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K {letter} :: letter: koo
KD {abbr} :: abbreviation of Kristillisdemokraatit (in Finland) the Christian Democrats (a political party)
KHO {initialism} :: The abbreviation of korkein hallinto-oikeus, (in Finland) the Supreme Administrative Court
KHT {initialism} :: CPA (certified public accountant)
KKO {initialism} :: The abbreviation of korkein oikeus, (in Finland) the Supreme Court
KKP {initialism} :: CCP (Chinese Communist Party)
KNK {n} [medicine] :: ENT
KOK {abbr} :: International Olympic Committee
KTM {initialism} :: kauppa- ja teollisuusministeriö (former Ministry of Trade and Industry of Finland, now replaced with työ- ja elinkeinoministeriö)
Kaaba {prop} [Islam] :: Kaaba
Kaakkois-Aasia {prop} :: Southeast Asia (a subregion of Asia)
Kaakkois-Suomi {prop} :: southeast Finland
Kaana {prop} [biblical] :: Cana
Kaanaa {prop} [obsolete] :: Canaan ( ancient region )
Kaanaa {prop} :: Any of the small localities in Finland named after the biblical place
Kaanaa {prop} :: Partitive singular form of Kaana
Kaapo {prop} :: given name
Kaappo {prop} :: given name
Kaapro {prop} :: given name
Kaarin {prop} :: given name
Kaarina {prop} :: given name
Kaarina {prop} :: A municipality in SW Finland, near Turku
Kaarle {prop} :: given name
Kaarle Suuri {prop} :: Charlemagne
Kaarlo {prop} :: given name
Kai {prop} :: given name derived from Danish Kaj
Kaija {prop} :: given name
Kaila {prop} :: surname
Kain {prop} :: Cain (Biblical character)
Kain {prop} [rare] :: given name
Kaino {prop} :: given name
Kaino {prop} :: given name
Kainu {prop} :: surname
Kainu {prop} :: A Finnish placename
Kainuu {prop} :: A region in eastern Finland
Kainuu {prop} :: The Finnish name of the municipality of Kalix in the north of Sweden
Kairo {prop} :: Cairo
Kaisa {prop} :: given name
Kaisla {prop} :: given name
Kaisu {prop} :: given name
Kajaani {prop} :: Kajaani
Kajaani {prop} :: surname
Kaksoisvirranmaa {prop} :: Mesopotamia
Kaksoset {prop} :: Gemini (constellation)
Kaksoset {prop} :: Gemini (astrological sign)
Kalat {prop} :: Pisces (constellation)
Kalat {prop} :: Pisces (astrological sign)
Kaldea {n} :: Chaldea (region of Babylonia)
Kaledonia {prop} [rare] :: Caledonia (Scotland)
Kalervo {prop} :: The father of Kullervo in the Kalevala
Kalervo {prop} :: given name
Kaleva {prop} :: An obscure giant in Finnish mythology
Kaleva {prop} :: given name taken into use after the publication of the Finnish national epic Kalevala; more popular in the form Kalevi
Kaleva {prop} :: Finland's fifth-largest morning newspaper, published in Oulu
Kalevala {prop} :: Kalevala (epic)
Kalevala {prop} :: Kalevala (mythical place)
Kalevi {prop} :: given name
Kalifornia {prop} :: California
Kalifornian niemimaa {prop} :: Baja California (peninsula)
Kalifornianlahti {prop} :: The Gulf of California
Kalimantan {prop} :: Kalimantan
Kalkutta {prop} :: Calcutta (former name of the state capital of West Bengal, since 2001 known locally as Kolkata)
Kalle {prop} :: given name
Kalle {prop} :: The letter "K" in the Finnish tavausaakkoset, a spelling system similar to ICAO spelling alphabet
Kallela {prop} :: surname
Kallela {prop} :: A placename
Kallio {prop} :: surname
Kallio {prop} :: Any of a number of small places in Finland, including a district of Helsinki
Kalliomäki {prop} :: surname
Kalliope {prop} :: Calliope (the Muse of eloquence and epic)
Kalliovuoret {prop} :: The Rocky Mountains
Kallisto {prop} [Greek mythology] :: Callisto, the nymph of Artemis
Kallisto {prop} [astronomy] :: Callisto, the satellite of Jupiter
Kalmukia {prop} :: Kalmykia
Kambodža {prop} :: Cambodia
Kameleontti {prop} :: the constellation Chamaeleon
Kamerun {prop} :: Cameroon
Kamputsea {prop} [dated] :: Cambodia
Kanaalin tunneli {prop} :: Channel Tunnel
Kanaalisaaret {prop} :: Channel Islands
Kanaan {prop} :: Canaan [biblical character]
Kanaan {prop} :: Canaan [region]
Kanada {prop} :: Canada
Kanaria {prop} :: short for Kanariansaaret
Kanariansaaret {prop} :: The Canary Islands (an archipelago off the coast of north-western Africa)
Kanerva {prop} :: given name
Kanerva {prop} :: surname
Kangas {prop} :: surname
Kangasala {prop} :: Kangasala
Kangasniemi {prop} :: A municipality in the region of Southern Savonia, Finland
Kangasniemi {prop} :: surname
Kankaanpää {prop} :: surname
Kankaanpää {prop} :: A town in the region of Satakunta
Kankkunen {prop} :: surname
Kansainliitto {prop} :: The League of Nations
Kansainvälinen {prop} :: Internationale (song)
Kansainvälinen avaruusasema {prop} :: International Space Station, ISS
Kansainvälinen valuuttarahasto {prop} :: International Monetary Fund
Kansainyhteisö {prop} :: The Commonwealth of Nations
Kansallinen Kokoomus {prop} :: The National Coalition Party (in Finland)
Kansan vapautusarmeija {prop} :: The People's Liberation Army
Kansaneläkelaitos {prop} :: The Social Insurance Institution of Finland [official translation], a government branch that administers and provides social security benefits for all residents of Finland
Kantola {prop} :: surname and placename
Kanton {n} :: Canton, the former name of Guangzhou
Kap Horn {prop} :: Cape Horn
Kap Verde {prop} :: Cape Verde
Kapanen {prop} :: surname
Kapernaum {prop} :: Capernaum (biblical city)
Kapkaupunki {prop} :: Cape Town
Kappadokia {prop} :: Cappadocia (region of Turkey)
Kare {prop} :: given name
Kare {prop} :: surname
Karhu {prop} :: surname
Karhu {prop} :: A major brand of beer in Finland
Karhunvartija {prop} :: the constellation Boötes, the Herdsman
Karhu-ryhmä {prop} :: The name of the special force of the Finnish police
Karhusaari {prop} :: Bear Island
Kari {prop} :: given name
Kari {prop} :: surname
Karibia {prop} :: Caribbean
Karibianmeri {prop} :: The Caribbean Sea
Karijoki {prop} :: Karijoki
Karita {prop} :: given name derived from Swedish Carita
Karjaa {prop} :: A former town and municipality in the west of Uusimaa region, now part of Raasepori
Karjala {prop} :: Karelia (region shared between Russia and Finland)
Karjala {prop} :: A former municipality in the province of Varsinais-Suomi in SW Finland
Karjala {prop} :: surname
Karjalainen {prop} :: surname
Karjalan tasavalta {prop} :: Republic of Karelia
Karjalankannas {prop} :: Karelian Isthmus
Karoliina {prop} :: given name, cognate to English Caroline
Karpaatit {prop} :: Carpathians (mountain range in Eastern Central Europe)
Karppinen {prop} :: surname
Karri {prop} :: given name
Karst {prop} :: Karst
Karstula {prop} :: A municipality in central Finland
Kartago {prop} :: Carthage
Karttunen {prop} :: surname
Karvinen {prop} :: surname
Karvinen {prop} :: Garfield (cat character in a cartoon by Jim Davis)
Karvonen {prop} :: surname
Kasaani {prop} [dated] :: Kazan
Kaskinen {prop} :: Kaskinen
Kasperi {prop} :: given name, cognate to English Caspar
Kaspianmeri {prop} :: The Caspian Sea
Kassiopeia {prop} :: Greek mythological queen Cassiopeia
Kassiopeia {prop} :: the constellation Cassiopeia, the Queen
Kassu {prop} :: A nickname used of some male and female first names with "Ka-" or "Kas-" as first syllable, including Kalervo, Kaleva, Kasper and Katariina
Kassu {prop} :: A name for a dog or horse
Kastilia {prop} :: Castile (former kingdom and region)
Kastilji {prop} :: Castile
Kata {prop} :: given name, a rare short form of Katariina
Katalonia {prop} :: Catalonia
Katariina {prop} :: given name, cognate with English Catherine
Kati {prop} :: given name
Katja {prop} :: given name
Katri {prop} :: given name
Katriina {prop} :: given name, variant of Katariina ( =Catherine)
Kauhajoki {prop} :: Kauhajoki
Kauhanen {prop} :: surname
Kauhava {prop} :: Kauhava
Kaukasia {prop} :: Caucasus (geopolitical region)
Kaukasus {prop} :: The Caucasus (the mountain range)
Kauko {prop} :: given name
Kauko {prop} [rare compared to given name] :: surname
Kaukoitä {prop} [dated] :: The Far East
Kaukoputki {prop} :: The constellation Telescopium
Kauno {prop} :: given name
Kauppi {prop} :: surname
Kauppi {prop} :: Any of a number of small places in Finland
Kauppila {prop} :: surname
Kauppila {prop} :: Any of a number of small places in Finland
Kauppinen {prop} :: surname
Kauriin kääntöpiiri {prop} [geology] :: The Tropic of Capricorn
Kauris {prop} [astronomy] :: Capricorn, The Goat
Kauris {prop} [astrology] :: Capricorn
Kaustinen {prop} :: A municipality in the Central Ostrobothnia region, Finland; known for its international folk music festival
Kaustinen {prop} :: The Finnish name of the cartoon character Woodstock (Peanuts) from Charles M. Schulz's Peanuts
Kazakstan {prop} :: Kazakhstan
Keefas {prop} [bible] :: synonym of Pietari (apostle Peter)
Kefeus {prop} :: the king Cepheus in Greek mythology
Kefeus {prop} :: the constellation Cepheus, the King
Keijo {prop} :: given name
Kekkonen {prop} :: surname
Kela {acronym} :: Short form of Kansaneläkelaitos, the Finnish social security agency
Keltainenjoki {prop} :: Huang He
Keltainenmeri {prop} :: The Yellow Sea
Kemi {prop} :: Kemi [town]
Kemijoki {prop} :: Kemi (river in Lapland, longest river of Finland)
Kemijärvi {prop} :: A town in the province of Lapland, Finland
Kemijärvi {prop} :: A lake according to which the town was named
Keminmaa {prop} :: Keminmaa
Kempele {prop} :: A Finnish municipality, south of Oulu, in northern Ostrobothnia (Pohjois-Pohjanmaa)
Kemppainen {prop} :: surname
Kemppi {prop} :: surname
Kenia {prop} :: Kenya
Kentauri {prop} [constellation] :: The constellation Centaurus, the Centaur
Keränen {prop} :: surname
Kertš {prop} :: Kerch (city in the Crimean peninsula)
Kertšinsalmi {prop} [geography] :: Strait of Kerch
Kerttu {prop} :: given name
Kerttu {prop} :: Gretel, the girl in the fairy tale Hansel and Gretel
Kesk. {abbr} :: The abbreviation for Suomen Keskusta, the Centre Party of Finland
Keski-Aasia {prop} :: Central Asia
Keski-Afrikan tasavalta {prop} :: The Central African Republic
Keski-Afrikka {n} :: Central African Republic (short for Keski-Afrikan tasavalta)
Keski-Amerikka {prop} :: Central America
Keski-Eurooppa {prop} :: Central Europe
Keski-Kreikka {prop} :: Central Greece (region or periphery of Greece)
Keski-Makedonia {prop} :: Central Macedonia (periphery of Greece)
Keski-Suomi {prop} :: Central Finland
Keski-itä {prop} :: synonym of Lähi-itä
Keskinen {prop} :: surname
Keskinen Afrikka {prop} :: Central Africa (region)
Keskitalo {prop} :: surname
Keskitalo {prop} :: Any of a number of small places in Finland
Keskuspuisto {prop} :: Central Park (park on Manhattan, New York)
Keskustan valtakunta {prop} :: Middle Kingdom (nickname of China)
Ketoja {prop} :: surname
Ketola {prop} :: surname
Ketola {prop} :: Any of a number of small places in Finland
Kettu {prop} [constellation] :: The constellation Vulpecula
Kettunen {prop} :: surname
Keuruu {prop} :: A town in the region of Central Finland
Khalkis {prop} :: Chalcis
Kharon {prop} [Greek mythology] :: Charon
Kharon {prop} [astronomy] :: Charon, the largest satellite of Pluto
Kheopsin pyramidi {prop} :: The Great Pyramid of Giza (largest of the pyramids of Egypt, one of the seven wonders of the Ancient world)
Khimaira {prop} [Greek mythology] :: Chimera (mythological beast)
Kähkönen {prop} :: surname
Kielo {prop} :: given name
Kihniö {prop} :: Kihniö (municipality)
Kiia {prop} :: given name,a modern rendering of Kia, a Swedish nickname for Kristina
Kiia {prop} :: [dated, rare] A nickname for the male given names Hiskias and Malakias
Kiihtelysvaara {prop} :: A municipality in eastern Finland
Kiina {prop} :: China
Kiina-ilmiö {n} :: China syndrome (nuclear meltdown)
Kiina-keskinen {n} :: Sinocentric
Kiina-keskisyys {n} :: Sinocentrism
Kiinan Taipei {prop} :: Chinese Taipei
Kiinan kansantasavalta {prop} :: The People's Republic of China
Kiinan muuri {prop} :: The Great Wall of China
Kiinan tasavalta {prop} :: The Republic of China
Kiira {prop} :: given name, a variant of Kira or Kyra
Kiiruna {prop} :: Kiruna (municipality in northern Sweden)
Kiljunen {prop} :: surname
Kilpi {prop} :: The constellation Scutum, also called Sobieski's Shield
Kilpiäinen {prop} :: surname
Kilponen {prop} :: surname
Kimi {prop} :: given name of modern usage
Kimmo {prop} :: given name
Kimmo {prop} [rare] :: surname
Kinnunen {prop} :: surname
Kinshasan Kongo {prop} :: Congo-Kinshasa
Kioto {prop} :: Kyoto
Kiova {prop} :: Kiev, the capital city of Ukraine
Kiovan Venäjä {prop} :: Kievan Rus
Kirahvi {prop} [constellation] ::  The constellation Camelopardalis
Kirgisia {prop} :: Kyrgyzstan (country in Central Asia)
Kiribati {prop} :: Kiribati
Kirje filippiläisille {prop} :: Philippians (book in the New Testament)
Kirje galatalaisille {prop} :: Epistle to the Galatians, Galatians (book in the New Testament)
Kirke {prop} [Greek mythology] :: Circe
Kirkkoniemi {prop} :: The Finnish name of the Norwegian town of Kirkenes
Kirsi {prop} :: given name
Kirsi-Marja {prop} :: given name
Kirsti {prop} :: given name
Kishinev {prop} :: Chisinau (capital city of Moldova)
Kissalan pojat {prop} [slang] :: The cops
Kisurali-epookki {n} [geology] :: Cisuralian, Lower Permian, Early Permian (earliest epoch of the Permian)
Kitee {prop} :: Kitee
Kitinen {prop} :: Kitinen
Kitka {prop} :: A lake in north-eastern Finland
Kitkan viisas {n} :: A variety of small vendace (neulamuikku) living in Lake Kitka in north-eastern Finland
Kittilä {prop} :: Kittilä
Kivelä {prop} :: surname
Kivelä {prop} :: Any of a number of small places in Finland
Kivi {prop} :: surname, notably of the first Finnish novelist Aleksis Kivi
Kivimäki {prop} :: surname
Kivimäki {prop} :: Any of a number of small places in Finland
Kivinen {prop} :: surname
Kivinen {prop} :: Any of a number of lakes and small places in Finland
Käkikellomaa {prop} [nickname] :: Switzerland
Klaara {prop} :: given name
Klaus {prop} :: given name
Klemetti {prop} :: given name common in the Middle Ages but rare today
Klemetti {prop} :: surname
Köli {prop} :: The constellation Carina, the Keel
Kölivuoristo {prop} [dated] :: The Scandinavian Mountains
Köln {prop} :: Cologne (city in Germany)
Klonkku {prop} :: Gollum
Klotho {prop} [mythology] :: Clotho (one of he Fates in Greek mythology)
Knuuti {prop} :: surname
Knuutila {prop} :: surname
Kohonen {prop} :: surname
Koistinen {prop} :: surname
Koivisto {prop} :: surname
Koivisto {prop} :: Primorsk, Leningrad Oblast (town in Karelia)
Koivu {prop} :: surname
Koivula {prop} :: surname
Koivula {prop} :: Any of a number of small places in Finland
Koivunen {prop} :: surname
Koivuniemen herra {n} [humoristically] :: birch (stick, rod or bundle of twigs made from birch, formerly used for punishing naughty kids)
Koivuniemi {prop} :: surname and placename
Kokko {prop} :: surname
Kokko {prop} :: Any of a number of small places in Finland
Kokkola {prop} :: A town in the region of Central Ostrobothnia, Finland
Kokkola {prop} :: surname
Kokkonen {prop} :: surname
Kokoomus {prop} :: Short form of Kansallinen Kokoomus (a Finnish political party)
Kolari {prop} :: Kolari
Kolehmainen {prop} :: surname
Kolkata {prop} :: Kolkata (the official name of the capital of West Bengal since 2001)
Kolkka {prop} :: surname
Kollektiivinen turvallisuusjärjestö {prop} :: Collective Security Treaty Organisation
Kolmas valtakunta {prop} :: Third Reich
Kolmio {prop} [constellation] :: The constellation Triangulum
Kolorado {prop} [rare, dated] :: Colorado
Kolossalaiskirje {prop} :: Colossians (book in the New Testament)
Kolumbia {prop} :: Colombia
Komi {prop} :: Komi Republic
Komorit {prop} :: The Comoros (country and islands)
Kompassi {prop} :: the constellation Pyxis, the compass
Komulainen {prop} :: surname
Konfutse {prop} :: Confucius
Kongo {prop} :: Republic of the Congo
Kongo {prop} :: Democratic Republic of the Congo
Kongo {prop} :: the Congo River
Kongon demokraattinen tasavalta {prop} :: The Democratic Republic of the Congo
Kongon tasavalta {prop} :: The Republic of the Congo
Kononen {prop} :: surname
Konsta {prop} :: given name
Konstantin {prop} :: given name
Konstantinopoli {prop} :: Constantinople
Konstantinus {prop} [history] :: given name
Kontiainen {prop} :: surname
Kontiolahti {prop} :: Kontiolahti
Kopernikus {prop} :: Copernicus
Koponen {prop} :: surname
Koraani {prop} [Islam] :: Qur'an (the Islamic holy book)
Korallimeri {} :: Coral Sea
Korea {n} :: Korea (ancient country)
Korea {n} :: Korea (either of the two current Korean states)
Korea {n} :: Korea (Korean peninsula)
Korean demokraattinen kansantasavalta {prop} :: The Democratic People's Republic of Korea
Korean niemimaa {prop} :: The Korean Peninsula
Korean tasavalta {prop} :: The Republic of Korea
Koreansalmi {prop} :: Korea Strait
Korfu {prop} :: Corfu
Korhonen {prop} :: surname In 2010, the second most common in Finland (barely behind Virtanen, and ahead of Nieminen).
Korintinlahti {prop} :: The Gulf of Corinth
Korintti {prop} :: The city of Corinth
Korinttolaiskirje {prop} :: Corinthians, Epistle to the Corinthians (either of the two books of the New Testament written as letters to the Corinthians)
Korjus {prop} :: surname
Korkea veisu {prop} [dated] :: the Song of Songs, Song of Solomon (22nd book of the Old Testament)
Korpela {prop} :: surname
Korpela {prop} :: Any of a number of small places in Finland
Korppi {prop} :: the constellation Corvus, the Crow
Korsakoffin oireyhtymä {n} [pathology] :: Korsakoff's syndrome
Korsakoffin syndrooma {n} [pathology] :: Korsakoff's syndrome
Korsika {prop} :: Corsica
Korsnäs {prop} :: Korsnäs
Koskela {prop} :: surname
Koskela {prop} :: Any of a number of small places in Finland
Koski {prop} :: surname
Koski {prop} :: Any of a number of small places in Finland and Karelia
Koskinen {prop} :: surname
Kosonen {prop} :: surname
Kossu {prop} [nickname] :: Koskenkorva (Finnish brand of vodka)
Kosti {prop} :: given name
Kotilainen {prop} :: surname
Kotka {prop} :: A town in Finland
Kotka {prop} :: surname
Kotka {prop} :: The constellation Aquila
Kotte {prop} :: Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte
Kotus {prop} :: A governmental linguistic research institute geared toward studies, and standardization of languages used in Finland, i.e. Finnish, Swedish (Finland Swedish), the Sami languages, the Romani language, and Finnish Sign Language
Kouvola {prop} :: Kouvola (city and municipality)
Kouvola {prop} :: Any of a number of smaller locations around the country
Kööpenhamina {prop} :: Copenhagen
Käpylä {prop} :: Käpylä, a district of Helsinki
Krakova {prop} :: Cracow
Krapu {prop} [constellation] :: The constellation Cancer, the Crab
Krapu {prop} [astrology] :: The zodiac sign Cancer
Kravun kääntöpiiri {prop} [geology] :: The Tropic of Cancer
Kreeta {prop} :: Crete
Kreeta {prop} :: given name
Kreikka {prop} :: Greece
Kääriäinen {prop} :: surname
Krim {prop} :: Crimea (peninsula)
Krista {prop} :: given name
Kristian {prop} :: given name, cognate to English Christian
Kristiina {prop} :: given name
Kristiinankaupunki {prop} :: A town and municipality in Ostrobothnia, Finland
Kristillisdemokraatit {prop} :: The Christian Democrats (political party in many countries, especially in Europe and Latin America)
Kristillisdemokraatit {prop} :: Short for Suomen Kristillisdemokraatit, a Christian Democratic party in Finland
Kristo {prop} :: given name
Kristuksen taivaaseenastumisen päivä {n} [dated] :: Ascension Day (40th day after Easter)
Kristus {prop} :: The Christ
Kärkkäinen {prop} :: surname
Kärkölä {prop} :: Kärkölä (municipality)
Käärme {prop} [constellation] :: The constellation Serpens
Käärmeenkantaja {prop} :: The constellation Ophiuchus
Kroatia {prop} :: Croatia
Kroisos {prop} :: Croesus
Kärpänen {prop} :: The constellation Musca
Kärppä {prop} :: surname
Kärppä {prop} [in plural] :: Short for Oulun Kärpät, a successful ice hockey team from Oulu, Finland
Kruunupyy {prop} :: A municipality in Ostrobothnia, Finland
Kserkses {prop} :: Xerxes
Kuala Lumpur {prop} :: Kuala Lumpur (capital of Malaysia)
Kuala Lumpur {prop} :: Kuala Lumpur (federal territory in Malaysia)
Kuhmo {prop} :: Kuhmo
Kuhmoinen {prop} :: A municipality in the Central Finland region
Kuikka {prop} :: surname
Kuisma {prop} [rare compared to surname] :: given name
Kuisma {prop} :: surname
Kuitunen {prop} :: surname
Kuivalainen {prop} :: surname
Kujala {prop} :: surname
Kujala {prop} :: Any of a number of small places in Finland
Kukkonen {prop} :: surname
Kullervo {prop} :: A tragic hero in the Kalevala
Kullervo {prop} :: given name taken into use from the Kalevala
Kulmala {prop} :: surname
Kulmala {prop} :: Any of a number of small places in Finland
Kulmaviivoitin {prop} :: The constellation Triangulum
Kultainen orda {prop} :: The Golden Horde
Kultainen sarvi {prop} :: Golden Horn (inlet at Bosporus strait)
Kultakala {prop} :: The constellation Dorado
Kultarannikko {prop} [obsolete] :: The Gold Coast (colonial era name of Ghana)
Kumlingen tauti {n} [pathology] :: synonym of puutiaisaivotulehdus
Kummola {prop} :: surname
Kumpulainen {prop} :: surname
Kungfutse {prop} :: Confucius
Kuntaliitto {prop} :: short for Suomen Kuntaliitto, the Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities (the translation used by the association of itself); a national association whose membership consists of the towns and other municipalities in Finland
Kuola {prop} :: The Kola Peninsula
Kuolan niemimaa {prop} :: The Kola Peninsula
Kuolleiden kirja {prop} :: Book of the Dead (ancient Egyptian text)
Kuollutmeri {prop} :: The Dead Sea
Kuopio {prop} :: Kuopio
Kuoppala {prop} :: surname
Kuoppala {prop} :: Any of a number of small places in Finland
Kuorevesi {prop} :: A former municipality, now part of Jämsä in the region of Central Finland
Kuorevesi {prop} :: The lake after which the municipality was named
Kuortane {prop} :: Kuortane
Kuosmanen {prop} :: surname
Kurikka {prop} :: Kurikka
Kurki {prop} [constellation] :: The constellation Grus, the Crane
Kustaa {prop} :: given name
Kustaava {prop} :: given name
Kusti {prop} :: given name
Kuu {prop} :: The Moon, the satellite of the Earth
Kuuba {prop} :: Cuba (country)
Kuuba {prop} :: Cuba (island)
Kuurinmaa {prop} :: Courland (region in western Latvia)
Kuusamo {prop} :: A municipality in the region of Northern Ostrobothnia, Finland
Kuusela {prop} :: surname
Kuusela {prop} :: Any of a number of small places in Finland
Kuusisto {prop} :: surname
Kuusisto {prop} :: A former municipality, now part of Kaarina
Kuvanveistäjä {prop} :: the constellation Sculptor
Kuwait {prop} :: Kuwait
K-vitamiini {n} :: vitamin K
Ky {prop} :: initialism of kommandiittiyhtiö
Kykladit {prop} :: Cyclades (group of islands in Greece)
Kylli {prop} :: given name
Kyllikki {prop} :: The wife of Lemminkäinen in the Kalevala
Kyllikki {prop} :: given name
Kyllönen {prop} :: surname
Kypros {prop} :: Cyprus
Kyrenaika {prop} :: Cyrenaica
Kyösti {prop} :: given name
Kyyhkynen {prop} :: the constellation Columba, the Dove
Kyyros {prop} :: Cyrus
köö {n} [billiards] :: cue
-kä {conj} :: (coordinating) nor (the latter clause beginning with this must have same subject as the former clause)
ka {adv} [rare, dialectal] :: also, too
ka. {abbr} :: keskiarvo
kaa {postp} [colloquial, dialectal] :: with
kaa {num} [colloquial] :: two
kaadanta {n} [rare, poetic] :: An action noun of the verb kaataa (to pour, overturn, dump, fell, knock down, overthrow, capsize, booze...)
kaade {n} [geology] :: dip
kaadella {vt} :: To pour (continuously/repeatedly)
kaadella {vt} :: To knock over (continuously/repeatedly)
kaaderi {n} :: cadre
kaadin {n} :: jug
kaahaaja {n} [colloquial] :: reckless driver
kaahailija {n} [colloquial] :: reckless driver
kaahailla {v} :: To drive recklessly
kaahailu {n} :: reckless driving [continued or habitual action]
kaahari {n} [colloquial] :: reckless driver
kaahata {v} :: To drive recklessly
kaahaus {n} :: An instance of reckless driving
kaakao {n} :: hot chocolate, cocoa (drink)
kaakao {n} :: short for kaakaojauhe
kaakao {n} :: cocoa (colour)
kaakaojauhe {n} :: cocoa, cocoa powder (unsweetened brown powder made of rosted cocoa beans)
kaakaojuoma {n} :: chocolate beverage
kaakaolikööri {n} :: chocolate liqueur
kaakaopapu {n} :: A cocoa bean
kaakaopuu {n} :: cacao (cacao tree)
kaakaorasva {n} :: cocoa butter
kaakaovoi {n} :: cocoa butter
kaakattaa {vi} :: To cackle
kaakatus {n} :: cackle (sound of hen)
kaakatus {n} :: cackle (laughter similar to hens' cackle)
kaakeli {n} :: A (ceramic) tile
kaakeliuuni {n} :: tilestove (kind of a heating stove; kakluuni)
kaakeloida {vt} :: To tile (to place ceramic tiles on, using grout)
kaakelointi {n} :: tiling
kaakki {n} :: A nag (old useless horse)
kaakki {n} [disparaging] :: A nag, hack (disparaging term for a horse)
kaakko {n} :: southeast
kaakkoinen {adj} :: southeastern
kaakkois- {adj} :: alternative form of kaakkoinen
kaakkoisaasialainen {n} :: Southeast Asian (person)
kaakkoisaasialainen {adj} :: Southeast Asian (of or pertaining to Southeast Asia)
kaakkoisosa {n} :: southeastern part
kaakkoispasaati {n} :: southeastern trade wind
kaakkoispuoli {n} :: southeastern side
kaakkoisraja {n} :: southeastern border
kaakkoistuuli {n} :: southeast wind
kaakku {n} [dialectal] :: cake
kaakkuri {n} :: red-throated diver (Gavia stellata)
kaale {n} :: Roma, Romani (person)
kaalee {n} :: alternative spelling of kaale
kaali {n} :: cabbage
kaali {n} [colloquial] :: A head, usually together with the verb mennä (to go)
kaalikeitto {n} :: cabbage soup
kaalikärpänen {n} :: cabbage fly, Delia radicum
kaalikääryle {n} :: cabbage roll, cabbage dolma
kaalilaatikko {n} :: cabbage casserole
kaalimato {n} :: cabbage worm
kaalinkerä {n} :: cabbage head
kaalinpää {n} :: cabbagehead (cabbage leaves)
kaaliperhonen {n} :: large white (Pieris brassicae)
kaalipiirakka {n} :: cabbage pie
kaalirapi {n} :: kohlrabi (vegetable)
kaamakettu {n} :: Cape fox, Cama fox or silver-backed fox (Vulpes chama)
kaamea {adj} :: awful, terrible, shocking
kaamos {n} :: The polar night; period of darkness north of the Arctic Circle when the sun does not rise over the horizon
kaamosaika {n} :: The period of polar night
kaamosmasennus {n} :: winter depression, seasonal affective disorder (depression associated with lack of natural light in winter)
-kaan {particle} :: (enclitic) neither, not ... either (also not)
-kaan {particle} :: Used to emphasize lack of alternatives
-kaan {particle} :: Used to soften a question
-kaan {particle} :: even; used to emphasize something
-kaan {particle} :: Used to indicate change of mind or circumstances
kaanaankoira {n} :: Canaan Dog
kaani {n} :: khan
kaanikunta {n} :: khanate
kaanitar {n} :: khatan, khanum
kaanon {n} [music] :: canon, round (piece of music in which the same melody is played by different voices, but beginning at different times)
kaaoksellinen {adj} :: chaotic
kaaos {n} :: chaos
kaaosmainen {adj} :: chaotic
kaaosteoria {n} :: chaos theory
kaapata {vt} :: To capture, abduct, kidnap (a person)
kaapata {vt} :: To hijack (a vehicle or computer)
kaapeli {n} :: cable
kaapelihylly {n} :: cable tray (structure for supporting cables)
kaapelikanava {n} :: cable channel
kaapelikenkä {n} :: cable terminal, cable lug
kaapelimodeemi {n} [Internet] :: cable modem
kaapelinmitta {n} [nautical] :: cable length
kaapelitelevisio {n} :: cable television
kaapeliverkko {n} :: cable (communications network)
kaapeloida {vt} :: To cable (to install cables)
kaapia {v} :: To scrape (without much friction)
kaappaaja {n} :: hijacker
kaappari {n} :: hijacker
kaappari {n} :: privateer
kaapparikapteeni {n} :: privateer
kaapparilaiva {n} [nautical] :: privateer (privately owned warship that had official sanction to attack enemy ships and take possession of their cargo)
kaappaus {n} :: hijack
kaappausdraama {n} :: hostage drama
kaappi {n} :: cabinet
kaappi {n} :: closet
kaappi {n} :: locker
kaappihomo {n} :: closet gay
kaappijuoppo {n} :: "Closet drinker"; a person who hides his or her heavy drinking
kaappikello {n} :: longcase clock, grandfather clock
kaapu {n} :: A gown, cloak, habit, frock
kaaputtaa {v} :: to scrape
kaara {n} [colloquial] :: automobile
kaareke {n} :: bend (in a road)
kaareutua {vi} :: To arch
kaareva {adj} :: bent, curved; not (quite) straight
kaarevampi {adj} :: comparative of kaareva
kaarevuus {n} :: curvature
kaarevuuskeskipiste {n} :: center of curvature
kaarevuussäde {n} :: radius of curvature
kaari {n} :: curve
kaari {n} :: bow
kaari {n} [architecture] :: arch
kaari {n} [geometry] :: arc
kaari {n} [legal] :: code, act (an especially broad legal statute; one of the nine parts of Swedish 1734 law)
kaari {n} [biology, taxonomy] :: division
kaari {n} [graph theory, network theory] :: edge between two vertices
kaari {n} [nautical] :: rib of a boat or a ship
kaariaste {n} :: A degree of arc
kaaridyyni {n} :: barchan
kaarihitsaus {n} :: arc welding
kaariholvi {n} :: arched vault
kaari-ikkuna {n} :: arched window
kaarikäytävä {n} :: arcade, archway
kaarikäytävä {n} [anatomy] :: semicircular canal
kaarilamppu {n} :: arc lamp
kaariminuutti {n} :: arcminute
kaaripallo {n} [ball sports] :: lob (pass or stroke which arches high into the air)
kaaripallo {n} [baseball, pesäpallo] :: fly ball
kaarisekunti {n} :: arcsecond
kaarisilta {n} :: arch bridge (bridge supported by an arch-formed structure)
kaarisulje {n} :: parenthesis (round bracket symbols "(" and ")" )
kaarisulku {n} :: A round bracket, parenthesis (symbols "(" and ")" )
kaarittaa {v} [nautical] :: to rib
kaarna {n} :: thick, dry and hard bark, such as on a pinetree
kaarnalaiva {n} :: A toy ship made from a piece of pine bark
kaarne {n} [archaic, biblical] :: raven
kaarnikka {n} :: black crowberry, Empetrum nigrum
kaarnoittua {vi} :: To become covered by bark
kaarre {n} :: bend, curve (in road)
kaartaa {vi} [of a road, river etc.] :: To curve, bend, turn
kaartaa {vt} :: To circle, go around (partitive + ympäri); to encircle, surround (genitive + ympäri)
kaartaa {vt} :: To arch
kaartaa {vi} [of a bird] :: To wheel, sweep, soar
kaarti {n} :: guard (squad)
kaartilainen {n} :: guardsman
kaartua {vi} :: to curve
kaartua {vi} :: to overarch
kaasari {n} [colloquial] :: A carb (short for carburetor)
kaaso {n} :: bridesmaid
kaasu {n} :: gas (state of matter)
kaasu {n} :: gas pedal
kaasu {n} [idiomatic, colloquial] :: olla kaasussa: to be drunk
kaasufaasi {n} :: gaseous phase
kaasuhana {n} :: gas tap
kaasujättiläinen {n} [astronomy] :: gas giant
kaasukammio {n} :: gas chamber
kaasukehä {n} :: atmosphere
kaasukuolio {n} :: gas gangrene
kaasulaitos {n} :: gasworks
kaasulamppu {n} :: gas lamp
kaasuletku {n} :: gas pipe (e.g., a rubber pipe)
kaasuliekki {n} :: gas flame
kaasuliesi {n} :: gas stove
kaasulämmitys {n} :: gas heating
kaasumainen {adj} :: gaseous
kaasumittari {n} :: gas meter
kaasumoottori {n} :: gas engine
kaasunaamari {n} :: gas mask
kaasuonkalo {n} :: blowhole (a vent for the escape of gas)
kaasupallo {n} :: ball of gas
kaasupallo {n} :: gasbag
kaasupilvi {n} :: A cloud of gas
kaasupilvi {n} [astronomy] :: A nebula
kaasupistooli {n} :: gas pistol
kaasupitoinen {adj} :: gassy or gaseous (containing gas)
kaasuplaneetta {n} [astronomy] :: Jovian planet, gas giant
kaasupoljin {n} :: throttle (pedal)
kaasupullo {n} :: gas bottle
kaasuputki {n} :: gas pipeline
kaasus {n} [grammar] :: case
kaasusäiliö {n} :: gas container, gas tank
kaasussa {adv} :: drunk
kaasusumu {n} [astronomy] :: nebula
kaasute {n} :: gassing substance
kaasutiivis {adj} :: gastight
kaasutin {n} :: A carburetor
kaasutin {n} :: A gasifier
kaasuttaa {vt} :: To gas (a person; lethally), to fumigate (an insect)
kaasuttaa {vt} :: To gasify
kaasuttaa {vi} [colloquial] :: To step on the gas, give it some gas
kaasuttua {vi} [rare] :: alternative form of kaasuuntua
kaasuturbiini {n} :: gas turbine
kaasuuntua {vi} :: To become gas, be(come) gasified
kaasuvakio {n} [physics] :: gas constant
kaataa {v} :: To pour (out); to spill
kaataa {v} :: To knock/tip/turn over, overturn, upset
kaataa {v} :: To dump, tip (a load)
kaataa {v} :: To fell, cut/chop down (a tree), to cut (hay)
kaataa {v} :: To shoot/kill down (game)
kaataa {v} :: To knock down
kaataa {v} :: To overthrow
kaataa {v} [nautical] :: To capsize (to cause to overturn)
kaataa {v} [slang] :: To drink (alcohol), booze
kaataa bensaa liekkeihin {v} [idiomatic] :: to add fuel to the fire
kaataa kylmää vettä jonkun niskaan {v} :: to rain on someone's parade (literally: To pour cold water on someone's neck)
kaataman {v} :: infinitive of kaataa
kaato {n} :: felling
kaato {n} [hunting] :: killing
kaato {n} [bowling] :: strike
kaato {n} :: The slope of the floor which makes the water flow towards the floor drain in a bathroom
kaatokolo {n} [forestry] :: undercut (notch cut in a tree to direct its fall when being felled)
kaatopaikka {n} :: landfill
kaatopaikka {n} :: dump
kaatopaikkajäte {n} :: landfill (material disposed of by landfilling it)
kaatopaikkakelpoinen {adj} :: landfillable
kaatosade {n} :: torrent, torrential rain
kaatua {v} :: To fall (down/over)
kaatua {v} :: To fall (to die, especially in battle)
kaatua {v} [of a tree] :: To fall, crash to the ground
kaatua {v} [of a wall etc.] :: To fall, crash, collapse
kaatua {v} [of a liquid] :: To spill
kaatua {v} [computing] :: To crash
kaatua {v} [nautical] :: To capsize, keel over
kaatua kuolleena maahan {phrase} [idiomatic] :: to drop dead (to die suddenly)
kaatuilla {vi} :: To fall (down/over) (continuously/repeatedly)
kaatuilla {vi} [computing, of a computer program or system] :: To crash (continuously/repeatedly)
kaatumatauti {n} [dated] :: epilepsy
kaatumatautinen {n} [dated] :: An epileptic
kaatuminen {n} [insurance] :: upset (overturn of a vehicle)
kaatuminen {n} [nautical] :: capsizing (overturn of a boat or ship)
kaatunut {n} :: fallen (casualty of war)
kaatunut {adj} :: fallen (having collapsed)
kaatunut {adj} :: fallen (killed in battle)
kaava {n} [mathematics, science] :: formula
kaava {n} [sewing] :: pattern
kaavailla {v} :: to envisage, envision (conceive or see something within one's mind)
kaavailla {v} :: to outline, draft (to plan in general and preliminary terms, without going into details)
kaavailu {n} :: speculation (process of thinking or meditating on a subject, especially when a certain degree of planning is involved)
kaavailu {n} :: outlining (process of doing preliminary planning for a project)
kaavain {n} :: stencil (utensil)
kaavake {n} :: form
kaavakuva {n} :: diagram
kaavamainen {adj} :: formal
kaavamainen {adj} :: schematic
kaavamaistaa {vt} :: to schematize (to organize according to a scheme)
kaavata {v} [metallurgy] :: to invest (to make an investment mold of silica sand and plaster for lost wax casting)
kaaviloida {v} :: To roll using a rolling pin
kaavin {n} :: stripper (tool for removing a thin layer of material, such as paint)
kaavin {n} :: scraper
kaavin {n} [surgery] :: curette
kaavinta {n} :: scraping (act)
kaavinta {n} [surgery] :: curettage
kaavio {n} :: diagram, scheme, chart
kaavioida {v} :: To schematize
kaaviokuva {n} :: diagram, graph
kaavoittaa {vt} :: to zone (to define the property use classification of an area)
kaavoitus {n} :: zoning, town planning
kabardi {n} :: [uncountable] Kabardian (North Caucasian language)
kabardi {n} :: Kabarda (person)
kabaree {n} :: cabaret
kabasiitti {n} [mineral] :: chabazite
kabbala {n} :: Kaballah
kabinetti {n} :: snug (small, comfortable back room in a pub)
kabinetti {n} :: cabinet (group of ministers responsible for creating government policy)
kabotaasi {n} :: cabotage
kabybara {n} :: capybara (Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris)
kabyyli {n} :: Kabyle (language)
kadaveriini {n} [chemistry] :: cadaverine
kade {adj} [colloquial] :: envious
kadehtia {vt} [+ partitive] :: To envy
kadehtija {n} :: envier (one who envies)
kadenssi {n} [music] :: cadence
kadetti {n} :: cadet
kadilo {n} :: censer used by the Orthodox church
kadmium {n} :: cadmium
kadoksiin {adv} :: lost, missing (to an unknown location)
kadoksissa {adv} :: lost, missing (location unknown)
kadonnut {adj} :: missing, lost, mislaid
kadonnut {n} :: missing person
kadota {vi} :: To disappear, vanish
kadota {vi} :: To get/be lost, be missing
kadota {vi} :: To fade
kadottaa {vt} :: To lose (to cause to cease to be in one's possession or capability due to unfortunate or unknown circumstances/events/reasons)
kadottaa {vt} :: To lose, make vanish (to voluntarily make something disappear)
kadotus {n} :: perdition
kadunkulma {n} :: streetcorner
kadunmies {n} :: man in the street
kaduttaa {v} :: To cause remorse, to come back to haunt
kafestoli {n} :: cafestol (diterpene molecule present in coffee)
kafeteria {n} :: cafeteria
kafferi {n} :: kaffir
kafferipuhveli {n} :: African buffalo (Syncerus caffer)
kafkamainen {adj} :: Kafkaesque
kaftaani {n} :: kaftan
kagaali {n} :: The Kagal, a secret Finnish society active in the early 20th century
kagu {n} :: kagu (Rhynochetos jubatus)
kaguaani {n} :: colugo, flying lemur (mammal of the family Cynocephalidae)
kaguaani {n} :: Philippines flying lemur, Cynocephalus volans
kaguaani {n} [in plural] :: Cynocephalidae (taxonomic family)
kaha {n} :: a type of traditional trap for catching birds, especially black grouse
kahahtaa {vi} :: to rustle
kahakka {n} :: skirmish
kahakoida {v} :: To scuffle
kahakoida {v} :: To skirmish
kahareisin {adv} :: legs astride (a manner of sitting with legs on either side)
kahdeksan {num} [cardinal] :: eight
kahdeksankulmio {n} [geometry] :: octagon
kahdeksankymmentä {num} [cardinal] :: eighty
kahdeksankymmentäkahdeksan {num} [cardinal] :: eighty-eight
kahdeksankymmentäkaksi {num} [cardinal] :: eighty-two
kahdeksankymmentäkolme {num} [cardinal] :: eighty-three
kahdeksankymmentäkuusi {num} [cardinal] :: eighty-six
kahdeksankymmentäluku {n} :: The eighties, 1980s
kahdeksankymmentäneljä {num} [cardinal] :: eighty-four
kahdeksankymmentäseitsemän {num} [cardinal] :: eighty-seven
kahdeksankymmentäviisi {num} [cardinal] :: eighty-five
kahdeksankymmentäyhdeksän {num} [cardinal] :: eighty-nine
kahdeksankymmentäyksi {num} [cardinal] :: eighty-one
kahdeksankymmenvuotinen sota {n} [historical] :: Eighty Years' War
kahdeksannes {n} :: One eighth
kahdeksansataa {num} [cardinal] :: eight hundred
kahdeksantoista {num} [cardinal] :: eighteen
kahdeksantoistasataa {num} [nonstandard, dated] :: eighteen hundred, 1800, used mainly of years
kahdeksantuhatta {num} [cardinal] :: eight thousand
kahdeksas {adj} [ordinal] :: the eighth, abbreviation 8., in the names of monarchs and popes VIII
kahdeksaskymmenes {adj} [ordinal] :: fiftieth
kahdeksasluokkalainen {n} :: eight-grader
kahdeksasosa {n} [mathematics] :: One eighth
kahdeksasosa {n} [meteorology] :: One eighth, an okta
kahdeksasti {adv} :: eight times
kahdeksastoista {num} [ordinal] :: the eighteenth, abbreviation 18., in names of monarchs and popes XVIII
kahdeksikko {n} :: group of eight
kahdeksikko {n} :: digit eight
kahdeksikko {n} :: figure eight
kahdeksisen {adv} :: about eight
kahdeksissakymmenissä {adv} :: in his/her eighties, octogenarian (being between 80 and 89)
kahden {adv} :: between the two (being two in a company)
kahden hengen huone {n} :: double room
kahden vaiheilla {adv} :: of two minds, undecided, ambivalent between (two options)
kahdenarvoinen {adj} [chemistry] :: dyadic (having a valence of two)
kahdenistuttava {adj} :: seating two (of furniture, providing enough space for two to sit)
kahdennus {n} [phonetics] :: gemination
kahdentaa {v} :: to double
kahdentaa {v} [phonetics] :: to geminate (to pronounce a consonant audibly longer than is regarded as normal)
kahdentaa {v} [card games] :: to double (in contract bridge: to make a call that will double certain scoring points if the preceding bid becomes the contract)
kahdentua {vi} :: to be duplicated
kahdentuma {n} [genetics] :: duplication
kahdenvälinen {adj} :: bilateral
kahdenvälisesti {adv} :: bilaterally
kahdes {num} [ordinal, in compounds] :: second, two (ordinal of "two"; also in the word for 12th and 20th)
kahdeskymmenes {adj} [ordinal] :: the twentieth, abbreviation 20.
kahdeskymmenesensimmäinen {adj} [ordinal] :: the twenty-first, abbreviation 21.
kahdestaan {adv} :: between the two (being two in a company)
kahdesti {adv} :: twice
kahdestoista {adj} [ordinal] :: the twelfth, abbreviation 12., in the names of monarchs and popes XII
kaheli {n} [colloquial] :: A reckless person; fruitcake, nutter
kahina {n} :: rustle, row, spat
kahinoida {v} :: To riot
kahinoida {v} :: To spat
kahiseva {n} [colloquial] :: beer ticket (paper money)
kahista {v} :: to rustle (to move something, such as leaves, with a soft crackling sound)
kahista {v} :: to swish (to make a rustling sound while moving)
kahista {v} :: to scuffle (to fight or struggle confusedly at close quarters)
kahisuttaa {v} [of sound] :: to make or cause to rustle or swish
kahjo {adj} [colloquial] :: wacko, kooky
kahjo {n} [colloquial] :: wacko, loony, nut, crazy
kahlaaja {n} :: wader (one who wades)
kahlaaja {n} :: wader, wading bird
kahlaamo {n} :: ford, drift
kahlailla {vi} :: To paddle (to walk playfully through shallow water)
kahlailla {vi} :: To wade in a leisurely manner
kahlailu {n} :: paddle, paddling (meandering walk or dabble through shallow water)
kahlata {vi} :: To wade (to walk through water or something else that impedes progress)
kahlata {vi} [figuratively] :: To progress with difficulty
kahlauspaikka {n} :: ford, drift
kahle {n} :: shackle
kahlehtia {v} :: alternative form of kahlita
kahlehtimaton {adj} :: unchained
kahlekuningas {n} :: escape artist
kahlita {vt} :: to chain, shackle
kahlita {vt} [figuratively] :: to hamper
kahlitsematon {adj} :: unchained, unfettered
kahluu {n} :: wading, walking in water or other substance
kahluuallas {n} :: wading pool, paddling pool
kahluupaikka {n} :: ford, drift
kahluusaapas {n} [fishing] :: wader (long waterproof boot)
kahmaista {vt} :: To grab, to seize
kahmia {vt} :: To hoard, mass, amass
kahnata {v} :: To rub
kahtaisioni {n} [chemistry] :: zwitterion
kahtia {adv} :: in two, in twain
kahtiajako {n} :: dichotomy (division in two distinct but not necessarily equally sized parts)
kahva {n} :: A handle
kahva {n} :: A grip (in arms, tools etc.)
kahva {n} [skeleton] :: A manubrium; usually in the longer form of rintalastan kahva
kahvakuula {n} :: kettlebell
kahveli {n} [nautical] :: gaff
kahvelipurje {n} [nautical] :: gaff sail
kahvi {n} :: coffee
kahviaika {n} :: coffee time
kahviastiasto {n} :: coffee set
kahvibaari {n} :: coffee bar
kahvihammas {n} [humorous] :: Literally "coffee tooth"; used in the phrase kahvihammasta kolottaa (coffee tooth is aching), which translates "I would like a cup of coffee"
kahvihappo {n} [chemistry] :: caffeic acid
kahvikalusto {n} :: coffee set
kahvikerma {n} :: coffee cream
kahvikuppi {n} :: coffee cup
kahvila {n} :: café, coffeehouse
kahvimitta {n} :: coffee scoop (utensil for measuring coffee; standard is one scoopful per cup of coffee)
kahvimuki {n} :: coffee mug
kahvimylly {n} :: coffee grinder
kahvinjuoja {n} :: coffee drinker
kahvinjuonti {n} :: coffee drinking
kahvinkeitin {n} :: coffeemaker
kahvinkeitto {n} :: coffee making, coffeemaking
kahvinkorvike {n} :: coffee substitute (product that imitates coffee, such as roasted grain or chicory)
kahvinpapu {n} :: A coffee bean
kahvinporo {n} :: coffee grounds
kahvinsuodatin {n} :: coffeemaker
kahvinvastike {n} :: coffee substitute (product that imitates coffee, such as roasted grain or chicory)
kahvio {n} :: cafeteria, coffee bar
kahvipannu {n} :: coffee pot
kahvipapu {n} :: A coffee bean
kahvipaussi {n} [colloquial] :: coffee break
kahvipensas {n} :: coffee tree
kahviplantaasi {n} :: coffee plantation
kahvitauko {n} :: coffee break
kahvitella {vi} :: To drink coffee
kahviton {adj} :: coffeeless
kahvittaa {v} :: To serve coffee as hospitality, to make people feel welcome with a cup of coffee
kahvittelija {n} :: A coffee drinker
kahvitunti {n} :: coffee break
kahvitus {n} :: an occasion of serving coffee, usually to a group of people
kahvituttaa {v} :: To feel like wanting coffee
kai {adv} :: probably
kai {adv} :: maybe, perhaps
kaide {n} :: railing, handrail, banister, balustrade, balcony wall (part of a building offering support or personal safety barrier)
kaihdin {n} :: window shade, blind
kaihi {n} [pathology] :: cataract
kaihi {n} [dated] :: glaucoma
kaiho {n} :: hopeless longing, saudade
kaihoisa {adj} :: wistful, longing (full of yearning or longing)
kaihota {vi} :: To long, yearn
kaihtaa {vt} :: To avoid
kaija {n} [nautical, slang] :: quay
kaija {n} :: parrot, racquet-tail, parakeet (used in common names of numerous parrot species)
kaija {n} [zoology, in plural] :: Psittacula (genus of parakeet)
kaija {n} [dialectal] :: kittiwake (a seabird)
kaijanen {n} :: lovebird (any of several small parrots, from the genus Agapornis)
kaikaa {v} [literary] :: To echo
kaikella kunnioituksella {phrase} [idiomatic] :: with all due respect, with respect (mild apology used before disagreeing with someone)
kaiken aikaa {adv} :: all the time
kaiken kaikkiaan {adv} :: all in all
kaiken lisäksi {adv} :: what is more
kaiken teoria {n} [physics] :: theory of everything
kaikenkattava {adj} :: inclusive
kaikenkattava {adj} :: all-embracing, all-encompassing
kaikenkattava {adj} :: wall-to-wall
kaikenlainen {adj} :: all kinds of, every kind of
kaikertaa {v} [rare, dated] :: to moan
kaikertaa {v} :: to bother, trouble (to annoy, disturb, irritate)
kaiketi {adv} :: probably
kaiketi {adv} :: surely
kaikin mokomin {adv} [idiomatic] :: by all means, be my guest
kaikin puolin {adv} :: in every way, by all odds
kaikista {pron} :: about all, all of
kaikista {pron} :: of all
kaikkea muuta kuin {phrase} :: anything but
kaikkein {adv} :: kaikkein + adjective in superlative: the very, the most ... of all
kaikkein pyhin {n} :: Holy of Holies
kaikkensa {adv} :: all (everything possible)
kaikkeus {n} :: universe
kaikki {pron} [indefinite, in singular, without a main word] :: Everything
kaikki {pron} [indefinite, in plural, without a main word] :: Everyone, everybody
kaikki {pron} [indefinite, in singular and plural, as a modifier] :: All
kaikki {pron} :: As a former part of compound (in nominative or genitive) signifies all-, omni-
kaikki himassa {phrase} [colloquial] :: in one's full wits
kaikki muut {pron} :: everybody else, everyone else
kaikki oikeudet pidätetään {phrase} [legal] :: all rights reserved
kaikki on vastaan, vain saha puoltaa {proverb} :: when it rains, it pours, it never rains but it pours
kaikki pelissä {adv} :: all-out (in a manner in which one uses every available means, sparing no effort)
kaikki tiet vievät Roomaan {proverb} :: all roads lead to Rome
kaikkiaan {adv} :: all in all
kaikkiaan {adv} :: altogether
kaikkialla {adv} [static] :: everywhere:
kaikkialle {adv} :: (expressing motion) everywhere:
kaikkialta {adv} :: from everywhere
kaikkianne {adv} [rare] :: To everywhere
kaikkien maiden proletaarit, liittykää yhteen {phrase} :: Workers of the world, unite!
kaikkineen {adv} :: and all (including every item associated with preceding item or series of items)
kaikkinielevä {adj} :: all-consuming
kaikkinäkevä {adj} :: all-seeing
kaikkiruokainen {adj} :: omnivorous
kaikkiruokainen {n} :: An omnivore
kaikkiruokaisuus {n} :: omnivorousness
kaikkitietävä {adj} :: Omniscient
kaikkitietävä {n} :: A know-it-all
kaikkitietävyys {n} :: omniscience
kaikkivaltias {n} :: Almighty
kaikkivaltias {adj} :: almighty
kaikkivoipa {adj} :: omnipotent
kaikkivoipainen {adj} :: omnipotent
kaikkivoipaisuus {n} :: omnipotence
kaikkivoipuus {n} :: omnipotence
kaikota {vi} :: To leave
kaikota {vi} :: To fade, disappear
kaiku {n} :: echo
kaikua {vi} :: To reverberate, echo
kaikua kuuroille korville {phrase} [idiomatic] :: to turn a deaf ear (to refuse to listen or hear something)
kaikuisa {adj} :: reverberant
kaikukoppa {n} [music] :: sound box
kaikuluotain {n} [nautical] :: A fathometer
kaikuluotain {n} [nautical] :: A sonar
kaikuluotaus {n} :: echo sounding
kaikuluotaus {n} :: echolocation
kaikupohja {n} :: sounding board
kaikupuhe {n} [psychology] :: echolalia (immediate, involuntary, and repetitive echoing of words or phrases spoken by another)
kaikuva {adj} :: resounding, reverberating
kaikuvampi {adj} :: comparative of kaikuva
kailottaa {vti} [_, + partitive + elative] :: To talk loudly (esp. about sensitive or private issues that should be kept out of general knowledge)
kailottaa {v} :: To holler, call out (to vocalize audibly; announce)
kaima {n} :: namesake (meaning only a person with the same name as another person)
kaimaani {n} :: caiman
kaimakset {n} :: namesakes (two or more persons who share the same name)
kainalo {n} [anatomy] :: armpit
kainalokarva {n} :: In plural, axillary hair, underarm hair, armpit hair (growth of hair under arm)
kainalokarva {n} :: In singular, an individual hair of that growth
kainalokuoppa {n} :: armpit
kainalopieru {n} :: armpit fart
kainalosauva {n} :: crutch (device to assist in motion)
kaino {adj} :: demure, timid
kainostella {vi} :: To be shy/bashful/timid
kainostella {vi} :: To play coy, play the coquette
kainostella {vi} :: To be modest/prudish
kainostella {vt} :: To be ashamed/afraid (of something = partitive, to do = infinitive)
kainostelu {n} :: bashfulness
kainostuttaa {v} :: To feel shy
kainu {n} :: alternative term for kveeni
kainulainen {adj} :: alternative form of kainuulainen
kainulainen {n} :: alternative form of kainuulainen
kainuulainen {adj} :: Of or pertaining to Kainuu
kainuulainen {n} :: A person from Kainuu
kaipaus {n} :: yearning, longing
kaipuu {n} :: longing
kaira {n} :: An auger (carpenter's tool for boring holes)
kaira {n} :: Short for jääkaira
kaira {n} :: A core drill (device for boring a cylindrical sample out of solid material)
kaira {n} [dialect] :: large forested wilderness between rivers
kairaaja {n} :: borer
kairata {vt} :: To drill, bore (esp. by using manual labour, or to collect samples)
kairaus {n} :: boring, drilling
kairausnäyte {n} :: A core sample (sample retrieved from a hole made with a core drill)
kaisla {n} :: rush, bulrush, club-rush (grass-like plants of the genus Scirpus)
kaislahame {n} :: grass skirt
kaislikko {n} :: bed of reeds
kaislikkoinen {adj} :: reedy (full of reeds)
kaista {n} :: lane (division of roadway)
kaista {n} :: band (part of radio spectrum)
kaista {n} :: psycho
kaistale {n} :: A shred
kaistale {n} :: A strip of e.g. land
kaistametri {n} :: lanemeter
kaistanleveys {n} :: bandwidth (width of frequency band)
kaistanleveys {n} [networking] :: bandwidth
kaistapää {n} [colloquial] :: psycho (person who behaves in a bizarre or reckless manner)
kait {adv} [colloquial] :: maybe, perhaps
kaita {adj} :: narrow
kaita {vt} [rare] :: alternative form of kaitsea
kaitafilmi {n} :: cinefilm (any of various obsolete film formats formerly used for making home movies)
kaitafilmi {n} :: cinefilm (film recorded on this medium)
kaitakasvoinen {adj} :: narrow-faced
kaitaliina {n} :: runner (strip of fabric used to decorate a table)
kaitaluinen {adj} :: lank, slim
kaitsea {vt} [+ partitive] :: To watch over, to shepherd
kaitselmus {n} [religion] :: Providence (of God)
kaitsija {n} :: chaperone/chaperon
kaitsija {n} :: minder
kaiunta {n} :: Reverberation
kaiutin {n} :: speaker, loudspeaker
kaiuton {adj} :: echoless
kaiuttaa {vt} :: To make something reverberate/echo
kaivaa {vt} :: to dig, dig up, dig out, excavate
kaivaa nenäänsä {phrase} :: to pick one's nose
kaivaja {n} :: digger, one who digs
kaivajahämähäkki {n} :: trapdoor spider (any spider of the family Ctenizidae)
kaivajalisko {n} :: skink (lizard of the family Scincidae)
kaivajavyötiäinen {n} :: fairy armadillo (armadillo of the genus Chlamyphorus)
kaivaminen {n} :: excavation, digging (act)
kaivanto {n} :: trench
kaivata {vt} [+ partitive] :: To long for, yearn for, pine for, miss
kaivata {vt} [+ partitive] :: To want, wish, desire
kaivata {vt} [+ partitive] :: To ask for, look for, ask after
kaivata {vt} [+ partitive] :: To need, lack, miss, require
kaivattaa {vt} :: To have something dug (by someone = adessive)
kaivaus {n} :: excavation (archaeological or mine exploration site)
kaivauttaa {vt} :: To have something dug
kaivautua {vi} :: To dig (oneself) (also militarily)
kaivautua {vi} :: To burrow (in)
kaivella {vt} [+ partitive] :: To dig, pick (in a casual manner)
kaivella {vt} [figuratively, of an issue, + partitive] :: To bother
kaiverre {n} :: gravure
kaiverrin {n} :: graver, burin
kaiverrus {n} :: engraving
kaiverruttaa {vt} :: To have something engraved
kaivertaa {vt} :: To engrave, carve
kaivertaja {n} :: engraver
kaivin {n} :: digger (any machine that digs)
kaivinkone {n} :: excavator, digger
kaivo {n} :: well (water source)
kaivonkansi {n} :: The lid of a well
kaivonkatsoja {n} :: dowser (one who uses divining rod for searching proper place for digging a well)
kaivonkatsominen {n} :: dowsing, divining (practice of seeking water with the aid of a forked stick or similar pointing device)
kaivos {n} :: mine (mining)
kaivoskaasu {n} :: damp (A gaseous product, formed in coal mines, old wells, pits, etc.)
kaivoskuilu {n} :: A mineshaft, or shaft
kaivoskäytävä {n} [mining] :: drift, driftway (horizontal passage in a mine)
kaivosmies {n} :: [male] miner
kaivosonnettomuus {n} :: mining accident
kaivospölkky {n} :: pit prop [UK], mine prop [US] (wooden beam used to prop up mine tunnels)
kaivosteollisuus {n} :: mining industry
kaivostoiminta {n} :: mining
kaivostyöläinen {n} :: miner
kaivosvaunu {n} :: A tramcar, tram, mine car, ore car
kaivosyhtiö {n} :: mining company
kaivovesi {n} :: wellwater
kaivu {n} :: excavation
kaivukone {n} :: excavator, digger (machine)
kaivuri {n} :: excavator, digger
kaivuu {n} :: excavation, digging (act)
kaivuujäte {n} :: excavation (material dug out in making a channel, cavity or other kind of hollow)
kajaali {n} :: kohl
kajahtaa {vi} :: to echo, ring out, sound (to produce a vibrant sound)
kajakki {n} [nautical] :: kayak (type of light boat)
kajakki {n} :: kayaking (Olympic sport)
kajakkimeloja {n} :: kayaker
kajakkimelonta {n} :: kayaking (sport)
kajakoida {vit} [colloquial] :: to kayak (to use a kayak, to travel or race in a kayak; to traverse a body of water by kayak)
kajal {n} :: kohl
kajari {n} [slang] :: loudspeaker, speaker
kajastaa {v} :: to dawn (to begin to brighten with daylight)
kajastaa {v} [of faint light] :: to be barely visible, seem to be, be in sight (at a distance)
kajastaa {v} [figuratively/usually of something positive] :: to be imminent, be near, be in sight
kajastus {n} :: shimmer, glimmer
kajastus {n} :: dawn
kajastus {n} :: reflection
kajauttaa {vt} :: to sound (to cause to produce a vibrant sound)
kajava {n} [dated] :: gull (bird)
kajava {n} :: kittiwake
kaje {n} :: shimmer, glimmer
kajentaa {v} [phonetics] :: of voice, to cause to resonate
kajetto {n} [phonetics] :: air passage
kajo {n} :: shimmer, gleam
kajota {vi} [+ illative] :: To touch (to physically disturb; to interfere with, molest, or attempt to harm through contact)
kajota {vi} [+ illative] :: To violate, encroach on, infringe upon (sb's physical inviolability or rights)
kajottikurpitsa {n} :: chayote
kajuutallinen {adj} [nautical] :: Having a cabin
kajuutta {n} [nautical] :: wheelhouse
kajuutta {n} [nautical] :: cabin
kaka {n} :: kaka (a parrot of the genus Nestor)
kakadu {n} :: cockatoo (parrots of the family Cacatuidae)
kakadu {n} :: corella (cockatoo of the subgenus Licmetis within the genus Cacatua)
kakapo {n} :: kakapo, Strigops habroptilus
kakara {n} [colloquial, deprecating] :: A brat (selfish, spoiled, or unruly child)
kakata {vti} :: to poo
kakattaa {v} [childish] :: To have the urge to defecate
kake {n} [colloquial] :: remote control
kaki {n} :: persimmon
kakiluumu {n} :: persimmon
kakistaa {vi} :: to cough up, hawk
kakistella {v} :: To clear one's throat (to expel air from one's lungs, such as in order to clear mucus, or to attract attention)
kakka {n} [somewhat, childish] :: poo
kakkahätä {n} [childish] :: The need to poo
kakki {n} [childish] :: poo
kakkia {vti} [colloquial] :: To poop
kakkonen {n} :: two (digit, symbol)
kakkonen {n} :: deuce (playing card or side of a dice with two spots on it)
kakkonen {n} :: second base
kakkonen {n} :: second gear
kakkonen {n} [colloquial, vulgar] :: anus
kakkoskoppari {n} [pesäpallo] :: second fielder
kakkosnelonen {n} [lumber] :: two by four (US), four by two (UK)
kakkospainike {n} [computing] :: The secondary button, right mouse button or right-hand button of a computer mouse
kakkospesä {n} [baseball] :: second base, second (second base), 2nd base
kakkospolttaja {n} [pesäpallo] :: second shortstop (shortstop positioned near the second base)
kakkossija {n} :: second place, second position in a race, election etc
kakkosvahti {n} [baseball, pesäpallo] :: second baseman
kakku {n} :: cake
kakku {n} :: pie (whole of wealth or resource)
kakku {n} [slang] :: bit (prison sentence)
kakkulapio {n} :: cake server [tool which is used to serve cake]
kakkulat {n} [colloquial] :: Spectacles, glasses, eyeglasses
kakkupala {n} :: A piece of cake (in concrete manner, not the idiom)
kakkupaperi {n} :: doily
kakkuvuoka {n} :: cake tin
kakluuni {n} :: tilestove, tile stove, Swedish stove (masonry heater decorated with ceramic tiles for appearance)
kako {adj} [colloquial] :: crazy, daft, stupid
kakoa {v} :: to gack
kakoa {v} [rare] :: To clear one's throat (to expel air from one's lungs, such as in order to clear mucus, or to attract attention)
kakofonia {n} :: cacophony
kakofoninen {adj} :: cacophonous
kakomisti {n} :: ringtail, cacomixl, Bassariscus astutus
kakru {n} [colloquial] :: kid, child
kaks {num} [eye dialect] :: two
kaksari {n} :: bet on two winning horses
kaksari {n} [colloquial] :: 2000s
kaksari {n} [colloquial] :: double chin (of overweight people)
kaksi {num} :: two
kaksi olutta, kiitos {phrase} :: two beers, please
kaksi paria {n} [card games] :: two pair, two pairs (combination of cards, particularly in poker and its variants, such as sökö)
kaksiajoratainen {adj} [roads] :: Having two carriageways
kaksiatominen {adj} :: diatomic
kaksiavioinen {n} :: bigamist (one practicing bigamy)
kaksiavioinen {adj} :: bigamous
kaksiavioisuus {n} :: bigamy
kaksihaaraviuhko {n} [botany] :: dichasium
kaksijakoinen {adj} :: dualistic (divisible into two subclasses or opposed parts)
kaksijakoisuus {n} :: duality (classification into two subclasses or opposed parts)
kaksijalkainen {adj} :: bipedal
kaksijalkainen {n} :: biped
kaksikamarijärjestelmä {n} :: bicameralism
kaksikamarinen {adj} :: bicameral (of a parliament, having two chambers)
kaksikantajärjestelmä {n} :: alternative term for binaarijärjestelmä
kaksikerroksinen {adj} :: two-storey (having two floors)
kaksikerroksinen {adj} :: ~ bussi: double-decker, double-decker bus
kaksikielinen {adj} :: bilingual
kaksikielistyä {vi} :: To become bilingual
kaksikielisyys {n} :: bilingualism
kaksikko {n} :: A twosome, group of two, duet, duo, pair
kaksikko {n} [grammar] :: dual
kaksikko {n} [rowing, canoeing] :: double, tandem
kaksikotinen {adj} [botany] :: dioecious
kaksikotisuus {n} [botany] :: dioecism
kaksikylkinen {adj} :: bilateral
kaksikymmentä {num} [cardinal] :: twenty
kaksikymmentäkahdeksan {num} [cardinal] :: twenty-eight
kaksikymmentäkaksi {num} [cardinal] :: twenty-two
kaksikymmentäkolme {num} [cardinal] :: twenty-three
kaksikymmentäkuusi {num} [cardinal] :: twenty-six
kaksikymmentäluku {n} :: The twenties, 1920s
kaksikymmentäneljä {num} [cardinal] :: twenty-four
kaksikymmentäseitsemän {num} [cardinal] :: twenty-seven
kaksikymmentäviisi {num} [cardinal] :: twenty-five
kaksikymmentäyhdeksän {num} [cardinal] :: twenty-nine
kaksikymmentäyksi {num} [cardinal] :: twenty-one
kaksikymppinen {adj} :: twentysomething, in his/her twenties
kaksikymppinen {n} :: twentysomething
kaksikymppinen {n} :: twenty (banknote with a denomination of 20 euros, dollars etc.)
kaksikyttyräinen {adj} :: Having two humps
kaksikyttyräinen kameli {n} :: Bactrian camel (Camelus bactrianus)
kaksimielinen {adj} :: suggestive
kaksimielisyys {n} :: double entendre, innuendo (phrase that has two meanings)
kaksimuotoisuus {n} :: dimorphism
kaksin {adv} :: [of two persons] alone
kaksin käsin {phrase} :: (idiomatic) left and right (indiscriminately, excessively)
kaksin verroin {adv} :: doubly
kaksinaamainen {n} :: two-faced, duplicitous
kaksinaamaisuus {n} :: duplicity
kaksinaismoraali {n} :: double standard
kaksinapainen {adj} :: bipolar
kaksinen {adj} [idiomatic, used always with a negation verb and very often with the adverb kovin] :: Not too hot, nothing to write home about
kaksineuvoinen {adj} [botany] :: bisexual, perfect, monoclinous
kaksineuvoinen {adj} [biology] :: hermaphrodite
kaksineuvoinen {n} [biology] :: hermaphrodite
kaksineuvoisuus {n} [botany] :: bisexuality, monoclinism (the property of having male and female reproductive organs in the same flower)
kaksinkamppailu {n} :: A duel (struggle between two contending parties)
kaksinkertainen {adj} :: double, dual
kaksinkertainen jalussolmu {n} [knots] :: double sheet bend
kaksinkertaistaa {vt} :: To double
kaksinkertaistua {vi} :: To double
kaksinnaiminen {n} :: bigamy
kaksinpeli {n} [sports] :: singles
kaksintaa {vt} [rare] :: to double
kaksintaistelu {n} :: duel (combat between two)
kaksinumeroinen {adj} :: double-digit
kaksio {n} :: two-room apartment
kaksiosainen {adj} :: two-piece, two-part
kaksipaikkainen {adj} :: Having seats for two
kaksipiikkinen {adj} [zoology] :: biradiate (of a fin of a fish: having two rays)
kaksipiikkinen {adj} :: two-tined (of a fork or other implement)
kaksipäinen {adj} :: two-headed
kaksipitkä {n} :: spondee (metrical foot)
kaksipäiväinen {adj} :: two-day (lasting for two days)
kaksipuolinen {adj} :: two-sided
kaksipuolueinen {adj} :: bipartisan, two-party (relating to two political parties or a two-party system)
kaksipuoluejärjestelmä {n} :: two-party system
kaksipyöräinen {adj} :: two-wheeled
kaksipyöräinen {n} :: two-wheeler (two-wheeled vehicle)
kaksirivinen {adj} [clothing] :: double-breasted
kaksirunkoinen {adj} [nautical] :: twinhulled (having two hulls)
kaksisataa {num} [cardinal] :: two hundred
kaksisieluinen {adj} :: two-spirit, two-spirited (of a Native American: identifying as any of various tribal third genders, rather than as wholly male or female)
kaksisieluinen {n} :: two-spirit (of a Native American: person belonging to any of various tribal third genders)
kaksisirkkainen {adj} [botany] :: dicotyledonous
kaksisirkkainen {n} [botany] :: eudicot
kaksisuuntainen {adj} :: bidirectional, two-way (moving in two directions)
kaksisuuntainen {adj} [telecommunication] :: duplex, two-way (permitting communication in two directions)
kaksisuuntainen {adj} :: bipolar (relating to or having bipolar disorder)
kaksisuuntainen mielialahäiriö {n} :: bipolar disorder
kaksitaso {n} :: biplane (airplane equipped with two pairs of wings, one on top of the other)
kaksitasoinen {adj} :: biplane (having two sets of wings)
kaksitasoinen {adj} :: two-level (featuring two levels)
kaksitavuinen {adj} :: bisyllabic, disyllabic
kaksiteholasit {n} :: bifocals (spectacles that have corrective lenses of two different powers)
kaksiteräinen {adj} [idiomatic] :: double-edged
kaksiteräinen {adj} :: two-bladed (having two separate blades)
kaksitoista {num} [cardinal] :: twelve
kaksitoistatahokas {n} [geometry] :: dodecahedron
kaksitoistikko {n} [rare, music, archaic] :: A group of twelve, especially a singing ensemble consisting of three quartets. This type of ensembles were somewhat popular around the turn of 19th and 20th century
kaksittain {adv} :: by pairs, two at a time
kaksituhatta {num} [cardinal] :: two thousand
kaksituhattaluku {n} :: The 2000s
kaksituhattaluku {n} :: The twenty-first century
kaksituhattaluku {n} :: The third millennium
kaksiulotteinen {adj} :: two-dimensional
kaksivaiheinen {adj} :: biphasic, two phase, in two phases
kaksivarvaslaiskiainen {n} :: A two-toed sloth, member of the family Megalonychidae
kaksivarvaslaiskiainen {n} :: southern two-toed sloth, Choloepus didactylus
kaksiviivainen {adj} [music] :: two-line
kaksivuotinen {adj} :: biennial
kaksivyöseitikki {n} [mushroom] :: A webcap, Cortinarius bivelus
kakskyt {num} [colloquial] :: synonym of kaksikymmentä
kaksois- {prefix} :: double, binary, twin
kaksoisagentti {n} :: double agent
kaksoisasteroidi {n} [astronomy] :: binary asteroid
kaksoiselämä {n} :: double life
kaksoiskansalaisuus {n} :: dual citizenship
kaksoiskappale {n} :: duplicate
kaksoiskerake {n} [phonetics] :: geminate consonant
kaksoiskierre {n} :: double helix
kaksoiskonsonantti {n} [phonetics] :: geminate consonant
kaksoisleuka {n} :: double chin
kaksoisääntiö {n} [phonetics] :: diphthong
kaksoisolento {n} :: double, doppelganger, lookalike
kaksoisolento {n} :: evil twin
kaksoisovi {n} :: double doors
kaksoispenetraatio {n} [sex] :: double penetration
kaksoispiste {n} [grammar] :: colon
kaksoispysäköidä {v} :: to double-park
kaksoissetä {n} :: double uncle
kaksoisshakki {n} [chess] :: double check
kaksoissidos {n} [chemistry] :: double bond
kaksoissokkokoe {n} :: double-blind experiment
kaksoissokkotesti {n} :: double-blind test (form of scientific testing)
kaksoistähti {n} [astronomy] :: double star
kaksoistutkinto {n} :: dual qualification
kaksoisvalotus {n} [photography] :: double exposure (process)
kaksoisvalotuskuva {n} [photography] :: double exposure
kaksoisvee {n} :: letter: w
kaksoisvee {n} :: Alternative way of spelling the letter "W" in the Finnish tavausaakkoset, a spelling system similar to ICAO spelling alphabet
kaksoisveli {n} :: twin brother
kaksoisvoitto {n} [sports] :: double victory (instance of same team or country winning gold and silver in a single sports event)
kaksoisvokaali {n} [phonetics] :: diphthong
kaksonen {n} :: A twin
kaksonen {n} :: When used as modifier in compound terms appears in the form kaksois- and its English equivalents are adjectives twin, double, binary and dual
kaksosparadoksi {n} [physics] :: twin paradox
kaksostutkimus {n} :: twin study
kaksosveli {n} :: twin brother
kaktus {n} :: cactus
kakunpala {n} :: A piece of cake (in concrete manner, not the idiom)
kakuttaa {vt} :: To pie
kala {n} :: fish
kala {n} [collectively] :: fish
kala {n} :: fish
kala {n} [idiomatic] :: fishing (as a personal activity, used with the verbs olla (to be) and mennä (to go), lähteä (to leave), and käydä (to go and come back))
kala {n} :: seafood
kalaša {n} :: Kalasha (language spoken in Pakistan)
kala-allergia {n} :: fish allergy
kalaasi {n} [colloquial] :: jamboree (lavish or boisterous celebration or party)
kalabaliikki {n} :: disorder
kalabaliikki {n} :: skirmish
kalahaarukka {n} :: fish fork, seafood fork (fork intended for eating fish and other seafood)
kalahampurilainen {n} :: fishburger
kalahtaa {vi} :: to clank (to give an individual clanking sound)
kalahuuhkaja {n} :: fish owl (group of large Asian owls within genus Bubo)
kalainen {adj} [of food or diet] :: rich in fish
kalaisa {adj} :: rich in fish
kalaisampi {adj} :: comparative of kalaisa
kalajuttu {n} :: A tall story
kalakanta {n} :: fish stock
kalakastike {n} :: fish sauce
kalakauppa {n} :: fishmonger (shop)
kalakauppias {n} :: fishmonger
kalakeitto {n} :: fish soup
kalakoukku {n} :: fishhook
kalakukko {n} :: A traditional Savonian food made from fish baked inside a loaf of bread
kalalaji {n} :: fish species
kalaliima {n} :: isinglass (gelatine obtained from fish)
kalalisko {n} :: ichthyosaur
kalaöljy {n} :: fish oil
kalalokki {n} :: common gull (Larus canus)
kalamies {n} :: fisherman [male]
kalamiini {n} :: calamine
kalanevä {n} :: fish fin
kalankasvatus {n} :: fish farming, pisciculture
kalanmaksaöljy {n} :: cod liver oil
kalanpoikanen {n} :: fishling, fry (young fish)
kalanrehu {n} :: fish fodder (fodder for fish)
kalanrehu {n} :: fish food
kalanruoka {n} :: fish food (food for fish)
kalanruoto {n} :: A fishbone
kalanruoto {n} :: A skeleton of a fish. In this sense often preceded by the word kokonainen (entire)
kalanruotokaavio {n} [management] :: An Ishikawa diagram. fishbone diagram
kalanruotokangas {n} :: herringbone patterned cloth
kalansilmä {n} :: fish eye
kalansilmäobjektiivi {n} :: fisheye lens
kalansyöjärotta {n} :: fish-eating rat (rat of the genus Neusticomys)
kalanteri {n} [technology] :: calender
kalanteroida {v} :: To calender
kalanviljelijä {n} :: fish farmer
kalanviljely {n} :: fish farming, pisciculture
kalaonni {n} :: fisherman's luck
kalaparvi {n} :: fish school
kalapöllö {n} :: fishing owl (group of African owls within genus Bubo)
kalaporras {n} :: fish ladder, fishway, fish pass, fish steps
kalapuikko {n} :: fish stick, fish finger
kalapuikkoviikset {n} :: A mustache style, thick but not long enough to allow bending upwards in the ends
kalarattu {n} :: synonym of kalansyöjärotta
kalarehu {n} :: fishmeal (fodder made of dried fish)
kalaretki {n} :: fish trip
kalaruoka {n} :: fish, fish dish (dish made of fish)
kalaruoka {n} [loosely] :: seafood (food prepared of all sorts of marine life)
kalashi {n} [in plural] :: Kalash (ethnic group in the Chitral District of the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan)
kalashi {n} :: A member of this group. (person)
kalasääksi {n} :: alternative form of kalasääski
kalasoppa {n} [colloquial] :: fish soup
kalasääski {n} :: osprey (Pandion haliaetus)
kalastaa {v} :: To fish
kalastaja {n} :: fisher, fisherman
kalastajakissa {n} :: fishing cat (Prionailurus viverrinus or Felis viverrinus)
kalastajakylä {n} :: fisher village
kalastajavene {n} :: A fishing boat
kalastaminen {n} :: fishing
kalastella {v} :: To fish
kalastella {v} :: To phish
kalastelu {n} :: fishing (leisurely fishing)
kalastus {n} :: fishing (sport and commercial activity)
kalastusalue {n} :: fishing ground (an area dedicated for fishing)
kalastusalus {n} :: fishing vessel
kalastuselinkeino {n} :: fish industry
kalastuskausi {n} :: fishing season
kalastuskortti {n} :: fishing licence, fishing permit (card authorizing the holder to fish in specified waters, usually valid for a limited period of time)
kalastuskunta {n} :: A kind of cooperative entrusted with powers to regulate fishing and sell fishing licenses in a stipulated hydrological area. The members are typically the owners of the fishing rights. No established English translation, fishery board might be close
kalastuslaivasto {n} :: fishing fleet
kalastuslupa {n} :: fishing permit, fishing licence (permission to fish in specified waters, usually valid for a limited period of time)
kalastusraja {n} :: The boundary of a fishing zone
kalastusvene {n} :: A fishing boat
kalatalous {n} :: fishing, fishery, fishing industry (fishing as a branch of economy, like agriculture or forestry)
kalatäi {n} :: A fish lice, carp lice; arthropods of the subclass Branchiura
kalatie {n} :: fishway
kalatiede {n} :: ichthyology
kalatiira {n} :: common tern, Sterna hirundo
kalaton {adj} :: fishless
kalatori {n} :: fish market
kalatsa {n} [zoology, botany] :: chalaza
kalauttaa {vt} :: to knock (to hit something hard with something hard, producing a sharp knocking sound at the same time)
kalaverkko {n} :: fishing net, fishnet (net used to catch fish)
kaldealainen {n} :: Chaldean, native of Chaldea
kaldealainen {adj} :: Chaldean
kaldera {n} [geology] :: caldera
kale {n} [botany] :: glume
kaledonialainen {adj} :: Caledonian
kaleeri {n} :: galley
kaleeriorja {n} :: A galley slave
kaleidoskooppi {n} :: kaleidoscope
kalendaario {n} :: The part of a calendar that includes dates etc
kalenteri {n} :: A calendar (system for dividing time)
kalenteri {n} :: A calendar (means for determining date)
kalenterikuukausi {n} :: calendar month
kalenteripäivä {n} :: calendar day
kalenterivuosi {n} :: calendar year (a period between January 1st and December 31st in a given year)
kalevalainen {adj} :: of pertaining to Kalevala
kalevalamitta {n} [prosody] :: Kalevala meter; a trochaic meter in poetry
kalevanmiekka {prop} [dated] :: Orion (the constellation)
kalhu {n} [archaic] :: right, shorter ski
kali {n} :: potassium
kali {n} :: potassium oxide
kalibroida {vt} :: to calibrate
kalibrointi {n} :: calibration
kalifaatti {n} :: caliphate
kalifi {n} :: A caliph
kalifikunta {n} :: caliphate
kalifornialainen {n} :: Californian
kaliforniantuliunikko {n} :: synonym of tuliunikko
kalifornium {n} :: californium
kaliiberi {n} :: alternative form of kaliiperi
kaliiperi {n} :: calibre
kalikka {n} [colloquial] :: stick, billet
kaliksareeni {n} [chemistry] :: calixarene
kalimaasälpä {n} [mineral] :: potassium feldspar
kalina {n} :: clatter, rattle, clank; a clear repetitive sound such as one caused by hitting a metallic object or bone-dry solid wood, lower in pitch than kilinä but higher than kolina
kalista {vi} :: To clatter, rattle
kalistaa {vt} :: alternative form of kalisuttaa
kalistella {v} :: To rattle
kalistin {n} :: rattle (device other than musical instrument that produces a rattling sound)
kalistin {n} [zoology] :: rattle (organ that produces a rattling sound)
kalisuttaa {vt} :: to make or cause to clank or rattle
kalium {n} :: potassium
kaliumasetaatti {n} [chemistry] :: potassium acetate
kaliumbromaatti {n} [chemistry] :: potassium bromate
kaliumformiaatti {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: potassium formate (salt of formic acid, formula CHKO2)
kaliumhydroksidi {n} [chemistry] :: potassium hydroxide
kaliumjodidi {n} [chemistry] :: potassium iodide
kaliumkarbonaatti {n} [inorganic compound] :: potassium carbonate, K2CO3
kaliumkloraatti {n} [chemistry] :: potassium chlorate
kaliumkloridi {n} [chemistry] :: potassium chloride
kaliumkromaatti {n} [chemistry] :: potassium chromate
kaliumnitraatti {n} [chemistry] :: potassium nitrate
kaliumnitriitti {n} [chemistry] :: potassium nitrite
kaliumpermanganaatti {n} [chemistry] :: potassium permanganate
kaliumsyanidi {n} [chemistry] :: potassium cyanide
kalja {n} [colloquial] :: beer
kalja {n} :: short for kotikalja
kalja {n} :: kvass
kaljaasi {n} [nautical] :: galeas
kaljailta {n} :: A beer-bust
kaljainen {adj} :: beery
kaljakeitto {n} :: okroshka (Russian cold raw vegetable soup made in kvass)
kaljakori {n} :: A crate of beer
kaljama {n} :: A slippery ice cover
kaljamaha {n} [colloquial] :: beer belly
kalju {adj} :: bald
kalju {n} :: bald person, baldy
kalju {n} :: hairless spot on head
kaljumpi {adj} :: comparative of kalju
kaljupää {n} :: baldie
kaljupäinen {adj} :: bald-headed
kaljuuna {n} [nautical] :: A beakhead
kaljuuntua {vi} :: To grow bald(er)
kaljuus {n} :: baldness
kaljuutti {n} [nautical] :: galliot
kalkas {n} :: A male common eider (Somateria mollissima)
kalke {n} :: clang, clatter
kalkhas {n} :: alternative form of kalkas
kalkita {vt} :: to calcify (to make something hard and stony by impregnating with calcium salts)
kalkita {vt} :: to whitewash (to paint over with a lime and water mixture so as to brighten up e.g. a wall or fence)
kalkita {vt} :: to lime (to treat with calcium hydroxide or calcium oxide (lime))
kalkkaa {v} :: alternative form of kalkattaa
kalkkarokäärme {n} :: rattlesnake
kalkkeuma {n} :: alternative form of kalkkiutuma
kalkkeutua {vi} :: To calcify (to become hard and stony by impregnation with calcium salts)
kalkkeutuma {n} :: alternative form of kalkkiutuma
kalkkeutuminen {n} :: calcification
kalkkeutuminen {n} :: sclerosis
kalkkeutuminen {n} [derogatory] :: aging
kalkki {n} :: lime (any inorganic material consisting chiefly of calcium)
kalkki {n} :: quicklime, CaO
kalkki {n} :: chalice
kalkkikivi {n} :: limestone
kalkkikivinen {adj} :: limestone (made of limestone)
kalkkimaannos {n} [geology] :: calcisol
kalkkisälpä {n} [mineral] :: calcite
kalkkiuma {n} :: alternative form of kalkkiutuma
kalkkiutua {vi} :: To calcify (to become hard and stony by impregnation with calcium salts)
kalkkiutuma {n} :: calcification
kalkkuna {n} :: turkey, Meleagris gallopavo
kalkopyriitti {n} [mineral] :: chalcopyrite
kalkosiitti {n} [mineral] :: chalcocite
kalkuttaa {v} :: To make repeated metallic sounds that die quickly (and do not ring like a clang) - like that of hitting a solid object with a hammer. clatter
kalkyloida {v} :: To calculate
kalkyyli {n} :: calculus
kalla {n} :: Zantedeschia, calla lily, arum lily (plant of the genus Zantedeschia)
kalla {n} :: calla lily, arum lily, hardy arum, Zantedeschia aethiopica
kallas {n} :: bank (of a river etc.)
kallella kypärin {phrase} [idiomatic] :: down, depressed, sad, blue (feeling low)
kallellaan {adv} :: askew (tilted)
kallellaan {adv} :: aslant
kalleus {n} :: expensiveness, costliness
kalleus {n} [plural only] :: valuables, treasure
kalligrafia {n} :: calligraphy
kalligrafinen {adj} :: calligraphic
kalliimpi {adj} :: comparative of kallis
kallio {n} :: Rock, as the aggregate of solid mineral matter (stone) that constitutes a significant part of the earth's crust
kallio {n} :: A rock, as a hill having no or just a little vegetation and consisting of solid rock
kallio {n} [figuratively] :: A rock, as something that is strong, stable, and dependable
kallioilla {n} :: The adessive, plural form of kallio
kallioimarre {n} :: A species of fern, common polypody, Polypodium vulgare
kallioimarre {n} [botany] :: A polypody (any plant in the genus Polypodium); in plural (kallioimarteet) also the genus
kallioimarrekasvi {n} [botany] :: Any of the various ferns in the taxonomic family Polypodiaceae; in plural (kallioimarrekasvit) also the family
kalliojyrkänne {n} :: cliff, precipice, crag
kalliokyyhky {n} :: rock pigeon, Columba livia
kalliomaalaus {n} :: rock painting
kalliomaannos {n} [geology] :: leptosol
kalliomäyrä {n} [dated] :: hyrax
kallionjärkäle {n} :: A boulder
kallionlaki {n} :: The top of a rocky hill
kalliopaasi {n} :: pinnacle (tall, sharp and craggy rock or mountain)
kalliopaljastuma {n} :: outcrop
kallioperä {n} :: bedrock, rock foundation
kalliopiirros {n} :: A petrograph
kalliopääsky {n} :: crag martin, European crag martin, Ptyonoprogne rupestris
kalliopääsky {n} :: crag martin (bird of the genus Ptyonoprogne)
kallioseinämä {n} :: rock face (exposed, roughly vertical expanse of rock)
kalliosuoja {n} :: shelter build into rock
kalliotamaani {n} :: Cape hyrax, rock hyrax (Procavia capensis)
kallis {adj} :: expensive
kallis {adj} :: dear
kallisarvoinen {adj} :: precious
kallisarvoisempi {adj} :: comparative of kallisarvoinen
kallistaa {vt} :: to slope, lean, incline, tilt
kallistaa {vt} :: To make more expensive
kallistettu {adj} :: inclined, slanted, sloped
kallistua {vi} :: to slope, lean, incline, tilt
kallistua {vi} [of an airplane] :: to incline in turn, bank
kallistua {vi} [of a ship] :: to list
kallistua {vi} :: to become more expensive
kallistuksenvakaaja {n} [automotive] :: anti-roll bar
kallistuma {n} :: inclination, tilt
kallistus {n} :: tilt, bank, inclination
kallo {n} [skeleton] :: A skull or cranium
kallollinen {n} [biology] :: A member of subphylum Craniata
kallonkutistaja {n} [humorous] :: head-shrinker, psychiatrist
kallonkutistaja {n} :: Literally, one who shrinks heads, as previously done by some Amazon tribes
kallonmurtuma {n} :: skull fracture
kallonpohja {n} [anatomy] :: basis cranii, base of the skull
kallonpohjavaltimo {n} [anatomy] :: basilar artery
kallonsisäinen {adj} [physiology] :: intracranial
kalma {n} [literary] :: death
kalmannos {n} [rare] :: a child born after the death of father
kalmannos {n} [rare] :: a posthumous work
kalmari {n} :: A squid
kalmetoida {v} :: to administrate BCG
kalmisto {n} :: cemetery, graveyard; especially an ancient one
kalmo {n} :: corpse, cadaver
kalmukki {n} :: Kalmyk (person)
kalmukki {n} :: Kalmyk (language)
kalori {n} :: calorie
kalorimetri {n} :: calorimeter
kalossi {n} :: galosh, gumshoe (rubber overshoe to protect one's footwear)
kalotti {n} :: calotte, skullcap, yarmulke
kalotti {n} [geometry] :: segment of a sphere, dome
kalotti {n} [geography] :: the area inside Arctic Circle or Antarctic Circle
kalpa {n} :: A sword (with weight at most 770 g and length 90 cm)
kalpa {n} [fencing] :: An epee
kalpea {adj} :: pale, especially when referring to a person
kalpea {adj} :: pallid
kalpeampi {adj} :: comparative of kalpea
kalpeanaama {n} :: paleface
kalpeus {n} :: paleness
kalpi {n} :: kalbi (Korean barbecued rib dish)
kalppia {v} :: to leave, go away, buzz off, especially when having to, or in a cowardly manner
kalppia {v} :: ~ tiehensä: to shag off
kalsa {adj} [slang] :: cold
kalsarikänni {n} [slang, often in plural] :: Getting drunk in one's underpants at home, usually alone
kalsarisillaan {adv} [colloquial] :: in one's underwear (wearing only one's underwear)
kalsarit {n} [colloquial] :: underpants
kalsea {adj} :: cold (unfriendly)
kalseampi {adj} :: comparative of kalsea
kalsedoni {n} [mineral] :: chalcedony
kalsiitti {n} [mineral] :: calcite
kalsium {n} :: calcium
kalsiumasetaatti {n} [chemistry] :: calcium acetate
kalsiumfluoridi {n} [chemistry] :: calcium fluoride
kalsiumhydroksidi {n} :: calcium hydroxide
kalsiumkarbonaatti {n} :: calcium carbonate, CaCO3
kalsiumkloridi {n} :: calcium chloride
kalsiumlaktaatti {n} :: calcium lactate
kalsiumnitraatti {n} [chemistry] :: calcium nitrate
kalsiumoksidi {n} [chemistry] :: calcium oxide
kalsiumsulfaatti {n} :: calcium sulfate
kalskahtaa {v} :: to clang, clash (to give a loud, metallic sound)
kalskahtaa {v} [figuratively] :: to ring, sound (to convey an impression), used especially when something sounds weird or out of place
kalske {n} :: rattle, clang, clash
kaltainen {adj} :: -like, similar
kaltata {v} [cooking] :: to blanch (to dip briefly into boiling water, then directly into cold water)
kalterijääkäri {n} [historical] :: One of the 78 activists of jääkäriliike (Jaeger movement) who were imprisoned in Russia during WWI
kalterit {n} :: bars (strong metal grid or bars in a window or other opening)
kalteva {adj} :: sloping, inclined, slanted
kalteva pinta {phrase} :: slippery slope
kaltevuus {n} :: slope, obliquity
kaltevuus {n} :: camber
kaltevuusmittari {n} :: clinometer
kaltio {n} [dialectal] :: spring (place where water emerges to the surface)
kaltsi {n} [slang] :: rock (outcrop)
kalu {n} :: physical thing, object, tool
kalu {n} [colloquial] :: penis
kalustaa {vt} :: To furnish
kaluste {n} :: piece of furniture, fitment
kalusteet {n} :: furniture, fittings
kalustepyörä {n} :: A caster (wheeled assembly)
kalustettu {adj} :: furnished (provided with furniture)
kalusto {n} :: arsenal (store or supply of anything)
kalusto {n} :: equipment (collective designation for the articles comprising an outfit)
kaluta {vt} :: To gnaw (bone)
kalvaa {vi} :: to gnaw
kalvaa {vi} :: to chafe, rub
kalvaa {vi} [figuratively] :: to gnaw, nag, bother, gall
kalvakka {adj} :: pale
kalvas {adj} :: pale
kalvashaaparousku {n} :: A milk-cap, Lactarius utilis
kalvashapero {n} :: A brittlegill, Russula betularum
kalvasnuppiseitikki {n} [mushroom] :: A webcap, Cortinarius talus
kalvasvahvero {n} [mushrooms] :: An edible mushroom closely related to the chanterelle; Cantharellus pallens
kalventaa {vt} :: to make (more) pale
kalveta {vi} [of a person] :: To pale
kalveta {vi} [figuratively] :: To look less good (when compared to = genitive + rinnalla)
kalvia {vt} :: to ream (using a reamer)
kalvin {n} :: reamer (tool)
kalvinilainen {adj} :: Calvinist
kalvinismi {n} :: Calvinism
kalvinisti {n} [religion] :: Calvinist (follower)
kalvinpora {n} :: reamer (tool)
kalvinta {n} :: reaming
kalvo {n} :: film
kalvo {n} [anatomy] :: membrane
kalvo {n} :: slide (of slideshow)
kalvonäppäimistö {n} :: membrane keypad
kalvosin {n} :: cuff
kalvosinnappi {n} :: cufflink
kalvosoitin {n} [music] :: membranophone (any musical instrument that produces sound via the vibration of a stretched membrane)
kalvotulehdus {n} [pathology] :: fascitis (inflammation of fascia)
kama {n} :: one’s stuff (usually plural)
kama {n} [slang, singular only] :: product (illegal drugs)
kamala {adj} :: horrible, terrible
kamala {adj} [colloquial] :: terribly, an intensifier
kamalampi {adj} :: comparative of kamala
kamalasti {adv} :: awfully
kamalin {adj} :: superlative of kamala
kamaluus {n} :: horribleness
kamana {n} :: lintel, transom
kamara {n} :: Hard crust
kamara {n} :: pork rind
kamari {n} :: chamber, bedroom
kamari {n} :: house (debating chamber for politicians)
kamariherra {n} :: chamberlain
kamarimusiikki {n} :: chamber music
kamarineito {n} :: abigail
kamariorkesteri {n} :: chamber orchestra
kamassi {n} [in plural] :: Kamasin (extinct Samoyedic tribe that lived in Siberia)
kamassi {n} :: Kamasin (member of this tribe)
kamassi {n} :: Kamassian (their language)
kambri {n} [geology] :: Cambrian (Cambrian period)
kambrikausi {n} [geology] :: Cambrian period
kambrikautinen {adj} :: Cambrian
kambrinen {adj} :: Cambrian
kamee {n} :: A cameo
kameepiirros {n} :: monochrome (painting executed in shades of a single colour)
kameleontti {n} :: chameleon
kameli {n} :: A camel
kameli on komitean suunnittelema hevonen {phrase} :: a camel is a horse designed by a committee
kamelia {n} :: camellia
kameliaöljy {n} :: tea oil
kamelikurki {n} [dated] :: ostrich
kamera {n} :: camera
kameravalvonta {n} :: camera surveillance
kamerunilainen {n} :: Cameroonian (person)
kamerunilainen {adj} :: Cameroonian (of or pertaining to Cameroon)
kamferi {n} :: camphor
kamferihappo {n} [pharmacology] :: camphoric acid
kamiina {n} :: A small heater used in e.g. tents, burns wood or oil to produce heat
kašmirvilla {n} :: cashmere wool
kammari {n} :: A dialectal form of kamari
kammata {vt} :: To comb
kammeta {vt} :: To crank
kammi {n} :: A hut made of turf used as a dwelling
kammio {n} :: chamber (enclosed space)
kammio {n} :: cell (room in a monastery for sleeping one person)
kammio {n} :: ventricle (one of the lower chambers of the heart)
kammiovärinä {n} [pathology] :: Ventricular fibrillation
kammitsa {n} :: shackle, fetter (restraint)
kammitsoida {vt} [literary] :: To chain
kammo {n} :: detestation, abhorrence (feeling of strong fear and disgust)
kammo {n} :: phobia
kammoa {v} :: alternative form of kammota
kammoksua {vt} [+ partitive] :: to dread, abhor
kammoksuttaa {vt} :: to feel or be dreaded or abhorred
kammota {vt} :: To dread, abominate
kammottaa {vt} :: to horrify
kammottava {adj} :: horrible, abhorrent, grisly
kammottavasti {adv} :: horribly
kammottavuus {n} :: horribleness
kamomilla {n} :: camomile
kamomillasaunio {n} :: A camomile, or more specifically German chamomile, Matricaria recutita
kamomillatee {n} :: camomile tea, a hot drink made of herbs in the genera Anthemis and Matricaria, especially German chamomile, Matricaria recutita
kampa {n} :: comb
kampa {n} [anatomy] :: pecten
kampaaja {n} :: hairdresser (one who does hairdressing)
kampaamo {n} :: hairdressing salon, hair salon
kampaamo {n} :: barbershop
kampahapero {n} :: A brittlegill (Russula pectinatoides)
kampakeraaminen {adj} :: comb ceramic
kampalanka {n} :: worsted (wool yarn made from long strands of wool, creating fine, smooth fabric)
kampalankainen {adj} :: worsted (made of worsted yarn)
kampalankakangas {n} :: worsted (fabric made of worsted wool)
kampamaneetti {n} :: ctenophore, comb jelly
kampanja {n} :: campaign (series of operations undertaken to achieve a set goal)
kampanjoida {v} :: To campaign
kampasimpukka {n} :: scallop (mollusc of the family Pectinidae)
kampasuomu {n} [biology] :: ctenoid scale
kampata {vt} :: to trip (to cause to fall or stumble)
kampaus {n} :: coiffure, hairstyle, hairdo, do, coif, haircut
kampauttaa {vt} :: To have something combed
kampavenussimpukka {n} :: quahog, hard clam, round clam, Mercenaria mercenaria (edible clam found along the east coast of North America)
kampavilla {n} :: combing wool
kampe {n} [colloquial] :: a good, an item
kampe {n} :: [in plural] goods, supplies, one's stuff, one's things
kampela {n} :: flounder, European flounder (Platichthys flesus)
kampela {n} :: flatfish (any fish of the order Pleuronectiformes)
kampelakala {n} :: flatfish, pleuronectiform (fish of the order Pleuronectiformes)
kampi {n} :: crank (rotating arm mechanism)
kampiakseli {n} :: crankshaft
kampikammio {n} :: crankcase
kampikulma {n} :: A crank angle
kampiliira {n} [musical instruments] :: hurdy-gurdy
kampittaa {vt} :: to trip (cause to fall or stumble)
kamppailla {v} :: To combat
kamppailla {v} :: To contend
kamppailu {n} :: combat, fight
kamppailu {n} :: struggle
kamppailulaji {n} :: combat sport, martial art
kamppailu-urheilu {n} :: combat sports (individual combat sports collectively)
kampura {adj} :: lame, clumsy
kampuraseitikki {n} [mushroom] :: a webcap (Cortinarius fraudulosus)
kampus {n} :: campus
kampylobakteeri {n} :: campylobacter
kamu {n} [colloquial] :: a pal
kana {n} :: chicken (domestic fowl of species Gallus gallus, Gallus domesticus)
kana {n} :: hen (female chicken)
kana {n} :: chicken (meat from this bird eaten as food)
kana {n} [taxonomy] :: gallinaceous (when used as modifier in some compound terms)
kana {n} [derogatory] :: hen (unintelligent, talkative woman)
kana {n} [archaic] :: woman, sweetheart
kana {n} :: kana (Japanese syllabary)
kana kynimättä {phrase} :: bone to pick
kana kynittävänä {phrase} :: bone to pick
kanaali {n} :: canal (strait)
kanaali {n} [dated] :: channel
kanadalainen {adj} :: Canadian (of or pertaining to Canada)
kanadalainen {n} :: A Canadian (person from Canada)
kanadalainen jalkapallo {n} [sports] :: Canadian football
kanadalaiskaksikko {n} :: tandem canoe, C-2, C2 (class of canoe for 2 kneeling people, an Olympic canoeing event)
kanadalaiskaksikko {n} :: Any two Canadians acting in unison
kanadalaiskanootti {n} :: canoe, Canadian canoe (small, lightweight, typically human-powered narrow boat of the type originally developed by Native Americans)
kanadalaisuus {n} :: Canadianness (state or property of being Canadian)
kanadanhanhi {n} :: Canada goose (Branta canadensis)
kanadanhirvi {n} :: A North American elk or a wapiti, Cervus (elaphus) canadensis
kanadanilves {n} :: Canada lynx, Canadian lynx, Lynx canadensis (species of lynx native to North America)
kanadankerttuli {n} :: Tennessee warbler, Leiothlypis peregrina ( <= Vermivora peregrina (a New World warbler)
kanadankääpiöpäästäinen {n} :: American pygmy shrew (Sorex hoyi)
kanadanmajava {n} :: American beaver
kanadannäätä {n} :: fisher (Martes pennanti)
kanadanpalsami {n} :: Canada balsam (turpentine produced from the resin of balsam fir)
kanadanpikkupäästäinen {n} :: American pygmy shrew (Sorex hoyi)
kanadanpuupiikkisika {n} :: North American porcupine (Erethizon dorsatum)
kanadansirri {n} :: semipalmated sandpiper (Calidris pusilla)
kanadansuomalainen {n} :: Finnish Canadian
kanadansuomalainen {adj} :: Finnish-Canadian
kanadantylli {n} :: semipalmated plover (Charadrius semipalmatus)
kanadanvaivaishiiri {n} :: western harvest mouse (Reithrodontomys megalotis)
kanadanvireo {n} :: Philadelphia vireo (Vireo philadelphicus)
kanaemo {n} :: mother hen
kanahampurilainen {n} :: chicken burger
kanahaukka {n} :: A goshawk, Accipiter gentilis
kanahäkki {n} :: coop, battery cage
kanakeitto {n} :: chicken soup
kanala {n} :: henhouse
kanalasagne {n} :: chicken lasagna
kanalauma {n} [pejorative] :: A group of women, especially a noisy one
kanalintu {n} :: galliform, gallinaceous bird (bird of the order Galliformes)
kanalintu {n} :: gamefowl, landfowl, fowl (bird of the order Galliformes, especially when hunted for food)
kanalisaatio {n} :: canalisation
kanalisoida {vt} :: To canalize
kanalisoitua {vi} :: To be canalized
kanalja {n} :: canaille, scoundrel
kanamainen {adj} :: chickenlike
kananaivo {n} :: featherbrain, birdbrain
kananaivoinen {adj} :: birdbrained, featherbrained
kanankakka {n} [colloquial] :: chicken manure
kanankoipi {n} :: chicken leg, drumstick
kananlanta {n} :: chicken manure
kananliha {n} :: chicken meat
kananliha {n} :: goose flesh
kananmaksa {n} :: chicken liver (organ)
kananmuna {n} :: A hen's egg
kananpaska {n} [vulgar] :: chicken shit
kananpaska {n} [colloquial, construction] :: generic term for construction materials that resemble concrete but are made of inferior raw materials such as ash from coal power plants or gypsum, used e.g. for non-bearing walls
kananpoika {n} :: chick, pullet, chicken (young hen)
kananpoika {n} :: chicken (meat of young hen)
kananrehu {n} :: chicken feed, chicken fodder
kananrinta {n} :: chicken breast
kanansiipi {n} :: A chicken wing
kananugget {n} :: chicken nugget
kanaparvi {n} :: A flock of chickens
kanapata {n} :: chicken stew
kanapee {n} :: canapé (cocktail sandwich)
kanapee {n} :: canapé (elegant couch that seats three)
kanapiiras {n} :: chicken pie
kanapyörykkä {n} :: chicken meatball
kanarialintu {n} :: canary
kanarianhemppo {n} :: Atlantic canary (Serinus canaria)
kanariankirvinen {n} :: Berthelot's pipit (Anthus berthelotii)
kanariankyyhky {n} :: Bolle's pigeon (Columba bollii)
kanarianpeippo {n} :: blue chaffinch (Fringilla teydea)
kanariantasku {n} :: Canary Islands stonechat (Saxicola dacotiae)
kanariantraakkipuu {n} :: Canary Islands dragon tree, drago, Dracaena draco
kanasta {n} [card games, rare] :: alternative spelling of canasta
kanava {n} :: canal
kanava {n} :: channel
kanavakangas {n} :: canvas
kanavasurffaus {n} :: channel surfing
kanaverkko {n} :: chicken wire
kanaviillokki {n} :: A dish made of sliced chicken meat
kanaviilokki {n} :: alternative spelling of kanaviillokki
kanavoida {vt} :: To channel
kanavointi {n} :: channeling
kanavoitua {vi} :: To channel
kandeerata {v} [cooking] :: to candy (to coat or crust with sugar)
kandela {n} :: candela
kandelaaberi {n} :: candelabrum
kandi {n} [colloquial] :: Baccalaureate, a person who has completed the Bachelor of Science
kandidaatti {n} :: candidate
kandidaatti {n} :: bachelor (someone who has achieved a bachelor's degree or baccalaureate)
kaneli {n} :: cinnamon [spice]
kanelipuu {n} :: Any of the tree species in the genus Cinnamomum
kanelipuu {n} :: Commonly, cinnamon Cinnamomum zeylanicum [tree]
kaneliseitikki {n} [mushroom] :: A webcap, Cortinarius cinnamomeus
kanelisorsa {n} :: Hartlaub's duck (Pteronetta hartlaubii)
kanelitanko {n} :: cinnamon stick
kanerva {n} :: heather, Calluna vulgaris
kanervakasvi {n} :: heath (shrub of the family Ericaceae)
kanervakasvit {n} [botany] :: Ericaceae
kanervikko {n} :: heathland
kanervisara {n} [plant] :: rare spring-sedge, Carex ericetorum
kangas {n} :: cloth, fabric or textile (woven fabric)
kangas {n} :: material (cloth to be made into a garment)
kangas {n} :: A soil type: firm, moraine ground covered with a relatively thin layer of organic topsoil called podsol; also kangasmaa
kangas {n} :: A forest type growing on such soil, predominantly coniferous; boreal forest; also kangasmetsä
kangashapero {n} :: A brittlegill, Russula decolorans
kangaskorte {n} :: rough horsetail (Equisetum hyemale)
kangaskäärme {n} :: smooth snake Coronella austriaca
kangaskärpässieni {n} [mushroom] :: grey veiled amanita, Amanita porphyria
kangaslimaseitikki {n} [mushroom] :: A webcap, Cortinarius collinitus
kangasmaitikka {n} [plant] :: cow-wheat (Melampyrum pratense)
kangasmyrkkyseitikki {n} [mushroom] :: A webcap, Cortinarius gentilis
kangaspakka {n} :: bolt (roll of cloth)
kangaspalsamirousku {n} :: A milk-cap, Lactarius mammosus
kangaspuola {n} :: A regional variant of sianpuolukka
kangaspuut {n} :: loom
kangasrousku {n} :: rufous candy milk-cap or red hot milk-cap, Lactarius rufus
kangassillihapero {n} :: A brittlegill, Russula erythropoda
kangastaa {vt} :: To loom
kangastua {vi} [rare] :: To be reflected or seen as a mirage
kangastukki {n} :: An aft beam of a loom
kangastus {n} :: mirage
kangertaa {vt} :: To progress awkwardly or arduously
kangeta {v} :: To pry, prise
kangistaa {vt} :: to stiffen (to make stiff)
kangistua {vi} :: To stiffen
kangistuttaa {vt} :: to cause to stiffen
kani {n} :: A rabbit
kani {n} :: A pawnshop
kaniikki {n} :: canon (title)
kaniini {n} :: A rabbit
kaniini {n} :: European rabbit, Oryctolagus cuniculus
kanikonttori {n} [slang] :: A pawn shop
kanimainen {adj} :: rabbitlike
kaninruoka {n} :: rabbit food
kanisteri {n} :: A canister (for liquid fuel)
kanittaa {v} :: To pawn
kanittaa {v} :: To catch, snag, stick, tangle
kaniturkis {n} :: rabbit fur
kaniturkki {n} :: rabbit fur
kanjoni {n} :: canyon
kankare {n} :: dry, rocky hill
kankea {adj} :: stiff (e.g. stiff joints)
kankea {adj} [of speech etc.] :: awkward, clumsy
kankeasti {adv} :: stiffly
kankeasti {adv} :: clumsily
kankeus {n} :: stiffness
kankeus {n} :: rigidity
kanki {n} :: (iron) bar
kankikuolain {n} :: A curb bit
kankku {n} :: A buttock
kankkunen {n} [colloquial] :: A hangover (sickness caused by excessive drinking)
kankriniitti {n} [mineral] :: cancrinite
kankuri {n} :: weaver
kannabidioli {n} [chemistry] :: cannabidiol
kannabinoidi {n} [chemistry] :: cannabinoid
kannabinoidireseptori {n} :: cannabinoid receptor
kannabinoli {n} [chemistry] :: cannabinol
kannabis {n} :: marijuana, cannabis (drug)
kannabis {n} :: cannabis (plant Cannabis sativa when produced for drug)
kannabishartsi {n} :: cannabis resin (resin excreted by the female inflorescences of the Cannabis sativa plant, which contains majority of the cannabinoids produced by the plant)
kannabishartsi {n} [by extension] :: cannabis resin, hashish (cannabis product composed of compressed or purified preparations of stalked resin glands from the buds of the female cannabis plant, and thus having a high concentration of cannabinoids)
kannabissavuke {n} :: cannabis joint
kannada {n} :: Kannada (language)
kannakselainen {n} :: a person from the Karelian Isthmus
kannalla {adv} :: stand, opinion
kannanilmaisu {n} :: Opinion statement (a written document or text put out by an organization to express its official opinion on a certain subject)
kannanotto {n} :: contention, position (point maintained in an argument)
kannanotto {n} :: position paper (essay or report which expresses a position on a contested issue)
kannanotto {n} :: resolution (formal statement adopted by an assembly)
kannanotto {n} :: statement (presentation of opinion or position)
kannas {n} :: isthmus
kannate {n} :: holder
kannatella {vt} :: To support (physically)
kannatin {n} :: Any supporting member, a support, rest, prop etc
kannatin {n} :: A cradle (rest for the receiver of a telephone)
kannatin {n} :: A bracket (item attached to a wall to hold up a shelf)
kannattaa {vt} [physically] :: to support, bear up, hold up, prop up, carry
kannattaa {vt} [mentally] :: to support, uphold, sustain
kannattaa {vt} [finance] :: to support, patronize, maintain
kannattaa {vt} [mentally] :: to support, back, champion, stand up for
kannattaa {vt} :: (+ partitive) to second, espouse, go along with, agree with, adhere
kannattaa {vt} :: (monopersonally; + genitive + 3rd-pers. singular + infinitive) To be worth(while) (for somebody to do), be worth (somebody's while to do)
kannattaa {vi} [literal and figurative] :: to be profitable, pay off
kannattaa {vt} :: To have somebody/something carried (by somebody = allative), make somebody (= allative) carry something
kannattaja {n} :: A supporter
kannattaja {n} :: A fan, admirer, adherent, devotee, enthusiast, booster or aficionado (supporter of a sports team etc.)
kannattaja {n} :: A second (one who agrees in a motion, as required in certain meetings to pass judgement etc.)
kannattaja {n} :: An advocate (person who speaks in support of something)
kannattaja {n} :: A follower (one who adheres to the opinions, ideas, or teachings of another)
kannattaja {n} :: A stalwart (one who firmly supports a cause)
kannattajanikama {n} [skeleton] :: The atlas vertebra
kannattava {adj} :: profitable
kannattavuus {n} :: profitability
kannatus {n} :: support
kanne {n} [legal] :: action, lawsuit
kanneaika {n} :: limitation (legal time period)
kanneksia {vt} :: To carry (around, in a continuous/indifferent manner)
kannel {n} [music] :: kantele (traditional instrument)
kannella {vi} [legal, + elative] :: to file a complaint about
kannella {vi} [+ elative] :: to complain about, rat about, tell on
kannella {vi} [+ elative] :: to tattle (to notify someone of illicit behaviour)
kannella {vt} [rare] :: to carry along (indifferently)
kannellinen {adj} :: Having a lid or cover
kanneloni {n} :: cannelloni
kanneltaa {v} [music, rare] :: to play kantele
kanneton {adj} :: coverless, lidless
kannettava {adj} :: portable
kannettava {adj} :: hand-held
kannettava {n} :: A laptop; short for kannettava tietokone
kannettava tietokone {n} :: laptop computer, laptop
kannibaali {n} :: cannibal
kannibalismi {n} :: cannibalism (act or practice of eating another of one's own species)
kannibalismi {n} :: cannibalism, anthropophagy (human act or practice of eating another human's flesh)
kannibalisoida {v} :: to cannibalise, cannibalize (to eat one's own species)
kannibalisoida {v} [business] :: to cannibalise, cannibalize (to reduce sales or market share for one of your own products by introducing another)
kannibalisointi {n} :: cannibalization, cannibalisation
kannike {n} :: hanger, handle
kannikka {n} :: The crust piece of a bread
kannikka {n} :: A buttock
kannin {n} :: carrier (object)
kanniskella {vt} :: To carry along (indifferently)
kannokko {n} :: area containing many tree stumps
kannu {n} :: jug, pitcher
kannu {n} :: pot (teapot or coffee pot)
kannu {n} :: ewer
kannullinen {n} :: jugful, jug (amount a jug can hold)
kannus {n} [anatomy] :: spur
kannustaa {vt} [_, + partitive] :: to encourage
kannustaa {vt} :: to cheer
kannustaja {n} :: supporter
kannuste {n} :: incentive
kannustin {n} :: incentive (something that motivates)
kannustinloukku {n} :: welfare trap [US]; unemployment trap [UK]
kanoninen {adj} :: canonical
kanonisoida {v} :: To canonize
kanonisoitua {vi} :: To become canonical
kanonistaa {vt} :: To canonize
kanootti {n} :: canoe
kanootti {n} :: kayak
kanoottikaksikko {n} [rare] :: tandem canoe, C-2, C2 (class of canoe for 2 kneeling people, an Olympic canoeing event)
kanoottiurheilu {n} :: canoeing (water sport)
kanotisti {n} :: canoeist
kanotoida {v} :: To canoe
kans {adv} [colloquial] :: also, too
kans {postp} [colloquial] :: with
kansa {n} :: people
kansa {n} :: nation, people
kansainvaellus {n} :: migration of peoples, Völkerwanderung
kansainvaellusaika {n} :: The Migration Period, Völkerwanderung
kansainvälinen {adj} :: international
kansainvälinen naistenpäivä {n} :: International Women's Day (8th of March)
kansainvälinen oikeus {n} [law] :: international law (set of rules generally regarded and accepted as binding in relations between states and between nations, serving as a framework for the practice of stable and organized international relations)
kansainvälinen tuomioistuin {n} :: International Court of Justice
kansainvälisempi {adj} :: comparative of kansainvälinen
kansainvälisesti {adv} :: internationally
kansainväliset kovapanosammunnat {n} [jocular] :: War
kansainvälistää {vt} :: To internationalise/internationalize
kansainvälistäminen {n} :: internationalization; the act of making something international
kansainvälistyä {vi} :: To become international
kansainvälistyminen {n} :: internationalization; the act of becoming international
kansainvälisyys {n} :: internationality
kansainvälisyys {n} :: internationalism
kansakoulu {n} :: Formerly in the Finnish school system, a four- to eight-year elementary school or primary school
kansakunnallinen {adj} :: national
kansakunta {n} :: nation
kansalainen {n} :: citizen
kansalainen {n} :: national
kansalaisadressi {n} :: petition (compilation of signatures built in order to exert moral authority in support of a specific cause)
kansalaisjärjestö {n} :: NGO (non-governmental organization)
kansalaisliike {n} :: popular movement
kansalaisoikeudet {n} :: civil rights (constitutional rights and freedoms guaranteed to the citizens of a country)
kansalaisoikeus {n} :: Civil right
kansalaisopisto {n} :: An adult education center faintly resembling a community college, providing adult education in a wide variety of topics but without any degrees or certificates. The programs are open for everyone, usually for a small fee
kansalaispalkka {n} :: citizen's income, basic income, universal basic income
kansalaissota {n} :: civil war, especially the Finnish Civil War fought in the spring of 1918
kansalaistottelemattomuus {n} :: civil disobedience
kansalaisuskonto {n} :: civil religion
kansalaisuus {n} :: citizenship
kansalaisyhteiskunta {n} :: civil society
kansallinen {adj} :: national
kansallinen vapaapäivä {n} :: national holiday, public holiday, bank holiday
kansallisaarre {n} :: national treasure
kansallisarkisto {n} :: national archive
kansallisbibliografia {n} :: national bibliography (complete database of everything published by a nation)
kansalliseepos {n} :: national epic
kansalliseläin {n} :: national animal (animal chosen to represent a country)
kansallisesti {adv} :: nationally
kansallishenki {n} :: national spirit
kansallishenkinen {adj} :: national-minded
kansallishymni {n} :: synonym of kansallislaulu
kansalliskaarti {n} :: national guard
kansalliskaartilainen {n} :: national guard member
kansalliskieli {n} :: national language
kansalliskiihko {n} :: chauvinism, jingoism (excessive patriotism)
kansalliskiihkoilija {n} :: jingo, chauvinist
kansalliskiihkoinen {adj} :: chauvinistic, jingoist (excessively nationalist)
kansalliskirjailija {n} :: national writer (writer that is regarded as representing the spirit of a nation in his writings)
kansalliskirjallisuus {n} :: national literature
kansalliskirjasto {n} :: national library
kansalliskivi {n} :: national stone (type of rock as national symbol; some countries have included a rock into their national symbols, e.g. granite in Finland and grey limestone in Estonia)
kansalliskokous {n} :: National Assembly (name of parliament in some countries, e.g. Canada, France)
kansalliskukka {n} :: national flower (fower chosen to represent a country)
kansallislaulu {n} :: national anthem
kansallislintu {n} :: national bird (bird chosen to represent a country)
kansallislippu {n} :: national flag
kansallismaisema {n} :: national landscape
kansallismielinen {adj} :: nationalist
kansallismielisyys {n} :: nationalism
kansallismuseo {n} :: national museum
kansallisomaisuus {n} :: national treasure
kansallisominaisuus {n} :: national characteristic
kansallisooppera {n} :: national opera
kansallispäivä {n} :: national day (day marking a country's establishment as a sovereign entity)
kansallispuisto {n} :: national park
kansallispuku {n} :: national costume
kansallispukuinen {adj} :: dressed in national costume
kansallispuu {n} :: national tree (tree chosen to represent a country)
kansallisromantiikka {n} :: romantic nationalism, national romanticism
kansallisromantiikka {n} :: national revival
kansallisromantikko {n} :: national revivalist (believer in national revival)
kansallisromanttinen {adj} :: national-revival
kansallisrunoilija {n} :: national poet
kansallisruoka {n} :: national dish (culinary dish that is strongly associated with a particular country)
kansallissankari {n} :: national hero
kansallissosialismi {n} :: National Socialism
kansallissosialisti {n} :: national socialist
kansallissosialistinen {adj} :: National Socialist, Nazi
kansallistaa {vt} :: To nationalize
kansallistaminen {n} :: nationalization
kansallisteatteri {n} :: national theater
kansallistettu {adj} :: nationalized
kansallistunne {n} :: synonym of kansallishenki
kansallistunto {n} :: synonym of kansallishenki
kansallisuus {n} :: nationality
kansallisuuslippu {n} :: national flag, especially as flown by a merchant ship
kansallisuustunnus {n} :: nationality sign
kansallisvaltio {n} :: nation-state
kansallisvarallisuus {n} :: national wealth
kansallisväri {n} :: national colour
kansanarmeija {n} :: people's army
kansandemokraatti {n} :: people's democrat
kansandemokraattinen {adj} :: people's democratic
kansandemokratia {n} :: people's democracy
kansanedustaja {n} :: A Member of Parliament, specifically member of the eduskunta (Finnish Parliament)
kansanedustajaehdokas {n} :: parliamentary candidate (one who is running for membership in a parliament, especially that of Finland)
kansaneläke {n} :: In Finland, a flat rate pension[1], to which people who are covered by the Finnish social security system are entitled, usually translated as "national pension" into English. The pension can be paid on the basis of old age, disability or long-term unemployment. Other income, such as earnings-related työeläke (work pension) diminishes the national pension
kansaneläkelaitos {n} :: An uncapitalized form sometimes used of Kansaneläkelaitos, a government branch that administers and provides social security benefits for all residents of Finland
kansaneläkelaitos {n} :: A similar institution in another country
kansanetymologia {n} :: folk etymology (false etymology that incorrectly explains the origin of a word)
kansankieli {n} :: vernacular
kansankiihottaja {n} :: demagogue, agitator, rabble rouser
kansankirkko {n} :: established church
kansankynttilä {n} [humorous] :: primary school teacher, especially in the kansakoulu
kansanlatina {n} :: Vulgar Latin
kansanlaulu {n} [music] :: folk song (song originating among the common people, and handed by oral tradition)
kansanmurha {n} :: A genocide, holocaust
kansanmusiikki {n} [music] :: folk music
kansanäänestys {n} :: referendum
kansannousu {n} :: uprising
kansanomainen {adj} :: folksy (characteristic of simple country life)
kansanomainen {adj} :: common, popular, ordinary, simple, vulgar (of or pertaining to the common people)
kansanperinne {n} :: folklore
kansanpuolue {n} [politics] :: people's party
kansanrunous {n} :: folk poetry
kansansankari {n} :: folk hero
kansantajuinen {adj} :: popular (easy to understand)
kansantajuistaa {vt} :: To popularize
kansantalous {n} :: national economy
kansantanssi {n} :: folk dance
kansantaru {n} :: folktale (tale or story that is part of the oral tradition of a people or a place)
kansantasavalta {n} :: A people's republic
kansanterveys {n} :: public health
kansanvalta {n} :: Democracy
kansanvaltainen {adj} :: democratic
kansanvaltaistaa {vt} :: to democratize
kansanvaltaistua {vi} :: To become democratized
kansanvene {n} [nautical] :: Nordic Folkboat (class of sailing boat designed in Sweden in 1940's, originally made of wood and intended to be affordable for ordinary people)
kansanvene {n} :: Nordic folkboat (boat built according to the specifications of this class)
kansanviisaus {n} :: folkway (belief common to members of a society or culture)
kansatiede {n} :: ethnology
kansi {n} :: A generally flat cover of a hole or a container such as a jar or a box; a lid or a top
kansi {n} :: cover of a book
kansi {n} [nautical] :: The deck of a ship
kansikota {n} [botany] :: pyxis
kansio {n} :: A file, folder
kansio {n} [computing] :: A folder
kansioida {vt} :: To file
kansiportaat {n} [nautical] :: companionway (staircase or ladder from one deck to another on a ship)
kansittaa {vt} :: to lid, cap (to put a lid or cap on something)
kansituoli {n} :: deck chair
kansleri {n} :: chancellor
kanslia {n} :: office
kansliapäällikkö {n} :: chief of staff, chancellor (administrative head of a ministry, subordinated directly to the minister)
kansliapäällikkö {n} :: chancellor (record keeper for a diocese)
kansoittaa {vt} :: To populate
kansoittua {vi} :: to be populated (with people)
kanssa {postp} [takes genitive] :: with
kanssakäyminen {n} :: interaction
kanssapuhe {n} [archaic] :: conversation, discussion
kanta {n} :: stem
kanta {n} :: opinion, point of view (attitude, opinion, or set of beliefs)
kanta {n} :: heel (part of a sole of a shoe, especially a low one; a high heel is usually called korko)
kanta {n} [microbiology] :: strain
kanta {n} [biology] :: population
kantaa {vt} :: To carry, bear
kantaa {vi} [of sound or noise] :: To carry, be carried, reach
kantaa {vt} :: To wield
kantaa kortensa kekoon {v} [idiomatic] :: to do one's deed, to do what must be done
kanta-asiakas {n} :: regular customer, regular
kanta-asiakas {n} :: habitué, denizen (one who frequents a place)
kanta-astuja {n} [zoology] :: A plantigrade
kantaatti {n} [music] :: cantata
kantaesitys {n} :: premiere (first showing)
kantaitiö {n} [biology] :: basidiospore
kantaja {n} :: A bearer, carrier (person who bears or carries something, in general)
kantaja {n} :: A bellhop, porter, skycap
kantaja {n} [legal] :: A plaintiff, complainant, claimant
kantaja {n} :: A short form of postinkantaja (postman, mailman, letter carrier)
kantaja {n} :: A bearer, short form of arkunkantaja (pallbearer)
kantaja {n} [historical] :: A short form of veronkantaja (tax collector)
kantaja {n} [mathematics] :: A support
kantakaupunki {n} :: downtown, inner city
kantakieli {n} :: protolanguage
kantaluku {n} [mathematics] :: base, radix [number of distinct symbols used to represent numbers in a particular numeral system]
kantaluu {n} [skeleton] :: calcaneus
kantama {n} :: Range, -shot
kantaminen {n} :: carrying
kantanäky {n} [psychoanalysis] :: primal scene
kantapää {n} [anatomy] :: heel
kantapeikko {n} [colloquial] :: lifer (person who makes a career in the military)
kantapään kautta {phrase} [idiomatic] :: through the hard way (from the experience, sometimes tough)
kantarelli {n} [mushroom] :: chanterelle, or golden chanterelle, yellow chanterelle (Cantharellus cibarius)
kantarelli {n} [dated] :: chanterelle (any edible mushroom in the genus Cantharellus)
kantaslaavi {n} :: Proto-Slavic (language)
kantaslaavilainen {adj} :: Proto-Slavic (of or pertaining to the Proto-Slavic language)
kantaslaavilainen {adj} :: Proto-Slavic (of or pertaining to the people or nation that spoke Proto-Slavic)
kantasolu {n} [biology] :: stem cell
kantasoluhoito {n} [medicine] :: stem cell therapy
kantasolusiirto {n} [medicine] :: stem cell transplantation
kantasolututkimus {n} [medicine, cytology] :: Stem cell research
kantasuomi {n} :: The Proto-Finnic language
kantata {v} [woodworking, colloquial] :: to edge (to furnish with an edge)
kantata {v} [textile work, colloquial] :: to edge (to finish the edge of a cloth)
kantata {v} [skiing] :: to edge (to ski on the edge of the ski as when cornering)
kantaurali {n} :: Proto-Uralic
kantautua {vi} [of sound or noise] :: To carry, be carried, reach, emanate, (also figuratively of knowledge or information)
kantautua {vi} :: To drift, wash (up) (due to the action water); to be tracked
kantava {adj} :: supporting
kantava {adj} :: gravid, pregnant (animal)
kantele {n} :: kantele
kantelija {n} :: tattler, tattletale (one who tattles or is inclined to do so)
kantelu {n} [legal] :: complaint
kantelu {n} :: tattling, taletelling
kantikas {adj} [dialectal] :: angular, sharp-cornered, square
kantio {n} :: The part of a shoe that supports the heel sideways
kanto {n} :: stump (remains of a tree)
kanto {n} :: carrying (act)
kanto {n} :: collection (activity of collecting, especially taxes); see also: veronkanto
kantoaalto {n} :: carrier (signal modulated to transmit information)
kantoaika {n} :: gestation period
kantojuhta {n} :: beast of burden
kantopop {n} :: Cantopop (Chinese popular music genre)
kantoraketti {n} :: booster rocket
kantosiipi {n} :: hydrofoil (wing)
kantosiipialus {n} [nautical] :: A hydrofoil (vessel)
kantotuoli {n} :: A litter (platform designed to carry a person or a load)
kantri {n} [music] :: country, country music
kantrimusiikki {n} :: country music
kanttarelli {n} [colloquial] :: alternative spelling of kantarelli
kantti {n} [colloquial] :: edge
kantti {n} [colloquial] :: chutzpah; the courage, guts, balls, nerve or audacity to go through with something
kanttiini {n} :: canteen, mess hall
kanttinauha {n} [textile working] :: edging ribbon
kanttori {n} :: cantor
kanttura {n} [pejorative] :: old and frail animal or person
kanukka {n} :: dogwood (plant of the genus Cornus)
kanukki {n} [colloquial] :: A Canuck, Canadian
kanuuna {n} :: cannon
kanuunankuula {n} :: cannonball
kanyloida {v} [medicine] :: to cannulate (to use or insert a cannula)
kanyyli {n} [medicine] :: cannula (tube inserted in the body to drain or inject fluid)
kaoliini {n} [mineral] :: kaolin
kaoliniitti {n} [mineral] :: kaolinite
kaoni {n} :: A kaon
kaoottinen {adj} :: chaotic
kapakala {n} :: stockfish
kapakka {n} :: pub, bar, tavern, inn (premises where alcoholic drinks are sold for immediate consumption)
kapakoitsija {n} :: barkeeper, innkeeper
kapalo {n} [usually plural] :: swaddling clothes
kapaloida {v} :: To swaddle
kapasitanssi {n} [physics] :: capacitance
kapasitanssidiodi {n} :: capacitance diode
kapasiteetti {n} :: capacity
kapea {adj} :: narrow
kapealiuskainen {adj} [botany, of leaves] :: laciniate
kapeampi {adj} :: comparative of kapea
kapeaseitikki {n} [mushroom] :: A webcap, Cortinarius flexipes
kapeikko {n} :: strait
kapein {adj} :: superlative of kapea
kapellimestari {n} [music] :: conductor
kapenevatyvinen {adj} [botany] :: synonym of suippotyvinen
kapeuttaa {vt} :: alternative form of kaventaa
kapeutua {vi} :: to become narrow or narrower (e.g. of a road)
kapi {n} :: mange (animal skin disease caused by mites)
kapiainen {n} [derogative] :: A person belonging to the permanent staff of the military
kapiaisen kakara {n} :: army brat
kapillaari {n} :: capillary (narrow tube)
kapillaari {n} [anatomy] :: capillary (thin blood vessel)
kapillaari-ilmiö {n} :: capillary action
kapillaariputki {n} :: capillary (narrow tube)
kapina {n} :: rebellion, uprising, revolt, mutiny, insurrection, insurgency
kapinahenki {n} :: spirit of rebellion
kapinallinen {adj} :: rebellious
kapinallinen {n} :: rebel
kapine {n} :: apparatus
kapinen {adj} :: mangy, scabby
kapingamarangi {n} :: The Kapingamarangi language
kapinleijona {n} :: Cape lion, Panthera leo melanochaitus
kapinmuurahaiskäpy {n} [zoology] :: Cape pangolin or ground pangolin, Manis temminckii
kapinoida {vi} :: To rebel against, revolt against, rise (up in rebellion/revolt) against (+ genitive + vastaan)
kapinoida {vi} :: To mutiny against, rise up in mutiny against (+ genitive + vastaan)
kapinoida {vi} :: To rebel against, protest against, resist (+ genitive + vastaan)
kapinoija {n} :: rebel, mutineer
kapinointi {n} :: The act of rebelling; rebellion, insubordination
kapinoitsija {n} :: alternative form of kapinoija
kapintamaani {n} :: Cape hyrax or rock hyrax (Procavia capensis)
kapistus {n} :: thing, stuff, apparatus, doodad
kapitaali {n} :: capital
kapitalismi {n} :: capitalism
kapitalisoida {v} :: to capitalize
kapitalisti {n} :: capitalist
kapitalistinen {adj} :: capitalistic
kapitaloida {v} :: alternative form of kapitalisoida
kapiteeli {n} :: small caps
kapitulantti {n} [dated] :: non-commissioned officer in permanent service
kaplas {n} :: On a sleigh, the support between skid and bottom
kaplastaa {v} :: to equip a sleigh with a kaplas
kapo {n} [music] :: capotasto, capo
kapokki {n} :: kapok (fibre)
kapokkio {n} :: Any tree of the genus Bombax
kaponieeri {n} [military] :: caponier
kaponnieeri {n} [dated] :: alternative form of kaponieeri
kappa {n} :: An old unit of measure for volume of dry things, still used for potatoes in market squares. A modern kappa is equal to 5 liters (iso kappa), or 2 liters (pikku kappa), but during the period of autonomy under Russia it was 1/30 of tynnyri (barrel) or 5.4961 liters, and before that under the Swedish rule it was 1/32 of tynnyri or 4.58 liters. A further complication is that Swedish and Russian barrels were not of equal size
kappa {n} :: pelmet
kappa {n} :: women's overcoat
kappa {n} :: kappa (tenth letter of Greek alphabet)
kappa {n} [mythology] :: kappa (mythical creature)
kappalainen {n} :: chaplain
kappale {n} :: An object (thing that has physical existence)
kappale {n} :: A piece (part of a larger whole)
kappale {n} :: A piece of music, especially of light music, song
kappale {n} :: A measure of quantity, often corresponding English adverbs apiece, each
kappale {n} :: An article (member of a group or class). Used mostly in compound words
kappale {n} :: A paragraph (passage in text)
kappale {n} [mathematics] :: A solid
kappale {n} [physics] :: physical body
kappalemäärä {n} :: number of pieces
kappas {interj} :: look, well
kappas vain {interj} :: well well
kappeli {n} :: A chapel
kappi {n} [nautical] :: casing
kapriisi {n} [music] :: capriccio
kapris {n} :: caper (Capparis spinosa)
kapronihappo {n} [chemistry] :: caproic acid
kapsaa {vi} :: To clop
kapsaisiini {n} [chemistry] :: capsaicin
kapse {n} :: clatter
kapsehtia {v} :: synonym of puuhailla
kapseli {n} :: A capsule
kapselihotelli {n} :: capsule hotel
kapseloida {v} :: To encapsulate
kapselointi {n} :: encapsulation
kapseloitua {vi} :: To be encapsulated
kapsoni {n} [horsemanship] :: longeing cavesson [US], lungeing cavesson [UK]
kaptaani {n} [organic chemistry] :: captan (certain fungicide)
kaptatiivinen {adj} [linguistics] :: captative
kapteeni {n} :: A captain (commander of a sea-going vessel)
kapteeni {n} :: A pilot in command
kapteeni {n} [military ranks] :: A captain
kapteeni käskee {n} :: Simon says (children's game)
kapteeniluutnantti {n} [military ranks] :: An officer rank in the Finnish navy. The official English translation is lieutenant senior grade
kapu {n} :: A small, solid piece of wood
kapu {n} :: A gag that prevents a kid or a calf sucking its mother
kapu {n} :: alternative term for kaulain
kapu {n} :: A round billet of wood around which wefts of a Finnish rug are wound
kapula {n} :: A small, solid piece of wood, often shaped for a useful function, a billet
kapula {n} [colloquial] :: A cellular, cellphone
kapula {n} :: A baton (in relay race)
kapulakieli {n} :: Unnecessarily obscure language, gobbledygook, jargon
kapulatie {n} :: corduroy road (road paved with logs laid crosswise)
kapusta {n} :: wooden spoon (spoon made from wood, commonly used in food preparation)
kapustahaikara {n} :: spoonbill (any of large wading birds of the genera Platalea (syn. Ajaia) of the family Threskiornithidae, that have a large, flat, spatulate bill)
kapustarinta {n} :: Eurasian golden plover, Pluvialis apricaria
kapuuni {n} :: capon
kapybara {n} :: capybara (Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris)
kapyysi {n} [slang, nautical] :: galley, caboose (ship kitchen)
kara {n} :: A dried branch, rib of a leaf or other similar dried part of a plant
kara {n} :: A core (uneaten part) of an apple or similar fruit
kara {n} :: The core of a pirn in a weaving shuttle
kara {n} :: The chuck of a drill or lathe
kara {n} :: A leftover piece from injection molding
kara {n} :: A piece of wood, partly inserted inside the wall, that supports the frame of a window or door
kara {n} :: Short form of koskikara
kara {n} :: The game of carom billiards or carambole
karaatti {n} :: carat (unit of weight for precious stones and pearls)
karaatti {n} :: carat, karat (measure of purity of gold)
karabiini {n} :: alternative form of karbiini
karahka {n} :: A dry and detached branch of a tree, or the broken trunk of an immature tree, especially a spruce
karahteerata {v} [dialectal] :: to call, name, dub, characterize
karahvi {n} :: carafe (bottle, usually glass and with a flared lip, used for serving beverages, especially wine or liquor)
karahvi {n} :: decanter (receptacle for decanted wine or liquor, especially a crystal bottle with a stopper)
karaista {vt} :: To harden, steel
karaista {vt} :: To quench
karaistua {vi} :: To become hardened
karakali {n} :: caracal (Caracal caracal)
karakki {n} [nautical] :: carrack
karakteri {n} :: character, characteristic
karakterisoida {v} :: To characterize
karakterisointi {n} :: characterization
karakteristiikka {n} :: characteristic
karakteristika {n} [mathematics] :: characteristic
karakullammas {n} :: karakul (sheep of a Central Asian breed)
karambola {n} :: carambola, the fruit and the plant (Averrhoa carambola)
karamelli {n} [countable] :: sweet, candy
karamelli {n} [uncountable] :: caramel
karamelliomena {n} :: caramel apple (aple dipped in caramel and often sprinkled with cinnamon, almond etc.)
karanteeni {n} :: quarantine
karaoke {n} :: karaoke (form of entertainment)
karaokekabinetti {n} :: karaoke box (room containing karaoke equipment that can be rented for a period of time)
karata {v} :: to escape, run away, flee, fly
karata {v} :: to elope
karata {v} [military] :: to desert
karata {v} :: to abscond, run off, make off
karata {v} [archaic] :: to leap, charge
karateka {n} :: karateka
karavaanari {n} :: caravanner, caravaner
karavaani {n} :: caravan
karavaaniseralji {n} :: caravanserai (Middle East type of inn, in which the caravans could rest)
karaveli {n} [nautical] :: caravel
karavelli {n} :: caravel (type of small sailing vessel)
karbidi {n} [chemistry] :: carbide
karbiini {n} :: carbine
karbiinihaka {n} :: carabiner
karbo- {prefix} :: carbo-
karboanhydraasi {n} [chemistry] :: carbonic anhydrase
karbokationi {n} [chemistry] :: carbocation
karboksipeptidaasi {n} [chemistry] :: carboxypeptidase
karboksyylihappo {n} [chemistry] :: carboxylic acid
karbokysteiini {n} :: carbocysteine
karbonaatti {n} :: carbonate
karbonaattimineraali {n} [mineral] :: carbonate mineral
kardaani {n} :: universal joint
kardaaniakseli {n} :: drive shaft (axle furnished with a universal joint)
kardaaninivel {n} :: universal joint, Cardan joint, cardan joint
kardemumma {n} :: cardamom, the plant (Elettaria caramomum) and the spice
kardiitti {n} :: carditis
kardinaali {n} [Christianity] :: cardinal
kardinaali {n} :: cardinal (passerine bird of the family Cardinalidae)
kardinaaliluku {n} [grammar] :: a cardinal number
kardinaalilukusana {n} [grammar] :: cardinal numeral (word that represents a cardinal number)
kardinaalimunaus {n} [colloquial] :: An especially disastrous blunder
kardinaliteetti {n} [mathematics] :: cardinality
kardio- {prefix} :: cardio-
kardiogrammi {n} :: cardiogram
kardioidi {n} :: cardioid
kardiologi {n} :: cardiologist
kardiologia {n} :: cardiology
kardiologinen {adj} :: cardiological
kardiomegalia {n} [pathology] :: cardiomegaly
kardiomyopatia {n} [pathology] :: cardiomyopathy
kardiovaskulaarinen {adj} :: cardiovascular
kardioversio {adj} [medicine] :: cardioversion
kardoni {n} :: cardoon
kare {n} :: ripple (small waves)
karehtia {vi} :: to ripple (to move like the undulating surface of a body of water)
karelianismi {n} :: Karelianism
karenssiaika {n} :: A waiting period, especially a delay in receiving a social security payment such as unemployment allowance or sickness benefit
karettikilpikonna {n} :: A hawksbill turtle
karglumiinihappo {n} [pharmacology] :: carglumic acid
kargo {n} :: cargo
karhe {n} :: windrow (row of cut grain or hay allowed to dry in a field)
karhea {adj} :: rough
karhea {adj} :: hoarse
karheapillike {n} :: common hemp-nettle, Galeopsis tetrahit
karheikko {n} [golf] :: rough
karhentaa {vt} :: to roughen (to make a surface rougher in order to increase friction)
karhentua {vi} :: to roughen (to become rougher)
karheta {vi} [of surface] :: To become more rough, coarse
karheus {n} [of surface] :: roughness
karhi {n} :: harrow
karhita {v} :: to harrow
karho {n} [agriculture] :: windrow
karhomangusti {n} :: Gambian mongoose, Mungos gambianus
karhu {n} :: bear (large omnivorous mammal of the family Ursidae)
karhu {n} :: brown bear, Ursus arctos
karhuaja {n} :: dun (collector of debts)
karhukainen {n} :: water bear, tardigrade
karhukissa {n} :: binturong, bearcat (Arctictis binturong)
karhumakaki {n} :: stump-tailed macaque, Macaca arctoides
karhunkieli {n} :: bear tongue (tongue of a bear)
karhunkieli {n} :: scouring pad
karhunlaukka {n} :: ramsons, Allium ursinum
karhunliha {n} :: bear meat
karhunmarja {n} :: black crowberry, Empetrum nigrum
karhunmarja {n} [rare] :: herb Paris, true lover's knot, Paris quadrifolia
karhunmarja {n} [rare] :: used quite inconsistently of several Rubus (genus of raspberry species with edible black or dark blue berries; more commonly known as karhunvatukka
karhunpalvelus {n} :: disservice (something intended as service, but which turns out to be detrimental)
karhunpalvonta {n} :: bear worship, bear cult
karhunpeijaiset {n} [folklore, archaic] :: A ritual feast celebrated after the kill of a bear in order to conciliate the spirit of the animal
karhunpeijaiset {n} :: bear festival (modern-day celebration to honor the kill of a bear)
karhunputki {n} [botany] :: An angelica; any of the plants in genus Angelica, especially the wild angelica, Angelica sylvestris
karhunseitikki {n} [mushroom] :: A webcap, Cortinarius brunneus
karhunäätä {n} :: synonym of binturonki
karhuntalja {n} :: bear fleece
karhunvatukka {n} :: Used of many Eurasian and North American Rubus (genus of raspberry) species that bear black brambles; blackberry, black raspberry etc. The two species native to Finland are more specifically known as lehtovatukka (Rubus pruinosus) and sinivatukka (Rubus caesius, European dewberry)
karhunvatukka {n} :: The fruit of such plant
karhupaviaani {n} :: chacma, chacma baboon, Cape baboon, Papio ursinus (species of baboon, in earlier classifications a subspecies of yellow baboon, Papio cynocephalus)
karhupumppu {n} :: synonym of viemäripumppu
karhuta {vi} :: To dun (to ask or beset a debtor for payment)
kari {n} :: rock (in water)
kari {n} :: skerry (small rocky island)
karibianhylje {n} :: Caribbean monk seal, Monachus tropicalis
karibianmuura {n} :: black-backed antshrike
karibu {n} :: caribou
karies {n} :: caries
karikatyristi {n} :: caricaturist
karikatyyri {n} :: caricature
karike {n} [biology] :: litter (layer of fallen leaves and other undecayed organic matter on a forest floor)
karikko {n} :: A group of underwater rocks
karikoida {v} :: alternative form of karrikoida
karikukko {n} :: turnstone (coastal wading birds of the genus Arenaria)
karikukko {n} :: ruddy turnstone, Arenaria interpres (type species of the genus Arenaria)
karimetso {n} :: common shag, European shag, Phalacrocorax aristotelis
karioitua {vi} [rare] :: To become carious
karisma {n} :: charisma, personal charm
karista {vi} :: To fall off, drop off
karistaa {v} :: To shake off
karistaa {v} :: karistaa kannoiltaan: To shake off (someone tracking)
karitevoi {n} [cosmetics] :: shea butter
karitsa {n} :: A lamb (young sheep)
karitsanvilla {n} :: lambswool
karitsoida {vi} :: to lamb (of a sheep, to give birth)
karitsoittaa {vt} :: to lamb (to assist sheep to give birth)
kariuttaa {vt} :: to thwart, block success of
kariutua {vi} :: To go on the rocks, founder (concretely and abstractly):
karja {n} :: cattle (domesticated bovine animals); sometimes with a specifier: nautakarja, lehmikarja
karja {n} :: other domesticated animals kept for food; in this sense usually with a specifier: siipikarja, porokarja etc
karja {n} :: stock, livestock (farm animals; animals domesticated for cultivation collectively)
karja {n} [rare] :: herd, flock
karja {n} [figuratively] :: wild animals used for food
karja-aura {n} :: [in a locomotive] cowcatcher, pilot
karjahtaa {vi} :: to roar [to make a loud deep noise]
karjaista {vi} :: To roar
karjakko {n} :: milkmaid
karjala {n} :: The Karelian language; a Finno-Ugric language spoken by about 100,000 people in Karelia. It is closely related to Finnish
karjalainen {adj} :: Karelian
karjalainen {n} :: A Karelian person
karjalaisuus {n} :: Karelianness (state or quality of being Karelian)
karjalanpaisti {n} :: Karelian hot pot
karjalanpiirakka {n} :: Karelian pasty
karjanhoito {n} :: animal husbandry
karjapaimen {n} :: cowboy
karjapiha {n} :: stockyard
karjasuoja {n} :: barn
karjatalous {n} :: animal husbandry
karjatila {n} :: cattle ranch
karjavaras {n} :: A rustler
karjavarkaus {n} :: cattle raiding, cattle rustling
karju {n} :: a boar (male pig)
karjua {vi} :: To roar, bellow, shout, holler
karjunta {n} :: bellow, bellowing
karkailla {v} :: to keep escaping, to escape repeatedly
karkailu {n} [pathology] :: incontinence
karkaista {vi} :: to quench (to cool rapidly)
karkaistua {v} :: alternative form of karaistua
karkaju {n} :: synonym of amerikanmäyrä
karkauspäivä {n} :: leap day (29 February)
karkausvuosi {n} :: leap year
karkea {adj} :: rough
karkea {adj} :: coarse
karkea {adj} :: harsh
karkea {adj} :: crude, unrefined
karkeakarvainen {adj} :: wire-haired; sometimes shortened to "wire", as in wire fox terrier (karkeakarvainen kettuterrieri)
karkeampi {adj} :: comparative of karkea
karkein {adj} :: superlative of karkea
karkeistaa {v} :: roughen up, coursen, make rough,
karkeistae {n} :: alternative form of karkeistaos
karkeistaos {n} :: Unfinished forged product (produced in a forge)
karkeloida {v} :: To frolic
karkeus {n} :: roughness, coarseness
karkeus {n} :: grit (measure of relative coarseness)
karkeus {n} :: vulgarity (countable, an offensive expression)
karkeutua {vi} :: To become more coarse (less fine)
karkki {n} [colloquial] :: sweet, candy
karkki tai kepponen {interj} :: trick or treat
karkote {n} :: repellent
karkottaa {v} :: to drive away (to force someone or something to leave)
karkottaa {v} :: to banish, exile
karkotus {n} :: A deportation (penalty)
karku {n} :: flight (escape); mostly used in inessive and illative singular like an adverb, for usage see karussa, karkuun
karku {n} :: high or full speed, gallop; mostly used idiomatically in the expression täyttä karkua (at full speed)
karkuri {n} :: deserter
karma {n} :: karma
karmaiseva {adj} :: creepy
karmea {adj} :: horrible, terrible, ghastly
karmeliitta {n} :: Carmelite
karmi {n} :: frame (of window, door etc.)
karmia {v} :: To give someone the creeps
karmiini {n} :: carmine
karmiininpunainen {adj} :: crimson
karmiininpunainen {n} :: crimson (color)
karmiva {adj} :: creepy
karneoli {n} [mineral] :: carnelian
karnevaali {n} :: carnival
karnevaaliaika {n} :: carnival time
karnevalistinen {adj} :: carnivalesque (resembling a carnival)
karnitiini {n} :: carnitine
karnivori {n} [science, jargon] :: A carnivore
karnosiini {n} [chemistry] :: carnosine
karoliini {n} :: Carolinian (Austronesian language)
karoliini {n} [historical] :: Carolean (one of the soldiers of the Swedish kings Charles XI and Charles XII of 17th and 18th century whose tactics differed from that of other armies of the time)
karolingi {n} :: Carolingian (member of a Frankish noble family)
karonkka {n} :: a party held after a doctoral defense
karonkka {n} :: a party held to celebrate completion of any project
karoteeni {n} [chemistry] :: carotene
karotisvaltimo {n} [anatomy] :: synonym of kaulavaltimo
karpaasi {n} [colloquial] :: A big, sturdy man
karpalo {n} :: Any species of cranberry; especially the species Vaccinium oxycoccos, common cranberry or northern cranberry (which is the only species that grows in Finland)
karpalomehu {n} :: cranberry juice
karpalomorfeemi {n} [linguistics] :: cranberry morpheme
karpalomorfi {n} [linguistics] :: cranberry morph (morph representing cranberry morpheme)
karpata {vi} [colloquial] :: to be on a low-carb diet
karppi {n} :: A common carp (Cyprinus carpio)
karppi {n} :: Any fish in the carp family (Cyprinidae)
karppikala {n} :: cyprinoid (fish of the order Cypriniformes)
karppikala {n} :: in plural also, Cypriniformes (the taxonomic order including carps, minnows, loaches and related fish)
karrageeni {n} :: carrageenan
karri {n} :: curry (spice or dish)
karrieeri {n} :: career
karrikoida {v} :: To caricature, exaggerate
karriääri {n} :: career
karronadi {n} :: carronade
karsaasti {adv} :: askance, askew (of a look or glance: with disapproval, skepticism, or suspicion)
karsain {adj} :: superlative of karsas
karsas {adj} [rare] :: Not straight: twisted, crooked, wry, warped
karsas {adj} :: unfriendly, averse
karsastaa {v} :: To squint (to look with, or have eyes that are turned in different directions)
karsastaa {v} :: To dislike
karsastus {n} :: strabismus, squint, cast
karsea {adj} :: ghastly
karserandi {n} [chemistry] :: carcerand
karsi {n} :: A silicate rock that occurs on the fringes of limestone
karsia {v} [forestry] :: to limb, delimb (to remove the branches of a tree)
karsia {v} [gardening] :: to prune, trim
karsia {v} :: to eliminate, weed out (to remove the ones not qualified)
karsiintua {vi} :: To be eliminated, fall off
karsija {n} :: pruner (person who prunes or a tool for pruning)
karsikko {n} :: A marking on a tree, or a tree that has been pruned, in order to commemorate a dead person
karsina {n} :: pen, fold (of animals)
karsinofobia {n} :: carcinophobia
karsinogeeni {n} :: carcinogen
karsinoida {vt} :: to pen (to enclose in a pen)
karsinoida {v} [figuratively] :: to categorise, segregate
karsinoitua {v} :: to pen oneself (to enclose oneself in a pen)
karsinooma {n} :: carcinoma
karsinta {n} [forestry] :: limbing, delimbing (cutting the branches off a felled tree, leaving only the trunk)
karsinta {n} [horticulture] :: pruning (cutting any unwanted growth form a living tree)
karsinta {n} [sports] :: qualification
karsintaottelu {n} [sports] :: qualification game, qualification match, preliminary
karsiutua {vi} :: To be eliminated (from a contest etc.)
karski {adj} :: stern, harsh
karski {adj} :: bold
karsta {n} :: soot
karsta {n} :: card (brush)
karstaaja {n} :: carder (person employed to card wool)
karstaantua {vi} :: To become covered with soot
karstakone {n} [textile manufacturing] :: carding machine
karstalanka {n} :: carded yarn (yarn produced of carded fibers, especially wool)
karstalankakangas {n} :: carded fabric (fabric produced of carded yarn)
karstasammal {n} [botany] :: rock moss (any moss of the genus Andreaea)
karstata {vt} :: to card (to disentangle the fibres prior to spinning)
karstaus {n} [textile manufacturing] :: carding
karstauskone {n} [textile manufacturing] :: carding machine
karstavilla {n} :: carding wool
karsti {n} [geology] :: karst
karstimaa {n} :: karst
karstoittua {vi} :: To become covered with soot
kartagolainen {n} :: Carthaginian (person)
kartagolainen {adj} :: Carthaginian (of or pertaining to Carthage)
kartanlukija {n} :: codriver (navigator in the sport of rally racing)
kartano {n} :: A manor, mansion
kartano {n} [dialectal] :: A yard (uncultivated piece of land around a house)
kartasto {n} :: atlas
karteesinen {adj} :: Cartesian
karteesinen tulo {n} [math] :: Cartesian product
kartella {vt} [+ partitive] :: To avoid (continuously)
kartelli {n} :: cartel
kartelloitua {vi} :: To become a cartel
kartesiolaisuus {n} :: Cartesianism
kartio {n} :: cone
kartiokas {adj} :: cone-shaped, conical
kartioleikkaus {n} :: conic section
kartiolisäke {n} [anatomy] :: mastoid process
kartiomainen {adj} :: conical
kartioprojektio {n} :: conic projection
kartiopullistuma {n} [pathology] :: keratoconus
kartiorintaliivit {n} :: bullet bra (type of bra popular in 1940s to 1960s)
kartiovahakas {n} :: witch's hat, conical wax cap or conical slimy cap, Hygrocybe conica
karto- {prefix} :: carto-
kartografia {n} :: cartography
kartografinen {adj} :: cartographic
kartogrammi {n} :: cartogram
kartoitin {n} :: any device that collects and stores data for map drawing
kartoittaa {v} :: To map
kartoittaja {n} :: mapper
kartoitus {n} :: mapping
kartoitus {n} :: survey
kartonki {n} :: Paperboard (thin), cardboard or card stock (thick)
kartonki {n} :: A carton of cigarettes (a number - normally 10 - packs of cigarettes wrapped in cellophane or packed in light cardboard box)
kartsa {n} [slang] :: street
kartta {n} :: map
karttaa {vt} :: To avoid, stay away, shun, steer clear of
karttaa {vt} :: To despise, scorn
karttaharjoitus {n} :: A war game using mainly maps as means
karttakeppi {n} :: pointer
karttakirja {n} :: atlas
karttamittari {n} :: map measurer, opisometer (device for measuring the length of curved lines, such as on a map)
karttapallo {n} :: A globe (spherical map)
karttapohjoinen {n} :: grid north
karttaprojektio {n} :: map projection
karttatiede {n} :: cartography
karttu {n} :: A slender log used as a hitting implement
karttu {n} :: A bat in the traditional outdoor game of kyykkä
karttua {vi} :: to accumulate
kartturi {n} :: navigator
kartturi {n} :: codriver (navigator in rally racing)
kartussi {n} :: cartouche
kartuttaa {v} :: to accumulate
karu {adj} :: unfertile, barren (e.g. land)
karuin {adj} :: superlative of karu
karukko {n} :: A barren area
karukkokangas {n} :: A type of heathland, with sparse pine forest and thick growth of lichen
karumpi {adj} :: comparative of karu
karuselli {n} :: carousel, merry-go-round, roundabout
karuus {n} :: barrenness
karva {n} :: hair (single hair on human or animal; not used of human head hair except in technical sense)
karva {n} :: fur
karva {n} [idiomatic] :: colors, stripes
karvahorsma {n} [botany] :: great willowherb (Epilobium hirsutum)
karvainen {adj} :: hairy, furry, hirsute
karvakehrääjä {n} [insects] :: An eggar
karvakorvamaki {n} :: hairy-eared dwarf lemur, Allocebus trichotis
karvalaukku {n} [mushroom, colloquial] :: woolly milk-cap, Lactarius torminosus
karvalaukku {n} [slang, vulgar] :: fur burger (hairy vulva)
karvan verran {phrase} :: by a hair's breadth
karvanlähtö {n} :: hair loss, epilation (loss of hair from the body e.g.due to medical condition)
karvanlähtö {n} [zoology] :: moult; molt [US] (process of shedding or losing a covering of fur)
karvanpoisto {n} :: A removal of hair, epilation, depilation
karvanvaihto {n} [biology] :: moult
karvapuoli {n} :: The outside of a hide or pelt of an animal
karvarousku {n} :: woolly milk-cap, bearded milkcap (Lactarius torminosus)
karvas {adj} :: bitter (having an acrid taste)
karvashapero {n} :: A brittlegill, Russula veternosa
karvaskurkku {n} :: bitter melon, Momordica charantia (plant and fruit)
karvaslimaseitikki {n} [mushroom] :: A webcap, Cortinarius vibratilis
karvassuola {n} :: Epsom salts (common name for magnesium sulphate)
karvata {v} :: forecheck
karvata {v} :: unhair
karvaton {adj} :: hairless [like hairless legs]
karvattomampi {adj} :: comparative of karvaton
karvatupentulehdus {n} [pathology] :: folliculitis
karvatuppi {n} [anatomy] :: hair follicle
karvatuppitulehdus {n} [pathology] :: alternative form of karvatupentulehdus
karvaturri {n} :: rug (rough, woolly, or shaggy dog)
karvaturri {n} :: Any shaggy, scruffy and hairy animal
karvavyötiäinen {n} :: hairy armadillo (armadillo of the genus Chaetophractus)
karve {n} :: A type of lichen
karviainen {n} :: gooseberry (fruit or the plant)
karviaiskoiso {n} :: cape gooseberry (Physalis peruviana)
karviaismarja {n} :: gooseberry (fruit)
karvikas {n} [archaic] :: synonym of karvarousku
karvikka {n} [rare] :: synonym of karviaismarja
karvoa {v} :: unhair
karvoitus {n} :: hair (body hair collectively)
kas {interj} :: look!, oh!, my! (used as expression of surprise, often accompanied with -pa -suffix in the verb used to explain the reason for astonishment)
kas {interj} :: look (used to start an explanation)
-kas {suffix} :: -y, -ful; a suffix that can be used to turn many, but not all, nouns into adjectives that indicate abundant presence of the thing expressed by the noun. When the suffix is added to the noun, the stem changes in accordance with consonant gradation
kasa {n} :: heap
kasa {n} :: pile
kasa {n} :: stack
kasa {n} [dialectal] :: corner
kasaantua {v} :: alternative form of kasautua
kasaantuma {n} :: drift (pile of matter)
kasakka {n} :: Cossack (person)
kasapanos {n} :: A type of hand-held demolition or anti-tank weapon used in WWII by the Finnish army, consisting of 2 to 4 kg of TNT and a wooden handle for throwing; usually translated as satchel charge into English
kasari {n} :: saucepan
kasari {n} [colloquial] :: 1980s (often in plural, kasarit)
kasari {n} [colloquial] :: in compounds: from or relating to the 1980s
kasarmi {n} :: barracks
kasata {vt} :: To pile, heap, stack
kasata {vt} :: To accumulate, amass, pile up
kasata {vt} [colloquial] :: To assemble, put together
kasauma {n} :: conglomerate, clump
kasautua {vi} :: To pile, heap, stack
kasautua {vi} :: To accumulate, amass, pile up
kasautuma {n} :: alternative form of kasauma
kaseiini {n} :: casein
kasematti {n} [military] :: casemate
kasetti {n} :: cassette
kasetti {n} [architecture] :: coffer
kasettikatto {n} [architecture] :: coffered ceiling
kasi {n} [colloquial] :: the digit eight
kasi {n} [colloquial, counting] :: the number eight
kasikyt {num} [colloquial] :: synonym of kahdeksankymmentä
kasino {n} :: casino
kasino {n} :: A card game; see Kasino (korttipeli) in Finnish Wikipedia
kaskadi {n} :: cascade
kaskas {n} :: cicada
kaskeaminen {n} [agriculture] :: slash-and-burn method
kaskelotti {n} :: sperm whale (Physeter macrocephalus)
kasketa {vt} :: To burn-clear, slash and burn
kaski {n} [agriculture] :: Burn-clearing, slash and burn
kaskiviljely {n} [agriculture] :: slash-and-burn agriculture
kasko {n} [colloquial] :: full insurance
kasku {n} :: anecdote
kasleri {n} :: kassler, pork neck (meat)
kasoittain {adv} :: loads of something, heaps of something, mountains of something
kaspiantiikeri {n} :: Caspian tiger, Panthera tigris virgata
kassa {n} :: cashbox, cash desk, till (place where cash is held available for conducting business)
kassa {n} :: cash register
kassa {n} :: till (contents of a cash register)
kassa {n} :: cashier (one who works at a till or receiving payments)
kassa {n} :: fund (money-management operation, typically one used for saving)
kassakaappi {n} :: safe (box in which valuables can be locked for safekeeping)
kassakone {n} :: cash register
kassamyyjä {n} :: cashier (one who works at a till or receiving payments, especially in a supermarket or similar)
kassara {n} :: billhook
kassavirta {n} [finance] :: cash flow (sum of cash revenues and expenditures in a given period)
kassavirtalaskelma {n} [finance] :: A cash flow (statement of cash revenues and expenditures in a given period)
kassi {n} :: bag, satchel
kassi {n} [colloquial] :: In plural (kassit), scrotum
kassiakaneli {n} :: cassia, Chinese cinnamon (tree Cinnamomum cassia or its bark)
kassialma {n} :: bag lady
kassiteriitti {n} [mineral] :: cassiterite
kassler {n} :: pork neck
kassu {n} [slang] :: synonym of kasarmi
kastaa {v} :: To moisten
kastaa {v} :: To dip
kastaa {v} :: To baptize/baptise
kastamaton {adj} :: unbaptized, unchristened
kastanja {n} :: chestnut tree
kastanja {n} :: nut of the tree
kastanjamultamaannos {n} [geology] :: kastanozem
kastanjaseitikki {n} [mushroom] :: A webcap, Cortinarius castaneus
kastanjetit {n} :: castanet
kastattaa {vt} :: To have something moistened (by someone)
kastattaa {vt} :: To have something dipped (by someone)
kastattaa {vt} :: To have someone baptized/baptised (by someone)
kastattaa {vt} :: To have something named (given a name) (by someone)
kastautua {vi} :: to have a dip (to get to the water shortly)
kaste {n} :: dew
kaste {n} :: baptism, christening
kastekirkko {n} [Christianity] :: baptistry
kastella {vt} :: to wet (to cover or impregnate with liquid)
kastella {vt} :: to wet (to urinate accidentally in or on)
kastella {vt} :: to irrigate (to supply farmland with water, by building ditches, pipes, etc.)
kastella {vt} :: to water (plants, flowers)
kastelukannu {n} :: A watering can or watering pot
kastemato {n} :: common earthworm, lob worm [UK]; nightcrawler [US], dew worm [Canada], Lumbricus terrestris (species of earthworms)
kastepiste {n} :: dew point
kasti {n} :: caste
kastikas {n} [colloquial] :: earthworm
kastike {n} :: sauce
kastike {n} :: gravy
kastike {n} :: dressing
kastikka {n} [botany] :: small-reed, reedgrass, a plant of the genus Calamagrostis
kastiton {n} :: outcaste
kastiton {adj} :: casteless
kastraatio {n} :: castration
kastraatti {n} :: castrate, eunuch
kastroida {v} :: To castrate, neuter
kastrointi {n} :: castration
kastua {vi} :: To wet (to become wet)
kasuaari {n} :: cassowary (bird of the genus Cassuarius)
kasuistiikka {n} [ethics] :: casuistry
kasukka {n} :: A chasuble (liturgical vestment)
kasuta {v} [dialectal] :: to grow
kasvaa {v} :: to grow
kasvaa {v} :: ~ aikuiseksi: to grow up
kasvaa {v} :: to increase, increment
kasvaa {v} :: to wax (of the Moon)
kasvain {n} [pathology] :: tumour/tumor
kasvaminen {n} :: growing
kasvannainen {n} [pathology] :: growth
kasvanta {n} :: growth
kasvattaa {vt} :: To let grow
kasvattaa {vt} [agriculture] :: To grow, raise, breed
kasvattaa {vt} [parenting] :: To rear, bring up, raise
kasvattaa {vt} [figuratively] :: To educate, school
kasvattaa {vt} [figuratively, ] :: To train for a certain duty
kasvattaa {vt} :: To increase, increment
kasvattaja {n} :: breeder
kasvattaja {n} :: grower
kasvattaja {n} :: educator, pedagogue
kasvattaminen {n} :: raising
kasvattaminen {n} :: breeding
kasvattaminen {n} :: growing
kasvattamo {n} :: hatchery
kasvatti {n} :: foster child
kasvattilapsi {n} :: A foster child
kasvatus {n} :: rearing
kasvatus {n} :: upbringing
kasvatus {n} :: raising
kasvatus {n} :: education
kasvatus {n} :: training
kasvatus {n} :: breeding
kasvatus {n} :: growing
kasvatus {n} :: nurture (act of nourishing or nursing; tender care; education; training)
kasvatusalusta {n} [microbiology] :: culture medium, growth medium, medium
kasvatustiede {n} :: educology (outdated: pedagogics, which is now a synonym of pedagogy)
kasvatusvanhempi {n} :: foster parent
kasvi {n} :: plant
kasvihormoni {n} :: plant hormone
kasvihuone {n} :: greenhouse
kasvihuoneilmiö {n} [ecology] :: greenhouse effect
kasvihuonekaasu {n} :: greenhouse gas
kasvihuonekasvi {n} :: greenhouse plant
kasvikokoelma {n} :: herbarium
kasvikunta {n} :: Plantae, the plant kingdom
kasvilaji {n} :: plant species
kasvilava {n} [gardening] :: hotbed
kasviöljy {n} :: vegetable oil
kasvillisuus {n} :: vegetation
kasvimaa {n} :: vegetable garden (small plot of land dedicated to growing vegetables for a household)
kasvimaantiede {n} :: phytogeography, geobotany
kasvimaito {n} :: plant milk (milk-like product derived from a plant source)
kasvimyrkky {n} :: herbicide
kasvinsyöjä {n} :: A herbivore
kasvio {n} :: herbarium (collection of dried plants)
kasvio {n} :: flora (book describing the plants of region)
kasviopillinen {adj} :: botanical
kasvioppi {n} :: botany
kasviplankton {n} [biology] :: phytoplankton
kasvirasva {n} :: vegetable fat
kasvis {n} :: vegetable
kasvishampurilainen {n} :: veggie burger, garden burger
kasvishodari {n} :: veggie dog (sandwich)
kasvisliemikuutio {n} :: vegetable bouillon cube
kasvisöljy {n} :: vegetable oil
kasvisnakki {n} :: veggie frankfurter, veggie dog (sausage)
kasvispihvi {n} :: vegetable patty
kasvispurilainen {n} :: alternative form of kasvishampurilainen
kasvissyöjä {n} :: A vegetarian
kasvisto {n} :: flora (plants considered as a group, especially those of a particular country, region, time, etc.)
kasvisto {n} :: botany (plant life of a geographical area, type of habitat etc, especially as topic of scientific study.)
kasvisto {n} [dated] :: herbarium (collection of plants)
kasvitauti {n} :: plant disease
kasvitiede {n} :: botany
kasvitieteellinen {adj} :: botanical
kasvitieteilijä {n} :: botanist
kasvittaa {vt} :: to select and furnish with suitable plants for a given location
kasvittua {vi} :: To become covered by plants
kasvo {n} [rare, normally in plural] :: face (front part of the head)
kasvo {n} :: face, figure
kasvohalvaus {n} [pathology] :: Bell's palsy
kasvohermo {n} [neuroanatomy] :: facial nerve ‎(seventh (VII) of twelve paired cranial nerves that provides innervation for the facial muscles)
kasvojenkohotus {n} :: facelift
kasvokkain {adv} :: face to face, vis-à-vis
kasvonpiirre {n} :: feature (any of the physical constituents of the face)
kasvonpiirre {n} :: in plural (kasvonpiirteet) also countenance (features of the face)
kasvonpiirteet {n} :: features, countenance (features of the face)
kasvosokeus {n} [pathology, psychology] :: face blindness, prosopagnosia (disorder in face recognition)
kasvosuojus {n} :: faceguard (protective guard for the face)
kasvot {n} :: face (front part of the head)
kasvoton {adj} :: faceless
kasvotusten {adv} :: face to face, vis-à-vis
kasvovoide {n} :: face cream
kasvu {n} :: growth
kasvuaika {n} :: growth time
kasvuhormoni {n} :: growth hormone (hormone that promotes growth)
kasvukausi {n} [botany] :: growing season, period of growth
kasvukeskus {n} :: center of growth (growing city or larger urban area)
kasvukiri {n} :: alternative term for kasvupyrähdys
kasvulehti {n} [botany] :: foliage leaf
kasvupyrähdys {n} :: growth spurt (sudden growth in one's body)
kasvusolukko {n} [botany] :: meristem
kasvusto {n} :: growth (something that has grown)
kasvuvauhti {n} :: growth rate
kataari {n} [religion] :: Cathar (follower of Catharism)
katabaattinen {adj} [meteorology] :: katabatic
katabolismi {n} [biology] :: catabolism
katafalkki {n} :: catafalque (platform used to display or convey a coffin during a funeral, often ornate)
kataforinen {adj} :: cataphoric
kataja {n} :: juniper (any shrub or tree of the genus Juniperus of the cypress family)
kataja {n} :: common juniper, Juniperus communis
katajanmarja {n} :: juniper berry
katajanmarjaviina {n} :: Any distilled, clear, dry liquor which is flavored with juniper berry, such as gin or genever
katajikko {n} :: A juniper forest; group of junipers
katakombi {n} :: catacomb
katala {adj} :: Mean, base, vile, devious
katalaani {n} :: A Catalan
katalaani {n} :: The Catalan language
katalampi {adj} :: comparative of katala
katalepsia {n} :: catalepsy
katalin {adj} :: superlative of katala
katalogi {n} :: catalogue
katalonia {n} :: The Catalonian language
katalonialainen {adj} :: Catalan
katalonialainen {n} :: A Catalan person
katalonialaisuus {n} :: Catalanness (state or property of being Catalan)
katalysaattori {n} :: catalyst, catalytic converter
katalysoida {vt} :: To catalyse/catalyze
katalyysi {n} :: catalysis
katalyytti {n} [chemistry] :: catalyst (substance)
katamaraani {n} :: catamaran
katamiitti {n} :: catamite
kataplasma {n} :: cataplasm
katapultti {n} :: catapult
katarakti {n} :: Any of the Cataracts of Nile
katariinanpyörä {n} :: Catherine wheel, breaking wheel
katarri {n} :: catarrh
katarsis {n} [drama] :: catharsis
katarsis {n} [psychology] :: catharsis
katastrofaalinen {adj} :: catastrophic
katastrofi {n} :: catastrophe
katatonia {n} [pathology] :: catatonia
kate {n} :: covering, roofing
kate {n} :: funds (of a check), backing, coverage (of a banknote)
kate {n} [figuratively] :: reliability, trustworthiness (e.g. of a promise)
kate {n} :: place setting
katedraali {n} :: cathedral
kateederi {n} :: dais, rostrum (raised platform in a room for dignified occupancy)
kateellinen {adj} :: envious, jealous (feeling resentful or angered toward someone for a perceived advantage or success, material or otherwise)
kateellisempi {adj} :: comparative of kateellinen
kateellisin {adj} :: superlative of kateellinen
kateenkorva {n} [anatomy] :: thymus
kateetti {n} [geometry] :: cathetus
kategoria {n} :: category
kategoriaviittaus {n} [information science] :: category reference
kategorinen {adj} :: categorical
kategorisesti {adv} :: categorically
kategorisoida {vt} :: to categorise/categorize (esp. abstract things)
kateissa {adv} :: lost
katekeetta {n} [Christianity] :: catechist
kateketiikka {n} :: catechetics (science or practice of instructing by questions and answers)
katekismus {n} :: catechism
katekoli {n} [chemistry] :: catechol
katekoliamiini {n} [chemistry] :: catecholamine
katekumeeni {n} :: A catechumen
katelaatta {n} [architecture] :: abacus (uppermost member of the capital of a column)
katenaari {n} [geometry] :: catenary
katetri {n} :: catheter
katetroida {v} :: to catheterize
katetrointi {n} :: catheterization
kateus {n} :: envy
katgutti {n} :: catgut
katharsis {n} :: alternative spelling of katarsis
katharévousa {n} :: Katharevousa (purist version of modern Greek)
katin kontit {interj} :: rubbish, nonsense (expresses that what was recently said is untruth or nonsense)
katinkulta {n} [mineral] :: fool's gold, biotite
katinlieko {n} [plant] :: A stag's-horn clubmoss or ground pine, Lycopodium clavatum
kationi {n} [chemistry] :: cation
katiska {n} :: wire fish-trap
katka {n} :: An amphipod
katkaisija {n} [electrical engineering] :: A circuit breaker
katkaisija {n} [electrical engineering] :: A switch
katkaisin {n} :: alternative form of katkaisija
katkaista {v} :: to cut, cut off, sever, split, disconnect
katkaista {v} :: to interrupt, cut short, break off
katkaista {v} :: to break (off) (e.g. a leg)
katkaista {v} :: to prune off, trim off, lop off
katkaista {v} :: to amputate
katkaista {v} :: ~ taival: to do/make a trip
katkaistu {adj} :: stubby, stunted, stubbed
katkaistu kartio {n} [geometry] :: frustum
katkaisu {n} :: cutting
katkaisusaha {n} :: crosscut saw (saw used to cut wood across the grain)
katkarapu {n} :: shrimp
katkeamaton {adj} :: unbroken (line, chain)
katkeilla {vi} [frequentative] :: To cut, break (repeatedly)
katkelma {n} :: extract, excerpt (clip, snippet or passage from a larger work)
katkelma {n} :: cutting (abridged selection of written work, often intended for performance)
katkera {adj} :: bitter, resentful
katkerasti {adv} :: bitterly
katkero {n} :: bitters
katkero {n} :: gentian (plant of the genus Gentiana)
katkeroida {vt} :: To embitter
katkeroittaa {vt} :: To embitter, to make resentful
katkeroitua {vi} :: To become embittered
katkeroitua {vi} :: To sour
katkeroitunut {adj} :: embittered
katkerokala {n} :: bitterling, especially the European bitterling (Rhodeus amarus)
katkeroseitikki {n} [mushroom] :: A webcap, Cortinarius amarescens
katkerosuola {n} :: Epsom salts (common name for magnesium sulphate)
katkeruus {n} :: bitterness
katketa {vi} :: to cut
katketa {vi} :: to break, snap
katki {adv} :: broken
katkismus {n} :: alternative form of katekismus
katko {n} :: A cut, break, pause
katkoa {v} :: to cut, break or snap into several pieces or cut several objects into two or more pieces
katkoja {n} [internal combustion engine] :: A contact breaker; the part in a distributor that connects and disconnects the contact between the ignition coil and the spark plugs
katkokävely {n} :: claudication
katkonta {n} :: cutting
katkos {n} :: interruption
katku {n} :: reek (strong, unpleasant and stinging smell)
kato {n} :: Failure of crops
kato {n} :: Loss, disappearance, lack; used primarily in compound terms
kato {interj} [colloquial] :: see or look
katoamaton {adj} :: imperishable
katoamispiste {n} :: A vanishing point (point when an object or phenomenon is no longer observable)
katoavainen {adj} [religion] :: earthly, worldly, temporal, passing
katoavainen {adj} :: fleeting
katodi {n} :: cathode
katokalvo {n} [anatomy] :: decidual membrane
katoksellinen {adj} :: canopied, covered
katolikos {n} :: catholicos
katolilainen {adj} :: Catholic
katolilainen {n} :: A member of a Catholic church
katolilaisuus {n} :: Catholicism
katolinen {adj} :: Catholic
katolinen kirkko {n} :: Catholic Church
katolisuus {n} :: Catholicism
katolla {postp} :: (static) on top of (literally on the roof of)
katonharja {n} :: ridge (of roof)
katonraja {n} :: ceiling boundary
katos {n} :: shed that has at least one wall missing
katos {n} :: shelter (roofed structure that provides cover for weather)
katos {n} :: canopy (high cover providing shelter, such as a cloth supported above an object, particularly over a bed)
katos {n} :: pentice, canopy (extension of a building's roof)
katoton {adj} :: roofless
katras {n} :: flock
katras {n} :: brood
katrilli {n} [dance] :: quadrille
katsahtaa {vi} :: To glance
katsastaa {v} :: To inspect, checkup
katsastaja {n} :: vehicle inspector
katsastaja {n} :: inspector
katsastamaton {adj} :: uninspected (car)
katsastus {n} :: A routine inspection or checkup, especially an (annual) obligatory inspection of a car
katsastusasema {n} :: vehicle inspection station
katsastuttaa {vt} :: To have inspected, checked up
katsaus {n} :: overview, review
katsaus {n} :: survey, summary
katse {n} :: look, glance
katse {n} :: gaze
katseenvangitsija {n} :: eye-catcher
katsekontakti {n} :: eye contact
katselija {n} :: spectator, watcher
katselin {n} :: viewer (program that displays the contents of a file)
katsella {vt} :: To watch
katselmus {n} :: survey, review
katselu {n} :: watching, watch, viewing, looking (act of watching)
katsoa {vt} [+ partitive] :: to look, have a look, take a look (+ at)
katsoa {vt} [+ accusative] :: to watch
katsoa kieroon {vt} [idiomatic] :: (+ partitive) To squint (to look with, or have eyes that are turned in different directions)
katsoa kieroon {vt} [idiomatic] :: (+ partitive) To look askance, to dislike
katsoa vierestä {v} :: to stand back (to maintain a safe distance from a hazard)
katsoa vierestä {v} :: to stand back (to abstain from participation)
katsoa vierestä {v} :: to turn a blind eye (to ignore or deliberately overlook, especially with respect to something unpleasant or improper)
katsoja {n} :: viewer, spectator (someone who views a spectacle)
katsoja {n} :: viewer (someone who watches television or computer screen)
katsoja {n} :: spectator (one who watches an event; especially, one held outdoors)
katsoja {n} :: watcher, looker (someone who watches or observes)
katsoja {n} :: onlooker, looker-on, bystander (one who looks on or watches, without becoming involved or participating)
katsoja {n} :: beholder (one who observes or beholds)
katsojuus {n} :: spectatorship (quality of being spectator)
katsominen {n} :: look, looking
katsomo {n} :: stand, grandstand, auditorium (in theater or sports arena, space where the audience is located)
katsomuksellinen {adj} :: Of or pertaining to one's beliefs
katsomus {n} :: beliefs, tenet (one's religious or moral convictions)
katsos {v} :: Look, "take a look"
katsos {v} :: See, "you see"
katsottava {adj} :: watchable
katsotuin {adj} :: superlative of katsottu
kattaa {vt} :: to roof (a house)
kattaa {vt} :: to cover (a head)
kattaa {vt} :: to set, lay (the dinner table)
kattaa {vt} :: to cover, defray (e.g. costs)
kattara {n} :: brome (grass of the genus Bromus)
kattaus {n} :: setting, table setting (items arranged for a person at a dining table)
kattava {adj} :: encompassing
katteeton {adj} :: futile (of a promise, not intended to be kept)
katteeton {adj} :: uncovered, bounced, unbacked (not backed with sufficient funds, as a cheque)
katteeton {adj} :: groundless, baseless (without any grounds to support it, like a rumor)
katti {n} [colloquial] :: cat
kattila {n} :: pot, stock pot, sauce pot; kettle [US]; compare pata, pannu (cylindrical or nearly cylindrical cooking vessel for fast cooking on a stove, usually made of sheet metal and equipped with a lid)
kattila {n} :: boiler, steam boiler (apparatus for producing steam or hot water for heating or industrial use)
kattila {n} [geology] :: kettle, kettle hole (fluvioglacial landform)
kattila {n} [geology] :: caldera (short for kattilavajoama, a crater formed by collapse of the cone of a volcano)
kattilahuone {n} [nautical] :: stokehold, fireroom
kattilalaakso {n} [geology] :: caldera
kattilallinen {n} :: kettle, kettleful (quantity held by a kettle)
kattilankansi {n} :: pot lid, potlid, pot cover
kattilankansi {n} [colloquial, music, often in plural] :: cymbal
katto {n} :: ceiling
katto {n} :: roof
kattohaikara {n} :: white stork, more specifically European white stork, Ciconia ciconia
kattohuopa {n} [construction] :: roofing felt
kattoikkuna {n} :: garret window
kattokruunu {n} :: A chandelier
kattolista {n} :: crown molding
kattoparru {n} :: A horizontal beam that supports a ceiling
kattopiiru {n} :: A rafter (one of the sloping beams that support a pitched roof)
kattotiili {n} :: A roof tile
kattotuoli {n} [architecture] :: roof truss
kattotuuletin {n} :: ceiling fan
katu {n} :: street
katua {vti} :: (intransitive -> + partitive) To regret, rue
katua {vi} [religious] :: To repent
katuhinta {n} :: street value
katuja {n} :: One who regrets or repents
katujyrä {n} :: road roller
katukilpi {n} :: street sign (sign showing the name of a street)
katukivi {n} :: cobblestone
katukyltti {n} :: synonym of katukilpi
katulapsi {n} :: street child
katumaalari {n} :: pavement artist (artist who draws pictures on the pavement)
katumaasturi {n} [colloquial] :: a sport utility vehicle, SUV
katumapäällä {adv} :: regretful (in the state of regretfulness)
katumapäälle {adv} :: regretful (to the state of regretfulness)
katumus {n} :: regret, remorse, repentance, penitence
katumuspilleri {n} :: morning-after pill (contraceptive in the form of a pill taken shortly after sexual intercourse)
katuosoite {n} :: street address
katusoittaja {n} :: busker
katutaide {n} :: street art
katutaiteilija {n} :: street performer, street artist; busker [British]
katutappeleminen {n} :: streetfighting
katutappelija {n} :: street fighter, streetfighter
katutappelu {n} :: street fight, streetfight
katutaso {n} :: ground floor, first floor
katu-uskottavuus {n} :: street cred
katuva {adj} :: repentant, remorseful, rueful, contrite (feeling or showing sorrow for wrongdoing)
katuvainen {adj} :: repentant, remorseful, rueful (showing sorrow for wrongdoing)
katuvalaistus {n} :: streetlighting, street lighting
katuvalo {n} :: streetlight
katve {n} :: shade
katve {n} :: blind spot
katveikko {n} :: shade
kauaa {adv} :: for a long time, for long; together with negation verb, used as negation of kauan (for a long time)
kauaksi {adv} :: far, far away (towards or to a faraway place)
kauan {adv} :: A long time
kauan sitten {adv} :: long ago
kauas {adv} :: far, far away (towards or to a faraway place)
kauaskantava {adj} :: far-reaching
kašubi {n} :: A Kashubian
kašubi {n} :: The Kashubian language
kaudaalinen {adj} [anatomy] :: caudal
kauemmaksi {adv} :: comparative of kauaksi
kauemmas {adv} :: comparative of kauas
kauemmin {adv} :: comparative of kauan
kauempana {adv} :: comparative of kaukana
kauha {n} :: ladle, dipper (cup-shaped vessel with a long handle, for dipping out liquids)
kauha {n} :: scoop (cup- or bowl-shaped tool, usually with a handle, used to lift and move loose or soft solid material)
kauha {n} :: bucket, scoop (digging attachment a front-loader or similar)
kauhakuormaaja {n} :: front-end loader, front loader (kind of four-wheeled tractor, which has a large scoop at the front)
kauhduttaa {vt} :: to fade (of colour, to cause to fade)
kauhea {adj} :: bad, dreadful, unpleasant
kauhea {adj} :: difficult
kauheampi {adj} :: comparative of kauhea
kauhean {adv} :: terribly
kauhistaa {vt} :: To horrify
kauhistella {v} :: to bemoan, complain, regret, to dismay or worry about something; especially by using plentifully the adjectives kauhea, kamala and similar
kauhistua {vi} :: To be frightened
kauhistus {n} :: dread, horror
kauhistuttaa {vt} :: To horrify
kauhistuttava {adj} :: frightening
kauhistuttava {adj} :: horrific
kauhistuttava {adj} :: fearsome
kauhoa {v} :: to ladle
kauhoa {v} :: to scoop
kauhtana {n} :: A cassock (long, close-fitting, ankle-length robe worn by clergy)
kauhtana {n} :: A kaftan
kauhtua {vi} [of colour] :: to fade
kauhu {n} :: Horror, terror, dread
kauhuelokuva {n} [colloquial] :: horror movie
kauhuissaan {adv} :: horrified, terrified, frightened
kauhukakara {n} :: enfant terrible
kauhuleffa {n} [colloquial] :: horror flick, horror movie
kauhutarina {n} :: horror story
kauimmaksi {v} :: furthest away (to a point that is most distant from the reference point among the points under comparison)
kauimmin {adv} :: superlative of kauan
kauimpana {adv} :: superlative of kaukana
kaukaa {adv} :: from afar
kaukaa haettu {adj} :: far-fetched
kaukainen {adj} :: distant, faraway, remote, far-off
kaukaisempi {adj} :: comparative of kaukainen
kaukalo {n} :: A trough or a manger (long, narrow container, open on top, for feeding or watering animals)
kaukalo {n} :: A trough (any similarly shaped container)
kaukalo {n} :: A trough (short, narrow canal designed to hold water until it drains or evaporates)
kaukalo {n} [ice hockey] :: A rink
kaukalopallo {n} :: rinkball
kaukana {adv} :: far away, afar
kaukasialainen {adj} :: Caucasian (pertaining to the Caucasus region or its people)
kaukasianselkova {n} :: Caucasian zelkova, Zelkova carpinifolia (deciduous tree)
kauko- {prefix} :: A prefix signifying far, remote, long-distance
kaukojuna {n} :: long-distance train
kaukokartoitus {n} :: remote sensing
kaukokartoitussatelliitti {n} :: remote sensing satellite
kaukokatseinen {adj} :: farsighted (considerate)
kaukokatseisuus {n} :: farsightedness (considerateness)
kaukolämmitys {n} :: district heating
kaukolämpö {n} :: district heating
kaukonäköinen {adj} :: farsighted (unable to focus one's eyes to near objects)
kaukonäköisesti {adv} :: providently
kaukonäköisyys {n} [pathology] :: farsightedness, hyperopia
kauko-ohjain {n} :: remote control
kauko-ohjattava {adj} :: remote-controlled
kauko-ohjattu {adj} :: remote-controlled
kauko-ohjaus {n} :: remote control (means)
kaukopiste {n} :: far point (most distant point upon which an eye can focus)
kaukopuhelu {n} [dated] :: long-distance telephone call
kaukoputki {n} [astronomy] :: A telescope
kaukosäädin {n} :: remote control
kaukosiirto {n} :: teleportation
kaukovalot {n} :: high-beam
kaula {n} [anatomy] :: neck
kaula-aukko {n} :: neckline
kaulahuivi {n} :: neckerchief (piece of cloth that is worn looped or tied around the neck)
kaulahuivi {n} :: scarf (long, often knitted, garment worn around the neck)
kaulahuivi {n} :: muffler (thick scarf worn around the neck)
kaulain {n} :: collar (device placed around the neck, especially one that is not kaulus, kauluri or panta)
kaulain {n} :: A round piece of wood, a roller, around which linen were rolled to even them out, like with a mangle
-kaulainen {adj} :: necked (having a certain type of neck)
kaulaketju {n} :: necklace
kaulakoru {n} :: necklace
kaulalaskimo {n} :: jugular vein
kaulaliina {n} :: scarf (long, often knitted, garment worn around the neck)
kaulaliina {n} :: muffler (thick scarf worn around the neck)
kaulanauha {n} :: A necklace consisting of a string of pearls, beads etc
kaulanikama {n} [skeleton] :: A cervical vertebra
kaulapanta {n} :: collar (device for restraining animal)
kaularanka {n} :: cervical vertebrae (the uppermost vertebrae of the backbone collectively)
kaulata {v} :: To girdle a tree
kaulata {v} :: To mangle linen in order to even them out, not to dry them
kaulatuki {n} [medicine] :: neckbrace, cervical collar (orthopedic device used to support the neck and head)
kaulavaltimo {n} [anatomy] :: carotid, carotid artery
kaulia {v} :: to roll (dough)
kaulin {n} :: rolling pin, roll (cylindrical utensil used to shape and flatten dough)
kaulita {v} :: To roll dough
kauluri {n} :: neckwarmer (piece of clothing)
kauluri {n} :: Elizabethan collar (device worn by an animal around its neck, to prevent it from biting, licking or scratching a healing wound or injury)
kaulus {n} :: A collar (part of clothing around throat)
kaulus {n} :: A collar (anything around the neck)
kaulus {n} :: A collar (any encircling device or structure)
kaulushaikara {n} :: Eurasian bittern, great bittern, Botaurus stellaris
kauluskaija {n} :: ring-necked parakeet, rose-ringed parakeet, Psittacula krameri (parakeet popular as pet)
kauluskarhu {n} :: Asian black bear, Ursus thibetanus
kauluspaita {n} :: collared shirt, dress shirt (men's shirt with a collar and buttons in the front)
kauluspaita {n} :: blouse (similar garment for women)
kaulussiimaeliö {n} [biology] :: choanoflagellate (type of protozoa)
kauna {n} :: grudge
kauna {n} [social psychology] :: ressentiment (resentment arising from suppressed feelings of envy and hatred, often leading to a frustrated sense of inferiority that may lead to various social repercussions)
kaunainen {adj} :: holding a grudge, unforgiving, rancorous
kaunehin {adj} [poetic] :: superlative of kaunis
kauneimmin {adv} :: most beautifully (superlative of kauniisti )
kaunein {adj} :: superlative of kaunis
kauneudenhoitaja {n} :: beautician (one who does hair styling, manicures, and other beauty treatments)
kauneudenhoito {n} :: cosmetics
kauneus {n} :: beauty (the property of being beautiful)
kauneusihanne {n} :: beauty ideal, beauty standard (that which is regarded as most beautiful or desirable in a given culture)
kauneuskilpailu {n} :: beauty pageant, beauty contest
kauneusleikkaus {n} :: cosmetic surgery, plastic surgery (surgical operation in order to improve the appearance of a body organ)
kauneuspilkku {n} :: beauty mark
kauneussalonki {n} :: beauty parlour, beauty salon
kauneusunet {n} :: beauty sleep (nap)
kaunihimpi {adj} [poetic] :: kauniimpi (more beautiful, nicer)
kauniimmin {adv} :: more beautifully (comparative of kauniisti )
kauniimpi {adj} :: comparative of kaunis
kauniisti {adv} :: beautifully
kauniita unia {phrase} :: sweet dreams
kaunis {adj} :: beautiful
kaunistaa {vt} :: to embellish, beautify, prettify
kaunistautua {vi} :: To dress up
kauniste {n} :: decoration
kaunisteleva {adj} :: euphemistic
kaunisteleva {adj} :: embellishing
kaunistelevasti {adv} :: euphemistically
kaunistella {vt} :: to embellish, sugar, prettify (to make something look more positive or acceptable than it would be in reality)
kaunistella {v} :: to be euphemistic
kaunistua {vi} :: to become (more) beautiful
kaunistus {n} :: decoration
kauno- {prefix} :: beauty
kaunoinen {adj} [poetic] :: beautiful
kaunojalkaseitikki {n} [mushroom] :: A webcap, Cortinarius calopus
kaunokirjallisuus {n} :: belles-lettres (literary works—especially fiction, poetry, drama, or essays—valued for their aesthetic qualities)
kaunokirjoitus {n} :: cursive
kaunokki {n} :: starthistle (any plant of the genus Centaurea)
kaunoluistelu {n} [dated] :: figure skating
kaunonahkahapero {n} :: A brittlegill, Russula romellii
kaunonuppiseitikki {n} [mushroom] :: A webcap, Cortinarius calochrous
kaunopuheinen {adj} :: eloquent (fluently persuasive and articulate)
kaunopuheisuus {n} :: eloquence
kaunotar {n} :: a beauty (beautiful woman)
kaupalla {adv} :: signifies large amounts of something, usually preceded by a measure of weight
kaupallinen {adj} :: commercial (of or pertaining to commerce)
kaupallisempi {adj} :: comparative of kaupallinen
kaupallisin {adj} :: superlative of kaupallinen
kaupallistaa {vt} :: To commercialise/commercialize
kaupallistaa {v} :: To marketize
kaupallistua {vi} :: To become commercial
kaupan {adv} :: (olla) kaupan: (to be) for sale
kaupan päälle {adv} :: something that comes along with something else, whether intentional, accidental or consequential, into the bargain
kaupankäynti {n} :: trade
kaupanpäälle {adv} :: on the house, for free
kaupanpäälle {adv} :: on top of that, top it off
kaupata {v} :: To pitch, sell
kaupita {vt} [rare] :: To peddle, hawk
kaupitsija {n} :: alternative form of kaupittelija
kaupittaja {n} :: alternative form of kaupittelija
kaupittelija {n} :: hawker
kauppa {n} :: commerce, business, trade; (illegal) traffic
kauppa {n} :: buying and selling, trading, dealing
kauppa {n} :: deal, transaction, sale
kauppa {n} :: shop, store, market; grocery
kauppa- ja teollisuusministeriö {n} :: The former Ministry of Trade and Industry of Finland, now replaced with työ- ja elinkeinoministeriö
kauppa- ja teollisuusministeriö {n} :: A similar ministry in another country
kauppaaja {n} :: hawker
kauppa-alus {n} :: merchant vessel
kauppa-alus {n} :: trader
kauppahalli {n} :: market hall, indoor market
kauppahinta {n} :: The final price at which a deal is concluded; used normally of items such as property for which the price is negotiated individually
kauppakamari {n} :: chamber of commerce
kauppakassi {n} :: shopping bag
kauppakatu {n} :: shopping street
kauppakeskus {n} :: shopping mall, shopping centre
kauppakomissaari {n} :: commissioner for trade
kauppakoulu {n} :: business school
kauppakumppani {n} :: trading partner
kauppala {n} :: borough, market town
kauppalaivasto {n} :: merchant fleet
kauppamatkustaja {n} :: travelling salesman, sales representative, sales rep
kauppamatkustajan ongelma {n} [mathematics] :: The travelling salesman problem
kauppaopisto {n} :: commercial school, commercial college, commercial institute, business school
kauppaoppilaitos {n} :: commercial school, commercial college, commercial institute, business school
kauppapolitiikka {n} :: trade policy
kauppapuutarha {n} :: market garden, truck garden
kaupparatsu {n} [pejorative] :: sales rep
kaupparekisteri {n} :: trade register, commercial register, company register
kauppasieni {n} :: A mushroom that can be sold as a foodstuff
kauppasopimus {n} [international relations] :: trade agreement
kauppasota {n} :: trade war
kauppatase {n} :: balance of trade
kauppatavara {n} :: merchandise, goods, ware
kauppatieteiden maisteri {n} :: Master of Economic Sciences
kauppatori {n} :: marketplace
kauppavaje {n} :: A trade deficit
kauppias {n} :: trader
kauppias {n} :: shop owner, merchant
kaupunginhallitus {n} :: city board (the executive branch of city government)
kaupunginjohtaja {n} :: mayor ("general manager" of a city elected by the city council)
kaupunginmuuri {n} [historical] :: town walls
kaupunginorkesteri {n} :: city orchestra (orchestra associated with a particular city, often at least partially maintained with public funding)
kaupunginosa {n} :: An area within a town or city
kaupungintalo {n} :: city hall, town hall (building that houses the central administrative functions of a city)
kaupunginteatteri {n} :: city theatre (professional drama theater owned and usually also funded by a city)
kaupunginvaltuusto {n} :: city council (legislative branch of a city government elected directly by the citizens)
kaupunginvaltuutettu {n} :: member of a city council, councilman, councilor, alderman
kaupungistaa {vt} :: To urbanize
kaupungistua {vi} :: to become urbanized
kaupungistuminen {n} :: urbanization
kaupunki {n} :: town
kaupunki {n} :: city
kaupunkikaasu {n} :: town gas
kaupunkikonserni {n} :: title of a city (business) group i.e. City of Helsinki Group
kaupunkikuva {n} :: cityscape (the looks of a city as a whole)
kaupunkilainen {n} :: citizen, townsman, townswoman (resident of a city)
kaupunkilainen {adj} :: Of or relating to cities or urban life
kaupunkilaistua {vi} :: To urbanize (to take up an urban way of life)
kaupunkilegenda {n} :: urban legend
kaupunkimainen {adj} :: urban
kaupunkimaistaa {vt} :: To urbanize (to make something more urban in character)
kaupunkimaistua {vi} :: To become/get urbanized (to become more urban in character)
kaupunkisota {n} :: urban warfare
kaupunkitarina {n} :: urban legend
kaupunkivaltio {n} :: city state
kaupunkiverkko {n} :: metropolitan area network, MAN
kaupustelija {n} :: hawker
kaura {n} :: oat, oats
kaurahiutale {n} :: A single flake of rolled oats
kaurapuuro {n} :: oat porridge, oatmeal (porridge made of rolled oats)
kauraryyni {n} :: grits (husked but unground oats)
kauraryyni {n} [colloquial] :: rolled oats; oatmeal
kaurikotilo {n} :: A money cowry
kauris {n} :: A mountain goat, more specifically called alppikauris or alppivuohi, Capra ibex
kauris {n} :: Any small deer of unspecified species, especially a roe deer
kauris {n} :: One born under the sign of Capricorn
kaurisantilooppi {n} :: rhebok, reebok, Pelea capreolus (medium-sized, deerlike South African antelope)
kausaalinen {adj} :: causal
kausaliteetti {n} :: causality
kausatiivi {n} [grammar] :: causative
kausatiivinen {adj} [linguistics] :: causative
kausi {n} :: period, age, epoch, season
kausi {n} :: term
kausi {n} [geology] :: period (subdivision of an era)
kausijulkaisu {n} :: periodical
kausijuoppo {n} :: spree drinker (one who occasionally drinks heavily, often several days in a row, but remains sober or almost sober for the rest of the time)
kausijuoppous {n} :: dipsomania (periodic alcoholism, characterized by bouts of heavy drinking)
kausilippu {n} :: season ticket
kausiluonteinen {adj} :: seasonal
kausittainen {adj} :: seasonal
kausityö {n} :: seasonal work, job
kausityöttömyys {n} [economics] :: Seasonal unemployment
kausivaihtelu {n} :: seasonality
kaussi {n} [nautical] :: A thimble
kaustinen {adj} :: caustic
kauterisaatio {n} :: cauterization
kautsu {n} :: natural rubber; latex
kautta {postp} :: through, via, by
kautta {prep} :: throughout
kautta {prep} [figuratively] :: by, through (in interjections, etc.)
kautta aikain {phrase} :: alternative form of kautta aikojen
kautta aikojen {phrase} :: throughout the times (that has ever existed)
kauttaaltaan {adv} :: thoroughly
kauttakulku {n} :: transit (act of passing across, or through something)
kauttaviiva {n} [colloquial] :: A slash, stroke [British] (symbol "/")
kava {n} :: A spokeshave
kavahtaa {vi} :: To flinch, start, jump
kavahtaa {vt} [+ partitive] :: To beware of
kavahtaa {vt} [with a negation verb + partitive] :: To (will) stop at (nothing/nobody/none/no ...)
kavahöylä {n} :: A spokeshave
kavala {adj} :: treacherous
kavalakärpässieni {n} :: death cap, Amanita phalloides
kavalasti {adv} :: treacherously
kavaljeeri {n} :: cavalier, squire; male companion
kavaljeeri {n} [military, historical] :: réduit (central or retired work within a fortification)
kavalkadi {n} :: cavalcade
kavallus {n} :: embezzlement
kavaltaa {v} :: to embezzle
kavaltaja {n} :: traitor
kavaltaja {n} :: embezzler
kavaluus {n} :: treachery, treacherousness
kaveerata {v} [colloquial] :: to be friends
kaveerata {v} :: (colloquial) to chum up
kavennusmaali {n} [sports, ballgames] :: A goal made by the trailing team which narrows the lead of the other team, but does not make the play even (in which case it would be a tasoitusmaali
kaventaa {vt} :: to narrow (to reduce in width or extent)
kaventua {vi} :: To narrow (to get narrower)
kaveri {n} :: pal, friend, buddy, mate
kaveri {n} :: dude, bloke
kaverisektori {n} :: friend zone (situation in which one is viewed by a potential partner as a platonic friend)
kaverivyöhyke {n} :: synonym of kaverisektori
kaverukset {n} :: buddies (collective term for people who are each other's buddies)
kaveta {v} :: To narrow (intransitive: to get narrower)
kaviaari {n} :: caviar
kavio {n} [zoology] :: hoof (thick keratin covering of the tip of a toe of an ungulate)
kavio {n} :: The hoof of an odd-toed ungulate
kavioeläin {n} [dated] :: ungulate
kavioeläin {n} :: odd-toed ungulate, perissodactyl
kaviokuonoyökkö {n} :: roundleaf bat (bat of the genus Hipposiderus)
kaviollinen {adj} :: Having hoofs, hooved
kavitaatio {n} :: cavitation
kavuta {v} :: To climb
kavuta {v} :: To clamber (to climb something with some difficulty, or in a haphazard fashion)
kavuta {v} :: To shin up (to climb a mast, tree, rope, or the like, by embracing it alternately with the arms and legs, without help of steps, spurs, or the like)
kazahi {n} [dated] :: alternative term for kazakki (language)
kazahstanilainen {adj} [dated] :: alternative form of kazakstanilainen
kazakinkielinen {adj} :: Kazakh, Kazakh language, Kazakh speaking (written or expressed in Kazakh)
kazakki {n} :: A Kazakh
kazakki {n} :: The Kazakh language
kazakstanilainen {adj} :: Kazakhstani (of or pertaining to Kazakhstan)
kazakstanilainen {n} :: Kazakhstani (person from Kazakhstan)
kädellinen {adj} :: having a hand or hands
kädellinen {n} :: primate (animal)
kädelliset {n} [taxonomy] :: The order Primates
kädenjälki {n} :: handprint
kädenliike {n} :: gesture
kädenreikä {n} :: armhole (hole in a piece of clothing intended for putting one's arm through)
kädenselkä {n} :: back of the hand
kädensija {n} :: handle (part of an object which is designed to be held in the hand when used or moved)
kädensijaton {adj} :: handleless
kädensyrjä {n} :: back of the hand
kädenvääntö {n} :: arm wrestling
kädestäennustaminen {n} :: palmistry, chiromancy
kädetön {adj} :: handless
kädetön {adj} :: armless
ke {n} :: abbreviation of keskiviikko
-ke {suffix} :: Forms diminutive forms of nouns
-ke {suffix} :: Forms nouns from verbs, often to describe the result of an action
-ke {suffix} [rare] :: Forms nouns from adjectives
kea {n} :: kea, Nestor notabilis
kebab {n} :: kebab (dish of skewered meat and vegetables)
kebbe {n} [colloquial] :: kebab
keeppi {n} :: cape (garment)
keerna {n} [metallurgy] :: mould core, foundry core, core (the portion of a foundry mold that creates an internal cavity within a casting or that makes a hole in or through a casting)
kefalalgia {n} [medicine] :: cephalalgia, headache
kefalometria {n} :: cephalometry
kefalosporiini {n} :: cephalosporin
kefeidi {n} [astronomy] :: cepheid
kefiiri {n} :: kefir
kehä {n} :: circle, ring
kehä {n} :: halo
kehä {n} [mathematics] :: circle, circumference
kehä {n} [botany] :: perianth
kehaista {vi} :: To praise (shortly)
kehdata {vt} [auxiliary + infinitive] :: To be able to bring oneself to do something, dare, venture, have the nerve
kehdata {vt} [auxiliary + infinitive] :: To not be ashamed, be proud, not be embarrassed
kehdata {vt} [auxiliary + infinitive] :: To have the impudence or nerve, dare, be able
kehdata {vt} [auxiliary, dialectal + infinitive] :: To feel like doing something
kehiä {v} :: to wind, roll (to turn coils of a cord or something similar around something)
kehikko {n} :: [in construction] fabric, structure
kehikko {n} :: framework, gantry
kehite {n} :: developer (a liquid used in the processing of traditional photos)
kehitellä {v} :: To conceive, develop
kehitin {n} :: developer (film developer)
kehitin {n} :: generator, producer
kehittää {vt} :: To unravel, unwind
kehittää {vt} :: To develop, advance, improve
kehittää {vt} :: To train, educate, cultivate
kehittää {vt} :: To develop (a photograph)
kehittää {vt} [physics] :: To develop, generate
kehittää {vt} [figuratively] :: To engender, breed, develop
kehittelijä {n} :: developer
kehittely {n} :: elaboration, refinement (act or process of producing or refining an idea with labor)
kehittely {n} :: development (process of developing, especially of an idea)
kehittäjä {n} :: developer
kehittäminen {n} :: developing
kehittämishanke {n} :: development project
kehittämiskeskus {n} :: development center
kehittämisstrategia {n} :: development strategy
kehittävä {adj} :: improving
kehittyä {vi} :: To develop
kehittyminen {n} :: development
kehittymätön {adj} :: undeveloped
kehittynyt {adj} :: interested, attracted
kehittynyt {adj} :: advanced, developed
kehitys {n} :: development, improvement, advancement, evolution
kehitysapu {n} :: development aid
kehitysaste {n} :: level, stage of development
kehitysbiologia {n} :: developmental biology
kehityshäiriö {n} [medicine] :: developmental disorder
kehityshistoria {n} :: developmental history
kehityskaari {n} :: trajectory (course of development)
kehityskertomus {n} :: bildungsroman (novel tracing the spiritual, moral, psychological, or social development and growth of the main character, usually from childhood to maturity)
kehityskertomus {n} :: development story (similar story of development of a person, organization, idea etc. in some other format than a novel)
kehityskulku {n} :: progression (act of moving from one thing to another)
kehitysmaa {n} :: developing country
kehitysoppi {n} :: evolutionary theory
kehityspäällikkö {n} :: director of development, development director
kehityspsykologia {n} :: developmental psychology
kehitysromaani {n} :: bildungsroman (novel tracing the spiritual, moral, psychological, or social development and growth of the main character, usually from childhood to maturity)
kehitystyö {n} :: R&D work (work for developing new products and services)
kehitystyö {n} :: development
kehitysvaihe {n} :: developmental phase, stage in development
kehitysvaihe {n} :: instar
kehitysvamma {n} [commonly] :: developmental disability
kehitysvamma {n} [psychiatry] :: mental retardation
kehitysvamma {n} [medicine] :: physical retardation
kehitysvammainen {n} :: a mentally retarded person
kehitysvammainen {adj} :: being mentally retarded
kehitysvammaisuus {n} :: mental retardedness
kehitysvammaisuus {n} :: learning disability
kehitysvammaisuus {n} :: developmental disability
kehitysvammaisuus {n} :: intellectual disability
kehitysyhteistyö {n} :: development cooperation
kehäkalvo {n} [anatomy, rare] :: iris (part of an eye)
kehkeytyä {v} :: to become, develop, emerge
kehäkukka {n} :: marigold (any flower in the Calendula genus)
kehäkulma {n} :: inscribed angle
kehälehti {n} [botany] :: tepal
kehämäinen {adj} :: orbicular (circular or spherical in shape)
kehnä {n} :: dandruff or similar dirt
kehno {adj} :: bad, poor (quality)
kehnontaa {vt} [rare] :: to worsen, make worse
kehnontua {vi} :: To become worsened
kehnosti {adv} :: poorly, badly
kehnota {vi} :: To worsen
kehnäsieni {n} :: gypsy mushroom (Rozites caperatus)
kehnätä {vi} :: to rub oneself (against something)
keho {n} :: A living human body
kehollinen {adj} :: bodily
kehon kieli {n} :: alternative spelling of kehonkieli
kehonkieli {n} :: body language
kehonrakennus {n} :: bodybuilding
kehonrakentaja {n} :: bodybuilder
kehostapoistumiskokemus {n} :: out-of-body experience
kehotaide {n} :: body art (art made on, with, or consisting of, the human body)
kehottaa {v} :: to recommend
kehottaa {v} :: to urge, to encourage
kehotus {n} :: request
kehäpäätelmä {n} :: circular argument
kehrä {n} [spinning] :: spindle
kehrä {n} :: A rotating spindle or disk in a machine
kehrä {n} [figurative, poetic] :: The sun or moon thought of as a disk that rolls along the firmament, e.g. päivän kultainen kehrä (lit. "the golden disk of the day") denotes the Sun
kehäriutta {n} :: atoll
kehrääjä {n} :: nightjar (any bird of the family Caprimulgidae)
kehrääjä {n} :: European nightjar, Caprimulgus europaeus (the only bird of this family that is found in Finland)
kehrääjä {n} [in plural] :: Caprimulgidae (the taxonomic family of nightjars)
kehrääjä {n} :: moth (member of the insect superfamily Bombycoidea)
kehrääjä {n} :: spinner (one who spins yarn)
kehrääjä {n} [archaic] :: spinster (someone whose occupation was spinning thread)
kehrääjäkoi {n} :: Any moth of the genus Yponomeuta
kehräämö {n} :: spinning mill
kehräsluu {n} [anatomy] :: malleolus
kehrätä {v} :: to spin (to convert fibres into yarn or thread)
kehrätä {v} :: to purr
kehruu {n} :: spinning
kehruu-jenny {n} :: spinning jenny (early spinning machine)
kehruuttaa {vt} :: alternative form of kehräyttää
kehräävä {adj} :: purring, purrlike (resembling a purr)
kehräyttää {vt} :: To have spun (thread)
kehätie {n} :: ring road, beltway
kehto {n} :: A cradle
kehtolaulu {n} :: lullaby
kehtopainate {n} :: incunable
kehu {n} :: praise, commendation (favorable representation in words)
kehua {vt} :: to praise, tout
kehuja {n} :: One who praises
kehunta {n} :: praise
kehuskelevasti {adv} :: braggingly
kehuttava {adj} :: praiseworthy, laudable
kehveli {interj} :: dang, darn, blimey, drat, phooey (a mild curse)
kehys {n} :: frame
kehys {n} :: cadre
kehystää {vt} :: To frame
kehyste {n} :: frame
kehyste {n} :: material for frame
keidas {n} :: oasis
keidassuo {n} [ecology] :: ombrotrophic raised bog
keihäänheitto {n} [athletics] :: javelin throw
keihäs {n} :: spear
keihäs {n} :: javelin
keihäs {n} :: pike
keihäsantilooppi {n} :: oryx (any of the three or four species of antelope in the genus Oryx)
keihäsantilooppi {n} :: gemsbok, gemsbuck, Oryx gazella (species of antelope native to southern Africa)
keihäsantilooppi {n} :: East African oryx, beisa, Oryx beisa (species of antelope native to eastern Africa)
keihäsmies {n} [military] :: lance
keihäsmies {n} [athletics] :: male javelin thrower
keihäsrausku {n} :: stingray
keihästää {vt} :: To spear, impale
keihästys {n} :: spearing, impaling
keihästyvinen {adj} [botany, of leaves] :: hastate
keija {n} :: potty
keiju {n} :: A fairy [a mythical being]
keijua {v} [rare] :: float freely in the water and follow the stream
keijusto {n} :: plankton
keikahtaa {vi} :: To tip over
keikailija {n} :: snob
keikari {n} :: A snob
keikari {n} :: A fop, dandy (man very concerned about his clothes and appearance)
keikarimainen {adj} :: foppish, dandy
keikarimaisuus {n} :: foppishness (quality of being foppish)
keikarius {n} :: dandyism (quality of being a fop)
keikarius {n} :: dandification (condition or state of a man who is overly concerned about his clothes and appearance)
keikaroida {v} :: To dress or behave like a dandy
keikaroija {n} :: fop, dandy
keikarointi {n} :: dandyism (foppish behaviour)
keikauskakku {n} :: upside-down cake
keikistää {vt} :: To bend, tilt
keikka {n} [colloquial] :: gig (performing engagement by a musical group)
keikka {n} :: gig (temporary job)
keikka {n} :: job, task
keikka {n} :: heist
keikkailla {v} [colloquial] :: to gig (to engage in musical performances)
keikkailla {v} [colloquial] :: to job (to do odd jobs or occasional work for hire)
keikkua {vi} :: To rock
keikkunukke {n} :: roly-poly (toy)
keikunta {n} :: rock (act of rocking)
keikutella {vt} :: to rock (to keep rocking)
keikuttaa {vt} :: To rock
keila {n} :: A pin, tenpin (bottle-shaped target used in tenpin bowling)
keila {n} :: A beam (of light etc.)
keila {n} :: cusk, Brosme brosme (marine fish)
keilaaja {n} :: A bowler (someone engaged in the sport of bowling)
keilahalli {n} :: A bowling alley
keilailu {n} [sports] :: bowling
keilapallo {n} :: A bowling ball
keilata {v} :: To bowl (to play bowling)
keimaileva {adj} :: flirtatious, coquettish
keimailevasti {adv} :: flirtatiously, coquettishly
keimailevuus {n} :: coquettishness
keimailija {n} :: coquette (woman who flirts or plays with men's affections)
keimailla {v} :: to flirt
keimaillen {adv} :: flirtatiously, coquettishly
keimailu {n} :: flirt, coquetry
keimit {n} [slang] :: party
keino {n} :: means, way, vehicle (entity to achieve an end)
keino {n} :: trick
keino {n} :: as modifier in a compound word often: artificial, man-made
keino- {prefix} :: artificial
keinoelämä {n} :: artificial life
keinohedelmöitys {n} [biology] :: artificial fertilization, in vitro fertilization
keinojää {n} :: synthetic ice
keinokastelu {n} :: irrigation (operation of causing water to flow over lands, for nourishing plants)
keinokieli {n} :: constructed language, artificial language
keinolannoite {n} :: artificial fertilizer
keinolla millä hyvänsä {phrase} [idiomatic] :: by hook or by crook (by any means possible; one way or another)
keinolumi {n} :: synonym of tykkilumi
keinoäly {n} [artificial intelligence] :: artificial intelligence
keinomunuainen {n} :: artificial kidney
keinonto {n} [grammar, rare] :: instructive
keinosiemennys {n} :: artificial insemination
keinosiementäjä {n} :: inseminator (technician who inseminates animals)
keinosydän {n} :: artificial heart
keinotekoinen {adj} :: artificial
keinotekoisesti {adv} :: artificially
keinotekoisuus {n} :: artificialness
keinotella {v} :: To wangle (achieve some difficult task by questionable or dishonest means)
keinotella {vi} [trading] :: To speculate
keinotodellisuus {n} :: virtual reality
keinottelija {n} :: speculator
keinottelu {n} :: speculation
keinu {n} :: A swing [playground apparatus]
keinua {vi} :: To swing, rock
keinuhevonen {n} :: rocking horse
keinukytkin {n} [electricity, electronics] :: rocker switch
keinunta {n} :: swinging, rocking
keinuttaa {vt} :: to rock (to move gently back and forth)
keinuttaa {vt} :: to cause to sway or swing
keinuttaa {vt} :: to grind (to rotate one's hips suggestively)
keinuttaa {vt} [aviation, nautical] :: to pitch (to move so that the front of an aircraft or ship goes alternatively up and down)
keinutuoli {n} :: rocking chair
keinuveitsi {n} :: mezzaluna
keisari {n} :: emperor
keisariaika {n} :: imperial time
keisarifregattilintu {n} :: magnificent frigatebird, Fregata magnificens
keisarikunta {n} :: empire (a state ruled by an emperor)
keisarileikkaus {n} :: Caesarean section
keisarillinen {adj} :: imperial
keisarinna {n} :: empress (female monarch of an empire, or wife or widow of an emperor)
keisarinviitta {n} :: silver-washed fritillary (Argynnis paphia)
keisaripari {n} :: imperial couple
keisaripingviini {n} :: emperor penguin (Aptenodytes forsteri)
keisaritamariini {n} :: emperor tamarin (Saguinus imperator)
keiso {n} :: cowbane, water hemlock, poison parsnip (any plant in the genus Cicuta)
keite {n} :: decoction
keitetty {adj} :: boiled
keitin {n} :: cooker (appliance or utensil for cooking food)
keitin {n} :: short for kahvinkeitin (coffee machine, coffeemaker)
keitin {n} :: electric kettle
keitin {n} :: portable stove
keitin {n} [as modifier in compounds] :: cooking
keitin {n} :: digester (in process industry, a vessel in which chemical or biological reactions are carried out in elevated temperature)
keitinlasi {n} :: synonym of dekantterilasi
keitinliemi {n} :: broth
keitos {n} :: concoction
keitraus {n} [colloquial] :: catering
keittää {vt} :: To boil; to boil over
keittää {vt} :: To cook
keittää {vt} [figuratively] :: To cook up
keittää {vi} [figuratively] :: allative + 3rd-pers. singular = to seethe, stew
keittiö {n} :: kitchen
keittiö {n} :: cuisine
keittiöapulainen {n} :: kitchenhand
keittiökaappi {n} :: kitchen cabinet
keittiöliina {n} :: dishcloth (cloth used to wash dishes)
keittiöpyyhe {n} :: kitchen towel, dish towel (towel for wiping dishes)
keittiötikas {n} :: step ladder
keittiöveitsi {n} :: kitchen knife (knife used for preparation of food)
keittäjä {n} :: cook
keittäminen {n} :: boiling (process of heating a liquid to its boiling point)
keittäminen {n} :: cooking (process of preparing food)
keitto {n} :: soup
keitto {n} :: boiling (method, process)
keitto {n} [slang] :: alcoholic beverage
keitto {n} :: As a modifier in compound terms signifies "of or relating to cooking" and may be translated e.g. as cook, cook-, cooked, cooking (see Compounds-section below)
keitto- {prefix} :: cooking, boiling, cooked, boiled; used as modifier in compound terms, e.g. keittosuola (cooking salt)
keitto- {prefix} :: cook; e.g. in keittokirja (cookbook)
keitto- {prefix} :: soup; e.g. in keittolusikka (soup spoon)
keittoaika {n} :: cooking time
keittoastia {n} :: cooking utensil, cooking pot (vessel for cooking food)
keittoastia {n} :: tureen (vessel for serving soup)
keittobanaani {n} :: plantain
keittokirja {n} :: cookbook
keittola {n} :: school kitchen
keittolusikallinen {n} :: A soupspoonful
keittolusikka {n} :: soupspoon
keittosuola {n} [medicine] :: normal saline
keittosuola {n} :: cooking salt
keittotaito {n} :: cookery (art of cooking)
kekata {v} [colloquial] :: A somewhat childish variant of the verb keksiä
kekkale {n} :: slob
kekkaloida {v} [derisive] :: to strut one's stuff (to behave, or to perform in a showy or ostentatious manner, especially in a way to impress others)
kekkerit {n} :: kegger, party
kekkuloida {v} :: alternative form of kekkaloida
kekäle {n} :: ember (glowing piece of coal, wood or other solid fuel)
keko {n} :: stack
keko {n} :: anthill
keko {n} [computing] :: heap
kekomuurahainen {n} :: southern wood ant, horse ant (Formica rufa)
kekri {n} :: An old Finnish feast celebrated at the beginning of November, corresponding to Halloween
kekri {} :: Eastern savonian keyri/keuri
kekri {} :: Western savonian and southern bothnian köyri
kekri {} :: Tavastian and northern bothnian köyry
kekseliäisyys {n} :: inventiveness, imaginativeness
kekseliäs {adj} :: inventive, imaginative
keksi {n} :: cookie (small flat, baked cake which is either crisp or soft but firm)
keksi {n} :: biscuit, cracker (dry, thin, crispy, and usually salty or savoury biscuit)
keksi {n} [computing] :: cookie
keksi {n} :: pike pole used in log driving
keksiä {v} :: To invent (to design a new process or mechanism)
keksiä {v} :: To make up, concoct, imagine or invent (to create something fictional for a particular purpose)
keksiä {v} :: To devise, come up with (to use the intellect to plan or design something)
keksiä {v} :: To give birth (to invent a new idea)
keksijä {n} :: inventor
keksintö {n} :: invention
keksitty {adj} :: fictitious, imaginary
keksitty {adj} :: invented
kela {n} :: reel
kela {n} :: coil
kelata {v} :: to wind, reel
kelata {v} [colloquial] :: to dwell on (to continue to think or talk about something)
kelata {v} [slang] :: to think, ponder, reflect
kelautua {vi} :: To wind, reel
keli {n} [colloquial] :: weather
keli {n} :: road conditions
keli {n} :: skiing conditions
keliaakikko {n} :: A coeliac
keliakia {n} :: coeliac disease
kelim {n} :: kilim (type of oriental carpet)
kelirikko {n} :: frost heave
kelju {adj} :: unpleasant
keljuttaa {vi} [colloquial] :: To be annoyed, vexed
kelkka {n} :: small sled or sledge equipped with runners
kelkka {n} :: snowmobile (short for moottorikelkka)
kelkka {n} :: tray (on CD drive)
kelkkailija {n} :: the rider of any type of kelkka (sled), The English equivalents go by type either by combining with "rider of" or by type-specific term: bobsledder, snowmobiler, snowmobilist, luger, skeletoneer, sledder..
kelkkailla {v} :: to ride any type of kelkka; English equivalents go by type: to sled, sleigh, snowmobile, bobsled, lugeetc
kelkkamäki {n} :: toboggan slide, toboggan run (track for sledding down a slope or slide)
kellahko {adj} :: yellowish
kellahtava {adj} :: yellowish
kellanruskea {adj} :: yellow-brown, xanthous
kellanruskea {n} :: yellow-brown, xanthous color
kellanvihreä {adj} :: yellow-green (color)
kellari {n} :: A cellar (underground space)
kellaroida {vt} :: to cellar (to store in a cellar, especially for aging)
kellastaa {vt} :: to turn yellow (to cause to turn yellow)
kellastua {vi} :: to yellow (to turn yellow)
kellastuttaa {vt} :: To make yellow
kellata {v} :: To give something a yellow color; to yellow
kellertää {vt} :: To make yellowish
kellertää {vi} :: To have a shade of yellow
kellertävä {adj} :: yellowish
kellertyä {vi} :: to yellow (to turn yellow)
kellervä {adj} :: yellowish
kelliä {vi} :: to loll, sprawl
kello {n} :: clock (instrument used to measure time)
kello {n} :: o'clock (when indicating time)
kello {n} :: time (when asking the time or telling exact time)
kello {n} :: watch (portable or wearable timepiece)
kello {n} :: timer (device that gives an alarm after a specified time)
kello {n} :: clock (metaphor for regularity)
kello {n} [nautical, aviation] :: o'clock (used to indicate direction in relation to the vessel's position so that 12 is straight ahead and 6 is straight behind)
kello {n} :: bell (object made of metal or other hard material, which resonates when struck)
kello {n} :: bell (signal at a school)
kello {n} :: bellflower (plant of the genus Campanula)
kelloaika {n} :: alternative form of kellonaika
kellokas {n} :: A bellwether (leading animal of a flock, having a bell hung round its neck)
kellokas {n} [colloquial] :: A spokesman (one who speaks on behalf of a group)
kellokasvi {n} :: Any plant in the family Campanulaceae
kellokasvi {n} :: In plural (kellokasvit), the family Campanulaceae, the bellflower family
kellokeskiviikko {n} [dated] :: Holy Wednesday
kellokoneisto {n} :: A clockwork
kellokortti {n} :: A timecard or time card
kellokortti {n} :: Any, currently often electronic, system for recording and controlling working hours
kellomainen {adj} :: bell-shaped (having the shape of a bell)
kellomainen {adj} :: clocklike (resembling a clock in some respect)
kellometalli {n} :: bell metal (alloy of about 78 % copper and 22 % tin used for church bells)
kellon ympäri {phrase} :: round the clock, around the clock
kellonaika {n} :: time (time of day, as indicated by clock)
kellonlyömä {n} :: stroke (of clock)
kellonperä {n} :: fob (chain or ribbon to connect a watch pocket to the watch); normally used in plural (kellonperät)
kellopeli {n} :: glockenspiel
kelloseppä {n} :: clocksmith
kellotaajuus {n} [computing] :: clock speed, clock rate (rate, measured in hertz, at which a processor performs its fundamental operations)
kellotapuli {n} :: campanile [US], belltower (freestanding belltower of a church)
kellotasku {n} :: watch pocket
kellotaulu {n} :: clock face
kellotorni {n} :: A belfry
kellottaa {vt} :: To clock, time
kellua {vi} :: To float
kelluke {n} :: A floating device
kellukka {n} :: avens
kellunta {n} :: floating
kelluslehtinen {n} [botany] :: nymphaeid (plant rooted in the bottom, but with leaves floating on the water surface)
kelluslehtinen {adj} :: nymphaeid
kelluttaa {vt} :: to float
kelmeä {adj} :: bleak, pale, pallid, ashen (without color)
kelme {n} [archaic] :: The white surface layer of the bark of a birch
kelmentää {vt} :: to make more pale
kelmentyä {vi} :: to turn bleak
kelmetä {v} :: to turn bleak
kelmi {n} :: rogue, rascal, villain
kelmu {n} :: membrane
kelmu {n} :: wrap, plastic wrap, cling film, cling wrap (thin plastic film used in packaging)
kelo {n} :: a dry, dead pine tree
keloidi {n} [pathology] :: keloid
kelokko {n} :: A dried-up forest
kelopääsky {n} :: The tree swallow (Tachycineta bicolor)
kelottua {vi} [of a living tree] :: To dry
keloutua {vi} :: alternative form of kelottua
kelpo {adj} :: decent, good, fine
kelpoinen {adj} :: fulfilling the requirements (for), being up to (a task); used often as head in compound terms
kelpoisuus {n} :: validity, eligibility
kelpoisuus {n} [biology] :: fitness
kelpoisuusaika {n} :: period of validity (of a document etc.)
kelpuuttaa {vt} :: To qualify, to accept, to pass, to settle for
kelta {n} :: yellow
keltahaarakas {n} :: pale-yellow clavaria or golden coral fungus, Ramaria flava
keltahapero {n} :: yellow swamp russula, Russula claroflava
keltahelttarousku {n} :: A milk-cap, Lactarius hysginus
keltahelttaseitikki {n} [mushroom] :: A webcap, Cortinarius croceus
keltahevoskastanja {n} :: common buckeye, Aesculus flava
keltainen {adj} :: yellow
keltainen {n} :: The color yellow
keltainen kortti {n} [sports] :: yellow card
keltaisempi {adj} :: comparative of keltainen
keltaiset sivut {n} :: yellow pages
keltaisuus {n} :: yellowness
keltajuurikas {n} :: A yellow variant of beet, Beta vulgaris var. lutea
keltakatkero {n} :: bitterroot, yellow gentian, great yellow gentian, bitterwort, Gentiana lutea (herbaceous plant valued for its bitter root that used in medicine and drinks)
keltakärpässieni {n} :: false death cap, Amanita citrina
keltakurjenmiekka {n} :: yellow iris, yellow flag (Iris pseudacorus)
keltakuume {n} [pathology] :: yellow fever
keltakuumehyttynen {n} :: yellow fever mosquito, Aedes aegypti
keltalieko {n} [plant] :: A flat-stemmed clubmoss, northern running-pine or ground cedar, Diphasiastrum complanatum or Lycopodium complanatum
keltalimaseitikki {n} [mushroom] :: A webcap, Cortinarius delibutus
keltalupiini {n} :: European yellow lupine, Lupinus luteus
keltamulta {n} :: ochre (pigment)
keltamulta {n} :: A traditional type of paint made using this pigment, also keltamultamaali
keltano {n} [botany] :: hawkweed
keltanokka {n} :: A rookie, newbie, newcomer
keltanuppiseitikki {n} [mushroom] :: A webcap, Cortinarius fulmineus
keltapaviaani {n} :: yellow baboon, Papio cynocephalus
keltapetoyökkönen {n} :: dun-bar (insect)
keltarauhanen {n} [anatomy] :: corpus luteum
keltarauhashormoni {n} :: progesterone
keltarousku {n} :: A milk-cap, Lactarius repraesentaneus
keltasieni {n} [mushroom, rare] :: chanterelle (Cantharellus cibarius)
keltasäieseitikki {n} [mushroom] :: A webcap, Cortinarius saniosus
keltasirkku {n} :: yellowhammer, Emberiza citrinella (passerine bird of western Eurasia)
keltatauti {n} [pathology] :: jaundice
keltatautinen {adj} :: jaundiced (affected with jaundice)
keltatäplä {n} [anatomy] :: macula, macula lutea
keltatäplähapero {n} :: Russula luteotacta
keltavahvero {n} [mushrooms] :: A chanterelle, Cantharellus cibarius
keltavästäräkki {n} :: A blue-headed wagtail or yellow wagtail, Motacilla flava
keltavuokko {n} :: A yellow wood anemone; Anemone ranunculoides. Other common English names are yellow woodland anemone and buttercup anemone
kelteisilleen {adv} [colloquial] :: naked (to the state of nakedness)
kelteisillään {adv} [colloquial] :: naked
keltiäinen {n} :: yellow meadow ant (Lasius flavus)
keltis {n} :: hackberry, nettle tree (any of several shrubs or trees of the genus Celtis)
keltti {n} :: A Celt
kelttiläinen {adj} :: Celtic
keltuainen {n} :: Yolk, egg yolk
kelvata {vi} :: to do, work, suffice
kelvokas {adj} :: fit
kelvokas {adj} :: suitable
kelvokas {adj} :: eligible
kelvollinen {adj} :: fit
kelvollinen {adj} :: suitable
kelvollinen {adj} :: eligible
kelvollinen {adj} [computing] :: compatible
kelvoton {adj} :: useless, good for nothing
kelvoton {adj} :: worthless
kelvoton {adj} :: unfit
kemia {n} :: chemistry
kemia {n} [colloquial] :: interpersonal relationship
kemiallinen {adj} :: chemical
kemiallinen ase {n} :: chemical weapon
kemiallinen ase {n} [imprecisely] :: chemical agent
kemiallinen koostumus {n} :: chemical composition
kemiallinen reaktio {n} :: chemical reaction
kemiallinen taisteluaine {n} :: chemical agent
kemiallisesti {adv} :: chemically
kemiantekniikka {n} :: chemical engineering
kemianteollisuus {n} :: chemical industry
kemigrafia {n} :: chemigraphy
kemikaali {n} :: chemical
keminsaame {n} :: The Kemi Sami language
kemisti {n} :: chemist
kemolyysi {n} :: chemolysis
kemometria {n} :: chemometrics
kemosynteesi {n} [biochemistry] :: chemosynthesis
kemoterapeutti {n} :: chemotherapist
kemoterapia {n} :: chemotherapy
kemotrofi {n} :: chemotroph
kemotrofinen {adj} :: chemotrophic
kempi {adj} [archaic] :: brave, noble, excellent
kemut {n} :: party
ken {pron} [interrogative, archaic] :: who; (when followed by a modifier in elative case, -sta/-stä) which one (of + a noun referring to people)
ken {pron} [indefinite, archaic] :: whoever
kenen leipää syöt, sen lauluja laulat {proverb} :: who pays the piper calls the tune
kengittää {vt} :: To shoe (to equip an object with a protection against wear)
kengittää {vt} :: To horseshoe, shoe (to put horseshoes on a horse)
kengittäjä {n} :: A farrier
kengitys {n} :: shoeing (the act of putting horseshoes on a horse)
kengänkieli {n} :: tongue of a shoe
kengänkiilloke {n} :: synonym of kengänkiillote (shoe polish)
kengänkiillote {n} :: shoe polish
kengänkiillottaja {n} :: bootblack, shoeblack, shoeshiner (person who shines shoes and other footwear, usually for a fee)
kengänkiillotus {n} :: shoeshine (act of polishing shoes)
kengänkärki {n} :: tip of the shoe
kengännauha {n} :: A shoelace, bootlace, lace
kengännumero {n} :: shoe size
kengänpaula {n} :: shoelace, bootlace, lace
kengänpohja {n} :: shoe sole
kengätön {adj} :: shoeless
kenguru {n} :: kangaroo (any of the large marsupials in the family Macropodidae, with strong hind legs for hopping, found in Australia and New Guinea)
kenguruntassu {n} [botany] :: bloodwort (plant of the family Haemodoraceae endemic to Australia)
kenguruntassu {n} :: cat's paw (plant of the genus Anigozanthos within that family)
kengurutasku {n} :: kangaroo pocket
kenialainen {n} :: a Kenyan
kenialainen {adj} :: Kenyan
kenkä {n} :: shoe (protective covering for the foot)
kenkä {n} :: shoe (something resembling a shoe in function)
kenkä {n} :: boot (heavy shoe that covers part of the leg)
kenkä {n} :: boot; in the idiomatic expression saada kenkää (to get the boot)
käenkaali {n} :: wood sorrel (Oxalis acetosella)
kenkäheinä {n} :: "shoe-hay" (dried and softened sedge, traditionally used as heat insulator in shoes by the Sami and other northern indigenous peoples)
kenkäheinä {n} [slang] :: low-quality cannabis
kenkäin {n} :: A chape (lower metallic cap of a sword's scabbard)
kenkäin {n} :: A kind of sheath with which a flagpole is supported on the waist of its bearer, or on the side of a horse
kenkäkauppa {n} :: shoe shop, shoe store
kenkälaatikko {n} :: shoe box
kenkälankki {n} :: shoe polish
kenkälusikka {n} :: shoehorn (tool used to assist putting the foot into a shoe)
kenkään {pron} [indefinite, archaic, poetic] :: (in question clauses) anybody, anyone
kenkään {pron} [indefinite, archaic, poetic] :: (with a negation verb) no-one, none, nobody, not ... anybody/anyone
kenkänokka {n} :: shoebill (tall African wading bird, Balaeniceps rex)
kenkäpari {n} :: pair of shoes
kenkärenki {n} :: bootjack
kenkäteollisuus {n} :: shoe industry
kenkuttaa {vt} [colloquial] :: To annoy
kennel {n} :: kennel (facility at which dogs are reared or boarded)
kennelyskä {n} :: kennel cough
kenno {n} :: A single cell in a honeycomb
kenno {n} [electronics] :: A cell
kenno {n} :: CCD image sensor (in digital cameras)
kenno {n} :: A carton resembling honeycomb
kennomainen {adj} :: honeycombed
kennosto {n} :: honeycomb (structure of hexagonal cells made by bees)
kennosto {n} :: honeycomb (structure resembling the hexagonal cell structure made by bees)
kennosto {n} :: battery (set of electrically connected electrochemical or electrostatic cells)
kenossa {adv} :: tilted, aside
kenotafi {n} :: A cenotaph
kenotsooinen {adj} :: Cenozoic
kenoviiva {n} :: A backslash (symbol "\")
käenpiika {n} :: wryneck
kenraali {n} [military ranks] :: general
kenraaliharjoitus {n} :: dress rehearsal
kenraalikuvernööri {n} :: A governor-general
kenraaliluutnantti {n} :: A lieutenant general
kenraalimajuri {n} :: A major-general; a major general
kenraalitar {n} :: The wife of a general
kentauri {n} :: centaur
kenties {adv} :: possibly
kenttä {n} :: A field
kenttä {n} [sports] :: A limited area where a game is played, a playing field. English translation depends on the game. Basketball, tennis and similar games are played on a court, golf on a course, ice-hockey in a rink, soccer on a field or, more rarely, in a pitch and baseball, American football etc. on a field. Kenttä is often combined with a modifier that defines the kind of playing field
kenttä {n} [military] :: As modifier in compound terms indicates that the object is mobile and meant for use in the battlefield; normally translates as "field" into English
kenttä {n} [physics] :: field
kenttä {n} [colloquial] :: signal strength, coverage (e.g. of a mobile telephone)
kenttäkeittiö {n} :: field kitchen
kenttälinnoite {n} [military] :: fieldwork (temporary fortification)
kenttämyyrä {n} :: common vole (Microtus arvalis)
kenttäoikeus {n} [military, law] :: drumhead court-martial (court-martial held in the field to hear urgent charges)
kenttäoikeus {n} [colloquial] :: kangaroo court
kenttäpelaaja {n} :: field player (in numerous ball games, a player other than the goalkeeper)
kenttäpelaaja {n} [baseball, cricket, pesäpallo] :: fielder (defensive player)
kenttäpullo {n} :: canteen (water bottle of shock-resistant material, used by soldiers or campers)
kenttäsairaala {n} :: field hospital
kenttätutkimus {n} :: field research
kenttätyö {n} :: fieldwork (work done out in the real world rather than in controlled conditions)
kenttävuode {n} :: A cot, a camp bed (a lightweight portable bed, especially one used by the military)
kenttäyhtälö {n} [physics] :: field equation
kenturio {n} :: centurion
kepakko {n} :: stick
kepeä {adj} :: light (weight)
kepittää {v} :: To cane, to beat with a cane
kepittää {v} [slang] :: To shaft (to have sexual intercourse)
keplotella {v} :: To manipulate, wangle, to profiteer, to coax, to wheel and deal
keppana {n} [colloquial] :: keskiolut
keppi {n} :: stick, cane
keppi {n} :: (colloquial) guitar
keppihevonen {n} :: hobby horse
keppikerjäläinen {n} :: beggar (person suffering from extreme poverty)
keppimies {n} [surveying] :: A rodman
kepponen {n} :: A practical joke
kepponen {n} :: karkki tai kepponen: trick or treat
kerä {n} :: ball (quantity of string, thread, etc., wound into a spherical shape)
kera {postp} :: with
keraami {n} :: ceramic material, ceramic
keraamikko {n} :: ceramist
keraaminen {adj} :: ceramic
kerake {n} [dated, linguistics] :: consonant
keramiikka {n} :: ceramic (material)
keramiikka {n} :: ceramics (art)
keramiikka {n} :: ceramics (ceramic objects as a group or class)
keramiikkasavi {n} :: potter's clay (clay used by a potter)
keratiini {n} :: keratin
keratiitti {n} [pathology] :: keratitis (inflammation of the cornea)
keräelmä {n} :: An unorganized, limited or non-representative collection of related things
keretä {v} :: To make it, arrive, reach in time
keretä {v} :: To have/find time
kerettiläinen {n} :: heretic
kerettiläisyys {n} :: heresy
kerho {n} :: club (often informal group of people, especially youngsters, who meet more or less regularly around a common interest or hobby; sometimes associated as yhdistys)
keriä {v} :: To reel (to wind on a reel)
keriä {v} :: To wind (to turn coils around something)
keriä {v} :: To coil
keriä {v} :: To unwind (to reel off); often with the adverb auki
keriä {v} :: To shear (to remove the fleece from a sheep)
keräilijä {n} :: A collector (person that collects something as a hobby)
keräillä {v} :: To collect (to accumulate items for a hobby)
keräillä {v} :: To collect (to gather together; to amass items)
keräily {n} :: collection, collecting (hobby)
keräily {n} :: gathering, collection (collecting or bringing together)
keräilyerä {n} [sports] :: repechage (heat in which the best competitors who have lost in a previous round compete for a place or places yet left in the next round)
keripukki {n} [disease] :: scurvy
keritä {vi} :: To make it (in time), arrive (in time), reach (in time) ((to/at/in) a place = allative or illative)
keritä {vt} [+ infinitive] :: To have/find time (to do)
keritä {vt} :: To shear (a sheep)
keritsimet {n} :: shears
kerääjä {n} :: A collector (thing that collects something); often in compound terms
kerjetä {vi} [dialectal] :: alternative form of keritä
kerjäläinen {n} :: beggar (one who lives by begging)
kerjäläismunkki {n} :: mendicant
kerjääminen {n} :: begging, beggary
kerjätä {vt} :: to beg
kerjuri {n} :: beggar
kerjuu {n} :: begging
keräkaali {n} :: white cabbage
kerkeä {adj} :: quick, prompt
kerkkä {n} :: Young shoot, bud or tip of a conifer tree
kerma {n} :: cream (dairy product)
kerma {n} [figuratively] :: the cream (elite)
kermainen {adj} :: creamy (containing cream)
kermainen {adj} :: creamy (having the taste or texture of cream)
kermajäätelö {n} :: Ice cream made of actual cream (instead of vegetable fats)
kermajuusto {n} :: creamy cheese
kermakakku {n} :: A cream cake
kermakannu {n} :: A creamer (jug for holding cream)
kermakko {n} :: A creamer (jug for holding cream)
kermamainen {adj} :: creamy (of a liquid, having the thick texture of cream)
kermamainen {adj} :: creamy (having the rich taste or thick, smooth texture of cream)
kermanekka {n} :: A creamer (jug for holding cream)
kermaperse {n} [offensive] :: a person with socioeconomically relatively high background, unable to relate to hardships met by people with socioeconomically lower background
kermaseitikki {n} [mushroom] :: A webcap, Cortinarius leucophanes
kermavaahto {n} :: whipped cream
kermaviili {n} :: Nordic kind of sour cream
kermesmarja {n} :: pokeweed (Phytolacca americana)
kermikeidas {n} [biology] :: synonym of keidassuo
kermoa {vt} :: to separate cream from milk
kermodekarhu {n} :: Kermode bear, spirit bear (subspecies of the black bear)
kernaasti {adv} :: soon
kernaasti {adv} :: willingly
kerni {n} :: coated fabric
kerääntyä {vi} :: To accumulate
kero {n} [archaic] :: A round, treeless top of a fell; now mostly in place names and compounds
keropää {n} [archaic] :: baldie
keropää {n} [historical] :: Roundhead (supporter of Parliamentarians in the English Civil War)
kerosiini {n} :: kerosene, especially the finest qualities used for lighting and as jet fuel
kerppu {n} :: A quantity unit used of lampreys; a bunch of 30 lampreys + one used for tying the bunch together. Compare stick (quantity unit of eels)
kerralla {adv} :: at one time, simultaneously, at the same time, in one go
kerrallaan {adv} :: at a time (in a single, continuous period of time)
kerrallaan {adv} :: at a time (simultaneously at each occurrence)
kerran {adv} :: once (one, and only one, time)
kerran {adv} :: once (formerly)
kerran vielä {adv} :: once again, once more, one more time
kerrankin {adv} :: for once
kerrannaislehti {n} [botany] :: compound leaf
kerrata {v} :: To repeat or reread (esp. in order to learn and memorise the content which is being repeated)
kerroin {n} [mathematics] :: coefficient
kerroksinen {adj} :: layered
kerronta {n} :: narration
kerros {n} :: floor, storey
kerros {n} :: layer
kerroskuvaus {n} [medicin] :: tomography
kerrosrakenteinen {adj} :: layered
kerrosrakenteinen {adj} :: laminated
kerrossänky {n} :: A bunk bed
kerrostaa {v} :: to overlay, stratify
kerrostaa {v} :: to sandwich
kerrostalo {n} :: apartment building, block of flats
kerrostaloasunto {n} :: An apartment in an apartment building
kerrostua {vi} :: To be stratified
kerrostulivuori {n} [geology] :: stratovolcano
kerrostuma {n} :: layer, stratum
kerrosvoileipä {n} :: sandwich (snack)
kerrottava {n} [mathematics] :: multiplicand
kerryttää {v} :: to cause to accumulate
kersa {n} [colloquial] :: kid, child
kersantti {n} [military ranks] :: A military rank in the Finnish defence forces. The official English translation used by the army and air force is sergeant, and by the navy, petty officer second class
kersantti {n} :: A sergeant or a petty officer
keräsenkotelo {n} [anatomy] :: Bowman's capsule (cup-like sac at the nephron in the mammalian kidney)
kerskailija {n} :: bragger
kerskailla {vi} :: to brag, boast
kerskailu {n} :: bragging
kerskailuoikeudet {n} :: bragging rights
kerskakulutus {n} :: Conspicuous consumption
kerskata {v} :: To brag, boast
kerskua {vi} :: To boast, brag
kerskuri {n} :: braggart
kerätä {v} :: To collect, gather, accumulate
kerätä {v} :: To pick (berries, mushrooms, flowers)
kerta {n} :: time (occasion)
kerta kaikkiaan {adv} :: completely, utterly
kertaakaan {adv} :: Used with negation verb ei, (not) even once
kertaakaan {adv} [indefinite, in question clauses] :: even once
kertaantua {vi} :: To be repeated
kertaerä {n} [accounting] :: non-recurring item
-kertainen {adj} :: -tuple, -fold, "X times as big/many as", or number-specific words
kertainen {adj} :: times (being X times something)
kertaistaa {vt} :: to multiple n times; used only in compounds
-kertaistaa {vt} :: To multiple
kertaistua {vi} :: to multiple itself n times; used only in compounds
-kertaistua {vi} :: To multiple
kertakorvaus {n} :: lump sum
kertakäyttö- {prefix} :: disposable
kertakäyttöinen {adj} :: dispensable, disposable, throwaway
kertaluku {n} [math] :: order
kertaluonteinen {adj} [accounting] :: nonrecurring (occurring only once)
kertamaksu {n} :: A bullet, bullet payment, lump sum, or lump sum payment
kertaus {n} :: recapitulation, recap
kertaus {n} :: iteration
kertaus {n} :: repetition
kertausharjoitus {n} :: military refresher, military refresher course
kertausmerkki {n} [music] :: repeat sign
kertautua {vi} :: To recur
kerto {n} [grammar] :: parallelism
kertoa {v} :: to tell
kertoa {v} [arithmetic] :: to multiply
kertoa {v} :: to have it (to understand, believe, let believe)
kertohedelmä {n} [botany] :: aggregate fruit
kertoilla {vi} :: To chat
kertoja {n} :: narrator
kertoja {n} :: storyteller
kertolasku {n} :: multiplication
kertoma {n} [mathematics, combinatorics] :: factorial
kertomataulu {n} [mathematics, dated] :: multiplication table
kertomus {n} :: Story
kertosäe {n} [music] :: chorus, refrain (in songs)
kertotaulu {n} [mathematics] :: multiplication table; times table [informal]
kerttu {n} :: warbler
kerttuli {n} :: warbler, New World warbler (passerine bird of the Parulidae family)
kerttuli {n} :: parula (New World warbler of the genus Parula in the Parulidae family)
kerttupuumuura {n} :: Russet antshrike
kertyä {vi} :: To accumulate, accrue
kertyminen {n} :: accumulation
kertymäkiekko {n} [astronomy] :: accretion disk
kertynyt poisto {n} [accounting] :: accumulated depreciation
kerubi {n} :: cherub
keruu {n} :: collecting, collection
keräys {n} :: an act of collecting
keräys {n} :: fundraising
keräytyä {vi} :: To accumulate
kesä {n} :: summer (season)
kesä {n} [archaic] :: fallow
kesäaika {n} :: summertime, summer time, summer (season)
kesäaika {n} :: summer time (daylight saving time)
kesäaika {n} :: daylight saving time, daylight savings time
kesakko {n} :: freckle
kesannoida {v} [agriculture] :: To make a field set-aside
kesannoitua {vi} :: To become a fallow
kesanto {n} :: fallow (ground left unseeded for a year)
kesäapulainen {n} :: An interim hired for the summer to replace vacationing permanent workforce
kesäasuttava {adj} :: A building where one can live only in the warmer part of the year
kesähessu {n} [slang] :: synonym of kesäapulainen
kesähorros {n} [biology] :: estivation
kesi {n} [archaic] :: The thin outer layer of skin
kesiä {vi} :: (of outermost layer of skin) to peel off
kesäihminen {n} :: summer person (someone who strongly prefers summer over winter)
kesäihminen {n} [rare] :: summer vacationer, summer guest (someone who spends their summer away from home in a resort or similar)
kesäinen {adj} :: summery
kesipuoli {n} :: The inside of a hide or pelt of an animal
kesäisin {adv} :: in the summer, every summer
kesäitiö {n} [botany] :: uredospore
kesk {abbr} [politics] :: keskustapuolue, Suomen Keskusta, keskusta (a Finnish political party)
kesk {abbr} :: keskellä (in the middle); used e.g. in texts explaining who or what is in a photograph
kesäkangas {n} :: Any thin, light fabric suitable for summer clothing
keskari {n} [colloquial] :: The middle finger
keskari {n} [colloquial] :: keskiolut
keskeinen {adj} :: pivotal, central, crucial
keskeinen {adj} :: vocabulary; in the term keskeinen sana (vocabulary word)
keskeiskiihtyvyys {n} [physics] :: centripetal acceleration
keskeisvoima {n} [physics] :: A central force
kesäkeitto {n} :: A traditional vegetable soup cooked in milk with butter, potatoes, carrots, peas, cauliflower and possibly other vegetables of the season. Cream, cheese or flour may be added as thickener
keskellä {adv} :: in the middle
keskellä {postp} :: in the middle of, in the centre/center of
keskellä {postp} :: amid, amongst/among
keskellä {postp} :: between
keskellä {prep} :: in the middle of, in the center of
keskelle {adv} :: to the middle
keskelle {postp} :: to the middle of, to the centre/center of
keskelle {postp} :: to a position amid, amongst/among something
keskelle {postp} :: to a position between something
keskelle {prep} :: to the middle of, to the center of
keskeltä {adv} [rare] :: from the middle
keskeltä {postp} :: from the middle of, from the centre/center of
keskeltä {postp} :: from amid, amongst/among
keskeltä {postp} :: from between
keskeltä {prep} :: from the middle of, from the center of
kesken {adv} :: unfinished
kesken {adv} :: finished too soon
kesken {prep} :: in the middle of:
kesken {postp} :: between, among:
keskeneräinen {adj} :: incomplete
keskeneräinen {adj} :: uncompleted
keskeneräinen {adj} :: in progress
keskeneräinen tuotanto {n} [accounting] :: work in progress (value of uncompleted goods still in the production process)
keskeneräisesti {adv} :: incompletely
keskeneräisyys {n} :: incompleteness
keskenmeno {n} [medicine] :: miscarriage (unintentional termination of a pregnancy)
keskenään {adv} :: between each other, among each other, with each other:
keskeytetty {adj} :: cancelled, halted, aborted
keskeyttää {vt} :: to interrupt, cut short, cut off, break off
keskeyttää {vi} [sports] :: To drop out, quit
keskeyttää {vt} :: ~ matka(nsa) = to break a trip, stop over
keskeyttää {vt} :: ~ raskaus = to abort, miscarry
keskeyttää {vt} :: to discontinue
keskeyttää {vt} :: ~ opintonsa = to drop out (of school)
keskeyttää {vi} :: to interpose (to intervene in a dispute or conversation)
keskeyttäjä {n} :: One who interrupts, breaks off, discontinues or drops out
keskeyttäjä {n} :: A dropout (one who leaves a learning institution without completing a course)
keskeytyä {vi} :: To be interrupted
keskeytyä {vi} :: To abort
keskeytys {n} :: interruption
keskeytys {n} :: pause
keskeytys {n} :: suspension
keskeytys {n} :: abort
keskeytys {n} [computing] :: interrupt
keski- {prefix} :: A prefix signifying middle, central; average, mid-, medium, intermediate
keskiö {n} :: centre, core
keskiö {n} :: hub
keskiö {n} :: (bicycling) bottom bracket
keskiafrikkalainen {n} :: Central African (person)
keskiafrikkalainen {adj} :: Central African (of or pertaining to Central Africa)
keskiaika {n} :: The Middle Ages
keskiaikainen {adj} :: medieval
keskiaivot {n} :: midbrain
keskialasaksa {n} :: Middle Low German (language)
keskialue {n} [ice hockey] :: the neutral zone
keskiamerikanvyötiäinen {n} :: northern naked-tailed armadillo, Cabassous centralis
keskiarkeeinen {adj} [geology] :: Mesoarchean
keskiarvo {n} [statistics] :: mean
keskiaukeama {n} :: centerfold
keskiaurinkoaika {n} :: mean solar time
keskiaurinkovuorokausi {n} [astronomy] :: mean solar day
keskienglanti {n} :: Middle English
keskihajonta {n} [statistics] ::  standard deviation
keskihakuinen {adj} :: centripetal
keskihakuisvoima {n} [physics] :: centripetal force
keskihermo {n} [anatomy] :: median nerve
keskihinta {n} :: average price
keski-iiri {n} :: Middle Irish (language)
keski-ikä {n} :: middle age, midlife (period of life between youth and old age)
keski-ikä {n} :: average age
keski-ikäinen {adj} :: middle-aged
keski-ikäistyä {vi} :: To become middle-aged
keskijalka {n} [colloquial] :: penis
keskijännite {n} [electrical engineering] :: medium voltage
keskikaista {n} :: central reservation, reservation [UK]; median, median strip [US] (strip of land that separates opposite directions on a divided highway)
keskikalja {n} [colloquial] :: Same as keskiolut
keskikambrilainen {adj} [geology, natural history] :: Acadian
keskikaupunki {n} :: downtown
keskikenttä {n} [soccer] :: midfield
keskikenttäpelaaja {n} [soccer] :: midfield player, midfielder
keskikohta {n} :: center, middle
keskikoko {n} :: medium size
keskikokoinen {adj} :: medium, medium-size(d)
keskikokoinen {adj} :: of medium height
keskikoppari {n} [baseball] :: center fielder
keskikorni {n} :: Middle Cornish (language)
keskikoulu {n} [dated] :: Formerly in the Finnish school system a 5-year junior high school
keskikymri {n} :: Middle Welsh, an Insular Celtic language spoken between the 12th and 14th centuries. Evolved into Welsh by the 15th century
keskilaiva {n} [nautical] :: midship (middle part of a ship or a boat, longitudinally)
keskilaiva {n} :: (nautical) amidships (Finnish inessive and illative are often best translated with this adverb into English)
keskilaiva {n} [architecture] :: The central nave in a building, particularly in a basilica
keskiluokka {n} :: middle class (social and economic class)
keskiluokka {n} :: middle class (subgroup of any larger reference group that's in the middle of it by some relevant measure)
keskiluokkainen {adj} :: middle-class
keskiluokkaisempi {adj} :: comparative of keskiluokkainen
keskiluokkaistua {vi} :: To become middle class
keskiluokkaistuminen {n} :: gentrification
keskimmäinen {adj} :: centermost
keskimäärin {adv} :: on average
keskimääräinen {adj} :: average
keskimääräinen {adj} :: mediocre
keskinen {adj} :: central (in concrete sense)
keskinäinen {adj} :: mutual (having the same relationship, each to each other)
keskinäinen kiinteistöosakeyhtiö {n} [legal] :: The full legal term for kiinteistöosakeyhtiö
keskinäisesti {adv} :: mutually
keskinkertainen {adj} :: Mediocre (in a negative sense)
keskinkertaisuus {n} :: mediocrity
keskiolut {n} :: beer having the alcoholic content between 2.8%–4.7% of its volume
keskiolutoikeudet {n} :: C-license (in Finland, a license that allows an establishment to retail alcoholic drinks with up to 4.7% of alcoholic content by volume)
keskiosa {n} :: middle part, central part
keskipakoinen {adj} :: centrifugal
keskipakoisvoima {n} [physics] :: A centrifugal force
keskipakovoima {n} :: centrifugal force
keskipermikausi {n} [geology] :: Guadalupian, Middle Permian (middle epoch of the Permian)
keskipermikautinen {adj} [geology] :: Guadalupian, Middle Permian (of middle epoch of the Permian)
keskipilari {n} :: central pillar (generally)
keskipilari {n} :: centre pillar (in car chassis the pillar right behind front door)
keskipilari {n} :: newel, spindle (central pillar around which a staircase spirals)
keskipiste {n} :: centre/center point, midpoint
keskipäivä {n} :: midday, noon
keskipäivävahti {n} :: afternoon watch (aboard a ship, a watch from 8 a.m. to noon)
keskipoikkeama {n} [statistics] :: mean absolute deviation (the average of absolute deviations from a central point)
keskiranska {n} :: Middle French
keskiruoti {n} [botany] :: midrib, midvein
keskiruumis {n} :: thorax (the middle of three distinct divisions in an insect, crustacean or arachnid body)
keskiselänne {n} [geology] :: mid-ocean ridge
keskisormi {n} :: middle finger
keskisuomalainen {adj} :: Pertaining to Central Finland
keskisuomalainen {n} :: A person from Central Finland
keskisuuri {adj} :: middle-sized, medium
keskitalvi {n} :: midwinter (middle of winter)
keskitaso {n} :: average level, middle range; may often be translated into English with an adjective e.g. average, ordinary, middle-range
keskitaso {n} [anatomy] :: median plane (imaginary plane that divides the body evenly into the left and right section)
keskitie {n} :: middle of the road
keskitse {adv} :: Through the center, middle
keskittää {vt} :: to focus, concentrate
keskittää {vt} :: to centralize
keskittyä {vi} [_, + illative] :: To concentrate on, focus on
keskittyminen {n} :: centralization
keskittyminen {n} :: concentration, focus
keskittymiskyky {n} :: concentration
keskituntiansio {n} :: average hourly earnings
keskitysleiri {n} :: concentration camp
keskivaltakunta {n} :: Middle Kingdom (Egypt in the 12th and 13th dynasties)
keskivartalo {n} :: midriff
keskiviikko {n} :: Wednesday
keskiviikkoaamu {n} :: Wednesday morning
keskiviikkoilta {n} :: Wednesday evening
keskiviikkoinen {adj} :: Pertaining to Wednesday
keskiviikkoisin {adv} :: On Wednesdays
keskiviiva {n} [sports] :: A center line in ice hockey
keskiyö {n} :: midnight (12 o'clock at night)
keskiyö {n} :: midnight (the point equidistant from sunset and sunrise)
keskiyö {n} [loosely] :: Any time around the exact point of midnight
keskiyläsaksa {n} :: Middle High German
keskiyön aurinko {n} :: midnight sun
keskonen {n} :: Prematurely born child; a preemie
keskoskaappi {n} [medicine] :: incubator (an apparatus used to maintain environmental conditions suitable for a newborn baby)
kesäkuinen {adj} :: Pertaining to June
kesäkurpitsa {n} [vegetable] :: zucchini, courgette
keskus {n} :: centre/center
keskushallinto {n} :: central government
keskushermosto {n} [anatomy] :: central nervous system, CNS
keskushyökkääjä {n} [ballgames] :: centre forward, center forward, centre (offensive player that plays in the centre of the line)
keskushyökkääjä {n} [American football] :: running back: fullback or tailback
keskusimuri {n} :: Short for keskuspölynimuri
keskusjärjestö {n} :: central organization (main body of a group of independent organizations or associations)
keskusjyvänen {n} [biology] :: centriole
keskuskauppakamari {n} :: A central chamber of commerce
keskuskomitea {n} :: central committee
keskuslämmitys {n} :: central heating
keskuslukitus {n} :: central locking
keskuspankki {n} :: central bank
keskuspölynimuri {n} :: central vacuum, built-in vacuum cleaner, central vacuum cleaner, ducted vacuum cleaner
keskusrikospoliisi {n} :: federal police, national investigative authority, national police (government organisation that investigates serious and high-profile crimes)
keskusrikospoliisi {n} [Finland, law enforcement] :: National Bureau of Investigation
keskusrikospoliisi {} :: krp (initialism)
keskussairaala {n} :: central hospital
keskussuoritin {n} [computing] :: central processing unit
keskusta {n} :: A centre of a town or a city
keskusta {n} [politics] :: Centre
keskustalainen {n} :: A member or supporter of the Centre Party of Finland
keskustalainen {adj} :: Relating to the Centre Party of Finland
keskustalainen {adj} :: One who or which is located centre in the political spectrum
keskustapuolue {n} :: a former name of the Finnish political party Suomen Keskusta, in English officially called the Centre Party
keskustapuolue {n} :: a centre party, a party that is politically in the "middle", i.e. between the "right" and the "left"
keskustelija {n} :: conversationalist
keskustella {vi} [+ elative] :: To discuss, talk about/over, converse on
keskustella {vi} [+ elative] :: To confer, consult, negotiate; to deliberate
keskustella {vi} [+ elative] :: To debate on, argue over
keskustelu {n} :: conversation, discussion, talk
keskusteluohjelma {n} [broadcasting] :: talk show (kind of television or radio programme)
keskusteluohjelma {n} :: (broadcasting) phone-in
keskustelupalsta {n} :: discussion board, forum
keskusteluton {adj} :: free of or lacking conversation or discussion
keskusvalta {n} :: centralism (system of centralized administration)
keskusvalta {n} :: Any of the Central Powers in the World War I
keskusyksikkö {n} :: The case of a desktop computer including the components inside
kesäkuu {n} :: June
keskuudessa {adv} :: among
keskuus {n} :: The quality of being among a group. It is only used adverbially in singular of inessive (keskuudessa), elative (keskuudesta) and illative (keskuuteen) cases and often with a possessive suffix. It is normally translated into English with a prepositional structure involving among or amongst
kesälaidun {n} [agriculture] :: summer pasture
kesälaidun {n} [figurative, idiomatic] :: summer vacation, especially that of schoolchildren; used mostly in adessive, ablative and allative plural with verbs olla (to be), tulla (to come), lähteä (to leave) and mennä (to go)
kesäloma {n} :: summer vacation
kesämökki {n} :: summer home; summerhouse, summer house [UK]; cabin, chalet [US]; camp [NY]; summer cottage (house used as vacation home during the summer, often located near a body of water)
kesämökki {n} :: country house (weekend and holiday residence, located outside of urban areas, used as a retreat from city life)
kesämökki {n} :: vacation home [US], holiday home [UK] (building or piece of property used as a secondary residence during vacations)
kesäpäivänseisaus {n} [astronomy] :: Summer solstice
kesäpuu {n} [botany] :: summer wood
kesäsade {n} :: summer rain
kessi {n} [military slang] :: The antitank weapon M72 LAW
kessu {n} :: Low-quality smoking tobacco produced from Nicotiana rustica, a species of the tobacco plant
kessu {n} [colloquial] :: A cigarette
kessu {n} [military slang] :: A sarge (sergeant)
kessutella {vi} [colloquial] :: to smoke (cigarettes)
kessuttaa {v} [colloquial] :: to smoke (to consume tobacco products by inhaling their smoke)
kessuttelija {n} [colloquial] :: smoker
kestää {vt} :: to cope, stand, withstand, endure, hold up
kestää {vi} :: to last, take, endure
kestää {vt} [_, + partitive] :: to tolerate, stand
kesäteatteri {n} :: summer theatre (theatre that performs oly in the summer, usually outdoors)
kestitä {vt} :: To entertain, regale (guests or customers with food and/or drink)
kestit {n} :: feast, banquet
kestittää {vt} :: synonym of kestitä
kestämätön {adj} :: unbearable
kestämätön {adj} :: unsustainable
kesto {n} :: durability
kesto {n} :: duration
kesto {n} :: As modifier in compound terms (kesto-) signifies permanent, durable
kestoaika {n} :: term
kestoaika {n} :: duration
kestoaika {n} :: lifetime
kestokulutushyödyke {n} :: durable good, durable
kestokulutustavara {n} :: durable good, durable
kestomagneetti {n} :: A permanent magnet
kestomakkara {n} :: pickled sausage intended to be consumed in slices
kestomuovi {n} :: thermoplastic
kestoperfekti {n} [grammar] :: present perfect continuous
kestopreesens {n} [grammar] :: present continuous, present progressive (tense that describes an ongoing action in the present)
kestoväri {n} :: permanent color (of hair)
kestovärjäys {n} :: permanent hair coloring
kestävä {adj} :: durable, lasting, long-lasting
kestävä {adj} :: sustainable
kestävä kehitys {n} [ecology, agriculture] :: Sustainable development
kestävöidä {v} :: to make more durable, lasting, long-lasting or sustainable; to strengthen
kestävin {adj} :: superlative of kestävä
kestävämpi {adj} :: comparative of kestävä
kestävyys {n} :: endurance
kestävyys {n} :: durability
kestävyys {n} :: stamina
kesätyö {n} :: summer job
kesätyöntekijä {n} :: summer help
kesuura {n} :: caesura
kesävihanta {adj} :: deciduous
kesävilla {n} :: summer wool
kesy {adj} :: tame
kesy {adj} :: domesticated
kesy {adj} :: domestic, as of animals
kesäyö {n} :: summer night
kesyin {adj} :: superlative of kesy
kesykani {n} :: domestic rabbit, Oryctolagus cuniculus (domesticated variety of the common rabbit)
kesykyyhky {n} :: feral pigeon or domestic pigeon, a variety of rock pigeon (kalliokyyhky) that has adapted to living in cities
kesympi {adj} :: comparative of kesy
kesytön {adj} :: untamed, wild
kesyttää {vt} :: To tame, domesticate
kesyttäjä {n} :: tamer
kesyttäminen {n} :: taming
kesyttämätön {adj} :: untamed
kesyttyä {vi} [rare] :: alternative form of kesyyntyä
kesytys {n} :: taming
kesytys {n} :: domestication
kesyyntyä {vi} :: To tame (to become tame)
kesyys {n} :: tameness, timidness, docility
ketä {pron} [very colloquial] :: who
ketale {n} :: scoundrel
ketamiini {n} [chemistry] :: ketamine
ketara {n} [colloquial] :: leg
ketiapiini {n} [chemistry] :: quetiapine
ketju {n} :: chain
ketju {n} :: necklace
ketju {n} :: In various ballgames, a line
ketju {n} [Internet] :: thread (on a bulletin board or a newsgroup)
ketjukirje {n} :: chain letter
ketjukirje {n} [in plural] :: chain mail
ketjukolari {n} :: A pile-up (traffic accident or collision involving multiple vehicles)
ketjukäyrä {n} [geometry] :: catenary
ketjuliike {n} :: chain store (retail outlet that is one of a group of similar establishments having common format, contents, ownership and management)
ketjumurtoluku {n} :: continued fraction
ketjupolttaja {n} :: A chain-smoker or chain smoker
ketjupäätelmä {n} :: sorites
ketjureaktio {n} :: chain reaction
ketjusilikaatti {n} [mineralogy] :: single chain inosilicate (mineral)
ketjuttaa {v} :: to concatenate, chain (to join or link together, as though in a chain)
ketjuuntua {vi} :: To chain (form a chain)
ketjuuntuva {adj} [grammar] :: catenative
ketjuutua {v} :: alternative form of ketjuuntua
ketjuverbi {n} [grammar] :: catenative verb
ketjuviiva {n} [geometry] :: catenary
ketkale {n} :: scoundrel
ketlata {v} [weaving] :: to loop
keto {n} :: Dry meadow, pasture
ketoasidoosi {n} [pathology] :: synonym of happomyrkytys
ketomaruna {n} [botany] :: field sagewort, field wormwood (Artemisia campestris)
ketoni {n} :: ketone
ketoosi {n} [chemistry] :: ketose
ketoosi {n} [metabolism] :: ketosis
ketsi {n} [nautical] :: ketch (type of vessel)
ketsuppi {n} :: ketchup
ketterä {adj} :: agile
ketterästi {adv} :: agilely
ketteryys {n} :: agility
kettinki {n} :: chain (series of interconnected rings or links usually made of metal)
ketto {n} :: crust, membrane
kettu {n} :: red fox (Vulpes vulpes)
kettu {n} :: fox (any member of the genus Vulpes)
kettu {n} :: fox (cunning person)
kettu {n} [swearword] :: An euphemism for vittu (cunt)
kettujahti {n} :: fox hunt
kettukusu {n} :: brushtail possum, common brushtail possum, Trichosurus vulpecula
kettuterrieri {n} :: fox terrier
kettutyttö {n} :: A young female animal rights activist, especially one who opposes fur farming
ketšua {n} :: Quechua
ketunhäntä {n} :: A foxtail
ketunhäntä {n} :: A hidden agenda
ketunleipä {n} :: wood sorrel (Oxalis acetosella)
ketunlenkki {n} [military] :: A manoeuvre in which a chased patrol makes false paths in order to deceive their chasers
ketunlenkki {n} :: circumbendibus (roundabout route or process)
ketunlieko {n} [plant] :: A northern firmoss, Huperzia selago or Lycopodium selago
ketuttaa {vi} [colloquial] :: To be annoyed, vexed
keuhko {n} [anatomy] :: lung
keuhkoahtaumatauti {n} [pathology] :: chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
keuhkoemfyseema {n} [pathology, professional terminology] :: pulmonary emphysema
keuhkofibroosi {n} [pathology] :: pulmonary fibrosis
keuhkokala {n} :: lungfish
keuhkokatarri {n} [pathology, dated] :: bronchitis
keuhkokudos {n} :: lung tissue
keuhkokuume {n} [pathology] :: pneumonia
keuhkolaajentumatauti {n} [pathology] :: pulmonary emphysema
keuhkopöhö {n} :: pulmonary edema (accumulation of fluid in the lungs)
keuhkopussi {n} [anatomy] :: pleura
keuhkopussinontelo {n} [anatomy] :: pleural cavity
keuhkopussintulehdus {n} [pathology] :: pleurisy, pleuritis
keuhkoputkenlaajentuma {n} [pathology] :: bronchiectasis (abnormal permanent dilation of the bronchial tubes)
keuhkoputkentulehdus {n} [disease] :: bronchitis
keuhkoputki {n} :: bronchus
keuhkoputkitulehdus {n} :: alternative form of keuhkoputkentulehdus
keuhkorakkula {n} [anatomy] :: pulmonary alveolus
keuhkosyöpä {n} [pathology] :: lung cancer
keuhkotuberkuloosi {n} [pathology] :: pulmonary tuberculosis
keuhkovaltimoläppä {n} [anatomy] :: pulmonary valve
keula {n} :: bow, prow (front of a boat or ship)
keulahahmo {n} [figuratively] :: figurehead
keulahahmo {n} [music] :: front man
keulaharus {n} [nautical] :: forestay (stay that extends from the top of the foremast to the bow or bowsprit of a sailing ship)
keulakastelli {n} [nautical, rare] :: forecastle
keulakuva {n} [nautical] :: A figurehead (carved figure)
keulakuva {n} :: A figurehead (person in nominal position of power)
keulamasto {n} [nautical] :: foremast
keulamerkki {n} :: hood ornament (decorative ornament fastened on a car's hood)
keulapotkuri {n} [nautical] :: bow thruster
keulapuomi {n} :: bowsprit
keulapurje {n} :: A jib (any of a variety of specialty triangular staysails run forward of the foremast)
keulapurje {n} :: A foresail
keulia {vi} :: to pop a wheelie
keveä {adj} :: lightweight
keveämpi {adj} :: comparative of keveä
kevennys {n} :: lightening (act of making lighter in weight)
kevennys {n} :: lightening (act of making less serious)
kevennys {n} :: comic relief (inclusion of a humorous character or scene in an otherwise serious work)
kevennys {n} :: icebreaker (game, activity, humorous anecdote, etc., designed to relax a group of people)
kevennys {n} :: tax cut; short for veronkevennys (tax cut)
kevennys {n} [horsemanship] :: posting (rising and sinking in the saddle, in accordance with the motion of the horse)
keventää {vt} :: to lighten (to reduce weight)
keventää {vt} :: to lighten (to make less serious)
keventää {vt} :: [taxation] to cut
keventää {vi} :: [horsemanship] to post (to rise and sink in the saddle, in accordance with the motion of the horse)
keventää {vi} :: [euphemism] to relieve (to go to the toilet; to defecate or urinate)
keventyä {vi} :: To lighten (to become less heavy)
kevetä {vi} :: To become more light in weight
keveys {n} :: lightness, levity
kevi {n} [electricity] :: A green-and-yellow cable, used in electrical installations as earthing cable
kevi {n} :: A green-and-yellow conductor, used in multi-conductor cables for connecting the safety earth to the grounding
keväin {n} [dated, poetic] :: spring (season)
keväinen {adj} :: springlike
keväisin {adv} :: in springs
keväistää {vt} [horticulture] :: to vernalize (to expose plants or seeds to cold so as to cause them to flower or grow; many cool climate plants require a real or simulated winter in order to begin to grow)
keväistys {n} :: vernalization
kevityslaippa {n} [aeronautics] :: trim tab (control surface set within or attached to a larger control surface that provides trim to obtain a desired attitude without constant inputs to the primary control surfaces)
keväämmällä {adv} :: later in the spring
kevät {n} [season] :: spring
kevätaika {n} :: springtime
kevätesikko {n} :: cowslip (Primula veris)
kevätkääryle {n} :: egg roll
kevätleinikki {n} :: goldilocks buttercup, Ranunculus auricomus (a flowering plant in the genus Ranunculus)
kevätloma {n} :: spring break (time of vacation from school that occurs during the spring)
kevätlukukausi {n} :: spring semester
kevätpäiväntasaus {n} [Calendar terms] :: Vernal equinox
kevätpuu {n} [botany] :: spring wood
kevätrulla {n} [foods] :: spring roll
kevätsade {n} :: spring rain
kevätsiivous {n} :: spring cleaning (systematic and complete cleaning after the winter)
kevättalvi {n} :: Late winter or early spring; the time between actual winter and spring
kevättulva {n} :: Flooding at spring, caused by melting snow; freshet
kevätvehnä {n} :: spring wheat
kevyehkö {adj} :: Somewhat light in weight
kevyempi {adj} :: comparative of kevyt
kevyesti {adv} :: lightly
kevyin {adj} :: superlative of kevyt
kevyt {adj} :: light (weight)
kevytilmailu {n} :: ultralight aviation
kevytkenkäinen {adj} :: promiscuous, easy (old-fashioned: loose, wanton, lewd)
kevytmaito {n} :: semi-skimmed milk [UK], reduced-fat milk [US] (milk with the fat content reduced to about half the original; in Finland to about 1.5%)
kevytmielinen {adj} :: frivolous, flighty
kevytmoottoripyörä {n} :: light motorcycle
kevytrakenteinen {adj} :: lightweight
keynesiläinen {adj} :: Keynesian
keynesiläisyys {n} :: Keynesianism
köh {interj} :: the sound of coughing
köhä {n} :: dry cough, hack
khakihousut {n} :: khakis, khaki pants (khaki-coloured cotton trousers)
khakinvärinen {adj} :: khaki (dust-coloured)
khakipuku {n} :: khaki suit (khaki colored men's suit)
khakipukuinen {adj} :: dressed in khaki suit, wearing a khaki suit
khalastelu {n} [colloquial] :: phishing
khat {n} :: khat (plant)
khat {n} :: khat (drug)
käheä {adj} :: hoarse
käheä-ääninen {adj} :: Having hoarse voice
kähertää {vt} :: to wave (of hair, to cause to get a wavy appearance)
käheästi {adv} :: coarsely
kähetä {vi} :: To become hoarse
käheytyä {vi} [of voice] :: To become hoarse
köhiä {vi} [onomatopoeia] :: To hack, to cough noisily
khii {n} :: chi (Greek letter)
khii toiseen -jakauma {n} [mathematics] :: A chi-square distribution; more correctly -jakauma
köhinä {n} :: rasping sound
kähinä {n} :: guttural (harsh and throaty spoken sound)
köhistä {vi} :: To rasp (to make a noise similar to the one a rasp in use makes; to utter rasps)
kähistä {vi} :: To croak
kähmiä {v} :: To grope
kähmiä {v} :: To back door
khoi {n} :: Khoekhoe, Khoikhoi, Khoi (person)
khoisan {n} :: Khoisan (member of Khoi or San people in southern Africa)
khoisankieli {n} :: Khoisan language (any of several languages of chiefly southern Africa that have click consonants)
khoisankieli {n} [in plural] :: Khoisan (group of these languages)
kähveltää {vt} :: to nick, to steal
kiangi {n} :: kiang, Equus kiang (large wild ass native to the Tibetan Plateau)
kiasma {n} [genetics, anatomy] :: chiasma, chiasm (crossing of two nerves, ligaments, chromatids etc.)
kiasma {n} [rhetoric] :: chiasmus (inversion of the relationship between the elements of phrases)
kibbutsi {n} :: kibbutz
kide {n} :: crystal (a grain or piece of a crystalline substance, an array of atoms)
kidehila {n} :: crystal lattice
kidejauhe {n} :: crystalline powder (powder consisting of crystals, e.g. corundum powder, as used for coating grinding materials)
kidekemia {n} [physics] :: crystal chemistry
kidemuoto {n} [physics] :: crystalline form
kideoppi {n} :: crystallography
kideoptiikka {n} [physics] :: crystal optics
kideradio {n} :: crystal radio
kiderakenne {n} :: crystal structure
kidesokeri {n} :: granulated sugar
kidetiede {n} :: crystallography
kidevesi {n} [chemistry] :: water of crystallization, crystallization water, water of hydration (water present in crystals)
kidevirhe {n} [physics] :: crystallographic defect (irregularity in the crystal structure of a crystalline solid material)
kidnapata {vt} :: To kidnap
kidnappaaja {n} :: kidnapper
kidnappaus {n} [colloquial, anglicism] :: kidnap, kidnapping
kidneypapu {n} :: kidney bean
kidukset {n} :: gills (breathing organ of fish and other aquatic animals)
kidus {n} [rare, usually in plural] :: gill (breathing organ of fish and other aquatic animals)
kiduskansi {n} [anatomy, of a fish] :: operculum, gill cover
kidusrako {n} :: gill slit, branchial cleft
kidutettu {adj} :: tortured
kiduttaa {vt} :: To torture
kiduttaja {n} :: torturer
kidutus {n} :: torture
kidutuskammio {n} :: torture chamber
kiedonta {n} :: entwining (action of the verb kietoa.)
kiehahtaa {vi} :: to boil briefly
kiehautettu {adj} :: parboiled, boiled (boiled shortly, brought to the boiling point)
kiehauttaa {v} [cooking] :: to parboil (to boil briefly)
kiehauttaa {v} [cooking] :: to bring to a boil (to heat something until it reaches its boiling point)
kiehauttaminen {n} :: parboiling (process of boiling briefly)
kiehautus {n} :: parboiling (process of boiling briefly)
kiehkura {n} :: lock, wreath, plume
kiehkuraishylje {n} :: ringed seal (Pusa hispida)
kiehnätä {v} :: alternative form of kiehätä
kiehtoa {vt} :: to fascinate, captivate
kiehtoa {vt} :: to charm, bewitch, enchant
kiehtova {adj} :: intriguing, fascinating
kiehtovasti {adv} :: intriguingly, fascinatingly
kiehua {vi} :: to boil
kiehua {vi} :: to stew (to be in a state of elevated anxiety or consideration)
kiehuminen {n} :: boiling (that something boils itself)
kiehumispiste {n} :: boiling point
kiehumistila {n} :: state of turmoil
kiehunta {n} :: boiling
kiehuttaa {vt} :: To cause or make to boil
kiehuttaminen {n} :: boiling (process of heating a liquid to its boiling point)
kiehutus {n} :: boiling (process of heating a liquid to its boiling point)
kiehutusreaktori {n} :: boiling water reactor
kiehutusvesireaktori {n} :: boiling water reactor
kiehuva {adj} :: boiling (that boils)
kiekaista {vi} [semelfactive] :: to crow (of a rooster)
kiekaista {vi} [semelfactive] :: to cry once, utter a loud voice
kiekko {n} :: A disk or a disc (thin, flat circular plate or something resembling it by looks)
kiekko {n} [ice hockey] :: A puck
kiekko {n} [athletics] :: A discus
kiekko {n} [shooting sport] :: A clay pigeon
kiekko {n} [cheesemaking] :: A wheel
kiekkoilija {n} :: ice hockey player
kiekkoilla {vi} :: To play ice hockey
kiekkoilu {n} [sports] :: ice hockey (the sport of ice hockey, short of jääkiekkoilu)
kiekkojoukkue {n} :: ice hockey team
kiekkokaukalo {n} [ice hockey] :: rink
kiekkokurpitsa {n} :: pattypan squash
kiekonheittäjä {n} :: discus thrower
kiekonheitto {n} [athletics] :: discus throw, discus
kiekua {v} :: to crow (to make a cock-a-doodle-do)
kiekuna {n} :: Crowing (making cock-a-doodle-doos)
kielari {n} [colloquial] :: A tongue kiss
kieleke {n} :: ledge
kieleke {n} [botany] :: ligule
kielellinen {adj} :: having a tongue
kielellinen {adj} :: linguistic
kielellisesti {adv} :: linguistically
kielen päällä {phrase} [idiomatic] :: on the tip of one's tongue (known but not quite remembered)
kielenalainen {adj} [anatomy] :: sublingual (located beneath the tongue)
kielenkääntäjä {n} :: translator
kielenkääntäminen {n} :: language translation
kielenkärki {n} :: The tip of tongue
kielenkäyttö {n} :: usage (ways and contexts in which spoken and written words are used)
kielenkäyttö {n} :: language (particular words used in speech or a passage of text)
kielenkäyttö {n} :: French (vulgar language)
kielenopetus {n} :: language teaching
kieli {n} :: language (form of communication)
kieli {n} :: genitive + ~ ; the names of most languages may be expressed in two ways in Finnish: as a single word, e.g. islanti (Icelandic), or in combination with kieli, e.g. islannin kieli (Icelandic). The combined form is preferred for less-known languages and in contexts where the name of a language may be confused with the name of the country, region or ethnic group according which the language is named, in this example Islanti (Iceland)
kieli {n} :: tongue (organ)
kieli {n} [music] :: string (tightly tensioned wire that produces a tone)
kieli {n} [music] :: reed (vibrating part in the mouthpiece of a woodwind instrument)
kieliä {vi} [figuratively + elative] :: To indicate, suggest
kieliä {vi} :: To inform, snitch
kieli solmussa {phrase} [idiomatic] :: tongue-tied, at a loss for words (unable to express oneself clearly or fluently)
kielihistoria {n} :: historical linguistics, language history
kieli-identiteetti {n} :: language identity
kieli-instituutti {n} :: language institute
kielikoe {n} :: language test
kielikoodi {n} :: language code
kielikorva {n} :: ear for languages, Sprachgefühl (instinctive or intuitive grasp of the natural idiom of a language)
kielikunta {n} :: A language family
kielikurssi {n} :: language course
kielikuva {n} :: A figure of speech
kielikylpy {n} :: language immersion (method of teaching a foreign language by using that language in teaching all or most school subjects)
kielikysymys {n} :: language question
kielilaboratorio {n} :: language lab
kielilaki {n} :: language act
kielilläpuhuminen {n} :: glossolalia
kieliluu {n} [skeleton] :: hyoid bone, lingual bone
kielimaantiede {n} :: language geography
kielimäinen {adj} :: tongue-like
kielimuuri {n} :: language barrier
kielinen {adj} :: being of a language; used mainly as head word in compound terms, independently mainly in questions:
kielinen {adj} :: -lingual; used as head in compound terms only
kielinen {adj} :: -tongued; used as head in compound terms only
kielinen {adj} :: -speaking, -phone; used to form adjectives and nouns that indicate a speaker of a certain language e.g. French-speaking, Francophone - for a list of words formed with "-phone" see derived terms -section of the entry -phone
kielinen {adj} [music] :: -stringed; used as head in compound terms only
kielinen {adj} [music] :: -string; used as head in compound terms
kieliäänne {n} [phonetics] :: lingual (sound articulated with the tongue)
kieliopillinen {adj} :: grammatical
kieliopillinen persoona {n} [grammar] :: grammatical person
kieliopillisesti {adv} :: grammatically
kieliopillisuus {n} [linguistics] :: grammaticality (state or attribute of obeying the rules of grammar; grammatical correctness)
kieliopinnot {n} :: language studies
kielioppi {n} :: grammar
kielipoliisi {n} :: language police, grammar Nazi
kielipolitiikka {n} :: language politics
kielisoitin {n} :: stringed instrument
kielisukulainen {n} :: language relative
kielisuudelma {n} :: tongue kiss
kielisyöpä {n} :: tongue cancer
kielisyys {adj} :: See -kielisyys
-kielisyys {n} :: -linguality
-kielisyys {n} :: -phony
-kielisyys {n} :: -tonguedness
kielitaito {n} :: language skills
kielitaito {n} :: language proficiency
kielitaituri {n} :: polyglot
kielitiede {n} :: linguistics
kielitieteellinen {adj} :: linguistic
kielitieteilijä {n} :: linguist
kielitulehdus {n} [pathology] :: glossitis
kielletty {adj} :: forbidden, prohibited
kielletty vyö {n} [physics, semicinductors] :: bandgap
kielo {n} :: lily of the valley (Convallaria majalis)
kieltää {vt} :: To forbid (someone = partitive, to do something = active 3rd infinitive in elative)
kieltää {vt} :: To forbid, disallow, ban
kieltää {vt} [+ genitive-accusative] :: To deny (to say that something does not exist)
kieltää {vt} [+ genitive-accusative] :: To renounce (also religiously), (archaic) to repudiate
kieltää {vt} :: To dispute, controvert
kieltää {vt} [legal] :: kieltää jonkun testamentti = to contest someone's last will
kielteinen {adj} :: negative (both meanings: "opposite of affirmative" and "inspiring negative reactions")
kielteisempi {adj} :: comparative of kielteinen
kielteisesti {adv} :: negatively
kielteisyys {n} :: negativity
kieltenpidin {n} [music] :: tailpiece (component on many stringed musical instruments that anchors one end of the strings, usually opposite the end with the tuning mechanism)
kieltenvälinen {adj} [linguistics] :: interlingual
kieltäjä {n} :: denier (person who denies something)
kieltämättä {adv} :: undeniably
kielto {n} :: ban, prohibition
kieltolaki {n} :: prohibition (law prohibiting consumption, sale and production of alcoholic drinks)
kieltolaki {n} :: Prohibition (period of time when prohibition law was in force)
kieltomerkki {n} :: prohibition sign
kieltosana {n} [grammar] :: negative (word that indicates negation)
kieltoverbi {n} [grammar] :: negative verb
kieltävä {adj} :: negative (denying a proposition)
kieltäytyä {vi} [+ active 3rd infinitive in elative] :: To refuse (to do something), decline (to do something)
kieltäytyminen {n} :: refusal
kieltäytyminen {n} :: abstinence
kiemura {n} [botany] :: A cyme
kiemurrella {v} :: To squirm (to twist one's body with snakelike motions)
kiemurrella {v} :: To snake (to move in a winding path)
kiemurrella {v} :: To corkscrew (to wind or twist in the manner of a corkscrew)
kiemurtaa {v} :: alternative form of kiemurrella
kiemurteleva {adj} :: winding
kiemurtelu {n} :: squirming, corkscrewing, wriggle
kieppi {n} :: hank
kieppi {n} :: A resting hole in snow dug by a bird
kiepporaikaste {n} :: roll-on deodorant
kieppua {vi} :: To spin (turn around quickly)
kiepunta {n} :: spinning (action of the verb kieppua)
kieputtaa {vt} :: To swirl
kierä {adj} :: [of thread] Too twisted
kierähtää {vi} :: To spin (once)
kieriä {vi} :: To roll, roll over
kierintä {n} :: rolling
kierittää {vt} :: To roll
kiero {adj} :: crooked, twisted
kiero {adj} :: devious
kiero {adj} :: cunning, sly
kieroilija {n} :: crook
kieroontua {vi} :: To become twisted, crooked
kieroselkäisyys {n} [pathology] :: scoliosis
kierosilmäinen {adj} :: crosseyed, cockeyed
kierosilmäisyys {n} [colloquial] :: squint
kieroutua {vi} :: To become twisted, crooked
kierre {n} :: thread; worm (of a screw or nut)
kierre {n} :: helix
kierre {n} :: whirl, spiral
kierre {n} :: spin (rotation of an object around its own axis)
kierre {n} :: twist (vertical rotation of the body in gymnastics)
kierrejousi {n} :: coil spring
kierrekaira {n} :: helical auger (geotechnical tool for drilling and sampling)
kierrekorkki {n} :: screw cap
kierrellä {v} :: to walk or drive around, wander
kierrellä {v} :: to avoid a subject in discussion, to mince words, to beat around the bush
kierretanko {n} [construction material] :: threaded rod
kierräntä {n} :: circumvention
kierros {n} :: A round, as a circular or repetitive route
kierros {n} :: A round, as a serving
kierrosaika {n} :: lap time
kierroslukumittari {n} :: A tachometer
kierrätettävä {adj} :: recyclable
kierrättää {vt} :: To take (sb) all over, show (sb) the sights, show (sb) around
kierrättää {vt} :: To send (sb) around, direct (sb) around (an obstacle)
kierrättää {vt} [figuratively] :: To send on a wild goose chase (pointlessly)
kierrättää {vt} :: To recycle (used items for future use in order to expand their lifespan)
kierrätys {n} :: rotation
kierrätys {n} [environmental protection] :: recycling
kierrätysastia {n} :: recycle bin (container in which items to be recycled may be placed)
kierrätyskauppa {n} :: thrift shop (shop which sells used goods)
kierrätyskelpoinen {adj} :: recyclable (capable of being recycled)
kierrätyskeskus {n} :: recycling centre/center
kiertää {vt} :: to turn, twist, screw
kiertää {vt} :: to roll (up)
kiertää {vt} :: to wind, wrap
kiertää {vt} [+ partitive] :: to circle, go around, circumvent
kiertää {v} [transitive or intransitive; tr. -> + partitive] :: to roam, rove, wander
kiertää {vt} [e.g. of a satellite, + partitive] :: to orbit
kiertää {vt} :: to surround, encircle
kiertää {vt} [+ genitive-accusative] :: to round
kiertää {vt} :: to circumvent, evade, dodge, avoid
kiertää {vt} :: to circumvent, get around/past
kiertää {vi} :: to spin, turn, revolve
kiertää {vi} [of piston] :: to reciprocate
kiertää {vi} [of blood in vessels] :: to circulate
kiertää {vi} :: to go around [from person to person]
kiertää {v} :: to make the rounds, do the rounds (to circulate from one place to another)
kiertää {v} :: to make the rounds, do the rounds (to go from one place to another for a particular reason)
kiertää kuin kissa kuumaa puuroa {phrase} [transitive, simile, + partitive] :: to beat around the bush (to delay or avoid talking about something difficult or unpleasant)
kierteinen {adj} :: helical
kierteinen {adj} :: threaded (having threads, as e.g. a screw)
kierteinen {adj} :: spinned (having spin, as the ball may have in ballgames)
kierteisgalaksi {n} [astronomy] :: A spiral galaxy
kierteishäntämuurahaiskarhu {n} [zoology] :: southern tamandua, Tamandua tetradactyla
kierteishäntämuurahaiskäpy {n} [zoology] :: tree pangolin, Manis tricuspis
kierteissumu {n} [astronomy, dated] :: spiral nebula, spiral galaxy
kierteisyys {n} :: helicity (quality of being helical)
kierteittää {vt} [mechanical] :: To tap (to cut an internal screw thread)
kierteitystappi {n} :: A tap (tool to make internal thread)
kiertäjä {n} :: agent noun of the verb kiertää
kiertäjähermo {n} [anatomy] :: vagus nerve
kiertäjänikama {n} [skeleton] :: The axis vertebra
kierto {n} :: rotation
kierto {n} :: circulation
kiertoaika {n} [astronomy] :: orbital period, year (time it takes for any planetary body to make one revolution around another body)
kiertoajelu {n} :: A tour, especially a sightseeing tour in a vehicle
kiertoilmahengitys {n} :: circular breathing
kiertoilmaisu {n} :: A circumlocution (when saying something in another way, not necessarily euphemistically); a euphemism
kiertoilmaus {n} :: A circumlocution (saying something in another way, not necessarily euphemistically)
kiertoilmaus {n} :: A euphemism
kiertokanki {n} :: connecting rod
kiertokaula {n} :: torticollis (condition in which the neck muscles contract causing the neck to twist or jerk)
kiertokirje {n} :: circular, circular letter
kiertokäämimittari {n} :: galvanometer
kiertokysely {n} [computing] :: polling
kiertolainen {n} :: satellite, moon
kiertolainen {n} :: orbiter
kiertolainen {n} :: vagabond
kiertolainen {n} :: Irish Traveller
kiertoliittymä {n} :: roundabout, traffic circle
kiertomatka {n} :: tour
kiertonikama {n} [skeleton] :: axis (second cervical vertebra of the spine)
kiertopotku {n} [martial arts] :: roundhouse kick (kick in which the attacker swings his/her leg around in a semicircular motion, striking with the front of the leg or foot)
kiertorata {n} [astronomy] :: orbit (circular or elliptical path of one object around another)
kiertotähti {n} [dated] :: planet
kiertotie {n} :: detour
kiertue {n} :: tour
kiertävä {adj} [anatomy] :: circumflex (curving around)
kiertyä {vi} :: To spin
kierukka {n} :: coil (something wound in the form of a helix or spiral)
kierukka {n} :: coil (common name for any intra-uterine contraceptive device)
kierukka {n} :: scroll (scroll-shaped end of a violin or similar stringed instrument)
kiesi {n} [slang] :: car
kiesit {n} :: gig (carriage)
kiesus {n} [colloquial] :: Jesus
kietaista {vt} :: to wind, wrap
kietoa {v} :: to entwine (to twist or twine something around something)
kietoa {v} [often with "yhteen"] :: to intertwine (to twine something together)
kietoa pikkusormensa ympärille {phrase} :: to wrap around one's little finger
kietoontua {vi} :: synonym of kietoutua
kietoutua {vi} :: To intertwine
kieunta {n} :: crow (of a cock)
kihahtaa {v} :: To give a quick hissing sound, like that of water spilled on something real hot
kihara {adj} :: curly
kihara {adj} [figuratively] :: complicated, difficult
kihara {n} :: curl
kiharainen {adj} :: curly
kiharapää {n} :: curlyhead (person with curly hair)
kiharapäinen {adj} :: curly (having curly hair)
kiharatukka {n} :: curlyhead (person with curly hair)
kiharrin {n} :: Any device used for curling the hair, but usually understood to refer to curling iron or similar tool
kiharruspihdit {n} :: curling tongs (tongs, usually electrically heated, used for curling or waving the hair)
kiharrusrauta {n} :: curling iron
kihartaa {vt} :: to curl, make curls to (to make into a curl)
kihartaa {vi} :: to curl (to assume the shape of a curl)
kihartua {vi} :: to curl (to assume the shape of a curl)
kihelmöidä {v} :: To tingle
kihertää {vt} :: to giggle, to snicker (at something)
kihinä {n} :: bustle
kihistä {vi} :: to hiss
kihlajaiset {n} :: engagement party (party held to celebrate a couple's recent engagement)
kihlajaislahja {n} :: engagement present
kihlakunnanoikeus {n} [legal, dated] :: Until Dec. 1993 the court of first instance in the rural areas of Finland, since then replaced by käräjäoikeus. English-language equivalents vary by jurisdiction, at least following are used: county court (UK), district court (US)
kihlakunnansyyttäjä {n} [legal, in Finland] :: District prosecutor
kihlakunta {n} [historical] :: hundred (administrative subdivision)
kihlakunta {n} :: From 1996 to 2007 a district of the state administration below lääni (province), responsible for law enforcement and prosecuting in its area. Since 2008 the police departments, prosecutor's offices, attachment officers and magistrates have been separate public offices
kihlapari {n} :: engaged couple (couple who have promised to marry each other)
kihlasormus {n} :: engagement ring
kihlat {n} :: engagement ring and engagement presents collectively
kihlata {v} :: to betroth (to promise to give in marriage)
kihlata {v} :: to betroth (to promise to take as a future spouse)