
chesspiece {n} (chessman) SEE: chess piece ::
chess player {n} (a person who plays chess) :: shakinpelaaja
chest {n} /t͡ʃɛst/ (strong box) :: arkku, kirstu
chest {n} (treasury) :: kassakirstu, kassa, kirstu
chest {n} (chest of drawers) :: lipasto
chest {n} (thorax) :: rintakehä, rinta
chest {n} (hit or blow made with front of one's chest) :: rinta
chest {n} (coffin) SEE: coffin ::
chest cavity {n} (thoracic cavity) SEE: thoracic cavity ::
chest hair {n} (the androgenic hair of the man's anterior thorax) :: rintakarvat {p}
chestnut {n} /ˈtʃɛs.nʌt/ (nut of the chestnut tree) :: kastanja
chestnut {n} (reddish-brown colour) :: kastanjanruskea, pähkinänruskea
chestnut {n} (reddish-brown horse) :: raudikko, rautias
chestnut {n} (wood of a chestnut tree) :: kastanja, kastanjapuu
chestnut {adj} (of a deep reddish-brown colour) :: punaruskea, rautias
chestnut {n} (chestnut tree) SEE: chestnut tree ::
chestnut-backed antshrike {n} (Thamnophilus palliatus) :: pitsipuumuura
chestnut tree {n} (tree that bears chestnuts) :: kastanja
chest of drawers {n} (furniture for the storage of clothes) :: lipasto
chest wall {n} (set of tissues that bound the thoracic cavity) :: rintakehä
cheval de frise {n} /ʃəˈvɑːl də ˈfɹiːs/ (obstacle made of wood with spikes) :: espanjalainen ratsastaja
chevin {n} (chub) SEE: chub ::
chevon {n} (goatmeat) SEE: goatmeat ::
chevron {n} /ˈʃɛvɹən/ (V-shaped pattern) :: väkänen; natsa [insignia of rank]
chevron {n} (heraldry: wide inverted V) :: polviorsi
chevron {n} (V-shaped marking on the surface of road) :: turvavälimerkintä
chevron {n} (diacritical mark) SEE: háček ::
chevron {n} (guillemet) SEE: guillemet ::
chew {v} /tʃuː/ (to crush food with teeth prior to swallowing) :: pureskella, jauhaa
chew {n} (chewable candy) :: karkki
chew {n} (chewing tobacco) :: purutupakka
chew {n} (chaw) :: mälli
chewing gum {n} (flavoured preparation for chewing) :: purukumi
chewing louse {n} (chewing louse) :: väive
chew over {v} (to think deeply about) :: pohtia, pohdiskella, miettiä, mietiskellä; kelata [informal]
chew the cud {v} (literal meaning) :: märehtiä
chew the cud {v} (to meditate or ponder before answering) :: märehtiä
chewy {adj} /ˈtʃuː.i/ (having a pliable or springy texture when chewed) :: sitkeä
Cheyenne {prop} /ʃaɪˈæn/ (Cheyenne language) :: cheyenne
Chhattisgarh {prop} (Chhattisgarh) :: Chhattisgarh
chi {n} /kaɪ/ (Greek letter) :: khii
chi {n} /tʃiː/ (the fundamental life-force or energy) :: ki
chia {n} /ˈtʃiː.ə/ (Salvia hispanica) :: chia
chia {n} (Salvia columbariae) :: Salvia columbariae
chiaroscuro {n} /ˌkjɑɹəˈsk(j)ʊɹoʊ/ (artistic technique using exaggerated light contrasts) :: chiaroscuro, valohämy
chiasmus {n} /kaɪˈæzməs/ ((rhetoric) an inversion of the relationship between the elements of phrases) :: kiasma
chiastolite {n} (mineral) :: kiastoliitti
chic {adj} /ʃiːk/ (elegant, stylish, see also: elegant; stylish) :: tyylikäs, elegantti
Chicago {prop} /ʃɪˈkɑ.ɡoʊ/ (large US city) :: Chicago
chicane {n} (a temporary barrier or serpentine curve) :: šikaani
chicane {n} (chicanery) :: juonittelu, petkutus, šikaani
chicanery {n} /ʃɪˈkeɪn(ə)ɹi/ (deception by use of trickery) :: petos, petkutus, epärehellisyys
chicanery {n} (A slick performance by a lawyer) :: šikaani
Chichewa {prop} /tʃɪˈtʃɛwə/ (language) :: njandža
chick {n} /t͡ʃɪk/ (young bird) :: linnunpoika, linnunpoikanen; untuvikko
chick {n} (young chicken) :: kananpoika, tipu
chick {n} (young woman) :: tipu, typykkä, tytsy
chickadee {n} /ˈt͡ʃɪ.kə.ˌdi/ (songbird) :: tiainen [family Paridae]; talitiainen [genus Parus]
chicken {n} /ˈt͡ʃɪkɪn/ (bird) :: kana [the species and/or female]
chicken {n} (meat) :: kana, kananpoika, broileri
chicken {n} (coward) :: pelkuri
chicken {n} (young, attractive, slim man) SEE: twink ::
chicken breast {n} (chicken body meat) :: kananrinta
chicken burger {n} (sandwich) :: kanahampurilainen
chicken burger {n} (patty) :: kanapihvi
chickenburger {n} (sandwich) :: kanahampurilainen
chickenburger {n} (patty) :: kanapihvi
chicken coop {n} (small building for poultry) SEE: henhouse ::
chicken feed {n} (food for poultry) :: kananrehu
chicken feed {n} (small quantity of money) :: pähkinät {p}, hilut {p}
chicken feet {n} (feet of a chicken) :: kanankoivet {p}
chicken fillet {n} (piece of chicken's breast) :: kanafilee, kananrinta
chicken fillet {n} (piece of rubber or silicone used as breast implant) :: täytteet {p}
chicken-hearted {adj} (lacking courage) :: jänishousuinen
chicken leg {n} (cooked chicken leg) :: kanankoipi, broilerinkoipi
chicken nugget {n} (piece of chicken in batter) :: kananugetti, kananugget
chicken pox {n} (childhood disease) :: vesirokko
chicken run {n} (chicken run) :: kanatarha
chicken scratch {n} (illegible handwriting) :: harakanvarpaat {p}
chicken soup {n} (soup with chicken as main ingredient) :: kanakeitto
chicken wing {n} (cooked wing of a chicken) :: kanansiipi
chicken wire {n} (mesh of wire) :: kanaverkko
chickpea {n} /ˈtʃɪkˌpiː/ (plant) :: kikherne
chickpea {n} (seed) :: kikherne, kahviherne
chickweed wintergreen {n} (plant) :: metsätähti
chick with a dick {n} (shemale) SEE: shemale ::
chicory {n} (Cichorium intybus) :: sikuri
chicory {n} (coffee substitute) :: sikuri
chicory {n} (Cichorium endivia) SEE: endive ::
chide {v} /tʃaɪd/ (loudly admonish) :: raivota
chief {n} /tʃiːf/ (leader of group, etc.) :: johtaja
chief {n} (head of an organization) :: johtaja, päällikkö
chief {n} (heraldic term) :: lakio
chief {n} (informal address) :: johtaja
chief constable {n} (chief of territorial police force) :: poliisipäällikkö
chief executive officer {n} (highest-ranking corporate officer) :: toimitusjohtaja, pääjohtaja
chief financial officer {n} (executive in charge of financial affairs) :: talousjohtaja
chiefly {adv} /ˈtʃiː (mainly) :: pääosin, suurimmaksi osaksi, pääasiassa, etupäässä, pääasiallisesti, pitkälti
chief of staff {n} (senior officer) :: esikuntapäällikkö
chief of staff {n} (head of political department) :: kansliapäällikkö
chief of state {n} (the titular head of a nation) SEE: head of state ::
chief operating officer {n} (a corporate officer responsible for executing decisions of CEO) :: operatiivinen johtaja
chiffchaff {n} /ˈt͡ʃɪf.t͡ʃæf/ (Phylloscopus collybita) :: tiltaltti
chiffchaff {n} (Phylloscopus species) :: uunilintu
chiffchaff {n} (song of chiffchaff) :: tilt-talt
chiffon {n} (sheer silk or rayon fabric) :: sifonki
chiffon cake {n} (very light cake) :: sifonkikakku
chignon {n} (roll or twist of hair worn at the nape of the neck; a bun) :: nuttura
Chihuahua {prop} /tʃɪˈwɑːwɑː/ (state) :: Chihuahua
Chihuahua {prop} (capital city) :: Chihuahua
Chihuahua {n} (breed of dog) :: chihuahua
chilblain {n} /tʃɪlbleɪn/ (inflammation) :: kylmänkyhmy
child {n} /t͡ʃaɪld/ (a female or male child, a daughter or son) :: lapsi
child {n} (a minor) :: lapsi
child {n} ((computing) object which has a subservient or derivative role relative to another object) :: lapsiobjekti
child abuse {n} /ˈtʃaɪldəbjuːs/ (mistreatment of a child) :: lasten hyväksikäyttö
childbed {n} (final stage of pregnancy) :: lapsivuode
childbed {n} (bed in which a baby is born) :: lapsivuode
childbirth {n} (act of giving birth) :: synnytys
child bride {n} (very young bride) :: lapsimorsian
childcare {n} (supervising young children) :: lastenhoito
child carrier {n} (a device for carrying babies) :: vauvareppu
child-fucker {n} (contemptible person) SEE: motherfucker ::
child-fucker {n} (one who engages in sex with a child) SEE: pedophile ::
childhood {n} /ˈtʃaɪldhʊd/ (state of being a child) :: lapseus
childhood {n} (time when one is a child) :: lapsuus
childhood {n} (early stages of development of something) :: lapsuus
childhood friend {n} (friend known since childhood) :: lapsuudenystävä
childish {adj} /ˈtʃaɪldɪʃ/ (suitable for a child) :: lapsi-, lapsenomainen
childish {adj} (behaving immaturely) :: lapsellinen
childishly {adv} (in a childish manner) :: lapsellisesti
child labor {n} (child labor) SEE: child labour ::
child labour {n} (work performed by children) :: lapsityövoima
childless {adj} (not having any children) :: lapseton
childlessness {n} (the state of being childless) :: lapsettomuus
child neglect {n} (form of child abuse) :: lasten laiminlyönti
child porn {n} (child pornography) SEE: child pornography ::
child pornography {n} (pornographic materials depicting minors) :: lapsiporno
child prodigy {n} (talented young person) :: ihmelapsi
children's home {n} (public institution for care of children, see also: orphanage) :: lastenkoti
children should be seen and not heard {proverb} (children should be quiet) :: lasten pitää näkyä, mutta ei kuulua
child safety seat {n} (a car safety restraint designed for infants and young children) :: lapsen turvaistuin
child soldier {n} (minor who is put to use for military purposes) :: lapsisotilas
child's play {n} (something particularly simple or easy) :: lastenleikki
child support {n} (ongoing obligation for periodic payment) :: elatusapu, elatusmaksu
chile {n} (chili) SEE: chili ::
Chile {prop} /ˈt͡ʃiː.leɪ/ (country in South America) :: Chile
Chilean {adj} /ˈtʃɪli.ən/ (pertaining to Chile) :: chileläinen
Chilean {n} (person from Chile) :: chileläinen
Chilean tinamou {n} (Nothoprocta perdicaria) :: chilentinami
Chile saltpetre {n} :: chilensalpietari
chili {n} /ˈt͡ʃɪli/ (spicy fresh or dried fruit of capsicum) :: chili, chilipippuri, chili-pippuri
chili {n} (spice) :: chilipulveri, chili
chili {n} (chili con carne) SEE: chili con carne ::
chiliasm {n} /ˈkɪ.lɪæ.z(ə)m/ (belief in an earthly thousand-year period of peace and prosperity) :: kiliasmi
chili con carne {n} /ˈtʃɪli kɑn ˈkɑɹni/ (dish) :: chilipata, chili con carne
chili oil {n} (condiment) :: chiliöljy
chili pepper {n} (fruit) :: chilipippuri
chili powder {n} (pulverized dry chilis) :: chilijauhe
chili sauce {n} (hot sauce) SEE: hot sauce ::
chill {n} /tʃɪl/ (moderate, but uncomfortable coldness) :: viileys
chill {n} (sudden penetrating sense of cold) :: puistatus, väristys
chill {n} (sudden numbing fear or dread) :: väristys, kylmät väreet {p}
chill {adj} (moderately cold or chilly) :: viileä
chill {v} (to lower the temperature of something; to cool) :: jäähdyttää; viilentää
chill {v} (to become cold) :: jäähtyä, kylmentyä; kylmettyä
chill {v} (to harden a metal surface by sudden cooling) :: karkaista
chill {v} (to become hard by rapid cooling) :: karkaistua
chill {v} (to relax, lie back) :: ottaa rennosti; relata [slang]
chill {v} (slang: to hang out) :: chillata
chill {v} (to discourage or depress) :: hillitä, tukahduttaa
chilli {n} (chili) SEE: chili ::
chilling {adj} /ˈtʃɪlɪŋ/ (becoming cold) :: viilenevä, jäähtyvä; paleleva
chilling {adj} (causing cold) :: viilentävä, jäähdyttävä
chilling {adj} (causing mild fear) :: pelottava
chill out {v} (relax or take time out) :: chillata
chilly {adj} /ˈtʃɪli/ (cold enough to cause shivering, or suddenly cold) :: kylmä, kolea, jäätävä
chilly {adj} (distant and cool; unfriendly) :: jäätävä
chime {n} /ˈtʃaɪm/ (musical instrument) :: kello
chime {n} (individual component thereof) :: kello
chime {n} (ringing or tone-making component of a device) :: soittokello
chime {n} (sound made by a chime) :: merkkiääni, kellonsoitto
chime {n} (hammer or device to strike a bell) :: vasara
chime {v} (to make the sound of a chime) :: soittaa, hälyttää
chime {v} (to agree, correspond) :: sopia yhteen, vastata
chimera {n} /kʌɪˈmɪəɹə/ (flame-spewing monster, see also: Chimera) :: Khimaira
chimera {n} (mythology: any fantastic creature with parts from different animals) :: khimaira
chimera {n} (anything composed of very disparate parts) :: sekasikiö [disparaging]
chimera {n} (foolish thought, product of the imagination) :: harha
chimera {n} (grotesque resembling a gargoyle) :: groteski
chimera {n} (organism with genetically distinct cells from two or more zygotes) :: harhama, kimeeri
chimera {n} (fish in the subclass Holocephali) :: sillikuningaskala
Chimera {prop} (mythical monster) :: khimaira
chimney {n} /tʃɪmni/ (vertical tube or hollow column; a flue) :: savukanava, savupiippu
chimney {n} (glass flue surrounding the flame of an oil lamp) :: öljylampun lasi, liekkilasi
chimney {n} (UK: smokestack of a steam locomotive) :: savupiippu
chimney {n} (narrow cleft in a rock face) :: kuilu
chimney sweep {n} (occupation) :: nuohooja, nokikolari
chimpanzee {n} /tʃɪmˈpæn.zi/ (ape) :: simpanssi
chin {n} /tʃɪn/ (bottom of a face) :: leuka, alaleuka
china {n} (Cockney rhyming slang: mate) SEE: mate ::
china {n} /tʃʌɪnə/ (porcelain) :: posliini
china {n} (tableware made from china) :: posliiniastia, posliiniastiasto
China {prop} /ˈt͡ʃaɪnə/ (country in east Asia) :: Kiina
China {prop} (region corresponding to the People's Republic of China and Taiwan) :: Kiina
China {prop} (civilization of the Chinese people) :: Kiina
chinaberry {n} (bead tree) SEE: bead tree ::
china clay {n} (kaolin) SEE: kaolin ::
China hand {n} (19th-century merchant) :: sopimuskauppasataman kauppias
China hand {n} (anyone with expert knowledge of China) :: kiinalaisasiantuntija
China proper {prop} (parts of China excluding outer frontiers) :: Varsinainen Kiina
China Seas {prop} (series of marginal seas) :: Kiinan reunameret
China syndrome {n} (meltdown of a nuclear reactor) :: Kiina-ilmiö
Chinatown {n} /ˈtʃaɪnəˌtaʊn/ (a Chinese district outside China) :: kiinalaiskortteli
China watcher {n} (person who monitors current affairs in the People's Republic of China) :: Kiinan tarkkailija
chinchilla {n} /tʃɪnˈtʃɪlə/ (rodent) :: sinsilla, tsintsilla
chinchilla {n} (fur) :: tsintsilla
chinchilla rat {n} (caviomorph rodent) :: tsintsillarotta, tsintsilloni
Chindia {prop} (China and India) :: Kiina ja Intia
chine {n} /tʃaɪn/ (top of a ridge) :: harja, harjanne
chine {n} (spine of an animal) :: selkäranka, ruoto
chine {n} (angle in the hull) :: palle
Chinese {n} /ˈt͡ʃaɪˌniz/ (any language spoken in China, see also: Literary Chinese; Mandarin; Cantonese; Wu; Min Nan) :: kiina
Chinese {n} (class of languages) :: kiina
Chinese {n} (writing system of Chinese) :: kiina
Chinese {n} (the people of China) :: kiinalaiset {p}
Chinese {n} (all people of Chinese descent or self-identity) :: kiinalaiset {p}
Chinese {n} (person born in China) :: kiinalainen
Chinese {n} (Chinese food or meal) :: kiinalainen, kiinalainen ruoka
Chinese {adj} (relating to China) :: kiinalainen
Chinese {n} (Mandarin) SEE: Mandarin ::
Chinese Buddhism {prop} (Buddhist doctrine characteristic of the Han Chinese) :: kiinalainen buddhalaisuus
Chinese cabbage {n} (bok choy) SEE: bok choy ::
Chinese cabbage {n} (leafy vegetable) :: kiinankaali
Chinese cabbage {n} (napa cabbage) SEE: napa cabbage ::
Chinese character {n} (CJKV character) :: kiinalainen kirjoitusmerkki
Chinese checkers {n} (board game) :: kiinanšakki, tähtihalma
Chinese cinnamon {n} (tree) :: kassiakaneli
Chinese cinnamon {n} (bark) :: kassiakaneli
Chinese Crested Dog {n} (Chinese Crested Dog) :: kiinanharjakoira
Chinese desert cat {n} (Chinese mountain cat) SEE: Chinese mountain cat ::
Chinese evergreen {n} (plant of the genus Aglaonema) :: laikkuvehka
Chinese finger puzzle {n} (Chinese finger trap) SEE: Chinese finger trap ::
Chinese finger trap {n} (gag toy) :: kiinalainen sormilukko
Chinese grapefruit {n} (pomelo) SEE: pomelo ::
Chinese handcuffs {n} (Chinese finger trap) SEE: Chinese finger trap ::
Chinese lantern {n} (bladder cherry) SEE: bladder cherry ::
Chinese lantern {n} (paper lantern) :: kiinalainen lyhty
Chinese mountain cat {n} (Felis bieti) :: kiinanaavikkokissa
Chinese mugwort {n} (herbaceous perennial plant) :: kiinanmaruna
Chineseness {n} (state or quality) :: kiinalaisuus
Chinese New Year {n} (Chinese New Year) :: kiinalainen uusivuosi
Chinese olive {n} (fruit) :: Canarium album -puun hedelmä
Chinese pangolin {n} (species of pangolin) :: kiinanmuurahaiskäpy
Chinese parsley {n} (coriander) SEE: coriander ::
Chinese red {adj} (vermilion) SEE: vermilion ::
Chinese river dolphin {n} (baiji) SEE: baiji ::
Chinese studies {n} (study of China) :: sinologia
Chinese Taipei {prop} (name under which the post-Chinese-Civil-War ROC participates in international organisations) :: Kiinan Taipei
Chinese thumb cuff {n} (Chinese finger trap) SEE: Chinese finger trap ::
Chinese Wall {n} (barrier of silence and secrecy) :: Kiinan muuri
Chinese water torture {n} (torture method) :: kiinalainen vesikidutus
Chinese whispers {n} (game) :: rikkinäinen puhelin, juoruämmä
Chinese white dolphin {n} (baiji) SEE: baiji ::
Chinglish {adj} (resembling English influenced by Chinese) :: n.a., must be explained
Chinglish {prop} (English influenced by Chinese) :: kiinalaisittain murrettu englanti
chink {n} /tʃɪŋk/ (narrow opening) :: rakonen, rako
chink {n} (chip or dent in something metallic) :: naarmu
chink {v} (to fill an opening) :: tilkitä
chink {n} (slight sound) :: kilinä, helinä [repeated]; kilahdus, helähdys [individual]; kilahtelu, helähtely [occasional]
chink {n} (ready money, especially in the form of coins) :: kilisevä
chink {v} (to make a slight sound like that of metal objects touching) :: kilistä, helistä [repeatedly]; kilahtaa, helähtää [once]; kilahdella, helähdellä [occasionally]
Chink {n} (offensive: Chinese person) :: kinkki, kinuski
chinoiserie {n} /ʃiːnwɑːzəˈɹiː/ (art: style or object that reflects Chinese influence) :: kiinalaistyylinen, kiinalaisvaikutteinen
chinook salmon {n} (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha) :: kuningaslohi
chin-up {n} (an exercise done for strengthening the arms and back) SEE: pull-up ::
Chios {prop} /ˈki.ɑs/ (island) :: Khios
Chios {prop} (city) :: Khios
chip {n} /tʃɪp/ (small piece broken off) :: siru, lastu
chip {n} (damaged area of a surface) :: kolhu, kolo, nirhama
chip {n} (token used in gambling) :: pelimerkki
chip {n} (integrated circuit) :: siru, piisiru
chip {n} (fried strip of potato, french fry) :: ranskalainen, ranskalaiset perunat {p}
chip {n} (thin, crisp, fried piece of potato or vegetable) :: sipsi, lastu
chip {n} (shot during which the ball travels more predominantly upwards than in a regular shot) :: chippi
chip {n} (dried piece of dung) :: lantakakku
chip {v} (to break into small pieces) :: pilkkoa, silputa, hakettaa [of wood]
chip {v} (to break small pieces from) :: kolhia
chip {v} (to play a shot hitting the ball predominantly upwards) :: chipata
chip {v} (to become chipped) :: kolhiintua, lohjeta
chip {v} (to ante up) :: korottaa
chipboard {n} (A material made from compressed wood chips) :: lastulevy
chip log {n} (simple device for measuring the speed of a vessel) :: käsiloki
chipmunk {n} (squirrel-like rodent) :: maaorava, tikutaku
chipper {adj} /ˈtʃɪpɚ/ (exhibiting a lively optimism) :: iloinen
chipper {n} (cheap fast food outlet) :: pikaruokapaikka; snagari
chipper {n} (deep frier) :: uppopaistin
chipper {n} (machine that reduces organic matter to compost) :: silppuri [general]; jätesilppuri [garbage shredder]; haketin, hakkuri [woodchipper]
Chippewa {prop} (Ojibwe) SEE: Ojibwe ::
chipset {n} (group of integrated circuits) :: piirisarja
chiral {adj} /ˈkaɪɹəl/ (of an object that exhibits chirality) :: kiraalinen
chirality {n} /kaɪˈɹælɪti/ (handedness in chemistry, physic and mathematics) :: kiraalisuus, kätisyys
Chiron {prop} /ˈkaɪɹən/ (mythology) :: Chiron
Chiron {prop} (astronomy) :: Chiron
chiropter {n} (member of the order Chiroptera) :: lepakko
chiropterologist {n} /kaɪˌɹɑptəˈɹɑlədʒɪst/ (one who studies bats) :: lepakkotutkija
chirp {n} /tʃɜː(ɹ)p/ (birds) :: sirkutus, viserrys
chirp {n} (insects) :: siritys
chirp {v} (birds) :: sirkuttaa, visertää
chirp {v} (insects) :: sirittää
chirp {v} (to speak in high pitch) :: kimittää
chirr {v} /tʃɜː/ (to make a trilled sound) :: sirittää
chirr {n} (trilled sound) :: siritys
chirrup {v} (to make a series of chirps, clicks or clucks) :: sirkuttaa [chirp like a bird]; sirittää [chirp like a cricket]; naksuttaa [click]
chiru {n} (Tibetan antelope) SEE: Tibetan antelope ::
chisel {v} (to cheat) SEE: cheat ::
chisel {n} (tool consisting of a slim oblong block of metal) :: taltta
chisel {v} (to use a chisel) :: taltata, siselöidä
chisel {v} (to work something with a chisel) :: taltata, siselöidä
Chisinau {prop} (capital city and a municipality of Moldova) :: Chișinău, Chisinau, Kishinev
chi-square {n} (test statistic) :: khii toiseen
chi-square distribution {n} (probability distribution) :: khii toiseen -jakauma
chi-square test {n} (statistical hypothesis) :: khii toiseen -testi
Chita {prop} /tʃɪˈtɑː/ (city in Russia) :: Tšita
chit-chat {n} (gossip; mindless banter) :: jutustelu, rupattelu
chit-chat {v} (to engage in small talk) :: jutustella, rupatella
chitin {n} /ˈkaɪtɪn/ (polymer of N-acetylglucosamine, found in arthropod and fungi) :: kitiini
chiton {n} /ˈkaɪtn̩/ (Greek tunic) :: kitoni, khiton
chiton {n} (mollusc) :: nivelkotilo
chitosan {n} (oligosaccharide) :: kitosaani
Chitral {prop} (Chitral (all senses)) :: Chitral
Chittagonian {prop} (Chittagonian language) :: chittagong
chivalrous {adj} /ˈʃɪv.əl.ɹʌs/ (of a man: honourable) :: ritarillinen
chivalrous {adj} (involving chivalry) :: ritarillinen
chivalry {n} /ˈʃɪvəlɹi/ (ethical code) :: ritarillisuus
chive {n} /tʃaɪv/ (plant) :: nurmilaukka
chive {n} (chives: herb) :: ruohosipuli
chivvy {v} (to coerce) SEE: coerce ::
chlamydia {n} /kləˈmɪd.i.ə/ (sexually transmitted disease) :: klamydia
chlamys {n} /ˈklæmɪs/ (short cloak) :: klamys
chloranil {n} (quinone C6Cl4O2) :: kloraniili
chlorate {n} (any salt of chloric acid) :: kloraatti
chloric acid {n} (HClO3) :: kloorihappo
chloride {n} /ˈklɔːɹaɪd/ (any salt of hydrochloric acid) :: kloridi
chlorinate {v} (to add chlorine to) :: kloorata
chlorine {n} /ˈklɔɹiːn/ (chemical element) :: kloori
chlorine dioxide {n} (gas ClO2) :: klooridioksidi
chlorite {n} /ˈklɔːɹʌɪt/ (mineral) :: kloriitti
chlorite {n} (salt of chlorous acid) :: kloriitti
chloro- {prefix} (chemistry: containing chlorine) :: kloori-
chlorocarbon {n} (organic compound) :: orgaaninen klooriyhdiste
chlorofluorocarbon {n} (an organic compound with halogens in place of hydrogen) :: kloorifluorihiilivety
chloroform {n} /ˈklɔːɹə(ʊ)̩fɔː(ɹ)m/ ((chemistry) an anesthetic) :: kloroformi
chloroform {v} (to treat with chloroform, or to render unconscious with chloroform) :: nukuttaa kloloformilla, tainnuttaa kloloformilla
chlorophenol {n} (chlorinated phenol) :: kloorifenoli
chlorophyll {n} /ˈklɔɹ.ə.fɪl/ (green pigment) :: lehtivihreä, klorofylli
chloroplast {n} (photosynthetic organelle) :: viherhiukkanen
chloroquine {n} (4-aminoquinoline drug) :: klorokiini
chlorous acid {n} (unstable acid) :: kloorihapoke
chlorpyrifos {n} (insecticide) :: klorpyrifossi
choanoflagellate {n} (any of a group of flagellate protozoa) :: kaulussiimaeliö
chocolate {n} /ˈt͡ʃɑk(ə)lɪt/ (food made from ground roasted cocoa beans) :: suklaa
chocolate {n} (small piece of confectionery made from chocolate) :: konvehti, suklaakonvehti
chocolate {n} (colour) :: suklaanruskea
chocolate {adj} (made of or containing chocolate) :: suklainen
chocolate {adj} (colour) :: suklaanruskea
chocolate bar {n} (of chocolate) :: suklaalevy, suklaapatukka
chocolate bar {n} (candy bar) SEE: candy bar ::
chocolate cake {n} (cake containing chocolate) :: suklaakakku
chocolate channel {n} (anus or rectum) :: suklaaosasto
chocolate chip {n} (small piece of chocolate) :: suklaalastu
chocolate crackle {n} (snack set in patty cake cases) :: suklaa-riisimuroherkku
chocolate egg {n} (Easter treat) SEE: Easter egg ::
chocolate milk {n} (milk drink flavored with chocolate) :: suklaamaitoa
chocolate truffle {n} (type of confection) :: tryffeli, suklaatryffeli
chocolatier {n} (producer of chocolate) :: suklaamestari
choco pie {n} (snack) :: vaahtokarkkitäytteinen suklaakeksi
Choctaw {n} /ˈt͡ʃɒktɔː/ (language) :: choctaw
choice {n} /tʃɔɪs/ (option or decision) :: valinta, valikoima
choice {n} (selection or preference) :: vaihtoehto
choice {n} (anything that can be chosen) :: vaihtoehto
choice {n} (definite: best or most preferable part) :: eliitti
choir {n} /kwaɪɚ/ (singing group) :: kuoro, kööri [colloquial]
choir {n} (part of a church for choir assembly) :: kuori
choke {v} /t͡ʃoʊk/ (be unable to breathe because of obstruction of the windpipe) :: kuristua, tukehtua, tikahtua
choke {v} (prevent someone from breathing by strangling them) :: kuristaa
choke {n} (control on a carburetor) :: rikastin, ryyppy
choke {n} (type of hold in wrestling etc.) :: kuristusote
choke {n} (constriction at a shotgun barrel) :: supistin
choke {n} (blockage in cave passage) :: tukos
chokeberry {n} (deciduous shrub in genus Aronia) :: aronia
choke chain {n} (type of dog collar) SEE: choke collar ::
choke collar {n} (type of collar) :: kuristuskaulapanta
choker {n} /ˈtʃoʊkɚ/ (jewelry or accessory) :: panta
choker {n} (one who chokes another) :: kuristaja
choking {n} /ˈtʃoʊkɪŋ/ (obstruction of the flow of air into the lungs) :: tukehtuminen
cholangiocarcinoma {n} (pathology: cancer of the bile duct) :: sappitiesyöpä
cholecyst {n} (gall bladder) SEE: gall bladder ::
cholecystitis {n} (inflammation of the gall bladder) :: sappirakontulehdus
choler {n} (anger) :: kiukku
choler {n} (one of four humours) :: koleerisuus
cholera {n} /ˈkɒləɹə/ (infectious disease) :: kolera
choleric {adj} /ˈkɑlɝɪk/ (easily becoming angry) :: koleerinen, raivoisa
cholerine {n} (minor diarrhea) :: ripuli
cholesterol {n} (an essential component of mammalian cell membranes) :: kolesteroli
cholic acid {n} (steroidal bile acid) :: koolihappo
chondrite {n} (meteorite) :: kondriitti
chondroma {n} (benign tumour) :: rustokasvain, kondrooma
chondrosarcoma {n} (type of cancer) :: kondrosarkooma
chondrule {n} (granule) :: kondruuli
choose {v} (to choose) SEE: take ::
choose {v} /t͡ʃuːz/ (to pick) :: valita
choose {v} (to elect) :: valita
choose {v} (to decide to act in a certain way) :: päättää
chooser {n} (one who chooses something) :: valitsija
choosy {adj} (taking care when choosing that what is chosen best suits one's tastes, desires or requirements) :: ronkeli, nirso, valikoiva
chop {n} /tʃɒp/ (cut of meat) :: kyljys
chop {n} (blow with an axe or similar utensil) :: isku
chop {n} (ocean waves) :: aallokko
chop {n} (dismissal, especially from employment) :: potkut {p}
chop {v} (to cut into pieces) :: hakata, pilkkoa
chop {v} (to sever with an axe or similar) :: hakata (irti)
chop-chop {interj} (hurry up) :: hopi hopi, hop hop, mars mars
chopper {n} (helicopter (formal translations)) SEE: helicopter ::
chopper {n} (axe/ax) SEE: axe ::
chopper {n} /ˈtʃɑ.pɚ/ (knife for chopping food) :: paloitteluveitsi
chopper {n} (slang: penis) :: slaba
chopper {n} (type of motorcycle) :: chopperi
chopper {n} (informal: helicopter) :: kopteri
chopping board {n} (a sturdy board, upon which one chops and prepares food) :: leikkuulauta
chopstick {n} (single eating utensil) :: syömäpuikko, puikko
chopstick rest {n} (ornament on which a pair of chopsticks may be placed) :: syömäpuikkoteline
chop suey {n} (Cantonese dish) :: chop suey
choral {n} (chorale) SEE: chorale ::
chorale {n} /kɔːˈɹɑːl/ (hymn tune) :: koraali
Chorasmian {prop} /kɒˈɹæzmɪən/ (language) :: horezmi
chord {n} /kɔɹd/ (combination of three or more notes) :: sointu
chord {n} (straight line) :: jänne
chord {n} (horizontal member of a truss) :: jänne
chord {n} (distance of a wing's leading and trailing edges) :: jänne
chord {v} (to write chords for) :: soinnuttaa
chordate {n} /ˈkɔːɹdeɪt/ (a member of the phylum Chordata) :: selkäjänteinen
chording {n} (arrangement of musical chords) :: soinnutus
chordophone {n} (chordophone, see also: stringed instrument) :: kielisoitin
chore {n} /tʃɔɹ/ (a difficult, unpleasant, or routine task) :: taloustyö, askare, puuha
chorea {n} (an Ancient Greek circular dance) :: horos
chorea {n} (disease of the nervous system) :: korea, tanssitauti
choreograph {v} (to design and record a choreography) :: suunnitella koreografia
choreograph {v} (to direct the development of a project) :: johtaa projektia
choreographer {n} (person who choreographs) :: koreografi
choreographic {adj} (balletic) SEE: balletic ::
choreographic {adj} (of or pertaining to choreography) :: koreografinen
choreographist {n} (choreographist) SEE: choreographer ::
choreography {n} /ˌkɔɹ.iˈɒɡ.ɹə.fi/ (art) :: koreografia
choreography {n} (representation) :: koreografia
choreography {n} (notation) :: koreografia
chorioamnionitis {n} (inflammation of the fetal membranes) :: korioamnioniitti
chorion {n} (one of the membranes surrounding a fetus) :: suonikalvo, korion
chorister {n} (singer in a choir) :: kuorolainen, kuorolaulaja
chorister {n} (director of a choir) :: kuoronjohtaja
choroid {n} /ˈkoʊɹɔɪd/ (vascular layer of the eye) :: suonikalvo
chorten {n} (Tibetan stupa) :: tiibetiläinen stupa
chortle {n} (joyful, somewhat muffled laugh) :: hörötys
chortle {v} (to laugh with a chortle or chortles) :: höröttää, hörähtää [momentane]
chorus {n} /ˈkɔːɹəs/ (group of singers and dancers in the religious festivals of ancient Greece) :: kuoro
chorus {n} (group of people in a play or performance who recite together) :: kuoro
chorus {n} (singing group who perform together) :: kuoro
chorus {n} (repeated part of a song) :: kertosäe
chorus {n} (setting or feature in electronic music) :: chorus-efekti
chough {n} /tʃʌf/ (bird of Pyrrhocorax) :: alppivaris
chow {n} /tʃaʊ/ (Food, especially snacks) :: sapuska [informal], safka [slang], muona, ruoka
chow {n} (Chow Chow) SEE: Chow Chow ::
Chow Chow {n} (dog breed) :: chow chow
chowder {n} /ˈtʃaʊdɚ/ (A thick, creamy soup or stew) :: pata
chowder {n} (A seafood or fish stew) :: pata
chow mein {n} /ˌtʃaʊ ˈmeɪn/ (Westernised Chinese dish of stir-fried noodles with vegetables and meat or seafood) :: chow mein
chrestomathy {n} /kɹɛˈstɒməθi/ (collection of written passages, used to learn an unfamiliar language) :: krestomatia
chrestomathy {n} (collection of choice passages from an author or authors) :: krestomatia
chrism {n} /ˈkɹɪz(ə)m/ (mixture of oil and balm) :: mirha, mirhami
Christ {prop} /kɹaɪst/ (title for Jesus of Nazareth) :: Kristus
Christ {interj} (blasphemous interjection) :: perkele
Christa {prop} (female given name) :: Krista
Christadelphian {n} (a member of a certain nontrinitarian Christian denomination) :: kristadelfialainen {m}
Christadelphian {adj} (pertaining to the Christadelphians) :: kristadelfialainen
christen {v} /ˈkɹɪsən/ (to perform the religious act of baptism) :: kastaa
christen {v} (to name) :: ristiä, kastaa
Christendom {n} /ˈkɹɪsn̩dəm/ (the Christian world) :: kristikunta
Christian {n} /ˈkɹɪʃtʃən/ (member of the Christian religion) :: kristitty
Christian {prop} (male given name) :: Kristian, Risto
Christian {adj} (of, like or relating to Christianity or Christians) :: kristillinen
Christian {adj} (kind, moral) :: kristillinen
Christian Democracy {n} (political ideology) :: kristillisdemokratia
Christian Democrat {n} (supporter) :: kristillisdemokraatti
Christian Democratic {adj} (of or pertaining to Christian Democracy or Chritian Democrats) :: kristillisdemokraattinen
Christianity {prop} /ˌkɹɪstʃiˈænɪti/ (monotheistic religion) :: kristinusko
Christianity {n} (Christendom) SEE: Christendom ::
Christianlike {adj} (like a Christian) :: kristillinen
Christianly {adj} (becoming of a Christian) :: kristillinen
Christianly {adv} (in a Christian fashion) :: kristillisesti
Christian name {n} (first name at Christian baptism) :: ristimänimi
Christian name {n} (any forename) SEE: forename ::
Christian year {n} (cycle of liturgical seasons) :: kirkkovuosi
Christina {prop} (female given name) :: Kristiina
Christine {prop} (female name) SEE: Christina ::
Christmas {prop} /ˈkɹɪsməs/ (Christian holiday) :: joulu
Christmas cake {n} (fruit cake eaten at Christmas) :: joulukakku
Christmas card {n} (greeting card that celebrates Christmas) :: joulukortti
Christmas carol {n} (hymn whose lyrics are on the theme of Christmas) :: joululaulu
Christmas Day {n} (the 25th of December) :: joulupäivä
Christmas Eve {prop} (evening before Christmas Day) :: jouluaatto
Christmas Eve {prop} (day before Christmas Day) :: jouluaatto
Christmas ham {n} (ham served sliced at Christmas) :: joulukinkku
Christmas Island {prop} (non self-governing territory of Australia) :: Joulusaari
Christmas pudding {n} (rich dessert traditionally eaten at Christmas) :: Christmas pudding, also jouluvanukas
Christmas season {n} (Advent) SEE: Advent ::
Christmas season {n} (Christmas season, yuletide, Christmastide) :: joulunaika
Christmas season {n} (marketing) :: joulusesonki
Christmas stocking {n} (stocking hung up on Christmas Eve to be filled with gifts) :: joulusukka
Christmassy {adj} (resembling or having feelings of Christmas) :: jouluinen, jouluisa
Christmastide {n} (Christmas season) SEE: Christmas season ::
Christmas time {n} (Christmas season, yuletide, Christmastide) :: joulunaika
Christmastime {n} (the Christmas season) :: joulunaika
Christmas tree {n} /ˈkɹɪsməs tɹiː/ (tree used during the Christmas holiday season) :: joulukuusi, joulupuu
Christology {n} /kɹɪˈstɑlədʒi/ (field of study) :: kristologia
Christopher {prop} /ˈkɹɪs.tə.fɚ/ (a male given name) :: Risto
chromalveolate {n} (eukaryotes of the taxon Chromalveolata) :: kromalveolaatti
chromate {n} (any salt of chromic acid) :: kromaatti
chromatic scale {n} (a scale including all twelve semitones in an octave) :: kromaattinen asteikko
chromatogram {n} (the visual output from a chromatograph) :: kromatogrammi
chromatograph {n} (machine that performs chromatography) :: kromatografi
chromatographic {adj} (of or pertaining to chromatography) :: kromatografinen
chromatographically {adv} (with regard to chromatography) :: kromatografisesti
chromatography {n} /ˌkɹəʊ.məˈtɒɡɹə.fi/ (analytical chemistry: technique for separation of components in a mixture) :: kromatografia
chrome {v} /kɹoʊm/ (to plate with chrome) :: kromata
chromic acid {n} (acid) :: kromihappo
chromite {n} (mineral) :: kromiitti
chromium {n} /ˈkɹoʊmi.əm/ (chemical element) :: kromi
chromium-plate {v} (chrome) SEE: chrome ::
chromium plating {n} (application) :: kromaus
chromosomal {adj} (of, or relating to chromosomes) :: kromosomaalinen, kromosomi-
chromosome {n} /ˈkɹoʊməˌsoʊm/ (structure in the cell nucleus) :: kromosomi
chroneme {n} (chroneme) :: kroneemi
chronicity {n} (the condition of being chronic) :: kroonisuus
chronicle {n} /ˈkɹɒnɪkəl/ (a written account) :: aikakirja, kronikka
Chronicles {prop} (book of the Bible) :: Aikakirjat {p}
chronic obstructive pulmonary disease {n} (group of pulmonary diseases) :: keuhkoahtaumatauti
chronobiologist {n} (person involved in chronobiology) :: kronobiologi
chronobiology {n} (study of the effects of time on biological systems) :: kronobiologia
chronograph {n} /ˈkɹɒnəɡɹɑːf/ (device which marks or records time or time intervals) :: ajanottolaite
chronograph {n} (watch-stopwatch combination) :: kronografi
chronologic {adj} (chronological) SEE: chronological ::
chronological {adj} (in order of time from the earliest to the latest) :: kronologinen
chronology {n} /kɹəˈnɒl.ə.dʒi/ (determining the order of events) :: kronologia
chronology {n} (arrangement into chronological order) :: kronologia
chronometer {n} /kɹəˈnɒm.ə.tə(ɹ)/ (device for measuring time) :: kronometri, kello
chronophagous {adj} (time-consuming) SEE: time-consuming ::
chronophobia {n} (fear of the passing of time) :: kronofobia
chronoscope {n} (chronometer) SEE: chronometer ::
chronostratigraphy {n} (the interpretation of geologic history by means of the determination of the ages and time sequence of rock strata) :: kronostratigrafia
chrysalis {n} /ˈkɹɪsəlɪs/ (the pupa of a butterfly or moth) :: kotelo
chrysanthemum {n} (flower) :: krysanteemi
Chrysanthemum Throne {prop} (Japanese monarchy) :: krysanteemivaltaistuin
chrysoberyl {n} /ˈkɹɪsə(ʊ)bɛɹɪl/ (mineral) :: krysoberylli
chrysoprase {n} (variety of quartz) :: krysopraasi
chrysotherapy {n} (therapeutic use of gold) :: kultahoito, krysoterapia
chthonic {adj} /ˈkθɒnɪk/ (dwelling within or under the earth) :: ktooninen
chub {n} /tʃʌb/ (Leuciscus cephalus) :: turpa
chub {n} (chubby person) :: pullukka
chubby {n} (erection) SEE: boner ::
chubby {adj} /ˈtʃʌbi/ (of a person, somewhat fat) :: pullea, pulska
chubby {adj} (of a body part, containing a moderate amount of fat) :: pullea
chubby {n} (chubby person) :: pullukka
chuchotage {n} /ʃu.ʃoʊˈtɑʒ/ (interpretation of a speech in a whisper) :: kuiskaustulkkaus
chuck {n} /tʃʌk/ (meat from the shoulder of a cow) :: lapa
chuck {n} (mechanical device) :: istukka
chuck {n} (gentle touch) :: taputus
chuck {v} (to throw carelessly) :: nakata, vipata
chuck {v} (to discard) :: heittää pois/menemään
chuck {v} (slang: to vomit) :: yrjötä
Chuck {n} /tʃʌk/ (shoe) :: koriskenkä
chuckle {v} /ˈt͡ʃʌkəl/ (to laugh quietly or inwardly) :: hekottaa, myhäillä
chuckle {v} (to make the sound of chicken) :: kaakattaa
chucklehead {n} (stupid or clumsy person) :: pölkkypää, pökkelö
chuck steak {n} (meat) :: etuselkä
chuck up {v} (to vomit) :: oksentaa
Chud {n} (a member of any of several Finnic peoples) :: tšuudi, tsuudi
chufa {n} (Cyperus esculentus) :: maakastanja, maamanteli
chug {n} /tʃʌɡ/ (sound) :: tuksutus, puksutus, prutkutus
chug {n} (large gulp) :: huikka, kulaus, siemaus
chug {v} (to make dull explosive sounds) :: tuksuttaa, puksuttaa, prutkuttaa
chug {v} (to move whilst making such sounds) :: tuksuttaa, puksuttaa, prutkuttaa
chug {v} (to drink a large amount in a single action) :: pulputtaa, horia, horaista,vetää ykkösellä
chugalug {v} (swallow without pausing) :: kulauttaa, horaista
chugalug {adv} (in continuous gulps) :: kerralla
chukar {n} /ˈtʃʌk.ɚ/ (partridge) :: vuoripyy
Chukchi {adj} /ˈtʃuktʃiː/ (relating to Chukotka) :: tšuktši-, tšuktšien
Chukchi {n} (person) :: tšuktši
Chukchi {prop} (language) :: tšuktši
Chukchi Peninsula {prop} (peninsula) :: Tšuktšien niemimaa
Chukchi Sea {prop} (part of the Arctic Ocean) :: Tšuktšimeri, Tšuktšienmeri
chukker {n} (playing period in polo) :: erä
Chukotka {prop} (short for Chukchi Peninsula, see also: Chukchi Peninsula) :: Tšukotka
Chukotka {prop} (short for Chukotka Autonomous Okrug, see also: Chukotka Autonomous Okrug) :: Tšukotka
Chukotka Autonomous Okrug {prop} (peninsula) :: Tšukotka, Tšuktšien autonominen piirikunta, Tšuktšia, Tšuktšimaa
chump {n} /tʃʌmp/ (an unintelligent person) :: typerys, tollo
chump {n} (a gullible person) :: typerys, tollo, tohelo, hölmö
chum up {v} (be friendly toward someone) :: kaveerata
chunder {n} /ˈtʃandə/ (vomit) :: oksennus
chunder {v} (to vomit) :: oksentaa
chunk {n} /t͡ʃʌŋk/ (a part of something) :: pala
chunk {n} (a representative of substance) :: näyte
chunk {n} (a discrete segment of stream) :: lohko
Chunnel {prop} (Channel Tunnel) SEE: Channel Tunnel ::
chur {interj} (voicing of thanks) SEE: thanks ::
chur {interj} (parting salutation) SEE: bye ::
church {n} /t͡ʃɝt͡ʃ/ (house of worship) :: kirkko
church {n} (a religious organization) :: kirkko, seurakunta
church {n} (worship service) :: jumalanpalvelus, messu, kirkko
Church Father {n} /ˈt͡ʃɝt͡ʃ fɑ.ðɚ/ (authoritative ancient male Christian author) :: kirkkoisä
churchical {adj} (pertaining to or characteristic of church) SEE: ecclesiastical ::
Church of England {prop} (established Christian church in England) :: Englannin kirkko
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints {prop} (major denomination of the Latter Day Saint movement) :: Myöhempien Aikojen Pyhien Jeesuksen Kristuksen Kirkko
Church of Scotland {prop} (national Presbyterian church of Scotland) :: Skotlannin kirkko
church service {n} (communal worship) :: jumalanpalvelus
Church Slavonic {prop} (liturgical language) :: kirkkoslaavi
churchwarden {n} (lay officer who handles secular affairs of the parish) :: kirkonisäntä, kirkkoväärti [historical]
churchy {adj} /ˈtʃəːtʃi/ (piously Christian) :: kirkollinen
churchy {adj} (resembling a church) :: kirkkomainen
churchy {adj} (reminiscent of a church service) :: harras
churchy {n} (one who is piously Christian) :: uskovainen
churchyard {n} (patch of land adjoining a church) :: kirkkomaa
churn {v} /tʃɚn/ (agitate rapidly) :: kirnuta
churn {v} (figuratively: produce excessive motion) :: hämmentää
churn {v} (tumble) :: velloa
churn {n} (vessel for churning) :: kirnu
churn {n} (time when customer switches provider) :: liittymän vaihto
churn out {v} (to produce a large quantity of something rapidly and easily) :: suoltaa, syytää ulos
churro {n} /ˈtʃʊɹ.oʊ/ (fried pastry) :: churro
chute {n} /ʃuːt/ (tube) :: kuilu, ränni, kouru
chute {n} (parachute) :: laskuvarjo
chutney {n} /ˈtʃʌtni/ (condiment) :: sose, chutney
chutzpah {n} /ˈxʊts.pə/ (nearly arrogant courage) :: kantti
Chuukese {prop} (language) :: chuuk, chuukin kieli
Chuukese {n} (member of an ethnic group) :: chuukilainen
Chuvash {prop} /t͡ʃʊˈvɑːʃ/ (Chuvash language) :: tšuvassi
Chuvashia {prop} /t͡ʃuːˈvɑːʃɪə/ (federal subject of Russia) :: Tšuvassia
Cia-Cia {prop} (language) :: cia-cia
ciao {interj} (hello) SEE: hello ::
ciao {interj} (goodbye) SEE: goodbye ::
cicada {n} /sɪˈkeɪ.də/ (any of several insects of the order Hemiptera) :: laulukaskas, kaskas
cicatrice {n} (scar) SEE: scar ::
cicatrise {v} /ˈsɪk.ə.tɹaɪz/ (to heal a wound through scarring) :: arpeuttaa
cicatrise {v} (to form a scar) :: arpeutua
cicatrix {n} (scar that remains after the development of new tissue) SEE: scar ::
cicely {n} (Myrrhis odorata) :: saksankirveli
Cicero {prop} /ˈsɪsəɹəʊ/ (Roman statesman and orator) :: Cicero
cichlid {n} /ˈsɪklɪd/ (a tropical fish) :: kirjoahven
-cide {suffix} /-saɪd/ (killing of) :: -murha
-cide {suffix} (killer of) :: -tappaja
cider {n} /ˈsaɪ̯.dɚ/ (alcoholic beverage) :: siideri
cider {n} (non-alcoholic still beverage) :: omenamehu
cider {n} (non-alcoholic sparkling beverage) :: omenalimonadi
cider {n} (drink/glass of cider) :: siideri
cider {n} (soft drink) SEE: soft drink ::
cigar {n} (tobacco product) :: sikari
cigar box {n} (box used for storing cigars) :: sikarilaatikko
cigarette {n} /ˈsɪ.ɡə.ɹɛt/ (cigarette) :: savuke, tupakka
cigarette holder {n} (a device used to hold a cigarette) :: imuke
cigarette lighter {n} (lighter) SEE: lighter ::
cigarette paper {n} (rolling paper) SEE: rolling paper ::
cigarillo {n} /ˌsɪɡəˈɹɪloʊ/ (thin cigar) :: pikkusikari
cilantro {n} (leaves of the coriander plant) :: korianteri
ciliary muscle {n} (muscle) :: sädelihas
ciliate {n} (protozoan of the class Ciliata) :: ripsieläin
cilium {n} /ˈsɪ.li.əm/ (hair along the margin of an organ) :: ripsi
cilium {n} (hairlike organelle projecting from eukaryotic cell) :: värekarva
cinch {n} /sɪntʃ/ (something that is very easy to do) :: lastenleikki, helppo nakki
cinchona {n} /sɪŋˈkoʊnə/ (tree) :: kiinapuu
cinchona {n} (bark) :: kiinapuun kuori
Cincinnati {prop} /sɪnsɨˈnæti/ (city in Ohio) :: Cincinnati
cinder {n} (ember) SEE: ember ::
cinder {n} (partially or mostly burnt material) :: hiili [partially burnt], tuhka [ash]
cinder {n} (slag from a metal furnace) :: kuona
cinder {v} (to reduce something to cinders) :: polttaa poroksi, hiiltää, tuhkata
cinder block {n} (lightweight building block) :: rakennusharkko, harkko
cinder cone {n} (conical deposit of rock fragments) :: tuhkakartio
Cinderella {prop} /ˌsɪndəˈɹɛlə/ (fairy tale) :: Tuhkimo
Cinderella {prop} (main character in this fairy tale) :: Tuhkimo
cinefilm {n} (format) :: kaitafilmi
cinefilm {n} (film) :: kaitafilmi
cinefilm {v} (to record on cinefilm) :: kaitafilmata
cinema {n} (movie) SEE: movie ::
cinema {n} /ˈsɪn.ə.mə/ (a film/movie theatre) :: elokuvateatteri, elokuva, leffa [colloquial]
cinema {n} (film or movies as a group) :: elokuva
cinema {n} (the film and movie industry) :: elokuvateollisuus
cinema {n} (the art of making films and movies) :: filmitaide, elokuvataide
cinemascope {n} (anamorphic lens series used from 1953-1967) :: cinemascope
cinematic {adj} /sɪnəˈmætɪk/ (relating to the cinema) :: elokuvallinen
cinematic {adj} (relating to kinematics) SEE: kinematic ::
cinematographer {n} (a movie photographer, especially one who is in charge of shooting a movie) :: elokuvaaja, kuvaaja
cinereous {adj} (colour) :: tuhkanharmaa
cinereous {adj} (like ashes) :: tuhkamainen, tuhka-
cinereous {adj} (containing ashes) :: tuhkapitoinen
cinereous vulture {n} (Eurasian black vulture) SEE: Eurasian black vulture ::
cingulate gyrus {n} (section of cerebral cortex) :: pihtipoimu
cinéma vérité {n} (style of cinema) :: cinéma vérité, totuuselokuva
cinnabar {n} /ˈsɪ.nə.bɑɹ]/ (mineral) :: sinooperi
cinnabar {n} (color) :: sinooperinpunainen
cinnabar {adj} (of a bright red colour) :: sinooperinpunainen
cinnamic acid {n} :: kanelihappo
cinnamon {n} /ˈsɪn.ə.mən/ (Cinnamomum verum) :: ceyloninkaneli, kanelipuu
cinnamon {n} (any of related trees in the genus Cinnamomum) :: kanelipuu
cinnamon {n} (spice) :: kaneli
cinnamon {n} (colour) :: kanelinruskea
cinnamon {adj} (flavour) :: kaneli-, kanelinmakuinen
cinnamon {adj} (colour) :: kanelinruskea
cinnamon roll {n} (rolled pastry flavored with cinnamon) :: korvapuusti
cinnamon stick {n} (thin piece of cinnamon bark curled up into a tube) :: kanelitanko
cinquefoil {n} (potentilla) SEE: potentilla ::
cipher {n} /ˈsaɪfɚ/ (numeric character) :: numero, luku
cipher {n} (any text character) :: merkki
cipher {n} (combination or interweaving of letters) :: monogrammi
cipher {n} (method for concealing the meaning of text) :: salakirjoitus
cipher {n} (cryptographic system) :: salaaja, salakirjoitusjärjestelmä
cipher {n} (concealed message) :: salakirjoitusviesti
cipher {n} (grouping of three digits in a number, especially when delimited) :: kolmen numeron ryhmä
cipher {n} (someone or something of no importance) :: numero
ciphertext {n} (encoded text) :: salakirjoitus, salakirjoitusviesti
circa {prep} /ˈsɝkə/ (approximately, about) :: noin
circadian rhythm {n} (internal body clock) :: sirkadiaanirytmi
Circassian {prop} /səɹˈkæʃən/ (language) :: tšerkessi
Circassian {n} (a native or inhabitant of Circassia) :: tšerkessi
Circassian {adj} (of or pertaining to Circassia or Circassians) :: tšerkessiläinen
Circe {prop} /ˈsɜɹsi/ (enchantress in Greek mythology) :: Kirke
circle {n} /ˈsɝ.kəɫ]/ (geometry: set of points that are equally distant from a center) :: ympyrä
circle {n} (geometry: set of all points in a plane within a radius) :: ympyrä
circle {n} (thin three-dimensional equivalent of these geometric figures) :: ympyrä
circle {n} (curve approximating part or all of a circle) :: ympyränkaari [part]; ympyrä [all]
circle {n} (specific group of persons) :: piiri
circle {n} (Wicca: ritual circle) :: ympyrä
circle {n} (compass; circuit; enclosure) :: kehä
circle {n} (series ending where it begins, and repeating itself) :: kehä
circle {n} (logic: form of argument) :: kehäpäätelmä
circle {n} (territorial division or district) :: piiri, piirikunta
circle {n} (bagginess of skin under eyes) :: silmäpussit {p}
circle {v} (travel around along a curved path) :: kiertää
circle {v} (surround) :: ympäröidä
circle {v} (place or mark a circle around) :: ympäröidä, [draw a circle] ympyröidä
circle {n} (orbit) SEE: orbit ::
circle {n} (indirect form of words) SEE: circumlocution ::
circle {n} (traffic circle or roundabout) SEE: traffic circle ::
circle contact lens {n} (contact lens that makes the iris appear larger) :: Lady Gaga -piilolinssi
circle of friends {n} (group of close friends) :: ystäväpiiri
circle segment {n} (circular arc) SEE: circular arc ::
circuit {n} /ˈsɝ.kət]/ (act of moving around) :: kierros
circuit {n} (circumference of any space) :: ympärysmitta, piiri
circuit {n} (that which encircles) :: piiri
circuit {n} (space enclosed within a circle) :: piiri
circuit {n} (enclosed path of electric current) :: virtapiiri
circuit {n} (regular or appointed journeying) :: kierros
circuit {n} (legal: division of a state or country) :: piiri, piirikunta
circuit {n} (Methodist Church: district in which an itinerant preacher labors) :: piiri
circuit {n} (circumlocution) SEE: circumlocution ::
circuit board {n} (board) :: piirilevy
circuit breaker {n} (electrical switch) :: katkaisija
circuitous {adj} /sɚˈkjuːətəs/ (not direct or to the point) :: epäsuora
circuitous {adj} (of a long and winding route) :: kiertelevä, kaarteleva
circuitry {n} /ˈsɝkətɹi/ (electrical circuits considered as a group) :: mikropiiristö
circular {adj} /ˈsɜː(ɹ)k.jə.lə(ɹ)/ (of or relating to a circle) :: ympyrä-
circular {adj} (in the shape of, or moving in a circle) :: ympyrän muotoinen, pyöreä
circular {adj} (circuitous or roundabout) :: kierto-, kiertelevä, epäsuora
circular {n} (notice for mass distribution) :: joukkokirje, lentolehtinen
circular {n} (circular letter) :: kiertokirje
circular {adj} (circular definition) SEE: circular definition ::
circular arc {n} (continuous section of the circumference of a circle) :: ympyräkaari
circular argument {n} (a type of argument) :: kehäpäätelmä
circular breathing {n} (technique) :: kiertoilmahengitys
circular definition {n} (definition) :: kehämääritelmä
circular letter {n} (freely distributed letter or pamphlet on routine matters) :: kiertokirje
circular saw {n} (a power saw with a circular cutting blade) :: sirkkeli, pyörösaha
circular sector {n} (portion of a circle) :: ympyräsektori
circular segment {n} (circular segment) :: ympyräsegmentti
circulate {v} (to move in circles) :: kiertää, pyöriä
circulate {v} (to cause to move in circles) :: kierittää, pyörittää
circulate {v} (to move from person to person) :: kiertää
circulate {v} (to spread or disseminate) :: levittää
circulation {n} /ˌsɝkjʊˈleɪʃən/ (The act of moving in a circle) :: kiertoliike
circulation {n} (The act of passing from place to place or person to person) :: kiertokulku
circulation {n} (Currency; circulating coin; notes, bills, etc.) :: levikki
circulation {n} (The extent to which anything circulates or is circulated) :: levikki
circulation {n} (The movement of the blood in the blood-vascular system) :: verenkierto
circulatory system {n} (parts of an animal body) :: verenkiertojärjestelmä
circumambient {adj} (surrounding) SEE: surrounding ::
circumambient {adj} (ascribing to all aspects) :: kattava
circumambulate {v} /ˌsɝ.kəmˈæm.bju.leɪt/ (to walk around) :: kävellä ympäri, kiertää
circumambulation {n} /ˌsɝ.kəmˌæm.bjuˈleɪ.ʃən/ (act of walking around sthg) :: ympärikävely, kiertäminen
circumbendibus {n} /sɝkm̩ˈbɛndɨbəs/ (roundabout route or process) :: ketunlenkki, kiertotie
circumbendibus {n} (a roundabout or confusing manner) :: kiertoilmaus
circumboreal {adj} (pertaining to the ecoregion of abundant forest growth spanning Eurasia and North America) :: sirkumboreaalinen
circumcise {v} (to remove the foreskin from the penis) :: ympärileikata
circumcise {v} (to remove the clitoris or labia) :: ympärileikata
circumcised {adj} (of a man) :: ympärileikattu
circumcised {adj} (of a woman) :: ympärileikattu
circumcision {n} (removal of foreskin from penis) :: ympärileikkaus
circumcision {n} (female circumcision) SEE: female circumcision ::
circumference {n} /sɝːˈkʌm.fɹəns/ (line that bounds a circle or other two-dimensional object) :: kehä
circumference {n} (length of such line) :: ympärysmitta
circumfix {n} /ˈsɚkəmfɪks/ (affix with both a pre- and sufixing part) :: sirkumfiksi
circumfix {v} (add a circumfix) :: liittää sirkumfiksi
circumflex {n} /ˈsɝkəmˌflɛks/ (circumflex accent) :: sirkumfleksi
circumflex {adj} (with circumflex accent) :: sirkumfleksi-
circumflex {adj} (curving around) :: kiertävä
circumflex {v} (to mark or pronounce with circumflex) :: merkitä sirkumfleksilla [to mark]
circumforaneous {adj} /sɜːkəmfəˈɹeɪnɪəs/ (wandering from place to place) :: kiertävä
circumforaneous {adj} (indirect, unnecessarily complex) :: kiertelevä
circumlocution {n} /ˌsɝɹkəmˌləˈkjuʃən/ (roundabout or indirect way of speaking) :: kiertely, jaarittelu, pyörittely
circumlocution {n} (roundabout expression) :: kiertoilmaus
circumlocutionary {adj} /ˌsɝːkəmləˈkjuːʃənɛɹi/ (Evasive, avoiding difficult questions or key points) :: kiertelevä, ympäripyöreä
circumnavigate {v} /ˌsɝ.kəmˈnæv.ɪ.ɡeɪt/ (to sail completely around something) :: purjehtia jonkin ympäri
circumnavigate {v} (to circumvent or bypass) :: kiertää, ohittaa
circumnavigate {v} (to sail around the world) :: purjehtia maailman ympäri
circumnavigation {n} (circumnavigating) :: ympäripurjehdus
circumscribe {v} /ˈsɝ.kəm.skɹaɪb/ (to draw a line around; encircle) :: ympyröidä
circumscribe {v} (to limit narrowly; restrict) :: rajoittaa
circumscribe {v} (to draw a circle, sphere, or higher-dimensional ball) :: piirtää ympyrä monikulmion kärkien kautta
circumscription {n} (act of circumscribing; quality of being circumscribed) :: ympyröinti
circumscription {n} (anything that circumscribes or a circumscribed area) :: ympyröinti
circumscription {n} (taxonomy: definition of what belongs in a taxon) :: rajaus
circumscription {n} (electoral district) SEE: electoral district ::
circumspect {adj} /ˈsɚ.kəm.spɛkt/ (carefully aware of all circumstances) :: ympäripyöreä
circumstance {n} /ˈsɜːkəmst(ə)ns/ (that which attends, or relates to, or in some way affects, a fact or event) :: olosuhteet {p}, olot {p}
circumstance {n} (event; fact; particular incident) :: yhteensattuma
circumstance {n} (circumlocution; detail) :: seikka, asianhaara, yksityiskohta
circumstance {n} (condition in regard to worldly estate) :: varallisuus, varat {p}
circumstantial {adj} /səːkəmˈstanʃəl/ (pertaining to circumstances) :: epäolennainen, aiheeseen liittyvä
circumstantial {adj} (abounding with circumstances; minute in details) :: yksityiskohtainen
circumstantial {adj} (full of pomp) :: juhlallinen, juhlava
circumstantial {adj} (suggesting guilty but not proving it) :: aihe- [see: aihetodiste]
circumstantial {n} (something incidental) :: olosuhteet {p}, epäolennaisuudet {p}, oheisilmiö
circus {n} /ˈsɝkəs/ (company that travels) :: sirkus
circus {n} (round open space) :: aukio
circusless {adj} (without a circus) :: sirkukseton
circus ring {n} (arena in a circus where acts are performed) :: sirkusareena
cirque {n} (something in the shape of a circle) SEE: circle ::
cirque {n} /sɜːk/ (curved depression in a mountainside) :: onsilo
cirrhosis {n} /sɪˈɹoʊsɪs/ (chronic disease of the liver) :: kirroosi
cirrocumulus {n} (a cloud type) :: palleropilvi
cirrostratus {n} /ˌsɪɹəˈstɹeɪtəs/ (cloud) :: harsopilvi
cirrus {n} /ˈsɪɹəs/ (cloud) :: cirruspilvi, cirrus
CIS {prop} (Commonwealth of Independent States) :: IVY
cisco {n} /ˈsɪskəʊ/ (fish) :: siika, amerikanmuikku
cis female {adj} (being a cisgender female) :: cisnainen
cisgender {adj} /sɪsˈdʒɛndɚ/ (having a gender the same as one's sex) :: cissukupuolinen
cisgender {n} (person) :: cisihminen, cissukupuolinen
cis male {adj} (being a cisgender male) :: cismies
cis man {n} :: cis-mies
cis person {n} (person) :: cis-ihminen
cissexual {adj} (having a gender identity which matches one's birth sex) SEE: cisgender ::
cistern {n} /ˈsɪs.tɚn/ (reservoir for holding water) :: vesisäiliö, sadevesisäiliö
cistern {n} (flush toilet's container) :: säiliö, vesisäiliö
cistern {n} (cisterna) SEE: cisterna ::
cisterna {n} (membrane section comprising organelles) :: sisterna
cis-trans isomerism {n} (a form of geometric isomerism) :: cis-trans-isomeria
Cisuralian {prop} (Cisuralian epoch) :: varhaispermikausi, Kisurali-epookki
cis woman {n} :: cis-nainen
citadel {n} /ˈsɪtədəl/ (a strong fortress that sits high above a city) :: sitadelli
citadel {n} (a stronghold or fortified place) :: linnoitus, linnake
citation {n} /saɪˈteɪʃən/ (the passage or words quoted; quotation) :: lainaus, sitaatti
citation {n} (a reference to decided cases, or books of authority) :: viite
citation needed {phrase} (A portion of a wiki needs to be validated by a source.) :: lähde?
cite {v} (quote) SEE: quote ::
cite {n} (citation) SEE: citation ::
citizen {n} /ˈsɪtɪzən/ (legal member of a state) :: kansalainen
citizen {n} (antonym to "subject") :: kansalainen
citizen {n} (legal resident of a city) :: kaupunkilainen, porvari
citizen {n} (resident of any particular place) :: kansalainen
citizen {n} (civilian) :: kansalainen, siviili [non-military]
citizen journalism {n} (reporting by amateurs on the scene of an event) :: kansalaisjournalismi
citizen journalist {n} (amateur journalist) :: kansalaisjournalisti
citizen's arrest {n} (right of a person to detain a suspected criminal) :: yleinen kiinniotto-oikeus
citizen's arrest {n} (an arrest made under this right) :: kiinniottaminen
citizenship {n} (state of being a citizen) :: kansalaisuus
citizenshipless {adj} (having no citizenship) :: kansalaisuudeton
citrate {n} (salt or ester of citric acid) :: sitraatti
citric acid {n} /ˌsɪtɹɪk ˈæsɪd/ (2-hydroxy-1,2,3-propanetricarboxylic acid, C6H8O7) :: sitruunahappo
citric acid cycle {n} /ˈsɪtɹɪk ˌæsɪd ˈsaɪkəl/ (the Krebs cycle) :: sitruunahappokierto
citrine {n} (goldish-yellow colour) :: sitriininkeltainen
citrine {n} (brownish-yellow quartz) :: sitriini
citrine {adj} (of a goldish-yellow colour) :: sitriininkeltainen
citron {n} /ˈsɪtɹən/ (greenish yellow colour) :: kellanvihreä
citron {n} (tree) :: sukaattisitruuna
citron {n} (fruit) :: sukaattisitruuna
citron {n} (candied rind) :: sukaatti
citrus {n} /ˈsɪ.tɹəs/ (shrub or tree) :: sitruspuu
citrus {n} (fruit) SEE: citrus fruit ::
citrus fruit {n} (fruit of genus Citrus) :: sitrushedelmä
citrus greening {n} (bacterial disease of citrus trees) :: sitruspuun kellastumistauti, HLB-tauti
city {n} /ˈsɪt̬i/ (large settlement) :: kaupunki
city {n} (downtown) SEE: downtown ::
city {n} (central business district) SEE: central business district ::
city administrator {n} (person) :: hallintojohtaja
city block {n} (part of town enclosed by streets) :: kortteli
city block {n} (distance from one street to next) :: kortteli, kadunväli
city center {n} (downtown) SEE: downtown ::
city council {n} (town/city governing body) :: kaupunginvaltuusto
city father {n} :: kaupunginisä
city hall {n} (building) :: kaupungintalo
city hall {n} (government) :: kaupunginhallitus
cityscape {n} (view of a city) :: kaupunkimaisema, kaupunkikuva
city state {n} (sovereign city) :: kaupunkivaltio
civet {n} /ˈsɪ.vɪt/ (cat-like animal) :: sivettikissa, sivetti
civet {n} (perfume) :: sivetti
civet coffee {n} (coffee made from eaten berries) SEE: kopi luwak ::
civic {adj} /ˈsɪvɪk/ (Having to do with a city or the people who live there) :: kaupunkilais-, asukas-, kansalais-
civics {n} /ˈsɪvɪks/ (study of good citizenship and proper membership in a community) :: yhteiskuntaoppi, kansalaistaito [old]
civil {adj} /ˈsɪv.əl/ (Related to people and government office as opposed to military or religion) :: kansalais-, siviili-
civil {adj} (behaving in a reasonable or polite manner) :: kohtelias
civil aviation {n} (non-military aviation) :: siviili-ilmailu
civil defense {n} (efforts to protect the citizens of a state from military attack) :: väestönsuojelu
civil disobedience {n} (active and non-violent refusal to obey) :: kansalaistottelemattomuus
civil engineer {n} (engineer specialised in civil engineering) :: rakennusinsinööri
civil engineering {n} (technical design and construction of public works and/or equivalent private ones) :: yhdyskuntatekniikka [technology]; rakennussuunnittelu [design]; rakentaminen [construction]
civilian {n} /sɪˈvɪljən/ (non-military person) :: siviili
civilian {adj} (not related to the military armed forces) :: siviili-
civilise {v} (to educate to a perceived higher standard of behaviour) :: sivistää
civility {n} (politeness; behavior which conforms to social conventions) :: kohteliaisuus
civilization {n} /ˌsɪv.ə.ləˈzeɪ.ʃən/ (organized culture) :: kulttuuri, sivilisaatio
civilization {n} (human society) :: sivistys, sivistynyt yhteiskunta
civilization {n} (act or process of civilizing or becoming civilized) :: sivistäminen, sivistyminen, sivilisaatio
civilization {n} (state or quality of being civilized) :: sivistyneiyys
civilization-state {n} (political entity) :: sivilisaatiovaltio
civilize {v} (civilise) SEE: civilise ::
civilized {adj} /ˈsɪ.vɪ.lɑɪzd/ (having a highly developed society or culture) :: sivistynyt
civilized {adj} (showing evidence of moral and intellectual advancement) :: sivistynyt
civilized {adj} (marked by refinement in taste and manners) :: sivistynyt
civil law {n} (body of law dealing with private relations) :: velvoiteoikeus
civil law {n} (legal system contrasting with common law) :: säädösoikeus
civil marriage {n} (marriage performed by a government official instead of by a member of the clergy) :: siviiliavioliitto, siviilivihkiminen
civil partnership {n} (arrangement for same-sex couples) :: rekisteröity parisuhde
civil registry {n} (government repository or database) :: väestörekisteri
civil rights {n} (rights deserved by all people under all circumstances) :: kansalaisoikeudet {p}
civil servant {n} (government employee) :: virkamies
civil service {n} (branches of government that are not military, legislative or judicial) :: julkinen sektori
civil service {n} (body of civilian employees) :: julkinen sektori
civil society {n} (institutions, voluntary organizations and corporate bodies) :: kansalaisyhteiskunta
civil twilight {n} (period in which the sun is less than 6° below the horizon) :: porvarillinen hämärä
civil union {n} (legal union similar to marriage) :: siviiliavioliitto, rekisteröity parisuhde
civil war {n} (war between factions within a single country) :: sisällissota
Civil War {prop} (civil war) SEE: civil war ::
civil wrong {n} (wrongful act) :: vahingonteko
civvies {n} (mufti (dress)) SEE: mufti ::
clack {n} (an abrupt, sharp sound) :: kalahdus, kolahdus, kalina, kolina
clack {v} (to make such a sound) :: kalahtaa, kolahtaa, kalista, kolista
clack {v} (to chatter or babble) :: kälättää, räpättää
clacky {adj} (making a clack sound) :: kopiseva
clad {v} /klæd/ (to clothe) :: pukea
clad {v} (to cover with insulation) :: päällystää, eristää
cladding {n} /ˈklædɪŋ/ (an outside building covering) :: verhous
clade {n} /kleɪd/ (group) :: kladi
claim {n} /kleɪm/ (demand of ownership) :: vaatimus
claim {n} (new statement of truth made about something) :: väite
claim {n} (demand of ownership for previously unowned land) :: vaatimus, valtaus (mining)
claim {n} ((law) demand for compensation) :: korvausvaatimus, vahingonkorvausvaatimus, vaade
claim {v} (to demand ownership of something) :: vaatia
claim {v} (to state a new fact) :: väittää
claim {v} (to demand ownership or right to use for land) :: vaatia, vallata
claim {v} ((law) to demand compensation) :: vaatia (korvausta)
claimant {n} (party who initiates a lawsuit) SEE: plaintiff ::
claimant {n} (one who claims) :: vaatija; kantaja [law]
Claire {prop} (female given name) SEE: Clara ::
clairvoyance {n} /klɛɹˈvɔɪəns/ (the power to perceive objects that are not accessible to the senses) :: selvänäköisyys
clairvoyant {adj} /ˌklɛɹˈvɔɪ.ənt/ (of, or relating to clairvoyance) :: selvänäköinen
clairvoyant {adj} (able to see things that cannot be perceived by the normal senses) :: selvänäköinen
clairvoyant {adj} (able to foresee the future) :: selvänäköinen
clairvoyant {n} (person able to see things that cannot be perceived by the normal senses) :: selvänäkijä
clairvoyant {n} (person able to foresee the future) :: ennustaja, selvänäkijä
clam {n} /klæm/ (mollusc, see also: mollusc; oyster; mussel) :: simpukka
clamber {v} /ˈklæm.bə(ɹ)/ (to climb with difficulty or haphazardly) :: kavuta
clam chowder {n} (chowder made from clams) :: paksu simpukkakeitto
clammy {adj} /ˈklæmi/ (Cold and damp) :: nihkeä
clamor {v} /ˈklæm.ɚ/ (to become noisy insistently) :: hälistä
clamp {n} /klæmp/ (woodworking tool) :: puristin
clamp {v} (to fasten in place or together) :: puristaa (yhteen)
clamp {v} (to hold or grip) :: puristaa
clamp down on {v} (to take measures to stop something) :: puuttua
clamshell {n} (shell of a clam) :: simpukankuori
clamshell {n} (hinged object) :: simpukankuori
clan {n} /klæn/ (group having common ancestor) :: klaani
clandestine {adj} /klænˈdɛstɪn/ (done or kept in secret) :: salainen
clang {n} /klæŋ/ (loud ringing sound) :: helähdys, kilahdus
clang {n} (quality of tone) :: sointi
clang {v} (transitive: strike (objects) together to produce a clang) :: kilauttaa, heläyttää
clang {v} (intransitive: give out a clang) :: kilahtaa, helähtää
clangour {n} /ˈklæŋəɹ/ (a loud, repeating clanging sound; a loud racket; a din) :: kalina, kolina
clangour {v} (to make a clanging sound) :: kajahdella
clank {n} /klæŋk/ (loud, hard metallic sound) :: kalahdus (individual), kalina (repetitive)
clank {v} (to make a clanking sound) :: kalauttaa, kalahtaa (individual), kalistaa, kalistella, kalisuttaa, kalahdella (repetitive)
clap {v} /klæp/ (To strike the palms of the hands together) :: taputtaa
clap {v} (To applaud by clapping the hands) :: taputtaa
clap {n} (gonorrhea) :: tippuri
clapboard {n} (clapperboard) SEE: clapperboard ::
clapper {n} (the tongue of a bell) :: kieli
clapper {n} (rattle) :: räikkä
clapper board {n} (clapperboard) SEE: clapperboard ::
clapperboard {n} (device used in film) :: klaffi
clapper talk {n} (Chinese narrative accompanied by clappers) :: clapper talk
claptrap {n} /ˈklæp.tɹæp/ (empty verbiage or nonsense) :: hölynpöly, humpuuki, höpönpöpö
Clara {prop} /klɛəɹə/ (cognates and transliterations of the name Clara) :: Klaara
Clare {n} (Clara) SEE: Clara ::
clarified butter {n} (cooking fat made from butter) :: kirkastettu voi
clarify {v} /ˈklæɹɪfaɪ/ (to make clear or bright by freeing from feculent matter) :: selkeyttää
clarify {v} (to make clear) :: selventää
clarify {v} (to become clear or transparent) :: selkeytyä
clarify {v} (to clear up) :: seljetä, selvitä
clarinet {n} /ˌklæɹɪˈnɛt/ (woodwind musical instrument) :: klarinetti
clarinetist {n} (musician) :: klarinetisti
clarion {n} /ˈklæɹiən/ (medieval brass instrument) :: pasuuna [straight], klarino [S-shaped]
clarity {n} /ˈklæɹɪti/ (the state or measure of being clear) :: selkeys
clash {n} /klæʃ/ (loud sound) :: kalske, kalskahdus
clash {n} (skirmish) :: yhteenotto
clash {v} (clash) :: kalskahtaa
clash {v} (conflict) :: ottaa yhteen
clasp {v} /klæsp/ (take hold of; grab tightly) :: puristaa, tarrata, kouristaa
class {n} /klæs/ (group, collection, category or set sharing characteristics or attributes) :: luokka
class {n} (social grouping, based on job, wealth, etc.) :: luokka, yhteiskuntaluokka
class {n} (division of society into classes) :: luokkajako
class {n} (admirable behavior; elegance) :: tyyli
class {n} (group of students in a regularly scheduled meeting with a teacher) :: luokka
class {n} (series of classes covering a single subject) :: kurssi
class {n} (group of students who commenced or completed their education during a particular year) :: luokka, vuosikurssi
class {n} (category of seats in an airplane, train or other means of mass transportation) :: luokka
class {n} (classification below Phylum and above Order) :: luokka
class {n} (best of its kind) :: huippu
class {n} ((set theory) collection of sets definable by a shared property) :: luokka
class {n} (military: persons subject to the same draft) :: saapumiserä
class {n} ((programming, object-oriented) set of objects possibly differing in state but not behavior) :: luokka
class {v} (to assign to a class) :: luokitella
class action {n} (lawsuit) :: ryhmäkanne
class action lawsuit {n} (type of lawsuit) :: ryhmäkanne
class clown {n} (student who frequently makes jokes) :: luokan pelle
class-conscious {adj} (aware of one's social class) :: luokkatietoinen
classic {adj} /ˈklæ.sɪk/ (of or relating to the first class or rank) :: klassinen
classic {adj} (exemplary of a particular style) :: klassinen
classic {adj} (exhibiting timeless quality) :: klassinen
classic {adj} (of or pertaining to the ancient Greeks and Romans) :: antiikin [genitive of noun "antiikki"]
classic {adj} (traditional, original) :: perinteinen
classic {n} (example) :: klassikko
classic {n} (lasting work) :: klassikko
classic {n} (author) :: klassikko
classic {n} (sports event) :: klassikko
classic {n} (learned one) :: klassisti
Classical Arabic {prop} (Classical Arabic) :: klassinen arabia
Classical Chinese {prop} (language) :: klassinen kiina
classical conditioning {n} (learning process) :: klassinen ehdollistuminen
classical guitar {n} (guitar used primarily for classical music) :: klassinen kitara
classicality {n} (condition of being classical) :: klassisuus
classicality {n} (physics: degree to which a system or phenomenon may be explained by classical mechanics) :: klassisuus
classical language {n} (ancient language with a rich literary tradition) :: klassinen kieli
Classical Latin {prop} (Latin language as spoken and written formally) :: klassinen latina
classically {adv} (in a classical manner) :: perinteisesti, klassisesti
classical mechanics {n} (physical laws of nature that account for the behaviour of the normal world) :: klassinen mekaniikka
classical music {n} (music of the classical period) :: klassinen musiikki
classical music {n} (the more serious forms of European and American music) :: klassinen musiikki
Classical Tibetan {prop} (form of Tibetan) :: klassinen tiibet
classicism {n} (classical traditions of the art and architecture of ancient Greece and Rome) :: klassismi
classicism {n} (classical scholarship) :: klassismi
classicism {n} (Latin or Ancient Greek expression used in an English sentence) :: klassismi
classicistic {adj} (of or pertaining to classicism) :: klassistinen
classicistic {adj} (of or pertaining to classicists) :: klassistinen
classicistic {adj} (emulating the classical, characterised by classicism) :: klassistinen
classic skiing {n} (skiing style) :: perinteinen hiihtotapa
classifiable {adj} (able to be classified) :: luokiteltava
classification {n} /ˌklæsɪfɪˈkeɪʃən/ (act of forming into classes) :: luokittelu
classified {n} (classified advertisement) SEE: classified advertisement ::
classified ad {n} (classified advertisement) SEE: classified advertisement ::
classified advertisement {n} (newspaper or website advertisements under categories) :: rivi-ilmoitus, luokiteltu ilmoitus
classifieds {n} (classified advertisements) :: rivi-ilmoitukset {p}, luokitellut ilmoitukset {p}
classify {v} /ˈklæsɪfaɪ/ (identify or divide into classes) :: luokitella, jäsentää, lajitella, ryhmittää
classify {v} (declare secret) :: luokitella salaiseksi
classmate {n} (student who is in the same class at school) :: luokkakaveri, luokkatoveri
class reunion {n} (planned event) :: luokkakokous
class ring {n} (ring showing school and year of graduation) :: luokkasormus
classroom {n} /ˈklɑːsɹʊm/ (room in a school) :: luokkahuone, luokka
class struggle {n} (struggle between classes) :: luokkataistelu
class variable {n} :: luokkamuuttuja
classy {adj} /ˈklæs.i/ (elegant and fashionable) :: tyylikäs, hienostunut
classy {adj} (of a superior type) :: tyylikäs
clathrate {n} /ˈklæθɹeɪt/ (clathrate compound) :: klatraatti
clatter {n} /ˈklætɚ/ (A rattling noise) :: kolina, kalina
clatter {n} (A loud disturbance) :: rytinä
clatter {v} (To cause to make a rattling sound) :: kolisuttaa, kolistaa
clatter {v} (To make a rattling noise) :: kolista, kalista
clause {n} /klɔːz/ (grammar: group of words which include a subject and any necessary predicate) :: lauseke
clause {n} (grammar: verb along with a subject and modifiers) :: lause
clause {n} (legal: separate part of a contract) :: ehto, sopimusehto, klausuuli
claustrophobia {n} (fear of closed, tight places) :: klaustrofobia, ahtaanpaikankammo
claustrophobic {adj} (Suffering from claustrophobia) :: klaustrofobinen, ahtaanpaikankammoinen
claustrophobic {adj} (Cramped and confined) :: klaustrofobinen
claustrum {n} /ˈklɔːstɹəm/ (sheet of grey matter) :: aivomuuri
claves {n} (percussion instrument consisting of two sticks or blocks) :: rytmikapulat
clavichord {n} /ˈklæv.ɪˌkɔɹd/ (early keyboard instrument) :: klavikordi
clavicle {n} (collar bone) :: solisluu
clavis {n} (glossary) SEE: glossary ::
claw {n} /klɔ/ (curved horny nail) :: kynsi
claw {n} (foot equipped with such) :: käpälä; kynnet {p} [of a bird]
claw {n} (pincer of a crustacean) :: saksi
claw {n} (mechanical device for gripping) :: leuka
claw {v} (scratch or tear at) :: kynsiä, raapia
claw {v} (to use claws to seize, to grip) :: ottaa kynsiinsä
claw {v} (use claws to climb) :: kiivetä kynsiensä avulla
claw hammer {n} (hammer with 2 prongs) :: puusepän vasara, sorkkavasara
clay {n} /kleɪ/ (mineral substance) :: savi
clay pigeon {n} (target in sport shooting) :: savikiekko
claystone {n} (sedimentary rock composed of fine, clay particles) :: savikivi
clean {adj} /kliːn/ (not dirty) :: puhdas
clean {adj} (in an unmarked condition) :: puhdas, tyhjä
clean {adj} (pure, especially morally or religiously) :: puhdas, viaton
clean {adj} (smooth, exact, and performed well) :: puhdas
clean {adj} (slang: cool or neat) :: siisti
clean {adj} (without restrictions or penalties) :: puhdas
clean {adj} (allowing an uninterrupted flow over surfaces) :: sileä
clean {adj} (not having sexually transmitted diseases) :: puhdas
clean {n} (first part of "clean and jerk" weightlifting) :: veto
clean {v} ((transitive) to remove dirt from a place or object) :: puhdistaa, siivota, siistiä, putsata
clean {v} ((transitive) to tidy up) :: siivota
clean {v} ((intransitive) to make things clean) :: puhdistaa, siivota
clean {v} ((intransitive) to brush lightly in front of a curling rock) :: [kevyesti] harjata
clean {adv} (fully and completely) :: täysin
clean {adj} (empty) SEE: empty ::
clean and jerk {n} (in weightlifting) :: työntö
clean as a whistle {adj} (very clean) :: putipuhdas
clean as a whistle {adj} (completely innocent) :: puhdas kuin pulmunen
clean-cut {adj} (having a neat, smart appearance) :: siisti, siistinnäköinen
clean eating {n} (practice) :: puhdas syöminen
cleaner {n} /ˈkli.nɚ/ (person who cleans) :: siivooja
cleaner {n} (device that cleans) :: puhdistin; imuri [vacuum cleaner]
cleaner {n} (substance used for cleaning) :: puhdistusaine
cleaner {n} (professional laundry) :: pesula
cleanliness {n} /ˈklɛnlinəs/ (the property of being cleanly) :: puhtaus, siisteys
cleanness {n} /ˈkliːnnəs/ (moral purity) :: puhtaus, viattomuus
cleanness {n} (state of being clean) :: puhtaus
cleanse {v} /klɛnz/ (clean, purify) :: puhdistaa
cleanse {v} (spiritually purify) :: puhdistaa
cleanser {n} (detergent) SEE: detergent ::
clean shaven {adj} (clean-shaven) SEE: clean-shaven ::
clean-shaven {adj} (translations to be checked) :: parraton; sileäleukainen, sileäposkinen
clean sweep {n} (overwhelming success) :: selkeä voitto
cleanup {n} /ˈkliːˌnʌp]/ (the act of cleaning or tidying) :: puhdistus, siivous
clean up one's act {v} (reform) :: parantaa tapansa
clear {adj} (distinct) SEE: distinct ::
clear {adj} /klɪɹ/ (transparent in colour) :: kirkas, läpinäkyvä
clear {adj} (bright, not obscured) :: kirkas
clear {adj} (free of obstacles) :: vapaa, esteetön
clear {adj} (without clouds) :: kirkas, pilvetön, selkeä, kuulas
clear {adj} (free of ambiguity or doubt) :: selvä, selkeä, yksikäsitteinen
clear {adj} (free of guilt or suspicion) :: syytön, viaton, puhdas
clear {adj} (meteorology: less than 1/8 obscured by clouds) :: selkeä
clear {adj} (without a thickening ingredient) :: kirkas
clear {adj} (possessing little or no perceptible stimuli) :: -ton
clear {adj} (scientology: free from the influence of engrams) :: clear-tila [no adjective, cases of this noun used to produce adjectival expressions]
clear {adv} (all the way) :: kirkkaasti, selvästi
clear {adv} (not near or touching something) :: poissa, irti
clear {v} (to remove obstructions or impediments) :: raivata, selvittää
clear {v} (to eliminate ambiguity or doubt; to clarify) :: selventää
clear {v} (to remove from suspicion) :: todeta syyttömäksi
clear {v} (to pass without interference; to miss) :: väistää, mennä ohi
clear {v} (to become clear) :: kirkastua, selvitä, selventyä
clear {v} (to go through as payment) :: selvittää, kliirata [banking jargon]
clear {v} (to earn a profit) :: ansaita puhtaana
clear {v} (to obtain permission to use a sample of copyrighted audio in another track) :: saada lupa
clear {v} (sports: to defend by moving the ball away from the defending goal) :: purkaa
clear {v} (to fell all trees of a forest) :: hakata
clearance {n} (act of clearing or something cleared) :: raivaus (act), raivio (space)
clearance {n} (distance between two moving objects) :: välys, varoetäisyys, etäisyys, pelivara
clearance {n} (height or width of a passage, or the distance between a vehicle and the walls or roof of such passage) :: vapaa korkeus [height], vapaa leveys [width], pelivara [reserve space]
clearance {n} (permission for a vehicle to proceed, or for a person to travel) :: lupa (often with a specifying modifier); kulkulupa (vehicle), matkustuslupa (travel)
clearance {n} (permission to have access to sensitive or secret documents or other information) :: lupa, valtuutus
clearance {n} (sale of merchandise at a reduced price) :: tyhjennysmyynti, alennusmyynti
clearance {n} (finance: processing of payments at a clearing house) :: selvitys
clearance {n} (medicine: removal of harmful substances from the blood) :: puhdistuma
clearance {n} (billiards: act of potting all the remaining balls on a table at one visit) :: puhdistus
clear and convincing evidence {n} (legal standard) :: selkeät ja vakuuttavat todisteet
clear as a bell {adj} (totally clear) :: selvä kuin pläkki
clear as crystal {adj} (transparent) :: kristallinkirkas
clear as crystal {adj} (understandable) :: kristallinkirkas
clear as day {adj} (quite clear) :: päivänselvä
clear as mud {adj} (unclear) :: samea, läpinäkymätön
clear cut {adj} (straightforward) :: selvä, selkeä, selväpiirteinen
clear cut {adj} (trees removed) :: paljaaksihakattu
clearcutting {n} (forestry practice) :: avohakkuu
clearing {n} (act or process of making or becoming clear) :: selvittäminen, selvitys
clearing {n} (area of land within a wood or forest devoid of trees) :: aukea, metsäaukea; aukio
clearing {n} (open space in the fog etc) :: aukko
clearing {n} (process of completing and settling transactions centrally) :: clearing, selvitys
clearing {n} (sequence of events used to disconnect a call) :: erottaminen
clearly {adv} /ˈklɪɹli/ (in a clear manner) :: selvästi
clear one's throat {v} (forcibly expulsing air from one's lungs) :: rykiä, kakoa, kakistella
cleartext {n} (unencrypted text) :: selkoteksti
cleat {n} /kliːt/ (device to secure a rope) :: knaapi
cleats {n} /kliːts/ (pair of shoes equipped with cleats) :: nappulakengät {p}
cleavage {n} /ˈkliːvɪdʒ/ (separation between breasts) :: rintojen väli, dekoltee, tissivako
cleavage {n} (biology: cell division) :: solun jakautuminen
cleave {v} /kliv/ (transitive to split or sever) :: halkaista, halkoa [continuous]
cleave {v} (transitive mineralogy) :: lohkaista
cleave {v} (transitive figurative) :: halkoa
cleave {v} (transitive chemistry) :: lohkaista
cleave {v} (intransitive to split) :: haljeta, lohjeta
cleave {v} (intransitive mineralogy) :: lohjeta
cleaver {n} /ˈklivɚ/ (a squarish knife used for hacking) :: lihakirves [meat cleaver]
clef {n} (musical symbol) :: nuottiavain
cleft {n} /klɛft/ (opening made or as if made by splitting) :: lovi
cleft chin {n} (cleft chin) :: lovileuka, kuoppaleuka
cleft lip {n} (harelip) SEE: harelip ::
cleft palate {n} (congenital opening in mouth) :: suulakihalkio
clematis {n} /ˈklɛmətɪs/ (any plant of the genus Clematis) :: kärhö
clemency {n} /ˈklɛ.mə (leniency, mercy) :: lempeys, armo
clemency {n} (mildness of weather) :: lauhkeus, leppeys
clement {adj} (lenient or merciful; charitable) :: armelias, lempeä
clement {adj} (mild) :: lauhkea, leuto
Clement {prop} (male given name) :: Klemetti
clementine {n} /ˈklɛməntaɪn/ (citrus fruit) :: klementiini
clench {n} (tight grip) :: puristus
clench {v} (to squeeze) :: puristaa
Cleopatra {prop} /klioʊˈpætɹə/ (a given name of women in the Ptolemy dynasty) :: Kleopatra
clepsydra {n} /ˈklɛpsɪdɹə/ (water clock) :: vesikello, klepsydra
clerestory {n} (upper part of a wall) :: klerestorio
clergy {n} /ˈklɝdʒi/ (people trained to officiate at religious ceremonies and services) :: papisto
clergyman {n} (ordained (male) Christian minister, male member of the clergy) :: pappi
clergyperson {n} (ordained (male or female) Christian minister, male or female member of the clergy) :: pappi
clergywoman {n} (ordained (female) Christian minister, female member of the clergy) :: pappi
cleric {n} /klɛɹɪk/ (clergy member) :: pappi
clerical {adj} /ˈklɛɹɪkəl/ (of or relating to clerks or their work) :: toimisto-
clerical {adj} (of or relating to the clergy) :: papillinen
clerical collar {n} (collar worn by clergy) :: papinkaulus
clerically {adv} (in a clerical manner) :: papillisesti
clerical script {n} (style of Chinese calligraphy) :: kirjurikirjoitus
clerk {n} /klɝk/ (one working with records etc.) :: konttoristi, virkailija
clever {adj} /ˈklɛvɚ/ (nimble with hands or body) :: kätevä
clever {adj} (skillful) :: nokkela
clever {adj} (mentally quick or sharp) :: nokkela, ovela, älykäs
clever {adj} (showing inventiveness or originality) :: nokkela
clevis {n} (U-shaped coupling) :: haarukka, hanka
clevis pin {n} (part of a fastener) :: sakkelin tappi
clew {n} (clue) SEE: clue ::
clew {n} /kluː/ (ball of thread) :: lankakerä
clew {n} (sail corner) :: skuuttikulma
clewline {n} (outermost of the ropes with which a square sail is rolled up) :: supistin, jiiktouvi
cliché {n} /kliːˈʃeɪ/ (overused phrase or expression) :: klisee, latteus
cliché {n} (anything (other than a phrase) that is overused) :: klisee
clichéd {adj} (repeated often) :: kliseinen
cliche {n} (cliché) SEE: cliché ::
click {n} /ˈklɪk/ (sharp sound) :: napsahdus, naksahdus, naksaus
click {n} (in phonetics) :: naksausäänne, avulsiivi
click {n} (sound made by a dolphin) :: naksaus
click {n} (act of operating a switch, etc., so that it clicks) :: napsautus
click {n} (act of pressing a button on a computer mouse) :: napsautus, klikkaus
click {v} (transitive: operate so as to make click) :: naksauttaa
click {v} (transitive: press and release (button on a mouse)) :: napsauttaa, näpäyttää, klikata
click {v} (intransitive: emit a click) :: napsahtaa, naksahtaa
click {v} (intransitive: click the left button of a mouse) :: napsauttaa, näpäyttää
click {v} (intransitive: get on well at a first meeting) :: synkata
clickable {adj} (computing) :: napsautettava
clickbait {n} /ˈklɪkbeɪt/ (content aimed at generating advertising revenue) :: klikkiotsikko
click beetle {n} (beetle of the family Elateridae) :: seppä
clicko {n} (error in clicking the mouse) :: virheklikkaus
click wheel {n} (button in iPod) :: click wheel -näppäin
client {n} /ˈklʌɪənt/ (a customer or receiver of services) :: asiakas
client {n} (computing: the role of a computer application or system) :: asiakasohjelma
client {n} (person who receives help or advice from a professional person) :: asiakas
clientele {n} /klaɪ.n̩ˈtɛl/ (body of clients who frequent an establishment) :: asiakaskunta, asiakaspiiri
client service {n} (customer service) SEE: customer service ::
cliff {n} /klɪf/ (a (near) vertical rock face) :: kalliojyrkänne, jyrkänne
cliffy {adj} (abounding in cliffs) :: kallioinen
climate {n} /ˈklaɪmɪt/ (long-term atmospheric conditions) :: ilmasto, ilmanala
climate {n} (context in general of a particular political, moral etc. situation) :: ilmapiiri
climate change {n} (changes in the Earth's climate) :: ilmastonmuutos
climate control {n} (device which controls temperature and humidity of air) :: ilmastointilaite, ilmastointi
climate denialism {n} (theory) :: ilmastodenialismi, ilmastonmuutoksen kiistäminen
climate denialist {n} (supporter) :: ilmastodenialisti, ilmastonmuutoksen kiistäjä
Climategate {prop} (scandal) :: Climategate
climatic {adj} (of, relating to or influenced by climate) :: ilmastollinen
climatically {adv} /klaɪˈmætɪkli/ (regarding the climate) :: ilmastollisesti
climatologist {n} (scholar of climatology) :: klimatologi
climatology {n} (science) :: klimatologia, ilmastotiede
climax {n} (the peak of sexual pleasure) SEE: orgasm ::
climax {n} /ˈklaɪmæks/ (rhetoric: ordering of terms in increasing order of importance or magnitude) :: kliimaksi
climax {n} (point of greatest intensity or force) :: huippu, huipentuma
climax {n} (turning point in a plot or dramatic action) :: kliimaksi, käännekohta
climax {n} (ecology: stage in ecological development) :: kliimaksi
climax {n} (orgasm) :: huippu, kliimaksi
climb {v} /klaɪm/ (to ascend, to go up) :: kohota, nousta
climb {v} (to mount, to move upwards on) :: kiivetä, kavuta
climbdown {n} (retreat) :: perääntyminen
climber {n} /ˈklai.mɚ/ (one who climbs) :: kiipeilijä
climber {n} (plant that climbs) :: köynnöskasvi
climbing frame {n} (playground equipment) SEE: jungle gym ::
clinch {n} (combat sports) :: sidonta
clinch nut {n} (threaded fastener) :: peltimutteri
cling {v} /ˈklɪŋ/ (hold tightly) :: takertua, tarrautua
clingy {adj} /ˈklɪŋi/ (having a tendency to cling) :: ihonmyötäinen, vartalonmukainen
clingy {adj} (possessive over a lover) :: takertuva
clinic {n} /ˈklɪnɪk/ (medical facility) :: klinikka, terveyskeskus
clinical {adj} /ˈklɪnɪkəl/ (of or pertaining to a medical clinic or facility) :: kliininen
clinical {adj} (cool and emotionless) :: kylmä, tunteeton
clinical examination {n} (physical examination) SEE: physical examination ::
clinical psychology {n} (branch of psychology) :: kliininen psykologia
clinical trial {n} (test) :: kliininen koe
clinician {n} /klɪˈnɪʃən/ (doctor working in a clinic) :: kliinikko
clinker {n} (fetters) SEE: fetter ::
clinker {n} /klɪŋkə/ (very hard brick for paving) :: klinkkeri
clinker {n} (slag or ash) :: kuona
clinker {n} (intermediate product) :: klinkkeri
clinker {n} (hardened lava) :: kovettunut laava
clinker {n} (scum of iron oxide) :: pajahilse
clinker {n} (sthg that clinks) :: kilkutin, kalistin
clinker {n} (boatbuilding style) :: limisauma
clinker-built {adj} (constructed with overlapping hull planks or plates) :: limisaumainen
clip {v} /klɪp/ (to fasten with a clip) :: liittää, kiinnittää paperiliittimellä
clip {n} (something which clips or grasps; a device for attaching one object to another.) :: nipistin, klipsi
clip {n} ((obsolete) an embrace) :: halaus, syleily
clip {v} (to cut, especially with scissors or shears as opposed to a knife etc) :: saksia
clip {n} (something which has been clipped) :: leike, klippi, videoleike
clip art {n} (images that may be copy and pasted) :: clipart
clipboard {n} (physical object) :: leikepöytä
clipboard {n} (in computing: buffer for temporary storage) :: leikepöytä
clipper {n} (anything that clips) :: leikkuri
clipper {n} (fast sailing ship) :: klipperi
clippety-cloppety {n} (sound a horse makes when walking on a hard surface in horseshoe) :: kopoti-kopoti
clipping {n} /ˈklɪpɪŋ/ (action of the verb "to clip") :: leikkaaminen, leikkaus
clipping {n} (piece of something removed by clipping) :: leike
clipping {n} (article clipped from a newspaper) :: leike, lehtileike
clipping {n} (short form) :: lyhennys
clique {n} /kliːk/ (small, exclusive group) :: kuppikunta
clique {n} (subgraph) :: klikki
clitellum {n} (glandular swelling) :: klitellum
clitic {n} /ˈklɪ.tɪk/ (morpheme attached to another word) :: liitepartikkeli
clitoral glans {n} (clitoral glans) :: häpykielen pää
clitoral hood {n} (fold of skin) :: klitoriksen huppu
clitoris {n} /ˈklɪtəɹɪs/ (elongated erectile organ) :: häpykieli, klitoris
cloaca {n} /kloʊˈeɪkə/ (anatomical feature of birds etc) :: kloaakki
cloak {n} /ˈkloʊk/ (cape) :: viitta
cloak {n} (blanket-like covering, often metaphorical) :: viitta
cloak {v} (to cover as with a cloak) :: verhota [tr.], verhoutua [intr.]
cloakroom {n} (toilet) SEE: toilet ::
cloakroom {n} (room for coats) :: narikka, vaatesäilö, vaatehuone
cloakroom {n} (room for luggage) :: matkatavarasäilytys
clobber {v} /klɒb.ə(ɹ)/ (to hit or bash severely) :: murjoa, mukiloida, piestä
clobber {v} ((computing) To overwrite or override, often unintentionally.) :: pilata
cloche {n} /klɒʃ/ (glass covering) :: suojakupu
cloche {n} (women's hat) :: kellohattu
clock {n} /klɒk/ (instrument to measure or keep track of time) :: kello
clock {n} (odometer) :: mittari
clock {v} (measure the duration of) :: ottaa aikaa, kellottaa
clock {n} (pattern near heel of a sock or stocking) :: koriste
clock face {n} (the surface of a clock that contains the dial and hands) :: kellotaulu
clock in {v} (to begin working time) :: leimata sisään
clock in {v} (to be measured at) :: passive of mitata, punnita etc.
clocklike {adj} (resembling a clock) :: kellomainen, kellon (genitive of noun)
clockmaker {n} (person who makes clocks) :: kelloseppä
clock paradox {n} (physical phenomenon) :: kaksosparadoksi, kelloparadoksi
clock radio {n} (alarm clock that includes a radio) :: kelloradio
clock speed {n} (rate at which a processor performs) :: kellotaajuus
clockwise {adv} /ˈklɒkwaɪz/ (in a circular fashion in the same direction as the hands of an analogue clock) :: myötäpäivään
clockwisely {adv} (clockwise) SEE: clockwise ::
clod {n} /klɒd/ (lump of something, especially of earth or clay) :: paakku
clod {n} (stupid person) :: nuija
clodronate {n} (salt or ester) :: klodronaatti
clodronate {n} (medicine: sodium salt of clodronic acid) :: klodronaatti
clodronic acid {n} (chlorinated phosphoric acid) :: klodronihappo
clog {n} /klɑɡ/ (a type of shoe with an inflexible, often wooden sole and an open heel) :: puukenkä
clog {v} (to block or slow passage through) :: tukkia
clogs to clogs in three generations {proverb} (wealth earned in one generation seldom lasts) :: minkä yksi sukupolvi rakentaa, sen toinen kasvattaa ja kolmas hävittää
cloisonne {n} (technique) :: soluemalointi, cloisonné, cloisonnee
cloisonne {n} (collective noun for these objects) :: soluemalityöt {p}, cloisonnee
cloister {n} /ˈklɔɪstɚ/ (place devoted to religious seclusion) :: luostari
cloistral {adj} (of, pertaining to, or living in a cloister) :: luostari-
clone {n} /kloʊn/ (living organism (originally a plant)) :: klooni
clone {n} (group of identical cells derived from a single cell) :: klooni
clone {n} (copy of something already existing) :: klooni
clone {v} (create a clone) :: kloonata
cloning {n} (production of a cloned embryo) :: kloonaus
cloning {n} (production of an exact copy of an object) :: kloonaus
cloop {interj} /kluːp/ (sound) :: poksahdus
close {v} /kləʊz/ (obstruct (an opening)) :: sulkea
close {v} (move (a door)) :: sulkea
close {v} (put an end to) :: lopettaa, sulkea, päättää
close {v} (to make smaller) :: pienentää
close {v} (surveying: to have a vector sum of 0) :: sulkeutua
close {v} (to make a sale) :: päättää (kauppa)
close {n} (end or conclusion) :: päätös, loppu
close {adj} /kləʊs/ (at a little distance) :: läheinen
close {adj} (intimate) :: läheinen
close {n} (street) :: umpikuja
close, but no cigar {phrase} (that's almost correct, but not quite) :: melkein on metri maalista ("almost" is still a meter from the goal)
close call {n} /kləʊskɔːl/ (situation) :: läheltä piti -tilanne
closed {adj} /kloʊzd/ (not open) :: suljettu, kiinni
closed {adj} (not operating or conducting trade) :: suljettu, kiinni
closed {adj} (not public) :: salainen
closed {adj} (having an open complement) :: suljettu
closed {adj} (in mathematics, such that its image under the specified operation is contained in it) :: suljettu
closed {adj} :: suljettu
closed-book {adj} (referring to exams in which external resources are prohibited) :: kirjallisuus, see kirjallisuuskoe
closed circuit {n} (complete electric circuit) :: suljettu virtapiiri
closed compound {n} (grammar: compound without spaces) :: yhdyssana
close down {v} /kləʊzˈdaʊn/ (to stop trading) :: sulkea, lopettaa, lakkauttaa
close down {v} (to surround) :: piirittää
closed syllable {n} (Translations) :: umpitavu
close-knit {adj} (closely linked or connected, as by a common identity, culture, or bond) :: läheinen, tiivis
closely {adv} /ˈkləʊsliː/ (in a close manner) :: läheisesti, tiiviisti, visusti, tarkasti
closemouthed {adj} (reticent, secretive or uncommunicative) :: vaitelias, tuppisuinen
closeness {n} (proximity) SEE: proximity ::
closeness {n} /kləʊsnəs/ (The state of being friends) :: läheisyys
close one's eyes {v} (to ignore) :: sulkea silmänsä, ummistaa silmänsä
closeout {n} (retail: sale in which all merchandise is sold) :: loppuunmyynti
closer {n} /ˈkləʊzə/ (baseball: relief pitcher) :: sulkija
close shave {n} (near accident or mishap) :: läheltä piti -tilanne
closet {n} (toilet) SEE: toilet ::
closet {n} /ˈklɑzɪt/ (furniture) :: kaappi, komero
closet {n} (small private chamber) :: kamari, koppi
closet {n} (figurative sense) :: kaappi
close up {v} /kləʊzˈʌp/ (to move closer together) :: tiivistyä, tiivistää
close up {v} (to shut for a period of time) :: sulkea
close up {v} (of a wound, to heal) :: umpeutua
closeup {n} /kləʊsˈʌp/ (A film made with the camera close to) :: lähikuva
close-up {n} /kləʊsˈʌp/ (photographic (or other) image in which the subject is shown at a relatively large scale) :: lähikuva
closing {n} /ˈkloʊzɪŋ/ (end or conclusion) :: sulkeminen, lopetus, päättäminen, lopettaminen
closing {adj} (coming after all others) :: viimeinen, loppu-
closing time {n} (time when a pub closes) :: sulkemisaika
closure {n} /ˈkloʊ.ʒɝ/ (event signifying an ending) :: sulkeminen, lopettaminen
closure {n} (feeling of completeness) :: ratkaisu
closure {n} (device) :: suljin, sulkija
closure {n} (computing) :: sulkeuma
clot {n} /klɒt/ (blood clot) :: hyytymä
clot {n} (solidified mass of any liquid) :: klimppi
clot {n} (a silly person) :: tollo
clot {v} (to form into a clot) :: hyytyä
clot {v} (to cause to clot) :: hyydyttää
cloth {n} /klɔθ/ (woven fabric) :: kangas
cloth {n} (piece of cloth) :: vaate
cloth {n} (appearance, seeming) :: vaatteet {p}
cloth {n} (form of attire) :: univormu
clothe {v} /ˈkloʊð/ (adorn with clothing) :: pukeutua, pukea ylleen
clothes {n} /kloʊ(ð)z/ (apparel) :: vaate
clothesbrush {n} (a brush for brushing clothes with) :: vaateharja
clothes don't make the man {proverb} (clothes don't make the man) :: vaatteet eivät tee miestä
clothes dryer {n} (appliance) :: kuivausrumpu [tumble dryer]; kuivauskaappi [drying cabinet]; vaatekuivain [generic]
clotheshorse {n} (laundry frame) :: pyykinkuivausteline
clotheshorse {n} (person) :: vaatefriikki
clothesline {n} /ˈkloʊðzlaɪn/ (rope or cord for drying clothes) :: pyykkinaru
clothesline {v} (knock a person over by striking with one arm) :: ottaa niskalenkki
clothes maiden {n} (rack for drying clothes) SEE: clotheshorse ::
clothes peg {n} (an object used to attach wet laundry to a clothesline) :: pyykkipoika
clothespin {n} (a clip or fastener) SEE: clothes peg ::
clothes screen {n} (rack for drying clothes) SEE: clotheshorse ::
clothes shop {n} (type of shop) :: vaatekauppa
clothing {n} /ˈkloʊðɪŋ/ (clothes) :: vaatetus, vaatteet, pukimet, asu
clothing optional {adj} (allowing nudity but tolerating clothes) :: vaatetus vapaa
Clotho {prop} /ˈkloʊθoʊ/ (One of the Fates) :: Klotho
clotted cream {n} (thick cream) :: clotted cream
cloud {n} /klaʊd/ (visible mass of water droplets suspended in the air) :: pilvi
cloud {n} (mass of dust, steam or smoke) :: pilvi
cloud {n} (anything which makes things foggy or gloomy) :: pilvi, sumu, utu
cloud {n} (group of objects suspended above the ground or flying) :: pilvi, parvi
cloud {v} (to become foggy or gloomy, to become obscured from sight) :: samentua, sumentua, huurtua
cloud {v} (to make obscure (e.g. to cloud the issue)) :: sumentaa, sumentaa, hämärtää
cloud bank {n} (a wall of clouds observed from a distance) :: pilvivalli
cloud base {n} (altitude of the base of a mass of cloud) :: pilviraja, pilven alaraja, pilvenkorkeus
cloudberry {n} (species) :: lakka, suomuurain, hilla
cloudberry {n} (fruit) :: lakka, suomuurain, muurain, hilla
cloudburst {n} /ˈklaʊdˌbɝst/ (sudden heavy rainstorm) :: rankkasade
cloud chamber {n} :: sumukammio
cloud computing {n} (computing services provided over the Internet) :: pilvipalvelu, pilvilaskenta
cloud cover {n} (cloud covering the sky) :: pilvipeite
cloud-cuckoo-land {n} /klaʊdˈkʊkuːlænd/ (imaginary place with unrealistic or silly people) :: Pilvikukkula [Aristophanes, transl. Kaarlo Hirvonen 1972], Hölmölä [common language]
clouded leopard {n} (medium sized arboreal cat) :: puuleopardi
cloudless {adj} (without any clouds) :: pilvetön
cloudlet {n} (a small cloud) :: pilvenhattara
cloud nine {n} /ˈklaʊd ˈnaɪn/ (state of bliss) :: seitsemäs taivas
cloud nine {n} (state of fantastic or impractical dreaming) SEE: head in the clouds ::
cloud point {n} (temperature) :: samepiste
cloud seeding {n} :: sadepilvien kylväminen
cloudy {adj} /ˈkɫaʊdi/ (covered with or characterised by clouds) :: pilvinen
clout {n} /klaʊt/ (influence, effectiveness) :: vaikutusvalta, painoarvo
clout {n} (informal: blow with the hand) :: tälli
clout {n} (informal: home run) :: kunnari
clout {n} (archery: center of the butt) :: pilkka, pilkku
clout {n} (swaddling cloth) :: kapalo
clout {n} (piece of cloth) :: tilkku, paikka, riepu, rätti
clout {n} (iron plate on an axletree or other wood to keep it from wearing) :: prikka
clout {n} (piece, fragment) :: hitunen
clout {v} (hit, especially with the fist) :: lyödä
clove {n} /kloʊv/ (spice) :: neilikka, mausteneilikka
clove {n} (constitutive bulb of garlic) :: kynsi (nail)
clove hitch {n} (type of knot) :: siansorkka
cloven hoof {n} (divided hoof, as on bovine animals) :: sorkka
cloven hoof {n} (mark of the Devil) :: pukinsorkka
clove pink {n} (carnation) SEE: carnation ::
clover {n} /ˈkloʊ.vɚ/ (plant in genus Trifolium) :: apila
cloverleaf {adj} /ˈkloʊvɚliːf/ (in the form of cloverleaf) :: apila-
cloverleaf {n} (leaf of a clover plant) :: apilanlehti
cloverleaf {n} (cloverleaf interchange) SEE: cloverleaf interchange ::
cloverleaf interchange {n} (junction of two highways) :: neliapilaliittymä
clown {n} /klaʊn/ (performance artist working in a circus) :: klovni, pelle
clown {n} (person acting in a silly fashion) :: pelle
clown around {v} (have fun in an irresponsible manner) :: pelleillä
clownfish {n} (fish of the genera Amphiprion or Premnas) :: vuokkokala
clownlike {adj} (resembling a clown) :: klovnimainen, pellemäinen
cloying {adj} /ˈklɔɪ.ɪŋ/ (unpleasantly excessive) :: imelä
cloying {adj} (excessively sweet) :: imelä, äitelä
club {n} /klʌb/ (weapon) :: nuija
club {n} (association of members) :: kerho, klubi
club {n} (nightclub) :: yökerho, klubi
club {n} (playing card symbol, ♣) :: risti
club {n} (hitting implement) :: maila
club {v} (to hit with a club) :: nuijia
clubfoot {n} (foot malformation) :: kampurajalka
clubhouse {n} (a building used by a club) :: klubitalo
club moss {n} (any member of the family Lycopodiaceae) :: liekokasvi
clubs {n} (plural of club) SEE: club ::
clubs {n} /klʌbz/ (one of the four suits of playing cards, marked with the symbol ♣) :: risti
club sandwich {n} (type of sandwich) :: klubileipä
club together {v} (contribute money jointly with others) :: yhdistää voimat
cluck {n} (sound made by hen) :: kotkotus
cluck {n} (any similar sound) :: kotkotus
cluck {n} (tongue click to urge on a horse) :: maiskautus
cluck {v} (to produce cluck sound) :: kotkottaa
clue {n} /kluː/ (information that may lead one to a certain point or conclusion) :: johtolanka, vihje
clue {n} (object or marking that may be used in evidence) :: johtolanka, näyttö, todiste
clueless {adj} /ˈkluː.ləs/ (lacking knowledge or understanding) :: tietämätön
Clumber spaniel {n} (breed of dog) :: clumberinspanieli
clump {n} /klʌmp/ (cluster) :: klusteri, kimppu, nippu, kasauma, ryväs
clump {n} (thick group) :: vesakko, pensaikko, tiheikkö
clump {n} (dull thud) :: tömäys
clumsily {adv} (done without care or finesse, often hurriedly or awkwardly) :: kömpelösti, tökerösti
clumsiness {n} /ˈklʌm.zi.nəs/ (the condition or quality of being clumsy) :: kömpelyys
clumsy {adj} /ˈklʌmzi/ (awkward, lacking coordination, not graceful, not dextrous) :: kömpelö
clumsy {adj} (not elegant or well-planned) :: kömpelö
clunk {n} /klʌŋk/ (sound) :: kolahdus
clunk {v} (to make a dull, metallic sound) :: kolahtaa
clunker {n} (decrepit motor car) :: rotisko, rottelo, romu
cluster {n} /ˈklʌstɚ/ (group or bunch of something) :: ryhmä, rykelmä, parvi, kimppu, terttu, ryväs
cluster {n} (group of galaxies or stars) :: galaksijoukko
cluster {n} (secundal chord of three or more notes) :: sointu, monisointu
cluster {n} (group of consonants) :: konsonanttiklusteri
cluster {n} (significant subset within a population) :: klusteri, ryväs
cluster {n} (set of bombs or mines) :: rypäle
cluster {v} (Form into a cluster) :: kerääntyä, ryhmittyä, kasvaa tertussa
cluster bomb {n} (explosive munition) :: rypälepommi
clutch {n} /klʌt͡ʃ/ (A device to interrupt power transmission) :: kytkin
clutch {n} (The pedal in a car that disengages power transmission) :: kytkin, kytkinpoljin
clutch {n} (A small handbag or purse with no straps or handle) :: kirjekuorilaukku
clutch bag {n} (Type of handbag) :: kirjekuorilaukku
clutter {n} /ˈklʌtɚ/ (a confused disordered jumble of things) :: sotku
clutter {n} (background echos) :: välke
clutter {v} (to fill something with clutter) :: sotkea, sekoittaa
Clydesdale {n} (breed of horse) :: clydesdalenhevonen
C major {n} (the major key with C as its tonic) :: C-duuri
c'mere {contraction} (here) SEE: here ::
c'mere {contraction} (come) SEE: come ::
C minor {n} (the minor key with C as its tonic) :: c-molli
cnidarian {n} /nɪˈdɛːɹɪən/ (any of various invertebrate animals that belong to the phylum Cnidaria) :: polttiaiseläin
coach {n} /koʊtʃ/ (wheeled vehicle drawn by horse power) :: vaunut
coach {n} (rail passenger car) :: vaunu
coach {n} (trainer) :: valmentaja
coach {n} (long-distance bus) :: bussi, linja-auto
coach {v} (sports: train) :: valmentaa
coach driver {n} (driver of a horse-drawn coach) :: vuokra-ajuri, vossikka
coach driver {n} (driver of a coach (bus)) :: linja-autonkuljettaja
coachman {n} (male coach driver) SEE: coach driver ::
coachwoman {n} (female coach driver) SEE: coach driver ::
coadjutor {n} (assistant) SEE: assistant ::
coagulable {adj} (that can be coagulated) :: hyytyvä, hyytelöityvä
coagulant {n} (substance that causes coagulation) :: hyydyte
coagulate {v} /koʊˈæɡ.jə.leɪt/ (become congealed) :: hyytyä, saostua, koaguloitua
coagulate {v} (cause to congeal) :: hyydyttää, saostaa, koaguloida
coagulate {n} /koʊˈæɡ.jə.lət/ (mass formed by means of coagulation) :: hyytelö, hyytymä, saos, saostuma
coagulation {n} (process of forming clots from blood) :: hyytyminen
coal {n} /koʊl/ (uncountable: carbon rock) :: kivihiili
coal {n} (countable: carbon rock) :: hiili
coal {n} (smouldering material) :: hiillos
coal black {adj} (Of a black colour, like that of coal) :: hiilenmusta, hiilimusta
coalesce {v} /koʊ.əˈlɛs/ (to join into a single mass) :: yhdistyä, yhtyä, kerääntyä
coalesce {v} (to form from different elements) :: yhdistyä
coalescence {n} (act of coalescing) :: sulautuminen, yhdistyminen, yhdentyminen, yhteenliityminen, koalesenssi
coalescer {n} (device used to perform coalescence) :: koalisaattori
coalface {n} (part of a coal seam that is currently being mined) :: louhintapinta, louhintaseinämä
coalface {n} (end of a drift in a coal room) :: louhintapinta, louhintaseinämä
coalface {n} (where difficult work is done) :: raataa (verb: to "work at the coalface")
coalface {n} (where practical work is done) :: paja
coalfield {n} (region containing deposits of coal) :: hiilikenttä
coal gas {n} (poisonous gas) :: hiilikaasu
coalition {n} /koʊəˈlɪʃən/ (group of organizations) :: liittouma, koalitio
coalman {n} (someone who delivers coal) :: hiilimies
coal mine {n} (a mine from which coal is mined) :: hiilikaivos
coalmine {n} (coal mine) SEE: coal mine ::
coal seam {n} (a stratum of goal between strata of other rocks) :: hiilisuoni, kivihiilikerros
coal tar {n} (black viscous tar) :: kivihiiliterva
coal tit {n} (coal tit) :: kuusitiainen
coarse {adj} /kɔːɹs/ (containing large particles) :: karkea
coarse {adj} (of inferior quality) :: karkea
coarse {adj} (not refined) :: karkea
coarsely {adv} (in a coarse manner) :: käheästi
coast {n} /koʊst/ (edge of land meeting ocean, sea, gulf, bay) :: merenrannikko, rannikko
coast {v} (to glide along with no added energy) :: liukua
coast {v} (to sail along a coast) :: purjehtia pitkin rannikkoa
coast {v} (to make a minimal effort) :: ottaa rennosti
coastal waters {n} (sea areas along the coast) :: rannikkovedet {p}
coaster {n} (Salvelinus fontinalis) SEE: brook trout ::
coaster {n} /kəʊ.stə(ɹ)/ (one who coasts) :: liukuja
coaster {n} (something that coasts, such as a sled or toboggan) :: liuku, liukuri; kelkka
coaster {n} (nautical: merchant vessel that stays in coastal waters) :: rannikkoalus
coaster {n} (piece of material used to protect the surface of a table) :: lasinalunen; alunen
coaster {n} (small tray on wheels) :: tarjoiluvaunu
coastguard {n} (enforcer of maritime law) :: merivartiosto [organization]; merivartija [officer]
coastline {n} (the shape of a coast) :: rantaviiva
coat {n} /koʊt/ (outer garment covering the upper torso and arms) :: takki
coat {n} (covering of material, such as paint) :: pinta, pinnoite
coat {n} (fur or feathers) :: turkki [fur], höyhenpuku [feathers]
coat {n} (canvas secured around mast) :: takki
coat {v} (to cover with a coat of some material) :: päällystää
coat {v} (to cover as a coat) :: peittää
coat hanger {n} (device used to hang up coats, shirts, etc) :: vaateripustin, vaatepuu, henkari
coati {n} /koʊˈɑdi/ (any of several animals of the genus Nasua) :: koati, nenäkarhu
coating {n} /ˈkoʊtɪŋ/ (a thin outer layer) :: pinnoite, kuorrute
coat of arms {n} (hereditary design depicted on an escutcheon) :: vaakuna
coat of mail {n} (defensive garment) :: rengaspanssaripaita
coax {v} /koʊks/ (persuade gradually) :: taivutella, suostutella, vikitellä, maanitella
coax {v} (manipulate carefully into position) :: sovitella, ujuttaa
coax {n} /koʊæks/ (coaxial cable) :: koksu
coaxial cable {n} (a transmission line) :: koaksiaalikaapeli
cob {n} (gull) SEE: gull ::
cob {n} /kɑb/ (male swan) :: urosjoutsen
cob {n} (bread roll) SEE: bread roll ::
cob {n} (corncob) SEE: corncob ::
cobalt {n} /ˈkəʊ.bɒlt/ (chemical element) :: koboltti
cobalt blue {n} (colour) :: koboltinsininen
cobalt blue {adj} (colour) :: koboltinsininen
cobaltite {n} (mineral) :: kobolttihohde, koboltiitti
cobble {v} /ˈkɑb.l̩/ (to make shoes) :: tehdä kenkiä
cobble {v} (to assemble in an improvised manner) :: kursia kasaan
cobble {v} (to use cobblestones for paving) :: kivetä mukulakivillä, mukulakivetä
cobble {n} (cobblestone) SEE: cobblestone ::
cobbler {n} (person who repairs shoes) :: suutari, rajasuutari
cobbler {n} (person who lays cobbles) :: kivimies
cobbler {n} (kind of pie) :: paistos
cobbler {n} (policeman) :: kyttä, jepari, jeppe, pollari
cobbler {n} (clumsy workman) :: tunari
cobbler's {n} (shoe repair shop) :: suutari, suutarinverstas
cobblestone {n} /ˈkɑbl̩ˌstoʊn/ (a rounded stone) :: mukulakivi
cobble together {v} (put together) :: virittää
Cobb salad {n} (salad) :: Cobb-salaatti
cobra {n} /ˈkoʊbɹə/ (venomous snake) :: kobra, silmälasikäärme
cobweb {n} (a spider’s web) SEE: spiderweb ::
coca {n} /ˈkoʊkə/ (the dried leaf of a South American shrub (Erythroxylon coca)) :: kokapensaat
Coca-Cola {n} (Coke) SEE: Coke ::
Coca-Cola {prop} (particular carbonated soft drink) :: Coca-Cola
cocaine {n} /koʊˈkeɪn/ (the narcotic) :: kokaiini
coccus {n} /ˈkɑ.kəs/ (type of bacterium) :: kokki, pallobakteeri
coccygeal vertebra {n} (vertebra found in the human coccyx) :: häntänikama
coccygeus {n} (muscle) :: häntälihas
coccyx {n} /ˈkɑksɪks/ ((medical) final fused vertebrae) :: coccyx [professional term]; häntäluu [common language term]
Cocha antshrike {n} (passerine bird of the antbird family) :: neitopuumuura
cochineal {n} /ˈkɑtʃəˈni.əl/ (insect) :: kokenillikirva
cochineal {n} (dye) :: kokkiniili, karmiini
cochlea {n} /ˈkɒk.lɪə/ (the complex, spirally coiled, tapered cavity of the inner ear) :: simpukka
cochlear {adj} (of or pertaining to the cochlea) :: simpukan [genitive of noun]
cochlear implant {n} (aural implant) :: sisäkorvaistute, sisäkorvaproteesi
cochlear nerve {n} (nerve) :: kuulohermo
cock {n} (slang: penis) SEE: dick ::
cock {n} /kɑk/ (any male bird) :: koiras
cock {n} (hammer of a firearm trigger mechanism) :: iskuri
cock {n} (state of being cocked) :: yläkeno
cock {v} (to lift the cock of a firearm) :: virittää
cock {v} (to be prepared to be triggered) :: virittyä
cock {v} (to turn upwards or to the side) :: kallistaa
cock {n} (male chicken; male gallinaceous bird) SEE: rooster ::
cock {n} (valve or tap for controlling flow of liquid) SEE: stopcock ::
cockade {n} /kɑˈkeɪd/ (a rosette worn in a hat as an office or party badge) :: kokardi
cock-a-doodle-doo {interj} /ˌkɑkəˌdudəlˈdu/ (cry of the rooster) :: kukkokiekuu
Cockaigne {prop} /kɒˈkeɪn/ (mythical land) :: Laiskurila
cockatiel {n} /ˌkɒk.əˈtil/ (a small, rather atypical cockatoo with a distinctive pointed yellow crest) :: neitokakadu
cockatoo {n} (a bird) :: kakadu
cockchafer {n} (beetle of genus Melolontha) :: turilas
cockcrow {n} (dawn) :: kukonlaulu
cocked {adj} (drunk) :: humaltunut
cockerel {n} /ˈkɒkəɹəl/ (young male chicken) :: kukonpoika
cocker spaniel {n} (either breed) :: cockerspanieli
cockfight {n} (contest) :: kukkotappelu
cockfight {v} (participate in a cockfighting event) :: osallistua kukkotappeluun
cockfighting {n} (gambling blood sport) :: kukkotappelu
cockiness {n} (quality) :: pöyhkeys
cockle {n} (wrinkle) SEE: wrinkle ::
cockle {n} /ˈkɒkl̩/ (any of various edible European bivalve mollusks) :: sydänsimpukka
cockle {n} (the shell of the cockle) :: sydänsimpukan kuori
cockle {n} (corncockle) SEE: corncockle ::
cockpit {n} (space for pilot and crew in an aircraft) :: ohjaamo
cockpit {n} (nautical: well, where the helm is) :: istuinkaukalo, sitloora
cockpit voice recorder {n} (part of a flight recorder) :: ohjaamoäänitin, ohjaamon ääninauhuri
cock pump {n} (penis pump) SEE: penis pump ::
cock ring {n} (sex aid) :: erektiorengas
cockroach {n} (type of insect) :: torakka, russakka
cockscomb {n} (fleshy red crest of a rooster) :: kukonharja, harjaheltta
cockscomb {n} (red cap once worn by court jesters) :: narrinhattu
cockscomb {n} (Celosia cristata) :: kukonharja
cockscomb {n} (Rhinanthus minor) SEE: yellow rattle ::
cock size {n} (dimensions of penis) :: kyrvän koko
cocksucker {n} (an objectionable person) :: kullinlutkuttaja [pejorative], kyrvänimijä [pejorative]
cocksure {adj} (overconfident) :: itsevarma
cocktail {n} (alcoholic beverage) :: cocktail, drinkki
cocktail {n} (mixture of other substances) :: sekoitus, seos
cocktail bar {n} (drinking establishment) :: cocktailbaari
cocktail dress {n} (woman's evening dress suitable for cocktail parties) :: cocktail-mekko
cocktail hat {n} (small extravagant women's hat suitable as evening wear or for cocktail parties) :: cocktailhattu
cocktail onion {n} (pickled sweet onion) :: hillosipuli
cocktail party {n} (party at which cocktails are served) :: cocktail-kutsut {p}, kokkarit {p}
cocktail sauce {n} (sauce) :: cocktailkastike
cocktail stick {n} (short thin stick to hold small portions of food) :: cocktailtikku
cock up {v} (to ruin (something) unintentionally) :: pilata, tärvellä
cocky {adj} (overly self-confident and boastful) :: pöyhkeä, kopea, ylimielinen
cocoa {n} /ˈkoʊ.koʊ/ (partially fermented seeds of cacao tree) :: raakakaakao
cocoa {n} (hot drink) :: kaakao
cocoa {n} (cup/mug of this drink) :: kaakao
cocoa {n} (colour) :: kaakao
cocoa {adj} (of a light to medium brown colour) :: kaakaonvärinen
cocoa {n} (powder) SEE: cocoa powder ::
cocoa bean {n} (seed of the cocoa plant) :: kaakaopapu
cocoa butter {n} (fat from cocoa bean) :: kaakaovoi, kaakaorasva
cocoa powder {n} (powder from cocoa solids) :: kaakaojauhe
coco-de-mer {n} /ˌkəʊkəʊdəˈmɛː/ (tree) :: seychellienpalmu
co-conspirator {n} (person involved with others in a conspiracy) :: salaliittolainen
coconut {n} /ˈkoʊ.kə.nʌt/ (fruit of coco palm) :: kookospähkinä
coconut {n} (shelled seed) :: kookospähkinä
coconut {n} (edible flesh of coconut fruit) :: kopra, kookospähkinä
coconut {n} (coconut palm) SEE: coconut palm ::
coconut crab {n} (Birgus latro) :: palmurosvo
coconut milk {n} (the liquid from inside the seed of the coconut) :: kookosmaito
coconut oil {n} (type of cooking oil extracted from coconuts) :: kookosöljy
coconut palm {n} (Cocos nucifera) :: kookospalmu
coconut water {n} (clear liquid found inside immature coconuts) :: kookosvesi
cocoon {n} /kəˈkuːn/ (protective case) :: kotelo; kokongi [cocoon of silkworm]
cocoon {n} (any similar protective case, whether real or metaphorical) :: kotelo, suojus
cocoon {v} (envelop in a protective case) :: koteloida
cocoon {v} (withdraw into such a case) :: koteloitua
cod {n} /kɑd/ (husk or pod) :: kuori
cod {n} (marine fish of the family Gadidae) :: turska {m}
cod {adj} (false, mock) :: teko-
coda {n} /ˈkoʊ.də/ (music) :: kooda
coda {n} (linguistics) :: kooda
coda {n} (figuratively) :: loppu
coddle {v} /ˈkɒdəl/ (to treat gently or with great care) :: hoivata, hoitaa
coddle {v} (to cook slowly in hot water) :: hauduttaa
coddle {v} (To exercise excessive or damaging authority in an attempt to protect) :: lelliä
code {n} /koʊd/ (very short abbreviation) :: koodi
code {n} (body of law) :: laki, säännöskokoelma
code {n} (system of principles, rules or regulations) :: säännöt {p}
code {n} (set of rules for converting information) :: avain
code {n} (cryptographic system) :: salakirjoitusjärjestelmä
code {v} (write software programs) :: ohjelmoida, koodata
code {v} (categorise by assigning identifiers from a schedule) :: koodata
code {v} (cryptography: to encode) :: salakirjoittaa
code {v} (encode a protein) :: koodata
code {v} (suffer a sudden medical emergency) :: saada kohtaus
code {n} (source code) SEE: source code ::
code {n} (machine code) SEE: machine code ::
codebook {n} (computing: lookup table) SEE: lookup table ::
codebook {n} (cryptography: mapping between plaintext and code) :: salakirjoitusavain
codec {n} (A device or program capable of performing transformations on a data stream or signal) :: koodekki
codeine {n} /ˈkoʊdin/ (addictive alkaloid narcotic) :: kodeiini
code-mixing {n} (code-switching) SEE: code-switching ::
code name {n} (name used to clandestinely identify something) :: salanimi, peitenimi, koodinimi
code of conduct {n} (set of rules to guide behaviour and decisions in a specified situation) :: ohjesääntö, ohje
coder {n} (programmer) :: koodari
code smell {n} :: purkka
code-switching {n} (phenomenon of alternating between two or more languages) :: koodinvaihto
codeword {n} (cryptography: string of encrypted text) :: salakirjoitus, koodi
codeword {n} (type of crossword) :: krypto
codfish {n} (cod) SEE: cod ::
codger {n} /ˈkɒdʒə/ (an amusingly eccentric or grumpy and usually elderly man) :: äijänkäppänä
codification {n} /ˌkoʊdɪfɪˈkeɪʃən/ (the process of precisely formulating a statement, as a code of laws) :: kodifikaatio
codify {v} /ˈkɑ.dɨˌfaɪ/ (to reduce to a code) :: kodifioida, koontaa [lait]
coding {n} (encoding) SEE: encoding ::
coding {n} (process of encoding or decoding) :: koodaus
coding {n} (process of writing computer software code) :: koodaus
cod liver oil {n} (nutritional supplement) :: kalanmaksaöljy
codominance {n} (genetic condition) :: kodominanssi
codominant {adj} /kəʊˈdɒmɪnənt/ (equally dominant) :: kodominantti, yhteisvallitseva
codon {n} /ˈkəʊdɒn/ (sequence of three nucleotides) :: kodoni
codpiece {n} /ˈkɒdˌpiːs/ (part of male dress to cover genitals) :: kalukukkaro
codpiece {n} (protection for the male genitals in suit of armor) :: kalukukkaro
codriver {n} (navigator in rally racing) :: kartanlukija, kartturi
co-ed {adj} /ˈkoʊˌɛd/ (that teaches both males and females) :: yhteis-
co-ed {adj} (that mixes males and females) :: yhteis-
co-ed {n} (dated: young woman who attends college) :: opiskelijatar
co-ed {n} (young woman) :: neitonen
coeducation {n} (education of both male and female students in the same institution) :: yhteiskoulutus
coefficient {adj} /ˌkəʊ.ɪˈfɪʃn̩t/ (cooperating) :: myötävaikuttava
coefficient {n} (algebraic constant) :: kerroin
coefficient {n} (measure of some property or characteristic) :: kerroin
coefficient of friction {n} (ratio) :: kitkakerroin
coefficient of thermal expansion {n} :: lämpölaajenemiskerroin
coelacanth {n} /ˈsiː.lə.kænθ/ (either of two species of deep-water fish) :: latimeria
coelacanth {n} (any lobe-finned fish in the order Coelacanthiformes) :: varsieväkala
coelenterate {n} /sɪˈlɛntəɹət/ (member of the former phylum Coelenterata) :: onteloeläin
coelenteron {n} (body cavity of a coelenterate) :: ontelo
coeliac disease {n} (auto-immune disease characterised by sensitivity of the lining of the small intestine to gluten) :: keliakia
coenzyme {n} (small molecule that is necessary for the functioning of an enzyme) :: koentsyymi
coequal {adj} (equal to each other) :: yhdenvertainen
coerce {v} /koʊˈɝs/ (to use force, threat, or intimidation in attempt to compel one to act against his will) :: pakottaa, painostaa
coerce {v} (to force an attribute, normally of a data type, to take on the attribute of another data type) :: pakottaa
coercion {n} /koʊˈɝʒən/ (actual or threatened force for the purpose of compelling action by another person) :: pakko, pakkokeino
coercion {n} (use of force to compel) :: pakottaminen
coercion {n} (instance of coercing) :: pakottaminen
coercion {n} (computing: conversion of a value of one data type to another) :: pakottaminen
coetaneous {adj} (contemporary) SEE: contemporary ::
coexistence {n} (two or more things existing together) :: yhteiselo, rinnakkaiselo
cofactor {n} (substance that must be present for an enzyme to function) :: kofaktori
co-father-in-law {n} (father of one's son- or daughter-in-law) :: vävyn isä [of son-in-law], miniän isä [of daughter-in-law]
coffee {n} /ˈkɒ.fi/ (beverage) :: kahvi
coffee {n} (beans) :: kahvipapu
coffee {n} (plant) :: kahvipensas
coffee {n} (colour) :: kahvinruskea
coffee {adj} (of a pale brown colour) :: kahvinruskea
coffee bar {n} (establishment that sells coffee) SEE: café ::
coffee bar {n} (section of an establishment) :: kahvio
coffee bean {n} (The seed of a tropical plant of the genus Coffea) :: kahvipapu, kahvinpapu
coffee break {n} (a rest period during the business day providing the opportunity to drink coffee) :: kahvitauko
coffee cup {n} (cup for coffee) :: kahvikuppi
coffee grinder {n} (a device for pulverizing or powdering coffee beans) :: kahvimylly
coffeehouse {n} (café) SEE: café ::
coffeeless {adj} (without coffee) :: kahviton
coffeemaker {n} (kitchen apparatus used to brew and filter coffee) :: kahvinkeitin
coffeemaking {n} /ˈkɒf.i.meɪkɪŋ/ (preparation of coffee) :: kahvin keittäminen, kahvinkeitto
coffee plunger {n} (cafetière) SEE: cafetière ::
coffee pot {n} (pot for coffee) :: kahvipannu
coffee shop {n} (café) SEE: café ::
coffee table {n} (type of table) :: sohvapöytä
coffee table book {n} (large hardback book) :: kahvipöytäkirja
coffer {n} /ˈkɔfɚ/ (strongbox) :: kassa-arkku, kassalipas
coffer {n} (architecture: ornamental sunken panel) :: kasetti
coffer {n} (supply or store of money) :: kassa
coffer {n} (cofferdam) SEE: cofferdam ::
cofferdam {n} (temporary watertight structure) :: arkkupato
coffered {adj} /ˈkɒfəd/ (having coffers) :: kasetti-
coffin {n} /ˈkɔfɪn/ (box in which a dead person is buried) :: ruumisarkku, arkku
coffin {v} (place in a coffin) :: laittaa arkkuun
coffin dodger {n} (humorous: elderly person) :: arkkukama
coffin nail {n} (slang: cigarette) :: ruumisarkunnaula
cofunction {n} (trigonometric function) :: kofunktio
cog {n} /kɑɡ/ (tooth on a gear) :: hammas
cog {n} (gear; a cogwheel) :: hammasratas
cog {n} (unimportant individual) :: ratas
cog {n} (type of ship) :: koggi
cogener {n} (congener) SEE: congener ::
cogent {adj} /ˈko͡ʊd͡ʒn̩t/ (reasonable and convincing; based on evidence) :: järkevä, järkiperäinen
cogent {adj} (appealing to the intellect or powers of reasoning) :: järkevä
cogent {adj} (forcefully persuasive) :: vakuuttava
cogitable {adj} (conceivable) SEE: conceivable ::
cogitate {v} /ˈkəʊdʒɪteɪt/ (to meditate, to ponder, to think deeply) :: harkita, miettiä
cogitate {v} (to consider, to devise) :: harkita
cognac {n} /ˈkɒn.jæk/ (type of brandy) :: konjakki
cognate {adj} /ˈkɒɡ.nɨt/ (derived from the same roots) :: sukua [partitive of noun]
cognate {n} (word derived from the same roots as a given word) :: sukulaissana
cognition {n} /kɑɡˈnɪʃən/ (process of knowing) :: kognitio, tajunta
cognitive {adj} /ˈkɒɡnɪtɪv/ (relating to mental functions) :: kognitiivinen
cognitive dissonance {n} (conflict or anxiety resulting from inconsistencies between one's beliefs and one's actions or other beliefs) :: kognitiivinen dissonanssi
cognitive psychology {n} (branch of psychology) :: kognitiivinen psykologia
cognitive science {n} (multidisciplinary study of mind and behavior) :: kognitiotiede
cognizant {adj} /ˈkɒɡnɪzənt/ (aware) :: tietoinen
cognoscente {n} /ˌkɑɡ.nəˈʃɛn.ti/ (Someone possessing superior or specialized knowledge in a particular field; a connoisseur) :: asiantuntija
cog wheel {n} (gear wheel) SEE: gear wheel ::
cogwheel {n} (gear wheel) SEE: gear wheel ::
cohabitant {n} (person who cohabits with another) :: avopuoliso
cohabitation {n} /koʊhæbɪˈteɪʃən/ (intimate relationship) :: avoliitto
cohabitation {n} (act of living together) :: yhteisasuminen
cohabitation {n} (place where people cohabit) :: yhteisasunto
coherence {n} (quality of cohering; of being coherent) :: johdonmukaisuus
coherence {n} (logical arrangements of parts) :: kokonaisuus, koherenssi, yhtenäisyys
coherence {n} (having the same wavelength and phase) :: koherenssi
coherence {n} (semantic relationship) :: koherenssi
coherent {adj} /koʊˈhɛɹənt/ (sticking together) :: koherentti, yhtenäinen
coherent {adj} (orderly, logical and consistent) :: koherentti, johdonmukainen
coherent {adj} (aesthetically ordered) :: sopusointuinen
coherent {adj} (of waves having the same direction, wavelength and phase) :: koherentti, samanvaiheinen
coherentism {n} (reasoning where the truth of a belief is defined by its coherence with the rest of the believer’s knowledge and experiences) :: koherentismi
coherer {n} (a detector of radio waves used in very early radio receivers) :: kohereeri
cohesion {n} /koʊˈhiʒən/ (the state of cohering, or of sticking together) :: koheesio, yhtenäisyys, yhteistoiminta
cohesion {n} (the various intermolecular forces that hold solids and liquids together) :: koheesio
cohesion {n} (the growing together of normally distinct parts of a plant) :: yhteen kasvaminen
cohesion {n} (the degree to which functionally related elements belong together) :: koheesio
cohesive {adj} /koʊˈhiː.sɪv/ (having cohesion) :: yhdistävä
cohesive device {n} (word, expression or method) :: sidostaja
coho {n} /kəʊhəʊ/ (Oncorhynchus kisutch) :: hopealohi
cohort {n} (abettor) SEE: abettor ::
cohort {n} (accomplice) SEE: accomplice ::
cohort {n} /ˈkoʊ̯.hɔɹt/ (group of people supporting the same thing or person) :: joukko
cohort {n} (demographic grouping of people) :: kohortti
cohort {n} (division of Roman legion) :: kohortti
cohort {n} (associate) SEE: associate ::
cohort {n} (colleague) SEE: colleague ::
cohost {n} (joint hoist) :: juontajapari
cohost {v} (act as a joint host) :: toimia juontajaparina
cohost {v} (store data on a shared server) :: ylläpitää ~ samalla palvelimella (host ~ on same server), [informal] hostata ~ samalla palvelimella (host ~ on same server)
cohyponym {n} (a word or phrase that shares the same hypernym as another word or phrase) :: vieruskäsite
coif {n} /kwɑf/ (hairdo) :: kampaus
coif {n} (hood) :: huppu
coif {n} (chain mail headgear) :: haarniskahuppu
coif {v} (to style hair) :: kammata
coiffure {n} (hairstyle) SEE: hairstyle ::
coil {n} /kɔɪl/ (something wound) :: kierukka, vyyhti, kela
coil {n} (intra-uterine contraceptive device) :: kierukka
coil {n} (electrical) :: käämi, kela
coil {v} (wind into regular rings) :: kiertää, keriä, käämiä
coil {v} (wind into loops) :: keriä, vyyhtiä
coil {v} (to wind cylindrically or spirally) :: vyyhtiä, keriä, kiertää rullalle
coil {n} (noise) :: meteli
Coimbra {prop} /ˈkwĩbɹə/ (city and municipality in Coimbra, Portugal) :: Coimbra
coin {n} /kɔɪn/ ((currency) a piece of currency) :: kolikko
coin {v} (to create coins) :: lyödä rahaa
coinage {n} (currency) SEE: currency ::
coinage {n} (neologism) SEE: neologism ::
coinage {n} /ˈkɔɪnɪdʒ/ (process of coining money) :: rahan lyöminen
coincide {v} /ˌkoʊɪnˈsaɪd/ (to occur at the same time) :: sattua samaan aikaan, sattua sama hetki
coincide {v} (to correspond) :: vastata
coincidence {n} /kəʊ̯ˈɪnsɪdəns/ (state of events appearing to be connected when they are not) :: yhteensattuma
coincident {adj} /ˈkəʊˌɪn.sɪ.dn̩t/ (occurring at the same time) :: samanaikainen, yhtäaikainen
coincident {adj} (being in the same location) :: samassa paikassa oleva
coincident {adj} (being in accordance) :: yhteensopiva
coincidental {adj} /ˈkəʊ.ɪn.sɪˌdɛ̩/ (occurring as or resulting from coincidence) :: satunnainen, sattumanvarainen
coincidental {adj} (happening or existing at the same time) :: samanaikainen
coin-operated {adj} (operated by coins) :: kolikko-, kolikkokäyttöinen, kolikoilla toimiva
coin purse {n} (small bag or pouch for coins) :: rahakukkaro
coitus {n} /ˈkɔɪ.təs/ (sexual interaction, see also: sexual intercourse) :: sukupuoliyhdyntä
coitus interruptus {n} (sexual intercourse interrupted by withdrawal of the penis) :: keskeytetty yhdyntä
coke {n} /koʊk/ (coal product) :: koksi
coke {v} (to produce coke) :: koksata, koksittaa
coke {v} (to turn into coke) :: koksautua
coke {n} (short for cocaine) :: koka
coke {n} (Coke) SEE: Coke ::
Coke {n} /koʊk/ (informal: any cola-flavored drink) :: kokis
Coke {n} (Coca-Cola) :: kokis
Coke {n} (informal: any soft drink) :: limu
coking {n} (manufacture of coke) :: koksaus
cola {n} /ˈkoʊlə/ (drink) :: kolajuoma
cola {n} (plant or nut) SEE: kola ::
colander {n} /ˈkʌləndəɹ/ (a bowl-shaped kitchen utensil with holes in it used for draining food such as pasta) :: siivilä, lävikkö
cold {adj} /koʊld/ (having a low temperature) :: kylmä
cold {adj} (of the weather) :: kylmä
cold {adj} (of a person) :: kylmä
cold {adj} (unfriendly) :: kylmä, kalsea
cold {adj} (unprepared) :: kylmiltään [predicative]
cold {n} (low temperature) :: kylmyys, pakkanen, kylmä
cold {n} (illness) :: nuha, vilustuminen
cold abscess {n} /koʊld ˈæbˌsɛs/ (chronic abscess) :: kylmä paise
cold as ice {adj} (very cold) :: jääkylmä
cold-blooded {adj} /ˈkoʊldˈblʌd.ɪd/ (lacking emotion or compunction) :: kylmäverinen
cold-blooded {adj} (having an unregulated body temperature) SEE: ectothermic ::
cold chain {n} :: kylmäketju
cold comfort {n} (much less reassurance, consolation, aid, or pleasure than one needs or desires) :: laiha lohtu
cold cuts {n} (meat) :: leikkeleet {p}
cold dark matter {n} (cold dark matter) :: kylmä pimeä aine
cold day in Hell {n} (an event that will never happen) ::