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{interj}  :: huh? uh?
{interj}  :: alternative form of höh
H {n} [music]  :: B
ha {interj}  :: ha (expressing laughter)
haa {interj}  :: ha (expressing triumph or discovery)
Haades {prop}  :: Hades
Haag {prop}  :: The Hague
haahka {n}  :: Any of the Northern hemisphere sea ducks of the eider family, especially the common eider (Somateria mollissima)
haahka {n} [vulgar]  :: an older, aged woman
haahkanuntuva {n}  :: eiderdown (down of the eider duck, used for stuffing pillows and quilts)
haahkanuntuvapeite {n}  :: eiderdown (quilt stuffed with down of eider duck)
haahla {n} [historical]  :: trammel hook (kitchen utensil used to hang a pot over an open fire hearth and to regulate its height over the fire)
haahti {n} [rare]  :: a boat, ship
haahuilla {v} [colloquial]  :: To wander aimlessly
haaksi {n}  :: derelict (boat or ship abandoned at sea)
haaksi {n} [rare, poetic]  :: boat, ship
haaksi {n}  :: shipwreck, wreck (boat or ship that has sunk or run aground so that it is no longer seaworthy)
haaksirikko {n}  :: shipwreck (the event)
haaksirikkoinen {adj}  :: shipwrecked (being shipwrecked)
haaksirikkoinen {adj}  :: shipwrecky (characteristic of a shipwreck)
haaksirikkoinen {n}  :: shipwrecked,castaway (shipwrecked person)
haaksirikkoutua {vi}  :: To shipwreck
haalari {n}  :: hauler, haulier (one who hauls)
haalari {n} [often in plural]  :: jumpsuit
haalari {n} [often in plural]  :: onesie
haalari {n} [often in plural]  :: overall, overalls, coverall, coveralls, boiler suit, dungarees
haalarihousut {n}  :: dungarees / overalls
haalarit {n}  :: A jumpsuit
haalarit {n}  :: An overall, overalls, coverall, coveralls, boiler suit, dungarees
haalaritakki {n}  :: A work jacket made of heavy denim or other material typically used in overalls
haalarityöntekijä {n}  :: blue-collar worker
haalata {v}  :: To haul (to pull or draw something heavy)
haalea {adj}  :: faded, pale (of colour)
haalea {adj}  :: tepid, lukewarm
haaleasti {adv}  :: tepidly
haalentaa {vt} [of color]  :: To fade
haalentaa {vt} [of liquid]  :: To cool (to make less hot)
haalentua {vi} [of color]  :: To fade
haalentua {vi} [of liquid]  :: To cool (to become less hot)
haaleta {vi}  :: To fade, discolour/discolor
haaleus {n}  :: tepidness
haalia {v}  :: To drum up
haalia {v}  :: To rustle up
haalia {v}  :: To scrape together
haalistaa {vt}  :: to fade, discolor
haalistua {vi}  :: to discolour/discolor
haalistua {vi}  :: to fade
haalistuminen {n}  :: action noun of the verb [[haalistua to fade]], fading (the act or process of getting faded)
haaltua {vi}  :: to fade (of colour)
Haam {prop}  :: Ham (son of Noah and the brother of Japheth and Shem)
haamilainen {adj}  :: Hamitic
haamilainen {n}  :: Hamite
haamu {n}  :: ghost, spirit
haamukirjoittaja {n}  :: ghost writer
haamumaili {n}  :: A distance of one mile ran under four minutes
haamuneliö {n}  :: magic square
haamuraja {n}  :: magic limit
haamusärky {n} [medicine]  :: phantom pain
haapa {n}  :: aspen (tree of the genus Populus)
haapa {n}  :: common aspen (Populus tremula)
haapainen {adj}  :: aspen (made of aspen tree)
Haapala {prop}  :: Any of a number of small places in Finland
Haapala {prop}  :: Finnish surname
Haapalainen {prop}  :: Finnish surname
haapana {n}  :: wigeon (Anas penelope)
haapaperhonen {n}  :: poplar admiral (Limenitis populi)
Haaparanta {prop}  :: Haparanda (town in the north of Sweden at the Finnish border)
haaparousku {n}  :: northern milk-cap, pickle milk-cap, Lactarius trivialis
haapaseitikki {n} [mushroom]  :: A webcap, Cortinarius lucorum
haapasieni {n}  :: A species of milk-cap, better known in Finnish as haaparousku, Lactarius trivialis
haapio {n}  :: A dugout made of aspen
haara {n}  :: A branch of a tree, a family or other tree-like concrete or abstract structure
haara {n}  :: The place where a tree or other object divides into two, a fork or a bifurcation
haaraantua {vi}  :: To branch
haarahaukka {n}  :: black kite (Milvus migrans)
haarahyppy {n}  :: A Jumping Jack, side straddle hop
haarainen {adj} [as headword in compound terms]  :: having a certain number or kind of branches
haarainen {adj}  :: branched (having branches)
haaraisuus {n}  :: branchiness
haarakas {adj}  :: branched
haarakas {n}  :: coral fungus
haarakatkos {n} [pathology]  :: bundle branch block (heart condition in which the electrical impulses which pace the heart are not transmitted normally through the bundle of His)
haarake {n}  :: branch
haarakkeinen {adj}  :: branching
haarakonttori {n}  :: branch office
haarakäynti {n} [skiing]  :: herringbone, herringbone walk
haarapääsky {n}  :: barn swallow (Hirundo rustica)
haarata {v} [rare]  :: alternative form of harata
haarauma {n}  :: bifurcation
haarauma {n}  :: branch
haarauma {n}  :: fork
haarautua {vi}  :: To branch (off/out), fork, divide, furcate
haarautuma {n}  :: bifurcation
haarautuma {n}  :: branch
haarautuma {n}  :: fork
haarautuminen {n}  :: branching
haarautumiskohta {n}  :: fork (a point where road, river, tree, etc. splits in two)
haarautuva {adj}  :: branching, forking, forked
haaraväli {n}  :: crotch
haaremi {n}  :: A harem
haaremihousut {n}  :: shalwar
haarikka {n}  :: tankard
haarikko {n}  :: pearlwort (any of several flowering plants of the genus Sagina)
haarniska {n}  :: armor, armour (body protection)
haarniskoida {v}  :: To put on an armour/armor
haaroa {vi} [of plant]  :: To grow branches; to branch
haaroitin {n}  :: adapter
haaroitin {n}  :: splitter
haaroittaa {vt}  :: to branch, furcate (to divide into branches or sections)
haaroittua {vi}  :: To branch
haaroitus {n}  :: branching
haaroitus {n}  :: tap (a connection made to an electrical or fluid conductor without breaking it)
haarottaa {vt} [dialectal]  :: haaroittaa (to branch)
haarova {adj}  :: branchy (tending to branch frequently)
haarti {adj} [Finglish]  :: Hard
haartätäkki {n} [Finglish]  :: heart attack
haarukallinen {n}  :: A forkful (amount a fork will hold)
haarukka {n}  :: A fork (utensil)
haarukkahapero {n}  :: greasy green brittlegill, Russula heterophylla
haarukkarousku {n}  :: A milk-cap, Lactarius insulsus
haarukkatrukki {n}  :: forklift (small industrial vehicle)
haarukkavipu {n} [nautical]  :: wishbone
haarukoida {v}  :: to fork (use a fork)
haarukoida {v}  :: to straddle (to estimate range)
haarukointi {n} [photography]  :: bracketing
haarukointi {n}  :: straddling, pinpointing
haasia {n}  :: A wooden frame for drying hay, a hay rack
haasioida {v}  :: To put hay on rack for drying
haaska {n} [derogatory]  :: an ugly person, especially woman
haaska {n} [hunting]  :: carcass used as bait when hunting carnivores
haaska {n}  :: the carcass of an animal
haaskaantua {vi}  :: To be wasted
haaskaeläin {n}  :: scavenger
haaskalintu {n}  :: scavenger bird (bird that feeds on carrion)
haaskalintu {n}  :: vulture (person who profits from the suffering of others)
haaskansyöjä {n} [biology]  :: scavenger
haaskata {vt}  :: to waste money or resources
haaskaus {n}  :: wasting
haaskautua {vi}  :: To become wasted
haaskio {n}  :: Used in the idiom [[mennä haaskiolle to be wasted]] (alternative forms mennä haaskioon, joutua haaskiolle, joutua haaskioon)
haaskuu {n}  :: wasting, squandering
haastaa {vi} [dialectal]  :: to talk
haastaa {vt} [legal]  :: to summon
haastaa {vt}  :: to challenge
haastaa {vt}  :: to defy, dare
haastaa oikeuteen {vt}  :: To sue, file (law)suit against, take to court, bring an action against
haastaja {n}  :: challenger
haastatella {v}  :: to interview
haastateltava {n}  :: interviewee (someone being interviewed currently or in the future)
haastateltu {n}  :: interviewee (someone who has been interviewed in the past)
haastattaa {vt}  :: alternative form of haastatella; to interview
haastattelija {n}  :: interviewer
haastattelu {n}  :: interview (a formal meeting for the assessment of a candidate or applicant)
haastava {adj}  :: challenging
haastavasti {adv}  :: challengingly
haastavuus {n}  :: The property of being challenging
haaste {n}  :: challenge
haaste {n} [legal]  :: summons
haasteaika {n} [legal]  :: period of summons, length of summons (the time allowed for a defendant to appear in the court or file his written statement after receiving a summons)
haasteellinen {adj}  :: challenging
haasteellisesti {adv}  :: challengingly
haastehakemus {n} [legal]  :: An application for a summons
haastella {v} [dialectal]  :: To talk, chat
haava {n}  :: ulcer; especially in compound terms, see e.g. [[mahahaava peptic ulcer]], [[makuuhaava pressure ulcer]]
haava {n}  :: wound, sore (injury, such as a cut, stab, or tear)
haavainen {adj}  :: Having wounds
haavakko {n} [hunting]  :: wounded animal
haavanlehti {n}  :: A leaf of an aspen tree
haavanpunikkitatti {n}  :: orange-cap birch boletus (Leccinum rufum, Leccinum aurantiacum)
haavasolukko {n} [biology]  :: callus
haavauma {n} [pathology]  :: ulcer (open sore of skin, eyes or mucous membrane)
haavautua {vi}  :: To develop an ulcer
haavautuma {n}  :: ulcer
haave {n}  :: dream (hope, wish)
haave {n}  :: velleity (slight wish not followed by any effort to obtain)
haave {n}  :: vision (ideal or a goal toward which one aspires)
haaveellinen {adj}  :: dreamy
haaveellinen {adj}  :: fanciful
haaveellisempi {adj}  :: comparative form of haaveellinen
haaveellisin {adj}  :: superlative form of haaveellinen
haaveellisuus {n}  :: dreaminess
haaveilija {n}  :: dreamer
haaveilla {v}  :: to dream (daydreams)
haaveilu {n}  :: dreaming, reverie
haaveksia {v}  :: To dream (daydreams)
haaveksija {n}  :: A dreamer
haaveri {n}  :: A shipwreck (event)
haavi {n}  :: A hand net; a net that is equipped with a handle and attached to a rim so that the net forms a pouch. This kind of net is used e.g. for trapping butterflies or individual fish
haavi {n} [slang, colloquial]  :: mouth
haavia {v}  :: To net (to catch by means of a net)
haavikko {n}  :: A group or forest of aspen trees
haavipallo {n}  :: lacrosse
haavisto {n}  :: alternative form of haavikko
Haavisto {prop}  :: Finnish surname
haavita {v}  :: to catch fish, insects etc. using a hand net
haavoittaa {vt}  :: To wound, injure, hurt (physically)
haavoittua {vi}  :: To be wounded, be injured, be hurt
haavoittumaton {adj}  :: invulnerable
haavoittumattomuus {n}  :: invulnerability
haavoittunut {adj}  :: wounded
haavoittuva {adj}  :: vulnerable
haavoittuvaisuus {n}  :: vulnerability
haavoittuvuus {n}  :: vulnerability
haavuri {n}  :: barber surgeon
haba {n} [colloquial]  :: biceps
habanera {n}  :: habanera
habitaatti {n}  :: habitat
habitus {n}  :: habitus
hackmaniitti {n} [mineral]  :: hackmanite
hadeeinen {adj} [geology]  :: Hadean
hadith {n}  :: hadith (collection of Muhammed's sayings)
hadroni {n} [particle]  :: hadron
hašemiittinen {adj}  :: Hashemite
haenta {n}  :: seeking
haeskella {v}  :: To search, seek
haeskelu {n}  :: searching
haettaa {vt}  :: To have someone or something brought
haettaman {v} [fi-infinitive of, t=3p, hakea, c=ins]  ::
haetuttaa {vt}  :: to have searched, to make search
hafnium {n}  :: hafnium
hagiografia {n}  :: hagiography
hah {interj}  :: ha
ha-ha {n}  :: A haha, ha-ha (sunken fence)
hahattaa {vi}  :: To laugh
hahlo {n}  :: slot
hahmo {n}  :: figure
hahmo {n}  :: shape
hahmoinen {adj}  :: -shaped
hahmontunnistus {n}  :: shape recognition
hahmotella {v}  :: to sketch
hahmotelma {n}  :: sketch
hahmottaa {v}  :: To perceive
hahmottaa {v}  :: To understand the outline of something, to begin to understand
hahmottelu {n}  :: sketching
hahmottua {vi}  :: To take shape
hahmotus {n}  :: perception
hahmoutua {vi}  :: To take shape
hahtuva {n}  :: fluff
hahtuvaseitikki {n} [mushroom]  :: A webcap, Cortinarius hemitrichus
hai {n}  :: shark
hašiš {n}  :: alternative spelling of hasis
haihatella {v}  :: To have unrealistic, fanciful ideas; to daydream
haihattelija {n}  :: daydreamer
haihattelu {n}  :: daydreaming (having unrealistic dreams)
haihdunta {n}  :: evaporation
haihdutin {n}  :: An evaporator
haihduttaa {vt}  :: To dispel
haihduttaa {vt}  :: To evaporate
haihduttaminen {n}  :: evaporation
haihduttamo {n}  :: evaporation plant
haihdutus {n}  :: evaporation
haihtua {v}  :: To evaporate
haihtua {v}  :: To fade away
haihtuminen {n}  :: evaporation
haihtuva {adj} [physics]  :: volatile (evaporating or vaporizing readily under normal ambient conditions)
haikailla {vt}  :: To yearn for, pine for
haikailu {n}  :: yearning
haikala {n}  :: shark
haikara {n} [colloquial]  :: stork (any wading bird of the Ciconiidae family in order Ciconiiformes)
haikara {n}  :: heron (any wading bird of the Ardeidae family in order Ciconiiformes)
haikea {adj}  :: sad, melancholic
haikeus {n}  :: nostalgia
haiku {n}  :: A haiku (type of Japanese poem; any poem written in haiku style)
haiku {n}  :: A puff, whiff (act of inhaling tobacco smoke); often used in plural in this sense
haiku {n}  :: A puff, whiff, puff of smoke, whiff of smoke (small quantity of smoke in the air)
haiku {n} [poetic]  :: smoke
hailakka {adj}  :: pale, faded, wishy-washy
hailakkuus {n}  :: [of colour] paleness
hailea {adj}  :: pale
haili {n}  :: A fresh Baltic herring
haima {n}  :: pancreas
haimasyöpä {n}  :: pancreatic cancer
haimatulehdus {n} [pathology]  :: pancreatitis
haimonni {n}  :: pangasius, panga (any fish in the genus Pangasius, particularly the iridescent shark, Pangasius hypophthalmus, now reclassified as Pangasianodon hypophthalmus)
hainevä {n}  :: shark fin (fin of a shark)
haineväkeitto {n}  :: shark fin soup
haipakka {n} [colloquial]  :: fast speed
haipua {vi}  :: To fade away
hairahdus {n}  :: A moral aberration, deviation
hairahtaa {vi} [morally]  :: To slip, stray (from the strait and narrow path), commit an indiscretion
hairahtaa {vi} [physically]  :: To slip, fall, lose one's balance, take a wrong step
hairahtua {vi}  :: To lapse, deviate (morally)
hairahtuvainen {adj}  :: fallible, frail
haiseva {adj}  :: stinky, smelly
haisevampi {adj}  :: comparative form of haiseva
haisevin {adj}  :: superlative form of haiseva
haiskahtaa {vi}  :: To smell foul, stink
haiskahtaa {v}  :: to smell a rat
haista {v} [figuratively]  :: To smell like, stink, reek of
haista {vi}  :: To smell (like = ablative), to have a smell/scent/odor; to stink
haistaa {vt} [figuratively]  :: To smell, suspect, sense, feel
haistaa {vt}  :: To scent, smell/nose out, get wind/scent of
haistaa {vt}  :: To sniff, smell
haistaa palaneen käryä {v} [idiomatic]  :: to smell a rat (to sense something suspicious)
haistaminen {n}  :: smelling (sensing)
haista paska {interj} [vulgar, strongly offensive]  :: fuck you (literally: smell shit)
haistatella {vi} [intransitive + allative]  :: To tell someone where to go/where to get off/what to do with it (continuously, repeatedly and/or indifferently, in an insulting manner, as in "go to hell!")
haistattaa {vt}  :: to tell someone where to go/where to get off/what to do with it (in insults, as in "go to hell!")
haistattelu {n}  :: Action of the verb haistatella
haista vittu {interj} [strongly vulgar]  :: fuck you! (literally: "sniff the cunt!")
haistella {vt}  :: to smell, sniff something
haistella {vt}  :: to sniff, huff, inhale the fumes of something in order to get intoxicated
haistelu {n}  :: smelling, sniffing of something
haistelu {n}  :: sniffing, huffing, inhalation of the fumes, of something in order to get intoxicated
haisti {n}  :: The sense of smell
haisu {n}  :: A bad smell; stink
haisuhapero {n}  :: foetid russula, Russula foetens
haisuherkkusieni {n}  :: An agaric, Agaricus maleolens
haisuhilleri {n}  :: zorille, striped polecat, African polecat, Cape polecat, African skunk, (Ictonyx striatus)
haisukalkki {n}  :: bituminous limestone
haisuli {n} [humorous]  :: stinker (smelly person)
haisuliini {n}  :: A smelly person
haisumäyrä {n}  :: stink badger (either of the species of mammals in the Mydaus genus, native to Southeast Asia, resembling a badger in appearance, but more closely related to skunks)
haisumäyrä {n}  :: Sunda stink badger, teledu, Mydaus javanensis (type species of that genus)
haisunäätä {n}  :: skunk (mammal of the family Mephitidae, especially the striped skunk, Mephitis mephitis)
haisunäätä {n}  :: stinker (one who smells)
haisuseitikki {n} [mushroom]  :: A webcap, Cortinarius traganus
haisusieni {n}  :: stinkhorn, specifically Phallus impudicus
haitallinen {adj}  :: Harmful, injurious, hazardous, detrimental, inimical
haitallisesti {adv}  :: harmfully
haitallisuus {n}  :: harmfulness
haitari {n} [musical instruments]  :: accordion
haitata {vt}  :: to hamper, hinder, impede
haitattomuus {n}  :: The property of not being harmful
haite {n} [papermaking]  :: The detrimental material in pulp
haitek {n} [colloquial]  :: high tech
haitekki {n} [colloquial]  :: high tech
Haiti {prop}  :: Haiti
haitinalmikki {n}  :: Hispanolian solenodon (Solenodon paradoxus)
haitta {n}  :: A con
haitta {n}  :: A disadvantage, hindrance
haitta {n}  :: A tumbler (part of a lock)
haittaohjelma {n} [computing]  :: malware
haittapuoli {n}  :: disadvantage, downside, con
haittatapahtuma {n} [health care]  :: sentinel event, adverse event (any unanticipated or unusual event in a medical setting which results in death or serious physical injury to the patient)
haittavaikutus {n}  :: adverse effect, injurious effect
haituva {n}  :: A single thin hair or fiber
haituva {n} [botany]  :: pappus
haiven {n}  :: A single, usually thin hair or fiber
haja- {prefix}  :: scattered, dispersed
hajaannus {n}  :: dispersion, dissolution
hajaannus {n}  :: disruption
hajaannuttaa {vt}  :: To cause to disperse
hajaantua {vi}  :: To disperse
hajaantuminen {n}  :: divergence
haja-asutus {n}  :: dispersed settlement
haja-asutusalue {n}  :: area of dispersed settlement
hajakuormitus {n} [ecology]  :: scattered loading
hajalla {adv}  :: apart
hajalla {adv}  :: disassembled
hajalla {adv}  :: dispersed, scattered, in pieces
hajalla {adv}  :: smashed, broken
hajallaan {adv}  :: broken
hajallaan {adv}  :: disassembled
hajallaan {adv}  :: dispersed
hajallaan {adv}  :: in pieces
hajallaan {adv}  :: scattered
hajallaan {adv}  :: smashed
hajalle {adv}  :: To the state of not being whole or united. Translates into English with e.g
hajallinen {adj}  :: broken in pieces
hajallinen {adj}  :: dismantled
hajallinen {adj}  :: scattered, dispersed
hajamielinen {adj}  :: absent-minded, scatterbrained
hajamielisesti {adv}  :: absent-mindedly
hajamielisyys {n}  :: absent-mindedness
hajan {adv}  :: see: hujan hajan
hajanainen {adj}  :: incoherent
hajanainen {adj}  :: scattered, dispersed
hajanainen {adj}  :: sporadic
hajanaisin {adj}  :: superlative form of hajanainen
hajanaisuus {n}  :: disjointedness
hajareisin {adv}  :: astride; see also verb bestride
hajataitto {n} [pathology]  :: astigmatism
hajauma {n}  :: dispersion
hajauttaa {vt}  :: To decentralize
hajautua {vi} [of people]  :: To dissolve, disperse
hajautuma {n}  :: alternative form of hajauma
hajautus {n}  :: decentralization
hajautus {n}  :: dispersion
haje {n}  :: entropy
hajoamaton {adj}  :: indestructible
hajoamaton {adj}  :: indissoluble
hajoaminen {n}  :: decomposition (biological process)
hajoaminen {n} [nuclear physics]  :: fission, spallation, radioactive decay (nuclear reaction in which a nucleus fragments into many nucleons)
hajoava {adj}  :: Decomposable, putrescible
hajonnut {adj}  :: broken
hajonta {n}  :: dispersion
hajonta {n} [statistics]  :: deviation
hajota {v} [chemistry]  :: to decompose
hajota {v} [military slang + illative]  :: to lose one's spirit due to, get depressed by (esp. a camp or heavy physical education)
hajota {v}  :: to break (up/open/into pieces), shatter, fall to pieces, fall/come apart (at the seams) crack up (also figuratively)
hajota {v}  :: to disband (militarily); to dissolve (of a committee, commission), recess, split/divide up
hajota {v}  :: to disperse, scatter, break up, run in all directions
hajota {v}  :: to dissolve, disperse, dissipate, (be) scatter(ed)
hajota ja hallitse {phrase}  :: divide and conquer
hajottaa {vt} [rare]  :: to tear down, knock down, demolish [a building]
hajottaa {vt}  :: to break, smash
hajottaa {vt}  :: to dissolve, dismiss, disband
hajottaa {vt}  :: to scatter, disperse, break up, dissipate, drive off [in all directions], send scurrying
hajottaa {vt}  :: to spread [[[spread out|out]]], scatter, strew [about/around]
hajottaa {vt}  :: to take apart, dismantle [a machine]
hajottaja {n} [computing]  :: destructor
hajottaja {n} [ecology]  :: decomposer, saprotroph
hajottaminen {n}  :: decomposition (act of taking something apart, e.g. for analysis)
hajottamo {n}  :: wreck yard, wrecking yard, wrecker's yard, salvage yard, junkyard, breakers yard, scrapheap (location of a dismantling business)
hajottava {adj}  :: disruptive
hajottava {adj}  :: divisive
hajotus {n}  :: breaking, disassembling, disintegration
haju {n} [idiomatic]  :: clue, slightest idea
haju {n}  :: smell, whiff
hajuaisti {n} [physiology]  :: the sense of smell
hajuepiteeli {n} [anatomy]  :: olfactory epithelium
hajuhermo {n} [anatomy]  :: olfactory nerve
hajuherne {n}  :: sweet pea (Lathyrus odoratus)
hajuinen {adj}  :: -smelling
hajujälki {n}  :: scent, odour trace (odour trace left by an animal or person)
hajulukko {n}  :: trap (bend, sag, or other device in a waste-pipe arranged so that the liquid contents form a seal which prevents the escape of noxious gases, but permits the flow of liquids)
hajupommi {n}  :: stinkbomb
hajustaa {vt}  :: To perfume, scent
hajuste {n}  :: perfume
hajusuola {n}  :: smelling salt
hajuton {adj}  :: odourless, scentless
hajuttomasti {adv}  :: odourlessly
hajuttomuus {n}  :: odourlessness
hajuvesi {n}  :: perfume
haka {adv}  :: olla haka jossakin: to be good at something
haka {n}  :: corral, paddock (enclosure for livestock)
haka {n}  :: hook, clasp (type of fastener)
hakahapero {n}  :: A brittlegill, Russula velenovskyi
Hakala {prop}  :: Any of a number of small places in Finland
Hakala {prop}  :: Finnish surname
hakaluu {n} [anatomy]  :: A hamate bone
hakanen {n}  :: A small hook
hakaneula {n}  :: A safety pin (pin, in the form of a clasp)
hakapyssy {n}  :: harquebus, arquebus
hakaristi {n}  :: swastika
hakaristilippu {n}  :: The Nazi flag
hakasulje {n}  :: A square bracket (symbols "[" and "]")
hakasulku {n}  :: A square bracket ( "[" or "]" )
hakata {v} [forestry]  :: to cut a tree, to fell trees
hakata {v}  :: to beat somebody up
hakata {v}  :: to beat (to be better in something than somebody else)
hakata {v}  :: to beat (to play certain musical instruments, such as drums or piano, with a great fervor)
hakata {v}  :: to beat (to win somebody with a considerable margin)
hakata {v}  :: to bill (to work with a billhook)
hakata {v}  :: to chop, often with [[irti off]] (to sever with an axe or similar tool)
hakata {v}  :: to chop (to cut into pieces, such as vegetables)
hakata {v}  :: to hit something repeatedly, as a nail with a hammer or a log with an axe
hakaus {n}  :: The action of getting stuck
hake {n}  :: Woodchips as mass
hakea {v}  :: To apply (for a job, post, education)
hakea {v}  :: To search
hakea {vt}  :: To retrieve, get, fetch
hakea kissojen ja koirien kanssa {phrase} [idiomatic]  :: to look for something thoroughly or energetically
hakemisto {n}  :: directory
hakemisto {n}  :: index
hakemistopuu {n} [computing]  :: directory tree
hakemus {n}  :: application (written request)
haketin {n}  :: a chipper
hakettaa {vt}  :: To chip (to break into small pieces, especially wood)
hakettamo {n}  :: chipping plant
haketus {n}  :: chipping (of wood)
hakeutua {vi}  :: To ask to be committed (for treatment of a mental disorder), ask to be treated (for a disease)
hakeutua {vi}  :: To gravitate (to tend or drift towards someone or something, as though being pulled by gravity)
hakija {n}  :: applicant
hakija {n}  :: retriever, fetcher
hakijamaa {n}  :: applicant country (country that applies for membership in an international organization, notably the European Union)
hakkaaja {n}  :: beater
hakkaaja {n}  :: cutter (of wood)
hakkaantua {vi}  :: alternative form of hakkautua
hakkailla {v}  :: to flirt
hakkailu {n}  :: flirt
hakkapeliitta {n}  :: Hakkapeliitta
Hakkarainen {prop}  :: Finnish surname
hakkaus {n}  :: cutting
hakkauttaa {vt} [forestry]  :: to have cut
hakkauttaa {vt}  :: to have chopped up
hakkautua {vi}  :: to be beaten
hakkelus {n}  :: hash (food)
hakkeri {n}  :: hacker, an advanced hobbyist of computer technology, not necessarily one who uses their skill to commit crime
hakkeroida {v} [computing]  :: To hack
hakkerointi {n} [computing]  :: hacking
hakku {n}  :: hack, pickaxe
hakkuri {n}  :: chopper (machine for chopping wood)
hakkuri {n}  :: hacker (device that hacks)
hakkuu {n}  :: logging
hakkuuttaa {vt}  :: alternative form of hakkauttaa
hako {n}  :: A branch of a conifer tree
hako {n}  :: A submerged, dead tree
haksahdus {n}  :: blunder
haksahtaa {vi}  :: To blunder
haku {n}  :: search
hakuaika {n}  :: application time/period
hakuaika {n} [computing]  :: access time
hakualgoritmi {n} [computing]  :: search algorithm
hakuammunta {n} [artillery]  :: A method of targeting the fire, in which a few rounds with varying settings are fired in the environment of the actual target, and the settings for aiming at the actual target are calculated from the results of these test firings
hakuehto {n}  :: search criteria
hakukelpoisuus {n}  :: eligibility for an office (state of having the qualifications required for applying for a position, grant etc.)
hakukomitea {n}  :: search committee
hakukone {n} [computing]  :: search engine
hakulaite {n}  :: pager (device)
hakurobotti {n} [Internet]  :: search bot
hakusana {n}  :: headword (word used as the title of a section, particularly in a dictionary, encyclopedia, or thesaurus)
hakusana {n}  :: keyword (word used in a reference work to link to other words or other information)
halailla {v}  :: to hug, repeatedly
halailu {n}  :: hugging
halailu {n}  :: petting (act of kissing, stroking, etc., a person in a sexual manner)
halaista {v} [rare]  :: alternative form of halkaista
halajaa {v} [poetic, dialectal]  :: alternative form of haluta, in the sense "to want" only
halata {v} [chiefly poetic]  :: to want
halata {v}  :: to hug, embrace (once)
halattava {adj}  :: huggable
halatti {n}  :: A dressing gown or similar piece of clothing
halaus {n}  :: hug
halava {n}  :: bay willow (Salix pentandra)
hali {n} [colloquial]  :: hug
halia {v}  :: To hug (repeatedly or continuously)
halia {v}  :: To snuggle
halidi {n} [chemistry]  :: halide
haliitti {n} [mineral]  :: halite
Halikarnassos {prop}  :: Halicarnassus
haljakampi {adj}  :: comparative form of haljakka
haljakin {adj}  :: superlative form of haljakka
haljakka {adj}  :: faded, pale (of color)
haljakka {adj}  :: tepid, lukewarm
haljakoin {adj}  :: superlative form of haljakka
haljas {n}  :: half-chess
haljeta {vi}  :: To burst, break, pop
haljeta {vi}  :: To crack, (be) fracture(d)
haljeta {vi}  :: To rip, tear, split
halju {adj} [colloquial]  :: poor, boring
halkaisija {n}  :: A diameter (line)
halkaisija {n} [nautical]  :: A jib, as the foremost triangular sail at the bowsprit of a sailing ship
halkaista {v}  :: to burst (to cause to break from internal pressure)
halkaista {v}  :: to split in two
halkaista {v} [woodworking]  :: to rip (to cut along the grain)
halkaisu {n}  :: splitting (in two)
halkaisusaha {n}  :: ripsaw
halkeama {n}  :: A crevice
halkeama {n}  :: A fissure
halkeama {n}  :: A rift
halkeaminen {n}  :: fission
halkeaminen {n}  :: splitting
halkeilu {n}  :: splitting, cracking
halki {postp}  :: across:
halki {postp}  :: through:
halki {postp}  :: to be broken in two (elative)
halkileikkaus {n}  :: cross-section (section formed by a plane cutting through an object)
halkinainen {adj}  :: cracked
halkio {n}  :: cleft, cleavage
halkio {n}  :: slit
halkiomato {n}  :: schistosome, blood fluke (parasitic worm)
halkiomatotauti {n} [pathology]  :: alternative term for bilhartsia
halkipäinen {adj} [heraldry]  :: forked
halko {n}  :: (colloquialism) piece of firewood cut and split to fit into a stove
halko {n}  :: piece of firewood cut to about one meter in length and usually split
halkoa {v}  :: To chop
halkoa {v}  :: To split, divide into halves
halkoa hiuksia {v} [idiomatic]  :: To split hairs
halkohitsaus {n}  :: flat welding
halkoinen {adj} [botany]  :: pinnatifid, pinnatipartite or pinnatisect
halkoinen {adj} [heraldry]  :: parted by pale
halkolaatikko {n}  :: woodbox (box used for storage of firewood)
halkomakone {n}  :: log splitter (machine used to split logs, usually for firewood)
halkomotti {n}  :: cubic metre of firewood
halla {n}  :: frost
hallanarka {adj}  :: Easily to be frostbitten
hallanpesä {n}  :: A place such as swamp that spreads frost
hallanvaara {n}  :: danger of frost
hallava {adj}  :: pale, especially grayish
hallayö {n}  :: A frosty night
halleluja {interj}  :: hallelujah
halli {n}  :: dog, usually grey
halli {n}  :: grey seal, Halichoerus grypus
halli {n}  :: large building used for sports or exhibitions, e.g. indoor arena, gallery
halli {n}  :: large room, e.g. at a railway station, lobby
hallinnassa {adv}  :: on top of (in English a prepositional structure)
hallinnassa {adv}  :: under control
hallinnoida {v}  :: To administer, manage, supervise
hallinnollinen {adj}  :: administrative, administerial (of or pertaining to administering or administration)
hallinta {n}  :: control
hallinta {n}  :: mastery
hallintaoikeus {} [legal]  :: right of possession (right of possessing, using and getting income from the use of an object as distinct from the right of ownership)
hallinto {n}  :: As modifier in compound words (hallinto-), administrative
hallinto {n}  :: government, management, administration
hallintoalue {n}  :: jurisdiction (limits or territory)
hallintohimmeli {n} [pejorative]  :: organization chart
hallintojohtaja {n}  :: administrative director
hallintojohtaja {n}  :: city administrator (US term for a person hired to manage day-to-day activities of a city)
hallintokoneisto {n}  :: A bureaucracy (administrative structure in place to control activity)
hallintokunta {n}  :: A subdivision of state or municipal government, which has its own internal administration and some autonomy in decision making. Currently used especially of branches of municipal government, e.g. education, social security. For this usage, the English translation could be board
hallintolaki {n} [legal, countable]  :: administrative law (any of these laws individually)
hallintolaki {n} [legal, uncountable]  :: administrative law (all the laws that pertain to the administrative agencies of government)
hallintoneuvosto {n}  :: supervisory board (in some company structures, a board between the executive board and shareholders, the powers of which are limited to general supervising and sometimes appointing the executive board and top management. A hallintoneuvosto typically has 15 to 50 members appointed by the annual meeting of the shareholders.)
hallinto-oikeus {n}  :: [in Finland] An Administrative Court
hallintovirkailija {n}  :: administrative official
hallita {v}  :: to be in charge (to have the power of command or control)
hallita {v}  :: to control (to exercise influence over, to suggest or dictate the behavior of)
hallita {v}  :: to master (to have the skill)
hallita {v}  :: to rule, govern, reign, administer, command, master
hallitseman {v} [fi-infinitive of, t=3a, hallita, c=ins]  ::
hallitseva {adj}  :: dominant
hallitseva {adj}  :: ruling
hallitsevasti {adv}  :: dominantly
hallitsija {n}  :: ruler (one who rules)
hallitsijapari {n}  :: ruling couple
hallittu {adj}  :: controlled
hallituksen päämies {n}  :: head of government
hallitukseton {adj}  :: lacking a government
hallitus {n}  :: agency, administration, authority (government body or branch of government entrusted with administration of a defined subsector; usually a part of a ministry)
hallitus {n}  :: board of directors (in a corporation)
hallitus {n}  :: cabinet (group of ministers responsible for creating government policy and for overseeing the departments comprising the executive branch)
hallitus {n}  :: government
hallitusaika {n}  :: reign (ruling period)
hallitusherra {n} [informal]  :: mandarin (senior civil servant)
hallituskausi {n}  :: A reign, the period of rule
hallituskriisi {n}  :: parliamentary crisis
hallitusmuoto {n}  :: A system of government
hallitusneuvottelu {n}  :: government formation talks (translation used by the prime minister's office)
hallitusohjelma {n}  :: A plan of action of a national government for its planned term, officially translated as "Government Programme" into English. The programme is agreed upon before the term begins in negotiations between the political parties which agree to form the government
hallituspohja {n} [politics]  :: government's base of support (in a multiparty parliamentary system, those parties collectively which form the government)
hallituspuolue {n}  :: A political party that has one or more ministers in a given government, governing party, ruling party
hallitusti {adv}  :: in a controlled manner
halloween {n}  :: Halloween (31st of October)
hallusinaatio {n}  :: hallucination
hallusinogeeni {n}  :: hallucinogen
hallussa {adv} [static]  :: In sb's possession
hallusta {adv} [static]  :: from sb's possession
halma {n} [board game]  :: halma
halme {n} [agriculture]  :: Farmland that is produced using the slash and burn technique
Halme {prop}  :: Finnish surname
halo {n}  :: halo
haloefekti {n} [psychology]  :: halo effect
halofyytti {n} [botany]  :: halophyte (plant that tolerates an environment having a high salt content)
halogeeni {n} [chemistry]  :: halogen
halokliini {n} [hydrology]  :: halocline
Halonen {prop}  :: Finnish surname
haloni {n} [chemistry]  :: halon
haloo {interj} [on answering the telephone]  :: hello
haloo {n} [colloquial]  :: hullabaloo
haloperidoli {n} [chemistry]  :: haloperidol
halpa {adj}  :: cheap
halpahalli {n}  :: discount store
halpakopio {n}  :: A cheap copy
halpamainen {adj}  :: dirty, ignoble
halpuus {n}  :: cheapness (property of being cheap)
halpuuttaa {vt} [rare]  :: to cheapen (to lower the price)
halssi {n}  :: (nautical) board, tack (distance a sailing vessel runs between tacks when working to windward)
halssi {n}  :: (nautical) tack (course or heading)
halssi {n} [nautical]  :: tack (rope used to hold in place the foremost lower corner of a square sail)
halssikulma {n} [nautical]  :: tack (part of sail)
halstari {n} [cooking]  :: A hinged gridiron; a grilling device consisting of a handle and two gridirons hinged together so that the food can be trapped between the gridirons
halstaroida {v}  :: To grill or broil on a hinged gridiron
halsteri {n}  :: alternative form of halstari
halsteroida {v}  :: alternative form of halstaroida
halstrata {vt}  :: To grill on a hinged gridiron
haltia {n}  :: elf
haltiatar {n}  :: female elf
haltija {n}  :: elf
haltija {n} [legal]  :: possessor (one who has control over, but not necessarily legal ownership of, an item of fixed or movable property)
haltija {n}  :: occupant (of a position); often used as head of compound term: toimenhaltija, viranhaltija
haltijatar {n}  :: A fairy (in a fairy tale)
haltijatar {n}  :: Female elf
haltijavelkakirja {n} [finance]  :: bearer bond
haltioihinsa {adv}  :: saada ~: to make elated, very excited, enraptured, to blow away
haltioihinsa {adv}  :: tulla ~: to become elated, very excited, enraptured, blown away (by/about = elative)
haltioissaan {adv}  :: olla haltioissaan: to be elated, enthralled, very excited, enraptured, blown away (by/about = elative)
haltioissaan {adv}  :: [While being] elated, very excited, enraptured
haltioitua {vi}  :: to become exalted, to be blown away (to be greatly impressed)
haltioituminen {n}  :: exaltation
haltuumme {postp}  :: to our possession
haltuun {postp}  :: to the possession (of)
haltuuni {postp}  :: to my possession
haltuunne {postp}  :: to your possession
haltuunsa {postp}  :: to his/her/their possession
haltuusi {postp}  :: to your possession
halu {n}  :: desire
halu {n}  :: urge, itch
halukas {adj}  :: inclined, eager, willing
halukkaampi {adj}  :: comparative form of halukas
halukkaasti {adv}  :: eagerly
halukkuus {n}  :: willingness (state of being willing)
haluta {vt}  :: To want; to desire, to crave
haluta {vt} [transitive + infinitive]  :: To want (to do something)
haluton {adj}  :: reluctant
haluttaa {v}  :: to be in the mood for/to, to have an urge, to want
haluttava {adj}  :: desirable
haluttomuus {n}  :: reluctance, unwillingness
haluttu {adj}  :: in demand
haluttu {adj}  :: wanted
halva {n}  :: halva
halvaannuttaa {vt}  :: To paralyze
halvaantua {vi}  :: To be(come) paralyzed
halvata {vt}  :: to paralyse/paralyze
halvattu {adj}  :: paralyzed
halvattu {interj}  :: damn, damned, goddamnit
halvattu {n} [vulgar]  :: heck, goddamn (medium strong expletive or intensifier)
halvaus {n}  :: (pathology) arrest; as in [[sydänhalvaus cardiac arrest]]
halvaus {n} [pathology]  :: paralysis
halvaus {n}  :: (pathology) stroke
halvauttaa {vt}  :: To paralyze
halvautua {vi}  :: To become paralysed/paralyzed
halveerata {vt} [informal]  :: to disparage
halveksia {vt} [+ partitive]  :: To defy, (be) oppose(d) to, resist
halveksia {vt} [+ partitive]  :: To despise, scorn, look down on, sneer at, disdain, contemn
halveksija {n}  :: One who contempts
halveksinta {n}  :: contempt
halveksittava {adj}  :: contemptible
halveksittavasti {adv}  :: contemptibly
halveksittavuus {n}  :: contemptibleness
halveksua {vt} [+ partitive]  :: To defy, (be) oppose(d to), resist
halveksua {vt} [+ partitive]  :: To despise, scorn, look down on, sneer at, disdain, contemn
halveksunta {n}  :: scorn, contempt
halveksuvasti {adv}  :: contemptuously
halvempi {adj}  :: comparative form of halpa
halventaa {vt}  :: to cheapen
halventaa {vt}  :: to disparage
halventava {adj}  :: derogatory, pejorative, contemptuous, disparaging, defamatory
halventua {vi}  :: To become cheaper, become less expensive
halveta {vi}  :: To become cheaper, become less expensive
hama {adj}  :: direct
hama {adj}  :: fuzzy
hamara {n}  :: head (top part) of a railway rail
hamara {n}  :: poll, butt (part of the head of an axe)
hame {n}  :: skirt
hamekangas {n}  :: skirt fabric
hameväki {n}  :: petticoats, skirts; the women
hamina {n} [archaic]  :: port, harbour
hammas {n}  :: tooth
hammasahven {n}  :: porgy, sea bream (any of several fish of the family Sparidae)
hammasalveoli {n} [anatomy]  :: tooth socket (socket in the jaw in which the roots of teeth are held)
hammasharja {n}  :: toothbrush
hammashermo {n} [anatomy]  :: dental nerve
hammashoitaja {n}  :: dental assistant, dentist's assistant, dental nurse
hammashoito {n}  :: dental care
hammashygienisti {n}  :: dental hygienist
hammaskato {n} [pathology]  :: edentation
hammaskiille {n} [anatomy]  :: enamel (hard covering on the exposed part of a tooth)
hammaskipu {n}  :: toothache
hammaskirurgia {n}  :: dental surgery
hammaskivi {n} [medicine]  :: dental calculus, tartar
hammaskuoppa {n} [anatomy]  :: tooth socket (socket in the jaw in which the roots of teeth are held)
hammaslanka {n}  :: floss (a thread, used to clean the area between the teeth)
hammaslääketiede {n}  :: dentistry, odontology
hammaslääkäri {n}  :: dentist
hammasloma {n}  :: The gap between incisors and molars in some mammal species
hammasluu {n}  :: dentin, dentine
hammasmätä {n}  :: tooth decay, dental caries
hammaspeikko {n}  :: Literally "Tooth Troll", a figure used to teach children to brush their teeth
hammaspuikko {n}  :: toothpick
hammaspyörä {n}  :: A cogwheel, gearwheel
hammasrata {n}  :: rack railway
hammasratas {n}  :: A gearwheel, gear, cogwheel, cog (wheel with grooves)
hammassäkki {n} [anatomy]  :: dental follicle (sac containing the developing tooth)
hammassärky {n}  :: toothache
hammastaa {v}  :: To indent, serrate (to cut into points like a row of teeth)
hammastahna {n}  :: toothpaste
hammaste {n}  :: perforation
hammastikku {n}  :: toothpick
hammastua {v}  :: of toothlike projections, to fit smoothly with each other, like e.g. cogs in a set of gears
hammasvalas {n}  :: toothed whale
hampaallinen {adj}  :: toothed
hampaankolossa {adv}  :: a score to be settled, unfinished business or unsaid words that need to be said (lit. in a tooth socket)
hampaankolotus {n}  :: toothache
hampaaton {adj}  :: toothless, edentulous (having no teeth)
hampaaton {adj}  :: toothless (having no capability of enforcing something)
hampaattomasti {adv}  :: In a toothless manner; weakly
hampaattomuus {n}  :: toothlessness
hampaidenhoito {n}  :: dental care
hampaiden narskuttelu {n} [pathology]  :: bruxism
hampaiden narskuttelu {n}  :: The grinding of one's teeth
-hampainen {adj}  :: toothed
hampaisto {n}  :: denture
hamppu {n}  :: hemp (Cannabis sativa)
hamppuinen {adj}  :: hempen
hamppuöljy {n}  :: hemp oil
Hampuri {prop}  :: Hamburg
hampurilainen {n}  :: Hamburger (person)
hampurilainen {n}  :: hamburger (sandwich)
hampurilaisbaari {n}  :: hamburger bar
hampurilaisravintola {n}  :: hamburger restaurant
hamsteri {n} [zoology, mammals, rodents]  :: hamster, any member of the subfamily Cricetinae
hamstraaja {n}  :: hoarder
hamstrata {v}  :: To hoard
hamstraus {n} [finance]  :: panic buying (buying of commodities or other assets earlier than normal)
hamstraus {n}  :: hoarding
hamuta {v}  :: To scrabble
-han {particle}  :: [enclitic] A particle appended to an indicative (more rarely: conditional or potential) verb form in order to express the speaker's wish about something; also to politely ask someone to do something—i.e., to avoid the imperative:
-han {particle}  :: [enclitic] A particle to express that the speaker had some (more or less) certain view on something but is surprised after having got to know the truth about it:
-han {particle}  :: [enclitic] A particle to express that the speaker had some (more or less) certain view on something but is surprised at the controversial view expressed by some other person:
-han {particle}  :: [enclitic] A particle to express that the speaker is determined about or resistant towards something:
-han {particle}  :: [enclitic] With the particle -ko (ko required by the vowel harmony) to express "I wonder if"
-han {suffix}  :: alternative form of -hVn (the case suffix for illative singular case)
hana {n}  :: faucet
hana {n}  :: hammer (of a gun)
hana {n}  :: tap
hanakasti {adv}  :: eagerly
hanakka {adj}  :: eager
hanaolut {n}  :: draft beer
hanapakkaus {n}  :: bag-in-box (package for liquids consisting of a strong metallised plastic bladder, seated inside a corrugated fiberboard box and equipped with a tap)
hanapakkausviini {n}  :: box wine; cask wine [Australia, NZ]
handicap {n} [anglicism]  :: handicap (allowance)
handu {n} [slang]  :: hand
hangaari {n}  :: hangar
hangata {vt}  :: to rub
hangata {v}  :: ~ vastaan: to resist
hangoitella {vi}  :: (+ partitive + vastaan) To chafe against, resist, protest against
hangota {v}  :: To use a pitchfork
hanhenmaksa {n}  :: foie gras
hanhi {n}  :: A goose
hanhikki {n}  :: A plant of the genus Potentilla (cinquefoils etc.)
hanhikorppikotka {n}  :: griffon vulture (Gyps fulvus)
hanka {n} [botany]  :: fork (of a tree and its branch, etc.)
hanka-antilooppi {n}  :: pronghorn (Antilocapra americana)
hankaantua {vi}  :: alternative form of hankautua
hankain {n}  :: oarlock [US], rowlock [UK]
hankajalkainen {n} [biology]  :: copepod
hankakukka {n} [botany]  :: lateral flower
hankala {adj}  :: awkward (not easily managed or effected)
hankala {adj}  :: cumbersome, troublesome, burdensome, wearisome (requiring much work)
hankala {adj}  :: difficult, challenging (hard, not easy, requiring much effort)
hankala {adj}  :: inconvenient (not easy)
hankalakäyttöinen {adj}  :: cumbersome (not easily managed or handled; awkward)
hankaloittaa {vt}  :: To complicate
hankaloitua {vi}  :: To become (more) complicated
hankaluu {n} [anatomy]  :: furcula
hankaluus {n}  :: difficulty, complexity
hankaluus {n}  :: inconvenience
hankasilmu {n} [botany]  :: auxiliary bud
hankasipuli {n} [botany]  :: lateral bulb
hankauma {n}  :: chafe, gall (injury or wear)
hankauskohta {n}  :: a point in which two objects are rubbing against each other
hankauskohta {n} [figuratively]  :: point of friction (issue over which two or more parties have conflicting interests)
hankausäänne {n} [phonetics]  :: fricative
hankauspiirros {n} [arts]  :: frottage (image)
hankauspiirros {n}  :: rubbing (impression)
hankautua {vi}  :: to be or to get rubbed
hankautuma {n}  :: chafe (injury or wear)
hanke {n} [business]  :: project
hanki {n}  :: snow blanket
han-kiinalainen {adj}  :: Han Chinese (referring to the largest ethnic group indigenous to China)
hankikanto {n}  :: The time of spring when snow crust is so hard that it can support a walking person
hankinnaisominaisuus {n} [biology]  :: acquired character, acquired characteristic
hankinta {n}  :: acquisition
hankintamääräys {n}  :: purchase order
hankintatilaus {n}  :: purchase order
hankkia {vt}  :: To acquire, get, obtain, find
hankkia {vt}  :: To buy, purchase, procure
hankkia {vt}  :: To earn, make (money)
hankkia {vt}  :: To prepare for, look for
hankkia {vt}  :: To provide, furnish, supply
hankkija {n}  :: supplier
hankkiutua {v}  :: hankkiutua eroon: To get rid of
hankkiutua {v}  :: hankkiutua hoitoon: To seek (mental) care
hankkiutua {v}  :: hankkiutua raskaaksi: To get pregnant
hankkiutua {v}  :: hankkiutua töihin: To seek, find a job
hankkiutua {vi} [colloquial]  :: To cause oneself to do something; to get
hanko {n}  :: pitchfork
Hanko {prop}  :: Hanko
hankoaura {n} [agriculture]  :: ard (simple plough)
Hanna {prop}  :: Anna (biblical prophetess)
Hanna {prop}  :: female given name of biblical origin, also a short form of Johanna
Hanna {prop}  :: Hannah (biblical character)
Hanne {prop}  :: female given name
Hannele {prop}  :: female given name
Hannes {prop}  :: male given name, short form of Johannes
Hannover {prop}  :: Hanover (German city)
Hannu {prop}  :: Hansel, the boy in the fairy tale Hansel and Gretel
Hannu {prop}  :: male given name
Hannu ja Kerttu {prop}  :: Hansel and Gretel
Hannula {prop}  :: Any of a number of small places in Finland
Hannula {prop}  :: Finnish surname
hansa {n}  :: The Hanseatic League, the Hansa
hansakaupunki {n}  :: Hanseatic city
Hansaliitto {prop} [historical]  :: Hanseatic League
hansikas {n}  :: A glove
hansikaslokero {n}  :: glove compartment
hanska {n} [informal]  :: A glove
hanskakäsi {n} [baseball, pesäpallo]  :: glove (ability to catch a hit ball)
hanskakäsi {n}  :: glove hand (the hand on which a player wears a glove in certain sports)
hanslankari {n} [colloquial]  :: hand, manual laborer (unskilled manual worker, often one in subordinate position with respect to a skilled worker)
hanti {n}  :: A Khanty
hanti {n}  :: The Khanty language
hantti {n} [card games]  :: Short for hanttikortti
hantti {n}  :: For usage in other compound terms, see: hanttihomma, hanttimies
hanttihomma {n}  :: odd job (task of an incidental, unspecialized nature)
hanttihomma {n} [pejorative, slang]  :: shitwork, McJob
hanttikortti {n} [card games]  :: A playing card with little value in the particular game being played
hanukia {n} [Judaism]  :: hanukkiah (nine-branched candelabrum used during Hanukkah)
hanuri {n}  :: accordion
hanuri {n} [colloquial]  :: butt (buttocks)
hanurinsoittaja {n}  :: accordionist
hanuristi {n}  :: accordionist
hapan {adj} [chemistry]  :: acidic, acid
hapan {adj}  :: sour, acid in taste
hapan {adj}  :: sour, peevish, irritable, grumpy, fretful, ill-tempered
hapanhai {n}  :: A foul-smelling Icelandic food made of Greenland shark or basking shark by fermenting and drying. As it is barely known outside Nordic countries, most languages do not have a word for it. In English it might be called fermented shark, or by the Icelandic term [[kæstur hákarl fermented shark]] or just [[hákarl shark, Greenland shark]]
hapanimelä {adj}  :: sweet-and-sour
hapankaali {n}  :: sauerkraut
hapankerma {n}  :: sour cream
hapankirsikka {n}  :: sour cherry (fruit)
hapankirsikka {n}  :: sour cherry, Prunus cerasus (tree)
hapankorppu {n}  :: A type of cracker or thin (abt. 2 mm thick) crisp bread popular in Finland, made of rye sourdough; translated into English as thin crisp by the producers
hapanlaskeuma {n} [ecology]  :: acid deposition
hapanleipä {n}  :: sourdough bread
hapannaama {n}  :: crabapple (unpleasant person)
hapannuttaa {v} [rare]  :: alternative form of hapattaa (to cause to turn sour)
hapansilakka {n}  :: surströmming
hapantaikina {n}  :: sourdough
hapantua {vi}  :: To (turn/go) sour, acidify, lopper
haparoida {vi}  :: To grope, fumble, feel about
haparointi {n}  :: groping, fumbling
hapata {vi}  :: To (turn/go) sour, acidify, lopper
hapate {n}  :: A strain of bacteria used in production of fermented food products to sour the raw material
hapatettu {adj}  :: cultured (of milk products, produced through lactic acid fermentation)
hapatettu {adj}  :: fermented (produced through lactic acid fermentation)
hapatin {n} [dated]  :: A variant of hapate
hapattaa {v}  :: to culture (of milk products, to turn sour through lactic acid fermentation)
hapattaa {v}  :: to ferment (to turn sour through lactic acid fermentation)
hapattaa {v}  :: to (make) sour, acidify
hapekas {adj}  :: oxygen-rich
hapera {adj}  :: brittle
hapero {adj}  :: brittle (apt to break or crumble when bending)
hapero {n}  :: brittlegill, russula (mushroom of the genus Russula)
haperonvieras {n}  :: powder cap, Asterophora lycoperdoides
hapertua {vi}  :: to become brittle
hapete {n} [cosmetics]  :: peroxide (peroxide, especially hydrogen peroxide as used for bleaching hair)
hapete {n}  :: oxidizer, oxidizing agent, oxidant
hapetin {n} [chemistry]  :: An oxidizing agent, oxidizer
hapeton {adj}  :: oxygenless, lacking oxygen
hapettaa {vt}  :: To oxidize
hapettua {vi}  :: To oxidize, to become oxidized
hapettuminen {n} [chemistry]  :: oxidation
hapettumisenestoaine {n}  :: antioxidant (substance that prevents oxidation)
hapetus {n}  :: oxidization
haploidi {adj}  :: haploid
haploidia {n} [genetics]  :: haploidy
haploryhmä {n} [genetics]  :: haplogroup
haplotyyppi {n} [genetics]  :: haplotype
hapokas {adj}  :: acidic (sour, sharp, or biting to the taste)
hapoke {n}  :: A term used as headword in names of certain weak inorganic acids. In English similar weakness is often indicated by using the suffix -ous instead of -ic in the attributive part of the name:
hapottaa {v}  :: to acidify (to add acid into a solution)
hapottaa {v}  :: to acidify (to treat with acid)
hapottua {v}  :: to acidify (to become more acid)
happamaton {adj} [Bible, of bread]  :: unleavened
happamaton {adj}  :: unfermented
happamin {adj}  :: superlative form of hapan
happamoittaa {vt}  :: To acidify
happamoitua {vi}  :: To acidify
happamoituminen {n}  :: acidification
happamuudensäätöaine {n} [chemistry]  :: acidity regulator
happamuus {n}  :: acidness
happamuus {n}  :: sourness
happamuusfunktio {n} [chemistry]  :: acidity function
happening {n}  :: happening (event)
happi {n}  :: The gaseous element oxygen, symbol O
happikaasu {n}  :: oxygen gas
happikato {n} [ecology]  :: oxygen deficiency, environmental hypoxia
happinaamari {n}  :: oxygen mask
happipeitsi {n} [metalworking]  :: thermal lance
happipitoinen {adj}  :: rich in oxygen
happiryhmä {n} [chemistry]  :: chalcogens, oxygen family
happisaturaatio {n}  :: oxygen saturation
happivelka {n} [biology]  :: oxygen debt
happo {n}  :: Any sour or acidic liquid: acid
happo {n} [chemistry]  :: A substance that can act as an electron pair donor (Lewis acid)
happo {n} [chemistry]  :: A substance that can give a proton to another substance (Brønsted acid)
happo {n} [colloquial]  :: A drunkard, sot
happo-emäsreaktio {n} [chemistry]  :: acid-base reaction
happoinen {adj}  :: acid (containing acid)
happomarja {n}  :: barberry (thorny shrub of genus Berberis)
happopitoinen {adj}  :: Acidic; containing acid
happosade {n}  :: acid rain
hapro {n}  :: mountain sorrel (Oxyria digyna)
hapsenkakkiainen {n} [dialectal]  :: longhorn beetle (any beetle from the Cerambycidae family)
hapsenkakkiainen {n} [humorous]  :: beetle (any beetle of unknown species)
hapsi {n} [literary]  :: A single hair, especially a grey hair of an ageing person
hapsikka {n}  :: ditch grass, any plant of the genus Ruppia
hapsu {n}  :: fringe
hapsupiiska {n}  :: flogger (lightweight whip)
hapsuttaa {vt}  :: to fringe (to decorate with fringe)
hapuilla {v}  :: To fumble, scrabble
hara {n}  :: harrow
harakankello {n}  :: spreading bellflower, Campanula patula
harakanvarvas {n} [figurative]  :: Usually in plural (harakanvarpaat): chicken scratch, scrawl (cramped or illegible handwriting)
harakiri {n}  :: hara-kiri, seppuku
harakka {n}  :: A magpie
harakka {n}  :: European magpie, Pica pica
harallaan {adv}  :: apart (in a state of being apart‚ used especially of legs, arms and fingers)
haralleen {adv}  :: apart (to a state of being apart‚ used especially of legs, arms and fingers)
harata {v}  :: harata vastaan: to struggle against
harata {v}  :: to harrow
harava {n}  :: rake
haravakone {n}  :: hayrake
haravoida {vt}  :: To comb (searching someone or something)
haravoida {vt}  :: To rake
haravointi {n}  :: combing, searching thoroughly
haravointi {n}  :: raking
hard rock {n}  :: hard rock
harha {n}  :: Illusion, delusion, hallucination, chimera, mirage
harha {n}  :: Misconception, false belief, false idea, fallacy
harha-aistimus {n}  :: A hallucination
harhaan {adv}  :: astray, amiss
harhaanjohdettu {adj}  :: misled
harhaanjohtaa {v} [lb, en, nonstandard]  :: alternative form of johtaa harhaan
harhaanjohtava {adj}  :: deceptive
harhaanjohtava {adj}  :: delusive
harhaanjohtava {adj}  :: misleading
harhaanjohtava {adj}  :: The noun misnomer can be used as equivalent to harhaanjohtava nimitys, sana, termi, käsite etc
harhaanjohtavasti {adv}  :: deceptively
harhaanjohtavasti {adv}  :: misleadingly
harhaannuttaa {vt} [rare]  :: alternative form of harhauttaa
harhaantua {vi}  :: alternative form of harhautua
harhaanvievä {adj}  :: misleading
harha-askel {n}  :: misstep (error or mistake)
harha-askel {n}  :: misstep, false step (step that is wrong)
harhailija {n}  :: wanderer, drifter
harhailla {vi}  :: To wander, stray, roam, drift
harhainen {adj}  :: delusional
harhainen {adj} [statistics]  :: biased
harhakäsitys {n}  :: misconception, false belief, false idea, false notion
harhakuva {n}  :: illusion
harhakuvitelma {n}  :: Fallacy, false belief, false idea, false notion
harhaluoti {n}  :: stray bullet
harhaluulo {n}  :: Misconception; fallacy; (psychologically) delusion
harhama {n} [biology]  :: A chimera
harhanäky {n}  :: hallucination, delusion
harhaoppi {n}  :: A heresy
harhaoppinen {adj}  :: Heretic, heretical
harhaoppisesti {adv}  :: heretically
harhasoitto {n}  :: misdialing
harhaton {adj} [statistics]  :: unbiased
harhauma {n}  :: deviation (e.g. sexual deviation)
harhauttaa {v}  :: To deceive
harhauttaa {v}  :: To distract
harhauttaa {v}  :: To equivocate
harhauttaminen {n}  :: misleading, deception, fooling, diversion
harhautua {v}  :: to go astray
harhautua {v}  :: to pervert (to become perverted; to take the wrong course)
harhautua {v}  :: to stray
harhautuma {n}  :: alternative form of harhauma
harhautus {n}  :: A bluff (an act of bluffing)
harhautus {n}  :: A delusion (an act of deceiving the judgment of another person)
harhautus {n}  :: A diversion (act of diverting)
harhautus {n}  :: A diversion (tactic used to draw attention away from the real threat or action)
harhautus {n}  :: A red herring (a falsified or intentionally misleading clue)
harhautus {n}  :: A trick (an act designed to trick)
harittaa {v}  :: To splay
harja {n}  :: arête (sharp edge of a mountain ridge)
harja {n}  :: brush (implement consisting of multiple bristles or other filaments)
harja {n}  :: brush (piece of conductive material, serving to maintain electrical contact between the stationary and rotating parts of a machine)
harja {n}  :: crest, chine (summit of a hill or mountain ridge)
harja {n}  :: crest (ridge or top of a wave)
harja {n}  :: crest (tuft, or other excrescence or natural ornament, growing on an animal's head)
harja {n}  :: crest (upper curve of a horse's neck)
harja {n} [curling]  :: broom, sweeper (implement with which players sweep the ice to make a stone travel further)
harja {n}  :: mane (longer hair growth e.g. on back of neck of a horse or around head of a male lion)
harjaannuttaa {vt}  :: To train
harjaantua {vi}  :: To become competent in something
harjake {n}  :: A small ridge, crest
harjalaiskiainen {n}  :: maned three-toed sloth, Bradypus torquatus
harjalintu {n}  :: hoopoe (Upupa epops)
harjamainen {adj}  :: brushlike
harjamainen {adj}  :: rooflike
harjamainen {adj} [zoology]  :: tectiform (shaped like a roof)
harjanne {n}  :: A ridge
harjas {n}  :: bristle
harjaspuupiikkisika {n}  :: alternative term for bahianpiikkirotta, Chaetomys subspinosus
harjasrousku {n}  :: A milk-cap, Lactarius mairei
harjasusi {n}  :: maned wolf, Chrysocyon brachyurus
harjasvyötiäinen {n}  :: Andean hairy armadillo, Chaetophractus nationi
harjata {v}  :: To brush
harjatiili {n}  :: A ridge tile
harjaus {n}  :: brush, brushing (act of brushing)
harjoite {n}  :: exercise
harjoitella {v}  :: To practice, exercise, train, drill, rehearse
harjoitelma {n}  :: sketch (quick freehand drawing, rough design or idea of an artistic work)
harjoittaa {v}  :: To practice (to perform or execute a craft or skill)
harjoittaja {n}  :: practitioner, -practicer (person who practices a profession or art)
harjoittaja {n}  :: trainer (person who trains another, especially in the military)
harjoittelija {n}  :: intern, trainee, apprentice, learner, student
harjoittelu {n}  :: exercise
harjoitteluaika {n}  :: A practice run, a warm-up
harjoitteluaika {n}  :: Time devoted to or used for exercise or practice
harjoitus {n}  :: drill
harjoitus {n}  :: exercise, practice
harjoitus {n}  :: rehearsal
harjoitusalue {n}  :: range (area for military training or equipment testing)
harjoitusliike {n}  :: exercise motion
harjoitustehtävä {n}  :: exercise, problem, task
harjoitusvihko {n}  :: exercise book (booklet for students, containing problems, exercises and/or blank pages for writing answers)
harjottaa {v} [dialectal]  :: alternative form of harjoittaa
harju {n} [geology]  :: esker; in colloquial language also a terminal moraine
Harju {prop}  :: Any of a number of places in Finland and Estonia
Harju {prop}  :: Finnish surname
Harjula {prop}  :: Any of a number of small places in Finland
Harjula {prop}  :: Finnish surname
harjus {n}  :: grayling, Thymallus thymallus
harkinnanvarainen {adj}  :: discretionary (depending on someone's judgment)
harkinta {n}  :: consideration, deliberation
harkintakyky {n}  :: discretion, the ability to make wise, informed decisions
harkita {vt}  :: (transitive; + partitive) To deliberate, consider, reflect upon, ponder, think
harkitsematon {adj}  :: imprudent
harkitsematon {adj}  :: inconsiderate, unthinking
harkitsemattomasti {adv}  :: imprudently
harkitseva {adj}  :: deliberate, circumspect (weighting facts and arguments)
harkittu {adj}  :: deliberate (intentional)
harkittu {adj}  :: deliberate (well-advised)
harkka {n} [archaic]  :: A controversy, strife
harkka {n} [colloquial]  :: practice
harkko {n}  :: bar, ingot, pig (block of cast metal)
harkko {n}  :: concrete brick, concrete masonry unit (CMU), concrete block, cement block, besser block, breeze block, cinder block
harkko {n}  :: expanded clay aggregate brick (kevytsoraharkko)
harlekiini {n}  :: broadbill (bird of the family Eurylaimidae)
harlekiini {n}  :: harlequin
harlekiini {n} [in plural]  :: Eurylaimidae (family of tropical passerine birds)
harlekiinisorsa {n}  :: A term sometimes used by the ignorant of [[virta-alli harlequin duck]], Histrionicus histrionicus
harlekiinitulkku {n}  :: grey-headed bullfinch, Pyrrhula erythaca
harmaa {adj}  :: grey, gray (colour)
harmaa {adj}  :: grey, gray, dreary, gloomy
harmaa {adj}  :: grey, gray (having an indistinct or disputed quality)
harmaa {n}  :: The colour grey/gray
harmaa aine {n} [anatomy]  :: grey matter
harmaa eminenssi {n}  :: éminence grise, power behind the throne
harmaahaikara {n}  :: grey heron (Ardea cinerea)
harmaahapsi {n}  :: A gray-haired person
harmaahapsi {n} [figuratively]  :: An old person
harmaahylje {n}  :: grey seal (Halichoerus grypus)
harmaakaihi {n} [medicine]  :: cataract
harmaakarhu {n}  :: grizzly bear
harmaakuskus {n}  :: grey cuscus (Phalanger orientalis)
harmaakuvemyyrä {n}  :: grey red-backed vole (Myodes rufocanus; former genus names Chletrionomys and Evotomys)
harmaaleppä {n}  :: A grey alder, Alnus incana
harmaalokki {n}  :: herring gull (Larus argentatus)
harmaamurmeli {n}  :: hoary marmot (Marmota caligata)
harmaamustesieni {n}  :: inky cap, Coprinopsis atramentaria
harmaannuttaa {vt}  :: To gray
harmaantua {vi}  :: To grey (to become grey)
harmaantunut {adj}  :: hoary (of hair, turned white or grey with age)
harmaaorava {n}  :: eastern gray squirrel, Sciurus carolinensis
harmaapartaseitikki {n} [mushroom]  :: A webcap, Cortinarius canabarba
harmaapensselisika {n}  :: bush pig, bushpig (wild pig of the species Potamochoerus larvatus)
harmaarotta {n}  :: brown rat (Rattus norvegicus)
harmaarousku {n}  :: grey milk-cap (Lactarius vietus)
harmaasara {n} [plant]  :: silvery sedge, Carex canescens
harmaasorsa {n}  :: gadwall (Anas strepera)
harmaasävykuva {n}  :: monochrome (black and white photograph)
harmaat {n} [informal]  :: Time spent in the military service; from the color of the uniform, often in the form armeijan harmaat (Literally, "the greys of the Army)
harmaatulkku {n}  :: brown bullfinch, Pyrrhula nipalensis
harmaavalas {n}  :: gray whale (Eschrichtius robustus)
harmaavesi {n}  :: greywater, gray water
harmaavilla-apina {n}  :: yellow-tailed woolly monkey (Oreonax flavicauda)
Harmageddon {prop}  :: Armageddon
harmahtaa {vi}  :: of a color: to have a grey shade
harmahtava {adj}  :: grayish
harmain {adj}  :: superlative form of harmaa
harmaus {n}  :: grayness, greyness
harme {n} [geology]  :: The non-valuable material of ore
harmentaa {vt}  :: to grey
harmentua {vi} [rare]  :: To grey
harmeta {vi}  :: To gray
harmi {interj}  :: pity!
harmi {interj}  :: what a pity
harmi {n}  :: harm
harmillinen {adj}  :: annoying, troublesome
harmillisesti {adv}  :: annoyingly
harmio {n}  :: hoary alyssum, Berteroa incana
harmistua {vi}  :: To be annoyed
harmitella {v}  :: to bemoan, complain, regret, dismay about something
harmiton {adj}  :: harmless
harmittaa {v}  :: to be irritated, annoyed, vexed
harmittaa {v}  :: to irritate, annoy, vex, irk
harmittomasti {adv}  :: harmlessly
harmittomuus {n}  :: harmlessness
harmitus {n}  :: drag (as an exclamation, something disappointing)
harmitus {n}  :: irritation, annoyance, vexation, irking, frustration (state of being mentally irritated or annoyed)
harmivain {interj}  :: pity!
harmivain {interj}  :: what a pity
harmohapero {n}  :: A brittlegill, Russula densifolia
harmoni {n}  :: harmonium
harmonia {n}  :: harmony
harmonikka {n}  :: accordion
harmoninen {adj}  :: harmonic
harmoninen keskiarvo {n}  :: harmonic mean
harmonioida {v}  :: To harmonize
harmonisesti {adv}  :: harmonically
harmonisoida {vt}  :: To harmonize
harmonisointi {n}  :: harmonization
harmonisoitua {vi}  :: To be harmonized
harmonistaa {vt}  :: To harmonize
harmonistua {vi} [rare]  :: To harmonize
haroa {v}  :: to grope, scrabble
harottaa {vi}  :: To protrude
harpata {v}  :: To stride, to leap (to take one long step)
harpata {v}  :: To warp in video gaming
harpikko {n}  :: harpist
harpisti {n}  :: harpist
harppailla {v}  :: frequentative form of [[harpata to leap, stride]] (to take repeated long steps)
harppaus {n}  :: leap (long step)
harppi {n}  :: A pair of compasses; also compass
Harppi {prop}  :: the constellation Circinus, the Compass
harppia {vi}  :: alternative form of harppoa
Harppi-Saksa {prop} [colloquial]  :: East Germany
harppoa {vi}  :: to stride (to walk with long steps)
harppu {n}  :: A harp
harppu {n} [derogatory]  :: An old or ugly woman, harpy
harppunoida {vt}  :: To harpoon
harppuuna {n}  :: harpoon
harppuuna {n}  :: short for harppuunapyssy or harppuunatykki; speargun, harpoon gun
harppuunapyssy {n}  :: harpoon gun (deck-mounted)
harppuunapyssy {n}  :: speargun (handheld)
harppuunatykki {n}  :: harpoon cannon, harpoon gun (deck-mounted cannon for shooting harpoons)
harpunsoittaja {n}  :: harpist
harpyija {n} [Greek mythology]  :: harpy (fabulous winged monster with the face of a woman)
harpyija {n}  :: harpy eagle (Harpia harpyja)
harras {adj}  :: pious, devout, heartfelt, earnest
harrastaa {v}  :: To be interested in, to be engaged in a hobby
harrastaja {n}  :: amateur
harrastaja {n}  :: hobbyist
harraste {n}  :: hobby
harrastelija {n}  :: layman, amateur
harrastua {vi}  :: To become interested
harrastus {n}  :: hobby
harri {n} [colloquial]  :: grayling, Thymallus thymallus
Harri {prop}  :: male given name
Harri {prop} [uncommon]  :: Finnish surname
harrikka {n}  :: A nickname of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle
harsia {v}  :: to baste, tack (to sew with long or loose stitches)
harsinta {n}  :: tack (loose seam)
harso {n}  :: gauze (thin fabric)
harsokangas {n}  :: gauze, mull, scrim, tissue
harsu {adj} [botany]  :: sparse
harsuuntua {vi}  :: To unravel
hartaasti {adv}  :: earnestly, entreatingly, heartfeltly
harteet {n}  :: shoulders
harteikas {adj}  :: broad-shouldered
harteva {adj}  :: broad-shouldered
hartia {n} [anatomy]  :: shoulder
hartiahuivi {n}  :: shawl
hartiakas {adj}  :: Broad-shouldered
hartialihas {n} [anatomy]  :: deltoid muscle, deltoid, common shoulder muscle (triangular muscle in the shoulder)
hartiapunos {n} [anatomy]  :: brachial plexus (network of nerves leading from neck to arm)
hartiaviitta {n}  :: cape (cloth)
hartiavoima {n} [figuratively]  :: one's physical strength
hartiavoima {n} [idiomatic]  :: one's full effort; a corresponding English idiom is "shoulder to the wheel"
hartiavoimin {adv}  :: with brute force, by doing the hard work, by putting one's nose to the grind stone
hartiavyö {n} [skeleton]  :: pectoral girdle
hartsaantua {v}  :: to turn into resin
hartsata {v}  :: to resinate (to treat with resin)
hartsata {v}  :: to seal with resin
hartsata {v}  :: to turn into resin
hartsi {n}  :: resin (group of natural and synthetic chemicals)
hartsiintua {vi}  :: alternative form of hartsaantua
hartsilakka {n}  :: resin varnish
hartsittaa {v} [rare]  :: alternative form of hartsata
harus {n}  :: A guy, guyline (support cable)
haruspeksi {n}  :: haruspex
haruspurje {n} [nautical]  :: A staysail
harustaa {v}  :: To guy (to equip with guys or guylines)
harustettu {adj}  :: guyed
harva {adj}  :: few; often in plural (harvat)
harva {adj}  :: infrequent, sparse (far apart in space or time)
harva {adj}  :: loose (of garment or any grid-like structure)
harva {adj}  :: thin (of hair)
harvaetuhampaiset {n}  :: The marsupial order Diprotodontia
harvainvalta {n}  :: oligarchy
harvajalkainen {n} [biology]  :: pauropod
harvakseen {adv}  :: seldom, rarely, infrequently (with long intervals)
harvakseen {adv}  :: sparsely
harvakseltaan {adv}  :: seldom, rarely, infrequently (with long intervals)
harvakseltaan {adv}  :: sparsely
harva se päivä {phrase} [idiomatic]  :: almost daily, quite often
harvasti {adv}  :: sparsely
harvasukasmato {n}  :: oligochaete (any of various hermaphroditic aquatic and terrestrial annelid worms, of the class Oligochaeta, that have single bristles along the body)
harvemmin {adv}  :: comparative form of harvoin
harvennin {n} [gardening]  :: thinner (thinning tool or device)
harvennus {n}  :: thinning (act of removing some plants in order to improve the growth of those remaining)
harventaa {v} [music]  :: to augment (to slow the tempo or meter, e.g. for a dramatic or stately passage)
harventaa {v}  :: to rarefy (to make rare, thin, porous, less dense)
harventaa {v}  :: to thin out (to make more sparse)
harventaa {v}  :: to thin (to remove some plants or parts thereof in order to improve the growth of those remaining)
harventaja {n}  :: thinner (person who or something that thins, such as plants in a garden)
harventua {vi}  :: To thin out
harventua {v}  :: To become rarer (less common)
harventuma {n}  :: thinned out spot
harvesteri {n}  :: harvester
harveta {vi}  :: To become less dense, less crowded
harveta {vi}  :: To become more rare in number
harvimmin {adv}  :: superlative form of harvoin
harvinainen {adj}  :: rare (e.g. of species)
harvinainen maametalli {n}  :: rare earth metal, rare earth element
harvinaisesti {adv}  :: rarely
harvinaistua {vi}  :: To become rare or rarer
harvinaisuus {n}  :: rareness
harvinaisuus {n}  :: rarity
harvoin {adv}  :: seldom, rarely, infrequently (taking place at long intervals)
hasa {n} [slang]  :: hash (hashish)
hasardi {n}  :: hazard (change), gambling
hasis {n}  :: hashish
hassahtanut {adj} [slang]  :: silly, crazy, cracked, crackpot, nuts (mildly and harmlessly out of one's mind, as due to old age)
hassahtava {adj}  :: slightly crazy or batty, often due to early stages of senility
hassata {v} [informal]  :: to waste (squander money or resources uselessly)
hasselpähkinä {n}  :: hazelnut
hassi {n} [colloquial]  :: blunder
hassium {n}  :: hassium
hassu {adj}  :: funny
hassu {adj}  :: silly (playful)
hassu {adj}  :: weird (strange)
hassunkurinen {adj}  :: comical
hassunkurisesti {adv}  :: comically
hassusti {adv}  :: funnily (in a fun manner)
hassusti {adv}  :: funnily, strangely
hassutella {vi}  :: to goof off, to monkey around, to play the fool, to act silly
hääasu {n}  :: wedding dress
hääasu {n}  :: wedding suit
hatara {adj}  :: feeble
hatara {adj}  :: shaky
hatarasti {adv}  :: feebly
hatarasti {adv}  :: shakily
hatikka {n}  :: spurry
hatkat {adv} [colloquial]  :: escape, runner (quick escape away from a scene); used with the verb [[ottaa to take]] in the idiomatic expression "ottaa hatkat", which may often be translated with to leave, quit, flee, run away or with an idiom like to take to one's heels or take to the hills
hattara {n}  :: cotton candy
hattu {n}  :: háček
hattu {n}  :: hat
hattu {n}  :: tampion (plug on top of an organ pipe)
hattuilla {v}  :: To tease
hattunauha {n}  :: A hatband
hattu-s {n}  :: the letter Š, š (marking the voiceless postalveolar sibilant in Finnish orthography)
hattuteline {n}  :: hat rack
hattutemppu {n} [sports]  :: hat trick (three goals by one player in one game)
hattuuntua {vi}  :: To be annoyed
hattuuntunut {adj}  :: pissed off
hattu-z {n}  :: the letter Ž, ž (marking the voiced postalveolar sibilant in Finnish orthography)
hatullinen {adj}  :: Wearing/having a hat
hatullinen {n}  :: A hatful (amount a hat can hold)
hatuntekijä {n}  :: hatter
hatuttaa {vi} [colloquial]  :: To be annoyed, vexed
hau {interj}  :: woof, the sound a barking dog makes
haudanhiljainen {adj}  :: silent as the grave
haudanhäpäisy {n}  :: desecration of grave
haudankaivaja {n}  :: gravedigger
haudanryöstö {n}  :: graverobbing
haudanryöstäjä {n}  :: graverobber
haudanvakava {adj}  :: Grave, very serious
haudata {vt}  :: To bury, inter, entomb
haude {n}  :: poultice
haude {n}  :: tea (any drink made by infusing parts of various other plants)
haudikas {n}  :: A stewed root vegetable, potato etc
haudonta {n}  :: brooding, incubation of eggs
haudontaerä {n} [poultry farming]  :: A hatch (birds that emerged from eggs at a specified time)
hauduttaa {v} [cooking]  :: To poach (to cook in simmering water)
hauduttaa {v}  :: To stew, simmer (to cook by slowly boiling or simmering)
haudutuspata {n}  :: slow cooker (kitchen appliance)
hauenleuka {n}  :: crocodile clip or alligator clip
hau hau {interj}  :: bow wow
hauis {n} [anatomy]  :: biceps brachii
haukahdella {vi} [of a dog]  :: To bark/yip/yap/yelp/bay in a repeated and irregular manner
haukahtaa {vi}  :: To bark/yip/yap/yelp/bay once, utter a bark/yip/yap/yelp/bay
haukansilmä {n} [mineral]  :: hawk-eye
haukansilmäinen {adj}  :: hawk-eyed
haukata {v}  :: To bite
haukattava {adj}  :: bitable, biteable
haukattava {n}  :: snack
hauki {n}  :: ged (representation of a pike in heraldry)
hauki {n}  :: pike (any fish in the genus Esox)
hauki {n}  :: pike [British], northern pike, Esox lucius
haukka {n}  :: bite
haukka {n}  :: hawk
haukkoa {v}  :: To take large mouthfuls; almost exclusively used in the expression [[haukkoa henkeään to gasp for breath]]
haukkoa henkeään {v}  :: to gasp (for breath)
haukkoja {n}  :: Agent noun of the verb haukkoa
haukku {n}  :: a bite (e.g. of apple)
haukku {n}  :: bark (sound made by dogs, seals and some other animals)
haukku {n} [by extension]  :: scolding
haukku {n}  :: [endearingly] dog
haukkua {vi} [of a dog]  :: To bark, yip, yelp, bay
haukkua {vt}  :: To bad mouth (someone), To criticise/criticize, attack, abuse
haukkua {vt}  :: To call (someone) names
haukkua maanrakoon {vt} [idiomatic + genitive-accusative]  :: To tell off, haul over the coals, give hell to, give a piece of one's mind to (literally: "to tell (someone) off to the hole/crack in the ground")
haukkua pataluhaksi {vt} [idiomatic, + genitive-accusative]  :: To tell off, haul over the coals, give hell to, give a piece of one's mind to (literally: to call (someone) a pot spoon)
haukkua pystyyn {vt} [idiomatic + genititive-accusative]  :: To tell off, haul over the coals, give hell to, give a piece of one's mind to
haukkuja {n}  :: A barker, one who barks
haukkumasana {n} [linguistics]  :: A pejorative
haukkuva koira ei pure {proverb}  :: barking dogs seldom bite
haukotella {vi}  :: To yawn
haukottaa {v}  :: Same as haukotuttaa, but less used
haukottelu {n}  :: yawning, yawn (action of yawning)
haukotus {n}  :: yawn
haukotuttaa {v}  :: To feel like yawning
haukotuttaa {v}  :: To make yawn
haukunta {n}  :: barking
hauli {n}  :: small shot
haulikko {n}  :: shotgun
haulikkoammunta {n} [sports]  :: shotgun shooting
haulikkohäät {n} [humorous]  :: shotgun wedding (wedding in which the bride is pregnant)
haupitsi {n}  :: howitzer
haura {n}  :: pondweed
hauras {adj}  :: brittle, fragile, friable, crumbly, rickety (breaking easily in smaller parts)
haurashapero {n}  :: A brittlegill, Russula fragilis
haurastua {vi}  :: To become brittle
haurastuttaa {vt}  :: To make brittle
hauraus {n}  :: fragility, brittleness
haureus {n} [legal, dated]  :: unchastity, bawdry, fornication (any sexual act considered immoral or unnatural)
hauska {adj}  :: fun, in the idiomatic expression pitää hauskaa
hauska {adj}  :: merry
hauska {adj}  :: pleasant
hauskaa joulua {phrase}  :: Merry Christmas
hauskaa pääsiäistä {phrase}  :: happy Easter
hauskannäköinen {adj}  :: funny-looking
hauskasti {adv}  :: funnily
hauska tutustua {phrase}  :: pleased to meet you
hauskempi {adj}  :: comparative form of hauska
hauskuttaa {vt}  :: alternative form of hauskuuttaa
hauskuuttaa {vt}  :: to amuse (to cause laughter, to be funny)
hausta {n}  :: castor sac
hauta {n}  :: grave, tomb
hauta {n}  :: trench (long, steep-sided, narrow depression in the ocean floor)
hautaantua {vi}  :: To be(come)/get buried
hautajaiset {n}  :: A funeral, memorial service; wake
hautajaissaatto {n}  :: funeral procession
hautajaissaattue {n}  :: funeral procession
hautakammio {n}  :: tomb, sepulchre
hautakirjoitus {n}  :: epitaph
hautakivi {n}  :: gravestone, tombstone, headstone
hautakumpu {n}  :: burial mound, barrow, cairn
Hautala {prop}  :: Any of a number of small places in Finland
Hautala {prop}  :: Finnish surname
hautamainen {adj}  :: gravelike, tomblike (resembling a grave)
hautamainen {adj}  :: sepulchral (suggestive of grave)
hautaus {n}  :: burial, entombment
hautausmaa {n}  :: A graveyard, cemetery
hautausurakoitsija {n}  :: undertaker
hautautua {vi}  :: To get buried
hautauurna {n}  :: urn (for ashes)
hautavajoama {n} [geology]  :: A rift valley
hautoa {vt}  :: To brood, incubate (eggs)
hautomakone {n}  :: An incubator (apparatus for eggs)
hautomalaikku {n}  :: brood patch
hautomo {n}  :: hothouse (for ideas, startups etc.)
hautomo {n}  :: incubator (for eggs)
hautoutua {vi}  :: to be incubated
hautua {vi} [of coffee or tea]  :: To draw
hautua {vi}  :: To stew, simmer
hautuumaa {n}  :: cemetery, graveyard
hauva {n} [children, colloquial]  :: doggy
hauva {n} [humorous]  :: A dog or hound on the larger side
hauyniitti {n} [mineral]  :: hauyne
havahduttaa {vt}  :: To awaken
havahtua {vi}  :: To awake
havahtua {vi}  :: To become aware of something, to sit up and take notice
havaiji {n}  :: Hawaiian (language)
Havaiji {prop}  :: Hawaii
havaijilainen {adj}  :: Hawaiian
havaijilainen {n}  :: a Hawaiian
havaijinhanhi {n}  :: nene, Branta sandvicensis
Havaijisaaret {prop}  :: Hawaii
havainnoida {v}  :: To observe
havainnoija {n}  :: observer
havainnointi {n}  :: observation, perception
havainnoitsija {n}  :: observer
havainnollinen {adj}  :: illustrative
havainnollisesti {adv}  :: illustratively
havainnollistaa {v}  :: To demonstrate, elucidate
havainnollistua {vi}  :: To become illustrated
havainto {n}  :: observation
havainto {n}  :: perception
havaintokyky {n}  :: perception
havaita {vt}  :: To observe, detect, perceive
havaitsija {n}  :: observer
havaittavissa {adv}  :: observable
Havanna {prop}  :: Havana (capital)
havannalainen {adj}  :: Havanan (of or pertaining to the city of Havana, the capital of Cuba)
havannalainen {n}  :: A Havana (cigar)
havannalainen {n}  :: A Havanan (person)
havas {n}  :: The mesh fabric of a fishnet or fish-trap
havina {n}  :: swish
havista {vi}  :: to sough, swish, sigh
havitella {v}  :: To go after
havu {n}  :: fresh sprig or small branch of a coniferous tree
havu {n} [rare]  :: needle of a coniferous tree
havumetsä {n}  :: coniferous forest
havununna {n}  :: black arches, nun moth (Lymantria monacha)
havupuistohapero {n}  :: A brittlegill, Russula cessans
havupuu {n}  :: coniferous tree, conifer, softwood, softwood tree (tree)
havupuu {n}  :: softwood (wood from a conifer)
havupuumetsä {n}  :: coniferous forest
havuttaa {vt}  :: to line, decorate or cover with sprigs of coniferous trees
hazara {n}  :: Hazara (member of an Afghanistani ethnic group)
hazara {n}  :: In plural (hazarat), the Hazara (an ethnic group of central Afghanistan)
hädin tuskin {adv}  :: hardly, barely
hädissään {adv}  :: alarmedly (in an alarmed manner)
hädässä ystävä tunnetaan {proverb}  :: a friend in need is a friend indeed (literally: in need a friend is known)
H-duuri {n} [music]  :: B major
he {pron} [personal]  :: they [only of people]
headeri {n} [colloquial, Internet]  :: header
heavyrock {n} [music]  :: hard rock
heavyrock {n} [music]  :: heavy metal
heazlewoodiitti {n} [mineral]  :: heazlewoodite
hebefreenikko {n}  :: A hebephrenic schizophrenic
hebefreeninen {adj}  :: hebephrenic
hebefreenisyys {n}  :: The quality of being hebephrenic; hebephrenia
hebefrenia {n} [clinical psychology]  :: hebephrenia
hebrea {n} [deprecated]  :: alternative spelling of heprea
hebrealainen {adj}  :: alternative form of heprealainen
hebrealainen {n}  :: alternative form of heprealainen
hede {n} [botany]  :: A stamen
hedekukinto {n} [botany]  :: male inflorescence (inflorescence containing only male reproductive organs of a plant)
hedelmä {n}  :: fruit
hedelmähappo {n}  :: alpha-hydroxy acid
hedelmähyytelö {n}  :: fruit jelly
hedelmöidä {vi}  :: To fruit
hedelmäinen {adj}  :: fruity
hedelmöinti {n}  :: fruiting
hedelmistö {n} [biology]  :: infructescence
hedelmöittää {vt}  :: to impregnate, fertilize
hedelmöittäminen {n}  :: impregnation (act of making pregnant)
hedelmöittyä {vi}  :: To become fertilized
hedelmöittyminen {n}  :: fertilisation/fertilization
hedelmöityä {v}  :: alternative form of hedelmöittyä
hedelmöitys {n}  :: fertilization, conception
hedelmöityshoito {n}  :: infertility treatment
hedelmäkakku {n}  :: fruitcake (cake)
hedelmäkauppias {n}  :: fruit seller, fruiterer
hedelmäkeitto {n}  :: fruit soup
hedelmäkärpänen {n}  :: fruit fly
hedelmälepakko {n}  :: fruit bat (bat of the family Pteropodidae, the family of Old World fruit bats)
hedelmäliha {n}  :: flesh (soft, often edible, parts of fruits or vegetables)
hedelmäliha {n}  :: pulp (soft center of a fruit)
hedelmällinen {adj}  :: fertile
hedelmällinen {adj}  :: fruitful
hedelmällisesti {adv}  :: fertilely
hedelmällisesti {adv}  :: fruitfully
hedelmällisyys {n}  :: fertility
hedelmällisyyskultti {n}  :: fertility cult
hedelmällisyysluku {n}  :: fertility rate
hedelmämarmeladi {n}  :: fruit marmalade
hedelmämehu {n}  :: fruit juice
hedelmäpuu {n}  :: fruit tree
hedelmäsalaatti {n}  :: A fruit salad or macedoine
hedelmäsokeri {n}  :: fructose
hedelmätarha {n}  :: grove (small orchard, especially of citrus trees)
hedelmätarha {n}  :: orchard
hedelmätee {n}  :: fruit tea
hedelmättömästi {adv}  :: fruitlessly
hedelmättömyys {n}  :: infertility
hedelmäveitsi {n}  :: fruit knife
hedelmäviini {n}  :: fruit wine
hedelmys {n} [biology]  :: mericarp
hedgerahasto {n}  :: alternative form of hedge-rahasto
hedge-rahasto {n} [finance]  :: hedge fund
hedoninen {adj}  :: hedonic
hedonismi {n}  :: hedonism
hedonisti {n}  :: hedonist
hedonistinen {adj}  :: hedonistic
heeros {n}  :: hero
heetti {n}  :: A Hittite person
heetti {n}  :: The Hittite language
heettiläinen {adj}  :: Hittite
heettiläinen {n}  :: a Hittite person
hefta {n} [colloquial]  :: plaster, band-aid
hegeliläinen {adj}  :: Hegelian
hegeliläisyys {n} [philosophy]  :: Hegelianism
hegemoni {n}  :: hegemon
hegemonia {n}  :: hegemony
hegemoninen {adj}  :: hegemonic
hehkeä {adj}  :: blooming, flourishing
hehku {n}  :: glow
hehkua {v}  :: to glow
hehkua {v}  :: to radiate light and warmth
hehkulamppu {n}  :: incandescent lamp, light bulb
hehkulanka {n}  :: filament (in a light bulb)
hehkuttaa {vt}  :: To anneal
hehkuttaa {vt}  :: To blaze
hehkutulppa {n}  :: A glow plug
hehkutus {n}  :: annealing
hehkuviini {n}  :: mulled wine
hehtaari {n}  :: hectare (10,000 m²)
hehtaarihalli {n} [colloquial]  :: superstore
hehto {n}  :: hectolitre
hehto- {prefix}  :: hecto-
hehtolitra {n}  :: hectolitre/hectoliter
hehtometri {n}  :: hectometre/hectometer
hei {interj}  :: bye (often repeated twice for goodbye: "hei hei")
hei {interj}  :: hey
hei {interj}  :: hi
heidelberginihminen {n}  :: Heidelberg man, Homo heidelbergensis (extinct hominid)
Heidi {prop}  :: female given name
heidän {pron}  :: their - only of human beings; used with the possessive suffix -nsa/-nsä appended to the main word owned
heidän {pron}  :: theirs (that which belongs to them, used without a following noun)
heidän {pron}  :: they - only of human beings; used with monopersonal verbs which require genitive such as pitää, täytyä, tulla, olla + passive present participle etc
heidät {pron}  :: The accusative plural of the personal pronoun he, in most cases translated into English them (direct object, only of human beings):
hei hei {interj} [informal]  :: bye-bye
heijastaa {vt} [figuratively]  :: To reflect, mirror, show, express
heijastaa {vt}  :: To project (on a screen)
heijastaa {vt}  :: To reflect (light)
heijaste {n} [biology]  :: reflex
heijastin {n}  :: Reflector (esp. one worn by a pedestrian on his/her clothes during dark months for safety - in order that s/he is perceived by a passer-by motorist)
heijastua {vi} [e.g. of light]  :: To (be) reflect(ed)
heijastuma {n}  :: reflection
heijastuminen {n}  :: reflection
heijastus {n}  :: reflection
heijastuskulma {n} [optics]  :: angle of reflection
heijastussuhde {n} [physics, meteorology, astronomy]  :: albedo (fraction of incident light or radiation reflected by a surface or body)
heijastussumu {n} [astronomy]  :: reflection nebula
heijata {vi} [dialectal]  :: keinua
heijata {vt} [dialectal]  :: keinuttaa
heikenne {n} [photography]  :: reducer
heikennin {n} [electronics]  :: attenuator (device that reduces the amplitude of a signal)
heikentää {vt}  :: To deteriorate
heikentää {vt}  :: To dilute
heikentää {vt}  :: To undermine
heikentyä {vi}  :: To decrease, diminish, drop off
heikentyä {vi}  :: To deteriorate, get worse
heikentyä {vi}  :: To weaken, grow/become weaker
heikentymätön {adj}  :: unabated
heiketä {vi}  :: To abate
heiketä {vi}  :: To deteriorate
heiketä {vi}  :: To weaken, become weaker
heikkeneminen {n}  :: decline
Heikki {prop}  :: male given name
Heikki {prop}  :: The letter "H" in the Finnish tavausaakkoset, a spelling system similar to ICAO spelling alphabet
Heikkilä {prop}  :: Any of a number of small places in Finland
Heikkilä {prop}  :: Finnish surname
Heikkinen {prop}  :: Finnish surname
heikko {adj}  :: delicate
heikko {adj}  :: faint
heikko {adj}  :: feeble
heikko {adj}  :: frail
heikko {adj}  :: infirm
heikko {adj}  :: light
heikko {adj}  :: meager
heikko {adj}  :: poor
heikko {adj}  :: slender
heikko {adj}  :: slight
heikko {adj}  :: weak
heikkohermoisuus {n} [psychiatry]  :: neurasthenia
heikkojännite {n}  :: A term defined in electrical safety regulations as a voltage low enough not to cause danger to people
heikkojännite {n}  :: Generally a low voltage
heikkolaatuinen {adj}  :: Of low quality, low-quality, poor
heikkonäköinen {adj}  :: Having poor eyesight
heikkonäköisyys {n} [pathology]  :: amblyopia
heikkous {n}  :: A weakness (condition of being weak)
heikkous {n}  :: A weakness (special fondness or desire)
heikkous {n}  :: feebleness (quality or state of being feeble)
heikkous {n}  :: frailty (quality or state of being frail)
heikkoverinen {adj}  :: anemic
heikkovirta {n} [electronics]  :: low current
heikko vuorovaikutus {n} [physics]  :: weak nuclear interaction
heikoilla jäillä {phrase}  :: alternative form of heikolla jäällä
heikolla jäällä {phrase} [idiomatic]  :: out of one's league, out of one's depth (in a situation which one is poorly prepared to handle)
heikompi {adj}  :: comparative form of heikko
heikompi astia {phrase} [idiomatic, dated]  :: weaker vessel (woman; women collectively)
heikontaa {v}  :: alternative form of heikentää
heikontua {vi}  :: To become weaker, weaken
heikosti {adv}  :: poorly
heikosti {adv}  :: weakly
heikota {v} [rare]  :: To weaken (to become weaker)
heikottaa {vi}  :: To feel unsteady, unwell, dizzy
heila {n}  :: boyfriend, girlfriend
heilahdella {v}  :: to fluctuate (to vary irregularly)
heilahdella {v}  :: to sway (to bend back and forth or side to side, while remaining firmly positioned in one end)
heilahdusaika {n} [mechanics]  :: period (of pendulum)
heilahduttaa {vt} [rare]  :: To jerk
heilahtaa {vi}  :: to swing once
heilauttaa {v}  :: To jerk
heilauttaa {v}  :: To swing once
heili {n}  :: alternative form of heila
heilimöidä {v}  :: To flower (of rye)
heilua {v}  :: To oscillate (to swing back and forth, especially with a regular rhythm)
heilua {v}  :: To swing (to hang on the gallows)
heilua {v}  :: To swing, to sway, to rock (to move backward and forward)
heilua {v}  :: To vacillate (to sway unsteadily from one side to the other)
heilua {v}  :: To vacillate (to swing indecisively from one course of action or opinion to another)
heilunta {n}  :: sway
heiluri {n}  :: pendulum
heilurikello {n}  :: pendulum clock (clock that uses pendulum as its timekeeping element)
Heilurikello {prop}  :: The constellation Horologium
heilutella {vt} [frequentative]  :: To wave
heiluttaa {vt}  :: To wave, sway, wag
heiluva {adj}  :: rocky (unstable, easily rocked)
heiluva {adj}  :: swinging, swaying, waving (doing a reciprocating movement)
heiluva {adj}  :: wagging (of an animal's tail)
heimo {n} [taxonomy]  :: family
heimo {n}  :: tribe
Heimo {prop}  :: male given name
heimolainen {n}  :: A tribesman or tribeswoman
heimosota {n}  :: tribal war
heinä {n}  :: any similar plant, such as sedge
heinä {n}  :: grass
heinä {n}  :: hay
heinäaika {n}  :: haymaking time
heinäallergia {n}  :: hay fever (allergy to hays)
heinäaro {n}  :: grass steppe
heinähattu {n}  :: hayseed, yokel, bumpkin (rustic person)
Heini {prop}  :: female given name
heinikkö {n}  :: alternative form of heinikko
heinikko {n}  :: grass (long grass as ground cover)
heinittää {v} [archaic]  :: to fill or line with hay; as e.g. boots for comfort and thermal insulation
heinittää {v}  :: to plant with hay
heinittyä {vi}  :: To be covered with grass
heinäkenkä {n} [derogative]  :: A Sami
heinäkerttu {n}  :: zitting cisticola, Cisticola juncidis
heinäkärryt {n}  :: hay wain
heinäkuinen {adj}  :: Pertaining to July
heinäkurppa {n}  :: great snipe, Gallinago media
heinäkuu {n}  :: July
heinänteko {n}  :: haymaking
heinänuha {n} [pathology]  :: hay fever
Heino {prop}  :: Finnish surname
Heino {prop}  :: male given name
Heinonen {prop}  :: Finnish surname
heinäpaali {n}  :: hay bale
heinäpelto {n}  :: hayfield
heinäperhonen {n}  :: ringlet (any of several brown butterflies in the tribe Satyrini, with numerous small rings on underwings)
heinäratamo {n} [plant] [vern, pedlia=1, ribwort plantain]  :: , Plantago lanceolata
heinäsirkka {n}  :: grasshopper
heinäsorsa {n}  :: mallard (Anas platyrhynchos)
heinäsuova {n}  :: haystack
heinätavi {n}  :: garganey (Anas querquedula)
heinäturpiaali {n}  :: bobolink, Dolichonyx oryzivorus
heinävintti {n}  :: A hayloft
heippa {interj} [informal]  :: bye, see you later
heisi {n}  :: viburnum (plant of the genus Viburnum)
heisimato {n}  :: tapeworm
heisipuu {n} [colloquial]  :: viburnum (tree or shrub of the genus Viburnum)
Heiskanen {prop}  :: Finnish surname
heistä {pron}  :: about them; of them (only of people):
heistä {pron}  :: in their opinion, they think that (only of people):
heistä {pron}  :: of them (only of people):
heite {n}  :: ejecta (something thrown or ejected, especially the material ejected from a volcano or impact crater)
heitellä {vi}  :: To fluctuate
heitellä {vt} [frequentative]  :: To throw (repeatedly)
heitin {n}  :: launcher (device that throws something)
heitin {n}  :: mortar (short of kranaatinheitin - an indirect fire weapon)
heitin {n}  :: projector (in certain compounds, see e.g. piirtoheitin)
heitin {n}  :: trap (device that slings clay pigeons in the air in trapshooting)
heittää {vi} [colloquial, of a number]  :: to be inaccurate or incorrect, to be off
heittää {vt} [archaic]  :: to abandon
heittää {vt} [colloquial]  :: to give a ride (in a car)
heittää {vt}  :: to throw, cast
heittää {vt}  :: with ulos (out), to expel, e.g. from a party or meeting
heitteillä {adv}  :: abandoned, neglected (in the state of abandonment, neglection or lack of care)
heitteille {adv}  :: abandoned, neglected (to the state of abandonment, neglection or lack of care)
heittelehtiä {vt}  :: to swerve (to go out of a straight line)
heittelekenttä {n} [geology]  :: debris field
heittää henkensä {v} [idiomatic, colloquial]  :: To give up the ghost, to die (literally: to throw one's spirit)
heittää huiviin {v} [idiomatic, informal]  :: to gulp down, scarf (to eat or drink quickly)
heittää huulta {v} [idiomatic, colloquial]  :: to chat
heittää huulta {v} [idiomatic, colloquial]  :: to joke
heittiö {n}  :: scoundrel
heittäjä {n}  :: thrower
heittää leipiä {v}  :: to play ducks and drakes, skim
heittää löylyä {v} [idiomatic]  :: to throw water on the sauna stove's stones (kiuas) in order to produce steam and increase the temperature of the sauna
heittää menemään {v}  :: to throw away
heitto {n}  :: caprice (impulsive, seemingly unmotivated notion)
heitto {n}  :: retort, riposte (quick response)
heitto {n}  :: throw, cast, shy (act of throwing)
heitto {n}  :: toss (throw with an initial upward direction, particularly with a lack of care)
heittoasento {n}  :: throwing position
heittoistuin {n}  :: ejection seat
heittokoukku {n}  :: grappling hook
heittoliike {n} [mechanics]  :: trajectory
heittomerkki {n}  :: apostrophe
heittopussi {n}  :: punching bag (person serving as an object of abuse)
heittovaihtotiedosto {n} [computing]  :: swap file
heitättää {v}  :: To have thrown (to order to throw)
heittää ulos {v}  :: to kick out, eject, throw out (to remove from a location)
heittää veivinsä {phrase} [idiomatic, colloquial]  :: to bite the dust (to die)
heittää vesilintua {v}  :: to throw away
heittyä {v} [rare]  :: Same as heittäytyä
heittyä {v} [rare]  :: Same as heittelehtiä
heittyä {v} [rare]  :: Same as kieroutua
heittyä {v} [rare]  :: Same as lakata, tauota
heittyä {v} [rare]  :: Same as poistua
heittyä {v} [rare]  :: Same as sinkoutua
heittäytyä {vi}  :: To throw oneself
heivata {vt} [dialectal]  :: to throw, especially something heavy and big
heiveröinen {adj}  :: weak, feeble
hekki {n} [nautical, slang]  :: backstay
heko {interj}  :: har har, hardy har har (false laughter with a sarcastic connotation)
heko {n} [military slang]  :: helicopter
hekottaa {v}  :: to guffaw, chuckle
heksaani {n} [chemistry]  :: hexane
heksadesimaalijärjestelmä {n}  :: hexadecimal system
heksadesimaaliluku {n}  :: hexadecimal number
heksadesimaalinen {adj}  :: hexadecimal
heksaedri {n} [geometry]  :: hexahedron
heksagoni {n} [geometry]  :: hexagon
heksagoninen {adj}  :: hexagonal
heksaklooribentseeni {n} [chemistry]  :: hexachlorobenzene
heksakloorietaani {n} [chemistry]  :: hexachloroethane
heksaklorofeeni {n} [chemistry]  :: hexachlorophene
heksametri {n} [prosody]  :: hexameter
heksametrinen {adj} [prosody]  :: hexametric
heksanoli {n} [chemistry]  :: hexanol
heksobarbitaali {n} [chemistry]  :: hexobarbital
heksogeeni {n} [chemistry]  :: hexogen
heksoli {n} [chemistry]  :: hexol
heksoosi {n} [organic chemistry]  :: hexose
hekstaagi {n} [nautical, slang]  :: A backstay
hektinen {adj}  :: hectic
hektisyys {n}  :: hecticness (state or property of being hectic)
hektisyys {n}  :: hectivity (hectic activity)
hektografi {n}  :: hectograph
Hektor {prop} [Greek mythology]  :: Hector
hektorinvalas {n}  :: Hector's beaked whale (Mesoplodon hectori)
hekuma {n}  :: A strong feeling of pleasure, especially of sexual kind
hekuma {n} [biblical]  :: lust of the flesh
hekumallinen {adj}  :: salacious
hekumallinen {adj}  :: voluptuous
hekumallisesti {adv}  :: voluptuously
hekumallisuus {adj}  :: voluptuousness
hekumoida {v}  :: to gloat (to exhibit a conspicuous sense of self-satisfaction, often at an adversary's misfortune)
hekumoida {v}  :: to indulge oneself in carnal pleasures, especially of sexual kind
hela {n}  :: mounting, fitting, bushing
helakka {adj}  :: bright, brilliant (color)
helatorstai {n}  :: Ascension Day, Ascension (40th day after Easter)
heleä {adj}  :: bright, clear, vivid
hele {n} [music]  :: ornament
Heleena {prop}  :: female given name, variant of Helena
Helena {prop}  :: female given name
helähdellä {vi} [frequentative]  :: To tinkle, jingle
helähdyttää {vt}  :: alternative form of heläyttää
helähtää {vi}  :: To ting, clang
Heli {prop}  :: female given name
helibor {n}  :: Helsinki Interbank Offered Rate
helihiihto {n}  :: heli-skiing
helikobakteeri {n}  :: Helicobacter
helikopteri {n}  :: helicopter
helikopterilentäjä {n}  :: helicopter pilot
helinä {n}  :: jingle (sound of metal or glass clattering against itself)
Helinä {prop}  :: female given name, a variant of Helena by folk etymology shaped like helinä "tinkle"
Helinä {prop}  :: Tinkerbell
heliofiili {n} [rare]  :: heliophile (organism that requires a lot of sunlight to thrive)
heliografi {n} [astronomy]  :: heliograph
heliolatria {n}  :: heliolatry (religion)
heliometri {n} [astronomy]  :: A heliometer
helioosi {n}  :: heliosis (medical condition caused by overheating of the body due to exposure to sun)
heliosentrinen {adj}  :: heliocentric
heliosfääri {n} [astronomy]  :: heliosphere
heliotrooppi {n}  :: heliotrope
helistää {vt}  :: To jingle (to cause to make a noise of metal or glass clattering against itself)
helistä {vi}  :: to jingle, tingle, clink
helistin {n}  :: rattle (baby toy)
helistin {n}  :: rattle (musical instrument)
helium {n}  :: helium
heliumleimahdus {n} [astronomy]  :: helium flash
heläjää {v} [poetic, dialectal]  :: alternative form of helistä
Heljä {prop}  :: female given name
Helka {prop}  :: female given name
helkatti {adj}  :: Used as a mild intensifier
helkatti {interj}  :: damn, dammit
helkavirsi {n}  :: Finnish poems that were told or written in Kalevala meter (trochaic tetrameter)
helke {n}  :: tingle, jingle
helkkari {interj}  :: A mild expletive; damn, darn, blimey
helkkyä {vi}  :: To tinkle, jingle
helkätä {vi} [poetic]  :: to tinkle, jingle
helkutti {interj}  :: A mild expletive; damn, darn
helkyntä {n}  :: tingle, jingle
hellä {adj}  :: affectionate
hellä {adj}  :: tender, gentle
Hellä {prop}  :: female given name
hella {n}  :: oven
hella {n}  :: range (for cooking)
helladinen {adj} [history]  :: Helladic
hellapoliisi {n} [humorous]  :: “Oven police”; a (dominating) wife
helle {n}  :: Hot weather, swelter
helle {n} [rare, chiefly, figuratively]  :: A hot place or heat
helleaalto {n}  :: heat wave
helleeni {n}  :: Hellene
Helleenien tasavalta {prop}  :: The Hellenic Republic (official name of the state of Greece)
helleeninen {adj}  :: Hellenic
hellekausi {n}  :: hot season
hellemmin {adv}  :: comparative form of hellästi
hellempi {adj}  :: comparative form of hellä
hellenisaatio {n}  :: Hellenisation
hellenismi {n}  :: Hellenism, Hellenistic civilization (culture and civilization of the Hellenistic period of the Greek culture after the death of Alexander the Great (323 B.C.) to the defeat of Cleopatra and Mark Antony by Octavian (31 B.C.))
hellenisti {n}  :: A Hellenist (person who adopted the Greek culture during the Hellenistic period)
hellenisti {n}  :: A Hellenist (specialist in the study of Greek culture or history)
hellenistinen {adj}  :: Hellenistic
Hellevi {prop}  :: female given name
helliä {v}  :: To cherish, caress, nurse
Helli {prop}  :: female given name
hellimmin {adv}  :: superlative form of hellästi
hellin {adj}  :: superlative form of hellä
Hellin {prop}  :: female given name
hellitä {vi} [monopersonal]  :: ablative + 3rd-pers. singular + nominative/partitive = to consent to give, have the generosity to give
hellitä {vi}  :: To come loose/free/off
hellitä {vi}  :: To make it (in time), arrive (in time), reach (in time) ((to/at/in) a place = allative or illative)
hellittää {v} [dated]  :: to give up
hellittää {v}  :: to abate, subside, calm (to lessen in force or intensity)
hellittää {v}  :: to break (of a storm or spell of weather, to end)
hellittää {v}  :: to ease up (to become more relaxed)
hellittää {v}  :: to ease up (to reduce the speed)
hellittää {v}  :: to loosen (to make less tight)
hellittää {v}  :: to release
hellittämätön {adj}  :: relentless
hellittämätön {adj}  :: unabated
hellittämättömyys {n}  :: perseverance
hellästi {adv}  :: affectionately
hellästi {adv}  :: tenderly
hellätä {vt}  :: To loosen, unfasten
helluntai {n}  :: Pentecost, Whitsun, Whitsunday
helluntailainen {adj}  :: Pentecostal
helluntailainen {n}  :: Pentecostal
helluntailaisuus {n}  :: Pentecostalism (Christian religious movement)
hellurei {interj}  :: yippee (used to express joy of life and excitement)
helluvainen {n}  :: dewlap
hellävarainen {adj}  :: gentle
hellävaraisesti {adv}  :: gently
hellävaraisuus {n}  :: gentleness
hellävaroen {adv}  :: gently
hellyttävä {adj}  :: endearing
helma {n}  :: hem (margin of cloth)
helmalinja {n}  :: hemline (line formed by the bottom edge of a skirt, dress, or coat)
helman korkeus {n}  :: hemline (height of the helm of a skirt or coat, measured from the floor)
helmankorkeus {n}  :: alternative spelling of helman korkeus
helmapelti {n}  :: sill panel [UK], rocker panel [US] (in car chassis the panel that is below the doors)
helmasynti {n}  :: besetting sin
helmestää {v}  :: To hunt for pearls
helmi {n}  :: bead
helmi {n}  :: capitalized, a female given name
helmi {n}  :: pearl
helmi {n} [typography]  :: pearl (font size)
Helmi {prop}  :: female given name
helmiherkkusieni {n}  :: An agaric, Agaricus placomyces
Helmiina {prop}  :: female given name
helmiäinen {n}  :: nacre, mother-of-pearl
helmiäisnystyt {n}  :: pearly penile papules; also called terskan|of glans penis helmiäisnystyt (harmless skin condition affecting glans penis)
helmiäispilvi {n} [meteorology]  :: nacreous cloud
helmi-itiö {n} [biology]  :: aecidiospore
helmijoki {n}  :: A river in which the freshwater pearl mussel (Margaritifera margaritifera) lives and is known to produce pearls
helmikana {n}  :: any member of the family Numididae
helmikana {n}  :: guinea fowl (Numida meleagris)
helmikkä {n}  :: melic, melic grass (any of various grasses of the genus Melica)
helmikuinen {adj}  :: Pertaining to February
helmikuu {n}  :: February
helmilakkimuura {n}  :: spot-crowned antvireo
helmimylly {n}  :: pearl mill
helminauha {n}  :: pearl necklace, pearl string
Helminen {prop}  :: Finnish surname
helmintiaasi {n} [disease]  :: helminthiasis
helmipöllö {n}  :: Tengmalm's owl or boreal owl (Aegolius funereus)
helmipuumuura {n}  :: pearly antshrike
helmitaulu {n}  :: abacus (calculating frame)
helmivene {n} [in plural]  :: Nautilidae (taxonomic family of two extant genera Altonautilus and Nautilus)
helmivene {n}  :: nautilus (mollusc of the family Nautilidae)
helo {n} [rare]  :: shine
helohapero {n}  :: A brittlegill, Russula helodes
heloittaa {vi}  :: To furnish with fittings or fixtures
helokki {n}  :: evening primrose, suncup, sundrop
helootti {n}  :: helot (Spartan slave)
heloseitikki {n} [mushroom]  :: A webcap, Cortinarius cinnabarinus
helottaa {vi}  :: To shine (to emit light)
helpi {n}  :: canary grass, (plant of the genus Phalaris)
helpohko {adj}  :: relatively easy
helpoimmin {adv}  :: superlative form of helposti
helpommin {adv}  :: comparative form of helposti
helpommin sanottu kuin tehty {phrase}  :: easier said than done
helpompi {adj}  :: comparative form of helppo
helpontaa {vt}  :: To make easier, simplify
helpontua {vi}  :: To ease
helposti {adv}  :: easily
helpota {vi}  :: To become easier, less complicated
helpottaa {vt}  :: (transitive) to ease
helpottaa {vt}  :: (transitive) to relieve, alleviate, mitigate, facilitate
helpottua {vi}  :: To ease
helpottunut {adj}  :: relieved
helpotus {n}  :: relief
helppo {adj}  :: easy
helppoa kuin heinänteko {phrase}  :: very easy
helppoa kuin mikä {phrase}  :: very easy
helppohuoltoinen {adj}  :: service-friendly, serviceable (easy to service)
helppolukuinen {adj}  :: easy to read
helppo nakki {n} [idiomatic]  :: a piece of cake
helppo raha {n}  :: quick buck
helppotajuinen {adj}  :: easily understandable, popular
helppotajuistaa {vt}  :: to popularize (to present in a widely understandable form)
Helsinki {prop}  :: Helsinki
helsinkiläinen {adj}  :: Helsinkian, of Helsinki (of or pertaining to the city of Helsinki)
helsinkiläinen {n}  :: A Helsinkian (person living in or originating from Helsinki)
helskää {v} [rare]  :: alternative form of helskyä
helske {n}  :: tingle, jingle
helskutti {adj}  :: Used as a mild intensifier
helskutti {interj}  :: damn, dammit
helskyä {vi}  :: To tinkle, jingle
helteinen {adj}  :: boiling (of the weather, very hot)
heltta {n}  :: A snood (flap of skin on the beak of a turkey)
heltta {n}  :: A wattle (loose, hanging skin on birds, animals and humans)
heltta {n} [fungi]  :: A gill
heltyä {vi}  :: To soften, relent
helve {n} [botany]  :: A lodicule
helvetialainen {adj}  :: Helvetian
helvetialainen {n}  :: Helvetian
helvetillinen {adj}  :: hellish
helvetin esikartano {n} [Christianity]  :: limbo
helvetinkone {n}  :: infernal machine
helvetisti {adv} [vulgar]  :: An intensifier
helvetti {n} [expletive]  :: hell, fuck, shit, devil
helvetti {n} [religion]  :: hell
helvettimäinen {adj}  :: hellish
Helvi {prop}  :: female given name
hely {n}  :: trinket
Hely {prop}  :: female given name
heläyttää {vt}  :: To clang
hemaiseva {adj}  :: sexy, desirable
hemaista {v} [rare]  :: To look sexy and desirable; used of a woman
hematiitti {n} [mineral]  :: hematite
hematokriitti {n} [medicine]  :: hematocrit
hematologia {n}  :: hematology, haematology
hematuria {n} [pathology, jargon]  :: hematuria
Hemilä {prop}  :: Finnish surname
hemisfääri {n}  :: hemisphere
hemlokki {n}  :: hemlock (any of several coniferous trees of the genus Tsuga; their wood)
hemmetti {interj}  :: A mild expletive; dammit, darn, blimey
Hemminki {prop} [rare today]  :: male given name
hemmo {n} [colloquial]  :: dude, bloke, stiff
Hemmo {prop}  :: male given name
hemmotella {v}  :: to pamper, coddle (to treat gently or with great care)
hemo {adv} [colloquial]  :: An intensifier
hemofilia {n} [pathology]  :: haemophilia/hemophilia
hemoglobiini {n}  :: hemoglobin, haemoglobin
hemokromatoosi {n}  :: hemochromatosis
hemolyysi {n}  :: hemolysis
hemorroidi {n}  :: hemorrhoid
hemostaasi {n} [medicine, jargon]  :: hemostasis
hemotoksiini {n}  :: hemotoxin
hempeä {adj}  :: gentle
hempeä {adj}  :: sweet, charming
hemppo {n}  :: linnet
-hen {suffix}  :: alternative form of -hVn
hengailla {vi} [slang]  :: To hang around, hang out (to spend time without doing anything in particular)
hengata {vi} [slang]  :: To hang about, hang out
hengellinen {adj}  :: spiritual
hengellisesti {adv}  :: spiritually
hengellisyys {n}  :: spirituality
hengenheimolainen {n}  :: A like-minded person
hengenpelastaja {n}  :: lifeguard
hengenpelastaja {n}  :: lifesaver
hengenvaara {n}  :: danger of life, mortal danger
hengenvaarallinen {adj}  :: life-threatening, deadly dangerous, perilous
hengenvaarallisesti {adv}  :: life-threateningly
hengenveto {n}  :: gasp
hengetön {adj}  :: Lifeless, dead
hengetön {adj}  :: Tedious, dull, boring (e.g. theatrical play)
hengetär {n}  :: female genie
hengähdysaika {n}  :: break, breather (short rest or pause, such as from arduous work, but also from a difficult situation)
hengähtää {vi}  :: to take a breather (to take a break; to pause or relax briefly)
hengi {n}  :: obsolete spelling of henki
hengissä {adv}  :: olla ~ to be alive
hengittää {vit}  :: to breathe
hengitys {n}  :: breath, breathing (act or process of breathing)
hengitys {n}  :: breath, breathing (air expelled from the lungs)
hengitys {n}  :: breath, breathing (single act of breathing in and out)
hengityselimistö {n} [anatomy]  :: respiratory system
hengityselin {n} [anatomy]  :: respiratory organ
hengitysharjoitus {n}  :: breathing exercise
hengitysilma {n}  :: respiratory air
hengityskone {n}  :: respirator, ventilator
hengitystie {n} [anatomy]  :: normally used in plural, respiratory tract (passages through which air enters and leaves the body, including the nose and nasal passages, the pharynx, larynx, trachea, lungs, bronchi and alveoli)
hengitystieinfektio {n}  :: respiratory infection
hengitysvaikeus {n}  :: breathing difficulty
hengästyä {vi}  :: To get out of breath, become breathless
hengästynyt {adj}  :: breathless, gasping, out of breath
hengästyttää {vt}  :: To cause to get/go out of breath
henkari {n} [colloquial]  :: coat hanger
henkeen ja vereen {adv} [idiomatic]  :: dyed-in-the-wool, diehard
henkeä pidätellen {adv}  :: with bated breath (literal and idiomatic sense)
henkeäsalpaava {adj}  :: breathtaking
henkevä {adj}  :: intelligent, bright
henkevä {adj}  :: spirited, vigorous, animated
henkevöidä {vt}  :: to inspire, incite, stimulate
henkevöittää {vt}  :: to inspire, incite, stimulate
henkevöityä {vi}  :: To be inspired, incited, stimulated
henkiä {vt} [transitive + partitive]  :: To exude, radiate, bubble with, sparkle with, overflow with
henki {n}  :: Breath
henki {n}  :: Life (only when its safety is questioned)
henki {n}  :: Person
henki {n}  :: Spirit, ghost
henki {n}  :: Steam
henki {n}  :: Warmth
henkikarhu {n}  :: spirit bear, Kermode bear (subspecies of the black bear)
henkilö {n}  :: figure
henkilö {n}  :: person
henkilöauto {n}  :: passenger car (automobile)
henkilöhistoria {n}  :: History of the life of an individual
henkilöidä {vt}  :: to personify
henkilöinti {n}  :: personification (act of personifying)
henkilöityä {vi}  :: To be personified
henkilöitymä {n}  :: personification
henkilöjuna {n}  :: passenger train
henkilökohtainen {adj}  :: face-to-face, vis-à-vis
henkilökohtainen {adj} [of a leave]  :: compassionate
henkilökohtainen {adj}  :: personal, intimate
henkilökohtainen ennätys {n}  :: personal record
henkilökohtainen valmentaja {n}  :: personal trainer
henkilökohtaisempi {adj}  :: comparative form of henkilökohtainen
henkilökohtaisesti {adv}  :: in person, face to face, vis-à-vis
henkilökohtaisesti {adv}  :: personally (concerning oneself)
henkilökohtaisesti {adv}  :: personally (in a personal manner)
henkilökohtaisesti {adv}  :: personally (in person)
henkilökohtaisin {adj}  :: superlative form of henkilökohtainen
henkilökohtaisuus {n}  :: personality, personal remark (something said of a person, especially something of a disparaging or offensive nature)
henkilökortti {n}  :: An ID card
henkilökultti {n}  :: cult of personality
henkilökunta {n}  :: staff (employees)
henkäillä {vi} [of wind]  :: To blow gently
henkäillä {vit}  :: To breathe (in an indifferent or relaxed manner)
henkilöllisyys {n}  :: identity
henkilöllisyystodistus {n}  :: A former term for an official ID card, issued by the police; also virallinen henkilöllisyystodistus
henkilöllisyystodistus {n} [informal]  :: Any ID card
henkilömiina {n}  :: anti-personnel mine
henkilömäärä {n}  :: headcount (number of people present)
henkilönostin {n}  :: aerial work platform, cherry picker, boom lift, man lift, basket crane, hydraladder, bucket truck, teleporter (movable piece of equipment for lifting people)
henkilörekisteri {n}  :: person register
henkilöstö {n}  :: personnel, staff
henkilöstöanti {n}  :: An emission of shares (stock) reserved for the personnel of a company, usually at a lower than market price but with sales restrictions
henkilöstöhallinto {n}  :: human resources (personnel department of an organization)
henkilöstöhallinto {n} [managament]  :: human resource management, HRM
henkilöstöosasto {n}  :: human resources department, human resources, personnel department (organizational unit responsible for personnel administration)
henkilöstöpalvelu {n}  :: personnel service
henkilöstöpäällikkö {n}  :: staff manager, personnel manager
henkilötiedot {n}  :: personal data
henkilötodistus {n}  :: An official ID card issued by the police
henkilötunnus {n}  :: social security number
henkilövahinko {n}  :: personal injury (injury to the body or mind)
henkilövaunu {n} [railroad]  :: passenger car
henkilöyhtiö {n} [law]  :: partnership
henkilöys {n}  :: identity
henkimaailma {n}  :: spirit world
henkinen {adj}  :: mental
henkinen {adj}  :: spiritual
henkiolento {n}  :: spirit, genie
henki on altis, mutta liha on heikko {proverb}  :: the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak
henkiparannus {n}  :: spiritual healing
henkiparantaja {n}  :: faith healer
henkipatto {n}  :: outlaw
henkiraha {n}  :: poll tax
henkirikos {n} [common]  :: A homicide
henkirikos {n} [dated, legal]  :: A homicide (hypernym for crimes by which a person is caused to die unnaturally by another person)
henkisesti {adv}  :: mentally
henkäistä {vi}  :: To breathe (once)
henkistää {vt}  :: to spiritualize; in non-religious sense, compare hengellistää
henkitorvi {n} [anatomy]  :: windpipe, trachea
henkivakuutus {n}  :: life insurance
henkivartija {n}  :: A bodyguard
henkivartio {n}  :: bodyguard [collectively]
henkivero {n}  :: poll tax
henkselit {n}  :: suspenders [US], braces [UK]
henna {n}  :: henna (substance)
Henna {prop}  :: female given name
hennata {vt}  :: To dye with henna
hennoa {v} [colloquial]  :: To dare (to have enough courage to do something because of emotional reasons)
hennompi {adj}  :: comparative form of hento
hennota {v} [dialectal]  :: To dare (to have enough courage to do something because of emotional reasons)
Henri {prop}  :: male given name
Henriikka {prop}  :: female given name
Henrik {prop}  :: male given name
Henrikki {prop}  :: male given name
henry {n}  :: henry
hento {adj}  :: delicate, fragile
hentokorte {n}  :: dwarf horsetail, Equisetum scirpoides
hentosudenkorento {n}  :: damselfly
hepariini {n}  :: heparin
hepatiitti {n} [disease]  :: hepatitis
hepatomegalia {n} [pathology]  :: hepatomegaly
hepatoosi {n} [diseases]  :: hepatosis
hepene {n}  :: finery, glad rags (excessively fine or decorated clothes); often used in plural - hepenet or hepeneet
hepo {n} [colloquial]  :: heroin
hepo {n} [poetic]  :: horse
hepoasteet {n}  :: The horse latitudes
hepokatti {n}  :: katydid, bush-cricket
heppa {n} [children, colloquial]  :: horse
heppa {n} [tech slang, colloquial]  :: horsepower
heppu {n} [colloquial]  :: A person; bloke, dude, stiff, cove
heprea {n}  :: gibberish, Greek (needlessly obscure or overly technical language)
heprea {n}  :: Hebrew (language)
heprealainen {adj}  :: Hebrew
heprealainen {n}  :: A Hebrew (person)
hepreankielinen {adj}  :: Expressed in Hebrew
hepreankielinen {adj}  :: Hebrew speaker
heptaani {n} [chemistry]  :: heptane
heptaanihappo {n} [chemistry]  :: heptanoic acid
heptanoli {n} [chemistry]  :: heptanol
hepuli {n} [colloquial]  :: a fit of rage
hera {n}  :: blood serum
hera {n}  :: whey
herahtaa {v}  :: To flow or escape suddenly in small quantity, used especially of various bodily liquids; English equivalents vary depending on the context
herakalvo {n} [anatomy]  :: serous membrane
Herakles {prop} [Greek mythology]  :: Hercules
heraldiikka {n}  :: heraldry
heraldikko {n}  :: heraldist (expert in or practitioner of heraldry)
heraldinen {adj}  :: heraldic
herauttaa {v}  :: to cause an instantaneous reaction
herauttaa {v}  :: to cause to secrete instantaneously
herauttaa {v}  :: to water; in the expression herauttaa veden kielelle ("makes the mouth water", literally "causes the water to secrete on the tongue")
herbaario {n}  :: herbarium
herbalismi {n}  :: herbalism
herbisidi {n}  :: herbicide
herbivori {n} [science, jargon]  :: A herbivore
hereä {adj}  :: abundant
hereford {n}  :: Hereford (breed of cattle)
hereillä {adv}  :: awake (in the state of awakeness)
hereille {adv}  :: awake (to the state of awakeness)
herero {n} [countable]  :: A Herero (person belonging to the Herero people)
herero {n} [uncountable]  :: Herero (language)
heretä {v}  :: alternative form of herjetä
herhiläinen {n}  :: hornet
heristää {vt}  :: to brandish
heristää {vt}  :: to shake
heritabiliteetti {n}  :: heritability
herja {n}  :: slur
herjaaja {n}  :: blasphemer
herjaaja {n}  :: slanderer
herjata {vi}  :: To blaspheme
herjata {vt} [legal + partitive]  :: To slander; to libel
herjata {vt} [transitive + partitive]  :: To revile, rail against, abuse
herjaus {n}  :: abuse (insulting speech)
herjetä {vi} [+ active 3rd infinitive in elative]  :: To cease, stop, quit (to do/doing something)
herjetä {vi} [colloquial, + active 3rd infinitive in illative]  :: To start (doing something), go, get (adjective = translative)
herjetä {vi}  :: To stop, end, cease
herkempi {adj}  :: comparative form of herkkä
herkeämättä {adv}  :: incessantly, unceasingly
herkentää {vi} [rare]  :: alternative form of herkistää
herkentyä {v} [rare]  :: alternative form of herkistyä
herketä {v} [rare]  :: alternative form of herkistyä
herkin {adj}  :: superlative form of herkkä
herkistää {vt}  :: to sensitize
herkiste {n}  :: allergen, sensitizer (substance which causes an allergic reaction)
herkistyä {vir}  :: To become sensitized
herkistymä {n} [medicine]  :: allergy
herkkä {adj}  :: delicate, vulnerable
herkkä {adj}  :: physically sensitive, tender
herkkä {adj}  :: quick to react
herkkä {adj}  :: sensitive, easily offended
herkkähermoinen {adj}  :: squeamish
herkkäihoinen {adj}  :: Having sensitive skin
herkkänahkainen {adj}  :: thin-skinned, overly sensitive
Herkko {prop}  :: male given name, from a diminutive of Hermanni (Herman)
herkkätunteinen {adj}  :: touchy, oversensitive, thin-skinned (easily offended)
herkkätunteisuus {n}  :: touchiness, oversensitiveness (property of being easily offended)
herkku {n}  :: A delicacy (food)
herkkukauppa {n}  :: delicatessen
herkkukurkku {n}  :: pickle
herkkusieni {n}  :: A mushroom of the genus Agaricus
herkkusieni {n}  :: The button mushroom, table mushroom, cultivated mushroom, crimini, portobello (a mature brown specimen) or, in everyday usage, champignon; Agaricus bisporus
herkkäuskoinen {adj}  :: gullible
herkkäuskoisesti {adv}  :: gullibly
herkkäuskoisuus {n}  :: gullibility
herkkusuu {n}  :: gourmet (one who knows of and appreciates good food)
herkkutatti {n}  :: cep; porcini (Boletus edulis)
herkkyys {n}  :: sensitivity
herkkyysanalyysi {n} [economics, statistics]  :: sensitivity analysis
herkästi {adv}  :: easily
herkästi {adv}  :: exquisitely, delicately
herkästi {adv}  :: sensitively
Herkules {prop} [Greek mythology]  :: Hercules
Herkules {prop}  :: The constellation Hercules
herkullinen {adj}  :: delicious
herkullisempi {adj}  :: comparative form of herkullinen
herkullisesti {adv}  :: deliciously
herkullisin {adj}  :: superlative form of herkullinen
herkullisuus {n}  :: delicacy (quality of being delicate)
herkutella {vi}  :: To feast
herkuttelija {n}  :: gourmet, epicure
herkuttelu {n}  :: gourmandism
heräämö {n}  :: recovery room, recovery ward
hermafrodiitti {n} [biology]  :: hermaphrodite
hermafrodiitti {n} [dated]  :: intersexual person
hermafrodiittinen {adj}  :: hermaphroditic
hermafroditismi {n}  :: hermaphroditism
Herman {prop}  :: male given name
Hermanni {prop}  :: male given name
hermeettinen {adj}  :: airtight, hermetic
hermeettisesti {adv}  :: airtightly, hermetically
hermeneutiikka {n}  :: hermeneutics
herääminen {n}  :: awakening
hermo {n} [anatomy]  :: A nerve
hermoilla {v}  :: to be nervous
hermoilla {v}  :: to champ at the bit (to show nervousness)
hermoimpulssi {n}  :: nerve impulse
hermojärjestelmä {n} [anatomy]  :: nervous system
hermokaasu {n}  :: nerve gas
hermokeskus {n}  :: A nerve center or ganglion (center of power or authority)
hermokirurgia {n}  :: neurosurgery
hermokudos {n} [anatomy]  :: nervous tissue
hermolääkäri {n} [medicine, dated]  :: A neurologist
hermomyrkky {n}  :: neurotoxin
hermopiste {n} [martial arts]  :: pressure point
hermopääte {n}  :: neural ending
hermorata {n}  :: neural pathway
hermoromahdus {n} [psychology]  :: nervous breakdown
hermosairaus {n} [pathology]  :: neuropathy
hermosolmu {n} [anatomy]  :: ganglion
hermosolu {n} [cytology]  :: nerve cell, neuron
hermosota {n}  :: war of nerves
hermosto {n} [anatomy]  :: A nervous system
hermostollinen {adj}  :: neural (of, or relating to the nerves, neurons or the nervous system)
hermostua {vi}  :: To get nervous
hermostuneesti {adv}  :: nervously
hermostuneisuus {n}  :: nervousness
hermostunut {adj}  :: nervous, jumpy, tense
hermostuttaa {vt}  :: To make someone or something nervous
hermotautioppi {n}  :: neurology
hermottaa {vt}  :: to innervate (to supply part of the body with nerves)
hermottua {vi}  :: to be innervated, become innervated
hermotulehdus {n} [colloquial, pathology]  :: neuritis
hermoverkko {n} [anatomy]  :: A neural net
herne {n}  :: pea
hernekeitto {n}  :: pea soup
herneluu {n} [anatomy]  :: pisiform bone, os pisiforme
hernerokka {n}  :: pea soup
hernerokkasumu {n}  :: pea-souper
herännäinen {n}  :: A supporter of [[herännäisyys Awakening]], a Lutheran revivalist movement in Finland
herännäisyys {n} [Christianity]  :: A Lutheran revivalist movement in Finland, originally closely linked with pietism, usually translated into English as Awakening
heroiini {n}  :: heroin
heroinisti {n}  :: heroin addict
heroismi {n}  :: heroism
herooinen {adj}  :: heroic
herpaantua {vi}  :: To become exhausted
herpaantua {vi}  :: To become lame
herpautua {vi} [rare]  :: alternative form of herpaantua
herpes {n} [pathology]  :: herpes (common language term for herpes simplex)
herpetologia {n}  :: herpetology
herppi {n} [informal]  :: herp (joint term for reptiles and amphibians)
herra {n}  :: capitalized (Herra), Lord (God)
herra {n}  :: lord, master (owner)
herra {n}  :: lord (person enjoying great respect in a community)
herra {n}  :: lord (person having formal authority over others)
herra {n}  :: mister, gentleman, sir (polite address)
Herra {prop}  :: Lord (God)
Herra {prop}  :: Lord (Jesus)
herrakansa {n}  :: herrenvolk
herranjestas {interj}  :: good Lord, oh my God!
Herran rukous {prop}  :: Lord's Prayer
Herran voideltu {n}  :: The Lord's Anointed (king by divine right)
Herran voideltu {prop}  :: The Lord's Anointed (Christ or the Messiah)
Herran vuosi {n} [archaic]  :: year of our Lord, anno Domini
herrasmies {n}  :: gentleman
herrasmiessopimus {n}  :: gentleman's agreement (unwritten agreement bound by honour)
herrasmiesveto {n}  :: A sportsman's bet
herrastella {v}  :: to give oneself airs, swagger
herrastella {v}  :: to lord (to act like a lord)
herrastella {v}  :: to lord (to domineer)
herraviha {n}  :: [Australia, NZ] tall poppy syndrome (tendency to disparage successful people)
herrnhutilainen {adj}  :: Moravian, of or pertaining to the Moravian Church
herrnhutilainen {n}  :: A Moravian; member of the Moravian Church
hersyä {vi}  :: To trickle
herätä {vi} [figuratively]  :: to arise, be aroused:
herätä {vi} [figuratively]  :: to (be) revive(d), come to life:
herätä {vi}  :: To awake, wake up
heräte {n}  :: stimulus
herätellä {vt}  :: To awaken (repeatedly)
herätellä {vt}  :: To stir up (continuously, gradually)
hertsi {n} [physics, electronics]  :: hertz
hertsileijaa {interj}  :: oh my, oh goodness, oh Lord
herättää {v} [figuratively]  :: To (a)rouse, revive, bring (back) to life
herättää {v} [figuratively]  :: To arouse, raise, provoke, call forth, stir up:
herättää {v} [figuratively]  :: To awaken, stir (up), rouse
herättää {v}  :: To evoke
herättää {v}  :: To wake up, awake(n)
hertta {n} [card games]  :: heart (only as a symbol on playing-cards)
Hertta {prop}  :: female given name
herttainen {adj}  :: sweet (having a pleasing disposition)
herttajätkä {n}  :: jack of hearts, knave of hearts
herttakakkonen {n} [cards]  :: two of hearts
herttakasi {n} [cards]  :: eight of hearts
herttakolmonen {n} [cards]  :: three of hearts
herttakuningas {n}  :: king of hearts
herttakuningatar {n}  :: queen of hearts (a playing card)
herttakuutonen {n} [cards]  :: six of hearts
herttakymppi {n} [cards]  :: ten of hearts
herttanelonen {n} [cards]  :: four of hearts
herttarouva {n}  :: queen of hearts
herttaseiska {n} [cards]  :: seven of hearts
herttaässä {n} [cards]  :: ace of hearts
herttavitonen {n} [cards]  :: five of hearts
herttaysi {n} [cards]  :: nine of hearts
herättäjä {n}  :: awakener (one who awakens someone)
herttu {n}  :: cisticola (any bird of the Cisticolidae family, consisting of about 120 species)
herttua {n}  :: duke
herttua-apina {n}  :: red-shanked douc (Pygathrix nemaeus)
herttuakunta {n}  :: duchy
herttuatar {n}  :: duchess
herätys {n} [military]  :: reveille
herätys {n} [religion]  :: revival, awakening
herätys {n}  :: wake-up, awakening (act or instance of being awakened)
herätyskello {n}  :: alarm clock
herätyskello {n} [figuratively]  :: wake-up call (alert, reminder, or call to action caused by a dramatic event)
herätyskokous {n} [Christianity]  :: revival meeting
herätysliike {n}  :: revivalist movement (movement that seeks reawakening of religious values and true faith, often founded by a charismatic leader)
herua {v} [figuratively]  :: To give or cede, especially as a response to someone's efforts
herua {v}  :: To trickle, ooze
herukka {n}  :: currant (species of genus Ribes)
heruttaa {v} [agriculture]  :: of cattle, to cause to secrete milk
heruttaa {v} [slang]  :: to seek the attention (or sex, money, etc.) of the opposite gender
heruttaa {v}  :: to extract
heruttaa {v}  :: to give rise to (to be the origin of; to produce; to result in)
heruttaa {v} [usually, of females]  :: (slang) to wear a very open-collared shirt that reveals cleavage
hervoton {adj}  :: limp
hervoton {adj} [slang]  :: outrageous, extremely funny, amazing
hervottomin {adj}  :: superlative form of hervoton
Hesa {prop} [dialectal]  :: nickname of the city of Helsinki
hesari {n}  :: Alternative capitalization of Hesari
Hesari {prop}  :: A nickname of one of the major streets of Helsinki, the Helsinginkatu
Hesari {prop}  :: A very commonly - even by the newspaper itself - used nickname of Helsingin Sanomat (Finland's largest newspaper)
Hese {prop}  :: A nickname of Finland's leading hamburger restaurant chain Hesburger
Hesekiel {prop}  :: Ezekiel [biblical character]
Hesekiel {prop}  :: the book of Ezekiel
Hessen {prop}  :: Hesse (state)
Hessu {prop}  :: A common nickname derived from the first name Heikki
Hessu {prop}  :: Goofy (Disney character)
Hessu Hopo {prop}  :: Goofy (Disney character)
het {pron} [personal, dialectal, including, Kven]  :: they [only of people]
Heta {prop}  :: female given name
hete {n}  :: A quagmire or morass, a swampy, soggy spot. Hete is a relatively small soggy area, but big enough to stop a man or horse
hetero {adj}  :: heterosexual; used mainly as modifier in compound terms
hetero {n}  :: A heterosexual or hetero (person)
heteroatomi {n} [organic chemistry]  :: heteroatom
heterofonia {n} [music]  :: heterophony
heteroforia {n} [pathology]  :: heterophoria
heterogamia {n}  :: heterogamy
heterogeeninen {adj}  :: heterogeneous
heterogeenisyys {n}  :: heterogeneity
heterografti {n} [medicine]  :: A xenotransplant (that which is transplanted in a xenotransplantation)
heteromies {n}  :: heterosexual man
heteronormatiivisuus {n}  :: heteronormativity
heteronyymi {n}  :: heteronym
heteroosi {n}  :: heterosis
heterorakenne {n} [physics]  :: heterostructure
heteroseksi {n}  :: heterosex
heteroseksuaali {n}  :: heterosexual
heteroseksuaalinen {adj}  :: heterosexual
heteroseksuaalisuus {n}  :: heterosexuality
heterotransplantaatio {n} [medicine, dated]  :: A xenotransplantation (transplantation of an organ or part thereof from one species to another).
heterotrofinen {adj}  :: heterotrophic
heterotsygootti {n}  :: heterozygote
heterotsygoottinen {adj}  :: heterozygous (of an organism which has two different alleles of a given gene)
heterous {n}  :: heterosexuality
heti {adv}  :: as soon as
heti {adv}  :: right away
hetiö {n} [botany]  :: An androecium
heti kun {phrase}  :: as soon as (immediately after)
hetimmiten {adv} [colloquial]  :: at once, as soon as possible
heti paikalla {phrase} [idiomatic]  :: right away (at this very moment; used often to strengthen a demand)
heti perään {phrase}  :: immediately thereafter
hetkauttaa {vt}  :: to jerk
hetkauttaa {vt}  :: to shock
hetkellinen {adj}  :: Momentary, brief, fleeting; transitory, transient
hetkellisesti {adv}  :: momentarily
hetkellisyys {n}  :: momentariness
hetkessä {adv}  :: in a minute, in a flash (very quickly)
hetki {n}  :: moment, minute (brief, unspecified amount of time)
hetki {n}  :: moment (particular point of time)
hetkinen {n}  :: diminutive form of hetki
hetkinen {n}  :: moment, minute (short but unspecified period of time)
hetkua {vi} [of jelly, fat etc.]  :: To shake
hetkutella {v}  :: Frequentative aspect of the verb [[hetkuttaa to shake]]
hetkuttaa {vt}  :: to shake; used of shaking flexible objects
hetteikkö {n}  :: quagmire (swampy, soggy area)
hetu {n}  :: identity number
hetula {n} [physiology]  :: baleen
hetulavalas {n}  :: baleen whale
heuristiikka {n}  :: heuristics
heuristinen {adj}  :: heuristic
hevari {n} [colloquial]  :: a metalhead
heven {n} [rare]  :: alternative form of hepene
hevi {n} [colloquial, music]  :: heavy metal
hevillä {adv}  :: hardly, not easily
hevin {adv}  :: hardly, not easily
hevirokkari {n} [colloquial]  :: heavy metal musician
hevonen {n}  :: As a modifier in a compound term (appears as the stem hevos-), signifies horse or equine
hevonen {n} [chess]  :: knight
hevonen {n} [colloquial]  :: horsepower (short for hevosvoima)
hevonen {n} [gymnastics]  :: horse
hevonen {n}  :: horse, Equus caballus
hevonkuusi {n} [mildly, vulgar]  :: hell
hevonpaska {n} [vulgar]  :: shit, bullshit
hevonperse {n} [vulgar]  :: shit, ass
hevonvittu {n} [vulgar]  :: bullshit, hell, fuck, devil
hevonvittu {n} [vulgar]  :: In genitive singular (hevonvitun) an intensifier; fucking, shitty, damned
hevonvitunperse {interj} [extremely, vulgar]  :: fuck, cunt
hevosasento {n} [martial arts]  :: horse stance
hevoseläin {n}  :: equine, horse (any member of the family Equidae)
hevoseläin {n} [in plural]  :: Equidae (taxonomic family of horses)
hevosenkengittäjä {n}  :: A farrier
hevosenkenkä {n}  :: A horseshoe
hevosenkenkäyökkö {n}  :: horseshoe bat (bat of the genus Rhinolophus)
hevosenleikki {n}  :: horseplay
hevosenliha {n}  :: horsemeat
hevosen munkki {}  :: A piece of horse manure
hevosinfluenssa {n}  :: equine influenza
hevosjuotikas {n}  :: Haemopis sanguisuga, a leech
hevoskastanja {n}  :: common horse chestnut, Aesculus hippocastanum
hevoskastanja {n}  :: horse-chestnut, horse chestnut; buckeye [US] (any tree of the genus Aesculus)
hevoskärpänen {n}  :: forest fly, horse tick, Hippobosca equina
hevoskärpänen {n}  :: horse bug (enthusiasm for horses)
hevoskärryt {n}  :: cabriole
hevoskuiskaaja {n}  :: horse whisperer
hevoskuuri {n}  :: drastic cure
hevoslääkäri {n}  :: hippiater (veterinarian specializing in horse care)
hevosmainen {adj}  :: horselike
hevosmies {n}  :: A horseman (man skilled in horsemanship)
hevosmuurahainen {n}  :: carpenter ant (Camponotus herculeanus)
hevospaarma {n}  :: A horsefly, Tabanus bovinus
hevospari {n}  :: span, pair of horses
hevospeli {n}  :: horse as means of transportation
hevospoolo {n}  :: polo
hevostalli {n}  :: horse stable
hevosvetoinen {adj}  :: horse-drawn
hevosvoima {n}  :: horsepower (old unit for power)
häh {interj}  :: huh?
höh {interj}  :: An exclamation or expression of concern or resentment about a problem or error
höh {interj}  :: Used to express anger, contempt or similar emotions
h-hetki {n}  :: zero hour, H-hour
höhlä {adj}  :: fool
höhlä {n}  :: a fool
hiaisin {n}  :: razor strop (leather strop for whetting a razor)
hiatus {n} [anatomy]  :: A hiatus (opening in an organ)
hiatus {n} [linguistics]  :: A hiatus (syllable break between two vowels)
hibernaakkeli {n}  :: alternative term for talvehtimissilmu
hibernaalinen {adj} [rare]  :: hibernal (of or pertaining to winter)
hibernoida {v} [rare]  :: to hibernate
hibiskus {n}  :: hibiscus (flower of the genus Hibiscus)
hidas {adj}  :: slow
hidasaaltouni {n}  :: slow-wave sleep
hidasajatuksinen {adj}  :: slow-thinking
hidasjärkinen {adj}  :: slow-witted
hidaskasvuinen {adj}  :: slowly growing
hidaskatu {n}  :: slow street (street on which the traffic has been slowed down, often limited to 30 km/h or less, using signs or physical barriers like traffic islands, bumps, or plantings)
hidaslori {n}  :: Sunda loris (Nycticebus coucang)
hidasälyinen {adj}  :: slow-witted, dull, obtuse, sluggish, dim, dim-witted, dense, thick
hidasoppinen {adj}  :: slow to learn, slow learning
hidaspuheinen {adj}  :: slowly-speaking
hidastaa {vt}  :: to slow, slow down, slacken/reduce/cut speed, retard; delay, hold up
hidastahtinen {adj}  :: slow paced
hidaste {n}  :: roadblock
hidastella {v}  :: to drag one's feet
hidastempoinen {adj}  :: Having slow tempo; tedious
hidastetöyssy {n}  :: speed bump
hidastin {n}  :: A device or arrangement designed to slow down something:
hidastua {vi}  :: To slow down
hidastus {n} [film]  :: slow motion, slo-mo (technique)
hidastus {n}  :: slowed-down replay
hidastus {n}  :: slowing, slowdown
hidastuslakko {n}  :: work-to-rule
hidastustöyssy {n}  :: speed bump
hidastuttaa {vt}  :: To hinder, delay, impede
hidastuvuus {n}  :: deceleration (rate by which speed or velocity decreases)
hie {n}  :: microsection (extremely thin slice of stone, metal or other hard material prepared for microscopic inspection)
hie {n} [rare]  :: the quality of grinding, degree of sharpness
hieho {n}  :: heifer
hiekanjyvä {n}  :: grain of sand
hiekanruskea {adj}  :: sand [color]
hiekka {n}  :: gravel, the small kind used to prevent slippery pavement conditions
hiekka {n}  :: sand
hiekka-aavikko {n}  :: sand desert
hiekkadyyni {n}  :: sand dune
hiekkaerämaa {n}  :: sand desert
hiekkaeste {n} [golf]  :: bunker
hiekkaharju {n}  :: esker
hiekkahentunen {n}  :: A type of baked good, made with butter, sugar, ground almond, egg yolks and wheat flour, usually served with a topping of whipped cream and jam or fresh berries
hiekkainen {adj}  :: sandy
hiekkaisuus {n}  :: sandiness
hiekkajyvä {n}  :: grain of sand
hiekkakasa {n}  :: pile of sand
hiekkakello {n}  :: hourglass
hiekkakivi {n}  :: sandstone
hiekkakylpy {n}  :: sand bath (bath in which the body is immersed in hot sand)
hiekkakylpy {n}  :: sand bath (of many birds and mammals, act of rolling in sand)
hiekkalaatikko {n}  :: A sandbox
hiekkalinna {n}  :: sandcastle
hiekkamyrsky {n}  :: sandstorm
hiekkapaperi {n}  :: sandpaper
hiekkapestä {vt}  :: to sandwash
hiekkapilvi {n}  :: sand cloud
hiekkapohja {n}  :: sand bottom (of water)
hiekkapuhallus {n}  :: sandblasting, abrasive blasting (method for stripping paint, rust etc. from hard surfaces)
hiekkapuhaltaa {v}  :: to sandblast
hiekkaranta {n}  :: beach (sandy shore)
hiekkariutta {n}  :: sand reef
hiekkasärkkä {n}  :: sandbank
hiekkatie {n}  :: sand road
hiekkatörmä {n}  :: sand cliff
hiekoitin {n}  :: sand spreader (device to spread sand on the ground, typically to prevent slipperiness)
hiekoittaa {vt}  :: To (cover with) sand
hieman {adv}  :: a little, bit, tad, slightly
hienhaju {n}  :: smell of sweat, body odour
hieno {adj}  :: elegant
hieno {adj}  :: exquisite
hieno {adj}  :: fine
hieno {adj}  :: great, wonderful
hienohelma {n}  :: candy-ass
hienohelma {n} [pejorative]  :: dandy (man very concerned about his clothes and appearance)
hienoin {adj}  :: superlative form of hieno
hienoinen {adj} [figuratively]  :: Slight
hienonnin {n}  :: grinder
hienontaa {vt}  :: To crush, grind (something into smaller pieces)
hienontua {vi}  :: To be crushed, be ground (into smaller pieces)
hienopuuseppä {n}  :: cabinetmaker
hienorakenne {n}  :: fine structure
hienosokeri {n}  :: caster sugar, berry sugar
hienosäätö {n}  :: finetuning, tuning
hienostelija {n}  :: dandy
hienosti {adv}  :: nicely, elegantly, very well (in a manner showing great virtue or skill)
hienostua {vi}  :: To become classy, elegant, sophisticated
hienostuneisuus {n}  :: delicacy (elegance, refinement)
hienostunut {adj}  :: exquisite, refined, classy, polished, sophisticated
hienota {vi}  :: To pulverize (intransitive: to be rendered into dust or powder)
hienota {vi}  :: To thin (intransitive: to become thin or thinner)
hienotunteinen {adj}  :: considerate, tactful, discreet
hienotunteisesti {adv}  :: considerately, tactfully
hienotunteisuus {n}  :: Noun of hienotunteinen
hienoudet {n}  :: bells and whistles, gadgetry, frills (extra features added for show rather than function; fancy additions or features)
hienous {n}  :: frill (luxury); usually in plural
hienous {n}  :: the quality of being [[hieno fine, elegant, exquisite, great, wonderful]]
hienovarainen {adj}  :: subtle
hienovarainen {adj}  :: tactful, sensitive, delicate
hienovaraisesti {adv}  :: discreetly
hienovaraisuus {n}  :: considerateness, tactfulness
hieraista {vi}  :: To quickly rub once something (e.g. one's eyes)
hierakka {n} [plant]  :: dock (plants in the genus Rumex)
hierarkia {n}  :: hierarchy
hierarkkinen {adj}  :: hierarchic
hieroa {v}  :: To rub
hieroa {vt}  :: To massage
hieroa nenää {phrase}  :: to rub a nose
hieroa silmiä {phrase}  :: to rub eyes
hieroduuli {n}  :: hierodule
hieroglyfi {n}  :: hieroglyph
hieroglyfikirjoitus {n}  :: hieroglyphic writing
hieroja {n}  :: masseur, masseuse
hierojatar {n} [rare, dated]  :: masseuse
hieromasauva {n}  :: vibrator, dildo
hieronta {n}  :: massage
hierottaa {vt}  :: To have massaged
hieroutua {v} [rare]  :: to be rubbed or massaged tender
hieroutua {v}  :: to be ground fine
hieroutuma {n}  :: alternative form of hiertymä
hierre {n}  :: refined mechanical pulp
hierrin {n}  :: pestle
hiertää {vt} [figuratively, + partitive]  :: to gnaw at, nag at, bother, gall
hiertää {vt}  :: to abrade, chafe
hierto {n}  :: grinding
hiertokone {n} [construction]  :: trowel machine, power trowel
hiertyä {vi}  :: To be rubbed, be chafed, be abraded
hiertymä {n} [medicine]  :: abrasion
hieskoivu {n}  :: downy birch, Betula pubescens
hiestää {v} [rare]  :: alternative form of hiostaa
hiestyä {vi}  :: To get sweaty
hiesu {n}  :: silt (mineral soil with dominating particle size from 2 μm to 20 μm)
hieta {n}  :: silt, fine sand (mineral soil with dominating particle size from 20 μm to 60 μm)
hietakissa {n}  :: sand cat, Felis margarita
hietakyyhky {n}  :: sandgrouse (bird of the family Pteroclididae)
Hietala {prop}  :: Any of a number of small places in Finland
Hietala {prop}  :: Finnish surname
hietatokko {n}  :: sand goby (Pomatoschistus minutus)
hietikko {n}  :: An expanse of sand
hietikkosara {n} [plant]  :: sand sedge, Carex arenaria
hievahtaa {vi}  :: To budge
hievauttaa {vt}  :: To budge
hiffata {vt} [slang]  :: To understand, get it
hifi {n}  :: hi-fi
hifisti {n}  :: hi-fi enthusiast
HIFK {prop}  :: A leading sports club in Helsinki, playing in the national league in several team sports
Higgsin bosoni {n} [particle]  :: Higgs boson
hiha {n} [heraldry]  :: maunch
hiha {n}  :: sleeve or an arm of a shirt, jacket etc
hihallinen {adj}  :: sleeved
hihasillaan {adv}  :: in shirtsleeves (having only one's shirt covering the upper body, i.e. wearing no coat or jacket)
hihastin {n}  :: sleeve garter (band worn around upper arm to hold the shirt sleeve in desired position)
hihaton {adj}  :: sleeveless
hihhuli {n} [colloquial, derogatory]  :: A religious person; a zealot, a Jesus freak, a Holy Roller
hihittää {vi}  :: To snicker, titter
hihittely {n}  :: snickering, tittering
hihitys {n}  :: titter
hihkaista {vi}  :: to shout shrilly, to call out, to shriek
hihkua {v}  :: To yell, scream in a joyful manner
hihkunta {n}  :: yelling, screaming
hihna {n} [colloquial]  :: conveyor, especially belt conveyor
hihna {n}  :: leash, lead
hihna {n} [machinery]  :: belt
hihna {n}  :: strap, band; especially one that is made of leather or other strong material
hihna {n}  :: thong (leather strap)
hihnoittaa {vt}  :: to equip with straps, bands or belts
hiidenkirnu {n} [geology]  :: A pothole (pit formed in the bed of a turbulent stream)
hiidenkiuas {n}  :: A barrow consisting of a pile of rocks
hiidenkivi {n}  :: A glacial erratic, a large piece of rock that has been relocated by glacial ice
Hiidenmaa {prop}  :: Hiiumaa (island in Estonia)
hiihdellä {v}  :: to ski (indifferently and/or repeatedly)
hiihdin {n} [rare]  :: A ski
hiihdäntä {n}  :: skiing
hiihtää {vi}  :: To ski
hiihtäjä {n}  :: skier
hiihtäminen {n}  :: skiing
hiihto {n}  :: In plural, skiing games
hiihto {n}  :: skiing
hiihtohissi {n}  :: ski lift
hiihtohousut {n}  :: ski pants, also skipants, skiing pants, skiing trousers
hiihtokausi {n}  :: ski season
hiihtokenkä {n}  :: skiing shoe
hiihtokeskus {n}  :: ski resort
hiihtokilpailu {n}  :: skiing competition
hiihtokoulu {n}  :: A ski school
hiihtolatu {n}  :: ski trail
hiihtoliitto {n}  :: A national association of skiers
hiihtoliitto {n} Suomen Hiihtoliitto (Finnish Ski Association)
hiihtoloma {n}  :: By extension, any winter break, winter vacation, winter holidays
hiihtoloma {n}  :: Originally, a one week's holiday given to schoolchildren in February that was supposed to be spent skiing
hiihtotyyli {n}  :: skiing style
hiilari {n} [informal]  :: carb (carbohydrate)
hiilentuotanto {n}  :: coal production
hiiletön {adj}  :: carbon-free, free of carbon or carbon emissions
hiiletön {adj}  :: coal-free, lacking coal
hiilettää {vt}  :: to carburize (to increase the carbon content of; especially steel)
hiilettyä {vi}  :: to carburize (to absorb an increased amount of carbon, such as steel as a result of certain treatment)
hiili {n}  :: A charcoal (carbon stick used for drawing)
hiili {n}  :: Charcoal (material)
hiili {n} [chemistry]  :: Carbon
hiiliajoitus {n}  :: carbon dating
hiiliatomi {n}  :: carbon atom
hiilidioksidi {n}  :: carbon dioxide (CO2)
hiilidioksidikauppa {n}  :: carbon credit market
hiilidioksidipäästö {n}  :: carbon dioxide emission
hiilidioksidivero {n}  :: carbon tax (tax levied on the use of fossil fuels)
hiilidisulfidi {n} [chemistry]  :: carbon disulfide
hiilihanko {n}  :: A poker (metal rod for poking)
hiilihapotettu {adj}  :: carbonated (containing added carbon dioxide)
hiilihapoton {adj}  :: noncarbonated, still (of a drink, not containing carbon dioxide)
hiilihappo {n} [chemistry]  :: carbonic acid
hiilihydraatti {n}  :: carbohydrate
hiilijalanjälki {n} [ecology]  :: carbon footprint
hiilikaivos {n}  :: coal mine
hiilikausi {n}  :: Carboniferous period
hiilikautinen {adj}  :: Carboniferous
hiilikenttä {n}  :: coalfield (region containing deposits of coal that may be mined)
hiilikenttä {n}  :: coal yard (outdoor storage facility for coal)
hiilikierto {n}  :: carbon cycle
hiilikopio {n}  :: carbon copy
hiilikuitu {n}  :: carbon fiber (filament)
hiilikuitu {n}  :: short for [[hiilikuitukomposiitti graphite composite]] (lightweight, stiff composite material made with carbon fibers)
hiilikuitukangas {n}  :: carbon fiber (cloth)
hiilikuitukomposiitti {n}  :: carbon fiber reinforced plastic, carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer, graphite composite, graphite-reinforced plastic, CFRP (composite plastic made with graphite fibers)
hiilikuitusauva {n}  :: A ski pole made of carbon fiber
hiililaiva {n} [nautical]  :: collier
hiilimonoksidi {n} [chemistry]  :: carbon monoxide
hiilimusta {adj}  :: carbon black, coal black
hiilimusta {n}  :: carbon black, coal black
hiilipaperi {n}  :: carbon paper
hiilipitoinen {adj}  :: carbonaceous, carboniferous (containing carbon)
hiilipäästö {n}  :: carbon emission
hiiliryhmä {n}  :: carbon group
hiilistö {n}  :: embers
hiilisuboksidi {n} [chemistry]  :: carbon suboxide
hiilisykli {n}  :: carbon cycle
hiiliteräs {n}  :: carbon steel
hiilitetrabromidi {n} [chemistry]  :: tetrabromomethane
hiilitetrakloridi {n}  :: carbon tetrachloride
hiilitähti {n} [astronomy]  :: carbon star
hiilivero {n}  :: carbon tax (tax levied on the use of fossil fuels)
hiilivety {n}  :: hydrocarbon
hiilivoima {n}  :: coal power
hiilivoimala {n}  :: coal plant
hiilivuoto {n}  :: carbon leakage
hiillos {n}  :: embers
hiillostaa {v} [colloquial]  :: To grill, interrogate
hiillostua {vi}  :: To char
hiillyttää {vt}  :: To char
hiiltää {vt}  :: to char (blacken by heat)
hiilto {n}  :: carbonization, charring
hiiltyä {vi}  :: To become charred
hiiltyä {vi}  :: To get angry, steam
hiipiä {v}  :: To creep (change gradually)
hiipiä {v}  :: To creep (move slowly and quietly)
hiipiä {v}  :: To slink (sneak about furtively)
hiipiä {v}  :: To sneak (creep or steal)
hiipiä {v}  :: To tiptoe
hiippa {n}  :: mitre (covering for the head worn by church dignitaries)
hiippailija {n}  :: sneak, sneaker
hiippailla {v}  :: To sneak
hiippailla {v}  :: To tiptoe
hiippakunta {n}  :: diocese, bishopric, see (region administered by a bishop)
hiippaläppä {n} [anatomy]  :: mitral valve
hiippari {n}  :: A sneak (mean, sneaking fellow)
hiipua {v}  :: to die down
hiipua {v}  :: to flag, to weaken (to become feeble)
hiirakko {n}  :: A horse that has gray hair on black skin
hiirenkorva {n}  :: A new leaf of a tree that is about to unfold
hiirenkorva {n}  :: dogear (folded corner of a page in a book)
hiirenloukku {n}  :: mousetrap (device to catch mice)
hiiren rulla {n} [computing]  :: mouse wheel
hiirenvirna {n}  :: tufted vetch (Vicia cracca)
hiirestää {v}  :: To mouse (to catch mice)
hiiri {n}  :: A mouse, used rather indiscriminately for a number of small mouse-resembling rodents mostly in the zoologic family Muridae, but also in Zapodidae and Gliridae
hiiri {n} [computing]  :: A computer mouse
hiiribaari {n}  :: A box containing poisoned bait for killing mice, designed so that mice have an easy access to it, but e.g. pets and birds don't
hiirimaki {n}  :: mouse lemur (any of lemurs of the genus Microcebus)
hiirimatto {n}  :: A mouse pad
hiirimäinen {adj}  :: mouselike
hiiripöllö {n}  :: northern hawk owl; Surnia ulula
hiiripuumuura {n}  :: mouse-colored antshrike
hiironen {n} [affectionately]  :: mousekin (small, cute mouse)
hiironen {n}  :: diminutive form of hiiri
hiiru {n}  :: New World mouse (any of a large number of small mouse-like rodents native to the Americas)
hiirulainen {n} [affectionately]  :: mousekin (small, cute mouse)
hiirulainen {n}  :: mouse, sheep (shy person)
hiirulainen {n}  :: pip-squeak (small and insignificant person)
hiirunen {n}  :: harvest mouse (a New World mouse of the genus Reithrodontomys)
hiisi {n}  :: Malicious creatures in Finnish mythology
hiisi {n}  :: (mild expletive) goblin, devil, demon, hell
hiiskahdus {n}  :: peep (feeble utterance or complaint)
hiiskua {vi}  :: to breathe, whisper; mainly used in negative sentences
hiitata {v}  :: To run a horse at racing speed as part of its training programme
hiitti {n} [horse racing]  :: hit-out (practice)
hiiva {n}  :: yeast
hiivainen {adj}  :: yeasty
hiivasienitulehdus {n} [pathology]  :: candidiasis, thrush, yeast infection (fungal infection caused by any of the Candida yeast species)
hiivata {vt} [nautical]  :: to heave
hiivatti {adj}  :: Used as a mild intensifier
hiivatti {interj}  :: damn, dammit
hiivintä {n}  :: sneaking, tiptoeing
hiiviskelijä {n}  :: A sneaker (one who sneaks)
hiiviskellä {vi}  :: To sneak, mouse (to mouse around)
hiiviskellä {vi}  :: To tiptoe
häijy {adj}  :: wicked
häijympi {adj}  :: comparative form of häijy
hikari {n} [slang]  :: swot, nerd
hikeentyä {vi} [colloquial]  :: To get angry or flustered
hikeentyä {vi}  :: To get sweaty
hikevä {adj} [of ground]  :: moist
hikeytyä {vi}  :: To get sweaty
hiki {n}  :: sweat, perspiration
hikihuokonen {n} [anatomy]  :: sweat pore (opening of a sweat gland)
häikäilemätön {adj}  :: unscrupulous
hikinauha {n}  :: headband (band worn around the head in sports)
hikinauha {n}  :: sweatband
hikinen {adj}  :: sweaty
hikipaja {n}  :: sweatshop
hikirakkulatauti {n} [pathology]  :: miliaria
hikirauhanen {n} [anatomy]  :: A sweat gland
häikäisevä {adj}  :: glaring, dazzling, shining
häikäistä {vt}  :: To blind, dazzle
häikäistyä {vi}  :: To become blinded, dazzled
häikäisy {n}  :: dazzling, glare
häikäisysuoja {n}  :: sun visor, glare screen
hikka {n}  :: hiccup
hikka {n}  :: hiccups
hikkori {n}  :: hickory
hikkoripuu {n}  :: hickory
hikoaminen {n}  :: sweating
hikoileminen {n}  :: sweating
hikoilla {vi}  :: to sweat, perspire
hikoilu {n}  :: perspiration, sweating
hikoiluttaa {v}  :: to feel sweaty
hikoiluttaa {vt}  :: to make sweaty, to cause to sweat
hila {n}  :: lattice
hilata {v}  :: To haul
hilavakio {n} [mineralogy]  :: lattice constant
hilavitkutin {n}  :: An unspecified piece of apparatus, or one for which one does not know a real name, a gimmick or a thingamajig. Although they can be considered as synonyms, hilavitkutin would normally refer to something considerably more technically sophisticated than vehje or vekotin
Hilbertin avaruus {n}  :: Hilbert space
Hilda {prop}  :: female given name, cognate to English Hilda
hile {n}  :: glitter
häilähtää {vt}  :: momentarily reflect or project
Hilja {prop}  :: female given name
hiljaa {adv}  :: quietly, quiet, silently
hiljaa {adv}  :: slowly
hiljainen {adj}  :: quiet
hiljainen {adj}  :: silent
hiljainen {adj}  :: tacit
hiljainen {adj}  :: untalkative, taciturn
hiljainen viikko {n}  :: The Holy Week
hiljaisempi {adj}  :: comparative form of hiljainen
hiljaisesti {adv}  :: silently
hiljaisuus {n}  :: silence
hiljalleen {adv}  :: slowly, little by little
hiljan {adv} [obsolete]  :: hiljattain
hiljattain {adv}  :: recently, the other day
hiljattainen {adj}  :: recent
hiljentää {vt}  :: To silence, mute, muffle
hiljentää {vt}  :: To slow (driving speed)
hiljentyä {vi}  :: To quiet
hiljetä {vi}  :: To become silent
hiljetä {vi}  :: To shut up
hilkka {n}  :: bonnet
Hilkka {prop}  :: female given name
hilla {n}  :: cloudberry, Rubus chamaemorus
Hilla {prop}  :: female given name
hillasato {n}  :: cloudberry crop (production)
hillasato {n}  :: cloudberry harvest (yield)
hillastaa {v}  :: to pick cloudberries
hillastaja {n}  :: cloudberry picker (one who picks cloudberries)
hillasuo {n}  :: cloudberry mire (mire on which cloudberries grow)
Hille {prop}  :: female given name, a rather rare short form of Hillevi
hilleri {n}  :: polecat (Mustela putorius)
hillerikärppä {n}  :: Patagonian weasel, Lyncodon patagonicus
Hillevi {prop}  :: female given name
hillintä {n}  :: restrain, control
hillitä {vt}  :: To control, restrain, check
hillitön {adj}  :: unrestrained
hillittömästi {adv}  :: unrestrainedly (in an unrestrained manner)
hillittömyys {n}  :: unrestrainedness (state of being unrestrained)
hillitty {adj}  :: muted (e.g. color)
hillitty {adj}  :: restrained, controlled, composed
hillitysti {adv}  :: mutedly
hillitysti {adv}  :: restrainedly
hillo {n}  :: jam, jelly
hillo {n} [slang]  :: money
hilloke {n}  :: compote
hillomunkki {n}  :: Berliner (round donut with jam filling, rolled in crystal sugar)
hillopurkki {n}  :: jar, jamjar
hillosipuli {n}  :: pickled onion
hillosipuli {n}  :: wild leek, Allium ampeloprasum (wild onion native to southern Europe and western Asia, cultivated and consequently naturalized in many other places)
hillota {v}  :: to jelly (to make jam or jelly out of fruit or other vegetable matter)
hilloutua {vi}  :: To become jam
Hilma {prop}  :: female given name popular in the 19th century
hilpaista {vi}  :: to go quickly over a short distance, often to run an errand
hilpari {n}  :: A medieval polearm, a halberd. Often used also for a bill, since the two arms are quite similar and the latter does not have a separate word in Finnish
hilpeä {adj}  :: cheerful
hilpeästi {adv}  :: cheerfully
hilpeys {n}  :: cheer, mirth, joy
Hilppa {prop}  :: female given name
hilse {n}  :: dandruff
hilsehtiä {vi}  :: To produce dandruff
hilseillä {vi}  :: to scale off, peel, peel off
hilseily {n}  :: Scurf, dandruff (the condition of excessive flaking of skin)
hilsettyä {vi}  :: To become covered with dandruff
Hiltunen {prop}  :: Finnish surname
hilut {n}  :: change (small coins)
hilut {n}  :: chicken feed (small quantity of money)
häilyä {v}  :: To hover, waver
häilyvä {adj}  :: flickering
häilyvä {adj}  :: vacillating
hima {n} [colloquial]  :: home
Himalaja {prop}  :: Himalaya (one mountain in the mountain range)
Himalaja {prop}  :: Himalayas (mountain range)
himalajankorppikotka {n}  :: Himalayan griffon vulture, Gyps himalayensis
himalajanmurmeli {n}  :: Himalayan marmot (Marmota himalayana)
himalajanmyyrä {n}  :: Stoliczka's mountain vole, Alticola stoliczkanus
himalajanpäästäinen {n}  :: Himalayan shrew, Soriculus nigrescens
himalajanrotta {n}  :: Himalayan field rat, Rattus nitidus
himalajantragopaani {n}  :: Temminck's tragopan, Tragopan temminckii
himalajantulkku {n}  :: red-headed bullfinch, Pyrrhula erythrocephala
himalajanviiruorava {n}  :: Himalayan striped squirrel, Tamiops mcclellandii
himation {n}  :: himation
himmeä {adj} [colloquial]  :: strange, bizarre, mind-bending
himmeä {adj}  :: dim
himmeli {n}  :: A type of hanging, mobile decoration made of straw or other similar material
himmeli {n} [pejorative]  :: organization chart, shot for hallintohimmeli
himmennin {n}  :: A dimmer
himmennin {n} [optics]  :: A diaphragm
himmentää {vt} [photography]  :: to diaphragm (to reduce lens aperture using an optical diaphragm)
himmentää {vt}  :: to dim
himmentyä {vi}  :: To dim
himmeästi {adv}  :: dimly
himmetä {vi}  :: To dim
himo {n}  :: lust, desire, passion, craving
-himoinen {adj}  :: Having a lust, desire or craving for
himoita {v}  :: To lust, crave, desire
himokas {adj}  :: lustful
himokkaasti {adv}  :: lustfully
himokkuus {n}  :: lustfulness
himoshoppailija {n}  :: shopaholic (one who shops very frequently)
himota {v}  :: alternative form of himoita
himottaa {vt} [informal]  :: To lust, crave, desire
himphamppu {n} [colloquial]  :: Nonsense
-hin {suffix}  :: alternative form of -hVn
hinaaja {n} [colloquial]  :: A homosexual man
hinaaja {n} [nautical]  :: A tugboat
hinata {v}  :: To tow
hinaus {n}  :: towing
hinauttaa {vt}  :: to have towed
hinautua {vi}  :: To be dragged
hindi {n}  :: Hindi; one of the official languages of India
hindu {n}  :: Hindu (person)
hinduismi {n}  :: Hinduism
hindulainen {adj}  :: Hindu
hindulaisuus {n}  :: Hinduism
hindustani {n}  :: Hindustani (language)
hinkata {vt}  :: To rub
hinkki {n}  :: A type of (milk) jug
hinku {n}  :: itch, craving, urge
hinkua {vi} [colloquial]  :: To hanker
hinkuyskä {n} [pathology]  :: whooping cough
hinnakas {adj}  :: expensive
hinnalla millä hyvänsä {phrase} [idiomatic]  :: at all costs, no matter what
hinnasto {n}  :: price list, tariff
hinnoitella {v}  :: To price (determine or put a price on something)
hinnoittaa {vt} [rare]  :: to price
hinnoittelu {n}  :: pricing (act of setting a price)
hinnoittelu {n}  :: pricing (the level at which a price is set)
hinta {n}  :: price
hintaindeksi {n}  :: price index
hintainen {adj}  :: Having a certain price, used always with a determiner or as head of a compound term; no direct English equivalent
hintakartelli {n}  :: price cartel
hintalappu {n}  :: price tag, sticker
hintataso {n}  :: price level
hintava {adj}  :: pricey
hintavakaus {n} [economics]  :: price stability
hintelä {adj}  :: [of a person] lank
hinttari {n} [pejorative]  :: a homosexual man: faggot, poof
hintti {n} [pejorative]  :: a homosexual man: faggot, poof
hioa {vt}  :: To cut, facet (a gem)
hioa {vt}  :: To make sharper: grind, sharpen
hioa {vt}  :: To make smoother: grind, whet, hone
hioa {vt}  :: To polish, hone, refine (plan, skill, etc.)
hioa {vt}  :: To sand
hioke {n}  :: mechanical pulp
hiomakangas {n}  :: abrasive cloth
hiomakivi {n}  :: whetstone
hiomakone {n}  :: A grinder
hiomapöly {n}  :: abrasion (substance rubbed off)
hiomaton {adj}  :: uncut
hiomaton {adj}  :: ungrounded
hiomo {n}  :: grindery
hionta {n}  :: grinding
hionta {n}  :: polishing
hiostaa {vt}  :: To make somebody sweat
hiostava {adj}  :: sweaty (as causing heat)
hiostua {vi}  :: To become sweaty/sweatier
hiostuttaa {vt} [rare]  :: alternative form of hiostaa
hiota {vi}  :: To sweat
hiottaa {v}  :: to have ground, sanded, honed, sharpened etc. [more senses under hioa]
hiottaa {v}  :: to make sweat (to cause to sweat)
hioutua {vi}  :: To be ground, smoothed
hipaista {vi}  :: To touch lightly, graze
hipaisu {n}  :: A light touch
hipelöidä {v}  :: to finger (to poke or probe with a finger)
hipelöidä {v}  :: to grope (to touch another person sexually)
hip-hop {n}  :: hip-hop
hiphop {n}  :: hip-hop
hipiä {n}  :: A smooth and soft skin
hipoa {v}  :: To touch (barely), to verge on
hippa {n}  :: tag (a children's game)
hippi {n}  :: hippie
hippiatri {n}  :: hippiater (doctor specializing in horse care)
hippiäinen {n}  :: goldcrest (Regulus regulus)
häippäistä {vi} [colloquial]  :: To leave, sneak off
hippiys {n}  :: hippiedom (state or quality of being a hippie)
hippodromi {n}  :: hippodrome
hippokampus {n} [anatomy]  :: hippocampus
Hippokrateen vala {n}  :: The Hippocratic oath
Hippokrates {prop}  :: Hippocrates
hippu {n}  :: nugget
hippunen {n}  :: diminutive form of hippu
hippunen {n}  :: nugget
hippunen {n}  :: pinch (e.g. of salt)
hiprakka {n}  :: mild drunkenness, buzzedness; specifically the stage inbetween selvinpäin and humala where one has a light buzz and socializing is made easier, but not the point where one begins to get dizzy, slur heavily, vomit and pass out
hipsiä {v}  :: To tiptoe
hipsuttaa {vi}  :: To tiptoe
häipätä {vi} [colloquial]  :: To leave
häipyä {vi} [of brakes]  :: To fade
häipyä {vi}  :: To be forgotten, fade
häipyä {vi}  :: To disappear, vanish (visibly); to fade out/away (audibly)
häipyä {vi}  :: To leave, take off, clear out, take to one's heels, make tracks, skedaddle
häipyvä {adj}  :: evanescent, vanishing, disappearing, transient, transitory
häipyvä {adj}  :: momentary, fleeting
häiriö {n}  :: artifact (result of external action or error in an experiment)
häiriö {n}  :: disorder, trouble
häiriö {n}  :: interference, disturbance, disruption
häiriö {n} [medicine]  :: disorder
häiriintyä {vi}  :: To be(come) disturbed
häiriintymätön {adj}  :: unperturbed
häiriintynyt {adj}  :: disturbed (emotionally)
häiriköidä {v}  :: to heckle, to cause trouble
häirikkö {n}  :: troublemaker, hooligan
häirintä {n}  :: harassment
häirintä {n}  :: interference
häiritä {v}  :: to disrupt
häiritä {v}  :: to disturb, bother, bug
häiritsevä {adj}  :: disturbing, disruptive
häiritsijä {n}  :: disturber
häiriytyä {vi}  :: To become disturbed
hirmu {adv} [informal]  :: very, really, extremely; usually in positive sense
hirmu {n}  :: monster
hirmu {n}  :: [of a person] fright
hirmuaika {n}  :: age of tyranny
hirmuhallitsija {n}  :: tyrant
hirmuinen {adj}  :: horrendous, terrible
hirmuisesti {adv}  :: terribly
hirmulisko {n}  :: dinosaur
hirmumyrsky {n}  :: hurricane (tropical storm)
hirmumyrsky {n} [meteorology]  :: Any storm with hurricane-speed winds, i.e. of the level 12 in the Beaufort scale
hirmustua {v}  :: To get furious
hirmuvaltias {n}  :: tyrant
hirnahdella {v}  :: To neigh (repeatedly)
hirnahtaa {vi}  :: to neigh shortly
hirnua {vi} [colloquial]  :: To laugh with the sound of horse
hirnua {vi}  :: To neigh, to make the sound of a horse
hirnunta {n}  :: neigh
hirsi {n} [heraldry]  :: fess
hirsi {n}  :: log, timber (heavy wooden beam used or carved ready for use in construction of a log house or similar)
hirsimökki {n}  :: log cabin (simple house made of logs)
hirsinen {adj}  :: [of buildings] Made of logs
hirsipuu {n}  :: gallows
hirsipuu {n}  :: hangman (game)
hirsitalo {n}  :: log house (house made of logs)
hirssi {n}  :: millet (plant)
hirtehishuumori {n}  :: gallows humor (comedy that still manages to be funny in the face of a perfectly hopeless situation)
hirttää {vt}  :: To hang (to kill someone by hanging)
hirttäjä {n}  :: hangman
hirttäjäiset {n}  :: hanging (public event at which a person is hanged)
hirttäminen {n}  :: hanging (execution)
hirtto {n}  :: hanging
hirttokuolema {n}  :: death by hanging
hirttoköysi {n}  :: rope (for hanging)
hirttolava {n}  :: gallow
hirttosilmukka {n}  :: hangman's noose
hirtättää {vt}  :: To have someone hanged (by somebody = allative), make somebody (= allative) hang someone
hirttyä {vi}  :: To get hanged
hirttäytyä {vi}  :: To hang oneself (to commit suicide by hanging oneself)
hirvas {n}  :: stag, especially a reindeer
hirveä {adj}  :: horrible, terrible
hirveän {adv}  :: terribly
hirvenliha {n}  :: Deer, venison; the meat of an elk or moose
hirven nenäsaivartaja {n}  :: moose botfly, moose nose botfly, moose throat botfly, Cephenemyia ulrichii (large botfly that attacks chiefly the nostrils and pharyngeal cavity of moose)
hirvensarvisaniainen {n} [plant]  :: A fern, Platycerium bifurcatum
hirventalja {n}  :: elk, moose fleece
hirvenvasa {n}  :: calf (of elk)
hirvestää {v}  :: To hunt elks, moose
hirveästi {adv}  :: terribly
hirvetä {vt} [auxiliary + infinitive]  :: To dare ((to) do), venture (to do), have the courage (to do), be brave enough (to do; sth usually very scary or frightening)
hirvi {n}  :: any large deer, such as an elk, moose or wapiti
hirvi {n}  :: elk, moose (Alces alces)
hirvi {n}  :: meat of these animals
hirvi {n}  :: short for hirvieläin
hirviö {n}  :: monster
hirviaita {n}  :: A fence for preventing moose from crossing a highway
hirviammunta {n}  :: field shooting on an elk-shaped target
hirviantilooppi {n}  :: common eland (Taurotragus oryx)
hirvieläin {n} [zoology]  :: A deer (any animal belonging to the family Cervidae)
hirvihärkä {n}  :: male elk, male moose
hirvijahti {n}  :: elk hunt, moose hunt
hirvikoira {n}  :: Any dog trained for assisting in elk hunting
hirvikärpänen {n}  :: deer ked, deer fly (Lipoptena cervi)
hirvilehmä {n}  :: doe (female elk or moose)
hirviömäinen {adj}  :: monstrous
hirvipassi {n} [hunting]  :: A place where the hunter waits for an elk
hirvisika {n}  :: babyroussa (Babyrousa babyrussa)
hirviösusi {n}  :: dire wolf
hirvitä {v} [rare]  :: To dare to do something
hirvitellä {v}  :: to bemoan, complain, regret, to dismay or worry about something; especially by using plentifully the adjective hirveä, hirvittävä and similar
hirvittää {v}  :: To horrify
hirvittävä {adj}  :: horrible
hirvivaara {n}  :: A traffic sign warning about places where elks usually cross a road
Hirvonen {prop}  :: Finnish surname
his {n} [music]  :: B-sharp
hisahtaa {vi}  :: alternative form of hiiskahtaa
Hisin kimppu {n} [anatomy]  :: bundle of His, AV bundle, atrioventricular bundle (bundle of specialized heart muscle cells that transmit electrical impulses from the AV node in the heart to the muscle cells of the heart wall, which contract in response producing the heart beat)
häiskä {n} [colloquial]  :: dude, guy, chap
Hiskia {prop}  :: Hezekiah [biblical character]
hissa {n} [slang]  :: history as a school subject
hissata {vt}  :: To heave
hissi {n}  :: elevator, lift
hissikori {n}  :: A car (the moving, load-carrying component of an elevator)
hissikuilu {n}  :: shaft (vertical passage housing a lift)
hissilippu {n}  :: lift ticket (badge, slip, card etc. that entitles one to ride a lift, especially a skiing lift)
hissimusiikki {n} [music]  :: elevator music
hissitön {adj} [usually of a building]  :: without a lift/elevator
hissukka {n}  :: A timid, quiet person
hissuttaa {vi}  :: To tiptoe
histamiini {n}  :: histamine
histidiini {n} [chemistry]  :: histidine
histogrammi {n}  :: histogram
histologi {n}  :: histologist
histologia {n} [biology]  :: histology
historia {n}  :: history
historiallinen {adj}  :: historical (of or pertaining to things that are connected with or found in the past)
historiallinen {adj}  :: historic (very important in history or having a long history)
historiallinen maakunta {n}  :: historical province (any of the nine regions of Finland conventionally regarded as "historical", although their borders have varied in the course of the history)
historiallisesti {adv}  :: historically
historiallisuus {n}  :: historicalness
historianfilosofia {n}  :: philosophy of history
historiankirjoitus {n}  :: historiography, writing of history
historiikki {n}  :: history (description of events)
historiografia {n}  :: historiography (study of the discipline and practice of history and the writings of past historians)
historioida {v}  :: To study history
historioitsija {n}  :: historian
hitaammin {adv}  :: comparative form of hitaasti
hitaampi {adj}  :: comparative form of hidas
hitaasti {adv}  :: slowly
hitaimmin {adv}  :: superlative form of hitaasti
hitain {adj}  :: superlative form of hidas
hitaus {n}  :: inertia
hitaus {n}  :: slowness
hitausmomentti {n} [physics]  :: moment of inertia
Hitler-viikset {n}  :: Hitler mustache, Charlie Chaplin mustache
hitosti {adv} [vulgar]  :: An intensifier
hitsaaja {n}  :: welder
hitsaantua {vi}  :: alternative form of hitsautua
hitsari {n}  :: A welder (one who welds)
hitsata {vt}  :: to weld
hitsaus {n}  :: welding
hitsautua {v} [figuratively]  :: to knit (to become closely joined)
hitsautua {v}  :: to become welded
hitsi {interj}  :: gee
hitsi {n}  :: weld
Hittavainen {prop} [mythology]  :: In Finnish mythology, a deity that helped hare hunters
hitti {n} [of a book, song, movie, any product, etc.]  :: Hit, success
hitto {n} [vulgar, mild expletive, or, intensifier]  :: damn, heck, hell, rats or crap. Somewhat comparable to geezers!
hitu {n}  :: bit, little bit, tiny bit, ounce (figuratively)
hitunen {n}  :: A very small amount of something, a jot, an iota
hiue {n}  :: loam (type of mineral soil consisting of sand, silt and clay)
hiuka {n} [dialectal]  :: hunger
hiukaista {v}  :: To feel hungry
hiukan {adv}  :: a little, bit, slightly
hiukapala {n}  :: alternative form of hiukopala
hiukka {n}  :: nugget, pinch
hiukkanen {n} [physics]  :: A particle
hiukkasen {adv} [colloquial]  :: a little (really little)
hiukkasfysiikka {n} [physics]  :: particle physics
hiukkasfyysikko {n}  :: particle physicist
hiukkaskiihdytin {n}  :: particle accelerator
hiukoa {v}  :: To feel hungry
hiukopala {n}  :: snack, especially something salty eaten at night after a few drinks
hiuksenhalkominen {n}  :: hairsplitting
hiukseton {adj}  :: hairless
hius {n}  :: a single hair, strand of hair (on a human head)
hiusgeeli {n}  :: A hair gel
hiusharja {n}  :: hairbrush
hiuskarva {n}  :: An individual hair
hiuskarva {n}  :: A whisker (very short distance)
hiuslakka {n}  :: hairspray
hiuslenkki {n}  :: bobble, scrunchie, gogo (elasticated band used for securing hair)
hiuslisäke {n}  :: toupee
hiusmarto {n}  :: scalp (part of the head where the hair grows from, or used to grow from)
hiusneula {n}  :: hairpin
hiuspanta {n}  :: headband (hair accessory)
hiuspidike {n}  :: Any accessory worn in the hair to keep it in order
hiuspinni {n}  :: bobby pin, hairgrip
hiusputki {n}  :: capillary (narrow tube)
hiusputki-ilmiö {n}  :: capillary action
hiusraja {n}  :: hairline (line of where hair starts growing)
hiussaniainen {n}  :: Southern maidenhair fern, black maidenhair fern, venus hair fern, Adiantum capillus-veneris
hiussolki {n}  :: barrette, hairclip, hair-slide (clasp or clip for gathering and holding the hair)
hiussuoni {n} [anatomy]  :: capillary (thin blood vessel)
hiussuonikeränen {n} [anatomy]  :: glomerulus
hiustenhalkaisu {n}  :: hairsplitting
hiustenhalkoja {n}  :: hairsplitter
hiusten halkominen {n}  :: alternative spelling of hiustenhalkominen
hiustenhalkominen {n}  :: hairsplitting
hiustenhoito {n}  :: hair care
hiustenhoitoaine {n}  :: hair conditioner
hiustenkasvu {n}  :: hair growth
hiustenkiharrin {n}  :: hair curler
hiustenkuivaaja {n}  :: blowdryer, hairdryer, hair dryer
hiustenkuivain {n}  :: blowdryer, hairdryer, hair dryer
hiustenleikkaus {n}  :: haircutting
hiustenleikkuu {n}  :: haircutting
hiustenlähtö {n}  :: loss of hair
hiustenpesuaine {n}  :: shampoo
hiustukko {n}  :: A tangle of hair
hiusverisuoni {n} [anatomy]  :: capillary (thin blood vessel)
hiusverkko {n}  :: hairnet, snood
hiusvesi {n}  :: hair lotion
hiusviiva {n}  :: hairline (thin line)
hiusväri {n}  :: hair dye
hiutale {n}  :: flake
häivä {n}  :: trace
häive- {prefix}  :: stealth (designed to be invisible to radar)
häivehapero {n}  :: An edible brittlegill, Russula nauseosa
häivehävittäjä {n}  :: stealth fighter
hiven {n}  :: A trifle, bit (amount)
hivenaine {n}  :: A mineral essential to nutrition; trace substance, dietary mineral
häivepommittaja {n}  :: stealth bomber
HI-virus {n}  :: human immunodeficiency virus, HIV
HIV-positiivinen {adj}  :: HIV positive
hivutella {v}  :: frequentative form of hivuttaa
hivuttaa {v}  :: to chafe, rub (to wear by rubbing)
hivuttaa {v}  :: to edge (to move something slowly and deliberately)
hivuttaa {v}  :: to wear away, gnaw, consume (to erode or weaken gradually and progressively)
hivuttautua {vi}  :: To inch towards, slowly and perhaps imperceptibly
häivyttää {vt}  :: To fade out
hääjuhla {n}  :: wedding
häjy {n} [historical]  :: A type of troublemakers who were common in Ostrobothnia mostly in the 19th century
häkä {n}  :: carbon monoxide
hääkakku {n}  :: wedding cake
hääkellot {n}  :: wedding bells
häkellyttää {vt}  :: To stupefy
häkeltyä {vi}  :: To be stupefied
hökkeli {n}  :: shack, shanty
hökkelikaupunki {n}  :: shantytown
hökkelikylä {n}  :: A shantytown
häkki {n}  :: cage
häkki {n} [colloquial]  :: goal (e.g. in ice hockey)
häkkikana {n}  :: battery cage hen (hen kept in a battery cage)
häkkikanala {n}  :: battery cage
häkkilintu {n}  :: cage bird
häkkilintu {n} [informal]  :: yardbird (imprisoned person)
Häkkinen {prop}  :: Finnish surname
häkkisukellus {n}  :: cage diving
häkkyrä {n} [colloquial]  :: gadget
Häkämies {prop}  :: Finnish surname
häkämyrkytys {n}  :: carbon monoxide poisoning
-hko {suffix}  :: an adjectival suffix used with adjectives with back vowel harmony (a, o or u) in order to give the original adjective the meaning "quite, relatively, somewhat"; -ish
häkäpönttö {n} [informal]  :: A gasifier that produces carbon monoxide from carbonaceous material such as wood, especially one used in a vehicle; wood gasifier
häkärä {n} [dialectal]  :: mist, fog
hääkutsu {n}  :: wedding invitation
hlö {abbr}  :: person
hölö {n}  :: windbag
häälahja {n}  :: wedding gift
HLBT {initialism}  :: homo, lesbo, biseksuaali, transsukupuolinen, LGBT
hälinä {n}  :: hustle and bustle
hälinöidä {v}  :: alternative form of hälistä
hälistä {vi}  :: to clamor, make noise, be noisy
hölistä {vi} [colloquial]  :: To blabber, talk nonsense
hölkkä {n}  :: a jog
hölkkääjä {n}  :: jogger
hölkäsen pöläys {n}  :: diddly squat
hölkätä {vi}  :: To jog
hölökyn kölökyn {interj}  :: chin chin! (toast)
hölkynkölkyn {interj}  :: alternative form of hölökyn kölökyn
hölökynkölökyn {interj}  :: alternative form of hölökyn kölökyn
hölkyttää {v}  :: Alternative term for lönkyttää
höllä {adj}  :: lenient (not strict)
höllä {adj}  :: loose (not tight)
hälle {pron} [poetic]  :: Shortened form of hänelle (to him/her)
höllentää {vt}  :: To loosen, relax
höllentyä {vi}  :: To loosen, relax
hölletä {vi}  :: To relax, unfasten
höllässä {adv}  :: loosely; not tightly
höllästi {adv}  :: loosely; not tightly
höllätä {vt}  :: To loosen
hällä väliä {interj}  :: who cares, so what
hölmö {adj}  :: silly, foolish
hölmö {n}  :: fool
hölmöillä {vi}  :: To act stupidly
hölmöillä {v}  :: To piffle
hölmistyä {vi}  :: To be stupefied
hölmistyttää {vt}  :: To stupefy
Hölmölä {prop}  :: cloud-cuckoo-land (imaginary place where silly or unrealistic people reside)
hölmösti {adv}  :: foolishly
hölpöttää {vi} [colloquial]  :: alternative form of höpöttää
hölskyä {vi}  :: To slosh
hölskyttää {vt}  :: To slosh
hölösuu {n}  :: blabbermouth
hölöttää {vi}  :: to blabber (to run one's mouth in such a way as to spoil a surprise)
höltyä {vi}  :: to loosen
hälventää {vt}  :: To dispel
hälventyä {vi}  :: To clear
hälvetä {vi} [of clouds]  :: To disappear
häälyä {vi}  :: häälyä jonkin yllä: to hang over (menacingly)
häly {n}  :: noise
hölynpöly {n}  :: nonsense, claptrap (meaningless words)
hälytä {v}  :: alternative form of hälistä
hälytin {n}  :: An alarm (mechanical contrivance for rousing attention)
hälyttää {vt}  :: To alarm (to call to arms; to give notice of approaching danger; to rouse to vigilance and action; to put on the alert)
höläyttää {vi}  :: To blurt
hälyttävä {adj}  :: alarming
hälyttävästi {adv}  :: alarmingly
hälyttyä {vi}  :: To become alarmed
hälytys {n}  :: alarm (any sound or information intended to give notice of approaching danger; a warning sound to arouse attention)
hälytys {n}  :: alarm (summons to arms)
hälytysajoneuvo {n}  :: emergency vehicle
hälytyskello {n}  :: An alarm bell, a tocsin
häämarssi {n}  :: wedding march (music to annnounce the arrival of the participants of the wedding)
häämatka {n}  :: A honeymoon (trip taken by a newly married couple)
Häme {prop}  :: Tavastia, a historical province and area in Finland
Hämeenlinna {prop}  :: A city in southern Finland
hämeenlinnalainen {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to the city of Hämeenlinna or its citizens
hämeenlinnalainen {n}  :: A person from, or an inhabitant of, Hämeenlinna
hämähäkinseitti {n}  :: spiderweb
hämähäkki {n}  :: spider
hämähäkkiapina {n}  :: ateline (any New World monkey of the subfamily Atelinae of the family Cebidae, the subfamily comprising genera Ateles, Brachyteles (murikit) and Lagothrix (villa-apinat))
hämähäkkiapina {n} [in plural]  :: genus Ateles
hämähäkkiapina {n} [in plural]  :: subfamily Atelinae
hämähäkkiapina {n}  :: spider monkey (any New World monkey of the genus Ateles, with long, spindly limbs)
hämähäkkieläin {n}  :: An arachnid
Hämähäkkimies {prop}  :: Spider-Man
hämillään {adv}  :: embarrassed, confused (in the state of shameful discomfort)
hämis {n} [colloquial]  :: spider
Hämis {prop}  :: Spidey
hämäläinen {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to Häme, sometimes the word Tavastian is used in English
hämäläinen {n}  :: A person living in or originating from the area of the historical province of Häme, sometimes called Tavastian or Tavastlander in English texts
Hämäläinen {prop}  :: Finnish surname
hämmennin {n}  :: mixer
hämmennys {n}  :: confusion, bafflement
hämmentää {vt}  :: to confuse, perplex, befuddle (to throw into a state of confusion)
hämmentää {vt}  :: to roil (to render turbid by stirring up the dregs or sediment of)
hämmentää {vt}  :: to stir, agitate (to disturb the relative position of the particles of, as of a liquid, by passing something through it)
hämmentyä {vi}  :: To be confused
hämmentynyt {adj}  :: embarrassed, confused
hämminki {n}  :: confusion, disorder, fuss
hämmälillukka {n} [regional]  :: alternative term for lillukka
hämmästellä {v}  :: to be amazed, astonished
hämmästyä {vi}  :: To be surprised, be amazed, be astonished
hämmästys {n}  :: surprise, awe
hämmästyttää {vt}  :: To amaze, astonish
hämmästyttävä {adj}  :: amazing, astonishing
hämääntyä {vi}  :: To get confused
hömppä {n} [colloquial]  :: froth (unimportant events)
hömpöttää {vi} [colloquial]  :: To make a fuss over something
hämärä {adj}  :: dim, dusky, shadowy, dark, gloomy
hämärä {adj}  :: dim, indistinct, obscure(d)
hämärä {adj}  :: dim, vague, obscure, mysterious, unknown
hämärä {adj}  :: shady, fishy, suspicious
hämärä {n}  :: dusk, twilight, dark, dimness
hämärin {adj}  :: superlative form of hämärä
hämärämpi {adj}  :: comparative form of hämärä
hämäränäkö {n}  :: night vision (ability to see in very faint light)
hämäränäkölaite {n}  :: night vision device (appliance which strengthens ambient light so that one may see in very faint light)
hämäräperäinen {adj}  :: shady, obscure, murky, sallow (having a dubious background)
hämärryttää {vt}  :: alternative form of hämärtää
hämäräsokeus {n}  :: night blindness, nyctalopia
hämärästi {adv}  :: Dimly
hämärtää {vi} [monopersonal, 3rd-pers. sg., of an evening]  :: To darken, get/grow dim/dusky/dark(er)
hämärtää {vt}  :: To blur, make more indistinct
hämärtyä {vi} [of sight]  :: To be(come) blur, become dim; (of thoughts) to get confused/diffused; (concretely or figuratively) to become more indistinct
hämärtyä {vi}  :: To get/grow dim/dusky/dark(er), darken
hämätä {vt} [+ partitive]  :: To confuse, to obfuscate, to jive
häämöttää {vi}  :: To loom, come into view,
hämy {n}  :: twilight, gloom
hämyinen {adj}  :: twilighty
hämyisä {adj}  :: alternative form of hämyinen, ("twilighty")
hämäys {n}  :: trickery, misrepresentation, skulduggery
-hän {particle}  :: (enclitic) A particle attached to an indicative (more rarely: conditional or potential) verb form in order to express the speaker's wish about something; also to politely ask someone to do something—i.e., to avoid the imperative:
-hän {particle}  :: (enclitic) A particle to express that the speaker had some (more or less) certain view on something but is surprised after having got to know the truth about it:
-hän {particle}  :: (enclitic) A particle to express that the speaker had some (more or less) certain view on something but is surprised at the controversial view expressed by some other person:
-hän {particle}  :: (enclitic) A particle to express that the speaker is determined about or resistant towards something:
-hän {particle}  :: (enclitic) With a negation verb form and the enclitic particle -kö to express "I suppose":
-hän {particle}  :: (enclitic) With the particle -kö (kö required by the vowel harmony) to express "I wonder if":
hän {pron} [personal]  :: he, she or singular they (only of a human being; the pronoun doesn't determine the sex of the person)
-hän {suffix}  :: alternative form of -hVn
hönö {n} [colloquial]  :: intoxication, drunkenness
hönö {n} [colloquial]  :: mug, face
-hön {suffix}  :: alternative form of -hVn
hänen {pron}  :: he, she; with monopersonal verbs which require genitive, such as pitää, täytyä, tulla, olla + passive present participle etc
hänen {pron}  :: his, hers (that which belongs to him or her, used without a following noun)
hänen {pron}  :: his, her; used with the possessive suffix -nsa/-nsä appended to the main word owned
hänestä {pron}  :: about him/her; of him/her:
hänestä {pron}  :: in his/her opinion, s/he thinks that:
hänet {pron}  :: The accusative singular of the personal pronoun hän, in most cases translated into English him or her (direct object):
hänkkä {n} [skateboarding, slang]  :: handrail
hän-muotoinen {adj}  :: third-person (using verbs in the third person)
Hänninen {prop}  :: Finnish surname
hännällinen {adj}  :: tailed (having a tail)
hännänpää {n}  :: tip of tail
hännätön {adj}  :: tailless
hännys {n}  :: tail of a tailcoat
hännystakki {n}  :: A tailcoat
hännystelijä {n}  :: lackey
hännystellä {v}  :: To toady, truckle to
häntä {n} [anatomy]  :: a narrow tail (e.g., of most mammals)
häntä {n}  :: back
häntäinen {adj}  :: (in combination) tailed, as in long-tailed, short-tailed etc
häntälihas {n} [anatomy]  :: coccygeus (muscle of the pelvic wall, that in combination with the levator ani forms the pelvic diaphragm)
häntäluu {n} [skeleton]  :: coccyx, tailbone
häntänikama {n} [skeleton]  :: caudal, caudal vertebra, coccygeal vertebra
häntänuija {n}  :: thagomizer
häntäpää {n}  :: end, rear
häntäpää {n}  :: tail end
hönöttää {v} [colloquial]  :: to cheat, swindle
hönöttää {v} [colloquial]  :: to deceive, mislead
hönöttää {vi}  :: alternative form of honottaa
hönttö {n}  :: alternative form of höntti
höntti {n}  :: simpleton
häntätumake {n} [anatomy]  :: caudate nucleus
hoatsin {n}  :: hoatzin, stinkbird (Opisthocomus hoazin)
hobby {n} [nonstandard]  :: hobby (activity)
hobitti {n}  :: hobbit
Ho Chi Minhin kaupunki {prop}  :: Ho Chi Minh City
hockey {n}  :: hockey
hodari {n} [colloquial]  :: hot dog
Hodgkinin tauti {n} [pathology]  :: Hodgkin's lymphoma (type of malignant lymphoid neoplasm)
hoffmanninlaiskiainen {n}  :: Hoffmann's two-toed sloth, Choloepus hoffmanni
hohde {n}  :: shine (brightness from a source of light)
hohdokas {adj}  :: glamorous
hohhoijaa {interj}  :: ho-hum
hohka {n}  :: glow
hohka {n}  :: porous material
hohkakivi {n} [geology]  :: pumice
hohkasilikaatti {n} [in plural]  :: silica group
hohkasilikaatti {n} [mineralogy]  :: tectosilicate, silica (silicate mineral having a silicon to oxygen ratio of 1:2)
hohkasilikaattiryhmä {n} [mineralogy]  :: silica group (group of silicate minerals having a silicon to oxygen ratio of 1:2)
hohkata {v}  :: To radiate heat
hohkua {v}  :: alternative form of hohkaa
hohottaa {vi}  :: To guffaw
hohotus {n}  :: guffaw
hohtaa {vi}  :: To glow, shine, glimmer, gleam
hohtava {adj}  :: gleaming, glowing, luminous, shimmering
hohtimet {n}  :: pincers
hohto {n}  :: gleaming
hohto {n}  :: glowing
hohto {n}  :: shining
hohtodiodi {n}  :: light-emitting diode, LED
hohtomuura {n}  :: glossy antshrike
hoi {interj}  :: ohoy, hey
hoidattaa {v}  :: to let nurse, care, cure, fix, handle etc., to have nursed, cared, cured, fixed, handled etc
hoide {n}  :: conditioner (of hair etc.)
hoidella {vt} [slang + genitive-accusative]  :: To do, have sex with
hoidella {vt}  :: To see to, take care (continuously and/or indifferently)
hoidokki {n}  :: An inmate, ward of a mental asylum etc
hoikempi {adj}  :: comparative form of hoikka
hoikentaa {vt}  :: To make slender
hoikentua {vi}  :: To become slender
hoiketa {vi}  :: To become slimmer
hoikistaa {vt}  :: To make slender
hoikistua {vi}  :: To become slender
hoikka {adj}  :: lean
hoikka {adj}  :: slim
hoikkadelfiini {n}  :: bridled dolphin, Stenella attenuata
hoikkalori {n}  :: red slender loris, Loris tardigradus
hoikkamangusti {n}  :: slender mongoose, Galerella sanguinea
hoikkaorava {n}  :: slender squirrel, Sundasciurus tenuis
hoikkapäästäinen {n}  :: slender shrew, Sorex gracillimus
hoikkasäärinen {adj}  :: slender-legged
hoikkatupaija {n}  :: slender tree shrew, Tupaia gracilis
hoilata {vi}  :: To sing badly, not being able to follow the melody or beat
hoilata {vi}  :: To yell out, to cry out
hoilata hoosiannaa {phrase}  :: (very colloquial) to give out, to burn out, to beg for mercy
hoilottaa {v}  :: To holler, call out (to vocalize audibly; announce)
hoiperrella {vi}  :: To walk unsteadily; to stagger
hoipertaa {vi}  :: To walk unsteadily; to stagger
hoipertelu {n}  :: stagger
hoippua {vi}  :: To teeter
hoippuroida {vi}  :: To walk unsteadily; to stagger
hoippurointi {n}  :: staggering (uneasy walking)
hoitaa {v}  :: to cure
hoitaa {v}  :: to deal with, fix (e.g. a problem)
hoitaa {v}  :: to finish, complete, tidy, put in order, square away
hoitaa {v}  :: to nurse, care
hoitaa {v}  :: to take care of, see to, do, handle
hoitaja {n}  :: carer, care-giver
hoitaja {n}  :: caretaker (one who takes care of someone or something)
hoitaja {n}  :: nurse
hoitajatar {n}  :: female nurse
hoitamaton {adj}  :: uncured, untreated
hoitamaton {adj}  :: unkempt
hoito {n}  :: care (maintenance, upkeep)
hoito {n}  :: care (treatment of those in need)
hoito {n}  :: handling, management (manner of dealing with a situation, problemetc.)
hoito {n}  :: nurture (act of nursing)
hoito {n} [slang]  :: fuck, one-night stand (casual sexual partner)
hoito {n}  :: treatment, cure, therapy, remedy (method of healing a disease or disability)
hoitoaine {n}  :: hair conditioner
hoitohistoria {n} [medicine]  :: medical history (details about a patient's previous medical experiences)
hoitokoti {n}  :: nursing home, care home
hoitopaikka {n}  :: A place in a caretaking institution such as hospital, sanatorium, nursing home, children's home, daycare etc. English translation varies according to context
hoitotyö {n}  :: care work, care (treatment of those in need as a profession)
hoitovirhe {n}  :: malpractice (improper treatment of a patient by a physician)
hoitua {vi}  :: To be fixed, to happen in an effortless manner
hoituri {n}  :: nurse
hoiva {n}  :: care
hoivata {vt}  :: To nurse, foster
hokea {v}  :: To cuckoo (to repeat incessantly)
hokea {v}  :: To parrot (to repeat without understanding)
hokea {v}  :: To repeat (over and over again)
hokea {v}  :: To roll (to utter copiously, especially with sounding words)
hokema {n}  :: catchphrase, bumper sticker, slogan
hokema {n}  :: parroting, cuckooing, mantra
hokko {n}  :: curassow (four genera of birds in the family Cracidae)
hokkuspokkus {interj}  :: hocuspocus
hoksata {vi} [colloquial]  :: To figure out
hoksata {vi} [colloquial]  :: To notice
hoksottimet {n} [colloquial]  :: wits
hoku {n}  :: rhyme
hokutoryu {n}  :: A style of jujitsu developed in Finland since 1970's
holauttaa {v}  :: alternative form of hulauttaa
holding-yhtiö {n}  :: holding company
holhokki {n}  :: ward (person)
holhonta {n}  :: patronizing
holhooja {n} [legal, dated]  :: guardian
holhoojahallitus {n}  :: caretaker government
holhota {v}  :: To patronize
holhotti {n}  :: A ward (person under guardianship)
holhousvaltio {n}  :: nanny state
holismi {n}  :: holism
holisti {n}  :: holist
holistinen {adj}  :: holistic
holistoonata {v} [nautical, slang]  :: To holystone (to scrub ship's wooden deck with a piece of sandstone)
holkeri {n}  :: Greenland shark, Somniosus microcephalus
holkki {n}  :: bushing
hollandaisekastike {n}  :: hollandaise sauce
hollannikas {n}  :: clog (shoe)
hollanninkastike {n}  :: hollandaise sauce
hollannin kieli {n}  :: The Dutch language
hollanninkielinen {adj}  :: Dutch-speaking
hollanninkielinen {adj}  :: Expressed in the Dutch language
hollanninpaimenkoira {n}  :: Dutch shepherd dog
hollannintaa {v}  :: to translate into Dutch
hollannitar {n}  :: A Dutchwoman
hollanti {n}  :: Dutch (language)
hollanti {n} [rare]  :: Hollandic (dialect of Dutch)
Hollanti {prop}  :: Holland, the Netherlands
hollantilainen {adj}  :: Dutch
hollantilainen {n}  :: a Dutch
Hollo {prop}  :: Finnish surname
holmium {n}  :: holmium
holografia {n}  :: holography
hologrammi {n}  :: hologram
holokausti {n}  :: holocaust
holokausti {n}  :: The Holocaust
holomorfinen {adj}  :: holomorphic
holonyymi {n} [linguistics]  :: holonym
holoriimi {n}  :: holorime
holoseeni {n}  :: Holocene
holoseenikausi {n} [geology]  :: Holocene, the Holocene epoch
holoseenikautinen {adj} [geology]  :: Holocene
holtiton {adj}  :: reckless
holtittomasti {adv}  :: recklessly
holtittomuus {n}  :: recklessness
holtti {n}  :: controllability, controllableness
holtti {n}  :: self-control
holtti {n}  :: sense, rationality
holvata {v}  :: To pour something, especially wastefully
holvata {vt}  :: To vault
holvaus {n}  :: arching
holvaus {n} [informal]  :: an act of wasting or squandering something, like money or other resources
holvaus {n}  :: vaulting
holvautua {vi}  :: to form or create a vault naturally or by itself
holvi {n} [anatomy]  :: A fornix (archlike structure)
holvi {n}  :: A vault
holvikaari {n} [architecture]  :: arch
holvikatto {n}  :: A vault
holvikäytävä {n}  :: archway
holvisilta {n}  :: arch bridge (type of arch bridge built with vaulted arches)
holvittaa {vt} [rare]  :: Alternative form of the sense "to vault" of the verb holvata
home {n}  :: mildew, mould
homeallergia {n}  :: mold allergy
homeerinen {adj}  :: Homeric
homehduttaa {vt}  :: To mildew (to taint with mildew)
homehtua {vi} [figuratively]  :: To become stale
homehtua {vi}  :: To grow moldy, mildew
homehtunut {adj}  :: One that has become covered with mold; molded
homeinen {adj}  :: moldy
homejuusto {n}  :: A cheese that is produced with cultures of mold
homeomorfinen {adj} [mathematics]  :: homeomorphic
homeomorfismi {n} [mathematics]  :: homeomorphism
homeopaatti {n}  :: homeopath
homeopaattinen {adj}  :: homeopathic
homeopatia {n}  :: homeopathy
homeostaasi {n}  :: homeostasis
homeostaattinen {adj}  :: homeostatic
Homeros {prop}  :: Homer (the Greek poet)
hominidi {n}  :: hominid
homma {n}  :: hullun ~ : fool's errand
homma {n}  :: job, work (task at hand)
homma {n}  :: thing, case (object of scrutiny)
hommata {vt} [colloquial]  :: To acquire, arrange
hommata {vt} [colloquial]  :: To do (to perform or execute)
homo {n}  :: gay man
homo {n} [offensive, derogatory]  :: Used as a general slur
homo {n}  :: [rarely] any gay person
homo- {prefix}  :: homo-, gay (homosexual; with common language words, e.g. homobaari, homoliitto, homomies)
homo- {prefix}  :: homo- (same; only in loanwords directly adapted from a term in which "homo-" appears in this sense , e.g. homogeeninen, homoseksuaali, homonyymi)
homoavioliitto {n}  :: gay marriage, same-sex marriage
homobaari {n} [colloquial]  :: A gay bar
homoeroottinen {adj}  :: homoerotic
homofiili {n}  :: homophile
homofilia {n}  :: homophilia
homofobia {n}  :: homophobia (fear of homosexuals)
homofonia {n}  :: homophony
homogeeninen {adj}  :: homogeneous
homogeenistaa {vt}  :: to homogenize
homogeenisuus {n}  :: homogeneity
homogenisoida {v}  :: alternative form of homogenoida
homogenisointi {n}  :: homogenization
homogenoida {vt}  :: to homogenize
homogenointi {n}  :: homogenization
homografi {n}  :: homograph
homoilla {vi} [rare, colloquial, usually said of men]  :: to have gay sex; to do gay stuff
homokammo {n}  :: homophobia (fear or hatred of homosexuals)
homokysteiini {n} [chemistry]  :: homocysteine
homoliitto {n}  :: gay marriage; short form of [[homoavioliitto gay marriage]]
homologia {n}  :: homology
homologinen {adj}  :: homologous
homomies {n}  :: gay man (homosexual male)
homomorfismi {n}  :: homomorphism
homonainen {n}  :: gay woman, gay female, lesbian (homosexual female)
homonymia {n}  :: homonym
homonyymi {n}  :: homonym
homopari {n}  :: gay couple
homosalaatti {n}  :: homosalate
homoseksi {n}  :: gay sex
homoseksuaali {n}  :: A homosexual
homoseksuaalinen {adj}  :: homosexual, gay
homoseksuaalisesti {adv}  :: homosexually
homoseksuaalisuus {n}  :: homosexuality
homoseksualismi {n}  :: homosexualism
homoseksualisti {n} [dated]  :: A homosexual
homoteettinen {adj}  :: homothetic
homotella {vt}  :: To call someone homosexual (in a negative sense)
homotetia {n} [mathematics]  :: homothety
homotooppinen {adj} [topology]  :: homotopic
homotopia {n}  :: homotopy
homotsygootti {n}  :: homozygote
homotsygoottinen {adj}  :: homozygotic
homotutka {n}  :: gaydar
homous {n}  :: homosexuality
homppeli {n} [colloquial]  :: A gay, homosexual
homssu {n} [colloquial]  :: unclean woman
-hon {suffix}  :: alternative form of -hVn
honata {vi} [colloquial]  :: To understand, to get it
Honduras {prop}  :: Honduras
hongankolistaja {n} [humorous]  :: beanpole, a tall person
hongikko {n}  :: A mature pine forest, with tall, handsome trees
Hongkong {prop}  :: Hong Kong (Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China)
Hong Kong {prop}  :: alternative spelling of Hongkong
hongkongilainen {adj}  :: Hongkonger, Hongkongese (of or pertaining to Hong Kong, its culture and people)
hongkongilainen {n}  :: A Hongkonger, Hongkongite (person)
hongkongilainen {n}  :: The Hong Kong flu
honka {n}  :: A large pine tree with a straight trunk
Honkala {prop}  :: Any of a number of small places in Finland
Honkala {prop}  :: Finnish surname
Honkanen {prop}  :: Finnish surname
honkapuu {n} [biblical]  :: gopher wood
honkapuu {n} [rare]  :: pinewood (wood of the pine)
honkio {n}  :: A dugout made of pine
honottaa {vi}  :: to produce nasally phonemes that normatively are non-nasal; to talk or sing through the nose
hontelo {adj}  :: lanky
hoonata {v} [slang]  :: To fuck, have sex
hoonata {vt}  :: To hone (to produce a precision bore with a hone)
hoopo {adj} [colloquial]  :: dumb, crazy
hoosata {v}  :: alternative form of höösätä
hoosianna {interj}  :: hosanna
hoosianna {n}  :: hosanna
hopea {adj}  :: silver (colour)
hopea {n}  :: silver
hopeabarbi {n}  :: tinfoil barb, Barbonymus schwanenfeldii
hopeagibboni {n}  :: silvery gibbon, Hylobates moloch
hopeahanhikki {n}  :: hoary cinquefoil, Potentilla argentea
hopeahääpäivä {n}  :: A silver anniversary (the 25th anniversary of a marriage)
hopeahäät {n}  :: silver wedding (25th wedding anniversary)
hopeajodidi {n} [chemistry]  :: silver iodide
hopeakaivos {n}  :: silver mine
hopeakettu {n}  :: silver fox
hopeakuore {n}  :: argentine, European argentine (fish of the species Argentina sphyraena)
hopeakuore {n}  :: argentine, herring smelt (fish of the genus Argentina)
hopeakuusi {n}  :: blue spruce (Picea pungens)
hopeakylki {n}  :: Nickname for anything that has silvery sides, especially another fish, such as [[silakka Baltic herring]], [[lohi salmon]], [[siika whitefish]] or [[meritaimen sea trout]]
hopeakylki {n}  :: silverside (any small fish of the family Atherinidae that are characterized by bright, silvery scales)
hopealusikka {n} [idiomatic]  :: silver spoon (wealth passed down or inherited)
hopealusikka {n} [literally]  :: silver spoon (spoon made of silver)
hopeamaali {n}  :: silver paint
hopeamalmi {n}  :: silver ore
hopeamitali {n}  :: silver medal
hopeamitalisti {n}  :: silver medalist (silver medal winner)
hopeanharmaa {adj}  :: silver-grey
hopeanitraatti {n}  :: silver nitrate
hopeanvärinen {adj}  :: silver, silvery (having a color/colour like silver)
hopeaposkimuura {n}  :: silvery-cheeked antshrike
hopeaseppä {n}  :: A silversmith
hopeatäplä {n}  :: longwing, heliconian (member of the subfamily Heliconiinae)
hopeinen {adj}  :: Silvery
hopeoida {vt}  :: To silver-plate, to plate with silver
hopeointi {n}  :: silver-plating, silver plate
hopeoitu {adj}  :: silver-plated, silvered
hopeoitua {vi}  :: To be silver-plated, to be plated with silver
hopiainen {adj} [dialectal]  :: silvery
hoppu {n}  :: hurry, hustle
hoputtaa {vt}  :: To rush, busy
horina {n}  :: twaddling, prattle
horisontaali {adj}  :: horizontal
horisontaali {n}  :: horizontal line
horisontaalinen {adj}  :: horizontal
horisontaalitaso {n}  :: alternative term for vaakataso
horisontaalitaso {n} [anatomy]  :: transverse plane, horizontal plane, axial plane, transaxial plane (any plane that divides the body into upper and lower parts)
horisontti {n}  :: horizon
horista {vi}  :: To chatter, blather
horjahtaa {vi}  :: To sway, reel
horjua {vi} [figuratively]  :: To totter, be(come) shaky
horjua {vi} [figuratively]  :: To waver, falter, vacillate, shilly-shally
horjua {vi}  :: To stagger, totter, lurch, teeter (also figuratively)
horjumaton {adj}  :: unwavering
horjunta {n}  :: wobble
horjuttaa {vt}  :: To destabilize
horjuttaa {vt}  :: To reel
horjuva {adj}  :: staggering, unstable, titubant
horkka {n} [pathology]  :: ague, malaria
horkkahyttynen {n}  :: malaria mosquito, Anopheles gambiae
horkkasääski {n}  :: malaria mosquito (Anopheles gambiae)
hormi {n}  :: flue
hormonaalinen {adj}  :: hormonal
hormoni {n} [physiology]  :: hormone
hormonikorvaushoito {n} [medicine]  :: hormone replacement therapy (practice of introducing hormones to the body of a patient to replace its own insufficient production of hormones)
horna {n}  :: hell
hornankattila {n}  :: Any real or imaginary place which is hot and dreadful, like the crater of a live volcano. Approximately hell-fire or abyss
hornantuutti {n}  :: (common) "cornucopia from hell"
hornantuutti {n}  :: (common) hell
hornantuutti {n} [derogatory]  :: area remote from dense population (see korpi or erämaa)
hornblendiitti {n} [geology]  :: hornblendite
horo {n} [slang, pejorative]  :: ho, slut, whore
horologia {n}  :: horology
horoskooppi {n} [astrology]  :: horoscope
horoskooppimerkki {n} [astrology]  :: astrological sign, sign of the zodiac
horre {n}  :: alternative form of horros
horros {n}  :: hibernation
horros {n}  :: slumber
horrostaa {vi}  :: to hibernate
horsma {n}  :: One of several plants of the genus Epilobium; willowherb
horsti {n} [geology]  :: horst
hortensia {n}  :: hydrangea
hortonomi {n}  :: horticulturist
hospitsi {n}  :: hospice
hostaus {n} [computing]  :: hosting (running and maintaining a computer system on someone's behalf)
hostelli {n}  :: hostel
hosua {vi}  :: To rush, fluster
hota {n}  :: A one-year-old vendace
hotaista {vi}  :: To gulp down
hot dog {n}  :: hot dog (frankfurter in a bun)
hotelli {n}  :: A hotel
hotellihuone {n}  :: hotel room
hotelli- ja ravintola-ala {n} [business]  :: hospitality, hospitality business, hotel and restaurant business
hotellipoika {n}  :: A bellboy
hotkaista {vi}  :: To wolf down
hotkia {vt}  :: To wolf down, eat quickly, gulp, gobble, hog, gorge oneself on, stuff oneself with (without regard for table manners)
hotsi {n} [colloquial]  :: hot dog
hotsittaa {v} [slang, impersonal]  :: To want, especially in negations
hottamuikku {n}  :: A one year old vendace
hottentotti {n} [dated]  :: Hottentot
houkka {n}  :: fool
houkkio {n}  :: fool
houkute {n}  :: bait
houkutella {vt}  :: To cheat, con, trick
houkutella {vt}  :: To coax, persuade, talk into
houkutella {vt}  :: To tempt, entice, lure, allure
houkutin {n}  :: A lure
houkuttaa {v}  :: to tempt; to be drawn, attracted or allured
houkutteleva {adj}  :: attractive, tempting, alluring
houkuttua {v}  :: to become tempted
houkutus {n}  :: temptation (something attractive, tempting or seductive)
houkutuslintu {n}  :: decoy
houre {n}  :: raving (wild or incoherent speech)
houreinen {adj}  :: delirious
houria {vi}  :: To rave
hourula {n}  :: madhouse
house {n} [music]  :: house music, house
housuhame {n}  :: culottes
housukangas {n}  :: Any cloth used for trousers
housunkannattimet {n}  :: braces, suspenders
housunkäänne {n}  :: turn-up; cuff, trouser cuff [US]
housunnappi {n}  :: trouser button
housunprässi {n}  :: crease pressed on the legs of trousers
housunpuntti {n}  :: A leg of trousers
housuntasku {n}  :: trouser pocket
housuprässi {n}  :: trouser press
housut {n}  :: trousers, pants
housut kintuissa {phrase}  :: with one's pants down
hovi {n}  :: court (of a king or nobleman)
hovietiketti {n}  :: court etiquette
hovimestari {n}  :: butler, majordomo (chief male servant of a household)
hovimestari {n}  :: headwaiter (waiter who has a supervisory position over the other wait staff)
hovimies {n}  :: courtier
hovinarri {n}  :: jester (person who amused a mediaeval royal court)
hovioikeus {n} [legal, in Finland]  :: A court of appeal
hovirunoilija {n}  :: court poet
höpö {n} [colloquial]  :: nonsense
hääpari {n}  :: wedding couple
häpeä {n}  :: shame
häpeissään {adv}  :: Ashamed (of something = elative)
häpeällinen {adj}  :: shameful, disgraceful
häpeällisesti {adv}  :: shamefully
häpeällisyys {n}  :: shamefulness
häpeämätön {adj}  :: unashamed
häpeämättömyys {n}  :: shamelessness
häpeäpaalu {n}  :: pillory
höperö {adj}  :: senile
höperö {adj}  :: Somewhat crazy; batty, potty
häpeärangaistus {n}  :: public humiliation (as a punishment)
häpeätahra {n}  :: taint, blemish, blot, stigma (mark of disgrace on one's character)
höpö-höpö {interj}  :: humph
höpö-höpö {interj}  :: tosh (silly nonsense)
höpinä {n}  :: drivel
häpäisijä {n}  :: desecrater, defamer
häpäistä {v} [nonstandard]  :: alternative form of häväistä
höpistä {vi}  :: To drool, babble
häpäisy {n}  :: desecration
hääpäivä {n}  :: An anniversary of a wedding day
hääpäivä {n}  :: A wedding day
höpönpöpö {n}  :: claptrap
häppä {n} [colloquial, childish]  :: drink
hääppöinen {adj} [colloquial]  :: mediocre, not very good
höppänä {n}  :: dotard
höppänä {n}  :: muddle-headed person
höppänöityä {v}  :: to become senile
höpöpuhe {n}  :: drivel, nonsense, bilgewater (stupid talk or writing)
höpsähtävä {adj}  :: slightly crazy or batty, often due to early stages of senility
höpsiä {vi} [colloquial]  :: To drivel, to talk nonsense
höpöttää {vi}  :: To drivel
hääpuku {n}  :: A wedding dress, wedding gown, bridal gown
häpy {n} [anatomy]  :: vulva, genitalia
häpy {n}  :: shame
häpy {n}  :: When used as modifier in compound terms, often translated as pubic into English, see "Compounds" below.
HPY {initialism} [dated]  :: Former Helsingin Puhelinyhdistys ("The Telephone Association of Helsinki"), the predecessor of the current publicly held telecom company Elisa Oyj
häpyhuuli {n} [anatomy]  :: labium
häpykannus {n}  :: balsam, a flower of the genus Impatiens
häpykarva {n}  :: Pubic hair (single hair that grows in the pubic region)
häpykarvat {n}  :: pubic hair
häpykarvoitus {n}  :: pubic hair (hair that grows in the pubic region, collectively)
häpykieli {n} [anatomy]  :: clitoris
häpykukkula {n} [anatomy]  :: mons veneris
häpykumpu {n} [anatomy]  :: mons veneris
häpyliitos {n} [skeleton]  :: A symphysis pubis or pubic symphysis
häpyluu {n} [skeleton]  :: A pubis (bone)
häpyrako {n} [anatomy]  :: cleft of venus
härö {n}  :: a flat bark beetle; any member of the family Cucujidae
hörhö {n}  :: crackpot
hörähtää {vi} [momentane, semelfactive]  :: to chortle once or shortly
hääriä {vi}  :: To busy
häärinä {n}  :: bustling
häärintä {n}  :: bustle
höristää {vt}  :: To listen attentively, to prick up one's ears
härkä {n}  :: An ox
härkä {n}  :: Meat from a bull, beef
Härkä {prop}  :: Taurus (a constellation)
Härkä {prop}  :: Taurus (an astrological sign)
härkägemssi {n}  :: takin, Budorcas taxicolor
härkähai {n}  :: bull shark (Carcharhinus leucas)
härkki {n} [plant]  :: chickweed
härkälintu {n}  :: red-necked grebe (Podiceps grisegena)
hörökorva {n}  :: A jug-eared person
hörökorva {n}  :: Each of the pair of jug ears
hörökorvainen {n}  :: jug-eared
hörökorvaisuus {n}  :: The quality of having jug ears
hörökorvat {n}  :: jug ears
härkäpapu {n}  :: fava bean, broad bean (Vicia faba)
härkäpari {n}  :: Pair of oxen joined by a yoke
härkäsammakko {n}  :: bullfrog, Rana catesbeiana
härkäsimppu {n}  :: fourhorn sculpin (Myoxocephalus quadricornis or Triglopsis quadricornis)
härkätaistelija {n} [bullfighting]  :: bullfighter
härkätaistelu {n}  :: bullfight
härkylä {n} [plant]  :: A fern of the genus Polystichum
härmä {n}  :: frost
härmä {n}  :: mildew
Härmä {prop}  :: A nickname for Finland
Härmä {prop}  :: A subregion and township in the region of Southern Ostrobothnia, known for its puukkojunkkari tradition
härme {n} [chemistry]  :: sublimate
härmettyä {vi}  :: to frost (to get covered with frost)
härmähapero {n}  :: A brittlegill, Russula lilacea
härmistää {vt}  :: to deposit, sublimate (to cause a gas to turn directly to a solid substance; the technique is used in producing thin films of material on the surface of another material)
härmistyä {vi} [physics, chemistry]  :: To undergo deposition; change from gas into solid
härmistyminen {n} [physics]  :: deposition (transformation of a gas into a solid without an intermediate liquid phase)
Härmälä {prop}  :: Finnish surname
härmäläinen {n}  :: A person from Härmä
härmäläinen {n} [colloquial]  :: Finn
härmämalikka {n}  :: A mushroom, Clitocybe nebularis or Lepista nebularis, also known as the clouded agaric
härmääntyä {vi}  :: to frost (to get covered with frost)
hörönauru {n}  :: guffaw
häränhäntäkeitto {n}  :: oxtail soup
härnääjä {n}  :: teaser (one who teases)
häränliha {n}  :: beef
häränsilmä {n}  :: A bullseye [centre of a target in darts and shooting competitions]
häränsilmä {n}  :: A raw yolk of an egg when used as ingredient in a dish
häränsilmä {n}  :: A sunny-side up egg
häränsilmä {n} [plant]  :: A golden marguerite, yellow chamomile, Anthemis tinctoria
härnätä {vt}  :: to tease
hörppiä {vt}  :: To slurp, drink noisily
hörppy {n}  :: gulp
hörpätä {vi}  :: To sip
hrr {interj}  :: brr
härski {adj}  :: Of a story etc., gross
härski {adj}  :: Of food, rancid
härskiintyä {vi} [of butter]  :: To become rancid
härskiintynyt {adj}  :: rancid
härskisti {adv}  :: grossly
härskiys {n}  :: grossness
härskiytyä {vi} [of butter]  :: To become rancid
häärätä {vi}  :: bustle, scamper, scurry, hustle, run about
härveli {n}  :: gimmick, gadget
HS {initialism}  :: Helsingin Sanomat (the leading newspaper in Finland)
höskä {n} [colloquial]  :: junk
hässiä {v} [colloquial, vulgar, + partitive]  :: to fuck, screw, have sex
hässäkkä {n}  :: hassle, palaver, ruckus
hössöttää {vi}  :: To fuss
hössötys {n}  :: fuss
höösätä {v} [colloquial]  :: To bustle
hästäkki {n} [informal]  :: hashtag
häätää {v}  :: to drive away (force someone or something to leave)
häätää {v}  :: to evict
häätää {v}  :: to unhouse
häät {n}  :: As a former part of compound (in the singular form hää-) signifies wedding
häät {n}  :: Wedding
häätö {n}  :: eviction
hätä {n}  :: agony
hätä {n}  :: emergency
hätä {n}  :: need
hötö {adj} [colloquial]  :: fluffy
hätiköidä {v}  :: to hurry
hätiköinti {n}  :: haste
hätäillä {v}  :: to act prematurely, be too quick; jump the gun
häätöilmoitus {n}  :: eviction notice (landlord's announcement to a tenant of him being evicted)
hätäinen {adj}  :: hasty (acting in haste)
hätäinen {adj}  :: rash (not careful or considered)
hätistää {vt}  :: To drive off
hätäjarru {n}  :: emergency brake
hätäjarrutus {n}  :: emergency braking
hätäkatkaisin {n}  :: emergency switch
hätä keinon keksii {proverb}  :: necessity is the mother of invention
hätäkeskus {n}  :: A public-safety answering point, PSAP (telephone center responsible for answering public emergency calls)
hätkähdyttää {vt}  :: alternative form of hätkäyttää, to startle
hätkähtää {vi}  :: To startle
hätäkutsu {n}  :: mayday (distress signal)
hätkäyttää {vt}  :: to startle (excite by sudden alarm, surprise, or apprehension)
häätömääräys {n}  :: eviction order (court order allowing forced eviction of a tenant)
hätääntyä {vi}  :: To become distressed, to panic, to be alarmed
hätänumero {n}  :: emergency number
hätäpalvelunumero {n}  :: emergency number
hätäpoistumistie {n}  :: In a building, a fire escape (entire escape route)
hätäriki {n} [nautical]  :: A jury-rig (improvised rigging)
hätäsavu {n}  :: smoke signal (type of flare or combustion device used as a distress signal)
höttö {adj} [colloquial]  :: alternative form of hötö
hätätakila {n} [nautical]  :: A jury-rig (improvised rigging)
hätätapaus {n}  :: An emergency situation
hätätila {n} [colloquial]  :: state of emergency
hätätilahallitus {n}  :: emergency government
hätätilanne {n}  :: emergency (situation such as a natural or man-made disaster requiring urgent assistance)
hätäuloskäynti {n}  :: emergency exit
hätävilkku {n}  :: hazard flasher
huasteekki {n}  :: Huastec, Huaxtec (member of an indigenous people of Mexico)
hubbinvalas {n}  :: Hubbs' beaked whale, Mesoplodon carlshubbi
Hudžand {prop}  :: Khujand (city in Tajikistan)
Hudsoninlahti {prop}  :: The Hudson Bay
hugenotti {n}  :: A Huguenot
huhkia {vi}  :: To work hard, sweat
huhmar {n}  :: mortar (a vessel used to grind ingredients)
huhmare {n}  :: mortar (vessel)
huhta {n}  :: Cleared woodland
Huhtala {prop}  :: Any of a number of small places in Finland
Huhtala {prop}  :: Finnish surname
huhtasieni {n}  :: morel
huhtasinisiipi {n}  :: Silvery Argus, Aricia nicias (butterfly of the Lycaenidae family)
huhtikuinen {adj}  :: Pertaining to April
huhtikuu {n}  :: April
huhtoa {vt}  :: To bustle
huhu {n}  :: rumour/rumor
huhuilla {v}  :: To call (by shouting)
huhuilla {v}  :: To cry (owl's cries)
huhuilla {v}  :: To rumor/rumour
huhuilu {n}  :: The act of hooting (making the sound of an owl)
huhumylly {n}  :: rumour mill, rumor mill
huhupuhe {n} [legal]  :: hearsay
huhupuhe {n}  :: scuttlebutt
huhuta {vi}  :: To rumour/rumor
huhuu {interj}  :: yoo-hoo
hui {interj}  :: oh! (an exclamation cried when scared)
huijari {n}  :: conman, charlatan, fraudster, phoney etc
huijata {vt} [+ partitive]  :: To con, swindle, cheat, trick, deceive, hoax
huijaus {n}  :: A hoax, scam, cheat, sham, swindle
huikaista {vt}  :: To dazzle
huikata {v}  :: to call out (to vocalize audibly; announce)
huikea {adj}  :: Very large; immense, enormous, huge, whopping, incomparable
huikeampi {adj}  :: comparative form of huikea
huikenteleva {adj}  :: fickle
huikka {n} [colloquial]  :: A draught (the amount of liquid in one swallow)
huikkaista {v}  :: alternative form of huikata
huilata {v} [colloquial]  :: To rest, to have a break
huilia {vi} [colloquial]  :: To rest for a while for relaxation
huilisti {n}  :: A flautist, flutist
huilu {n}  :: flute
huiluniekka {n}  :: flutist
huilunsoittaja {n}  :: piper
huima {adj}  :: reckless, wild
huimaava {adj}  :: dizzying
huimapää {n}  :: daredevil
huimapäinen {adj}  :: dauntless, foolhardy, reckless
huimapäisyys {n}  :: foolhardiness
huimasti {adv}  :: hugely
huimata {vt} [impersonal]  :: partitive + 3rd-pers. singular = to feel dizzy
huimata {vt} [transitive + partitive]  :: To make someone (feel) dizzy (also figuratively)
huimaus {n}  :: dizziness, vertigo (sensation of whirling and loss of balance)
huimia {vt} [archaic]  :: To slap repeatedly, to lash
huimin {adj}  :: superlative form of huima
huipata {vt} [impersonal, colloquial]  :: partitive + 3rd-pers. singular = to feel dizzy
huipentaa {vt}  :: To finalize, form the climax
huipentua {vi}  :: + illative To culminate (in something)
huipentua {vi} [rare]  :: To narrow (intransitive: to get narrower)
huipentuma {n}  :: climax
huipeta {v} [rare]  :: A variant of huipentua
huipistaa {vt}  :: alternative form of huipentaa
huipistua {v}  :: alternative form of huipentua
huippu {n}  :: As modifier in compound terms (huippu-) indicates that the thing referred to is among the best of its kind. English equivalents include top-class, state-of-the-art, leading, top-flight, top-level, top, peak, super
huippu {n}  :: climax, culmination
huippu {n}  :: top, peak, summit
huippuhieno {adj}  :: exquisite, superfine
-huippuinen {adj}  :: -peaked, -topped (used only in compounds)
huippujohtaja {n}  :: top manager
huippukohta {n}  :: climax
huippukokous {n}  :: summit (gathering)
huippuluokka {n}  :: state of the art, highest quality; often translated into English with expressions involving adjectives first-class, top-quality, top-notch
huippuälykäs {adj}  :: supersmart
huippusalainen {adj}  :: top secret
huippusesonki {n}  :: high season, peak season
huippusävel {n} [music]  :: dominant
huipputaso {n}  :: top level
huipputaso {n}  :: top quality
huipputeknologia {n}  :: high technology
huipputähti {n}  :: star, celebrity
huippu-urheilija {n}  :: top athlete
huippu-urheilu {n}  :: competitive sports at the highest level
Huippuvuoret {prop}  :: Svalbard
huipuke {n}  :: pinnacle
huipukkuus {n} [statistics]  :: kurtosis
huiputtaa {v}  :: to trick, cheat
huiska {n}  :: whisk (bunch of twigs or hair etc, used as a brush)
huiskaa {v}  :: alternative form of huiskia
huiskaista {v}  :: To sweep once
huiske {n}  :: swinging
huiskia {v}  :: To hash
huiskilo {n} [botany]  :: corymb
huisku {n}  :: A whisk (broom)
huiskuttaa {v}  :: To wave one's arm
huitaista {v}  :: To slog
huitaisu {n}  :: A swing, wave (of hand etc.)
huitoa {vi}  :: To wave one's arms (about), flail (about), gesticulate
huitoa {vt}  :: (+ partitive) To flail, lay about (with one's own hands or with a long object in a violent manner)
huivi {n}  :: headscarf (piece of cloth worn over the head)
huivi {n}  :: neckerchief, necker (type of neckwear, consisting of a rolled piece of cloth and often a woggle)
huivi {n}  :: scarf
huiviholkki {n} [scouting]  :: woggle
hujan {adv}  :: see: hujan hajan
hujan hajan {adv}  :: topsy-turvy (disorderly; chaotically)
hujoppi {n}  :: beanpole (a tall, thin man)
hukari {n}  :: A cutlass (short sable)
hukassa {adv}  :: wasted, lost (in an unknown location)
hukata {vt}  :: To lose, misplace (sth in a manner that it is then missing)
hukata {vt}  :: To waste, especially in the expression hukata aikaa (to waste time)
huki {n} [colloquial]  :: turn
hukka {n}  :: doom, peril (adverse or terrible fate)
hukka {n} [familiarly]  :: wolf
hukka {n}  :: waste, loss; often used as head of compound terms, in which the modifier reveals what is lost, e.g. [[rahanhukka waste of money]], [[verenhukka blood loss]]; see also hukassa, hukkaan
hukkaamiskielto {n} [legal]  :: prohibition of transfer, sequestration
hukkaan {adv}  :: wasted, lost (to the state of being wasted or lost)
hukkaantua {vi}  :: to be wasted, lost
hukkautua {v}  :: alternative form of hukkaantua
hukkua {vi}  :: To drown
hukkua {vi}  :: To get lost
hukkuminen {n}  :: drowning
hukuttaa {vt}  :: To drown (both in concrete and abstract sense)
hukuttaa {vt}  :: To lose (sth; in a manner that it is missing)
hukuttautua {vi}  :: To drown oneself
hula {n}  :: hula
hulabaloo {n} [colloquial]  :: hullabaloo, hoo-ha, fuss
hulahtaa {vi}  :: to gush, pour out (to flow out suddenly in one swoop, in large or larger than intended volume)
hulatanssija {n}  :: hula dancer
hulavanne {n}  :: hula hoop
Hulda {prop}  :: female given name popular in the 19th century
Hulda {prop}  :: Huldah (biblical figure)
hulevesi {n}  :: urban runoff (surface runoff of rainwater created by urbanization)
huligaani {n}  :: hooligan
huliganismi {n}  :: hooliganism
hulikupteri {n}  :: (with children etc.) A hobidopter, a helicopter
hulina {n}  :: hullabaloo, ruckus, ado, fuss, to-do, uproar
hulinoida {v}  :: to make a hullabaloo, ruckus, ado, fuss, to-do, or uproar
hulinointi {n}  :: riot, rioting (wanton or unrestrained behavior; excessive feasting; wild and loose festivity)
hulinoitsija {n}  :: hooligan
hulivili {n}  :: rascal
huljua {vi}  :: To slosh
huljuttaa {vt}  :: To wash in running water
hullaannuttaa {vt} [causative]  :: to cause someone to become infatuated with something
hullaantua {vi}  :: To infatuate
hullu {adj}  :: Crazy, mad, insane
hullu {n}  :: A crazy, mad or insane person
hullu {n} [colloquial]  :: A reckless person
hullu {n} [in compounds]  :: enthusiast, addict, freak
hulluin {adj}  :: superlative form of hullu
hullujenhuone {n} [informal, pejorative]  :: madhouse, nuthouse, nutfarm, funny farm (house where insane persons are confined; a mental hospital)
hullujenhuone {n}  :: madhouse, nuthouse (place exhibiting stereotypical characteristics of such a house)
hullumpi {adj}  :: comparative form of hullu
hullunkurinen {adj}  :: comical
hullun lehmän tauti {n}  :: mad cow disease
hullunmylly {n}  :: A snafu, bedlam (ridiculously chaotic situation)
hulluruoho {n}  :: Any plant in the genus Datura
hulluruoho {n}  :: thorn apple (Datura stramonium)
hulluus {n}  :: madness
hulmuta {v}  :: to fly, flow in a current of air, as e.g. a flag or long hair
hulpa {n} [dialectal, northern]  :: alternative term for hulpio
hulpio {n} [geology]  :: selvage
hulpio {n} [weaving]  :: selvage (edge of a woven fabric, where the weft threads run around the warp, creating a finished edge)
hulppea {adj} [colloquial]  :: gorgeous
hulttio {n}  :: good-for-nothing, layabout, ne'er-do-well
hulvaton {adj}  :: hilarious, side-splitting
humaani {adj}  :: humane
humaaninen {adj}  :: humane
humaanistaa {vt}  :: To humanize
humaanistua {vi}  :: To humanize
humahtaa {vi}  :: to swoosh (to make a swooshing sound)
humajaa {v} [poetic, dialectal]  :: alternative form of humista; used in third person only
humala {n}  :: drunkenness, intoxication, high
humala {n} [plant]  :: hop (plant)
humalaan {adv} [of the change of sb's condition; with the verb juoda and a reflexive pronoun]  :: Drunk, intoxicated
humalainen {adj}  :: Drunk, inebriate
humalainen {n}  :: A drunk
humalankäpy {n}  :: hop flower, strobile, cone (female flower of the hop plant, Humulus lupulus)
humalanvieras {n} [plant]  :: greater dodder, Cuscuta europaea
humalasalko {n}  :: hop pole
humalassa {adv}  :: (static, of sb's condition) drunk, intoxicated, under the influence
humalikas {n} [dialectal]  :: drunk, drunkard
humalikko {n}  :: drunk, drunkard
humalisto {n}  :: A hop garden
humalluttaa {vt}  :: To intoxicate
humaltua {vi}  :: To get drunk, become intoxicated
humanismi {n}  :: humanism
humanismi {n}  :: humanities (branch of learning)
humanisoida {v}  :: To humanize
humanisoitua {vi}  :: To humanize
humanisti {n}  :: humanist
humanistinen {adj}  :: humanistic
humanitaarinen {adj}  :: humanitarian
humanitarismi {n}  :: humanitarianism
humanitäärinen {adj}  :: alternative form of humanitaarinen
humanoidi {n}  :: humanoid
humauttaa {vt}  :: To beat
humboldtinvilla-apina {n}  :: yellow-tailed woolly monkey (Oreonax flavicauda)
humidori {n}  :: humidor
humina {n}  :: whoosh (indistinct sound, like that produced by the wind in the crowns of trees)
huminoida {v} [poetic]  :: A variant of humista
humista {vi}  :: to drone (produce a low-pitched hum or buzz)
humma {n} [children]  :: horse
humma {n} [tech slang, colloquial]  :: horsepower
hummata {vi}  :: To romp
hummeli {n} [musical instruments]  :: hummel
hummeri {n}  :: lobster (large marine crustacean of the family Nephropidae, especially the two species of the genus Homarus)
humoraalioppi {n}  :: humorism
humoreski {adj}  :: humoresque
humoristi {n}  :: A humourist/humorist
humpata {v}  :: To dance humppa
humppa {n}  :: humppa
humpuuki {n}  :: humbug
humpuukki {n}  :: dialectal form of [[humpuuki humbug]]
humu {n}  :: hum
humu {n}  :: whirl (in a party etc.)
humus {n}  :: humus
-hun {suffix}  :: alternative form of -hVn
hunaja {n}  :: honey
hunajahapero {n}  :: A brittlegill, Russula melliolens
hunajahyrrä {n}  :: A honey dipper
hunajainen {adj}  :: honey
hunajakakku {n}  :: honey cake
hunajakenno {n}  :: A honeycomb in the sense of a hexagonal cell structure made by bees
hunajalusikka {n}  :: honey dipper (turned kitchen tool used to transfer honey)
hunajamehiläinen {n}  :: alternative term for tarhamehiläinen
hunajameloni {n}  :: honeydew (Cucumis melo)
hunajankeltainen {adj}  :: honey (yellowish-brown colour, like that of honey)
hunajaopas {n}  :: honeyguide (bird of the family Indicatoridae)
hunajapupu {n}  :: honeybunny
hunni {n}  :: A Hun
hunningolla {adv}  :: In a state or condition of neglect or oblivion; may often be translated into English with the noun mess, or the verb neglect
hunninko {n}  :: A state or condition of neglect or oblivion, hardly ever used in cases other than adessive and allative, see hunningolla and hunningolle
hunnuttaa {v}  :: To veil
hunsvotti {n}  :: rascal, scoundrel
hunterinantilooppi {n}  :: hirola, Hunter's hartebeest, Beatragus hunteri or Damaliscus hunteri
Huntingtonin tauti {n} [pathology]  :: Huntington's chorea
huntti {n} [colloquial]  :: A hundred-euro or markka bill
huntti {n} [colloquial]  :: A set of a hundred units of some item
hunttu {n} [dialect, humorous]  :: A dog or hound
huntu {n} [astronomy]  :: coma
huntu {n}  :: A veil
huntukielto {n}  :: veil ban
huntupäinen {adj}  :: Veiled, having head covered by a veil
huoahtaa {v}  :: to rest briefly, to take a break
huoahtaa {v}  :: to sigh briefly
huoata {vi}  :: To sigh
huohottaa {vi}  :: To pant
huohotus {n}  :: panting
huoistaa {v}  :: alternative form of huojistaa
huoistua {vi} [archaic]  :: to cheapen (to become cheaper, go down in price)
huojentaa {v}  :: relieve, reduce the burden, lighten the load
huojentua {vi}  :: To be relieved
huojeta {v}  :: alternative form of huojentua
huojistaa {vt}  :: To cheapen
huojistua {vi}  :: To become cheaper
huojua {vi}  :: To sway
huojunta {n} [astronomy]  :: libration (apparent wobble of the Moon or other celestial object)
huojunta {n}  :: wobble, sway, fluctuation
huojutella {vt} [frequentative]  :: To make sway (repeatedly)
huojuttaa {vt}  :: To sway, rock
huokailla {vt} [frequentative]  :: To sigh (repeatedly)
huokailu {n}  :: sighing
huokaista {vi}  :: to sigh (briefly)
huokaista {vi}  :: to take a break
huokaus {n}  :: A sigh
huokaus {n}  :: helpotuksen huokaus: a sigh of relief
huokea {adj}  :: inexpensive, cheap
huokeampi {adj}  :: comparative form of huokea
huokein {adj}  :: superlative form of huokea
huokoinen {adj}  :: porous
huokoistua {vi}  :: To become porous
huokoisuus {n}  :: porosity
huokonen {n} [anatomy]  :: pore
huoku {n}  :: air current
huokua {vi} [figuratively]  :: To exude, emanate, radiate
huokua {vi}  :: To exhale
huolehtia {v}  :: To care, mind
huolehtia {v}  :: To care, tend, to look after
huolehtia {v}  :: To take care of, deal with
huolehtia {v}  :: To worry
huolekas {adj}  :: Thorough
huolekas {adj}  :: Worried
huolellinen {adj}  :: careful
huolellinen {adj}  :: painstaking, diligent
huolellinen {adj}  :: thorough, meticulous
huolellisesti {adv}  :: carefully
huolenaihe {n}  :: cause of worry (something to worry about)
huolestua {vi} [intransitive + elative]  :: To get worried about
huolestunut {adj}  :: worried
huolestuttaa {vt}  :: To worry
huoleti {adv}  :: worryless, free of worry
huoleton {adj}  :: carefree
huoleton {adj}  :: scatterbrained
huolettaa {vt}  :: to worry
huolettomasti {adv}  :: carelessly, unsafely, indifferently, blithely
huolettomasti {adv}  :: negligently (carelessly)
huolettomasti {adv}  :: unconcernedly (in a way that is not worried, anxious or apprehensive)
huoli {n}  :: worry, concern
huolia {v}  :: To accept (a present etc.)
huolia {v}  :: To care about
huolia {v}  :: To mind
huolimaton {adj}  :: sloppy, careless, negligent
huolimatta {postp}  :: in spite of, despite
huolimattomasti {adv}  :: sloppily, carelessly
huolimattomasti {adv}  :: unsafely
huolimattomuus {n} [legal]  :: criminal negligence, negligence
huolimattomuus {n}  :: negligence, carelessness
huolimattomuusvirhe {n}  :: A careless error
huolinta {n}  :: forwarding
huolissaan {adv}  :: olla ~: to be concerned, worried, bothered (about = elative)
huolissaan {adv}  :: [While being] concerned, worried, bothered (about = elative)
huolita {v} [nautical]  :: To forward
huoliteltu {adj}  :: stylish, neat, dapper
huolitsija {n}  :: forwarder
huollattaa {vt}  :: to have serviced
huollettavuus {n}  :: serviceability (property of being able to be serviced)
huoltaa {v}  :: To service (to perform maintenance)
huoltaa {vt}  :: To maintain, support, upkeep
huoltaja {n} [legal]  :: A guardian of a minor
huoltajuus {n} [legal]  :: custody (right to and responsibility for fostering a child)
huoltajuusriita {n}  :: tug of love (dispute concerning which of two separated parents should have custody of one or more children)
huoltamo {n}  :: service station
huolto {n} [military]  :: logistics (procurement, supply, maintenance, and transportation of equipment, facilities, and personnel)
huolto {n}  :: service, maintenance, upkeep, care
huoltoasema {n}  :: service station, gas station, petrol station, filling station
huoltohenkilökunta {n}  :: maintenance staff
huoltokirja {n}  :: service manual
huoltoluukku {n}  :: A hatch (opening to allow maintenance)
huoltomies {n}  :: janitor (caretaker)
huoltomies {n}  :: serviceman, mechanic (one employed in service and maintenance)
huoltomoduuli {n}  :: service module
huoltopäivitys {n} [computing]  :: service pack (collection of software patches or upgrades offered as a single package with an installer)
huoltopäiväkirja {n}  :: A maintenance log or logbook kept of details of servicing a motor car or other piece of equipment
huoltoystävällinen {adj}  :: service-friendly, serviceable (easy to service)
huom {abbr}  :: huomaa: please note, see, notice (imperative)
huom {abbr}  :: huomautus: comment, remark
huomaamaton {adj}  :: inconspicuous, unobtrusive
huomaamatta {adv}  :: imperceptibly
huomaavainen {adj}  :: considerate, thoughtful
huomaavaisesti {adv}  :: considerately, thoughtfully
huomata {vt} [+ genitive-accusative]  :: to notice, take notice, take note, note, see
huomata {vt} [+ genitive-accusative]  :: to realise/realize, become aware of, detect
huomata {v}  :: to be considerate
huomata {v}  :: to find, discover, realise/realize
huomata {v}  :: to pay attention to
huomattava {adj}  :: Notable, remarkable, prominent
huomattavasti {adv}  :: considerably, notably, remarkably, significantly
huomauttaa {v}  :: To give a formal notification
huomauttaa {v}  :: To point out, remark
huomauttaa {v}  :: To remind
huomautus {n}  :: A comment
huomautus {n}  :: A remark
huomen {n} [poetic]  :: morning
huomenaamu {n}  :: tomorrow morning
huomenilta {n}  :: tomorrow evening
huomenlahja {n}  :: dower (gift, often something valuable such as jewelry, given by the bridegroom to his newly married wife in the morning after the wedding)
huomenna {adv}  :: tomorrow
huomenta {phrase}  :: good morning
huominen {adj}  :: tomorrow's
huominen {n}  :: tomorrow
huomio {interj} [military]  :: attention!
huomio {n}  :: account
huomio {n}  :: attention
huomio {n}  :: observation
huomio {n}  :: point
huomioida {vt} [+ genitive-accusative]  :: To observe, make observations
huomioida {vt} [+ genitive-accusative]  :: To take into account/consideration, regard
huomioida {vt} [+ genitive-accusative]  :: To take into consideration, consider
huomioida {vt} [+ partitive/genitive-accusative]  :: To pay attention to, take notice of, notice
huomioija {n}  :: observer
huomiointi {n}  :: annotation (process of writing critical or explanatory commentary or analysis)
huomiointi {n}  :: recognition (act of giving honour, favourable note, or attention)
huomioitsija {n}  :: alternative form of huomioija
huomionkipeä {adj}  :: histrionic, attention-seeking
huomisaamu {n}  :: tomorrow morning
huomiseen {interj}  :: see you tomorrow
huomisilta {n}  :: tomorrow night, tomorrow evening
huomisiltana {adv}  :: tomorrow night
huone {n} [astrology]  :: house
huone {n}  :: house (dynasty)
huone {n}  :: room
huoneenlämpö {n}  :: room temperature (normal indoor temperature)
huoneenlämpöinen {adj}  :: room-temperature
huoneisto {n}  :: apartment, flat, dwelling
huoneistopalo {n}  :: apartment fire
huonekalu {n}  :: A piece of furniture
huonekalukangas {n}  :: upholstery fabric
huonekalupuuseppä {n}  :: cabinetmaker
huonekalupyörä {n}  :: caster (wheeled assembly)
huonekalut {n}  :: Furniture
huonekalut {n}  :: Plural of huonekalu
huonekasvi {n}  :: houseplant (plant that is grown indoors for decorative purposes or one that is especially suited for such cultivation)
huoneke {n}  :: cubicle (in office)
huonekärpänen {n}  :: housefly
huonelämpötila {n}  :: room temperature (the actual temperature in a room)
huonepalvelu {n}  :: room service
huonetoveri {n}  :: roommate
huono {adj}  :: bad
huono {adj}  :: poor
huonoin {adj}  :: superlative form of huono
huonokuntoinen {adj}  :: seedy, infirm (not feeling well)
huonokuntoinen {adj}  :: seedy, rundown (in bad repair)
huonokuntoinen {adj}  :: unfit (not fit, not having a good physical demeanor)
huonokuuloinen {adj}  :: having bad hearing
huonolaatuinen {adj}  :: Of low, poor quality
huonolukuinen {adj}  :: having a bad or weakened ability to read
huonomaineinen {adj}  :: disreputable, seedy
huonomaineisuus {n}  :: disreputation, dishonour, disrepute (lack of reputation or good name)
huonommuus {n}  :: inferiority
huonompi {adj}  :: comparative form of huono
huonomuistinen {adj}  :: forgetful (unable to remember things well; liable to forget)
huononnus {n}  :: worsening
huonontaa {vt}  :: To deteriorate, worsen
huonontua {vi}  :: To deteriorate, worsen
huono-onninen {adj}  :: unlucky
huono-osainen {adj}  :: disadvantaged (socially or economically)
huono puoli {phrase}  :: drawback, disadvantage (negative aspect)
huonosti {adv}  :: badly, poorly
huonosti ajoitettu {adj}  :: inopportune, untimely
huonota {vi}  :: To worsen
huonotapainen {adj}  :: bad-mannered, ill-mannered
huonotuulinen {adj}  :: bad-tempered, ill-tempered
huonovointinen {adj}  :: queasy, infirm
huopa {n}  :: felt
huopahattu {n}  :: fedora
huopahattu {n}  :: felt
huopahattu {n}  :: felt hat
huopajalkine {n}  :: felt boot
huopakangas {n}  :: felt (fabric)
huopakeltano {n} [botany]  :: A mouse-ear hawkweed, Hieracium pilosella
huopakynä {n}  :: felt-tip pen
huopasaapas {n}  :: felt boot
huopatossu {n}  :: felt boot
huopatöppönen {n}  :: felt boot
huopikas {n}  :: alternative form of huovikas
huopua {vi}  :: To felt, mat
huora {n} [pejorative]  :: A whore
huorahtava {adj}  :: slutty
huorala {n}  :: whorehouse
huoranpenikka {n}  :: son of a bitch
huorata {vi} [biblical]  :: To commit adultery, fornicate
huorata {v} [idiomatic]  :: To be in bed with (to engage in a close mutually beneficial relationship, especially secretly and illicitly)
huorata {vi} [vulgar, pejorative]  :: To whore, prostitute (oneself)
huoratalo {n}  :: whorehouse
huoria {v}  :: alternative form of huorata
huorin tekeminen {n} [biblical]  :: adultery, fornication
huorin tekeminen {n} [dated]  :: prostitution
huorintekijä {n}  :: adulterer (literally "one who conducts whorely"; see huorinteko)
huorinteko {n} [biblical]  :: adultery, fornication
huorinteko {n}  :: Literally "whorely conduct". See huorin tekeminen
huoritella {vt}  :: to call someone a whore
huoruus {n}  :: The state of being an adulterer, adultery or whoredom
huosta {n}  :: possession, care, custody
huostaanotto {n}  :: custody
huotra {n}  :: sheath
huovata {vi}  :: To back water, back the oars
huovi {n} [historical]  :: A soldier
huovikas {n}  :: felt boot
huovuttaa {v}  :: To full, felt, waulk (to make cloth denser and firmer by soaking, beating and pressing)
huovutus {n}  :: felting, wet felting
huovutus {n}  :: fulling, waulking
hupa {adj}  :: funny
hupa {adj}  :: quickly diminishing
hupaisa {adj}  :: funny
hupakko {n}  :: a silly person, somewhat promiscuous (often a female)
hupeneminen {n}  :: decline, dwindling, vanishing
hupi {n}  :: fun
huppari {n} [colloquial]  :: hooded jacket, hoodie
huppu {n}  :: hood
huppu {n} [slang]  :: hoodie (foreskin)
huppupäinen {adj}  :: hooded (wearing a hood)
huppupuumuura {n}  :: black-hooded antshrike
hups {interj}  :: oops; acknowledging a minor mistake
hupsia {v}  :: To be funny, playful or silly; used especially of talk
hupsis {interj}  :: oops!
hupsu {adj}  :: Silly, funny
hurahtaa {vi}  :: to speed, to rush (engine)
hurauttaa {v} [colloquial]  :: to drive somewhere with a motor vehicle
hurauttaa {v}  :: to start a machine which keeps a humming sound
hurina {n}  :: hum (indistinct sound, like that produced by a smoothly running motor)
hurista {vi}  :: to hum, whirr, buzz, drone (to produce a low-pitched sound like that of a smoothly running motor)
huristaa {v}  :: to speed, to hurry, to rush
hurja {adj} [colloquial]  :: fantastic, terrific
hurja {adj}  :: fierce
hurjastelija {n}  :: speeder
hurjastella {v}  :: to take a joyride, speed (to drive in a carefree or reckless manner)
hurjastelu {n}  :: A joyride
hurjasti {adv}  :: hugely
hurjasti {adv}  :: wildly, fiercely
hurjeta {vi}  :: to become more fierce, ferocious
hurjistaa {v}  :: alternative form of hurjistuttaa
hurjistua {vi}  :: To become furious
hurjistuttaa {vt}  :: to make furious, to cause to become furious
hurlumhei {n} [colloquial]  :: hassle, ruckus
hurma {n}  :: ecstasy, rapture
hurmaaja {n}  :: charmer, seducer
hurmaantua {vi}  :: To be enraptured, to be fascinated
hurmaava {adj}  :: charming
hurmaavasti {adv}  :: charmingly
hurmahenkinen {adj}  :: Zealous
hurmata {vt}  :: To charm
hurmautua {v}  :: alternative form of hurmaantua
hurme {n} [poetic]  :: gore, blood
Hurme {prop}  :: Finnish surname
hurmeinen {adj} [poetic]  :: bloody
hurmeseitikki {n} [mushroom]  :: A webcap, Cortinarius phoeniceus
hurmio {n}  :: ecstasy
hurmioitua {vi}  :: To become ecstatic
hurmos {n}  :: ecstasy
hurmostila {n}  :: ecstasy
hurmuri {n}  :: casanova
Huronjärvi {prop}  :: Lake Huron
hurraa {interj}  :: hurrah!
hurraaisänmaallisuus {n}  :: patriotism
hurrata {vi}  :: To cheer
hurri {n} [pejorative]  :: A Swede
hurri {n} [pejorative]  :: A Swedish-speaking Finn
hurrikaani {n}  :: hurricane
hurskaasti {adv}  :: piously
hurskas {adj}  :: [archaic] wise, deliberate
hurskas {adj}  :: pious
hurskastelija {n}  :: A Pharisee, self-righteous person
hurskastella {v}  :: To behave hypocritically
hurskastella {v}  :: To purport oneself to be more pious than in reality
hurskaus {n}  :: piousness
hursti {n}  :: dowlas
hurtta {n} [colloquial]  :: dog, hound; especially a large one
hurvitella {v}  :: have fun
hus {interj}  :: shoo!
husaari {n}  :: hussar
husaariapina {n}  :: Patas monkey, Erythrocebus patas
hutaista {v}  :: To dash
hutaisu {n}  :: lick and a promise (hasty or incomplete performance of a task)
hutera {adj}  :: groggy
hutera {adj}  :: rickety
huti {n} [colloquial]  :: miss (as opposed to hit)
hutia {n}  :: hutia (rodent)
hutiloida {v}  :: To bungle
hutiloija {n}  :: bungler
hutilointi {n}  :: bungling, botching
hutkia {v}  :: To hit, beat
hutsu {n} [derogatory]  :: a whore
huttu {n}  :: porridge (not necessarily from oatmeal)
Huttunen {prop}  :: Finnish surname
hutu {n}  :: Hutu
hutut {n}  :: the Hutu people
huudahdella {vi}  :: To exclaim, cry out repeatedly
huudahdus {n}  :: exclamation
huudahdussana {n}  :: interjection
huudahtaa {vi}  :: To exclaim, cry out
huudattaa {v}  :: To make someone shout
huudattaa {v}  :: To make something produce a loud voice
huudella {vi}  :: To yell in an indifferent/continuous manner
huudella {vt}  :: To call in an indifferent/continuous manner by yelling
Huugo {prop}  :: male given name
huuhaa {n}  :: (informal) woo woo, woo (supernatural beliefs, pseudoscience etc.)
huuhaa {n} [military slang]  :: non-commissioned officer, NCO
huuhde {n}  :: fabric softener
huuhde {n}  :: wash (liquid used for washing)
huuhdella {v}  :: to flush (to cleanse by flooding with large amount of fluid)
huuhdella {v}  :: to rinse (to remove soap from something using water)
huuhdella {v}  :: to rinse (to wash quickly with water and no soap)
huuhdella {v}  :: to wash (to carry away by the action of liquid)
huuhdonta {n}  :: washing
huuhkaja {n}  :: eagle owl (Old World owl of the genus Bubo)
huuhkaja {n}  :: Eurasian eagle-owl, eagle owl (Bubo bubo)
huuhkaja {n}  :: horned owl (New World owl of the genus Bubo)
huuhtaista {vt}  :: To rinse (wash quickly)
huuhtelu {n}  :: flush
huuhtelu {n}  :: rinse, the act of rinsing
huuhteluaine {n}  :: fabric softener
huuhtelukäymälä {n}  :: flush toilet (toilet that disposes of the waste by using water)
huuhtoa {vt}  :: To wash, rinse (to move by the force of water in motion)
huuhtoa {vt}  :: To wash (to separate valuable material)
huuhtoja {n}  :: washer
huuhtouma {n}  :: wash (ground washed away to the sea or a river)
huuhtoutua {vi}  :: To be washed/rinsed/eroded (away)
huulenheittäjä {n}  :: One who tells jokes
huuli {n} [colloquial]  :: joke
huuli {n}  :: lip
huulihalkio {n}  :: cleft lip
huuliharppu {n}  :: harmonica, mouth organ
huuliherpes {n} [pathology]  :: oral herpes (oral form of herpes simplex)
huulikarhu {n}  :: sloth bear (Melursus ursinus)
huulikiilto {n}  :: lip gloss
huuliote {n} [music]  :: embouchure
huulipuikko {n}  :: lipstick (stick)
huulipuna {n}  :: lipstick
huulipuristin {n}  :: barnacle (instrument like a pair of pincers, to fix on the nose of a vicious horse while shoeing so as to make it more tractable)
huulirasva {n}  :: lip balm
huulirihmakala {n}  :: thick-lipped gourami (Colisa labiosa)
huulisolu {n} [botany]  :: guard cell
huullos {n}  :: rabbet, rebate
huultaa {vt}  :: to rabbet
huuma {n}  :: ecstasy, agony (display of keen emotion)
huumaannuttaa {vt}  :: A rare and unnecessarily complicatedly structured verb that means the same as huumata
huumaantua {vi}  :: To be(come) drugged/intoxicated/dazed/doped (figuratively as well as in concrete meaning, but not by alcohol)
huumaantua {vi}  :: To be(come) stunned/enchanted/charmed/bewitched
huumata {vt}  :: to drug, dope, intoxicate, turn on, give a buzz to (figuratively as well as in concrete meaning, but not with alcohol); to get (someone) high/drunk; to exhilarate
huumata {vt}  :: to enchant, charm, bewitch
huumata {vt}  :: to stun, daze
huumausaine {n}  :: illegal drug, narcotic
huumausainerikos {n}  :: drug crime (a crime directly connected with illicit trade, use or production of drugs)
huumautua {vi}  :: To be intoxicated
huume {n}  :: A drug, narcotic (an addictive substance)
huumediileri {n} [colloquial]  :: A drug dealer
huumejengi {n}  :: A drug gang
huumekauppa {n}  :: illegal drug trade
huumekauppias {n}  :: drug dealer
huumekoira {n}  :: drug detection dog
huumeongelma {n}  :: drug problem
huumeparoni {n}  :: drug baron, druglord
huumeriippuvuus {n}  :: drug addiction
huumetrippi {n}  :: trip (period of time in which one experiences drug-induced reverie or hallucinations)
huumori {n}  :: humour/humor
huumorintaju {n}  :: sense of humour
huuri {n} [Islam]  :: A houri
huurre {n}  :: hard rime; frost (minute particles of ice frozen on a surface) formed when the relative humidity is 100 %, and thus the dew point is equal to the air temperature
huurruttaa {vt}  :: To frost (to cover with frost)
huurtaa {vt}  :: To frost, fog up
huurteinen {adj}  :: Frosty (having frost on itself)
huurteinen {n} [colloquial]  :: A cold beer
huurtua {vi} [erroneously but commonly]  :: To steam (to get covered with condensed water vapour)
huurtua {vi}  :: To frost (to get covered with frost)
huuru {n}  :: condensed vapour
huuru {n}  :: mist, fog
huuru {n}  :: vapour/vapor
huuruinen {adj}  :: misty, steamy
huurumadonlakki {n} [mushroom]  :: Psilocybe cubensis
huuruuntua {vi}  :: alternative form of huurtua
huushollata {v} [colloquial]  :: to manage a household
huusholli {n} [colloquial]  :: household
huussi {n}  :: outhouse, latrine, dry toilet
huutaa {vi} [alarms]  :: to blow, shriek, sound, buzz
huutaa {vi} [animals]  :: to howl, roar
huutaa {vi}  :: to cry, wail, bawl
huutaa {vi}  :: to moan, groan
huutaa {vi}  :: to scream, shriek
huutaa {vi}  :: to shout, yell, holler
huutaa {vt} [auctions]  :: to bid, buy
huutaa {vt} [figuratively]  :: to cry out (for = partitive)
huutaa {vt} [religion]  :: to call out
huutaja {n}  :: shouter, yeller, screamer
huuto {n}  :: scream, cry
huutokauppa {n}  :: auction
huutomerkki {n}  :: Exclamation mark, exclamation point
huutopussi {n} [card games]  :: A popular card game in Finland
huuttori {n}  :: khutor
huventaa {vt}  :: To reduce
huveta {vi}  :: To dwindle, decrease, shrink, vanish
huvi {n}  :: amusement, pleasure
huviajelu {n}  :: joyride
huvialus {n}  :: yacht (any private noncommercial vessel)
huvikseen {adv}  :: for fun
huvila {n}  :: villa
huvimaja {n}  :: gazebo
huvipuisto {n}  :: amusement park
huvipursi {n}  :: yacht (slick and light ship)
huviretki {n}  :: junket (trip made for pleasure)
huviretki {n}  :: picnic (easy or pleasant task)
huvitella {vi}  :: To have fun
huvittaa {vt} [monopersonal]  :: partitive + 3rd-pers. singular = to feel (like doing), want (to do)
huvittaa {vt}  :: To amuse
huvittava {adj}  :: amusing
huvittava {adj}  :: ludicrous, laughable
huvittua {vi}  :: To be(come) amused
huvittunut {adj}  :: amused
huvitus {n}  :: amusement
huvitutti {n}  :: pacifier, dummy, soother
H.V. {initialism}  :: hyvä veli (salutation in the beginning of a letter)
höveli {adj}  :: alternative form of höyli
häveliäisyys {n}  :: modesty (avoidance of sexual suggestiveness)
häveliäs {adj}  :: Modest, bashful
häveliäästi {adv}  :: modestly, bashfully
hävetä {vit}  :: To be ashamed (of = partitive)
hävetä {vt}  :: To be afraid/ashamed (of something = partitive, to do something = infinitive)
hävettää {vt} [monopersonal]  :: partitive + 3rd-pers. singular = to be ashamed
häävi {adj} [colloquial]  :: good
häviö {n}  :: defeat
häävieras {n}  :: wedding guest
häviäjä {n}  :: loser
hävikki {n} [accounting]  :: loss (something lost due to e.g. theft or spoilage)
häviäminen {n}  :: losing
häviämätön {adj}  :: One that cannot disappear or lost; indelible
häviämätön {adj}  :: That has not yet disappeared or lost
häviämättömyys {n} [physics]  :: conservation
häviämättömyys {n}  :: The property of being indelible
hävinnyt {adj}  :: lost
häväistä {vt}  :: To defame, desecrate, violate, profane
häväistä {vt}  :: To disgrace, dishonour/dishonor
häväistys {n}  :: desecration
hävitä {vi}  :: To die out, fade out/away, pass away, become extinct
hävitä {vi}  :: To disappear, vanish
hävitä {vi}  :: To disperse, dissipate, clear
hävitä {vi}  :: To get lost
hävitä {vi}  :: To lose, suffer a defeat
hävite {n}  :: A biocide
hävittää {vt}  :: To destroy completely, demolish, wipe out, annihilate, decimate
hävittää {vt}  :: To devastate, lay waste to, ravage
hävittää {vt}  :: To exterminate, annihilate (people)
hävittää {vt}  :: To kill, liquidate, rub out, bump off, put down, put to sleep (usually insects, more rarely mammals)
hävittää {vt}  :: To lose, misplace
hävittää {vt}  :: To waste, squander, blow
hävittäjä {n}  :: A destroyer ship
hävittäjä {n}  :: A fighter plane
hävittäjä {n}  :: Destroyer, someone/something that destroys someone/something
hävittäjäkone {n}  :: fighter plane
hävittäjälentäjä {n}  :: fighter pilot
hävittäjälentokone {n}  :: fighter plane
hävittäjäpommittaja {n}  :: fighter-bomber
hävittäjä-ässä {n}  :: flying ace, ace
hävitys {n}  :: destruction
hääväki {n}  :: The guests in a wedding ceremony collectively
-hVn {suffix}  :: Forms the illative singular case
häävuode {n}  :: marriage bed
hävytön {adj}  :: obscene
hävytön {adj}  :: shameless, impudent, impudent, insolent
hävyttömästi {adv}  :: obscenely
hävyttömyys {n}  :: insolence
hävyttömyys {n}  :: obscenity
hääyö {n}  :: wedding night
hyö {pron} [personal, dialectal]  :: they (only of people)
hyadit {n} [Greek mythology]  :: The Hyades
Hyadit {prop} [astronomy]  :: the Hyades open star cluster
hääyöaie {n}  :: A wedding night intention
hyaloklastiitti {n} [geology]  :: hyaloclastite
hyaluronihappo {n}  :: hyaluronic acid
hyasintti {n}  :: hyacinth
hyasinttiara {n}  :: hyacinth macaw (Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus)
hybridi {n}  :: hybrid
hybridiauto {n}  :: hybrid car
hybridimedia {n}  :: hybrid media
hybridisaatio {n}  :: hybridization
hybridisoida {vt}  :: To hybridise/hybridize
hybridisoitua {vi}  :: To become hybridised/hybridized
hybris {n}  :: hubris
höyde {n}  :: alternative form of höytyvä
hydraatti {n} [chemistry]  :: hydrate
hydratsiini {n}  :: hydrazine
hydrauliikka {n}  :: hydraulics
hydraulimäntä {n}  :: ram (piston powered by hydraulic pressure)
hydraulinen {adj}  :: hydraulic
hydraulisesti {adv}  :: hydraulically
hydridi {n} [chemistry]  :: hydride
hydro- {prefix}  :: hydro-
hydrobiologi {n}  :: hydrobiologist
hydrobiologia {n}  :: hydrobiology
hydrodynamiikka {n}  :: hydrodynamics
hydrofiilinen {adj}  :: hydrophilic
hydrofobia {n} [pathology]  :: hydrophobia (rabies)
hydrofobiini {n}  :: hydrophobin
hydrofobinen {adj}  :: hydrophobic
hydrofoni {n}  :: hydrophone
hydrofyytti {n} [botany]  :: hydrophyte
hydrogeologia {n}  :: hydrogeology
hydrokefalia {n}  :: hydrocephalus
hydrokemia {n}  :: hydrochemistry
hydrokinoni {n}  :: hydroquinone
hydrokloridi {n} [chemistry]  :: hydrochloride
hydrokodoni {n}  :: hydrocodone
hydrokopteri {n}  :: hydrocopter
hydrokortisoni {n}  :: hydrocortisone, cortisol
hydroksidi {n} [chemistry]  :: hydroxide
hydroksietyyli-prometatsiini {n} [pharmacology]  :: hydroxyethylpromethazine
hydroksyyli {n} [chemistry]  :: hydroxyl
hydroksyyliryhmä {n} [chemistry]  :: hydroxyl group
hydrologi {n}  :: hydrologist
hydrologia {n}  :: hydrology
hydrologinen {adj}  :: hydrological
hydrolyysi {n} [chemistry]  :: hydrolysis
hydromantia {n}  :: hydromancy
hydromekaniikka {n}  :: hydromechanics
hydrometeorologia {n} [hydrology, meteorology]  :: hydrometeorology
hydrometri {n}  :: hydrometer
hydroponiikka {n}  :: hydroponics
hydroponinen {adj}  :: hydroponic
hydrosfääri {n}  :: hydrosphere
hydrostaattinen {adj}  :: hydrostatic
hydrostatiikka {n}  :: hydrostatics
hydroviljely {n}  :: hydroponics
hyödyke {n} [economics]  :: good
hyödykäs {adj}  :: Useful
hyödyllinen {adj}  :: useful, beneficial, helpful
hyödyllisesti {adv}  :: usefully
hyödyllisyys {n}  :: usefulness
hyödyntää {vt}  :: to exploit, benefit, utilize, capitalize
hyödyntäminen {n}  :: exploitation
hyödytön {adj}  :: useless
hyödyttää {vt}  :: To benefit, be of use to, profit
hyödyttömästi {adv}  :: uselessly
hyeena {n}  :: hyaena
hyeenakoira {n}  :: African wild dog, African hunting dog, Lycaon pictus
hyfwin {adv}  :: obsolete spelling of hyvin
hygieenikko {n}  :: hygienist
hygieeninen {adj}  :: hygienic
hygieenisesti {adv}  :: hygienically
hygieenisyys {n}  :: Hygiene; the property of being hygienic
hygienia {n}  :: hygiene
hygrometri {n}  :: hygrometer
hygroskooppinen {adj}  :: hygroscopic
hyh {interj}  :: ugh, yuck
höyhen {n}  :: feather
höyhenenkeveä {adj}  :: featherlight
höyhenenkevyt {adj}  :: featherlight
höyhenhuisku {n}  :: feather duster
höyhenhuivi {n}  :: A boa (kind of fluffy scarf originally made of feathers)
höyheninen {adj}  :: feathery
höyheninen {adj}  :: Stuffed with feathers
höyhenpatja {n}  :: featherbed
höyhenpeite {n} [biology]  :: plumage
höyhenpuku {n}  :: A coat (feathers of a bird)
höyhensarja {n}  :: featherweight
höyhensarjalainen {n}  :: featherweight (boxer)
höyhensato {n}  :: molting of feathers
höyhentää {v}  :: To pluck
höyhentuppi {n} [anatomy]  :: feather follicle
höyhentäytteinen {adj}  :: Stuffed with feathers
höyhentyyny {n}  :: feather pillow
höyhenväkänen {n} [biology]  :: radiolus
hyhmä {n}  :: sludge (watery sludge)
hyhmä {n}  :: slush (partially melted water or snow)
hyhmettyä {vi}  :: To become slushy
hyi {interj}  :: ugh, yuck
hyinen {adj}  :: frigid, glacial (very cold)
hykerrellä {v}  :: to chuckle
hykerrellä {v}  :: to rub one's hands
hykertää {vi}  :: To chuckle
hyökkäillä {v}  :: To attack repeatedly
hyökkääjä {n}  :: attacker
hyökkääjä {n} [sports]  :: forward, attackman (a player in a team whose primary task is to score)
hyökkääjä {n} [sports]  :: In plural (hyökkääjät) attack, offense (the attackmen of a team collectively)
hyökkäävä {adj}  :: Aggressive
hyökkäävä linjamies {n} [American football]  :: tackle (person playing offensive tackle)
hyökkäys {n}  :: attack
hyökkäysalue {n} [ice hockey]  :: attacking zone
hyökkäysalue {n}  :: [loosely] opponent's half of the playing field in any ballgame, especially the area in the vicinity of the goal, from which one can reasonably expect to score
hyökkäys on paras puolustus {proverb}  :: attack is the best form of defence, attack is the best defence
hyökkäyspää {n}  :: (sports) In various ballgames, the end of the field in which the opponent's goal is
hyökkäyspää {n} [sports]  :: offense, attack (portion of a team dedicated to scoring)
hyökkäyssota {n}  :: A war of aggression
hyökkäysuhka {n}  :: threat of attack
hyökkäysvaunu {n} [military]  :: A tank
höykäsen pöläystä {phrase} [idiomatic]  :: squat (of knowledge, nothing)
hyökätä {vi}  :: To attack, assault, charge, come at (someone = genitive + kimppuun (+ possessive suffix if the thing in genitive is a personal pronoun))
hyökätä {vi}  :: To invade (a country = maahan (illative))
hyökyä {vi}  :: To billow
hyöky {n}  :: An outpouring
hyöky {n}  :: A surge
hyöky {n}  :: A waterfall (waterfall-like outpouring)
hyökyaalto {n}  :: tidal wave, tsunami
höylä {n}  :: A plane (woodworking tool)
höyli {adj} [colloquial]  :: friendly, helpful
hylje {n}  :: seal (common language term for smaller pinnipeds; used mainly of earless or true seals but sometimes also covering the eared seals)
hylje {n} [zoology]  :: earless seal, true seal (any seal of the family Phocidae)
hylje-eläin {n} [zoology]  :: pinniped
hyljeksiä {vt} [+ partitive]  :: To spurn
hyljintä {n}  :: repelling
hyljätä {v}  :: alternative form of hylätä
hylkeennahka {n}  :: sealskin
hylkeenpyynti {n}  :: seal hunting
hylkeenpyytäjä {n}  :: seal hunter
hylkeenrasva {n}  :: seal blubber
hylkiä {v} [medicine]  :: to reject (to fail to accept, said of a transplant)
hylkiä {v} [physics]  :: to repel (to force away)
hylkiö {n}  :: outcast, castaway, reject (person)
hylkimisreaktio {n} [medicine]  :: rejection
hylkääminen {n}  :: abandonment
hylkääminen {n}  :: disqualification
hylkääminen {n}  :: rejection, renunciation
hylky {n}  :: derelict (boat or ship abandoned at sea)
hylky {n}  :: shipwreck (boat or ship that has sunk or run aground so that it is no longer seaworthy)
hylky {n} [technical]  :: reject
hyllyä {vi} [of jelly, fat etc.]  :: To shake
hylly {n}  :: rack
hylly {n}  :: shelf
hyllykkö {n}  :: shelves
hyllystö {n}  :: A shelving (group of shelves)
hyllyttää {v}  :: To shelve, mothball
höylääntyä {vi}  :: To be planed
hylsy {n}  :: The shell or case of a projectile
hylsyavain {n}  :: ratchet, ratchet wrench
höylätä {vt}  :: To plane
höylätä {vt}  :: To swipe (a card)
hylätä {vt} [legal]  :: To defeat (a law proposal)
hylätä {vt} [legal]  :: To dismiss, disallow, throw out (e.g. charges), to overrule (a protest at a court)
hylätä {vt}  :: To abandon, desert, leave (e.g. one's spouse, child)
hylätä {vt}  :: To abandon, forsake (e.g. principles)
hylätä {vt}  :: To disqualify (a sports result)
hylätä {vt}  :: To fail, flunk (in a test at school)
hylätä {vt}  :: To give up, dismiss (e.g. a thought)
hylätä {vt}  :: To refuse, turn away (e.g. a person proposing or somesuch)
hylätä {vt}  :: To reject, turn down (e.g. a plan)
höyläys {n} [woodworking]  :: planing
höyläytyä {vi}  :: To be planed
hymen {n} [anatomy, rare]  :: hymen
hymähdys {n}  :: sneer
hymähtää {v}  :: to scorn, often with ivallisesti|mockingly (to raise a corner of the upper lip slightly, especially in scorn)
hymähtää {v}  :: to smile shortly, especially with a short "hm" sound
hymiö {n}  :: smiley, emoticon
hyminä {n}  :: A hum (tune created orally with lips closed)
hymistä {vi}  :: To hum
hymni {n}  :: hymn
hymnografia {n}  :: hymnography
hymnologia {n}  :: hymnology
hymy {n}  :: smile
hymyilee {v}  :: 3rd person singular of hymyillä
hymyillä {vi}  :: To smile
hymyilyttää {vt}  :: To make someone to smile
hymykuoppa {n}  :: dimple (on both sides of mouth)
hymysuin {adv}  :: smilingly
hymytä {vi}  :: To smile
höynä {n}  :: cretin, moron
hynä {n} [slang]  :: money
-hyn {suffix}  :: alternative form of -hVn
hyönteinen {n}  :: An insect
hyönteishävite {n}  :: insecticide
hyönteiskarkote {n}  :: insect repellent
hyönteislaji {n}  :: An insect species
hyönteismyrkky {n}  :: insecticide
hyönteisparvi {n}  :: A swarm of insects
hyönteissyöjä {n}  :: insectivore
hyönteistiede {n}  :: entomology
hyönteistieteellinen {adj}  :: entomological
hyönteistieteilijä {n}  :: entomologist
hyönteistoukka {n}  :: An insect larva
hyönteistutkija {n}  :: entomologist
hyönteistutkimus {n}  :: entomology
höynäyttää {vt}  :: to trick, prank, deceive, play a confidence game
hypellä {vi}  :: To jump about
hyperaktiivinen {adj}  :: hyperactive
hyperaktiivisuus {n}  :: hyperactivity
hyperakusia {n} [medicine]  :: hyperacusia
hyperbeli {n}  :: hyperbola
hyperbola {n}  :: hyperbole (extreme exaggeration or overstatement; especially as a literary or rhetorical device)
hyperbolinen {adj}  :: hyperbolic
hyperbolinen sini {n}  :: hyperbolic sine
hyperboloidi {n}  :: hyperboloid
hyperglykemia {n}  :: hyperglycemia
hyperinflaatio {n} [economics]  :: hyperinflation
hyperinsulinismi {n}  :: hyperinsulinism
hyperkalsemia {n}  :: hypercalcemia
hyperkolesterolemia {n}  :: hypercholesteraemia
hyperkorrekti {adj} [grammar]  :: hypercorrect
hyperlinkki {n}  :: hyperlink
hyperlipemia {n} [pathology]  :: alternative form of hyperlipidemia
hyperlipidemia {n} [pathology]  :: hyperlipidemia
hypermoderni {adj}  :: hypermodern
hypernatreeminen {adj} [medicine]  :: hypernatremic
hypernatremia {n}  :: hypernatremia
hyperonyymi {n}  :: hypernym
hyperpallo {n} [geometry]  :: hypersphere
hyperpolarisaatio {n}  :: hyperpolarization
hyperrealismi {n}  :: hyperrealism
hypersomnia {n}  :: hypersomnia
hypertaso {n}  :: hyperplane
hyperteksti {n}  :: hypertext
hypertensio {n} [pathology]  :: hypertension
hypertonia {n}  :: hypertonia
hypertyreoidismi {n}  :: hyperthyroidism
hypertyreoosi {n} [medicine]  :: hyperthyroidism
hyperventilaatio {n}  :: hyperventilation
hyperventiloida {vi}  :: To hyperventilate
hypestesia {n} [pathology]  :: alternative form of hypoestesia
hypettää {v} [colloquial]  :: to hype
hypetys {n} [colloquial]  :: hyping, hype
hypähdellä {v}  :: To jump (repeatedly, irregularly and effortlessly)
hypähtää {vi}  :: To jump (suddenly)
hypittää {vt}  :: to cause someone/something to jump
hypnologi {n}  :: hypnotist
hypnoosi {n}  :: hypnosis
hypnoositerapia {n}  :: hypnotherapy
hypnoottinen {adj}  :: hypnotic
hypnoottisesti {adv}  :: hypnotically
Hypnos {prop} [Greek god]  :: Hypnos
hypnoterapia {n}  :: hypnotherapy
hypnotismi {n}  :: hypnotism
hypnotisoida {vt}  :: To hypnotise/hypnotize
hypnotisoija {n}  :: hypnotist
hypnotisointi {n}  :: hypnotization
hypnotisoitu {adj}  :: hypnotized
hypnotisoitua {vi}  :: to go under, become hypnotized (to enter the state of hypnosis)
hypoestesia {n} [pathology]  :: hypoesthesia (partial loss of tactile sensation)
hypogaeum {n} [rare]  :: hypogeum, hypogee (underground room)
hypokalsemia {n}  :: hypocalcemia
hypokondria {n}  :: hypochondria
hypokondrikko {n}  :: hypochondriac
hypokondrinen {adj} [pathology]  :: hypochondriac, hypochondriacal (affected by hypochondria)
hypokortisolismi {n} [pathology]  :: hypocortisolism
hypoksantiini {n} [chemistry]  :: hypoxanthine
hyponymia {n}  :: hyponymy
hyponyymi {n}  :: hyponym
hypospadia {n} [medicine]  :: hypospadias
hypotaksi {n}  :: hypotaxis
hypotalamus {n} [anatomy]  :: hypothalamus
hypoteekki {n}  :: mortgage
hypoteekkilaina {n}  :: An asuntolaina issued by Suomen_Hypoteekkiyhdistys|Suomen Hypoteekkiyhdistys (The Mortgage Society of Finland)
hypoteesi {n}  :: hypothesis
hypoteettinen {adj}  :: hypothetic
hypotensio {n} [pathology]  :: hypotension
hypotenuusa {n} [geometry]  :: hypotenuse
hypotermia {n} [pathology]  :: hypothermia
hypotyroidismi {n} [pathology]  :: hypothyroidism
hyppelehtiä {vi}  :: To jump (erratically)
hyppely {n}  :: jumping
hyppiä {v}  :: hyppiä yli: To skip
hyppiä {vi}  :: To jump (repeatedly), hop
hyppääjä {n}  :: jumper, one who jumps
hyppy {n}  :: jump
hyppy {n}  :: leap
hyppy {n}  :: vault (gymnastics event)
hyppyhämähäkki {n}  :: jumping spider, salticid (spider of the family Salticidae that jump for their pray instead of sewing webs)
hyppyhäntäinen {n}  :: A springtail
hyppykeppi {n}  :: pogo stick
hyppynaru {n}  :: skipping rope, skip rope, jump rope
hyppynen {n}  :: In plural, fingertips; see: hyppyset
hyppynen {n}  :: pinch (small amount)
hyppypapu {n}  :: A jumping bean
hyppypäästäinen {n}  :: elephant shrew
hyppysellinen {n}  :: A pinch (small amount)
hyppyset {n}  :: fingertips