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šaahi {n}  :: A shah
šaahitar {n}  :: The wife of a shah, usually called empress in English. The English transliteration of the Persian title used by the last empress of Iran would be shahbanu, which means empress in Persian
šaali {n}  :: shawl
šakaali {n}  :: alternative spelling of sakaali
šakata {v} [chess]  :: to check
šaketti {n}  :: alternative spelling of saketti
šakinpelaaja {n}  :: chess player
šakki {n}  :: chess
šakki {n} [chess]  :: check
šakkikello {n}  :: chess clock
šakkilauta {n} [chess]  :: chessboard (square board used in the game of chess)
šakkimatti {n} [chess]  :: checkmate
šakkinappula {n}  :: chess piece, chessman
šamaani {n}  :: A shaman
šamanismi {n}  :: shamanism
šamanoida {v}  :: To act as an shaman
šampoo {n} [dated]  :: alternative spelling of sampoo
šantung {n}  :: shantung
šeikki {n}  :: sheik
šekki {n}  :: A cheque or check (note promising to pay money to a named person or entity)
šekkitili {n} [banking]  :: A checking account
šekkivihko {n}  :: cheque book
šeriffi {n}  :: alternative form of sheriffi
šifonki {n}  :: alternative spelling of sifonki
šiia {n}  :: Shiite
šikaani {n}  :: chicanery
šikaani {n} [motor racing]  :: chicane
šillinki {n}  :: shilling
šintolaisuus {n}  :: Shintoism, Shinto (religion)
Šiva {prop}  :: Shiva (Hindu deity)
šokeerata {v}  :: To shock (stun)
šokki {n} [pathology]  :: shock
šokkiaalto {n}  :: A shock wave
šokkisivusto {n}  :: shock site
šovinismi {n}  :: alternative spelling of sovinismi
sää {n}  :: weather
sää {pron} [Häme dialect ~Tampere and Turku]  :: you (addressing one person; in archaic English: thou)
{pron} [personal, colloquial]  :: you, ya (second person singular personal pronoun)
-s {particle} [enclitic, colloquial]  :: appended to the shortened impersonal indicative present form (-n omitted) to soften the command or request or to make it more persuasive:
-s {particle} [enclitic]  :: Mainly in informal contexts: a particle appended to an interrogative suffix -ko/-kö of the verb conjugated (also - with the negation verb) in order to bring the conversation partner or a person outside the conversation, talked about, emotionally closer to the speaker, or to create familiarity into the conversation; also to express that closeness or familiarity—sometimes very difficult to translate well into English, in some cases corresponds the tag questions:
-s {particle} [enclitic]  :: When appended to a second-person singular or plural imperative, gives the command or request slightly rude or impatient tone—often with different verbs and different independent particles adjacent, the tone is different:
-s {particle} [enclitic]  :: When appended to the particle -pa/-pä that is appended to a second-person imperative, gives the command or request a slightly more persuasive or inspiring tone:
-s {suffix} [case suffix, colloquial, or, dialectal]  :: alternative form of -ssa
-s {suffix}  :: Forms ordinal numbers from cardinal numbers, or ordinal pronouns
sa {pron} [personal, archaic, poetic]  :: you (singular; in archaic English: thou)
saada {v} [colloquial]  :: to get laid (If the partner is mentioned, the partner is in the ablative case (equivalent to "from"))
saada {vt} [+ direct object in accusative + 3rd infinitive in illative]  :: to make (to cause the direct object to be the subject of a verb)
saada {vt} [+ infinitive; in indicative or conditional mood]  :: to deserve
saada {vt} [+ infinitive]  :: may, to be allowed, to be permitted
saada {vt}  :: saada tietää: to learn, find out, come to know
saada {vt}  :: to afford; usually in passive (to give forth; yield as natural result)
saada {vt}  :: to get, receive
saada aikaan {vt} [idiomatic]  :: To accomplish, work out, achieve, get something done
saada aikaan {vt} [idiomatic]  :: To cause, generate, set off, do, bring about, arouse, provoke
saada alkunsa {v} [idiomatic]  :: to come into being (to form; to start to exist)
saada anteeksi {vi}  :: To be forgiven
saada päätökseen {vt} [+ accusative]  :: To complete
saada selkäänsä {vi}  :: to be battered, get thrashed
saada selville {vt} [idiomatic, + genitive-accusative]  :: to find out, get to know, learn, unearth, uncover
saada surmansa {v}  :: to get killed, die
saada turpaansa {vi}  :: to be battered, get thrashed
saada turpiinsa {v}  :: alternative form of saada turpaansa
saada vihiä {idiom}  :: to get wind, get inkling, get scent
saaga {n}  :: saga
saago {n}  :: sago
saagopalmu {n}  :: sago palm (Metroxylon sagu)
saaja {n}  :: receiver
saakeli {interj}  :: damn!
saakka {postp}  :: (distance) all the way from
saakka {postp}  :: (distance) up to, all the way to
saakka {postp}  :: (temporally) since
saakka {postp}  :: (temporally) until
saali {n}  :: alternative spelling of šaali
saaliinhimoinen {adj}  :: voracious, rapacious
saalinki {n} [nautical]  :: A spreader
saalis {n}  :: prey, catch
saalistaa {vt} [esp. of an animal]  :: to prey, hunt
saalistaja {n}  :: predator
saalistus {n}  :: preying
saamari {interj}  :: dang, darn, damn, blimey, drat (a mild curse)
saamaton {adj}  :: inefficient, incapable
saamattomampi {adj}  :: comparative form of saamaton
saamattomuus {n}  :: inefficiency
saame {n}  :: Sami (language)
saamelainen {n}  :: Sami (member of nomadic people of Lapland)
Saana {prop}  :: A fell in Finnish Lapland
Saana {prop}  :: female given name of modern usage, transferred from the place name
saanne {n}  :: accept
saanti {n}  :: supply, yield
saapas {n}  :: boot (shoe)
Saapasmaa {prop} [nickname]  :: Italy
saapaspari {n}  :: A pair of boots
saapikas {n}  :: ankle boot
saappaannuolija {n}  :: bootlicker
saapua {vi}  :: To arrive
saapuminen {n}  :: arrival
saapumisaika {n}  :: time of arrival
saapumisjärjestys {n}  :: arriving order
saapumisviisumi {n}  :: visa-on-arrival
saapuneet-kansio {n}  :: in-box, inbox (computer file)
saapuneet-laatikko {n}  :: in-box, inbox (physical box or a computer file)
saapuva {adj}  :: arriving
saapuva {adj}  :: incoming; used e.g. of mail
Saara {prop}  :: female given name
Saara {prop}  :: Sarah [biblical character]
saarekas {adj}  :: Having many islands
saareke {n}  :: An island (entity surrounded by other entities that are very different from it)
saareke {n}  :: A small island, especially an artificial one and/or one that is close to a larger land mass, an islet
Saarela {prop}  :: Any of a number of small places in Finland
Saarela {prop}  :: Finnish surname
Saarenmaa {prop}  :: Saaremaa
saari {n}  :: island (body of land surrounded by water)
Saari {prop}  :: Any of a number of small places in Finland
Saari {prop}  :: Finnish surname
saariharmaakettu {n}  :: island fox, Urocyon littoralis
saarikettu {n}  :: island fox, Urocyon littoralis
Saarinen {prop}  :: Any of a number of lakes and small places in Finland
Saarinen {prop}  :: Finnish surname
saaristo {n}  :: archipelago
saaristolaislammas {n}  :: Åland sheep
saarivaltio {n}  :: island state
saarna {n}  :: sermon
saarnaaja {n}  :: preacher
saarnaaminen {n}  :: preaching
saarnamies {n}  :: (male) preacher
saarnastuoli {n}  :: A pulpit, ambo
saarnata {v}  :: To preach
saarnateltta {n}  :: tabernacle (tent)
saarni {n}  :: European ash, Fraxinus excelsior
saartaa {vt}  :: to surround, enclose, encircle (in order not to let the object escape)
saarto {n}  :: blockade
saasta {n}  :: filth
saastainen {adj}  :: foul, dirty
saaste {n}  :: pollutant
saaste {n}  :: pollution (used sometimes in plural)
saastepilvi {n}  :: pollution cloud
saastua {vi}  :: To become polluted
saastuke {n}  :: pollutant
saastuminen {n}  :: contamination
saastuminen {n}  :: pollution
saastunut {adj}  :: polluted, contaminated
saastute {n}  :: alternative form of saastuke
saastuttaa {v}  :: To contaminate
saastuttaa {v}  :: To pollute
saastuttaja {n}  :: A polluter
saatana {n}  :: devil, satan
Saatana {prop}  :: Satan (the Devil)
saatanallinen {adj}  :: Satanic
saatananpalvoja {n}  :: theistic satanist
saatananpalvonta {n}  :: theistic satanism
saatanasti {adv} [vulgar]  :: An intensifier
saatava {n}  :: short for myyntisaatava
saatavuus {n}  :: availability
saate {n}  :: covering note
saatekirje {n}  :: cover letter
saatella {v}  :: To escort
saati {adv}  :: let alone, not to mention
saatossa {adv}  :: over the course
saattaa {v} [auxiliary, + infinitive; in simple past tense]  :: to have the impudence/nerve (to do), dare ((to) do), be able to (do)
saattaa {v} [auxiliary, + infinitive]  :: may (do, probably do); (in the conditional mood) might (do, probably do)
saattaa {v}  :: to bring, drive (into a situation)
saattaa {v}  :: to escort, usher, see, accompany, walk
saattaa {v}  :: ~ ulos: to see off (to accompany someone to a point of departure)
saatto {n}  :: escort
saattohoito {n}  :: hospice (provision of palliative care for terminally ill patients)
saattojoukko {n}  :: escort
saattokoti {n}  :: hospice
saattoväki {n}  :: escorting crowd (people who have gathered to wish a good journey for someone or something who leaves)
saattoväki {n}  :: mourners (the people taking part in a funeral ceremony as a group)
saattue {n}  :: A convoy
saavi {n}  :: A tub (broad, open, flat-bottomed vessel)
saavillinen {n}  :: A tub or tubful (contents or capacity of a tub)
saavuttaa {vt}  :: To achieve, accomplish
saavuttaa {vt}  :: To bring about
saavuttaa {vt}  :: To gain, attain
saavuttaa {vt}  :: To obtain
saavuttaa {vt}  :: To reach
saavuttamaton {adj}  :: unreachable, unattainable, unobtainable, inaccessible, unachievable (impossible to attain or reach, unable to accomplish, beyond limit)
saavuttaminen {n}  :: attainment, accomplishment, satisfaction
saavutus {n}  :: achievement, accomplishment, feat, attainment
sabatti {n}  :: alternative form of sapatti
sabloni {n}  :: A stencil (utensil for drawing)
sabloni {n}  :: A template (model or pattern used for making multiple copies of a single object)
sabluuna {n} [colloquial]  :: alternative form of sapluuna
sabotaasi {n}  :: sabotage
sabotoida {vt}  :: To sabotage
sabotoida {vt}  :: To undermine
sabotoija {n}  :: saboteur
sabotointi {n}  :: sabotage
sabotööri {n}  :: saboteur
sabra {n}  :: sabra
sadanpäämies {n}  :: centurion
sadanta {n}  :: (amount of) precipitation
sadas {adj} [ordinal]  :: the hundredth, abbreviation 100.
sadasosa {n}  :: one-hundredth
sadasosasekunti {n}  :: One hundredth of a second
sadatella {vi}  :: To swear, curse, damn
saddukeus {n} [biblical]  :: Sadducee (member of an ancient Jewish sect)
sade {n}  :: (by extension) a rain (any matter moving or falling, usually through air)
sade {n}  :: (meteorology) any precipitation from the sky (e.g. rain, snow, sleet, hailstones)
sadeaika {n}  :: rainy season
sadeasu {n}  :: rainwear
sadekausi {n}  :: wet season, rainy season, monsoon (tropical rainy season)
sadekuuro {n}  :: shower (fall of light rain)
sadella {v}  :: To rain [intermittently]
sademetsä {n}  :: rainforest
sademittari {n}  :: rain gauge
sademäärä {n}  :: rainfall
sadepilvi {n}  :: rain cloud
sadepisara {n}  :: raindrop
sadepäivä {n}  :: rainy day (day when it rains)
sadesää {n}  :: rainy weather
sadetakki {n}  :: A mackintosh (type of raincoat made of rubberized cloth)
sadetakki {n}  :: A raincoat, mackintosh [British]
sadetin {n}  :: sprinkler
sadettaa {v}  :: To irrigate or to water by means of a sprinkler
sadevesi {n}  :: rainwater
sadevesikouru {n}  :: rain gutter, eaves trough, gutter (trough that collects rainwater running from a roof and leads it to a downspout)
sadevesisäiliö {n}  :: rainwater tank; rain barrel [US], water butt [UK] (vessel used for holding rainwater for e.g. firefighting or watering)
sadeviitta {n}  :: cagoule
sadin {n}  :: A trap for grouses and hares
sadismi {n}  :: sadism
sadisti {n}  :: sadist
sadistinen {adj}  :: sadistic
sadistisesti {adv}  :: sadistically
sadistisuus {n}  :: sadism (the property of being sadistic)
sadoittain {adv}  :: hundreds of, by the hundred
sadomasokismi {n}  :: sadomasochism
sadomasokisti {n}  :: sadomasochist
sadomasokistinen {adj}  :: sadomasochistic
sadonkorjuu {n}  :: harvest, harvesting (action of gathering of crops)
sadonkorjuuaika {n}  :: harvest time
saeta {vi} [usually, of snowfall]  :: To thicken, become/get thick(er)
safari {n}  :: safari
safiiri {n} [mineral]  :: sapphire
safka {n} [slang]  :: food
safkata {v} [slang]  :: to eat
saflori {n}  :: safflower (Carthamus tinctorius)
saga {n}  :: alternative spelling of saaga
sagittaalinen {adj} [anatomy]  :: sagittal (in the direction from dorsal to ventral)
sagittaalitaso {n} [anatomy]  :: sagittal plane
sagriini {n}  :: shagreen
saha {n} [musici]  :: musical saw (musical instrument)
saha {n}  :: sawmill (plant, production facility)
saha {n}  :: saw (tool)
sahaaja {n}  :: sawer, sawyer
sahaaminen {n}  :: sawing
sahaava {adj}  :: back and forth (going from one position to another and back again in a manner that resembles sawing)
sahaava {adj}  :: intermittent (stopping and starting at intervals)
sahalaita {n}  :: sawtooth
sahalaitainen {adj}  :: saw-toothed, serrated
sahamainen {adj}  :: sawlike, serrate
sahanpuru {n}  :: sawdust
sahapukki {n}  :: sawbuck, sawhorse
sahata {vt}  :: To saw
sahatavara {n}  :: sawn goods, sawn timber in general
sahaus {n}  :: sawing
sahauttaa {v}  :: To let saw, have sawn (by someone else)
sahra {n} [archaic]  :: A type of plough/plow
sahrami {n}  :: saffron
sahraminkeltainen {adj}  :: saffron, saffron yellow (colour)
sahraminkeltainen {n}  :: saffron, saffron yellow (colour)
sahramiseitikki {n} [mushroom]  :: A webcap, Cortinarius sommerfeltii
sahti {n} [countable]  :: A serving of that drink
sahti {n} [uncountable]  :: A traditional home-brewed strong beer made of malts and traditionally spiced with juniper; nowadays also with hops
sahuu {n}  :: sawing
saiga-antilooppi {n}  :: saiga (Saiga tatarica)
Saija {prop}  :: female given name
saikka {n} [dialectal]  :: tea
Saila {prop}  :: female given name
Saima {prop}  :: female given name
Saimaa {prop}  :: The largest lake of Finland
saimaanhylje {n}  :: Saimaa ringed seal, Phoca hispida saimensis
saimaannorppa {n}  :: A Saimaa ringed seal (Pusa hispida saimensis), subspecies of the ringed seal, lives only in the lake Saimaa in Finland
Saimi {prop}  :: female given name
Saini {prop}  :: female given name
SA Int {initialism}  :: Suomen Armeijan intendenttiosasto, the Superintendent Department of the Finnish Armed Forces. This insignia used to be printed, stamped or otherwise permanently marked on practically every object that belonged to the Finnish military
Saint Kitts ja Nevis {prop}  :: Saint Kitts and Nevis
Saint Lucia {prop}  :: Saint Lucia
saintpaulia {n}  :: saintpaulia
Saint Vincent ja Grenadiinit {prop}  :: Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
saippo {n} [botany]  :: candytuft (plant of the genus Iberis)
saippua {n}  :: soap
saippuakauppias {n}  :: soap vendor
saippuakivi {n}  :: soapstone
saippuakivikauppias {n}  :: soapstone vendor
saippuakupla {n}  :: soap bubble
saippuaooppera {n}  :: soap opera
saippuapuu {n} [archaic]  :: soapbark, soap bark tree, Quillaja saponaria (tropical tree)
saippuasarja {n}  :: soap opera
saippuavaahto {n}  :: soap foam
saippuoida {v}  :: to soap
saippuoittaa {vt} [chemistry]  :: to saponify
saira {n}  :: saury, or more specifically Pacific saury; Cololabis saira
sairaala {n}  :: A hospital
sairaalahoito {n}  :: hospitalization, hospital care
sairaalloinen {adj}  :: morbid
sairaalloinen {adj}  :: sickly, valetudinarian
sairaalloisesti {adv}  :: morbidly
sairaalloisuus {n}  :: morbidness
sairaampi {adj}  :: comparative form of sairas
sairaanhoitaja {n}  :: nurse (person trained to provide care for the sick)
sairaanhoitajatar {f}  :: female nurse
sairaanhoito {n}  :: health care (prevention, treatment, and management of illnesses)
sairaanhoito {n}  :: nursing (process of caring for patients as a nurse)
sairaanhoitopiiri {n}  :: health care district
sairaankuljetusauto {n}  :: An ambulance
sairaan voitelu {n} [Catholicism]  :: Anointing of the Sick (sacrament of the Catholic Church)
sairaiden voitelu {n}  :: alternative form of sairaan voitelu (sacrament of the Catholic Church)
sairas {adj}  :: Ill, sick
sairas {n}  :: A sick person
sairasauto {n}  :: ambulance
sairasloma {n}  :: sick leave
sairastaa {vi}  :: To ail (because of a disease)
sairastaa {vt}  :: To have (a disease), be sick (in bed) with
sairastella {v}  :: To be sick [repeatedly]
sairastua {vi} [intransitive + illative]  :: To get sick, come down with, catch (a disease)
sairastuttaa {vt}  :: to make somebody ill
sairaus {n}  :: sickness, illness, malady, disease, ailment
sairauskohtaus {n}  :: A sudden attack, bout of illness
sairausloma {n}  :: sick leave (a type of leave from work)
sairausvakuutuskortti {n}  :: A medical insurance card issued by the Social Insurance Institution of Finland, KELA. The official translation printed on the card is sickness insurance card
sairausvakuutuskortti {n}  :: Similar card issued by relevant authorities in other countries
saisinko laskun? {phrase}  :: may I have the bill, please?, can I have the bill, please?
saita {adj}  :: stingy, niggardly
saituri {n}  :: miser, cheapskate
saivar {n}  :: alternative form of saivare
saivare {n}  :: nit (egg of a louse)
saivarrella {v}  :: To nitpick
saivartaja {n}  :: A botfly
saivartelija {n}  :: pedant
saju {n} [dialectal]  :: tea
SAK {initialism}  :: Suomen Ammattiliittojen Keskusjärjestö, in English "Central Organisation of Finnish Trade Unions", abbreviated also in English as "SAK" - a central organization of trade unions representing blue-collar employees in both public and private sector
sakaali {n}  :: golden jackal (Canis aureus)
sakaali {n}  :: jackal
sakara {n}  :: point of a star
Sakari {prop}  :: male given name, quite popular since the 19th century
Sakari {prop}  :: The letter "S" in the Finnish tavausaakkoset, a spelling system similar to ICAO spelling alphabet
Sakarias {prop} [biblical character]  :: Zacharias
Sakarias {prop}  :: male given name, popular in the form Sakari
sakariini {n}  :: saccharin
sakarisormi {n} [anatomy, archaic]  :: little finger
sakaristo {n}  :: sacristy, vestry
Sakarja {prop} [biblical character]  :: Zachariah; Zechariah
sakata {v} [card games]  :: to slough, renounce, discard (to play a card of other than the requested colour, usually because the player has run out of cards of this colour)
sakata {v} [chess]  :: alternative spelling of shakata
sakata {v} [nautical, aeronautical]  :: to stall, drop, fall astern
sake {n}  :: sake (Japanese rice wine)
sakea {adj}  :: thick (liquid)
sakeampi {adj}  :: comparative form of sakea
sakein {adj}  :: superlative form of sakea
sakemanni {n}  :: A German person
sakerdootti {n} [archaic]  :: priest; a member of clergy
saketti {n}  :: morning dress (kind of men's formal dress)
sakeute {n}  :: thickening agent, thickener
sakeuttaa {v}  :: to thicken (to make more viscous)
sakeutus {n}  :: thickening (of liquid)
sakeutusaine {n}  :: thickening agent (food additive)
sakka {n}  :: dregs
sakka {n}  :: lees (in wine and other beverages)
sakkadi {n}  :: saccade (quick movement of the eye)
sakkaraasi {n} [chemistry]  :: sucrase
sakkaridi {n}  :: saccharide
sakkariini {n}  :: saccharin
sakkaroosi {n} [carbohydrate]  :: sucrose
sakkaus {n} [aeronautics]  :: A stall (loss of lift due to an airfoil's critical angle of attack being exceeded)
sakkauttaa {v}  :: to settle (to clear of dregs and impurities by causing them to sink)
sakkautua {vi}  :: To sediment
sakkeli {n}  :: shackle
sakki {n}  :: alternative spelling of šakki
sakki {n}  :: gang, crowd
sakkilauta {n}  :: alternative spelling of šakkilauta
sakkinappula {n}  :: alternative spelling of šakkinappula
sakko {n}  :: fine, penalty
sakkoliha {n} [slang]  :: A jailbait (a person below the age of consent for sexual activity)
SAK:lainen {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to SAK
sakokaivo {n}  :: septic tank (underground septic tank)
sakottaa {v}  :: To fine, to ticket (to issue a fine as punishment)
sakramentti {n}  :: sacrament
sakramenttikaappi {n}  :: tabernacle (small ornamented cupboard or box used for the sacrament of the Eucharist in a Roman Catholic church)
saksa {n}  :: The German language
Saksa {prop}  :: Germany
saksalainen {adj}  :: German, of or relating to Germany
saksalainen {adj}  :: Germano-, in the form saksalais-
saksalainen {adj}  :: German, relating to the German language:
saksalainen {n}  :: German (person)
saksalaistaa {vt}  :: To Germanize, make German
saksalaistua {vi}  :: to become German
saksalaisuus {n}  :: Germanness
Saksan demokraattinen tasavalta {prop}  :: German Democratic Republic
saksanhirvi {n}  :: A hart (male of red deer, especially one over five years old)
saksanhirvi {n}  :: A hind (female red deer, especially one over three years old)
saksanhirvi {n}  :: A red deer, Cervus elaphus.
saksankielinen {adj}  :: Expressed in the German language
saksankielinen {adj}  :: German-speaking
saksankumina {n}  :: Fennel (plant Foeniculum vulgare)
Saksan liittotasavalta {prop}  :: The Federal Republic of Germany (official name of Germany)
saksanmarkka {n}  :: A common term for the former German currency (until 2002), the German mark or Deutschmark; see Saksan markka
Saksan markka {n}  :: The official term for the former German currency (until 2002), the German mark or Deutschmark
saksannos {n}  :: German translation
saksanpähkinä {n}  :: Juglans regia
saksanpähkinä {n}  :: walnut
saksantaa {vt}  :: To translate into German
saksata {v}  :: to scissor (to move something like a pair of scissors, especially the legs)
sakset {n} [gymnastics]  :: scissors
sakset {n}  :: pincers, claws (front claws of crustaceans such as lobsters)
sakset {n}  :: scissors; shears (large)
saksi {n}  :: A claw of a crab
saksi {n}  :: A Saxon
Saksi {prop}  :: Saxony
saksia {v}  :: To scissor
saksija {n}  :: one who scissors
saksinokka {n}  :: skimmer (bird of the genus Rynchops in the family Laridae - gulls and terns)
saksipotku {n} [soccer, swimming]  :: saksipotku
saksofoni {n}  :: saxophone
saksofonisti {n}  :: saxophonist
saku {n}  :: guan (South American bird)
saku {n} [slang]  :: German, Kraut (German person)
Saku {prop}  :: male given name
sala {n} [dated]  :: A secret; currently used mostly idiomatically and as modifier in compound terms
sala- {prefix}  :: A prefix signifying secret, clandestine, concealed
salaa {adv}  :: In secret, secretly
sala-ampuja {n}  :: sniper
salaatinkastike {n}  :: salad dressing
salaatti {n}  :: salad
salaattikastike {n}  :: alternative form of salaatinkastike
salailla {vt}  :: to keep secret, cover up, hide
salainen {adj} [mysterious]  :: arcane
salainen {adj}  :: secret, clandestine (done or kept hidden)
salainen poliisi {n}  :: secret police (police operating secretively outside boundaries of normal law)
salaisempi {adj}  :: comparative form of salainen
salaisuus {n}  :: secret
salajuoni {n}  :: plot, stratagem
salakapakka {n}  :: A speakeasy
salakauppias {n}  :: A bootlegger
salakavala {adj}  :: insidious, treacherous
salakähmäinen {adj}  :: underhand
salakähmäisesti {adv}  :: underhand
salakähmäisyys {n}  :: concealment, stealthiness, secrecy
salaki {n}  :: salak
salakieli {n}  :: code language, cipher
salakirjoittaa {v}  :: To encipher, to encrypt
salakirjoitus {n}  :: ciphering (process)
salakirjoitus {n}  :: cipher (method)
salakirjoitus {n}  :: ciphertext, cipher (text)
salakirjoitusavain {n}  :: codebook
salakirjoitusjärjestelmä {n}  :: cipher (method)
salakirjoitusviesti {n}  :: ciphertext, cipher (text)
salakka {n}  :: bleak, Alburnus alburnus
salakuljettaa {vt}  :: To bring (any goods) secretly (into a place or event where they are forbidden, e.g. a bottle of alcohol into a sports event)
salakuljettaa {vt}  :: To smuggle (to transport goods illicitly over a border without paying the applicable duties; to transport illegal substances secretly over a border)
salakuljettaja {n}  :: smuggler
salakuljetus {n}  :: The act of smuggling (illegal import or export)
salakuunnella {v}  :: to eavesdrop, listen in (to listen to a conversation one is not intended to hear)
salakuunnella {v}  :: to tap, wiretap (to place a listening or recording device on a telephone or wired connection)
salakuuntelu {n}  :: eavesdropping
salakuuntelulaite {n}  :: wiretap (concealed device that allows a third party to listen or record conversations)
salakäytävä {n}  :: secret passage
salaliitto {n}  :: A conspiracy, collusion
salaliittolainen {n}  :: conspirator
salaliittoteoria {n}  :: A conspiracy theory
salama {n}  :: lightning, bolt
salama {n} [photography]  :: flash
salamahyökkäys {n}  :: blitz
salamalaukaisin {n} [photography]  :: flashgun
salaman laukaisin {phrase} [photography]  :: flashgun
salamannopea {adj}  :: fast as lightning
salamanteri {n}  :: salamander (amphibian)
salamanteri {n}  :: salamander (mythical creature)
salamatkustaja {n}  :: stowaway
salametsästäjä {n}  :: A poacher
salametsästys {n}  :: poaching
salami {n}  :: salami
salamoida {vi} [figuratively, e.g. of eyes]  :: To blaze, flash (fire)
salamoida {vi} [impersonal]  :: To lighten, flash
salamurha {n}  :: assassination
salamurhaaja {n}  :: assassin
salamurhata {v}  :: To assassinate
salamyhkäinen {adj}  :: secretive
salanimi {n}  :: A pseudonym, nom de guerre, code name
salaoja {n}  :: An underground drain
salaojaverkko {n}  :: A drainage, subsurface system of drains
salaojittaa {v}  :: To build a system of underground drainage
salaojitus {n} [agriculture, construction]  :: A system of underground drains
salaojitus {n}  :: The act of installing either of the above
salaovi {n}  :: secret door
salaperäinen {adj}  :: mysterious
salapoliisi {n} [informal]  :: A detective
salapoltto {n}  :: moonshining (illicit liquor production)
salasana {n}  :: A password (secret word used to gain admittance)
salaseura {n}  :: cabal
salaseura {n}  :: secret society
salassa {adv}  :: under wraps (in hiding)
salat {n}  :: secrets
salata {vt}  :: to conceal, keep secret, cover up, hide
salata {vt}  :: to encrypt, encipher
salatiede {n}  :: occultism
salattu {adj}  :: hidden
salaus {n}  :: encryption
salausmenetelmä {n}  :: encryption method
salava {n}  :: crack willow (Salix fragilis)
salavihkainen {adj}  :: furtive, stealthy
saldo {n}  :: balance of an account
sali {n}  :: A large room, often one in which dinners are served, visitors are received or banquets held
sali {n}  :: hall (principal room of a secular medieval building)
salibandy {n}  :: floorball
salijalkapallo {n}  :: futsal
salisyylihappo {n}  :: salicylic acid
salitanssi {n}  :: ballroom dance (type of elegant dance)
salkku {n}  :: briefcase, portfolio
salko {n}  :: flagstaff
salko {n}  :: pole
salkunkantaja {n} [informal]  :: sidekick (assistant)
salkuton {adj} [politics]  :: without portfolio
salkuton {adj}  :: without a briefcase
Salla {prop}  :: A municipality in Finnish Lapland
Salla {prop}  :: female given name transferred from the place name
Salli {prop}  :: female given name
sallia {v}  :: to countenance
sallia {vt}  :: to allow, permit
sallimus {n}  :: Fate, destiny
sallimus {n} [religion]  :: Providence (of God; manifestation of divine direction)
sallittu {adj}  :: permissible
salliva {adj}  :: permissible
Salme {prop}  :: female given name.
salmeke {n}  :: A small strait
Salmela {prop}  :: Any of a number of small places in Finland
Salmela {prop}  :: Finnish surname
salmi {n}  :: relatively narrow passage of water: strait, sound, narrows, inlet
Salmi {prop}  :: Any of a number of small places in Finland
Salmi {prop}  :: A town in Russian Karelia
Salmi {prop}  :: Finnish surname
salmiakki {n} [mineral, chemistry, archaic]  :: sal ammoniac
salmiakki {n}  :: salty liquorice
salmiakkimakeinen {n}  :: salty liquorice candy
Salminen {prop}  :: Finnish surname
salmonella {n}  :: salmonella
salmonelloosi {n} [disease]  :: salmonellosis
salo {n}  :: a deep forest, wilderness
salo {n} [archaic]  :: a forested island
Salo {prop}  :: Any of a number of small places in Finland
Salo {prop}  :: A town and a municipality on the SW coast of Finland
Salo {prop}  :: Finnish surname
salolimaseitikki {n} [mushroom]  :: A webcap, Cortinarius stillatitius
salomaa {n}  :: deep forest, wilderness
Salomo {prop}  :: male given name
Salomo {prop}  :: Solomon (Biblical figure)
Salomon {prop} [archaic]  :: Solomon (Biblical figure)
Salomon {prop}  :: male given name
Salomonsaaret {prop}  :: The Solomon Islands
Salonen {prop}  :: Finnish surname
salonki {n}  :: parlor, salon (large room)
salottisipuli {n}  :: shallot (kind of onion)
salpa {n}  :: bar (horizontal pole used to lock a door or a gate)
salpa {n}  :: bolt (sliding pin or bar in a lock)
salpa {n}  :: hasp, clasp (metal strap fastened by a padlock or a pin)
salpa {n}  :: salp
salpaaja {n}  :: blocker
salpahaka {n}  :: catch, clasp
salpietari {n}  :: saltpetre, potassium nitrate, sodium nitrate
salsa {n} [dance]  :: salsa
salsa {n} [music]  :: salsa
salsa {n}  :: salsa (sauce)
salskea {adj}  :: handsome
salskea {adj}  :: tall, lean, spare
salskea {adj}  :: upstanding, respectable
saltaatio {n}  :: saltation
saluuna {n}  :: saloon
salva {n}  :: salve, ointment
salvaa {v}  :: alternative form of salvoa
salvaa {v} [dialectal]  :: to castrate, geld
salvain {n}  :: A notch (a joint cut to fit and lock the logs into each other in the corners of a log house)
salvata {vt}  :: To bolt, bar, latch
salvia {n}  :: sage (herb)
salvoa {v}  :: To notch (to join by means of notches, especially the logs in the corners of a log house)
salvoin {n}  :: A notch (a joint cut to fit and lock the logs into each other in the corners of a log house)
salvostaa {v} [rare]  :: alternative form of salvoa
salvukukko {n}  :: capon
salvumies {n} [archaic]  :: carpenter who constructs log houses by hand
salvuporsas {n}  :: castrated male pig
salvupässi {n}  :: wether
sama {adj}  :: same
sama {pron}  :: same
samaa mieltä {adv}  :: at one, of same opinion (olla yhtä mieltä = to be of same opinion = to agree)
samaan aikaan {adv}  :: at the same time, even as (simultaneously)
samaani {n}  :: alternative spelling of šamaani
samainen {adj}  :: same
samaistaa {vt}  :: to identify with, equate (to hold two or more things as the same or expressions of the same underlying factor)
samaistua {v}  :: alternative form of samastua
samalla {adv}  :: at the same time, simultaneously
samalla aaltopituudella {adv} [idiomatic]  :: on the same wavelength (same meaning)
samalla mitalla {adv}  :: in kind (by the same means)
samalla tavalla {adv}  :: Same as samalla tavoin
samalla tavoin {phrase}  :: in the same way
samanaikainen {adj}  :: coincidental
samanaikainen {adj}  :: contemporaneous
samanaikainen {adj}  :: simultaneous
samanaikaisesti {adv}  :: at the same time, simultaneously, together
samanaikaisuus {n}  :: simultaneity, simultaneousness
samanarvoinen {adj}  :: equivalent
samanarvoisuus {n}  :: equivalence
samankaltainen {adj}  :: homologous
samankaltainen {adj}  :: similar
samankaltaisuus {n}  :: similarity, resemblance
samankeskinen {adj}  :: concentric
samanlainen {adj}  :: equivalent, identical
samanlainen {adj}  :: similar, of a kind
samanlaisuus {n}  :: similarity
samanmielinen {adj}  :: like-minded
samannäköinen {adj}  :: alike, looking alike; also lookalike [noun]
samanoida {v}  :: alternative form of šamanoida
samansuuntainen {adj}  :: parallel
samantapainen {adj}  :: similar, suchlike
samantein {adv} [dialectal]  :: alternative spelling of saman tien
samantekevä {adj}  :: insignificant
saman tien {adv}  :: as well (in addition; also)
saman tien {adv}  :: by the same token
saman tien {adv}  :: on the spot, right away, in a jiffy (very quickly; without delay)
samantyyppinen {adj}  :: of the same type (similar, but not quite)
saman verran {adv}  :: same amount, as much
samarialainen {adj}  :: Samaritan
samarialainen {n}  :: Samaritan
samarium {n}  :: samarium
samassa veneessä {phrase} [idiomatic]  :: in the same boat (in the same situation or predicament; having common problems)
samastua {vi}  :: To identify with someone or something
samasukupuolinen {adj}  :: same-sex
samba {n}  :: samba
sambata {vi}  :: to samba
Sambia {prop}  :: Zambia (country in Southern Africa)
sambialainen {adj}  :: Zambian
sambialainen {n}  :: A Zambian person
samea {adj}  :: fuzzy
samea {adj}  :: murky
sameampi {adj}  :: comparative form of samea
samentua {v}  :: To cloud (to become foggy or gloomy, to become obscured from sight)
samepiste {n}  :: cloud point (temperature at which organic liquid gets cloudy)
sameta {vi}  :: to become turbid
sametinpehmeä {adj}  :: velvety
sametti {n}  :: velvet
samettifarkut {n} [colloquial, pluralonly]  :: velvet jeans
samettifarmarit {n} [pluralonly]  :: velvet jeans
samettikukka {n}  :: marigold (any flower in the genus Tagetes)
samettinen {adj}  :: velvety
sameutua {vi}  :: alternative form of samentua
Sami {prop}  :: male given name
samisen {n} [musical instruments]  :: alternative spelling of shamisen
sammahtaa {vi} [colloquial]  :: To go to sleep, to sack out
sammakko {n}  :: common frog (Rana temporaria)
sammakko {n}  :: frog
sammakkoeläin {n}  :: amphibian
sammakkomies {n}  :: frogman
sammakkoperspektiivi {n}  :: frog perspective
sammakonkoipi {n}  :: a leg of a frog
sammakonkoipi {n}  :: in plural frog legs (hind legs of frog used as food)
sammakonkoivet {n}  :: frog legs (hind legs of frog used as food)
sammakonkutu {n}  :: frogspawn
sammakonpoikanen {n}  :: tadpole
sammakonreisi {n}  :: a thigh of a frog
sammakonreisi {n}  :: in plural, frog legs (hind legs of a frog used as food)
sammakontoukka {n}  :: Larval frog; tadpole
sammal {n}  :: bryophyte (botany term covering mosses, liverworts and hornworts)
sammal {n}  :: moss
sammaleinen {adj}  :: mossy
sammaleläin {n}  :: bryozoon
sammalikko {n}  :: area covered by moss
sammaloitua {vi}  :: To moss
sammaloituminen {n}  :: mossing
sammaltaa {vt}  :: To slur
sammaltiede {n} [botany]  :: bryology
sammas {n} [mythology]  :: a cosmic pillar that supported the sky in the ancient Finnish mythology
sammas {n} [pathology]  :: oral candidiasis, oral thrush
sammas {n}  :: (pathology) oral ulcer, aphtha
sammi {n}  :: A drinking vessel made of birch-bark
sammio {n}  :: vat
sammua {v} [colloquial]  :: to crash, conk out (to fall asleep)
sammua {v} [colloquial]  :: to pass out (due to heavy consumption of alcohol)
sammua {v} [of feelings, emotions]  :: to die, fade/melt away, diminish
sammua {v} [of fire]  :: to go out, die (down), flame out
sammua {v} [of light]  :: to go out, off
sammua {v} [of thirst]  :: to be quenched
sammuke {n}  :: extinguishant (extinguishing medium)
sammuksiin {adv}  :: extinguished, put out, out, blown out (to the state of being out)
sammuksiin {adv}  :: turned off (to the state of being turned off, used e.g. of lights or a machine)
sammuksissa {adv}  :: extinguished, put out (of fire)
sammuksissa {adv}  :: passed out (unconscious)
sammuksissa {adv}  :: turned off (of e.g. lights or a machine)
sammunut {adj}  :: dead (of an emotion)
sammunut {adj}  :: extinct (of a family)
sammunut {adj}  :: extinct (of a volcano)
sammunut {adj}  :: extinguished, put out, quenched, dead (of a fire, cigarette etc.)
sammunut {adj} [informal]  :: passed out (having lost conscience due to alcohol or drugs)
sammunut {adj}  :: quenched (of thirst)
sammutin {n}  :: fire extinguisher
sammuttaa {v}  :: to put out, extinguish [fire]
sammuttaa {v}  :: to quench, extinguish [thirst]
sammuttaa {v}  :: to shut down, turn off
sammuttaminen {n}  :: Action noun of the verb sammuttaa, extinguishing
sammutus {n}  :: fire fighting
samoa {n}  :: Samoan (language)
Samoa {prop}  :: Samoa
samoalainen {adj}  :: Samoan
samoalainen {n}  :: Samoan (person)
samoanlentäväkoira {n}  :: Samoa flying-fox (Pteropus samoensis)
samoihin aikoihin {adv}  :: at about the same time (almost simultaneously)
samoilla {vi}  :: To wander (usually in nature and without any specific destination)
samoilu {n}  :: wandering, hiking
samoin {adv}  :: ditto
samoin {adv}  :: likewise
samoin kuin {conj}  :: as well as
samojedi {n}  :: Samoyed
samojedikieli {n}  :: A Samoyed language
samojedinkoira {n}  :: Samoyed (dog)
samota {vi}  :: To wander; hike
samovaari {n}  :: A samovar (metal urn for boiling water)
samperi {interj}  :: dang, darn, damn, blimey, drat (a mild curse)
sampi {n}  :: European sturgeon, common sturgeon, Acipenser sturio (type species of that family)
sampi {n}  :: sturgeon (any fish of the family Acipenseridae)
sampikala {n}  :: a fish in the order Acipenseriformes
sampinjoni {n} [mushroom]  :: champignon, Agaricus bisporus
sampioni {n}  :: champion
samplata {v} [music]  :: to sample
samplaus {n} [music]  :: sampling
sampleri {n} [musical instruments]  :: sampler
sampo {n} [mythology]  :: A magical artifact in the Kalevala; it provided wealth to its owner
Sampo {prop}  :: male given name
sampoo {n}  :: shampoo
samppanja {n}  :: champagne (a glass of champagne)
samppanja {n}  :: champagne (sparkling wine produced in Champagne)
samppanja {n} [informal, increasingly rare]  :: champagne (sparkling wine)
samppanjalasi {n}  :: champagne glass, champagne flute, flute
samppanjapullo {n}  :: champagne bottle
samppanjavispilä {n}  :: champagne whisk
Sampsa {prop}  :: male given name
Sampsa {prop} [mythology]  :: A god of fields and growth in Finnish mythology
Samu {prop}  :: male given name, short for Samuel and Samuli
Samuel {prop}  :: male given name
Samuel {prop}  :: Samuel (biblical figure)
Samuli {prop}  :: male given name.
samum {n}  :: simoom
samurai {n}  :: samurai
samuus {n}  :: sameness
sana {n}  :: lesson (section of the Bible or other religious text read as part of a divine service)
sana {n} [religion]  :: with a capital initial letter, the Word or Scripture
sana {n}  :: word
sanaharkka {n}  :: A quarrel
sanailla {v}  :: To argue (to have an argument)
sanailla {v}  :: To exchange words; to discuss
sanailla {v}  :: To speak or write; to use words
sanajärjestys {n} [grammar]  :: word order
sanakirja {n}  :: dictionary
sanaleikki {n}  :: wordplay, pun
sanallisesti {adv}  :: verbally
sanaluokka {n} [grammar]  :: part of speech (the function a word or phrase performs)
sanamäärä {n}  :: word count (number of words in a passage of text)
sananen {n}  :: diminutive form of sana
sananen {n}  :: word
sananlasku {n}  :: proverb
sananmukainen {adj}  :: literal
sananmukaisesti {adv}  :: literally
sananmuunnos {n}  :: spoonerism
sananraja {n}  :: alternative form of sanaraja
sananvalinta {n}  :: diction
sananvapaus {n}  :: freedom of speech
sanaoppi {n} [dated, linguistics]  :: logology (scientific study of words)
sanaraja {n} [linguistics]  :: word boundary
sanaristikko {n}  :: crossword
sanaseppoilu {n}  :: recreational linguistics, logology, wordplay (study of words for recreation)
sanasota {n}  :: war of words
sanasta sanaan {phrase}  :: word for word [adverbial usage], word-for-word [adjectival usage]
sanasto {n}  :: vocabulary, glossary (collection of words alphabetized and explained).
sanasto {n}  :: vocabulary, language (collection of words used in a particular field)
sanasto {n}  :: vocabulary (words of a language collectively)
sanasto-oppi {n}  :: lexicology
sanatarkasti {adv}  :: verbatim
sanatarkka {adj}  :: word-for-word, exact, verbatim
sanaton {adj}  :: non-verbal, nonverbal
sanaton {adj}  :: speechless
sanaton {adj}  :: unspoken, wordless
sanatorio {n}  :: sanatorium
sanavarasto {n}  :: vocabulary (collection of words one knows and uses)
sanavartalo {n} [linguistics]  :: root
sandaali {n}  :: A sandal
sandinisti {n}  :: Sandinista
sanduri {n} [geology]  :: sandur
sane {n} [linguistics]  :: vocable (word or utterance, especially with reference to its form rather than its meaning)
sane {n}  :: word token
saneerata {v}  :: To redevelop (to convert a neighbourhood by new construction, reconstruction and/or renovation of existing buildings)
saneerata {v}  :: To rehabilitate (to restore or repair, to make habitable again)
saneerata {v}  :: To renovate (to make extensive repairs to a building, often adding modern technology)
saneeraus {n}  :: A complete reorganization of a company or other organization, typically involving redundancies, outsourcing and sales of businesses and non-essential assets
saneeraus {n} [construction]  :: A renovation
sanelin {n}  :: A dictation machine, dictaphone
sanelin {n} [colloquial, humorous]  :: A mouth, especially in connection with eating
sanella {vt}  :: To dictate (to order, command, control)
sanella {vt}  :: To dictate (to speak in order for someone to write down the words)
Sanelma {prop}  :: female given name
sanelu {n}  :: dictation
sanelukone {n}  :: dictation machine, dictaphone
sanforoida {vt}  :: To treat wool so that it does not shrink when washed
sangen {adv}  :: very
sangoittain {adv}  :: By the bucket
sangollinen {n}  :: bucketful (amount held in a bucket)
sangria {n}  :: sangria
sangviininen {adj}  :: sanguine
saniainen {n} [botany]  :: A fern
sanidiini {n} [mineral]  :: sanidine
sanka {n}  :: any handle made of metal wire or other relatively thin and stiff material
sanka {n}  :: temple, arm of spectacles
sankaluuri {n}  :: handsfree earpiece (mobile phone device that sits in or on the ear with earphone and microphone)
sankari {n}  :: hero, heroine
sankarillinen {adj}  :: heroic
sankaritar {n}  :: heroine
sankarius {n}  :: alternative form of sankaruus (heroism)
sankaruus {n}  :: heroism, heroization
sankasti {adv}  :: densely
sankeri {n}  :: (common) chancre
sankeri {n}  :: (expletive) purity
sankka {adj}  :: dense
sankkeri {n} [pathology]  :: chancre (skin lesion associated with certain contagious diseases, particularly STD's)
sankkireikä {n}  :: touch hole
sanko {n}  :: bucket, pail
sankoin joukoin {adv}  :: en masse
sanktio {n}  :: sanction
sanktioida {vt}  :: To sanction
San Marino {prop}  :: San Marino (city)
San Marino {prop}  :: San Marino (country)
sanmarinolainen {adj}  :: Sammarinese
Sanna {prop}  :: female given name
Sanni {prop}  :: female given name
sannikas {n}  :: sandal
sanoa {vit}  :: to say, tell (transitive+ partitive or accusative "something", intransitive+ elative, "about something")
sanoinkuvaamaton {adj}  :: unspeakable
sanoittaa {v}  :: to write lyrics to a song
sanoittaja {n}  :: lyricist, songwriter (one who writes the lyrics of songs)
sanoitus {n}  :: lyrics (words of a song)
sanoja {n}  :: A sayer; one who says
sanoma {n}  :: A message, communication (figuratively)
sanomalehti {n}  :: A newspaper (publication)
sanomalehtipaperi {n}  :: newsprint
sanomaton {adj}  :: unspeakable
sanomaton {adj}  :: unspoken, unsaid
sano muikku {phrase}  :: say cheese (literally: say vendace)
sanonta {n}  :: saying, apothegm, adage
sanopa muuta {phrase} [idiomatic]  :: you can say that again (in response to another person: that is very true)
sanoutua {v}  :: Used only in the verb phrase sanoutua irti and in the compound verb irtisanoutua
sanoutua irti {v}  :: ~ + elative; to dissociate oneself from (e.g. an opinion, an ideology)
sanoutua irti {v}  :: to give notice, resign
sanskriitti {n}  :: Sanskrit (language)
sanskrit {n}  :: The Sanskrit language
sanskritisti {n}  :: Sanskritist
santa {n}  :: sand (usually meaning slightly wet sand)
santarmi {n}  :: gendarme
santarmi {n}  :: gendarmerie
santelipuu {n}  :: sandalwood
Santeri {prop}  :: male given name, short form of Aleksanteri
santsata {v} [colloquial]  :: to go back for seconds, to go back for more
Santtu {prop}  :: male given name
sanue {n} [linguistics]  :: The set of a word and words etymologically related to it
saos {n} [chemistry]  :: precipitate
saostaa {v} [chemistry]  :: to precipitate (to separate a substance out of a liquid solution into solid form.)
saostin {n}  :: precipitant
saostua {v} [chemistry]  :: to precipitate (to come out of a liquid solution into solid form)
saostuma {n}  :: coagulate
saostuma {n}  :: precipitate
saostuskaivo {n}  :: septic tank (underground septic tank)
saostussäiliö {n}  :: septic tank (underground or above ground septic tank)
saota {vi}  :: To thicken (more viscous)
saparo {n}  :: bunches, pigtail (hairstyle)
saparo {n}  :: The tail of a pig
sapatti {n}  :: Sabbath
sapatti {n}  :: sabbatical
sapattivapaa {n}  :: A sabbatical (extended period of leave of any length, taken by an employee in order to carry out his/her own projects)
sapattivuosi {n}  :: A sabbatical (about a year long period of leave, taken by an employee in order to carry out his/her own projects)
sapattivuosi {n}  :: A sabbatical year
sapekas {adj}  :: bilious
sapeli {n}  :: sabre, saber
sapelihammastiikeri {n} [mammals]  :: A sabre-toothed tiger
sapelinkalistelija {n}  :: sabre-rattler
sapelinkalistelu {n}  :: sabre-rattling
sapettaa {v}  :: to gall, to trouble, to bother
sapfolainen {adj}  :: Sapphic (relating to lesbianism; lesbian)
sapfolainen {adj}  :: Sapphic (relating to the Greek poet Sappho or her poetry)
sapfolainen {n}  :: sapphist (lesbian)
sapluuna {n} [colloquial]  :: A stencil (utensil for drawing)
sapluuna {n} [colloquial]  :: A template (model or pattern used for making multiple copies of a single object)
sappi {n}  :: bile, gall (bodily fluid)
sappi {n} [dated, idiomatic]  :: bile, spleen, spitefulness (bad mood, bitterness of temper)
sappi {n}  :: gallbladder (short of sappirakko)
sappihapero {n}  :: geranium brittlegill or geranium-scented russula, Russula fellea
sappihappo {n}  :: bile acid
sappikivi {n}  :: gallstone
sappipitoinen {adj}  :: bilious
sappirakko {n} [anatomy]  :: A gallbladder
sappirakontulehdus {n} [pathology]  :: cholecystitis (inflammation of the gallbladder)
sappiseitikki {n} [mushroom]  :: A webcap, Cortinarius infractus
sappitie {n} [anatomy]  :: bile duct
saprofyytti {n} [botany]  :: saprophyte
saprotrofi {n}  :: A scientific usage term for a saprotroph
sapuska {n} [colloquial]  :: food, grub
sara {n}  :: sedge
Sara {prop}  :: female given name
sarake {n}  :: column (as opposed to row)
sarana {n}  :: A gudgeon
sarana {n}  :: A hinge (pivoting point)
saranatappi {n}  :: A pintle (pin or bolt that acts as a pivot for a hinge)
saranoida {v}  :: to hinge (to attach by or equip with a hinge)
saranoitu {adj}  :: hinged (equipped with hinge or hinges)
sarastaa {vi} [figuratively]  :: To dawn
sarastaa {vi} [with the subject aamu]  :: To dawn
sarastus {n}  :: dawn, daybreak
sarastus {n}  :: dawning (first beginnings of something)
sardelli {n}  :: anchovy (any fish of the family Engraulidae)
sardi {n} [mineral]  :: sard
sardi {n}  :: The Sardinian language
sardiini {n}  :: sardine
Sardinia {prop}  :: Sardinia
sardinialainen {adj}  :: Sardinian
sardinialainen {n}  :: A Sardinian
Sargassomeri {prop}  :: The Sargasso Sea
sari {n}  :: sari (Indian piece of clothing)
Sari {prop}  :: female given name
sariini {n}  :: sarin
Sarita {prop}  :: female given name
sarja {n}  :: As a modifier in a compound signifies e.g. serial, automatic
sarja {n} [botany]  :: umbella
sarja {n}  :: chain, sequence, succession, train (of events)
sarja {n}  :: (comic) strip
sarja {n} [mathematics, business, chemistry, television]  :: series
sarja {n} [music]  :: suite
sarja {n}  :: set (e.g. of tools or items to be collected)
sarja {n} [sports]  :: division, series, league
sarjakeltano {n} [botany]  :: A narrowleaf hawkweed, Hieracium umbellatum
sarjakuva {n} [comics]  :: comics, artistic medium
sarjakuva {n} [comics]  :: comic strip
sarjakuva-albumi {n} [comics]  :: comics, comic book
sarjakuvakirja {n} [comics]  :: comics, comic book
sarjakuvalehti {n}  :: comic book [magazine]
sarjakuvapiirtäjä {n}  :: cartoonist (person who draws cartoons)
sarjakuvastrippi {n}  :: comic strip
sarjallisuus {n} [music]  :: serialism
sarjamurha {n}  :: serial murder
sarjamurhaaja {n}  :: serial killer
sarjataulukko {n}  :: league table
sarka {n}  :: field, area, branch
sarka {n}  :: frieze (cloth)
sarka {n}  :: patch, strip (of field)
sarkain {n}  :: A tabulator (mechanism on a typewriter that sets the position of columns and borders)
sarkainmerkki {n}  :: tab (a space character that extends to the next column)
sarkasmi {n}  :: sarcasm
sarkastinen {adj}  :: sarcastic
sarkofagi {n}  :: sarcophagus
sarpio {n} [plant]  :: water plantain, a plant in the genus Alisma, family Alismataceae
SARS {n}  :: SARS, severe acute respiratory syndrome
sarveinen {adj} [archaic]  :: keratinous (consisting of keratine)
sarveisaine {n}  :: keratin
sarveisaineinen {n}  :: keratinous
sarveiskalvo {n} [anatomy]  :: Cornea
sarveiskalvotulehdus {n} [pathology]  :: keratitis (inflammation of the cornea)
sarvekas {adj}  :: horned
sarvellinen {adj}  :: horned
sarvena {n} [anatomy]  :: point of hip, coxal tuber (protuberance visible on either side of the hip of an animal, caused by the upper part of the hip bone)
sarvennoinen {n} [anatomy]  :: trochanter (end of the femur near the hip joint)
sarveton {adj}  :: hornless
sarvi {n}  :: antler
sarvi {n}  :: horn (any similar real or imaginary growth or projection)
sarvi {n}  :: horn (growth of keratin that protrudes from the head of certain animals)
sarvi {n}  :: horn (hornlike object)
sarvi {n}  :: horn (substance)
sarviapila {n}  :: fenugreek
sarvijaakko {n}  :: timberman beetle (Acanthocinus aedilis)
sarvijänis {n}  :: jackalope
sarvijäärä {n}  :: longhorn beetle (any beetle from the Cerambycidae family)
sarvikruunu {n}  :: antler (complete antler with both halves intact, as trophy or on the head of a living animal)
sarvikuono {n}  :: Rhinoceros
sarvikuonokas {n}  :: European rhinoceros beetle (Oryctes nasicornis)
sarvimainen {adj}  :: hornlike
sarvipäinen {adj}  :: horned
sarvipöllö {n}  :: A long-eared owl, Asio otus
sarvisammal {n} [plant]  ::  hornwort (any of hundreds of species of bryophytes belonging to Anthocerotophyta)
sarvivalas {n}  :: narwhal (Monodon monoceros)
sarvivälke {n} [mineral]  :: hornblende
sashimi {n}  :: sashimi
Sasu {prop}  :: male given name
sata {num}  :: A/one hundred
sataa {vi}  :: To fall (from the sky)
sataa {v}  :: ~ lunta = to snow
sataa {v}  :: ~ rakeita = to hail
sataa {v}  :: (~ vettä) To rain
sataa kaatamalla {v} [idiomatic]  :: To rain cats and dogs (to rain very heavily)
sataa äkäisiä ämmiä äkeet selässä {v} [simile]  :: rain cats and dogs (to rain very heavily)
sataa kuin saavista kaataen {v} [simile]  :: To rain cats and dogs (to rain very heavily)
sataa tihkua {v}  :: To drizzle (to rain lightly)
satakerta {n} [anatomy]  :: omasum
satakertainen {adj}  :: hundredfold
satakielet {n}  :: The bird genus Luscinia
satakieli {n}  :: A commonly, and erroneously, used name of etelänsatakieli, the common nightingale, nightingale or rufous nightingale, Luscinia megarhynchos
satakieli {n}  :: Any of the birds in genus Luscinia, in Finnish satakielet. Individual species are called robin, rubythroat, nightingale and bluethroat in English
satakieli {n}  :: The thrush nightingale (sprosser), Luscinia luscinia
satakunta {n}  :: Around a hundred
Satakunta {prop}  :: A region and a historical province in the western Finland
satakuntalainen {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to Satakunta
satakuntalainen {n}  :: A person from Satakunta
satama {n}  :: harbour, port, haven
satama-allas {n}  :: dock (body of water between two piers or wharves)
satamalaituri {n}  :: wharf
satamatyöntekijä {n}  :: dockworker
satanen {n}  :: A hundred (digit or figure 100)
satanismi {n}  :: satanism
satanisti {n}  :: satanist
satanistinen {adj}  :: Pertaining to satanism
satapäinen {adj}  :: hundred-headed
satatuhatta {num} [cardinal]  :: hundred thousand
satavuotias {adj}  :: centenarian, a hundred years old
satavuotias {n}  :: centenarian
satavuotinen {adj}  :: centenarian
satayksi {cardinal num} [cardinal]  :: one hundred and one
sateenkaari {n}  :: A rainbow
sateenkaarikala {n}  :: rainbowfish
sateenkaarikardinaali {n}  :: painted bunting, Passerina ciris
sateenkaarilippu {n}  :: A rainbow flag (symbol of the LGBT community)
sateenkaariluri {n}  :: lorikeet (bird of several genera in the parrot family)
sateenkaarirautu {n} [dated]  :: rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)
sateenvarjo {n}  :: umbrella (anything that provides protection)
sateenvarjo {n}  :: umbrella (cloth-covered frame used for protection against rain)
sateeton {adj}  :: rainless
sateettomasti {adv}  :: rainlessly
sateinen {adj}  :: Rainy
satelliitti {n}  :: satellite (especially artificial)
satelliittiantenni {n}  :: satellite antenna
satelliittikanava {n}  :: satellite channel
satelliittikaupunki {n}  :: satellite city, satellite town
satelliittikuva {n}  :: satellite photograph
satelliittikuvaus {n}  :: satellite photography
satelliittinavigaattori {n}  :: satellite navigator
satelliittinavigointi {n}  :: satellite navigation
satelliittipaikannus {n}  :: satellite navigation
satelliittipaikannusjärjestelmä {n}  :: global positioning system, global navigation satellite system
satelliittitelevisio {n}  :: satellite television
satelliittiviestintä {n}  :: satellite communication
satiainen {n} [pathology]  :: In partitive plural (satiaisia), crabs (slang: condition of having pubic lice)
satiainen {n}  :: pubic louse, crab louse (Phthirus pubis)
satiaistauti {n} [pathology]  :: phthiriasis; crabs
satiini {n}  :: satin, sateen (cloth)
satiiri {n}  :: satire
satiirikko {n}  :: satirist
satiirinen {adj}  :: satiric, satirical
satku {n} [colloquial]  :: A banknote of one hundred euros or other currency
satku {n} [colloquial]  :: One hundred units of currency
sato {n}  :: crop (natural production for a specific year, particularly of plants)
satoisa {adj}  :: high-yielding
satoisampi {adj}  :: comparative form of satoisa
satoi tai paistoi {adv}  :: rain or shine (literally: rained or shined)
satraappi {n}  :: satrap
satsata {vi} [colloquial] [intransitive + illative]  :: to invest in
satsi {n} [colloquial]  :: ratio, round, hit
satsuma {n}  :: satsuma
sattua {vi}  :: (monopersonally; 3rd-pers. sg.) To hurt (with the subject it; where = illative; physically or mentally), be sore
sattua {vi} [rare]  :: To hit, strike (+ illative)
sattua {vi}  :: To happen, there is/are/was/were/has been/have been/had been, occur, come about, come up
sattua {vi}  :: To happen (to do = active 3rd infinitive in illative, -maan/-mään; in conditional mood in a jos clause with or without vaikka) should
sattua omaan nilkkaan {phrase} [idiomatic]  :: to cut off one's nose to spite one's face (to harm oneself as a result of attempting to harm an adversary)
sattuma {n}  :: chance, coincidence, happenstance
sattumalta {adv}  :: accidentally, by chance
sattumalta {adv}  :: as it happens, by coincidence
sattumalta {adv}  :: fortuitously
sattumanvarainen {adj}  :: coincidental
sattumanvarainen {adj}  :: random
sattumanvaraisesti {adv}  :: randomly (in a random way)
sattumoisin {adv}  :: by chance
sattuneesta syystä {adv}  :: For obvious reasons
satu {n}  :: A (especially children's) story that is not true
satu {n}  :: A fairy tale, fable
Satu {prop}  :: female given name
satukirja {n}  :: storybook
satula {n}  :: A saddle
satulalaukku {n}  :: saddlebag (covered pouch)
satulanenä {n} [pathology]  :: saddle nose
satulantekijä {n}  :: saddlemaker, saddler
satulapiste {n} [geometry, game theory]  :: A saddle point
satulapoimu {n} [geology]  :: anticline
satulaseppä {n}  :: saddler, saddlemaker
satulavyö {n}  :: girth (band that holds a saddle in place)
satuloida {v}  :: To saddle (to put a saddle on an animal)
satulointi {n}  :: saddling
satumaa {n}  :: wonderland
satumaailma {n}  :: fairy tale world
satumaailma {n}  :: fantasy world
satumainen {adj}  :: fabulous
satunnainen {adj} [accounting]  :: extraordinary
satunnainen {adj}  :: coincidental
satunnainen {adj}  :: random
satunnaisesti {adv}  :: randomly
satunnaiskulku {n} [mathematics]  :: random walk
satunnaisluku {n}  :: random number
satunnaislukugeneraattori {n}  :: random number generator
satunnaismuuttuja {n} [statistics]  :: A random variable
satunnaisotanta {n} [statistics]  :: random sample
satunnaisotos {n} [statistics]  :: random sample
satunnaisuus {n}  :: randomness
saturaatio {n}  :: saturation
saturainen {n} [colloquial]  :: one hundred markka or euro bill
Saturnus {n} [Roman god]  :: The Roman god Saturn
Saturnus {n}  :: Saturn, the sixth planet from the Sun in our solar system
saturoida {vt}  :: To saturate
saturointi {n}  :: saturation
satuttaa {vt}  :: To hurt (physically or mentally)
satyyri {n} [mythology]  :: satyr
saudi {n}  :: A Saudi
Saudi-Arabia {prop}  :: Saudi Arabia
saudiarabialainen {adj}  :: Saudi Arabian
saudiarabialainen {n}  :: A Saudi Arabian person
sauhu {n}  :: smoke
sauhuta {vi}  :: To give off smoke
saukko {n}  :: Any otter
saukko {n}  :: The European otter, Lutra lutra
Sauli {prop}  :: male given name.
sauma {n} [informal]  :: chance, window of opportunity
sauma {n}  :: seam
saumavara {n}  :: seam allowance
saumuri {n}  :: overlocker, overlock sewing machine
sauna {n}  :: A sauna
sauna {n}  :: Any bath where sweating is part of the bathing process
saunamaija {n}  :: isopod
saunatonttu {n} [folklore]  :: An elf said to inhabit the sauna and punish those who misbehave in it
saunavasta {n}  :: Same as vasta
saundi {n} [slang]  :: The sound of a musical instrument etc
saunio {n}  :: Certain aster flowers
saunoa {vi}  :: To bath in a sauna, to have a sauna
saunoja {n}  :: One who bathes in a sauna
saunominen {n}  :: sauna (act of having sauna)
sauro {n}  :: Tanned goat hide
sauva {n}  :: rod cell, short for sauvasolu
sauva {n}  :: ski pole, short for suksisauva
sauva {n}  :: wand, staff, stick, rod
sauvabakteeri {n}  :: A rod-shaped bacterium, bacillus
sauvakirkko {n} [architecture]  :: stave church (type of wooden church)
sauvakävely {n}  :: Nordic walking
sauvaohjain {n}  :: joystick
sauvasirkka {n}  :: stick insect
sauvasolu {n} [anatomy]  :: rod cell
sauvoa {v}  :: To pole
sauvoin {n}  :: pole used to pole a boat
savakko {n}  :: A member of one of the two groups of Ingrian Finns
savanni {n}  :: savannah
savannikoira {n}  :: African hunting dog, African wild dog, Lycaon pictus
savanninorsu {n}  :: African bush elephant, Loxodonta africana
Savela {prop}  :: Any of a number of small places in Finland
Savela {prop}  :: Finnish surname
savenruskea seitikki {n} [mushroom]  :: Cortinarius decolorans
saveta {vt}  :: to smear
savettua {vi}  :: alternative form of saveutua
saveutua {vi}  :: To be soiled or covered by clay
savi {n}  :: clay
savikiekko {n} [informally]  :: gramophone record, phonograph record (audio disc playable with a needle record player)
savikiekko {n} [sport, shooting]  :: clay pigeon
savikiekkoammunta {n}  :: clay pigeon shooting (kind of sport shooting)
savikivi {n} [geology]  :: claystone
savikivi {n} [geology]  :: shale
savikka {n}  :: goosefoot
savikko {n}  :: clay ground
saviliuske {n} [mineralogy]  :: slate
savinen {adj}  :: clayey (containing clay)
savipaakku {n}  :: A clump of clay
savipuumuura {n}  :: plain-winged antshrike
saviruukku {n}  :: crock
savitiili {n}  :: adobe (unburnt brick)
savo {n}  :: The Savonian dialect of Finnish
Savo {prop}  :: Savonia
Savoiji {prop}  :: Savoy (region)
savolainen {adj}  :: Savonian
savolainen {n}  :: A Savonian person
Savolainen {prop}  :: Finnish surname
savolaismallinen {adj}  :: Made according to a model customary in the province of Savo; used especially of a type of rowing boat
savolaismallinen {n}  :: A rowing boat made according to the traditional model used in the province of Savo
savotta {n}  :: A place where logging is done
savu {n}  :: Smoke
savuaminen {n}  :: smoking (action of giving off smoke)
savuamispiste {n} [cooking]  :: smoke point
savuankerias {n}  :: smoked eel
savuava {adj}  :: smoking (giving off smoke)
savuhapero {n}  :: A brittlegill, Russula adusta
savuhälytin {n}  :: A smoke alarm
savuinen {adj}  :: smoky
savuisuus {n}  :: smokiness
savukaasu {n}  :: flue gas (gaseous combustion product that comes out of a stove or a furnace)
savukaasuräjähdys {n}  :: smoke explosion
savukala {n}  :: smoked fish
savukalasalaatti {n}  :: smoked fish salad
savukanava {n}  :: A flue, funnel (pipe or duct that carries gaseous combustion products)
savuke {n}  :: A cigarette
savukemerkki {n}  :: brand of cigarettes
savukinkku {n}  :: smoked ham
savukkeensytytin {n}  :: A cigarette lighter
savukone {n}  :: fog machine
savukvartsi {n} [mineral]  :: smoky quartz
savuliha {n} [pejorative, slang]  :: Gypsy
savuliha {n}  :: smoked meat (any smoked meat)
savulohi {n}  :: smoked salmon
savumerkki {n}  :: smoke signal
savunharmaa {adj}  :: smoke (of the colour of smoke)
savunharmaa {n}  :: smoke (the colour of smoke)
savunilmaisin {n}  :: A smoke detector
savunmakuinen {adj}  :: smoky (having flavour like smoke)
savupiippu {n}  :: chimney (UK, in a steam locomotive)
savupiippu {n}  :: flue, funnel (pipe or channel leading smoke away from the fire)
savupiippu {n}  :: funnel (on a steamer)
savupiippu {n}  :: smokestack, chimney (pipe leading smoke away from the fire and the structure surrounding the pipe)
savupiippu {n}  :: smokestack (in a factory, power plant etc.)
savupiipputeollisuus {n}  :: smokestack industry
savupommi {n}  :: smoke bomb
savuporo {n}  :: smoked reindeer
savurengas {n} [smoking]  :: smoke ring
savurousku {n}  :: sooty milk-cap, Lactarius fuliginosus
savusauna {n}  :: A traditional type of Finnish sauna which lacks a chimney and becomes filled by smoke during warming
savuseitikki {n} [mushroom]  :: A webcap, Cortinarius decoloratus
savusilakka {n}  :: smoked Baltic herring
savusilli {n}  :: smoked herring, buckling; red herring; kipper (herring cured with smoke)
savustaa {vt}  :: To smoke (to preserve by treating with smoke)
savustamo {n}  :: A smokery, smokehouse (facility for smoking food)
savustettu {adj}  :: smoked (treated with smoke)
savustin {n}  :: A smoker (apparatus for smoking food)
savustua {vi}  :: To become smoked
savustus {n}  :: fumigation
savustus {n}  :: smoking of food
savustuspönttö {n}  :: smoker (apparatus for smoking food)
savusumu {n}  :: smog
savuta {vi}  :: To give off smoke
savutella {vit} [intransitive, colloquial]  :: To smoke (to consume tobacco products)
savutin {n}  :: A bee smoker
savutin {n}  :: A smoker (device designed to generate smoke)
savuton {adj} [informal]  :: being a non-smoker
savuton {adj}  :: smoke-free (reserved for non-smokers)
savuton {adj}  :: smokeless (free from the presence of smoke)
savuttaa {vi} [often in this specific usage; e.g. of a (brick)kiln used when baking or other machines or tools]  :: To smoke, let/spread smoke in(to places unwanted)
savuttaja {n}  :: A smoker (something that produces smoke)
savuttomasti {adv}  :: smokelessly
savuttomuus {n}  :: smokelessness
savutus {n}  :: fumigation
savuvahinko {n}  :: smoke damage
savuverho {n}  :: A smoke (military: screening smoke)
savuverho {n}  :: A smokescreen
schapendoes {n}  :: schapendoes, Dutch sheepdog (Dutch breed of shepherd dog)
scheeliitti {n} [mineral]  :: scheelite
Schengen {n}  :: Schengen (town in Luxembourg)
Schengen {n}  :: short for Schengenin sopimus, the Schengen Agreement
schillerinajokoira {n}  :: Schiller hound (Swedish breed of scenthound)
schwaabi {n}  :: alternative spelling of svaabi
schwabenilainen {adj}  :: alternative form of schwabilainen
schwabenilainen {n}  :: Swabian (person)
schwabilainen {adj}  :: Swabian (of or pertaining to Swabia)
Schwartzwald {prop}  :: Black Forest (mountain range and region in SW Germany)
scifi {n}  :: sci-fi
scifi-elokuva {n}  :: sci-fi movie
scifikirjailija {n}  :: sci-fi writer, sci-fi author
scifikirjallisuus {n}  :: science fiction (literature genre)
scifileffa {n} [colloquial]  :: sci-fi movie
scifi-romaani {n}  :: sci-fi novel
sclaterinkultamyyrä {n}  :: Sclater's golden mole, Chlorotalpa sclateri
Scrabble {prop}  :: Scrabble (board game)
sääde {n}  :: regulating substance
säde {n}  :: beam of light
säde {n}  :: radius
säde {n}  :: ray of radiation
söde {adj} [slang]  :: cute
Säde {prop}  :: female given name
sädeannos {n} [dated]  :: Same as säteilyannos
säde-eläin {n}  :: radiolarian
sädehoito {n}  :: radiation therapy
sädehtiä {v}  :: to radiate
sädekaisla {n}  :: papyrus sedge, flatsedge, nutsedge, umbrella sedge (plant of the genus Cyperus)
sädekehä {n}  :: A halo (metaphorical aura of glory)
sädekehä {n}  :: A halo, nimbus, aureole (luminous disc around or over the heads of saints)
sädekehävaikutus {n} [psychology]  :: halo effect
säädellä {vt}  :: to regulate
sädeoptiikka {n}  :: geometric optics
sädesieni {n}  :: actinomycete (any of various filamentous or rod-shaped bacteria, of the order Actinomycetales)
sädesienitauti {n} [pathology]  :: actinomycosis
sädesiipisimppu {n}  :: clearfin lionfish, Pterois radiata
sädettää {vt}  :: to radiate
säädettävä {adj}  :: adjustable
säädin {n}  :: controller
säädin {n}  :: remote control
SDP {initialism}  :: The initialism of Suomen Sosialidemokraattinen Puolue, the Social Democratic Party of Finland
säädös {n}  :: statute
säädösoikeus {n}  :: statute law
säädyllinen {adj}  :: decent (acting decently)
säädytön {adj}  :: dirty, indecent, lewd
säe {n} [poetry]  :: line, verse
se {pron} [colloquial, and, dialectal]  :: he, she
se {pron} [colloquial]  :: the (see the usage notes below)
se {pron} [demonstrative]  :: it; (when the speaker does not point at the thing) that
seaborgium {n}  :: seaborgium
seassa {postp}  :: among (intermixed with)
seborrea {n} [pathology]  :: seborrhea
sebroidi {n}  :: zebroid
sedan {n}  :: sedan (body style for cars)
sedatiivi {n}  :: sedative
sedilji {n} [typography]  :: cedilla
sedimentaatio {n}  :: sedimentation
sedimentoitua {vi}  :: To sediment
sedimentti {n}  :: sediment
sedimenttikivi {n}  :: sedimentary rock
sedimenttikivilaji {n} [mineralogy]  :: sedimentary rock
seebu {n}  :: zebu, Bos primigenius indicus
Seem {prop} [biblical character]  :: Shem
Seem {prop}  :: male given name of biblical origin; rarely used
seemiläinen {adj}  :: Semitic (e.g. Semitic language)
seemiläinen {n}  :: Semitic (person)
-seen {suffix}  :: Forms the illative singular case
-seeni {suffix} [geology]  :: -cene
seepia {n}  :: cuttlefish, inkfish (marine mollusk of the order Sepiida)
seepia {n}  :: sepia (colour of that pigment)
seepia {n}  :: sepia (slightly reddish, dark brown pigment made from the secretions, the "ink", of the cuttlefish or a synthetic pigment of the same colour)
seepra {n}  :: zebra
seeprakala {n}  :: zebrafish (Danio rerio)
seeprapeippo {n}  :: zebra finch, Taenoipygia guttata
seepraraita {n}  :: zebra line
seerumi {n}  :: serum
sees {adj} [rare]  :: serene
seesam {interj}  :: seesam aukene! = open sesame!
seesam {n}  :: alternative spelling of seesami Used especially as modifier in compound terms
seesam {n} [archaic]  :: An open sesame (any successful means of achieving a result)
seesami {n}  :: sesame (tropical Asian plant Sesamum indicum and its seed)
seesaminsiemen {n}  :: sesame seed
seesamluu {n} [anatomy]  :: A sesamoid bone
seesteinen {adj}  :: Serene, tranquil
seesteisyys {n}  :: serenity
seestyä {vi}  :: To calm
seestyä {vi}  :: To clear up
Seet {prop} [archaic]  :: Seth (Biblical figure)
Seet {prop}  :: male given name of biblical origin; quite rare
segmentaatio {n}  :: segmentation
segmentoida {vt}  :: To segment
segmentointi {n}  :: segmentation
segmentoitua {vi}  :: to become segmented
segmentti {n}  :: segment
segregaatio {n}  :: segregation
segregoida {vt}  :: to segregate
sei {n}  :: saithe (Pollachius virens)
seideli {n}  :: seidel
Seidi {prop}  :: female given name
Seija {prop}  :: female given name popular in the 1930s and the 1940s
seijas {adj} [archaic, rare]  :: tranquil, serene
seikka {n}  :: circumstance
seikka {n}  :: thing, matter
seikkailija {n}  :: adventurer
seikkailijatar {n}  :: adventuress
seikkailla {v}  :: To adventure
seikkailu {n}  :: adventure
seikkailukas {adj}  :: adventurous
seikkailukkaampi {adj}  :: comparative form of seikkailukas
seikkailukkain {adj}  :: superlative form of seikkailukas
seikkailunhaluinen {adj}  :: adventurous
seikkailupeli {n}  :: adventure game
seikkailupolitiikka {n} [politics]  :: adventurism
seikkailuromaani {n}  :: adventure novel
seilata {vi} [nautical]  :: To sail
seili {n} [colloquial]  :: sail
seilori {n} [slang, nautical]  :: A sailor
seimi {n}  :: crib (in nativity scene)
seinä {n} [colloquial]  :: mains (domestic electrical power supply)
seinä {n}  :: wall (in buildings)
seinemmäksi {adv}  :: closer to wall
Seinäjoki {prop}  :: A city in southern Ostrobothnia, capital of a province
seinäkello {n}  :: A wall clock
seinäkiipeily {n}  :: wall climbing
seinäkukkanen {n}  :: A wallflower (socially awkward person)
seinämä {n}  :: wall (not of a building)
seinämaalaus {n}  :: mural
seinätön {n}  :: wall-less (e.g. building without walls)
seipi {n}  :: dace, Leuciscus leuciscus
seireeni {n}  :: A siren (nymph in Greek mythology)
seis {interj}  :: stop!
seisahtua {vi}  :: To halt, stall
seisake {n}  :: A railway stop, (UK) halt, (USA) flag stop, whistle-stop (a place where train stops to let off passengers, without infrastructure of a station)
seisattaa {v} [dialectal]  :: seisauttaa
seisaus {n}  :: halt, stoppage, standstill
seisauttaa {v}  :: to halt, stop
seiska {num}  :: Anything distinguished by number seven
seiska {num} [colloquial]  :: seventh
seiska {num} [colloquial]  :: The digit seven
seisminen {adj}  :: seismic
seismografi {n}  :: seismograph
seismogrammi {n}  :: seismogram
seismologi {n}  :: seismologist
seismologia {n}  :: seismology
seismometri {n} [geology]  :: seismometer
seisoa {vi} [colloquial]  :: adessive + 3rd-pers. singular = to have an erection
seisoa {vi}  :: To be at a halt
seisoa {vi}  :: To stand
seisokki {n} [colloquial]  :: erection (hard state of penis)
seisokki {n}  :: stoppage
seisoksia {v}  :: to loiter
seisonta-aika {n}  :: idle time
seisontajarru {n}  :: parking brake
seisova aalto {n} [physics]  :: standing wave, stationary wave, fixed wave
seistä {v} [colloquial]  :: adessive + 3rd-pers. singular = to have an erection
seistä {v}  :: To be at a halt
seistä {v}  :: To stand
seita {n}  :: A Sami sacred place
seiti {n}  :: saithe, pollock (Pollachius virens)
seitikki {n} [fungi]  ::  webcap, cortinar (mushroom of the genus Cortinarius, majority of them poisonous)
seitikko {n} [colloquial]  :: The digit seven
seitinohut {adj}  :: gossamer (extremely thin)
seitivalas {n}  :: sei whale, Balaenoptera borealis
seitsemisen {adv}  :: about seven
seitsemän {num} [cardinal]  :: seven
seitsemän kuolemansyntiä {n} [Christianity]  :: the seven deadly sins
seitsemänkymmentä {num} [cardinal]  :: seventy
seitsemänkymmentäkahdeksan {cardinal num} [cardinal]  :: seventy-eight
seitsemänkymmentäkaksi {cardinal num} [cardinal]  :: seventy-two
seitsemänkymmentäkolme {cardinal num} [cardinal]  :: seventy-three
seitsemänkymmentäkuusi {cardinal num} [cardinal]  :: seventy-six
seitsemänkymmentäluku {n}  :: The seventies, 1970s
seitsemänkymmentäneljä {cardinal num} [cardinal]  :: seventy-four
seitsemänkymmentäseitsemän {cardinal num} [cardinal]  :: seventy-seven
seitsemänkymmentäviisi {cardinal num} [cardinal]  :: seventy-five
seitsemänkymmentäyhdeksän {cardinal num} [cardinal]  :: seventy-nine
seitsemänkymmentäyksi {cardinal num} [cardinal]  :: seventy-one
seitsemänsataa {cardinal num} [cardinal]  :: seven hundred
seitsemäntoista {num} [cardinal]  :: seventeen
seitsemäntuhatta {cardinal num} [cardinal]  :: seven thousand
seitsemäs {adj} [ordinal]  :: the seventh, abbreviation 7. , in the names of monarchs and popes VII
seitsemäskymmenes {adj} [ordinal]  :: seventieth
seitsemäsluokkalainen {n}  :: seventh-grader
seitsemässadas {adj} [ordinal]  :: seven-hundredth
seitsemäs taivas {n}  :: seventh heaven
seitsemästi {adv}  :: seven times
seitsemästoista {adj} [ordinal]  :: the seventeenth, abbreviation 17. , in names of monarchs and popes XVII
seitsenkulmio {n} [geometry]  :: heptagon
seitsenottelu {n} [athletics]  :: heptathlon
seitsenruototokko {n}  :: spotted goby (Gobiusculus flavescens)
Seitsentähti {prop}  :: Plough (constellation)
seitsenvyövyötiäinen {n}  :: seven-banded armadillo, Dasypus septemcinctus
seitsikko {n}  :: A seven (group of seven members)
seitsikko {n}  :: A seven (the digit seven)
seitti {n}  :: A web spun by an insect, especially a spiderweb
seitti {n}  :: gossamer, cobweb (filament produced by an insect)
seitti {n}  :: gossamer (soft, sheer fabric)
seiväs {n}  :: pike
seiväs {n}  :: pole, stake
seiväshyppääjä {n}  :: pole vaulter
seiväshyppy {n} [athletics]  :: pole vault
seivästää {vt}  :: To impale
se ja se {pron}  :: such-and-such, so-and-so
se ja tämä {pron}  :: this and that
se jokin {phrase}  :: Often in partitive, used like a noun similary to English (that) certain something, je ne sais quoi (intangible quality that makes something distinctive or attractive)
sekä {conj}  :: and, as well as
sekä {conj}  :: both; in the expression sekä ... että
seka- {prefix}  :: A prefix signifying mixed, (in some cases) cross-
sekaannus {n}  :: confusion, misunderstanding
sekaantua {vi}  :: To get involved
sekaantua {vi}  :: To get mixed up
seka-auto {n}  :: truck bus
seka-avioliitto {n}  :: mixed marriage (marriage between people having different race, culture or religion)
sekahedelmätäyte {n}  :: mincemeat (mixture of fruit, spices and sugar used as a filling for mince pies)
sekaisin {adv}  :: baffled, bewildered, confused, perplexed
sekaisin {adv}  :: in disorder, in confusion, upside down
sekaisin {adv}  :: upset (of a stomach)
sekakieli {n}  :: mixed language, interlanguage
sekakuoro {n}  :: mixed choir (choir consisting of males and females)
sekalainen {adj}  :: assorted
sekalainen {adj}  :: miscellaneous
sekamelska {n}  :: jumble, hodgepodge, melange, mishmash (mixture of unrelated things)
sekamelska {n}  :: mess, chaos
sekanelinpeli {n} [sports]  :: mixed doubles
sekantti {n} [geometry]  :: secant
sekasikiö {n}  :: A mongrel
sekasorto {n}  :: chaos, turmoil
sekasortoinen {adj}  :: chaotic
sekasotku {n}  :: jumble
sekasukupuolisuus {n}  :: intersexuality
sekatavarakauppa {n} [dated]  :: general store (store which sells a large variety of useful things)
sekauinti {n} [sports]  :: medley (competitive swimming event)
sekava {adj}  :: confused, unclear, mixed
sekavasti {adv}  :: confusingly
sekavuus {n}  :: mental confusion, haze
sekeli {n}  :: shekel
sekä ... että {phrase}  :: both ... and
sekiini {n}  :: A sequin [any of various small gold coins minted in Italy and Turkey]
sekka {n} [colloquial]  :: A second (unit of time)
sekki {n}  :: alternative spelling of šekki
seko {n} [slang]  :: nut, nutcase, loon, fruitcake
sekobarbitaali {n} [chemistry]  :: secobarbital
sekoilla {v} [colloquial]  :: bumble around, bumble about
sekoilla {v} [colloquial]  :: freak out, act strangely, rage
sekoilla {v} [colloquial]  :: mess around, mess about
sekoilla {v} [colloquial]  :: muck around, muck about
sekoite {n}  :: mixture
sekoitekangas {n}  :: blended fabric (fabric that consists of more than one type of fiber, e.g. wool and polyester)
sekoitevilla {n}  :: A mixture of wool and other fibers
sekoitin {n}  :: A mixer, blender
sekoittaa {v} [idiomatic]  :: to blow, in the expression sekoittaa jonkun pää ("to blow someone's mind")
sekoittaa {v}  :: to mix
sekoittaa {v}  :: to shuffle (to put in a random order, e.g. playing cards)
sekoittaa {v}  :: to upset, disturb, disrupt (to adversely alter)
sekoittua {vi}  :: To (get) mix(ed)
sekoitus {n}  :: blend, mixture, admixture (sthg produced by mixing)
sekoitus {n}  :: composite (combination of separate elements)
sekoitus {n}  :: mixture, medley, cocktail (sthg consisting of diverse elements)
sekoitussauva {n} [chemistry]  :: A rod (stirring rod)
sekopää {n} [colloquial]  :: nutcase, loon, kook
sekopäinen {adj}  :: mad, wacky, deranged
sekovarsi {n} [botany]  :: thallus
sekovartinen {adj} [botany]  :: thallophyte
seksageesima {n}  :: alternative spelling of seksagesima
seksagesima {n} [Christianity, dated]  :: Sexagesima (8th Sunday before Easter)
seksi {n}  :: sex (sexual intercourse)
seksi {n}  :: sexuality (sexual activity)
seksikauppa {n} [legal]  :: The legal term for prostitution; vice (prostitution)
seksikauppa {n}  :: sex shop
seksikaveri {n}  :: friend with benefits (friend with whom one has a casual sexual relationship)
seksikaveruus {n}  :: friendship with benefits
seksikkäin {adj}  :: superlative form of seksikäs
seksikkäämpi {adj}  :: comparative form of seksikäs
seksikäs {adj}  :: sexy, physically attractive
seksikumppani {n}  :: sexual partner, sex partner
seksilelu {n}  :: A sex toy
seksipartneri {n}  :: sexual partner
seksipommi {n}  :: bombshell, sex bomb, sex kitten, sexpot (very sexy person)
seksismi {n}  :: sexism
seksisti {n}  :: A sexist
seksistinen {adj}  :: sexist
seksitauti {n} [pathology]  :: sexually transmitted disease
seksitön {adj}  :: sexless (not having sexual relations)
seksityö {n}  :: sex work
seksityöntekijä {n}  :: sex worker (person who supplies sexual services for money)
seksologia {n}  :: sexology
sekstantti {n} [nautical]  :: sextant
Sekstantti {prop}  :: The constellation Sextans
sekstetti {n}  :: sextet
sekstetto {n} [music]  :: sextet
seksti {n} [music]  :: sixth
sekstiljoona {cardinal num} [cardinal]  :: undecillion (short scale), sextillion (long scale); 1036
seksuaalikumppani {n} [rare]  :: sexual partner
seksuaalinen {adj}  :: sexual
seksuaalinen hyväksikäyttö {n} [law]  :: sexual abuse
seksuaalinen suuntautuminen {n}  :: sexual orientation
seksuaalirikollinen {n}  :: A sex offender
seksuaalisesti {adv}  :: sexually
seksuaalisuus {n}  :: sexuality
seksuaalivähemmistö {n}  :: sexual minority
seksualiteetti {n}  :: sexuality
sektio {n} [medicine]  :: Caesarean section
sektio {n} [medicine]  :: section
sektio {n}  :: section, division
sektori {n}  :: sector
sekulaarinen {adj}  :: centennial (relating to a period of hundred years)
sekulaarinen {adj}  :: secular
sekulaaristaa {v}  :: to secularize
sekularisaatio {n}  :: secularization
sekularisoida {vt}  :: To secularize
sekunda {adj}  :: second-rate
sekundaarinen {adj}  :: secondary
sekundaarirakenne {n} [biochemistry]  :: A secondary structure
sekundantti {n}  :: second (attendant)
sekundäärinen {adj}  :: secondary
sekundäärinen alkoholi {n} [chemistry]  :: secondary alcohol
sekunnilleen {adv}  :: precisely at the given time
sekunti {n}  :: A second
sekuntikello {n}  :: stopwatch
sekuntimittari {n}  :: second hand
sekuntiosoitin {n}  :: second hand
sekuntiviisari {n}  :: second hand
sekvensoida {vt}  :: To sequence
sekvensointi {n}  :: sequencing
sekvensseri {n} [music]  :: sequencer
sekvenssi {n}  :: sequence
selailla {vt}  :: To browse (magazine, web pages)
selailu {n}  :: browsing (magazines, web, ...)
selain {n} [Internet]  :: browser
selata {v}  :: to browse, leaf
seleeni {n}  :: selenium
seleenidioksidi {n} [chemistry]  :: selenium dioxide
seleenihiiva {n}  :: selenium yeast
seleenivety {n} [chemistry]  :: hydrogen selenide
selektiivinen {adj}  :: selective
selektiivisyys {n}  :: selectivity
selektio {n}  :: selection
selektori {n}  :: selector
selenologia {n}  :: selenology
selfie {n}  :: selfie
selibaatti {n}  :: celibate
selin {adv}  :: back to back
selin {adv} [heraldry]  :: addorsed
selitä {vi}  :: To clear
selite {n}  :: key, guide
selitellä {vt} [+ partitive]  :: To make excuses for, (try to) explain away
selittää {v}  :: to explain
selittää {v}  :: to explicate (to explain meticulously or in great detail; to elucidate; to analyze)
selittämätön {adj}  :: unexplainable, inexplicable
selittämätön {adj}  :: unexplained
selittyä {v}  :: to be explained
selitys {n}  :: explanation
selja {n}  :: elder (tree)
Selja {prop}  :: female given name
seljanka {n}  :: solyanka
seljanmarja {n}  :: elderberry
seljetä {vi} [of sky]  :: To clear
selkä {n} [anatomy]  :: back
selkä {n}  :: back, spine (the side where the pages are bound together)
selkä {n}  :: open water (expanse of sea or large lake which is distant from shore and devoid of nearby islands or other obstructions)
selkä {n}  :: ridge, spine (line or area on a mountain or hill from which one can descend to at least two separate directions)
selkä {n}  :: watershed area
seläke {n}  :: fillet
selkeä {adj}  :: clear (free of ambiguity)
selkeä {adj}  :: clear, sunny (without clouds)
selkeä {adj} [meteorology, of the sky]  :: Up to 1/8 covered by clouds
selkeä-älyinen {adj}  :: lucid [mentally sane]
selkeämpi {adj}  :: comparative form of selkeä
selkeneminen {n}  :: clearing
selkeästi {adv}  :: clearly
selkäevä {n} [anatomy, of a fish]  :: a dorsal fin
selkeys {n}  :: clarity
selkeytin {n}  :: A clarifier (device that clarifies a liquid, normally by separating solid substances from it)
selkeyttää {v}  :: To clarify (to make clear or bright by freeing from feculent matter); also figuratively, e.g. of a complicated situation
selkiintyä {vi}  :: to clear, clear up
selkäin {n} [fishing]  :: The main line of a longline
selkäin {n} [rare]  :: A longline
selkiyttää {vt}  :: To clear
selkiytyä {vi}  :: to clear, clear up
selkiytyminen {n}  :: clarification
selkäjänne {n}  :: notochord
selkäjänteinen {adj}  :: chordate (of or pertaining to chordates or Chordata)
selkäjänteinen {n}  :: chordate (member of the phylum Chordata)
selkäjänteinen {n}  :: [in plural] Chordata (taxonomic phylum)
selkkaus {n}  :: incident, confrontation
selkäkilpi {n} [zoology]  :: pen, gladius (internal cartilage skeleton of a squid)
selkäkipu {n}  :: backache
selkälanka {n} [fishing]  :: the main line of a longline
selkälauta {n} [nautical]  :: taffrail
selkälokki {n}  :: lesser black-backed gull (Larus fuscus)
selkämeri {n}  :: open sea, high seas
Selkämeri {prop}  :: The Bothnian Sea (southern part of the Gulf of Bothnia)
selkänauha {n}  :: band (strip along the spine of a book where the pages are attached)
selkänikama {n} [skeleton]  :: A thoracic vertebra
selkäänpuukottaja {n}  :: backstabber (traitor assumed trustworthy, figuratively attacking when one's back is turned)
selko {n}  :: understanding (the state of having understood, being clear); mostly idiomatic and modifier usage, see "derived terms" -section below
selkokieli {n}  :: plain language (variant of a language which makes use of clear, commonly understood terms and brief expressions; usually specifically designed for special audiences or a specific purpose)
selkouni {n}  :: lucid dream (dream in which one is conscious that one is dreaming as the dream is occurring)
selkouni {n}  :: lucid dreaming
selkova {n}  :: zelkova (tree)
selkäpii {n}  :: The ridge of backbone
selkäpuolinen {n}  :: (anatomy) dorsal (relating to the side in which the backbone is located)
selkäpuolinen {n} [anatomy]  :: dorsal (relating to the top surface of foot or hand)
selkärangaton {adj}  :: invertebrate
selkärangaton {n} [zoology]  :: invertebrate
selkäranka {n}  :: A backbone (fundamental support or infrastructure)
selkäranka {n}  :: backbone or spine (courage, strength)
selkäranka {n} [skeleton]  :: A backbone, spine or spinal column
selkärankahalkio {n} [pathology]  :: spina bifida
selkärankainen {adj}  :: backboned
selkärankainen {n}  :: vertebrate
selkäreppu {n}  :: backpack
selkäsaha {n}  :: backsaw
selkäsauna {n}  :: beating, licking
selkä seinää vasten {phrase} [idiomatic]  :: back to the wall, back against the wall (very difficult situation with no beneficial options available for action)
selkäsiima {n} [fishing]  :: The main line of a longline
selkäsiima {n} [rare]  :: A longline
selkäsärky {n}  :: back pain
selkäuinti {n} [swimming]  :: backstroke
selkävika {n}  :: spinal defect, back disease
selkäydin {n} [anatomy]  :: spinal cord
selkäydinhermo {n} [anatomy]  :: spinal nerve
selkäydinkalvo {n} [anatomy]  :: meninx, meninx spinalis (any of the three membranes surroundingg the spinal cord)
selkäydinneste {n} [physiology, colloquial]  :: cerebrospinal fluid, spinal fluid
sellain {adj} [colloquial]  :: such (a), that kind of
sellainen {adj}  :: such (a), that kind of
sellaisenaan {adv}  :: as such (as should be; in its natural or original state)
sellaista elämä on {phrase}  :: such is life, that's life, this is the life, c'est la vie
sellaista se on {phrase}  :: that's life
sellakka {n}  :: shellac
selleri {n}  :: celery
selli {n}  :: A (prison) cell
sellisti {n}  :: cellist
selälleen {adv}  :: Onto one's back
selälleen {adv}  :: wide open
sello {n}  :: cello
sellofaani {n}  :: cellophane
sellonsoittaja {n}  :: cellist
sellu {n}  :: cellulose, pulp
sellukattila {n}  :: digester (in the chemical pulping process, a large vessel in which wood is exposed to heat and chemicals to break it down into cellulose and other components)
selluliitti {n}  :: cellulite
selluloidi {n}  :: celluloid
selluloosa {n}  :: cellulose (carbohydrate)
selluloosa {n}  :: pulp made of cellulose fibres
selluloosalakka {n}  :: cellulose lacquer
sellutehdas {n}  :: pulp mill
selluvilla {n}  :: a loose insulation material consisting of wood fiber batts
Selma {prop}  :: female given name, cognate to the English Selma
selänne {n}  :: ridge
Selänne {prop}  :: Finnish surname
selänpuoleinen {n} [anatomy]  :: dorsal (relating to the side of the body where backbone is located)
selänrapsutin {n}  :: backscratcher
selonteko {n}  :: report, especially an official one given by the government to the parliament
selostaa {v}  :: To cover, commentate (in radio or TV)
selostaa {v}  :: To explicate, explain
selostaja {n}  :: commentator, sportscaster
seloste {n}  :: caption, legend
selustin {n}  :: harness saddle
selvä {adj}  :: clear
selvä {adj}  :: distinct
selvä {adj}  :: evident
selvä {adj}  :: free
selvä {adj}  :: lucid
selvä {adj}  :: obvious
selvä {adj}  :: plain
selvä {adj}  :: sober
selvä {adj}  :: unmistakable
selvä {interj}  :: all right (used to affirm, indicate agreement, or consent)
selvempi {adj}  :: comparative form of selvä
selvennys {n}  :: clarification
selventää {vt}  :: To clarify
selvetä {vi}  :: To clear
selviö {n}  :: axiom
selviö {n}  :: foregone conclusion
selvillä {adv}  :: known, aware, decided, solved, found out
selvinpäin {adv}  :: sober
selvitä {vi}  :: to become clear (in a concrete sense)
selvitä {vi}  :: to cope, survive
selvitä {vi}  :: to escape (from an unwanted situation)
selvitä {vi}  :: to get solved
selvitä {vi}  :: to sober up (to recover from intoxication)
selvitellä {v}  :: to sort out (to clarify by reviewing mentally)
selvittää {v}  :: to clear, like an airplane for departure, goods through customs, or payments between banks
selvittää {v}  :: to disentangle
selvittää {v}  :: to examine, investigate, find out
selvittää {v}  :: to explain
selvittää {v}  :: to get to the bottom of (to understand, discover the truth about, or solve)
selvittää {v}  :: to make clear, clarify
selvittää {v}  :: to settle, as accounts
selvittely {n}  :: sorting out (act of clarifying by reviewing mentally)
selvittäminen {n}  :: The process of investigating, an investigation
selvittämätön {adj}  :: unsolved
selvitys {n}  :: A document covering the description and results of an investigation, a report
selvitys {n}  :: An oral presentation of a specific topic, especially of the actions of the speaker or the findings made by him
selvitys {n}  :: The process of investigating
selvitysmies {n}  :: investigator (one who conducts an inquiry or examination; used especially of high-level ad-hoc investigators nominated by a cabinet minister or other high-level official)
selvitysmies {n} [legal]  :: liquidator (person in charge of managing the affairs of a company, association, cooperative, foundation or similar entity during the liquidation and of converting into cash enough of the assets of the entity so that its debts can be paid)
selvitystyö {n}  :: investigation, investigation (process of investigating)
selviytyä {v}  :: to cope
selviytyä {v}  :: to get by
selviytyä {v}  :: to survive
selviytyjä {n}  :: survivor
selviytyminen {n}  :: survival
selvänäkö {n}  :: clairvoyance
selvänäkijä {n}  :: clairvoyant
selvänäköisyys {n}  :: clairvoyance
selväpiirteinen {adj}  :: distinct
selväpäinen {adj}  :: lucid (mentally sane)
selvästi {adv}  :: clearly, in a clear manner
selvästi {adv}  :: loud and clear (of voice; in a clear and easily understandable manner)
selvästi {adv}  :: obviously, evidently
selvyys {n}  :: clarity, clearness
selvyys {n}  :: truth
semafori {n} [computing]  :: semaphore
semafori {n} [rail transport]  :: semaphore (railway signal)
semantiikka {n}  :: semantics (the science of the meaning of words)
semantikko {n}  :: semanticist
semanttinen {adj}  :: semantic
sembra {n}  :: Certain pines of the genus Pinus
sementoida {v}  :: to cement
sementti {n}  :: cement
semiautomaattinen {adj}  :: semiautomatic
semifinaali {n} [sports]  :: A semifinal
semiitti {n}  :: Semite
seminaari {n}  :: seminar (class)
seminaari {n}  :: seminar (meeting)
seminormi {n}  :: semi-norm
semiotiikka {n}  :: semiotics
semitismi {n}  :: Semitism
semminkin {adv} [rare]  :: especially
semmoinen {adj} [dialectal]  :: alternative form of sellainen
säen {n}  :: alternative form of säkene
sen {pron} [demonstrative]  :: it [accusative; direct object]
sen {pron} [demonstrative]  :: its [genitive]
senaatti {n}  :: A senate
senaatti {n}  :: Senate (similar legislative body on some other countries)
senaatti {n}  :: The Senate of the United States, or any of its states
senaattori {n}  :: senator
Senegal {prop}  :: Senegal
senegalilainen {adj}  :: Senegalese (of or pertaining to Senegal)
senegalilainen {n}  :: Senegalese (person)
sen enempää {phrase}  :: any more; used in negative sentences
seniili {adj}  :: senile
seniiliys {n}  :: senility
seniliteetti {n}  :: senility
seniori {n}  :: old person, senior
Senja {prop}  :: female given name
sen jälkeen {adv}  :: after, since
sen jälkeen {adv}  :: thereafter
senkin {interj}  :: You..
senkka {n} [medicine]  :: erythrocyte sedimentation rate, ESR
senkka {n} [metallurgy]  :: crucible [container in which melted metals is kept]
senkki {n}  :: countersink (tool)
senkki {n}  :: sideboard
sen koommin {adv} [idiomatic]  :: ever since, thereafter
sen kun {adv} [colloquial]  :: just (only, simply, merely)
sen lisäksi {adv}  :: in addition (to that), moreover
Senni {prop}  :: female given name
sääennustaja {n}  :: weather forecaster
sääennuste {n}  :: weather forecast
sääennustus {n}  :: weather forecast
sääennustus {n}  :: weather forecasting
sen paremmin {phrase}  :: any better
sen paremmin {phrase}  :: better than that
sen paremmin {phrase}  :: it better
sen paremmin {phrase}  :: or, nor
sen pituinen se {phrase} [idiomatic]  :: The very last sentence of many fairy tales and other stories. This comes after any happily ever after-type sentences. Literally the phrase translates to: "That's the length of it". It might be translated into English as: "That's all there is to tell"
sensaatio {n}  :: sensation (widespread reaction of interest or excitement)
sensaatiomainen {adj}  :: sensational
sensaationtavoittelu {n}  :: sensationalism
sensationaalinen {adj}  :: sensational
sen sellainen {idiom}  :: suchlike
sen seurauksena {adv}  :: consequently, as a consequence
sen sijaan {adv}  :: instead (in the place of something; as a substitute or alternative)
sensitiivinen {adj}  :: sensitive
sensitiivisyys {n}  :: sensitivity
sensuelli {adj}  :: sensual
sensuroida {vt}  :: To censor, expurgate, bowdlerise
sensuroimaton {adj}  :: uncensored
sensurointi {n}  :: censoring (the act of censoring)
sensurointi {n}  :: censorship (the practice of censoring)
sensuuri {n}  :: censorship
sensuuri {n}  :: When used as modifier in compound terms, censorial
sen takia {adv}  :: therefore, consequently
sentiljoona {}  :: centillion
sentiljoonas {adj} [ordinal]  :: The centillionth
sentiljoonasosa {n}  :: one centillionth (centillionth part)
sentimentaalinen {adj}  :: sentimental
sentään {adv}  :: at least
sentään {adv}  :: however, nevertheless
sentralisaatio {n}  :: centralization
sentralisoida {v}  :: To centralize
sentrifugi {n}  :: centrifuge
sentrifugoida {vt}  :: To centrifuge
sentteri {n} [American football]  :: center
sentteri {n} [colloquial, ballgames]  :: centre forward [UK]; center forward, center [US]
sentti {n}  :: A cent [one hundredth of a euro or a dollar]
sentti {n}  :: A one-cent coin
sentti {n} [colloquial]  :: A centimetre
sentti {n}  :: The SI prefix centi-
sentti- {prefix}  :: centi-
senttigramma {n}  :: centigram
senttilitra {n}  :: centilitre/centiliter
senttimetri {n}  :: centimetre/centimeter
senttinen {adj}  :: Together with a numeral, being X centimeters long
senttinen {n}  :: Together with a numeral, a coin of X cents, X-cent piece
senttiosake {n} [finance]  :: penny stock (highly speculative stock selling for less than one euro per share)
senturia {n} [military]  :: century (military unit)
senturio {n}  :: centurion
sen verran {adv}  :: so much, that much, at least that much (to a certain degree or extent)
sen vuoksi {adv}  :: therefore, because of it, that's why
se on nähty {phrase}  :: been there, done that (assertion that the speaker has personal experience or knowledge of a particular place or topic)
seos {n}  :: alloy
seos {n}  :: mixture, mix
seoskivi {n} [mineralogy]  :: migmatite
seostaa {vt} [metallurgy]  :: To alloy
seostaa {vt}  :: To mix (a mixture)
seoste {n} [metallurgy]  :: alloy
seota {vi}  :: to become crazy
seota {vi}  :: to go out of control
sepalus {n}  :: fly (strip that hides the opening of trousers/pants or underpants)
separaatio {n}  :: separation
separaattori {n}  :: separator, a device for separating cream from milk
separatismi {n}  :: separatism
separatisti {n}  :: separatist
separatistinen {adj}  :: separatist
separatistisuus {n}  :: separatism
separoida {vt} [chemistry]  :: To separate (substances)
separoituva {adj}  :: separable
sepel {n}  :: obsolete form of seppel
sepeli {n}  :: crushed stone, often sorted by size, used as filler and supporting material in foundations, roads etc
sepelöidä {v}  :: To ballast (to lay ballast on the bed of a railroad track)
sepelikkö {n}  :: ground covered with crushed stone
sepelkarhu {n}  :: Asian black bear, Ursus thibetanus
sepelkyyhky {n}  :: A species of pigeon, the woodpigeon or culver, Columba palumbus
sepelpoukama {n} [anatomy]  :: coronary sinus
sepelvaltimo {n} [anatomy]  :: coronary artery
sepelvaltimotauti {n} [pathology]  :: coronary heart disease
sepioliitti {n} [mineral]  :: sepiolite
sepite {n}  :: A piece of writing
sepite {n}  :: fiction, fabrication, lie, hoax
sepittää {v}  :: To fable, in this sense often with plural of satu: sepittää satuja
sepittää {v}  :: To make up (a story)
sepivä {adj} [botany]  :: amplexicaul
seppä {n} [insects]  :: click beetle
seppä {n}  :: smith, blacksmith
seppel {n} [poetic, archaic]  :: alternative form of seppele
seppele {n}  :: A garland made to the form of a ring or oval
seppele {n}  :: A wreath
seppeleensitojatar {n}  :: Virgo clarissima; a girl or woman in a university commencement ceremony whose task is to prepare laurel wreaths
seppelöidä {v}  :: To crown, e.g. with laurels
seppelöidä {v}  :: To wreath (to place a wreath upon or around something)
Seppälä {prop}  :: Any of a number of small places in Finland
Seppälä {prop}  :: Finnish surname
Seppänen {prop}  :: Finnish surname
seppo {prop} [poetic]  :: smith
Seppo {prop}  :: male given name.
septetti {n}  :: A septet or septette (a musical group of seven performers)
septetti {n} [rare]  :: A septet (any group of seven members)
septetto {n} [music]  :: septet, septuor (musical composition for seven instruments or seven voices)
septikemia {n} [pathology]  :: septicemia, septicaemia
septiljoona {num}  :: tredecillion (short scale), septillion (long scale); 1042
septinen {adj}  :: septic
septinen sokki {n} [medicine]  :: septic shock
septitankki {n}  :: septic tank (small-scale septic tank such as used in boats, trailers etc.)
septuageesima {n}  :: alternative spelling of septuagesima
septuagesima {n} [Christianity, dated]  :: Septuagesima (9th Sunday before Easter)
serafi {n}  :: seraph
Serafiina {prop}  :: female given name, cognate to the English Seraphina
serbi {n}  :: A Serb
serbia {n}  :: Serbian (the Serbian language)
Serbia {prop}  :: Serbia
Serbia ja Montenegro {prop}  :: Serbia and Montenegro (former country on the Balkan Peninsula)
serbialainen {adj}  :: Serbian
serbialainen {n}  :: A Serbian
serbiankielinen {adj}  :: Serbian (expressed in the Serbian language)
serbokroaatti {n}  :: The Serbo-Croatian language
seremonia {n}  :: ceremony
seremoniallinen {adj}  :: ceremonial
seremoniallisuus {n}  :: ceremonialness
serenadi {n}  :: serenade
sergei {n} [military slang]  :: The anti-aircraft autocannon ZU-23-2
serialismi {n} [music]  :: serialism
seriffi {n}  :: alternative form of sheriffi
serigrafia {n}  :: serigraphy
seriini {n}  :: serine
serkku {n}  :: A first cousin
serkukset {n}  :: cousins (collective term for people who are each other's cousins)
serologia {n}  :: serology
serologinen {adj}  :: serological (of or pertaining to serology)
serotoniini {n} [neurotransmitter]  :: serotonin
serpentiini {n} [mineral]  :: serpentine
serpentiini {n}  :: paper streamer
serpentiiniankerias {n}  :: longneck eel (eel of the family Derichthyidae)
serpentiniitti {n} [geology]  :: serpentinite (type of metamorphic rock)
sertifikaatti {n}  :: certificate
sertifioida {vt}  :: To certify
sertifiointi {n}  :: certification
sertifioitu {adj}  :: certified
servaali {n}  :: serval (Leptailurus serval)
serveri {n} [computing, colloquial]  :: A server
servetti {n}  :: A serviette or napkin (serviette)
serviisi {n} [informal, dialectal]  :: service (set of dishes or utensils)
servituutti {n} [legal, obsolete]  :: servitude (qualified beneficial interest severed or fragmented from the ownership of an inferior property and attached to a superior property or to some person other than the owner)
servo {n}  :: servo
sesam {n} [archaic]  :: alternative spelling of seesam
sesamluu {n} [anatomy]  :: alternative spelling of seesamluu
sesonki {n}  :: season (especially in shopping)
sessio {n} [computing]  :: session
säestää {vit} [music]  :: to accompany (to perform an accompanying part or parts in a composition)
säestäminen {n} [music]  :: accompaniment
sestoa {v}  :: To stand on a floating log using a log driving hook as a paddle
säestys {n} [music]  :: accompaniment
setä {n} [childish]  :: man
setä {n}  :: uncle (father's brother, paternal uncle)
seteli {n}  :: bill, banknote, note (piece of paper money)
seteli {n}  :: Especially as head of a compound word, coupon (other piece of paper which has limited monetary value for example in buying a specified service or goods)
seteli {n}  :: In plural (setelit), paper money (cash in the form of banknotes)
setolkka {n}  :: harness saddle
setäpuoli {n}  :: paternal step-uncle
setri {n}  :: cedar
setriseitikki {n} [mushroom]  :: A webcap, Cortinarius subtortus
Setä Samuli {prop}  :: Uncle Sam (personification of the United States)
setswana {n}  :: Setswana (language)
setti {n}  :: A set as in "TV set"; a receiver
setti {n}  :: A set of consecutive performances, such as the songs performed by an artist in a given occasion
setti {n}  :: A set of things belonging or grouped together, especially as items for sale
setyylialkoholi {n}  :: cetyl alcohol
seula {n}  :: sieve
seulalokero {n} [anatomy]  :: An ethmoid sinus
seulaluu {n} [skeleton]  :: ethmoid bone
seulaluun ontelo {n} [anatomy]  :: An ethmoid sinus
Seulaset {n} [astronomy]  :: Pleiades
seuloa {vt}  :: to sieve, sift
seulonta {n}  :: sieving, screening, filtering
seura {n}  :: company (visitors, companionship)
seura {n}  :: society, association
seuraaja {n}  :: follower
seuraaja {n}  :: successor
seuraamus {n} [legal]  :: Sanction
seuraanto {n} [legal, ecology]  :: succession
seuraava {adj}  :: next, following
seuraavaksi {adv}  :: next
seuraavasti {adv}  :: as follows, in the following way
seuraavasti {adv}  :: followingly
seuraeläin {n}  :: companion animal
seurailija {n}  :: follower
seurakoira {n}  :: companion dog
seurakunnallinen {adj}  :: parochial (pertaining to a parish)
seurakunta {n}  :: A parish (community attending a church, members of the parish)
seurakunta {n}  :: A parish (subdivision of diocese)
seurakunta {n}  :: (slightly pejorative) Any group of people who have collected together
seurakuntalainen {n}  :: A parishioner
seurakuntayhtymä {n}  :: A combine of two or more parishes for running the administration and managing the property of member parishes; there are at least two ways to translate the term into English: "parish union" and using the plural form "parishes of X"
seuralainen {n}  :: accompaniment (non-musical sense)
seuralainen {n}  :: Also maksettu ~ : gigolo (hired escort or dancing partner for a woman)
seuralainen {n}  :: companion (someone with whom one spends time or keeps company)
seuralainen {n}  :: date (companion in a social occasion)
seuralainen {n}  :: escort (accompanying person)
seurallinen {adj}  :: outgoing, sociable, gregarious
seurannaisvaikutus {n}  :: ramification
seuranta {n} [accounting]  :: control
seuranta {n}  :: tracking, monitoring
seuranto {n} [grammar, rare]  :: The comitative case
seurapeli {n}  :: party game (board game or similar played at a party)
seurapiiri {n}  :: [often used in plural] high society
Seurasaaret {n}  :: The Society Islands
seurata {v}  :: to ensue
seurata {v}  :: to keep track, monitor
seurata {vt} [transitive + partitive]  :: to follow, accompany (to go or come after in physical space)
seuraus {n}  :: consequence
seuraus {n}  :: corollary
seuraus {n}  :: result
seurauslause {n}  :: corollary
seurue {n}  :: A group, party
seurue {n}  :: An entourage, retinue
seurustella {v}  :: to converse, associate with
seurustella {v}  :: to date, go out with, go together (to be involved in a romantic relationship)
seurustelu {n}  :: dating (romantic courtship)
seurustelu {n}  :: socializing (interacting with others)
seurusteluaika {n}  :: dating period
seurusteluhuone {n}  :: parlor, salon (large room)
seuruu {n}  :: follow-up
seutu {n}  :: region
seutu {n}  :: tract (an area)
seutukunta {n} [Finland, administration, legal]  :: sub-region (local administrative unit consisting of municipalities within a region, which is usually defined on economic basis)
Severi {prop}  :: male given name
Sevettijärvi {n}  :: Sevettijärvi
Sevilla {prop}  :: Seville (city in Spain)
Seychellit {prop}  :: The Seychelles
sfaleriitti {n} [mineral]  :: sphalerite
sfenoidaaliluu {n} [skeleton]  :: sphenoid bone
sferoidinen {adj}  :: spheroid
sfinksi {n} [mythology]  :: sphinx
sfinksipaviaani {n}  :: guinea baboon, Papio papio
sfragistiikka {n} [rare]  :: sigillography
sfääri {n}  :: sphere
-sfääri {suffix}  :: -sphere
shaahi {n}  :: alternative spelling of šaahi
shaahitar {n}  :: alternative spelling of šaahitar
shakaali {n}  :: alternative spelling of sakaali
shakata {v} [chess]  :: to check
shaketti {n} [dated]  :: alternative spelling of saketti
shakinpelaaja {n}  :: alternative form of šakinpelaaja
shakki {n}  :: chess
shakki {n} [chess]  :: check
shakkikello {n}  :: alternative spelling of šakkikello
shakkilauta {n}  :: alternative spelling of šakkilauta
shakkimatti {n}  :: alternative spelling of šakkimatti
shakkinappula {n}  :: alternative spelling of šakkinappula
shamaani {n}  :: alternative spelling of šamaani
shamanoida {v}  :: alternative form of šamanoida
shamisen {n} [musical instruments]  :: shamisen
shampoo {n}  :: alternative form of sampoo
shamppanja {n}  :: alternative spelling of samppanja
shan {n}  :: Shan (language spoken in eastern Burma in an area bordering China, Laos and Thailand)
shan {n}  :: Shan (person belonging to the ethnic minority that speaks the language)
sharon {n}  :: persimmon
säähavaintoasema {n}  :: weather station
shekki {n}  :: alternative spelling of šekki
shekkitili {n}  :: alternative spelling of šekkitili
shekkivihko {n}  :: cheque book
sheriffi {n}  :: sheriff
shetlanninponi {n}  :: Shetland pony
Shetlannin saaret {prop}  :: The Shetland Islands
shetlanninvilla {n}  :: Shetland wool
Shetlanti {prop}  :: Shetland (group of islands north of Scotland)
sähähtää {v}  :: to sizzle
shigelloosi {n} [pathology]  :: dysentery
shiialainen {adj}  :: Shiite, Shi'ite (of, or relating to Shiites or the Shi'a branch of Islam)
shiialainen {n}  :: Shiite (follower of Shia Islam)
shiialaisuus {n}  :: Shia Islam (branch of Islam)
shillinki {n}  :: alternative spelling of šillinki
sähinä {n}  :: hiss
shintolaisuus {n}  :: alternative spelling of šintolaisuus
sähistä {vi}  :: To hiss
Shiva {prop}  :: Shiva (Hindu deity)
sähkö {n}  :: electricity
sähköaisti {n}  :: electroreception
sähköaita {n}  :: electric fence
sähköaivo {n} [obsolete]  :: computer
sähköakkumulaattori {n} [dated]  :: accumulator, rechargeable battery
sähköallergia {n}  :: electrohypersensitivity
sähköankerias {n}  :: electric eel (Electrophorus electricus)
sähköasennus {n}  :: electrical installation
sähköasentaja {n}  :: electrician
sähköauto {n}  :: electric car
sähköbasso {n}  :: electric bass
sähködipoli {n} [physics]  :: electric dipole
sähködynaaminen {adj}  :: electrodynamic
sähködynamiikka {n}  :: electrodynamics
sähke {n}  :: telegram
sähköelin {n} [anatomy]  :: electric organ
sähköenergia {n}  :: electrical energy
sähköenergiamittari {n}  :: electricity meter
sähköeriste {n}  :: electric insulator
sähköfortuna {n} [rare]  :: pinball
sähköfysiologia {n}  :: electrophysiology
sähkögeneraattori {n}  :: electrical generator
sähköhammasharja {n}  :: electric toothbrush
sähköheikko {adj} [physics]  :: electroweak
sähköhella {n}  :: electric kitchen stove
sähköhoito {n}  :: electroconvulsive therapy
sähköhuopa {n}  :: electric blanket
sähköinen {adj}  :: electrical
sähköinen media {n}  :: electronic media
sähköinsinööri {n}  :: electrical engineer
sähköisku {n}  :: electric shock
sähköistää {vt}  :: to electrify
sähköistäminen {n}  :: electrification (act)
sähköistys {n}  :: electrification
sähköjännite {n}  :: electric voltage
sähköjohde {n}  :: electrical conductor
sähköjohdin {n}  :: electrical wire
sähköjohto {n}  :: electric wire
sähäkkä {adj}  :: jazzy, flashy, showy
sähäkkä {adj}  :: saucy (mildly sexy, mainly said of a woman)
sähkökatko {n}  :: blackout, power outage, power failure
sähkökatkos {n} [electricity]  :: blackout (break in power supply)
sähkökemia {n}  :: electrochemistry
sähkökenttä {n} [physics]  :: electric field
sähkökeskus {n}  :: switchboard (device used to facilitate safe distribution of electricity to the individual points of consumption, usually equipped with fuses to cut off eventual faulty circuits)
sähkökirja {n}  :: e-book
sähkökitara {n}  :: An electric guitar
sähkökiuas {n}  :: electric sauna stove
sähkökuolema {n}  :: electrocution (accidental death or suicide by electric shock)
sähkölaite {n}  :: electronic device, electrical apparatus
sähkölaitos {n}  :: electric utility (company that engages in distribution and often also in generation and transmission of electricity)
sähkölamppu {n}  :: electric lamp
sähkölasku {n}  :: electricity bill, electric bill, power bill (bill for electricity consumed)
sähköliesi {n}  :: electrical kitchen stove
sähkölämmitin {n}  :: electrical heater
sähkölämmitys {n}  :: electrical heating
sähkömagneetti {n}  :: electromagnet
sähkömagneettinen {adj}  :: electromagnetic
sähkömagneettinen aalto {n} [physics]  :: electromagnetic wave (electromagnetic radiation)
sähkömagneettinen säteily {n}  :: electromagnetic radiation
sähkömagneettinen vuorovaikutus {n} [physics]  :: electromagnetic interaction
sähkömagnetismi {n}  :: electromagnetism
sähkömekaaninen {adj}  :: electromechanical
sähkömekaniikka {n}  :: electromechanics
sähkömies {n}  :: electrician
sähkömittari {n}  :: electricity meter
sähkömittaustekniikka {n}  :: alternative form of sähkönmittaustekniikka
sähkömonni {n}  :: electric catfish
sähkömoottori {n}  :: electric motor
sähkömäärä {n}  :: electric charge
sähkönjohde {n}  :: alternative form of sähköjohde
sähkönjohdin {n}  :: alternative form of sähköjohdin
sähkönjohtavuus {n} [physics]  :: conductance, electric conductivity
sähkönjohtokyky {n}  :: sähkönjohtavuus
sähkönkulutus {n}  :: electricity consumption
sähkönmittaustekniikka {n}  :: electricity measurement technology (methods, devices and calculations used to measure electrical quantities)
sähkönsininen {adj}  :: electric blue (colour)
sähköšokki {n}  :: An electric shock, especially one used as medical treatment
sähköšokkihoito {n}  :: electroconvulsive therapy
sähköoppi {n}  :: A branch of physics dealing with electricity and electric and electronic phenomena
sähköpaimen {n}  :: electric fence, specifically a non-lethal one used to control cattle
sähköpari {n}  :: electrochemical cell
sähköparisto {n}  :: battery (device that produces electricity by a chemical reaction between two substances)
sähköparranajokone {n}  :: electric razor
sähköpatteri {n}  :: electric radiator (heating device)
sähköpiano {n} [musical instruments]  :: electric piano
sähköpiiska {n}  :: prod (electric handheld device for controlling cattle)
sähköpääkeskus {n}  :: The main switchboard by which the electricity supply of a building or other similar entity is controlled
sähköposti {n}  :: e-mail, electronic mail (system for transferring messages from one computer to another)
sähköposti {n}  :: e-mail (message)
sähköpostilaatikko {n}  :: electronic mailbox
sähköpostiosoite {n}  :: e-mail address
sähköpostitse {adv}  :: by e-mail (as a medium)
sähköpostiviesti {n}  :: An email message
sähköpyörä {n}  :: electric bike
sähkörausku {n}  :: electric ray, torpedo (fish of the order Torpediniformes)
sähkösaha {n}  :: power saw
sähkösanoma {n} [dated]  :: telegram
sähköshokki {n}  :: alternative spelling of sähköšokki
sähköshokkihoito {n}  :: alternative spelling of sähköšokkihoito
sähkösokki {n}  :: alternative spelling of sähköšokki
sähkösokkihoito {n}  :: alternative spelling of sähköšokkihoito
sähköstaattinen {adj}  :: electrostatic
sähköstatiikka {n} [physics]  :: electrostatics
sähkötariffi {n}  :: electricity tariff
sähkötarkastus {n}  :: electric inspection (inspection of electric installations in order to ensure their safety and compliance with regulation)
sähkötekniikka {n}  :: electrical engineering (branch of engineering)
sähköteloitus {n}  :: electrocution (execution by electric shock)
sähköttää {v}  :: to wire, telegraph (send a message using a telegraph)
sähköttäjä {n}  :: telegrapher
sähkötuoli {n}  :: electric chair
sähkötyökalu {n}  :: power tool
sähkötys {n}  :: telegraphing
sähköurut {n} [musical instruments]  :: electronic organ
sähköuuni {n}  :: electric oven
sähkövakio {n} [physics]  :: The electric constant
sähkövalaistus {n}  :: electric lighting
sähkövalo {n}  :: electric light
sähkövaraus {n}  :: electric charge
sähkövastus {n}  :: electrical resistance
sähkövero {n}  :: electricity tax (tax charged on the basis of electricity consumption)
sähköveturi {n}  :: electric locomotive
sähkövika {n}  :: electrical fault
sähkövirta {n}  :: electric current
sähköviulu {n} [musical instruments]  :: electric violin
sähkövuo {n}  :: electric flux
sähköyhtiö {n}  :: electricity company
sähköyliherkkyys {n}  :: electrohypersensitivity
sähliä {v} [colloquial]  :: To screw up, mess up
söhliä {v} [colloquial]  :: To screw up, mess up
sählätä {vt}  :: to fumble, mess up, bungle, botch up
söhlätä {v} [colloquial]  :: To screw up, mess up
sähly {n} [colloquial]  :: floorball
shokki {n}  :: alternative spelling of šokki
shokkiaalto {n}  :: alternative spelling of sokkiaalto
shoppailla {vi}  :: To shop (to visit shops)
shoppailu {n}  :: shopping
shortata {v} [finance, slang]  :: To short, to sell short (to sell something, especially securities, that one does not own at the moment for delivery at a later date)
shortsihame {n}  :: culottes, skort
shortsit {n}  :: shorts (short trousers or pants)
show {n}  :: show (entertainment)
shuttle-bussi {n}  :: shuttle bus
-si {suffix} [possessive]  :: Always appended to a noun in the comitative case when the clause has the subject "you" (addressing one person).
-si {suffix} [possessive]  :: appended to a genitive-requiring postposition that is after or without sinun (the genitive of the personal pronoun sinä), you (addressing one person; in archaic English: thee):
-si {suffix} [possessive]  :: suffix used with or without sinun (the genitive of the personal pronoun sinä), corresponds to the English possessive pronoun your (addressing one person; in archaic English: thy):
-si {suffix} [possessive]  :: used in a final shortened sentence expressing "in order to do" when the clauses have the same subject "you" (addressing one person), appended to the long first infinitive:
-si {suffix} [possessive]  :: used in a participle structure replacing an "että" clause, preceded by a verb expressing e.g. telling, claiming, asserting, confirming, thinking, wish, desire, seeming, when the clauses have the same subject "you" (addressing one person); appended to the active past participle in genitive singular when the said/alleged (etc.) action antedates the main clause:
-si {suffix} [possessive]  :: used in a participle structure replacing an "että" clause, preceded by a verb expressing e.g. telling, claiming, asserting, confirming, thinking, wish, desire, seeming, when the clauses have the same subject "you" (addressing one person); appended to the active present participle in genitive singular when the action is concurrent with the main clause:
-si {suffix} [possessive]  :: used in a shortened sentence expressing concurrent actions when the clauses have the same subject "you" (addressing one person), appended to the inessive of the active second infinitive:
-si {suffix} [possessive]  :: used in a shortened sentence expressing subsequent actions when the clauses have the same subject "you" (addressing one person), appended to the partitive of the passive past participle singular:
-si {suffix} [possessive]  :: Used in some adverbs, when the clause has the subject "you" (addressing one person)
sialma {n} [geology]  :: sima
siamanki {n}  :: siamang, Symphalangus syndactylus or Hylobates syndactylus (a species of gibbon)
siamilainen {adj} [archaic]  :: Siamese
siamilainen {n} [archaic]  :: A Thai
siamilainen {n}  :: A Siamese (breed of cat)
siamilaiset kaksoset {n}  :: conjoined twins, Siamese twins
siankärsämö {n} [botany]  :: common yarrow (Achillea millefolium)
sianliha {n}  :: pork (the meat of a pig)
sianmarja {n} [regional]  :: bearberry, Arctostaphylos uva-ursi
sianpieremä {n} [obscene]  :: sparrow-fart (UK, Austr.: time very early in the day; dawn)
sianpuola {n}  :: A regional variant of sianpuolukka
sianpuolukka {n} [botany]  :: any bearberry, especially the species common bearberry, Arctostaphylos uva-ursi
siansaksa {n}  :: gibberish (speech or writing that is unintelligible, incoherent or meaningless)
siansorkka {n}  :: hoof of a pig
siansorkka {n} [nautical, knots]  :: clove hitch
siansorkka {n}  :: pig's trotter (foot of a pig cooked as food)
Sibelius {prop}  :: Finnish surname, notably of the Finnish composer "Jean" Sibelius
sibeliusryppy {n}  :: vertical wrinkle between the eyebrows
sibilantti {n}  :: sibilant
side {n} [anatomy]  :: ligament
side {n}  :: bandage
side {n}  :: bond
side {n}  :: sanitary towel
sideerinen {adj} [astronomy]  :: sidereal
sideerinen vuosi {n} [astronomy]  :: sidereal year
sideharso {n}  :: gauze (bleached cotton fabric used as surgical dressing)
sidekalvo {n} [anatomy]  :: conjunctiva
sidekalvontulehdus {n} [medicine]  :: conjunctivitis, pinkeye
sidekudos {n} [anatomy]  :: connective tissue
sideriitti {n} [mineral]  :: siderite
sidesana {n} [grammar]  :: conjunction
sidonnainen {adj} [linguistics]  :: bound
sidonnainen morfeemi {n} [linguistics]  :: bound morpheme
sidontatarpeet {n}  :: bandage (materials used as bandage collectively)
sidos {n}  :: bond
sidos {n}  :: linkage
sidosryhmä {n}  :: stakeholder
säie {n} [computing]  :: thread
säie {n} [physics]  :: string
säie {n}  :: thread, strand, fibre, filament
sie {pron} [personal, dialectal]  :: you (singular; in archaic English: thou)
siedettävä {adj}  :: tolerable, bearable, endurable
sielikkö {n}  :: creeping azalea, Loiseleuria procumbens
siellä {adv}  :: (static) there (when the speaker does not point at the place):
siellä täällä {adv}  :: here and there (in one place and another)
sieltä {adv}  :: from there
sielu {n}  :: moving spirit (one who provides significant impetus or guidance in a given venture, movement, enterprise etc.)
sielu {n}  :: soul
sielukas {adj}  :: soulful
sielunmessu {n}  :: A requiem
sielunvaellus {n}  :: metempsychosis
sielunvihollinen {n} [biblical]  :: Satan, devil. Literally “enemy of soul”
sielutiede {n} [obsolete]  :: psychology
siemailla {v}  :: To sip
siemen {n}  :: A precursor
siemen {n} [dated]  :: Semen
siemen {n}  :: The seed of a plant
siemenaihe {n} [botany]  :: ovule (structure in a plant that develops into a seed after fertilization)
siemenaiheen kalvo {n} [botany]  :: integument
siemenaiheen sydän {n} [botany]  :: nucellus (tissue which surrounds and protects the embryo and lies inside of the integuments)
siemenjohdin {n} [anatomy]  :: vas deferens
siemenneste {n}  :: semen, sperm
siemenperuna {n}  :: A seed potato
siemens {n}  :: siemens
siemensyöksy {n} [biology]  :: ejaculation (forcible ejection of semen from the mammalian urethra, a reflex in response to sexual stimulation)
siementää {vt}  :: To seed
siementiede {n}  :: carpology
siemenvilja {n}  :: seed corn, seed grain (seed saved from one year's harvest for the subsequent year's planting)
sienestää {vit}  :: To collect/gather mushrooms, mushroom
sienestäjä {n}  :: One who picks mushrooms
sienestys {n}  :: mushroom hunting, picking, mushrooming
sienettyä {v}  :: to become covered with fungal growth
sieni {n}  :: fungus
sieni {n} [informal]  :: sponge (heavy drinker)
sieni {n}  :: mushroom
sieni {n}  :: sponge, bath sponge; shorter form of pesusieni
sieni {n}  :: sponge (porous material)
sieniaika {n}  :: The time of year when mushrooms can be collected
sienieläin {n}  :: sponge (animal)
sienijuuri {n}  :: A mycorrhiza
sienikastike {n}  :: mushroom sauce
sienikeitto {n}  :: mushroom soup
sienikunta {n}  :: Fungi, the kingdom of fungi
sienikylpy {n}  :: A sponge bath
sienimäinen {adj}  :: mushroom or mushroom-shaped
sienimäinen {adj}  :: spongy
sienimyrkky {n}  :: mycotoxin
sienipiirakka {n}  :: mushroom pie
sienirihma {n}  :: hypha
sienirihmasto {n}  :: mycelium
sieniruoka {n}  :: Food prepared from mushrooms
sienitauti {n}  :: fungal disease
sienitiede {n}  :: mycology
siepata {v} [slang]  :: To get on one's nerves, to be pissed off
siepata {v}  :: To intercept, to capture
siepata {v}  :: To kidnap
siepata {v}  :: To snatch, to catch, to nab, to grab
sieppaaja {n}  :: kidnapper, abductor
sieppari {n} [baseball, pesäpallo]  :: catcher
sieppaus {n}  :: A kidnapping
sieppaus {n}  :: An interception (act of capturing, e.g. an enemy message, the ball in a ballgame)
sieppaus {n}  :: A snatch, catch (act of capturing something with a swift motion)
sieppi {n} [archaic]  :: A chain.
sieppi {n} [archaic]  :: A halter (horse's headgear)
sieppi {n} [slang]  :: A fit (sudden outburst of emotion)
sieppo {n}  :: flycatcher, especially an Old World flycatcher (bird of the family Muscicapidae)
sieppomuura {n}  :: cinereous antshrike
siera {n}  :: A grindstone made from sandstone
sierain {n}  :: nostril
Sierra Leone {prop}  :: Sierra Leone
siesta {n}  :: siesta
sietää {v}  :: to stand
sietää {v}  :: to tolerate, endure
sietä {v}  :: Alternative form of the verb siitä ("to procreate")
sietä {v}  :: of sleep, to become deeper
säieteoria {n} [physics]  :: string theory
sietämätön {adj}  :: unbearable
sietokyky {n}  :: tolerance, endurance
sietoraja {n}  :: Limit of tolerance
sievä {adj}  :: cute, pretty
sieventää {vt} [mathematics]  :: to reduce
sievin {adj}  :: superlative form of sievä
sievistelijä {n}  :: prude
sievästi {adv}  :: prettily
sifoni {n} [rare]  :: siphon (bent pipe or tube used to move liquid from one reservoir to another)
sifoni {n}  :: soda siphon
sifonki {n}  :: chiffon
sifonkikakku {n}  :: chiffon cake (very light cake made with vegetable oil)
sigge {n} [slang]  :: A stogie (slang: any cigar)
sigillografia {n} [rare]  :: sigillography
sigma {n}  :: sigma (Greek letter)
sigmasuoli {n} [anatomy]  :: sigmoid colon
signaali {n}  :: signal
signaalinkäsittely {n}  :: signal processing
sihdata {v}  :: to aim, target
sihdata {v}  :: to sift, sieve
sihinä {n}  :: hiss
sihistä {vi}  :: to hiss
säihke {n}  :: eclat (brilliant or successful effect; brilliance of success or effort; splendor; brilliant show; striking effect)
sihteeri {n}  :: a secretary (a person keeping records and handling clerical work)
sihteeri {n}  :: a secretary (leading or managerial position in certain non-profit organizations)
sihteeri {n}  :: a secretary (species of bird; Sagittarius serpentarius), also sihteerilintu
sihteerikkö {n}  :: female secretary
sihteerilintu {n}  :: A secretary (species of bird; Sagittarius serpentarius)
sihti {n} [colloquial]  :: sight (a device used in aiming a projectile)
sihti {n}  :: shifter
sihti {n}  :: sieve
siideri {n}  :: cider (alcoholic beverage)
siihen aikaan {phrase}  :: at that time
siihen asti {adv}  :: theretofore, until then, until that time, before that
siihen mennessä {adv}  :: theretofore, until then, until that time, before that
siihen saakka {adv}  :: theretofore, until then, until that time, before that
siika {n}  :: Any fish in the genus Coregonus with the exception of muikku (Coregonus albula)
siika {n}  :: European whitefish, common whitefish (Coregonus lavaretus), or any of its subspecies
siili {n}  :: hedgehog, European hedgehog, common hedgehog (Erinaceus europaeus)
siili {n}  :: hedgehog (small mammal of the subfamily Erinaceinae)
siilimäinen {adj}  :: erinaceous (of, pertaining to, or resembling a hedgehog)
siilo {n}  :: silo
siima {n} [botany, zoology]  :: flagellum
siima {n}  :: fishing line, fishline
siimaeliö {n} [biology]  :: flagellate (type of protozoa)
siimajalkainen {n}  :: barnacle (marine crustacean of the subclass Cirripedia)
siimes {n}  :: shade (shaded place in outdoors)
Siimes {prop}  :: Finnish surname
Siimon {prop} [archaic]  :: Simon (Biblical figure)
Siimon {prop} [rare]  :: male given name
siinä {pron}  :: mikäs siinä = what of it, so what, why not
siinä {pron}  :: there
-siin {suffix}  :: plural form of illative suffix -seen
Siinai {prop}  :: Sinai
Siinain niemimaa {prop}  :: Sinai
siinä mielessä {phrase}  :: in that sense
siinä mielessä {phrase}  :: in the sense
siinä missä {phrase}  :: where (while on the contrary; although; whereas)
siinä määrin kuin {phrase}  :: insofar as, inasmuch as, in that (to the extent that)
siinä näet {interj} [idiomatic]  :: alternative form of näet
siinä paha missä mainitaan {phrase} [idiomatic, humorous]  :: speak of the devil
siinä paikassa {phrase} [idiomatic]  :: on the spot, right away (at that very moment)
siintää {vi}  :: To loom
siinä tapauksessa {phrase}  :: in that case, in the case (that)
Siion {prop} [biblical]  :: Zion
siipeilijä {n}  :: sponge (person who takes advantage of the generosity of others)
siipeillä {v} [slang]  :: To sponge (to take advantage of others)
siipi {n}  :: A blade of a turbine or a propeller
siipi {n}  :: A blade or a paddle of a water wheel or a paddlewheel
siipi {n}  :: A sail (blade of a windmill)
siipi {n}  :: A wing (airplane part)
siipi {n}  :: A wing (animal appendage for flying)
siipi {n}  :: A wing (fraction of political movement)
siipi {n}  :: A wing (part of building)
siipi {n}  :: A wing (slang: human hand)
siipi {n}  :: A wing (slang: human hand)
siipi {n} [idiomatic]  :: A mood
siipikarja {n}  :: poultry (domesticated fowl collectively)
siipikotilo {n} [mollusks]  :: A conch; any of the mollusks in the family Strombidae
siipilyöntilentokone {n}  :: ornithopter (aircraft)
siipiopastin {n} [rail transport]  :: semaphore
siipiratas {n}  :: paddlewheel
siipiratasalus {n}  :: paddle steamer
siipirataslaiva {n}  :: paddlewheel ship
siipisaurus {n}  :: pterosaur
siipisimppu {n}  :: red lionfish, Pterois volitans
siipisulka {n} [ornithology]  :: wing feather (any asymmetrical feather of the wing of a bird)
siipisuoni {n}  :: A nervure (chitinous rib that supports an insect's wing)
siipisuoni {n}  :: A vein (nervure of an insect's wing)
siippa {n}  :: Any bat of the subfamily Vespertilioninae of the family Vespertilionidae or vesper bats
siippa {n} [colloquial]  :: spouse
siippa {n}  :: mouse-eared bat (bat of the genus Myotis within the subfamily Vespertilioninae)
siira {n}  :: isopod
siirappi {n}  :: syrup
siirappimainen {adj}  :: syrupy
siirappinen {adj}  :: overly sweet or sentimental
siirappinen {adj}  :: syrupy taste
Siiri {prop}  :: female given name
siirre {n}  :: graft (piece of tissue)
siirrettävä {adj}  :: portable (able to be easily moved)
siirrettävä {adj}  :: transferable
siirrin {n}  :: transporter
siirrännäinen {n} [medicine]  :: transplant (transplanted organ or tissue)
siirräntä {n}  :: transfer
siirros {n} [geology]  :: fault
siirtää {vt} [computing]  :: To port (to adapt a program so that it works on a different platform)
siirtää {vt} [medicine]  :: To transplant (tissue, organ)
siirtää {vt}  :: To move, transfer
siirtää {vt}  :: To transfer (data, money or energy)
siirtäjä-rna {n} [biochemistry]  :: transfer RNA
siirtäjä-RNA {n} [biochemistry]  :: transfer RNA
siirtäminen {n}  :: postponement
siirtäminen {n}  :: rain check
siirtäminen {n}  :: transfer, transferal, conveyance, removal
siirto {n}  :: move, shift, transport
siirtogeeninen {adj}  :: transgenic
siirtokunta {n}  :: colony
siirtola {n}  :: settlement
siirtolainen {n}  :: immigrant
siirtolapuutarha {n}  :: An allotment garden on which the shareholder is allowed to build a small cabin for summer use
siirtolohkare {n} [geology]  :: erratic, glacial erratic, erratic block (a substantial piece of rock carried away from its original location by a glacier)
siirtomaa {n}  :: colony
siirtoäänivaalitapa {n}  :: single transferable vote
siirtotyöläinen {n}  :: migrant worker
siirtyä {vi}  :: To move (to change place; to go)
siirtyä ajasta ikuisuuteen {v} [idiomatic, euphemistic]  :: To pass away
siirtyä autuaammille metsästysmaille {v} [idiomatic]  :: To buy the farm, die (literally: "to move on to the more blessed hunting fields")
siirtymä {n}  :: displacement
siirtymä {n}  :: transition
siirtymäaika {n}  :: transition time
siirtyminen {n}  :: transition (process of change from one form, state, style or place to another)
siirtymäkausi {n}  :: period of transition
siirtymämetalli {n} [chemistry]  :: transition metal
siirtymäriitti {n}  :: rite of passage
siirtyä tuonpuoleiseen {vi} [literary, poetic]  :: To die, pass away (literally: "to move on to the beyond")
siis {adv}  :: then
siis {adv}  :: therefore
siis {adv}  :: thus, so
siiseli {n}  :: European ground squirrel, Spermophilus citellus
siispä {adv}  :: so, thus
siistein {adj}  :: superlative form of siisti
siisteys {n}  :: cleanness
siisti {adj}  :: clean, neat
siisti {adj} [slang]  :: cool, wicked
siistiä {interj} [slang]  :: wicked! cool!
siistiä {v}  :: To clean (up)
siistijä {n}  :: cleaner
siistimpi {adj}  :: comparative form of siisti
siistintä {n}  :: cleaning
siististi {adv}  :: cleanly
siistiytyä {vi}  :: to clean up oneself, tidy up
siitä {vi} [biblical, of a human being]  :: To be conceived
siitä {vi} [esp. of animals]  :: To procreate
siitä {vi} [figuratively]  :: To become more common, grow
siitake {n}  :: shiitake (Lentinula edodes)
siitakesieni {n}  :: shiitake (Lentinula edodes)
siitepöly {n} [botany]  :: pollen
siitepölyallergia {n}  :: pollen allergy
siitepölyhiukkanen {n} [botany]  :: A pollen grain
siitereikä {n} [botany]  :: micropyle (in seed-bearing plants, a small opening in the integuments of the ovule through which sperm are able to access the ovum)
siitä huolimatta {phrase}  :: See: huolimatta
siitä huolimatta {phrase}  :: that said, even so
siitin {n}  :: penis
siitä lähtien {adv}  :: ever since
siitä lähtien, kun {conj}  :: ever since, since (continuously from the time that)
siitä pitäen {adv}  :: ever since
siitä saakka {adv}  :: ever since
siittää {vt}  :: To cause, breed
siittää {vt}  :: To impregnate, inseminate, breed, conceive
siittiö {n}  :: sperm cell, sperm, spermatozoon (reproductive cell)
siittiösolu {n}  :: sperm, spermatozoon
siittiötiheys {n}  :: sperm count (number of spermatozoa in a given amount of ejaculate, typically one millilitre)
siittola {n}  :: stud farm
siiveke {n}  :: aileron
siiveke {n}  :: canard
siivekäs {adj}  :: winged
siivekäs {n}  :: bird
siivetön {adj}  :: wingless
siivilä {n}  :: sieve
siivilöidä {vt}  :: To sieve, sift, filter
siivilöinti {n}  :: sieving, filtering
siivilöityä {vi}  :: to be sieved, sifted, filtered
siiviläkangas {n}  :: sieve cloth (type of fabric used for sieving)
siivittää {v} [figuratively]  :: to wing (to assist as if by giving wings)
siivo {adj}  :: decent
siivo {n}  :: cleanliness, tidiness
siivo {n}  :: order
siivooja {n}  :: char, charlady, cleaning lady (in a household)
siivooja {n}  :: cleaner, janitor (in an institution, condo etc.)
siivota {v}  :: To clean
siivoton {adj}  :: foul
siivous {n}  :: cleaning
siivous {n}  :: decency
siivu {n}  :: slice
siivuttaa {vt}  :: To slice
sija {n} [grammar]  :: case
sija {n}  :: ranking
sija {n}  :: rest, support
sija {n}  :: stead
sijaan {postp}  :: instead of
sijainen {n}  :: short for sijaisopettaja
sijainen {n}  :: substitute (person)
sijainti {n}  :: A location
sijainti {n}  :: A position
sijainti {n}  :: A situation (location)
sijainti {n}  :: A situation (position vis-à-vis surroundings)
sijaishoito {n}  :: respite care (provision of short-term, temporary relief to those who are caring for family members who might otherwise require permanent placement in a facility outside home)
sijaiskoti {n}  :: foster home
sijaiskärsijä {n}  :: Surrogate victim
sijaisnäyttelijä {n}  :: stuntperson
sijaisopettaja {n}  :: supply teacher [UK, parts of Canada], substitute teacher [North America, Ireland], relief teacher [Australia, NZ] (teacher who fills a temporary position in a school on a short-term basis)
sijaisperhe {n}  :: foster family
sijaistaa {v}  :: to substitute, supply (to act as substitute to someone)
sijaisuus {n}  :: The position held in this role
sijaisuus {n}  :: The state of acting as substitute to someone
sijaisvanhempi {n}  :: foster parent
sijaita {vi}  :: To lie, to be located at/in/on
sijamuoto {n} [grammar]  :: case, grammatical case
sijapääte {n} [grammar]  :: case suffix
sijasta {adv}  :: in lieu (of), instead (of)
sijata {v}  :: To make the bed
sijauspatja {n}  :: mattress protector, mattress pad, mattress topper, underpad (item of removable bedding that sits on top of or encases a mattress to provide protection to the mattress)
sijoiltaanmeno {n} [medicine]  :: luxation, dislocation
sijoittaa {v} [economics]  :: to invest (in = illative)
sijoittaa {v}  :: (illative) to set, locate, backdrop
sijoittaa {v}  :: to rank
sijoittaja {n}  :: investor (person who invests money in order to make a profit)
sijoittua {vi}  :: to be set, be located, be assigned a backdrop to
sijoittua {vi}  :: to rank, be placed
sijoitus {n}  :: investment
sijoitus {n}  :: placement
sijoitus {n}  :: rank
sijoituspaikka {n}  :: location (place where something is or is going to be located)
sijoitusrahasto {n}  :: investment fund, mutual fund
SI-järjestelmä {n}  :: The International System of Units (abbreviated SI)
sijs {n}  :: obsolete spelling of siis
sika {n}  :: Person who allegedly behaves like a pig
sika {n}  :: pig
sikahirvi {n}  :: hog deer, Axis porcinus
sikailla {v}  :: to behave like a pig
sikainfluenssa {n}  :: swine flu
sikala {n}  :: piggery
sikamainen {adj}  :: Hoggish
sikamainen {adj}  :: Pig-like
sikari {n}  :: cigar
sikeä {adj}  :: [of sleep] fast
sikermä {n}  :: cluster, group
sikermä {n} [music]  :: medley
sikhi {n}  :: Sikh
sikhiläisyys {n}  :: Sikhism
säikähtää {vi}  :: To be startled/frightened/scared, take fright
sikiö {n} [dialectal]  :: young child
sikiö {n}  :: fetus/foetus
sikiöaika {n}  :: fetal period
sikiöasento {n}  :: fetal position
sikiäin {n} [botany]  :: An ovary
sikiökalvo {n} [anatomy]  :: A fetal membrane
sikiön alkoholioireyhtymä {n} [pathology]  :: fetal alcohol syndrome (any of a spectrum of birth defects that result from excessive alcohol consumption by the mother during pregnancy)
sikiönkehitys {n}  :: embryogenesis
sikiönkehitysoppi {n}  :: embryology
sikin sokin {adv}  :: topsy-turvy (disorderly; chaotically)
sikiöpussi {n} [anatomy]  :: gestational sac
sikkara {adj}  :: [of hair] Very curly
sikkatiivi {n}  :: drier, siccative
sikkura {adj}  :: [of hair] Very curly
säikky {adj}  :: timid, fickle, skittish (easily scared)
säikkyä {vi}  :: To startle, jump, spook (in a continuous/usual manner)
sikäli {adv}  :: as far as
sikäläinen {adj}  :: local (referring to elsewhere)
sikolätti {n}  :: piggery
sikopaimen {n}  :: A swineherd
sikotauti {n} [pathology]  :: mumps
siks {adv} [colloquial]  :: therefore, that's why
siksak {adv}  :: zigzag
siksakki {n}  :: zigzag (line or path that proceeds by sharp turns in alternating directions)
sikseen {adv}  :: aside
siksi {adv}  :: consequently (as a consequence)
siksi {adv}  :: therefore, that's why
sikuna {n}  :: A distilled alcoholic beverage containing more fusel oil than desirable, such as low quality moonshine
sikunaöljy {n}  :: fusel oil, fusel alcohol (byproduct of alcoholic fermentation)
sikuri {n}  :: chicory
sikurirousku {n}  :: curry milk-cap, Lactarius camphoratus
säikäyttää {v}  :: To scare
säikyttää {vt}  :: to scare, frighten, spook
säilä {n}  :: sabre
säilöä {vt}  :: To preserve (food), can
säilö {n}  :: Place of safekeeping (e.g. store, storage jar, store cupboard, warehouse)
säilö {n}  :: Prison (place for keeping dangerous people away from others)
sila {n}  :: harness saddle
silaani {n} [chemistry]  :: silane
silakka {n}  :: A Baltic herring, Clupea harengus membras
silakka {n} [nautical, military slang]  :: A nickname for a drafted navy soldier
silakkalaatikko {n}  :: Baltic herring casserole
silakkaparvi {n}  :: A school of herrings
silata {v}  :: to plate
silava {n}  :: animal fat
säile {n}  :: preservative
sileä {adj}  :: smooth, as having a texture with no or just a little friction
sileäkarvainen {adj}  :: smooth-haired; sometimes shortened to smooth, as in smooth fox terrier (sileäkarvainen kettuterrieri)
sileäleukainen {adj}  :: clean-shaven
sileäputkinen {adj}  :: smoothbore
silestone {n} [slang]  :: A worn-out tyre which has less tread pattern than required
siletä {vi}  :: To smooth
sileys {n}  :: smoothness
silhuetti {n}  :: silhouette
säiliö {n}  :: vessel, container, tank, cistern
säiliöalus {n}  :: tank ship
säiliöauto {n}  :: bowser (tank truck, especially one designed for airplane fuel transport in airports or one designed for water distribution)
säiliöauto {n}  :: fuel tanker, petrol tanker, road tanker [UK, tanker for liquid fuels]
säiliöauto {n}  :: tank truck [US], road tanker [UK], tanker (truck equipped with a tank for transporting liquids or sometimes powders)
säiliöidä {vt}  :: to store
silikaatti {n}  :: silicate (any mineral composed of silicates)
silikaatti {n}  :: silicate (any salt of silica or of one of the silicic acids)
silikaattimineraali {n} [mineral]  :: silicate mineral
silikoni {n}  :: silicone (class of inert, semi-inorganic polymeric compounds of silicon)
silikoosi {n} [disease]  :: silicosis
säiliölaiva {n}  :: tanker (vessel used to transport large quantities of liquid)
silinteri {n}  :: top hat (men's cylinder-shaped formal hat)
silinterihattu {n}  :: top hat (men's cylinder-shaped formal hat)
silitellä {v}  :: To touch repeatedly with a gentle motion:
silittää {v}  :: to iron
silittää {v}  :: to pet, stroke, fondle
silitys {n}  :: A stroke (act of stroking)
silitys {n}  :: ironing
silityslauta {n}  :: ironing board [board on which one can iron clothes]
silitysrauta {n}  :: An iron [tool for pressing clothes]
Silja {prop}  :: female given name, cognate to Cecilia
silkka {adj}  :: sheer, solid, pure
silkki {n}  :: silk (fine fiber excreted by the silkworm)
silkki {n}  :: silk (fine, soft cloth woven from silk fibers)
silkkiapina {n} [zoology]  :: marmoset
silkkiäinen {n} [archaic]  :: silkworm
silkkiäistoukka {n}  :: silkworm
silkkikangas {n}  :: silk (cloth)
silkkipaperi {n}  :: tissue paper
silkkiperhonen {n}  :: silkmoth, Bombyx mori
silkkiseitikki {n} [mushroom]  :: silver-violet webcap, Cortinarius alboviolaceus
silkkiterrieri {n}  :: Australian silky terrier
silkkitoukka {n}  :: silkworm
silkkiuikku {n}  :: great crested grebe (Podiceps cristatus)
silkkiunikko {n}  :: corn poppy, red poppy, Papaver rhoeas
sillä {conj}  :: (coordinating) for
silla {n} [textiles, dated]  :: A synthetic fabric similar to rayon
sillanpää {n}  :: bridgehead (area around the end of a bridge)
sillanpää {n} [military]  :: bridgehead (area of ground held by the friendly troops on the enemy's side of a river or other obstacle)
Sillanpää {prop}  :: Finnish surname
sillata {v} [computing, telecommunication]  :: to bridge (to connect with a bridge)
sillata {v} [wrestling]  :: to bridge (to go to the bridge position)
silleen {adv}  :: stuff
silli {n}  :: any of the several related species of herring and shad, especially as food
silli {n}  :: Atlantic herring, Clupea harengus
silli {n} [zoology]  :: in plural also Clupeidae (taxonomic family of the herrings, shads, sardines, hilsa and menhadens)
sillihapero {n}  :: shrimp mushroom, Russula xerampelina
sillikuningas {n}  :: rabbit fish, ratfish, chimaera, Chimaera monstrosa
sillisiika {n}  :: lake whitefish, Coregonus clupeaformis (North American species of freshwater whitefish)
sillivalas {n}  :: fin whale (Balaenoptera physalus)
silloin {adv}  :: then, at that time
silloinen {adj}  :: of that time
silloin kun {conj}  :: when
silloin tällöin {adv}  :: every now and then, once in a while
sillä välin {adv}  :: in the meantime, meanwhile
silmä {n}  :: An eye (ability to notice what others might miss)
silmä {n}  :: An eye (bud of a potato)
silmä {n}  :: An eye (center of a hurricane)
silmä {n}  :: An eye (hole in needle)
silmä {n}  :: An eye (mark on an animal resembling an eye)
silmä {n}  :: An eye (organ)
silmiinpistävä {adj}  :: striking, glaring, prominent
silmikko {n}  :: visor (armor)
silmikoida {vi}  :: To bud
silmäillä {v}  :: To eye, glance, scan, skim
-silmäinen {adj}  :: -eyed
silminnähden {adv}  :: visibly, clearly, obviously
silminnähtävä {adj}  :: evident
silminnäkijä {n}  :: eyewitness
silmitön {adj}  :: indiscriminate
silmäke {n} [nautical]  :: hawsehole
silmäkulma {n}  :: the corner of the eye
silmäkuoppa {n} [anatomy]  :: eye socket
silmäkuvio {n}  :: [electronics] eye pattern (an oscilloscope display)
silmäkuvio {n}  :: eye (mark or design resembling an eye)
silmälappu {n}  :: eyepatch
silmälasikarhu {n}  :: spectacled bear, Tremarctos ornatus
silmälasikäärme {n}  :: cobra (snake)
silmälasikuvioinen {adj}  :: spectacled
silmälasipäinen {adj}  :: bespectacled, spectacled (wearing spectacles)
silmälasit {n}  :: spectacles, glasses, eyeglasses, specs
silmälihashalvaus {n}  :: ophthalmoplegia
silmälääkäri {n}  :: ophthalmologist; eye doctor [US]
silmäluomi {n}  :: eyelid
silmämeikki {n}  :: eyeliner, eye makeup (makeup used to outline the eye)
silmämuna {n}  :: eyeball
silmämurre {n}  :: alternative term for näköismurre
silmän kantamattomiin {adv} [idiomatic]  :: as far as the eye can see
silmänkääntäjä {n}  :: conjurer; one who performs the sleight of hand
silmänkääntötemppu {n}  :: sleight of hand
silmänpaine {n}  :: intraocular pressure
silmäänpistävä {adj}  :: Conspicuous, noticeable, outstanding
silmänpohja {n} [anatomy]  :: eyeground
silmänräpäys {n}  :: An eyeblink, a blink of an eye
silmänräpäytys {n}  :: A blink of eyes
silmäntähystys {n}  :: ophthalmoscopy
silmänvalkuainen {n}  :: sclera (the white of an eye)
silmäpako {n}  :: ladder (length of unravelled fabric in a knitted garment, especially in nylon stockings)
silmäpeili {n}  :: ophthalmoscope
silmäpeli {n}  :: eye flirtation
silmäpultti {n}  :: eyebolt (bolt with a looped head)
silmäripsi {n}  :: eyelash
silmäripsikato {n} [pathology]  :: madarosis (loss of eyelashes)
silmäsairaus {n}  :: ophthalmopathy
silmätä {v} [rare]  :: to glance (to look at something quickly)
silmätauti {n}  :: ophthalmopathy
silmätautioppi {n}  :: ophthalmology
silmäterä {n} [anatomy]  :: pupil (part of an eye)
silmäterä {n} [figuratively]  :: apple of one's eye
silmätikku {n}  :: Someone singled out as target for negative attention
silmätippa {n}  :: eyedrop
silmätön {adj}  :: eyeless
silmätulehdus {n} [disease]  :: Any eye inflammation
silmu {n}  :: bud of a leaf
silmu {n} [rare]  :: lamprey
silmukka {n}  :: A loop (aircraft maneuver)
silmukka {n}  :: A loop (length of thread, line or rope making an opening)
silmukka {n}  :: A loop (programmed sequence of instructions)
silmukka {n}  :: A loop (shape produced by a curve that bends around and crosses itself)
silmukka {n}  :: A mesh (opening or space enclosed by the threads of a net)
silmukka {n}  :: An eye (fitting)
silmukka {n}  :: (crocheting, knitting) A stitch
silmukka {n} [nautical]  :: A becket, as a loop made of rope or an eye made at the end of a rope
silmukkalanka {n}  :: boucle (yarn with multiple plies, one of which is looser than the others, producing loops and curls)
silmukoida {v}  :: To loop (to make loops)
silmävärve {n}  :: nystagmus
silmäys {n}  :: glance, sight
säilöntä {n}  :: preservation (of food)
säilöntäaine {n}  :: preservative, food preservative
silohaperonvieras {n} [mushroom]  :: Asterophora parasitica
silokampela {n}  :: brill
siloposkinen {adj}  :: beardless
silovalas {n}  :: right whale
silpiä {vt} [of peas]  :: to pod
silpoa {vt}  :: to dismember, mutilate, maim
silpoutua {v}  :: to be maimed, mutilated or dismembered
silppuri {n}  :: chipper
silppuri {n}  :: shredder
silputa {vt}  :: To chip
silputa {vt}  :: To shred
säilörehu {n}  :: silage
silsa {n} [pathology]  :: ringworm
silta {n}  :: bridge (construction or natural feature that spans a divide)
silta {n} [telecommunication]  :: bridge (system which connects two or more local area networks)
silta {n} [wrestling]  :: bridge
Siltala {prop}  :: Any of a number of small places in Finland
Siltala {prop}  :: Finnish surname
siltarumpu {n}  :: A culvert
säilöte {n} [deprecated]  :: alternative form of säilyte
silti {adv}  :: however, still, yet, nevertheless
siltti {n}  :: silt
siluetti {n}  :: A silhouette
silumiini {n} [chemistry]  :: silumin
siluuri {n} [geology]  :: The Silurian, Silurian period
siluurikausi {n} [geology]  :: The Silurian
siluurikautinen {adj} [geology]  :: Silurian
säilyä {vi}  :: To abide
säilyä {vi}  :: To be preserved
säilyä {vi}  :: To remain
säilyke {n}  :: canned food
säilykepurkki {n}  :: tin (airtight container used to preserve food)
säilyketölkki {n}  :: A can (tin-plate canister for preserved foods)
säilyminen {n}  :: preservation
säilyte {n}  :: preservative
säilyttää {vt}  :: To preserve
säilyttää {vt}  :: To retain
säilyttäjä {n}  :: preserver
säilyttäminen {n}  :: preservation
säilyttäminen {n}  :: retention
säilytys {n}  :: conservation
säilytys {n}  :: preservation
säilytysastia {n}  :: storage vessel
sima {n}  :: mead
simanuppiseitikki {n} [mushroom]  :: A webcap, Cortinarius corrosus
simapanimo {n}  :: meadery (place where mead is made)
Simeoni {prop}  :: male given name
simmu {n} [children]  :: eye
Simo {prop}  :: A municipality in Finland
Simo {prop}  :: male given name
Simola {prop}  :: Any of a number of small places in Finland
Simola {prop}  :: Finnish surname
Simon {prop}  :: Simon (biblical figure)
Simonen {prop}  :: Finnish surname
simonia {n}  :: simony
simoninhyppymyyrä {n}  :: lesser short-tailed gerbil, Simon's gerbil
simpanssi {n}  :: chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes)
simpleksi {n}  :: simplex
simppeli {adj} [colloquial]  :: simple
simppu {n}  :: plebe (first year cadet)
simppu {n}  :: sculpin (any fish in the family Cottidae)
simpukankuori {n}  :: clamshell (shell of a clam or a hinged object that resembles one)
simpukankuori {n} [informal]  :: seashell, shell (shell of a marine mollusk)
simpukka {n}  :: A clam (a bivalve mollusk of many kinds, especially those that are edible)
simpukka {n}  :: A mussel
simpukka {n} [anatomy]  :: cochlea
simpukka {n}  :: Any of the tens of thousands of species of mollusks belonging to bivalves
simpukka {n} [mollusks]  :: In plural (simpukat), Bivalvia or bivalves (taxonomic class)
simputtaa {vt} [military, + partitive]  :: To haze
simputus {n} [military]  :: hazing, bullying
Simson {prop}  :: Samson (Biblical figure)
simulaatio {n}  :: simulation
simulaattori {n}  :: simulator
simulantti {n}  :: simulator
simuloida {vt}  :: To simulate
simultaanitulkki {n}  :: simultaneous interpreter
sinä {pron} [personal]  :: you (second person singular, familiar), (in archaic English) thou
-sin {suffix}  :: The case suffix denoting temporal distributive; always used with plurai "-i-"
sinapinkeltainen {adj}  :: mustard (of mustard colour)
sinapinkeltainen {n}  :: mustard (colour)
sinapinvärinen {adj}  :: mustard (colour)
sinappi {n}  :: mustard (plant)
sinappi {n}  :: mustard (spice)
sinappihapero {n}  :: ochre brittlegill or common yellow russula, Russula ochroleuca
sinappikaali {n}  :: arugula
sinappikaasu {n}  :: mustard gas
sinappikone {n} [humorous]  :: shit factory (infant)
sinappiöljy {n}  :: mustard oil (oil extracted from mustard seeds)
sinappiöljy {n}  :: mustard oil (organic compound allyl-isothiocyanate)
sinappinen {adj}  :: Having the taste or colour of mustard
sinappirousku {n}  :: A milk-cap, Lactarius flavidus
sinelmä {n}  :: A bruise
sineraria {n}  :: cineraria
sinertää {vi}  :: to have a shade of blue
sinertää {vt}  :: to make bluer
sinertävä {adj}  :: bluish
sinertyä {vi}  :: to become more blue
sinetöidä {vt}  :: To seal
sinetöidä huulensa {phrase}  :: To keep one's lips sealed, to seal one's lips
sinetti {n}  :: A seal (something which will be visibly damaged when a container is opened)
sinettilakka {n}  :: sealing wax
sinettitiede {n}  :: sigillography (study of seals and sigils)
sinfonia {n}  :: symphony
sinfoniaorkesteri {n} [music]  :: symphony orchestra
sinfonietta {n} [music]  :: sinfonietta
sinfonikko {n}  :: symphonist
sinfoninen {adj}  :: symphonic
singahdella {v}  :: To pinball, shuttlecock (to dart about rapidly)
singahtaa {v}  :: to dart (to shoot rapidly along)
singaleesi {n}  :: A Singhalese (person)
singaleesi {n}  :: Singhalese (language)
Singapore {prop}  :: Singapore
single {n}  :: single (45 rpm record)
singota {v}  :: to catapult (to launch from catapult or as if from catapult)
singota {v}  :: to fling, hurl, throw, dart (to throw with a sudden effort)
singulariteetti {n} [physics, mathematics]  :: A singularity
sini {n}  :: In compound words, blue- or bluish
sini {n} [mathematics]  :: The sine function
sini {n} [poetic]  :: blue
Sini {prop}  :: female given name
siniaalto {n}  :: sine wave
siniara {n}  :: Spix's macaw, Cyanopsitta spixii
sinibakteeri {n}  :: A cyanobacterium
sinihapero {n}  :: A brittlegill, Russula azurea
sinihappo {n} [chemistry]  :: hydrogen cyanide (chemical formula HCN)
sinihomejuusto {n}  :: blue cheese
sinikeltainen {adj} [colloquial]  :: Especially in connection with sports, "Swedish" or, in plural, "the Swedish", according to the colours of the Swedish national flag
sinikeltainen {adj}  :: Referring to the quality of being coloured blue and yellow
sinikettu {n}  :: A "blue fox", a variant of arctic fox grown in captivity because of its beautiful bluish grey winter fur
sinikka {n}  :: bluebird (any of various North American birds of the genus Sialia)
Sinikka {prop}  :: female given name, fairly popular in the 20th century. Pet form: Sini
sinikopio {n}  :: blueprint, cyanotype (white-on-blue copy produced with cyanotype process)
sinikvartsi {n} [mineral]  :: blue quartz
sinikäyrä {n} [mathematics]  :: sinusoid, sine curve
sinilause {n} [mathematics]  :: law of sines, sine rule, sine formula
sinileppärousku {n}  :: A milk-cap, Lactarius hemicyaneus
sinilevä {n}  :: blue-green alga
sinilimaseitikki {n} [mushroom]  :: A webcap, Cortinarius salor
sinimailanen {n} [plant]  :: alfalfa, lucerne, Medicago sativa
sinimuotoinen {adj} [mathematics]  :: sinusoidal
sinimuura {n}  :: bluish-slate antshrike (Thamnomanes schistogynus)
sininaakka {n}  :: Any of the Central and South American jays of the genus Cyanolyca in the crow family Corvidae
sininauraja {n}  :: blue-winged kookaburra (Dacelo leachii)
sininen {adj}  :: blue
sininen {n}  :: The color blue
sininen maito {n} [informal]  :: semi-skimmed milk, reduced-fat milk (milk with reduced fat content, in Finland about 1,5 %)
Sininen nauha {prop} [nautical]  :: The Blue Riband (trophy for fastest Atlantic crossing by a commercial liner)
sininärhi {n}  :: European roller, Coracias garrulus
sininärhi {n}  :: roller (any bird in the family Coraciidae - rollers)
sininuppiseitikki {n} [mushroom]  :: A webcap, Cortinarius coerulescens
sinipuna {n}  :: In compound words, also violet, purple
sinipuna {n} [politics]  :: A political term referring to a coalition of or cooperation between conservatives and social democrats; compare purple, US politics sense
sinipuna {n}  :: Used also adjectively in compound words
sinipunainen {adj}  :: purple
sinipunarousku {n}  :: A milk-cap, Lactarius violascens
sinirinta {n}  :: bluethroat, Luscinia svecica
sinisempi {adj}  :: comparative form of sininen
sinisiipi {n}  :: blue (any butterfly in the subfamily Polyommatinae of the family Lycaenidae)
sinisiipinen {adj}  :: blue-winged (having blue wings)
sinisiipinen {n}  :: Any of the butterflies of the family Lycaenidae
sinisiipinen {n}  :: In plural (sinisiipiset), the family Lycaenidae, the gossamer-winged butterflies
sinisiirtymä {n}  :: blueshift
sinisilmä {n}  :: blue-eyed person
sinisilmä {n}  :: blue eye (eye with blue iris)
sinisilmä {n}  :: blue-eye (fish of the family Pseudomugilidae)
sinisilmäinen {adj}  :: blue-eyed (having blue eyes)
sinisilmäinen {adj}  :: gullible, credulous
sinisimpukka {n}  :: blue mussel, Mytilus edulis
sinisin {adj}  :: superlative form of sininen
sinisorsa {n}  :: mallard (Anas platyrhynchos)
sinistyä {vi}  :: To become (more) blue
sinisukkaseitikki {n} [mushroom]  :: A webcap, Cortinarius evernius
sinisyys {n}  :: blueness
sinitarra {n}  :: Blu-Tack
sinitäplätursas {n}  :: southern blue-ringed octopus, Hapalochlaena maculosa
sinivalas {n}  :: blue whale (Balaenoptera musculus)
sinivalkoinen {adj}  :: Finnish (derived from the colours of the Finnish national flag)
sinivalkoinen {adj}  :: Referring to the combination of the blue and white colours
sinivihreä {adj}  :: A color between blue and green; blue-green, turquoise, cyan, teal
sinivihreä {n}  :: A color between blue and green
siniviiva {n} [ice hockey]  :: The blue line
sinivuokko {n} [colloquial]  :: In plural (sinivuokot), the police
sinivuokko {n}  :: In plural (sinivuokot), the genus Hepatica
sinivuokko {n}  :: The common hepatica (Hepatica nobilis)
Sinkiang {prop}  :: Xinjiang (autonomous region of China)
sinkilä {n}  :: A staple (fastener)
sinkitä {v}  :: To galvanise/galvanize
sinkki {n} [music]  :: A serpent (brass instrument)
sinkki {n}  :: zinc
sinkkikloridi {n}  :: zinc chloride
sinkkioksidi {n} [inorganic chemistry]  :: zinc oxide, symbol ZnO
sinkkisälpä {n} [mineral]  :: smithsonite
sinkkivalkoinen {n}  :: zinc white (zinc oxide when used as pigment)
sinkkivälke {n} [mineral]  :: sphalerite
sinkku {n} [colloquial]  :: single (a vinyl record or a popular song)
sinkku {n} [colloquial]  :: single (unmarried)
sinkkuus {n}  :: singlehood
sinko {n} [military]  :: bazooka (any shoulder-fired rocket grenade launcher)
sinko {n} [military]  :: recoilless rifle
sinko {n} [military]  :: rocket-propelled grenade launcher, RPG
sinkoutua {v}  :: to dart, to be catapulted (to fly, pass or shoot out swiftly due to an external force)
sinällään {adv}  :: as such, in itself (considered alone; used often to hint that there's something else which makes matters worse when combined with the thing or circumstance mentioned)
sinä-muotoinen {adj}  :: second-person (using verbs in the second person)
sinne {adv} [of movement]  :: there (when the speaker does not point at the place):
sinne tänne {adv}  :: hither and thither
sinnikkäämpi {adj}  :: comparative form of sinnikäs
sinnikkäästi {adv}  :: doggedly, relentlessly
sinnikkyys {n}  :: steadfastness, relentlessness, resilience
sinnikäs {adj}  :: steadfast, relentless, dogged
sinnitellä {v}  :: to hang on, persevere
sinnitellä {v}  :: to survive, stay alive
sinänsä {adv}  :: per se
sinofobia {n}  :: Sinophobia (fear of China and Chinese)
sinologi {n}  :: sinologist
sinologia {n}  :: Sinology
sinooperi {n} [mineral]  :: cinnabar
sinooperinpunainen {adj}  :: vermilion, cinnabar (colour)
sinooperipunainen {n}  :: vermilion (pigment)
sinotiibetiläinen {adj}  :: Sino-Tibetan
sinsilla {n}  :: chinchilla (mammal)
sintolaisuus {n}  :: alternative spelling of šintolaisuus
sintrata {vt}  :: To sinter
sintraus {n} [metallurgy]  :: sintering
sintti {n}  :: [disparaging] A minnow, small fish
sinuiitti {n} [pathology]  :: sinusitis (inflammation)
sinun {pron}  :: The genitive singular of the personal pronoun sinä, in most cases (with the possessive suffix -si appended to the main word owned) translated with the possessive pronoun your; after the verb olla: yours - when addressing one person:
sinun {pron}  :: Used with verbs or verb structures that are used monopersonally such as pitää, täytyä, tulla, olla + passive present participle etc., and require genitive: translated into English you - when addressing one person:
sinusrytmi {n}  :: sinus rhythm
sinussolmuke {n} [anatomy]  :: sinoatrial node, sinus node
sinusta {pron}  :: about you; of you (addressing one person)
sinusta {pron}  :: in your opinion, you think that (addressing one person)
sinut {adv}  :: (in the phrase) olla sinut + genitive + kanssa = to be on first-name basis with, to be familiar with
sinutella {vt} [+ partitive]  :: To address someone (especially friends and relatives) with the second-person singular form of the personal pronoun in an informal manner (in languages where that person is distinguishable from the plural); (the equivalent in English customs:) to address a person by her/his first name
sionismi {n}  :: Zionism
sionisti {n}  :: Zionist
sionistinen {adj}  :: Zionist
sioux {n}  :: A Sioux
sioux {n}  :: The Sioux language
sipaista {v}  :: to stroke lightly and quickly
sipaista {v}  :: Used generally of performing an action swiftly, briskly and seemingly with little effort, sometimes used braggingly
sipaisu {n}  :: any swift action
sipaisu {n}  :: stroke
sipasta {v} [dialectal, colloquial]  :: alternative form of sipaista
sipata {v} [colloquial]  :: to stop working, to break down, to run out of steam
Siperia {prop}  :: Siberia
siperialainen {adj}  :: Siberian
siperialainen {n}  :: A Siberian person
siperianhusky {n}  :: Siberian Husky
siperianmetso {n}  :: black-billed capercaillie, Tetrao parvirostris (large black grouse endemic to Siberia, closely related to western capercaillie)
siperianmuikku {n}  :: sardine cisco, least cisco, Coregonus sardinella (small freshwater fish found in Arctic waters from NW Russia to NE Canada)
siperiansampi {n}  :: Siberian sturgeon (Acipenser baerii)
Siperia opettaa {proverb}  :: once bitten, twice shy (one is cautious in the future if he has been hurt in the past)
sipinä {n}  :: whisper
sipistä {vi}  :: To whisper quietly
siplari {n}  :: Any member of the genus Eumerus of hoverflies
sipsi {n}  :: A chip [thin, crisp, baked piece of vegetable, especially potato]
sipsuttaa {vi}  :: to tiptoe
sipuli {n}  :: any member of the genus Allium
sipuli {n}  :: bulb-shaped root
sipuli {n}  :: onion (Allium cepa)
sipulirengas {n}  :: onion ring
sireeni {n}  :: siren
sireenieläin {n}  :: sirenian
sirinä {n}  :: buzz
siristä {vi}  :: To buzz
sirittää {v}  :: to chirr (to make a prolonged trilling sound of an insect, like e.g. a grasshopper)
siritys {n}  :: chirr (sound)
sirkadiaanirytmi {n}  :: circadian rhythm
sirkka {n}  :: cricket (insect)
Sirkka {prop}  :: female given name
sirkkalehti {n} [botany]  :: cotyledon
sirkkeli {n}  :: circular saw
sirkku {n}  :: bunting (any of the passerine birds in the genus Emberiza)
sirkku {n}  :: In plura l, the genus Emberiza
Sirkku {prop}  :: female given name.
sirkumfleksi {n}  :: circumflex
sirkumpolaarinen {adj} [astronomy]  :: circumpolar
sirkus {n}  :: circus
sirkusareena {n}  :: circus ring
sirkushevonen {n}  :: circus horse
sirkushuvi {n} [archaic]  :: circus
sirkuspelle {n}  :: circus clown
sirkustirehtööri {n}  :: A ringmaster; circus director
sirkuttaa {v}  :: to twitter, chirp (to utter a succession of bird's chirps)
siro {adj}  :: graceful, delicate
siro {adj}  :: petite (fairly short and of slim build)
siro {adj}  :: slender
siroherkkusieni {n}  :: an agaric (Agaricus semotus)
siroin {adj}  :: superlative form of siro
sirompi {adj}  :: comparative form of siro
sironta {n} [physics]  :: scattering
sirota {vi} [physics]  :: scatter
sirote {n}  :: Any powder that is sprinkled
sirotella {v}  :: To scatter, sprinkle
sirotella tuhkaa päällensä {phrase}  :: to regret deeply, to blame oneself for a loss or mishap
sirotin {n}  :: A shaker (table container for pepper or salt)
sirottaa {vt}  :: to scatter, spread, sprinkle
sirottaja {n}  :: scatterer
Sirpa {prop}  :: female given name
sirpakka {adj}  :: pert, brisk
sirpale {n}  :: shard, splinter, fragment, chip
sirppi {n}  :: crescent
sirppi {n}  :: sickle
sirppi ja vasara {n}  :: hammer and sickle (symbol of the union of industrial and agricultural workers in Communist iconography)
sirppimäinen {adj}  :: sickle-shaped, falciform
sirppisoluanemia {n} [pathology]  :: sickle-cell anemia (US), sickle-cell anaemia (UK), sickle-cell disease
sirri {n}  :: In plural (sirrit) the genus Calidris
sirri {n}  :: sandpiper, stint, knot, dunlin (small wading birds primarily in the genus Calidris but also in three related genera Eurynorhynchus, Aechmorhynchus and Prosobonia, see list below under Derived terms)
siru {n}  :: A chip (small piece broken from a larger piece of solid material)
siru {n}  :: A fragment (small portion or segment of an object)
siru {n} [technology]  :: A chip (a small substrate of semi-conducting material on which electronic circuits have been fabricated)
sirveli {n}  :: A traditional dish from Kainuu region in Finland, made of vendace, onion, butter and cream
sirveli {n}  :: In other regions sirveli refers to a dish made of pork and onions resembling a hash
sisä {n} [archaic]  :: The inside of something. In contemporary language sisä- serves as a prefix and the locative cases (inessive, elative, illative, adessive, ablative and allative) are used as adverbs and postpositions
sisä- {prefix}  :: A prefix signifying inner, internal, interior, inward; indoor; inland
sisar {n}  :: sister
sisarellinen {adj}  :: sisterly, sororal
sisarenpoika {n}  :: sororal nephew
sisarentytär {n}  :: Sororal niece
sisaristo {n}  :: A sisterhood (religious society of women)
sisarkunta {n}  :: A sisterhood (religious society of women)
sisarkunta {n}  :: A sisterhood, sorority (group of girls or women associated for a common purpose)
sisarpuoli {n}  :: half-sister
sisarpuoli {n}  :: stepsister
sisarukset {n}  :: siblings, sisters and brothers (collective term for people who are each other's sisters and brothers)
sisarus {n}  :: sibling
sisaruus {n}  :: sisterhood (quality of being sisterly)
sisaruus {n}  :: sisterhood (state of being sisters)
sisäasiat {n}  :: domestic affairs, internal affairs
sisäelin {n}  :: internal organ, visceral
sisempi {adj}  :: inner (closer to the center)
sisennys {n}  :: indentation (act of beginning a line or series of lines at a little distance within the flush line)
sisentää {vt}  :: To indent (lines of text)
sisäeritteinen {adj}  :: endocrine
sisäeritysjärjestelmä {n} [anatomy, medicine]  :: endocrine system
sisäeronto {n} [grammar, rare]  :: elative
sisäfilee {n}  :: tenderloin
sisäfileepihvi {n}  :: tenderloin steak
sisäheitto {n} [linguistics]  :: syncope
Sisilia {prop}  :: Sicily
sisilialainen {adj}  :: Sicilian (relating to Sicily or its inhabitants)
sisilialainen {n}  :: A Sicilian
sisilisko {n}  :: in plural (sisiliskot), the taxonomic family Lacertidae
sisilisko {n}  :: common lizard, viviparous lizard, Zootoca vivipara
Sisilisko {prop}  :: the constellation Lacerta, the lizard
sisäilma {n}  :: the air inside
sisimmäinen {adj}  :: innermost
sisin {adj}  :: innermost
sisäinen {adj}  :: internal
sisäinen kitka {n}  :: viscosity
sisäinen yrittäjyys {n} [buzzword]  :: intrapreneurship
sisäisempi {adj}  :: comparative form of sisäinen
sisäisesti {adv}  :: internally
sisäisesti {adv}  :: self-
sisäistää {vt}  :: To assimilate (incorporate or absorb knowledge into the mind)
sisäkatto {n}  :: ceiling (highest portion of room)
sisäkkö {n}  :: housemaid
sisäkkäin {adv}  :: One inside another
sisko {n}  :: sister
Sisko {prop}  :: female given name
siskonmakkara {n}  :: A kind of mild, smooth pork sausage, often cooked in soup
siskopuoli {n}  :: half sister
siskopuoli {n}  :: stepsister
sisäkorva {n} [anatomy]  :: inner ear
sisäkorvaistute {n}  :: cochlear implant (implant that can help provide a sense of sound to a person with severe hearing problem)
sisäkorvaproteesi {n}  :: cochlear implant (implant that can help provide a sense of sound to a person with severe hearing problem)
sisällä {adv}  :: indoors
sisällä {adv}  :: inside (in the position inside something)
sisällä {postp}  :: inside
sisälle {adv}  :: indoors
sisälle {adv}  :: inside (to the position inside something)
sisälle {postp}  :: inside
sisällinen {adj} [archaic]  :: internal; now preferably sisäinen
sisällissota {n}  :: A civil war
sisällissota {n}  :: The Finnish Civil War of 1918
sisällökäs {adj}  :: rich in content
sisällyksekäs {adj}  :: alternative form of sisällökäs
sisällys {n}  :: content
sisällysluettelo {n}  :: table of contents
sisällyttää {vt} [transitive + genitive-accusative + illative]  :: To include (something in something), incorporate
sisälämpötila {n}  :: interior temperature
sisälmykset {n} [anatomy]  :: viscera (the internal organs of the body collectively)
sisäloinen {n}  :: endoparasite
sisältä {adv}  :: from indoors
sisältä {adv}  :: from inside (from a position inside something)
sisältää {vt}  :: To include; to contain
sisältää {vt}  :: To involve
sisältä {postp}  :: from inside
sisältö {n}  :: content (amount of material contained)
sisältö {n}  :: content, contents (that which is contained)
sisältö {n}  :: content (subject matter; substance)
sisältö {n}  :: meaning (significance of a thing)
sisältö {n} [rare]  :: contents (table of contents)
sisältöfarmi {n} [Internet]  :: content farm
sisältäpäin {adv}  :: from inside
sisältyä {vi} [intransitive + illative]  :: to be included in
sisämaa {n}  :: inland, interior
sisämaavaltio {n}  :: landlocked country
sisämeri {n}  :: inland sea, mediterranean sea
Sisämeri {prop}  :: Inland Sea
sisäministeri {n}  :: interior minister
sisäministeriö {n} [Finland]  :: short form of sisäasiainministeriö
sisäministeriö {n}  :: ministry of the interior, ministry of internal affairs or similar in another country
sisään {postp}  :: into
sisäänajo {n}  :: the running in period of a car
sisäänkäynti {n}  :: An admittance
sisäänkäynti {n}  :: An entrance (structure that allows entering a confined space; door, gate etc.)
sisäänostaja {n}  :: buyer
sisäänostaja {n}  :: purchasing agent
sisäänostohinta {n}  :: purchase price
sisäänostohintaan {adv}  :: at cost
sisäänpäin {adv}  :: inward, inwards
sisäänpäinlämpiävä {adj} [idiomatic]  :: of a group or culture that so prefers to deal within itself that it is difficult for an outsider to become a member of it
sisääntulo {n}  :: entry
sisäolento {n} [grammar, rare]  :: inessive
sisäoppilaitos {n}  :: boarding school
sisäpaikallissija {n} [grammar]  :: Any of the three cases inessive, elative and illative in Finnish that indicate location inside (inessive) something, or a movement from (elative) or towards (illative) such location.
sisäpiha {n}  :: inner court
sisäpiiri {n} [business]  :: insiders (individuals with potential access to non-public information about the company)
sisäpiiri {n}  :: insiders (people that have special knowledge of the inner workings of an organization collectively)
sisäpiirikauppa {n} [finance]  :: insider trading, inside dealing, inside trading, insider dealing
sisäpiiriläinen {n}  :: insider (person who has special knowledge of the inner workings of a company or other organization)
sisäplaneetta {n} [astronomy]  :: inner planet
sisäpolitiikka {n}  :: domestic policy
sisäpuoli {n}  :: inside
sisärengas {n}  :: inner tube
sissi {n}  :: (irregular soldier) guerrilla, partisan
sissi {n}  :: (regular soldier) commando, ranger
sisäsiitos {n} [biology]  :: inbreeding
sissijuusto {n} [military slang]  :: smegma
sissisota {n}  :: guerrilla war
sissisota {n}  :: guerrilla warfare
sisäsyntyinen {adj}  :: endogenous
sisäsyntyinen {adj}  :: intrinsic
sisätaudit {n}  :: internal medicine
sisterna {n} [anatomy]  :: cisterna
sisätila {n}  :: interior
sisätiloissa {adv}  :: indoors
sisätulento {n} [grammar, rare]  :: illative
sisätulo {n}  :: scalar product
sisätuloavaruus {n} [mathematics]  :: inner product space
sisu {n}  :: Determination regardless of cost, persistence, strength, obstinacy, perseverance, willpower
sisukas {adj}  :: gutsy
sisus {n}  :: interior
sisuspunos {n} [anatomy]  :: solar plexus, celiac plexus (complex network of nerves located in the abdomen)
sisusta {n}  :: inside, interior
sisustaa {vt}  :: To furnish, decorate (to improve the appearance of the interior of a house etc.)
sisustus {n}  :: interior decoration, decoration
sisustuskangas {n}  :: decoration textile (fabric designed for interior decoration)
sisustussuunnittelu {n}  :: interior design
sisäydin {n} [geology]  :: inner core (innermost part of the Earth, a solid ball believed to consist of an iron-nickel alloy)
sitaatti {n}  :: quotation
siteerata {v}  :: to cite
siten {adv}  :: in that way
siten {adv}  :: thus
sitä jotakin {phrase}  :: Partitive singular form of se jokin
sitkas {adj}  :: resilient, hardy
sitkas {adj}  :: tough
sitkas {adj}  :: viscous
sitkeä {adj} [of food]  :: tough
sitkeä {adj}  :: resilient, hardy
sitkeä {adj}  :: viscous
sitkeästi {adv}  :: resiliently
sitketä {vi}  :: To become more viscous
sitkeys {n}  :: resilience
sitkeys {n}  :: viscosity
sitko {n}  :: The viscous and elastic mass formed in dough by gluten proteins
sitko {n}  :: viscosity (quality of being viscous)
sitoa {v}  :: to bandage, to dress
sitoa {v}  :: to bind, tie, fasten
sitoen {adv} [music]  :: legato
sitoumus {n}  :: commitment, covenant (promise or agreement to do something in the future)
sitoumus {n}  :: obligation (legal agreement stipulating a specified payment or action; the document containing such agreement)
sitoutua {v}  :: pledge, engage, adhere
sitoutumaton {adj} [politics]  :: nonaligned, independent
sitoutumaton {adj}  :: unmarried
sitoutuminen {n}  :: commitment
sitä paitsi {adv}  :: moreover, furthermore, besides
sitra {n}  :: zither
sitriini {n} [mineral]  :: citrine
sitronellaali {n} [chemistry]  :: citronellal
sitruuna {n}  :: lemon
sitruunahappo {n} [chemistry]  :: citric acid
sitruunamehu {n}  :: lemonade (still drink)
sitruunamehu {n}  :: lemon juice
sitruunamelissa {n}  :: lemon balm, Melissa officinalis
sitruunaperhonen {n}  :: brimstone (Gonepteryx rhamni)
sitruunapuu {n}  :: lemon tree
sitruunasooda {n}  :: lemonade (carbonated beverage flavored with lemon)
sitruunavästäräkki {n}  :: citrine wagtail (Motacilla citreola)
sitä samaa {phrase}  :: same to you, right back at you (used to return greeting or insult)
sitä sun tätä {pron} [colloquial]  :: alternative form of sitä ja tätä
sittemmin {adv}  :: since then, afterwards, after
sitten {adv}  :: ago:
sitten {adv}  :: (in certain interjections) what:
sitten {adv}  :: then (when referring to temporal, logical or other order)
sitten {adv}  :: when or whenever (in the expression "sitten, kun"):
sitten {adv}  :: without a definite meaning, as an expletive in subordinate clauses that include tahansa and -kin and that are translated with whoever, whomever, whatever, wherever:
sitten {prep}  :: since
sittenkin {adv}  :: after all, on second thought
sittenkään {adv}  :: after all, on second thought
sittiäinen {n}  :: A dor
sitä vastoin {adv}  :: on the contrary, by contrast, conversely, whereas, while
sitävastoin {adv}  :: on the other hand
siunata {vt}  :: To bless (also figuratively)
siunauksekas {adj}  :: blessed
siunauksellinen {adj}  :: blessed
siunaus {n}  :: blessing
sivakka {n}  :: ski
sivaltaa {v}  :: to slash, lash, slap (to deliver a fast and powerful swinging blow, usually with something longish and/or flexible such as a hand, sword, whip or rod)
sivaltaa {v}  :: to snap (to say or speak abruptly or sharply, usually as a response to something that another person said or did)
sivari {n} [colloquial]  :: non-military service
sivari {n} [colloquial]  ::  A person who is doing or has done non-military service
siveä {adj}  :: chaste
siveellinen {adj}  :: ethical
siveellinen {adj}  :: moral, decent
siveellisyysrikos {n} [legal]  :: indecency
siveetön {adj}  :: immoral
siveettömyys {n}  :: unchastity
sivellä {v}  :: to paint (apply paint to)
sivellin {n}  :: paintbrush
sivetoni {n} [chemistry]  :: civetone
sivettieläin {n}  :: civet, a carnivore of the family Viverridae
sivettikissa {n}  :: A carnivore of the civet subfamily Viverrinae
siveys {n}  :: chastity
siveys {n}  :: morality
siveysvyö {n}  :: chastity belt
Siviä {prop}  :: female given name, rare today
siviili {n}  :: civilian
siviiliavioliitto {n}  :: civil marriage, civil union
siviilikanne {n} [law]  :: lawsuit
siviilioikeus {n}  :: civil law (body of law dealing with the private relations between members of a community)
siviilipalvelus {n}  :: civilian service, alternative service, non-military service
siviilipalvelusmies {n}  :: conscientious objector; a person undergoing non-military service
siviilisääty {n}  :: marital status
siviilivihkiminen {n}  :: The ceremony in which two people enter into a civil marriage
sivilisaatio {n}  :: civilization
sivilisoitua {vi}  :: To be civilized
sivistää {vt}  :: to civilize (to educate to a perceived higher level of education)
sivistyä {vi}  :: To be civilized
sivistyä {vi}  :: To become educated
sivistymätön {adj}  :: uneducated, uncultured, uncivilized, vulgar
sivistyneistö {n}  :: intelligentsia
sivistynyt {adj}  :: civilized, sophisticated, erudite, cultured, educated
sivistys {n}  :: learning, scholarship, sophistication, erudition, civilization
sivu {n}  :: flank (extreme left or right edge of a military formation)
sivu {n}  :: flank, side (flesh between the last rib and the hip)
sivu {n}  :: page, side (one surface of a sheet of paper)
sivu {n}  :: side (bounding straight edge of an two-dimensional shape)
sivu {n}  :: side (flat surface of a three-dimensional object; a face)
sivuaine {n}  :: minor (subject area of secondary concentration of a student at a college or university)
sivuasunto {n}  :: granny flat (dwelling detached from a primary residence)
sivuava {adj}  :: tangential (indirectly related to a topic)
sivuava {adj}  :: tangential (merely touching, positioned as a tangent)
-sivuinen {adj}  :: -paged
sivuinen {adj}  :: page (having a certain number of pages)
sivuinen {adj}  :: sided (having a side or sides with a given property)
sivujoki {n}  :: tributary (river)
sivujuonne {n}  :: grace note (concern of secondary importance)
sivukaista {n}  :: sideband
sivukallistuma {n}  :: A (sideways) inclination
sivukallistuma {n} [automotive]  :: camber (inclination of wheels)
sivukartta {n} [computing]  :: sitemap
sivukatu {n}  :: A back street
sivukierre {n} [sports]  :: sidespin
sivukivi {n} [mining]  :: gangue, veinstone
sivukuva {n}  :: profile
sivulause {n} [grammar]  :: A subordinate clause
sivuleikkurit {p}  :: wire cutters
sivullinen {n}  :: bystander
sivulta {adv}  :: From the side
sivuluokka {n} [math]  :: coset
sivumyötäinen {adj}  :: longitudinal
sivumyötäinen {n} [colloquial]  :: (alcoholic) intoxication
sivumyötäinen {n} [meteorology]  :: longitudinal wind
sivuosa {n}  :: A walk-on (small part in a theater drama production)
sivuovi {n}  :: A side door
sivusaalis {n} [fishing]  :: bycatch (unintended catch)
sivusaranoitu {adj}  :: side-hinged (having hinges on the side, as opposed to having them on top or bottom)
sivuseikka {n}  :: A moot point, footnote
sivuseinä {n}  :: sidewall (side of a tire)
sivuseinä {n}  :: sidewall, side wall (wall forming the side of a structure, racquetball court etc.)
sivussa {adv}  :: on the side, aside
sivusta {n}  :: flank
sivusto {n}  :: web site, site
sivuta {vi} [mathematics]  :: To be tangent to, touch
sivutie {n}  :: back road, backroad
sivuttaa {vt}  :: to page
sivuttain {adv}  :: pagewise (one page at a time)
sivuttain {adv}  :: sideways (with a side to the front)
sivuttainen {adj}  :: pagewise
sivuttainen {adj}  :: sideways
sivuttaiskierre {n} [sports]  :: alternative form of sivukierre
sivutuote {n}  :: byproduct, by-product, also: sideproduct
sivutuuli {n}  :: (nautical) crosswind, beam reach (wind blowing perpendicular to the line of travel)
sivutuuli {n} [nautical]  :: reach (wind blowing from either side of the vessel)
sivutuulipurjehdus {n} [nautical]  :: reaching
sivutyö {n}  :: side job, secondary occupation, moonlighting, side project (something productive done regularly in addition to one's primary occupation and household chores, whether paid or not)
sivuun {adv}  :: aside
sivuuttaa {v}  :: to skip, bypass
sivuvaikutus {n} [medicine]  :: iatrogenesis
sivuvaikutus {n}  :: side effect, adverse effect
sivuvaunu {n}  :: sidecar (one-wheeled attachment to a motorcycle)
Sjellanti {prop}  :: alternative spelling of Själlanti
Själlanti {prop}  :: Zealand (Danish island)
säkä {n} [colloquial]  :: luck
säkä {n}  :: The withers (part of the back of a draft animal or horse that is the highest)
sökö {adj} [colloquial]  :: broken
sökö {n} [poker]  :: A variant of stud poker; sousem, Canadian stud, Scandinavian stud
-ska {suffix} [colloquial, archaic, now humoristic]  :: Used to transform husband's family name or title to a term for addressing or speaking of a married woman. Used especially with family names ending with -nen and titles ending -ri
skaala {n}  :: scale, scope
skaalata {vt}  :: To scale, to change the size of
skaalatikku {n}  :: A scale ruler, architect's ruler (drafting implement)
skaalaus {n}  :: scaling
skaalautua {vi}  :: To become scaled
skaba {n} [Helsinki slang]  :: A competition
skalaari {n}  :: scalar
skalaarifunktio {n} [mathematics]  :: scalar function
skalaarikenttä {n}  :: scalar field
skalaaritulo {n}  :: scalar product
skalmeija {n} [musical instruments]  :: shawm
skalpeerata {v}  :: To scalp
skandaali {n}  :: scandal
skandaalimainen {adj}  :: scandalous
skandalisoida {vt}  :: To scandalize
skandaloida {v}  :: alternative form of skandalisoida
skandi {n}  :: [usually plural] Any of the letters Ä, ä, Ö, ö, or Å, å
skandinaavi {n}  :: A Scandinavian
skandinaavinen {adj}  :: Scandinavian
Skandinavia {prop}  :: Scandinavia (peninsula)
Skandit {prop}  :: The Scandinavian Mountains
skandium {n}  :: scandium
skannata {vt} [computing]  :: To scan
skannaus {n}  :: scanning
skanneri {n} [computing]  :: scanner
sääkansi {n} [nautical]  :: A weather deck
skarppi {adj} [colloquial]  :: alert (not tired)
sääkartta {n}  :: weather map
skede {n} [slang]  :: A skateboard
skeema {n} [databases]  :: schema
skeema {n} [psychology]  :: schema
skeglu {n} [Helsinki slang]  :: A puukko (Nordic hunting knife)
skeida {n} [slang]  :: crap
skeidata {v}  :: [slang, because of connotation considered vulgar] skateboard, board
skeidata {v}  :: [slang, vulgar] shit, have a shit
skeidata {v}  :: [slang, vulgar] soil, begrime
skeidata {v}  :: [slang, vulgar] spoil, botch
säkeistö {n} [music, poetry]  :: stanza, strophe, staff, stave
skeitata {v}  :: to skateboard, skate (to use a skateboard)
skeittaaja {n} [colloquial]  :: skateboarder
skeittari {n} [colloquial]  :: skateboarder, skater
skeittaus {n} [colloquial]  :: skateboarding
skeitti {n} [colloquial]  :: skateboarding
skeittipuisto {n}  :: skatepark (recreational area dedicated to skateboarders)
skeittirata {n}  :: skatepark (minor recreational facility dedicated to skateboarders)
skemaattinen {adj}  :: schematic
skematisoida {vt}  :: To schematize
skenaario {n}  :: scenario
säkene {n}  :: spark
säkenöidä {vi}  :: To sparkle
skeptikko {n}  :: A sceptic/skeptic
skeptinen {adj}  :: Sceptic/skeptic
skeptisesti {adv}  :: skeptically
skeptisismi {n}  :: skepticism
skeptisyys {n}  :: skepticism (property of being skeptical)
sketsi {n}  :: sketch (short dramatic production)
skäfä {n} [Helsinki slang]  :: A short person, a dwarf
säkiä {n}  :: wels catfish [[[Silurus glanis]]]
skidi {n} [slang]  :: child, kid
skientologi {n}  :: Scientologist
skientologia {n}  :: Scientology
skientologinen {adj}  :: Scientological
säkillinen {n}  :: A sack (the amount that can be put in a sack); sackful
skimba {n} [slang]  :: A ski
skinhead {n}  :: skinhead (member of a subculture)
skini {n} [computing]  :: skin
skini {n} [slang]  :: A skinhead
skintillaatio {n} [astronomy]  :: scintillation
skipata {vi} [colloquial]  :: To skip (to omit, not to attend)
skisma {n}  :: schism
skitsofreeni {adj}  :: schizophrenic
skitsofreeni {n}  :: A schizophrenic person
skitsofreenikko {n}  :: A schizophrenic person
skitsofreeninen {adj}  :: schizophrenic
skitsofreenisesti {adv}  :: schizophrenically
skitsofrenia {n}  :: schizophrenia (illness)
säkittää {v}  :: to sack (to fill in sacks)
skitta {n} [slang]  :: guitar
säkki {n}  :: A sack ( large bag for storage and handling)
säkkikangas {n}  :: sackcloth, burlap, hessian (fabric)
säkkipilli {n}  :: bagpipes
säkkipillinsoittaja {n}  :: bagpiper
säkkipimeä {n}  :: pitch-dark
säkkituoli {n}  :: beanbag, beanbag chair
säkäkorkeus {n}  :: height of an animal as measured at the withers
säkkärä {adj}  :: [of hair] Very curly, kinky
skleroosi {n} [pathology]  :: sclerosis
skolastiikka {n}  :: scholasticism
skolastikko {n}  :: scholastic (philosopher)
skolastinen {adj}  :: scholastic
skole {n} [slang]  :: school
skolioosi {n} [pathology]  :: scoliosis
skonssi {n}  :: scone
skool {interj}  :: cheers (toast)
skoolata {v}  :: To toast (to salute and raise glasses before drinking)
-skooppi {suffix}  :: -scope
skootteri {n}  :: scooter
-skopia {suffix}  :: -scopy
skoposteoria {n} [linguistics]  :: Skopos theory
skorpioni {n}  :: A scorpion
skorpioni {n} [astrology]  :: A person born under the sign of Scorpio
Skorpioni {prop}  :: Scorpio (astrological sign)
Skorpioni {prop}  :: Scorpio (constellation)
skotlanninpaimenkoira {n} [dated]  :: rough collie (breed of dog)
Skotlanti {prop}  :: Scotland (country in northwest Europe to the north of England)
skotlantilainen {adj}  :: Scottish
skotlantilainen {n}  :: A Scottish person
skotti {n}  :: Scot (person)
skotti {n}  :: Scots, Lallans (Germanic language based on Middle English, spoken in Southern parts of Scotland, the Lowlands)
skoude {n} [slang]  :: A cop [police officer]
SKP {initialism}  :: Suomen Kommunistinen Puolue, the Communist Party of Finland
skraga {n} [slang]  :: tie (item of clothing)
skribentti {n} [rare]  :: A scribe (writer, especially a journalist)
skruudata {vt} [Helsinki slang]  :: To eat
sääksi {n}  :: osprey (Pandion haliaetus)
sököttää {v} [poker]  :: to check
skumppa {n} [colloquial]  :: Sparkling wine
skunkki {n}  :: skunk
skuru {n} [Helsinki slang, dated]  :: A tram (passenger vehicle)
skutsi {n} [slang]  :: forest
skuuppi {n}  :: scoop (news story)
skuutata {vt} [nautical]  :: to sheet (to trim a sail using a sheet)
skuutti {n} [nautical]  :: sheet (rope to adjust sail)
skvalaani {n}  :: squalane
SKY {acronym}  :: Suomen Kielitieteellinen Yhdistys: Linguistic Association of Finland
skypettää {v} [informal, computing]  :: to skype (to make a telephone call using Skype software)
skypettää {v} [informal, computing]  :: to skype (to send a file with Skype)
skyrmioni {n} [physics]  :: skyrmion
sälä {n}  :: Stuff of little value; junk
slaavi {n}  :: A Slav; a Slavic person
slaavilainen {adj}  :: Slavonic, Slavic
slaba {n} [slang]  :: penis
slaissi {n} [colloquial]  :: pizza slice
slangi {n}  :: Argot, jargon, vernacular (specialized vocabulary and terminology of a certain fieldor profession)
slangi {n} [Helsinki slang]  :: Helsinki slang
slangi {n}  :: Slang, jargon, vernacular (language characteristic of a particular group)
slavistiikka {n}  :: Slavistics
slavofiili {n}  :: Slavophile
säle {n}  :: lath
säle {n}  :: slat
säle {n}  :: splinter
Sleesia {prop}  :: Silesia
säleikkö {n}  :: grill (on a vehicle, a slotted cover to protect and hide the radiator); also jäähdyttäjän säleikkö
säleikkö {n}  :: trellis (gardening: frame to support vines or other plants)
sälekaihdin {n}  :: Venetian blind
sääliä {v}  :: to pity
sääli {interj}  :: what a pity
sääli {n}  :: mercy (compassion, especially toward those less fortunate)
sääli {n}  :: pity
sliksi {n} [jargon]  :: slick (tire with a smooth surface instead of a tread pattern)
säälimätön {adj}  :: merciless
säälimättömästi {adv}  :: mercilessly
säälimättömyys {n}  :: mercilessness
säälitellä {v}  :: to express pity, often with plentiful wording
säälittömästi {adv}  :: mercilessly
säälittävä {adj}  :: pathetic
säälittävä {adj}  :: pitiful
säälittävästi {adv}  :: pitifully
säälivä {adj}  :: compassionate
slivovits {n}  :: slivovitz (plum liquor)
sälli {n} [dialectal, very informal]  :: attendant, apprentice
sälli {n} [slang]  :: guy, dude, bloke
slogaani {n}  :: slogan
slovakia {n}  :: The Slovakian language
Slovakia {prop}  :: Slovakia
slovakialainen {adj}  :: Slovak (of Slovakia)
slovakialainen {n}  :: A Slovak
slovakin kieli {n}  :: The Slovak language
slovakki {n}  :: A person of Slovak nationality or origin
slovakki {n}  :: The Slovak language
sloveeni {n}  :: A person of Slovenian nationality or origin
sloveeni {n}  :: The Slovenian language
sloveenin kieli {n}  :: The Slovene language
slovenia {n}  :: The Slovenian language
Slovenia {prop}  :: Slovenia
slovenialainen {adj}  :: Slovene (adjective)
slovenialainen {n}  :: A citizen of, or a person originating from Slovenia
sälpä {n} [mineral]  :: spar
slummi {n}  :: slum
slummimainen {adj}  :: slummy
slummiutua {vi}  :: To become a ghetto
slumpata {v} [slang]  :: To buy
slush {n}  :: slush (icy drink)
sluuppi {n} [nautical]  :: sloop
säly {n}  :: alternative form of sälä
smaragdi {n} [mineral]  :: emerald
smetana {n}  :: smetana
smirgeli {n} [by extension]  :: grinder, bench grinder
smirgeli {n} [mineralogy]  :: emery (impure type of corundum, often used for sanding or polishing)
smirgelöidä {vt}  :: To emerise/emerize
smirgelikangas {n}  :: emery cloth
smirgelipaperi {n}  :: emery paper
säämiskä {n}  :: chamois (leather)
smithsoniitti {n} [mineral]  :: smithsonite
smokki {n}  :: A tuxedo, dinner jacket, black tie
smokkitilaisuus {n}  :: A black tie occasion
smokkivyö {n}  :: cummerbund
smoltti {n}  :: A smolt (young salmon)
sämplätä {v} [music]  :: to sample
sämpläys {n} [music]  :: sampling
sämpylä {n}  :: a roll (bread)
smurffi {n}  :: smurf
smurffipuku {n} [military slang]  :: Warm-up suit (used in the Finnish Army)
snadi {adj} [slang]  :: small
snadisti {adv} [slang]  :: little, a bit
snagari {n} [slang]  :: nakkikioski
snaijata {v} [slang]  :: to understand, grab, get it
snapsi {n}  :: schnapps
snautseri {n}  :: schnauzer
snöge {n} [slang]  :: snow
säänkestävä {adj}  :: weatherproof
sänki {n}  :: stubble (hair)
sänki {n}  :: stubble (short stalks)
sänky {n}  :: bed
säänlukutaito {n} [nautical]  :: A weather eye (ability to predict weather over a short term by interpreting various signs in one's environment)
säännellä {v}  :: to regulate
säännöllinen {adj}  :: regular
säännöllisesti {adv}  :: regularly
säännöllisyys {n}  :: regularity
säännös {n}  :: regulation (law or administrative rule, issued by an organization, used to guide or prescribe the conduct of members of that organization)
säännös {n}  :: sanction (law, treaty, or contract, or a clause within a law, treaty, or contract, specifying a penalty, or some coercive measure, intended to ensure compliance)
säännöskokoelma {n}  :: code (body of law)
säännöstellä {v}  :: to ration
säännöstellä {v}  :: to regulate
säännöstely {n}  :: rationing (strictly controlled distribution of scarce resources, usually based on personal quotas)
säännöstely {n}  :: regulation (more loose control of resources; e.g. by setting limits to quantity purchased at one time or requiring preapproval for large purchases)
säännöstelylaki {n}  :: rationing law
säännöstelylaki {n}  :: sumptuary law (law that attempts to regulate permitted consumption)
sännätä {v}  :: To dart (to start and run fast)
säännötön {adj}  :: irregular
säännöttömyys {n}  :: anomaly (inconsistency)
säännöttömyys {n}  :: irregularity
snobbailla {vi}  :: To act like a snob
snobi {n}  :: A snob
snooker {n}  :: snooker
snorkkeli {n}  :: snorkel
snörppi {n} [nautical]  :: A leech line
sääntö {n}  :: regulation
sääntö {n}  :: rule
snt {abbr}  :: sentti (cent, one hundredth of euro)
SNT {initialism}  :: SSR, Soviet Socialist Republic
sääntelijä {n}  :: regulator
sääntely {n}  :: regulation
säntäillä {vi}  :: to squirrel around, to skitter about, to move or search erratically, especially as if hurried or confused
SNTL {initialism}  :: the USSR
sääntömääräinen {adj}  :: statutory (as stipulated by the by-laws of an association)
sääntöperintötila {n} [legal, obsolete]  :: fee tail, fideicommissum (estate in land which may not be sold or pledged and must be passed undivided to the next generation in the family, usually to the eldest son)
soba {n}  :: soba
socinolainen {adj} [religion]  :: Socinian (of or pertaining to the Socinians)
socinolainen {n} [religion]  :: Socinian (person)
socinolaisuus {n} [religion]  :: Socinianism (religious movement)
sodanjälkeinen {adj}  :: post-war
sodanjulistus {n}  :: A declaration of war
sodanjumala {n} [paganism]  :: god of war
sodankäynti {n}  :: warfare
sodanlietsoja {n}  :: A warmonger
sodanvaara {n}  :: danger of war
sodanvastainen {adj}  :: anti-war
sodomia {n}  :: sodomy
sodomiitti {n}  :: sodomite
soeta {vi}  :: to go blind
Sofia {prop}  :: female given name, cognate with English Sophia
Sofia {prop}  :: Sofia (city)
sofisti {n}  :: sophist
sofistikoitunut {adj}  :: sophisticated
softa {n} [computing, jargon]  :: software
softa {n}  :: softa
sohaista {vt}  :: To poke once
sohaisu {n}  :: jab (quick stab)
sohia {v}  :: To poke
sohjo {n}  :: sludge (watery sludge)
sohjo {n}  :: slush (partially melted water or snow)
sohjoinen {adj}  :: [of half-melted snow] slushy
sohjolumi {n}  :: slush
sohjoontua {vi}  :: alternative form of sohjoutua
sohva {n}  :: sofa, couch
sohvaperuna {n}  :: A couch potato
sohvapöytä {n}  :: coffee table
sohvatyyny {n}  :: sofa cushion
Sohvi {prop}  :: female given name
soida {vi}  :: To ring (of a phone or bell)
soida {vi}  :: To sound (to make a musical sound)
soidin {n} [zoology]  :: mating display, courtship, lek (pattern of behaviour by some male birds and other animals to attract the females)
soidintaa {v} [zoology]  :: to court, lek (to take part in the courtship and display behaviour of a lek)
soihdunkantaja {n}  :: torch carrier
soihtu {n}  :: torch
soihtupurkaus {n} [astronomy]  :: solar flare
soija {n}  :: soy
soijakastike {n}  :: soy sauce
soijamaito {n}  :: soy milk
soijapapu {n}  :: soybean
soijarouhe {n}  :: textured soy protein granules
soikea {adj}  :: oval
soikeampi {adj}  :: comparative form of soikea
soikio {n}  :: oval
soikko {n}  :: tub
Soila {prop}  :: female given name, a rare variant of Soile
Soile {prop}  :: female given name
Soili {prop}  :: female given name, variant of Soile
soilikki {n}  :: Cape primrose
Soilikki {prop}  :: female given name
soimata {v}  :: to reproach, rebuke, scold
soinen {adj}  :: swampy
soini {n} [historical, archaic]  :: squire
Soini {prop}  :: A giant, son of Kaleva, in Finnish mythology
Soini {prop}  :: Any of a number of places in Finland
Soini {prop}  :: Finnish surname derived from the given name
Soini {prop}  :: male given name; rather rare today
Soininen {prop}  :: Finnish surname
soinnikas {adj}  :: sonorous
soinnillinen {adj} [phonetics]  :: voiced (of a consonant, spoken with vibration of the vocal cords, e.g. m, n, r)
soinniton {adj} [phonetics]  :: voiceless, unvoiced (of a consonant, spoken without vibration of the vocal cords, e.g. t, s, f)
soinnukas {adj}  :: melodious
soinnuttaa {v} [music]  :: to chord (to write chords for)
sointi {n}  :: clang
sointi {n}  :: voice
sointiväri {n}  :: timbre (quality of a sound independent of its pitch and volume)
sointu {n} [music]  :: A chord
Sointu {prop}  :: female given name
sointuisa {adj}  :: melodious, harmonious, tuneful
sointumuura {n}  :: black-crested antshrike
sointuoppi {n} [music]  :: harmony (the academic study of chords)
sointuva {adj}  :: consonant
sointuva {adj}  :: musical, sonorous, harmonious, melodious
soisempi {adj}  :: comparative form of soinen
soisin {adj}  :: superlative form of soinen
soistua {vi}  :: to turn into a marsh
soitella {v}  :: Frequentative form of the verb soittaa; to play for fun, in a light-hearted way, without paying too much attention to playing exactly right
soitella {v}  :: To give a number of phone calls, either many to one person, or one to each of many people
soitin {n}  :: musical instrument
soitin {n}  :: player (any device that repeats recorded sound)
soitintaa {vt}  :: to orchestrate; to arrange or score music for performance by an orchestra
soittaa {v} [archaic]  :: to drive, ride; now chiefly in idiomatic expressions, see yhtä soittoa
soittaa {v}  :: to phone, call; phone up; the person called is in allative
soittaa {v}  :: to play (musical instrument); the instrument is in partitive
soittaa {v}  :: to ring, toll (a bell; also idiomatically in the expression soittaa kelloa)
soittaa kelloa {v} [idiomatic]  :: To ring a bell (to seem remotely familiar)
soittaja {n}  :: caller (one who makes a phone call)
soittaja {n}  :: player (one who plays a musical instrument)
soitto {n} [archaic]  :: driving, riding; now chiefly idiomatic use, see yhtä soittoa
soitto {n}  :: call, telephone call; ring; bell [UK, informal]
soitto {n}  :: music (sounds produced with musical instruments)
soitto {n}  :: playing (act of playing music)
soitto {n}  :: toll (ringing of a bell)
soittokunta {n}  :: A band, orchestra, marching band (group of musicians, especially of wind and percussion players)
soittolista {n}  :: playlist
soittoääni {n}  :: ringtone (sound made by a telephone when ringing)
soittoniekka {n}  :: skilled musician, especially one who plays folk music
soittorasia {n} [musical instruments]  :: musical box, music box
sojottaa {vi}  :: to stick out
sokaiseva {adj}  :: blinding
sokaista {vt}  :: to blind (especially momentarily)
sokaistua {vi}  :: To become blind
sokea {adj}  :: blind (unable to see)
sokea {n}  :: A blind person
sokeainkirjoitus {n}  :: Braille
sokeasti {adv}  :: blindly
sokeentua {v}  :: alternative form of sokeutua
sokeerata {v}  :: alternative spelling of šokeerata
sokein {adj}  :: superlative form of sokea
sokeltaa {vi}  :: to slur one's words
sokeri {n}  :: sugar
sokerialkoholi {n} [chemistry]  :: sugar alcohol
sokeriherne {n} [vegetables]  :: snow pea, mangetout, sugar pea (sweet cultivar of garden pea, Pisum sativum var. sativum)
sokerihumala {n}  :: sugar high, sugar rush
sokerijuurikas {n}  :: sugar beet, Beta vulgaris var. altissima (the plant)
sokerijuurikas {n}  :: sugar beet (the root)
sokerikakku {n}  :: An ambiguous term which may be used of many dessert cakes, but sponge cake often comes close as translation
sokerikko {n}  :: sugar container
sokerimuurahainen {n}  :: black garden ant, Lasius niger
sokerinen {adj}  :: sugary
sokeripala {n}  :: A piece of sugar, sugar cube
sokeriruoko {n}  :: sugar cane, sugarcane
sokeritauti {n} [pathology]  :: diabetes
sokeritautinen {adj}  :: diabetic
sokeriton {adj}  :: sugar-free
sokeritoppa {n}  :: sugar-loaf, sugarloaf
sokerivaahtera {n}  :: sugar maple
sokeroida {v}  :: To sugar
sokeroimaton {adj}  :: unsugared
sokeus {n}  :: blindness
sokeuttaa {vt}  :: To blind (permanently)
sokeutua {vi}  :: to become (permanently) blind
sokka {n}  :: A cotter pin or split pin (metal fastener with two tines that are bent during installation, used e.g. to hold cotters in their place)
sokka {n}  :: Any similar part meant to secure e.g. a machine part without having to withstand the load affecting the secured part
sokka {n}  :: A safety pin (pin of a hand grenade that prevents accidental detonation)
sokkelo {n}  :: maze
sokkeloinen {adj}  :: labyrinthine
sokki {n}  :: alternative spelling of šokki
sokkiaalto {n}  :: alternative spelling of šokkiaalto
sokko {n}  :: blind
sokko {n}  :: blind man's buff
sokkohiiri {n}  :: Any of the rodents in Spalacidae
sokkohiiri {n}  :: In plural sokkohiiret, a taxonomic family within the superfamily Muroidea in the order Rodentia, known as Spalacidae or blind mole rats
sokkolaukaus {n}  :: A blind shot
sokkopaarma {n}  :: deer fly (any horsefly of the genus Chrysops)
sokkopaarma {n}  :: twin-lobed deerfly, Chrysops relictus (species of horsefly)
sokkotreffit {n}  :: blind date
Sokrates {prop}  :: Socrates
sola {n}  :: pass (between mountains)
solaario {n}  :: solarium (room)
solakka {adj}  :: slender, thin
solaniini {n} [chemistry]  :: solanine
solarium {n}  :: A solarium (room or establishment with sunbeds)
solarium {n}  :: A tanning bed, sunbed (tanning device)
solariumi {n}  :: solarium [tanning booth]
solenoidi {n}  :: solenoid
solidaarinen {adj}  :: solidary
solidaarisuus {n}  :: solidarity
solidariteetti {n}  :: solidarity
solina {n}  :: murmur, gurgle, purl
solipsismi {n}  :: solipsism
solisluu {n} [skeleton]  :: clavicle, collarbone
solista {vi} [of water e.g. in a creek or spring]  :: To burble, bubble
solisti {n}  :: soloist
solisvaltimo {n} [anatomy]  :: subclavian artery
solitoni {n} [physics]  :: soliton
solkenaan {adv}  :: continuously and in large quantity
solki {n}  :: A buckle of belt
solmi {n}  :: A knot, bundle
solmia {v}  :: ~ avioliitto: to get married
solmia {v}  :: ~ sopimus: to conclude an agreement
solmia {vt}  :: to tie, knot
solmio {n}  :: necktie, tie [item of clothing]
solmioneula {n} [by extension]  :: tie clip, tie slide, tie bar, tie clasp (clip to hold a tie in place)
solmioneula {n}  :: tie tack, tie pin, stickpin, tie tac (pin to hold a tie in place)
solmisaatio {n} [music]  :: solmization
solmu {n} [computing]  :: node (computer attached to a high speed computing network or cluster)
solmu {n} [graph theory]  :: vertex
solmu {n}  :: knot, deadlock (difficult situation)
solmu {n}  :: knot (looping)
solmu {n}  :: knot (maze-like pattern)
solmu {n}  :: knot (nautical unit of speed)
solmu {n}  :: knot (tangled clump)
solmuke {n}  :: bow tie
solmupiste {n}  :: nodal point
solmuteoria {n} [mathematics]  :: knot theory
solttu {n} [colloquial]  :: soldier
solu {n} [biology, communication, computing]  :: A cell
soluautomaatti {n} [computing theory]  :: cellular automaton
soluelin {n} [cytology]  :: organelle
soluemali {n}  :: cloisonne (material, objects made of cloisonne as class)
soluemalinen {adj}  :: cloisonne (made of cloisonne)
solukalvo {n}  :: cell membrane
solukko {n} [biology]  :: tissue
solukudos {n}  :: cellular tissue
solukuolema {n}  :: apoptosis
solulima {n} [cytology]  :: cytoplasm
solulinja {n} [genetics]  :: cell line
solunielu {n} [biology]  :: A cytopharynx (opening through which a ciliate ingests its food)
solunjakautuminen {n} [cytology]  :: cytokinesis
soluoppi {n} [biology]  :: cytology
soluseinä {n} [cytology]  :: cell wall
solusyönti {n} [cytology]  :: phagocytosis
soluttautua {vi}  :: To infiltrate
soluttautuja {n}  :: infiltrator
solutukiranka {n}  :: cytoskeleton
soluutio {n}  :: solution
solvata {vt} [transitive + partitive]  :: To insult, abuse, deride
solvaus {n}  :: affront, abuse, defamation (insulting speech)
solvenssi {n} [finance]  :: solvency
soma {adj}  :: cute, sweet
soma {adj}  :: pretty
somaattinen {adj}  :: somatic
somaattinen hermosto {n} [anatomy]  :: somatic nervous system
somaattinen solu {n}  :: somatic cell
somali {n}  :: A Somali
somali {n}  :: The Somali language
Somalia {prop}  :: Somalia
somalialainen {adj}  :: Somalian
somalialainen {n}  :: A Somalian person, Somali
somalin kieli {n}  :: Somali (language)
somatisaatio {n}  :: somatization
some {n} [jargon]  :: social media
somempi {adj}  :: comparative form of soma
somentaa {vt}  :: To make more pretty
somerikko {n}  :: ground covered with coarse gravel
Somerkoski {prop}  :: Finnish surname
somero {n}  :: rough gravel
somistaa {v}  :: To decorate, embellish
somistautua {vi}  :: to dress up
somiste {n}  :: decoration, embellishment
sommelieeri {n}  :: sommelier
somnambulismi {n} [medical terminology]  :: somnambulism
somnolenssi {n} [medical terminology]  :: somnolence
somnolentti {adj} [medicine]  :: somnolent
sompa {n} [skiing]  :: A rim in the lower part of a ski pole that prevents it from sinking too deep
son {contraction}  :: Contraction of se on "it is"
sonaatti {n} [music]  :: sonata
sonaattimuoto {n} [music]  :: sonata form
sonatiini {n} [music]  :: sonatina
sondeerata {v}  :: sound (to probe)
sondi {n}  :: sonde
sonetti {n}  :: sonnet
sonic hedgehog {n}  :: sonic hedgehog
Sonja {prop}  :: female given name, cognate to Sonya
sonni {n}  :: bull (uncastrated adult male of domesticated cattle)
sonni {n}  :: stag (adult male elk or deer)
sonnustautua {v}  :: to don clothing
sonometri {n}  :: sonometer
sonsari {n}  :: flea
sonta {n}  :: crap
sonta {n}  :: dung
sontia {v}  :: to defecate; used especially of animals
sontikka {n} [colloquial]  :: umbrella (for rain)
sontsa {n} [slang]  :: umbrella (for rain)
sooda {n}  :: soda
soodakattila {n}  :: recovery boiler (boiler for recovering the soda used in a wood pulping process)
soodasifoni {n}  :: soda siphon
soodavesi {n}  :: soda
soolo {n}  :: solo
soolokitara {n} [music]  :: lead guitar
sooma {n}  :: soma
soopa {n} [colloquial]  :: nonsense, bunk
soopeli {n}  :: sable
soopelinnahka {n}  :: sable (fur)
sopa {n} [dated]  :: clothes
sopertaa {vi}  :: to splutter, to slur one's speech
sopeuttaa {vt}  :: to adapt, adjust (to make suitable; to modify to fit circumstances)
sopeutua {vi}  :: To adapt
sopeutuja {n}  :: adapter (one who adapts well)
sopeutumaton {adj}  :: unadapted
sopeutuminen {n}  :: adaptation
sopeutuvuus {n}  :: adaptability
sopia {v}  :: ~ + illative, to comport with, match (to be in agreement with; to be of an accord)
sopia {v}  :: to agree, make an agreement
sopia {v}  :: to fit
sopia {v}  :: to suit, to be suitable
sopia yhteen {v}  :: to be a (good, bad etc.) match
sopia yhteen {v}  :: to comport with
sopia yhteen {v}  :: to match with, match
sopimaton {adj}  :: disagreeable
sopimaton {adj}  :: improper
sopimaton {adj}  :: unbecoming (not in keeping with the expected standards of one's position)
sopimaton {adj}  :: unfit, out of line
sopimaton {adj}  :: unsuitable
sopimattomasti {adv}  :: inappropriately
sopimattomuus {n}  :: inappropriateness
sopimus {n}  :: agreement, arrangement, contract
sopimuskausi {n}  :: contract period
sopimusrikkomus {n} [legal]  :: breach of contract (failure to perform under the terms of a contract)
sopimussakko {n} [legal]  :: A contingency (payment made due to non-fulfilment of a contract)
sopimusvapaus {n}  :: freedom of contract
sopiva {adj}  :: appropriate
sopiva {adj}  :: becoming
sopiva {adj}  :: befitting
sopiva {adj}  :: convenient
sopiva {adj}  :: decent
sopiva {adj}  :: expedient
sopiva {adj}  :: fit
sopiva {adj}  :: fitted
sopiva {adj}  :: matching
sopiva {adj}  :: opportune
sopiva {adj}  :: proper
sopiva {adj}  :: suitable
sopiva {adj}  :: suited
sopiva {adj}  :: timely
sopiva {adj}  :: well-timed
sopivasti {adv}  :: opportunely
sopivasti {adv}  :: suitably
soppa {n} [dialectal]  :: soup
soppa {n} [informal]  :: mess (messy situation)
soppatykki {n} [colloquial]  :: soup kitchen
sääoppi {n}  :: meteorology
soppi {n}  :: A small quiet spot; corner, nook
sopraano {n}  :: soprano
sopraniino {n}  :: sopranino
sopu {n}  :: harmony, concord, agreement
sopuisa {adj}  :: amicable
sopukka {n}  :: corner, nook
sopuli {n}  :: lemming (a member of a group given to conformity or groupthink; used especially of journalists)
sopuli {n}  :: lemming (several rodents in the family Cricetidae, especially those of the tribe Lemmini)
sopuli {n}  :: lemming, true lemming (any rodent of the genus Lemmus)
sopuli {n}  :: Norway lemming, Lemmus lemmus
sopulismi {n}  :: pack journalism
sopuloida {v}  :: To act as a lemming (following others)
sopupelaaminen {n}  :: match fixing (practice)
sopupeli {n}  :: fixed match (match played to a completely or partially pre-determined result)
sopuratkaisu {n}  :: compromise
sopusointu {n}  :: harmony
sopusointuinen {adj}  :: consonant
sopusointuinen {adj}  :: harmonious
sopusuhtainen {adj}  :: harmonious
sopusuhtainen {adj}  :: proportionate
sora {n}  :: gravel
sorata {v}  :: To gravel (to apply a layer of gravel to the surface of a road)
sorbiinihappo {n}  :: sorbic acid
sorbitoli {n} [chemistry]  :: sorbitol
sorboosi {n} [chemistry]  :: sorbose
sorea {adj}  :: graceful
sori {interj} [informal]  :: Sorry!
sorina {n}  :: drone
sorina {n}  :: murmur
sorja {adj}  :: slim, slender
sorkka {n}  :: A cloven hoof, cleft hoof, cloven foot
sorkka {n}  :: A kind of a knot, a hitch
sorkkaeläin {n}  :: An even-toed ungulate, artiodactyl
sorkka- ja kavioeläin {n}  :: ungulate
sorkkarauta {n}  :: crowbar (iron or steel bar used as a lever to manually force things apart)
sorkkia {v} [colloquial]  :: to poke
sorkkia {v}  :: to dig ground using cloven hooves
sormeilla {v}  :: To finger
sormenjälki {n}  :: fingerprint
sormenjälkitutkimus {n}  :: dactyloscopy
sormenkärki {n}  :: fingertip
sormenkynsi {n}  :: fingernail
sormenleveys {n}  :: fingerbreadth
sormenpää {n}  :: A fingertip
sormeton {adj}  :: fingerless
sormi {n}  :: A finger (any object which resembles a finger, such as a part of a mechanical device)
sormi {n}  :: A finger (extremity of an animal's forelimb, which resembles human finger)
sormi {n} [anatomy]  :: A finger (one of the five extremities of the hand)
sormieläin {n}  :: aye-aye (Daubentonia madagascariensis)
sormikas {n}  :: A glove, especially knitted
sormiluu {n} [skeleton]  :: A phalange or phalanx of the hand
sorminivel {n} [anatomy]  :: finger joint
sorminäppäryys {n}  :: sleight of hand, legerdemain, prestidigitation (digital dexterity)
sormio {n} [musici]  :: A manual or keyboard of a musical instrument
sormitus {n} [music]  :: fingering
sormus {n}  :: ring (jewelry)
sormustimellinen {n}  :: thimbleful
sormustin {n}  :: A thimble
sormustinkukka {n} [botany]  :: foxglove (plant of the genus Digitalis)
sormustinkukka {n} [in plural]  :: Digitalis (genus of foxglove)
sormustinkukka {n}  :: short for rohtosormustinkukka, Digitalis purpurea
Soro {prop}  :: Finnish surname
sorosilikaatti {n} [mineralogy]  :: sorosilicate (mineral)
sorrettu {adj}  :: oppressed
sorsa {n}  :: A duck, a bird of the Anatidae family
sorsa {n} [computing, slang]  :: A source code; often in plural (sorsat)
sorsa {n} [medical]  :: A bedpan (slang)
sorsa {n} [poker]  :: A duck (slang: playing card two)
sorsalintu {n}  :: a bird of the taxonomic order Anseriformes
sorsastaa {vi}  :: to hunt for ducks
sorsastus {n}  :: duck hunting
sorsia {vt} [colloquial]  :: To discriminate against, treat unequally
sortaa {vt}  :: to trample
sortaa {vt} [transitive + partitive]  :: to oppress, persecute, tyrannize, repress, bully
sorto {n}  :: Oppression, persecution, tyranny, repression, bullying
sortokausi {n}  :: period of oppression; in Finnish history especially either of the two periods (1899–1905 and 1908–1917) when the Russian Empire aimed at limiting the autonomy of the Grand Duchy of Finland|Grand Duchy of Finland and Russifying the country culturally
sortovuodet {n} [pluralonly] Grand Duchy of Finland and Russifying the country culturally
sortovuonna {adv} [dated]  :: in the year of oppression (In any of the years 1899–1905 and 1908–1917, see sortovuosi for explanation)
sortovuosi {n}  :: Any individual year falling within these periods
sortovuosi {n} [history, pluralonly] Grand Duchy of Finland and Russifying the country culturally
sortti {n} [informal]  :: type, kind
sortua {vi}  :: To crumble, fall, collapse, cave in
sorva {n}  :: rudd (Scardinius erythrophthalmus)
sorvari {n}  :: turner (lathe operator)
sorvata {v} [idiomatic, slang]  :: to work a job or task
sorvata {vt}  :: to lathe
sorvi {n}  :: A lathe
sose {n}  :: chutney
sose {n}  :: dip (used of relatively firm dips such as guacamole)
sose {n}  :: mash
sosiaaliala {n}  :: social security, social work (social security as branch to work on)
sosiaalidarvinismi {n}  :: social Darwinism
sosiaalidemokraatti {n}  :: A social democrat
sosiaalidemokraattinen {adj}  :: social democratic (of or pertaining to a Social Democrat Party of some country or its policy)
sosiaalidemokratia {n}  :: social democracy [ideology and a society based on it]
sosiaalietu {n}  :: social security benefit
sosiaalinen {adj}  :: social (being extroverted or outgoing)
sosiaalinen {adj}  :: social (of or relating to society)
sosiaalinen älykkyys {n} [psychology]  :: social intelligence
sosiaalinen media {n}  :: social media
sosiaalistaa {vt}  :: to socialize (to instruct, usually subconsciously, in the etiquette of a society)
sosiaalistua {vi}  :: to be socialized (to be instructed, usually subconsciously, in the etiquette of a society)
sosiaalitoimi {n}  :: social security; usually as a branch of municipal government
sosiaaliturva {n}  :: social security (benefits)
sosiaaliturva {n}  :: social security (system)
sosiaaliturvajärjestelmä {n}  :: social security (system)
sosiaaliturvatunnus {n} [dated]  :: social security number
sosiaalityö {n}  :: social work (work concerned with providing social services to those members of the community that need it)
sosiaalityöntekijä {n}  :: A social worker
sosialidemokraatti {n}  :: alternative spelling of sosiaalidemokraatti
sosialisaatio {n}  :: socialization
sosialismi {n}  :: socialism
sosialisoida {v}  :: In slang, analogously, to arbitrarily take into possession; to steal
sosialisoida {vt}  :: to socialise/socialize, in the meaning "forcibly take into governmental ownership", compare nationalise
sosialisti {n}  :: socialist
sosialistinen {adj}  :: socialistic, socialist
sosialistinen neuvostotasavalta {n}  :: Soviet Socialist Republic
Sosialististen neuvostotasavaltojen liitto {prop}  :: The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
sosimet {n} [colloquial]  :: cutlery (eating and serving utensils)
sosiobiologia {n}  :: sociobiology
sosioekonominen {adj} [social sciences]  :: socio-economic
sosiogrammi {n}  :: sociogram
sosiolekti {n} [linguistics]  :: sociolect (variant of language used by a social group)
sosiolingvisti {n}  :: sociolinguist
sosiologi {n}  :: sociologist
sosiologia {n}  :: sociology
sosionomi {n}  :: Bachelor of Social Services
sosiopaatti {n}  :: sociopath
sosioterapia {n}  :: socio-therapy
sossu {n} [colloquial]  :: A social democrat
sossu {n} [colloquial]  :: A social security office
sota {n}  :: [as modifier in compound terms] military, war-
sota {n}  :: war
sota {n}  :: warfare
sota-aika {n}  :: wartime
sota-aikainen {adj}  :: wartime
sotaakäyvä {adj}  :: Warring, belligerent (engaged in war)
sota-alus {n} [historical]  :: man of war (war sailship)
sota-alus {n}  :: warship
sotaharjoitus {n}  :: A war game, wargame (US), military exercises, field exercise (full-scale rehearsal of military maneuvers as practice for warfare)
sotaherra {n}  :: A warlord (local ruler or bandit leader where the government is weak)
sotaherra {n} [derogative]  :: Any high military officer
sotahuuto {n}  :: battle cry
sotainen {adj}  :: warlike, bellicose, militaristic
sotaintoinen {adj}  :: warlike, bellicose, belligerent (eager to go to war)
sotainvalidi {n}  :: war invalid
sotaisa {adj}  :: Belligerent, warlike (eager to go to war)
sotaisampi {adj}  :: comparative form of sotaisa
sotajalka {n}  :: warpath
sotajoukko {n}  :: A war party
sotakassa {n}  :: A war chest (fund to finance a war)
sotakirjeenvaihtaja {n}  :: war correspondent
sotakirves {n}  :: A battle axe (weapon)
sotakoira {n}  :: war dog
sotakone {n}  :: war machine (individual mechanical weapon or nation's military might as a whole)
sotakoneisto {n}  :: war machine (nation's military might as a whole)
sotakorkeakoulu {n}  :: A military academy
sotakorvaus {n}  :: war reparations (compensation intended to cover damage or injury during a war)
sotalaiva {n} [historical]  :: man of war (war sailship)
sotalaiva {n}  :: warship
sotalapsi {n}  :: Any of the Finnish war children who were evacuated to other countries during the Second World War
sotalapsi {n}  :: A war child
sotaleski {n}  :: A war widow
sotamaalaus {n}  :: A war paint
sotamarsalkka {n}  :: field marshal
sotamateriaali {n}  :: ordnance
sotamies {n} [card games]  :: knave, jack (playing card)
sotamies {n} [dated]  :: soldier
sotamies {n}  :: infantryman, foot soldier
sotamies {n} [military ranks]  :: private
sotamorsian {n}  :: A war bride [woman who marries a man who is on active duty military in wartime]
sotaoikeus {n}  :: court-martial
sotaoikeus {n}  :: military tribunal
sotapeli {n}  :: A war game [game that simulates or represents a military operation]
sotapäähine {n}  :: A war bonnet
sotapäällikkö {n}  :: A warlord (high military officer in a warlike nation)
sotapoika {n} [informal]  :: soldier, especially a young one
sotapoliisi {n} [dated]  :: military police
sotapolku {n}  :: warpath
sotapropaganda {n}  :: war propaganda
sotaratsu {n}  :: warhorse (horse used in horse-cavalry)
sotaretki {n}  :: A military expedition or campaign
sotarikollinen {n}  :: A war criminal
sotarikos {n}  :: A war crime
sotata {v} [informal]  :: to soil, tarnish
sotataito {n}  :: art of war
sotatalous {n}  :: war economy (an economy adjusted to the wartime conditions by changing lines of production, coping with shortages of material and workforce, rationing etc.)
sotatarvike {n}  :: ordnance
sotatiede {n}  :: military science
sotatila {n}  :: state of war
sotatoimi {n}  :: act of war
sotatoimialue {n}  :: war zone
sotavanki {n} [military]  :: A prisoner of war, POW
sotaveteraani {n}  :: war veteran
sotavuosi {n}  :: A year of war
sote {initialism}  :: Used attributively as modifier in compound terms to denote social and health services or issues as a whole, often separated with a hyphen from the headword
sotia {vi}  :: To be at war
sotia {v}  :: To campaign
sotija {n}  :: fighter (esp. figuratively)
sotilaallinen {adj}  :: military
sotilaallisesti {adv}  :: militarily
sotilaallistaa {vt}  :: to militarize
sotilas {n}  :: As a modifier in compound terms signifies military
sotilas {n} [chess]  :: pawn
sotilas {n}  :: soldier
sotilas- {prefix}  :: military
sotilasaakkonen {n}  :: in plural only, military alphabet, spelling alphabet (set of standard words used by the military to represent the letters of alphabet when spelling in telephone or otherwise in conditions where misunderstanding may easily happen)
sotilasaakkonen {n}  :: spelling word (word used to represent a letter when spelling)
sotilasajoneuvo {n}  :: military vehicle
sotilasarvo {n}  :: A military rank
sotilasdiktaattori {n}  :: military dictator
sotilasdiktatuuri {n}  :: military dictatorship
sotilashallinto {n}  :: military government
sotilasjuntta {n}  :: junta
sotilaskarkuri {n}  :: deserter
sotilaslentokone {n}  :: military aircraft
sotilasliitto {n}  :: A military alliance such as the NATO or the Warsaw Pact
sotilasliittouma {n}  :: An unofficial military alliance
sotilasliittoutuma {n}  :: an unofficial military alliance
sotilasmestari {n} [military ranks]  :: The highest NCO rank in the Finnish defence forces. The official English translation is chief warrant officer
sotilaspalvelija {n}  :: batman [US, UK from between WWI and WWII], soldier-servant [UK up to WWI], ordinary [UK colonial forces], steward [UK navy], dog robber [US informal]
sotilaspoliisi {n}  :: military police
sotilastiedustelu {n}  :: military intelligence
sotilastukikohta {n}  :: military base
sotilasvallankaappaus {n}  :: military coup
sotka {n}  :: bluebill, scaup (any bird of the genus Aythya)
sotka {n} [dated]  :: common goldeneye (Bucephala clangula)
sotka {n} [military, historical]  :: A Soviet T-34 tank
sotkea {vt}  :: To involve, drag into
sotkea {vt}  :: To mess
sotkeentua {v}  :: alternative form of sotkeutua
sotkeutua {v}  :: to meddle, interfere
sotkeutua {v}  :: to tangle, entangle
sotku {n}  :: A mess
sotku {n}  :: A snafu
sotku {n}  :: A tangle
sotkuinen {adj}  :: Messy
São Tomé ja Príncipe {prop}  :: São Tomé and Príncipe
sottapytty {n}  :: pig (dirty or slovenly person)
sottiisi {n} [dance]  :: schottische
sotu {n}  :: social security number
soturi {n} [literary, poetic]  :: Warrior, soldier
soudella {vi}  :: To row (around, in an indifferent manner, for fun)
soudettava {adj}  :: rowable (capable of being rowed)
soul {n}  :: soul music
Soul {prop}  :: Seoul
soul-musiikki {n}  :: soul music
soundi {n}  :: sound
sousafoni {n}  :: sousaphone
soutaa {vit}  :: to row
soutaa ja huovata {vi} [idiomatic]  :: To shilly-shally, tergiversate, procrastinate, vacillate, hem and haw, hum and haw (literally: "to row and back the oars")
soutaja {n}  :: rower
soutaminen {n}  :: rowing
soutu {n}  :: rowing
soutulaite {n}  :: rowing machine, indoor rower
soutuvene {n}  :: rowboat
souvi {n} [colloquial]  :: work, task
sovelias {adj}  :: appropriate, seemly, proper
sovelias {adj}  :: suitable, fit
sovellettu matematiikka {n} [mathematics]  :: applied mathematics
sovellus {n}  :: application
soveltaa {v}  :: To apply (to make use of)
soveltaa {v}  :: To apply (to pertain or be relevant to a specified individual or group)
soveltaminen {n}  :: application
soveltua {v}  :: to fit
soveltua {v}  :: to suit
soveltuvuus {n}  :: suitability, feasibility, aptitude
soveltuvuuskoe {n}  :: aptitude test
sovhoosi {n}  :: sovkhoz
sovinismi {n}  :: chauvinism
sovinisti {n}  :: chauvinist
sovinistinen {adj}  :: chauvinist
sovinistisesti {adv}  :: chauvinistically
sovinistisika {n}  :: chauvinist pig
sovinistisuus {n}  :: The state of being chauvinistic
sovinto {n}  :: A reconciliation, atonement
sovinto {n}  :: tehdä sovinto: To reconcile, expiate
sovintoratkaisu {n}  :: out-of-court settlement
sovite {n}  :: engineering fit
sovitella {vt}  :: To mediate, reconcile
sovitin {n}  :: adaptor/adapter
sovitin {n}  :: interface
sovittaa {v} [+ genitive-accusative]  :: to atone for, expiate
sovittaa {v} [music]  :: to arrange, transcribe (to prepare and adapt an already written composition for presentation in other than its original form)
sovittaa {v}  :: to adapt
sovittaa {v}  :: to fit, try on
sovittaja {n} [music]  :: arranger
sovittautua {vi}  :: To fit into
sovittelija {n}  :: mediator, negotiator, arbiter
sovittelu {n}  :: adjustment, fitting
sovittelu {n}  :: arbitration, conciliation, mediation
sovittu {adj}  :: agreed
sovittu {adj}  :: appointed
sovittu {interj}  :: agreed!
sovitus {n}  :: atonement
sovitus {n}  :: fitting (act of trying on clothes)
sovitus {n} [music]  :: arrangement
sovituskoppi {n}  :: A changing room (place for trying on clothes, as in a clothes shop)
sovjetologia {n}  :: Kremlinology
söpö {adj}  :: cute
spaatteli {n}  :: spatula
spaddu {n} [Helsinki slang]  :: A cigarette
spade {n} [military slang]  :: field cook
spagaatti {n} [gymnastics]  :: split
spagetti {n}  :: spaghetti
spagettiwestern {n}  :: spaghetti western
sääpallo {n}  :: A weather balloon
sääpalvelu {n}  :: weather service
spanieli {n}  :: spaniel
spartalainen {adj}  :: Spartan
spartalainen {n}  :: Spartan
spastikko {n}  :: spastic
spatha {n} [botany]  :: spathe (large bract that envelops a spadix)
spatha {n}  :: spatha (sword)
spatiaalinen {adj}  :: spatial
speedway {n}  :: speedway
spektaakkeli {n}  :: spectacle
spektri {n}  :: spectrum
spektrianalyysi {n}  :: spectral analysis
spektro- {prefix}  :: spectro-
spektrografia {n}  :: spectrography
spektroliitti {n} [mineral]  :: spectrolite
spektropolarimetri {n}  :: spectropolarimeter
spektroskooppi {n}  :: spectroscope
spektroskopia {n}  :: spectroscopy
spekulaatio {n}  :: speculation
spekulantti {n}  :: speculator
spekulatiivinen {adj}  :: speculative
spekulatiivisesti {adv}  :: speculatively
spekuloida {v}  :: To speculate
spekulointi {n}  :: speculation
speleologi {n}  :: A speleologist
speltti {n}  :: spelt (type of wheat, Triticum aestivum subsp. spelta or Triticum spelta)
sperma {n}  :: semen
sperma {n}  :: sperm [fluid]
spermapankki {n}  :: sperm bank
spermaseetti {n}  :: spermaceti (wax obtained from the head of sperm whale)
spermatofori {n}  :: spermatophore
spermatosyytti {n} [cytology]  :: spermatocyte (cell that develops into a sperm cell)
spermisidi {n}  :: spermicide
spesiaali {n}  :: A special
spesiaalistua {vi}  :: To specialize
spesialisoida {vt}  :: To specialise/specialize
spesialisoitua {vi}  :: to specialize, to be an expert or specialist
spesialisti {n}  :: specialist
spesifikaatio {n}  :: specification
spesifinen {adj}  :: specific
spesifioida {vt}  :: To specify
spettari {n} [slang]  :: report card, report, diploma (in education)
spiidi {n}  :: speed (slang term for methamphetamine)
säpinä {n}  :: bustle
söpöin {adj}  :: superlative form of söpö
spinaakkeri {n} [nautical]  :: spinnaker
spinelli {n} [mineral]  :: spinel
spinetti {n} [musical instruments]  :: A spinet
spinnata {v}  :: to spin off
spiraali {n}  :: spiral
spiraaligalaksi {n} [astronomy]  :: A spiral galaxy
spirantti {n}  :: spirant
spiritismi {n}  :: spiritualism ( belief that the dead communicate with the living through a medium having special powers)
spiritisti {n}  :: spiritualist
spiritistinen {adj}  :: spiritualist
spirituaali {n}  :: spiritual
spiritualismi {n}  :: spiritualism (philosophic doctrine, opposing materialism)
spirografi {n}  :: spirograph (instrument)
säpistä {vi} [colloquial]  :: To bustle
spitaali {n} [pathology]  :: leprosy
spitaalinen {adj}  :: leprotic, leprous
säpäle {n}  :: splinter
söpöliini {n}  :: cutie
söpöläinen {n}  :: cutie
splini {n} [mathematics, computing]  :: spline
söpömpi {adj}  :: comparative form of söpö
spodumeeni {n} [mineral]  :: spodumene
spoileri {n} [slang]  :: spoiler
spolle {n} [military slang]  :: Military police
spondee {n}  :: A spondee
sponsori {n}  :: sponsor
sponsoroida {v}  :: To sponsor
sponsorointi {n}  :: sponsoring
sponssata {vt} [slang, + partitive]  :: to sponsor
spontaani {adj}  :: spontaneous
spontaaninen {adj}  :: spontaneous
spontaanisti {adv}  :: spontaneously
spontaanisuus {n}  :: spontaneity
spontaanius {n}  :: spontaneity
spora {n}  :: (Helsinki slang) A tram (passenger vehicle)
sporadinen {adj}  :: sporadic
sportti {n} [colloquial]  :: sport
spotti {n}  :: spotlight, spot
säppi {n}  :: latch
säppikala {n}  :: leatherjacket, triggerfish (any of several brightly coloured tropical fishes, of the family Balistidae)
SPR {initialism}  :: Suomen Punainen Risti (the Red Cross of Finland)
spray {n}  :: spray (device for spraying)
sprayata {v}  :: alternative form of spreijata
sprayhood {n} [nautical]  :: sprayhood
spraymaalata {v}  :: to spray paint (to apply spray paint)
spraymaali {n}  :: spray paint (paint applied in the form of a spray from an aerosol can)
spraypullo {n}  :: spray can, spray bottle (device to spray)
spraytölkki {n}  :: spray can
spreijata {v}  :: to spray
sprii {n}  :: spirit (liquid)
spriidari {n} [nautical]  :: A spreader
spriipurje {n} [nautical]  :: spritsail
spriitanko {n} [nautical]  :: sprit
springi {n} [nautical]  :: A spring (rope attaching the bow of a vessel to the stern-side of the jetty, or vice versa, to stop the vessel from swaying)
sprintata {v}  :: to sprint
sprintteri {n}  :: sprinter
säpsähdellä {v} [frequentative]  :: to flinch, to keep flinching
säpsähdys {n}  :: flinch (reflexive jerking away)
säpsähdyttää {vt}  :: to faze
säpsähtää {vi}  :: To flinch, cringe
söpösti {adv}  :: cutely
säpsäyttää {v}  :: alternative form of säpsähdyttää
spurgu {n} [slang]  :: drunkard
spurtti {n}  :: dash (short run)
söpöys {n}  :: cuteness
spyygatti {n} [nautical, slang]  :: A scupper (drainage hole)
squash-halli {n}  :: A sports hall featuring squash courts; a squash center
squash-kenttä {n}  :: squash court
squash-maila {n}  :: squash racket
squash-ottelu {n}  :: squash match
squash-pallo {n}  :: squash ball
squash-turnaus {n}  :: squash tournament
särö {n}  :: crack
särö {n}  :: infraction
srapnelli {n} [historical, military]  :: shrapnel (type of anti-personnel artillery shell used in WWI)
sääri {n} [anatomy]  :: shank, shin (lower part of the leg)
sääri {n}  :: cannon (shank of a horse in both forelimbs and hind limbs)
sääri {n} [in the plural]  :: used to refer to legs from an aesthetic point of view
Sri Lanka {prop}  :: Sri Lanka
srilankalainen {adj}  :: Sri Lankan
srilankalainen {n}  :: A Sri Lankan person
srilankanpäästäinen {n}  :: Sri Lankan shrew, Suncus fellowesgordoni
sääriluu {n} [skeleton]  :: The tibia or shinbone
särinä {n}  :: crackle (of an electrical device)
säärintama {n} [meteorology]  :: weather front
säristä {vi}  :: To crackle (tv, radio or computer screen, static)
säärivarsi {n} [anatomy]  :: The part of a human leg, which is between the knee and the ankle. In normal usage shortened to sääri
särkeä {vit} [intransitive, monopersonal]  :: transitive -> partitive + 3rd-pers. singular or intransitive -> illative + 3rd-pers. singular = to be sore, ache
särkeä {vt}  :: to break
särki {n}  :: roach (Rutilus rutilus)
särkijä {n}  :: breaker, cracker
särkijä {n} [music]  :: Distortion effect pedal (overdrive) used with electric guitar (and bass guitar)
särkikala {n}  :: cyprinid (any fish of the family Cyprinidae)
särkikala {n}  :: in plural (särkikalat) also Cyprinidae (taxonomic order containing carps and minnows)
särkiparvi {n}  :: A school of roaches
särkkä {n} [nautical]  :: bank, sandbank (underwater formation of loose sand or gravel, often a shifting one)
sörkkiä {v} [dialectal]  :: to finger, touch
sörkkiä {v} [dialectal]  :: to poke
särkyä {v}  :: to break down (to fail or cease to function)
särkyä {v}  :: to break (to separate into pieces, to fracture or crack)
särky {n}  :: ache
särkylääke {n}  :: analgesic, painkiller
särkynyt {adj}  :: broken
särkynyt sydän {n}  :: bleeding heart, Lamprocapnos spectabilis (flowering plant in the poppy family, native to Siberia)
särkynyt sydän {n}  :: broken heart (feeling of grief or loss, especially of love), in some cases also brokenhearted or brokenheartedly
särmä {n} [geometry]  :: edge
särmiö {n} [geometry]  :: prism
särmikäs {adj}  :: jagged
sörssätä {v} [colloquial]  :: to cook (to prepare food)
särvin {n} [colloquial]  :: food
säärys {n}  :: alternative form of säärystin
säärystin {n}  :: gaiter (covering of cloth or leather for the whole leg from the knee to the instep, fitting down upon the shoe)
-ssa {suffix}  :: The marker of inessive case. -ssa is used with words having back vowel harmony and -ssä with front vowel harmony
sääsatelliitti {n}  :: weather satellite
sääski {n} [dialectal]  :: osprey
sääski {n}  :: midge
sääski {n}  :: mosquito
sääskiparvi {n}  :: A swarm of mosquitos
sääskiverkko {n}  :: mosquito net
sössiä {v} [colloquial]  :: To blunder, screw up
sössöttää {v}  :: to lisp (to pronounce the sibilant letter ‘s’ imperfectly)
sössöttää {v}  :: to splutter, lisp (to speak hurriedly and confusedly)
säästää {vt}  :: To save (some resource, e.g. money, electricity)
säästö {n}  :: as modifier in compound terms, economy, budget (cheap)
säästö {n}  :: as modifier in compound terms, savings
säästö {n}  :: in plural (säästöt), savings (that which has been put aside for future needs)
säästö {n}  :: saving (reduction in expenditure)
säästeliäs {adj}  :: prudent, frugal, thrifty
säästellä {v}  :: to save, especially one's efforts
säästellä {v}  :: to skimp (to be parsimonious or stingy)
säästiö {n}  :: A small natural preserve
säästökirja {n} [colloquial, outdated]  :: A passbook, bankbook
säästäminen {n}  :: saving
säästäntä {n}  :: saving (e.g. of money)
säästöpankki {n}  :: savings bank
säästöpossu {n}  :: piggy bank
säästäväinen {adj}  :: prudent, frugal, thrifty
säästäväisempi {adj}  :: comparative form of säästäväinen
säästäväisyys {n}  :: thrift (property of being economical)
säästyä {vi}  :: to be spared, saved from
säätää {vt} [legal]  :: to prescribe, ordain, decree, pass:
säätää {vt} [mechanics]  :: to adjust, regulate, tune:
säätö {n}  :: adjustment, control, regulation
säätö {n} [colloquial]  :: a fling, a short and garbled relationship with someone (may or may not be sexual)
-stä {suffix}  :: alternative form of -sta (for words with front vowel harmony)
-sta {suffix}  :: from (indicates the elative case of a noun, adjective, numeral or pronoun)
-staa {suffix}  :: Forms captative verbs, i.e. verbs for hunting or catching animals or picking plants
staagi {n} [nautical, slang]  :: stay (wire or rope that supports the mast of a vessel lengthwise)
staaki {n} [nautical]  :: guy, guyline
staalo {n} [mythology]  :: Stállu, an evil creature in the Sami mythology
staasi {n}  :: stasis
staattinen {adj}  :: static
staattori {n}  :: stator
stabiili {adj}  :: stable
stabiilisuus {n}  :: stability
stabiilius {n}  :: stability
stabilisaattori {n}  :: stabilizer
stabilisoida {vt}  :: To stabilize
stabiliteetti {n}  :: stability
stabiloida {vt}  :: To stabilize
stabilointi {n}  :: stabilization
Stadi {prop} [slang]  :: Helsinki, capital of Finland
stadiaali {n} [geology]  :: stadial
stadion {n} [sports]  :: stadium
stadion {n}  :: stadion
stafylokokki {n}  :: staphylococcus
stagflaatio {n}  :: stagflation
stagnaatio {n}  :: stagnation
stahanovilainen {adj}  :: Stakhanovite (heroically hard-working)
stahanovilainen {n}  :: Stakhanovite (extremely productive or hard-working worker, especially in the former USSR)
stalagmiitti {n}  :: stalagmite
stalaktiitti {n}  :: stalactite
stalinismi {n}  :: Stalinism
stalinisti {n} [pejorative]  :: A devout leftist, especially a Communist
stalinisti {n}  :: Stalinist
stalinistinen {adj}  :: Stalinist
stallari {n} [colloquial, deprecating]  :: A Stalinist, communist
standaari {n}  :: standard [flag]
standardi {n}  :: standard
standardisoida {vt}  :: To standardize
standardisointi {n}  :: standardization
standardisoitua {v}  :: alternative form of standardoitua
standardoida {vt}  :: To standardize
standardointi {n}  :: standardization
standardoitua {vi}  :: To be standardized
stanssi {n}  :: die (device for cutting into a specified shape)
stara {n} [colloquial]  :: star: talented or famous person; celebrity; leading actor
startata {v} [colloquial]  :: To start (to initiate a vehicle or machine)
startti {n} [colloquial]  :: start
starttimoottori {n}  :: starter motor
starttipistooli {n}  :: start pistol
statiikka {n} [physics]  :: statics
stationaarinen {adj}  :: stationary
statistiikka {n}  :: statistics
statoliitti {n} [anatomy]  :: statolith
status {n}  :: status (person's position or standing; high standing)
statussymboli {n}  :: status symbol
stauroliitti {n} [mineral]  :: staurolite
steariini {n}  :: stearin
steariinihappo {n}  :: stearic acid
steela {n} [archaeology]  :: stele
Stefanos {prop} [biblical character]  :: Stephen the protomartyr
säteilevä {adj}  :: radiating
säteilevyys {n}  :: radiance
säteilijä {n}  :: A radiator (something that radiates, especially electromagnetic waves)
säteilin {n} [rare]  :: alternative form of säteilijä
säteillä {vt}  :: to radiate
säteily {n} [physics]  :: radiation
säteilyannos {n}  :: radiation dose
säteilykuvio {n} [electronic communication]  :: radiation pattern (a parameter in antenna design)
säteilylähde {n}  :: Source of radiation; radiant, radiator
säteilymittari {n}  :: radiometer
säteilysairaus {n}  :: radiation sickness
säteilytiheys {n} [physics]  :: radiance (the flux of radiation emitted per unit solid angle in a given direction by a unit area of a source)
säteilytin {n}  :: radiator (device that emits rays)
säteilyttää {vt}  :: to radiate
säteilytys {n}  :: irradiation
säteilyvaara {n}  :: radiation risk
säteissaha {n}  :: radial saw
steissi {n} [Helsinki slang]  :: The Helsinki Central railway station in particular
steissi {n} [slang]  :: A railway station
säteittäinen {adj}  :: radial
säteittäisesti {adv}  :: radially
säätelijä {n}  :: regulator
stelliitti {n} [metallurgy]  :: stellite
säätely {n}  :: regulation
stemma {n} [music]  :: part (within a polyphonic piece)
stendari {n} [Helsinki, slang]  :: A lighter, cigarette lighter
stepata {v}  :: to tap dance, step dance
stephensaartensammakko {n}  :: Hamilton's frog, Leiopelma hamiltoni
steppaus {n}  :: step dance
steppaus {n}  :: tap dance
stepperi {n} [colloquial]  :: stepper (fitness training machine)
steppi {n} [dance]  :: tap dance
steradiaani {n} [geometry]  :: steradian (unit for solid angle)
stereo {n}  :: stereo
stereofonia {n}  :: stereophony
stereofoninen {adj}  :: stereophonic
stereolitografia {n}  :: stereolithography
stereonäkö {n}  :: stereovision
stereoskooppi {n}  :: stereoscope
stereoskooppikuva {n}  :: stereoscopic picture
stereoskooppinen {adj}  :: stereoscopic
stereoskopia {n}  :: stereoscopy
stereotypia {n}  :: stereotype
stereotypia {n}  :: stereotypy
stereotyyppi {n}  :: stereotype
stereotyyppinen {adj}  :: stereotypic
stereotyyppisesti {adv}  :: stereotypically
stereotyyppisyys {n}  :: The property of being stereotypic
säteri {n} [architecture]  :: Roof form of a hip roof with a vertical section containing windows.
Valsta säteri, a sateri roof form
säteri {n} [history]  :: manor whose holder is exempt from tax
säteri {n} [textiles]  :: rayon silk
steriili {adj}  :: sterile
steriilisti {adv}  :: In a sterile manner
steriilisyys {n}  :: alternative form of steriiliys
steriiliys {n}  :: sterility
sterilaattori {n}  :: sterilizer
sterilisaatio {n}  :: sterilization
sterilisaattori {n}  :: sterilizer
sterilisoida {v} [archaic]  :: alternative form of steriloida
sterilisointi {n}  :: sterilization
steriliteetti {n}  :: sterility
steriloida {vt}  :: To castrate, neuter or spay
steriloida {vt}  :: To sterilize
sterilointi {n}  :: sterilization
sterletti {n}  :: sterlet (Acipenser ruthenus)
sternaalinen {adj} [anatomy]  :: sternal
steroidi {n}  :: steroid
stetoskooppi {n}  :: stethoscope
stetson {n}  :: stetson (wide-brimmed felt hat)
stevia {n}  :: stevia (herb and sweetener)
säätiö {n}  :: foundation, institution
-sti {suffix}  :: [adverbial suffix, comparable] Forms adverbs from adjectives; corresponds to the English suffix -ly
-sti {suffix}  :: [[[intensifier]]] Forms intensifying adverbs from certain nouns
-sti {suffix}  :: -ist (forms names of occupations from some nouns)
-sti {suffix}  :: -ist (supporter of an idea)
-sti {suffix}  :: [[[multiplicative]]] Corresponds times structure in English
säätiede {n}  :: meteorology
säätiedote {n}  :: weather report
säätiedottaja {n}  :: weather forecaster, weatherman, weatherperson
säätiedotus {n}  :: weather report
stigma {n}  :: stigma
stiiknafuulia {n}  :: nonsense
stiiknafuulia {n}  :: overly complicated or misleading use of language
Stiina {prop}  :: female given name
stiletti {n} [historical]  :: stiletto
stiletti {n}  :: switchblade, flick knife
stilettikorko {n}  :: stiletto heel
stilistiikka {n}  :: stylistics
stilus {n}  :: stylus (sharp stick used in ancient times for writing in clay tablets)
stimulaatio {n}  :: stimulation
stimulantti {n}  :: stimulant
stimuloida {vt}  :: To stimulate
stimulointi {n}  :: stimulation
stipendi {n}  :: scholarship, grant, stipend
sätkä {n}  :: rollup, rollie (cigarette rolled by hand)
sätkiä {vi}  :: to fidget, wiggle, twitch (to move around nervously)
sätkin {n}  :: Any species in Ranunculus subg. Batrachium
sätkin {n}  :: Short of järvisätkin, or pond water-crowfoot, Ranunculus peltatus
stökiometria {n}  :: stoichiometry
sätkäpaperi {n}  :: rolling paper (sheet of cigarette paper for rolling one's own cigarettes)
sätkynukke {n} [figuratively]  :: puppet
sätkynukke {n}  :: puppet
säätää laki {phrase}  :: to legislate, pass a law
-sto {suffix}  :: Forms collective nouns from nouns indicating individual things
stoalainen {adj}  :: stoic
stoalaisesti {adv}  :: stoically
stoalaisuus {n}  :: stoicism
stoge {n} [slang]  :: A train
stokastinen {adj}  :: stochastic
stondis {n} [slang]  :: erection
stoori {n} [colloquial]  :: story
stoppari {n} [tennis]  :: stop
stoppi {n} [colloquial]  :: stop
strabismi {n} [pathology, medical parlance]  :: strabismus
strassi {n}  :: paste (lead glass)
strategi {n}  :: strategist (one who devises strategies)
strategia {n}  :: strategy (science and art of military command)
strategikko {n}  :: strategian
strateginen {adj}  :: strategic
strategisesti {adv}  :: strategically
strategisuus {n}  :: strategicness
stratifikaatio {n}  :: stratification
stratigrafia {n}  :: stratigraphy
stratosfääri {n}  :: stratosphere
streptokokki {n}  :: streptococcus
stressaantua {vi}  :: To become stressed
stressata {v} [colloquial]  :: To suffer stress; to worry or be agitated
stressata {v}  :: To apply emotional pressure to (a person or animal)
stressautua {vi}  :: To become stressed
stressi {n}  :: pressure
stressi {n}  :: strain
stressi {n}  :: stress
stressinhallinta {n}  :: stress control
stressitön {adj}  :: unstressed (not subject to stress)
stripata {v} [colloquial]  :: To striptease
strippari {n}  :: striptease dancer, stripper, tease
strippaus {n}  :: striptease, stripping
strippi {n}  :: comic strip
striptease {n}  :: striptease (act or show)
stromatoliitti {n}  :: stromatolite
strontianiitti {n} [mineral]  :: strontianite
strontium {n}  :: strontium
strösseli {n}  :: hundreds and thousands [UK], sprinkles [US] (tiny bits of colored sugar, chocolate and/or other candy used as decoration on baked goods, desserts and candy)
strukturalismi {n}  :: structuralism
strukturalisti {n}  :: structuralist
strukturalistinen {adj}  :: structuralist
strukturalistisesti {adv}  :: structuralistically
strukturoida {vt}  :: To structure
struktuuri {n}  :: structure
strutsi {n}  :: ostrich, Struthio camelus
strutsilintu {n}  :: ratite (any bird of the order Struthioniformes)
struuma {n}  :: goiter
strykniini {n} [chemistry]  :: strychnine
STT {acronym}  :: A news agency, "Suomen Tietotoimisto", or "Finnish News Agency"
säätöteoria {n} [engineering, math]  :: control theory
sättiä {v}  :: to reprimand, scold
söötti {adj}  :: cute
STTK {initialism}  :: Full name: Toimihenkilökeskusjärjestö STTK, in English "The Finnish Confederation of Salaried Employees", abbreviated also in English as "STTK" - a central organization of trade unions representing white-collar employees on operative level in both public and private sector
studio {n}  :: studio (workshop)
stuertti {n}  :: flight attendant, steward
stukki {n}  :: stucco
stukko {n}  :: stucco
stukturoida {vt}  :: To structure
stuntti {n}  :: stunt
stuntti {n}  :: stuntperson
säätutka {n}  :: weather radar
sääty {n} [archaic]  :: class (social grouping based on wealth, education etc.)
sääty {n}  :: (archaic) quality (high social position)
sääty {n}  :: (archaic) rank (level of one's position in a class-based society)
sääty {n} [historical]  :: estate (major social class regarded collectively as part of the body politic of the country and formerly possessing distinct political rights)
säätyläinen {n} [archaic]  :: A person of quality (member of upper class or high society)
säätyläistö {n} [archaic]  :: the quality (the upper class, the high society, the gentry; the people of quality)
stylisti {n}  :: stylist
stylobaatti {n} [architecture]  :: stylobate
säätyraja {n}  :: social class distinction
styreeni {n} [chemistry]  :: styrene
styreenioksidi {n} [chemistry]  :: styrene oxide
styyrpuuri {n}  :: alternative form of tyyrpuuri
su {abbr}  :: sunnuntai (Sunday)
suaheli {n}  :: alternative form of swahili (Swahili language)
suahili {n}  :: alternative spelling of swahili (Swahili language)
subaraknoidaalinen {adj} [anatomy]  :: subarachnoid (located or occurring below the arachnoid membran)
subaraknoidaalitila {n} [anatomy]  :: subarachnoid space (space between the arachnoid mater and the pia mater that surround the brain and spinal cord}
subarktinen {adj}  :: subarctic
subdominantti {n} [music]  :: subdominant
subduktio {n} [geology]  :: subduction
subduktiovyöhyke {n} [geology]  :: subduction zone
subjekti {n} [grammar]  :: Subject
subjektiivinen {adj}  :: subjective
subjektiivisesti {adv}  :: subjectively
subjektiivisuus {n}  :: subjectivity
subjunktiivi {n} [grammar]  :: subjunctive mood (grammatical mood)
subkortikaalinen {adj} [anatomy, pathology]  :: subcortical (of or pertaining to the subcortex)
subkutaaninen {adj} [medicine, jargon]  :: subcutaneous
subkutis {n} [anatomy]  :: hypodermis
sublimaatio {n} [physics, chemistry]  :: sublimation
sublimaatio {n} [psychoanalysis]  :: sublimation
sublimoida {vt}  :: To sublime
sublimoitua {vi}  :: To sublime
sublimoituminen {n}  :: sublimation
substanssi {n}  :: substance [essential part]
substantiivi {n} [grammar]  :: A substantive, noun
substituoida {vt}  :: To substitute
substituutio {n}  :: substitution
substituutti {n}  :: substitute
substraatti {n}  :: substrate
subtrooppinen {adj}  :: subtropical
subventio {n}  :: subvention
subventoida {v}  :: To subsidize
subwoofer {n}  :: subwoofer
Sudan {prop}  :: Sudan
sudanilainen {adj}  :: Sudanese (of, from, or pertaining to the country of Sudan, or Sudanese people)
sudanilainen {n}  :: Sudanese (person)
sudanilaisuus {n}  :: The quality of being Sudanese
sudari {n} [scouting, slang]  :: A Brownie
Sudeettialueet {prop}  :: Sudetenland
sudenkorento {n}  :: dragonfly
sudenkuoppa {n} [figuratively]  :: pitfall (potential problem, hazard, or danger)
sudenkuoppa {n} [hunting]  :: wolf pit (pitfall to hunt wolves)
sudenmaito {n}  :: wolf's milk or toothpaste slime, Lycogala epidendrum
sudenmarja {n}  :: herb Paris, true lover's knot, Paris quadrifolia
sudenmarja {n}  :: The blueberry-like poisonous fruit of this plant
sudennälkä {n}  :: ravenous hunger
sudennälkäinen {adj}  :: ravenous (very hungry)
sudenpentu {n}  :: Brownie (junior Girl Guide)
sudenpentu {n}  :: Cub Scout (junior Boy Scout)
sudenpentu {n} [literally]  :: wolf cub (young of a wolf)
sudoku {n} [games, puzzles]  :: sudoku
sueta {vi}  :: To develop
suffiksi {n}  :: A suffix [letters or sounds added at the end of a word to modify the word's meaning]
suffragetti {n}  :: suffragette
sufismi {n}  :: Sufism
suflee {n}  :: soufflé
suggeroida {vt}  :: To influence by suggestion
suggestio {n} [psychology]  :: suggestion
suggestopedia {n}  :: suggestopedia, suggestopedy (teaching method)
suhahdus {n}  :: whoosh, whiz, swish
suhari {n} [colloquial]  :: car driver
suhdanne {n} [economy]  :: trend
suhdannekierto {n} [economics]  :: business cycle, economic cycle (long-term fluctuation in economic activity between growth and recession)
suhdannetyöttömyys {n} [economics]  :: cyclical unemployment
suhdannevaihtelu {n}  :: business cycle
suhdaton {adj} [rare]  :: disproportionate
suhde {n}  :: attitude
suhde {n} [in plural]  :: connections, network (connections; relationships; one's social or business network)
suhde {n}  :: proportion, ratio
suhde {n}  :: relation
suhde {n}  :: relationship, affair
suhde {n}  :: respect, comparison
suhdeluku {n}  :: ratio (number representing comparison)
suhdesana {n} [grammar]  :: adposition
suhdeviivain {n}  :: A scale ruler, architect's ruler (drafting implement)
suhina {n}  :: murmur
suhista {vi}  ::  : to whisper (talk quietly)
suhta {n} [rare]  :: ratio, proportion
suhtautua {v}  :: to deal with something, to react to something
suhtautua {v}  :: to relate, to concern
suhtautuminen {n}  :: attitude, stance, position
suhteellinen {adj}  :: relative, proportionate
suhteellisen {adv}  :: relatively
suhteellisesti {adv}  :: relatively
suhteellisuus {n}  :: relativity
suhteellisuusperiaate {n} [physics]  :: equivalence principle
suhteellisuusteoria {n}  :: theory of relativity
suhteen {postp}  :: (+ genetive) regarding, in regards to, in terms of
suhteeton {adj}  :: disproportionate
suhteuttaa {n}  :: to make proportional
suhteuttaa {n}  :: to put into perspective (to compare with something similar to give a clearer, more accurate idea)
Suhumi {prop}  :: Sukhumi (capital city of Abkhazia)
suhuäänne {n} [phonetics]  :: sibilant
suhu-s {n}  :: the voiceless postalveolar sibilant, the sh sound
suhu-z {n}  :: the voiced postalveolar sibilant
suihinotto {n}  :: blowjob
suihkari {n} [colloquial]  :: jet plane
suihke {n}  :: spray can, spray bottle or other container used for spraying
suihke {n}  :: spraying (instance of spraying shortly)
suihke {n}  :: spray (that which is sprayed)
suihkepullo {n}  :: spray bottle
suihkepullo {n}  :: spray can
suihku {n}  :: jet (collimated stream, spurt or flow of liquid or gas)
suihku {n}  :: mine (fireworks device)
suihku {n}  :: shower (device for bathing)
suihku {n}  :: shower (instance of taking a shower)
suihku {n}  :: spray (stream of liquid dispersed in the air)
suihkuallas {n}  :: The bowl-like base part of a shower cubicle suihkukaappi
suihkualus {n}  :: jet vessel (boat or ship propelled by a water jet instead of a propeller)
suihkugeeli {n}  :: shower gel
suihkuhävittäjä {n}  :: jet fighter
suihkukaappi {n}  :: shower cubicle (bathroom structure, typically consisting of a bowl-like base for water collection and drainage and of glass walls for isolating a shower from the rest of the room to keep it dry)
suihkukaivo {n}  :: fountain
suihkukappale {n} [rare]  :: shower head, showerhead
suihkukappale {n} [rare]  :: spray nozzle
suihkukone {n}  :: A jet, jet plane, jet aircraft (class of airplane using jet engines)
suihkulentokone {n}  :: jet plane
suihkulähde {n}  :: fountain
suihkumoottori {n}  :: jet engine
suihkumyssy {n}  :: shower cap
suihkupää {n}  :: showerhead (perforated nozzle that showers water on a bather)
suihkupullo {n}  :: spray bottle
suihkuseinä {n}  :: shower screen (bathroom structure, typically consisting of glass walls for isolating a shower from the rest of the room to keep it dry)
suihkuseinäke {n}  :: A glass wall element for building a shower screen (suihkuseinä)
suihkuseinäke {n}  :: A stretch of wall that partially separates a shower from the rest of the room. The remaining opening is often furnished with a door
suihkuseurapiiri {n}  :: [often used in plural] jet set
suihkusuutin {n}  :: shower head, showerhead (perforated nozzle that showers water on a bather)
suihkusuutin {n}  :: spray nozzle
suihkuta {vi}  :: to shower
suihkuton {adj}  :: showerless (not equipped with a shower)
suihkuttaa {vt}  :: To spray, spout
suihkuturbiini {n}  :: turbojet
suihkuverho {n}  :: shower curtain
suihkuvirtaus {n} [meteorology]  :: jet stream
suikale {n}  :: A strip, a shred (long, narrow piece cut or torn off)
suikaloida {v}  :: to French (to cut food into strips)
suikaloida {v}  :: to julienne (to cut vegetables, into thin strips)
suikaloida {v}  :: to shred (to cut into strips)
suikea {adj} [botany]  :: lanceolate
suinkaan {adv}  :: See ei suinkaan [always used with a negation]
suin päin {adv}  :: head over heels (at top speed; frantically)
suin päin {adv}  :: head over heels (tumbling upside down)
suinpäin {adv}  :: alternative form of suin päin
suippo {adj}  :: cone-shaped
suippo {adj}  :: pointed
suippohuulisarvikuono {n}  :: black rhinoceros (Diceros bicornis)
suippokaari {n} [architecture]  :: ogive
suippokuononokkavalas {n}  :: Gray's beaked whale, Mesoplodon grayi
suippu {n}  :: (pointed) tip
suippukaneliseitikki {n} [mushroom]  :: A webcap, Cortinarius croceoconus
suippumadonlakki {n} [mushroom]  :: liberty cap, Psilocybe semilanceata
suippumyrkkyseitikki {n} [mushroom]  :: deadly web-cap, Cortinarius rubellus
suistaa {vt}  :: To derail
suistaa {vt}  :: To throw off/down
suisto {n}  :: A river delta
suistua {v}  :: To fall, to tumble, especially accidentally and/or violently
suistua {v}  :: Usually with raide or kisko (suistua raiteilta), to be derailed
suitsea {v} [literary]  :: To incense
suitsea {v} [literary]  :: To smoke
suitsea {v}  :: Same as suitsia
suitset {n}  :: bridle
suitsia {vt}  :: To bridle
suitsia {vt}  :: To rein in
suitsuke {n}  :: incense
suitsukeastia {n}  :: censer
suitsuta {vi}  :: to smoke (to give off smoke)
suitsute {n}  :: alternative form of suitsuke
suitsuttaa {v} [figuratively]  :: to elate
suitsuttaa {v}  :: to cense (to perfume with incense)
suitsuttaa {v}  :: to smoke (to give off smoke)
suitsutus {n}  :: incensing (act)
suitsutusastia {n}  :: censer
suitsutuspuikko {n}  :: incense stick
sujakka {adj}  :: slender
sujua {vi} [of time]  :: To pass
sujua {vi}  :: To go, run (smoothly, successfully)
sujuva {adj}  :: fluent (able to speak a foreign language accurately and with confidence)
sujuva {adj}  :: readable (enjoyable to read)
sujuva {adj}  :: smooth (without difficulty, problems, or unexpected consequences or incidents)
sujuvasti {adv}  :: fluently
sujuvasti {adv}  :: smoothly
suka {n}  :: A brush, especially one used for brushing animals
suka {n}  :: currycomb
sukaatti {n}  :: citron (candied rind of the citron fruit)
sukaattisitruuna {n}  :: citron (tree Citrus medica and its fruit)
sukellus {n}  :: dive, diving
sukelluskello {n}  :: diving bell
sukelluspuku {n}  :: diving suit (garment or apparatus worn by a diver for protection from the underwater environment)
sukelluspuku {n} [slang]  :: condom
sukellusvene {n} [nautical]  :: submarine
sukeltaa {vi}  :: To dive
sukeltaja {n}  :: diver
sukeltaja-antilooppi {n}  :: duiker (any species of small antelope of the Cephalophinae subfamily)
sukeltajantauti {n} [dated, colloquial]  :: decompression sickness, bends
sukeltautua {vi}  :: To dive into
sukia {v}  :: To brush (to untangle or arrange with a brush, usually the fur of an animal)
sukia {v}  :: To curry (to groom a horse with a currycomb)
sukia {v}  :: To groom (to care for animals by brushing and cleaning them)
sukka {n}  :: sock
sukkahousut {n}  :: pantyhose (US), tights (UK)
sukkanauha {n}  :: garter
sukkanauhakäärme {n}  :: garter snake (any of various nonvenomous snakes of the genus Thamnophis, native to America)
sukkanukke {n} [Internet]  :: sock puppet (second account created by a user who already has an account)
sukkapari {n}  :: pair of socks
sukkapuikko {n}  :: knitting needle, especially a smaller or circular one suitable for knitting socks and stockings
sukkaseitikki {n} [mushroom]  :: A webcap, Cortinarius torvus
sukkasillaan {adv}  :: with bare socks, with only one's socks or stockings in the feet (without shoes)
sukkatti {n}  :: succade (candied citrus peel)
sukkela {adj}  :: quick, swift
sukkelasti {adv}  :: quickly, swiftly
sukkeluus {n}  :: quickness, swiftness
sukkeluus {n}  :: witticism (witty remark)
sukkessio {n} [ecology]  :: succession
sukki {n}  :: hill
sukkinonitriili {n} [chemistry]  :: succinonitrile
sukkula {n}  :: shuttle (part of a loom)
sukkula {n}  :: shuttle (spacecraft)
sukkulabussi {n}  :: shuttle bus
sukkulamato {n}  :: nematode, roundworm
sukkulaseitikki {n} [mushroom]  :: A webcap, Cortinarius duracinus
sukkuloida {vi}  :: To shuttle
suklaa {n}  :: chocolate
suklaajäätelö {n}  :: chocolate ice cream
suklaakakku {n}  :: chocolate cake
suklaakastike {n}  :: chocolate sauce
suklaakonvehti {n}  :: A chocolate [small piece of confectionery made from chocolate]
suklaalevy {n}  :: chocolate slab
suklaamestari {n}  :: A person in charge of or highly skilled in chocolate production
suklaamestari {n}  :: chocolatier (small producer of chocolate)
suklaamuna {n}  :: chocolate egg
suklaanruskea {adj}  :: chocolate (of chocolate colour)
suklaanruskea {n}  :: chocolate (colour)
suklaaosasto {n} [slang, vulgar]  :: A back door (anus)
suklaapatukka {n}  :: chocolate bar
suklaarousku {n}  :: A milk-cap, Lactarius moseri
suklaaton {adj}  :: chocolate-free, free of chocolate
sukroosi {n}  :: sucrose
suksee {n} [colloquial]  :: success
suksessio {n} [ecology]  :: succession
suksi {n}  :: ski
suksia {vi} [rare]  :: To ski
suksia {v}  :: To go away; used mostly in idiomatic expressions
suksisauva {n} [skiing]  :: A ski pole
suksivoide {n} [skiing]  :: ski wax
suku {n}  :: extended family (meaning kin: in addition to parents and children, includes cousins, uncles, aunts, grandparents and farther relatives, cf. perhe)
suku {n}  :: [linguistics] gender
suku {n} [linguistics]  :: used in partitive singular as English adjective cognate (descended from the same source lexeme of ancestor language)
suku {n}  :: [taxonomy] genus
sukuelin {n} [anatomy]  :: genital, reproductive organ, sex organ
sukuelinherpes {n} [pathology]  :: genital herpes
sukuelinten korjausleikkaus {n}  :: sex reassignment surgery
sukuhauta {n}  :: family grave
sukukieli {n}  :: language relative
sukukypsä {adj}  :: sexually mature
sukukypsyys {n}  :: sexual maturity
sukulainen {n}  :: relative, relation
sukulaiskieli {n}  :: language relative
sukulaissana {n} [linguistics]  :: A cognate
sukulaisuus {n}  :: relationship, kinship
sukulaisvierailu {n}  :: relative visit
sukuloida {v} [colloquial]  :: To visit relatives
sukunimi {n}  :: surname, family name, last name
sukupolvi {n}  :: generation
sukupuolentutkimus {n}  :: gender studies
sukupuolenvaihdos {n}  :: sex change, gender reassignment
sukupuolenvaihtaja {n}  :: transgender (person whose gender has been changed or is in the process of changing it)
sukupuoleton {adj}  :: asexual, neuter (having no distinct sex)
sukupuoli {n}  :: sex, gender
sukupuolidimorfismi {n}  :: sexual dimorphism
sukupuolielin {n} [anatomy]  :: sex organ
sukupuolielämä {n}  :: sex life (frequency and quality of one's sexual encounters)
sukupuoli-identiteetti {n}  :: gender identity
sukupuolikasvatus {n}  :: sex education
sukupuolikumppani {n}  :: sexual partner, sex partner
sukupuolinen {adj}  :: sexual (of or relating to having sex or sexuality)
sukupuolinen {adj}  :: sexual (of or relating to the sex of an organism)
sukupuolineutraali {adj}  :: gender-neutral
sukupuolirauhanen {n} [anatomy]  :: gonad
sukupuolisiveellisyys {n}  :: sexual morality
sukupuolisuus {n}  :: sexuality
sukupuolitauti {n} [pathology]  :: venereal disease (VD), sexually transmitted disease (STD)
sukupuolitutkimus {n}  :: gender studies
sukupuolivähemmistö {n}  :: gender minority
sukupuolivietti {n}  :: sex drive (strong motivational tendency or instinct of animals to have sexual intercourse)
sukupuoliyhdyntä {n}  :: sexual intercourse (sexual interaction)
sukupuoliyhteys {n}  :: sexual intercourse, sexual union
sukupuoliyhteys lähisukulaisten kesken {n} [legal]  :: incest
sukupuu {n}  :: family tree
sukupuutto {n}  :: extinction (of a species)
sukurutsa {n}  :: alternative form of sukurutsaus
sukurutsainen {adj}  :: incestuous
sukurutsaus {n}  :: incest (sexual intercourse between close relatives, whether illegal or not)
sukusolu {n} [cytology]  :: A gamete
sukutaulu {n} [family]  :: A chart of descendants, written in the form of a table
sukutaulu {n} [family]  :: A pedigree (chart of ancestors), written in the form of a table
sukututkija {n}  :: genealogist
sukututkimus {n}  :: genealogy
sula {adj} [intensifier]  :: pure
sula {adj}  :: molten
sula {adj} [of bodies of water]  :: not having ice cover
sula {n}  :: melt, molten material (any molten substance)
sula {n} [metallurgy]  :: smelt (any of the various liquids or semi-molten solids produced and used during the course of production of metal in a smelting process that involves melting and chemical reduction of metal compounds into purified metal)
sulaa {v} [figuratively]  :: to dissolve, disperse, vanish
sulaa {v} [figuratively]  :: to melt (to soften, as by a warming or kindly influence)
sulaa {v}  :: to melt (to change from a solid state to a liquid state, usually by a gradual heat)
sulake {n}  :: A fuse (in an electronic circuit)
sulakerasia {n}  :: fusebox
sulaminen {n}  :: meltdown (melting of the core of a nuclear reactor)
sulaminen {n}  :: melting (instant or process of melting)
sulamislämpötila {n}  :: melting temperature, melting point
sulamispiste {n}  :: melting point
sulamisvesi {n}  :: meltwater
sulatejuusto {n}  :: processed cheese
sulattaa {v} [by extension]  :: to digest (to think over and arrange methodically in the mind)
sulattaa {v} [by extension]  :: to put up with, tolerate (to suffer through, or allow, especially something annoying)
sulattaa {v}  :: to digest (to separate food in the alimentary canal)
sulattaa {v}  :: to melt (to cause something to melt)
sulattaa {v}  :: to smelt (to produce metal from ore in a process that involves melting and chemical reduction of metal compounds into purified metal)
sulattaa {v}  :: to thaw, defrost
sulatus {n}  :: melting
sulatus {n} [metallurgy]  :: smelting (process of melting ore or metallic raw material)
sulatusuuni {n} [figuratively]  :: melting pot (place where many divergent things come together and are homogenized)
sulatusuuni {n}  :: smelting furnace, smelter
Sulatusuuni {prop}  :: The constellation Fornax
sulautettu ohjelma {n} [computing]  :: firmware
sulauttaa {v} [computing]  :: to embed
sulauttaa {v}  :: to fuse (to melt together; to blend; to mix indistinguishably)
sulauttaa {v}  :: to merge (to combine into a whole)
sulautua {vi}  :: to become one with something
sulautua {vi}  :: to blend in something
sulautua {vi}  :: to merge
sulautuma {n} [business]  :: merger
sulautuma {n}  :: (linguistics) merger (type of sound change where two or more sounds merge into one)
sulautuma {n} [linguistics]  :: portmanteau, portmanteau word (word that is combined of parts of two or more words, e.g. "smog" < "smoke" + "fog")
sulautuminen {n}  :: merger (all senses)
sulava {adj}  :: loose, smooth (relaxed, of movement)
sulava {adj}  :: melting
sulava {adj}  :: suave (of behaviour)
sulavesi {n} [rare]  :: meltwater
sulempi {adj}  :: comparative form of sula
Sulevi {prop}  :: male given name
sulfaatti {n} [chemistry]  :: sulphate, sulfate
sulfaniilihappo {n} [chemistry]  :: sulfanilic acid
sulfidi {n} [chemistry]  :: sulfide
sulfiitti {n}  :: sulfite
sulfonaatti {n} [chemistry]  :: sulfonate
sulfonihappo {n} [chemistry]  :: sulfonic acid
sulfuryylifluoridi {n} [chemistry]  :: sulfuryl fluoride
sulhanen {n}  :: fiancé
sulhanen {n}  :: groom
sulhasmies {n}  :: fiancé
sulhasmies {n}  :: groom
sulho {n} [poetic]  :: bridegroom
sulje {n}  :: A bracket (any of the symbols "", "{", "[", "(", ")", "]", "}", "" )
suljettu {adj}  :: closed
suljettu joukko {n} [mathematics]  :: closed set
suljin {n}  :: shutter
sulka {n}  :: feather (stiff feather in a bird's wing or tail that helps to produce the lift)
sulkakynä {n}  :: quill (pen made from a feather)
sulkapallo {n}  :: A shuttlecock or birdie (lightweight object used as a ball in badminton)
sulkapallo {n}  :: badminton (game)
sulkasato {n}  :: molting of feathers
sulkatöyhtö {n}  :: plume, panache (decoration on a hat or helmet, usually one that is made with the showy wing or tail feathers)
sulkava {n}  :: zope, blue bream (Abramis ballerus)
sulkea {vt}  :: To close, shut (a box; a door)
sulkea {vt}  :: To turn off (a machine)
sulkea silmänsä {v} [idiomatic + ablative]  :: To close one's eyes, to ignore
sulkea sisäänsä {v}  :: To enclose, encase
sulkemisaika {n}  :: closing time
sulkeuma {n} [mathematics]  :: closure
sulkeutua {vi}  :: To close oneself in, to shut oneself in
sulkija {n}  :: closer
sulkijalihas {n} [anatomy]  :: sphincter
sulku {n}  :: A blockade
sulku {n}  :: A bracket (symbol)
sulku {n}  :: A lock (segment of a canal)
sulkukartio {n}  :: traffic cone
sulkumerkki {n}  :: A bracket (symbol)
sulkutelakka {n} [nautical]  :: A dry dock, drydock
sulkuventtiili {n}  :: A stopcock
sulloa {vt}  :: to cram, stuff (to pack or fill something up or in excess in a compressed manner)
sulloutua {vi}  :: To pack, crowd (into = illative)
sulo {n}  :: charm, grace
Sulo {prop}  :: male given name
suloinen {adj}  :: sweet, cute, lovely
suloisa {adj}  :: graceful
sulokas {adj}  :: sweet, cute, lovely
sulppu {n}  :: wet pulp
sultanidi {n}  :: A sultana [pale yellow raisin made from a seedless grape]
sultsina {n}  :: A traditional Karelian cuisine
sulttaani {n}  :: sultan
sulttaanikana {n}  :: a purple swamphen, Porphyrio porphyrio
sulttaanikunta {n}  :: sultanate
sulttaanirusina {n}  :: A sultana (pale yellow raisin made from a seedless grape)
sulute {n} [military]  :: tactical barrier (defensive barrier typically consisting of mines, obstacles and traps, designed to deny enemy movements in a designated area)
suma {n}  :: (traffic, log) jam
sumakki {n}  :: sumac (plant and the spice made of its dried berries)
sumatrankaniini {n}  :: Sumatran striped rabbit, Nesolagus netscheri
sumatranoranki {n}  :: Sumatran orangutan, orangutan, Pongo abelii
sumea {adj}  :: blurry
sumea {adj} [colloquial]  :: dim, not smart or intelligent
sumea {adj}  :: fuzzy
sumeasti {adv}  :: blurrily
sumeasti {adv}  :: fuzzily
sumentaa {vt}  :: To blur (in concrete sense)
sumentua {vi}  :: To blur (in concrete sense)
Sumer {prop}  :: Sumer
sumeri {n}  :: Sumerian (ancient language spoken in Sumer)
sumeri {n}  :: Sumerian (citizen of Sumer)
sumerilainen {adj}  :: Sumerian (of or pertaining to Sumer or Sumerian civilization)
sumerilainen {n}  :: Sumerian (citizen of Sumer)
sumerilaisuus {n}  :: Sumerian civilization
sumerin kieli {n}  :: Sumerian (language spoken in ancient Sumer)
sumerinkielinen {adj}  :: Sumerian (expressed in Sumerian)
summa {n}  :: amount (especially of money)
summa {n}  :: sum (result of addition)
summata {v}  :: To add, sum
summaus {n}  :: sum, summary, summation, summing
summautua {v} [accounting, mathematics]  :: accumulate
summautua {v} [accounting, mathematics]  :: sum up, summarize
summeri {n}  :: buzzer (device)
summittainen {adj}  :: approximate
sumopainija {n}  :: sumo wrestler
sumplia {v} [colloquial]  :: to arrange, fix, organize
sumppi {n}  :: poor quality or dilute coffee made from used coffee grounds
sumu {n} [astronomy]  :: nebula
sumu {n}  :: Fog, mist
sumuinen {n}  :: foggy (covered by fog)
sumukammio {n}  :: cloud chamber
sumumainen {adj}  :: nebulous
sumu-poisto {n} [finance]  :: depreciation according to plan
sumuta {vi}  :: to fume, form droplets
sumute {n}  :: spray
sumutin {n}  :: sprayer
sumuttaa {vt} [colloquial]  :: to mislead
sumuttaa {vt}  :: to mist
sumuttua {vi}  :: To become fog-like
sumuuntua {vi}  :: To become foggy (covered by fog)
sumuvalo {n}  :: fog light
sun {conj}  :: [coordinating] A coordinating conjunction expressing generality
sunda {n}  :: Sundanese language
Sundqvist {prop}  :: Finnish surname
sunnalainen {adj}  :: Sunni
sunnalainen {n}  :: A Sunni
sunni {n}  :: A Sunni (person)
sunnilainen {adj}  :: Sunni (of or pertaining to Sunni religion or people)
sunnilainen {n}  :: A Sunni (person)
sunnilaisuus {n}  :: Sunni (branch of Islam)
sunnimuslimi {n} [Islam]  :: Sunni Muslim
sunnuntai {n}  :: Sunday
sunnuntaiaamu {n}  :: Sunday morning
sunnuntaiajelija {n}  :: Sunday driver (one who drives slowly, as for leisure or sightseeing)
sunnuntaiautoilija {n}  :: Sunday driver (one who drives slowly, as for leisure or sightseeing)
sunnuntai-ilta {n}  :: Sunday evening
sunnuntailisä {n}  :: Sunday allowance (extra payment for working on Sunday)
sunnuntainen {adj}  :: Pertaining to Sunday
sunnuntaisin {adv}  :: Sundays, on Sundays
suntio {n}  :: A sexton
suo {n} [dialectal]  :: Variant of sua
suo {n}  :: swamp,