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á {prep}  :: obsolete spelling of a
à {prep}  :: obsolete spelling of a
a {f}  :: Name of the letter A
a {letter}  :: The first letter of the Spanish alphabet, called a and written in the Latin script
a- {prefix}  :: a-, non-, -less
a- {prefix}  :: A prefix forming words, especially verbs, that denote entering a state, making progress toward a goal, or the like
a {prep}  :: at
a {prep}  :: by
a {prep}  :: to
a {prep}  :: Used before words referring to people, pets, or personified objects or places that function as direct objects: personal a
-a {suffix}  :: -ess. (Used to form feminine singular nouns.)
-a {suffix}  :: -s. (Used to form the third-person singular (also used with usted) present indicative mood of regular -ar verbs.)
-a {suffix}  :: (Used to form the feminine singular adjectives.)
-a {suffix}  :: (Used to form the first and third-person singular (also used with usted) singular subjunctive mood of -er and -ir verbs, also used for the imperative mood of usted.)
-a {suffix}  :: (Used to form the second-person singular imperative mood of -ar verbs.)
A {m} [chess]  :: bishop
AA {initialism}  :: initialism of Alcohólicos Anónimos
añadidura {f}  :: addition
añadidura {f}  :: add-on
añadidura {f}  :: extra
añadidura {f}  :: Something that is added, especially something that a merchant gives to a buyer to complete the amount requested, or something extra given as a bonus; a gratuity, lagniappe
añadir {v}  :: to add
añadir {v}  :: to annex
añadir {v}  :: to append
añadir {v}  :: to augment
añal {adj}  :: alternative form of anual
aaleniano {adj} [geology]  :: Aalenian
aaleniano {f} [geology]  :: Aalenian
añares {mp} [Argentina, Colombia, Uruguay]  :: eon (many years, a long period of time)
Aarón {prop}  :: male given name. Spanish equivalent of Aaron
aarónico {adj}  :: Aaronic
ab. {abbr}  :: Apr. (April)
-aba {suffix}  :: Suffix indicating the first-person singular imperfect indicative of -ar verbs
-aba {suffix}  :: Suffix indicating the third-person singular imperfect indicative of -ar verbs
abañada {v} [feminine past participle of, abañar]  ::
abañadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, abañar]  ::
abañados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, abañar]  ::
abañadura {f}  :: sifting
abañar {v}  :: to sift
ababa {f}  :: red poppy
Ababa {prop}  :: female given name
ababillarse {v} [veterinary medicine, Chile, Mexico]  :: to be sick with the stifle (of horses and other quadrupeds)
ababol {m}  :: absentminded or simpleminded person
ababol {m}  :: simpleton
ababol {m}  :: The flower of the red poppy. (Papaver rhoeas)
abacá {m}  :: abaca
abacá {m}  :: Manilla hemp
abacalera {f}  :: abaca worker (farmer, transporter, or salesman)
abacalero {f}  :: abaca worker (farmer, transporter, or salesman)
abacería {f}  :: grocery (store)
abacero {f}  :: grocer
abacial {adj}  :: abbatial
abacista {m}  :: abacist
abacora {f} [Antilles]  :: swordfish (Xiphias gladius)
abacora {f} [Latin America]  :: type of tuna
abacorar {v} [Andes, Caribbean]  :: to catch, to surprise
abacorar {v} [Cuba]  :: to stockpile, to hoard, to corner the market
abacorar {v} [Latin America]  :: to monopolize
abacorar {v}  :: to attack
abacorar {v}  :: to corner
abacorar {v}  :: to overcome
abacorar {v}  :: to pursue relentlessly, to harass
abacorar {v}  :: to smooch while dancing
abad {m}  :: abbot
abadía {f}  :: abbey
abadía {f}  :: abbeystead
abadejo {m}  :: pollock, pollack (fish related to cod)
abadengo {adj}  :: abbatial, of an abbot
abadernar {v} [nautical]  :: to fasten with short ropes
abadesa {f}  :: abbess
Abadán {prop}  :: Abadan
-abais {suffix}  :: Suffix indicating the second-person plural imperfect indicative of -ar verbs
abajadero {m}  :: slope, incline
abajar {v}  :: to descend
abajar {v}  :: to go down
abajeño {adj}  :: coastal
abajeño {adj}  :: lowlander
abajeño {m}  :: lowlander, coastal dweller
abajera {f} [Argentina, Chile, Uruguay]  :: saddlecloth
abajero {adj} [Latin America]  :: lower, under
abajino {adj} [Chile]  :: from, of or relating to the north of Chile
abajino {f} [Chile]  :: someone from the north of Chile
abajo {adv}  :: below
abajo {adv}  :: down
abajo {adv}  :: downstairs
abajo {interj}  :: down with!
abajo {v} [figuratively]  :: down with, away with
abajofirmante {m}  :: undersigned, signatory
abajor {m} [obsolete]  :: lack of stature, height; shortness
abalanzada {v} [feminine past participle of, abalanzar]  ::
abalanzadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, abalanzar]  ::
abalanzados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, abalanzar]  ::
abalanzar {vr} [~se sobre]  :: to pounce on, swoop down on
abalanzar {vt} [dated]  :: to balance, compensate
abalanzar {vt}  :: to propel
abalanzarse {v}  :: to pounce
abaldonadamente {adv} [obsolete]  :: daringly, courageously
abaldonamiento {m}  :: audacity
abaleada {v} [feminine past participle of, abalear]  ::
abaleadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, abalear]  ::
abaleados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, abalear]  ::
abalear {vt} [Latin America]  :: to shoot
abaleo {m} [Latin America]  :: shooting
abalorio {m}  :: glass beads
abaluartada {v} [feminine past participle of, abaluartar]  ::
abaluartadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, abaluartar]  ::
abaluartados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, abaluartar]  ::
abaluartar {v}  :: to fortify with bastions
abamperio {m}  :: abampere
-aban {suffix}  :: Suffix indicating the third-person plural imperfect indicative of -ar verbs
abanación {f}  :: abannation, banishment
abanada {v} [feminine past participle of, abanar]  ::
abanadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, abanar]  ::
abanados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, abanar]  ::
abanar {vr} [Argentina, Chile, Uruguay]  :: to show off
abanar {v}  :: to fan
abancalar {v}  :: to terrace
abanderada {f}  :: standard-bearer
abanderado {f}  :: standard-bearer, flagbearer
abanderar {v}  :: to lead a cause, rebellion, movement
abanderar {v}  :: to register a boat under a particular nationality
abanderizar {vt}  :: to polarize; to divide into factions
abandonado {adj}  :: abandoned
abandonado {adj}  :: dirty, sloppy, negligent
abandonamiento {m} [rare]  :: abandonment
abandonar {v}  :: to abandon
abandonar {v}  :: to leave
abandonar {v}  :: to neglect
abandonismo {m}  :: defeatism
abandonista {adj}  :: defeatist
abandono {m}  :: abandonment
abandono de proceso {m} [legal]  :: nolle prosequi (declaration that a prosecution will not proceed)
abanicada {f}  :: fanning, fanning action
abanicada {v} [feminine past participle of, abanicar]  ::
abanicadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, abanicar]  ::
abanicados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, abanicar]  ::
abanicar {v}  :: to fan
abanicazo {m}  :: A hit with a fan
abanico {m}  :: fan (hand-held device)
abanico aluvial {m}  :: alluvial fan
abanillo {m}  :: ruffle, frill, puff
abanillo {m}  :: small fan
abano {m}  :: ceiling fan
abano {m}  :: fly-chaser (tool to chase flies from an area)
Abanto {prop}  :: A town in Zaragoza, Aragon, Spain
Abanto {prop}  :: Spanish surname
abaratada {v} [feminine past participle of, abaratar]  ::
abaratadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, abaratar]  ::
abaratados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, abaratar]  ::
abaratamiento {m}  :: reduction (generally in the price of an item)
abaratar {v}  :: to make cheaper (by reducing the price)
abarbetada {v} [feminine past participle of, abarbetar]  ::
abarbetadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, abarbetar]  ::
abarbetados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, abarbetar]  ::
abarbetar {v}  :: to lash (with rope, cord, etc.)
abarca {f}  :: sandal
abarcar {v}  :: to clasp
abarcar {v}  :: to comprise, to make up, to contain, to include
abarcar {v}  :: to embrace, to encompass
abarcar {v}  :: to monopolize, to corner
abarcar {v}  :: to take in
abarcar {v}  :: to undertake, to embark upon
abarcar más de lo que se puede {v}  :: to bite off more than one can chew (to try to do too much)
abarracada {v} [feminine past participle of, abarracar]  ::
abarracadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, abarracar]  ::
abarracados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, abarracar]  ::
abarracar {v}  :: to construct barracks
abarrada {v} [feminine past participle of, abarrar]  ::
abarradas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, abarrar]  ::
abarrados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, abarrar]  ::
abarrar {v}  :: to throw with force
abarraz {f}  :: stavesacre (Delphinium staphisagria)
abarrotado {adj}  :: overcrowded (containing too many occupants for an area of its size)
abarrotar {v}  :: to bar
abarrotar {v}  :: to pack
abarrotar {v}  :: to stow cargo on a ship
abarrote {m} [Latin America]  :: (plural) groceries
abarrote {m}  :: packing
abarrotería {f} [Mexico, Guatemala, Panama]  :: general store, local shop
abartarse {v}  :: to go down in price
-abas {suffix}  :: Suffix indicating the second-person singular imperfect indicative of -ar verbs
abastada {v} [feminine past participle of, abastar]  ::
abastadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, abastar]  ::
abastados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, abastar]  ::
abastamiento {m}  :: dated form of abastecimiento
abastar {v}  :: to supply
abastardar {vi}  :: To degrade, degenerate
abastardar {vt}  :: To degrade, debase, bastardize
abastecedor {m}  :: outfitter
abastecer {v}  :: to supply (with)
abastecimiento {m}  :: supply
abastimiento {m}  :: dated form of abastecimiento
abastionar {v}  :: to fortify with bastions
abasto {m}  :: grocery
abasto {m}  :: supply
abatanar {v}  :: to beat, hit, abase
abatanar {v}  :: to full, mill (clothing)
abatatar {v}  :: to embarrass
abatatar {v}  :: to frighten
abatible {adj}  :: reclining (seat)
abatidamente {adv}  :: abjectly
abatido {adj}  :: abject, discouraged
abatimiento {m}  :: abjectness
abatimiento {m}  :: dejection
abatimiento {m}  :: depressiveness
abatir {v}  :: to demolish
abatir {v}  :: to depress
abatir {v}  :: to discourage
abatir {v}  :: to humble
abatirse {v}  :: to become depressed
abatirse {v}  :: to fall
abatojada {v} [feminine past participle of, abatojar]  ::
abatojadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, abatojar]  ::
abatojados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, abatojar]  ::
abatojar {v} [Aragon]  :: to thresh
abaya {f}  :: abaya
abazón {m} [anatomy, zoology]  :: cheek pouch (pouch in the cheek)
abciximab {m} [pharmaceutical drug]  :: abciximab
Abdías {prop}  :: Obadiah, Abdias [biblical character]
Abdías {prop}  :: the book of Obdiah
abdesto {m}  :: abdest (Islamic act of washing parts of the body)
abdicación {f}  :: abdication, abandonment of a job or task
abdicar {v}  :: to abdicate, relinquish
abdicativamente {adv}  :: abdicatingly
abdicativo {adj}  :: abdicative
abdomen {m}  :: abdomen
abdominal {adj}  :: abdominal
abdominal {m}  :: sit-up
abdominalmente {adv}  :: abdominally
abdominoplastia {f} [surgery]  :: abdominoplasty
abducción {f}  :: abduction (physiology: movement separating limb from axis)
abducida {v} [feminine past participle of, abducir]  ::
abducidas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, abducir]  ::
abducidos {v} [masculine plural past participle of, abducir]  ::
abducir {v} [physiology, anatomy]  :: to abduce, to abduct (draw away from the median axis of the body)
abductor {m} [anatomy]  :: abductor
abductor del meñique {m}  :: abductor minimi digiti
abductor largo del pulgar {m}  :: abductor pollicis longus
abecé {m}  :: ABCs (alphabet)
abecé {m}  :: primer (textbook formerly used to teach the alphabet)
abecedariano {f}  :: Abecedarian (member of a 16th-century sect)
abecedario {m}  :: alphabet (an ordered set of letters used in a language)
abecedario {m}  :: spelling book, primer
abedul {m}  :: birch
abeja {f}  :: bee (the insect)
abeja albañila {f}  :: mason bee
abeja carpintera {f}  :: carpenter bee
abeja de miel {f}  :: honeybee
abeja machiega {f}  :: worker bee
abeja maesa {f}  :: queen bee
abeja maestra {f}  :: queen bee
abeja melífera {f}  :: honey bee
abeja neutra {f}  :: worker bee
abeja obrera {f}  :: worker bee
abejar {m}  :: apiary
abeja reina {f}  :: queen bee
abejarrón {m}  :: bumblebee
abejaruco {m}  :: bee-eater
abejear {v} [El Salvador]  :: to be vigilant
abejera {f}  :: beekeeper (someone who keeps bees)
abejero {f}  :: beekeeper (someone who keeps bees)
abejita {f}  :: young bee
abejón {m}  :: bumblebee
abejonear {vi}  :: to buzz
abejorrear {v} [of an insect]  :: to buzz
abejorro {m}  :: bumblebee
abejorro {m}  :: cockchafer
abejuno {adj} [obsolete]  :: apian
Abel {prop} [biblical character]  :: Abel
abeldada {v} [feminine past participle of, abeldar]  ::
abeldadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, abeldar]  ::
abeldados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, abeldar]  ::
abeldar {v}  :: to winnow
abeliano {adj}  :: abelian
abelmosco {m} [botany]  :: abelmosk (evergreen shrub)
abelonita {m}  :: Abelian (member of a sect living like Abel)
abemoladamente {adv}  :: sweetly
abemolar {v}  :: to soften, to lower the voice
abenuz {m}  :: ebony
aberración {f}  :: aberration, aberrancy
aberrante {adj}  :: shocking, aberrant
aberrar {v}  :: to be wrong, to err
abertal {adj}  :: crackled, cracked
abertura {f}  :: opening
abetal {m}  :: an area planted with firs
abetal {m}  :: fir forest, wood
abete {m}  :: obsolete spelling of abeto
abeto {m}  :: fir
abetunada {v} [feminine past participle of, abetunar]  ::
abetunadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, abetunar]  ::
abetunados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, abetunar]  ::
abetunar {v} [archaic]  :: to shine with shoe polish
abiertamente {adv}  :: openly, aboveboard
abierto {adj}  :: open
abierto de mente {adj}  :: open-minded
Abigaíl {prop} [Bible]  :: the wife of Nabal and later of David
Abigaíl {prop}  :: female given name, Abigail
abigarradamente {adv}  :: In a motley manner
abigarrado {adj}  :: pertaining to a mishmash of ill-sorted things
abigarrado {adj}  :: variegated, colorful, pertaining to clashing colors
abigarramiento {m}  :: motley
abigarrar {v}  :: to paint in many colors, make colorful paints
abigeato {m}  :: abigeat, cattle-theft
abigeo {m}  :: cattle stealer; rustler
Abimelech {prop}  :: Abimelech (Biblical character)
abiogénesis {f}  :: abiogenesis
abisagrar {vt}  :: to hinge (to attach by a hinge)
abisal {adj}  :: abyssal (belonging to the ocean depths)
Abisinia {prop}  :: Abyssinia
abisinio {adj}  :: Abyssinian
abisinio {f}  :: Abyssinian
abismal {adj}  :: abysmal
abismalmente {adv}  :: abysmally
abismarse {v}  :: to engulf
abismarse {v}  :: to plunge into
abismo {m}  :: abyss
abismo de Challenger {prop}  :: Challenger Deep (deepest point in the world)
abiótico {adj}  :: abiotic
Abiyán {prop}  :: Abidjan (the largest city of Côte d'Ivoire)
abjad {m} [linguistics]  :: abjad (writing system)
abjasia {f}  :: feminine form of abjasio
abjasio {adj}  :: Abkhaz
abjasio {f}  :: Abkhaz person
abjasio {prop}  :: Abkhaz (language)
abjaso {m}  :: Abkhaz (a Northwest Caucasian language spoken in Abkhazia)
abjurar {v}  :: to abjure
ablación {f}  :: ablation
ablacionada {v} [feminine past participle of, ablacionar]  ::
ablacionadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, ablacionar]  ::
ablacionados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, ablacionar]  ::
ablacionar {v}  :: to ablate
ablandada {v} [feminine past participle of, ablandar]  ::
ablandadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, ablandar]  ::
ablandados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, ablandar]  ::
ablandar {vi}  :: to become less severe
ablandar {vt}  :: to soften, to soothe
ablandarse {v}  :: to soften
ablativo {m} [grammar]  :: ablative
-able {suffix}  :: -able
abúlico {adj}  :: abulic
ablución {f}  :: ablution
abluir {v}  :: to ablute
abnegación {f}  :: abnegation
abnegadamente {adv}  :: unselfishly
abnegado {adj}  :: unselfish
abnegar {v}  :: to renounce
abocado {adj}  :: quaffable, drinkable (of wine, easy to drink, neither sweet nor dry)
a bocajarro {adv}  :: At point-blank
a bocajarro {adv}  :: In a direct manner, without hesitation; to say something straight out
abocar {v}  :: to seize or grab with the mouth
abocetado {adj}  :: sketchy
abochornado {adj}  :: blushed, ashamed
abochornar {v}  :: to embarrass; to cause to blush
abochornar {v}  :: to overheat
abochornarse {v}  :: to shame oneself
abofeteada {v} [feminine past participle of, abofetear]  ::
abofeteadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, abofetear]  ::
abofeteados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, abofetear]  ::
abofetear {vt}  :: to slap
abogacía {f}  :: advocacy
abogacía {f}  :: the practice of law; lawyering
abogada {f}  :: female lawyer
abogado {f}  :: lawyer, solicitor, counsel
abogado del diablo {m} [idiomatic]  :: devil's advocate
abogado de oficio {m} [legal]  :: public defender
abogar {v}  :: to advocate
abogar {v}  :: to defend in court
abéñola {f} [obsolete]  :: eyelash
abolengo {m}  :: ancestry
abolición {f}  :: abolition
abolicionismo {m}  :: abolitionism
abolicionista {m}  :: abolitionist
abolida {v} [feminine past participle of, abolir]  ::
abolidas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, abolir]  ::
abolidos {v} [masculine plural past participle of, abolir]  ::
abolir {vt}  :: to abolish
abolir {vt}  :: to revoke
abollado {adj}  :: bumpy, battered
abollado {adj}  :: dented
abolladura {f}  :: dent
abollar {v}  :: to dent
abollar {v}  :: to emboss
abollar {v}  :: to trample
abollarse {vr}  :: to get dented
abombada {v} [feminine past participle of, abombar]  ::
abombadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, abombar]  ::
abombados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, abombar]  ::
abombar {v}  :: to make round or convex
abombar {v}  :: to stun
abombarse {v}  :: to decompose
abominable {adj}  :: abominable
abominable hombre de las nieves {m}  :: abominable snowman
abominablemente {adv}  :: abominably
abominación {f}  :: abomination
abominación {f}  :: horror, abhorrence
abominar {v}  :: to abhor
abonado {m}  :: subscription
abonar {vi}  :: To pay a certain amount of money by each term of a loan or sale
abonar {vp}  :: To reconcile with someone without going to court
abonar {vt}  :: To accredit a sum of money to the account of someone, contributing funds or reducing the balance
abonar {vt}  :: to fertilize (to provide nutrients to crops using fertilizers)
abonar {vt}  :: To give credit or describe positively
abonar {vt}  :: To make an annotation in the salary on an account
abonar {vt}  :: To make something better
abonar {vt}  :: To pay an amount of money
abonarse {v}  :: to subscribe
abono {m}  :: fertilizer, manure
abono {m}  :: guarantee, security
abono {m}  :: payment, installment
abono {m}  :: subscription, season ticket
abono de temporada {m}  :: season ticket (ticket that is valid for all of the events in a series)
abono inicial {m}  :: downpayment (payment representing a fraction of the price)
abono orgánico {m}  :: fertilizer
abordador {f}  :: boarder
abordaje {m}  :: boarding
abordaje {m}  :: collision
abordar {vt}  :: to accost, waylay
abordar {vt}  :: to address; to broach
abordar {vt}  :: to board
a bordo {adv}  :: aboard
abordo {m}  :: boarding
aborígene {m}  :: aborigine
aborigen {adj}  :: aboriginal, indigenous
aborigen {m}  :: aborigine
aboriginal {m}  :: Aborigine (original inhabitant of Australia)
aborrecer {v}  :: to abandon
aborrecer {v}  :: to hate, detest, loathe
aborrecible {adj}  :: loathsome
aborreciblemente {adv}  :: abhorrently
aborrecimiento {m}  :: loathing, abhorrence
abortado {adj}  :: aborted
abortadura {f} [obsolete]  :: abortion
abortar {v}  :: to abort; to have an abortion
abortista {f}  :: abortionist
abortivo {adj}  :: abortive
aborto {m}  :: abortion
aborto {m}  :: miscarriage
aborto {m} [slang]  :: a very ugly person
aborto inducido {m}  :: induced abortion
aborto involuntario {m}  :: miscarriage
abotagado {adj}  :: swollen
abotagar {vp}  :: to swell (of the body as a result of a disease)
abotargar {v}  :: alternative form of abotagar
abotonada {v} [feminine past participle of, abotonar]  ::
abotonadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, abotonar]  ::
abotonados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, abotonar]  ::
abotonar {v}  :: to button up
abotonarse {v}  :: to button up
abovedado {adj}  :: vaulted
abovedar {v}  :: to arch
ab ovo {adv}  :: ab ovo
aboyada {v} [feminine past participle of, aboyar]  ::
aboyadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, aboyar]  ::
aboyados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, aboyar]  ::
aboyar {v} [nautical]  :: to set or mark with buoys
abra {f}  :: glade
abra {f}  :: large bay
abra {f}  :: notch
abracejo {m}  :: light and/or unaffectionate hug
Abraham {prop}  :: Abraham (Biblical character)
Abrahán {prop}  :: male given name, a variant of Abraham, the Spanish equivalent of Abraham
Abram {prop}  :: Abram (Biblical character)
abrasadamente {adv}  :: ardently
abrasador {adj}  :: scorching
abrasante {adj}  :: parching
abrasante {adj}  :: scorching
abrasar {v}  :: to burn
abrasar {v}  :: to parch
abrasar {v}  :: to squander or waste money
abrasión {f}  :: abrasion
abrasivo {adj}  :: abrasive; rough
abrasivo {m}  :: abrasive
abrazable {adj}  :: huggable
abrazada {v} [feminine past participle of, abrazar]  ::
abrazadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, abrazar]  ::
abrazadera {f}  :: clamp, bracket
abrazadera {f} [nautical]  :: cleat (device to secure a rope)
abrazador {adj}  :: Embracing
abrazados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, abrazar]  ::
abrazar {v}  :: to hug, to embrace
abrazarlo {v} [es-compound of, abraz, ar, , lo, mood=inf]  ::
abrazarme {v} [es-compound of, abraz, ar, abrazar, me, mood=inf]  ::
abrazarte {v} [es-compound of, abraz, ar, abrazar, te, mood=inf]  ::
abrazaso {m}  :: augmentative form of abrazo
abrazaso {m}  :: bear hug
abrazo {m}  :: hug, embrace
abrazo estrecho {m}  :: close hug, cuddle
abrazote {m}  :: augmentative form of abrazo
abrazote {m}  :: bear hug
abróchate {v} [es-compound of, abroch, ar, abrocha, te, mood=imp, person=tú]  :: , buckle up
abre {v}  :: To open, unlock, or turn on
abrebotellas {m}  :: bottle opener
abrecartas {m}  :: letter opener, paper knife
abrelatas {m}  :: can-opener, tin-opener
abrenunciación {f} [Christianity]  :: The renouncing of sin at baptism
abrevada {v} [feminine past participle of, abrevar]  ::
abrevadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, abrevar]  ::
abrevadero {m}  :: drinking trough
abrevadero {m}  :: waterer, fount (device from which animals drink)
abrevados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, abrevar]  ::
abrevar {v}  :: to give water to
abrevar {v}  :: to irrigate
abreviación {f} [linguistics]  :: reduction
abreviadamente {adv}  :: briefly
abreviado {adj}  :: abridged
abreviamiento {m}  :: abbreviation
abreviar {v}  :: to abbreviate, to shorten
abreviar {v}  :: to hasten
abreviatura {f}  :: abbreviation
abreviatura {f}  :: resumé
abridor {f}  :: opener
abrigadero {m}  :: shelter
abrigado {adj}  :: covered or blanketed
abrigado {adj}  :: covert
abrigaño {m} [horticulture]  :: row cover, cloche
abrigaño {m}  :: kiln coating
abrigaño {m}  :: lee
abrigaño {m} [military]  :: barrack
abrigar {v}  :: to cover
abrigar {v}  :: to shelter, to protect
abrigar {v}  :: to wrap up, to warm
abrigarse {v}  :: to wrap up (to wear abundant clothing as protection from the weather)
abrigo {m} [agriculture]  :: blanket, quilt
abrigo {m} [figuratively]  :: aid, protection
abrigo {m} [nautical]  :: haven, harbor
abrigo {m}  :: overcoat
abrigo {m}  :: shelter
abril {m}  :: April
abril {m} [of a young person]  :: years of age
abrileño {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to the month of April
abrillantada {v} [feminine past participle of, abrillantar]  ::
abrillantadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, abrillantar]  ::
abrillantados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, abrillantar]  ::
abrillantar {v}  :: to shine or polish
abrimiento {m}  :: opening (the act of opening)
abrir {m}  :: opening
abrir {vt}  :: to open
abrir {vt}  :: to turn on
abrir {vt}  :: to unlock
abrir camino {v} [idiomatic]  :: to pave the way
abrir fuego {v}  :: to open fire
abrirla {v} [es-compound of, abr, ir, abrir, la, mood=inf]  ::
abrirle {v} [es-compound of, abr, ir, abrir, le, mood=inf]  ::
abrirlo {v} [es-compound of, abr, ir, abrir, lo, mood=inf]  ::
abrirlos {v} [es-compound of, abr, ir, , los, mood=inf]  ::
abrirse {v}  :: to cease, desist
abrirse {v}  :: to flourish, prosper
abrirse {v}  :: withdraw back out
abrirse camino {v}  :: to make way
abrochada {v} [feminine past participle of, abrochar]  ::
abrochadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, abrochar]  ::
abrochados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, abrochar]  ::
abrochar {vt}  :: to button, fasten, buckle
abrocharse {vr}  :: to fasten, tie up
abrogable {adj}  :: abrogable (capable of being abrogated)
abrogación {f}  :: abrogation
abrogar {v}  :: to abrogate (annul by an authoritative act)
abrojo {m} [botany]  :: thistle; thorn
abrojo {m} [plural, figuratively]  :: hardships
abrojo {m} [plural, nautical]  :: shoal
abrojo {m} [weaponry]  :: caltrop
abrojo terrestre {m}  :: caltrop (Tribulus terrestris)
abroncar {vt}  :: to embarrass
abroncar {vt}  :: to jeer
abroncar {vt}  :: to rebuke, to chastise, to reprimand
abrotación {m}  :: counterrotation
abrotoñar {vi} [medicine]  :: to develop pustules
abrotoñar {vi} [plants]  :: to bud, sprout or grow
abrotoñar {vi}  :: to develop, arise, appear
abrotoñar {vi} [water, ]  :: to spout, gush
abrótano {m}  :: southernwood (Artemisia abrotanum)
abrumador {adj}  :: exhausting, tiresome
abrumador {adj}  :: overwhelming
abrumadoramente {adv}  :: overwhelmingly
abrumar {v}  :: to crush, overcome, exhaust, overwhelm
abruptamente {adv}  :: abruptly
abrupto {adj}  :: abrupt
abrupto {adj}  :: heavy
abrupto {adj}  :: steep
abrupto {adj}  :: violent
abrázame {v} [es-compound of, abraz, ar, abraza, me, mood=imp, person=tú]  ::
abés {adv} [archaic]  :: With difficulty
Absalón {prop}  :: male given name. Spanish equivalent of Absalom
absceso {m} [pathology]  :: abscess
abscisa {f} [geometry]  :: abscissa
abscisión {f}  :: abscission
absencia {f}  :: obsolete form of ausencia
absenta {f}  :: absinthe
absintina {f} [organic chemistry]  :: absinthin
absintio {m}  :: absinth (plant and liquor)
absolución {f}  :: absolution
absolución {f} [judicial]  :: acquittal
absolutamente {adv}  :: absolutely
absolutismo {m}  :: absolutism
absolutista {adj}  :: absolutist
absolutista {m}  :: absolutist
absoluto {adj}  :: absolute
absolutorio {adj}  :: absolving, absolutory
absolver {v}  :: to absolve
absolver {v}  :: to acquit
absorbencia {f}  :: absorbency
absorbente {adj}  :: absorbing
absorbente {m}  :: absorbent, absorber
absorber {v}  :: to absorb
absorber {v}  :: to use up
absorberlos {v} [es-compound of, absorb, er, absorber, los, mood=inf]  ::
absorbible {adj}  :: absorbable
absorbimiento {m}  :: absorption (act of absorbing)
absorción {f}  :: absorption
absorción {f}  :: aspiration
absorto {adj}  :: rapt
abstemia {f}  :: feminine form of abstemio
abstemio {adj}  :: teetotal
abstemio {f}  :: teetotaller, a person who completely abstains from alcohol
abstención {f}  :: abstention
abstenerse {v}  :: to abstain (from)
abstergente {m}  :: abstergent (a substance used in cleansing)
absterger {v}  :: to cleanse, to purge
abstersión {f} [medical]  :: abstersion
abstersivo {adj}  :: abstersive
abstinencia {f}  :: abstinence, austereness, abstemiousness
abstinente {adv}  :: abstinently
abstinentemente {adv}  :: abstinently
abstracción {f}  :: abstractedness, absentmindedness
abstracción {f}  :: abstraction
abstraccionismo {m} [arts]  :: abstractionism
abstraccionista {m}  :: abstractionist (someone who paints or creates abstract art)
abstractivamente {adv}  :: abstractively
abstractivo {adj}  :: abstractive
abstracto {adj}  :: abstract
abstraído {adj}  :: distracted, absent-minded
abstraído {adj}  :: lost in thought
abstraer {v}  :: to abstract
abstraer {v}  :: to deduct, subtract
abstruso {adj}  :: abstruse
absurdamente {adv}  :: absurdly
absurdidad {f}  :: absurdity
absurdo {adj}  :: absurd; ludicrous; ridiculous
absurdo {m}  :: Something that is absurd or ridiculous
abubilla {f}  :: hoopoe (the bird Upupa epops)
abucheada {v} [feminine past participle of, abuchear]  ::
abucheadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, abuchear]  ::
abucheados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, abuchear]  ::
abuchear {v}  :: to jeer; boo
abucheo {m}  :: booing, jeering
abuela {f}  :: grandmother, feminine form of abuelo
abuela materna {m}  :: grandmother (maternal grandmother)
abuela paterna {m}  :: grandmother (paternal grandmother)
abuela política {f}  :: grandmother-in-law
abuelastra {f}  :: stepgrandmother
abuelastro {f}  :: stepgrandfather
abuelita {f}  :: diminutive form of abuela
abuelito {m}  :: diminutive form of abuelo
abuelo {f} [colloquial, affectionate]  :: An old person
abuelo {f}  :: grandfather
abuelo {f}  :: Loose tufts of hair in the nape when one's hair is messed up
abuelo materno {m}  :: maternal grandfather
abuelo paterno {m}  :: grandfather (paternal grandfather)
abuelo político {m}  :: grandfather-in-law (grandfather of one's spouse)
a buenas horas {adv} [idiomatic]  :: about time, high time
abulense {adj}  :: Of, pertaining to, or from the Spanish city of Ávila
abulense {m}  :: A resident of the Spanish city of Ávila
abulia {f} [psychiatry]  :: abulia (absence of will-power or decisiveness)
abulón {m}  :: abalone (edible univalve mollusc)
abultamiento {m}  :: bulge (something sticking out)
abultar {v}  :: to bulge
abundadamente {adv}  :: abundantly
abundado {adj}  :: abundant
abundancia {f}  :: abundance
abundante {adj}  :: affluent
abundante {adj}  :: plentiful, abundant
abundantemente {adv}  :: abundantly
abundar {v}  :: to abound
abundar {v}  :: to satisfy
Abundio {prop}  :: male given name. Spanish equivalent of Abundius
abundosamente {adv}  :: abundantly
abundoso {adj}  :: abundant
abur {interj}  :: bye, so long
aburguesamiento {m}  :: gentrification (process of renewal and influx of higher class people)
aburguesar {vr}  :: to become bourgeois
aburridamente {adv}  :: boringly
aburrido {adj}  :: bored; fed up
aburrido {adj}  :: boring
aburrimiento {m}  :: boredom
aburrir {vt}  :: to bore; to tire
aburrirse {vr}  :: to become bored
abusada {v} [feminine past participle of, abusar]  ::
abusadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, abusar]  ::
abusador {m}  :: abuser
abusados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, abusar]  ::
abusar {vp} [Guatemala]  :: to get clever, to get smart, to wise up
abusar {v}  :: to abuse, to betray
abusivamente {adv}  :: abusively
abusivo {adj}  :: abusive
abusón {adj}  :: bullying
abusón {m}  :: bully (person who is cruel to others)
abuso {m}  :: abuse
abuso {m}  :: overuse
abuso de menores {m}  :: child abuse
abuso sexual {m}  :: sexual abuse (sexual violation or assault)
abyad {m}  :: alternative form of abjad
abyección {f}  :: abjectness
abyección {f}  :: humiliation
abyectamente {adv}  :: abjectly
abyecto {adj}  :: wretched, vile
abzima {f} [immunology]  :: abzyme
acá {adv}  :: as of, up to (used with a time phrase to represent continuity up to the present)
acá {adv}  :: (Used with verb of motion) hither, towards the speaker; here
a.C. {abbr}  :: BC (Before Christ)
acabadamente {adv}  :: wholly, completely
acabado {adj}  :: finished
acabado {adj}  :: worn-out
acabado {m}  :: A finish, a final process or coating applied to a surface
a cabalidad {adv}  :: thoroughly
a caballito {adv} [informal, Spain]  :: piggyback
a caballo {adv}  :: halfway (between)
a caballo {adv}  :: on horseback; on the back of a horse
a caballo regalado no le mires el diente {proverb}  :: don't look a gift horse in the mouth (a phrase referring to unappreciatively questioning of a gift or handout too closely)
acabamiento {m}  :: achievement
acabar {vt}  :: to finish; to end
acabar con {v} [idiomatic]  :: to exhaust, use up
acabar con {v}  :: to finish, to put an end to
acabar de {v} [idiomatic]  :: to have just done something
acabar por {v} [idiomatic]  :: to end up by
acabarse {v}  :: to run out; to come to an end
acacheteada {v} [feminine past participle of, acachetear]  ::
acacheteadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, acachetear]  ::
acacheteados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, acachetear]  ::
acachetear {v}  :: to punch, hit with a closed fist
acachetear {v}  :: to slap, strike with an open hand
acacia {f}  :: acacia
a cada rato {adv} [idiom]  :: all the time, constantly
academia {f}  :: academy
academista {m}  :: academician, academic
acadio {adj}  :: Acadian
acadio {adj}  :: Akkadian
acadio {m}  :: Acadian (language)
acadio {m}  :: Akkadian
académicamente {adv}  :: academically
académico {adj}  :: academic
académico {adj}  :: scholastic
académico {f}  :: academician, academic
acaecer {vi} [archaic]  :: to be present
acaecer {vi}  :: to happen
acaecida {v} [feminine past participle of, acaecer]  ::
acaecidas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, acaecer]  ::
acaecidos {v} [masculine plural past participle of, acaecer]  ::
acaecimiento {m}  :: event, occurrence
acairelar {v}  :: to trim with fringe
acal {m} [dialectal, Mexico]  :: canoe
acal {m} [dialectal, Puebla, Mexico]  :: manger
acalenturado {adj}  :: feverish
acalenturarse {vr}  :: To have a fever
acalicino {adj} [botany]  :: acalycine
acalifa {f}  :: copperleaf, Acalypha wilkesiana
acallada {v} [feminine past participle of, acallar]  ::
acalladas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, acallar]  ::
acallados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, acallar]  ::
acallar {v}  :: to quiet, hush or silence
acalmar {v}  :: obsolete form of calmar
acaloradamente {adv}  :: hotly, vehemently, heatedly
acalorado {adj}  :: heated
acalorar {v}  :: to excite
acalorar {v}  :: to heat up
acalorarse {v}  :: to become overheated
acalorarse {v}  :: to become upset
acalorarse {v}  :: to get excited
a cal y canto {adv} [idiomatic]  :: under lock and key, shut tight, closed behind doors
acamellado {adj}  :: Resembling a camel
acampada {f}  :: camping
acampamento {m}  :: alternative form of campamento
acampanado {adj}  :: flared, bell shaped
acampanar {v}  :: to shape like a bell
acampar {v}  :: to camp; to go camping
acanalada {v} [feminine past participle of, acanalar]  ::
acanaladas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, acanalar]  ::
acanalados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, acanalar]  ::
acanaladura {f}  :: groove, crimp, bead, flute
acanalar {v}  :: to furrow
acano {m}  :: Akan (language group spoken in Ghana)
acano {m}  :: Akan (Niger-Congo language)
acantáceo {adj} [botany]  :: acanthaceous
acantilado {adj}  :: steep, sheer
acantilado {m}  :: cliff
acantilar {v} [nautical]  :: to run a ship into trouble or onto rocks
acantilar {v}  :: to dredge
acanto {m} [plant, architecture]  :: acanthus
acantocito {m}  :: acanthocyte
acantonada {v} [feminine past participle of, acantonar]  ::
acantonadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, acantonar]  ::
acantonados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, acantonar]  ::
acantonamiento {m}  :: cantonment
acantonar {v}  :: to accommodate
acantorada {v} [feminine past participle of, acantorar]  ::
acantoradas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, acantorar]  ::
acantorados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, acantorar]  ::
acantorar {v}  :: to station
acañonear {v}  :: alternative form of cañonear
acaparada {v} [feminine past participle of, acaparar]  ::
acaparadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, acaparar]  ::
acaparados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, acaparar]  ::
acaparamiento {m}  :: hoard (hidden supply)
acaparar {vt}  :: to hoard
a capela {adv}  :: a capella
a capella {adv}  :: a capella
a cappella {adv}  :: a cappella
a cara o cruz {adv} [idiomatic]  :: toss a coin for, heads or tails
acarbosa {f} [biochemistry]  :: acarbose
acardenalada {v} [feminine past participle of, acardenalar]  ::
acardenaladas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, acardenalar]  ::
acardenalados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, acardenalar]  ::
acardenalar {v}  :: to bruise
a cargo {prep}  :: in charge
acariciador {adj}  :: which fondles, which caresses
acariciador {f}  :: fondler; caresser
acariciar {v}  :: to caress, fondle, stroke, pet
acarofobia {f}  :: acarophobia
acarpo {adj}  :: acarpous
acarreada {v} [feminine past participle of, acarrear]  ::
acarreadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, acarrear]  ::
acarreados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, acarrear]  ::
acarrear {v}  :: to carry, haul
acarrear {v}  :: to cause, bring up
acarreo {m}  :: carriage, conveyance
acarreo {m} [mathematics]  :: carry
acartonado {adj}  :: shrivelled, wizened
acartonar {vt}  :: to weather, to erode
acartonarse {v}  :: to become or to grow stiff (like cardboard)
acartonarse {v}  :: to become wizened
acaso {adv}  :: perhaps
acatadamente {adv}  :: compliantly
acatamiento {m}  :: observance
acatar {vt}  :: to comply with
acaudalado {adj}  :: wealthy
acaudillada {v} [feminine past participle of, acaudillar]  ::
acaudilladas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, acaudillar]  ::
acaudillados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, acaudillar]  ::
acaudillar {v}  :: to command
acaudillar {v}  :: to specify, adduce, indicate
acaule {adj} [botany]  :: acaulous, short-stemmed
acábame {v} [es-compound of, acab, ar, acaba, me, mood=imp, person=tú]  ::
acíbar {m}  :: bitterness, sorrow
acíbar {m} [plant]  :: aloe (the plant and its juice)
accedente {adj}  :: acceding
acceder {v}  :: to accede, to agree, to concur
acceder {v}  :: to access
accesada {v} [feminine past participle of, accesar]  ::
accesadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, accesar]  ::
accesados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, accesar]  ::
accesar {vt}  :: To access something (e.g. the Internet)
accesibilidad {f}  :: accessibility
accesible {adj}  :: approachable, accessible
accesión {f}  :: accession
acceso {m}  :: access
acceso {m}  :: intercourse
acceso {m}  :: passage
accesoriamente {adv}  :: accessorily, incidentally
accesorio {adj}  :: accessory, secondary, additional, supplementary
accesorio {adj}  :: incidental
accesorio {adj}  :: irrelevant
accesorio {m}  :: accessory equipment, appurtenance
accidentado {adj}  :: accident-filled; accident-littered
accidentado {adj}  :: jerky
accidental {adj}  :: accidental
accidental {m} [music]  :: accidental
accidentalmente {adv}  :: accidentally
accidentariamente {adv} [obsolete]  :: accidentally
accidente {m}  :: accident
accidente {m} [geography]  :: feature
accidente cerebro vascular {m} [medicine]  :: stroke
accidente de tráfico {m}  :: traffic accident, road accident
acción {f}  :: action
acción {f}  :: share (financial instrument)
acción programada {f}  :: scheduled action
acción reivindicatoria {f} [legal]  :: replevin (legal action)
accionada {v} [feminine past participle of, accionar]  ::
accionadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, accionar]  ::
accionados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, accionar]  ::
accionar {v}  :: to gesticulate
accionar {v}  :: to put into motion; to start
acciones diluidas {f} [legal]  :: watered stock (inflated shares of stock)
accionista {m}  :: shareholder
acícula {f} [botany]  :: needle (long, pointed leaf found on some conifers)
ace {m} [tennis]  :: ace (point scored without the opponent hitting the ball)
aceña {f} [plant]  :: bulrush, cattail (Typha latifolia)
aceña {f}  :: water mill; flour mill
aceña {f}  :: water wheel
acebibe {m}  :: raisin
acebo {m}  :: holly
acebuchal {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to the olive
acebuchal {m}  :: olive grove
acebuche {m}  :: wild olive tree
acechada {v} [feminine past participle of, acechar]  ::
acechadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, acechar]  ::
acechador {f}  :: stalker
acechados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, acechar]  ::
acechar {vt}  :: to lie in wait for, waylay, watch out for
acechar {vt}  :: to spy, stalk
aceche {m}  :: vitriol
acecho {m}  :: an ambush
acecho {m}  :: the act of stalking or spying
acedía {f}  :: heartburn
acedera común {f}  :: sorrel (plant)
acedo {adj}  :: [of a person] disagreeable, unpleasant, bleak
acedo {adj}  :: soured, bittered
acedo {adj}  :: sour, tart, acid
acedo {m} [rare]  :: A sour juice or other liquid
aceitar {v}  :: to oil
aceitazo {m}  :: splashing of oil
aceite {m}  :: oil
aceite de oliva {m}  :: olive oil
aceite esencial {m}  :: essential oil
aceitera {f}  :: oilcan
aceite vegetal {m}  :: vegetable oil
aceitoso {adj}  :: oily
aceituna {f}  :: olive (fruit)
aceitunado {adj}  :: olive-colored, of a green color as of olives
aceituna negra {f}  :: black olive
aceitunil {adj}  :: olive-colored, olive-green
aceleración {f}  :: acceleration (act, state)
acelerador {m}  :: accelerator (pedal)
acelerador de partículas {m}  :: particle accelerator
aceleramiento {m}  :: acceleration
acelerar {v}  :: to accelerate
acelerómetro {m}  :: accelerometer (instrument for measuring acceleration)
acelerón {m}  :: sudden acceleration
acelga {f}  :: chard
acemilera {f}  :: female muleteer
acemilero {f}  :: muleteer
acemite {m} [archaic]  :: bran
acenafteno {m} [organic compound]  :: acenaphthene
a cencerros tapados {adv} [idiomatic]  :: in secret; on the hush-hush
aceno {m} [organic compound]  :: acene
acensuada {v} [feminine past participle of, acensuar]  ::
acensuadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, acensuar]  ::
acensuados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, acensuar]  ::
acensuar {v}  :: to tax a piece of property
acento {m}  :: accent (typographical line)
acento {m}  :: accent (variety of speech connected to a certain geographical region)
acento agudo {m} [orthography]  :: acute accent
acento grave {m} [orthography]  :: grave accent
acentor {m} [zoology]  :: accentor (bird of the Prunella genus)
acentuación {f}  :: accentuation
acentuar {v}  :: to accent
acepción {f} [obsolete]  :: acceptance
acepción {f} [semantics]  :: sense, meaning
acepillada {v} [feminine past participle of, acepillar]  ::
acepilladas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, acepillar]  ::
acepillados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, acepillar]  ::
acepillar {v}  :: to brush
acepillar {v}  :: to flatter, praise, compliment
acepillar {v}  :: to smooth wood using a plane
aceptabilidad {f}  :: acceptability
aceptable {adj}  :: acceptable
aceptablemente {adv}  :: acceptably
aceptación {f}  :: acceptance
aceptador {m}  :: acceptor (one who accepts)
aceptar {v}  :: to accept
aceptar {v}  :: to agree to
aceptarla {v} [es-compound of, acept, ar, , la, mood=inf]  :: - to accept it/her
aceptarlo {v} [es-compound of, acept, ar, aceptar, lo, mood=inf]  ::
aceptarme {v} [es-compound of, acept, ar, aceptar, me, mood=inf]  ::
acequia {f} [agriculture]  :: irrigation ditch
acera {f}  :: pavement, sidewalk
acería {f}  :: steelworks (place where steel is manufactured and/or shaped)
acerada {v} [feminine past participle of, acerar]  ::
aceradas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, acerar]  ::
acerados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, acerar]  ::
acerar {v}  :: to harden, to steel
acerar {v}  :: to make sharp
acerbo {adj}  :: acerb (bitter to the taste)
acerbo {adj}  :: acerbic (sour or bitter)
acerbo {adj}  :: biting, scathing, acerbic
acerca {adv} [archaic]  :: adjacent. In modern Spanish used only in the set phrase acerca de ("about; concerning")
acerca de {prep}  :: about
acercamiento {m}  :: rapprochement
acercar {vr}  :: see acercarse
acercar {v}  :: to bring close, approach
acercarle {v} [es-compound of, acerc, ar, acercar, le, mood=inf]  ::
acercarme {v} [es-compound of, acerc, ar, acercar, me, mood=inf]  ::
acercarnos {v} [es-compound of, acerc, ar, acercar, nos, mood=inf]  ::
acercar posturas {v} [idiomatic]  :: to build bridges
acercarse {vr}  :: to get close, to approach
acercarte {v} [es-compound of, acerc, ar, acercar, te, mood=inf]  ::
acercándose {v} [es-compound of, acerc, ar, acercando, se, mood=part]  ::
acerería {f}  :: steelworks (place where steel is manufactured and/or shaped)
acerico {m}  :: pincushion
acerico {m}  :: small pillow
acerillo {m}  :: alternative form of acerico
acero {m} [figuratively]  :: sword, weapon
acero {m} [in the plural]  :: arms
acero {m}  :: steel
acero {m}  :: tincture of steel
acero inoxidable {m}  :: stainless steel
acerola {f}  :: acerola
acerola {f}  :: azarole, the fruit of the acerolo, Crataegus azarolus
acerolo {m}  :: the azarole, a mediterranean shrub or small tree that produces the acerola, Crataegus azarolus
acerrojar {v}  :: to lock, to bolt, bolt up (to fasten with a lock)
acertadamente {adv}  :: aptly
acertar {v}  :: to be right
acertar {v}  :: to hit upon
acertar con {v}  :: to locate, find
acertijo {m}  :: riddle
acervo {m}  :: heap
acervo {m}  :: heritage
acervo genético {m}  :: gene pool
acetaldehído {m} [organic compound]  :: acetaldehyde, ethanal
acetamida {f}  :: acetamide (amide of acetic acid)
acetato {m} [organic chemistry]  :: acetate
acetificar {vt}  :: to acetify (convert into acid or vinegar)
acetil {m} [organic compound]  :: acetyl
acetilcisteína {f} [pharmaceutical drug]  :: acetylcysteine
acetilcolina {f}  :: acetylcholine
acetilcolinesterasa {f} [enzyme]  :: acetylcholinesterase
acetileno {m} [organic chemistry]  :: acetylene
acetilgalactosamina {f} [organic compound]  :: acetylgalactosamine
acetilglucosamina {f} [organic compound]  :: acetylglucosamine
acetilmanosamina {f} [organic compound]  :: acetylmannosamine
acetilmurámico {adj}  :: acetylmuramic
acetilneuraminato {m}  :: acetylneuraminate
acetilneuramínico {adj}  :: acetylneuraminic
acetilo {m} [organic compound]  :: acetyl
acetilsalicilato {m}  :: acetylsalicylate
acetilsalicílico {adj}  :: acetylsalicylic
acetiltransferasa {f} [enzyme]  :: acetyltransferase, transacetylase
acetímetro {m}  :: acetimeter (an instrument)
acetoacetato {m} [organic compound]  :: acetoacetic acid
acetona {f} [organic compound]  :: acetone
acetre {m}  :: situla
acetrero {m} [obsolete]  :: hawker, falconer
acezante {adj}  :: puffing, panting or out of breath
acezar {v}  :: to pant
acéfalo {adj}  :: headless
acéfalo {adj}  :: leaderless
acúfenos {m}  :: tinnitus (perception of nonexistent noise)
achacada {v} [feminine past participle of, achacar]  ::
achacadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, achacar]  ::
achacados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, achacar]  ::
achacar {v}  :: to attribute (something to someone); to blame
achantar {v}  :: to scare, to put off
achaque {m}  :: default, failing
achaque {m} [informal]  :: period, menstruation
achaque {m}  :: minor sickness, malady especially a cold
achaque {m}  :: subject, issue, topic
achatar {v}  :: to flatten
achatarrar {vt}  :: to scrap (to dispose at the scrapyard)
achicada {v} [feminine past participle of, achicar]  ::
achicadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, achicar]  ::
achicados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, achicar]  ::
achicar {vt}  :: to bale out (a boat)
achicar {vt}  :: to humiliate, make someone feel small
achicar {vt}  :: to make smaller, reduce, minimize
achicarse {vr}  :: to eat humble pie
achicarse {vr}  :: to get smaller, shrink
achicharrada {v} [feminine past participle of, achicharrar]  ::
achicharradas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, achicharrar]  ::
achicharrados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, achicharrar]  ::
achicharrar {vi}  :: To roast; boil (be very hot)
achicharrar {v}  :: to scorch
achichincle {m} [pejorative, El Salvador, Honduras, Mexico]  :: minion, servant
achichinque {m}  :: alternative form of achichincle
achichintle {m}  :: alternative form of achichincle
achicoria {f}  :: chicory
achinado {adj}  :: Chinese-looking
achinado {adj}  :: mulatto (three quarters African and one quarter Caucasian, or one quarter African and three quarters Caucasian)
achinado {f}  :: Chinese-looking person
achinar {v}  :: To slant (one's eyes)
achinar {vt}  :: to sinicize (make Chinese in form or character)
achiote {m} [Latin America]  :: annatto, achiote (all senses)
achispado {adj}  :: tipsy (slightly drunk)
achín {m}  :: taro (Colocasia esculenta)
achocolatar {v}  :: to turn into chocolate, or of chocolate color/colour
acholo {m}  :: shame
achís {interj}  :: atishoo!, achoo!
aciago {adj}  :: unlucky, ill-fated, unfortunate
acial {m}  :: riding crop
acial {m}  :: twitch (for horses and similar animals)
aciano {m}  :: cornflower, Centaurea cyanus
acicalada {v} [feminine past participle of, acicalar]  ::
acicaladas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, acicalar]  ::
acicalados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, acicalar]  ::
acicaladura {f}  :: grooming (caring for horses)
acicalar {vt}  :: to polish
acicalarse {vr}  :: to smarten oneself up
acicate {m}  :: incentive, spur (anything that inspires or motivates)
acicate {m}  :: spur (implement for prodding a horse)
acicatear {v}  :: to spur on
acidaque {m} [Islam]  :: mahr
acidez {f}  :: acidity
acidez {f}  :: heartburn
acidez {f}  :: tang
acidificación {f}  :: acidification
acidificar {v}  :: to acidify
acidimetría {f}  :: acidimetry
acidímetro {m}  :: acidimeter
acidosis {f} [pathology]  :: acidosis (abnormally increased acidity of the blood)
acidular {v}  :: to make sour; to acidulate
a ciegas {adv}  :: blindly
aciemar {vt}  :: to manure
a ciencia cierta {adv} [idiomatic]  :: for sure, for certain, without doubt
acientíficamente {adv}  :: unscientifically
acientífico {adj}  :: unscientific
acierto {m}  :: Being correct, being right
acierto {m}  :: correct answer
acierto {m}  :: correctness
acierto {m}  :: hit
acierto {m}  :: success
acil {m} [organic compound]  :: acyl
acilglicerol {m} [organic chemistry]  :: acylglycerol (any ester of glycerol)
acilglicérido {m} [organic compound]  :: acylglycerol, glyceride
acilo {adj}  :: acyl
aciltransferasa {f} [enzyme]  :: acyltransferase
acimut {m}  :: azimuth
acimutal {adj}  :: azimuthal
-ación {suffix}  :: alternative form of -ción
acirate {m} [agriculture]  :: ridge (formed by plowed earth)
acirate {m}  :: landmark
acirate {m} [landscaping]  :: allee
acitara {f}  :: parapet of a bridge
acitara {f}  :: partition wall, party wall
acitronada {v} [feminine past participle of, acitronar]  ::
acitronadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, acitronar]  ::
acitronados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, acitronar]  ::
acitronar {v} [Mexico]  :: to fry until translucent, not golden nor crispy
aclamación {f}  :: acclamation; acclaim
aclamar {v}  :: to acclaim or applaud
aclaración {f}  :: explanation
aclaración {f} [legal]  :: correction made to the text of a judgment (due to clerical error, mistake of law, etc.)
aclarar {vi} [of the weather]  :: to clear up
aclarar {vr}  :: to set things straight, get things clear (in one's mind)
aclarar {v} [Spain]  :: to rinse (soap from hands)
aclarar {v}  :: to clarify, clear (make clear or clearer)
aclarar {v}  :: to water down
aclarar {vt}  :: to explain; to clarify
aclararse {vr}  :: to clear (to become clear)
aclimatación {f}  :: acclimation, acclimatization
aclimatar {v}  :: to acclimate
aclimatarse {v}  :: to become exhausted
acólito {m}  :: acolyte
acólito {m}  :: minion (a sycophantic follower)
aclínico {adj} [physics]  :: aclinic
aclínico {m}  :: opera glasses
acémila {f}  :: mule; beast of burden
acné {m} [pathology]  :: acne
acónito {m} [botany]  :: aconite (herb wolfsbane)
acobardar {vr}  :: to be frightened, scared, daunted
acobardar {vt}  :: to daunt, to frighten, to scare
acobardarse {v}  :: to cower
acocil {m} [dialectal, Mexico]  :: crayfish
acodarse {v}  :: to lean
acogedor {adj}  :: cozy
acogedor {adj}  :: friendly
acogedor {adj}  :: hospitable
acoger {v}  :: to receive
acoger {v}  :: to welcome
acogida {f}  :: welcome, reception
acojonante {adj} [vulgar, colloquial]  :: fucking amazing, the shit, the dog's bollocks
acolada {f} [historical]  :: accolade (a salutation marking the conferring of knighthood)
acolchado {adj}  :: padded, cushioned
acolchado {m}  :: quilt, bed cover
acolchar {v}  :: to pad, soften
acolchar {v}  :: to quilt
acolchonar {v}  :: alternative spelling of acolchar
acollador {m} [nautical]  :: lanyard
acomedido {adj}  :: obliging, accomodating (happy and ready to do favours for others)
acometer {v}  :: to assail
acometer {v}  :: to undertake (a task, a project, an enterprise)
acometida {f}  :: rush (sudden forward motion)
acometimiento {m}  :: assault (a violent onset or attack)
acomodado {adj}  :: accommodated
acomodado {adj}  :: suitable, fitting
acomodado {adj}  :: wealthy
acomodado {f} [Argentina, Uruguay]  :: A person who had obtained his job by influence or recommendation, not for his own merits
acomodador {f}  :: usher
acomodadora {f}  :: usher (person who escorts people to their seats)
acomodar {v}  :: to accommodate
acomodar {v}  :: to suit; to be suitable
acomodar {v}  :: to usher or settle
acomodarlo {v} [es-compound of, acomod, ar, acomodar, lo, mood=inf]  ::
acomodarse {v}  :: to settle in
acomodo {m}  :: job, position
acompañada {f}  :: ridealong, accompanying
acompañamiento {m} [music]  :: the accompanying part; accompaniment
acompañamiento {m}  :: the act of accompanying; accompaniment
acompañante {adj}  :: accompanying
acompañante {m}  :: attendant
acompañante {m}  :: escort, esquire
acompañante {m} [music]  :: accompanist
acompañar {v}  :: to accompany
acompañarle {v} [es-compound of, acompañ, ar, acompañar, le, mood=inf]  ::
acompañarlo {v} [es-compound of, acompañ, ar, acompañar, lo, mood=inf]  ::
acompañarme {v} [es-compound of, acompañ, ar, acompañar, me, mood=inf]  ::
acompañarnos {v} [es-compound of, acompañ, ar, acompañar, nos, mood=inf]  ::
acompañarte {v} [es-compound of, acompañ, ar, acompañar, te, mood=inf]  ::
acompáñame {v} [es-compound of, acompañ, ar, acompaña, me, mood=imp, person=tú]  ::
acompáñeme {v} [es-compound of, acompañ, ar, acompañe, me, mood=imp, person=usted]  ::
acomplejado {m}  :: neurotic
acomplejar {vr}  :: to develop a complex
acomplejar {vt}  :: to give a complex, to cause complexes
a conciencia {adv}  :: Carefully, meticulously
acondicionador {m}  :: conditioner, hair conditioner
acondicionador de aire {m}  :: air conditioner
acondicionar {v}  :: to condition
acondroplasia {f}  :: achondroplasia (genetic disorder)
acongojado {adj}  :: anguished
acongojar {vt}  :: to cause or inflict suffering
acongojar {vt}  :: to distress, grive
aconsejable {adj}  :: advisable
aconsejar {v}  :: to advise
acontecer {v}  :: to happen, occur, come about
acontecimiento {m}  :: event
a contrapelo {adj}  :: backwards, contrary
a contrapelo {adv}  :: backwards
a contrarreloj {adv}  :: against the clock, with a deadline, in a hurry
acopiada {v} [feminine past participle of, acopiar]  ::
acopiadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, acopiar]  ::
acopiados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, acopiar]  ::
acopiar {v} [commerce]  :: to forestall
acopiar {v}  :: to gather
acopiar {v}  :: to stock, stock up
acopio {m}  :: gathering, collecting
acoplado {m}  :: hanger-on, tagger-along
acoplado {m}  :: trailer (vehicle towed behind another)
acoplamiento {m}  :: connection
acoplamiento {m}  :: joining
acoplar {vr}  :: to adapt oneself
acoplar {v}  :: to couple
acoplarse {vr}  :: reflexive form of acoplar
acoplarse {v}  :: to tag along
acorazado {m}  :: battleship
acorazar {vt}  :: to armor
acordado {adj}  :: agreed
acordar {vi}  :: to agree
acordar {vr} [[[acordarse]] de]  :: to reach agreement
acordar {vr} [[[acordarse]] de]  :: to remember, recall
acordar {vt} [music]  :: to tune
acordar {vt}  :: to decide, arrange
acordar {vt}  :: to flush, to make flush, to level
acordarme {v} [es-compound of, acord, ar, acordar, me, mood=inf]  ::
acordarse {v}  :: Reflexive infinitive form of acordar (followed by de), to remember
acorde {adj}  :: in suit (with); matching; in harmony; according (to)
acorde {m} [music]  :: chord (combination of three or more pitches)
acorde a {adv}  :: according to
acordeón {m}  :: accordion
acordeonista {m}  :: accordionist
acordonada {v} [feminine past participle of, acordonar]  ::
acordonadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, acordonar]  ::
acordonados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, acordonar]  ::
acordonar {v}  :: to cordon off
acorralar {v}  :: to corral or corner
acorralándole {v} [es-compound of, acorral, ar, acorralando, le, mood=part]  ::
acortada {v} [feminine past participle of, acortar]  ::
acortadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, acortar]  ::
acortados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, acortar]  ::
acortamiento {m} [astronomy]  :: curtation
acortamiento {m} [linguistics]  :: shortening
acortar {v}  :: to cut short
acortarse {vr}  :: to shorten (to become shorter)
acosada {v} [feminine past participle of, acosar]  ::
acosadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, acosar]  ::
acosador {adj}  :: bulling
acosador {adj}  :: harassing
acosador {f}  :: bully
acosador {f}  :: harasser
acosador sexual {m}  :: sexual predator
acosados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, acosar]  ::
acosar {v}  :: to bully
acosar {v}  :: to pursue
acoso {m}  :: molestation, harassment, bullying
acoso sexual {m}  :: sexual harassment
acossar {v}  :: obsolete spelling of acosar
acostado {adj}  :: lying in bed
acostado {adj}  :: recumbent, lying
acostar {v} [nautical]  :: to land, put in, berth
acostar {vt}  :: to lay
acostar {vt}  :: to put to bed
acostarme {v} [es-compound of, acost, ar, acostar, me, mood=inf]  ::
acostarse {v}  :: to be in bed with
acostarse {v}  :: to go to bed, to lie down
acostarse con {v}  :: to go to bed with, to sleep with (to have sex)
acostarte {v} [es-compound of, acost, ar, acostar, te, mood=inf]  ::
acostumbrado {adj}  :: accustomed to, used to
acostumbrado {adj}  :: customary
acostumbrar {vi}  :: to use to (be in the habit of)
acostumbrar {vr}  :: to get accustomed to
acostumbrar {vt}  :: accustom, inure, familiarize
acostumbrarme {v} [es-compound of, acostumbr, ar, acostumbrar, me, mood=inf]  ::
acostumbrarnos {v} [es-compound of, acostumbr, ar, acostumbrar, nos, mood=inf]  ::
acostumbrarse {v} [es-compound of, acostumbr, ar, acostumbrar, se, mood=inf]  ::
acotación {f}  :: annotation
acotado {adj}  :: enclosed, or fenced in
acotamiento {m}  :: hard shoulder, emergency lane (part of a road where drivers may stop in an emergency)
acotamiento {m}  :: marking off, fencing in, limiting
acotar {v}  :: to annotate a page
acotar {v}  :: to mark contours on a map
acotar {v}  :: to prune or lop a tree
acotar {v}  :: to survey land, to enclose
acotolar {vt} [Aragon]  :: to exterminate
acéptalo {v} [es-compound of, acept, ar, acepta, lo, mood=imp, person=tú]  ::
acróbata {m}  :: acrobat
acércate {v} [es-compound of, acerc, ar, acerca, te, mood=imp, person=tú]  ::
acre {adj}  :: bitter; acrid
acre {adj}  :: caustic
acre {m}  :: acre
acrecencia {f}  :: accretion (act of increasing by natural growth)
acrecentar {vt}  :: to increase, grow
acreción {f}  :: accretion
acreditación {f}  :: accreditation
acreditado {adj}  :: accredited
acreditado {adj}  :: reputable
acreditar {v}  :: to accredit
acreedor {f} [finance]  :: creditor
acreedor {m} [accounting]  :: credit
acreedora {f}  :: feminine form of acreedor
acrianzar {v}  :: to rear, as offspring
acribillada {v} [feminine past participle of, acribillar]  ::
acribilladas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, acribillar]  ::
acribillados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, acribillar]  ::
acribillar {v}  :: to pester, badger
acribillar {v}  :: to riddle, pepper (with holes, bullets etc.)
acrilamida {f} [organic compound]  :: acrylamide (amide of acrylic acid)
acrilato {m} [organic compound]  :: acrylate
acrilonitrilo {m} [organic compound]  :: acrylonitrile
acriminar {v}  :: to incriminate
acrimonia {f}  :: acrimony
acristalado {adj}  :: having crystals or crystal glass; covered in crystal
acritud {f}  :: bitterness, acridness
acrílico {adj}  :: acrylic
acrílico {m}  :: acrylic
acrónimo {m}  :: phonetic acronym
acrobacia {f}  :: acrobatics
acrobatismo {m}  :: acrobatics
acrobático {adj}  :: acrobatic
acromatismo {m}  :: achromatism
acromegalia {f} [disease]  :: acromegaly (chronic disease marked by enlargement of the bones)
acromático {adj}  :: achromatic (all senses)
acrópolis {f}  :: acropolis
acérquense {v} [es-compound of, acerc, ar, acerquen, se, mood=imp, person=ustedes]  ::
acérquese {v} [es-compound of, acerc, ar, acerque, se, mood=imp, person=usted]  ::
acérrimamente {adv}  :: strongly, vigorously
acérrimo {adj}  :: die-hard, extreme
acérrimo {adj}  :: very strong
acérrimo {adj}  :: vigorous; with tenacity
acróstico {adj}  :: acrostical
acróstico {m}  :: acrostic (poem or text with certain letters spelling out a name or message)
acústica {f} [physics]  :: acoustics (a quality of a space for doing music)
acústicamente {adv}  :: acoustically
acústico {adj}  :: acoustic
acústico {m}  :: hearing aid
acta {f}  :: certificate
acta {f}  :: election results
acta {f}  :: minutes
acético {adj}  :: acetic
actinio {m}  :: actinium
actinómetro {m} [physics]  :: actinometer (measuring device)
actitud {f}  :: attitude, disposition, policy
actitud {f}  :: posture, pose, stance
activación {f}  :: activation
activado {adj}  :: activated, enabled
activador {adj}  :: activating
activador {f}  :: activator
activadora {f}  :: feminine form of activador
activamente {adv}  :: actively
activar {v}  :: to activate
activar {v}  :: to enable
activar {v}  :: to stimulate
actividad {f}  :: activity
activismo {m}  :: activism
activista {m}  :: activist
activo {adj}  :: active
activo {adj} [gay slang]  :: top
activo {m} [accounting]  :: Any property or material right of an enterprise or individual
activo corriente {m} [accounting]  :: current asset
activo fijo {m} [business, accounting]  :: fixed asset
actínido {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: actinide
acto {m}  :: act
acto {m} [theatre]  :: act
acto continuo {adv}  :: right after; immediately afterwards
acto fallido {m}  :: Freudian slip (subconscious mistake in speech or action)
actor {f}  :: actor (person who performs in a theatrical play or movie)
actor {f} [legal]  :: defendant
actor voz {m}  :: voice actor
acto seguido {adv} [formal]  :: immediately after
actriz {f}  :: actress
actriz voz {f}  :: voice actor
actuación {f}  :: act; acting
actuación {f} [legal]  :: proceeding, lawsuit
actuación {f}  :: performance
actual {adj}  :: factual
actual {adj} [philosophy]  :: actual, real
actual {adj}  :: present, current
actualidad {f}  :: present
actualización {f}  :: an update
actualizar {v}  :: to bring to fruition; to actualize
actualizar {v}  :: to update
actualizarla {v} [es-compound of, actualiz, ar, actualizar, la, mood=inf]  ::
actualmente {adv}  :: at present, currently, now, nowadays
actuante {adj}  :: acting
actuar {v} [legal]  :: to litigate, to sue
actuar {v}  :: to act, to perform
actuar {v}  :: to actuate
actuario {f}  :: actuary (maker of insurance calculations)
Acuña {prop}  :: Spanish surname
acuñación {f}  :: coinage, coining, minting
acuñada {v} [feminine past participle of, acuñar]  ::
acuñadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, acuñar]  ::
acuñados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, acuñar]  ::
acuantiar {v}  :: to set the amount or quantity of
acuaplaneo {m}  :: aquaplaning
acuaporina {f} [protein]  :: aquaporin
acuñar {v}  :: to coin (word or expression)
acuñar {v}  :: to mint (money)
acuarela {f} [in the plural]  :: watercolors (paint used in watercolor)
acuarela {f}  :: watercolor (artwork)
acuarela {f}  :: watercolor (painting technique)
acuario {m}  :: aquarium
acuartelada {v} [feminine past participle of, acuartelar]  ::
acuarteladas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, acuartelar]  ::
acuartelados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, acuartelar]  ::
acuartelamiento {m}  :: confinement to barracks
acuartelamiento {m} [military]  :: quarters, barracks
acuartelar {v}  :: to billet
acuartelar {v}  :: to quarter
acuatizaje {m} [aviation]  :: ditching
acuatizar {v} [aviation]  :: to ditch; to land a plane on water
acuchillada {v} [feminine past participle of, acuchillar]  ::
acuchilladas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, acuchillar]  ::
acuchillados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, acuchillar]  ::
acuchillar {v}  :: to cut open
acuchillar {v}  :: to knife, to stab (injure or kill by stabbing with a knife)
acuchillar {v}  :: to sand, to abrade (the process of using abrasive tools, in particular, on wood)
acuciante {adj}  :: urgent
acuciar {v}  :: to encourage or urge on
acuclillarse {vr}  :: to squat
a cucucho {adv} [childish, El Salvador]  :: piggyback
acudir {v}  :: come to mind
acudir {v}  :: go to
acudir {v}  :: turn to
acueducto {m}  :: aqueduct
acuerdo {m}  :: agreement
acuerdo {m}  :: compromise
acuerdo de honor {m}  :: gentleman's agreement
a cuerpo de rey {adv} [idiomatic]  :: like a king
a cuestas {adv}  :: On the back or shoulders; piggyback
acuicultura {f}  :: aquaculture
acuidad {f}  :: acuity (sharpness or acuteness)
aculada {v} [feminine past participle of, acular]  ::
aculadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, acular]  ::
aculados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, acular]  ::
acular {v}  :: to back (to tie by the hind)
acular {v}  :: to corner
aculebrar {v}  :: to snake; to coil like a snake
acullá {adv}  :: yonder
aculturación {f}  :: acculturation
aculturar {v}  :: to acculture and assimilate a different society's habits, especially a more developed one
acuminado {adj} [botany, mycology]  :: acuminate
acumulación {f}  :: accumulation
acumulación {f} [legal]  :: joinder
acumulador {m}  :: accumulator (one who, or that which, accumulates)
acumulador {m}  :: rechargeable battery
acumulamiento {m}  :: accumulation (mass of something piled up or collected)
acumulamiento {m}  :: accumulation (the act of amassing or gathering, as into a pile)
acumular {v}  :: to accumulate
acumularse {vr}  :: to accumulate
acumulativo {adj}  :: cumulative (incorporating all data up to the present)
acunada {v} [feminine past participle of, acunar]  ::
acunadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, acunar]  ::
acunados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, acunar]  ::
acunar {v}  :: to cradle
acuoso {adj}  :: aqueous (consisting mostly of water)
acuoso {adj}  :: watery (diluted or having too much water)
acupuntura {f}  :: acupuncture
acuérdate {v} [es-compound of, acord, ar, acuerda, te, mood=imp, person=tú]  ::
acure {m} [Colombia, Venezuela]  :: guinea pig (rodent)
acurrucada {v} [feminine past participle of, acurrucar]  ::
acurrucadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, acurrucar]  ::
acurrucados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, acurrucar]  ::
acurrucar {vr} [colloquial, El Salvador]  :: to squat
acurrucar {v} [reciprocative]  :: to snuggle
acurrucar {vr}  :: to curl up because of the cold
acurrucar {vt} [colloquial, El Salvador]  :: to make somebody squat
acurrucarse {v}  :: to huddle (away from the cold, etc.)
acusación {f}  :: accusation
acusado {adj}  :: accused
acusado {f}  :: accused, defendant
acusador {adj} [legal]  :: accusatory
acusador {m}  :: accuser
acusador {m} [legal]  :: complainant
acusador {m} [legal]  :: prosecutor
acusar {v}  :: to accuse, to charge, to indict
acusar {v}  :: to arraign
acusar {v}  :: to criminate
acusar {v}  :: to prosecute
acusar recibo {v}  :: to acknowledge (to notify receipt)
acusativo {adj}  :: accusative
acusatorio {adj}  :: accusatory (pertaining to, or containing, an accusation)
acusete {m}  :: tattler, telltale (one who tattles)
acuéstate {v} [es-compound of, acost, ar, acuesta, te, mood=imp, person=tú]  ::
acuático {adj}  :: aquatic
acuyo {m}  :: Mexican pepperleaf, root beer plant, an aromatic herb used in Mexican cuisine (Piper auritum)
-ada {suffix}  :: Used to form words, derived from nouns, corresponding to -ful (as much as something will hold)
-ada {suffix}  :: Used to form words, derived from nouns, indicating a blow with the named object
-ada {suffix}  :: Used to form words, derived from nouns, signifying a whole
-ada {suffix}  :: Used to form words indicating abundance or excess
-ada {suffix}  :: Used to form words indicating action
-ada {suffix}  :: Used to form words indicating a period of time
-ada {suffix}  :: Used with a stem to form the feminine singular past participle of regular -are verbs; feminine form of -ado
Aída {prop}  :: female given name
a día de hoy {adv} [idiomatic]  :: in today's day and age
adagio {adv} [music]  :: adagio
adagio {m}  :: adage (old saying)
adagio {m} [music]  :: adagio
adaguada {v} [feminine past participle of, adaguar]  ::
adaguadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, adaguar]  ::
adaguados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, adaguar]  ::
adaguar {v}  :: to give water to cattle
Adalberto {prop}  :: male given name, an older form of Alberto ( = Albert)
adalid {m}  :: military commander
Adam {prop}  :: Adam (biblical figure)
adamantano {m} [organic compound]  :: adamantane
adamante {m} [archaic]  :: diamond
adamantino {adj}  :: adamantine
adamantino {m}  :: adamant (a rock or mineral held by some to be of impenetrable hardness; a name given to the diamond and other substances of extreme hardness)
adaptabilidad {f}  :: adaptability
adaptable {adj}  :: adaptable
adaptación {f}  :: adaptation
adaptado {adj}  :: adapted
adaptador {m}  :: adapter
adaptar {v}  :: to adapt, adjust
adaptar {v}  :: to tailor
adaptarse {v} [es-compound of, adapt, ar, adaptar, se, mood=inf]  ::
adaptativo {adj}  :: adaptive (able to adapt)
adarga {f}  :: leather shield
adarme {m} [historical]  :: A Spanish peso equivalent to three tomín
adarme {m}  :: tittle, bit (very small part of something)
adarvada {v} [feminine past participle of, adarvar]  ::
adarvadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, adarvar]  ::
adarvados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, adarvar]  ::
adarvar {v}  :: to stun, to shock
Addis Abbaba {prop}  :: alternative form of Addis Abeba
Addis Abeba {prop}  :: Addis Ababa (capital of Ethiopia)
a. de C. {abbr}  :: BC (Before Christ)
adecentada {v} [feminine past participle of, adecentar]  ::
adecentadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, adecentar]  ::
adecentados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, adecentar]  ::
adecentar {v}  :: to tidy; to clean up
adecuación {f}  :: adaptation
adecuadamente {adv}  :: adequately
adecuado {adj}  :: appropriate, suitable
adecuado {adj}  :: right
adecuar {v}  :: to adapt
adefesio {adj}  :: ugly, ridiculous
adefesio {m}  :: idiotic action
adefesio {m}  :: ugly, ridiculous person or thing
a. de J.C. {abbr}  :: BC (Before Christ)
Adela {prop}  :: female given name, equivalent to English Adela and Adele
Adelaida {prop}  :: Adelaide, the city in Australia
Adelaida {prop}  :: female given name, cognate to Adelaide
adelantadamente {adv}  :: early, in advance
adelantado {adj}  :: rash, precipitate (hasty, not careful or considered)
adelantado {m}  :: A governor of a province; a commander
adelantar {v}  :: to advance
adelantar {v}  :: to improve
adelantar {v}  :: to outstrip
adelantar {v}  :: to overtake (pass a more slowly moving object)
adelantarse {v}  :: jump the gun
adelantarse {vr}  :: to go forward, reflexive form of adelantar
adelantarse {v}  :: to take the lead
adelante {adv}  :: forward
adelante {interj}  :: come in!
adelante {interj}  :: go ahead!
adelanto {m}  :: advance (anticipated payment)
adelanto {m}  :: down payment (anticipated payment made to secure a purchase)
adelanto {m}  :: improvement
adelanto {m}  :: progress
adelfa {f}  :: oleander
adelgazada {v} [feminine past participle of, adelgazar]  ::
adelgazadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, adelgazar]  ::
adelgazados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, adelgazar]  ::
adelgazar {v}  :: to lose weight
adelgazar {v}  :: to make thin or slender
adelgazar {v}  :: to refine, to purify
adelgazarse {v}  :: to become thin or slender; to lose weight
Adelia {prop}  :: female given name, a variant of Adela
Adelina {prop}  :: female given name, diminutive of Adela, equivalent to English Adeline
ademán {m}  :: gesture
ademán {m} [in the plural]  :: manners
ademán {m}  :: posture, position
además {adv}  :: in addition; furthermore
adenda {m}  :: addendum, postdata
adenilato {m}  :: adenylate
adenina {f} [organic compound]  :: adenine
adenitis {f}  :: adenitis
adenín {adj}  :: adenine
adeno- {prefix}  :: adeno-
adenoide {f} [chiefly, in the plural]  :: adenoid
adenoidectomía {f}  :: adenoidectomy
adenología {f}  :: adenology
adenosina {f} [organic compound]  :: adenosine
adenosín {adj}  :: adenosine
adenosín trifosfato {m}  :: adenosine triphosphate, ATP
adentrarse {v}  :: to go into; dig into
adentro {adv}  :: inside
adentro {interj}  :: Come in!
adentro de {prep}  :: into
adepto {m}  :: supporter
adequadamente {adv}  :: obsolete form of adecuadamente
adequado {adj}  :: obsolete form of adecuado
adereçar {v}  :: obsolete form of aderezar
aderezado {adj}  :: favourable
aderezar {v}  :: to dress (for cooking, etc.)
aderezo {m}  :: seasoning
a despecho de {prep}  :: in spite of, despite
a destajo {adv} [idiom]  :: by the piece, as piecework
a destajo {adv} [idiom] [Chile]  :: by eye
a destajo {adv} [idiom]  :: flat out, full blast, at full tilt
adeudada {v} [feminine past participle of, adeudar]  ::
adeudadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, adeudar]  ::
adeudados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, adeudar]  ::
adeudar {v} [ditransitive]  :: to debit, charge
adeudar {v} [ditransitive]  :: to owe
a.D.g. {abbr}  :: a Dios gracias
adherente {adj}  :: adherent, sticky
adherente {m}  :: adherent (a person who has membership in some group)
adherible {adj}  :: sticky, adhesive (able or likely to stick)
adherida {v} [feminine past participle of, adherir]  ::
adheridas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, adherir]  ::
adheridos {v} [masculine plural past participle of, adherir]  ::
adherir {v}  :: to adhere, stick
adherirse {vr}  :: to adhere (to stick fast or cleave)
adhesión {f}  :: adhesion
adhesivo {adj}  :: adhesive
adhesivo {m}  :: adhesive
adhesivo {m}  :: sticker
ad hoc {adv}  :: ad hoc (for this particular purpose)
adhocracia {f}  :: adhocracy
adiabático {adj} [physics, thermodynamics]  :: adiabatic
adiar {v}  :: to schedule
adicción {f}  :: addiction
adición {f}  :: addition
adición {f} [Latin America]  :: check (in a restaurant, etc.)
adicional {adj}  :: additional
adicionalmente {adv}  :: additionally
adicionalmente {adv}  :: in addition, further
adicionar {v}  :: to add (numbers)
adicta {f}  :: feminine form of adicto
adictivo {adj}  :: addictive
adicto {adj}  :: addicted
adicto {f}  :: addict
adiestrada {v} [feminine past participle of, adiestrar]  ::
adiestradas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, adiestrar]  ::
adiestrador {f}  :: tamer; one who tames animals
adiestrados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, adiestrar]  ::
adiestramiento {m}  :: animal training
adiestramiento {m}  :: dressage
adiestramiento {m}  :: practice, training
adiestrar {v}  :: to train
a diestro y siniestro {adv} [idiomatic]  :: left, right and centre
adinerado {adj}  :: affluent
adinerado {adj}  :: wealthy
adinerar {vr} [colloquial]  :: to enrich (make wealthy)
adiosito {m}  :: diminutive form of adiós
a Dios rogando y con el mazo dando {proverb}  :: God helps those who help themselves
adipato {m} [organic compound]  :: adipate
adiponectina {f} [protein]  :: adiponectin
adiposidad {f}  :: adiposity
adir {v} [legal]  :: to accept (inheritance)
adiós {interj}  :: goodbye, farewell
aditivo {m}  :: additive
adive {m}  :: jackal
adivina {f}  :: feminine form of adivino
adivinación {f}  :: foresight, guessing
adivinada {v} [feminine past participle of, adivinar]  ::
adivinadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, adivinar]  ::
adivinador {adj}  :: divining, foretelling (attributive)
adivinador {adj}  :: guessing, guesswork (attributive)
adivinador {f}  :: diviner, foreteller
adivinador {f}  :: guesser
adivinadora {f}  :: feminine form of adivinador
adivinados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, adivinar]  ::
adivinanza {f}  :: foresight
adivinanza {f}  :: riddle
adivinar {v}  :: to divine or foretell
adivinar {v}  :: to guess
adivino {f}  :: seer
adjectivo atributivo {m} [grammar]  :: attributive adjective (adjective that describes only an attribute)
adjetival {adj}  :: adjectival
adjetivar {vt}  :: to adjective (to make an adjective of)
adjetivo {m} [grammar]  :: adjective, a word that modifies or describes a noun or pronoun
adjetivo cardinal {m}  :: A cardinal numeral
adjetivo ordinal {m} [grammar]  :: ordinal number (grammar: word used to denote relative position in a sequence)
adjudicación {f}  :: adjudication
adjudicación {f}  :: award
adjudicar {v}  :: to adjudge, assign, award, appropriate
adjuntada {v} [feminine past participle of, adjuntar]  ::
adjuntadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, adjuntar]  ::
adjuntados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, adjuntar]  ::
adjuntar {v}  :: to enclose, to attach (as in correspondence, e-mail)
adjunto {adj}  :: attached
adjustable {adj}  :: adjustable, regulable
ad líbitum {adv}  :: ad lib, ad libitum
adúltera {f}  :: feminine form of adúltero
adlátere {m}  :: minion (loyal servant of another more powerful being)
adúltero {adj}  :: adulterous
adúltero {f}  :: adulterer
administración {f}  :: administration, or running of a business or organisation
administrador {f}  :: administrator
administrador de base de datos {m} [computing]  :: database administrator
administrador de sistemas {m}  :: sysadmin (systems administrator)
administrar {v}  :: to administer
administrativamente {adv}  :: administratively
administrativo {adj}  :: administrative
admirable {adj}  :: admirable
admirablemente {adv}  :: admirably (to an admirable degree)
admiración {f}  :: admiration
admirador {f}  :: admirer
admiradora {f}  :: feminine form of admirador
admirar {vr}  :: to be amazed
admirar {v}  :: to admire
admirativo {adj}  :: admiring
admisible {adj}  :: admissible
admisión {f}  :: admission, acknowledgment
admisión {f}  :: admittance
admisión {f}  :: approval, admission
admisión {f}  :: intake
admitir {v}  :: to accept, to admit, to agree to, to concede
admitir {v}  :: to admit, to let in
admitir {v}  :: to permit, to allow
admitirlo {v} [es-compound of, admit, ir, admitir, lo, mood=inf]  ::
admonición {f}  :: admonition
admonitorio {adj}  :: admonitory (of or pertaining to an admonition)
admítelo {v} [es-compound of, admit, ir, admite, lo, mood=imp, person=tú]  ::
Adán {prop}  :: male given name. Spanish equivalent of Adam
Adén {prop}  :: Aden (seaport of Yemen)
ADN {initialism} [biology, genetics]  :: DNA
adnato {adj} [botany, mycology]  :: adnate
adónde {adv} [interrogative]  :: to where
-ado {suffix}  :: Suffix indicating the past participle of regular -ar verbs
adobada {v} [feminine past participle of, adobar]  ::
adobadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, adobar]  ::
adobados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, adobar]  ::
adobar {v}  :: to marinate
adobe {m} [construction]  :: adobe
adobo {m}  :: A delicacy of marinated meat
adoctrinamiento {m}  :: indoctrination (act of indoctrinating)
adoctrinar {v}  :: to indoctrinate (to teach with a biased or one-sided ideology)
adolecer {v}  :: to suffer
adolecida {v} [feminine past participle of, adolecer]  ::
adolecidas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, adolecer]  ::
adolecidos {v} [masculine plural past participle of, adolecer]  ::
adolescencia {f}  :: adolescence
adolescente {adj}  :: adolescent
adolescente {m}  :: teenager
Adolfito {prop}  :: A diminutive of the male given name Adolfo
Adolfo {prop}  :: male given name, the Spanish equivalent of Adolph
adolorido {adj} [Latin America]  :: painful, aching (afflicted or suffering with pain)
Adolpho {prop} [given name, male, ]  :: .
adonde {adv}  :: where
adonde {adv}  :: whereto
adondequiera {adv}  :: wherever, anywhere
adopción {f}  :: adoption
adoptable {adj}  :: adoptable
adoptada {f}  :: feminine form of adoptado
adoptado {adj}  :: adopted
adoptado {adj}  :: adoptive
adoptado {f}  :: adoptee
adoptar {vt}  :: to adopt (legally take in a child from other parents)
adoptar {vt}  :: to adopt (to select)
adoptarlo {v} [es-compound of, adopt, ar, adoptar, lo, mood=inf]  ::
adoptivo {adj}  :: foster, adoptive (providing parental care to unrelated children)
adoptivo {adj}  :: foster (receiving such care)
adoquinado {adj}  :: paved
adoquinar {v}  :: to pave
adoquín {m} [colloquial]  :: idiot, blockhead
adoquín {m}  :: paving stone, flagstone
ador {m} [agriculture]  :: Time appointed for watering crops
-ador {suffix}  :: Form of -dor attached to -ar verb stems. Forms (usually agent) nouns and adjectives
-adora {suffix}  :: feminine form of -ador
adorable {adj}  :: adorable
adoración {f}  :: adoration
adoración {f}  :: worship
adorador {f}  :: admirer
adorador {f}  :: adorer
adorador {f}  :: worshiper
adorar {v}  :: adore, worship
adormecer {v}  :: to make numb
adormecer {v}  :: to make sleepy, or lull
adormecerse {vr}  :: to go numb (part of the body)
adormecerse {vr}  :: to go to sleep, or doze off
adormecido {adj}  :: sleepy, dozy, drowsy
adormecimiento {m}  :: drowsiness
adormecimiento {m}  :: slumber (a very light state of sleep)
adormilamiento {m}  :: slumber (a very light state of sleep)
adormilar {vi}  :: to slumber (to be in a very light state of sleep)
adornar {v}  :: to adorn
adorno {m}  :: adornment, ornament
adosada {f}  :: townhouse
adosado {adj}  :: Usually of houses and buildings: adjacent and touching, contiguous, attached
a dos velas {adv} [idiomatic]  :: broke, penniless
adípico {adj}  :: adipic
adquirible {adj}  :: obtainable, acquirable
adquirir {vt}  :: to acquire
adquirir {vt}  :: to buy
adquisición {f}  :: procurement; acquisition
adquisitivo {adj}  :: acquisitive
adrede {adv}  :: on purpose
adrenalectomía {f}  :: adrenalectomy
adrenalina {f}  :: adrenaline
adrenocorticotropo {adj}  :: adrenocorticotropic
adrenérgico {adj}  :: adrenergic
Adriana {prop}  :: female given name, cognate to English Adriana
Adriano {prop}  :: Hadrian (emperor)
Adriano {prop}  :: male given name, cognate to Adrian; more popular in the form Adrián
Adrián {prop}  :: male given name; the Spanish equivalent of Adrian
adriático {adj}  :: Adriatic
Adís Abeba {prop}  :: alternative form of Addis Abeba
adscribir {v}  :: to designate, to assign
aduana {f}  :: customs (office that taxes imported goods)
aducción {f}  :: adduction
aducir {v}  :: to allege, adduce, cite, give as proof
aductor {m} [anatomy]  :: adductor
aductor corto del muslo {m}  :: adductor brevis
aductor corto del pulgar {m}  :: abductor pollicis brevis
aductor del meñique {m}  :: abductor minimi digiti
aductor del pulgar {m}  :: adductor pollicis
aductor mayor del muslo {m}  :: adductor magnus
aductor mediano del muslo {m}  :: adductor longus
aductor menor {m}  :: adductor brevis
adueñada {v} [feminine past participle of, adueñar]  ::
adueñadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, adueñar]  ::
adueñados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, adueñar]  ::
adueñar {v}  :: to become a master of something
adueñar {v}  :: to dominate a group
adueñarse {v}  :: to appropriate, to take ownership
adujar {v}  :: to coil a rope or cable
adulación {f}  :: flattery, adulation
adulador {f}  :: adulator, sycophant
aduladora {f}  :: feminine form of adulador
adular {v}  :: to flatter
adularia {f}  :: adularia (variety of orthoclase feldspar)
adulteración {f}  :: adulteration (The action of adulterating)
adulterar {v}  :: to adulterate
adulterio {m}  :: adultery
adultez {f}  :: adulthood
adulto {adj}  :: adult
adulto {f}  :: adult
-adura {suffix}  :: Form of -dura used with -ar verbs to form nouns
a duras penas {adv} [idiomatic]  :: barely, hardly
adurir {v} [rare]  :: to burn
advección {f} [earth science, chemistry]  :: advection (the horizontal movement of a body of atmosphere (or other fluid) along with a concurrent transport of its temperature, humidity etc.)
advenediza {f}  :: feminine form of advenedizo
advenedizo {adj}  :: upstart
advenedizo {f}  :: upstart, social climber
advenida {v} [feminine past participle of, advenir]  ::
advenidas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, advenir]  ::
advenidos {v} [masculine plural past participle of, advenir]  ::
advenimiento {m}  :: coming, advent
advenir {vi}  :: to arrive
advenir {vi}  :: to happen
adventicio {adj} [biology]  :: adventitious (developing in an unusual place or from an unusual source)
adventurero {f}  :: A thrillseeker or adventuresome person
adverbial {adj}  :: adverbial
adverbio {m}  :: adverb (lexical category)
adversaria {f}  :: adversary (opponent)
adversario {m}  :: adversary, opponent
adversidad {f}  :: adversity, misfortune, difficulty
adverso {adj}  :: adverse
advertencia {f}  :: advice
advertencia {f}  :: remark
advertencia {f}  :: warning
advertida {v} [feminine past participle of, advertir]  ::
advertidas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, advertir]  ::
advertidos {v} [masculine plural past participle of, advertir]  ::
advertimiento {m}  :: warning
advertir {v}  :: to notice something
advertir {v}  :: to warn
advertirle {v} [es-compound of, advert, ir, advertir, le, mood=inf]  ::
advertirles {v} [es-compound of, advert, ir, advertir, les, mood=inf]  ::
advertirte {v} [es-compound of, advert, ir, advertir, te, mood=inf]  ::
adviento {m}  :: advent
adyacencia {f} [countable and uncountable]  :: adjacency (quality of being adjacent)
adyacente {adj}  :: adjacent
AEC {initialism}  :: BCE. Antes de la Era Común
aeda {m}  :: alternative form of aedo
aedo {m} [historical]  :: bard, poet
añejamiento {m}  :: aging (of wine, cheese, etc.)
añejar {v}  :: to age
añejo {adj}  :: aged (of or pertaining to food, such as cheese or alcoholic spirits)
aerar {v}  :: to air (bring something into contact with the air)
aeróbico {adj}  :: aerobic
aeródromo {m}  :: airfield
aerófono {m}  :: aerophone
aerómetro {m}  :: aerometer (instrument used to measure mass and density of gases)
aero- {prefix}  :: aero-
aerobio {adj}  :: aerobic
aerobio {m}  :: aerobe
aerobiología {f}  :: aerobiology (the study of the dispersion of airborne biological materials)
aerobiosis {f} [biology]  :: aerobiosis (form of life that is sustained by the presence of air)
aerobús {m}  :: airbus (a type of airliner)
aerodeslizador {m}  :: hovercraft
aerodinámica {f}  :: aerodynamics
aerodinámico {adj}  :: aerodynamic, aerodynamical
aeroespacial {adj}  :: aerospatial
aeroespacio {m}  :: aerospace (Earth's atmosphere and space the around it)
aerofagia {f} [pathology]  :: aerophagy
aerogenerador {m}  :: wind turbine (device)
aerológico {adj}  :: aerologic, aerological
aeroligero {m}  :: microlight
aerolínea {f}  :: airline
aerología {f}  :: aerology
aeromancia {f}  :: aeromancy (divination by use of atmospheric conditions)
aeromoza {f} [Latin America]  :: flight attendant, airline stewardess
aeromozo {f}  :: steward, air steward (attendant on an airplane)
aeronauta {m}  :: aeronaut, airman, pilot
aeronave {f}  :: aircraft
aeronave {f}  :: airship
aeronavegación {f}  :: navigation by air
aeronáutica {f}  :: aeronautics
aeronáutico {adj}  :: aeronautic
aeropirata {m} [aviation]  :: hijacker
aeroplano {m} [dated]  :: aeroplane (airplane, a winged aircraft)
aeroportuario {adj}  :: relating to airports
aeropuerto {m}  :: airport
aerosol {m}  :: aerosol (gaseous or airborne cloud of particulate matter)
aerostato {m}  :: aerostat (aircraft)
aerostática {f} [physics]  :: aerostatics (study of gases in equilibrium)
aerotransportado {adj}  :: airborne
aerotérmico {adj}  :: aerothermal
aerovía {f}  :: airway (flight path used by aeroplanes)
aeróstato {m}  :: alternative form of aerostato
a eso de {prep}  :: around, about (roughly at the time)
a espuertas {adv} [idiomatic]  :: by the ton (in vast quantities)
afabilidad {f}  :: affability
afable {adj}  :: affable, friendly
afablemente {adv}  :: affably
afamado {adj}  :: famous
afanada {v} [feminine past participle of, afanar]  ::
afanadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, afanar]  ::
afanados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, afanar]  ::
afanar {v} [colloquial]  :: to steal, pinch
afanar {v}  :: to be busy
afanar {v}  :: to work hard
afanarse {vr}  :: to toil, to work hard
afanoso {adj}  :: industrious, laborious (hard-working and persistent)
afar {m}  :: Afar (language)
afasia {f} [pathology]  :: aphasia (pathological speech disorder)
afeada {v} [feminine past participle of, afear]  ::
afeadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, afear]  ::
afeados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, afear]  ::
afeamiento {m}  :: The act of making ugly
afear {v}  :: to make ugly
afección {f}  :: A complaint, usually medical or legal
afección {f}  :: A medical condition, or disorder
afectable {adj}  :: affectable
afectación {f}  :: affectation
afectado {adj}  :: affected
afectar {v}  :: to affect
afectivo {adj}  :: affective
afecto {m}  :: affection
afecto {m}  :: fondness
afectuosamente {adv}  :: affectionately
afectuoso {adj}  :: affectionate
afeitada {v} [feminine past participle of, afeitar]  ::
afeitadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, afeitar]  ::
afeitado {m}  :: shave
afeitadora {f}  :: electric shaver, electric razor
afeitados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, afeitar]  ::
afeitar {v}  :: to shave
afeitarse {v}  :: to shave (oneself)
afelio {m} [astronomy]  :: aphelion
afeminadamente {adv}  :: effeminately
afeminado {adj}  :: effeminate
afeminar {vr}  :: to feminize (to become feminine)
afeminar {vt}  :: to feminize (to make feminine)
aferente {adj}  :: afferent
aferrar {vp}  :: to cling to, to hang onto
aferrar {v}  :: to catch, to hook
aferrar {v}  :: to seize
aferrarse {vr} [lb, es]  :: to cling
affidávit {m}  :: affidavit
afgana {f}  :: feminine form of afgano
Afganistán {prop}  :: Afghanistan
afgano {adj}  :: Afghan (of or relating to Afghanistan)
afgano {adj}  :: Afghan (person)
afgano {f}  :: Afghan (person from Afghanistan)
AFI {acronym}  :: Agencia Federal de Investigación of Mexico
AFI {acronym}  :: Alfabeto Fonético Internacional; IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet)
afianzada {v} [feminine past participle of, afianzar]  ::
afianzadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, afianzar]  ::
afianzados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, afianzar]  ::
afianzamiento {m}  :: reinforcement
afianzar {v}  :: to make certain; to clinch something
afianzar {v}  :: to support, to sustain
afianzar {v}  :: to tighten, strengthen
afiche {m} [Latin America]  :: poster (advertisement)
afición {f}  :: hobby
afición {f}  :: persistence, determination, zeal
aficionada {f}  :: feminine form of aficionado
aficionado {adj}  :: amateur
aficionado {adj}  :: fond
aficionado {f}  :: amateur
aficionado {f}  :: fan
afiebrada {v} [feminine past participle of, afiebrar]  ::
afiebradas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, afiebrar]  ::
afiebrados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, afiebrar]  ::
afiebrar {vr}  :: to have a fever
afiebrarse {vr}  :: (reflexive form of afiebrar) to have a fever
afijo {m}  :: affix
afilado {adj}  :: sharp
afilado {m}  :: cut, edge (of knives)
afilado {m}  :: sharpening (of knives)
afilar {vr} [colloquial, Chile]  :: to fuck
afilar {v}  :: to court, flirt with
afilar {vt}  :: to sharpen
afiliación {f}  :: affiliation
afiliada {f}  :: affiliate
afiliado {m}  :: affiliate
afiliado {m}  :: member
afiliar {v}  :: to affiliate
afiligranar {vt}  :: to filigree (to decorate something with intricate ornamentation made from gold or silver twisted wire)
afimada {v} [feminine past participle of, afimar]  ::
afimadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, afimar]  ::
afimados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, afimar]  ::
afimar {v}  :: to aim
afinador {f}  :: tuner (person who tunes a musical instrument)
afinar {v}  :: to refine
afincar {vi}  :: to take up residence, settle
a fin de que {conj}  :: so that, in order that
afinidad {f}  :: affinity
afirmación {f}  :: claim or statement of something believed to be true
afirmar {v}  :: to state, assert
afirmativo {adj}  :: affirmative
aflicción {f}  :: affliction
aflicción {f}  :: sorrow
afligimiento {m}  :: affliction
afligir {v}  :: to afflict
aflojada {v} [feminine past participle of, aflojar]  ::
aflojadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, aflojar]  ::
aflojados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, aflojar]  ::
aflojar {vi}  :: to let up
aflojar {v}  :: to cough up, shell out (pay money)
aflojar {v}  :: to loosen
aflojar {v}  :: to slacken
aflojarse {vr} [lb, es]  :: to slack (to refuse to exert effort)
afloramiento {m}  :: outcrop (coming out of bedrock or of an unconsolidated deposit to the surface of the ground)
afloramiento {m}  :: outcrop (part of a rock formation that appears at the surface)
aflorar {v}  :: to emerge
aflorar {v}  :: to sift
a flor de piel {adv}  :: Just under the surface
a flor de piel {adv}  :: On the surface. exposed
afluencia {f}  :: inflow, influx
afluente {adj}  :: affluent, abundant
afluente {adj}  :: flowing
afluente {m}  :: affluent (tributary)
afluir {v}  :: to flow into
afán {m}  :: desire; thirst
afán {m}  :: eagerness; keenness
afán {m}  :: effort
afín {adj}  :: affine
afónico {adj}  :: hoarse
afónico {adj}  :: without voice or sound
a fondo {adv}  :: thoroughly, in depth
aforado {adj}  :: immune (to certain legal proceedings)
aforado {f} [Spain]  :: someone protected by a certain type of political immunity enabling them to be tried under a Supreme Court, regardless of the offence committed
aforar {v}  :: to gauge, measure
aforar {v}  :: to pass a law
aforismo {m}  :: aphorism (short phrase conveying some principle or concept of thought)
aforo {m}  :: capacity (maximum number of people a public place e.g. cinema, theatre, can hold)
aforo {m} [chemistry]  :: graduation mark (mark on a container to show the volume held)
aforo {m}  :: gauging (agent noun of "gauge")
aforrar {vt} [South America]  :: to slap
aforrar {vt}  :: to line, cover the inside
aforístico {adj}  :: aphoristic
afortunadamente {adv}  :: fortunately; luckily
afortunado {adj}  :: With fortune; lucky
afrecho {m}  :: bran (outside layer of a grain)
afrenta {f}  :: afront
afrentada {v} [feminine past participle of, afrentar]  ::
afrentadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, afrentar]  ::
afrentados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, afrentar]  ::
afrentar {v}  :: to affront
afrentoso {adj}  :: insulting
aféresis {f} [medicine, linguistics]  :: apheresis
africada {f} [phonetics]  :: affricate (a sound produced using a combination of a plosive and a fricative)
africana {f}  :: feminine form of africano, African woman
africanito {m}  :: diminutive form of africano
africano {adj}  :: African (of, or pertaining to Africa)
africano {f}  :: African (person)
afrikaans {m}  :: alternative form of afrikáans
afrikáans {m}  :: Afrikaans (language)
afrikáner {m}  :: Afrikaner (member of ethnic group)
afro {m}  :: afro (hairstyle)
afro- {prefix}  :: Afro-
afroamericana {m}  :: female Afro-American
afroamericano {adj}  :: Afro-American
afroamericano {f}  :: Afro-American
afrodisíaco {adj}  :: aphrodisiac
afrodisíaco {m}  :: aphrodisiac
afrodisiaco {adj}  :: aphrodisiac
afrodisiaco {m}  :: aphrodisiac
Afrodita {prop}  :: Aphrodite
afroecuatoriano {adj}  :: Afro-Ecuadorian
afroecuatoriano {f}  :: Afro-Ecuadorian
afrofobia {f}  :: Afrophobia (the fear, hate or dislike of Africans)
afrontamiento {m}  :: coping (the process of managing taxing circumstances, expending effort to solve personal and interpersonal problems, and seeking to master, minimize, reduce or tolerate stress or conflict.)
afrontar {v}  :: to confront
afrontar {v}  :: to defy
afrontar {v}  :: to face
afta {f} [pathology]  :: aphthous ulcer
afuera {adv}  :: out, outside
afuera {interj}  :: Get out!
afueras {fp}  :: outskirts
AG {abbr}  :: abbreviation of Aguascalientes (Mexican state)
agachadiza {f}  :: snipe (bird)
agachado {adj}  :: stooped, with a stoop
agachar {vr}  :: to bend down
agachar {vr}  :: to duck
agachar {v}  :: to lower
agacharse {vr}  :: reflexive form of agachar
agachona {f}  :: snipe (bird of the family Scolopacidae)
agalla {f}  :: gill
aganchado {adj}  :: hamiform, hooklike
Agapito {prop}  :: male given name
agar {m}  :: agar
Agar {prop}  :: Hagar (Biblical character)
agar-agar {m}  :: agar
agaragar {m}  :: agar
agarrada {f} [colloquial]  :: scuffle, row
agarrada {v} [feminine past participle of, agarrar]  ::
agarradera {f}  :: handhold (projection to hold)
agarrado {adj}  :: stingy
agarrar {vr}  :: to hold on
agarrar {v}  :: to grab or take hold of
agarrarlo {v} [es-compound of, agarr, ar, agarrar, lo, mood=inf]  ::
agarrarse a un clavo ardiendo {v} [idiomatic]  :: to clutch at straws
agarrotarse {vr} [of a machine]  :: to seize up (to stop working)
agarrotarse {vr} [of muscles]  :: to seize up (to stiffen)
agasajada {v} [feminine past participle of, agasajar]  ::
agasajadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, agasajar]  ::
agasajados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, agasajar]  ::
agasajar {v}  :: to lavish
agasajar {v}  :: to wine and dine, treat lavishly
agateador {m}  :: treecreeper
agauchado {adj}  :: gaucho-like person
agave {m}  :: agave
agavilladora {f} [agriculture]  :: binder (machine used in harvesting that ties cut stalks of grain into a bundle)
agazapada {v} [feminine past participle of, agazapar]  ::
agazapadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, agazapar]  ::
agazapados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, agazapar]  ::
agazapar {v} [colloquial]  :: to seize
agáchate {v} [es-compound of, agach, ar, agacha, te, mood=imp, person=tú]  ::
agáchense {v} [es-compound of, agach, ar, agachen, se, mood=imp, person=ustedes]  ::
agencia {f}  :: agency
agenciada {v} [feminine past participle of, agenciar]  ::
agenciadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, agenciar]  ::
agencia de empleo {f}  :: employment agency (organisation that matches employers to employees)
agencia de viajes {f}  :: travel agency (company)
agenciados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, agenciar]  ::
agencia matrimonial {f}  :: marriage agency
agenciar {v}  :: to procure
agenda {f}  :: An agenda
agenda de direcciones {f}  :: address book (small book with addresses)
agenda oculta {f}  :: hidden agenda (wish (and plan) to implement a particular idea without telling anybody)
agente {m}  :: agent
agente {m}  :: policeman, policewoman, police officer
agente de viajes {m}  :: travel agent (consultant who arranges travel)
agente doble {m} [espionage]  :: double agent (spy)
agente encubierto {f}  :: mole, undercover officer
agente inmobiliario {f}  :: realtor
agüero {m}  :: forecast, prediction
agüero {m}  :: omen
agigantado {adj}  :: exaggerated
agigantar {v}  :: to exaggerate
agilidad {f}  :: agility
agilizar {v}  :: to speed up, quicken
Agirre {prop}  :: Spanish surname
agüita {m}  :: a small amount of water
agüita {m}  :: diminutive of agua
agitación {f}  :: restlessness, agitation
agitación {f}  :: social or political unrest
agitado {adj}  :: hectic
agitado {adj}  :: rough (sea)
agitado {adj}  :: upset
agitador {f}  :: agitator
agitadora {f}  :: agitator
agitar {v}  :: to shake
agitar {v}  :: to wag
agitar {v}  :: to wave
agitarse {vr}  :: to flail, shake (to wave or swing vigorously)
agüitarse {v} [El Salvador, Mexico]  :: to become saddened
agüite {m} [El Salvador]  :: slough, gloom (state of depression)
agáloco {m}  :: agarwood (type of heartwood)
aglomeración {f}  :: agglomeration
aglomeración {f}  :: swarm (a mass of people or animals in turmoil)
aglomerar {vi}  :: to cluster, agglomerate (form into a cluster)
aglutinante {adj}  :: agglutinative
aglutinar {v}  :: to agglutinate
aglutinar {v}  :: to join; bring together
agnado {adj}  :: agnate (related by male connections)
agónico {adj}  :: dying; near death
agnosticismo {m}  :: agnosticism (view that the existence of a God or gods is unknown, unknowable, unproven, or unprovable)
agnóstico {adj}  :: agnostic
agnóstico {f}  :: agnostic
agobiado {adj}  :: careworn
agobiado {adj}  :: exhausted, tired
agobiante {adj}  :: crippling
agobiante {adj}  :: overwhelming
agobiar {v}  :: to annoy, to bother
agobiar {v}  :: to overwhelm, to anguish
agobiar {v}  :: to tire, fatigue
agolparse {vr} [agolparse]  :: to crowd together
agolparse {vr} [agolparse]  :: to knock together, bang about together
agonía {f}  :: agony
agonista {adj}  :: agonistic
agonista {m}  :: agonist
agonista {m} [anatomy]  :: agonistic muscle
agonizada {v} [feminine past participle of, agonizar]  ::
agonizadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, agonizar]  ::
agonizados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, agonizar]  ::
agonizante {adj}  :: dying
agonizar {v} [rare]  :: to assist dying persons
agonizar {v}  :: to agonize
agonizar {v}  :: to die an agonizing death
agonizar {v}  :: to die out
agora {adv}  :: obsolete form of ahora
agorada {v} [feminine past participle of, agorar]  ::
agoradas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, agorar]  ::
agorados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, agorar]  ::
agorafóbico {adj}  :: agoraphobic (pertaining to agoraphobia)
agorafobia {f}  :: agoraphobia
agorar {v}  :: to predict or announce something, especially a misfortune
agosteño {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to the month of August
agostero {m}  :: harvestman (arachnid)
agosto {m}  :: August
agotable {adj}  :: exhaustible
agotado {adj}  :: out of stock, sold out
agotado {adj}  :: tired, exhausted, worn out
agotador {adj}  :: tiring, exhausting
agotamiento {m}  :: depletion
agotamiento {m}  :: exhaustion
agotar {vr} [agotarse]  :: to run out
agotar {vr} [agotarse]  :: to sell out
agotar {vr}  :: to wear oneself out
agotar {v}  :: to exhaust, deplete, use up
agotarse {vr}  :: reflexive form of agotar, to run out, sell out
agraciadamente {adv}  :: gracefully
agraciado {adj} [of a person]  :: attractive, good-looking
agraciado {adj} [of a person]  :: lucky, fortunate
agraciado {adj} [of a person]  :: winning
agraciado {f}  :: winner; one who is fortunate
agradable {adj}  :: agreeable, pleasant
agradablemente {adv}  :: agreeably
agradar {v}  :: to please
agradecer {v}  :: to be grateful for
agradecer {v}  :: to thank
agradecerle {v} [es-compound of, agradec, er, agradecer, le, mood=inf]  ::
agradecerles {v} [es-compound of, agradec, er, agradecer, les, mood=inf]  ::
agradecerme {v} [es-compound of, agradec, er, agradecer, me, mood=inf]  ::
agradecerte {v} [es-compound of, agradec, er, agradecer, te, mood=inf]  ::
agradecido {adj}  :: grateful
agradecimiento {m}  :: gratitude
agradecimiento {m}  :: thanksgiving
agrado {m}  :: pleasure
agramatical {adj}  :: ungrammatical
agrandada {v} [feminine past participle of, agrandar]  ::
agrandadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, agrandar]  ::
agrandados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, agrandar]  ::
agrandar {v}  :: to increase or enlarge
a grandes rasgos {adv} [idiomatic]  :: broadly, in broad terms
agrario {adj}  :: agrarian
agrario {adj}  :: agricultural
agravamiento {m}  :: aggravation
agravante {adj}  :: aggravating
agravante {m}  :: aggravation (extrinsic circumstance or accident which increases the guilt of a crime or the misery of a calamity)
agravar {vr}  :: to get worse
agravar {v}  :: to aggravate
agraviada {v} [feminine past participle of, agraviar]  ::
agraviadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, agraviar]  ::
agraviados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, agraviar]  ::
agraviar {v}  :: to insult
agraviar {v}  :: to offend, outrage, hurt, wrong
agravio {m}  :: offense, grievance, wrongdoing
agraz {adj}  :: unpleasant, disagreeable
agraz {m}  :: red-berried mistletoe (Viscum cruciatum)
agraz {m}  :: redcurrant (Ribes rubrum)
agraz {m}  :: verjuice
agrícola {adj}  :: agricultural
agredir {vt}  :: to assault, attack
agregación {f}  :: aggregation
agregada {f}  :: attaché (diplomatic officer)
agregado {m}  :: attaché
agregado {m}  :: (Buddhism) skandha
agregado {m}  :: side dish
agregar {v}  :: to add, collect, aggregate, collate, gather
agresión {f}  :: aggression
agresivamente {adv}  :: aggressively
agresividad {f}  :: aggressiveness
agresivo {adj}  :: aggressive
agresor {f}  :: aggressor
agresora {f}  :: feminine form of agresor
agreste {adj}  :: rustic
agriada {v} [feminine past participle of, agriar]  ::
agriadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, agriar]  ::
agriados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, agriar]  ::
agriamente {adv}  :: harshly
agriamente {adv}  :: sourly
agriar {v}  :: to sour, embitter
agricultor {f}  :: farmer
agricultura {f}  :: agriculture, farming
agridulce {adj}  :: sweet and sour; bittersweet
agrietado {adj}  :: cracky, fissured (having lots of cracks)
agrietar {v}  :: to crack
agrietarse {vr}  :: to crack (to form cracks)
agrimensor {m}  :: surveyor
agrio {adj} [of a food, person]  :: bitter
agrio {adj}  :: sour
agrio {adj}  :: tangy
agrisar {vr}  :: to gray (become gray)
agrisar {vt}  :: to gray (cause to become gray)
agrónomo {f}  :: agronomist (scientist specialized in agronomy)
agroforestal {adj}  :: agroforestry (attributive)
agroindustria {f}  :: agroindustry
agronomía {f}  :: agronomy
agropecuario {adj}  :: Of or relating to agriculture and cattle raising
agárrala {v} [es-compound of, agarr, ar, agarra, la, mood=imp, person=tú]  ::
agárralo {v} [es-compound of, agarr, ar, agarra, lo, mood=imp, person=tú]  ::
agárrate {v} [es-compound of, agarr, ar, agarra, te, mood=imp, person=tú]  ::
agárrenlo {v} [es-compound of, agarr, ar, agarren, lo, mood=imp, person=ustedes]  ::
agárrense {v} [es-compound of, agarr, ar, agarren, se, mood=imp, person=ustedes]  ::
agrupación {f}  :: group
agrupamiento {m}  :: cluster (group of consonants)
agrupamiento {m}  :: clustering (the action of the verb to cluster)
agrupar {v}  :: to group together
agruparse {vr}  :: to cluster (form into a cluster)
agua {f} [archaic]  :: river, stream
agua {f}  :: body of water
agua {f} [Guatemala]  :: pop, soda (soft drink)
agua {f}  :: rain
agua {f} [slang, in the plural]  :: urine
agua {f}  :: water
agua bendita {f} [Christianity]  :: holy water
aguacate {m}  :: avocado
aguacate {m}  :: avocado tree
aguacatero {adj} [El Salvador]  :: mutt
aguacero {m}  :: downpour
aguachile {m} [Mexico]  :: A watery chili-based broth
aguacil {m} [Argentina, Uruguay]  :: dragonfly
agua con gas {f}  :: carbonated water
agua de coco {f}  :: coconut water
agua de Colonia {f}  :: eau de Cologne
agua de jamaica {m}  :: A tisane made from the roselle (Hibiscus sabdariffa) sepals; hibiscus tea
agua del amnios {f} [zoology]  :: amniotic fluid (fluid that surrounds a developing embryo or fetus)
agua de mar {f}  :: seawater
agua de Seltz {f}  :: soda water (water with carbon dioxide)
agua destilada {f}  :: distilled water
aguado {adj}  :: boring (a promenade, ride, day, which are masculine is Spanish)
aguado {adj}  :: flaccid, weak (a belly, muscle, penis)
aguado {adj}  :: watery
aguado {adj}  :: with broth (a stew)
aguador {f}  :: water carrier
aguador {f}  :: water seller
aguadora {f}  :: feminine form of aguador
agua dulce {m}  :: fresh water
aguadura {f} [countable]  :: abscess caused by laminitis
aguadura {f} [uncountable]  :: laminitis
agua embotellada {f}  :: bottled water
aguafiestas {m}  :: wet blanket, spoilsport, party pooper, killjoy
aguaitar {v} [Latin America]  :: to wait
aguaitar {v}  :: to look
aguaitar {v}  :: to observe
aguaitar {v}  :: to pay attention, take care
aguaitar {v}  :: to spy on
aguaje {m}  :: spring tide
aguaje {m}  :: waterhole, watering hole, watering place (place where wild animals drink)
aguaje {m}  :: watering
aguaje {m}  :: water supply
agualluvias {m} [pluralae tantum]  :: storm drain; often "sistema agualluvias" (storm drain system)
agua manantial {f}  :: springwater (water originating from a spring)
aguamanil {m}  :: washbowl, wash stand
aguamanil {m}  :: water jug, ewer
aguamarina {f}  :: aquamarine (color)
aguamarina {f}  :: aquamarine (gemstone)
aguamiel {f}  :: mead
aguamiel {m} [Mexico]  :: agave nectar
agua mineral {f}  :: mineral water
agua mineralizada {f}  :: mineral water (water containing dissolved minerals)
agua negra {f}  :: black water (contaminated waste water)
aguanieve {f}  :: sleet
aguantada {v} [feminine past participle of, aguantar]  ::
aguantadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, aguantar]  ::
aguantados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, aguantar]  ::
aguantar {v}  :: to hang on, preserve
aguantar {v}  :: to hold (a posture)
aguantar {v}  :: to not complain, to keep silent
aguantar {v}  :: to put up with, tolerate or bear, endure
aguantar {v}  :: to take
aguantar el chaparrón {v} [idiomatic]  :: to face the music
aguantarlo {v} [es-compound of, aguant, ar, aguantar, lo, mood=inf]  ::
aguante {m}  :: patience, tolerance
aguante {m}  :: perseverance, endurance
aguante {m}  :: resistance, strength
aguantera {f}  :: Glove box; glove compartment; the passenger side storage compartment in an automobile
agua oxigenada {f} [inorganic compound]  :: hydrogen peroxide
aguapanela {f}  :: Aguapanela, a drink native to southern Central America and northern South America which is an infusion made from panela. Panela is a solid cake produced from sugarcane syrup by heating the juice (guarapo) until it thickens, then it is poured into moulds and left to set up. When a panela is dissolved in hot water, it makes aguapanela, which is commonly mixed with milk and coffee or with a serving of soft cheese in it
agua pesada {f} [chemistry]  :: heavy water (water containing deuterium instead of normal hydrogen)
agua potable {f}  :: drinking water
agua que no has de beber, déjala correr {proverb}  :: don't enter your nose into the affairs of others, mind your own business, mind your own beeswax
aguaquina {f} [Latin America]  :: tonic water (carbonated beverage)
aguar {v}  :: to water down, dilute
aguardar {v}  :: to wait, to expect
aguardiente {m}  :: brandy
aguardiente {m}  :: (hard) liquor, booze
agua regia {f}  :: aqua regia (extremely powderful mixture of acids)
aguarrás {m}  :: turpentine
aguas {interj}  :: be careful!
aguas {interj}  :: pay attention!
agua salada {m}  :: seawater
agua salobre {f}  :: brackish water, brackishwater
aguascalentense {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to the Mexican state of Aguascalientes
Aguascalientes {prop}  :: A state of Mexico
Aguascalientes {prop}  :: Its capital city
aguas mayores {fp} [colloquial]  :: number two (excrement)
aguas menores {fp} [colloquial]  :: number one, water (urine)
aguas residuales {f}  :: sewage (suspension of water and waste)
aguas termales {fp}  :: hot springs
aguate {m}  :: alternative form of ahuate
agua tónica {f}  :: tonic water (carbonated beverage)
aguaymanto {m}  :: cape gooseberry (plant)
agudeza {f}  :: sharpness
agudizada {v} [feminine past participle of, agudizar]  ::
agudizadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, agudizar]  ::
agudizados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, agudizar]  ::
agudizar {v}  :: to sharpen
agudo {adj}  :: acute (of an angle)
agudo {adj} [grammatical]  :: Having the voiced accent on the last syllable
agudo {adj}  :: sharp
agudo {adj}  :: witty
aguerrido {adj}  :: brave, aggressive
aguerrido {adj}  :: experienced
aguerrido {adj}  :: veteran, hardened
aguijada {f}  :: prod, cattle prod (device used to goad animals into moving)
aguijar {v}  :: to goad, to incite
aguijar {v}  :: to hurry
aguijar {v}  :: to urge on
aguijón {m}  :: spur
aguijón {m}  :: sting of an insect
aguijón {m}  :: thorn of a plant
aguijonear {v}  :: [of certain animals] to sting
aguijonear {vt}  :: to urge, spur on (to press, push, drive)
Aguilar {prop}  :: Spanish surname
aguileño {adj}  :: aquiline
aguilera {f}  :: The nest of an eagle; eyrie
aguililla {f}  :: diminutive form of águila
aguilucho {m}  :: eaglet
aguilucho {m}  :: hawk, kite
aguilucho alas largas {m}  :: white-tailed hawk (Buteo albicaudatus)
aguilucho de cola rojiza {m}  :: rufous-tailed hawk (Buteo ventralis)
aguilucho negro {m}  :: zone-tailed hawk (Buteo albonotatus)
aguja {f} [architecture]  :: spire, steeple
aguja {f}  :: hand (of a clock)
aguja {f} [military]  :: firing pin
aguja {f}  :: needle
aguja {f} [plant]  :: Venus' comb
aguja colinegra {f}  :: The black-tailed godwit. A freshwater bird
aguja colipinta {f}  :: The bar-tailed godwit, a type of bird
aguja de punto {f}  :: knitting needle (thin rod used to knit yarn)
aguja de tejer {f}  :: knitting needle (thin rod used to knit yarn)
aguja en un pajar {f} [idiomatic]  :: needle in a haystack
agujereado {adj}  :: pierced
agujerear {v}  :: to pierce or puncture
agujero {m}  :: hole
agujero {m}  :: pincushion
agujero blanco {m}  :: white hole
agujero de gusano {m} [relativity]  :: wormhole (a shortcut between distant parts of space)
agujero de gusano {m}  :: wormhole (a hole burrowed by a worm)
agujero de ozono {m}  :: ozone hole
agujero glorioso {f}  :: glory hole (sexual device)
agujero negro {m}  :: black hole
agujero negro supermasivo {m} [astronomy]  :: supermassive black hole
agujeta {f} [Mexico]  :: shoelace, lace (cord for fastening a shoe or garment)
agujetas {fp}  :: Stiffness; especially pain from over-exertion; muscle fatigue
agujón {m}  :: needlefish (Belonidae)
agujón {m}  :: redstem filaree (Erodium cicutarium)
aguántate {v} [es-compound of, aguant, ar, aguanta, te, mood=imp, person=tú]  ::
agusanado {adj}  :: worm-eaten
Agustina {prop}  :: female given name
agustiniano {adj}  :: alternative form of agustino
agustiniano {f}  :: alternative form of agustino
agustino {adj}  :: Augustinian
agustino {f}  :: Augustinian
Agustín {prop}  :: male given name
agutí {m}  :: agouti (a rodent similar in appearance to a guinea pig but having longer legs)
aguzada {v} [feminine past participle of, aguzar]  ::
aguzadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, aguzar]  ::
aguzados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, aguzar]  ::
aguzar {v}  :: to incite
aguzar {v}  :: to sharpen
aguzar {v}  :: to stare at
a.h. {abbr}  :: AH: Anno Hegirae (Hijri year)
ahí {adv}  :: there: used to designate a place near the listener
ah {interj}  :: ah (expression of relief, realization, awe)
ah {interj}  :: oh (expression of woe, grief)
ahechar {vt} [agriculture]  :: to winnow (to separate the heavier and lighter with a current of air)
aherrojar {v}  :: to oppress, keep down
aherrojar {vt}  :: to fetter (to shackle or bind up with fetters)
aherrumbrar {v}  :: to rust
aherrumbrarse {vr}  :: to rust (to oxidise)
ahijado {f}  :: godchild, godson
ahijar {vi}  :: to procreate
ahijar {vi}  :: to sprout
ahijar {vt}  :: to adopt someone's child
ahijar {vt}  :: to misattribute credit or blame
ahilada {v} [feminine past participle of, ahilar]  ::
ahiladas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, ahilar]  ::
ahilados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, ahilar]  ::
ahilar {v}  :: to line up
ahincada {v} [feminine past participle of, ahincar]  ::
ahincadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, ahincar]  ::
ahincados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, ahincar]  ::
ahincar {vr}  :: to hurry up
ahincar {vt}  :: to urge
ahinco {m}  :: alternative form of ahínco
ahitada {v} [feminine past participle of, ahitar]  ::
ahitadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, ahitar]  ::
ahitados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, ahitar]  ::
ahitar {v}  :: to satiate
ahitar {v}  :: to surfeit
ahínco {m}  :: effort, zeal, determination
ahogada {v} [feminine past participle of, ahogar]  ::
ahogadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, ahogar]  ::
ahogados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, ahogar]  ::
ahogamiento {m}  :: drowning (an instance of someone drowning)
ahogar {vr}  :: to drown (be suffocated in water)
ahogar {vr}  :: to suffocate (suffer or die from severely reduced oxygen)
ahogar {vt}  :: to drown (kill by immersion in water)
ahogar {vt}  :: to stifle
ahogar las penas {v} [idiomatic]  :: to drown one's sorrows
ahogarse {vr}  :: to drown (to be suffocated in fluid)
ahogándose {v} [es-compound of, ahog, ar, ahogando, se, mood=part]  ::
ahogo {m}  :: anguish
ahogo {m}  :: respiratory distress
ahogo {m}  :: suffocation
ahondada {v} [feminine past participle of, ahondar]  ::
ahondadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, ahondar]  ::
ahondados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, ahondar]  ::
ahondar {vi}  :: to delve deeply
ahondar {vtr}  :: to deepen
ahora {adv}  :: now
ahora {conj}  :: now
ahora bien {adv} [idiomatic]  :: nevertheless, however
ahora mismo {adv}  :: right now, just now, immediately
ahora que hay modo {proverb}  :: make hay while the sun shines (act while an opportunity exists)
ahorcada {v} [feminine past participle of, ahorcar]  ::
ahorcadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, ahorcar]  ::
ahorcado {m}  :: hanged person
ahorcado {m}  :: hangman (word game)
ahorcador {f}  :: hangman
ahorcadora {f}  :: female hangman
ahorcados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, ahorcar]  ::
a horcajadas {adv} [idiomatic]  :: astride, straddling
ahorcajarse {vr} [lb, es]  :: to straddle (to sit or stand with a leg on each side of something)
ahorcamiento {m}  :: hanging (as capital punishment)
ahorcar {v}  :: to hang
ahorcar {v}  :: to lynch
ahorita {adv} [colloquial]  :: now, right now
ahoritita {adv}  :: just now
ahoritita {adv}  :: right now
ahoritita {adv}  :: very soon
ahormar {v}  :: to adjust
ahormar {v}  :: to break in
ahormar {v}  :: to fit, to shape, to mold
ahorquillado {adj}  :: forked, branched, furcate
ahorquillar {v}  :: to furcate (to fork or branch out)
ahorrada {v} [feminine past participle of, ahorrar]  ::
ahorradas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, ahorrar]  ::
ahorrador {adj}  :: thrifty (given to, or evincing, thrift)
ahorrador {m}  :: saver
ahorrados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, ahorrar]  ::
ahorrar {v}  :: to avoid
ahorrar {vt}  :: to save (to conserve or prevent the wasting of)
ahorrar {vt}  :: to save (to store for future use)
ahorrativo {adj}  :: thrifty, frugal, economic
ahorro {m}  :: saving
ahorros {mp}  :: savings
Ahrimán {prop} [Zoroastrianism]  :: Ahriman
ahórrate {v} [es-compound of, ahorr, ar, ahorra, te, mood=imp, person=tú]  ::
ahíto {adj}  :: full, satiated
ahíto {adj}  :: suffering from indigestion
ahíto {m}  :: indigestion
ahuate {m} [Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua]  :: A slender, hairlike thorn (villus) such as that of the cornstalk or sugar cane
ahuecar {vt}  :: to hollow out
ahuehuete {m}  :: Montezuma cypress Taxodium mucronatum
a huevo {adv} [colloquial, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador]  :: very cheap
a huevo {adv} [colloquial, vulgar, El Salvador, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua]  :: forcedly having no choice and with great effort
a huevo {interj} [colloquial, vulgar, El Salvador, México]  :: That's so true!
ahuevonado {adj} [Chile]  :: dazed
ahuevonado {adj} [Chile, vulgar]  :: stupid
ahuitón {m} [San Antonio]  :: Coward
ahuizote {m}  :: ahuitzotl, an Aztec mythological creature
ahuizote {m} [colloquial, Honduras, Mexico]  :: an annoying person; pest, nuisance
ahuizote {m} [dialectal, Central America, Mexico]  :: omen, bewitchment, spell
ahumado {adj} [culinary]  :: smoked
ahumado {adj} [culinary]  :: smoke-flavoured
ahumado {adj} [technics]  :: smoked, tinted (of glass)
ahumar {vt}  :: to smoke (apply smoke to, for example food)
a humo de pajas {adv} [idiom]  :: unthinkingly
Ahura Mazda {prop} [Zoroastrianism]  :: Ahura Mazda
Ahura-Mazda {prop}  :: alternative spelling of Ahura Mazda
ahusado {adj}  :: spindly (of a spindle)
ahuyama {f} [Colombia]  :: pumpkin
ahuyentar {vr}  :: to run away
ahuyentar {vt}  :: to chase away, drive away
añicos {mp}  :: shards, smithereens, pieces
añidir {v}  :: obsolete form of añadir
aifonear {v} [colloquial]  :: to call using an iPhone or other smartphone
añil {m}  :: indigo (blue dye)
añil {m}  :: indigo (colour)
añil {m}  :: true indigo, indigo plant Indigofera tinctoria
aimará {adj}  :: pertaining to the Aymara tribe
aimará {f}  :: the Aymara language
aimará {f}  :: the Aymara tribe
Aimar {prop}  :: male given name
aimara {adj}  :: Aymara
aimara {m}  :: Aymara (indigenous person of South America)
aimara {prop}  :: Aymara (language)
Ainara {prop}  :: female given name
Ainhoa {prop}  :: female given name
ainu {adj}  :: Ainu (pertaining to the language or people)
ainu {m}  :: An Ainu person
ainu {m}  :: The Ainu language
airadamente {adv}  :: angrily; irately
airado {adj}  :: angry, irate
airar {v}  :: to anger
aire {m}  :: air
aire {m}  :: solenodon
aireación {f}  :: aeration (the circulation of air)
aire acondicionado {m}  :: air conditioning (an air conditioner or system of air conditioners)
aire acondicionado {m}  :: air conditioning (the state of temperature and humidity produced by an air conditioner)
aireada {v} [feminine past participle of, airear]  ::
aireadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, airear]  ::
aireados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, airear]  ::
airear {vr}  :: to get some fresh air
airear {v}  :: to air
aire fresco {m}  :: fresh air (clean air from outside)
aire libre {m}  :: fresh air, outdoors
aires {mp}  :: airs; an affected manner intended to impress others
airosidad {f}  :: refined deportment; gracefulness
airoso {adj}  :: graceful
aislacionismo {m}  :: isolationism (policy of non-interaction)
aislado {adj}  :: isolated
aislamiento {m}  :: insulation
aislamiento {m}  :: isolation
aislante {adj}  :: insulation
aislante {adj}  :: isolating
aislante {m}  :: insulator
aislante {m}  :: isolation
aislar {v}  :: to isolate, to separate, to quarantine
añito {m}  :: diminutive form of año
Aitor {prop}  :: male given name
ajá {interj}  :: aha
ajá {interj}  :: uh-huh
ají {m} [Latin America]  :: chili
ajabeba {f}  :: alternative form of jabeba
ajado {adj}  :: frayed
ajar {vtr} [and]  :: to fade, wither
ají criollo {m}  :: An Ecuadoran hot sauce made from ajís
ají criollo {m}  :: A variety of hot pepper (Capsicum)
-aje {suffix}  :: Forms masculine nouns expressing an action, quantity, location, period of time, etc
-aje {suffix}  :: Forms masculine nouns with the sense of collection, -age
ajedrea {f}  :: savory (herb)
ajedrecista {m}  :: chess player
ajedrez {m}  :: chess
ajedrezado {adj}  :: checkered
ajedrezado {adj} [heraldry]  :: chequy, checky
ajedrez rápido {m}  :: speed chess
ajenjo {m}  :: wormwood
ajeno {adj}  :: distant, alien, foreign
ajeno {adj}  :: of others, belonging to someone else
ajetrear {v}  :: to tire out (with hard work)
ajetreo {m}  :: toil, hard work
ajiaceite {m}  :: A liquid mixture of ground garlic and cooking oil
ajilimójili {m}  :: A type of spicy garlic and pepper sauce originating in Puerto Rico
ajilimoje {m}  :: alternative form of ajilimójili
ajo {m}  :: garlic
ajo {m}  :: profanity
-ajo {suffix}  :: forms pejorative diminutives of adjectives and nouns
ajo de oso {m} [plant]  :: ramsons (Allium ursinum)
ajolota {f}  :: alternative form of ajolote
ajolote {m}  :: axolotl
ajolote {m} [Mexico]  :: tadpole
ajonjolí {m}  :: sesame (plant)
ajonjolí {m}  :: sesame seed
ajorca {f}  :: bracelet
ajuar {m}  :: dowry, trousseau
ajuarada {v} [feminine past participle of, ajuarar]  ::
ajuaradas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, ajuarar]  ::
ajuarados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, ajuarar]  ::
ajuarar {v}  :: to furnish
ajustable {adj}  :: adjustable
ajustado {adj}  :: adjusted
ajustado {adj}  :: tight, tight-fitting
ajustador {m} [Colombia, Cuba]  :: bra (brassiere)
ajustador {m} [technology]  :: fitter
ajustar {v}  :: to adjust
ajustar cuentas {v} [idiomatic]  :: to settle scores
ajustarse {vr}  :: to honour (to conform to, abide by, act in accordance with)
ajuste {m}  :: adjustment
ajusticiada {v} [feminine past participle of, ajusticiar]  ::
ajusticiadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, ajusticiar]  ::
ajusticiados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, ajusticiar]  ::
ajusticiar {v}  :: to execute
ajusticiar {v}  :: to sentence to death
akan {m}  :: Akan (language group spoken in Ghana)
akan {m}  :: Akan (Niger-Congo language)
alá {interj}  :: come on! let's go!
alá {interj}  :: hey!
alá {interj}  :: wow!
al {conj}  :: (in front of the infinitive of a verb) as soon as, when, upon
aló {interj}  :: hello, commonly used when answering the telephone
al {prep}  :: (contraction of a el) at the, to the
-al {suffix}  :: In adjectives, indicating relation
-al {suffix}  :: In nouns, indicating a place where something is grown
Alá {prop}  :: Allah (God’s name in Islam)
AL {abbr}  :: América Latina
ala {f}  :: brim (of hat)
ala {f} [military]  :: flank (of a formation)
ala {f} [sport]  :: winger
ala {f} [sport]  :: wing (part of the field)
ala {f}  :: wing (of aircraft)
ala {f}  :: wing (of bird)
alabable {adj}  :: praiseworthy, commendable (worthy of commendation)
alabada {v} [feminine past participle of, alabar]  ::
alabadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, alabar]  ::
alabados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, alabar]  ::
Alabama {prop}  :: Alabama
alabancioso {adj}  :: boastful
alabancioso {f}  :: braggart
alabanza {f}  :: praise
alabar {v}  :: to praise
alabarda {f}  :: halberd (hand weapon)
alabardazo {m}  :: An attack with a halberd
alabardero {m}  :: halberdier
alabastro {m}  :: alabaster (variety of gypsum)
alabeada {v} [feminine past participle of, alabear]  ::
alabeadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, alabear]  ::
alabeado {adj}  :: warped, bent
alabeados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, alabear]  ::
alabear {v}  :: to warp
a la brava {adv} [idiomatic]  :: hastily
a la buena de Dios {phrase}  :: casually; as God wills
a la buena de Dios {phrase}  :: haphazardly
a la buena de Dios {phrase}  :: without any preparation
a la buena de Dios {phrase}  :: without thought or reflection
alacena {f}  :: locker; wardrobe set in a wall
a la corta o a la larga {adv} [idiomatic]  :: sooner or later
alacridad {f}  :: alacrity
alacrán {m}  :: scorpion
ala delta {m}  :: hang glider (aircraft)
ala delta {m}  :: hang gliding
alado {adj}  :: winged
al aire {adj}  :: on air (transmitting live)
alajú {m} [Spain]  :: A sweet paste of almonds, nuts and bread crumbs mixed with spices and honey
alajú {m} [Spain]  :: A traditional confection made by spreading this paste between two wafers
a la larga {adv} [idiomatic]  :: in the long run
al albedrío {adv}  :: voluntarily, of one's own free will
al alimón {adv}  :: jointly, together
alambicada {v} [feminine past participle of, alambicar]  ::
alambicadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, alambicar]  ::
alambicados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, alambicar]  ::
alambicar {v}  :: to complicate excessively
alambicar {v}  :: to distill
alambicar {v}  :: to scrutinize, to examine closely
alambique {m}  :: still (device for distilling liquids)
alambrada {f} [Latin America]  :: wire fence
alambrado {m} [Latin America]  :: wire fence
alambrado {m}  :: wire net
alambrado {m}  :: wiring
alambre {m}  :: alambre (Mexican food dish consisting of meat topped with cheese, salsa, and chopped bacon, pepper and onion)
alambre {m}  :: wire
alambre de espinas {m}  :: alternative form of alambre de espino
alambre de espino {m}  :: barbed wire (twisted strands of steel wire)
alambre de púas {m}  :: barbed wire, barbwire
alameda {f}  :: An avenue lined with poplars
alameda {f}  :: A poplar grove
alanceada {v} [feminine past participle of, alancear]  ::
alanceadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, alancear]  ::
alanceados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, alancear]  ::
alancear {v}  :: to spear
alanina {f} [amino acid]  :: alanine
alano {m}  :: mastiff, wolfhound
alano alemán {m}  :: Great Dane (mastiff)
alantoideo {adj} [mycology]  :: allantoid
a la pata coja {adv} [idiomatic]  :: (standing) on one leg
a la postre {adv}  :: in the end
ala-pívot {m} [basketball]  :: power forward
alar {m}  :: eaves
alaraco {adj} [Chile, colloquial]  :: peevish, complaining, whining person
alaraco {f} [Chile, colloquial]  :: complainer, whiner, crybaby
alarde {m}  :: boast, brag
alarde {m}  :: large display
alarde {m}  :: military parade, inspection, display
alarde {m}  :: review
alardear {v}  :: to boast, brag
alargador {m}  :: extension cord
alargamiento compensatorio {m} [linguistics]  :: compensatory lengthening (lengthening of a vowel which occurs when a following consonant is lost)
alargar {v}  :: to lengthen
alargar {v}  :: to stretch, to extend
a largo plazo {adv} [idiomatic]  :: in the long run
alarido {m}  :: clamor, shriek
alarife {m}  :: architect
alarife {m}  :: foreman
alarma {f}  :: alarm
alarma anti-incendio {f}  :: fire alarm (device which warns people of a possible fire)
alarma de incendios {f}  :: fire alarm (device which warns people of a possible fire)
alarmado {adj}  :: alarmed
alarmado {adj}  :: concerned
alarmante {adj}  :: scary, frightening
alarmar {v}  :: to alarm, to alert
alarmarse {vr}  :: reflexive form of alarmar
alarmista {adj}  :: alarmed
a las apuradas {adv} [idiomatic]  :: in a rush
Alaska {prop}  :: Alaska
alaskeño {adj}  :: Alaskan (of or pertaining to Alaska, its people or its culture)
alaskeño {f}  :: Alaskan
alasqueño {adj}  :: alternative spelling of alaskeño
alasqueño {f}  :: alternative spelling of alaskeño
alativo {m} [grammar]  :: allative (allative case)
a la vez {adv} [idiomatic]  :: at once; at a time; at the same time
alavés {adj}  :: From Álava
alazana {f}  :: bay (reddish-brown horse)
al azar {adv}  :: at random, randomly
alazán {adj}  :: sorrel-colored, chestnut-colored, reddish-brown
alazán {f}  :: sorrel-colored horse
alazor {m}  :: safflower
alba {f}  :: dawn
Alba {prop}  :: female given name of modern usage from alba
Alba {prop}  :: Spanish surname from place names of obscure origin
albacea {m} [legal]  :: testamentary executor, administrator
Albacete {prop}  :: Albacete
albacetense {adj}  :: From Albacete
albaceteño {adj}  :: From Albacete
albacora {f}  :: swordfish (Xiphias gladius)
albahaca {f}  :: basil (plant or culinary herb)
albañil {f}  :: mason, bricklayer
albañilería {f}  :: the bricklaying or construction industry
albanesa {f}  :: feminine form of albanés
Albania {prop}  :: Albania
Albania caucásica {prop}  :: Caucasian Albania
albano {adj}  :: Albanian (of a person, from or native to Albania)
Albano {prop}  :: male given name. Spanish equivalent to Alban
albanés {adj}  :: Albanian (from or native to Albania)
albanés {adj}  :: Albanian (pertaining to Albania)
albanés {f}  :: an Albanian person (male)
albanés {prop}  :: the Albanian language
albaricoque {m}  :: apricot
albaricoquero {m}  :: apricot tree
albarán {m}  :: invoice
albarán {m}  :: sign announcing "to let"
albatros {m}  :: albatross
albedo {m} [physics, meteorology, astronomy]  :: albedo (the fraction of incident light or radiation reflected by a surface or body)
albedrío {m}  :: will (intent)
alberca {m} [Latin America]  :: swimming pool
alberca {m}  :: pool
albergar {v}  :: to house, shelter, lodge
albergo {m}  :: burrow, den
albergo {m}  :: shelter
albergue {m}  :: hostel
albergue juvenil {m}  :: youth hostel (a supervised, inexpensive lodging place, primarily for young people)
albergue transitorio {m} [Latin America]  :: autohotel
albero {m}  :: a type of crushed rock applied over gardens and bullring arenas
Alberto {prop}  :: male given name, equivalent to Albert
albinismo {m}  :: albinism
albino {adj}  :: albino, albinistic: congenitally lacking melanin pigmentation in the skin, eyes, and hair or feathers (or more rarely only in the eyes); afflicted with albinism
albino {f}  :: albino: person or animal congenitally lacking melanin pigmentation in the skin, eyes, and hair or feathers (or more rarely only in the eyes); one afflicted with albinism
albita {f} [mineral]  :: albite (plagioclase feldspar)
albéitar {m}  :: farrier who can also cure minor animal (especially equine) illnesses, veterinarian
albúmina {f} [protein]  :: albumin
albóndiga {f}  :: meatball
albo {adj}  :: white
albor {m}  :: dawn
albor {m}  :: dawnlight
albor {m}  :: whiteness (state of being white)
alborada {f}  :: sunrise
al borde del abismo {adv} [narratology]  :: on a cliffhanger
alborear {vi} [impersonal]  :: to dawn
albornoz {m} [cloth]  :: burnoose
albornoz {m} [Spain]  :: bathrobe
alborotado {adj}  :: excited, in disarray
alborotador {m}  :: troublemaker, agitator, tearaway
alborotar {v}  :: to disturb, tease (provoke or disturb)
alborotar {v}  :: to excite
alborotar {v}  :: to infect, ballyhoo (make somebody enthusiastic about one's own passion)
alborotar {v}  :: to stir up, agitate
alboroto {m}  :: disturbance
alboroto {m}  :: uproar
alborozar {v}  :: to gladden, to make joyous
alborozo {m}  :: gaiety
alborozo {m}  :: joy, jubilation, delight
albudeca {f}  :: Tasteless or watery melon
albufera {f}  :: lagoon
albumen {m}  :: egg white, albumen
albur {m}  :: bleak (fish); dace
albura {f}  :: sapwood (wood just under the bark)
albura {f}  :: whiteness (state of being white)
alca {f}  :: auk
al cabo de {prep}  :: after (a period of time (in the past))
alcachofa {f}  :: artichoke
alcahueta {f}  :: feminine form of alcahuete
alcahuete {f}  :: enabler
alcahuete {f}  :: gossip (person)
alcahuete {f}  :: panderer
alcahuete {f}  :: pimp (prostitution solicitor)
alcaide {m}  :: administrator of royal property
alcaide {m}  :: commander of the defense of a castle
alcaide {m}  :: warden; administrator of a prison
alcalaíno {adj}  :: From Alcalá de Henares
alcalaíno {f}  :: Someone from Alcalá de Henares
alcaldía {f}  :: A city government
alcaldía {f}  :: City hall; the building in which a city government is located
alcaldía {f}  :: mayorship
alcalde {f}  :: an official such as an administrator, mayor, or judge (Spanish, Southwestern U.S.)
alcalde {f}  :: mayor
Alcalá de Henares {prop}  :: Alcalá de Henares (city)
alcalde pedáneo {m}  :: small-town mayor
alcaldesa {f} [colloquial]  :: The mayor's wife
alcaldesa {f}  :: feminine form of alcalde, female mayor
alcalinidad {f}  :: alkalinity
alcalino {adj}  :: alkaline
alcalímetro {m}  :: alkalimeter (device)
alcaloide {m} [organic chemistry]  :: alkaloid
alcalometría {f}  :: alkalimetry (process of determining the strength of an alkali)
alcancía {f}  :: cashbox
alcancía {f}  :: collection (at a church)
alcancía {f}  :: piggy bank
alcance {m}  :: reach, range, scope
alcandora {f}  :: signal flare, beacon
alcanfor {m}  :: camphor
alcanforar {v}  :: to camphorate
alcano {m} [organic compound]  :: alkane
alcantarilla {f}  :: sewer
alcantarillado {m}  :: sewer
alcanzable {adj}  :: attainable; achievable
alcanzada {v} [feminine past participle of, alcanzar]  ::
alcanzadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, alcanzar]  ::
alcanzados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, alcanzar]  ::
alcanzar {vi}  :: to be enough; to suffice
alcanzar {vt}  :: to reach; to attain or achieve
alcanzarlo {v} [es-compound of, alcanz, ar, alcanzar, lo, mood=inf]  ::
alcanzarme {v} [es-compound of, alcanz, ar, alcanzar, me, mood=inf]  ::
alcaparra {f}  :: caper (plant or fruit)
alcaparro {m}  :: caper (plant)
alcaravea {f}  :: caraway (plant, seed)
alcaraván {m}  :: stone curlew
alcarreño {adj}  :: From Guadalajara, Spain
alcarreño {f}  :: Someone from Guadalajara, Spain
alcatraz {m}  :: gannet (bird)
alcatraz {m}  :: lily
alcatraz {m} [Mexico]  :: calla lily
alcatraz {m} [plant]  :: arum (Arum)
alcaucil {m} [Argentina, Southern Spain]  :: artichoke (vegetable)
alcaudón {m}  :: shrike (any of various passerine birds of the family Laniidae which are known for their habit of catching other birds and small animals and impaling the uneaten portions of their bodies on thorns)
alcayata {f}  :: meat hook
alcayata {f}  :: spike
alcayota {f}  :: spaghetti squash
alcazaba {f}  :: a Moorish fortress within or beside a walled city
alcazuz {m}  :: liquorice
alce {m}  :: elk (Alces alces)
alcedón {m}  :: kingfisher
alcelafo {m}  :: hartebeest (Alcelaphus bucelaphus)
alción {m}  :: kingfisher
alcista {adj} [finance]  :: upward, rising, bull-, bullish
alcántara {f} [Cuba]  :: water jug
alcántara {f}  :: wooden cover over a loom treadle to protect velvet
Alcántara {prop}  :: Alcántara, a municipality in Spain
alcoba {f}  :: bedroom
alcobendano {adj} [archaic]  :: From Alcobendas
alcobendano {f} [archaic]  :: Someone from Alcobendas
alcobendense {adj}  :: From Alcobendas
alcobendense {m}  :: Someone from Alcobendas
alcohólica {f}  :: (female) alcoholic
alcohólico {adj}  :: alcoholic
alcohólico {f}  :: alcoholic
alcohol {m}  :: alcohol
alcohol {m} [cosmetics]  :: kohl, stibnite
alcohol {m} [mineral]  :: galena
alcoholado {m}  :: Alcohol, usually rotgut, made from plants
alcoholado {m}  :: Bay rum, used medicinally
alcohol alílico {m}  :: allyl alcohol
alcohol amílico {m} [organic compound]  :: amyl alcohol
alcoholemia {f}  :: alcoholaemia (presence of alcohol)
alcoholismo {m}  :: alcoholism
alcoholímetro {m}  :: breathalyzer
al contrario {adv}  :: on the contrary
al contrario {adv}  :: reverse
al contrario {adv}  :: unlike
alcorconero {adj}  :: Of or from Alcorcón
alcorconero {f}  :: Someone from Alcorcón
Alcorán {prop}  :: alternative form of Corán
alcoránico {adj}  :: alternative form of coránico
alcornoque {m}  :: cork (bark of the cork oak)
alcornoque {m}  :: cork oak
alcorque {m}  :: tree grating (metal covering around the base of a tree, usually on a sidewalk)
alcorque {m}  :: tree well (ridge of soil around a tree to conserve water)
al corriente {adj}  :: up-to-date (informed of the latest news)
al corriente {adv}  :: abreast (informed)
al costado {adv}  :: alongside (along the side; by the side; side by side with)
alcotest {m} [Chile]  :: breathalyzer
alcotán {m}  :: hobby (bird)
alcoyano {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to Alcoy
alcoyano {f}  :: Someone from Alcoy
alóctono {adj}  :: allochthonous
alícuota {adj}  :: aliquot (contained an integral number of times)
alícuota {f}  :: aliquot
alcurnia {f}  :: lineage, blood
alcuza {f}  :: oil container, oil jar (kitchen utensil)
alcuzcuz {m}  :: couscous
alcázar {m}  :: citadel, castle, fortified town
alcázar {m} [nautical]  :: quarterdeck
al día {adj}  :: state of the art (at the highest level of development)
al día {adj}  :: up-to-date (current, recent)
aldaba {f}  :: doorknocker
aldaba {f} [in the plural, slang]  :: tits, knockers
aldabonazo {m}  :: call to attention
aldabonazo {m}  :: door knock; a hit with a doorknocker
aldea {f}  :: village
aldeana {f}  :: feminine form of aldeano
aldeano {adj}  :: rural
aldeano {adj}  :: rustic
aldeano {f}  :: villager, countryman
aldehídico {adj}  :: aldehydic
aldehído {m} [chemistry]  :: aldehyde
aldehuela {f}  :: hamlet, small village
ALDF {abbr}  :: Asamblea Legislativa del Distrito Federal
alditol {m} [organic compound]  :: alditol
aldónico {adj}  :: aldonic
aldolasa {f} [enzyme]  :: aldolase
aldosa {f}  :: aldose
ale {f}  :: ale (intoxicating liquor)
aleación {f}  :: alloy
aleación {f}  :: alloying
aleada {v} [feminine past participle of, alear]  ::
aleadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, alear]  ::
aleados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, alear]  ::
alear {v}  :: to alloy
alear {v}  :: to ally
aleatorio {adj}  :: random, aleatory
alebrestada {v} [feminine past participle of, alebrestar]  ::
alebrestadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, alebrestar]  ::
alebrestados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, alebrestar]  ::
alebrestar {v}  :: to excite
alebrije {m} [Mexico]  :: A brightly colored Mexican handicraft sculpture of an animal or fantastical creature
aleccionada {v} [feminine past participle of, aleccionar]  ::
aleccionadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, aleccionar]  ::
aleccionados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, aleccionar]  ::
aleccionar {v}  :: to teach
aleccionar {v}  :: to train
aledaño {adj}  :: bordering
alef {m}  :: aleph (א) (first letter of the Hebrew alphabet)
alefriz {m} [nautical]  :: mortise, rabbet (on the keel or stem)
alegación {f}  :: allegation
alegar {vi} [legal]  :: to speak in defence of the accused in a criminal proceeding; to defend
alegar {vi}  :: to complain
alegar {vt}  :: to cite as a defence or justification for one's actions
alegato {m}  :: allegation
alegato {m}  :: argument
alegato {m}  :: plea
alegoría {f}  :: allegory
alegría {f}  :: joy, happiness
alegría de la casa {f}  :: busy Lizzy (plant)
alegranza {f} [rare]  :: joyfulness, happiness
alegrar {vr}  :: to be glad
alegrar {vr}  :: to be happy
alegrar {vt}  :: to make happy
alegrarse {vr}  :: (reflexive form of alegrar) to be happy
alegre {adj} [colloquial]  :: a bit drunk
alegre {adj}  :: happy
alegre {adj}  :: joyful
alegremente {adv}  :: happily, merrily
alegóricamente {adv}  :: allegorically
alegórico {adj}  :: allegorical
alehop {interj}  :: hup!
Aleixandre {prop} [rare]  :: Spanish surname
alejado {adj}  :: far, faraway, distant
alejamiento {m}  :: distance
alejamiento {m}  :: distancing
alejamiento {m}  :: estrangement
Alejandra {prop}  :: female given name, cognate to Alexandra
Alejandría {prop}  :: Alexandria (city)
alejandrino {adj}  :: Alexandrian (of or pertaining to Alexander the Great)
alejandrino {adj}  :: Alexandrian (of or pertaining to Alexandria)
alejandrino {adj} [poetry]  :: Alexandrian
alejandrino {m}  :: Alexandrian (someone from Alexandria)
alejandrino {m} [poetry]  :: alexandrine
Alejandro {prop}  :: male given name
alejar {v}  :: to remove
alejarme {v} [es-compound of, alej, ar, alejar, me, mood=inf]  ::
alejarnos {v} [es-compound of, alej, ar, alejar, nos, mood=inf]  ::
alejarse {v}  :: to move away, distance oneself
alejarte {v} [es-compound of, alej, ar, alejar, te, mood=inf]  ::
alelamiento {m}  :: foolishness, stupidity, dimwittedness, hebetude (mental lethargy or dullness)
alelo {m} [genetics]  :: allele (variant of a gene)
alelomorfo {m}  :: allele
alelopatía {f}  :: allelopathy
aleluya {interj}  :: hallelujah
alemana {f}  :: feminine form of alemán
Alemania {prop}  :: Germany (county)
alemán {adj}  :: German (relating to Germany or to the German language)
alemán {f}  :: German (inhabitant of Germany or person from German descent)
alemán {prop}  :: German (language)
alemán antiguo {adj}  :: Old High German
alemán antiguo {prop}  :: Old High German language
aleno {m} [organic compound]  :: allene
alentador {adj}  :: encouraging
alentar {v}  :: to encourage, animate, inspirit
alentarse {v}  :: to gather up one's courage
aleonado {adj}  :: alternative form of leonado
Alepo {prop}  :: Aleppo (Syrian city)
alerce {m}  :: Fitzroya cupressoides, a species of cypress tree
alerce {m}  :: larch tree (trees of the genus Larix)
alerce {m}  :: the wood of the larch tree
alerce africano {m}  :: (Tetraclinis articulatus Masters) , the sandarac tree
alergia {f} [immunology, pathology]  :: allergy
alergénico {adj}  :: allergenic
alergología {f} [medicine]  :: allergology (the study of the causes and treatment of allergies)
alerón {m}  :: aileron
alero {f} [colloquial, El Salvador]  :: wingman, companion (friend to accompany you when going out)
alero {m} [basketball]  :: small forward
alero {m}  :: eave
alertar {v}  :: to alert
alesna {f}  :: awl
aleta {f}  :: blade of a propeller
aleta {f}  :: fin
aleta {f}  :: flipper
aleta {f}  :: the leaf of a hinge
aleta adiposa {f} [ichthyology]  :: adipose fin (a soft, fleshy fin found on the back of a fish)
aleta anal {f} [ichthyology]  :: anal fin (fin on the underside of a fish)
aleta caudal {f}  :: caudal fin (the tailfin of a fish and other aquatic vertebrates)
aletada {f}  :: motion of the wings; flapping
aleta dorsal {f}  :: dorsal fin (fin on a marine animal's back)
aleta pectoral {f} [ichthyology]  :: pectoral fin (fin located on each side of a fish)
aleta pélvica {f} [ichthyology]  :: pelvic fin (either of a pair of fins)
aletargado {adj}  :: lethargic
aletargamiento {m}  :: hibernation (state of inactivity during winter)
aletargamiento {m}  :: lethargy (state of extreme torpor or apathy)
aletargar {vr}  :: to hibernate
aletargar {v}  :: to make lethargic
aletazo {m}  :: A hit with a fin or wing
aletear {vi}  :: to flap (one's wings, fins) (of a bird or fish)
aletear {vi}  :: to flutter
aletear {vi}  :: to wave one's arms like wings
alevín {m}  :: fry, alevin (young fish)
alevosía {f}  :: treachery
al exterior {adv}  :: outside (without a certain confine; outside the house)
alfa {f}  :: alpha; the Greek letter Α, α
alfabetismo {m}  :: Literacy; the ability to read
alfabetización {f}  :: Literacy instruction; an effort to counter illiteracy
alfabetizar {v}  :: to alphabetize
alfabeto {adj}  :: literate
alfabeto {f}  :: literate person
alfabeto {m}  :: alphabet
alfabeto cirílico {m}  :: Cyrillic alphabet
Alfabeto Fonético Internacional {prop}  :: International Phonetic Alphabet
alfabeto glagolítico {m} [linguistics]  :: Glagolitic (the oldest known Slavonic alphabet)
alfabeto latino {m}  :: Latin alphabet
alfabeto árabe {m}  :: Arabic alphabet
alfabeto radiofónico {m}  :: ICAO spelling alphabet (ICAO radiotelephony spelling alphabet)
alfabeto turco {m}  :: Turkish alphabet (the alphabet used in the Turkish language)
alfabéticamente {adv}  :: alphabetically
alfabético {adj}  :: alphabetic, alphabetical
alfadía {f}  :: bribe
alfajor {m}  :: A popular candy in South America usually filled with dulce de leche
alfalfa {f} [plant]  :: alfalfa
alfalfar {m}  :: alfalfa field (place where alfalfa is grown)
alfalfar {vt}  :: To plant alfalfa
alfalipoproteina {f} [protein]  :: alphalipoprotein, alpha-lipoprotein
alfanje {m}  :: scimitar
alfanje {m}  :: swordfish
alfanumérico {adj}  :: alphanumeric (consisting of letters and numbers)
alfarera {f}  :: feminine form of alfarero
alfarería {f}  :: pottery workshop
alfarería {f} [uncountable]  :: pottery craft
alfarero {f}  :: potter
alfarista {adj}  :: Of or relating to Eloy Alfaro or his beliefs
alfarista {m}  :: A supporter of Eloy Alfaro
alferecía {f}  :: infantile epilepsy
alfil {m} [chess]  :: bishop
alfiler {m}  :: pin
alfiletero {m}  :: case for pins and needles
alfiletero {m}  :: pincushion
al fin {adv} [idiomatic]  :: at last; finally
al fin {adv}  :: in the end
al fin {adv}  :: to the last
al final {adv}  :: eventually, after all (in the end)
al fin y al cabo {phrase}  :: at the end of the day
al fin y al cabo {phrase}  :: at the very end
al fin y al cabo {phrase}  :: finally
al fin y al cabo {phrase} [idiomatic]  :: when all is said and done
alféizar {m}  :: windowsill, ledge
alfóncigo {m}  :: pistachio (nut)
alfóncigo {m}  :: pistachio (tree)
alfónsigo {m}  :: alternative form of alfóncigo
alfombra {f}  :: carpet, rug
alfombrada {v} [feminine past participle of, alfombrar]  ::
alfombradas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, alfombrar]  ::
alfombrados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, alfombrar]  ::
alfombrar {v}  :: to carpet
alfombrilla {f}  :: a small mat or rug
alófono {m} [linguistics]  :: allophone (alternative pronunciation for a phoneme)
Alfonso {prop}  :: male given name, equivalent to English Alfonso
alforfón {m}  :: buckwheat
alforja {f}  :: saddlebag, knapsack
alforn {m} [musical instruments]  :: alphorn
alforza {f}  :: pleat (in clothing etc)
alforza {f}  :: scar
Alfredo {prop}  :: male given name, equivalent to English Alfred
al fresco {adj}  :: al fresco (outdoors)
al fresco {adv}  :: outdoors (in the open air)
alférez {m} [military ranks]  :: second lieutenant, subaltern, ensign
alga {f}  :: alga
algar {m}  :: An expanse of seaweed or algae on the ocean floor
algar {m} [obsolete, Spain]  :: cave, grotto
algarabía {f}  :: Arabic (language)
algarabía {f}  :: gibberish
algarroba {f}  :: carob (fruit)
algarrobo {m}  :: carob tree
algarrobo loco {m}  :: Judas tree (Cercis siliquastrum)
algazara {f}  :: din, racket
algazara {f}  :: hoo-ha, uproar
algebraico {adj}  :: algebraic
Algeciras {prop}  :: Algeciras (city)
algecireño {adj}  :: of or from Algeciras, a town in Cádiz Province, Spain
algecireño {m}  :: native or inhabitant of Algeciras
alógena {f}  :: feminine form of alógeno
alógeno {adj}  :: alien, foreign
alógeno {adj} [geology]  :: allogenic
alógeno {f}  :: foreigner
-algia {suffix}  :: -algy
algún día {adv}  :: someday, one day (sometime; at some time in the future)
algún que otro {phrase}  :: one or two
algo {adv}  :: rather, somewhat
algo {pron}  :: something, anything
algo así {adv}  :: kind of, something like that (somewhat)
algo así como {adv}  :: kind of, kind of like
algo del otro mundo {phrase}  :: something special or extraordinary; something to write home about
algodón {m}  :: cotton (plant)
algodón {m}  :: cotton (textile fiber)
algodón {m}  :: cotton wool
algodón de azúcar {m}  :: cotton candy, candy floss, fairy floss
algodonoso {adj}  :: cottony
algo más {pron}  :: anything else, something else
algo por ahí {adv}  :: thereabout
algo por el estilo {pron}  :: something like that
algoritmo {m}  :: algorithm
algoritmo de Euclides {m} [algebra]  :: Euclidean algorithm
alguacil {m} [Argentina, Uruguay]  :: dragonfly, damselfly
alguacil {m}  :: bailiff
alguazil {m}  :: obsolete form of alguacil
alguerés {adj}  :: Algherese (from Alghero)
alguerés {f}  :: Algherese (person from Alghero)
alguerés {m}  :: Algherese (Catalan dialect)
alguien {pron}  :: anyone, anybody
alguien {pron}  :: someone, somebody
algun {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of algún
alguna {pron}  :: someone (someone feminine); feminine form of alguno
alguna cosa {pron}  :: something, anything (unspecified object)
algunas {pron}  :: Feminine plural of alguno; some (some people)
algunas veces {adv}  :: sometimes (on certain occasions, but not always)
alguna vez {adv}  :: ever (at any time)
alguna vez {adv}  :: once (on a certain occasion)
alguno {adj}  :: some
alguno {pron}  :: someone
al gusto {adv} [cooking]  :: to taste (depending on personal taste)
alhajú {m}  :: rare spelling of alajú
alhaja {f}  :: jewel; gem
alhajar {v}  :: to bejewel
alhajas {f}  :: jewelry
alharaca {f}  :: clamour, vociferation
alharaquiento {adj}  :: peevish, complaining, whining (person)
alheña {f}  :: henna (dye)
alhelí {m}  :: wallflower (several short-lived herbs or shrubs of the Erysimum)
al hilo {adv}  :: in a row
al hilo {adv}  :: nonstop
al hilo {adv}  :: with the grain
alholva {f}  :: fenugreek
alhucema {f}  :: lavender
alhucema {f}  :: spike lavender
aliado {adj}  :: allied
aliado {m}  :: ally
aliñado {adj}  :: seasoned
aliñado {adj}  :: spicy
aliancista {adj}  :: Being a member or supporter of a political coalition
aliancista {adj} [Chile]  :: Being a member or supporter of the Alianza por Chile
aliancista {adj} [Chile]  :: Of or relating to the Alianza por Chile
aliancista {adj}  :: Of or relating to a political coalition
aliancista {m}  :: A member or supporter of a political coalition
aliancista {m} [Chile]  :: A member or supporter of the Alianza por Chile
alianza {f}  :: alliance
alianza {f}  :: political coalition
alianza {f}  :: wedding ring
aliar {v}  :: to ally, unite
aliñar {v}  :: to adorn, decorate
aliñar {v}  :: to condiment
aliñar {v}  :: to prepare
aliarse {vr}  :: to ally (to unite by agreement)
alias {adv}  :: alias
alias {m}  :: alias
alicaído {adj} [colloquial]  :: downcast, crestfallen
alicaído {adj} [colloquial]  :: weak, feeble
Alicante {prop}  :: Alicante (city)
alicantino {adj}  :: Of, pertaining to or from the province or city of Alicante
alicantino {f}  :: One from the city or province of Alicante
alicatado {m}  :: tile (especially of Arabic architecture)
alicate {m}  :: pliers
alicates de corte {m}  :: wire cutters
aliáceo {adj}  :: garlicky; alliaceous
Alicia {prop}  :: female given name, cognate to English Alice
aliciente {m}  :: incentive
aliciente {m}  :: lure
alicina {f} [organic compound]  :: allicin
alienación {f}  :: alienation
alienar {v}  :: to alienate
alienígena {adj}  :: alien
alienígena {adj}  :: strange, rare, unnatural
alienígeno {adj}  :: alien
alienígeno {adj}  :: strange, rare, unnatural
aliento {m}  :: breath
alifara {f}  :: meal as part of a business deal
alifático {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: aliphatic
aligator {m}  :: alligator (large amphibious reptile of genus Alligator)
aligerada {v} [feminine past participle of, aligerar]  ::
aligeradas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, aligerar]  ::
aligerados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, aligerar]  ::
aligerar {vt}  :: to hasten; to accelerate
aligerar {vt}  :: to lighten (as a load)
aligátor {m}  :: alternative form of aligator
aliina {f} [organic compound]  :: alliin
alijarar {vt}  :: to divide uncultivated land for cultivation
alilo {m} [organic chemistry]  :: allyl
alimaña {f}  :: vermin
alimañero {m}  :: A game warden also employed in eliminating invasive and pest species
alimentación {f}  :: feeding
alimentador {adj}  :: nutritious
alimentar {v}  :: to feed
alimentario {adj}  :: alimentary
alimentarnos {v} [es-compound of, aliment, ar, alimentar, nos, mood=inf]  ::
alimentarse {v} [es-compound of, aliment, ar, alimentar, se, mood=inf]  ::
alimenticio {adj}  :: alimentary, nourishing
alimento {m}  :: food
alimento {m} [in the plural]  :: alimony, maintenance
alimento {m}  :: nourishment
alimentoso {adj} [of food or drink]  :: nutritious (providing nutrients)
alimón {m}  :: only used in al alimón
alineación {f}  :: alignment
alineada {v} [feminine past participle of, alinear]  ::
alineadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, alinear]  ::
alineados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, alinear]  ::
alineamiento {m}  :: alignment
alinear {v}  :: to line up
al infinito {adv}  :: ad infinitum (endlessly)
al instante {adv}  :: instantly, at once
aliño {m}  :: condiment, spice
alioli {m}  :: aioli
aliño ruso {m}  :: Russian dressing
alipús {m} [Mexico]  :: drink (served alcoholic beverage)
alisar {m}  :: alder tree plantation
alisar {v}  :: to smooth
aliscafo {m}  :: hydrofoil (vessel)
aliso {m}  :: alder tree
alistar {v}  :: to arrange
alistar {v}  :: to enlist, to enroll
alistar {v}  :: to list
alistar {v}  :: to prepare
alistar {v}  :: to recruit
alita {f}  :: diminutive form of ala
aliteración {f}  :: alliteration
alitán {m}  :: nursehound (Scyliorhinus stellaris)
aliviadero {m}  :: weir (adjustable dam)
aliviado {adj}  :: relieved, alleviated, unburdened, eased
alivianar {vt}  :: to dull, lighten (To soften, moderate or blunt)
aliviar {vt}  :: to lighten
aliviar {vt}  :: to relieve, alleviate, unburden
aliviarse {vr}  :: to soothe (to bring comfort or relief)
alivio {m}  :: relief
aljaba {f}  :: quiver (for arrows)
aljamiado {m}  :: aljamiado
aléjate {v} [es-compound of, alej, ar, aleja, te, mood=imp, person=tú]  ::
aléjense {v} [es-compound of, alej, ar, alejen, se, mood=imp, person=ustedes]  ::
aléjese {v} [es-compound of, alej, ar, aleje, se, mood=imp, person=usted]  ::
aljófar {m}  :: seed pearl
aljibe {m}  :: well (for water), cistern, tank, reservoir
allá {adv}  :: there, away from the speaker and the listener
allí {adv}  :: there, away from the speaker and the listener
al lado {prep}  :: next to; beside
al lado de {prep}  :: alongside, beside, next to
allanada {v} [feminine past participle of, allanar]  ::
allanadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, allanar]  ::
allanador {m}  :: burglar
allanados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, allanar]  ::
allanamiento {m}  :: burglary
allanamiento {m} [Latin America]  :: a police raid
allanamiento {m} [legal]  :: a search conducted pursuant to a warrant
allanamiento {m}  :: smoothing, flattening
allanar {v}  :: to break in (to enter by force)
allanar {v}  :: to overcome
allanar {v}  :: to smooth, to flatten
allanar {v}  :: to subdue
allá donde fueres, haz lo que vieres {proverb}  :: when in Rome, do as the Romans do
allende {adv}  :: beyond
allende {prep}  :: beyond
alílico {adj}  :: allylic
al lote {adj}  :: rugged (not neat or regular)
alma {f}  :: soul
Alma {prop}  :: female given name
almacenado {adj}  :: stored, in stock
almacenaje {m}  :: storage
almacenamiento {m} [computing]  :: storage
almacenamiento {m}  :: storage (act of storing)
almacenar {v}  :: to store, stock
almacenero {m}  :: warehouseman (person who manages or works in a warehouse)
almacenista {m}  :: shopkeeper
almacenista {m}  :: storekeeper
almacenista {m}  :: warehouseman
almacenista {m}  :: warehouse owner
almacén {m}  :: shop, store; grocer’s
almacén {m}  :: storeroom
almacén {m}  :: warehouse
almacén de datos {m} [computing]  :: data warehouse
almadraba {f}  :: Fishing nets arranged as a fence to corral and catch tuna
almadraba {f}  :: Tuna fishing
alma gemela {f}  :: soulmate
almagrar {v}  :: to raddle (mark with raddle)
almagre {m}  :: raddle (red ochre)
almanaque {m}  :: almanac
almazara {f}  :: olive oil mill
almazarrón {m}  :: red ochre, ruddle
almazuela {f}  :: patchwork (cloth, quilt)
almíbar {m}  :: sugar water
almíbar {m}  :: sweet syrup, made of sugar only
almádena {f}  :: sledgehammer
almeja {f}  :: shellfish, clam, cockle
almeja {f} [vulgar, slang]  :: cunt
almenaje {m}  :: crenellation (pattern along the top of a parapet through which arrows or other weaponry may be shot)
almenara {f}  :: beacon, signal fire
almenara {f}  :: large candelabrum
almenara {f}  :: overflow ditch
almendra {f}  :: almond (nut)
almendrado {adj}  :: almond- (food prepared with almonds)
almendrado {adj}  :: almond-shaped
almendral {m}  :: almond orchard (a place with many almond trees)
almendrar {v}  :: to decorate something, usually a pastry or confection, with almonds
almendro {m}  :: almond (tree)
al menos {adv}  :: at least; at minimum
Almería {prop}  :: Almería (both meanings)
almeriense {adj}  :: From Almería
almeriense {m}  :: Someone from Almería
almez {m} [plant]  :: (Celtis australis L.) Mediterranean hackberry
almez {m} [plant]  :: (Celtis) hackberry
almeza {f}  :: hackberry (fruit)
almezino {m}  :: diminutive form of almez
almezo {m}  :: alternative form of almez
almiar {m}  :: haystack
almibarar {v}  :: to cover with syrup
almibarar {v}  :: to sweeten up
almidón {m}  :: starch
almidón de patata {m}  :: potato starch
almidonar {v}  :: to starch
alminar {m}  :: minaret
almiquí {m}  :: solenodon (small nocturnal insectivorous mammal with long snout and venomous saliva)
almiranta {m} [nautical]  :: admiral's boat
almirantazgo {m}  :: admiralty
almirante {m}  :: admiral
al mismo tiempo {adv}  :: at the same time
almizcle {m}  :: musk
almizcleño {adj}  :: musky
almizclero {adj}  :: musky
almóndiga {f}  :: alternative form of albóndiga
almofalla {f} [antiquated]  :: encampment, encamped army
almofalla {f} [antiquated]  :: host, army
almohada {f}  :: pillow
almohadilla {f}  :: footpad (underside of an animal's paw)
almohadilla {f}  :: inkpad
almohadilla {f}  :: pincushion
almohadilla {f}  :: seat cushion (to sit on)
almohadilla {f}  :: the hash, octothorpe, pound symbol (
  1. )
almohadón {m}  :: cushion (soft material in cloth bag)
almojarifazgo {m}  :: A colonial customs tariff in the Spanish and Portuguese Empires
almojarife {m}  :: customs officer; revenue collector
almoneda {f}  :: auction
almoneda {f}  :: auction house
almoneda {f} [retail]  :: clearance
almorzada {v} [feminine past participle of, almorzar]  ::
almorzadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, almorzar]  ::
almorzados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, almorzar]  ::
almorzar {vi}  :: to eat lunch
almorzar {vt}  :: to eat for lunch
almártaga {f}  :: headstall
almuédano {m} [Islam]  :: muezzin, the person who calls the faithful to prayer in Islam
Almudena {prop}  :: female given name
almuecín {m} [Islam]  :: muezzin (person who issues call to prayer)
almuerzo {m}  :: lunch
alo- {prefix}  :: allo-
alocadamente {adv}  :: madly, wildly
alocado {adj}  :: zany
alocar {vr} [alocarse]  :: to go mad
alocar {v}  :: to drive crazy, to madden
alocución {f}  :: speech
Alodia {prop}  :: female given name
aloe {m}  :: alternative form of áloe
alogamia {f} [biology]  :: allogamy
a lo hecho, pecho {phrase} [idiomatic]  :: what's done is done
alojamiento {m}  :: accommodation
alojar {v}  :: to house, accommodate
a lo largo de {prep}  :: along (along (prepositional sense))
a lo largo de {prep}  :: during
a lo mejor {adv}  :: maybe, perhaps
alomorfo {m} [linguistics]  :: allomorph (phonological representation of a morpheme)
aloína {f} [organic compound]  :: aloin
alondra {f}  :: lark
Alondra {prop}  :: female given name, modern use of the vocabulary word alondra "lark"
alongar {v}  :: to elongate, lengthen
alosa {f} [carbohydrate]  :: allose
alosaurio {m}  :: allosaurus
alosauro {m} [rare]  :: alternative form of alosaurio
alosna {f} [botany]  :: wormwood (Artemisia absinthium)
a lo sumo {adv} [idiomatic]  :: at most, to the max
alotrasplante {m} [surgery]  :: allotransplantation
alotrópico {adj} [chemistry]  :: allotropic
alozima {f} [genetics, enzyme]  :: allozyme
alpaca {f}  :: alpaca
al parecer {adv}  :: seemingly
alpargata {f}  :: espadrille (light shoe)
al paso {adv} [music]  :: in time
al pedido {adj}  :: custom-made
Alpes {prop}  :: The Alps
al pie de la letra {adv} [idiomatic]  :: to the letter
al pie de la palabra {adj} [idiomatic]  :: word-for-word (using exactly the same words as were originally used)
al pie de la palabra {adv}  :: word for word (in exactly the same words)
alpinismo {m}  :: mountaineering, alpinism
alpinista {m}  :: A mountaineer
al poco rato {adv}  :: not long after
al principio {adv} [idiomatic]  :: at first, initially
al punto {adv} [idiomatic]  :: immediately, straight away
al que le quepa el sayo {phrase} [idiomatic]  :: if the shoe fits
alquenilo {adj}  :: alkene
alqueno {m} [organic compound]  :: alkene
alquequenje {m}  :: bladder cherry (Physalis alkekengi)
alquería {f}  :: farmhouse
alquilada {v} [feminine past participle of, alquilar]  ::
alquiladas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, alquilar]  ::
alquilados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, alquilar]  ::
alquilar {v} [Spain]  :: to rent
alquilar {v} [Spain]  :: to rent out something to someone
alquiler {m} [El Salvador, Spain, Mexico]  :: rent (a payment made in exchange for something borrowed, and its amount)
alquimia {f}  :: alchemy
alquimista {m}  :: alchemist
alquino {f} [organic compound]  :: alkyne
alquitara {f}  :: still (device for distilling liquids)
alquitranado {adj}  :: tarred
alquitranar {v}  :: to tar
alquitrán {m} [chemistry]  :: tar, pitch
al rato {adv}  :: sometime (at an unstated or indefinite time in the future)
alrededor {m} [also in the plural]  :: surroundings
alrededor {prep}  :: around
alrededor de {prep}  :: around
alrededores {mp}  :: surroundings (the area around a place)
al revés {adj} [attributive]  :: inverted (with respect to something)
al revés {adv}  :: back first
al revés {adv}  :: inside out
al revés {adv}  :: in the opposite direction or order
al revés {adv}  :: the other way around
al revés {adv}  :: upside down
alérgeno {m} [pathology]  :: allergen
alérgico {adj}  :: allergic
alsaciano {adj}  :: Alsatian
alsaciano {f}  :: Alsatian
alíscafo {m}  :: A hydrofoil (vessel)
al sujeto de {prep}  :: about
alta {f}  :: certificate of discharge (from a hospital)
alta {f}  :: entry into a profession or organization
alta {f}  :: tax declaration
Alta California {prop}  :: A historic geographic region of Spain and Mexico, which today roughly comprises the U.S. state of California
alta danza {f} [obsolete]  :: Saltarello
alta fidelidad {f}  :: high fidelity (electronic system)
alta gama {adj}  :: High-end
Altagracia {prop}  :: female given name
alta mar {f}  :: open sea, high seas (regions of ocean far from shore)
altamente {adv}  :: highly
altamisa {f}  :: mugwort
altanería {f}  :: haughtiness; arrogance
altanero {adj}  :: arrogant
altanero {adj}  :: haughty
altar {m}  :: altar
altar {m}  :: Stone that separates the firebox from the hearth in reverberatory furnaces
altas horas {fp}  :: small hours; the very early morning, just after midnight, when most people are asleep, ungodly hours
alta traición {f}  :: high treason (criminal disloyalty to one's country)
Alta Verapaz {prop}  :: A department of Guatemala
alta vista {phrase}  :: a view from above
altavoz {m}  :: loudspeaker
alterabilidad {f}  :: alterability
alterable {adj}  :: alterable
alteración {f}  :: alteration
alterado {adj}  :: corrupted, altered
alterado {adj}  :: upset, angry
alterar {vr}  :: to get angry, upset
alterar {vt}  :: to alter or change
alterar {vt}  :: to upset
altercación {f}  :: altercation
altercado {m}  :: altercation
altercar {v}  :: to dispute, argue, quarrel
alteridad {f} [philosophy, anthropology]  :: alterity, otherness
alternabilidad {f} [government]  :: The possibility of rotation of power in a political regime
alternación {f}  :: alternation
alternador {m}  :: alternator
alternancia {f}  :: alternation
alternancia de código {f} [linguistics]  :: code-switching (phenomenon of alternating between two or more languages)
alternante {adj}  :: alternating
alternar {v}  :: to alternate
alternar {v}  :: to interact, communicate, hang out, socialize
alternativa {f}  :: alternation
alternativa {f}  :: An alternative, option
alternativamente {adv}  :: alternatively
alternativo {adj}  :: alternative
alterne {m}  :: socializing, hanging out
alteza {f}  :: highness
altibajos {mp} [colloquial]  :: ups and downs
altillo {m}  :: attic
altiplano {m}  :: a high plateau
al tiro {adv} [Chile]  :: straight away
altitud {f}  :: altitude
altitud {f}  :: height
altivez {f}  :: haughtiness; arrogance
altivo {adj}  :: arrogant
altivo {adj}  :: haughty
altímetro {m}  :: altimeter (an apparatus for measuring altitude)
alto {adj}  :: high
alto {adj}  :: loud
alto {adj}  :: tall
alto {interj}  :: stop!
alto {m}  :: break, pause, rest
alto {m}  :: stop
alto {m} [traffic]  :: red light
alto {m} [traffic]  :: stop (signal)
alto alemán medio {m}  :: Middle High German
altocúmulo {m}  :: altocumulus
alto el fuego {m}  :: ceasefire
altoparlante {m} [Latin America]  :: loudspeaker
altostrato {m}  :: altostratus (cloud type)
Alto Volta {prop}  :: Upper Volta
altramuz {m}  :: lupin (any member of the genus Lupinus in the family Fabaceae)
al través {adv}  :: crosswise, across (transversely)
alótropo {m} [chemistry]  :: allotrope
altrosa {f} [carbohydrate]  :: altrose
altruismo {m}  :: altruism
altruista {adj}  :: altruistic
altruista {m}  :: altruist
altruistamente {adv}  :: altruistically
altísimo {adj}  :: very high
altísimo {adj}  :: very loud
altísimo {adj}  :: very tall
altura {f}  :: altitude
altura {f}  :: height
altura tonal {f} [music]  :: pitch (the perceived frequency of a sound or note)
alubia {f}  :: bean plant
alubia {f}  :: bean seed
alubia {f}  :: green bean
alucinación {f}  :: hallucination
alucinante {adj}  :: brilliant
alucinante {adj}  :: hallucinatory
alucinar {v}  :: to fascinate
alucinar {v}  :: to hallucinate
alucinógeno {adj}  :: hallucinogenic
alucinógeno {m}  :: hallucinogen
alud {m}  :: avalanche
aludir {v}  :: to allude
alumbrada {v} [feminine past participle of, alumbrar]  ::
alumbradas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, alumbrar]  ::
alumbrados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, alumbrar]  ::
alumbramiento {m}  :: afterbirth
alumbramiento {m}  :: birth, childbirth
alumbrar {v}  :: to give birth
alumbrar {v}  :: to illuminate
alumbrarse {vr}  :: reflexive form of alumbrar
alumbrarse {v}  :: to get tipsy
alumbre {m} [chemistry]  :: alum
aluminio {m}  :: aluminum
alumna {f}  :: feminine form of alumno
alumnado {m}  :: student body, populace of students
alumno {f}  :: pupil or student
alunizaje {m}  :: moon landing
alunizar {v}  :: to land on the moon
alusión {f}  :: allusion
alusivo {adj}  :: allusive
aluvión {m}  :: alluvium
aluvión {m} [figurative]  :: tidal wave, avalanche, barrage (incredibly large amount)
aluzado {adj} [Latin America]  :: lit; lighted
aluzar {v} [Latin America]  :: to light, light up
alvaradeño {adj}  :: Pertaining to or originating from Alvarado in Mexico
Alvarado {prop}  :: Spanish surname
alveolar {adj}  :: alveolar
alveolar {f}  :: alveolar
alveolitis seca {f} [dentistry]  :: dry socket (inflammation of the alveolar bone)
alveolo {m} [anatomy]  :: alveolus (anatomical structure that has the form of a hollow cavity)
alverja {f}  :: alternative spelling of arveja
alvéolo {m}  :: alternative form of alveolo
alvéolo pulmonar {m} [anatomy]  :: pulmonary alveolus (small air sac in the lungs)
al vuelo {adv}  :: on-the-fly
al vuelo {adv}  :: on the wing
alza {f}  :: rise
alzacuellos {m}  :: clerical collar, dog collar
alzada {f}  :: elevation
alzada {f}  :: height (distance from bottom)
alzada {f} [legal]  :: appeal
alzado {adj}  :: lifted, raised up
alzamiento {m}  :: lifting; raise, increase
alzamiento {m}  :: uprising, revolt
alzar {vr}  :: to rise up, revolt
alzar {vt}  :: to hide
alzar {vt}  :: to lift, raise
alzar {vt}  :: to remove; to steal
alzar el dedo {v} [idiomatic]  :: to give the finger (make an obscene gesture)
alzheimer {m} [neurology, pathology]  :: Alzheimer's disease
a. m. {abbr}  :: a.m.
ama {f}  :: housekeeper, head maid
ama {f}  :: lady of the house
ama {f}  :: landlady
ama {f}  :: mistress
ama {f}  :: nursemaid, nanny
ama {f}  :: proprietress
ama {f}  :: wetnurse
amañar {v}  :: to rig, fix, meddle with
amabilidad {f}  :: kindness
amable {adj}  :: charming
amable {adj}  :: kind, amiable
amablemente {adv}  :: kindly, friendly
amacollar {vir} [reflexive, of stems, flowers, tillers, etc.]  :: to grow in clumps or tufts
ama de casa {f}  :: housekeeper (one who looks after the home by herself)
ama de casa {f}  :: housewife (female head of household)
ama de llaves {f}  :: housekeeper; maid
amaestrador {f}  :: animal trainer, animal tamer, tamer
amaestradora {f}  :: female animal trainer
amaestrar {v}  :: to train, school, drill (an animal)
amagar {v}  :: to threaten
amainar {v}  :: to abate; die down
amaitinada {v} [feminine past participle of, amaitinar]  ::
amaitinadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, amaitinar]  ::
amaitinados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, amaitinar]  ::
amaitinar {v}  :: to spy on
amaitinar {v}  :: to watch
amalgama {f}  :: amalgam [all senses]
amalgamar {v}  :: amalgamate
Amalia {prop}  :: female given name
a mal tiempo buena cara {phrase} [idiomatic]  :: face the music
amamantada {v} [feminine past participle of, amamantar]  ::
amamantadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, amamantar]  ::
amamantados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, amamantar]  ::
amamantar {v}  :: to nurse
Amanda {prop}  :: female given name
amanecer {m}  :: dawn
amanecer {vi} [impersonal]  :: to dawn
amanecer {vr} [Latin America]  :: to stay awake all night
amanecer {vr}  :: to waken
amanecer {v}  :: to awake
amanecer {v}  :: to wake up
amanecida {v} [feminine past participle of, amanecer]  ::
amanecidas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, amanecer]  ::
amanecidos {v} [masculine plural past participle of, amanecer]  ::
amanerado {adj}  :: effeminate, camp
amanerado {adj}  :: mannered
a mano {adj} [idiomatic]  :: even; equal with another
a mano {adv} [idiomatic]  :: by hand; manually; without the use of a machine
amansador {m}  :: tamer
a mansalva {adj}  :: in droves
a mansalva {adj}  :: safe
a mansalva {adv}  :: securely
amansar {v}  :: to tame
amantadina {f} [organic compound]  :: amantadine
amante {m}  :: lover
amanuense {m}  :: amanuensis (one employed to take dictation)
amapola {f}  :: poppy
amar {v}  :: to love, have great affection for, care about
amaranto {adj}  :: amaranth, crimson (color)
amaranto {m}  :: amaranth, crimson (color)
amaranto {m}  :: amaranth (herb)
amarar {v}  :: to land on water
amareta {f}  :: macaroon (soft biscuit or cookie prepared with almond or coconut dough)
amargado {adj}  :: bitter (resentful)
amargado {adj}  :: joyless
amargamente {adv}  :: bitterly
amargar {v}  :: to make bitter; embitter
amargarse {vr}  :: To go bitter, get bitter
amargo {adj}  :: bitter, sour (having an acrid taste)
amargo {m}  :: bitterness
amargor {m}  :: bitterness
amargura {f}  :: acerbity, bitterness
amargura {f}  :: sorrow
amariconado {adj}  :: effeminate
amariconado {adj} [pejorative]  :: homosexual, gay
amarilis {f}  :: amaryllis (the belladonna lily Amaryllis belladonna)
amarilleada {v} [feminine past participle of, amarillear]  ::
amarilleadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, amarillear]  ::
amarilleados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, amarillear]  ::
amarillear {v}  :: to become yellow
amarillecer {v}  :: to become yellow
amarillejo {adj}  :: yellowish
amarillento {adj}  :: yellowish
amarillez {f}  :: yellowness
amarillismo {m}  :: Sensationalism, as practised in the yellow press
amarillista {adj}  :: Of tabloid journalism, sensationalist
amarillo {adj} [heraldry]  :: or
amarillo {adj}  :: yellow or golden coloured
amarillo {m}  :: jaundice
amarillor {m} [rare]  :: yellowness
amarilloso {adj}  :: yellowish, yellow
amarillura {f} [obsolete]  :: yellowness
amarme {v} [es-compound of, am, ar, amar, me, mood=inf]  ::
amar no es amor {phrase}  :: A statement of unrequited love
amarra {f} [nautical]  :: mooring line
amarrar {v}  :: to moor
amarrar {v}  :: to tie
amarronado {adj}  :: brownish
amarse {v} [in the plural]  :: to make love
amarse {v}  :: to love oneself
amarte {v} [es-compound of, am, ar, amar, te, mood=inf]  ::
amasada {v} [feminine past participle of, amasar]  ::
amasadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, amasar]  ::
amasadora {f}  :: kneading machine
amasados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, amasar]  ::
amasar {v}  :: to knead
amasijar {v} [slang]  :: to beat up, do in
amasijo {m}  :: mishmash, hodgepodge
amate {m}  :: amate (art form)
amate {m}  :: amate paper
amate {m}  :: amate tree (Ficus insipida)
amateur {adj}  :: amateurish, amateur
amateur {m}  :: amateur (person attached to a pursuit without pursuing it professionally)
amatista {adj}  :: amethyst colored
amatista {f}  :: amethyst
Amaya {prop}  :: female given name
amazacotado {adj}  :: crude, lacking grace
amazacotado {adj}  :: heavy, thick
amazónico {adj}  :: Amazonian
amazona {f}  :: amazon
Amazonía {prop}  :: Amazon
Amazonas {prop}  :: Amazonas (department of Colombia)
Amazonas {prop}  :: Amazonas (region of Peru)
Amazonas {prop}  :: Amazonas (state of Brazil)
Amazonas {prop}  :: Amazonas (state of Venezuela)
Amazonas {prop}  :: Amazon (river)
amazonio {adj}  :: rare form of amazónico
amazonita {f}  :: amazonite (gem)
ambages {mp}  :: circumlocution, ambages (indirect or roundabout ways of talking)
ambages {mp} [rare]  :: ambages (indirect or roundabout routes or directions)
ambarino {adj}  :: amber colored
Amberes {prop}  :: Antwerp (province and city)
amberino {adj}  :: Antwerpian
amberino {f}  :: Antwerpian
ambición {f}  :: ambition
ambicionada {v} [feminine past participle of, ambicionar]  ::
ambicionadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, ambicionar]  ::
ambicionados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, ambicionar]  ::
ambicionar {v}  :: to aspire
ambiciosamente {adv}  :: ambitiously
ambicioso {adj}  :: ambitious
ambidextro {adj}  :: ambidextrous
ambidiestro {adj}  :: ambidextrous
ambientador {m}  :: air freshener
ambiental {adj}  :: environmental
ambientalismo {m}  :: environmentalism (ideology seeking to prevent the degradation of environment)
ambientalmente {adv}  :: environmentally (affecting one's environment)
ambientar {v}  :: to provide an ambiance
ambiente {m}  :: atmosphere
ambiente {m}  :: environment
ambiente {m}  :: room
ambigüedad {f}  :: ambiguity
ambigrama {m}  :: ambigram
ambiguamente {adv}  :: ambiguously
ambiguo {adj}  :: ambiguous
ambivalencia {f}  :: ambivalence
ambivalente {adj}  :: ambivalent
amblar {v}  :: to amble
ambliopía {f}  :: amblyopia (dimness or blurring of the eyesight)
ambo {m} [Argentina, Chile]  :: suit
ambos {adj}  :: both
ambrosía {f}  :: ambrosia (food of gods or delicious foods)
ambulancia {f}  :: ambulance
ambulante {adj}  :: travelling, ambulant
ambulofobia {f}  :: ambulophobia
ameba {f}  :: amoeba
amebiano {adj}  :: amoebic
ameboide {adj}  :: amoeboid / ameboid
a medias {adv}  :: not fully
a medida que {conj}  :: as (progressively)
amedrentada {v} [feminine past participle of, amedrentar]  ::
amedrentadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, amedrentar]  ::
amedrentados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, amedrentar]  ::
amedrentar {v}  :: to intimidate
Amelia {prop}  :: female given name, cognate to English Amelia
ameloblastina {f} [cytology]  :: ameloblastin
amelogenina {f} [protein]  :: amelogenin
amenaza {f}  :: threat
amenazado {adj}  :: threatened
amenazador {adj}  :: threatening (presenting a threat)
amenazadoramente {adv}  :: menacingly, threateningly
amenazante {adj}  :: threatening
amenazar {vt}  :: to threaten
amenguada {v} [feminine past participle of, amenguar]  ::
amenguadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, amenguar]  ::
amenguados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, amenguar]  ::
amenguar {v}  :: to diminish
amenguar {v}  :: to slander, to defame
amenidad {f}  :: amenity
amenizar {v}  :: to adorn
amenizar {v}  :: to make pleasant
ameno {adj}  :: pleasant
amenorrea {f}  :: amenorrhoea
a menos que {conj}  :: unless
amento {m}  :: catkin
-amento {suffix}  :: alternative form of -mento
a menudo {adv}  :: often (habitually)
americana {f}  :: feminine form of americano
americana {f} [feminine only]  :: cloth jacket with lapels and buttons, reaching below the hip
americanismo {m}  :: Americanism (linguistic feature)
americanización {f}  :: Americanization
americanizar {v}  :: to Americanize
americano {adj}  :: of the Americas
americano {adj}  :: of the United States
americano {f}  :: a native of the Americas
americano {f}  :: a native of the United States
americano {f}  :: someone who became rich in America (continent) and returned to his country
americio {m}  :: americium
amerindia {f}  :: feminine form of amerindio
amerindio {adj}  :: Amerindian
ameritada {v} [feminine past participle of, ameritar]  ::
ameritadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, ameritar]  ::
ameritados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, ameritar]  ::
ameritar {v}  :: to merit
amerizar {v}  :: to land on water
ametralladora {f}  :: machine gun
ametrallar {v}  :: to machine-gun; to shoot with a machine gun
ametrallar {v}  :: to shoot with shot ammunition
amígdala {f}  :: amygdala
amígdala palatina {f}  :: palatine tonsil
amianto {m}  :: asbestos
amibo {m}  :: alternative form of ameba
amida {f} [chemistry]  :: amide
amidina {f} [chemistry]  :: amidine
amidofosforribosiltransferasa {f} [enzyme]  :: amidophosphoribosyltransferase
-amiento {suffix}  :: alternative form of -miento
amiga {f}  :: feminine form of amigo, friend
amigabilidad {f}  :: friendliness
amigable {adj}  :: amicable
amigable {adj}  :: companionable
amigablemente {adv}  :: amicably
amiga con derechos {f}  :: feminine form of amigo con derechos
amigar {vi}  :: to make friends (to create friendships)
amigar {vt}  :: to cause (people) to be friends
amigdalectomía {f} [surgery]  :: tonsillectomy
amigdalitis {f} [pathology]  :: tonsilitis; strep throat
amigdalogloso {m}  :: amygdaloglossus
amigo {f}  :: friend
amigo con derecho a roce {m}  :: friend with benefits
amigo con derechos {f}  :: friend with benefits
amigo con ventajas {f}  :: friend with benefits (friend with whom one has a casual sexual relationship)
amigo invisible {m}  :: invisible friend
amigo invisible {m}  :: secret Santa
amigo por correspondencia {f}  :: pen pal
amigote {m}  :: crony
amigovia {f}  :: feminine form of amigovio
amigovio {f}  :: friend with benefits
amiguismo {m}  :: cronyism (favoritism to friends without regard for their qualifications)
amiguita {f}  :: diminutive form of amiga
amiguito {f}  :: diminutive form of amigo
amilanada {v} [feminine past participle of, amilanar]  ::
amilanadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, amilanar]  ::
amilanados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, amilanar]  ::
amilanar {v}  :: to daunt
amilanarse {vr} [lb, es]  :: to cower (to crouch in fear)
amilasa {f} [enzyme]  :: amylase
amiloide {adj}  :: amyloid
amiloide {m}  :: amyloid
amiloideo {adj}  :: amyloid
amiloidosis {f} [pathology]  :: amyloidosis
amilopectina {f} [carbohydrate]  :: amylopectin
amiloplasto {m} [cytology]  :: amyloplast
amilosa {f} [carbohydrate]  :: amylose
amina {m} [inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry]  :: amine
amino {adj}  :: amino
amino {m}  :: amino
aminoacil {f} [organic chemistry]  :: An aminoacyl
aminobenzoato {m} [organic compound]  :: aminobenzoate
aminobenzoico {adj}  :: aminobenzoic
aminobifenol {m} [organic compound]  :: aminobiphenol
aminobutirato {m} [organic compound]  :: aminobutyrate
aminobutírico {adj}  :: aminobutyric
aminociclopropano {m}  :: aminocyclopropane
aminoácido {m} [organic chemistry]  :: amino acid
aminoácido esencial {m} [amino acid]  :: essential amino acid (amino acid which is a dietry requirement)
aminograma {f}  :: aminogram
aminometiltransferasa {f} [enzyme]  :: aminomethyltransferase
aminorada {v} [feminine past participle of, aminorar]  ::
aminoradas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, aminorar]  ::
aminorados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, aminorar]  ::
aminorar {v}  :: to lessen
aminotransferasa {f} [enzyme]  :: transaminase, aminotransferase
amiodarona {f} [pharmaceutical drug]  :: amiodarone
amir {m} [rare]  :: archaic spelling of emir
amistad {f}  :: friendship
amistad con derechos {f} [idiomatic]  :: friendship with benefits (non-emotional sexual friendship)
amistad con ventajas {f} [idiomatic]  :: friendship with benefits (non-emotional sexual friendship)
amistar {vi}  :: to make friends (to create friendships)
amistar {vt} [Mexico]  :: to befriend
amistar {vt}  :: to cause (people) to be friends
amistar {vt}  :: to friend (to add as a friend)
amistosamente {adv}  :: In a friendly manner; friendlily
amistoso {adj}  :: friendly
amistoso {m} [sports]  :: friendly match
amílico {adj}  :: amyl
Am. Mer. {prop}  :: abbreviation of América Meridional
amén {interj}  :: amen
amén de {adv} [idiomatic]  :: as well as
amándose {v} [es-compound of, am, ar, amando, se, mood=part]  ::
amándote {v} [es-compound of, am, ar, amando, te, mood=part]  ::  : loving you
amnesia {f}  :: amnesia
amnesia anterógrada {f} [pathology]  :: anterograde amnesia (inability to remember new information)
amnesia retrógrada {f}  :: retrograde amnesia (loss of memories from the period leading up to the amnesic episode)
amnistía {f}  :: amnesty
amnistiada {v} [feminine past participle of, amnistiar]  ::
amnistiadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, amnistiar]  ::
amnistiados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, amnistiar]  ::
amnistiar {v}  :: to grant amnesty to
amniótico {adj}  :: amniotic (pertaining to the amnion)
amnésica {f}  :: feminine form of amnésico
amnésico {adj}  :: amnesic
amnésico {f}  :: amnesiac
amo {f}  :: master
amoblada {v} [feminine past participle of, amoblar]  ::
amobladas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, amoblar]  ::
amoblado {adj}  :: furnished
amoblados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, amoblar]  ::
amoblar {v}  :: to furnish
a modo de {conj}  :: as, by way of
amohinada {v} [feminine past participle of, amohinar]  ::
amohinadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, amohinar]  ::
amohinados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, amohinar]  ::
amohinar {v}  :: to annoy
amohinar {v}  :: to cause displeasure, sadness, or melancholy
amoladora {f}  :: grinder (tool)
amoladora angular {f}  :: angle grinder (power tool)
amoldable {adj}  :: Able to change or adapt; adaptable
amoldada {v} [feminine past participle of, amoldar]  ::
amoldadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, amoldar]  ::
amoldados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, amoldar]  ::
amoldar {v}  :: to mold
amole {m}  :: amole
amoníaco {m}  :: ammonia
amonal {m}  :: ammonal
amonestación {m}  :: admonishment
amonestación {m} [sports]  :: the issuing of a caution
amonestada {v} [feminine past participle of, amonestar]  ::
amonestadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, amonestar]  ::
amonestados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, amonestar]  ::
amonestar {v}  :: to warn; to reprimand; to admonish
amoniaco {m}  :: ammonia
amonio {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: ammonium
amonitol {m}  :: a type of explosive made with a mixture of ammonal and nitromethane
amontonada {v} [feminine past participle of, amontonar]  ::
amontonadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, amontonar]  ::
amontonados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, amontonar]  ::
amontonamiento {m}  :: cluster, lump (group, set, or unit)
amontonar {v}  :: to pile up
amontonarse {vr}  :: to mob, huddle (crowd together)
amontonarse {v}  :: to pile up (accumulate)
amor {m}  :: love
amoral {adj}  :: amoral
amor a primera vista {m} [idiom]  :: love at first sight (an instantaneous attraction)
amoratado {adj}  :: purplish
amoratarse {v}  :: to become purple
amorcito {m}  :: diminutive form of amor
amordazar {v}  :: to gag
amordazar {v}  :: to muzzle
amores {mp}  :: love affairs
amorfo {adj}  :: amorphous
amor incondicional {m}  :: unconditional love (affection for someone that is not dependent on certain qualities)
amor no correspondido {m}  :: unrequited love (love that is not reciprocated, even though reciprocation is desired)
amorío {m}  :: A superficial relationship; a love affair
amorosamente {adv}  :: lovingly, amorously
amoroso {adj}  :: amorous
amoroso {adj}  :: tender
amor platónico {m}  :: platonic love (intimate but non-sexual affection)
amor prohibido {m}  :: paramour (illicit lover)
amor propio {m}  :: self-love (regard for oneself)
amortajamiento {m}  :: The act of shrouding a corpse
amortajar {v}  :: to shroud a corpse
amortiguada {v} [feminine past participle of, amortiguar]  ::
amortiguadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, amortiguar]  ::
amortiguador {adj}  :: softening, muffling
amortiguador {m}  :: bumper of a vehicle
amortiguador {m}  :: shock absorber
amortiguados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, amortiguar]  ::
amortiguar {v}  :: to cushion, to absorb
amortiguar {v}  :: to deaden, to muffle
amortizable {adj} [finance]  :: redeemable
amortización {f}  :: amortization (process of distributing asset cost)
amortizar {v}  :: amortize
amor y paz y nada más {phrase}  :: a statement that love and peace are the most important attributes and actions and others are overvalued
-amos {suffix}  :: suffix indicating the first-person plural present indicative of -ar verbs
-amos {suffix}  :: Suffix indicating the first-person plural preterite of -ar verbs
-amos {suffix}  :: Suffix indicating the first-person singular imperative of -er and -ir verbs
-amos {suffix}  :: Suffix indicating the first-person singular present subjunctive of -er and -ir verbs
amosal {m}  :: ammonal
amotinar {vr}  :: to mutiny
amotinar {v}  :: to incite into mutiny
amotinarse {vr} [lb, es]  :: to mutiny (commit mutiny)
amparada {v} [feminine past participle of, amparar]  ::
amparadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, amparar]  ::
amparados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, amparar]  ::
amparar {v}  :: to safeguard
amparo {m}  :: aid, relief
amparo {m}  :: exemption, pardon
amparo {m}  :: protection
amparo {m}  :: shelter, sanctuary
Amparo {prop}  :: female given name
ampelis {m}  :: waxwing (songbird of genus Bombycilla)
ampelografía {f}  :: ampelography (science of grapevine cultivars)
ampere {m}  :: ampere
amperio {m}  :: ampere
amperímetro {m}  :: ammeter
ampliable {adj}  :: expandable
ampliación {f}  :: extension
ampliadora {f} [photography]  :: enlarger
ampliamente {adv}  :: amply
ampliamente {adv}  :: widely
ampliar {v}  :: to extend, expand, enlarge
amplificación {f}  :: amplification
amplificada {v} [feminine past participle of, amplificar]  ::
amplificadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, amplificar]  ::
amplificador {adj}  :: amplifying
amplificador {m}  :: amplifier
amplificadora {f}  :: amplifier (anything that amplifies)
amplificados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, amplificar]  ::
amplificar {v}  :: to amplify, magnify
amplificar {v}  :: to enlarge, extend
amplio {adj}  :: broad
amplio {adj}  :: extensive
amplio {adj}  :: large, spacious
amplitud {f}  :: amplitude
ampo {m}  :: snowflake
ampolla {f}  :: ampoule
ampolla {f}  :: blister
ampolla {f}  :: small bottle
ampollada {v} [feminine past participle of, ampollar]  ::
ampolladas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, ampollar]  ::
ampollados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, ampollar]  ::
ampollar {v}  :: to blister
ampolleta {f} [Chile]  :: light bulb
ampolleta {f}  :: hourglass
ampurdanés {adj}  :: From Ampurdán
ampurdanés {f}  :: Someone from Ampurdán
amputación {f}  :: amputation
amputar {v}  :: to amputate
América {propf}  :: America
América del Norte {prop}  :: North America; Usually excluding Central America and the Caribbean.
América del Sur {prop}  :: South America (continent that is the southern part of the Americas)
América Latina {prop}  :: Those countries in the Americas and related islands which speak Latin-derived languages, mostly Spanish and Portuguese: Latin America
América Meridional {prop}  :: South America (continent that is the southern part of the Americas)
amárico {prop}  :: Amharic (a Semitic language spoken in Ethiopia)
Amritsar {prop}  :: Amritsar
a más no poder {adv}  :: as much as possible, as could be
a más no poder {adv}  :: to the utmost
amsterdamés {f}  :: Amsterdamer (an inhabitant or a resident of Amsterdam)
amueblada {v} [feminine past participle of, amueblar]  ::
amueblado {adj}  :: furnished
amueblados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, amueblar]  ::
amueblar {v}  :: to furnish
amuñecado {adj}  :: doll-like
amujerado {adj}  :: effeminate
amujeramiento {m}  :: emasculation
amuleto {m}  :: amulet
amurada {f} [nautical]  :: bulwark (the planking or plating along the sides of a nautical vessel above her gunwale)
amurallada {v} [feminine past participle of, amurallar]  ::
amuralladas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, amurallar]  ::
amurallados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, amurallar]  ::
amurallar {v}  :: to wall
amuzgo {prop}  :: Amuzgo; An indigenous language of Mexico with about 30,000 speakers, mostly in Oaxaca state
-an {suffix}  :: Suffix indicating the third-person plural imperative of -er and -ir verbs
-an {suffix}  :: Suffix indicating the third-person plural present indicative of -ar verbs
-an {suffix}  :: Suffix indicating the third-person plural present subjunctive of -er and -ir verbs
aún {adv}  :: still, yet
-ana {suffix}  :: Feminine form of -ano
Ana {prop}  :: Anna (Biblical prophetess)
Ana {prop}  :: female given name, cognate to Ann
Ana {prop}  :: Hannah (Biblical figure)
anabaptismo {m}  :: Anabaptism
anabasina {f} [chemistry]  :: anabasine
Anabel {prop}  :: female given name Isabel or Ana Belén
anabolismo {m}  :: anabolism
anacahuita {m}  :: alternative form of anacahuite
anacahuite {m}  :: A species of small flowering shrub or tree in the borage family, (Cordia boissieri)
anacardo {m}  :: cashew (nut)
anacardo {m}  :: cashew (tree)
anacoluto {m}  :: anacoluthia
anaconda {f}  :: anaconda
anacoreta {m}  :: anchorite (one who lives in seclusion)
anacrónico {adj}  :: anachronistic
anacronismo {m}  :: anachronism
anacronístico {adj}  :: anachronistic
anacrusa {f} [music]  :: anacrusis (unstressed note (or notes) before the first strong beat of a phrase)
anadear {v}  :: to waddle
anaeróbico {adj}  :: anaerobic
anaerobio {adj}  :: anaerobic
anaerobio {m}  :: anaerobe
anafe {m}  :: alternative form of anafre
anafilaxia {f}  :: anaphylaxis
anafre {m}  :: (small) stove
anafórico {adj}  :: anaphoric (relating to an anaphora)
anagrama {m}  :: An anagram
anagramático {adj}  :: anagrammatic
anal {adj}  :: anal
analepsis {f}  :: analepsis
analfabetismo {m}  :: illiteracy
analfabeto {adj}  :: unlettered, illiterate
analfabeto {f}  :: illiterate person
analgesia {f} [medicine]  :: analgesia (absence of the sense of pain)
analógicamente {adv}  :: analogically
analógico {adj}  :: analogue
analgésico {adj} [pharmacology]  :: analgesic
analgésico {m} [pharmacology]  :: analgesic, painkiller
analista {m}  :: analyst
analista de sistemas {m} [computing]  :: systems analyst
analizada {v} [feminine past participle of, analizar]  ::
analizadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, analizar]  ::
analizados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, analizar]  ::
analizar {v}  :: to analyze
analogía {f}  :: analogy
analítica {f}  :: analytics
analíticamente {adv}  :: analytically
analítico {adj}  :: analytic
anamnesia {f}  :: anamnesis (recollection)
anamorfismo {m}  :: anamorphosis
anamorfosis {f}  :: anamorphosis
ananá {m}  :: pineapple
ananás {m}  :: pineapple fruit
ananás {m}  :: pineapple plant
anapesto {m}  :: anapest (metrical foot)
anaquel {m}  :: shelf
anaranjado {adj} [heraldry]  :: tenné
anaranjado {adj}  :: orange, orangey (having the colour of an orange, reddish-yellow)
anaranjado {m}  :: orange (the colour of the fruit of an orange tree)
anarcosindicalismo {m}  :: anarcho-syndicalism (a branch or field of anarchy that focuses on the abolition of capitalism)
anarquía {f}  :: anarchism
anarquía {f}  :: anarchy (all senses)
anarquismo {m}  :: anarchism
anarquista {m}  :: anarchist
anarquizar {v}  :: to make anarchic
aún así {adv}  :: anyway, even so
anastilosis {f} [archaeology]  :: anastylosis (reassembly of ruined monuments)
anatema {f}  :: anathema (ban or curse)
anatematizado {adj}  :: cursed
anatematizado {adj}  :: reprobate (rejected by god)
anatematizar {v}  :: to anathematize
anatematizar {v}  :: to curse
anatómicamente {adv}  :: anatomically
anatómico {adj}  :: anatomical
anatomía {f}  :: anatomy
Aníbal {prop} [given name, male, dot=]  :: , cognate of Hannibal
ancas de rana {f}  :: frog legs (hind legs of frog as food)
anécdota {f}  :: anecdote
ancestral {adj}  :: ancestral
ancestro {m}  :: ancestor, forefather
anchada {v} [feminine past participle of, anchar]  ::
anchadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, anchar]  ::
anchados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, anchar]  ::
anchamente {adv}  :: broadly
anchar {v}  :: to expand
ancho {adj}  :: proud
ancho {adj}  :: wide; broad
ancho {m}  :: width
anchoa {f}  :: anchovy (small saltwater fish)
ancho de banda {m}  :: bandwidth (measure of data flow rate in digital networks)
ancho de banda {m}  :: bandwidth (width of a frequency band)
ancho de banda {m}  :: bandwidth (width of the smallest frequency band within which the signal can fit)
anchova {f}  :: alternative form of anchoa
anchura {f}  :: width, breadth
-ancia {suffix}  :: -ancy
anciana {f}  :: old female person
anciano {adj}  :: ancient
anciano {adj}  :: elderly
anciano {f}  :: very old person
ancla {f}  :: anchor
anclada {v} [feminine past participle of, anclar]  ::
ancladas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, anclar]  ::
anclado {adj}  :: anchored
anclado {adj}  :: fastened, secured
anclados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, anclar]  ::
anclaje {m}  :: anchorage
anclar {v}  :: to anchor
ancóneo {m}  :: anconeus
anda {interj}  :: Interjection to express surprise
andadura {f}  :: gait
andadura {f}  :: path
andadura {f}  :: project, work, activity, process (long-term undertaking)
andadura {f}  :: walking, the act of walking
Andalucía {prop}  :: Andalusia
andaluz {adj}  :: Andalusian
andaluz {m}  :: Andalusian dialect
andaluz {m}  :: Someone from Andalusia
andamiaje {m}  :: scaffolding
andamio {m}  :: scaffold
andanada {f}  :: volley (of projectiles)
andanzas {f}  :: adventures
anda que no {phrase}  :: hell yes, hell yeah, you'd better believe it
andar {m}  :: behavior, manner
andar {m}  :: walk, pace, gait
andar {vr}  :: to go away, to leave
andar {v}  :: to amble, to travel
andar {v}  :: to be in a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship with someone; to go out with
andar {v}  :: to be, to feel
andar {v}  :: to function, to work, to go
andar {v}  :: to pass, to go by, to elapse
andar {v}  :: to ride
andar {v}  :: to walk, to go
andar a las chapas {v} [Argentina, colloquial]  :: To be rushed off one's feet
andar como quinceañera {f}  :: mutton dressed as lamb
andar con ambages {v} [idiomatic]  :: to beat around the bush (to treat a topic but omit its main points)
andar en chanchullos {v} [idiomatic]  :: to shill (to promote or endorse in return for payment)
andarse con rodeos {v} [idiomatic]  :: to beat around the bush
andarse por las ramas {v} [idiomatic]  :: to beat around the bush
Andes {prop}  :: the Andes
andesina {f} [mineral]  :: andesine (sodium calcium aluminum silicate)
andinismo {m}  :: Mountaineering in the Andes
andinista {m}  :: An Andean mountaineer
andino {adj}  :: Andean
andino {f}  :: Andean (person)
andén {m} [Caribbean]  :: sidewalk
andén {m}  :: platform
-ando {suffix}  :: Suffix indicating the gerund of regular -ar verbs
andorra {f} [colloquial]  :: A female walking companion
Andorra {prop}  :: Andorra
Andorra la Vieja {prop}  :: Andorra la Vella
andorrana {f}  :: feminine form of andorrano
andorrano {adj}  :: Andorran (from or native to Andorra)
andorrano {adj}  :: Andorran (pertaining to Andorra)
andorrano {f}  :: Andorran (person from Andorra)
Andrade {prop}  :: a surname
andrajo {m}  :: rags (as clothes)
andrajoso {adj}  :: ragged, tattered
Andrea {prop}  :: female given name, feminine form of Andrés
andrewsarchus {m}  :: andrewsarchus (prehistoric mammal)
andrógeno {m}  :: androgen
andrógino {adj}  :: androgynous
andrógino {adj} [botany]  :: monoecious
andrógino {adj}  :: hermaphrodite, hermaphroditic
andrógino {f}  :: androgyne
andrógino {f}  :: hermaphrodite
Andrómeda {prop} [astronomy]  :: Andromeda (constellation)
Andrómeda {prop} [astronomy]  :: Andromeda (galaxy)
Andrómeda {prop} [Greek mythology]  :: Andromeda (mythical daughter of Cepheus)
androfobia {f}  :: misandry, androphobia (hatred of or prejudice against men)
androginia {f}  :: androgyny
androgénico {adj}  :: androgenic
androide {m}  :: android
andrología {f}  :: andrology (a branch of medicine)
androstediona {f}  :: androstenedione (steroid hormone)
Andrés {prop}  :: Andrew [biblical character]
Andrés {prop}  :: male given name, equivalent to English Andrew
anecdótico {adj}  :: anecdotal
anegación {f}  :: flooding
anegadizo {adj}  :: susceptible to flooding
anegamiento {m}  :: inundation, flooding
anegar {vt}  :: to drown, to inundate, to flood
anejo {adj}  :: attached
anejo {m}  :: accompaniment, affix
anemia {f} [pathology]  :: anemia
anemómetro {m}  :: anemometer
anestesia {f}  :: anesthesia (insensitivity to pain)
anestesia {f}  :: anesthetic
anestesiada {v} [feminine past participle of, anestesiar]  ::
anestesiadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, anestesiar]  ::
anestesiador {f}  :: anesthetist
anestesiados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, anestesiar]  ::
anestesiar {v}  :: to anesthetize
anestesióloga {f}  :: female anesthesiologist
anestesiólogo {f}  :: anesthesiologist
anestesiología {f}  :: anesthesiology
anestesista {m}  :: anaesthetist
anestro {m}  :: anestrus (sexual respite in between breeding periods)
anestésico {adj}  :: anesthetic
anestésico {m}  :: anesthetic
anetol {m} [organic compound]  :: anethole
aneurisma {m} [pathology]  :: aneurysm
anexar {v}  :: to annex, attach
anexión {f}  :: annexation (the act of annexing)
anexionar {v}  :: to annex
anexo {adj}  :: attached
anexo {adj}  :: enclosed
anexo {m}  :: annex, appendix
anexo {m}  :: contiguous building, extension of a building
anfíbol {m}  :: amphibole
anfíbraco {m}  :: amphibrach
anfetamina {f} [organic compound]  :: amphetamine
anfetamínico {adj}  :: amphetamine
anfibio {adj}  :: amphibious, amphibian
anfibio {m}  :: amphibian
anfibología {f}  :: amphibology, amphiboly
anfipróstilo {adj} [architecture]  :: amphiprostyle
anfipróstilo {m} [architecture]  :: An amphiprostyle building
anfisbena {f} [Greek mythology]  :: amphisbaena
anfisbena {f}  :: worm lizard
anfiteatro {m}  :: amphitheater
anfitrión {f}  :: host
anfitriona {f}  :: host
anfímacro {m}  :: amphimacer
anáfora {f}  :: anaphora
angelical {adj}  :: angelic (belonging to, proceeding from, or resembling an angel)
angelito {m}  :: (diminutive form of angel) little angel or angel
angelología {f}  :: angelology
angelote {m}  :: angel shark
angina {f} [pathology]  :: angina (infection of the throat)
angina de pecho {f} [cardiology, disease]  :: angina pectoris (intermittent chest pain)
anginas {f} [plurale tantum]  :: strep throat
angio- {prefix}  :: angio-
angiografía {f}  :: angiograph
angiografía {f}  :: angiography
angiograma {m} [medicine]  :: angiogram (an X-ray image of the blood vessels)
angioma {m} [pathology]  :: angioma
angiopatía {f} [pathology]  :: angiopathy (any disease of the blood vessels)
angioplastia {f} [surgery]  :: angioplasty
angiotensina {f} [protein]  :: angiotensin
angiotensinógeno {m} [protein]  :: angiotensinogen
anglófilo {adj}  :: Anglophilic
anglófilo {f}  :: Anglophile
anglófobo {adj}  :: Anglophobic
anglófobo {f}  :: Anglophobe
anglófono {adj}  :: anglophone
anglófono {f}  :: anglophone
Angélica {prop}  :: female given name, equivalent to Angelica
anglicanismo {m}  :: Anglicanism (beliefs and practices of the Anglican Church)
anglicano {adj}  :: Anglican
anglicano {f}  :: Anglican
anglicismo {m}  :: anglicism (word or other feature originating in the English language)
angélico {adj}  :: angelic
anglómano {adj}  :: Anglomanic
anglómano {f}  :: Anglomaniac
anglo- {prefix}  :: Anglo-
angloamericanismo {m}  :: Americanism (linguistic feature)
anglocanadiense {adj}  :: English-Canadian
angloesfera {f}  :: Anglosphere (set of anglophone countries)
anglofilia {f}  :: Anglophilia
anglofobia {f}  :: Anglophobia
anglohablante {m}  :: anglophone (One who speaks English.)
anglomanía {f}  :: Anglomania
anglonormando {adj}  :: Anglo-Norman
anglonormando {m}  :: Anglo-Norman (language)
anglonormando {m}  :: Anglo-Norman (norman who settled in England)
anglo-normando {prop}  :: Anglo-Norman
angloparlante {adj}  :: Anglophone (English-speaking)
anglosajón {adj}  :: Anglo-Saxon
anglosajón {m}  :: Anglo-Saxon language; Old English
Angola {prop}  :: Angola
angoleño {adj}  :: Angolan
angoleño {f}  :: Angolan
Angora {prop}  :: Ankara (capital of Turkey)
angostada {v} [feminine past participle of, angostar]  ::
angostadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, angostar]  ::
angostados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, angostar]  ::
angostar {v}  :: to narrow
angosto {adj}  :: narrow, reduced
angostura {f}  :: Angostura bitters (drink)
angostura {f}  :: defile, narrow passage
angostura {f}  :: narrowness
angstrom {m} [physics]  :: angstrom (a very small unit of length, 10-10 m)
anguila {f}  :: eel
anguila eléctrica {f}  :: electric eel (species of fish)
angula {f}  :: elver, baby eel
angulación {f}  :: angle, angulation
angular {adj}  :: angular
anguloso {adj}  :: angular (of a face or features)
angustia {f}  :: anguish, distress
angustia {f}  :: anxiety
angustiado {adj}  :: anguished
angustiado {adj}  :: anxious
angustiado {adj}  :: nervous
angustiar {v}  :: to anguish
angustioso {adj}  :: harrowing, distressing, distressed, anguished
anhídrido carbónico {m} [inorganic compound]  :: carbon dioxide (cO₂)
anhedonia {f} [symptom, psychiatry]  :: anhedonia (inability to feel pleasure)
anhelada {v} [feminine past participle of, anhelar]  ::
anheladas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, anhelar]  ::
anhelados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, anhelar]  ::
anhelante {adj}  :: eager, longing
anhelar {v}  :: to crave
anhelar {v}  :: to gasp
anhelar {v}  :: to pant
anhelo {m}  :: wish
anhidrasa {m} [enzyme]  :: anhydrase
anhidraso {adj}  :: anhydrous
anhidrita {f} [mineral]  :: anhydrite (saline evaporite)
anhidro {adj}  :: anhydrous
anhidrobiosis {f}  :: anhydrobiosis (form of cryptobiosis)
aniñado {m}  :: girlyman, girl (effeminate boy)
Aniceto {prop}  :: male given name
anidación {f}  :: nesting
anidada {v} [feminine past participle of, anidar]  ::
anidadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, anidar]  ::
anidado {adj} [informatics]  :: nested
anidados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, anidar]  ::
anidar {v}  :: to nest
anidar {v}  :: to shelter, to take in
anihilar {v} [rare]  :: to annihilate (to reduce to nothing, to destroy, to eradicate)
anilina {f}  :: colouring, dye
anilina {f} [organic compound]  :: aniline
anilingus {m}  :: anilingus (form of oral sex)
anilla {m} [gymnastics, usually in plural]  :: ring
anilla {m}  :: ring
anilla {m}  :: ring-pull
anillar {v}  :: to put into a ring shape
anillar {v}  :: to ring (carve ring shapes or circular shapes)
anillar {v}  :: to ring (put a ring on e.g. an animal)
anillo {m} [heraldiccharge]  :: annulet
anillo {m} [mycology]  :: annulus
anillo {m}  :: ring
anillo de compromiso {m}  :: engagement ring (ring signifying a promise to wed)
animación {f}  :: animation
animación {f}  :: jauntiness; liveliness
animadamente {adv}  :: animatedly, jauntily
animado {adj}  :: inspired
animador {f}  :: animator
animador {f}  :: cheerleader
animador {f}  :: entertainer
animador {f}  :: presenter, host (moderator or master of ceremonies for a performance)
animadora {f}  :: feminine form of animador
animadversión {f}  :: animosity
animal {m}  :: animal
animal de carga {m}  :: draught animal, beast of burden
animalesco {adj}  :: animal (attributive)
animalesco {adj}  :: bestial
animalito {m}  :: diminutive form of animal, little animal
animalizar {v}  :: to animalize (represent in the form of an animal)
animalmente {adv}  :: animally
animar {v}  :: to animate
animar {v}  :: to inspire
animarse {vr} [idiomatic]  :: to cheer up (to become happy)
anime {m}  :: anime
animálculo {m}  :: animalcule
animosidad {f}  :: animosity
anión {m}  :: anion
aniquilación {f}  :: annihilation
aniquilar {v}  :: to annihilate
aniquilativo {adj}  :: annihilative
anisotropía {f}  :: anisotropy
aniversario {m}  :: anniversary
anj {m}  :: ankh
anjova {f}  :: bluefish (Pomatomus saltatrix)
análisis {m}  :: analysis
análisis de sangre {m}  :: A blood test
análogamente {adv}  :: analogously
análogo {adj}  :: analogous
anómalo {adj}  :: aberrant; atypical
anímate {v} [es-compound of, anim, ar, anima, te, mood=imp, person=tú]  ::
anómero {m} [organic chemistry]  :: anomer
anémico {adj}  :: anemic
anémona {f}  :: anemone
anémona de mar {f}  :: sea anemone
anónimamente {adv}  :: anonymously
anónimo {adj}  :: anonymous
anónimo {m}  :: An anonymous document or letter
ano {m}  :: anus
-ano {suffix} [as an adjective]  :: Coming from, related to, or like
-ano {suffix} [as a noun]  :: One from, belonging to, relating to, or like
-ano {suffix} [organic chemistry]  :: -ane (in the names of hydrocarbons)
anoa {m}  :: anoa (a small Indonesian water buffalo)
anoche {adv}  :: last night
anochecer {m}  :: dusk, nightfall
anochecer {vi} [impersonal]  :: to become night, to get dark
anochecer {vi}  :: to be somewhere by dark
anochecida {v} [feminine past participle of, anochecer]  ::
anochecidas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, anochecer]  ::
anochecidos {v} [masculine plural past participle of, anochecer]  ::
anomalía {f}  :: anomaly
anonadada {v} [feminine past participle of, anonadar]  ::
anonadadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, anonadar]  ::
anonadados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, anonadar]  ::
anonadar {v}  :: to stun
anonimato {m}  :: anonymity
anonimidad {f}  :: anonymity
anonimizar {vt}  :: to anonymise (to render anonymous)
anorak {m}  :: anorak (heavy weatherproof jacket)
anorectal {adj}  :: anorectal (or or pertaining to the anus and the rectum)
anormal {adj}  :: abnormal
anormalidad {f}  :: abnormality
anormalmente {adv}  :: abnormally
anortoclasa {f} [mineral]  :: anorthoclase (group of feldspars)
anoréxico {adj}  :: anorexic
anoréxico {f}  :: anorexic
a no ser que {conj}  :: unless
anosognosia {f}  :: anosognosia
anotación {f}  :: annotation
anotación {f}  :: record
anotador {f}  :: scorer
anotar {v} [sports]  :: to score
anotar {v}  :: to annotate
anoxibiosis {f}  :: anoxybiosis (biological response)
anquilosar {v}  :: to ankylose
anquilosar {v}  :: to paralyze
anquilosaurio {m}  :: ankylosaur
anquilosis {f} [pathology]  :: ankylosis
anárquicamente {adv}  :: anarchically
anárquico {adj}  :: anarchic
anís {m}  :: anise
anís {m}  :: (beverage) anise liquor, pure or combined
anís {m} [euphemistic, Mexico]  :: the anus (because of similar sound, compare ano)
ansarina {f}  :: feminine form of ansarino
ansarino {adj}  :: anserine
ansarino {f}  :: gosling
anís estrella {m}  :: star anise
anís estrellado {m}  :: star anise
ansia {f}  :: anxiety, apprehension
ansia {f}  :: craving
ansiar {v}  :: to wish, long for
ansiedad {f}  :: anxiety
ansina {adv} [obsolete, or, regional]  :: alternative form of así
ansiolítico {m}  :: anxiolytic
ansiosamente {adv}  :: anxiously (in an anxious manner)
ansioso {adj}  :: anxious
ansioso {adj}  :: eager
anástrofe {f} [rhetoric]  :: anastrophe
anta {f} [Bolivia]  :: tapir (large odd-toed ungulate with a long prehensile upper lip of the family Tapiridae.)
anta {f}  :: moose, elk
antagónico {adj}  :: antagonistic
antagonismo {m}  :: antagonism (strong dislike)
antagonista {adj}  :: antagonist
antagonista {f}  :: antagonist
antagonizar {v}  :: antagonize
antaño {adv}  :: in the past, in the old days, of yore
antaño {adv} [lb, es, now rare]  :: last year
antídoto {m}  :: antidote
ante {m}  :: suede
ante- {prefix}  :: before (in time and space)
ante {prep}  :: in front of, before
-ante {suffix}  :: Forms adjectives from verbs
anteanoche {adv}  :: the night before last (in the night before last night)
anteayer {adv}  :: day before yesterday
antebrazo {m}  :: forearm
anteburro {m} [Mexico]  :: tapir (large odd-toed ungulate with a long prehensile upper lip of the family Tapiridae)
antecama {f}  :: A carpet laid in front of a bed
antecapilla {f}  :: A room before a chapel
antecedente {adj}  :: precedent
antecedente {m}  :: antecedent
antecedente {m}  :: precedent
antecedentemente {adv}  :: previously, beforehand
anteceder {v}  :: to antecede or precede
antecedida {v} [feminine past participle of, anteceder]  ::
antecedidas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, anteceder]  ::
antecedidos {v} [masculine plural past participle of, anteceder]  ::
antecesor {m}  :: predecessor
antecámara {f}  :: antechamber
antedata {f}  :: antedate
antedatar {v}  :: to antedate
antedecir {v}  :: to foretell
antedicho {adj}  :: foretold
antediluviano {adj}  :: antediluvian
antefirma {f}  :: A title placed before a signature
anteiglesia {f}  :: porch or other structure in front of a church
antelación {f} [with de]  :: in advance, early
ante la duda {adv}  :: if in doubt
ante la duda, la más tetuda {proverb}  :: If in doubt, choose the option that seems most profitable
antemural {m}  :: barbican, fortification
antena {f}  :: antenna
antenado {adj}  :: having antennae
antenado {m}  :: stepchild
antenatresero {adj}  :: A fan of Antena 3
antenatresero {adj}  :: A TV program or series of Antena 3, a famous TV channel of Spain
antenatresero {adj}  :: Someone who works for Antena 3
antenoche {adv}  :: the night before last
antenombre {m}  :: title before a proper name
antenupcial {adj}  :: before marriage
anteojo {m}  :: lens
anteojos {mp}  :: glasses, spectacles
antepagar {v}  :: to pay beforehand
antepasado {m}  :: ancestor, forefather
antepecho {m}  :: railing
antepecho {m}  :: window sill
antepenúltimo {adj}  :: antepenultimate, third to last
anteponer {v} [figuratively]  :: to prefer
anteponer {v}  :: to put or place in front of
anteproyecto {m}  :: a preliminary plan
antepuerta {f}  :: portière
Antequera {prop}  :: A town in the province of Málaga, in Andalusia
antera {f} [botany]  :: anther
anterior {adj}  :: anterior (in space)
anterior {adj}  :: anterior (in time), previous, earlier, former, past
anterioridad {f}  :: anteriority
anteriormente {adv}  :: previously
Antero {prop}  :: male given name, equivalent to Latin Anterus
antes {adv}  :: before
antes {prep}  :: before
antesala {f}  :: antechamber, lobby
antes se coge al mentiroso que al cojo {proverb}  :: a lie has no legs
antes se coge al mentiroso que a un cojo {proverb}  :: a lie has no legs
antes se pilla al mentiroso que a un cojo {proverb}  :: alternative form of antes se coge al mentiroso que a un cojo
antetemplo {m}  :: portico of a church
antevenir {v} [obsolete]  :: to precede
antever {v}  :: to foresee
antífona {f}  :: antiphon, antiphony
antífrasis {f}  :: antiphrasis
antígeno {m} [immunology]  :: antigen
anti- {prefix}  :: ant-; against, opposite
antiaborto {adj}  :: antiabortion
antiacadémico {adj}  :: antiacademic
antiafrodisiaco {adj}  :: antaphrodisiac
antiamericano {adj}  :: anti-American
antiaéreo {adj}  :: antiaircraft
antiartrítico {adj}  :: antiarthritic
antiasmático {adj}  :: antiasthmatic
antibalas {adj}  :: bulletproof
antibaquio {m}  :: antibacchius
antibarión {m}  :: antibaryon
antibelicista {adj}  :: anti-war, pacifist
antibelicista {m}  :: pacifist
antibiótico {adj}  :: antibiotic
antibiótico {m}  :: antibiotic
antiburbuja {f}  :: antibubble
anticanónico {adj}  :: anticanonical
anticariense {adj}  :: of, from, or related to, Antequera, a city in Andalusia
anticariense {m}  :: someone from Antequera, a city in Andalusia
anticatólico {adj}  :: anticatholic
anticatólico {m}  :: anticatholic
anticiclón {m}  :: anticyclone
anticiclónico {adj}  :: anticyclonic
antiácido {m}  :: antiacid, antacid
anticientífico {adj}  :: antiscientific
anticipación {f}  :: advance
anticipación {f}  :: anticipation
anticipada {v} [feminine past participle of, anticipar]  ::
anticipadamente {adv}  :: early, in advance
anticipadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, anticipar]  ::
anticipado {adj}  :: anticipated
anticipados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, anticipar]  ::
anticipar {v}  :: to bring forward; to advance
anticiparse {vr}  :: reflexive form of anticipar to anticipate (take place early)
anticipo {m}  :: advance (anticipated payment)
anticlimático {adj}  :: anticlimactic
anticlímax {m}  :: anticlimax
anticodón {m} [genetics]  :: anticodon
anticolonial {adj}  :: anticolonial
anticomunismo {m}  :: anticommunism
anticomunista {adj}  :: anticommunist
anticomunista {m}  :: anticommunist
anticoncepción {f}  :: anti-conception; the action of preventing conception
anticoncepcional {adj}  :: contraceptive
anticonceptivo {adj}  :: contraceptive
anticonceptivo {m}  :: contraceptive
anticongelante {m}  :: antifreeze
anticonstitucional {adj}  :: unconstitutional
anticonstitucionalmente {adv}  :: anticonstitutionally
anticresis {m}  :: antichresis
anticresista {m}  :: antichresist
anticristiano {adj}  :: anti-Christian
anticristo {m}  :: antichrist
anticrético {adj}  :: antichretic
anticrítico {adj}  :: Against critics or critiques
anticuado {adj}  :: antiquated, obsolete, outmoded
anticuar {v}  :: to antiquate
anticuario {adj}  :: antiquarian
anticuario {m}  :: antiquarian
anticucho {m} [Chile]  :: skewer
anticuco {adj} [Costa Rica, Honduras, Nicaragua]  :: age-old, ancient
anticuerpo {m} [immunology]  :: antibody
antidemocrático {adj}  :: antidemocratic
antidisentérico {adj}  :: anti-dysenteric
antidiurético {adj}  :: antidiuretic
antidopaje {m}  :: antidoping
antidroga {adj}  :: antidrug; against drugs
antiemético {adj}  :: antiemetic
antiepiléptico {adj}  :: antiepileptic
antier {adv} [lb, es, colloquial]  :: alternative form of anteayer
antiescorbútico {adj}  :: antiscorbutic; acting against scurvy
antiestético {adj}  :: unsightly
antifascista {adj}  :: antifascist
antifascista {f}  :: antifascist
antifaz {f}  :: a mask, that doesn't cover the whole face but only the eyes part and maybe the nose
antifebril {adj}  :: antipyretic
antifeminismo {m}  :: antifeminism
antifeminista {adj}  :: antifeminist
antiflogístico {adj}  :: antiphlogistic
antifúngico {m}  :: antifungal
antigüedad {f}  :: antique
antigüedad {f}  :: antiquity
antigüedad {f}  :: tenure
Antigüedad {prop}  :: Antiquity
antiguada {v} [feminine past participle of, antiguar]  ::
antiguadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, antiguar]  ::
antiguados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, antiguar]  ::
antigualla {f} [pejorative]  :: old thing, old piece of junk
antiguamente {adv}  :: formerly
antiguamente {adv}  :: long ago
antiguano {adj}  :: Antiguan
antiguano {f}  :: Antiguan
antiguar {v} [obsolete]  :: to acquire seniority
antiguar {v} [obsolete]  :: to antiquate
Antigua y Barbuda {prop}  :: Antigua and Barbuda (country)
antiguo {adj}  :: old; from before; former; ancient
antihelmíntico {m}  :: anthelmintic
antihemorrágico {adj}  :: antihemorrhagic
antihorario {adj}  :: anticlockwise, counterclockwise
antihéroe {f}  :: antihero
antiimperialismo {m}  :: anti-imperialism
antiimperialista {adj}  :: anti-imperialist
antiinflacionario {adj}  :: anti-inflationary
antiinmigrante {adj}  :: anti-immigrant
antilógico {adj}  :: illogical
antillano {adj}  :: Antillean
antimateria {f}  :: antimatter
antimicótico {m}  :: antifungal
antimonio {m}  :: antimony
antimonopolista {adj}  :: antitrust; antimonopoly
antimonárquico {adj}  :: antimonarchical, antimonarchist
antimonárquico {f}  :: antimonarchist
antimperialismo {m}  :: alternative spelling of antiimperialismo
antimulleriano {adj}  :: anti-Müllerian
antinacional {adj}  :: antinational
antinacionalismo {m}  :: antinationalism
antinefrítico {adj}  :: antinephritic
antinutritivo {adj}  :: antinutritive
antiofídico {f}  :: antivenom
antioxidante {adj}  :: antioxidant
antioxidante {m}  :: antioxidant
antipapa {m}  :: antipope
antipapal {adj}  :: antipapal
antipartícula {f}  :: antiparticle
antipatía {f}  :: antipathy
antiperistáltico {adj}  :: antiperistaltic
antipirético {adj}  :: antipyretic
antipirético {m}  :: antipyretic
antiprisma {f} [geometry]  :: antiprism
antipático {adj}  :: disagreeable, unpleasant. Usually, but not always, refers to a person
antipútrido {adj}  :: antiseptic
antipútrido {adj} [medicine]  :: Preventing or acting against putrefaction
antirrevolucionario {adj}  :: antirevolutionary, counterrevolutionary
antirrobo {adj}  :: antitheft
antisemita {adj}  :: anti-Semitic
antisemita {m}  :: anti-Semite
antisemitismo {m}  :: anti-Semitism
antisentido {m} [biology]  :: antisense
antisimpático {adj}  :: alternative spelling of antipático
antisocial {adj}  :: antisocial
antisépticamente {adv}  :: antiseptically
antiséptico {adj}  :: antiseptic
antiséptico {m}  :: antiseptic
antistrofa {f}  :: antistrophe
antisuero {f}  :: antivenom
antitabaco {adj}  :: antismoking
antitaurino {adj}  :: antitaurine
antitauromaquia {f} [bullfighting]  :: antitauromachy, antibullfighting
antiterrorista {adj}  :: antiterrorist
antiátomo {m}  :: antiatom
antitoxina {f}  :: antitoxin
antitranspirante {m}  :: antiperspirant
antitripsina {f} [protein]  :: antitrypsin
antitérmico {adj}  :: antipyretic
antitrombina {f} [protein]  :: antithrombin
antitético {adj}  :: antithetic
antitóxico {adj}  :: antitoxic
antiulceroso {adj}  :: antiulcer
antiulceroso {m}  :: anti-ulcer (medication)
antiviral {adj}  :: antiviral
antivírico {adj}  :: (medicine) antiviral
antílope {m}  :: antelope
antónimo {m}  :: antonym
antojadizo {adj}  :: capricious
antojar {vp}  :: to fancy, would like
antojar {vp}  :: to seem
antojar {vt}  :: to make somebody fancy, wish
antojo {m}  :: birthmark
antojo {m}  :: whim, impulse, craving
antológico {adj}  :: anthological
antológico {adj}  :: historic, memorable
antología {f}  :: anthology
Antonia {prop}  :: female given name, feminine form of Antonio
Antonieta {prop}  :: female given name, cognate to Antoinette
Antonio {prop}  :: male given name, cognate to Anthony
Antonio {prop}  :: The letter A in the Spanish phonetic alphabet
antonomasia {f} [rhetoric]  :: antonomasia
antorcha {f}  :: torch
antípoda {f}  :: antipode
antraceno {m} [organic compound]  :: anthracene
antracita {f}  :: anthracite
antraquinona {f} [organic compound]  :: anthraquinone
antárctico {adj}  :: rare spelling of antártico
antrectomía {f}  :: antrectomy
antro {m} [anatomy]  :: antrum
antro {m}  :: An establishment, locale, home, etc., of untidy appearance or bad reputation
antro {m} [informal]  :: dive (disreputable nightclub)
antro {m} [poetic]  :: cave, cavern
antro de libertinaje {m}  :: fleshpot
antropófago {adj}  :: (of humans) cannibalistic, anthropophagous
antropóloga {f}  :: anthropologist (female)
antropólogo {f}  :: anthropologist
antropónimo {m}  :: anthroponym
antropo- {prefix}  :: anthropo-
antropofagia {f}  :: anthropophagy
antropofobia {f}  :: anthropophobia
antropoformización {f}  :: anthropomorphization
antropogonía {f}  :: anthropogeny, anthropogenesis
antropoide {adj}  :: anthropoid
antropológico {adj}  :: anthropological
antropología {f}  :: anthropology
antropomorfo {adj}  :: anthropoid
antropomorfo {adj}  :: anthropomorphic
antropomórfico {adj}  :: anthropomorphic
antártico {adj} [astronomy, geography]  :: Antarctic
antártico {adj}  :: meridional (of or in the south, southern)
Antártida {prop}  :: Antarctica
antítesis {f}  :: antithesis
anual {adj}  :: yearly, annual
anualidad {f}  :: annuity
anualmente {adv}  :: yearly, annually (every year)
anuario {m}  :: yearbook
anudada {v} [feminine past participle of, anudar]  ::
anudadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, anudar]  ::
anudados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, anudar]  ::
anudar {v}  :: to join two things together
anudar {v}  :: to tie something; to knot something
anulación {f}  :: annulment
anulado {adj}  :: annulled
anulado {adj}  :: cancelled
anular {adj}  :: annular (ring-shaped)
anular {m}  :: ring finger
anular {v}  :: to annul
anularse {v}  :: to vanish
anuleno {f} [organic compound]  :: annulene
anunciador {adj}  :: announcing
anunciador {f}  :: advertiser
anunciador {f}  :: announcer
anunciar {v}  :: to advertise
anunciar {v}  :: to announce
anunciar {v}  :: to annunciate
anunciar a bombo y platillo {v} [idiomatic]  :: to make a song and dance about
anunciarse {vr}  :: reflexive form of anunciar announce oneself
anunciarse {vr}  :: reflexive form of anunciar to bode, approach, impend, be imminent (indicate by signs, as future events)
anuncio {m}  :: advertisement
anuncio {m}  :: announcement
anuncio {m}  :: notice
anóxico {adj}  :: anoxic
anzuelo {m}  :: hook, fishhook
año {m}  :: year
año bisiesto {m}  :: leap year
aojar {vt} [lb, es, archaic]  :: to look at
aojar {vt} [lb, es]  :: to evil-eye (to cast an evil eye upon)
añoloti {m}  :: agnolotti
año luz {m}  :: light year
año nuevo {m}  :: New Year
añorada {v} [feminine past participle of, añorar]  ::
añoradas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, añorar]  ::
añorados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, añorar]  ::
añoranza {m}  :: nostalgia
añorar {vt}  :: to miss or yearn; to pine for
aoristo {m} [grammar]  :: aorist
aorta {f} [anatomy]  :: aorta
a oscuras {phrase} [idiomatic]  :: in the dark
a otra cosa, mariposa {phrase} [idiomatic]  :: Let's change the subject, shall we?
a otro perro con ese hueso {phrase} [idiomatic]  :: you can't fool me, go tell that to somebody else; tell it to the marines
aúpa {interj}  :: up! get up!
apañar {v}  :: to fix, to mend
apañar {v}  :: to pick up, to grab with the hand
apacentar {v}  :: to graze; to pasture
apachada {v} [feminine past participle of, apachar]  ::
apachadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, apachar]  ::
apachados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, apachar]  ::
apachar {v}  :: to crush, to mangle
apache {m}  :: Apache
apachurrado {adj}  :: depressed, crushed
apachurrar {v}  :: to crush
apacible {adj}  :: peaceable
apaciguada {v} [feminine past participle of, apaciguar]  ::
apaciguadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, apaciguar]  ::
apaciguador {adj}  :: pacifying
apaciguados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, apaciguar]  ::
apaciguamiento {m}  :: appeasement
apaciguar {vt}  :: to pacify
apaciguarse {v}  :: to calm down
apadrinada {v} [feminine past participle of, apadrinar]  ::
apadrinadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, apadrinar]  ::
apadrinados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, apadrinar]  ::
apadrinar {v}  :: to sponsor
apagado {adj}  :: faint, pale
apagado {adj}  :: (switched) off, shutdown
apagafuegos {m}  :: fire extinguisher
apagafuegos {m}  :: firefighter
apagar {vr}  :: to fade; to wane
apagar {vr}  :: to go out, be extinguished
apagar {vt} [obsolete]  :: to satisfy
apagar {vt}  :: quench, slake (thirst, etc.)
apagar {vt}  :: to extinguish (a flame, fire)
apagar {vt}  :: to put out
apagar {vt}  :: to shut off, to turn off, to switch off
apagarla {v} [es-compound of, apag, ar, apagar, la, mood=inf]  ::
apagarlo {v} [es-compound of, apag, ar, apagar, lo, mood=inf]  ::
apagarse {vr}  :: reflexive form of apagar
apagón {m}  :: blackout, power cut
a palabras necias, oídos sordos {proverb}  :: sticks and stones
apalancar {v} [colloquial]  :: to hide, put out of sight
apalancar {vt}  :: to raise or open with a lever
apaleada {v} [feminine past participle of, apalear]  ::
apaleadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, apalear]  ::
apaleados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, apalear]  ::
apalear {v}  :: to beat up
a palos {adv} [idiom]  :: By force
a palo seco {adv} [idiomatic]  :: on its own (without any other type of food)
apanar {v} [Latin America]  :: batter, bread (to coat with batter or breadcrumbs)
apancora {f}  :: South American crab (Lithodes antarcticus)
apaniguar {v}  :: to supply someone with food
apapachada {v} [feminine past participle of, apapachar]  ::
apapachadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, apapachar]  ::
apapachados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, apapachar]  ::
apapachar {v}  :: to cuddle
apapacho {m}  :: cuddle; affectionate hug
aparador {m}  :: sideboard
aparato {m}  :: apparatus, device, tool, instrument, appliance
aparato {m}  :: blower, piece (phone)
aparato {m} [in the plural]  :: braces
aparato {m}  :: willy, tool (penis)
aparato de Golgi {m} [cytology]  :: Golgi apparatus
aparcabicicletas {m}  :: bike rack
aparcacoches {m}  :: valet (person employed to park cars)
aparcada {v} [feminine past participle of, aparcar]  ::
aparcadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, aparcar]  ::
aparcados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, aparcar]  ::
aparcamiento {m} [Spain]  :: parking, car park
aparcar {v}  :: to park
apareada {v} [feminine past participle of, aparear]  ::
apareadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, aparear]  ::
apareados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, aparear]  ::
apareamiento {m} [zoology]  :: mating, pairing
aparear {v}  :: to mate
aparecer {v}  :: to appear; to turn up
aparecido {adj}  :: appeared
aparecimiento {m}  :: appearance
aparecimiento {m}  :: occurrence
aparejar {v}  :: to harness
aparejo {m}  :: Elevation hoist
aparejo {m}  :: fishing tackle
aparejo {m}  :: gear, equipment
aparejo {m} [nautical]  :: rigging
aparentar {v}  :: to appear, seem
aparentar {v}  :: to pretend, feign, front
aparente {adj}  :: apparent
aparente {adj}  :: seeming
aparentemente {adv}  :: apparently
aparentemente {adv}  :: seemingly
aparición {f}  :: appearance (act of appearing)
aparición {f}  :: appearance (a thing seen)
apariencia {f}  :: appearance (personal presence)
apariencia {f}  :: appearance (semblance, or apparent likeness)
apartado {adj}  :: different
apartado {adj} [El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua]  :: shy, unsociable
apartado {adj}  :: remote, isolated
apartado {m}  :: backroom
apartado {m}  :: booth
apartado {m}  :: paragraph
apartado {m}  :: pigeon hole
apartamento {m}  :: flat, apartment
apartamiento {m}  :: [rare, dialectal] flat, apartment
apartamiento {m}  :: separation, seclusion
apartaos {v} [es-compound of, apart, ar, apartad, os, mood=imp, person=vosotros]  ::
apartar {v} [legal]  :: to desist
apartar {v}  :: to separate or divide
apartar {v}  :: to set aside
apartar el grano de la paja {v} [idiomatic]  :: to separate the wheat from the chaff
a parte {adv}  :: aside
aparte {adv}  :: separately (usually followed by preposition "de")
aparte de esto {adv}  :: otherwise. In all other respects
apartheid {m}  :: apartheid (any policy of racial separation)
apartheid {m} [history]  :: apartheid (racial separation in South Africa from 1948 to 1990)
apartidista {adj}  :: nonpartisan
a partir de {prep}  :: starting from, from, beginning
apasionadamente {adv}  :: passionately
apasionado {adj}  :: enthusiastic
apasionado {adj}  :: passionate
apasionante {adj}  :: exciting, interesting
apasionar {vr}  :: become a fan
apasionar {vr}  :: to get excited
apatía {f}  :: apathy
apatrullar {v} [colloquial]  :: to patrol
apócope {f}  :: apocope
apócrifo {adj}  :: apocryphal
apículo {m} [mycology]  :: apiculus
apear {vr}  :: to come down, dismount
apear {vt}  :: to dispose
apear {vt}  :: to remove
apear {vt}  :: to take down
a pedir de boca {adv} [idiomatic]  :: just fine, as planned, swimmingly
apedreada {v} [feminine past participle of, apedrear]  ::
apedreadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, apedrear]  ::
apedreados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, apedrear]  ::
apedrear {v}  :: to stone (to throw stones at)
apegado {adj}  :: clingy, attached
apegar {v} [obsolete]  :: to glue
apegar {vp} [with preposition a]  :: to become devoted, to become attached
apego {m}  :: attachment, fondness
apelable {adj}  :: appealable
apelación {f}  :: appeal
apelación {f}  :: vocation
apelante {m} [legal]  :: appellant
apelar {v}  :: to appeal
apelina {f} [protein]  :: apelin
apellidar {v}  :: to call by one's surname
apellidar {v}  :: to name, to give a name or surname to
apellido {m}  :: surname
apelmazado {adj}  :: compressed
apelmazado {adj}  :: lumpy
apelmazado {adj} [of writing]  :: clumsy, lacking convenience or amenity
apelmazar {vr}  :: to go lumpy
apelmazar {v}  :: to compact
a pelo {adv} [idiomatic]  :: bareback (on a horse)
a pelo {adv} [idiomatic]  :: bareback (without a condom)
apelotonada {v} [feminine past participle of, apelotonar]  ::
apelotonadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, apelotonar]  ::
apelotonados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, apelotonar]  ::
apelotonar {vr}  :: to pile up, mount
apelotonar {v}  :: to ball up, to flock together
apenado {adj}  :: ashamed
apenado {adj}  :: sad, griefed, pained
apenar {v}  :: to embarrass
apenar {v}  :: to sadden
apenas {adv}  :: as soon as
apenas {adv}  :: hardly, scarcely
apenas {adv}  :: recently, just
apendicectomía {f} [surgery]  :: appendicectomy
apendicitis {f}  :: appendicitis
apercibir {v}  :: to prepare
aperitivo {m}  :: apéritif
aperitivo {m}  :: appetizer
apero {m}  :: horse tack, riding gear
apero {m}  :: tool, instrument
apertura {f}  :: aperture
apertura {f} [chess]  :: opening
apertura {f}  :: opening
apesadumbrar {v}  :: to sadden
a pesar de {prep}  :: in spite of
apestada {v} [feminine past participle of, apestar]  ::
apestadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, apestar]  ::
apestados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, apestar]  ::
apestar {v}  :: to annoy
apestar {v}  :: to cause a plague, disease
apestar {v}  :: to corrupt, spoil
apestar {v}  :: to nauseate
apestar {v}  :: to stink
apestoso {adj}  :: stinking
apetecer {vit}  :: to like, to feel like.
apetecible {adj}  :: appetizing
apetencia {f}  :: gaining of appetite
apetencia {f}  :: hunger, appetite
apetente {adj}  :: hungry, having an appetite
apetito {m}  :: appetite
apetitoso {adj}  :: appetizing, tasty, savory
apetitoso {adj}  :: delicious
apófisis {f} [anatomy]  :: apophysis
apágala {v} [es-compound of, apag, ar, apaga, la, mood=imp, person=tú]  ::
apágalo {v} [es-compound of, apag, ar, apaga, lo, mood=imp, person=tú]  ::
apógrafo {m}  :: apograph
apiñar {v}  :: to pack together, squeeze/squash together
apiario {m}  :: apiary
apicectomía {f}  :: apicectomy
apicultor {m}  :: beekeeper
apicultura {f}  :: beekeeping
a pie {adv}  :: on foot
a pies juntillas {adv} [figuratively]  :: (of believing something etc) firmly, totally, absolutely
a pies juntillas {adv} [figuratively]  :: (of following something) by the letter
a pies juntillas {adv}  :: with both feet together
apilada {v} [feminine past participle of, apilar]  ::
apiladas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, apilar]  ::
apilados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, apilar]  ::
apilar {v}  :: to pile up
apio {m}  :: celery
apio {m} [slang, Spain]  :: queer, poof
apio nabo {m}  :: celeriac
apirexia {f}  :: apyrexia
apisonada {v} [feminine past participle of, apisonar]  ::
apisonadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, apisonar]  ::
apisonadora {f}  :: steamroller, road roller
apisonados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, apisonar]  ::
apisonar {v}  :: to tamp
aplacamiento {m}  :: appeasement
aplacar {v}  :: appease, placate
aplanada {v} [feminine past participle of, aplanar]  ::
aplanadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, aplanar]  ::
aplanadora {f}  :: bulldozer
aplanadora {f}  :: road roller
aplanados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, aplanar]  ::
aplanar {v}  :: to bulldoze
aplanar {v}  :: to flatten
aplanar {v}  :: to grade
aplastado {adj}  :: crushed, squashed, flattened
aplastado {adj}  :: worsted
aplastamiento {m}  :: crush, squash, trample
aplastante {adj}  :: crushing, flattening
aplastante {adj}  :: devastating
aplastar {v}  :: to crush
aplastar {v}  :: to flatten
aplaudir {v}  :: to applaud
aplauso {m}  :: applause (act of applauding)
aplazamiento {m}  :: postponement, adjournment
aplazar {vt} [Latin America]  :: to flunk (fail)
aplazar {vt}  :: to postpone
aplicabilidad {f}  :: applicability
aplicable {adj}  :: applicable
aplicación {f}  :: administering
aplicación {f}  :: application
aplicado {adj}  :: applied
aplicador {m}  :: applicator
aplicar {v}  :: to smear; to put something above another thing or in contact with another thing
aplicar {v}  :: to use
aplicarse {v}  :: to apply oneself
aplique {m}  :: applique
aplique {m}  :: wall light
aplomar {v}  :: to plumb
aplombada {v} [feminine past participle of, aplombar]  ::
aplombadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, aplombar]  ::
aplombados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, aplombar]  ::
aplomo {m}  :: aplomb
apéndice {m} [anatomy]  :: appendix
apéndice {m}  :: appendix (text added to the end of a book)
apocalipsis {m}  :: apocalypse
apocalíptico {adj}  :: apocalyptic
apocopada {v} [feminine past participle of, apocopar]  ::
apocopadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, apocopar]  ::
apocopados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, apocopar]  ::
apocopar {v}  :: to apocopate
apodar {v} [archaic]  :: To evaluate, judge
apodar {v}  :: to call someone names
apoderada {v} [feminine past participle of, apoderar]  ::
apoderadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, apoderar]  ::
apoderado {f} [of a person]  :: guardian
apoderados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, apoderar]  ::
apoderar {v}  :: to empower
apoderarse {vr}  :: to take power
apoderarse de {v}  :: to seize
apodo {m}  :: nickname, byname, alias
apodrada {v} [feminine past participle of, apodrar]  ::
apodradas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, apodrar]  ::
apodrados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, apodrar]  ::
apoenzima {f} [enzyme]  :: apoenzyme
apogeo {m}  :: apogee; climax, peak
apogeo {m} [astronomy]  :: apogee
apolillado {adj}  :: moth eaten
apolillar {vr}  :: to become moth-eaten
apolillar {vr}  :: to get old
apolillar {vt}  :: to eat away (said of moths)
apolipoproteína {f} [protein]  :: apolipoprotein
apología {f}  :: apology; eulogy, defense
apologética {f}  :: apologetics
apologético {adj}  :: apologetic (defending by words or arguments)
apologético {m} [obsolete]  :: apology; defense
aponer {vt} [grammar]  :: to appose
aponer {vt} [obsolete]  :: to impute, to blame, to assign guilt to
aponeurosis {f} [anatomy]  :: aponeurosis
a popa {adv}  :: abaft
apopléctico {adj}  :: apoplectic
apoplejía {f}  :: apoplexy
apopléjico {adj}  :: apoplectic
apoplético {adj}  :: apoplectic
apoproteína {f} [organic compound]  :: apoprotein
apoptosis {f} [cytology]  :: apoptosis
apoquinar {v} [informal]  :: to fork out, shell out
aporreada {v} [feminine past participle of, aporrear]  ::
aporreadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, aporrear]  ::
aporreados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, aporrear]  ::
aporrear {v}  :: to bludgeon
aporrear {v}  :: to hammer, rap (knock loudly)
aportación {f}  :: contribution
aportar {v}  :: to bring
aportar {v}  :: to contribute
aportar {v}  :: to provide
aporte {m}  :: contribution
aposentar {v}  :: to lodge, put up
aposento {m} [formal]  :: room, bedroom
aposición {f}  :: apposition
a posta {v} [idiomatic]  :: on purpose
aposta {adv}  :: alternative form of a posta
apostador {f}  :: bettor, punter (one who bets)
apostar {vt}  :: to bet
apostarlo {v} [es-compound of, apost, ar, apostar, lo, mood=inf]  ::
apostasía {f}  :: apostasy
a posteriori {adv}  :: at a later stage
a posteriori {adv} [logic]  :: a posteriori
apostillada {v} [feminine past participle of, apostillar]  ::
apostilladas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, apostillar]  ::
apostillados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, apostillar]  ::
apostillar {v}  :: to annotate
apostólico {adj}  :: apostolic
apostolado {m}  :: apostleship
apoteca {f} [archaic]  :: drugstore, pharmacy
apoteca {f} [archaic]  :: mortgage
apotecario {m} [archaic]  :: apothecary, druggist
apotema {f}  :: apothem
apoteosis {f}  :: apotheosis
apoticario {m}  :: apothecary
apoyar {v}  :: to support
apoyarme {v} [es-compound of, apoy, ar, apoyar, me, mood=inf]  ::
apoyarse {v}  :: to be based, to be founded
apoyarse {v}  :: to lean on, to rely on
apoyarse {v}  :: to lean, to rest, to be supported
apoyo {m}  :: support
applauso {m}  :: obsolete spelling of aplauso
Apple {prop}  :: Apple (name of the company Apple Inc.)
apúrate {v} [es-compound of, apur, ar, apura, te, mood=imp, person=tú]  ::
apreciable {adj}  :: appreciable
apreciación {f}  :: appreciation
apreciar {v}  :: to appreciate
apreciativo {adj}  :: appreciative
aprehender {v}  :: to apprehend
aprehendida {v} [feminine past participle of, aprehender]  ::
aprehendidas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, aprehender]  ::
aprehendidos {v} [masculine plural past participle of, aprehender]  ::
apremiada {v} [feminine past participle of, apremiar]  ::
apremiadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, apremiar]  ::
apremiados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, apremiar]  ::
apremiante {adj}  :: urgent, pressing
apremiar {v}  :: to pressure, urge
apremio {m} [legal]  :: court order
apremio {m}  :: pressure, urge
aprender {v}  :: to learn
aprendiz {f}  :: apprentice, trainee
aprendizaje {m} [countable]  :: apprenticeship
aprendizaje {m} [uncountable]  :: learning
apúrense {v} [es-compound of, apur, ar, apuren, se, mood=imp, person=ustedes]  ::
aprensión {f}  :: apprehension; anxiety
aprensivo {adj}  :: apprehensive
apresada {v} [feminine past participle of, apresar]  ::
apresadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, apresar]  ::
apresados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, apresar]  ::
apresar {vt}  :: imprison
apresar {vt}  :: to seize, capture
apúrese {v} [es-compound of, apur, ar, apure, se, mood=imp, person=usted]  ::
apresúrate {v} [es-compound of, apresur, ar, apresura, te, mood=imp, person=tú]  ::
apresúrense {v} [es-compound of, apresur, ar, apresuren, se, mood=imp, person=ustedes]  ::
aprestar {v}  :: to prepare, to make ready
aprestarse {vr}  :: to prepare oneself
apresto {m}  :: preparation
apresurada {v} [feminine past participle of, apresurar]  ::
apresuradas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, apresurar]  ::
apresurados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, apresurar]  ::
apresurar {vr}  :: to hasten (to do something)
apresurar {vt}  :: to quicken
apresurarnos {v} [es-compound of, apresur, ar, apresurar, nos, mood=inf]  ::
apresurarse {vr}  :: to hurry, reflexive form of apresurar
apretada {v} [feminine past participle of, apretar]  ::
apretadas {v}  :: past participle of apretar
apretado {adj}  :: short (of money)
apretado {adj}  :: tight
apretados {v}  :: past participle of apretar
apretadísimo {adj}  :: superlative form of apretado
apretar {vt}  :: To hold back
apretar {vt}  :: To hold on to something
apretar {vt}  :: To press
apretar {vt}  :: To squeeze, constrict, or compress
apretarse el cinturón {v} [idiomatic]  :: to tighten one's belt
apretón {m}  :: conflict
apretón {m}  :: grip, squeeze
apretón {m}  :: pressure
apretujar {v}  :: to scrunch, scrunch up
apretujar {v}  :: to squash
aprieto {m}  :: a push of a button
aprieto {m}  :: predicament
a primera vista {adv}  :: at first glance, at the first look
a priori {adv}  :: beforehand
a priori {adv} [logic]  :: a priori
aprisa {adv}  :: quickly
apriscada {v} [feminine past participle of, apriscar]  ::
apriscadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, apriscar]  ::
apriscados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, apriscar]  ::
apriscar {v}  :: to gather sheep into a sheepfold
aprisco {m}  :: sheepfold
aprobación {f}  :: approval
aprobación {f}  :: validation
aprobado {adj}  :: approved, confirmed
aprobar {v}  :: to approve
aprobar {v}  :: to pass (an exam)
apropiadamente {adv}  :: correctly, with propriety
apropiado {adj}  :: appropriate
apropiado {adj}  :: suitable
apropriado {adj}  :: appropriate
a propósito {adj}  :: Of an appropriate or pertinent nature; apropos
a propósito {adv}  :: on purpose
aprovechada {v} [feminine past participle of, aprovechar]  ::
aprovechadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, aprovechar]  ::
aprovechados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, aprovechar]  ::
aprovechamiento {m}  :: harnessing
aprovechamiento {m}  :: improvement
aprovechamiento {m}  :: use
aprovechar {v}  :: to be useful
aprovechar {v}  :: to harness
aprovechar {v}  :: to improve
aprovechar {v}  :: to make use of
aprovechar {v}  :: to take advantage of
aprovecharse {vr}  :: (reflexive form of aprovechar) to take advantage
aprovechón {adj}  :: opportunistic
aprovisionada {v} [feminine past participle of, aprovisionar]  ::
aprovisionadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, aprovisionar]  ::
aprovisionados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, aprovisionar]  ::
aprovisionamiento {m}  :: provisioning
aprovisionar {v}  :: to supply
aproximación {f}  :: approximation
aproximadamente {adv}  :: approximately
aproximado {adj}  :: approximate
aproximar {v}  :: to approximate
aproximándose {v} [es-compound of, aproxim, ar, aproximando, se, mood=part]  ::
apártate {v} [es-compound of, apart, ar, aparta, te, mood=imp, person=tú]  ::
apártense {v} [es-compound of, apart, ar, aparten, se, mood=imp, person=ustedes]  ::
apártese {v} [es-compound of, apart, ar, aparte, se, mood=imp, person=usted]  ::
apósito {m}  :: sticking plaster. band-aid. Elastoplast
apóstata {m}  :: apostate
apóstol {m}  :: apostle
apóstrofe {m} [rhetoric]  :: apostrophe
apóstrofo {m}  :: apostrophe (typographic character)
apáticamente {adv}  :: apathetically
apático {adj}  :: apathetic
aptitud {f}  :: aptitude
apátrida {adj} [legal, also used as noun]  :: stateless (without a state or nationality)
apuñalada {v} [feminine past participle of, apuñalar]  ::
apuñaladas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, apuñalar]  ::
apuñalados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, apuñalar]  ::
apuñalar {v}  :: to stab
apuesta {f}  :: bet
apuesta {v} [feminine past participle of, aponer]  ::
apuesto {adj}  :: handsome, good-looking (person)
apuesto {m} [dated]  :: epithet, title
a pulso {adv} [idiomatic]  :: by oneself
apuntada {v} [feminine past participle of, apuntar]  ::
apuntadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, apuntar]  ::
apuntador {adj}  :: pointing
apuntador {f} [programming]  :: pointer
apuntador {f} [theater]  :: prompter
apuntadora {f}  :: prompter
apuntados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, apuntar]  ::
apuntalada {v} [feminine past participle of, apuntalar]  ::
apuntaladas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, apuntalar]  ::
apuntalados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, apuntalar]  ::
apuntalar {v}  :: to prop up
apuntar {v}  :: to baste
apuntar {v}  :: to bet, to put up money, to stake
apuntar {v}  :: to fasten temporarily
apuntar {v}  :: to hint, to suggest
apuntar {v}  :: to mention, to mention in passing
apuntar {v}  :: to note, to note down, to write down
apuntar {v}  :: to outline, to sketch
apuntar {v}  :: to patch, to darn, to sew, to mend
apuntar {v}  :: to point
apuntar {v}  :: to point, to aim
apuntar {v}  :: to point to, to point at, to point out, to indicate
apuntar {v}  :: to prompt, to cue, to whisper the answer
apuntar {v}  :: to sharpen
apuntar {v}  :: to tack
apuntar {v}  :: to underline, to mark (text)
apunte {m}  :: note
apuntillada {v} [feminine past participle of, apuntillar]  ::
apuntilladas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, apuntillar]  ::
apuntillados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, apuntillar]  ::
apuntillar {v}  :: to finish off
a punto de {adv}  :: (just) about to
a punto de caramelo {adv}  :: caramelized
a punto de caramelo {adv} [idiomatic]  :: at the exact moment, ready
apurado {adj}  :: in a hurry
apurado {adj}  :: poor, needy, short
apurar {vitr} [intransitive]  :: to hurry
apurar {vtr}  :: to worry, bother
apurar {vt}  :: to drain, use up completely
apurarnos {v} [es-compound of, apur, ar, apurar, nos, mood=inf]  ::
apurarse {vr}  :: reflexive form of apurar, to hurry
apurarse {vr}  :: reflexive form of apurar, to worry
apurarte {v} [es-compound of, apur, ar, apurar, te, mood=inf]  ::
apuro {m} [Argentina]  :: rush, hurry
apuro {m}  :: difficulty, predicament
apuro {m}  :: shortage
apuro {m}  :: urgency
aquí {adv}  :: here
aquí {adv}  :: hither
aquejada {v} [feminine past participle of, aquejar]  ::
aquejadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, aquejar]  ::
aquejados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, aquejar]  ::
aquejar {v}  :: to afflict
aquel {adj} [demonstrative]  :: that (over there; implying some distance)
aquel {pron} [demonstrative]  :: alternative spelling of aquél
aquelarre {m}  :: A Basque celebration of witches
aquelarre {m}  :: A coven
aquelarre {m}  :: A nocturnal group of witches and the devil
aquella {pron}  :: alternative spelling of aquélla; that one
aquellas {pron}  :: alternative spelling of aquéllas; those ones
aquello {pron}  :: neuter form of aquél; that (over there); it
aquellos {pron}  :: alternative spelling of aquéllos; those ones (over there; implying some distance).
aquellos {pron}  :: Those ones. (over there; implying some distance)
aquende {adv}  :: Over here, on this side
aquenio {m} [botany]  :: achene
Aquerón {prop}  :: Acheron
Aqueronte {prop}  :: Acheron
aquiescencia {f}  :: acquiescence, consent
aquietar {vr}  :: to calm down
aquietar {vt}  :: to calm
aquilatada {v} [feminine past participle of, aquilatar]  ::
aquilatadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, aquilatar]  ::
aquilatados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, aquilatar]  ::
aquilatar {vt}  :: to assay; to analyze or examine
Aquiles {prop}  :: Achilles
Aquisgrán {prop}  :: Aachen (city in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany)
aquél {pron} [demonstrative]  :: anyone/anything
aquél {pron} [demonstrative]  :: that one [far from speaker and listener]
aquél {pron} [demonstrative]  :: the former
aquélla {pron}  :: feminine form of aquél; that one [far from speaker and listener]
aquéllas {pron}  :: feminine plural of aquél; those ones [far from speaker and listener]
aquí te pillo aquí te mato {phrase} [Spain, vulgar, colloquial, idiomatic]  :: wham, bam, thank you ma'am
-aré {suffix}  :: Suffix indicating the third-person singular future indicative of -ar verbs
-ar {suffix}  :: In adjectives, indicating membership or status
-ar {suffix}  :: In nouns, indicating a place where something is grown
-ar {suffix}  :: The infinitive suffix for many verbs
araña {f}  :: spider
arañada {v} [feminine past participle of, arañar]  ::
arañadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, arañar]  ::
arañados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, arañar]  ::
arañar {vt}  :: to scratch
arañazo {m}  :: A scratch.
arabe {m}  :: Arabic language
arabe {m}  :: Arab (person of Arab origin)
Arabia {prop}  :: Arabia
Arabia Saudí {prop}  :: Saudi Arabia (country in the Middle East)
Arabia Saudita {prop}  :: Saudi Arabia
arabinosa {m} [carbohydrate]  :: arabinose
arabio {adj} [obsolete]  :: arab
Araceli {prop}  :: female given name
aracnoides {m} [anatomy]  :: arachnoid mater
arado {m}  :: plough
Aragón {prop}  :: Aragon
aragonito {m} [mineral]  :: aragonite
aragonés {adj}  :: Aragonese
aragonés {prop}  :: Aragonese language
arañita {f}  :: diminutive form of araña; little spider
arambre {m}  :: obsolete spelling of alambre
-aran {suffix}  :: Denotes the imperfect subjunctive in the (formal) second-person plural for regular verbs ending in -ar
-aran {suffix}  :: Denotes the imperfect subjunctive in the third-person plural for regular verbs ending in -ar
arancel {m}  :: tariff
Aranda {prop}  :: Spanish surname
arandela {f}  :: washer (flat disk, placed beneath a nut)
aranés {adj}  :: Aranese, of the Vall d'Aran
aranés {f}  :: an Aranese person, a person from the Vall d'Aran region of Catalonia
aranés {prop}  :: the Aranese language, a variety of the Gascon dialect of the Occitan language
arao {m}  :: guillemot
arao aliblanco {m}  :: The black guillemot. A seabird
araquidónico {adj}  :: arachidonic
araquidonato {m} [organic compound]  :: arachidonate
arar {m}  :: common juniper, Juniperus communis
arar {m}  :: sandarac tree, Tetraclinis
arar {v}  :: to plough
Araucanía {prop} [history]  :: Araucania, the homeland of the Mapuche people in part of Patagonia (southern Chile and Argentina)
Araucanía {prop}  :: One of the fifteen administrative regions of Chile
araucanización {f}  :: Araucanization, the process of expansion of the Mapudungun language and other elements of the Mapuche culture from their homeland of Araucania into the plains of Patagonia, so as to assimilate other native Amerind peoples
araucano {adj}  :: Araucanian (Mapuche)
araucano {adj} [uncommon]  :: Of or pertaining to the Mapudungun language; Mapudungun-language
araucano {f}  :: Araucanian (Mapuche)
araucano {m} [uncommon]  :: The Mapudungun language
araucaria {f}  :: Araucaria; a conifer tree of South America
arazá {m}  :: A tropical South American plant, Eugenia stipitata
arazá {m}  :: The fruit of that plant
a raíz de {prep}  :: due to, because of, as a result of
arábigo {adj}  :: Arabic (of, from, or pertaining to Arab countries or cultural behaviour)
arábigo {m}  :: Arabic (language)
arbitraje {m}  :: arbitration
arbitral {adj}  :: arbitral
arbitrar {v}  :: to arbitrate
arbitrariamente {adv}  :: arbitrarily
arbitrariedad {f}  :: An arbitrary thing
arbitrariedad {f}  :: arbitrariness
arbitrario {adj}  :: arbitrary
arbitrio {m}  :: will
arbolar {vr} [of a horse]  :: to rear up
arbolar {v}  :: to plant trees
arbolar {v}  :: to raise or hoist a standard or flag
arbolito {m}  :: diminutive form of árbol: little tree
arbolote {m}  :: augmentative form of árbol: a large tree
arborícola {adj} [of an animal]  :: arboreal; living in trees
arborescente {adj}  :: arborescent (treelike in structure)
arbori- {prefix}  :: tree
arboricida {adj}  :: arboricidal
arboricida {m}  :: arboricide
arboricultor {f}  :: arboriculturist
arboricultora {f}  :: feminine form of arboricultor
arboricultura {f}  :: arboriculture
arboriforme {adj}  :: arboriform
arbotante {m}  :: flying buttress
arbóreo {adj}  :: arboreal
arbusto {m}  :: bush, shrub
arca {f}  :: ark, chest
arcabuz {m} [firearms]  :: harquebus
arcabuz {m}  :: harquebusier
arcada {f}  :: A series of arches; an arcade
arcada {f}  :: nausea
arca de la Alianza {f}  :: Ark of the Covenant
arca de Noé {f}  :: Noah's ark
arcaico {adj}  :: archaic
arcangélico {adj}  :: archangelic
arcano {adj}  :: arcane
arcano {m}  :: mystery
arce {m}  :: A maple tree
arce {m} [dated]  :: shoulder (of a road)
arcediano {m}  :: archdeacon
archi- {prefix}  :: archi-, arch-
archibebe {m}  :: a sea-water wading bird, the common redshank
archiconocido {adj}  :: Extremely well-known, world-famous
archidiócesis {f}  :: archdiocese
archiduque {m}  :: archduke (rank)
archiduquesa {f}  :: archduchess (rank)
archienemigo {m}  :: archenemy
archifamoso {adj}  :: Extremely well-known, world-famous
archimillonario {f}  :: multimillionaire
archipiélago {m}  :: archipelago
Archipiélago de Colón {prop}  :: The official name of the Galápagos Islands
archipopular {adj}  :: superpopular
architonto {adj}  :: Extremely silly
archivada {v} [feminine past participle of, archivar]  ::
archivadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, archivar]  ::
archivador {adj}  :: filing
archivador {f}  :: filing clerk; archivist
archivador {f} [masculine only]  :: filing cabinet
archivadora {f}  :: feminine form of archivador
archivados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, archivar]  ::
archivar {v}  :: to file or archive
archivero {f}  :: archivist
archivo {m}  :: archive
archivo {m}  :: file
arcilla {f}  :: clay
arcilloso {adj}  :: clayey, clayish
arcén {m}  :: edge
arcén {m}  :: hard shoulder, shoulder (of a road)
arcángel {m}  :: archangel
arácnido {m}  :: arachnid
arco {m} [architecture]  :: arch
arco {m}  :: bow (weapon)
arco {m} [geometry]  :: arc
arco {m} [music]  :: bow (used to play string instruments)
arco {m} [sports, Latin America]  :: goal (structure)
arco de triunfo {m}  :: triumphal arch
arco iris {m}  :: rainbow
arcoíris {m}  :: rainbow
arda {f}  :: squirrel
arder {v}  :: (manure) to rot
arder {v}  :: to be in a feverish state of excitement
arder {v}  :: to burn, to blaze
arder {v}  :: to burn, to sting, to smart
ardid {adj} [archaic]  :: brave, courageous
ardid {adj} [obsolete]  :: astute, crafty
ardid {m}  :: plot, trick
ardiente {adj}  :: ardent
ardiente {adj}  :: burning
ardiente {adj}  :: hot
ardiente {adj}  :: passionate
ardientemente {adv}  :: ardently
ardilla {f}  :: squirrel
ardor {m}  :: ardour
ardor {m}  :: burning (feeling)
ardor {m}  :: eagerness
ardor {m}  :: heat
ardoroso {adj}  :: ardent
ardoroso {adj}  :: burning
arduo {adj}  :: arduous
arduo {adj}  :: very difficult
a regañadientes {adv} [idiomatic]  :: reluctantly, grudgingly
-areis {suffix}  :: Suffix indicating the second-person plural future indicative of -ar verbs
arena {f}  :: bullfight arena; boxing ring
arena {f}  :: sand, gravel
arena para gato {f}  :: kitty litter, cat litter
arenas movedizas {f}  :: quicksand
arenero {m}  :: sandbox
arenero {m}  :: sand dealer, sand vendor
arenero {m}  :: sand trap
arengada {v} [feminine past participle of, arengar]  ::
arengadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, arengar]  ::
arengados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, arengar]  ::
arengar {v}  :: to harangue
arenilla {f}  :: stone, gallstone
arenisca {f}  :: sandstone
arenisco {adj}  :: sandy
arenoso {adj}  :: sandy
arenque {m}  :: herring
aéreo {adj}  :: aerial
arepa {f}  :: A pancake made out of cornmeal and often filled with meat
arequipe {m} [Colombia, Venezuela]  :: dulce de leche
Ares {prop}  :: Ares
aretalogía {f}  :: aretology
arete {m} [Latin America]  :: earring
Arevalo {prop}  :: A surname
a rey muerto, rey puesto {phrase}  :: out with the old, in with the new
arfil {m}  :: bishop (chess piece)
argamasa {f}  :: mortar, cement
Argel {prop}  :: Algiers
Argelia {prop}  :: Algeria (country)
argelino {adj}  :: Algerian
argelino {f}  :: Algerian
argüende {m} [Mexico]  :: gossip
argüende {m} [Mexico]  :: noisy event, happening or action
argüende {m} [Mexico]  :: struggle, dispute
argüendear {v} [Mexico]  :: to gossip
argentina {f}  :: feminine form of argentino
Argentina {prop}  :: Argentina
argentinidad {f}  :: Quality or condition of being Argentinian
argentino {adj}  :: Argentinian, Argentine
argentino {adj}  :: silver, silvery
argentino {f}  :: Argentinian (person)
argento {m} [poetic]  :: silver
argüida {v} [feminine past participle of, argüir]  ::
argüidas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, argüir]  ::
argüidos {v} [masculine plural past participle of, argüir]  ::
arginina {f}  :: arginine
argüir {v}  :: to infer, to imagine
argón {m}  :: argon
argénteo {adj} [formal]  :: silver, silvery
argolla {f} [games]  :: croquet
argolla {f}  :: large ring
argolla {f}  :: staple
Argonautas {prop} [Greek mythology]  :: Argonauts
argot {m}  :: slang, argot
argucia {f}  :: quibble, squabble
argucia {f}  :: spuriousness
argumentación {f}  :: argument
argumental {adj}  :: argumental
argumentar {v}  :: to argue (make a case for a point of view)
argumentar {v}  :: to dispute
argumento {m}  :: argument
argumento {m}  :: plot, story line
aria {f}  :: aria
ariano {f}  :: Arian 2. one whose star sign is Aries
Arica {prop}  :: Arica (the Chilean city)
aridez {f}  :: aridity, dryness
aridización {f}  :: aridification
Ariel {prop}  :: male given name of biblical origin
Aries {prop}  :: Aries (constellation)
arietar {vt} [rare]  :: To ram (to strike with an implement)
ariete {m}  :: battering ram
arilo {m}  :: aril
ario {adj}  :: Aryan
ario {f}  :: Aryan
-ario {suffix}  :: -ary
arista {f} [architecture]  :: arris
arista {f}  :: arête
arista {f} [geometry]  :: edge (place where two faces of a polyhedron meet)
aristócrata {m}  :: aristocrat
Aristófanes {prop}  :: Aristophanes
aristocracia {f}  :: aristocracy
aristocráticamente {adv}  :: aristocratically
aristocrático {adj}  :: aristocratic
aristofanesco {adj}  :: Aristophanean
aristofánico {adj}  :: Aristophanean
aristotélico {adj}  :: Aristotelian
Aristóteles {prop}  :: Aristotle
aritenoideo {m}  :: arytenoid
aritmética {f}  :: (female) arithmetician
aritmética {f} [mathematics]  :: arithmetic (mathematics of numbers, etc.)
aritmético {adj}  :: arithmetic, arithmetical
aritmético {f}  :: arithmetician
Arizona {prop}  :: Arizona
Arkansas {prop}  :: Arkansas
arlequín {m}  :: buffoon
arma {f}  :: weapon
arma blanca {f}  :: bladed weapon; knife, sword etc
armada {f}  :: fleet
armada {f}  :: navy
arma de fogueo {f}  :: flare gun
arma de fogueo {f}  :: starting pistol
arma de fuego {f}  :: firearm
armadijo {m}  :: trap (for catching game or birds)
armadillo {m}  :: armadillo
armado {adj}  :: armed
armadura {f}  :: armour
armadura {f}  :: frame, framework
armadura {f}  :: skeleton
armamentista {adj} [attributive]  :: arms, weaponry
armamento {m}  :: armament, weaponry, weapons, arms
armamento {m}  :: equipment
armamentístico {adj} [attributive]  :: arms, weaponry
Armando {prop}  :: male given name, cognate to English Herman via French Armand
arma nuclear {f}  :: nuclear weapon
armar {vr}  :: to balk
armar {vr}  :: to pluck up
armar {vr}  :: to