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p {letter} :: letter: pee
p {abbr} :: penni (Finnish penny, no longer used)
P {letter} :: letter: pee
-pa {particle} :: Expresses that the speaker is surprised at or astonished by something
-pa {particle} :: please, kindly (appended to an imperative verb form in order to soften the command or request)
-pa {particle} :: if you like (used in giving a non-concrete instruction)
-pa {particle} :: Expresses that the speaker is proud of something, also to boast or brag about something
-pa {particle} :: When appended to a second-person imperative with the particle -s, gives the command or request a slightly more persuasive or inspiring tone
-pa {particle} [with conditional] :: I wish (expresses the speaker's desire for something that is not true)
-pa {suffix} [rare] :: Forms adjectives or nouns of a very limited amount of verbs
pää- {prefix} :: main, head, prime, primary, principal, leading
pää {n} :: head (of an organism or organisation)
pää {n} :: end, tip (physical end)
pää-äänenkannattaja {n} :: (leading) organ, party organ (newspaper representing the official opinion of a political party)
pääaine {n} :: major (academics)
pääanalyytikko {n} :: chief analyst, lead analyst
pääasia {n} :: main thing, main issue, central point
pääasiallinen {adj} :: main, principal, chief (most important)
pääasiassa {adv} :: mainly (chiefly; for the most part)
pääateria {n} :: main dish, main course
pääavain {n} [computing, databases] :: primary key
paaduttaa {vt} :: to harden (to make less sensitive)
pääelinkeino {n} :: principal industry, primary industry
pääepäilty {n} [legal] :: prime suspect
pääesikunta {n} [military] :: (main, supreme etc.) headquarters (central command centre of a military organization)
päähän {postp} :: (to) away (after a distance)
päähänpälkähdys {n} :: a whimsical idea
päähänpiintymä {n} :: idée fixe (idea dominating the mind)
päähänpinttymä {n} :: alternative form of päähänpiintymä
päähänpisto {n} :: A whim, freak, vagary, caprice
paahde {n} :: Scorching heat
paahdella {v} :: A frequentative form of the verb paahtaa
paahdettu {adj} :: roast, roasted (cooked by roasting)
paahdin {n} :: toaster
päähenkilö {n} :: protagonist, hero
päähine {n} :: headdress, headwear
päähine {n} :: headgear, head covering, headcover
paahtaa {v} :: To toast
paahtaa {v} :: To roast
paahtaa {v} :: To parch
paahtaa {v} :: To scorch, singe
paahtaa {v} :: [Of the sun] To heat
paahtaa {v} [colloquial] :: To drive fast for a long period of time, as e.g. on a motorway
paahteinen {adj} :: alternative term for helteinen
paahtimo {n} :: roasting factory
paahto {n} :: roast (degree to which something is roasted)
paahto {n} [as modifier in compound terms] :: roast, roasted, toasted
paahtoaste {n} :: roast (degree to which something is roasted)
paahtofilee {n} :: A roasted loin of beef
paahtokiisseli {n} [desserts] :: A kissel sweetened with caramelized sugar
paahtokylki {n} :: alternative term for grillikylki
paahtoleipä {n} :: toast
paahtopaisti {n} :: roast beef (meat)
paahtotuore {adj} [of coffee] :: freshly roasted
paahtouuni {n} :: toaster oven
paahtovanukas {n} :: A crème brûlée
paahtua {vi} :: To scorch
päähuivi {n} :: headscarf
pääilmansuunta {n} [geography] :: A cardinal direction or cardinal point
pääjakso {n} [taxonomy] :: A phylum
pääjalkainen {n} :: A cephalopod
pääjäristys {n} [seismology] :: mainshock (maximum shock in an earthquake event)
pääjehu {n} [colloquial] :: big kahuna, head honcho, top banana, bigwig (boss, leader, top-ranking person in an organization)
pääjohtaja {n} :: general director, chief executive officer
pääjohtaja {n} :: director-general
pääjohto {n} :: main, main line, trunk line (large pipe or cable providing utility service to a building or area)
pääjoukko {n} :: main group
pääjoukko {n} [cycling] :: peloton
pääjuhla {n} :: main celebration
pääjuuri {n} [botany] :: taproot
pääkallo {n} [anatomy] :: skull
pääkallokiitäjä {n} :: death's-head hawkmoth (Acherontia atropos)
pääkallonmetsästäjä {n} :: headhunter
pääkallonpaikka {n} [colloquial] :: headquarters
pääkampa {n} :: A comb, often decorated, designed to be worn as part of a hairdo rather than used for combing; hair-comb
pääkansi {n} [nautical] :: main deck
paakari {n} [dialectal] :: baker
pääkäsittely {n} [legal] :: A main hearing of a legal case
pääkatu {n} :: main street, high street
pääkaupunki {n} :: capital (city)
pääkaupunkiseutu {n} :: Helsinki metropolitan area (Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, and Kauniainen)
pääkäyttäjä {n} :: main user, primary user
pääkäyttäjä {n} [computing] :: root user, root, superuser, administrator (user with complete access to the operating system and its configuration)
pääkipu {n} [pathology] :: headache
pääkirja {n} [accounting] :: general ledger (central accounting record of a company or organization)
pääkirjasto {n} :: main library
pääkirjoitus {n} :: editorial, leader (principal article in a publication giving the opinion of its editors)
pääkkäin {adv} :: head to head, head against head
paakku {n} :: lump
paakku {n} :: gob (lump of soft and moist material)
paakku {n} :: clod (lump of earth or clay)
paakkuinen {adj} :: clumpy
paakkutaimi {n} :: A sapling with a rootball
paakkuunnuttaa {vt} :: to cake (to form into a cake, or mass)
paakkuuntua {v} :: to cake, stick together, get lumpy
paakkuuntuminen {n} :: Action noun of the verb paakkuuntua (to cake), caking
paakkuuntumisenestoaine {n} :: anticaking agent (substance added to another product to prevent it from forming lumps)
pää kolmantena jalkana {adv} [idiomatic] :: juosta ~ = to run head over heels; at top speed, frantically (literally: with head as the third leg)
pääkomponenttianalyysi {n} [statistics] :: principal component analysis
pääkonsuli {n} :: consul general
pääkonttori {n} :: head office (main administrative centre for a company or organisation)
pääkoppa {n} :: cranium
pääksytyksin {adv} :: synonym of pääksytysten
pääksytysten {adv} :: Only used in the idiomatic expression päivät pääksytysten ("day in, day out") (every day, 24/7)
pääkuva {n} :: main image
pääkuva {n} :: headshot, portrait (portrait for branding and/or social media)
pääkvanttiluku {n} [physics] :: principal quantum number
päälaenlohko {n} :: alternative form of päälakilohko
päälaenluu {n} [skeleton] :: the parietal bone
paalain {n} :: baler
päälaki {n} [anatomy] ::  A crown, pate, vertex (top of the head)
päälakilohko {n} [anatomy] :: parietal lobe
paalata {v} [agriculture] :: to bale (hay or similar)
paalaus {n} :: baling
päälause {n} [grammar] :: main clause, independent clause
paalauskone {n} :: baler, baling machine
päälävistäjä {n} [linear algebra] :: main diagonal
paali {n} :: bale
paali {n} :: bolt (a large roll of material)
paali {n} :: roll
paali {n} :: Pali (language)
pääliina {n} :: headscarf
päälipeitto {n} :: coverlet (blanket used as a bed covering, usually quilted)
paalittaa {v} :: To bale (to wrap into a bale)
paalitus {n} :: alternative form of paalaus
paalituskone {n} :: alternative term for paalauskone
päällä {adv} [static] :: On (in an operating state)
päällä {postp} [static] :: (Physically) on top of (sth)
päälläoloaika {n} :: uptime
päälläseisonta {n} :: headstand, standing on one's head
päälle {adv} :: On (into an operating state)
päälle {postp} [of movement] :: On(to), on (top of)
päälleajaja {n} :: driver of a car involved in a hitting or ramming incident, such as a hit and run
päälleajo {n} :: hitting or ramming with a vehicle, often intentionally
päällekäypä {adj} :: synonym of päällekäyvä
päällekäyvä {adj} :: offensive, aggressive
päällekkäin {adv} :: One on the other, one upon the other
päällekkäinen {adj} :: superimposed, overlapping
päällekkäisvalotus {n} [photography] :: multiple exposure (technique)
päälleni {adv} :: on (me)
päällesi {adv} :: on (you)
päällikkö {n} :: chief
päällikkö {n} :: head
päällikkö {n} :: leader
päällikkö {n} :: commander
päällikkö {n} :: boss, manager
päällimmäinen {adj} [uncomparable] :: topmost, uppermost (at or nearest to the top of a pile, stack or similar)
päällimmäinen {adj} [comparable] :: most urgent
päällimmäisin {adj} :: superlative of päällimmäinen
päällimpänä {adv} :: synonym of päällimmäisenä
päällinen {n} :: topping (food item added on top of another)
päällinen {n} :: covering, cover, spread, jacket (removable or replaceable protective or insulating cover for an object)
päällinen {n} :: throw (piece of fabric used to cover a bed, sofa or other soft furnishing)
päällinen {n} :: case, slip
päälliskangas {n} :: Any fabric used as outmost layer of material in a garment
päälliskangas {n} :: Any fabric used as outmost layer of material in upholstery
päällitse {postp} :: over, above; also other translations, depending on context (by the way of going over or above something)
päällys {n} :: top, cover
päällyskenkä {n} :: overshoe
päällyslakana {n} :: top sheet (part of bedding)
päällystä {n} :: alternative form of päällys
päällystää {vt} :: To coat, overlay, pave
päällystakki {n} :: overcoat
päällyste {n} :: pavement, paving (paved exterior surface, as with a road or sidewalk)
päällyste {n} :: flooring, (floor) covering, pavement (surfacing on an interior floor, especially in technical sense)
päällyste {n} :: covering, especially one that is meant to be used together with the covered object
päällyste {n} :: topping, such as on pizza etc
päällystövyö {n} :: Sam Browne belt
päällystys {n} :: covering, paving
päältä {postp} [of movement] :: From top of
paalu {n} :: stake, pole (long and slender piece of wood or other material, often pointed at one end so as to be easily driven into the ground as a marker or a support or stay)
paalu {n} :: pile (large stake, driven into the earth or sea-bed for the support of a building, a pier, etc.)
paalu {n} [historical] :: the stake (upright piece of timber to which a person condemned to death by burning alive was affixed)
paalu {n} [heraldry] :: pale
paalu {n} [slang] :: money
paaluaita {n} :: palisade (wall made of wooden stakes, one end of which is set firmly in the ground)
paaluaita {n} :: paling fence
paalujuntta {n} [construction] :: pile driver
pääluku {n} :: headcount (number of people present)
pääluku {n} :: main chapter
pääluokka {n} [grammar] :: voice
pääluottamusmies {n} :: A head shop steward; in a large workplace there may be several shop stewards, in which case one of them is appointed to represent them as a group towards the employer
paalupaikka {n} [motor racing] :: pole position
paalusolmu {n} :: A bowline
paaluttaa {v} [construction] :: To drive piles into the ground, usually in order to strengthen the foundations of a structure
paalutus {n} :: pile-driving
pääluu {n} [skeleton] :: the cranium (neurocranium and facial skeleton considered as one bone)
paaluvarustus {n} :: palisade (wall of wooden stakes, used as a defensive barrier)
päämäärä {n} :: goal, aim, objective
päämäärätietoisuus {n} :: sense of purpose or direction, sense of having or knowing a goal
päämäärätön {adj} :: aimless, goalless
päämäärättömästi {adv} :: aimlessly, goallessly
päämaja {n} [military] :: command post, headquarters (military installation from which troops are commanded and orders are issued)
päämaja {n} [by extension, colloquial] :: base, headquarters (place where decisions for an organization are made)
päämies {n} [legal] :: client
pääministeri {n} :: prime minister
paana {n} [dialectal] :: track, especially a racing track
paana {n} [dialectal] :: road
paana {n} [dialectal] :: railroad
päänahka {n} [anatomy] :: scalp
päänalunen {n} :: anything used to rest the head on when lying down, such as a pillow
päänalus {n} :: synonym of päänalunen
päänalusta {n} :: synonym of päänalunen
Paananen {prop} :: surname
päänauha {n} :: headband
päänavaaja {n} :: groundbreaker (person or action)
päänäyttämö {n} :: mainstage (largest performing space in a venue)
päänkipu {n} [rare] :: alternative form of pääkipu
päänkivistys {n} [figuratively] :: headache
päänmitta {n} :: head-length (a mostly ad hoc measurement unit equivalent to the length of a head)
päänmuoto {n} :: shape or form of a head
päänmyötäinen {adj} :: conforming to the head or the shape of the head
paanne {n} :: naled, aufeis (sheet-like ice)
paannejää {n} :: A locally occurring layer of solid ice on a road that is otherwise bare or covered with packed snow
päännyökähdys {n} :: nod of a head
päännyökäytys {n} :: nod of a head
päännyökkääjälihas {n} [anatomy] :: sternocleidomastoid muscle, sternomastoid
päännyökkäys {n} :: nod (of the head)
päänoja {n} :: headrest (part of a seat designed to support the head)
päänpudistus {n} :: shake of a head
päänpuoleinen {adj} :: the side close to a head or the head; anterior
päänpuoli {n} :: synonym of pääpuoli
päänpyöritys {n} :: head rotation, head spinning, head turning
päänsärky {n} :: headache (pain or ache in the head)
päänsärky {n} [figuratively] :: headache (nuisance or unpleasant problem)
päänsärkylääke {n} :: headache remedy
päänsärkypulveri {n} :: headache powder
päänsärkytabletti {n} :: headache tablet
päänsilitys {n} :: head petting, head patting
päänsilitys {n} [figurative] :: positive comments, thanks (usually with the implication of being either undeserved or having deserved more)
päänsisäinen {adj} :: mental, inner
päänsuojain {n} :: head protector
päänsuojus {n} :: headpiece, headgear
pääntauti {n} :: strangles (disease of horses caused by Streptococcus equi)
pääntie {n} :: neckline
pääntuki {n} :: head support, as in a car seat etc
paanu {n} :: A relatively thick wooden shingle
paanukatto {n} :: shingle roof
päänuppi {n} [jocular] :: head, nob, noggin, attic
paanuttaa {v} :: To shingle (to cover with wooden shingles)
paanutus {n} :: shingle covering
päänvaiva {n} [figurative] :: headache, trouble, pain (nuisance; unpleasant problem, thing or person)
pääoma {n} [accounting, finance] :: capital
pääomaintensiivinen {adj} :: capital-intensive
pääomamarkkinat {n} :: capital market
pääomatulo {n} [taxation] :: unearned income
pääomatulovero {n} :: capital income tax (tax levied on income generated from capital assets including capital gains, rents, dividends etc.)
pääomavaltainen {adj} :: capital-intensive
pääomavaltaistua {vi} :: to become capital-intensive
pääomavero {n} :: Short for pääomatulovero (capital income tax)
pääomistaja {n} :: main owner, largest owner
pääomittaa {vt} :: to capitalize (contribute capital)
pääosa {n} :: majority, main part (most in a given group)
pääosa {n} [drama, film] :: leading role, lead role
pääosin {adv} :: mainly (chiefly; for the most part)
pääpaino {n} :: main weight
pääpaino {n} :: main focus
pääpaino {n} [linguistics] :: primary stress
pääpalkinto {n} :: top prize; big enchilada [informal]
pääpaloasema {n} :: main fire station
paapattaa {v} [onomatopoetic] :: To gabble, babble, blab (to speak fast and monotonously and/or incessantly)
paapatus {n} :: gabble, babble
pääpelaaja {n} [soccer] :: head player (player who uses the head to play the ball, especially one who is good at it)
pääpeli {n} [soccer] :: head play (the use of head to play the ball)
paapero {n} :: toddler
paapia {v} [child language] :: To sleep
paapoa {v} [colloquial] :: To pamper, coddle (to treat gently or with great care)
paappa {n} [dialectal, childish] :: grandpa, grandfather
pääpukari {n} :: ringleader, head honcho
pääpukkaus {n} :: headbutt
pääpuoli {n} :: headboard
pääpuoli {n} :: the side of something that has one's head
paapuuri {n} [nautical] :: port (left-hand side of a vessel as seen towards the bow from the stern)
päärakennus {n} :: main building, principal building
paarapähkinä {n} [dated] :: alternative spelling of parapähkinä
päärata {n} :: main line (principal railway line)
pääri {n} :: A peer [nobleman]
paaria {n} :: pariah
paarialuokka {n} :: pariah class
paaripotilas {n} :: stretcher case (injured person who needs to be carried on a stretcher)
paarit {n} [pluralonly] :: stretcher (simple litter designed to carry a sick, injured, or dead person)
paarlasti {n} [nautical] :: A ballast (heavy material placed in the hold of a vessel to provide stability)
päärly {n} [dialectal] :: pearl
paarma {n} :: horsefly, breezefly, gadfly, forest fly (fly of the family Tabanidae)
paarmalintu {n} [rare, obsolete] :: flycatcher (any bird of the family Muscicapidae)
päärmätä {v} :: To hem (to put hem on an article of clothing)
päärmätty {adj} [heraldry] :: fimbriated
päärme {n} :: hem (of clothing)
päärooli {n} :: leading role
pääruoka {n} :: main course, entrée, entree (main dish of a meal)
pääruokalaji {n} :: main course dish (dish usually eaten as main course)
paarustaa {v} :: to drag, struggle (to walk slowly and with difficulty carrying or as if carrying something heavy, or in deep snow)
pääryhmä {n} [chemistry] :: main group (in the periodic table of the elements, any of the eight groups (columns) of elements that contain the lightest elements)
päärynä {n} :: pear, a fruit and a tree
päärynäinen {adj} :: peary
päärynäjäätelö {n} :: pear ice cream
päärynälihavuus {n} :: pear-shaped obesity
päärynämeloni {n} :: pepino, melon pear
päärynäpallo {n} [boxing] :: speed bag
päärynäpuu {n} :: A pear tree
päärynäsiideri {n} :: perry (cider-like beverage made of pears)
päärynävartalo {n} :: pear-shaped body
pääsäännöllisesti {adv} :: alternative form of pääsääntöisesti
pääsääntöisesti {adv} :: as a rule, as a general rule
pääsaari {n} :: main island
pääsana {n} [linguistics] :: modificand, headword (word which is modified)
pääsarja {n} [sports] :: main league, highest league
pääsarja {n} [astronomy] :: main sequence
paasata {v} :: to drone (to speak tediously)
paashi {n} :: alternative form of paaši
paasi {n} :: smooth, flat and large boulder; such boulder used as base for a fireplace or oven
paasi {n} :: alternative spelling of paaši
Paasi {prop} :: surname
paaši {n} :: page (serving boy)
pääsiäinen {n} :: Easter
pääsiäisaamu {n} :: Easter morning
pääsiäisaatto {n} :: Holy Saturday, Easter Eve
pääsiäisaika {n} :: Easter time
pääsiäisateria {n} [Christianity] :: Easter meal
pääsiäisateria {n} [Judaism] :: Passover seder
pääsiäisjuhla {n} [Christianity] :: Easter celebration
pääsiäisjuhla {n} [Judaism] :: Passover festival
pääsiäiskakku {n} :: Easter cake
pääsiäiskirkko {n} [Christianity] :: church service held on Easter
pääsiäiskokko {n} :: Easter fire
pääsiäiskoriste {n} :: Easter decoration
pääsiäiskortti {n} :: Easter card
pääsiäislammas {n} :: lamb eaten on Easter
pääsiäislauantai {n} :: synonym of lankalauantai
pääsiäislilja {n} :: synonym of keltanarsissi
pääsiäisloma {n} :: Easter holiday, Easter vacation
pääsiäismaanantai {n} :: Easter Monday
pääsiäismessu {n} :: Easter mass
pääsiäismuna {n} :: Easter egg
pääsiäisnoita {n} :: easter witch (påskkärring, part of a practice in Sweden and parts of Finland that takes place some time before Easter)
pääsiäispäivä {n} :: Easter Day
pääsiäispöytä {n} :: Easter meals collectively on a table
pääsiäispupu {n} :: Easter Bunny
pääsiäispyhä {n} :: Easter holiday (Easter days off from school or work)
pääsiäisruoka {n} :: Easter food
Pääsiäissaari {prop} :: Easter Island
pääsiäissunnuntai {n} :: Easter Sunday
pääsiäistipu {n} :: Easter chick
pääsiäisviikko {n} :: Holy Week, Easter week
pääsiäisyö {n} :: Easter night
pääsihteeri {n} :: Secretary General
paašikampaus {n} :: pageboy (haircut)
Paasikivi {prop} :: surname
Paasilinna {prop} :: surname
Paasio {prop} :: surname
pääsisäänkäynti {n} :: main entrance
pääsky {n} :: swallow, martin (bird of the family Hirundinidae)
pääskykahlaaja {n} :: courser, pratincole (birds of the family Glareolidae)
pääskykahlaaja {n} :: pratincole (birds of the genus Glareola within that family)
pääskykahlaaja {n} :: collared pratincole, Glareola pratincola
pääskynen {n} :: diminutive of pääsky
pääskynen {n} :: swallow [bird]
pääskysparvi {n} :: A flock of sparrows
päässä {adv} :: away
päässälasku {n} :: mental calculation, mental arithmetic
päästä {vi} :: To get to, reach, arrive at/in (a place)
päästä {vi} :: To get to go, be allowed/permitted to go
päästä {vi} :: To get in, be admitted to
päästä {vi} :: (+ illative) To make it to, get to (a place/level), reach, attain, achieve
päästä {vi} :: (+ act. 3rd inf. in illat.) To manage (to do; to happen by accident)
päästä {vi} :: (+ elative) To get rid of (a person); to get over (a feeling)
päästä {vi} :: To avoid, escape, get out of, not have/need, be spared the necessity of (doing/to do = act. 3rd inf. in elat.)
päästä {vi} :: (+ elative) To evade, elude, escape, get off/by
päästä {vi} :: To be released/discharged (from a hospital; from prison)
päästä {postp} :: in, after, a [period] from (after a period of time)
päästä {postp} :: (from) away (after a distance)
päästää {v} :: to release, to let loose, rid
päästää {v} :: to emit, give off
päästää {v} [metallurgy] :: to temper (to heat-treat hardened metal in order to increase toughness)
päästää {v} :: ~ suustaan: to utter
päästää päiviltä {vt} [idiomatic] :: To kill, slay, do in, knock off, bump off (literally: "to let go from days")
päästää pois päiviltä {v} :: To put down, execute, kill
päästää sammakko suustaan {idiom} :: To put one's foot in it, put one's foot in one's mouth, accidentally say something embarrassing, tactless, or offensive (literally: To emit a frog from one's mouth)
päästäinen {n} :: shrew (any of the mammals in the family Soricidae, especially in the genus Sorex)
päästä jyvälle {v} :: get the hang of
päästä kuin koira veräjästä {v} :: to dodge a bullet (to have a narrow escape; to avoid injury, disaster, or some other undesirable situation)
päästä läpi {v} [literally] :: to get through
päästä läpi {v} :: to get through to
päästä läpi {v} [idiomatic] :: to pass, pass muster (adequately pass a formal or informal inspection)
päästämään {v} :: infinitive of päästää
päästä omilleen {v} :: to recoup one's investment, money etc. (to make back, as an investment)
päästä pälkähästä {v} :: To get out of a difficult situation
päästellä {vt} :: to let out or release repeatedly
paasto {n} :: fast (act or practice of abstaining from or eating very little food)
paasto {n} :: Lent
päästö {n} :: An emission of a harmful substance such as exhaust gas
päästö {n} :: A release (act of releasing)
paastoaika {n} :: alternative form of paastonaika
paastoaminen {n} :: fasting
paastonaika {n} :: Lent (period)
paastopäivä {n} :: day of fasting, day of fast
päästösuunta {n} [electronics] :: forward direction, conducting direction (of a diode)
paastota {vi} :: To fast
pääsy {n} :: access, clearance
pääsy {n} :: admission
pääsy kielletty {phrase} :: no entry, no trespassing
pääsykoe {n} :: entrance examination (examination used by an educational institution to select which students it will grant admission to)
pääsylippu {n} :: ticket (pass entitling the holder to admission to a show, concert, etc.)
pääsylipputulot {n} :: profit gained from ticket sales
pääsynvalvonta {n} [computing] :: access control
pääsynvalvontalista {n} [computing] :: access control list
pääsyvaatimus {n} :: admission requirement, admission criteria
pääsyy {n} :: primary reason
päätähuimaava {adj} :: staggering, dizzying, impressive, epic
päätäi {n} :: head louse
Päätalo {prop} :: surname
päätäntä {n} :: decision
päätäntä {n} :: conclusion
päätä pahkaa {adv} :: headlong (with an unrestrained forward motion)
päätäpahkainen {adj} :: headlong (rushing forward without restraint)
päätarkoitus {n} :: main purpose, primary purpose
päätavoite {n} :: main objective
pääte {n} [computing] :: terminal
pääte {n} [grammar] :: ending; suffix
pääte {n} :: When used as modifier in a compound term, final, terminal, end
pääteaivot {n} [anatomy] :: endbrain, telencephalon
pääteasema {n} :: terminal (station at the end of a railway line)
päätekijä {n} [law] :: principal (primary participant in a crime)
päätekodoni {n} :: synonym of lopetuskodoni
Paatelainen {prop} :: surname
päätellä {vt} :: To fasten off, tie off (the loose ends/threads of a needlework)
päätellä {vt} [logic] :: To conclude, draw a conclusion, decide, infer, deduce
päätelmä {n} :: conclusion, deduction
pääteos {n} :: magnum opus (maker's greatest work)
päätepiste {n} :: endpoint
päätepysäkki {n} :: final stop (either of the stops at the ends of a bus or tram line)
pääteviiva {n} [typography] :: A serif (short horizontal line added to the tops and bottoms of traditional typefaces)
pääteviiva {n} [dated] :: A finish line
päätie {n} :: main road, highway (main or major road)
paatipunkka {n} [slang] :: bathtub
päätoiminen {adj} :: full-time (of a job, being, or expected to be the main occupation of an employee)
päätoimittaja {n} :: editor in chief, editor-in-chief
paatoksekas {adj} :: alternative form of paatoksellinen
paatoksellinen {adj} :: full of pathos
paatoksellisesti {adv} :: with pathos
päätöksenteko {n} :: decision making (act or process)
päätön {adj} :: headless
päätön {adj} [figuratively] :: senseless, lacking sense
paatos {n} :: pathos
paatos {n} :: rant
päätös {n} :: decision
päätös {n} :: resolution
päätös {n} :: ending
päätöserä {n} [sports] :: final period, final round etc. (last of the divisions into which a game is divided)
päätöslauselma {n} :: Resolution (a formal statement adopted by an assembly)
päätöspäivä {n} :: The final day of an event such as conference, fair, sports tournament
päätöspuu {n} :: decision tree
päätössanat {n} :: closing or concluding words or remarks
päätösteoria {n} :: decision theory
päätösvalta {n} :: decision making power
päätösvaltainen {adj} :: quorate, having a quorum (of a meeting or similar, having a sufficient number of people present in order to have the authority to make decisions)
paatsama {n} [plant] :: buckthorn (any tree or shrub of the genus Rhamnus)
paatsamanmarja {n} :: buckthorn berry (fruit of buckthorn)
paatsamanmarja {n} :: Avignon berry, French berry (berry of buckthorn species Rhamnus saxatilis, used as yellow dye)
paatsamasinisiipi {n} :: holly blue, Celastrina argiolus (butterfly of the family Lycaenidae, native to Eurasia and North America)
päättää {vt} [auxiliary, + infinitive] :: To decide (to do something); to choose (to do something)
päättää {vt} :: To judge, infer, conclude
päättää {vt} :: To end, conclude, terminate, bring to a close
päättää {vt} :: To tie off, fasten (a thread)
päättäjä {n} :: decision maker, policymaker
päättäjäiset {n} :: closing ceremony
päättäjäiset {n} :: graduation, graduation ceremony
päättämätön {adj} :: indecisive, irresolute
päättämätön {adj} :: undecided, irresolute
päättämätön {adj} :: unfinished
päättäri {n} [slang] :: final stop (end of a bus, tram or railway line)
päättäväinen {adj} :: determined, resolute, intent, set
päättäväisempi {adj} :: comparative of päättäväinen
päättäväisesti {adv} :: decisively
päättäväisyys {n} :: decisiveness (quality of being decisive)
päättely {n} :: deduction
paatti {n} [colloquial, nautical] :: ship or boat
päättömämpi {adj} :: comparative of päätön
päättömästi {adv} :: senselessly
päättömyys {n} :: headlessness
päättömyys {n} :: senselessness
päättötyö {n} :: diploma work, degree work
päättyä {vi} :: To (come to an) end, finish, stop, cease, (be) conclude(d)
päättyä {vi} :: To be up, expire
päättyä {vi} :: To be finished, be completed
päättymä {n} [grammar, dated] :: the present perfect tense
päättymätön {adj} :: endless, perpetual
päättyminen {n} :: ending
päättymisaika {n} :: expiration time
päättyvä {adj} :: ending
päättyvä {adj} [mathematics] :: terminating
paatua {v} :: To become hardened, callous (of soul)
päätuki {n} :: alternative form of pääntuki
paatumus {n} :: alternative term for paatuneisuus
paatuneisuus {n} :: callousness, impenitence
paatunut {adj} :: impenitent, callous
päätuomari {n} [sports] :: main referee, referee as opposed to a linesman
pääty {n} :: end (of an object, area or similar; side behaving as an end, often one of the shorter sides)
päätyä {vi} :: To end up (somewhere)
päätykolmio {n} :: A gable
päätykoriste {n} [architecture] :: finial (decorative fitting at the peak of a gable)
päätylaita {n} [ice hockey] :: The end board
päätyraja {n} [sports] :: end line, goal line (acting as boundary of the field)
päätyyppi {n} :: main type
pääurakoitsija {n} :: general contractor, prime contractor, main contractor
Paavali {prop} :: Paul [biblical character]
Paavali {prop} :: given name, rather rare in this biblical spelling
paavalinkukka {n} :: African violet, saintpaulia
päävalmentaja {n} :: head coach (highest ranking coach of a coaching staff)
päävamma {n} :: head injury
pääväri {n} :: primary colour
pääväylä {n} :: arterial road
pääverbi {n} [grammar] :: main verb
paavi {n} :: pope
paavillinen {adj} :: papal
paavillinen {adj} :: hypocritical
paavillisempi {adj} :: comparative of paavillinen
paavillisempi kuin paavi itse {phrase} [idiomatic] :: more Catholic than the Pope (hypocritical, supporting someone's ideas more vigorously than the person itself)
paavillisempi kuin paavi itse {phrase} :: olla ~ : to outpope the Pope (to try to act as a more authentic member of a group than one who is a genuine member of the group)
paavinistuin {n} :: papal seat
paavinkirkko {n} [derogatory] :: alternative term for katolinen kirkko
paavinusko {n} [derogatory] :: papistry, papism
paavinuskoinen {n} [Christianity, derogatory] :: A papist
paavinvaali {n} :: papal election
paavinvalta {n} :: papal rule
paavius {n} :: papacy
Paavo {prop} :: given name
Paavo {prop} :: The letter "P" in the Finnish tavausaakkoset, a spelling system similar to ICAO spelling alphabet
päävoitto {n} :: jackpot (in a lottery)
Paavola {prop} :: surname
Paavola {prop} :: Any of a number of small places in Finland
päävuokralainen {n} :: principal tenant
pachinko {n} :: pachinko
padallinen {n} :: potful, cauldronful
padankansi {n} :: cauldron lid, pot lid
Padasjoki {prop} :: Padasjoki (municipality)
padota {vt} :: To stem (to block or obstruct flow of liquid)
paella {n} :: paella
paeta {vt} [_, + partitive] :: To flee from, run away from
paeta {v} [transitive + partitive, or intransitive + elative or ablative] :: To escape, get away
paeta {v} :: ~ onnettomuuspaikalta = to hit and run
pagelli {n} :: bream, sea bream (any of several fish of the genus Pagellus)
pagodi {n} :: A pagoda
paha {adj} :: bad, ill
paha {adj} :: evil
paha {adj} :: difficult, hard, tricky
paha {adj} :: (idiomatic:) paha mieli sadness, offense, umbrage (literally "bad mind")
paha {adj} :: See the adverb pahoillaan
paha {n} :: The evil
pahaa-aavistamaton {adj} :: unsuspecting
pahaenteinen {adj} :: ominous, threatening, portentous, inauspicious, foreboding
pahaenteisempi {adj} :: comparative of pahaenteinen
pahainen {adj} :: wretched
pahaksua {v} :: alternative form of paheksua
pahalainen {n} :: mild word of abuse; may be translated as bastard or son of a bitch
pahamaineinen {adj} :: notorious
pahamaineisuus {n} :: notoriety
pahan akseli {n} :: axis of evil
pahanen {n} :: poor thing, something to be pitied
pahanhajuinen {adj} :: malodorous (having a bad odor)
pahanhajuinen {adj} :: foul-smelling, smelly, fetid, mephitic, noisome, olid, whiffy (having a strong bad odor)
pahanhajuinen {adj} :: funky (smelling foul, especially of a mouldy, musty, unwashed smell)
pahanhajuinen {adj} :: reeking, stinking, stinky, rank (having a very strong and bad odor)
pahanhajuinen {adj} :: Of breath; bad or foul
pahanhajuisempi {adj} :: comparative of pahanhajuinen
pahanilkisyys {n} :: mischievousness
pahanilmanlintu {n} :: bird of ill omen (person who brings bad news)
pahanilmanlintu {n} :: jinx (person or thing supposed to bring bad luck)
pahanilmanlintu {n} :: synonym of ilonpilaaja
pahankurinen {adj} :: mischievous
pahankurisesti {adv} :: mischievously
pahankurisuus {n} :: mischievousness
pahanlaatuinen {adj} [oncology] :: malign, malignant (harmfully cancerous)
pahanlaatuistua {vi} [oncology] :: to become malignant
pahanlaatuisuus {n} :: malignancy
pahanmakuinen {adj} :: unpalatable
pahanmakuisuus {n} :: unpalatability
pahannäköinen {adj} :: bad-looking
pahanpäiväinen {adj} :: ineffectual, miserable, void
pahanpäiväisesti {adv} :: very much, thoroughly, radically
pahansisuinen {adj} :: ill-tempered, ill-natured
pahansuopa {adj} :: malevolent, malicious (having or displaying ill will; wishing harm on others)
pahansuopa {adj} :: hurtful (tending to hurt someone's feelings; insulting)
pahansuopainen {adj} :: alternative term for pahansuopa
pahansuopaisuus {n} :: alternative term for pahansuopuus
pahansuopuus {n} :: malevolence, maliciousness
pahansuovasti {adv} :: malevolently, maliciously
pahansuovasti {adv} :: hurtfully
pahantahtoinen {adj} :: malevolent
pahantahtoisuus {n} :: malevolence
pahantekijä {n} :: evildoer (person who performs evil acts)
pahanteko {n} :: evildoing, wrongdoing
pahapuolukka {n} :: A regional variant of sianpuolukka
pahaputki {n} :: water dropwort (plant of the genus Oenanthe)
pahaputki {n} :: fine-leafed water dropwort (Oenanthe aquatica)
paha silmä {n} :: evil eye
pahasti {adv} :: badly
pahastua {vi} :: To get upset
pahastuttaa {vt} :: to upset
pahe {n} :: vice
päheä {adj} [colloquial] :: cool
paheellinen {adj} :: vicious, depraved
paheksua {vt} [_, + partitive] :: To disapprove of, reprehend; to frown (up)on
paheksua {vt} [_, + partitive] :: To censure, find fault with, reproach
paheksunta {n} :: reprehension, deprecation, disapproval, condemnation
pahemmin {adv} :: very much, really (modifying a verb)
pahemmin {adv} :: comparative of pahasti; worse
pahempi {adj} :: comparative of paha
pahennus {n} :: The event or process of getting worse, especially in moral respect
pahennus {n} :: contempt, scorn, disdain; used mostly in expressions herättää (to awake) pahennusta, aiheuttaa (to cause) pahennusta
pahennus {n} [archaic] :: The cause of contempt, scorn or disdain
pahennus {n} [archaic] :: A moral evil, temptation, sin
pahentaa {vt} :: To worsen
pahentaa {vt} :: To exacerbate, aggravate
pahentua {vi} :: To worsen
paheta {vi} :: To worsen
paheta {vi} :: To relapse
pahimmassa tapauksessa {idiom} :: In the worst case, worse comes to worst
pahimmillaan {adv} :: at worst
pahimmin {adv} :: most badly, in the worst way or manner
pahin {adj} :: superlative of paha
pahis {n} [colloquial] :: meanie, baddie, bad guy, villain, heavy (person doing bad things, especially in a movie or other story)
pahiten {adv} :: most badly, in the worst way or manner
pahka {n} :: burl [US], bur, burr, gnarl (tree growth in which the grain has grown in a deformed manner)
pähkähullu {adj} :: raving mad, mad as a hatter, insane
pähkähullu {n} :: A raving mad person
pähkäillä {vi} [colloquial] :: to ponder, to figure
pahkainen {adj} :: gnarled, gnarly
pahkaisempi {adj} :: comparative of pahkainen
pahkasieni {n} :: any fungus of genus Sclerotinia
pahkasieni {n} [in the plural] :: the genus Sclerotinia
pahkasika {n} :: warthog
pahki {adv} [dialectal] :: towards
pähkiä {vi} [colloquial] :: to ponder
pähkinä {n} :: nut
pähkinä {n} :: hazel
pähkinä {n} :: puzzle, riddle; difficult problem
pähkinähakki {n} :: spotted nutcracker, Eurasian nutcracker, nutcracker, Nucifraga caryocatactes
pähkinäinen {adj} :: nutty (containing nuts)
pähkinäinen {adj} :: nutty (resembling or characteristic of nuts)
pähkinänakkeli {n} :: Eurasian nuthatch, Sitta europaea
pähkinänkuoressa {adv} [idiomatic] :: in a nutshell
pähkinänkuori {n} :: nutshell
pähkinänrousku {n} :: A milk-cap, Lactarius pyrogalus
pähkinänsärkijä {n} :: nutcracker (tool for breaking nuts)
pähkinäpensas {n} [plant] :: A member of the taxonomic genus Corylus
pähkinäpensas {n} [plant] :: common hazel, Corylus avellana
pähkinäpuu {n} :: walnut (tree, wood)
pähkinäsakset {n} :: nutcracker scissors
pahkulasieni {n} :: a species of fungus, Typhula brassicae
pahkura {n} :: wart
pahkurainen {adj} :: gnarled, gnarly
pähkylä {n} [botany] :: achene (type of dry fruit, in botanical sense of the word)
pahna {n} [agriculture] :: straws used in animal shelters
pahnanpohjimmainen {n} :: runt
pahnanpohjimmainen {n} :: lastborn
pahnue {n} :: litter of pigs, farrow
pahoillaan {adv} :: sorry; upset, sad (about something = elative)
pahoillaan {adv} :: sorry (for somebody = genitive + puolesta)
pahoin {adv} :: badly
pahoinpidellä {vt} :: To maul, manhandle, assault, beat (up) (a person); to batter, be physically abusive of (one's spouse); to abuse (a child)
pahoinpidellä {vt} :: To abuse, mistreat, maltreat (an animal, machine, piece of furniture etc.)
pahoinpitelijä {n} :: assaulter, abuser
pahoinpitelijä {n} :: thug, bully
pahoinpitely {n} :: abuse (physical maltreatment)
pahoinpitely {n} :: battery (crime)
pahoinvointi {n} :: nausea, sickness
pahoinvoipa {adj} :: alternative form of pahoinvoiva
pahoinvoiva {adj} :: queasy, nauseated
pahoitella {v} :: To regret
pahoittaa {vi} :: to hurt; only used in the idiomatic expressions pahoittaa mielensä = to hurt one's feelings and pahoittaa jonkun mieli + (possessive suffix) = to hurt someone's feelings
pahoittelu {n} :: An apology
pahoittelu {n} :: A regret
pahoittua {vi} :: to be hurt, to hurt one's feelings
paholainen {n} :: The Devil, the devil (Satan)
paholainen {n} :: A devil, demon
paholainen {n} :: An imp
paholaismainen {adj} :: fiendish, diabolic, devilish
pahta {n} :: A steep, rocky cliff
pahus {n} :: devil, heck, hell (mild swearword)
pahus {interj} :: dang, darn, damn, blimey, drat, rats (a mild curse)
pahuus {n} :: evilness (the property of being evil)
pahuus {n} :: evil (as opposed to good)
pahuus {n} [archaic] :: alternative spelling of pahus
pahvi {n} :: Relatively thick and stiff cardboard. According to paper industry standards, pahvi weighs at least 250 g/sq.m
pahvi {n} :: A versatile woodfibre-based packaging material produced by combining cardboard, fluting and/or paper. The usage of both Finnish and English terms is rather incoherent, but e.g. cardboard, corrugated board, paperboard and pasteboard may apply as translations for pahvi
pahvikuppi {n} :: paper cup
pahvilaatikko {n} :: cardboard box
pahvimuki {n} :: paper cup
pahviveitsi {n} :: boxcutter, utility knife
pai {n} :: (slang) pie
paiaani {n} :: paean (any loud and joyous song; a song of triumph)
paidanpesijä {n} [jocular] :: wife
paidaton {adj} :: shirtless
päihde {n} :: intoxicant, psychoactive drug
päihdyttää {vt} :: To intoxicate
päihittää {v} :: to outsmart, outdo
päihittää {v} :: to beat, vanquish, best
päihtyä {vi} :: To get drunk, to become intoxicated
päihtymys {n} :: intoxication (state of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs)
päihtynyt {adj} :: intoxicated, inebriated
päihtynyt {adj} [in essive] :: under the influence
päihtynyt {n} :: An intoxicated, inebriated person
Päijänne {prop} :: The second largest lake in Finland
paijata {v} :: to pet
paijata {v} [colloquial] :: to have sex
paijata {v} [colloquial] :: to curry favor, to suck up (seek to gain favor by flattery or attention)
paikalla {adv} :: in attendance, present
paikalla {adv} [rare] :: on the spot, at once
paikalla {adv} :: used as fortifier to the word heti (at once) to underline urgency
paikalla {adv} :: in (its) place; usually with a personal suffix, also in plural
paikallaan {adv} :: paikalla ("in place") + third person possessive suffix -an
paikallasi {adv} :: paikalla ("in place") + 2nd person singular possessive suffix -si
paikallavalu {n} :: on site casting (of concrete)
paikalleen {adv} :: Into his/her/its place/location
paikallinen {adj} :: local [of a nearby location]
paikallinen {n} [colloquial] :: local [nearest pub]
Paikallinen ryhmä {prop} [astronomy] :: Local Group
Paikallinen superjoukko {prop} [astronomy] :: Local Supercluster
paikallisaika {n} :: local time
paikallisbussi {n} [colloquial] :: local bus
paikallisedustaja {n} :: local representative
paikallisedustus {n} :: local representation
paikalliselin {n} :: local body (organisation, company or other authoritative group)
paikallisesti {adv} :: locally
paikallishallinto {n} :: local government (any form of government whose remit covers an area less than that of the nation)
paikallishistoria {n} :: local history
paikallisjärjestö {n} :: local organization
paikallisjohtaja {n} :: local leader
paikallisjoukot {n} :: local forces or troops
paikallisjuna {n} :: local, local train, commuter train (train that stops at all, or almost all, stations between its origin and destination)
paikallislähetys {n} :: local radio transmission
paikallislehti {n} :: local magazine, local paper
paikallisliikenne {n} :: local traffic, local transport
paikallislinja {n} :: line of local transport
paikallismurre {n} :: local dialect
paikallismuseo {n} :: local museum
paikallisohjelma {n} :: local program (such as in a radio)
paikallisosasto {n} :: A local, a local chapter (branch of a an nationwide organization such as a trade union)
paikallisottelu {n} :: local derby, derby (sports match between local rival teams)
paikallispankki {n} [banking] :: local bank
paikallispoliisi {n} :: local police
paikallispuhelu {n} :: local telephone call
paikallispuolustusjärjestelmä {n} :: a system or an organization in using local troops for defense
paikallispuudutus {n} [medicine] :: local anaesthesia
paikallisradio {n} :: local radio
paikallissairaala {n} :: local hospital
paikallissija {n} [grammar] :: A grammatical case that primarily indicates location or movement from or towards a location. Most of them are used of time as well
paikallistaa {v} :: To localize
paikallistarina {n} :: local story
paikallistie {n} :: local road (road belonging to a former road class in Finland with roads numbered 11000–19999)
paikallistua {vi} :: alternative form of paikantua
paikallistuntemus {n} :: local knowledge
paikallisuus {n} :: localness
paikallisuus {n} :: locality
paikallisvaali {n} [chiefly in the plural] :: local election
paikallisvaisto {n} :: synonym of suuntavaisto
paikallisväri {n} :: colour (interest, especially in a selective area)
paikallisväri {n} :: local colour
paikallisverkko {n} :: LAN (Local Area Network)
paikallisyhdistys {n} :: local, local chapter (branch of a an nationwide organization such as a trade union)
paikannimi {n} :: placename, toponym
paikannimitutkimus {n} [linguistics] :: toponymy, toponomastics (lexicological study of place names)
paikannussatelliitti {n} :: navigation satellite
paikan päällä {phrase} [idiomatic] :: on the spot (in a particular place)
paikansija {n} [grammar, dated] :: locative case
paikantaa {vt} :: to locate, pinpoint
paikantaa {vt} :: to localize
paikantua {vi} :: To be localized
paikata {vt} :: To patch, mend, sew (up) (a shirt; pants/trousers)
paikata {vt} :: To fix, repair (a shoe)
paikata {vt} :: To put in a filling (on a tooth)
paikata {vt} :: To fill (gaps in one's knowledge)
paikata {vt} :: To patch up (a relationship)
paikata {vt} :: To be (sb's) understudy, take (sb's) place temporarily (e.g. at work)
paikata {vt} :: To roll a spare (in bowling)
paikka {n} :: place, location, spot, site
paikka {n} :: area, region, locality, neighbourhood/neighborhood
paikka {n} :: space, room
paikka {n} :: scene (where something happens/has happened)
paikka {n} [politics] :: seat
paikka {n} [sports] :: berth (position on the field of play)
paikka {n} :: job, post, position
paikka {n} :: patch (on clothes)
paikka {n} [dentistry] :: filling; inlay
paikka {n} [colloquial] :: situation
paikka {n} [colloquial, in plural] :: parts, bones
paikkailla {v} :: To patch
paikkainen {adj} :: having a certain number of seats; always used with a numeral or other modifier
paikkakunta {n} :: locality
paikkakuntalainen {n} :: A local (person who lives nearby)
paikkamaalata {v} :: to patch paint (to repair a painted surface by painting only the damaged parts)
paikkansapitävä {adj} :: accurate
paikkatasku {n} :: patch pocket (pocket made of a piece of fabric by sewing it onto the outside of a garment)
paikkatieto {n} :: geospatial data, location data, spatial data
paikkatietojärjestelmä {n} :: GIS (geographic information system)
paikkaustiedosto {n} [computing] :: patch file (input to a patch program)
paikkauttaa {v} :: To have something patched, mended, sewn up etc. (see paikata for further senses)
paikkavektori {n} [mathematics] :: position vector
paikko {n} [bowling] :: spare
paikkuuttaa {v} :: alternative form of paikkauttaa
paikoillaan {adv} :: in place, in position
paikoillanne {interj} [sports] :: ready; on your mark; on your marks (first part of the command phrase ready, steady, go!)
paikoillanne, valmiina, nyt {phrase} [sports] :: on your mark, get set, go; ready, set, go; ready, steady, go (three-command start when racing)
paikoilleen {adv} :: to where they belong
paikoilleen {adv} :: panna ~ : to put up, put away
paikoillenne {interj} [sports] :: ready; on your mark; on your marks (first part of the command phrase ready, steady, go!)
paikoin {adv} :: at some places, locally (occurring in a limited number of locations)
paikoitellen {adv} :: in parts, in some places, in some areas, at some places, here and there
paikoittaa {v} [rare] :: to park (to bring a vehicle to a halt or store in a specified place)
paikoittain {adv} :: in parts, in some places, in some areas, at some places, here and there
paikoittainen {adj} :: appearing in, occurring in or that is in parts or some places, which is here and there; patchy, regional, areal
paikoitus {n} [rare] :: parking
päilyä {vi} :: to glint, to glimmer, to glitter
paimen {n} :: A herdsman
paimen {n} :: A herd (one who herds or assembles, a herdsman)
paimen {n} :: A shepherd (metaphorical: someone who watches over and guides)
paimenen piiras {n} :: shepherd's pie, cottage pie
paimenkirje {n} :: pastoral letter, pastoral (letter of a pastor or bishop to his charge)
paimenkirje {n} [colloquial] :: circular letter, circular; especially if it contains advice for corrective action
paimenkirje {n} [colloquial] :: cease-and-desist letter, demand letter
paimenkoira {n} :: herding dog
paimenkuu {n} [astronomy] :: shepherd moon
paimentaa {vt} :: to herd, tend (animals); to shepherd (people)
paimentolainen {n} :: pastoral nomad (owning livestock)
Paimio {prop} :: A municipality in southwestern Finland
-päin {suffix} :: towards
päin {adv} :: towards, in/to the direction of
painaa {vt} :: to push, press
painaa {vt} :: to print (a book)
painaa {vi} :: to weigh
painaa {v} [slang] :: to fuck
painaa mieleen {v} :: To memorise/memorize
painaa villaisella {vt} [idiomatic] :: to downplay, soft-pedal
painajainen {n} [mythology] :: nightmare (demon)
painajainen {n} :: nightmare (bad dream)
painajainen {n} :: nightmare (bad experience)
painajaismainen {adj} :: nightmarish
painajaisuni {n} :: nightmare (dream)
painallus {n} :: press, push (quick depression of a button, keyboard key etc.)
painallus {n} :: keystroke
painaltaa {vi} :: to rush (to move rapidly)
painanne {n} :: depression (e.g. on ground)
painanta {n} :: printing
painate {n} :: synonym of painotuote
painattaa {vt} :: To have printed, published
painatus {n} :: print (a picture or text created by printing)
painauma {n} :: A depression (e.g. in terrain)
painautua {v} :: to press oneself (against something)
painautua {v} :: to nestle (to press oneself against another affectionately)
painautua {v} :: to huddle (to crowd together as when distressed or in fear)
painava {adj} :: heavy
painava {adj} :: substantial
painavampi {adj} :: comparative of painava
paine {n} :: pressure
paineaalto {n} :: blastwave, shock wave, pressure wave
paineakku {n} :: pressure accumulator, hydraulic accumulator
paineanturi {n} :: pressure sensor
paineasetelma {n} [automotive] :: pressure plate (of a clutch)
paineastia {n} :: pressure vessel
paineenalaisuus {n} :: being under pressure, the state of being under pressure
paineenalennin {n} :: pressure reducer
paineenalennus {n} :: pressure reducing, pressure drop
paineenesto {n} [rare] :: pressure prevention
paineenkestävä {adj} :: pressure-resistant
paineenkesto {n} :: pressure resistance
paineenkorotus {n} :: pressure increase
paineensäädin {n} :: pressure regulator
paineensieto {n} :: pressure tolerance, pressure resistance
paineentasaus {n} :: pressure equalization, pressure relief
painehaava {n} :: pressure ulcer, bedsore
painehaavauma {n} [pathology] :: A pressure ulcer, decubitus or bedsore
painehitsaus {n} :: pressure welding
painehoito {n} :: pressure therapy
painehuuhtelu {n} :: power flushing
paineilma {n} :: compressed air, pressurized air
paineilma {n} [as modifier] :: pneumatic
paineilmahengityslaite {n} :: compressed air breathing apparatus
paineilmajarru {n} :: airbrake, pneumatic brake
paineilmakäyttöinen {adj} :: pneumatically driven, pneumatically powered
paineilmalaite {n} :: compressed air apparatus
paineilmanaulain {n} :: pneumatic nail gun
paineilmapora {n} :: pneumatic drill
paineilmasäiliö {n} :: compressed air tank, pressurized air tank
paineisku {n} :: hydraulic shock, water hammer, fluid hammer (surge of pressure in a pipe carrying a fluid)
paineistaa {v} :: To pressurize
paineistettu {adj} :: compressed
painekammio {n} :: pressure chamber
painekattila {n} :: pressure cooker (sealed cooking vessel that allows cooking in greater than atmospheric pressure)
painekeitin {n} :: pressure cooker (cooking vessel)
painekestoisuus {n} :: pressure rating (an upper bound for the pressure that a component can handle)
painekyllästää {v} :: to impregnate with pressure (to preserve something, especially wood, chemically in high pressure)
painekyllästys {n} :: pressure impregnation
painelaite {n} :: pressure equipment
painella {v} :: To press (with fingers)
painemittari {n} :: pressure gauge, pressure meter, manometer
-päinen {adj} :: Of or pertaining to a head; used only as headword in compound terms. Sometimes translated into English as -headed, but often the compound has a translation of its own
painepakkaus {n} :: pressurized container
painepesuri {n} :: pressure washer, powerwasher
painesäiliö {n} :: pressure vessel, pressure tank
painesensori {n} :: synonym of paineanturi
paineside {n} :: pressure dressing, pressure bandage
painesyltty {n} :: synonym of painosyltty
painevaikutus {n} :: pressure effect
painevalu {n} :: pressure casting, die casting
painevesi {n} :: pressurized water
painevoitelu {n} :: pressure lubrication
paini {n} [sports] :: wrestling
painia {vi} :: To wrestle
painija {n} :: wrestler
painike {n} :: A button, push-button (button -like device meant to be pressed with a finger or clicked by a computer mouse)
painike {n} :: In general, a mechanical device meant to be pressed to produce an action
Painilainen {prop} :: surname
painin {n} [rare] :: A press (device used to apply pressure to an item)
painin {n} :: A tool used to press an image on a surface, e.g. leather or paper
painin {n} [rare] :: A generic term for a device that is designed to deliver an action when pressed, such as a push-button or door handle
paininjalka {n} [sewing] :: presser foot (sewing machine part)
painiote {n} :: A hold, wrestling hold
painiskella {vi} :: To wrestle, struggle with a problem
paino {n} :: weight
paino {n} :: press (general term for a printing machine)
paino {n} :: press, weight (passive device to apply pressure to something)
paino {n} [fishing] :: sinker (weight used in fishing to cause the line or net to sink)
paino {n} [phonetics] :: stress
painoaika {n} :: printing date
painoala {n} :: printing sector, printing industry, printing field
painoarvo {n} :: weight, importance, value (degree of importance)
painoarvo {n} :: clout ‎(political influence or effectiveness)
painoarvo {n} :: importance, noteworthiness (quality or condition of being important or worthy of note)
painoindeksi {n} [physiology] :: body mass index, BMI
painokangas {n} :: print (cloth)
painokas {adj} :: emphatic
painokelvoton {adj} :: unprintable, unpublishable (chiefly in the sense of being obscene)
painokerroin {n} :: weight, weight coefficient
painokone {n} :: printing press
painolasti {n} [nautical] :: A ballast
painolastivesi {n} [nautical] :: ballast water (water used as ballast in a watercraft)
painollinen {adj} [prosody] :: stressed
painomittajärjestelmä {n} :: A system of weights, such as avoirdupois or troy weight
painomuste {n} :: printer's ink (rapidly drying ink made specifically for printing machines)
painonappi {n} :: push-button, button (a mechanical device meant to be pressed with a finger)
painonnostaja {n} :: weightlifter
painonnosto {n} :: weightlifting
painopaperi {n} :: printing paper, paper for printing
painopiste {n} :: centre of gravity, center of gravity, centre of mass
painopiste {n} [math] :: centroid
painopiste {n} :: focus, emphasis (special attention or prominence given to something)
painopisteala {n} :: priority area
painoprosentti {n} :: weight percent
painoprosenttinen {adj} :: having a specific percentage by weight (usually preceded by a number in this usage)
painoprosenttinen {adj} :: measured in percentage by weight
painos {n} :: edition (the whole number of copies of a work printed and published at one time)
painostaa {vt} :: to coerce, to put pressure on, pressurize (to exert force or influence to compel one to act against his will)
painostus {n} [figuratively] :: pressure, heat
painoteksti {n} :: printed text
painotettu {adj} [mathematics] :: weighted
painotettu keskiarvo {n} [statistics] :: weighted mean, weighted average
painotettu verkko {n} [graph theory] :: weighted graph
painoton {adj} :: weightless
painottaa {v} :: to highlight, emphasize
painottaa {v} :: to accent
painottamaton {adj} [mathematics] :: unweighted
painottamaton verkko {n} [graph theory] :: unweighted graph
painottomuus {n} :: weightlessness, zero gravity
painottua {vi} :: To be emphasized
painotuote {n} :: printed matter (any printed product from books to visiting cards)
painotus {n} :: stress, emphasis
painovirhe {n} :: typographical error, typing error, typo
painovoima {n} [physics] :: gravity
painovoimakenttä {n} :: gravitational field
painovoimalinssi {n} [astronomy] :: gravitational lens
painovoimavuorovaikutus {n} [physics] :: gravitational interaction (a fundamental interaction)
päin prinkkalaa {phrase} [idiomatic, colloquial] :: totally wrong
painua {v} :: To sink, sag, droop, fall, descend
painua {v} [colloquial] :: to go
painua jorpakkoon {v} [idiomatic, colloquial, dismissal] :: To get lost
painuksiin {adv} :: droop, drooping (to the drooping state)
painuksissa {adv} :: drooping; see also crestfallen
painu vittuun {interj} :: fuck off
päinvastainen {n} :: converse
päinvastainen {adj} :: reciprocal, backward, contrary
päin vastoin {adv} :: alternative spelling of päinvastoin
päinvastoin {adv} :: conversely, vice versa, on the contrary
paise {n} [pathology] :: abscess
paise {n} :: (pathology, colloquial) bubo
paiserutto {n} [pathology] :: bubonic plague
paiskata {vt} :: To throw violently or forcefully (once); to hurl (once); to cast (once)
paiskautua {vr} :: To be thrown
paiskella {vt} :: to throw things around repeatedly
paiskia {v} :: to throw or slam something repeatedly
paiskia {v} :: ~ töitä: to work hard
paiskoa {vt} :: to throw things around
paiskoa {vt} :: to slam
päissään {adv} [idiomatic] :: [While being] very drunk, wasted, smashed
päissään {adv} [idiomatic] :: olla ~: to be drunk, wasted, smashed
paistaa {vt} :: to fry
paistaa {vt} :: to grill, barbecue
paistaa {vt} :: to braise
paistaa {vt} :: to bake, roast
paistaa {vi} [of the sun] :: to shine
paistaa {vi} :: to beam
paistaa {vi} [figuratively] :: to show
paistaa se päivä risukasaankin {proverb} :: every dog has its day (literally: the day will shine to a pile of brushwood, too)
paistatella {v} :: To expose (oneself) to the shine of something
paistattaa {v} :: alternative form of paistatella
paistattaa {v} [rare, concretely] :: to let fry or bake
paiste {n} :: the light and often the heat from some source, e.g. shine (as in sunshine, moonshine), glow (as in fireglow)
päiste {n} :: headland
paistettu {adj} :: fried
paistettu {adj} :: baked
paisti {n} :: round (cut of beef)
paisti {n} :: leg (cut of lamb or mutton)
paisti {n} :: ham, leg (cut of pork)
paisti {n} :: roast (any of the above when prepared for food by roasting)
paistijauheliha {n} :: ground round (ground beef made of round beef cut)
paistikas {n} :: A stewed root vegetable, potato etc
paistike {n} :: noisette (cut of meat)
päistikkaa {adv} :: head over heels, headlong (tumbling upside down)
päistikkaa {adv} :: head over heels, headlong (at top speed; frantically)
paistin {n} :: a tool for frying, grilling, roasting
paistinkastike {n} :: gravy (thick sauce made from the fat or juices that come out from meat or vegetables as they are being cooked)
paistinlasta {n} :: turner (kitchen utensil used for turning food)
paistinpannu {n} :: frying pan (flat vessel used for frying)
paistinuuni {n} :: oven of a range
paisto {n} :: baking, frying, roasting
paistoaika {n} :: baking time, frying time, roasting time
paistokasari {n} :: sauté pan
paistopelti {n} :: baking tray
paistos {n} :: casserole or other type of baked dish (dish prepared by mixing the ingredients cold and baking them in an oven, often named according to the main ingredient)
paistua {v} :: To cook, fry
paistua {v} :: To bake
paistua {v} :: To stew (to suffer under uncomfortably hot conditions)
paisua {v} :: To swell (to become bigger, especially due to engorging)
paisua {v} :: To expand (to increase in volume or scope)
paisua {v} :: To mushroom (to grow quickly to a large size)
paisua {v} :: To bilge or to bulge (swell)
paisuksiin {adv} :: Used to indicate that something becomes or has become swollen
paisuksissa {adv} :: swollen (in the state of being swollen)
paisuma {n} :: swelling, swollen area
paisuma {n} :: the amount by which something swells or has swelled
paisuntaventtiili {n} :: expansion valve
paisunut {adj} :: swollen, inflated
paisutella {vi} [figuratively] :: To fill, lengthen, pad
paisuttaa {v} :: to inflate, swell
paisuttaa {v} [figurative] :: to inflate (make something, e.g. a story sound more fascinating)
paisuvainen {n} [anatomy] :: corpus cavernosum (cylindrical column of erectile tissue that forms the clitoris and the penis)
paisuvaiskudos {n} [anatomy] :: erectile tissue
paita {n} :: shirt
paitahihasillaan {adv} :: in shirtsleeves (having only one's shirt covering the upper body, i.e. wearing no coat or jacket)
paitapusero {n} :: A blouse (female garment)
päitset {n} :: headgear (harness that fits on a horse's head)
paitsi {adv} :: except, other than
paitsi {adv} :: sitä paitsi: besides, in addition
paitsi {adv} :: jäädä paitsi: to miss out on something
paitsio {n} [sports] :: offside (situation in various ballgames, where a player has advanced further ahead of the ball than the rules of the game would allow. Exact definition varies by game)
paitsio {n} :: limbo (in-between place, state or condition of neglect or oblivion which results in an unresolved status, delay or deadlock)
päivä {n} :: A day (period between sunrise and sunset)
päivä {n} :: A day (from midnight to midnight)
päivä {n} :: A day (period of 24 hours)
päivä {n} :: A day (the part of a day period which one spends at one’s job, school, etc.)
päivä {n} [poetic, archaic] :: The sun
päivää {interj} :: good day, hello; short of hyvää päivää
päiväaika {n} :: daytime
päiväaikainen {adj} :: diurnal (happening during daylight)
päiväaktiivinen {adj} [zoology] :: diurnal (primarily active during daylight)
päiväämätön {adj} :: undated
päiväannos {n} :: daysworth, daily portion (amount of something that is expected to last for one day)
päivähoito {n} :: daycare
päiväkiintiö {n} :: daysworth, daily quota (amount of something that is expected to last for or to be produced in one day)
päiväkirja {n} :: A diary, especially one kept by an individual
päiväkirja {n} :: A log
päiväkorento {n} :: alternative form of päivänkorento
päiväkoti {n} :: day care center
päiväkoti {n} :: kindergarten
päiväläinen {n} :: synonym of päivätyöläinen
päivälehti {n} :: daily paper
päivällä {adv} :: at day, in the daytime
päivällä {adv} :: later or earlier today, depending on context
päivälleen {adv} :: to the day, down to the day
päivällinen {n} :: dinner (main meal of the day; midday meal)
päivällisaika {n} :: dinnertime, dinner hour, suppertime, supper hour (time when dinner is ready and served)
päivällispöytä {n} :: dinner table
päivämäärä {n} :: A date (time reference)
päivämääräraja {n} :: date line
päivänjatko {n} :: rest of the day; used mainly in the expression hyvää päivänjatkoa for which the best English translation is probably have a nice day
päivänkakkara {n} :: daisy
päivänkoite {n} :: crack of dawn
päivänkoitto {n} :: daybreak, break of dawn, dawn
päivänkorento {n} :: mayfly [any of the insects in the order Ephemeroptera]
päivänkukka {n} [archaic] :: oxeye daisy, marguerite (Leucanthemum vulgare)
päivänkukka {n} [archaic] :: sunflower (Helianthus annuus)
päivänpaiste {n} :: sunshine
päivänsäde {n} :: sunshine
päivänsäde {n} :: sunray
päivänsankari {n} :: A person whose birthday or other anniversary it is at present
päivänsappi {n} :: synonym of auringonsappi
päivänseisaus {n} [Calendar terms] :: solstice
päivänseisaus {n} [in compounds] :: solstitial
päivänseisauspiste {n} [astronomy] :: solstice point, solstitial point (point on a planet's orbit at which a solstice occurs)
päivänselvä {adj} :: obvious
päivänselvä {adj} :: crystal clear, clear as day
päivänselvästi {adv} :: obviously
päivänselvyys {n} :: obviousness
päiväntasaaja {n} :: equator
Päiväntasaajan Guinea {prop} :: Equatorial Guinea
päiväntasaus {n} [Calendar terms] :: equinox
päiväntasauspiste {n} [astronomy] :: equinoctial point, equinox point (point on a planet's orbit at which an equinox occurs)
päivänvalo {n} :: daylight (light from the Sun)
päivänvalo {n} :: light, daylight, light of day (in certain idiomatic expressions)
päivänvarjo {n} :: parasol, umbrella (cloth-covered frame used for protection against sun)
päivän virsi {n} :: synonym of graduaalivirsi
päiväpeite {n} :: bedcover, bedspread (part of bedding)
päiväpeitto {n} :: cover, bedcover, bedspread (topmost covering of a bed)
päiväpuoli {n} [astronomy] :: dayside
päiväraha {n} :: per diem (daily stipend)
päiväraha {n} :: daily allowance
päiväreppu {n} :: daypack (small backpack, suitable for a one-day hike)
päiväsaika {n} :: daytime (the time of daylight)
päiväsaikaan {adv} :: In daytime
päiväsaikainen {adj} :: diurnal (happening during daylight)
päiväsakko {n} :: day-fine, day fine, unit fine (fine, the amount of which is based on the daily personal income of the offender)
päivästä toiseen {adv} :: day in, day out
päivätä {v} :: to date (to note the time of)
päivätanssit {n} :: daytime dance (social event)
päivät ovat luetut {phrase} [idiomatic] :: days are numbered (some period of time is coming to an end)
päivätuotanto {n} :: daysworth, daily production (amount of something that is expected to be produced in one day)
päivätyö {n} :: daywork (work done during the day)
päivätyö {n} :: day's work (amount of work usually done during a workday)
päivätyö {n} [figuratively] :: synonym of elämäntyö
päivätyö {n} [historical] :: synonym of taksvärkki (full working day that a tenant farmer had to work for a landlord instead or in addition to a cash rent)
päivätyöläinen {n} :: day laborer, dayworker
päiväunelma {n} :: daydream
päiväuni {n} :: daydream
päiväuni {n} :: pipe dream
päiväuni {n} :: in plural päiväunet also: (afternoon) nap
päiväys {n} :: date
päivettää {vt} :: to tan, to cause a suntan
päivettyä {vi} :: to tan
Päivi {prop} :: given name
Päivikki {prop} :: given name
päivikkikasvi {n} :: any plant of the family Aizoaceae
päivikkikasvi {n} [in the plural] :: the family Aizoaceae
päivineen {adv} :: and all (including every item associated with preceding item or series of items)
Päiviö {prop} :: given name
Päiviö {prop} [rare, obsolete] :: given name
päivisin {adv} :: In the daytime (habitually taking place during the day)
päivitellä {v} :: to bemoan, complain, regret; to dismay or worry about something
päivitellä {v} :: to wonder or admire, with plentiful words
päivitellä {v} [computing] :: to update, in a leisurely manner
päivittää {vt} :: To update (to make up-to-date)
päivittää {v} [dialectal] :: to complain, to berate
päivittäin {adv} :: daily
päivittäinen {adj} :: daily (that happens every day)
päivittäistavara {n} :: grocery (an item of foodstuffs or other household supplies)
päivittäistavarakauppa {n} [formal] :: grocery store, grocery, grocer's
päivittäistavarakauppa {n} :: business or trade of retailing groceries
päivittyä {vi} :: to be updated, to update
päivitys {n} :: update
päivyri {n} :: diary
päivystää {vi} :: To be on call (e.g. by a phone at a workplace)
päivystys {n} :: emergency duty, on call duty, duty, service
päivystyspoliklinikka {n} :: emergency room, emergency department, accident and emergency [Australia], casualty [UK], emergency ward (department of a hospital primarily used for the treatment of the most serious, often life-threatening conditions)
päiwä {n} :: obsolete spelling of päivä
paja {n} :: smithy, forge
paja {n} :: workshop
paja {n} [slang] :: workplace
paja {n} [slang] :: marijuana
pajari {n} [historical] :: boyar (rank of aristocracy in Russia, Bulgaria and Romania)
pajari {n} [slang] :: cannabis
pajatso {n} :: payazzo (traditional Finnish arcade game)
pajattaa {v} :: to patter
pajauttaa {v} [slang] :: to smoke cannabis
pajavasara {n} :: forge-hammer
paju {n} :: willow
pajukko {n} :: willow thicket
pajukoitua {vi} :: To become covered with willows
pajulintu {n} :: A willow warbler, (Phylloscopus trochilus)
pajunkissa {n} [botany] :: A furry catkin of a willow
pajunvitsamurtuma {n} [medicine] :: greenstick fracture
pajupilli {n} :: willow flute, willow whistle, sallow flute (whistle made of a twig of a willow)
pajuseitikki {n} [mushroom] :: A webcap, Cortinarius cinnamomeoluteus
pakahduttaa {v} [figuratively] :: to cause to break or burst
pakahtua {vi} [figuratively] :: to burst
pakana {n} :: pagan, heathen
pakanallinen {adj} :: pagan, heathen
pakanuudenaika {n} [history] :: Pagan period: period before Christianization
pakanuus {n} :: paganism
pakara {n} :: buttock
pakaralihas {n} [anatomy] :: gluteus maximus
pakaravako {n} [anatomy] :: gluteal cleft, intergluteal cleft, anal cleft
pakari {n} [dialectal] :: bakery
Pakarinen {prop} :: surname
pakastaa {vt} :: To freeze to a low (around –20 °C) for long-term storage
pakastaa {vi} [of weather] :: To freeze, get colder (to drop below zero °C)
pakaste {n} :: frozen food
pakastekala {n} :: frozen fish
pakastekuivattaa {v} :: to freeze-dry
pakastelokero {n} :: icebox [UK], freezer (section of a refrigerator)
pakastevihannes {n} :: frozen vegetable (especially ones that are sold in bags)
pakastin {n} :: freezer
pakastinkaappi {n} :: A refrigerator-style freezer with a door on the side, as opposed to chest freezer which has a lid on top
pakastinlokero {n} :: alternative form of pakastelokero
pakastua {vi} :: To become frozen
pakastusrasia {n} :: A small, usually plastic container designed for freezing food in
pakata {v} :: to pack (to gather one's belongings together and put them into a pack for a trip)
pakata {v} :: to pack, package or wrap (to protect goods for shipment or for sale)
pakata {v} [computing] :: to zip, compress, stuff
pakata {v} [nautical] :: synonym of pakittaa
pakeneminen {n} :: escape, escaping, flight, fleeing (act)
pakenija {n} :: escapee (one who escapes)
pakertaa {vi} :: To work hard
paketinhallintajärjestelmä {n} [computing] :: package management system
paketinhallintatyökalu {n} [computing] :: package manager (software)
paketoida {vt} :: To pack, bundle, wrap up
paketointi {n} :: packaging
paketti {n} :: A package
paketti {n} :: A parcel
paketti {n} [networking] :: packet
pakettiauto {n} :: delivery van (van designed for transporting goods)
pakettidata {n} [Internet] :: packet data
pakettikärry {n} :: synonym of nokkakärry
pakettikytkentä {n} :: packet switching
pakettiloma {n} :: package holiday
pakettivarasto {n} [computing] :: repository, package repository (repository of software packages)
päkiä {n} [anatomy] :: ball (of a foot)
pakina {n} :: A causerie
pakinoida {vi} :: to write a causerie or causeries
pakinoitsija {n} :: One who writes causeries
pakista {vi} :: To chat
päkistää {v} [colloquial] :: to strain oneself
Pakistan {prop} :: Pakistan
pakistanilainen {n} :: A Pakistani
pakistanilainen {adj} :: Pakistani
pakittaa {vi} [colloquial, esp. of a vehicle] :: To move backward, to back
pakittaa {vi} [nautical, of a sail] :: To be aback
pakka {n} :: deck (deck of cards)
pakka {n} :: bundle
pakka {n} :: roll
pakka {n} :: bolt (large roll of fabric or similar material)
pakka {n} :: chuck (e.g. of a lathe)
pakka {n} [nautical] :: forecastle
pakka {n} [computing] :: deque, double-ended queue
pakkaamaton {adj} :: unpacked
pakkaantua {v} :: to become packed, crowded
pakkailla {v} :: To pack
pakkanen {n} :: frost, sub-zero temperature of ambient air
pakkanen {n} [colloquial] :: in the red [in adessive case]
pakkanen {n} [colloquial, with locative cases] :: freezer
pakkasaamu {n} :: frosty morning (a morning with sub-zero ambient air temperature)
pakkasenpurema {n} :: frostbite
pakkasherra {n} :: a fictitive character embodying cold weather (mostly in children's literature)
pakkaslumi {n} :: powder snow (loose, powdery snow)
pakkasneste {n} :: antifreeze (fluid)
pakkasukko {n} :: Father Frost (Slavic equivalent to Santa Claus)
pakkaus {n} :: package
pakkaus {n} [computing] :: compression
pakkauskaasu {n} :: packaging gas
pakkauskenno {n} :: molded tray
pakkauskulut {n} :: packing costs
pakkauskustannukset {n} :: packaging costs, packing costs
pakkausmateriaali {n} :: packaging (the materials used to pack something)
pakkausteippi {n} :: packing tape, packaging tape
pakkauttaa {vt} :: to let or make pack
pakkautua {vi} :: to pack, to be packed
pakkautua {vi} :: to compact
pakkeli {n} :: spackle, putty, filler
pakkeli {n} [colloquial] :: makeup, especially when used in excess
pakki {n} :: A short form of työkalupakki, which is a box designed to serve as a portable tool storage, a tool box
pakki {n} [colloquial] :: Reverse, in the sense of reverse gear
pakki {n} [nautical] :: If a sailing vessel or any of its sails is in such position relative to the wind that the wind blows from the wrong side of a sail, the sail is said to be pakilla (adessive case of the noun pakki)
pakki {n} [military] :: mess kit, A metal container belonging to a soldier's field equipment. The container serves as a cooking vessel and the top doubles as a cup
pakki {n} [colloquial] :: A defending player in various ballgames; a defenceman; a defender
pakki {n} [colloquial] :: The event of getting rejected, especially by the opposite sex when approaching her/him. Normally used in plural, pakit
pakki {n} [colloquial, rare] :: The head of a person
pakko {n} :: Used alone, can be translated as obligation, force, necessity or compulsion
pakko {n} :: Used most often in the expression olla pakko ( + first infinitive of the verb), which can be translated into English as must, have to, be obliged to, be forced to, be compelled to. The one who is compelled is put in the genitive case (grammatically, pakko is the subject of the sentence) and the verb is always in the third-person singular (present on, past oli, present perfect on ollut, past perfect oli ollut)
pakko {n} :: As a specifier in a compound term used to express compulsion or influence of an external force
pakkoabortti {n} :: forced abortion
pakkoajatus {n} [psychology] :: obsession
pakkoavioliitto {n} :: forced marriage
pakkohoito {n} :: involuntary treatment
pakkokeino {n} [legal] :: coercion (actual or threatened force for the purpose of compelling action by another person)
pakkokeino {n} :: In plural (pakkokeinot), compulsion (lawful use of violence)
pakkokuolaimet {n} [rare] :: synonym of kankikuolaimet
pakkolähtö {n} :: forced resignation from an office etc
pakkolähtö {n} :: any forced leaving
pakkolasku {n} [aviation] :: forced landing, ditching
pakkolomauttaa {v} [dated] :: variant of lomauttaa
pakkolunastaa {v} [legal] :: to expropriate; condemn [US] (to seize a citizen's private property for public use with due monetary compensation, but without the owner's consent)
pakkolunastus {n} :: eminent domain [US, Philippines], compulsory purchase [UK, NZ, Ireland], resumption [Hong Kong], resumption/compulsory acquisition [Australia], expropriation [S.Afr., Canada] (process of taking private property for public use by paying a compensation but against the will of the owner)
pakkoluovuttaa {v} :: to surrender property in an expropriation
pakkomielle {n} [psychology] :: An obsession
pakkomielteinen {adj} :: obsessive, obsessional, compulsive
pakko-oireinen häiriö {n} [pathology] :: obsessive-compulsive disorder
pakkopaita {n} :: A straitjacket
pakkopulla {n} :: The obligatory bun. (Finnish custom is that visitors to a household being visited bring food to be shared with the hosts. Typically this is in the form of a cinnamon bun to be enjoyed with coffee provided by the hosts)
pakkopulla {n} :: (by extension and playfully) any kind of obligatory task that is reluctantly carried out, such as filing a tax return or shovelling fallen snow
pakkorauha {n} :: forced peace
pakkoruotsi {n} [education, pejorative] :: The obligatory Swedish language taught in Finnish schools
pakkosyöttää {v} :: To force-feed
pakkotoimi {n} [legal] :: coercive measure
pakkotyö {n} :: forced labor
pakkovoitto {n} :: must-win game
paklata {v} [colloquial] :: to spackle (to fill with a spackle or other similar filler)
pako {n} :: flight
pako {n} :: escape
pako {n} :: hole, tear (in a fishing net, sock etc.)
pako {n} :: ladder (Br), run (Amer) (in stocking)
pakoilla {vi} [of a fugitive] :: To flee, keep in hiding (for a longer time)
pakoilla vastuuta {v} :: to pass the buck
pakokaasu {n} :: exhaust, exhaust gas (gas emitted from an internal combustion engine as result of combusting fuels)
pakokaasujärjestelmä {n} :: exhaust system
pakokauhu {n} :: panic
pakolainen {n} :: refugee
pakolaisjärjestö {n} :: refugee organization
pakolaisleiri {n} :: refugee camp
pakollinen {adj} :: compulsory, mandatory, obligatory
pakollinen {adj} [education] :: must-learn
pakollistaa {vt} :: To make compulsory, obligatory, mandatory
pakomatka {n} :: journey or trip made after an escape
pakonomainen {adj} :: compulsive (uncontrolled or reactive and unconscious, as if compelled by external force)
pakonopeus {n} :: escape velocity
pakopiste {n} :: A vanishing point (point in a perspective drawing)
pakoputki {n} :: exhaust pipe
pakoputkisto {n} :: exhaust system
pakoriski {n} :: flight risk
pakosalle {adv} :: fleeing, escaping, into exile
pakosarja {n} :: exhaust manifold
pakosti {adv} :: in the manner of being forced to do some action
pakosti {adv} [with negation] :: necessarily
pakote {n} :: sanction
pakotie {n} :: escape route
pakoton {n} :: unforced
pakottaa {vt} :: to force, compel, coerce, make to do something
pakottaa {vt} :: partitive + 3rd-pers. singular = to be sore, ache
pakottaa {vt} :: to forge The act of beating or working iron or steel.
pakottaminen {n} :: coercion, forcing, compulsion (act or process of coercing, forcing, compelling)
pakottaminen seksuaaliseen tekoon {n} [law] :: indecent assault, sexual assault (unwanted sexual contact with another person that does not result in, or is not considered to be, rape)
pakottautua {vi} :: To force oneself
pakottava {adj} :: compelling
pakottava {adj} :: compulsive
pakottava {adj} :: compulsory
pakoventtiili {n} :: exhaust valve
paksu {adj} :: thick
paksu {adj} :: bold
paksu {adj} [colloquial] :: pregnant
paksuhko {adj} :: Quite thick
paksuinen {adj} :: thick (being of certain thickness)
paksujalka {n} :: thick-knee, stone curlew, dikkop (birds of the family Burhinidae)
paksukainen {n} [derogatory] :: tubby, fatty
paksulti {adv} :: thickly; as a thick layer
paksunahkainen {adj} :: Having a thick skin
paksunahkainen {adj} :: [metaphorically] Thick-skinned
paksunsuolen tulehdus {n} :: alternative form of paksusuolen tulehdus
paksuntaa {v} :: To fatten
paksuntaa {v} :: To thicken
paksuntaa {v} :: To bold
paksuntua {vi} :: to fatten (to become fatter)
paksuntua {vi} :: to thicken (to become thicker)
paksusti {adv} :: thickly
paksusti {adv} :: [of liquid] densely
paksusti {adv} :: [of a typeface] boldly
paksusti {adv} [colloquial] :: voida paksusti: to be pregnant
paksusuolen tulehdus {n} [pathology] :: A colitis
paksusuoli {n} :: large intestine
paksusuoliavanne {n} [medicine] :: A colostomy (opening)
paksuta {vi} :: alternative form of paksuntua
paksuuntua {v} :: alternative form of paksuntua
paksuus {n} :: thickness
pakti {n} :: pact
pakuri {n} :: The conk of chaga mushroom, Inonotus obliquus]]
pakurikääpä {n} :: chaga, chaga mushroom, Inonotus obliquus (parasitic fungus of trees, usually birch, found on the circumboreal region of the Northern hemisphere)
pala {n} :: piece, bit
pala {n} :: lump, chunk
pala {n} :: block
pala {n} :: tablet, bar
palaa {vi} :: To burn
palaa {vi} [e.g. of a lamp] :: To shine, emit light
palaa {v} [colloquial] :: to smoke, used when offering a cigarette
palaa {v} [figurative, idiomatic] :: ~ halusta : to burn with desire
palaaja {n} :: revert (one who, or that which, reverts)
palaaja {n} [Muslim usage] :: revert; usually with attribute: islamiin palaaja (convert to Islam)
palaa karrelle {vi} :: To scorch, to become charred
palaa loppuun {v} :: to burn out
paladiini {n} :: paladin
pälähtää päähän {v} :: alternative form of pälkähtää päähän
palailla {v} :: To return, come back, a little by little or slowly
pala kurkussa {adv} :: frog in one's throat
palamaton {adj} :: nonflammable
palamaton {adj} :: unburned
palaminen {n} :: burning
palaminen {n} :: combustion
palamisilma {n} :: combustion air
Palander {prop} :: surname
palanen {n} :: diminutive of pala
palanen {n} :: A small piece of almost anything
palankiini {n} :: palanquin
palanpaine {n} [uncommon] :: synonym of palanpainike
palanut {adj} :: burned, scorched
palanut {adj} :: burned down
palanut {adj} [baseball, cricket, pesäpallo] :: out
pala palalta {adv} :: bit by bit, little by little, gradually (in small quantities)
palapeli {n} :: jigsaw puzzle
päläs {n} :: In a ski, the place on which the foot is supported
palasokeri {n} :: cube sugar (sugar in the form of cubes)
palata {vi} :: to return, come back
palataalinen {adj} :: palatal
palatalisaatio {n} :: palatalization
palatalisointi {n} :: palatalization
palatsi {n} :: palace
pälättää {v} :: to prattle
pälätys {n} :: prattle
palau {n} :: Palauan (language)
Palau {prop} :: Palau
palaulainen {adj} :: Palauan
palaulainen {n} :: Palauan
palaute {n} :: feedback
palauttaa {vt} :: To return, restore, revert
palauttaa mieleensä {v} :: to recollect
palauttamaan {v} :: infinitive of palauttaa
palautua {vi} :: To recover, revert
palautus {n} :: refund (An amount of money returned)
palautus {n} :: return (item that is returned)
palautus {n} :: return (the act of returning something)
palautuskaava {n} [mathematics] :: reduction formula
palautusoikeus {n} :: right to refund, right to return an item
palautuspäivä {n} :: due date (date by which a book borrowed from a library must be returned)
palautuspullo {n} :: a bottle that can be returned into a reverse vending machine to give a small amount of money to whoever returns it
palava {adj} :: burning
palava {adj} :: flammable, inflammable (capable of burning)
palavakivi {n} :: oil shale
palavarakkaus {n} :: Maltese cross, burning love (flowering plant Lychnis chalcedonica)
palaveri {n} :: meeting; especially an informal one
palella {v} :: to feel cold
palella {vi} :: To be freezing
palelluttaa {vt} :: to freeze
paleltaa {vi} :: To feel cold
paleltua {vi} :: To get frostbitten
paleltua {vi} [dialectal] :: To be freezing
paleltuma {n} [pathology] :: frostbite (injury caused by exposure to cold)
paleltuneempi {adj} :: comparative of paleltunut
paleltunein {adj} :: superlative of paleltunut
paleltunut {adj} :: frostbitten
palentua {vi} [dialectal] :: To get frostbitten
palentua {vi} [dialectal] :: To be freezing
paleo- {prefix} :: paleo-
paleoantropologia {n} :: paleoanthropology
paleoarkeeinen {adj} [geology] :: Paleoarchean
paleobiologia {n} :: paleobiology
paleogeenikausi {n} [geology] :: Paleogene, Paleogene period
paleogeenikautinen {adj} [geology] :: Paleogene (of or pertaining to the Paleogene period)
paleografia {n} :: paleography
paleografinen {adj} :: paleographic
paleoklimatologia {n} :: paleoclimatology
paleoliittinen {adj} :: Paleolithic (of or referring to the Old Stone Age)
paleomaantiede {n} :: paleogeography
paleomagnetismi {n} :: paleomagnetism
paleontologi {n} :: paleontologist
paleontologia {n} :: paleontology
paleontologinen {adj} :: paleontological
paleopatologia {n} :: paleopathology
paleoproterotsooinen {adj} [geology] :: Paleoproterozoic
paleoseeni {n} :: The Paleocene
paleoseenikausi {n} [geology] :: The Paleocene
paleotsooinen {adj} [geology] :: Paleozoic
Palestiina {prop} :: Palestine
palestiinalainen {n} :: A Palestinian
palestiinalainen {adj} :: Palestinian
paletti {n} :: palette
paletti {n} [computing, graphical user interface] :: palette
palettiveitsi {n} :: palette knife
palho {n} [botany] :: filament (stalk of a stamen)
palikka {n} :: brick
palikka {n} :: block
palikka {n} [computing] :: dongle used for copy protection
palimpsesti {n} :: palimpsest
palindromi {n} :: palindrome
paliskunta {n} :: A cooperative of reindeer herdsmen administering a defined herding area
paljaampi {adj} :: comparative of paljas
paljain käsin {adv} :: barehanded (with no covering on the hands)
paljain käsin {adv} :: barehanded (without using a tool or weapon)
paljakka {n} :: The tundra-like treeless top of a fell
paljakkahapero {n} :: A brittlegill, Russula nana
paljakkarousku {n} [mushroom] :: A milk-cap (Lactarius pseudouvidus)
paljakkaseitikki {n} [mushroom] :: A webcap, Cortinarius subtorvus
paljas {adj} :: naked, unaided, unprotected
paljas {adj} :: naked, unclothed
paljas {adj} :: bare
paljas {adj} :: barren
paljas {adj} :: clear, blank
paljashäntävyötiäinen {n} :: naked-tailed armadillo (armadillo of the genus Cabassous)
paljasjalkainen {adj} :: barefoot, barefooted
paljasjalkainen {adj} :: born and bred
paljasjalkalääkäri {n} :: barefoot doctor
paljasjaloin {adv} :: synonym of avojaloin
paljaspäinen {adj} :: bareheaded
paljassiemeninen {n} [botany] :: gymnosperm
paljassiemeninen {n} :: (botany, in plural) Gymnospermae
paljassiemeninen {adj} [botany] :: gymnospermous
paljastaa {v} :: to reveal, disclose, expose, unfold, unveil, give away
paljastaa {v} :: to detect; eg. of a lie
paljastaja {n} :: exposer (one who exposes)
paljastajaiset {n} :: an event or occasion held to reveal something, such as a statue
paljastava {adj} :: telltale, revealing
paljastin {n} :: A detector (device that detects something hidden, such as lies or a radar)
paljastua {vi} :: to become exposed or revealed, to dawn on, to uncover, to come into daylight
paljastus {n} :: A revelation, a disclosure, an exposure (act of revealing)
paljastus {n} :: An unveiling (ceremony for the first public showing of something, especially a statue)
paljastus {n} :: An anecdote (previously untold, secret account of an incident)
palje {n} :: [often plural palkeet] bellows
paljetti {n} :: sequin (sparkling spangle used for the decoration of ornate clothing)
paljo {adj} :: voluminous, much, plenty
paljoksua {vt} :: to consider excessive
paljolti {adv} :: largely (for the most part; mainly or chiefly)
paljon {adv} :: a lot, plenty, much
paljonko {adv} :: how much?
paljonko kello on {phrase} :: what time is it, what's the time?
paljon melua tyhjästä {phrase} [idiomatic] :: much ado about nothing
paljous {n} :: quantity, volume, mass, multitude (considerable measure or amount)
palju {n} [colloquial] :: an old-fashioned bathing tub, typically wooden
pälkähtää {vi} :: to occur or come (to mind)
pälkähtää päähän {v} :: to come to mind, spring to mind, cross one's mind, occur (to come or be presented to the mind)
palkallinen {adj} :: salaried, paid (being paid a salary or wage)
Pälkäne {prop} :: Pälkäne
palkankorotus {n} :: A pay raise (US), pay rise (UK), a raise (US) or rise (UK) (increase in wages or salary)
palkanlaskenta {n} :: calculation of salaries and wages, payroll calculation
palkanlaskenta {n} :: payroll (department)
palkansaaja {n} :: wage earner
palkansaaja {n} :: employee
palkansaajajärjestö {n} :: trade union
palkansaajaliike {n} :: synonym of ammattiyhdistysliike
palkata {v} :: to hire, employ
palkinto {n} :: prize, award
palkintolautakunta {n} :: jury
palkintopalli {n} [sports] :: podium (steepled platform, standing on which the medalists in a sports event receive their medals and/or other trophies)
palkintopalli {n} [sports] :: podium (result amongst the best three)
palkita {vt} :: To reward
palkita {vt} :: To award
palkitseva {adj} :: rewarding
palkittaa {v} :: to beam (to furnish with beams)
palkittain {adv} [heraldry] :: bendwise
palkka {n} :: pay (money given in return for work; salary or wages)
palkka {n} :: compensation, remuneration (anything given in return for work)
palkkaaminen {n} :: hiring (act)
palkka-asteikko {n} :: wage scale, pay scale
palkkakilpailu {n} :: wage competition
palkkakustannukset {n} :: wage costs
palkkalainen {n} :: hired person
palkkalista {n} :: payroll (list of employees who receive salary or wages from a particular organization)
palkkaluokka {n} :: pay grade
palkkamenot {n} :: labor costs
palkkamurhaaja {n} :: contract killer, hitman, hatchet man
palkkaorja {n} :: wage slave
palkkapäivä {n} :: payday (day on which an employee's salary is paid)
palkkapussi {n} :: pay packet
palkkaraha {n} [usually in the plural] :: payroll, money from salary
palkkaratkaisu {n} :: Alternative term for tulopoliittinen sopimus ("income policy agreement"); see usage notes under tulopolitiikka for explanation of central income policy terminology
palkkaratkaisu {n} :: More narrowly, the part of above which concerns wages; wages agreement, agreement on wages
palkkasotilas {n} :: mercenary
palkkasoturi {n} :: A mercenary
palkkatodistus {n} :: salary certificate
palkkaus {n} :: hiring (act of hiring a new employee)
palkkaus {n} :: pay, when discussed on general or system level
palkki {n} :: A beam (long piece of timber, metal or concrete used in construction as horizontal support)
palkki {n} :: A horizontal bar on top or bottom of a newspaper page or article, television screen etc
palkki {n} [music] :: A beam (horizontal bar which connects the stems of two or more notes to group them and to indicate metric value)
palkki {n} [heraldry] :: A bend (strip from dexter chief (upper right corner) to sinister base of the shield). A strip from sinister chief to dexter base is called vastapalkki
palkkio {n} :: reward, bounty
palkkio {n} :: fee, honorarium
palkkiomatriisi {n} [game theory] :: reward matrix
palkkionmetsästäjä {n} :: bounty hunter
palkkisilta {n} :: beam bridge
palko {n} [botany] :: pod
palkokasvi {n} :: pulse (any annual legume used as food or fodder)
palladium {n} :: palladium
pallas {n} :: halibut
palle {n} :: A hem (border of an article of clothing doubled back and stitched together)
palle {n} :: A doubled-back rim of anything, especially sheet metal
palle {n} :: A groove along a board, such as the dado of a tongue and groove board
palle {n} :: A hem (rim or margin)
palle {n} [nautical] :: bilge (rounded portion of a ship's hull, forming a transition between the bottom and the sides)
pallea {n} [anatomy] :: The thoracic diaphragm
palleatyrä {n} [pathology] :: hernia diaphragmatica, diaphragmatic hernia
pallero {n} :: bolus, ball (round mass of anything)
palleroinen {n} :: A small bolus (round mass of anything)
palleroinen {n} [by extension] :: baby, puppy etc. (any roundish and cute-looking newly born human or animal)
palleropilvi {n} :: cirrocumulus (type of cloud)
palli {n} :: stool (seat)
palli {n} [colloquial] :: in plural, balls (testicles)
palliatiivinen {adj} [medicine] :: palliative
pällistellä {vt} :: to stare in confusion
pallo {n} :: ball
pallo {n} :: balloon
pallo {n} :: orb, sphere, globe
palloaberraatio {n} [optics] :: spherical aberration
pallobakteeri {n} [microbiology] :: coccus
pallografiittivalurauta {n} [metallurgy] :: ductile iron, spheroidal graphite iron
pallograniitti {n} [geology] :: orbicular granite
pallohiili {n} :: fullerene
pallohiiri {n} [computing] :: A trackball
palloilija {n} :: ball player, especially a footballer
palloilla {vi} :: to play a ball game (soccer etc.)
palloilla {v} :: to hang out
pallojuusto {n} :: a cheese shaped like a ball, such as edam
pallokaktus {n} :: hedgehog cactus (any cactus of genus Echinopsis)
pallokaktus {n} [in the plural] :: the genus Echinopsis
pallokala {n} :: pufferfish (any fish in the family Tetraodontidae)
pallokartta {n} :: ball map, globe map (spherical map)
pallokas {n} [nautical] :: spinnaker
pallokenttä {n} :: ballfield, ball field, any field for playing ball games
pallokirjoituskone {n} :: ball typewriter (typewriter that uses a typeball)
pallokivi {n} [geology] :: orbicular rock
pallokurpitsa {n} :: pumpkin (round, orange fruit of pumpkin, Cucurbita pepo.)
pallolaajennus {n} :: balloon angioplasty
palloleikki {n} :: a children's ball game
pallomaha {n} :: potbelly (stomach)
pallomainen {adj} :: spherical (shaped like a sphere)
pallomainen tähtijoukko {n} [astronomy] :: globular cluster
pallomeri {n} :: ball pit
pallonen {n} :: spherule (small sphere)
pallonhallinta {n} [ball games] :: possession of the ball, control of the ball
pallonheitto {n} :: the act of throwing a ball; any game involving throwing a ball
pallonivel {n} [anatomy] :: ball and socket joint, enarthrosis, spheroidal joint
pallonkäsittely {n} [ball games] :: handling the ball
pallonmenetys {n} [ball games] :: losing the ball, losing possession of the ball
pallonpuolikas {n} :: half ball, hemisphere
pallonpuolisko {n} :: A hemisphere of the Earth or other celestial body
pallonpuolisko {n} :: A hemisphere as an object, as opposed to shape; also puolipallo
pallonriisto {n} [ball games] :: stealing possession of the ball
pallo-ohdake {n} :: globe thistle (any plant of genus Echinops)
pallo-ohdake {n} [in the plural] :: the genus Echinops
pallopäävalas {n} :: pilot whale (either of two species of whale in the genus Globicephala)
pallopäävasara {n} :: ball-peen hammer
pallopeili {n} :: curved mirror, spherical mirror
pallopeli {n} :: ball game (game played with a ball)
palloperuna {n} :: potato ball (small fried ball)
pallopiiri {n} :: ball club (especially for football or soccer)
pallopinta {n} [mathematics] :: spherical surface
pallopoika {n} [sports] :: ball boy
pallopoikkeama {n} [optics] :: spherical aberration
pallopullo {n} [rare, dated] :: synonym of roll-on
pallopurje {n} [nautical] :: balloon sail
pallorauta {n} :: melon baller (small kitchen tool used to cut round sections of melons and other soft fruits)
pallosalama {n} :: A ball lightning
pallosegmentti {n} [geometry] :: spherical segment
pallosektori {n} [geometry] :: spherical sector
palloseura {n} :: A sports club with its focus on ball games, used chiefly in the names of such clubs
pallosilla {adv} :: playing with a ball, playing ball games
pallosille {adv} :: (into a state of) playing with a ball, playing ball games
pallotähtitiede {n} [astronomy] :: spherical astronomy
pallotella {vi} :: to kick a ball around; to play a ball game in an informal manner
pallotrigonometria {n} :: spherical trigonometry
pallottaa {v} [games] :: to throw a ball at another player aiming to touch that person (not to serve, nor hurt), used in some children's playful games
pallottelu {n} :: kick around (informal game of football, rugby or similar sports)
pallotuoli {n} :: ball chair, Ball Chair
pallotyttö {n} [sports] :: ball girl
pallovyötiäinen {n} :: three-banded armadillo (armadillo of the genus Tolypeutes)
pallovyötiäinen {n} :: southern three-banded armadillo, Tolypeutes matacus
pallukka {n} :: A round object
palmikko {n} :: A plait
palmikoida {v} :: To plait
palmitiinihappo {n} [chemistry] :: palmitic acid
palmu {n} :: palm tree
palmuöljy {n} :: palm oil
palmupuu {n} :: palm (tropical tree)
palmuranta {n} :: a palm beach (a beach with palm trees)
palmurosvo {n} :: palm thief (Birgus latro)
palmusunnuntai {n} [Christianity] :: Palm Sunday
palmuviini {n} :: palm wine
palmuviini {n} :: toddy
palo {n} :: fire (event of something burning, an occurrence of fire)
palo {n} :: ardor (great warmth of feeling)
palo {n} [baseball, pesäpallo] :: out
palo {n} [cricket] :: dismissal
Palo {prop} :: surname
Palo {prop} :: Any of a number of small places in Finland
paloa {v} [rare] :: To divide into pieces
paloalue {n} :: the area of a fire, especially of a wildfire
paloasema {n} :: fire station (building for fire fighters)
paloauto {n} :: fire engine, fire truck
palohaava {n} :: burn (injury)
palohälytin {n} :: A fire alarm (device)
palohälytys {n} :: A fire alarm (warning made of a fire)
paloharjoitus {n} :: fire drill (practice to prepare for evacuation in the event of a fire)
paloilmoitin {n} :: fire alarm
paloitella {v} :: to cut up, dismember, divide into pieces
paloittain {adv} :: piecewise
paloitteluveitsi {n} :: A chopper [knife for chopping food]
palokaasu {n} :: combustion gas, flue gas
palokärki {n} :: black woodpecker; Dryocopus martius
palokärki {n} [in plural] :: the genus Dryocopus
palokunta {n} :: A fire department, fire brigade
palolaitos {n} :: fire department
paloletku {n} :: A fire hose
palomies {n} :: A fireman, firefighter (person who is skilled in the work of fighting fire)
palomuuri {n} :: firewall (fireproof barrier)
palomuuri {n} [computer security] :: firewall
paloöljy {n} :: petroleum oil
palo-ovi {n} :: fire door
palopäällikkö {n} :: fire chief, fire marshal
palopaikka {n} :: scene of fire, burning place
palopesäke {n} :: fire pocket
palopommi {n} :: firebomb, incendiary bomb, incendiary (bomb specially designed to cause fires)
paloposti {n} :: fire hydrant
palopuhe {n} :: rant, tirade, diatribe, harangue (oral exposition, where emotionality supersedes rationality)
palopuhuja {n} :: firebrand (argumentative troublemaker or revolutionary)
palorakko {n} :: A blister caused by burning
palorakkula {n} :: A blister caused by burning
palorypälehappo {n} [chemistry] :: pyruvic acid
palosammutin {n} :: fire extinguisher
palosirkka {n} :: rattle grasshopper (Psophus stridulus)
palosotilas {n} [dated] :: fireman
palosuojata {vt} :: to protect from fire
palotikkaat {n} :: fire escape ladder
palovaara {n} :: risk of fire
palovahinko {n} :: fire damage
palovakuuttaa {v} :: to take a fire insurance policy
palovakuutus {n} :: fire insurance
palovamma {n} :: burn (a physical injury caused by heat or caustic chemicals)
palovaroitin {n} :: A fire alarm [device]
palovartija {n} :: firewatcher
paloviina {n} [dated] :: spirit, liquor (distilled alcoholic beverage)
palpaatio {n} :: palpation (act of examining a patient's body by feeling with hands)
palpakko {n} :: bur-reed (plant of the genus Sparganium)
pälpättää {vi} :: to chatter, blabber, gab
pälpätys {n} :: gab
palpeerata {v} [medicine, dated] :: to palpate (to examine by feeling with hands, especially as medical procedure)
palpitaatio {n} [medicine] :: palpitation
palpoida {v} [medicine] :: to palpate (to examine by feeling with hands, especially as medical procedure)
palpointi {n} [medicine] :: palpation (act of examining a patient's body by feeling with hands)
palsa {n} [geomorphology] :: palsa
palsa {n} [colloquial] :: A long overcoat
palsami {n} :: balsam, balm (any of various aromatic resins exuded from certain plants, especially trees of the genus Commiphora of Africa, Arabia and India and Myroxylon of South America)
palsami {n} :: balsam, balm (any aromatic or fragrant ointment)
palsami {n} :: balsam, balm (figurative: anything that heals or soothes)
palsami {n} :: impatiens, touch-me-not, snapweed, patience; jewelweed [US] (flowering plant of the genus Impatiens)
palsamikukka {n} :: synonym of palsami (flower)
palsamikuusi {n} [botany, dated] :: A balsam fir (North American species of fir tree Abies balsamea)
palsamipuu {n} :: balsam (tree yielding balsam)
palsamoida {vt} :: To embalm
palsamoija {n} :: embalmer (one who embalms)
palsamoiminen {n} :: An embalmer (one who embalms)
palsamointi {n} :: embalming (act, process)
palsamoitu {adj} :: embalmed (having been embalmed)
palsi {n} :: hardpan (especially one in the bottom of a body of water)
palsta {n} :: lot, plot, parcel of land
palsta {n} :: newspaper column
palsta {n} :: column (vertically split text on a page)
palstamillimetri {n} :: One millimeter of a printed column; a measure of space allocated for an article or advertisement on a newspaper. English speaking world uses column inch and column centimeter for the same purpose
palsternakka {n} :: parsnip (Pastinaca sativa)
palstoittaa {vt} :: to columnize
paltamo {n} [dialectal] :: A type of rowing boat used to carry freight, particularly barrels of tar, along the rivers in northern Finland
Paltamo {prop} :: Paltamo
paltata {v} :: To hem (to put hem on an article of clothing, to edge or put a border on something)
palte {n} :: alternative form of palle
palterohapero {n} :: The flirt or bare-toothed russula, Russula vesca
palttaa {v} :: To hem (to put a hem on an article of clothing, to edge or put a border on something)
palttiarallaa {adv} [dialectal] :: approximately, about
palttina {n} :: linen
palttoo {n} :: A long overcoat
paluu {n} :: return
paluu {n} :: comeback (return to fame, popularity etc.)
paluuarvo {n} [programming] :: return value
paluukoodi {n} [computing] :: return code, exit status
paluuliikenne {n} :: inbound traffic (in connection with holidays, traffic back to the cities at the end of the holidays)
paluulippu {n} :: return ticket
paluumuuttaja {n} :: An ex-pat who is returning home to live in their birth country
paluupallo {n} [soccer] :: rebound
paluuvirtaus {n} :: return flow (any returning flow of a fluid)
paluuvirtaus {n} :: undertow (flow of water returning seaward from the waves breaking on the shore)
paluuvirtaus {n} :: rip current (particularly strong return flow of water from breaking waves, away from the shore, caused by underwater topology, which at some places concentrates the returning water into a powerful current)
palvata {vt} :: to cure (to preserve meat by roasting it slowly)
palvaus {n} :: curing (food preservation)
palvelija {n} :: servant
palvelijatar {n} :: maidservant, maid (female servant)
palvelin {n} [computing] :: server
palvelinkone {n} [computing] :: server machine, server computer
palvelinpohjaisuus {n} [computing] :: multitenancy
palvella {v} :: To serve
palvelu {n} :: service
palveluala {n} :: service industry
palveluhenkinen {adj} :: service-oriented, service-minded
palvelukeskus {n} :: service center (centralized organisation that produces a service or services)
palveluksessanne {phrase} :: at your service
palveluksessanne {phrase} :: your servant (greeting)
palvelumaksu {n} :: service charge, service fee (fee charged for a service, typically to cover administration or processing costs.)
palvelunestohyökkäys {n} [internet] :: denial-of-service attack, DoS attack
palveluntarjoaja {n} :: service provider
palvelupiste {n} :: service point
palveluprosessi {n} :: service process
palveluprosessi {n} [computing] :: daemon
palveluraha {n} :: service charge, service fee (amount added to a restaurant bill for service)
palvelus {n} :: service (event of providing a service)
palvelus {n} :: service (state of being subordinate to someone)
palvelus {n} :: favor
palvelusaika {n} :: period of service
palvelusektori {n} :: service industry
palveluskoira {n} :: service dog, helper dog
palvelustyttö {n} :: maid (female servant)
palvelut {n} :: services, facilities, amenities
palvelutalo {n} :: sheltered home, sheltered accommodation, assisted living building
palvelutarjonta {n} :: servicescape
palvelutaso {n} :: service level (measure of the performance of a service provider)
palvelutasosopimus {n} :: service level agreement
palveluverkosto {n} :: service network
palvi {n} :: Tissue grown on a scar of tree
palvi {n} :: meat cured slowly in mild heat, often also smoked
pälvi {n} :: a bald spot, a patch of snow-free ground, especially in the spring when the snow melts
pälvi {n} :: a bald patch, a bald spot (an area of baldness on a partially bald head)
palvoa {v} :: To worship a deity
palvoa {v} :: To love ardently
palvoja {n} :: A worshipper (one who worships)
palvonta {n} :: worship
palvontamenot {n} :: A worship (religious ceremony, especially a non-Christian one)
pälyillä {v} :: to glance (to look briefly at something)
pam {interj} :: bam! bang!
pamahdella {vi} :: to bang, boom (repeatedly)
pamahdus {n} :: alternative form of pamaus
pamahtaa {v} :: to bang, slam, crash, pop
pamahtaa {v} :: to explode, go bang/blow
pamaus {n} :: boom, bang
pamaus {n} :: report (sharp, loud sound from a gun or explosion)
pamautella {vt} :: to bang, boom (repeatedly)
pamauttaa {vt} :: to bang, boom (to make or cause a banging sound, once)
pamfletti {n} :: pamphlet
pamista {vi} [colloquial] :: to chat, to chatter
pampa {n} :: pampa
pampahirvi {n} :: pampas deer, Ozotoceros bezoarticus
pampajänis {n} :: Patagonian mara, Dolichotis patagonum
pampakettu {n} :: pampas fox, Lycalopex gymnacercus
pampakissa {n} :: pampas cat, Leopardus pajeros
pämpätä {v} :: to booze
pampattaa {vi} :: to throb
pampavyötiäinen {n} :: big hairy armadillo, large hairy armadillo, Chaetophractus villosus
pämppäilijä {n} :: boozer
pamppailla {v} :: to throb, beat
pämppäillä {v} :: to booze
pamppu {n} :: baton, nightstick (short stout club used primarily by policemen)
pamppu {n} [slang] :: bigwig (person of consequence)
pamppu {n} [slang] :: turnkey (warder, prison officer)
pampula {n} :: bobble
pamputtaa {v} :: to baton, to strike with a nightstick
pamputus {n} :: batoning
pan- {prefix} :: pan-
Panama {prop} :: Panama
panamahattu {n} :: Panama hat
Panaman kanava {prop} :: Panama Canal
panamanpuumuura {n} :: western slaty antshrike
panamerikkalainen {adj} :: Pan-American (covering or representing all of the Americas)
panarabismi {n} :: synonym of panarabialaisuus
panda {n} :: panda
pandakarhu {n} :: panda (Ailuropoda melanoleuca)
pandeismi {n} :: pandeism
pandemia {n} :: A pandemic
Pandora {prop} [Greek mythology] :: Pandora
Pandoran lipas {prop} [Greek mythology] :: Pandora's box
pandžabi {n} :: Punjabi (language)
paneeli {n} :: panel (rectangular section of surface)
paneeli {n} :: panel (group of people)
paneelikeskustelu {n} :: panel discussion, forum (form of discussion involving a panel of presenters and often participation by members of the audience)
paneerata {v} [cooking] :: synonym of leivittää
panelisti {n} :: panelist
paneloida {vt} :: To panel
panenteismi {n} :: panentheism
paneroida {vt} :: To bread
paneskella {vi} [vulgar, usually, _] :: To have several sessions of sexual intercourse with one or more people (when that action is considered negative)
panetella {vt} [+ partitive] :: To slander, vilify, smear, defame
panettaa {vt} [vulgar, impersonal, partitive + 3rd-pers. singular] :: to be horny, to crave sex (literally "to cause to fuck")
panettaa {vt} [rare] :: To have something put/set/place by someone (= adessive) (somewhere)
panettelu {n} :: aspersion
paneutua {vi} [_, + illative] :: To delve into, take up, go into (an issue, a question; by studying or pondering it closely); to familiarize oneself with (an issue, a question)
pangasius {n} :: pangasius (pangasius fish as food)
pangrammi {n} :: pangram
panhuilu {n} :: pan pipes, panpipes, pan-pipes
paniikki {n} :: panic
paniikkihäiriö {n} [psychology] :: panic disorder
paniikkikohtaus {n} :: panic attack
panikoida {v} :: To panic
panimo {n} :: brewery
panini {n} :: panini
pankinjohtaja {n} :: bank manager
pankkaluu {n} [anatomy] :: An epipubic bone
pankki {n} :: bank (institution, branch office and derived meanings)
pankkiaika {n} :: bank opening hours
pankkiala {n} :: banking sector
pankkiasia {n} :: any matter that requires a visit at a bank
pankkiasiointi {n} :: banking (act of dealing with a bank)
pankkiauto {n} :: bank truck (a bank inside a truck)
pankkiautomaatti {n} :: An automated teller machine, cash machine, ATM
pankkiautomaattikortti {n} :: ATM card
pankkiholvi {n} :: bank vault
pankkiiri {n} :: banker
pankkiirivalaisin {n} :: banker's lamp
pankkikelpoinen {adj} :: bankable (acceptable to a bank)
pankkikirja {n} :: bankbook, passbook
pankkikortti {n} :: bankcard, bank card, debit card
pankkikriisi {n} :: banking crisis
pankkilaina {n} :: bank loan
pankkilokero {n} :: a safe deposit box in a bank
pankkimaailma {n} :: banking world, banking sector
pankkineiti {n} :: a female bank teller
pankkipalvelu {n} :: banking service (service typically provided by a bank)
pankkirosvo {n} :: bank robber
pankkiryöstäjä {n} :: bank robber
pankkiryöstö {n} :: bank robbery
pankkisalaisuus {n} :: banking secrecy
pankkisali {n} :: bank hall (hall or large room of a bank)
pankkisiirto {n} :: giro
pankkisuhde {n} :: bank relationship, banking relationship
pankkitakaus {n} :: bank guarantee, banker's guarantee (guarantee issued by a bank)
pankkitalletus {n} :: bank deposit
pankkitili {n} :: bank account
pankkitoimihenkilö {n} :: bank officer
pankkitoiminta {n} :: banking (the business of managing a bank)
pankkituki {n} :: aiding an ailing bank financially (such as by the state)
pankkivaltuusmies {n} :: member of the Parliamentary Supervisory Council of the Bank of Finland
pankkivekseli {n} :: banker's draft, cashier's check
pankkivelka {n} :: bank debt (debt to a bank)
pankkivirkailija {n} :: bank clerk
pankkiyhteys {n} :: bank access
pankko {n} :: a small piece of wood attached to a reki, used for transporting timber
pankration {n} :: pankration
panna {vt} [+ genitive-accusative] :: To put, set, place
panna {vt} [+ genitive-accusative] :: To deposit [money]
panna {vt} [vulgar, + partitive] :: To fuck, shag
panna {vt} [+ partitive] :: To brew [beer]
panna {n} :: ban, anathema (law; clerical)
panna hanttiin {vi} [idiomatic] :: To resist, to oppose, to counteract
panna jalalla koreasti {v} [idiomatic] :: to dance
panna kiven sisään {phrase} [colloquial] :: to immure, imprison, jail
panna liikettä niveliin {v} :: To get one's ass in gear
panna merkille {v} [idiomatic] :: to remark, notice, take note of
panna muistiin {v} :: to take notes
panna paksuksi {v} [colloquial] :: To make somebody pregnant
panna pystyyn {v} [literally] :: to put something into upright position, erect
panna pystyyn {v} [idiomatic] :: to arrange, put up, improvise
panna rautoihin {v} [idiomatic] :: to iron (to shackle with irons)
pannari {n} [colloquial] :: pancake
panna suu säkkiä myöten {v} :: to cut one's coat according to one's cloth (live within one's means, spend only what can be afforded)
panna töpinäksi {v} :: to step on it, to make haste, to get a move on
panna tuulemaan {v} [idiomatic] :: to get into action, get going (strong) (to begin or commence with determination and energy)
pänniä {v} [colloquial, impersonal] :: to annoy, vex
pannoittaa {vt} :: to collar an animal
pannu {n} :: pan, pot
pannuhuone {n} :: boiler room
pannukakku {n} :: a thick (~ 1 cm) pancake baked in oven, eaten as dessert with whipped cream and jam
pannukakku {n} :: pancake
pannukakku {n} [idiomatic] :: failure, fiasco
pannumyssy {n} :: tea cosy
pannunalunen {n} [cooking] :: pot coaster, trivet (object placed under a hot dish to protect the table)
pannunalus {n} :: alternative form of pannunalunen
pano {n} :: A deposit (of money into a bank account)
pano {n} :: Putting, setup, making (later two are only used in special cases)
pano {n} [vulgar] :: A lay, a fuck, a session of sexual intercourse
panokone {n} :: fucking machine, sex machine (machine used to produce sexual pleasure)
panokone {n} :: sex machine (person with considerable sexual prowess)
panomies {n} [colloquial] :: pussyman
panoraama {n} :: panorama
panoroida {v} [photography] :: To pan
panos {n} [weaponry] :: cartridge, pellet
panos {n} [weaponry, construction, demolition, mining] :: load (usually including a detonator)
panos {n} [gambling, economics] :: stake
panos {n} [economics] :: contribution, investment, input
panostaa {vt} :: to load (to fill with munition or raw material)
panostaa {v} [+ illative] :: to invest in something (to spend money, time, or energy into something)
panostaa {v} [+ illative] :: to put effort on or into something
panostaa {v} [poker] :: to bet
panostaja {n} :: primer (person who primes explosives)
panostus {n} :: investment (money, time or energy invested in something)
panostus {n} :: loading (the act of filling with munition or raw material)
panotakku {n} [vulgar] :: A tangle of hair a woman gets at the back of her head when having sex
panpsykismi {n} [philosophy] :: panpsychism
panpsykistinen {adj} :: panpsychistic (relating to panpsychism)
panslavismi {n} :: Pan-Slavism
panslavisti {n} :: Pan-Slavist
panslavistinen {adj} :: Pan-Slavistic
panssari {n} :: armor, armour, armouring (for body or vehicle protection)
panssari {n} :: carapace (hard protective covering of bone or chitin)
panssariajoneuvo {n} :: armored vehicle
panssariauto {n} :: armored car, armored truck
panssarijoukot {n} :: armoured forces
panssarijuna {n} :: armoured train, armored train
panssarikauhu {n} :: Panzerschrek (German portable anti-tank rocket launcher developed during the WWII)
panssarimies {n} [military] :: tanker, trooper, crewman, armoured soldier, armored soldier; zipperhead [Canadian] (member of tank crew)
panssarintorjunta {n} :: antitank warfare
panssarintorjunta {n} :: As modifier in compound terms (panssarintorjunta-), antitank
panssarintorjunta-ase {n} :: anti-tank weapon
panssarintorjuntakivääri {n} [military] :: anti-tank rifle
panssarintorjuntaohjus {n} :: An anti-tank missile
panssarintorjuntavaunu {n} [military] :: tank destroyer
panssarinyrkki {n} :: Panzerfaust (German portable, single-shot anti-tank rocket launcher developed during the WWII)
panssarivaunu {n} [military] :: A tank
panssarivaunumies {n} [military] :: synonym of panssarimies
panssariverkkoaita {n} :: wire mesh fence, chainlink fence
panssaroida {vt} :: To cover with armour/armor
panssaroitu {adj} :: armored (equipped with armor)
panssaroitua {vi} :: to become armored
panta {n} :: A collar (device for restraining an animal)
panta {n} :: A choker (jewelry)
panta {n} :: Any ring that is used as an external support for example around a pole
pantaheinä {n} :: bristlegrass (any plant of the genus Setaria)
pantaheinä {n} [in plural] :: the genus Setaria
pantata {vt} :: To pledge, pawn (to deposit something as a security)
päntätä {vt} [colloquial] :: to study, to cram
pantava {adj} [vulgar, comparable] :: Fuckable, suitable for having sex with
pantava {adj} :: (neutral, non-comparable) "Suitable to be put [somewhere]". For example, suuhunpantava, "Suitable to be put into mouth."
panteismi {n} :: pantheism
panteisti {n} :: A pantheist
panteistinen {adj} :: pantheistic
pantheon {n} :: pantheon (the gods of a religion as a group)
pantheon {n} :: pantheon (temple or monument)
pantomiimi {n} :: mime (form of theatre)
pantomiimi {n} :: charades (party game)
pantoteenihappo {n} [biochemistry] :: pantothenic acid
pantteri {n} :: panther, leopard (Panthera pardus)
pantterietana {n} :: leopard slug, great grey slug, Limax maximus (very large species of slug)
pantterikärpässieni {n} :: panther cap, Amanita pantherina
pantti {n} :: pledge (security to payment)
pantti {n} :: deposit (monetary security for a borrowed item, which will be given back when the item is returned)
panttikonttori {n} [dated] :: pawn shop
panttilainaamo {n} :: pawn shop
panttilainakonttori {n} [dated] :: pawn shop
panttilainasto {n} [dated] :: pawn shop
panttilainaus {n} :: pawnbroking (business of advancing loans against pledges of personal possessions)
panttilaitos {n} [dated] :: pawn shop
panttivanki {n} :: hostage
Panu {prop} :: given name
papaha {n} :: papakha (type of fur or sometimes woollen hat originating from Caucasus; shape varies from hemisphere to cylindrical, which may be slightly tapering to either direction)
papaija {n} :: papaya (Carica papaya)
Papa-koe {n} [pathology] :: Pap test, smear test, cervical smear, Pap smear (gynecological screening test)
papana {n} :: A piece of excrement from a small animal such as a hare
paparazzi {n} :: paparazzo
papattaa {vi} [colloquial] :: to spout, to ramble
papatti {n} :: ladyfinger (small firecracker)
paperi {n} :: paper
paperi {n} :: document
paperi {n} [colloquial] :: In the plural paperit: ID
paperiarkki {n} :: sheet of paper
paperiavioliitto {n} :: Alternative term for näennäisavioliitto
paperieriste {n} :: insulation paper
paperihaava {n} :: paper cut (wound caused by a piece of paper)
paperihuopa {n} :: papermaking felt (felt used by paper machines)
paperikanta {n} [economics, rare] :: fiat monetary system
paperikantinen {adj} :: paperback
paperikarkki {n} :: wrapped candy
paperikko {n} :: Paper-machine
paperikoivu {n} :: paper birch, canoe birch Betula papyrifera (North American species of birch with white bark)
paperikoko {n} :: paper size
paperikone {n} :: paper machine
paperikuitu {n} :: paper fiber, paper fibre
paperikukka {n} :: paper flower
paperilaatu {n} :: type or grade of paper
paperilennokki {n} :: A paper plane, paper airplane [US], paper aeroplane [UK]
paperiliima {n} :: paper glue, paper adhesive
paperiliitin {n} :: paper clip
paperimarkka {n} [historical] :: Papiermark (currency of Germany between 1914–1923)
paperimarkka {n} [historical] :: (Finnish) marks in paper form
paperimassa {n} :: pulp
paperinen {adj} :: papery (being like paper)
paperinen {adj} :: bookish (characterized by a method of expression generally found in books)
paperinenäliina {n} :: paper napkin, tissue, kleenex
paperiniitti {n} :: staple (wire fastener used to secure stacks of paper by penetrating all the sheets and curling around)
paperinjalostus {n} :: paper processing, paper converting
paperinohut {adj} :: paper-thin, thin as paper, very thin
paperinpala {n} :: piece of paper
paperintuotanto {n} :: paper production
paperinukke {n} :: paper doll
paperinvalmistus {n} :: papermaking (craft of making paper)
paperipaino {n} :: paperweight
paperipiikki {n} :: spindle (upright spike for holding papers)
paperipino {n} :: paper stack, a stack of paper
paperiraha {n} :: paper money
papeririisi {n} :: a ream of paper (500 sheets)
paperisakset {n} :: paper-cutting scissors
paperisota {n} [derisive] :: red tape
paperitehdas {n} :: A paper mill
paperiteippi {n} :: stationery tape
paperiteollisuus {n} :: paper industry
paperitiikeri {n} :: paper tiger
paperitollo {n} :: (crushed up) paper ball
paperiton {adj} :: paper-free, paperless
paperityö {n} [usually plural] :: paperwork
paperivene {n} :: paper boat (origami item)
paperivene {n} :: greater argonaut (Argonauta argo)
paperoida {v} :: To paper (to apply paper to)
papiljotti {n} :: hair roller
papilla {n} [anatomy, botany] :: alternative form of papilli
papilli {n} [anatomy, botany] :: papilla
papillinen {adj} :: clerical, pastoral, ministerial
papillisesti {adv} :: clerically, pastorally, ministerially
papillisuus {n} :: The quality of behaving clerically, pastorally or ministerially
papillooma {n} [pathology, oncology] :: papilloma
papinkaulus {n} :: clerical collar
papintappaja {n} :: A beetle, Callidium violaceum
papisti {n} :: papist
papisto {n} :: The clergy
papitar {n} :: A priestess
pappa {n} [colloquial] :: grandpa, grandfather
pappeus {n} :: Priesthood (role or office of a priest)
pappi {n} :: priest
pappila {n} :: rectory, vicarage; manse [Scots] (residence of a priest)
pappismies {n} :: clergyman
pappissääty {n} [historical] :: clerical estate of the realm
pappisvalta {n} :: theocracy
paprika {n} :: paprika (spice made of dried, ground fruit of the milder varieties of Capsicum annuum)
paprika {n} :: pepper, bell pepper, sweet pepper (the fruit of a sweet variety of Capsicum annuum, used as vegetable)
papru {n} [colloquial] :: paper
papu {n} :: bean (edible seed or pod of plants of several genera of Fabaceae)
papu {n} :: bean (similar seed of some other plants, e.g. coffee)
papu {n} :: common bean (plant Phaseolus vulgaris; short for tarhapapu)
papu {n} [colloquial] :: muscle, especially the biceps
papuannauraja {n} :: rufous-bellied kookaburra (Dacelo gaudichaud)
Papua-Uusi-Guinea {prop} :: Papua New Guinea
papuauusiguinealainen {adj} :: Papuan
papuauusiguinealainen {n} :: Papua New Guinean
papukaija {n} :: parrot (kind of bird)
papukaijapeippo {n} :: Maui parrotbill, Pseudonestor xanthophrys
papukeitto {n} :: bean soup
papupata {n} :: very talkative person, bigmouth
papyrologi {n} :: papyrologist
papyrologia {n} :: papyrology
papyrus {n} :: papyrus (material and document)
papyruskaisla {n} :: papyrus (plant in sedge family)
para {n} [witchcraft] :: A being created to bring milk or butter to its creator
paraabeli {n} [geometry] :: parabola
paraabeli {n} :: parable
paraati {n} :: parade
paraatipuku {n} [military] :: full dress uniform, dress uniform
paraatipuku {n} [colloquial] :: One's best dress
parabolinen {adj} :: parabolic
paraboloidi {n} [mathematics] :: paraboloid
paradigma {n} :: paradigm (model or example)
paradoksaalinen {adj} :: paradoxical
paradoksaalisesti {adv} :: paradoxically
paradoksaalisuus {n} :: paradoxicalness
paradoksi {n} :: paradox
paradoksinen {adj} :: paradoxical
parafiini {n} :: paraffin [paraffin wax]
parafilia {n} [psychiatry] :: paraphilia
parafinoida {v} :: To treat with paraffin
parafoida {v} [legal] :: to initial (to sign a document with ones initials, as by negotiators to confirm the result of their negotiation for approval by decision-makers of each party)
parafyleettinen {adj} [taxonomy] :: paraphyletic
paragrafi {n} [dated] :: paragraph, article or section (of a contract or other legal document)
Paraguay {prop} :: Paraguay
paraguaynvyötiäinen {n} :: Chacoan naked-tailed armadillo (Cabassous chacoensis)
parahiksi {adv} :: just in time
parahiksi {adv} :: barely, just enough
parahin {adj} [literary] :: superlative of hyvä
parahtaa {vi} :: to cry out
pärähtää {vi} :: to buzz or ring once or suddenly
parahultainen {adj} [colloquial] :: just right or fitting
paraikaa {adv} :: alternative form of parastaikaa
Parainen {prop} :: A town in the Southwest Finland region
parajoukkue {n} [sports] :: parasports team
parakieli {n} :: paralanguage (non-verbal elements of speech)
parakki {n} :: barracks
paraldehydi {n} [chemistry] :: paraldehyde
paralipsis {n} [rhetoric] :: paraleipsis
parallaksi {n} :: parallax
parallaksivieritys {n} [computer graphics] :: parallax scrolling
paralleeli {n} :: parallel (something identical or similar in essential respects)
paralleeli {adj} :: alternative form of paralleelinen
paralleeliaksiooma {n} [geometry] :: parallel postulate
paralleelinen {adj} [biology] :: parallel
paralleelipipedi {n} [geometry, dated] :: synonym of suuntaissärmiö
parallelismi {n} [philosophy] :: parallelism
paralympialaiset {n} :: Paralympics, Paralympic Games
paramagnetismi {n} [physics] :: paramagnetism
parametri {n} [sciences, programming] :: parameter
parametrinen {adj} :: parametric
parametrisointi {n} :: parametrization
paraneminen {n} :: improvement, healing, mending, recovery, recuperation, betterment
parane pian {phrase} :: get well soon
parannella {vt} :: To revamp, polish
parannella {v} :: To improve, incrementally, in small steps
parannus {n} :: improvement, enchantment, betterment
parannus {n} [theology] :: repentance
paranoidi {adj} :: paranoid
paranoidinen {adj} :: paranoid
paranooikko {n} :: A paranoid person
paranooinen {adj} :: paranoid
paranormaali {adj} :: paranormal
parantaa {vt} :: to improve, better
parantaa {vt} :: to heal, cure
Parantainen {prop} :: surname
parantaja {n} :: healer
parantaminen {n} :: act of healing or curing
parantaminen {n} :: improvement (act of improving)
parantava {adj} :: healing, curative
parantava {adj} :: vulnerary (useful for healing wounds; in modern use primarily resricted to traditional medicine)
parantola {n} :: sanitarium
parantua {vi} :: To improve, get better
parantua {vi} [medicine] :: To heal, mend, get well/better, recover, recuperate
parantumaton {adj} :: incorrigible
parantumaton {adj} :: incurable, not healed
parantumaton {adj} :: dyed-in-the-wool
parantuminen {n} :: improvement, healing, mending, recovery, recuperation, betterment
paraoranssi {n} [organic chemistry] :: Sunset Yellow FCF (food coloring, E110)
parapähkinä {n} :: brazil nut
parapatrinen {adj} [biology] :: parapatric
parapetti {n} :: parapet
parapsykologi {n} :: parapsychologist
parapsykologia {n} :: parapsychology
parapsykologinen {adj} :: parapsychological
pararosaniliini {n} [chemistry] :: pararosaniline
paras {adj} :: superlative of hyvä
parasetamoli {n} [pharmacology] :: acetaminophen, paracetamol
parasiitti {n} :: parasite
parasitismi {n} :: parasitism
parasitologia {n} :: parasitology
parasta ennen {phrase} :: best before (date on consumable products)
parast'aikaa {adv} :: dated form of parastaikaa
parastaikaa {adv} :: right now, currently
parata {vi} :: to improve
parata {vi} :: to heal, recover, recuperate
parata {vi} [medicine] :: To heal, mend, get well/better, recover, recuperate
parataksi {n} :: parataxis
parataktinen {adj} :: paratactic
paratiisi {n} :: paradise
paratiisikaija {n} :: paradise parrot, Psephotus pulcherrimus
paratiisilintu {n} :: bird of paradise
Paratiisilintu {prop} :: The constellation Apus, the Bird of Paradise
paratiisimainen {adj} :: Resembling a paradise
paratiisiomena {n} :: some of the selectively bred tree variants of Malus prunifolia
paratiisiomena {n} :: fruit of such trees
parationi {n} [chemistry] :: parathion
paraurheilija {n} :: paraplegic sportsperson
parayleisurheilu {n} [sports] :: paralympic athletics, para athletics
päräyttää {vt} :: to cause to buzz or ring once or suddenly
päre {n} [construction] :: shake (thin - abt 0.5 cm - wooden shingle made by splitting wood)
päre {n} [idiomatic, in plural] :: splinters, smithereens; especially in phrases like panna päreiksi ("to smash into smithereens"), mennä tuhannen päreiksi ("to go into splinters"). Also vulgar variants pillun päreiksi and tuhannen pillun päreiksi
päre {n} [, colloquial, diomatic] :: temper; especially in the idiomatic expression polttaa päreensä ("to lose one's temper"), which would literally translate into "to burn one's shingles"
pareesi {n} :: synonym of halvaus
pareittain {adv} :: in pairs
pareittainen {adj} :: bigeminal
pärekatto {n} :: shake roof, shingle roof
pärekattoinen {adj} :: shingle-roofed
paremiologia {n} :: paremiology (study of proverbs)
paremmin {adv} :: better (comparative of hyvin)
paremmuus {n} :: superiority
parempi {adj} :: comparative of hyvä
parempi katsoa kuin katua {proverb} :: look before you leap
parempi katsoa kuin katua {proverb} :: better safe than sorry
parempi katsoa kuin katua {proverb} :: haste makes waste
parempi katsoa kuin katua {proverb} :: an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure
parempi laiha sopu kuin lihava riita {proverb} :: It's often wiser to conclude an agreement that reasonably serves one's interests than to continue quarreling
parempi myöhään kuin ei milloinkaan {phrase} :: better late than never (same meaning)
parempi pyy pivossa kuin kymmenen oksalla {proverb} :: a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush (literally, better a hazel grouse in the hand than ten on the branch)
parempi virsta väärää kuin vaaksa vaaraa {proverb} :: It's better to do things in a safe way, even if it's burdensome
päretuli {n} :: fire burning in wooden shingles or shakes
parfait {n} :: parfait
parfee {n} :: parfait
parfymeria {n} :: perfumery
parfymisti {n} :: perfumer (person who creates or makes perfumes)
parfymoida {vt} :: To perfume
parfyymi {n} :: perfume
pargasiitti {n} [mineral] :: pargasite
parhaansa mukaan {adv} :: as best one can
parhaiksi {adv} :: alternative form of parahiksi
parhaillaan {adv} :: currently, at the moment, at present
parhaimmillaan {adv} :: at best
parhaimmin {adv} :: synonym of parhaiten
parhaimmisto {n} :: elite (group with higher status)
parhain {adj} :: superlative of hyvä
parhain terveisin {phrase} [idiomatic] :: best regards (used as a polite closing of a letter)
parhaiten {adv} :: best (superlative of hyvin)
pari {n} :: couple, pair
pari {n} :: partner (in an activity or when working in pairs)
pari {n} :: battery cell
pari {n} [card games, poker] :: pair (two cards of the same rank)
pari {adv} :: A couple of
pariääntiö {n} [phonetics] :: diphthong
pariajo {n} [cycling] :: madison
parietaalilohko {n} [anatomy] :: parietal lobe
parihevoset {n} :: pair of horses
parihyppy {n} :: synchronized diving
pariin {adv} :: to
Pariisi {prop} :: Paris, the capital of France
pariisilainen {n} :: A Parisian, both male and female
pariisilainen {n} :: A Parisienne
pariisilainen {adj} :: Parisian
pariisinperunat {n} :: small fried potato balls
pariisitar {n} :: Parisienne (woman from Paris, France)
parijono {n} :: double file, double line (queue two items wide)
parikaapeli {n} [electronics] :: twisted pair (type of cable)
pari kertaa {phrase} :: once or twice (a small, indefinite number of times)
Parikkala {prop} :: Parikkala
pari kolme {num} :: a couple of, two or three (indicates a small but unsure number, certainly more than one and very likely less than five)
parikuinen {adj} :: a couple of months old
parikuukautinen {adj} :: a couple of months old
parikuukautinen {adj} :: lasting a couple of months
parikymmentä {num} :: about twenty
parikymppinen {adj} :: around twenty years old (about twenty years old)
parillinen {adj} :: even (divisible by two)
parillisuus {n} :: the quality or state of being even (not odd)
pariloida {vt} :: to roast, grill, broil
pariloitu {adj} :: grilled
pärinä {n} :: roll (the uniform beating of a drum)
parinvaihto {n} :: swinging (sexual practice)
parisänky {n} :: double bed (bed designed for two adults)
parisataa {num} :: a couple hundred
parisen {adv} :: about two, a couple
pariskunta {n} :: couple (two partners in a romantic or sexual relationship)
parissa {adv} :: among, amongst
päristä {vi} :: to buzz, to ring
päristää {v} :: to snort
paristo {n} :: Not rechargeable battery
parisuhde {n} :: intimate relationship
pärisyttää {vt} :: to cause to buzz
paritalo {n} :: semi, semi-detached house
pariteetti {n} :: parity
paritella {vi} :: To copulate
pariton {adj} :: odd (not divisible by two)
parittaa {vt} :: to pander, pimp (to offer illicit sex with a third party)
parittaa {v} [computing] :: to pair (to form wireless connection)
parittaja {n} :: A pimp, panderer
parittelu {n} :: copulation, mating
paritteluaika {n} :: mating time
parittomuus {n} :: the quality or state of being odd (not even)
paritus {n} :: pairing, matching
paritus {n} :: pandering, pimping (offer for illicit sex with a third party)
pariutua {vi} :: to form into a pair or pairs
pariutua {vi} :: to mate, to couple
parivaljakko {n} :: span (pair of horses or other animals driven together)
parivaljakko {n} [figuratively] :: two friends that spend a lot of time together
parivaljakko {n} [comedy] :: double act, comedy duo
parivuode {n} :: double bed (bed designed for two adults)
pärjäillä {vi} :: to do well, to get along, to hold up, to make it around
parjata {v} :: to revile
pärjätä {v} [colloquial] :: to be fine, to be okay, to get along, to cope
pärjätä {v} :: ~ ilman: to do without
pärjätä {v} :: to suffice against
parjaus {n} :: rebuke, scolding (harsh criticism)
parka {n} :: poor, someone pitiful
parka {n} :: parka
parkaista {vi} :: To cry out, scream, shriek
parkaisu {n} :: A cry, scream
Parkano {prop} :: Parkano
parkata {v} :: to debark trees
parketoida {vt} :: To parquet
parketti {n} :: parquet
Parkinsonin tauti {n} [disease] :: Parkinson's disease
parkinsonismi {n} [pathology, neurology] :: parkinsonism
parkinta {n} :: tanning
parkita {vt} :: To tan (leather)
parkita {vt} :: To toughen, harden (sb's character or nature)
parkitsija {n} :: tanner
parkkeerata {v} [colloquial] :: to park a car
parkki {n} [botany] :: bark (exterior covering of the trunk and branches of a tree)
parkki {n} [in compounds] :: tannic
parkki {n} :: bark (three-masted vessel, foremast and mainmast square-rigged, mizzenmast schooner-rigged)
parkki {n} [colloquial] :: refers to parking or a vehicle being parked or a place where one can temporarily leave something
parkkihalli {n} [colloquial] :: synonym of pysäköintihalli
parkkihappo {n} :: tannic acid
parkkiintua {vi} :: to become harder, stronger or tougher
parkkikiekko {n} [colloquial] :: synonym of pysäköintikiekko
Parkkinen {prop} :: surname
parkkipaikka {n} [colloquial] :: A parking lot
parkkipaikka {n} [colloquial] :: A parking space
parkkipankki {n} [colloquial] :: asset management company
parkkipirkko {n} [colloquial] :: meter maid (female parking enforcement officer)
parkkiruutu {n} [colloquial] :: synonym of pysäköintiruutu
parkkisakko {n} [colloquial] :: synonym of pysäköintivirhemaksu
parkkitalo {n} [colloquial] :: synonym of pysäköintitalo
parkkiutua {v} :: synonym of parkkiintua
parkkuu {n} :: debarking
parkkuurauta {n} :: synonym of kuorintarauta
parku {n} :: cry (especially of a child)
parkua {vi} :: To bawl, blubber, cry loudly
parkuna {n} :: baby's cry
parlamentaarikko {n} :: A parliamentarian (a member of parliament)
parlamentaarinen {adj} :: parliamentary
parlamentarismi {n} :: parliamentarism
parlamentti {n} :: parliament
parlamenttitalo {n} :: Parliament House (building in which a parliament other than the Finnish one convenes)
parlamenttivaalit {n} :: parliamentary elections
parmanjuusto {n} :: parmesan
parmesaani {n} :: parmesan
parmesaanijuusto {n} :: parmesan
parodia {n} :: parody [expression making fun of something else]
parodinen {adj} :: parodic
parodioida {vt} [+ partitive] :: to parody
parodiointi {n} :: parodying, making parody of
paroni {n} :: baron
paronitar {n} :: baroness
paronyymi {n} [semantics] :: a paronym
parotiitti {n} [pathology] :: parotitis (inflammation of one or both parotid glands)
pärpättää {v} :: to jabber, to blabber
parrakas {adj} :: bearded
parranajo {n} :: shave (instance of shaving)
parranajokone {n} :: A safety razor (instrument into which a razorblade can be inserted for shaving)
parranajokone {n} :: Short of sähköparranajokone (electric razor)
parras {n} :: A brink, verge or edge
parras {n} :: When used to express being very close to do something, about
parras {n} [nautical] :: A rail
parrasvalo {n} :: limelight, spotlight (the light)
parraton {adj} :: beardless (lacking beard)
parraton {adj} :: clean-shaven
parraton {adj} :: barefaced
parroittua {vi} [rare] :: to become bearded
parru {n} :: beam (long piece of timber or iron)
parru {n} [colloquial, vulgar] :: penis
parrunpätkä {n} [non-idiomatic] :: A stump of a wooden beam
parrunpätkä {n} :: A 2-liter, square-bottom, long-necked bottle of liquor which became popular in 1897 when sale of strong alcohol in smaller bottles was banned; probably no exact English equivalent, but handle (1.75 liters, US) comes close
parsa {n} :: Any plant of the genus Asparagus
parsa {n} :: The asparagus plant, Asparagus officinalis
parsa {n} :: An asparagus, the edible young shoot of the asparagus plant
parsakaali {n} :: broccoli
parsakaalikeitto {n} :: broccoli soup
parsakeitto {n} :: asparagus shop
parsek {n} [astronomy] :: parsec
parsi {n} :: beam (long, usually round piece of timber for hanging goods for storage)
parsi {n} :: stall (space for individual animal in a stable in which the animals are tied into a beam)
parsia {v} :: To darn, repair
parsia {v} [colloquial, computing] :: to parse
parsinneula {n} :: darning needle
parsinsieni {n} [sewing] :: darning mushroom
parsinta {n} :: mending
pärskää {v} :: alternative form of pärskyä
pärskähdellä {vi} :: alternative form of pärskyä
pärskähtää {vi} :: to splash or splatter once
pärskäjuuri {n} :: false hellebore (a plant of genus Veratrum)
pärskäjuuri {n} [in the plural] :: the genus Veratrum
pärskäyttää {vt} :: to splash once
pärske {n} [nautical] :: spindrift (sea spray blown from the tops of waves by the wind)
pärskiä {vt} :: to sputter, to splutter
pärskinä {n} :: splash
pärskyä {vi} :: to splash
pärskytellä {vt} :: to splash or cause to splash repeatedly
pärskyttää {vt} :: to cause to splash
Pärssinen {prop} :: surname
pärstä {n} [colloquial] :: face, mug
pärstäkerroin {n} [jocular] :: The physical appearance of a person
parta {n} :: beard
partaalla {adv} :: on the brink (very nearly, imminent, close)
partageeli {n} :: aftershave (gel used after finishing shaving)
partahöylä {n} [colloquial] :: safety razor (instrument into which a razorblade can be inserted for shaving)
partahöylä {n} [colloquial] :: disposable razor, where the blade and handle are integrated into one unit; also kertakäyttöinen partahöylä
partahylje {n} :: bearded seal, Erignathus barbatus (Arctic species of seal)
partainen {adj} :: bearded
partaisempi {adj} :: comparative of partainen
partakala {n} :: beardfish
partakarva {n} :: A whisker (hair of the beard)
partakone {n} :: A safety razor, short of parranajokone (instrument into which a razorblade can be inserted for shaving)
partakone {n} :: Short of sähköparranajokone, electric razor
partamonni {n} :: A fish of the genus Ancistrus in the catfish family Siluriformes
partamonni {n} [in plural] :: The genus Ancistrus
Partanen {prop} :: surname
partarousku {n} :: A milk-cap, Lactarius citriolens
partasieni {n} :: sycosis
partaterä {n} :: razorblade
partavaahdoke {n} :: shaving cream
partaveitsi {n} :: A razor (knife)
partavesi {n} :: aftershave (lotion or liquid used after finishing shaving)
partenogeneesi {n} [biology] :: parthenogenesis
partenogeneettinen {adj} :: parthenogenetic
partia {n} :: parcel
partiaalinen {adj} [medicine] :: partial
partikkeli {n} [grammar] :: A particle
partikkeli {n} [physics] :: A particle
partikkeliverbi {n} :: phrasal verb
partikulaari {n} [logic] :: particular
partikulaari {adj} [logic] :: particular
partio {n} :: patrol
partio {n} :: scouting
partioauto {n} :: A patrol car; refers most often but not necessarily to a police car
partiohuivi {n} :: scout neckerchief, neckerchief
partioida {v} :: To scout (to explore a wide terrain)
partiolainen {n} :: A scout (member of Scouts movement)
partioliike {n} :: The Scouts
partiolippukunta {n} :: scout group (local chapter of Scouts movement)
partiopoika {n} :: Boy Scout
partiovene {n} :: patrol boat
partisaani {n} [military] :: partisan (member of an irregular resistance forces)
partisiipin futuuri {n} [grammar] :: future participle
partisiipin perfekti {n} [grammar] :: past participle
partisiipin preesens {n} [grammar] :: present participle
partisiippi {n} [grammar] :: participle (verb form)
partitiivi {n} [grammar] :: partitive, partitive case
partitio {n} [computing] :: partition
partitioida {v} [computing] :: To partition a hard disk
partituuri {n} [music] :: score (printing of each instrument's part on a separate stave)
partituuri {n} [music] :: full score, partiture (book showing the music of all instruments and voices in a composition)
partneri {n} :: partner
partsi {n} [slang] :: balcony
parttio {n} [dialectal] :: synonym of porotokka
parturi {n} :: barber
parturi {n} :: barbershop (place of business of a barber)
parturiliike {n} :: barbershop (place of business of a barber)
parturintuoli {n} :: barber chair, barber's chair
parturoida {vt} :: To barber
parturoida {vt} :: To mow, cut (grass etc.)
parveilla {vi} :: To swarm
parveiluaika {n} :: swarm season
parveiluitiö {n} [botany] :: A zoospore
parveiluitiöpesäke {n} [biology] :: A zoosporangium
parveke {n} :: balcony
parveutua {vi} :: To form a swarm
parvi {n} :: flock (group of birds)
parvi {n} :: muster (group of peafowl)
parvi {n} :: kettle (group of flying hawks)
parvi {n} :: swarm (group of insects)
parvi {n} :: school (group of fish or marine mammals such as dolphins or whales)
parvi {n} :: pod (group of marine mammals)
parvi {n} :: gam (group of whales)
parvi {n} :: cast (group of crabs)
parvi {n} :: group, cluster
parvi {n} [astronomy] :: cluster
parvi {n} :: balcony, loft, gallery
Parviainen {prop} :: surname
p-arvo {n} [statistics] :: p-value
parvorokko {n} [disease] :: fifth disease (erythovirus infection manifested as rash)
parvorokko {n} [pathology] :: slap face, slapcheek, slapped cheek syndrome, slapped face (milder form of the disease manifested as redness of the face, especially cheeks)
parvorokko {n} [pathology] :: erythema infectiosum (erythovirus infection in general)
parvovirus {n} :: parvovirus
-pas {particle} :: Used to stress a contradicting or surprising element in a sentence. Can be attached to all words. No clear translation into English
pas {interj} [card games] :: I pass!
pasaasi {n} :: arcade
pasaati {n} :: A trade wind
pasaatituuli {n} :: A trade wind
pasaativirta {n} :: An ocean current caused by trade winds
Pasanen {prop} :: surname
pascal {n} :: pascal (unit of pressure or stress)
Pascalin kolmio {n} [mathematics] :: Pascal's triangle
paseerailla {v} :: Frequentative form of paseerata (to walk back and forth)
paseerata {v} [cooking] :: To puree or squash by squeezing through a sieve
paseerata {v} [archaic, dialectal] :: To walk back and forth, as in order to have some activity while waiting for something
pasha {n} :: paskha (traditional Eastern Orthodox dessert, eaten especially in Easter)
pasha {n} :: alternative spelling of pašša
pashtu {n} :: alternative spelling of paštu
Pasi {prop} :: given name
pasianssi {n} [card games] :: patience, solitaire
pasifismi {n} :: pacifism
pasifisti {n} :: pacifist
pasifistinen {adj} :: pacifistic
paska {adj} [vulgar] :: Very bad, shitty, crappy
paska {adj} [vulgar] :: Broken (used in essive or translative)
paska {adj} [vulgar] :: Of poor quality
paska {n} [vulgar] :: shit, crap
paska {n} [vulgar] :: bullshit
paska {n} [vulgar] :: bupkis; jack shit
paska {interj} [vulgar] :: Shit!
paskaduuni {n} [slang, pejorative] :: shitwork, grunt work, bitchwork, McJob (job paying low wages, requiring few skills and having little opportunity for promotion)
paskahalvaus {n} [vulgar] :: losing one's temper
paskahousu {n} :: coward (one who 'shits his pants' in a tight situation)
paskahousu {n} [card games] :: a card game similar to shithead
paskahuusi {n} :: alternative form of paskahuussi
paskahuussi {n} [vulgar] :: shitter (toilet, especially an outhouse)
paskainen {adj} [vulgar] :: dirty
paskainen {adj} [vulgar] :: shitty
paska juttu {phrase} :: shit happens
paskalakki {n} [slang, derogatory, vulgar] :: policeman
paskamainen {adj} [vulgar] :: shitty, unpleasant (person, thing)
paskamyrsky {n} [vulgar, internet] :: shitstorm
paskanmarjat {interj} [vulgar] :: bullshit!
paskanmarjat {interj} :: dingleberries (original meaning)
paskanpuhuja {n} [vulgar] :: bullshitter
paskantaa {vti} [vulgar] :: To shit
paskapää {n} [vulgar] :: shithead
paskapaperi {n} [colloquial] :: asswipe (toilet paper)
paskapuhe {n} [vulgar] :: bullshit
paskat {interj} :: shit!
paskattaa {v} [vulgar, monopersonal] :: to need to shit, to have the urge to defecate
paskattaa {v} [vulgar] :: to have somebody (especially a dog) taken to defecate
paskiainen {n} [vulgar] :: bastard, asshole
paskoa {vi} [vulgar] :: To shit
paskoa {v} [colloquial, vulgar] :: To destroy
paskuus {n} [vulgar] :: shittiness
pasma {n} :: A part of skein, consisting of a fixed number of rounds of yarn, normally 60
pasma {n} [figuratively, in plural] :: mental balance, plans
pasmalanka {n} :: A piece of thread used to separate the pasmas of a skein from each other
päsmäri {n} [colloquial] :: know-it-all
pasmata {v} :: to divide a skein of yarn into pasmas
passa {n} :: alternative spelling of pašša
pašša {n} :: A pasha
passari {n} [colloquial] :: passer, one who passes
passari {n} [volleyball] :: passer
passata {v} [dialectal] :: to fit in
passata {v} [dialectal] :: to suit (to please; to make content)
passata {v} [dialectal] :: to serve
passata {v} [soccer, volleyball] :: to pass
passata {v} [card games] :: to pass (to opt not to make a bid or to play a card)
passauttaa {v} [dialectal] :: to let other people serve oneself
passeli {adj} [colloquial] :: perfect, fitting, suitable
passi {n} :: passport
passi {n} [hunting] :: wait
passi {n} [volleyball] :: set (act of directing the ball to a teammate for an attack)
passi {n} [horsemanship] :: pace (2-beat, lateral gait of a horse)
pässi {n} :: A ram (male sheep)
pässi {n} [colloquial] :: A stubborn person
passiivat {n} [accounting] :: liabilities (on a balance sheet)
passiivi {n} [grammar] :: passive voice
passiivi {n} [grammar] :: fourth person
passiivinen {adj} :: passive
passiivis-aggressiivinen {adj} [psychology] :: passive-aggressive
passiivisesti {adv} :: passively
passiivistaa {vt} :: To make passive
passiivistua {vi} [rare] :: to become passive
passikuva {n} :: passport photograph
pässinpää {n} :: idiot
pässinpökkimät {n} [colloquial] :: thick woolen socks or trousers
passio {n} :: passion
passiohedelmä {n} :: alternative form of passionhedelmä
passionhedelmä {n} :: passion fruit (Passiflora edulis)
passipoliisi {n} :: patrolman
passittaa {v} [colloquial] :: to dispatch, send; especially a person to a more or less undesirable location
passivapaus {n} :: exemption from the passport requirement (such as due to a passport union)
passivoida {v} :: to make passive
passivoida {v} :: to passivate
passivoitua {vi} :: To become passive
pasta {n} :: pasta
pastakone {n} :: pasta machine, pasta maker (a kitchen appliance that makes or is used to make pasta)
pastaruoka {n} :: pasta dish
pasteerailla {v} :: A frequentative form of pasteerata
pasteerata {v} :: To walk, especially slowly and/or back and forth, with one's back straight and chin up, as if wanting to make an impression to a possible onlooker
pasteija {n} :: pasty (type of seasoned meat and vegetable pie)
pasteija {n} :: paste (soft mixture of pounded foods)
pastelli {n} :: pastel (drawing made with pastel or pastels)
pastelli {n} :: pastel (crayon)
pastelliliitu {n} :: pastel (crayon made from a dried paste)
pastilli {n} :: pastille (soft flavoured candy)
pastilli {n} :: pastille (small granular half spheroid piece of material)
pastilli {n} :: lozenge (small tablet or medicated sweet used to ease a sore throat)
pastilliaski {n} :: box of lozenges, box of pastilles
pastori {n} :: pastor
pastöroida {vt} :: To pasteurize
pastörointi {n} :: pasteurisation
pastöroitu {adj} :: pasteurized
paštu {n} :: Pashto, Pashtu (language)
pasunisti {n} :: trombonist
pasuri {n} :: white bream (Blicca bjoerkna, syn. Abramis bjoerkna)
pasuttaa {v} :: to calcine
pasutus {n} :: calcination
pasutusuuni {n} :: calcination furnace
pasuuna {n} :: trombone
pasuuna {n} :: clarion
pata {n} :: cauldron (large bowl-shaped pot)
pata {n} :: pot; typically one made of thick material such as cast iron or pottery for slow cooking; compare kattila
pata {n} :: pataruoka: stew, hot pot, chowder (dish prepared in such vessel)
pata {n} [card games] :: spades (suit in playing cards)
pata {n} [card games] :: spade (a card of spades)
pata-akka {n} [colloquial, card games] :: synonym of patakuningatar
pataani {n} :: Afghan (person of Pashtun origin)
pataässä {n} [cards] :: ace of spades
patagoniannandu {n} :: Darwin's rhea, lesser rhea, Pterocnemia pennata (Rhea pennata)
patajätkä {n} :: jack of spades, knave of spades
patakakkonen {n} [cards] :: two of spades
patakasi {n} [cards] :: eight of spades
pata kattilaa soimaa {phrase} :: pot calling the kettle black
patakinnas {n} :: oven glove, oven mitt
pätäkkä {n} [slang] :: bucks, cake, cheddar, cream, dinars, dosh, dough, geld, gelt, greenbacks, jack, lolly, moolah, lucre, paper, readies, sheets, shrapnel, spends, spondulicks, sterling, wonga (money)
patakolmonen {n} [cards] :: three of spades
patakukko {n} :: a form of kalakukko prepared in a pot
patakuningas {n} :: king of spades
patakuningatar {n} :: queen of spades (a playing card)
patakuutonen {n} [cards] :: six of spades
patakymppi {n} [cards] :: ten of spades
patalaiska {adj} [idiomatic] :: bone-idle, bone-lazy (utterly lazy)
patalakki {n} :: skullcap (hat)
patalappu {n} :: potholder (insulated pad used for handling hot cooking utensils)
pataljoona {n} :: battalion
patanelonen {n} [cards] :: four of spades
patapaisti {n} :: pot roast
patarouva {n} :: queen of spades
patarummut {n} [musical instruments] :: timpani, kettledrums (set of precision kettledrums)
patarumpu {n} [musical instruments] :: timpanum, kettledrum
pataruoka {n} :: casserole (food)
pataseiska {n} [cards] :: seven of spades
patasotilas {n} :: jack of spades
patasuti {n} :: a small broom for scrubbing pots
patavalmis {adj} :: pot ready (ready to be cooked in a pot)
patavanhoillinen {adj} :: very conservative, diehard
patavitonen {n} [cards] :: five of spades
pataysi {n} [cards] :: nine of spades
päteä {vi} :: To apply, be valid
päteä {vi} [figuratively] :: To show off one's (real or fake) intelligence or knowledge
patee {n} :: pâté
pateeni {n} :: paten (plate used to hold the host during the Eucharist)
pateettinen {adj} :: melodramatic, pompous; that has pathos
pateettisesti {adv} :: pathetically
pateettisuus {n} :: patheticness (state or quality of being pathetic)
patentoida {vt} :: To patent
patentoitavuus {n} :: patentability
patentoitu {adj} :: patented (protected by a patent)
patentti {n} :: patent
patenttilääke {n} [dated] :: patent medicine (any medicine with proprietary formula)
patenttilääke {n} [figuratively] :: cure-all, panacea, nostrum (solution for all problems)
patenttiloki {n} [nautical] :: patent log
patenttinahka {n} :: synonym of kiiltonahka
paternalismi {n} :: paternalism
paternosterhissi {n} :: paternoster lift, elevator
pätevä {adj} :: adept, qualified, competent
pätevä {adj} :: valid
pätevöidä {v} :: to qualify (to declare competent or eligible for some position or task)
pätevöidä {v} :: to qualify, certify, license (grant a proof or certificate of qualification)
pätevöidä {v} :: to verify (to confirm or test the truth or accuracy of something)
pätevöityä {vi} :: to qualify (to become competent or eligible for some position or task)
pätevöityminen {n} :: qualification (the process of acquiring the required competences for a job or office)
pätevöitymisaika {n} :: A period of time, a "grace period", during which an unqualified person, who has been elected to an office, must obtain the required qualifications
pätevyys {n} :: competence
pati {n} :: A bullet (informal term for an unfired round of ammunition)
patikoida {v} :: To hike, trek
patikointi {n} :: hiking
patina {n} :: patina (color or incrustation)
patinoida {vt} :: To cover with patina
patinoitua {vi} :: to become covered with patina
patio {n} :: patio
patisson {n} :: pattypan squash
patistaa {vt} :: To push, press, urge (somebody to act)
patistella {v} :: Frequentative form of patistaa (to urge someone to do something)
patja {n} :: mattress
patja {n} :: stratum, layer of soil, air, water
patja {n} :: cushion
pätkä {n} :: shorty, shortie
pätkä {n} :: clip
pätkä {n} :: snippet
pätkä {n} :: stub
pätkä {n} :: stump
pätkäistä {vt} :: to cut into pieces or sections
pätkätyö {n} :: odd job, temporary work (temporary employment)
pätkiä {vt} :: To cut into pieces
pato {n} :: dam, dike
patoallas {n} :: reservoir (artificial lake)
patoaukko {n} :: spillway (in or around a dam)
patofysiologia {n} [pathology] :: pathophysiology
patogeeni {n} [pathology] :: pathogen
patogeeninen {adj} :: pathogenic
patologi {n} :: pathologist
patologia {n} :: pathology (branch of medicine)
patologinen {adj} :: pathological
patonki {n} :: baguette (the type of bread)
patopaine {n} [fluid dynamics] :: dynamic pressure
pätöteho {n} [electrical engineering] :: active power
patouma {n} :: something that has piled up
patous {n} :: stemming (obstructing the flow of a liquid)
patoutua {vi} :: To become dammed
patriarkaalinen {adj} :: patriarchal
patriarkaatti {n} :: A patriarchate
patriarkia {n} :: patriarchy
patriarkka {n} :: A patriarch
Patrik {prop} :: given name
patrilineaarinen {adj} :: patrilineal
patrilineaarisuus {n} :: patrilineality
patriootti {n} :: patriot
patrioottinen {adj} :: patriotic
patriotismi {n} :: patriotism
patronyymi {n} :: patronym
patruuna {n} :: cartridge, when used in sense concerning firearms
patruuna {n} :: owner (of a factory or estate etc.)
patruunatehdas {n} :: cartridge factory
patruunavyö {n} :: belt, ammunition belt (belt-like device used to retain and feed cartridges into a firearm)
patsas {n} :: statue
patsas {n} :: column formed by eg. water or clouds
patsasaitta {n} :: Same as niliaitta
patsastella {v} :: To walk around as if showing off
pätsi {n} :: furnace
pätsi {n} :: hellfire (very intensive fire)
pätsi {n} [slang] :: patch (computing: a file describing changes made to source code)
pätsi {n} [slang] :: hack (computing: a small code change or an expedient, temporary solution)
patteri {n} [military] :: battery (coordinated group of artillery)
patteri {n} [colloquial] :: non-rechargeable electrical battery; nowadays used also of small (size AA and smaller) rechargable standard-size batteries
patteri {n} :: radiator (finned metal fixture that carries hot water or steam in order to heat a room)
patteri {n} [colloquial] :: pile of dung that gradually grows in an untended outdoor toilet
patti {n} :: A firm, smooth swelling, a lump
patti {n} [chess] :: stalemate
Pattijoki {prop} :: A former municipality in northern Ostrobothnia, now part of Raahe
patu {n} [colloquial] :: old hand
patukka {n} :: baton
patukka {n} :: any slender candy bar, such as chocolate
patukka {n} [slang] :: penis
pauhata {vi} :: to thunder
pauhina {n} :: roar
pauhu {n} :: thunder, roar
pauhuta {v} [rare] :: alternative form of pauhata
paukahdella {vi} :: to bang, boom (repeatedly)
paukahdus {n} :: bang (sudden percussive noise)
paukahtaa {vi} :: to bang (to give a sudden loud voice, once)
paukahtelu {n} :: banging, cracking (cracking or banging sounds with intervals between them)
paukama {n} :: sting (bump on skin after having been stung)
paukapää {n} :: moron
paukaus {n} :: bang
paukautella {vt} :: To bang, boom (repeatedly)
paukauttaa {vt} :: to bang (to make a sudden loud noise, once)
pauke {n} :: banging, cracking (continuous cracking or banging sounds)
paukkaa {v} [rare, poetic] :: alternative form of paukkua
paukkina {n} :: alternative term for pauke
paukku {n} [colloquial] :: A detonation
paukku {n} :: A bang (abrupt loud noise like that resulting of a detonation)
paukku {n} :: A shot (measure of alcohol)
paukku {n} [colloquial] :: tipple or booze (any alcoholic drink, often used like a mass noun)
paukku {n} [colloquial] :: A shocking and/or surprising event or item of news
paukku {n} :: A fart
paukku {n} [slang] :: marijuana, usually in plural ("paukut") as in "Polttaa paukut" (= to get high)
paukkua {vi} :: To bang (repeatedly)
paukkua {vi} :: To thunder (of an instrument)
paukkulaakeri {n} [colloquial, usually in plural] :: Any device or setting that causes backfire in the exhaust passage of an internal combustion engine
paukkumaissi {n} :: popcorn
paukkupakkanen {n} :: extremely cold weather
paukkupatruuna {n} :: blank (cartridge without bullet, used to simulate the noise and smoke of shooting)
paukkupommi {n} :: banger (firework that makes a bang)
paukkurauta {n} [colloquial] :: shooting iron
paukutella {vt} :: to bang repeatedly, to slam repeatedly
paukuttaa {v} :: to bang, hammer, strike, hit (to strike something hard)
Paul {prop} :: given name
paula {n} :: cord, lace, string
paula {n} [hunting] :: snare, trap
paula {n} [figuratively] :: snare, trap
Paula {prop} :: given name
Pauli {prop} :: given name
Pauliina {prop} :: given name derived from Latin Paulina
Paulin kieltosääntö {n} [physics] :: Pauli exclusion principle
pauloitus {n} :: lacing, cording (tied laces that form a netlike pattern)
pauna {n} :: pound
pauna {n} [archaic] :: bag, purse
paunikko {n} :: plant of the genus Crassula
pausettaa {vt} [colloquial] :: To pause (playback or game)
paussi {n} :: rest, pause
paussimerkki {n} [music] :: alternative term for taukomerkki
paviaani {n} :: A baboon (primate)
paviljonki {n} :: pavilion
pavlova {n} :: pavlova
pavlovilainen {adj} [psychology] :: Pavlovian
pavunvarsi {n} :: beanstalk
pe {abbr} :: perjantai (Friday)
pe {n} :: pe (seventeenth letter of the Hebrew and Phoenician scripts and the Northwest Semitic abjad)
pearsoninpäästäinen {n} :: Pearson's long-clawed shrew, Solisorex pearsoni
peba {n} [slang] :: bum, ass
pecorino {n} :: pecorino (cheese)
pedaali {n} :: pedal (used in instruments)
pedagogi {n} :: pedagogue
pedagogia {n} :: pedagogy
pedagogiikka {n} :: pedagogics, pedagogy
pedagoginen {adj} :: Pedagogic, pedagogical (of or relating to pedagogy; teaching)
pedagogisesti {adv} :: pedagogically
pedantti {adj} :: pedantic
pedanttinen {adj} :: pedantic
pedanttisesti {adv} :: pedantically
pedanttisuus {n} :: pedantry
pedari {n} [colloquial] :: pedophile
pedata {v} :: to make the bed
pedata {v} [colloquial] :: to give something a chance
pederasti {n} :: pederast
pederastia {n} :: pederasty
pederastinen {adj} :: pederastic
Pedersöre {prop} [colloquial in nominative] :: A town and municipality in Ostrobothnia, Finland
pediatri {n} :: pediatrician (doctor specializing in children)
pediatria {n} [medicine] :: pediatrics
pedikyristi {n} :: pedicurist
pedikyyri {n} :: pedicure
pedofiili {n} :: pedophile
pedofiilinen {adj} :: paedophilic/pedophilic
pedofilia {n} :: pedophilia
pedologia {n} :: pedology (all senses)
pee {n} :: pee (letter: p)
pee {n} [uncountable, euphemistic] :: shit
pee {n} [uncountable, euphemistic] :: arse
peeaa {adj} [colloquial] :: broke
peeärrä {n} [colloquial] :: public relations, PR
peelo {n} [Internet slang] :: troll
peelo {n} [slang] :: lamer
peesata {v} [colloquial, sports] :: to draft, slipstream (to take advantage of the suction produced by a moving person or object by travelling immediately behind it)
peesata {v} [colloquial, figurative] :: to piggyback (to follow or attach to something bigger)
peesi {n} [colloquial] :: wake, draft
peesi {n} [colloquial] :: slipstream
Peetu {prop} :: given name
peeveli {interj} :: damn, drat, crap, heck (mild swearword)
peffa {n} [colloquial, regional] :: buttocks
pegasos {n} :: a pegasus
Pegasus {prop} [constellation] :: The constellation Pegasus
pegmatiitti {n} :: pegmatite
pehertää {v} :: to dustbathe (of fowl, to take a dust bath)
pehko {n} :: bush
pehko {n} [vulgar] :: muff
Pehkonen {prop} :: surname
pehku {n} [agriculture] :: straws used in animal shelters
pehkut {n} [colloquial] :: sack (bed)
pehmeä {adj} :: soft; (of hair) silky; (of skin) smooth; (of sb's character/nature) mellow, gentle
pehmeähkö {adj} :: Quite soft
pehmeäjäätelö {n} :: synonym of pehmytjäätelö
pehmeäkalvo {n} [anatomy] :: pia mater (innermost of the meninges membranes that surround the brain and spinal cord)
pehmeäkantinen {adj} :: paperback
pehmeämpi {adj} :: comparative of pehmeä
pehmeä sankkeri {n} [pathology] :: chancroid, soft chancre, ulcus molle (sexually transmitted infection)
pehmeästi {adv} :: softly
pehmeikkö {n} :: soft ground
pehmelö {n} [rare] :: smoothie
pehmennys {n} :: softening
pehmentää {vt} :: To soften, make soft or softer (concretely); to mellow (sb's character/nature/disposition)
pehmentyä {vi} :: to soften, mellow, mellow out (to become softer)
pehmetä {vi} :: To soften
pehmeys {n} :: softness
pehmike {n} :: padding
pehmis {n} [colloquial] :: soft serve
pehmitä {vi} :: To soften
pehmite {n} :: softener
pehmitin {n} :: plasticizer
pehmitin {n} :: synonym of pehmite
pehmittää {vt} :: To soften
pehmittyä {vi} :: to be softened
pehmo {n} [colloquial] ::  softy (person)
pehmo {n} :: When used as modifier in a compound term, soft, cuddly etc
pehmo {n} :: When used as modifier in a compound term, soft; softly softly [UK] etc. (discreet, low-key, careful)
pehmoeläin {n} :: stuffed animal, plush toy
pehmoilija {n} :: softy (weak or sentimental person)
pehmoilla {vi} [colloquial] :: to act like a softy
pehmoinen {adj} :: soft
pehmojäätelö {n} :: soft serve, soft ice cream
pehmolelu {n} :: stuffed animal, plush toy, soft toy, cuddly toy
pehmopaperi {n} :: tissue (soft, absorbent paper)
pehmustaa {v} :: To pad (to furnish with a pad or padding)
pehmuste {n} :: padding, cushion
pehmustettu {adj} :: upholstered
pehmyempi {adj} :: comparative of pehmyt
pehmyin {adj} :: superlative of pehmyt
pehmyt {adj} [dialectal, literary] :: soft
pehmytjäätelö {n} :: soft serve, soft ice cream
pehmytpillike {n} :: broad-leaved hemp-nettle, Galeopsis ladanum
pehtori {n} :: A steward, estate manager, majordomo, caretaker, farm manager, farm superintendent (overseer of a farm)
pehva {n} [colloquial] :: buttocks
peijaat {n} :: synonym of peijaiset
peijaiset {n} :: A feast to celebrate the kill of a large wild animal, especially a bear or an elk
peijaiset {n} [by extension, colloquial] :: funeral
peijakas {interj} :: gosh
peijakkaasti {adv} :: An intensifier
peijooni {n} :: rascal
peikko {n} [folklore] :: goblin, hobgoblin, gnome, gremlin (mythical man-like creature, often depicted hairy, tailed and mischievous)
peikko {n} :: troll (in modern children's literature often a good-natured forest-dwelling humanoid)
peikko {n} :: hobgoblin (cause of dread, fear or apprehension)
peikkokrotti {n} :: batfish (anglerfish of the family Ogcocephalidae)
peikonlehti {n} :: monstera (plant of the genus Monstera, endemic to Central and South America, some species of which are commonly used as houseplants)
peikonlehti {n} :: short for jättipeikonlehti, ceriman, Swiss cheese plant, Monstera deliciosa (the most commonly cultivated species of this genus)
peilailla {v} :: To watch oneself from a mirror
peilata {vt} :: To mirror
peilautua {vi} :: to reflect, to be reflected, to be mirrored
peili {n} :: mirror
peilikaukoputki {n} :: reflecting telescope, reflector
peilikirjoitus {n} :: mirror writing (writing in such a way that the text appears correct when looked at through a mirror)
peilikuva {n} :: mirror image, reflection
peilikuva {n} [in compounds] :: reversed
peilipalvelin {n} [computing] :: mirror server
peilirauta {n} :: spiegeleisen
peilisali {n} :: hall of mirrors
peilisolu {n} :: mirror neuron
peiliteleskooppi {n} :: reflecting telescope, reflector
peilityyni {adj} :: dead calm (of a body of water, completely still with no waves)
peipata {v} [colloquial, sports] :: to do a dummy, to feint, to deke
peippo {n} :: A finch (any bird in the Fringillidae family)
peippo {n} :: A chaffinch (any bird in the genus Fringilla)
peippo {n} :: A chaffinch (Fringilla coelebs)
peipponen {n} :: finch
peitata {vt} [metallurgy] :: to pickle
peitata {vt} [agriculture] :: to dress, to coat (seeds)
peite {n} :: cover
peite {n} :: spread, throw
peitellä {v} :: To cover
peitenimi {n} :: code name, assumed name
peiterooli {n} [espionage] :: cover
peitesiipi {n} :: elytron
peitetarina {n} :: cover story (fictitious account that is intended to hide one's real motive)
peitinkalvo {n} [anatomy] :: fascia
peitinsiipi {n} [zoology] :: elytron
peitossa {postp} :: covered in or with
peitota {vt} :: to crush, to thrash (win by a landslide)
peitsata {vi} [of a horse] :: to pace
peitsi {n} :: lance
peitsi {n} :: pace (gait of a horse)
peitsimies {n} :: A lancer (cavalry); pikeman (infantry)
peitta {n} :: mordant
peittää {vt} :: to cover
peitta-aine {n} :: mordant
peittaus {n} [metallurgy] :: pickling
peittävä {adj} :: covering
peittelemätön {adj} :: overt
peittelemätön {adj} :: uncovered
peitto {n} :: blanket (part of bedding)
peitto {n} :: cover, coverage (generally)
peittoala {n} :: coverage
peittokyky {n} :: hiding power (capability to hide the surface of an object)
peittyä {v} :: to become covered, to be coated; "with" is chiefly expressed with illative case, sometimes adessive
pejoratiivinen {adj} :: pejorative
pekaanipähkinä {n} :: pecan (nut)
pekani {n} :: fisher, pekan (Martes pennanti)
pekari {n} :: peccary
Peking {prop} :: Peking
pekingeesi {n} :: synonym of kiinanpalatsikoira
Pekingin ankka {n} :: Peking duck (traditional Chinese dish)
pekinginihminen {n} :: Peking Man, Homo erectus pekinensis
pekka {n} [colloquial] :: Used in the idiom ei halunnut olla pekkaa pahempi (did not want to be worse than others)
Pekka {prop} :: given name
Pekka {prop} [card games] :: old maid, Old Maid (unpaired card in the children's card game of "Pekka-peli", similar to "old maid")
Pekkala {prop} :: surname
Pekkala {prop} :: Any of a number of small places in Finland
Pekkanen {prop} :: surname
Pekka-peli {n} :: A children's card game similar to Old Maid / old maid, in which cards must be paired and one undesirable card is designated "Pekka" ("Old Maid" in the English/American game)
Pekkarinen {prop} :: surname
Pekko {prop} [mythology] :: A god or spirit of cultivation in the Finnish mythology
Pekko {prop} [rare today] :: given name
pekoni {n} :: bacon
pekonihampurilainen {n} :: baconburger
Pekoraali {prop} :: Jabberwock (monster)
Pekoraali {prop} :: Jabberwocky (poem)
pektiini {n} [carbohydrate] :: pectin
pektoliitti {n} [mineral] :: pectolite
pelaaja {n} :: player
pelaaminen {n} :: playing (a game)
pelaginen {adj} :: pelagic
pelailla {v} :: To play (in a casual manner)
pelakuu {n} [dialectal] :: geranium
pelakuuni {n} :: A dialectal form of pelargoni
pelargoni {n} :: pelargonium, storksbill; geranium (any plant in the genus Pelargonium)
pelargonia {n} :: alternative form of pelargoni
pelargonihapero {n} :: A brittlegill, Russula pelargonia
pelargoniseitikki {n} [mushroom] :: A webcap, Cortinarius paleaceus
pelastaa {vt} :: to save, rescue
pelastaja {n} :: savior
pelastaminen {n} :: rescue (act of rescuing)
pelastautua {vi} :: To save oneself
pelastettu {adj} :: rescued
pelastettu {n} :: A rescuee
pelastua {vi} :: To be saved, rescued
pelastus {n} :: A rescue (act of rescuing), used also as modifier in compound terms
pelastus {n} :: A salvation, redemption (religion: process or event of being saved)
pelastusalus {n} :: rescue ship
Pelastusarmeija {prop} :: The Salvation Army
pelastushissi {n} :: rescue elevator
pelastuskoira {n} :: rescue dog
pelastuslaitos {n} :: rescue department
pelastuslautta {n} [nautical, aviation] :: life raft
pelastuslento {n} :: rescue flight
pelastusliivi {n} [nautical] :: life jacket, life vest
pelastusnaru {n} :: lifeline (line for drowning or falling person)
pelastusoperaatio {n} :: rescue operation
pelastuspalkkio {n} :: salvage fee
pelastuspalvelu {n} :: rescue service
pelastusrengas {n} [nautical] :: A life-buoy, life ring, life preserver
pelastusretkikunta {n} :: rescue party
pelastussukka {n} :: rescue chute
pelastustie {n} :: rescue road
pelastustoimi {n} :: emergency service, rescue service
pelastustuoli {n} [nautical] :: A cradle (basket or apparatus in which people are brought off from a wreck)
pelastustyö {n} :: rescue work
pelastustyöntekijä {n} :: rescue worker
pelastusupseeri {n} :: A Salvation Army officer
pelastusvene {n} [nautical] :: A lifeboat
pelastusyksikkö {n} :: rescue unit, rescue team
pelastusyksikkö {n} :: a type of fire engine of usually six crew members
pelästyä {vi} :: to get scared, get frightened
pelästyttää {vt} :: to scare, to give a scare, to frighten
pelata {vt} :: to play (participate in (a sport or game))
pelätä {vt} [+ partitive] :: To fear, dread, be afraid of
pelata aikaa {v} :: to play for time
pelata upporikasta ja rutiköyhää {v} [idiomatic] :: to take a flyer, roll the dice, take a gamble, take a risk, take a chance (to invest against odds; to make a choice with an uncertain outcome)
pelätin {n} :: scarecrow
peledsiika {n} :: peled, northern whitefish, Coregonus peled (species of whitefish originating from Arctic Russia)
pelehtiä {v} :: to fool around
pelehtiä {v} :: to play, to play around
pelehtiä {v} :: to cavort
pelehtiä {v} [colloquial] :: to make out, to fool around (engage in (often casual) sexual acts)
peli {n} :: game (activity described by a set of rules, especially for the purpose of entertainment)
peli {n} [sports] :: match, game
peli {n} [especially, in compounds] :: tool, means, implement, vehicle
peli {n} [slang] :: wheels (automobile)
peliaika {n} :: playing time
peliala {n} :: gaming industry, gaming sector
peliala {n} :: gambling industry, gambling sector
peliautomaatti {n} :: An arcade game
pelihimoinen {adj} :: Having addiction to gaming
pelihousut {n} :: game pants (pair of pants or trousers used when playing a game)
pelihousut {n} :: rag; in the colloquial idiomatic expression repiä pelihousunsa (lit. "to tear one's game pants") which may be translated as "to lose one's rag" (colloquial: to become angry)
peliitti {n} [geology] :: pelite
pelikaani {n} :: A pelican
pelikello {n} :: game clock (clock used to time a ball game)
pelikenttä {n} :: playing field
pelikielto {n} [sports] :: suspension (penalty in ice hockey and other ballgames consisting of prohibiting a player to play in one or more consecutive matches or for a period of time)
pelikone {n} :: gaming machine
pelikone {n} :: synonym of pelitietokone
pelikonsoli {n} [video games] :: game console, video game console
pelikortti {n} :: A playing card, card
pelilaite {n} :: gaming device
pelilauta {n} :: game board
peliliivi {n} [sports] :: bib (colourful light vest, with or without a number, worn over one's clothes to mark one's team)
pelillinen {adj} :: relating or pertaining to a game or games, to a match or matches
pelillistää {v} :: to gamify
pelillistäminen {n} :: gamification
pelimanni {n} :: folk musician; especially one who plays accordion
pelimerkki {n} :: A chip (token used in gambling to represent money)
pelimies {n} [slang] :: womanizer, player, sport, gambler, pickup artist
pelimoottori {n} [computing, video games] :: game engine
pelinappula {n} :: A man (piece in board games)
pelinavaus {n} [chess] :: opening
pelin henki {n} :: name of the game
pelinhoitaja {n} [profession] :: banker, bank (dealer, or one who keeps the bank in a gambling house)
pelinjohtaja {n} [sports] :: game leader (in team sports, a person responsible for keeping the game moving and assisting players to give their best contribution to the game)
pelinrakentaja {n} [American football] :: quarterback (offensive back whose primary job is to pass the ball in a play)
peliohjain {n} [computing] :: A joypad or gamepad
pelipaikka {n} [sports] :: position (place on the playing field, together with a set of duties, assigned to a player)
pelipaita {n} :: A jersey (shirt worn by a member of an athletic team)
pelipallo {n} :: ball used in a game, ball for a game
peliraha {n} :: token, money equivalent used in games such as card games
pelisääntö {n} [usually plural] :: rule (of game)
pelissä {adv} :: in (able to play)
pelissä {adv} :: at stake in a game
pelisuunnittelija {n} :: game designer
pelisuunnittelu {n} :: game design
peliteoria {n} [mathematics, economics] :: game theory
pelitietokone {n} :: gaming computer
pelittää {v} [colloquial] :: to work, to function
pelivara {n} :: leeway, elbowroom
peljätä {vt} [dated + partitive] :: To fear, dread, be afraid of
pelkästään {adv} :: only, merely
pelkistää {vt} [chemistry] :: To reduce
pelkiste {n} :: reducant
pelkistin {n} [chemistry] :: A reducing agent
pelkistyä {vi} :: To be(come) reduced, be(come) simplified
pelkistyä {vi} [chemistry] :: To be(come) reduced (get electrons or lose hydrogen)
pelkistys {n} [chemistry] :: reduction
pelkka {n} :: log from which two opposite sides have been sawed off
pelkkä {adj} :: mere
pelkkä {adj} :: only, nothing but
pelkkä {adj} :: sheer, pure
pelkkä {adj} :: bare
pelkkä {adj} :: all
pelko {n} :: fear, dread
Pelkonen {prop} :: surname
Pelkosenniemi {prop} :: Pelkosenniemi
pelkotila {n} :: state of fear, state of terror, state of anxiety
pelkuri {n} :: coward
pelkurimainen {adj} :: cowardly
pellagra {n} [pathology] :: pellagra
pellava {n} [plant] :: flax
pellava {n} :: linen
pellavainen {adj} :: flaxen (made of or resembling flax fibers)
pellavakangas {n} :: linen
pellavansiemen {n} :: linseed, flaxseed
pellavansiemenöljy {n} :: flaxseed oil (oil of flaxseed, used as a food)
pellavaöljy {n} :: linseed oil (oil extracted from flax seeds, used as a drying agent in paints, varnishes etc.)
pelle {n} :: A clown
pelleillä {v} :: to clown, fool, play the fool, clown around
pelleily {n} :: buffoonery , ribaldry (behaviour expected of a buffoon)
pellepuku {n} [military, slang] :: camo (clothes made of camouflage fabric)
Pellervo {prop} :: given name
Pellervoinen {prop} [mythology] :: A god of fields and growth in Finnish mythology
pelletoida {v} :: to pelletize (to form into pellets)
pelletti {n} :: pellet
pellittää {vt} :: to cover or furnish with a sheet or plate of metal
Pello {prop} :: A municipality in Lapland, northern Finland
Pellonpekko {prop} [mythology] :: The god of grain in the Finnish mythology
pelmahdella {vi} :: to suddenly appear repeatedly
pelmahtaa {vi} :: to suddenly appear or show up
pelmeni {n} :: pelmeni
pelmuta {vi} :: to romp, to frolic
pelmuttaa {vt} :: to puff
pelmuttaa {vt} :: to shake
peloissaan {adv} :: afraid, terrified, frightened (of something = elative)
peloissaan {adv} :: worried, anxious, apprehensive, intimidated
peloissani {adv} :: peloissaan ("afraid") with the 1st person singular possessive suffix -ni
pelokas {adj} :: fearful, timid
pelonsekainen {adj} :: scared and confused, uneasy, anxious, nervous
Peloponnesos {n} :: Peloponnese (Greek peninsula)
pelote {n} :: a deterrent
pelotella {vt} [_, + partitive] :: To intimidate; to browbeat, bully
pelotin {n} :: Anything that scares or makes think twice, like a scarecrow or deterrent
peloton {adj} :: fearless, daring
pelottaa {vt} [monopersonal] :: partitive + 3rd-person singular = to be afraid, to be scared
pelottaa {vt} [+ partitive] :: To frighten, to be intimidated or cowed by something
pelottaa {vt} [+ genitive singular or nominative plural] :: To scare
pelottava {adj} :: frightening, scary
pelottava {adj} :: daunting, discouraging
pelottavampi {adj} :: comparative of pelottava
pelottomuus {n} :: fearlessness
pelti {n} :: sheet metal
pelti {n} :: plate (flat, flexible, metallic object of uniform thickness)
pelti {n} :: sheet (flat metal pan used for baking in oven)
pelti {n} :: damper (valve or movable plate in the flue duct of a stove, furnace, etc., used to regulate the draught of air)
peltikatto {n} :: tin roof, sheet metal roof
peltikolari {n} :: A fender-bender (minor traffic accident that causes only easily repairable damage to the involved vehicles)
peltikorjaamo {n} :: body shop (workshop in which damage to the bodywork of cars is repaired)
peltikorva {n} :: tin ear (Insensitivity and inability to appreciate the elements of performed music)
peltipoliisi {n} [colloquial] :: speed camera (camera to detect speeding vehicles)
peltiromu {n} :: metal scrap
peltisakset {n} :: tin snips
peltivasara {n} :: panel beating hammer, sheet metal hammer
pelto {n} :: field (wide, open space used to grow crops)
peltoala {n} :: field area, crop area, area of arable land used for farming
peltoherkkusieni {n} :: horse mushroom, Agaricus arvensis
peltoherne {n} :: field pea
peltohiiri {n} :: striped field mouse (Apodemus agrarius)
peltokana {n} [dated] :: any bird of the family Phasianidae
peltokaura {n} :: common oat (Avena sativa)
peltokorte {n} :: common horsetail or field horsetail, Equisetum arvense
Peltola {prop} :: surname
Peltola {prop} :: Any of a number of small places in Finland
peltoleinikki {n} :: corn buttercup, Ranunculus arvensis (a flowering plant in the genus Ranunculus)
peltomaitikka {n} [plant] :: field cow-wheat (Melampyrum arvense)
peltomyyrä {n} :: field vole (Microtus agrestis)
Peltonen {prop} :: surname
peltopillike {n} :: bifid hemp-nettle, Galeopsis bifida
peltopyy {n} :: Any bird in the genus Perdix
peltopyy {n} :: A grey partridge, Perdix perdix
peltosarka {n} [agriculture] :: bed (on field)
peltosaunio {n} :: scentless false mayweed, scentless mayweed, scentless chamomile, Baldr's brow, Tripleurospermum inodorum
peltosauramo {n} :: corn chamomile, mayweed, scentless chamomile, field chamomile, oxeye, Anthemis arvensis
peltotulkku {n} :: desert finch, Rhodospiza obsoleta
peltovillakko {n} :: groundsel (Senecio vulgaris)
P/E-luku {n} [finance] :: price-earnings ratio, PE ratio, P-E ratio (ratio of share price to earnings per share used as an indication of the relative value of the share)
peluri {n} :: gambler, player
peluu {n} :: playing (a game)
peluuttaa {vt} :: to make play
peluuttaa {vt} :: to game, to play
pemmikaani {n} :: pemmican (emergency food made of dried meat, fat and sometimes other ingredients)
pemppu {n} [colloquial] :: buttocks
penaali {n} :: pencil case, pencil box
penätä {v} :: to demand, to press
penätä {v} :: to argue, to insist
pendeli {n} :: pendulum
pendelöinti {n} :: commuting
peneplaani {n} [geography] :: peneplain
penetraatio {n} :: penetration
penetranssi {n} [genetics] :: penetrance
penetroida {vt} :: To penetrate
penger {n} :: embankment
penger {n} :: bank
penger {n} :: terrace
pengerrys {n} :: terracing
pengertää {vt} :: To embank
pengertie {n} :: causeway (elevated road)
pengonta {n} :: rummage, rummaging
peni {n} [archaic] :: dog
penikka {n} :: A puppy
penikka {n} [derogatory] :: A child, brat
penikkatauti {n} [pathology, concerning humans] :: Exertional compartment syndrome of the inner side of the leg(s)
penikkatauti {n} [pathology, concerning animals] :: Disease caused by the Canine Distemper Virus (CDV)
penikoida {vi} :: To pup
penikuorma {n} [obsolete] :: A traditional measure of length equal to 10 versts
peninkulma {n} [archaic] :: measure of length equal to 10 kilometers [from the year 1887]
peninkulma {n} [obsolete] :: measure of length equal to 10.688 kilometers [in 1655-1886], i.e. the Swedish mil
peninkulma {n} [obsolete] :: measure of length equal to about six kilometers [before 1655]
penis {n} [anatomy] :: penis
penisilliini {n} :: penicillin
penisilliinikuuri {n} [colloquial] :: alternative term for antibioottikuuri
peniskateus {n} :: penis envy
penispumppu {n} :: penis pump
penkere {n} :: alternative form of penger
penkinpainajaiset {n} :: an event held to celebrate the students on their final day of study at a lukio
penkka {n} :: bank, embankment
penkkarit {n} [colloquial] :: an event held to celebrate the students on their final day of study at a lukio
penkki {n} :: bench
penkkihiomakone {n} :: bench grinder
penkkihöylä {n} [woodworking] :: bench plane (tool)
penkkipunnerrus {n} [weightlifting] :: bench press
penkkiurheilu {n} :: spectator sport
penkoa {vt} :: to rummage, to forage, to dig through
pennalismi {n} :: Military bullying by peers
Pennanen {prop} :: surname
penni {n} :: One hundredth of a markka, the Finnish currency until the introduction of euro in 2002
penninki {n} [historical] :: A currency in Sweden (and by extension Finland) from the Middle Ages to 1776, one 192th of a mark
pennitön {adj} :: penniless
pennonen {n} :: diminutive of penni
pennonen {n} [usually plural] :: an insignificant amount of money
pensa {n} [colloquial] :: gasoline, gas
pensaikko {n} :: shrubbery (growth of shrubs, planted or natural)
pensaikko {n} :: scrub, brush (vegetation of inferior quality, though sometimes thick and impenetrable, growing in poor soil)
pensas {n} :: A bush (woody plant)
pensas {n} :: A shrub
pensasaita {n} :: hedge, hedgerow
pensasampiainen {n} :: median wasp; Euro wasp [UK], Dolichovespula media (Eurasian species of wasp)
pensasaro {n} :: shrubland
pensaskataja {n} :: A common, bush-like variant of common juniper, Juniperus communis
pensaskoira {n} :: bush dog (Speothos venaticus)
pensasleppä {n} :: A green alder, Alnus viridis
pensasmustikka {n} :: highbush blueberry
pensassakset {n} :: hedge shears
pensastaa {v} :: alternative form of pensoa
pensastua {vi} :: to become a bush, to start growing bushes
penseä {adj} :: indifferent, lukewarm
penseys {n} :: indifference
penska {n} [colloquial] :: child
penslata {vt} :: to apply medicine with a brush
penslata {vt} :: to distemper (paint using distemper)
pensoa {vi} :: To grow like a bush
pensoittua {v} :: synonym of pensastua
pensseli {n} :: paintbrush
pensselisika {n} :: bush pig (wild pig of the genus Potamochoerus)
pensselisika {n} :: red river hog (wild pig of the species Potamochoerus porcus)
pensselöidä {vt} :: to paint with a brush
pentaani {n} [organic compound] :: pentane
pentaboraani {n} [chemistry] :: pentaborane
pentaedri {n} [geometry] :: pentahedron
pentagoni {n} [geometry] :: pentagon (a polygon with five sides and five angles)
pentagrammi {n} :: pentagram
pentametri {n} :: pentameter
pentanoli {n} [chemistry] :: pentanol
pentatoninen {adj} [music] :: pentatonic
pentatoninen {adj} :: pentatoninen asteikko = pentatonic scale
pentele {interj} :: damn, drat, crap, heck (mild swearword)
pentlandiitti {n} [mineral] :: pentlandite
pentobarbitaali {n} [chemistry] :: pentobarbital
pentodi {n} :: pentode
pentoksidi {n} [chemistry] :: pentoxide
pentoosi {n} [chemistry] :: pentose
pentriitti {n} [organic chemistry] :: pentaerythritol tetranitrate (powerful explosive)
pentteri {n} [nautical] :: pantry (small room or closet aboard a vessel, dedicated to food storage and/or storing kitchenware)
Pentti {prop} :: given name
Pentti {prop} [rare] :: surname based on the given name
Penttilä {prop} :: surname
Penttilä {prop} :: Any of a number of small places in Finland
Penttinen {prop} :: surname
pentu {n} :: cub, puppy
pentu {n} [derogatory] :: kid
pentue {n} :: litter (offspring)
pentyyni {n} [chemistry] :: pentyne
penumbra {n} :: penumbra
peoni {n} :: peon
pepperoni {n} :: pepperoni (sausage)
pepperoni {n} :: pepperoni (pizza)
pepperoni {n} :: A type of longish, relatively mild, pickled, yellowish green chili, often served as condiment to doner kebab
Peppi {prop} :: given name in regular use since the 1990s
Peppi Pitkätossu {prop} :: Pippi Longstocking (fictional character invented by Astrid Lindgren)
peppu {n} [colloquial, childish] :: bum, butt, caboose, tushie
pepsiini {n} :: pepsin
peptidi {n} [biochemistry] :: peptide
peptidisidos {n} [chemistry] :: peptide bond
peptisoituminen {n} :: peptization
per {prep} :: per
perä {n} :: The aft part of anything, the rear, the back, the tail end
perä {n} [nautical] :: The stern of a vessel
perä {n} :: The butt of a gun
perä {n} [dialectal] :: A neighbourhood
perä {n} :: In certain idioms, the truth or the foundation
perä {n} [colloquial] :: The bottom or the ass
perä {n} [colloquial, in plural] :: remainder
perä {n} [archaic] :: ground. The sense still lives in compound terms, such as:
peräaallokko {n} :: stern wave (the wave or waves caused by a stern of a (moving) ship)
peräaalto {n} :: The wash (wake of a ship), specifically the large waves produced
perään {postp} :: genitive + ~: after; used to indicate movement towards something that is going or has gone away from the subject of the sentence
perään {postp} :: genitive + ~: into; used to indicate liking
perään {adv} :: Used to indicate that something goes, has gone or will go toward something else that has gone already; the corresponding English structure is usually "after + headword"
peräänantamaton {adj} :: unyielding, never-say-die, indomitable
peräänantamattomuus {n} :: The property of being unyielding; stubbornness
peräänkuuluttaa {v} :: to call for, demand (to demand something publicly, especially in politics)
peräännyttää {vt} :: to make retreat, to force to retreat
perääntyä {v} :: to back off, back away (to move backwards away from something)
perääntyä {v} [figuratively] :: to back down, back off (to take a less aggressive stand)
perääntyä {v} :: to retreat (to withdraw military forces)
peräaukko {n} [anatomy] :: anus
peräaukkokanava {n} [anatomy] :: anal canal
peräaukon kohottajalihas {n} [anatomy] :: levator ani (muscle that forms part of the pelvic floor; in humans it supports the viscera in pelvic cavity)
peräevä {n} [anatomy, of a fish] :: An anal fin
peräharus {n} [nautical] :: A backstay
Perähikiä {prop} [colloquial] :: An imaginary remote place, which is far from anything interesting; the middle of nowhere - equates to Bumfuck, Egypt in American slang and Woop Woop in Australian slang
-peräinen {adj} :: of origin
-peräinen {adj} :: having a rear side or aft part of certain type
peräisin {adv} :: Always used together with the verb olla (to be) signifying: to be original to, to have one's origins in, to originate from, to come from
peräkanaa {adv} :: One after another
peräkansi {n} [nautical] :: afterdeck, taffrail (deck area at the stern of a vessel)
peräkärry {n} [colloquial] :: A light trailer suitable to be pulled by a small vehicle
peräkastelli {n} :: aftcastle, aftercastle, sterncastle (structure above the main deck in the aft of a sailship, often housing the officers' cabins)
Peräkeula {prop} :: The constellation Puppis
peräkkäin {adv} :: successively, one after the other, one after another, on the trot, in a row
peräkkäin {adv} :: running (consecutively, in a row)
peräkkäinen {adj} :: successive, consecutive, serial (taking place or coming one after another)
peräkkäishaku {n} [comptheory] :: linear search, sequential search
peräkkäistulkkaus {n} :: consecutive interpretation, consecutive interpreting
peräkontti {n} [automotive] :: synonym of tavaratila
Perälä {prop} :: surname
Perälä {prop} :: A placename
perälaita {n} :: rear edge, rear side
perälauta {n} :: tailgate, tailboard (hinged board or hatch at the rear of a vehicle)
perälauta {n} :: fallback clause (in a contract which leaves some element of the settlement to depend on future negotiations, a clause that stipulates the outcome in case no other agreement is reached)
perämerenmaruna {n} [botany] :: Artemisia campestris subsp. bottnica, a highly endangered subspecies of ketomaruna (field sagewort), which occurs naturally only on the sandy shores of the Bothnian Bay
Perämeri {prop} :: The Bay of Bothnia, Bothnian Bay
perämies {n} [nautical] :: helmsman (member of a ship's crew who is responsible for steering)
perämies {n} [nautical, rank] :: chief officer, first mate, chief mate
perämies {n} :: coxswain (in a rowing crew, the member who steers the shell and coordinates the power and rhythm of the rowers)
perämies {n} :: sweep (person who steers a dragon boat or surf boat)
perämies {n} [aviation, rank] :: first officer, co-pilot
perämoottori {n} [nautical] :: outboard motor
peräpää {n} :: back (part of something that goes last)
peräpää {n} :: rear (back or hindmost part; that which is behind, or last on order)
peräpää {n} :: posterior (buttocks)
peräparras {n} [nautical] :: tafferel
peräpeili {n} [nautical] :: A carved ornament on the stern of a vessel, a badge
peräporttialus {n} :: ship designed to be loaded through stern doors
peräpuikko {n} :: suppository
peräpukama {n} [medicine] :: hemorrhoid
peräpuoli {n} :: The hind part of anything, but especially that of a man, an animal, a boat or a ship
peräranka {n} [nautical] :: A sternpost
peräruiske {n} [medicine] :: enema
peräseinä {n} :: back wall (wall forming the back side of a structure)
peräsin {n} :: rudder
peräsinvipu {n} [nautical] :: whipstaff (long pole attached to a tiller)
perässä {adv} :: behind, later, afterward
perästäpäin {adv} :: afterwards
peräsuolentulehdus {n} [pathology] :: proctitis (inflammation of the anus and the lining of the rectum)
peräsuoli {n} [anatomy] :: rectum
peräsuolioppi {n} [medicine] :: proctology
peräsuolisyöpä {n} [pathology] :: rectal cancer
perata {vt} :: to gut (a fish)
perätä {vt} :: to dun, inquire, try to find out; especially in a demanding tone
peräti {adv} :: Used as fortifier for adjectives, most proper translation into English being often "very" or "quite"
peräti {adv} :: Used with numerals to indicate that the figure is either in high or low end of the ordinary range. Translated into English as "as much as, up to, even" or "as little as"
perätilasynnytys {n} :: breech birth
peräti yli {adv} :: even more
perättäinen {adj} :: A variant of peräkkäinen
perätuuppari {n} [nautical, colloquial] :: kicker (outboard motor, especially a small one)
perätysten {adv} :: one after the other, in a row
perävako {n} [anatomy] :: anal cleft
perävalo {n} :: taillight (one of a pair of red lights, mounted on the rear of a vehicle)
perävannas {n} [nautical] :: A sternpost
perävaunu {n} [vehicles] :: A trailer (unpowered wheeled vehicle that is towed behind another)
peräyttää {v} :: synonym of peräännyttää
peräytyä {v} :: synonym of perääntyä
peregrinaatio {n} [historical] :: A long journey abroad by the sons of noble families with the general purpose of gaining education and fostering relationships with the nobility of other countries
perehdyttää {vt} :: to introduce, to familiarize, to acquaint
perehdyttäminen {n} :: familiarization
perehtyä {vi} [+ illative] :: to get acquainted with, make oneself familiar with, familiarize oneself with, orientate oneself, read up on
perehtyminen {n} :: familiarization
perempi {adj} [of location] :: further aback
perenna {n} [botany] :: perennial (plant that is active for more than two growing seasons)
perennoida {v} :: to perennialize (to grow as perennial)
perestroika {n} [historical] :: perestroika
perfekti {n} [grammar] :: present perfect tense
perfektiivinen aspekti {n} [linguistics] :: perfective aspect (especially in the context of Slavic languages)
perfektionismi {n} :: perfectionism
perfektionisti {n} :: perfectionist
perfektionistinen {adj} :: perfectionistic
perfenatsiini {n} [pharmaceutical drug] :: perphenazine
perfluoro-oktaanihappo {n} [chemistry] :: perfluorooctanoic acid
perforaatio {n} :: perforation
performanssi {n} :: performance
perforoida {v} :: to perforate
perfuusio {n} :: perfusion
pergamentti {n} :: parchment
pergamenttipaperi {n} :: parchment (stiff paper resembling "true" parchment)
pergola {n} :: pergola
perhana {interj} :: darn
perhe {n} :: family, nuclear family (parents and children, cf. suku)
perhealbumi {n} :: family album (photo album)
perheasunto {n} :: family residence
perhe-elämä {n} :: family life
perheellinen {adj} :: that has a family
perheenäiti {n} :: mother of a family, housewife
perheenisä {n} :: father of a family, house husband
perheenjäsen {n} :: family member, member of the family
perheenpää {n} :: head of family
perheetön {adj} :: that does not have a family, familyless
perhehauta {n} :: family grave, family gravesite
perhehoitaja {n} [legal] :: foster parent
perhehoito {n} :: foster care (formal system by which a child is cared for, in a foster family, by people other than its own parents, but without being adopted)
perhekalleus {n} :: crown jewel (prized family possession or asset)
perhekalleus {n} [euphemism, in plural] :: crown jewels, family jewels (male genitalia)
perhekustannukset {n} :: family expenses
perhekuva {n} :: family portrait
perhelääkäri {n} :: family doctor
perhemajoitus {n} :: homestay (form of tourism)
perhenimi {n} :: cognomen
perheoikeus {n} [law] :: family law (area of private law pertaining to family matters and domestic relations)
perhepäivähoitaja {n} :: childminder
perhepalaveri {n} :: family meeting (informal meeting for discussion)
perhepiiri {n} :: family circle (the social circle comprising one's family)
perhepyjama {n} :: family pajamas
perheriita {n} :: domestic dispute
perhesiteet {n} :: family ties
perhesuhteet {n} :: family relationships, family relations
perheterapeutti {n} :: family therapist
perheterapia {n} :: family therapy
perhetragedia {n} :: family tragedy
perhetuomioistuin {n} :: family court
perhetuttava {n} :: family friend
perhetuttu {n} :: family friend
perheväkivalta {n} :: domestic violence
perhevalmennus {n} :: parent training
perheyhtiö {n} :: family business
perheyritys {n} :: family business
perheystävä {n} :: family friend
perho {n} :: A fly (fishing lure)
perho {n} :: Short form of perhonen (butterfly), used poetically and in compound words
Perho {prop} :: A municipality in Central Ostrobothnia, Finland
perhokalastus {n} :: fly fishing
perhonen {n} :: insect of the order Lepidoptera; butterfly, moth or skipper
perhonen {n} [sports] :: butterfly
perhosentoukka {n} :: caterpillar
perhoshaavi {n} :: butterfly net
perhostaa {v} :: to fly-fish
perhostella {v} :: to swim the butterfly stroke
perhostus {n} :: fly fishing
perhosuinti {n} [swimming] :: butterfly
perhosvaikutus {n} :: butterfly effect
perhosveitsi {n} :: butterfly knife (folding knife with two rotating handles)
perhovapa {n} :: fly fishing rod
periä {v} :: to inherit
periä {v} :: to exact, tariff, dun
periä {v} [idiomatic] :: expression hukka perii (to be doomed); literally 'wolf inherits'
periaate {n} :: principle
periaatepäätös {n} :: decision in principle
periaatteellinen {adj} :: principled
periaatteellinen {adj} :: of principle
periaatteessa {adv} :: in principle
periamerikkalainen {adj} :: all-American (known by, encompassing all of, or best in America)
periapsis {n} [astronomy] :: periapsis
periastroni {n} [astronomy] :: periastron
peridootti {n} [mineral] :: peridot
peridotiitti {n} [geology] :: peridotite
perifeerinen {adj} :: peripheral
periferia {n} :: periphery (region)
periferia {n} :: fringe (region)
perifraasi {n} [linguistics] :: periphrasis
perifrastinen {adj} [grammar] :: periphrastic
perifyton {n} :: periphyton
perigeum {n} [astronomy] :: perigee (point in the orbit of any object which is at the shortest distance from the center of the central body)
periheli {n} :: perihelion
perijä {n} :: heir
perijätär {n} :: heiress
perijätär {n} :: dowager
perikardiitti {n} [pathology] :: pericarditis
perikardium {n} [anatomy] :: pericardium
perikarppi {n} [botany] :: pericarp
perikato {n} :: ruin, destruction, undoing
periksi {adv} :: antaa periksi: to give up; [of supporting structures etc.] to give way
periksiantamaton {adj} :: persevering, relentless, determined
perikunta {n} :: heirs collectively
perikuva {n} :: An archetype
perillä {adv} :: at the destination
perille {adv} :: to/at the destination
perillinen {n} [legal] :: beneficiary, heir, inheritor (one who benefits from the distribution of an estate)
perilymfa {n} [anatomy] :: perilymph
perimä {n} :: genome (complete genetic information of an organism)
perimä {n} :: genotype (combination of alleles that determines a specific trait of an individual)
perimä {n} :: inheritance (biological attributes passed hereditarily from ancestors to their offspring)
perimätapa {n} :: synonym of perinnäistapa
perimätieto {n} :: lore
periminen {n} :: inheritance (passing of title to an estate upon death)
perimiskulut {n} :: collection costs (cost incurred to collect debt that is owed)
perimmäinen {adj} :: ultimate
perin {adv} :: exceedingly
perinataaliaika {n} :: perinatal period
perinataalinen {adj} :: perinatal (of or pertaining to the time around birth)
perinatologia {n} :: perinatology
perin juurin {adv} :: synonym of perin pohjin
perinnäistapa {n} :: inherited tradition or custom
perinne {n} :: tradition
perinnelajike {n} :: A heirloom (crop variety that has been passed down through generations)
perinneruoka {n} :: traditional food
perinnöllinen {adj} :: hereditary
perinnöllinen elliptosytoosi {n} [pathology] :: hereditary elliptocytosis (blood disease)
perinnöllisyys {n} :: heritability, heredity
perinnöllisyystiede {n} [biology, genetics] :: genetics
perinnöllisyystieteilijä {n} :: geneticist
perinnötön {adj} :: disinherited (excluded from inheritance)
perinpohjainen {adj} :: thorough
perinpohjaisesti {adv} :: thoroughly
perinpohjaisuus {n} :: thoroughness
perin pohjin {adv} [idiomatic] :: thoroughly; radically
perintä {n} :: debt collection
perintä {n} :: recovery of taxes
perintä {n} [programming] :: inheritance
perintätoimisto {n} :: collection agency
perinteikäs {adj} :: traditional
perinteinen {adj} :: traditional
perinteinen {n} :: classic skiing (style of cross-country skiing)
perinteinen hiihtotapa {n} :: classic skiing
perinteinen kiina {n} :: Traditional Chinese
perinteisesti {adv} :: traditionally
perintö {n} :: heritage
perintö {n} :: inheritance
perintö {n} :: legacy
perintö {n} [as modifier in compound terms] :: inherited
perintöhopeat {n} :: a silverware set that has been inherited
perintökaari {n} [legal] :: law of inheritance, inheritance law (law governing inheritance and will, especially that of Finland or Sweden)
perintöprinsessa {n} :: A runner-up (any of one or more nominated runner-ups in a beauty contest)
perintötekijä {n} :: gene (segment of DNA)
perintötuomioistuin {n} [legal] :: probate court (court whose function is to administer estates and prove wills)
perintövero {n} :: inheritance tax (tax charged on the beneficiaries of an estate)
periodi {n} :: period (of time)
peripateetikko {n} [philosophy] :: Peripatetic (disciple of Aristotle)
peripatrinen {adj} [biology] :: peripatric
perisentri {n} [astronomy] :: pericenter
periskooppi {n} :: periscope
peristaltiikka {n} [physiology] :: peristalsis (rhythmic, wave-like contraction of the digestive tract that forces food through it)
peristalttinen {adj} [physiology] :: peristaltic
perisynnitön {adj} :: immaculate
perisynnitön sikiäminen {n} :: Immaculate Conception (doctrine, in the Roman Catholic Church, that Virgin Mary was conceived free from original sin)
perisynnittömän sikiämisen päivä {n} :: Immaculate Conception (Feast of the Immaculate Conception of Mary celebrated on December 8th)
perisynti {n} [Christianity] :: the original sin
peritoneaalidialyysi {n} [medicine] :: peritoneal dialysis
peritoniitti {n} [pathology] :: peritonitis
perivihollinen {n} :: archenemy
periyttää {vt} :: to make inherit
periyttää {vt} [programming] :: to inherit
periytyä {vi} :: to be inherited
periytyvä {n} :: hereditary
perjantai {n} :: Friday
perjantaiaamu {n} :: Friday morning
perjantai-ilta {n} :: Friday night
perjantainen {adj} :: Pertaining to Friday
perjantaisin {adv} :: On Fridays
perjantaisin {adj} :: superlative of perjantainen
perkausrauta {n} :: a type of tool used to gut a fish
perkeet {n} :: parings (of fish etc.)
perkele {n} :: The Devil, Satan; also Perkele
perkele {n} :: devil
perkele {interj} [vulgar] :: A swearword
perkele {adj} [vulgar] :: bloody, fucking (intensifier)
perkeleesti {adv} [vulgar] :: An intensifier
perkelöityä {v} [vulgar, rare] :: to escalate, get worse
perkloorihappo {n} [chemistry] :: perchloric acid
perkolaatio {n} :: percolation
perkolaattori {n} :: percolator (type of device used to brew coffee)
perkolointi {n} :: percolation
perkussio {n} :: percussion
perkussionisti {n} :: percussionist
perkuu {n} :: gutting a fish
perliitti {n} :: perlite (volcanic glass)
perliitti {n} [metallurgy] :: pearlite (lamellar structure in steel)
permanentata {vt} :: to perm (hair)
permanentti {n} :: permanent (chemical hair treatment)
permanganaatti {n} [chemistry] :: permanganate
permanto {n} [archaic] :: floor
permanto {n} [theater] :: parquet, stall
permanto {n} [gymnastics] :: floor
permantoliike {n} [gymnastics] :: floor exercise
permeaabeli {adj} [rare] :: permeable
permeaasi {n} :: permease
permeabiliteetti {n} [physics] :: permeability
permeanssi {n} [physics] :: permeance
permetriini {n} [chemistry] :: permethrin
permikausi {n} :: Permian, Permian period
permikautinen {adj} :: Permian
permiläinen {n} :: Permian (person belonging to Komi or Udmurt people)
permiläinen {adj} :: Permic (of or pertaining to Permians, their languages and culture)
Permin komi {n} :: synonym of komipermjakki
permis {n} [colloquial] :: permanent (hair treatment)
permitiivisyys {n} :: alternative form of permittiivisyys
permittiivisyys {n} :: permittivity
permutaatio {n} :: permutation
permutaatioryhmä {n} [algebra, group theory] :: permutation group
perna {n} [anatomy] :: spleen
pernarutto {n} [pathology] :: anthrax
pernisiöösi {adj} [medicine] :: pernicious
peroksidi {n} [chemistry] :: peroxide
peronismi {n} [politics] :: Peronism
persaukinen {adj} [vulgar] :: broke
persaukset {n} [colloquial] :: buttocks
persaus {n} [colloquial] :: A hinder (the buttocks); often used in plural: persaukset
perse {n} [vulgar] :: arse, ass, asshole
perse {interj} [vulgar] :: shit, fuck
perseääliö {n} [vulgar] :: A person whose idiotic behaviour surpasses that of a normal moron; a dumbass
perseennuolija {n} [vulgar, derogatory] :: ass-licker; sycophant
perseet {n} [colloquial] :: extreme drunkenness
perseet olalla {phrase} [idiomatic, vulgar] :: shit-faced, rat-arsed, heavily drunk (under the influence of large amount of alcohol)
perseet olalle {phrase} [idiomatic, vulgar] :: shit-faced, rat-arsed (to the state of heavy drunkenness)
Persefone {prop} [Greek god] :: Persephone
perseidit {n} [astronomy] :: The Perseids
perseillä {v} [vulgar, colloquial] :: To muck about
persentiili {n} [statistics] :: percentile
perseptiivinen {adj} :: perceptive
perseptio {n} :: A perception
persereikä {n} [anatomy, vulgar] :: asshole (anus)
persereikä {n} [vulgar, of a person] :: asshole, jerk, asswipe
persereikä {n} [vulgar, of a place] :: shithole
Perseus {prop} [Greek mythology] :: Perseus
Perseus {prop} [constellation] :: The constellation Perseus
persia {n} [dated] :: The modern Persian language
persia {n} :: The old Persian language
Persia {prop} :: Persia
persialainen {n} :: Persian (person)
persialainen {n} :: Persian cat (breed of cat)
persialainen {adj} :: Persian (of or pertaining to Persia, its citizens or culture)
persialaisuus {n} :: Persianness
persianapila {n} :: Persian clover, shaftal, Trifolium resupinatum (annual clover used as fodder and hay)
persiankielinen {adj} :: Expressed in Persian language
persiankielinen {adj} :: Speaking Persian
persiankissa {n} [dated] :: synonym of persialainen (breed of cat)
Persianlahti {prop} :: The Persian Gulf
persikka {n} :: peach (fruit)
persikkahapero {n} :: A brittlegill, Russula violeipes
persikkapuu {n} :: peach tree
persilja {n} :: parsley
persiljaseitikki {n} [mushroom] :: A webcap, Cortinarius sulfurinus
persiljavoi {n} :: butter flavored with parsley
persimon {n} :: persimmon
persimoni {n} :: persimmon
perskat {n} :: dottle, grounds, substance left after use (such as of tobacco or coffee)
persläpi {n} [vulgar] :: asshole, anus
perso {adj} :: greedy for something
perso {adj} :: The noun sweet tooth may be used when the greed is for sweet things in general
personaaliunioni {n} :: personal union
personalismi {n} :: personalism
personal trainer {n} :: personal trainer
personifikaatio {n} :: personification
personifioida {vt} :: To personify
personifiointi {n} :: personification
personoida {v} :: to personalize (to adapt something to the needs of an individual)
personoida {v} :: to personalize (to represent something abstract as a person; to embody)
personoida {v} :: to personify (to be an example of; to have all the attributes of)
personoida {v} :: to personify (to create a representation of an abstract quality in the form of a literary character)
personointi {n} :: personification
personoitua {vi} :: to become personalized
persoona {n} [grammar] :: person, grammatical person (linguistic category used to distinguish between the speaker of an utterance and those to whom or about whom he is speaking)
persoona {n} :: personality
persoona {n} [rare] :: person (human being; individual)
persoonallinen {adj} :: distinctive (characteristic or typical to somebody)
persoonallisesti {adv} :: personally (in a personal manner)
persoonallisuus {n} :: personality
persoonallisuushäiriö {n} [psychology] :: personality disorder
persoonallisuustesti {n} [psychology] :: A personality test
persoonallisuustyyppi {n} :: personality type
persoonapääte {n} [grammar] :: personal suffix
persoonapronomini {n} [grammar] :: A personal pronoun
persoonaton {adj} :: impersonal
persoonattomampi {adj} :: comparative of persoonaton
persoonattomin {adj} :: superlative of persoonaton
persoonaunioni {n} :: personal union
perspano {n} [vulgar] :: butt-fucking, butt sex (anal sex act)
perspektiivi {n} :: perspective (view, vista or outlook)
perspektiivi {n} :: perspective (appearance of depth in objects)
persreikä {n} :: alternative form of persereikä
persu {n} [colloquial] :: perussuomalainen (true Finn; member or supporter of the Finnish political party Perussuomalaiset)
persus {n} [colloquial, somewhat vulgar] :: behind, bottom, backside, bum, can (buttocks)
persuukset {n} [colloquial] :: buttocks
persvako {n} [anatomy, vulgar] :: ass crack
Perth {prop} :: Perth (any place called Perth in English)
pertsa {n} [colloquial] :: classic, classic skiing (style of cross-country skiing)
Pertti {prop} :: given name
Perttu {prop} :: given name
Perttula {prop} :: surname
Perttula {prop} :: Any of a number of small places in Finland
Pertunmaa {prop} :: A municipality in Southern Savonia, Finland
pertuska {n} :: a wide-bladed axe used to cut thickets or peat
pertuska {n} :: a battle axe
pertuska {n} :: a partisan (type of spear)
peru {n} :: heritage
peru {n} :: origin
Peru {prop} :: Peru
perua {vt} :: To withdraw, renege on, retract, (colloquially) take back, go back on, bum out on
perua {vt} [colloquial] :: To cancel, call off
peruke {n} [fishing] :: wire trace, snood
perukka {n} :: A back end, out-of-the-way corner or place; often used in plural (a place which is remote or otherwise difficult to reach)
perulainen {adj} :: Peruvian
perulainen {n} :: Peruvian
peruna {n} :: potato, Solanum tuberosum (plant and the tuber)
perunainen {adj} :: potatoey
perunajauho {n} :: potato flour
perunakeitto {n} :: potato soup
perunakellari {n} :: potato cellar
perunakuokka {n} :: potato hook
perunakuutio {n} :: potato cube
perunalaatikko {n} :: Traditional Finnish potato casserole
perunalastu {n} :: potato chip [US], potato crisp [UK]
perunamakkara {n} :: A kind of sausage made with potato
perunamuhennos {n} :: mashed potatoes
perunamuusi {n} :: mashed potatoes
perunamuusijauhe {n} :: instant mashed potatoes
perunankuori {n} :: potato skin
perunarupi {n} :: common scab, as a relatively harmless variety of scab
perunarutto {n} :: potato blight (plant disease)
perunasäkki {n} :: potato sack
perunasäkki {n} :: sackful of potatoes
perunasalaatti {n} :: potato salad
perunasose {n} :: smashed potatoes
perunatärkkelys {n} :: potato starch
perunrotta {n} :: Andean rat, Lenoxus apicalis (species of rat found on the eastern slopes of Andes in Peru and Bolivia)
perus- {prefix} :: basic, elemental, fundamental, rudimentary, normal, typical, average
perus- {prefix} :: primal
perus {n} [architecture, rare] :: foundation
perusaate {n} :: basic principle
perusasia {n} :: essential (something basic, elementary or indispensable)
perusaste {n} [grammar] :: positive
peruselementti {n} :: fundamental element
peruselintarvike {n} :: staple (basic food stuff)
perushankinnat {n} :: normal or standard supplies
perushyödyke {n} :: primary good
perusjoukko {n} [set theory] :: universe
perusjoukko {n} [statistics] :: population
peruskallio {n} [geology] :: basement (mass of igneous or metamorphic rock forming the foundation over which a platform of sedimentary rocks is laid)
peruskallio {n} [figuratively] :: bedrock (basis or foundation)
peruskirja {n} :: charter (document issued by an authority, creating a public or private institution, and defining its purposes and privileges)
peruskirja {n} :: charter (similar document conferring rights and privileges on a person, corporation etc.)
peruskivi {n} :: cornerstone (ceremonial stone set at the foundation of a building, often in the corner and inscribed with the completion year and other details)
peruskivi {n} [figuratively] :: cornerstone (that which is prominent, fundamental, noteworthy, or central)
peruskorjata {v} :: to renovate, restore (especially of a building or a piece of machinery, to bring back to a previous or better condition or state)
peruskorjaus {n} :: major overhaul, complete renovation (thorough reparation of a building or structure)
peruskoulu {n} :: The name commonly used used in Finnish for Finland's 9-year comprehensive schools starting at the age of 7 (literally means "basic school"; a more precise or more descriptive name would be (yhdeksänvuotinen) yhtenäiskoulu)
peruskoulutus {n} :: basic education
peruskoulutus {n} [military] :: basic training
peruskunta {n} :: basic municipality (a municipality that does not have a governing body but that is not in itself part of a regional governing body)
peruskunta {n} :: basic municipality (a municipality large enough to offer public services in a proposed model)
peruslämpö {n} :: core temperature
peruslaskutoimitus {n} [math] :: arithmetic operation
peruslause {n} [logic, mathematics] :: axiom
perusluku {n} [math] :: cardinal number
perusluku {n} [grammar] :: synonym of kardinaalilukusana
perusluku {n} [math] :: synonym of kantaluku
peruslukusana {n} [grammar] :: In Finnish grammar, a cardinal numeral that is expressed as single, non-compound word and may be used as an element for composing compound numerals. These "elementary" numeral are yksi (one), kaksi (two), ... . kymmenen (ten), sata (hundred), tuhat (thousand), miljoona (million), miljardi (billion) etc
perusmerkitys {n} [linguistics] :: denotation
perusmetalli {n} :: base metal [common metal]
perusmuoto {n} [linguistics] :: lemma, basic form (canonical form of an inflected word; ie the form usually found in dictionaries)
perusoikeus {n} :: fundamental right, basic right (right regarded as belonging without presumption to all human beings under a given jurisdiction, or universally)
perusolemus {n} :: essence
perusoletus {n} :: principle (fundamental assumption)
perusoletus {n} :: fundamental assumption, basic assumption
perusopiskelija {n} :: undergraduate
perusosa {n} :: A basic element or fundamental part of anything
perusosa {n} [linguistics] :: head (morpheme that determines the category of a compound)
peruspalvelu {n} :: Those government services which are considered to serve the basic human needs, usually understood to include health and social services
peruspalveluministeri {n} :: The Minister of Health and Social Services in the Finnish government
peruspiste {n} :: basis point
perusrakenne {n} :: infrastructure, foundation, basic structure, basic design
perussopimus {n} :: a framework agreement (an agreement on general terms of cooperation between two or more parties, which forms the basis for more detailed or ad hoc agreements)
perussuomalainen {n} :: A typical, normal, average Finn
perussuomalainen {n} :: A "True Finn"; member of the Finnish political party Perussuomalaiset, known in English as the "Finns Party"
perussuure {n} :: base quantity (physical quantity, chosen by convention, by which other physical quantities are defined)
perusta {n} :: base, foundation
perusta {n} :: basis
perustaa {vt} :: To establish, found, set up, institute
perustaa {vt} :: To base (on = illative)
perustaa {v} [intransitive, + elative, colloquial] :: To care for/about, like, be fond of. Used mostly in negative sentences
perustaajuus {n} :: fundamental frequency
perustaja {n} :: founder
perustajaurakointi {n} [construction] :: real estate development, property development (business activity in which a construction contractor also acts as property developer)
perustajaurakoitsija {n} :: A real estate developer or property developer, who also constructs; often originally a construction contractor who has gotten involved in development in order to increase its profit margin
perustaminen {n} :: foundation (act of founding)
perustamiskirja {n} [law] :: memorandum of association
perustanta {n} [business] :: founding
perustarvike {n} :: A staple, as a basic or essential supply
perustava {adj} :: fundamental
perustava {adj} :: founding, constitutive
perustavanlaatuinen {adj} :: basic, fundamental
peruste {n} :: grounds, as basis or justification
peruste {n} :: A basis, as foundation for an argument or hypothesis
peruste {n} :: A reason, as a thought or a consideration offered in support, explanation or as cause of an opinion, a conclusion or an action
peruste {n} :: An argument, as a fact or statement used to support a proposition
peruste {n} :: A principle, as fundamental assumption or foundation of a theory
perusteella {adv} :: based on, on the grounds of
perusteellinen {adj} :: thorough
perusteellisesti {adv} :: thoroughly
perusteeton {adj} :: gratuitous, unjustified, uncalled-for, unfounded (not called for by the circumstances; without reason, cause, or proof)
perustekijä {n} :: fundamental factor
perustella {vt} :: To argue, justify, explain
perusteltavissa {adv} :: arguable (that can be plausibly defended in an argument)
perusteltu {adj} :: justifiable (that can be justified)
perustelu {n} :: rationale, argument (process of reasoning)
perusteos {n} :: seminal work
perusterveydenhuolto {adj} [healthcare] :: primary care, primary healthcare
perustiedot {n} :: elementary knowledge, basic knowledge, basics
perustiedot {n} :: grounding
perustiedot {n} :: working knowledge
perustua {vi} [of a work of art, + illative] :: To be based on
perustua {vi} [of an opinion, + illative] :: To be based on, be grounded in
perustua {vi} [of some sort of system, + illative] :: To be founded on, be based on, rest on
perustulo {n} [social security] :: basic income
perusturva {n} :: basic social security (the minimum level of social security to which the poorest people are entitled)
perustus {n} :: Foundation, groundwork
perustuslaillinen {adj} :: constitutional (of or relating to a constitution, a law)
perustuslaki {n} [legal] :: constitution (a legal document describing the formal system of primary principles and laws that regulates a government or other institutions)
perustuslakioikeus {n} [law] :: constitutional court
perustuslakivaliokunta {n} :: (in the Finnish Parliament) The Constitutional Law Committee
perustyyppi {n} :: standard, basic type
perusväite {n} :: axiom (especially in philosophy)
perusvoima {n} [physics] :: fundamental force
perusvuorovaikutus {n} [physics] :: fundamental interaction
perusyksikkö {n} :: base unit (unit of measurement on which others are based)
peruukki {n} :: wig (head of artificial hair)
peruuntua {vi} :: to be canceled, be withdrawn, be called off, be revoked
peruuttaa {vi} [of a vehicle] :: To back, reverse, (of a computer) to backspace
peruuttaa {vt} :: To withdraw, retract, rescind, recant, renege, take back (a statement)
peruuttaa {vt} :: To revoke, cancel, call off, invalidate
peruuttaa {vt} :: ~ avioliitto = to annul a marriage
peruuttaa {vt} :: ~ käsky = to countermand an order
peruuttaa {vt} :: ~ sopimus = to nullify a contract
peruuttamisoikeus {n} :: right of cancellation, right of withdrawal
peruutua {v} [legal, obsolete, of a marriage] :: to be nullified
peruutus {n} :: A cancellation
peruutus {n} :: A withdrawal
peruutus {n} :: A revocation
peruutuspeili {n} :: rear-view mirror
perversio {n} :: perversion
perverssi {adj} :: perverted, perverse
pervo {n} :: perv
pesä {n} :: nest (structure built by a bird or other animal as a place to incubate eggs and hatch and/or rear young)
pesä {n} :: nest (cozy residence)
pesä {n} :: nest (hideout for bad people to frequent)
pesä {n} :: nest (parental home)
pesä {n} :: den (home of certain animals)
pesä {n} :: hive (structure, which a swarm of honeybees inhabits or has inhabited)
pesä {n} [legal] :: estate (property of a deceased person)
pesä {n} [baseball, pesäpallo] :: base
pesä {n} [curling] :: house
pesä {n} [colloquial] :: vagina
pesä {n} :: (tulipesä) firebox, (piipunpesä) bowl (of a pipe)
pesä {n} :: synonym of öljypesä
pesaista {vt} :: To wash quickly
pesäjuuri {n} :: bird's-nest orchid (Neottia nidus-avis)
pesäke {n} [pathology] :: growth (mass of cells affected by a disease)
pesäke {n} [microbiology] :: colony (of bacteria e.g. in a Petri dish)
pesäke {n} [military] :: nest (as in: machine gun nest)
pesäke {n} :: hot spot (center of dangerous activity, normally used with a modifier to specify the kind of danger, as in kriisipesäke)
pesäkekovettumatauti {n} [pathology] :: multiple sclerosis
pesämuna {n} :: nest egg (savings)
pesämuna {n} :: nest egg (egg placed in a bird's nest, to encourage the bird to lay its own eggs there)
pesänhoitaja {n} [legal] :: administrator, estate administrator (someone appointed to administer a bankruptcy estate)
pesänjakaja {n} :: executor, administrator (someone appointed by a testator to administer a will)
pesäpallo {n} [sports] :: a sport developed in Finland in 1920's based largely on baseball
pesäpallo {n} :: The ball used in this game
pesäpalloilija {n} :: A pesäpallo player
pesäpalloilu {n} :: The sport and practice of playing pesäpallo
pesäpallokenttä {n} :: pesäpallo field
pescovegetaristi {n} :: pescetarian
peseminen {n} :: washing
peseta {n} :: peseta
pesettää {vt} :: to make wash, to let wash
peseytyä {vi} :: to wash oneself, wash up
pesiä {v} :: To nest
pesiintyä {v} :: synonym of pesiytyä
pesijä {n} :: nester (one who nests)
pesijä {n} :: washer (person)
pesijätär {n} :: female washer (person who washes for a living)
pesimäaika {n} :: nesting time
pesin {n} :: washer (something that washes, especially a simple device for that purpose)
pesintä {n} :: nesting
pesis {n} [colloquial] :: Finnish baseball, pesäpallo
pesiytyä {v} :: to nest (to make a nest, settle into a nest, often with negative connotation)
peski {n} :: A type of reindeer fur coat
peso {n} :: peso (currency; coin or note of one peso)
Pesonen {prop} :: surname
pessaari {n} :: A cervical cap, pessary (female contraceptive device)
pessaari {n} :: A pessary (medical device used to treat the prolapse of the uterus)
pessimismi {n} :: pessimism
pessimisti {n} :: pessimist
pessimistinen {adj} :: pessimistic
pessimistisesti {adv} :: pessimistically
pestä {vt} :: to wash
pestä {vt} :: to launder
pestä {vt} [colloquial] :: to win
pestä kätensä {v} [idiomatic] :: to wash one's hands of (to absolve oneself of responsibility or future blame for; to refuse to have any further involvement with)
pestata {v} :: to hire
pestausraha {n} :: synonym of pestiraha
pestautua {v} :: to sign up, to sign on, to enlist oneself, to hire oneself out
pesti {n} :: job, task
pestiraha {n} :: money given to someone who takes up a job or task
pestisidi {n} :: pesticide
pesto {n} :: pesto
pestuumarkkinat {n} [historical] :: a fair for finding and hiring farmhands and maids
pesu {n} :: wash, washing
pesuaine {n} :: detergent
pesuallas {n} :: A sink (washbasin)
pesuallas {n} :: A washbasin
pesubetoni {n} :: washed concrete
pesue {n} :: A litter (animals born in one birth)
pesuhuone {n} :: shower room, bath room
pesujauhe {n} :: washing powder (powder used e.g. in washing clothes)
pesukarhu {n} :: raccoon, Procyon lotor
pesukarhu {n} :: raccoon (any species in the genus Procyon)
pesukone {n} :: washing machine
pesula {n} :: laundry (place or room where laundering is done)
pesulappu {n} :: washcloth
pesuneste {n} :: washing liquid
pesupulveri {n} :: washing powder
pesuri {n} :: washer (machine that washes)
pesuri {n} :: scrubber
pesusieni {n} :: bath sponge (Spongia officinalis)
pesusieni {n} :: sponge, bath sponge (implement for washing)
pesusienikurkku {n} :: A loofah, luffa, a tropical vine of the species Luffa aegyptiaca
pesusoikko {n} :: washtub
pesusooda {n} :: washing soda, soda ash, Na2CO3
pesutupa {n} :: laundry room
pesuvati {n} :: washbasin, washbowl (movable basin for washing the face and hands)
pesuvesi {n} :: water used in washing
pesuvesi {n} :: gray water, greywater (washing water as wastewater)
pesye {n} :: alternative form of pesue
peta- {prefix} :: peta-
petabitti {n} [computing] :: petabit
petäjä {n} :: A large, lone pine tree
Petäjävesi {prop} :: A municipality in Central Finland
petankisti {n} :: pétanque player
petankki {n} :: pétanque
petata {v} :: alternative form of pedata
petatavu {n} [computing] :: petabyte
petetty {adj} :: betrayed, short-changed, put-upon
peti {n} [colloquial] :: bed
petidiini {n} [chemistry] :: pethidine
petiitti {n} [typography] :: brevier
petikaveri {n} :: bedfellow
petipuhe {n} :: pillow talk
petivaatteet {n} [colloquial] :: bedclothes
petkel {n} :: pestle
petkele {n} :: alternative form of petkel
petkuttaa {v} :: to cheat
petkuttaja {n} :: cheater
petkutus {n} :: hoax, spoof, cheat
peto {n} :: meat-eating beast, predator
peto {n} :: carnivore
peto {n} :: monster
Peto {prop} [Bible] :: Beast (character in the Apocalypse)
petoankerias {n} :: cutthroat eel (eel of the family Synaphobranchidae)
petoankerias {n} :: Kaup's arrowtooth eel, Kaup's cut-throat eel, Gray's cutthroat, longnosed eel, northern cutthroat eel, Slatjaw cutthroat eel, Synaphobranchus kaupii (deepwater eel present in the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian oceans)
petoankerias {n} [in plural] :: the taxonomic family Synaphobranchidae
petoeläin {n} :: carnivore, any member of the order Carnivora
petokala {n} :: predatory fish
petolintu {n} :: bird of prey
petollinen {adj} :: treacherous, deceptive, perfidious
petollinen ystävä {n} [linguistics] :: false friend
petollisesti {adv} :: treacherously, deceptively
petollisuus {n} :: treacherousness
petomainen {adj} :: beastlike
petomainen {adj} [figuratively] :: predatory
petos {n} :: betrayal, treachery, treason
petos {n} [legal] :: fraud
petosyritys {n} :: deceit (attempt to deceit)
petra {n} [dialectal] :: alternative form of peura
Petra {prop} :: given name
petrata {vt} [colloquial] :: to better, to improve
Petri {prop} :: given name
petrimalja {n} :: A Petri dish
petrografia {n} :: petrography
petrokemia {n} [chemistry] :: petrochemistry
petrokemiallinen {adj} :: petrochemical
petrokemikaali {n} :: petrochemical
petroli {n} :: kerosene (US), paraffin (UK)
petroli {n} [military slang] :: battery acid (coffee)
petrologi {n} :: petrologist
petrologia {n} :: petrology
petrologinen {adj} :: petrologic
Petsamo {prop} :: The Finnish name of the Russian municipality of Pechenga (urban-type settlement), Murmansk Oblast, or ru (Pečenga) in Russian
petsata {vt} :: to apply stain on
petsi {n} :: stain (substance)
pettää {vt} :: To cheat, con, swindle, defraud
pettää {vt} :: To deceive, delude, mislead
pettää {vt} :: To betray
pettää {vt} :: To cheat on (to be unfaithful to)
pettää {vi} :: To give way, break down, fall/tumble down
pettää {vt} :: To let down, disappoint, desert, fail
pettäjä {n} :: traitor, betrayer, deceiver
Petteri {prop} :: given name
Petteri Punakuono {prop} :: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
pettu {n} :: phloem of a pine
pettuleipä {n} :: A bread whose ingredients include pine bark; it was eaten during famines when the crop had failed
petturi {n} :: traitor
pettyä {vi} :: To be disappointed
pettymys {n} :: disappointment
pettymys {n} :: disenchantment, letdown
pettymys {n} :: olla ~ : to be disappointing
pettynyt {adj} :: disappointed, unsatisfied
pettynyt {adj} :: disenchanted
petunia {n} :: petunia
peuhapaikka {n} :: playroom, playing corner (room or corner dedicated for children's playing)
peuhata {v} :: to romp, frolic, play
peuhupaikka {n} :: synonym of peuhapaikka
peuhuta {v} :: alternative form of peuhata
peuhutunti {n} :: play hour (event of physical but non-sportive playing for kids, especially one that is supervised)
peukalo {n} :: thumb
peukaloida {v} :: To tamper, meddle with
peukaloinen {n} :: Eurasian wren, Troglodytes troglodytes
Peukaloinen {prop} :: Tom Thumb
peukalo keskellä kämmentä {phrase} [idiomatic] :: all thumbs (clumsy; awkward; not dextrous)
peukalokyyti {n} :: hitchhiking
peukalokyytiläinen {n} :: hitchhiker
Peukalo-Liisa {prop} :: Thumbelina
peukalonjälki {n} :: thumbprint
peukalonkynsi {n} :: thumbnail
peukalopaini {n} :: thumb war (children's game)
peukalopotti {n} [childish] :: thumb
peukaloputti {n} [childish] :: alternative form of peukalopotti
peukaloruuvi {n} :: thumbscrew
peukalosääntö {n} :: rule of thumb
peukalovarvas {n} [anatomy, colloquial] :: big toe
peukku {n} [colloquial] :: thumb
peura {n} :: A reindeer or a caribou, a general term used to refer to the deer species Rangifer tarandus and its twelve subspecies
peura {n} :: A short form of metsäpeura, the Finnish forest reindeer, Rangifer tarandus fennicus
peura {n} :: Any medium-sized deer of unspecified species
peuranliha {n} :: deer, venison
peuranmetsästys {n} :: deer hunting
peurannahka {n} :: deerskin
peuranpyynti {n} :: deer hunting
peuranvasa {n} :: The fawn of a deer
pezzotaiitti {n} :: pezzottaite
pfennig {n} :: pfennig
pH-asteikko {n} [chemistry] :: pH scale (scale for measuring acidity and alcality of a substance)
philanderinopossumi {n} :: gray four-eyed opossum, Philander opossum
philanderinvillapussirotta {n} :: bare-tailed woolly opossum, white-eared opossum, Caluromys philander
pH-indikaattori {n} [chemistry] :: pH indicator
phishing {n} :: phishing
pH-mittari {n} [chemistry] :: pH meter
Phobos {n} :: Phobos (moon of Mars)
photoshopata {v} :: to photoshop (to digitally edit or alter a digital image)
phui {interj} :: yuck
phyi {interj} :: yuck
-pi {suffix} [personal, dialectal] :: Forms the third-person singular indicative present of verbs
piä {n} [dialectal, eastern] :: head
piaffe {n} :: piaffe (movement)
piaffi {n} :: piaffe (movement)
piakkoin {adv} :: In the near future, soon
pian {adv} :: soon
pianismi {n} [music] :: pianism
pianisti {n} :: pianist
piano {n} :: piano
pianokoulu {n} :: piano school
pianokvartetto {n} [music] :: piano quartet
pianomusiikki {n} :: piano music
pianonsoittaja {n} :: pianist
pianonviritys {n} [music] :: piano tuning
piano-oppilas {n} :: piano student
pianosonaatti {n} [music] :: piano sonata
pianotuoli {n} :: piano bench
picardienpaimenkoira {n} :: Berger Picard
picassokala {n} :: lagoon triggerfish, Picassofish, Rhinecanthus aculeatus
piccolo {n} :: alternative spelling of pikkolo
piccolohuilu {n} [musical instruments] :: piccolo
piccolo-pullo {n} :: alternative form of pikkolopullo
piccolopullo {n} :: alternative spelling of pikkolopullo
pidä hauskaa {phrase} :: Have fun! (2nd person singular)
pidäke {n} :: hamper (anything which impedes)
pidäkkeetön {adj} :: unrestrained
pidätellä {v} :: to hold back
pidätellä {v} :: to hold, especially a physical need
pidätellä {v} :: to restrain
pidätellä {v} :: to suppress
pidätetty {adj} [legal] :: under arrest, arrested
pidätin {n} :: clog, stop
pidättää {vt} [+ accusative] :: to hold back, restrain, hinder, curb; to suppress; to suspend
pidättää {vt} [+ partitive] :: to delay, detain, slow down, hold up
pidättää {vt} [+ accusative] :: to withhold, deduct (advance taxes)
pidättää {vt} [+ accusative] :: to reserve (a right)
pidättää {vt} [law, + accusative] :: to arrest, detain, apprehend, place under arrest, take into custody, put in detention, put under custody (both in legal contexts and elsewhere)
pidättää {v} [physics, + partitive] :: to absorb
pidättäytyä {v} :: To abstain or refrain (from doing something = active 3rd infinitive in elative)
pidättyä {vi} :: To refrain
pidättynyt {adj} :: reserved (slow to reveal emotion)
pidättyväinen {adj} :: Reserved, reticent, inhibited
pidättyväinen {adj} :: Retiring, withdrawn, aloof, standoffish, distant
pidättyväinen {adj} :: Abstemious, temperate, moderate (with alcohol)
pidättyväinen {adj} :: Continent, celibate, abstinent (in respect to sex)
pidättyväisyys {n} :: Reserve, reticence, inhibition
pidättyväisyys {n} :: Withdrawal, aloofness, standoffishness, distance
pidättyväisyys {n} :: Abstention, temperance, moderation (with alcohol)
pidättyväisyys {n} :: Continence, abstinence, celibacy
pidätys {n} :: arrest, seizure
pidätys {n} :: detention
pidätyskyky {n} [medicine] :: continence (ability to control one's urination and defecation)
pidätysmääräys {n} :: arrest warrant
pidätysoikeus {n} [legal] :: distraint (legal right of a landlord to seize the property of a tenant in the event of nonpayment of rent)
pidätyttää {vt} :: to have (someone) arrested
pidellä {vt} :: To hold, to handle
pidempi {adj} :: comparative of pitkä
pidentää {vt} :: To lengthen
pidentää {vt} :: To elongate
pidentää {vt} :: To prolong
pidentyä {vi} :: To lengthen
pidetä {vi} :: To grow longer; to lengthen
pidetty {adj} :: liked
pidike {n} :: holder, support
pidike {n} :: clip, clamp
pidin {n} :: holder, bracket
pidot {n} [pluralonly] :: feast, banquet (usually a traditional one)
piehtaroida {vi} :: To roll on ground; to wallow, welter
piekana {n} :: rough-legged buzzard (Buteo lagopus)
pieksää {vt} :: to beat, thrash
Pieksämäki {prop} :: A town in South Savonia
pieksäntä {n} :: beating, thrashing
pieksu {n} :: synonym of lapikas
Pielavesi {prop} :: A municipality in Northern Savonia, Finland
pieleen {adv} :: wrong, awry, amiss (going in a way that is or was not as intended)
pieles {n} :: A longish haystack
pielessä {adv} :: wrong, awry, amiss (being in a way that is or was not as intended)
pielestää {v} [agriculture] :: To build a pieles
pieli {n} :: jamb, post; doorjamb, doorpost (vertical component forming the sides of a door frame, window frame or other opening in a wall)
pieli {n} :: gatepost
pieli {n} [usually with attribute or modifier] :: side
pieli {n} [nautical, archaic] :: mast
pielikukka {n} :: pelargonium, storksbill
Pielinen {prop} :: A lake in the province of North Karelia, the fourth largest lake in Finland
pielus {n} [archaic or dialectal] :: pillow
pien- {prefix} :: small, micro-
piena {n} :: cleat
pienaakkonen {n} :: lowercase letter (one of the letters a,b,c.. as opposed to A,B,C..)
pienase {n} :: small arms
pienehkö {adj} :: quite small, smallish
pieneksyä {v} :: To belittle
pienelementti {n} :: small prefab
pieneliö {n} :: microorganism
pienellä painettu {adj} :: fine; used of print
pienempi {adj} :: comparative of pieni
pienennys {n} :: diminishment, reduction (act of making smaller)
pienennysleikkaus {n} [medicine] :: reduction surgery (surgery to reduce the size of an organ or a part of body)
pienennysmuoto {n} [grammar] :: diminutive
pienenpieni {adj} :: minute (very small), tiny
pienentää {vt} :: to make smaller, to shrink
pienentää {vt} :: to reduce, diminish
pienentää {vt} [computing] :: to minimize
pienentyä {vi} :: To grow smaller
pienentyä {vi} :: To diminish
pienestä pitäen {adv} [idiomatic] :: since one was child, since one's childhood
pienetä {vi} :: To grow smaller
pienet häpyhuulet {n} [anatomy] :: the labia minora
pieni {adj} :: little, small
pieniä {vi} :: To cut into pieces
pieni gascognenajokoira {n} :: petit bleu de Gascogne (breed of scenthound of French origin)
pieni hetki {interj} :: just a minute, just a moment
Pieni hevonen {prop} :: The constellation Equuleus
pieniin päin {phrase} [euphemistic] :: with child (pregnant)
Pieni karhu {prop} :: Ursa Minor, Little Dipper (asterism)
pieni kohtaus {n} [pathology, epilepsy] :: petit mal
Pieni koira {prop} :: Canis Minor (constellation)
pienikokoinen {adj} :: small-sized
Pieni leijona {prop} :: The constellation Leo Minor
pienilläkin padoilla on korvat {proverb} :: little pitchers have big ears
pienilmasto {n} :: microclimate
Pieni Magellanin pilvi {prop} [astronomy] :: Small Magellanic Cloud
pienimittakaavainen {adj} :: small-scale (of a map or drawing, drawn in a scale which does not allow showing of much detail)
pieni monikulmaluu {n} [anatomy] :: trapezoid bone (os trapezoideum)
pienimünsterinseisoja {n} :: Small Münsterländer
pienimuotoinen {adj} :: small-scale
pienin {adj} :: superlative of pieni
pienin yhteinen jaettava {n} [math] :: least common multiple
pienin yhteinen nimittäjä {n} :: lowest common denominator
Pieni Otava {prop} :: Little Dipper (asterism)
pienipäinen {adj} [pathology] :: microcephalic (having an abnormally small head)
pienipäinen {adj} :: small-headed
pienipäisyys {n} [pathology] :: microcephaly
pienituloinen {adj} :: low-income, that has a low income
pieni verenkierto {n} :: pulmonary circulation
pienjännite {n} [electrical engineering] :: low voltage
pienkarja {n} :: small livestock (various definitions, but only includes smaller animals)
pienkone {n} :: small appliance, small machine
pienkone {n} [colloquial] :: synonym of pienlentokone
pienlentokone {n} :: light aircraft
pienloistelamppu {n} :: compact fluorescent lamp
piennar {n} :: The shoulder of a road
piennar {n} :: headland (unplowed boundary of a field)
piennarherkkusieni {n} :: An agaric, Agaricus subperonatus or Agaricus vaporarius
pienoinen {adj} :: tiny, little, weensy
pienois- {prefix} :: miniature
pienoisbussi {n} :: minibus
pienoisgolf {n} [colloquial] :: miniature golf
pienoisjännite {n} [electrical engineering] :: extra-low voltage
pienoiskilpi {n} [heraldry] :: escutcheon, inescutcheon (as a charge)
pienoiskoko {n} :: miniature size
pienoiskoko {n} :: in inessive case also: microcosm
pienoismalli {n} :: miniature, model, replica (model in a smallers scale)
pienoismalli {n} :: microcosm (smaller system seen as representative of a larger one)
pienoisohjelma {n} [computing, graphical user interface] :: widget
pienoisromaani {n} :: novella
pienpaine {n} :: low pressure
pienpainenatriumlamppu {n} :: low-pressure sodium-vapour lamp
pienpalkka-ala {n} :: synonym of matalapalkka-ala
pientalo {n} :: A small residential building, small house
pientalo {n} :: bungalow (small house or cottage usually having a single story)
pientare {n} :: alternative form of piennar
pientietokone {n} [computing] :: minicomputer
pienuus {n} :: smallness
pienviljelijä {n} :: smallholder
pienyrittäjä {n} :: A small entrepreneur (owner of a small business)
pienyritys {n} :: small enterprise
pieraista {vi} :: To fart (once)
piereksiä {vt} :: to fart (repeatedly)
piereminen {n} :: Action noun of the verb pierrä (to fart), farting
piereskellä {v} :: To fart (repeatedly), to have the farts, to have (bad) gas
pierettää {vi} [impersonal] :: to feel like farting, to feel like one would fart
pierrä {v} :: To fart
pieru {n} :: A fart
pierutyyny {n} :: whoopee cushion
piestä {vt} :: to beat, thrash, whip, lash
pietä {vt} :: To pitch, coat with (oily) pitch
Pietari {prop} :: given name, a rather old-fashioned equivalent of the English Peter
Pietari {prop} :: Peter [biblical character]
Pietari {prop} :: Saint Petersburg, the second largest city in Russia
Pietarila {prop} :: surname
pietarilainen {n} :: A person from, or an inhabitant of, Saint Petersburg
pietarilainen {adj} :: Of or pertaining to the city of Saint Petersburg or its citizens
Pietarinen {prop} :: surname
pietarinkala {n} :: John Dory, Zeus faber
Pietarsaari {prop} :: A town and municipality in Ostrobothnia, Finland
pietaryrtti {n} :: tansy, Tanacetum vulgare syn. Chrysanthemum vulgare
pieteetti {n} :: piety (towards traditions)
Pietilä {prop} :: surname
Pietilä {prop} :: Any of a number of small places in Finland
pietismi {n} :: pietism
pietisti {n} [Christianity] :: pietist
pietsosähkö {n} :: piezoelectricity
pietsosähköinen {adj} :: piezoelectric
piffata {v} [slang] :: to pay for (food, drink, etc. of) someone else
pigmentoitua {vi} :: to become pigmented
pigmentti {n} :: pigment
pigmenttisolusyöpä {n} [pathology] :: melanoma
piha {n} :: yard (small, usually uncultivated area of land adjoining or within the precincts of a house or other building)
piha {n} [idiomatic, in adessive case] :: at sea (in a state of confusion or bewilderment)
pihahdella {vi} :: to briefly fizzle repeatedly
pihahdus {n} :: synonym of pihaus
pihahtaa {vi} :: to briefly fizzle
pihakatu {n} :: living street (street designed primarily with the interests of pedestrians and cyclists while motor vehicles are allowed to use it with caution)
pihakirppis {n} [colloquial] :: yard sale
pihamaa {n} :: piha
pihamaina {n} :: common myna, Indian myna, mynah (originally Asian passerine bird, common as cage bird)
pihan perä {n} [literally] :: back of the yard
pihan perä {n} [euphemism, colloquial] :: toilet, restroom; outhouse
pihapiiri {n} :: courtyard, court
piharatamo {n} :: greater plantain, common plantain, soldier's herb, waybread (a common weed, Plantago major)
pihatie {n} :: driveway; drive [UK] (short private road that leads to a house or garage)
pihatto {n} :: cowshed where the cows are kept unchained
pihaus {n} :: fizz, whoosh, (short and dull sound of releasing gas, as heard e.g. when opening the cap of a slightly pressurized bottle)
pihaus {n} :: peep (feeble utterance or complaint)
pihdata {v} :: to skimp, scrimp, to be stingy
pihdata {v} :: to not put out (not to consent to sex)
pihdit {n} :: pliers
pihdit {n} :: tongs
pihdit {n} [surgery] :: forceps
pihein {adj} :: superlative of pihi
pihi {adj} :: miserly, stingy
pihiä {vi} [dialectal] :: to scrimp
pihiä {vt} [dialectal] :: to snatch, steal
pihimpi {adj} :: comparative of pihi
pihinä {n} :: A wheeze (piping or whistling sound caused by difficult respiration)
pihistä {vi} :: To fizzle; to release a fizzling sound (e.g. when a tire is punctured)
pihistä {v} :: To wheeze (to breathe with difficulty, with a piping or whistling sound)
pihistää {vt} :: to snitch, steal
pihistää {vi} :: to skimp (to live stingily)
pihistellä {v} :: To skimp, scant, scrimp (to make insufficient allowance for)
pihistellä {v} :: To skimp (to be parsimonious or stingy)
pihisti {adv} :: stingily
pihka {n} :: resin (hydrocarbon secretion of many plants, particularly coniferous trees, in its natural state)
pihka {n} [colloquial] :: love, in the expression olla pihkassa
pihkaantua {vi} :: To become stained with pitch (from trees)
pihkaantua {vi} [+ illative] :: To get a crush on
pihkainen {adj} :: resinous, pitchy
Pihkala {prop} :: surname
Pihkala {prop} :: A placename
pihkamaito {n} [colloquial] :: colostrum
pihkaniska {n} [jocular] :: orienteer
pihkoittua {vi} :: to become resinous or pitchy
Pihkova {prop} :: Pskov (a city in Russia)
Pihla {prop} :: given name of modern usage
pihlaja {n} :: rowan, mountain ash, Sorbus aucuparia
pihlaja {n} :: Any tree in the genus Sorbus
pihlajanmarja {n} :: rowan berry
pihlajanmarjakoi {n} :: apple fruit moth, Argyresthia conjugella
pihlajansarviruoste {n} :: A fungus, Gymnosporangium juniperinum
pihta {n} :: A fir of the genus Abies
pihti {n} [archaic] :: Any two-pronged handtool or artifact to hold, press together or punch something, now usually in plural; a pincer
pihti {n} :: pärepihti
pihti {n} [plural] :: pliers, tongs etc., see pihdit
pihti {n} :: State of being stuck between something, as if held with pliers
pihti {n} :: The front claw of a crustacean such as lobster, pincer
pihti {n} :: A pile of birchbark sheets set between two boards and tied tightly together to flatten the barks and thus make them suitable roofing and isolation material
pihti {n} [gymnastics] :: scissors
pihti {n} :: Used as modifier in compound terms to indicate similarity to or use of pliers, see list below
pihtihäntäinen {n} :: earwig (insect of the order Dermaptera)
pihtiliike {n} [military] :: pincer attack
pihtipolvi {n} :: knock knee, genu valgum (person or animal who's got knock knees)
pihtipolvinen {adj} :: knock-kneed
Pihtipudas {prop} :: A municipality in central Finland
Pihtiputaan mummo {n} [humorous] :: Joe Average
pihtivirtamittari {n} [electronics] :: current clamp
pihvi {n} :: steak
pihvi {n} :: patty
pihvikarja {n} :: beef cattle
pihviveitsi {n} :: steak knife (table knife with a sharp, narrow, and often serrated blade designed for cutting meat)
pii {n} [dated] :: flint (hard, fine-grained quartz or a piece of it)
pii {n} :: silicon (element, symbol Si)
pii {n} [dated] :: A thorn, prong, tooth or similar element e.g. in a plant, a saw or a rake
pii {n} [weaving] :: A dent in a reed
pii {n} [nautical] :: The position of a sailing vessel, when she is set so that its bow points steadily to the direction of the wind. Used in expressions:
pii {n} :: pi (Greek letter)
pii {n} [mathematics] :: pi (constant 3.14159…)
Piia {prop} :: given name popular in the latter half of the twentieth century
piidioksidi {n} [chemistry] :: silicon dioxide
piihappo {n} [chemistry] :: silicic acid
piika {n} :: maid (female servant)
piika {n} [dialectal, obsolete, Peräpohjola dialects] :: a girlchild (term for endearment)
piikarbidi {n} [chemistry] :: silicon carbide
piikata {vt} :: to break up concrete with a tool like a demolition hammer
piikata {vt} [slang] :: to flash (telephone someone, only allowing the phone to ring once)
piikiekko {n} :: wafer, silicon wafer
piikikäs {adj} :: thorny
piikitellä {vt} :: to needle, nettle
piikittää {vt} :: to stab or prick with a spike
piikittää {vt} :: to administer something to someone with a syringe
piikivi {n} [mineral] :: flint
piikkari {n} [colloquial] :: A track spike (track and field shoe)
piikkari {n} [colloquial] :: A pump (very high-heeled shoe)
piikkauskone {n} :: demolition hammer
piikki {n} :: spike
piikki {n} :: peak
piikki {n} :: tine (spike or point on an implement or tool, especially a prong of a fork or a tooth of a comb)
piikki {n} :: spindle (upright spike for holding papers)
piikki {n} :: tab, slate (a record of money owed)
piikki {n} [botany] :: thorn, spine
piikkiherne {n} :: gorse, Ulex europaeus (evergreen shrub)
piikkihiiri {n} :: spiny mouse (rodent of the genus Acomys)
piikkikenkä {n} :: A track spike (track and field shoe)
piikkikorkokenkä {n} :: [US] pump, stiletto (high-heeled women's shoe)
piikkilangankiristäjä {n} [dated] :: A nickname of the once-popular Finnish-made tractor models Valmet 15 and Valmet 20; so named due to their small motors
piikkilanka {n} :: barbed wire
piikkilanka-aita {n} :: barbed wire fence
piikki lihassa {n} [idiomatic] :: thorn in the flesh (persistent annoyance)
piikkimakrilli {n} :: horse mackerel, Atlantic horse mackerel, Trachurus trachurus
piikkimakrilli {n} :: jack (a fish in family Carangidae)
piikkimatto {n} :: bed of nails, spike mat
piikkimatto {n} :: spike strip (device used to stop vehicles by puncturing the tires)
piikkimonni {n} :: brown bullhead, Ameiurus nebulosus
piikkinahkainen {n} :: echinoderm
piikkinen {adj} :: spiky, spiny
piikkinen {adj} :: thorny
piikkinuoliainen {n} :: true loach (fish of the family Cobitidae)
piikkipaatsama {n} :: American holly, Ilex opaca
piikkipensas {n} :: thornbush, thorn (any of many thorny shrubs and bushes)
piikkirotta {n} :: spiny rat (New World rodent of the family Echimyidae)
piikkisika {n} :: porcupine
piikkisimppu {n} :: sea scorpion, long-spined bullhead, Taurulus bubalis
piikkisuora {adj} :: straight as a die
piikkiviulu {n} [music] :: spike fiddle
piikkokauris {n} :: brocket (South American deer of the genus Mazama)
piikoa {vi} [colloquial] :: To work as a domestic
Piilaakso {prop} :: Silicon Valley
piileksiä {vi} :: to hide (for a longer period of time)
piileksijä {n} :: hider
piileskelijä {n} :: one who hides oneself
piileskellä {v} :: to hide, to be in hiding
piileskellä {v} :: to sneak (to hide, especially in a mean or cowardly manner)
piileskellä {v} :: to skulk (to conceal oneself; to hide)
pii-levä {n} :: alternative spelling of piilevä
piilevä {adj} :: latent, hidden, concealed, occult
piilevä {n} :: diatom
piilipuu {n} :: crack willow, Salix fragilis
piillä {vi} [figuratively] :: To be hidden in, lie in
piilo {n} :: hideout, lair, covert, hiding place
piilo {n} :: (in compounds) hidden
piilohallintaohjelma {n} [computer security] :: rootkit
piilokamera {n} :: candid camera [type of TV show]
piilokarsastus {n} [pathology] :: heterophoria
piilokas {n} :: bean weevil, seed beetle in the family Bruchinae of the family Chrysomelidae of beetles
piilolasit {n} :: contact lenses
piilolinssi {n} :: contact lens
piilopaikka {n} :: synonym of piilo
piilopaikka {n} :: recess, retreat (place of secrecy or seclusion)
piilosana {n} :: cryptic crossword
piilosarana {n} :: butt hinge
piilosilla {adv} [idiomatic] :: olla ~ : to play hide and seek
piilossa {adv} :: hidden, in hiding
piilosta {adv} [idiomatic] :: leikkiä ~ : to play hide and seek
piilotajuinen {adj} :: subconscious
piilotella {vi} :: to be in hiding, sneak, lurk, skulk
piilotella {vt} :: to hide or conceal something (repeatedly or continuously), to blot
piilottaa {vt} :: to hide, conceal
piilottautua {v} :: synonym of piiloutua
piiloutua {vi} :: To hide oneself
piilukko {n} :: flintlock
piilukkomusketti {n} [firearms] :: fusil
piiluta {vt} :: to hew, to carve (especially with a piilu)
piimä {n} :: soured milk, cultured milk, buttermilk (fermented dairy product produced from cow's milk, with a characteristically sour taste)
piimaa {n} :: diatomite, diatomaceous earth, kieselgur
piimänsiemen {n} :: synonym of aluspiimä
piimiä {vi} :: of milk: to become sour like cultured buttermilk
piimittää {vt} :: to turn milk into cultured buttermilk
piimonoksidi {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: silicon monoxide, SiO
piina {n} :: torment, misery
piinaava {adj} :: tormenting
piinaavampi {adj} :: comparative of piinaava
piinallinen {adj} :: awkward
piinallinen {adj} :: tormenting, painful, harrowing
piinallinen {adj} :: unpleasant
piinapenkki {n} :: rack (torture device)
piinata {v} :: To torment
piinaviikko {n} [dated] :: The Holy Week
piintyä {vi} :: to cling, to stick
piintyä {vi} :: to ossify, to fossilize
piioksidi {n} :: silicon oxide
piip {interj} :: beep
piip {interj} :: meep
piipahdus {n} :: A high-pitched beep
piipahdus {n} :: quick visit
piipahtaa {vi} [colloquial] :: to drop by (to make a short, informal visit)
piipata {vi} :: To beep, tweet (of electronics, e.g.)
piipertää {vi} :: to scurry, to scuttle (walk or run with quick light steps)
piipittää {v} :: To tweet (to make several short high-pitched, unmelodic sounds, such as the young of birds in a nest)
piipitys {n} :: beeping
piipitys {n} :: The high-pitched sound produced by mice etc
piipottaa {vi} :: to jut, to stick out
piippalakki {n} :: budyonovka (distinctive type of hat used by the Red Army during the Russian Civil War and thereafter)
piippaus {n} :: beep, pip
piippu {n} :: pipe (smoking gear)
piippu {n} :: barrel (a metallic tube, as of a gun, from which a projectile is discharged)
piippu {n} :: A common short form of savupiippu, meaning chimney
piippumies {n} :: A pipe-smoking man, pipe-smoker
piippurassi {n} :: pipe cleaner
piipputupakka {n} :: pipe tobacco
piipullinen {n} :: pipeful
piipunperät {n} :: dottle (still burning or wholly burnt tobacco plug in a pipe)
piipunperskat {n} :: dottle (still burning or wholly burnt tobacco plug in a pipe)
piipunpolttaja {n} :: pipe-smoker
piipunpuhdistaja {n} :: pipe cleaner
piipunrassi {n} :: alternative form of piippurassi
piiputtaa {vi} [colloquial, of an engine] :: to act up
Piirainen {prop} :: surname
piirakka {n} :: pie
piirakka {n} :: pierogi
piirakka {n} :: pasty
piirakka {n} [colloquial] :: pie chart
piirakka {n} [colloquial, vulgar] :: pie, pussy (female genitals)
piirakkadiagrammi {n} :: synonym of sektoridiagrammi
piirakkakaavio {n} :: synonym of sektoridiagrammi
piiras {n} :: pie
piirauta {n} :: ferrosilicon
piiri {n} :: ring of people (a round formation of people)
piiri {n} :: administrative district, region [also in sports]
piiri {n} :: perimeter of an area
piiri {n} :: electronic circuit
piiri {n} :: a hobby club or circle [in compound words]
piirijako {n} :: districting (the action or result of splitting into districts)
piirijako {n} [automotive] :: circuit configuration (of brakes)
piirijärjestö {n} :: district organization, district group
piirikaavio {n} [electronics] :: circuit diagram
piirikokous {n} :: conference of a given circle, club or group
piirikunta {n} :: raion
piirikunta {n} :: county
piirikytkentä {n} :: circuit switching
piirileikki {n} :: a play or childrens' game involving rings of people
piirilevy {n} :: circuit board
piirinmestari {n} [sports] :: district champion (winner of a sports competition taking place in a certain region or district)
piirinmestaruuskilpailut {n} :: district championships (competition to decide the district champion)
piirisyyttäjä {n} [law] :: district attorney, district prosecutor
piirittää {vt} [+ partitive] :: To circle, surround
piirittää {vt} [+ partitive] :: To (be)siege, lay siege to, blockade
piiritys {n} :: siege
piiritysjoukot {n} :: besieging forces or troops
piirityskone {n} [military, historical] :: siege engine
piirityssota {n} :: siege warfare
piiritystorni {n} :: siege tower (type of siege engine)
piironki {n} :: chest of drawers, dresser
piirrättää {vt} :: to make draw, to have (something) drawn
piirre {n} :: feature (physical constituent)
piirre {n} :: cast (visual appearance)
piirre {n} :: trait (an identifying characteristic, habit or trend)
piirreirrotus {n} [artificial intelligence] :: feature extraction
piirrellä {vt} :: to doodle
piirretty {n} :: animated cartoon, cartoon (animated, usually short, piece of film)
piirrin {n} :: stylus
piirros {n} :: drawing, sketch (a picture, likeness, diagram or representation, usually drawn on paper)
piirrosanimaatio {n} :: animation
piirroselokuva {n} :: animation
piirrosfilmi {n} :: animation
piirtää {vt} :: To draw, sketch
piirtää {vt} [architecture] :: piirtää taloa = To design a house
piirtää {vt} :: To outline, draft
piirtää {vt} [mathematics] :: To describe
piirtäjä {n} :: drawer (one who draws)
piirtäjä {n} :: drawer (artist who primarily makes drawings)
piirtäjä {n} :: draughtsman, draftsman (one who makes technical drawings)
piirtäminen {n} :: The act or instance of drawing
piirtäminen {n} :: graphics (making of architectural or engineering drawings)
piirto {n} :: stroke (line drawn with a pen or other writing implement)
piirto {n} :: the core of a pirn in a weaving shuttle [dialectal]
piirtoheitin {n} :: overhead projector (projector that projects an image over the head of the user of the projector onto a screen behind him)
piirtojärjestys {n} [calligraphy] :: stroke order
piirtopaukamointi {n} [pathology] :: dermatographia
piirtopöytä {n} [computing] :: graphics tablet
piirturi {n} [computing] :: plotter (output device that draws graphs and other pictorial images on paper)
piirtyä {vi} :: to be drawn or sketched
piiru {n} [construction] :: rafter (one of the sloping beams that support a pitched roof')
piiru {n} [nautical] :: point (unit of angle equal to 1/32 of full circle or 11.25 degrees)
piiru {n} [artillery] :: angular mil, mil (unit of angle equal to 1/6000, 1/6300 or 1/6400 of full circle, depending on country)
piiru {n} :: mark (indication or sign used for reference or measurement)
piiru {n} :: inch (unspecified but very short distance)
piiru {n} [dialectal, in the plural] :: feast
piirustaa {v} :: To draw
piirustella {vt} :: to draw, to doodle
piirustus {n} :: a drawing (picture)
piirustus {n} :: the act of drawing
piirustuslauta {n} :: drawing board
piirustuslauta {n} [computing, rare] :: graphics tablet
piirustussali {n} :: drawing hall (a hall for drawing)
piirustustaito {n} :: drawing skill
piirustustarvikkeet {n} :: drawing equipment
piisami {n} :: muskrat
piisata {vi} [colloquial] :: to be enough, to suffice
piisi {n} :: fireplace
piisi {n} :: alternative form of biisi
piisidos {n} [chemistry, physics] :: pi bond
piisiru {n} :: A silicon chip
piiska {n} :: A short whip, crop
piiska {n} [slang, obsolete] :: A black and white (police patrol car)
piiskakäärme {n} :: oriental whipsnake, Ahaetulla prasina, Dryophis prasinus
piiskamato {n} :: whipworm (parasitic roundworm of the species Trichuris trichiura)
piiskaraha {n} [colloquial] :: money or raise given solely to increase work efficiency
piiskata {vt} :: To whip (to hit with a whip)
piiskata kuollutta hevosta {phrase} :: to flog a dead horse, beat a dead horse
piiskujänis {n} :: pika (small mammal of the family Ochotonidae)
piiskuttaa {vi} :: to peep
piispa {n} [Christianity] :: bishop
piispanhiippa {n} :: mitre of a bishop; usually only hiippa (mitre) unless there's a need to be specific
piispanhiippa {n} :: elfin saddle, Gyromitra infula (species of mushroom)
piispanistuin {n} :: see (office of a bishop or archbishop)
piispanistuin {n} :: apse (ceremonial seat or throne of a bishop)
piispanristi {n} :: pectoral cross, pectorale
piispatar {n} :: The wife of a bishop
piitata {vi} :: to care about, worry about, bother oneself about, trouble oneself about
piiteräs {n} :: silicon steel
piitetrafluoridi {n} [chemistry] :: silicon tetrafluoride
Piitime {prop} :: The Finnish name of the Swedish municipality of Piteå in the north of Sweden
piitimensaame {n} :: The Pite Sami language
piittaamaton {adj} :: unconcerned, nonchalant, indifferent (not worried, anxious or apprehensive)
piittaamaton {adj} :: regardless, heedless, careless (having no regard)
piittaamaton {adj} :: lax, neglectful, negligent (lacking care)
piittaamaton {adj} :: unresponsive, apathetic, emotionless
piittaamaton {adj} :: laeista ~, laista ~ : lawless
piittaamattomasti {adv} :: unconcernedly
piittaamattomasti {adv} :: recklessly
piittaamattomuus {n} :: disregard
pika- {prefix} :: quick, fast, express, instant
pika- {prefix} :: summary (performed speedily and without formal ceremony)
pika {n} :: A pika
pika {n} :: In plural (pikat), the taxonomic family Ochotonidae
pika {adj} :: See: pika-
pika-arpajaiset {n} :: instant lottery
pika-ateria {n} :: quick meal
pikahiutaleet {n} :: grain flakes that only require quick heating
pikainen {adj} :: quick
pikaisesti {adv} :: promptly
pikaistua {vi} :: to become quickly furious or angry
pikajuna {n} :: An express train
pikajuoksu {n} [athletics] :: A sprint (short race at top speed)
pikakahvi {n} :: instant coffee
pikakirje {n} [mail] :: express mail (service)
pikakirje {n} :: express letter (individual letter)
pikakirjoittaja {n} :: stenographer, steno; shorthand typist [UK]
pikakirjoitus {n} :: shorthand (compendious and rapid method of writing)
pikakurssi {n} :: crash course (quick, intense course of learning)
pikakysely {n} :: straw poll, quick poll (informal poll)
pikaluistelu {n} :: speed skating
pikamatka {n} :: sprint (short race at top speed)
pikanäppäin {n} [computing] :: keyboard shortcut, shortcut
pikantisti {adv} :: poignantly
pikantti {adj} :: poignant
pikanttius {n} :: poignancy
pikanuudeli {n} :: instant noodle
pikapankki {n} [dated] :: ATM, automated teller machine
pikapano {n} :: quickie (brief sexual encounter)
pikapikaa {adv} [colloquial] :: quickly
pikaposti {n} :: express mail (service)
pikapuoliin {adv} [colloquial] :: shortly, in a moment
pikaraitiotie {n} :: light rail
pikaraitiovaunu {n} :: light rail vehicle
pikari {n} :: goblet
pikaruoka {n} :: fast food
pikaruokala {n} :: fast food restaurant
pikashakki {n} :: speed chess
pikataipale {n} [rare] :: alternative form of pikataival
pikataival {n} [motor racing] :: special stage (timed stretch in a rally race)
pikatreffit {n} :: speed dating
pikatuomio {n} :: A short shrift (quick rejection)
pikavalinta {n} :: speed dial
pikavene {n} :: speedboat (fast boat, usually a motorboat)
pikavierailu {n} :: flying visit
pikaviesti {n} :: instant message
pikaviestin {n} :: instant messenger
pikaviestittää {v} :: to instant message
pikavoitto {n} :: fast buck (money earned quickly)
pikavuoro {n} :: express (bus)
pikee {n} :: pique (fabric)
pikeentyä {v} :: synonym of pikeytyä
pikemmin {adv} :: comparative of pian
pikemmin {adv} :: alternative form of pikemminkin
pikemminkin {adv} :: rather, preferably (expression of preference)
pikemminkin {adv} :: rather, on the contrary (used to introduce a contradiction)
pikemminkin {adv} :: rather, more precisely (introducing a qualification or clarification)
pikeytyä {vi} :: to become pitchy, to become filled or covered with pitch
piki {n} :: pitch (material made by distilling tar)
pikiintyä {v} :: synonym of pikeytyä
pikimmin {adv} :: superlative of pian
pikimmiten {adv} :: at once, right away, immediately
pikimusta {adj} :: Pitch black (colour)
pikinen {adj} :: pitchy (of, pertaining to, or resembling pitch; filled or covered with pitch)
pikipöksy {n} [archaic] :: A tar (sailor)
pikipuumuura {n} :: black bushbird
pikivälke {n} [mineral] :: pitchblende
pikkainen {adj} :: alternative form of pikkanen
pikkanen {adj} [colloquial] :: little, small
pikkarainen {adj} [colloquial] :: weensy, tiny, little
pikkelsi {n} :: pickle (any vegetable preserved in vinegar and consumed as relish; a salad made of such)
pikkiriikkinen {adj} [colloquial] :: tiny
pikkolo {n} [musical instruments] :: piccolo (type of flute)
pikkolo {n} :: bellboy, hall porter
pikkolo {n} :: piccolo, snipe, quarter bottle (wine bottle of 0,1875 l)
pikkolopullo {n} :: piccolo, snipe, quarter bottle (wine bottle containing 0.1875 l)
pikku- {prefix} :: small, minor
pikku {adj} :: little, small
pikku {adj} :: little old
pikkuaavikkokiuru {n} :: bar-tailed lark, Ammomanes cinctura
pikkuaivot {n} [anatomy] :: cerebellum
pikkuakseli {n} [geometry] :: minor axis (an axis of symmetry of a conic section; the shorter one in an ellipse, in a hyperbola the one that does not intersect the curve)
pikkuakselin puolikas {n} :: semiminor axis
pikkuauto {n} [colloquial] :: a small passenger car
pikkuauto {n} [colloquial] :: a toy car
pikkubussi {n} :: minibus
pikkuflamingo {n} :: lesser flamingo, Phoenicopterus minor
pikkugrisoni {n} :: lesser grison, Galictis cuja (smaller of the two species of the genus Galictis of South American mustelid mammals)
pikkuhaikara {n} :: little bittern, Ixobrychus minutus
pikkuhaikara {n} :: bittern (any of the species in the genus Ixobrychus)
pikkuhäiveperhonen {n} :: lesser purple emperor, Apatura ilia
Pikku hevonen {prop} :: The constellation Equus
pikkuhiirenhäntälepakko {n} :: lesser mouse-tailed bat, Rhinopoma hardwickei
pikkuhiljaa {adv} :: little by little, gradually
pikkuhirssi {n} :: little millet, Panicum sumatrense (type of millet grown in India both for food and fodder)
pikkuhousunsuoja {n} :: pantyliner (pad worn on the inner surface of women's underwear)
pikkuhousut {n} :: briefs (underpants worn by men or boys)
pikkuhousut {n} :: panties (women's and girls' small underpants)
pikkuinen {adj} :: little, tiny
pikkuinen {n} :: little one
pikkuisen {adv} :: a little, a bit
pikkuitiö {n} [botany] :: microspore
pikkuitiöpesäke {n} [botany] :: microsporangium
pikkujoulu {n} [Finland] :: pre-Christmas party (celebration of approaching Christmas, originally held on the eve of Advent Sunday, but now dispersed over a period of five to two weeks before Christmas)
pikkujoulujuhla {n} :: synonym of pikkujoulu
pikkujoutsen {n} [colloquial] :: a young swan
pikkujoutsen {n} :: tundra swan, Cygnus columbianus
pikkujuttu {n} :: peanuts, small potatoes, small fry, small beer (thing of little importance)
pikkujuttu {n} [usually, in plural] :: little thing (detail)
pikkukaivajavyötiäinen {n} :: pink fairy armadillo, Chlamyphorus truncatus
pikkukajava {n} :: black-legged kittiwake, Rissa tridactyla
pikkukala {n} :: small fish, small fry
pikkukäpylintu {n} :: red crossbill or common crossbill (Loxia curvirostra)
pikkukarhu {n} :: A baby bear (bear cub)
pikkukarhu {n} :: Any small bear
pikkukarhu {n} :: sun bear, Helarctos malayanus (proposed Finnish term for this bear)
pikkukasuaari {n} :: dwarf cassowary, Casuarius bennetti
pikkukaupunki {n} :: small town
pikkukengät {n} :: little shoes
pikkukiivi {n} :: little spotted kiwi, Apteryx owenii
pikkukiljukotka {n} :: lesser spotted eagle, Aquila pomarina
pikkukiuru {n} :: lesser short-toed lark, Calandrella rufescens
pikkukivi {n} :: A pebble (small stone)
pikkukondori {n} :: lesser yellow-headed vulture, Cathartes burrovianus
pikkukorppikotka {n} :: Egyptian vulture, Neophron percnopterus
pikkukorvapusseli {n} :: synonym of pikkupussikaniini
pikkukotka {n} :: booted eagle, Hieraaetus pennatus
pikkukultarinta {n} :: booted warbler, Iduna caligata
pikkukultasiipi {n} :: small copper, Lycaena phlaeas
pikkukuovi {n} :: whimbrel (Numenius phaeopus)
pikkukylä {n} :: hamlet
pikkula {n} [euphemistic] :: outhouse
pikkulainen {n} [affectionate] :: child, kid, kiddo (literally little one)
pikkulämmin {n} :: small snack, often a baked one, eaten when warm
pikkulapasotka {n} :: lesser scaup, Aythya affinis
pikkulapsi {n} :: A small child
pikkulaukku {n} :: yellow rattle, Rhinanthus minor (flowering plant)
pikkulaukku {n} :: minibag, small bag
pikkulavantauti {n} [pathology] :: paratyphoid fever
pikkuleinikki {n} :: pygmy buttercup, Ranunculus pygmaeus (a flowering plant in the genus Ranunculus)
pikkuleipä {n} :: biscuit
pikkulepakko {n} :: Nathusius' pipistrelle, Pipistrellus nathusii
pikkulepinkäinen {n} :: red-backed shrike, Lanius collurio
pikkuliitäjä {n} :: Manx shearwater, Puffinus puffinus
pikkulimakotilo {n} :: Galba truncatula, a snail
pikkulintu {n} :: small bird, sparrow (any small bird)
pikkulokki {n} :: little gull (Hydrocoloeus minutus, formerly Larus minutus)
pikkumainen {adj} [derogatory] :: pedantic, nitpicky (excessively concerned with rules or details)
pikkumusta {n} :: little black dress (woman's black cocktail dress)
pikkumusta {n} [by extension, military, slang] :: The short black underpants used in the Finnish military
pikkumuurahaiskarhu {n} :: silky anteater, Cyclopes didactylus
pikkunahkiainen {n} :: A brook lamprey, Lampetra planeri
Pikku Otava {prop} :: alternative spelling of Pikku-Otava
Pikku-Otava {prop} :: Little Dipper (asterism)
pikkupanda {n} :: red panda, lesser panda (Ailurus fulgens)
pikkuplaneetta {n} [astronomy] :: A minor planet
pikkupoika {n} :: A little boy
pikkupöksyt {n} [colloquial] :: briefs
pikkupöksyt {n} [colloquial] :: panties
pikkuporvaristo {n} :: petty bourgeoisie (social class according to Karl Marx)
pikkupussikaniini {n} :: lesser bilby, Macrotis leucura
pikkuraha {n} :: petty cash, loose change
pikkuraha {n} :: small potatoes, peanuts (small amount of money)
pikkurikollinen {n} :: petty criminal
pikkurilli {n} [anatomy, colloquial] :: little finger
pikkurokko {n} [disease] :: fifth disease (erythovirus infection manifested as rash)
pikkurokko {n} [pathology] :: slap face, slapcheek, slapped cheek syndrome, slapped face (milder form of the disease manifested as redness of the face, especially cheeks)
pikkurokko {n} [pathology] :: erythema infectiosum (erythovirus infection in general)
pikkurousku {n} :: birch milk-cap, Lactarius tabidus
pikkuruinen {adj} :: diminutive, tiny
pikkurumpu {n} :: snare drum
pikkuseikka {n} :: bagatelle (trifle; unsubstantial thing)
pikkuserkku {n} :: second cousin
pikkuserkukset {n} :: second cousins (collective term for people who are each other's second cousins)
pikkusikari {n} :: cigarillo
pikkusirri {n} :: little stint, Calidris minuta (small wading bird)
pikkusisar {n} :: little sister
pikkusisko {n} :: little sister
pikkusormi {n} [anatomy] :: little finger
pikkutakki {n} :: A type of cut of men's jacket, such as used in men's suit jacket, blazer or sportcoat, the main difference between which is in the material
pikkutarkka {adj} :: painstaking, pedantic (concerned with details)
pikkutekijä {n} :: small fry (person of little importance)
pikkutelkkä {n} :: bufflehead, Bucephala albeola (bird of the duck family)
pikkutiira {n} :: little tern, Sternula albifrons
pikkutikka {n} :: lesser spotted woodpecker
pikkutunnit {n} :: small hours, wee hours (the period from midnight to dawn)
pikkutuulenkala {n} :: lesser sand eel, Ammodytes tobianus
pikkutyttö {n} :: little girl
pikkuväki {n} :: small fry (one or more children)
pikkuvanha {adj} :: precocious
pikkuvarpunen {n} :: tree sparrow (Passer montanus)
pikkuvarvas {n} [anatomy] :: little toe (smallest toe, fifth toe from medial to lateral)
pikkuveli {n} :: little brother
pikkuvika {n} :: minor defect
pikkuvyötiäinen {n} :: pichi, Zaedyus pichiy
pikkuvyötiäismyyrä {n} :: pink fairy armadillo (Chlamyphorus truncatus)
pikkuyksiö {n} :: bachelorette (very small single room apartment)
piknikki {n} :: picnic
piko- {prefix} :: pico-
pikometri {n} :: picometer (unit of distance)
pikornavirus {n} :: picornavirus
pikosekunti {n} :: picosecond
pikriinihappo {n} [chemistry] :: picric acid
pikseli {n} [computing] :: pixel
pikselivarjostin {n} [computer graphics] :: pixel shader
pikselöidä {vt} :: to pixelate
pikti {n} :: Pict
piktogrammi {n} :: pictogram
pila {n} :: joke, jest
pila {n} :: practical joke, jest
pilaaja {n} :: spoiler (somebody or something that spoils)
pilaannuttaa {vt} [of food] :: to spoil, to make spoil
pilaantua {vi} [of food] :: To spoil
pilaantumaton {adj} :: imperishable
pilaantumattomampi {adj} :: comparative of pilaantumaton
pilaantuminen {n} :: spoilage (process)
pilaantunut {adj} :: spoilt (gone bad)
pilaantuva {adj} :: perishable, putrescible, rottable (easily decayed, as food)
pilahvi {n} :: pilaf (dish made by browning grain and then cooking it in broth)
pilahvi {n} :: clipping of pilahviriisi
pilahviriisi {n} :: rice pilaf [dish]
pilailla {v} :: to joke
pilakuva {n} :: caricature
pilalla {adv} :: ruined (not good for use or consumption)
pilalla {adv} :: spoilt, spoiled (having lost its original value)
pilalla {adv} :: spoilt, spoiled, rancid, off (of food, deteriorated to the point of no longer being usable or edible)
pilalla {adv} :: spoilt, spoiled, pampered (of a person, usually a child, having a selfish or greedy character due to pampering)
pilalle {adv} :: ruined (not good for use or consumption, indicates transformation to this state)
pilapiirros {n} :: a satirical cartoon
pilapiirros {n} :: a caricature; a drawing that intentionally exaggerates real or imagined characteristics of the subject
pilapiirtäjä {n} :: editorial cartoonist
pilari {n} :: pillar, column
pilari {n} [colloquial] :: prank call
pilasteri {n} [architecture] :: pilaster
pilata {v} :: To spoil, ruin, blight, destroy (to cause the ruin of)
pilata {v} :: To damage or mar (to make something less intact or even destroy it; to harm or cause destruction)
pilata {v} :: To foil, scupper, thwart (to prevent something from being accomplished)
pilata {v} :: To blemish, soil (to spoil the appearance of)
pilata {v} :: To contaminate (to introduce impurities or foreign matter)
pilata {v} :: To bugger up, mess up, muck up (mild slang expressions for ruining or spoiling things)
pilata {v} :: To bugger, cock up, fuck up, screw up (obscene slang expressions for ruining or spoiling things)
pilata {v} :: To spoil (to coddle or pamper to excess)
pili {n} [childish] :: A pee-pee
pilkahdella {vi} :: to gleam repeatedly
pilkahtaa {vi} :: to gleam
pilkallisesti {adv} :: derisively (in a mocking and demeaning manner)
pilkata {v} :: to mock, deride, ridicule, jeer at, make fun of
pilke {n} :: twinkle, flicker, glimmer, shimmer (faint unsteady light)
pilke {n} :: twinkle (sparkle of delight in the eyes)
pilke {n} :: billet (short piece of firewood)
pilkintä {n} :: ice fishing
pilkistää {vi} :: to peek out
pilkistellä {vi} :: to peek out
pilkka {n} :: jeer, mock, ridicule, jest
pilkka {n} :: bullseye (center of target)
pilkka {n} :: a mark carved in a tree
pilkkaaja {n} :: mocker
pilkkakirjoitus {n} :: A lampoon (written attack ridiculing a person, group, or institution)
pilkkasiipi {n} :: velvet scoter, Melanitta fusca
pilkki {n} :: The lure used in ice fishing
pilkki {n} :: As a contracted form of pilkkiminen, ice fishing
pilkkiä {v} :: to ice fish (to fish through a hole cut into ice)
pilkkiä {v} [colloquial] :: to doze off
pilkkijä {n} :: ice fisher
pilkkiminen {n} :: ice fishing (act or instance of fishing through a hole cut into ice)
pilkkoa {vt} :: To chop, chip
pilkkopimeä {n} :: pitch-dark
pilkkoutua {vi} :: To shatter, break up into pieces