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ç {letter} [obsolete]  :: c with cedilla
Ç {letter} [obsolete]  :: C with cedilla
çabullir {v}  :: obsolete spelling of zabullir
çahumerio {m}  :: alternative spelling of sahumerio
çapato {m}  :: obsolete spelling of zapato
çarça {n}  :: obsolete spelling of zarza
c {letter}  :: letter
{pron} [colloquial, Carribbean]  :: alternative form of cómo
c/ {f}  :: abbreviation of calle (street)
C {letter}  :: letter
C {m} [chess]  :: knight
ca {interj} [Spain]  :: Denotes incredulity or negation; oh no!
ca {conj} [obsolete]  :: because
ca {f} [colloquial]  :: house
CA {abbr}  :: corriente alterna (AC or alternating current)
C.A. {m} [education]  :: abbreviation of centro de alumnos
caña {f}  :: cane
caña {f}  :: reed
caña {f}  :: a slim, cylindrical type of glass, used to serve beer
caña {f}  :: a glass of beer
caña {f} [Chile, colloquial]  :: hangover
caña {f} [anatomy]  :: shank
caña {f} [nautical]  :: tiller
cañabrava {f}  :: reed
cañada {f}  :: ravine
caña de azúcar {f}  :: sugar cane
caçador {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of cazador
caçador {m}  :: obsolete spelling of cazador
cañamón {m}  :: hemp seed
cañamón {m}  :: birdseed
caçar {v}  :: obsolete spelling of cazar
cañar {m}  :: a group of reeds
cañar {m}  :: a fish garth made of reeds
Cañar {prop}  :: Cañar
cañari {mf}  :: A member of an indigenous group native to the Ecuadorian provinces of Azuay and Cañar
cañari {adj}  :: Of or relating to the Cañari people
Cañari {mf}  :: alternative case form of cañari
cañaveral {m}  :: reed field
cañaveral {m}  :: canebrake
cañaveral {m}  :: sugar-cane plantation
cabaña {f}  :: hut
cabañera {f}  :: feminine noun of cabañero
cabañero {m}  :: herdsman
cabaiguanense {adj}  :: Of or from the town of Cabaiguán in Cuba
cabaiguanense {mf}  :: An inhabitant of the town of Cabaiguán in Cuba
cabal {adj}  :: upright
cabalgada {f}  :: cavalcade (all senses)
cabalgador {m}  :: horseman, horse rider
cabalgadora {f}  :: feminine noun of cabalgador
cabalgadura {f}  :: mount (animal that is ridden on)
cabalgar {vi}  :: to mount an animal, especially a horse
cabalgar {vi}  :: to ride an animal, especially a horse
cabalgata {f}  :: ride (on a horse)
cabalgata {f}  :: cavalcade
cabalidad {f}  :: only in a cabalidad
cabalista {f}  :: schemer (one who schemes)
caballa {f}  :: mackerel
caballada {f}  :: herd of horses
caballar {adj}  :: equine, horse
caballazo {m}  :: an accident or collision involving a horse
caballería {f}  :: cavalry
caballerescamente {adv}  :: chivalrously
caballeresco {adj}  :: chivalrous, gentlemanly
caballeresco {adj}  :: knightly
caballerito {m}  :: diminutive of caballero
caballeriza {f}  :: stable
caballerizo {m}  :: groom (for horses)
caballero {m}  :: gentleman
caballero {m}  :: cowboy (more common in South America)
caballero {m}  :: horseman
caballero {m}  :: knight
caballero {m}  :: cavalier
Caballero {prop}  :: surname
caballerosamente {adv}  :: gentlemanly, chivalrously
caballerosidad {f}  :: chivalry
caballeroso {adj}  :: chivalrous
caballete {m}  :: ridge (of roof)
caballete {m}  :: trestle (of furniture)
caballete {m}  :: stand; kickstand (support)
caballete {m} [anatomy]  :: bridge (of the nose)
caballete {m} [zoology]  :: keel (of a bird)
caballete {m}  :: easel
caballista {mf}  :: horseperson
caballista {mf}  :: horse expert
caballito {m}  :: diminutive of caballo, a little horse, horsy
caballito {m}  :: horsy (a game where a child rides on the back of another, who is on all fours)
caballito del diablo {m}  :: damselfly
caballito de mar {m}  :: sea horse
caballo {m}  :: horse
caballo {m} [chess]  :: knight
caballo {m} [slang]  :: heroin
caballo con arcos {m} [gymnastics]  :: pommel horse
caballo de Przewalski {m}  :: Przewalski's horse
caballote {m}  :: big horse
caballuno {adj}  :: equine
caballuno {adj}  :: horsy; horselike
cabalmente {adv}  :: thoroughly; entirely
cabaré {m}  :: cabaret
cabaret {m}  :: alternative form of cabaré
cabasho {m}  :: eye dialect of caballo
cabdillo {m}  :: obsolete form of caudillo
cabe {prep} [archaic]  :: alongside, beside, next to
cabeça {f}  :: obsolete spelling of cabeza
cabecear {v}  :: to shake (one's head, especially in disagreement)
cabecear {v}  :: to nod (as one gradually falls to sleep while seated or standing)
cabecear {v}  :: to rock
cabecear {v} [soccer]  :: to head a ball
cabeceo {m}  :: nod (of the head while falling to sleep)
cabeceo {m}  :: shake (of the head in the negative)
cabecera {f}  :: headboard
cabecera {f}  :: head (of bed)
cabecera {f}  :: head (of company)
cabecera {f}  :: opening (of series)
cabecero {m}  :: head, bedhead
cabecicafé {adj} [in names of birds]  :: brown-headed
cabecilla {mf}  :: leader, ringleader
cabecita {f}  :: diminutive of cabeza
cabellera {f}  :: hair, head of hair
cabellera {f}  :: tail (of a comet)
cabello {m}  :: hair (the mass of hairs on the head)
cabelludo {adj}  :: hairy
cabelludo {adj}  :: long-haired
cabelludo {adj}  :: shaggy
caber {vt}  :: to fit, enter (in something, no matter if space or volume is left)
caber {vt}  :: to traverse, pass through or across (a way, path, door, hole, opening, mouth, orifice, etc., no matter if space is left)
caber {vt}  :: to be held or contained; to be capable of being contained (in something) or passed through (no matter if space or volume is left)
caber {vt}  :: to have, hold
caber {vt} [figuratively]  :: to be acceptable, accepted, permitted, permissible, allowable, etc
caber {v} [archaic]  :: to take
caber {v} [archaic]  :: to understand
cabestrante {m}  :: capstan
cabestrillo {m} [medicine]  :: sling
cabestro {m}  :: halter, headcollar (animal's headgear)
cabestro {m} [bullfighting]  :: leading bull
cabeza {f} [anatomy]  :: head
cabezada {f}  :: nod (when falling asleep, acknowledging, consenting etc.)
cabezada {f}  :: headbutt
cabezada {f}  :: header
cabezada {f}  :: nap, doze, forty winks
cabeza de lista {f}  :: headnote
cabeza de mierda {mf}  :: See: cabeza de mierda
cabeza de mierda {mf} [rare, pejorative]  :: shithead (stupid or contemptible person)
cabeza de turco {f}  :: scapegoat
cabezadita {f}  :: nap
cabezadura {adj}  :: hardheaded
cabezal {m}  :: head (of a mechanism)
cabezal {m}  :: headrest (in a car); small pillow
cabezazo {m}  :: headbutt
cabezazo {m} [sports]  :: header
cabezón {adj}  :: big-headed
cabezón {adj}  :: stubborn
cabezón {m}  :: a big-headed or stubborn person
cabezón {m}  :: A man with a large meatus and by extension an insistent individual
cabezona {f}  :: feminine noun of cabezón
cabezota {adj}  :: stubborn
cabezudamente {adv}  :: big-headedly
cabezudo {adj}  :: big-headed
cabezudo {m}  :: mullet (fish)
cabezuela {f}  :: Globularia vulgaris
cabezuela {f}  :: Mantisalca salmantica
cabida {f}  :: space, room, capacity (to fit something inside)
cabildear {v}  :: to lobby
cabildeo {m} [politics]  :: lobby
cabildera {f}  :: feminine noun of cabildero
cabildero {m}  :: lobbyist
cabildo {m}  :: Body of churchmen that forms the chapter of a cathedral or collegiate church
cabildo {m}  :: A town council or other governing body at a local level
cabildo {m}  :: An assembly or meeting held by such a governing body
cabildo {m}  :: The place where such an assembly is held; cabildo
cabilio {adj}  :: Kabyle
cabilio {m}  :: Kabyle
cabilio {m}  :: Kabyle
cabilla {f} [nautical]  :: rebar
cabillo {m} [botanics]  :: little branch connecting to the leaves
cabina {f}  :: cabin
cabina del piloto {f}  :: cockpit
cabinado {adj}  :: cabined, having cabins
cabina telefónica {f}  :: phone box
cabinera {f}  :: feminine noun of cabinero
cabinero {m}  :: flight attendant
cabirma {f}  :: A number of different trees of the genus Guarea
cabizbajamente {adv}  :: dejectedly, gloomily
cabizbajo {adj}  :: dejected, gloomy
cable {m}  :: A cable or cord
cable {m}  :: a wire
cable {m} [colloquial]  :: hand, help
cableado {m}  :: cabling
cableado {v}  :: past participle of cablear
cableamiento {m}  :: cabling
cablear {v}  :: to wire up; cable up
cablecarril {m}  :: cableway
cable coaxial {m}  :: coaxial cable
cable de arranque {m}  :: jump lead
cablegrafiar {v}  :: to cable
cableoperador {m}  :: cable operator
cableoperadora {f}  :: cable TV channel
cablero {m}  :: cable ship
cabo {m}  :: end, edge, extremity
cabo {m}  :: end, finish, conclusion
cabo {m}  :: stub, butt, stump
cabo {m} [nautical]  :: cable, rope
cabo {m} [geography]  :: cape
cabo {m} [military ranks]  :: corporal
cabo {m} [police]  :: sergeant
cabo {m} [in the plural]  :: accessories, knick-knacks
Cabo Cañaveral {prop} {m}  :: Cape Canaveral
Cabo Cod {prop} {m}  :: Cape Cod
cabotaje {m}  :: trade or traffic along the coast
Cabo Verde {prop} {m}  :: Cape Verde
caboverdiano {adj}  :: Cape Verdean
caboverdiano {m}  :: Cape Verdean
cabra {f}  :: female goat
cabra {f}  :: goat (unknown gender)
cabra {f} [colloquial]  :: girl
cabracho {m}  :: red scorpionfish, bigscale scorpionfish (Scorpaena scrofa)
cabrahigar {v}  :: to hang strings of figs in the branches of fig trees so that the fruit of these branches will be sweeter and tasty
cabrales {m}  :: cabrales
cabreado {adj}  :: tired, fed up, bored, sick
cabreado {v}  :: past participle of cabrear
cabrear {vt} [colloquial]  :: to annoy, bother, pester, to piss off, to make angry
cabrear {vr} [colloquial]  :: to get angry
cabrear {vr} [colloquial, Chile, Panama]  :: to get sick and tired, to get bored, to get annoyed
cabreo {m} [colloquial]  :: pest, frustration, annoyance
Cabrera {prop}  :: surname
cabreriza {f}  :: goat shed
cabrerizo {adj}  :: pertaining to goats
cabrerizo {m}  :: goat shed
cabrerizo {m}  :: goatherd
cabrero {m}  :: goatherd
cabrilleo {m}  :: foaming, breaking into foam [said of sea waves]
cabrio {m} [architecture]  :: rafter
cabrio {m} [heraldiccharge]  :: chevron
cabriolar {v}  :: to prance; to caper
cabriolear {v}  :: synonym of cabriolar
cabrita {f}  :: diminutive of cabra
cabritilla {f}  :: diminutive of cabrita
cabritillo {m}  :: diminutive of cabrito
cabrito {m}  :: kid (young goat)
cabrón {m}  :: billy goat
cabrón {m} [pejorative]  :: coward
cabrón {m} [vulgar, pejorative, Central America]  :: bastard, motherfucker (compare English jackass)
cabrón {m} [vulgar, pejorative, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Cuba]  :: cuckold
cabrón {m} [pejorative, Latin America]  :: pimp (prostitution solicitor)
cabrón {m} [colloquial, Mexico, Costa Rica]  :: mate, dude (term of endearment between friends)
cabro {m}  :: male goat
cabro {m} [Chile, Paraguay, colloquial, Puerto Rico]  :: kid, boy (a child)
cabro {m} [Peru, vulgar]  :: fag (homosexual man)
cabrío {adj}  :: goatish
cabrona {f}  :: feminine noun of cabrón
cabronamente {adv}  :: bloody; damn (used as an intensifier)
cabronazo {m}  :: augmentative of cabrón
cabroncito {m}  :: diminutive of cabrón
cabruno {adj}  :: goatlike; goaty
cabujón {m} [gemmology]  :: cabochon
cabuyo {m} [Ecuador]  :: Century plant (Agave americana)
cacó {m}  :: lesser capybara
caca {f}  :: poo, shit
caca de luna {f} [slang, Mexico]  :: star jelly, false puffball (slime mold, Enteridium lycoperdon)
cacahuacentli {m}  :: alternative form of cacahuacintle
cacahuacintle {m} [Mexico]  :: A variety of maize with large, whitish grains, used in the making of pozole and other traditional dishes
cacahuate {m} [Honduras, Mexico]  :: peanut
cacahuazintle {m}  :: alternative spelling of cacahuacintle
cacahuete {m} [El Salvador, Spain]  :: peanut (plant, seed)
cacao {m}  :: cacao tree
cacao {m}  :: cacao bean
cacao {m}  :: cocoa (bean, powder)
Cacao {prop}  :: surname, the 655th most common surname in Guatemala
cacaotal {m}  :: A grove of cacao trees
cacaotera {f}  :: feminine noun of cacaotero
cacaotero {m} [Mexico]  :: cacao tree
cacaotero {m}  :: A cultivator or dealer of cacao
cacarear {v}  :: to exaggerate, to exaggerate the importance of
cacarear {v}  :: to cackle; to laugh loudly
cacareo {m}  :: cackling
cacareo {m}  :: cock-a-doodle-doo
cacatúa {f}  :: cockatoo
cacería {f}  :: hunt, hunting
cacereño {adj}  :: From Cáceres
cacereño {m}  :: someone from Cáceres
cacerola {f}  :: pan, saucepan
cacerola {f}  :: cauldron
cacerolada {f}  :: a form of protest in which people create noise with pots and pans
cacerolazo {m} [Argentina]  :: alternative form of cacerolada
cacerolita {f}  :: diminutive of cacerola
caché {m} [computing]  :: cache (a fast temporary storage where recently or frequently used information is stored to avoid having to reload it from a slower storage medium)
cacha {f}  :: piece of the handle of a knife
cacha {f}  :: stock, buttstock, butt (the part of a rifle or shotgun that rests against the shoulder)
cacha {f} [Spain, colloquial]  :: buttock
cacha {f} [Spain, colloquial]  :: cheek
cacha {f} [Peru, colloquial]  :: mockery
cacha {f} [Spain, colloquial]  :: leg
cachaça {m}  :: cachaça
cachaca {f} [Peru, pejorative]  :: female police officer, feminine noun of cachaco
cachaco {adj} [Colombia]  :: elegant, educated
cachaco {m} [Peru, pejorative]  :: police officer
cachaco {m} [Colombia]  :: Bogotan
cachaco {m} [colloquial]  :: fop
cachalote {m}  :: cachalot, sperm whale
cachanilla {adj}  :: Of or from the city of Mexicali, Mexico
cachanilla {f}  :: arrowweed, Pluchea sericea
cachanilla {mf}  :: An inhabitant of the city of Mexicali, Mexico
cachar {v}  :: to catch (to intercept)
cachar {v} [Chile, Bolivia, Argentina, colloquial]  :: to catch, to get (to grasp mentally: perceive and understand)
cachar {v} [Chile, Bolivia, Argentina, colloquial]  :: to find out, spy out, peek
cachar {v} [Chile, Peru, vulgar]  :: to have sex
cacharrito {m}  :: diminutive of cacharro
cacharro {m}  :: pot, crock (piece of pottery)
cacharro {m}  :: wreck (damaged or worn car or technical device)
cacharro {m}  :: piece of junk
cacharro {m}  :: hickey (object whose name is unknown)
cacharro {m}  :: crock, shard piece of broken pottery
cachas {adj} [colloquial]  :: hunky
cachaza {f}  :: slowness, patience
cachazudo {adj}  :: easy-going
cachear {v}  :: to search; to frisk
cachemir {m}  :: cashmere
cachemir {mf}  :: Kashmiri (person)
cachemir {mf} [uncountable, masculine]  :: Kashmiri (language)
cachemir {adj}  :: Kashmiri
cachemira {f}  :: alt form cachemir [fabric]
Cachemira {prop} {f}  :: Kashmir (region)
cachemiro {m}  :: alt form cachemir [person or language]
cachemiro {adj}  :: alt form cachemir
cacheo {m}  :: body search; frisk
cachero {adj} [Chile, Peru]  :: lascivious, lewd, wanton
cachero {adj} [Chile, Peru]  :: fucking, copulating (having sexual intercourse)
cachero {m} [Chile, Peru]  :: lascivious, lewd, wanton person
cachero {m} [Chile, Peru]  :: fucker, copulator
cachetada {f}  :: slap in the face
cachetadón {m}  :: a large, hard slap to the face
cachetazo {m}  :: slap
cachete {m}  :: cheek
cachete {m}  :: buttock, butt-cheek
cachete {m}  :: smack
cachetear {v}  :: to slap (in the face)
cachetero {m} [bullfighting]  :: a short knife used to kill a bull
cachetero {m} [bullfighting]  :: a bullfighter, especially a subordinate, who kills the bull which such a knife
cachetero {m} [some parts of South America]  :: thong (underwear)
cachetón {adj} [colloquial]  :: plump cheeked
cachetudo {adj} [colloquial, El Salvador, Honduras]  :: with big cheeks (said of a person)
cachi {m} [Spain]  :: cup (specifically, a 750 ml plastic cup)
cachi- {prefix} [rare]  :: Meaning almost
cachicamo {m}  :: armadillo
cachila {f} [Argentina and Uruguay]  :: a small bird (possibly the long-tailed reed finch, Donacospiza albifrons), of brown color with dark streaks and yellowish throat and belly, of terrestrial habits, and that performs acrobatic flights in time of mating
cachila {f} [Uruguay]  :: an antique car, especially a veteran car from the early decades of the 1900s
cachila {f} [Uruguay]  :: a car that is old and broken down from use
cachimba {f}  :: (smoking) pipe
cachimbear {v}  :: to hit someone
cachimbear {v}  :: to annoy repeatedly
cachimbón {adj} [colloquial, El Salvador]  :: bigheaded, conceited
cachipolla {f}  :: mayfly
cachiporra {adj} [Chile]  :: boastful
cachiporra {f}  :: bludgeon
cachiporra {f} [Chile]  :: swaggerer
cachiporra {f}  :: baton
cachiporrear {vr} [Chile]  :: to boast; brag
cachiporrista {mf} [El Salvador]  :: baton-twirling cheerleader
cachirulo {m}  :: A traditional Aragonese handkerchief. It is colorful and is folded and tied around the head
cachirulo {m}  :: A kite
cachis {interj} [euphemism]  :: shoot, shank, sugar (euphemised form of "shit")
cachito {m}  :: small horn
cachito {m} [familiar, Mexico]  :: twentieth of a lottery ticket
cachivache {m}  :: junk, piece of junk
cacho {m}  :: piece
cacho {m} [Latin America]  :: horn
cacho {m} [Chile, Peru, colloquial]  :: shit, lemon, bomb (defective or inadequate or useless item or person)
cacho {m} [Chile, colloquial]  :: annoying duty or work
cachondear {vi} [colloquial]  :: to pet, snuggle
cachondear {vi} [colloquial]  :: to make out, snog
cachondear {vr} [colloquial]  :: to make fun, take the mickey
cachondeo {m} [colloquial]  :: joke; piss-take (The act of mocking someone; a type of satire or sarcasm)
cachondeo {m}  :: farce
cachondeo {m}  :: confusion
cachondez {f}  :: heat (condition where a mammal is aroused sexually or where it is especially fertile)
cachondez {f}  :: horniness
cachondo {adj} [zoology]  :: in heat, in rut
cachondo {adj}  :: sexy, horny, randy
cachondo {adj}  :: funny, amusing, comic
cachondo mental {m} [idiomatic, colloquial]  :: person with a one-track mind
cachopo {m}  :: An Asturian dish consisting of ham, cheese and other ingredients inside beef fillets
cachorra {f}  :: puppy
cachorrillo {m}  :: diminutive of cachorro; small cub
cachorrillo {m}  :: small pistol
cachorrita {f}  :: feminine noun of cachorrito
cachorrito {m}  :: diminutive of cachorro
cachorro {m}  :: puppy
cachorro {m}  :: cub (the young of certain other animals, generally mammals)
cachucha {f}  :: cachucha
cachucha {f} [Latin America]  :: hat, cap
cachurear {v} [Chile, colloquial]  :: To rummage around in junk
cachureco {adj} [Mexico, colloquial]  :: crooked, twisted
cachureco {adj} [Mexico, colloquial]  :: deformed
cachureo {m} [Chile, colloquial]  :: junk (collectively)
cachureo {m} [Chile, colloquial]  :: piece of junk
cacica {f}  :: feminine noun of cacique
cacicada {f}  :: abuse of authority
cacical {adj}  :: Of or relating to a chieftain
cacicato {m}  :: chieftainship (state of being a chieftain and resultant authority)
cacicato {m}  :: chieftainship (area ruled by a chieftain)
cacicatura {f}  :: chieftainship (state of being a chieftain and resultant authority)
cacicazgo {m}  :: chieftainship (state of being a chieftain and resultant authority)
cacicazgo {m}  :: chieftainship (area ruled by a chieftain)
cacillo {m}  :: diminutive of cazo; small pan
cacique {m} [historical]  :: chieftain (Indian chief in a tribe)
cacique {m} [by extension]  :: powerful person, fat cat
cacique {m} [ornithology]  :: cacique (bird)
caciquil {adj}  :: tyrannical
caciquismo {m}  :: The power or influence of a chieftain
caciquismo {m}  :: Interference by a person in a position of authority in something already determined
cacle {m}  :: A type of leather sandal traditionally worn in Mexico
cacle {m} [colloquial, Mexico]  :: shoe (any kind of footwear)
caco {m} [colloquial]  :: thief
cacofónico {adj}  :: cacophonous
cacofonía {f}  :: cacophony
cacorro {m} [Colombia, pejorative, offensive]  :: a homosexual
cactáceo {adj}  :: cactaceous
cacto {m}  :: cactus
cactus {m}  :: alternative form of cacto
caíd {m}  :: caid
cadí {m} [Islam, law]  :: qadi (an Islamic judge)
cada {determiner}  :: each; every
caída {f}  :: fall (act of falling)
caída {f}  :: crash (of a computer)
cada dos por tres {adv} [idiom]  :: all the time
cadahalso {m}  :: scaffold
cadalso {m}  :: scaffold (elevated platform on which a criminal is executed)
cadalso {m} [by extension]  :: a platform for bad news
cada muerte de obispo {adv} [idiomatic]  :: once in a blue moon (very rarely)
cada muerte de un judío {adv} [idiomatic]  :: Literally, "each death of a Jew"; very rarely; almost never; once in a blue moon
cada palo que aguante su vela {phrase}  :: each to his own
cadaverina {f} [organic compound]  :: cadaverine
cadaveroso {adj} [dated]  :: cadaveric, cadaverous
cada vez {adv}  :: every time
cada vez {adv} [idiomatic]  :: more and more, increasingly
cada vez más {adv}  :: increasingly, more and more
cadavérico {adj}  :: cadaverous; corpselike
cadavérico {adj}  :: cadaveric
caddie {mf}  :: caddie (in golf)
cadena {f}  :: chain
cadena {f}  :: A network, as of radio stations, etc
cadena {f}  :: necklace
cadena {f} [computing]  :: string
cadena de nieve {f}  :: snow chain
cadena perpetual {f}  :: life sentence
cadena trófica {f}  :: food chain
cadencia {f}  :: cadence
cadenciosamente {adv}  :: rhythmically
cadencioso {adj}  :: melodious
cadencioso {adj}  :: rhythmic
cadenilla {f}  :: diminutive of cadena
cadenita {f}  :: diminutive of cadena
cadenote {m} [nautical]  :: chainplate
cadera {f}  :: hip
caderazo {m}  :: strike with the hip
cadete {mf}  :: cadet
cadete {mf} [Latin America]  :: apprentice, trainee
cadherina {f} [protein]  :: cadherin
cadista {mf} [soccer]  :: A person connected with Cádiz CF, a Spanish football team from the city of Cádiz
cadmio {m}  :: cadmium
caído {adj}  :: fallen
caído del cielo {adv} [idiomatic]  :: out of thin air
caducado {adj}  :: invalid, out of date, expired, lapsed
caducado {adj}  :: past the sell-by date
caducado {adj}  :: old, deteriorated
caducar {v}  :: to expire
caduceo {m}  :: caduceus
caducidad {f}  :: expiry date
caducidad {f}  :: sell-by date
caducidad {f}  :: caducity
caducifolio {adj} [botany]  :: deciduous
caduco {adj}  :: caducous; transient, fleeting
caduco {adj} [botany]  :: caducous
caduco {adj}  :: expired
caduco {adj}  :: outdate, old-fashioned
cadáver {m}  :: cadaver, corpse
Caen {prop}  :: Caen
caer {vir}  :: to fall (to move to a lower position due to gravity)
caer {vi}  :: to fall (to come down, to drop, to descend)
caer {vir}  :: to fall down, to collapse (to fall to the ground)
caer {vir}  :: to fall out (to come out of something by falling)
caer {vi}  :: to fall into, to fall for; to be ensnared by
caer {vi}  :: to fall into (to enter a negative state)
caer {vi}  :: to fall, to collapse (to be overthrown or defeated)
caer {vi}  :: to get (to understand)
caer {vi}  :: to be granted or awarded
caer {vi}  :: to fall under (to belong to for purposes of categorization)
caer {vi}  :: to fall on (to occur on a particular day)
cañería {f}  :: Length of tube, pipe or piping
cañería {f}  :: drain
caer bien {vt}  :: to please, be nice, make a good impression (a person)
caer bien {vt}  :: to promote or make for good or proper digestion (food)
caer bien {vt}  :: to make happy, make laugh, satisfy, please (news, advice, announcement)
caer chuzos de punta {v} [idiom]  :: to bucket down
caer como chinches {v} [idiomatic]  :: to drop like flies
caer como moscas {v} [idiomatic]  :: to drop like flies
caer en gracia {v} [idiomatic]  :: to take an instant liking (to someone); to hit it off
caer en la cuenta {v} [idiomatic]  :: to get it, to have the penny drop
caer en saco roto {v} [idiomatic]  :: to fall on deaf ears
caer mal {vt}  :: to be disagreeable, make a bad (or not so good) impression (a person)
caer mal {vt}  :: to make for or cause a bad digestion (food)
caer mal {vt}  :: to make unhappy or sad, to anger, to dissatisfy (news, advice, announcement)
cañero {adj} [attributive]  :: sugar cane
cañero {adj}  :: hardcore
caerse {v}  :: reflexive of caer
cañete {m}  :: Phragmites australis, a species of grass
Cañete {prop}  :: surname
caetera {particle}  :: only in inter caetera
café {adj}  :: brown
café {m}  :: coffee
café {m}  :: cafe, coffee shop
Cafarnaúm {prop}  :: Capernaum
cafecito {m}  :: diminutive of café; small coffee
cafeína {f}  :: caffeine
cafetal {m}  :: piece of land cultivating coffee
cafetalera {f}  :: coffee pot
cafetalero {adj}  :: coffee-growing
cafetalero {m}  :: coffee grower
cafetalero {m}  :: owner of a coffee plantation
cafetera {f}  :: coffeemaker (kitchen apparatus used to brew and filter coffee)
cafetera {f}  :: coffeepot (vessel for preparing or serving coffee)
cafetería {f}  :: cafeteria
cafetero {adj} [attributive]  :: coffee
cafetín {m}  :: coffee shop
cafetín {m}  :: diminutive of café; coffee
cafeto {m}  :: coffee plant, coffee tree
café helado {m}  :: iced coffee
cafichar {v}  :: alternative form of cafichear
cafiche {m} [colloquial, Chile, Argentina, Peru]  :: pimp
cafiche {m} [colloquial, Chile, Argentina, Peru]  :: sponger, freeloader (especially of women)
cafichear {v} [Chile, colloquial]  :: to sponge
caficultor {m}  :: coffee grower
caficultura {f}  :: coffee growing
café irlandés {m}  :: Irish coffee
café para todos {phrase} [Spain]  :: one size fits all; everyone should be treated exactly the same
caftán {m}  :: kaftan
cagada {f} [colloquial]  :: shit, bowel movement, diarrhea
cagada {f} [colloquial]  :: rag, mischief
cagada {f} [colloquial]  :: mistake, fuckup
cagadera {f} [vulgar]  :: diarrhea
cagadero {m}  :: shitter; bog; can (toilet)
cagado {adj}  :: cowardly
cagado {adj} [Chile]  :: cheap, worthless
cagado {adj}  :: covered in feces
cagado {adj}  :: toilet trained
cagador {m}  :: shitter (one who shits)
cagando cerillas {adv} [idiomatic, colloquial]  :: fucking fast
cagando hostias {adv} [idiomatic, colloquial]  :: extremely fast
cagando leches {adv} [idiomatic, colloquial]  :: fucking fast
cagar {v} [vulgar]  :: to shit
cagar {v} [vulgar]  :: to tell someone off, exclamation of rejection
cagar {v} [colloquial]  :: to bust
cagar {v} [colloquial]  :: to get busted
cagar {vi} [Chile, colloquial]  :: to fail
cagar {vt} [Chile]  :: to cheat someone
cagar {vt} [Spain, colloquial]  :: to make a mistake
cagar dinero {v} [vulgar, idiomatic]  :: to have money to burn; to be rolling in it; to be filthy rich
cagarse {v} [vulgar]  :: to shit oneself (defecate in one's clothes)
cagarse {v} [vulgar]  :: to shit oneself (be extremely frightened)
cagarse {v} [vulgar]  :: fuck (used to express extreme anger, surprise, joy, shock or to show a lot of disrespect)
cagazo {m} [Latin America, slang, vulgar]  :: Something that is extremely scary
cagüeña {f}  :: feminine noun of cagüeño
cagüeño {adj}  :: Of or from Caguas
cagüeño {m}  :: Someone from Caguas
Cagliari {prop}  :: Cagliari
cagón {adj} [pejorative]  :: coward, fearful
cagüín {m}  :: alternative form of cahuín
caguairán {m} [Cuba]  :: quebracho (various trees with very hard wood)
caguairán {m} [Cuba, by extension]  :: A tough or resilient person
cagueta {f} [vulgar]  :: chicken, wuss (coward)
cahuín {m} [Chile]  :: mess, disorder, confusion
cahuín {m} [Chile]  :: intrigue, machination
cahuín {m} [Chile]  :: gossip (usually evil-minded)
caimanera {f} [Venezuela]  :: An informal game of baseball
caimanés {adj}  :: Caymanian
caimanés {m}  :: Caymanian
caimito {m}  :: The abiu, a tropical tree and its fruit
caimito {m}  :: The star fruit
caimán {m}  :: alligator
caimán {m}  :: caiman
cainita {mf}  :: Cainite
caipiriña {f}  :: caipirinha
cairel {m}  :: fringe (of clothes)
cairelar {vt}  :: to fringe
cañita {f}  :: diminutive of caña; small beer
caite {m} [Central America]  :: leather sandal
cañizal {m}  :: synonym of cañizar
cañizar {m}  :: sugar cane farm
Cañizares {prop}  :: surname
caja {f}  :: box, case
caja {f}  :: bank
caja {f}  :: cash desk
caja {f}  :: cash register, register, cash box
caja {f}  :: gearbox
caja {f}  :: snare drum
caja {f} [typography]  :: case
caja boba {f} [idiomatic, colloquial]  :: idiot box (television)
caja de ahorros {f}  :: savings bank
caja de cambios {f}  :: gearbox
caja de cerillas {f}  :: matchbox
caja de fusibles {f}  :: fusebox
caja de música {f}  :: music box
caja de Pandora {f}  :: Pandora's box
caja de resonancia {f} [music]  :: sound board
caja de seguridad {f}  :: safebox
caja de sorpresa {f}  :: jack-in-the-box
caja fuerte {f}  :: safe
cajamarquino {adj}  :: Of or from Cajamarca
cajamarquino {m}  :: Someone from Cajamarca
caja negra {f}  :: black box
caja registradora {f}  :: cash register
cajeado {adj}  :: boxed
cajera {f}  :: feminine noun of cajero
cajero {m}  :: cashier
cajero {m} [banking]  :: teller
cajero automático {m}  :: automated teller machine, ATM
cajeta {f}  :: A Mexican confection of thickened syrup usually made of sweetened caramelized goat’s milk
cajeta {f} [slang, Argentina]  :: cunt, vagina
cajete {m} [Mexico]  :: A bowl, basin or similar container
cajete {m} [El Salvador, Honduras, Mexico]  :: An unglazed clay pot used in cooking
cajete {m} [Mexico]  :: A hole made to plant a seed, plant, sapling, etc
cajete {m} [Sonora, Mexico]  :: molcajete
cajetilla {f}  :: diminutive of caja, a small box, especially a cigarette box
cajigo {m}  :: alternative form of quejigo (Portuguese oak)
cajista {mf}  :: typesetter
cajita {f}  :: diminutive of caja, small box
cajón {m}  :: drawer
cajón {m}  :: cajón (instrument)
cajón de sastre {m}  :: hodgepodge, junk drawer, rag bag
cajoncito {m}  :: diminutive of cajón
cajonear {v} [Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay]  :: to shelve (postpone)
cajonera {f}  :: feminine noun of cajonero
cajonero {m}  :: A box-seller
cajonero {m}  :: A cajón player
cajuela {f} [Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico]  :: trunk, boot (of a car)
cajuil {m} [Dominican Republic]  :: cashew
cakchiquel {adj}  :: alternative spelling of kakchikel
cakchiquel {m}  :: alternative spelling of kakchikel
cake {m}  :: cake; fruitcake
caló {m}  :: Caló; the dialect of Spanish spoken by gitanos (essentially, Spanish with the addition of Romani/Gipsy words)
caló {m}  :: Spanish barrio slang
caló {m}  :: An argot spoken by pachuchos in the United States; also called "pachucho" itself
cal {f}  :: lime (calcium oxide)
cal {symbol}  :: Symbol of caloría
calé {adj}  :: gipsy
cala {f}  :: suppository (small medicinal plug that is inserted into the rectum)
cala {f}  :: cove
calaña {f}  :: kind, sort, type
calaña {f}  :: pattern
calaña {f}  :: character, nature, quality
calaña {f}  :: example, model
calabacita {f} [Mexico]  :: courgette, zucchini
calabacín {m}  :: zucchini
calabacín de invierno {m}  :: winter squash
calabaza {f} [Spain, Mexico, Caribbean, Argentina]  :: pumpkin, gourd
calabaza {f}  :: cep, porcino (Boletus edulis)
calabaza bellota {f}  :: acorn squash
calabaza butternut {f}  :: butternut squash
calabazada {f}  :: headbutt
calabazada {f}  :: hit on the head
calabaza de invierno {f}  :: winter squash
calabaza de nuez {f}  :: butternut squash
calabazo {m}  :: pumpkin
calaboceña {f}  :: feminine noun of calaboceño
calaboceño {adj}  :: Of or from Calabozo, Venezuela
calaboceño {m}  :: An inhabitant of Calabozo, Venezuela
calabozo {m}  :: dungeon
calabozo {m}  :: prison, jail; prison cell
calabriar {v} [obsolete]  :: to mix red and white wine
calabrés {adj}  :: Calabrian
calaca {f} [Honduras, Mexico, colloquial]  :: Death
calaca {f} [Mexico, colloquial]  :: skull
calada {f}  :: puff, hit (of a cigarette)
caladero {m}  :: fishing ground
caladero {m} [figurative]  :: hunting ground
calado {adj}  :: soaked, drenched
calado {m}  :: draught (of a ship or boat)
calado hasta los huesos {adj}  :: soaked to the bone; absolutely drenched
calafatear {v}  :: to caulk (to seal joints with caulk)
calafia {f} [Mexico, Tijuana]  :: A small bus
calafiera {f}  :: A calafia driver
calafiero {m}  :: A calafia driver
calalú {m}  :: callaloo
calala {f} [Nicaragua]  :: passionfruit
calamaco {m}  :: calamanco
calamar {m}  :: squid
calamar gigante {m}  :: giant squid
calambre {m}  :: cramp
calambre {m}  :: (electric) shock
calambur {m}  :: pun
calamidad {f}  :: calamity
calamina {f}  :: calamine
calamita {f}  :: lodestone
calamita {f}  :: magnetic compass
calamitoso {adj}  :: calamitous, disastrous
calamitoso {adj}  :: sickly, unhealthy (frequently ill)
calamón {m}  :: the western swamphen (Porphyrio porphyrio)
calandria {f}  :: calendar (machine)
calar {adj}  :: of or pertaining to limestone or lime
calar {m}  :: limestone quarry
calar {v} [of a liquid]  :: to soak
calar {v}  :: to pierce with a sharp instrument
calar {v} [colloquial]  :: to rumble, see through (to discover deceitful or underhanded behavior, hidden true motives or mindset)
calar {v}  :: to catch on (become fashionable or popular)
calar {vr} [calarse]  :: To put on (clothing)
calavera {f}  :: skull
calavera {f}  :: libertine, playboy, party animal
calaverada {f}  :: libertine act; playboy-like behaviour
calaverita {f} [mineral]  :: calaverite
calcañal {m}  :: calcaneus (posterior part of a foot)
calcañar {m}  :: calcaneus (posterior part of a foot)
calcado {adj}  :: In a fake manner, fakely
calcado {m}  :: facsimile, imitation, copy
calcar {v}  :: to trace, copy (copy by means of carbon paper or tracing paper)
calcar {v}  :: to trample
calcarenita {f} [geology]  :: calcarenite
Calcedón {prop}  :: Chalcedon (town in Asia Minor)
calcedonia {f}  :: chalcedony
Calcedonia {prop}  :: Chalcedon (town in Asia Minor)
calceta {f}  :: tights
calcetín {m}  :: sock
calcófilo {m}  :: chalcophile
calcófilo {adj} [botany]  :: calciphilous
calcificación {f}  :: calcification
calcificar {v}  :: to calcify
calcinación {f} [chemistry]  :: calcination (the process of calcining)
calcinado {v}  :: past participle of calcinar
calcinamiento {m}  :: calcination (the process of calcining)
calcinante {adj}  :: extremely hot; burning
calcinar {v}  :: to calcine
calcinar {v}  :: to scorch, to burn
calcineurina {f} [enzyme]  :: calcineurin
calcio {m}  :: calcium
calcita {f} [mineral]  :: calcite
calcitonina {f} [hormone]  :: calcitonin
calcáneo {m}  :: calcaneus, heel bone
calco {m}  :: The action of copying or reproducing something
calco {m}  :: copy
calco {m}  :: imitation, reproduction
calco {m} [colloquial]  :: shoe
calco {m} [linguistics]  :: A calque
calcográfico {adj}  :: chalcographical
calcomanía {f}  :: decalcomania
calcomanía {f}  :: the image produced using decalcomania
calcomanía {f}  :: decorative sticker, decal
calcona {f}  :: alt form chalcona
calcopirita {f} [mineral]  :: chalcopyrite
calcosina {f} [mineral]  :: chalcocite
calcáreo {adj}  :: calcareous
calculadamente {adv}  :: calculatedly
calculador {m}  :: calculator
calculadora {f}  :: calculator
calcular {v}  :: to calculate
calículo {m} [anatomy, zoology]  :: calyculus, calicle
calículo {m} [botany]  :: epicalyx
Calcuta {prop}  :: Calcutta (capital of West Bengal)
caldear {v}  :: to warm
caldear {vr}  :: to get worked up
caldeo {adj}  :: Chaldean
caldeo {m}  :: Chaldean
caldera {f}  :: cauldron
caldera {f}  :: boiler
caldera {f} [geology]  :: caldera
calderero {m}  :: someone who makes boilers
calderero {m}  :: coppersmith
caldereta {f}  :: A type of stew, normally made with fish but also with other ingredients
calderilla {f}  :: small change (coins of little value)
calderón {m} [cetaceans]  :: pilot whale
calderón {m} [music]  :: fermata
calderón {m} [typography]  :: symbol
calderón {m}  :: large cauldron
Calderón {prop}  :: surname
caldero {adj} [Chile, colloquial]  :: said of someone who like soups
caldero {m}  :: vat, small cauldron
Caldevilla {prop}  :: surname
caldito {m}  :: diminutive of caldo
caldo {m}  :: a clear soup, broth, bouillon
caldo {m}  :: (soup) stock
caldo {m}  :: swill
caldo {m}  :: sludge
caldo de cultivo {m} [biology]  :: culture medium; growth medium
caldo de cultivo {m} [figurative]  :: breeding ground; hotbed
caldoso {adj}  :: liquidy (said of a broth)
caldoso {m}  :: arroz caldoso
calefacción {f}  :: heating
calefaccionar {vt} [Chile, Argentina, Uruguay]  :: to heat
calefacer {v} [obsolete]  :: to heat up
calefactor {m}  :: heater
calefón {m}  :: water heater
caleidoscopio {m}  :: kaleidoscope
caleidoscópico {adj}  :: kaleidoscopic
calenda {f}  :: calinda
calenda {f} [uncommon]  :: synonym of calendas
calendario {m}  :: calendar
calendario gregoriano {m}  :: Gregorian calendar
calendario solar {m}  :: solar calendar
calendarizar {v} [formal, Chile, Cuba, El Salvador, Honduras]  :: to schedule
calendas {fp}  :: calends (the first day of the Roman month)
calentadero {m}  :: warming-up
calentador {m}  :: heater
calentador {m}  :: boiler
calentador {adj}  :: warming, heating
calentamiento {m}  :: warming
calentamiento global {m}  :: global warming (a sustained increase in the average temperature of the earth's atmosphere sufficient to cause climate change.)
calentar {vt}  :: to heat (cause an increase in temperature)
calentar {vt}  :: to turn on (arouse sexually)
calentar {vti}  :: to warm up (prepare for a physical activity)
calentito {adj}  :: diminutive of caliente
calentón {adj} [colloquial]  :: horny
calentón {m} [colloquial]  :: blast of heat
calentón {m} [colloquial]  :: horny person
calentón {m} [colloquial]  :: horniness
calentorro {m} [colloquial]  :: horny/randy person
calentura {f}  :: fever, calenture
calentura {f}  :: horniness
calenturiento {adj}  :: feverish
calenturiento {adj}  :: amorous
caleño {adj}  :: of, or relating to, Cali
caleño {m}  :: someone from Cali
calera {f}  :: limestone quarry
calera {f}  :: limekiln
calerano {adj}  :: of or from La Calera
calerano {m}  :: Someone from La Calera
calero {adj}  :: lime [attributive] (calcium-containing material)
calero {m}  :: limekiln
calesa {f}  :: stage-coach
calesita {m} [Argentina, Uruguay]  :: carousel, merry-go-round
caleta {f}  :: small bay
caleta {f} [slang, Chile]  :: a lot
caleta {adv} [slang, Chile]  :: a lot
calígrafa {f}  :: feminine noun of calígrafo
calígrafo {m}  :: calligrapher, calligraphist
Calígula {prop} {m}  :: Caligula
Cali {prop} {m}  :: Cali (river in Colombia)
Cali {prop} {f}  :: Cali (city in Colombia)
calibración {f}  :: calibration
calibrador {m}  :: calibrator
calibrar {v}  :: to calibrate
calibre {m}  :: calibre
calibre {m}  :: calipers
calicanto {m}  :: masonry (stone or brick constructed by a mason)
caliche {m}  :: saltpeter
caliche {m}  :: salitre
calidad {f}  :: quality (level of excellence)
calidez {f}  :: warmth, warmness, heat
calidez {f}  :: warmth (friendliness, kindness, or affection)
calientabancas {m}  :: bench-warmer
calientabraguetas {f} [colloquial]  :: cocktease, prickteaser
calientahuevos {m} [colloquial]  :: cocktease, prickteaser
calientapiernas {m}  :: cocktease
calientapija {m}  :: cocktease
calientapiés {m}  :: cocktease
calientaplatos {m}  :: hotplate
calientapollas {mf} [vulgar]  :: cocktease
caliente {adj}  :: hot, warm (emitting heat or warmth)
caliente {adj}  :: hot (close to finding or guessing something)
caliente {adj} [slang]  :: horny (sexually aroused)
califa {m}  :: caliph
califal {adj}  :: caliphal
califato {m}  :: caliphate
calificación {f}  :: mark, rating
calificación {f}  :: qualification
calificado {adj}  :: qualified
calificador {adj}  :: qualifying
calificar {v}  :: to describe
calificar {v}  :: to grade
calificarse {v}  :: (reflexive of calificar)
calificativo {adj}  :: qualificative
California {prop} {f}  :: California
californiana {f}  :: feminine noun of californiano
californiano {adj}  :: Californian
californiano {m}  :: Californian
californio {m}  :: californium
californio {m}  :: Californian
californio {adj}  :: Californian
Californio {m}  :: obsolete form of californio
Californios {prop}  :: plural of Californio
califórnico {adj}  :: Californian
caligrafía {f}  :: calligraphy
caligrafía {f}  :: penmanship; handwriting
caligrafiar {v}  :: To write using calligraphy
caligráfico {adj}  :: calligraphic
calilla {f} [colloquial, Latin America]  :: annoyance, bother
calilla {f} [colloquial, Chile]  :: debt
calilla {f} [Guatemala, Honduras]  :: annoying person
calilla {f} [Colombia]  :: thin and long cigar
calima {f}  :: haze
calimete {m}  :: drinking straw
calimocho {m}  :: calimocho (drink)
calimoso {adj}  :: misty, hazy
calina {f}  :: haze
Calipso {prop} {f} [astronomy]  :: Calypso
Calipso {prop} {f} [mythology]  :: Calypso
caliptra {f}  :: calyptra
calistenia {f}  :: calisthenics (gymnastic exercises)
Calisto {prop} [astronomy]  :: Callisto (satellite of Jupiter)
Calixto {prop} {m}  :: given name
caliza {f}  :: limestone
caliza de Creta {f} [geology]  :: chalk (rock)
calizo {adj} [geology]  :: limestone (attributive)
calizo {adj} [geology]  :: calcareous, chalky
calladamente {adv}  :: Silently, secretly, privately, inconspicuously, in a reserved manner
calladito {adj}  :: diminutive of callado
callado {adj}  :: quiet, silent
callampa {f} [Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Peru]  :: mushroom
callar {v}  :: to calm
callar {v}  :: to be silent, to shut up
callar {v}  :: to keep silent
callar {v}  :: to hush, to become silent
callar {v}  :: to hush, to make silent
callar {v}  :: to not mention
callar {vr}  :: to be quiet
callarse {v}  :: to be quiet; to stay quiet
calle {f}  :: street
calle {f}  :: lane (in a pool or racetrack, but not a highway)
callecita {f}  :: diminutive of calle; small street
calle de boxes {m} [auto racing]  :: pit lane
calle de garajes {m} [auto racing]  :: pit lane
calleja {f}  :: narrow street
callejear {vi}  :: to wander, to amble
callejero {adj}  :: related to the streets, street-
callejero {adj}  :: wanderer (within the city or town, often for binge or partying and other unproductive activities)
callejero {adj} [Mexico]  :: a person who often goes out for unproductive activities
callejero {adj}  :: Ya no seas callejero y busca trabajo "Stop going out (for fun) and look for a job"
callejero {adj}  :: stray (animal living in the streets)
callejón {m}  :: alley, side street
callejón {m}  :: blind alley
callejón sin salida {m} [idiomatic]  :: dead end, road to nowhere
callejuca {f}  :: alley, alleyway
callejuela {f}  :: alley
callejuela {f}  :: (small) passage, passageway
calle sin salida {f}  :: blind alley, dead-end street, cul-de-sac, impasse (road with no exit)
calle sin salida {f}  :: impasse (deadlock or stalemate situation)
callista {mf}  :: chiropodist
callo {m} [skin]  :: callus
callo {m} [skin]  :: corn (on the feet)
callo {m} [Spain]  :: tripe
callo {m} [colloquial]  :: an ugly person
callo malayo {m} [idiomatic]  :: an uggo, an ugly person [literally "Malay callus"]
callo molayo {m} [idiom, colloquial]  :: ugly bugger; beast
callos {mp} [Spain]  :: tripes (used as food)
callos {mp}  :: plural of callo
callosidad {f}  :: callus
calloso {adj}  :: callosal
Calloviano {prop} {m}  :: Callovian
Calloviense {prop} {m}  :: Callovian
calma {f}  :: calm, stillness, peacefulness
calma {f}  :: tranquility, peace and quiet
calmadamente {adv}  :: calmly
calmamente {adv}  :: calmly
calmante {adj}  :: relaxing
calmante {m}  :: sedative
calmante {m}  :: tranquillizer
calmar {vt}  :: to calm, soothe, assuage
calmar {vi}  :: to subside, abate
calmar {vr}  :: to calm down
calmo {adj}  :: calm (at rest)
calmodulina {f} [protein]  :: calmodulin
calmoso {adj}  :: calm, tranquil
calmoso {adj}  :: slow
calmuco {adj}  :: Kalmyk
calmuco {m}  :: Kalmyk
calmuco {m}  :: Kalmyk
caléndula {f}  :: marigold
calofrío {m}  :: shudder
calol {m}  :: eye dialect of calor
Calíope {prop} {f} [Greek god]  :: Calliope (the Muse of eloquence and epic)
calor {m} [weather, energy]  :: heat
caloría {f}  :: calorie
calorcillo {m}  :: diminutive of calor
calor específico {m} [physics]  :: specific heat
calorífico {adj}  :: calorific
calor latente {m}  :: latent heat
calorímetro {m}  :: calorimeter
calota de hielo {f}  :: ice sheet
calpaína {f} [enzyme]  :: calpain
calórico {adj}  :: caloric
calumnia {f}  :: calumny
calumniador {m}  :: slanderer
calumniar {v}  :: to slander
calumnioso {adj}  :: slanderous, libelous
calurosamente {adv}  :: warmly
caluroso {adj}  :: very hot, to a greater extent than caliente
calva {f}  :: bald patch (area of baldness)
calva {f}  :: An area on a hide or fabric from which the hair or pill has worn out
calva {f}  :: clearing (area of land within a wood or forest devoid of trees)
calva {f}  :: A traditional shepherds’ sport played in parts of Spain, the object of which is to knock down a partially supported horn or piece of wood (the calva) by throwing stones at it. In a modern version the stones have been substituted with metal cylinders (the marro) and horns are no more used as targets
calva {f}  :: The wooden target used in the game of calva
Calvados {prop} {m}  :: Calvados (département of France, in the Basse-Normandie region)
calvario {m}  :: A calvary
calvario {m}  :: An ordeal
calvario {m}  :: An area outside of a settlement abundant in crosses
calvario {m}  :: A debt chart, spreadsheet
calvario {m}  :: An ossuary
calvario {m}  :: A skullcap
calvicie {f}  :: baldness (The state of being bald)
calvinismo {m}  :: Calvinism
calvinista {adj}  :: Calvinist
calvinista {mf}  :: Calvinist
calvito {m}  :: diminutive of calvo, baldie
calvo {adj}  :: bald
calvo {m}  :: a bald man
calza {f}  :: stocking, sock
calzada {f}  :: sidewalk
calzada {f}  :: driveway
calzada {f}  :: road
calzada romana {f} [historical]  :: Roman road
calzado {adj} [of religions]  :: calced
calzado {m}  :: footgear
calzador {m}  :: shoehorn
calzar {v}  :: to wear or put on shoes
calzar {v}  :: to be or have (a shoe size)
calzarse {v} [reflextive]  :: to wear, to slip into
calzarse {v} [slang]  :: to have sex with
calzón {m}  :: underpants
calzón {m}  :: female undergarment
calzonazos {m} [colloquial]  :: one who is henpecked
calzonazos {m} [colloquial]  :: sissy, pushover (timid, unassertive or cowardly male)
calzoncillo {m}  :: underpants; pants (for males)
Cam {prop} {m}  :: Ham (son of Noah)
cama {f}  :: bed
Camacho {prop}  :: surname
camachuelo {m}  :: The bullfinch
camada {f}  :: litter (of animals)
cama de agua {f}  :: waterbed
cama de matrimonio {f}  :: double bed
cama doble {f}  :: double bed
cama elástica {f}  :: trampoline
camafeo {m}  :: cameo (relief work)
camagüeyana {f}  :: feminine of camagüeyano
camagüeyano {adj}  :: Of or from the Cuban city of Camagüey
camagüeyano {m}  :: Someone from the Cuban city of Camagüey
camagón {m}  :: a kind of persimmon tree (Diospyros blancoi) from the Philippine Islands, now introduced into the East and West Indies
camagón {m}  :: the reddish wood of this tree
camaleón {m}  :: chameleon (all senses)
camaleónico {adj}  :: chameleonic
camaleonismo {m}  :: chameleonic behaviour
camalote {m}  :: A tropical aquatic plant from South America, in the family Pontederiaceae, that appears to form floating islands
cama matrimonial {f}  :: double bed
cama matrimonio {f}  :: double bed
camanchaca {f}  :: camanchaca
camarada {mf}  :: comrade (mate, companion)
camarada {mf}  :: comrade (fellow socialist or communist)
camaradería {f}  :: comradeship
camaranchón {m}  :: loft (used as storage space)
camarasaurus {m}  :: camarasaurus
camarera {f}  :: waitress
camarero {m}  :: waiter
Camarga {prop} {f}  :: Camargue (marshland area)
camarógrafa {f}  :: feminine noun of camarógrafo
camarógrafo {m} [cinematography]  :: cameraman, camera operator (somebody who operates a movie camera or television camera)
camarilla {f}  :: A secret, usually sinister, group of conspiring advisors close to the leadership; a cabal
camarista {mf}  :: A member of the Cámara de Castilla
camarista {mf}  :: A member of the Court of Appeal
camarita {f}  :: diminutive of cámara
camarlengo {m} [religion]  :: camerlengo
camarón {m} [crustacean]  :: shrimp
camarón {m} [seafood]  :: shrimp
camarón {m} [Central America]  :: tip, gratuity
camarón {m} [Central America]  :: casual, low-paid work
camarón {m} [Cuba, colloquial]  :: sunburned person
camarón {m} [Dominican Republic]  :: skilful and clever person
camarón {m} [Ecuador]  :: inexperienced driver
camarón {m} [Peru]  :: parasite, person living at the expense of others
camarón {m} [Mexico]  :: prick, cock
camarín {m}  :: niche (position for which one is well suited)
camarín {m}  :: alcove
camaronero {adj} [attributive]  :: shrimp; prawn
camarote {m}  :: bunk
camarote {m}  :: cabin
camarote {m}  :: quarters
camastro {m}  :: pejorative of cama
camba {m} [vesre]  :: pimp
cambalache {m}  :: swap, exchange
cambódromo {m} [Bolivia]  :: promenade (especially the one in Santa Cruz de la Sierra
Camberra {prop} {f}  :: alternative form of Canberra
cambiable {adj}  :: changeable
cambiado {adj}  :: changed
cambiador {adj}  :: changing, exchanging
cambiante {adj}  :: changing
cambiante {adj}  :: changeable
cambiante {m}  :: iridescent fabric
cambiar {v}  :: to change, modify
cambiar {v}  :: to exchange
cambiar de chip {v} [idiomatic]  :: change tack, change one's mindset
cambiar de idea {vi}  :: to change one's mind
cambiar de manos {v} [idiomatic]  :: To change hands; to be bought or sold or to change ownership
cambiar de opinión {v} [idiomatic]  :: to change one’s mind
cambiar de tercio {v} [idiomatic]  :: to change topic
cambiar el agua al canario {v} [idiomatic]  :: to take a leak, spend a penny (urinate)
cambiar el chip {v}  :: alternative form of cambiar de chip
cambiariamente {adv}  :: in a way related to the stock exchange
cambiario {adj} [finance]  :: exchange
cambiazo {m}  :: switcheroo, changeup, major trade or change
cambiecito {m}  :: diminutive of cambio, an insignificant (amount of) change, a tweak
cambio {m}  :: change
cambio {m}  :: exchange rate
cambio {m}  :: gear (of a motor vehicle)
cambio {interj} [telecommunication]  :: over
cambio climático {m}  :: climate change
cambio de marchas {m}  :: gear stick, gear lever
cambio fonético {m} [linguistics]  :: sound change
cambio y corto {phrase}  :: over and out
cambio y fuera {phrase}  :: over and out
cambista {mf}  :: money changer
cambista {mf}  :: banker
cambium {m}  :: cambium
Camboya {prop} {f}  :: Cambodia (country in Southeast Asia)
camboyana {f}  :: feminine noun of camboyano
camboyana {f} [Chile, slang]  :: bitch, whore
camboyano {adj}  :: Cambodian
camboyano {m}  :: Cambodian person
camboyano {m}  :: Khmer (the national language of Cambodia)
Cambridge {prop}  :: Cambridge (city)
cambuche {m} [Colombia]  :: shack
cambur {m} [Venezuela]  :: banana
camelar {v} [colloquial]  :: to seduce
camelar {v} [colloquial]  :: to love
camelia {f}  :: camellia
camellón {m}  :: ridge
camellón {m}  :: levee, dike
camellón {m}  :: sawhorse
camellón {m}  :: camlet (fabric)
camellón {m} [Guatemala, Mexico]  :: median; a dividing strip between two lanes of a road
camellón {m} [Guatemala, Panama]  :: curb (of a road)
camello {m}  :: camel
camello {m} [colloquial]  :: pusher (drug dealer)
camello bactriano {m}  :: Bactrian camel
camelo {m}  :: flattery, gallantry (especially towards women)
Camelopardalis {prop} [constellation]  :: Camelopardalis (constellation)
camembert {m}  :: camembert
cameo {m}  :: cameo (short appearance)
cameral {adj}  :: cameral
cameralismo {m}  :: cameralism
camerino {m} [theatre]  :: dressing room
camerino {m} [sports, Latin America]  :: changing room
Camerún {prop}  :: Cameroon
camerunesa {f}  :: feminine noun of camerunés
camerunés {adj}  :: Cameroonian
camerunés {m}  :: Cameroonian
Camões {prop} {m}  :: Camões
Camila {prop}  :: given name, equivalent to Camilla
camilla {f}  :: stretcher, gurney
camillero {m}  :: An orderly; a hospital worker who performs non-medical patient care
camillero {m}  :: stretcher-bearer
Camilo {prop} {m}  :: given name
camión {m}  :: lorry (UK); truck (US)
camión {m} [Mexico]  :: bus
caminabilidad {f}  :: walkability
caminable {adj}  :: walking, walkable
caminadora {f}  :: walking machine; walker
caminadora {f}  :: walker (a woman who walks)
caminante {adj}  :: traveling
caminante {mf}  :: hiker, walker
caminante {mf}  :: traveler
caminar {v}  :: to walk
caminar {v}  :: to stroll
caminar {v}  :: to travel
caminar {v}  :: to go on
caminata {f}  :: walk, hike
caminatour {m} [rare]  :: walking tour
camión cisterna {m}  :: tanker truck
camión de volteo {m}  :: dumper, dump truck
caminería {f}  :: streets
caminería {f}  :: expert on streets, footpaths and other public ways
caminero {adj} [attributive]  :: road, street, path
caminito {m}  :: diminutive of camino
camino {m}  :: way, route
camino {m}  :: road
camino {m}  :: path
camino de rosas {m} [idiom]  :: bed of roses
Camino de Santiago {prop} {m}  :: Way of St. James, St. James' Way
camino de sirga {m}  :: towpath
camión volcador {m}  :: dump truck
camioncillo {m}  :: small truck
camioncito {m}  :: diminutive of camión
camionera {f}  :: feminine noun of camionero
camionero {adj}  :: related to trucks
camionero {m}  :: trucker
camioneta {f}  :: pick-up truck
camireña {f}  :: feminine noun of camireño
camireño {adj}  :: Of or from the municipality of Camiri, Bolivia
camireño {m}  :: An inhabitant of the municipality of Camiri, Bolivia
camisa {f}  :: shirt
camisería {f}  :: A shop / store which primarily sells shirts.
camiseta {f}  :: T-shirt
camiseta de tirantes {f}  :: vest, undershirt
camiseta de tirantes {f}  :: strap top
camisón {m}  :: nightdress
camisola {f}  :: camisole
camita {f}  :: diminutive of cama
camélido {m}  :: camelid
camándula {f}  :: rosary
cáñamo {m}  :: hemp (plant and fiber)
cáñamo {m}  :: cannabis; marijuana
Camoens {prop} {m}  :: alt form Camões
camomila {f}  :: camomile
camorra {f} [countable]  :: quarrel, fight, dispute
camorra {f} [singular only]  :: Camorra (crime organization from Naples)
camorrear {v} [Andalusia, Argentina, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Uruguay]  :: to row; to tiff; to argue
camorrero {adj}  :: rowdy; thuggish
camorrero {m}  :: thug, rowdy
camorrerra {f}  :: feminine noun of camorrero
camorrista {adj}  :: rowdy, thuggish
camorrista {mf}  :: thug, rowdy
camorrista {mf}  :: Camorrista; Camorrist (member of the Camorra)
camote {m}  :: sweet potato
camotear {v} [Mexico]  :: to wander with no specific purpose in mind
campaña {f}  :: campaign
campaña {f}  :: countryside
campaña {f} [heraldiccharge]  :: base
campal {adj}  :: pitched (battle)
campamento {m}  :: camping (recreational activity)
campamento {m}  :: campsite, campground
campamocha {f} [Mexico]  :: green praying mantis
campana {f}  :: bell
campana {f}  :: a bell-shaped (or roughly) object or component (such as the canopy of a parachute)
campana {f}  :: hood (device to suck away smokes and fumes)
campana {f}  :: extractor hood
campanada {f}  :: peal, stroke of a bell
campana extractora {f}  :: extractor hood
campanario {m}  :: belfry, bell tower
campanazo {m}  :: chime
campanero {m}  :: bellman (one who rings bells)
campanero {m}  :: campanero (bellbird)
Campania {prop} {f}  :: Campania (region of Italy)
campanil {m}  :: belltower
campanilla {f}  :: small bell, handbell
campanilla {f}  :: bubble
campanilla {f} [anatomy]  :: uvula
campanilla {f} [plant]  :: Rutland beauty (Calystegia sepium)
Campanilla {prop} {f} [Spain]  :: Tinkerbell (fictional fairy)
campanilla morada {f}  :: morning glory (flower)
campanillazo {m}  :: chime of a small bell or handbell
campanita {f}  :: diminutive of campana; small bell
Campanita {prop} {f} [South America]  :: Tinkerbell (fictional fairy)
campanólogo {m}  :: glockenspiel
campante {adj}  :: outstanding
campante {adj}  :: satisfied, pleased with oneself
campante {adj} [usually in the phrase "tan campante"]  :: acting as if nothing happened
campante {adj}  :: cheerful, buoyant
campanudo {adj}  :: bell-shaped
campanudo {adj}  :: pompous; bombastic
campar {v}  :: to stand out
campar {vi} [obsolete]  :: to camp
campar a sus anchas {v} [idiomatic]  :: to roam free
campar a sus anchas {v} [idiomatic]  :: to run rife
campeador {m} [military]  :: champion
campear {v} [agriculture]  :: To graze
campear {v} [agriculture]  :: To work the fields
campear {v} [agriculture]  :: To guard the fields
campear {v} [military]  :: To reconnoitre
campear {v}  :: to park
campear {v}  :: to stand out
campechano {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to the Mexican state of Campeche
Campeche {prop} {m}  :: Campeche (state)
campeón {m}  :: champion
campeón {m}  :: champ (informal address)
campeona {f}  :: feminine noun of campeón
campeonar {vi}  :: to win a championship
campeonato {m}  :: championship
campera {f} [Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, Argentina, Uruguay]  :: jacket
campero {adj}  :: free-range, roaming
campero {adj}  :: country (rural area)
campesina {f}  :: feminine noun of campesino
campesinado {m}  :: group of farmers
campesino {adj}  :: rural
campesino {m}  :: farmer
campesino {m}  :: peasant
campestre {adj}  :: country (attributive), cross-country, rural
campestre {adj}  :: rustic
campiña {f}  :: countryside
camping {m}  :: camping (activity)
camping {m}  :: campsite
campismo {m}  :: campsite
campista {mf}  :: camper (person who camps)
campito {m}  :: diminutive of campo
campo {m}  :: countryside, country
campo {m}  :: field (large open area)
campo {m}  :: field (domain of knowledge or practice)
campo {m} [New Mexico, anglicism]  :: camp
campo {m} [physics]  :: field
Campo {prop}  :: surname
campocorto {m} [baseball]  :: shortstop
campo de batalla {m}  :: battlefield
campo de concentración {m}  :: concentration camp
campo de escombros {m}  :: debris field
campo de estudio {m}  :: field of study
campo de fuerza {m} [science fiction]  :: forcefield
campo de fuerzas {m} [physics]  :: force field
campo de hielo {m}  :: ice field
campo de hielo {m}  :: ice cap
campo de nabos {m} [slang, idiom, Spain]  :: sausage fest
campo de trabajo {m}  :: work camp
campo eléctrico {m}  :: electric field
campo gravitacional {m}  :: gravitational field
campo gravitatorio {m}  :: gravitational field
campo magnético {m}  :: magnetic field
camporista {mf} [politics]  :: A supporter of Héctor José Cámpora or La Cámpora
camporista {adj} [politics]  :: Of or pertaining to Héctor José Cámpora or La Cámpora
Campos {prop}  :: surname
campo santo {m}  :: alternative spelling of camposanto
camposanto {m}  :: cemetery
campo semántico {m} [linguistics]  :: semantic field
campo visual {m}  :: field of vision; visual field
campus {m}  :: campus
Camucha {prop} {f}  :: A diminutive of the female given name Carmen
camuflado {adj}  :: camouflaged
camuflaje {m}  :: camouflage
camuflajear {v} [Latin America]  :: alternative form of camuflar
camuflar {v}  :: to camouflage
camuflar {v}  :: to disguise
can {m}  :: dog, hound
cañón {m}  :: canyon
cañón {m}  :: cannon
cañón {m}  :: barrel (of a gun), pipe, tube
Caín {prop} {m}  :: Cain (Biblical character)
cana {f}  :: white or gray hair
cana {f} [Argentina, Uruguay]  :: police force, police department
cana {f} [Argentina, Uruguay]  :: jail, prison
cana {mf} [Argentina, Uruguay]  :: policeman, policewoman
Canadá {prop} {m}  :: Canada
canadiense {mf}  :: A Canadian; an inhabitant of Canada
canadiense {adj}  :: Canadian; pertaining to Canada or its people
canal {m}  :: canal (waterway)
canal {m}  :: channel (of television)
canal {m} [communication]  :: channel
canal {m} [chemistry]  :: channel
canal {m}  :: cleavage
Canal de Jamaica {prop} {m}  :: Jamaica Channel
canal de Panamá {prop} {m}  :: Panama Canal
canalero {adj}  :: Panamanian
canalero {m}  :: A Panamanian
Canales {prop} {m}  :: surname
canaleta {f}  :: gutter (duct or channel beneath the eaves)
canaleta {f}  :: gutter (groove beside a bowling alley)
canaleta {f}  :: canal (trough to carry water)
canalización {f}  :: channeling
canalizar {vt}  :: to channel
canalizo {m} [nautical]  :: fairway
canalla {f}  :: rabble, riff-raff
canalla {f} [colloquial]  :: swine, rascal
canallada {f}  :: dirty trick
canallesco {adj}  :: low, despicable
canalón {m}  :: gutter (duct beneath the eaves of a building)
canana {f}  :: bandolier
cananea {f}  :: feminine noun of cananeo
cananeo {adj}  :: Canaanite
cananeo {m}  :: Canaanite
canapé {m}  :: canapé (food)
canapé {m}  :: canapé (furniture)
canapé {m}  :: snack food
canaria {f}  :: feminine noun of canario
Canarias {prop} {fp}  :: Canarias (autonomous community/and/island)
canarinha {f}  :: Brazil national football team
canario {adj}  :: of, from or related to the Canary Islands
canario {m}  :: person from the Canary Islands
canario {m}  :: canary (bird)
canasta {f}  :: basket
canasta {f} [card games]  :: canasta
canasta {f} [basketball]  :: basket, hoop
canastero {m}  :: canastero
canastilla {f}  :: diminutive of canasta, a small basket
canastillo {m}  :: diminutive of canasto; a small wicker basket
canasto {m}  :: basket
canavanina {f} [amino acid]  :: canavanine
caníbal {adj}  :: cannibalistic
Canberra {prop}  :: Canberra (capital of Australia)
cancela {f}  :: lattice gate
cancelación {f}  :: cancellation
cancelado {adj}  :: canceled
cancelador {m}  :: canceller
cancelar {v}  :: to cancel
cancelar {v}  :: to liquidate a debt
cancelar {v}  :: (Ecuador, Chile, Peru) to pay
cancerbera {f}  :: feminine of cancerbero
cancerbero {m} [sports]  :: goalkeeper
cancerbero {m}  :: someone who guards a door; doorkeeper
cancerígeno {adj}  :: carcinogenic
cancerólogo {m}  :: cancerologist
canceroso {adj}  :: cancerous
cancha {f}  :: sports field, pitch, court
cancha {f} [Peru]  :: popcorn
cancha de tenis {f}  :: tennis court
canchalagua {f}  :: canchalagua
canchero {m}  :: veteran, experienced person
canchero {adj}  :: experienced
cancilla {f}  :: gate
canciller {mf}  :: chancellor
cancillería {f}  :: chancery
cancillera {f} [nonstandard]  :: feminine of canciller
canción {f}  :: song
canción de cuna {f}  :: lullaby
canción de cuna {f}  :: cradle song
canción protesta {f}  :: protest song
Cancio {prop}  :: surname
cancioncilla {f}  :: ditty, tune
cancionero {m}  :: songbook
cancionista {mf}  :: songster, songwriter
canícula {f}  :: dog days (the days between early July and early September when Sirius rises and sets with the Sun)
candado {m}  :: lock, padlock
candar {v}  :: to lock
cañón de agua {m}  :: water cannon
cañón de avancarga {m}  :: Type of weapon; muzzleloader
candela {f}  :: candle
candela {f} [phsics]  :: candela (physical unit)
candela {f}  :: combustible
candela {f}  :: fire, light
candelabro {m}  :: candelabrum, branched candlestick
Candelaria {f}  :: Candlemas (Christian feast)
candelero {m}  :: candlestick
candelero {m} [nautical]  :: stanchion
candelero {m}  :: maker or seller of candles; chandler
candelita {f}  :: small candle
cañón de nieve {m}  :: snow cannon
candente {adj}  :: burning
candente {adj}  :: polemical, dangerous to talk about
candente {adj}  :: hot, sexually attractive
candidado {m} [archaic]  :: candidate
candidata {f}  :: candidate
candidatable {adj}  :: available, eligible or suitable for candidacy
candidatar {v}  :: to enrol as a candidate
candidatar {vr}  :: to run (as a candidate)
candidatear {v}  :: offer up as candidate
candidatito {m}  :: diminutive of candidato
candidato {m}  :: candidate
candidatura {f}  :: candidacy
candidez {adj}  :: The quality of being candid; candidness
candil {m}  :: lamp
candombe {m}  :: candombe
candor {m}  :: candor
candorosamente {adv}  :: innocently
candorosamente {adv}  :: gullibly
candoroso {adj}  :: naive
canear {v} [colloquial]  :: to bash, hit
caneca {f}  :: gin flask
caneca {f} [Colombia]  :: trash (container into which things are discarded; trash can)
caneca {f} [Colombia]  :: can (cylindrical vessel for liquids, usually of steel or aluminium)
canecillo {m} [architecture]  :: bracket
canela {f}  :: cinnamon
canelazo {m} [Ecuador, Colombia, Peru]  :: An alcoholic drink prepared with sugar and cinnamon, and often a sour juice such as lemon or naranjilla
canelito {m}  :: alternative form of canelazo
canelón {m}  :: alternative spelling of canalón; gutter
canelón {m}  :: icicle
canelón {m}  :: cannelloni
canelo {m}  :: cinnamon (tree)
canelo {adj}  :: having cinnamon color
canfano {m} [organic chemistry]  :: bornane
canfeno {m} [organic chemistry]  :: camphene
canófila {f}  :: feminine noun of canófilo
canófilo {m}  :: dog lover
cangagua {f} [geology, Ecuador, Peru, Chile]  :: synonym of tepetate
cangilón {m}  :: bucket, scoop (machine part)
cangreja {f} [nautical]  :: lugsail
cangrejal {m}  :: crab area; area where there is an abundance of crabs
cangrejera {f}  :: crabber
cangrejero {m}  :: crabber
cangrejito {m}  :: diminutive of cangrejo
cangrejo {m}  :: crab
cangrejo de los cocoteros {m}  :: coconut crab
cangrejo de río {m}  :: crayfish
cangrejo ermitaño {m}  :: hermit crab
canguelo {m} [colloquial]  :: heeby-jeebies
canguil {m} [Ecuador]  :: popcorn
canguis {m} [colloquial]  :: heeby-jeebies
canguro {m}  :: kangaroo
canguro {m}  :: babysitter
cani {m} [colloquial, pejorative, Spain]  :: chav (A working-class youth, especially one associated with aggression, poor education, and a perceived "common" taste in clothing and lifestyle.)
canibalismo {m}  :: cannibalism
canibalizar {vt}  :: to cannibalize
canica {f}  :: glass marble (spherical ball)
canicular {adj}  :: canicular
canijo {adj} [colloquial]  :: short; stumpy
canijo {adj} [colloquial]  :: weedy; wussy
canijo {m} [colloquial]  :: shorty
canijo {m} [colloquial]  :: weed; wuss; pussy
canijo {m} [Mexico, colloquial]  :: badass
canil {m}  :: doggy park
canilla {f} [anatomy]  :: shin, tibia
canilla {f} [anatomy, less common]  :: ulna, radius
canilla {f} [Argentina, Northern Central Spain, Paraguay, Uruguay]  :: faucet
canilla {f} [Northern Mexico]  :: leg
canillita {f}  :: diminutive of canilla
canino {adj}  :: canine
canino {adj} [anatomy]  :: canine
canino {m}  :: canine tooth
canino {m} [muscle]  :: caninus
canita {f}  :: diminutive of cana
canita {f}  :: drinking straw
canje {m}  :: swap, exchange
canjeable {adj}  :: exchangeable
canjear {vt}  :: to exchange
canjear {vt}  :: to redeem, cash
cannabidiol {m}  :: cannabidiol
cannabinoide {m}  :: cannabinoid
cannabis {m}  :: cannabis
Cannas {prop} {fp}  :: Cannae
canónicamente {adv}  :: canonically
canónico {adj}  :: canonical
canónigo {m}  :: corn salad
cano {adj}  :: hoary, white-haired, grey-haired
cano {adj}  :: ancient, old (of a person)
cano {adj} [rare]  :: white, snow-white, milky white
Cano {prop}  :: surname
canoa {f}  :: canoe
canoera {f}  :: feminine noun of canoero
canoero {adj} [attributive]  :: canoeing, canoe
canoero {m}  :: canoer
canola {f}  :: canola
canon {m}  :: canon (principle, literary works, prayer, religious law, music piece)
canonización {f}  :: canonization
canonizar {v}  :: to canonize
canonizar {v}  :: to approve (of)
canonjía {f}  :: canonry
Canopo {prop} [star]  :: Canopus (star)
canopy {m} [Caribbean]  :: zipline (activity)
canoro {adj}  :: sweet-singing; melodious
canoso {adj}  :: gray/grey, hoary (of hair)
canoísta {mf}  :: canoer, canoeist
canotaje {m}  :: boating
canotier {m}  :: boater (type of straw hat)
cansadamente {adv}  :: wearily, tiredly
cansado {adj}  :: tired, sleepy
cansado {adj}  :: boring
cansador {adj} [Uruguay, Argentina]  :: tiring
cansadísimo {adj}  :: superlative of cansado, very tired
cansancio {m}  :: tiredness
cansar {vt}  :: to tire
cansar {vr}  :: to get tired
cansarse {v}  :: reflexive of cansar, to get tired
cansera {f}  :: fatigue
cansinamente {adv}  :: wearily
cansino {adj}  :: tiring
cantable {adj}  :: singable
cantable {m} [music]  :: cantabile
Cantabria {prop} {f}  :: Cantabria (autonomous community/and/province)
cantadas {v}  :: past participle of cantar
cantado {v}  :: past participle of cantar
cantador {adj}  :: singing
cantadora {f}  :: one who hands down myths and stories by word of mouth, storyteller
cantaleta {f}  :: nagging (repetitive wigging)
cantaleta {f}  :: tedious refrain
cantalupo {m}  :: cantaloupe (melon)
cantamañanas {mf} [colloquial]  :: bullshitter
cantante {mf}  :: singer
cantaor {m}  :: flamenco singer
cantaora {f}  :: flamenco singer
cantar {vti}  :: to sing
cantar {m}  :: A type of shanty or popular song
Cantar de los Cantares {prop} {m}  :: Song of Songs
Cantares {prop} {mf} [bible]  :: Song of Songs or Song of Solomon (the book of the Bible)
cantarillo {m}  :: diminutive of cántaro
cantar las cuarenta {v} [idiom]  :: to bear bad news
cantarín {adj}  :: melodic, singsong
cantarín {adj}  :: fond of singing, enjoying a singsong
cantarín {m}  :: singer
cantata {f} [music]  :: cantata
cantatriz {f}  :: female singer
cantautor {m}  :: singer-songwriter
cantautora {f}  :: feminine of cantautor
cantaxantina {f} [organic compound]  :: canthaxanthin
cantábrica {f}  :: feminine noun of cantábrico
cantábrico {adj}  :: Cantabrian
cantábrico {m}  :: Cantabrian (language)
cantábrico {m}  :: Cantabrian (people)
cantera {f}  :: quarry
cantera {f}  :: talent, ingeniosity
cantera {f}  :: academy
cantería {f}  :: stonecutting
canterana {f}  :: feminine noun of canterano
canterano {m}  :: (of an athlete) One who comes from an academy; an academian
Canterbury {prop}  :: Canterbury (city)
cantero {m}  :: quarry worker, quarryman
cantero {m}  :: bread crust
cantero {m}  :: small flower bed
cantidad {f}  :: amount
cantidad {f}  :: quantity
cantidad {f}  :: figure
cantidad {adv} [colloquial]  :: like hell; a hell of a lot; shedloads
cantidades {adv}  :: a lot
cantil {m}  :: cliff
cantil {m}  :: shelf (underwater)
cantimplora {f}  :: flask, canteen (water bottle)
cantina {f}  :: saloon, speakeasy, bar
cantina {f}  :: cafeteria, canteen (staff restaurant)
cantinela {f}  :: (old) story
cantinera {f}  :: feminine noun of cantinero
cantinero {m}  :: bartender
cantinflear {vi} [Latin America]  :: to clown (to act in a comedic manner)
cantón {m}  :: canton, district
cantón {m} [heraldry]  :: division of a flag or a coat of arms
cantón {m} [heraldiccharge]  :: canton
Cantón {prop} {m}  :: Guangzhou (a city of China)
canto {m}  :: singing
canto {m}  :: song
canto {m}  :: chant
canto {m}  :: edge
canto {m}  :: side
canto {m} [rare]  :: thickness
canto {m}  :: a piece of stone
canto del cisne {m} [idiomatic]  :: swan song
canto gregoriano {m}  :: Gregorian chant
cantonal {adj}  :: cantonal (of or pertaining to a canton)
cantonesa {f}  :: feminine noun of cantonés
cantonización {f}  :: cantonization
cantonés {adj}  :: Cantonese
cantonés {m}  :: Cantonese person
cantonés {m}  :: Cantonese language
cantor {adj}  :: singing
cantor {m}  :: singer
cantora {f}  :: feminine noun of cantor
Cantos {prop}  :: surname
Cantórbery {prop} [now rare]  :: Canterbury (ancient city in England)
cantárida {f}  :: Spanish fly
cantueso {m}  :: lavender
canturrear {v}  :: to croon
canturrear {v}  :: to sing softly
canturreo {m}  :: a crooning, a hum
canutillo {m}  :: A dessert consisting of confectioner's cream rolled in pastry
canuto {m}  :: tube
canuto {m} [slang]  :: joint, reefer
canuto {m} [slang, Chile, pejorative]  :: evangelical
Canuto {prop} {m}  :: given name, equivalent to Canute, Knut
canvas {n}  :: canvas
canyengue {m} [Uruguay, Argentina]  :: A dancing evening
canyengue {m} [Uruguay, Argentina]  :: A provocative style of the tango
canyoning {m}  :: canyoning
caño {m}  :: tube or pipe
caño {m}  :: spout
caño {m}  :: gutter
caño {m}  :: drain
caño {m}  :: navigation channel
caño {m} [soccer]  :: nutmeg, the playing of the ball between the legs of an opponent
caoba {adj}  :: mahogany (color)
caoba {f}  :: mahogany (color, tree, wood)
caobanilla {f}  :: An evergreen tree, taxonomic name Stahlia monosperma
caobo {m}  :: mahogany, Honduran mahogany (tree of the species Swietenia macrophylla)
caolinita {f}  :: kaolinite
caolín {m}  :: kaolin
cañonazo {m}  :: cannon shot
cañoncito {m}  :: diminutive of cañón
cañonear {v}  :: to cannonade, to shell, to bombard
cañonera {f}  :: gunboat
cañonera {f}  :: embrasure
cañonero {m}  :: gunboat
cañonero {m} [football]  :: striker, hitman
caos {m}  :: chaos
caotizar {vt}  :: to disrupt, to cause chaos in
capó {m}  :: hood of an automobile
CAP {n}  :: Comisión Administradora del Petróleo
capa {f}  :: cloak
capa {f}  :: coat
capa {f}  :: layer
capa {f}  :: cape
capa {f}  :: primage
capa anual {f} [botany]  :: annual ring
capacho {adj} [bullfighting]  :: Having horns pointing flat out to the sides
capacidad {f}  :: capacity, capability, ability
capacidad {f}  :: capacity (measure of the ability to hold)
capacidad {f}  :: capacity (maximum that can be held)
capacidad {f}  :: capacity (maximum that can be produced)
capacitación {f}  :: training
capacitador {m}  :: trainer, teacher
capacitadora {f}  :: feminine noun of capacitador
capacitancia {f}  :: capacitance
capacitar {v}  :: to train
capacitivo {adj}  :: capacitive
capacitor {m}  :: capacitor
capa de hielo {f}  :: ice field
capa de hielo {f}  :: ice sheet
capa de hielo {f}  :: ice cap
capa de ozono {f}  :: ozone layer
Capadocia {prop} {f}  :: Cappadocia (ancient region)
capanga {m} [slang, Argentina]  :: boss, foreman
capar {v}  :: to castrate
capar {v}  :: to cut off
caparazón {f}  :: shell
caparazón {f}  :: caparison
caparrón {m}  :: A kind of red kidney bean
caparrón {m}  :: A stew made from caparrones and chorizo, a popular dish in La Rioja
capataz {m} [management]  :: foreman
capataza {f}  :: feminine noun of capataz
capaz {adj}  :: able, capable
capaz {adv} [Argentina]  :: maybe, perhaps
capazmente {adv}  :: capably
capazo {m}  :: Big basket
capcioso {adj}  :: captious, fallacious
capea {f} [bullfighting]  :: capea
capear {v}  :: to dodge
capear {v} [bullfighting]  :: To take part in a capea
capelina {f}  :: alternative form of capellina; bandage over the head
capellanía {f}  :: chapellany
capellina {f}  :: a type of wide-brimmed hat
capellina {f}  :: a type of medieval helmet
capellina {f}  :: a bandage wrapped around the head
capellán {m}  :: chaplain
Caperucita Roja {prop} {f}  :: Little Red Riding Hood
caperuza {f}  :: hood
capeta {f} [Paraguay]  :: boss
capeto {m} [Paraguay]  :: boss
capiateña {f}  :: feminine of capiateño
capiateño {adj}  :: Of or from the city of Capiatá, Paraguay
capiateño {m}  :: An inhabitant of the city of Capiatá, Paraguay
capicúa {f}  :: palindromic number
capilar {adj}  :: hair (attributive)
capilar {adj}  :: capillary
capilar {m}  :: capillary
capilaria {f}  :: capillary
capilaridad {f}  :: capillarity
capilla {f}  :: chapel
capillita {f}  :: diminutive of capilla
capirotada {f}  :: capirotada
capirotado {adj}  :: wearing a capirote
capirote {m}  :: hood (of certain garments)
capirote {m}  :: A type of tall pointed hat worn for certain festivals
capirote {m}  :: dunce cap
capirote {m} [ornithology]  :: hood
capirote {m}  :: Eurasian blackcap (Sylvia atricapilla)
capitación {f}  :: capitation
capitación {f}  :: poll tax
capital {adj}  :: capital (important)
capital {m}  :: capital (finance)
capital {f}  :: capital (city)
capitaleño {adj}  :: Of or from Santo Domingo, capital of the Dominican Republic
capitaleño {m}  :: Someone from Santo Domingo, capital of the Dominican Republic
capitalidad {f}  :: The state of being the capital
capitalino {adj}  :: of or relating to a capital city
capitalino {adj} [Mexico]  :: of or relating to Mexico City
capitalino {m}  :: someone from or related to a capital city
capitalino {m} [Mexico]  :: someone from Mexico City
capitalismo {m}  :: capitalism
capitalista {adj}  :: capitalist
capitalista {mf}  :: capitalist
capitalito {m}  :: diminutive of capital
capitalización {f}  :: capitalization
capitalizar {v}  :: to capitalise
capitana {f}  :: (female) captain
capitanía {f} [military]  :: company (unit of soldiers)
capitanear {v}  :: to command
Capitaniano {prop} {m}  :: Capitanian
Capitaniense {prop} {m}  :: Capitanian
capitel {m} [architecture]  :: capital (uppermost part of a column)
capitán {m}  :: captain
capitán general {m}  :: captain general
capitolio {m}  :: capitol (building where legislature meets)
Capitolio {prop} {m}  :: Capitol
capitoste {m}  :: chief, boss
capitulación {f}  :: surrender
capitulación {f} [usually in plural]  :: marriage contract
capitular {v}  :: to capitulate
capón {adj}  :: castrated
capón {m}  :: capon (castrated cockerel)
capnógrafo {m}  :: capnograph
capnolagnia {f}  :: capnolagnia
capnomancía {f}  :: alternative form of capnomancia
capnomancia {f}  :: capnomancy
capo {m}  :: gangster
capocómica {f} [theatre]  :: leader of a theatre company
capocómico {m} [theatre]  :: leader of a theatre company
capoeira {f}  :: capoeira
capolar {v}  :: to mince (meat)
caporal {m}  :: foreman
capota {f}  :: hood of a car
capota {f} [nautical]  :: sprayhood
capotazo {m} [bullfighting]  :: A movement made with the cape to distract or stop the bull
capote {m}  :: cloak
capote {m} [bullfighting]  :: cape worn by bullfighters
capotillo {m} [bullfighting]  :: cape
cappa {f}  :: kappa; the Greek letter Κ, κ
cappuccino {m}  :: cappuccino
capricho {m}  :: caprice, fancy
caprichosamente {adv}  :: capriciously
caprichoso {adj}  :: whimsical, capricious
capricornio {adj} [astrology]  :: Capricorn
Capricornio {prop} [astrology, astronomy]  :: Capricorn, Capricornus
capricultura {f}  :: goat farming
caprino {adj}  :: caprine
caprolactama {f} [organic compound]  :: caprolactam
capsaicina {f} [organic compound]  :: capsaicin
capsular {adj}  :: capsular
capsular {v}  :: to cap
capsulitis {f}  :: capsulitis
captación {f}  :: capture, capturing
captador {m}  :: captor
captador {m}  :: catcher
captadora {f}  :: capturer
captahuellas {m}  :: fingerprint reader
captar {v}  :: to capture, perceive, register, understand
captopril {m}  :: captopril
captor {m}  :: captor
captora {f}  :: feminine noun of captor
capítulo {m}  :: chapter
captura {f}  :: capture
capturable {adj}  :: capturable
captura de pantalla {f} [computing]  :: screenshot
capturar {v}  :: to catch, trap, capture
capucha {f}  :: hood (headwear)
capucha {f}  :: hoodie
capuchera {f}  :: hoodie
capuchino {m}  :: Capuchin (monk)
capuchino {m}  :: cappuccino (coffee)
capuchón {m}  :: cap, hood
capulana {f}  :: capulana
capullete {m}  :: diminutive of capullo
capullo {m}  :: cocoon
capullo {m}  :: pod
capullo {m}  :: foreskin
capullo {m}  :: twat, asshole (contemptible person)
Caquetá {prop} {m}  :: Caquetá (department)
Caquetá {prop} {m}  :: Caquetá (river)
caqui {m}  :: persimmon (fruit)
caqui {m}  :: persimmon (tree)
caqui {m}  :: khaki (color)
cará {m}  :: taro (Colocasia esculenta))
cará {m}  :: smooth-cheek eartheater (Gymnogeophagus gymnogenys)
cará {m}  :: chameleon cichlid (Australoheros facetus)
cara {f}  :: face
cara {f}  :: heads side of a coin
cara a cara {m}  :: head-to-head
carabao {m}  :: water-buffalo
carabela {f}  :: caravel
carabela portuguesa {f}  :: Portuguese man-of-war (Physalia physalis)
carabina {m}  :: carbine (short firearm)
carabina {m}  :: rifle
carabina {m}  :: chaperone
carabinera {f}  :: feminine noun of carabinero
carabinero {m} [historically]  :: A soldier armed with a carbine
carabinero {m} [Chile, Columbia, Bolivia]  :: A member of the national police
carabinero {m}  :: One of several species of crustacean
carabobeña {f}  :: feminine noun of carabobeño
carabobeño {adj}  :: Of or from Carabobo
carabobeño {m}  :: Someone from Carabobo
caracú {m}  :: bone marrow
Caracas {prop}  :: Caracas (capital of Venezuela)
caracense {adj}  :: From Guadalajara, Spain
caracense {mf}  :: Someone from Guadalajara, Spain
carachama {f}  :: A species of catfish native to the Upper Amazon Basin of Brazil and Peru, Pseudorinelepis genibarbis
caracho {m}  :: pejorative of cara, ugly face
caracho {interj}  :: good grief (expression of shock, surprise or anger)
carachupa {f} [Bolivia]  :: opossum
caracol {m}  :: snail
caracola {f}  :: shell of a marine snail
caracola {f}  :: a bun in the shape of a snail shell
caracolear {v}  :: to caracole
caracterización {f}  :: characterization
caracterizado {adj}  :: characterized
caracterizar {vt}  :: to characterize
característica {f}  :: characteristic, feature
característicamente {adv}  :: characteristically
característico {adj}  :: characteristic, typical
cara de póquer {f} [idiom]  :: poker face
caradura {adj} [colloquial]  :: cheeky
caradura {mf} [colloquial]  :: cheeky person, cheek
carajillo {m}  :: Irish coffee (coffee with a shot of liquor)
carajo {m} [Spain]  :: penis
carajo {m}  :: [un carajo] shit [US], jackshit [US], sod all [UK], bugger all [UK]
carajo {m}  :: [al carajo] hell
carajo {interj} [South America, Northwestern Spain, vulgar]  :: shit!
carajo {interj} [slang, vulgar]  :: used as an intensifier, similar to the fuck
caramba {interj}  :: good grief; great Scott (an expression of shock, surprise or anger)
carambola {f}  :: star fruit (fruit)
carambola {f}  :: fluke
carambola {f}  :: double whammy; act of killing two birds with one stone
carambola {f} [snooker, pool, billiards]  :: cannon
carambola {f} [snooker, pool, billiards]  :: three-cushion shot
carambolo {m}  :: The tree that bears the carambola
caramelería {f}  :: candy store
caramelito {m}  :: diminutive of caramelo
caramelizar {v}  :: to caramelize
caramelo {m}  :: candy
caramelo {m}  :: (more specifically) caramel
caramillo {m} [musical instruments]  :: shawm
carancho {m}  :: caracara (bird of prey)
carantoña {f}  :: caress
cara o cruz {phrase} [idiomatic]  :: heads or tails
caraota {f} [Venezuela]  :: bean seed
caraota {f} [Venezuela]  :: bean plant
carapacho {m}  :: carapace, shell
carapacho {m}  :: Stew served in the shell of seafood
carapintada {mf}  :: Carapintada
carapulca {f} [Peru]  :: A traditional Peruvian stew of pork and dehydrated potatoes
carapulcra {f} [Peru]  :: alt form of carapulca
caraqueñidad {f}  :: The identity of Caracas
caraqueño {adj}  :: From Caracas
caraqueño {m}  :: A person from Caracas
caraquista {adj} [baseball]  :: Of or relating to Leones del Caracas, a baseball team from Caracas, Venezuela
caraquista {adj} [football]  :: Of or relating to Caracas Fútbol Club, a soccer team from Caracas, Venezuela
caraquista {mf} [baseball]  :: Someone associated to Leones del Caracas, as a player, coach, fan etc
caraquista {mf} [football]  :: Someone associated to Caracas Fútbol Club, as a player, coach, fan etc
carau {m}  :: limpkin, Aramus guarauna
caravana {f}  :: trailer
caravana {f}  :: caravan
caravana {f} [Uruguay]  :: earring
caravanista {mf}  :: caravaner (one who travels by caravan)
caravasar {m}  :: caravanserai
caray {interj}  :: "good heavens!" Expresses disgust, surprise, astonishment
carayá {m} [Central America]  :: howler monkey
Carazo {prop}  :: Carazo (department)
carballo {m}  :: alternative spelling of carvallo
Carballo {prop} {m}  :: surname
carbaminohemoglobina {f}  :: carbaminohemoglobin
carbanión {m} [chemistry]  :: carbanion
carbapenemasa {f}  :: carbapenem
carbaril {m}  :: carbaryl
carbarilo {m}  :: carbaryl
carbenio {m} [organic chemistry]  :: carbenium
carbón {m}  :: coal
carbón {m}  :: charcoal
carbón activado {m} [chemistry]  :: activated charcoal
carbón grafitizado {m} [chemistry]  :: activated charcoal, activated carbon
carbónico {adj} [chemistry]  :: carbonic
carbocatión {m} [chemistry]  :: carbocation
carbohidrato {m} [carbohydrate]  :: carbohydrate
carbometalación {f} [organic chemistry]  :: carbometalation
carbonara {f}  :: carbonara
carbonaria {f}  :: feminine noun of carbonario
carbonario {m}  :: Carbonari member
carbonatado {adj}  :: carbonated
carbonatita {f}  :: carbonatite
carbonato {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: carbonate
carbonáceo {adj}  :: carbonaceous
carboncillo {m}  :: charcoal (drawing implement)
Carbonell {prop} {m}  :: surname
carbonera {f}  :: coal mine
carbonera {f}  :: coal bunker or basket
carbonería {f}  :: coalyard
carbonero {m}  :: tit (bird)
carbonero {m}  :: pollock
carbonero garrapinos {m}  :: The coal tit, a small bird
carbonífero {adj}  :: Carboniferous
carbonífero {m}  :: Carboniferous
carbonificación {f} [geology]  :: carbonification
carbonilo {m}  :: carbonyl
carbonización {f}  :: carbonization
carbonizar {v}  :: to carbonize
carbono {m}  :: carbon
carboxicinasa {f}  :: alt form carboxiquinasa
carboxihemoglobina {f}  :: carboxyhemoglobin
carboxikinasa {f}  :: alt form carboxiquinasa
carboxilasa {f} [enzyme]  :: carboxylase
carboxilato {m}  :: carboxylate
carboxilo {m} [organic chemistry]  :: carboxyl
carboxiquinasa {f} [enzyme]  :: carboxykinase
carboxílico {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: carboxylic
carbunclo {m}  :: carbuncle (gem)
carbunclo {m}  :: carbuncle (sore)
carbunco {m} [pathology]  :: anthrax
carbunco {m} [Costa Rica]  :: fire beetle
carburación {f}  :: carburization
carburador {m}  :: carburetor (a device in an internal combustion engine)
carburante {adj} [attributive]  :: fuel
carburante {m}  :: fuel
carburar {v}  :: to carburize
carburar {v} [colloquial, of a person or thing]  :: to function, to work
carburizar {v}  :: to carburize
carburo {m}  :: carbide
carca {adj}  :: narrow-minded
carca {adj}  :: reactionary
carca {mf}  :: narrow-minded person
carcacha {f} [colloquial]  :: jalopy, banger (car)
carcaj {f}  :: quiver
carcaj {f}  :: rifle case
carcajada {f}  :: A guffaw or cackle; a loud and hearty laugh
carcajeante {adj}  :: ridiculous
carcajearse {vr}  :: To laugh heartily or heavily; to cackle; to bust up or be in stitches
carcamal {mf} [colloquial, pejorative]  :: old fogey
carcasa {f}  :: carcass
Carcasona {prop} {f}  :: Carcassonne
carcax {m}  :: alternative form of carcaj
carcax {m}  :: metal anklet, metal bracelet, metal armlet
carcaza {f}  :: alternative form of carcaj
carcelario {adj} [attributive]  :: jail
carcelazo {m} [Colombia, Venezuela]  :: imprisonment
carcelera {f}  :: feminine noun of carcelero
carcelero {adj}  :: relating or pertaining to jail or prison
carcelero {m}  :: jailer, warden, prison guard
carceleta {f}  :: holding cell
carchense {adj}  :: Of or from the province of Carchi Province, Ecuador
carchense {mf}  :: An inhabitant of the province of Carchi Province, Ecuador
carcinógeno {m} [biology]  :: carcinogen
carcinogénico {adj}  :: carcinogenic
carcinología {f}  :: carcinology (study of crustaceans)
carcinoma {m} [oncology]  :: carcinoma (type of malignant tumour)
carcoma {f}  :: woodworm
carcomer {v}  :: to fret, to eat away
carcomer {v}  :: to consume
carcomido {adj}  :: decayed
carcomido {adj}  :: affected by dry rot
carcomido {adj} [figuratively]  :: consumed
carácter {m}  :: character (traits marking a person or group)
carácter {m}  :: character (moral strength)
carácter {m}  :: character (symbol for a sound or word)
carácter de escape {m}  :: escape character
carcundia {f} [pejorative]  :: Carlist politics
cardíaco {adj}  :: cardiac
cardamomo {m}  :: cardamom
cardar {v}  :: to card or comb
cardelina {f}  :: goldfinch
cardelino {m}  :: European goldfinch
cardenal {m} [religion]  :: cardinal
cardenal {m}  :: bruise
cardenalato {m}  :: cardinalship
Cardenal Caro {prop}  :: Cardenal Caro
cardenalicio {adj} [attributive]  :: cardinal
cardenalino {adj}  :: from the province of Cardenal Caro, Chile
cardenista {adj}  :: Of or relating to Lázaro Cárdenas del Río, Mexican politician
cardenista {adj}  :: Of or relating to Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas Solórzano, Mexican politician
cardenista {mf}  :: A supporter of Lázaro Cárdenas del Río, Mexican politician
cardenista {mf}  :: A supporter of Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas Solórzano, Mexican politician
cardiaco {adj}  :: alternative form of cardíaco
cardióloga {f}  :: feminine noun of cardiólogo
cardiólogo {m}  :: cardiologist
cardinal {adj}  :: Crucial, pivotal (for few cases)
cardinalidad {f}  :: cardinality
cardio- {prefix}  :: cardio- (forming words pertaining to the heart)
cardio {m}  :: cardio
cardiocirculatorio {adj}  :: cardiocirculatory
cardioembólico {adj}  :: cardioembolic
cardiograma {m} [cardiology]  :: cardiogram
cardioide {m} [geometry]  :: cardioid
cardiológico {adj}  :: cardiological
cardiología {f}  :: cardiology
cardiomiocito {m}  :: cardiomyocyte
cardiopatía {f}  :: heart disease, cardiomyopathy
cardioplejia {f}  :: cardioplegia
cardioprotector {m}  :: cardioprotector
cardiopulmonar {adj}  :: cardiopulmonary
cardiorespiratorio {adj}  :: cardiorespiratory
cardiorrespiratorio {adj}  :: cardiorespiratory
cardiosaludable {adj}  :: heart-healthy
cardiovascular {adj}  :: cardiovascular
cardioversión {f}  :: cardioversion
cardiópata {mf}  :: cardiopathologist
carditis {f}  :: carditis
cardo {m}  :: thistle
cardo {m}  :: cardoon
cardo {m} [Spain]  :: prickly customer
cardo {m} [Spain]  :: butt ugly person
cardume {m}  :: school, shoal (group of fish)
cardumen {m}  :: school, shoal (a group of fish)
cardumen {m} [Uruguay]  :: any large group
carear {v}  :: to bring face-to-face
carear {v} [legal]  :: to confront (witnesses regarding contradictory testimony)
carecer {v}  :: to lack, to be lacking (in)
Carelia {prop} {f}  :: Karelia (region and a federal subject in Russia)
carelio {adj}  :: Karelian
carelio {m}  :: Karelian
carelio {m}  :: Karelian
carenar {v} [nautical]  :: to careen (to turn a ship on its side)
carencia {f}  :: lack, shortage
carenciado {adj}  :: poverty-stricken
carencial {adj} [attributive]  :: deficiency
carente {adj}  :: lacking, devoid
careo {m}  :: face-to-face meeting
carero {adj}  :: expensive, pricey (store or busieness)
carestía {f}  :: scarcity, shortage
careta {f}  :: mask (disguise, fencing, etc.)
careta {f} [figurative]  :: any means of occlusion
careta {f} [culinary]  :: pork cheek (careta de cerdo)
carey {m}  :: Tortoiseshell
carey {m}  :: A hawksbill turtle
carfentanil {m}  :: carfentanil
carfentanilo {m}  :: carfentanil
carga {f}  :: load
carga {f}  :: burden
carga {f}  :: cargo
carga {f}  :: charge
cargadero {m}  :: loading platform, loading bay
cargadito {adj}  :: diminutive of cargado
cargado {adj}  :: loaded
cargado {adj}  :: charged
cargador {m}  :: charger, as for battery-powered electrical devices
cargador {m} [weapons]  :: magazine (of a gun)
cargadora {f}  :: nursemaid
carga eléctrica {f} [physics]  :: electric charge
cargamento {m}  :: load, freight
cargamontón {m} [Peru]  :: lynching
cargante {adj}  :: annoying
cargar {vt}  :: to charge
cargar {vt}  :: to load
cargar {vt}  :: to annoy, pester
cargar {vr}  :: to kill
cargarse {v}  :: reflexive of cargar
cargazón {m}  :: heavy load
cargazón {m}  :: heaviness
cargazón {m}  :: heavy cloud cover
cargo {m}  :: charge, burden
cargo {m}  :: position, post
cargo {m} [finance]  :: debit
cargo {m} [heraldry]  :: charge
cargo {m}  :: higher-up
carguero {m}  :: freighter
cari {mf} [colloquial]  :: darling, dear, lover
cariacontecido {adj}  :: crestfallen, disappointed
cariar {v}  :: to cause cavities, decay
cariavacado {m}  :: Bull with a long cowlike nose
caribú {m}  :: caribou, reindeer
Caribdis {prop} {f} [Greek mythology]  :: Charybdis (Greek mythological monster)
caribe {adj}  :: Caribbean
caribe {adj}  :: hot, "sol caribe" ("hot sun")
caribe {adj}  :: piranha fish
Caribe {prop} {m}  :: Caribbean (islands)
caribeño {adj}  :: Caribbean
caribeño {m}  :: Caribbean
cariblanco {adj}  :: white-faced
caricatura {f} [art]  :: caricature (pictorial representation of someone for comic effect)
caricatura {f} [colloquial, Mexico]  :: animated cartoon (specially in plural)
caricaturesco {adj}  :: absurd
caricaturista {mf}  :: caricaturist
caricaturización {f}  :: caricature
caricaturizar {v}  :: to caricature
caricia {f}  :: caress
cariciar {v}  :: to caress or fondle
caridad {f}  :: charity
Caridad {prop} {f}  :: given name
caries {f} [dentistry]  :: caries, cavity
cariñito {mf}  :: diminutive of cariño
carilla {f}  :: side/sheet of paper
carilla {f} [dentistry]  :: veneer
carillón {m}  :: carillon (set of bells)
Carillo {prop}  :: surname
Carina {prop} {f}  :: given name
Carina {prop} {f} [constellation]  :: Carina (constellation)
cariño {m}  :: affection
cariño {m}  :: caress
cariño {m}  :: fondness
cariño {m} [used in the second person]  :: dear, darling, honey
Cariño {prop} {m}  :: Cariño (municipality)
Cariño {prop} {m}  :: surname deriving from the municipality
carioca {adj}  :: Of, from or relating to the city of Rio de Janeiro
carioca {mf}  :: An inhabitant of the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
cariogénico {adj}  :: cariogenic
cariograma {f}  :: karyogram
cariñosamente {adv}  :: affectionately
cariñoso {adj}  :: loving, kind
cariñoso {adj}  :: tender, affectionate
cariotipo {m} [genetics]  :: karyotype
carisma {m}  :: charisma
carismático {adj}  :: charismatic
carita {f}  :: diminutive of cara; little face
caritativamente {adv}  :: charitably
caritativo {adj}  :: charitable
Carito {prop} {f}  :: given name
cariz {m}  :: aspect, condition
cariz {m}  :: appearance
carjacking {m}  :: carjacking
Carla {prop} {f}  :: given name, feminine form of Carlos
carlinga {f}  :: cabin; cockpit (of an aircraft)
carlinga {f} [nautival]  :: carling
carlismo {m}  :: Carlism
carlista {adj}  :: Carlist
carlista {mf}  :: Carlist
Carlomagno {prop} {m}  :: Charlemagne (king of the Franks)
Carlos {prop} {m}  :: given name, equivalent to Charles
Carlota {prop}  :: given name, equivalent to Charlotte
carlotismo {m} [historical]  :: A movement in the early 19th century that wanted to establish a monarchy on the River Plate, with Carlota Joaquina of Spain as head of state
carlotista {mf} [historical]  :: A supporter of carlotismo
carámbano {m}  :: icicle
Carmela {prop} {f}  :: A diminutive of the female given name Carmen
carmelita {adj}  :: Carmelite
carmelita {mf}  :: Carmelite
carmen {m}  :: A type of house in Granada
Carmen {prop} {f}  :: given name, traditionally popular in Spain
Carmen {prop} {f}  :: The letter C in the Spanish phonetic alphabet
Carmencho {prop} {f}  :: A diminutive of the female given name Carmen
Carmenchu {prop} {f}  :: A diminutive of the female given name Carmen
Carmenza {prop} {f}  :: A diminutive of the female given name Carmen
carmesí {adj}  :: crimson
carmesí {m}  :: crimson
carmesín {adj}  :: alternative form of carmesí
carmesín {m}  :: alternative form of carmesí
Carmiña {prop} {f}  :: A diminutive of the female given name Carmen
Carmina {prop} {f}  :: A diminutive of the female given name Carmen
carmín {m}  :: carmine, crimson (color)
carmín {m}  :: lipstick, lippy
carmínico {adj}  :: carminic
Carmucha {prop} {f}  :: A diminutive of the female given name Carmen
carné {m}  :: identity card
carné {m} [colloquial, shorthand]  :: driver's licence
carón {m}  :: caron, háček
carnaúba {f}  :: carnauba (Copernicia prunifera, a palm tree of South America)
carnada {f}  :: bait
carnal {adj}  :: carnal
carnal {m} [Mexico]  :: brother (short form of hermano carnal, "carnal brother", in opposition to adopted or in-law)
carnala {f}  :: feminine noun of carnal
carnalidad {f}  :: carnality
carnalmente {adv}  :: carnally
carnaval {m}  :: carnival
carnavalear {v}  :: to have a carnival, to party at a carnival
carnavalero {adj} [attributive]  :: carnival
carnavalesco {adj} [attributive]  :: carnival
carnaza {f}  :: scrap of food
carúncula {f}  :: wattle (of bird)
carne {f}  :: flesh, the soft part of a body which covers the bones
carne {f}  :: an animal’s meat, or by extension the edible “fleshy” or soft part of a fruit or vegetable
carnear {v} [Chile]  :: take in; pull the wool over someone's eyes
carne asada {f}  :: carne asada; grilled, sliced beef
carne de cañón {f}  :: cannon fodder (military forces considered to be expendable)
carne molida {f}  :: ground beef
carne pinchada {f}  :: A Nicaraguan dish where the meat (chicken, beef, etc.) is marinated in a wine or beer sauce, arranged on a stick and then grilled
carnero {m}  :: sheep
carnero {m}  :: sheepskin
carnero {m}  :: mutton
carnestolendas {fp}  :: Shrovetide
carnet {m}  :: identification card, identification badge
carnet de identidad {m}  :: ID card
carnetización {f}  :: supplying with an ID card
carnicería {f}  :: butchershop
carnicería {f}  :: carnage
carnicera {f}  :: feminine noun of carnicero
carnicero {m}  :: butcher
carnitas {fp}  :: carnitas
carnitina {f} [organic compound]  :: carnitine
carniza {f} [colloquial]  :: meat
carnosaurio {m}  :: carnosaur
carnoso {adj}  :: fleshy
carnotita {f} [mineral]  :: carnotite
carnívoro {adj}  :: carnivorous
carnívoro {m}  :: carnivore (meat-eating animal)
caro {adj}  :: dear (loved)
caro {adj}  :: expensive
caro {adv}  :: costly
Caro {prop}  :: given name
Caro {prop}  :: Carus
Carolina {prop} {f}  :: given name, cognate to English Caroline
Carolina del Norte {prop} {f}  :: North Carolina
Carolina del Sur {prop} {f}  :: South Carolina
carolingio {adj}  :: Carolingian
Caronte {prop} {m}  :: Charon (moon of Pluto)
Caronte {prop} {m}  :: Charon (mythical ferryman of the dead)
carota {f} [colloquial]  :: Facial expression reflecting rejection, dissatisfaction, anger, disapprobation, annoyance, etc.; face
carota {m}  :: cool customer
caroteno {m} [chemistry]  :: carotene
carotenoide {m} [organic chemistry]  :: carotenoid
carpa {f}  :: carp (fish)
carpa {f} [South America]  :: tent (mainly that of a circus)
carpa {f} [theater]  :: a kind of humoristic and musical theatre, under a tent
carpaccio {m}  :: carpaccio
carpa dorada {f}  :: goldfish
carpe {m}  :: hornbeam
carpelar {adj} [botany]  :: carpellate
carpelo {m} [botany]  :: carpel
carpesano {m}  :: binder; paper binder
carpeta {f}  :: folder (an organizer that papers are kept in)
carpeta {f} [computing]  :: folder, directory (virtual container in a computer's file system, in which files and other folders may be stored)
carpeta {f}  :: lace dollies
carpeta {f} [Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay]  :: tablecloth
carpeta {f} [Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay]  :: billiard cloth, gambling table cloth
carpeta {f} [Cuba]  :: hotel reception, reception desk at a hotel
carpetana {f}  :: feminine noun of carpetano
carpetano {adj}  :: Carpetanian
carpetano {m}  :: Carpetanian
carpetazo {m}  :: only in dar carpetazo
carpetovetónico {adj} [derogatory]  :: extremely Spanish
carpiano {adj}  :: carpal
carpincho {m} [Cono Sur]  :: capybara
carpintería {f}  :: carpentry
carpintera {f}  :: feminine noun of carpintero
carpinteril {adj}  :: Relating or pertaining to carpentry
carpintero {m}  :: carpenter
carpintero {m}  :: woodpecker
carpintero escapulario {m}  :: northern flicker
Carpio {prop}  :: Carpio (municipality)
Carpio {prop}  :: surname, the 187th most common in Peru
carpir {v}  :: to weed; to hoe
carpín {m}  :: goldfish (any of several taxa)
carpín dorado {m}  :: goldfish (any of several taxa)
carpo {m}  :: carpus
carpo {m} [anatomy]  :: wrist
carpool {m}  :: carpool
carquines {mp}  :: Karkin
carraca {f} [musical instrument]  :: football rattle
carraca {f}  :: carrack
carraca {f}  :: wrench
carraca {f}  :: roller (any of the birds in the Coraciidae family)
carraca {f}  :: banger (old vehicle)
carragenano {m} [organic compound]  :: carrageenan
carragenina {f}  :: carrageenan, a food additive made from seaweed
carrancista {adj}  :: Of, pertaining to, or supporting Venustiano Carranza, President of Mexico 1917-1920
carrancista {mf}  :: A supporter of Venustiano Carranza
carrao {m}  :: limpkin, Aramus guarauna
carrascal {m}  :: chaparral (region of shrubs)
carrasco {m}  :: Aleppo pine
Carrasco {prop} {m}  :: surname
carraspear {v}  :: to clear one’s throat
carraspeo {m}  :: clearing of one's throat
carraspera {f} [colloquial]  :: hoarseness, frog in one's throat
carrazo {m}  :: fancy car
carrejo {m} [obsolete]  :: corridor
Carreón {prop}  :: surname
carrera {f}  :: race
carrera {f}  :: run (act of running)
carrera {f} [baseball]  :: run
carrera {f} [academics]  :: course of study
carrera {f}  :: career
carrera {f}  :: run (line of knit stitches which have unravelled)
Carrera {prop}  :: a Spanish surname
carrera armamentista {f}  :: arms race
carrerilla {f}  :: run-up
carrerilla {f} [music]  :: octave scale
carrerilla {f} [pejorative]  :: little career
carrerita {f}  :: diminutive of carrera
carrero {m}  :: carter; cartman
carreta {f}  :: cart, dray
carretada {f}  :: cartload
carrete {m}  :: bobbin
carrete {m}  :: fishing reel
carrete {m} [Chile, colloquial]  :: party (social gathering)
carreteable {adj}  :: drivable (street)
carretear {v}  :: to cart, to haul
carretear {v}  :: to taxi
carretear {v} [Chile, colloquial]  :: to party
carretela {f}  :: carretela
carretera {f}  :: highway
carretero {adj} [attributive]  :: street, road
carretilla {f}  :: barrow (small vehicle used to carry a load and pulled or pushed by hand)
carretillera {f}  :: feminine of carretillero
carretillero {m}  :: forklift operator
carretón {m}  :: cart
carretón {m}  :: trailer
carreto {m}  :: Tree of the Aspidosperma genus
Carriaga {prop}  :: surname
carricerín cejudo {m}  :: The aquatic warbler. A bird
carricero {m}  :: warbler
carril {m}  :: lane
carril {m}  :: track
carril {m}  :: rail
carril bici {m}  :: bike lane
carrilero {m} [soccer]  :: wingback
carrilla {f} [Mexico]  :: joke, fun
carrillera {f}  :: jaw (of certain animals)
carrillera {f}  :: chinstrap
carrillera {f}  :: the meat of the jaw of certain animals
carrillón {m}  :: carillon
carrillo {m} [anatomy]  :: cheek, jowl
Carrillo {prop}  :: surname
carrilludo {adj}  :: fleshy, meaty
carrito {m}  :: diminutive of carro, small cart
carrizal {m}  :: area of reeds, reed field
carrizo {m}  :: reed
carrizo {m} [Colombia, Venezuela, Panama]  :: drinking straw
carrizo {m} [euphemistic]  :: penis
carro {m}  :: cart
carro {m} [Latin America]  :: car, automobile
carro {m} [Latin America]  :: train car
Carro {prop} [uncountable]  :: The Big Dipper (constellation)
carroña {f}  :: carrion
carrocería {f}  :: body (of a vehicle)
carrocera {f}  :: feminine noun of carrocero
carrocero {m}  :: coachbuilder
carroñero {adj}  :: disgusting
carroñero {m}  :: scavenger (of an animal)
carromatera {f}  :: wagon or coach driver
carromatero {m}  :: wagon or coach driver
carromato {m}  :: wagon
carronada {f}  :: carronade
carrotanque {m}  :: tanker, oil tanker
carroza {adj}  :: old-fashioned
carroza {f}  :: carriage
carroza {f}  :: state carriage
carroza {f}  :: hearse (vehicle for taking dead body to grave)
carrozable {adj}  :: driveable (capable of being driven on)
carrozar {vt}  :: to install the chassis of a vehicle
carruaje {m}  :: carriage
carruco {m}  :: joint (marijuana cigarette)
carrujo {m} [slang, Latin America]  :: joint (marijuana cigarette)
carrulim {m}  :: A drink made of cane sugar and rue, originating in the Guaraní culture
carrusel {m}  :: carousel, merry-go-round
carísimo {adj}  :: superlative of caro; very expensive
carst {m}  :: alternative form of karst
carta {f}  :: letter (document)
carta {f}  :: map
carta {f}  :: menu (list of dishes in a restaurant)
carta {f}  :: playing card
carta blanca {f}  :: carte blanche, free rein
cartabón {m}  :: triangle, set square (draughtsman's square)
carta bomba {f}  :: letter bomb
Cartagena {prop}  :: Cartagena (city)
cartagenero {adj}  :: Cartagenan
cartagenero {m}  :: Cartagenan
cartaginés {adj}  :: Cartagenan
cartaginés {adj}  :: Carthaginian
cartaginés {m}  :: Cartagenan
cartaginés {m}  :: Carthaginian
Cartago {prop}  :: Carthage (ancient city in North Africa)
Carta Magna {prop} {f}  :: Magna Carta
cartapacio {m} [Central and South America]  :: binder, folder, notebook
cartapacio {m} [Central and South America]  :: ring binder, three-ring binder
cartapacio {m} [Central and South America]  :: satchel, briefcase
carta reversal {f}  :: A kind of diplomatic agreement between two or more parties
cartearse {vr}  :: To correspond (with); to exchange letters (with)
cartel {m}  :: poster, placard, bill, banner
cartel {m}  :: lineup, billing
cartel {m} [Colombia]  :: alternative form of cártel
cartela {f}  :: cartouche
cartelera {m}  :: billboard
cartelera {m}  :: notice
cartelera {m}  :: list of plays, programme
cartelería {f}  :: line-up (of acts at an event)
cartelismo {m}  :: poster making
cartelista {mf}  :: poster artist
cartelito {m}  :: diminutive of cartel
cartelizado {v}  :: past participle of cartelizar
cartelizar {v}  :: to cartelize
cartelón {m}  :: large notice; poster
cartera {f}  :: wallet
cartera {f}  :: handbag
cartera {f}  :: post of responsibility; portfolio
cartera {f}  :: feminine noun of cartero, female letter carrier
cartera de inversiones {f}  :: An investment portfolio
carterista {mf}  :: a pickpocket
cartero {m}  :: postman
cartesiana {f}  :: feminine noun of cartesiano
cartesianismo {m} [philosophy]  :: Cartesianism (the philosophy of René Descartes)
cartesiano {adj}  :: Cartesian
cartógrafa {f}  :: feminine noun of cartógrafo
cartógrafo {m}  :: cartographer
carótida {f} [medical]  :: carotid artery
carótido {adj}  :: carotid
cartilaginoso {adj}  :: cartilaginous
cartilla {f}  :: diminutive of carta; small card or small letter
cartilla {f}  :: primer, first reader
cartilla {f}  :: leaflet, pamphlet
cartilla {f}  :: card, book
cartismo {m}  :: Chartism
cartista {mf}  :: Chartist
cartita {f}  :: diminutive of carta
cartílago {m} [anatomy]  :: cartilage (dense connective tissue)
cartón {m}  :: cardboard, paperboard
cartón {m}  :: cardboard box
cartón piedra {m}  :: carton-pierre (papier-mâché made to resemble wood, stone, or metal)
cartografía {f}  :: cartography
cartografiar {v}  :: to map
cartográfico {adj}  :: cartographic
cartola {f}  :: dropside
cartomancia {f}  :: cartomancy (fortune-telling using cards)
cartonaje {m}  :: cartons or cardboard
cartonaje {m}  :: the making of cartons or cardboard
cartonera {f}  :: feminine noun of cartonero
cartonero {m}  :: cartonero
cartuchazo {m}  :: A shot from a cartridge of a firearm
cartuchera {f} [firearms]  :: cartridge
cartuchera {f} [firearms]  :: holster
cartucho {m}  :: cartridge
cartuja {f}  :: Carthusian monastery
cartujo {m}  :: Carthusian
cartujo {adj}  :: Carthusian
carátula {f}  :: mask; disguise
carátula {f}  :: case; sleeve
cartulina {f}  :: thin cardboard or paperboard
caráu {m}  :: limpkin, Aramus guarauna
Carvajal {prop}  :: Carvajal (barrio)
Carvajal {prop}  :: surname
carvallo {m} [Spain]  :: oak
carvallo {m} [Spain]  :: Portuguese oak (Quercus faginea)
carvear {v} [skateboarding, snowboarding]  :: to carve
carvi {m}  :: caraway (seed/fruit)
carvona {f} [organic compound]  :: carvone
cas {m}  :: The fruit of a very tart species of guava
cas {m}  :: The tree that bears those fruits, Psidium friedrichsthalianum
casa {f}  :: house
casabe {m}  :: alt form of cazabe
Casablanca {prop} {f}  :: Casablanca (city in Morocco)
Casa Blanca {prop} {f}  :: White House (The official residence of the President of the United States of America)
casablanqués {adj}  :: Of or from Casablanca
casablanqués {m}  :: Someone from Casablanca
casaca {f} [Spain]  :: jacket
casaca {f} [colloquial, Guatemala, El Salvador]  :: lies, bullshit
casación {f} [legal]  :: cassation, annulment
casacional {adj} [legal, attributive]  :: cassation, annulment
casada {f}  :: a married woman
casa de cambio {f}  :: bureau de change
casa de citas {f}  :: hostess bar
casa de empeños {f}  :: pawn shop
casa de fieras {f}  :: menagerie; zoo
casa de locos {f} [colloquial]  :: nuthouse, madhouse
casa de putas {f}  :: brothel, whorehouse
casadero {adj}  :: marriageable; marriable
casa de vecindad {f}  :: tenement house
casado {adj}  :: married
casado {m}  :: a married man
casado {m} [Costa Rica]  :: A meal of rice, black beans, meat, salad, plantain banana and other ingredients
Casado {prop} {mf}  :: surname
casa embrujada {f}  :: haunted house
casa encantada {f}  :: haunted house
casal {m}  :: country house
casal {m} [Argentina, Uruguay]  :: mating pair (of animals)
casal {m} [poetic]  :: hearth
Casal {prop}  :: surname
casamata {f}  :: casemate
casamentera {f}  :: matchmaker
casamentero {m}  :: matchmaker
casamiento {m}  :: marriage
casamiento {m} [El Salvador]  :: rice and beans fried together
Casanova {prop}  :: surname
casar {v}  :: to marry, wed someone to (unite two others in wedlock)
casar {v}  :: to fit (together)
casar {vr}  :: to wed, marry, get married
casa rodante {f} [Chile, Argentina]  :: caravan; trailer
casarse {vr}  :: to marry, get married
casarse de penalti {v} [idiom]  :: have a shotgun wedding
casa rural {f}  :: house in the country
Casas {prop} {f}  :: surname
casata {f}  :: alternative spelling of cassata
casatienda {f}  :: A store or shop adjoined to its owner's residence
casatorio {adj} [legal, attributive]  :: cassation
cascabel {m}  :: jingle bell, sleigh bell
cascabel {m} [Chile]  :: rattle (baby's toy)
cascabel {m}  :: knob of a cannon
cascabel {m}  :: cascabel (chili)
cascabel {f}  :: rattlesnake
cascabeleo {m}  :: rattling
cascada {f}  :: waterfall, cascade
cascado {adj}  :: worn, damaged, old or in ill state
cascado {adj} [voice]  :: weak, feeble, hoarse or flat
cascador {m} [historical]  :: a "barker": a person who strips needed or valuable bark from trees, as on a cinchona plantation
cascajoso {adj}  :: grungy, gravelly
cascanueces {m}  :: nutcracker
cascanueces {m}  :: nutcracker (bird)
cascanueces {m} [colloquial]  :: madcap, harebrained young man
Cascanueces {prop}  :: The Nutcracker (ballet)
cascar {v}  :: to crack, to split
cascar {v} [colloquial]  :: to hit
cascar {v} [colloquial]  :: to wank
cascar {v} [colloquial]  :: to chatter
cascar {v} [colloquial]  :: to snuff it (die)
cascar {v} [colloquial]  :: to slap (a fine on someone)
cascarillero {m} [historical]  :: a "barker": a person who strips needed or valuable bark from trees, as on a cinchona plantation
cascarla {v} [colloquial]  :: to snuff it (die)
cascarón {m}  :: augmentative of cascara
cascarón {m}  :: shell (of an egg, especially after a chick has been hatched)
cascarrabias {mf}  :: Someone who is always in a bad mood or who complains a lot; a grump or grouch
casco {m}  :: helmet
casco {m}  :: crown (top part of a hat)
casco {m} [nautical]  :: hulk (unused ship)
casco {m} [nautical]  :: the bottom of a boat; the hull
casco {m}  :: the foot of a horse; a hoof
casco {m}  :: the city center
casco {m}  :: shard
casco {m}  :: potsherd
casco {m}  :: head (of an alcoholic beverage)
casco {m}  :: hull of a vegetable
casco {m}  :: vat, barrel
casco {m}  :: saddle tree
casco {m}  :: empty container, e.g. bottle or barrel
casco antiguo {m}  :: old town
cascote {m}  :: rubble (broken remains of an object)
casco trincado {m} [nautical]  :: clinker, lapstrake
caseinato {m} [organic compound]  :: caseinate
caseína {f} [protein]  :: casein
casera {f}  :: feminine noun of casero; landlady
casera {f} [Spain, colloquial]  :: soda (sweet, carbonated drink)
casería {f}  :: synonym of caserío
casería {f}  :: clientele
caserón {m}  :: augmentative of casa; huge house
casero {adj}  :: domestic, household
casero {adj}  :: homely
casero {adj}  :: homemade
casero {m}  :: landlord
casero {m}  :: caretaker
casero {m}  :: regular customer, regular guest
caserío {m}  :: country house
caserío {m}  :: hamlet
Cases {prop}  :: surname
caseta {f}  :: hut
caseta de cobro {f}  :: toll booth
casete {m}  :: cassette
cash flow {m}  :: cash flow
casi {adv}  :: almost
casildense {adj}  :: of or from Casilda
casildense {mf}  :: Someone from Casilda
casilla {f}  :: box (small area on a document for a tick mark)
casilla {f}  :: pigeonhole
casilla {f}  :: text box
casilla {f}  :: cabin
casilla {f}  :: square (of e.g. a board game)
casillero {m}  :: pigeon hole
casillero {m}  :: locker
casimir {m}  :: alternative form of cachemir [fabric]
Casimiro {prop} {m}  :: given name: Casimir
casinero {m}  :: Someone who dances either Casino (also known as "Cuban Salsa" outside Cuba) or Rueda de Casino, a Cuban salsa dance style also found outside of Cuba
casino {m} [Chile]  :: cafeteria, canteen (staff restaurant)
casino {m}  :: casino
casita {f}  :: mother-in-law apartment
casita {f}  :: diminutive of casa
caso {m}  :: case
caso {m}  :: occasion
caso ablativo {m} [grammar]  :: ablative case
caso acusativo {m}  :: accusative case
caso dativo {m} [grammar]  :: dative case
caso esivo {m}  :: essive case
caso genitivo {m} [grammar]  :: genitive case
caso instrumental {m}  :: instrumental case (grammatical case)
caso locativo {m}  :: locative case (grammatical case)
casona {f}  :: augmentative of casa
caso nominativo {m} [grammar]  :: nominative case
caso oblicuo {m}  :: oblique case
casoplón {m} [colloquial]  :: huge house, mansion
casorio {m}  :: A cheap wedding
caso vocativo {m}  :: vocative case
caspa {f}  :: dandruff
caspasa {f} [enzyme]  :: caspase
caspicias {fp}  :: scraps; leftovers; remaining bits
caspio {adj}  :: Caspian
Caspio {prop} {m}  :: Caspian Sea
caspita {f}  :: diminutive of caspa
casposo {adj}  :: covered in dandruff, dandruffy
casquería {f}  :: offal
casquería {f}  :: the offal industry
casquería {f}  :: A shop selling offal
casquería {f}  :: blood and guts; gore
casquete {m}  :: hood
casquete {m}  :: bowl
casquete {m}  :: hairpiece, rug
casquete {m}  :: helmet
casquete {m}  :: polar ice, polar icecap
casquete {m} [Mexico]  :: poultice, plaster, cataplas
casquete {m} [vulgar, Spain]  :: sexual intercourse
casquete polar {m}  :: polar ice, polar icecap
casquillo {m}  :: ferrule, tip
casquillo {m}  :: shell (of bullet)
casquivana {f}  :: birdbrain
casquivana {f}  :: harlot
casquivano {adj}  :: birdbrained
casquivano {m}  :: birdbrain
cassata {f}  :: cassata siciliana
Cassiopeia {prop} [constellation]  :: Cassiopeia (constellation)
cast {m}  :: cast (group of actors)
casta {f}  :: lineage
casta {f}  :: breed
casta {f}  :: caste
castaña {f}  :: chestnut
castaña {f} [colloquial]  :: strike, wallop (hard hit)
castaña {f}  :: bun, chignon (haircut)
castaña {f} [colloquial]  :: piss-up
castaña {f} [colloquial]  :: yawn (boring thing)
castaña {f} [colloquial]  :: piece of junk
castaña {f} [colloquial]  :: year (used in talking about ages)
castaña de cajú {f} [Chile, Argentina, Uruguay]  :: cashew nut
castañar {m}  :: chestnut grove/plantation
castañear {v}  :: to rattle; clack; rattling; clacking
castañear {v}  :: to chatter; chattering (of teeth)
castañear {v}  :: to play the castañas
Castañeda {prop}  :: Castañeda (town/and/municipality)
Castañeda {prop}  :: surname
castañeo {m}  :: rattle; clack; rattling; clacking
castañeo {m}  :: chatter; chattering (of teeth)
castañeo {m}  :: playing of the castañas
castañera {f}  :: feminine noun of castañero
castañero {m}  :: chestnut-seller
castañeta {f}  :: castanet
castañeta {f}  :: click; clicking; snap; snapping (of the finger)
castañetear {v}  :: to rattle; clack; rattling; clacking
castañetear {v}  :: to chatter; chattering (of teeth)
castañetear {v}  :: to play the castañas
castañeteo {m}  :: rattle; clack; rattling; clacking
castañeteo {m}  :: chatter; chattering (of teeth)
castañeteo {m}  :: playing of the castañas
Castala {prop}  :: A small village in the province of Almeria in Andalusia
castamente {adv}  :: chastely
castaño {adj}  :: brown (chestnut colored)
castaño {m}  :: chestnut (tree)
castañuela {f}  :: castanet
castídish {m}  :: An informal language blending elements of Spanish and Yiddish
castell {m}  :: castell
castellanamente {adv}  :: Spanishly
castellanización {f}  :: Hispanicization
castellanizar {v}  :: to Hispanicize, to render into Spanish
castellano {adj}  :: Castilian
castellano {adj}  :: Spanish (referring to the language)
castellano {m}  :: Castilian
castellano {m}  :: Castilian Spanish as opposed to other varieties of Spanish
castellano {m}  :: the Spanish language generally
castellano {m}  :: lord of a castle; castellan
castellanohablante {adj}  :: Spanish-speaking (in regions of Spain where other regional languages are prominently spoken)
castellanohablante {mf}  :: Spanish speaker (in regions of Spain where other regional languages are prominently spoken)
castellanoleonesa {f}  :: feminine of castellanoleonés
castellanoleonés {adj}  :: Of or from Castile and León
castellanoleonés {m}  :: Someone or something from Castile and León
castellano-leonés {adj}  :: Of or from Castile and León
castellano-leonés {m}  :: Someone or something from Castile and León
castellanomanchega {f}  :: feminine noun of castellanomanchego
castellanomanchego {adj}  :: Of or from Castilla-La Mancha
castellanomanchego {m}  :: Someone from Castilla-La Mancha
castellanoparlante {mf}  :: Spanish-speaker
castellano y leonés {adj}  :: Of or from Castile and León
castellano y leonés {n}  :: Someone or something from Castile and León
casteller {m}  :: casteller
Castellón {prop} {m}  :: Castellón (province)
Castellón de la Plana {prop}  :: Castellón de la Plana (city)
castelloleonense {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to Castile and León
castellonense {adj}  :: from Castellón de la Plana
castellonense {mf}  :: Someone from Castellón de la Plana
casticismo {m}  :: casteism
castidad {f}  :: chastity
castigado {adj}  :: punished
castigado {adj}  :: grounded (confined to one's room for some misdemeanor)
castigador {m}  :: punisher
castigadora {f}  :: feminine noun of castigador
castigar {v}  :: to punish, to castigate
castigarse {v}  :: reflexive of castigar
castigo {m}  :: punishment
Castilla {prop}  :: Castile
Castilla-La Mancha {prop} {f}  :: Castilla-La Mancha (autonomous community)
Castilla y León {prop}  :: Castilla y León (autonomous community)
castillete {m}  :: headframe
castillo {m}  :: castle
Castillo {prop}  :: surname
casting {m}  :: alternative form of cásting
castizo {adj}  :: pure-bred
castizo {adj}  :: pure, original, fully-fledged
castizo {adj} [linguistics]  :: pure
castizo {adj}  :: Used historically to describe a person of 3/4 European and 1/4 American Indian ancestry
casto {adj}  :: chaste (abstaining from sexual intercourse)
casto {adj} [obsolete]  :: pure
castúo {m}  :: The dialect of Spanish spoken in Extremadura and influenced by Extremaduran
castor {m}  :: beaver
castración {f}  :: castration
castrado {m}  :: castrated male
castrador {m}  :: castrator
castrapo {m} [pejorative]  :: Spanish heavily influenced or mixed with Galician
castrar {v}  :: to castrate
castrense {adj}  :: military
castreño {adj}  :: of or from Castro Urdiales
castrismo {m}  :: Castrism
castrista {adj}  :: Pro-Castro
castrista {mf}  :: Castroist
castro {m}  :: fort, fortified settlement
Castro {prop} {m}  :: surname
castrochavismo {m}  :: Castrochavism
castrochavista {adj}  :: Relating to Hugo Chávez and Fidel Castro
castrocomunismo {m} [politics]  :: The communism of Fidel Castro
castrocomunista {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to Fidel Castro's Communism
castrocomunista {mf}  :: A supporter of Fidel Castro's Communism
castísimo {adj}  :: superlative of casto; very chaste
casual {adj}  :: casual
casual {adj}  :: accidental
casualidad {f}  :: chance, coincidence
casualmente {adv}  :: by chance, accidentally
casuar {m}  :: alt form casuario
casuario {m}  :: cassowary
casubio {adj}  :: Kashubian
casubio {m}  :: Kashubian
casubio {m}  :: Kashubian
casuca {f}  :: synonym of casucha
casucha {f} [pejorative]  :: hovel
casuista {mf}  :: casuist (person)
casuista {adj}  :: casuistic, casuistical
casulla {f}  :: chasuble
casuístico {adj}  :: casuistic, casuistical
cata {f} [Bolivia, Chile]  :: budgerigar
cata {f}  :: tasting
cata {f}  :: bite, sample
catabolismo {m}  :: catabolism
catabático {adj}  :: katabatic
cataclismo {m}  :: cataclysm
cataclísmico {adj}  :: cataclysmic
catacresis {f}  :: catachresis (misuse of a word)
catacresis {f} [rhetoric]  :: catachresis
catacumba {f}  :: catacomb
catador {m}  :: taster (one who tastes something)
catadora {f}  :: feminine noun of catador
catadura {f}  :: tasting
catafalco {m}  :: catafalque, catafalco
catalanamente {adv}  :: in a Catalan way
catalanófona {f}  :: feminine noun of catalanófono
catalanófono {adj}  :: synonym of catalanohablante
catalanófono {m}  :: synonym of catalanohablante
catalanidad {f}  :: Catalanness (identification with Catalan values and customs)
catalanismo {m}  :: Catalanism
catalanista {adj}  :: pro-Catalan
catalanista {mf}  :: pro-Catalan
catalanizar {v}  :: To make Catalan
catalanofobia {f}  :: Catalanophobia
catalanohablante {adj}  :: Catalan-speaking
catalanohablante {mf}  :: Catalan speaker
catalasa {f} [enzyme]  :: catalase
catalejo {m}  :: spyglass (pair of binoculars)
catalepsia {f}  :: catalepsy
Cataleya {prop} {f}  :: given name
Catalina {prop} {f}  :: given name
catalizador {m}  :: catalyst
catalizar {v}  :: to catalyze
catalán {adj}  :: Catalan, Catalonian
catalán {m}  :: Catalan; the language of Catalonia
catalán {m}  :: Catalan (person)
catalogación {f}  :: cataloguing
catalogador {m}  :: cataloger
catalogadora {f}  :: feminine noun of catalogador
catalogar {v}  :: to catalogue
catalítico {adj}  :: catalytic
Cataluña {prop} {f}  :: Cataluña (autonomous community)
catalufo {mf} [Spain, offensive, derogatory, vulgar, slang]  :: Derogatory term to designate a person from Catalonia
catamarán {m}  :: catamaran
catamarqueño {adj}  :: of or from Catamarca
catamarqueño {m}  :: Someone from Catamarca
catana {f}  :: katana
Catanzaro {prop}  :: Catanzaro (town and capital)
catañol {m}  :: A language blend of Catalan and Spanish
cataplasma {f}  :: poultice
catapulta {f}  :: catapult
catapultar {v}  :: to catapult
catar {v}  :: to taste
catar {v}  :: to examine, to look at
catarí {adj}  :: Qatari
catarí {mf}  :: Qatari
Catar {prop} {m}  :: Qatar
catarata {f}  :: cataract, waterfall
catarata {f} [pathology]  :: cataract (opacity of the lens in the eye)
catarina {f} [Mexico]  :: ladybug, ladybird (insect of the family Coccinellidae)
catarro {m} [illness]  :: cold
catarro {m}  :: mucus
catarro {m} [pathology]  :: catarrh
catarsis {f}  :: catharsis
catastrado {adj}  :: registered as a property
catastral {adj}  :: cadastral
catastróficamente {adv}  :: catastrophically
catastrófico {adj}  :: catastrophic
catastro {m}  :: cadastre
catastrofismo {m}  :: catastrophism, alarmism
catastrofista {adj}  :: alarmist
catatónico {adj}  :: catatonic
catatonia {f}  :: catatonia
catavino {m}  :: glass for tasting wine
catábasis {f}  :: katabasis
catcher {m} [baseball]  :: catcher
catódico {adj}  :: cathodic
catear {v}  :: to search (for minerals or petroleum)
catear {v}  :: to frisk
catear {v}  :: to fail, flunk
catear {v} [Mexico]  :: to raid
catecismo {m}  :: catechism
catecúmena {f}  :: feminine noun of catecúmeno
catecúmeno {m}  :: catechumen
catecol {m} [organic compound]  :: catechol
catecolamina {f} [organic chemistry]  :: catecholamine
catecumenado {m}  :: catechumenate
catedral {f}  :: cathedral
catedralicio {adj}  :: cathedral (attributive)
catedrática {f}  :: professor (higher education)
catedrático {m} [higher education]  :: professor
categoría {f}  :: category
categoría {f}  :: standing, regard
categorización {f}  :: categorization
categorizar {v}  :: to categorize
categóricamente {adv}  :: categorically
categórico {adj}  :: categorical
catenaria {f} [mathematics]  :: A catenary
catenaria {f} [railway transit]  :: A catenary or system of overhead lines
catenario {adj}  :: catenarian
catenoide {m} [mathematics]  :: catenoid
cateo {m} [Mexico]  :: raid (of a building)
catepsina {f} [protein]  :: cathepsin
catequesis {f}  :: catechesis
catequina {f}  :: catechin
catequista {mf} [religion]  :: catechist
catequización {f}  :: catechesis
catequizar {v}  :: to catechize
catering {m}  :: catering
caterva {f}  :: crowd, multitude
cateta {f}  :: feminine noun of cateto
catete {adj} [Chile]  :: annoying, importunate, pushy
catetismo {m}  :: dimwittedness
cateto {m} [geometry]  :: cathetus (leg of a triangle)
cateto {m} [pejorative]  :: peasant, country bumpkin; hick
catáfora {f}  :: cataphora
caóticamente {adv}  :: chaotically
caótico {adj}  :: chaotic
catiense {adj}  :: Of or from Catia La Mar
catiense {mf}  :: Someone from Catia La Mar
catión {m}  :: cation
catiusca {f}  :: welly, wellington boot
catizumba {f} [Central America]  :: shedload; bucketful (large amount)
catizumbada {f} [El Salvador]  :: shedload; bucketful (large amount)
católicamente {adv}  :: In a Catholic way; conforming to Catholic doctrine
católico {adj}  :: Catholic
católico {adj} [literary]  :: catholic; all-embracing
católico {adj} [literary]  :: universal, common
católico {adj} [usually in negative]  :: well (feeling well)
católico {m}  :: Catholic
católico antiguo {m}  :: Old Catholic
católico romano {adj}  :: Roman Catholic
católico romano {m}  :: Roman Catholic
catálisis {f} [chemistry]  :: catalysis
catálogo {m}  :: catalog
catán {m}  :: alt form catana
catnip {m}  :: catnip
Catoira {prop}  :: a small village of the Pontevedra province of Spain
catolicismo {m}  :: Catholicism
catolizar {v}  :: to Catholicize
catorce {num} [cardinal]  :: fourteen
catorceavo {f}  :: fourteenth
catorcena {f}  :: fortnight
catorcena {f}  :: Set of fourteen items
catorcenal {adj}  :: biweekly (occurring once every two weeks)
catorze {num}  :: obsolete spelling of catorce
catracha {f}  :: A fried tortilla, covered in fried beans and grated cheese, originating from Honduras
catracho {m} [colloquial]  :: Honduran person
catracho {m} [Honduras]  :: A dish consisting of of fried corn with beans and cheese
catracho {adj} [colloquial]  :: Honduran
catre {m}  :: cot (bed frame)
catre {m} [colloquial]  :: sack (bed)
catrecito {m}  :: diminutive of catre
Catrina {prop}  :: given name, a variant of Catalina
catrín {adj} [Mexico, Central America, of a person]  :: Wealthy, rich
catrín {adj} [Mexico, Central America, of a person]  :: Elegantly-dressed, stylish, posh
catrín {m} [Mexico, Central America]  :: A fop or dandy, a gentleman who is a stylish dresser
catártico {adj}  :: cathartic (inducing catharsis)
catástrofe {f}  :: disaster
catéter {m}  :: catheter
cattleya {f}  :: cattleya
Catulo {prop} {m}  :: Catullus (Roman poet)
caturro {adj} [Chile, football]  :: Of or relating to Santiago Wanderers, a football club based in Valparaíso
caturro {m} [Chile, football]  :: Someone connected to Santiago Wanderers, as a fan, player, coach etc
cauberi {m}  :: lingonberry
caucano {adj}  :: of or from Cauca (Colombia)
caucano {m}  :: Someone from Cauca (Colombia)
cauce {m}  :: riverbed
cauce {m}  :: course (of river)
cauce {m}  :: current
cauchera {f}  :: rubber tree plantation
cauchera {f}  :: rubber tree
cauchera {f} [Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela]  :: catapult, slingshot
cauchero {m}  :: rubber worker
caucho {m}  :: rubber
caución {f} [legal]  :: bail, security deposit
caución {f}  :: caution
caucásica {f}  :: feminine noun of caucásico
caucásico {adj}  :: Caucasian
caucásico {m}  :: Caucasian
cauda {f}  :: tail (of a garment)
caudal {m}  :: flow
caudal {m}  :: volume
caudal {m}  :: funds
caudal {adj}  :: caudal
caudalosamente {adv}  :: largely, freely, abundantly
caudaloso {adj}  :: large, fast-flowing (river)
caudillaje {m}  :: The authority or power held by a caudillo
caudillazgo {m}  :: caudilloship
caudillesco {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to a caudillo
caudillismo {m}  :: caudillismo
caudillista {adj} [attributive]  :: caudillo
caudillo {m}  :: caudillo
caudino {adj}  :: Caudine (of or pertaining to the ancient Italian city of Caudium)
cañuela {f}  :: fescue
caulerpa {f}  :: A type of boring seaweed
caulinar {adj} [botany]  :: cauline
cauquén {m}  :: sheldgoose
causa {f}  :: cause
causa {f}  :: lawsuit
causa {f}  :: A dish in Peruvian cuisine made with potatoes and layered or topped with meat or vegetables
causación {f}  :: causation
causa-efecto {adj}  :: cause and effect
causahabiente {mf}  :: successor
causal {adj}  :: causal
causalidad {f}  :: causality
causante {adj}  :: that causes
causante {mf}  :: cause
causar {v}  :: to cause
causticidad {f}  :: causticity
cautamente {adv}  :: cautiously
cautela {f}  :: caution, care
cautela {f}  :: precaution
cautelar {adj}  :: precautionary, preventative
cautelar {v}  :: to guard against, to prevent against
cautelar {vr} [Latin America]  :: To be on guard
cautelarmente {adv}  :: precautionarily
cautelosamente {adv}  :: cautiously
cauteloso {adj}  :: cautious
cauterio {m}  :: cautery
cauterio {m}  :: cauterization
cauterio {m} [figuratively]  :: something that effectively rightens or tackles an evil or wrong
cauterización {f}  :: cauterization
cauterizar {v}  :: to cauterize
cauterizar {v}  :: to brand
cautiva {f}  :: (female) captive
cautivador {adj}  :: captivating
cautivante {adj}  :: seductive
cautivar {vt}  :: to take prisoner
cautivar {vt}  :: to capture, to win over
cautivar {vt}  :: to rapture, entice
cautiverio {m}  :: captivity
cautividad {f}  :: captivity
cautivo {adj}  :: captive
cautivo {m}  :: captive
cauto {adj}  :: cautious
cañuto {m}  :: A kind of tube
cava {f}  :: dig
cava {f}  :: cave or cellar where certain kinds of wines are processed
cava {f}  :: in a palace, a dependency where the water and wine drunk by royalty is looked after
cava {m}  :: sparkling wine
cavallero {m}  :: obsolete spelling of caballero
cavar {vt}  :: to excavate, dig
cavar {vi}  :: to penetrate into
caveat {m}  :: caveat
caveola {f}  :: caveola
caveolina {f} [protein]  :: caveolin
caverna {f}  :: cavern
cavernario {adj}  :: cave, cave-dwelling
cavernario {adj}  :: booming
cavernícola {adj}  :: cavemanlike, caveman (attributive)
cavernícola {mf}  :: caveman, cavewoman
cavernícola {mf} [colloquial, figuratively, pejorative]  :: caveman; an old-fashioned person
cavernoso {adj}  :: cavernous
caviar {m}  :: caviar
cavidad {f}  :: cavity
cavidad pleural {f} [anatomy]  :: pleural cavity
cavidad torácica {f}  :: thoracic cavity
cavilación {f}  :: worrying
cavilar {vt}  :: to think (something) through; to reflect
caviloso {adj}  :: suspicious
cavitación {f}  :: cavitation
cavitocusiri {m}  :: A traditional dance of Bolivia
cavo {adj}  :: concave
cavo {m}  :: burrow, den
cayac {m}  :: alternative spelling of kayak
cayado {m}  :: staff, crook
cayena {f}  :: cayenne pepper
Cayena {prop} {f}  :: Cayenne (capital of French Guiana)
cayería {f}  :: a group or chain of cays (small islands)
Cayetano {prop} {m}  :: given name, cognate to English Cajetan
cayo {m} [geography]  :: key (island)
Cayo Largo {prop} {m}  :: A placename
Cayo Largo {prop} {m}  :: Cayo Largo (a cay in the Cuban archipelago, south of Cuba)
Cayo Largo {prop} {m}  :: Key Largo (a cay in the Florida Keys archipelago)
cayuco {m}  :: cayuco
caza {f}  :: hunting, hunt
caza {m}  :: fighter plane
cazaautógrafos {m}  :: autograph hunter
cazabe {m} [Latin America]  :: Flat bread made from the roots of the manioc plant
cazabombardero {m}  :: fighter-bomber
cazacarros {m}  :: tank hunter; tank destroyer
cazado {v}  :: past participle of cazar
cazador {adj}  :: hunting
cazador {m}  :: hunter
cazadora {f}  :: feminine noun of cazador
cazadora {f}  :: flight jacket, bomber jacket
cazadora {f}  :: non-poisonous South American snake Chironius monticola
cazador furtivo {m} [game]  :: poacher
cazafantasmas {m}  :: ghosthunter
cazafortunas {mf}  :: fortune hunter, gold digger
cazagoles {m}  :: goalscorer
cazahuracanes {adj}  :: Of an airplane, chasing or investigating hurricanes
cazamariposas {m}  :: butterfly net
cazaminas {m}  :: minesweeper
cazaprimas {m}  :: premium hunter
cazar {v}  :: to hunt
cazar {v} [football]  :: to catch (a ball, said especially of the goalkeeper)
cazarecolección {f}  :: hunting-and-gathering
cazarecompensas {mf}  :: bounty hunter
cazarrecompensas {m}  :: bounty hunter
cazatalentos {m} [business]  :: headhunter, recruiter
cazatalentos {m} [sport]  :: talent scout
cazavampiros {mf}  :: vampire slayer
cazón {m}  :: dogfish, tope
cazo {m}  :: a kind of large saucepan or saucepot, wider at top than at bottom
cazo {m}  :: ladle
cazo {m} [colloquial]  :: clumsy person
cazo {m} [colloquial]  :: pimp
cazuela {f}  :: stewpot, casserole
cazuela {f} [Chile]  :: stew, (soup with meat and vegetables)
cazuelita {f}  :: diminutive of cazuela
cábala {f}  :: cabbala
cábala {f}  :: speculation
cíber {m}  :: cybercafe; Internet cafe
cúbico {adj}  :: cubic
cúbit {m} [computing]  :: qubit
cúbito {m}  :: ulna
cíborg {m}  :: alt form ciborg
cábula {mf} [Mexico, colloquial]  :: joking, mischievous person; bully (doing pranks)
cóccix {m}  :: alt form coxis
CCD {prop}  :: initialism of Comisión Cristiana de Desarrollo
Cáceres {prop}  :: Cáceres (province)
Cáceres {prop}  :: Cáceres (city)
Cáceres {prop}  :: surname
Cáceres {prop}  :: The letter c in the Spanish phonetic alphabet
Cícladas {prop} {fp}  :: Cyclades (island chain)
cóclea {f} [anatomy]  :: cochlea (the complex, spirally coiled, tapered cavity of the inner ear)
cíclicamente {adv}  :: cyclically
cíclico {adj}  :: cyclic
cíclope {m}  :: cyclops
cócona {f}  :: feminine noun of cócono
cócono {m} [Mexico]  :: turkey
cócono {m} [Mexico]  :: poult or chick of a turkey
CCOO {prop} {fp}  :: Comisiones Obreras, a Spanish trade union with a Communist history
cóctel {m}  :: cocktail
cóctel de mariscos {m}  :: seafood cocktail
cóctel mólotov {m}  :: Molotov cocktail
CD {m}  :: CD, compact disc
Cdad. {f}  :: abbreviation of ciudad (city)
códec {m}  :: codec
códice {m}  :: codex
código {m}  :: code
código binario {m} [computing]  :: binary code
código de barras {m}  :: barcode
código fuente {m} [computing]  :: source code
código genético {m}  :: genetic code
código Morse {m}  :: Morse code
código postal {m}  :: zip code
Cádiz {prop} {f}  :: Cádiz (province)
Cádiz {prop} {f}  :: Cádiz (city)
cdla {f}  :: abbreviation of ciudadela
cédula {f}  :: license
cédula {f} [finance]  :: warrant, option
cédula personal {f} [historical]  :: identity card
ce {f}  :: letter: c
cebú {m}  :: zebu
Cebú {prop} {m}  :: Cebu
cebada {f}  :: barley
cebadero {m}  :: Someone who trades in barley
cebadero {m}  :: feeding place
cebador {m} [Argentina]  :: starter
cebador {m} [genetics]  :: primer
cebar {v}  :: to bait
cebar {v}  :: to fatten
cebar {vr}  :: To turn on (criticise)
cebiche {m} [Latin America, cooking]  :: Raw seafood cured by marination in an acidic medium such as citrus, vinegar, or other souring agent, found primarily in Latin America
cebichería {f}  :: ceviche and seafood restaurant
cebichero {adj}  :: Of or related to cebiche/ceviche
cebichero {m}  :: A cebiche/ceviche cook
cebo {m}  :: bait
cebolla {f}  :: onion
cebolleta {f}  :: spring onion
cebolleta {f}  :: chive
cebollino {m}  :: chive
cebollino {m}  :: spring onion
cebollita {f}  :: pickled onion
cebra {f}  :: zebra (african animal)
cebuana {f}  :: feminine noun of cebuano
cebuano {m}  :: Cebuano (person)
cebuano {m}  :: Cebuano (language)
cebuano {adj}  :: Cebuano
cebuino {adj}  :: zebuine
ceca {f} [historical]  :: mint (where coins or money are made)
ceceante {adj}  :: lisping
cecear {v}  :: to lisp
ceceo {m}  :: lisp, lisping
Cecilia {prop} {f}  :: given name, cognate to English Cecilia
cecina {f}  :: sausage
cecina {f}  :: cecina
Cecina {prop} {f}  :: Cecina (town in the province of Livorno)
ceda {f}  :: alternative form of cerda
cedazo {m}  :: sieve
cedente {mf}  :: assignor
Cedeño {prop}  :: surname
ceder {v}  :: to cede, to hand over, to convey
ceder {v}  :: to transfer, to yield
ceder {v}  :: to relinquish, to abandon, to leave
ceder {v}  :: to decrease, to lessen, to diminish
cederista {mf} [Cuba]  :: A member of the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution
cedilla {f}  :: Name of the letter ç
cedilla {f} [orthography]  :: cedilla
cedrón {f}  :: lemon verbena (shrub, Aloysia triphylla)
cedro {m}  :: cedar (tree, wood)
cedula {f}  :: document, documentation, certificate
cedulación {f}  :: identification; granting of an identity card
cefalea {f}  :: headache, migraine
cefalización {f}  :: cephalization
cefalón {m} [anatomy]  :: cephalon
cefalocordado {m} [zoology]  :: cephalochordate
cefalorraquídeo {adj}  :: cerebrospinal
cefalotórax {m} [anatomy]  :: cephalothorax
cefalópodo {adj}  :: cephalopod
cefalópodo {m}  :: cephalopod
Cefeo {prop} {m} [Greek mythology]  :: Cepheus (mythical husband of Cassiopeia)
Cefeo {prop} {m} [constellation]  :: Cepheus (constellation)
Cefeus {prop} {m}  :: alternative form of Cefeo
cefálico {adj}  :: cephalic
cegador {adj}  :: blinding
cegar {v}  :: to blind, to go blind
cegarse {v}  :: reflexive of cegar
cegatón {m} [pejorative]  :: blind
cegetista {mf}  :: a member of supporter of the Confederación General del Trabajo
ceguedad {f}  :: blindness
ceguera {f}  :: blindness
ceiba {f}  :: The silk-cotton tree
ceibalita {f} [Uruguay]  :: A small laptop computer provided to public schools by the Uruguayan government's Plan Ceibal program
ceibeña {f}  :: feminine noun of ceibeño
ceibeño {adj}  :: Of or from the city of La Ceiba, Honduras
ceibeño {m}  :: An inhabitant of the city of La Ceiba, Honduras
ceibo {m}  :: One of several species of trees, principally Erythrina crista-galli
ceñido {adj}  :: moderate
ceñido {adj}  :: tight, constricted
ceñido {adj} [entomology]  :: Having a petiole
ceñidor {m}  :: belt
ceñidor {m}  :: girdle, sash
ceñidor {m} [heraldiccharge]  :: bar
ceilandés {adj}  :: Sri Lankan (literally "Ceylonese")
ceilandés {m}  :: Sri Lankan (literally "Ceylonese")
ceilanés {adj}  :: Sri Lankan (literally "Ceylonese")
ceilanés {m}  :: Sri Lankan (literally "Ceylonese")
Ceilán {prop} {m}  :: Ceylon (old name for Sri Lanka)
ceñir {vt}  :: to adjust (clothing)
ceñir {vt}  :: to encircle, gird
ceñir {vt}  :: to surround, be around
ceñir {vt}  :: to hug, to be tight (said of clothing)
ceñir {vt}  :: to restrict
ceja {f}  :: eyebrow
ceja {f}  :: rim, edge
ceja {f} [music]  :: fret
ceja {f} [music]  :: capotasto
ceja {f}  :: clearing (in the woods, in clouds, etc.)
cejar {v}  :: to give in; to forfeit
cejilla {f} [music]  :: capotasto, capo
cejilla {f} [music]  :: bridge
cejón {adj}  :: big-eyebrowed
cejón {m}  :: big eyebrow
cejón {m}  :: a person with big eyebrows
cejudo {adj}  :: Having thick, bushy or otherwise abundant eyebrows
celacanto {m}  :: coelacanth
celíaco {adj}  :: celiac
celada {f} [historical]  :: sallet, salade
celador {adj}  :: watching
celador {m}  :: watchman
celaje {m} [painting]  :: cloud effect
celaje {m}  :: skylight
celaje {m}  :: harbinger, herald
celaje {m} [nautical]  :: group of clouds
celar {v}  :: to watch over
celar {v}  :: to conceal
celar {v}  :: to be jealous
celda {f}  :: cell
celda unidad {f}  :: unit cell
celdilla {f}  :: cell; cavity in a structure such as a honeycomb
celebración {f}  :: celebration
celebrado {adj}  :: celebrated
celebrar {v}  :: to celebrate
celebrar {v}  :: to welcome, to accept
celebrarse {v}  :: reflexive of celebrar
celebratorio {adj}  :: celebratory
celebridad {f}  :: celebrity
celebrity {m}  :: celebrity
celebérrimo {adj}  :: superlative of célebre; extremely celebrated or famous
celenterado {m} [zoology]  :: coelenterate
celentéreo {m} [zoology]  :: coelenterate
celeridad {f}  :: rapidity, velocity
celeste {adj}  :: pale blue, sky blue
celeste {adj}  :: heavenly
celeste {m}  :: pale blue, sky blue
celestial {adj}  :: celestial
celestialmente {adv}  :: celestially
celestina {f} [mineral]  :: celestine (a mineral)
celestina {f}  :: matchmaker, cupid
Celia {prop}  :: given name, equivalent to English Celia though sometimes pronounced with a spanish accent
celiaquía {f}  :: coeliac disease
celiaquismo {f}  :: synonym of celiaquía
celibato {adj}  :: celibate
celidonia {f}  :: celandine
cellisquear {v}  :: to sleet
cellista {mf}  :: cellist
celómico {adj}  :: coelomic
celo {m}  :: zeal
celo {m}  :: heat (A condition where a mammal is aroused sexually or where it is especially fertile and therefore eager to mate)
celobiosa {f} [carbohydrate]  :: cellobiose
celofán {m}  :: cellophane
celoma {m} [anatomy]  :: celoma
celomado {adj} [anatomy]  :: coelomate
celomado {m} [anatomy]  :: coelomate
celomático {adj}  :: celomatic
celosía {f}  :: jalousie
celosamente {adv}  :: zealously
celoso {adj}  :: jealous
celoso {adj}  :: zealous
celsius {m}  :: alternative form of Celsius
Celsius {m}  :: Celsius
celta {m}  :: A Celt
celtíbera {f}  :: feminine noun of celtíbero
celtíbero {adj}  :: Celtiberian
celtíbero {m}  :: Celtiberian
celtibérico {adj}  :: Celtiberian
celtista {adj}  :: Celtist
celtista {adj} [football]  :: A fan, player, or other person associated with RC Celta, a football team from the Spanish town of Vigo
celu {m} [Latin America, slang]  :: cell phone
celular {adj}  :: cellular
celular {m} [Latin American Spanish]  :: cell phone [US], mobile phone [UK, Australia]
celularización {f}  :: cellularization
celulasa {f} [enzyme]  :: cellulase
celulitis {f}  :: cellulitis
celuloide {m}  :: celluloid
celulosa {f} [carbohydrate]  :: cellulose
celurosaurio {m}  :: alt form coelurosaurio
cementación {f} [metallurgy]  :: case hardening
cementar {v}  :: to cement
cementera {f}  :: cement factory
cementerio {m}  :: cemetery
cementerio {m}  :: junkyard, scrapyard
cementero {adj} [attributive]  :: cement
cementero {m}  :: cement maker, cement-making company
cemento {m}  :: cement (a powdered substance)
cempasúchil {m}  :: Mexican marigold
cena {f}  :: supper, dinner
cenador {m}  :: arbor
cenaduría {f} [Mexico]  :: restaurant
cenagal {m}  :: quagmire, bog
cenagoso {adj}  :: marshy
cenaguera {f}  :: feminine noun of cenaguero
cenaguero {adj}  :: Of or from a swamp; swamp-dwelling
cenaguero {m}  :: Someone from a swamp; swamp dweller
cenar {v}  :: to dine; to have supper; to have a lavish meal
cencerro {m}  :: cowbell
cenáculo {m}  :: cenacle
cendal {m}  :: sendal
cendrar {v}  :: alternative form of acendrar
cenefa {f}  :: decorative border
cenicero {m}  :: ashtray
Cenicienta {prop} {f}  :: Cinderella
ceniciento {adj} [literary]  :: ashen; having the color or appearance of ash
ceniciento {adj} [pejorative]  :: gay, effeminate
cenit {m}  :: zenith
cenital {adj}  :: zenithal
ceniza {f}  :: ash
cenizo {m}  :: ash
cenizo {m}  :: nettle-leaved goosefoot, Chenopodiastrum murale
cenizo {adj}  :: ashen
cenobio {m} [formal]  :: monastery, cenoby
cenobio {m} [biology]  :: coenobium
cenobita {mf}  :: cenobite (monk who lives in a religious community)
Cenomaniano {prop} {m}  :: Cenomanian
Cenomaniense {prop} {m}  :: Cenomanian
cenotafio {m}  :: cenotaph
cenote {m}  :: cenote
censal {adj}  :: censual
censar {v}  :: to take a census
censista {mf}  :: census taker
censitario {adj}  :: census
censo {m}  :: census
censor {adj}  :: censoring
censor {m}  :: censor
censora {f}  :: feminine noun of censor
censura {f}  :: censure
censura {f}  :: censorship
censurable {adj}  :: reprehensible
censurable {adj}  :: censurable, blameworthy
censurador {m}  :: censor
censurar {v}  :: to censure
centalla {f}  :: alternative form of centella
centauro {m}  :: centaur
centavo {m}  :: cent (subunit of currency in US and other countries)
centella {f}  :: spark (burst of electric discharge)
centellar {v}  :: obsolete form of centellear to twinkle
centelleante {adj}  :: sparkling, scintillating
centellear {v}  :: to shimmer, twinkle
centena {f}  :: a unit of one hundred objects
centenar {m}  :: a unit of one hundred objects
centenario {adj}  :: centenary, centennial
centenario {adj}  :: hundred-year-old
centenario {m}  :: centenary, centennial
centeno {m}  :: rye
Centeno {prop} {m}  :: surname
center {m} [baseball]  :: center
centerfielder {m}  :: centerfielder
centigramo {m}  :: centigram
centimillo {m}  :: diminutive of céntimo
centinela {m}  :: sentinel, sentry, guard
centiárea {f}  :: one-hundredth of an are; 1 square meter
centímetro {m}  :: centimetre
centímetro cúbico {m}  :: cubic centimetre; cubic centimeter [US]
centolla {f}  :: An alternative form of centollo
centolla {f}  :: One of several species of king crab
centollo {m}  :: European spider crab
central {adj}  :: central
central {f}  :: headquarter
central {f}  :: center
central eléctrica {f}  :: power plant
centralidad {f}  :: centrality
centralismo {m}  :: centralism
centralista {mf}  :: centralist
centralita {f}  :: switchboard
centralización {f}  :: centralization
centralizado {adj}  :: centralized
centralizador {adj}  :: centralizing
centralizar {v}  :: to centralize
centralmente {adv}  :: centrally
central nuclear {m}  :: nuclear power plant
centrar {v}  :: to center
centrarse {v}  :: reflexive of centrar
centrífuga {f}  :: centrifuge (machine)
centrífugo {adj}  :: centrifugal
centrifugación {f}  :: centrifugation
centrifugador {m}  :: centrifuge
centrifugador {m}  :: salad spinner
centrifugadora {f}  :: centrifuge
centrifugar {v}  :: to centrifuge
centriolo {m} [cytology]  :: centriole
centrismo {m}  :: centrism
centrista {mf}  :: centrist
centrómero {m}  :: centromere
centro {m}  :: center
centro {m} [geometry]  :: center
centro {m} [politics]  :: center, moderate tendencies or ideas
centro {m}  :: middle
centro {m}  :: core, heart
centro {m} [urbanism]  :: city center, downtown
centroafricano {adj}  :: Central African
centroafricano {m}  :: Central African
centroamericana {f}  :: feminine of centroamericano
centroamericano {adj}  :: Central American
centroamericano {m}  :: Central American
Centroamérica {prop} {f}  :: Central America
centroasiático {adj}  :: Central Asian
centrobarico {adj}  :: centrobaric
centrocampista {mf} [soccer]  :: midfielder
centro comercial {m}  :: mall, shopping centre
centro de alumnos {m}  :: students' union
centro de estudiantes {m}  :: students' union
centrodelantero {m} [football]  :: centre forward
centro derecha {mf}  :: alternative spelling of centroderecha
centroderecha {mf}  :: center-right
centro-derecha {mf}  :: alternative spelling of centroderecha
centroderechista {mf}  :: centre-right politician
centroeste {adj}  :: east-central
centroeuropeo {adj}  :: Central European
centroeuropeo {m}  :: Central European
centro izquierda {mf}  :: alternative spelling of centroizquierda
centroizquierda {mf}  :: center-left
centro-izquierda {mf}  :: alternative spelling of centroizquierda
centríolo {m} [cytology]  :: centriole
centrosoma {m} [cytology]  :: centrosome
centrípeto {adj}  :: centripetal
centésimo {adj}  :: hundredth
centésimo {m}  :: hundredth
centésimo {m}  :: cent (one hundredth of a currency unit) for the Panamanian balboa and Uruguayan peso
centuria {f}  :: century (Roman army unit)
centuria {f} [poetic]  :: century (period)
centurión {m}  :: centurion
cenutrio {m}  :: twerp, brat
cenzonte {m} [Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico]  :: alternative form of cenzontle
cenzontle {m}  :: mockingbird
ceño {m}  :: frown, scowl
cepa {f}  :: variety (of wine)
cepa {f}  :: strain (of virus)
cepa {f}  :: rootstalk (underground stem base)
cepa {f}  :: grapevine stock, grapevine
cepa {f}  :: stump (of a tree), stub
cepa {f}  :: root (of an animal’s tail or horns, etc.)
cepa {f}  :: nucleus (of cloud formation)
cepa {f}  :: ancestry, stock, origin (of family lineage)
cepa {f}  :: pier (of an arch or bridge)
cepillar {v}  :: to brush
cepillar {v} [colloquial]  :: to please, to praise
cepillar {v} [vulgar]  :: to fuck
cepillar {v} [colloquial]  :: to despoil, to plunder
cepillar {v}  :: to plane
cepillarse {v}  :: to brush (oneself)
cepillo {m}  :: brush
cepillo {m}  :: plane (for carpentry)
cepillo de dientes {m}  :: toothbrush (brush for cleaning the teeth and tongue)
cepillo del pelo {m}  :: hairbrush
cepo {m}  :: animal trap
cepo {m}  :: clamp
ceporro {m}  :: nincompoop, buffoon, dimwit
cepstral {adj}  :: cepstral
cepstrum {m}  :: cepstrum
cequí {m}  :: sequin (coin)
cera {f}  :: wax
ceramida {f} [organic compound]  :: ceramide
ceramio {m}  :: ceramic, piece of ceramic art
ceramista {mf}  :: potter
ceratopsiano {m}  :: ceratopsian
ceratopsio {m}  :: ceratopsian
cerbatana {f}  :: blowgun; blowpipe
cerbatana {f}  :: peashooter
cerbatanera {f}  :: feminine noun of cerbatanero
cerbatanero {m}  :: one who uses a blowgun or blowpipe
Cerbero {prop} {m} [Greek mythology]  :: Cerberus
cerca {adv}  :: close; near; around
cerca {f}  :: fence, wall
cerca de {adv}  :: about; approximately
cercamiento {m}  :: enclosure
cercanía {f}  :: proximity, vicinity, closeness, nearness
cercanamente {adv}  :: closely, nearly
cercano {adj}  :: near, nearby, close
cercar {v}  :: to corral, fence
cercenamiento {m}  :: severing
cercenar {v}  :: to curtail, cut, sever
cerciorar {vr}  :: to make sure
cerciorar {vt} [uncommon]  :: to assure
cerciorarse {vr}  :: to make sure, to assure oneself
cerco {m}  :: ring (made by dirt)
cerco {m} [entomology]  :: cercus
cercópido {m}  :: cercopid
cerda {f}  :: sow (female pig)
cerda {f}  :: bristle (stiff or coarse hair)
Cerdeña {prop} {f}  :: Sardinia
cerdita {f}  :: diminutive of cerda, a little pig
cerdito {m}  :: diminutive of cerdo, little pig
cerdo {adj}  :: dirty
cerdo {m}  :: pig
cerdo {m}  :: pork
cerdo hormiguero {m}  :: aardvark
cerdoso {adj}  :: piglike
cerdoso {adj}  :: owning pigs
cereal {m}  :: cereal
cerealista {adj} [attributive]  :: cereal; grain
cerealista {mf}  :: cereal or grain producer
cerebelo {m}  :: cerebellum (part of the hindbrain in vertebrates)
cerebeloso {adj}  :: cerebellar
cerebral {adj}  :: cerebral
cerebro {m} [anatomy]  :: brain
cerebro {m}  :: nerd
cerebrovascular {adj}  :: cerebrovascular
cerebrósido {m}  :: cerebroside
cerefolio {m}  :: chervil
ceremonia {f}  :: ceremony
ceremonial {adj}  :: ceremonial
ceremonialmente {adv}  :: ceremonially
ceremoniosamente {adv}  :: ceremoniously
ceremonioso {adj}  :: ceremonious
cerería {f}  :: chandlery; candle shop
cerera {f}  :: feminine noun of cerero
cerero {m}  :: wax seller
cerero {m}  :: wax maker
Ceres {prop} {f} [Roman god]  :: The Roman goddess of agriculture; equivalent to the Greek goddess Demeter
Ceres {prop} {m} [astronomy]  :: Ceres (dwarf planet)
cereza {f}  :: cherry
cerezo {m}  :: cherry tree
cerilla {f}  :: match (stick)
cerilla {f}  :: long, narrow candle; taper
cerilla {f}  :: earwax
cerillero {m}  :: matchbox
cerillita {f}  :: diminutive of cerilla; small match
cerillo {m}  :: match (stick)
cerio {m}  :: cerium
cerúleo {adj}  :: Having the color cerulean
cerúleo {m}  :: The color cerulean
cerámica {f}  :: ceramic (material)
cerámica {f}  :: ceramics (art of making ceramic objects)
cerámica {f}  :: ceramics (ceramic objects)
cerámico {adj}  :: ceramic
cernícalo {m}  :: kestrel (Falco tinnunculus)
cernícalo {m} [colloquial]  :: lout
cernícalo común {m}  :: The common kestrel
cerneja {f}  :: fetlock
cerneja {f}  :: fringe
cerner {v}  :: to sift
cerner {v}  :: to blossom
cernidor {m}  :: sieve
cernir {v}  :: to sift
cero {num} [cardinal]  :: zero
cero {m}  :: zero
cero absoluto {m}  :: absolute zero
cero a la izquierda {mf} [idiomatic]  :: A person of little or no consequence; a nobody; a nonentity
ceroso {adj}  :: waxen
cerote {m} [Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, vulgar]  :: a turd, excrement
cerote {m} [El Salvador, Nicaragua, vulgar]  :: asshole, a reprehensible person
cerquillo {m}  :: fringe
cerquísima {adv}  :: superlative of cerca
cerradamente {adv}  :: in a closed way
cerrado {adj}  :: shut, closed
cerrador {m} [baseball]  :: closer
cerradura {f}  :: lock
cerraja {f}  :: lock
cerraja {f}  :: field milk thistle; field sowthistle; perennial sow-thistle; corn sow thistle; dindle (Sonchus arvensis)
cerrajería {f}  :: A locksmith’s shop / store
cerrajero {m}  :: locksmith
cerramiento {m}  :: closing
cerrar {vt}  :: to close
cerrar {vt}  :: to shut
cerrar {vt}  :: to enclose
cerrar el pico {phrase} [idiom]  :: to shut up; shut one's trap
cerrar la marcha {v} [idiomatic]  :: to bring up the rear (be last in a line)
cerrazón {f}  :: stubbornness, obstinateness
cerril {adj}  :: rough (of terrain)
cerril {adj}  :: rough, rude (of a person)
cerril {adj}  :: unbroken, wild (of an animal)
cerrillo {m}  :: diminutive of cerro
cerrista {adj} [football]  :: connected to Cerro Porteño, a Paraguayan football club from Asunción
cerrista {mf} [football]  :: Someone connected to Cerro Porteño, as a player, coach, fan etc
cerrito {m}  :: diminutive of cerro
cerro {m}  :: hill
cerrojazo {m}  :: abrupt bolting of a door
cerrojo {m} [in a lock or weapon]  :: bolt
cerrojo {m} [in sports]  :: very aggressive or defensive tactics
certamen {m}  :: competition
certeramente {adv}  :: accurately
certero {adj}  :: accurate, spot on
certero {adj}  :: proper
certero {adj}  :: well-informed
certeza {f}  :: certainty
certidumbre {f}  :: certainty
certificable {adj}  :: certifiable
certificación {f}  :: certification
certificado {adj}  :: certified
certificado {m}  :: document of certification
certificador {adj}  :: certifying
certificador {m}  :: certifier
certificar {vt}  :: to certify
certitud {f}  :: certainty
cerumen {m}  :: earwax
Cervantes {prop}  :: surname
Cervantes {prop}  :: Miguel de Cervantes (1547-1616), an influential Spanish author
cervantesco {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to Miguel de Cervantes, a Spanish authour
cervantino {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to Miguel de Cervantes, a Spanish authour
cervantismo {m}  :: Work in the style of Cervantes
cervantista {adj}  :: Of, relating to, or supporting, Miguel de Cervantes, Spanish author
cervantista {mf}  :: A scholar of Miguel de Cervantes
cervatillo {m}  :: fawn (young deer)
cerve {f} [colloquial]  :: beer
cervecera {f}  :: feminine noun of cervecero
cervecería {f}  :: brewery (place where beer is brewed)
cervecería {f}  :: A pub or bar where beer is sold
cervecero {adj} [attributive]  :: beer
cervecero {m}  :: beer brewer
cervecita {f}  :: diminutive of cerveza
cerveza {f}  :: beer
cervezería {f}  :: archaic spelling of cervecería
cervical {adj}  :: cervical
cervicometría {f}  :: cervical ultrasound
cervicométrico {adj}  :: cervicometric
cervicouterino {adj}  :: cervicouterine
cerviz {f} [anatomy]  :: cervix (neck)
cervántico {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to Miguel de Cervantes, a Spanish authour
cesación {f}  :: cessation, stopping, giving up
cesantía {f} [Chile]  :: unemployment
cesante {mf}  :: dismissed worker (worker who was laid off)
cesante {adj}  :: dismissed, laid off, sacked (pertaining to a job or working)
cesante {adj}  :: unemployed
cesantear {vt} [Argentina, colloquial]  :: to fire, to dismiss, to sack
cesar {vt}  :: to cease
cesaraugustano {adj}  :: Saragossan
cesaraugustano {m}  :: Saragossan
cesarismo {m}  :: Caesarism
cese {m}  :: cease
cesible {adj}  :: that which may be ceded
cesión {f}  :: transfer
cesión {f} [sports]  :: short pass of a ball
cesina {f}  :: A type of salted, aged beef in Latin-American cuisine
cesio {m}  :: caesium
cesionaria {f}  :: feminine noun of cesionario
cesionario {m}  :: assignee (one who has been assigned)
cesionario {adj}  :: assigned
cespitar {v} [obsolete]  :: to hesitate
cesárea {f}  :: Caesarean section
cesta {f}  :: basket
cestería {f}  :: basketry, basket making
cestería {f}  :: basket shop
cestilla {f}  :: diminutive of cesta
cestillo {m}  :: diminutive of cesto
cestita {f}  :: diminutive of cesta
cestito {m}  :: diminutive of cesto
cesto {m}  :: basket
cestodo {m}  :: tapeworm
-ceta {suffix}  :: feminine noun of -cete
cetal {m} [organic chemistry]  :: ketal
cetano {m} [organic compound]  :: cetane
cetáceo {adj}  :: cetaceous
cetáceo {m}  :: cetacean
-cete {suffix}  :: Form of -ete
cetemista {adj} [Mexico]  :: Of the Confederation of Mexican Workers (Confederación de Trabajadores de México)
cetemista {mf} [Mexico]  :: A member of the Confederation of Mexican Workers
cetena {f} [organic chemistry]  :: ketene
cetilo {m} [organic chemistry]  :: ketyl
cetónico {adj}  :: ketone (attributive)
cetoácido {m} [organic compound]  :: keto acid
cetoglutarato {m}  :: ketoglutarate
cetogénesis {f} [physiology, biochemistry]  :: ketogenesis
cetogénico {adj}  :: ketogenic
cetona {f} [chemistry]  :: ketone
cetopentosa {f} [carbohydrate]  :: ketopentose
cetosa {f}  :: ketose
cetrería {f}  :: falconry
cetrera {f}  :: falconer
cetrero {m}  :: falconer, hawker
cetrino {adj}  :: yellow-green; sallow
cetro {m}  :: scepter
cetótico {adj}  :: ketotic
Cetus {prop} [constellation]  :: Cetus (winter constellation of the northern sky)
ceñudo {adj}  :: frowny
ceugma {m} [rare]  :: alternative spelling of zeugma
ceutí {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to Ceuta
ceutí {mf}  :: Someone from Ceuta
Ceuta {prop} {f}  :: Ceuta (autonomous city)
ceviche {m}  :: alternative spelling of cebiche
cevichería {f}  :: alternative spelling of cebichería
cevichero {adj}  :: Of or related to cebiche/ceviche
cevichero {m}  :: A cebiche/ceviche cook
CF {abbr}  :: FC (Football Club)
céfalon {m}  :: alt form cefalón
cáfila {f} [collective]  :: caravan (a group of humans, camels or other animals)
céfiro {m}  :: zephyr
Céfiro {prop} {m}  :: Zephyrus
ch {letter}  :: che, the fourth letter of the Spanish alphabet, after c and before d
Ch {letter}  :: che, the fourth letter of the Spanish alphabet, after C and before D
CH {abbr}  :: Chihuahua (Mexican state)
CH {letter}  :: che, the fourth letter of the Spanish alphabet
chía {f}  :: chia (seed of Salvia plants)
chañar {m}  :: Geoffroea decorticans, a small deciduous tree
chabacanamente {adv}  :: vulgarly, coarsely, rudely
chabacanería {f}  :: vulgarness, coarseness
chabacano {adj} [spectacle and in general]  :: vulgar, coarse
chabacano {m} [Mexico]  :: apricot
Chabela {prop} {f}  :: A diminutive of the female given name Isabel
chabón {m} [Argentina]  :: dude, guy
chabola {f}  :: shanty; an old run-down house or shack
chabolismo {m}  :: slumdom
chabolista {adj} [attributive]  :: slum
chabolista {mf}  :: slum-dweller
chabolización {f}  :: turning into slums
chacahuala {m}  :: chuckwalla
chacal {m}  :: jackal
chacalaca {f}  :: Any bird of the genus Ortalis
chacal común {m}  :: black-backed jackal, Canis mesomelas
chacal dorado {m}  :: golden jackal, Canis aureus
chacal rayado {m}  :: side-striped jackal, Canis adustus
chacarera {f}  :: chacarera
chacarero {m} [Latin America]  :: chacarero (farmer)
chacarero {m} [Chile]  :: chacarero (sandwich)
chacha {f} [pejorative]  :: maid; cleaning lady (female servant or cleaner)
chachachá {m}  :: cha-cha
chachalaca {f}  :: chachalaca
chachalaca {f} [colloquial, Mexico, Central America]  :: babbler, yapper
chachalaca {f} [colloquial, Guatemala]  :: chatter
chachalaca {f} [colloquial, El Salvador]  :: chatty (said of a person)
chacharear {vi} [colloquial]  :: to babble (talk much)
chacharear {vi} [colloquial]  :: to piffle (speak in a futile, ineffective, or nonsensical manner)
chacharear {vt} [colloquial]  :: to buy trinket
chachi {adj} [colloquial]  :: fab, awesome
chachito {adj}  :: diminutive of chachi
chacho {m} [colloquial]  :: son, boy
chacmol {m} [archaeology]  :: chacmol
chac mool {m}  :: alternative form of chacmol
Chac Mool {m}  :: alternative form of chacmol
chacón {m}  :: Philippine sailfin lizard
chaco {m} [Paraguay]  :: farm
Chaco {prop} {m}  :: Province of Argentina
Chaco {prop} {m}  :: Swamped area in southern South America
chacolí {m}  :: A white wine from the Basque Country
chacona {f}  :: chaconne
chacota {f}  :: joke
chacotear {v}  :: to have fun
chacotear {vr}  :: to mock; take the mickey (out of)
chacra {f} [Latin America]  :: small farm
chacra {f} [Latin America]  :: field to be used for cultivation
chacra {m}  :: alternative spelling of chakra
Chad {prop}  :: Chad
chadiana {f}  :: feminine noun of chadiano
chadiano {adj}  :: Chadian
chadiano {m}  :: Chadian
chador {m}  :: chador (robe)
chaebol {m}  :: chaebol
chafa {adj} [Mexico]  :: cheap, low quality; lame
chafar {vt}  :: to crush, squash
chafar {vt}  :: to ruin
chafarote {f} [Argentina, pejorative]  :: soldier
chafarrinada {f}  :: smudge, stain
chafarrinón {m}  :: smudge, stain
chaflán {m}  :: chamfer
chagas {f}  :: Chagas disease
chagatai {m}  :: Chagatai (extinct Turkic language formerly spoken in Central Asia)
Chaikovski {prop} {mf}  :: Tchaikovsky (surname)
chairo {m}  :: A stew made from meat and vegetables and chuño
chajá {m}  :: A crested screamer
chajá {m}  :: A Uruguayan cake that includes merengue, fruit, and cream
chakra {m} [Hinduism, Ayurveda]  :: chakra
chalé {m}  :: cottage, chalet
chal {m}  :: shawl
chala {f} [Chile]  :: sandal
chalaca {f}  :: Someone from Callao
chalaca {f}  :: a type of straw hat
chalaco {adj}  :: Of or from Callao
chalaco {m}  :: Someone from Callao
chalado {adj}  :: fool
chalado {m}  :: nut (insane person)
chalana {f} [nautical]  :: wherry (type of ship)
chalar {vt}  :: to drive crazy
chalar {vr}  :: to go crazy
chalaza {f} [zoology, botany]  :: chalaza
chalcona {f} [organic chemistry]  :: chalcone
chale {interj} [US, slang]  :: "No" intensified. Similar to "hell no" or "yeah right"
chalecito {m}  :: diminutive of chalé
chaleco {m}  :: vest, waistcoat
chaleco {m}  :: sweater, jumper
chaleco antibalas {m}  :: bulletproof vest
chaleco salvavidas {m}  :: life jacket; life vest
chalequera {f}  :: feminine of chalequero
chalequero {m}  :: A waistcoat, vest or jacket maker
chalet {m}  :: cottage, chalet
chalái {adj} [Paraguay]  :: crappy, rubbish
chalina {f}  :: a scarf (clothing)
chalán {m}  :: a traditional cowboy (vaquero) from Northern Peru
chalán {m}  :: the distinctive costume worn by a chalan, including a linen poncho, a straw sombrero, etc
chalán {m}  :: by extension, a gallant
chalupa {f} [nautical]  :: shallop, sloop, launch (a kind of longboat)
chalupa {f} [Mexico]  :: two-man canoe
chalupa {f} [Mexico]  :: a chalupa (bowl-shaped fried tortilla stuffed with chopped meat, lettuce, cheese, etc.)
chalupa {f} [Mexico, slang]  :: fat girl
chama {m}  :: chama
chamaca {f}  :: feminine noun of chamaco
chamaco {m} [colloquial, Cuba, El Salvador, Honduras, Mexico]  :: A boy or teenager; a male youth
Chamaeleon {prop} [constellation]  :: Chamaeleon (small circumpolar constellation of the southern sky)
chamagoso {adj} [Mexico]  :: filthy; grubby
chamamé {m} [music]  :: chamamé (folk music style from NE Argentina)
chamanismo {m}  :: shamanism
chamaquito {m} [colloquial, Mexico]  :: kid, guy, kiddo
chamarilear {v}  :: to deal in second-hand goods
chamarilera {f}  :: feminine noun of chamarilero
chamarilería {f}  :: second-hand shop
chamarilero {m}  :: second-hand dealer
chamarra {f}  :: jacket, coat
Chamartín {prop} {m}  :: Chamartín (district)
chamba {f} [Spain]  :: fluke
chamba {f} [Spain]  :: ditch, trench
chamba {f} [Spain]  :: deep scar (by comparison with a ditch)
chamba {f} [familiar, Mexico, Central America, Peru, Colombia]  :: job, employment; task
chambao {m}  :: (Andalusian) An improvised beach tent
chambear {vi} [Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico]  :: to work
chambelán {m}  :: chamberlain
chambergo {m}  :: (broad-rimmed) hat, slouch hat
chambón {adj} [colloquial, El Salvador]  :: poorly done, badly done, of bad quality
chambonada {f} [colloquial, El Salvador]  :: a bad work, something very poorly done
chamizo {m}  :: shack, hut
chamán {m} [religion]  :: shaman
chamánico {adj}  :: shamanic
chamo {m} [Venezuela, colloquial]  :: kid, child
chamorro {m} [Mexico]  :: shank (of pork, beef, etc.), e.g. 'chamorro de puerco', pork shank
champú {m}  :: shampoo
champa {f}  :: clod, tuft (small cluster of plants with adhering earth, piece of turf)
champa {f} [pejorative, Chile]  :: pubic hair, armpit hair
champaña {m}  :: alt form of champán
champañero {m}  :: champagne bucket
champagne {m}  :: champagne
champi {m}  :: mushroom, shroom
champigñón {m}  :: alternative form of champiñón
champiñón {m}  :: button mushroom (Agaricus bisporus)
champiñón {m} [colloquial]  :: mushroom
champión {m}  :: trainer, sports shoe
Champions {prop} [soccer]  :: Champions League (the highest-level European club football tournament)
champán {m}  :: champagne
champurrado {m} [Mexico]  :: A traditional chocolate-based atole, containing panela, vanilla, anise and cinnamon
champurrado {m} [Cuba]  :: A water-based drink, containing several spices, mixed with rum or brandy
champurrar {v}  :: to mix (spirits)
chamullar {v} [Chile, Argentina, Peru, colloquial]  :: to lie, to seduce or convince someone making use of lies
chamullar {v} [Spain, colloquial]  :: to talk, chat
chamullo {m} [Chile]  :: an story of little truth
chamullo {m} [Chile]  :: the art of telling lies
chamuscar {v}  :: to scorch, to singe
chamuyar {v} [Argentina, Uruguay, colloquial]  :: to chat up, sweet-talk
chamuyero {m} [Argentina, colloquial]  :: charmer, someone who frequently uses fake tactics and adulation to pick up women. Chamuyar and the spin-off words can have bad connotations, and are often interchanged with “to lie” and “liar.”
chan {m} [Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras]  :: alternative form of chía
chaná {m}  :: A Chaná; a member of an indigenous ethnic group of Uruguay
chaná {m} [uncountable]  :: The extinct Chaná language
chana {f} [Chile, slang]  :: Term applied to a lower‐class woman not desired for a longer relationship
chanca {f} [Cono Sur]  :: grinding; crushing
chancaca {f}  :: panela (solid piece of unrefined sugar)
chancadito {adj} [Latin America]  :: hunky
chancay {m}  :: Chancay
chancay {m} [Peru]  :: Something of poor quality
chance {mf}  :: chance
chance {conj} [Mexico]  :: maybe, perchance, perhaps or possibly
chancera {f}  :: feminine noun of chancero
chancero {adj}  :: jokey
chancero {m}  :: joker
chancha {f} [Latin America]  :: female pig, sow
chanchi {adj} [colloquial]  :: fab, awesome
chanchito {m} [Latin America]  :: piglet
chanchito {m}  :: piggy bank
chanchito de tierra {m}  :: woodlouse
chancho {m} [Latin America]  :: pig
chancho {adj} [Latin America, figuratively]  :: dirty
chanchullo {m} [colloquial]  :: sleaze, scum
chanchullo {m} [colloquial]  :: sham, fishy business, funny stuff
chanchullo {m}  :: backgammon
chanciller {m}  :: Variant form of canciller
chancla {f}  :: slipper
chancla {f}  :: flip-flop
chancla {f}  :: old shoe
chancleta {f}  :: slipper (house shoe)
chancleta {f}  :: weapon (blunt object)
chancleta {f} [Latin America, colloquial]  :: girl
chancleta {f} [Colombia]  :: accelerator (accelerator pedal)
chancleta {mf} [colloquial]  :: inept person
chancletazo {m}  :: strike with a sandal
chanclo {m}  :: clog
chanclo {m} [usually in plural, Mexico]  :: galosh
chancro {m}  :: chancre
chancroide {m}  :: chancroid
chandal {m}  :: tracksuit
chandelier {m}  :: chandelier
chanfaina {f}  :: A meat stew made with lamb and various other ingredients
changüí {m}  :: changüí
changana {m}  :: Changana (language)
changarro {m} [colloquial, Mexico]  :: shop
Changchun {prop}  :: Changchun (a sub-provincial city in northeastern China)
Changhsingiano {prop} {m}  :: Changhsingian
Changhsingiense {prop} {m}  :: Changhsingian
chango {m} [Mexico]  :: monkey
chango {m} [Argentina]  :: shopping trolley, shopping cart
chanquete {m}  :: transparent goby (Aphia minuta)
chanson {m}  :: chanson
chanta {m} [colloquial, Argentina, Chile]  :: liar
chanta {f}  :: fake, nonsense
chantage {m}  :: obsolete form of chantaje
chantaje {m}  :: blackmail
chantaje {m}  :: extortion, blackmailing
chantajear {v}  :: to blackmail
chantajista {mf}  :: blackmailer
chantar {v} [Chile, slang]  :: to stop
chantar {v} [Chile, vulgar, ]  :: to fuck
chantarela {f}  :: chanterelle
chante {m} [San Antonio]  :: house
chanza {f}  :: joke
chao {interj} [Latin America and some parts of Spain]  :: bye, goodbye
chapa {f}  :: veneer
chapa {f}  :: plating
chapa {f}  :: lock
chapa {f}  :: badge
chapa {f}  :: license plate
chapa {f} [colloquial]  :: crown cap
chapa {f} [Bolivia, Peru]  :: nickname
chapa {f} [Nicaragua]  :: earring
chapa {f} [Argentina, Uruguay]  :: roofing sheet
chapado {adj}  :: plated (with metal)
chapalear {v}  :: to wade (in shallow water)
chapalear {v}  :: to splash
chapalear {v}  :: to clatter
chapapote {m}  :: alternative form of chapopote
chapar {vt}  :: to veneer
chapar {vt}  :: to plate (as with metal)
chaparra {f}  :: kermes oak (Quercus coccifera)
chaparra {f}  :: chaparral (scrubland)
chaparra {f} [Latin America]  :: a female of short stature
chaparreras {fp}  :: chaps (leather trousers)
chaparrón {m}  :: downpour
chaparro {m} [Mexico]  :: person of short stature
chapata {f}  :: ciabatta
chape {m}  :: tress, braid
chapear {v}  :: synonym of chapar
chapear {v}  :: to weed (remove weeds)
chapear {v} [Latin America]  :: to thrive
chapeau {interj}  :: Used to express appreciation
chapela {f}  :: Basque-style beret
chapero {m}  :: hustler, rent boy (male prostitute)
chapita {f}  :: cap; bottlecap
chapitel {m}  :: spire
chapín {adj}  :: bow-legged
chapín {m}  :: clog
chapo {m}  :: (Mexico) person of short stature
chapo {m}  :: (Ecuador) an Ecuadorian dish based on chocolate and barley flour (Máchica)
chapopote {m} [Mexico]  :: tar
chapopote {m} [Mexico]  :: asphalt
chapote {m} [Mexico]  :: Texas persimmon, Mexican persimmon; Diospyros texana
chapoteadero {m}  :: paddling pool
chapotear {v}  :: dabble
chapotear {v}  :: splatter
chapucear {v} [colloquial]  :: to botch; mess up
chapucería {f}  :: shoddiness
chapuceramente {adv}  :: shoddily, sloppily
chapucero {adj}  :: shoddy
chapucero {adj} [Mexico, familiar]  :: dishonest
chapucero {adj} [pejorative]  :: amateur
chapucero {m}  :: sloppy worker
chapucero {m} [Mexico, familiar]  :: swindler
chapulín {m} [Central America, Colombia, Mexico]  :: grasshopper, locust, especially when toasted as food
chapulín {m} [Central America]  :: small child, tot
Chapultepec {m}  :: A large, wooded park in central Mexico City; site of Los Pinos, the official residence of the president of Mexico
chapurrar {v}  :: alternative form of chapurrear
chapurrar {v}  :: to mix (spirits)
chapurrear {v}  :: to smatter (speak a language superficially)
chapuza {f} [colloquial]  :: odd job, especially involving manual labor
chapuza {f} [colloquial]  :: something poorly done or jury-rigged
chapuzón {m}  :: dip; brief swim
chaque {m}  :: A dish from Arequipa, Peru, consisting of beef or lamb served with various vegetables
chaqueño {adj}  :: of or from Chaco
chaqueño {m}  :: Someone from Chaco
chaqueta {f}  :: jacket, piece of clothing worn on the upper body outside a shirt or blouse, often waist length to thigh length
chaquete {m}  :: backgammon
chaquetear {vi}  :: to be afraid, to draw back
chaquetear {v}  :: to run away, to flee
chaquetear {v}  :: to change sides, to become a turncoat
chaquetear {v}  :: to change one’s opinion
chaquetear {v}  :: to renege
chaquetear {vr} [slang]  :: to masturbate, to jerk off
chaquetilla {f}  :: diminutive of cazo; small or short jacket
chaquetilla {f} [bullfighting]  :: A short jacket with shoulder reinforcements, worn by bullfighters
chaquetita {f}  :: diminutive of chaqueta; small jacket
chaquetón {m}  :: a short coat or jacket
characato {adj} [Peru]  :: Of or from Arequipa
charada {f}  :: charade
charaleña {f}  :: feminine noun of charaleño
charaleño {adj}  :: Of or from the municipality of Charalá, Colombia
charaleño {m}  :: An inhabitant of the municipality of Charalá, Colombia
charanga {f}  :: charanga
charango {m}  :: charango
charanguista {mf}  :: charanguista
charapa {mf} [Peru]  :: Someone from eastern Peru
charapita {f}  :: diminutive of charapa
charca {f}  :: (big) puddle, marshy area
charcha {adj} [Chile, slang]  :: trashy (of very poor quality, worthless)
charcha {f} [Chile, colloquial]  :: fat
charco {m}  :: puddle
charco {m}  :: pool
charcutería {f}  :: charcuterie
charcutero {m}  :: meat seller
chardonnay {m}  :: Chardonnay
charla {f}  :: talk, chat
charlar {v}  :: to chat
charlatanear {v}  :: to chatter
charlatanería {f}  :: charlatanry
charlatán {adj}  :: said of someone who talks frivolously
charlatán {m}  :: charlatan, quack
charlestón {m}  :: Charleston
charleta {f}  :: babbler, chatterbox
charlista {mf}  :: talk-giver
charlotear {v}  :: to chat, talk
charlotear {vt}  :: to blabber, tattle (reveal something one should not say)
charlotear {v} [colloquial]  :: to chatter
charnega {f}  :: feminine noun of charnego
charnego {m} [often derogatory, Catalonia]  :: A person who is half Catalan and half from another ethnolinguistic group
charnego {m} [often derogatory, Catalonia]  :: A Spanish person who lives in Catalonia but immigrated from another part of Spain and cannot speak Catalan
charnela {m}  :: hinge
charnela {m}  :: hinge teeth
charnela {m} [geology]  :: hinge point
Charo {prop} {f}  :: A diminutive of the female given name Rosario
charol {m}  :: patent leather
charola {f}  :: dish, oven dish
charque {m}  :: jerky
charquear {v} [Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay]  :: to jerk (to cure meat by cutting it into strips and drying it)
charqui {m}  :: jerky (air-dried meat)
charra {f}  :: feminine noun of charro
charrúa {adj} [Latin America]  :: Uruguayan
charrúa {mf} [Latin America]  :: Uruguayan
charranada {f}  :: shenanigan; trick
charrasca {f} [musical instrument, Latin America]  :: a jawbone used as a percussion instrument
charrasca {f} [Latin America]  :: knife
charreada {f}  :: charreada
charretera {f}  :: epaulette
charrán {m}  :: tern (bird of family Sternidae)
charro {adj}  :: coarse, vulgar
charro {adj}  :: rustic
charro {adj} [slang, US, Texas]  :: A short form of frijoles a la charra, that is, pinto or pink beans boiled with condiments but otherwise plain and simple
charro {adj}  :: from Salamanca
charro {m}  :: one who is rustic or coarse
charro {m}  :: someone from Salamanca
chart {m}  :: chart
charter {m}  :: A shuttlebus
chascar {v}  :: to click, snap
chascarrillo {m}  :: short funny anecdote
chascón {adj} [Chile, Bolivia]  :: shaggy, dishevelled (with disorderly, uncombed hair)
chasco {m}  :: disappointment
chasis {m}  :: chassis
chasquear {v}  :: to crack a whip
chasquear {v}  :: to click, snap (one's fingers)
chasquear {v}  :: to click (with the tongue)
chasquero {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to the chasqui
chasqui {m}  :: One of the Inca's personal running messengers
chasquido {m}  :: A whipping, crackling, clicking or similar sound
chasquido {m}  :: The sound a dolphin makes
chasís {m} [chiefly Latin America]  :: alternative form of chasis
chat {m}  :: chat (exchange of text or voice messages in real time through a computer network)
chatamente {adv}  :: flatly, plainly
chatarra {f}  :: scrap (metal)
chatarra {f} [Spain]  :: small change
chatarra {f} [Spain]  :: junk
chatarrera {f}  :: scrap dealer
chatarrería {f}  :: junkyard, scrapyard
chatarrero {m}  :: scrap merchant
chatarrización {f}  :: scrapping (disposal of cars, etc)
chatbot {m}  :: chatbot
chatear {v}  :: to chat on the Internet
chatear {v} [Honduras]  :: to chat
chateo {m}  :: the act of chatting online
chatni {m}  :: chutney
chato {adj}  :: flat
chato {adj}  :: pug-nosed
chato {adj} [Chile]  :: annoyed, fed up, sick and tired
chato {adj} [Antilles, colloquial]  :: kiddo, little one, youngster
Chattiense {prop} {m} [geology, paleontology]  :: Chattian (a subdivision of the Oligocene epoch)
chatura {f}  :: flatness
chatura {f}  :: dim-wittedness
chaturanga {f}  :: chaturanga
chau {interj} [Latin America, some parts of Spain]  :: bye, goodbye
chaucha {f} [Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay]  :: green bean
chauchero {m}  :: errand boy; messenger
chaufa {m} [Latin America]  :: fried rice
chauffeur {m}  :: alt form chofer
chaulafán {m} [Latin America]  :: fried rice
chauvinismo {m}  :: chauvinism
chauvinista {adj}  :: chauvinistic (excessively patriotic)
chauz {m} [historical]  :: A chiaus
chava {f} [Mexico]  :: kid, gal
chavacano de Zamboanga {m}  :: Zamboanga Chavacano
chaval {m}  :: boy
chaval {m}  :: young man, lad, youngster
chavala {f}  :: feminine noun of chaval
chavalilla {f}  :: diminutive of chavala; small girl
chavalín {m}  :: kid
chavalo {m}  :: boy
chavalo {m}  :: young man
chavalo {m}  :: lad
chavalote {m} [colloquial]  :: dude, fella
Chavena {prop} {f}  :: A diminutive of the female given name Isabel
chaveta {f}  :: forelock, cotter pin, split pin
chaveta {f}  :: peg
chavismo {m}  :: Chavism
chavista {adj}  :: Chavista
chavista {m}  :: Chavista
chavita {f}  :: feminine noun of chavito
chavito {m}  :: (little) Mexican boy
chavo {m} [colloquial]  :: ochavo (former currency of Spain made of copper)
chavo {m} [colloquial, Cuba]  :: centavo (subunit of the Cuban peso)
chavo {m} [colloquial, Puerto Rico]  :: centavo (subunit of the Puerto Rican dollar)
chavo {m} [colloquial, Puerto Rico]  :: cent (subunit of the US dollar)
chavo {m} [colloquial, Puerto Rico]  :: penny, cash, dough
chavo {m} [Mexico]  :: boy, kid
chavorruca {f} [Mexico, colloquial]  :: A middle-aged person engaging in behavior typical of younger people; an adultescent
chavorruco {m} [Mexico, colloquial]  :: A middle-aged person engaging in behavior typical of younger people; an adultescent
Chaxiraxi {prop} {f}  :: A Guanche goddess from the island of Tenerife
Chaxiraxi {prop} {f}  :: given name from the Canary Islands
Chayo {prop} {f}  :: A diminutive of the female given name Rosario
chayota {f} [Venezuela]  :: alternative form of chayote
chayote {m}  :: chayote
chayotera {f}  :: chayote (plant)
chúcaro {adj} [Latin America, of a domesticated animal]  :: untamed
chúcaro {adj} [Latin America, of a person]  :: unfriendly, unsociable
cháchara {f}  :: chatter; blabber
chícharo {m} [Mexico]  :: pea
chácharo {m}  :: collared peccary
che {f} [obsolete]  :: Name of the letter ch
che {interj} [Argentine, Uruguay, Bolivia, Paraguay]  :: hey
che {mf} [colloquial, Chile]  :: Argentinian person
Che {prop}  :: A Spanish male surname
CHE {initialism}  :: Colegio Hondureño de Economistas
checa {f}  :: feminine noun of checo
checa {prop} {f}  :: The former Russian secret police (1917–1922)
checar {v} [Mexico]  :: to check, check out, check up
chechena {f}  :: feminine noun of checheno
Chechenia {prop} {f}  :: Chechnya (federal subject of Russia)
checheno {adj}  :: Chechen
checheno {m}  :: Chechen (language)
checheno {m}  :: Chechen (person)
Chechnia {prop} {f}  :: alt form Chechenia
Chechnya {prop} {f}  :: alt form Chechenia
check {m}  :: check (mark)
check-in {m}  :: check-in
checkin {m}  :: check-in
checkout {m}  :: checkout (in a hotel)
checo {adj}  :: Czech (from, native to, or pertaining to, the Czech Republic)
checo {adj} [dated]  :: Czechoslovakian
checo {m}  :: a Czech
checo {prop} {m}  :: the Czech language
checonato {m} [vesre]  :: car
checoslovaca {f}  :: feminine noun of checoslovaco
checoslovaco {adj} [historical]  :: Czechoslovakian (of, from or pertaining to Czechoslovakia)
checoslovaco {m} [historical]  :: Czechoslovakian (person from Czechoslovakia)
Checoslovaquia {prop} {f}  :: Czechoslovakia
cheddar {m}  :: cheddar
cheerleader {mf}  :: cheerleader
cheesecake {m}  :: cheesecake
chef {mf}  :: A chef, head cook
cheje {m}  :: link (of a chain)
cheje {m}  :: golden-fronted woodpecker (Melanerpes aurifrons)
chela {f} [Central America, slang]  :: feminine noun of chelo; blonde, fair-skinned, blue-eyed
chela {f} [Mexico, slang]  :: beer
chele {m} [El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras]  :: sleep [in the corner of the eye]
chele {m} [Dominican Republic]  :: cent [currency]
chele {mf} [Honduras, Nicaragua, vesre]  :: blond-haired
chele {mf} [vesre]  :: milk
chele {mf} [vulgar, slang, Uruguay, Argentina, vesre]  :: semen
chele {adj} [El Salvador, colloquial]  :: fair-skinned
Cheliábinsk {prop}  :: Chelyabinsk (city)
chelista {mf}  :: cellist
chelito {m} [colloquial, El Salvador]  :: sleep (in the corner of the eye)
chelito {m} [colloquial, El Salvador]  :: correction fluid
chelito {adj}  :: white (white-skinned)
chelín {m}  :: shilling
chelo {adj} [Central America, slang]  :: blonde, fair-skinned, blue-eyed
chelo {m} [Central America, slang]  :: a blonde, fair-skinned, blue-eyed man
chelo {m}  :: cello (musical instrument)
Chema {prop} {m}  :: given name
Chemnitz {prop}  :: Chemnitz (city in Saxony)
chenchena {f} [Llanos]  :: hoatzin
chenchén {m}  :: A type of savoury cake from Dominican Republic, made of corn
chepa {f} [colloquial]  :: hump (of a camel)
chepa {f} [Dominican Republic, slang]  :: luck
Chepa {prop} {f}  :: A diminutive of the female given name Josefa
chepano {adj}  :: Of or from Chepo
chepano {m}  :: Someone from Chepo
Chepe {prop} {m} [colloquial, Costa Rica]  :: Nickname for San José in Costa Rica
chepeño {m} [colloquial, Costa Rica]  :: Nickname for resident of San José ("Chepe") in Costa Rica
chepeño {adj} [colloquial, Costa Rica]  :: Belonging or relating to San José ("Chepe") in Costa Rica
cheque {m}  :: cheque
chequear {vt}  :: to check
chequear {vt}  :: to examine
chequeo {m}  :: check
chequeo {m}  :: examination
chequeo {m}  :: checkpoint
chequera {f}  :: checkbook
Chequia {prop} {f}  :: Czech Republic
chera {f}  :: feminine noun of chero
Cherkessk {prop}  :: Cherkessk (city in Russia)
Chernóbil {prop}  :: Chernobyl
Chernóbyl {prop}  :: alternative spelling of Chernóbil
chero {m} [colloquial, El Salvador]  :: close friend, pal
cheroqui {m}  :: Cherokee (language)
cheroqui {mf}  :: Cherokee (person)
cheroqui {adj}  :: Cherokee
cherry {m}  :: cherry tomato
chesco {m} [slang, Mexico]  :: soft drink
cheto {adj} [Uruguay]  :: great, sweet, brill
cheto {adj} [Argentina, Uruguay]  :: posh, snobbish
cheve {f} [slang, Mexico]  :: beer
chevrón {m} [heraldry]  :: chevron
chófer {m}  :: alt form chofer
chií {mf}  :: Shi'ite
chií {m}  :: Shia
chií {adj}  :: Shi'ite
chiapaneco {adj}  :: From or related to the Mexican state of Chiapas
chiapaneco {m}  :: Someone from Chiapas
Chiapas {prop} {m}  :: Chiapas (state)
Chiba {prop}  :: Chiba (a city of Japan)
chic {adj}  :: elegant
chic {m}  :: elegance
chica {f}  :: feminine noun of chico, girl
Chicago {prop}  :: Chicago (large US city)
chicana {f}  :: chicanery, deception
chicana {f}  :: trick, prank
chicana {f}  :: feminine noun of chicano; Chicana
chicanear {v}  :: to hoodwink; deceive
chicano {adj} [of a person]  :: having Mexican descent and living in the United States
chicano {m}  :: Chicano
chicatana {f}  :: leafcutter
chichí {m} [colloquial, often childish]  :: pee
chichí {m}  :: alternative form of chichi
chicha {f}  :: chicha (fermented beverage, most commonly made from maize, grapes or apples)
chicha {f} [Panama, Peru]  :: juice, soft drink
chicha {f} [vulgar]  :: boob (female breast)
Chicha {prop} {f}  :: A diminutive of the female given name Francisca
chichar {v} [vulgar, Latin America]  :: to have sex with, to fuck
chicharrar {v}  :: alternative form of achicharrar
chicharrero {adj}  :: From Santa Cruz de Tenerife
chicharrero {m}  :: Someone from Santa Cruz de Tenerife
chicharrón {m}  :: fried pork rind, greaves
chicharro {m}  :: Atlantic horse mackerel (Trachurus trachurus)
chicharro {m} [colloquial, soccer]  :: goal
chicharronera {f}  :: A chicharrones restaurant
chichera {f}  :: feminine noun of chichero
chichería {f}  :: A chicha bar or brewery
chichero {m}  :: chicha seller
chichero {m}  :: chicha manufacturer
chicheta {f}  :: A thumbtack (US), or drawing pin (UK)
chichi {m} [vulgar]  :: pussy; cunt (vulva)
chichi {m} [Panama]  :: baby
chichi {m} [Honduras, colloquial]  :: kid
chichi {m} [colloquial, Mexico, often in the plural]  :: boob (breast)
chichi {m} [Latin America, childish]  :: pee
chichicuilote {m} [Mexico]  :: plover
chichicuilote {m} [Mexico]  :: Wilson's plover (Charadrius wilsonia)
chichifo {m} [Mexico, gay slang]  :: male prostitute, he-whore (he who has only or chiefly male clients)
chichigua {f} [Dominican Republic]  :: kite
chichimeca {adj}  :: of or pertaining to the Chichimeca peoples
chichimeco {adj}  :: alternative form of chichimeca
chichón {adj}  :: joking
chichón {adj} [Latin America]  :: having large breasts
chichón {m}  :: bump on the head
chiclayana {f}  :: feminine noun of chiclayano
chiclayano {adj}  :: Of or from Chiclayo
chiclayano {m}  :: Someone from Chiclayo
Chiclayo {prop}  :: Chiclayo (city)
chicle {m}  :: chewing gum
chicle {m}  :: chicle
chiclero {m} [Mexico]  :: A person who extracts gum from wild or cultivated trees
chiclán {adj}  :: having only one visible testicle
chicloso {adj}  :: sticky, chewy
chicloso {m} [Costa Rica, Mexico]  :: taffy
chico {adj}  :: small
chico {m}  :: boy; kid
CHICO {prop}  :: Cámara Hondureña de la Industria de la Construcción
chicoria {f}  :: alternative form of achicoria
chicota {f}  :: feminine noun of chicote
chicote {m} [colloquial]  :: robust young person
chicote {m}  :: cigarette butt
chicote {m} [Latin America]  :: whip
chicozapote {m}  :: sapodilla
chicuela {m}  :: pejorative of chica
chicuelina {f} [bulfighting]  :: a move where the bullfighter faces the bull head-on, and as the bull approaches the bullfighter moves the cape to the side and wraps himself in it
chicuelo {m}  :: kid; child
chicungunya {f}  :: alternative spelling of chikungunya
chido {adj} [Mexico, slang]  :: cool, acceptable, easy
chifa {mf} [South America]  :: A Chinese restaurant
chifera {f}  :: feminine noun of chifero
chifero {m} [Latin America]  :: A chifa worker
chifita {m}  :: diminutive of chifa
chiflado {adj}  :: crazy
chifladura {f}  :: craziness, madness
chifladura {f}  :: crazy or foolish act
chiflar {vi}  :: To whistle
chiflar {vt}  :: To whistle at
chiflarse {v}  :: reflexive of chiflar
chiflato {m}  :: whistle
chiflido {m}  :: whistle (sound made by whistling)
chifón {m}  :: chiffon
chigüire {m} [Venezuela]  :: capybara
chihuahua {f}  :: Chihuahua (breed of dog)
Chihuahua {prop} {m}  :: Chihuahua (state)
Chihuahua {prop} {m}  :: Chihuahua (city)
chihuahuense {adj}  :: Of or related to the Mexican state of Chihuahua
chihuahuense {mf}  :: Someone from Chihuahua
chihuahueño {m}  :: Chihuahua (breed of dog)
chiñisiri {m}  :: A traditional dance of Bolivia
chiismo {m}  :: Shi'ism
chiita {adj}  :: Shi'ite
chiita {mf}  :: Shi'ite
chiita {mf}  :: Shia
chikunguña {m}  :: chikungunya
chikungunya {f}  :: chikungunya
chilaba {f}  :: djellaba
chilacayote {m}  :: a species of squash, Cucurbita ficifolia
chilacayote {m}  :: any of several other species of wild gourd-like plants, such as Marah macrocarpus or Cucurbita foetidissima
chilango {adj} [Mexico, slang]  :: from Mexico City. Often used derogatorily by those living outside the capital. Amongst residents of the City, it can be affectionate
chilango {m} [Mexico, slang]  :: person from Mexico City. Often used derogatorily by those living outside the capital. Amongst residents of the City, it can be affectionate
chilanguismo {m}  :: The culture, philosophy, or linguistic elements characteristic of natives of Mexico City
chilaquiles {mp}  :: chilaquiles
chilate {m} [El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua]  :: A traditional beverage, the contents thereof consist of ground toasted corn and allspice
chilcano {m} [Peru]  :: A soup made with fish heads
chilcano {m} [Peru]  :: A traditional Peruvian cocktail
chilchi {m} [Bolivia]  :: drizzle
chilchote {m} [Mexico]  :: A spicy, green variety of chili pepper used in cooking
chile {m}  :: chili, chilli, chile
chile {m} [vulgar, Mexico]  :: penis, cock
Chile {prop} {m}  :: Chile
chile ancho {m}  :: poblano pepper
chile con carne {m}  :: alternative form of chili con carne
chilena {f}  :: feminine noun of chileno
chilena {f}  :: bicycle kick
chilenidad {f}  :: The state or quality of being Chilean
chilenismo {m}  :: Chileanism
chilenización {f}  :: Rendering of something (more) Chilean
chileno {adj}  :: Chilean
chileno {m}  :: Chilean
chile panameño {m}  :: bonnet pepper (Capsicum chinense)
chilera {f}  :: chili chef
chilera {f}  :: great kiskadee
chilguete {m} [vulgar, El Salvador]  :: cum, semen
chili {m}  :: chili, chili con carne (dish)
chili con carne {m}  :: chili con carne
chilindrón {m}  :: A sauce made of tomato, red pepper and garlic
chilla {f}  :: The South American gray fox
chillar {v}  :: to shriek, to screech
chillar {v}  :: to creak
chillar {v}  :: to sizzle, to hiss
chillar {v} [colloquial]  :: to speak; say a word
chillido {m}  :: shriek, screech, squawk, hoot
chillón {adj}  :: flashy, bright
chillo {m}  :: cry, troat, squeal, hoot
chilocuil {m}  :: alternative form of chinicuil
chilote {adj}  :: native to Chiloé island, in Southern Chile
chilpachole {m}  :: A thick soup prepared with chili and shellfish, usually crab or prawns
Chilpancingo {prop}  :: Chilpancingo
chilpancingueño {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to the Mexican city of Chilpancingo
chiltoma {f} [Nicaragua]  :: sweet pepper
chimalteco {adj}  :: Of or from the department of Chimaltenango, Guatemala
chimalteco {m}  :: Someone from the department of Chimaltenango, Guatemala
Chimaltenango {prop}  :: Chimaltenango (department)
chimba {adv} [Colombia]  :: Highly colloquial. properly, pleasantly. Equivallent to English adverbial cool as in:
chimbita {adv}  :: diminutive of chimba
chimbita {adj}  :: diminutive of chimba
chimbo {adj} [Colombia, Venezuela]  :: worn out, old
chimbo {adj} [Colombia, Venezuela]  :: crappy
chimbo {adj} [Colombia, Paraguay, Venezuela]  :: fake
chimbo {m} [Honduras]  :: gas cylinder
chimbo {m} [Colombia]  :: penis
chimbo {m} [Basque Country]  :: any of several passerine birds, including shrikes, redstarts and warblers
chimbolo {m} [El Salvador]  :: molly
chimbomba {f} [El Salvador]  :: Christmas tree ball-shaped ornament, Christmas bauble [UK]
chimbomba {f} [Nicaragua]  :: balloon
chimenea {f}  :: chimney
chimenea {f}  :: smokestack
chimenea {f}  :: fireplace
chimichurri {m}  :: chimichurri
chimol {m}  :: A type of sauce from Honduras made with cilantro, chilis, tomatoes and onion
chimpancé {m}  :: chimpanzee
chimpanchole {m}  :: alternative spelling of chilpachole
chimpún {m} [Peru]  :: football/soccer boot
chin {m} [Dominican Republic, slang]  :: small amount
china {f}  :: Pebble, small stone usually rounded
china {f}  :: A Chinese woman
china {f} [pejorative, South America]  :: female servant in a hacienda
china {f} [Puerto Rico]  :: orange (fruit)
China {prop} {f}  :: China (country)
China continental {prop} {f}  :: mainland China
chinado {adj} [colloquial]  :: crazy
chinampa {f} [Mexico]  :: Each of the artificial islands employed in the chinampa method of agriculture. Such islands were often built on wooden rafts during the pre-Columbian era
chinampero {adj} [of a crop or plant, Mexico]  :: Cultivated in a chinampa
chinampero {m} [Mexico]  :: A person who cultivates using chinampas
Chinandega {prop}  :: Chinandega (department)
chinchar {v} [colloquial]  :: to pester, to bother
chinchar {v} [obsolete]  :: to kill
chinche {f}  :: bedbug
chinche {f}  :: thumbtack
chinchilla {f}  :: chinchilla
Chinchilla {prop}  :: A surname
chinchín {interj}  :: chin chin
chinchín {m}  :: drizzle
Chinchón {prop} {m}  :: A town in Madrid, Spain
chinchorro {m}  :: dragnet
chinchorro {m}  :: (small) rowboat
chinchorro {m}  :: hammock
chinchorro {m} [Panama]  :: whip; lash
chinchoso {adj}  :: annoying, bothersome
chinchoso {adj} [Latin America]  :: grouchy, irritable, picky
chinear {v}  :: to carry in one's arms
chinear {v}  :: to spoil (someone)
chinear {vr}  :: to worry
chinela {f}  :: slipper
chinela {f}  :: flip-flop
chingada {f} [Mexico, vulgar, slang]  :: hooker, whore
chingada {f} [Mexico, vulgar, slang]  :: toss, shit, flying fuck (used in the phrase "no importar una chingada")
chingadera {f} [dated]  :: A small pile, such as of firewood
chingadera {f} [Mexico, vulgar]  :: an immoral or illegal act, often with the idea of treason or deceit
chingadera {f} [Mexico, vulgar]  :: shit, crap (a thing of little value or quality, or an unspecified object)
chingadera {f} [Mexico, vulgar]  :: bullshit (nonsense, stupidity, false statements)
chingar {v} [Mexico, vulgar]  :: to bother, to fuck with
chingar {v}  :: to engage in sexual intercourse, to fuck
chingar {v} [Mexico, vulgar]  :: to be wrong; to screw up, to fuck up
chingar {v} [Mexico, vulgar]  :: to steal, to swipe
chingar {v} [Mexico, vulgar]  :: to break
chingar {v} [Mexico, vulgar]  :: to work hard; to bust one's ass
chingarle {v}  :: to work hard
chinglés {m}  :: Chinglish
chingón {m} [Mexico, colloquial]  :: Someone who is very smart, intelligent and can do things quickly
chingón {m} [Mexico, colloquial, vulgar]  :: Someone who likes to mess with people
chingón {m} [Mexico, colloquial]  :: Someone or something that is cool, awesome and very good
chingo {adj} [Venezuela]  :: snub-nosed
chingo {m} [Mexico, vulgar]  :: a large amount of something; a whopper
chingo {m}  :: Está lloviendo un chingo, "It's raining a whopper"
chingo {m}  :: Me gusta un chingo, "I like it a hell of a lot."
chingona {f}  :: feminine noun of chingón
chingue {m} [Chile]  :: skunk
chinicuil {m} [Mexico]  :: The edible larva of the moth Hypopta agavis, used in traditional Mexican cuisine
chinita {f}  :: feminine noun of chinito
chinito {m}  :: diminutive of chino
chino {adj}  :: Chinese
chino {adj} [Nicaragua]  :: Any Oriental person in general: Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Mongolian, etc
chino {m}  :: Chinese person
chino {m} [colloquial]  :: An incomprehensible language
chino {m} [colloquial, Cuba, uncountable]  :: chickenpox
chino {m} [colloquial, Spain]  :: a market owned by a Chinese immigrant
chino {prop} {m}  :: Chinese (language)
chino {adj}  :: curly
chino {m}  :: someone with curly hair
chinocuil {m}  :: alternative form of chinicuil
chino mandarín {m}  :: Mandarin (language)
chino tuerto {m} [Chile, colloquial]  :: penis
chip {m}  :: chip (circuit)
chipá {f} [Argentina, Paraguay]  :: corn cake
chipa {f} [Colombia]  :: basket
chipa {f} [Colombia]  :: roll (something with a cylindrical shape)
chipilín {m}  :: A perennial legume whose greens are eaten in Mexico and Central America, but which is restricted as an invasive weed by many countries, Crotalaria longirostrata
chipionera {f}  :: feminine noun of chipionero
chipionero {adj}  :: Of or from Chipiona
chipionero {m}  :: Someone from Chipiona
chipirón {m}  :: small squid, especially the European squid (Loligo vulgaris)
chipo {m} [Venezuela]  :: kissing bug, barber bug (Triatoma infestans)
chipo {m} [electronics]  :: chip
chipote {m} [Mexico]  :: bump on the head
chipote {m} [by extension, colloquial, Mexico]  :: bulge, lump
chipote {m} [Central America]  :: slap (blow with the open hand)
chipotle {m}  :: chipotle
Chipre {prop} {m}  :: Cyprus
chipriota {adj}  :: Cypriot
chipriota {mf}  :: Cypriot
chipset {m}  :: chipset
chiquear {v} [Cuba, Mexico]  :: to pamper; spoil rotten
chiquero {m}  :: pigsty (shelter for pigs)
chiquero {m} [figuratively]  :: pigsty (very untidy place)
chiquigüite {m}  :: alternative form of chiquihuite
chiquihuite {m} [Guatemala, Mexico]  :: A small, handleless woven wicker or reed basket
chiquilla {f}  :: feminine noun of chiquillo
chiquillada {f}  :: childish act or prank
chiquillería {f}  :: kids; children
chiquillería {f}  :: childish act
chiquillo {m} [colloquial]  :: kid (young person)
chiquillo {m} [colloquial]  :: kid (child)
chiquilín {m} [Latin America, Central America, South America]  :: a young boy
Chiquimula {prop}  :: Chiquimula (department)
chiquita {f}  :: feminine noun of chiquito
chiquita {f} [colloquial]  :: A girl, young woman
chiquitano {adj}  :: Chiquitano
chiquitano {m}  :: Chiquitano (language)
chiquitano {m}  :: Chiquitano
chiquitico {adj} [Latin America, Nothern Spain]  :: tiny, teeny
chiquitillo {adj}  :: diminutive of chico, teeny-weeny
chiquitina {f}  :: feminine noun of chiquitín
chiquitito {adj}  :: very tiny
chiquitín {adj}  :: very small, very young
chiquitín {m}  :: very young boy or girl
chiquito {adj}  :: diminutive of chico small, tiny
chiquito {m}  :: little boy
chiquito {m}  :: little child (when the child's gender is not known)
chiribita {f}  :: daisy
chiricano {adj}  :: of or from Chiriquí, a Panamanian province
chiricano {m}  :: Someone from Chiriquí
chirigota {f}  :: joke, shtick
chirigota {f}  :: Satirical and costumed musical comedy group during the carnival period
chirimía {f}  :: chirimia (type of shawm)
chirimbolo {m} [colloquial]  :: thingy, whatsit
chirimbolo {m}  :: circular adornment
chirimiri {m} [Spain, Burgos, Navarre]  :: drizzle
chirimol {m} [El Salvador]  :: salty and sour salad consisting most importantly of tomato, onion and cilantro
chirimoya {m}  :: The fruit of the chirimoyo, the cherimoya
chirimoyo {m}  :: A South American fruit tree, Annona chermola, whose fruit is the chirimoya
chiringo {m}  :: bar (drinking establishment)
chiringuito {m}  :: diminutive of chiringo; temporary open air bar, and snack bar, commonly on the beach in summer
chiripá {m} [Argentina]  :: A triangular shawl worn on the waist in gaucho culture
chiripa {f}  :: fluke (lucky or improbable occurrence)
chiripa {f}  :: Blattella germanica (In Venezuela, German roach)
chirivía {f}  :: parsnip
chirmol {m} [Guatemala]  :: sour sauce consisting mainly of roasted tomatoes, onions and lime juice. It also contains roasted garlic, cilantro, salt, and pepper. Some type of chili pepper might be added to make it spicy, like serrano pepper or jalapeño pepper. The sauce is used to accompany steak. grilled chicken, nachos, etc
chirmol {m} [El Salvador, Honduras]  :: salty and sour sauce consisting most importantly of tomato, onion and cilantro
chiroquera {f}  :: feminine noun of chiroquero
chiroquero {m} [US]  :: drywaller
chirriado {m}  :: chirp, squeak, wheek, creak, chirrup, screak
chirriante {adj}  :: creaky, squeaky
chirriar {v}  :: to hiss
chirriar {v}  :: to sizzle
chirriar {v}  :: to chirp
chirriar {v}  :: to shriek
chirrido {m}  :: chirp, squeak, wheek, creak, chirrup, screak, eek, chirr
Chisinau {prop} {m}  :: Chisinau (the capital city and a municipality of Moldova)
chisme {m}  :: gossip
chisme {m}  :: trinket, gadget
chismear {v}  :: to chat or gossip
chiísmo {m}  :: alternative spelling of chiismo
chismografía {f}  :: gossip
chismol {m} [El Salvador, Honduras]  :: salty and sour salad consisting most importantly of tomato, onion and cilantro
chismorrear {v}  :: to gossip
chismorreo {m}  :: gossip
chismoso {adj}  :: nosy
chismoso {adj}  :: curious
chismoso {m}  :: informer, tattler
chispa {f}  :: spark (small particle of glowing matter)
chispa {f}  :: spark (small burst of electrical discharge)
chispa {f} [colloquial]  :: drunkenness, intoxication
chispar {v}  :: See chisparse
chisparse {vr} [Mexico]  :: to escape
chispazo {m}  :: spark
chispeante {adj}  :: sparkling, sparkly, glimmering
chispear {v}  :: to spark
chispear {v}  :: to sprinkle (rain in fine droplets)
chispita {f}  :: diminutive of chispa
chisporroteante {adj}  :: sparkling, sizzling, crackling
chisporroteante {adj}  :: cracking, zipping
chisporrotear {v}  :: to sizzle
chisporroteo {m}  :: spark (of a fire or electrical wire)
chistar {v}  :: to speak, normally in negation
chistar {v}  :: to call attention
chiste {m}  :: joke (told joke)
chiste {m}  :: essence, importance, matter or purpose of something:
chistera {f}  :: top hat
chistorra {f}  :: chistorra
chistosa {f}  :: feminine noun of chistoso
chistosamente {adv}  :: funnily, comically, amusingly
chistoso {adj}  :: jocular, funny
chistoso {m}  :: joker
chistosísimo {adj}  :: superlative of chistoso
Chitá {prop} {f}  :: Chita (city in Russia)
chiíta {mf}  :: Shiite
chita {m} [felid]  :: cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus)
chitón {interj}  :: shh, mum's the word
chito {interj}  :: shh, hush, silence
chitosán {m} [organic compound]  :: chitosan
chitreano {adj}  :: of or from Chitré, the capital of the Panamanian province of Herrera
chitreano {m}  :: Someone from Chtiré
chiva {f}  :: blanket, coverlet
chiva {f}  :: goatee, beard
chiva {f}  :: young female goat, kid
chiva {f}  :: shutout in a game of dominoes
chiva {f} [Chile, colloquial]  :: (false) pretence, lame excuse
chiva {f} [slang]  :: heroin
chiva {f}  :: feminine noun of chivo
chivar {v}  :: to annoy
chivar {vr} [colloquial]  :: to snitch, egg, squeal
chivata {f}  :: feminine noun of chivato
chivatazo {m} [colloquial]  :: tip-off
chivatear {v}  :: to snitch
chivatear {v} [Argentina, Chile]  :: to shout; howl; holler
chivatear {v} [Argentina, Chile]  :: to frolic
chivato {m}  :: A telltale; informer; stool pigeon
chivera {f}  :: goatee
chiverre {m} [Costa Rica]  :: chilacayote
chiviado {adj} [Colombia, Bogota]  :: Counterfeit, rip-off
chivitería {f} [Uruguay]  :: A restaurant that serves chivitos
chivito {m} [Uruguay]  :: chivito, a Uruguayan sandwich
chivo {m}  :: goat (animal)
chivo {m} [Nicaragua]  :: A male who lives with a prostitute and benefits from her earnings, a pimp
chivo {m} [Cuba]  :: informer, traitor
chivo {adj} [El Salvador, slang]  :: cool, awesome (said of a thing)
chivo expiatorio {m}  :: scapegoat
Châm {prop} {m}  :: Ham (son of Noah)
chándal {m} [Spain]  :: tracksuit
Chío {prop} {f}  :: A diminutive of the female given name Rocio
choborra {adj} [vesre]  :: drunk; tipsy
choca esos cinco {phrase} [colloquial, Spain]  :: give me five
chocante {adj}  :: shocking
chocar {vit}  :: to crash
chocar {vi}  :: to collide (with)
chocar {vi}  :: to shock or scandalize
chocar los cinco {v}  :: to high five
chocarrería {f}  :: bad taste joke
chocarrero {adj}  :: filthy, dirty, bad taste
chocarse {v}  :: reflexive of chocar
chocha {f} [ornithology]  :: woodcock
chocha {f} [Caribbean, Central America, Puerto Rico, slang]  :: pussy
chochear {v}  :: to be senile
Chocheño {prop}  :: Chochenyo
chochera {f}  :: senility
chochete {m} [vulgar, slang]  :: pussy
chochez {f}  :: senility
chochita {f}  :: sweetie pie; cutie; honey bunny
chochín {m}  :: wren (bird)
chocho {m}  :: lupin beans, lupin fruit
chocho {m}  :: cinnamon sweet
chocho {m} [vulgar, slang]  :: cunt
chocho {adj}  :: senile, doddery
chocho {adj}  :: sentimental, soft
chocho {adj} [Central America, colloquial]  :: Nicaraguan
chocho {m} [colloquial]  :: drug addict
chocho {m} [Central America, colloquial]  :: Nicaraguan
choclito {m}  :: diminutive of choclo
choclo {m} [Latin America]  :: corncob
choclo {m} [Latin America]  :: corn (cereal plant)
choco {adj} [Chile]  :: with unclothed arms
choco {m}  :: cuttlefish
Choco {prop} {f} [Mexico]  :: A diminutive of the female given name María del Socorro
Choco {prop}  :: surname
chocoano {adj}  :: Of or from Chocó, a department of Colombia
chocoano {m}  :: Someone from Chocó
chocochip {m} [colloquial]  :: chocolate chip
chocolatada {f}  :: chocolate milk
chocolate {m}  :: chocolate (food made from cocoa beans)
chocolate {m}  :: chocolate (drink made by dissolving chocolate in milk or water)
chocolate {m} [slang]  :: hashish (the leaves of the Indian hemp plant)
chocolateado {adj}  :: chocolaty
chocolate blanco {m}  :: white chocolate
chocolatería {f}  :: chocolate shop
chocolatería {f}  :: chocolate factory
chocolatero {adj} [attributive]  :: chocolate
chocolatero {m}  :: chocolatier (producer of chocolate)
chocolatillo {m}  :: diminutive of chocolate
chocolatina {f}  :: chocolate bar
chocolatín {m}  :: diminutive of chocolate
chocopanda {f}  :: mullet (hairstyle)
chofer {m}  :: chauffeur, driver
choferil {adj}  :: chauffeur
chofán {m}  :: alternative form of chaulafán
chola {f}  :: feminine noun of cholo
cholet {m} [architecture]  :: A penthouse chalet
cholismo {m} [uncountable]  :: The culture of the cholos
cholismo {m}  :: A word or expression from cholo culture used in Spanish
cholla {f}  :: cholla (cactus)
cholla {f}  :: reason, understanding
cholla {f} [colloquial]  :: head
chollo {m} [colloquial]  :: bargain
Chollywood {prop} {m} [colloquial]  :: The film industry of Peru
cholo {m} [pejorative, South America]  :: a mestizo, person of mixed European and various degrees of Amerindian descent, especially if the person is of low economic resources
cholo {m} [Mexico]  :: a poor Mexican, often living in California during 19th century
cholo {m} [colloquial, Mexico, US]  :: a person belonging to a street gang
cholo {adj} [colloquial, El Salvador]  :: ripped, with defined muscles
cholo {adj} [colloquial, El Salvador]  :: skillful (especially in a sport, but also figuratively in a dancing style, chess or a science)
cholotón {adj} [colloquial, El Salvador]  :: big, fat
cholotón {adj} [colloquial, El Salvador]  :: muscular, brawny, ripped
chomba {f}  :: sweater, pullover
chompa {f} [Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Uruguay]  :: jumper, sweater
chompipe {m} [Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua]  :: turkey (bird)
chompita {f}  :: diminutive of chompa
chonera {f}  :: feminine noun of chonero
chonero {adj}  :: Of or from Chone Canton, Ecuador
chonero {m}  :: An inhabitant of Chone Canton, Ecuador
chonga {f}  :: feminine noun of chongo
chongo {m}  :: bun (hairstyle)
chongo {m}  :: brothel; whorehouse
chongo {m} [in plural]  :: A Mexican dessert made with milk, sugar and cinnamon. The milk is scalded and rennet is added to start the formation of curds, like when making cheese
chongo {m} [Chile]  :: blunt knife
chongo {m} [Uruguay]  :: a nasty, mean, or unpleasant person
chongo {m} [lit]  :: monkey or baboon A Filipino slang addressed to someone ugly (usually with a dark skin complexion) whose looks kind of resemble a big monkey. Female form is chonga
choni {f} [colloquial, pejorative, Spain]  :: chavette, trashy woman
chonismo {m}  :: chavism, trashiness
Chontales {prop}  :: Chontales (department)
choped {m}  :: alternative form of chóped
chopito {m}  :: A portion of small fried squid
chopo {m}  :: black poplar (Populus nigra)
choque {m}  :: collision, accident
chor {m}  :: hot pants (pantalón corto)
chora {adj} [Chile, colloquial]  :: rude person
chora {adj} [vulgar, Chile]  :: vagina
chorear {v} [Argentina, Chile, Peru]  :: to steal
chorear {v} [Chile]  :: to bug, to piss off
choricito {m}  :: diminutive of chorizo
choripán {m} [Argentina, Chile, Uruguay]  :: a sausage baked inside a pastry roll
chorizo {m}  :: a type of sausage
chorizo {m} [Uruguay]  :: a foolish person
chorizo {m} [vulgar, slang, Latin American Spanish]  :: a penis
chorizo {m} [slang, Costa Rica]  :: corruption
chorizo {m} [Spain]  :: a crook
chorizo {m} [Spain, Mexico, Chile, colloquial]  :: a thief
chorizo {adj} [vulgar, Chile]  :: thefty, stuck-up, haughty
chorlito {m}  :: plover (bird)
chorlito {m}  :: scatterbrain, airhead
chorlo {m}  :: killdeer
choro {adj} [Chile, colloquial]  :: cool
choro {adj} [Chile, colloquial]  :: brave and/or aggressive person
choro {m} [South America]  :: mussel
choro {m} [Chile, vulgar]  :: vulva
choro {m} [South America, Spain, vulgar]  :: thief
choro {m} [Mexico, colloquial]  :: lip service, empty talk
chorrada {f} [colloquial]  :: bullshit, guff
chorradita {f}  :: diminutive of chorrada
chorreado {adj} [Chile, colloquial]  :: angry, sick and tired
chorreador {m} [Costa Rica]  :: A coffee-brewing device consisting of a stand from which a cotton bag called a bolsita, holding coffee grounds, is suspended over a cup or coffee pot. Hot water poured into the grounds drips into the container below
chorreante {adj}  :: sopping, dripping
chorrear {v}  :: to spout, to gush
chorrear {v}  :: to drip
chorrear {v}  :: to trickle
chorrear {vp} [Chile, colloquial]  :: to tire, to get sick and tired
chorreón {m}  :: splash (small quantity of a liquid)
chorrero {adj} [colloquial]  :: jammy
chorrero {adj}  :: Chorrera
chorretón {m}  :: splash (small quantity of a liquid)
chorrillana {f} [Mexico]  :: A Mexican seafood dish with tomatoes, fish, vegetables
chorrillana {f} [Chile]  :: A Chilean dish consisting of a bed of french fries topped with sauteed beef strips and onions with two fried eggs
chorrito {m}  :: diminutive of chorro
chorro {m}  :: flow; jet
chorro {m} [Mexico, colloquial]  :: ton, tons; bunch; pile
chorro {m} [Chile, slang]  :: a poor person, ghetto, a criminal
chorro {m} [Chile, colloquial]  :: coin purse
chorro {m} [Argentina, colloquial]  :: thief
chorro {m}  :: tap; faucet
chosco {m}  :: A cured sausage from Asturias, made from pig intestines, solomillo and spices
chota {f} [vulgar, Uruguay]  :: semen, cum
chota {f} [dated, slang, pejorative, El Salvador]  :: the police institution, especially the military police before the 1992 Peace Accords
chotacabras {mf}  :: nightjar
Chotaxtiox {prop}  :: alternative form of Xutixtiox
chotear {v}  :: to mock
chotear {vr}  :: to make fun of
chotis {m} [dance]  :: A schottische
chova piquigualda {f}  :: alpine chough
chovinismo {m}  :: chauvinism (excessive patriotism)
chovinista {mf}  :: chauvinist
choza {f}  :: hut
chozna {f}  :: great-great-great-granddaughter
chozno {m}  :: great-great-great-grandson
chóped {m}  :: luncheon meat
christianidad {f}  :: obsolete spelling of cristianidad
christianismo {m}  :: obsolete spelling of cristianismo
christiano {m}  :: obsolete spelling of cristiano
christiano {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of cristiano
Christo {prop} {m}  :: archaic spelling of Cristo
chéroqui {adj}  :: alternative form of cheroqui
chéroqui {mf}  :: alternative form of cheroqui
chéroqui {prop} {m}  :: alternative form of cheroqui
chárter {adj} [of a flight]  :: charter (independent of regular lines and schedules)
chéster {m}  :: Cheshire cheese
chuña {f}  :: seriema
chubasco {m}  :: shower, squall
chubasquero {m}  :: a waterproof raincoat
chubutense {adj}  :: of or from Chubut
chubutense {mf}  :: Someone from Chubut
chucha {f} [vulgar, slang, Chile, Ecuador, Panama]  :: cunt, vagina
chucha {f} [vulgar, slang, Colombia]  :: body odor
chucha {f} [colloquial, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras]  :: female dog
chucha {interj} [vulgar, slang, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Panama]  :: fuck!
chuchada {f} [vulgar slang, Chile]  :: absurdities, nonsense
chuche {m}  :: sweet (sugary confection)
chuchería {f}  :: trifle (something of little importance)
chuchería {f}  :: sweets, candy
chuchi {adj} [Paraguay]  :: fancy, posh
chucho {m} [colloquial, Spain]  :: mutt, mongrel
chucho {m} [colloquial, Guatemala, El Salvador]  :: male dog (in general)
chucho {m} [colloquial, Chile]  :: jail
chucho {m} [Chile]  :: owl (Glaucidium nanum)
chucho {m} [El Salvador]  :: miser (stingy person)
chucho {m}  :: opossum
Chucho {prop} {m}  :: A nickname for the given name Jesús
chuchoca {f}  :: A dish similar to grits, common in the Andes
chuchupate {m}  :: [US Southwest and Northern Mexico] A wild plant related to lovage, Ligusticum porteri, which is used in traditional medicine
chuchupate {m}  :: [Mexico] Balsam of Peru, Myroxylon balsamum
chuchupate {m}  :: [California] A wild plant used in traditional medicine, Lomatium californica
chucrut {m}  :: sauerkraut
chueca {f}  :: stump (of tree)
chueco {adj} [Latin America]  :: crooked, bent, curved (not straight, having one or more bends or angles)
chueco {adj} [Latin America]  :: crooked, oblique, (not at right angles, horizontal or vertical)
chueco {adj} [Mexico, slang]  :: hot, stolen
chueco {adj} [Latin America]  :: devious
chufa {f}  :: chufa
chufa {f}  :: edible tuber of that plant
chufar {v}  :: to make fun of
chufar {v}  :: to scoff
chufla {f} [colloquial]  :: joke, piss-take
chuj {mf}  :: Chuj
chuj {adj}  :: Chuj
Chukotka {prop} {f}  :: Chukotka
chulapa {f}  :: feminine noun of chulapo
chulapo {m} [Spain]  :: Someone from certain Madrid neighbourhoods, known for their traditional dress
chulear {v}  :: to compliment, to show off
chulear {v} [colloquial]  :: to pimp
chulear {v} [colloquial]  :: to exploit, sponge
chulear {v}  :: to make fun of, ridicule
chulengo {m}  :: chulengo
chulesco {adj}  :: cocky, smart-arsed
chuleta {f} [of meat]  :: chop
chuleta {f} [golf]  :: divot
chuletilla {f}  :: diminutive of chuleta
chuletón {m}  :: large steak
chuli {adj} [colloquial]  :: cool; sweet
chuli {f} [colloquial]  :: slut; slag; hooker (prostitute)
chulita {f}  :: feminine noun of chulito
chulito {m}  :: diminutive of chulo
chullo {m}  :: chullo
chullpa {f}  :: chullpa
chulón {adj} [colloquial, El Salvador]  :: naked
chulón {adj} [colloquial, figurative, El Salvador]  :: scantily clothed
chulo {adj}  :: cute, pretty, lovely
chulo {adj} [Chile, colloquial]  :: ordinary, common, vulgar, rascal
chulo {adj} [Spain, colloquial]  :: cocky
chulo {m}  :: pimp
chulísimo {adj}  :: superlative of chulo; extremely cool
chumacera {f}  :: ball bearing
chumba {f}  :: prick (penis)
chumbera {f}  :: prickly pear
chumbo {m}  :: The prickly pear
chumico {m} [Costa Rica]  :: soapberry
chuminada {f}  :: baloney; tosh
chumo {adj} [pejorative, colloquial, Guatemala]  :: indigenous (said of a person)
chumpa {f} [colloquial, El Salvador]  :: jacket
chumpe {m} [colloquial, El Salvador and parts of Guatemala]  :: turkey
chumpipe {m}  :: wild turkey
chunche {m} [Mexico, colloquial]  :: thingy; thingamajig
chunchucuyo {m} [colloquial, El Salvador]  :: parson's nose
chunchul {m}  :: synonym of chunchullo
chunchullo {m} [Colombia]  :: the grilled or fried chitterlings of a pig, cow or lamb, consumed in Argentina, Colombia, Uruguay and Chile
chunchurria {f} [Colombia, especially in Medellín and Manizales]  :: the grilled or fried small intestine of a pig, cow or lamb
chungo {adj}  :: In bad condition
chungo {adj}  :: Of bad quality
chungo {adj}  :: Complicated, or difficult
chuño {m} [South America]  :: freeze-dried potato; potato starch
chupa {f} [colloquial]  :: leather jacket
chupacabras {m} [cryptozoology]  :: chupacabras
chupachups {m}  :: lollipop
chupacirios {m} [colloquial, pejorative]  :: Bible basher
chupada {f} [slang]  :: blowjob
chupado {adj} [colloquial]  :: very skinny
chupado {adj} [colloquial]  :: very easy, a piece of cake
chupador {adj}  :: sucking
chupador {m}  :: pacifier, sucker
chupaflor {m}  :: hummingbird
chupamangas {m} [vulgar, slang]  :: brown-noser, creep, toady
chupamedias {mf} [colloquial, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Peru]  :: toady, sycophant, brown noser
chupapiedras {m}  :: clingfish
chupapijas {mf}  :: cocksucker
chupar {v}  :: to suck
chupar {v}  :: to absorb
chupar {v} [Mexico, Chile, slang]  :: to drink an alcoholic beverage
chupar {v} [Mexico, slang]  :: to consume too fast or waste money, gasoline or another resource
chupar {v} [Mexico, slang]  :: to lose muscular mass or strength
chupar {v} [Mexico, slang]  :: to lose somebody the youthful or not-too-mature appearance
chupar {v} [slang]  :: to suck off
chupar {vr}  :: to put up with
chuparrosa {f} [Mexico]  :: Hummingbird
chupasangres {m} [figuratively]  :: bloodsucker
chupatintas {m}  :: One who does routine office work; a pencil pusher
chupe {m} [Chile, Peru, Panama]  :: soup, made generally of potatoes, meat or fish and different vegetables
chupe mantequilla de mi culo {interj} [rare, vulgar]  :: bugger off, eat a dick, fuck off, go to hell, piss off, sod off
chupenco {m} [Canary Islands]  :: old, poor house
chupeta {f} [Venezuela]  :: lollipop
chupete {m}  :: pacifier
chupetear {v}  :: to suck at
chupetón {m} [Spain]  :: hickey (bruise-like mark)
chupetín {m}  :: lolly; lollipop
chupi {adj} [colloquial]  :: fab, awesome
chupinazo {m}  :: A rocket used to mark the start of a party or other event, especially the San Fermín party in Pamplona
chupito {m}  :: shot (small serving of drink)
chupón {adj} [Spain]  :: hoarding, profiteering, sponging (said of a person who abuses a situation to get the best of it; in broad sense, not only referred to money or goods; it can be used as a noun)
chupón {m} [Latin America]  :: hickey (bruise-like mark)
chupón {m} [botany]  :: sucker (branch or trunk that devoids of nutrients the main part of the tree)
chupón {m} [Latin America]  :: baby bottle
chupón {m} [Peru, Venezuela]  :: pacifier, dummy
chupón {m} [Spain]  :: ball hog
chuquiragua {f}  :: chuquiragua
churrasca {f}  :: churrasco
churrasco {m}  :: churrasco; barbecued meat
churrasco {m}  :: barbecue (meal or event highlighted by food cooked on a barbecue)
churrasquería {f}  :: A churrasco restaurant
churrería {f}  :: churro shop, a place that sells churros
churretera {f} [colloquial, Chile]  :: diarrhea
churri {mf} [colloquial]  :: darling, dear, lover
churria {f} [vulgar, El Salvador]  :: diarrhea
churrito {m}  :: diminutive of churro; small churro
churro {m}  :: churro (type of fried pastry)
churro {m} [drugs, colloquial]  :: joint (marijuana cigarette)
churro {m} [colloquial]  :: botched up artwork
churro {adj} [colloquial, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, of a, person]  :: attractive
churro {m} [colloquial, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia]  :: beefcake (physically desirable man)
churruscar {v}  :: to crisp, burn, frazzle
churumbel {m} [colloquial]  :: child, boy
Chus {prop} {m}  :: Pet form of the male given name Jesús
Chus {prop} {f}  :: Pet form of the female given name María Jesús (Jesusa)
chusco {adj}  :: funny, amusing, charming
chusco {adj}  :: malicious, cunning
chusco {m}  :: piece of bread roll
chusco {m} [Peru]  :: mongrel
chusma {f} [collective]  :: mob (unruly group of people)
chusquero {m} [military]  :: ranker
chustilla {f} [Spain, colloquial]  :: joint, roach (cannabis cigarette)
chut {m} [sports]  :: shot
chutar {v} [football]  :: to shoot a goal
chutar {v} [slang]  :: to inject a drug intravenously, to shoot up
chuteador {m}  :: football boot
Chutix Tiox {prop}  :: alternative form of Xutixtiox
chutney {m}  :: chutney
chuto {m} [colloquial]  :: needle
chuvasia {f}  :: feminine noun of chuvasio
Chuvasia {prop} {f}  :: Chuvashia (federal subject of Russia)
chuvasio {adj}  :: Chuvash
chuvasio {m}  :: Chuvash
chuvasio {m}  :: Chuvash
Chuy {prop} {m}  :: given name
chuzo {m}  :: spiked stick
chuzo {m}  :: icicle
chuzo {m} [Chile]  :: old horse
chuzo {m} [Chile]  :: idiot; dummy
chuzo {m} [Chile]  :: whip
chévere {adj} [slang, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, ]  :: terrific, cool, awesome, nifty
chévere {m} [Guatemala]  :: hot dog
Chávez {prop}  :: surname
CI {abbr}  :: Coahuila (Mexican state)
CI {abbr}  :: IQ
ciaboga {f} [nautical]  :: putting about, turning
ciaboga {f} [by extension]  :: any change of direction
cian {adj}  :: cyan
cian {m}  :: cyan
cianato {m}  :: cyanate
cianógeno {m} [chemistry]  :: cyanogen
cianhídrico {adj}  :: hydrocyanic
cianina {f} [protein]  :: cyanin
cianita {f}  :: kyanite (blue neosilicate mineral)
ciano- {prefix} [chemistry]  :: cyano-
cianoacrilato {m} [organic chemistry]  :: cyanoacrylate
cianobacteria {f}  :: cyanobacterium
cianocobalamina {f} [vitamin]  :: cyanocobalamin
cianotipo {m}  :: cyanotype
cianótico {adj}  :: cyanotic
cianuro {m}  :: cyanide (chemistry)
ciao {interj}  :: ciao
ciar {v}  :: to back water
cibaeño {adj}  :: Of or from Cibao region of the Dominican Republic
cibaeño {m}  :: An inhabitant of the Cibao region of the Dominican Republic
cibdad {f}  :: obsolete spelling of ciudad
ciber {m}  :: cybercafe; Internet cafe
ciber- {prefix}  :: cyber-
ciberacosar {v}  :: to cyberbully
ciberacoso {m}  :: cyberbullying
ciberactivismo {m}  :: cyberactivism
ciberactivista {mf}  :: cyberactivist
ciberamiga {f}  :: feminine noun of ciberamigo
ciberamigo {m}  :: cyberfriend, Internet friend
ciberarma {m}  :: cyber weapon
ciberataque {m}  :: cyberattack
ciberayudante {mf}  :: online helper
ciberbullying {m}  :: cyberbullying
cibercafé {m}  :: cybercafe, Internet cafe
ciberconflicto {m}  :: cyberconflict
cibercrimen {m}  :: cybercrime
cibercriminal {mf}  :: cybercriminal
ciberdefensa {f}  :: online defense
ciberdelincuencia {f}  :: cybercrime
ciberdelincuente {mf}  :: cybercriminal
ciberespacial {adj}  :: cyberspatial
ciberespacio {m}  :: cyberspace
ciberespionaje {m}  :: cyberespionage
ciberguerra {f}  :: cyberwarfare, cyberwar
ciberincidente {m}  :: online incident
ciberinteligencia {f}  :: cyberintelligence
ciberlector {m}  :: cyberreader
cibermundo {m}  :: cyberworld
cibernauta {mf}  :: internaut
cibernética {f}  :: cybernetics
cibernéticamente {adv}  :: cybernetically
cibernético {adj}  :: cybernetic
ciberpesimista {mf}  :: cyberpessimist
ciberpiratería {f}  :: cyberpiracy
ciberpolicía {mf}  :: cybercop
ciberporno {m}  :: cyberporn
ciberrelajación {f}  :: cyber-relaxation
ciberriesgo {m}  :: cyber-risk
ciberseguridad {f}  :: cybersecurity
ciberseguro {adj}  :: cybersafe
ciberseguro {m}  :: online insurance company
cibersexo {m}  :: cybersex
cibersociedad {f}  :: cybersociety
ciberterapia {f}  :: cybertherapy
ciberterrorismo {m}  :: cyberterrorism
ciberterrorista {mf}  :: cyberterrorist
ciberutópico {adj}  :: cyberutopian
ciberyihadismo {m}  :: cyber-jihadism
cibolero {m}  :: cibolero
ciborg {m}  :: cyborg
ciboulette {f}  :: chive
cicatero {adj}  :: miserly, mean, stingy
cicatero {m}  :: miser
cicatriz {f} [skin]  :: scar
cicatrización {f}  :: cicatrization
cicatrizal {adj}  :: Belonging to a cicatrice or scar
cicatrizante {adj}  :: healing
cicatrizante {m}  :: healer
cicatrizar {vt}  :: to cicatrize, to heal
cicatrizar {vr}  :: to scar
cicatrizativo {adj}  :: cicatrisitive
Cicerón {m}  :: Cicero
cicerone {mf}  :: guide, cicerone (person)
ciceroniano {adj}  :: Ciceronian
ciclación {f} [organic chemistry]  :: cyclization
cicladora {f}  :: cycler (machine)
ciclasa {f} [enzyme]  :: cyclase
ciclióforo {m} [zoology]  :: cycliophoran
ciclina {f} [protein]  :: cyclin
ciclismo {m}  :: cycling, cycle racing
ciclismo de montaña {m}  :: mountain biking
ciclismo en pista {m}  :: track cycling
ciclista {mf}  :: cyclist, biker
ciclista {adj}  :: cycling
ciclón {m}  :: cyclone
ciclónico {adj}  :: cyclonic
ciclo {m}  :: cycle
ciclo {m}  :: series
ciclo {m}  :: period
cicloadición {f} [organic chemistry]  :: cycloaddition
cicloalcano {m} [organic compound]  :: cycloalkane
cicloalqueno {m} [organic compound]  :: cycloalkene
ciclobenzaprina {f} [organic compound]  :: cyclobenzaprine
ciclobuteno {m} [organic chemistry]  :: cyclobutene
ciclocrós {m}  :: cyclocross
ciclo de Calvin {m} [biochemistry]  :: Calvin cycle
ciclo de Krebs {m} [biochemistry]  :: Krebs cycle
ciclo del agua {m}  :: water cycle
ciclo del carbono {m}  :: carbon cycle
ciclo de vida {m}  :: life cycle
ciclodextrina {f} [carbohydrate]  :: cyclodextrin
ciclodieno {m} [organic chemistry]  :: cyclodiene
ciclofilina {f} [proteins]  :: cyclophilin
ciclogénesis {f}  :: cyclogenesis
cicloheptano {m} [organic compound]  :: cycloheptane
ciclohexano {m} [organic compound]  :: cyclohexane
ciclohexanona {f} [organic compound]  :: cyclohexanone
ciclohexeno {m} [organic chemistry]  :: cyclohexene
ciclohexilo {m} [organic chemistry]  :: cyclohexyl
cicloheximida {f} [organic compound]  :: cycloheximide
ciclo hidrológico {m} [technical]  :: water cycle
cicloide {f} [geometry]  :: cycloid
ciclomotor {m}  :: moped
ciclooxigenasa {f} [enzyme]  :: cyclooxygenase
ciclopía {f}  :: cyclopia (birth defect)
ciclopentadienilo {m} [organic chemistry]  :: cyclopentadienyl
ciclopentano {m} [organic compound]  :: cyclopentane
ciclopentanona {f} [organic compound]  :: cyclopentanone
ciclopéptido {m} [organic chemistry]  :: cyclopeptide
ciclopropano {m} [organic compound]  :: cyclopropane
ciclopropeno {m} [organic compound]  :: cyclopropene
ciclopropilo {m} [organic chemistry]  :: cyclopropyl
cicloptero {m}  :: lumpfish
ciclorruta {f}  :: bicycle path
cicloruta {f}  :: bicycle path
ciclosilicato {m}  :: cyclosilicate
ciclostilo {m}  :: mimeograph
ciclotimia {f}  :: cyclothymia
ciclotímico {adj}  :: cyclothymic
ciclotrón {f}  :: cyclotron
ciclovía {f}  :: bicycle path, cycle path
ciclópeo {adj}  :: mammoth, gargantuan, immense
ciclópeo {adj}  :: cyclopean
ciclístico {adj} [attributive]  :: cycling
ciclóstilo {m}  :: mimeograph
cicuta {f}  :: hemlock
Cid {prop} {m}  :: Lord, Master
Cid {prop} {m}  :: Knight
Cid {prop} {m}  :: Rodrigo Díaz, better known as El Cid ("the Lord" or "the Master"). Also called just Cid or Campeador, a famous Castilian knight born in Vivar, Spain
-cida {suffix}  :: -cide (denoting a person or substance that kills)
-cida {suffix}  :: -cidal
-cidio {suffix}  :: -cide (denoting an act of killing)
cidro {m}  :: citron (tree)
ciega {f} [poker]  :: blind
ciegamente {adv}  :: blindly
ciego {m}  :: a blind person
ciego {m}  :: the cecum
ciego {adj}  :: blind
Ciego de Ávila {prop}  :: Ciego de Ávila (city)
Ciego de Ávila {prop}  :: Ciego de Ávila (province)
cieguecica {f}  :: diminutive of ciega
cieguecico {m}  :: diminutive of ciego
cielito {m}  :: A Uruguayan dance
cielo {m}  :: sky
cielo {m}  :: heaven
cielorraso {m}  :: a smooth ceiling
ciempiés {m}  :: centipede
cien {num} [cardinal]  :: apocopic form of ciento (one-hundred (100))
ciencia {f}  :: science
ciencia {f}  :: erudition, knowledge
ciencia ficción {f}  :: science fiction
ciencia natural {f}  :: natural science
ciencias naturales {fp}  :: natural sciences
ciencia social {f}  :: social science
cienciólogo {adj}  :: Scientologist
cienciólogo {m}  :: Scientologist
cienciología {f}  :: Scientology
ciencista {mf} [Latin America]  :: scientist
cienfueguero {adj}  :: Of or from Cienfuegos, a city in Cuba
cienfueguero {m}  :: Someone from Cienfuegos, a city in Cuba
cienmil {num}  :: one hundred thousand
cien millones {num}  :: one hundred million
cieno {m}  :: silt
cien por ciento {adv}  :: To a complete extent; one hundred percent; completely; utterly; fully
científica {f}  :: feminine noun of científico
científicamente {adv}  :: scientifically
científico {adj}  :: scientific
científico {m}  :: scientist
ciento {num} [cardinal number]  :: one-hundred (100)
cierre {m}  :: shutting, closing
cierre {m}  :: shutting device, fastener; buckle, clasp
cierre {m}  :: shutter, blind
cierre {m}  :: zipper
ciertamente {adv}  :: certainly
cierto {adj} [of a person]  :: true
cierto {adj} [of a claim]  :: true
cierto {determiner}  :: a certain, a specific
cieruo {n}  :: obsolete spelling of ciervo
cierva {f}  :: hind (female deer)
ciervo {m}  :: deer, stag
ciervo mulo {m}  :: mule deer
cierzo {m} [Spain]  :: north-west wind
cifoescoliosis {f} [pathology]  :: kyphoscoliosis
cifosis {f} [pathology]  :: kyphosis
cifra {f}  :: digit
cifra {f}  :: number
cifra {f}  :: amount
cifra {f}  :: cipher; code
cifrar {vtr}  :: to value, quantify, aggregate
cifrar {vt}  :: to write in code, cypher
cigala {f}  :: Norway lobster (Nephrops norvegicus)
cigalita {f}  :: diminutive of cigala
cigarillo {m}  :: nonstandard form of cigarrillo
cigarra {f}  :: cicada
cigarral {m}  :: country house
cigarrera {f}  :: cigar vendor
cigarrera {f}  :: cigar box
cigarrillo {m}  :: cigarette
cigarrito {m}  :: diminutive of cigarro
cigarro {m}  :: cigar
cigarro {m}  :: cigarette
cigüeña {f}  :: stork (large wading bird)
cigüeña {f}  :: redstem filaree, Erodium cicutarium
cigüeña {f}  :: The scavenger's daughter; a torture device
cigüeñal {m}  :: crankshaft
cigüeñal {m}  :: shadoof (device used to gather water)
cigoma {f}  :: zygoma; the cheekbone
cigomático {adj} [anatomy]  :: zygomatic
cigomático {m} [skeleton]  :: zygomatic bone
cigomático mayor {m}  :: zygomatic major
cigomático menor {m}  :: zygomatic minor
cigoto {m} [biology]  :: zygote
-cigótico {suffix}  :: -zygous
cilampa {f}  :: drizzle
cilantro {m}  :: coriander, cilantro
ciliado {adj} [biology]  :: Having cilia
ciliado {m}  :: ciliate
ciliar {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to a cilium; cilliar
Cilicia {prop}  :: Cilicia (ancient region)
cilicio {m} [clothing]  :: cilice, hairshirt
cilindrada {f}  :: cylinder capacity
cilindraje {m} [motorcycling]  :: cylinder size
cilindrar {v}  :: to roll, roll up (into a cylinder shape)
cilindro {m} [geometry]  :: cylinder
cilio {m} [cytology]  :: cilium
-cilla {suffix}  :: feminine noun of -cillo
-cillo {suffix}  :: Form of -illo attached to some nouns
cilíndrico {adj}  :: cylindrical
cima {f}  :: top
cima {f}  :: peak, summit (top of a mountain or hill)
cimar {v}  :: to crop; to cut shorter (removing the top)
cimarrón {adj} [Latin America, of animals]  :: feral (having returned to the wild)
cimarrón {adj} [Latin America, of people]  :: rural; campestral
cimarrón {adj} [Latin America, of plants]  :: of a wild cultivar
cimborrio {m} [architecture]  :: lantern tower
cimbra {f}  :: centering (wooden structure built around an arch)
cimbrar {v}  :: to rock; sway
cimbrear {v}  :: synonym of cimbrar
cimbronazo {m}  :: hit on the back (with a belt or lash)
cimbronazo {m}  :: (emotional) blow
cimentación {f}  :: foundation
cimentar {v}  :: to lay the foundations of (a building, a movement, etc.)
cimentar {v}  :: to found (a building, a city)
cimera {f}  :: decorated crest of a medieval helm
cimera {f} [heraldry]  :: crest
cimero {adj}  :: highest, finest, crowning
cimetidina {f}  :: cimetidine
cimiento {m}  :: foundation
cimiento {m}  :: groundwork
cimitarra {f}  :: scimitar
-ción {suffix}  :: Used in forming a noun to represent the property corresponding to a verb; -tion
cinabrio {m} [mineral]  :: cinnabar
ciénaga {f}  :: marsh, swamp
cinasa {f} [enzyme]  :: kinase
cinc {m}  :: zinc
cincado {adj}  :: zinced
cincado {m}  :: zinc or zinc-compound coating
cincel {m}  :: chisel
cincelar {vt}  :: to chisel
cincha {f}  :: girth (for horses or similar animals)
cincho {m}  :: belt
cincho {m}  :: girdle
cinco {num} [cardinal]  :: five
cinco {m}  :: a five
cincuenta {num} [cardinal]  :: fifty
cincuentavo {m}  :: fiftieth
cincuenta y cinco {num}  :: fifty-five
cincuenta y cuatro {num}  :: fifty-four
cincuenta y dos {num}  :: fifty-two
cincuenta y nueve {num}  :: fifty-nine
cincuenta y ocho {num}  :: fifty-eight
cincuenta y seis {num}  :: fifty-six
cincuenta y siete {num}  :: fifty-seven
cincuenta y tres {num}  :: fifty-three
cincuenta y uno {num}  :: fifty-one
cincuentena {f}  :: set of fifty
cincuentena {f}  :: around fifty, fiftyish
cincuentena {f}  :: (ripe) age of fifty
cincuentenario {m}  :: semicentennial (50 year anniversary)
cincuentón {m}  :: fiftysomething
cincuentona {f}  :: feminine noun of cincuentón
cine {m}  :: cinema, moviehouse
cineasta {mf}  :: cineast (enthusiast of movies or filmmaking)
cineasta {mf}  :: filmmaker
cinefilia {f}  :: cinephilia
cineforum {m}  :: debate or discussion accompanying the release of a film
cinefórum {m}  :: film forum
ciénega {f}  :: marsh, swamp
cinegético {adj} [attributive]  :: hunting
cinemascope {m}  :: cinemascope
cinemateca {f}  :: film library
cinematógrafico {adj}  :: cinematographic
cinematógrafo {m} [historical, rare]  :: cinematograph
cinematografía {f}  :: cinematography
cinematografiar {v}  :: to film
cinematográficamente {adv}  :: cinematographically
cinematográfico {adj}  :: cinematographic
cinemática {f} [physics]  :: kinematics
cinemático {adj} [physics]  :: kinematic
cinesiólogo {m}  :: alternative spelling of kinesiólogo
cinesioterapia {f}  :: alt form kinesioterapia
cinestesia {f} [physiology]  :: kinesthesia
cinetocoro {m}  :: kinetochore
cinetoplasto {m} [cytology]  :: kinetoplast
cinetosis {f}  :: motion sickness
cinéfila {f}  :: feminine noun of cinéfilo
cinéfilo {m}  :: cinephile
cingalés {m}  :: Sinhalese (language)
cingalés {m}  :: Sinhalese (ethnicity)
cingalés {mf}  :: Sri Lankan (person)
cingalés {mf}  :: Sinhalese (person)
cingalés {adj}  :: Sinhalese (of the language, ethnicity, person)
cingalés {adj}  :: Sri Lankan (describing a person, of the country)
cingulado {adj}  :: cingulate
cinismo {m}  :: cynicism
cinquenta {num}  :: obsolete spelling of cincuenta
cinquentas {mp}  :: fifties; 1950s
cinquillo {m} [music]  :: A type of Latin American musical rhythm consisting of five-beat units
cinta {f}  :: ribbon, worn by girls in the hair
cinta {f}  :: tape
cinta adhesiva {f}  :: adhesive tape (sticky tape)
cinta adhesiva protectora {f}  :: masking tape
cinta aisladora {f}  :: electrical tape
cinta aislante {f}  :: electrical tape
cinta americana {f}  :: duck tape
cinta de aislar {f}  :: electrical tape
cinta de carrocero {f}  :: masking tape
cinta de embalaje {f}  :: packing tape
cinta de embalar {f}  :: packing tape
cinta de enmascarar {f}  :: masking tape
cinta de pintor {f}  :: painter's tape
cinta de pintor {f}  :: masking tape
cinta eléctrica {f}  :: electrical tape
cinta escocesa {f} [Dominican Republic]  :: Scotch tape
cinta magnética {f}  :: magnetic tape
cinta métrica {f}  :: tape measure
cinta para correr {f}  :: treadmill
cinta plateada {f}  :: duck tape
cinta protectora {f}  :: masking tape
cintarazo {m}  :: belt (hit with a belt)
cintarazo {m}  :: slap (with the hand)
cinta Scotch {f} [Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay]  :: Scotch tape
cinta transportadora {f}  :: conveyor belt
Cintia {prop} {f}  :: Cynthia
cinética {f} [physics]  :: kinematics
cinética {f} [physics]  :: kinetics
cinética {f} [chemistry, biochemistry]  :: kinetics
cinéticamente {adv}  :: kinetically
cinético {adj}  :: kinetic
cintilar {v}  :: to scintillate
cintilar {v}  :: to shine (to reflect light)
cintillo {m}  :: diminutive of cinta small child
cintillo {m}  :: headband
cintita {f}  :: diminutive of cinta
cinto {m}  :: belt
cintura {f}  :: waist
cintura de avispa {f} [idiomatic]  :: hourglass figure
cinturilla {f}  :: waistband
cinturita {f}  :: diminutive of cintura
cinturón {m}  :: belt
cinturón {m}  :: seat belt
cinturón cohete {m}  :: jet pack
cinturón de Kuiper {prop} {m}  :: Kuiper belt
cipayo {m}  :: sepoy
cipermetrina {f}  :: cypermethrin
cipota {f} [Central America]  :: kid, gal
cipote {adj}  :: silly, foolish
cipote {adj} [Guatemala]  :: fat, plump, pudgy
cipote {mf} [El Salvador, Honduras]  :: youngster, kid, child, imp, rascal, kid, boy, child
cipote {mf} [slang, vulgar, Spain, ]  :: penis, cock
ciprés {m}  :: cypress (Cupressus sempervirens)
circadiano {adj}  :: circadian
circalunar {adj}  :: circalunar
circasiano {adj}  :: Circassian
circasiano {m}  :: Circassian
Circe {prop} {f} [Greek mythology]  :: Circe
circense {adj}  :: circus (attributive)
Circinus {prop} [constellation]  :: Circinus (a small constellation of the southern winter sky)
circón {m}  :: zircon
circo {m}  :: circus (a travelling company of performers)
circo {m} [historical]  :: circus (a building for chariot-racing in Ancient Rome)
circonato {m} [chemistry]  :: zirconate
circonio {m}  :: zirconium
circonita {f} [mineral]  :: zirconite
circuir {v}  :: to surround, to circle
circuital {adj}  :: circuital
circuitería {f}  :: circuitry
circuito {m}  :: circuit
circuito integrado {m} [electronics]  :: integrated circuit
circulación {f}  :: traffic
circulación {f}  :: circulation
circulante {adj}  :: circulating
circulante {adj}  :: mobile
circular {adj}  :: circular
circular {f}  :: circular (advertisement)
circular {v}  :: to circulate
circular {v}  :: to go round, move around
circular {v}  :: to scram, clear off
circularmente {adv}  :: circularly, in a circle
circulatorio {adj}  :: circulatory
circulito {m}  :: diminutive of círculo
circuncidar {v}  :: to circumcise
circuncisión {f}  :: circumcision (excising foreskin from penis)
circunciso {adj}  :: circumcised
circunciso {m}  :: circumcised man
circundante {adj}  :: surrounding
circundar {v}  :: to surround
circundar {v}  :: to ring around
circunducción {f}  :: circumduction
circunestelar {adj}  :: circumstellar
circunferencia {f}  :: circumference
circunferencial {adj}  :: circumferential
circunferencialmente {adv}  :: circumferentially
circunferir {vt}  :: to limit, circumscribe
circunfijo {m}  :: circumfix
circunflejo {adj}  :: circumflex
circunflejo {m}  :: circumflex
circunloquio {m}  :: circumlocution
circunnavegación {f}  :: circumnavigation
circunnavegar {v}  :: to circumnavigate
circunscribir {v}  :: to circumscribe
circunscripción {f}  :: constituency
circunscripcional {adj}  :: circumscriptional
circunspección {f}  :: circumspection
circunspecto {adj}  :: circumspect
circunstancia {f}  :: circumstance
circunstanciadamente {adv}  :: circumstantially
circunstancial {adj}  :: circumstantial
circunstancialmente {adv}  :: circumstantially
circunstanciar {v}  :: to circumstantiate
circunstante {adj}  :: present; in the vicinity
circunstante {mf}  :: onlooker, bystander
circunvalación {f}  :: circumambulation
circunvalar {v}  :: to ring; to circle (around a town)
circunvecino {adj}  :: neighbouring, adjacent
circunvenir {v}  :: to circumvent
circunvolar {v}  :: to fly around
cirenaico {adj}  :: Cyrenian
cirenaico {m}  :: Cyrenian
Cirene {prop} {f}  :: Cyrene
cirio {m}  :: A long, thick wax candle, often used in religious ceremonies
cirio pascual {m}  :: paschal candle
cirílico {adj}  :: Cyrillic
cirquero {adj}  :: circus (attributive)
cirquero {m}  :: circus performer
cirriforme {adj}  :: cirriform
cirro {m}  :: tendril; cirrus
cirro {m}  :: cirrus (cloud)
cirro {m}  :: cirrus (tendril-like appendage)
cirrosis {f}  :: cirrhosis
cirrótico {adj}  :: cirrhotic (pertaining to or suffering from cirrhosis)
ciruela {f}  :: plum
ciruela albaricoque {f}  :: pluot
ciruela chabacana {f}  :: pluot
ciruela damasco {f}  :: pluot
ciruela interespecífica {f}  :: interspecific plum
ciruela pasa {f}  :: prune (dried plum)
ciruelo {m}  :: Plum tree
cirugía {f}  :: surgery
cirugía plástica {f}  :: plastic surgery (surgery involving the transfer of tissue to repair body parts)
cirugía plástica {f}  :: cosmetic surgery
cirujana {f}  :: feminine noun of cirujano
cirujano {m}  :: surgeon
cisaña {f}  :: discord
ciscar {v}  :: to dirty; muck up
ciscar {vr}  :: to shit one's pants; shit oneself; soil oneself
ciscar {vr}  :: to shit oneself (lose bravery)
cisco {m}  :: coaldust
cisco {m}  :: culm
cisio {m}  :: cisium
Cisjordania {prop} {f}  :: West Bank
cisma {m}  :: schism
cismáticamente {adv}  :: schismatically
cismático {adj}  :: schismatic
cismático {adj}  :: troublesome
cisne {m}  :: swan
cisne mudo {m}  :: mute swan
cisne negro {m}  :: black swan
Cisneros {prop}  :: surname
cisne silbador {m}  :: The Bewick's swan
cisteína {f} [amino acid]  :: cysteine
cisterciense {adj}  :: Cistercian
cisterciense {mf}  :: Cistercian
cisterna {f}  :: cistern
cistina {f} [amino acid]  :: cystine
cita {f}  :: date (romantic outing)
cita {f}  :: appointment
cita {f}  :: quote, quotation
-cita {suffix}  :: feminine noun of -cito Substituted for “a” at the end of feminine words and names ending in a vowel to denote a diminutive form
cita a ciegas {f}  :: blind date
citable {adj}  :: quotable, citable
citación {f}  :: quotation, citation
citado {adj}  :: cited, mentioned
citar {v}  :: to cite
citar {v}  :: to summon
citara {f}  :: partition wall, party wall
citarse {v}  :: (reflexive of citar)
citófono {m}  :: intercom
ciática {f}  :: sciatica
ciático {adj}  :: sciatic
citidina {f} [organic compound]  :: cytidine
Citlali {prop} {f}  :: given name
citóloga {f}  :: feminine noun of citólogo
citólogo {m}  :: cytologist
citómetro {m}  :: cytometer (device for measuring cells)
-cito {suffix}  :: Form of -ito. Substituted for "o" at the end of masculine words and names to denote a diminutive form
-cito {suffix} [biology]  :: -cyte (used to form cell names)
cito- {prefix} [biology]  :: cyto-
citocina {f} [protein, immunology]  :: cytokine
citocinesis {f} [cytology]  :: cytokinesis
citocinina {f} [hormone]  :: cytokinin
citocromo {m} [enzyme]  :: cytochrome
citoesqueleto {m} [cytology]  :: cytoskeleton
citogenética {f} [biology, genetics]  :: cytogenetics
citogenético {adj}  :: cytogenetic
citológico {adj}  :: cytologic, cytological
citología {f}  :: cytology
citoplasma {m} [cytology]  :: cytoplasm
citoplasmático {adj}  :: cytoplasmic (of or relating to cytoplasm)
citoquina {f}  :: alt form of citocina
citoquinina {f}  :: alt form citocinina
citorreducción {f}  :: cytoreduction
citosina {f} [biochemistry]  :: cytosine
citosol {m} [cytology]  :: cytosol
citostático {adj}  :: cytostatic
citotaxonómico {adj}  :: cytotaxonomic
citotoxicidad {f}  :: cytotoxicity
citrato {m} [organic compound]  :: citrate
citrícola {adj}  :: citrus
citricultura {f}  :: citrus cultivation
citrón {m}  :: lemon
citronela {f}  :: lemon balm
citronella {f}  :: citronella
ciudad {f}  :: city, large town
ciudadanía {f}  :: citizenship
ciudadanía {f}  :: citizenry
ciudadana {f}  :: feminine noun of ciudadano
ciudadanista {adj} [politics]  :: of or pertaining to Ciudadanos
ciudadanista {mf} [politics]  :: A member or supporter of Ciudadanos
ciudadano {adj}  :: living in a city
ciudadano {adj}  :: of or relating to a city or its inhabitants
ciudadano {m}  :: citizen
ciudadano {m}  :: city-dweller
ciudadano a pie {m}  :: man on the street; member of the general public
Ciudadanos {prop} {mp}  :: A Spanish political party
Ciudad Condal {prop} {f}  :: Barcelona
Ciudad de Belice {prop} {f}  :: Belize City
Ciudad de Guatemala {prop} {f}  :: Guatemala City
Ciudad de la Luz {prop} {f}  :: City of Light (nickname for Paris)
Ciudad del Cabo {prop} {f}  :: Ciudad del Cabo (legislative capital)
Ciudad del Vaticano {prop} {f}  :: Vatican City
Ciudad de México {prop} {f}  :: Mexico City (capital city of Mexico)
ciudadela {f}  :: citadel
ciudad estado {f}  :: city state
ciudad-estado {f}  :: city state
ciudad fantasma {f}  :: ghost town
ciudad federal {f}  :: federal city
Ciudad Ho Chi Minh {prop} {f}  :: Ho Chi Minh City
Ciudad Real {prop} {f}  :: Ciudad Real (province)
Ciudad Real {prop} {f}  :: Ciudad Real (city)
ciudadrealeño {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to Ciudad Real
ciudadrealeño {m}  :: Someone from Ciudad Real
ciudarrealeño {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to Ciudad Real
ciudarrealeño {m}  :: Someone from Ciudad Real
civeta {f}  :: civet (cat-like animal)
civeta nutria {m}  :: otter civet
civil {adj}  :: civil (all senses)
civilidad {f}  :: civility
civilista {adj} [attributive]  :: civil law
civilista {mf}  :: civil lawyer
civilización {f}  :: civilization
civilizacional {adj}  :: civilizational
civilizadamente {adv}  :: in a civilized way, civilly
civilizado {adj}  :: civilized
civilizador {adj}  :: civilizing
civilizar {v}  :: to civilize
civilizatorio {adj}  :: civilizing
civilmente {adv}  :: civilly
civilísimo {adj}  :: superlative of civil
civismo {m}  :: civility
cizaña {f}  :: darnel, tare (grass weed)
cizaña {f} [figuratively]  :: An injurious thing or action
cizaña {f} [figuratively]  :: dissension, enmity
cizañear {v}  :: alternative spelling of cizañar
cizalla {f} [also in plural]  :: shears, pair of shears, cutter
cizalladura {f} [meteorology]  :: wind shear
cizallamiento {m} [physics]  :: shear
cizallar {v}  :: to shear; cut with shears or wire cutters
cizañoso {adj}  :: troublemaking
CL {abbr}  :: Colima (Mexican state)
clac {m}  :: crush hat, opera hat
clac {m}  :: claque
cladinosa {f} [organic compound, carbohydrate]  :: cladinose
clado- {prefix}  :: clado-
clado {m}  :: clade
cladograma {m}  :: cladogram
cladística {f}  :: cladistics
cladístico {adj}  :: cladistic
clamar {v}  :: to call out for
clamar al cielo {v} [impersonal, idiomatic]  :: to be an outrage
clamidia {f}  :: chlamydia
cálamo {m}  :: A reed pen, used to write with ink in antiquity
cálamo {m} [botany]  :: Sweet flag or calamus, a plant in the genus Acorus
clamor {m}  :: A clamor, shout
clamor {m}  :: A protest, outcry
clamor {m}  :: A loud noise
clamorear {v}  :: to toll (of a bell)
clamorear {v}  :: synonym of clamar
clamoreo {m}  :: clamour; hubbub
clamorosamente {adv}  :: clamorously
clamoroso {adj}  :: resounding
clan {m}  :: clan
clandestina {f}  :: feminine noun of clandestino
clandestinamente {adv}  :: clandestinely
clandestinidad {f}  :: secrecy
clandestino {adj}  :: clandestine
clandestino {m}  :: one who is clandestine
clandestino {m}  :: an illegal immigrant
cálao {m}  :: hornbill
claque {f}  :: claque
claqueta {f}  :: clapperboard
clara {f}  :: The white (of an egg)
clara {f} [Spain]  :: shandy
Clara {prop}  :: given name, equivalent to English Clara
claraboya {f}  :: skylight
claramente {adv}  :: clearly
clarear {v}  :: to clear
claretiano {adj}  :: Claretian
claridad {f}  :: brightness
claridad {f}  :: clarity