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-a {suffix} :: -ess. (Used to form feminine singular nouns.)
-a {suffix} :: (Used to form the feminine singular adjectives.)
-a {suffix} :: -s. (Used to form the third-person singular (also used with usted) present indicative mood of regular -ar verbs.)
-a {suffix} :: (Used to form the first and third-person singular (also used with usted) singular present subjunctive mood of -er and -ir verbs, also used for the imperative mood of usted.)
-a {suffix} :: (Used to form the second-person singular imperative mood of -ar verbs.)
a- {prefix} :: A prefix forming words, especially verbs, that denote entering a state, making progress toward a goal, or the like
a- {prefix} :: a-, non-, -less
a {letter} :: letter
a {f} :: Name of the letter A
a {prep} :: to
a {prep} :: by
a {prep} :: at
a {prep} :: Used before words referring to people, pets, or personified objects or places that function as direct objects: personal a
A {letter} :: letter
A {m} [chess] :: bishop
á {prep} :: obsolete spelling of a
à {prep} :: obsolete spelling of a
AA {initialism} :: initialism of Alcohólicos Anónimos
aaleniano {m} [geology, paleontology] :: Aalenian (subdivision of the Jurassic epoch)
aaleniano {adj} [geology, paleontology] :: Aalenian (of or pertaining to the Aalenian epoch)
a alguna parte {adv} :: off to; to somewhere
Aarón {prop} {m} :: given name
aarónico {adj} :: Aaronic
ab. {m} :: abbreviation of abril; Apr. (April)
-aba {suffix} :: Suffix indicating the first-person singular imperfect indicative of -ar verbs
-aba {suffix} :: Suffix indicating the third-person singular imperfect indicative of -ar verbs
ababa {f} :: red poppy
Ababa {prop} {f} :: given name
ababillarse {v} [veterinary medicine, Chile, Mexico] :: to be sick with the stifle (of horses and other quadrupeds)
ababol {m} :: the flower of the red poppy (Papaver rhoeas)
ababol {m} :: absentminded or simpleminded person
ababol {m} :: simpleton
abacá {m} :: abaca
abacá {m} :: Manilla hemp
abacalera {f} :: feminine noun of abacalero
abacalero {m} :: abaca worker (farmer, transporter, or salesman)
abacera {f} :: feminine noun of abacero
abacería {f} :: grocery (store)
abacero {m} :: grocer
abacial {adj} :: abbatial
abacista {mf} :: abacist
ábaco {m} :: abacus
ábaco neperiano {m} :: Napier's bones
abacora {f} [Antilles] :: alternative form of albacora; swordfish
abacora {f} [Latin America] :: type of tuna
abacorar {v} :: to attack
abacorar {v} :: to pursue relentlessly, to harass
abacorar {v} :: to corner
abacorar {v} :: to overcome
abacorar {v} [Andes, Caribbean] :: to catch, to surprise
abacorar {v} :: to smooch while dancing
abacorar {v} [Cuba] :: to stockpile, to hoard, to corner the market
abacorar {v} [Latin America] :: to monopolize
abad {m} :: abbot
Abad {prop} :: surname
abada {f} [obsolete] :: rhinoceros
Abadán {prop} :: Abadán (city)
abadejo {m} :: pollock, pollack (fish related to cod)
abadengo {adj} :: abbatial, of an abbot
abadernar {v} [nautical] :: to fasten with short ropes
abadesa {f} :: abbess
abadí {mf} [historical] :: A member of the Abbadid dynasty, rulers of the taifa of Seville
abadía {f} :: abbey
abadía {f} :: abbeystead
Abadiano {prop} :: surname, a rare Hispanic surname
-abais {suffix} :: Suffix indicating the second-person plural imperfect indicative of -ar verbs
abajadero {m} :: slope, incline
abajar {v} :: to go down
abajar {v} :: to descend
abajeña {f} :: feminine noun of abajeño
abajeño {adj} :: coastal
abajeño {adj} :: lowlander
abajeño {m} :: lowlander, coastal dweller
abajera {f} [Argentina, Chile, Uruguay] :: saddlecloth
abajero {adj} [Latin America] :: lower, under
abajino {adj} [Chile] :: from, of or relating to the north of Chile
abajino {m} [Chile] :: someone from the north of Chile
abajito {adv} :: a little bit down
abajo {adv} :: down
abajo {adv} :: downstairs
abajo {adv} :: below
abajo {interj} [figuratively] :: down with, away with
abajofirmante {mf} :: undersigned, signatory
abajor {m} [obsolete] :: lack of stature, height; shortness
abakuá {m} :: abakuá
abalanzar {vt} :: to propel
abalanzar {vt} [dated] :: to balance, compensate
abalanzar {vr} [abalanzarse sobre] :: to pounce on, swoop down on
abalanzarse {v} :: reflexive of abalanzar
abalconado {adj} :: balconied
abaldonadamente {adv} [obsolete] :: daringly, courageously
abaldonamiento {m} :: audacity
abaldonar {v} [obsolete] :: to humiliate
abaldonar {v} [obsolete] :: to turn vile
abalear {vt} [Latin America] :: to shoot
abaleo {m} [Latin America] :: shooting
abalorio {m} :: glass bead
abalorio {m} :: trinket; bauble (jewelry of little value)
Ábalos {prop} {m} :: surname
abaluartar {v} :: to fortify with bastions
-ábamos {suffix} :: indicates the imperfect tense first-person plural form of an -ar verb
abamperio {m} :: abampere
-aban {suffix} :: Suffix indicating the third-person plural imperfect indicative of -ar verbs
abanación {f} :: abannation, banishment
abañadura {f} :: sifting
abanar {v} [obsolete] :: to fan
abanar {vr} [Argentina, Chile, Uruguay] :: to show off
abañar {v} :: to sift
abancalar {v} :: to terrace
abanderada {f} :: feminine noun of abanderado
abanderado {m} :: standard-bearer, flagbearer
abanderamiento {m} :: the act of raising a flag
abanderar {v} :: to register a boat under a particular nationality
abanderar {v} :: to lead a cause, rebellion, movement
abanderizar {vtr} :: to polarize; to divide into factions
abandonado {adj} :: abandoned
abandonado {adj} :: dirty, sloppy, negligent
abandonamiento {m} [rare] :: abandonment
abandonar {v} :: to abandon, to leave
abandonar {v} :: to neglect
abandonismo {m} :: defeatism
abandonista {adj} :: defeatist
abandonista {mf} :: defeatist
abandono {m} :: abandonment
abandono de proceso {m} [legal] :: nolle prosequi (declaration that a prosecution will not proceed)
abanicada {f} :: fanning, fanning action
abanicar {v} :: to fan
abanicazo {m} :: A hit with a fan (hand-held device)
abanico {m} :: fan (hand-held device)
abanico aluvial {m} :: alluvial fan
abanillo {m} :: small fan
abanillo {m} :: ruffle, frill, puff
abano {m} :: ceiling fan
abano {m} :: fly-chaser (tool to chase flies from an area)
Abanto {prop} {m} :: A town in Zaragoza, Aragon, Spain
Abanto {prop} {m} :: surname
abapertural {adj} :: abapertural
abaratamiento {m} :: reduction (generally in the price of an item)
abaratar {v} :: to make cheaper (by reducing the price)
abarbetar {v} [obsolete] :: to lash (with rope, cord, etc.)
abarca {f} :: sandal
Abarca {prop} :: surname
abarcable {adj} :: straightforward; accessible
abarcador {adj} :: comprehensive
abarcar {v} :: to embrace, to encompass
abarcar {v} :: to comprise, to make up, to contain, to include
abarcar {v} :: to take in
abarcar {v} :: to clasp
abarcar {v} :: to undertake, to embark upon
abarcar {v} :: to monopolize, to corner
abarcar más de lo que se puede {v} :: to bite off more than one can chew (to try to do too much)
abarcativo {adj} :: comprehensive
abarloar {v} [nautical] :: to raft up
abarquillar {vtr} :: to crinkle; to crinkle up
abarracar {v} [rare] :: to construct barracks
abarrar {v} [obsolete] :: to throw with force
abarraz {f} [rare] :: stavesacre (Delphinium staphisagria)
abarrotado {adj} :: overcrowded (containing too many occupants for an area of its size)
abarrotar {v} :: to pack
abarrotar {v} :: to bar
abarrotar {v} :: to stow cargo on a ship
abarrote {m} :: packing
abarrote {m} [Latin America, in the plural] :: groceries
abarrotera {f} :: feminine noun of abarrotero
abarrotería {f} [Mexico, Guatemala, Panama] :: general store, local shop
abarrotero {m} [Latin America] :: grocer
-abas {suffix} :: Suffix indicating the second-person singular imperfect indicative of -ar verbs
a base de {prep} :: solely down to; by ... alone; by sheer
a base de bien {adv} [Spain, idiomatic] :: loads; galore
abasí {m} :: Abbasid
abasí {adj} :: Abbasid
abasida {m} :: synonym of abasí: Abbasid
abasida {adj} :: synonym of abasí: Abbasid
abásida {m} :: alt form abasida
abásida {adj} :: alt form abasida
abastamiento {m} :: dated form of abastecimiento
abastar {v} :: to supply
abastardar {vt} :: to degrade, debase, bastardize
abastardar {vi} :: to degrade, degenerate
abastecedor {adj} :: outfitting
abastecedor {m} :: outfitter
abastecer {v} :: to supply (with)
abastecimiento {m} :: supply
abastimiento {m} :: dated form of abastecimiento
abastionar {v} :: to fortify with bastions
abasto {m} :: supply, provisions
abasto {m} :: abundance
abasto {m} [usually plural] :: groceries
abasto {m} :: fill (usually as part of the phrasal verb darse abasto (to have one's fill))
abasto {m} [Venezuela] :: grocery store
abatanar {v} :: to full, mill (clothing)
abatanar {v} :: to beat, hit, abase
abatatar {v} :: to frighten
abatatar {v} :: to embarrass
abatible {adj} :: reclining (seat)
abatidamente {adv} :: abjectly
abatido {adj} :: abject, discouraged
abatimiento {m} :: depressiveness
abatimiento {m} :: dejection
abatimiento {m} :: abjectness
abatir {vtr} :: to demolish, to knock down
abatir {vtr} :: to depress (to make depressed) or discourage
abatir {vtr} [obsolete] :: to humble
abatirse {v} :: reflexive of abatir
abatización {f} :: the application of the larvicide Abate (also called temephos)
abatojar {v} [Aragon] :: to thresh
abaxial {adj} :: abaxial
abaxialmente {adv} :: abaxially
abaya {f} :: abaya
abazón {m} [anatomy, zoology] :: cheek pouch (pouch in the cheek)
abcísico {adj} :: abscisic
abciximab {m} [pharmaceutical drug] :: abciximab
abdesto {m} :: abdest, wudu (Islamic act of washing parts of the body)
Abdías {prop} {m} :: Obadiah, Abdias [biblical character]
Abdías {prop} {m} [bible] :: Obadiah (the book of the Bible)
abdicación {f} :: abdication, renunciation
abdicador {adj} :: abdicating; abdicant (who abdicates)
abdicador {m} :: abdicator; abdicant (one who abdicates)
abdicar {v} :: to abdicate, relinquish
abdicativamente {adv} :: abdicatingly
abdicativo {adj} :: abdicative
abdomen {m} :: abdomen
abdominal {adj} :: abdominal
abdominal {m} :: abdominal muscle
abdominal {m} :: sit-up
abdominalmente {adv} :: abdominally
abdominoplastia {f} [surgery] :: abdominoplasty
abducción {f} :: abduction (physiology: movement separating limb from axis)
abducir {v} [physiology, anatomy] :: to abduce, to abduct (draw away from the median axis of the body)
abductor {m} [anatomy] :: abductor
abductor del meñique {m} :: abductor minimi digiti
abductor largo del pulgar {m} :: abductor pollicis longus
abecé {m} :: ABCs (alphabet)
abecé {m} :: primer (textbook formerly used to teach the alphabet)
abecedariana {f} :: feminine noun of abecedariano
abecedariano {m} :: Abecedarian (member of a 16th-century sect)
abecedario {m} :: alphabet (an ordered set of letters used in a language)
abecedario {m} :: spelling book, primer
abedul {m} :: birch
abeja {f} :: bee (the insect)
abeja albañila {f} :: mason bee
abeja carpintera {f} :: carpenter bee
abeja de miel {f} :: honeybee
abeja machiega {f} :: worker bee
abeja maesa {f} :: queen bee
abeja maestra {f} :: queen bee
abeja melífera {f} :: honey bee
abeja neutra {f} :: worker bee
abeja obrera {f} :: worker bee
abejar {m} :: apiary
abeja reina {f} :: queen bee
abejarrón {m} :: bumblebee
abejaruco {m} :: bee-eater
abejear {v} [El Salvador] :: to be vigilant
abejera {f} :: feminine noun of abejero
abejero {m} :: beekeeper (someone who keeps bees)
abejita {f} :: young bee
abejón {m} :: bumblebee
abejonear {vi} [Dominican Republic] :: to buzz
abejorrear {v} [of an insect] :: to buzz
abejorro {m} :: bumblebee
abejorro {m} :: cockchafer
abejuno {adj} [obsolete] :: apian
Abel {prop} {m} [biblical character] :: Abel
abeldar {v} :: to winnow
abeliano {adj} :: abelian
abelisáurido {m} :: abelisaurid
Abelito {prop} {m} :: given name
abelmosco {m} [botany] :: abelmosk (evergreen shrub, Abelmoschus moschatus)
abelonita {mf} :: Abelian (member of a sect living like Abel)
abemoladamente {adv} :: sweetly
abemolar {v} :: to soften, to lower the voice
Abendaño {prop} :: surname
abéñola {f} [obsolete] :: eyelash
abéñula {f} [obsolete] :: eyelash
abenuz {m} :: ebony
aberración {f} :: aberration, aberrancy
aberración cromática {f} :: chromatic aberration
aberrante {adj} :: abnormal, aberrant
aberrar {vi} [rare] :: to aberrate
abertal {adj} :: crackled, cracked
abertura {f} :: opening (act of opening)
abertura {f} :: opening (something open)
abertzale {adj} :: nationalist, pertaining to the Basque nationalist movement
abertzale {mf} :: Basque nationalist
abertzalismo {m} :: Basque nationalism
aberzale {adj} :: alternative form of abertzale
abés {adv} [archaic] :: With difficulty
abetal {m} :: fir forest, wood
abetal {m} :: an area planted with firs
abete {m} :: obsolete form of abeto
abeto {m} :: fir
abetunar {v} [obsolete] :: to shine with shoe polish
abiertamente {adv} :: openly, aboveboard
abierto {adj} :: open (not closed; accessible)
abierto {adj} :: open (actively conducting business)
abierto {adj} :: open (receptive)
abierto {adj} :: open (not subtle in character)
abierto {adj} [phonetics] :: open (uttered with a wide opening of articulators)
abierto {m} [sports] :: open (event in which anyone can compete)
abierto {v} :: past participle of abrir
abierto de mente {adj} :: open-minded
Abigaíl {prop} {f} [Bible] :: the wife of Nabal and later of David
Abigaíl {prop} {f} :: given name
abigarradamente {adv} :: In a motley manner
abigarrado {adj} :: variegated, colorful, pertaining to clashing colors
abigarrado {adj} :: pertaining to a mishmash of ill-sorted things
abigarramiento {m} :: variegation
abigarramiento {m} :: motley
abigarrar {v} :: to paint in many colors, make colorful paints
abigeato {m} [South America] :: abigeat, cattle-theft
abigeo {m} [South America] :: cattle stealer; rustler
Abimelech {prop} {m} :: Abimelech (Biblical character)
abintestato {adj} [law] :: intestate
abiogénesis {f} :: abiogenesis
abiótico {adj} :: abiotic
abipón {adj} :: Abipón
abipón {m} :: Abipón
abipón {m} :: Abipón
abipona {f} :: feminine noun of abipón
abisagrar {vt} :: to hinge (to attach by a hinge)
abisal {adj} :: abyssal (belonging to the ocean depths)
abisinia {f} :: feminine noun of abisinio
Abisinia {prop} {f} :: Abyssinia
abisinio {adj} :: Abyssinian
abisinio {m} :: Abyssinian
abismal {adj} :: abysmal (pertaining to an abyss)
abismal {adj} :: abysmal (extremely bad)
abismalmente {adv} :: abysmally
abismar {vtr} :: to plunge or sink into
abismar {vtr} :: to confuse
abismar {vr} [Latin America] :: to be amazed
abismarse {v} :: reflexive of abismar
abismo {m} :: abyss
abismo de Challenger {prop} {m} :: Challenger Deep (deepest point in the world)
abispa {f} :: obsolete spelling of avispa
abivas {fp} [obsolete] :: vives (disease of animals)
Abiyán {prop} :: Abiyán (city)
abjad {m} [linguistics] :: abjad (writing system)
abjasia {f} :: feminine noun of abjasio
Abjasia {prop} {f} :: Abkhazia (territory in the Caucasus, Republic of Abkhazia)
abjasio {adj} :: Abkhaz
abjasio {m} :: Abkhaz person
abjasio {m} :: Abkhaz (language)
abjaso {adj} :: alternative form of abjasio
abjaso {m} :: alternative form of abjasio (the Abkhaz language)
Abjazia {prop} {f} :: alt form Abjasia
abjuración {f} :: abjuration
abjurar {v} :: to abjure
Abkhazia {prop} {f} :: alt form Abjasia
ablación {f} [medical] :: ablation (the removal of a body part, especially in the context of female genital mutilation)
ablación {f} [geology] :: ablation (the removal of a glacier)
ablacionar {v} :: to ablate
ablandamiento {m} :: softening (the process of making something soft)
ablandamiento {m} :: softening (the process of becoming soft)
ablandar {vtr} :: to soften, to soothe
ablandar {vi} :: to become less severe
ablandarse {v} :: reflexive of ablandar
ablativo {m} [grammar] :: ablative
-able {suffix} :: -able
ablución {f} :: ablution (the act of washing)
ablución {f} :: ablution (act of washing as a religious rite)
ablución {f} [Christianity] :: ablution (rinsing of the priest's hands)
abluir {v} :: to ablute
ablusonado {adj} [of clothing, especially a dress] :: like a blouse
abnegación {f} :: abnegation
abnegadamente {adv} :: unselfishly
abnegado {adj} :: selfless
abnegar {v} :: to renounce
Abo {prop} :: Abo (city)
abobar {v} :: to cause to become stupid
abobar {v} :: to amaze, to bewilder
abobra {f} :: pumpkin, squash (any vegetable belonging to the family Cucurbitaceae)
abocado {adj} :: quaffable, drinkable (of wine, easy to drink, neither sweet nor dry)
a bocajarro {adv} :: At point-blank
a bocajarro {adv} :: In a direct manner, without hesitation; to say something straight out
abocar {v} :: to pour from one container to another
abocar {v} [dated] :: to seize or grab with the mouth
abocetado {adj} [of art] :: sketchy (intended for later refinement)
abocetar {vt} :: to sketch
abochornado {adj} [dated] :: blushed, ashamed
abochornante {adj} :: shameful
abochornar {vtr} :: to overheat
abochornar {vtr} :: to embarrass; to cause to blush
abochornarse {v} :: reflexive of abochornar
abocinar {v} :: to shape like trumpet; to flare
abodrita {adj} :: Obotrite
abodrita {mf} :: Obotrite
abofetear {vt} :: to slap
abogacía {f} :: the practice of law; lawyering
abogacía {f} :: advocacy
abogada {f} :: feminine noun of abogado
abogadillo {m} :: diminutive of abogado
abogado {m} :: lawyer, solicitor, counsel
abogado del diablo {m} [idiomatic] :: devil's advocate
abogado de oficio {m} [legal] :: public defender
abogar {v} :: to advocate
abogar {v} :: to defend in court
Aboitiz {prop} :: surname
abolengo {m} :: ancestry
abolición {f} :: abolition (the act of destroying a law, custom, etc.)
abolicionismo {m} :: abolitionism (opinion in favor of abolishing something)
abolicionista {mf} :: abolitionist (person in favor of the abolition of something)
abolir {vt} :: to abolish
abolir {vt} :: to revoke
abollado {adj} :: dented; bumpy, battered
abolladura {f} :: dent (shallow deformation)
abollar {vtr} :: to dent
abollar {vt} [Burgos] :: to tread, to trample
abollar {vt} :: to emboss
abollarse {v} :: reflexive of abollar
abomaso {m} :: abomasum
abombamiento {m} :: bulging
abombar {vtr} :: to stun
abombar {vr} [of food] :: to go bad, to spoil
abombar {vtr} :: to make round or convex
abombarse {v} :: reflexive of abombar
abominable {adj} :: abominable
abominable hombre de las nieves {m} :: abominable snowman
abominablemente {adv} :: abominably
abominación {f} :: abomination
abominación {f} :: horror, abhorrence
abominar {vt} :: to condemn, denounce
abominar {vt} :: to abhor
abonado {m} :: the act of spreading fertilizer
abonado {m} :: subscriber
abonar {vt} :: to fertilize (to provide nutrients to crops using fertilizers)
abonar {vt} :: To accredit a sum of money to the account of someone, contributing funds or reducing the balance
abonar {vt} :: To give credit or describe positively
abonar {vt} :: To make something better
abonar {vt} :: To pay an amount of money
abonar {vt} :: To make an annotation in the salary on an account
abonar {vi} :: To pay a certain amount of money by each term of a loan or sale
abonar {vp} :: To subscribe to a service
abonar {vp} :: To reconcile with someone without going to court
abonaré {v} [economics] :: IOU
abonarse {v} :: reflexive of abonar
abono {m} :: fertilizer, manure
abono {m} :: subscription; season ticket
abono {m} :: payment, installment
abono {m} :: guarantee, security
abono de temporada {m} :: season ticket (ticket that is valid for all of the events in a series)
abono inicial {m} :: downpayment (payment representing a fraction of the price)
abono orgánico {m} :: fertilizer
abordador {m} :: boarder
abordadora {f} :: feminine noun of abordador
abordaje {m} :: collision (of boats)
abordaje {m} :: boarding
abordaje {m} :: approach (to a problem)
abordar {vt} :: to address; to broach
abordar {vt} :: to accost, waylay
abordar {vt} :: to board (to enter a boat)
a bordo {adv} :: aboard; on board
abordo {m} [rare] :: boarding
aborigen {adj} :: aboriginal, indigenous, native
aborigen {mf} :: aborigine
aboriginal {mf} :: Aborigine (original inhabitant of Australia)
aborrascarse {vr} :: to get stormy
aborrecer {v} :: to hate, detest, loathe
aborrecer {v} [of an animal] :: to abandon one's young
aborrecible {adj} :: loathsome
aborreciblemente {adv} :: abhorrently
aborrecimiento {m} :: loathing, abhorrence
aborregado {adj} :: mackerel [said of the sky]
aborregar {vr} :: to be brainwashed, to turn into a sheep (figuratively speaking)
abortado {adj} :: aborted
abortadura {f} [obsolete] :: abortion
abortar {vt} :: to abort
abortar {vt} :: to suppress
abortar {vi} :: to have an abortion
abortista {mf} :: abortionist
abortivo {adj} :: abortive
aborto {m} :: abortion
aborto {m} :: miscarriage
aborto {m} [slang] :: a very ugly person
aborto inducido {m} :: induced abortion
aborto involuntario {m} :: miscarriage
abotagado {adj} :: swollen
abotagado {v} :: past participle of abotagar
abotagamiento {m} [medicine] :: swelling, inflammation
abotagar {vp} [medical] :: to swell (of the body as a result of a disease)
abotagarse {v} :: reflexive of abotagar
abotargado {v} :: past participle of abotargar
abotargamiento {m} :: alternative form of abotagamiento
abotargar {v} :: alternative form of abotagar
abotargarse {v} :: alternative form of abotagarse
a bote pronto {adv} [idiom] :: off the top of one's head
abotonar {vtr} :: to button up
abotonarse {v} :: reflexive of abotonar
abovedado {adj} :: vaulted
abovedamiento {m} :: vaulting
abovedar {vt} :: to vault, to arch
ab ovo {adv} :: ab ovo
aboyar {v} [nautical] :: to set or mark with buoys
abra {f} :: small bay, inlet
abra {f} [Latin America] :: glade, clearing
abracadabra {interj} :: abracadabra
abracar {vt} :: to hug, to embrace
abracejo {m} :: light and/or unaffectionate hug
Abraham {prop} {m} :: Abraham (Biblical character)
abrahámico {adj} :: Abrahamic
Abrahán {prop} {m} :: given name, a variant of Abraham, the Spanish equivalent of Abraham
Abram {prop} {m} :: Abram (Biblical character)
abrasadamente {adv} :: ardently
abrasador {adj} :: scorching
abrasante {adj} :: scorching
abrasante {adj} :: parching
abrasar {v} :: to burn
abrasar {v} :: to parch
abrasar {v} :: to squander or waste money
abrasión {f} :: abrasion (wearing away by friction)
abrasión {f} [geology] :: abrasion (the effect of erosion of rock)
abrasión {f} [medicine] :: abrasion (superficial wound caused by scraping)
abrasivo {adj} :: abrasive; rough
abrasivo {m} :: abrasive (substance used for cleaning, smoothing, or polishing)
abrazable {adj} :: huggable
abrazadera {f} :: clamp, bracket
abrazadera {f} [nautical] :: cleat (device to secure a rope)
abrazador {adj} :: embracing, hugging
abrazar {vtr} :: to hug, to embrace
abrazarse {v} :: reflexive of abrazar
abrazo {m} :: hug, embrace
a brazo partido {adv} [idiom] :: tooth and nail
abrazote {m} :: augmentative of abrazo
abrazote {m} :: bear hug
abreboca {m} :: appetizer, starter
abreboca {m} [medicine] :: a device to hold the mouth open
abrebotellas {m} :: bottle opener
abrecartas {m} :: letter opener, paper knife
ábrego {m} :: southwest wind
ábrego {m} [obsolete] :: African
abrelatas {m} :: can opener, tin opener
abrenunciación {f} [Christianity] :: The renouncing of sin at baptism
ábrete sésamo {phrase} :: open sesame!
abreuense {adj} :: of or from Abreus
abreuense {mf} :: Someone from Abreus
abrevadero {m} :: waterer, fount (device from which animals drink)
abrevadero {m} :: drinking trough
abrevar {v} :: to give water to
abrevar {v} :: to irrigate
abrevar {v} :: to sup; wallow
abreviación {f} :: shortening, abridgement
abreviación {f} [linguistics] :: reduction
abreviadamente {adv} :: briefly
abreviado {adj} :: abridged
abreviamiento {m} :: abbreviation
abreviar {v} :: to abbreviate, to shorten
abreviar {v} :: to hasten
abreviativo {adj} :: abbreviatory
abreviatura {f} :: abbreviation
abreviatura {f} :: resumé
abribonar {v} [rare] :: to make lazy
abribonar {vr} [rare] :: to become lazy
abridor {adj} :: opening
abridor {m} :: opener (device that opens something)
abrigadero {m} :: shelter, windbreak
abrigado {adj} :: covert
abrigado {adj} :: covered, blanketed
abrigador {adj} :: warm (providing warmth)
abrigaño {m} :: lee
abrigaño {m} [horticulture] :: row cover, cloche
abrigaño {m} :: kiln coating
abrigaño {m} [military] :: barrack
abrigar {vtr} :: to wrap up (to put on abundant clothing)
abrigar {v} :: to cover
abrigar {v} :: to shelter, to protect
abrigarse {v} :: reflexive of abrigar
abrigo {m} :: overcoat
abrigo {m} :: shelter
abrigo {m} [agriculture] :: blanket, quilt
abrigo {m} [nautical] :: haven, harbor
abrigo {m} [figuratively] :: aid, protection
ábrigo {m} :: obsolete form of ábrego
abril {m} :: April
abril {m} [of a young person] :: years of age
abrileño {adj} :: of or pertaining to the month of April
abrillantador {m} :: rinse aid
abrillantador {m} :: brightener
abrillantar {vt} :: to shine, polish
abrimiento {m} :: opening (the act of opening)
abrir {m} :: the act of opening
abrir {vtir} :: to open
abrir {vt} :: to unlock
abrir {vt} :: to turn on
abrir {vr} :: to open up (to become communicative)
abrir {vr} [slang] :: to leave, go away
abrir {vr} [Latin America] :: to withdraw, back out of
abrir camino {v} [idiomatic] :: to pave the way
abrir el fuego {v} [idiomatic] :: to open fire
abrir fuego {v} [idiom] :: to open fire
abrirse {v} :: reflexive of abrir
abrirse camino {v} :: to make way
abrochadora {f} [Argentina, Uruguay] :: stapler
abrochar {vtr} :: to button, fasten, buckle, zip up
abrocharse {v} :: reflexive of abrochar
abrogable {adj} :: abrogable (capable of being abrogated)
abrogación {f} :: abrogation
abrogar {vt} :: to abrogate (annul by an authoritative act)
abrogatorio {adj} :: abrogating; rescinding; overruling
abrojo {m} [botany] :: thistle; thorn
abrojo {m} [weaponry] :: caltrop
abrojo {m} [plural, nautical] :: shoal
abrojo {m} [plural, figuratively] :: hardships
abrojo terrestre {m} :: caltrop (Tribulus terrestris)
abroncar {vt} :: to embarrass
abroncar {vt} :: to rebuke, to chastise, to reprimand
abroncar {vt} :: to jeer
abrotación {m} :: counterrotation
abrótano {m} :: southernwood (Artemisia abrotanum)
abrotoñar {vi} [of plants] :: to bud, sprout or grow
abrotoñar {vi} [of water] :: to spout, gush
abrotoñar {vi} [medicine] :: to develop pustules
abrotoñar {vi} :: to develop, arise, appear
abrumador {adj} :: exhausting, tiresome
abrumador {adj} :: overwhelming
abrumadoramente {adv} :: overwhelmingly
abrumar {vt} :: to crush, overcome, exhaust, overwhelm
abrumar {vr} :: to become foggy, misty
abruptamente {adv} :: abruptly
abrupto {adj} :: abrupt
abrupto {adj} :: violent
abrupto {adj} :: steep
abrupto {adj} :: heavy
Absalón {prop} {m} :: given name
abscedado {adj} :: abscessed
absceder {vi} :: abscess (to form an abscess)
absceso {m} [pathology] :: abscess
abscisa {f} [geometry] :: abscissa
abscisión {f} :: abscission
absconder {vt} [obsolete] :: to hide
absencia {f} :: obsolete form of ausencia
absenta {f} :: absinthe
absentismo {m} :: truancy (the act of shirking from responsibilities and duties)
ábsida {f} :: alternative form of ábside
absidal {adj} :: apsidal
ábside {m} :: apse
absidial {adj} :: apsidal
absidiolo {m} :: apsidiole
absintina {f} [organic chemistry] :: absinthin
absintio {m} :: absinth (plant)
absintio {m} :: absinth (liquor)
ábsit {interj} [obsolete] :: go away (declares a desire that something should go far from the speaker, or that God free them of it)
absolución {f} :: absolution
absolución {f} [judicial] :: acquittal
absolutamente {adv} :: absolutely
absolutamente {adv} [chiefly Latin America] :: at all
absolutismo {m} :: absolutism
absolutista {adj} :: absolutist
absolutista {mf} :: absolutist
absolutizar {vt} :: to absolutize, to pin down (to make absolute)
absoluto {adj} :: absolute
absolutorio {adj} :: absolving, absolutory
absolutorio {adj} :: acquitted
absolver {v} :: to absolve
absolver {v} :: to acquit
absorbancia {f} :: absorbance
absorbedor {m} :: absorber
absorbencia {f} :: absorbency
absorbente {adj} :: absorbing
absorbente {m} :: absorbent, absorber
absorber {v} :: to absorb
absorber {v} :: to use up
absorbible {adj} :: absorbable
absorbimiento {m} :: absorption (act of absorbing)
absorción {f} :: aspiration
absorción {f} :: absorption
absorto {adj} :: rapt
abstemia {f} :: feminine noun of abstemio
abstemio {adj} :: teetotal
abstemio {m} :: teetotaller
abstención {f} :: abstention
abstencionismo {m} :: abstentionism
abstencionista {mf} :: abstainer, abstentionist (one who abstains from something)
abstener {vr} :: to abstain
abstenerse {v} :: reflexive of abstener
abstentivo {adj} :: abstaining
abstergente {m} :: abstergent (a substance used in cleansing)
absterger {v} :: to cleanse, to purge
abstersión {f} [medical] :: abstersion
abstersivo {adj} :: abstersive
abstinencia {f} :: abstinence, austereness, abstemiousness
abstinente {adj} :: abstinent
abstinentemente {adv} :: abstinently
abstracción {f} :: abstractedness, absentmindedness
abstracción {f} :: abstraction
abstraccionismo {m} [arts] :: abstractionism
abstraccionista {mf} :: abstractionist (someone who paints or creates abstract art)
abstractamente {adv} :: abstractly
abstractivamente {adv} :: abstractively
abstractivo {adj} :: abstractive
abstracto {adj} :: abstract
abstraer {v} :: to deduct, subtract
abstraer {v} :: to abstract
abstraído {adj} :: lost in thought
abstraído {adj} :: distracted, absent-minded
abstruso {adj} :: abstruse
absurdamente {adv} :: absurdly
absurdidad {f} :: absurdity
absurdo {adj} :: absurd; ludicrous; ridiculous
absurdo {m} :: Something that is absurd or ridiculous
abubilla {f} :: hoopoe (the bird Upupa epops)
abuchear {vt} :: to jeer; boo
abucheo {m} :: booing, jeering
Abu Dabi {prop} :: Abu Dhabi (capital of UAE)
abuela {f} :: grandmother, feminine noun of abuelo
abuela materna {f} :: grandmother (maternal grandmother)
abuela paterna {f} :: grandmother (paternal grandmother)
abuela política {f} :: feminine noun of abuelo político; grandmother-in-law
abuelastra {f} :: feminine noun of abuelastro; stepgrandmother
abuelastro {m} :: stepgrandfather
abuelístico {adj} :: grandfatherly
abuelita {f} :: diminutive of abuela
abuelito {m} :: diminutive of abuelo
abuelo {m} :: grandfather
abuelo {m} [colloquial, affectionate] :: an elderly person
abuelo {m} :: loose tufts of hair in the nape when one's hair is messed up
abuelo materno {m} :: maternal grandfather
abuelo paterno {m} :: grandfather (paternal grandfather)
abuelo político {m} :: grandfather-in-law (grandfather of one's spouse)
a buena hora {adv} :: alternative form of a buenas horas
a buenas horas {adv} [idiomatic] :: about time, high time
a buenas horas mangas verdes {adv} [idiomatic] :: about time, better late than never
a buen entendedor, pocas palabras bastan {proverb} :: a nod is as good as a wink
a buen fin no hay mal tiempo {proverb} :: all's well that ends well
a buen recaudo {adv} [idiomatic] :: safe and sound
a buen seguro {adv} [idiomatic] :: surely, no doubt
abuhardillado {adj} :: having an attic
abulense {adj} :: Of, pertaining to, or from the Spanish city of Ávila
abulense {mf} :: A resident of the Spanish city of Ávila
abulia {f} [psychiatry] :: abulia (absence of will-power or decisiveness)
abúlico {adj} :: abulic
abulón {m} :: abalone (edible univalve mollusc)
abultadísimo {adj} :: superlative of abultado
abultamiento {m} :: bulge (something sticking out)
abultar {v} :: to bulge
a bulto {adv} [idiomatic] :: roughly
abundadamente {adv} [obsolete] :: abundantly
abundado {adj} [obsolete] :: abundant
abundamiento {m} :: abundance
abundancia {f} :: abundance
abundancial {adj} [linguistics] :: referring to adjectives and affixes that express the idea of abundance
abundante {adj} :: plentiful, abundant
abundante {adj} :: affluent
abundantemente {adv} :: abundantly
abundantísimo {adj} :: superlative of abundante
abundar {v} :: to abound
abundar {v} :: to satisfy
Abundio {prop} {m} :: given name
abundosamente {adv} :: abundantly
abundoso {adj} :: abundant
abuñolar {v} :: to brown (to fry something until it becomes brown)
abur {interj} :: alternative form of agur
aburguesamiento {m} :: bourgeoisification; embourgeoisement
aburguesar {vr} :: to become bourgeois, to gentrify
aburguesarse {v} :: (reflexive of aburguesar) to become bourgeois
aburrición {f} [Latin America] :: boringness; dullness
aburridamente {adv} :: boringly
aburridísimo {adj} :: superlative of aburrido
aburrido {adj} :: bored, fed up
aburrido {adj} :: boring
aburrimiento {m} :: boredom
aburrir {vt} :: to bore; to tire
aburrir {vr} :: to be bored
aburrirse {v} :: reflexive of aburrir
aburrirse como una ostra {v} [idiom, simile] :: to be bored stiff; be bored to death; to be bored out of one's mind
aburujar {vtr} :: to form lumps in something
abusador {m} :: abuser
abusadora {f} :: feminine noun of abusador
abusar {v} :: to abuse, to betray
abusar {vp} [Guatemala] :: to get clever, to get smart, to wise up
abusar de {v} [idiomatic] :: to take advantage of
abusivamente {adv} :: abusively
abusividad {f} :: abusiveness
abusivo {adj} :: abusive
abuso {m} :: abuse
abuso {m} :: overuse
abuso de menores {m} :: child abuse
abusón {adj} :: bullying, abusive
abusón {m} :: bully (person who is cruel to others)
abuso sexual {m} :: sexual abuse (sexual violation or assault)
abuta {f} :: Any plant of the genus Abuta
Abuya {prop} {f} :: Abuja (the capital city of Nigeria)
abyad {m} :: alternative form of abjad
abyección {f} :: abjectness
abyección {f} :: humiliation
abyectamente {adv} :: abjectly
abyecto {adj} :: wretched, vile
abzima {f} [immunology] :: abzyme
a.C. {abbr} :: BC (Before Christ)
acá {adv} :: here
acá {adv} :: as of, up to (used with a time phrase to represent continuity up to the present)
acabadamente {adv} :: wholly, completely
acabado {adj} :: worn-out
acabado {adj} :: finished
acabado {m} :: finish (a final process or coating applied to a surface)
a cabalidad {adv} :: thoroughly
acaballar {v} :: to copulate (of horses and donkeys)
acaballar {v} :: to stack, pile
a caballito {adv} [colloquial, Spain] :: piggyback
a caballo {adv} :: on horseback; on the back of a horse
a caballo {adv} :: halfway (between)
a caballo regalado no le mires el diente {proverb} :: don't look a gift horse in the mouth (a phrase referring to unappreciatively questioning of a gift or handout too closely)
acabamiento {m} :: achievement, completion
acabamiento {m} :: end, ending
acabamiento {m} :: death, dying
acabar {vt} :: to finish; to end
acabar {vr} :: to run out of; to come to an end
acabar con {v} [idiomatic] :: to exhaust, use up
acabar con {v} :: to finish, to put an end to
acabar de {v} [idiomatic] :: to have just done something
acabar por {v} [idiomatic] :: to end up by
acabarse {v} :: reflexive of acabar
acabose {m} :: be all and end all
acabose {m} :: last straw
acachetear {v} :: to slap, strike with an open hand
acachetear {v} :: to punch, hit with a closed fist
acacia {f} :: acacia
a cada rato {adv} [idiom] :: all the time, constantly
academia {f} :: academy
académicamente {adv} :: academically
academicismo {m} [art] :: academicism (traditional or orthodox formalism)
academicista {adj} :: academicist
academicista {mf} :: academicist
académico {adj} :: academic
académico {adj} :: scholastic
académico {m} :: academician, academic
academista {mf} [obsolete] :: academician, academic
acadiana {f} :: feminine noun of acadiano
acadiano {adj} :: Accadian
acadiano {m} :: Accadian
acadio {adj} :: Acadian
acadio {adj} :: Akkadian
acadio {m} :: Acadian (language)
acadio {m} :: Akkadian
acaecer {vi} :: to happen
acaecer {vi} [archaic] :: to be present
acaecimiento {m} :: event, occurrence
acairelar {v} :: alternative form of cairelar
acal {m} [dialectal, Mexico] :: canoe
acal {m} [dialectal, Puebla, Mexico] :: manger
acalambrar {vtr} [Latin America] :: to cramp
acalasia {m} :: achalasia
acalenturado {adj} :: feverish
acalenturarse {vr} :: To have a fever
acalicino {adj} [botany] :: acalycine
acalifa {f} :: copperleaf, Acalypha wilkesiana
acallar {vt} :: to quiet, hush or silence
acalmar {v} :: obsolete form of calmar
acaloradamente {adv} :: hotly, vehemently, heatedly
acalorado {adj} :: heated
acaloramiento {m} :: fervor, passion
acalorar {vt} :: to heat up
acalorar {vtr} [of a person] :: to overheat
acalorar {vr} :: to become heated or excited
acalorarse {v} :: reflexive of acalorar
a cal y canto {adv} [idiomatic] :: under lock and key, shut tight, closed behind doors
acamellado {adj} :: resembling a camel
acampada {f} :: camping (recreational activity)
acampamento {m} :: alternative form of campamento
acampanado {adj} :: flared, bell shaped
acampanar {vtr} :: to shape like a bell
acampar {vir} :: to camp; to go camping
ácana {f} :: a tree belonging to the Sapotaceae family; Manilkara bidentata; balatá
ácana {f} :: the wood of this tree
acanaladura {f} :: groove, crimp, bead, flute
acanalar {v} :: to furrow
acano {m} :: Akan (Niger-Congo language)
acano {m} :: Akan (language group spoken in Ghana)
acañonear {v} :: obsolete form of cañonear
acantáceo {adj} [botany] :: acanthaceous
acantilado {adj} :: steep, sheer
acantilado {m} :: cliff
acantilar {v} [nautical] :: to run a ship into trouble or onto rocks
acantilar {v} :: to dredge
acantinflado {adj} :: In the style of Cantinflas, a Mexican comedy actor
acanto {m} [plant, architecture] :: acanthus
acantocéfalo {m} [zoology] :: acanthocephalan
acantocito {m} :: acanthocyte
acantonamiento {m} :: cantonment
acantonar {v} :: to house troops
acaparador {m} :: hoarder
acaparamiento {m} :: hoard (hidden supply)
acaparar {vt} :: to hoard
a capela {adv} :: a capella
a capella {adv} :: a capella
acápite {m} [legal] :: subparagraph
a cappella {adv} :: a cappella
acaramelado {adj} :: toffee-flavoured
acaramelado {adj} :: loved up
acaramelar {v} :: to coat with caramel
acaramelar {vr} :: to grow fond of; to become besotted
acaramelar {vr} :: to pet; smooch
a cara o cruz {adv} [idiomatic] :: toss a coin for, heads or tails
acarbosa {f} [biochemistry] :: acarbose
acardenalar {v} :: to bruise
a cargo {prep} :: in charge
acariciable {adj} :: strokable
acariciador {m} :: fondler; caresser
acariciador {adj} :: which fondles, which caresses
acariciadora {f} :: feminine noun of acariciador
acariciar {v} :: to caress
acariciar {v} :: to fondle
acariciar {v} :: to stroke
acariciar {v} :: to pet
acariciarse {v} :: reflexive of acariciar
ácaro {m} :: mite
ácaro {m} [in the plural, zoology] :: order of mites
acarofobia {f} :: acarophobia
acarpo {adj} :: acarpous
acarrear {v} :: to carry, haul
acarrear {v} :: to cause, bring up
acarreo {m} :: carriage, conveyance
acarreo {m} [mathematics] :: carry
acartonado {adj} :: shrivelled, wizened
acartonar {vt} :: to weather, to erode
acartonar {vr} :: to become stiff like cardboard
acartonar {vr} :: to become wizened
acartonarse {v} :: reflexive of acartonar
acaso {adv} :: perhaps
acastillado {adj} :: castle-like
acastillar {v} [nautical] :: to fit out (with forecastle and aftcastle)
acastillar {v} :: to house, house in a castle, keep in a castle
acastillar {vt} :: to castellate, incastellate, to make into a castle, to build in the form of a castle or to add battlements to an existing building
acastillar {vi} :: to take the form of a castle
acatadamente {adv} :: compliantly
acatamiento {m} :: observance, compliance
acatar {vt} :: to comply with
acatarrar {vt} :: to cause to have a cold
acatarrar {vr} :: to catch cold
acatarrarse {v} :: reflexive of acatarrar
acatisia {f} :: akathisia
acaudalado {adj} :: wealthy
acaudillar {v} :: to command
acaudillar {v} :: to specify, adduce, indicate
acaule {adj} [botany] :: acaulous, short-stemmed
ACB {prop} {f} :: Asociación de Clubs de Baloncesto, an organisation made up of professional Spanish basketball clubs
accedente {adj} :: acceding
acceder {v} :: to accede, to agree, to concur
acceder {v} :: to access
accesar {vt} :: To access something (e.g. the Internet)
accesibilidad {f} :: accessibility
accesible {adj} :: approachable, accessible
accesión {f} :: accession
accésit {m} :: second-place prize
accesitario {m} [Peru, politics] :: deputy
acceso {m} :: access
acceso {m} :: intercourse
acceso {m} :: passage
accesoriamente {adv} :: accessorily, incidentally
accesorio {adj} :: accessory, secondary, additional, supplementary
accesorio {adj} :: incidental
accesorio {adj} :: irrelevant
accesorio {m} :: accessory equipment, appurtenance
accidentabilidad {f} :: accident rate
accidentado {adj} :: jerky
accidentado {adj} :: accident-filled; accident-littered
accidental {adj} :: nonessential
accidental {adj} :: accidental
accidental {m} [music] :: accidental
accidentalidad {f} :: accident rate
accidentalmente {adv} :: accidentally
accidentar {vt} :: to cause an accident
accidentar {vr} :: to have an accident
accidentariamente {adv} [obsolete] :: accidentally
accidentarse {v} :: to have an accident, get into an accident, crash
accidente {m} :: accident (unexpected event with negative consequences)
accidente {m} [music] :: accidental
accidente {m} [geography] :: feature
accidente cerebro vascular {m} :: alternative form of accidente cerebrovascular
accidente cerebrovascular {m} [medicine] :: stroke
accidente de tráfico {m} :: traffic accident, road accident
accidente laboral {m} :: accident in the workplace
acción {f} :: action, act (something done)
acción {f} :: action (way of motion or functioning)
acción {f} :: action (fast-paced activity)
acción {f} [military] :: combat, action
acción {f} [legal] :: general legal action; lawsuit
acción {f} :: share (financial instrument)
acción {interj} :: action (demanding the start of something)
accionamiento {m} :: operation (method by which a device performs its function)
accionante {mf} [legal] :: petitioner
accionar {v} :: to put into motion; to start
accionar {v} :: to gesticulate
accionariado {m} :: group of shareholders
accionarial {adj} [attributive] :: shares, stocks
accionariamente {adv} :: Relating to stocks and shares
accionario {adj} [finance] :: stock (financial instrument)
accionario {m} [finance] :: shareholder
acciones diluidas {fp} [legal] :: watered stock (inflated shares of stock)
accionista {mf} :: shareholder
acción reivindicatoria {f} [legal] :: replevin (legal action)
acciopopulista {adj} [Peru, politics] :: Of or pertaining to the political party Acción Popular
acciopopulista {mf} [Peru, politics] :: A member of the political party Acción Popular
accipopulista {mf} :: alternative form of acciopopulista
accipopulista {adj} :: alternative form of acciopopulista
Accra {prop} :: Accra
ace {m} [tennis] :: ace (point scored without the opponent hitting the ball)
-ácea {suffix} :: feminine singular of -áceo
Acebedo {prop} :: alternative form of Acevedo
acebibe {m} :: raisin
acebo {m} :: holly
acebuchal {adj} :: of or pertaining to the olive
acebuchal {m} :: olive grove
acebuche {m} :: wild olive tree
acechador {m} :: stalker
acechadora {f} :: feminine noun of acechador
acechante {adj} :: lurking, looming
acechanza {f} :: the act of stalking or spying
acechar {vt} :: to lie in wait for, waylay, watch out for
acechar {vt} :: to spy, stalk
aceche {m} :: vitriol
acecho {m} :: the act of stalking or spying
acecho {m} :: ambush
acedar {v} :: to make sour; to sour
acedar {vr} :: to go sour
acedera {f} :: sorrel (plant)
acedera común {f} :: sorrel (plant)
acedía {f} :: heartburn
acedo {adj} :: sour, tart, acid
acedo {adj} :: soured, bittered
acedo {adj} :: [of a person] disagreeable, unpleasant, bleak
acedo {m} [rare] :: A sour juice or other liquid
acefalia {f} :: acephalia
acefalía {f} :: alternative form of acefalia
acéfalo {adj} :: headless
acéfalo {adj} :: leaderless
aceifa {f} :: summertime ghazwa
aceitar {vt} :: to oil
aceitar {v} [Latin America] :: to bribe
aceitazo {m} :: splashing of oil
aceite {m} :: oil
aceite {m} :: olive oil
aceite de hígado de bacalao {m} :: cod liver oil
aceite de oliva {m} :: olive oil
aceite de ricino {m} :: castor oil
aceite esencial {m} :: essential oil
aceitera {f} :: oilcan
aceite vegetal {m} :: vegetable oil
aceitoso {adj} :: oily
aceituna {f} :: olive (fruit)
aceitunado {adj} :: olive-colored, of a green color as of olives
aceituna negra {f} :: black olive
aceitunil {adj} :: olive-colored, olive-green
aceituno {m} :: olive tree
aceituno {m} [El Salvador, Honduras] :: A plant in the genus Simarouba
aceituno {adj} [Cuba] :: olive-colored
aceleración {f} :: acceleration (act of increasing motion or action)
aceleración {f} [physics] :: acceleration (change of velocity with respect to time)
aceleradamente {adv} :: quickly, rapidly
acelerador {m} :: accelerator (device for causing acceleration)
acelerador {m} :: accelerator pedal
acelerador {m} [chemistry] :: accelerator (substance that speeds up chemical reactions)
acelerador {adj} :: accelerating (that causes acceleration)
acelerador de partículas {m} :: particle accelerator
aceleramiento {m} :: acceleration (act of increasing motion or action)
acelerar {vtr} :: to accelerate (to cause to move faster)
acelerar {vi} :: to hurry up
acelerógrafo {m} [seismology] :: accelerograph (instrument used to record the acceleration of the ground during an earthquake)
acelerómetro {m} :: accelerometer (instrument for measuring acceleration)
acelerón {m} :: sudden acceleration
acelga {f} :: chard
acelomado {adj} [zoology] :: acoelomate
acelular {adj} :: acellular
acémila {f} :: mule; beast of burden
acemilera {f} :: feminine noun of acemilero
acemilero {m} :: muleteer
acemite {m} [archaic] :: bran
aceña {f} :: water mill; flour mill
aceña {f} :: water wheel
aceña {f} [plant] :: bulrush, cattail (Typha latifolia)
acenafteno {m} [organic compound] :: acenaphthene
a cencerros tapados {adv} [idiomatic] :: in secret; on the hush-hush
acendradísimo {adj} :: superlative of acendrado
acendrado {adj} :: unspoilt, spotless
acendrar {vt} :: to purify (metal)
aceno {m} [organic compound] :: acene
acensar {v} :: alternative form of acensuar
acensuar {v} :: to tax a piece of property
acento {m} :: accent (typographical line)
acento {m} :: accent (variety of speech connected to a certain geographical region)
acento agudo {m} [orthography] :: acute accent
acento grave {m} [orthography] :: grave accent
acentor {m} [zoology] :: accentor (bird of the Prunella genus)
acentuación {f} :: accentuation, stress
acentuación {f} :: accent marks
acentuadamente {adv} :: markedly
acentual {adj} :: accentual
acentuar {vt} :: to accentuate (to pronounce with vocal stress)
acentuar {vt} :: to accentuate (to mark with a written accent)
acentuar {vt} :: to accentuate, to emphasize
-áceo {suffix} :: -aceous
acepción {f} [semantics] :: sense, meaning
acepción {f} [obsolete] :: acceptance
acepillar {vt} :: rare form of cepillar
acepromazina {f} :: acepromazine
aceptabilidad {f} :: acceptability
aceptable {adj} :: acceptable
aceptablemente {adv} :: acceptably
aceptación {f} :: acceptance (receiving of something offered)
aceptador {m} :: acceptor (one who accepts)
aceptante {adj} :: accepting
aceptar {vt} :: to accept
aceptar {v} :: to agree
aceptarse {v} :: reflexive of aceptar
aceptor {m} :: acceptor
acequia {f} [agriculture] :: irrigation ditch
acera {f} :: pavement, sidewalk
acerar {v} :: to harden, to steel
acerar {v} :: to make sharp
acerbamente {adv} :: sourly, bitterly
acerbidad {f} :: acerbity (sourness of taste)
acerbidad {f} :: acerbity (harshness, severity)
acerbo {adj} :: acerb (bitter to the taste)
acerbo {adj} :: acerbic (sour or bitter)
acerbo {adj} :: biting, scathing, acerbic
acerca {adv} [archaic] :: adjacent
acerca {adv} :: only used in acerca de
acerca de {prep} :: about, concerning
acercamiento {m} :: rapprochement, reconciliation
acercar {vt} :: to bring close
acercar {vir} :: to approach, to get close
acercar posturas {v} [idiomatic] :: to build bridges, to come together
acercarse {v} :: reflexive of acercar
acere {m} [Cuba, slang, term of address] :: man, bro, homie
ácere {m} :: rare form of arce
acerería {f} :: alternative form of acería
acerero {adj} :: steel-making
acerero {m} :: Fan of Acereros de Monclova
acerero {m} :: steelworker
acerezado {adj} :: cherrylike; cherry-flavoured
acería {f} :: steelworks (place where steel is manufactured and/or shaped)
acerico {m} :: small pillow
acerico {m} :: pincushion
acerillo {m} :: obsolete form of acerico
acero {m} :: steel
acero {m} [figuratively] :: sword, weapon
acero {m} [in the plural] :: arms
acero {m} :: tincture of steel
ácero {adj} [zoology] :: hornless (for vertebrates), antennaless (for arthropods)
acero al carbono {m} :: mild steel
acero inoxidable {m} :: stainless steel
acerola {f} :: azarole, the fruit of the acerolo, Crataegus azarolus
acerola {f} :: acerola
acerolo {m} :: the azarole, a Mediterranean shrub or small tree that produces the acerola, Crataegus azarolus
acérrimamente {adv} :: strongly, vigorously
acérrimo {adj} :: very strong
acérrimo {adj} :: vigorous; with tenacity
acérrimo {adj} :: die-hard, extreme
acérrimo {adj} :: bitter (enemy)
acerrojar {vt} :: to lock, bolt, lock up (to fasten with a lock)
acertadamente {adv} :: aptly
acertadísimo {adj} :: superlative of acertado
acertante {adj} :: winning
acertante {mf} :: winner
acertar {v} :: to hit upon
acertar {v} :: to be right
acertar con {v} :: to locate, find
acertijo {m} :: riddle
acervar {v} [rare] :: to pile up
acervo {m} :: heritage
acervo {m} :: heap
acervo genético {m} :: gene pool
acetábulo {m} :: acetabulum
acetal {m} [organic chemistry] :: acetal
acetaldehído {m} [organic compound] :: acetaldehyde, ethanal
acetalización {f} [organic chemistry] :: acetalization
acetamida {f} :: acetamide (amide of acetic acid)
acetaminofén {m} :: acetaminophen; paracetamol
acetar {v} :: obsolete form of aceptar
acetato {m} [organic chemistry] :: acetate
acético {adj} :: acetic
acetificar {vt} :: to acetify (convert into acid or vinegar)
acetil {m} :: alternative form of acetilo
acetilación {f} :: acetylation
acetilcisteína {f} [pharmaceutical drug] :: acetylcysteine
acetilcolina {f} :: acetylcholine
acetilcolinesterasa {f} [enzyme] :: acetylcholinesterase
acetileno {m} [organic chemistry] :: acetylene
acetilgalactosamina {f} [organic compound] :: acetylgalactosamine
acetilglucosamina {f} [organic compound] :: acetylglucosamine
acetilmanosamina {f} [organic compound] :: acetylmannosamine
acetilmurámico {adj} :: acetylmuramic
acetilneuraminato {m} :: acetylneuraminate
acetilneuramínico {adj} :: acetylneuraminic
acetilo {m} [organic compound] :: acetyl
acetilsalicilato {m} :: acetylsalicylate
acetilsalicílico {adj} :: acetylsalicylic
acetiltransferasa {f} [enzyme] :: acetyltransferase, transacetylase
acetiluro {m} [chemistry] :: acetylide
acetímetro {m} :: acetimeter (an instrument)
acetoacetato {m} [organic compound] :: acetoacetic acid
acetona {f} [organic compound] :: acetone
acetonitrilo {m} [organic chemistry] :: acetonitrile
acetosa {f} :: sorrel (plant)
acetre {m} :: situla
acetrero {m} :: obsolete form of cetrero
aceytuni {n} [obsolete] :: alternative name of raso: satin
acezante {adj} :: puffing, panting or out of breath
acezar {vi} :: to pant
-acha {suffix} :: feminine noun of -acho
achacable {adj} :: ascribable; attributable to
achacacheña {f} :: feminine noun of achacacheño
achacacheño {adj} :: Of or from the town of Achacachi in Bolivia
achacacheño {m} :: An inhabitant of the town of Achacachi in Bolivia
achacar {v} :: to attribute (something to someone); to blame
achachairú {m} [Bolivia] :: Garcinia humilis (small tree grown for its fruit)
achacoso {adj} [colloquial] :: sickly, ailing
achacoso {adj} [colloquial] :: chesty (having a cold)
achaflanar {v} :: to chamfer
achampanado {adj} :: bubbly, fizzy
achampañado {adj} :: alternative form of achampanado
achantar {v} [colloquial] :: to scare, to put off
achaparrar {v} :: to make or become stubby or chubby
achaque {m} :: minor sickness, malady especially a cold
achaque {m} :: default, failing
achaque {m} :: subject, issue, topic
achaque {m} [colloquial] :: period, menstruation
achatamiento {m} [maths] :: flattening
achatar {v} :: to flatten
achatarrar {vt} :: to scrap (to dispose at the scrapyard)
achelense {adj} :: Acheulean
achelense {m} :: Acheulean
achicamiento {m} :: humiliation
achicamiento {m} :: shrinking
achicar {vt} :: to make smaller, reduce, minimize
achicar {vt} :: to humiliate, make someone feel small
achicar {vt} :: to bale out (a boat)
achicarse {vr} :: to get smaller, shrink
achicarse {vr} :: to eat humble pie
achicharrar {v} :: to scorch
achicharrar {vi} :: To roast; boil (be very hot)
achichincle {m} [pejorative, El Salvador, Honduras, Mexico] :: minion, servant
achichinque {m} :: alternative form of achichincle
achichintle {m} :: alternative form of achichincle
achicopalar {v} [Central America] :: to sadden; upset
achicoria {f} :: chicory
achín {m} [El Salvador] :: street vendor with low-quality wares
achín {m} [Honduras] :: trinket, knick-knack
achinada {f} :: feminine noun of achinado
achinado {adj} :: Chinese-looking
achinado {adj} :: mulatto (three quarters African and one quarter Caucasian, or one quarter African and three quarters Caucasian)
achinado {m} :: Chinese-looking person
achinar {vt} :: to sinicize (make Chinese in form or character)
achinar {v} :: to slant (one's eyes)
achiote {m} [Latin America] :: achiote (Bixa orellana, a tropical American evergreen shrub)
achiote {m} [Latin America] :: achiote (seed of the achiote shrub)
achiote {m} [Latin America] :: achiote (orange-red dye obtained from achiote seeds)
achira {f} :: purple arrowroot, Canna indica
achira {f} [Colombia] :: a confection made from this plant
achira {f} [Colombia] :: a bread baked using arrowroot flour
achira {f} :: the giant arrowhead, Sagittaria montevidensis
achís {interj} :: achoo!
achispado {adj} :: tipsy (slightly drunk)
achispar {vt} :: to liven up
achispar {vr} :: to get tipsy
-acho {suffix} :: Used in forming pejoratives from nouns and adjectives
achocolatar {v} [rare, except in past participle] :: to turn into chocolate, or of chocolate color/colour
acholar {vt} [Latin America] :: to shame; embarrass
acholar {vr} [Latin America] :: to become ashamed
acholo {m} :: shame
achoque {m} :: any of a number of salamanders
achu {m} :: A type of dance from Bolivia
achuar {adj} :: Achuar
achuchar {v} [colloquial] :: to pet, to cuddle, smooch
achuchar {v} [colloquial] :: to squeeze
achuchón {m} [colloquial] :: hug, squeeze
achuchón {m} [colloquial] :: shove
achura {f} [South America, usually, in the plural] :: offal
aciago {adj} :: unlucky, ill-fated, unfortunate
acial {m} :: twitch (for horses and similar animals)
acial {m} :: riding crop
aciano {m} :: cornflower, Centaurea cyanus
acíbar {m} [plant] :: aloe (the plant and its juice)
acíbar {m} :: bitterness, sorrow
acibarar {v} :: to add aloe to
acibarar {v} :: to embitter
acicaladura {f} :: grooming (caring for horses)
acicalamiento {m} :: grooming
acicalar {vt} :: to groom
acicalar {vt} :: to polish
acicalarse {vr} :: to smarten oneself up
acicate {m} :: spur (implement for prodding a horse)
acicate {m} [figuratively] :: incentive, spur (anything that inspires or motivates)
acicatear {vt} :: to spur on
acíclico {adj} :: acyclic
aciclonado {adj} :: fast-paced
acícula {f} [botany] :: needle (long, pointed leaf found on some conifers)
acicular {adj} :: acicular
ácidamente {adv} :: sharply, bitterly, fiercely
acidaque {m} [Islam] :: mahr (gift from the groom to the bride)
acidez {f} :: acidity
acidez {f} :: tang
acidez {f} :: heartburn
acid house {m} :: acid house
acidificación {f} :: acidification
acidificar {vt} :: to acidify
acidimetría {f} [chemistry] :: acidimetry
acidímetro {m} :: acidimeter
acid jazz {m} :: acid jazz
ácido {adj} :: sharp, tart
ácido {adj} :: acidic
ácido {adj} :: harsh
ácido {m} [chemistry] :: acid
ácido abscísico {m} [biochemistry] :: abscisic acid
ácido acético {m} [organic compound] :: acetic acid
ácido acetilneuramínico {m} [organic compound] :: acetylneuraminic acid
ácido acetilsalicílico {m} [organic compound] :: acetylsalicylic acid, aspirin
ácido acrílico {m} [organic compound] :: acrylic acid
ácido adípico {m} [organic compound] :: adipic acid
ácido aldónico {m} [organic compound] :: aldonic acid
ácido aminobenzoico {m} [organic compound] :: aminobenzoic acid
ácido aminobutírico {m} [organic compound] :: aminobutyric acid
ácido araquidónico {m} [organic compound] :: arachidonic acid
ácido ascórbico {m} [organic compound] :: ascorbic acid
ácido aspártico {m} [organic compound, amino acid] :: aspartic acid
ácido benzoico {m} :: benzoic acid
ácido betahidroxibutírico {m} :: beta-Hydroxybutyric acid
ácido butírico {m} [organic compound] :: butyric acid
ácido carboxílico {m} :: carboxylic acid
ácido carmínico {m} :: carminic acid
ácido cianhídrico {m} :: hydrocyanic acid
ácido cítrico {m} [organic compound] :: citric acid
ácido clorhídrico {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: hydrochloric acid
ácido clórico {m} [chemistry] :: chloric acid
ácido cloroacético {m} [organic compound] :: chloroacetic acid
ácido crotónico {m} [organic compound] :: crotonic acid
ácido desoxirribonucleico {m} [biochemistry] :: deoxyribonucleic acid, DNA
acidófilo {adj} :: acidophilic
ácido fólico {m} :: folic acid
ácido ftálico {m} [organic chemistry] :: phthalic acid
ácido fulmínico {m} :: fulminic acid
ácido fumárico {m} :: fumaric acid
ácido galacturónico {m} :: galacturonic acid
ácido gamma-aminobutírico {m} :: gamma-aminobutyric acid
ácido gástrico {m} [biochemistry] :: gastric acid (acidic secretion of the stomach)
ácido glicocólico {m} [organic compound] :: glycocholic acid
ácido glucurónico {m} :: glucuronic acid
ácido glutámico {m} [amino acid] :: glutamic acid
ácido graso {m} [biochemistry] :: fatty acid
ácido isocítrico {m} :: isocitric acid
ácido láctico {m} :: lactic acid
ácido linoleico {m} :: linoleic acid
ácido málico {m} :: malic acid
ácido muriático {m} :: muriatic acid
ácido neuramínico {m} :: neuraminic acid
ácido nítrico {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: nitric acid
ácido nucleico {m} [biochemistry] :: nucleic acid
ácido oleico {m} :: oleic acid
ácido oxálico {m} :: oxalic acid
ácido oxaloacético {m} [organic compound] :: oxaloacetic acid
ácido palmítico {m} :: palmitic acid
ácido permangánico {m} :: permanganic acid
ácido pícrico {m} [organic compound] :: picric acid
ácido pirúvico {m} :: pyruvic acid
ácido quenodesoxicólico {m} [organic compound] :: chenodeoxycholic acid
ácido racémico {m} [organic compound] :: racemic acid
ácido ribonucleico {m} [biochemistry] :: ribonucleic acid (RNA)
ácido shikímico {m} [organic chemistry] :: shikimic acid
ácido siálico {m} [organic compound] :: sialic acid
ácido siquímico {m} :: alt form ácido shikímico
acidosis {f} [pathology] :: acidosis (abnormally increased acidity of the blood)
ácido sórbico {m} [organic compound] :: sorbic acid
ácido succínico {m} [organic compound] :: succinic acid
ácido sulfónico {m} [chemistry] :: sulfonic acid
ácido sulfúrico {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: sulfuric acid
ácido sulfuroso {m} [inorganic compound] :: sulfurous acid
ácido tartárico {m} [organic compound] :: tartaric acid
ácido taurocólico {m} [organic compound] :: taurocholic acid
ácido timidílico {m} [organic compound] :: thymidylic acid
ácido tricloroacético {m} [organic compound] :: trichloroacetic acid
ácido úrico {m} [organic compound] :: uric acid
ácido valérico {m} [organic compound] :: valeric acid
ácido valproico {m} [organic compound] :: valproic acid
ácido xántico {m} [organic compound] :: xanthic acid
acidular {vt} :: to make sour; to acidulate
a ciegas {adv} :: blindly
aciemar {vt} [regional] :: to manure
a ciencia cierta {adv} [idiomatic] :: for sure, for certain, without doubt
acientíficamente {adv} :: unscientifically
acientífico {adj} :: unscientific
acierto {m} :: correct answer
acierto {m} :: being correct, being right; correctness
acierto {m} :: success, hit
aciforme {adj} :: aciform
acil {m} :: alternative form of acilo
acilación {f} [chemistry] :: acylation
acilglicérido {m} [organic compound] :: acylglycerol, glyceride
acilglicerol {m} [organic chemistry] :: acylglycerol (any ester of glycerol)
acilo {adj} :: acyl
acilo {m} :: acyl
aciltransferasa {f} [enzyme] :: acyltransferase
acimismo {adv} :: obsolete spelling of asimismo
ácimo {adj} [of bread] :: unleavened
acimut {m} :: azimuth
acimutal {adj} :: azimuthal
acino {m} :: acinus
acintado {adj} :: ribbonlike
-ación {suffix} :: alternative form of -ción
acirate {m} :: landmark
acirate {m} [agriculture] :: ridge (formed by plowed earth)
acirate {m} [landscaping] :: allee
acitara {f} :: obsolete form of citara
acitara {f} [rare] :: parapet of a bridge
acitronar {v} [Latin America] :: to fry until translucent, not golden nor crispy
aclamación {f} :: acclamation; acclaim
aclamar {v} :: to acclaim, applaud
aclaración {f} :: explanation
aclaración {f} [legal] :: correction made to the text of a judgment (due to clerical error, mistake of law, etc.)
aclarado {m} :: rinsing
aclarador {adj} :: brightening, lightening
aclarador {m} :: brightener, lightener (substance)
aclaramiento {m} :: clearance
aclarar {v} :: to clarify, clear (make clear or clearer)
aclarar {vt} :: to explain; to clarify
aclarar {v} :: to water down
aclarar {v} [Spain] :: to rinse (soap from hands)
aclarar {vi} [of the weather] :: to clear up
aclarar {vr} :: to set things straight, get things clear (in one's mind)
aclararse {vr} :: to clear (to become clear)
aclaratorio {adj} :: explanatory
aclimatación {f} :: acclimation, acclimatization
aclimatar {vt} :: to acclimate
aclimatarse {v} :: to become exhausted
aclimatización {f} :: acclimatization
aclínico {adj} [physics] :: aclinic
acné {m} [pathology] :: acne
acneico {adj} [pathology] :: acne [attributive]
acobardar {vt} :: to daunt, to frighten, to scare
acobardar {vr} :: to be frightened, scared, daunted
acobardarse {v} :: to cower
acobijar {v} :: alternative form of cobijar
acocil {m} [dialectal, Mexico] :: crayfish
acodarse {v} :: to lean
acoderar {vt} [nautical] :: To bring the broadside to bear; to anchor broadside on
acogedor {adj} :: cozy
acogedor {adj} :: friendly, inviting
acogedor {adj} :: hospitable
acoger {v} :: to receive
acoger {v} :: to welcome
acogida {f} :: welcome, reception
acogiente {adj} :: adoptive
acogimiento {m} :: foster care
acogotar {v} :: to kill, injure, or knock down with a blow to the back of the neck
acogotar {v} :: to harass, to put through an ordeal, to run ragged
acojinar {vt} :: to cushion, to pad
acojonante {adj} [vulgar, colloquial] :: fucking amazing, the shit, the dog's bollocks
acojonar {v} [vulgar] :: to scare the shit out of
acojonarse {v} [vulgar, colloquial] :: to shit oneself, to crap one's pants (lose one's bravery)
acolada {f} [historical] :: accolade (a salutation marking the conferring of knighthood)
acolar {v} :: to arrange, unite
acolchado {adj} :: padded, cushioned
acolchado {m} :: quilt, bed cover
acolchar {v} :: to quilt
acolchar {v} :: to pad, soften
acolchonar {v} :: alternative form of acolchar
acólita {f} :: feminine noun of acólito
acolitar {v} [Latin America] :: to accompany
acólito {m} :: acolyte
acólito {m} :: minion (a sycophantic follower)
acollador {m} [nautical] :: lanyard
acollar {vt} :: to earth up
acollar {vt} [nautical] :: to caulk
acollarar {vt} :: to collar (put a collar on)
acollarar {vt} :: to yoke
acollarar {vt} :: to hitch up (people)
acomedido {adj} [Latin America] :: obliging, accommodating (happy and ready to do favours for others)
acometer {v} :: to assail
acometer {v} :: to undertake (a task, a project, an enterprise)
acometida {f} :: rush (sudden forward motion)
acometimiento {m} :: assault (a violent onset or attack)
acometividad {f} :: proneness or tendency to attack
acometividad {f} :: zeal; fervor; zet
acomodación {f} :: accommodation
acomodada {f} :: feminine noun of acomodado
acomodadizo {adj} :: accommodating
acomodado {adj} :: wealthy
acomodado {adj} :: accommodated
acomodado {adj} :: suitable, fitting
acomodado {m} [Argentina, Uruguay] :: A person who had obtained his job by influence or recommendation, not for his own merits
acomodador {m} :: usher
acomodadora {f} :: feminine noun of acomodador
acomodamiento {m} [rare] :: accommodation
acomodamiento {m} [obsolete] :: suitability
acomodar {v} :: to accommodate
acomodar {v} :: to usher or settle
acomodar {v} :: to suit; to be suitable
acomodarse {v} :: to settle in
acomodaticio {adj} :: accommodating
acomodo {m} :: job, position
acompañamiento {m} :: the act of accompanying; accompaniment
acompañamiento {m} [music] :: the accompanying part; accompaniment
acompañamiento {m} :: side dish
acompañante {adj} :: accompanying
acompañante {mf} :: escort, esquire
acompañante {mf} :: attendant
acompañante {mf} [music] :: accompanist
acompañante {mf} [zoology] :: mate (breeding partner)
acompañante {mf} :: side dish
acompañar {vt} :: to accompany
acompasadamente {adv} :: using a compass
acompasadamente {adv} :: in a paused manner
acompasado {adj} :: rhythmic, regular
acompasar {v} :: to keep time with; to keep in step with
acompasar {v} :: to match, to adjust to
acomplejado {adj} :: neurotic; having a psychological complex
acomplejado {m} :: neurotic; someone with a complex
acomplejamiento {m} :: development of a complex
acomplejar {vt} :: to give a psychological complex, to cause complexes
acomplejar {vr} :: to develop a complex
a conciencia {adv} [idiom] :: Carefully, meticulously
acondicionador {m} :: conditioner, hair conditioner
acondicionador de aire {m} :: air conditioner
acondicionamiento {m} :: conditioning (modification of behavior)
acondicionamiento {m} :: remodeling
acondicionar {vt} :: to condition (to shape the behavior of someone)
acondicionar {vt} :: to condition (to treat with hair conditioner)
acondrita {f} :: achondrite
acondrítico {adj} :: achondritic (pertaining to achondrites)
acondrito {m} :: alt form acondrita
acondroplasia {f} :: achondroplasia (genetic disorder)
aconductar {v} [rare] :: to foster good behaviour; to set on the straight and narrow
aconfesional {adj} :: secular
aconfesionalidad {f} :: secularity
acongojado {adj} :: anguished
acongojar {vt} :: to cause or inflict suffering
acongojar {vt} :: to distress, grieve
acónito {m} [botany] :: aconite (herb wolfsbane)
aconsejable {adj} :: advisable
aconsejar {vt} :: to advise
acontecer {m} [usually in plural] :: happening; goings-on
acontecer {v} :: to happen, occur, come about
acontecimiento {m} :: event, occurrence
a continuación {adv} [idiomatic] :: next, up next
a contracorriente {adv} :: against the current; against the flow (swim in the opposite direction to the river current)
a contracorriente {adv} [by extension, idiom] :: swim against the current; swim against the flow; against the tide (go against prevailing opinion or thought); go against the grain
a contramano {adv} [idiom] :: in the other direction; the wrong way
a contrapelo {adj} :: backwards, contrary
a contrapelo {adv} :: backwards
a contrapié {adv} :: wrongfooted; off balance
a contrapié {adv} :: off guard
acopiador {m} :: gatherer
acopiador {m} :: storer
acopiadora {f} :: feminine noun of acopiador
acopiar {v} :: to gather
acopiar {v} :: to stock, stock up
acopiar {v} [commerce] :: to forestall
acopio {m} :: gathering, collecting
acoplable {adj} :: attachable
acoplado {m} [Latin America] :: trailer (vehicle towed behind another)
acoplado {m} :: hanger-on, tagger-along
acoplador {adj} :: coupling
acoplador {m} :: coupler
acoplamiento {m} :: joining
acoplamiento {m} :: connection
acoplamiento {m} [chemistry] :: coupling
acoplar {vt} :: to couple
acoplar {vr} :: to adapt oneself
acoplarse {v} :: reflexive of acoplar
acoplarse {v} :: to tag along
acoquinamiento {m} :: intimidation
acoquinar {vtr} [colloquial] :: to daunt, put down
acorar {vt} :: to afflict, put in distress
acorazado {adj} :: armoured, armored
acorazado {m} :: battleship
acorazar {vt} :: to armor
acorazonado {adj} :: heart-shaped
Acorda {prop} :: surname
acordado {adj} :: agreed upon
acordar {vt} :: to decide, arrange
acordar {vi} :: to agree
acordar {vr} [acordarse de] :: to reach agreement
acordar {vr} [acordarse de] :: to remember, recall
acordar {vt} :: to flush, to make flush, to level
acordar {vt} [music] :: to tune
acordarse {v} :: Reflexive infinitive form of acordar (followed by de), to remember
acorde {adj} :: in suit (with); matching; in harmony; according (to)
acorde {m} [music] :: chord (combination of three or more pitches)
acorde a {prep} :: according to
acordeón {m} :: accordion
acordeonera {f} :: feminine noun of acordeonero
acordeonero {m} :: accordionist
acordeonista {mf} :: accordionist
acordonamiento {m} :: cordoning off; roping off
acordonar {v} :: to cordon off
acorralar {vt} :: to corral, to corner
acorralarse {v} :: reflexive of acorralar
acorrer {vt} :: to help; to go to the aid of
acortamiento {m} [linguistics] :: shortening
acortamiento {m} [astronomy] :: curtation
acortar {v} :: to shorten
acortar {v} :: to cut short
acortarse {vr} :: to shorten (to become shorter)
acosador {adj} :: bullying
acosador {adj} :: harassing
acosador {m} :: bully
acosador {m} :: harasser
acosador sexual {m} :: sexual predator
acosar {v} :: to pursue, harass
acosar {v} :: to bully
acoso {m} :: molestation, harassment, bullying
acoso sexual {m} :: sexual harassment
acossar {v} :: obsolete spelling of acosar
Acosta {prop} :: surname of Catalan origin
acostadito {adj} :: diminutive of acostado
acostado {adj} :: recumbent, lying
acostar {vt} :: to lay
acostar {vt} :: to put to bed
acostar {v} [nautical] :: to land, put in, berth
acostarse {v} :: to go to bed, to lie down
acostarse {v} :: to be in bed with
acostarse con {v} :: to go to bed with, to sleep with (to have sex)
acostumbrado {adj} :: customary
acostumbrado {adj} :: accustomed to, used to
acostumbrar {vt} :: accustom, inure, familiarize
acostumbrar {vi} :: to use to (be in the habit of)
acostumbrar {vr} :: to get accustomed to
acotación {f} :: annotation
acotado {adj} :: enclosed, fenced in
acotamiento {m} :: hard shoulder, emergency lane (part of a road where drivers may stop in an emergency)
acotamiento {m} :: marking off, fencing in, limiting
acotar {v} :: to survey land, to enclose
acotar {v} :: to prune or lop a tree
acotar {v} :: to annotate a page
acotar {v} :: to mark contours on a map
acotar {v} :: to qualify
acotar {v} :: to check, validate
acotejar {v} :: To put in order; to sort out
a cotenas {adv} [Aragón] :: on one's back; on piggyback
acotiledón {adj} [botany] :: acotyledonous
acotiledón {m} [botany] :: acotyledon
acotolar {vt} [Aragon] :: to exterminate
Acra {prop} {f} :: Accra (capital of Ghana)
acrasia {f} :: acrasia (lack of self-control)
ácrata {adj} :: anarchic
ácrata {mf} :: anarchist
acre {adj} :: bitter; acrid
acre {adj} :: caustic
acre {m} :: acre
acrecencia {f} :: accretion (act of increasing by natural growth)
acrecentamiento {m} :: growth, increase (caused by an agent)
acrecentar {vt} :: to increase, grow
acrecer {vtir} :: to increase
acrecimiento {m} :: growth; increase
acreción {f} :: accretion
acreditable {adj} :: creditable
acreditación {f} :: accreditation; licence
acreditación {f} :: pass
acreditadísimo {adj} :: superlative of acreditado
acreditado {adj} :: accredited
acreditado {adj} :: reputable
acreditador {adj} :: accrediting
acreditante {adj} :: accrediting
acreditar {v} :: to accredit
acreditativo {adj} :: certifying, accreditive
acreedor {m} [finance] :: creditor
acreedora {f} :: feminine noun of acreedor
acreencia {f} [Latin America] :: credit balance
acreencia {f} [Latin America] :: (total) debt
acreer {v} [finance, obsolete] :: to accredit
acremar {vt} :: to cream
acremente {adv} :: acridly
acretinado {adj} [rare] :: cretinous
acrianzar {v} :: to rear, as offspring
acribillamiento {m} [military] :: shelling, bombardment
acribillar {v} :: to riddle, pepper (with holes, bullets etc.)
acribillar {v} :: to pester, badger
acrilamida {f} [organic compound] :: acrylamide (amide of acrylic acid)
acrilato {m} [organic compound] :: acrylate
acrílico {adj} :: acrylic
acrílico {m} :: acrylic
acrilonitrilo {m} [organic compound] :: acrylonitrile
acriminar {vt} :: to incriminate
acrimonia {f} :: acrimony
acrisolar {v} :: to purify, to refine, to quintessence
acrisolar {v} :: to prove, to test
acristalado {adj} :: having crystals or crystal glass; covered in crystal
acristalamiento {m} :: glazing
acristalar {vt} :: to glaze; cover in crystals
acríticamente {adv} :: uncritically
acrítico {adj} :: acritical
acritud {f} :: bitterness, acridness
acrobacia {f} :: acrobatics
acróbata {mf} :: acrobat
acrobáticamente {adv} :: acrobatically
acrobático {adj} :: acrobatic
acrobatismo {m} [rare] :: acrobatics
acrolecto {m} [linguistics] :: acrolect
acromático {adj} :: achromatic (free from color)
acromático {adj} :: achromatic (containing components to prevent color-related distortion)
acromático {adj} [biology] :: achromatic (not absorbing color)
acromatismo {m} :: achromatism
acromegalia {f} [disease] :: acromegaly (chronic disease marked by enlargement of the bones)
acromial {adj} :: acromial
acromiano {adj} :: acromial
acromion {m} [anatomy] :: acromion
acronimia {f} :: acronymization
acrónimo {m} :: acronym
acrópolis {f} :: acropolis
Acrópolis {prop} {f} :: Acropolis (Athenian Acropolis)
acróstico {adj} :: acrostical
acróstico {m} :: acrostic (poem or text with certain letters spelling out a name or message)
ACS {initialism} :: initialism of agua caliente sanitaria
ACS {initialism} [Spain] :: initialism of w:Actividades de Construcción y Servicios
ACS {initialism} [Spain] :: initialism of w:Aceralia Corporación Siderúrgica
acta {f} :: certificate
acta {f} :: minutes
acta {f} :: election results
actina {f} :: actin (a globular structural protein)
actínido {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: actinide
actinio {m} :: actinium
actinobacteria {f} :: actinobacterium
actinolita {f} [mineral] :: actinolite (mineral with monoclinic crystals belonging to the amphibole group)
actinométrico {adj} :: actinometric (pertaining to actinometry)
actinómetro {m} [physics] :: actinometer (measuring device)
actinomicosis {f} :: actinomycosis
actinomorfo {adj} :: actinomorphic
actinopterigio {m} :: ray-finned fish
actitud {f} :: posture, pose, stance
actitud {f} :: attitude, disposition, policy
actitudinal {adj} :: attitudinal
activable {adj} :: activable
activación {f} :: activation
activado {adj} :: activated, enabled
activador {adj} :: activating
activador {m} :: activator
activadora {f} :: feminine noun of activador
activamente {adv} :: actively (in an active manner)
activamente {adv} [grammar] :: actively (in the active form)
activar {vt} :: to activate (to encourage development or induce increased activity; to stimulate)
activar {vt} :: to activate, to enable (to put a mechanism, device or system into action or motion)
activar {vt} [chemistry, physics] :: to activate (to render more reactive)
activarse {v} :: reflexive of activar
actividad {f} :: activity (state of being active)
actividad {f} :: activity (something done as an action)
activina {f} :: activin
activísimo {adj} :: superlative of activo
activismo {m} :: activism
activista {adj} :: activist
activista {mf} :: activist
activo {adj} :: active
activo {adj} [gay slang] :: top
activo {m} [accounting] :: Any property or material right of an enterprise or individual
activo corriente {m} [accounting] :: current asset
activo fijo {m} [business, accounting] :: fixed asset
acto {m} :: act (something done)
acto {m} [theatre] :: act
acto continuo {adv} :: right after; immediately afterwards
acto fallido {m} :: Freudian slip (subconscious mistake in speech or action)
actor {m} :: actor (person who performs in a theatrical play or movie)
actor {m} [legal] :: defendant
actora {f} [legal] :: feminine noun of actor
actoral {adj} :: thespian
actoralmente {adv} :: in the manner of a thespian
actor de voz {m} :: voice actor
actoría {f} :: act
acto seguido {adv} [formal] :: immediately after
actriz {f} :: actress
actriz de voz {f} :: voice actress
actrizón {m} :: augmentative of actriz
actuación {f} :: performance (a live show or concert)
actuación {f} :: acting (the occupation of an actor)
actuación {f} :: action (something done to accomplish a purpose)
actuación {f} [legal, in the plural] :: proceeding, lawsuit
actuador {m} :: actuator
actual {adj} :: present, current
actual {adj} :: factual
actual {adj} [philosophy] :: actual, real
actual {prep} [preceded by del] :: Of the current month, year, etc
actualidad {f} :: present (the current moment)
actualidad {f} :: piece of news, current event
actualizable {adj} :: updatable
actualización {f} :: update (advisement providing more up-to-date information)
actualización {f} :: update (software upgrade)
actualizador {m} :: updater
actualizadora {f} :: feminine noun of actualizador
actualizar {v} :: to update
actualizar {v} :: to bring to fruition; to actualize
actualizarse {v} :: reflexive of actualizar
actualmente {adv} :: at present, currently, now, nowadays
actuante {adj} :: acting (assuming the duties of another)
actuar {v} :: to act, to behave
actuar {v} :: to act, to perform
actuar {v} :: to actuate
actuar {v} [legal] :: to litigate, to sue
actuaria {f} :: feminine noun of actuario
actuarial {adj} :: actuarial
actuario {m} :: actuary (maker of insurance calculations)
acuacultura {f} :: alternative form of acuicultura
acuanauta {mf} :: aquanaut
acuantiar {v} :: to set the amount or quantity of
acuaplaneo {m} :: aquaplaning
acuaponía {m} :: aquaponics
acuapónico {adj} :: aquaponic
acuaporina {f} [protein] :: aquaporin
acuarela {f} :: watercolor (painting technique)
acuarela {f} :: watercolor (artwork)
acuarela {f} [in the plural] :: watercolors (paint used in watercolor)
acuarelar {v} :: to watercolour; to paint in watercolour
acuarelista {mf} :: watercolourist
acuario {m} :: aquarium
acuario {m} :: Aquarius (someone with the Aquarius star sign)
Acuario {prop} {m} :: Aquarius (constellation)
acuariofilia {f} :: fishkeeping
acuariología {f} :: aquariology
acuarista {mf} :: aquarist
acuartelado {adj} [heraldry] :: quarterly
acuartelamiento {m} :: confinement to barracks
acuartelamiento {m} [military] :: quarters, barracks
acuartelar {v} :: to quarter, to billet, to put into one’s lodging
acuático {adj} :: aquatic
acuatizaje {m} [aviation] :: ditching
acuatizar {vi} [aviation] :: to ditch; to land a plane on water
acuatorio {m} [chiefly Cuba] :: reservoir
acuchillamiento {m} :: knifing, stab
acuchillar {v} :: to cut open
acuchillar {v} :: to knife, to stab (injure or kill by stabbing with a knife)
acuchillar {v} :: to sand, to abrade (the process of using abrasive tools, in particular, on wood)
acuciante {adj} :: urgent; pressing
acuciar {vt} :: to encourage or urge on
acucioso {adj} :: keen, diligent
acuclillarse {vr} :: to squat
a cucucho {adv} [childish, El Salvador] :: piggyback
acudir {v} :: to go to, to attend
acudir {v} :: to turn to, to consult
acudir {v} :: to come to mind
acueducto {m} :: aqueduct
acuerdo {m} :: agreement
acuerdo {m} :: compromise
acuerdo de honor {m} :: gentleman's agreement
acuerdo de paz {m} :: peace agreement
acuerpar {vt} [Costa Rica, Panama] :: to favour (over another), to support, to back
a cuerpo de rey {adv} [idiomatic] :: like a king
a cuestas {adv} :: On the back or shoulders; piggyback
acúfeno {m} :: tinnitus (perception of nonexistent noise)
acuícola {adj} :: aquatic
acuicultor {m} :: aquaculturist
acuicultora {f} :: feminine noun of acuicultor
acuicultura {f} :: aquaculture
acuidad {f} :: acuity (sharpness or acuteness)
acuífero {adj} :: aquiferous
acuífero {m} :: aquifer
acuitar {v} :: to grieve; to cause grief
acular {v} :: to back (to tie by the hind)
acular {v} :: to corner
aculebrar {v} [rare] :: to snake; to coil like a snake
acullá {adv} [formal] :: yonder
aculturación {f} :: acculturation
aculturar {vt} :: to acculture (to change a person's culture by influence of another)
acuminado {adj} [botany, mycology] :: acuminate
acumulable {adj} :: accumulable
acumulación {f} :: accumulation
acumulación {f} [legal] :: joinder
acumulador {m} :: accumulator (one who, or that which, accumulates)
acumulador {m} :: rechargeable battery
acumuladora {f} :: feminine noun of acumulador
acumulamiento {m} :: accumulation (the act of amassing or gathering, as into a pile)
acumulamiento {m} :: accumulation (mass of something piled up or collected)
acumular {vt} :: to accumulate (to heap up in a mass)
acumularse {vr} :: to accumulate
acumulativamente {adv} :: accumulatively
acumulativo {adj} :: cumulative (incorporating all data up to the present)
acúmulo {m} :: accumulation
Acuña {prop} :: surname
acuñación {f} :: coinage, coining, minting
acunar {vt} :: to rock (to move gently back and forth)
acuñar {v} :: to coin (word or expression)
acuñar {v} :: to mint (money)
acuñista {adj} [Peru, politics] :: Of or pertaining to the political beliefs of César Acuña
acuñista {mf} [Peru, politics] :: A supporter of César Acuña
acuoso {adj} :: aqueous (consisting mostly of water)
acuoso {adj} :: watery (diluted or having too much water)
acupuntor {m} :: acupuncturist
acupuntura {f} :: acupuncture
acure {m} [Colombia, Venezuela] :: guinea pig (rodent)
acurrucar {vr} :: to curl up because of the cold
acurrucar {v} [reciprocative] :: to snuggle
acurrucar {vt} [colloquial, El Salvador] :: to make somebody squat
acurrucar {vr} [colloquial, El Salvador] :: to squat
acurrucarse {v} :: to huddle (away from the cold, etc.)
acusación {f} :: accusation
acusada {f} :: feminine noun of acusado
acusadamente {adv} :: markedly
acusado {adj} :: accused
acusado {adj} :: marked; pronounced
acusado {m} :: accused, defendant
acusador {adj} [legal] :: accusatory
acusador {m} [legal] :: complainant
acusador {m} [legal] :: prosecutor
acusador {m} :: accuser
acusante {mf} :: prosecutor
acusar {v} :: to accuse, to charge, to indict
acusar {v} :: to criminate
acusar {v} :: to arraign
acusar {v} :: to prosecute
acusar recibo {v} :: to acknowledge (to notify receipt)
acusativo {adj} [grammar] :: accusative
acusativo {m} [grammar] :: accusative case
acusatorio {adj} :: accusatory (pertaining to, or containing, an accusation)
acusete {mf} [Latin America] :: tattler, telltale (one who tattles)
acusica {mf} :: telltale
acústica {f} [physics] :: acoustics (a quality of a space for doing music)
acústicamente {adv} :: acoustically
acústico {adj} :: acoustic (pertaining to the sense of hearing)
acústico {adj} [music] :: acoustic (produced by an instrument without electric amplification)
acústico {m} :: hearing aid
acuyo {m} [Mexico] :: Mexican pepperleaf, root beer plant, an aromatic herb used in Mexican cuisine (Piper auritum)
ACV {m} [medicine] :: initialism of accidente cerebrovascular
-ada {suffix} :: Used with a stem to form the feminine singular past participle of regular -ar verbs; feminine form of -ado
-ada {suffix} :: Used to form words, derived from nouns, signifying a whole
-ada {suffix} :: Used to form words, derived from nouns, corresponding to -ful (as much as something will hold)
-ada {suffix} :: Used to form words indicating a period of time
-ada {suffix} :: Used to form words, derived from nouns, indicating a blow with the named object
-ada {suffix} :: Used to form words indicating action
-ada {suffix} :: Used to form words indicating abundance or excess
adagio {adv} [music] :: adagio
adagio {m} [music] :: adagio
adagio {m} :: adage (old saying)
adaguar {vt} [Aragon] :: to give water to cattle
Adalberto {prop} {m} :: given name, an older form of Alberto ( = Albert)
adalid {m} [historical] :: military commander
adalid {m} :: champion (someone who fights for a cause or status)
Adam {prop} {m} :: alternative form of Adán
adamantano {m} [organic compound] :: adamantane
adamante {m} [archaic] :: diamond
adamantino {adj} :: adamantine
adamantino {m} :: adamant (a rock or mineral held by some to be of impenetrable hardness; a name given to the diamond and other substances of extreme hardness)
adamar {vr} :: to be enamored
adán {m} [colloquial] :: shabby, unkempt or shoddy person
Adán {prop} {m} :: Adam (biblical figure)
Adán {prop} {m} :: given name
adanismo {m} :: nudism
adanismo {m} :: doing something as if nobody had ever done it before
adanismo {m} :: Adamism
adanista {adj} :: nudist
adanista {mf} :: Someone who does something under the pretence that nobody has done it before
adanista {mf} :: nudist
Adán y Eva {prop} {mp} :: Adam and Eve
adaptabilidad {f} :: adaptability (the quality of being adaptable)
adaptable {adj} :: adaptable (capable of adapting or being adapted)
adaptación {f} [uncountable] :: adaptation (the process of adapting something to a situation)
adaptación {f} [countable] :: adaptation (a change made to suit a condition)
adaptación {f} [evolutionary theory, uncountable] :: adaptation (the process of change that an organism undergoes)
adaptación {f} [evolutionary theory, countable] :: adaptation (an instance of an organism undergoing change)
adaptación {f} [uncountable] :: adaptation (the process of adapting an artistic work)
adaptación {f} [countable] :: adaptation (an artistic work that has been adapted)
adaptado {adj} :: adapted
adaptador {m} :: adapter (device to allow compatibility)
adaptador {m} :: adapter (someone who adapts)
adaptadora {f} :: feminine noun of adaptador
adaptar {vt} :: to adapt, to adjust, to tailor (to make suitable)
adaptar {vt} :: to adapt (to fit by alteration)
adaptar {vr} :: to adapt (to change so as to be adapted)
adaptativo {adj} :: adaptive (able to adapt)
adarga {f} :: leather shield
adarme {m} [historical] :: A Spanish peso equivalent to three tomines
adarme {m} :: tittle, bit (very small part of something)
adarvar {vt} [rare] :: to stun, to shock
adaxial {adj} :: adaxial
adaxialmente {adv} :: adaxially
Addis Abbaba {prop} {f} :: alternative form of Addis Abeba
Addis Abeba {prop} {f} :: Addis Abeba (city)
ADE {f} :: business administration (subject)
a. de C. {abbr} :: BC (Before Christ)
adecentamiento {m} :: tidy, tidy-up, brush-up
adecentar {vt} :: to tidy; to clean up
a decir de {prep} :: according to
adeco {adj} [attributive] :: Democratic Action
adeco {m} :: A member of Democratic Action, a Venezuelan political party
adecuación {f} :: adaptation (process of adapting something to a situation)
adecuadamente {adv} :: adequately
adecuado {adj} :: appropriate, suitable
adecuar {vt} :: to adapt, adjust
a dedo {adv} :: through connections, through contacts, through friends in high places, hitchhiking, thumbing
a dedo {adv} :: to hitchhike, hitch, thumb a ride
adefesio {adj} :: ugly, ridiculous
adefesio {m} :: ugly, ridiculous person or thing
adefesio {m} :: idiotic action
adehesar {vt} :: to make into meadows or pastureland
a. de J.C. {abbr} :: BC (Before Christ)
Adela {prop} {f} :: given name
Adelaida {prop} {f} :: given name
Adelaida {prop} {f} :: Adelaida (city)
adelantadamente {adv} :: early, in advance
adelantado {adj} :: ahead of one's time, advanced
adelantado {adj} :: gifted or advanced for one's age
adelantado {adj} :: early, ahead of time
adelantado {m} :: A governor of a province; a commander
adelantamiento {m} :: overtaking, passing (a vehicle)
adelantamiento {m} :: progress, advancement, improvement
adelantamiento {m} :: rescheduling for an earlier date
adelantar {vt} :: to advance, to move forward in space or time
adelantar {vt} :: to pay in advance
adelantar {vt} :: to outstrip, to outrun
adelantar {vi} :: to make progress
adelantar {vt} :: to overtake, to pass (to pass a more slowly moving object)
adelantar {vt} :: to speed up (to make something go faster)
adelantarse {v} :: to go forward
adelantarse {v} :: to take the lead
adelantarse {v} :: jump the gun
adelante {adv} :: forward (toward the front)
adelante {adv} :: forward (into the future)
adelante {interj} :: come in
adelante {interj} :: go ahead
adelanto {m} :: progress, advancement, improvement
adelanto {m} :: rescheduling for an earlier date
adelanto {m} :: advance (anticipated payment)
adelanto {m} :: down payment (anticipated payment made to secure a purchase)
adelanto {m} :: preview, sample, snippet
adelantón {m} :: giant step forward; major breakthrough
adelfa {f} :: oleander
adelgazamiento {m} :: weight loss
adelgazante {adj} :: slimming
adelgazante {m} :: a weight-reducing or slimming product
adelgazar {v} :: to make thin or slender
adelgazar {v} :: to refine, purify
adelgazar {v} :: to lose weight
adelgazarse {v} :: to become thin or slender; to lose weight
Adelia {prop} {f} :: given name, a variant of Adela
Adelina {prop} {f} :: given name
Adelita {prop} {f} :: given name
ademán {m} :: gesture (motion of the body)
ademán {m} :: posture, position
ademán {m} [in the plural] :: manners
ademar {vt} [mining] :: to encase
además {adv} :: in addition, moreover, furthermore
además {adv} :: besides, in addition to
Adén {prop} {m} :: Aden (seaport of Yemen)
adenda {mf} :: addendum, postdata
adenil {m} [biochemistry] :: adenyl
adenilato {m} :: adenylate
adenilil {m} [biochemistry] :: adenylyl
adenililciclasa {f} [enzyme] :: adenylyl cylase
adenililo {m} :: alt form adenilil
adenilo {m} :: alt form adenil
adenín {adj} :: adenine
adenina {f} [organic compound] :: adenine
adenitis {f} :: adenitis
adeno- {prefix} :: adeno-
adenocarcinoma {m} [oncology] :: adenocarcinoma
adenohipófisis {f} :: adenohypophysis
adenoide {f} [chiefly in the plural] :: adenoid
adenoidectomía {f} :: adenoidectomy
adenología {f} :: adenology
adenomatoso {adj} :: adenomatoid (of or pertaining to an adenoma)
adenopatía {f} :: adenopathy
adenosín {adj} :: adenosine
adenosina {f} [organic compound] :: adenosine
adenosín trifosfato {m} :: adenosine triphosphate, ATP
adenovirus {m} :: adenovirus
adentrar {vr} :: to get into, to go into
adentrarse {v} :: reflexive of adentrar
adentro {adv} :: inside (especially implying a motion into)
adentro {m} [in the plural] :: one's innermost thoughts, deep down
adentro {interj} :: Come in!
adentro de {prep} :: into
adepta {f} :: feminine noun of adepto
adepto {m} :: supporter, follower
adequadamente {adv} :: obsolete form of adecuadamente
adequado {adj} :: obsolete form of adecuado
adereçar {v} :: obsolete form of aderezar
aderezado {adj} [obsolete] :: favourable (convenient; opportune)
aderezar {v} :: to dress, season (for cooking, etc.)
aderezar {v} :: to spice up, adorn, bedeck
aderezo {m} :: seasoning, dressing
a despecho de {prep} :: in spite of, despite
a destajo {adv} [idiom] :: by the piece, as piecework
a destajo {adv} [idiom] :: flat out, full blast, at full tilt
a destajo {adv} [idiom] :: [Chile] by eye
adestrar {v} :: synonym of adiestrar
adeudar {v} [ditransitive] :: to owe
adeudar {v} [ditransitive] :: to debit, charge
adeudo {m} :: debt (money that someone owes to another)
adeudo {m} :: customs duty
a.D.g. {abbr} :: a Dios gracias
adhan {m} [Islam] :: adhan (the call to prayer)
adhán {m} :: alt form adhan
adherencia {f} :: adherence, adhesion (close physical union of two objects)
adherente {adj} :: adherent, sticky
adherente {m} :: adhesive (a substance that provides adhesion)
adherente {mf} :: adherent (a person who has membership in some group)
adherible {adj} :: sticky, adhesive (able or likely to stick)
adherir {vtir} :: to adhere, stick
adherirse {vr} :: to adhere (to stick fast or cleave)
adhesión {f} :: adhesion (the ability to stick to another substance)
adhesión {f} :: support, backing
adhesivo {adj} :: adhesive (sticky)
adhesivo {m} :: adhesive (substance that provides adhesion)
ad hoc {adv} :: ad hoc (for this particular purpose)
adhocracia {f} :: adhocracy
adiabático {adj} [physics, thermodynamics] :: adiabatic
a día de hoy {adv} [idiomatic] :: in today's day and age
adiafa {f} :: A gift or refreshment given to sailors upon their return to port from a voyage
adiar {vt} [rare] :: to schedule
a diario {adv} :: each day, on a daily basis
adicción {f} :: addiction (compulsive usage)
adicción {f} :: addiction (devotion; inclination)
adición {f} :: addition (the act of adding)
adición {f} :: addition (anything that is added)
adición {f} :: addition (the arithmetic operation of adding)
adición {f} [Latin America] :: check (in a restaurant, etc.)
adicional {adj} :: additional (supplemental or added to something)
adicionalmente {adv} :: additionally
adicionalmente {adv} :: in addition, further
adicionar {v} :: to add (to make an addition; to augment)
adicta {f} :: feminine noun of adicto
adictivamente {adv} :: addictively
adictivo {adj} :: addictive (causing addiction)
adicto {adj} :: addicted
adicto {m} :: addict
adieso {adv} [obsolete] :: now
adiestrable {adj} :: trainable
adiestrador {m} :: tamer; one who tames animals
adiestradora {f} :: feminine noun of adiestrador
adiestramiento {m} :: practice, training
adiestramiento {m} :: animal training
adiestramiento {m} :: dressage
adiestrar {vt} :: to train (to teach, to educate)
a diestro y siniestro {adv} [idiomatic] :: left, right and centre
adietar {vtr} :: to put on a diet
ADIF {prop} :: A state-owned company that is responsible for the upkeep of most of Spain's rail network
Adigio {prop} {m} :: Adige (river in South Tyrol)
adigué {adj} :: Adyghe
adigué {mf} :: Adyghe
Adiguesia {prop} {f} :: Adygea
adimensional {adj} :: adimensional (without dimensions)
adinerado {adj} :: affluent, wealthy
adinerar {vr} [colloquial] :: to enrich (make wealthy)
adintelado {adj} :: lintelled
adiós {interj} :: goodbye, farewell
adiós {m} :: farewell; goodbye
adiosito {m} :: diminutive of adiós
adiós Madrid, que te quedas sin gente {phrase} [idiom] :: good riddance (Used to indicate that a departure, or loss is welcome.)
a Dios rogando y con el mazo dando {proverb} :: God helps those who help themselves
adipato {m} [organic compound] :: adipate
adípico {adj} [organic chemistry] :: adipic
adipocira {f} :: adipocere
adipocito {m} :: adipocyte
adiponectina {f} [protein] :: adiponectin
adiposidad {f} :: adiposity
adiposo {adj} :: adipose (containing, composed of, or consisting of fat)
adir {v} [legal] :: to accept (inheritance)
adir {v} :: to add
Adís Abeba {prop} {f} :: alternative form of Addis Abeba
a discreción {adv} [idiom] :: at will
a disgusto {adj} :: displeased, unhappy
Adisoda {prop} {f} :: given name from the Canary Islands
a distancia {adv} :: at a distance; from a distance; aloof
aditamento {m} :: accessory
aditamento {m} :: attachment
aditamento {m} :: add-on; bolt-on; addition
aditividad {f} :: additivity
aditivo {adj} :: additive
aditivo {m} :: additive (substance added to another to alter its properties)
adive {m} :: adive; jackal
adivina {f} :: feminine noun of adivino
adivinación {f} :: foresight, guessing
adivinador {adj} :: divining, foretelling (attributive)
adivinador {adj} :: guessing, guesswork (attributive)
adivinador {m} :: diviner, foreteller
adivinador {m} :: guesser
adivinadora {f} :: feminine noun of adivinador
adivinanza {f} :: foresight
adivinanza {f} :: riddle
adivinar {v} :: to guess
adivinar {v} :: to divine, to foretell
adivinatorio {adj} :: divinatory, prophetic
adivino {m} :: seer
adj. {n} :: abbreviation of adjetivo
adjectivo {adj} [law] :: procedural, as in procedural rules
adjetivación {f} [linguistics] :: adjectivization
adjetivadamente {adv} [dated] :: adjectivally
adjetival {adj} :: adjectival
adjetivar {vt} :: to adjective (to make an adjective of)
adjetivo {m} [grammar] :: adjective (a word that modifies a noun)
adjetivo {adj} :: adjectival
adjetivo atributivo {m} [grammar] :: attributive adjective (adjective that describes only an attribute)
adjetivo cardinal {m} :: A cardinal numeral
adjetivo ordinal {m} [grammar] :: ordinal number (grammar: word used to denote relative position in a sequence)
adjudicación {f} :: award
adjudicación {f} :: adjudication
adjudicar {v} :: to adjudge, assign, award, appropriate
adjudicatario {adj} :: tendering
adjudicatario {m} [business] :: tenderer
adjudicativo {adj} :: adjudicative
adjuntar {vt} :: to enclose, to attach (as in correspondence, e-mail)
adjunto {adj} :: attached
adlátere {adj} :: adjoining, bordering, subordinate to
adlátere {mf} :: minion (loyal servant of another more powerful being)
ad libitum {adv} :: ad lib, ad libitum
ad líbitum {adv} :: alternative form of ad libitum
administración {f} :: administration (act of administering government or public affairs)
administración {f} :: administration (a body that administers)
administración {f} :: administration, administering (act of administering something to another)
administrador {m} :: administrator (one who administers affairs)
administrador {m} [computing] :: administrator (one who is responsible for software management)
administradora {f} :: feminine noun of administrador
administrador de base de datos {m} [computing] :: database administrator
administrador de sistemas {m} :: sysadmin (systems administrator)
administrar {vt} :: to administer (to cause to take)
administrar {vt} :: to administer, to manage (to manage or supervise the conduct of)
administrarse {v} :: reflexive of administrar
administrativamente {adv} :: administratively
administrativo {adj} :: administrative (of or relating to administration)
admirable {adj} :: admirable
admirablemente {adv} :: admirably (to an admirable degree)
admiración {f} :: admiration
admirador {adj} :: admiring
admirador {m} :: admirer
admiradora {f} :: feminine noun of admirador
admirar {v} :: to admire
admirar {vr} :: to be amazed
admirativamente {adv} :: admiratively
admirativo {adj} :: admiring
admisibilidad {f} :: admissibility
admisible {adj} :: admissible
admisión {f} :: admittance
admisión {f} :: approval, admission
admisión {f} :: admission, acknowledgment
admisión {f} :: intake
admitancia {f} [physics] :: admittance
admitir {v} :: to accept, to admit, to agree to, to concede
admitir {v} :: to admit, to let in
admitir {v} :: to permit, to allow
admonición {f} :: admonition
admonitorio {adj} :: admonitory (of or pertaining to an admonition)
ADN {m} [biochemistry] :: initialism of ácido desoxirribonucleico DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid)
adnato {adj} [botany, mycology] :: adnate
-ado {suffix} :: Suffix indicating the past participle of regular -ar verbs
adobar {v} :: to marinate
adobe {m} [construction] :: adobe
adobo {m} :: A delicacy of marinated meat
adocenado {adj} :: bog standard, run of the mill
adocenamiento {m} :: conformity
adocenar {v} :: to conform
adocenarse {v} :: to become common
adocenarse {v} :: to stagnate, to remain the same
adoctrinamiento {m} :: indoctrination (act of indoctrinating)
adoctrinar {v} :: to indoctrinate (to teach with a biased or one-sided ideology)
adolecer {v} :: to suffer
adolescencia {f} :: adolescence
adolescente {adj} :: adolescent
adolescente {mf} :: adolescent, teenager
Adolfito {prop} {m} :: given name
Adolfo {prop} {m} :: given name
adolorido {adj} [Latin America] :: painful, aching (afflicted or suffering with pain)
Adolpho {prop} {m} :: given name
adonde {adv} :: to where, whither
adonde {adv} :: whereto
adónde {adv} [interrogative] :: to where, whither, whereto
adondequiera {adv} [rare] :: to wherever, to anywhere
adondequiera {adv} [obsolete] :: wherever, anywhere
adopción {f} :: adoption (the act of adopting)
adopción {f} :: adoption (the state of being adopted)
adoptable {adj} :: adoptable
adoptada {f} :: feminine noun of adoptado
adoptado {adj} :: adoptive
adoptado {adj} :: adopted
adoptado {m} :: adoptee
adoptante {adj} :: adopting
adoptante {mf} :: adopter
adoptar {vt} :: to adopt (legally take in a child from other parents)
adoptar {vt} :: to adopt (to select)
adoptivo {adj} :: foster, adoptive (providing parental care to unrelated children)
adoptivo {adj} :: foster (receiving such care)
adoquín {m} :: paving stone, flagstone
adoquín {m} [colloquial] :: idiot, blockhead
adoquinado {adj} :: paved
adoquinado {m} :: paving, pavement
adoquinado {m} :: cobblestone road
adoquinar {vt} :: to pave with cobblestones
-ador {suffix} :: Form of -dor attached to -ar verb stems. Forms (usually agent) nouns and adjectives
ador {m} [agriculture] :: A time period allotted for watering crops
-adora {suffix} :: feminine noun of -ador
adorable {adj} :: adorable
adoración {f} :: adoration, worship
adoradísimo {adj} :: superlative of adorado
adorador {m} :: admirer, adorer, worshiper
adoradora {f} :: feminine noun of adorador
adorar {v} :: adore, worship
adoratorio {m} :: chapel; shrine; or other place of worship
adormecedor {adj} :: soporific, sedative
adormecedor {m} :: sedative
adormecer {v} :: to make sleepy, or lull
adormecer {v} :: to make numb
adormecerse {v} :: to go to sleep, or doze off
adormecerse {v} :: to go numb (part of the body)
adormecido {adj} :: sleepy, dozy, drowsy
adormecimiento {m} :: slumber (a very light state of sleep)
adormecimiento {m} :: drowsiness
adormidera {f} :: poppy
adormilamiento {m} :: slumber (a very light state of sleep)
adormilar {vr} :: to slumber (to be in a very light state of sleep)
adormir {v} :: to cause to sleep
adornar {v} :: to adorn
adorno {m} :: adornment, ornament
adosada {f} :: townhouse
adosado {adj} [of houses and buildings] :: adjacent and touching, contiguous, attached
adosado {v} :: masculine singular past participle of adosar
adosar {v} :: to lean the back (against)
a dos velas {adv} [idiomatic] :: broke, penniless
a dos velas {adv} [idiomatic] :: on one's tod; on one's own
adovelado {adj} :: voussoired
adquirente {mf} :: acquisitor, purchaser, buyer
adquirible {adj} :: obtainable, acquirable
adquiriente {mf} :: alternative form of adquirente
adquirir {vt} :: to acquire
adquirir {vt} :: to buy
adquisición {f} :: procurement; acquisition
adquisitivo {adj} :: acquisitive
adrede {adv} :: on purpose
adrenal {adj} :: adrenal
adrenalectomía {f} :: adrenalectomy
adrenalina {f} :: adrenaline
adrenalínico {adj} :: stimulating, exciting
adrenérgico {adj} :: adrenergic
adreno- {prefix} :: adreno- (relating to the adrenal gland)
adrenocorticotropo {adj} :: adrenocorticotropic
Adri {prop} {m} :: given name
Adrián {prop} {m} :: given name
Adriana {prop} {f} :: given name
Adriano {prop} {m} :: given name; more popular in the form Adrián
Adriano {prop} {m} :: Hadrian (emperor)
adriático {adj} :: Adriatic
Adriático {prop} {m} :: synonym of mar Adriático
adscribible {adj} :: assignable
adscribir {vt} :: to designate, to assign
adscripción {f} :: ascription (act of ascribing something)
adsorbente {adj} :: adsorbent
adsorción {f} :: adsorption (the adhesion of a liquid or gas to the surface of a solid)
aduana {f} :: customs (office that taxes imported goods)
aduanal {adj} [Latin America, attributive] :: customs
aduanero {adj} :: customs (of or relating to the importing or exporting of goods)
aduanero {mf} :: customs officer
aduar {m} :: bedouin settlement
aduar {m} :: co-operative
aducanumab {m} :: aducanumab
aducción {f} :: adduction
aducir {v} :: to allege, adduce, cite, give as proof
aducto {m} :: adduct
aductor {m} [anatomy] :: adductor
aductor corto del muslo {m} :: adductor brevis
aductor corto del pulgar {m} :: abductor pollicis brevis
aductor del meñique {m} :: abductor minimi digiti
aductor del pulgar {m} :: adductor pollicis
aductor mayor del muslo {m} :: adductor magnus
aductor mediano del muslo {m} :: adductor longus
aductor menor {m} :: adductor brevis
adueñarse {v} :: to appropriate, to take ownership
adujar {v} [nautical] :: to coil a rope or cable
adulación {f} :: flattery, adulation
adulador {m} :: adulator, sycophant
aduladora {f} :: feminine noun of adulador
adulancia {f} [Venezuela] :: adulation
adulante {adj} [rare] :: adulatory, sycophantic
adular {v} :: to flatter
adularia {f} :: adularia (variety of orthoclase feldspar)
adulón {adj} :: brown-nosing
adulón {m} :: toady
adulta {f} :: feminine noun of adulto
adúltera {f} :: feminine noun of adúltero
adulteración {f} :: adulteration (The action of adulterating)
adulterar {v} :: to adulterate
adulterina {f} :: feminine noun of adulterino
adulterino {m} :: bastard (illegitimate child)
adulterio {m} :: adultery
adúltero {adj} :: adulterous
adúltero {m} :: adulterer
adultez {f} :: adulthood
adulticida {m} :: adulticide (pesticide designed to kill adult insects)
adulticida {adj} :: adulticidal (which kills adult insects)
adulto {adj} :: adult
adulto {m} :: adult
-adura {suffix} :: Form of -dura used with -ar verbs to form nouns
a duras penas {adv} [idiomatic] :: barely, hardly; with great effort or difficulty
adurir {vt} [rare] :: to burn
adusto {adj} :: surly (of a person)
adusto {adj} :: austere
adv. {n} :: abbreviation of adverbio
advaita {m} :: Advaita
advección {f} [earth science, chemistry] :: advection (the horizontal movement of a body of atmosphere (or other fluid) along with a concurrent transport of its temperature, humidity etc.)
advenediza {f} :: feminine noun of advenedizo
advenedizo {adj} :: foreign
advenedizo {adj} :: upstart
advenedizo {m} :: outsider
advenedizo {m} :: upstart, social climber
advenimiento {m} :: coming, advent
advenir {vi} :: to arrive
advenir {vi} :: to happen
adventicio {adj} [biology] :: adventitious (developing in an unusual place or from an unusual source)
adventista {adj} :: Adventist
adventista {mf} :: Adventist
adveración {f} [legal] :: certification
adverar {v} [legal] :: to affirm, verify
adverbial {adj} :: adverbial
adverbialmente {adv} :: adverbially
adverbio {m} :: adverb (lexical category)
adversamente {adv} :: adversely
adversar {vt} [dated] :: to oppose, to advert
adversaria {f} :: feminine noun of adversario
adversario {m} :: adversary, opponent
adversativo {adj} [linguistics] :: adversative
adversidad {f} :: adversity, misfortune, difficulty
adverso {adj} :: adverse
advertencia {f} :: warning
advertencia {f} :: advice
advertible {adj} :: noticeable
advertimiento {m} :: warning
advertir {v} :: to warn
advertir {v} :: to notice
adviento {m} :: alternative letter-case form of Adviento
Adviento {prop} {m} [Christianity] :: Advent
Advíncula {prop} {f} :: surname
advocación {f} [religion] :: naming or dedication (after a saint)
advocar {vt} [obsolete] :: to advocate
advocar {vt} [obsolete] :: to defend in court
adware {m} :: adware
adyacencia {f} [countable and uncountable] :: adjacency (quality of being adjacent)
adyacente {adj} :: adjacent
adyacer {v} [rare term] :: to adjoin, to lie next to
adyuvante {adj} :: adjuvant (helping; assisting)
adyuvante {m} :: adjuvant
AEC {adv} :: initialism of antes de la era común; BCE
aeda {m} :: alternative form of aedo
aedes {m} :: A mosquito of the genus Aedes
aedo {m} [historical] :: bard, poet
aerar {v} :: to air (bring something into contact with the air)
aéreo {adj} :: aerial
aerífero {adj} :: aeriferous
aero- {prefix} :: aero-
aerobic {m} :: alternative spelling of aeróbic
aeróbic {m} :: aerobics (form of exercise)
aeróbico {adj} :: aerobic
aerobio {adj} :: aerobic
aerobio {m} :: aerobe
aerobiología {f} :: aerobiology (the study of the dispersion of airborne biological materials)
aerobiosis {f} [biology] :: aerobiosis (form of life that is sustained by the presence of air)
aerobús {m} :: airbus (a type of airliner)
aeroclub {m} :: aeroclub
aerocomercial {adj} :: Relating to commercial flight
aerodeslizador {m} :: hovercraft
aerodinámica {f} :: aerodynamics
aerodinámicamente {adv} :: aerodynamically
aerodinámico {adj} :: aerodynamic, aerodynamical
aeródromo {m} :: airfield
aeroespacial {adj} :: aerospatial
aeroespacio {m} :: aerospace (Earth's atmosphere and space the around it)
aeroestación {f} :: aerostation
aeroestático {adj} :: aerostatic
aerofagia {f} [pathology] :: aerophagy
aerófobo {adj} :: aerophobic
aerófono {m} :: aerophone (a musical instrument that produces sound by vibrating air)
aerofreno {m} :: airbrake
aerogel {m} :: aerogel
aerogenerador {m} :: wind turbine (device)
aerografía {f} [art] :: aerography (branch of surrealist art)
aerografiar {v} :: to airbrush
aerógrafo {m} :: airbrush
aeroligero {m} :: microlight
aerolínea {f} :: airline
aerología {f} :: aerology
aerológico {adj} :: aerologic, aerological
aeromancia {f} [rare] :: aeromancy (divination by use of atmospheric conditions)
aeromancía {f} :: alternative form of aeromancia
aerómetro {m} :: aerometer (instrument used to measure mass and density of gases)
aeromodelismo {m} :: aeromodelling (the building and flying of model aircraft)
aeromodelista {mf} :: aeromodeller
aeromodelo {m} :: model aircraft (small-scale toy aircraft)
aeromoza {f} :: feminine noun of aeromozo
aeromozo {m} [Latin America] :: steward, flight attendant (attendant on an airplane)
aeronauta {mf} :: aeronaut, airman, pilot
aeronáutica {f} :: aeronautics
aeronáutico {adj} :: aeronautic
aeronaval {adj} :: aeronaval
aeronave {f} :: airship
aeronave {f} :: aircraft
aeronavegabilidad {f} :: airworthiness
aeronavegación {f} :: navigation by air
Aeroniense {prop} {m} :: Aeronian
aeropatín {m} :: hoverboard
aeropirata {m} [aviation] :: hijacker
aeroplano {m} [dated] :: aeroplane (airplane, a winged aircraft)
aeropónico {adj} :: aeroponic
aeroportuario {adj} :: relating to airports
aeropuerto {m} :: airport
aeropuerto {m} :: A Peruvian dish based on fried rice with chicken eggs and various other ingredients
aerosol {m} :: aerosol (gaseous or airborne cloud of particulate matter)
aerostática {f} [physics] :: aerostatics (study of gases in equilibrium)
aerostático {adj} :: aerostatic
aerostato {m} :: aerostat (aircraft)
aeróstato {m} :: alternative form of aerostato
aerosuspendido {adj} [rare] :: suspended in the air
aerotécnica {f} :: feminine noun of aerotécnico
aerotécnico {m} :: aircraft technician
aerotérmico {adj} :: aerothermal
aerotransportable {adj} :: flyable; transportable by air
aerotransportado {adj} :: airborne
aerotransportar {v} :: to transport by air; to fly
aerovía {f} :: airway (flight path used by aeroplanes)
aeroyoga {m} :: aerial yoga; antigravity yoga
a eso de {prep} :: around, about (roughly at the time)
a espaldas {adv} [idiomatic] :: behind someone's back
a espuertas {adv} [idiomatic] :: by the ton (in vast quantities)
AEUMC {prop} :: USMCA (United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement) abbreviation of Acuerdo Estados Unidos-México-Canadá
afabilidad {f} :: affability
afabilísimo {adj} :: superlative of afable
afable {adj} :: affable, friendly
afablemente {adv} :: affably
afamado {adj} :: famous
afán {m} :: desire; thirst
afán {m} :: effort
afán {m} :: eagerness; keenness
afanador {m} [Argentina] :: robber; thief
afanadora {f} :: feminine noun of afanador
afanar {v} [colloquial] :: to steal, pinch
afanar {v} :: to work hard
afanar {v} :: to be busy
afanarse {vr} :: to toil, to work hard
afanítico {adj} [geology] :: aphanitic
afanosamente {adv} :: diligently
afanoso {adj} :: industrious, laborious (hard-working and persistent)
afar {m} :: Afar (language)
afasia {f} [pathology] :: aphasia (pathological speech disorder)
afásico {adj} [speech pathology] :: aphasic (affected by, or pertaining to, aphasia)
a favor {adv} :: in favour
a favor {adv} :: for
a favor {adj} :: in favour
a favor {adj} :: for
a favor de {adv} :: in favor of
a favor de {adv} :: for
a favor de {adj} :: in favor of
a favor de {adj} :: for
afeamiento {m} :: The act of making ugly
afear {v} :: to make ugly; to uglify
afección {f} :: A complaint, usually medical or legal
afección {f} :: A medical condition, or disorder
afectable {adj} :: affectable
afectación {f} :: affectation
afectadamente {adv} :: affectedly
afectado {adj} :: affected
afectante {adj} :: disturbing, distressing
afectar {v} :: to have an effect on, to affect
afectar {v} :: to feign, to affect
afectar {v} :: to speak or act insincerely, to adopt an affectation
afectar {v} :: to upset, to affect emotionally
afectar {v} :: to be affected by an action
afectísimo {adj} :: superlative of afecto
afectivamente {adv} :: emotionally
afectividad {f} :: affectivity
afectivo {adj} :: affective
afectivosexual {adj} :: affective sexual
afecto {adj} :: prone; affected
afecto {adj} :: affected (by a disease)
afecto {m} :: fondness, affection
afectuosamente {adv} :: affectionately
afectuosidad {f} :: affection, caring nature
afectuosísimo {adj} :: superlative of afectuoso
afectuoso {adj} :: affectionate
afeitada {f} :: shave (an instance of shaving)
afeitado {m} :: shave
afeitadora {f} :: electric shaver, electric razor
afeitar {vtr} :: to shave (to remove hair with a razor or clippers)
afeitarse {v} :: reflexive of afeitar; to shave (oneself)
afelio {m} [astronomy] :: aphelion
afelpar {v} :: to give something a felt-like look
afémico {adj} :: aphemic (afflicted with aphemia)
afeminación {f} :: effeminacy
afeminadamente {adv} :: effeminately
afeminado {adj} :: effeminate
afeminamiento {m} :: effeminacy
afeminar {vt} :: to feminize (to make feminine)
afeminar {vr} :: to feminize (to become feminine)
aferencia {f} :: afference
aferente {adj} :: afferent
aféresis {f} [medicine, linguistics] :: apheresis
aferramiento {m} :: seizure (act of seizing)
aferrar {v} :: to seize
aferrar {v} :: to catch, to hook
aferrar {v} [nautical] :: to furl
aferrar {vp} :: to cling to, to hang onto
aferrarse {vr} :: to cling
affair {m} :: affair (extramarital relationship)
affaire {m} :: affair, love affair
affidávit {m} [law] :: affidavit (a signed document wherein an affiant makes a sworn statement)
afgana {f} :: feminine noun of afgano
afgani {m} :: afghani (currency of Afghanistan)
Afganistán {prop} {m} :: Afghanistan
afgano {adj} :: Afghan (person)
afgano {adj} :: Afghan (of or relating to Afghanistan)
afgano {m} :: Afghan (person from Afghanistan)
AFI {acronym} :: Alfabeto Fonético Internacional; IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet)
AFI {acronym} :: Agencia Federal de Investigación of Mexico
afianzamiento {m} :: reinforcement
afianzar {v} :: to support, to sustain
afianzar {v} :: to make certain; to clinch something
afianzar {v} :: to tighten, strengthen
afiche {m} [Latin America] :: poster (advertisement)
afición {f} :: fondness, inclination
afición {f} :: hobby
afición {f} :: persistence, determination, zeal
aficionada {f} :: feminine noun of aficionado
aficionadísimo {adj} :: superlative of aficionado
aficionado {adj} :: fond
aficionado {adj} :: amateur
aficionado {m} :: fan, aficionado
aficionado {m} :: hobbyist (s person who is interested in an activity or a subject as a hobby)
aficionado {m} :: amateur
aficionar {vt} :: To get someone interested in something; to get someone into something
aficionarse {vr} :: To become interested in something
afidávit {m} :: alternative spelling of affidávit
áfido {m} :: aphid
afiebrar {vr} :: to have a fever
afiebrarse {v} :: (reflexive of afiebrar) to have a fever
afijo {m} :: affix
afiladera {f} :: sharpener
afiladísimo {adj} :: superlative of afilado
afilado {adj} :: sharp
afilado {m} :: sharpening (of knives)
afilado {m} :: cut, edge (of knives)
afilador {m} :: knife sharpener
afilador {m} :: womanizer
afiladora {f} :: feminine noun of afilador
afilar {vt} :: to sharpen
afilar {v} :: to court, flirt with
afilar {vr} [colloquial, Chile] :: to fuck
afilarse {v} :: reflexive of afilar
afiliación {f} :: affiliation
afiliada {f} :: feminine noun of afiliado
afiliado {m} :: affiliate
afiliado {m} :: member
afiliar {v} :: to affiliate
afiligranar {vt} :: to filigree (to decorate something with intricate ornamentation made from gold or silver twisted wire)
afimar {v} :: to aim
afín {adj} :: related (standing in connection)
afín {adj} :: adjacent (lying next to)
afín {mf} :: relative through marriage
afinación {f} [music] :: tuning
afinación {f} :: refining, fine-tuning
afinador {m} :: tuner (person who tunes a musical instrument)
afinadora {f} :: feminine noun of afinador
afinamiento {m} :: refinement
afinar {vt} :: to refine
afincamiento {m} [archaic] :: settlement (taking up residence)
afincamiento {m} [archaic] :: eagerness, insistence, dedication, diligence
afincar {vi} :: to take up residence, settle
a fin de {prep} :: in order to
a fin de cuentas {phrase} [idiomatic] :: at the end of the day
a fin de que {conj} :: so that, in order that
afinidad {f} :: affinity
afirmación {f} :: claim or statement of something believed to be true
afirmar {v} :: to state, assert
afirmativa {f} :: an affirmative answer
afirmativamente {adv} :: affirmatively
afirmativo {adj} :: affirmative
aflamencado {adj} :: flamenco-like
aflatoxina {f} :: aflatoxin
aflautado {adj} :: fluty
aflicción {f} :: affliction
aflicción {f} :: sorrow
aflictivo {adj} :: afflictive
afligente {adj} :: upsetting
afligidísimo {adj} :: superlative of afligido
afligimiento {m} [obsolete] :: affliction
afligir {v} :: to afflict
aflojamiento {m} :: loosening
aflojar {v} :: to loosen
aflojar {v} :: to slacken
aflojar {vi} :: to let up
aflojar {v} :: to cough up, shell out [pay money]
aflojarse {vr} :: to slack (to refuse to exert effort)
afloración {f} :: surfacing
afloración {f} :: emergence
afloramiento {m} :: outcrop (coming out of bedrock or of an unconsolidated deposit to the surface of the ground)
afloramiento {m} :: outcrop (part of a rock formation that appears at the surface)
aflorante {adj} :: outcropping
aflorar {v} :: to emerge
aflorar {v} :: to sift
a flor de piel {adv} :: Just under the surface
a flor de piel {adv} :: On the surface. exposed
a flote {adv} :: afloat
afluencia {f} :: inflow, influx
afluente {adj} :: flowing
afluente {adj} :: affluent, abundant
afluente {m} :: affluent (tributary)
afluentemente {adv} :: affluently
afluir {v} :: to flow into
aflujo {m} :: affluence
aflujo {m} :: influx
a fondo {adv} :: thoroughly, in depth
afonía {f} :: aphonia (loss of voice)
afónico {adj} :: hoarse
afónico {adj} :: without voice or sound
aforado {adj} :: immune (to certain legal proceedings)
aforado {m} [Spain] :: someone protected by a certain type of political immunity enabling them to be tried under a Supreme Court, regardless of the offence committed
aforado {v} :: past participle of aforar
aforamiento {m} [legal] :: A political immunity in Spain in which certain people, especially those with high political power, are judged by the Supreme Court of Spain instead of by a regular court
aforar {v} :: to gauge, measure
aforar {v} :: to pass a law
aforismo {m} :: aphorism (short phrase conveying some principle or concept of thought)
aforístico {adj} :: aphoristic
aforo {m} :: capacity (maximum number of people a public place e.g. cinema, theatre, can hold)
aforo {m} [chemistry] :: graduation mark (mark on a container to show the volume held)
aforo {m} :: gauging (agent noun of "gauge")
aforrar {vt} :: to line, cover the inside
aforrar {vt} [South America] :: to slap
afortunadamente {adv} :: fortunately; luckily
afortunadísimo {adj} :: superlative of afortunado
afortunado {adj} :: lucky, fortunate
afortunar {vr} :: to make lucky
afrancesamiento {m} :: fondness for France, the French, or French things
afrancesamiento {m} :: Frenchification
afrancesar {vtr} :: to Frenchify
afrecho {m} :: bran (outside layer of a grain)
afrenta {f} :: affront
afrentar {v} :: to affront
afrentosamente {adv} :: insultingly
afrentoso {adj} :: insulting
África {prop} {f} :: Africa (continent)
África {prop} {f} :: given name shortened from María (de) África, an epithet of the Virgin Mary as Our Lady of Africa
africada {f} [phonetics] :: affricate (a sound produced using a combination of a plosive and a fricative)
África del Sudoeste {prop} {f} [historical] :: South West Africa (the colonial name of the area which is now Namibia)
África del Suroeste {prop} {f} :: alt form África del Sudoeste
africado {adj} :: affricate
africana {f} :: feminine noun of africano, African woman
africanismo {m} [anthropology] :: Africanism (an African cultural practice)
africanismo {m} [linguistics] :: a word or linguistic feature borrowed from an African language
africanista {f} :: Africanist (a specialist in African studies)
africanito {m} :: diminutive of africano
africanizar {v} :: to Africanise
africano {adj} :: African (of, or pertaining to Africa)
africano {m} :: African (person)
áfrico {adj} [poetic] :: African
afrikaans {m} :: alternative form of afrikáans
afrikáans {m} :: Afrikaans (language)
afrikáner {mf} :: Afrikaner (member of ethnic group)
afro- {prefix} :: Afro-
afro {m} :: afro (hairstyle)
afroamericana {f} :: feminine noun of afroamericano
afroamericano {adj} :: Afro-American
afroamericano {m} :: Afro-American
afroantillano {adj} :: Afro-Antillean
afroargentina {f} :: feminine noun of afroargentino
afroargentino {adj} :: Afro-Argentinian, Afro-Argentine
afroargentino {m} :: Afro-Argentinian, Afro-Argentine
afroasiático {adj} :: Afroasiatic
afrobeat {m} :: afrobeat
afroboliviano {adj} :: Afro-Bolivian
afrobrasileña {f} :: feminine noun of afrobrasileño
afrobrasileño {adj} :: Afro-Brazilian
afrobrasileño {m} :: Afro-Brazilian
afrocaribeño {adj} :: Afro-Caribbean
afrochocoano {adj} :: Of African descent and from Chocó, Colombia
afrochocoano {m} :: Someone of African descent and from Chocó, Colombia
afrocolombiano {adj} :: Afro-Colombian
afrocubano {adj} :: Afro-Cuban
afrocuento {m} [rare] :: African story
afrodescendencia {f} :: African diaspora
afrodescendiente {adj} :: Of African descent
afrodescendiente {mf} :: Someone of African descent
afrodisiaco {adj} :: alternative form of afrodisíaco
afrodisiaco {m} :: alternative form of afrodisíaco
afrodisíaco {adj} :: aphrodisiac
afrodisíaco {m} :: aphrodisiac
Afrodita {prop} {f} :: Aphrodite
afroecuatoriano {m} :: Afro-Ecuadorian
afroecuatoriano {adj} :: Afro-Ecuadorian
afroestadounidense {adj} :: Afro-American
afroestadounidense {mf} :: Afro-American
afrofobia {f} :: Afrophobia (the fear, hate or dislike of Africans)
afrolatina {f} :: feminine noun of afrolatino
afrolatino {adj} :: Afro-Latin
afrolatino {m} :: Afro-Latin
afronorteamericano {adj} :: Afro-North American
afrontamiento {m} :: coping (the process of managing taxing circumstances, expending effort to solve personal and interpersonal problems, and seeking to master, minimize, reduce or tolerate stress or conflict.)
afrontar {v} :: to confront
afrontar {v} :: to defy
afrontar {v} :: to face
afroperuana {f} :: feminine noun of afroperuano
afroperuano {adj} :: African and Peruvian
afroperuano {m} :: An African and Peruvian person
afruenta {f} :: obsolete form of afrenta
afrutado {adj} :: fruity (tasting of fruit)
afta {f} [pathology] :: aphthous ulcer
after {m} :: after-party
after hours {m} :: after hours bar
afterhours {m} :: alternative spelling of after hours
aftoso {adj} :: aphthous, foot-and-mouth
afuera {adv} :: out, outside
afuera {interj} :: Get out!
afueras {fp} :: outskirts
afuerino {adj} [Chile, Peru] :: foreign
a fuerza de {conj} :: by (used to suggest a means to an end, especially one that required great effort), by dint of
a full {adv} [idiom, colloquial, proscribed] :: synonym of a tope
afuste {m} :: mount (of a weapon)
AG {abbr} :: abbreviation of Aguascalientes (Mexican state)
agachadito {adj} :: diminutive of agachado
agachadiza {f} :: snipe (bird)
agachado {adj} :: stooped, with a stoop
agachar {v} :: to lower
agachar {vr} :: to bend down
agachar {vr} :: to duck
agacharse {v} :: reflexive of agachar
agachona {f} :: snipe (bird of the family Scolopacidae)
agalla {f} :: gill
agáloco {m} :: agarwood (type of heartwood)
Agamenón {prop} {m} :: Agamemnon
agamí {m} :: agami
Agaña {prop} {f} :: Hagåtña (capital of Guam)
aganchado {adj} :: hamiform, hooklike
agandalle {m} [Mexico] :: stealing; robbery
agapanto {m} :: agapanthus (any member of the genus Agapanthus of flowering plants, especially the African lily)
ágape {m} :: agape; spiritual love
ágape {m} :: banquet
Agapito {prop} {m} :: given name
agar {m} :: alternative form of agar-agar
Agar {prop} {f} :: Hagar (Biblical character)
agar-agar {m} :: agar
agaragar {m} :: alternative spelling of agar-agar
agarosa {f} :: agarose
agarrada {f} [colloquial] :: scuffle, row
agarradera {f} :: handhold (projection to hold)
agarrado {adj} :: stingy
agarrar {v} :: to grab or take hold of
agarrar {vr} :: to hold on
agarrarse {v} :: reflexive of agarrar
agarrarse a un clavo ardiendo {v} [idiomatic] :: to clutch at straws
agarrarse de las greñas {v} [idiom] :: To fight by hitting and hair-pulling
agarrón {m} :: tug; pull
agarrón {m} :: hiding; scolding
agarrotar {v} :: to make stiff, to stiffen (muscles etc.)
agarrotar {v} :: to tie tight
agarrotar {v} :: to strangle
agarrotar {v} :: to cause to seize up
agarrotar {vr} :: to stiffen
agarrotar {vr} :: to go numb
agarrotarse {vr} [of muscles] :: to seize up (to stiffen)
agarrotarse {vr} [of a machine] :: to seize up (to stop working)
agasajar {v} :: to wine and dine, treat lavishly
agasajar {v} :: to lavish
agasajo {m} :: lavish welcome
agasajo {m} :: gift
ágata {f} :: agate
a gatas {adv} [idiomatic] :: crawling
agateador {m} :: treecreeper
agauchado {adj} :: gaucho-like
agave {m} :: agave
agavilladora {f} [agriculture] :: binder (machine used in harvesting that ties cut stalks of grain into a bundle)
agavillamiento {m} :: an association formed to commit a crime
agavillar {v} :: to sheaf
agazapar {v} [colloquial] :: to seize, to grab
agencia {f} :: agency (the office or function of an agent)
agencia {f} :: agency (an establishment engaged in doing business for another)
agencia {f} :: branch (a location of an organization)
agencia {f} :: agency (administrative unit of government)
agencia de empleo {f} :: employment agency (organisation that matches employers to employees)
agencia de viajes {f} :: travel agency (company)
agencial {adj} :: agential (pertaining to an agent or an agency)
agencia matrimonial {f} :: marriage agency
agenciar {v} :: to procure
agenciar {v} :: to attain
agenda {f} :: agenda, planner (notebook)
agenda {f} :: agenda (list of matters to be taken up)
agenda de direcciones {f} :: address book (small book with addresses)
agenda oculta {f} :: hidden agenda (wish (and plan) to implement a particular idea without telling anybody)
agendar {v} :: to schedule
agendar {vr} :: to sign up
agenesia {f} :: agenesis (imperfect development of the body)
agente {mf} [also linguistics] :: agent
agente {mf} :: police officer, policeman, policewoman
agente de bolsa {mf} :: stock broker
agente de viajes {mf} :: travel agent (consultant who arranges travel)
agente doble {mf} [espionage] :: double agent (spy)
agente encubierta {f} :: feminine noun of agente encubierto
agente encubierto {m} :: mole, undercover officer
agente inmobiliaria {f} :: feminine noun of agente inmobiliario
agente inmobiliario {m} :: realtor
Ageo {prop} {m} :: alternative spelling of Hageo
agermanar {v} :: To join a guild
aggiornar {v} :: to update, renew
agigantado {adj} :: exaggerated
agigantar {v} :: to exaggerate
ágil {adj} :: agile
agilidad {f} :: agility
agilipollarse {v} [colloquial] :: to get bewildered, to get all confused
agilipollarse {v} [colloquial] :: to get idiot, to get silly, to act like an idiot
agilización {f} :: streamlining, improving
agilizar {v} :: to speed up, quicken, expedite
ágilmente {adv} :: nimbly, agilely
agiotador {m} [finance] :: speculator
agiotadora {f} :: feminine noun of agiotador
agiotaje {m} [finance] :: speculation
agiotista {mf} [finance] :: speculator
agiotista {mf} [Mexico] :: usurer
Agirre {prop} :: surname
agitación {f} :: restlessness, agitation
agitación {f} :: social or political unrest
agitación {f} :: excitement
agitadamente {adv} :: agitatedly (in an agitated manner)
agitadísimo {adj} :: superlative of agitado
agitado {adj} :: upset
agitado {adj} :: hectic
agitado {adj} :: rough (sea)
agitador {m} :: agitator
agitadora {f} :: feminine noun of agitador
agitar {v} :: to shake
agitar {v} :: to wave
agitar {v} :: to wag
agitarse {vr} :: to flail, shake (to wave or swing vigorously)
aglomeración {f} :: swarm (a mass of people or animals in turmoil)
aglomeración {f} :: agglomeration
aglomerante {adj} :: agglomerating
aglomerante {m} :: agglomerant
aglomerar {vi} :: to cluster, agglomerate (form into a cluster)
aglonema {f} :: Chinese evergreen; Aglaonema
aglutinación {f} :: agglutination (the act of uniting)
aglutinación {f} [linguistics] :: agglutination (combination of root words with little change of meaning)
aglutinador {adj} :: agglutinative, cohesive
aglutinamiento {m} :: joining together, unison
aglutinante {adj} :: agglutinative
aglutinar {v} :: to agglutinate
aglutinar {v} :: to join; bring together
agmatina {f} :: agmatine
agnación {f} :: agnation
agnado {adj} :: agnate (related by male connections)
agnocasto {m} :: chaste tree (Vitex agnus-castus shrub)
agnombre {m} [obsolete] :: agnomen
agnóstica {f} :: feminine noun of agnóstico
agnosticismo {m} :: agnosticism (view that the existence of a God or gods is unknown, unknowable, unproven, or unprovable)
agnóstico {adj} :: agnostic
agnóstico {m} :: agnostic
agobiadísimo {adj} :: superlative of agobiado
agobiado {adj} :: exhausted, tired
agobiado {adj} :: careworn
agobiador {adj} :: synonym of agobiante
agobiante {adj} :: overwhelming
agobiante {adj} :: crippling
agobiar {v} :: to overwhelm, to anguish
agobiar {v} :: to annoy, to bother
agobiar {v} :: to tire, fatigue
agobio {m} :: bother, annoyance
agolparse {vr} [agolparse] :: to knock together, bang about together
agolparse {vr} [agolparse] :: to crowd together
agonal {adj} :: agonistic
agonía {f} :: agony
agónicamente {adv} :: agonisingly
agónico {adj} :: dying; near death
agonista {adj} :: agonistic
agonista {m} :: agonist
agonista {m} [anatomy] :: agonistic muscle
agonístico {adj} :: agonistic (characterised by conflict or hostility)
agonizante {adj} :: dying
agonizar {v} :: to die an agonizing death
agonizar {v} :: to agonize
agonizar {v} :: to die out
agonizar {v} [rare] :: to assist dying persons
agora {adv} :: obsolete form of ahora
ágora {f} [historical] :: agora
agorafobia {f} :: agoraphobia
agorafóbico {adj} :: agoraphobic (pertaining to agoraphobia)
agorar {v} :: to predict or announce something, especially a misfortune
agorera {f} :: feminine noun of agorero
agorero {adj} :: pessimistic
agorero {m} :: pessimist
agorismo {m} [economics] :: agorism
agostadero {m} :: pasture; meadow
agostar {v} :: to dry out
agostar {v} :: to parch; burn up
agostar {v} :: to graze
agostar {v} :: to plough
agosteño {adj} :: Of or pertaining to the month of August
agostero {m} :: harvestman (arachnid)
agostino {adj} :: Of or pertaining to the Fiestas patronales de San Salvador, a yearly celebration at the beginning of August in San Salvador
agosto {m} :: August
agotable {adj} :: exhaustible
agotado {adj} :: tired, exhausted, worn out
agotado {adj} :: out of stock, sold out
agotador {adj} :: tiring, exhausting
agotamiento {m} :: exhaustion, depletion
agotar {v} :: to exhaust, deplete, use up
agotar {vr} [agotarse] :: to run out
agotar {vr} [agotarse] :: to sell out
agotar {vr} :: to wear oneself out
agotarse {v} :: reflexive of agotar, to run out, sell out
Agra {prop} {f} :: Agra (city in India)
agraciada {f} :: feminine noun of agraciado
agraciadamente {adv} :: gracefully
agraciado {adj} :: [of a person] attractive, good-looking
agraciado {adj} :: [of a person] winning
agraciado {adj} :: [of a person] lucky, fortunate
agraciado {m} :: winner; one who is fortunate
agraciar {v} :: to award
agraciar {v} :: to shower (with)
agraciar {v} :: to make (someone) look graceful
agradabilísimo {adj} :: superlative of agradable
agradable {adj} :: agreeable, pleasant
agradablemente {adv} :: agreeably
agradar {v} :: to please
agradecer {v} :: to thank
agradecer {v} :: to be grateful for
agradecidísimo {adj} :: superlative of agradecido
agradecido {adj} :: grateful
agradecimiento {m} :: gratitude
agradecimiento {m} :: thanksgiving
agrado {m} :: pleasure (the will or desire of someone in power)
agrado {m} :: liking (a predilection)
ágrafo {adj} :: illiterate
agramatical {adj} :: ungrammatical
Agramonte {prop} :: Agramonte (city)
agramontino {adj} :: Of or from the city of Agramonte, Cuba
agramontino {m} :: Someone from the city of Agramonte, Cuba
agrandamiento {m} :: enlargement
agrandar {v} :: to increase or enlarge
a grandes rasgos {adv} [idiomatic] :: broadly, in broad terms; basically
a granel {adv} :: in bulk (without packaging)
agrario {adj} :: agricultural, agrarian
agrarismo {m} :: agrarianism (philosophy that advocates an equitable distribution of land)
agrarista {adj} :: agrarian
agrarista {mf} :: agrarian
agravación {f} :: aggravation, worsening
agravamiento {m} :: aggravation, worsening
agravante {adj} :: aggravating
agravante {m} :: aggravation (extrinsic circumstance or accident which increases the guilt of a crime or the misery of a calamity)
agravantemente {adv} :: aggravatingly
agravar {v} :: to aggravate
agravar {vr} :: to get worse
agravarse {v} :: reflexive of agravar
agraviador {adj} :: offending
agraviador {m} :: offender
agraviadora {f} :: feminine noun of agraviador
agraviar {v} :: to insult
agraviar {v} :: to offend, outrage, hurt, wrong
agravio {m} :: offense, grievance, wrongdoing
agraz {adj} :: unpleasant, disagreeable
agraz {m} :: verjuice
agraz {m} :: red-berried mistletoe (Viscum cruciatum)
agraz {m} :: redcurrant (Ribes rubrum)
agre {adj} [obsolete or dialectal] :: alternative form of agrio
agrecano {m} :: aggrecan
agredir {vt} :: to assault, attack
agregación {f} :: aggregation
agregada {f} :: feminine noun of agregado
agregado {m} [Chile] :: side dish
agregado {m} [Buddhism] :: skandha
agregado {m} :: attaché (diplomatic officer)
agregador {m} [internet] :: aggregator (feed reader)
agregar {v} :: to add, collect, aggregate, collate, gather
agremiación {f} :: unionization
agremiar {vtr} :: to unionise
agresión {f} :: aggression (the act of initiating hostilities)
agresión {f} :: aggression (hostile or destructive behavior or actions)
agresivamente {adv} :: aggressively
agresividad {f} :: aggressiveness
agresivo {adj} :: aggressive
agresor {m} :: aggressor
agresora {f} :: feminine noun of agresor
agreste {adj} :: rustic, rural
agriamente {adv} :: sourly
agriamente {adv} :: harshly
agriar {vt} :: to sour, embitter
agrícola {adj} :: agricultural
agrícolamente {adv} :: agriculturally
agricultor {m} :: farmer
agricultora {f} :: feminine noun of agricultor
agricultura {f} :: agriculture, farming
agridulce {adj} :: sweet and sour; bittersweet
agrietado {adj} :: cracky, fissured (having lots of cracks)
agrietamiento {m} :: fissure
agrietar {vtr} :: to crack
agrietarse {vr} :: to crack (to form cracks)
agrimensor {m} :: surveyor
agrimensora {f} :: feminine noun of agrimensor
agrimensura {f} :: agricultural cartography or surveying
agringar {vt} :: to turn into a gringo
agringar {vr} :: to become a gringo
agrio {adj} :: sour
agrio {adj} :: tangy
agrio {adj} [of a food, person] :: bitter
agripado {adj} :: down with the flu
agriparse {vr} :: to get the flu
agrisar {vt} :: to gray (cause to become gray)
agrisar {vr} :: to gray (become gray)
agro- {prefix} :: agro-; agri- (denoting agriculture)
agro {m} :: field (area of agriculture)
agro {adj} :: obsolete form of agrio
agroalfarero {adj} :: Pertaining to farming and pottery, especially to the historic period in present-day Argentina and Chile dating up until the Spanish conquest of the lands, in which pottery and farming were important parts of the culture of the peoples
agroalimentación {f} :: food business
agroalimentario {adj} [attributive] :: food and agriculture
agroambiental {adj} :: agro-environmental
agrobiología {f} :: agrobiology
agrobiológico {adj} :: agrobiologic, agrobiological
agrobiotecnología {f} :: agrobiotechnology
agroclimático {adj} :: agroclimatic (relating to agriculture and climate)
agrocombustible {m} :: agrofuel
agrodiversidad {f} [agriculture] :: agrobiodiversity
agroecología {f} :: agroecology
agroecológico {adj} :: agroecological (pertaining to agroecology)
agroecosistema {m} :: agroecosystem
agroescuela {f} :: Agricultural school/college
agroexportación {f} :: exportation of agriculture
agroexportador {adj} :: exporting agricultural products
agroexportador {m} :: agricultural exporter
agroforestación {f} :: agroforestry
agroforestal {adj} [attributive] :: agroforestry
agroganadera {f} :: farmer
agroindustria {f} :: agroindustry
agroindustrial {adj} :: agroindustrial
agroinsumo {m} :: agricultural material
agrointeligente {adj} :: agriculturally smart
agrología {f} :: agrology
agromercado {m} :: farmer's market
agronegocio {m} :: agribusiness
agrónoma {f} :: feminine noun of agrónomo
agronomía {f} :: agronomy
agronómico {adj} :: agronomic (relating to agronomy)
agrónomo {m} :: agronomist (scientist specialized in agronomy)
agropecuario {adj} :: of or relating to agriculture and cattle raising
agroproductivo {adj} :: agriculturally productive
agroproductor {m} :: food producer
agroquímica {f} [chemistry] :: agrochemistry (branch of chemistry related to agriculture)
agroquímico {adj} :: agrochemical (relating to agrochemistry)
agrotécnico {adj} :: agrotechnical (relating to agrotechnology)
agrotóxico {adj} :: agrotoxic
agrotóxico {m} :: pesticide
agroturismo {m} :: agritourism
agrumar {vt} :: to cause to go lumpy
agrumar {vr} :: to go lumpy
agrupación {f} :: grouping
agrupamiento {m} :: cluster (group of consonants)
agrupamiento {m} :: clustering (the action of the verb to cluster)
agrupar {v} :: to group together
agruparse {vr} :: to cluster (form into a cluster)
agrura {f} :: bitterness, acerbity
Ags. {prop} {m} :: abbreviation of Aguascalientes
Ags {prop} {m} :: abbreviation of Aguascalientes
agua {f} :: water
agua {f} :: body of water
agua {f} :: rain
agua {f} [archaic] :: river, stream
agua {f} [slang, in the plural] :: urine
agua {f} [Guatemala] :: pop, soda (soft drink)
agua {f} [Latin America] :: infusion
agua bendita {f} [Christianity] :: holy water
agua blanda {f} [chemistry] :: soft water
agua caliente sanitaria {m} :: hot water (for human use)
aguacate {m} :: avocado (fruit)
aguacate {m} :: avocado (tree)
aguacate {m} :: a shade of green like an avocado
aguacate {m} [El Salvador, Guatemala] :: a loose and lively person
aguacatero {adj} :: avocado (attributive)
aguacatero {adj} [El Salvador] :: mutt
aguacero {m} :: downpour
aguachile {m} :: A watery chili-based broth from Mexico
aguachirle {m} :: hogwash; pigswill
aguacil {m} [Argentina, Uruguay] :: dragonfly
agua con gas {f} :: carbonated water
agua de alfalfa {f} :: A soft drink cocktail made with alfalfa and lemon
agua de coco {f} :: coconut water
agua de Colonia {f} :: eau de Cologne
agua de jamaica {m} :: A tisane made from the roselle (Hibiscus sabdariffa) sepals; hibiscus tea
agua del amnios {f} [zoology, dated] :: amniotic fluid (fluid that surrounds a developing embryo or fetus)
agua del grifo {f} :: tap water
agua de mar {f} :: seawater
aguadense {adj} :: Of or from Aguada de Pasajeros
aguadense {adj} :: Of or from Aguada Grande
aguadense {adj} :: Of or from Las Aguadas
aguadense {mf} :: Soemone from Aguada de Pasajeros
aguadense {mf} :: Soemone from Aguada Grande
aguadense {mf} :: Soemone from Las Aguadas
agua de Seltz {f} :: soda water (water with carbon dioxide)
agua destilada {f} :: distilled water
aguadito {m} [Peru] :: soup
aguado {adj} :: watery
aguado {adj} :: with broth [a stew]
aguado {adj} :: flaccid, weak (a belly, muscle, penis)
aguado {adj} :: boring
aguador {m} :: water carrier
aguador {m} :: water seller
aguadora {f} :: feminine noun of aguador
agua dulce {f} :: fresh water
agua dura {f} [chemistry] :: hard water
aguadura {f} [uncountable] :: laminitis
aguadura {f} [countable] :: abscess caused by laminitis
agua embotellada {f} :: bottled water
aguafiestas {mf} :: party pooper, wet blanket, spoilsport, killjoy
aguafuerte {m} [chemistry] :: nitric acid
aguafuerte {m} [art] :: etching
aguaitar {v} :: to pay attention, take care
aguaitar {v} :: to look
aguaitar {v} :: to spy on
aguaitar {v} :: to observe
aguaitar {v} [Latin America] :: to wait
aguaje {m} :: waterhole, watering hole, watering place (place where wild animals drink)
aguaje {m} :: spring tide
aguaje {m} :: water supply
aguaje {m} :: watering
agualluvias {m} [pluralae tantum] :: storm drain; often "sistema agualluvias" (storm drain system)
agua manantial {f} :: springwater (water originating from a spring)
aguamanil {m} :: washbowl, wash stand
aguamanil {m} :: water jug, ewer
aguamarina {f} :: aquamarine (gemstone)
aguamarina {f} :: aquamarine (color)
aguamiel {f} :: mead
aguamiel {m} [Mexico] :: agave nectar
agua mineral {f} :: mineral water
agua mineralizada {f} :: mineral water (water containing dissolved minerals)
agua negra {f} :: black water (contaminated waste water)
aguanieve {f} :: sleet
aguanoso {adj} :: watery
aguantar {v} :: to take, to hold
aguantar {v} :: to put up with, tolerate or bear, endure
aguantar {v} :: to hang on, to grasp
aguantar {v} :: to hang on, to persevere, to last
aguantar {v} :: to not complain, to keep silent
aguantar {v} :: to hold (a posture)
aguantar el chaparrón {v} [idiomatic] :: to face the music
aguantarse {v} :: reflexive of aguantar
aguante {m} :: patience, tolerance
aguante {m} :: resistance, strength
aguante {m} :: perseverance, endurance
agua oxigenada {f} [inorganic compound] :: hydrogen peroxide
aguapanela {f} :: Aguapanela, a drink native to southern Central America and northern South America which is an infusion made from panela. Panela is a solid cake produced from sugarcane syrup by heating the juice (guarapo) until it thickens, then it is poured into moulds and left to set up. When a panela is dissolved in hot water, it makes aguapanela, which is commonly mixed with milk and coffee or with a serving of soft cheese in it
aguapar {v} :: to prettify, to beautify
agua pasada {f} [idiom] :: ancient history
agua pasada no mueve molino {proverb} :: let bygones be bygones
agua pesada {f} [chemistry] :: heavy water (water containing deuterium instead of normal hydrogen)
agua potable {f} :: drinking water
agua que no has de beber, déjala correr {proverb} :: don't enter your nose into the affairs of others, mind your own business, mind your own beeswax
aguaquina {f} [Latin America] :: tonic water (carbonated beverage)
aguar {v} :: to water down, dilute
aguardamiento {m} [dated] :: waiting; expectation; expecting
aguardar {v} :: to wait
aguardar {v} :: to expect
aguardentoso {adj} :: alcoholic
aguardiente {m} :: (hard) liquor, booze
aguardiente {m} :: brandy
agua regia {f} [chemistry] :: aqua regia (extremely powderful mixture of acids)
aguarrás {m} :: turpentine
aguas {interj} :: be careful!
aguas {interj} :: pay attention!
Aguas {prop} :: abbreviation of Aguascalientes
agua salada {m} :: seawater
agua salobre {f} :: brackish water, brackishwater
aguascalentense {adj} :: Of or pertaining to the Mexican state of Aguascalientes
Aguascalientes {prop} {m} :: Aguascalientes (state)
Aguascalientes {prop} {m} :: Aguascalientes (city)
aguas mayores {fp} [colloquial] :: number two (excrement)
aguas menores {fp} [colloquial] :: number one, water (urine)
aguas residuales {fp} :: sewage (suspension of water and waste)
aguas termales {fp} :: hot springs
aguate {m} :: alternative spelling of ahuate
aguatinta {f} :: aquatint
agua tónica {f} :: tonic water (carbonated beverage)
aguaviva {f} [southern Spain, Canary Islands, Argentina, Chile, Puerto Rico, Uruguay] :: jellyfish
aguaymanto {m} :: cape gooseberry (plant)
aguayo {m} :: aguayo
aguazal {m} :: puddle
agudamente {adv} :: acutely
agudeza {f} :: sharpness
agudísimo {adj} :: superlative of agudo
agudización {f} :: worsening, deterioration
agudizar {v} :: to sharpen
agudo {adj} :: sharp
agudo {adj} :: witty
agudo {adj} [grammar] :: Having the voiced accent on the last syllable
agudo {adj} [geometry] :: acute [of an angle]
Águeda {prop} {f} :: given name
agüelo {m} :: eye dialect of abuelo
agüero {m} :: forecast, prediction
agüero {m} :: omen
aguerrido {adj} :: veteran, hardened
aguerrido {adj} :: experienced
aguerrido {adj} :: brave, aggressive
agüevar {v} [Latin America, slang] :: to put down, to belittle, to shame
aguijada {f} :: prod, cattle prod (device used to goad animals into moving)
aguijar {v} :: to goad, to incite
aguijar {v} :: to urge on
aguijar {vi} :: to hurry
aguijón {m} :: sting of an insect
aguijón {m} :: thorn of a plant
aguijón {m} :: spur
aguijonear {vt} [of animals] :: to sting
aguijonear {vt} :: to urge, spur on (to press, push, drive)
águila {f} :: eagle
águila {f} [heraldiccharge] :: eagle
Águila {prop} :: surname
águila harpía {f} :: harpy eagle
aguilando {m} :: rare form of aguinaldo
águila parda {f} :: red-backed hawk (Buteo polyosoma)
águila perdicera {f} :: Bonelli's eagle
águila pescadora {f} :: osprey (Pandion haliaetus)
Aguilar {prop} :: surname
águila real {f} :: golden eagle
aguileño {adj} :: aquiline
aguilera {f} :: The nest of an eagle; eyrie
Aguilera {prop} :: surname
aguililla {f} :: diminutive of águila
aguilita {f} :: diminutive of águila: little eagle
aguilón {m} :: gable
aguilucho {m} :: eaglet
aguilucho {m} :: hawk, kite
aguilucho alas largas {m} :: white-tailed hawk (Buteo albicaudatus)
aguilucho de cola rojiza {m} :: rufous-tailed hawk (Buteo ventralis)
aguilucho negro {m} :: zone-tailed hawk (Buteo albonotatus)
aguinaldo {m} :: aguinaldo (gift given at Christmas or Epiphany)
aguinaldo {m} :: aguinaldo (gift given on any other occasion)
aguinaldo {m} :: aguinaldo (Christmas carol)
aguinaldo {m} :: aguinaldo (tropical plant)
Aguirre {prop} :: surname of Basque origin
aguirrismo {m} :: The politics of Esperanza Aguirre, Spanish politician
aguirrista {mf} :: A supporter or follower of the Spanish politician Esperanza Aguirre
agüita {f} :: diminutive of agua a small amount of water
agüitarse {v} [El Salvador, Mexico] :: to become saddened; to feel let down or disillusioned
agüite {m} [El Salvador] :: slough, gloom (state of depression)
agüizote {m} :: alternative spelling of ahuizote
aguja {f} :: needle
aguja {f} :: hand (of a clock)
aguja {f} [military] :: firing pin
aguja {f} [architecture] :: spire, steeple
aguja {f} [plant] :: Venus' comb
aguja colinegra {f} :: The black-tailed godwit. A freshwater bird
aguja colipinta {f} :: The bar-tailed godwit, a type of bird
aguja de punto {f} :: knitting needle (thin rod used to knit yarn)
aguja de tejer {f} :: knitting needle (thin rod used to knit yarn)
aguja en un pajar {f} [idiomatic] :: needle in a haystack
agujerar {v} :: synonym of agujerear
agujereado {adj} :: pierced
agujerear {v} :: to pierce or puncture
agujerito {m} :: diminutive of agujero: pinhole
agujero {m} :: hole (hollow place or cavity)
agujero {m} :: pincushion (device that hold sewing pins)
agujero blanco {m} [astrophysics] :: white hole
agujero de gusano {m} :: wormhole (a hole burrowed by a worm)
agujero de gusano {m} [relativity] :: wormhole (a shortcut between distant parts of space)
agujero de ozono {m} :: ozone hole
agujero glorioso {m} :: glory hole (sexual device)
agujero negro {m} :: black hole
agujero negro supermasivo {m} [astronomy] :: supermassive black hole
agujeta {f} [Mexico] :: shoelace, lace (cord for fastening a shoe or garment)
agujeta {f} [often in plural] :: stiff or sore muscles
agujón {m} :: needlefish (Belonidae)
agujón {m} :: redstem filaree (Erodium cicutarium)
Agún {prop} {m} :: surname
Agundo {prop} :: surname
aguoso {adj} [rare] :: watery
agur {interj} :: bye, so long
agusanado {adj} :: worm-eaten, maggoted
agusanar {vr} :: to rot (get spoiled by maggots)
Agustín {prop} {m} :: given name
Agustina {prop} {f} :: given name
agustiniano {adj} :: synonym of agustino
agustiniano {m} :: synonym of agustino
agustino {adj} :: Augustinian
agustino {m} :: Augustinian
agutí {m} :: agouti (a rodent similar in appearance to a guinea pig but having longer legs)
aguzar {v} :: to sharpen
aguzar {v} :: to incite
aguzar {v} :: to stare at
a.h. {adv} :: AH: Anno Hegirae (Hijri year)
ah {interj} :: ah (expression of relief, realization, awe)
ah {interj} :: ah (expression of woe, grief)
ahechar {vt} [agriculture] :: to winnow (to separate the heavier and lighter with a current of air)
aherrojar {vt} :: to fetter (to shackle or bind up with fetters)
aherrojar {v} :: to oppress, keep down
aherrumbrar {vt} :: to rust
aherrumbrarse {v} :: reflexive of aherrumbrar; to rust (to oxidise)
ahí {adv} :: there: used to designate a place near the listener
ahijada {f} :: goddaughter
ahijado {m} :: godchild; godson
ahijamiento {m} :: adoption, adopting, fostering [especially the adoption or fostering of a child who is related by blood]
ahijamiento {m} :: tillering
ahijar {vt} :: to adopt someone's child
ahijar {vt} :: to misattribute credit or blame
ahijar {vi} :: to procreate
ahijar {vi} :: to sprout
ahilar {vi} :: to line up
ahí na' ma' {interj} :: (Cuba) 'Right on!'
ahincadamente {adv} :: earnestly
ahincado {adj} :: earnest
ahincar {vt} :: to urge
ahincar {vr} :: to hurry up
ahinco {m} :: alternative form of ahínco
ahínco {m} :: effort, zeal, determination
ahinojar {vir} [rare] :: to kneel
ahistórico {adj} :: ahistorical
ahitar {v} :: to surfeit, to satiate
ahitar {v} :: to physically mark a boundary
ahíto {adj} :: suffering from indigestion
ahíto {adj} :: full, satiated
ahíto {m} :: indigestion
ahogado {m} [chess] :: stalemate
ahogamiento {m} :: drowning (an instance of someone drowning)
ahogar {vt} :: to drown (kill by immersion in water)
ahogar {vt} :: to stifle
ahogar {vr} :: to suffocate (suffer or die from severely reduced oxygen)
ahogar {vr} :: to drown (be suffocated in water)
ahogar las penas {v} [idiomatic] :: to drown one's sorrows
ahogarse {v} :: reflexive of ahogar; to drown (to be suffocated in fluid)
ahogarse en un vaso de agua {v} [idiom] :: to make a mountain out of a molehill
ahogo {m} :: suffocation
ahogo {m} :: respiratory distress
ahogo {m} :: anguish
ahondamiento {m} :: deepening
ahondar {vtr} :: to deepen
ahondar {vi} :: to delve deeply
ahora {adv} :: now (at the present time)
ahora {conj} :: now
ahora bien {adv} [idiomatic] :: nevertheless, however
ahora mismo {adv} :: right now, just now, immediately
ahora que hay modo {proverb} :: make hay while the sun shines (act while an opportunity exists)
ahorcado {m} :: hanged person
ahorcado {m} :: hangman (word game)
ahorcador {m} :: hangman (executioner)
ahorcadora {f} :: feminine noun of ahorcador
a horcajadas {adv} [idiomatic] :: astride, straddling
ahorcajarse {vr} :: to straddle (to sit or stand with a leg on each side of something)
ahorcamiento {m} :: hanging (as capital punishment)
ahorcar {vt} :: to lynch, to hang
ahorcarse {v} :: reflexive of ahorcar
ahorita {adv} [colloquial] :: now, right now
ahorita {adv} [colloquial, Mexico] :: in an indeterminate amount of time
ahoritica {adv} [Latin America] :: right now
ahoritita {adv} :: right now
ahoritita {adv} :: just now
ahoritita {adv} :: very soon
ahormar {v} :: to fit, to shape, to mold
ahormar {v} :: to adjust
ahormar {v} :: to break in
ahorquillado {adj} :: forked, branched, furcate
ahorquillar {v} :: to furcate (to fork or branch out)
ahorrador {adj} :: thrifty (given to, or evincing, thrift)
ahorrador {m} :: saver
ahorrante {mf} [Central America] :: saver (one who saves their money)
ahorrar {vt} :: to save (to store for future use)
ahorrar {vt} :: to save (to conserve or prevent the wasting of)
ahorrar {v} :: to avoid
ahorrarse {v} :: reflexive of ahorrar
ahorrativo {adj} :: thrifty, frugal, economic
ahorrista {mf} [Latin America] :: saver (one who saves money, etc)
ahorro {m} :: saving (money that is saved)
Ahrimán {prop} {m} [Zoroastrianism] :: Ahriman
ahu {m} :: ahu, stone platform for mo'ai
ahuachapaneca {f} :: feminine noun of ahuachapaneco
ahuachapaneco {adj} :: Of or from the city or municipality of Ahuachapán in El Salvador
ahuachapaneco {m} :: An inhabitant of the city or municipality of Ahuachapán in El Salvador
ahuate {m} [Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua] :: A slender, hairlike thorn (villus) such as that of the cornstalk or sugar cane
ahuecar {vt} :: to hollow out
ahuehuete {m} :: Montezuma cypress Taxodium mucronatum
ahueonado {adj} [rare] :: eye dialect of ahuevonado
ahueonao {adj} :: eye dialect of ahuevonado
a huevo {adv} [colloquial, vulgar, El Salvador, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua] :: forcedly having no choice and with great effort
a huevo {adv} [colloquial, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador] :: very cheap
a huevo {adv} [colloquial, Spain] :: within reach, easily achievable, on a plate
a huevo {interj} [colloquial, vulgar, El Salvador, México] :: That's so true!
ahuevonado {adj} [Chile] :: dazed
ahuevonado {adj} [Chile, vulgar] :: stupid
ahuitón {m} [San Antonio] :: Coward
ahuizote {m} :: ahuitzotl, an Aztec mythological creature
ahuizote {m} [colloquial, Honduras, Mexico] :: an annoying person; pest, nuisance
ahuizote {m} [dialectal, Central America, Mexico] :: omen, bewitchment, spell
ahumado {adj} [culinary] :: smoked
ahumado {adj} [culinary] :: smoke-flavoured
ahumado {adj} [technics] :: smoked, tinted (of glass)
ahumador {m} :: smoker, smoker oven
ahumar {vt} :: to smoke (apply smoke to, for example food)
ahumeante {adj} :: rare form of humeante
a humo de pajas {adv} [idiom] :: unthinkingly
Ahura Mazda {prop} {m} [Zoroastrianism] :: Ahura Mazda
Ahura-Mazda {prop} {m} :: alternative spelling of Ahura Mazda
ahusado {adj} :: spindly (of a spindle)
ahusar {vtr} :: to taper
ahuyama {f} [Colombia] :: alternative form of auyama
ahuyentar {vt} :: to chase away, drive away
ahuyentar {vr} :: to run away
Aída {prop} {f} :: given name
aifonear {v} [colloquial] :: to call using an iPhone or other smartphone
aikido {m} :: aikido
Aimar {prop} {m} :: given name
aimara {adj} :: Aymara
aimara {mf} :: Aymara (indigenous person of South America)
aimara {m} :: Aymara (language)
aimará {adj} :: alternative form of aimara
aimará {mf} :: alternative form of aimara
aimará {m} :: alternative form of aimara
aína {adv} [archaic] :: soon
aína {adv} [archaic] :: just, barely
Ainara {prop} {f} :: given name
AINE {m} [pharmaceutical drug] :: acronym of antiinflamatorio no esteroideo
Ainhoa {prop} {f} :: given name
Ainoa {prop} {f} :: alternative spelling of Ainhoa
ainu {adj} :: Ainu (pertaining to the language or people)
ainu {mf} :: An Ainu person
ainu {m} :: The Ainu language
airadamente {adv} :: angrily; irately
airado {adj} :: angry, irate
airar {v} :: to anger
air bag {m} :: alternative form of airbag
airbag {m} :: airbag
aire {m} :: air (the substance constituting earth's atmosphere)
aire {m} :: air (the open space above the ground)
aire {m} :: air; wind
aire {m} :: air (a feeling or sense)
aire {m} :: resemblance (to another person)
aire {m} [usually, in the plural] :: air (pretension; snobbishness)
aire {m} :: air (a sense of poise, graciousness, or quality)
aire {m} :: solenodon
aireación {f} :: aeration (the circulation of air)
aire acondicionado {m} :: air conditioning (the state of temperature and humidity produced by an air conditioner)
aire acondicionado {m} :: air conditioning (an air conditioner or system of air conditioners)
aireador {m} :: aerator
airear {v} :: to air (to bring into contact with the air)
airear {vr} :: to get some fresh air
airecillo {m} :: diminutive of aire
airecito {m} :: diminutive of aire
aire fresco {m} :: fresh air (clean air from outside)
aire libre {m} :: fresh air, outdoors
airón {m} :: heron (bird)
airón {m} :: tuft (on hat)
airosamente {adv} :: in a jolly manner
airosidad {f} :: refined deportment; gracefulness
airoso {adj} :: graceful
-áis {suffix} :: Suffix indicating the second-person plural present indicative of -ar verbs
-áis {suffix} :: Suffix indicating the second-person plural present subjunctive of -er and -ir verbs
aislación {f} :: insulation
aislacionismo {m} :: isolationism (policy of non-interaction)
aislacionista {adj} :: isolationist
aislacionista {mf} :: isolationist
aisladamente {adv} :: isolatedly, in isolation, separately, by oneself
aislado {adj} :: isolated
aislador {adj} :: insulating
aislador {m} [architecture, electronics] :: insulator
aislamiento {m} :: isolation
aislamiento {m} :: insulation
aislante {adj} :: insulating
aislante {m} :: insulator
aislar {v} :: to isolate, to separate, to quarantine
aislarse {v} :: reflexive of aislar
aita {m} [Spain, Basque Country, Navarre] :: dad
Aitana {prop} {f} :: A mountain peak in Valencia, Spain
Aitana {prop} {f} :: given name transferred from the place name in the 20th century
aitite {m} [Basque Country] :: grandpa
Aitor {prop} {m} :: given name
aizkolari {m} :: Someone who practices aizkolaritza
aizkolaritza {f} :: A sport from the Basque country consisting of chopping wood
ajá {interj} :: aha
ajá {interj} :: uh-huh
ajabeba {f} :: alternative form of jabeba
ajado {adj} :: frayed, tatty
ajamonarse {vr} :: to get fat
ajar {vtr} :: to fade, wither
ajardinamiento {m} :: the creation of a garden
ajardinar {v} :: to landscape (to create or maintain terrain)
ajayu {m} :: ajayu
-aje {suffix} :: Forms masculine nouns expressing an action, quantity, location, period of time, etc
-aje {suffix} :: Forms masculine nouns with the sense of collection, -age
ajebe {m} [obsolete] :: alum (an astringent salt)
ajedrea {f} :: savory (herb)
ajedrecista {mf} :: chess player
ajedrecístico {adj} [attributive] :: chess
ajedrez {m} :: chess
ajedrezado {adj} :: checkered
ajedrezado {adj} [heraldry] :: chequy, checky
ajedrez rápido {m} :: speed chess
ajenidad {f} :: foreignness
ajenjo {m} :: wormwood
ajenjo {m} :: absinthe
ajeno {adj} :: of others, belonging to someone else
ajeno {adj} :: distant, alien, foreign
ajete {m} :: diminutive of ajo
ajete {m} :: leek
ajetreado {adj} :: busy with work; swamped
ajetreado {adj} [of a place] :: bustling, hectic
ajetrear {v} :: to tire out (with hard work)
ajetreo {m} :: toil, hard work
ají {m} [South America, Caribbean] :: chili
ajiaceite {m} :: A liquid mixture of ground garlic and cooking oil
ajiaco {m} :: ajiaco
ají criollo {m} :: An Ecuadoran hot sauce made from ajís
ají criollo {m} :: A variety of hot pepper (Capsicum)
ají de gallina {m} :: A Peruvian dish consisting of chicken in a spicy, creamy sauce
ajilimoje {m} :: alternative form of ajilimójili
ajilimójili {m} :: A type of spicy garlic and pepper sauce originating in Puerto Rico
ajillo {m} :: diminutive of ajo
ajimez {f} :: mullioned window
ají mochero {m} :: yellow lantern chili (Capsicum chinense)
ajito {m} :: diminutive of ajo
-ajo {suffix} :: Forms pejorative diminutives of adjectives and nouns
ajo {m} :: garlic
ajo {m} :: profanity, curse word
ajoblanco {m} :: A soup from Andalusia, Spain, made of bread, ground almonds, garlic, and olive oil. It is served cold
ajo de oso {m} [plant] :: ramsons (Allium ursinum)
ajolota {f} :: alternative form of ajolote
ajolote {m} :: axolotl
ajolote {m} [Mexico] :: tadpole
ajonjolí {m} :: sesame (tropical Asian plant Sesamum indicum)
ajonjolí {m} :: sesame, sesame seed (the seed of this plant)
ajorca {f} :: bracelet
ajúa {interj} [Mexico] :: Used to express joy
ajuar {m} :: dowry, trousseau
ajuarar {vt} :: to dowry
ajuntar {v} :: to put together; to whack together
ajuntar {v} [childish] :: to be friends (with)
ajuntar {vr} :: to live together (without being married)
ajustable {adj} :: adjustable
ajustadamente {adv} :: exactly, precisely
ajustadísimo {adj} :: superlative of ajustado
ajustado {adj} :: adjusted
ajustado {adj} :: tight, tight-fitting
ajustador {m} [technology] :: fitter
ajustador {m} [Colombia, Cuba] :: bra (brassiere)
ajustar {v} :: to adjust
ajustar cuentas {v} [idiomatic] :: to settle scores
ajustarse {vr} :: to honour (to conform to, abide by, act in accordance with)
ajuste {m} :: adjustment
ajuste {m} :: setting (e.g. in a mobile phone)
ajuste de cuentas {m} [idiomatic] :: a settling of scores
ajusticiamiento {m} :: execution (the act of putting to death)
ajusticiar {v} :: to execute
ajusticiar {v} :: to sentence to death
a juzgar por {prep} :: judging from
akan {m} :: Akan (Niger-Congo language)
akan {m} :: Akan (language group spoken in Ghana)
akásico {adj} :: akashic
akita {m} :: Akita (dog breed)
-al {suffix} :: In adjectives, indicating relation
-al {suffix} :: In nouns, indicating a place where something is grown
al {contraction} :: (contraction of a el) at the, to the
AL {prop} {f} :: initialism of América Latina
ala {f} :: wing [of bird]
ala {f} :: wing [of aircraft]
ala {f} :: brim [of hat]
ala {f} [military] :: flank [of a formation]
ala {f} [sport] :: wing [part of the field]
ala {f} [sport] :: winger
ala {interj} :: alternative spelling of hala
alá {interj} :: alternative form of hala
Alá {prop} {m} :: Allah (God’s name in Islam)
alabable {adj} [rare] :: praiseworthy, commendable (worthy of commendation)
Alabama {prop} :: Alabama
alabancia {f} [obsolete or dialectal] :: alternative form of alabanza
alabancioso {adj} :: boastful
alabancioso {m} :: braggart
alabandina {f} [mineral] :: alabandite
alabanza {f} :: praise
alabar {v} :: to praise
alabarda {f} :: halberd (hand weapon)
alabardazo {m} :: An attack with a halberd
alabardero {m} :: halberdier
alabastro {m} :: alabaster (variety of gypsum)
alabeado {adj} :: warped, bent
alabear {v} :: to warp (especially wood)
alabeo {m} :: warp (distortion or twist)
a la brava {adv} [idiomatic] :: hastily
a la buena de Dios {adv} [idiom] :: casually; as God wills
a la buena de Dios {adv} [idiom] :: without thought or reflection
a la buena de Dios {adv} [idiom] :: without any preparation
a la buena de Dios {adv} [idiom] :: haphazardly
a la buena de Dios {adv} [idiom] :: at the mercy of the elements; unprotected
a la buena ventura {adv} [idiomatic] :: down to luck
alacena {f} :: locker; wardrobe set in a wall
alaciar {v} :: to straighten
alaciar {v} :: to cause to become limp
alaciar {vr} :: to go limp
a la corta o a la larga {adv} [idiomatic] :: sooner or later
alacrán {m} :: scorpion
alacridad {f} :: alacrity
ala delta {m} :: hang glider (aircraft)
ala delta {m} :: hang gliding
a la deriva {adv} :: adrift
alado {adj} :: winged
a la greña {adj} [idiom] :: at loggerheads
al aire {adj} :: on air (transmitting live)
al aire {adj} :: exposed, uncovered, naked
al aire {adv} :: on air
al aire {adv} :: exposedly, uncoveredly
alajú {m} [Spain] :: A sweet paste of almonds, nuts and bread crumbs mixed with spices and honey
alajú {m} [Spain] :: A traditional confection made by spreading this paste between two wafers
alajuelense {adj} :: Of or from the city of Alajuela in Costa Rica
alajuelense {mf} :: An inhabitant of the city of Alajuela in Costa Rica
a la larga {adv} [idiomatic] :: in the long run
al albedrío {adv} [idiom] :: voluntarily, of one's own free will
al alimón {adv} [idiom] :: jointly, together
alamán {adj} :: Alemanni
alamán {m} :: Alemanni
alamana {f} :: feminine noun of alamán
alamar {m} [clothing] :: frog
alambicar {v} :: to distill
alambicar {v} :: to scrutinize, to examine closely
alambicar {v} :: to complicate excessively
alambique {m} :: still (device for distilling liquids)
alambrada {f} [Latin America] :: wire fence
alambrado {m} :: wiring
alambrado {m} :: wire net
alambrado {m} [Latin America] :: wire fence
alambrar {vt} :: to put a wire fence around
alambre {m} :: wire (metal formed into a long, narrow thread)
alambre {m} :: wire (a thread of metal)
alambre {m} :: alambre (Mexican food dish consisting of meat topped with cheese, salsa, and chopped bacon, pepper and onion)
alambre de espinas {m} :: alternative form of alambre de espino
alambre de espino {m} :: barbed wire (twisted strands of steel wire)
alambre de púas {m} :: barbed wire, barbwire
alambrera {f} :: synonym of alambrado; wire net
alámbrico {adj} :: wired (connected with wires)
alameda {f} :: A poplar grove
alameda {f} :: An avenue lined with poplars
álamo {m} :: white poplar (tree)
álamo {m} :: white poplar (wood)
Álamo {prop} {m} :: Alamo (a fort in San Antonio, Texas)
álamo blanco {m} :: white poplar
a la moda {adj} :: fashionable, a la mode, in
álamo temblón {m} :: aspen
alampar {v} [Alava] :: to bug; to bother
alampar {vr} :: to crave
Alán {prop} {m} :: given name
alana {f} :: feminine noun of alano
alancear {vt} :: to spear
al-Ándalus {prop} {m} :: Al-Andalus (Islamic Spain)
alanina {f} [amino acid] :: alanine
alanismo {m} [politics] :: The political beliefs of Alan García, former president of Peru
alano {adj} :: Alanic
alano {m} [historical] :: Alan (a member of a group of Sarmatian tribes)
alano {m} :: mastiff, wolfhound
alano alemán {m} :: Great Dane (mastiff)
alante {adv} [colloquial] :: apocopic form of adelante
alantoideo {adj} [mycology] :: allantoid
al apa {adv} [Chile] :: piggyback
a la pata coja {adv} [idiomatic] :: (standing) on one leg
ala pívot {mf} :: alternative spelling of ala-pívot
ala-pívot {mf} [basketball] :: power forward
a la postre {adv} :: in the end
alar {adj} :: alar (having or resembling wings)
alar {m} :: eaves
alaraca {f} :: feminine noun of alaraco
alaraco {adj} [Chile, colloquial] :: peevish, complaining, whining person
alaraco {m} [Chile, colloquial] :: complainer, whiner, crybaby
alarbe {adj} :: obsolete spelling of árabe
alarbe {mf} :: obsolete spelling of árabe
Alarcón {prop} :: Alarcón (town)
Alarcón {prop} :: surname
alarde {m} :: large display
alarde {m} :: review
alarde {m} :: military parade, inspection, display
alarde {m} :: boast, brag
alardear {vi} :: to boast, brag
alargador {m} :: extension cord
alargamiento {m} :: lengthening
alargamiento compensatorio {m} [linguistics] :: compensatory lengthening (lengthening of a vowel which occurs when a following consonant is lost)
alargar {v} :: to lengthen
alargar {v} :: to stretch, to extend
alargarse {v} :: reflexive of alargar
a largo plazo {adv} [idiomatic] :: in the long run
alarido {m} :: clamor, shriek
alarife {mf} :: architect
alarife {mf} :: foreman
alarma {f} :: alarm (a summons to arms)
alarma {f} :: alarm (a sound intended to give notice of approaching danger)
alarma {f} :: alarm (a mechanical device for rousing attention)
alarma {f} :: alarm (sudden surprise with fear of danger)
alarma anti-incendio {f} :: fire alarm (device which warns people of a possible fire)
alarma de incendios {f} :: fire alarm (device which warns people of a possible fire)
alarmado {adj} :: alarmed
alarmado {adj} :: concerned
alarmante {adj} :: scary, frightening
alarmantemente {adv} :: alarmingly
alarmar {vt} :: to alarm, to alert
alarmarse {v} :: reflexive of alarmar
alarmismo {m} :: alarmism (production of needless alarms)
alarmista {adj} :: alarmist
alarmista {adj} :: alarming
a la romana {adv} :: cooked by dredging in flour and egg and then frying
a las apuradas {adv} [idiomatic] :: in a rush
Alaska {prop} {f} :: Alaska
alaskeño {adj} :: Alaskan (of or pertaining to Alaska, its people or its culture)
alaskeño {m} :: Alaskan
alasqueño {adj} :: alternative spelling of alaskeño
alasqueño {m} :: alternative spelling of alaskeño
aláter {adj} :: rare form of adlátere
alátere {mf} :: alt form adlátere
alativo {m} [grammar] :: allative (allative case)
alauí {adj} :: Alawite (attributive)
alauí {mf} :: Alawite
alauita {adj} :: alternative form of alauí
alauita {mf} :: alternative form of alauí
Álava {prop} {f} :: Álava (province)
a la verga {phrase} [idiomatic, vulgar, Latin America] :: fuck it; fuck this
a la verga {phrase} [idiomatic, vulgar, Latin America] :: the fuck
alavés {adj} :: from Álava
alavés {m} :: someone from Álava
alavesista {adj} :: Of or pertaining to Deportivo Alavés, a football team from Vitoria, Spain
alavesista {mf} :: Someone connected to Deportivo Alavés, as a fan, player, coach etc
a la vez {adv} [idiomatic] :: at once; at a time; at the same time
alazán {adj} :: sorrel-colored, chestnut-colored, reddish-brown
alazán {m} :: sorrel-colored horse
alazana {f} :: feminine noun of alazán
al azar {adv} :: at random, randomly
alazor {m} :: safflower
alba {f} :: dawn
Alba {prop} {f} :: given name of modern usage from alba ("dawn").
Alba {prop} {f} :: surname from place names of obscure origin.
albacar {m} :: basil
albacea {mf} [legal] :: testamentary executor, administrator
Albacete {prop} :: Albacete (province)
Albacete {prop} :: Albacete (city)
albaceteño {adj} :: from Albacete
albaceteño {m} :: someone from Albacete
albacetense {adj} :: from Albacete
albacetense {mf} :: someone from Albacete
albacora {f} :: swordfish (Xiphias gladius)
albahaca {f} :: basil (plant or culinary herb)
albañal {m} :: sewer, drain
albañar {m} :: alternative spelling of albañal
albanés {adj} :: Albanian (from or native to Albania)
albanés {adj} :: Albanian (pertaining to Albania)
albanés {m} :: an Albanian person (male)
albanés {m} :: the Albanian language
albanesa {f} :: feminine noun of albanés
Albania {prop} {f} :: Albania
Albania caucásica {prop} :: Caucasian Albania
albañil {m} :: mason, bricklayer
albañila {f} :: feminine noun of albañil
albañilería {f} :: the bricklaying or construction industry
albano {adj} :: Albanian (of a person, from or native to Albania)
Albano {prop} {m} :: given name
albanokosovar {adj} :: Albanian Kosovan
albanokosovar {mf} :: Albanian Kosovan
Albany {prop} :: Albany (capital of New York)
albar {m} :: wild cherry, Prunus avium
albar {m} :: silver birch, Betula pendula
albar {m} :: Portuguese oak, Quercus faginea
albar {m} :: sessile oak, Quercus petraea
albar {m} :: gorse, common gorse, Ulex europaeus
albarán {m} :: invoice
albarán {m} :: sign announcing "for lease"
albarca {f} :: alternative form of abarca; sandal
albarda {f} :: packsaddle
albardado {adj} [zoology] :: Having the back a different color from the rest of the body
albardón {m} :: great packsaddle
albardonería {f} :: saddlery
albardonero {m} :: saddler
albaricoque {m} :: apricot
albaricoquero {m} :: apricot tree
albatros {m} :: albatross
albear {vi} :: to whiten
albedo {m} [physics, meteorology, astronomy] :: albedo (the fraction of incident light or radiation reflected by a surface or body)
albedrío {m} :: will (intent)
albéitar {m} :: farrier who can also cure minor animal (especially equine) illnesses; veterinarian
alberca {m} :: pool
alberca {m} [Latin America] :: swimming pool
albercada {f} :: pool party
albérchigo {m} :: peach
albérchigo {m} [Andalucía] :: apricot
albergar {v} :: to house, shelter, lodge
albergo {m} :: obsolete form of albergue
albergue {m} :: hostel
albergue juvenil {m} :: youth hostel (a supervised, inexpensive lodging place, primarily for young people)
albergue transitorio {m} [Latin America] :: autohotel
albero {m} :: a type of crushed rock applied over gardens and bullring arenas
albero {m} [bullfighting] :: an arena
albero {m} :: dishrag
albertismo {m} :: synonym of fujimorismo
Alberto {prop} {m} :: given name
albiazul {mf} [soccer] :: Supporter, player, coach, or anyone associated with Club Atlético Talleres, a soccer club based in Córdoba, Argentina
albiceleste {f} [football] :: The Argentina national football team
albigense {mf} :: Albigense
albigense {adj} :: Albigensian
albillo {m} :: Albillo (a type of grape from Spain)
albina {f} :: feminine noun of albino
albinaranja {adj} :: Of or related to Club de Deportes Cobresal
albinaranja {mf} :: Someone connected to Club de Deportes Cobresal, as a player, fan, coach etc
albinegra {f} :: feminine noun of albinegro
albinegro {adj} :: Relating to sports teams with black and white colours, notably
albinegro {adj} :: Albinegros de Orizaba, a soccer club from Mexico
albinegro {adj} :: Club Deportivo Castellón, a soccer club from Spain
albinegro {adj} :: Clube Desportivo Nacional, a soccer club from Portugal
albinegro {adj} :: Club Cipolletti, a soccer club from Argentina
albinegro {adj} :: Nuevo Estadio Castalia, a soccer club from Spain
albinegro {m} :: Someone connected with the above teams, as a fan, player, coach etc
albinismo {m} :: albinism
albino {adj} :: albino, albinistic: congenitally lacking melanin pigmentation in the skin, eyes, and hair or feathers (or more rarely only in the eyes); afflicted with albinism
albino {m} :: albino: person or animal congenitally lacking melanin pigmentation in the skin, eyes, and hair or feathers (or more rarely only in the eyes); one afflicted with albinism
Albireo {prop} [star] :: Albireo (beta (β) Cygni.)
albirrojo {adj} [football] :: associated with Curicó Unido, as a player, coach, fan etc
albirrojo {adj} [football] :: associated with the Paraguay national football team
albirrojo {m} [football] :: Someone associated with Curicó Unido, as a player, coach, fan etc
albita {f} [mineral] :: albite (plagioclase feldspar)
albiverde {adj} :: Of or relating to a number of sports teams having a white and green strip
albiverde {adj} :: Laureles Fútbol Club, a soccer team from Uruguay
albiverde {adj} :: Club Deportivo Nacional, a soccer team from Guadalajara, Mexico
albiverde {adj} :: Deportes Temuco, a soccer team from Temuco, Colombia
albiverde {adj} :: Centro Deportivo y Social Lord Cochrane, a sports team from Concepción, Chile
albiverde {adj} :: Club Atlético Bella Vista, a sports team from Córdoba, Argentina
albiverde {adj} :: Club Sportivo Estudiantes, a soccer team from San Luis, Argentina
albiverde {adj} :: Salto Nuevo Fútbol Club, a soccer team from Salto, Uruguay
albiverde {mf} :: Someone connected with the above sports teams, as a fan, player, coach etc
albo {adj} [poetic] :: white
albóndiga {f} :: meatball
albondiguilla {f} :: diminutive of albóndiga
albor {m} :: whiteness (state of being white)
albor {m} :: dawnlight
albor {m} :: dawn
alborada {f} :: sunrise
al borde del abismo {adv} [narratology] :: on a cliffhanger
alborear {vi} [impersonal] :: to dawn (to begin to brighten with daylight)
alborear {vi} [by extension] :: to originate, to begin
albornoz {m} [cloth] :: burnoose
albornoz {m} [Spain] :: bathrobe
alborotadísimo {adj} :: superlative of alborotado
alborotado {adj} :: excited, in disarray
alborotador {m} :: troublemaker, agitator, tearaway
alborotar {v} :: to stir up, agitate
alborotar {v} :: to disturb, tease (provoke or disturb)
alborotar {v} :: to excite
alborotar {v} :: to infect, ballyhoo (make somebody enthusiastic about one's own passion)
alboroto {m} :: uproar
alboroto {m} :: disturbance
alborozar {v} :: to gladden, to make joyous
alborozo {m} :: joy, jubilation, delight
alborozo {m} :: gaiety
albricias {fp} :: albricias
albudeca {f} :: Tasteless or watery melon
albufera {f} :: lagoon
Albuixech {prop} {m} :: Albiuxech
álbum {m} :: album (a book designed to keep photographs, stamps, autographs)
álbum {m} :: album (a phonograph record composed of several tracks)
albumen {m} :: egg white, albumen
albúmina {f} [protein] :: albumin
albuminuria {f} :: albuminuria
albur {m} :: bleak (fish); dace
albur {m} [Mexico] :: A kind of humorous wordplay that relies on sexual innuendo
albura {f} :: whiteness (state of being white)
albura {f} :: sapwood (wood just under the bark)
alburear {vi} [Mexico] :: To engage in albures, a kind of wordplay involving sexual innuendo
Alburquerque {prop} :: surname
Alburquerque {prop} :: A town in Badajoz, Spain, close to the border with Portugal
alca {f} :: auk
alcabala {f} [historical] :: alcavala
alcabala {f} :: tax
al cabo de {prep} :: after (a period of time (in the past))
Alcácer {prop} {m} :: Alcácer (town)
alcachofa {f} :: artichoke
alcacil {m} :: rare form of alcaucil
alcadía {f} :: nonstandard form of alcaldía
alca gigante {f} :: great auk
alcahueta {f} :: feminine noun of alcahuete
alcahuete {m} :: gossip (person)
alcahuete {m} :: go-between, matchmaker
alcahuete {m} :: pimp (prostitution solicitor)
alcahuete {m} :: panderer, sycophant, ingratiator
alcahuete {m} :: enabler
alcahuete {m} :: drop curtain
alcahuetería {f} :: pimping
alcaicería {f} [Spain, Andalusia] :: marketplace
alcaide {m} :: commander of the defense of a castle
alcaide {m} :: administrator of royal property
alcaide {m} :: warden; administrator of a prison
Alcaide {prop} :: surname
Alcalá {prop} :: The name of a number of places in Spain
Alcalá {prop} :: short for Alcalá de Henares
Alcalá {prop} :: surname
Alcalá de Henares {prop} :: Alcalá de Henares (city)
alcalaíno {adj} :: From Alcalá de Henares
alcalaíno {m} :: Someone from Alcalá de Henares
alcaldable {mf} :: candidate to be a mayor
alcaldada {f} :: abuse of power or authority
alcalde {m} :: mayor
alcalde {m} [Spain, Southwestern US] :: an official such as an administrator, mayor, or judge
alcalde pedáneo {m} :: small-town mayor
alcaldesa {f} :: feminine noun of alcalde, female mayor
alcaldesa {f} [colloquial] :: The mayor's wife
alcaldía {f} :: city hall; the building in which a city government is located
alcaldía {f} :: A city government
alcaldía {f} :: mayorship
alcaldillo {m} :: diminutive of alcalde
álcali {m} [chemistry] :: alkali
alcalimetría {f} :: alkalimetry (process of determining the strength of an alkali)
alcalímetro {m} :: alkalimeter (device)
alcalinidad {f} :: alkalinity
alcalinización {f} :: alcalinization
alcalinizante {adj} :: alkalinizing
alcalino {adj} :: alkaline
alcalinotérreo {adj} [chemistry, attributive] :: alkaline earth
alcaloide {m} [organic chemistry] :: alkaloid
alcalosis {f} :: alkalosis
alcana {f} :: privet
alcançar {v} :: obsolete spelling of alcanzar
alcance {m} :: reach, range, scope
alcancía {f} :: cashbox
alcancía {f} :: collection (at a church)
alcancía {f} [Latin America, Philippines] :: piggy bank
alcandora {f} [obsolete] :: a shirt or similar garment
alcanfor {m} :: camphor
alcanforar {v} :: to camphorate
alcano {m} [organic compound] :: alkane
alcántara {f} :: wooden cover over a loom treadle to protect velvet
alcántara {f} [Cuba] :: water jug
Alcántara {prop} {f} :: Alcántara, a municipality in Spain
alcantarilla {f} :: sewer
alcantarillado {m} :: sewer
alcantarillado {m} :: sewer system
alcanzable {adj} :: attainable; achievable
alcanzar {vt} :: to reach; to attain or achieve
alcanzar {vi} :: to be enough; to suffice
alcaparra {f} :: caper (plant)
alcaparra {f} :: caper (fruit)
alcaparro {m} :: caper (plant)
alcapurria {f} :: a fritter whose dough is made of green bananas and taro
alcaraván {m} :: stone curlew
alcaravea {f} :: caraway (plant, seed)
alcarreño {adj} :: From Guadalajara, Spain
alcarreño {m} :: Someone from Guadalajara, Spain
alcatraz {m} :: gannet (bird)
alcatraz {m} [plant] :: arum (Arum)
alcatraz {m} :: lily
alcatraz {m} [Mexico] :: calla lily
alcaucil {m} [Argentina, Southern Spain] :: artichoke (vegetable)
alcaudón {m} :: shrike (any of various passerine birds of the family Laniidae which are known for their habit of catching other birds and small animals and impaling the uneaten portions of their bodies on thorns)
alcayata {f} :: meat hook
alcayata {f} :: spike
alcayota {f} :: spaghetti squash
alcazaba {f} :: a Moorish fortress within or beside a walled city
alcázar {m} :: alcazar (Moorish fortress in Spain)
alcázar {m} [by extension] :: citadel, castle, fortified town
alcázar {m} [nautical] :: quarterdeck
Alcazarquivir {prop} :: Ksar el-Kebir
Alcazarseguir {prop} :: Ksar es-Seghir
alcazuz {m} :: liquorice plant
alce {m} :: elk [US], moose [UK] (Alces alces)
alcedón {m} :: kingfisher
alcélafo {m} :: hartebeest (Alcelaphus bucelaphus)
alción {m} :: kingfisher
alcista {adj} [finance] :: upward, rising, bull-, bullish
Alcmena {prop} {f} [Greek mythology] :: Alcmene (the wife of Amphitryon and mother, by Zeus, of Heracles)
alcoba {f} :: bedroom
alcobendano {adj} [archaic] :: From Alcobendas
alcobendano {m} [archaic] :: Someone from Alcobendas
alcobendense {adj} :: From Alcobendas
alcobendense {mf} :: Someone from Alcobendas
alcohol {m} :: alcohol
alcohol {m} [mineral] :: galena
alcohol {m} [cosmetics] :: kohl, stibnite
alcoholado {m} :: Alcohol, usually rotgut, made from plants
alcoholado {m} :: Bay rum, used medicinally
alcohol alílico {m} :: allyl alcohol
alcohol amílico {m} [organic compound] :: amyl alcohol
alcoholemia {f} :: alcoholaemia (presence of alcohol)
alcohólica {f} :: feminine noun of alcohólico
alcohólico {adj} :: alcoholic
alcohólico {m} :: alcoholic
Alcohólicos Anónimos {prop} :: Alcoholics Anonymous
alcoholimetría {f} :: alcoholometry
alcoholímetro {m} :: breathalyzer
alcoholímetro {m} :: alcoholometer
alcoholismo {m} :: alcoholism
alcoholizado {adj} :: alcoholic
alcoholizado {adj} :: drunken; under the influence (of alcohol)
alcoholizar {v} :: to alcoholize
alcoholizar {vt} :: to turn (someone) to drink
alcoholizar {vr} :: to turn to drink; become an alcoholic
alcohómetro {m} :: alcoholometer
al contado {adv} :: cash
al contrario {adv} :: on the contrary
al contrario {adv} :: unlike
al contrario {adv} :: reverse
Alcorán {prop} {m} :: alternative form of Corán
alcoránico {adj} :: alternative form of coránico
alcorce {m} [Aragón] :: shortcut
Alcorcón {prop} :: Alcorcón (city)
alcorconero {adj} :: Of or from Alcorcón
alcorconero {m} :: Someone from Alcorcón
alcornocal {m} :: A grove of cork oak trees
alcornoque {m} :: cork oak
alcornoque {m} :: cork (bark of the cork oak)
alcorque {m} :: tree grating (metal covering around the base of a tree, usually on a sidewalk)
alcorque {m} :: tree well (ridge of soil around a tree to conserve water)
al corriente {adj} :: up-to-date (informed of the latest news)
al corriente {adv} :: abreast (informed)
al costado {adv} :: alongside (along the side; by the side; side by side with)
alcotán {m} :: hobby (bird)
alcotest {m} [Chile] :: breathalyzer
alcóxido {m} [organic chemistry] :: alkoxide
Alcoy {prop} :: A municipality in the province of Alicante
alcoyano {adj} :: Of or pertaining to Alcoy
alcoyano {m} :: Someone from Alcoy
alcuño {m} [obsolete] :: nickname, soubriquet
alcurnia {f} :: lineage, blood
alcuza {f} :: oil container, oil jar (kitchen utensil)
alcuzcuz {m} :: rare form of cuscús
aldaba {f} :: doorknocker
aldaba {f} [in the plural, slang] :: tits, knockers
aldabón {m} :: synonym of aldaba; doorknocker
aldabonazo {m} :: door knock; a hit with a doorknocker
aldabonazo {m} :: call to attention
Aldana {prop} {f} :: surname
Aldana {prop} {f} :: Aldana (municipality)
aldea {f} :: village
aldeana {f} :: feminine noun of aldeano
aldeano {adj} :: rustic
aldeano {adj} :: rural
aldeano {m} :: villager, countryman
Aldebarán {prop} {m} :: Aldebaran
al dedillo {adv} [idiomatic] :: in minute detail, to the letter
aldehídico {adj} :: aldehydic
aldehído {m} [chemistry] :: aldehyde
aldehuela {f} :: hamlet, small village
al descubierto {adv} [idiom] :: rough; out in the open
al desgaire {adv} :: scornfully
al desgaire {adv} :: slovenly
al detal {adv} :: retail
al detall {adv} :: retail
ALDF {prop} {f} :: initialism of Asamblea Legislativa del Distrito Federal
al día {adv} :: per day, each day, every day
al día {adj} :: state of the art (at the highest level of development)
al día {adj} :: up-to-date (current, recent)
alditol {m} [organic compound] :: alditol
aldolasa {f} [enzyme] :: aldolase
aldólico {adj} [organic chemistry] :: aldol (attributive)
aldónico {adj} :: aldonic
aldopentosa {f} [carbohydrate] :: aldopentose
aldosa {f} :: aldose
aldosterona {f} :: aldosterone
ale {f} :: ale (intoxicating liquor)
Ale {prop} {m} :: given name
Ale {prop} {f} :: given name
aleación {f} :: alloy
aleación {f} :: alloying
alear {v} :: to alloy
alear {v} :: to ally
aleatoriamente {adv} :: randomly
aleatoriedad {f} :: randomness
aleatorio {adj} :: random, aleatory
aleatorización {f} :: randomization
aleatorizar {v} :: to randomize
alebrestarse {vr} :: to get excited; to become nervous
alebrije {m} [Mexico] :: A brightly colored Mexican handicraft sculpture of an animal or fantastical creature
aleccionador {adj} :: exemplary
aleccionar {v} :: to teach
aleccionar {v} :: to train
alechugar {vt} :: to fold, to pleat
aledaño {adj} [of land] :: bordering, neighboring
alef {m} :: alternative form of álef
álef {mf} :: aleph (א) (first letter of the Hebrew alphabet)
alefriz {m} [nautical] :: mortise, rabbet (on the keel or stem)
alegación {f} :: allegation
alegadamente {adv} [proscribed] :: allegedly
alegal {adj} :: unregulated
alegar {vt} :: to cite as a defence or justification for one's actions
alegar {vi} :: to complain
alegar {vi} [legal] :: to speak in defence of the accused in a criminal proceeding; to defend
alegato {m} :: argument
alegato {m} :: allegation
alegato {m} :: plea
alegoría {f} :: allegory
alegóricamente {adv} :: allegorically
alegórico {adj} :: allegorical
alegorizar {vt} :: to allegorize
alegranza {f} [rare] :: joyfulness, happiness
alegrar {vt} :: to make happy
alegrar {vr} :: to be happy
alegrar {vr} :: to be glad
alegrarse {v} :: (reflexive of alegrar) to be happy
alegre {adj} :: happy
alegre {adj} :: joyful
alegre {adj} [colloquial] :: a bit drunk
Alegre {prop} :: surname
alegremente {adv} :: happily, merrily
alegría {f} :: joy, happiness
alegría de la casa {f} :: busy Lizzy (plant)
alegrísimo {adj} :: superlative of alegre
alegrón {adj} [Latin America] :: happy, merry
alegrón {m} :: joy
alehop {interj} :: hup!
Aleixandre {prop} [rare] :: surname
alejado {adj} :: far, faraway, distant
alejador {m} :: remover
alejador {adj} :: removing
alejamiento {m} :: distancing
alejamiento {m} :: distance
alejamiento {m} :: estrangement
Alejandra {prop} {f} :: given name
Alejandría {prop} {f} :: Alexandria (city)
alejandrino {adj} :: Alexandrian (of or pertaining to Alexandria)
alejandrino {adj} :: Alexandrian (of or pertaining to Alexander the Great)
alejandrino {adj} [poetry] :: Alexandrian
alejandrino {m} :: Alexandrian (someone from Alexandria)
alejandrino {m} [poetry] :: alexandrine
Alejandrino {prop} {m} :: surname
Alejandro {prop} {m} :: given name
Alejandro Magno {prop} {m} :: Alexander the Great (the king of Macedonia)
Alejandrópolis {prop} :: Alexandroupoli (city)
alejar {v} :: to remove to a distance, put farther away
alejar {v} :: to estrange, alienate
alejar {v} :: to keep at a distance
alejarse {v} :: reflexive of alejar; to move away, distance oneself
Alejo {prop} {m} :: given name
alelado {adj} :: dumbstruck, spellbound
alelamiento {m} :: foolishness, stupidity, dimwittedness, hebetude (mental lethargy or dullness)
alelar {vt} :: to stupefy
alélico {adj} :: allelic
alelo {m} [genetics] :: allele (variant of a gene)
alelomorfo {m} [genetics] :: allele
alelopatía {f} :: allelopathy
aleluya {interj} :: hallelujah
aleluya {mf} :: (cry of) hallelujah
alemán {adj} :: German (relating to Germany or to the German language)
alemán {m} :: German (inhabitant of Germany or person of German descent)
alemán {m} :: German [language]
alemana {f} :: feminine noun of alemán
alemán antiguo {adj} :: Old High German
alemán antiguo {m} :: Old High German language
Alemania {prop} {f} :: Germany (country)
Alemania del Oeste {prop} {f} :: West Germany (former European country)
Alemania Federal {prop} {f} :: West Germany (former European country)
Alemania Occidental {prop} {f} :: West Germany (former European country)
Alemania Oriental {prop} {f} :: East Germany
alemánico {adj} :: Allemannic
aleno {m} [organic compound] :: allene
alentador {adj} :: encouraging
alentar {v} :: to encourage, animate, inspirit
alentar {v} [Latin America] :: to slow down, become slow
alentar {vr} [Mexico] :: to become or behave as a shy, shameful or fearful person
alentarse {v} :: reflexive of alentar; to gather up one's courage
alentejana {f} :: feminine noun of alentejano
alentejano {m} :: Alentejan
alentejano {adj} :: Alentejan
Alentejo {prop} {m} :: Alentejo
aleonado {adj} :: alternative form of leonado
Alepo {prop} {m} :: Aleppo (Syrian city)
alera {f} :: feminine noun of alero
alerce {m} :: larch tree (trees of the genus Larix)
alerce {m} :: the wood of the larch tree
alerce {m} :: Fitzroya cupressoides, a species of cypress tree
alerce africano {m} :: (Tetraclinis articulatus Masters), the sandarac tree
alergénico {adj} :: allergenic
alergeno {m} :: alternative form of alérgeno
alérgeno {m} [pathology] :: allergen
alergia {f} [immunology, pathology] :: allergy
alérgico {adj} :: allergic
alergóloga {f} :: feminine noun of alergólogo
alergología {f} [medicine] :: allergology (the study of the causes and treatment of allergies)
alergólogo {m} :: allergist
alero {m} :: eave
alero {m} [sports] :: winger
alero {m} [basketball] :: small forward
alero {m} [colloquial, El Salvador] :: wingman, companion (friend to accompany you when going out)
alerón {m} :: aileron
alerta {adj} :: alert, vigilant
alerta {f} :: alarm
alerta {adv} :: alertly
alertamente {adv} [rare] :: alertly
alertamiento {m} :: alert; alerting
alertar {vt} :: to alert
alertita {f} :: diminutive of alerta
alesna {f} :: alternative form of lezna
aleta {f} :: fin
aleta {f} :: flipper
aleta {f} :: the leaf of a hinge
aleta {f} :: blade of a propeller
aleta adiposa {f} [ichthyology] :: adipose fin (a soft, fleshy fin found on the back of a fish)
aleta anal {f} [ichthyology] :: anal fin (fin on the underside of a fish)
aleta caudal {f} :: caudal fin (the tailfin of a fish and other aquatic vertebrates)
aletada {f} :: motion of the wings; flapping
aleta dorsal {f} :: dorsal fin (fin on a marine animal's back)
aleta pectoral {f} [ichthyology] :: pectoral fin (fin located on each side of a fish)
aleta pélvica {f} [ichthyology] :: pelvic fin (either of a pair of fins)
aletargado {adj} :: lethargic
aletargamiento {m} :: hibernation (state of inactivity during winter)
aletargamiento {m} :: lethargy (state of extreme torpor or apathy)
aletargar {v} :: to make lethargic
aletargar {vr} :: to hibernate
aletazo {m} :: A hit with a fin or wing
aletear {vi} :: to flap (one's wings, fins) (of a bird or fish)
aletear {vi} :: to flutter
aletear {vi} :: to wave one's arms like wings
aleteo {m} :: flap; flapping (of wings)
aletría {f} [Murcia] :: noodle
aletrina {f} :: allethrin (synthetic pyrethroid used in insecticides)
alevantar {v} :: obsolete spelling of levantar
aleve {adj} :: treacherous
aleví {mf} :: Alevite
alevín {m} :: fry, alevin (young fish)
alevín {m} :: youngster, junior
alevinaje {m} :: fish breeding
alevino {m} [South America] :: alternative form of alevín
alevosamente {adv} :: treacherously
alevosía {f} :: treachery
alevoso {adj} :: treacherous
alevoso {m} :: traitor
al exterior {adv} :: outside (without a certain confine; outside the house)
aleya {f} :: ayah (a verse in the Quran)
alfa {f} :: alpha; the Greek letter Α, α
alfabeta {f} :: feminine noun of alfabeto
alfabéticamente {adv} :: alphabetically
alfabético {adj} :: alphabetic, alphabetical
alfabetismo {m} :: literacy; the ability to read
alfabetización {f} :: literacy instruction; an effort to counter illiteracy
alfabetizador {m} :: reading tutor
alfabetizadora {f} :: feminine noun of alfabetizador
alfabetizar {vt} :: to alphabetize
alfabetizar {vt} :: to teach how to read and write
alfabeto {m} :: alphabet
alfabeto {adj} :: literate
alfabeto {m} :: literate person
alfabeto árabe {m} :: Arabic alphabet
alfabeto cirílico {m} :: Cyrillic alphabet
Alfabeto Fonético Internacional {prop} {m} :: International Phonetic Alphabet
alfabeto glagolítico {m} [linguistics] :: Glagolitic (the oldest known Slavonic alphabet)
alfabeto latino {m} :: Latin alphabet
alfabeto radiofónico {m} :: ICAO spelling alphabet (ICAO radiotelephony spelling alphabet)
alfabeto turco {m} :: Turkish alphabet (the alphabet used in the Turkish language)
alfadía {f} [obsolete] :: bribe
alfahar {m} :: alternative form of alfar
alfaharero {m} :: obsolete spelling of alfarero
alfahidroxiácido {adj} [attributive] :: alpha hydroxy acid
alfajor {m} :: A popular candy in South America usually filled with dulce de leche
alfalfa {f} [plant] :: alfalfa
alfalfar {m} :: alfalfa field (place where alfalfa is grown)
alfalfar {vt} :: to plant alfalfa
alfalfez {m} [Argentina] :: alternative form of alfalfa
alfalipoproteina {f} [protein] :: alphalipoprotein, alpha-lipoprotein
alfamar {m} :: alternative spelling of alhamar
alfanje {m} :: scimitar, cutlass (sword of Persian origin with a curved blade)
alfanje {m} :: swordfish (large marine fish with a long, pointed bill, Xiphias gladius)
alfanumérico {adj} :: alphanumeric (consisting of letters and numbers)
alfaque {m} :: sandbank
alfaquí {m} :: alfaqui
alfar {m} :: clay
alfar {m} :: clay workshop
alfarera {f} :: feminine noun of alfarero
alfarería {f} :: pottery workshop
alfarería {f} [uncountable] :: pottery craft; earthenware
alfarero {adj} [attributive] :: pottery
alfarero {m} :: potter
alfarista {mf} :: A supporter of Eloy Alfaro
alfarista {adj} :: Of or relating to Eloy Alfaro or his beliefs
Alfaro {prop} :: Alfaro (city)
Alfaro {prop} :: surname, the 225th most common in Mexico
alféizar {m} :: windowsill, ledge
alféjizar {m} :: obsolete spelling of alféizar
alfeñique {m} :: alphenic
alferecía {f} :: infantile epilepsy
alférez {m} [military ranks] :: second lieutenant, subaltern, ensign
alfil {m} [chess] :: bishop
alfil bueno {m} [chess] :: good bishop
alfiler {m} :: pin (a needle without an eye used for fastening)
alfilerazo {m} :: a prick with a pin
alfiletero {m} :: case for pins and needles
alfiletero {m} :: pincushion
alfil malo {m} [chess] :: bad bishop
al fin {adv} [idiomatic] :: at last; finally
al fin {adv} :: in the end
al fin {adv} :: to the last
al final {adv} :: eventually, after all (in the end)
al fin y al cabo {phrase} [idiomatic] :: when all is said and done
al fin y al cabo {phrase} :: finally
al fin y al cabo {phrase} :: at the very end
al fin y al cabo {phrase} :: at the end of the day
alfiz {m} [architecture] :: alfiz
alfombra {f} :: carpet, rug (covering for a floor)
alfombrar {vt} :: to carpet
alfombrilla {f} :: diminutive of alfombra; a small mat or rug
alfombrilla {f} :: car mat
alfombrilla {f} :: mouse pad, mouse mat
alfóncigo {m} :: pistachio (tree)
alfóncigo {m} :: pistachio (nut)
Alfónsez {prop} :: surname
alfónsigo {m} :: alternative spelling of alfóncigo
alfonsinismo {m} :: The period of Argentina under the rule of Raúl Alfonsín, 1983-1989
alfonsino {adj} :: Alfonsine
Alfonso {prop} {m} :: given name
alforfón {m} :: buckwheat
alforja {f} :: saddlebag, knapsack
alforn {m} [musical instruments] :: alphorn
alforza {f} :: pleat (in clothing etc)
alforza {f} :: scar
alfoz {m} [historical] :: During the Middle Ages, the rural territory belonging to a corresponding town
Alfredo {prop} {m} :: given name
al freír de los huevos lo verá {proverb} :: the proof of the pudding is in the eating
al fresco {adj} :: al fresco (outdoors)
al fresco {adv} :: outdoors (in the open air)
alga {f} :: alga
algal {adj} :: algal
algalia {f} :: civet (perfume)
alga parda {f} :: brown alga
algar {m} [obsolete, Spain] :: cave, grotto
algar {m} :: An expanse of seaweed or algae on the ocean floor
algarabía {f} :: hubbub
algarabía {f} [rare] :: Arabic (language)
algarabía {f} :: gibberish
algarada {f} :: disturbance, hoopla
alga roja {f} :: red alga
algarroba {f} :: carob (fruit of the carob tree)
algarrobal {m} :: carob plantation
algarrobo {m} :: carob tree
algarrobo loco {m} :: Judas tree (Cercis siliquastrum)
alga verde {f} :: green alga
algazara {f} :: hoo-ha, uproar
algazara {f} :: din, racket
álgebra {f} :: algebra
álgebra abstracta {f} :: abstract algebra
algebraicamente {adv} :: algebraically
algebraico {adj} :: algebraic
álgebra lineal {f} :: linear algebra (branch of mathematics)
algebrista {mf} [mathematics] :: algebraist (mathematician)
Algeciras {prop} :: Algeciras (city)
algecireño {adj} :: of or from Algeciras, a town in Cádiz Province, Spain
algecireño {m} :: native or inhabitant of Algeciras
-algia {suffix} :: -algy, -algia
álgido {adj} :: decisive, critical, pivotal, as of a moment or event
álgido {adj} [medicine] :: algid
alginato {m} [organic chemistry] :: alginate
algo {pron} :: something, anything
algo {adv} :: rather, somewhat
algo así {adv} :: kind of, something like that (somewhat)
algo así como {adv} :: kind of, kind of like
algo del otro mundo {phrase} :: something special or extraordinary; something to write home about
algodón {m} :: cotton (plant)
algodón {m} :: cotton (textile fiber)
algodón {m} :: cotton wool
algodonal {m} :: cotton plantation
algodonal {m} :: cotton field
algodón de azúcar {m} :: cotton candy, candy floss, fairy floss
algodonera {f} :: feminine noun of algodonero
algodonero {adj} [attributive] :: cotton
algodonero {adj} :: growing cotton
algodonero {m} :: cotton grower
algodonero {m} :: cotton plant
algodonoso {adj} :: cottony
algofilia {f} :: algophilia (pleasure from experiencing pain)
algolagnia {f} :: algolagnia
algóloga {f} :: feminine noun of algólogo
algología {f} :: algology
algología {f} [medicine] :: pain management
algólogo {m} :: algologist
algo más {pron} :: anything else, something else
algometría {f} :: algometry
algonquina {f} :: feminine noun of algonquino
algonquino {m} :: Algonquin (member of an aboriginal people living mainly in Quebec)
algonquino {m} [uncountable] :: Algonquin (the Algic language spoken by the Algonquins)
algonquino {adj} :: Algonquian
algo por ahí {adv} :: thereabout
algo por el estilo {pron} :: something like that
algorítmicamente {adv} :: algorithmically
algorítmico {adj} :: algorithmic
algoritmo {m} :: algorithm
algoritmo de Euclides {m} [algebra] :: Euclidean algorithm
algoso {adj} :: full of algae or seaweed
alguacil {m} :: bailiff
alguacil {m} [Argentina, Uruguay] :: dragonfly, damselfly
alguazil {m} :: obsolete form of alguacil
Alguer {prop} {m} :: Alguer (city/and/port town)
alguerés {adj} :: Algherese (from Alghero)
alguerés {m} :: Algherese (person from Alghero)
alguerés {m} :: Algherese (Catalan dialect)
algueresa {f} :: feminine noun of alguerés
alguien {pron} :: someone, somebody
alguien {pron} :: anyone, anybody
alguito {m} :: diminutive of algo
algun {adj} :: obsolete spelling of algún
alguna cosa {pron} :: something, anything (unspecified object)
algunas veces {adv} :: sometimes (on certain occasions, but not always)
alguna vez {adv} :: ever (at any time)
alguna vez {adv} :: once (on a certain occasion)
algún día {adv} :: someday, one day (sometime; at some time in the future)
alguno {adj} :: some, any
alguno {pron} :: someone
algún que otro {determiner} :: one or two
al gusto {adv} [cooking] :: to taste (depending on personal taste)
alhaja {f} :: jewel; gem
alhajar {vt} :: to bejewel
alhajú {m} :: rare spelling of alajú
alharaca {f} :: clamour, vociferation
alharaquiento {adj} :: peevish, complaining, whining (person)
alhelí {m} :: wallflower (several short-lived herbs or shrubs of the genus Erysimum)
alhelí {m} :: Virginia stock, Malcolmia maritima
alheña {f} :: henna (shrub (Lawsonia inermis) and dye)
alheña {f} :: privet (Ligustrum)
al hilo {adv} :: with the grain
al hilo {adv} :: nonstop
al hilo {adv} :: in a row
alholva {f} :: fenugreek
alhóndiga {f} :: grain store
alhucema {f} :: lavender
alhucema {f} :: spike lavender
aliáceo {adj} :: garlicky; alliaceous
aliada {f} :: feminine noun of aliado
aliado {adj} :: allied
aliado {m} :: ally
aliaga {f} :: Any of a number of plant species
aliancista {adj} :: Being a member or supporter of a political coalition
aliancista {adj} :: Of or relating to a political coalition
aliancista {adj} [Chile] :: Being a member or supporter of the Alianza por Chile
aliancista {adj} [Chile] :: Of or relating to the Alianza por Chile
aliancista {mf} :: A member or supporter of a political coalition
aliancista {mf} [Chile] :: A member or supporter of the Alianza por Chile
alianza {f} :: alliance
alianza {f} :: wedding ring
alianza {f} :: political coalition
aliar {v} :: to ally, unite
aliarse {vr} :: to ally (to unite by agreement)
alias {adv} :: also known as; alias
alias {m} :: alias
aliblanco {adj} :: white-winged (said of various species of birds)
alicaído {adj} [colloquial] :: weak, feeble
alicaído {adj} [colloquial] :: downcast, crestfallen
Alicante {prop} :: Alicante (province)
Alicante {prop} :: Alicante (city)
alicantino {adj} :: Of, pertaining to or from the province or city of Alicante
alicantino {m} :: Someone from the city or province of Alicante
alicatado {m} :: tiling (a covering of tiles) (especially of Arabic architecture)
alicatar {v} :: To tile
alicate {m} :: pliers
alicates de corte {mp} :: wire cutters
Alicia {prop} {f} :: given name
Alicia en el mundo de maravillas {prop} :: Alice in Wonderland (as in a surreal fairy tale)
aliciente {m} :: lure
aliciente {m} :: incentive
alicina {f} [organic compound] :: allicin
alicorto {adj} :: short-winged
alicorto {adj} :: naive
alicorto {adj} :: unimaginative
alícuota {f} :: aliquot
alícuota {adj} :: aliquot (contained an integral number of times)
alienación {f} :: alienation
alienado {adj} :: alienated (isolated, excluded, estranged)
alienante {adj} :: alienating
alienar {vt} :: to alienate
alienígena {adj} :: alien, extraterrestrial
alienígena {adj} :: strange, rare, unnatural
alienígeno {adj} :: strange, rare, unnatural
alienista {mf} :: alienist
aliento {m} :: breath
alifara {f} [Aragón] :: a meal as part of a business deal
alifático {adj} [organic chemistry] :: aliphatic
aligator {m} :: alligator (large amphibious reptile of genus Alligator)
aligátor {m} :: alternative form of aligator
aligeramiento {m} :: lightening
aligerar {vt} :: to hasten; to accelerate
aligerar {vt} :: to lighten (as a load)
aligot {m} :: aligot (a potato and cheese dish from Auvergne)
aligote {m} :: axillary sea bream (Pagellus acarne)
aligustre {m} [plant] :: privet
aliina {f} [organic compound] :: alliin
alijar {v} :: to lighten
alijar {v} [nautical] :: to unload
alijar {v} :: to smuggle onto the shore
alijarar {vt} :: to divide uncultivated land for cultivation
alijo {m} :: contraband, stash, smuggled goods
alijo {m} :: unloading
alílico {adj} :: allylic
alilo {m} [organic chemistry] :: allyl
alimaña {f} :: vermin
alimañero {m} :: A game warden also employed in eliminating invasive and pest species
alimentación {f} :: feeding (an instance of giving food)
alimentación {f} :: feeding (an instance of eating)
alimentación {f} :: food; diet (the food and beverage a person or animal consumes)
alimentación {f} :: supply, input (of a resource into a mechanical process)
alimentador {adj} :: nutritious
alimentar {vt} :: to feed (to give food to eat)
alimentario {adj} :: alimentary
alimenticio {adj} :: alimentary, nourishing
alimento {m} [slightly, formal] :: food (solid substance that can be consumed)
alimento {m} :: nourishment
alimento {m} [in the plural] :: alimony, maintenance
alimentoso {adj} [of food or drink] :: nutritious (providing nutrients)
alimoche {m} :: Egyptian vulture
alimón {m} :: only used in al alimón
aliñado {adj} :: spicy
aliñado {adj} :: seasoned
aliñar {v} :: to condiment
aliñar {v} :: to adorn, decorate
aliñar {v} :: to prepare
alinasa {f} :: alliin lyase
alineación {f} :: alignment
alineador {adj} :: aligning (that aligns)
alineamiento {m} :: alignment
alinear {vt} :: to line up, to align
alinearse {v} :: reflexive of alinear
al infinito {adv} :: ad infinitum (endlessly)
aliño {m} :: condiment, spice
aliño ruso {m} :: Russian dressing
al instante {adv} :: instantly, at once
alioli {m} :: aioli
alipori {m} [Spain] :: shame, embarrassment
alipús {m} [Mexico] :: drink (served alcoholic beverage)
Alirio {prop} {m} :: given name
alirrojo {adj} :: red-winged
alisante {adj} :: smoothing (that smooths)
alisar {m} :: alder tree plantation
alisar {vt} :: to smooth
aliscafo {m} :: alt form alíscafo
alíscafo {m} :: hydrofoil (vessel)
aliseda {f} :: alder grove
alisio {adj} [meteorology] :: trade
aliso {m} :: alder tree
alistamiento {m} :: enrollment, enlistment
alistar {v} :: to recruit
alistar {v} :: to enlist, to enroll
alistar {v} :: to list
alistar {v} :: to prepare
alistar {v} :: to arrange
alistarse {v} :: reflexive of alistar
alita {f} :: diminutive of ala; small wing
alitán {m} :: nursehound (Scyliorhinus stellaris)
aliteración {f} :: alliteration
aliviadero {m} :: weir (adjustable dam)
aliviado {adj} :: relieved, alleviated, unburdened, eased
aliviador {adj} :: alleviating
aliviador {m} :: alleviant
alivianar {vt} [Latin America] :: to dull, lighten (to soften, moderate or blunt)
aliviar {vt} :: to lighten
aliviar {vt} :: to relieve, alleviate, unburden
aliviarse {vr} :: to soothe (to bring comfort or relief)
alivio {m} :: relief
alizarina {f} :: alizarin
aljaba {f} :: quiver (for arrows)
aljama {m} [historical] :: aljama
aljamía {f} :: aljamiado
aljamiado {n} [attributive] :: aljamiado
aljibe {m} :: well (for water), cistern, tank, reservoir
aljofaina {f} :: alt form jofaina
aljófar {m} :: seed pearl
aljofifa {f} [dated, regional] :: floorcloth
aljuba {f} :: doublet (clothing)
allá {adv} :: there, thither; in a direction away from the speaker and the listener
allá {adv} :: then; back then (in time)
allá {adv} :: expressing worry towards the speaker
al lado {prep} :: next to; beside
al lado de {prep} :: alongside, beside, next to
allá donde fueres, haz lo que vieres {proverb} :: when in Rome, do as the Romans do
allamanda {f} :: allamanda
allanador {m} :: burglar
allanamiento {m} :: smoothing, flattening
allanamiento {m} [legal] :: a search conducted pursuant to a warrant
allanamiento {m} :: burglary
allanamiento {m} [Latin America] :: a police raid
allanamiento de morada {m} :: break-in (to a house); burglary
allanar {v} :: to smooth, to flatten
allanar {v} :: to overcome
allanar {v} :: to subdue
allanar {v} :: to break in (to enter by force)
allantoso {adj} :: chatty
allegado {adj} :: close, near
allegado {m} :: member of one's inner circle; (in plural) nearest and dearest
allegado {m} :: follower
allegar {vt} :: to collect, gather, collect up, bring together
allegar {vr} :: to adopt (an idea, ideology etc.)
allegar {vr} :: to approach
allegar {vr} :: to arrive, reach, get to
allende {adv} [formal] :: thither
allende {adv} [formal] :: beyond, yonder
allende {prep} [formal] :: beyond
Allende {prop} :: surname
allendista {adj} :: Of or pertaining to Salvador Allende (born 1908), president of Chile from 1970 until his death in 1973
allendista {mf} :: A supporter of Salvador Allende
alleniano {adj} [attributive] :: Woody Allen
allerana {f} :: feminine noun of allerano
allerano {adj} :: Of or from Aller
allerano {m} :: Someone from Aller
allí {adv} :: there, away from the speaker and the listener
all i oli {m} :: alternative spelling of alioli
al loro {adv} [idiom, colloquial, Spain] :: in the know, up to speed
al lote {adj} :: rugged (not neat or regular)
alma {f} :: soul
Alma {prop} {f} :: given name
almacén {m} :: warehouse
almacén {m} :: shop, store; grocer's
almacén {m} :: storeroom
almacenaje {m} :: storage
almacenamiento {m} :: storage (act of storing)
almacenamiento {m} [computing] :: storage
almacenar {v} :: to store, stock
almacén de datos {m} [computing] :: data warehouse
almacenera {f} :: feminine noun of almacenero
almacenero {m} :: warehouseman (person who manages or works in a warehouse)
almacenista {mf} :: shopkeeper, storekeeper
almacenista {mf} :: warehouse owner
almacenista {mf} :: warehouseman
almádana {f} :: alt form almádena
almádena {f} :: sledgehammer
almadraba {f} :: tuna fishing
almadraba {f} :: fishing nets arranged as a fence to corral and catch tuna
alma gemela {f} :: soulmate
almagra {f} :: alternative form of almagre
almagrar {v} :: to raddle (mark with raddle)
almagre {m} :: raddle (red ochre)
almagrista {adj} :: Of or pertaining to Diego de Almagro, conqueror of South America
almagrista {mf} :: Soldier in the army of Diego de Almagro
Almagro {prop} :: surname
al mal tiempo, buena cara {phrase} [idiomatic] :: when life gives you lemons, make lemonade
alma mater {f} :: alma mater
almanaque {m} :: almanac
almandino {m} [mineral] :: almandine
almarrá {m} :: cotton gin
almártaga {f} :: headstall
Almatý {prop} :: Almaty (city)
Almazán {prop} :: Almazán (town)
Almazán {prop} :: surname
almazara {f} :: olive oil mill
almazarrón {m} :: synonym of almagre; red ochre, ruddle
almazuela {f} [Spain] :: patchwork (cloth, quilt)
almecino {m} [Andalucía] :: synonym of almez
Almeda {prop} :: surname of Arabic origin, cognate with Almeida
almeja {f} :: shellfish, clam, cockle
almeja {f} [vulgar, slang] :: cunt
almena {f} :: merlon
almenado {adj} :: embattled
almenaje {m} :: crenellation (pattern along the top of a parapet through which arrows or other weaponry may be shot)
almenara {f} :: beacon, signal fire
almenara {f} :: large candelabrum
almenara {f} [Teruel, Zaragoza] :: overflow ditch
almendra {f} :: almond (type of tree nut)
almendra {f} :: kernel (central (usually edible) part of a nut)
almendrado {adj} :: almond-shaped
almendrado {adj} :: containing almonds
almendral {m} :: almond orchard (a place with many almond trees)
almendrar {v} :: to decorate something, usually a pastry or confection, with almonds
Almendras {prop} {f} :: surname
almendro {m} :: almond (tree)
almendrón {m} :: tropical almond tree
al menos {adv} :: at least; at minimum
Almería {prop} {f} :: Almería (province)
Almería {prop} {f} :: Almería (city)
almeriense {adj} :: From Almería
almeriense {mf} :: Someone from Almería
almeriensista {mf} [soccer] :: A person connected with UD Almería, a Spanish football team from the city of Almería
almez {m} [plant] :: (Celtis) hackberry
almez {m} [plant] :: (Celtis australis L.) Mediterranean hackberry
almeza {f} :: hackberry (fruit)
almezo {m} :: alternative form of almez
almiar {m} :: haystack
almíbar {m} :: sugar water
almíbar {m} :: sweet syrup, made of sugar only
almibarado {adj} :: sugary, syrupy
almibarar {v} :: to cover with syrup
almibarar {v} :: to sweeten up
almidana {f} :: (obsolete) hippodrome
almidón {m} :: starch
almidonar {vt} :: to starch
almidón de patata {m} :: potato starch
almilla {f} :: diminutive of alma
alminar {m} :: minaret
almiquí {m} :: solenodon (small nocturnal insectivorous mammal with long snout and venomous saliva)
almiranta {m} [nautical] :: admiral's boat
almirantazgo {m} :: admiralty
almirante {m} :: admiral
almirez {m} :: large mortar
al mismo tiempo {adv} :: at the same time
almita {f} :: diminutive of alma
almizclar {v} :: to musk
almizcle {m} :: musk
almizcleño {adj} :: musky
almizclero {adj} :: musky
almo {adj} [poetic] :: nourishing
almo {adj} [poetic] :: venerable
almodovariano {adj} :: Almodovarian
almofalla {f} [archaic] :: encampment, encamped army
almofalla {f} [archaic] :: host, army
almogávar {adj} [historical] :: almogavar
almogávar {m} [historical] :: almogavar (light footsoldier during the Reconquista)
almohada {f} :: pillow (soft cushion used to support the head)
almohade {adj} :: Almohad
almohade {m} :: Almohad
almohadilla {f} :: pincushion
almohadilla {f} :: inkpad
almohadilla {f} :: the hash, octothorpe, pound symbol (#)
almohadilla {f} :: seat cushion (to sit on)
almohadilla {f} :: footpad (underside of an animal's paw)
almohadillado {adj} :: padded
almohadillar {vt} :: to pad
almohadita {f} :: diminutive of almohada
almohadón {m} :: cushion (soft material in cloth bag)
almohazar {vt} [equestrian] :: To currycomb
almojábana {f} :: A Colombian bread made with cheese and flour
almojábana {f} :: A Spanish fritter made with lard, eggs, and sugar
almojábano {m} :: alternative form of almojábana
almojama {m} :: obsolete form of mojama
almojarifazgo {m} :: A colonial customs tariff in the Spanish and Portuguese Empires
almojarife {m} :: customs officer; revenue collector
almóndiga {f} :: alternative form of albóndiga
almoneda {f} :: auction
almoneda {f} :: auction house
almoneda {f} [retail] :: clearance
almoraduj {m} :: marjoram
almorávide {m} :: Almoravid
almorrana {f} :: [usually in plural] hemorrhoid, haemorrhoid, piles
almorta {f} [botany, gastronomy] :: grass pea, chickling vetch (Lathyrus sativus)
almorta {f} [gastronomy] :: flour made from the Lathyrus sativus
almorta {f} [botany, gastronomy] :: red pea (Lathyrus cicera)
almorzar {vi} :: to eat lunch
almorzar {vt} :: to eat for lunch
Almu {prop} {f} :: given name
almud {m} :: almude, a unit of volume
Almudena {prop} {f} :: given name
almuecín {m} [Islam] :: muezzin (person who issues call to prayer)
almuédano {m} [Islam] :: muezzin, the person who calls the faithful to prayer in Islam
almuerzo {m} :: lunch
al ñudo {adv} [Uruguay, Argentina, idiom] :: in vain
alo- {prefix} :: allo-
aló {interj} [Latin America] :: hello [commonly used when answering the telephone]
alocación {f} :: allocation
alocadamente {adv} :: madly, wildly
alocado {adj} :: zany
alocar {vt} :: to drive crazy, madden
alocar {vr} [alocarse] :: to go mad
alocarse {v} :: reflexive of alocar
alóctono {adj} :: allochthonous
alocución {f} :: speech, address
Alodia {prop} {f} :: given name
alodial {adj} [law] :: allodial (owned freely and clear of any encumbrances)
alodio {m} :: allodium
aloe {m} :: alternative form of áloe
áloe {m} [plant] :: aloe, aloe juice
áloe {m} :: agarwood
áloe vera {m} :: alternative spelling of aloe vera
alófono {m} [linguistics] :: allophone (alternative pronunciation for a phoneme)
alogamia {f} [biology] :: allogamy
alógena {f} :: feminine noun of alógeno
alógeno {adj} :: alien, foreign
alógeno {adj} [geology] :: allogenic
alógeno {m} :: foreigner
a lo grande {adv} [idiomatic] :: in style
a lo hecho, pecho {phrase} [idiomatic] :: what's done is done
aloína {f} [organic compound] :: aloin
alojamiento {m} :: accommodation, lodging
alojar {vt} :: to house, accommodate
alojarse {v} :: reflexive form of alojar
alojarse {v} :: to lodge, take lodging
alojarse {v} :: to be billeted, quartered
alojativo {adj} :: accommodative
a lo largo {adv} :: lengthwise (in the long direction)
a lo largo {adv} :: along (in a line with, moving forward)
a lo largo {adv} :: in the distance, far away
a lo largo de {prep} :: during, throughout
a lo loco {adv} [colloquial] :: without thinking, in a hurry
a lo loco {adv} [colloquial] :: wildly
a lo loco {adv} [colloquial] :: quickly
alomado {adj} :: spine-shaped
a lo mejor {adv} :: maybe, perhaps
alomorfo {m} [linguistics] :: allomorph (phonological representation of a morpheme)
alondra {f} :: lark (bird)
Alondra {prop} {f} :: given name
alongar {v} [obsolete] :: to elongate, lengthen
alopatía {f} :: allopathy
alopátrico {adj} [ecology] :: allopatric
alopecia {f} :: alopecia
alopurinol {m} [pharmaceutical drugs] :: allopurinol
alosa {f} [biology] :: alosa, shad
alosa {f} [carbohydrate] :: allose
alosaurio {m} :: allosaurus
alosauro {m} [rare] :: alternative form of alosaurio
a los cuatro vientos {adv} [idiomatic] :: from the rooftops
alosna {f} [botany] :: wormwood (Artemisia absinthium)
alostérico {adj} :: allosteric
a lo sumo {adv} [idiomatic] :: at most, at best
alotrasplante {m} [surgery] :: allotransplantation
alotrópico {adj} [chemistry] :: allotropic
alótropo {m} [chemistry] :: allotrope
alozima {f} [genetics, enzyme] :: allozyme
alpaca {f} :: alpaca
alpaquera {f} :: feminine noun of alpaquero
alpaquero {m} :: alpaca farmer
al parecer {adv} [idiom] :: seemingly
alpargata {f} :: espadrille (light shoe)
alpargatera {f} :: feminine noun of alpargatero
alpargatero {m} :: espadrille seller
al paso {adv} [music] :: in time
al paso {adv} [chess] :: en passant
al pedido {adj} :: custom-made
al pelo {adv} [idiom] :: perfectly; like a glove
Alpes {prop} {mp} :: The Alps
Alpes del sur {prop} {mp} :: Southern Alps, New Zealand
Alpes neozelandeses {prop} {mp} :: Southern Alps, New Zealand
al pie de la letra {adv} [idiomatic] :: to the letter
al pie de la palabra {adj} [idiomatic] :: word-for-word (using exactly the same words as were originally used)
al pie de la palabra {adv} :: word for word (in exactly the same words)
alpinismo {m} :: mountaineering, alpinism
alpinista {mf} :: mountaineer
alpino {adj} :: Alpine
alpino {adj} :: alpine
alpiste {m} :: canary grass (Phalaris canariensis)
alpiste {m} :: birdseed
al poco rato {adv} :: not long after
alprazolam {m} :: alprazolam
al principio {adv} [idiomatic] :: at first, initially
alpujarreña {f} :: feminine noun of alpujarreño
alpujarreño {adj} :: Of or from Las Alpujarras
alpujarreño {m} :: Someone from Las Alpujarras
al punto {adv} [idiomatic] :: immediately, straight away
Al Qaeda {prop} {f} :: al-Qaeda (the global network of militant Islamic extremists.)
Al Qaida {prop} {f} :: alternative form of Al Qaeda
al que le quepa el sayo {phrase} [idiomatic] :: if the shoe fits
alquenilo {adj} :: alkene
alqueno {m} [organic compound] :: alkene
alquenol {m} [organic chemistry] :: alkenol
alquequenje {m} :: bladder cherry (Physalis alkekengi)
alquería {f} :: farmhouse
alquilable {adj} :: rentable
alquilación {f} [organic chemistry] :: alkylation
alquilador {m} :: renter
alquiladora {f} :: feminine noun of alquilador
alquilante {adj} [organic chemistry, of a rearrangement reaction] :: alkylative (that forms an alkyl group)
alquilante {m} [organic chemistry] :: alkylator (an alkylating agent)
alquilar {vt} [Spain] :: to rent
alquilar {vt} [Spain] :: to rent out something to someone
alquilbenceno {m} :: alkylbenzene
alquilé {m} :: obsolete form of alquiler
alquiler {m} [El Salvador, Spain, Mexico] :: rent (a payment made in exchange for something borrowed, and its amount)
alquilo {m} [organic chemistry] :: alkyl
alquimia {f} :: alchemy
alquímico {adj} :: alchemical
alquimista {mf} :: alchemist
alquino {f} [organic compound] :: alkyne
alquitara {f} :: still (device for distilling liquids)
alquitarar {vt} :: to distil
alquitrán {m} [chemistry] :: tar, pitch
alquitranado {adj} :: tarred
alquitranar {vt} :: to tar
al rato {adv} :: sometime (at an unstated or indefinite time in the future)
alrededor {m} [also in the plural] :: surroundings
alrededor {adv} :: around (from place to place)
alrededor de {prep} :: around (at various places in)
alrededor de {adv} :: around, approximately
al respecto {adv} :: about that; regarding that
al revés {adv} :: in the opposite direction or order
al revés {adv} :: back first
al revés {adv} :: inside out
al revés {adv} :: the other way around
al revés {adv} :: upside down
al revés {adj} [attributive] :: inverted (with respect to something)
Alsacia {prop} {f} :: Alsacia (region)
alsaciana {f} :: feminine noun of alsaciano
alsaciano {m} :: Alsatian
alsaciano {adj} :: Alsatian
al seguro {adv} :: surely; certainly; no doubt
al sujeto de {prep} :: about
alta {f} :: certificate of discharge (from a hospital)
alta {f} :: entry into a profession or organization
alta {f} :: tax declaration
Alta California {prop} {f} :: A historic geographic region of Spain and Mexico, which today roughly comprises the U.S. state of California
alta danza {f} [obsolete] :: saltarello
alta fidelidad {f} :: high fidelity (electronic system)
alta gama {f} :: high end
Altagracia {prop} {f} :: given name
alta mar {f} :: open sea, high seas (regions of ocean far from shore)
altamar {f} :: alternative spelling of alta mar
altamente {adv} :: highly (extremely)
altamisa {f} :: alt form artemisa
alta montaña {f} :: High-altitude mountain
altanería {f} :: haughtiness, arrogance
altanero {adj} :: arrogant, haughty
al tanto {adj} :: up to speed, in the know; informed
altar {m} :: altar (a table used for religious rites)
altar {m} :: stone that separates the firebox from the hearth in reverberatory furnaces
Altas Fiestas {prop} {fp} :: High Holidays (Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, collectively)
altas horas {fp} :: small hours; the very early morning, just after midnight, when most people are asleep, ungodlyhours
alta traición {f} :: high treason (criminal disloyalty to one's country)
Alta Verapaz {prop} {f} :: Alta Verapaz (department)
altavoz {m} :: loudspeaker, speaker (an electromechanical transducer that converts an electrical signal into audible sound)
altavoz {m} :: loudspeaker, speaker enclosure, speaker cabinet (an encasing containing one or more loudspeaker devices and usually other electrical equipment such as a driver)
altavoz {m} :: speakerphone, speaker (a loudspeaker on a telephone that broadcasts the sound, to use handsfree)
Altea {prop} {f} [Greek god] :: Althaea
altear {v} [Ecuador] :: to raise, to erect
altear {v} [Argentina, Paraguay] :: to tell someone to stop
alteño {adj} :: Someone from El Alto, Bolivia
alteño {m} :: Someone from El Alto
altense {adj} :: of or from Los Altos
altense {mf} :: Someone from Los Altos
alterabilidad {f} :: alterability
alterable {adj} :: alterable
alteración {f} :: alteration
alteración {f} :: altercation, quarrel
alteradísimo {adj} :: superlative of alterado
alterado {adj} :: upset, angry
alterado {adj} :: corrupted, altered
alterar {vt} :: to alter, to change
alterar {vt} :: to upset
alterar {vr} :: to get angry, upset
alterarse {v} :: reflexive of alterar
altercación {f} :: altercation
altercado {m} :: altercation
altercar {v} :: to dispute, argue, quarrel
alter ego {m} :: alter ego (alternate personality or persona)
álter ego {m} :: alternative spelling of alter ego
alteridad {f} [philosophy, anthropology] :: alterity, otherness
altermundismo {m} :: alter-globalization
alternabilidad {f} [government] :: The possibility of rotation of power in a political regime
alternación {f} :: alternation
alternadamente {adv} :: alternately
alternador {m} :: alternator
alternancia {f} :: alternation
alternancia de código {f} [linguistics] :: code-switching (phenomenon of alternating between two or more languages)
alternante {adj} :: alternating
alternar {v} :: to alternate
alternar {v} :: to interact, communicate, hang out, socialize
alternativa {f} :: An alternative, option
alternativa {f} :: alternation
alternativa {f} [bullfighting] :: a ceremony in which a "novillero" becomes a "matador" for the first time, when the "padrino" allows him to make his first kill
alternativamente {adv} :: alternatively
alternatividad {f} :: alternativity
alternativo {adj} :: alternative
alterne {m} :: socializing, hanging out
alterno {adj} :: alternate, alternative
alteza {f} :: highness
altibajo {m} :: setback
altibajos {mp} [colloquial] :: ups and downs
altillo {m} :: attic
altimetría {f} :: hypsometry
altimétrico {adj} :: altimetric (pertaining to or involving altimetry)
altímetro {m} :: altimeter (an apparatus for measuring altitude)
altiplanicie {f} :: high plateau
altiplánico {adj} :: highland, mountain-dwelling
altiplano {m} :: a high plateau
Altiplano Armenio {prop} {m} :: Armenian Highland
al tiro {adv} [Chile] :: straight away
altísimamente {adv} :: superlative of altamente
altísimo {adj} :: very high
altísimo {adj} :: very tall
altísimo {adj} :: very loud
altisonancia {f} :: pompousness, grandiloquence
altisonante {adj} :: high-sounding
altisonante {adj} :: pompous
altitud {f} :: height
altitud {f} :: altitude
altitudinal {adj} :: altitudinal
altitudinalmente {adv} :: altitudinally
altivamente {adv} :: haughtily
altivez {f} :: haughtiness; arrogance
altivo {adj} :: arrogant
altivo {adj} :: haughty
alto {adj} :: tall
alto {adj} :: high
alto {adj} :: loud
alto {m} :: stop
alto {m} :: break, pause, rest
alto {m} [traffic] :: stop (signal)
alto {m} [traffic] :: red light
alto {interj} :: halt!; stop!
alto alemán {m} :: High German
alto alemán medio {m} :: Middle High German
altoandino {adj} :: High Andean
altoaragonés {adj} :: Of or from High Aragon
altoaragonés {m} :: Aragonese (language)
altocúmulo {m} :: altocumulus
alto directivo {m} :: senior executive
alto ejecutivo {m} :: senior executive
alto el fuego {m} :: ceasefire
altoextremeño {m} :: The northern dialect of Extremaduran
alto funcionario {m} :: high-ranking official
altoimperial {adj} :: Of or pertaining to the Roman Empire during its peak
altomedieval {adj} :: of or pertaining to the Early Middle Ages
altoparlante {m} [Latin America] :: loudspeaker
altoperuana {f} :: feminine noun of altoperuano
altoperuano {adj} :: Of or from the region of Upper Peru
altoperuano {m} :: An inhabitant of the region of Upper Peru
altorrelieve {m} :: high relief
altostrato {m} :: altostratus (cloud type)
Alto Volta {prop} {m} :: Upper Volta
altozano {m} :: small hill; hillock
altramuz {m} :: lupin (any member of the genus Lupinus in the family Fabaceae)
al traste {adv} [idiom] :: to the dogs, unsuccessfully
al través {adv} :: crosswise, across (transversely)
altrosa {f} [carbohydrate] :: altrose
altruismo {m} :: altruism
altruista {adj} :: altruistic
altruista {mf} :: altruist
altruistamente {adv} :: altruistically
al tuntún {adv} [idiomatic] :: recklessly, any old how
altura {f} :: height
altura {f} :: altitude
alturado {adj} [Peru] :: high-brow, formal
altura tonal {f} [music] :: pitch (the perceived frequency of a sound or note)
alubia {f} :: bean seed
alubia {f} :: green bean
alubia {f} :: bean plant
aluciflipar {v} [colloquial] :: to fascinate; leave gobsmacked
alucinación {f} :: hallucination
alucinante {adj} :: hallucinatory
alucinante {adj} :: brilliant
alucinar {v} :: to hallucinate
alucinar {v} :: to fascinate
alucinógeno {adj} :: hallucinogenic
alucinógeno {m} :: hallucinogen
alud {m} :: avalanche
aludir {v} :: to allude
aluego {adv} :: synonym of luego
alumbramiento {m} :: birth, childbirth
alumbramiento {m} :: afterbirth
alumbrar {v} :: to illuminate
alumbrar {v} :: to give birth
alumbrar {v} :: to shed light (on)
alumbrarse {v} :: reflexive of alumbrar
alumbrarse {v} :: to get tipsy
alumbre {m} [chemistry] :: alum (an astringent salt)
alúmina {f} :: alumina (aluminum oxide)
aluminio {m} [chemical element, metal] :: aluminum
aluminita {f} [mineral] :: aluminite
aluminosilicato {m} :: aluminosilicate
aluminosis {f} [pathology] :: aluminosis
aluminosis {f} [construction] :: aluminosis
aluminoso {adj} :: aluminous
alumna {f} :: feminine noun of alumno
alumnado {m} :: student body, populace of students
alumnita {f} :: diminutive of alumna
alumno {m} :: pupil, student
alunita {f} [mineral] :: alunite
alunizaje {m} :: moon landing
alunizaje {m} :: ram-raiding
alunizar {v} :: to land on the moon
alusión {f} :: allusion
alusivo {adj} :: allusive
aluvial {adj} :: alluvial
aluvión {m} :: alluvium
aluvión {m} [figurative] :: tidal wave, avalanche, barrage (incredibly large amount)
aluvional {adj} :: alluvial
aluzado {adj} [Latin America] :: lit; lighted
aluzado {v} :: past participle of aluzar
aluzar {v} [Latin America] :: to light, light up
ALV {initialism} [Honduras, Mexico, vulgar, slang] :: initialism of a la verga
Álvara {prop} {f} :: given name
alvaradeño {adj} :: Pertaining to or originating from Alvarado in Mexico
Alvarado {prop} {m} :: surname
Alvarado {prop} {m} :: Alvarado (city)
Álvarez {prop} :: surname
alvarezsáurido {m} :: alvarezsaurid
Álvaro {prop} {m} :: given name
alveolado {adj} :: alveolate
alveolar {adj} :: alveolar
alveolar {f} :: alveolar
alveolitis seca {f} [dentistry] :: dry socket (inflammation of the alveolar bone)
alveolo {m} [anatomy] :: alveolus (anatomical structure that has the form of a hollow cavity)
alvéolo {m} :: alternative form of alveolo
alvéolo pulmonar {m} [anatomy] :: pulmonary alveolus (small air sac in the lungs)
alverja {f} :: alternative spelling of arveja
Alviar {prop} :: surname
al vuelo {adv} :: on-the-fly
al vuelo {adv} :: on the wing
Al-Yazira {prop} {f} :: Al Jazeera (Arabic satellite TV news channel)
alza {f} :: rise
alzacuello {m} :: choker (piece of jewelry worn close to the throat)
alzacuello {m} :: clerical collar
alzacuellos {m} :: clerical collar, dog collar
alzada {f} :: height (distance from bottom)
alzada {f} :: elevation
alzada {f} [legal] :: appeal
alzado {adj} :: lifted, raised up
alzadora {f} :: folding machine
Alzaga {prop} {f} :: surname
alzamiento {m} :: lifting; raise, increase
alzamiento {m} :: uprising, revolt
alzar {vt} :: to lift, raise
alzar {vt} :: to remove; to steal
alzar {vt} :: to hide
alzar {vr} :: to rise up, revolt
alzar el dedo {v} [idiomatic] :: to give the finger (make an obscene gesture)
alzarse {v} :: reflexive of alzar
alzheimer {m} [neurology, pathology] :: Alzheimer's disease
alzhéimer {m} :: Alzheimer's disease
a. m. {adv} :: a.m.
am {adv} :: a.m. (before noon)
AM {initialism} :: AM (before noon)
ama {f} :: lady of the house
ama {f} :: proprietress
ama {f} :: landlady
ama {f} :: housekeeper, head maid
ama {f} :: nursemaid, nanny
ama {f} :: wetnurse
ama {f} :: mistress
amabilidad {f} :: kindness
amabilísimo {adj} :: superlative of amable
amable {adj} :: kind, amiable
amable {adj} :: charming
amablemente {adv} :: kindly, friendly
amacollar {vir} [of stems, flowers, tillers, etc.] :: to grow in clumps or tufts
ama de casa {f} :: housewife (female head of household)
ama de casa {f} :: housekeeper (one who looks after the home by herself)
ama de cría {f} :: wet nurse
ama de llaves {f} :: housekeeper; maid
amaderado {adj} :: woody
amadisiano {adj} :: of or relating to Amadís de Gaula, a 14th century book, or its style
amadísimo {adj} :: superlative of amado
amado {adj} :: beloved
amador {m} :: lover
amadora {f} :: feminine noun of amador
amadrinar {v} :: to sponsor (as a woman)
amadrinar {v} :: to be a godmother (to)
amaestrador {m} :: animal trainer, animal tamer, tamer
amaestradora {f} :: female animal trainer
amaestramiento {m} :: training
amaestrar {v} :: to train, school, drill (an animal)
AMAF {m} :: HFCS (high fructose corn syrup)
amagar {v} :: to threaten
amago {m} :: start; beginnings
amago {m} [fencing] :: feint
amainar {v} :: to abate; die down
amaitinar {v} :: to watch
amaitinar {v} :: to spy on
amalecita {mf} :: Amalekite
amalfitana {f} :: feminine noun of amalfitano
amalfitano {adj} :: Of or pertaining to Amalfi
amalfitano {m} :: Native or resident of Amalfi
amalgama {f} :: amalgam (a combination of different things)
amalgama {f} [metallurgy] :: amalgam (an alloy containing mercury)
amalgamación {f} :: amalgamation
amalgamar {v} :: amalgamate
Amalia {prop} :: given name
a mal tiempo buena cara {phrase} [idiomatic] :: alternative spelling of al mal tiempo buena cara
amama {f} :: grandma
amamantamiento {m} :: breast feeding
amamantar {v} :: to nurse
Amán {prop} {m} :: Amman (the capital of Jordan)
amañar {v} :: to rig, fix, meddle with
amancebamiento {m} :: cohabitation
amancebarse {vr} :: To shack up; live together
amancillar {v} :: to besmirch; to taint
Amanda {prop} {f} :: given name
amanecer {m} :: dawn
amanecer {vi} [impersonal] :: to dawn
amanecer {vi} [impersonal] :: to get light (to become light in the morning)
amanecer {vi} :: to wake up (to cease to sleep)
amanecer {vi} :: to see the morning; be seen by the morning (to be in a given state when the sun rises)
amanecer {vt} :: to awake, wake up (to rouse from sleep)
amanecer {vr} :: to waken, awaken (to cease to sleep)
amanecer {vr} [Latin America] :: to stay awake all night
amanerado {adj} :: mannered
amanerado {adj} :: effeminate, camp
amaneramiento {m} :: affectation, mannerism
a mano {adv} :: by hand; manually; without the use of a machine
a mano {adv} :: at hand, on hand, to hand, handy (within easy reach; nearby)
a mano {adj} [idiomatic] :: even; equal with another
amaño {m} :: knack; skill
amaño {m} :: trick
amansador {m} :: tamer
a mansalva {adj} :: safe
a mansalva {adj} :: in droves
a mansalva {adv} :: securely
amansar {v} :: to tame
amantadina {f} [organic compound] :: amantadine
amante {adj} :: loving
amante {adj} :: beloved; dear
amante {mf} :: lover
amantísimo {adj} :: superlative of amante
amanuense {m} :: amanuensis (one employed to take dictation)
amapola {f} :: poppy
amar {v} [poetic] :: to love, have great affection for, care about
amaraje {m} :: water landing of an aircraft
amaranto {adj} :: amaranth, crimson (color)
amaranto {m} :: amaranth (herb)
amaranto {m} :: amaranth, crimson (color)
amarar {vi} :: to land an aircraft on water
a marchas forzadas {adv} [idiomatic] :: against the clock; as quickly as possible
amareta {f} :: macaroon (soft biscuit or cookie prepared with almond or coconut dough)
amargado {adj} :: bitter (resentful)
amargado {adj} :: joyless
amargamente {adv} :: bitterly
amargar {v} :: to make bitter; embitter
amargarse {vr} :: To go bitter, get bitter
amargo {adj} :: bitter, sour (having an acrid taste)
amargo {m} :: bitterness
amargo {m} :: sign (warning)
amargor {m} :: bitterness
amarguísimo {adj} :: superlative of amargo
amargura {f} :: acerbity, bitterness
amargura {f} :: sorrow
amárico {m} :: Amharic (a Semitic language spoken in Ethiopia)
amariconado {adj} [pejorative] :: homosexual, gay
amariconado {adj} :: effeminate
amariconar {vt} [vulgar] :: to cause to become gay
amariconar {vr} [vulgar] :: to turn gay
amarilidóidea {f} :: amarrylid
amarilis {f} :: amaryllis (the belladonna lily Amaryllis belladonna)
Amarilla {prop} :: surname
amarilleamiento {m} :: yellowing
amarillear {v} :: to become yellow
amarillecer {v} :: to become yellow
amarillejo {adj} :: yellowish
amarillento {adj} :: yellowish
amarillez {f} :: yellowness
amarillismo {m} :: Sensationalism, as practised in the yellow press
amarillista {adj} :: Of tabloid journalism, sensationalist
amarillo {adj} :: yellow or golden coloured
amarillo {adj} [heraldry] :: or
amarillo {m} :: yellow
Amarillo {prop} {m} :: Amarillo (city)
amarillor {m} [rare] :: yellowness
amarilloso {adj} :: yellowish, yellow
amarillura {f} [obsolete] :: yellowness
amarizar {vi} :: alternative form of amarar
amar no es amor {phrase} :: A statement of unrequited love
Amaro {prop} :: surname
amarra {f} [nautical] :: mooring line, warp
amarradero {m} [nautical] :: berth; mooring
amarrador {adj} [attributive] :: mooring, docking
amarrador {m} :: moorer, docker
amarrar {v} :: to moor
amarrar {v} :: to tie
amarrarse {v} :: reflexive of amarrar
amarreta {f} :: feminine noun of amarrete
amarrete {adj} :: stingy; miserly
amarrete {m} :: miser; stinge
amarronado {adj} :: brownish
amarse {v} :: to love oneself
amarse {v} [in the plural] :: to make love
amartelar {v} :: to fall in love
amartillar {vt} :: to hammer
amartillar {vt} :: to cock (a gun)
amartillar {v} :: to ensure
amartizaje {m} :: Mars landing
amartizar {vi} :: to land on Mars
amasadora {f} :: kneading machine
amasar {v} :: to knead
amasijar {v} [slang] :: to beat up, do in
amasijo {m} :: mishmash, hodgepodge
amasijo de hierros {m} [idiom] :: A crashed car; a write-off; a vehicle written off
a más no poder {adv} [idiom] :: as much as possible, as could be
a más no poder {adv} [idiom] :: to the utmost; to the max
amatar {v} :: obsolete spelling of matar
amate {m} :: amate tree (Ficus insipida)
amate {m} :: amate paper
amate {m} :: amate (art form)
amateur {adj} :: amateurish, amateur
amateur {mf} :: amateur (person attached to a pursuit without pursuing it professionally)
amateurismo {m} :: amateurism
amatista {adj} :: amethyst-colored
amatista {f} :: amethyst
amatorio {adj} :: amatory, love [attributive]
amatoxina {f} :: amatoxin
amatxu {f} [Basque Country] :: mum
Amaya {prop} {f} :: given name
amazacotado {adj} :: heavy, thick
amazacotado {adj} :: crude, lacking grace
amazigh {adj} :: Amazigh
amazigh {mf} :: Amazigh
amazilia {m} :: A hummingbird of the Amazilia genus
amazona {f} :: horsewoman
amazona {f} :: amazon
Amazonas {prop} {m} :: Amazonas (river)
Amazonas {prop} {m} :: Amazonas (placename)
Amazonas {prop} {m} :: Amazonas (region)
Amazonas {prop} {m} :: Amazonas (department)
Amazonas {prop} {m} :: Amazonas (state)
amazonense {adj} :: Amazonian
amazonense {adj} :: Born, native or original from the Amazonas of Peru, Brazil, Colombia and Venezuela
amazonense {mf} :: Amazonian
Amazonía {prop} {f} :: Amazon, Amazonia (region of the Amazon rainforest)
amazónico {adj} :: Amazonian
amazonio {adj} :: rare form of amazónico
amazonita {f} :: amazonite (gem)
ambages {mp} :: circumlocution, ambages (indirect or roundabout ways of talking)
ambages {mp} [rare] :: ambages (indirect or roundabout routes or directions)
ámbar {m} :: amber
ámbar gris {m} :: ambergris
ambarino {adj} :: amber colored
ambateña {f} :: feminine noun of ambateño
ambateño {adj} :: Of or from the city of Ambato, Ecuador
ambateño {m} :: An inhabitant of the city of Ambato, Ecuador
Amberes {prop} {m} :: Antwerp (province and city)
amberino {adj} :: Antwerpian
amberino {m} :: Antwerpian
ambición {f} :: ambition
ambicionar {v} :: to aspire
ambiciosamente {adv} :: ambitiously
ambicioso {adj} :: ambitious
ambidextro {adj} :: ambidextrous
ambidiestro {adj} :: ambidextrous
ambientación {f} :: setting
ambientador {m} :: air freshener
ambiental {adj} :: environmental
ambientalismo {m} :: environmentalism (ideology seeking to prevent the degradation of environment)
ambientalista {mf} :: environmentalist
ambientalmente {adv} :: environmentally (affecting one's environment)
ambientar {v} :: to provide an ambiance
ambientazo {m} :: augmentative of ambiente
ambiente {m} :: atmosphere
ambiente {m} :: environment [used with medio when talking about nature]
ambiente {m} :: room
ambientólogo {adj} :: environmental scientist
ambigrama {m} :: ambigram
ambigú {m} :: buffet
ambiguamente {adv} :: ambiguously
ambigüedad {f} :: ambiguity
ambiguo {adj} :: ambiguous
ambiguo {adj} [grammar, of a noun] :: Used as both masculine and feminine
ámbito {m} :: scope, field
ámbito {m} [music] :: ambitus
ambivalencia {f} :: ambivalence
ambivalente {adj} :: ambivalent
amblar {v} :: to amble
ambliopía {f} :: amblyopia (dimness or blurring of the eyesight)
ambo {m} [Argentina, Chile] :: suit
ambos {adj} :: both
ambraciota {adj} :: Ambracian
ambraciota {mf} :: Ambracian
ambrosía {f} :: ambrosia (food of gods or delicious foods)
ambrotipo {m} :: ambrotype
ambulacral {adj} :: ambulacral
ambulancia {f} :: ambulance
ambulantaje {m} :: street vending
ambulante {adj} :: travelling, ambulant
ambular {vi} [rare] :: to walk
ambulatorio {adj} :: outpatient
ambulatorio {m} :: outpatient clinic
ambulofobia {f} :: ambulophobia
ameba {f} :: amoeba
amebiano {adj} :: amoebic
ameboide {adj} :: amoeboid / ameboid
amebozoo {m} [biology] :: amoebozoan
a medias {adv} :: not fully
a media voz {adv} [idiomatic] :: under one's breath, quietly
a medida que {conj} :: as (progressively)
a medio gas {adv} [idiomatic] :: with the foot off the pedal
amedrentador {adj} :: frightening
amedrentador {adj} :: menacing
amedrentamiento {m} :: scare tactic
amedrentar {v} :: to intimidate
amelcochar {v} :: to thicken
amelcochar {vr} :: to fall in love
Amelia {prop} {f} :: given name
ameloblastina {f} [cytology] :: ameloblastin
amelogenina {f} [protein] :: amelogenin
amén {interj} :: amen
amenabariano {adj} :: Of or pertaining to Alejandro Amenábar, Spanish film director
amenamente {adv} :: agreeably, amenably
amenaza {f} :: threat
amenazado {adj} :: threatened
amenazador {adj} :: threatening (presenting a threat)
amenazadoramente {adv} :: menacingly, threateningly
amenazante {adj} :: threatening
amenazar {vt} :: to threaten
amén de {adv} [idiomatic] :: as well as
amenguar {v} :: to diminish
amenguar {v} :: to slander, to defame
amenidad {f} :: amenity
amenísimo {adj} :: superlative of ameno
amenizar {vt} :: to make pleasant
amenizar {vt} :: to adorn
ameno {adj} :: pleasant
amenorrea {f} :: amenorrhoea
a menos que {conj} :: unless
-amento {suffix} :: alternative form of -mento
amento {m} :: catkin
a menudo {adv} :: often (habitually)
América {prop} {f} :: America (the Americas)
América {prop} {f} [proscribed] :: America (the United States of America)
América Central {prop} {f} :: Central America
América del Norte {prop} {f} :: North America; Usually excluding Central America and the Caribbean
América del Sur {prop} {f} :: South America (continent that is the southern part of the Americas)
América Latina {prop} {f} :: Latin America (parts of the Americas where Spanish or Portuguese are spoken)
América Meridional {prop} {f} :: South America (continent that is the southern part of the Americas)
americana {f} :: feminine noun of americano
americana {f} [feminine only] :: cloth jacket with lapels and buttons, reaching below the hip
americanidad {f} :: Americanness
americanísimo {adj} :: superlative of americano
americanismo {m} :: Americanism (linguistic feature)
americanista {mf} :: Americanist
americanización {f} :: Americanization
americanizar {v} :: to Americanize
americano {adj} :: of the Americas
americano {adj} :: of the United States
americano {m} :: American (a native of the Americas)
americano {m} :: American (a native of the United States)
americano {m} :: someone who became rich in the Americas and returned to his country
Américas {prop} :: plural of América
americio {m} :: americium
Américo {prop} {m} :: given name
amerindia {f} :: feminine noun of amerindio
amerindio {adj} :: Amerindian
ameritar {v} :: to merit
amerizaje {m} :: sea-landing or touchdown
amerizar {vi} :: alternative form of amarar
amesetado {adj} :: on a plateau
amesetamiento {m} :: plateauing
ametrallador {m} :: machine gunner
ametralladora {f} :: machine gun
ametrallamiento {m} :: strafing
ametrallar {v} :: to machine-gun; to shoot with a machine gun
ametrallar {v} :: to shoot with shot ammunition
ametrino {m} [mineral, uncommon] :: ametrine
ametropía {f} :: ametropia
amianto {m} :: asbestos
amibo {m} :: alternative form of ameba
amical {m} [sports] :: friendly
amicísimo {adj} [superlative] :: most friendly, very friendly
amida {f} [chemistry] :: amide
amidina {f} [chemistry] :: amidine
amidofosforribosiltransferasa {f} [enzyme] :: amidophosphoribosyltransferase
-amiento {suffix} :: alternative form of -miento
amiga {f} :: feminine noun of amigo, friend
amigabilidad {f} :: friendliness
amigable {adj} :: amicable
amigable {adj} :: companionable
amigablemente {adv} :: amicably
amiga con derecho a roce {f} :: feminine noun of amigo con derecho a roce
amiga con derechos {f} :: feminine noun of amigo con derechos
amiga con ventajas {f} :: feminine noun of amigo con ventajas
amigamiento {m} [rare] :: befriending
amiga por correspondencia {f} :: feminine noun of amigo por correspondencia
amigar {vt} :: to cause (people) to be friends
amigar {vi} :: to make friends (to create friendships)
amígdala {f} :: amygdala
amígdala palatina {f} :: palatine tonsil
amigdalectomía {f} [surgery] :: tonsillectomy
amigdalina {f} [organic compound] :: amygdalin
amigdalitis {f} [pathology] :: tonsilitis; strep throat
amigdalogloso {m} :: amygdaloglossus
amigo {m} :: friend
amigo con derecho a roce {m} [Spain] :: friend with benefits
amigo con derechos {m} :: friend with benefits
amigo con ventajas {m} :: friend with benefits (friend with whom one has a casual sexual relationship)
amigo de lo ajeno {m} [euphemistic, colloquial] :: light-fingered (hief, robber)
amigo invisible {m} :: invisible friend
amigo invisible {m} :: secret Santa
amigo por correspondencia {m} :: pen pal
amigote {m} :: crony
amigovia {f} :: feminine noun of amigovio
amigovio {m} :: friend with benefits
amiguero {adj} :: friendly
amiguete {m} :: friend, buddy, crony
amiguísimo {adj} :: superlative of amigo
amiguismo {m} :: cronyism (favoritism to friends without regard for their qualifications)
amiguista {adj} :: crony
amiguita {f} :: diminutive of amiga
amiguito {m} :: diminutive of amigo
amilanar {v} :: to daunt
amilanarse {vr} :: to cower (to crouch in fear)
amilasa {f} [enzyme] :: amylase
amílico {adj} :: amyl
amilina {f} :: amylin
amiloide {adj} :: amyloid
amiloide {m} :: amyloid
amiloideo {adj} :: amyloid
amiloidosis {f} [pathology] :: amyloidosis
amilopectina {f} [carbohydrate] :: amylopectin
amiloplasto {m} [cytology] :: amyloplast
amilosa {f} [carbohydrate] :: amylose
a mil por hora {adv} [idiom] :: quick as a flash
amina {m} [inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry] :: amine
aminación {f} [organic chemistry] :: amination
amino {adj} :: amino
amino {m} :: amino
aminoácido {m} [organic chemistry] :: amino acid
aminoácido esencial {m} [amino acid] :: essential amino acid (amino acid which is a dietry requirement)
aminoaciduria {f} [medicine] :: aminoaciduria
aminoacil {f} [organic chemistry] :: An aminoacyl
aminobenceno {m} [organic chemistry] :: aminobenzene
aminobenzoato {m} [organic compound] :: aminobenzoate
aminobenzoico {adj} :: aminobenzoic
aminobifenol {m} [organic compound] :: aminobiphenol
aminobutirato {m} [organic compound] :: aminobutyrate
aminobutírico {adj} :: aminobutyric
aminociclopropano {m} :: aminocyclopropane
aminoglucósido {m} :: aminoglycoside
aminograma {m} :: aminogram
aminometiltransferasa {f} [enzyme] :: aminomethyltransferase
aminoración {f} :: reduction; lessening
aminorar {v} :: to lessen
aminotransferasa {f} [enzyme] :: transaminase, aminotransferase
amiodarona {f} [pharmaceutical drug] :: amiodarone
amiotrofia {f} [pathology] :: amyotrophy
amiotrófico {adj} [medicine] :: amyotrophic
amir {m} [rare] :: archaic spelling of emir
amish {adj} :: Amish
amish {mf} :: Amish
amistad {f} :: friendship
amistad con derechos {f} [idiomatic] :: friendship with benefits (non-emotional sexual friendship)
amistad con ventajas {f} [idiomatic] :: friendship with benefits (non-emotional sexual friendship)
amistar {vt} :: to cause (people) to be friends
amistar {vt} :: to friend (to add as a friend)
amistar {vt} [Mexico] :: to befriend
amistar {vi} :: to make friends (to create friendships)
amistosamente {adv} :: In a friendly manner; friendlily
amistoso {adj} :: friendly
amistoso {m} [sports] :: friendly match
AMLO {prop} {m} :: abbreviation of Andrés Manuel López Obrador
amlodipino {m} :: amlodipine
amloísta {mf} [Mexico, politics] :: A supporter of Mexican politician Andrés Manuel López Obrador
Ammán {prop} :: alternative spelling of Amán
Am. Mer. {prop} :: abbreviation of América Meridional
amnesia {f} :: amnesia
amnesia anterógrada {f} [pathology] :: anterograde amnesia (inability to remember new information)
amnesia retrógrada {f} :: retrograde amnesia (loss of memories from the period leading up to the amnesic episode)
amnésica {f} :: feminine noun of amnésico
amnésico {adj} :: amnesic
amnésico {m} :: amnesiac
amnesifobia {f} :: amnesiphobia
amniocentesis {f} :: amniocentesis
amnios {m} [anatomy] :: amnion
amniota {f} :: amniote
amniótico {adj} :: amniotic (pertaining to the amnion)
amnistía {f} :: amnesty
amnistiable {adj} :: To which amnesty may be granted
amnistiar {v} :: to grant amnesty to
amo {m} :: master (man who owns a slave)
amo {m} :: owner, master, keeper (man who owns an animal)
amoblado {adj} :: furnished
amoblar {v} :: to furnish
amo de casa {m} :: househusband
a modo de {conj} :: as, by way of
amodorrar {v} :: to tire, fatigue
amodorrar {vr} :: to drift off, nod off (fall asleep)
amohinar {v} :: to cause displeasure, sadness, or melancholy
amohinar {v} :: to annoy
amojamado {v} :: past participle of amojamar
amojamar {v} :: to mark out (a boundary or trail) with stones
amojonamiento {m} :: marking out; marking the boundary
amojonar {v} :: to milestone (place milestones along)
amolador {m} :: grinder, sharpener
amoladora {f} :: grinder (tool)
amoladora angular {f} :: angle grinder (power tool)
amolar {v} :: to sharpen
amoldable {adj} :: Able to change or adapt; adaptable
amoldar {v} :: to mold
amole {m} :: amole
amole {m} [Louisiana] :: cassava
Amón {prop} {m} :: Amun (Egyptian god)
amonal {m} :: ammonal
amonarse {v} [colloquial] :: to get sloshed
amonedación {f} :: coining; minting
amonedamiento {m} :: minting; coining
amonedar {v} :: to mint (money)
amonestación {m} :: admonishment
amonestación {m} [sports] :: the issuing of a caution; yellow card
amonestar {v} :: to warn; to reprimand; to admonish
amoniacal {adj} :: ammoniacal
amoniaco {m} :: ammonia
amoníaco {m} :: ammonia
amónico {adj} :: ammonic
amonio {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: ammonium
amonite {m} [palaeontology] :: ammonite (extinct cephalopod)
amonitol {m} :: a type of explosive made with a mixture of ammonal and nitromethane
amontillado {m} :: amontillado
amontonadero {m} [Mexico, colloquial] :: heap, especially a disorderly one
amontonamiento {m} :: cluster, lump (group, set, or unit)
amontonar {v} :: to pile up