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a {fm}  :: a (name of the letter A, a)
a- {prefix}  :: ad- (indication direction)
a- {prefix}  :: a- (indicating lack or loss)
a {prep}  :: at
a {prep}  :: in
a {prep}  :: Indicates the direct object, mainly to avoid confusion when it, the subject, or both are displaced, or for emphasis
a {prep}  :: to
-a {suffix}  :: Used, with a stem, to form the first-person singular, second-person singular and third-person singular present subjunctive of -ere verbs, and of those -ire verbs that do not insert "isc"
-a {suffix}  :: Used, with a stem, to form the second-person singular imperative of -are verbs
-a {suffix}  :: Used, with a stem, to form the third-person singular imperative of -ere verbs, and of those -ire verbs that do not insert "isc"
-a {suffix}  :: Used, with a stem, to form the third-person singular present tense of -are verbs
a2 {adj} [music]  :: abbreviation of a due
aaleniano {m} [geology]  :: Aalenian
abachista {f}  :: Variant of abbachista
abaco {m}  :: abacus, plinth, multiplication-table
Abaco {prop}  :: male given name
abadessa {f}  :: alternative form of badessa
abadia {f}  :: alternative form of badia
abalienando {v}  :: gerund of abalienare
abalienare {vt}  :: to abalienate
abalienazione {f}  :: abalienation
abalietà {f} [philosophy]  :: dependence of ones existence upon that of another
Abano Terme {prop}  :: A town in the province of Padova in the Veneto
abantico {adv}  :: formerly
abarbicato {adj}  :: alternative form of abbarbicato
a bardosso {adv}  :: bareback
abarico {adj}  :: Describing the L1 Lagrange point between the Earth and the Moon at which their gravities cancel out
abarico {adj}  :: weightless
abasia {f}  :: abasia
abassiale {adj} [botany]  :: abaxial
abate {m}  :: abbot
abaton {m}  :: abaton
abatterico {adj}  :: abacterial
abazia {f}  :: abbey
abaziale {adj}  :: alternative form of abbaziale
Abba {prop}  :: Italian surname
abbacando {v}  :: gerund of abbacare
abbacare {vi}  :: to calculate
abbacare {vi}  :: to daydream
abbacchiamento {m}  :: disheartenment, depression
abbacchiando {v}  :: gerund of abbacchiare
abbacchiare {vt} [figuratively]  :: to buy something cheaply
abbacchiare {vt}  :: to beat down with a pole (fruit from a tree)
abbacchiare {vt}  :: to dishearten or depress
abbacchiaro {m}  :: butcher (especially one who sells young lamb)
abbacchiarsi {vr}  :: to become depressed
abbacchiato {adj}  :: downhearted
abbacchiatore {m}  :: A mechanical device on a pole, used to shake olives from trees at harvest time
abbacchiatura {f}  :: the beating down of fruit from trees with a pole
abbacchio {m}  :: lamb (meat, especially from very young animal)
abbachista {f}  :: An expert at calculation (especially at using an abacus)
abbacinamento {m}  :: dazzling
abbacinando {v}  :: gerund of abbacinare
abbacinandosi {v}  :: gerund of abbacinarsi
abbacinare {vt}  :: to dazzle
abbacinarsi {vr}  :: To be dazzled
abbacinato {adj}  :: dazzled
abbacinatore {adj}  :: deceiving
abbacinatore {adj}  :: stunning, dazing
abbacinatore {m}  :: dazzler (that dazzles)
abbaco {m}  :: abacus
abbacone {m}  :: dreamer, fantasist
abbadando {v}  :: gerund of abbadare
abbadare {v}  :: alternative form of badare
abbadatore {m}  :: A worker involved in the extraction and processing of minerals
abbadengo {adj}  :: Of or from Abbadia (any of several places with this name)
Abbadia {prop}  :: Any of several places founded by or near an abbey
abbadiense {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to any of several places named Abbadia
abbadino {m}  :: roofing slate
abbagliamento {m}  :: dazzle, glare
abbagliamento {m}  :: mental confusion
abbagliando {v}  :: gerund of abbagliare
abbagliante {adj}  :: dazzling
abbaglianti {m} [usually in plural, automotive]  :: high-beam
abbaglianza {f}  :: glare
abbagliare {vt}  :: to dazzle
abbagliatamente {adv}  :: dazzlingly
abbagliato {adj}  :: dazzling
abbaglio {m}  :: blunder
abbaglio {m}  :: dazzling
abbaiamento {m}  :: barking
abbaiando {v}  :: gerund of abbaiare
abbaiare {vi}  :: to bark like a dog; to bay
abbaiata {f}  :: barking, baying
abbaiatore {adj}  :: barking, baying
abbaiatore {m}  :: barking or baying animal
abbaino {m}  :: dormer (room)
abbaino {m}  :: dormer window
abbaione {m}  :: scorn, jeering
abballando {v}  :: gerund of abballare
abballare {v}  :: Variant of imballare
abballinando {v}  :: gerund of abballinare
abballinare {vt}  :: To wrap, roll (up)
abballinato {adj}  :: rolled up
abballinato {adj}  :: wrapped up
abballottamento {m}  :: alternative form of sballottamento
abballottando {v}  :: gerund of abballottare
abballottandosi {v}  :: gerund of abballottarsi
abballottare {v}  :: alternative form of sballottare
abballottarsi {v}  :: to curdle, clot
abballottarsi {v}  :: to roll up into a ball
abballottato {adj}  :: tossed or thrown about
abballottio {m}  :: alternative form of sballottio
abbandonamento {m}  :: alternative form of abbandono
abbandonando {v}  :: gerund of abbandonare
abbandonandosi {v}  :: gerund of abbandonarsi
abbandonar {v}  :: apocopic form of abbandonare
abbandonare {vt}  :: to abandon, walk out on
abbandonarsi {vr}  :: to let oneself go
abbandonata {adj}  :: abandoned
abbandonata {adj}  :: deserted
abbandonata {adj}  :: disused
abbandonata {adj}  :: neglected
abbandonato {adj}  :: abandoned
abbandonato {adj}  :: deserted
abbandonato {adj}  :: disused
abbandonato {adj}  :: neglected
abbandonato {m}  :: foundling or orphan
abbandonismo {m}  :: passive defeatism
abbandono {m}  :: desertion, abandonment
abbandono {m} [sports]  :: withdrawal
abbano {m}  :: An ivory cane once used in the coronation of Italian kings
abbarbagliamento {m}  :: dazzling
abbarbagliamento {m}  :: mistake, error
abbarbagliando {v}  :: gerund of abbarbagliare
abbarbagliare {vt}  :: to confuse
abbarbagliare {vt}  :: to dazzle
abbarbaglio {m}  :: dazzling
abbarbaglio {m}  :: mistake, error
abbarbicamento {m}  :: taking root (all senses)
abbarbicando {v}  :: gerund of abbarbicare
abbarbicandosi {v}  :: gerund of abbarbicarsi
abbarbicare {vi}  :: to put forth roots
abbarbicare {vi}  :: to take root [all senses]
abbarbicarsi {vr}  :: reflexive form of abbarbicare
abbarbicarsi {vr}  :: to cling (to)
abbarbicarsi {vr}  :: to root (to)
abbarbicato {adj}  :: rooted, taken root
abbarbiccato {adj}  :: alternative form of abbarbicato
abbarcando {v}  :: gerund of abbarcare
abbarcare {vt}  :: To bend sheets and planks of wood (using steam) in order to construct the hull of a ship
abbarcatore {m}  :: A person who bends sheets and planks of wood (using steam) in order to construct the hull of a ship
abbarrato {adj}  :: barred
abbarrato {adj}  :: blocked
abbaruffamento {m}  :: disorder, disarray
abbaruffamento {m}  :: fight, brawl
abbaruffando {v}  :: gerund of abbaruffare
abbaruffandosi {v}  :: gerund of abbaruffarsi
abbaruffare {vt}  :: To disorder or disarray
abbaruffarsi {vr}  :: To fight, brawl or scuffle
abbaruffio {m}  :: disorder, disarray
abbaruffio {m}  :: fight, brawl
abbaside {adj}  :: Abbasid (attributive)
Abbasidi {prop}  :: Abbasid
abbassabile {adj}  :: That can be lowered; lowerable
abbassalingua {m}  :: tongue depressor
abbassamento {m}  :: fall
abbassamento {m}  :: lowering
abbassamento {m}  :: reduction
abbassando {v}  :: gerund of abbassare
abbassandosi {v}  :: gerund of abbassarsi
abbassare {vt}  :: to lower
abbassare {vt}  :: to press down on a pedal
abbassarsi {vr}  :: reflexive form of abbassare
abbassarsi {v}  :: to demean oneself
abbassarsi {v}  :: to go down
abbassarsi {v}  :: to stoop
abbassatore {adj}  :: lowering, dropping, decreasing
abbasso {adv}  :: down
abbasso {adv}  :: down with (as an exclamation)
abbastando {v}  :: gerund of abbastare
abbastanza {adv}  :: enough
abbastanza {adv}  :: quite, fairly
abbastanza {interj}  :: enough
abbastare {vi}  :: alternative form of bastare
abbattaggio {m}  :: The side of a tunnel that is being excavated
abbattendo {v}  :: gerund of abbattere
abbattendosi {v}  :: gerund of abbattersi
abbattere {v}  :: to bring down
abbattere {v}  :: to destroy, to put down
abbattere {v}  :: to dismay
abbattere {v}  :: to fell
abbattere {v}  :: to knock down
abbattere {v}  :: to lay low
abbattere {v}  :: to level
abbattere {v}  :: to pull down
abbattere {v}  :: to raze
abbattere {v}  :: to shoot down
abbattere {v}  :: to slaughter
abbattere {v}  :: to topple
abbattersi {v}  :: to fall, to hit, to befall, to break over
abbattersi {v}  :: to lose heart, to get discouraged, to get depressed
abbattibile {adj}  :: Capable of being pulled down or shot down
abbattifieno {m}  :: A trapdoor in the loft of a barn, used for throwing down hay
abbattimento {m}  :: demolition
abbattitore {m}  :: blast chiller
abbattitore {m}  :: blast, destroyer
abbattitore {m}  :: lumberjack
abbattitore {m}  :: slaughterer
abbattitrice {f}  :: feller (forestry machine)
abbattitrice {f}  :: lumberjack (female)
abbattitrice {f}  :: slaughterer (female)
abbattuto {adj}  :: despondent, depressed, toppled
abbazia {f}  :: abbey
abbaziale {adj}  :: abbey (attributive); abbatial
abbecedario {m}  :: primer
abbelendo {v}  :: gerund of abbelire
abbelire {vt}  :: to embellish
abbelire {vt}  :: to make more attractive
abbelire {vt}  :: to spiff up
abbellando {v}  :: gerund of abbellare
abbellare {vi}  :: To like or prefer
abbellare {vt}  :: Variant of abbellire
abbellendo {v}  :: gerund of abbellire
abbellendosi {v}  :: gerund of abbellirsi
abbellimento {m}  :: embellishment, ornament
abbellimento {m} [music]  :: grace note, ornamentation
abbellire {vt}  :: to embellish a story
abbellire {vt}  :: to make something (more) attractive; to prettify something
abbellire {vt}  :: to spiff up
abbellirsi {vr}  :: To become more attractive
abbellirsi {vr}  :: To prettify oneself, to make more attractive oneself
abbellitura {f}  :: embellishment
abbendando {v}  :: gerund of abbendare
abbendare {v}  :: to bandage
abbendare {v}  :: to gather (form a crowd)
abbeveraggio {m}  :: watering (providing water for animals)
abbeverando {v}  :: gerund of abbeverare
abbeverandosi {v}  :: gerund of abbeverarsi
abbeverare {vt}  :: to water (to provide (animals) with water)
abbeverarsi {vr}  :: reflexive form of abbeverare
abbeverarsi {vr}  :: to drink [especially of animals]
abbeverarsi {vr}  :: to quench one's thirst
abbeverata {f}  :: watering place (by a well)
abbeveratoio {m}  :: drinking trough (for animals)
abbevilliano {adj}  :: Abbevillian
abbiatico {m}  :: alternative form of abiatico
abbicando {v}  :: gerund of abbicare
abbicare {v}  :: to collect in heaps
abbicatura {f}  :: The gathering of grain into sheaves
abbiccì {m}  :: abc
abbiccì {m}  :: alphabet
abbiente {adj}  :: well-to-do, prosperous, wealthy
abbiente {mf} [chiefly, in the plural]  :: Wealthy person
abbiettezza {f}  :: baseness, vileness
abbietto {adj}  :: alternative form of abietto
abbiezione {f}  :: Variant of abiezione
abbigliamento {m}  :: clothes, clothing, attire
abbigliando {v}  :: gerund of abbigliare
abbigliandosi {v}  :: gerund of abbigliarsi
abbigliare {vt}  :: To dress
abbigliarsi {vr}  :: To dress up, to dress
abbigliatoio {m}  :: dressing room, changing room
abbigliatura {f}  :: clothes, clothing
abbinabile {adj}  :: combinable
abbinabile {adj}  :: matching
abbinabilità {f}  :: compatibility
abbinamento {m}  :: matching, pairing, match
abbinando {v}  :: gerund of abbinare
abbinandosi {v}  :: gerund of abbinarsi
abbinare {vt}  :: to lace
abbinare {vt}  :: To match, to couple, to pair
abbinarsi {vr}  :: reflexive form of abbinare
abbinarsi {vr}  :: to match, go together, go well
abbinato {adj}  :: matching, paired off, twinned
abbinatrice {f}  :: alternative form of binatrice
abbinatura {f}  :: alternative form of binatura
abbindolamento {m}  :: deceit, deception, fraud
abbindolando {v}  :: gerund of abbindolare
abbindolare {vt}  :: To trick or take in
abbindolatore {m}  :: trickster
abbindolatura {f}  :: deceit, deception, fraud
abbioccando {v}  :: gerund of abbioccare
abbioccandosi {v}  :: gerund of abbioccarsi
abbioccare {vt} [rare]  :: To exhaust or tire out
abbioccarsi {vr}  :: To fall asleep or doze off
abbiocco {m}  :: fit of drowsiness
abbiosciamento {m}  :: dejection
abbiosciamento {m}  :: wilting of a plant caused by damage to the stem
abbisognando {v}  :: gerund of abbisognare
abbisognare {vi}  :: to be necessary for
abbisognare {vi}  :: to need
abbittatura {f} [nautical]  :: The winding of a cord around a cleat
abboccamento {m}  :: connection (of tubing etc)
abboccamento {m}  :: meeting, interview
abboccando {v}  :: gerund of abboccare
abboccare {vi}  :: To bite; to swallow the bait (of fish, and figuratively)
abboccare {vt}  :: To join or connect (pieces of tubing)
abboccato {adj}  :: sweetish (of wine, especially Orvieto)
abboccatoio {m}  :: The mouth of a furnace
abboccatura {f}  :: A part of a loaf that remains partially uncooked because it was in contact with another
abboccatura {f}  :: The meeting-point of the two leaves of a double door
abboccatura {f}  :: The mouth of a container (from which it is drunk)
abboffando {v}  :: gerund of abboffarsi
abboffandosi {v}  :: gerund of abboffarsi
abboffarsi {vr}  :: Variant of abbuffarsi
abboffata {f}  :: blowout (feast)
abboffata {f}  :: gorging (eating like a pig)
abbominabile {adj}  :: Variant of abominabile
abbominando {v}  :: gerund of abbominare
abbominare {v}  :: Variant of abominare
abbominazione {f}  :: rare form of abominazione
abbominevole {adj}  :: Variant of abominevole
abbominevolmente {adv}  :: Variant of abominevolmente
abbominio {m}  :: Variant of abominio
abbonacciamento {m}  :: calming (return to a calm state)
abbonacciamento {m} [nautical]  :: becalming
abbonacciando {v}  :: gerund of abbonacciare
abbonacciandosi {v}  :: gerund of abbonacciarsi
abbonacciare {vt}  :: to calm (down)
abbonacciare {vt}  :: to soothe
abbonacciarsi {vr}  :: reflexive form of abbonacciare
abbonacciarsi {vr}  :: to calm (down)
abbonacciarsi {vr}  :: to drop [of the wind]
abbonamento {m}  :: rental, licence
abbonamento {m}  :: season ticket
abbonamento {m}  :: subscription
abbonando {v}  :: gerund of abbonare
abbonandosi {v}  :: gerund of abbonarsi
abbonare {vt}  :: to deduct
abbonarsi {vr}  :: reflexive form of abbonare
abbonarsi {vr}  :: to buy a season ticket
abbonarsi {vr}  :: to subscribe [to a magazine, etc.]
abbonato {m}  :: season ticket holder
abbonato {m}  :: subscriber
abbondando {v}  :: gerund of abbondare
abbondante {adj}  :: abundant
abbondante {adj}  :: generous
abbondante {adj}  :: heavy (snow)
abbondante {adj}  :: loose-fitting (clothes)
abbondantemente {adv}  :: profusely, copiously, abundantly
abbondantissimo {adj}  :: Very abundant, very copious
abbondanza {f}  :: abundance
abbondanza {f}  :: affluence
abbondanza {f} [historical]  :: The foodstuffs and other materials needed by a city; the warehouse where it was stored
abbondanza {f}  :: richness
abbondanza {f}  :: wealth
abbondanziere {m} [historical]  :: The official in charge of the abbondanza of a city
Abbondanzio {prop}  :: male given name, from Latin Abundius
abbondare {vi}  :: to abound, to be plentiful
Abbondazio {prop}  :: male given name from Latin Abundius
abbondevole {adj}  :: plentiful, abundant
abbondevolmente {adv}  :: abundantly
Abbondio {prop}  :: male given name. The Italian equivalent of Abundius
abbonendo {v}  :: gerund of abbonire
abbonendosi {v}  :: gerund of abbonirsi
abbonimento {m}  :: improvement (especially of land)
abbonire {vt}  :: to calm down, appease
abbonire {vt}  :: to reclaim, improve (land)
abbonirsi {vr}  :: to calm down
abbono {m}  :: Variant of abbuono
abbordabile {adj}  :: approachable, accessible
abbordabile {adj}  :: (of a price) reasonable, affordable
abbordabilità {f}  :: accessibleness
abbordabilità {f}  :: affordability, reasonableness
abbordaggio {m}  :: approach
abbordaggio {m} [nautical]  :: boarding
abbordando {v}  :: gerund of abbordare
abbordare {vt}  :: to accost someone
abbordare {vt}  :: to go alongside or collide with a ship
abbordatore {adj} [nautical]  :: boarding (attributive)
abbordo {m}  :: approach
abbordo {m} [nautical]  :: boarding, collision
abborracciamento {m}  :: a botched job
abborracciando {v}  :: gerund of abborracciare
abborracciare {vt}  :: To bungle or botch (do something badly and quickly)
abborracciato {adj}  :: bungled, botched
abborracciatore {m}  :: botcher
abborracciatura {f}  :: botch
abborraccione {m}  :: botcher
abborrendo {v}  :: gerund of abborrire
abborrire {v}  :: Variant of aborrire
abbottonando {v}  :: gerund of abbottonare
abbottonandosi {v}  :: gerund of abbottonarsi
abbottonare {vt}  :: to button (do up the buttons on a coat, etc.)
abbottonarsi {vr}  :: reflexive form of abbottonare
abbottonarsi {vr}  :: to button, button up
abbottonatamente {adv}  :: cautiously, prudently
abbottonato {adj}  :: buttoned, buttoned up
abbottonato {adj} [figurative, of a person]  :: reserved
abbottonatura {f}  :: buttons [as a class]
abbozzamento {m}  :: sketching; sketch
abbozzando {v}  :: gerund of abbozzare
abbozzare {n}  :: to outline
abbozzare {n}  :: to sketch
abbozzaticcio {adj}  :: sketchy
abbozzatore {m} [art]  :: sketcher (sketch artist)
abbozzo {m}  :: sketch, outline, draft
abbozzo {m} [Wiki]  :: stub
abbozzolando {v}  :: gerund of abbozzolarsi
abbozzolandosi {v}  :: gerund of abbozzolarsi
abbozzolarsi {vr}  :: to become lumpy
abbozzolarsi {vr}  :: to spin a cocoon
abbracciabile {adj}  :: embraceable
abbracciabosco {m}  :: honeysuckle
abbracciamento {m}  :: An extended hug or embrace
abbracciamento {m} [botany]  :: clinging
abbracciamento {m}  :: choice of a profession
abbracciando {v}  :: gerund of abbracciare
abbracciandosi {v}  :: gerund of abbracciarsi
abbracciar {v}  :: apocopic form of abbracciare
abbracciare {vt}  :: to embrace someone or something
abbracciare {vt}  :: to hug
abbracciarsi {vr}  :: reflexive form of abbracciare
abbracciarsi {v}  :: to embrace each other, hug one another
abbraccio {m}  :: brace (that which holds tightly)
abbraccio {m}  :: embrace, hug
abbrancando {v}  :: gerund of abbrancare
abbrancandosi {v}  :: gerund of abbrancarsi
abbrancare {vt}  :: To grasp or seize
abbrancarsi {vt}  :: To grab hold (of)
abbreviabile {adj}  :: shortenable
abbreviamento {m}  :: shortening
abbreviando {v}  :: gerund of abbreviare
abbreviare {vt}  :: To abbreviate or shorten
abbreviativo {adj}  :: abbreviating, shortening
abbreviato {adj}  :: abbreviated
abbreviato {adj}  :: shortened
abbreviatore {m}  :: abbreviator
abbreviatura {f}  :: initialism
abbreviazione {f}  :: abbreviation, initialism, acronym
abbrivando {v}  :: gerund of abbrivare
abbrivare {v} [of a boat or aircraft]  :: To get underway and pick up speed
abbriviando {v}  :: gerund of abbriviare
abbriviare {vt} [nautical]  :: to get underway, or to pick up speed
abbrivio {m}  :: Variant of abbrivo
abbrivo {m}  :: headway
abbronzamento {m}  :: tanning
abbronzando {v}  :: gerund of abbronzare
abbronzandosi {v}  :: gerund of abbronzarsi
abbronzante {adj}  :: suntan (attributive)
abbronzante {m}  :: suntan cream
abbronzante {m}  :: suntan oil
abbronzare {v}  :: to tan
abbronzarsi {vr}  :: to tan (oneself)
abbronzatura {f}  :: sunbathing
abbronzatura {f}  :: tanning
abbronzatura {f}  :: tan, suntan
abbruciacchiando {v}  :: gerund of abbruciacchiare
abbruciacchiare {vt}  :: To singe, to scorch
abbruciacchiare {vt}  :: To wither
abbruciando {v}  :: gerund of abbruciare
abbruciare {vt}  :: To burn (variant of bruciare)
abbrumando {v}  :: gerund of abbrumare
abbrumare {vi}  :: To corrode (especially the hull of a ship)
abbrunando {v}  :: gerund of abbrunare
abbrunandosi {v}  :: gerund of abbrunarsi
abbrunare {v} [impersonal]  :: To get dark
abbrunare {vt}  :: To drape with black
abbrunarsi {v} [impersonal]  :: To get dark
abbrunarsi {vr}  :: To wear mourning
abbrunendo {v}  :: gerund of abbrunire
abbrunimento {m}  :: burnishing
abbrunimento {m}  :: tanning
abbrunire {vt}  :: to burnish
abbrunire {vt}  :: to tan
abbrusciando {v}  :: gerund of abbrusciare
abbrusciare {v}  :: to toast
abbrustolando {v}  :: gerund of abbrustolare
abbrustolare {v}  :: rare form of abbrustolire
abbrustolendo {v}  :: gerund of abbrustolire
abbrustolendosi {v}  :: gerund of abbrustolirsi
abbrustolimento {m}  :: roasting
abbrustolimento {m}  :: toasting
abbrustolire {vt}  :: To roast, to toast
abbrustolirsi {vr}  :: To roast (in the sun)
abbrutendo {v}  :: gerund of abbrutire
abbrutendosi {v}  :: gerund of abbrutirsi
abbrutente {adj}  :: brutalising
abbrutimento {m}  :: degradation
abbrutimento {m}  :: exhaustion
abbrutire {v}  :: to brutalize
abbrutire {v}  :: to exhaust; to degrade; to stultify
abbrutirsi {vr}  :: To become brutalized
abbruttendo {v}  :: gerund of abbruttire
abbruttendosi {v}  :: gerund of abbruttirsi
abbruttire {vt}  :: to brutalize
abbruttirsi {vr}  :: To become brutalized
abbuffando {v}  :: gerund of abbuffarsi
abbuffandosi {v}  :: gerund of abbuffarsi
abbuffarsi {vr}  :: to binge (rapidly and excessively consume food)
abbuffarsi {vr}  :: to stuff oneself (eat too much)
abbuffata {f}  :: binge (rapid and excessive consumption of food), binge eating
abbuiando {v}  :: gerund of abbuiare
abbuiandosi {v}  :: gerund of abbuiarsi
abbuiare {v}  :: to darken
abbuiarsi {vr}  :: To grow dark; to darken
abbuonando {v}  :: gerund of abbuonare
abbuonare {vt}  :: Variant of abbonare
abbuono {m} [cicle racing]  :: time bonus
abbuono {m}  :: discount
abbuono {m} [horse racing]  :: handicap
abburattamento {m}  :: sifting, sieving
abburattando {v}  :: gerund of abburattare
abburattare {vt}  :: To sift or sieve
abc {m}  :: ABC, alphabet
abcaso {adj}  :: Abkhaz, Abkhazian
Abdenago {prop}  :: male given name
Abdia {prop} [biblical]  :: Obadiah, Book of Obadiah
abdicando {v}  :: gerund of abdicare
abdicare {vi}  :: to abdicate
abdicare {vi}  :: to renounce
abdicatore {m}  :: abdicator
abdicatrice {f}  :: abdicator (female)
abdicazione {f}  :: abdication
Abdieso {prop}  :: male given name
Abdone {prop}  :: male given name
abducendo {v}  :: gerund of abdurre
abdurre {vt} [anatomy]  :: To abduct
abduttivo {adj} [logic]  :: abductive
abduttore {adj} [anatomy]  :: abductive
abduzione {f}  :: abduction (physiology: movement separating limb from axis)
abelaggio {m} [historical]  :: The right of a feudal lord to the beehives found in the woods of his vassals
Abelardo {prop}  :: Abelard
Abele {prop}  :: male given name. Italian equivalent of Abel
abeliano {adj}  :: Abelian
abelisauride {m}  :: abelisaurid
a bella posta {adv}  :: on purpose, intentionally, deliberately
abelmosco {m}  :: abelmosk (Abelmoschus moschatus)
abelmosco {m}  :: musk mallow (Malva moschata)
abento {m} [obsolete]  :: peace, repose, tranquillity
abenula {f} [anatomy]  :: habenula
Abenzio {prop}  :: male given name
Abercio {prop}  :: male given name
aberlusconiano {m}  :: An opponent of the policies of Silvio Berlusconi
aberlusconismo {m}  :: A movement that opposes the policies of Silvio Berlusconi
aberrando {v}  :: gerund of aberrare
aberrante {adj}  :: aberrant
aberranza {f}  :: aberrance
aberrare {vi}  :: To stray, to deviate
aberrazionale {adj}  :: aberrational
aberrazione {m}  :: aberration
aberrometria {f}  :: aberrometry
abetaia {f}  :: fir wood (forest)
abete {m}  :: fir, fir tree
abetina {f}  :: fir wood (forest)
abeto {m}  :: alternative form of abete
Abetone {prop}  :: A small town in the Pistoia province of Tuscany
abetonese {adj}  :: Of or from Abetone
Abia {prop}  :: female given name
Abia {prop}  :: male given name
abiatico {m}  :: ancestor
abiatico {m}  :: grandchild
Abibo {prop}  :: male given name
Abibone {prop}  :: male given name
abietico {adj}  :: abietic
abietinico {adj}  :: abietinic
abiettamente {adv}  :: abjectly, despicably
abiettezza {f}  :: meanness, vileness, abjectness
abiettitudine {f}  :: meanness, vileness, abjectness
abietto {adj}  :: abject, despicable
abiezione {f}  :: abjection, degradation
Abigaille {prop} [rare]  :: female given name, a variant of Abigail
abigeatario {m}  :: cattle thief, rustler
abigeato {m}  :: abigeat, cattle-theft, rustling
abile {adj}  :: able, fit
abile {adj}  :: clever
abile {adj}  :: skilful
-abile {suffix}  :: -able, -ible
Abilio {prop}  :: male given name
abilissimo {adj}  :: Very clever
abilissimo {adj}  :: Very skilful
abilità {f}  :: ability, skill
abilità {f}  :: cleverness
abilitando {v}  :: gerund of abilitare
abilitante {adj}  :: qualifying
abilitare {vt}  :: To qualify someone for something, or to do something
abilitativo {adj}  :: qualifying
abilitato {adj}  :: qualified
abilitazione {f}  :: activation
abilitazione {f}  :: license
abilitazione {f}  :: qualification
abilmente {adv}  :: cleverly, skilfully, deftly, smartly
abiogenesi {f} [biology]  :: abiogenesis
abiogeneticamente {adv}  :: abiogenetically
abiogenetico {adj}  :: abiogenetic
abiogenetista {f}  :: abiogenist
abiogenista {f}  :: abiogenist
abiologicamente {adv}  :: abiologically
abiologico {adj}  :: abiological
abiosi {f}  :: abiosis
abioticamente {adv}  :: abiotically
abiotico {adj}  :: abiotic
a bisdosso {adv}  :: bareback (without a saddle)
abissale {adj}  :: abyssal
abissale {adj}  :: bottomless, unfathomable
Abissinia {prop}  :: Abyssinia
abissino {adj}  :: Abyssinian
abissino {m}  :: Abyssinian (Native of Abyssinia and the domestic cat)
abisso {m}  :: abyss, gulf
abitabile {adj}  :: habitable, inhabitable, livable
abitabilità {f}  :: habitability
abitacolo {m}  :: cabin (part of car used by driver and passengers; part of aircraft used by pilot)
abitando {v}  :: gerund of abitare
abitante {mf}  :: inhabitant
abitante {mf}  :: occupant
abitare {vi}  :: to reside
abitare {vt}  :: to live in, or inhabit a place
abitativo {adj}  :: housing
abitativo {adj}  :: living
abitato {adj}  :: occupied (house etc)
abitato {m}  :: built-up area
abitato {m}  :: town, village
abitatore {m}  :: inhabitant, dweller
abitatrice {f}  :: (female) inhabitant, dweller
abitazione {f}  :: habitation
abitazione {f}  :: residence, house
abitino {m}  :: dress
abitino {m}  :: scapular
abito {m}  :: dress (of a woman)
abito {m}  :: habit (of a monk)
abito {m}  :: suit (of a man)
abito da sposa {m}  :: wedding dress
abito monacale {n}  :: frock
abito monacale {n}  :: monk's habit
abito monacale {n}  :: nun's habit
abito talare {n}  :: An item of clerical clothing: a long, sheath-like, close-fitting, ankle-length robe worn by clergy members of some Christian denominations
abito talare {n}  :: cassock, frock
abito talare {n}  :: priest's habit
abituale {adj}  :: habitual, usual, regular
abitualità {f}  :: habitualness
abitualmente {adv}  :: usually, habitually
abituando {v}  :: gerund of abituare
abituandosi {v}  :: gerund of abituarsi
abituare {vt}  :: to accustom
abituarsi {vr}  :: To get used or to get accustomed (to something)
abituazione {f}  :: habituation
abitudinale {adj}  :: usual, regular
abitudinariamente {adv}  :: habitually
abitudinario {adj}  :: habitual
abitudinario {m}  :: creature of habit
abitudine {f}  :: custom
abitudine {f}  :: habit, practice (customary behaviour)
abitudine {f}  :: routine
abituro {m} [literary]  :: abode, dwelling
abituro {m} [literary]  :: hovel
abiura {f}  :: abjuration
abiurando {v}  :: gerund of abiurare
abiurare {vt}  :: To abjure
abiuratore {m}  :: abjurer
abiuratrice {f}  :: abjurer (female)
a bizzeffe {adj}  :: In abundance; galore
a bizzeffe {adj}  :: two a penny, dime a dozen
abkhaza {f}  :: Abkhazian (female)
Abkhazia {prop}  :: Abkhazia
abkhazo {adj}  :: Abkhazian
abkhazo {m}  :: Abkhazian
abkhazo {prop}  :: The Abkhazian language
Abèl {prop}  :: Abel (medieval spelling of Abele)
ablaqueazione {f} [agriculture]  :: The act or process of laying bare the roots of trees; ablaqueation
ablativamente {adv} [grammar]  :: ablatively
ablativo {adj} [grammar]  :: ablative
ablativo {m} [grammar]  :: ablative
ablazione {f} [biology, geology, physics]  :: ablation
ablefaria {f} [pathology]  :: ablepharia, ablepharon
ablegazione {f}  :: ablegation
abluzione {f}  :: ablution
abnegatore {m} [rare]  :: abnegator
abnegatrice {f} [rare]  :: abnegator (female)
abnegazione {f}  :: abnegation, self-sacrifice
abnorme {adj}  :: abnormal
abnorme {adj}  :: extraordinary
abnormemente {adv}  :: abnormally
abolendo {v}  :: gerund of abolire
abolire {vt}  :: to abolish
abolire {vt}  :: to abrogate
abolitivo {adj}  :: abolishing
abolitore {m} [rare]  :: abolisher
abolitrice {f} [rare]  :: abolisher (female)
abolizione {f}  :: abolition
abolizione {f}  :: abrogation
abolizionismo {m}  :: abolitionism
abolizionista {adj}  :: abolitionist
abolizionista {f}  :: abolitionist
abolizionistico {adj}  :: abolitionist
abomasale {adj} [zoology]  :: abomasal
abomaso {m} [zoology]  :: abomasum
abominabile {adj}  :: abominable
abominando {v}  :: gerund of abominare
abominare {vt} [literary]  :: To abhor, to detest, to loathe
abominazione {f}  :: abomination
abominevole {adj}  :: abominable
abominevolmente {adv}  :: abominably
abominio {m}  :: abomination
aborale {adj} [anatomy, zoology]  :: aboral
aboralmente {adv} [anatomy, zoology]  :: aborally
aborigeno {adj}  :: aboriginal
aborigeno {m}  :: aborigine, aboriginal
aborrendo {v}  :: gerund of aborrire
aborrimento {m}  :: abhorrence, loathing
aborrire {vt}  :: To abhor, to detest, to loathe
abortendo {v}  :: gerund of abortire
abortire {vi}  :: (but takes avere) to fail; not to develop
abortire {vi}  :: to abort or have a miscarriage
abortista {mf}  :: abortionist
abortivo {adj}  :: abortive
aborto {m}  :: abortion, miscarriage
a braccetto {adv}  :: arm in arm
abradendo {v}  :: gerund of abradere
abradere {vt}  :: to rasp, abrade
Abraàm {prop}  :: Abraham (medieval spelling of Abramo)
abramide {m} [zoology, ichthyology]  :: bream (of genus Abramis)
abramide comune {m} [zoology, ichthyology]  :: bream (of genus Abramis)
Abramio {prop}  :: male given name
abramitico {adj}  :: Abrahamic
Abramo {prop}  :: male given name, the Italian equivalent of Abraham
abrasione {f}  :: abrasion
abrasività {f}  :: abrasiveness
abrasivo {adj}  :: abrasive
abreazione {f} [psychoanalysis]  :: abreaction
a breve {adv}  :: short-term
a breve {adv}  :: soon, shortly
a breve termine {adv}  :: short-term
a breve termine {adv}  :: stopgap
abrogabile {adj}  :: repealable
abrogando {v}  :: gerund of abrogare
abrogare {v}  :: to abrogate
abrogativo {adj}  :: abrogative
abrogato {adj}  :: abrogated
abrogatorio {adj}  :: rescinding
abrogazione {f}  :: abrogation, repeal
abrogazionista {f}  :: A person who supports the repeal of a law; abolitionist
abronema {f}  :: habronema (stomach parasite of genus Habronema)
abronemiasi {f}  :: habronemiasis (infestation by Habronema parasites)
a bruciapelo {adv}  :: point-blank
a brutto muso {adv}  :: determinately, brutally
abruzzese {adj}  :: of, from, or relating to Abruzzo or the Abruzzi
abruzzese {mf}  :: Native or inhabitant of Abruzzo or the Abruzzi
Abruzzo {prop}  :: Abruzzo (region)
Absalone {prop}  :: alternative form of Assalonne
absburgico {adj}  :: Variant of asburgico
Absburgo {prop}  :: Hapsburg / Habsburg
absidale {adj}  :: apsidal
abside {m} [architecture]  :: apse
abâte {m}  :: abbot
Abudemio {prop}  :: male given name
abulia {f}  :: apathy, idleness
abulia {f} [medicine]  :: aboulia
abulicamente {adv}  :: apathetically
abulicità {f}  :: aboulia, apathy, idleness
abulico {adj}  :: aboulic
abulico {adj}  :: apathetic
a buon fine {adv}  :: successful, efficacious, effective, fruitful, rewarding, accomplished, profitable
abusando {v}  :: gerund of abusare
abusare {vi}  :: to abuse or take advantage of something / someone
abusivamente {adv}  :: illegally, without authorization, without permission
abusivismo {m}  :: unauthorized activity (illegal street-trading etc)
abusivista {f}  :: An illegal or unauthorized person (in any of several contexts)
abusività {f}  :: illegality
abusivo {adj}  :: illegal, unauthorized, unlicensed
abuso {m}  :: abuse, misuse
abuso {m}  :: overuse
a.C. {abbr}  :: BC (Before Christ)
AC {abbr}  :: anno Christi
AC {abbr}  :: Associazione Calcio (football club)
AC {abbr}  :: avanti Cristo
AC45 {n} [sports]  :: AC45 (America's Cup class)
AC72 {n} [sports]  :: AC72 (America's Cup class developed for the 2013 America's Cup)
AC90 {n}  :: AC90
acacia {f}  :: acacia (tree)
Acacio {prop}  :: male given name
acadico {adj}  :: Acadian
acagiù {m}  :: cashew (tree, wood)
acagiù {m}  :: mahogany (tree, wood)
acalasia {f} [medicine]  :: achalasia
acantite {f} [mineralogy]  :: acanthite
acantodo {m} [zoology, ichthyology]  :: acanthodian extinct fish (Acanthodii)
acantolisi {f} [pathology]  :: acantholysis
acapnia {f} [medicine]  :: acapnia
a capo {m}  :: new paragraph; new line
a capofitto {adv}  :: headlong, headfirst
a capofitto {adv}  :: head over heels
acarbosio {m}  :: acarbose
acariasi {f} [medicine]  :: acariasis
acaricida {adj}  :: acaricidal
acaricida {m}  :: acaricide
acaride {m}  :: acarid
Acario {prop}  :: male given name
acariosi {f} [medicine]  :: acariasis
acaro {m}  :: mite
acaro {m}  :: (plural, zoology) order of mites
acarofobia {f}  :: acarophobia
acaroide {f}  :: acaroid resin
a casaccio {adv}  :: anyhow
a casaccio {adv}  :: at random
a casa del diavolo {adv} [idiomatic]  :: all the way to Egery and back
a casa del diavolo {adv}  :: The long way; a roundabout route; a long distance to travel
a caso {adv}  :: at random, randomly, haphazardly
a catafascio {adv}  :: random, upside down
acatalessia {f}  :: acatalepsy
acatalettico {adj}  :: acataleptic
acatartofobia {f}  :: A fear of dirt or of uncleaned surfaces
acatisia {f} [medicine]  :: akathisia
acattolico {adj}  :: non-Catholic
acattolico {m}  :: non-Catholic person
acaule {adj} [botany]  :: acaulous
a causa di {prep}  :: because of, due to, on account of
acausalità {f}  :: acausality
a cavalcioni {adv}  :: astride
a caval donato non si guarda in bocca {proverb}  :: you don't look a gift horse in the mouth
Acazio {prop}  :: male given name
acca {f}  :: aitch; the letter H
acca {f} [in the plural]  :: H's, letter H's
accada {f}  :: Akkadian (female)
accademia {f}  :: academy
accademicamente {adv}  :: academically
accademicamente {adv}  :: theoretically
accademicismo {m}  :: academicism
accademico {adj}  :: academic
accademico {adj}  :: pedantic
accademico {m}  :: academician
accademismo {m} [arts]  :: academicism
accademista {m}  :: cadet (military)
accadere {v} [impersonal]  :: to happen
accadico {adj}  :: Akkadian
accadico {prop}  :: Akkadian (language)
accadimento {m}  :: event
accado {adj}  :: Akkadian
accado {m}  :: Akkadian
accaduto {m}  :: event, happening
accaffando {v}  :: gerund of accaffare
accaffare {v}  :: to seize (take using violence)
accagliando {v}  :: gerund of accagliare
accagliare {vt}  :: To curdle (milk)
accagliatura {f}  :: coagulation
accagliatura {f}  :: curdling
accalappiacani {m}  :: dogcatcher
accalappiamento {m}  :: catching, snaring
accalappiamento {m}  :: trickery, deception, deceit
accalappiando {v}  :: gerund of accalappiare
accalappiare {vt}  :: To catch (a person or animal)
accalappiatore {m}  :: trickster, deceiver
accalappiatura {f}  :: catching, snaring
accalappiatura {f}  :: trickery, deception, deceit
accalcando {v}  :: gerund of accalcare
accalcandosi {v}  :: gerund of accalcarsi
accalcare {vt}  :: To cram or pack
accalcarsi {vr}  :: To crowd or throng
accaldandosi {v}  :: gerund of accaldarsi
accaldarsi {vr}  :: to get heated or excited
accaldarsi {vr}  :: to get hot
accalorando {v}  :: gerund of accalorare
accalorandosi {v}  :: gerund of accalorarsi
accalorare {vt}  :: To stir up or excite
accalorarsi {vr}  :: To get excited or worked up
accaloratamente {adv}  :: excitedly
accalorato {adj}  :: excited
accampamento {m}  :: camp, encampment (military)
accampamento {m}  :: campsite
accampanato {adj} [heraldry]  :: belled
accampando {v}  :: gerund of accampare
accampandosi {v}  :: gerund of accamparsi
accampare {vt}  :: to assert, advance [a proposition, etc.]
accampare {vt}  :: to encamp
accamparsi {vr}  :: To camp out (especially to travel with a tent)
accanendo {v}  :: gerund of accanirsi
accanendosi {v}  :: gerund of accanirsi
accanimento {m}  :: fury
accanimento {m}  :: tenacity, perseverance
accanirsi {vr}  :: to persist (in)
accanirsi {vr}  :: to rage (against)
accanitamente {adv}  :: assiduously, doggedly
accanitamente {adv}  :: fiercely
accanito {adj}  :: assiduous, dogged
accanito {adj}  :: fierce
accanito {adj}  :: inveterate
accanito {adj}  :: keen, cutthroat
accanto {adv}  :: nearby
accanto {adv}  :: next door
accanto {prep}  :: beside
accanto {prep}  :: next to
accantonamento {m}  :: Something (especially an amount of money) put to one side
accantonamento {m}  :: The shelving of a plan; the leaving aside of an argument
accantonando {v}  :: gerund of accantonare
accantonare {vt}  :: to set aside, to put aside, to shelve
accaparramento {m}  :: buying up, cornering
accaparramento {m}  :: hoarding
accaparrando {v}  :: gerund of accaparrare
accaparrandosi {v}  :: gerund of accaparrarsi
accaparrare {vt}  :: to buy up, corner the market
accaparrare {vt}  :: to gain [something]
accaparrare {vt}  :: to hoard
accaparrare {vt}  :: to secure [e.g. an acquisition, a seat]
accaparrarsi {vr}  :: To procure for oneself
accaparratore {m}  :: forestaller, profiteer
accaparratore {m}  :: hoarder
accaparratrice {f}  :: (female) forestaller, profiteer
accaparratrice {f}  :: hoarder (female)
accapigliamento {m}  :: scuffle, brawl
accapigliando {v}  :: gerund of accapigliarsi
accapigliandosi {v}  :: gerund of accapigliarsi
accapigliarsi {vr}  :: to quarrel or wrangle
accapigliarsi {vr}  :: to squabble, scuffle or come to blows
accapo {m}  :: alternative spelling of a capo
accapottando {v}  :: gerund of accapottare
accapottare {vt}  :: To overturn
accappatoio {m}  :: bathrobe, dressing gown
accapponando {v}  :: gerund of accapponare
accapponare {vt} [nautical]  :: to cat (hoist an anchor onto the cathead)
accapponare {vt}  :: to caponize (castrate a cockerel)
accapponatura {f}  :: caponizing
accapricciando {v}  :: gerund of accapricciare
accapricciare {vi}  :: To shudder
Accardo {prop}  :: Italian surname of Norman French origin, equivalent to the English Ackert or German Eckert
accarezzando {v}  :: gerund of accarezzare
accarezzandosi {v}  :: gerund of accarezzarsi
accarezzare {vt}  :: to caress, fondle
accarezzare {vt}  :: to stroke
accarezzare {vt}  :: to toy with
accarezzarsi {vr}  :: reflexive form of accarezzare
accarezzarsi {vr}  :: to caress [one another, or one's hair, etc.]
accartocciamento {m}  :: leaf roll
accartocciando {v}  :: gerund of accartocciare
accartocciandosi {v}  :: gerund of accartocciarsi
accartocciare {vt}  :: To roll up or screw up (paper)
accartocciarsi {vr}  :: To curl up (paper)
accasando {v}  :: gerund of accasare
accasandosi {v}  :: gerund of accasarsi
accasare {vt}  :: To marry
accasarsi {vr}  :: reflexive form of accasare
accasarsi {vr}  :: to marry
accasarsi {vr}  :: to set up home
accasarsi {v}  :: to settle down
accasciamento {m}  :: collapse
accasciamento {m}  :: dejection, despondency
accasciando {v}  :: gerund of accasciare
accasciandosi {v}  :: gerund of accasciarsi
accasciare {vt}  :: To weaken
accasciarsi {vr}  :: reflexive form of accasciare
accasciarsi {vr}  :: to collapse
accasciarsi {vr}  :: to lose heart
accasermamento {m}  :: barracking; quartering or lodging in barracks
accasermando {v}  :: gerund of accasermare
accasermare {vt}  :: To barrack; to quarter or lodge in barracks
accasermato {adj}  :: quartered or lodged in barracks
accastellando {v}  :: gerund of accastellare
accastellare {vt}  :: To heap or pile (up); to stack
accatastabile {adj}  :: stackable
accatastabile {adj}  :: That can registered (in the cadastre)
accatastabilità {f}  :: eligibility for registration (in the cadastre)
accatastabilità {f}  :: stackability
accatastamento {m}  :: piling, stacking; pile, stack
accatastamento {m}  :: registration
accatastando {v}  :: gerund of accatastare
accatastare {vt}  :: to register (in the cadastre)
accatastare {vt}  :: to stack, pile
accattabrighe {mf}  :: Variant of attaccabrighe
accattafieno {m}  :: haystack, hayrick
accattando {v}  :: gerund of accattare
accattare {vi}  :: To beg
accattare {vt} [regional]  :: To buy
accattare {vt} [regional]  :: To find
accattare {vt}  :: To beg for
accattare {vt}  :: To scrounge or cadge
accattivando {v}  :: gerund of accattivare
accattivante {adj}  :: captivating, engaging
accattivante {adj}  :: catchy
accattivare {vt}  :: To captivate, to win (Variant of: cattivare)
accattivarsi {vr}  :: To win, gain or earn or steal
accatto {m}  :: alms
accatto {m}  :: begging
accattona {f}  :: beggar (female)
accattonaggio {m}  :: begging
accattone {m}  :: beggar
accattoneria {f}  :: begging
accavalciando {v}  :: gerund of accavalciare
accavalciare {vt}  :: to cross the legs
accavalciare {vt}  :: to straddle
accavalcione {adv}  :: Variant of a cavalcioni
accavalcioni {adv}  :: Variant of a cavalcioni
accavallamento {m}  :: accumulation, piling up
accavallamento {m}  :: overlap, overlapping
accavallando {v}  :: gerund of accavallare
accavallandosi {v}  :: gerund of accavallarsi
accavallare {vt}  :: to cross [the legs]
accavallare {vt}  :: to overlap
accavallarsi {vr}  :: reflexive form of accavallare
accavallarsi {v}  :: to come out of place, disjointed
accavallarsi {v}  :: to overlap
accecamento {m}  :: blinding
accecando {v}  :: gerund of accecare
accecante {adj}  :: blinding, dazzling
accecare {vt}  :: To blind
accecare {vt}  :: To block or wall up
accecare {vt}  :: To countersink
accecare {vt}  :: To darken or obscure
accecatoio {m}  :: countersink
accecatura {f}  :: blinding
accecatura {f}  :: countersinking
accedendo {v}  :: gerund of accedere
accedere {vi}  :: To accede (to)
accedere {vi}  :: To be admitted (to)
accedere {vi}  :: To enter, access; to log in (to)
accedere {vi}  :: To gain access (to)
accedibile {adj}  :: accessible
acceffando {v}  :: gerund of acceffare
acceffare {v}  :: to bite
acceleramento {m}  :: acceleration, speeding up
accelerando {adv}  :: accelerating
accelerando {v}  :: gerund of accelerare
accelerante {adj}  :: accelerant (attributive)
accelerante {m} [chemistry]  :: accelerant, accelerator
accelerare {vi}  :: to accelerate, go faster
accelerare {vt}  :: to accelerate, speed something up
acceleratamente {adv}  :: quickly, rapidly
accelerativo {adj}  :: accelerative
accelerato {adj}  :: quick, rapid
accelerato {m}  :: train that stops at every local station
acceleratore {adj}  :: accelerating
acceleratore {m}  :: accelerator
acceleratorio {adj}  :: accelerating
accelerazione {f}  :: acceleration
accelerometro {m}  :: accelerometer
accellana {f}  :: A mixture of woollen fibres, or a fabric made from such a mixture
accellerare {v}  :: Common misspelling of accelerare
accellerato {adj}  :: Common misspelling of accelerato
accellerato {n}  :: Common misspelling of accelerato
accellerato {v}  :: Common misspelling of accelerato
accendendo {v}  :: gerund of accendere
accendendosi {v}  :: gerund of accendersi
accendere {vt}  :: to light, ignite, kindle
accendere {vt}  :: to turn on [a device]
accendersi {vr}  :: reflexive form of accendere
accendersi {v}  :: to break out [of a conflict]
accendersi {v}  :: to light up
accendersi {v}  :: to start [of a fire, etc.]
accendibile {adj}  :: ignitable
accendigas {m}  :: gas-lighter
accendino {m}  :: lighter (for cigarettes or cigars)
accendisigaro {m}  :: lighter (for cigarettes or cigars)
accenditoio {m}  :: lighting-stick
accenditore {m}  :: lighter
accennando {v}  :: gerund of accennare
accennare {vi}  :: to beckon, to motion, to nod
accennare {vi}  :: to hint, to mention, to touch upon
accennare {vi}  :: to make as if, to look as if
accennare {vt}  :: to do something slightly
accennare {vt}  :: to point to
accennato {adj}  :: hinted (at)
accennato {adj}  :: mentioned
accennato {adj}  :: touched (on)
accenno {m}  :: hint
accensibile {adj}  :: ignitable (Variant of: accendibile)
accensione {f}  :: ignition
accensione {f}  :: lighting, switching on
accentando {v}  :: gerund of accentare
accentare {vt}  :: to accent
accentare {vt}  :: to stress
accentativo {adj}  :: Variant of accentuativo
accentatura {f}  :: accentuation
accentazione {f}  :: accentuation
accentazione {f}  :: stressing
accento {m}  :: accent (way of speaking)
accento {m}  :: stress (in the pronunciation of a syllable, and the mark above a letter)
accento {m}  :: tone (of voice)
accentramento {m}  :: centralization
accentramento {m}  :: concentration, gathering
accentrando {v}  :: gerund of accentrare
accentrandosi {v}  :: gerund of accentrarsi
accentrare {vt}  :: To centralize
accentrare {vt}  :: To concentrate, to gather
accentrarsi {vr}  :: To center, to centre
accentrarsi {vr}  :: To concentrate
accentratore {adj} [of a person]  :: Unwilling to delegate
accentratore {adj} [of a policy]  :: centralizing
accentuale {adj}  :: accentual
accentuando {v}  :: gerund of accentuare
accentuare {v}  :: to accentuate, emphasize
accentuare {v}  :: to stress (in phonetics)
accentuarsi {vr}  :: To become more marked
accentuarsi {vr}  :: To grow
accentuarsi {vr}  :: To worsen
accentuatamente {adv}  :: strongly, markedly
accentuativo {adj}  :: accentual
accentuato {adj}  :: marked
accentuato {adj}  :: strong
accentuazione {f}  :: accentuation
accentuazione {f}  :: stress, stress mark
accerchiamento {m}  :: encirclement
accerchiando {v}  :: gerund of accerchiare
accerchiare {vt}  :: to encircle, to surround
accerchiellato {adj} [heraldry]  :: recercelée
accertabile {adj}  :: assessable
accertabile {adj}  :: verifiable, ascertainable
accertabilità {f}  :: verifiability
accertamento {m}  :: assessment (financial)
accertamento {m}  :: check, verification
accertamento {m}  :: investigation (legal)
accertando {v}  :: gerund of accertare
accertandosi {v}  :: gerund of accertarsi
accertare {vt}  :: to assess
accertare {vt}  :: to verify, check
accertarsi {vr}  :: reflexive form of accertare
accertarsi {v}  :: to make sure, ascertain that
accertativo {adj}  :: ascertainment (attributive), assessment (attributive), verification (attributive), investigation (attributive)
accesamente {adv}  :: ardently
accesissimo {adj}  :: Very bright, very colourful, very vivid
acceso {adj}  :: enthusiastic, passionate, ardent
acceso {adj} [of a light]  :: lit, on
acceso {adj} [of colour etc]  :: bright
accessibile {adj}  :: accessible, comprehensible
accessibile {adj}  :: accessible, reachable, approachable
accessibile {adj}  :: affordable, accessible
accessibilità {f}  :: accessibility
accessione {f}  :: accession (all senses)
accesso {m}  :: access, admittance
accesso {m}  :: a fit, an attack of some disease
accessoriabile {adj}  :: That can be accessorized; accessorizable
accessoriando {v}  :: gerund of accessoriare
accessoriare {vt}  :: To accessorize
accessoriato {adj}  :: accessorized
accessorietà {f}  :: accessoriness
accessorio {adj}  :: accessory, accessorial, additional, incidental
accessorio {m}  :: accessory, fitting, attachment
accessorista {f}  :: auto-accessory manufacturer, dealer or shop
accestendo {v}  :: gerund of accestire
accestimento {vm} [botany]  :: bunching in plants
accestire {vi} [botany]  :: to tiller
accetta {f}  :: hatchet
accettabile {adj}  :: acceptable
accettabilità {f}  :: acceptability
accettabilmente {adv}  :: acceptably
accettando {v}  :: gerund of accettare
accettandosi {v}  :: gerund of accettarsi
accettare {v}  :: to accept, to admit
accettarsi {vr}  :: To accept oneself
accettatore {m}  :: acceptor (one who accepts)
accettatore {m} [chemistry, physics]  :: acceptor
accettatrice {f}  :: acceptor (a woman who accepts)
accettazione {f}  :: acceptance
accettazione {f}  :: reception (hotel, hospital etc)
accettevole {adj}  :: acceptable
accettevole {adj}  :: likeable
accettilazione {f}  :: acceptilation
accetto {adj}  :: welcome
accettore {adj} [chemistry]  :: acceptor (attributive)
accettore {m} [chemistry]  :: acceptor
accezione {f}  :: meaning, sense
accezione {f}  :: significance
acchiappadenti {m}  :: tooth fairy
acchiappafarfalle {m}  :: butterfly net
acchiappamosche {m}  :: flycatcher (bird)
acchiappamosche {m}  :: flypaper, flyswatter
acchiappamosche {m}  :: flytrap (device or plant)
acchiappando {v}  :: gerund of acchiappare
acchiappandosi {v}  :: gerund of acchiapparsi
acchiappare {vt}  :: To catch or seize
acchiapparsi {vr}  :: To catch each other, to grab each other
acchiappatutto {adj}  :: all-conquering
acchiocciolamento {m}  :: rolling up into a spiral
acchiocciolando {v}  :: gerund of acchiocciolare
acchiocciolare {v}  :: to roll up into a spiral
acchito {m}  :: spot (on a billiard/snooker table)
acciò {conj}  :: in order that, so that
-accia {suffix}  :: Pejorative suffix used to form adjectives and nouns. Example: bestiaccia, from bestia
acciaccare {vt}  :: to crush
acciaccato {adj}  :: aching (person)
acciaccato {adj}  :: crushed or crumpled (clothing)
acciacco {m}  :: ache, infirmity
acciacco {m}  :: ailment
acciaiando {v}  :: gerund of acciaiare
acciaiare {vt}  :: to convert iron to steel
acciaiare {vt}  :: to steel (plate with steel)
acciaiatura {f}  :: steeling (plating with steel)
acciaieria {f}  :: steel works, steel mill
acciaio {m}  :: steel
acciaio inossidabile {m}  :: stainless steel
acciaio inox {m}  :: stainless steel
acciaiolo {m}  :: steel (for sharpening)
acciale {m} [obsolete]  :: steel
acciambellando {v}  :: gerund of acciambellare
acciambellandosi {v}  :: gerund of acciambellarsi
acciambellare {vt}  :: To coil
acciambellarsi {vr}  :: To curl up
acciambellato {adj}  :: coiled
acciambellato {adj}  :: curled up
acciarino {m}  :: flint (device for making a spark)
acciarino {m}  :: gunlock
acciaro {m}  :: steel (Variant of: acciaio)
accidempoli {interj}  :: An expression of anger
accidempoli {interj}  :: An expression of astonishment
accidendo {v}  :: gerund of accidere
accidentale {adj}  :: accidental, fortuitous, casual
accidentalità {f}  :: accidentality
accidentalmente {adv}  :: accidentally, casually, by chance, unintentionally
accidentato {adj}  :: bumpy, uneven (road)
accidentato {adj}  :: uneven, rough (ground)
accidente {m}  :: accident, mishap
accidente {m} [music]  :: an accidental
accidenti {interj}  :: (in amazement) Good heavens! etc
accidenti {interj}  :: (in anger) Damn it! etc
accidenti {interj}  :: wow
acciderba {interj}  :: An expression of anger
acciderba {interj}  :: An expression of astonishment
accidere {vt} [obsolete]  :: Variant of uccidere
accidia {f}  :: sloth, acedia
accidiosaggine {f}  :: sloth
accidiosamente {adv}  :: slothfully
accidioso {adj}  :: slothful
accidioso {m}  :: slothful person
accidïoso {adj}  :: medieval spelling of accidioso
accigliamento {n}  :: A facial expression in which the eyebrows are brought together, and the forehead is wrinkled, usually indicating displeasure, sadness or worry, or less often confusion or concentration
accigliamento {n}  :: frown
accigliando {v}  :: gerund of accigliarsi
accigliandosi {v}  :: gerund of accigliarsi
accigliarsi {vr}  :: To frown
accigliatamente {adv}  :: frowningly
accigliato {adj}  :: frowning
accinese {m}  :: Acehnese (language)
accingendo {v}  :: gerund of accingere
accingendosi {v}  :: gerund of accingersi
accingere {vt}  :: to surround or encircle (literary use)
accingersi {vr}  :: To prepare or get ready (for something)
-accio {suffix}  :: Pejorative suffix used to form adjectives and nouns. Example: maschiaccio, from maschio
acciocché {conj}  :: [followed by the subjunctive] so that, in order that
acciottolando {v}  :: gerund of acciottolare
acciottolare {vt}  :: to clatter
acciottolare {vt}  :: to cobble (pave with cobbles)
acciottolato {adj}  :: cobbled (paved with cobbles)
acciottolato {m}  :: cobble (road stone)
acciottolato {m}  :: stepping stone
acciottolio {m}  :: clatter
accipicchia {interj}  :: Variant of accidenti!
accipicchia {interj}  :: wow
accisa {f}  :: excise tax
accismando {v}  :: gerund of accismare
accismare {v} [obsolete]  :: to cut or divide
accismare {v} [obsolete]  :: To style or adorn
acciuffando {v}  :: gerund of acciuffare
acciuffare {vt}  :: To catch or seize
acciuga {f}  :: anchovy
acciugaio {m}  :: A book that is good enough only to wrap anchovies
acciugaio {m}  :: A street-seller of anchovies
acciugata {f}  :: anchovy sauce
acciughina {f}  :: bristletail (insect of the order Thysanura)
accivettando {v}  :: gerund of accivettare
accivettare {vt}  :: to hunt birds by using a decoy [supposedly an owl]
accivettare {vt}  :: to lure
acclamando {v}  :: gerund of acclamare
acclamare {vi}  :: To applaud, cheer or acclaim
acclamare {vt}  :: To applaud or cheer someone / something
acclamazione {f}  :: applause, acclamation, cheering
acclarando {v}  :: gerund of acclarare
acclarare {vt}  :: To make clear, clarify or prove
acclarato {adj}  :: proven, demonstrated, clear
acclimando {v}  :: gerund of acclimare
acclimare {vt}  :: Variant of acclimatare
acclimatamento {m}  :: acclimatization
acclimatando {v}  :: gerund of acclimatare
acclimatandosi {v}  :: gerund of acclimatarsi
acclimatare {vt}  :: To acclimatize
acclimatarsi {vr}  :: To become acclimatized
acclimatazione {f}  :: acclimatization
acclimazione {f}  :: Variant of acclimatazione
acclive {adj}  :: steep
acclività {f}  :: steepness, acclivity
accludendo {v}  :: gerund of accludere
accludere {vt}  :: to enclose (with)
accoccando {v}  :: gerund of accoccare
accoccare {v} [obsolete, archery]  :: To nock
accoccolando {v}  :: gerund of accoccolarsi
accoccolandosi {v}  :: gerund of accoccolarsi
accoccolarsi {vr}  :: To crouch (down)
accoccolato {adj}  :: crouched (down)
accodando {v}  :: gerund of accodare
accodandosi {v}  :: gerund of accodarsi
accodare {vt}  :: To follow, or tag onto the person (or animal) in front
accodarsi {vr}  :: To follow, or tag on (behind someone)
accoglibile {adj}  :: admissable
accogliendo {v}  :: gerund of accogliere
accogliente {adj}  :: pleasant, cosy (place)
accogliente {adj}  :: welcoming, friendly (person)
accoglienza {f}  :: reception
accoglienza {f}  :: welcome, welcoming
accogliere {vt}  :: to accommodate
accogliere {vt}  :: to welcome, receive
accoglimento {m}  :: acceptance, admission, granting
accoglimento {m}  :: welcome, welcoming
accoglitor {m}  :: apocopic form of accoglitore
accoglitore {adj}  :: collecting, receiving
accoglitore {m}  :: compiler (person who compiles); summarizer
accolito {m}  :: acolyte
accollando {v}  :: gerund of accollare
accollandosi {v}  :: gerund of accollarsi
accollare {vt}  :: To force (on)
accollarsi {vr}  :: reflexive form of accollare
accollarsi {v}  :: to shoulder (take on a task)
accollatario {m}  :: contractor
accollato {adj}  :: high-necked
accollatura {f}  :: collar
accolta {f}  :: band, gang (of people)
accolta {f}  :: gathering
accoltellamento {m}  :: knifing, stabbing
accoltellando {v}  :: gerund of accoltellare
accoltellare {vt}  :: To knife or stab
accoltellatore {m}  :: stabber
accomandante {mf} [legal]  :: limited partner
accomandatario {m} [legal]  :: general / unlimited partner
accomandita {f}  :: A form of limited commercial partnership
accomiatando {v}  :: gerund of accomiatare
accomiatandosi {v}  :: gerund of accomiatarsi
accomiatare {vt}  :: To dismiss (order to leave one's presence)
accomiatarsi {vr}  :: reflexive form of accomiatare
accomiatarsi {vr}  :: to say goodbye (to)
accomiatarsi {vr}  :: to take one's leave (of)
accommiatando {v}  :: gerund of accommiatare
accommiatandosi {v}  :: gerund of accommiatarsi
accommiatare {vt}  :: To dismiss (send away)
accommiatarsi {vr}  :: To take one's leave (go away)
accomodabile {adj}  :: repairable, mendable, fixable
accomodabilmente {adv}  :: In a mendable or fixable manner
accomodamento {m}  :: arrangement, agreement
accomodamento {m} [legal]  :: out-of-court settlement
accomodando {v}  :: gerund of accomodare
accomodandosi {v}  :: gerund of accomodarsi
accomodante {adj}  :: accomodating
accomodare {vt}  :: to arrange, settle; to accommodate
accomodare {vt}  :: to repair, fix
accomodare {vt}  :: to suit
accomodarsi {vr}  :: reflexive form of accomodare
accomodarsi {vr}  :: to come in, go in, enter
accomodarsi {vr}  :: to come to an agreement, agree
accomodarsi {vr}  :: to settle down, sit down, take a seat
accomodatore {m}  :: mender
accomodatore {m}  :: repairman
accomodatura {f}  :: mend, repair
accomodazione {f}  :: accommodation (all senses)
accomodevole {adj}  :: accommodative, conciliatory, submissive
accompagnabile {adj}  :: matchable
accompagnabile {adj}  :: That can be accompanied
accompagnamento {m}  :: accompaniment (all senses)
accompagnamento {m}  :: supporting fire (military)
accompagnando {v}  :: gerund of accompagnare
accompagnandosi {v}  :: gerund of accompagnarsi
accompagnare {vt} [figuratively]  :: to accompany, add, match
accompagnare {vt}  :: to go with, come with, accompany, escort
accompagnare {vt}  :: to take, see, walk, drive, lead
accompagnarsi {vr}  :: reflexive form of accompagnare
accompagnarsi {vr}  :: to be matched, go well together
accompagnarsi {vr}  :: to go well with, match
accompagnarsi {vr}  :: to keep company with, associate with, join up with, go with
accompagnatore {m}  :: companion, escort, chaperone
accompagnatore {m}  :: manager [of a sports team]
accompagnatore {m} [music]  :: accompanist
accompagnatorio {adj}  :: accompanying
accompagnatorio {adj}  :: covering (letter)
accompagnatrice {f}  :: companion, escort, chaperone
accompagnatrice {f}  :: manager [of a sports team]
accompagnatrice {f} [music]  :: accompanist
accomunabile {adj}  :: common (that may be shared)
accomunagione {f}  :: pooling, sharing
accomunagione {f}  :: reunification
accomunamento {m}  :: joining
accomunamento {m}  :: sharing (in common)
accomunando {v}  :: gerund of accomunare
accomunare {vt}  :: to pool, share
accomunare {vt}  :: to reunite
acconciabile {adj}  :: adjustable
acconciando {v}  :: gerund of acconciare
acconciandosi {v}  :: gerund of acconciarsi
acconciare {vt}  :: To dress up
acconciare {vt}  :: To style, to set (hair)
acconciarsi {vr}  :: To do one's hair
acconciarsi {vr}  :: To dress up
acconciatore {m}  :: hairdresser, hair stylist
acconciatrice {m}  :: (female) hairdresser, hair stylist
acconciatura {f}  :: hairstyle, hairdo, coiffure
acconciatura rasta {f}  :: dreadlocks
acconcio {adj}  :: suitable, fit
accondiscendendo {v}  :: gerund of accondiscendere
accondiscendenza {f}  :: An obliging or accomodating manner
accondiscendere {vi}  :: to agree, consent (to)
accondiscendere {v}  :: to condescend
accone {m} [nautical]  :: A type of barge used by mussel fishermen
acconsentendo {v}  :: gerund of acconsentire
acconsentimento {m}  :: approval
acconsentimento {m}  :: consent
acconsentire {vi}  :: to agree
acconsentire {vi}  :: to consent
acconsentito {adj}  :: agreed
acconsenziente {adj}  :: approving
acconsenziente {adj}  :: consenting, willing
accontamento {m}  :: interview
accontamento {m}  :: meeting
accontentabile {adj}  :: satisfiable
accontentando {v}  :: gerund of accontentare
accontentandosi {v}  :: gerund of accontentarsi
accontentare {vt}  :: To satisfy
accontentarsi {vr}  :: To be content or satisfied (with)
accontevole {adj}  :: affable
acconto {m}  :: advance (of pay)
acconto {m}  :: deposit (of cash)
accoppando {v}  :: gerund of accoppare
accoppare {vt}  :: To bump off, to do in, to kill
accoppiabile {adj}  :: matchable, connectable
accoppiabile {adj} [zoology]  :: That will mate
accoppiabilità {f}  :: matchability
accoppiamento {m}  :: coupling, connecting
accoppiamento {m}  :: mating
accoppiando {v}  :: gerund of accoppiare
accoppiandosi {v}  :: gerund of accoppiarsi
accoppiare {vt}  :: to couple, connect (up)
accoppiare {vt}  :: to mate [of animals]
accoppiarsi {vr}  :: To mate (of animals)
accoppiatore {m}  :: coupler (device)
accoppiatura {f}  :: lamination
accoramento {m}  :: sorrow, grief
accorando {v}  :: gerund of accorare
accorandosi {v}  :: gerund of accorarsi
accorare {vt}  :: To break someone's heart
accorarsi {vr}  :: To break one's heart
accorataggine {f}  :: unhappiness, sadness
accoratamente {adv}  :: heartbrokenly
accorato {adj}  :: concerned
accorato {adj}  :: heartbroken, desperate, distraught
accorazione {f}  :: sorrow, grief
accorcendo {v}  :: gerund of accorcire
accorciabile {adj}  :: shortenable
accorciabilità {f}  :: Property of being shortenable
accorciamento {m} [grammar]  :: contraction
accorciamento {m}  :: shortening
accorciando {v}  :: gerund of accorciare
accorciandosi {v}  :: gerund of accorciarsi
accorciare {vt}  :: to shorten
accorciarsi {vr}  :: To shorten, to get or become shorter
accorciativo {m}  :: abbreviation (or similar shortened form of a word)
accorcire {vt}  :: To shorten (variant of accorciare)
accorcito {adj}  :: shortened
accordabile {adj}  :: allowable
accordabile {adj}  :: matchable
accordabile {adj} [music]  :: tunable
accordabilità {f}  :: tunability
accordabilmente {adv}  :: compatibly
accordamento {m}  :: agreement
accordamento {m}  :: conciliation
accordamento {m}  :: concordance
accordamento {m} [music]  :: tuning
accordando {v}  :: gerund of accordare
accordandosi {v}  :: gerund of accordarsi
accordante {adj} [music]  :: tuning (attributive)
accordanza {f}  :: agreement
accordare {vt} [grammar]  :: to make a verb or adjective to agree with something
accordare {vt} [music]  :: to tune an instrument
accordare {vt}  :: to grant something to someone
accordarsi {vr}  :: reflexive form of accordare
accordarsi {v}  :: to agree with someone
accordarsi {v}  :: to come to an agreement
accordarsi {v}  :: to covenant
accordatore {m} [music]  :: tuner (person)
accordatura {f} [music]  :: tuning (of instruments (the process and the system))
accordio {m}  :: agreement
accordio {m} [musici]  :: accordion, concertina
accordissimo {adj}  :: Only used in the term d'accordisimo
accordo {m}  :: accord, agreement
accordo {m}  :: arrangement
accordo {m} [music]  :: chord
accordo prematrimoniale {m}  :: prenuptial agreement, prenup
accordo solenne {m}  :: covenant
accorgendosi {v}  :: gerund of accorgersi
accorgersi {vr}  :: To notice
accorgersi {vr}  :: To realize
accorgimento {m}  :: shrewdness
accorgimento {m}  :: trick, device
accorpamento {m}  :: The incorporation of several entities into one in order to improve efficiency
accorpando {v}  :: gerund of accorpare
accorpare {v}  :: to incorporate several entities into a single one in order to improve efficiency
accorrendo {v}  :: gerund of accorrere
accorrere {vi}  :: to hurry (to)
accorrere {vi}  :: to rush (up to)
Accorso {prop}  :: male given name
accortamente {adv}  :: shrewdly, cunningly
accortamente {adv}  :: wisely, sensibly
accortezza {f}  :: wisdom, wariness, uptake
accortissimo {adj}  :: Very cautious
accortissimo {adj}  :: Very shrewd or wise
accorto {adj}  :: Very shrewd, very alert
accosciando {v}  :: gerund of accosciarsi
accosciandosi {v}  :: gerund of accosciarsi
accosciarsi {vr}  :: To squat (down)
accosciata {f}  :: squat (exercise)
accostabile {adj}  :: accessible
accostabile {adj}  :: approachable (person)
accostamento {m}  :: approaching
accostamento {m}  :: matching
accostando {v}  :: gerund of accostare
accostandosi {v}  :: gerund of accostarsi
accostare {v}  :: to approach
accostare {v}  :: to match
accostarsi {vr}  :: reflexive form of accostare
accostarsi {v}  :: to approach
accostarsi {v}  :: to come alongside [of a ship]
accostarsi {v}  :: to come to agree with
accostarsi {v}  :: to go or come nearer; to near
accostarsi {v}  :: to resemble
accostarsi {v}  :: to turn to [one's religion]
accosto {adj}  :: near
accosto {adv}  :: near
accosto {m} [nautical]  :: berthing, anchoring
accostumabile {adj}  :: accustomable
accostumando {v}  :: gerund of accostumare
accostumandosi {v}  :: gerund of accostumarsi
accostumanza {f}  :: (obsolete) costume, dress
accostumare {vt}  :: To accustom
accostumarsi {vt}  :: To become accustomed (to)
accostumato {adj}  :: accustomed, used to
accotonando {v}  :: gerund of accotonare
accotonare {vt}  :: to backcomb [the hair]
accotonare {vt}  :: to tease [fabric]
accotonato {adj}  :: backcombed (hair)
accotonato {adj}  :: teased (fabric)
accotonatura {f} [hair]  :: backcombing
accotonatura {f}  :: teasing [fabric]
account {m} [computing]  :: account
accovacciando {v}  :: gerund of accovacciarsi
accovacciandosi {v}  :: gerund of accovacciarsi
accovacciarsi {vr}  :: To crouch down
accovonando {v}  :: gerund of accovonare
accovonare {v}  :: to sheaf / sheave (crops)
accozzabile {adj}  :: That can be jumbled
accozzaglia {f}  :: A jumble, hotchpotch, hodgepodge
accozzaglia {f}  :: A strange assortment
accozzamento {m}  :: jumble, muddle
accozzamento {m}  :: medley
accozzando {v}  :: gerund of accozzare
accozzandosi {v}  :: gerund of accozzarsi
accozzare {vt}  :: to jumble (up), pile (up)
accozzarsi {vr}  :: reflexive form of accozzare
accozzarsi {v}  :: to gather or crowd together
accozzo {m}  :: crowd, rabble
accozzo {m}  :: medley
accreditabile {adj}  :: creditable
accreditabile {adj}  :: trustworthy, reliable
accreditabilità {f}  :: creditableness
accreditabilità {f}  :: reliability
accreditamento {m}  :: accreditation
accreditando {v}  :: gerund of accreditare
accreditandosi {v}  :: gerund of accreditarsi
accreditare {v}  :: to accredit
accreditare {v}  :: to confirm
accreditare {v}  :: to credit
accreditare {v}  :: to substantiate
accreditarsi {vr}  :: reflexive form of accreditare
accreditarsi {v}  :: to gain ground, be accepted
accrescendo {v}  :: gerund of accrescere
accrescendosi {v}  :: gerund of accrescersi
accrescere {vit}  :: to increase
accrescersi {vr}  :: To grow or increase
accrescibile {adj}  :: increasable
accrescimento {m}  :: increase, growth
accrescitivo {adj} [grammar]  :: augmentative
accrescitivo {m} [grammar]  :: augmentative
accrezionato {adj}  :: accreted
accrezione {f}  :: accretion
accrocco {m}  :: botch job, bodge job, bodge
accrocco {m}  :: mass, heap, mixture
accucciando {v}  :: gerund of accucciarsi
accucciandosi {v}  :: gerund of accucciarsi
accucciarsi {vr}  :: to crouch down
accucciarsi {vr}  :: to lie down [especially of a dog]
accudendo {v}  :: gerund of accudire
accudimento {m}  :: care
accudimento {m}  :: nursing
accudire {vi}  :: To attend to, to heed
accudire {vt}  :: To look after
acculturamento {m}  :: acculturation
acculturando {v}  :: gerund of acculturare
acculturandosi {v}  :: gerund of acculturarsi
acculturare {vt}  :: To acculturate
acculturarsi {vr}  :: To acculturate
acculturazione {f}  :: integration (social)
accumulabile {adj}  :: cumulative, accumulative
accumulabilità {f}  :: accumulativeness
accumulamento {m}  :: accumulation
accumulando {v}  :: gerund of accumulare
accumulandosi {v}  :: gerund of accumularsi
accumulare {vt}  :: To accumulate
accumulare {vt}  :: To store
accumularsi {vr}  :: reflexive form of accumulare
accumularsi {vr}  :: to accrue
accumularsi {vr}  :: to accumulate
accumulato {adj}  :: accumulated
accumulatore {m}  :: accumulator (all senses)
accumulazione {f}  :: accumulation
accumunando {v}  :: gerund of accumunare
accumunare {vt}  :: to associate
accumunare {vt}  :: to join, unite
accumunare {vt}  :: to share [in common]
accuratamente {adv}  :: accurately, carefully
accuratezza {f}  :: accuracy
accuratezza {f}  :: care
accuratissimo {adj}  :: Very accurate, very careful
accurato {adj}  :: accurate, careful
Accursio {prop}  :: male given name
accusa {f}  :: accusation
accusabile {adj}  :: indictable, chargeable, accusable
accusabilità {f}  :: Liability to indictment or charge
accusando {v}  :: gerund of accusare
accusandosi {v}  :: gerund of accusarsi
accusare {vt}  :: To accuse, to reproach, to impeach
accusarsi {vr}  :: To accuse or blame oneself or each other
accusativo {m} [grammar]  :: accusative
accusato {adj}  :: accused
accusato {m}  :: accused person, accused
accusatore {m}  :: accuser
accusatorio {adj}  :: accusatorial, accusatory
accusatrice {f}  :: accuser (female)
accusazione {f}  :: accusation
-acea {suffix}  :: -aceous e.g. erbacea, herbaceous
acefalia {f} [pathology]  :: acephalia, acephalism
acefalo {adj}  :: acephalous, headless
acellulare {adj} [biology]  :: acellular
acenaftalene {f} [organic compound]  :: acenaphthylene
acenaftene {m} [organic compound]  :: acenaphthene
acenaftilene {m} [organic compound]  :: acenaphthylene
acentrico {adj}  :: acentric
acentrico {adj}  :: acentromeric
-aceo {suffix}  :: -aceous e.g. erbaceo, herbaceous
Acepsima {prop}  :: male given name
aceraia {f}  :: wood of maple-trees
acerbamente {adv}  :: pertinaciously
acerbamente {adv}  :: prematurely, unseasonably
acerbetto {adj}  :: coy, shy
acerbetto {adj}  :: tartish, sourish
acerbissimo {adj}  :: Very acerbic, very sour, very bitter, very harsh
acerbissimo {adj}  :: Very hard, very severe
acerbità {f}  :: acerbity
acerbità {f}  :: harshness, bitterness, sharpness
acerbità {f}  :: immaturity
acerbità {f}  :: unripeness
acerbo {adj}  :: acerbic, sour, bitter, harsh, crude
acerbo {adj}  :: hard, severe
acerbo {adj}  :: unripe, premature
acereta {f}  :: (Variant of: acereto) maple wood (forest)
acereto {m}  :: maple wood (forest)
acero {m}  :: maple (tree) (Acer)
acero {m}  :: maple wood
acero americano {m}  :: box elder, boxelder maple, Manitoba maple (tree, Acer negundo)
acero bianco {m}  :: box elder, boxelder maple, Manitoba maple (tree, Acer negundo)
acero campestre {m}  :: field maple (tree, Acer campestre)
acero da zucchero {m}  :: sugar maple (tree, Acer saccharum)
acero di monte {m}  :: sycamore maple, sycamore (tree, Acer pseudoplatanus)
acero giapponese {m}  :: Japanese maple (tree, Acer palmatum)
acero montano {m}  :: sycamore maple, sycamore (tree, Acer pseudoplatanus)
acero nero {m}  :: black maple (tree, Acer nigrum)
acero platanoide {m}  :: Norway maple (tree, Acer platanoides)
acero riccio {m}  :: Norway maple (tree, Acer platanoides)
acero rosso {m}  :: red maple (tree, Acer rubrum)
acero saccarino {m}  :: silver maple (tree, Acer saccharinum)
acerra {f}  :: acerra (all senses)
acerrimamente {adv}  :: bitterly, sourly
acerrimo {adj}  :: bitter (enemy)
acerrimo {adj}  :: Very sour
acescente {adj}  :: acescent
acescenza {f}  :: acescence
acese {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to Acireale
acetabolo {m} [Roman Antiquities]  :: acetabulum
acetabolo {m} [skeleton, zoology]  :: acetabulum
acetaio {m}  :: vinegar maker or seller
acetaldeide {f} [organic compound]  :: acetaldehyde
acetale {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: acetal
acetalico {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: acetal (attributive); acetalic
acetalizzazione {f} [organic chemistry]  :: acetalization
acetammide {f} [organic compound]  :: acetamide
acetato {m} [organic chemistry]  :: acetate
acetato di magnesio {n}  :: magnesium acetate
acetato di potassio {m} [inorganic compound]  :: potassium acetate
acetato di sodio {m}  :: sodium acetate
acetico {adj}  :: acetic
acetificando {v}  :: gerund of acetificare
acetificare {vt}  :: to acetify
acetificatore {m}  :: acetifier
acetificazione {f}  :: acetification
acetificio {m}  :: vinegar manufacturer; vinegar producer; vinegar factory
acetilando {v}  :: gerund of acetilare
acetilare {vt}  :: To acetylate
acetilazione {f} [organic chemistry]  :: acetylation
acetilcellulosa {f} [organic compound]  :: cellulose acetate, acetyl cellulose
acetilcloruro {m} [organic compound]  :: acetyl chloride
acetilcolina {f} [neurotransmitter]  :: acetylcholine
acetilcolinesterasi {f} [enzyme]  :: acetylcholinesterase
acetile {m} [organic chemistry]  :: acetyl
acetilene {m}  :: acetylene
acetilenico {adj}  :: acetylenic
acetilgalattosamina {f} [organic compound]  :: acetylgalactosamine
acetilglucosammina {f} [organic compound]  :: acetylglucosamine
acetilneuraminico {adj}  :: acetylneuraminic
acetilsalicilico {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: acetylsalicylic
acetilspermidina {f} [biochemistry]  :: acetylspermidine
acetilspermina {f} [biochemistry]  :: acetylspermine
aceto {m}  :: vinegar
acetoarsenito {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: acetoarsenite
acetobatterio {m}  :: acetobacter
acetofenone {m} [organic compound]  :: acetophenone
acetone {m} [organic compound]  :: acetone
acetonemia {f} [pathology]  :: acetonemia, ketosis
acetonitrile {n} [organic compound]  :: acetonitrile
acetonuria {f} [pathology]  :: acetonuria
acetosa {f}  :: sorrel (Rumex acetosella)
acetosella {f}  :: wood sorrel (Oxalis acetosella)
acetosità {f}  :: sourness, acidity
acetoso {adj}  :: vinegary
acetossibenzoico {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: acetylbenzoic, acetylsalicylic
achenio {m} [botany]  :: achene
acheo {adj}  :: Achaean
acheo {m}  :: Achaean
Acheronte {m}  :: Acheron (Hell)
Acheronte {m}  :: Acheron (the river of the Underworld)
Acheronte {m}  :: The hereafter
Achilla {prop}  :: male given name
achille {n} [by extension]  :: Any strong argument that refutes a hypothesis
achille {n}  :: The paradox of Achilles and the Tortoise
Achille {prop} [Greek mythology]  :: Achilles
Achille {prop}  :: male given name of Ancient Greek origin
achillea {f}  :: Any of several plants of the genus Achillea
achilleo {adj}  :: Achilles (attributive)
achirale {adj} [chemistry]  :: achiral
Achitofel {prop}  :: Ahitophel
Achitofèl {prop}  :: medieval spelling of Achitofel
achivo {adj} [poetic]  :: Variant of acheo
A.C.I. {initialism}  :: Automobile Club d'Italia
aciclico {adj} [chemistry]  :: acyclic
acidamente {adv}  :: acidly, sourly
acidando {v}  :: gerund of acidare
acidare {vt}  :: To etch with acid
acidatura {f}  :: etching (with acid)
acidezza {f}  :: acidity, sourness
acidico {adj}  :: acidic
acidificando {v}  :: gerund of acidificare
acidificante {adj}  :: acidifying
acidificare {vt}  :: to acidify
acidificato {adj}  :: acidified
acidificazione {f}  :: acidification
acidimetria {f} [chemistry]  :: acidimetry
acidimetro {m} [chemistry]  :: acidimeter
acidità {f} [chemistry]  :: acidity
acidità {f}  :: heartburn
aciditá {f}  :: rare form of acidità
acido {adj}  :: acid
acido {m} [chemistry]  :: acid
acido {m} [slang]  :: LSD
acido acetico {m} [organic chemistry]  :: acetic acid
acido acetilsalicilico {m} [organic chemistry, pharmaceutical drug]  :: acetylsalicylic acid
acido acrilico {m} [organic compound]  :: acrylic acid
acido adipico {m} [organic chemistry]  :: adipic acid
acido alginico {m} [organic compound]  :: alginic acid
acido arachico {m} [fatty acid]  :: arachidic acid
acido arachidico {m} [fatty acid]  :: arachidic acid
acido ascorbico {m} [organic compound]  :: ascorbic acid
acido aspartico {m} [amino acid]  :: aspartic acid
acido barbiturico {m} [organic compound]  :: barbituric acid
acido benzoico {m} [organic compound]  :: benzoic acid
acido biliare {m} [biochemistry]  :: bile acid
acido borico {m} [chemistry]  :: boric acid
acido bromico {m} [inorganic compound]  :: bromic acid
acido bromidrico {m} [inorganic compound]  :: hydrobromic acid
acido butanoico {m} [organic compound]  :: butanoic acid
acido butirrico {m} [fatty acid]  :: butyric acid
acido caprico {m} [fatty acid]  :: capric acid
acido caprilico {m} [fatty acid]  :: caprylic acid
acido caprinico {m} [organic compound]  :: capric acid
acido caproico {m} [fatty acid]  :: caproic acid
acido carbolico {m} [organic compound]  :: carbolic acid
acido carbonico {m}  :: carbonic acid
acido carbossilico {m} [organic chemistry]  :: carboxylic acid
acido cerotico {m} [fatty acid]  :: cerotic acid
acido cianidrico {m} [inorganic compound]  :: hydrocyanic acid
acido citrico {m} [organic compound]  :: citric acid
acido clorico {m} [inorganic compound]  :: chloric acid
acido cloridrico {m} [inorganic compound]  :: hydrochloric acid
acido cloroso {m} [inorganic compound]  :: chlorous acid
acido coniugato {m} [chemistry]  :: conjugate acid
acido crotonico {m} [organic compound]  :: crotonic acid
acido decanoico {m} [organic compound]  :: decanoic acid
acido deossiribonucleico {m} [biochemistry, genetics]  :: deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA)
acido desossiribonucleico {m} [biochemistry, genetics]  :: deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA)
acido domoico {m} [organic compound]  :: domoic acid
acido eicosapentaenoico {m} [organic compound]  :: eicosapentaenoic acid
acidofilia {f}  :: acidophilia
acidofilo {adj}  :: acidophilic
acidofilo {m} [biology]  :: acidophile, acidophilus
acido fluoridrico {m} [chemistry]  :: hydrofluoric acid
acido folico {m} [vitamin, organic compound]  :: folic acid
acido formico {m} [organic compound]  :: formic acid
acido fosfonico {m} [inorganic compound]  :: phosphonic acid
acido fosforico {m} [inorganic compound]  :: phosphoric acid
acido fosforoso {m} [inorganic compound]  :: phosphorous acid
acido ftalico {m} [organic compound]  :: phthalic acid
acido fulminico {m} [chemistry]  :: fulminic acid
acido fumarico {m} [organic compound]  :: fumaric acid
acido galatturonico {m} [organic compound]  :: galacturonic acid
acido gallico {m} [organic compound]  :: gallic acid
acido glicolico {m} [organic compound]  :: glycolic acid
acido gluconico {m} [organic compound]  :: gluconic acid
acido glucuronico {m} [organic compound]  :: glucuronic acid
acido glutammico {m} [amino acid]  :: glutamic acid
acido glutarico {m} [organic compound]  :: glutaric acid
acido grasso {m} [organic compound]  :: fatty acid
acido ialuronico {m} [organic compound]  :: hyaluronic acid
acido idrocinnamico {m} [organic compound]  :: hydrocinnamic acid
acido iodico {m} [inorganic compound]  :: iodic acid
acido iodidrico {m} [inorganic compound]  :: hydroiodic acid
acido ipobromoso {m} [inorganic compound]  :: hypobromous acid
acido ipocloroso {m} [inorganic compound]  :: hypochlorous acid
acido ipofluoroso {m} [inorganic compound]  :: hypofluorous acid
acido ipofosforoso {m} [inorganic compound]  :: hypophosphorous acid
acido iponitroso {m} [inorganic compound]  :: hyponitrous acid
acido ippurico {m} [organic compound]  :: hippuric acid
acido jasmonico {m} [organic compound]  :: jasmonic acid
acido kainico {m} [organic compound]  :: kainic acid
acido lattico {m}  :: lactic acid
acido laurico {m} [organic compound]  :: lauric acid
acido linoleico {m} [organic compound]  :: linoleic acid
acido linolenico {m} [fatty acid]  :: linolenic acid
acido lipoico {m} [organic compound]  :: lipoic acid
acido lisergico {m}  :: acid (LSD)
acido lisergico {m}  :: lysergic acid
acidolisi {f} [organic chemistry]  :: acidolysis
acido maleico {m} [organic compound]  :: maleic acid
acido malico {m} [organic compound]  :: malic acid
acido malonico {m} [organic compound]  :: malonic acid
acido mandelico {m} [organic compound]  :: mandelic acid
acido metafosforico {m} [inorganic compound]  :: metaphosphoric acid
acido mevalonico {m} [organic compound]  :: mevalonic acid
acido miristico {m} [fatty acid]  :: myristic acid
acido molibdico {n} [inorganic compound]  :: molybdic acid
acido mucico {n} [organic compound]  :: mucic acid
acido muriatico {m} [inorganic compound]  :: muriatic acid
acido naftalico {m} [organic compound]  :: naphthalic acid
acido naftenico {m} [organic compound]  :: naphthenic acid
acido nitrico {m} [inorganic compound]  :: nitric acid
acido nitroso {m} [chemistry]  :: nitrous acid
acido nucleico {m} [genetics]  :: nucleic acid
acido oleico {m} [fatty acid]  :: oleic acid
acido orotico {m} [chemistry]  :: orotic acid
acido ossalico {m} [organic compound]  :: oxalic acid
acido palmitico {m} [fatty acid]  :: palmitic acid
acido palmitoleico {m} [fatty acid]  :: palmitoleic acid
acido pantotenico {m} [organic compound]  :: pantothenic acid
acido pentanoico {m} [organic compound]  :: pentanoic acid
acido peracetico {m} [organic compound]  :: peracetic acid
acido perbromico {m} [inorganic compound]  :: perbromic acid
acido perclorico {m} [inorganic compound]  :: perchloric acid
acido periodico {m} [inorganic compound]  :: periodic acid
acido picrico {m} [organic compound]  :: picric acid
acido pirofosforico {m} [inorganic compound]  :: pyrophosphoric acid
acido pirogallico {m} [organic compound]  :: pyrogallic acid
acido pirosolforico {m} [inorganic compound]  :: pyrosulfuric acid
acido piruvico {m} [organic compound]  :: pyruvic acid
acido poliamminopolicarbossilico {m} [organic compound]  :: polyaminopolycarboxylic acid
acido poligalatturonico {m} [carbohydrate]  :: polygalacturonic acid
acido prussico {m} [inorganic compound]  :: prussic acid
acido racemico {m} [organic compound]  :: racemic acid
acido ribonucleico {m} [genetics]  :: ribonucleic acid
acido ricinoleico {m} [fatty acid]  :: ricinoleic acid
acido salicilico {m} [organic compound]  :: salicylic acid
acido selenico {m} [inorganic compound]  :: selenic acid
acidosi {f}  :: acidosis
acido sialico {m} [organic compound]  :: sialic acid
acido silicico {m} [chemistry]  :: silicic acid
acido solfanilico {m} [organic compound]  :: sulfanilic acid
acido solfidrico {m} [chemistry]  :: hydrosulfuric acid; hydrogen sulfide
acido solfonico {m} [organic compound]  :: sulfonic acid
acido solforico {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: sulfuric acid
acido solforoso {m} [inorganic compound]  :: sulfurous acid
acido sorbico {m} [organic compound]  :: sorbic acid
acido stannico {m} [inorganic compound]  :: stannic acid
acido stearico {m} [fatty acid]  :: stearic acid
acido succinico {m} [organic compound]  :: succinic acid
acido tannico {m} [organic compound]  :: tannic acid
acido tartarico {m} [organic compound]  :: tartaric acid
acido tereftalico {m} [organic compound]  :: terephthalic acid
acido tiosolforico {m} [inorganic compound]  :: thiosulfuric acid
acido tricloroacetico {m} [organic compound]  :: trichloroacetic acid
acido urico {m}  :: uric acid
acido valerico {m} [organic compound]  :: valeric acid
acido xantico {m} [organic compound]  :: xanthic acid
acidulando {v}  :: gerund of acidulare
acidulare {vt}  :: to acidulate
acidulato {adj}  :: acidulated
acidulazione {f}  :: acidulation
acidulo {adj}  :: acidulous, sourish
acidume {m}  :: acid substance
acidume {m}  :: sour taste
aciduria {f} [medicine]  :: aciduria
acilato {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: acylated
acilcarnitina {f} [biochemistry]  :: acylcarnitine
acile {m} [organic chemistry]  :: acyl
Acilia {prop}  :: A small town between Rome and Ostia
acilico {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: acyl (attributive)
Acilio {prop}  :: male given name
Acillino {prop}  :: male given name
aciltransferasi {f} [enzyme]  :: acyltransferase
Acindino {prop}  :: male given name
acinesia {f} [medicine]  :: akinesia
acinetico {adj}  :: akinetic
aciniforme {adj}  :: aciniform
acino {m}  :: a berry
acino {m}  :: a grain (of rice etc)
acino d'uva {m}  :: a grape
acinoso {adj}  :: acinous
acioli {f}  :: Acholi (language)
Acireale {prop}  :: A town in the province of Catania, Sicily
acirologia {f} [grammar]  :: acyrology
Aciscolo {prop}  :: male given name
aclassismo {m}  :: classlessness
aclassista {adj}  :: classless
aclista {f}  :: A member of Associazioni Cristiane dei Lavoratori Italiani
acloridria {f} [medicine]  :: achlorhydria
acluofobia {f}  :: achluophobia (fear of the dark)
acme {f}  :: acme
acmonital {m}  :: A form of steel used in Italy during the autarchy and the Second World War to make coins
acne {f} [disease]  :: acne
acneico {adj} [pathology]  :: acne (attributive)
acondroplasia {f} [teratology]  :: achondroplasia
aconfessionale {adj}  :: nondenominational
aconfessionalità {f}  :: nondenominationalism
aconitina {f} [organic compound]  :: aconitine
aconito {m}  :: aconite (plant and herbal preparation)
a conti fatti {adv}  :: all things considered, on balance
acotiledone {adj}  :: acotyledonous
acotiledone {f}  :: acotyledon
acqua {f} [rowing]  :: lane
acqua {f}  :: water
acqua-acqua {adj} [military]  :: ship-to-ship, surface-to-surface
acqua-aria {adj} [military]  :: surface-to-air, ship-to-air
acquacedrata {f}  :: citron-water
Acquacheta {prop}  :: A river that flows through Tuscany and Emilia-Romagna
acquaciclo {m}  :: pedal boat
acquacoltore {m}  :: aquaculturist
acquacoltura {f}  :: aquaculture
acquacotta {f}  :: A Tuscan vegetable soup
acquacultura {f}  :: alternative form of acquacoltura
acquadella {f}  :: smelt (especially Atherina boyeri)
acqua di Colonia {f}  :: cologne, eau de Cologne
acqua di invaso {n}  :: backwater (water held back by a dam or obstruction)
acqua di rubinetto {f}  :: tap water
acqua di scolo {f}  :: waste water, sewage, black water
acqua dolce {f}  :: fresh water
acqua e sapone {adj}  :: (literally: water and soap; usually of a woman) girl next door; with no makeup; fresh and natural; simple; natural
acquaforte {f}  :: etching
acquafortista {f}  :: etcher
acquaio {m}  :: A kitchen sink, a sink
acquaiolo {adj}  :: water (attributive), aquatic
acquaiolo {m}  :: water vendor
acquaiuolo {adj}  :: alternative spelling of acquaiolo
acquamanile {m}  :: ewer
acquamarina {adj}  :: aquamarine (color)
acquamarina {f} [gems]  :: aquamarine
acquamarina {m} [colors]  :: aquamarine
acquametria {f} [chemistry]  :: aquametrics
acquametrico {adj}  :: aquametric
acqua minerale {f}  :: mineral water
acquananfa {f}  :: orange blossom water
acquanauta {f}  :: aquanaut
acquaneve {m}  :: sleet (mixture of rain and snow)
acqua oligominerale {f}  :: oligomineral water
acqua ossigenata {f} [inorganic compound]  :: hydrogen peroxide
acquapark {m}  :: Water-based theme park
acquapendente {f}  :: drainage basin (sloping land each side of a watershed)
acquaplanista {f}  :: aquaplanist
acquaplano {m}  :: aquaplane
acquaporina {f} [protein]  :: aquaporin
acquaragia {f}  :: turpentine
acquareccia {f}  :: alternative form of acquereccia
acqua regia {f}  :: aqua regia
acquarellando {v}  :: gerund of acquarellare
acquarellare {vt}  :: alternative form of acquerellare
acquarellista {f}  :: watercolourist
acquarello {m}  :: Variant of acquerello
acquariano {m}  :: Aquarian
acquario {m}  :: aquarium
Acquario {prop}  :: Aquarius
acquariofilia {f}  :: The breeding of fish in a domestic aquarium
acquariofilo {m}  :: aquarist
acquariologia {f}  :: aquariology
Acquarossa {prop}  :: The administrative capital of Ticino in Switzerland
acquartieramento {m} [military]  :: quartering
acquartierando {v}  :: gerund of acquartierare
acquartierare {vt}  :: To quarter (troops)
acqua santa {f}  :: holy water
acquasanta {f}  :: alternative spelling of acqua santa
Acquasanta Terme {prop}  :: A small town in the province of Ascoli Piceno in the Marche
acquasantiera {f}  :: stoup (receptacle for holy water)
acquascivolo {m}  :: water slide
acquascooter {m}  :: jet ski, sea scooter, water scooter
acquastrino {adj}  :: waterlogged
acquata {f}  :: shower (precipitation), downpour, cloudburst
acquatella {f}  :: silverside (fish of the genus Atherina)
acqua-terra {adj} [military]  :: surface-to-surface, ship-to-shore
acquaterra {adj}  :: ship-to-ground (missile)
acquaticcio {m}  :: heavily watered-down wine
acquaticità {f}  :: aquatic readiness
acquaticità {f}  :: (by extension) baby swimming
acquatico {adj}  :: aquatic, water
acquatile {adj}  :: aquatic
acquatile {adj}  :: watery
acquatina {m}  :: heavily watered-down wine
acquatinta {f}  :: aquatint
acquato {m}  :: heavily watered-down wine
acquattamento {m}  :: crouching down
acquattamento {m}  :: flattening of crops by the weather
acquattando {v}  :: gerund of acquattare
acquattandosi {v}  :: gerund of acquattarsi
acquattare {vt}  :: To bend or flatten crops (of the wind or rain)
acquattarsi {vr}  :: To crouch down or huddle (from the elements etc)
acquavitaio {m}  :: brandy seller
acquavite {f}  :: brandy (or similar)
acquazzone {m}  :: shower (precipitation), downpour, cloudburst, rainstorm
acquedottistico {adj}  :: aqueduct (attributive)
acquedotto {m}  :: aqueduct
acquemoto {m}  :: waterquake
acque nere {n}  :: black water, sewage, wastewater
acqueo {adj}  :: water (attributive), watery
acquereccia {f}  :: An ornamental water jug
acquerella {f}  :: drizzle (light rain)
acquerellando {v}  :: gerund of acquerellare
acquerellare {vt}  :: To paint in watercolour
acquerellista {f}  :: watercolourist, watercolorist
acquerello {m} [arts]  :: watercolor, watercolour
acquerugiola {f}  :: drizzle (light rain)
acquetando {v}  :: gerund of acquetare
acquetare {vt}  :: Variant of acquietare
acquetta {f}  :: drizzle (light rain)
acquicella {f}  :: light drizzle
acquicolo {adj}  :: aquatic, water (attributive)
acquicoltore {m}  :: alternative spelling of acquacoltore
acquicoltura {f}  :: alternative spelling of acquacoltura
acquidoccio {m} [obsolete]  :: aqueduct
acquidoccio {m}  :: pit that collects rainwater from fields
acquidotto {m}  :: obsolete form of acquedotto
acquiescente {adj}  :: acquiescent
acquiescentemente {adv}  :: acquiescently
acquiescenza {f}  :: acquiescence
acquietabile {adj}  :: appeasable
acquietamento {m}  :: appeasement
acquietando {v}  :: gerund of acquietare
acquietandosi {v}  :: gerund of acquietarsi
acquietare {vt}  :: to appease
acquietare {vt}  :: to calm
acquietare {vt}  :: to quieten
acquietarsi {vr}  :: reflexive form of acquietare
acquietarsi {v}  :: to calm down
acquifero {adj}  :: aquiferous
acquirente {mf}  :: buyer, purchaser
acquisendo {v}  :: gerund of acquisire
acquisibile {adj}  :: obtainable, acquirable
acquisire {vt}  :: to acquire
acquisire {vt}  :: to gain
acquisitivo {adj}  :: prescription, usucaption
acquisito {adj}  :: acquired
acquisitore {m}  :: acquirer
acquisitore {m}  :: buyer, purchaser
acquisizione {f}  :: acquisition
acquistabile {adj}  :: That can be bought, that can be purchased, purchasable
acquistando {v}  :: gerund of acquistare
acquistare {vi}  :: to improve
acquistare {vt}  :: to acquire
acquistare {vt}  :: to buy or purchase
acquistare {vt}  :: to gain
acquisto {m}  :: purchase, acquisition
acquitrino {m}  :: marsh, swamp, bog, bayou
acquitrinoso {adj}  :: marshy, swampy, boggy
acquolina {f}  :: The secretion of saliva in anticipation of food
acquosità {f}  :: wateriness
acquoso {adj}  :: watery
acrale {adj} [anatomy]  :: acral
acre {adj}  :: harsh
acre {adj}  :: sharp, sour
acredine {f}  :: acrimony
acredine {f}  :: sharpness (of a smell, taste etc)
acremente {adv}  :: acridly
Acri {prop}  :: Acre, a city of Israel
Acri {prop}  :: A town in the province of Cosenza in Calabria
acribia {f}  :: scrupulousness, rigorous accuracy
acridina {f} [organic compound]  :: acridine
acrilammide {f} [organic compound]  :: acrylamide
acrilato {m} [chemistry]  :: acrylate
acrile {m} [organic chemistry]  :: acryl
acrilico {adj}  :: acrylic
acrilonitrile {m} [organic compound]  :: acrylonitrile
acrilonitrilico {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: acrylonitrilic
acrimonia {f}  :: acrimony, animosity
acrimoniosamente {adv}  :: acrimoniously
acrimonioso {adj}  :: acrimonious, bitter, sharp, rancorous
Acrisio {prop}  :: male given name
acritano {adj}  :: Acre (attributive)
acriticamente {adv}  :: uncritically, acritically
acriticità {f}  :: Condition of being uncritical; dogmatism
acritico {adj}  :: uncritical, dogmatic, acritical
acro {m}  :: acre (unit of measure)
acro- {prefix}  :: extremity
acro- {prefix}  :: peak
acro- {prefix}  :: tip
acroamatico {adj}  :: acroamatic
acrobata {f}  :: acrobat
acrobaticamente {adv}  :: acrobatically
acrobatico {adj}  :: acrobatic
acrobatico {adj}  :: aerobatic
acrobazia {f}  :: acrobatics (especially in plural)
acrocefalia {f}  :: acrocephaly
acrocefalo {adj}  :: acrocephalic
acrocentrico {adj} [genetics]  :: acrocentric
acrocianosi {f} [medicine]  :: acrocyanosis
acrocoro {m}  :: highlands
acrofobia {f}  :: acrophobia
acrofonia {f}  :: acrophony
acroleina {f} [organic compound]  :: acrolein
acrolito {m}  :: acrolith
acromasia {f}  :: achromasia
acromatico {adj}  :: achromatic (all senses)
acromatismo {m}  :: achromatism
acromatizzando {v}  :: gerund of acromatizzare
acromatizzare {vt}  :: To achromatize (remove chromatic aberration)
acromatopsia {f} [medicine]  :: achromatopsia
acromegalia {f} [medicine]  :: acromegaly
acromia {f}  :: achromia (lack of pigmentation)
acromico {adj}  :: achromic
acromicria {f} [pathology]  :: acromicria; acromicric dysplasia
acromio {m} [anatomy]  :: acromial spur
acromo {adj}  :: achromic (lacking colour)
acromocentrico {adj} [genetics]  :: telocentric
acromodermia {f} [medicine]  :: achromoderma, amelanosis
acronimo {m}  :: An acronym
acronimo {m}  :: initialism
acroparestesia {f} [pathology]  :: acroparaesthesia
acropoli {f}  :: acropolis (elevated part of a city in ancient Greece)
Acropoli {prop}  :: Acropolis
acrostico {m}  :: An acrostic or word game
acrostolio {m} [nautical]  :: figurehead (at the prow of a ship)
acroteriale {adj}  :: acroterial
acroterio {m}  :: acroterion
acrotonico {adj} [linguistics]  :: Describing a word that has the stress on the first or last syllable
actea {f}  :: baneberry (of genus Actaea)
actina {f} [protein]  :: actin
actinico {adj}  :: actinic (all senses)
actinomicete {m}  :: actinomycete
actinomiosina {f} [protein]  :: actinomyosin
actinomorfo {adj} [botany]  :: actinomorphic, actinomorphous
actinorriza {f} [botany]  :: actinorhiza
Actv {initialism} [Venice]  :: Azienda Consorzio Trasporti Veneziano - the Venice public transport authority
acuendo {v}  :: gerund of acuire
acuendosi {v}  :: gerund of acuirsi
acufene {m} [medicine]  :: tinnitus
acuire {vt}  :: To sharpen or whet
acuirsi {vr}  :: To sharpen; to worsen
acuità {f}  :: acuity, sharpness
acuità {f}  :: acuteness, astuteness
aculeato {adj}  :: aculeate
aculeo {m} [botany]  :: aculeus, prickle
aculeo {m} [zoology]  :: spine
aculeo {m} [zoology]  :: stinger
acume {m}  :: acumen, acuteness, sharpness
acuminato {adj}  :: pointed
acuminato {adj}  :: sharp
acusma {f}  :: acousma
acustica {f}  :: acoustics
acusticamente {adv}  :: acoustically
acustico {adj}  :: acoustic, sound (attributive)
acustico {adj}  :: auditory, sound (attributive), sonic, aural
acusticofobia {f}  :: acousticophobia
acustoelettricità {f}  :: acoustoelectricity
acustoelettrico {adj} [physics]  :: acoustoelectric
acutamente {adv}  :: acutely
acutangolo {adj}  :: acute-angled
acutezza {f}  :: acuteness
acutezza {f}  :: sharpness
acutissimo {adj}  :: Very high (sound)
acutissimo {adj}  :: Very intense, very acute (pain)
acutissimo {adj}  :: Very sharp
acutizzando {v}  :: gerund of acutizzare
acutizzandosi {v}  :: gerund of acutizzarsi
acutizzare {vt}  :: to intensify
acutizzare {vt}  :: to sharpen
acutizzarsi {vr}  :: To worsen
acutizzazione {f}  :: worsening, intensification (becoming more acute)
acuto {adj}  :: acute
acuto {adj}  :: high (voice etc)
acuto {adj}  :: sharp
acuto {n} [music]  :: (in absolute, un acuto) high note, top note
Acuzio {prop}  :: male given name
ad {prep}  :: to, at, in (used before a vowel for euphony instead of a)
AD {initialism}  :: CEO (amministratore delegato)
adacquamento {m}  :: watering
adacquando {v}  :: gerund of adacquare
adacquare {vt}  :: To water or irrigate
adacquatore {m}  :: irrigation canal
adacquatura {f}  :: irrigation, watering
adagiando {v}  :: gerund of adagiare
adagiandosi {v}  :: gerund of adagiarsi
adagiare {vt}  :: To lay down carefully
adagiarsi {vr}  :: reflexive form of adagiare
adagiarsi {vr}  :: to lie down
adagiarsi {vr}  :: to make oneself comfortable
adagietto {adv}  :: diminutive form of adagio
adagietto {m}  :: diminutive form of adagio
adagio {adv}  :: slowly
adagio {m} [music]  :: adagio
adagio {m}  :: proverb, adage or saying
adagissimo {adv}  :: superlative of adagio
Adalardo {prop}  :: male given name
Adalciso {prop}  :: male given name
Adalfredo {prop}  :: male given name
Adalgisio {prop}  :: male given name
Adalgiso {prop}  :: male given name
Adalindo {prop}  :: male given name
Adalio {prop}  :: male given name
Adaloaldo {prop}  :: male given name
Adalrico {prop}  :: male given name
adamantino {adj}  :: adamantine
adamita {m}  :: adamite
adamitico {adj}  :: Adam (attributive)
adamitico {adj}  :: Used chiefly in the phrase in costume adamitico and synonyms (such as in tenuta adamitica, in veste adamitica, in abiti adamitici, etc)
Adamo {prop}  :: Adam [biblical character]
Adamo {prop}  :: male given name
adangme {f}  :: Adangme (language)
ad armacollo {adv}  :: slung across the shoulders
adassiale {adj} [botany]  :: adaxial
adattabile {adj}  :: adaptable
adattabile {adj}  :: convertible
adattabile {adj}  :: pliable
adattabilità {f}  :: adaptability, adaptiveness
adattamento {m}  :: adaptation (all senses)
adattamento {m}  :: conversion
adattando {v}  :: gerund of adattare
adattandosi {v}  :: gerund of adattarsi
adattare {vt}  :: to adapt
adattare {vt}  :: to convert
adattarsi {vr}  :: reflexive form of adattare
adattarsi {v}  :: to adapt
adattarsi {v}  :: to make the best of
adattativo {adj}  :: adaptive
adattato {adj}  :: adapted
adattatore {adj}  :: adaptor (attributive)
adattatore {m}  :: adapter, converter
adattatore USB {m} [computing]  :: USB adapter
adattino {adj} [biochemistry]  :: Relating to, or composed of adaptin
adattissimo {adj}  :: Very suitable, very appropriate
adattivo {adj}  :: adaptive
adatto {adj}  :: suitable or adapted for
Adaulfo {prop}  :: male given name
ad avancarica {adj}  :: muzzle-loading
addì {adv}  :: (followed by a specific date) on the
Adda {prop}  :: A tributary of the river Po in northern Italy
Addai {prop}  :: male given name
Addaura {prop}  :: A small town in the province of Palermo, Sicily
addebitabile {adj}  :: chargeable
addebitabilità {f}  :: chargeability
addebitamento {m}  :: debit
addebitamento {m}  :: debiting
addebitando {v}  :: gerund of addebitare
addebitare {vt}  :: to charge, blame
addebitare {vt}  :: to debit, charge
addebito {m}  :: charge, allegation, imputation, accusation
addebito {m}  :: debit, charge
addecimamento {m}  :: tithing
addecimando {v}  :: gerund of addecimare
addecimare {vt}  :: to tithe
addecimatore {m}  :: tither (A person who pays tithes)
addecimazione {f}  :: tithing
addendo {m}  :: addend
addensamento {m}  :: gathering
addensamento {m}  :: thickening
addensando {v}  :: gerund of addensare
addensandosi {v}  :: gerund of addensarsi
addensante {adj}  :: thickening
addensante {m}  :: thickener
addensare {vt}  :: To thicken
addensarsi {vr}  :: To thicken (become dense)
addensato {adj}  :: thick
addensatore {m}  :: thickener
addentando {v}  :: gerund of addentare
addentare {vt}  :: to bite (into)
addentellando {v}  :: gerund of addentellare
addentellare {vt}  :: To tooth
addentellato {adj}  :: toothed
addentrando {v}  :: gerund of addentrare
addentrandosi {v}  :: gerund of addentrarsi
addentrare {vt}  :: To penetrate
addentrarsi {vr}  :: reflexive form of addentrare
addentrarsi {vr}  :: to go (deeply) (into)
addentrarsi {vr}  :: to penetrate
addestrabile {adj}  :: trainable
addestrabilità {f}  :: trainability
addestramento {m}  :: training
addestrando {v}  :: gerund of addestrare
addestrandosi {v}  :: gerund of addestrarsi
addestrare {vt}  :: to train someone or animal for something
addestrarsi {vr}  :: To train (oneself)
addestratissimo {adj}  :: Very well trained
addestrativo {adj}  :: training (attributive)
addestrato {adj}  :: trained (for a task)
addestratore {m}  :: trainer (of animals)
addestratrice {f}  :: female trainer (of animals)
addetto {adj}  :: assigned (to)
addetto {adj}  :: intended (for)
addetto {m}  :: an attaché
addetto {m}  :: a specified type of worker, cameraman
addetto diplomatico {m}  :: attaché (diplomatic officer)
addetto stampa {m}  :: A press agent
addiaccio {m}  :: bivouac
addiaccio {m}  :: pen, run or fold (for animals at night)
addicendo {v}  :: gerund of addire
addietro {adv}  :: ago
addietro {adv}  :: before
addio {interj}  :: goodbye, farewell
addio {m}  :: goodbye, farewell
addio al celibato {m}  :: bachelor party, stag night
addio al nubilato {m}  :: hen party, bachelorette party, hen night
addire {vt}  :: to dedicate
addirittura {adv}  :: directly
addirittura {adv}  :: even
addirsi {v} [impersonal]  :: To suit, or be suitable (for)
additando {v}  :: gerund of additare
additare {v}  :: to point out (especially with the finger)
additivamente {adv}  :: additively; as an additive
additivando {v}  :: gerund of additivare
additivare {vt}  :: To add one or more additives to something
additivazione {f}  :: The act of adding additives to something
additività {f}  :: additivity
additivo {adj} [mathematics]  :: additive
additivo {m}  :: an additive
additivo alimentare {m}  :: food additive
addivenendo {v}  :: gerund of addivenire
addivenire {vi}  :: to arrive
addivenire {vi}  :: to happen
addizionabile {adj}  :: Able, or permitted to be added
addizionale {adj}  :: additional
addizionale {f}  :: surtax
addizionando {v}  :: gerund of addizionare
addizionare {vt}  :: To add or add up
addizionatore {m}  :: adding machine
addizionatrice {f}  :: adding machine
addizione {f}  :: addition
Addo {prop}  :: male given name
addobbamento {m}  :: adorning; adornment
addobbamento {m}  :: decorating; decoration
addobbando {v}  :: gerund of addobbare
addobbare {vt}  :: to decorate
addobbare {vt}  :: to dress up [in fancy costume]
addobbo {m}  :: decoration
addogato {adj} [heraldry]  :: paly
addolcendo {v}  :: gerund of addolcire
addolcendosi {v}  :: gerund of addolcirsi
addolciando {v}  :: gerund of addolciare
addolciare {v} [obsolete]  :: To soften or mitigate
addolcimento {m}  :: sweetening
addolcire {vt}  :: to soften, soothe
addolcire {vt}  :: to sweeten
addolcirsi {vr}  :: reflexive form of addolcire
addolcirsi {v}  :: to soften, mellow
addolcitore {m}  :: water softener
addolorando {v}  :: gerund of addolorare
addolorandosi {v}  :: gerund of addolorarsi
addolorare {vt}  :: To grieve
addolorarsi {vr}  :: To grieve (over)
Addolorata {prop}  :: female given name, cognate to Spanish Dolores
Addolorata {prop}  :: Our Lady of Sorrows
addolorato {adj}  :: distressed, upset
addolorato {adj}  :: grieving
Addolorato {prop}  :: male given name
addome {m} [anatomy, zoology]  :: abdomen
addomesticabile {adj}  :: tameable
addomesticabilità {f}  :: Property of being tameable or domesticable
addomesticamento {m}  :: domestication
addomesticando {v}  :: gerund of addomesticare
addomesticandosi {v}  :: gerund of addomesticarsi
addomesticare {vt}  :: To tame, to domesticate
addomesticarsi {vr}  :: To become tame, domesticated
addomesticato {adj}  :: tame, domesticated
addomesticatore {m}  :: tamer (of animals)
addomesticazione {f}  :: domestication, taming
addominale {adj} [anatomy]  :: abdominal
addominale {m} [anatomy, usually plural]  :: abdominal, abdominal muscle
addominalmente {adv}  :: abdominally
addomine {m}  :: Variant of addome
addominoplastica {f} [surgery]  :: abdominoplasty
addoppiando {v}  :: gerund of addoppiare
addoppiare {vt}  :: To double (Variant of: raddoppiare)
addormentabile {adj}  :: That can be put to sleep
addormentamento {m}  :: numbness
addormentamento {m}  :: sleepiness
addormentando {v}  :: gerund of addormentare
addormentandosi {v}  :: gerund of addormentarsi
addormentare {vt}  :: to send to sleep
addormentarsi {vr}  :: reflexive form of addormentare
addormentarsi {vr}  :: to go to sleep [person or limb]; to fall asleep, nod off
addormentarsi {vr}  :: to grow numb
addormentato {adj}  :: sleeping, sleepy
addormentato {adj}  :: stupid, dopey
addossabile {adj}  :: due, attributable
addossabile {adj}  :: That can be leaned (against).
addossamento {m}  :: buttressing
addossando {v}  :: gerund of addossare
addossandosi {v}  :: gerund of addossarsi
addossare {v}  :: to lay, saddle, entrust, charge, burden, shoulder, take
addossare {vt}  :: to lean something against something else
addossarsi {vr}  :: reflexive form of addossare
addossarsi {v}  :: to lean against something
addosso {adv}  :: on (one's person)
addosso {prep}  :: [followed by {{m, it, a]}} on, next to
addottorando {v}  :: gerund of addottorare
addottorandosi {v}  :: gerund of addottorarsi
addottorare {vt}  :: To confer a degree (on)
addottorarsi {vr}  :: To graduate
addottrinabile {adj}  :: That can be indoctrinated
addottrinamento {m}  :: indoctrination
addottrinando {v}  :: gerund of addottrinare
addottrinandosi {v}  :: gerund of addottrinarsi
addottrinare {vt}  :: To indoctrinate
addottrinarsi {vr}  :: To learn
adducendo {v}  :: gerund of addurre
adducendosi {v}  :: gerund of addursi
adducibile {adj}  :: adducible
addurre {vt}  :: To advance or put forward (an argument)
addurre {vt}  :: To produce (an example etc)
addursi {vr} [obsolete]  :: to move oneself; to go
adduttore {adj}  :: adductive
adduttore {m}  :: rheophore
adduzione {f}  :: adduction
-ade {suffix}  :: -ad [in the names of units]
Ade {prop}  :: Hades (deity)
Ade {prop}  :: Hades (underworld)
ad eccezione di {prep}  :: With the exception of; except, but.
adectico {adj}  :: adecticous
adefago {m}  :: adephagan
adeguabile {adj}  :: adaptable, adjustable
adeguamento {m}  :: adaptation
adeguamento {m}  :: adjustment
adeguando {v}  :: gerund of adeguare
adeguandosi {v}  :: gerund of adeguarsi
adeguare {vt}  :: to adjust (to)
adeguare {vt}  :: to bring into line (with)
adeguarsi {vr}  :: reflexive form of adeguare
adeguarsi {v}  :: to adapt (to)
adeguatamente {adv}  :: adequately
adeguatamente {adv}  :: suitably
adeguatezza {f}  :: adequacy
adeguato {adj}  :: fair, just
adeguato {adj}  :: fit, suitable, appropriate, proportionate
adeguato {adj}  :: sufficient, due
adeguazione {f}  :: adaptation
adeguazione {f}  :: adequation
adeguazione {f}  :: adjustment
Adelaido {prop}  :: male given name
Adelardo {prop}  :: male given name
Adelasio {prop}  :: male given name
Adelberto {prop}  :: male given name
Adelchi {prop}  :: male given name
Adele {prop}  :: female given name, equivalent to English Adele and Adela
Adelfa {prop}  :: female given name
adelfia {f}  :: adelphia (plant of the genus Adelphia)
adelfico {adj}  :: adelphic
adelfo {adj} [botany]  :: adelphous
Adelfo {prop}  :: male given name
Adelindo {prop}  :: male given name
Adelino {prop}  :: male given name
Adelio {prop}  :: male given name
Adelisio {prop}  :: male given name
Adeliso {prop}  :: male given name
Adelmiro {prop}  :: male given name
Adelmo {prop}  :: male given name
Adelo {prop}  :: male given name
adelomorfo {adj} [biology]  :: adelomorphous
Ademaro {prop}  :: male given name
adempibile {adj}  :: accomplishable
adempiendo {v}  :: gerund of adempiere
adempiente {adj}  :: complying (with)
adempiente {adj}  :: defaulting
adempiere {v}  :: to carry out, accomplish, implement or fulfil
adempiere {v}  :: to comply with
adempiere {v}  :: to keep, maintain or honour
adempimento {m}  :: carrying out
adempimento {m}  :: fulfilment
adempire {v}  :: alternative form of adempiere
ademprivio {m}  :: A right to gather wood, glean and/or graze animals
adendo {v}  :: gerund of adire
adenilato {m} [organic chemistry]  :: adenylate
adenilciclasi {f} [enzyme]  :: adenylate cyclase, adenylyl cyclase
adenilico {adj}  :: adenylic
adenina {f} [organic compound]  :: adenine
adenite {f} [diseases]  :: adenitis (gland inflammation)
adenocarcinoma {m} [oncology]  :: adenocarcinoma
adenocorticotropo {adj} [anatomy]  :: adenocorticotropic
adenoide {adj}  :: adenoid (attributive), adenoidal
adenoide {f} [chiefly, in the plural]  :: adenoids
adenoidectomia {f} [surgery]  :: adenoidectomy
adenoideo {adj}  :: adenoidal
adenoidismo {m}  :: adenoidism
adenoipofisi {f} [anatomy]  :: adenohypophysis (anterior pituitary gland)
adenoma {m} [pathology]  :: adenoma
adenomatoso {adj} [pathology]  :: adenomatoid
adenomatoso {adj} [pathology]  :: adenomatous
adenomegalia {f} [pathology]  :: adenomegaly
adenopatia {f} [pathology]  :: adenopathy
adenosin {f}  :: apocopic form of adenosina
adenosina {f} [biochemistry]  :: adenosine
adenosintrifosfato {n} [biochemistry]  :: adenosine triphosphate
adenoso {adj}  :: glandular
adenotomia {f} [surgery]  :: adenotomy
Adeodato {prop}  :: male given name
adepta {f}  :: (female) follower, initiate
adepto {m}  :: follower, initiate
adequazione {f}  :: rare form of adeguazione
aderendo {v}  :: gerund of aderire
aderente {adj}  :: adhesive
aderente {adj}  :: tight, close-fitting, snug
aderente {mf}  :: adherent, follower, supporter
aderentemente {adv}  :: adhesively
aderentemente {adv}  :: tightly, snuggly
aderenza {f}  :: adhesion
aderenza {f}  :: connection, contact (especially in plural)
aderenza {f}  :: grip (of car tyres on the road)
aderire {vi}  :: to adhere, stick (to)
aderire {vi}  :: to agree to [a request]
aderire {vi}  :: to grip [the road]
aderire {vi}  :: to join [a movement, a party]
aderire {vi}  :: to support [an idea]
Aderito {prop}  :: male given name
aderizzando {v}  :: gerund of aderizzare
aderizzare {vt}  :: To make a textured pattern on a surface in order to improve grip with another
aderizzazione {f}  :: A textured pattern on a surface created in order to improve grip with another; especially the tread pattern on a tyre / tire
adescabile {adj}  :: Able to be enticed, lured or seduced
adescamento {m}  :: enticement, soliciting, luring
adescamento {m}  :: priming (of a pump)
adescando {v}  :: gerund of adescare
adescare {vt}  :: to lure, entice, hook
adescare {vt}  :: to prime [a pump]
adescare {vt}  :: to strike [an electric arc]
adescato {adj}  :: enticed
adescato {adj}  :: lured
adescatore {m}  :: enticer, allurer
ad esempio {adv}  :: for example, for instance
adesione {f}  :: adhesion
adesione {f}  :: agreement, acceptance
adesione {f}  :: support
adesività {f}  :: adhesiveness
adesivo {adj}  :: adhesive
adesivo {m}  :: adhesive
adeso {adj} [botany, chemistry]  :: attached, adherent
adesso {adv}  :: now
a detta di {prep}  :: according to
adhocrazia {f}  :: adhocracy
ad honorem {adj}  :: honorary
adiabatico {adj} [physics]  :: adiabatic
adiacente {adj}  :: adjacent, adjoining
adiacenza {f}  :: adjacency
adiacenza {f} [in the plural]  :: surroundings, vicinity
adiatermano {adj} [physics]  :: adiathermic
adibendo {v}  :: gerund of adibire
adibibile {adj}  :: usable
adibire {vt}  :: To use something as something else; to adapt
adibizione {m}  :: assignment
adibizione {m}  :: destination
adibizione {m}  :: use, utilization
Adice {prop}  :: medieval spelling of Adige
a differenza di {prep}  :: unlike
Adilio {prop}  :: male given name
adimensionale {adj}  :: adimensional, dimensionless
adinato {m}  :: adynaton
ad incasso {adj}  :: built-in (appliance, piece of furniture, etc)
Adino {prop}  :: male given name
adipe {m}  :: fat (body fat), adipose
adipico {adj}  :: adipic
adipo- {prefix}  :: adipo-
adipoblasto {m}  :: synonym of lipoblasto
adipocita {m}  :: Variant of adipocito
adipocito {m} [biology]  :: adipocyte
adiponectina {f} [biochemistry]  :: adiponectin
adiposità {f}  :: adiposity, fat
adiposo {adj}  :: adipose, fatty
adirando {v}  :: gerund of adirarsi
adirandosi {v}  :: gerund of adirarsi
adirare {vt}  :: To anger
adirarsi {vr}  :: To get angry, or be peeved (with someone)
adirato {adj}  :: angry, peeved
adire {vt} [legal]  :: to start or institute legal proceedings
a dirotto {adv}  :: copiously, abundantly
a dirotto {adv}  :: heavily, hard
a dir poco {adv}  :: to say the least
a dismisura {adv}  :: excessively
adito {m}  :: adit
adito {m}  :: approach
adito {m}  :: entrance
Adiuto {prop}  :: male given name
adiuvando {v}  :: gerund of adiuvare
adiuvante {adj}  :: adjuvant (attributive)
adiuvante {adj}  :: helping
adiuvare {vt} [obsolete]  :: To help
adizione {f} [legal]  :: acceptance (of an inheritance)
adizzando {v}  :: gerund of adizzare
adizzare {v}  :: to incite
Admeto {prop}  :: male given name
Admiralissimo {n}  :: Admiral of the Fleet
Ado {prop}  :: male given name
adocchiando {v}  :: gerund of adocchiare
adocchiare {vt}  :: to catch sight of
adocchiare {vt}  :: to eye
adocchiare {vt}  :: to have one's eye on
ad oggi {adv}  :: to date, as yet, thus far
adogmatico {adj} [Freemasonry]  :: adogmatic
ad ogni modo {adv}  :: anyway, in any case
adolescente {adj}  :: adolescent
adolescente {mf}  :: adolescent, teenager
adolescenza {f}  :: adolescence, teens
adolescenziale {adj}  :: adolescent, teen (attributive), teenager (attributive)
Adolfo {prop}  :: male given name, the Italian equivalent of Adolph
ad oltranza {adv}  :: to the death
ad oltranza {adv}  :: to the end; to the bitter end
ad oltranza {adv}  :: with a vengeance
adombrabile {adj}  :: touchy
adombramento {m} [arts]  :: shading
adombramento {m}  :: hint, allusion
adombramento {m}  :: skittishness (of a horse)
adombramento {m}  :: umbrage, resentment
adombrando {v}  :: gerund of adombrare
adombrandosi {v}  :: gerund of adombrarsi
adombrare {vt}  :: To veil or conceal
adombrarsi {vr}  :: reflexive form of adombrare
adombrarsi {vr}  :: to be offended
adombrarsi {vr}  :: to shy [of a horse]
adonando {v}  :: gerund of adonare
adonare {v} [obsolete]  :: To subdue
adone {m}  :: Adonis (handsome youth)
Adone {prop} [Greek mythology]  :: Adonis
Adone {prop}  :: male given name
adontando {v}  :: gerund of adontare
adontandosi {v}  :: gerund of adontarsi
adontare {vt}  :: To insult or offend
adontarsi {vr}  :: To take offence or feel insulted
adontoso {adj}  :: insulting
adontoso {adj}  :: shameful
adoperabile {adj}  :: useable
ad opera di {prep}  :: By means of; through the action of; due to; of
adoperando {v}  :: gerund of adoperare
adoperandosi {v}  :: gerund of adoperarsi
adoperare {vt}  :: To use
adoperarsi {vr}  :: reflexive form of adoperare
adoperarsi {vr}  :: to do one's best
adoperarsi {vr}  :: to make every effort (to do something)
a dopo {interj}  :: see you later!
adoprabile {adj}  :: useable (Variant of adoperabile)
adoprando {v}  :: gerund of adoprare
adoprandosi {v}  :: gerund of adoprarsi
adoprare {vt}  :: to use (make good use of)
adoprarsi {vr}  :: reflexive form of adoprare
adoprarsi {v}  :: to strive, endeavour (do one's best)
adorabile {adj}  :: adorable, sweet, lovely
adorabilità {f}  :: adorableness, lovableness
adorabilmente {adv}  :: adorably
adorale {adj}  :: adoral
adorando {v}  :: gerund of adorare
adorandosi {v}  :: gerund of adorarsi
adorante {adj}  :: adoring
adorante {adj}  :: praying
adorare {vt}  :: (same as English) To adore or worship
adorare {vt}  :: (same as English) To love with one's entire heart and soul; regard with deep respect and affection
adorarsi {vr}  :: To love each other
Adorato {prop}  :: male given name
adoratore {m}  :: worshipper
adoratrice {f}  :: worshipper (female)
adorazione {f}  :: adoration, worship
adorcismo {m}  :: adorcism
adornabile {adj}  :: That can be adorned
adornamento {m}  :: ornament
adornando {v}  :: gerund of adornare
adornandosi {v}  :: gerund of adornarsi
adornare {vt} [+ di, or, + con]  :: To adorn (with)
adornarsi {vr}  :: To adorn oneself (with)
adornato {adj}  :: adorned
adorno {adj}  :: adorned (with)
Adorno {prop}  :: male given name
adottabile {adj}  :: adoptable
adottabilità {f}  :: adoptability
adottando {v}  :: gerund of adottare
adottare {v}  :: to adopt
adottare {v}  :: to choose or select
adottarmi {v}  :: Compound of adottare and ti
adottato {adj}  :: adopted
adottato {adj}  :: chosen, selected
adottazione {f}  :: adoption
adottazione {f}  :: selection
adottivo {adj}  :: adopted
adottivo {adj}  :: adoptive
adozionale {adj}  :: adoption (attributive)
adozione {f}  :: adoption
adozione {f}  :: selection
adragante {adj}  :: tragacanth (attributive)
Adrasto {prop}  :: male given name
adrenale {adj} [anatomy]  :: adrenal
adrenalectomia {f} [surgery]  :: adrenalectomy
adrenalina {f}  :: adrenaline, epinephrine
adrenalinico {adj}  :: jacked up, hepped up (excited because of the effects of drugs)
adrenarca {m}  :: adrenarche
adrenergico {adj}  :: adrenergic
adrenocorticotropo {adj}  :: adrenocorticotropic
adrenogenitale {adj}  :: adrenogenital
adrenoleucodistrofia {f} [medicine]  :: adrenoleukodystrophy
adrenomedullare {adj} [anatomy]  :: adrenomedular
adrenomieloneuropatia {f} [pathology]  :: adrenomyeloneuropathy
adrenosterone {m} [hormone]  :: adrenosterone
Adriana {prop}  :: female given name, cognate to English Adriana
Adriano {prop}  :: Hadrian ( the emperor )
Adriano {prop}  :: male given name, cognate to Adrian
adriatico {adj}  :: Adriatic
Adriatico {prop}  :: The Adriatic sea
Adrio {prop}  :: male given name
a dritta e a manca {adv}  :: all over hell's half acre
a dritta e a manca {adv}  :: everywhere, all over the place
adrone {m} [physics]  :: hadron
adronico {adj} [physics]  :: hadronic
adrosauro {m} [dinosaur]  :: hadrosaur
adroterapia {f} [medicine]  :: hadrontherapy
adsorbendo {v}  :: gerund of adsorbire
adsorbente {adj}  :: adsorbent
adsorbimento {m}  :: adsorption
adsorbire {vt}  :: To adsorb
adsorbito {adj}  :: adsorbed
Adua {prop}  :: Adwa / Adowa
adualismo {m}  :: adualism
a due {adj} [music]  :: "for two", indicating both musicians or sections play together
aduggiamento {m} [ecology]  :: The ecology of forests in which the biomass is subjected to continual shade
aduggiando {v}  :: gerund of aduggiare
aduggiare {vt}  :: To overshadow
Adula {prop}  :: The Swiss mountain Rheinwaldhorn
adulabile {adj}  :: Easily flattered
adulando {v}  :: gerund of adulare
adulandosi {v}  :: gerund of adularsi
adulare {vt}  :: To flatter, to adulate
adularsi {vr}  :: reflexive form of adulare
adularsi {vr}  :: to be pleased with oneself
adularsi {vr}  :: to congratulate oneself
adulatore {m}  :: flatterer, adulator
adulatore {m}  :: hireling
adulatorio {adj}  :: flattering
adulatrice {f}  :: (female) flatterer, adulator
adulazione {f}  :: adulation, flattery
adulta {f}  :: adult, grown up (female)
adultera {f}  :: adulterer (female)
adulterabile {adj}  :: Liable to be adulterated
adulterando {v}  :: gerund of adulterare
adulterare {vt}  :: To adulterate
adulteratore {m}  :: adulterator
adulterazione {f}  :: adulteration
adulterazione {f}  :: contamination
adulterino {adj}  :: adulterine
adulterino {adj}  :: adulterous
adulterio {m}  :: adultery
adultero {adj}  :: adulterous
adultero {m}  :: adulterer
adulto {adj}  :: adult, grown-up
adulto {m}  :: adult
adunabile {adj}  :: collectable
adunando {v}  :: gerund of adunare
adunanza {f}  :: meeting, assembly, muster
adunare {vt}  :: To assemble or gather
adunare {vt}  :: To muster
adunata {f}  :: muster
adunazione {f}  :: assembly
adunco {adj}  :: hooked
adunghiando {v}  :: gerund of adunghiare
adunghiare {vt}  :: to claw
adunghiare {vt}  :: to clutch
ad uno ad uno {adv}  :: one at a time; one by one
adunque {conj} [literary]  :: alternative form of dunque
adusando {v}  :: gerund of adusare
adusare {v}  :: to accustom or to habituate
adusare {v}  :: to be accustomed to; to be wont to
adusto {adj} [of land]  :: scorched; parched
adusto {adj}  :: wizened (lean and wrinkled by age or illness)
a eccezione di {prep}  :: alternative form of ad eccezione di
aedo {m}  :: bard, poet
aennino {m}  :: A member of supporter of the Alleanza Nazionale
aequare {v}  :: obsolete form of equare
aerando {v}  :: gerund of aerare
aerare {v}  :: to air, to expose to the open air, to ventilate
aeratore {m}  :: aerator
aeratore {m}  :: snorkel
aeratore {m}  :: ventilator
aerautodromo {m}  :: A racetrack that incorporates an airstrip
aerazione {f}  :: aeration
aerazione {f}  :: ventilation
aereando {v}  :: gerund of aereare
aereare {vt}  :: To air, to expose to the open air, to ventilate
aereazione {f}  :: Variant of areazione
aeremoto {m}  :: blast (of air)
aereo {adj}  :: aerial
aereo {m}  :: aeroplane [British], airplane [US]
aereonavale {adj}  :: air-sea (attributive)
aereoplano {m}  :: Variant of aeroplano
aerifero {adj}  :: aeriferous
aeriforme {adj}  :: aeriform, airlike, gaseous
aero- {prefix}  :: aero-
aeroacrofobia {f}  :: aeroacrophobia
aeroambulanza {f}  :: air ambulance
aerobica {f}  :: aerobics
aerobicamente {adv}  :: aerobically
aerobico {adj}  :: aerobic (all senses)
aerobio {adj}  :: aerobic
aerobio {m} [biology]  :: aerobe
aerobiologia {f} [biology]  :: aerobiology
aerobiosi {f}  :: aerobiosis
aerobox {m}  :: aeroboxing
aerobrigata {f}  :: air brigade (troops of various types, deployed by air)
aerobus {m}  :: airbus
aerocartografia {f}  :: aerial cartography
aerocentro {m}  :: air centre (gathering place for aircraft people and materials)
aerocinematografia {f}  :: aerial cinematography (film about, or shot from, aircraft)
aerocinesi {f}  :: aerokinesis
aerocisterna {f}  :: air tanker
aeroclub {m}  :: flying club
aerocooperazione {f} [military]  :: cooperation of the air force with other branches of the military (especially in the fields of observation and remote sensing)
aerodina {f}  :: aerodyne
aerodinamica {f}  :: aerodynamics
aerodinamicamente {adv}  :: aerodynamically
aerodinamicità {f}  :: aerodynamics
aerodinamico {adj}  :: aerodynamic
aerodisperso {adj}  :: dispersed in the air (as fine particles)
aerodromo {m}  :: aerodrome, airport
aeroelasticità {f} [physics]  :: aeroelasticity
aeroelastico {adj}  :: aeroelastic
aeroelettronica {f}  :: avionics
aeroembolismo {m}  :: aeroembolism, air embolism
aerofagia {f} [pathology]  :: aerophagy
aerofaro {m}  :: beacon (flashing light to show the position of an airfield etc)
aerofisica {f}  :: aerophysics
aerofisica {f}  :: atmospheric physics
aerofito {adj} [botany]  :: aerophytic, epiphytic
aerofobia {f}  :: aerophobia
aerofonista {f}  :: aerophonist
aerofono {m} [music]  :: aerophone
aeroforo {m}  :: respirator
aerofotografia {f}  :: aerial photography
aerofotogramma {f}  :: One of a series of aerial photographs
aerofotogrammetria {f}  :: aerial photogrammetry
aerofotogrammetrico {adj}  :: Relating to aerial photogrammetry
aerofreno {m}  :: air brake (on an aircraft)
aerogeneratore {m}  :: wind turbine (generally, any device that converts wind energy into electricity)
aerogetto {m}  :: jet aircraft
aerogiro {m}  :: rotorcraft
aerografia {f}  :: aerography
aerografia {f}  :: airbrushing
aerografista {f}  :: aerographist
aerografista {f}  :: airbrusher
aerografo {m}  :: aerograph
aerografo {m}  :: airbrush
aerogramma {f}  :: aerogram
aeroilluminante {adj}  :: relating to ventilation and illumination
aerolinea {f}  :: airline, air carrier
aerolite {m}  :: aerolite
aerolitico {adj}  :: aerolitic
aerolito {m}  :: aerolite
aerologia {f}  :: aerology
aerologista {f}  :: aerologist
aerologo {m}  :: aerologist
aeromante {mf}  :: aeromancer
aeromanzia {f}  :: aeromancy
aeromarittimo {adj}  :: air-sea (attributive)
aeromeccanica {f} [physics]  :: aeromechanics
aerometria {f}  :: aerometry
aerometro {m}  :: aerometer
aeromobile {m}  :: aircraft
aeromodellismo {m}  :: aeromodelling
aeromodellista {f}  :: aeromodeller
aeromodellistica {f}  :: aeromodelling
aeromodellistico {adj}  :: aeromodelling (attributive)
aeromodello {m}  :: model aircraft
aeromoto {m}  :: airblast (explosive rush of air)
aeromotore {m}  :: (wind) turbine (any motor that gets its energy from the movement of air)
aeronausifobia {f}  :: aeronausiphobia
aeronauta {m}  :: aeronaut, airman, pilot
aeronautica {f}  :: aeronautics
aeronautico {adj}  :: aeronautical
aeronavale {adj}  :: air and sea (attributive)
aeronave {f}  :: dirigible
aeronavigazione {f}  :: air navigation
aeronomia {f}  :: aeronomy
aeropenna {f}  :: airbrush
aeroplanino {m}  :: A small aeroplane, a small plane
aeroplanino {m}  :: A toy aeroplane, a toy plane
aeroplanino di carta {m}  :: A paper aeroplane, paper airplane or paper plane
aeroplano {m}  :: aeroplane, airplane
aeroplano di carta {m}  :: A paper aeroplane, paper airplane or paper plane
aeroponica {f}  :: aeroponics
aeroponico {adj}  :: aeroponic
aeroporto {m}  :: airport, airfield
aeroportuale {adj}  :: airport (attributive)
aeroportuale {mf}  :: airport worker
aeroposta {f}  :: airmail
aeropostale {adj}  :: airmail (attributive)
aerorazzo {m}  :: rocket plane, rocket aircraft
aeroreattore {m}  :: jet (aircraft)
aerorifornimento {m}  :: aerial refuelling
aerorifornimento {m}  :: aerial resupply
aerorimessa {f}  :: hangar
aerorimorchiatore {m}  :: towing aircraft (for a glider, or advertisements)
aerorimorchio {m}  :: towing aircraft (especially for a glider)
aerosbarco {m}  :: parachuting of troops
aeroscalo {m}  :: airstrip
aeroscivolante {m}  :: hovercraft
aeroscopio {m}  :: aeroscope
aeroservizio {m}  :: public air transport
aerosfera {f}  :: atmosphere
aerosilurando {v}  :: gerund of aerosilurare
aerosilurante {m}  :: An aircraft armed with torpedos
aerosilurare {vt}  :: To torpedo
aerosiluro {m}  :: torpedo launched from an aircraft
aeroso {adj}  :: airy
aeroso {adj}  :: breezy
aerosoccorso {m}  :: help or rescue by aircraft (especially by helicopter)
aerosol {m}  :: aerosol (all senses)
aerosolterapia {f} [medicine]  :: therapy by means of an aerosol
aerosostentazione {f}  :: aerodynamic lift
aerospaziale {adj}  :: aerospace (attributive)
aerospazio {m}  :: aerospace
aerostatica {f}  :: aerostatics
aerostatico {adj}  :: aerostatic
aerostato {m}  :: aerostat
aerostazione {f}  :: air terminal
aerostiere {m} [obsolete]  :: pilot of an aerostat
aerotassì {m}  :: air taxi
aerotassi {f} [biology]  :: aerotaxis
aerotaxi {m}  :: air taxi
aerotecnica {f}  :: aero-technology
aerotecnico {adj}  :: aerotechnical
aerotecnico {m}  :: aerotechnical engineer
aeroterapia {f} [medicine]  :: air therapy (especially for pulmonary problems)
aerotermico {adj}  :: aerothermal
aerotermo {m}  :: fan heater
aerotermochimica {f} [chemistry]  :: aerothermochemistry
aeroterrestre {adj}  :: air and ground (attributive, used especially of troops)
aerotrainando {v}  :: gerund of aerotrainare
aerotrainare {vt}  :: To tow one or more aircraft (through the air)
aerotraino {m}  :: towing of aircraft
aerotrasportando {v}  :: gerund of aerotrasportare
aerotrasportare {vt}  :: To transport something by air (used especially of the military)
aerotrasportato {adj}  :: transported by air
aerotrasporto {m}  :: air transport
aerotreno {m}  :: train supported on a cushion of air
aerotropismo {m} [biology]  :: aerotropism
aeroturbina {f}  :: air turbine
aeroturismo {m}  :: air tourism (especially by use of light aircraft)
aerovia {f}  :: air corridor
aerovia {f} [medicine]  :: airway
afa {f}  :: sultriness, sultry weather, muggy weather
afaca {f}  :: yellow pea, yellow vetch (Lathyrus aphaca)
afagia {f}  :: aphagia
afanitico {adj} [geology]  :: aphanitic
afar {m}  :: Afar (language)
afascista {adj}  :: synonym of antifascista
afasia {f} [pathology]  :: aphasia
afasico {adj} [pathology]  :: aphasic
afasico {m} [pathology]  :: aphasic person
a fatica {adv}  :: hardly
a fatica {adv}  :: With difficulty
afebbrile {adj}  :: afebrile
afefobia {f}  :: haphephobia
afelio {m}  :: aphelion
aferesi {f} [medicine]  :: apheresis
affé {interj}  :: forsooth!, in truth!
affabile {adj}  :: affable
affabilità {f}  :: affability
affabilmente {adv}  :: affably
affabulatore {m}  :: jester
affabulatorio {adj}  :: narrative; storytelling (attributive)
affabulatrice {f}  :: jester
affabulazione {f}  :: plot, storyline
affaccendamento {m}  :: bustle
affaccendando {v}  :: gerund of affaccendarsi
affaccendandosi {v}  :: gerund of affaccendarsi
affaccendare {vt}  :: To occupy, to keep someone busy, to be engaged in a task
affaccendarsi {vr}  :: reflexive form of affaccendare
affaccendarsi {vr}  :: to be busy [doing something], busy oneself
affaccendato {adj}  :: busy
affacciando {v}  :: gerund of affacciare
affacciandosi {v}  :: gerund of affacciarsi
affacciante {adj}  :: advancing
affacciante {adj}  :: showing
affacciare {vt}  :: to advance, venture, raise
affacciare {vt}  :: to show
affacciarsi {vr}  :: reflexive form of affacciare
affacciarsi {v}  :: to appear, show oneself, go to
affacciarsi {v}  :: to overlook, give onto
affacendato {adj}  :: busy
affaire {m}  :: Political controversy
affamando {v}  :: gerund of affamare
affamare {vt}  :: To starve
affamato {adj}  :: hungry
affamato {adj}  :: starving
affannando {v}  :: gerund of affannare
affannandosi {v}  :: gerund of affannarsi
affannare {vt}  :: to leave someone breathless
affannare {vt}  :: to trouble, worry
affannarsi {vr}  :: reflexive form of affannare
affannarsi {v}  :: to worry or get worked up (about)
affanno {m}  :: breathlessness
affanno {m}  :: worry, trouble, anxiety
affannosamente {adv}  :: anxiously
affannosamente {adv}  :: with difficulty [of breathing]
affannoso {adj}  :: anxious
affannoso {adj}  :: laboured (breathing)
affaraccio {m}  :: An unpleasant or problematic situation
affardellando {v}  :: gerund of affardellare
affardellare {vt}  :: to bundle (together)
affardellare {vt}  :: to pack [a kitbag, etc.]
affare {m}  :: affair, matter
affare {m}  :: deal, bargain
affare {m}  :: (plural) business
affare {m}  :: thing
affare fatto {interj}  :: agreed!; it's a deal!; sure!; OK!
affarismo {m}  :: speculation, commercialism, profiteering
affarista {f}  :: A shrewd businessman
affarista {f}  :: profiteer
affaristico {adj}  :: businesslike
affaristico {adj}  :: profiteering
affarone {m}  :: An advantageous business matter
affarone {m}  :: steal
affaruccio {m}  :: bargain (good deal)
affascinabile {adj}  :: fascinated (or rather, that can be fascinated or attracted)
affascinamento {m}  :: fascination
affascinando {v}  :: gerund of affascinare
affascinante {adj}  :: fascinating, charming, appealing
affascinare {vt}  :: To charm, to fascinate, to enchant
affascinatore {m}  :: enchanter
affascinatrice {f}  :: enchantress
affascinazione {f}  :: fascination
affastellamento {m}  :: bundling
affastellando {v}  :: gerund of affastellare
affastellare {vt}  :: To bundle (tie up in bundles)
affastellare {vt}  :: To strap
affaticabilità {f}  :: tiredness, fatigue
affaticamento {m}  :: tiredness, fatigue
affaticando {v}  :: gerund of affaticare
affaticandosi {v}  :: gerund of affaticarsi
affaticare {vt}  :: To tire
affaticarsi {vr}  :: To tire; to become tired
affaticato {adj}  :: stuffed
affaticato {adj}  :: tired
affatto {adv}  :: completely
affatturando {v}  :: gerund of affatturare
affatturare {vt}  :: to adulterate
affatturare {vt}  :: to bewitch (cast a spell on)
affatturazione {f}  :: spell
afferendo {v}  :: gerund of afferire
afferente {adj}  :: afferent
afferente {adj}  :: concerning
afferenza {f} [chiefly, in the plural]  :: afferent nerve impulses
afferenza {f}  :: concern
afferibile {adj}  :: with reference to
afferire {vi}  :: To concern
affermabile {adj}  :: affirmable
affermando {v}  :: gerund of affermare
affermandosi {v}  :: gerund of affermarsi
affermare {vt}  :: to declare, to affirm, to state, to claim, to assert
affermarsi {vr}  :: reflexive form of affermare
affermarsi {vr}  :: to assert oneself
affermarsi {vr}  :: to establish oneself, catch on, make a name for oneself
affermarsi {vr}  :: to win
affermativamente {adv}  :: affirmatively; in the affirmative
affermativo {adj}  :: affirmative
affermazione {f}  :: statement, assertion, claim, affirmation
affermazione {f}  :: success, achievement, performance
afferrabile {adj}  :: catchable
afferrabile {adj}  :: comprehensible
afferrabilità {f}  :: comprehensibility
afferrabilità {f}  :: Property of being catchable
afferrando {v}  :: gerund of afferrare
afferrandosi {v}  :: gerund of afferrarsi
afferrare {v}  :: to grab, to catch
afferrarsi {vr}  :: To grasp (at)
affettabile {adj}  :: sliceable
affettamento {m}  :: affectation
affettamento {m}  :: slicing
affettando {v}  :: gerund of affettare
affettare {vt}  :: to affect (an English accent etc.)
affettare {vt}  :: to slice (bread, meat, etc.)
affettato {adj}  :: affected (simulated in order to impress)
affettato {adj}  :: sliced (bread)
affettato {m}  :: cold cuts
affettato {m}  :: deli meats
affettato {m}  :: sliced meat such as salami
affettatrice {f}  :: meat slicer
affettaverdure {m}  :: vegetable slicer
affettazione {f}  :: affectation
affettivamente {adv}  :: affectively
affettività {f}  :: affectivity
affettivo {adj}  :: affective
affettivo {adj}  :: emotional
affetto {adj}  :: affected
affetto {m}  :: affection
affetto {m}  :: The object of one's affection
affettüoso {adj}  :: medieval spelling of affettuoso
affettuosamente {adv}  :: affectionately
affettuosissimo {adj}  :: kindest, warmest (regards, greetings)
affettuosissimo {adj}  :: Very affectionate, very tender
affettuosità {f}  :: affection
affettuosità {f}  :: demonstration of affection
affettuoso {adj}  :: affectionate, fond, loving
affettuto {adj}  :: affected
affezion {f}  :: apocopic form of affezione
affezionabile {adj}  :: That easily becomes affectionate
affezionabilità {f}  :: Tendency to become affectionate easily
affezionando {v}  :: gerund of affezionare
affezionandosi {v}  :: gerund of affezionarsi
affezionare {vt}  :: To give affection to someone or something
affezionarsi {vr}  :: reflexive form of affezionare
affezionarsi {vr}  :: to grow fond of someone or something
affezionatamente {adv}  :: affectionately
affezionatissimo {adj}  :: Very affectionate, loving
affezionato {adj}  :: affectionate
affezionato {adj}  :: attached to (someone or something)
affezionato {adj}  :: fond of (someone or something)
affezionato {adj}  :: regular (customer etc)
affezione {f}  :: affection, sentiment
affezione {f}  :: ailment
affiancabile {adj}  :: nestable
affiancamento {m}  :: flanking
affiancamento {m}  :: supporting
affiancando {v}  :: gerund of affiancare
affiancandosi {v}  :: gerund of affiancarsi
affiancare {vt}  :: to assign, partner, put together with, join, combine, collaborate
affiancare {vt}  :: to place side by side, put beside
affiancarsi {vr}  :: reflexive form of affiancare
affiancarsi {vr}  :: to come abreast, draw up alongside, come up beside, flank
affiancarsi {vr}  :: to join, collaborate
affiatamento {m}  :: understanding
affiatando {v}  :: gerund of affiatare
affiatandosi {v}  :: gerund of affiatarsi
affiatare {vt}  :: to create accord or harmony within a group of people
affiatarsi {vr}  :: reflexive form of affiatare
affiatarsi {vr}  :: to get on well together
affiatarsi {vr}  :: to get to know one another
affiatatissimo {adj}  :: Very close, very tight, that work very well together
affiatato {adj}  :: tight, close, that work well together
affibbiando {v}  :: gerund of affibbiare
affibbiare {v} [idiomatic]  :: To pin something on someone
affibbiare {v} [idiomatic]  :: To saddle someone with something
affibbiare {v}  :: to buckle (fasten with a buckle)
affibbiatoio {m}  :: A type of buckle equipped with a flat plate, especially one used to keep a book closed
affibbiatura {f}  :: buckle, clasp
affidabile {adj}  :: reliable, trustworthy, dependable
affidabilità {f}  :: reliability, dependability, trustworthiness
affidabilmente {adv}  :: reliably, dependably
affidamento {m}  :: assurance
affidamento {m}  :: custody (legal, of a child)
affidamento {m}  :: trust, confidence
affidando {v}  :: gerund of affidare
affidandosi {v}  :: gerund of affidarsi
affidare {vt}  :: to entrust, commit, give, leave
affidarsi {vr}  :: reflexive form of affidare
affidarsi {vr}  :: to rely on, count on, trust, place one's trust
affidataria {f}  :: foster mother
affidatario {adj}  :: foster (attributive)
affidatario {m}  :: foster father, foster parent
affidatario {m}  :: trustee
affienando {v}  :: gerund of affienare
affienandosi {v}  :: gerund of affienarsi
affienare {vt}  :: to feed hay to an animal
affienare {vt}  :: to leave fallow
affienarsi {vr}  :: reflexive form of affienare
affienarsi {v}  :: to lie fallow
affievolendo {v}  :: gerund of affievolire
affievolendosi {v}  :: gerund of affievolirsi
affievolimento {m}  :: fading (of a radio signal)
affievolimento {m}  :: weakening
affievolire {vt}  :: to make faint; to deaden, blunt
affievolire {vt}  :: to weaken
affievolirsi {vr}  :: reflexive form of affievolire
affievolirsi {vr}  :: to fade
affievolirsi {vr}  :: to grow faint or weak
affiggendo {v}  :: gerund of affiggere
affiggere {vt}  :: To stick up; to affix
affigliazione {f}  :: rare form of affiliazione
affiguramento {m}  :: perception, recognition
affiguramento {m}  :: representation (as an image)
affigurando {v}  :: gerund of affigurare
affigurare {v}  :: to perceive or recognize
affigurare {v}  :: to represent (as an image)
affigurazione {f}  :: perception, recognition
affigurazione {f}  :: representation (as an image)
affilacoltelli {m}  :: knife sharpener
affilacoltelli {m}  :: steel (for sharpening edged tools)
affilamento {m}  :: sharpening
affilando {v}  :: gerund of affilare
affilarasoio {m}  :: razor strop, razor strap, strop
affilare {vt}  :: to make thinner
affilare {vt}  :: to sharpen
affilare {vt}  :: to strap, strop (sharpen by rubbing on a strap, or strop)
affilatissimo {adj}  :: Very sharp
affilato {adj}  :: sharp, keen, razor, razor-sharp
affilatoio {m}  :: hone
affilatoio {m}  :: sharpener
affilatoio {m}  :: steel (for sharpening edged tools)
affilatoio {m}  :: strop
affilatrice {f}  :: grinding machine
affilatura {f}  :: edge (of a razor)
affilatura {f}  :: sharpening or grinding (of an tool or weapon)
affiliando {v}  :: gerund of affiliare
affiliandosi {v}  :: gerund of affiliarsi
affiliare {vt}  :: to affiliate
affiliare {vt}  :: to foster (children)
affiliarsi {vr}  :: reflexive form of affiliare
affiliarsi {v}  :: to join, become a member of
affiliato {m}  :: Affiliated member
affiliato {m}  :: Fostered child
affiliazione {f}  :: affiliation
affiliazione {f}  :: fostering
affinaggio {m}  :: refining (of metals)
affinamento {m}  :: All the physical and chemical changes that affect the quality of a wine during storage; ageing
affinamento {m}  :: refinement
affinando {v}  :: gerund of affinare
affinare {vt}  :: to refine
affinare {vt}  :: to sharpen
affinatore {m}  :: refiner (for metals); puddler
affinazione {f}  :: refining
affinchè {conj}  :: Common misspelling of affinché
affinché {conj}  :: [followed by the subjunctive] so that, in order that
affine {adj}  :: cognate
affine {adj} [mathematics]  :: affine
affine {adj}  :: related, akin
affine {adj}  :: similar
affine {mf}  :: in-law
affine {mf}  :: similar product
affinemente {adv}  :: affinely
affinità {f}  :: affinity
affiochendo {v}  :: gerund of affiochire
affiochendosi {v}  :: gerund of affiochirsi
affiochire {vt}  :: To dim (a light)
affiochirsi {vr}  :: To dim
affiochito {adj}  :: dim, weak, faint
affioramento {m} [geology]  :: outcrop
affioramento {m}  :: surfacing
affiorando {v}  :: gerund of affiorare
affiorante {adj}  :: emerging, surfacing
affiorare {vt}  :: To emerge, to surface
affissione {f}  :: billposting
affisso {m}  :: affix (if a word)
affisso {m}  :: fixture
affisso {m}  :: notice
affisso {m}  :: poster, bill
affittabile {adj}  :: rentable
affittacamere {mf}  :: landlord, landlady (person who rent rooms etc)
affittamento {m}  :: lease
affittando {v}  :: gerund of affittare
affittansi {m}  :: A "for rent" or "to let" sign
affittanza {f}  :: rent
affittanza {f}  :: renting, hiring
affittare {vt}  :: To rent out, to let, to hire out something
affittasi {m}  :: for rent (sign or announcement)
affitto {m}  :: rent
affitto {m}  :: renting, hiring
affittuario {m}  :: householder
affittuario {m}  :: lessee, tenant
afflato {m}  :: breath
afflato {m}  :: inspiration
afflato {m}  :: puff
affliggendo {v}  :: gerund of affliggere
affliggendosi {v}  :: gerund of affliggersi
affliggere {vt}  :: to grieve
affliggere {vt}  :: to trouble
affliggersi {vr}  :: reflexive form of affliggere
affliggersi {vr}  :: to grieve (over)
affliggersi {vr}  :: to worry (over)
afflizione {f}  :: affliction, grief, sorrow
afflizione {f}  :: suffering, tribulation
afflosciamento {m}  :: floppiness
afflosciamento {m}  :: wilt
afflosciando {v}  :: gerund of afflosciare
afflosciandosi {v}  :: gerund of afflosciarsi
afflosciare {vt}  :: to make something flabby or limp
afflosciare {vt}  :: to soften
afflosciarsi {vr}  :: reflexive form of afflosciare
afflosciarsi {vr}  :: to become flabby; to sag
afflosciarsi {vr}  :: to become limp
afflosciarsi {vr}  :: to collapse
affluendo {v}  :: gerund of affluire
affluente {m}  :: tributary
affluenza {f}  :: attendance, turnout
affluire {vi}  :: to flow
affluire {vi}  :: to pour in or into
afflusso {m}  :: flow
afflusso {m}  :: influx
affocando {v}  :: gerund of affocare
affocare {v}  :: to burn
affogamento {m}  :: drowning
affogando {v}  :: gerund of affogare
affogare {vi}  :: to drown
affogare {vi}  :: to smother (affogato nella crema-smothered in cream)
affogato {adj}  :: drowned
affogato {adj}  :: poached [cooking]
affogliamento {m}  :: renewal of the sheet of coupons on securities
affollamento {m}  :: crowd
affollamento {m}  :: crowding
affollando {v}  :: gerund of affollare
affollandosi {v}  :: gerund of affollarsi
affollare {vt}  :: to crowd, pack, throng
affollarsi {vr}  :: reflexive form of affollare
affollarsi {vr}  :: to crowd, flock
affollarsi {vr}  :: to fill, fill up, be crowded
affollatissimo {adj}  :: Very crowded
affollato {adj}  :: crowded, packed
affondabile {adj}  :: sinkable
affondamento {m}  :: dropping (of an anchor)
affondamento {m}  :: sinking (of a ship)
affondamine {m} [nautical]  :: minelayer
affondando {v}  :: gerund of affondare
affondare {v}  :: to dig or plunge (the teeth or a spade into something)
affondare {v}  :: to drop something to the bottom of the sea
affondare {v}  :: to sink or founder
affondare {v}  :: to sink something
affondo {m}  :: lunge
afforestamento {m}  :: forestation, reforestation
afforestando {v}  :: gerund of afforestare
afforestare {vt}  :: To reforest
affossamento {m}  :: ditch
affossamento {m}  :: hollow (shallow valley)
affossando {v}  :: gerund of affossare
affossare {vt}  :: To shelve or put aside
affossatore {m}  :: digger, ditcher (machine or person)
affossatore {m}  :: gravedigger
affossatura {f}  :: ditching
affossatura {f}  :: ditch (or system of ditches)
affrancabile {adj}  :: That can be enfranchised
affrancabile {adj}  :: That can be stamped; stampable (of postal mail)
affrancamento {m}  :: freeing, liberation
affrancando {v}  :: gerund of affrancare
affrancandosi {v}  :: gerund of affrancarsi
affrancare {vt}  :: to enfranchise
affrancare {vt}  :: to frank, postmark
affrancare {vt}  :: to liberate, free
affrancare {vt}  :: to redeem
affrancare {vt}  :: to stamp (put stamps on an envelope, etc.)
affrancarsi {vr}  :: reflexive form of affrancare
affrancarsi {v}  :: to free, liberate oneself
affrancato {adj}  :: emancipated
affrancato {adj}  :: free
affrancatore {adj}  :: liberating
affrancatore {m}  :: liberator
affrancatrice {f}  :: franking machine
affrancatura {f}  :: franking, stamping
affrancatura {f}  :: postage
affrancazione {f}  :: enfranchisement
affrangendo {v}  :: gerund of affrangere
affrangere {vt}  :: To exhaust
affranto {adj}  :: overcome (with)
affratellamento {m}  :: fellowship, camaraderie
affratellamento {m}  :: fraternization
affratellando {v}  :: gerund of affratellare
affratellandosi {v}  :: gerund of affratellarsi
affratellare {vt}  :: To unite in comradeship
affratellarsi {vr}  :: To fraternize
affratellato {adj}  :: united (people)
affreddamento {m}  :: cooling (alternative form of raffreddamento)
affrenando {v}  :: gerund of affrenare
affrenare {vt}  :: To restrain or hold back
affrescando {v}  :: gerund of affrescare
affrescare {vt}  :: to fresco
affrescare {vt}  :: to refresh
affrescato {adj}  :: frescoed
affreschista {f} [arts]  :: fresco painter
affresco {m}  :: fresco
affrettando {m} [music]  :: affrettando
affrettando {v}  :: gerund of affrettare
affrettandosi {v}  :: gerund of affrettarsi
affrettare {vt}  :: To hasten, to hurry up, to speed up, to quicken, to rush
affrettarsi {vr}  :: reflexive form of affrettare
affrettarsi {v}  :: to hurry, hurry up, rush, hasten, race, make haste
affrettatamente {adv}  :: hastily, hurriedly
affrettato {adj}  :: rush, hurried, hasty
affricata {f}  :: affricative
affricato {adj}  :: affricative
affricazione {f} [linguistics]  :: affrication
affrontabile {adj}  :: confrontable
affrontando {v}  :: gerund of affrontare
affrontandosi {v}  :: gerund of affrontarsi
affrontar {v}  :: apocopic form of affrontare
affrontare {v}  :: to brave or tackle something
affrontare {v}  :: to cope with something
affrontare {v}  :: to deal with or handle something
affrontare {v}  :: to encounter someone or something
affrontare {v}  :: to face or confront something
affrontare {v}  :: to take on
affrontarsi {vr}  :: To clash, to meet, to conflict
affrontatura {f}  :: flush joint
affronto {m}  :: affront, insult
affumicamento {m}  :: blackening
affumicamento {m}  :: curing (with smoke)
affumicamento {m}  :: smoking (of food)
affumicando {v}  :: gerund of affumicare
affumicare {vt}  :: To smoke (fish, meat, etc.)
affumicatoio {m}  :: smokehouse
affumicatura {f}  :: smoking (process, of food)
affuocando {v}  :: gerund of affuocare
affuocare {v}  :: rare form of affocare
affusolando {v}  :: gerund of affusolare
affusolare {vt}  :: To taper
affusolato {adj}  :: tapering
affusolato {adj}  :: willowy
affusto {m} [military]  :: gun carriage
afgana {f}  :: Afghan (female)
Afganistan {prop}  :: alternative spelling of Afghanistan
afgano {adj}  :: alternative spelling of afghano
afgano {m}  :: alternative spelling of afghano
afghana {f}  :: Afghan (female)
Afghanistan {prop}  :: Afghanistan
afghano {adj}  :: Afghan
afghano {m}  :: Afghan, Afghani
AFI {initialism}  :: IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet)
afide {m}  :: aphid
a fior d'acqua {phrase}  :: at the water's edge
a fiori {adj}  :: flowery, flowered, floral
AFIS {abbr}  :: Amministrazione Fiduciaria Italiana della Somalia (Italian Administration of Somalia), a United Nations trust territory
aflatossina {f}  :: aflatoxin
afnio {n}  :: hafnium
afocale {adj}  :: afocal
a fondo {adv}  :: plunge
a fondo {adv}  :: thoroughly, narrowly
afonia {f}  :: aphonia
afono {adj}  :: aphonic
afono {adj}  :: hoarse
aforisma {m}  :: aphorism
aforista {f}  :: aphorist (female)
aforista {m}  :: aphorist (male or of unspecified sex)
aforisticamente {adv}  :: aphoristically
aforistico {adj}  :: aphoristic
afosità {f}  :: sultriness
afoso {adj}  :: sultry, muggy
afotico {adj}  :: aphotic
Africa {prop}  :: Africa
africana {f}  :: An African woman
africander {m}  :: Afrikaner, Afrikander
africanismo {m}  :: Africanism
africanista {f}  :: Africanist
africanistica {f}  :: African studies
africanizzando {v}  :: gerund of africanizzare
africanizzare {vt}  :: to Africanize
africanizzazione {f}  :: Africanization
africano {adj}  :: African
africano {m}  :: African
africo {adj}  :: African
africo {m}  :: Hot, dry wind from the southwest
afrihili {f}  :: Afrihili
afrikaans {n}  :: Afrikaans (language)
afro {adj}  :: African
afro {adj}  :: sharp, tart, sour, acerbic, bitter (Variant of: aspro)
afro- {prefix}  :: Afro-
afroamericano {adj}  :: Afro-American
afro-americano {adj}  :: alternative spelling of afroamericano
afroamericano {m}  :: Afro-American
afro-americano {m}  :: alternative spelling of afroamericano
afroasiatico {adj}  :: Afro-Asiatic
afrocanadese {adj}  :: Afro-Canadian
afrocubano {adj}  :: Afro-Cuban
afrodiscendente {adj}  :: Having African ancestry
afrodisiaco {adj}  :: aphrodisiac
afrodisiaco {m}  :: aphrodisiac
afrodite {f}  :: sea mouse (of genus Aphrodite)
Afrodite {prop}  :: Aphrodite (mythology)
afrometro {m}  :: aphrometer
afroportoghese {adj}  :: Afro-Portuguese
afrore {m}  :: body odour (or similar smell)
afrore {m}  :: stench, reek
afroroso {adj}  :: reeking (very smelly)
afrosità {f}  :: frothing or foaming (of wine)
afroso {adj}  :: alternative form of afroroso
afroterio {m}  :: afrotherian
afta {f}  :: ulcerated blister
afta epizootica {f}  :: foot-and-mouth disease
aftoso {adj}  :: aphthous
agalassia {f} [medicine]  :: agalactia, agalactosis
agalattia {f} [medicine]  :: agalactia
a galla {adv}  :: afloat, floating
Agamennone {prop}  :: Agamemnon
agametico {adj}  :: agametic
agamia {f}  :: agamogenesis
agamicamente {adv}  :: agamically
agamico {adj} [biology]  :: agamic
agammaglobulinemia {f} [medicine]  :: agammaglobulinemia
agapanto {m}  :: African lily (of genus Agapanthus)
Agapito {prop}  :: male given name
agarico {m}  :: agaric (of genus Agaricus)
agarosio {m} [carbohydrate]  :: agarose
agata {f} [mineralogy]  :: agate
Agata {prop}  :: female given name, cognate to English Agatha
agatato {adj}  :: agate (attributive)
Agatino {prop}  :: male given name
Agato {prop}  :: male given name
Agatocle {prop}  :: male given name
Agatodoro {prop}  :: male given name
Agatone {prop}  :: male given name
agave {f}  :: agave
Agazio {prop}  :: male given name
Agazzi {prop}  :: A small town in the province or Arezzo in Tuscany
Agazzi {prop}  :: Italian surname
agemina {f}  :: intarsia, damascening
ageminatura {f}  :: damascening (type of inlay work)
agenda {f}  :: diary
agenda {f}  :: planner (notebook)
agendina {f}  :: pocketbook
agendo {v}  :: gerund of agire
agenesia {f} [pathology]  :: agenesis
Agenore {prop}  :: male given name
agente {m}  :: agent, representative
agente {m}  :: constable, low rank police officier from "polizia"
Agente Arancio {n}  :: Agent Orange
agente di polizia {m}  :: police officer, policeman
agente immobiliare {mf}  :: estate agent, realtor, real estate broker, real estate agent
agentivo {adj}  :: agentive
agenzia {f}  :: agency, bureau
agenzia {f}  :: branch office
Agenzia delle Entrate {prop}  :: The agency of the Italian government that collects tax and enforces the tax laws, analogously to the Internal Revenue Service of the Unites States of America
Agesilao {prop}  :: male given name
agevolabile {adj}  :: That can be facilitated
agevolando {v}  :: gerund of agevolare
agevolare {v}  :: to help someone with something
agevolare {v}  :: to make something easy; to facilitate
agevolativo {adj}  :: concessionary
agevolativo {adj}  :: facilitating
agevolato {adj}  :: simplified, made easy; facilitated
agevolazione {f}  :: facilitation (economic)
agevole {adj}  :: easy
agevole {adj}  :: smooth (road surface etc)
agevolezza {f}  :: ease
agevolmente {adv}  :: easily
agflazione {f}  :: agflation
agganciabile {adj}  :: That can be hooked, attachable
agganciamento {m}  :: coupling
agganciamento {m}  :: docking (especially of spacecraft)
agganciamento {m}  :: hooking, clasping, fastening
agganciando {v}  :: gerund of agganciare
agganciandosi {v}  :: gerund of agganciarsi
agganciaponte {m}  :: Short metal chain used to join members of a structure (such as scaffolding poles)
agganciare {vt}  :: to catch [detain someone]
agganciare {vt}  :: to couple [parts of a train, etc.]
agganciare {vt}  :: to dock [especially spacecraft]
agganciare {vt}  :: to hang up [the phone]
agganciare {vt}  :: to hook
agganciare {vt}  :: to peg, adjust
agganciarsi {vr}  :: reflexive form of agganciare
agganciarsi {v}  :: to become hooked, caught up, entangled
agganciato {adj}  :: coupled
agganciato {adj}  :: hooked
aggancio {m}  :: contact
aggancio {m}  :: coupling
aggecchimento {m}  :: degradation
aggecchimento {m}  :: prostration
aggeggio {m}  :: gadget, contraption
aggelando {v}  :: gerund of aggelare
aggelare {v} [obsolete]  :: To freeze
aggeminazione {f}  :: Variant of geminazione
Aggeo {prop}  :: male given name
aggettando {v}  :: gerund of aggettare
aggettante {adj}  :: jutting (out)
aggettante {adj}  :: overhanging
aggettare {vi}  :: to jut (out)
aggettare {vi}  :: to overhang
aggettivale {adj}  :: adjectival
aggettivando {v}  :: gerund of aggettivare
aggettivare {vt}  :: To adjectivize
aggettivato {adj}  :: attributive (used as an adjective)
aggettivazione {f} [grammar]  :: adjectival use; use of adjectives
aggettivo {m}  :: adjective
aggettivogeno {adj} [grammar]  :: attributive (of a noun, functioning as an adjective)
aggetto {m}  :: lug, boss
aggetto {m}  :: overhang, jut
agghiacciando {v}  :: gerund of agghiacciare
agghiacciante {adj}  :: bloodcurdling
agghiacciante {adj}  :: freezing
agghiacciare {vi}  :: To freeze
agghiacciare {vt}  :: To freeze
agghiacciare {vt}  :: To frighten
agghindamento {m}  :: dressing up
agghindando {v}  :: gerund of agghindare
agghindandosi {v}  :: gerund of agghindarsi
agghindare {vt} [nautical]  :: to hoist; to weigh [the anchor]
agghindare {vt}  :: to dress up, deck out, doll up
agghindare {vt}  :: to spiff up
agghindarsi {vr}  :: reflexive form of agghindare
agghindarsi {v}  :: to dress oneself up, deck oneself out, primp
agghindarsi {v}  :: to spiff up
agghindarsi {v}  :: to spruce up
agghindato {adj} [of a person]  :: neat and well-dressed
agghindato {adj}  :: well-groomed
-aggine {suffix}  :: -cy or -ness e,g. testardaggine, obstinacy or stubbornness
aggio {m} [economics]  :: premium
-aggio {suffix}  :: forms nouns that have the meaning of the operation of a corresponding verb
aggiogando {v}  :: gerund of aggiogare
aggiogare {vt}  :: to subjugate [people]
aggiogare {vt}  :: to yoke [animals]
aggiornabile {adj}  :: updatable, upgradable
aggiornabilità {f}  :: updatability, upgradability
aggiornamento {m}  :: adjournment, recess
aggiornamento {m}  :: update, updating
aggiornando {v}  :: gerund of aggiornare
aggiornandosi {v}  :: gerund of aggiornarsi
aggiornare {vt}  :: to postpone, put off
aggiornare {vt}  :: to revise
aggiornare {vt}  :: to update
aggiornarsi {vr}  :: reflexive form of aggiornare
aggiornarsi {v}  :: to keep oneself up to date
aggiornatissimo {adj}  :: latest, freshest (news)
aggiornatissimo {adj}  :: Very updated
aggiornato {adj}  :: fresh, new, current
aggiornato {adj}  :: updated, up-to-date
aggiotaggio {m}  :: rigging or manipulating the stock market
aggiotatore {m}  :: jobber (in a stock exchange)
aggiotatore {m}  :: rigger
aggiottaggio {m} [finance, legal]  :: market manipulation, agiotage
aggirabile {adj}  :: That can be bypassed or circumvented; avoidable
aggiramento {m}  :: encircling, outflanking
aggirando {v}  :: gerund of aggirare
aggirandosi {v}  :: gerund of aggirarsi
aggirare {vt} [military]  :: to outflank
aggirare {vt}  :: to bypass, circumvent, go around, get around
aggirarsi {v} [of a price or amount of money]  :: to be about, be around
aggirarsi {vr}  :: reflexive form of aggirare
aggirarsi {v}  :: to wander, roam, prowl
aggiudicando {v}  :: gerund of aggiudicare
aggiudicandosi {v}  :: gerund of aggiudicarsi
aggiudicare {v}  :: to adjudge
aggiudicare {v}  :: to award something to somebody
aggiudicare {v}  :: to knock down (sell something at auction)
aggiudicare {v}  :: to obtain, win
aggiudicarsi {vr}  :: reflexive form of aggiudicare
aggiudicarsi {v}  :: to win, be awarded
aggiudicatario {m}  :: contractor
aggiudicatario {m}  :: highest or lowest bidder; winner (in an auction)
aggiudicativo {adj}  :: adjudicative
aggiudicativo {adj}  :: award (attributive)
aggiudicatore {adj}  :: adjudication (attributive)
aggiudicazione {f}  :: award
aggiudicazione {f}  :: knocking down (at an auction)
aggiungendo {v}  :: gerund of aggiungere
aggiungendosi {v}  :: gerund of aggiungersi
aggiungere {vt}  :: to add, to append
aggiungere esca al fuoco {phrase}  :: to add fuel to fire
aggiungersi {vr} [of person]  :: to join
aggiungersi {vr} [of thing]  :: to be added to, come on top of
aggiungersi {vr}  :: reflexive form of aggiungere
aggiunta {f}  :: addition, inclusion
aggiunta {f}  :: extension (of a building)
aggiuntando {v}  :: gerund of aggiuntare
aggiuntare {vt}  :: to join, fasten
aggiuntare {vt}  :: to stitch (together)
aggiuntatore {m}  :: vamper
aggiuntatura {f}  :: joining, stitching
aggiuntatura {f}  :: joint, stitch
aggiuntatura {f}  :: seam (of a garment)
aggiuntivo {adj}  :: additional, extra, supplementary
aggiunto {adj}  :: assistant, deputy, associate
aggiunto {adj} [maths]  :: adjoint
aggiunto {m}  :: assistant
aggiunzione {f}  :: addition, inclusion
aggiustabile {adj}  :: repairable, mendable
aggiustaggio {m}  :: adjustment
aggiustamento {m}  :: adjustment
aggiustando {v}  :: gerund of aggiustare
aggiustandosi {v}  :: gerund of aggiustarsi
aggiustare {vt}  :: to alter [clothes, etc.]
aggiustare {vt}  :: to correct
aggiustare {vt}  :: to repair, mend
aggiustare {vt}  :: to settle [an argument]
aggiustarsi {vr}  :: reflexive form of aggiustare
aggiustarsi {vr}  :: to come to an agreement
aggiustarsi {vr}  :: to settle up
aggiustarsi {vr}  :: to tidy oneself up
aggiustatura {f}  :: repairing, mending
aggiustatura {f}  :: repair, mend
agglomeramento {m}  :: agglomeration
agglomeramento {m}  :: throng, crowd
agglomerando {v}  :: gerund of agglomerare
agglomerandosi {v}  :: gerund of agglomerarsi
agglomerare {vt}  :: to agglomerate
agglomerarsi {vr}  :: reflexive form of agglomerare
agglomerarsi {v}  :: to agglomerate
agglomerato {m}  :: agglomeration
agglomerato {m}  :: conglomerate
agglomerazione {f}  :: agglomeration
agglomerazione {f}  :: concentration
agglomerazione {f}  :: throng, crowd
agglutinamento {m}  :: agglutination (all senses)
agglutinando {v}  :: gerund of agglutinare
agglutinante {adj}  :: agglutinative
agglutinante {m}  :: agglutinant, binder
agglutinare {v}  :: To agglutinate
agglutinazione {f}  :: agglutination
agglutinina {f} [biochemistry]  :: agglutinin
agglutinogeno {m} [biochemistry]  :: agglutinogen
aggomitolando {v}  :: gerund of aggomitolare
aggomitolandosi {v}  :: gerund of aggomitolarsi
aggomitolare {vt}  :: To wind
aggomitolarsi {vr}  :: To curl up
aggottamento {m}  :: bailing (out)
aggottamento {m}  :: draining
aggottamento {m}  :: pumping (out)
aggottando {v}  :: gerund of aggottare
aggottare {vt} [nautical]  :: to bail or bail out
aggradare {vi}  :: To be pleased
aggradazione {f} [geology]  :: aggradation
aggraffando {v}  :: gerund of aggraffare
aggraffare {vt}  :: to clamp
aggraffare {vt}  :: to seam
aggraffare {vt}  :: to seize, clutch, grasp
aggraffatrice {f}  :: seaming machine
aggraffatura {f}  :: seam
aggraffatura {f}  :: seaming
aggrappando {v}  :: gerund of aggrappare
aggrappandosi {v}  :: gerund of aggrapparsi
aggrappare {vt}  :: To grapple
aggrapparsi {vr}  :: reflexive form of aggrappare
aggrapparsi {vr}  :: to cling (to)
aggravamento {m}  :: increase
aggravamento {m}  :: worsening
aggravando {v}  :: gerund of aggravare
aggravandosi {v}  :: gerund of aggravarsi
aggravante {adj}  :: aggravating
aggravante {m}  :: aggravation
aggravare {v}  :: to increase (a penalty)
aggravare {v}  :: to worsen or aggravate
aggravarsi {vr}  :: reflexive form of aggravare
aggravarsi {v}  :: to worsen, get worse
aggravio {m}  :: increase, burden
aggraziando {v}  :: gerund of aggraziare
aggraziare {vt}  :: To prettify or beautify
aggraziatamente {adv}  :: gracefully
aggraziato {adj}  :: graceful
aggredendo {v}  :: gerund of aggredire
aggredire {vt}  :: To attack, to assault, to mug, to tackle
aggredita {f}  :: victim of an attack (female)
aggredito {m}  :: victim (of an attack)
aggregabile {adj}  :: aggregable
aggregabilità {f}  :: aggregability
aggregamento {m}  :: aggregation
aggregando {v}  :: gerund of aggregare
aggregante {adj}  :: aggregating
aggregare {vt}  :: to admit [someone to something]
aggregare {vt}  :: to aggregate
aggregare {vt}  :: to include [someone in something]
aggregarsi {vr}  :: reflexive form of aggregare
aggregarsi {vr}  :: to become part of a group
aggregarsi {vr}  :: to join
aggregativo {adj}  :: aggregative, associative
aggregato {adj}  :: aggregated
aggregato {adj}  :: associated
aggregato {adj}  :: embedded
aggregato {m}  :: aggregate (all senses)
aggregato {m} [Buddhism]  :: skandha
aggregatore {m} [computing]  :: aggregator
aggregazione {f}  :: aggregation
aggressione {f}  :: aggression, attack, assault, mugging
aggressivamente {adv}  :: aggressively
aggressività {f}  :: aggressiveness
aggressivo {adj}  :: aggressive
aggressore {m}  :: aggressor, attacker, assailant, mugger
aggrinzando {v}  :: gerund of aggrinzare
aggrinzandosi {v}  :: gerund of aggrinzarsi
aggrinzare {vi}  :: To shrivel
aggrinzare {vt}  :: To wrinkle
aggrinzarsi {vr}  :: reflexive form of aggrinzare
aggrinzarsi {v}  :: to wrinkle, shrivel
aggrinzendo {v}  :: gerund of aggrinzire
aggrinzendosi {v}  :: gerund of aggrinzirsi
aggrinzire {vi}  :: to shrivel
aggrinzire {vt}  :: to wrinkle
aggrinzirsi {vr}  :: reflexive form of aggrinzire
aggrinzirsi {v}  :: to wrinkle, shrivel
aggrinzito {adj}  :: shrivelled
aggrinzito {adj}  :: wrinkled
aggrondando {v}  :: gerund of aggrondare
aggrondandosi {v}  :: gerund of aggrondarsi
aggrondare {vt}  :: to contract
aggrondare {vt}  :: to wrinkle
aggrondarsi {vr}  :: reflexive form of aggrondare
aggrondarsi {vr}  :: to darken
aggrondarsi {vr}  :: to frown
aggrondato {adj}  :: frowning, sullen
aggroppando {v}  :: gerund of aggroppare
aggroppare {v} [obsolete]  :: To entangle
aggrottamento {m}  :: frowning
aggrottando {v}  :: gerund of aggrottare
aggrottare {vt}  :: To contract a surface and make ripples
aggrottare le sopracciglia {v}  :: to furrow one's brow
aggrovigliamento {m}  :: complication
aggrovigliamento {m}  :: entanglement
aggrovigliando {v}  :: gerund of aggrovigliare
aggrovigliandosi {v}  :: gerund of aggrovigliarsi
aggrovigliare {vt}  :: to complicate
aggrovigliare {vt}  :: to tangle, entangle, muddle
aggrovigliarsi {vr}  :: reflexive form of aggrovigliare
aggrovigliarsi {vr}  :: to become complicated
aggrovigliarsi {vr}  :: to become tangled
aggrumando {v}  :: gerund of aggrumare
aggrumandosi {v}  :: gerund of aggrumarsi
aggrumare {vit}  :: to clot, coagulate, curdle
aggrumarsi {vr}  :: reflexive form of aggrumare
aggrumarsi {v}  :: to clot, coagulate, curdle
aggrumato {adj}  :: clotted, curdled, coagulated
aggruppamento {m}  :: grouping, cluster
aggruppando {v}  :: gerund of aggruppare
aggruppandosi {v}  :: gerund of aggrupparsi
aggruppare {v}  :: Variant of raggruppare
aggrupparsi {v}  :: Variant of raggrupparsi
agguagliabile {adj}  :: That can be equalled
agguagliando {v}  :: gerund of agguagliare
agguagliandosi {v}  :: gerund of agguagliarsi
agguagliare {vt}  :: to adapt, conform
agguagliare {vt}  :: to equal, match
agguagliarsi {vr}  :: reflexive form of agguagliare
agguagliarsi {v}  :: to compare oneself (to)
agguantando {v}  :: gerund of agguantare
agguantare {vt}  :: To catch or grab
agguato {m}  :: ambush
agguato {m}  :: trap
aggueffando {v}  :: gerund of aggueffare
aggueffare {v} [obsolete]  :: To wind
agguerrendo {v}  :: gerund of agguerrire
agguerrendosi {v}  :: gerund of agguerrirsi
agguerrimento {m}  :: battle training
agguerrimento {m}  :: strengthening
agguerrire {vt} [originally]  :: to train for war
agguerrire {vt}  :: to harden, temper, strengthen
agguerrirsi {vr} [originally]  :: to train for war
agguerrirsi {vr}  :: reflexive form of agguerrire
agguerrirsi {vr}  :: to become battle-hardened
agguerrito {adj}  :: fierce
agguerrito {adj}  :: warlike
agherbino {m}  :: rare form of garbino
aghetto {m}  :: aglet (tip of shoelace)
aghetto {m}  :: aiguillette (military)
aghifoglia {f}  :: conifer (or similar plant)
aghiforme {adj}  :: needle-shaped
agiatamente {adv}  :: comfortably
agiatezza {f}  :: comfort, ease, affluence
agiato {adj}  :: comfortable, well-off, well-to-do, leisured
agibile {adj}  :: feasible
agibile {adj}  :: habitable
agibile {adj}  :: operable, practicable, accomplishable
agibile {adj}  :: useable (especially of a road)
agibilità {f}  :: compliance
agibilità {f}  :: occupancy
agile {adj}  :: agile, nimble
agilissimo {adj}  :: Very agile, very nimble
agilità {f}  :: agility, nimbleness
agilmente {adv}  :: agilely, nimbly, dexterously
Agilulfo {prop}  :: male given name
agio {m}  :: ease, comfort
agio {m}  :: luxury, comfort
agio- {prefix}  :: hagio- [saints]
agiografia {f}  :: hagiography
agiograficamente {adv}  :: hagiographically
agiografico {adj}  :: hagiographic
agiografo {m}  :: hagiographer
agiologia {f}  :: hagiology
agiologia {f}  :: The critical study of literature relating to the lives of the saints
agiologo {m}  :: hagiologist
agionimo {m}  :: agionym
a giorni {adv}  :: in a few days
agiotoponimo {m}  :: agio-toponym
agire {vi} [legal]  :: To proceed (against)
agire {vi} [medicine]  :: To affect (part of the body etc)
agire {vi} [psychology]  :: To act out
agire {vi}  :: To act or operate
agire {vi}  :: To behave
agire {vi}  :: To take effect
agire {vi}  :: To work, run or function
agitabile {adj}  :: excitable
agitabile {adj}  :: shakable
agitando {v}  :: gerund of agitare
agitandosi {v}  :: gerund of agitarsi
agitare {vt}  :: to incite
agitare {vt}  :: to shake, agitate
agitare {vt}  :: to trouble
agitare {vt}  :: to wave [the hand]
agitarsi {vr}  :: reflexive form of agitare
agitarsi {vr}  :: to agitate
agitarsi {vr}  :: to fidget
agitarsi {vr}  :: to stir
agitarsi {vr}  :: to sway [branches, etc.]
agitatissimo {adj}  :: Very rough (sea)
agitatissimo {adj}  :: Very worried, very agitated
agitato {adj}  :: restless, fidgety
agitato {adj}  :: rough [sea]
agitato {adj}  :: worried or excited
agitato {adj}  :: wrought-up
agitato {m}  :: a manic patient
agitatore {m}  :: instigator, agitator, inciter, abettor
agitatrice {f}  :: instigator, agitator, inciter, abettor
agitazione {f}  :: agitation
agitazione {f}  :: unrest
agit-prop {mf}  :: agitprop
agli {contraction}  :: (contraction of a gli) at the, to the
-aglia {suffix}  :: used to create female collective pejorative nouns
agliaceo {adj}  :: garlicky (smelling or tasting of garlic)
agliaio {m}  :: garlic bed
agliaio {m}  :: garlic field
Agliana {prop}  :: A town in the Pistoia province of Tuscany
aglianese {adj}  :: Of or from Agliana
agliata {f}  :: A sauce made of garlic, vinegar and breadcrumbs.
aglietto {m}  :: young garlic
aglio {m}  :: garlic
aglutinato {adj}  :: gluten-free
agnatia {f} [pathology]  :: agnathia
agnatico {adj}  :: agnatic
agnatizio {adj} [legal]  :: agnatic, agnate
agnato {m} [legal]  :: agnate
agnato {m} [zoology, ichthyology]  :: agnath, agnathan, jawless fish, lamprey
agnazione {f} [legal]  :: agnation
agnella {f}  :: lamb (female animal)
agnelletto {m}  :: lambswool
agnellino {m}  :: A mild and sweet-natured person
agnellino {m}  :: lamb (young sheep)
agnello {m}  :: lamb
Agnello {prop}  :: male given name
agnellone {m}  :: hogget
Agnese {prop}  :: female given name, cognate to English Agnes
Agnesio {prop}  :: male given name
agniyoga {m}  :: Agni yoga
agnizione {f}  :: recognition
agnocasto {m}  :: chaste tree (Vitex agnus-castus)
agnolotto {m}  :: a type of round or rectangular raviolo from Piedmont made from a small sheet of pasta folded up
agnosia {f}  :: agnosia
agnostica {f}  :: agnostic (female)
agnosticamente {adv}  :: agnostically
agnosticismo {m}  :: agnosticism
agnostico {adj}  :: agnostic
agnostico {m}  :: agnostic
ago {m}  :: needle
agoaspirato {m} [medicine]  :: fine-needle aspiration
agoaspirazione {f} [medicine]  :: fine-needle aspiration
ago di pino {m}  :: pine needle
agogica {f} [music]  :: agogic
agogico {adj}  :: agogic
agognando {v}  :: gerund of agognare
agognare {vit}  :: to aspire
agognare {vit}  :: to yearn, long (for)
agone {m}  :: agon (all senses); contest, competition; battlefield
agone {m}  :: shad (Alosa agone)
agonia {f}  :: agony
agonico {adj}  :: agonal
agonismo {m}  :: agonism
agonismo {m}  :: competitiveness
agonista {adj}  :: agonistic
agonista {f}  :: agonist
agonista {f}  :: agonistic muscle
agonistica {f} [sports]  :: athletics
agonisticamente {adv}  :: competitively
agonistico {adj}  :: competitive, agonistic
agonizzando {v}  :: gerund of agonizzare
agonizzante {adj}  :: dying, moribund, on the point of death
agonizzare {vi}  :: to be dying, dying out
agonizzare {vi}  :: to be in decline
agopressione {f}  :: acupressure
agopuntore {m}  :: acupuncturist
agopuntura {f}  :: acupuncture
agorà {m}  :: agora
agorafobia {f}  :: agoraphobia
agorafobo {m}  :: agoraphobic (person)
agoraio {m}  :: needle case
agostano {adj}  :: August (attributive)
agostiniano {adj}  :: Augustinian
agostiniano {m}  :: Augustinian
agostinismo {m}  :: Augustinianism
Agostino {prop}  :: male given name
agosto {m}  :: August
agrafia {f}  :: agraphia
agrammatismo {m}  :: agrammatism
a grandi linee {adv}  :: in outline, broadly, broadly speaking
agranulare {adj}  :: agranular
agranulocita {m}  :: agranulocyte
agranulocitosi {f} [pathology]  :: agranulocytosis
agraria {f}  :: agriculture
agrario {adj}  :: agrarian
agrario {adj}  :: agricultural
agrario {m}  :: landowner
agrarizzando {v}  :: gerund of agrarizzare
agrarizzare {v}  :: To agrarianize
agrarizzazione {f}  :: agrarianization / agrarianisation
agreement {m}  :: agreement (pact, accord)
agremano {m}  :: decorative, braided border
agreste {adj}  :: rustic
agrestemente {adv}  :: rustically
agrestezza {f}  :: crudity
agrestezza {f}  :: rusticity
agresto {m}  :: verjuice
agretto {adj}  :: sour or sharp (tasting)
agretto {m}  :: A sour or sharp taste
agretto {m}  :: cress
agrezza {f}  :: acrimony
agrezza {f}  :: sourness, acidity
agri- {prefix}  :: agri-
agribusiness {m}  :: agribusiness
agricola {m}  :: farmer
agricolo {adj}  :: agricultural
agricolo {adj}  :: farm (attributive)
agricolo {adj}  :: farming
agricoltore {m}  :: farmer
agricoltrice {f}  :: farmer (female)
agricoltura {f}  :: agriculture
agricoltura biologica {f} [agriculture]  :: organic farming
agrifoglio {m} [plant]  :: holly
agrigentino {adj}  :: Of or relating to Agrigento or the Agrigento people
agrigentino {m}  :: A native or inhabitant of Agrigento
Agrigento {prop}  :: Agrigento (province)
Agrigento {prop}  :: Agrigento (town)
agrigno {adj}  :: Rather sour (Variant of: asprigno)
agrimensore {m}  :: agricultural cartographer or surveyor
agrimensura {f}  :: agricultural cartography or surveying
agrimonia {f}  :: agrimony
Agrinio {prop}  :: Agrinion, Agrinion
agrippina {f}  :: chaise longue
Agrippino {prop}  :: male given name
agriturismo {m}  :: agritourism
agriturismo {m}  :: (agritourism accomodation) farmhouse, country house
agriturista {f}  :: agritourism tourist
agrituristico {adj}  :: farm, country (attributive; of a holiday or a holiday resort)
agrizoofobia {f}  :: agrizoophobia
agro {adj}  :: sour, vinegary
agro {m}  :: countryside around a town
agro- {prefix}  :: agro- (agriculture)
agro- {prefix}  :: citrus (See also agrume)
agroalimentale {adj}  :: alternative form of agroalimentare
agroalimentare {adj}  :: food and agriculture (attributive), food (attributive)
agrobiologia {f} [biology]  :: agrobiology
agrobiologo {m}  :: agrobiologist
agrobiotecnologia {f}  :: agrobiotechnology
agrobiotecnologico {adj}  :: agrobiotechnological
agrochimica {f} [chemistry]  :: agrochemistry
agrochimico {adj}  :: agrochemical
agrocotto {m}  :: Concentrated citrus juice, used in the manufacture of citric acid
agrodolce {adj}  :: bittersweet
agrodolce {adj} [of a sauce]  :: sweet and sour
agrodolce {m}  :: sweet and sour sauce
agroecologia {f}  :: agroecology
agroecologo {m}  :: agroecologist
agroecosistema {m}  :: agricultural ecosystem
agrofarmaco {m}  :: pesticide (or similar agricultural chemical)
agroforestale {adj}  :: agroforestry (attributive)
agroglifo {m}  :: agriglyph
agroindustria {f}  :: agroindustry
agroindustriale {adj}  :: agroindustrial
agroingegneria {f}  :: agricultural engineering
agrologia {f}  :: agrology (agricultural science)
agrometeorologia {f}  :: agrometeorology
agrometeorologo {m}  :: agrometeorologist
agrometereologico {adj}  :: agrometeorological
agronica {f}  :: agricultural electronics and computing
agronoma {f}  :: agronomist (female)
agronomia {f}  :: agronomy
agronomico {adj}  :: agronomic
agronomo {m}  :: agronomist
agropastorale {adj}  :: agropastoral
agropiccante {adj} [of a sauce]  :: both sour and spicy
agropolese {adj}  :: Of or from Agropoli
Agropoli {prop}  :: A town in the Salerno province of Campania
agrore {m}  :: A sharp taste or smell
agrosilvicoltore {m}  :: agroforester
agrosilvicoltura {f}  :: agroforestry
agrosilvopastoralismo {m}  :: farming that includes agriculture and forestry together with the raising of animals
agrosistema {m}  :: agrosystem
agrostemma {m}  :: corncockle
agrostide {f}  :: bent (type of grass)
agrotecnico {adj}  :: agrotechnical
agrotecnico {m}  :: agricultural technician or technologist
agrozootecnia {f}  :: The science and technology associated with agriculture and animal husbandry
agrozootecnico {adj}  :: agrozootechnical
agrumario {adj}  :: citrus (fruit) ((attributive)
agrume {m}  :: citrus (fruit and tree)
agrumeto {m}  :: citrus grove
agrumicolo {adj}  :: citrus (attributive), citrus fruit (attributive)
agrumicoltore {m}  :: citrus grower
agrumicoltrice {f}  :: citrus grower (female)
agrumicoltura {f}  :: citrus growing; citrus cultivation
aguato {m}  :: alternative form of agguato
aguglia {f}  :: needlefish
agugliata {f}  :: alternative form of gugliata
agugliatore {m}  :: needleworker
aguglieria {f}  :: knitting
Aguinaldo {prop}  :: male given name
agumento {m}  :: alternative form of aumento
agumina {f}  :: alternative form of gomena
aguti {m}  :: agouti
aguto {adj}  :: alternative form of acuto
agutoli {n}  :: matrimony vine, boxthorn
aguzzando {v}  :: gerund of aguzzare
aguzzare {vt}  :: To sharpen
aguzzina {f}  :: (female) jailer
aguzzina {f}  :: (female) torturer, persecutor, tyrant
aguzzino {m}  :: jailer
aguzzino {m}  :: torturer, persecutor, tyrant
aguzzo {adj}  :: sharp
agyrofobia {f}  :: agyrophobia (fear of crossing the road)
ahi {interj}  :: ah!
ahi {interj}  :: ouch!
ahimè {interj}  :: alas!
ai {contraction}  :: a + i; at the, to the [+ a masculine noun in plural]
-ai {suffix}  :: Used with a stem to form the first-person singular past historic of -are verbs
aia {f}  :: farmyard (the square courtyard in the middle of a casa colonica)
aia {f}  :: threshing floor
aia {f}  :: tutor, teacher
-aia {suffix}  :: A suffix used to form agent nouns
-aia {suffix}  :: Used to form words, derived from nouns, meaning a great quantity of the named object
-aia {suffix}  :: Used to form words, derived from nouns, meaning a place or (more rarely) an animal associated with the specified object
Aia {prop}  :: The Hague
Aiace {prop}  :: Ajax
aiale {m}  :: A clearing in the woods where charcoal is made
aicmofobia {f}  :: aichmophobia
Aida {prop}  :: female given name
Aido {prop}  :: male given name
aiducco {m}  :: hajduk
aiduco {m}  :: alternative form of aiducco
ailanto {m}  :: ailanthus (tree)
Aimone {prop}  :: male given name
a incasso {adj}  :: Variant of ad incasso.
aio {m}  :: tutor, teacher
-aio {suffix}  :: A suffix used to form agent nouns
-aio {suffix}  :: Used to form words, derived from nouns, meaning a place or (more rarely) an animal associated with the specified object
aiola {f}  :: Variant of aiuola
aiolo {m}  :: Variant of aiuolo
-aiolo {suffix}  :: Used to form the names of those who practice a profession or perform an activity
-aiolo {suffix}  :: Used to form the names of tools
a iosa {adv}  :: in plenty, in abundance, galore, in great quantity
airbag {m}  :: airbag (protective system)
aire {m}  :: impulse
airone {m}  :: heron
airone bianco maggiore {m}  :: great egret, great white egret, white heron or common egret Ardea alba ( <= Casmerodius albus)
airone cenerino {m}  :: grey heron (Ardea cinerea)
airone guardabuoi {m}  :: cattle egret (Bubulcus ibis)
airone rosso {m}  :: purple heron (Ardea purpurea)
aitante {adj}  :: strong, sturdy
aiuola {f}  :: flowerbed, bed
aiuolo {m}  :: A net used for catching birds
aiutando {v}  :: gerund of aiutare
aiutandosi {v}  :: gerund of aiutarsi
aiutante {mf}  :: adjutant
aiutante {mf}  :: assistant
aiutante {mf}  :: helper
aiutante {mf}  :: master-at-arms
aiutare {vt}  :: to help, assist
aiutarsi {vr}  :: reflexive form of aiutare
aiutarsi {vr}  :: to help one another
aiutarsi {vr}  :: to help oneself
aiutati che Dio t'aiuta {proverb}  :: God helps those who help themselves
aiutino {m}  :: Little help, hint
aiuto {interj}  :: help!
aiuto {interj}  :: mayday!
aiuto {m}  :: help, assistance, aid
aiuto {m}  :: helper, assistant (person)
aiuto {m}  :: support
aizzamento {m}  :: provocation, incitement
aizzando {v}  :: gerund of aizzare
aizzare {vt}  :: to incite, rouse [to violence]
aizzare {vt}  :: to provoke
aizzatore {m}  :: instigator, agitator, inciter, abettor
aizzatrice {f}  :: instigator, agitator, inciter, abettor
Akragas {prop}  :: An ancient Greek city, part of modern Agrigento, in Sicily
al {contraction}  :: at the, to the (+ a masculine noun in singular)
alé {interj}  :: let's go!, come on!
Alì {prop}  :: Ali
ala {f}  :: wing
ala a delta {f}  :: delta wing
alabamio {m} [obsolete]  :: alabamine
alabardato {adj}  :: armed with a halberd
alabardato {adj}  :: in the form of a halberd
alabardiere {m}  :: halberdier
alabastrino {adj}  :: alabaster (attributive)
alabastrino {adj}  :: alabastrine
alabastro {m} [mineral]  :: alabaster
alaccia {f}  :: sardinella (especially Sardinella aurita)
alaccia {f}  :: shad (especially Alosa fallax)
Alachis {prop}  :: male given name
alacramente {adv}  :: indefatigably, tirelessly, unflaggingly, untiringly
alacre {adj}  :: brisk, alacritous
alacremente {adv}  :: eagerly
alacremente {adv}  :: lively
alacremente {adv}  :: promptly
alacremente {adv}  :: speedily
alacrità {f}  :: alacrity, promptness, celerity, readiness
Aladino {prop}  :: Aladdin
alaese {adj}  :: Of or from Alà dei Sardi
alaese {mf}  :: Native or inhabitant of Alà dei Sardi
alaggio {m} [nautical]  :: beaching
alaggio {m}  :: towing, towage
Alagis {prop}  :: male given name
Alahis {prop}  :: male given name
alamaro {m}  :: frog (for buttoning)
alambicco {m} [obsolete]  :: alembic
alambicco {m}  :: still (distillation apparatus)
alameticina {f} [medicine]  :: alamethicin
alando {v}  :: gerund of alare
alanina {f} [amino acid]  :: alanine
Alanno {prop}  :: A municipality in the province of Pescara , Italy
alano {m}  :: Great Dane
Alano {prop}  :: male given name, Italian equivalent to Alan
ala portante {f}  :: hydrofoil (A wing attached to the hull of a ship)
alare {adj} [anatomy]  :: alar
alare {adj}  :: wing (attributive)
alare {m}  :: firedog (in a fireplace)
alare {vt}  :: to haul [on a rope, etc.]
Alarico {prop}  :: male given name
Alassandro {prop}  :: A misspelling of Alessandro
alatrese {adj}  :: Of or from Alatri
Alatri {prop}  :: A town in the Frosinone province of Lazio
alba {f}  :: dawn, daybreak, break of day
albagia {f}  :: arrogance, haughtiness
albagio {m}  :: A rough, white cloth fabric
albagioso {adj}  :: haughty
albanella {f}  :: harrier - bird
albanella minore {f}  :: Montagu's harrier
albanella reale {f}  :: hen harrier
albanense {adj}  :: alternative form of albanese
albanense {adj}  :: Of or from Albano Laziale
albanese {adj}  :: Albanian
albanese {mf}  :: Albanian
albanese {prop}  :: Albanian (language)
Albanese {prop}  :: Italian surname, originally of someone from Albania
Albania {prop}  :: Albania
Albania caucasica {prop}  :: Caucasian Albania
Albano {prop}  :: Alban
albanofono {adj}  :: Albanian-speaking
Albano Laziale {prop}  :: A town in the Roma province of Lazio
albastrello {m}  :: marsh sandpiper (Tringa stagnatilis)
albatro {m}  :: albatross
albatro urlatore {m}  :: wandering albatross
albedo {f}  :: albedo (all senses)
albeggiamento {m}  :: dawning
albeggiando {v}  :: gerund of albeggiare
albeggiare {vi}  :: to dawn [all senses]
alberaggio {m} [nautical]  :: harbour dues
alberando {v}  :: gerund of alberare
alberare {vt} [nautical]  :: to mast (fit a mast to a vessel)
alberare {vt}  :: to plant with trees
alberato {adj}  :: tree-lined
alberatura {f} [nautical]  :: The masts of a ship considered as a whole
alberatura {f}  :: plantation (of trees)
alberello {m}  :: A cultivation technique of vines involving severe pruning
alberello {m}  :: (especially in plural) A sweet biscuit in the form of a Christmas tree
alberese {m}  :: A variety of limestone used to make lime and cement
Alberese {prop}  :: A district of Grosseto in Tuscany
albereta {f}  :: plantation (of trees)
albereto {m}  :: (Variant of: albereta) plantation (of trees)
albergaccio {m}  :: A cheap, unsavoury hotel; flophouse
albergagione {f}  :: hotel, inn
albergando {v}  :: gerund of albergare
albergare {vi}  :: To dwell
albergare {vt}  :: To accommodate
albergare {vt}  :: To harbour (sentiments)
albergatore {m}  :: hotelier
albergatrice {f}  :: hotelier (female)
alberghetto {m}  :: inn, guesthouse
alberghiero {adj}  :: hotel
albergo {m}  :: hotel, inn
Alberico {prop}  :: Aubrey
Alberigo {prop}  :: alternative form of Alberico
albero {m} [nautical]  :: mast
albero {m}  :: shaft, spindle
albero {m}  :: tree (all senses)
alberobellese {adj}  :: Of or from Alberobello
alberobellese {mf}  :: Someone from Alberobello
Alberobello {prop}  :: A small town in the Bari province of Puglia
albero cavo {m}  :: tree hollow
albero da frutto {m}  :: fruit tree
albero della cuccagna {m}  :: greasy pole (the pole of plenty)
albero della manna {m}  :: manna ash (tree, Fraxinus ornus)
albero del paradiso {m}  :: tree of heaven
albero di Giuda {m}  :: Judas tree
albero di Natale {m}  :: Christmas tree
albero di trinchetto {m}  :: foremast
albero genealogico {m}  :: family tree
albero maestro {m}  :: mainmast
albero matricino {m}  :: sapling
Alberta {prop}  :: female given name, feminine form of Alberto
Albertini {prop}  :: Italian surname
albertino {adj}  :: Relating to Carlo Alberto di Savoia
Alberto {prop}  :: male given name, the Italian equivalent of Albert
albicocca {adj}  :: apricot (in colour)
albicocca {f}  :: apricot (colour)
albicocca {f}  :: apricot (fruit)
albicoccheto {m}  :: apricot orchard
albicocco {m}  :: apricot tree
albigese {adj}  :: Albigensian
albigese {m}  :: Albigenses
albinismo {m}  :: albinism
albino {adj}  :: albino
albino {m}  :: albino
Albio {prop}  :: male given name
Albione {prop}  :: Albion
Albizzo {prop}  :: male given name
albo {adj} [literary]  :: white
albo {m}  :: honours board
albo {m}  :: notice board, bulletin board
albo {m}  :: roll or register, especially of an organization or profession
Alboino {prop}  :: male given name
Alboni {prop}  :: Italian surname
albore {m}  :: first light
albore {m}  :: glimmer
alborella {f} [zoology, ichthyology]  :: bleak, blay, ablet (fish of genus Alburnus)
alboretto {m} [Venice]  :: A small tree
albugine {f} [botany]  :: blight
albugine {f} [medicine]  :: albugo, leucoma
al buio {adj}  :: blind
albula {f} [zoology, ichthyology]  :: bonefish, game fish
album {m}  :: album (book, LP)
album {m}  :: scrapbook
albume {m}  :: albumen
album fotografico {m}  :: photo album
albumina {f} [protein]  :: albumin
albuminato {m}  :: albuminate
albuminoide {adj}  :: albuminoid
albuminoide {m}  :: albuminoid
albuminoso {adj}  :: albuminous, albuminose
alburno {m} [botany]  :: sapwood
alburno {m} [zoology, ichthyology]  :: bleak, ablet, blay
alcaico {adj}  :: Alcaic
alcalescente {adj}  :: alkalescent
alcalescenza {f}  :: alkalescence
alcali {m}  :: alkali
alcalimetria {f}  :: alkalimetry
alcalimetro {m}  :: alkalimeter
alcalinità {f}  :: alkalinity
alcalinizzando {v}  :: gerund of alcalinizzare
alcalinizzare {vt}  :: to alkalize or alkalify
alcalinizzazione {f}  :: alkalinization
alcalino {adj}  :: alkaline
alcalino-terroso {adj} [inorganic chemistry]  :: alkaline-earth
alcaloide {m} [organic chemistry]  :: alkaloid
alcalosi {f} [medicine]  :: alkalosis
alcanna {f}  :: henna (plant)
alcano {m} [organic chemistry]  :: alkane
alce {m}  :: elk, moose (Alces alces)
Alceo {prop}  :: male given name
Alceste {prop}  :: female given name
Alceste {prop}  :: male given name
Alcesti {prop}  :: Alcestis
alchechengi {m}  :: bladder cherry, winter cherry, Chinese lantern (the plant Physalis alkekengi)
alchemico {adj}  :: alchemical
alchene {m} [organic chemistry]  :: alkene
alchermes {m}  :: alkermes
alchilammide {f} [organic chemistry]  :: alkyl amide
alchilammina {f} [organic chemistry]  :: alkylamine
alchilando {v}  :: gerund of alchilare
alchilante {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: alkylating
alchilare {vt} [organic chemistry]  :: to alkylate
alchilato {adj}  :: alkylated
alchilazione {f} [organic chemistry]  :: alkylation
alchilcarbossammide {f} [organic chemistry]  :: alkyl carboxamide
alchile {m} [organic chemistry]  :: alkyl
alchilico {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: alkyl (attributive)
alchilimmina {f} [organic chemistry]  :: alkyl imine
alchimia {f}  :: alchemy
alchimista {mf}  :: alchemist
alchimistico {adj}  :: alchemistic, alchemistical, alchemical, alchemic
alchimizzando {v}  :: gerund of alchimizzare
alchimizzare {vi}  :: To alchemize
alchimizzare {vt} [figuratively]  :: To falsify or deceive
alchino {m} [organic chemistry]  :: alkyne
alchìmia {f}  :: medieval spelling of alchimia
Alcibiade {prop}  :: Alcibiades
Alcide {prop}  :: male given name
Alcino {prop}  :: male given name
alcione {m}  :: gull
alcione {m}  :: kingfisher
Alcione {prop}  :: Alcyone
Alciso {prop}  :: male given name
alcol {m}  :: alcohol (chemistry)
alcol {m}  :: alcohol (general use)
alcol {m}  :: ethanol
alcol assoluto {m}  :: absolute alcohol
alcolato {m}  :: alcoholate as a tincture or as an alkoxide
alcol denaturato {m}  :: denatured alcohol
alcoldipendente {mf}  :: An alcoholic
alcole {m}  :: Variant of alcol (alcohol)
alcolemia {f}  :: alcoholaemia
alcolemico {adj}  :: Relating to the concentration of alcohol in the blood
alcol etilico {m}  :: ethyl alcohol, ethanol
alcolicamente {adv}  :: alcoholically
alcolicità {f}  :: alcoholicity
alcolico {adj}  :: alcoholic (of, pertaining to or containing alcohol)
alcolico {m}  :: alcohol (as a drink)
alcolico {m}  :: An alcoholic drink (used mostly in the plural)
alcoligeno {adj}  :: alcoholigenic
alcolimetria {f}  :: alcoholometry
alcolimetro {m}  :: alcoholometer
alcolismo {m}  :: alcoholism
alcolismo {m}  :: drunkenness
alcolista {f}  :: alcoholic (female)
alcolista {m}  :: alcoholic (male)
Alcolisti Anonimi {prop}  :: Alcoholics Anonymous
alcolizzando {v}  :: gerund of alcolizzare
alcolizzandosi {v}  :: gerund of alcolizzarsi
alcolizzare {vt}  :: To alcoholize
alcolizzarsi {vr}  :: reflexive form of alcolizzare
alcolizzarsi {vr}  :: to become affected by alcohol
alcolizzato {adj}  :: alcoholic (of or pertaining to alcoholism)
alcolizzazione {f}  :: The process, and the result of becoming alcoholic
alcologia {f}  :: alcohology
alcolometria {f}  :: Variant of alcolimetria
alcolometrico {adj}  :: alcoholometric
alcolometro {m}  :: Variant of alcolimetro
alcol primario {m}  :: primary alcohol
alcol secondario {m}  :: secondary alcohol
alcol terziario {m}  :: tertiary alcohol
alcoltest {m}  :: An examination carried out to establish if the quantity of alcohol in a person's body is beyond an acceptable limit
al contrario {adv}  :: backwards, back to front
al contrario {adv}  :: inside out
al contrario {adv}  :: on the contrary, contrariwise
al contrario {adv}  :: upside down
alcool {m}  :: alternative spelling of alcol; alcohol
alcoolato {m}  :: Variant of alcolato (alcoholate)
alcooldipendente {adj}  :: alcoholic (attributive)
alcooldipendente {mf}  :: alcoholic (person)
alcoole {m}  :: Variant of alcole
alcoolemia {f}  :: Variant of alcolemia
alcool etilico {m}  :: ethyl alcohol, ethanol
alcoolicità {f}  :: Variant of alcolicità
alcoolico {adj}  :: Variant of alcolico
alcoolico {m}  :: Variant of alcolico
alcoolimetria {f}  :: Variant of alcolimetria
alcoolimetro {m}  :: Variant of alcolimetro
alcoolismo {m}  :: Variant of alcolismo
alcoolista {f}  :: alternative form of alcolista
alcoolizzando {v}  :: gerund of alcoolizzare
alcoolizzare {vt}  :: Variant of alcolizzare
alcoolizzato {adj}  :: alcoholic (person)
alcoolizzato {m}  :: alcoholic (person)
alcoolometrico {adj}  :: alcoholometric
alcooltest {m}  :: Variant of alcoltest
alcossido {m} [organic chemistry]  :: alkoxide
alcova {f}  :: alcove
Alcuino {prop}  :: Alcuin
alcun {adj}  :: Apocopic form of alcuno or alcuna
alcuna {adj}  :: feminine form of alcuno
alcunché {pron}  :: anything
alcunché {pron}  :: nothing (in a negative expression)
alcune {adj}  :: (Feminine plural of alcuno) - some, a few
alcuni {adj}  :: (Plural of alcuno) - some, a few
alcuno {adj} [chiefly, in the plural]  :: some, a few
alcuno {adj}  :: [in negative phrases] none
Alda {prop}  :: female given name
aldace {adj}  :: alternative form of audace
aldebaranio {m} [obsolete]  :: aldebaranium
aldeico {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: aldehydic
aldeide {f} [organic chemistry]  :: aldehyde
aldeideossidasi {f} [enzyme]  :: aldehyde oxidase
aldeidico {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: aldehydic
Alà dei Sardi {prop}  :: A small town in the Olbia-Tempio province of Sardinia
Alderico {prop}  :: male given name, cognate to French Audric and Frisian Alderik
aldilà {m}  :: The afterlife
aldino {adj}  :: Aldine
aldiquà {m}  :: here and now (earthly life)
al di sopra delle parti {adj}  :: impartial, not involved
Aldo {prop}  :: Aldous
Aldobrandi {prop}  :: Italian surname
Aldobrando {prop}  :: male given name
aldoesoso {m} [organic chemistry]  :: aldohexose
aldolasi {f} [enzyme]  :: aldolase
aldolico {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: aldol (attributive)
aldolo {m} [organic chemistry]  :: aldol
aldopentoso {m} [organic chemistry]  :: aldopentose
aldoso {m} [organic chemistry]  :: aldose
aldosterone {m}  :: aldosterone
aldotetroso {m} [organic chemistry]  :: aldotetrose
aldotrioso {m} [organic chemistry]  :: aldotriose
Alduino {prop}  :: male given name
-ale {suffix}  :: -al
alea {f}  :: risk
alea {f}  :: uncertainty
Aleardo {prop}  :: male given name
aleatoriamente {adv}  :: doubtfully, dubiously, uncertainly, unpredictably
aleatoriamente {adv}  :: randomly, aleatorily
aleatoriamente {adv}  :: riskily, hazardously
aleatorietà {f}  :: instability
aleatorietà {f}  :: uncertainty
aleatorietà {f}  :: unpredictability
aleatorio {adj}  :: random, aleatory
aleatorio {adj}  :: uncertain
alectorofobia {f}  :: alektorophobia
aleggiando {v}  :: gerund of aleggiare
aleggiare {vi}  :: to blow gently [of a breeze]
aleggiare {vi}  :: to move the wings slowly [of a bird]
aleggiare {vi}  :: to waft [of perfume]
alemannico {adj}  :: Alemannic
alemanno {adj}  :: Alemannic
alemanno {m}  :: Alemannic (language)
Aleo {prop}  :: An Italian (Sicilian) habitational name varying as Alì or Aleo in the Messina province
aleppe {interj}  :: A nonce term used by Dante
alerione {f} [heraldry]  :: alerion
alerone {m}  :: aileron
alesaggio {m} [automobiles]  :: bore
alesaggio {m}  :: boring, reaming
alesando {v}  :: gerund of alesare
alesare {vt}  :: To bore or ream
alesatoio {m}  :: reamer
alesatore {m}  :: borer
alesatore {m}  :: reamer
alesatrice {f}  :: boring machine, borer
alesatura {f}  :: boring
Alessandra {prop}  :: female given name, the Italian equivalent of Alexandra
Alessandria {prop}  :: Alessandria (city of Italy)
Alessandria {prop}  :: Alexandria (city of Egypt)
alessandrina {f} [dance]  :: A skipping dance from the area around Pavia
alessandrina {f}  :: feminine form of alessandrino
Alessandrina {prop}  :: A district of Rome
alessandrino {adj}  :: Hellenistic
alessandrino {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to Alessandria in Piedmont
alessandrino {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to Alexandria in Egypt; Alexandrian
alessandrino {m}  :: An Alexandrian artist or author
alessandrino {m}  :: A native or inhabitant of Alessandria
Alessandro {prop}  :: male given name, the Italian equivalent of Alexander
Alessandro Magno {prop}  :: Alexander the Great
alessia {f} [medicine]  :: alexia
Alessia {prop}  :: female given name, cognate to Alexia
alessico {adj}  :: alexic
alessifarmaco {m}  :: antidote (especially one for a snake bite)
Alessio {prop}  :: male given name, cognate to Alexis and Alexius
aletta {f}  :: fin (of an aircraft etc)
alettando {v}  :: gerund of alettare
alettare {vt}  :: To fin
alettato {adj}  :: finned
alettatura {f}  :: finning
alettatura {f}  :: fins (all the fins of a fish, considered as a whole)
Aletto {prop}  :: Alecto
alettone {m} [aeronautics]  :: aileron
alettone {m} [automobiles]  :: spoiler
aleurodo {m}  :: whitefly (of the family Aleyrodidae)
aleurone {m}  :: aleurone
aleuronico {adj}  :: aleuronic
Aleutine {prop}  :: Aleutian (islands)
alfa {f}  :: esparto (grass)
alfa {mf}  :: alpha; the Greek letter Α, α
alfabeta {adj}  :: literate
alfabeticamente {adv}  :: alphabetically
alfabetico {adj}  :: alphabetical
alfabetismo {m}  :: Literacy; the ability to read
alfabetizzando {v}  :: gerund of alfabetizzare
alfabetizzare {vt}  :: to put in alphabetical order
alfabetizzare {vt}  :: to teach reading and writing
alfabetizzazione {f}  :: literacy
alfabeto {m}  :: alphabet
alfabeto fonetico {m}  :: phonetic alphabet
Alfabeto Fonetico Internazionale {prop}  :: International Phonetic Alphabet
alfabeto telefonico {m}  :: phonetic alphabet
alfabloccante {m}  :: alpha-blocker
alfalinolenico {adj}  :: α-linolenic (as in omega-3 fatty acids)
alfamedialità {f}  :: The merger of alphabetic / typographic culture based on paper with that of multimedia culture based on screens
alfana {f}  :: Arab (horse)
Alfano {prop}  :: A habitational surname derived from this town
Alfano {prop}  :: A town in the province of Salerno, Campania
alfanumerico {adj}  :: alphanumeric
Alfeo {prop}  :: Alpheus
alfiere {m} [chess]  :: bishop
alfiere {m}  :: ensign
alfiere {m}  :: pioneer
alfiere {m} [sports]  :: captain
alfiere {m}  :: standard-bearer
alfieriano {adj}  :: Alfierian
Alfiero {prop}  :: male given name
alfine {adv}  :: finally, at last
al fine di {conj}  :: in order to
Alfio {prop}  :: male given name
Alfonso {prop}  :: male given name, equivalent to English Alfonso
al forno {adj}  :: baked or roast; cooked in the oven
Alfredo {prop}  :: male given name, equivalent to English Alfred
al fresco {adv}  :: In a cool place; in the fridge
al fresco {adv} [slang, familiar]  :: In the cooler, in/to jail, in/to prison
alga {f}  :: alga
alga {f}  :: seaweed
algale {adj}  :: algal
algebra {f}  :: algebra
algebra lineare {f}  :: linear algebra
algebricamente {adv}  :: algebraically
algebrico {adj}  :: algebraic
algebrista {f}  :: algebraist
algente {adj}  :: cold, chilly, algid
Algeri {prop}  :: Algiers
Algeria {prop}  :: Algeria
algerino {adj}  :: Algerian
algerino {m}  :: Algerian
algesia {f} [medicine]  :: algesia
algesimetria {f}  :: algometry
algesimetro {m}  :: algometer
algherese {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to Alghero
algherese {mf}  :: Native or inhabitant of Alghero
algherese {mf} [uncountable]  :: The Catalan dialect spoken in Alghero
Alghero {prop}  :: Alghero
Alghisio {prop}  :: male given name
-algia {suffix}  :: algia
algico {adj} [medicine]  :: pain (attributive)
algido {adj}  :: algid
alginato {m} [organic chemistry]  :: alginate
alginico {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: alginic
al giorno d'oggi {adv}  :: nowadays, these days, today
Algisio {prop}  :: male given name
Algiso {prop}  :: male given name
algo- {prefix} [botany]  :: alga
algo- {prefix} [medicine]  :: sadness; algid
algocoltura {f}  :: algaculture
algocultura {f}  :: algaculture (Variant of: algocoltura)
algofilia {f}  :: algophilia
algofiliaco {adj}  :: algophilic
algofobia {f}  :: algophobia
algogeno {adj}  :: Provoking pain or sorrow
algol {m} [computing]  :: ALGOL
algolagnia {f}  :: algolagnia
algologia {f} [biology]  :: phycology
algologia {f} [medicine]  :: algology
algologo {m}  :: algologist
algologo {m}  :: phycologist
algometria {f}  :: algometry
algometro {m}  :: algometer
algonchiano {adj}  :: Algonkian (late Proterozoic)
algonchino {adj}  :: Algonquin
algonchino {m}  :: Algonquin
algore {m}  :: cooling of the body (during illness)
algore {m}  :: Intense cold
algorismo {m}  :: algorithm (Variant of: algoritmo)
algoritmico {adj}  :: algorithmic
algoritmo {m}  :: algorithm
algoritmo genetico {m} [mathematics, computing]  :: genetic algorithm
algoso {adj}  :: Full of algae or seaweeds
aliante {m}  :: glider
aliantista {f}  :: glider pilot
alias {adv}  :: alias
alias {m}  :: alias
alibi {m}  :: alibi
alibi di ferro {n}  :: castiron alibi
alicante {m}  :: grenache, Alicante (grape variety)
alice {f} [zoology, ichthyology]  :: anchovy
Alice {prop}  :: female given name, equivalent to English Alice
Alichin {prop}  :: apocopic form of Alichino
Alichino {prop}  :: A fictitious devil from the Divine Comedy
aliciclico {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: alicyclic
Alicio {prop}  :: male given name
alicorno {m}  :: alternative form of liocorno
alicorno {m} [numismatics]  :: a coin in medieval Ferrara, which had an image of a unicorn on it
alidada {f}  :: alidade
Alideo {prop}  :: male given name
Alido {prop}  :: male given name
aliena {f}  :: alien (female)
alienabile {adj}  :: alienable
alienabilità {f}  :: alienability
alienamento {m}  :: alienation
alienamento {m}  :: transfer
alienando {v}  :: gerund of alienare
alienandosi {v}  :: gerund of alienarsi
alienante {adj}  :: alienating
alienare {vt}  :: to alienate
alienarsi {vr}  :: To alienate or estrange oneself
alienazione {f}  :: alienation
alienazione {f}  :: transfer (legal)
alienista {f}  :: psychiatrist, alienist
alienità {f}  :: Property of belonging to someone else
alieno {adj}  :: alien
alieno {adj}  :: averse
alieno {adj}  :: unwilling
alieno {m}  :: alien
alieutica {f}  :: halieutics
alifante {m}  :: alternative form of elefante
alifatico {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: aliphatic
aliforme {adj}  :: aliform
Alighieri {prop}  :: Italian surname notably that of Dante
alighiero {m} [nautical]  :: gaff (hooked pole)
Alighiero {prop}  :: male given name
Aligi {prop}  :: male given name
alimentabile {adj}  :: That can be powered by a specified fuel or power source
alimentando {v}  :: gerund of alimentare
alimentandosi {v}  :: gerund of alimentarsi
alimentare {adj}  :: food (attribute), alimentary, dietary, eating
alimentare {vt}  :: To feed, to nourish, to fuel, to nurture
alimentari {mp}  :: foodstuffs, food
alimentari {mp}  :: (shop) grocery, grocery store, grocer's
alimentarista {f}  :: dietician
alimentarista {f}  :: grocer (food retailer)
alimentarsi {vr}  :: To feed (oneself)
alimentatore {m}  :: feeder
alimentatore {m}  :: power supply, power supply unit
alimentazione {f}  :: (electricity, mechanics, etc.) feed, fuel, power, supply
alimentazione {f}  :: nutrition, nourishment, diet, feeding
alimento {m}  :: food, nourishment
alimento {m} [in the plural]  :: alimony, maintenance
alimento base {m}  :: basic or essential supply
alimento base {m}  :: staple
Alino {prop}  :: male given name
aliossi {mp}  :: knucklebones (game)
Alipio {prop}  :: male given name
aliquota {f}  :: aliquot
aliquota {f}  :: rate (financial)
aliscafo {m}  :: hydrofoil (vessel)
aliseo {m}  :: trade wind
Alisio {prop}  :: male given name
Aliso {prop}  :: male given name
alisoide {f} [maths]  :: alysoid, catenary
alisso {m}  :: alyssum, madwort (plants of the genus Alyssum)
alisso {m}  :: sweet alyssum (plant Lobularia maritima)
Alitalia {prop}  :: The national airline of Italy
alitando {v}  :: gerund of alitare
alitare {vi}  :: to blow
alitare {vi}  :: to breath
alitare {vi}  :: to speak
alite {f} [inorganic chemistry]  :: halite
alito {m}  :: breath
alitosi {f} [pathology]  :: halitosis
alitoso {adj}  :: halituous
Aliviero {prop}  :: male given name
alizarina {f} [organic compound]  :: alizarin
alkalino {adj}  :: alternative form of alcalino
alkikinger {m}  :: cape gooseberry (fruit)
all. {abbr}  :: encl.
all' {contraction}  :: (contraction of a l') at the, to the
alla {contraction}  :: at the, to the (+ a feminine noun in singular)
alla Bismarck {adj}  :: served with a fried egg on top
alla buona {adj}  :: simple, plain, down-to-earth, informal, homely
alla buona {adv}  :: approximately, carelessly
alla buona {adv}  :: simply, plainly, informally, familiarly
alla buonora {adv}  :: finally, at last
alla carlona {adv}  :: carelessly, roughly
allacciamento {m}  :: connection (especially of services to a property)
allacciando {v}  :: gerund of allacciare
allacciandosi {v}  :: gerund of allacciarsi
allacciare {vt}  :: to connect
allacciare {vt}  :: to fasten
allacciare {vt}  :: to lace, buckle [shoes, etc.]
allacciare {vt}  :: to splice [ropes]
allacciarsi {vr}  :: To fasten
allacciato {adj}  :: connected
allacciato {adj}  :: fastened
allacciato {adj}  :: laced
allacciato {adj}  :: spliced
allacciatura {f}  :: fastening
alla chetichella {adv}  :: stealthily, unobtrusively
alla cieca {adv}  :: at random
alla cieca {adv}  :: blindly, gropingly
alla diavola {adj}  :: devilled (grilled with hot spices)
alla faccia {interj}  :: crikey, gee, blimey
alla faccia di {prep}  :: in the face of, despite, against, contrary to
alla fine {adv}  :: Variant of alfine
alla fin fine {adv}  :: after all, all things considered, in the long run
alla follia {adv}  :: madly, crazily
allagabile {adj}  :: floodable (e.g. a dry dock)
allagabile {adj}  :: liable to flooding (e.g. low-lying ground)
allagamento {m}  :: flood
allagamento {m}  :: flooding
allagando {v}  :: gerund of allagare
allagandosi {v}  :: gerund of allagarsi
allagare {vt}  :: To flood
allagarsi {vr}  :: To become flooded
allagato {adj}  :: flooded
allagazione {f}  :: flooding
alla larga {adv}  :: at bay, at a distance, away, clear
alla larga {adv}  :: using circumlocution; in a roundabout way
alla leggera {adv}  :: in vain (in a disrespectful manner, especially when concerning religion)
alla leggera {adv}  :: lightly, superficially
alla lettera {adj}  :: literal
alla lettera {adv}  :: to the letter, literally, verbatim
alla lunga {adv}  :: in the long run
alla mano {adj}  :: in hand
alla mano {adj}  :: simple, informal
all'amatriciana {adj} [of a pasta sauce]  :: made with tomato and guanciale (or pancetta), garlic and parsley
alla meno peggio {adv}  :: carelessly
alla meno peggio {adv}  :: clumsily
alla meno peggio {adv}  :: sloppily
alla moda {adj}  :: fashionable, trendy, upscale, stylish
allampanato {adj}  :: lanky
alla napoletana {adj}  :: in the Neapolitan style
allantoide {f}  :: allantois
alla perfezione {adv}  :: perfectly
all'aperto {adj}  :: outdoor, open-air, alfresco
all'aperto {adv}  :: outdoors, outside, in the open
alla pescatora {adj}  :: (typically of pasta) Served with seafood
alla puttanesca {adj} [of a pasta sauce]  :: made with tomatoes, olives, anchovies, garlic and capers
allargabile {adj}  :: That can be widened or broadened; enlargeable
allargamento {m}  :: widening, extension, enlargement
allargando {v}  :: gerund of allargare
allargandosi {v}  :: gerund of allargarsi
allargare {vt}  :: to let out [clothing]
allargare {vt}  :: to open [one's heart]
allargare {vt}  :: to stretch
allargare {vt}  :: to widen, enlarge, broaden
allargarsi {vr}  :: reflexive form of allargare
allargarsi {vr}  :: to spread
allargarsi {vr}  :: to stretch
allargarsi {vr}  :: to widen
allargascarpe {m}  :: shoe stretcher
allargatoio {m}  :: reamer
allargatore {m}  :: counterbore
allargatrice {f}  :: tenter (for cloth)
allargatubi {m}  :: mandrel
allargatura {f}  :: widening, broadening, stretching, enlargement
alla rinfusa {adv}  :: higgledy-piggledy
alla rinfusa {adv}  :: random
all'arma bianca {adj}  :: hand-to-hand
allarmando {v}  :: gerund of allarmare
allarmandosi {v}  :: gerund of allarmarsi
allarmante {adj}  :: alarming, frightening, worrying
allarmare {vt}  :: To alarm, to worry
allarmarsi {vr}  :: reflexive form of allarmare
allarmarsi {vr}  :: to be alarmed, be worried
allarmarsi {vr}  :: to get alarmed, get worried
allarmatissimo {adj}  :: Very alarmed
allarmatissimo {adj}  :: Very panicky
allarmato {adj}  :: alarmed, worried, frightened
allarmato {adj}  :: panicky
allarme {m}  :: alarm
allarme {m}  :: alert
all'arme {prep} [military]  :: a command to take up arms and be ready to fight
allarmismo {m}  :: alarmism
allarmista {f}  :: alarmist
allarmistico {adj}  :: alarmist
alla romana {adj} [of food]  :: in the Roman manner
alla salute {interj}  :: cheers! (toast when drinking)
allascando {v}  :: gerund of allascare
allascare {vt}  :: To slacken (a rope etc)
alla scudiera {adj}  :: riding (attributive)
alla spicciolata {adv}  :: in small groups; in dribs and drabs; few at a time
alla spina {n}  :: draft (Referring to drinks on tap)
alla svelta {adv}  :: quickly
allativo {adj}  :: allative
allattamento {m}  :: breastfeeding, breast feeding, nursing, suckling
allattando {v}  :: gerund of allattare
allattare {vt}  :: To breast feed, to breastfeed, to suckle, to nurse
allattare {vt}  :: To feed
alla volta {adv}  :: at a time, at the same time
alla volta di {prep}  :: in the direction of, towards, for
alle {contraction}  :: at the, to the (+ a feminine noun in plural)
alleando {v}  :: gerund of alleare
alleandosi {v}  :: gerund of allearsi
alleanza {f}  :: alliance
alleanza {f}  :: covenant
alleare {vt} [rare]  :: to ally, to unite
allearsi {vr}  :: To ally oneself (with, to, against), to join the forces, to unite, to form an alliance
alleata {f}  :: female ally
alleato {adj}  :: allied
alleato {m}  :: ally
alle calende greche {phrase} [idiomatic]  :: Never; when pigs fly
allegabile {adj}  :: producible, adducible
allegando {v}  :: gerund of allegare
Allegani {prop}  :: Allegheny Mountains, Alleghenies
allegare {vt}  :: To enclose, to attach
allegato {adj}  :: enclosed
allegato {m}  :: attachment
allegato {m}  :: enclosure
allegazione {f} [legal]  :: The production or advancement of evidence
alleggerendo {v}  :: gerund of alleggerire
alleggerimento {m}  :: easing
alleggerimento {m}  :: lightening
alleggerimento {m}  :: loosening
alleggerimento {m}  :: reduction
alleggerimento quantitativo {m}  :: quantitative easing
alleggerire {vt}  :: to lessen, relieve
alleggerire {vt}  :: to lighten
alleggerire {vt}  :: to reduce
alleggiando {v}  :: gerund of alleggiare
alleggiare {vt} [nautical]  :: to light (unload a ship)
alleggio {m} [nautical]  :: lighter (vessel)
Alleghe {prop}  :: A small town in the Belluno province of Veneto
Allegheni {prop}  :: Allegheny Mountains, Alleghenies
alleghese {adj}  :: Of or from Alleghe
Alleghieri {prop}  :: alternative form of Alighieri
allegoria {f}  :: allegory
allegoria {f}  :: parable
allegoricamente {adv}  :: allegorically
allegorico {adj}  :: allegoric, allegorical
allegorista {f}  :: allegorist
allegorizzando {v}  :: gerund of allegorizzare
allegorizzare {vit}  :: to allegorize
allegramente {adv}  :: happily, joyfully, cheerfully, merrily
allegramento {m}  :: cheer (being happy)
allegramento {m}  :: comfort, consolation
allegrando {v}  :: gerund of allegrare
allegranza {f}  :: joy
allegrare {v} [obsolete]  :: To cheer (make happy)
allegrare {v} [obsolete]  :: To comfort or console
allegrato {adj}  :: congratulated
allegrato {adj}  :: gladdened
allegretto {adv} [music]  :: allegretto
allegretto {m}  :: diminutive form of allegro
allegretto {m} [music]  :: allegretto
allegrezza {f}  :: joy
allegria {f}  :: joy, happiness, frolic
allegria {f}  :: vividness
Allegrino {prop}  :: male given name
allegrissimo {adj}  :: Very cheerful
allegro {adj}  :: cheerful
allegro {adj}  :: mirthful
Allegro {prop}  :: male given name
allegrone {m}  :: jolly person
allele {m} [genetics]  :: allele
allelico {adj} [genetics]  :: allelic
allelomorfismo {m} [biology]  :: allelomorphism, allelism
allelomorfo {adj} [genetics]  :: allelomorphic
allelomorfo {m} [genetics]  :: allelomorph
allelopatia {f} [botany]  :: allelopathy
allelopatico {adj} [botany]  :: allelopathic
alleluia {m}  :: hallelujah
alleluja {m}  :: Variant of alleluia
allenamento {m}  :: coaching
allenamento {m}  :: shape, condition
allenamento {m}  :: training, practice, workout
allenando {v}  :: gerund of allenare
allenandosi {v}  :: gerund of allenarsi
allenare {vt}  :: to coach
allenare {vt}  :: to train, exercise
allenarsi {vr}  :: reflexive form of allenare
allenarsi {vr}  :: to do exercises
allenarsi {vr}  :: to train (oneself)
allenatore {m}  :: coach, manager, trainer
allenatrice {f}  :: (female) coach, manager, trainer
allene {m} [organic compound]  :: allene
allenilidene {m} [organic chemistry]  :: allenylidene
allentamento {m}  :: relaxation
allentamento {m}  :: slackening, loosening
allentando {v}  :: gerund of allentare
allentandosi {v}  :: gerund of allentarsi
allentare {vt}  :: to loosen [a knot, etc.]
allentare {vt}  :: to relax
allentare {vt}  :: to slacken
allentarsi {vr}  :: reflexive form of allentare
allentarsi {vr}  :: to loosen
allentarsi {vr}  :: to work loose
allentato {adj}  :: loosened
allenza {f}  :: alternative form of alleanza
alle porte {adj}  :: near, round the corner, close
allergene {m}  :: allergen
allergenico {adj}  :: allergenic
allergia {f}  :: allergy
allergico {adj}  :: allergic
allergizzante {adj}  :: allergenic
allergizzare {vt}  :: to make allergic
allergologa {f}  :: allergologist (female)
allergologia {f} [medicine]  :: allergology
allergologico {adj}  :: allergological, allergology (attributive)
allergologo {m}  :: allergologist
allerta {adj}  :: alert, attentive, vigilant
all'erta {adj}  :: alternative spelling of allerta
allerta {m}  :: alert, alarm, warning signal, alarm bell
all'erta {m}  :: alternative spelling of allerta
allertamento {m}  :: alert (sign or signal)
allertando {v}  :: gerund of allertare
allertare {vt}  :: to alarm
allertare {vt}  :: to alert
allertato {adj}  :: alarmed
allertato {adj}  :: alerted
allertato {adj}  :: warned
allestendo {v}  :: gerund of allestire
allestimento {m}  :: preparation
allestire {vt} [nautical]  :: to rig out, fit out [a ship]
allestire {vt}  :: to dress [a window]; to furnish
allestire {vt}  :: to organize, prepare [an exhibition, etc.]
allestire {vt}  :: to stage, produce [a drama]
allettamento {m}  :: attraction, allure
allettamento {m}  :: enticement, allurement
allettamento {m}  :: lodging (agricultural)
allettando {v}  :: gerund of allettare
allettandosi {v}  :: gerund of allettarsi
allettante {adj}  :: attractive, enticing, alluring
allettantemente {adv}  :: attractively, enticingly, alluringly
allettare {vt}  :: To attract or entice
allettare {vt}  :: To lodge
allettarsi {vr}  :: To be confined to one's bed
allettato {adj}  :: bedridden
allettatore {adj}  :: enticing, alluring, tempting, attractive
allettatore {m}  :: enticer, charmer
allettevole {adj}  :: attractive
allettevole {adj}  :: enticing
allevamento {m}  :: breeding or rearing (of animals)
allevamento {m}  :: farm
allevamento {m}  :: kennels
allevamento {m}  :: stud farm
allevando {v}  :: gerund of allevare
allevare {vt}  :: To breed or rear (animals)
allevare {vt}  :: To bring up (children)
allevato {adj} [chiefly, in combination]  :: brought up, bred
allevatore {m}  :: breeder
allevatrice {f}  :: breeder (female)
alleviamento {m}  :: alleviation, relief
alleviamento {m}  :: lightening
alleviando {v}  :: gerund of alleviare
alleviare {vt}  :: to alleviate, relieve
alle volte {adv}  :: sometimes, occasionally
alliacea {f}  :: allium (any plant, such as lily or onion, in the family Alliaceae)
allibando {v}  :: gerund of allibare
allibare {vt} [nautical]  :: to light (unload a vessel)
allibendo {v}  :: gerund of allibire
allibire {v}  :: to turn pale through shock or fright
allibo {m} [nautical]  :: lighter (vessel)
allibramento {m}  :: entry (in a book)
allibramento {m}  :: registration
allibrando {v}  :: gerund of allibrare
allibrare {vt}  :: to enter [in a book]
allibrare {vt}  :: to register
allibratore {m}  :: bookmaker
allicciando {v}  :: gerund of allicciare
allicciare {vt}  :: To heddle
allidendo {v}  :: gerund of allidere
allidere {vt} [obsolete]  :: to hit, beat
allietando {v}  :: gerund of allietare
allietandosi {v}  :: gerund of allietarsi
allietare {vt}  :: to cheer up (make someone happy)
allietarsi {vr}  :: reflexive form of allietare
allietarsi {v}  :: to cheer up (become happy)
allieva {f}  :: pupil, student (female)
allievo {m}  :: pupil, student
alligatore {m}  :: alligator
alligazione {f}  :: alloying (industrial process)
allignamento {m}  :: alignment
allignando {v}  :: gerund of allignare
allignare {vi}  :: To flourish, to thrive, to spread
allignare {vi}  :: To take roots
allile {m} [organic chemistry]  :: allyl
all'impazzata {adv}  :: at breakneck speed
all'impazzata {adv}  :: wildly
all'improvviso {adv}  :: suddenly, all of a sudden, unexpectedly, out of the blue, spontaneously
all'incirca {adv}  :: about, approximately, roughly, more or less, odd
all'incontrario {adv}  :: back to front
all'incontrario {adv}  :: backwards
all'incontrario {adv}  :: other way round
all'incontrario {adv}  :: upside down
allineamento {m}  :: alignment
allineando {v}  :: gerund of allineare
allineandosi {v}  :: gerund of allinearsi
allineare {vt}  :: to align
allineare {vt}  :: to line up
allinearsi {vr}  :: reflexive form of allineare
allinearsi {vr}  :: to align oneself (with)
allinearsi {vr}  :: to line up
allineatamente {adv}  :: in line
allineato {adj}  :: aligned
allineato {adj}  :: in line, lined up
all'infuori di {prep}  :: except, but, apart from
all'ingrosso {adv}  :: roughly, approximately
all'ingrosso {adv}  :: wholesale
all'inizio {adv}  :: initially, at first, at the beginning
all'insù {adv}  :: up, upwards, upward
all'insaputa di {prep}  :: Without (someone's) knowledge; unbeknown to (someone)
all'interno {adv}  :: inside, within, on the inside
all'interno di {prep}  :: inside, within
all'istante {adv}  :: instantly, right away, immediately
allitterativo {adj}  :: alliterative
allitterazione {f}  :: alliteration
alliumfobia {f}  :: alliumphobia (an aversion to garlic)
allo {contraction}  :: at the, to the (+ a masculine noun in singular)
allobiologia {f}  :: exobiology, astrobiology
allocando {v}  :: gerund of allocare
allocare {vt}  :: To allocate
allocativo {adj}  :: allocative
allocato {adj}  :: allocated
allocazione {f}  :: allocation
allocchendo {v}  :: gerund of allocchire
alloccheria {f}  :: foolishness, folly
allocchire {vi}  :: to become stupid, dull
allocchire {vi}  :: to be dismayed, dumbfounded, astounded
allocchito {adj}  :: dazed, astounded
allocco {m}  :: sucker, chump
allocco {m}  :: tawny owl or brown owl
allocco degli Urali {m}  :: Ural owl
allocentrismo {m}  :: allocentrism
allochero {m} [linguistics]  :: allocher
allocromatico {adj} [chemistry, physics]  :: allochromatic
alloctono {adj} [botany, geology, zoology]  :: allochthonous
allocutivo {adj}  :: speech (attributive)
allocutore {m}  :: addressee (of speech)
allocutorio {adj}  :: speech (attributive)
allocuzione {f}  :: allocution, speech, tirade, sermon, diatribe, harangue
allodiale {adj}  :: allodial
allodio {m}  :: allodium
allodola {f}  :: skylark - bird
allofonico {adj}  :: allophonic
allofono {m}  :: allophone
allogamento {m}  :: investing (money)
allogamento {m}  :: leasing, lease
allogamento {m}  :: placing, assignment
allogamia {f}  :: allogamy
allogando {v}  :: gerund of allogare
allogare {vt}  :: to accommodate, lodge
allogare {vt}  :: to arrange, settle
allogare {vt}  :: to invest
allogare {vt}  :: to lease
allogare {vt}  :: to marry off
allogazione {f}  :: commission, order
allogazione {f}  :: renting, leasing
allogenico {adj}  :: allogeneic
allogeno {adj}  :: ethnic (minority)
alloggiamento {m}  :: chamber
alloggiamento {m}  :: lodging
alloggiando {v}  :: gerund of alloggiare
alloggiare {vi}  :: To stay or lodge (at)
alloggiare {vt}  :: To accommodate or put up someone
alloggio {m}  :: flat, apartment
alloggio {m}  :: lodging, accommodation
alloglotto {adj}  :: minority (language of a region)
allografo {m}  :: allograph
allometria {f} [biology]  :: allometry
allomorfismo {m} [chemistry]  :: allomorphism
allomorfo {adj}  :: allomorphic
allomorfo {m} [chemistry, linguistics]  :: allomorph
allontanabile {adj}  :: That can be sent away or expelled
allontanamento {m}  :: departure
allontanamento {m}  :: removal
allontanamento {m}  :: turning back, expulsion
allontanando {v}  :: gerund of allontanare
allontanandosi {v}  :: gerund of allontanarsi
allontananto {adj}  :: moved away
allontananto {adj}  :: removed
allontanare {vt}  :: to avert, remove
allontanare {vt}  :: to move away, pull away, push away
allontanare {vt}  :: to remove, take away, send away
allontanare {vt}  :: to ward off
allontanarsi {vr} [figuratively]  :: to stray, deviate
allontanarsi {vr}  :: reflexive form of allontanare
allontanarsi {vr}  :: to go away, go off, leave
allontanarsi {vr}  :: to stop seeing somebody, distance oneself
allopatia {f} [medicine]  :: allopathy
allopatico {adj} [medicine]  :: allopathic
alloplastica {f} [surgery]  :: alloplasty
allopoliploide {adj}  :: allopolyploid
allopoliploidia {f} [genetics]  :: allopolyploidy
allopurinolo {m} [organic compound]  :: allopurinol
allor {adv}  :: apocopic form of allora
allora {adv}  :: at that time
allora {adv}  :: so, well then
allorché {conj}  :: Variant of allora che - when
allorismo {m}  :: A tendency to justify ones opinions by reference to similar situations without actually refuting specific criticism
allorista {m}  :: A person who practices allorismo
alloro {m}  :: bay (in cooking); bay leaf
alloro {m}  :: laurel
allorquando {conj}  :: when
allo sbaraglio {adv} [idiomatic]  :: To certain death
allo spiedo {adj}  :: cooked on a spit
allosteria {f} [biochemistry]  :: allostery
allosterico {adj} [biochemistry]  :: allosteric
allo stesso tempo {adv}  :: at the same time, together, at once, simultaneously
allotigeno {adj} [geology]  :: allogenic
allotrapianto {m} [surgery]  :: allotransplantation
allotropia {f} [inorganic chemistry]  :: allotropy
allotropico {adj}  :: allotropic
allotropo {m} [chemistry]  :: allotrope
allottamento {m}  :: apportioning
allottando {v}  :: gerund of allottare
allottare {vt}  :: To apportion
alluce {m}  :: big toe, hallux
allucinando {v}  :: gerund of allucinare
allucinante {adj}  :: amazing
allucinante {adj}  :: awful, terrifying
allucinare {vt}  :: to hallucinate
allucinare {vt}  :: to shock, appal
allucinato {adj}  :: confused, bewildered
allucinato {adj}  :: terrified
allucinatorio {adj}  :: hallucinatory
allucinazione {f}  :: hallucination
allucinogeno {adj}  :: hallucinogenic
allucinogeno {m}  :: hallucinogen
allucinosi {f}  :: hallucinosis
alludendo {v}  :: gerund of alludere
alludere {vt}  :: to allude (to)
alludere {vt}  :: to hint (at)
allumando {v}  :: gerund of allumare
allumare {vt}  :: to treat cloth with alum prior to dying it
allumatura {f}  :: aluming (steeping in alum)
allume {m}  :: alum
allume di rocca {m}  :: crystalline alum (as a mineral)
allumina {f}  :: alumina
alluminando {v}  :: gerund of alluminare
alluminare {vt}  :: to add gold or silver to pigments in order to make the painting (usually a miniature) shine
alluminato {m}  :: aluminate
alluminato di sodio {m}  :: sodium aluminate
alluminatura {f}  :: aluminizing
alluminico {adj}  :: aluminic
alluminieria {f}  :: aluminium works
alluminifero {adj}  :: aluminiferous
alluminio {m}  :: aluminium
alluminio anodizzato {m}  :: anodized aluminium
alluminioidruro {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: aluminohydride
alluminio nativo {m}  :: native aluminium
alluminite {f}  :: aluminite
alluminocopiapite {f} [mineralogy]  :: aluminocopiapite
alluminosi {f}  :: aluminosis
alluminosilicato {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: aluminosilicate
alluminoso {adj} [inorganic chemistry]  :: aluminous
alluminotermia {f}  :: aluminothermy
alluminotermico {adj}  :: aluminothermic
allumosilicato {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: aluminosilicate
allunaggio {m}  :: moon landing
allunamento {m} [nautical]  :: roach (curve in the bottom of a sail)
allunando {v}  :: gerund of allunare
allunare {vi}  :: To land (on the moon)
allungabile {adj}  :: extendable
allungamento {m}  :: extension
allungamento {m}  :: lengthening
allungamento {m}  :: prolonging
allungando {v}  :: gerund of allungare
allungandosi {v}  :: gerund of allungarsi
allungare {vt}  :: To dilute or water down
allungare {vt}  :: To lengthen
allungare {vt}  :: To pass or hand
allungare {vt}  :: To stretch out
allungarsi {vr}  :: reflexive form of allungare
allungarsi {v}  :: to get longer, lengthen, grow, extend
allungarsi {v}  :: to stretch out, lie down
allungato {adj}  :: diluted, watery, thin, watered down, wishy-washy
allungatura {f}  :: elongation, extension, prolongation
allungatura {f}  :: lengthening, extending, prolonging
allungo {m}  :: lunge
allupato {adj} [informal]  :: horny, randy, toey
allusione {f}  :: allusion (to)
allusione {f}  :: hint (at)
allusivamente {adv}  :: allusively
allusività {f}  :: allusiveness
allusivo {adj}  :: allusive
alluviale {adj} [geology]  :: alluvial
alluvionale {adj}  :: alluvial
alluvionale {adj}  :: flood (attributive)
alluvionato {adj}  :: flooded
alluvione {f}  :: alluvion
alluvione {f}  :: flood, inundation
alma {f} [literary]  :: soul
almanaccando {v}  :: gerund of almanaccare
almanaccare {vi}  :: to daydream
almanaccare {vi}  :: to puzzle or muse (over)
almanacco {m}  :: almanac
almandino {m} [mineralogy]  :: almandine
almen {adv}  :: apocopic form of almeno
almeno {adv}  :: at least
almeno {conj}  :: if only!
Almerigo {prop}  :: male given name
Almerino {prop}  :: male given name
Almiro {prop}  :: male given name
almo {adj}  :: fertile
almo {adj}  :: noble
al niente {adv}  :: al niente
aloè {mf}  :: alternative form of aloe
alo- {prefix} [chemistry]  :: halo-
alobio {adj}  :: halobiont (attributive)
alobio {m}  :: halobiont
alocasia {f}  :: alocasia
aloe {mf}  :: aloe (plant)
alofauna {f} [biology]  :: Any animal that lives in a salty or brackish environment
alofilo {adj}  :: halophilic
alofilo {m} [biology]  :: halophile
alofita {f} [botany]  :: halophyte
aloflora {f} [biology]  :: Any plant that lives in a salty or brackish environment
alogena {f}  :: halogen lamp
alogenando {v}  :: gerund of alogenare
alogenare {vt} [chemistry]  :: to halogenate
alogenato {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: halogenated
alogenazione {f} [chemistry]  :: halogenation
alogenidrico {adj} [inorganic chemistry]  :: halohydric
alogeno {adj}  :: Halogen (attributive)
alogeno {m} [chemistry]  :: halogen
alogenuro {m} [chemistry]  :: halide
alogicamente {adv}  :: alogically
alogico {adj}  :: alogical
aloide {adj} [mineralogy]  :: haloid
aloide {m} [mineralogy]  :: haloid
Aloisio {prop}  :: male given name, cognate to Aloysius
alonando {v}  :: gerund of alonare
alonare {vt}  :: To halo
alone {m}  :: glow
alone {m}  :: halo
Alonzi {prop}  :: Italian surname
alopecia {f} [pathology]  :: alopecia
alosa {f}  :: shad (fish)
alpacca {f}  :: German silver, nickel silver
alpe {f}  :: alp
alpeggiando {v}  :: gerund of alpeggiare
alpeggiare {vit}  :: to (lead animals to) pasture in Alpine meadows in the summer
alpeggio {m}  :: Alpine hut
alpeggio {m}  :: mountain pasture
Alperto {prop}  :: male given name
alpestre {adj}  :: alpine
alpestre {adj}  :: mountain (attributive)
alpestro {adj}  :: medieval spelling of alpestre
Alpi {prop}  :: Alps
alpicoltura {f}  :: cultivation of Alpine crops
alpigiano {adj}  :: Alpine
alpigiano {adj}  :: mountain (attributive)
alpigiano {m}  :: Person who lives in the Alps (or other mountains), mountaineer
alpinismo {m}  :: mountaineering, alpinism
alpinista {f}  :: mountaineer, climber, alpinist
alpinisticamente {adv}  :: With regard to mountaineering or alpinism
alpinistico {adj}  :: alpinist, climbing
alpino {adj}  :: alpine
alpino {m}  :: Italian alpine soldier
Alpinolo {prop}  :: male given name
al più presto {adv}  :: as soon as possible
al più presto {adv}  :: at once
al più presto {adv}  :: forthwith
al più presto {adv}  :: immediately
al più presto {adv}  :: instantly
al più presto {adv}  :: now
al più presto {adv}  :: right away
al più presto {adv}  :: straight away
al più presto {adv}  :: without delay
al posto di {prep}  :: instead of, in (the) place of, rather than, in lieu of
alquanto {adj}  :: An amount of; some
alquanto {adv}  :: rather, somewhat
alquanto {pron}  :: An amount; some
al sangue {adj}  :: rare (cooked very lightly)
Alsazia {prop}  :: Alsace
alsaziano {adj}  :: Alsatian
alsaziano {m}  :: Alsatian, German shepherd
alsaziano {m}  :: Alsatian (person)
Altaforte {prop}  :: Hautefort
altaico {adj}  :: Altaic
altalena {f}  :: seesaw
altalena {f}  :: swing
altalenando {v}  :: gerund of altalenare
altalenante {adj}  :: see-sawing, oscillating, fluctuating
altalenare {vi}  :: to be indecisive
altalenare {vi}  :: to swing
altalenare {vi}  :: to waver, hesitate
altamente {adv}  :: extremely
altamente {adv}  :: highly
altana {f}  :: Covered roof terrace
altanella {f} [Venice]  :: A covered terrace on a roof, or sometimes extending over a canal
altare {m}  :: altar
altarino {m}  :: A small, portable altar
altarino {m}  :: A tabernacle
altarolo {m} [art]  :: altarpiece
altea {f}  :: marshmallow (plant)
al tempo stesso {adv}  :: at the same time, together, at once, simultaneously
Alteo {prop}  :: male given name
alterabile {adj}  :: changeable
alterabile {adj}  :: impermanent (colour)
alterabile {adj}  :: unreliable
alterabile {adj}  :: unstable
alterabilità {f}  :: alterability, changeability
alterabilità {f}  :: irritability
alterabilità {f}  :: perishability
alteramente {adv}  :: arrogantly, haughtily
alteramente {adv}  :: proudly
alterando {v}  :: gerund of alterare
alterandosi {v}  :: gerund of alterarsi
alterare {vt}  :: To affect or impair
alterare {vt}  :: To alter or change
alterare {vt}  :: To distort
alterarsi {vr}  :: reflexive form of alterare
alterarsi {vr}  :: to become altered, distorted
alterarsi {vr}  :: to change
alterarsi {vr}  :: to spoil [of food etc.]
alteratamente {adv}  :: overwroughtly
alterativo {adj}  :: alterative
alterato {adj}  :: overwrought
alterazione {f}  :: alteration, modification, change (especially for the worse)
alterazione {f}  :: degradation
altercando {v}  :: gerund of altercare
altercare {vi}  :: to quarrel, argue
altercazione {f}  :: altercation, row, dispute, wrangle
alterco {m}  :: altercation, row, dispute, wrangle
alterezza {f}  :: arrogance, haughtiness
alterezza {f}  :: pride
alterigia {f}  :: arrogance
alterigia {f}  :: hauteur
alterità {f}  :: alterity, otherness
alternando {v}  :: gerund of alternare
alternandosi {v}  :: gerund of alternarsi
alternante {adj} [mathematics]  :: alternating
alternanza {f}  :: alternation
alternanza {f}  :: rotation (of crops)
alternare {vt} [agriculture]  :: to rotate [crops]
alternare {vt}  :: to alternate
alternarsi {m}  :: alternation, succession
alternarsi {vr}  :: reflexive form of alternare
alternarsi {vr}  :: to alternate, take turns
alternatamente {adv}  :: alternately
alternativa {f}  :: alternative
alternativamente {adv}  :: alternatively
alternativo {adj}  :: alternative
alternato {adj}  :: alternate
alternato {adj}  :: alternating
alternatore {m}  :: alternator
alternazione {f}  :: alternation
alterno {adj}  :: alternate, alternating, every other
alterno {adj} [mathematics, botany]  :: alternate
altero {adj}  :: proud, haughty, scornful
Altero {prop}  :: male given name
altezza {f}  :: height, altitude, tallness
altezza {f}  :: height, stature
altezza {f} [monarchy]  :: Highness
altezzosamente {adv}  :: haughtily, proudly, arrogantly
altezzosità {f}  :: haughtiness, arrogance
altezzoso {adj}  :: arrogant
altezzoso {adj}  :: haughty
alticcio {adj}  :: tipsy, squiffy
altimetria {f}  :: altimetry
altimetricamente {adv}  :: altimetrically
altimetricamente {adv}  :: in terms of height (above sea level)
altimetrico {adj}  :: altimetric
altimetrico {adj}  :: Relating to height (above sea level)
altimetro {m}  :: altimeter
altipiano {m}  :: alternative spelling of altopiano
altiporto {m}  :: mountain landing strip
altisonante {adj}  :: high-sounding
altisonante {adj}  :: pompous
altissimo {adj}  :: highest
Altissimo {n}  :: Almighty, God
altitudinale {adj}  :: altitudinal
altitudine {f}  :: height, altitude, elevation
alto {adj}  :: deep
alto {adj}  :: high, tall
alto {adj}  :: loud
Alto Adige {prop}  :: A German-speaking region of north-eastern Italy, also known as Südtirol; part of Trentino-Alto Adige
altoatesino {adj}  :: Relating to, or coming from Alto Adige
altobollente {adj}  :: high(er) boiling point (attributive)
altoborghese {adj}  :: upper-class
alto come un soldo di cacio {adj} [idiomatic]  :: short; especially relating to when the subject was a small child
alto come un soldo di cacio {adj}  :: knee high to a grasshopper
altocumulo {m}  :: altocumulus
altofondente {adj}  :: high-melting (having a high melting point)
altofondo {m}  :: shallow (area of sea)
altoforno {m}  :: blast furnace
altogardesano {adj}  :: Of or from the region around the Northern part of Lake Garda
altoitaliano {adj}  :: northern Italian
altolà {interj}  :: halt there!
altolà {m}  :: Such a command
altolocato {adj}  :: high-level, high-ranking
altomedievale {adj}  :: high medieval
altomedioevo {m}  :: Early Middle Ages
altometaurense {adj}  :: Of or from Alto Metauro
altomilanese {adj}  :: Of or from the Altomilanese region
Altomilanese {prop}  :: A region of Lombardy that includes the provinces of Milano, Varese and Como
altoparlante {m}  :: speaker, loudspeaker
altopiano {m}  :: plateau, tableland, highlands
altorilievo {m} [sculpture]  :: high relief
altostrato {m}  :: altostratus
altotiberino {adj}  :: Upper Tiber (attributive)
altre {pron}  :: feminine plural of altro
altresì {adv}  :: besides
altresì {adv}  :: equally
altresì {adv}  :: similarly
altrettanto {adj}  :: as much
altrettanto {adv}  :: equally
altrettanto {adv}  :: likewise
altrettanto {adv}  :: "The same to you" (as a friendly reply)
altrettanto {pron}  :: as much
altri {pron}  :: Plural form of altro
altr'ieri {m}  :: (Variant of altro ieri) Only used in the adverb l'altr'ieri
altrieri {m}  :: (Variant of altro ieri) Only used in the adverb l'altrieri
altrimenti {adv}  :: differently
altrimenti {adv}  :: otherwise, or else
altro {adj}  :: other, another, more, further, else
altro {adj}  :: previous, last
altro {pron}  :: other, other man, another, more, somebody else
altroché {adv}  :: yes certainly
altro ieri {m}  :: Only used in the adverb l'altro ieri
altroieri {m}  :: day before yesterday
altronde {adv} [rare]  :: elsewhere, somewhere else
altrove {adv}  :: elsewhere, somewhere else
altrui {adj} [possessive]  :: another person's, someone else's, other people's, of others (genitive of altro)
altruismo {m}  :: altruism, unselfishness
altruista {adj}  :: unselfish
altruista {f}  :: (female) unselfish woman, altruist
altruista {m}  :: (male) unselfish man, altruist
altruisticamente {adv}  :: altruistically
altruisticamente {adv}  :: unselfishly
altruistico {adj}  :: altruistic, unselfish
altura {f}  :: deep sea
altura {f}  :: height, high ground
altura {f}  :: high water
Alture del Golan {prop}  :: Golan Heights
alturiere {m} [nautical]  :: sea-going vessel
alturiero {adj} [nautical]  :: sea-going; open sea (attributive)
aluccia {f}  :: winglet
a lungo {adv}  :: a long time, for a long time, for ages
a lungo {adv}  :: at length
a lungo termine {adv}  :: long-term
alunna {f}  :: schoolchild (girl), schoolgirl
alunnato {m}  :: apprenticeship
alunno {m}  :: schoolchild, schoolboy
Alvaro {prop}  :: male given name
alveare {m}  :: beehive
alveo {m}  :: bed (of a river)
alveolare {adj}  :: alveolar
alveolare {adj}  :: alveolate
alveolato {adj}  :: alveolate
alveolite {m} [pathology]  :: alveolitis
alveolo {m} [anatomy, botany]  :: alveolus
alveolo polmonare {m} [anatomy]  :: pulmonary alveolus
Alvernia {prop}  :: Auvergne
alverniate {mf}  :: Native or inhabitant of the Auvergne
al vetriolo {adj}  :: caustic, sharp, bitter
Alvezio {prop}  :: male given name
Alvise {prop}  :: male given name
alzabandiera {f}  :: flag-raising (ceremonial raising of a flag)
alzabandiera {f} [slang]  :: morning wood
alzabile {adj}  :: liftable, raisable
alzacristallo {m}  :: window winder
alzaia {f}  :: towpath
alzaia {f}  :: towrope, towline
alza le mani {phrase}  :: hands up!, stick 'em up!
alzando {v}  :: gerund of alzare
alzandosi {v}  :: gerund of alzarsi
alzare {vt}  :: to build, to erect
alzare {vt}  :: to lift (up), to raise, to heave
alzare {vt}  :: to raise, to put up, to up
alzarsi {vr}  :: reflexive form of alzare
alzarsi {v}  :: to rise
alzarsi {v}  :: to stand up, rise to one's feet, get up, raise oneself, fly up, take off
alzarsi in piedi {v}  :: to stand up
alzata {f}  :: cake stand
alzata {f}  :: lifting, raising
alzata {f}  :: top (of piece of furniture)
alzataccia {f}  :: early rising
alzato {adj}  :: raised (arms)
alzato {adj}  :: up (out of bed)
alzato {m}  :: elevation (part of a building)
alzatore {m} [volleyball]  :: setter
alzatrice {f} [volleyball]  :: setter (female)
alzavino {m}  :: wine thief
alzavola {f}  :: teal
Alzheimer {m} [medicine]  :: Alzheimer's disease
amabile {adj}  :: amiable, pleasant
amabile {adj}  :: sweet (wine)
Amabile {prop}  :: female given name
amabilità {f}  :: amiableness, kindness, pleasantness
amabilmente {adv}  :: amiably
amabilmente {adv}  :: courteously
amaca {f}  :: hammock
Amadeo {prop}  :: male given name
amadriade {f}  :: hamadryad
amadriade {f}  :: hamadryas baboon (Papio hamadryas)
amaggio {m} [obsolete]  :: love
amaide {f} [heraldry]  :: A shortened band that does not touch the sides of the shield
a mai più rivederci {interj}  :: goodbye, farewell with the wishing of never meet that person again
a malapena {adv}  :: hardly, scarcely
Amalfi {prop}  :: A picturesque town on the Gulf of Sorrento in Campania
amalfitano {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to Amalfi
amalfitano {m}  :: Native or resident of Amalfi
amalgamabile {adj}  :: That can be amalgamated
amalgamando {v}  :: gerund of amalgamare
amalgamandosi {v}  :: gerund of amalgamarsi
amalgamare {vt} [chemistry]  :: to amalgamate
amalgamare {vt}  :: to mix, mingle, blend, combine, merge, amalgamate
amalgamarsi {vr}  :: reflexive form of amalgamare
amalgamarsi {v}  :: to amalgamate, mix, blend
amalgamazione {f}  :: amalgamation
Amalia {prop}  :: female given name
Amalio {prop}  :: male given name
amamelide {f}  :: witch hazel, wych hazel (Hamamelis virginiana)
Amanda {prop}  :: female given name
Amandino {prop}  :: male given name
Amando {prop}  :: male given name
amandosi {v}  :: gerund of amarsi
a mano {adv}  :: by hand, manually, hand-
a mano a mano {adv}  :: bit by bit, incrementally, step by step
a mano a mano {adv}  :: gradually
a mano a mano {adv}  :: little by little
a mano a mano che {adv}  :: as
a mano armata {prep}  :: at gunpoint
a mano libera {adv}  :: freehand
amante {mf}  :: lover
amanuense {mf}  :: amanuensis
amanza {f} [obsolete]  :: love; lover (female)
amar {v}  :: apocopic form of amare
amaramente {adv}  :: bitterly
amaranto {adj}  :: amaranthine
amaranto {m}  :: amaranthine (color)
amaranto {m}  :: love-lies-bleeding (Amaranthus caudatus)
amarasca {f}  :: morello cherry
amarasco {m}  :: marasca
amarcord {m}  :: nostalgic memory
amare {v}  :: to love, to like
amareggiando {v}  :: gerund of amareggiare
amareggiandosi {v}  :: gerund of amareggiarsi
amareggiante {adj}  :: saddening, embittering
amareggiare {vt}  :: to sadden, upset
amareggiarsi {vr}  :: reflexive form of amareggiare
amareggiarsi {vr}  :: to get sad, upset, miserable
amarena {f}  :: Sour cherry (the fruit of Prunus cerasus L.)
amareno {m}  :: sour cherry (Prunus cerasus tree)
amaretto {m}  :: The sweet-bitter liquer amaretto
amarettono {m}  :: A large biscuit flavoured with almond kernels
amarezza {f}  :: bitterness
amarezza {f} [figuratively]  :: bitterness, acerbity, sadness
amarezza {f}  :: (plural) troubles, sorrows
amarico {adj}  :: Amharic
amarico {m}  :: Amharic
amarilli {f}  :: amaryllis
amarillide {f}  :: amaryllis
amarissimo {adj}  :: Very bitter
amaro {adj}  :: bitter
amaro {m}  :: Any of several herbal liqueurs
amaro {m}  :: bitter, bitterness
amarognolo {adj}  :: Slightly bitter
amarsi {vr}  :: reflexive form of amare
amarsi {vr}  :: to love each other, love one another
amarsi {vr}  :: to love oneself
amartia {f} [pathology]  :: malformation of an organ
amartoblastoma {m} [pathology]  :: tumor formation similar to a hamartoma
amartofobia {f}  :: hamartophobia (fear of error or sin)
amartoma {m} [pathology]  :: hamartoma
amarulento {adj}  :: Somewhat bitter
amarume {m}  :: A bitter substance
amarume {m}  :: bitterness (all senses)
amasio {m}  :: catamite
amasio {m}  :: lover
amastia {f}  :: amastia
amata {f}  :: (female) beloved, sweetheart
amateur {m}  :: amateur (non-professional)
amatissimo {adj}  :: dearly beloved, much-loved, well-loved
amatita {f}  :: alternative form of matita
amativo {adj}  :: amorous
amato {adj}  :: beloved, dear, loved, darling
amato {m}  :: beloved, sweetheart
Amato {prop}  :: male given name
amatofobia {f}  :: amatophobia (fear of dust)
amatore {m}  :: amateur
amatore {m}  :: lover, connoisseur
amatoriale {adj}  :: amateur (attributive), home-made
amatoriale {adj}  :: collector (attributive)
amatorialmente {adv}  :: As an amateur
amatorio {adj}  :: amatory, love (attributive)
amatrice {f}  :: amateur (female)
amatrice {f}  :: (female) lover, connoisseur
Amatrice {prop}  :: a small town in the province of Rieti in Lazio
amatriciana {propf}  :: feminine of amatriciano
amatriciano {adj}  :: of, or relating to Amatrice
amatriciano {propm}  :: native or inhabitant of Amatrice
amattamento {m}  :: hint
amaurosi {f} [medicine]  :: amaurosis
amaurotico {adj}  :: amaurotic
amaxofobia {f}  :: amaxophobia
amazzone {f}  :: Amazon (woman)
amazzone {f}  :: horsewoman
amazzone {f}  :: riding habit
Amazzonia {prop}  :: Amazonian rainforest (region)
amazzonico {adj}  :: Amazonian
amazzonite {f} [mineralogy]  :: amazonite
amazzonomachia {f}  :: Amazonomachy
ambage {f} [especially in plural]  :: ambage
ambaradan {m}  :: shambles (confused, disorganized situation)
ambaradan {m}  :: song and dance (idiomatic meanings)
ambasceria {f}  :: embassy
ambascia {f}  :: anguish, distress
ambasciata {f}  :: embassy
ambasciata {f}  :: errand
ambasciatore {m}  :: ambassador
ambasciatore {m}  :: messenger
ambasciatrice {f}  :: ambassador (female), ambassadress
ambascioso {adj}  :: distressing, discomforting
ambedue {adj}  :: both
ambedue {pron}